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Full text of "Catalogues of the Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, and Pushtu printed books in the library of the British Museum. By J.F. Blumhardt ... Printed by order of the Trustees of the British Museum"

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lonlion : 
B. QUAHITCH, 15, Piccauillt, W. ; A. .VSHER k CO.; KEOAN PAUL, TRENCH, TRUBNER & CO.; 




r.ONDOK ! 



Tlie following Catalogues of Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, and Pushtu Books form the fourth 
volume of the series of Catalogues of Books in the vernaculars of Northern India in the 
British Museum, compiled by Mr. J. F. Blumhardt. The principles on which these 
Catalogues have been arranged are practically the same as those adopted in the previous 
volumes. The few points of divergence are fully explained in the Preface. 



British MasBOM, 
.%)/. 1, 1893. 



The present volume contains catalogues of literature both Hindu and Muhamraadan, 
and a few remarks are necessary, therefore, to explain the system of nomenclature 
applied to each class of works. 

The Hindi language is so closely allied to the Sanskrit, and its literature, as 
represented in the present Catalogue, consists so largely of works written, translated, 
and commented on by Sanskrit authors, that it has been thought desirable to adopt the 
Sanskrit forms of the names of authors and of their works on the principles already 
applied in the Catalogues of the Bengali, and of the Marathi and Gujarati Books in the 
British Museum. 

On the other hand, the authors of Panjabi, Sindhi, and Pushtu works are mostly 
Muhammadans, and the literature is but little connected with the Sanskrit. Hindi 
names in these Catalogues have accordingly been transliterated more in conformity 
with the Persian forms in which the authors themselves spell them ; as, for instance, 
" Gobind Singh " (,^ jju^) for " Govinda Simha " (jftfr^ f^^). 

The Hindi Catalogue, as a separate work, embraces books written in the various 
dialects of that language, such as Marwari, Nepali, Braj-bhasha, &c. Specimens of 
all of these may be found under the heading " Bible " (col. 26, 270, et »eqq.). The 
Marwari dialect is specially devoted to Jain literature, a heading which occurs in the 
Subject-Index ; while Braj-bhasha is particularly identified with the earlier literature 
of the Krishna-cult. 

In cases where Sindhi or Pushtu works have titles expressed in Persian or Arabic 
forms, they have been presented in the same manner, and are transliterated in accordance 
with the rules, adopted in cataloguing books in those languages.* 


May 1, 1893. 

* lo Paahta works, however, a final unsounded h ("• kbafi") in nouns that are feminine in that lan^age, 
though not so in Persian or Arabic, as t^ Uiim, " a story," is unexpressed, in order to distinguish it from the 
final sounded h (" t zahii ") which is characteristic of the masculine noun, and is expressed, as in tjh ill 
Mkak-tiilah, "a prince." 



Col. 9, line 14, cancel the titles under ABSIJHAGRA, for which hnvc been 

aubatitated those in col. 277 under BAMA BATA. 
26, „ 12j 

28, „ 17 [ /or 1004. g. 9. read 1108. f. 1. 
107, ,,24) 

57, „ 48, for 780. L 7. read 760. L 9. 
85, „ 1, a/<«- KESAVAPRAS ADA add Son o/ flira/rt/a. 
97, „ 27, after KADHAVAPRASADA add Extra Aatittant Commistioner. 
104, „ 37 and 38, for Virande read Birande. 
208, „ 26, delete Arsijhagra [in loco]. 



Nag. GnEDM. Nag. Gueum. 













































3? ^ 


















































































^ ! 


< sha 


^ ) 







The Sanskrit signs *, I, and represented by m, h, and n, respectively. 























































t, tr 

































































kiT, v±J 



















































W, V 

















Hamzah in the middle of a word, '. 
The Piuhta letters ^ and ^j» have been represented by the softer sounds of ' j ' and ' sh,' peculiar to the 
KhAfaks and Afghans of the Western tribes, rather than by the harder sounds of 'g' and ' kkh ,' as pronounced 
by the Ynsuf-zaia and Eastern tribes. 

' Id Siodhi wordi only. ' When oorrenponding to the Sanakrit ^, and in Sindbi. 




'ABD ALLAH, Salyid. See Vikramaditta, King 
of Ujjayini. Singhiisnn Batti^i ; . . . A new edi- 
tion, . . . with copious notes by Syed Abdoollah. 
1869. S". 14156. i. 28. 

'ABD al-KAEIK. See Arabum Nights. «nre nr^ 
^frw [S;llla^m mjani charitra. The Arabian 
Nights, translated from the Hindustani version 
of 'A. al-K.] [1876.] 4". 

14156. k. 5. 

ABHATASEVA. See Upasakadasa. 9qi<i«<i)ll n^ 
[UpAsakadofi. Together with the Upasakadafa- 
vivaraija of A.] [1876.] oil. 12°. 

14100. 0. 2. 



Atintie Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica ; 
a collection of Oriental works published under 
the patronage of the Court of Directors of the 
East India Company, and the superintendance 
of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Calcutta, 1848, 
etc. 8°. 14002. a. 

Tie ffiiiJi vorkt eoHlainnl in thit eolUclivn art eatalogued 
under tkrfnllniting ktadimgt: 

Vol.77. Cbaad. | Vol. 121. TDlatidiia. 


Orieittnl Tmunlaiion Fund of Great Britain and 
Jretand. Gabcik dk Tasst (Joseph Heliodobi) 
Hiatoirc de la litt^rature hindoui et hindons^ni. 
2 torn. Pari*, 1839-47. 8°. 

752. k. 5. 6. 

ACADEMIES (continued). 

Eeole SpeeiaU Des Langues Orientalea Vivantes. 
ff •^l r**^ «J'^*^M I [Hindi Hindul muntakha- 
but.] Chrt'stoiiiathie Hindio et Hindouic. [Pre- 
pared under Garcin de Tassy's direction, and 
provided with a vocabulary by E. Lancereau.] 
pp. iv. 134, 144. rari$, 1849. 8°. 

752. f. 10. 

[Another copy.] 760. g. 20. 

ACHYUTANANDAGIEI. Sp<? Upanishaps. w^ wrt 
^y wajditi^HrfVYiT TsfhrfVnnrt'itTrc TnT«nT ii [Daso- 

panishad-bhuslidatara. A verso translation of the 
ten Upanishads by Achyutanandagiri.] [1887.] 
oil. 4°. ' 14154. g. 10. 

'ADALAT 5gA». See Lallu Lala, Kavi. Selec- 
tions from the Prem Sagar . . . translated into 
literal English, with copious notes ... By Adalut 
Khan. 1881. 8°. 14156. h. 27. 

See Marshman (J. C.) Selections from 

the, history of India . . . Translated into litcnil 
English, with copious notes . . . By Adfilut Khan, 
1877. 8°. 14112. a. 26.(1.) 

ADAM (M. T.) Sec Bell (A.) D.D., LL.D., Pre- 
bendary of Westminster. Substance of Dr. Bell's 
Instructions for modelling and conducting schools, 
translated intb Hindooce by M. T. A. 1824. 8°. 

14156. d. 1.(1.) 

tfi^ fji^n irrfV^ ts^ Tf«nr . . . ff^^ WRr^rr 

m«l.<n I [Hindi bhasbiika vyakarana.] A Hindoo 




grammar for the instruction of the young, in 
the form of easy questions and answers, pp. 70. 
Calcutta, 1827. 8". 14160. b. 4.(1.) 

f?^ ^^^ ^Er? fwu ?^rr 'ji^'t yaj^ ?rTf?^«KT i 

[Hindi kosha.] A dictionary of the Hindee 
language, compiled by M. T. A. pp. 374. Cal- 
cutta, 1829. 8°. 14160. b. 1. 

ADAM (W. T.) See Stewart ( ) Captain. 

Ttj^ cir«n I . . . Stewart's Historical anecdotes 
. . . [Together with selections from L. M. Stretch's 
" Beauties of History," and other works.] Trans- 
lated by W. T. A. 1825. 8°. 14156. g. 1.(1.) 

ADAMS (Williams) M.A., Fellow o/Merton College, 
Oxford, ft^rr^rfaitfw xnr^ "^^ c»r«n [Rajaduton 
ki katha. The King's Messengers, translated 
from the English original of W. A. by Pandit 
Kalicharana.] pp. 92. ^TnTT 'i\:%'i [Agra 

1861.] 12°. 14154. b. 15. 

ADDISON {Eight Eon. Joseph). ^7t Y^Vil . . . Cato 
kritant, or Hindi translation of Mr. Addison's 
tragedy of Cato by Baboo Tota Ram. 82. iii. 
Aligarh, 1879. 8°. 14158. b. 1.(3.) 

ADI GRANTH. J^^ ?Tf afw H\f\]Vi rf^ [Adi 
Granth, or The Holy Scriptures of the Sikhs. 
Originally compiled by Arjuna Guru, but to 
which have been added contributions from the 
works of several writers.] pp. 54, 975, ii., lith. 
«»cs^<1 [Lahore, 18G4.] oU. fol. 14162. d. 1. 

[Another edition.] pp. Ixiv. 1574, lith. 

T^U <lfcifc [Lahore, 1868.] obi. fol. 14162. d. 2. 

The Adi Granth, or Holy Scriptures of 

the Sikhs, translated [into English] from the 
original Gurmukhl, with introductory essays, by 
E. Trumpp. Printed by order of the Secretary 
of State in Council, pp. xii. cxxxviii. 715. 
London, 1877. 8°. 760. i. 

ADITYAE.AMA Sangeetaditya. [A treatise on 
Indian music] By Shastri Adityaramji . . . Edited 
with notes [and an introductory preface in Gu- 
jarati] by his sons Keshavldl and Laxmidass. 
(*fhnf^) Pt. I. Bombay, 1889. 8°. 

14156. f. 27. 

ADVICE, -m^t fsr^riq^ I Advice to travellers. [Yatri 
vijnapana. A Christian tract.] pp. 4. 1[ tj T ^N^ «1b*S{ 
[Allahabad, 1876.] 8°. 14154. b. 14.(3.) 

AGUTTESA. TTOnra ^T HO I^ ^ [Ramayana-samaya- 
darsa. A Sanskrit poem in 103 stanzas, con- 
taining a brief account of the life of Rama. 
With a translation into Hindi prose by Gopala 
Upasani.] pp. 39. vmwa [Benares, 1885.] 8°. 

1407^. cc. 

AHMAD HUSAIN, Saiyid^ "^Sfl. H^^l'^ll^l 

[Kaithi patramala. A letter-writer, in the Kaithi 
character; being a translation by Ambikaprasada 
of the Urdu Maktub i Ahmadi of A. H.] pp. 36, 
lith. rti-yf\al^ «,fcbo [Lucknow, 1880.] 8°. 

14160. c. 12.(1.) 

AHMAD KHAN, Saiyid, C.S.L ii^^ ^^ f^ 
^THTT?^ ?RT^^ Joii'Ji^l .IjI [Samsaradarpana. 
A considerably abridged translation by Gopala, of 
Ahmad Khiin's Asar al-sanadid, or history of the 
district of Delhi, its rulers and principal build- 
ings. With several engravings.] 3 pt., lith. 
[Delhi, 1876 ?]. 12°. 14160. a. 20. 

AKSHAEADIPIKA. -^ 'ei^T^W^cirT [Nayl akshara- 
dipika. A Hindi primer.] pp. 20, lith. vai'K^ «>fcfc<H 
[Agra, 1881.] 8°. 14160. c. 1.(2.) 

AKSHAYAKXTMARA DATTA. Charupatha, or Enter- 
taining lessons in science and 'literature. Part I. 
translated [from the Bengali Charupatha of A.. D.] 
by Durga Prasad Misra. ^T^-tir I pp. 76, vi. 
Bankipore, 1881. 8°. 14160. b. 50. 

'«l^T^-f^?rT I [Padarthavidya. Elements 

of natural philosophy, translated by Nandalala 
Sena Gupta from the Bengali original of A. D.] 
pp. 141. -^^ sbSl, [Hugli, 1876.] 8°. 

14156. f. 15. 

'ALA BAKHSH. Stic-iH<!<!;i ^ ^n:?TTOT I [Barah- 
masa. A poem on the seasons of the year.] 
pp. 16, litL <\t^9 [Delhi ? 1870.] 16°. 

14158. c. 5.(5.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. tfUf'JRS <ib>95 

[Fatehgarh, 1877.] 16°. 14158. c. 4.(4.) 

ALAEHADHAEI. See Kanhaiya Lala, called 


ALHA-KHANDA. ^irJ^^S I [Alha-khanda. An 
epig poem, containing an account of the life and • 
exploits of Alha and Udal, princes of Mahoba, 
and of their wars with Prithvl Raja of Delhi. 




Compiled, nnder the supervision of C. A. Elliott, 
from oral Tersions, ballads and manuscripts. Third 
edition.] pp. 648, lith. TV^nz <4fcM [Fatchgarh, 
1881.] 8°. 14158. e. 25. 

Tie Indian Antiquary, vol. riv. pp. 209, 255, eontaint 
notice* of iliferent eertionM of tiit epic and gtort tranila- 
tion». Ay /. A. Grierton. A trantlation. ht) W. Waterfield 
oftkrjtrit portion of a Kanauj vertion, it publitied in the 
Calcutta Review, roll. 61-63. 

^lT=?n*r I The Alha Kliund. [Another 

version of the popular epic poem, edited] by 
Choudree Ghasee Ram of Bhatepura [with the 
assistance of Haradcva Sahaya.] 3 pt., lilh. ifeerut, 
1882. 8". 14158. e. 23. 

ALHA MAX KHAIT. nfn^ < l i -< !l «<<j WTH [Sangit 
Alha Mai Khan. A tale in verse.] pp. 32, lith, 
««t'» [Delhi, 1882.] 8°. 14158. b. 6.(4.) 

'ALI iASAM. See Mauk Muhamhad, Jd'isi 
'^■^i c;j'y <Jij [Padmavat. With a Hindustani 
oommentary, by 'A. H.] [1865.] 8°. 

14156. k. S. 

AMARA8EKA JAYASEWA. ^nrwff mtvn^ tm i «1 
^mi^ W^nr TTTl»i^lR lOfllV rr« [Amaraseua 
Jayascna Rajaki chopai. A Jain legend in 
Marwari verse, pointing out the merit of absten- 
tion from taking food at night time.] pp. 02. 
yn ««iH [roona, 1888.] 16°. 14164. h. 16. 

AlffARA SIlfHA ii m<» >; i «>n^T^WT7 [Amarako^a. 
Sanskrit t«xt, edited with a Hindi interpretation 
by Mahcfadatta Sukula.] pp. 453, lHh. ^nff 
^tM [Lueknow, 1875.] M. B". 14093. d. 8. 

TTitVjt ^r^Tw w^vixn *TrwT frmr t^ wfr?r i 

[Devakofa. Another edition of the Sanskrit text 
of the Amarakofa, with a Hindi translation and 
notes by Devadatta Tivari.] pp. xiv. 89, 2. 
WHTTH <»t** [Benaret, 1879.] 8°. 14093. d. 2. 

miTf^RFT *nw [Amarevinoda. A treatise 

on medicinal drugs and their properties, and the 
treatment of various ailments, according to the 
native system of medicine.] pp. 86, Ii(A. 

sent [Delhi, 1871.] 8«. 14156. b. 6.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 87, /i7/i. ^wm <*t*« 

[Lueknow, 1874.] 8°. 14156. b. 4.(5.) 

~—~ [Another edition.] pp. 96, lith. 

St^ [Meenit, 1878.] 8°. 14156. b. 7.(2.) 

Begin, mv V*rtrnt^ f^WW [Umrfto-ko?a. 

A Hindi vocabulary in verse, translated by 

Suvamsa Sukula from the Sanskrit Amarakofa 

of Amara Simha.] pp. 185, 18. [Calcutta, 

1825?] 8°. 14160. b. 21. 

Without title-page. 

AMBEPRASADA. See Walker ( ) Dr. f^raWT 
vi 1TO*I «J5T« [Vidyarthi ki prathama pustaka. 
With occasional translations into Hindustani by 
Ambeprasada.] [1875.] 8°. 14160. c. 20. 

[1876.] 8°. 14160. c. 3.(6.) 

AMBIKADATTA MISRA See Ancbhutisvaeopa 

AcHAKTA. mt^H (Saraswat . . . Sanskrit text, 
and Hindi translation [by Mahavlraprasada Simha, 
assistecl by A. M.].) 1882, etc. 8°. 

14093. b. 4. 
saubhagya. A drama written in honour of the 
Jubilee of Queen Victoria.] pp.47, i v. ^tutTT <<tts 
[Bankipur, 1887.] 8°. 14158. b^ 9.(2.) 

Chaturanga chaturi, or Chess book, by 

P. Ambika Datta Vyas . . . ^WTJf ^TJT^. pp. 84. 
Benares, 1884. 12°. ^ 14156. e. 11. 

^«JIH«^ »nr ^^Wwj II [Dayananda mata 

miilochchhcda. A lecture delivered at Bankipur, 
on the 16th Nov. 1885, in refutation of the tenets 
of Dayananda SarasvatT. Edited, with trans- 
lations into English and Hindustani, an intro- 
ductory preface, and newspaper notices, by Sahab- 
prasada Simha.] Bankipore, 1885. 8°. 14154. c. 3. 

Translation [into English] of Go-sankat 

drama of Sahityacharya Pundit Ambika Dutta 
Vyas [on the sinfulness of slaughtering cattle]. 
By Shiva Nandan Suhai. pp. ii. 28. Bnnhipore, 
1886. 12°. 14158. a. 5. 

VARMA. Abodha nivaranam. w^ ^rwtv fn^'^^ 
[An exposure of mistakes made by Dayanauda 
SarasvatT in his Sanskrit treatise entitled Vakya- 
prabodha.] pp. ii. 12. WTTtW 9H.\9 [Benares, 
1881.1 8°. 14164. c. 2.(2.) 

AMBIKAPRA8ADA, Assistant Inspector of Schools, 
Ouilh. See Ahmad Husain. ^8{l H'^l'HL^l 
[Kaithi patramala. A translation by A. of the 
Maktiib i Afimadl.] [1880.] 8°. 14160. c. 12.(1.) 

inoUBf d [Gadyapadya-sangraha. A reader 

for the use of schools, in prose and verse.] 
pp. ii. 122, 48, lith. <(tt* [Lnctnow, 1889.] 8°. 

14160. c. 28. 

B 2 



AMERICAN TEACT SOCIETY. ^^f^Tif■s^■^W^ etc. 
[Chaupatriyon ka samuchchaya. A collection of 
Christian tracts published by the American Tract 
Society.] pp. 196. <5^?T^ <»tS,<» [Ludhiana, 
1861.] 12°. 14154. a. 8. 

AMIE HAMZAH. See Hamzah ibn 'Abd al-Mui- 
i'ALiB, Amir, called Asad Allah. 

AMMAN, Mir. See Khusrau, Amir. M^Ii ^^^ II 
[Chahar darwesh. A translation of the Persian 
Kissah i chahar darwesh, from the Urdu version 
of Mir Amman.] [1877.] 8°. 14156. k. 7. 

Selections from the Bagh o Bahar [of Mir 

pp. 228, 260. Calcutta, 
14156. h. 26. 

Amman] and Prem Sagar [of Lallu Lala] for the 
examination of military officers by the higher 
standard . . . yL- *jj .j! .'..^j j cb ... HH^I'll. 

1878. 8°. 

AMRITACHANDRA. See Aupapatika-sutra. ^^^3^- 
^lirm THW "?tjtn [Aupapatika-siitra. With a gloss 
in Hindi by A.] [1879.] ohl. 4°. 14100. f. 1. 

AMRITA LALA. See Radhikap.easanna Mukho- 
padhyaya Mf^?rr I [Bhuvidya. Translated from 
the Bengali by ^- L.] 1879. 12°. 14160. a. 26. 

ANANDA, Kavi. See Kokasastra. Begin. ^T^Tll 
cSf^W WJ^ V^ etc. [Kokasara. Translated by 
A. from the Sanskrit Kokasastra.] [1820 ?] 8°. 

14158. d. 3.(2.) 

ANANDA GHANA, wit ^ ^TR'^vq^rf ^^«1I»T^ 
^"^^^ fsnr ^fir [Chovisa Jina stuti. Hymns in 
praise of the 24 Jain Tirthankaras, in Hindi, with 
Gujarati translations by Jnanasara.] See Bhi- 
MASiMHA Manaka. Tlcji^iir-tSTToRt [Prakarana-ratna- 
kara.] Vol. i. pp. 255-336. [1876, etc.] 4°.. 

14100. e. 3. 

ANANDAGIRI. See Mahabharata. — BhagavaclgUa. 
H'RB'^T WT^oK [Bhagavadgita. Sanskrit text, with 
A.'s Hindi commentary, called Paramanandapra- 
kasika.] [1877.] 8°. 14065. e. 13. 

^n»n^TS»r!r ^rfl'ff'i' [Anandamntavarshini. 

A work on Vedanta philosophy.] pp. 182, Uth. 
cT^^l^ IbJd iLuchwiv, 1874.] 8°. 14154. e. 12. 

ANANDAEAMA, Translator. Sec Mahabharata. — 
Bhagavadgita. ^^mfn^tJ^in [Sanskrit text, with 
a metrical translation into Braj-bhasha by A.] 
[1880.] 8°. 14065. e. 17. 

ANANDILALA, See Sevaka Kirtieama. ^ t»n 
?^t cBT ^T^ [Ranja Hir ka khyal. Edited by A.] 
[1875.] 12°. 14156. h. 9. 

ANANYA, Kavi. See Puranas. — Markandeya- 
puraiia. — Dev7m<iluttmya. ^•^{^O'^ft'^ [Sundarl- 
charitra. The Dovimahatmya, translated by A.] 
[1876.] 8°. 14154. e. 9. 

ANATHA DASA. ^"i fM^KH IgH [Vicharamala. A 

poem on Vedanta philosophy, with a paraphrase 

in prose by Govindadasa Sadhu. Followed by 

Jnanakatari, a poem by Harisanga. The whole 

revised by Pandit Pitambara. Third edition.] 

g^ Ub5 [Bombay, 1883.] 8°. 14154. d. 5. 

Incomplete ; hrealing off at page 176 in prananga 91, all 
after wldch is wanting, as also the Jirst two pages of the 
second poem. 

The Vicbar Mala. Translated [into English 

from the Hindi of A.] by Lala Sreerara. pp. vi. 
113, iii. Calcutta, 1886. See Hiralala Dhola. 
Dhole's Vedanta Series. 1883, etc. 8°. 

14048. bb. 1. 

ANKAGANITA. '^ciUTPinT [Ankaganita. The ele- 
ments of simple arithmetic, translated from the 
Marathi.] Pt. I. pp. 84. g^ <^t%^ [Bombay, 
1862.] 8°. " 14160. c. 9. 

ANNA GHARPUEE. See Pueushottama Ganesa, 
also called Anna Gharpube. 

annaj! govinda inamdae. fit?^!iR't ntrM^ 

- • ^ 

■STTToR [Gopichand nataka. A drama in 15 scenes. 
With a title-page and preface in Marathi. Second 
edition.] pp. ii. 131. ij^ ibS* [Poona, 1877.] 12°. 

14158. a. 3. 


The Tarka-sangraha of Annam Bhatta, with a 
Hindi paraphrase, and English version. [Edited 
by J. R. Ballantyne.] 2 pt. Allahabad, 1851. 8°. 

14048. c. 18. 

wat. A Sanskrit grammar. Sanskrit text, and 
Hindi translation [by Mahaviraprasada .Simha, 
assisted by Pandit Ambikadatta Misra].) Pt. 1-3. 
Patna, 1882-78-80. 8°. 14093. b. 4. 

Apparently no more published. 

ANWAR 'ALI. f=<»<cit^irM«H [Bijlldipika. An 
elementary treatise on electricity.] pp. 191, 12, 
Uth. HX3 [Mccrut, 1878.] 8°. 14156. f. 6.(2.) 




ARABIAH HIGHT8. ?i?h tir^ ^rfH [Sabasra 
rajani charitra. The Arabian Nijj^hts, translated 
by Pandit Pyaro Lala, from the Hindustani ver- 
sion of *Abd al-Karim.] pp. ii. ii. 504. c!?nni 
<\t9{, [Lueknow, 1876.] 4". 14156. k. 5. 

ifTV TTff #qmi [Sahasra nltri satnkshepa. 

Select tales from the Arabian Nights, translated 
by Pandit Bsdri Lala.] Ft. I. pp. 84. ^HH.« <Ht«f1 
[Benaret, 1861.] 12°. 14156. h. 16.(1.) 

AEHOLD {S:r Eowin). See Shakspeee (W.) 
Shakrspcare's Merchant of Venice, translated 
into Hindi prose. [With a preface in Engliiih 
by Sir E. A.] 1888. S'. 14158. b. 8. 

ASSfJHAORA. ^srtPi\(Kyvn l [Arsijhagni. Verses 
iju the quarrel between Krishna and Radha about 
a thumb-ring.] pp. 8, /i7A. [Delhi, 1868?]. 16". 

- 14158. c. 6.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 8, lith. cjTJi^ stt^ 

[Benaret, 1882.] 12°. 14168. o. 9.(1L) 

AR7A, ptewl. See Shakspkre (W.) Shakespeare's 
Merchant of Venice, translated into Hindi prose 
... by AryA. 1888. 8'. 14158. b. 8. 

A Grammar of the Sanskrit language in 

Sanskrit, Hindi and English, with the aphorisms 
of Panini. Bemirai, 1889. 8*. 14093. d. 13. 

Hindi Grammar. In Hindi and English, 

in which is treated the Braj dialect with illus- 
trations from the RAjnitt, etc. pp. x. 101. Benare*, 
1888. .8°. 14160. e. 26.(2.) 

ARYA SAMAJ. ^rr ^q r .tUH 'T in *X7 etc, [Char 
npiniyamoij ka sangraha. A draft of rules drawn 
up for approval' by the representatives of the 
Arya Samaj societies at Amritsar, Ajmere, Bom- 
bay, and the North-West Provinces and Oudh.] 
pp. 98, lith. i[KZ StM [Meerut, 1887.] S'. 

14156. d. 7. 

n«l3I I . . . The principles and 

teaching of the Arya Samaj. [Aryatattvapra- 

kava. A series of lectures.] Lectures 1, 2, 4 

and 6. Mak^ad, 1888, eU. 8°. 14154. o. 8. 

Jh prvgrtMt. 

A8AD ALLAH. S^c Hamzah ibn 'Abd al-MuTTA- 
LiB, .{mlr, calUd AsAU Allah. 

ASHTAVAKEA. '?rt ^gUi* . Trm\ rhifT ^^vn- 
''VJ^VW^Tf etc. [Aslitavakrasambita. Aphorisms 
of Vedanta philosophy in the form of a dialogue 
between Ashtiivakra and his disciple. Sanskrit 
text, with a Hindi verse translation by Srldhara, 
and commentary by Chatura Diisa.] pp. ii. 452, 
lith. #«r^ ^stS, [5om6ay,1864.] 8°. 

14048. b. 2. 

«BIM«% Ttf [Ashtavakra ke dohe. The 

Ashtavakrasarnbita, translated in verse by Srl- 
dhara.] See Sundara Dasa. ^ rii ' THlcji T H [Sun- 
I daravila&i.] [1875.] 8\ " 14158 d. 9. 

ASTROHOMY. m>fin» ^'h: Tft^STurm [Jyotisha aur 

goladhyaya. A treatise on astronomy and geo- 

j graphy, tran dated by J. T. Thompson from the 

I Bengali.] pp. viii. 120. wtnTJT st^^ [Srrampur, 

, 1822.] 8°. 14156. f. 1. 

miftC [Ajuunatimira-bbaskara. A Jaiu contro- 
( versial treatise against Hinduism.] pp. vi. 109, 
' X. viii. ^t 'itfcfc [Bombay, 1888.J 8°. 

14154. i. 2. 

ATMATATTVAVIDYA. 'irnwir^mTI [Atmatattva- 
vidya. A Brahmist philosophical treatise on the 
nature of the soul. Translated from a Bengali 
original.] pp.56, ^jr?)^ <l«i^«i [/Wior<»,1872.] 12°. 

14154. c. 6.(1.) 

'ATTAR Srar OH, Sardar of Bhndaur. See SakhT- 
NAMAH. Sakbee book . . . Translated from Gooroo- 
mukbi into Hindi, and afterwards into English, 
by Sirdar Attar Singh. 1873. 8°. 

760. d. 33. 

ATTJLYA MITRA. ^rpq ftfxsgj ^^ [Atulya mitra 
ka varnana, or The matchless friend. A Christian 
tract.] pp.8, ^c-i l ^m^ stst; [AUuhuhad, 1870.] 8". 

14154. b. 14.(2.) 

ATJPAPATIKA - SUTRA. ^^ T^srTfw^ irm 7qtn 

[Aupapatika sutra, or Uvaval. Tlio first Jain 
Upaii'jn. Sanskrit text, and commentary by 
Abhayadeva, with a gloss in Hindi by Anirita- 
chandra.] pp. ii. 164. W^^lf^ W^t, [Cnlnitta, 
1879.] obi. 4°. 14100. f. 1. 

AYODHYAPRASADA. jrfBTWWT [Ganitasara. Arith- 
metic for schools, translated by Pandit Rama- 





dayalu from the Hindustani Zubdat al-Kisab of A.] 
Pt. I. pp. 84, nth. ^vttX «»bS,5 [Lahore, 1867.] 8°. 

14160. c. 2.(2.) 

Wanting pt. ii.-iv. 

[Second edition of pt. I. only.] pp. 83, 

Uth. ■^ftX'WiSo {Lahore,. 1810.1 8°. 

14160. c. 5.(2.) 

^'t ^55^ "^ TIW . . . [Kharl boll ka padya.] 

The Poetical Reader, No. I. of the Khari boli. 
Compiled by Ayodhya Prasad Khatri. pp. xxii. 
viii. 63. sbM Mozufferpore, [1887.] 8°. 

14160. b. 47. 

[Another edition.] Edited by F. Pincott. 

pp. viii. 64, ii. London, 1889. 12°. 

14158. d. 24. 

jftcSg^ TftT%^ ^^ f^!^ OFT W^ »T5 . . . The 

versification of the Hindi of the Maulvi style. 
[A treatise on the different modes of versification 
introduced by the Muhammadans into the Hindi 
language.] pp. 16, Uth. «itb5 \_Muzaffarpur , 
1887.] 8°. 14156. f. 23. 

T'rftT^ ?JrT^^TT ^^K M^^ [Upanishad 

saroddhara. An exposition of Vedanta philosophy, 
according to the teaching of the Upanishads.] 
pp. iv. 354. ^?:gqt «ltt<l [_Belhi, 1889.] 8°. 

14154. 6. 29. 




BADARAYAITA. ^ m a -< >Tnn>Tnij»^e<c. [The Vyasa- 
or Brahma-siitras of Badarayana. Sanskrit text, 
with a Hindi commentary and preface by 
Tarachandra.] pp. 423, 72. airr^rt «(tb^ [Benares, 
1882.] 8°. 14048. d. 48. 

From the colophon it appears that the commentary was 
composed in Samvat 1839 or a.d. 1782. 

BADARIDATTA JOSI. ^ v»^ ^^?!?7t'N I . . . 

[Khrishtadharma akhandaniya.] Christianity in- 
destructible : or Pundit Badri Datt Josi's lecture 
" Christianity destroyed," [written in reply to a 
course of lectures delivered at Almora by Rama- 
chandra Vasu.] With comments by a Christian 
Missionary, pp.139. Hindi and Engl. Mirzapore, 
1880. 8°. 14154. b. 19. 

^ft? Vi^ iH^Nlii^^ I [The above in Hindi 

only.] pp. 69. filTin'lT "Hbbo [Mirzapur, 1880.] 8°. 

14154. b. 20. 

BADAEINATHA, Pandit, also called BadrI Lala. 
See Arabian Nights. ?r?r^ Txf^ ii^^ [Sahasra 
ratri samkshepa. Translated by Pandit B.] 
[1861.] 12°. 14156. h. 15.(1.) 

See Defoe (D.) TirsfHHH ■gpfff cTT ^7T?ra 

[Rabiusan Kriiso ka itihasa. Translated by B. 
from a Bengali version.] [I860.] 8°. 

14156. h. 14. 

See HiTOPADESA. Hindi version of the 

Hitopades'a. [Translated by B.] 1851. 8°. 

14156. h. 16.(1.) 

See Prithutasas, Son of Varaha Mihira, 

M^M'^lf^lchl [Shatpaiichasika. Sanskrit text, with 
a Hindi translation by B.] [1876.] 8°. 

14053. CO. 2.(2.) 

See Rajakrishna Rata Chaudhubi. nofrfii 

VXS I [Prakriti patha. Translated from the Bengali 
by B.] 1879. 12°. 14160. a. 28. 

^^^hl II [Balabodha.] Outlines of San- 

skrit grammar in Hindi, pp. iii. 67. Mirzapore, 
1848. 12°. 14160. a. 5. 

BADEILAIA. See BADAEfNATHA,Panrfti, also called 
Badri Lala. 

BADE i MXJNiR. ^rfifhr f^ ^.' t g^ l Tc [Sangit Budrl- 
munlr. The romance of Benazir and Badr i 
Munir in verse, adapted from the Persian.] 
pp. 32, Uth. ^ «1bs«, [Meerut, 1876.] 8°. 

14158. e. 3.(5.) 

BAIJirSIMHA VARMA. See 'Izz at Allah. ^^sinRQS't 
wr«T [Bakavali sumana. A translation by B. V. 
of the Gul i Bakawali.] [1874.] 8°. 

14156. i. 11.(3.) 

BAITAL-PACHISI. See Bholanatha. ft^ijrfqfcirra 
[Vikramavilasa. A paraphrase in verse of the 
Baital Pachlsl.] [1870.] 8°. 14156. k. 4. 

See Burton [Sir R. F.) Vikram and the 

Vampire . . . Adapted [from the Baital Pachisi] 
by R. F. Burton. 1870. 8°. 760. c. 

— Buetal Pucheesee ; being a collection of 

twenty-five stories . . . translated into Hindoo- 
stanee [or rather Hindi] from the Brij Bhakha- 
[translation of the collection of Sanskrit tales. 





known as the Vetala-panchavimsatiki,] of Soorut 
Enbeesbwar; by Muzhar Ulee Khani Vila, and 
Shree Lulloo Lai Kub. pp.179. CulctUta, 1805. 4°. 

14156. k. 12. 

[Another edition.] ff. 127. <»s|s [Cal- 

nttta, 1809.] 8°. 14156. h. 36. 

Without title-page. 

[Another edition.] See Hindi Selections. 

Hindee and Hindoostanee Selections. Vol. I. 
1830. 4». . 760. g. 12. 

WWrpjrr^ft?!^ [Another edition.] pp. 178. 
n^M^ o/CVK [Calcutta, 18^4.] 8'. 14156. h. 25. 

[Another edition.] pp. 142. ^fcTwnn 

•Ko^ [Caleutta, 1849.] 8'. 14156. h. 37. 

The Bait^l Pachisi ... A new edition of 

the Hindi text, with each word expressed in the 
Hindustani character immediately nnder the cor- 
responding' word in the N&gari ; and with a 
perfectly literal English interlinear translation, 
accompanied by a free translation in English at 
the foot of each page, and explanatory notes : 
by W. B. Barker . . . Edited by E. B. Eastwick. 
pp. X. 369. Hertford, 1855. 8". 760. g. 42. 

A new and corrected edition, with a 

Tocabnlary of all the words occurring in the 
text, by D. Forbes, ( ^^ i giq i l yt). pp.viii. 140, 56. 
London, 1857. 8'. 14156. i. 27. 

WKT^ l^^l unrsft [Another edition.] 

pp. 198. ^ «4tM* [Domiay, 1857.] 8°. 

14156. h. 3. 

The Bytal-Pacheesee . . , Reprinted from 

the new edition of Esbwar Chandra Vidyasagar 
.... Second edition, pp. vi. 141. Calcutta, 
1860. &>. 760. d. 6.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 102. n^nrVT 

^?JJ [Calcutta, 1870.] 8». 14156. i. 17. 

[Another edition. Illnstrated.] pp. 104, 

lith. HT^rt fi.^^ [Benares, 1876.] 8". 

14158. e. 11.(3.) 

- [Another edition.] pp. 104, lith. ^^ 
[Delhi T 1876.11 8". 14158. e. 6.(3.) 

■ BytaUPuchisi ; or the Twenty- five tales 

of Bytal, translated from the Brujbhakha into 

English by Rajah Kalee-Kriehen Bahadur, pp. 145. 
Calcutta, 1834. 8°. 760. e. 

[Another copy.] 

• The Bytal Pucheesee 

English by W. Hollings. pp. 117 
1860. 8°. 

T. 1607.(4.) 
translated into 

760. e 

[Another edition of W. Holling's English 

translation.] pp. vii. 117. Calcutta, 1866. 8°. 

760. d. 5. 

The Baital-Pachisi . . . translated from 

Dr. Forbes's new and corrected edition, by 
Ghulam Mohammad Mnnshi. pp. 113i Bombay, 
1868. 8°. 760. b. 

The Baital PachisI, or the Twenty-five 

Tales of a Sprite. Translated from the Hindi 
text of D. Forbes by J. Platts. pp. viii. 181. 
London, 1871. 8°. 760. e. 

Bait&l Pachisi oder die fiinfundzwanzig 

Erziihlungen eines Damon. In deutscher Bear- 
beitung, etc. See Oksterlet (H.) Bibliothek 
Orientalischer Marchen und Erzahlungen, etc. 
1873. 8". 752. o. 2. 

Extraits du B^tAl-patchts! (traduits) par 

M. Ed. Lancerean. (Journal Asiatique. S^rie iv. 
Tome 18, 19.) Paris, 1851-52. 8°. Ac. 8808. 
BAKHTAWAH 8IKGH, Editor of the Aryadarpana. 
W«ni^f^^TT II [Siityadharmavichara. A discussion 
upon true religion carried on at Chandapur on 
March 19 and 20, a.d. 1879, between Dayananda 
Sarasvati, MuHammad Kasim, and the Rev. T. J. 
Scott, and other Christian missionaries. Com- 
piled and published by B. S.] pp. 38, Hindi and 
Hindust., lith. ^n^T^ S«^* [Benares, 1880.] 8°. 

14154. c. 1.(1.) 

A triumph of truth ; being an English 

translation of Satya Dharm Vichar . . . With the 
autobiography and travels of our Swami [i.e. Daya- 
nanda Sarasvati, and an Appendix, containing 
several articles against the teachings of the 
Christian religion, also in English.] By Durga 
Prasad, pp. vi. 331. Lahore, 1889. 12°. 

14154. d. 10. 

BALABHUSHANA. ^l ci l>I M in I [Balabhushana. 
An illustrated primer for use in girls' schools.] 
pp. iii. 128, lith. gtHJI SW? [Lueknow, 1872.] 12°. 

14160. a. 7.(3.) 




BAIABODHA. ^^ ^TcS^tf^ TlTtH: II [Balabodliadi. 
Verses on Vedanta philosophy, in the form of a 
dialogue between a preceptor and his disciple.] 
ff. 16. [Bnmhay, 1870.] ohl 16°. 14154. d. 1. 

BALADATTA, Baurgrulatti. ij(WtJ^f^{^rm\ I . . . 

Dvctadhvanta-nivaranam. [A controversial tract 
on the teachings of the Vedas, being a reply to 
the Vedantidhvanta-nivarana of Dnyananda Sara- 
svati.] pp. 25. oFT^l^ «,tbQ. [Benarea, 1889.] 12°. 

14154. c. 9.(3.) 

BALADEVA. w'n ^■cci^^ [Krishnalila, A poem 
on the sports of Krishna with the milk-maids.] 
pp. 16, nth. •JiTT^'t [Benares, 1882.] 8°. 

14158. e. 2.(6.) 

^ ftrgT «<r^H I ■4 'I H t [Vedantasara dvadasakshari. 
Ver.'^es on Vedanta philosophy, founded on the 
Yogavasishtha. Second edition.] pp. 9. c«*i(.i« 
Ifcba iljuchnow, 1889.] 8°. 14154. e. 27. 

BALADEVAPEASADA, son of Vrajalala. TliTTin^^ 
[Pratapavinoda. A Vaishnava treatise on rhe- 
toric] pp. 177, lith. c5^«l* '\t9<l [Ltichnow, 
1879.] 8°. 14158. f. 10.(1.) 

BALADEVA SIMHA, Raja of Kama. A Vijaya- 
patra [or short poem in praise of] Digvijainio 
Victoria, in Sanskrit [Hindi] and English . . . 
[With a brief history in Hindi of the Jaipur 
State and its rulers] by Rajci Kama Baldova 
Sinh. Benares, 1889. 12°. 14158. c. 

FALAGOVINDA DASA. m^f ^Jn^^'t I [Vakya- 
kusumaSjali. Poems on the loves of Radha and 
Krishna.] pp. iv. 194, 111. '^^TT^ Stb^ [Benares, 
1882.] 8°. 14158. e. 24. 

BALAKA RAMA. Begin. Vi^^ TT^^ '^'t^'f^ fi^sfX 

»r?T^T>T "^ wre^T *f etc. [Twenty questions on 

tenets of the Jain religion.] pp. IG, lith. [Amrit- 

sar, 1887.] 8°. 14154. h. 10. 

Without title-page. 

BALAKRISHNA SASTRI. wft^ST [Bhugolavidya. 
A treatise on physical geography, translated by 
B. S. from the English. Second edition.] pp. 41. 
^ gl^im^ ItSfO [Allahaha^l, I860.] 8°. 

14160. b. 18.(3.) 

JOTlcSf^WT [Khagolavidya. A treatise on 

astronomy, translated by B. S. from the English. 
Second edition.] pp. iv. 44. ^^ST^T^ '\ti^o [Alla- 
habad, ISSO.] 8°. 14156. f. 7.(1.) 

BALA SASTRI. See Kasishthah Sastbaethah. 
olil^flw: ^T^t^: II [A report of a discussion 
between Dayananda Sarasvatl, and B. S. and 
other Benares Pandits.] [1880.] 8°. 

14154. c. 1.(3.) 

BALA SASTRI PRABHU. See Vakaha Mihira. 
^^Wrf^HT [Vrihatsamhita. Sanskrit text, with a 
preface' and commentary in Hindi by B. S. P.] 
[1880.] 8°. 14053. cc. 27. 

BALDEV BAKHSH. Tm fVsnj't cRT V^fCm [Dak 
bijli ka prakarana. A treatise on the electric 
telegraph, translated, by Ghanasyama Raya, from 
the Hindustani of B. B.] pp. 92, iii. Agra, 
1855. 8°. 14156. e. 1. 

[Second edition.] pp. 92, lith. ^cjSI^I^K 

ltl.0 [Allahabad, 18Q0.] 8°. 14156. f. 6.(1.) 

BALLALA. See Vamsidhara. trtiHl^'aTT etc. [Bho- 
japrabaudhasara. Compiled from the Sanskrit 
of B.] [1858.] 8°. 14156. 1. 13.(2.) 

14156. h. 16.(2.) 

14156. h. 12.(6.) 

14156. h. 19. 

14156. h, 20. 

[1858.] 8°. 

[I860?] 8°. 

[1862.] 8°. 

[1872.] 8°. 

[1875.] 8°. 

BALLANTYNE (James Robert). See Annamehatta, 
also called Anaxta Bhatta. The Tarka-Sangraha, 
with a Hindi paraphrase, etc. [Edited by J. R. B.] 
1851. 8°. 14048. c. 18.. 

See Vaeadaraja. ^iHri^tnnFW cJ^<*t«^^ 

.... The Laghu Kaumudi .... by Varadaraja, 
with a version,' commentary, and references .... 
by J. R. B. 1856. 8°. 14160. b. 17. 

BALOPADESA. •^TcS^H^^I [Balopadcsa. A Hindi 
primer.] pp. 26, lith. «)bs^ [Lahore? 1873.] 8°. 

14160. c. 3.,(2.) 

t^i^M^H [Another edition, in Gurumukhi 

characters.] Tpp. 28, lith. '\t9^ [Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 

14160. c. 19. 

■^c5^q^ fi^^ [Another edition.] pp. 32, 

lith. j^l [Lahore, 1875 ?] 12°. 14160. a. 7.(5.) 

^^"^^i^ 3^''' [Another edition.] pp. 24, 

lith. Ht3 <1«.^^ [Meerut, 1876.] 8°. 14160. c. 2S. 





BAFA W^'^r^ «... Kadamvari, an old Sanskrit 
novel' [by Bana] translated from the Bengali 
[of Tara^ankara Tarkaratna] by Gadadhar Singh, 
pp. ii. 165. Benares, 1879. 8°. 

14156. h. 22.(2.) 

BAH ASASi DASA. cTnr^ ^Ajn^ *rtfTt *nn^ [La- 
wani, also called Marbati khajal. Verses on Hindu 
philosophy.] pp. Ill, lith. Jgm^^ 'itii \Luclinow, 
1874.] 8°. 14158. e. 15.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 136, llth. ^n^ 

[Benaret, 1876.] 8". 14158. «. 8.(18.) 

—— [A collection of additional poems, or kha- 
ydU.] pp. 64,WA. ^f^ [Delhi, 1878?] 8°, 

14158. e. 2.(3.) 

Called Pari Hi, of tie avihor't lavani poemt. 

W < l1llHm i U -^XZM ^•lllfll^KI tpt etc. [Sa- 

mayasara. A work in Hindi Tcrse on Jain religion, 
by a member of the Digambara sect. With a 
Gujarati translation by Riipachanda.] SteHai' 
MASiyBA Manaka. WTV-TMnvt [Prakarana-ratna- 
kara.] Vol. ii. pp. 345-576. [1876, efc.] 4°. 

14100. e. 3. 


tSclectioDS from the Prem S4gar . . . The Hindi 
text printed in the Roman character, with a 
complete vocabulary to the entire work by J. F. B. 
1880. 8°. 14156. i. 22. 

Se«, Mabshvav (J. C.) Selections from 

the History of India ... A new edition . . . with 
a literal English translation ... by J. F. B. 
1879. 8°. 14156. g. 11. 

1|>T *P^ [Ek joj- angu^hi.] ... or " A pair of 
rings." A novel translated from Bengally [Jn- 
gslanguriya of B. Ch.] by Koshav Ram Bhatt. 
pp. 39. ^ir^ <Htto iPalna, 1880.] 16°. 

14156. h. 30. 


BAFPA BAWAL. [Life.'] See Radhakrishna Dasa. 
m^ ^ fto i i j l [Aryacharitamrita.] Pt. I. 1884, 
etr. 12". 14166. g. 30. 

BAFU DEVA SAST2I. w i '\<g ^ ^ ^ [Bhugolavarnana 
Geography of the world, consisting chiefly of the 
geography of India.] 3 pt. pp. 162. 0<4.WIM4. 
StM| [Mirzapur, 1853.] 8°. 14160. b. 18.(L) 

BAFU DEVA SASTEL The Elements of Plane 
Trigonometry, by Pandit Bapu Deva .... Trans- 
lated into Hindi from the Sanskrit by Veni 
Sankara Vyasa (f%^th!rf*rfK) [Trikonamiti.] pp. 91. 
Benares, 1859. 8°. 14160. b. 10.(1.) 

BARAHMASA. '?r«l ^TT? mm .... »JT?TNrT [Barali- 
masa verses descriptive of the months of the 
year.] pp. 8, lith. ^^^ [Delhi, 18G6 ?] 16°. 

14158. c. 15. 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. [Delhi ? 

1868?] 16°. 14158.0.5.(3.) 

BARKEE^ (Wii-UAM Bueckhaedt). See Baital 
PachIsI. The Baitdl Pachisi ; . . . A new edition 
of the Hindi text . . . with a . . . literal . . . inter- 
linear translation . . . and . . . notes, by W. B. B. 
1855. 8". 760. g. 42. 

BARODA COMMISSION. Wf^ ^ft^ [Kamisan 
Badauda. A full report of the proceedings of 
the Baroda Commission held at Bombay on the 
trial of Malhar Rava, Gaikwar of Baroda, on the 
charge of attempting to poison the Euglish Resi- 
dent, Colonel Phayre. Containing translations 
by Pandit Pyare Lala of all the papers connected 
with the case from the Hindustani version of 
Damodara Dasa.] pp. viii. 111. 540. ^RHT* StsI, 
[Luchiow, 1876.] 8°. 14156. a. 5. 

BARTH (Christian Gottlob). v»h gw^ ijr -^fiTfTS 
etc. [Dharmapustaka ko itibasa. A translation 
of Dr. Barth's " Bible stories for the young — Old 
and New Testaments."] pp. 288. Ǥ<^i^ itfcs 
[Lvdhiana, 1867.] 12°. 14164. a. 10. 

BEAME8 (John) M.R.A.8. See Chakd. The 
Prithir&ja R&sau of Chand Bardai. Edited in 
the original old Hindi by J. B. . . . Part I. 1873, 
tie, 8°. 14002. a. 

' The Nineteenth Book of the Gestcs 

of Prithirdj, by Chand Bard&i . . . literally trans- 
lated [into English] ... by J. B. 1869. 8°. 

2098. b. 

Translations of selected portions 

of Book I. of Chand Bardai's epic. (List of tho 
books contained in . . . tho Prithiraja Rdso.) 
By J. B. 1872. 8°. 2098. b. 

See Gambhira Rata. The rhapsodies of 

Gambhir R£i . . . [Hindi text, with an English 
translation and notes.] By J. B. 1875. 8°. 

2098. b. 





BELL (Andrew) D.D., LL.D., Prebendary of West- 
minster. Substance of Dr. Bell's Instructions for 
modelling and conducting schools, translated into 
Hindooeo by M. T. Adam. (qM^UcSTcS ^■R^T^t 
. . . rtfir) [Pathasalake baithavaneki riti.] pp.35. 
Calcutta, 1824. 8°. 14156. d. 1.(1.) 

BHADALI. ^^ ^?T5ftfTTtTT§§ ^ f»?^^ HT3c5^Hnf 
Wtf"lT^^«t 'TTH 'Hf^^swni: int«lff [BhadalJ-mata 
jyotisliavarnana. A work on astrology and divi- 
nation, containing the sayings of Bhadali, the 
daughter of Uddhada JosI, who was also called 
Sahadeva, and forming the 25th chapter of the 
6th section of the Brihajjyotisharnava. Mostly 
in the original Hindi, but also partly in Gujarati, 
and partly in Marathi.] ff. 37. ^^ ftr?^ <lbob 
[Bombay, 1887.] obi. 4°. 14158. h. 10. 

^Ppl'R^ [Sakunavali. A short collection 

of astrological sayings and auguries, by Bhadali.] 
pp. 16, lith. <\<i.^^ [Meerut ? 1866.] 8°. 

14158. e. 8.(4.) 

— ' — r H^QjIoStT 5T«l<«n=lc!^ [Another edition.] 

TTF '}^"VqT??rH [Rajaniti. A Hindi version, by 
Bh., of the Braj-bhasha text of Lallu Lala.] 
[1854.] 12°. 14156. h. 1. 

pp. 16, lith. «Htb<l [Benares? 1889.] 8°. 

14156. f. 21.(3.) 

BHADRA BAHTJ. «lf^HTi? ^l%iT «T«n 'slf^H^ . . . 

Kalpa sutra. [A treatise on the Jain religion by 
Bh. B.] translated [into Hindi verse] ... by Kavi 
Raychaud. pp. iv. 114. c5W«^^ «ifc*M [Lucknow, 
1875.] 8°. 14154. h. 1.(1.) 

BHAGAVAN DASA. See Navinachandea Rata. 
WT:c5 ^ToRtW ?t^H oST [Sarala vyakarana. Pt. ii. 
revised by Bh. D.] [1869.] 8°. 14093. c. 6. 


[Landan ka yatri. A short account of a visit to 
London.] pp.26, ^^v^'itti [Benares, 188^.] 12°. 

14156. g. 29. 

BHAIRAVA DATTA. ^^v^ Tfifirm'i [Stridharma 
taranginl. A work on female education, con- 
taining elucidations of select passages from San- 
skrit works bearing on that subject, with hints 
on the duties of women, and culinary receipts.] 
pp. 142, lith. iZT^ <\btM [Etawah, 1885.] 8°. 

14156. d. 9. 

BHAIRAVAPRASADA, Head Master of the Indore 
Hindi School. See Lallu Lala, Kavi. TTiRtfir 

[1866.] 12°. 

14156. h. 4. 

See Sukasaptati. ^HR^^t't f%^ T(f^ 

[Sukabahottarl. A Hindi version, by Bh., of the 
Sanskrit Sukasaptati.] [1864.] 12°. 

14156. h. 5. 

Hindi Second Book for the use of Govern- 
ment schools .... Recast and revised by Rdvaji 
Vasudeva Tullu. {f^^ 5?T^r gw«B) [Hindi dusra 
pustaka.] Second edition, pp. viii. 98. ^T 
[Tudore,] 1877, 12°. 14160. a. 18.(2.) 

BHAIRAVA SIMHA. v^W[^ I [Bhaktamala, or 

Lives of Vaishnava saints, in verse.] pp. 498, 

lith. sbb? [Meerut, 1883.] 8°. 14154. e. 16. 

Slightly damaged eopy. 

•T^T^^ HT'n TT I [Ramayana. A metrical version, 
in the Nepali dialect, by Bh. A.] 1888. 8°. 

14158. f. 27. 

BHANUDATTA, Pandit, of Lahore. nf-vp^-'^fir 
. . . <1 *? Hin [Grihadharmanlti. A collection of 
moral verses extracted from ancient sources. 
Sanskrit text, with a Hindi translation.] Pt. I. 
pp. 32, lith. <\t9S [Lahore, 1877.] 12°, 

14085. c. 27. 

BHANUPRATAPA TIVARI. History of Chunar. 
"^^ 3^T^T ^^ ^TT Wt I [Kuchh purana hal 
Chunar ka.] pp. 76, x. Benares, 1880. 16°. 

14156. g. 23. 

Vidyasundara nataka. A Bengali drama [founded 
on a poem by Bh. R.] translated into Hindi. 
1870. 12°. 14158. a. 1.(1.) 

BHARATAJi. ^T^mrtT HtiHT^ I [Barahmasa. A 
poem descriptive of each month of the year.] 
pp. 8. ^cTf «)a^? [Delhi, 1875.] 16°. 

14158. c. 16. 

BHARTRIHARI. ■w'twt^frf TT ^l IFrf '^ffK 'w'k Itrnf- 
■jfTTTsB etc. [The Niti, Sringara, and Vairagya 
satakas of Bhartrihari. Sanskrit text, with a 
Hindi paraphrase by Durga Datta.]. pp.38. ^Him 
cibsb [Benares, 1878.] 8°. 14076. d. 31. 





BHAETRIHAKI. w »?|?ft irhr? ?nns »n^ [The 
Niti, §ringira, and Vairagya ^atakas, or moral, 
erotic and religions apothegms of Bhartrihari, 
translated from the Sanskrit original by Maharaja 
Pratapa Simha.] pp. 56, lith. ^rvmTf\ s<i^| [Be- 
nares, 1866.] 8°. 14158. e. 6.(7.) 

^m wwT^ VTHS vriyr. i [Bhartarlsataka. 

The three ?atakas of Bhartrihari, translated by 
Bbavana Oasa.] pp. 156, lith. ^ ««^ [Bombay, 
1875.] 12". 14158. c. 14. 

BHA8KAEA ACHABYA. See O^kaba Bhatta. 
A toiii[iarison of the Pnranic and Siddhantic 
systems of astronomy .... [With Sanskrit 
quotations from Bh. A.'s Siddhanta-firomani.] 
1841. 8°. 14156. f 2. 

See OyKAKA Lala. nH ftn l aiim t^l Shri 

sidhant prakash. [A work on astronomy, based 
on the Siddhantasiromai^i of Bh. A.] [1883.] 8°. 

14156. f. 17. 

See Ratachanda Nagaha. <j}' t g !t ^ T l [Lila- 
Taken from the Sanskrit of Bh. A.] 

14160. c. 2.(1.) 


[1 858.1 8 

BHAVAKADA8A. See BHABTRrBABi. v^l titct 
mnv nrtx ° i [Bhartarisataka. The three fatakas 
of Bhartrihari, translated by Bh.] [1875.] 12°. 

14158. e. 14. 

See Chanakta. w^ ^Vfw ^wm Hrtn: 

[Sanakrit text, with a translation in vcr^o by 
Bh.] [1875.] 8°. 14076. a. 12.(1.) 

Sm Mah.\grabata. — BliagnrailtjUd. mv 

Vlmnillll m^nn « [Bhagavadgita. Translated 
by Bh.] [1875.] oU. 8». 14168. c. 12. 

rrhftmrn wwr^ mvizWi m « [Bhagavata 

ekadafa bhashatika. A commentary in verse on 
the eleventh skandha of the Bhagavatapnrana, 
with introdoctory glossary.] pp. xiv. 182, lith. 
j^ <»t>M [Bmnbay, 1875.] 8". 14154. e. 11, 

BHAVANIDATTA J08L See §ivapba8ada. Raja, 
C.S.I. History of Hindustan : being an English 
version of RAjA SivaprasAd's ^flrrm fVrflrTsn^IW 
., . (Ft. II. and III. by Pandit Bhavdnidat Joshi.) 
1875, etc. 8". 14156. g. 15. 

BHIZHABi DA8A. v^ySn filff?! etc. [Chhan- 
dori^ava pingala. A treatise in verse on prosody. 

founded on Pingala Acharya's Sanskrit Chhan- 
dahsastra.] pp. 78, lith. rfma ^ * «ibSM [Luchiow, 
1875.] 8". 14158. e. 8.(10.) 

[Second edition.] pp. 78. cswna stb? 

[Lucknow, 1882.] 8°. 14156. f. 10. 

BHIMA8EHA SAEMA. See Periodical Publica- 
tions. — Allahabad. <eil^r<l<IiT [Aryasiddhanta. A 
monthly journal, edited by Bh. §. and Jvala- 
datta.] [1887, e<c.] 8°. 14033. b. 48. 

firTr?-«l^^n [Viviiha-vyavastha. A paper 

published by the Arya Samaj at Allahabad under 
the editorship of Bh. S., condemning the practice 
of child-marriages, and discussing the question 
of the legality of widow-marriages.] pp. viii. 52. 
<»«l«M [Allahabad, 1889.] 12°. 14160. e. 13. 

rai^a-ratnakara. A collection of Jain works in 
Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, or old Gujarati, gene- 
rally accompanied by translations in modern 
Gujarati. Edited by Bh. M.] 4 vol. gwgt^ <ifc$^ 
[Bombay, 1876, etc.] 4°. 14100. e. 3. 

BHOLAHATHA. ^nrmwT c5T^ I [Barahmasa. 
Verses descriptive of the twelve months of the 
year.] pp. 8, lith. ^nnr [Fatehrjarh, 1877.] 16°. 

14158. c. 10.(7.) 

f^rai»rf^5TW [Vikramavilasa. A paraphrnse 

in verse of the Baitiil-Pachlsi.] pp. 61. Qjw^ni 
Sbso [Liteknow, 1870.] 8°. 14156. k. 4. 

[Ijvaraprarthana. Brahniist prayers, translated 
from the Gujarati of Bh. S. by §yamalala Simha.] 
pp. xvi. 202. <l <H< ! m i ^ sfeba [Ahmadabad, 1880.] 8°. 

14154. c. 4. 

land [down to the year 1858, translated from 
Xhe Bengali of Bh. M. by Govindachandra Simha.] 
^If^iB Vf xfnTVK I [Inglaiiid ka itihasa.] pp. 185. 
^ttm^ -^tto [Bankipur, 1880.] 8°. 

14156. g. 9.(2.) 

Manual of history. (Ancient.) ^I I ^ WWTC I 

[Poravrittasara.] Translated into Hindi [from 
the Bengali of Bh. M.] by Govinda Chandra 
Singha. Revised and corrected by Chhotu Ram 
Tivary. pp. 182. Hooghly, 1878. 8°. 

14156. g. 21. 






BHURA UALLA, Jaipuri. See Periodical Publi- 
cations. — Moradahad. W^^ [Sabhapatra. Edited 
by Bh. M.] [1888, etc.'] 8°. 14160. e. 12. 

BHUSHANA, Kavi. f^-stxn\wm -^T^ . . . Shivara- 
jabhushana. A work in tbe Brija language on 
the figures of speech by the poet Bhushana . . .. 
Edited by Janardan Balaji Modak. (Kavyeti- 
hasa-sangraha. Vol. xi. No. 8-11.) Poona, 

1888. 8°. 14072. d. 37. 

^TcST 'siI-t: f^'t . . . ^fif»W I [Varnasiksha. A 
Hindi-Bongali primer.] pp. 32. TtsTt*)^ 1)S»08 
[Benares, 1878.] 12°. 14160. b. 19.(2.) 

MisuA. RHTJTnt etc. [Premasagara. Edited by 
Bh. v.] [1867.] 8°. 14156. h. 18. 

See TulasTdasa. ^^■^ttft^pp^ sTt^llTI*) I [Ra- 

niayana. Hindi text, with a Bengali translitera- 
tion and translation, by Bh. V.] [1887, etc.] 8°. 

14158. d. 27. 


V^ -dfrt Ti>!i^ . . . The Holy Bible . . . Translated 

from the originals into the Hindee language, 

by the Serampore missionaries [principally by 

W. Carey.] Vol. 1-3, 5. Serampore, 1812-18, 8°. 

1108. e. 6-9. 

Vol. 4, which ought to contain the prophetical books, does 
not appear to have been published. 

[Another copy.] Vol. 1-3, 5. 3070. bb. 37. 

[Another copy.] Vol. 1, 2, and 5. 

217. h. 19; 218.1.10; 218.1.5. 

[Another copy.] Vol. 1 and 5. 3070, bb. 36. 

The Holy Bible, translated into the Hindui 
language, by W. Bowley. . . . Vol. 1, 2. Genesis 
to Malachi. >J»# gw^ f^|t ^T^ ^ Tirni^ ^ I 
•SK^WSf [Calcutta,] 1835, 34. 8°. 1108. f. 1. 

V*& ^^ I . . . The Holy Bible in the Hindi 
language. Translated from the Hebrew. 2 vol. 
Allahabad, 1866, 69. 8°. • 3070. g. 22. 


See .Joseph (S.) y^if^(f^!SKvm [Jyotikirana. Bible 
stories translated from the English.] [1878.] 8°. 

14154. b. 17. 

Appendix {cojitinued) . 

See NiLAKANTHA GoRE (N.) Criticism of the 
present Hindi translation of the Holy Scriptures. 
1882. 8°. 14154. b. 21. 

^r^irf'TK ^"^fT^ w^vf^ iTTTrVrTf^ Tfwnf^Tr HJ»f^?Rti;pt 
■^ f^T^W I [Duhkhajanita sukhodaya, or Good 
out of evil. Select passages from the Bible, 
with accompanying explanations, showing how 
the panic caused by cholera, and other pesti- 
lential diseases, may be productive of good 
efiects.] pp. 59. ^trnm <»fcM6t [Agra, 1856.] 8°. 

14154. b. 3.(1.) 

OT?nj^ oST 5H^ I [Grahyapada ka sangraha. A 
collection of useful texts from the Bible, suitable 
for teachers or ministers.] pp. 103. ^^^^ sfcl,b 
[Ludhiana, 1868.] 12°. 14154. a. 6.(11.) 

The proper names in the Old and New Testaments, 
rendered into Urdu and Hindi. [By J. A. Shur- 
man.] pp. iv. 102. Allahabad, 1850. 4°. 

3061. g. 5. 

^Hi5l*4c^Mt; [Srimukha miilapada. A selection of 
texts and passages fi'om the Bible specially 
adapted for missionary purposes.] pp. x. 167. 
^^T^ '=it>9o [Ludhiana, 1870.] 12°. 

3068. aaa. 23. 

Substance of the Bible in Hindi verse. >l»^ ^^fTcR 
oBmn: [Dharmapustaka ka sara.] pp, 23. Lodiana, 
1865. 12°. 14154. a. 6.(5.) 

w^ g^=l> «lfT ^rt [An enlarged edition.] pp. 44. ■ 
^^^■^ '\tSo [Ludhiana, 1870.] 12°. 

14154. a. 14.(2.) 



^inrirt «R^ g^ni=ir . . . The Book of Genesis and 
part of Exodus iu Kaithi. [Revised from the 
Hindi translation of Dr. Carey.] pp. 349, Cal- 
cutta, 1851. 8°. 3070. CO. 26. 

■^Tnrf^ «Ii^ 3^°'' [The Book of Genesis and twenty 
chapters of Exodus in Hindi.] pp. 147. [Agra ? 
I860.] 8°. 3070. bb. 35.(1.) 

■5wfw '51^ vj^ ^ gw^ ^ ^smcwi w ^^o ^t^ c^f etc. 

[Anotheredition.] pp.231. ^^;^p{J '\t%9 [Ludhiana, 
1867.] 12°. 3068. aaa. 27. 





Old Testament [continued). 


See above : GenetU. 1 tmi \ cs^ «}Md* . . . The 
Book of Genesia and part of Exodus in Kaithi. 
]8ol. 8°. 3070. cc. 26. 

See above : GenetU. TJmfHr ^ 3^ni [The Book 
of Genesis and twenty chapters of Exodua in 
Hindi.] [1860 ?] 8^ 3070. bb. 35.(1.) 

See above : Oeneaia. Twfw xtfr vmn vi ijM« . . . 
[Another edition.] [1867.] 8°. 3068. aaa. 27. 


The Psalms of David, translated into the Hindee 
language by J. T. Thompson, pp. 202. Seram- 
pore, 1836. 12'. 1108. b. 18. 

iUrf w^ ^nm (wHW^ W JtVK) [The Psalms and 
the Book of Proverbs.] pp.167. [Agra? I860?] 8°. 

3070. bb. 35.(2.) 
TUtre is ao separate litU-pagt. 

vJ^ j^urm »l w »fhlt H^ ^fsrm [The Psalms of David 
in Hindi.] pp. 240. ^<fT^ <Mf9 [/-«///iiano, 
1867.] 8". 3089. aa. 


Sftf above : Psaims. ifhr^ ^ gww [The Psalms 
and the Book of Proverbs.] [1860 ?] 8". 

3070. bb. 35.(2.) 


[The Prtjpbecies of Isiiiah, of Daniel, and the 

first twenty chapters of Jeremiah.] pp. 176. 

{Agra^ I860?] 2C. 3070. bb. 35.(3.) 

T%ert is ao separate title-page. 


See above : Isaiah, vmf^xmf (vtfkm^-) jrf^^TTW 
t^ ^em [The Prophecies of Isaiah, of Daniel, 
and the first twenty chapters of Jeremiah.] 
[I860r] 8". 3070. bb. 36.(3.) 


8f* above : Itaiah. Ulif^nn? (^rf^!^-) >TfT"TTW 
W^ vpmt [The Prophecies of Isaiah and Daniel.] 
[1860 r] 8". 3070. bb. 35.(3.) 

jnf!fF<?5 »»fy«miT n^ ^vrw [The Book of Daniel in 
Hindi.] pp.Stf. ^»?r^ «»tV» [LttJ/.i««o, 1867.] 8°. 

3068. aa. 34. 


The Holy Bible . . . translated from the originals 
into the Harotee language. By the Serarapore 
missionaries. Vol. V. Containing the New Testa- 
ment, pp. 111. 685. Serampore, 1821. 8°. 

1110. f. 6. 
No more published. 

The New Testament . . . altered from Martyn'a 
Oordoo translation into the Hinduee language 
by W. Bowley. (wnirms tpj t^ hf^ -m ^nn 
firm r»m#> tt ngMm^n. ■?)r?if ^ i) pp. 276, 342. 
Calcutta, 1820. 8°. 1004. g. 9. 

The New Testament ... in the Hindi language. 
Translated from the Greek by the Calcutta 
Baptist missionaries [or rather, by A. Leslie,] 
with native assistants. (v»^ iJW* 'irT ^S'ffHm) 
pp. 663. Calcutta, 1848. 12°. 3070. bb. 23. 

The New Testament ... in the Hindi language, 
Kaithi character. Translated . . . [by A. Leslie,] 
with native assistants, pp.840. Calcutta,\9>bO. 12°. 

3070. bb. 24. 

ninrmr it>j ^ inr^ t»t nm f^^^ . . . The New 

Testament Translated . . . into the Hinduwee 

language, pp. ii. 750. London, 1860. 8°. 

3070. cc. 19. 

>ni^^l(rv ▼! ^wnrm l . . . The New Testament . . . 
Reprinted from the Baptist Mission Press edition, 
with alterations, e<c. pp.582. Allahabad, \QB\. 12°. 

3068. aa, 66. 

M»ft jRUt tf^ ^rnTmn l [A reprint in larger type 

of the edition of 1881.] pp. 782. Allahabad, 

1885. 8'. 3070. h. 1. 


mrl rVtir A^ wht^tt i The Gospel of Matthew, 
in Hindi - Kaithi. [Revised by A. Leslie and 
Mr. Parsons.] pp. 162. [Calcutta, 1858 ?] 8°. 

3070. bb. 2. 

Title taken from the uirapper. 

ff^ ^fms »f w itncnnrr^Tt »nrt tf^rir. pp. 106. 
^^^H T «itt|M [Ludhiana, 1865.] 12°. 

3068. aaa. 11. 

ntWV V^ i^T^ Tfmx^n. [The Gospel of Mark in 
Kaithi. Revised by A. Leslie and Mr. Parsons.] 
pp.100. [C«/«t</a, 1858;-'] 8°. 3070. bb. 6. 

i»n55 w^rmt »jr*w Tfw i pp. 104. ^^ttht stt| 
[Ludhiana, 1803.] 12°. 3068. a. 33. 





New Testament {continued). 


^^T X^\i( itTicS WTRK etc. The Gospel of Luke, 
and the Acts of the Apostles, in Kaithi-Hindi. 
[Translated by Dr. Carey, and edited by A. Leslie 
and Mr. Parsons.] pp. 333. Calcutta, 1858. 8°. 

3070. bb. 21. 

v*ft 5^!nii ^ ^ jfTT5 wn^K ^m xNti. pp. 116. 
^^^T^ 1b^«t [Ludhiana, 1866.] 12°. 

3068. aaa. 13. 

John, Gospel of. 

5f^ fsrhf J^T^ ^»rr^t l Gospel of John in Hindi- 
Kaithi. [Revised by A. Leslie and Mr. Parsons.] 
pp. 126. [Calcutta, 1858 ?] 8°. 3070. bb. 8. 

»t»ic5 ^rai^iTT ^^ xf^nr. pp. 112. ^?t^ «»t^? 
iLudhiana, 1863.] 12°, 3068. a. 32. 

pp. 142. ^^^TtTT It'So [Liulhiana, 1870.] 12°. 

3068. aa. 43. 


See above : Lulce. o!i«BT X^hlt *T»I^ ?mT^T etc. 
The Gospel of Luke, and the Acts of the Apostles, 
in Kaithi Hindi. 1858. 8°. 3070. bb. 21. 

v*^ g^^ *f ^ ^Trr^ ^t fs^n. pp. 169. cS^^t^t 
Sfc«,d [Ludhiana, 1864.] 12°. 3068. aaa. 14. 


^^cStfWi' '5R^ T^^ -SRi -T^. pp. 16. ^^fPTT «)bl,« 

[Ludhiana, 1867/] 12°. 

3068. aa. 31. 


xj^H cir^ Tjfi?5J^ xrrt [First Epistle only.] pp. 22. 
^^^ It*,* [Ludhiana, 1867.] 12°. 

3068. aa. 33. 

John, Epistles of. 
Vt^ ■^ ^f^cS'f T(%i I [First Epistle only.] pp. 20. 
^i\m <\fcl,« [Ludhiana, 1867.] 12°. 

3068. aaa. 37. 

BIHARI lAL. See Vihari Lala. 

BILHANA. End. jfit ^'k ^RfVf^'^rin ^"W qj^ir^id, ! 
^»nWT II [Chaurapanchasikii. A Sanskrit poem, 
with a translation in the Nepali dialect.] See 
Damaeuvallabha Vidamvaea. mm BRTj*? [Bhasha 
saptaratna.] pp. 15-33. [1888.] 8°. 

14072. c. 

BINDRABAN, Leader of a Hindu religious sect. 
See Veindavanaji. 

BISHEN LAL. See Vishnd Lala. 

BISHN SINGH. See Vishnu Simha. 

BLOCHMANN (H.) Geography for Indian schools. 
Asia, and special geography of India and British 
Burraah ... A translation ... of the late Pro- 
fessor Blochmann's School geography ... by Mr. 
Raja Babu. (vm^gf f^'dWH os^ Uls^Hcimi^ «ir f^) 
[Bhugola Hindusthana ki.] pp. viii. 149. Bom- 
bay, 1880. 12°. 14160. b. 40.(2.) 

BOWLEY (William). See Bible. The Holy Bible, 
translated . . . by W. B. 1835, 34. 8°. 1108. f. 1. 

See Bible. — Neio Testament. The New 

Testament . . . altered from Martyn's Oordoo 
translation into the Hinduee language by W. B. 
1826. 8°. 1004. g. 9. 

Hymns on the most important doctrines 

of the Christian Religion ... for the use of native 
Christians . . . iv\j! ft^WTHi "^WT^ M. pp. v. 131. 
Calcutta, 1826. 8°. ^ * 14154. a.' 21. 

BRAHMAVIDYA. -g^R fnm f^^^ [Brahmavidya 
niyama, or The principles of the knowledge of 
God. A tract written by a member of the Rohil- 
khand Theosophical Society.] pp. 18. ^THT^^T 
< [Shahjahanpur, 1883.] 12°. 14154. c. 9.(1.) 

BRAJABASi DAS. See Veajavasi Dasa. 
natha Vandyopadhtaya. 

BROADWAY (D. P.) ?jhi '^jtjt^ '^f'^r^T It [Bodha 
chatushpatha chandrikii. A Sanskrit-Hindi primer, 
compiled by D. P. B., with the assistance of 
Gayadatta Pathaka, and Gopala Bhatta.] Pt. I. 
pp. 37. ^qTT^ «)bH«, [Benares, 1856.] 8°. 

14160. c. 1.(1.) 

BROUGHTON (Thomas Duee). Selections from 
the popular poetry of the Hindoos, arranged and 
translated [from the Hindi, with the text in 
Roman characters] by T. D. B. pp. 156. London, 
1814. 12°, 760. e. 11, 

BROWNING (Colin A. R.) r^^ l XdH i m [Hidayat- 
nama. Rules for the management of village 
schools in the Province of Oudh, issued by C. A. 
R. B., and translated by Ramachandra Sena.] 
pp. ii. 28, iv. vi. c^^R^ "^W [Luchnotv, 1871.] 8°. 

14160. c. 4,(6.) 





BITDDEir (J. H.) See Butt, afterwards Shebwood 
(M. M.) g^ wwpjr ii ^i^^ VM fir^ ■frri -m jfx^m i 
[Momakshu vrittanta. Mrs. Sherwood's "Indian 
Pilgrim/' freely translated by J.H.B.] 1854. 8°. 

14154. b. 1. 

fw^ >Tnn 'm ^nwrm n [Hindi bhasha ka 

vyakarana. A Ilindi grammar. Sixth edition.] 
pp. vii. 56. firrm^ «»tst [iTirzapvr, 1878.] 8". 

14160. b. 26.a.) 

BUDHAHA — Dharmopadeta Sabhd. See Perio- 
dical PuBUCATioxs. — Muzaffarnagar. vdnr^rns 
nrftur^JW LDharmapracbaraka. A monthly publi- 
cation of the Dharmopadefa Sabha.] [1885.] 8°. 

14160. e. 10. 

BUlfSI DHAB. See VamsIdhara. 

BUN YAH (John), fin^in^ *^ UT^ ift «ll i 4lftr 
W^PI ftff T^ I [Yisui yatri ki yatra. Passages 
in J. B's. " Pilgrim's progress," explained and 
illnstrated.] pp. 107. ^I^fHT ^t^i [TAulhlana, 
1807] 12°. ^ 14154. a. 11. 

BTJBTOV (Sir Richard Fbamcis). Vikram and 
the Vampire, or Tales of Hindu devilry. Adapted 
[from the Baital-Pachisi] byR. F. B. pp.xix.319. 
London, 1870. S*. 760. c. 

BUTT, aftcnrardi SHEBWOOD (Mart Martha). 

ig^ ^WTW II H^m^ WW fW^ VTVi WT ^fiT?TII I [Mu- 
mukshu vrittauta. Mrs. Sherwood's " Indian 
Pilgrim," freely translated by J. H. Budden.] 
pp. ir. 235. Allahabad, 1854. 8". 

14154. b. L 

Second edition, pp. it. 245. [London,] 

1861. 8°. 14154. b. 5. 

CABET (William) D.D. See Bible. t|i^ wi q^ 
. . . The Holy Bible . . . Translated ... by the 
Scrampore missionaries [principally by W.Carey]. 
1812-18. 8°. 1108. e. 6-9. 

See Bible. — Old Testament. — Genesis. 

Tiroirt ^rt ^[Wjnf . . . The Book of Genesis and part 
of Exodus in Kaithi. [Revised from the Hindi 
translation of Dr. C] 1851. 8°. 3070. oe. 26. 

See BiBLi. — New Testament. — Luke. SVT 

r^^ »t»Tf? nii^H etc. The Gospel of Lnke, and 
the Acts of the Apostles in Kaithi Hindi. [Trans- 
lated by Dr. C] 1858. 8^ 3070. bb. 21. 

CHAMBEBS (William) and (Robert), Publishers. 
See Sivafeasada, Raja, C.S.L (TpVi) f^HTSt . . . 
VidyAnknr, or an adoption from Chamber's 
•" Rudiments of knowledge " and ..." Introduc- 
tion to the Sciences." [1877.] 8°. 

14160. b. 13.(8.) 

CHA5AKYA. ^nnm TMin^ >Tm rhr vftx [Nlti- 
darpana. A collection of moral maxims, Sanskrit 
text, in 18 adhyayas, with a Hindi translation.]' 
pp. 77, Uth. WTTTIT <\t9^ [Benares, 1879.] 8°. 

14076. d. 29. 

ywm^f\fnmTwwvfm ^mwr ... Key to Cha- 

nakya Niti-sar saugraha. [Sanskrit text and 
commentary, and a Hindi translation of the text] 
by Pandit Gaurishankar Tripathi. pp. 93. Alla- 
habad, 1888. 12°. 14076. b. 25. 

^V iftja ^FTOW Vti}r, [Select verses from 

the two collections of Chunakya's Rajanitisastra, 
the Laghuchanakyam and Vriddhachanakyam, 
each divided into eight adhyayas. Sanskrit text, 
with a translation in Hindi verse by Bhavana- 
dasa.] pp. 99, Uth. ^ '^^^ [Bombay, 1875.] 8°. 

14076. a. 12.(1.) 

tnpiVt vi-oii ^'j • • • Hnn ?f>fT rhirr «fVn 

[The same selection from Chanakya's Rajaniti, 
with a paraphrase in Hindi verse by Vishnugiri.] 
pp. 40, Uth. H9I [Delhi, 1870.] 8°. 

14076. d. 26.(2.) 
BeprtHMfroM an Jg^ra edition of 1863. 

u:,^ _l^ . . . mR^t etc. [Another 

edition, with Vishnugiri's paraphrase.] pp. 40, 
Uth. MVff\ [Benares, 1884 ?] 8°. 

14076. d. 40.(2.) 

CHAHD. See Growse (F. S.) The poems of 
Chand Barday. [A critical notice of his works, 
with occasional translations.] 1868. etc. 8". 

2098. b. 


The defence of Prithirdj RAsd of Chanda Barddi, 
etc. 1887, etc. 8°. 14158. d, 21. 

See§TAMALA D ABA, KavirJja. The antiquity, 

authenticity and genuineness of the . . . Prithi 
R&j R&8&, eU. 1886. 8^ 2098. b. 

The Prithirdja RAsau of Chand Bardai. 

Edited, in the original old Hindi, by John Beames 





. . . Part I. (Part II. Cantos 26-34, [and also an 
English translation of the same] by A. F. Eudolf 
Hoemle), Calcutta, 1873, etc. 8°. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. 
Bibliotheca Indica. New Series. Vol. 77. 1848, 
etc. 8°. 14002. a. 

M. V. Pandia's manuscript of the Prithvl- 

raj Rdsdu of Chand Bardai, edited, in the original 

old Hindi, with critical notes, by Pandit Molianlal 

Visnulal Pandia . . . H^lofcf^ ^ ^^T^ ^ 5^V 

tnTOst I Benares, 1887, etc. 8°. 14158. g. 18. 

In progress. Forms No. 1 of the " Victoria Jubilee 

»<*(I4TT'^<!H!i . . . ^t: ■'Ulr^^JJi I [Padmavati 

khanda, and Alha khanda. Two books of the 
Prithvlraja rasau of Chand, the former containing 
an account of the marriage of Pnthvi Raja of 
Delhi with Padmavati ; the latter of his wars 
with Alha and Udal, princes of Mahoba.] pp. 102, 
lith. 5S^?r3S <lb5d [lAichnow, 1874.] 8°. 

14156. i. 18.(5.) 

■ A metrical version of the opening stanzas 

of the Prithirdj Rasau, with a critical commen- 
tary. By P. S. Growse. (Journal of the Asiatic 
Society of Bengal. Vol. xlii. pt. i. pp. 329-342.) 
Calctitta, 1873". 8°. 2098. b. 

The Nineteenth Book of the Gestes of 

Prithiraj, by Chand Bardai, entitled " The Marriage 
with Padmdvati," literally translated [into English] 
from the old Hindi, by J. Beames. (Journal of 
the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol. xxxviii. 
pt. i. pp. 145-160.) Calcutta, 1869. 8°. 

2098. b. 

Translations of selected portions of Book I. 

of Chand Bardai's epic. List of the books con- 
tained in . . . the Prithirdja Raso. By J. Beames. 
(.Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 
Vol. xli. pt. i. pp. 42-48, and 204-207.) Cal- 
cutta, 1872. 8°. 2098. b. 

CHANDIPEASADA. cia^'f>TT:*>T?TW vnvi [Kaliiija- 
ramahatmya. A poem in praise of Kaliiijara, 
a famous place of pilgrimage. Translated by 
Ch. from the Sanskrit.] pp. 29. c5<jH* «)tt«l 
[Liicknow, 1881.] 8°. 14154. f. 6.(2.) 

[Kaithi varnamala. A Kaithi primer. Part I. 
On simple letters. Third edition.] pp. 32, lith. 
«iL5A^^ [5aa7>Mr], 1884. 8°. 14160. b. 53.(2.) 

CHANDRAVADANA. ^itifhl M^^f^ %-Mct i '^R qiT [San- 
git Chandravadana Riipakavaraka. A romance 
in verse.] pp. 32, lith. [Meerut, 1877.] 8°. 

14158. e. 15.(5.) 

CHANGA. Christian couplets. HM<{i^Ncit I [Pre- 
madohiivali.] With an English translation, pp. 92. 
^grrfTTT^ <»fcto [Allahabad, 1880.] 8°. 

14154. b. 3.(5.) 

CHAPRA. — Sanatana Aryadharma rracharini 
Sahhd. See Mahadevaprasada. ^RTiPi ^rr5 v$ 
mifturt ^w^ mfv:'^ ^^^wn l [An account of the 
transactions of the Sanatana Aryadharma Pracha- 
rini Sabha, at their fourth anniversary meeting.] 
[1888.] 8°. 14154. e. 22. 

CHARANA DAS A. ^ni W l ^l^ri «T^ intn: ii [Nasa- 
keta. A poem, in 18 chapters, on the legendary 
story of the sage Nasaketa, who, by the curse of 
his father, was sent during his lifetime to see 
the torments of hell. Translated by Ch. D. from 
the Sanskrit.] ff. 44, lith, g^ '^sto [Bombay, 
1858.] oU. 8°. 14154. e. .1.(1.) 

?ifntiT HMomi| g ^TR^^nt [Sanglt Nanak- 

sa'i Sutresa'i A story in verse of a follower of 
Nanak, of the class known. as Sutresa'is, and a 
grain-dealer.] pp. 12, Nth. nxz [Meerut, 1886.] 8°. 

14156. i. 26.(2.) 

CHARANA DASA, of Panditpur. |rT^^T>^ [Jiaa- 
nasvarodaya. A treatise in verse on fortune- 
telling.] pp. 20, lith. ^^^ns '^tsi [Lucknoiv, 
1874.] 8°. * 14156. f. 14.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. «(«i5^ 

[Delhi? 1876.] 12°. 14158. c. 3.(9.) 

ysCt ■«4<.'1<^l«Hl<*tI ^Tt^^niTC [SvarodayasJ 


A treatise on divination.] pp. 32, lith. oRT^'t «)<i5^ 
[Benares, 1876.] oil. 8°. 14156. f. 19. 

^rVvrniTt [Svarodhasara. Another edition. 

under a different title.] pp. 32, lith. 'm^'\ <)fcb^ 
[Benares, 1882.] 8°. 14156. f. 14.(4.) 

CHARANA DASA, Son of Muralldhara. y^ ^mt- 
"ert^ra oiTT JX^ HfflKPK [Bhaktisagara, or The 
sea of devotion. A Vaishnava treatise in verse.] 
pp. iv. 389. c5WH^ qttft [Lucknoiv, 1889.] 8°. 

14154. f. n; 





CHATTJBASASA. See Ashtavakra. x(\ ^WTTS, 
etc. [Ashtavakrasamhita.. With a Hindi com- 
mentary by Ch.] [1861.] 8°. 14048. b. 2. 

^ni wnrrnr?!^^ [Saudagar-lila. A Vaish- 

nava story in verse.] pp. 4, lith. <^tfco [Delhi ? 
1880.] 12». 14158. d. 19.(3.) 

CHATXTRBHTrjA MISEA. H Ua i nt [Premasagara, 
or The Ocean of Love. An account of the life 
of Krishna, taken from the tenth skandha of the 
Bhagavatapurana. Translated by LallQ Lala 
into the Khari Boll, or pure Hindi, from the 
Braj-bhasha original of Ch. M.] ^to^ [Cnlrutta, 
18oa.] 4'. 760. g. 44.(2.) 

A/rajmeitt only, ronaitting of\\2 pages. 

Prom Sagur ; or, the history of the 

Hindoo deity Srce Kri^hn, containing the 10th 
chapter of Sreo Buhaguvut, of Vyasudcvu. 
Translated into Hinduvee from the Brij B,hiiKha, 
of Chatoorbhooj Misr, by Shree Lolloo Lai Kub. 
pp. 430. Calculta, 1810. 4°. 14156. k. 13. 

The Prom Sagnr ; or, The History of 

KHshnu, according to the 10th chapter of the 
Bhaguvut of Vyasuilovu. Translated into Hindeo 
from the Bruj Bhasha of CHiatoorbhooj Misr, by 
Lnlloo Lai. pp. 248. Calcutta, 1825. 4'. 

14156. k. 14. 

■ [Another edition.] See Hindi Selections. 
Hindoo and Hindoostance Selections . . . Vol. ii. 
18=30. 4". 760. g. 12. 

[Another edition.] Edited ... by Pandit 

Togadhyan Misra. pp. 248. Calcutta, 1842. 4". 

14156. k. 17. 

HH WHTT The Prem S&gar ; or. The Ocean 

of Love, being a history of Krishn, according to 
the tenth chapter of the Bhdgavat of Vy&sader, 
translated into Hindi from the Braj Bh&khd of 
Chaturbhnj Misr, by Lallu L&l. A new edition, 
with a vocabulary, by E. B. Eastwick. pp. 240, 
195. Jhrrlford, 1851. 4". 14156. k. 16. 

H"*! %131^' [Another edition, in the 

Gujarati character] pp. v. 331, lith. <>l"ltf 
•i<iHy [B"mfcay, 1854.] 4». 14156.1.6. 

[Another edition. Illustrated.] pp. ii. 231. 

iNrf ^<»^ {Bombay, 1862.] 8°. 14156. i. 9. 

ther edition, with illustrations.] pp. 291, lith. 
VX3 [Meerut, 1864H] 8°. 14158. e. 5.(1.) 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 9-16, 41-48, 240-218, 281-288. 

[Another edition. Edited by Bhuvana- 

chandra Vasaka.] pp. ii. 490. Oc-5«itifl r S«i^j [Cal- 
cutta, 1867.] 8°. 14156. h. 18. 

[Another edition. Illustrated.] pp. 288, 

lith. vt.\i [Delhi 1 imi:\ 8°. 14156.1.15. 

[Another edition.] pp. 340, lith. <iwfc 

[DeZAi? 1872.] 8°. 14158.0.11.(1.) 

The Prem Sigar ; being a history of 

Krishn, translated into Hindi from the Braj 
Bhakha by Lallu Lai. Fourth edition, pp. 356. 
^T^ntW <\to<\ [Calcutta, 1879.] 8°. 14156. i. 21. 

[Another edition.] pp. 407, lilh. li^ 

^to<) [Bombay, 1880.] 8°. 14156. 1.^4. 

Selections from the Prem SAgar. . . . The 

Hindi text printed in the Roman character, with 
a complete vocabulary to the entire work. By 
J. F. Baness. Second edition, pp. xii. 165. 
Calcutta, 1880. 8*'. 14156. 1. 22. 

Prem S&gar ; or the Ocean of Love. 

Literally translated from the Hindi [version] of 
Shri Lallu Lai Kab, into English. By E. B. 
Eastwiok. London, Hertford [printed], 1851. 4°. 

760. i. 3. 

The Prem Sagur. Translated into English 

by W. HuUings. pp. 272. Calcutta, 1867. 8°. 

760. 0. 8. 

A vocabulary Khuree Bolee and English, 

of tho principal words occurring in [Lallii Laliv's 
translation of] the Prem Sagur [of Ch. M.] 
[Calcutta, 1825 ?] 4°. 14156. k. 16. 

Thit teem* to have formed pt. ii. of the edition of the Prt- 
matugara, publithed in 18'2o. 

[Another edition.] See Hindi Selections. 

Vol. ii. 1830. 4^ 760. g. 12. 

najI. mi^JlWTT II [Pravinasagara. Edited by 
Ch. P.] [1882.] 4°. 14154. i. \. 




Dawgddatti. S'KtgT'irftT'm^nH, I . • • Dvctadlivanta- 
nivaranam. [A reply to the Vedantidhvanta- 
nivarana of D. S.] [1889.] 12°. 

14154. c. 9.(3.) 

See Chhajju Kama. ^T^^T?^ [Dayanan- 

dashtaka. A satire on the teachings of D. S.] 
[1888.] 8°. 14072. b. 4.(2.) 

See Jagannatha Dasa. ^tit^ »?ilTTTt^ etc. 

[Dayananda matapariksha. A rejoinder to D. S.'s 
reply to the Arya prasnottari of Jagannfitha 
Dasa.] [1884.] 8°. 14154. c. 11. 

See KasIsthah Sastraethah. cFT^I^W* 

5IT?5r^: II [A report of a discussion between 
D. S. and Visuddhananda Sarasvatl and other 
Benares Pandits.] [1880.] 8°. 14154. c. 1,(3.) 

' See Periodical Publications. — Allahabad. 

tir^ftnrT'iT [Aryasiddhanta. A monthly journal, 
edited for the dissemination of the views of 
D. S.] [1387, etc.] 8°. 14033. b. 48. 

See Thakuradasa Mularaja Osavala, 

Srdvaka. ^m^P^ ?it:^k^ g^ ^^jcBT [Dayananda 
Sarasvatl mukha chapetika. A criticism on 
verses written by D. S. in his Satyarthapra- 
kasa.] [1882.] 8°. 14154. c. 1.(4.) 

See Umadatta Tripathi. Tpfr^x 'jf^cirT 

[Pratyuttara patrika. Controversial papers in 
reply to the religious teachings of D. S.] 
[1880.] 8°. 14154. e. 10.(5.) 

See Vedas. — Rigveda. ^x^^^rnqj^ [Rig- 

veda. With commentaries in Sanskrit and Hindi 
by D. S.] [1878, etc.] 8°. 14010. d. 24. 

"srrwrrfHfTrni; [Aryabhivinaya. A selection 

of Sanskrit passages, chiefly from the Vcdic 
hymns, with an extensive commentary in Hindi. 
Fourth edition.] pp. 355. umn <4«.8m [Allahabad, 
1888.] 16°. 14028. a. 21. 

Wh55^^ »f» XTSn f^T^JlHT^ ffflTTT ff^ ^ 

f^^^^ % •?WT ^ . . . fiJ^TO foirm I II [Bhramoch- 
chhedana. A reply to a pamphlet published by 
Raja Sivaprasada, attacking the author's opinions 
on the interpretation of the Vedas.] pp. 22. 
TfWi «^<l^« [Benares, 1880,] 8°. 14154. c. 1.(2.) 

[Bhranti-nivarana. A reply to objections raised 
by Mahesachandra Nyayaratna and other Pan- 
dits, to the author's commentaries on the Vedas.] 
pp. 56, /t%. -^r^^fj^x [Shahjahanpur, \880.] 8°. 

14154. c. 2.(1.) 

^r^irf^Trnff [Second edition.] pp. 34. WJm 

Stio [Allahabad, 1886.] 8°. 14154. c. 12.(1.) 

^^ ift^^TiJTfJTfv: [Gokarunanidhi. An 

exhortation against ill-treatment of animal life 
and the use of animal food, with a prospectus for 
the formation of a Society in furtherance of these 
objects, to be called Gokrishyadi-rakshini Sabha. 
Third edition.] pp. 24. TPIJti <^ii.i^ [Allahabad, 
1886.] 8°. 14154. c. 12.(2.) 

W^ H^JTfim^f^vT: [Panchamahayajuavidhi. 

A manual for the performance of the five chief 
acts of devotion. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi com- 
mentary.] pp. 63, ctrr^TTt <1ft^8 [Benares, 1877.] 16°. 

14033. a. 11,(1.) 

[A-nother edition.] pp. 220. JCtjm s<H}j 

[Allahabad, 1888.] 32°. 14028. a. 17.(2.) 

■^Jf^^Tf^ HTOI ^HWf II [Rigvedadibhashya 

bhumika. A compilation from the Vedic hymns, 
with commentaries in Sanskrit and Hindi.] 
Pts. 7-12. olfT^^ qa^d [Benares, 1877, etc.] 8°. 

14010. d. 23, 

Imperfect; wanting other pts. 

li^ir^T^TTR^V: [Samskrita-vakyaprabodha, 

A manual of conversation. Third edition.] Sanslc. 
and Hindi, pp. 62. ipmT <\<l«M [Allahabad, 1888.] 8", 

14085. e. 13. 

^^ WWT^TloBT^I [Satyarthaprakasa. A 

religious treatise on the true interpretation and 
teachings of the Vedas. With numerous citations 
from Sanskrit works. Third edition.] pp. 008, ii. 
vmA tfcbs [Allahabad, 1887.] 8°. 14154. c. 13, 

^r«I W^rgTIcBT^r: n [Vedangaprakasa. A 

grammatical compilation by D. S. from tlio San- 
skrit of Paiiini, with the Mahabhashya, intended 
to include other authorities, and designed as an 
introduction to the study of the Vedas. With 
an original commentary and other illustrative 
matter in Hindi.] Pt. 1, 3-12. umi (oRT^^) <i<j.g^ 
[Allahabad, Benares, 1386, 1881-83.] 8°. 

14093. c. 17. 

Imperfect ; wanting other parts. Pt. 1 is of the tird edition, 
and was published at Allahabad, the others at Benares, 





BAYASAWDA SABASVATI. t|^ i rMm > i}> fH<»^< n »t ii 
[VedantiJhvanta-nivarana. A treatise intended 
to correct certain popular misrepresentations of 
the true teachings of the Vedas.] pp.17. 5^^*^^ 
[Bambay, 1875.] 8". 14154. e. 7. 

[Second edition.] pp. 24. iniTn <»<i5% 

[Allahabad, 1882.] 12°. 14154. c. 6.(2.) 

[Third edition.] pp. 28. vm^ «t*«M [.l//(i- 

hahml, 1889.] 12°. 14154. c. 9.(2.) 

m^f l<. HT^ [Vyavahara-bhanu. A treatise 

on education as an essential to true religion. In 
the form of a catechism.] See above : ^ni ^TTf- 
HWqn M [Vodangaprakaja.] Pt. 3. [I88I.] 8°. 

14093. 0. 17. 

SATASA9KAEA See Yuxanestaba. The law of 
inheritance, tmnslated from the Sanscrit of the 
Mitakshara into Hindi, by Daja Sauknra. 1832. 8°. 

14156. a. 1.(1.) 

DEFOE (Dakiel). < i f^^m Tfm Ml ^firrra [Ra- 
binMn Kruso ka itihasa. Tho Adventures of 
Robin.son Crusoe, translated by Badri Lala, from 
a Bengali ven-ion. With illustration.'^.] pp. 455. 
WHWK <^9 [Benarrg, I860.] 8». 14156. h. 14. 

DELUGE. 1T55 V?m Wl JWVJ( t [Jajapralaya ka 
vrittanta, or the Delnge. A Christian tract.] 
pp. 22. ^TfT^ St5o [lAidhiana, 1870.] 16'. 

14164. 8. 7.(1.) 


DEVADATTA TIVABI. See Am aba Si^ha. ^Wt^ 
[Devak<>?a. The Sanskrit text of tho Amarako^n, 
with a translation and notes by D.T.] [1870.] 8'. 

14093. d. 2. 

DEVAKiHAHDAHA. iPJ ^fnf^ "mi " Jai Nar- 
singh ki " . . . . A farce by . . . Dooki Nandun. 
pp. 17. inm lAUahabad,] 1876. 8°. 

14158. b 2.(1.) 

DEVAICRISHHA. w^ xfi ^^wm wrrrnt Tp ^^Yn 
qafprgg^ [Vediinta padavali. Verses on Vednnta 
philosophy.] Pt. I. pp. xiy. 108, iv. 4^ «(t** 
[ffombrnj, 1877.] 12°. 14154. d. 3. 

Eirr. — DevanagarUprachdri^i Sabhd. 

See Mee- 

Roman primer. ^tH l < irt ^1t ^t»nT ^ ^Tt»T [De- 
vanagarl aur Roman varna.] pp. 15. Bareilly, 
1863. 12°. 14160. b. 19.(1.) 

DEVASAJA, Pandit. See Puranas. — Markandeya- 
purana. — Dcvlmuhdtmya. ^H^frf ^^Itf^ HT^ *lf^jT 
[Saptasati. With a translation into the Nepali 
dialect by Pandit D.] [1888.] 8°. 

14016. d. 48. 

DEVAVIJAYA. See Manatunoacharya. HtBTUt: 
5bW [Bhaktamara-stotra. Sanskrit text, inter- 
spersed yith devotional hymns by D.] [1884.] 16°. 

14100. a. 8. 

DEVIDAlf A. See Ganoa Sahata. ^^hnrJiT etc. 
[V^iimsaprakasa. Compiled by Ganga Sahaya, 
with the assistance of D.] [1877.] 8°. 

14156. g. 12. 

[1878.] 8°. 14156. g. 18. 

DEVIPRA8ADA, Pandit. See Halien (J. H. B.) 
T|Tf^«7WT [Pasuchikitsa. Revised and corrected 
b/ D.J [1875.] 8°. 14156. b. 5.(2.) 

See London. — Home and Colonial School 

Society. School drill by Devi Prashad, etc. 
1879. 12°, 14160. a. 23. 

[I^varatanidarsana. A manifestation of the 
power of God, being a translation of D.'s Urdu 
Mazhar i Uudrat, by Srilala, with the assistance 
ofVam?Idhara.] pp.35. ^niTn<ltHd [/l^ro, 1854.] 8°. 

14154. b. 2. 

[Fifth edition.] pp. 28. ^cJTirnn^ sbt,* 

[Allahabad, 1867.] 8°. 14154. b. 3.(3.) 

DHARMACHARCHA. v«& ^^ [Dharmacharcha. 
A discourse on the Christian religion.] pp. 25. 
[//Hrfrwoit;? 1867.] 8°. 14154. b. 3.(2.) 

DHARHADHARMA. >J^Tvft xjt'tm'nr 'sr^TrT ^^ 

[Dharmadharma parikshapatra. Controversial 
letters between Hindu Pandits and a Christian 
Minister on the subject of religion. Third edition.] 
pp. iii. 196. [Londoni] 1861. 8°. 

14154. b. 10. 
DHARMASARA. V§nn [Dharmasara, or The 
essence of religion. A Christian tract, in verse.] 
4pt. pp.44. ^^^ It^M [I/M«?Aia?ia, 1865.] 12°. 

14154. a. 6.(4.) 





DHAEMASARA. [Dharmasara. Another edition.] 

2 pt. pp.23, cS^'^sb^o [iMJ/nana, 1870.] 12°. 

14154. a. 19. 

Differing somevhat from the preceding, and without the 
two concluding parts. 

DHAEMATTTLA. xS(n^J [Dharmatula, or The 
balance of religion. A treatise on Christianity.] 
pp. 114. ^^^ [Ludhiana, 18t55 ?] 12°. 

14154. a. 6.(9.) 

DHARMOPADESAMALA. vwr f q^^f H lcjit [Dharmo- 
padesaraala. A catechism on the principles of 
the Christian religion.] pp. 28. c5<T?T^ ItS^ 
{Ludhiana, 1872.] 12°. 14154. a. 6.(18.) 

DHAEMOPADESA SABHA. See Bddhana— I»/mr- 
tnopadesa Sablid. 

DHUEU. v ^tjItji T [Dhurii-llla, or The pious saint 
to whom was vouchsafed a sight of the god Rama. 
A legend in verse.] pp. 12, lith. cjrr^r'^ [Benares, 
1875 ?] 8°. 14158. e. 13.(2.) 

— ^ifjftiT w^n'tolfT [Sangit Dhurujika. An- 
other metrical version of the same legend.] pp. 32^ 
lith. ^^'t HtSt, [Delhi, 1876.] 8°. 

14158. e. 8.(14.) 

^rtn^TT ^^'^cST [Sangit Dhuriilila. An- 
other edition.] pp. 36, lith. cirnfl^ '\^'^9 [Benares, 
1880.] 8°. 14158. b. 6.(1.) 

DICTIONAEIES. ^sxt, j ^J t'iJI [Alfaz i Farsi 

o Hindi.] A vocabulary, Persian and Hindoo- 
stanee [or rather, Hindi.] pp. 216. Calcutta, 
1808. 8°. 757. g. 50. 

With the meaning of every word in English added in Ms. 

f^^ «rW 

Hindi Dictionary for the 

use of schools, pp. 316. Calcutta, 1856. 12°. 

14160. a. 2. 

DIL-BAHLA'U. vnPfisn f ^ ^^m [Dil-bahla'u. A 
collection of miscellaneous songs.] pp. 32, lith. 
<VU(t [Delhi, 1871.] 8°. 14156. i 11.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. [Delhi, 

1877.] 8°. 14156. i. 18.(7.) 

DIWADAYALA GIEI. ^SRtm ^m tx^ f^^ff [Anurag- 
biig. Miscellaneous poetical compositions.] pp. 84, 
lith. ^nimr [Benares, 1875 ?] 6°. 14158. d. 28. 

DOHAEE. S^vTt WH^ZToT^ [Dohare. Short 

poems, in Gurumukhi characters.] pp. 20, lith. 

■.jjxi I AVI [Lahore, 1876.] 12°. 14158. e. 13.(1.) 

pOEI lALA See Harigopala Padhye and DorI 
Lala. f^^^ ^'t xiff^^ ^^^ I A Hindi primer. 
1876. 12°. ^ 14160. a. 19.(1.) 

fig^WTT «ir »nflTl^5l «n wft^ [Hindusthana 

ke madhyapradesa ka bhugola. Geography of 
the Central Provinces of India.] pp. li. iv. 70. 
^W!rm <\t»if [Lticknow, 1876.] 8°. 14160. b. 29. 

[Another edition.] pp. 69. ^^f «ts5 

[Bombay, 1877.] 8°. 14160. b. 40.(1.) 

DEATJPADI. •j^ni^'hT'hit^ ^n^»JTnt «i«, -^f^j-^ sfif^Tm ^ 
[Dropadiji ki barahmasi. An anonymous barah- 
masa poem on the story of DraupadI, the wife 
of the Pandava princes. Followed, on page 6, 
by sixteen short poems, by Gosain Govinda'.ala, 
on the Kaliyuga.] pp. 16, lith. s<i.^^ [Fatehtjarh, 
1876.] 12°. 14158. c. 6.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. [Meerut, 

1877.] 16°. 14158. c. 3.(12.) 

ptJNGAE SIMHA. fcirwR ^n?: f«f ^1-t: it^t^ ffl? 
[Dungar Simha aur Jawahir Simha. A talc, in 
verse, in the Marvvari dialect.] pp. 16, lith. oFT^r^ 
'\tt\ [Delhi, 1886.] 16°. 14156. h. 29.(2.) 

DTJEGADASA EAYA. See Sankaea Acharya. 
[Supposititious worhs.l v\^-V^v. [Mohamudgara.] 
. . . Edited . . . with Bengali, Hindi and English 
translations, by Durga Das Ray. 1888. 32°. 

14048. a. 11. 

DTTEGA DATTA, Pandit. See Bhartrihari. •?rt- 
W^ft . . . ^oB etc. [Sanskrit text, with a para- 
phrase by D. D.] [1878.] 8°. 14076. d. 31. 

Samasya Purti Prakasa. WJfWT ^TliRm 

[A riddle-book.] pp. iv. 44. ^^fPCH Stbl [Benares, 
1881.] 12°. 14156. e. 12 

DUEGAPEASADA, Assistant Inspector of Schools 
See Matirama. ^q t^msi I [Rasaraja. With 
notes by Durgaprasada.] 1864. 8°. 

14168. d. 13.(1.) 

See MupId al-siEYAH. f^m^ibl [Sisubodha. 

Translated byD.from the Hindustani.] [1878.] 8°. 

14160. c. 4.(7.) 

ISQ. H'Jn'Hl^L [KaithI varnamila. A 

Kaithi primer.] Pt. ii. pp. 34, lith. rt^-vxa^^ 

%U^ [Lucknow, 1882.] 8°. 14160. c. 12.(2.) 

Wanting Pt. I. 





DTIEGAPBASADA, Manager of the Virajanand 
Fre*», La/tore. See Bakhtawar Sinor, Editor of 
the Aryadarpana. A triumph of truth, being an 
English translation of Satya Dharm Vichar . . . 
With the autobiography of our Swami [i.e. Daya- 
nanda Sarasvati.] By Durga Prasad. 1889. 12°. I 

14154. d. 10. I 

See Jtalasahata. wrmscJ is wtW? ^ 

VT^ [Ajkal ko sadhu'on kl kartiit. Translated 
from the HindusUni by D.] [1888.] 8°. 

14154. c. 14.1.) 

DUEGAPBASADA, MumH. fcwra imro iiHrt'C 

•^ffw^ ^T'T^ ^TTn'i *^ 5?W [TauUir al-niswan. A 

treatise, in verse, on the moral training of women.] 

pp. 11, lllh. Hvs ofti^ [Merrvt, 1887.] 8". 

14156. d. 6.(2.) 
Tiih taken from vrapptr. 

DUBOAPRASADA, rnmlit. See TitlasIoasa. 551- 
H^TV ti^nPI [Paticharatna. EJitcd, with notes, 
by Pandit Ourgaprasada.] 18G4. 8°. 

14158. d. 1.(5.) 

DITBOAPRASADA, Son of VrajaWa. Sre Puranas. 

— lihavithijiiiniriiifa. H^THTTUr Tt Wr^ WS|WT^ 
[Bhavishyapurarja. Translated by D.] [1882] 8°. 

14154. f. U. 

See PcRAKAB. — Liigaf'Urdna. vi\ fcTJF JTTlff 

VI »fmT«f w^^n^ [Lingapurana. Translited into 
proM by D.] [1881.] 8'. 14154. f. 9. 

— ^— See Ppranas. — Sknndipnrana. — Brtthmot- 
tarakhantfa. TV^irnVil mVT^WT? [Brnhmottara- 
khanda. Translated into prose by D.] [1881.] 8*. 

14154. f. 6.(L) 

.9«PrRA'!tA8. — Skandapuriina. — Si'tuklmnda. 

trt^«T!j^™ V w^mirrjRWK wx mvr v^wt^ [Setu- 
khayda. Translated into prose by D.] [IH82.] 8°. 

14154. f. 10. 

■ See PcRAXAB. — Skandapuriina. — Vdrdha- 

purana. wHtTT? JTTW . . . ^W [Varahapurana. 
Translated by D.] [1882.] V. 14154. f. 7. 

Datta. Charupatha . . . Part I. translated by 
Durga Prasad Misra. 1881. 8°. 14160. b. 50. 

SUSOAPKASADA BUKLA. K^ q ft. 'ar il wm^rt 
[Maryada paripitti samachara. A treatise on 
Hindu Law, containing the text of Yajnavalkya's 

Smriti, Bk. ii., and a translation into Hindi, 
together with a paraphrastic commentary in 
Hindi, founded on the Mitakshara.] Pt. 13-32. 
pp. 289-768. Agra, <\ts% [1876.] 4°. 

14038. f. 10. 

Imperfect ; wanting preceding and tubsequent partt. 

[Kdnyakubja kulakaumudl. A genealogical ac- 
count of the Kanyakubja, orKanaujiya Brahmans.] 
pp. 58, xii., lith. «4«iM [Fatehgarh, 1887.] 8°. 

14156. g. 27.(2.) 

[Chakrankita matanirmulana. A refutation of 
the practices of the Madhvacharins. Sanskrit text, 
with a commentary in Hindi.] 2 pt., lith. wmfl 
'Vt^y [Denaree, 1869.] 8°. 14033. b. 16. 

Pandit. gir^^HS^tf-iVT [Muhurtachakradipika. 
Compiled by Ramadayalu, assisted by his guru, 
D. N.] [1874.] 8". 14053. co. 9.(3.) 

EASTWICK (Edward Backhodsb). See Baital 
PachIsi. The Br»it&l Pachisi . . . with a . . , 
literal . . . translation ... by W. B. Barker . . . 
Edited by E. B. E. 1855. 8°. 760. g. 42. 

See Chatdrbhuja Misra. ^ m^K The 

Prem S&gar ... A new edition, with a vocabulary, 
by E. B. E. 1851. 4°. 14156. k. 16. 

Prem Sdgar . . . Literally translated . . . 

into English. By E. B. B. 1851. 4°. 

760. i. 3. 

ELIZABETH, Qiwcn of England. ^grtf?IWT H^ l inl 
V^rai [lli^iba Maharani ki mrityu, or The death 
of (^ueen Elizabeth. A Christian tract.] pp. 4. 
^^mwnr UJl, [Allahabad, 1876.] 8°. 

14154. b. 14.(1.) 

ELLIOTT {Sir C. A.) See A^ha-khanda. WI«3r^5 I 
[.\lha-khanda. Compiled under the supervision 
of Sir C. A. Elliott.] [1881.] 8°. 14158. e. 25. 

EPHEMEEIDES. <^^o • ^ nii^n ^rrins^ . . . tpn 'W^ 
[Patra. An almanac for the year a.d. 1863.] 
Sannk. and Hindi, ff. 14, lith. VTH^ [Gaivnpore, 
1863.] oU. V. *" 14096. b. 4. 

Imperfect ; wanting the second half of Afoina, and the 
frit MalfofAdrttiia. 



Ell C— FIN 


EPHEMERIDES. it^'t «^ It^d t'^t [Jantrl. An 
almanac for the year a.d. 1864.] pp. 27, lith. 
ysxtm iAgra, 1864 ?] 8°. 14160. e. 5.(1.) 

^Tcf$ [Adarsa. A calendar for the year 

A.D. 1866.] Sansk. and Hindi, ff. 16, lith. oin^'t 
{Benares, 1866.] ohl. 4°. 14096. b. 1. 

e |Av( i.'iM i_sy^ ^ jfiTT^ TR '\t9<\ ^- W\ 

[Jantri. An almanac for the year a.d. 1871.] 
pp. 61, lith. ^?>T [Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 

14160. e. 6. 

ftrf^^f^^FT ^^K <1<J.5^b ■3|«t [Tithipatrika. An 

astronomical almanac for the Samvat year 1928, 
I.e. A.D. 1871.] pp. 34, lith, c5Tf^ «»«.^t [Lahore, 
1871 .] 8°. 14160. e. 4. 

[Another astronomical almanac for 1871, 

differing slightly from the preceding.] pp. 34, lith. 
W^ S«in [Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 14160. e. 5.(2.) 

T[^ TT^TT ^^ <H<l^b etc. [Panchanga. An 

almanac for the Samvat year 1938, or a.d. 1881.] 
Sansk. and Hindi, pp. 32, lith. cRT^l't [Benares, 
1881.] ohl. 8°. 14096. b. 7.(1.) 



See IsvAEA- 



ETHERINGTON (William) . HrmHTOiT I ^^TTT f^-^'J 
HT^ oRT ^JT«BTT!I Bhashabhaskar. A gram- 
mar of the Hindi language : designed for native 
students. Second edition, pp. 116. iv. Benares, 
1873. 8°. 14160. c. 6.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 116, iv. tjWH* 

Stt* [Lucknow, 1887.] 8°. 14160. c. 25.(1.) 

Said to be the 2nd edition on the title-page. 

EUCLID, t^nfurw [Rekhaganita. The elements 
of Euclid, Bk. I.-IV. and Bk. VI., translated from 
the English, in three parts. Pt. I. and II. by 
by Mohana Lala, with the assistance of Srilala, 
and Pt. III. containing Bk. VI., by Mohana Lala 
alone.] lith. ^BnntT <lfcMi-MM [Agra, 1854-55.] 8°. 

14160. b. 15. 

, Pt. i. and ii. are of the second, and pt. Hi. of the first 

' [Pt. I., containing Bk. I. and II. Fourth 

edition.] pp. 130, K<A. ^nm «itt,1 [^(7r«,1861.] 8°. 

14160. c. 5.(1.) 

EUCLID. [Pt. II., containing Bks. III. and IV. 
Third edition.] pp. 115, ii<//. J^X^X^^^ 'Kyi\^ [Alla- 
/ittiad, 1861.] 8°. 14160. b. 14.(2.) 

[Pt. III., containing Bk. VI. Second 

edition.] pp. 91, lith. Lahore, 1871. 8°. 

14160. c. 5.(3.) 

[Pt. I. and II. Another edition.] Vdh. cHTTai 

<^t«,M [Lucknow, 1865.] 8°. 14160. b. 36,(1.) 

Euclid's Elements of Geometry. Book I. 

Part I. [as far as Prop. 26], with notes original 
and compiled ; History of Geometry ; its advan- 
tages ; mode of studying and teaching it ; Exer- 
cises with hints ; a Glossary ; and Tables, in easy 
Hindi by Sajivan Lai . . . aJITf-ifiTiW "^\^^ t^infimT 
[Jyamititattva.] pp.xii. 84. 5anfet/5ore, 1880. 8°. 

14160, b. 14.(4.) 

CWI'iritriT f«d MiqSI^^ [Rekhaganita siddha- 

phalodaya. Problems on Bks. i.-iv. and Bk. vi. 
of Euclid. Translated from the English by Vam- 
sidhara, and Mohana Lala.] pp. 306. ^PRT IfcMd 
[Arjra, 1854.] 8°. 14160. b. 36.(2.) 

Euclid's Elements of geometry in Hindi 

[from the English of Dr. Simson] Book I. With 
copious notes and exercises by Pandit Sadananda 
Misra. ^i^mfiini pp. xi. 125. Calcutta, 1874. 8°. 

14160. b. 26.(4.) 

EVIL. The evil of sin. tjth ^t ^^ [Papa kl. 
bural. A Christian tract.] pp. 14. Lodiana,, 
1866. 12°. 14154. a. 6.(8.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 20. Allahabad, 

[1867?] 12°. 14154. a. 14.(1.) 

FAKIR CHAN D. T(\niT( ^nfhr ^nm "^ «T^?m: ^^^ 

[Sangit Vasanta Kuraara, or Prince Vasanta and 
the banker's daughter. A story in verse.] pp.52, 
lith. [La/iore, 1882.] 8°. 14158. b. 6.(5.) 

FEER (Leon) See Vikramaditya, King of Ujja- 
yim. Contes indiens. Les trente-deux Eecita 
du Trone (Batris-Sinhasan) . . . traduits . . ; par 
L. F. 1881. 12°. 2348. a. 

FINK (Charles C.) See Todd (J.) B.B. Author 
of the "Students' Manual." f^T^ v(^x\ [Siksha 
manjarl. Hints on self-improvement, translated 
from the Hindustani Ta'llm al-nafs of C. C. F.] 
[1859-60.] 8°. 14156. d. 1.(3;) 





FOBBES (Duncan) Vrofeuor of Oriental Languages, 
King's College. See Baital-PachIsI. The Baital 
Pachlsi ... A new and corrected edition, with a 
vocabulary . . . by D. F. 1857. 8°. 

14156. L 27. 

" The Baital-Pachisi : . . . translated 

from Dr. F.'a new and corrected edition, etc. 
18G8. 8". 760. b. 

1871. 8'. 

760. c. 

FKAKKLnr (Benjamin) LL.D. [Life.'] See Sbsb- 
BINO (M. A.) f^f ItilUf I [Vidvan-sangraha.] 

FBANKLI9 (Sie Johii) [Life.] See Sbkbbino 
(M. A.) r<lIlHit«f I [Vidvan-sabgraha.] 

OASADHABA SIMHA. See Bana. -mV^Ht^ n . . . 
Kadamvari . . . translated from the Bengali by 
Gadadhar Singh. 1879. 8°. 14156. h. 22.(2.) 

OALLUJl, Gosvdmi. ^ vn^ VWI [Yngalachhadina. 
Vai<>hnaTa songs on the sports of Radha and 
Krishna, suitable for singing at various Hindu 
festivals.] pp. 13. Otttnjt sttt [Miriapur, 

1888.] 12". 14158. cL 14.(4.) 

OAmHIBA SA7A. The rhapsodies of Gambhir 
Riii, the bard of Nurpur, A.D. 1650. [Hindi text, 
with an English translation and notes.] By 
J. Beames. (Journal of the Asiatic Society of 
Bengal. Vol. xliv. pt. i. pp. 192-212.) Calcutta, 
1875. 8°. 2098. b. 

OAITAPATA BAVA Hindi Second Book, ifft^ 

Ik TWl^ 5*nt •) Sixth edition, pp. 120. Ndgjmr, 

18y2. 12°. 14160. a. 8.(2.) 

Tkt KttflUk titU U taken from Ike wrapper. 

GAHAPATA SIMHA. Mizi wrftnj ^^ \ [Chhota 
bhugolavarnana. An elementary geography of 
Alia. Second edition.] pp. 82. TT^ SM* 
[Hugli, 1879.] 8^ 14160. b. 16.(2.) 

Shiksha Bodhini or the Moral Inspector. 

[A Kaithi reader] for the use of Pathshala by 
Gunpat Sinha. . . . RHJilHlfk-KL etc. Second 
edition, pp. 33, iHh. Bankipore, 1883. 8". 

14160. b. 63.(1.) 


masa.] pp. 2\, lilh 
1877.] 16». 

»n»nT xrw^^ i [Barah- 
^nTFT7 oMS [Fatehgarh, 
14158. e. 3.(U.) 

OAKESAPBASADA, Son of KJrti Simha. »;^ «f>m g 
[Guru Bumiran. Religious and philosophical 
poems.] pp.87. ^J^nni "(ttM [Zi«cA:noii', 1885.] 8°. 

14154. e. 26. 

GANGADHABA, Kavi. ^mg1{jH [Nagallla. A 
poom on the combat between Krishna and the 
snake-god Kaliya.] See Rajendra. <H(i5l<<SI etc. 
[Danalila.] pp. 6-8. [1874.] 8°. 

14158. d. 16.(3.) 

GANGADHABA BHATTA. xj>«rhl!WT^T^ [Ratna- 
mala. A vocabulary in verse.] pp. 56, lith. 
^0 [Lahore? 1873.] 8°. 14156. i. 8.(2.) 

OAKGA BAMA, of Bhartpur. w^w l l H l Mt g »Tr^ 
[Adbhuta Ramayana. A poem on tho life of 
Rama, founded on the Ramayana.] pp. 100, Uth. 
^rmn ntl [.Vo, 1883.] 8°. 14158. e. 31.(3.) 

*>ltl»>"^'i w^ <<H.^»»1*il I [§rlramachandra 

ki barahmasi. A barahroasa poem describing 
the grief of Kausalya on the exile of her son 
Rama.] ^p^.\&,lith. t(lt(rm[Faiehgarh,\Bl'l.] 16°. 

14158. c. 4.(5.) 

GAHGA SAHATA ^^nnrr^ etc. [Yam^apraka^a. 
An account of the Chief of Bundelkhand, being 
an abstract of the Vaipfabhaskara of Surya 
Malla. Compiled by G. S. with the assistance 
of Muraridana and Devidana.] pp. 236, viii. lith. 
^nnrs "(t.^ [LueUnow, 1877.] 8°. 14156. g. 12. 

— - [Another edition.] ^swni '\|^.\i [TAieknow, 
1878.] 8». 14156. g. 18. 

GAHGES CAI7AL. ffmi ^ ^T^ ii [Gangaji kl 
nahr.] Ganges Canal. [A short account of the 
work, and the objects for which it was made.] 
pp. 24, 12, 28. Engl., Hindi AudHindust. [Rurki], 
1864. 4". 760. k. 

GAHGA YATi. f?PST7; ^ tT^ f^ [Xidana. 
A medical work in verse in Gurumukhi charac- 
ters.] pp. 264, lith. ?srT«j3"SW* [La/iore,1877.] 8°. 

14156. b. 10. 

OABOIH DE TASST (Joseph Heliodobe). See 
Academies, etc. — Paris. — Ecole Spe'ciale De» Lan- 
guet Orientales Vivantet. 0?»^1 fi?^ ♦J'fl^^lil I 
[(^restomathie Hindie et Hindouie. [Prepared 
under Garcin de Tassy's direction.] 1849. 8°. 

752. 1 10. 





GAECIN DE TASSY (Joseph Heliodobe). Histoire 
tie la litterature hindoui et hindoustani. See 
Academies, etc. — London. — Oriental Translation, 
Fund, etc. Gaecin de Tassy (J. H.) Histoire, etc. 
1839, etc. 8°. 752. k. 5, 6. 

Seconde Edition . . . augmentee. 3 torn. 

Paris, 1870-71. 8°. 761. d. 

OAUEIDATTA. See Meerut . — Devandgarl-pra- 
chdrini Sabhd. ^'t'WnO Tf^Tftifr'^ W«T . . . oR^t ftxft? 
[The third annual report of the Devanagari-pra- 
charini Sabha. Signed by G. as Pi-esident of the 
Society.] [1886.] 8°. 14160. e. 11.(1.) 

^<<HI'IT:'t TPTIT oii TT^^ [Devanagari pra- 

chara ke upadesa. Tracts published by Gauri- 
datta, as President of the Devanagari-pracharinl 
Sabha of Meerut, urging the general adoption 
of the Devanagari instead of Urdu characters.] 
pp. 34, nth. HXZ "^fctM [Meerut, 1885.] 8°. 

14160. e. 11.(4.) 
"•ma^JH^ff^K^^'J ^ W ■'"IIWI . . . Key to Chanakya 
Niti-sar sangraha. [With a Hindi translation 
of the text] by Pandit Gaurishankar Tripathi. 
1888. 12°. 14076. b. 26. 

See Sankaea Acharya. ITH^Wt't [Prasnottari. 

With a prose translation by G. T.] [1881.] 8°. 

14048. bb. 27.(1.) 

GAYADATTA PATHAKA. See Broadway (D. P.) 
^^ xiriuivi tjfr^oH II [Bodha chatushpatha chan- 
drika. Compiled with the assistance of G. P.] 
[1856.] 8°. 14160. c. 1.(1.) 

GHANASYAMA RAYA. See Baldev Bakhsh. ?f«ir 
f^'TcS'f «irr HWT^ [Dak bijli ka prakarana. Trans- 
lated by Gh. R. from the Hindustani.] 1855. 8°. 

14156. e. 1. 

[I860.] 8°. 

14156. f. 6.(1.) 

OHABIB DASJI. '8)1 < . it H*<l <K . . . rTSn ^ fV -^KH* ! ?! 

[Ratnasagara and Vicharaprakasa, Two works 
on Vedanta philosophy, the former by Gh. D., 
the latter by Dayala Dasaji.] pp. xix. 228, 70. 
^^ sc«1 [.Bombay, 1884.] 8°. 14154. e. 18. 

GHASiRAMA, Pandit. See Reid (H. S.) wft^ 
iy^fHoRT [Bhugola dipika. Translated by Gh.] 
[I860.] 4°. 14160. d. 6. 

ir^ t^'^!^^'^ ^fir^re [Samkshepa Inglistan 

itihasa. An elementary history of England. 

Second edition.] pp. 32. ?^^?T^rT^ St^ [Alla- 
habad, 1866.] 8°. 14156. g. 1.(3.) 

Alha-Khanda. ^ic?^5 I The Alha Khund. 

[Edited] by Choudree Ghasee Ram of Bhatepura. 
1882. 8°. 14158. e. 23. 

GHULAM HUSAIN, Saiijid. •*7gvn^ f^fv [Kan- 
thasudharana vidhi. Advice to singers on regu- 
lating and improving the voice.] pp. 48, lith. 
^mrr tttS, [Agra, 1886.] 8°. 14156. f. 20. 

GHTJLAM MUHAMMAD, Munshl. See Baital 
PachTsi. The Baital Pachisi : ... translated . . . 
by Ghulam Mohammad Munshi. 1868. 8°. 

760. b. 

GILCHRIST (John Boethwick) . The Hindee Story 
Teller, or entertaining expositor of the Roman, 
Persian, and Nagree characters ... in their 
application to the Hindoostanee language, as a 
written and literary vehicle, pp. xxxix. 40, 51, 68. 
Calcutta, 1802. 8°. 760. c. 

The Oriental Fabulist or polyglot trans- 
lations of Esop's and other ancient fables from 
the English language, into Hindoostanee, Persian, 
Arabic, Brij B,hak,ha, Bongla, and Sunkrit, in 
the Roman character, by various hands under the 
direction and superintendence of J. G. pp. 37, 316. 
Calcutta, 1803. 8°. 752. e. 2. 

GIRIDHARA, Gvsvdnu. See Sueadasa. wr^HcB 
etc. [Siira-sataka. Accompanied by a commen- 
tary by Giridhara.] 1869. 8°. 14156. f. 9.(1.) 

[1889.] 8°. 14158. e. 35. 


[Avatara kathamrita. A poem, describing the 
seven different incarnations of Vishnu.] pp. 231. 
cJ^^ni «lt9«!. [Luchnow, 1879.] 8°. 14158. e. 16. 

Jl'i^r^tll >Trin [Gargasamhita. A Vaish- 

nava poem on the life of Krishna, in nine 
khandas, compiled by G. D. from the Sanskrit 
Gargacharyasamhita and other Vaishiiava works.] 
pp. 466, lith. g ^^iji <»tto [Lucknow, 1880.] obi. 8°. 

14154. f. 4. 

^^ <*«!Rc5^^ Wt oR^ ^TT^^j'f [Ki-ishna 

Baladevaji ki barahkhadi. Verses in praise of 
Krishna and Balarama.] pp. 8, lith. vi^i^ [Beiiares? 
1866.] 16°. 14158.0.5.(1.) 





OIBIDHABA DA8A, Bandrasl. tnr Hc>m ^ <j 5 l I 
[Malaravali. Vaishnava songs in various musical 
measures.] pp. 23, lith. Benares, 1889. 8°. 

. 14158. e. 34.(2.) 

BUTitn [Promataranga. Vaishnava songs 

by Giridhara Dasa and his son Harisehandra. 
Third edition.] pp. 64. n^(t9 [Benares, 1880?! 8°. 

14158. e. 34.(1.) 

OIBIFBASADA, snn of Jayakisora. See Pctbakas. — 
Bhagavataf>uraMa. — Dasamtukandha. WI ^rt»nr- 
n^w TJr»n^; ^t^ri vriyr. [The tenth skandha of the 


Rhagavatapurana, with a commentary in Hindi, 
by G.] [1869.] obi. 8'. 14018. o. 26. 

OISIPSASADA VABM A. S*"- Vedas. — Vdjasane- 
yisamhitii. ThgiPT^f^ . . . ^Ii|HfT<l ^ftnn [Sanskrit 
text, with a commentary in Hindi, entitled Ye- 
dirthapradipa, or Giridharabhashya, by G. V.] 
[1871, eU.] 4°. 14007. f. 1. 2. 

OIBIYASA SIMHA. tj>u Tpft^ [Pope-pradipa. A 
description of the four classes of orthodox Hindus, 
contemptuously styled ' Popea.' By a member of 
the Arya Samaj.] pp. 46, lith. .wnn <»«4| [^gra, 
1889.] 12°. 14154. c. 14.(2.) 

Also Jattd the 4/4 year i^tke era of hayditanda. 

OITASAICA. M^ l PJ l wy [Bharabdhisetn. A San- 
skrit work on othicjt, in verse. With a Hindi 
pruso tnith-lation by the author.] pp. 120, Ixih. 
iTK^ HoH [finmhay, 1883.] 8°. 14072. ec. 28. 

OOKTJLANATHA, Son of Raghundlha. 8»e Maha- 
BiiARATA. *flT . . . «»?T»minr^W [Mahabharata- 
darpana. A metrical translation of the Maha- 
bharato, oomraenced by Q.] [1829, ete.] 4°. 

14158. h. 1. 

[1874.] 4* 

14158. h. 6. 

^r<j ■yp! f%jfrt f^wv 1^14^ titnvTww ^^- 

nv (H«iliv7« ^1 [Jngul ki^oraviliisa. AVaish- 
^sra poem on the sports of Radha and Krishr^a.] 
pp. 50, lith. ^TTWnrt <Hm [Benares, ISm.] 8°. 

14156. e. 6.(6.) 

nl'H^^SIIilf A TWJTPJH I [Vachanamrita. 

A pbilosnphii-al treatise, in Braj-bhasha, on the 
tenets of the Vallabhi sect of Yaishnavas.] pp. 35, 
lith. ^H^J^iW <«M« [.lUgarh, 1870.] 8°. 

14154. e. 10.(1.) 

GOKULANATHA, Son of Raghunutha. aTlpl^ 
H^tlL'H^ft [Another edition. Transliterated 
into Gujarati characters, by Maneklala Chhotalala.] 
pp. 64, lith. a>l>lllHl'f. 'J^<i'i. [Ahniadabad, 
1886.] 8°. 14154. e. 25. 

GOKITLAPKASADA. ^^^ 'VnnX [Chauvisavatara. 
A poem containing an account of twenty-four in- 
carnations of Hindu deities.] pp. 605, lith. ^f^- 
tmjT <»*^? [Bulrampur, 1876.] 4°. 14158. h. 5. 


See GoviKDA Sivha, 

(JOPALA, Proprietor of the Jiidna Press, at Delhi. 
See Ahmad Khan, Saiyid, 0. S. I. limx^vtm f?^ 
1II«I<,5«J5 «Hl^l^ [Samsaradarpana. A consider- 
ably abridged translation, by Gopala, of the Asar 
al-sanadid.] [1876.] 12°. 14160. a. 20. 

See SiEAJ al-DIu. ^J^ Jim etc. [CHiatura- 

sabha. Translated from the Hindustani Nakl i 
majlis, by Gopala.] [1877.] 12°. 

14156. h. 7.(2.) 

wW>nrrT 5 Hurt [Aushadasara Yunani. 

An abstract of the Greek system of medicine, 
taken from the Hindustani Tibb i Ihsani, of Ilisiin 

AH Khin^ and other sources.] pp. 52. iv., lith. 
[Meerut, 1881.] 8°. 14156. b. 4.(6.) 

OOF ALA, Son of Riimasahaya. ^ < ;i^H » l 3 r [\'^edar- 
thapraka^a. A Sanskrit religious treatise by G., 
in refutation of the opinions of Dayananda Sara- 
svati Svami, with Hindi and Urdu translations 
by Mnnshi Sambhunatha, with the author's as- 
■isUnce.] pp.411. irw«%?M [3ft<TM<, 1878.] 4°. 

14033. d. 13. 

GOPALA BHATTA. See Broadway (D. P.) ^ 
^5«T^ ^fVfWT M [Bodha chatushpatha chandrika. 
Compiled with the assistance of G.Bh.] [1856.] 8°. 

14160. 0. 1.(1.) 

OOFALACHANDRA, Father of Harisehandra. See 
GiBiDUAHA Dasa, Banarasi. 

OOFALA DASA, Author of T^dasisabddrthaprakdsa. 
See Jataoopala Dasa. 

OOFALA LALA. «i^*1jj^> ii ^Ant ^-tmmfn. [Kshe- 
trakaumudi. Exercises in mensuration.] pp. 55. 
Benares, 1864. 8°. 14160. b. 26.(2.) 

E 2 





GOFALA BAYA. See Periodical Poblications. — 
Fatehgarh. mtfl J^T Tl»lt^ " [Bharata durdasa 
pramardaka, afterwards called Bharata sudasa 
pravartaka. Edited by G. E.] [1879, etc.] 8°. 

14160. e. 7. 

GOPALA SARMA. See ValmIki. »nm ^^'ffts 
TT»inU!J <*<d4jI.H [Ramayana kalpadruma. Translated 
by G. S.] ""[1883, etc.] 8°, 14128. f. 21. 

GOPALA SIMHA. TIM H lgl [Ragamala. A collec- 
tion of Hindi musical airs.] pp. 25. 'Mtl [Poona, 
1889.] 8°. 14156. f. 25.(2.) 

GOPALA UP ASANI. See Agnivesa. TTm^TO ^ MH It '^'t 
[Ramayana-samayadarsa. With a translation into 
Hindi prose by G. U.] [1885.] 8°. 

14072. cc. 

GOPIlfATHA, Son of Golmlandiha. See Maha- 
BHARATA. ^ftjT . . . H?Tm C rT^^55T [Mahabharata- 
darpana. The Mahabharata. A Hindi verse 
translation, commenced by Gokulanatha and 
continued by his son Gopinatha.] [1829, e<c.] 4°. 

14158. h. 1. 

[1874.] 4°. 14158. h. 6. 

GOPINATHA PATHAKA. v^^ -^m \ -^K^m^ 
^Yt ^f ri^ n [Pahili pustaka.] First Hindi Book, 
pp. 24. Benares, 18t54. 12°. 14160. a. 8.(1.) 

GOVARDHANA NATHA. '^I'fift^t^ ^Tmw^S^ m^ 
[Govardhana Nathasyodbhava varta, also called 
Pragatyavarta. An account of the life and 
teachings of G. N.] pp. 54. ^(^Ijw <»b^e. \_AU- 
garh, 1869.] 8°. 14156. g. 10. 

The title-page is at the end of the work. 

[Gutkapradlpa. A key to Sivaprasada's Gutka, 
or Hindi Selections.] Pt. I. pp. 56, lith. ^intl 
«»tM lAgra, 1877.] 8°. 14160. b. 44. 

Wanting Pt. ii. and Hi. 

KHOPADHYAYA. History of England. [Translated 
by G. S.] [1880.] 8°. 14156. g. 9.(2.) 

Manual of history. (Ancient.) .... 

Translated into Hindi [by G. SJ 1878. 8°. 

14156. g. 21. 

GOVINDA DASA. See Anatha Dasa. ^ Um \ KH \ <^ \ 
[Vicharamala. With a paraphrase in prose by 
G. D.] [1883.] 8°. 14164. d. 5. 

GOVINDALALA, Gosain. -zra Sff^^ ^ ^f^^ 
[Kaliyuga ke kavitta. Sixteen short poems on 
the Kaliyuga.] See Deaupad!. 'f\^<(\ »i1 <*^ •fi<,^«ii«t 
[Dropadiji ki barahmasi.^ pp. 6-16. [1876.] 12°. 

14158. c. 6.(4.) 

GOVINDALALA, called Saba. ^ ^-^H^i l ill tKshetra- 
prakasa. A treatise on mensuration, with exer- 
cises ; being a translation by G. of his Hindu- 
stani Mukhtasar al-masahat.] pp. 67, K</i. ^H^* 
«lbSo [Lucknow, 1870.] 8\ 14160. c. 16.(1.) 

GOVINDA NARAYANA. ^rwftl^m!! I [Satyanirii- 
pana. " The observance of truth, with special 
reference to the administration of justice, and 
the advancement of the best interests of society." 
A prize essay in Marathi, translated by Krishna 
Datta, with the assistance of Vamsldhara. Second 
edition.] pp. 79, Zi^A. wiTT <ifcl,o [^j/m, I860.] 8°. 

14160. c. 4.(1.) 

darpana. A treatise on purity of mind and body, 
translated, by Vidhichandra Narayani, from- the 
Marathi Suchirbhiitapana of G. S. Second edi- 
tion.] pp. 23. V^Tt «»bMd [Mathura, 1854.] 8°. 

14156. d. 8.(2.) 

[Fifth edition.] pp. 32. ^c5T?T^T^ «»tl,«, 

[Allahabad, 1866.] 8°. 14156. b. 7.(1.) 

GOVINDA SIMHA, Guru. Religion and doctrines. 
See Sakhi-namah. Sakhee book, etc, 

Translation [into English] of the " Vi- 

chitra Natak" ... a fragment of the Sikh Granth, 
entitled "The Book of the Tenth Pontiff" [by 
Guru G. S.] By Captain G. Siddons. (Journal 
of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol. xix. and xx.) 
Calcutta, 1850-51. 8°. 2098. a. 

The Jirst five chapters only. Apparently no more, published. 

GRIERSON (George Abraham). See Hoernle 
(A. F. R.) and Grierson (G. A.) A Comparative 
Dictionary of the Bihari Language. 1889, etc. 4°. 

12907. g. 23. 

See Manbodha. Manbodh's Haribans. 

[Edited, with an English translation and Index,] 
by G. A. G. 1882-84. 8°. 2098. b. 

The battle of Kanarpi Ghat. (Written 

in the Baiswari dialect.) Edited and translated- 





by Sri X&rdyan Singh and G. A. G. (Journal of 
the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol. liv. pt. 1. 
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A Handbook to the Kayathi character. 

pp. Ti. 4, aiid XXX. Plates. Calcutta, 1881. 4°. 

12907. g. 18. 

The Mediaeval vemacalar literature of 

Hindiistan, with special reference to Tul'si Das. 
CV'erhandlungen des VII. internationalen Orien- 
tali-stcn-congresses gchalten in Wien im Jahre 
1886. Arisfche Section, pp. 167-210) Wien, 
1888. 8°. Ac. 8806. 

The Modem vernacular literature of Hin- 
dustan . . . Printed as a special number of the 
Journal of the Asiatic S<xriety of Bengal, Part i. 
for 1888. pp. XXX. 170, XXXV. CalcuHn,\S%9. 8°. 

011840. m. 25. 

Some Bihari Folk Songs. (Journal -of 

the Royal Asiatic Society. Vol. xvi. pp. 1 96-246.) 
Calcutta, 1884. 8°. Ae. 8820./3. 

Twenty-one Vaishnava Hymns (in the 

Maithili dialect of the Bih&ri language). The 
■ung of Bijai 5(al (in the pure Eastern Bhujpuri 
dialect). Edited and translated by G. A. G. 
(Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 
Vol. liii. pt. 1. Special number, pp. 76-150.) 
Calcutta, 1884. 8*. 2098. b. 

Two versions of the Song of Gopf Chand. 

[A Hindi legend of king Bhartrihari and his 
nephew Gopichand, who left their thrones to 
become disciples of Gorakhnatha.] Edited and 
translated by O. A. G. (Journal of the Asiatic 
Society of Bengal. Vol. liv. pt. 1. pp. 35-55.) 
Cnlnitla, 1885. 8». 2098. b. 

0R0W8S (Fbedbric Salmox). See Chand. A 
mutrical version of the opening stanzas of the 
Pritbirij Risau, with a critical commentary. By 
F. S. G. 1873. 8". 2098. b. 

See TrLASiUASA. The R&m6yana of Tnlsi 

Das. Translated by F. S. G. 1877, etc. 8". 

760. h. 10. 

1878. 8" 

1883. 4°. 

14158. f. 16. 

760. i. 7. 

■ The poems of Chand Barday. [A critical 
notice of bia works, with occasional translations.] 

By F. S. G. (Journal of the Asiatic Society of 
Bengal. Vol. xxxvii. pp. 119-134, and Vol. xxxviii. 
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Mathurd Notes. [With select Hindi 

poems and English translations.] By F. S. G. 
(Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 
Vol. xlvii. pt. 1. pp. 97-133.) Calcutta, 1878. 8°. 

2098. b. 

Sri Swdmi Hari Dds of Brinddban. [An 

account of his life, together with the Hindi text 
of his Sadharana siddhanta, accompanied by a 
translation into English.] By F. S. G. (Journal 
of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol. xlv. pt. 1 . 
pp. 312-824.) Calcutta, 1876. 8°. 2098. b. 

OULAB 8IHGH. See Pcranas— Brahmaiidapurai.ia. 
— Ailhyatmardmayana. WlJn"3M 3Kr%^ [Adh- 
yatmaramayana. Translated by G. S.] [1882.] 8°. 

14154. e. 17. 
GUIAB SnrGH iraLMALE. >n^TiTWW [Bhavara- 
stimnta. A Hindu religious poem by G. S. N. 
Followed by the Bodhaprakiisa of Sangat Singh.] 
^ ««tt«l [Bombay, 1885.] 12°. 14168. o. 7.(8.) 

GUIZAB SASMA. See Mano. ht^t^ v*^ inn^ i 
[Mauava dharraaprakasa. With a Hindi trans- 
lation by G. S.] [1858.] oU.fol. 14038. f. 3. 

GXnrPAT 8INHA. See Ganapata Si^iha. 



c: — <ii\ 

i^^j'o-. 9\n\n wi^I'I*. ^ ^^(^ •arr [Sangit Sau- 
dagar o Siyahposh ka. A romance in verse.] 
pp. 24, nth. [Delhi, 1875 ?] 8*. 14168. e. 8.(9.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 24, liih. [Meeruf, 

1878.] 8°. 14168. e. 3.(9.) 

GUBTTPABIKSHA. ^ ^ q O yi [Gurupariksha. A 
Christian tract.] pp. 48. ^^^ St*o [Lvdhiana, 
1870.] 12". 14164. a. 6.(16.) 

GimUPRASADA, Pandit, of the Punjab University 
College. See Yajijavalkta. ^mr^^WH^nn ^ . . . 
Sanscrit text and Hindi trunslation by Pandit 
Guruprasad. 1871. 8°. 14039. c. 7. 

[1874.] 8°. 14039. c. 6. 

GUBUSABA5A. WT*nrnn ii [Avadhayatra. A 
description of sacred places and pilgrimages in 
Oudh. Containing extracts from Puranas and 
other Sanskrit sources, and translations.] pp. 60. 
^m^rn st«j"i [Li«&no«/',1869.] 8°. 14164. e. 2.(2.) 





6VALA. VHHIcil^O [Yamuualahari. A poem in 
praise of the sacred river Jumna.] pp. 36, Uth. 
^WH^ *»WM iLucknov), 1875.] 8°. 

14158. d. 16.(6.) 

HABSHI. '^^'t ^ oST TST^ I [Habshi strl ka 
vrittanta, or The Negro -woman. A Christian 
tract.] pp. 16. ^^l^T^tbSo [LMrf/K'ariff.,1870.] 12°. 

14154. a. 6.(13.) 

HAEMMERLEIN (Thomas) a Kempis. Wt^T^tW 
^rrfe^ ^ . . . ^j=llf<iT [Ktrishtanukarana. The 
Imitation of Christ, translated from the Latin by 
John Hewlett.] pp. xxviii. 309. f»n:»JT<JT «lbsb 
iMirzapur, 1878.] 8°. 14154.' b. 16. 

HALL (Fitz-Edward) . See Lallu Lala, Kavi. 

Raja-niti, a collection of Hindu apologues 

Revised edition, with a preface, notes, and sup- 
plementary glossary [by F. H.] 1854. 8°. 

14156. i. 5. 

[1873] 8°. 

14156. h. 21. 

Hindi Reader. [With an English preface, 

compiled by F. H.] pp. xix. 184. Hertford, 
1870. 4°. 14156. i. 29. 

ffl^T'tPff^ HT^ [Siddhantasangraha. A 

comparison of the Nyaya with the English systems 
of philosophy. Compiled by F. H., with the 
assistance of Sitalaprasada Tivari.] pp. 102. 
cS^af^T^ Sfcb^ [Luchnow, 1882.] 8°. 14156. f. 11. 

HALLEN (James Heebeet Beockencote) . tjarN- 
fehrtll [Pasuchikitsa. The treatment of cattle 
diseases, translated by Magan Lala from the 
'Ilaj al-mawashl, an Urdu version of the English 
original of J. H. B. H. Revised by Hanuinan- 
prasada and Deviprasada.] pp. 80. ^ijprsi ibSM 
[Lucknow, 1875.] 8°. 14156. b. 5.(2.) 

HAMZAH ibn 'ABD al-MTlttALIB, Ainlr, called 
AsAD Allah. ^»l^ ?»raT «rt ?[rernT l [Amir 
Hamzah kj dastan. A Persian romance in four 
parts, of unknown authorship, containing an ac- 
count of the life and exploits of Amir Hamzah, 
uncle of Muhammad. Translated by Kalicharana, 
with the assistance of Mahesadatta Sukula, from 
the Hindustani version of Khalil 'All Khan.] 
pp. vi. 520. c5^R<R sb5«s. [Lmc^wow, 1879.] 4°. 

14156. k. 8. 

HANUMAN, Kdvi. See Manna Lala, Pandit. 
^t'Hti^'R [Sundari-tilaka. Compiled with the 
assistance of Hanuman Kavi.] [1869.] 8°. 

14158. e. 3.(1.) 

H^^cirmT [Pasuchikitsa. Revised byH.] [1875.] 8°. 

14156. b. 5.(2.) 

*!!§(L H-4<^'>ll<Hl [Kaithi varnamala. A 

Hindi primer, in the Kaithi character, for the 
use of village schools.] 2 pt. '^IIOI'II <i<ii90 
[Agra, 1877.] 8°. 14160. b. 34.(3.) 

Tj?!^^ [Padyasangraha. A selection of 

poems from the works of celebrated Hindi poets.] 
pp. 48. 5^«r3i Ibsb [Lucknow, 1878.] 8°. 

14158. d, 20.(1.) 

HANUMAT. vj^ vTSHT^ T^TTToi: [Hanuman- 

nataka. The story of the Ramayana, in verse; 

being a metrical translation, by Hridaya Rama, 

of the Sanskrit drama.] pp. 248, Uth. <v,i»jd <^tS9 

[Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 14158. b. 4.(1.) 

Iti Gurumukhi characters, in which it was originally 
written, during the reign of the Emperor Jahdnglr. ' Some 
missing leaves of the Ms. were re-composed by Crura Govinda 

[Another edition.] pp. 248, Uth. wvjd 

[Lahore, 1880 ?] 8°. 14158. b. 5.(1.) 

'^HRvfli* I [Another edition, in Devana- 

gari characters. Edited, with notes, by Rama- 
krishna Varma.] pp. ii. 427. cBTST^ ^ibbb [Benares, 
1888.] 12°. . 14158. a. 7. 

HARADAYALTJ. V^mTfVW^ V^^ ^^' [Sadguna- 
taranga. A Sanskrit-Hindi vocabulary, with a 
short introduction in Hindi, intended to teach 
Sanskrit conversation.] ^PKT<lbbo [^^r«, 1880.] 8°. 

14093. d. 9. 

In progress. 

HARADEVA SAHAYA. See Ghasirama Chaudhub!, 

, of Bhatipura. '^T^^^ I The Alha Khund. By 

Choudree Ghasee Ram, of Bhatepura [assisted by 

H. S.] 1882. 8°. 14158. e. 23. 

See Lakshmana Simha and Haeadeva Sa- 

HAYA. TlWrf ^^T^K oirr [Sangit Rupa Vasanta 
ka.] [1876.] 8°. 14158. e. 8.(13.) 

f^if r^'k ft? [Sangit Raghuvira Simha. 

The story of the man who claimed to be the 
Raja of Landhaura, in the district of Saharunpur.] 
pp. 16, Uth. ■SfiT^'i -Hbb^ [Benares, 1882.] 8^. • 

14168. b. 6.(3.)' 





HASASEVA 8AHAYA. jrfifhr ftnn ^twt. w [San- 
git Siya svayamvai-a ka. A poem on Slta's 
marriage with Rama.] pp. 24, lith. i(^ qt9^ 
[Meerut, 1876.] 8°. 14158. e. 3.(4.) 

g l<ji > fi < ^ ^ WTUrf trvf if . . . [Lilavati] A 
treatise on Hindee arithmetic in Shrofee cha- 
racters [peculiar to Mahajans, or bankers], by 
Hurdco Sing and Radha Kishen. pp. 20, lith. 
[Agra?] 184A. 4°. 14160. d. 1. 

HABASAHATA MAILA, MoradabudU See Pkri- 
oi>n AL PiBi.n ATioNS. — Moradobod. WK\^ [Sabha- 
patra. Edited by H. M.] [1888, eir.} 8". 

14160. e. 12. 

HAKDEO SAHAI. See Hakadkta Sabata. 

HARI BAOSH, Munthl. Hfismc!! w^^ ?fi:-Hflt 
HVlfsiVI [Bhaktimala. Stories of ancient and 
modem Hindu saints, compiled from the Paranas 
and other sources.] pp. x. 546, lith. ij^ <«*^ 
[liomlay, 1884.] 4°. 14154. f. 14. 

HARI DA8A. See Gbowsi (F. S.) Sri Sw&mi 
Hari Da.H of Brind&ban. [An account of his life, 
together with the Hindi text of his Sadharai^a 
siddhanta, accompanied by an English translation.] 
1876. 8^ 2098. b. 

WW HHTgg ^dA %tf^ [Paramartha 

chintana vidhi, or Rules for the attainment of 
final beatitude. A Vedanta treatise.] pp. 23, lith. 
^\» [.Amrilsar, 1876.] ohl. 8». 14154. e. 16.(1.) 

HARIDASA DA8A. w<J TT^TcS^rmrf^ ii [Danalila. 
A poem on the sports of Krishna. With a com- 
menUry.] ff.l8. H HgR I g ^^J [Ahmaihdtad ,\6S\ .] 
M. 8». 14158. d. 18. 

HARIOOPALA PADHYE. H lM Mi^glf n * ! TT^f^ 

tnwTVT «ir«Tvr Bh6sh& Tatwa Dipik&. A 

Hindee grammar for the use of native students, 
pp. vii. 115. Tii. I/urknow, 1871. 8\ 

14160. e. 6.(2.) 

f^Sft ^ ^tvi ^WH I [Hindi ki chauthi 

puittaka. Hindi Fourth Book.] pp. viii. 282. 
iRTtw stt? [Benares, 1882.] 8". 14160. b. 27. 

W^ vfr^ ^vm I [Hindi ki pahili pustaka.] A 
Hindi primer, for schools in the Central Provinces, 

by Hari Gopal Padhye . . . and Dori Lai. pp. 66. 
^ [Bombay], 1876. 12°. 14160. a. 19.(1.) 

Third edition, pp. 75. Bombay, 1877. 12°. 

14160. a. 1.(3.) 

Sixth edition, pp. 76. Bombay,l880. 12°. 

14160. a. 18.(3.) 

[Hindi sabda kl banavat,] or the structure uf 
Hindi words, etc. pp. vi. 11. Fatna, 1880. 8°. 

14160. b. 38.(4.) 

^9 *»4l*"l [.The Ayudhyakanda of the Ramayana. 
With a prose commentary by H.] [1880.] 4". 

14158. h. 8. 

HARILALA. l ^ftfcji ai J ^ m jfKTm [Inglistan ka 
itihasa. A history of England, as far as the 
reign of King William IV. Translated by Harilala. 
from the Hindustani Tawarikh i Inglistan.] pp.iii. 
186, ii. ^rmn st^o [A<jra, I860.] 8°. 

14156. gr. 9.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 125. c^hh« sttM 

[Lwknow, 1865.] 8°. 14156. g. 1.(2.) 

HARIPRAPANITA. f^^TiT^? [Vijayarthapatra. 
A pamphlet asserting the superior right of Gosaiua 
over Sastris to interpret the Hindu scriptures.] 
pp. 12, liih. iWftT ««^ [Agra, 1878.] 8°. 

14154. e. 21.(1.) 

HARIPRA8ADA MI8RA. Hur J^m ^^fxm [Mu- 
hiirtaratna. An astrologicsl treatise, in verse.] 
pp. 32, lith. ^'t <^«5o [Delhi, 1873.] 8°. 

14156. f 12.(3.) 
HA&IPRA8ACA SIMHA. -^ ^?^^^'\ i [Drish- 
t&uta bodhinl. An explanation of difficult pas- 
sages in the Ramayaria of] pp. 49. 
^((w\y ''«:> [Bankipur, 1887.] 8°. 14158. f 22. 
In the Kaithi character. 

HARISAHOA. gn*gtO [Juanakatari. A poem.] 
See Anatha Dasa. ^f^^fngST [Vichammala, etc.] 
[1883.] 8^ 14154. d. 6. 

ig^TT^ [Saddharmadushauoddhara. A Sanskrit 
treatise in 12 chapters, on the observances of 
Hinduism, particularly on the Vaishnava sect. 
With a Hindi translation by Pandit Mihira- 
chandra.] pp. iii. 124, iv. ««j1n« «ttt* [Alignrh, 
1887.] 8°. 14033. b. 50. 





HARISCHAHDRA.o/ Benares. SeeGiEiDHAEA Dasa, 
Bandrasi. n«nrtn[Premataranga. Vaishnava songs 
by Gopalachandra and his son Harischandra.] 
[1880 ?] 8°. 14158. e. 34.(1.) 

See Kanchana Acharya. VfiiJM f^»nT 

[DhanaSjayavijaya. A Sanskrit play, translated 
by Harischandra.] [1883.] 16°. 

14158. a. 2.(2.) 

See Manna Lala, Pandit. ?T^^^riclo* 

[Sundari-tilaka. Compiled at the instance, and 
nnder the editorship of Babu Harischandra.] 
[1869.] 8°. 14158. e. 3.(1.) 

[1880.] 8°. 14158. d. 20.(2.) 

See Rajasekhaea. ■sr^ JfifT^ I [Karpura 

manjarl. A drama, translated by H.] [1883.] 8°. 

14158. b. 2.(4.) 

See Sueadasa. WT^Iinir [SQra-sataka. 

Edited with notes by Harischandra.] [1889.] 8°. 

14158. e. 35. 

^ ^<.^»5*cJSI [Harischandrakala. The 

life and works of Babu Harischandra, published 
in monthly parts. Compiled and edited by 
Ramdin Siipha.] ^toR^jt '\ttS- [Bankipur, 
1887, etc.'] 8°. 14158. g. 15. 

^P^lt H'lO I [Andhera nagari, or The 

blind king. A drama in 10 scenes.] pp. 23. 
<\VeK [Benares, 1882.] 12°. 14158. b. 2.(3.) 

[Bhaktisiitra-vaijayanti.] See Sandilya. 

>?f^W^ «r»ni^ [Sandilya- siitras. Sanskrit text, 
with a Hindi commentary by Harischandra, 
entitled Bhaktisiitra-vaijayanti.] [1888.] 8°. 

14033, bb. 32.(3.) 

^t ■JFT TT»N^ [Biindl ka rajavamsa. A 

short account of the Bundi state and its chief- 
tains.] pp.12, ^t^'^gT:«)tfc^[£a»ifa>Mr, 1882.] 12°. 

14156. g. 31. 

[Another edition, with notes.] pp.6. 

rft^ <^ttt {Batna, 1888.] 8°. 14158. g. 34.(2.) 

f?^>TRT I etc. [Hindi bhasha. An essay 

on differeutHindi dialects, comparing the writings 
of former Hindi poets with those of modern times.] 
pp. 28. ^JT^n [Patna^ 1883. 8°, 

14160. b. 7.(6.) 

HARISCHANDRA, of Benares. Kashmir flower, 
containing a short history of Kashmir, a gene- 
alogical table of Rajas ... a review of Kalhana's 
Rajatarangini, and a short history of the present 
Jamboo Raj family. (cRT^H^ ^5'')- PP- ^'^• 

Benares, 1884. 8° 

14156. g. 28. 

*(«0««lic5*(Ic5I I Mano Mukula Mala 

[Verses in honor of Her Majesty Queen Victoria 
assuming the title of "Empress of India.^'] pp. 9. 
^^nr^ Sb*«, [J9enares,1876.] 8°. 14158. e. 6.(11.) 

TITSR [Nataka. A short notice of the 

Hindu drama, and the composition of dramatic 
literature.] pp. 54. ^TnT?C«itt5 [Bewares, 1883.] 12°. 

14158. a. 4. 

An Offering of Flowers. WM^s^^ ^fN^i^- 

TTirfmr: ^ ^r^ ^s^tr . . . ^Hflin. To His 

Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh ... By 
Haris Chandra [and others]. Sansk. and Hindi. 
pp. 23. Benares, 1870. 8°. 14076. b. 9. 

Tiftlir I^IiTHI^'t' cFT •srt^ ^"r^ l [Prasiddha 

mahatma'on ka jivana charitra. Lives of Hindu 

celebrities. With occasional notes.] 2 pt. Ban- 

kipore, 1885. 12°. 14156. g. 24. 

In Kaithi characters . The notes are in Devanagari. Pt. i. 
is of the 2tid edition. 

Tf^m ff'^t miofctJU I [Prathama Hindi 

vyakarana. An elementary Hindi grammar.] 
pp. 21. Benares, 1875. 12°. 14160. a. 16. 

No. i. of " Harischandra' s Hindi Series." 

MiV ^ft^^ JJ^ 'El^ '^R ^c5^ ^ etc.. [Satya 

Harischandra. An original drama in four acts.] 
pp. vii. 102. T^R^r sb5^ [Benares, 1876.] 12°. 

14158. a. 1.(3.) 

[Tadiya sarvasva.] See Naeada. H^'N 

^t^ [Bhaktisiitra. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi 
translation and commentary by Harischandra, 
entitled Tadiya sarvasva.] 1884. 8°. 

14028. d. 37. 

[1889.] 8°. 

14033. bb. 32.(1.) 

zni ^ ^^ ^Prt -3^ xv;z l [Thagi ki chapet, 

bagi ki rapet. A farce, in four acts, on the arts 
and thievish devices of thags.] pp. 18. Benares, 
1884. 12°. 14158. a. 6. 

■ 4<Hll(lii4 [Vandana sataka. A devotional 

hymn.] pp. 12. bewares, 1885. 12°. 

14154. e. 21 





HA&I8CHAHDBA, of Benares. " Vedic killing is 
not a killing." A farce of Hans Cbandra in four 
plays. ("5f5r^ ftm fit«T H H^fw " inrjnr ^TT 
^Xf ^) [Vaidiki hinisa, hiinsa na bhavati.] pp.36. 
Benaret, 1873. 12*. 14168. a. 1.(2.) 

Vidyisundara n&taka. A Bengali drama 

[founded on a poem by Bharatachandra Raya]. 
Translated into Hindi by H. ( fMB l ^n;i H i g<t ) 

pp. 53. Benaret, 1870. 12°. 

HASTSCHAin)RA, Raja, nfiftir 
[Sangit liaja Harichandra ka. 
King Harifcbandra, in verse.] 
WTsrt «»<l|« [Benaret, 1877.] 8". 

14158. a. l.a) 

TTilT ?fT^ ▼! 

The story of 

pp. 52, nth. 

14158. e. 8.(17.) 

HABIYAMSA LALA. See Isvakachandba Vidta- 
0AOARA. n^irrT^wra [Sitaranavasa. Translated 
by H. L.] [1881.] 8°. 14156. i. 19.(2.) 

See MahahhaRATA. — BhafjavatlyUJ. W^ 

M'lqiluT vslv [Bhagavadgita. With a Hindi 
translation by H. L.] [1865.] 8*. 

14065. e. 16. 

[1879.] obi. S°. 14060. c. 23. 

EA8A1T, Mir. i i «n ^ »^q tf\x ??R etc. [Ma;nawl 
Mir Hasan, generally known under the title of 
8iFir al-bayan, or Adventures of prince Benazir.] 
An Urdu romance in vorse translated into Hindi.] 
pp. 92, lith. mum «»tt| [Agra, 1863.] 8°. 

14158. e. 6.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 104. Benares, 

1865. 8°. 14168. d. 12.(2.) 

HATHI WkniT«[VT Snnv l [Radhasudha fataka. 

VaiiibnaTa poems in praise of Radha.] pp. 28. 

[Benaret, 1880 f] 8°. 14168. d. 26.(2.) 

Rf/trintfJfivm Harifckaiulra.'t m of t mi ue entitled I/arif- 

tkiiml rtkii. 

HATDf TA'I. fmm Ttm rrt Tt n [Kissah Hatim 
Ta'i ka. The adventures of Hatim ta'I, trans- 
lated by Yogadhyana M)?ra, with the assistance 
of Makkhaa Lala Hhaiidari, and Pandit Vishnu. 
Nariyana, from a Hindustani version of the Per- 
sian original.] pp. 280. st»M [Calcutta, 1 838.] 4°. 

14156. k. 1. 
WttkoHt title-page. 

TTfim wrt WT f*WT [Hatim ta'i ka kissah. 

The same tale translated from the Hindustani 
by Jivarama Jaf.] pp.172, '^wn^^'ktii [JMrJenow, 
1877.] 8*. 14166. k. 6. 


wH [Bhaktamara-stotra. Sanskrit text, with a 
Hindi verse translation by H.] [1884.] 16°. 

14100. a. 8. 

HEWLETT (John). See Haimmbeleik (T.) a 
Ketnpis. ^ftvx^T^rnn etc. [Khrlshtanukarana. The 
Imitation of Christ, translated by J. H.] [1878.] 8°. 

14154. b. 16. 

EDTDI PEIMEE. Betjin. ^lliwl ti mH : ^ ?T »I ^ T 

[Hindi primer, with arithmetical exercises.] pp. 20. 

Uth. WTim itM [Agra, 1863.] 12°. 

14160. a. 9.(1.) 
Witkout title-page. 

HIKDI SELECTIONS. Hindeo and Hindoostanee 
Selections : to which are prefixed the rudiments 
of Hindoostanee and Bruj Bhakha Grammar, also 
Prem Sagur with Vocabulary. Originally com- 
piled for the use of the Interpreter to Native 
Corps of the Bengal Army [by W. Price, and 
Tarinicharaiia Mitra.] Second edition. 2 vol. 
Calcutta, 1830. 4°. 760. g. 12. 

[Another copy.] 760. g. 44.(1.) 

A fragment Iff vol. i. only, eontaining tke Orammar and 

HJHDU FEMALES, w^ fifPSjiftiinT^ [Strisiksha 
vishayaka.] An apology for female education ; 
or evidence in favour of the education of Hindoo 
females, from the examples of illustrious women, 
both ancient and modern. In the Kliurec bolee 
dialect, pp. 22. Calcutta, 1823. 8°. 

14156. h. 17.(3.) 

HIBACHAin) KANJI. See Jasvant Shiha, Maha- 
raja. Bhasbabliushan ... with Luptoparaa vilasa 
... and Upama sangraha. With [a preface and] 
commentaries in Gujarati . . . by H. K. 1866. 12°. 

14158. c. 8. 

£fe0 YooAVASisBTHA. «r«J wl^fl'ltjrfw [Yoga- 

▼a^ishtha. Edited by H. K.] [1865.] ohi.fol. 

14154. g. 1. 

fill"]'!!*. [Hlra?ringara. An erotic poem ] 

See SuNDARA Dasa. Sundershring&r and Heeri- 
shring4r, published by Kavi Hirachand Kanji. 
[1864.] 8°. 14168. d. 6. 

HfBALALA. See Kisorilala. ^f>fTHr nH 'VTOnr 
[Itiliasa Gaur Kayastha. Translated from the 
Hindustani by H.] [1886.] 8°. 14166. g. 27.(1.) 





HIEALALA DHOLA. Dhole's Vedanta Series. 

Calcutta, 1883, etc. 8°. and 12°. 

14048. b. 1. and b. 20. 

Hindi texts and translatioiis in this series may he found. 
under the headings : 

Sadananda Togindra. 

HIRALALA GOPALA SAEMA. ^r^n^ 'sr^^ I?'' 
5?PTt3B> ^^^t ■«T:^o(T 'SrfVoBTT: I nJ H?^" etc. [Sa- 
strartha. Opinions of learned Pandits on tte 
question as to whether a member of the Vaisya 
caste is empowered to perform religious cere- 
monies, as prescribed in the Vedas. Partly in 
Hindi, and partly in Marathi.] pp. 45. j^ Stfc* 
[Bomhay, 1887.] 12°. 14154. e. 24. 

HIRALALA RAYA. t^iT^qTiI I [Yaisyadarpana. 
A treatise in the form of a dialogue, on the 
Vaisya caste, and its origin. Translated from 
the Hindustani. Third edition.] Pt. i. oR^ToR^ 
«<^t [Calcutta, 1881.] 12°. 14154. d. 7. 


vasthapatra. A declaration of legal opinion, 
signed by H. Ch. and other Brahmans, at a 
meeting which was convened at Calcutta in 
A.D. 1865 by Salagrama Vaijanatha, to the 
effect that the Tragada caste, living in Gujarat, 
are Brahmans of the Bhinnamala denomination. 
Sanskrit text, with a Hindi translation, in Guja- 
rati characters, by Kasirama Kalyana SonT.] 
pp. 18. ^?,n <\it.i^ [Surat, 1888.] 8°. 

14039. b. 18. 

HIE RANJHA. ■^^ TtflSj [Hir Ranjha. A romance 
in verse.] pp. 32, lith. wr^^ [Benares, 1876 ?] 8°. 

14158. 6. 8.(12.) 

— [Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. [Meerut, 

1878.] 8°. 14156. i. 11.(7.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. oFT^lt "itbl 

[Benares, 1881.] 8°. 14156. i. 24.(2.) 

HITOPADESA. Hindi version of the Hitopades'a, 
Book I. Retaining as many as possible of the 
original Sanskrit expressions. [Translated chiefly 
l)y Badri Lala.] (ffTfti?^) pp. 63. Mirzapore, 
1851. 8°. 14156. h. 16.(1.) 

f^ i f t'j ^ y; «... ^^(T f^n^ ^rt HPi ^1t 

??ft ^^ it ^W^ '?^n etc. [Hitopadesa. Sanskrit 
text, with a Hindi translation by Ramajasana.] 
pp. ii. 255, 3. nrrws [Benares, 1866 ?] 8°. ' 

14070. c. 29. 

HOERNLE (August Friedbich Rudolf). See 
Chand. The Prithiraja Rdsau of Chand Bardai. 
Edited in the original old Hindi . . . (Part II. 
Cantos 26-34 [and also an English translation 
of the same] by A. F. R. H.) 1873, etc. 8°. 

140P2. a. 

HOERNLE (August Friedkich Ruholp) and 
GRIERSON (George Abraham). A Comparative 
Dictionary of the Bihari Language. Calcutta, 
1889, etc. 4°. 12907. g. 23. 

In progress, 

ROLLINGS (W.) See Baital-PachIsI. The Bytal 
Pucheesee : translated into English by W. H. 
1860. 8°. 760. c. 

1866. 8°. 

760. d. 5. 

See Chaturbhuja Misra. The Prem Sagur. 

Translated into English by W. H. 1867. 8°. 

760. c. 8. 

HOOPER (William) Rev. -^ f^H ^ f^^ ^^^ 
VTT^T ofTT «Kt^ f^^ H [Yavana bhasha ka kosha. 
A Greek-Hindi vocabulary, for the use of native 
students of the Greek New Testament. Com- 
piled with the assistance of Babu Katvarii Lala.] 
pp. iv. 435, vii. Allahabad, 1878. 12°. 

14160. a. 21. 

Tj^tT >n^ W ^rrart^ l [Yavana bhasha ka 

vyakarana. A Greek grammar in Hindi, spe- 
cially intended for the use of native students of 
the Greek Testament.] pp. iv. 23.8. ^cl'^l'^K 1fcS«. 
[Allahabad, 1879.] 12°. 14160. a. 25. 

HORACHAKRA. "^^ ^TR^ [Horachakra. An 
astrological tract.] pp. 8, lith. .Jul i aat [Lahore, 
1882.] 12°. 14156. f. 24. 

HOWARD (John) the Philanthropist. [Life.] See 
Sherring (M. a.) f^^MUU^ I [Vidvan-sangraha.] 

HRIDAYA RAMA. See Hanumat. "ij^ vTSHT^ 
<^(C « [Hanuman-nataka. A metrical transla- 
tion by H. R. of the Sanskrit drama.] [1877.] 8°. 

14158. b. 4.(1.) 

[1880?] 8°, 14158. b. 5.(1.) 

[1888.] 12°. 14158. a. 7. 

HUME (Allan Octavian). See India. — Legislative 
Council. Hindee version of the Indian Penal 
Code .... Translated by A. 0. H. . . . and Kour 
Luchmun Singh. 1861. 8°. 14156. a. "4. 


mrN— iND 



HUSTEE ( )Dr . fVf^gnt'Nnt [Chitrakarl- 

■ara. Elementary lessons in drawing, being a 
translation of the Usui i nakkashi of Vamsl- 
dhara, a Hindustani version of selections from 
Dr. Hunter's Madras Journal of Art.] 2 pt. WTTTT 
<»tHt-«« [Affra, 1858-55.] 8". 14160. b. 43. 

Pi. Lito/tke 2nd eJititm. 

HTTHDEO SnrO. See Hiradeva Simha. 

HUSATlf VA'I?, KdMhifi. P^^4trjn^n THH tlinlPitdH 
fie. [Uitakalpadruma. The Anwar i Ruhaili, or 
Persian tales of H. V., translated into Braj- 
bha.sha verse hj Rasananda.] pp. 451, lith. VPTTT 
««1* [Affra. 1883.] 8". 14166. L 23. 

IHSAV 'ALi OAir. See Gopala, Proprietor of 
Iff Jiiilria Pretn at Delhi. VT<IVIIII. qiflffl . [Au- 
shadha.>-ara Yunani. An abstract of the Greek 
system of medicine, taken from the Tibb i IKsanI 
of I. 'A.] [1881.] 8'. 14166. b. 4.(6.) 

IHDIA. WT^>wT »nnR% v jfinmi i f%vn «f n 
[Prafnottara Hharntuv^ir^ha ke itihasa ke visbaja 
meg. A catt'cbi.-m on the history of India.] 
pp. 156. ^nnn <»W* [Ayra, 1879.] 8*. 

14166. g. 33. 

IVDIA, Oovemmmt of. — N. W. Provineet. [For 
papen issued by the Government of India in 
connection with coolie emigration to British 
foroitrn poMeasions:] See Kempsoic (M.) Director of 
PuUir InttruetioK, N. W. Provinee*. ^<§t'\mm H etc. 

IHDIA, Lf/iglative Council. Hindee version of 
the Indian Penal C.>de, or Act XLV. of 1860. 
rranslatod ... by Allan Octavian Hume . . . and 
Koiir Luchmun Sinj^'h. (fVicmil HT t^ ihTf 
V^n^ WWZ t* V^ St^o \ ^) [Hinduflthfinaka daii- 
dasangraha] pp xl. 304. Elawah, 1861. 8^ 

14156. a. 4. 

rwf so n^^ stJj t*rt mitm ^1^i*t1 ?n(jinf 

VT ihrf R [Dfwani ^abiton ka sangraha. The 
Code of Civil Procedure, Act X. of 1877, trans- 
lated by Nifar 'All Bog.] pp. 248, 152, iv. lith. 
wmn SM» [Agra, 1877.] 8*. 14156. a. 6. 

IHDIA — North Wentrm Provineet. — Sudder Board 
of Revenue. f^PTT nf«f*m [§iksha prasiddhipatra. 
Rules of the Sudder Board of Revenue of the 
North- West Provinces, dated the 10th August, 
\Ho2, drawn np in accordance with a Circular 

Order of the Government of India, No. 1098 of 
the 8th June, 1852, relating to the appointment 
of village patwaris and lambardars.] pp. 7. 
[Agra, 1852 ?] 8°. 14166. a. 2. 

IHDRAJALA. "l}^ f\?^Tllrt [Indrajala. A work 
on divination, with a collection of charms and 
incantations, and various recipes.] pp. 272, lith. 
[Delhi, 1877.] 16°. 14156. e. 8. 

/* tke Ourumukhi eharaeter. 

^TTTgr [Another edition.] pp. 304, lith. 

[Meerut, 1878.] 16°. 14166. e. 2. 

[Another edition.] pp. 304, lith. [Meend, 

1879.] 12°. 14168. e. 6.(2.) 

^^^tTT?F . [Another edition, in the 

Gummukhi character.] pp. 256, lith- «ivjd '\W\ 
[Lahore, 1881.] 16°. 14156. e. 7. 

IHDKAMAHI. tit^ iratraT ^j:.^ji^_j\ [Aryatva- 

prakii^a. An exposition of the principles of the 

Arya creed, with special reference to the views 

of Dayananda Sarasvati.] 2 pt., lith. ^[tT^HT^ 

[Moradabad, 1886.] 8°. 14154. o. 10.(2.) 

Pt. I. it in Hindi and Hindtntani ; pt. it. in Hindustani 

nrSHA ALLAH |BAH. if^rifi TJ f^ »f li [Ka- 
hani. A tale written in pure and idiomatic 
Hindi.] See I^ivaprasada, Raja, 0. S. I. Hindi 
Selections, pp. 176-195. 1867. 4°. 

14156. k. 2. 

PACHisi. The Bytal-Pacheesee . . . Reprinted from 
the new edition of Eshwar Chandra Vidyasagar. 
1860. 8°. 760, d. 

WliaiM HUO. [.\khyanamafijari. Moral 

and instructive talcs for the young. Translated 
from the Bengali of I. V. by Ramaprasada Ti- 
vari.] pp. 104, lith. ^H^ <\t99 [Barcilhj, 1877.] 8°. 

14156. i. 16.(2.) 

HldlfHflU [Sitavanavasa, or The exile of 

Sita. Translated from the Bengali of I. V. by 
Harivatn^a Lai a, assisted by Taracharana Ratna.J 
pp. 40. cim« <\tt<\ [Luclcnow, 1881.] 8°. 

14156. i. 19.(2.) 

PtlMl «fl. «tH [Vidya kl nev. A trans- 
lation, in the Kaithi character, by Kc^avarama 
Bhatta> of the Bengali Bodhodaya, or Rudiments 

r 2 




of knowledge, of I. V.] pp. 49, lith. r*\-^'^^ 
U^6 [Luchioiv, 1878.] 8°. ■ 14160. b. 38.(2.) 

Third edition, pp. 43. VZ^ Sfcfco [Patna, 

1880.] 12°. 14160. a. 1.(5.) 

««j | °ti<.il l°>i^ ■?'ra«»ri%^ [Vyakarana kl upa- 

kramanika.] . . . The elements of Sanskrit gram- 
mar in Hindee. Translated from Pundit Eshur- 
chunder Bidyasager's Bengalee Oopakrumanika, 
by Pearee Mohun Banerjee. pp. viii. 79, vii. 
Benares, 1864. 8°. 14160. b. 24. 

Second edition, pp. viii. 95. Benares, 

1867. 8°. 14093. b. 5.(1.) 

Fourth edition. Edited and emended by 

Baboo Shital Prasad Chatterjee. pp. vii. 102. 
Benares, 1876. 8°. 14093. b. 6. 

ISVAEIPRASADA, Munshl. See Smith (B.) Jifmrt- 
f^^ [Ganitakriya. Barnard Smith's Arithmetic 
for schools, translated by T. from his Hindustani 
version, entitled Hall al-hisab.] [1877, etc.] 8°. 

14160. 0. 11. 

»nTaiffc5 [Jagadbhiigola. A geography of 

the world, translated by Munshi Isvariprasada 
from his Hindustani Jughrafiyah i 'alam.] 2 pt. 
<<j l ^l°l l < , HT:5 «\bc(5-^M \_AUahabad, Ifeerwi, 1867-65.] 
8°. 14160. b. 18.(2.) 

Pt. i. is of the 6ih, and pt. ii. of the 5th edition. 

[Pt. I. Fourteenth edition.] pp. 40. 

JAOADISVABA. 'W^ ?T9n#^ 'TTT^ [Hasyarnava. 
A humorous play, translated from the Sanskrit 
of J.] pp. 52, lith. nrrmvi <l<i^^ [Benares, 
1866.] 8\ 14158. b. 1.(1.) 

JAGAMOHAN SINHA. See Jaganmohai^a Siiiha. 

JAGANMOHANA SIMHA, Thalcur. [Chandrika.] 
See Kalidasa. ^ti^W I . . . Megha-duta . . . Trans- 
lated . . . into Hindi verse with a commentary . . . 
styled "Chandrika," by Thakur Jagamohan Siiiha. 
1863. 8°. 14158. d. 19.(5.) 

TPm^fwif^ I [Manasa-sampatti.] . . . 

Treasures of the mind, or Poetical diary of 
extempore verses kept during his travels through- 
out India by Thakur Jaganmohan Sinha. pp. ii. 53. 
^T^'t sbbfc [Benares, 1888.] 12°. 14156. g. 

5^iTRT^?I . . . Syama swapna. An original 

^c5T^T^fnf '\t9S [Allahabad, 1877.] 12°. 

14160. b. 30.(1.) 

[Ramavilasa. A pai'aphrase in verse of the 
Ramayana of Valmiki.] pp. 259, lith. 5^«H"« 
SfciS, [LucTcnow, 1876.] 8°. 14158. f 19. 

'IZZAT ALLAH. ^cRT^^ ^JR [Bakavali sumana. 
Gul i Bakavali, a Persian romance, translated into 
Hindi by Baijusimha Varma, assisted by Siva- 
govinda.] pp.79. ^^Rgi<Hfcsd [I/Mcfenow, 1874.] 8°. 

14156. i. 11.(3.) 

jj^jjcjglil^gS^ [Gul i Bakavali. An anony- 
mous Hindi translation of thQ same romance.] 
pp.ll5,Zi%. [Benares, 1864?] 8°. 14156. i. 18.(U 

JAESCHKE (H. A.) An introduction to the 
Hindi and Urdu languages for Tibetans, pp. 56, 
lith. Kye-lavg, 1867. 8°. 761. a. 

novel in Hindi prose by Thakur Jaga Mohan 
Sinha. pp. iv. 194. Bombay, 1888. 8°. 

14156. h. 35. 

JAGANNATHA. ^ ^rrfiT^ m^ [Laghu jyotisha- 
sara. Elementary rules of astrology.] pp. 16, lith. 
JjbJ lAAi [X»ei/», 1881.] 8°. . 14156. f. 14.(3.) 

JAGANNATHA, Bharatiya, vv^-^ '^Z'^ [Samu- 
drayatra nataka. A short play in support of the 
view that it is not contrary to the principles of 
Hindu religion to take sea voyages and visit 
foreign lands.] pp. 26, lith. ^?^^ "IfctS [Delhi, 
1887.] 8°. 14158. b. 4.(3.) 

JAGANN ATHA DASA. -m^ Tl^^wrft [Arya pras- 
nottari. A hundred questions and answers on 
the tenets of the Moradabad Arya Samaj, by 
J. D., President of the society.] pp. 24. 5TT?>I- 
^gT <^«.^fc [Shahjahanpur, 1882.] 8". 

14154. c. 10.(1.) 

^vj^ ^^il^^W '"n^ thbt^ vniw^ [Daya- 

nanda matapariksha. A rejoinder to Dayananda 
Sarasvati's reply to the author's Arya prasnot- 
tari.] Pt. I. pp. 83, lith. grT^TTT^ [Moradahad, 
1884.] 8°. 14154. c. 11. 

iT ^ HT i^ »T'ttJH-«ir<-^ [Muhammad jivanacha- 

ritra. Life of the Prophet Muhammad.] pp. 143, 
lith. VCX^y^ [Moradabad, 1887.] . 8°. 

14156. g. 25. 





— Bhdgavatapurdna. ^<|H|iK [Sukhasagara. A 
prose translation of the Bhagavataparana, by 
Makkhan Lala, assisted by J.] [1874.] 4°. 

14154. f. 2. 

JAQAHSATHA SAHA7A HHHmcil [Bhajanavali. 
Hjmna of praise to ^iva, Krishna, and other 
deities.] pp. 49, lith. ^Rnr» StSM [Lrtcknow, 
1875.] 8°. 14158. e. 12.a.) 

^WWr^JcT^cST JjJ JU ^JT~/ [Krisbuabalalila. 

Verses on the childhood of Krishna.] pp. 26, lith. 
^nrrs stw [LufAr/Mw, 1875.] 8°. 

14158. e. 12.(2.) 

[Krishnasagara. Tlio life and 

exploits of Krishna, in verse.] pp. iv. 2 17. cHTni 
<«t»M [iMcknoxB, 1875.] 8°. 14158. e. 12.(3.) 

JAOAKHATHA SUKLA. See Mahabharata. — 
liliitijai'nihjUd. vlitJIMMBlffl I etc. [Bhagavadgita. 
With a commentary in Hindi, by J. S., called 
Mnnabhivani.] [1870.] 4'. 14060. t 9. 

See TclasIdasa. JW^^WUf v^ irtsTtUn i 

[Ramaya^a. Transliterated in the Bengali cha- 
racter, with a Bengali translation and notes by 
J. J?.] [1884, dr.] 8". 14158. f. 23. 

J AG AT HAEATAHA, Gonrvaka Pantfit. ^T*>r; 
^r^VT I [Mohammad pariksha. An examination 
in til the moral character of Muhammad.] pp. 70. 
wnrm [li.narr^, 1888.] 12». 14154. e. 

JAHAB SDfHA W>f ^ W [Krishiria-phag. A 
poem on the Holi festival held in celebration of 
the aporta of Kpshi^a with the milk- maids.] 
pp. 16, lith. WM [Affra ? I860.] 8". 

14158. e. 8.(1.) 

JAIlfADHAR¥A ^ ihr VJ^ ^^TT ip(hrs ^CPi 
[ Jainadliarma gyan-pradipnka. The Padikamana, 
and other Jain prayers and hymns, and rcligioaa 
maxims, partly inMarwari and partly in Gujarati.] 
pp. ii. iii. 264. yn "W*! [Poona, 1887.] S". 

14154. h. 12. 

[Fourth edition,] TpiT«W«»[r""n'i,1890.] 8°. 

14154. h. 16. 

UTT ^liPI [Jainadharma-Hiddhiinta stira. A trea- 
tise on Jain religious observances, with a collec- 
tion of prayers and hymns, partly in Hindi and 
and partly in Gujnrati.] pp. ii, iv. 190. ^^ 
^tM, [Poona, 1889.] 8°. 14144, g. 33. 

JANAKI DASA. See Kesava Dasa. <. I H^f'g «tT 
wHm [Ramachandrika. With an explanatory 
commentary by J. D,] [1882.] 8°. 

14158. e. 22. 

nasapracharika. An explanation of difficult pas- 
sages in the Ramayana of Tulasldasa. Second 
edition.] pp. 198. ^sw^nisfctt [I»r7f «<)«■, 1888.] 8°. 

14158. f 25.(2.) 

JANAKIPRASADA, called Rasika Vihaki. '?j'hnT- 
t»WTNl^ ^ TTRxN^H^ I [Bajaranga-battisi, and 
Nikma-pachlsl. Two short poems.] pp. 29, lith. 
^ <\$9.t' [Bombay, 1876.] 12°, 14158. o, 10.(5.) 

*|v|ym«V [Kavya-sudhjiknra. A treatitiii 

on prosody.] pp. 147, ««<;i<ll(; <»ttS, [Ahmadabad, 
1886.] 8'. 14158. e. 27. 

^ giTH ^Ff [Sujas kadamba. An episode 

of the Ramayana in verse, containing the account 
of the submission of Vibhishana to Rama. Fol- 
lowed by Yirabiiii barahmiisi, and Rama malla- 
lila, two poems by Rama^a Vihari.] pp. 29, lith. 
^ W*t [Bombay, 1876,] 12°. 14158. c. 6.(3.) 

A'<iri. fimimHmil m«I . , . Shivarajabhushaua. 
, . . Edited by'j. B. M. 1888. 8°. 

14072. d. 37. 

JANARDAITA BHATTA wxi ^WTR f^S^anr [Vaidyii- 
ratna. A treatise on medicine, in verse.] pp. 92, 
lith. sfcM [Ayra, 1864.] 8°. 14156. b, 4.(1.) 

JASVAHT SnCHA, Maharaja. Bhashabhushau 
by . . , Maharajah Jaswatsinhji , . , with Lupto- 
pama vilasa , , . and Upama sangraha [treatises 
on rhetoric] with [a preface and] commentaries 
in Gujarati , , , by Kavi Hiracband Kanji. 
pp, XV, 123. Bombay, 1866. 12°, 14168, c. 8. 

JATAMAL. La l^gende de Padmani, reine de Tchi- 
tor, d'apres le texte . . . Hindouis (do Djatmal). 
See Pavie (T.) La l^gende de Padmani. Pre- 
mier article, 1866. 8°. Ac. 8808. 

JAWAK. (See Ka/ih 'Ali, called .Tawan. 

JAYADEVA ir liCftr^^ l ^ jt . . . l1(|jf»f^n« t^ "sn 
¥im\ Tlfirftre [GilagDvindadar^a. The Sanskrit 
text of the Gitagovinda, and an imitation of the 
poem in Hindi by Rayachanda Nagara,] pp. 98, 
lith. gw^ai sfest [I/ucknow, 1875.] 8°. 

14072. d. 27. 





JAYAGOPALA DASA. 5^?ft5i^T^ irarT^T I [Tula- 
sisabdarthaprakasa. A Hindi vocabulary in verse, 
with astrological and other sayings.] pp. 144. lith. 
^vntw sfcS,«i [Benares, 1869.] 8°. 14160. c. 7. 

[Another edition.] pp. 152, lith. ^i^tH* 

«)t«d [Luchnow, 1874.] 8°. 14156. i. 8.(3.) 

JAYANARAYAITA. irf «r feinn wxvi f^Tnrt ii ... 

sfUM^cjl^ [Gyan-paheli. A collection of 219 
riddles in verse, compiled and translated from the 
Persian.] pp. 31, lith. sfc^M [Delhi, 1875.] 8°. 

14158. e. 3.(3.) 
JAYASANKARA. See Walker ( ) Dr. fnrn^'t 
cf^ H^T ^^ff^ " [Vidyarthi ki prathama pustaka. 
Compiled by Dr. Walker, with the assistance 
of J.] [1869.] 4°. 14160. d. 2. 

[1871.] 4°. 

[1875.] 8°. 

[1876.] 8°. 

[1879.] 8°. 

14160. d. 7. 

14160. c. 20. 

14160. c. 3.(6.) 

14160. c. 21. 

JAYASUKHA. See Pceanas. — Bhdgavatapurdna. 
VNsMNrT fjjTig^^'rr [Bhagavatapurana. Trans- 
lated into verse by J.] [1878.] obi. 4°. 

14154. g. 5. 

JESUS CHEIST. Ii9 TjTm gfn^Trn 'sr^ >th^<j<if 

«irT ^fir^ra [Kaise paya muktidata.] How I found 
the Saviour, or The shepherd convert of Monghyr. 
pp. 39. ^^r^•^ «)t5« [Benares, 1877.] 12°. 

14154. a. 6.(20.) 

■^t^^^ f^H '^r^^^'ir [Yesu Khrist charitra- 

darpana. The life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 
A Christian tract.] pp. 225. 'fliiru '\t^% [Agra, 
1856.] 8°. 14154. b. 4. 

[Second edition.] pp. 316. Mirzapore, 

1860. 8°. 14154. b. 11. 

JIVAHA DASA, also called Sivasahata Simha. 
«<rB!IH»nTR^t [Krishna-bhajanavali. An abstract 
in verse of each chapter of the tenth skandha, of 
]\Iakkhan Lala's Sukhasagara, or prose translation 
of the Bhagavatapurana, which contains an ac- 
count of the life of Krishna.] pp. 84, lith. g<^Hji 
<lbs8 [Luchnmu, 1874.] 8°. 14158. e. 31.(2.) 

jiVANANDA JYOTIRVID. itri^ ^fTToir i [Mangala 
nataka. A drama in nine acts on the greatness 
of the goddess Devi, written partly in Sanskrit 

and partly in Hindi.] pp. 137. -afX^ <^tfcS [Be- 
nares, 1887.] 12°. 14079. b. 37. 

A Hindi version of all the Sanskrit passages is given in 

JiVARAMA JAT. See Hatim TaI. frfim TTT§ ^T 
foBWr [Hatim Tai ka kissah. Translated^ by J. J.] 
[1877.] 8°. 14156. k. 6. 

See Khusrau, Amir. ^fK ^T^ II [Chahar 

darvesh. Translated by J. J.] [1877.] 8°. 

14156. k. 7. 

See Nemchand. »Jc5?R^ etc. [Gul o Sa- 

naubar. Translated by J. J.] [1877.] 8°. 

14156. i. 12. 

JIYA LALA. <-|R-^HH(| ?x^.<H l »i 1 t;ii | [Barahmasa 
Rukminiji ka, or The lament of Rukmini at the 
absence Of Krishna. A poem.] pp. 7, lith. oKT^r't 
[Benares, 1876.] 16°. 14158. c. 5.(9.) 

JIYASUKHA. See Jatasukha. 

JNANACHANDRA. ^Trhr ^^tt mi^^^II^Xk ' ^ [Sangit 
Vina badshah-zadl. The story of Princess Vina, 
in verse.] pp. 32, lith. [Meerut, 1877.] 8°. 

14158. e. 15.(3.) 

JNANADASA. See Mahabharata. — Bhagavadgltd. 
Tlf »fhn W^TtoBT yM(^l«<jrt [Bhagavadgita. With 
a Hindi version by J.] [1878.] ohl. 16°. 

14060. b. 10. 

JNANAMALA. ^rTTJjT^ [Jnanamala. One hundred 
and twenty - five moral precepts, said to have 
been given by Krishna to his pupil Arjuna.] 
pp. 36. c5<!fH* <lt*d [Luchnow, 1874.] 8°. 

14154. e. 10.(2.) 

JNA'TADHARMAKATHA. gnmi^^^l J im [JSata- 
dharmakatha. The sixth Anga of the Jains, 
Sanskrit text and commentary. Edited with an 
explanatory gloss in Hindi by Vijayasadhu.] 
pp. 1531. csf^TTT <H<i^^ [Cahmtta, 1876.] ohl. 12°. 

14100. c. 3. 

JODHARAJA, Son of Bdlahrishna. Hamir Edsa, 
or a History of Hamir, prince of Ranthambor. 
Translated from the Hindi [of Jodharaja] by 
Brajandtha Bandyopddhyaya. (Journal of the 
Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol. xlviii. pt. i. 
pp. 186-252.) Calcutta, 1879. 8°- 

2098. b. 





JOHV, Munshi Mlrzd. See Tvckol (H. C.) A 
brief accoant of the Jewish people .... by H. C. 
Tucker. Translated into Hindi by Munshi Mirza 
John. 1852. 8'='. 14156. g. 4. 

1855. 8° 

14156. g. 5. 

JOHSSOV fW. F.) See Pkbiodical Publications.— 

Allahabad. Makhzan i Masihi [A monthly 

Christian magazine, edited by W. F. J.] 1878. 8". 

14160. e. 1. 

JOKHTJEAMA, rand it. StePvRAVAB.—BhJgavala- 
jmruna. ^mwn. [Sukhasagara. A prose trans- 
lation of the Bhagavatapnraiia by Mukkhan Lala, 
Mosted by J.] [1874.] 4°. 14154. t 2. 

J0HE8 (Sir William) the Orientalist. [Life.'] See 
Sbkbbiso (M. a.) f^gRituf I [Vidvan-sangraha.] 

JORAWAS M AL. See Zorawab Mal. 

JOSEPH. ^ vmt Ml ^rwvtt I [Dina Ttisaph. 

Joseph, the convcrti-d boggnr boy. A Christian 
tract.] pp. 15. ^^TRSWo [IW/nann, 1870.] 16". 

14154. a. 7.(2.) 

JOSEPH (Sabah). Wf<r<<g i ^r^ V* irt >»?? w^ 
[Jyotikirana. Bible stories tranxlatod from the 
English by S. J.] Ft. I. pp. 207. I^ITTTtPy 
[Allahabad, 1878.] 8". 14154. b. 17. 

JYALASATTA, Pvpil of Dayananda Saranatl. 
Sf I'tKioDicAL Pcblications. — Allahabad. mA- 
f^TT^r [Aryasiddhanta. A monthly journal, 
edited by Bhimasena and Jvaladatta.] [1887, 
etc.] 8". 14033. b. 48. 

ftVTuH^ [Vidyamartanda. Edited 

by Pandit Jraladatta.] [1889, etc.] 12°. 

14096. 0. 9. 

JVALADATTA SABMA. S'v Periodical Pdbli- 
CATioxs. — AUiihidtivl . m<(|H^ <tV9 HII'I [Kanya- 
knbja mandala patra. Edited by Pandit Jvala- 
datta ^arma.] [1890, etc.] 8°. 14160. e. 13. 

See Mahabhabata. ir^i^inifHl^ [Saddharma* 
mptaTarshini. Portions of the Mahtibharata, 
translated by J. Bh.] [1877, etc.] 8". 

14065. e. 

See VxDAS. — Vdjaeaneyitamhitii. xH ^H- 

^f^^W WMT^ [The text of the White Yajur- 
▼eda, with a verbal interpretation and commentary 
by J. BhJ [188-i, etc.] 8". 14007. cc. 14. 

JVALASAHAYA. <)H*cjt % «TV^^ ^ sfXJni [Ajkal 
ke sadhu'on kl kartut. An account of a dis- 
cussion between Pandit Gurudatta, and Bholarama 
Sadhu on the subject of idol-worship, and the 
teaching of the Vedas, asserting that Mahidhara'a 
commentary is faulty, and that of Daysmanda 
Sarasvati trustworthy.] Translated from the 
Hindustani of Jvalasshaya by Durgaprasada.] 
pp. 40. 5Tfh: [Lahore, 1888.] 8°. 

14154. c. 14.(1.) 

JYOTIHSVAEUPA. See Moresvaba, Son of Md^ika 
Bhai(a. wq WI^TT WTtw II [Vaidyamrita. With 
a Hindi tommentary by J.] 1865. 4°. 

14043. d. 13. 

XABIB. See Sankaka HaribhaF. i^fl^l %l^"l 
,. . . nW. ^■^^LM ^n4 HH4 [Samudaya 
santani vani. A collection of poems by Kabir 
and other Vaishnava poets.] [1 888.] 8°. 

14168: e. 33. 

■'fhm <i W H< ta ^nrhJ ii [Bijak. A col- 

lection of religions poems by K., with a com- 
mentary by Yifvanatha Simha. Second edition.] 
pp. 658. cJ'nni woo [Lucknow, 1889.] 8°. 

14168. e. 36. 

Selections from the Rekhtus of Kubeer. 

See Hindi Selections. Hindeo and Hindustani 
Selections. Vol. I. 1830. 4°. 760. g. 12. 

KAKABAMA. See Raxakrishna, also called Ki- 


KALEE-EBISHEN. £fe0 Kalikbibbna Deta, Raja. 

KALHAKA. See Habischandra, of Benares. Kash- 
mir flower containing ... a review of Kalhana's 
Rajntarangini, etc. 1884. 8°. 14156. g. 28. 

KALiCHABAHA, Pandit. See Adams (W.) M..4., 
FtUow of Slerton College, Oxford. i^n \ \ \ i%ltm 
XncpH "mi T^TT [Rajaduton ki katha. The King's 
Messengers, translated by K.] [1861.] 12°. 

14164. b. 16. 

See Hamzab ibn 'Abd al-Mui'TALiB, Amir, 

called AsAD Allah. yx^\x ?»i»n ^^ ({IWM • [Amir 
Hamzah kl dastan. Translated by K.] [1879.] 4°. 

14186. k. 8. 

See Karim al-DiN, Maulavl. mxjlW^ 

XKW VWT^ [Bharatavarshlya vrittantapraka?a. 
Revised by K.] [1869.] 8°. 14156. g. 8. 




KALIGHAKAXA, Pandit. See MahIbharata. »>^- 
HttlT [Mahabharata. A prose translation com- 
menced by KuSjaviharl Lala, and concluded by 
Kalicharana.] [1886-89.] 4°. 14158. g. 17. 

See Pratapa Simha, Baja of Jaipur. 

^WTWT^K etc. [Amritasagara. Translated from 
the original Marwari dialect by K.] [1864.] 8°. 

14156. b. 3. 

[1876.] 8°. 
[1878.] 8°. 

14156. c. 3. 
14156. b. 9. 

See Peatapa Simha, Raja of Sidhua. 

W^^JT^f I [Bhaktamala. A translation by K. of 
the Bhaktakalpadruma of Raja Pratapa Siinha.] 
[1874.] 8°. 14154. f 1. 

See PuKANAS. — Bhdgavatapurdna. ^T^WPT^ 

[Sukhasagara. A revised edition by K.] [1874.] 4°. 

14154. f. 2. 

See Ta'lTm al-MuBTADi. r^ l BjN g^ [Sik- 

.sliavali. Translated by K. from the Hindustani.] 
[1874.] 8°. 14160. c. 3.(3.) 

See Vamsidhara. »ft»nra'«raTT [Bhoja- 

prabandhasara. Revised by K.] [1872.] 8°. 

14156. h. 19. 

[1875.] 8°. 14156. h. 20. 

*J^55 K^ [BhiigolatattTa. Geography 

of Hindustan and neighbouring countries^ trans- 
lated by K. from the Hindustani.] pp. 70. 
cra^T3i <HfcStM {.Luchnow, 1865.] 8°. 

14160. b. 28.(4.) 

■"I^^ftjoirr I [Patradipika. A letter-writer.] 

;5 pt. pp. 63. tiiH'i* SbSjb [Lucknow, 1868.] 8°. 

14160. a. 7.(2.) 


NiNi. Paniniyatatvadarpanam . . . By Kali Charan 
Banerji, etc. 1887, etc. 8°. 14092. b. 39. 

KALIDASA. nxr^ I . . . Megha-duta . . . Trans- 
lated from the original Sanskrit into Hindi verse, 
with a commentary in Hindi styled "Chandrika," 
by Thakur Jagamohan Sinha. pp. xi.79. Calcutta, 
1883. 8°. 14158. d. 19.(5.) 

44otiflc^l T^TZcKI [Sakuntala nataka. Ametrical 

translation by Nawaz of the Sanskrit drama of 
Kalidasa.] pp. 114, lith. Benares, 1864. 12°. 

14158. d. 8. 

KALIDASA. ^Tf^iTcST li [Sakuntala. The Sanskrit 
drama of Kalidasa translated by Kunwar Laksh- 
mana Simha.] See Sivapeasada, Raja, C-S.I. 
Hindi Selections, pp. 95-175. 1867. 4°. 

14156, k. 2. 

^ 4i1<S T M The SakuntalS, in Hin^. The 

text of Kanva Lachhman Sinh critically edited, 
with grammatical, idiomatical, and exegetical 
notes, by F. Pincott. pp. xii. 137. London, 
1876. 4°. 14158. b. 12. 

f^^'ft^'^ [Vikramorva?!. A Sanskrit 

drama by Kalidasa, translated into Hindi by 
Ramaprasada Tivarl. Second edition.] pp. 99. 
l^gl ^ l ^K *'tt<» [Allahabad, 1881.] 8°. 

14158. b. 2.(2.) 

Bytal-Puchisi; . . . translated . . . into English by 
Rajah Kalee-Krishen Behadur. 1834. 8°. 

760. e. 

KALIPRASADA. •JirnJFT ^f^^^ [Kayastha varna- 
nirnaya. An examination into the claims of the 
Chitragupta and Chandrasena Kayasthas to be 
considered as belonging to the Kshatriya caste.] 
pp. 68. ^Jjjqdi c)Q^^:( [LucJcnow, 1875.] 8°. 

14154. e. 10.(3.) 

EALIRAYA. ^ifcK^ [Kheta-karma. A treatise 
on agriculture, and the duties of village autho- 
rities.] pp.51, Zt%. cST^lT'ifc-So [La/iore, 1870.] 8°. 

14156. f. 5.(2.) 

KALYANA RAYA. See Smith (B.) nfirnrfgrai 
[Ganitakriya. Barnard Smith's Arithmetic for 
schools, translated by K. R. from his Hindustani 
version, entitled Hall al-liisab.] [1877, etc.^ 8°. 

14160. c. 11. 

KAMA. — Baladeva SiJtHA, Raja of. See Bala- 


KAMAIAKANTA. See Yadunatha Mutkhopadhtata. 
VT^Vf^r^T . . . [Dhatrisiksha. Translated by K. 
from the Bengali.] [1878.] 12°. 14156. b. 12. 

KAMANDAKI. 4 m'<c t, 'hl ^^firwrr ... The Ka- 
mendakiya nitisar, or the Elements of Polity, by 
Pandit Kamendaki. With Hindi translation of 
the same by Pandit Rdma Ratna . . . qm§ etc. 
Pt. i. [Sargas 1-9.] Lahore, 1874. 8°.*^ 

14039. a. 10. 





KAHCHAHA ACHABTA. v^t^m fVsni [Dhanafi- 
JHyavijaya. A play in one act, translated from 
the Sanskrit by Harischandra.] pp. 23. W^ntV 
<4kt| [Benaret, 1883.] 16°. 14158. a. 2.(2.) 

EAKHAITA LALA, Son of Th<lkura Ldla. See 
Vacha3Fati Mi8Ra. «Iha|<<i)ij^1 [Sankhya- 
tattvakaumudt. With a Hindi commentary by 
K. L.] [1880.] 8^ 14048. d. 29. 

KAITHAIYA LALA, called ALAKUxrHAR!. iRr ^w<» 
wfrrrr w^ w^ Vttml W^ v^ ^fratm etc. [Vana- 
yatra. A Vaifchnava work, containing a de- 
8cn(>tion of temples, shrines, groves, tanks and 
other sites, aacrcd to the worship of Krishna, in 
Braj, or the conntry round about Agra and 
Mathura. With numerous illustrations.] pp. 76, 
lUh. wmn «Xl<« [Agra, 1802.] 8°. 

14154 e. 2.a.) 

KAF7A LACHHMAK SIITH. Ser Laksbmana Simha. 

EA9TACHAEITSA. #^ l ^{\i i [Kanyacharitra. 
Talcs for girls. A Chrijttian tract.] pp. 39. 
SgTrrwnr [AUaJiabtul, 1876.] oW. 12". 

14154. ft. 13.(3.) 

KAPILA B t f R ftf i ^t [Sjmkhya-divakara. The 
Saiikhya Aphorisms of Kapila. .Sanskrit text, 
with a copious Hindi commentary by Kesavananda 
Svami.] pp. 224. wn^rrr' ^tt^ [Ahmfulahad, 
1886.] 8*. 14048. bb. 26. 

EARAK. nTnla TruT wrrm WT [Sangit Riija Karak 
ka. A legend in verse.] pp. 32, lUh. [Meerut, 
1878.] 8°. 14158. e. 3.(U.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lUh. WTJT^ 

Mt^ [Benarea, 1882.] 8°. 14158. b. 6.(6.) 

KA&!]C ftl-siv, Maulavi. mnMt^ ^wpjr xrmrv 

[Bharatavarshiya vpttantaprukii?a. A history of 
India, trani<lated from the Hindustani Waki'at i 
Hind of K. al-D. by Magan Lala. Revised by 
Pandit Kalicharai^a.] pp. 268, iv. ^WT* stt* 
J.u.lnou, 1869.] 8". 14158. g. 8. 

»_>Vi J/^ fi^ ^'HW [Bhugola Panjab. 

KASm. ^'^ (,r»^ [Hans Jawahir. An alle- 
gorical story in verse, written in the time of 
Muhammad Shah, Emperor of Delhi, in the dialect 
then spoken.] pp. 124, ft^. J^C ir.r {^Liichiotc, 

1886.] 8°. 14156. i. 25.(2.) 

Ih Pertian eAaracters. 

KASiUATHA, B,lhu. See Olcott (H. S.) HTOT 
ffrrf^rf ^^ [Bharata trikalika dasa. A lecture, 
translated by K.] 1882. 8°. 14156. d. 6.a.) 

KASINATHA, Paiuiit, of Rewari. See §ankara 

AcHAKYA. vi|Oil(l<|«irfl: [Aparokshanubhuti. 

With a Hindi translation by Pandit Kosinatha.] 

[1886.] 8°. 14048. b. 

KASiir ATHA, the Poet, wirr^ ^fn ^^ ^JW^ fcSWH I 
[Bhartaricharitra. The legend of King Bhartri- 
hari in verse.] pp. 23, Uth. ^t<f^ '^i^i^ [Delhi, 
1866.] 12°. 14158. o. 3.(6.) 

Wt'Tt^ ^<TI [Another edition.] pp. 24, 

Uth. [Bonaret, 1870 ?] 12°. 14158. c. 9.(3.) 

MTm^irlfl [Bhartarlgita. Another edition, 

under ii sliglitly different title.] pp. 12, Uth. 
9frni <\t9i [Lueknow, 1874.] 8°. 

14158. d. 16.(2.) 

rt^iT affll [Siglirabodha. An astrological treatise 
in Sanskrit, with an anonymous commentary in 
Hindi.] pp. 80, Uth. ^rhts '\t9i [Lueknow, 1874.] 
oU. 4". 14063. e. 19. 

^I^'fhl «41« [Another edition, with an 

anonymous commentary, differing irom that in 
the preceding edition.] pp. 64, Uth. iidi'i <t«^<4 
[Delhi, 1874.] 4°. 14063. d. 28. 

irtww^ HIMI^I*! [Another edition, with 

the same commentary as the preceding edition.] 
pp. 64, Uth. ^^ [Meerut, 1879.] ohl. 8°. 

14053. d. 33. 

^fhtitvmifinniv . . . irnir'^ ThKi ysTm^if 

A g<'ogrnphy of the Punjab, translated from the 
Hindustani of K. al-D.] pp. 130, Uth. ^nfh; 
H»o [Lahore, 1870.] 8". 14160. b. 28.(5.) 

KASIOIRI BAlTARASi. See Bakasas! Dasa. 

[Another edition, with an anonymous commentary, 

I differing from those in the preceding editions.] 

pp. vi. 176, Uth. ^ vt^s [Bombay, 1880.1 12°. 

14063. b. 16. 

5«nt Jitiiwhl [Another edition.] ff. 63, 

Uth. s«i««< [Delhi, 1884.] obi. 8". 14063. d. 41. 





Chaturveda. ^q^^inj^j^ [Vyavasthapatra. With 
a Hindi translation by K. K. S.] [1888.] 8°. 

14039. b. 18. 

EASiSTHAH SASTBAETHAH. ^kt^^: ^imth li 
[KasTshthah sastrarthah. A report of a discus- 
sion held at Benares on the 12th KSrtika 1926 
Samvat, between Dayananda Sarasvati on the one 
side, and Visuddhananda Sarasvati, Bala Sastrl 
and other Benares Pandits on the other side, on 
the Vedic authorities for idol-worship, wearing of 
sacred beads, and such like religious observances.] 
pp. 14. Hindi and Hindust. 'JRT^t'^ "^^t^S [Benares, 
1880.] 8°. 14154. c. 1.(3.) 

KATVARU LALA. See Hoopee (W.) Eev. t^ 
f^nm % f^ ij^H Hmr ^ ^^ f?^^ *f [Yavana 
bhasha ka kosha. Compiled with the assistance 
of K. L.] 1878. 12°. 14160. a. 21. 


[Kautukaratnavali. A collection of charms and 
incantations, conjuring tricks, prescriptions for 
various ailments and the like.] pp. 32, lith. cRT^ 
S<i.'^? [Benares, 1866.] 8°. 14156. f. 12.(1.) 

KAzIM 'ALI, called Jaw an. See Vikramaditta, 
King of Ujjayini. Sing,hasun Butteesee. . . . 
Translated . . . from the Brij-B,hak,ha ... by 
Meerza Kazim Ulee Jawan, etc. 1805. 4°. 

14156. k. 11. 

1816. 8°. 
[1839.] 8°. 
[1854.] 12°. 
[1862.] 8°. 
1865. 8°. 
1869. 8°. 

14156. i. 2. 

14156. i. 3. 

14156. h. 2. 
14156. i. 10. 
14156. h. 13. 
14156. 1. 28. 

[1876.] 8°. 14156. i. 19.(1.) 

[1882.] 8°. 14156. i. 24.(7.) 

A throne of thirty - two images, etc. 

[Translated into English.] 1888. 16°. 

14156. h. 33. 

Contes indiens. Les trente-deux Recits 

du Tr6ne ... Traduits ... par L. Feer. 1881. 12°. 

2348. a. 

KEITH (Thomas). See Sharply (A.) ^ftg HoM^ t 
[Golaprakasa. Taken chiefly from the English 
of T. K.] [1866.] 8°. 14160. c. 4.(5.) 

KEMPSON (S. Matthews Edwin). See Sivapba- 
SADA, Eaja, C.S.I. History of Hindustan: being 
an English version of Raja Sivaprasad's ^rf^m 
firfin^rninii . . . by M. K. 1875, etc. 8°. 

14156. g. 15. 

^^1ii*i( II ^T^Tff ai<*iT 'd^i^ii^ oir ^ni ^vm 

^ ^^ ^ ^ ftPT ^ ^ . . . ^(jsl^Vi »r ^ETcRff ■^ 4H<*i 

^■^ I [Kuli-nama. A brief account of British 
foreign possessions for which coolie emigration 
Acts have been passed. Compiled by S. M. E. K., 
by order of the Government of India, North 
West Provinces, for the guidance of emigrant 
coolies, and translated into Hindi.] pp. 52. 
^ cjllT?l< Sb«,«, [AllalMbad, 1866.] 8°. 14156. a. 3. 

KESAVA DASA. See Mahabhaeata. — Bhagavad- 
gltd. |j».IjLo ^_gjM igiiyj [Gitaji. A prose trans- 
lation by K. D. of the Bhagavadgita.] [1872.] 8°. 

14154, e. 5. 

[Kasiraja prakasika. The Kavipriya of K. D., a 
treatise in verse on the elements of poetical 
composition, accompanied 'by a commentary by 
Sardar Kavi.] pp. 498, lith. Benares, 1865. 8°. 

14158. e. 7. 

cff^finn ^tNi [Another edition, with 

Sardar Kavi's commentary.] pp. 350. cjsw^* 
^tb«, [Lucknow, 1886.] 8°. 14158. e. 32. 

TTfl-Mr»<<*I "^zf^ [Ramachandrika. A poem 

in old Hindi on the life of Ramachandra, King 
of Ayodhya ; with an explanatory commetitary 
in modern Hindi by Janakidasa.] pp. 419. c^^T^i 
Stb'^ [Luclcnow, 1882.] 8°. 14158. e. 22. 

KESAVALALA. gee AruTYAElMA. Sangeetaditya 
.... Edited with notes by . . . Keshavlal and 
LaxmidAss. 1889. 8°. 14156. f. 27. 

KESAVALALA VASU. A Hindi Atlas, consisting 
of ten maps with an index by Kesav Lai Basu. 
f^t sfg^arr^cS'^ ^ftr ftl'^^P n^ [Hindi bhuchitra- 
vali.]*^ (7a/cM«a, 1890. 4°. Map. S. 227.(14.) 

KESAVANANDA SVAMi. See Kapila. Bt^iTf^^TTsirT 
[Sankhya-divakara. The Sankhya Aphorisms of 
Kapila, with a Hindi commentary by K. 6.] 
[1886.] 8°. 14048. bb. 28. 





KESAVAF&ASASA VTR#7 etc. [DhatTarnara. 
A collection of 2073 Sanskrit verbal roots, ar- 
ranged in order of initial letters, with their 
meanings in Hindi, and information as to the 
giina and pacta of each.] pp. 168- c^^TTS skSM 
[Lueknow, 1875.] 8°. 14090. b. 29. 

KTHI ?r5 m4(V [Laghu Tjakarana. The 

elements of Hindi grammar, compiled from the 
Kawa'id i Urdu.] 2 pt. 99^^ <^t»t [Lueknow, 
1878.] 8°. 14160. b. 7.(3.) 

KESAVA&AMA SHATTA. See Bankihachandra 
Chattopadhtata. WW wr? ^P^ ... A novel trans- 
lited from Bengali^ by Keshav Ram Bhatt. 
[1880.] 12". 14156. h. 30. 


^ *l;i [Vidji ki nev. A translation by K. Bh. 
of the Bengali Bodhodaya.] [1878.] 8°. 

14160. b. 38.(2.) 

[1880.] 12» 

14160. a. 1.(5.) 

See Ramaoati Ntatakatxa. Outlines of 

the history of India translated ... by Keshav 

Ram Bhatt. [1879.] 8". 14156. g. 6.(2.) 

KSSHAV EAM BHATT. See Kif avarava Bratta. 

KEVALA DIVA £fee ^Ankara Achabta. q tn t^ < n < 
[Paramarthasars. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi 
paraphrase by K. D.] [1876.] 8*. 14048. d. 22. 

KHAOAPATI. ^nm ^[^ [Ganga astuti. A 
hymn in praise of the sacred river (ranges.] 
pp. 16, lith. wmv [Faiekgarh, 1876.] 12°. 

14158. c. 2.(4.) 

KHATRA SHAH, iknrf [Barahmasa. A poem 
describing the twelve months of the year.] pp. 16, 
l>th. wnm«»*^[ilyra,1862.] 12°. 14158. c. 6.a.) 

— — W«l ^TTf *»TWT I [Another edition. Fol- 
lowed by two similar poems, one by Madhava 
Dasa, the other by Ramachandra.] pp. 16. Be- 
naret, 1866. 8°. 14158. d. 12.(3.) 

itn mww\ ^TTmniT [Another edition.] 

pp. 16, lith. lU^ [Delhi? 1872.J 12°. 

14168. e. 7.(2.) 

^Kfum i iKr irrfTT [Another edition.] 

pp. IG.lith. ^^ [Delhi? 1874.] 12°. 14158. o. 9.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. [Meerut, 

1877.] 16". 14158. c. 3.(13.) 

SBAT.TTi 'All OAK. See Hahzah ibn 'Abd al- 
MuTTALiB, Amir, called Asad Allah. vOk jHm 
wi ^IWM I [Amir Hamzah kl dastan. Trans- 
lated from the Hindustani version of Kh. 'A. Kh.] 
[1879.] 4°. 14156. k. 8. 

arat. A drama in four acts on the social evils 
produced by the British rule.] pp. 27. Banki- 
pore, 1885. 12°. 14158. b. 9. 

to ^pxfs ^ stt^ t^ ^ cT^T*^ • t-^ 

lecture on early marriages, and other social 
topics.] pp. 14. Bankipore, 1886. 8°. 

14156. d. 8.a.) 

EHnSALIBAMA RATA. ^^gtim i H tfy. [Ahalya- 
kamadhcDu. An extensive compilation of re- 
ligious precepts from Sanskrit works. Accom- 
panied by a short abstract in Hindi, entitled 
Dugdhamrita.] Pt. i.-vi. WT^ ^f8-^M [Benares, 
1877-78.] 8°. 14033. b. 34. 

Ittued iM monthlj) part* in a series entitled Kdmadhenu. 

0TJSHi EAM. «t»l^iT TT^ -ifttwi tfl [Sangit 
Rani Nautanki ka. A love-talc, in verse, adapted 
for the stage.] pp. 36, lilh. 'W^ StW [Benares, 
1882.] 8°. 14158. b. 5.(2.) 

XffUSRATI, Amir. ^r?Tt !Jt^ il [CJhahar darwesh. 
A Hindi translation by JIvarama Jat of the 
Persian Kissah i chahar darwesh, or Tales of the 
four dervishes, from the Hindustani version of 
Mir Amman.] pp. 146. c?HH« <<t5S [Lueknow, 
1877.] 8°. 14156. k. 7. 

KISORILALA. ^irrm WYf -WPUm [Itihasa Gaur 
Kayastha. A history of the Gaur Kayastha 
caste, translated by Hiralala from the Hindustani 
original of K.] pp. iv. 28, lith. . y g l g t ^ l i ; <»fcttf 
[Allahabad, 1886.] 8°. 14166. g. 27.(1.) 

KHOWIES (Samuel) Bev. See Wesley (J.) rm 
VP^ ^ fff 'W f^Vt «f [Ek upade^a nae janma 
ke vishaya men. A sermon, translated by the 
Rev. S. K.] [1864.] 8°. 14154. a. 6.(3.) 

E0KA8ASTEA. ' Begin. ^>?T ii ^rfcTTT 5»R V^ etc. 

End. iftr ^fhnrrc »t«riN li [Kokasara. A treatise, 

in vCTse, on the art of love, translated by Ananda 

Kavi from a Sanskrit work, entitled Kokasastra.] 

pp.64. [Kiddcrpur, 18201] 8°. 14168. d. 3.(2.) 
* Wil^ut title-page. 

KOTJR LUCHMTJH SIHOH. See Lakshmana Si^iha, 

a 2 





KEIPARAMA. ■p'qunftfiT ^«^ < l Pmi l H?»l "^ [Ghana- 
jyamiti.] Solid-geometry, with a vocabulary of 
mathematical terms in Sanskrit and English .... 
Translated from English into Hindee by Pandit 
Kriparam. pp. v. 88. xviii. Lahore, 1873. 8°. 

14160. b. 42. 

KRISHITA, the Hindu god. "Sfii^ oITT ^qHR 
[Kanhaiya ka balapana. A poem describing the 
childhood of Krishna.] pp. 16, lith. ■aiMil s<l«»«i 
[Agra, 1862.] 12°. 14158. e. 3.(2.) 

KRISHNACHANDA, of the Jalandhar District. 
V^ 5v*Sv ^7>^V^ [Bhedabheda niriipana. 
A discussion on the true nature of Brahma. In 
Gurumukhi characters.] pp. 80, lith. WlddWd 
<\ts% [Amritsar, 1876.] 8\ 14154. e. 15.(2.) 

g^fnir zr^^^sif't ^j^ -jII*-, ^^ <»<i<»^ ^ Hw^ 

^0^^ IToR [Pustak grahanon ki. A list of solar 
and lunar eclipses from Samvat 1912 to 2012, 
i.e. A.D. 1855 to 1955.] pp. 44, lith. Hindi and 
Hindust. j^'i '\t\'\ [Lahore, 1861.] 8°. 

14160. c. 14.(1.) 

Mahabhaeata. ■^'t^^?! - xro'hl »r?TvrRir [Maha- 
bharata. Translated into prose by K. Dh.] 
[1874.] 8°. 14158. e, 14. 

See Seipalacharita. Tq^ir^^CW [Srl- 

palacharita. Edited by K. Dh.] [1873.] oU.S°. 

14154. h. 5. 

•ITT^'t^^'IfT,^ I [Kasidarpana. A description 

of the sacred city of Benares, compiled from the 
Puranas. Sanskrit text, accompanied by a Hindi 
translation.] pp. iv. xiv. 165. ctfcS^lrTI <H«i^5( 
[Calcutta, '[Blh:\ 8°. 14018. b. 7. 

KRISHNA DATTA. See Govinda Naeayana. Tfnu- 
fH*>H<U I [Satyanirupana. Translated from the 
Marathi by K. D.] [I860.] 8°. 14160. c. 4.(1.) 

See Vamsidhara. fHdM<^l^ iWR [Siddha- 

padartha vijnana. A treatise on natural philo- 
sophy, translated from the English by K. D.] 
[1853.] 8?. 14160. b. 13.(1.) 

^fs^^rt^ [Buddhiphalodaya. A moral 

tale.] pp. 21. [Agra, 1856 ?] 8°. 

14119. a. 9.(3.) 

ZRISHNAGIRI. w^ M\^fw(^: [Mokshasiddhi. A 
treatise on Vedanta philosophy ; Sanskrit text, 
with a paraphrase in Hindi by Manna Lala, as- 
sisted by Ramavatara.] See Tattvabodha. ^f^iit- 
^^^ etc. [Three treatises on Vedanta philosophy.] 
[1868.] 8°. 14048. d. 10. 

KRISHNA LALA. «rri^(gH<gT^ .... ^sPJr 'sft^: tit^t» 
cS ^^ M [Bhugolaprakiisa. An elementary geo- 
graphy of Europe and Asia.] pp. 24, lith. ^ttrt 
<\t«,5t [Agra, 1862.] 8°. 14160. b. 28.(1.) 

wrrft^OTT .... HXrrT^? % ^^i ^ [Bhugola- 

sara. An elementary geography of India.] pp.17, 
lith. 'OTiRT <lfcf,^ [Agra, 1862.] 8°. 

14160. b. 28.(2.) 

KRISHNA MISRA. iT^^xr^V ^HT^ [Prabodha- 
chandrodaya nataka. A Sanskrit drama in 6 acts, 
translated into Hindi verse by Vrajavasi Dasa.] 
pp. 120. c ^m^ <)tS4 [LucTcnoiv, 1875.] 8°. 

14158. b. 1.(2.) 

Publications. — Monghyr. "V^m^cx^ I [Dhartna- 
pracharaka. Edited by K. S.] 1880. 4°. 

14133. g. 10. 
KUBEER. See KabIr. 

KTJMTJDACHANDRA. ^*j<^ j [Mi ^ f^f?ff »T^T1TmfT5»i 
^ <«c«i«u ^f^X ^t^ [Kalyana mandira stotra. A 
Jain hymn in Sanskrit, accompanied by a verbal 
explanation in Gujarati, a verse translation in 
Hindi, and a Sanskrit commentary.] pp. 104. 
^^ 'Viii [Bombay, 1888.] 8°. 14033. a. 23. 

KTINJA DASA. gim^rft^ m^ [Ushacharitra. The 
mythological story of Ushfi and Auiruddha, in 
verse.] pp. 24, lith. isif^ns '\<^^^^ [Fatehgarh, 
1876.] 12°. 14158. c. 10.(6.) 

KUNJAVIHAR! lala. See Mahaeharata. m^- 
»?TOT [Maliabharata, A translation, commenced 
by K. L.] [1886.] 4°. 14158. g. 17. 

f^^^^^ I [Chittavinoda. A poetical 

miscellany.] pp. 56, lith. ^iRT "IQ.^^ [Agra, 
1876.] 8°. 14158. e. 3.(6.) 

— — »ft^ 'ftnff^ [Golavinoda. A treatise on 
astronomy, translated from the English by K. L.] 
pp. iii. 222. .^fcR'J c)t4^ [Rurhi, 1856.] 8°. 

14160. b. 11.- 





ZTJHJAVIHAEi LALA. 55^ fWmfufTT [Laghu 
trikonamiti. Plane trigonometry, translated from 
the English, by K. L.] pp. 68. WintI ttMM [-i'jrn, 
1805.] 8'. 14160. b. 6.(3.) 

rWTf«lfinnw [Rekhamititattva. A treatise 

on practical geometry with exercises, translated 
from the English by K. L. Second edition.] 
pp. 139. X5"Tt^Ti» <4tt<» [AnahcU>tul, 1861.] 8'. 

14160. b. 26.(1.) 

^ ^W ^f^ iflfW [Sulabha bijaganita. 

Elementary algebra, translated from the English 
by K. L. Second edition.] pp. ii. 139. ^T- 
?TWI7 st^o [Allahobiul, I860.] 8°. 

14160. b. 10.(2.) 

LABAB. 9WTT^ 'V^ V^ [Labaron ki katha. A 
Christian tract, on the sin of untruthfulness.] 
pp. 12. ^9T?TW1? ^tH [Allahabad, 1876.] 12°. 

14154. a. 16. 

LACHHIBAK. See LakshmIbaiia. 

LACHHMAJ7 SIITH. See Laksbmaxa Sivha. 

LAK8HMAHA LAIAJI BETH, wi ^n^nm itM ^flTV 
[LakshmnnalKKlha nu^aka. An account, in prose 
and Terse, of a pilgrimage to yariooa holy cities 
of the Jains, with particulars concerning the 
Jain religion.] pp. iv. 218. ^r ^i9 [Poona, 
1890.] 16°. 14154. h. 17. 

LAKSHKAVAFRASASA. Pandit. fimnTiT vt ^vrt 
[Sirsagarh ki larai, or The battle of Sirsagarh. A 
poem.] pp. 16, /i<A. wmtTS**^ [.4jr«, 1885.] 8°. 

14158. e. 28.(2.) 

Nasak, Itaini. ITQMIHI^ [Japa paraiiuirtha. The 
Japaji, with a Hindi translation and notes by 
L. B.] [1887.] 8°. 14162. 0. 

LAKSHMAHA SDCHA, Kunxcar. See India. — Legie- 
lative Council. Hindee version of the Indian 
Penal Code . . . Translated by A. C. Hume . . . 
and Koar Luchmun Singh. 1861. 8°. 

14156. a. 4. 

See KiLinASA. jif •^cSI 11 [^akuntala. 

Translated froita the Sanskrit by L. S.] 1867. 4°. 

14156. k. 2. 

lAKSHMANA SIMHA, Kuywar. jft'rl^ viXKTi 
aln^il [Gopichand Bhartari sangit. A legend in 
verse on the story of King Gopichand Bhartrihari, 
who became an ascetic.] pp. 32, h'th. [Delhi? 
1868.] 8°. 14158. e. 2.(2.) 

»n«rHr^ Htwrt [Another edition.] pp. 36, 

lith. !^55=f <H<i^s [Delhi, 1870.] 8". 

14158. e. 8.(5.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. «it5d 

[Delhi, 1874.] 8°. 14158. e. 3.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. ??^^ 

stJ5 [Ddhi, 1877.] 8°. 14158. e. 15.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. [Mcf^rul, 

1878.] 8°. 14158. 0. 3.(10.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. [Meerut, 

1878.] 8». 14168. e. 15.(7.) 

^"^<j1^t5 m.TH.1 [Another edition.] pp. 32, 

lith. wrjft "(ttl [Benares, 1883.] 8°. 

14156. i. 24.(3.) 

1876. 4- 

14158. b. 12. 

Vf^SP; ntn^ [Prahlada sangit, or The 

story of Prahlada, a pious Prince who was perse- 
cuted by his father for worshipping Vishnu. A 
poem.] pp. 48, lith. tt^^ [Delhi, 1866.] 8°. 

14156. i. 11.(1.) 

[Another edition, illustrated.] pp. 48, lith. 

[Delhi, 1868?] 8'. 14158.1.18.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 48, lith. [Meerut, 

1878.] 8°. 14168. e. 16.(8.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 48, lilh. TfT^rt 

<Htt^ [Benares, 1882.] 8". 14158. b. 6.(7.) 

jfhf^fl kMHtiA V [Sangit Riipa Vasanta ka. A 
tale, in verse, of two princes who were bitterly 
persecuted by their step-mother.] pp. 32, lith. 
[Meerut, 1876.] 8°. 14158. e. 8.(13.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lifh. nrz 

[MeenU, 1877 ?] 8°. 14156. i. 16.a.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. [Be- 
nares, 1880 ?] 8°. 14158. b. 6.(2.) 

LAKSHMISASA. See Adittarama. Sangeetd- 
ditya . . . Edited with notes by . . . Keshavl&l and 
Laxmidaas. 1889. 8°. 14166. f. 27. 





LAKSHMINAEAYANA. wgf UTm [Aksharabodha. 
A Hindi primer.] pp. 18. ^S^PHl ^fc*H [Imchnow, 
1871.] 8°. 

14160. b. 34.(2.) 

^arr^-^ [Third edition.] pp. 24. MwiKH 

«lt9t [Benares, 1878.] 12°. 

14160. a. 1.(4.) 

LAKSHMIRAMA. HH^MI^I. [Premaratnakara. 
Erotic poems.] pp. 161, Uth. ^'^K'S [Benares, 
1870.] 8°. 

14158. e. 6.(8.) 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 89-104, 109-112, and 121-128. 

LAKSHMISANKARA. >nmqr^ [Bhajanavall. 
Miscellaneous verses, chiefly on the life of Krishna.] 
pp. 50. «»«igo [Bombay? 1883.] 16°. 

14158. c. 7.(7.) 

lAKSHMISANKARA MISRA. Text - books of 
science in Hindi. Rudiments of physical geo- 
graphy. . . . vr^W^ wft<Jl-<ir»i<*l [Prakritika bhii- 
golachandrika.] pp. ii. 48. Benares, 1876. 8°. 

14160. b. 34.(1.) 

LALA, See Mahabharata. — Sarivamsa. 

[Harivamsa. Translated into verse by Lala.] 
[1869.] 8°. ■ 14154. e. 4. 

The Chjhutru Prukash ; a biographical 

account [in verse] of Ch,hutru Sal, Raja of 

Boondelkhund, by Lai Kuvi. Edited by W. Price. 

(^TTO^KT^ Thi ftss^ % n^n ^ ^). pp. 269. 

*9*^ r «1t?«l [Calcutta, 1829.] 8°. 

14156. g. 2. 

Capt. W. R. Pogson has translated this work, under the 
title " History of Boondelas." 

[Another copy.] 

760. e. 13. 

LALACH, Kavi. See Pcranas. — Bhagavatapurana. 
— Dasamashandha, Krichna et sa doctrine. . . . 
traduit sur le manuscrit Hindoui de Lalatch 
Kab, etc. 1852. 8°. 760. g. 23. 

LALA SKEERAM. See Srirama, Ldla. 

LALITA KISORI. ^ xrnnf^-m [ rasakalika. 
Verses on the amours of Radha and Krishna, 
illustrating the ten different rasas, or sentiments 
in poetical composition.] Pt. I. pp. 224, Uth. 
[Liichiow, 1879.] 8° 

14158 g. 9. 

LALLU LALA, Kavi. See Baital-Pachis!. Buetal 
Pucheesee; ... Translated ... from the Brij Bhakha 
. . . by . . . Shree Lulloo Lai Kub. 1805. 4°. 

14156. k. 12. 

[1809.] 8°. 14156' h. 36. 

'1830. 4°. 760. g. 12. 

[1834.] 8°. 14156. h. 25. 

[1849.] 8°. 14156. h. 37. 

1855. 8°. 760. g. 42. 

1857. 8°. 14156. i. 27. 

[1857.] 12°. 14156. h. 3. 

1860. 8°. 760. d. 5.(1.) 

[1870.] 8°. 14156. i. 17. 

[1876.] 8°. 14158. e. 11.(3.) 

Bytal-Puchisi ; 

into English, etc. 1834. 8°. 

1860. 8°. 

1866. 8°. 

1868. 8°. 

1871. 8°. 

Baital Pachisi 

translated . . . 
760. e. 

760. c. 

760. d. 5. 

760. b. 

760. c. 

, In deutscher 
752. c. 2. 

Bearbeitung, etc. 1873. 8°. 

See Chatuebhuja Misra. OT^n^ [Prema- 

sagara. Translated by L. L. from the Braj-bhasha 
original of Chaturbhuja Misra.] [1803.] 4°. 

760. g. 44.(2.) 

1810. 4°. 

14156. k. 13.. 

1825. 4°. 

14156. k. 14. 

1830. 4°. 

760. g. 12. 

1842. 4°. 

14156. k. 17. 

1851. 4°. 

14166. k. 16. 

[1854.] 4°. 

14156. i. 6. 

[1862.] ■ 8°. 

14156. i. 9. 

[1864.] 8°. 

14158. e. 5.(1.) 

[1867.] 8°. 

14156. h. 18. 

[1872.] 8°. 

14158. e. 11.(1.) 

[1879.] 8". 

14156. i. 21. 

[1880.] 8° 

14156. i. 14. 





LALLU LALA, Kavi. See CnATCSBHrjA Misea. 
Prem Sagar ; . . . Literally translated from the 
Hindi of Shri Lallu Lai Kab, into English. 
I80L 4". 780. i 8. 

1867. 8". 760. c. 8. 

By J. 

— Selections from the Prem S&gar. 
F. Baness. 1880. 8°. 14156. i. 22. 

A vocabulary, Kharee Bolee and 

English, of the principal words occurring in [L. 
L.'b translation of] the Prem Sagur. [1825?] 4°. 

14156. k. 15. 


760. g. 12. 

Sie ViKBAMADiTTA, King of Ujjayini. 

Sing,hasun Butteeseo ... Translated ... from the 
Bnj-B,hak,ha . . . by . . . Shree Lulloo Lai Knb. 
1805. 4°. 14156. k. 11. 














14156. i. 2. 

14156. i. 3. 

14156. h. 2. 

14156. i. 10. 

14156. h. 13. 

14156. i. 28. 

14156. i. 19.a) 

14156. i. 24.(6.) 

[Translated into English.] 1888. 16*. 

14156. h. 33. 

^^sia> uJj'.ial [Lata'if i Hindi,] or The 

KewCyclopasdia Hind'wstanicaof Wit; containing 
a choice collection of humorous stories in the 
Persian and Nagrce characters; interspersed with 
appropriate proverbs ... in the Rekbtu and Brij 
B.hasha dialects, cte. pp. 124, 158, 86. Calcutta, 
1810. 6". 760. g. 8. 

HTV^ fw^m [Madhavavilasa. A tale in 

prose and verse, taken from the Sanskrit.] pp. 148. 
•m^MWX *fiAH [Calcutta, 1808.] 8°. 14166. h. 6. 

[Another edition.] pp. 70. {Calcutta, 

1870?] 8', 14166.1.4.(1.) 

Without title-page. 

Rajneeti : or Tales exhibiting the moral 

doctrines, and the civil and military policy of 
the Hindoos. Translated from the original San- 

skrit of Narayun Pundit [t.c. of the Hitopadesa] 
into Brij B,hasha. By Sree Lulloo Lai Kub. 
(tnprtftr) pp. 254, ii. Calcutta, 1809. 8'. 

14156. L L 

[Another edition.] pp. 142. Calcutta, 

1827. 8°. 760. h. 3. 

Riya-nlti ; a collection of Hindu apologues, 

in the Braj Bhasha language. Revised edition, 
with a preface, notes, and supplementary glossary 
[by F. E. Hall], pp. vii. 167, x. xiv. Allahabad, 
1854. • 8°. 14156. i. 5. 

[Another edition.] From the text edition 

of Dr. Hall. pp. 168, xiii. cTirJni U5| {Jjuclcnow, 
1873.] 8°. 14156. h. 21. 

TTinrtfJr i [Another edition.] pp. 116. 

mwm stoo [Calcutta, 1878.] 8°. 

14156. i. 4.(5.) 

TTiprHVr xn l i ^i ^mWH [Rajaniti, also called 

Panchopakhyana. A Hindi version, by Bhairava- 
prasada, of the Braj-bhasha text of L. L.] pp. 315. 
^ <<«<»^ [Bombay, 1854.] 12'. 14166. h. 1. 

RUMim finfWTR [Another edition of the 

Rajaniti of L. L., in Bhairavaprasida's transla- 
tion.] pp. 249, nth. ^ [Bombay, 1866.] 12°. 

14166. h. 4. 

The Rajiyti ; or Tales, exhibiting the 

moral doctrines and the civil and military policy 
of the Hindoos. Translated literally from the 
Hindi of Shri Lallu Lai Kab, into English, by 
J. R. A. S. Lowe, pp.112. Calcutta, \BbZ. 8". 

12306. h. 29. 

Begin. w«I iwif?r55ia %W7? It [Sabhavilasa. 

Selections from the writings of famous Hindi 

poets.] pp.73. f^rf^T^ [fi'irftfw/mr, 1820?] 8°. 

14168. d. 3.(1.) 
Without title-page. 

The Subha Bilas, a Collection of stanzas 

on various subjects, in Hindce, by different 
authors. [Another edition.] Edited by W. Price, 
(wm f%^T«) pp. 84. iB^Tnn [Calcutta], 1828. 8°. 

14168. d. 5. 

IwrftTcITW [Another edition.] pp. 38. 

W\^i Vi.<\9 [Bcnare; 1856.] 8°. 14158. e. 2.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 79, lilh. in Sft^^ 

I [Mcerut, 1865.] 12». 14166. h. 7.(1.) 




LALLU LALA, Kavi. VHxfk^xn [Another edition.] 
pp. 93. <\st9 [Bombay? 1865.] 12°. 

14158. c. 7.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 48. cjWH* «)fc*^ 

[Luchnow, 1872.] 8°. 14158. e. 11.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 48, lith. ^^^jl 

[Delhi, 1875.] 8°. 14158. e. 5.(2.) 

Selections from the . . . Prem Sagar, etc. 

See Amman, M7r. Selections from the Bagh o 
Bahar, etc. 1878. 8°. 14156. h. 26. 

Selections from the Prem Sagar (bj 

Lallii Lai) and Bagh-o Bahar (by Mir Amman) 
translated into literal English with copious notes 
. . . By Adalut Khan. Second edition, pp. viii.-399. 
Calcutta, 1881. 8°. 14156. h. 27. 

LANCEBEAU (Edo0ard). See Academies, etc. — 
Paris. — Ecole Speciale Des Langues Orientales 
Vivantes. fw^ f^^^ gttw^lri I Chrestomathie 
Hindie et Hindouie. [With a vocabulary by 
E. L.] 1849. 8°. 752. f. 10. 

See BAiTAL-PACHisi. Extraits du .B^tal- 

patchisi (traduits) par M. E. L. 1851, etc. 8°. 

Ac. 8808. 

LEDLIE (John Paeks). ^'H^cFT q f<. qT gT ^ [Jivika- 
paripatT. A treatise on political economy, trans- 
lated by Vamsldhara from the Hindustani Dastiir 
ul-ma'ash of J. P. L.] pp. 53. , flliKl ibM^ [Agra, 
1853.] 8°. 14156. d. 2. 

[Another edition.] pp. 70. ^c5I^NI< <)fcMSf 

[Allahabad, 1856.] 8°. 14156. f. 4.(2.) 

LESLIE (Andrew) . See Bible. — New Testament. 
The New Testament ... in the Hindi language. 
Translated ... [by A. L.] 1848. 12°. 

3070. bb, 23. 

1850. 12°. 3070. bb. 24. 

— ■ — See Bible. — New Testament. — Matthew. 
mri xyrhf ^Jr^ htt^r I The Gospel of Matthew. 
[Kevised by A. L.] [1858?] 8°. 3070. bb. 2. 

See Bible. — New Testament.; — Murk. HK*^ 

x-n^-^ An^ TS^V^X I [The Gospel of Mark, revised 
by A. L.] [1858 ?] 8°. 3070. bb. 6. 

See Bible. — New Testament. — Luhe. ^SoKt 

T^tlT ^"1^ ^HI^Tt I The Gospel of Luke, and the 
Acts of the Apostles in Kaithi Hindi. [Revised 
by A. L.] 1858. 8°. 3070. bb. 21. 

LESLIE (Andrew). See Bible, — New Testament. 
— John, Gospel of. tt?^ X'^\!( »Nc5 WHI"^!*. I Gospel 
of John. [Revised by A. L.] [1858 ?] 8°. 

3070. bb. 8. 

LILAPATI. ^^%i3p ^^q [Biilasiksha samkshepa. 
Advice to boys on the respect due from them to 
their parents and masters. Interspersed with 
short Sanskrit verses on the same subject.] 
pp. 20, lith. «i«!.d^ [Agra, 1886.] 16°. 

14085. a. 7. 

LIPIBODHINI. fcsfq^tfiR't [Lipibodhini. A Hindi 
copy-book.] [Allahabad, 1864?] 12°. 

14160. a. 14. 

LITURGIES. — England, Church of. — Common 
Prayer. — Appendix. Ul^<il ^>tT Wljftf'l'frf ^ifir ^chrY 
«ir f^^^ ira^t [Prarthana vishaya men prasnot- 
tara.] A catechism on prayer and the sacraments 
and rites of the Church [of England]. pp. 44. 
Bombay, 1877. 12°. 14154. a. 17.(1.) 

[A catechism on the Baptismal Service for adults.] 
pp. 36, 12. Darjeellng, 1880. 16°. 

14154. a. 17.(2.) 

LOLIMBARAJA. tfm'N^ I [Vaidyajivana. An 
abridged translation in verse by Sankaraprasada 
of L.'s Sanskrit treatise on the treatment of 
various maladies.] pp. 56, lith. cS^H4 '\tSi 
[Luchnow, 1874.] 8°. 14156. b. 8. 

LONDON. — Som,e and Colonial School Society. 
School drill by Devi Prashad, translated from the 
Home and Colonial School Manual. (^^TcR^ «ir 
cfmm^ ■^ ^I*^J^ cRT fift^Tq^). pp. ii. 79. Benares, 
1*879. 12°. 14160. a. 23. 

LOWE (John Robert Alexander Shakespear) . See 
Lallu Lala, Kavi. The Rajniti ; . . . Translated 

literally into English, by J. R. A. S. L. 

1853. 8°. 12305. h. 29. 

LUKMAN HAKIM. ^m't^Tl ^*n HTtH: ii [Nasi- 

hatnama: Moral precepts inverse.] iSeeNANDADASA. 
'^mcitT^ II [Anekartha.] pp. 15-17. [I860.] 8°. 

14156. i. 8.(1.) 

^'t^^ajTS-TTO'^il Ji^rrmrif [Mahabharata. A prose 
translation, edited by M. Bh.J [1874.] 8°. 

14158. e. 14. 





H^Hm(<S f^rf^ir . . . f^nz ;.Nighanta. A medical 
dictionary containing an enameration of plants 
and dmgs nsed in medicine, their descriptions 
and properties. Translated from the Sanskrit 
Madanavinoda of M.] pp. 276, lith. ^*<Jjl «tfcjo 
[Delhi, 1870.] 8". 14156. b. 4.(2.) 

fVr^lB >Tnn [A revised edition by Pyare 

Lala.] pp. xii. 105. 99^^ ^tJ^ [iMeknmr, 
1872.] 8". 14156. b. 6.(1.) 

KACHAVACHARTA See Satanacharta. 

Barahmasa poem.] See Khaira Shah. «^ WTT^- 
rnmi I [Barahmasa.] pp. 13 and U. 186tj. 8". 

14U8. d. 12.(3.) 

H^ 4^<IT ^««^ fgmr [Karuna battisi. A 

poem on the .sentiment of pity.] Sre Surta- 
rcBAKA. fi^^»fli«fl HT^ % fr^wT ^ I iHljrm etc. 
[Suryaporana.] pp. 113-127. [1864.] 12'. 

14154. d. 4. 

][AI)HAVAVAn)A. See Sataxacharta. 

WTffi V^ flff^nPl i.^:inkara dig^jaya. Trans- 
lated from the Sanskrit by M. Bh.] [1870.] 8'. 

14158. g. 7. 

[1888.] 8" 

14154. f. 15. 

MASHAVAFRASASA «r)T^ [Stridarpana. A 
treatise on the education < and duties of women. 
Second edition.] pp. 144. ^WHTl "^tJ* [Lwknow, 
1879.] 8». 14166. d. 4, 

■ADHAVA RAKA. ^ ^n^ir m^ c:.JL.l 'JjO 

\^^_ [Durga aatuti. A prx^in in praise of the 

goddess Dorga, in both the Devanagari and 

Persian characters.] pp. 16, lith. jbiis£^ i*vv 

[Fatehgarh, 1877.] 16». 14168. c. 2.(6.) 

MASHAVA SIMHA g if l ^ ftff t n'^n [Devlcharita- 

.sarcija. A poem extolliug the greatness of the 

goddess Durga. With numerous illustrations, 

and an explanation of the first 43 verses, which 

contain a description of the personal charms of 

the goddess.] pp. 266, lith. Wimi «»tt(^ [fJcnaret, 

1862.] 8*. 14168. e. 20. 

fmperfrrt ; wanting pp. 363 and 254, IA« latt ttoo page* 
of the poem. 

graphy of India . . . MITiltl^ ^T »>=prRT [Bharata- 
varsha ka bhuvrittanta.] pp. 42. Benares, 
1877. 16°. 14160. a. 3.(4.) 

MADHTJSUDANA DASA See Puranas.— Padma- 
purana. — Udmasvamedha. I.IHI^'^HM [Ramasva- 
medha. Translated by M. D.] 1869. 4°. 

14164. g. 3. 

MAGAN LALA, Pandit. See Hallen (J. H. B.) 
^l^lf^csun [Pajuchikitaa. Translated by M. L.] 
[1875.]' 8". 14156. b. 6.(2.) 

See KarIm al-D!ii, MaulavT. »?lTiT^^f»l 

^WTW mcnr [Bharatavarshlya vrittantaprakasa. 
A history of India, translated from the Hindu- 
stani by M, L.] [1869.] 8°. 14156. g. 8. 

See SivANARATANA, Deputy Inspector of 

SchooU. ^ivt ^F^ »nft9 [Avadha de?iya bhii- 
gola. Geography of the province of Oudh, trans- 
lated from the Hindustani by M. L.] [1872.] 8°. 

14160. b. 36.(1.) 

See Walker ( 

) Dr. 

14160. b. 28.(6.) 

f^irr%^ SK^ ny^^ 
^W N [Vidyarthl kl prathama pustaka. Com- 
piled by Dr. Walker, with the assistance of M. L.] 
[1869.] 4». 



14160. d. 2. 

14160. d. 7. 

14160. c. 20. 

14160. 0. 3.(6.) 

14160. c. 21. 

KAHABHARATA See Chbatra SiyiiA. finni 
»J»Hc5l etc. [Vijaya muktavali. The story of 
the Mahabharata in verse.] [1874.] 8°. 

14158. e. 10. 

^W . . . ^hl?^ >Tnn inrTKTOr^^w [Maha- 

bharatadarpana. The Mahabharata with the 

Harivain^a. A translation into Hindi verse, 

commenced by Gokulanatha, continued by his 

son Gopinatha, and concluded by Manidcva, a 

pupil of the latter.] 4. vol. ^cmmrr <<jm<i-m^ 

[Calcutta, 1829-30.] 4°. 14158. h. 1. 

Eaci parra hat a leparate pagination. Tie Saluaparva 
i$ tubdived info 2, tie Sauptikaparva into 3, and the ^nli- 
parva into 4 part*. 





»»?mKW^^ etc. [Another edition. Edited, 

with an index to each volume, by Pyare Lala 
and Ramaratna.] 4 vol, ^4«n* <(<i5<i [Lucknow, 
1874.] 4°. 14158. h. 6. 

: 'Wt^t^^ra - TJTfT^ T?THTTiI [A free and 

abridged prose translation, by Knshnachandra 
Dharmadhikari. Edited by Madanamohana 
Bhatta.] 3 vol. cS^jcB^ <l<i^<H [OoZcwfto, 1874.] 8°. 

- 14158. e. 14. 
Each parva has a separate pagination. 

Jl^TiTnriT [Mahabharata. A translation 

into Hindi prose, commenced by KuSjavihari 
Lala, and concluded by Kalicharana.] ^S^'T^i 
«lbb«,-bQ. [Lucknow, 1886-89.] 4°. 14158. g. 17. 

Ws!»#lHK^i|l!ft [Saddharmamritavarshini. 

Portions of the Mahabharata selected to illustrate 

religious and philosophical doctrine. • Sanskrit 

text with commentaries, and a Hindi translation 

of the same by Jvalaprasada Bhargava.] Vol. vi. 

pt. 8, 10, 11, and vol. vii. pt. 3 and 4. ^rPTtT 

SbJ* [Agra, 1877, etc.] 8°. 14065. e. 

Imperfect ; wanting all other parts. After vol. vii, pt. 7 
no more was published. 


^^ ^n'twr^^tf^^ int>T5 [Bhagavadgita. 

Sanskrit text, with metrical paraphrases in Ma- 
rathi by Vamana and Muktesvara, and in Hindi 
by Tulasldasa. The whole edited under the title 
of Gitarthabodhini.] ^^<\st^[Bombay,18Ql.'] 8°. 

14065. d. 15. 
Each adhydya has a separate pagination. 

^^ ^'HsJItTT HcI'* I [Sanskrit text, with a 

commentary in Hindi byHarivamsa Lala.] pp. 140. 
T^miXM 'Vt^^ [Benares, 1865.] 8°. 

14065. c. 16. 

^rbisn^raf^T i . . . ^fVmt ^^m . . . mm- 

2^oirTf^»Tf^KT etc. [Sanskrit text, and Hindi com- 
mentary by Jagannatha Sukla, entitled Mana- 
bhavanl.] pp. 786. c(hJ5<*1(TT <\«j.^* [Calcutta, 
1870.] 4°. 14060. f. 9. 

WTWS'tin VZhK (iboL 'Jji eiJ;^ [San- 
skrit text, with a Hindi commentary by Ananda- 
giri called Paramanandaprakasika.] pp. 545, lith. 
c UsT^Ji °tt99 [Luchnow, 1877.] 8°. 

14065. e. 13. 

Bhagavadgita [continued) . 

[Sanskrit text, with a literal translation and 
commentary in Hindi by Syamasundara Lala 
Bhatanagara.] pp. 343, lith. «irT5rt StSt [Benares, 
1878.] 8°. 14065. e. 12. 

IT? »fhlT HT^TZ'tcIiT sJU'tlW^il' [Sanskrit 

text, with a Hindi version by Jnanadasa.] ff. 288, 
lith. «i«i^M [Meerut, 1878.] obi. 16°. 

14060. b. 10. 

^'t'RlfMJlclrilrtl [Sanskrit text, with a Hindi 

commentary by Harivamsa Lala.] ff. 117, ii. lith. 
■^mXM '\tSfi. [Benares, 1879.] obi. 8°. 

14060. c. 23. 

. . . Sankara - mata - prakasa, or Srimad Bhagvad 
Gita. [Sanskrit text] with the commentaries of 
Sankaracharya, translated into Hindi by Pandita 
Ramdvatara Ojha. pp. vi. 388. xjT^ <\t\:o [Patna, 
1880.] 8°. 14065. e. 20. 

^ ^Hgi H ril in irt^ ^t^ vf^ «Tm 7^^T ^^^- 

Wl'f&itX etc. [Sanskrit text, each stanza being 
followed by a translation into' Braj-bhasha verse 
by Anandarama, and into Braj-bhasha prose by 
Sridhara Sivalala.] pp. iv. 212, lith. g^ Ibo^ 
[Bombay, 1880.] 8°. 14065. e. 17. 

^TofcuiHrHI^^ [Krishnaratnavali. 

metrical translationof theBhagavadgita.] pp. 112. 
*($*^^ s*b<8. [Calcutta, 1867.] 8°. 

14158. d. 26.(1 ) 

^^ll^ ^^^ ^jj [Gitaji. A prose 

translation by Kesava Dasa of the Bhagavadgita, 
transcribed into Persian characters by MunshI 
Vrajalala.] pp. 200, lith. ,^1 \'\r'\ [Lahore, 
1872.] 8°. 14154. e.. 5. 

^6y\/>i\^dy J^ldid*^! [A translation 

of the 18th chapter of the Bhagavadgita in Guru- 
mukhi characters.] pp. 16, lith. <»b5^ [Lahore, 
1873.] 8°. 14158. e. 31.(1.) 

"sr^I ^tflSTI^iTI >n\m V}° [A metrical 

translation by Bhavanadasa.] pp. 194, Zi'iA. ^^ 
S<l^5? [Bombay, 1875.] ohl. 8°. 14158. c. 12, 





BHAOAVAnolTA {eontinued) . 

ajdl^aop^' [A translation in the Gnm- 

mokhi character.] pp. 256, lith. ^Md ifcss 
[Lah&re, 1877.] 12°. 14154. d. 2. 


HT^ [Harivain^a. An abridged metrical trans- 
lation by Lalajl.] pp. 463, lith. WHTnr ««^ 
lBenare$, 1869.] 8*. 14154. e. 4. 


vwr^rmna z'\*\mftif n [Satya Narajana- 

katha. A section of the Itihasasamachchaya on 
the efficacy of obacrving a iaat in honour of Satya 
Narajana. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi commen- 
tary.] pp. 47, /iM. ^?v^<[iljrro.» 1864-66.] 8«. 

14068. b. 2. 

[Another edition.] pp. 48, lith. rnVfT^ 

'MH [Benaret, 1883.] obi. 8°. 14065. e. 


ftcw: •!<#•; «i^ ^tmti [Kissah Nal Daman. 

The story of Nala and DamayantI in verae. With 
illustrations.] pp. 79, lith. mrmr ^<o [Agra, 
1863.] 8°. 14156. h. 24.(2.) 

——— [Another edition.] 
«H [Bareli, 1876.] 8". 

pp. 78, lith. ^T?ft 
14156. L 18.(6.) 


[Vishnoflkhacranama, or the thousand names of 
Vishna. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi commentary 
by Pamshottama Dasa.] pp. 168, lith. <i«^? 
[Delhi, 1875.] 8'. 14033. a. 8. 

^ni (^^HfVHm MZiw [Sanskrit text, with 
a Hindi prose translation.] pp. 97, lith. vl^TTT 
• »ve [Kangra, 1875.] 8". 14076. d. 26.(3.) 

MAHALEVAPRASADA inmR ^JT^ v* u^fTftm^ 
^5^ mf^V Jl^pr^ I [An account of the transac- 
tions of the Sanatana Aryadharma - pracharini 
Sabha, at their fourth anniversary meeting held 
at Chapra. Compiled by M.] pp. iv. 145. ^ewi 
^ttt [Patna, 1888.] 8". 14154. e. 22. 

KAHABAJA LAIA fwm frtnrbj Wk ^r^ 
MTWm MJ [Kihgah liurun Uasbid aur Abu-l-Kasim 
ka. A legendary story.] pp. 56, lith. ^f^rt 
[Delhi, 1882 ?] 8". 14158. i. 24.(4.) 

MAHAVIEAPEASADA, Munshh ^ 1<jiU!IJ | 1 iTI <f g^ 
[Krishnagltavair. A collection of Vaishnava 
songs, compiled from the Surasagara of Suradasa, 
and other sources.] pp. 72, lith. <^«^« stt<\ 
[Luekno'w, 1881.] 4°. 14168. h. 9. 

svAKUPA AcHAKYA. KK^H (Saraswat. ... Sanskrit 
text, and Hindi translation [by M. M.].) 1882, 
etc. 8°. 14093. b. 4. 


NAKDA Sabasvati. «Tftr f^nTTJH [Bhranti nivarann. 
A reply to objections raised by M. N. and others 
to Dayananda Saravati's commentaries on the 
Vedas.] [1880.] 8». 14154. o. 2.(1.) 

SmuA. tmrv^ [Amarako^a. With a Hindi 
interpretation by M. S.] [1875.] ohl. 8°. 

14093. d. 8. 

See Hamzah ibn 'Abd al-MuTTALiB, Amir, 

called Abad Allah, ^nrtt 7»rm ^ ; i wm I [Amir 
Hamzah ki dastan. Translated with the assis- 
Uoce of M. S.] [1879.] 4°. 14156. k. 8. 

SmPubanas. — Bhdgavatapurdna. mfmriTl 

[Snkhasagara. A revised edition by M. S.] 
[1874.] 4°. 14154. f. 2. 

Sec Pdbanab. — Devihhagavatapurdna. ^^- 

^•I'lin >?T^ [Derlbhagavatapurana. Translated 
by M. S.] [1876] 4». 14154. g. 4. 

See PuBANAs. — Viahnupurdna. *wn f%iw- 

^rrar [Vishnupurana. Translated by M. S.] 
[1881.] 4°. 14154. t 5. 

[1883.] 4°. 

14154. f. 12. 

See ^ANKAEA Bhatta, Son of Ntlakanfha. 

Tnnif mv [Vratarka. A Hindi version by M. S.] 
[1877.] obi. 8°. 14033. o. 25. 

See ValmIki. Jvnnvi ^whs^ win 

.[Ramayana. Translated into proso by M. S.] 
[1885.] 4°. 14158. g. 16. 

HT^n ^«nr?Trf l [Kavyasangraha. A 

Hindi anthology, with an appendix, containing 
brief notices of the lives of the poets, and a 
glossary of difficult words.] pp. vii. 265, 32, 39. 
^mm <^t>« [Lucknow, 1874.] 8°. 14158. o. 11. 

H 2 





MAHESA PITEOHITA. See Pdshpadanta. Wt^ 
^Inf^V TfZ^ [Mahiranah stotra. With a Hindi 
paraphrase by M. P.] [1875.] 8°. 

14076. d. 26.(1.) 

[1877.] 8°. 14033. b. 35.(1.) 

MAKKHAN LALA, of Benares. See Jivana Dasa, 
also .called Sivasahata Simha. ^FWH'lfll^cSl' 
[Krishna - bhajanavali. An abstract in verse of 
each chapter of the tenth skandha of M. L.'s 
Sukhasagara.] [1874.] 8°. 14158. e. 31.(2.) 

■ See PuEANAS. — Bhdgavaiapurdna. ^^^TRT 
[Sukhasagara. A prose translation of the Bha- 
gavatapurana by M. L.] [1874.] 4°. 

14154. f. 2. 

f<*yjl ^TTTTrnf «in II [Kissah Hatim Ta''i ka. Trans- 
lated by Yogadhyana Misra, assisted by M. L.] 
[1838.] 4°. 14156. k. 1. 

MALHAR RAVA, Gaihwar of Baroda. iTriaQ 
See Baeoda Commission. «ii»ft5R ^ff^T [Kamisan 
Badauda.] [1876.] 8°. 

MALIK MUHAMMAD, Ja'isl. l^^i eL;jUJo [Pad- 
mavat. An historical romance in verse. In 
Persian characters, with a commentary in Urdu 
by 'All Hasan.] pp. 360, lith. \r^r {Lucknow, 
1865.] 8°. 14156. k. 3. 

q^Nri HTm [Padmavat. Another edition, 

in Devanagari characters. With the meanings 
of difficult words.] pp. 308. cJWtT* <itbo \_Lucknow, 
1880.] 8°. 14156. k. 9. 

M^HI«<r(^f oS^ ^TftoR «fitg^'^ [Padmavat 

khanda ki vartika kaumudi. A translation into 
modern Hindi prose, by Radhakrishna Dasa, of 
the extracts from M. M.'s poem Padmavat, which 
are contained in Raja Sivaprasada's Gutka, or 
Hindi Selections.] pp. 17, lith. ^miT «ibb^ \_Agra, 
1882.] 8°. 14160. c. 18. 

La legende de Padmani, reine de Tchitor, 

d'apres le texte Hindi (de Malik- Mohammed) , 
See Pavie (T.) La legende de Padmani. Deu- 
xieme article. 1856. 8°. Ac. 8808. 

MALLIKA, Bevl. 5!jt^iS»nft I [Saundaryamayi. 
A tale translated by M. from the Bengali.] 
pp. 65. ■^ST^t jfv^P^ ^l^ ^ {Benares, 1887.] 12°. 

14156. h. 12.(1.) 

MANALILA. jfif^fT ^ft^ 1*1 J^ [Manalila. A 
poem on the loves of Riidha and Krishna.] pp. 16, 
lith. mnu iAgra, 1865?] 12°. 

14158. c. 3.(3.) 

MANA SIMHA. Tpr ^r^^'^ [Sringara battisi. 
An erotic poem in thirty-two verses.] pp. 14, lith. 
gt<s<HJi «1W5 [Lucknow, 1877.] 8°. 

14158. e. 8.(19.) 

MANATTINGACHARYA. H^^mr ^^ [Bhaktamara- 
stotra. A Jain hymn, Sanskrit text, with a 
Hindi verse translation by Hemaraja, interspersed 
with devotional hymns, also in Hindi, by Deva- 
vijaya.] pp. 166. ^^ <)Q.d<i [Bombay, 1884.] 16°. 

14100. a. 8. 

MANBODHA. Manbodh's Haribans. [A poem 
in the Maithili dialect. Edited with an English 
translation and index] byGr. A. Grierson. (Journal 
of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol. li. pt. i. 
pp. 129-150, and vol. liii. pt. i. pp. 1-75). Cal- 
cutta, 1882-84. 8°. 2098. b. . 

MANDANA. »R^KTr5^1' ^jHM i acti «f^ [Janaka- 
pachisi, and Hanumanashtaka. Two poems by 
M., the first on the marriage of Rama and Sita, 
the other in praise of the monkey-god Hanuman.] 
pp. 8, lith. -^mii^ St*8 [Luchnow, 1874.] 8°. 

14158. d. 16.(5.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. vims 

1^^^ [Fatehgarh, 1876.] 12°. 14158. c. 10.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. '\tS9 

[Cawnpore, 1877.] 16°. 14158. c. 6.(5.) 

Son of Raghundtha. ^pi^ =1=4*1 L'*^^ [Ya- 
chanamrita. Transliterated into Gujarati cha- 
racters by M. Chh.] [1886.] 8°. 

14154. e. 25. 

MANGALA DASA. ^^q^K^tt^ ^ 'i^ [Panna 
Yirande ka khel, or The legend of Panna and 
Virande. In Marwari verse.] pp. 60, lith. ^^^'^ 
[Delhi, 1876.] 12°. 14158. c. 3.(7.) 

MANGALI LALA. See Pueanas. — Bhagavata- 
purana. — Dasamaskandha. Y'WftniT [Krishnapriya. 
A translation by M. L. of the tenth skandha of 
the Bhagavatapurana.] [1877.] 8°. 

14154. e. 8. 





MAKGALI LALA. njf^ litn ^lifuf it^ mm ^nfl» 
91 •CI*! irm^ U4I3I4 [Mangalakosha. A dictionary 
of sjnonymns, containing chiefly Sanskrit words 
explained in Hindi.] 2 pt. ^?nni ItJ* [TaicJciiow, 
1877.] 8°. 14160. a. 22. 

HAUGU MAILA »inh»(H ^rrftfqftr: wtinrnf^nN 

mv ^ I ^r<nn^ [Mahcsvariya Vai?yotpr»tti. A 
Sanskrit poem on the origin of the Mahe^varlya 
Vaijya caste. Followed by a poem in Marwari, 
cillcd Khampanakha-nirnaya.] pp. 74. ^^nit sto« 
[Bombay, 1887.] 12°. 14072. cc. 

imriBEVA. See Mahabharata. «fw . . . itvrhr 
»nw <T?T>4K«^^ni [Mahabharatadarpana. A 
Hindi verse translation of the Mahabharata, 
conclndcd by M.] [1829-30.] 4". 14168. h. L 

[1874.] 4». 

14158. h. 8. 

BAHBAMJi TcBAVALA and Manirama JIvaxa Tcra- 
VALA. ^3 mi 0i«/3 1<-{1 . . . -^Ml^lX etc. [Ta- 
rana Gujarat! dil-pa.sand khcyalo.] [1889.] 8'. 

14148. e. 21. 

MAHV (Robert Jamm). ^tww^^ ^km 

Y&hyaprapancha darpana, or Mann's Lessons in 
general knowledge, rendered into Hindi by Ma- 
th urA Pras&da Mi^ra. pp. 206. v. ▼sflTH sw* 
[Benares, 1859.] 8*. 14160. b. 8. 

'|H«JM<H [§iv8paScharatna. With a Hindi para- 
phnwe by M. L.] [1868.] 6". 

14033. b. 8. 

See Taittabodha. w^ l 'j i ml etc. [Three 

treatises on Vcdanta philosophy. Sanskrit text, 
with paraphrases in Hindi by M. L.] [1868.] 8'. 

14048. d. 10. 

V'jii"! jnr^ ^sfx ^fa^R ^nr^ [Raghnnatha. 

lataka. Selections from the works of twenty-six 
Hindu poets, compiled by M. L. Followed by 
Lakshmai^a fataka, or 100 stanzas by Samadhana.] 
pp. 30, 33, lith. wumm) t<i^l [Bmaree, 1866.] 8". 

14158. e. 6.(3.) 

~~~- ^(V ipr^ftfft^ [Sajana-Tinoda. A collec- 
tion of entertaining tales and anecdotes.] pp. 86, 
lith. WJiRH c,t»i [Benarea, 1874.] 8'. 

14156. L 26.a.) 

XAHSA LALA, Pamlif. j<Or< <j >* [Sundari- 
tilaka. A Hindi anthology, containing selections 
from the works of 46 poets, ancient and modern, 
written in the Savaiya metre. Compiled by 
M. L., with the assistance of Hanuman Kavi, at 
the instance, and under the editorship of Babu 
Harischandra.] pp. 58, lith. nJUmTii <vt.^% [Be- 

narea, 1869.] 8*. 

14158. e. 3.(1J 

[Another edition.] pp. 83, lith. f^ i m 

<«|9 [Benarea, 1880.] 8". 14158. d. 20.(2.) 

•Yisham Padnbyakhya. f^ i t*<M<;a4 i ^ |. [An 

explanation of difficult words occurring in Pt. L 
of the Gutka, or Hindi Selections, of Raja §iva- 
prasada.] pp. 65. <\t9t [Benarea, 1878.] 12". 

14160. b. 45. 

Second edition, pp.63. ^^K9 [Benarea, 

1881.] 8°. 14160. b. 34.(4.) 

KAHOHABA KAHAWi. iR>fT if^TH^ [Manohnra 
kiilianl. A collection of amusing talcs and anec- 
dotes.] pp. 55, lith. ^sm^m <»kto [Lucknow, 
1880.] 8". 14158. e. 3.(14.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 72. ^j?mi "^fct^ 

[Lueknow, 1882.] 8'. 14156. i. 24.(5.) 

MAHOBAHJAHi KATHA. inik^^ mn [Mano- 
ranjani katlia. Moral and instructive anecdotes.] 
pp. 34. ^^TfTWT^ <\tsif [Allahabad, 1876.] 12°. 

14154. a. 13.(1.) 

KAHU. wn^TV^ mrrv i w^^ n-jmfir -m >rr»n i 
[Manava dhannapraka^a, or the Institutes of 
Manu. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi translation 
according to KuUtika Bhatta's commentary, by 
Gulzar §arma.] ff. 2 and pp. 226. wmra <)tMt 
[Benarea, 1858.] obi. fol. 14038. f. 3. 

•iii^ >tS«I< n M&nava Dharmasdr ... or 

the Ordinances of Manu: ... abridged and trans- 
lated ... by B&bu Sivapras&d. pp. 46. Benarea, 
1857. 8°. 14038. d. 9. 

Second edition, pp. 54. ^t-i l ^ i w i ^ <»ttM 

[Allahabad, 1865.] 8°. 14156. a. 1.(2.) 

Second edition, pp. 42. Penarea, 1866. 8°. 

14038. c, 22. 

[Another edition, reprinted from the 

Allahabad edition.] pp. 54. ^<^l{|qi^ «itS5 [Al- 
lahabad, 1877.] 6°. 14039. b. 11. 





HABSHMAN (John Claek). Marshman's History 
of India, from remote antiquity to the accession 
of the Mogul dynasty. Done into Hindi .... 
by J. J. Moore. {H^T^^^^ff^ ^fK?T« I ^T^T!^^ fi g ^'WH 
■^ir^ oR'Tr I Second edition, pp. 315. Calcutta, 
•1846. 8°. 14156. g. 3. 

Selections from the History of India 

(chapters 2-7 of J. C M.'s Ancient History of 
India) and Bagh o Bahar [of Mir Amman]. 
Translated into literal English, with copious notes 
on etymology, history and geography. By Adalut 
Khan. pp. 151. Calcutta, 1877. 8°. 

14112. a. 26.(1.) 

Selections from the History of India 

A new edition, with each word written in the 
Roman character immediately under the corre- 
sponding word in the Nagri, with a literal English 
translation at side of each page, ... by J. F. Baness, 
pp. 112. Calcutta, 1879. 8°. 

14156. g. 11. 

MABTYN (Heney) Missionary. See Bible. — New 
Testament. The New Testament . . . altered from 
Martyn's Oordoo translation. 1826. 8°. 

1004. g. 9. 

MATHTJBA DASA. f^ginH 'T THBT^ I [Vidya-gyan- 
prakasa. A manual of instruction in simple 
arithmetic, geometry, the native system of book- 
keeping, and other useful matters.] pp. x. 126, 
lith. g^ c),i^^ [Bombay, 1880.] 8°. 

14160. c. 8. 

[Another edition.] pp. x. 126, lith. g^ 

<\^^% [Bombay, 1880.] 8°. 14160. c. 17. 

MATHUBANATHA, Son of Rddhdvallabha. See 
Varaha Mihiea. c5^»inroF I [Laghu jataka. With 
a Hindi commentary by M.] [1875.] 8°. 

14053. CO. 2.(1.) 

H^I^MH ^nrNr [PrasnapaSchanana. A 

treatise on fortune-telling, in five parts, compiled 
in Sanskrit, and accompanied by a Hindi com- 
mentary by M.] pp. 42, lith. ^[t^m jrt ift^i [Be- 
nares, 1874.] 8°. 14053. cc. 10.(1.) 


^T^TJI^ ^^iff. Mann's Lessons in general 

knowledge, rendered into Hindi by Mathura Pra- 
s4da Mis'ra. [1859.] 8°. 14160. b. 8. 

^T'ii^tM'+TT cJ^"^^^ .... The Laghu Kaumudi 

Rendered into Hindi by Mathur4 Prasdda 

Mis'ra. 1856. 8°. 14160. b. 17. 

1879. 8° 

14093. c. 7. 

The Tattwa Kaumudi, or the Elements 

of Sanskrit Grammar in Sanskrit and Hindi, by 
Mathura Prasada Misra. [Abridged from his 
previous edition of Varadaraja's Laghukanmudi.] 
ff. 2 and pp. 154. Benares, 1868. 8°. 

14090. c. 23. 

MATIBAMA. ^^^T^c5^ 's^ 'srmfg^ ^P^ ^"HtT^ 
^^t ^nr w^ I [Nripavamsavali. The genealogy 
of the kings of the Solar and Lunar race, in 
verse. Followed by Amiitrika chhanda-dlpika, 
or religious poems by Ramacharitra Simha, and 
a Sanskrit poem by Ramanandana Mayiira, in 
praise of the river Ganges, entitled Gangastava.] 
pp. 24. ViZ^\ "^fcto [Patna, 1880.] 8°. 

14158. d. 16.(7.) 

^ro t^RT^T I [Rasaraja. A treatise, in 

verse, on the various types of male and female 
characters introduced in literary composition. 
With notes by Pandit Durgaprasada.] pp. 82, lith. 
Benares, 1864. 8°. 14158. d. 13.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 54. c5^«i* <lbs^ 

[Luelmow, 1872.] 8°. 14158. e. 9.(1.) 

MAZHAB 'ALI OAN, called Wila. See Baital- 
PACHisi. Buetal Pucheesee ; . . . Translated . . . 
from the Brij Bhakha ... by Muzhur Ulee Khani 
Vila, etc. 1805. 4°. 14156. k. 12. 

[1809.] 8°. 
1830. 4°. 
[1834.] 8°. 
[184.9.] 8°. 
1855. 8°. 
1857. 8°. 
[1857.] 12°. 
1860. 8°. 
[1870.] 8°. 

14156. h. 36. 

760. g. 12. 

14156. h. 25. 

14156. h. 37. 

760. g. 42. 

14156. i. 27. 

14156. h. 3. 
760. d. 5.(1.) 

14156. i. 17. 

[1876.] 8°. 14158. e. 11.(3.) 





KA^HAB 'ALI 0AH, called Wila. See Baital- 
PachIsi. Bytal-Puchisi; . . . translated . . . into 
English, eU. \6U. 8°. 760. e. 



760. c. 



760. d. 5 



760. b. 



760. 0. 


Pacfaisi . 

. In 


Bearbeitong, eU. 1873. 8°. 

762. c. 2. 

MEEEUT, DUtriet of. >vf(^ ftr^ i(r3 [Bhugola 

zila Meratli- A geography of the District of 

Meernt.] pp. 32, lilh. to [Meerut, 1878!] 8°. 

14160. e. lfi.(L) 
Wilkout tUle-paf. 

MEEEUT. — DevandgarUprachdrifjtl Sahkd. [Tracts 
published by Gaurldatta, as President of the 
Devanagarl-pracharini Sabha :] See GacbIdatta. 
^VIWlO n^VTT V T<^|| [Dcvanagari prachara kc 
apadofa.] [1885.] 8*. 14160. e. 11(4.) 

fvitZ [The third annual report of the Devanagari- 
prachariiii Sabha, or Society for promoting the 
general adoption of the Devanagari instead of 
the Urdu characters. Signed by Gaoridntta, as 
President of the Society.] pp. 10, lilh. nrz ^tti 
[Meerut, 1886.] S". 14160. e. U.d.) 

^ ^ < TT ml U^TfrW^ «HT TO V^ WH ^ M^ 

wrf^ H^tnrw eie. [An account of the proceedings 
of the fourth annual meeting of the Devanagarl- 
pracharini Sabha.] pp. 22, lilh. WtZ ^tt^ [ifeerut, 
1886.] 8". 14160. e. 11.(2.) 

MEOHA&AJA. inm^ l [Meghamala. A treatise 
on astrology.] pp. 59, lilh. HT^ w?9 [Benare*, 
1866.] 8". 14156. t 8.(L) 

W^ kDddii^ ffanrmr [Another edi- 

tion, in Gurumukhi characters.] pp. 64, lilh. 
W^ <»M^ [Lahore, 1872.] 8°. 

14166. f. 21.(2.) 

■ [Another edition of the preceding.] 

pp. 64, lilh. 7S^ <ktto [Lahore, 1880.] 8". 

14156. f. 22. 

KEHAAHATA. ^qt^mn ^ ^Vint [Mei^arhayanl 
cbopal. A Jain legend, in Marwari verse, ex- 
tolling the virtue of cfiastity.] pp. 40. ^44 
[Poona, 1887.] 16°. 14166. h. 31. 

MERAMANAJI. Hfl^w I iK. . ii wf^ ii [Praviiia- 
sugara. A Jain romance, in Hindi verse, intro- 
ducing matters relating to geography, chiromancy, 
music, medicine. Yoga philosophy, and various 
other subjects. Edited by Chaturbhuja Priina- 
jivana, with a running commentary in Gujarati, 
begun by Ranmal Adabhai, and completed by 
DalpatrJma Dahyabhai.] pp. iv. 1179, xxxvi. 
WR^TTT? <»tt? [Ahmadabad, Ba;fco<, printed, 1882.] 4°. 

14154. L 1. 

■mntACHANDBA. See Habisankaea Lala ^astbI, 
ofKanoj. tig^imviitn. [Saddbarmadushanoddhara. 
With a Hindi "translation by M.] [1887.] 8°. 

14033. b. 50. 

MIHBCHAin) DASA. See Sa'dI. ^^'Vn^ tie. 
[Pushpopavana. The Gulistan, with a Hindi 
translation by Pandit M. D.] [1888.] 8". 

Ten. 980. 

KILL (James.) Virrm ^>fVnr^ [Puthakabodhinl. An 
essay on education, translated by Vaipfidhara 
from H. S. Reid's Hindustani version of the 
English of J. M., entitled Intibah al-mudarrisin.] 
pp. 63. mrnn st<« [Agra, 1859.] 8°. 

14166. d. L(2.) 

MDfHAT. See Mdhahmad ^iddIk Hcsain, called 

lOBzA JOHH. See Joini, Munshl Mirzd. 

cations under this heading:] See Sheeeino(M. A.) 

KOHAHA LALA, Pandit. See Edclid. ^mnf^ 
[Rekhaganita. The elements of Euclid, translated 
from the English, in three parts. Pt. i. and ii. by 
M. L., assisted by S^ilala, and pt. iii. by M. L. 
alone.] [1854, eU.] 8". 14160. b. 16. 

[1861.] 8° 
[1865.] 8" 
1871. 8°. 

14160. 0. 6.(L) 

14160. b. 36.(1.) 

14160. 0. 5.(3.) 

TWrnflmr fHl'I^V'I [Rekhaganita 

siddhaphalodaya. Problems on Euclid, trans- 
lated by M. L.] [1854.] 8°. 14160. b. 36.(2.) 





MOHAKA LALA, Pandit. See VamsIdhara. JlTmt- 
iniiT^I [Ganitaprakasa. Pt. i. iii. and iv. translated 
from the Hindustani Mabadi al-hisab of M. L.] 
[1873, etc.] 8°. 14160. b. 39. 

• ftr3Tt(»T^ fW^ [Siddhapadartha 

vijnana. A treatise on natural philosophy, trans- 
lated from the English by M. L. and VamsIdhara.] 
[1853.] 8°. 14160. b. 13.(1.) 

fW'^ ^^ nftrw [Bijaganita. Algebra 

for the use of schools, as far as simple equations. 
Translated from the English by M. L.] 2 pt. 
55?R^ StSfM [Lucknow, 1865.] 8°. 14160. b. 23. 

[Another edition.] 2 pt. Pt. i. ^T?RT^ 

«lbS,«, [Allahabad, 18(56.] 8°. Pt. ii. ^TTH «^b^<l 

[Benares, 1859.] 8°. 14160. b. 9. 

Pt. i. is of the %rd, and pt. ii. of the 2nd edition. 

nftlTI f^^R [Gaiiitanidana. Arithmetic, 

translated from the English by M. L.] pp. vi. 146. 
^TiTU <HtM« [Agra, 1854.] 8°. 14160. b. 12.(2.) 

MOHANA LALA (George Douglas). See Mortimer 
(F. L.) Mr.s. The Peep of Day, translated into 
Hindi by Munshi George Douglas Mohan Lai. 
1855. 12°. 14154. a. 2. 

MOHANALALA KATIHA. 55 if^ff ^TWC^S [Laghu 
Samskrita vyakarana. An elementary Sanskrit 
grammar for children.] pp. 40, lith. S«i^<l. [Bareli, 
1883.] 8°. 14160. c. 1.(3.) 

■ ^ITolPC!! TR [Vaiyakarana-ratna. A San- 
skrit grammar in Hindi.] pp. 138. ^^ii^lqi: 
<\tt\ [ShahjahanpuT, 1886.] 8°. 14160. c. 22. 

M. V. Pandia's mannscript of the Prithviraj Rasau 
. . . Edited . . . with critical notes, by Pandit 
Mohanlal Visnulal Pandia. 1887, etc. 8°. 

14158. g. 18. 

■ The defence of Prithiraj Rasa of Chanda 

Barddi [in answer to a paper by the Kaviraj 

Syamala Dasa]. By Pandit Mohan Ldl Vishnu Lai 

Pandia. No. I. Benares, 1887/ efc. 8°. 

14158. d. 21. 
In progress. 

MOORE (John James). See Marshman (J. C.) 
Marshman's History of India .... done into 
Hindi ... by J. J. M. 1846. 8°. 14156. g. 3. 

B.D., F.B.S., Missionary of the Fi-ee Church of 
Scotland. m^J^ f^^t^ mf^ cHT ftZ V^: Trf^ '^iTTtr: 
[Hindudharma prasiddhakarana. A translation 
of Dr. Wilson's "Exposure of the Hindu religion," 
in reply to M. Bh. D.'s Hindudharmasthapana.] 
[1869.] 12°. 14154. a. 5.(3.) 

MORADABAS. — Arya Samdj. Sec Jagannatha 
Dasa. '?n^ Tl^Ht^r^ [Arya prasnottari. A hundred 
questions and answers on the tenets of the Mura- 
dabad Arya Samaj.] [1882 ] 8°. 14154. c. 10. 

MORAR. See Sankaea Haribhai. {s^Hl^ ^lis^n 

. . . n§ii -iiL^u %i^"i n§ii %-^^L3i 4n4 

"HlQU .[Samudaya santani vanT. A collection of 
poems by Morar and other Vaishnava poets.] 
[1888.] 8°. 14158. e. 33. 

MORESVARA, Son of Mdaika Bhatta. "^^ tsTWlT 
ftT^oR II [Vaidyamrita. A treatise on therapeutics. 
Sanskrit text, with a Hindi commentary by 
Jyotihsvariipa.] pp. 47, ii. lith. Benares, 1865. '4°. 

14043. d. 13. 

^t^T ^'IinT^ [Another edition. With a Hindi 
commentary by Ramauatha Karkare.] pp. viii. 
61, lith. ■oum'r <^<l.'^d [Benares, 1867.] 8°. 

14043. d. 15. 

MORTIMER (Favell Lee) Mrs. The Peep of Day, 
translated into Hindi by Munshi George Douglas 
Mohan Lai, under the superintendence of the Rev. 
Joseph Owen. (m^^'J ftj^cR) [Balabodha sikshaka,.] 
pp. 136. Allahabad, 1855. 12°. 14154. a. 2. 

MOTI LALA, Pandit, fofi^n^'hj^ [Kisanopadesa. 
Advice to cultiv'ators on their relations with 
landlords and village authorities. Translated by 
Tamsidhara from the Urdu Pand-namah i kast- 
karan of M. L.] pp. 18. "znn^l ItM^ [Agra, 
1852.] 8". 14156. f. 4.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 20. ^ITVI «ibMS{ 

[Agra, 1856.] 8°. 14156. e. 3. 

MOTI LALA, Versifier. mi^(^ T m TOt^: [Ganesa- 
purana. A poem in praise of the god Ganesa, 
adapted from the Sanskrit by Moti Lala.] See 
Suryapurana. , ff?WRt mm ^ f^m ^T <H w^gTHF- 
etc. [SuryapuranaJ pp. 29-76. [1864.] 12°. 

14154. d. 4. 





. I 

MOTI lALA, Venifier. nYq^ TT WT^ I [GopI 
chand ki khyal. A legend, in Marwari verse, 
on the popular story of King Gopichand becoming 
an ascetic] pp. 6I,i«M. ^ [Po<wu», 1881.] 12°. 

14158. c. 10.(8.) 

HfTtTlTI «ft iHfVl^^H I VTWT^. [Another 

edition.] pp. 32, /./A. j}^<»4w[iiom/-ay,188o.] 12°. 

14158. 0. 7.(5.) 

MOTi EAKA BHATTA. See NIlakantba MiMAy- 
8ACACHATTA. W«I ^nmm^ I [Svapnadhyaya. With 
a prose translation into the Parbatiya or Gorkha 
dialect by M. B. Bh.] [1889.] 12°. 

14072. 0. 49.(2.) 

MUFID al-SIBTAK. finiT^ [SJi^ubodha. A reader 
for children, translated by Dargaprasada from the 
Hindustani Mnf id al-sibyan.] pp. 98, lUh. cSTrrs 
«9t ilMcknow, 1878.] 8°. 14160. e. 4.(7.) 

MUHAMVAD, ihe Trophel. [Ufe.'\ See Jaoak- 
NATHA Da8a. ^fm^ i|1^»l^fn [Muhammad jivana- 

xnwj *ri«J4H 

[Gramya kalpadruma. A treatise on land tenures, 
collection uf rcnta, zemindari accounts, mcasure- 
mcnta and other matters connected with land. 
Translated by Vam^idhara from the Hindustani 
Halat i dihi of M- J. al-D. H. Second edition.] 
pp. 78, /«<A. ^g l f l W I ^ <\Vt9. [Allahabml, 1859.] 8°. 

14156. £ 5.(1.) 

[Third edition.] pp. 58. ^?rrrW7 <»tl5 

[Allahabad, 18C3.] 8°. 14160. b. 13.(2.) 

KUiAMMAH KASilC BA138H. f^«m« I [Yidyii- 
chakra. Simple lessons in natural science, trans- 
lated from the Urdu Da'irah i 'ilm of M. K. B.] 
pp. 40. ^SW!r» <^b>o [Lucknow, 1870.] 12°. 

14160. a. 10.(3.) 

KUEAlOfAI) KASDf. See Bakhtawar Sinoh. 
HMX^r^^li II [Satyadharmavichara. A discussion 
upon true religion between Dayananda Sarasvati, 
M. K. and others.] [1880.] 8». 

14154. c. l.a) 

KUHAMMAD BIDSic HXTSAnr, called Mimnat. 
gir^rilH [Suddhavilasa. A poetical anthology, 
compiled by M. S. H.] Ft. i. pp. 80, lUh. ^0(^*19 
t »»r [Faiehgarh, 1882.] 8°. 14158. e.' 2.(7.) 

MUHAMMAD 'UMAB OAN. jl^ Jj 1^ [Kissah 
i dil - bahla'o. Love songs and stories, in the 
Persian character.] pp. 16,ZtM. [De/Ai,1882?] 12°. 

14156. i. 25.(2.) 

KUnt (John) D.C.L. The Course of Divine 
Revelation. A brief outline of the communica- 
tions of God's will to man, and of the evidences 
and doctrines of Christianity, with allusions to 
Hindu tenets. In Sanskrit, Hindi and English. 
(|<uO%9IIWWUi) [Isvarokta sastradhara.] pp. 40, 
93, 'J-2. Calrutfn, 18 IG. 12°. 14006. o. 9. 

[Matapariksha. A Hindi translation of Dr. 
Mnir's "Examination of religions."] 2 pt. London, 
1861. 8". 14154. b. 6. 

Pi. i. U of the 3rd, and pt. ii. qfthe 2nd edition. 

[Another edition.] 2 pt. pp. 364. ^^ ?» ^ 

<ltt,t iLudhiana, 1868.] 8°. 14154. b. 13. 

«l')ii*lJ|i||flii4H [Yeshu Khrist mahatmya.] 

The Glory of Jesus Christ. A brief account of 
our Lord's life and doctrines, in Sanskrit verse. 
Second edition corrected, with additions, a Hindi 
version, and an English summary, pp. xiv. 140, iii. 
CalnUta, 1849. 8". 14006. o. 11. 

MUKTI. qfw ^nff vi »\^H\ [Mukti arthi kl prar- 
thana. A Christian prayer for deliverance from 
sin.] pp. 4. ^^fm ttl^ [Ludhiana, 1867.] 12°. 

14154. a. 6.(10.) 

MUKTIKAMALA MITHI, Pandit. VHnvxt ^ *l>fH- 
(J«nni(35I [Ratnasagara, also called Mohanagui,iamala. 
A manual of Jain worship, consisting of prayers 
and devotional observances, compiled from various 
sources in Sanskrit, Prakrit and Hindi.] Pt. i. 
■rnw^m vt^if [Calcutta, 1879.] 8°. 14100. o. 9. 

MUKTIMALA. 'tjfi J iH I ci l ^'tT SM i TTTT? TRT* ^ ^pTPtT 
[Muktimala. A Christian tract on the method 
of salvatiou, and the exercise of Christian vir- 
tues.] pp. 98. g^IT^ Srt,l [Ludhtana, 1864.] 12°. 

14154. a. 6.(2.) 

Third edition, pp. 63. [Xon Jon,] 1861. 8°. 

14154. b. 7. 

MTJKUirDA DA8A. See Valijibhacharya, called 
Mahaprabhuji. Mls^iu-vitlfc I [Shoda^agrantha 
sang^ha. With a paraphrastic commentary in 
prose by M. D.] [1884.] 8°. 14048. c, 55. 






MUEUNDA BAMA, Munshi. 8ce Periodical Publi- 
cations. — Moradabad. ^«T ^ToRT [Jaina patrika. 
A montlily periodical, edited by M. R. and Pandit 
Chunni Lala.] [1888.] 8°. 

14154. h. 9. 

MULARAMA SADHTJ. ^"m -fSTtn^Tf ^l^T^^m ^l%a; 
^TT T?^«st5i: Trn:«lff n [Vedanta padarthamaii- 
jiislia. An exposition of Vedantic philosoptical 
terms.] S.WQJith. ^| [Bom6a]/, 1881.] obi 8°. 

14154. g, 7. 

mnjRARIDAN'A. See Ganga Sahaya. ci^i n <» i ^i 
[Vamsaprakasa. Compiled by Ganga Sahaya, 
with the assistance of M.] [1877.] 8°. 

14156. g. 12. 

[1878.] 8° 


Khan, called Wila. 

14156. g. 18. 

See Mazhae 'Ali 

NABHAJI. See Pbatapa Simha, Raja of Sidhua. 
v^WfT^ I [Bhaktamala. A translation of the 
Bhaktakalpadruma, a Braj-bhasha work, founded 
on the Bhaktamala of Nabhaji.] [1874.] 8°. 

14154. f. 1. 

'^^ H^'ITcS WZfsfi irrtH: [Bhaktamala, or 

■ Legends of VaishnaTa saints. Written in old and 
obscure Braj-bhasha verse by Nabhaji, who is also 
called Narayana Dasa, accompanied by a gloss in 
kavitta verse by Priya Dasa. With an anony- 
mous commentary in modern Hindi prose and 
verse.] ff. 193, lith. WHK^T «)cs^^ [Benares, 1866.] 
oU. 4°. 14154. g. 2. 

[Another edition of the text and gloss 

by Priya Dasa.] ff. 115. ^^ «)b5<l [Bombay, 
1879.] obi. 8°. 

14154. e. 30. 

Selections from the Bhuctu Mai, or Lives 

of the principal Hindoo saints. [With an anony- 
mous commentary.] See Hindi Selections. Hindee 
and Hindoostanee Selections. Vol. i. 1830. 4°. 

760. g. 12. 

NADIJNANA. SfT^ W^TThn Ttftff "flsl^lUH. [Nadi- 
jnana. A Sanskrit treatise on the pulse, com- 
piled from various Tantras, with a Hindi com- 
mentary.] pp. 33, lith. 'an^lt «»bfc^ [Benares, 
1882.] 8^ 14043. d. 37.(2.) 

NAUiTSUKH. t?nnftRI^ Ji'^ I [Vaidyamanotsava. 
A short treatise on therapeutics, in ver3e.] pp. 56. 
i^ Ht^^ [Bombay, 1865.] 12°. 14156. b. 2. 

[Another edition.] pp. 24, lith. ^Tf^^ <Vi.^9 

[Delhi, 1870.] 8°. 14156. b. 4.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 24, lith. ^wjm 

Sbsd [Lucknow, 1874.] 8°. 14156. c. 2.(1.) 

NANAK, Bdbd. »nTqtm^ [Japa paramartha. The 
Japaji, or Prayer-book of Nanak. Panjabi text, 
with a Hindi translation and notes by Laksh- 
manaprasada Brahmachari.] pp. 48. t^(,<f.|ji 
■STUTO; Mb iLucknow, Brahma year 58, i.e. 1 887.] 8°. 

14162. c. 

NANAK CHAND, of Benares, Pupil of Edma- 

Chandra, fi?^^ 5r^Tf»Tfv [Hindi sabdanidhi. A 

vocabulary of Sanskrit words explained in Hindi.] 

pp. 148, lith. . ^^=t [Delhi, 1888 ?] 8°. 

14092. c. 16. 

The date on the title-page appears to have been erased, the 
date of registration is 1888. 

NANAK CHANDRA, Rishi. fJR^ijT^xr^ [JinapujS- 
sangraha. A collection of Jain prayers in Hindi, 
with Sanskrit and Prakrit - verses interspersed. 
Compiled and edited by N. Ch.] pp. i, 207. 
^^R^ <i<l^^ [Benares, 1876.] 8°. 

14100. c. 7. 

11^ <,HN55'^ I [Padaratnavall. A collection 

of Jain hymns.] pp. xxxiv. 369. ^^THOT <)bsl{ 
[Benares, 1876.] 12°. 14154. h. 6. 

NANDA DASA. ■^t^ort^ ii [Anekartha. A voca- 
bulary of synonymous words in verse. Followed 
by a similar vocabulary by the same author, 
called Namamala, and NasiKatnamii, or moral 
precepts in verse, by Lukman Hakim.] pp. 10, 
15, 2. ^TiTT^ <1<5.«)5 [Benares, I860.] 8°. 

14156. i. 8.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 21, lith. ^i ^f i f ^ 

<»b«d [Lucknow, 1874.] 8°. 14160. b. 48. 

NANDAKISORA LALA. ^fhn^JX?_ [Chautal-san- 
graha. A collection of Vaishnava songs in the 
Chautal measure, compiled by N. L. from the 
works of Tulasidasa, Siiradasa, Narayana Dasa 
and other poets.] pp. 54, lith. shijr i [Agra,, 
1890.] 8°. 14158. e. 37.(2.) 





HAUfDAKUMARA. Begin. «> if ij> irfVi^ w^ . . . 

[Deratattvaprakasa. A Hindu tract on idol 
worship, showing that it is not so much the 
worship of a material object, but of the deity it 
represents.] pp. 7. Benares [1878.] 8°. 

14154. e. 21.(2.) 

Datta. Tj^-ftrWT I [Padarthavidya. Translated 
by N. S.G. from the Bengali original.] [1876.] 8°. 

14166. t 15. 

■AHDi-SUTEA. JTt ^^ Wi vr% i [Nandl-siitra. 
A canonical work of the ^vetambara Jains, ac- 
companied by a Sanskrit, and a Hindi commen- 
tary.] pp. 620. W^Win 1i\%t [Calcutta, 1879.] 
oU. 4». 14100. f. 4. 

HASHTJ T . ALA . ^I^fil hO^ f^f^JIll [Lawani na- 
vinavilasa. Songs in the luwani metre.] Pt. I. 
pp. 104, liOi. V^ iBenaret, 1879 f] S". 

14158. e. 2.(4.) 

VAVVLALA SAirl. mr^ iPt^rm ^ ft t im^l wt • 
[Khyul Saudiigar Wazir-zadi ka, or The merchant 
and the daughter of the Wazir. A tale in Mar- 
wari verse.] pp. 55, ii. Calcutta, 1887. 12°. 

14156. h. 34.(2.) 

(i mT9 [Raja Chitramnkatko 
khyal. A love-story in Marwari verse.] pp. 91, 
Uth. ijill <ttt> [Bombay, 1887.] 16°. 

14156. h. 29.(3.) 

HABASA ITT^ <r^9 [Bhaktisutra. A collection 
of aphorisms on Vaishpava devotion, attributed 
to the sage Narada. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi 
commentary by Harifchandra, entitled Tadiya 
sarYMTB.] pp. ii. 32. vx^n [Paina,] 188-1. 8°. 

14028. d. 37. 

[Another edition.] pp. ii. 56. ttt^ stt^ 

[Patna, 1889.] 8». 14033. bb. 32.(L) 

HARAHARI. ih i Phmj ; [Riijanighantu. A San- 
skrit medical dictionary, with glosses in Marathi, 
Canarese, and Hindi.] pp. 232, Uth. ■WTjfi ^tt| 
[Benaret, 1883.] 8°. 14043. e. 13. 

HA&AHABI SA8A wrj ^rr^ft aM'^M^^i intw 
[Jnanopadefa. A philosophical poem in Broj- 
bbasha, consisting of two parts, viz. (1) Uma 

Mahesvara samvada, and (2) Ashtaka Manika 
Prabhu.] flF. 16, Uth. ^^rt «»*t« [Bombay, 1862.] 
obi. 8°. 14158. d. 7. 

KARAN HTRACHAND. v^rW HTOPC [Dharmatatfcva 
bhaskara. A treatise on Jain philosophy.] ff.iii.27. 
^m^nr^ stt\ [Ahmadabad, 1886.] obi. 12°. 

14154. h. 8. 

HARAYAITA. ^<imtiM l | [Syam - sagal, or The 
marriage of Krishna. A Vaishnava song.] pp. 16, 
Uth. -m^ stt^ [Benaret, 1882.] 12°. 

14168. 0. 9.(9.) 

VARATAITA, Pandit. [For Hindi versions of 
the Sanskrit Hitopade^a, which is commonly 
ascribed to Pandit Narayapa :] See Lallu Lala, 

VARATAKA DA8A, Author of Bhahlamdla. See 


VARATAITA DA8A, Son of Pnnuhotlama Ddsa. 
Srr Pi KAXAS. •ll^^ltuC'd^lftl . . . ^TTTTmn^lH^JTT 
€4ll{9l1^i^4l etc. [Ekadaflmahatmya. WitU a para- 
phrase in Brnj-bhasha by N. D., entitled Ekada- 
jidarpanatilaka.] [1876.] 8°. 14016. e. 30.(2.) 

See Pdranas. — Padmnpurana. — Knrtti- 

kavulhtUmtfa. nlqnijliotw HTfiNwTfTjBr [Kiirti- 
kamahatmya. Sanskrit text, with a Braj-bhasha 
paraphrase by N. D.] [1876.] 8°. 

14016. e. 30.(3.) 

VARATAJTA SDCHA. See Gbierson (G. A.) The 
battle of Kanarpi Gh&t- Edited and translated 
by Sri N&r&yai;i Singh and G. A. Grierson. 
1885. 8". 2098. b. 

VAROTTAMA, Kai-i. y i H I^ ft y [Sudamacharitra. 
The mythological story of Sudamu, one of 
Krishi^'s companions, in verse.] pp. 32, Uth. 
Vi^^ [Delhi? 1876.] 12'. 14168. o. 3.(8.) 

VARSIJI. < | t< i 1 n 1 ifT »mr [Narsljl ka bhat. A 
talc, in verse, of a poor Brahman.] pp. 8, Uth. 
TO <«*?1 [Mccrut, 1876.] 8'. 14156. i. 11.(4.) 

HARSi MEHETA. ini iTTirt ^ ^ ifj't f^ii 
[Narsi Meheta ki hundl. A poem describing a 
miracle said to have been performed on the poet 
Narsi Meheta.] Sec Suktapueana. fijJWMl 
HTHT ^ f^5WT ^ '\ iT^jrro cte. [Suryapurana.] 
pp. 128-142. [1864.]^ 12°. 14154. d. 4. 

I 2 






NASIKETA. iff^ «Mti5d ^ [Pothi Nasiketa 
ki. The legendary story of the sage Nasiketa, 
and his descent into hell, adapted from the San- 
skrit. In verse, and in Gurumukhi characters.] 
pp. 48, liih. St*? [Lahore, 1873.] obi. 12''. 

14158. c. 20.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 48, lith. «ibbl 

[Lahore, 1881.] obi. 12°. 14158. c. 20.(2.) 

NATHTJ LALA. See Suradasa. e-^J^y^ [Bhaun- 
ragita. An extract from the Siirasagara. Tran- 
scribed in Persian characters byN.L.] [1878.] 8°. 

14158. g. 6. 

NAUBAT RAM. ij^ ^igicB ^i(^ ^^imnx 5>^c5T ^rl- 
4.l>44ri [Nrisimha avatara. An account of Vishnu 
in his fourth incarnation, as a man -Hon.] pp. 1 5, 
lith. i^»<t|;<Hil «)Q.^^ [Muzaffarnagar, 1876.] 8°. 

14158. e. 8.(16.) 

NAVARATNA ^^ ^TWtiT^ [Navaratna. A col- 
lection of nine popular poems.] Benares, 1865. 8°. 

14158. e. 6.(4.) 
^ach poem has a separate pagination. 

'T^TTinT [Navaratna. A collection of anec- 
dotes and short poems on various subjects, trans- 
lated from the Persian.] pp. 200, lith. vccs 'ViAo 
[Meerut, 1883.] 8=. - 14158. e. 26. 

A different work from the above, though hearing the same 

NAVINACHANDRA RATA. See Upanishads. — 
Selections. %f^ ftl^M I [Vaidika siddhanta. 
Selected texts from the Upanishads, with a trans- 
lation by N. R.] [1888.] 12°. 14033. a. 11.(3.) 

See Vedas. — Appendix. M^uH* ^Vt ^T" 

«lf^ %H TRrT '^ [A selection of texts from the 
Brahmanas, Upanishads and other sacred books, 
with translations by N. R.] [1888.] 12°. 

14033. a. 11.(4.) 
[1889.] 32°. 14154. d. 9. 

oir f«Tf*ra etc. [Acharadarsa. A short treatise on 
Hindu religious and ceremonial observances.] 
pp. 28. ^T^t «\«i<i«i [Lahore, 1862.] 12°. 

14154. c. 7. 

[Navinachandrodaya.] Hindi Grammar 

by Nobeen Chunder Roy. pp. iii. 84, xxii. lith. 
?rrik H«.:(M [Lahore, 1868.] 8°. 14160. c. 6.(1.) 

NAViNACHANDRA RAYA. ?i3*&ff^ . . . Sad- 
dharam sutram, or Philosophy of true religion. 
[Four chapters of Brahmist aphorisms, Sanskrit 
text, with translation, and occasional comments, 
in Hindi] by Navina Chandra Rai. ^p. 36. 
Luchnow, 1888. 12°. 14033. a. 11.(2.) 

iH^cS ^irSFTJir ?T^ oBT ff^ mv^ if [Sarala 

vyakarana Samsknta ka. A Sanskrit grammar 
in Hindi. Pt. i. revised by Bhagavan Dasa. 
Second edition.] 2 pt. (jsi^i. <i«.^t,-5^t [Lahore, 
1870-72.] 8°. 14093. c. 6. 

H^^ . . . Tattwa Bodha. [Short essays 

on social and moral topics.] »WT [Bombay], 
1885. 8°. ''l4156. d. 8.(3.) 

NAWAL KISHOR. See TulasIdasa. XXHVm ^Z^ 
[Ramayana. Edited by N. K.] [1873.] 8°. 

14158. f. 13. 

NAWAZ. See Kalidasa. Uchtlc^l -!{rz^ I [Sakuntala 
nataka. A metrical translation by Nawaz of the 
Sanskrit drama of Kalidasa.] 1864. 12°. • 

14158. d. 8. 

NAYA KASiKHANDA. ^rm <*l^| 1< ^ < ! i ll Nay a 
Kashikhand. [A tale, in the. form of a dream, 
describing the changes in Benares and other 
parts of India in future years, under the civilizing 
influence of Christianity. With an appendix 
containing (1) Extracts from Raja Sivaprasada's 
Bhiigola hastamalaka, (2) A narative of the Pit- 
cairn islanders, and (3) Account of missionary 
societies.] pp. viii. 211, vi. [Sewares, I860?] 8°. 

14154. b. 9. 

KAZIR. gee Wali Muhammad, called Nazik. 

NECKLACE. Necklace of stories. [A Christian 
tract.] ^fiT^Tf HliT^^ I [Itihasa muktavali.] 
pp. 30. ^TfHT^ '\\iS% [Allahabad, 1876.] 12°. 

14156. h. 28. 

XEMCHAND. iJq5 ^nik?: ji^^ J? las [Gul o 
Sanaubar. A Persian romance, translated by 
Jivarama Jat from Nemchand's Hindustani 
version.] pp. 64, lith. ^y^^ni °X9S [Lnclmow, 
1877.] 8°. 14156. i. 12. 

NILAEA-NTHA GORE (Nehemiah). Criticism of 
the present Hindi translation of the Holy Scrip- 
tures by the Rev. Nehemiah Nilkunth Goreh. 
pp. 37. Allahabad, 1882. 8°. 14154. b. 21.(1.) 





HiLAKAJTTHA GOBB (Nehehiah). T?T^ ^t^iUI 
ftr?m ^nfvn wrf^ ^: ^infv^ ftr^rr ftm t ii [Shad- 
darfana darpana.] Hindu philosophy examined 
by a Benares Pandit. [i.e. N. N. G.] 3 pt. 
Ca/<ru//a, 1860. 8°. 14154. b. 12. 

l^aiikara. ^V HXimiq: I [Svapnadhyaya. A 
Sanskrit treatise, in verse, on the interpretation 
of dreams, being the two concluding sections of 
the Acharamayukha of N. M. With a prose 
translation into the Parbatiya, or Gorkha dialect 
of Hindi, by Moti Rama Bhatta.] pp. 17. VT^ 
^U^ [Benaret, 1889.] 12». 14072. o. 49.(2.) 

»r¥AT •All. inr^ftrw [Kshetradlpika. Men- 
suration, for the use of schools.] pp. 104, lith. 
^atx*n HW* [Fatehgarh, 1877.] 8». 

14160. e. 16.(2.) 

RI8AS 'All BEG, iTirzd. See Ihdu. — Legislative 
Council. r^T so in^^ st99 tlft [Diwani ^abiton 
ka sangraha. The Code of Civil Procedure, Act X. 
of 1877, tranaUtod by N. 'A. B.] [1877.] 8". 

14156. «. 6. 

HISCHAIA DA8A frt fmt wmt . . . ^ 
f9n\ wt if'lcjsvl "^MX nftnr [Vicharasagara. A 
treatise, in verse, on Vedanta philosophy. Edited, 
with a commentary, notes and index, and an 
introductory preface, by Silifi Muhammad.] 
pp. XT. vi. 466. ij^rf stJl {Bombay, 1874.] 8". 

14164. e. 6. 

i^J^ sJ^Jf T'^J'^ **?'j' [Another edition, 

in Persian characters. With a Hindustani trans- 
lation by ^rirama of the Hindi commentary.] 
pp. 15, 648, /i/A. j^J 1**1 [DJA;, 1889.] 8". 

14164. e. 29. 

ViTIKATHA. Mord tales (Neeticutha, Part ii.) 
for the use of schools, in the Khureo bolee dialect 
of the Hindoostance. Hlf* V^ I TUtT W9 I 
pp. 34. CaJeuUa, 1822. 8°. 14156. h. 17.(2.) 

VOBEEV CHinrDEE BOT. See NavInacbandha 

OESTERLET (Hibmann). Bibliothek Oricntiil- 
ischcr Marchen nnd Erzahlungcn in dcutscher 
Bearbeitong mit Einleitung, Anmerkungen nnd 
Nachweisen. (I. Bandchen. Bait&I Pachisi . . . 
In dentacher Bearbeitnng mit . . . Nachweison). 
Leiptig, 1873. 8". 762. c. 2. 

OLCOTT (Heney S.) HTOT fr*T%^ ^^n [Bharata 
trikalika dasa, or The past, present and future 
of India. A lecture by H. S. 0., President of 
the Theosophical Society, translated byKasinathaJ 
pp. 15. Shafijahanpur, 1882. 8°. 

14156. d. 6.(1.) 

OMKARA BHATTA. A comparison of the Puranic 
and Siddhantic systems of astronomy with that 
of Copernicus. By Onkar Bhut of Sehore. 
(»J»ih»«Tt^r^iiftfmj^f5^fT) [Bhugolasara. With 
Suuskrit quotations from Bhuskara Acharya's 
Siddhanta?iromani, and other sources.] pp. 122, ii. 
Agra, 1841. 8". 14156. f. 2. 

Impeifeet ; teanting pp. 19-22. 

[Another edition.] pp. 122, lHh. cSW^ni 

«»tt1 ihaeknoic, 1881.] 8". 14160. b. 31. 

OXEASA LALA. xi\ nf^ Jm mrr^ [Phalit- 
satyapraka^. A small treatise on astrology, 
being a compilation of Sanskrit texts with Hindi 
commentary.] Pt. I. pp. 26. i m^ i <in ; '\\X,\ [Ahma- 
dabad, 1883.] obi. 16°. 14053. a. 9. 

irt f«<UH*m . Shri sidhant prakash. 

[A work on astronomy, based on the Siddhanta- 
firomai^i of Bhaskara Acharya, and on other 
Sanskrit sources.] pp. xii. 216. W»7T7T7 stfc^ 
lAhmadabad, 1883.] 8». 14156. f. 17. 

ONKAR BHUT. See O^ikaea Bhatta. 

OWEN (Josiph). Scfl Mobtimeb (F. L.) 3fr». The 
Peep of Day, translated into Hindi .... under 
the sbporintondence of J. 0. 1855. 12°. 

14164. a. 2. 

See TtJcntB (H. C.) A brief account of 

the Jewish people by H. C. Tucker . . 

Translated into Hindi .... under the superin- 
tendence of J. O. 1854. 8°. 14156. g. 4. 

FAS AH BHAGAT. rf^ Hmrf h*m '^ »lnc5 
[Rukmini - mangala. A mythological tale, in 
verse, on the marriage of Krishna and Rukmini.] 
ff. 80. ^f^ <^ns [Delhi, 1870.] obi. 8". 

14158. e. 30. 

^K^IfA I . . . Shukra niti . . . Sanskrit text and 
translation into Bhasha by Babu Padma Dcva 
N. Pandeya. 1889. 12°. 14039. b. 19. 





PADMAKAEA. J i g- i c^^O [Gangalahari. A hymn 
of praise to the Ganges.] ff. 22, lith. sgiwiw '\t9i 
[Lucknow, 1874.] obi. 8°. 14158. d. 22. 

sTT^ftR^ [Jagadvinoda. A poem on the 

sports of Krishna and Radha, illustrating the 
Sringara-rasa, or erotic element in poetical com- 
positions.] pp. 119, ?ii/i. cJ^^rai «ib*l{ [Lncltnow, 
1876.] 8°. 14158. e. 8.(15.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 93, lith. cSMg'C 

Ibsb [Gawnpore, 1878.] 8°. 14158. e. 15.(6.) 

[Padmabharana. A treatise, in verse, on rhetoric] 
pp. 44, lith. ^TTTwt «<<i^^ [Benares, I860.] 8°. 

14160. c. 4.(4.) 

PAHADE Ki PUSTAKA. xi^i ^ g^TSK ^}Ui 
[Pahade kl pustaka. A Hindi primer with nu- 
merical exercises.] pp. 16, ZiiA. [_Delhi,18Q7?] 12°. 

14160. a. 17. 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. Viri^JI^ 

<^t*S( [Fatehgarh, 1873.] 12°. 14160. a. 9.(2.) 

[A reprint.] pp. 16, lith. «i<»^? [Delhi? 

1875.] 12°. 14160. a. 10.(6.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. tfkf^i 

<\t99 [Fatehgarh, 1877.] 16°. . 14160. a. 27. 

PALIKAMA, Pandit. See Smith (B.) nfJinrf^^ 
[Ganitakriya. Pfc. iii. translated by P.] [1877, 
etc.] 8°. 14160. c. 11. 

TiTZ^nftriT [Patiganita. Barnard 

Smith's Shilling book of arithmetic,' translated 
by P.] [1877.] 12°. 14160. b. 14.(3.) 

PANA BIRMADE. 'SPiJ ^'^ rnn "STk ^ttJJ^^t ^KKT 
[Pana aur Birmadekl varta, or The story of 
Prince Blrmade, and Pana, the merchant's 
daughter. A love tale in Marwari verse.] pp. 91, 
lith. ^ Vi.i'\ [Bombay, 1884.] 8°. • 

14158. d. 32.(2.) 

PANAH 'ALI. a(.^»jicJl [Indrajala. A work on 
divination, the use of mantras, charms and in- 
cantations for averting evil, and curing ailments.] 
4 pt, lith. ^tsif [Delhi, 1876.] 12°. 

14160. a. 11. 

[Another edition.] 4 pt, lith. ^^'^ «ib55-«fc 

[Delhi, 1877-78.] 12°. 14156. e. 6.(1.) 

PANCHABTGANIRNAYGPAYA. ■?t'bi5rt7^rhmT^ fn- 
TPTO fij? ^fTJt oil ^T|rT^5HTt ^yil'f'lJ&'flm'J etc. 
[Paiichanganirnayopaya. A collective name for 
two treatises, one in Hindi and the other in 
Sanskrit, on the rules of calendar - making, as 
established by Hindu usage. Compiled by several 
Pandits of Benares and elsewhere, in refutation 
of the views of Babii Deva Sastrl.] pp. 37. 
?RTOI IQ.?^ [Benares, 1876.] 12°. 14053. b. 12. 

PAirnn. See Akya, pseud. A grammar of the 
Sanskrit language . . . with the aphorisms of 
Panini. 1889. 8°. 14093. d. 13. 

See Dayananda Saeasvat!. 'BHI ^^X^- 

HoRT^: II [Vedangaprakasa. A grammatical com- 
pilation from the Sanskrit of Panini.] [1886, 
etc.} 8°. 14093. c. 17. 

Paninitatvadarpanam, -or An Exposition 

[and rearrangement] of the grammatical apho- 
risms of Panini, in Sanskrit, Hindi and English. 
. . . By Kali Charan Banerji and Surya Pra[s]ada 
Misra. Benares, 1887, etc. 8°. 14092. b. 39. 

In progress. 

PARAMANANDA, Son of Vrajachandra. See 
VihaeI Lala. STll^^K^t [Sat - sal. With a 
Sanskrit interlineary metrical translation, and 
commentary by P., entitled Sringara-saptasatikil.] 
[1873.] 8°. 14076. d. 23. 

PAESONS (John) Missionary, of Monghyr. ,See 
Bible. — New Testament. — Matthew. ^}fi t^rtir 
JIttqS TJtr^Tt I The Gospel of Matthew. [Revised 
by A. Leslie and J. P.] [1858 ?] 8°. 

3070. bb. 2. 

See Bible. — New Testament. — MarJc. 

Itf ^ ^^'tK ^n^ ?J«n^lT I [The Gospel of Mark, 
revised by A. Leslie and J. P.] [1858 ?] 8°. 

3070. bb. 5. 

See Bible. — New Testament. — LuTce. cTSBT 

t^trT HTTcS ^m^K I The Gospel of Luke, and the 
Acts of the Apostles in Kaithi Hindi. [Revised 
by A. Leslie and J. P.] 1858. 8°. 

3070. bb. 21. 

See Bible. — New Testament. — John, 

Gospel of. 5^ •r^'hr »}n^ ^jrr'^Tr i Gospel of 
John. [Revised by A. Leslie and J. P.] [1858?] 8°.. 

3070. bb. 8. 





PASSOIfS (JoHs) Mistionary, of Monghjr. >»ftli 
%tyns I ^dmt WV itf m.mvf ^KT^ n [Bhaktibodhaka.] 
One hundred religious anecdotes in Hindee. 
Selected and translated by J. P. pp. 128. iv. 
Benaree, 1863. 12°. 14154. a. 1.(2.) 

Chand sangrah. A collection of verses, 

intended for the nse of missionaries and others 
in preaching or discussion, especially among 
HindiU. Compiled by J. P. (ip^ »hl?) Second 
edition, pp. iii. 74. Bmare$, 1875. 12°. 

14154. b. 18. 

PATITA DA8A. f^iift^q [Vijvavinaya. Vaish- 
^lava songs.] pp. 21), lUli. ^IRV 1t»J [Lueknow, 
1877.] 8". 14158. e. 28.(1.) 

PAUL, Saint ami ApotiUe. trt TOPffX V f(V: I 
^t^ VT ^ft^ [Paul ka charitra. An account of 
the life of St. Paul and the spread of Christianity.] 
pp. 116. Calcutta, 1852. 12°. 14154. a. La) 

PAVAEAMALA. 4^T t i »< l <g t [Pavaramala. Short 
tales for Christian renders.] pp. -W. ^<^lf 1^1^ 
Sb»S [AUahabaJ, 1870.J 12°. 14154. a. 13.(2.) 

PAVIE (Theodors). See Pcbanas. — Blulgavaia- 
jmrdna. Krichna et sa doctrine . . . traduit . . . 
par T. P. 1852. 8». 760. g. 23. 

La l^gende de Podmani, reine do Tchitor, 

d'apr^s les testes Hindis et Ilindouis. (Journal 
Asiatique. S^rie y. Tome 7. pp. 5-47, 89-130, 
815-343). Fari; 1856. 8°. Ac. 8808. 

PEA&CS (W. H.) Outlines of Geography and 
Astronomy, and of the history of Hindoostan. 
Extmctcd from Pearcc's Oeopraphy. irtirt ^iTfTW 

^VtT [Bhugola aur khagola.] pp. v. 98. Calcutta, 
1825. 8». 14160. b. 2. 


PEMA MTTH I. yMijH^ ^ i ! W iP tul tU tl flH^O ^fWrf 
[Harichnnd rajari chopal. The legendary story 
of king Harifchandra in Marwari verse.] pp. 80. 
Wit [Poena, 1887.] 16». 14166. h. 32. 

—^ [Another edition.] pp.120. wAj [Po<yno, 
1890.] 16°. 14158. c. 23. 



IWli! ^^ [Vrittanta-darpana. A monthly law 
magazine.] Vol. iii. No. 4. ^rmn «<tl(t| \,Agra, 
1866.] 12°. 

14160. e. 14. 


«l5r«lM [Arya siddhanta. A monthly journal 

in Sanskrit and Hindi, compiled and edited for 

the dissemination of the views of Dayananda 

Sarasvati, by his pupils Bhimasena and Jvala- 

datta, with the concurrence of the Arya Samaj 

of Allahabad.] TPfm'VLii [Allahabad, \S81, del 8°.. 

14033. b. 48. 

In progreu. Dated aUo 'Samvat V of the era of Dag a- 

The Hindipradipa. ft;^lH^1'q [A monthly journal 
of science and literature.] Vol. i. Nos. 5-10. 
Allahabad, 1878. 8°. 

14160. e. 2. 

«l><l^^ IW^ ininT [Kanyakuhja mandala patra. 

A bi-monthly social journal, devoted to the 

welfare of the society of Kanyakubja Brahmans. 

Edited by Pandit Jvaladatta $arma.] ^<ji l gH l <; 

<t«i^ [Allahabad, 1890, etc.'] 8°. 

14160. e. 13. 
In projritM. 

Makhzan i Masihi, or the Christian treasury. [A 

monthly Christian magazine; edited by W. F. 

Johnson.] Vol. ii. Nob. 1-3. Allahabad, 1878. 8°. 

14160. e. 1. 
/a Roman ekaraetert. 

f^fnTTThB [Vidyamartanda. A monthly journal 

for the publication of Sanskrit standard works, 

with Hindi interpretations. Edited by Pandit 

Jvaladatta §arma.] ^^Iflfl^ «KldH [Allahabad, 

1889, ete.'\ 12°. 

14096. c. 9. 
In progreu. 


ff *mf^*I I [Dvijapatrika, A bi-monthly paper 

for Bnihmans. Edited by Ramdin Simha.] ^- 

Tl'tjT Win [Bankipur, 1890, e<c.] 8°. 

14160 e 16. 
In fTogreu, 







The Sattya Prakash. A montlily magazine de- 
voted to oriental literature, science, philosophy 
and national improvement, in Hindustani [and 
partly with translations into Hindi. Edited by 
Vishnu Lala.] Bareilly, 1883, etc. 8°. 

14119. f. 22. 


VJlt^rH-? I [Aryamitra. A monthly journal of 
useful knowledge, containing also the first part 
of the Bhattikavya, a Sanskrit poem by Bhatti, 
with Sanskrit commentary, and a Hindi trans- 
lation.] Vol. i. No. 1. ^TTTO^^ <l<i5M [Benares, 
1878, etc.] 8°. 14160. e. 3.(1.) 


V»<^H-^K<* I [Dharmapracharaka. A monthly 
magazine on Hindu religion and philosophy.] 
8oe below : Monghye. 14133. g. 10. 

Extracts from the Gospel Magazine ; [an English 
and Bengali Missionary Journal] viz. The purifi- 
cation of the heart, A robbery, Jesus the Saviour, 
and Objections refuted. Translated into Hinduwee. 
pp. 8. Calcutta, 1820. 8°. 

760. d. 22.(3.) 

BHT-«ITI. Wirrat'ir (Jf^rtrta ^Tt^^l) [Samachara 
sudhavarshana. A daily newspaper.] Vol. v. 
Nos. 1909-10, 1912-1926. Eindi and Bemj. 
{.Calcutta, 1858.] 4°, 

14133. g. 4. 


MKcT 5^W W!^* II etc. [Bharata durdasa pramar- 
daka, afterwards called Bharata sudasa pravartaka. 
A monthly periodical, the organ of the Faru- 
khabad Arya Samaj. Edited by Gopala Raya.] 
WlV^ «»W<1 [Fatehgarh, 1879, etc.] 8°. 

14160. e. 7. 
The title of the periodical teas altered with Wo. 4. 


Abla hitkarak , . . ^m^ f^ri4K« [A bi-monthly 
periodical for women.] Vol. iii. No. 15. Lucknow, 
1887. 4°. 14160. e. 9. 



V»^n-^R«S I [Dharmapracharaka. A monthly 
magazine on Hindu religion and philosophy. 
Edited by Krishnaprasanna Sena.] Vol. ii. 
Nos. 22-25. Hindi and Beng. Monghyr, Calcutta 
[printed], 1880. 4°. 14133. g. 10. 


^ TjfjTciiT [Jaina patrika. A monthly periodical 
on Jain religion, edited by Munshi Mukundarama 
and Pandit Chunni Lala.] No. 7, lith. gtT^T^T^ 
IftSM [Moradahad, 1888.] 8°. 14154. h. 9. 

JEPTt^T^ [Sabhapatra. A Jain monthly periodical, 

edited by Harasahaya Malla and Bhura Malla.] 

Idth. JRT^T^ <»<idM [Moradabad, 1888, etc.] 8°. 

14160. e. 12. 
In progress. 


V»qH ^ K°li *rfaoF^^ [Dharmapracharaka. A monthly 
religious publication of the Dharmopadesa Sabha 
of Budhana.] Vol. i. No. 7, lith. mr^Tirm: «ibbM 
{Muzaffarnagar, 1885.] 8°. 14160. e. 10. 


Tjf5^'rf%«FTI [Kshatriyapatrika. A monthly journal, 
social, literary and instructive.] Vol. i. Nos. 1-4. 
iIT^ I <)<>^b [Patea, 1881.] 8°. 14160.6.8. 

^"^if^TO I . . . Yog vilas. [Edited] by Babu 
Vindhyachal Prasad . . . Monthly journal. Vol. i. 
No. 1, 2. tJT^ \_Patna, 1883.] 8°. 14160. e. 3.(2.) 


^fftim^fltitra (The Sangit mimansak, a monthly 

magazine of music comprising Sanskrit works on 

Aryan music, songs, musical traditions, plans and 

descriptions of the several . . . instruments.) 'yjT 

Stb^ [Poona, 1886, etc.] 8°, 14053. cc. 45. 

Containing a treatise, in Hindi verse, hy Tana Sena, sepa- 
rately catalogued. 

PHULON KA HARA. ^w^f % fm Vi^ ^ ^K 
[Phulon ka hara, or a Garland of flowers. A 
moral and instructive reader for children.] Pt. vi. 
pp. 30. ftrsn^^ SbMo [Mirzajmr, 1850.] 16°. 

14160. a. 6. 
Wanting all other parts. 

[Another edition.] Pt. 1-8. flT^gt IbMI 

iMirzaj>ur, 1859.] 16°. 14154. a. 4. 





PniCOTT (Feeperic) . Sfe AtodbtIpbasIda. jrt^ 
wtcS^ 9T im 11 Khari bol! k& padja. . . . Edited 
by F. P. 1889. 12°. 14158. d. 24. 

See Kalidasa. Jl^Hlt^l ii The ^akuntala 

in Hind!. The text of Kanva Lachhman Sinh 
critically edited, with ...notes, by F. P. 1876. 4°. 

14158. b. 12. 

PnirGALA ACHASTA. SeeBHiKHlBi Dasa. IR^t^- 
fVW^ [Chhandornavapingala. A treatise on 
prosody, founded on P. A.'a Chhandahfastra.] 
[1875.] 8». 14168. e. 8.(10.) 

PJTAMBAKA, Pandii. 8e« Anatha Dasa. V^ 
( ^ ^ H.m(S » [Vicharamali. RerisedbyP.] [188J.] 8°. 

14154. d. 6. 

[Rahasyarthadipika.] See StmoASA Dasa. 

vtii^irirflii [Sundaravilasa, with a commentary 
by P. on the 20th or Viparyaya Anga, entitled 
Rdbasyarthadipika.] [1875.] 8^. 14158. d. 9. 

[1885.] 80. 14158. d. 17. 

[Tattvaprakafiki.] See Satanacbakta. 

^rt 4^?f1l^ [Pafichada^i. With a Hindi commen- 
tary by P., entitled Tattraprakafiki.] [1875.] 8°. 

14048. d. 24. 

l1^^l<lf^»fl^ [Vedantavinoda. Ycdanta 

tracts. Pt. i. called VedantapadaTali, containing 
a short abstract, in verso, of Sect. 1 of tho 
Vichirachandrodaya. Pt. ii. called Yedanta pa- 
dirthasanjna, containing an index of philosophical 
terms in the Yedanta manjiisha.] ^^ sfcttr 
[Bombay, 1886.] 32°. 14164. d. 8. 

PITOAIUr I8LAHDEB8. fViTv^ zn « i^ n 
f%m if [The transformed iflland : a narativo of 
the Pitcaim islanders.] See Nata Kasikhaitda. 
Tfm MTTfnm n pp. 182-206. [I860?] 8°. 

14154. b. 9. 

Third edition, pp.28. Ji/ir8a/>ore, 1876. 8°. 

14164. b. 3.(4.) 

FLATT8 (Joux THOnrsoN). See Baital-Pacbisi. 
The Baital Pacbisi ... Translated ... by J. T. P. 
1871. 8°. 760. 0. 

PLZA. A Plea for the true religion. vntnK vyv^ 
[Satyamata a^raya. A Christian tract.] pp. 44. 
^^ ^t^t [Ludhiana, 1866.] 12°. 

14154. a. 6.(7.) 

PEABHUDASA DASA. jvjm tUv ii [Driahtanta 
kosha.] Proverbs Hindi, Urdu and Persian, col- 
lected and alphabetically arranged, pp. 58. Alla- 
habad, 1870. 12°. 760. b. 34. 

PRABHTT LALA. f^ ir <nq n^ sn mt^ [Hind 
ke madhyapradesa kil bhugola. A catechism on 
the geography of the Central Provinces of India, 
translated by the author, with the assistance of 
Yiharl Simha, from his Urdu geography. Fourth 
edition.] pp. 33. TO «>t*l, [Meerut, 1876.] 8°. 

14160. b. 35.(2.) 

PBAl|rAK£ISH]trA, Pandit. See Rajab 'Al! Beg. 
called ScBCB. irtrfHl^Oci [Mohinicharitra. A 
translation by P. of the Hindustani Fastinah i 
'aja'ib.] [1871.] 8°. 14156. i. 18.(3.) 

[1879.] 8°. 14156. i. 11.(9.) 

[1883.] 8°. 14156. L 24.(7.) 

PKAI7 KI8HE5. .SVe Pbanakrishna. 

PRASHAVTAKABANA. H ««m<t ! l< U H4 | [Pra^nn- 
vyakarana. Tho 10th Anga of tho Jains, with 
a Sanskrit commentary by Abhayadeva, and a 
Hindi jrloss by Vijaya Sadhu.] pp. 542. wfcJ- 
imrRT* "KII iCaUulta, 1876.] obi. 8°. 

14100. 0. 4. 

PBATAPARUDRA SIMHA. ifn Hfrtnn ... Kt>hetra 
sanhita, or Practical agriculture, \>y Pratap Rudra 
Sinha. pp. xxiii. 223, viii. Trrtmnrt ^fcto [Benarin, 
1880.] 8°. 14156. f. 16. 

PBATAPA SIMHA, Raja of Jaipur. See Bhartri- 
BABi. W^ «*7ft TT^Y JVKM m^ [The Niti, 
^ringara and Yairagya ^atnkas of Bhartrihari, 
translated by P. S.] [1866.] 8°. 

14158. e. 6.(7.) 

[Amritasagara. A work on Hindu medicine, 
originally compiled by Raja P. S., in the Marwari 
dialect of Jaipur, and translated into a purer 
style of Hindi by Pandit Kalicharana.] pp.ii.629. 
9inm Sfi,« [Lucktww, 18tit.] 8". 14156. b. 3. 

[Another edition.] pp. 303, litli. <)tt,« 

[Lahore? 1864.] 4°. 14166. o. 1. 

[Another edition.] pp. 452, lilh. sft|5 

[Delhi, 1870.] 8°. 14158. c. 3 

[Another edition.] pp. x. 712. ^inni 

<lt»t [Lueknow, 1878.] 8°. 14156. b. 9. 





PRATAPA SIMHA, Raja of Jaipur. ^ nrt^i 
^wirarnt ^TH §?r«Rhl [Amritasagara, in tho 
original Marwari dialect of Jaipur. Edited, -with 
notes in the Rajvadi dialect, bySridhara Sivalala.] 
pp. 69, 580, llth. rf^ «itto [Bombay, 1880.] 8°. 

14156. b. 11. 

PRATAPA SIMHA, Raja of Sidhua. H^f!fn^ I 
[Bliaktamala, or the Lives of Vaishnava saints. 
A translation by Pandit Kalicharana into modem 
Hindi prose of the Bhaktakalpadruma, a Braj- 
bhasha work by Raja Pratapa. Sirnha, founded on 
the Bhaktamala of Nabhaji.] pp. vii. 415. !55^«1* 
<\t9i [Luclcnow, 1874.] 8°. 14154. f. 1. 

Shahu III., Raja of Satara, 

PRATHAMA PAPA. irzi*» Vl^ ^ ^^ [Prathama 
papa ka varnana. A Christian tract on original 
sin.] pp. 16. ?r^^ «ltl(f{ \_Ludhiana, 1866.] 12°. 

14154. a. 6.(6.) 

PRICE (William) F.R.L.L. See Hindi Selections. 
Hindee and Hindoostanee Selections : . . . com- 
piled ... [by W. P]. 1830. 4°. 

760. g. 12. 

- See Lala, Kavi. The Ch,hutru Prukash, 
byLalKuvi. Edited by W. P. 1829. 8°. 

760. e. 13. 

- See Lallu Lala, Kavi. The Subha Bilas 
. Edited by W. P. 1828. 8°. 

14158. d. 5. 

PRITHTJYASAS, Son of Varaha Mihira. ^^xHrf^lcRT 
W7^ II [Shatpafichasika. A Sanskrit treatise on 
divination, with a Hindi translation by Pandit 
Badarinatha.] pp. 20. ^^T3i <ifcs^ \_Luclinow , , 
1876.] 8°. 14053. cc. 2.(2.) 

PRIYA DASA. See Nabhaji. wq »nR»n55 'VZ^ 
VXtm [Bhaktamala. Accompanied by a gloss in 
kavitta verse by P. D.] [1866.] oil. 4°. 

14154. g. 2. 

[1879.] oU. 8° 

14154. 6. 30. 

PRIYANATHA MITRA. See Tucker (C.) Miss. 
v^ «ir^ ^rq^ [Mele kl kahani. Translated by 
P. M. from a Hindustani version of the original.] 
[1856.] 12°. 14154. a. 3. 


^^t^TTTf'T^TfiH . . . «n<.N<[I<;i«*if <;<*l<5l't^^<Dfif<«l«* 
^f?7T ^cin^^I^'n^TeRI'l^ [Ekadasimahatmya. Selec- 
tions from different Puranas on the celebration 
of the eleventh day in each half moon. With a 
paraphrase in Braj-bhasha by Narayana Dasa, 
entitled Ekadasidarpanatilaka.] pp. 248, lith. 
Vt.\^ [Delhi, 1876.] 8°. 14016. e. 30.(2.) 


See SiVASAHATA. ^I^ ^t»?ST'NH5i«*irH'<Klll*iHTt 
[Bhagavata sankanivarana mafijari. A work 
designed to vindicate the Bhagavatapuraiia.] 
[1888.] obi. 4°. 14018. c. 28. 

^^WT^ [Sukhasagara. A prose translation of 

the Bhagavatapuraiia, preceded by the Bhaga- 

vatamahatmya of the Padmapurana, by Makkhan 

Lala, assisted by Jokhurama, and Jagannatha 

Prasada. Revised, in a purer style of Hindi, by 

Kalicharana and Mahesadatta Sukula.] pp. ii. 909. 

^W^m [Luclcnow, 1874.] 4°. 14154. f. 2. 

The orlgiyial translation hy Makkhan Ldla, which was 
published in 1S46, is stated to have had a large admixture 
of Hindustani words. 

^^Hgrn^iT fini^W^iT [Bhagayatapurana. Trans- 
lated into Hindi verse by Jayasukha.] pp. 538, 
lith. gTrr^rm^ <»<i5M [Moradabad, 1878.] obi. 4°. 

14154. g. 5. 

Dasamdskandha. [For editions of the 

Premasagara, or Life of Krishna, taken from 
the tenth skandha of the Bhagavatapuraiia :] See 
Chaturbhuja Misra. 

'5IVI ^ lRg i n << rr ^^ni^i^ ^tit mt>?: [The tenth 
skandha of the Bhagavatapuraiia. Sanskrit text, 
with a Hindi commentary by Giriprasada.] 2 pt., 
lith. ofix\^ [Benaresl 1869.] obi. 8°. 

14018. c. 26. 

"ij^ t^ °$i!)|i^ j$ [The tenth skandha of the 
Bhagavatapuraiia, containing an account of the 
life of Krishna, translated into verse byRallaDasa.] 
pp. 128, lith. W^ «»fc*S, [Lahore, 1876.] 8". 

14154. e. 14.(1.) 

In Gurumnkhi characters. 

T5»n [Krishnapriya. A translation, in Braj-bhasha 
verse, by Mangall Lala, of the tenth skandha of 
the Bhagavatapuraiia.] pp. 528, lith. ^<jH* stss 
[Lnchnow, 1877.] 8°. 14154. e. 8. 





bhIoatatapubaxa {continiud). 

Krichoa et sa doctrine. Bhagavat dasam askand, 
dixiemo livre da Bhagavat Pourana traduit sur 
le manascrit Hindoai de Lalatch Kab par T. Pavic. 
pp. li. 420. Paris, 1852. 8°. 760. g. 23. 

Ekadascukatidha. See BhIvana Dasa. «1hri<I4| 
Wl^ ^IIVKIvIIII ' [Bhagavata ekada^a bhasha- 
t'lka. A commentary, in verse, ou the eleventh 
chapter of the Bhagavataporana.] [1875.] 8**. 

14154. e. 11. 


wf^aijlim YT MTW ^l^Tl? [Bhavishyapuri^a. 
Translated bj Durgapraeada.] pp. ii. xvi. 646. 
<^<H» stt? [LuehwtB, 1882.] 8". 14154. f. 11. 


AJhyatmardmdyana. ^H^!^^SH 3WlfVcJ> [Adhyat- 

maramayana. Translated by Gulab Singh.] 

pp. 472, Uth. jj»1 i**r [Lahore, 1882.] 8". 

14154. e. 17. 
/a Gurumutki ekaraeten. 

Karmavipakaaamhitd. 1^^% ^ttmVM '•Wl^nr HfftX 
[Karmavipakasamhita. A dialogue between Siva 
and P&rvati on the different modes of expiating 
sins, committed in a former state of existence, 
and of averting their evil consequences in this 
life. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi translation by 
Ravidatta ^stri.] pp. t. 176. j<i|| ^t«o [Bombay, 
1890.] 8». 14016. d. 30. 


dlMMmfl >?rwT WTf%w WTTT^ w^ [Devibhagavata- 

purana. Translated from the Sanskrit by Ma- 

hefadaluSukula.] 9«nv<«t»«,[I^ti«ihioir,1876.] 4°. 

14154. g. 4. 
Each ttamUa hat a tepamte paginalinn. 


TreiakaXpa. ^w n<.f Jil« ti\ jl^ i fi l tg^l HTfl »f 
[Pretakalpa. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi com- 
mentary.] pp. 168, Uih. •K^ [Meervt, 1879.] 
obi. 4°. 14018 c. 24. 


^ f^T^TTO W HTIT »f *^^ [Lingapuraija. 
Translated into proM by Durgaprasada.] pp. 593. 
rfMH* <\Wt [Lueknow, 1881.] 8°. 14154. f. 9. 

[A reprint, with the addition of a preface^ 

index, and list of errata.] pp. x. 593, x. ^swnnt 
nWt [Lueknow, 1881.] 4". 14154. f. 8. 


DevJmdhdtmya. ^ni ^r^^W^"^ [Devimahatmya, 
or Saptasati. Sanskrit text, with introductory 
poems, and accompanied by a paraphrase in 
Hindi prose.] pp. xvi. 309, Uth. $T7 'Vi.^9 
[ifeerul, 1881.] obi. 16°. 14016. c. 35. 

dM^lfil ^nnf^ HIHT ufi^A [Sanskrit text, 

with a translation into the Nepali dialect of 
Hindi, by Pandit Devaraja.] pp. 108. ^ t \\ iM 
[Benares, 1888.] 8". 14016. d. 48. 

[Sundaricharitra. A metrical translation, by 
Ananya Kavi, of the Durgapa^ha, or Devima- 
hatmya.] pp. 42, Uth. <JJ«H« stst, [Luchiow, 
1876.] 8". 14154. e. 9. 


Bhdgavatamdhdtmya. T^m mr^TI m^ljRl [Bha- 
I gavatamahatmya. An extract from the Uttara- 
I khanda of the Padmapuraiia, translated into prose 
by Makkhan Lala, and revised by Kallcharana.] 
See above : Bhaoavatapurana. ij<m i JH. [Sukha- 
sigara.] pp. 4-19. [1874.] 4°. 14154. f. 2. 

Gohaniamdhdtmya. ^ximr^VfH [Gokarnama- 
hatmya. An extract from the Uttarakhanda of 
the Padmapurann, Sanskrit text, with a Hindi 
paraphrase by §iva Sitnha.] pp.32, Uth. ^nnni 
litis [Lucknow, 1877.] M. 4°. 14016. e. 32. 

Kdrlllkamdhdtmya. ^1q«^(i<!iV^ <t i rS»H I < liHT HTm- 
|IV!U*injl*l Z^ wfTJn^^ [Karttikamahatmya. 
Sanskrit text, with a paraphrase in Braj-bhasha 
by Naraya^ia Dasa.] pp. 20U, Uth. ftfwt s^|^ 
[Delhi, 1876.] 8°. 14016. e. 30.(3.) 

Rdmdsvamedha. TTHTVni [Rama^vamedha, or 
The horse-sacrifice of Rama. An episode taken 
from the Padmapurana, and translated from the 
Sanskrit by Madhusudana Dasa.] pp. 251, Uth. 
Benares, 1869. 4". 14154. g. 3. 


[Sivapurana, translated by ijiva Sinilia under the 
title Prajnanandarnava.] Uth. VT^ [Benares, 
1878.] 4". 14154. g. 6. 

fy'j^tu n HHTT [Sivapurana. Translated 

into prose by Pandit Pyare Lala. Second edition.] 
pp. 1012. 5Jinrsi '\tt\ [Lucknow, 1886.] 4°. 

14154. f. 16. 






BrahmoUarahhanda. TfV^^UM^ oBT *»mr5*)T^ [Brah- 
mottarakhanda. A section of the Skandapurana, 
translated into prose by Durgaprasada.] pp. 138. 
■^WH^ Itb^l [.Luchnow, 1881.] 8°. 14164. f. 6.(1.) 

8etuhJian(fa. ■'sft^K^^TM ^ tiAH\^\im>^iH "siiT vrm 
^r»nn^ [Setukhanda. A section of the Skanda- 
purana, translated into prose by Durgaprasada.] 
pp. 239. g ^ q ji itb^ [Lucknow, 1882.] 8°. 

14154. f. 10. 


^ 1<<K 1 ^ -grro HTOT . . . ^frf [The Piirvarddha, or 
first half of the Varahapurana, translated into 
prose by Durgaprasada.] pp. 324. c?«i3i Ibfc? 
[Lucknow, 1882.] 8". 14154. f. 7. 


HT^Tf^mgrnJI [Vishnupurana. Translated by 
Mahesadatta Sukula.] pp. iv. 333, lith. ciUNH* 
«ibfc^ [Lucknow, 1881.] 4°. 14154. f. 5. 

[Second edition.] pp. iii. ii. 322. ci^slH* 

sbt? [Lucknow, 1883.] 4°. 14154. f. 12. 

PITEUSHOTTAMA DASA. See Mahabhaeata. — 
Vishnusnhasrandma, f<4B!j«^««1l»I oS^ zf^fJ [San- 
skrit text, with a Hindi commentary by P. D.] 
[1875.] 8°. 14033. a. 8. 

GHARPURE. See Tana Sena. ri Hf( H«fciT ^^Tranc 
[Sangltasara. Edited, with a Marathi preface, 
by P. G.] [1888.] 12°. 14156. f. 25.(1.) 

PTTRUSHOTTAMA LALA, Gosvdml. TC^t^^ th^- 
■g^H^sir^ff'^It [Saddharma darsaka. A contro- 
versial treatise, proving that Kshatriyas and 
Vaisyas should use the Gayatrl, as well as Brah- 
mans, and should not make use of separate rituals, 
as proposed by a Pandit of Agra. Compiled by 
P. L., with the assistance of Pandit Thakurapra- 
sada.] pp. 70, H</(.. ^TltT lidd [^ra, 1888.] 8°. 

14154. e. 21.(3.) 

^^135^ [Dadhlcha-kulavamsavali. A compilation 
relating to the pedigree of the Dadhicha Brah- 
mans, consisting of 23 Sanskrit slokas said to 
be taken from a work called Viratapurana. With 

a Hindi translation by the compiler, a Hindi 
poem called Devistuti, and an appendix of tables 
of Brahman gotras.~\ pp. 15, lith. ^^^^ fvz\ HH 
cibbs [Bombay, 1887.] 16°. 14058. a. 

PUSHPADANTA. 'sr^ »rf^»n^ I ^ifn^ H^t M '\ m\^ 
fjl^BoRT mm *i zfm [Mahimnah stotra. A San- 
skrit hymn in praise of Siva, accompanied by an 
anonymous Hindi commentary.] pp.19. Benares, 
18(35. 8°. 14028. c. 12. 

^reft^ ^^*?f?^ «7l«ir [Another edition of 

the Sanskrit text. With a Hindi paraphrase by 
Mahesa Purohita.] pp. 42, lith. oRTTTT i^ve 
[Kangra, 1875.] 8=. 14076. d. 26.(1.) 

hT^'A "^^ [Another edition of the text, 

with Mahesa Purohita's Hindi commentary, printed 
in Devanagri and Persian characters in parallel 
columns.] pp. 36, lith. ^x^ i aw [Lueknoiv, 
1877.] 8°. 14033. b. 35.(1.) 

if^ Mi\'K [Another edition of the 

Sanskrit text. With an interlineary translation 
in Hindi.] pp. 79, lith. [Lucknow, 1879.] 8°. 

14033. b. 36.(2.) 

PYARE LALA, Kashmiri. See Arabian Nights. 
Tl^H TTipT^ ^ft-^ [Sahasra rajani charitra. The 
Arabian Nights, translated from the Hindustani 
by P. L.] [1876.] 4°. 14156. k. 5. 

See Baeoda Commission. cSH^t^nt <i^;;i 

[Kamisan Badauda. A full report of the pro- 
ceedings of the Baroda Commission, translated 
by Pandit P. L.] [1876.] 8°. 14156. a. 5. 

See Madananripa or Madanapala. f^^p 

HHlT [Nighanta. A revised edition by P. L.] 
[1872.] 8°. 14156. b. 6.(1.) 

See Mahabhaeata. »»^>Tri:iT^^ [Maha- 

bharatadarpana. Edited and revised by P. L.] 
[1874.] 4°. 14158. h. 6. 

See PuEANAS. — Sivapurdna. f^T^gtTO HT^T 

[Sivapurana. Translated into prose by Pandit 
P. L.] [1886.] 4°. 14154. f. 16. 

See TuLAsiDASA. ^^flH=(I?<* [Hanuman- 

v§huka. Revised by P. L.] [18^74.] 8°. 

14158. f. 12.(1.) 

See YooAVASiSHTHA. ^'Nlf^m [Yogava- 

sishtha. Revised and corrected by P. L. fron\ 
an edition in an old Hindi dialect.] [1877.] 8°. 

14154. f. 3. 







.... The elements of Sanskrit grammar in 
Hindee. Translated .... by Pcareo Mohun 
Banerjee. 1864. 8°. 14160. b. 24. 

1867. 8°. 

1876. 8". 

14093. b. 5.(1.) 

14093. b. 6. 

... Desbopakari pustak. [A dialogue, containing 
snggestions for the amelioration of Hindu life 
and society.] pp. 8. ShahjaJtanjmr, 1882. 12°. 

BADHAKBI8H9A S"- IIaradeva Sivha and 
Badhakkishna. ^^ (JsI^I^rI ^ . . . [Lilavatl.] 
A treatise on Hindee arithmetic, etc. 1846. 4°. 

14160. d. 1. 

RADHAKEISHJTA, Pandit. m^ufww^ W^iHW^ 
[Anshadisangraha kalpavalli. A treatise on 
Hinda medicine.] pp. 68, lith. ^!Wr3i <»t9«l 
[Lucknow, 1875.] 8». 14156. b. 5.(3.) 

Jd'isi. mnmi<t ^ ^rflN'wV^ [Padmavat 
khapda ki vartika-kaumudi. A translation by 
R. D. into modem Hindi prose, of extracts from 
Malik MnKammad's poem, entitled Padmavat.] 
[1882.] 8°. 14160. c. 18. 

Vll^fVflmiT N [Aryacharitamrita. Ary; 

biography.] Pt. I. Benaret, 1884. 12°. 

14156. g. 30. 

RABHAI.ALA W JmqP^W [Khet-nap vidya.] . . . 
Mensuration for beginners, with numerous ex- 
amples. No. L • Revised and enlarged, pp. 108. 
W^SWm '»ttt [Caleulta, 1881.] 8°. 

14160. b. 10.(3.) 


[Uhuvidya. A treiitiso on physical geography, 
translated from the Bengali of R. M., by Amrita 
Lala] . . . Corrected by Chhotu Ram Tripathi. 
pp. 186. EoogJdy, 1879. 12'. 14180. a. 26. 

RAOHAVA DASA. ^m <m<? i w* it ». 4l3i^ 'g t ?r^*^- 
MW\ [fjanai^chamjl ki katha. A poem in praise 
of Saturn.] pp. 60, lith. ^ »a\9 [Bomhay, ' 
1880.] 12°. 14158. c. 13. 


RAGHUHATHA, Kavi, of Benares. ^^ T .f«<<i«<>^»1 1 
[Rasika-mohana. A treatise on rhetoric and 
elegant composition. With notes.] pp. 121, /»</i. 
Benares, 1865. 8°. 14166. f. 26. 

RAGHUVATHA DASA, Commentator. [Manasa- 
dipikii.] See TulasIdasa. TT'tHTO wrhf [Rama- 
yana. With a commentary, called Manasadipika, 
by R D.] [1873.] 8°. 14158. f. 13. 

RAGHTJHATHA DASA, Oosain, See Sukadasa. 
V^ ni*linc TTIJT [Surasagara ratna. Compiled by 
R. D^] [1864.] 8°. 14168. e. 4.(1.) 

RAGHUHATHA DASA, Bamasanehi. ^^(WiiWK. 
[Yi^ramasagara. A Yaiithnava work in verse, 
consisting chiefly of an account of the lives of 
Krishna and Rama.] pp. ii. 536, iv. lith. ^nnrs 
«tt»^ {Tjuelcnow, 1876.] 8°. 14158. g. 3. 

RAGHTJ5ATHA DASA, S>'(h. See Ramanabatana, 
Pandit, ilftini ▼TRV^ [Ganita kamadhenu. The 
elements of simple arithmetic. Compiled by 
Ramanarayana, with the assistance of R. D.] 
[1870.] obl.fol. 14160. d. 3. 

RAGHUNATHAPRASADA, of Bundelkhand. xfww- 
in^TT fwtnm [ liasika-manohara sikh-nakh. A 
dcHcription, in verse, of the various portions of 
the body and of the ornaments of Radha, the 
consort of Krishna.] pp. 27. WTTTW \_Bcnares, 
1880?] 12°. 14158. d. 26.(3.) 

[Anupuuatarangini. A Sanskrit treatise on 
materia medica. With a Hindi translation, en- 
titled Nauka, by Ramana Yihari.] pp. 91, iii. 
lUh. ^ <«^^ [Bombay, 1876.] 8°. 

14043. d. 26. 

•lUlflUfliOlflJ^ [Xadljuanatarangini. A 

Sanskrit treatise on the diagnosis of maladies by 
observation of the pulse. With a Hindi translation, 
entitled TaranI, by Ramana Vihari.] pp. 2A,Iitfi. 
g^ «»*^^ [Bombay, 1876.] 8°. 14043. d. 27. 

[An enlarged edition, with new com- 
mentaries, in Hindi and in Marathi.] pp. 56, lHli. 
TRfVlft Stto [Ratnagiri, 1880.] 8°. 

14043. d. 37. 

^rq q gil^^H H ^ ^ l ^^<^ l <^f g l ^ [Vaidyakalpa- 

druma. A Sanskrit work on medicine, compiled 
by R. S., with a Hindi preface and paraphrase.] 
pp. xxix. 800. ^ <\\AM [Bombay, 1885.] 8°. 

14043. e. 22. 





[Vajikarakalpadruma. A work, in Sanskrit versCj 
on aphrodisiac medicines, with a commentary in 
Hindi.] pp.64.. WT^T^SbfcM lAhmadahad,188o.] 8°. 

14043. e. 20. 

RAGHTJNATHA TIVARi. Isu charitra. t^ ^tftr^r 
TT^JH mn [An anti-Christian tract.] Pt. I. pp. 14. 
^c5T?T^rT^ [Mahahad, 1887.] 12°. 14154. a. 18. 

TT»?^^T II [Ramasvayamvara. A paraphrase, in 
verse, of a portion of the Ramayana of Tulasidasa, 
relating to the childhood and marriage of Rama, 
with a brief summary of the remaining portion 
of his life.] pp. 408. ^KTTB^'t {Benares, 1879.] 4°. 

14158. h. 7. 


^«»Lj j,j-) i^r^ [Vrajavilasa. Transcribed in 
Persian characters by R.] [1866.] 8°. 

14158. d. 15. 

RAILWAY TICKET, t^^'t iz^Z [Rel ki tikat, or 
The railway ticket. A Christian tract in verse ] 
pp. 9. ^^^H <^b»o [Ludhiana, 1870.] 12°. 

14154. a. 6.(15.) 

RAJABABU DATTA. See Blochmann (H.) 
Geography for Indian Schools .... A translation 

by Mr. Raja Babu. 1880. 12°. 

14160. b. 40.(2.) 

RAJAB 'ALI BEG, called Surue. ^xffoirqT 
[Apiirvakatha. A translation, by Ramaratna, 
of the Hindustani Fasanah i 'aja'ib, or Tales of 
R.'A. B.] pp.106. <^<!tH ji <\\:S^ [Luc]cnotv,l87B.'] 8°. 

14156. i. 4.(3.) 

•l^f^^ft^ [Mohinicharitra. A trans- 

lation, by Pranakrishna, of the Hindustani 
Fasanah i 'aja'ib, or Tales of R. 'A. B. With 
an introductory preface by the translator. Second 
edition.] pp. 139, lith. ^S|iTfJ^Ti sfc5«> [Gawnimre, 
1871.] 8°. '^ 14156. i. 18.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 152, lith. «irr^^ 

S«i^«, [Benares, 1879.] 8°. -14156. i. 11.(9.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 151, lith. ^nn 

«(a«o [Agra, 1883.] 8°. 14156. i. 24.(7.) 


SiMHA, Baja of Kama. 

[Prakriti patha.] Elementary lessons in science. 
[Translated from the Bengali original of R. R. Ch. 
by Pandit Badarinatha.] Pt. I. pp. 66. Banhi- 
pore, 1879.] 12°. 14160t a. 28. 

RAJASEKHARA. o»r^ jflTTft I [Karpura manjarl. 
A drama, in four acts, on tho marriage of prince 
Chandrapala, translated by Harischandra from 
the Prakrit original of R. Third edition.] pp. 48. 
^^nnt s^^ft [Benares, 1883.] 8°. 

14158. b. 2.(4.) 

RAJENDRA. ^Tfl^lcSt [Danalila. A poem on 
the giving of milk and butter to Krishna by tho 
milkmaids of Mathura.] pp. 15, lith. <^«i^«i 
[Delhi? 1862.] 16°. 14158. c. 4.(1.) 

^rv ^nr^S^^T f^^ [Danalila. Another 

edition.] See Sueyapueana. ffif^M^ W^ H 
f^pm ^ S M ^ t^ina etc. [Suryapurilna.] pp. 97-104. 
[1864.] 12°. 14154. d. 4. 

[Another edition.] pp. 13, lith. ^iT^^ 

c|<t^il [Benares, 1865.] 12°. 14158. c. 7.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. <\ts<\ 

[Delhi, 1871.] 12°. ■ 14158. c. 3.(6.) 

^^$5^^ ^I't •qm^^cTT [Another edition. 

Followed by Nagalila, a poem by Gangadhara, 
in praise of the snake god.] pp. 8. cs'si'" "^t^S 
[Luclcnow, 1874.] 8°. 14158. d. 16.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, ?i%. [Luclinow? 

1875 ?] 12°. 14158. c. 6.(2.) 

[Another edition.] "pp. 16, lith. 'Vi.^^ 

[Lucknow ? 1876.] . 12°. 14158. c. 9.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. oRT^t 

Stb^ [Benares, 1883,] 12°. 

14158. c. 21.(2.) 

In the colophon of this edition the author is called 

RALLA DASA. See Poeanas. — Bhagavatapurana. 
—Dasamashandha. W" T^ sifU'^H [The tenth 
skandha of the Bhagavatapurana, translated by 
R. D.] [1876.] 8°. 14154. e. 14.(1.) 

RAMA BAI, Panditd. See Sadananda YogIndea. 
The Vedantasara, etc. [With a Hindi translation 
by Pandita Rama Bai.] 1883. 8°. 

14048. bb. 1. 





BAMACHA17SKA, Pupil of Fadmaranga. tT»»ftnf^ 

win f^r«l tT*N7 xf^W I [Ramavinoda. A work 

on medicine.] pp. 128, lith. t^m^i* <»ts8 [Lucknow, 

1874.] 8». 14156. c. 2.(2.) 

/• iit tolopkon Fadmaranga it mentioned ae being the 

RAMACHANDRAJi. w^ TT»r#^^ ^ HfTTf^ini 
f^vcrw I [A Barahmasa poem.] SmKuairI Shah. 
wq^TTTmwil [Barahmasa.] pp. 14-16. 186?}. 8°. 

14158. d. 12.(3.) 

tlM^5*l ^fTTPmrt [Another edition.] 

pp. 8, liUi. %Vf\ [Benare$, 1880 ?] 12«. 

14158. e. 9.(5.) 

RAKACHAirDRA SElf A. See Browmibo (C. A. R.) 
ff^T^TRTW [Hiiltkyat-nama. Rules for the manage- 
ment of village schools, translated by R. S.] 
[1871.] 8». 14160. c. 4.(6.) 

aAMACHAHDRA VASU, Chrittian Treaeher. See 
Badaudatta JobI. frt» v»ft ^if^^^ i . . . 
Christianity indestructible : or Pandit Uadri Datt 
Josi's lecture "Christianity destroyed" [written 
in reply to a course of lectures by R. V.], etc. 
1880. 8*. 14154. b. 19. 

RAKACHAEAHA DA8A. 5«0 Tvlasidasa. tnTT^V 
[Ramaya^a. With a commentary by R. D.] 
[1887.] 8". 14158. h. 12. 

[1888.] oU. 4». 

14158. i. 1. 

^ffWt [Sivasanihita. With a Hindi translation 
by R.] [1890.] 8°. 14028. c. 60. 

RAKACHARITRA SDIHA, Son of Jkaim Simha. 
^•nfr* V^ ^WlW I [Amatriks chhanda-dipika. 
A collection of religiuuii verses.] See AIatikama. 
^m4|IN91 etc. [Nripavam^avali.] pp. 17-22. 
[1880.] 8*'. 14158. d. 16.(7.) 

RAHA DA8A fv^^^^^ [Dropadi lila. A 
poem on the story of the insults heaped on 
Draupadi by the Kanravas.] pp. 16, lith. .Jbl 
[Lahore, 1880?] 12". 14168. d. 19.(4.) 

I» Omrumukhi rharaettri. 

RAMADATALU, TandH. See Atodutapbabada. 
nOoffiiK [Gapitasara. Translated from the 
Hindustani by R.] [1867.] 8'. 

14160. c. 2.(2.) 

RAMADAYALIT,r«nJ(7. g?it^^WniiT [Muhurta- 
chakradipika. An astrological calendar, compiled 

I from various authorities, partly in Sanskrit, 
partly in Hindi, by Ramadayalu, assisted by hid 
guru Dvijcndra Niddhami^ra.] pp. 72, lith. ^SWnrm 

I «»t*« [Ltieknow, 1874.] 8°. 14053. cc. 9.(3.) 

history of ludia down to the year 187U. Trans- 
lated [from the Bengali original of R. N.] by 
Eeshav Ram Bhatt, . . . fi ; «gwn Wf tjtt ^^fffirni I 
[Hindoetan ka pura itihasa.] Second edition. 
pp. viii. 168. ^7^ <«J* [Piitna, 1879.] 8°. 

14156. g. 6.(2.) 

Bhatt^chabta. TT^lTf**^ •TTT^ [Ramabhislieka 
nataka. Translated from the Bengali by R. V.] 
[1877.] 12°. 14158. a. 2.(1.) 

RAMAJASA9A See Hitopadesa. fyTft*)^: • 
[lIitopade?a. With a Hindi translation by R.] 
[1866 ?] 8". 14070. c. 29. 

See TclasIdasa. ^i lggialgm^i i TTHTiR n 

[Kamayapa. Edited by R.] [1861.] «°. 

14158. d. 10. 

mtmrwwtftnrt [Bhashatattvabodhinl. Au 

[1870.] 8° 

14160. c. 6.(2.) 

elementary Hindi grammar.] pp. 60, iv. ^ ; ^ u< ^ 
Stti [Benares, 1881.] 12°. 14160. b. 7.(5.) 

I »*»ft9 ^ft^n II w^iTT m(jj«7 i f^ wiftcj 

ftrWT irt V^m ^ITV [Bhiigolachandrika. Geo- 
graphy of the world, for the use of schools. 
Translated from the English by R.] pp. 160. 
W^IV «»t»» [Beiiarce, 1859,] 8". 

14160. b. 16.(1.) 

RAMAJIVAITA The Niti katha . sangrah [or 
Moral tales] in Hindi. ^f WV} ihlf ii . . . 
by Munsheo Ramjivan. pp. 41. gwH* <)t$« 
[LwJtnow, 1879.] 12». 14160. a. 4.(5.) 

RAMAKRI8HHA tmna*"^ ^TTfmirt [A Birali- 
masa poem.] pp. 16. It^nn s«l?^ yCithnttu, 
1869.] 8». 14158. d. 16.(1.'^ 

RAMAKRISHNA, Disciple of Sdyana. Sre Satana- 
CHABTA. tft «H^lrt [Paiichada?!. With a Hindi 
commentary founded on R.'s Sanskrit commen- 
tary.] [1875.] 8°. 14048. d. 24. 





EAMAKRISHNA, Pandit. W^ f?!^^ II fwif ^ ' 
^q^^J 'i f^ [Strisiksha. On the necessity of 
Hindu female education.] Second edition, pp. 35. 
^T?TWT^ >=lbS,«( [Allahabad, 1866.] 8°. 

14160. b. 13.(5.) 

Sankarananda. ^ni ^rrwgTTT!! urt^r: [Atmapurana, 
with a translation of portions of R.'s Sanskrit 
commentary.] [1867.] oil. fol. 14154. g. 9. 

EAMAKRISHNA VAEMA. See Ambikadatta Vyasa, 
called Sahityachaeya, and Ramakrishna Varma. 
^^ ^nftv ffT^KJUH^ Abodha nivaranam. [An ex- 
posure of mistakes made by Dayananda Sarasvati 
in his Sanskrit Vakyaprabodha.] [1881.] 8°. 

14154. c. 2.(2.) 

See Hanumat. ^^*rWT7«ir II [Hanuman- 

nataka. Edited with notes by R. V.] [1888.] 12°. 

14158. a. 7. 

EAMALALA. ^^f^^ l.mmur [Balavinoda Rama- 
yana. The story of the Ramayana in verse, 
followed by devotional hymns.] pp. 134, xx. lith. 
^RTTK «)<5.5M [Benares, 1879.] 8°. 

14158. e. 3.(13.) 

^t^^tT ^^ H^Soin [Sangit Puran Mal-ka. 

A popular romance, in a dramatised form.] 
pp. 32, lith. WCZ [Meerut, 1878.] 8°. 

14158. 6. 3.(12.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. [Meerut, 

1879.] 8°. 14158. e. 15.(9.) 

EAMALASAEA. tf^^TT H^aNcS'^ [Ramalasara 
prasnavali. A treatise on divination.] pp. 12, Zt<7i. 
c5^^T3i ibsd [Luchnow, 1874.] 8°. 

14156. f. 14.(1.) 


[Another edition.] pp. 24. Miri^'ld 

[Fatehgarh, 1876 ?] 12°. 14156. e. 10.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 24, lith, s«i^<l 

[Benares, 1882.] 12°. 14156. e. 9. 

•EAMANANDA. ^nj ftRrflTtlT^ o [Siddhanta- 
patala. A collection of Mantras, or mystic 
verses, on the performance of religious duties by 
followers of the Ramanandi sect of Vaishnavas.] 
ff. 23. ^ «(«lM, [Bombay, 1890.] obi. 12°. 

14154. d. 11. 

EAMANANDAGIRI. fWR'lV^ [Vijnanamoksha. 
A treatise on spiritual emancipation according 
to the Vedanta system, consisting of a series of 
Sanskrit slokas, each followed by an extensive 
commentary in Hindi.] pp. 234. #^^ '\iii 
[Bombay, 1888.] 8°. 14048. e. 15. 

EAMA NAEAYAITA, Munsh'i. sinm x . . . . ftnJ»f 
. . . ■gwvr? . . . ^filiT ^ [Brahmasara. A poem 
on the essential nature of Brahma.] pp. 12, lith. 
cS^^T^i 'Mii [Luchnow, 1874.] 8°. 14154. e. 1.(2.) 

EAMA NAEAYANA, Bandit. TTftUT ^RTflV^ [Ganita 
kamadhenu. The elements of simple arithmetic, 
more especially as regards rules of interest, and 
money transactions. Compiled by R. N. with 
the assistance of Seth Raghunatha Dasa.] pp. 204, 
lith. *n^ <\\iSo [Bombay, 1870.] ohl. fol. 

14160. d. 3. 

^^ ^^rrf^rrt'lfti: [Laghu horasiromani. 

A short astrological treatise in Sanskrit, with a 
Hindi translation.] pp. 24. ipmi «)<idM [Allahabad, 
1889.] 12°. 14053. c. 56.(2.) 

EAMANATHA KARKAEE, See Moeesvaea, Son 
of Mdnika Bhatta. t?n*T7I*t^ [Vaidyamrita. With 
a Hindi commentary by*R. K.] [1867.] 8°. 

14043. d. 15. 

See S0KADEVA. ^ViTRTnt [Jyotishasara. 

Edited with a Hindi commentary by R. K.] 
[1868-69.] 8°. 14053. cc. 8. 

kaleva. A Vaishnava poem.] pp. 11, /i</t. ^^^f^i 
«lbi>d [Lucknow, 1874.] 8°. 14158. g. 10.(2.) 

KALA. ^J^HrTCPlUl't [Anupana-tarangini. With 
a Hindi translation, entitled Nauka, by R. V.] 
[1876.] 8°. 14043. d. 26. 

qii'^slMrftfnT!!^ [Nadijiiana-tarangiui. 

With a Hindi translation, entitled Tarani, byR.V.] 
[1876.] 8°. 14043. d. 27. 

^ ifJIc^r^flt [Jugal vihara. Love songs, 

describing the sports of Krishna with the milk- 
maids.] pp. 13, Ki/t. g^<^<i5^ [J5om6ai/,1876.] 12°. 

14158. c. 10.(4.) 

— ^ra "^tt T»?^ f^^K't^ f^rf?^^ ^R^RT^'t 

[Virahini barahmasi, and RJima mallalila. Two 
poems by R. y.] See Rasika VihabI. ^ g>TH 
sf!^ [Sujas kadamba.] pp. 23-29. [1876.] 12°. 

14158. c. 6.(3.) 





EAMAPAEiZSHA. Tnmr^qT I [Ramaparitsha. 
A Chrisliau tract, showing the great contrast 
between the lires of Rama and of Christ.] pp. 28. 
^Tirr^ SttJ [Ludhlana, 1867.] 12°. 

14164. a. 5.(2.) 

EAMAPEASADA f*i«*n jkn Hf^TTrr VI [Kissah 
Hurmaz Bhatiyure ka. .A tale translated from 
the Hindustani by R.] pp. 40, lilh. [Delhi, 
1880 ?] 8". 14156. i. 24.a.) 

EAMAFBASADA, Mutuhi. mh^ ^^ [Bhugola 
varnana. An elementary geography, for the use 
of schools.] pp. 101. ^nnra «»fct* [I/ueknow, 
1869.] 8". 14160. a. 7.(4.) 

»?jj"W«m [§riDgaraprakasa, Erotic 

poems.] pp. 46, /I'M. ^JWfSl stJl \_I/ueknow, 
1874.] 8^ 14158. d. 12.(4.) 

ViDTASAOASA. WTPITH TflT^ I [Akhyanamafijafi. 
Transkted by R. T.] [1877.] 8^ 

14156. i. 16.(2.) 

S*"* Kalidasa. f^iMi^lK^ [Yikramonrafi. 

Translated by R. T.] [1881.] 8". 

14158. b. 2.(2.) 

Naya shikshadarpan ... in two parts, by Ram- 
partap Bhonwalka. [Pt. i. containing an elemen- 
tary grammar and reader in Hindi ; pt. ii. a list 
of towns in India, in Hindi and English, an 
English - Hindi vocabulary and dialogues, the 
rudiments of English grammar, and a letter-writer 
in English and Hindi.] Calcutta, 1881. 8°. 

14160. c. 13. 

WaHli»<f pp. 73-80 (ifpt. •»., a duplieaU of pp. 163-160 
bring in Ikfir ttaad. 

[Another edition.] 

Calenlta, 1889. 8". 
14160. c. 26. 

EAK ABATHA, Pandit. See Kam andaki. «I><'<«|^ 
•t lf i u nt The Kamendakiya nitisar . . . With 
Hindi translation ... by Pandit R&ma Ratna. 
1874. 8°. 14039. a. 10. 

— ^^ See Mababbarata. u?TMKrt?^fll [Maha- 
bharatadarpana. Edited and revised by R.] 
[1874.] 4». 14158. h. 6. 

BAMABATSTA, rundil. S^e Rajab 'AlI Beg, MJrzd, 
culled SuEUE. ^qf ■•JUT I [Apurvakatha. A 
translation by R. of the Hindustani Fasiinah i 
'aju'ib.] [1875.] 8°. 14156. i. 4.(3.) 

See TtrusiDASA. F^TRTT^^ [Hanuman- 

vahuka. Revised by R.] [1874.] 8°. 

14158. f. 12.(1.) 

EAVA EATA. ^ mr^ [Lailo Majuun. A 
popular romance in verse.] pp. 16, WA. [Delhi? 
1865 ?] 12°. 14158. c. 4.(2.) 

EAMASAHA7A, Mumhr, called Tamanna. ^qi?? 
?nir«Tt [Naipala samachara. A brief account of 
Nepal, in verse.] pp. 16, lith. ^s^nm [Lurknow, 
1878.] 8°. 14150. g. 

EAKASAHATA, ratidit. See TdlasIoasa. vij(- 
VT9C TnTPniT [Ramaya^a. Revised and edited 
by R.] 

[1870.] 8°. 




14158. f. 7, 
14158. f. 9. 
14158. f. 20. 

EAMA8AHKABA MISBA. First (Second, Third) 

Hindi book by Rama Sankar Misr. . . . fir^ v^ 

^Sf^ (jWt^, irturt) fT|f?rR. Revised Sarios. 

Bmaret, 1889. 12°. 14160. b. 54. 

Tie JlrtI and third book* are <j/" tie Urd, and the teconi 
book it oftke 61 A edition. 

EAKASAVKABA V7ASA. vxm ^^fjnvT ii ^xm 
vnn^ «im iv Rfiwrwf it »nfrT9^ ^TW n [Vakya 
pancha^ika. A collection of fifty moral maxims.] 
pp. 36. W^TITH <vt.\9 [Benares, 1880.] 12°. 

14156. d. 5. 

EAMA 8IMHA DEVA. Tjissfr^?! [Jugal vilasa. 
Poems on the sports of Kri.shim with the milk- 
maids.] pp. 41, lith. ^nrni Ht*8 [lAichnow, 
1874.] 8°. 14158. e. 8.(7.) 

EAHAVATABA, Pandit. See ^ivapancbaratna. 
f^tmi'M [§ivapancharatna. With a Hindi 
paraphrase by R.] [1868.] 8°. 14033. b. 8. 

See Tatttabodha. ^^TSiTPrt etc. [Three 

treatises on Yedanta philosophy. Sanskrit text, 
with a paraphrase in Hindi by R.] [1868.] 8°. 

14048. d. 10. 

EAMAVATABA SASA. v^ f^ l i T v^n [Hitavilasa. 
Moral precepts in verso.] pp. 26, lith. [Lucknow, 
1875 ?] 8^ 14158. e. 8.(8.) 






RAMAVATARA OJHA. See Mahabharata. — 
BhagavaJg'dd. ■^iTn^H'l^TftTn . . . With tlie com- 
mentaries of Sankaracharya translated into Hindi 
by R. 0. 1880. 8°. 14065. e. 20. 

■EAM BAIHSH. 'simR^eif^ ^TTT»Tmt [Kasid ki 
baramasi. Verses descriptive of each month of 
the year, in the form of a dialogue between a 
man named Kasid and his wife.] pp. 31, Uth. 
'\\iS9 [Meerut, 1877.] 8°. 14158. e. 3.(8.) 

BAUDIN SIMHA. See Haeischandea, of Benares. 
"^ ^fy^'t [°l i(jT [Harischandrakala. Edited by 
R. S.] [1887, etc.] 8°. 

14158. g. 15. 

See Periodical Publications. — Bankipur. 

f^lF^oBT I [Dvijapatrika. Edited by R. S.] 
[1890.] 8°. 14160. e. 15. 

Sec TULASIDASA. ^^^W iftsifH JqS^^^ 

■^TT TTH-«(f<if*1H^ . . . Rama Charita Manasa. . . . 
Published by Ram Din Sinha. [1889.] fol. 

14158. i. 3. 

RAMSAY (Andrew Forbes), 'dntn^ ^TT ^ ^^^tfc^ 
^fjoKT [Rogantaka sara. A treatise on materia 
medica, compiled by A. F. R. with the assistance 
of Captain John Taylor.] pp. 202. ■sjr^^TfT <\\iV\ 
{Calcutta, 1821.] 8°. 14156. b. 13. 

[Another edition.] pp. 201, Zi'i/t. {Agra? 

I860.] 8°. 14156. b. 1. 

RANAVIRA SIMHA, Maharaja of Kashmir. ^ 
TTl^^tHf^THTcRT TITtH: [Bhaktiratnakara. A work 
on liturgical and other religious observances, 
compiled in Sanskrit verse by order of Ranavira 
Simha, and accompanied throughout by a trans- 
lation into Hindi prose.] pp. 744. <»Q.5k [Kashmir, 
1881.] 8°. 14033. c. 54. 

RASANANDA. See Husain Va'iz, Kishifl. f^- 
oir^"5H I [Hitakalpadruma. The Anwar i suhaili, 
translated into Braj-bhasha verse by R.] [J 883.] 
8°. 14156. i. 23, 

BASIKA RAYA. ^?c5^ M ^j^ [Snehalila. 
A poem describing the affection of Krishna to- 
wards the inhabitants of Braj.] pp. 16, Uth. 
«)«15^<\ [Delhi, 1864.] 12°. 

14158. 0. 3.(4.) 

BASIKA RAYA. ^(V ^^;w^(^ fc?^ [Snehalila. 
Another edition.] See SiIryapukana. f^5WT«T^ 
m^ H f^S^ f^I <\ W^S^ra etc. [Suryapurana.] 
pp. 78-96. [1864.]'' 12°. 14154. d. 4. 

^THf cS't^ [Another edition.] pp. 16, Uth. 

[Delhi, 1880 ?] 12°. 14158. c. 9.(7.) 

RASIKA VIHARI. Sei JanakIprasada, called 
Easika Vihari. 

RATAN SIMHA, liaja. See Tulasidasa. f^n- 
■q^-m [sic'] ^^Ttf^f^^m^f^Wt ^^ [Vinayapatrika 
of Tulasidasa, with a commentary by R. S. en- 
titled Vinayachandrika] [1876.] fol. 

14158, h. 11. 

RATNACHANDA. ^JTSTTcHlf ^T7^ I [Bhrama- 
jalaka nataka. A drama, in six acts, on native 
life and manners, founded on Shakspere's "Comedy 
of Errors."] pp. 176, Uth. ^ cjt i ^R^ <\t9^ [Alla- 
hahad, 1879.] 8°. 14158. b. 3. 

■'TTToli Tloir^T ^Ht 1 [Natakaprakasa. ■ A 

serial publication of original dramas, edited by 
R. No. I. containing portions of the Bhrama- 
jalakanataka and Prapancha nataka, both by the 
editor.] pp. 16, 16. 3[qIT^T^T^ «ib5<s. [Allahabad, 
1879.] 8°. 14158. b. 10. 

RATNAKUMARI, Devi. HJITW [Premaratna. A 
poem on the sports of Riidha and Krishna.] pp. 66. 
cys^rai IMM [Luchiow, 1875.] 8°. 14158. e. 6.(9.) 

RAH KRISHNA RATI. See Ravakrishna Rava. 

RAVA J! VASUDEVA TULLU. See Bhaieavaprasada 
MisEA, Head Master of the Indore Hindi School. 
Hindi Second Book . . . by . . . Bhairavaprasada 
Misra... Recast and revised by R.V.T. 1877. 12°. 

14160. a. 18.(2.) 

RAVAKRISHNA RAVA. A polyglot interlinear. 
? Tft^^?n7 ^HT^^^rHnt ^\^ ft^j^ frat^ ^m^ i 

l^'j; £cy^ar* J^iuj i^Jbjii By Rau Krishna Ran. 
With a memoir of the compiler. pp. xvii. 132. 
Engl., Hindi, Marathi and Fers. [Galc^dta^ 
1834. 12°. 14160. a. 1.(1.) 

RAVI. See Sankara Haribhai. h'^\ ^li^^ 

n\\. ^"^ %i^»i ... nsii ^-^^L^t ixn^ 

Hl^ [Samudaya santani vani. A coUectioa 
of poems by Ravi and other Vaishnava poets.] 
[1888.] 8°. 14158. e. 33. 





EAVIBATTA SASTEI. See Pubaxas — Brali- 
Tiifuulapurana. — Ka rmavipdkasamhila . "H^^ ^nOTlT 
H^cnn af^m [Karmavipakasamhita. With a 
Hindi translation by R, S.j [1890.] 8°. 

14016. d. 30. 

RAVYA. F^lffm^ xn^ [TapasvinI Ravya, or the 
story of Ravya, the daughter of the merchant of 
BusBorah. Translated from the Bengali.] pp.21. 
w»r»T^T7 <lts» [Ahmadabad, 1877.] 16". 

14156. h. 11. 

RATACHANDA, Kavi. See Bhadha Bahu. 

MPV . . . Kalpa BUtra, translated ... by Kavi 

RAychand. [1875.] 8". 14154. h. 1.0.) 

SATACHAVSA VAOABA. See Jayadeva. ifht- 
q' l t^'^H Jt [Sanskrit text of the GitagoTinda, 
and an imitation of the poem in Hindi by R. N.] 
[1875.] 8°. 14072. d. 27. 

cs1<jSI4a1 [Lilavati. A treatise, in Terse, 

on arithmetic and geometry, taken from the San- 
iikrit of Bhaskara Arhilrya. With miirginal 
notes.] pp. 64, /i7A. ^[T!Tni«»t«lt [Benare», 1858.] 8°. 

14160. e. 2.(1.) 

[Another edition.] 2 pt., Uth. [Agra, 

1864?] 8». 14160. b. 6.(8.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 91, llth. wmtt 

[Agra, 1866.] S". 14160. b. 12.(3.) 

[Fourth edition.] pp. 64, Uth. ^m^H 

«»tt* [Lueknow, 1889.] 8", 14160. c. 27. 

Atnetant Inspector of Schools. 

REID (HcxRT Stewart). See Mill (J.) 
Wtf^ni^ [Pathakabodhinl. Translated from H.S.R.'s j 
Hindustani version of the English, entitled Intibiih 
al-mndarriain.] [1859.] 8°. 14166. d. 1.(2.) ' 

See WiLSOK ( ) imprWT [Jagadvrit- j 

tanta. Translated from the Hindustani Tarikh 
i 'alam of H. S. R.] [I860.] 8°. 

14160. b. 30.(2.) 

REID (HixRY Stewart), ^i^f^^wr [Kshetrachan- 
drikii. A manual of field surveying and mensu- 
ration. Translated by §rilala from the English 
of H. S. R.] Third edition. Pt. ii. pp. iv. 47, Uth. 
wmn <<W^ [A'jra, 1856.] 4°. 

14160. d. 4. 

Eighth edition. Pt. I. pp. ii. 29. 

^<^ t ^ r t ! ^ stS,«, [AUaliabad, 1866.] 8°. 

14160. b. 26.(3.) 

Fifth edition. Pt. ii. pp. ii. 35, Uth. 

^(j l ^n ri '^ <<t»» [Allahabad, 1867.] 4". 

14160. d. 5. 

[Another edition.] Pt. I. pp. 30, Uth. 

^Tfk «ltJ^ [Government Press: Laliore, 1873.] 8°. 

14160. 0. 5. 

[Another edition.] Pt. I. pp. 26, Uth. 

<<t>^ [Koh-i-nur Press : Lahore, 1873.] 8=*. 

14160. 0. 14.(2.) 

Urdu-Hindi-English vocabulary, compiled 

for the use of beginners by H. S. R. . . . assisted 
by Munshi Chiranji Lai and Pundit Bunsi Dhar. 
irw^l'^giimiT [Ta^lij al-lughat.] Second edition. 
2 pL Allahabad, 1860. 8". 14117. b. 7. 

SEVASAHKARA VELAJI. t i «ci^tjt t [Rasalilu. 
A Vaishnava work, containing songs by Suradasa 
and other Hindi poets on the circular dance, 
and sports of Kfishna with the milkmaids. Com- 
piled by R. V. and printed in the Gi^'arati 
character.] pp. ii. 86,xvii. i^^^WS ^e^")f^ [nomhm/, 
1886.] 12». 14158. c. 18. 

BOKAH CHARACTERS. Roman characters for 
the Pandits. [A proposed method for the trans- 
literation and pronunciation of Devanagari.] pp.4. 
Kngl. and Hindi. Benares, [1878.] 12°. 

14160. a. 29. 

ROWS ( ) Mrs., of Dlgah. ^^TJW . . . [Mula- 
Btitra.] A Hindee spelling book. Second edition, 
pp. 86. Calcutta, 1823. 8°. 

14160. b. 3.(1.) 

SABA. See Oovindalala, called Saba. 

>ni^ i^M^m [Bhugola dipika. An ele- ' SADANANDA MI8RA. See Edclid. Euclid's 

mentary geography of the world. Tranolated by Elements of geometry in Hindi. Book I. With 
Ohaslrama from the English of H. S. R] pp. 48. I copious notes and exercises by Pnndit S. M. 
WTTOl ^0 [Benares, I860.] 4°. 14160. d. 6. j 1874. 8°. 14160. b. 26.(4.) 

L 2 





SADANANDA YOGINDRA. The Vedantnsara, or 
Manual of Adwita pliilosopLy, of Parainhansa 
Sudananda Jogindra. With an introductory 
memoir [in English by Nandalala Dhola, a Hindi 
translation by Pandita Rama Bai, one in Bengali 
'by Kalivara Vedantavagisa, and another in 
English by Nandalala Dhola.] . . . Edited by 
Heeralal Dhole. 5 pt. Calcutta, 1883. 8°. See 
HiRALALA Dhola. Dhole's Vedanta Series. 
1883, etc. 8°. 14048. bb. 1. 

SADASUKHA LALA. See Tulasidasa. TUnitrr 3^- 
^f'f^^rT [Ramayana. Edited by S. L.] [1878.] 8°. 

14158. g. 12. 

HITiT^q'f^ ^7T^^ [Bharatavarshiya itihasa, 

or History of India from the earliest times. 
Translated by Vamsidhara from S. L.'s Hindu- 
stani Tarikh i Hind.] pp. 120. ^TTnTT <\tm [Agra, 
1854.] 8°. 14160. b. 20. 

Third edition, pp. 81. ^^T^ 'HbHb 

[Benares, 1858.] 8°. 14156. g. 6.(1.) 

Hift^ . . . »?TiI^ ^ [Bhiigola. A geo- 

graphy of India, translated by Vamsidhara from 
the Hindustani Juglirafiyah i Hind of S. L.] 2 pt. 
Pt. I. ^^I ^ I^T? <)bl,M [Allahabad, 1865.] 8°. 
Pt. II. ^TTRT StSfO [Agra, I860.] 8°. 

14160. b. 28.(3.) 
Pt. I. is of the 2nd edition. 

^^•cjHIi'^^ ^n^TTR^ [Inglandiya aksharavali. 

An English primer^ for the use of beginners, 
translated by Vamsidhara from the Hindustani 
Ka'idah i AngrezI of S. L.] Third edition. 
pp. 59. ^Tsii't itMb [RurM, 1858.] 12°. 

14160. a. 1.(2.) 

^S-c#<!iT<< «m*'C<B [Inglandiya vyakarana.] 

Grammar [of the English language] for begin- 
ners. Adapted and translated into Hindi [from 
the Hindustani Miftah al-kawa'id of S. L.], . . . 
by Pundit Bunsidhur. 3 pt. 3rd. edition. AUa- 
hahad, 1860. 12°. 14160 a. 13. 

^f^l^f'^OraTt [Padarthavidyasara. Les- 

ions in natural science, translated by Vijaya- 
saitkara from the Hindustani 'Ilm i tabi yat of 
S. L.] pp. 75, K<A. 5n?Rl"<1b^M [LwcA;wo/w,18G5.] 8°. 

14160. c. 4.(3.) 

irfHiT ^T^'f [Prasiddha charchavali. 

Biographical sketches of celebrated men in 

ancient and modern history, translated by Vamsi- 
dhara from the Hindustani Tazkirat al-mashahir 
of S. L.] 6 pt. <ltM<l-S{'i [Agra, Allahabad, 
1859-61.] 8°. 14156. g. 7. 

Pt. Hi. was published at Allahabad, the other paid at Agra. 

SA'DI. •JBT^q^^ m^ . . . ^^J.> j ^j/J Jj^ 
[Pushpopavana. The Persian text of Sa'di's 
Gulistiin, with a Hindi translation by Pandit 
Mihrchand Dasa.] lith. sfcbb [Delhi, 1888.] 8°. 

Pers. 980. 

[Pushpavatika. A prose translation, by Munshi 
Viharl Lala, of the eighth chapter of Sa'di's 
Gulistan.] pp. 35. ^nn <lb><? [Agra, 1853.] 8°. 

14156. h. 12.(5.) 

The Pushpa-vatika. [Another edition ] 

See Hall (F. E.) Hindi Reader. pp. 90-112. 
1870. 4°. 760. h. 8. 

SAFDAR 'ALI. ^^m^'^ ^l%TT f?^^ HT^T ^^ 
Tff?^^ Tl^^ I [Aksharavali. A Hindi primer. 
Seventh edition.] pp. 43. c<sls(H4i <ibs5 [Liiclmotv, 
1873.] 8°. 14160. b. 3.(2.) 

<5»JH»«^ HK H^^rsf<» II [Dayananda mata miiloch- 
chheda. A lecture, edited, with translations into 
English and Hindustani, and an introductory 
preface by S. S.] 1885. 8°. 14154. c. 3 

vftaif ^f^?rt I [Ganita battlsi. Twenty- 
three rules of arithmetic in verse. Second 
edition.] pp.36. x(Z^ '\tt<\ [Patna, I SSI.} 12°. 

14160. a. 1.(6.) 

»J^lftllT ^lifsii I [Guruganita sataka. 

Tables of Indian weights and measure.?, with 
exercises, and rules in verse.] pp. 36. ijz^ sbso. 
[Patna, 1879.] 8°. 14160. b. 38.(3.) 

^^ T?^ I [Rasa rahasya. Verses de- 

scribing the characteristics of the different classes 
of women, according to the notions of Sanskrit 
writers on rhetoric] pp. 113. ^tontiji: ibb* 
[Bank^mr, 1887.] 8°, 14158. d. 19,(6.) 

SAHADEVA. ^TcJ m'rNr^ [Khyal Gopichand. 
A dramatic representation of the popular legend 
of king Gopichand turning an ascetic] pp. 56, lith. 
■m^fi «lbb^ [Benares, 1882.] 12°. 

14156. h. 29.(1.) 





8AHADEVA. » < F< g « »l T^ VX W(^ [Maniyarl ka kliyal. 
A legend in verse.] pp. 24, lUh. ^T^ ^ft^fc 
[Delhi, 1881.] 12". 14158. c. 9.(8.) 

SAHAJANAirrA SVAMI. [Life.'] See Dii.PATRiMA. 
^^lihnt ^frw [Punishottama charitra.] [1884.] 8°, 

8AHASIVAZAEA5A DAEAK. w^ ^qTf^ft^ *aiai 
inZM [Bliartari nataka. The story of king 
Bhartrihari, in Manrari verse.] pp. 79, lilh. jjif 
^^t [B'omlay. 1881.] 12». 14168. e. 22.(1.) 

w^ f4»T^ ^lii't^ W?I [Pingala satl. A 

Btorj, in Marwari verse, on female devotion.] 
pp. 39. ^ K^» [Bombaij, 1881.] 12°. 

141S8. e. 22.(2J 

SAHITTACEARTA See AmbikIdatta Vtasa, 
called Sahitt.uhabta. 

SAJiVANA LALA. See Euclid. Euclid's Ele- 
ments of Geometry ... in easy Hindi, by Sajivan 
Lai. 1880. 8". 14160. b. 14.(4.) 

SAKHI-KAMAH. Sakhee book, or the description 
of Gooroo Gobind Singh's religion and doctrines. 
Translated from Gooroomukhi into Hindi, and 
afterwards into English, by Sirdar Attar Singh, 
Chief of Bhadour. pp. xviii. 205. Benare*, 
1873. 8». 760. d. 33. 

SAKBHfyAVf . Hi^l^ivl w^ nht WH vnnf V 
f^tw fifm m ^tafKI* vm m f^WV n n [.SakhUivani. 
Chriutian hymns, on the love of Chri<«t. and on 
deliverance from sin.] pp. 148. ^STTM ^b9o 
[LwJhiana, 1870.] 12°. 14154. a. 12. 

8ALI0BAMA 1C8EA. m^ni\ WVt nvt^u ... Malti 
and Madhava. [A romance.] pp. 58, ii. stti 
AUgarh, [1881.] 8°. 14166. L U.UO.) 

BALIH inTHA¥1fAP, Sharif. See Nischala Dasa. 
wHV^Tt Wf\t [Vicharasagara. Edited, with an 
introductory preface, by S. M.] [1874.] 8". 

14154. e. 6. 

■ See Satanacbabta. ^ 't^T?!^ [Pancha- 

dafi. Edited, with an historical introduction on 
Vedanta philosophy, by 8. M.] [1875.] 8°. 

14048. d. 24. 

See StrxDABA Dasa, Diteiple of Ddduji. 

wb^rrfVprm eUs. [Sondaravilasa, Sundarashtaka 
and Juanavilasa, also Ashfavakra ke dohe. Edited 
by 8. M.] [1876.] 8". 14168. d. 8. 

I 8ALIH0TEA ^n ^nfcS^H I [Salihotra. A treatise, 
in prose and verse, on the horse and its diseases.] 
pp. 30, nth. Benares, 1865. 8°. 14156. b. 5.(1.) 

SAMADHANA, Kan. ^rq cKI'T Wf^ fc5^ 
[Lakshmana sataka. One hundred stanzas by 
S.] pp. 33, lith. See Manna Lala, Pandit. TJTTO 
^nrw eU. [Raghunjitha ?ataka.] [1866.] 8°. 

14158. e. 6.(3.) 

SAMBEGi RANADHIRA. ini>TT ThnfTT [Prasnot- 
tara Jainamata. A reply to five questions on 
mattery concerning the Jain religion, which were 
challenged by members of the Dhuiulhiya sect. 
Written in the Marwari dialect.] pp. 16, llth. 
mvm sbJk [Agra, 1878.] 8°. 14154. h. 1.(2.) 

Book, for the use of Government .schools. Pre- 
pared by Shambhuldl Kalurdm Shukla. (fi^ 
nf^^T JiiT*) [Hindi pahila pustaka.] 2 pt. 
InJore, 1881 [1877.] 12°. 

14160. a. 18.(1.) ft 19.(2.) 

Pt. I. it (ffHt 2«d edilioH. 

SAMBHUHATHA, Kavi. ^^VT^mu [Daivajuabha- 
rana. An astrological treatise, in verse.] Second 
edition, pp. 23, lith. c5W^ni stfcl [Lucktww, 
1881.] 8°. 14166. f. 21.(1.) 

mflH^Ocm [Jatakachandrika. A trfw-tise, 

in verse, on the astrological calculation of nati- 
vities, with numerous diagrams.] pp. 128, lith. 
5Wni «»tJ^ [Lucknow, 1876.] obi. 8°. 

14156. f. 13. 

SAMBHTTHATHA, MunehJ. See Gopala, Son of 
Rumatahaya. q^l4u«l|l [Vedarthapraka?a. Trans- 
Uted by S.] [1878.] 4». 14033. d. 13. 

BAMBHUH ATHA 8UKTJLA. f^^w Tcmr^ [Siva- 
tattvapraka^a. Verses on §iva-worship.] pp. 149, 
iii. lith. 5J?mi <«fct1 [Lueknou:, 1881.] 8°. 

14168. e. 15.(10.) 

8AMBHU RATA. WKT»»TOT fifhj TT^ [A Barah- 
niasa poem, on the marriage of Krishna with 
Rukmini.] pp. 16, WA. iil\\ [Delhi, XBll.'] 12°. 

14158. c. 3.(10.) 

SAinrDRIKA vq wgf^ *«I fcSWr [Samudrika. 
A Sanukrit treatise on fortune-telling, accompanied 
by a Hindi paraphrase.] pp. 54, lith. ^^^ 
[Benares ? 186t.] 8°. 14053. b. 3. 

Wilkoul title-page. 






See Chapra. — Sandlana Aryadharma Frachdrinl 

SANDILYA. vff^JiK ^^Hit't [Sandilya-sutras, or 
One hundred aphorisms of Vedanta philosophy. 
Sanskrit text, with a Hindi commentary by 
Harischandra, entitled Bhaktisiitra-vaijayantl.] 
pp. 24. TjT^ «(tbb [Fatna, 1888.] 8°. 

14033 bb. 32.(3.) 

SANGAT SINGH. ^"bnniiT^ [Bodhaprakasa. A 
Hindu religious poem.] See Gvlab Singh Niemale. 
HmtBT^IT [Bhavarasamrita.] [1885.] 12°. 

14158. c. 7.(8.) 

SANKARA ACHARYA. See Mahabharata. — Blia- 
gavadgitd. ^tJl^vr'IMfPl'tilT . . . With the commen- 
taries of Sankaracharya translated into Hindi, etc. 
1880. 8°. 14065. e. 20. 

[TAfe and doch'ines.l See Sayanacharta. 

JmR't ^ift f(^f'5j'>l*I [Sankara digvijaya.] [1870.] 8°. 

14158. g. 7. 

^qt^^^wfin [Aparokshanubhuti. A 

Sanskrit treatise on Vedanta philosophy, with a 
Hindi translation by Pandit Kasinatha.] pp. 44, 
ii. lith. f^ [Delhi, 1886.] 8°. 14048. b. 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 25-32. 

iSTO-iJIiW^Wrf'crSWri [Atmabodha. A treatise 

on Vedanta philosophy, Sanskrit text, with a 
paraphrase in Hindi by Manna Lala, assisted by 
Eamavatara.] See Tattvabodha. g^T^iT^^ etc. 
[Three treatises on Vedanta philosophy.] [1868.] 
8°. 14048. d. 10. 

UrtH '^t74»TTt [Charpatapanjari. A 

Sanskrit poem, in 16 slokas, in praise of 
Vishnu, with translations into Gujarati, Hindi 
and Marathi.] pp. 14, lith. ^^ «ifcM<l [Bombay, 
1859.] 8°. ^ 14076. a. 3. 

^tHT^lBTT I [Paramarthasara. Philoso- 

phical verses, ascribed to S. A., with a Hindi 
paraphrase by Keyala DIna.] pp.16. ^^flJi «ifc*5( 
[Luchnow, 1876.] 8°. 14048. d. 22. 

[SxjpposiTiTious Works.] 

»n^g<{'H; Moh mudgar. [A Sanskrit poem 

on the vanity of earthly enjoyments. With an 
interlineary translation into Hindi] by Raja Siva- 
prasdd. pp. 8. <itH'{^ «lbts [Luchnow, 1887.] 8°. 

14072. c. 47.(2.) 

[Supposititious Works] {continued). 

Ht^-g^lT: [Mohamudgara], or Panacea 

for distraction. By Paramahansa Sankaracharya. 
Edited . . . with Bengali, Hindi and English 
translations by Durga Das Ray. pp. 16.' Dar- 
jeeling, 1888. 32°, 14048. a. 11. 

ira^^ [Prasnottari. A philosophical 

poem, in the form of a catechism, attributed to 
S. A. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi prose trans- 
lation by Gaurisankara.] pp. 18, lith. <<1WH* 
lbb'1 [Luchnow, 1881.] 8°. 

14048. bb. 27.(1.) 

SANKARA BHATTA, Son of NUahanflia. Sin-^ 

[Vratarka. A Sanskrit work on domestic and 
religious observances, condensed in a Hindi 
version by Mahesadatta Sukula, with frequent 
quotations in prose and verse from the original 
Sanskrit text.] pp. iv. ii. 575, lith. clWH* HtSS 
[Luchnow, 1877.] obi. 8°. 14033. c. 25. 

SANKARA HARIBHAi. b'^^ ^L§"i n^i 5.4 

%<^*{L HL^^ll [Samudaya santani vani. A col- 
lection of poems by Kabir, Ravi, Morar and 
many other Vaishnava poets, some in Hindi and 
others in Gujarati. Compiled by S.H.] pp.vii.l98. 
■^"itf "if^i^ [Bombay, 1888.] 8°. 

14158. e. 33. 

SANKARANANDA. ^sni ^mw^m Wt^l [Atma- 
purana. An exposition of Vedanta doctrines 
founded on the teachings of the Upani shads, 
being a translation by Chidghananandagiri of 
the Sanskrit original of S., and of portions of a 
Sanskrit commentary by Ramakrishna, who is 
also called Kakarama. Second edition.] ^'^ <\ti^s 
[Bombay, 1867.] obi. fol. 14154. g. 9. 

SANKARAPRASADA. See Lolimbaeaja. ^a»<T^H i 
[Vaidyajivana. An abridged translation, in 
verse, by S. of Lolimbaraja's Sanskrit treatise.] 
[1874.] 8°. 14156. b. 8. 

SARDAR, Kavi, of Lalitpur. [Kasiraja prakasika.] 
See Kesava Dasa. '^liTf^t^iT Traif^raT I [Kasiraja 
prakasika. The Kavipriya, with a commentary 
by S.] 1865. • 8°. 14158. e. 7/ 

[1886.] 8°. 14158. e. 32. 





SAEDAR, iTdJ r, o/ Zrt/i7/>«r. [Sahityalaharl.] See 
SiJKADASA. H^ JfT^mir "^ft^ WsYm [Drisliti kuta. 
Accompanied by a commentary by S., entitled 
Sahityalaharl.] [1890.] 8», 14158. e. 37.(1.) 

SAENGALHAEA. ?ii O l» K^q< HT^rrhn ai ^ i H^m 
Vifttt [Sarngadharasamhita. A Sanskrit work 
on medicine, with a Hindi commentary by Dau 
Agnihotri, entitled ^arogadharapraka^.] ff. 50, 
73, 54, XT. lith. WT^ S^St [Bmareg, 1861.] 
oil. 4°. 14043. f. 2. 

SAETJXTAVAli. Wddd i <iii ^ [Saruktavali. Re- 
ligious and moral instruction, in verse, in Guru- 
mnkhi characters.] pp. 48, lith. .Jb'i [Lahore, 
1876.] 16°. 14156. d. 3. 

—^ [Another edition.] pp. 48, Illh. sts« 
[Lahore, 1879.] obi. 12". 14158. c. 20.(3.) 

8ATAMATA. mr >nr VI *n^ [Satamata ka marga, 
or A guide to the tme religion. A Christian 
tract, in seven parts.] pp. 123. WTIT^ <<tt4 
[Ludhiana, 1864.] 12". 14154. a. 6.a.) 

SATiSACHAFDEA VASTI. If iprmr^ | [Main 
tumharu lii huij. A fitrce in four scenes.] pp.31, 
lith. WSrm «»tt«, [Agra, 1886.] 8'. 

14158. b. 4.(2.) 

SATJBHAOAMALAJi. fwvi TlR hwtjt ^iJHi [Bi- 
badha ratan praka^. liiht ruction in the priociples 
of the Jain religion in Marwari, with nn admixture 
of Oujarati.] pp. Ti. 192. ^ ^iM [Poona, 
1888.] 16'. 14154. h. 14. 

a nindi manual of Indian vocal mubic. ('llfll^^isl) 
pp. XT. 208. Calcutta, 1878. 8". 

14156. f. 9.(2.) 

nftnn^n (Mani-m4U. A treatise on 

gems, etc.) Sa7iiik., Hindi, Beng. and Eng. Pt. I. 
Calaitta, 1879, He. 8". 14053. ce. 63. 

In proyreti ? 

8AYANACHAEYA ^ xhrrjrt ^ vtm nftn fifj- 
vtfTHi M n^t m\tiim } ^vnv mtrtirt [The first and 
fifth chapters of the Panchadafi. Sanskrit text, 
with a Hindi commentary, by Pitambara, founded 
on Ramakrishna's Sanskrit commentary, and 
(jailed Tattvapraka?ika. Edited, with an historical 
introduction on Ycdanta philosophy, and a sum- 
mary of the contents of the first two books in 

Hindi, by Sharif Salih Muhammad.] pp. xxv. 
viii. 290. ^ <it*H iBomhay, 1875.] 8°. 

14048. d. 24. 

HIM^M-jcjrt"^ TfTTPWf^T'B: I [Mahavakya- 

viveka. A section, of eight ^lokas, from the 
Sanskrit Panchadasi of Sayanacharya, with an 
extensive commentary in Hindi.] pp. 12. [Bombaij, 
1888.] 16°. 14048. a. 12. 

tiv^ irjt f<Tf^TinT [Sankara digvijaya. 

A metrical work, in 16 chapters, containing an 
account of the life and doctrines of Sankara 
Acharya. Translated by Madhavananda Bharati, 
from the Sanskrit original of S.] pp. ii. 346, ix. 
lith. ^SW^Ti s<i?s [Lucknow, 1870.] 8°. 

14158. g. 7. 

[Another edition.] pp. 270. tfi r ^ ii <ittt 

[Lwknow, 1888.] 8°. 14164. f. 15. 

SCOTT (Thomas Jetferson) D.D. See Barhtawak 
SiNOH. ^WV^^^nr N [Satyadharmavichara. A 
discussion upon true religion between Dayananda 
Sarasvati and T. J. S. and other Christian mis- 
sionaries.] [1880.] 8°. 14164. c. 1.(1.) 

SENAPAn, Kavi. hwifn vf^ V^TKlitTi [Shat- 
rituTar^ana. A description of the six seasons, 
in verse.] pp. 16, lith. I Rn a wl <»«i^5 [Benarm, 
1866.] 8». 14168. e. 6.(6.) 

8E7AKA KIETIEAMA. 'wl tm ?^<: ifT WJ^ ^Jim 
irxw "m^lKXVf l [Kanjii Ilir ka khyul. The story 
of Hir and Ranjhi, in verse. Edited by Anandl- 
lala.] pp.143, /(M. *^'\t\t [Bombay, 1875.] 12°. 

14166. h. 9. 

SHAHU m. Tidja of Sntarn. iPfWiT^ ii i??mT 
Wlftu jf^^ m^HX [Brahmasmriti. A collection 
of Brahmist prayers and hymns, and rules for 
daily duties and worship. Partly in Marathi, 
and partly in Hindi.] pp. 263. ^ <\tt\ [Poona, 
1883.] 6". 14137. b. 12. 

SHAKSFEEE (William). See Ratnachanda. «»i- 
»|l(^« 'iiem [Bhramajalaka nafaka. A drama, 
founded on Shakspero's "Comedy of EiTors."] 
[1879.] 8°. 14158. b. 3. 

Shakespeare's " Merchant of Venice," 

translated into Hindi prose, ^frf^ tpnt "Wt uHmi^ 
[Venis nagar ka byopari.] By AryA. [With 
a preface, in English, by Sir Edwin Arnold.] 
pp. 80. Benares, 1888. 8°. 14158. b. 8. 



srii— SIT 


SHAM SUNDER DASS. See Syamasundara Dasa. 

SHARPLY (A.) n> gtHoM^ I [Golaprakasa, or The 
use of the globes. Taken chiefly from the 
English of T. Keith.] Second edition, pp. vii. 36. 
Jj^ST^rar^ <)t^ [Allahabad, 1866.] 8°. 

14160. c. 4.(5.) 

Fifth edition, pp. 36. ^cJT?T^ ItSb 

[Allahabad, 1878.] 8°. 14156. f. 8.(2.) 

SHERRING (Matthew Atmore). Jj^fttw^ "^^^ ' 

[Manoranjaka vnttanta. General literature.] 

Edited by M. A. S. pp. 105. fiRincrc Ibio 

[Mirzajyur, I860.] 8°. 14160. b? 22.(4.) 

No. iv. of the " Mirzajpore Educational Books. Hindi 

Tr«li'tl§T^^ ^f^cRT I [Prakirtyalaya-chan- 

drika. Places and objects of historical interest.] 

Edited by M. A. S. pp. 112. fflTm^T Ik^o 

[Mirza-pur, I860.] 8°. 14160. bT 22.(2.) 

No. ii. of the " Mii'zapoi-e Educational Books. Hindi 

f'JaT'lrfy^ I [Vidvan-sangraha. Biogra- 

phical sketches of the lives of James Watt, Sir 

William Jones, Benjamin Franklin, John Howard, 

Sir John Franklin, and Columbus.] Edited by 

M. A. S. pp. 66. fWriTTt <\\i\o [Mirzapur, 

I860.] 8°. ^ 14160. b. 22.(3.) 

No. Hi. of the " Mirzapore Educational Books. Hindi 

fn^Vtmr. I [Yidyasara. Lessons in arts 

and sciences.] Edited by M. A. S. pp. 111. 

ftt^TXR '\t%o [Mirzapur, I860.] 8°. 

14160. b. 22.(1.) 

No. i. of the "Mirzapore Educational Books. Hindi 

SHIAM LAL. See Stamalala. 

SHITABCHAND NAHAR. Jaina Jnayanabali. 
9T«1I^c5^ [A collection of Jain poems, compiled 
by Sh. N. Second edition.] pp. 208. ^mr^Trg 
S«idM [Azimganj, 1888.] 8°. 14154. h. 18. 

Jaina stobonaboly. ^cR^T^grl' I [A collec- 
tion of Jain hymns compiled by Sh. N.] pp. 46, 
426. grf^T^ HboM [Murshidabad, 1884.] 8°. 

14154. h. 7. 

sada Chattopadhtata. 

SHIVA NANDAN SUHAI. See Sivanandana Sa- 



SHTVDYAL TTpIdHYAYA. See Sivadatala Upa- 

SHrVTJPRASAD. See Sivaprasada, Raja, G.S.L 

SHURMAN (J. A.) See BiBL^.—Ajjpendix. The 
proper names in the Old and New Testaments, 
rendered into Urdu and Hindi. [By J. A. S.] 
1850. 4°. 3061. g. 5. 

SHYAMAL dAs. See Syamala Dasa. 

SIDDONS (G.) Captain. See Govinda Simha, Gum. 
Translation of the "Vichitra Natak," ... a 
fragment of the Sikh Granth, entitled " The 
Book of the Tenth Pontiff." By Captain G. S. 
1850-51. 8°. 2098. a. 

SIMBHTJ RAYA. See Sambhu Raya. 

SIMSON (Robert) M.D. Professor of Mathematics 
inthe University of Glasgow. See Euclid. Euclid's 
Elements of geometry in Hindi. Book I. [From 
the text of B,. S.] 1874. 8°. 

14160. b. 26.(4.) 

SIRAJ al-DIN. ^?: ^wt f^^ H^^ ^nrfcni JaJ 

j^-fli' U i)Jl=r* [Chaturasabha. Anecdotes of the 
Persian court, translated by Gopala from the 
Hindustani Nakl i majlis of S. al-D. With illus- 
trations.] pp. 64, lith. ^?^ "Ifc** [Delhi, 
1877.] 12°. 14156. h. 7.(2.) 


VARACHANDRA ViDYASAGAEA. ajJcli^JIJ olf't ■^gifrftlcliT 

. . . Fourth edition. Edited and emended by 
Babu Shital Prasad Chatterjee. 1876. 8°. 

14093. b. 6. 

ftj^T^^f HT'rr [Siddhantasangraha. Couipilocl 
by F. H. with the assistance of S. T.] [1882.] 8°. 

14156. f. 11. 

SITARAMA, Vaidyaraja. f^wn«T [Dillagan. A 
treatise on medicine, in verse.] pp. 84, lith. 
^=^ «ia:^j> [Delhi, 1870.] 8°. 

14156. b. 4.(3.) 





SiTAKAMA VASlfA. vi ^ifaf^f^'Tini I [Vallabha 
digvijaya. An account of the life, travels and 
doctrines of Yallabhacharya. Compiled by S. Y. 
from varioas Sanskrit sources.] pp. 127. mi<«l 
UJt [Benaret, 1878.] 8". 

14154. e. 10.(4.) 

[Third edition.] pp. iv. 136. W^Wd sktJ 

[B^naret. 1887.] 8°. 14154. e. 19. 

8IVADAYALA SIMHA. ^nj mrt thi^ ux^ 
[Mati anjil' pariksha, or An examination of the 
Gospel of St. Matthew. An anti-Christian tract.] 
pp. 12. inrn •K«^ lAUahabad, 1890.] 12°. 

14154. b. 21.(2.) 

[Hindi ki diisri kitab.] ... Second Hindi Reader. 
Containing literature, grammar, arithmetic, geo- 
graphy and science lessons, with English and 
Persian equivalents for its technical terms, pp. viii. 
144. Benartg, 1881. 8°. 14160. b. 38.(6.) 

ftK^ inmWTT . . . [Hindi vyakaranasara.] 

Hindi grammar, with English and Persian equi- 
valents for its technical terms, ... by Shivdyal 
UpAdhyiya. pp. 21. Benarc$, 1881. 8". 

14160. b. 25.(2.) 

SIYADHARA. See TchABtVABK. ^ I Wri1<ji > mf^ 
[Ramalila paddhati. Selections from the Sama- 
yaija. Compiled by ?.] [1880.] 8°. 

14158. f. 16. 

SIYAOOVnrSA. See 'Izzat Allah. ^ «mci') yni 
[Bakavali sumana. The Gul i Bakavali, trans- 
lated with the assistance of ^ivagovinda.] [1874.] 
8*. 14156. i. 11.(3.) 

WSimill L^"^"! Mfhcta ka bada mainera. A le- 
gendary story, in Marwari verse, of Narsi Meheta, 
a popular saint of Gujarat.] pp. 103, lith. j^ 
^«^ [Bombay, 1882.] 8'. 

14158. d. 32.(1.) 

Vtasa. Translation of Go-sankat drama ... by 
Shiva Nandan Suhai. 1886. 12*. 

14158. a. 6. 

SrVAHABAYAKA, Deputy Intpertor of Schools. 
ITTI Tutu >nft^ [Avadha dc^iya bhugola. Geo- 
graphy of the Province of Oudh, translated by 

Magan Lala from the Hindustani Jughraflyah i 
Awadh of §.] pp. ii. 37. <^<|f{a <»ts? [Liteknoic, 
1872.] 8°, 14160. b. 35.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. ii. 48, /»M. cSWT3S 

«>bJt [Lucknow, 1878.] 8°. 

14160. b. 28.(6.) 

W^ ^fiTW [Piitruhitaiahini. A letter-writer, trans- 
lated by the author from his Hindustani Muffd 
al-insha. Third edition.] pp. 40. cSWH^ Sts^ 
[Lueknqfc, 1872.] 8°. 

14160. b. 41.(1.) 

f^ni'f vi '^^WW I [Striyon kl hitopatrika. A 
letter-writer, specially intended for the use of 
Hindu women. Translated, by §ivanarayana, 
from the Hindustani Mufld al-nisa.] pp. vi. 124. 
1t»| [Lveknow, 1873.] 8°. 

14160. b. 41.(2.) 

^^firvr I Bhasa Tatva Dipika. [An elementary 
Hindi grammar], . . . First part ... by Pandit 
Shiva Narayan Tribedi. Third edition, pp. 44. 
^if^ "ita^ [Bankijmr, 1879.] 8°. 

14160. b. 7.(4.) 

»nn W >*»ft?J I [Gaya ki bhugola. Au 

account of the district of Gaya.] By Pandit 
Shivanarayan Tribedi. pp. 37. Bankiporo, 

1881. 8°. 14160. b. 51. 

SIVAlfATHA SXiraA. Bnjin. ^rt^ vrt f af n^ ^t^ 
fl*f M Bnrf%w xj-5w jh: il^nT w iwt^tt [An 
account of the religious ceremonial observances 
imposed on ^. S. for re-admittance to the Hindu 
caste, on his return from Europe.] pp. 12. 
iBhahjoJianpur, 1883.] 12°. 

14154. d. 6. 

SrVAPAHCHABATNA. f^nqq t H [Sivapaucha- 
ratna. Sanskrit poems in honour of Siva. With 
a Hindi paraphrase by Mannu Lulu nnd Ramava- 
tara.] ff. 21, lith. ^ IX U g wl «««M \_BenareK, 

1868.] 8°, 14033. b. 8. 


8IVAPBAKASA SIMHA. [Ramatattvabodhinl.] 
See TulasIdasa. fnnJ'JfT'IT ^jfiTcHR [Vinayapatrika. 
With a commentary by $. S., entitled Rama- 
tattvabodhinl.] [1864.] 4°. 

14158. h. 3. 





SIVAPKASADA, Baja, C.S.L See Day (T.) Author 
of Sandford and Merton. ^^STfitl ^frc flliH ^ 
ili^T^l . . . Sandford and Merton. [Translated] 
by Eaja Sivapras4d. [1877.] 8°. 

14156. h. 15.(2.) 

See Dayananda SaeasvatI. «Ht-ic! H 

[Bhramochchhedana. A reply to a pamphlet 
published by Roja Sivaprasada, on the subject of 
the Vedas.] [1880.] 8°. 14154, c. 1.(2.) 


W^^l [Gutka-pradipa. A key to Sivaprasada's 
Gutka.] [1877.] 8°. 14160. b. 44. 

See Malik Muhammad, Jaisi. ^z^nfr^ 

oR^ ^rfSoRoBtg^ [A translation of extracts from 
Malik Muliammad^s poem Padmavat, as contained 
in Sivaprasada's Gutka.] [1882.] 8°. 

14160. c. 18. 

See Manna Lala. Visham Padabyakhya. 

. . . [An explanation of difficult words occurring 
in Pt. i. of Sivaprasada's Gutka.] [1878.] 12°. 

14160. b. 45. 

See Manu. ^Vl(^ vikwj. II Mdnava Dhar- 

masar . . . abridged and translated ... by Babu 
^ivaprasad. 1857. 8°. 14038. d. 9. 

[1865.] 8°. 
1866. 8°. 
[1877.] 8°. 

14156. a. 1.(2.) 

14038. c. 22. 

14039. b. 11. 

See Sankaea Achakya. [supposititious 

WORKS.] Jn^^nt Moll mudgar. [With an inter- 
linearytranslation]byRaja Sivaprasad. [1887.] 8°. 

14072. c. 47.(2.) 

See Seilala. f^«IC'< [Vidyankurai 

Compiled from Sivaprasada's Bhugolavrittanta 
and Ma'lumat.] [1855.] 8°. 14156. e. 2. 

See TucKEE (C.) M'ihs. ^^ grt oR^tft 

[Mele kl kahani. Translated with the assistance 
of Sivaprasada.] [1856.] 12°. 14154. a. 3. 

See Upanishads. ■?«jfq??^Tnt [Upanishad- 

.siira. With a Hindi translation by Sivaprasada.] 
[1878.] 8°. 14010. c. 29.(3.) 

^^^ «liT pTIH [Bachchon kii in'am. A 

reader for children.] Pt. i. pp. 16. 35(55l?l^l<? <ibtM 
lAllahabad, 1865.] 16°. 14160. a. 15. 

SIVAPRASADA, Raja, G.S.I. v:r^^ [Balabodha. 
An entertaining and instructive primer, translated 
from the English. Tenth edition.] pp. 27. 3^- 
^T^ «ltt,>9 [Allahabad, 1867.] 12°. 

14160. a. 3.(3.) 

Oarcin de Tassy, in his " JTisioire de la litlerature ]Iin- 
dotiie," %'ol. Hi. p. 270, describes this work as being a trans- 
lation ofMnglish Manuscripts^' by W. Edwards. 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. ^c5^ 

«>«.s(«i [Delhi, 1872.] 12°. 14160. a. 10.(5.) 

Wf35 ^WIHc** [Bhiigola bastamalaka. A 

geography of the world] ... in two volumes . . . 
by Babu Sivaprasad . . . Volume I. [comprising 
the continent of Asia, with special reference to 
India.] 3 pt. oF^cR^T «(t>l<i [Calcutta, 1859.] 8°. 

14160. b. 33. 

[Another edition.] Vol. I. pt. 1. pp. viii. 

136, 14. ^l^T^T^ <=\t9% [Allahabad, 1876.] 8°. 

14160. b. 32.(3.) 

'Sf>7r HiftcS ^^THcToir [Chhota bhugola 

hastamalaka.] . . . An abridgment of [the authoi-'s] 
Bhugol hastamalak for halkdbandi schools, etc. 
Vol. I. 3rd edition, pp. 52. Benares, 1863. 8°. 

14160. b. 32.(1.) 
Imperfect; wanting pp. 17-24. Pp'. 9-16 are in. duplicate. 

Court characters in the Upper Provinces 

of India. [Recommending the substitution of 
the Hindi chai-acters for the Persian in the Courts 
of Law ; with specimens of Hindi and other 
running hands.] pp. 7, 2. Privately printed: 
Benares, 1868. 8°. 12902. cc. 22.(4.) 

Henry Carre Tucker . . . late Commis- 

sioner and Governor General's Agent, Benares. 
^ ?Tc5 5RT^ ff-^^'t cFTT ToRT; V\ft^ "^^^ • • ■ By 
Rdja Sivaprasad. pp. 32. Benares, 1877. 16°. 

14156. g. 20. 

Hindi Selections [in prose and verse] 

compiled under the directions of the Commission 
appointed ... to arrange for the preparation of 
Hindustani class books as language tests, to be 
passed by junior Civil Servants and military 
officers. [With an introductory sketch, in English, 
of the history of Hindi literature.] pp. xv. ii. 257. 
Benares, 1867. 4°, 14156. k. 2. 

^ZWt II .[Gutka,] or Selections. [Another 

edition.] pp. ix. 246. Benares, 1870. 8°. 

14166. i. 7.(2.) 





SrVAPBASADA, Raja, C.S.I. jfnrm PflfVtHUm 
Itihas Timimasak. A history of India, in three 
partB. Pt. i. pp. iii. 76. ^^ I ^ i w r ^ <M\i [Allahabad, 
1864.] 8°. 14156. g. 14. 

[Another edition.] 2 pt. ^<ji l? nn; "^tss-tM 

[Allahabad, 1877-65.] 8". 14158. g. 13. 

Pt. a. ti of tie 9ti edition. 

History of Hindustin : being an English 

version of R&j& Sivapras&d's jfnm f^0n.< i nm ... 
by M. Kempson. (Pt. ii. and iii. by Pandit 
Bhar&nidat Joshi.) 3 pt. JUaJtabad, Banura$, 
1875-74. 8». 14156. g. 15. 

Pt. i , puhlitked at Allahabad, hat ao date ; pt. ii and iii. 
ittre fmblithed at B^marm. 

Pt. ii. Second edition, pp. v. 91. Alla- 
habad, 1880. 8°. 14166. g. 17. 

Pt. ii. Third edition, pp. v. 91. Alla- 

hc^ad, 1881. 8°. 14156. g. 16. 

^rnf W\ WTR^ [Larkog ki kahani. 

Anecdotes on the duties and moral training of 
children. Second edition.] pp. 50. if^TTH H^^ 
[Benare$, 1861.] 16». 14156. h. 10. 

w^nwwn [Man-bahlava. A moral and 

instmctire reader. Second edition.] PL i. pp. 48. 
^^nrrwrr «»tV» [Allahabad, 1865.] 8°. 

14160. b. 32.(2.) 

niW^mm^l [Prafnottaramali. Moral 

precepts in Sanskrit and Hindi, in the form of a 
catechism. Third edition.] pp. 32. w^TTTfi <4ti« 
[Bmare$, 1864.] 16». 

14048. a. S.O.) 

— ^-^ f1Km>l(.1H [Vamamanoranjana.] Tales 
for women . . .' By B&bu oivaprasid. Second 
edition, pp. 68. WTTTW <»tM« [Benara, 1859.] 8°. 

14166. i. 7.(L) 

pp. 25. 

[Varnamala. A Hindi primer.] 
[.Benares, I860?] 8". 

14160. b. 19.(3.) 
Without title-page. 

Sixth edition, pp. 24. 

14160. b. 13.(4.) 

[AUaMtad, 1865.] 8°. 

'RT f^rVTVC . . . Vidyinkur, or an adop- 
tion from Chambers' "Rudiments of knowledge" 
and ..." Introduction to the sciences/' by R&ji 

^ivaprasad. pp. iv. 78, ii. ^(ill#l«ll< <»b9S [Alla- 
habad, 1877.] 8°. 14160. b. 13.(8.) 
An emended and altered version ijf Srildla't Tldydiitum. 

Fourth edition, pp. iv. 78, ii. ^c5T?TTK 

•^tff [Allahabad, 1881.] 8°. 14160. b. 38.(5.) 

^ftrfitTTT ^prtTT Birsingh ka brittant. An 

infanticide story by . . . Shivuprasad. pp. 41. 
Benareg, 1855. 8°. 14156. h. 23.(1.) 

Story of Virasiifiha. [Another edition.] 

See Hall (F.-E.) Hindi Reader, pp. 36-43. 
1870. *4°. 760. h. 8 

8IVAFRASADA, of Pamnagar. Trt <j}li«<T ' m'j ^ < !i I 
[Lakshmi^vara-bhushana. Miscellaneous poetical 
compositions.] pp. 104, 2i</t. [Bcnnre»,1880?] 8". 

14158. d. 20.(3.) 

8IVASAHAYA v«l Ti1«<||J|«4ri3l«ir'i4ii.4U<l>lO [Bha- 
gavata ^ankanivarana manjari. A work, in 
Sanskrit verse, in the form of a dialogue between 
a teacher and his pupils, designed to vindicate 
the Bhagavatapurana agfainst objections to its 
authority raised by the teachers of the Jains, 
the Muhammadans and others. With a trans- 
lation by the author in Hindi prose.] ff. 131, /t'M. 
^ W\o [Bombay, 1888.] obi. 4'. 14018. o. 28. 

wxi q« f^^Mliiq wti ^^ Tmnnff [Vedanta- 

ramayspa. A work, in Sanskrit verse, with an 
original prose version in Hindi, forming a popular 
exposition of the Vodanta system.] pp. 226, lilli. 
^ <^l;<fo [Bombay, 1888.] 8°. 14048. d. 54. 

SrVASAHATA 8IMHA, of Darbhanga. See JIvana 
Dasa, also called Sivasahata Si^ha. 

SIVASAMHITA. O l «t><(>a i [Sivasamhita. A metrical 
work, in Sanskrit, on the devotions of the Yogi, 
accompanied by a Hindi translation by Ramacha- 
ranapurl.] pp. 192. ihwt ^t^^ [Bombay, 1890.] 8°. 

14028. 0. 60. 

SrVASAKKAKA 8IMHA. See Tucker (C.) Mies, 
i^ if\ "mwrtfi [Mele ki kahani. Translated from 
a Hindustani version of the original by SJ. S.] 
[1856.] 12°. 14164. a. 8. 

8IVA SIMHA, Intpeetor of Oudh Police. See 
Pdranas. — Padmapurana. — Ookarnamdhdtmya. 
J|1«4mfipi| [Ookarnamahatmya. With a Hindi 
paraphrase by ?. S.] [1877.] obi. 4°. 

14016. e. 32. 

H 2 





SIVA SIMHA, Inspector of Oudh Police. See Pu- 
RANAS. — Svvajjurdna. Hl^M<n5=J ^flt ^ [Siva- 
puvana. Translated by S. S. under the title 
Priijfianandarnava.] [1878.] 4°. 

14154. g. 6. 

f^I^^ tnchr [Sivasimha saroja. Selec- 

tions from the writings of 836 Sanskrit and 
Hindi poets, ancient and modern, with an intro- 
ductory preface, and an appendix 'containing the 
names and dates of 1000 poets, with short 
biographical sketches of most of them.] pp. x. 
837, 138, lith. cS^^^sns StSt [Lucknow, 1878.] 8°. 

14158. g. 4. 

SMITH (Barnard). »lfT!i5rfgWT [Ganitakriya. Bar- 
nard Smith's 'Arithmetic for schools,' translated 
by Isvariprasada and Kalyana Raya from their 
Hindustani version, entitled Hall al-liisab. Pt. iii. 
translated by Pandit Pallrama.] 4 pt. lith. »TT3 
'\t99-St [Meerut, 1877-78.] 8°. 14160. c. 11. 

'qT7^nfT!nT [Patiganita. Barnard Smith's 

' Shilling book of arithmetic for national and 
elementary schools,' translated by Pandit Pall- 
rama.] Pt.i. pp.84. ^^Z<\\:SlSlMeerut,\8^^.'] 12°. 

14160. b. 14.(3.) 

SMITH (Vincent Arthur). Popular songs of the 
Hamirpur District in Buudelkhand, N. W. P. 
(Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol.xliv. 
pt. i. pp. 389-392, and vol. xlv. pt. i. pp. 278-290). 
Cahutta, 1875-76. 8°. 2098. b. 

SOMCHAND KALIDASA. sn^ ?><^ ^ [JSana-upadesa. 
A collection of Hindi and Gujarati songs by 
Siiradasa, Kablr, Dayarama, and other poets. 
Compiled by S. K.] pp. 9L =n>tllHK U6\ 
lAhmadahad, 1885.] 12°. 14148. e. 10. 

SONA. '^ft^ ^it ^ Wr^ [Sone loke ka jhagra, 
or The dispute between gold and iron. A fabla, 
in verse.] pp. 8, liih. '\i\\ [Delhi, 1876.] 16°, 

14158. c. 5.(8.) 

SOOJAN SIN"(xH. 8ce Sdjan Simha. 


SORATH. ^rtn ^VS [Sang Sorath. A dramatic 
■poem on the loves of Sorath, the daughter of a 
potter, and a merchant's son.] pp. 32, lith. 'Vi.ii 
[Delhi, 1888.] 8°. 14158. b. 4.(4.) 

SRADDHARAMA, Pandit, rm V*^ H^^c!^ . . . 
'^^1^ >T3T«n' '^^ ^R^STT^ [Satyadharma muktavall. 
Vaishnava hymns, followed by a Barah-masa 
poem.] pp. 64, lith. '^)i^^ 1^^^ [Lvdhiana, 
1876.] 12°. 14158.' c. 4.(3.) 

SRIDHARA. See Ashtavakka. ^^ ^KI^)^ etc. 
[Ashtavakrasarnhita. Sanskrit text, with a versi- 
fied Hindi translation by Sridhara.] [1864.] 8°. 

14048. b. 2. 

^t^TTS^ ?i^ [Ashtavakra ke dohe. 

[Another edition of Sridhara's verse translation.] 
[1875.] 8°. 14158. d. 9. 

SRIDHARA BHATTA. See Tulasidasa. tPmnu 
[Ramayana. Edited by S. Bh.] [1871.] 8°. 

14158. f. 9. 

«Flrfo|i<rfHH^ I [Kautukaratna. A collection 

of charms and incantations. Second edition.] 
pp. 21. ^fl^-SRin U055 [Calcutta, 1881.] 12°. 

14156. e.. 4. 

Vasantaraja. ^wh<I>(3IT^^ [Vasantariija-sakuna. 
Sanskrit text, with a Hindi preface and commen- 
tary by S. J., entitled Manoraiijini.] [1881.] 8°. 

14053. d. 38. 

SRIDHARA SIVALALA. See Mahabhaeata. — 
Bhagavadgttd. WllHgiKa^rTT [Bhagavadgita. Vi^ith 
a prose ti-anslation into Braj-bhasha by S. S.] 
[1880.] 8°. 14065-. e. 17. 

See Peatapa Simha, Raja of Jaipur. TSi\ 

Tiz\m ^KOT^T ^1 t?t=ird'«l [Amritasagara. Edited, 
with notes in the Rajvadi dialect, by S. S.] 
[1880.] 8°. 14156. b. 11. 

SRILALA. See Devipbasada, Pandit. ^^TlfXff^P^'JJ 
[isvaratanidarshana. Translated by S. from the 
Hindustani Mazhar i kudrat.] [1854.] 8°. 

14154. b. 2. 

[1867.] 8°. 

14154. b. 3.(3.) 

/See Euclid. ;:?imf;!r'iT [Rekhaganita. The 

elements of Euclid, translated from the English, 
in three parts. Pt. i. and ii. by Mohana Lilla, 
assisted by S.] [1854, etc.'] 8°. 

14160. b. 15. 

[1861.] 8°. 

14160. c. 5.(1.) 





SailAlA. See Reid (H. S.) W^^fftT' [Kshetra- 
chandrika. Translated by §. from the English 
of H. S. Reid.] [1856.] 4°. 14160. d. 4. 

[1866.] S". 
[1867.1 •*». 
[1873.] 8°. 

14160. b. 26.(3.) 

14160. d. 5. 

14160. 0. 5.(4.) 

8ee VAysiDHAKA. nftnnnn? [Ganitapra- 

kasa. Arithmetic, in four parts. Pt. ii. hj $., 
and Pt8. iii. and iv. translated by ?. from the 
Hindustani Mabadi al-hisub.] [1865, ete^ 8°. 

14160. b. 39. 

^IWt 'y^firwt [Akshnradlpika. An elemen- 
tary reading book. Eighth edition.] pp. 28. 
^^rrfRT^ <)tM {AUahaixvl, 1864.] 12", 

14160. a. 4.(3.) 

— • — [Another edition.] pp. 32, Uth. ymm 
Sti9% [Agra, 1871.] 12". 14160. a. 10.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, /i7A. wnnry 

«»^ {Faiehgarh, 1876.] 12". 14160. ». 9.(3.) 

»n^ 't^cm [Bhashi chandrodaya. A ' 

grammar of the Hindi language. Second edition.] i 
pp. 73. irmn ^wm [A'jra, 1856.] 8°. I 

14180. b. 7.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 99. ctn^ai ^M 

[Luehnote, 1865.] 8*. 14160. a. 7.(1.) 

vH^H^i H ^TTTT V^ fir? wt TTrtw [Dharma ' 

Simha kd Tfittants. The story of Dharma Simha, , 
an honest zemindar.] pp. 12. ^imiT SWS [Agra, 
1851.] 8*. 141.W. h. 24.(1.) ! 

8BILALA. i|l\uAn«l!|| [Ganitaprakasa. An elemen- 
tary simple arithmetic] pp. 48. ^rmn ^tM^ 
iAgra, 1851.] 8°. 14160. b. 12.(1.) 

aHlJcjIal [Jfiana-challsl. Moral pre- 

cepts for the young, arranged in 40 stanzas. 
Sixth edition.] pp. 7. |[^JT?T^ "^tttt, [Allahabad, 
1866.] 12". 14160. a. 4.(4.) 

inft^RTR [Khagolasara. Outlines of as- 
tronomy, founded chiefly on Vamjidhara's Hindu- 
stani Mukhtasar Kal i nizam i shamsi.] pp. 29. 
wnrn stM^ [Agra, 1853.] 8°. 14160. b. 6.a.) 

pp. 29. 

14166. f. 7.(2.) 

Third edition 

[Benare; I860.] 8". 

•KIKhIkk. »T?Tir5rt ^r^T^ «f [MahajanI sara. 

A primer in the Mahajaui, or commercial cha- 
racter, shoxring also the Mahajan's method of 
book keeping.] pp. 17, lith. Htg if H i ^ <^tM« [Alla- 
habad, 1859.] 8». 14160. c. 3.(1.) 

qmiPcSm I [Patramalika. A letter- 

writer.] pp. 12, /tVA. ^STfH^rtfM [/-aAorc,18G5.] 8°. 

14160. c. 4.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16. ^c^lfivit; 

<ttM [Allahabad, 1867.] 12°. 14160. a. 3.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. flfirt 

HJ^ [Delhi, 1871.] 12^ 14160. a. 10.(4.) 

W^ ^ifir [§nlapaddhati. Suggestions 

to teachers of schools on the best method of 
giving instruction to their scholars.] pp. 43. 
wmn ifcH? [Agra, 1852.] 12". 14160. a. 3.(1.) 

wm ITW^V [Samayaprabodha. Lessons on 

[Another edition.] pp. 16. [Agra, 

1856 ?] 8*. 14156. h. 12.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. ^JTfVt 

•»t»,e [Lahorr, 18<)0.] 8^ 14156. i. 4.(2.) 

HWfit? . . . Awf.U in JWPW [Another 

edition.] pp. 14. ^Hnr* sti* /-u-Art'.w, 1862.] 12". 

14156. h. 8.(1.) 

Tenth edition. pp. 12. Ic!nrnfi7 <ifci«, 

[Allahabad, 1866.] 8". 14166. h. 23.(2.) 

wj'NiT^Ti ^iTt^n v**fihr UT ^inw [Another 

edition.] pp. 26, lith. ^nftX St>» [Lahore, 
1877.] 8". 14156. h. 22.(1.) 

various modes of computing time, in the form 
of a dialogue between a teacher and his pupil. 
Second edition.] pp. ii. v. 64. «mTT «ttMM [Agra, 
1855.] 16". 14160. a. 10.(1.) 


Third edition 

[Agra, I860.] 16°. 

11. 88, Vlll. WPTTT «ttt,o 
14160. a. 4.(1.) 

[Surajpur kl kahfuii, 
or The story of a dishonest patwari.] Pt. I. pp. 10. 
^wnr* '\^^ [Lucknow, 1862.] 12°. 14166. h. 8.(2.) 

[Another edition.] 2 pt. ^^STPr^i^ ^blM-^t^ 

[Allahabad, 1865-66.] 8°. 14156. h. 26.(3.) 

Ft. Lit (if Ike 9<4, pt. ii. qftht 2nd edition. 

[Another edition.] Pt. I. pp. 12. [Agr<t, 

1866 ?] 8°. 14166. h. 12.(3.) 





SailAIA. '^ W^ ^T^ ■?! wm ^ ^T [Urdu 
adarsa. An Urdu primer for Hindi students, 
containing lessons on the Urdu alphabet, and 
specimens of official documents in Persian and 
Devanagari characters.] Third edition, pp.40, Zi</i. 
Wf(tXV StS,^ [Benares, 1862.] 8°. 14160. b. 7.(2.) 

ftWT^t etc. [Vidyankura. Lessons in 

physical science, compiled from Sivaprasada's 
Bhiigolavrittanta, and Ma'liimat, adaptations 
from Chambers' " Rudiments of knowledge," and 
"Introduction to the sciences."] pp. 80. ^TtT 
«)tMM [Agra, 1855.] 8°. 14156. e. 2. 

[Another edition.] pp. 90. ^^TITRT^ <itSfM 

[Allahabad, 1865.] 8°. 14156. e. 5. 

Eighth edition, pp. 90. ^c*1^1^l^ "Ht^S 

[Allahabad, 1867.] 8°. 14160. b. 13.(7.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 91. «JS«H* <\ti^9. 

[LucTcnow, 1869.] 8°. 14160. b. 4.(3.) 

SRINIVASA DASA. im-it^V!! ^TTZ^ I [Tapta 
Sambaran nataka. A drama in four acts.] pp.18. 
xjTrn tbfcb [Patna, 1888.] 12°. 14158. a. 6.(2.) 

SEIPALA-CHARITA. ^'hncT^rftlT [Sripala-charita. 
A Jain poem, edited by Krishnachandra Dhar- 
madhikari.] ff. 70. ^c^'^WI S«i^o [Calcutta, 1873.] 
obi. 8°. 14154. h. 5. 

SEIRAMA, Lata. See Anatha Dasa. The Vichar 
Mala. Translated [into English] by Lala Sreeram. 
1886. 8°. 14048. bb. 1. 

SRIEAMA, Vakil. See Nischala Dasa. <i'-«>»^ 
j^L-.U-j [Vicharasagara. With a Hindustani 
translation, by Srirama, of a Hindi commentary.] 
[1889.] 8°. 14154. e. 29. 

STAPLEY (L. A.) Part I. of a series of gradu- 
ated translation exercises, English-Hindi, Hindi- 
English. Third edition, pp. iv. 39. Allahabad, 
1873. 8°. 760. c. 

[Another edition.] pp. iv. 39. Allahabad, 

1882. 8°. 14160. b. 46. 

Part I. of a series of 'graduated trans- 
lation exercises, English-Kaithi, Kaithi-English. 
With rules . . . Translated from the author's 
English drafts, by Munshi Vraja Mohan Lai. 
Calcutta, 1885. 8°. 760. c. 12. 

This is a revised edition, in the Kaithi character, of the 
author's Sindi exercises. 

STEWART ( ) Captain. '^'U^ ej-qi I iSTTT ^a-^IH<*' t 
■^rm^JTrJnBT ^y^ l . . . [Upadesa katha.] Stewart's 
Historical anecdotes, with a sketch of the history 
of England, and her connection with India. 
[Together with selections from L. M. "Stretch's 
" Beauties of History," and other sources.] 
Translated by W. T. Adam. pp. 105. Engl, and 
Hindi, Calcutta, 1825. 8°. 14156. g. 1.(1.) 

STRETCH (L. M.) gee Stewart ( ) Captain. 
■^TOf^ oir^ I . . . Stewart's Historical anecdotes 
. . . [Together with selections from L. M. S.'s 
" Beauties of History."] 1825. 8°. 

14156. g. 1.(1.) 

STRISIKSHA. W^f^lW • • ■ wNt ^ ^Ii^»m!rf% f^q 
[Strisiksha. A Hindi primer for female readers.] 
4 pt., nth. wff^ It**! [Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 

14160. b. 37. 

STUTIPRAKASA. ^jfinmn^ I [Stutiprakasa. A 
collection of Christian hymns.] pp. 138. J^- 
fT^ <\\i9\i [Allahabad, 1878.] obi. 12°. 

14154. a. 13.(4.) 

STJDAMA. ^rq g<IH^ ^ -^ ^\iM^i\ fcm [Bara- 
khadi. A poem treating on the orthography of 
the Hindi language, especially of the vowels.] 
See Sueyapdbana. fi^^WTT't HT^ ^ %^T "^ '\ f^- 
^TTOTeic. [Suryapuraiia.] pp. 105-112. [1864.] iV 

14154. d. 4. 

SUHAG RANI. t f ' I tg T ^K. ^liT^R'k [Mangalachara 
Kashmir. A collection of songs sung by women 
at marriages and other festive occasions. In the 
Kashmiri dialect.] pp. 36, lith. ' "^X^J. "Vi^^, 
[Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 14158. e. 3.(7.) 

SUJAN SIMHA. English Adursh. [An English 
reader for Hindi scholars.] By Pundit Soojan 
Singh, pp. 64. Meerutt, 1876. 8°. 

14160. c. 3.(5.) 

SITKADEVA. wtfiT^^rrT [Jyotishasara. A San- 
skrit treatise on astrology, edited, with a Hindi 
commentary, by Ramanatha Karkare.] pp. xi. 
312, lith. ^r^rmt lO.'lM-lt, [Benares, 1868-69.] 8°, 

14053. oc. 8. 

STJKADEVA LALA, Mainpurl. See Tulasidasa. 
TTJiriOT g^TJ't^'ff^ VZfm [Ramayana. With -a 
commentary by S. L.] [1888.] obi. 4°. 

14158. i. 2. 





8TTZA8APTATI. y^ w ^'^ml fV^ wfy?T [Suka-bahot- 
tari. A prose translation, by Pandit Bhairara- 
praeada, of the Sanskrit Sakasaptati, or Seventy 
tales of a parrot. With illustrations, and occa- 
sional stanzas in Sanskrit.] pp. 223. ijirf <K^S 
[Bombay, 1864.] 12^ 14156. h. 5. 

[An anonymous prose translation of the Sanskrit 
tales.] pp. 87, lilh. ^SWni "itJ* [Lueknow, 
1874.] 8°.- 14156. i. 18.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 80, lith. WT^ 

«Hi|* [Benaru, 1877.] 8^ 14168. i. U.(6.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 80, lith. [Delhi, 

1879.] 8". 14156. i. IS.Q.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 80, lith. [Meerui, 

1879.] 8°. 14156. i. 4.(4.) 

SUKHADEVA MISRA. Uim Mmj I [Pingala. A 
tr«)atii>e on prosody.] pp. 49, vi. TFjrt W?o 
[Benares, 1864.] 8". 14158. d. 29.a.) , 

mv vnrh^ n [Rasir^aTa. A poem describing 

the various kinds of poetical and dramatic senti- 
ments.] pp. 100, lith. Benare; 1865. 8°. 

14U8. d. S9.(8.) 

8UKXA. JTTPlWr I . . . Shukra niti . . Sanskrit , 
text, and trani<lation into Bhasha [i.e. Hindi] by 
BabuPadmaDevaN.Pandeya. £enare«, 1 889. 12". I 

14039. b. 19. 

/» progrrt$. J 

8UMATI vlJAYAJi. ^nfir f^nnnrt ^ ^fti^n\ \ 

[Choviiti. Twenty-four hymns in praise of Jain 
saints.] pp.38. ^?,n. liili'X [Sural, 1887.] 16°. I 

14154. h. 11. ' 

SirvSASA DA8A, Dififde of DihUjJ. ^<igmm r 
WT^ [Suiidikra Dasakrita kavya. A collection of 
the poems of S. D., edited by Tukarama Tatya.] 
pp. iii. xi. 572. ijnf '♦t^o [Bombay, 1890.] 12°. 

14158. d. 31. 

' W^ ij^J^fH^ll m^V VXt'T. [Sundaravilasa. 

A poem on Vediinta philosophy, in 35 Angas.] 
pp. 127, lith. ^ titt% [BonAay, 18G4.] 8°. 

14168. e. 2L 

'•^ ^rrfir^TW xf«i [Another edition.] 

pp. 84, lith. ww^ st^H iBenareg, 1808.] 8°. 

14168. g. 10.(1.) 

SUNDAEA DASA, Disciple of DddUji. !?%§■ Hxfd 
•cm [Sundaravilasa. Another edition, in Guru- 
mukhi characters.] pp. 96, lith. w»Jd [Lahore, 
1876.] 8°. 14154. e. 14.(2.) 

. . . yft 'srrTSiiir ^ [Another edition. With a 
commentary, called Rahasyarthadipika, by Pitam- 
bara, on the Viparyaya, or 20th Anga of the 
poem, or in some copies the 34th Anga, and 
followed by two other poems by Sundara Diisa,' 
viz. Jna^avilasa, and Sundara ashtaka. Together 
with a translation, in verse, by §ridhara, of the 
Sanskrit Ashtavakrasamhita. Edited, with a 
preface, occasional notes, and a glossary of dif- 
ficult words, by SaliK Muhammad.] pp. xiii. 404. 
^ «««HS [Bombay, 1875.] 8°. 14168. d. 9. 

[Third edition of the preceding, without 

^ridhara's translation of the Ash^avakrasamhita, 
and with the addition of Jnanasamudrs, three 
more ashtakas, and numerous other smaller poemR 
of Sundara Dasa.] pp. xiv. 261, 257. ^[wf ^bfcM 
[Bombay, 1885.] 8°. 14168. d, 17. 

8UHDARA DASA, called EAVfsVARA. [For the 
various editions of the Hindi version of S. D.'s 
Braj-bhasha translation of a collection of Sanskrit 
tales, entitled Singhasan battisi :] See Yikraha- 
DITTA, Kin^ of Ujjayinl. 

■ Sundershring&r. [An erotic poem, con- 
taining a description of the different classes of 
men and women, and their temperaments] and 
Heerishringdr [a poem on the same subject] 
published by Kavi Hirachand Kanji [the author 
of the latter poem. With a glossary of difficult 
words, and a Gujarati preface.] ilfl«f^ ^^t«ff 
^<<. ' ^« I U wYt . . . T^TT^mt pp. xii. 1 19. ^ <Htt« 
[Bombay, 1864.] 8°. 14158. d. 6. 

iVo. 2 ({fa terie* entitled "BrijbhiMha kdxtya langrak." 

W^ i}^i»ji lt t I ▼r^ TT ^f^ ^ I [Sundara- 

fringara. Another edition.] pp. 91, lith. Be- 
nares, 1865. 8°. 14168. d. 13.(2.) 

SinrDASA KAViSYARA. See Sondaba Dasa, 
called KavIsvara. 

S'&BASASA. See MahavIraprasada. f4l4UU'l1rll(lc$^ 
[Krishnagitavali. A collection of songs in praise 
of Krishna, taken chiefly from the Siirasagara of 
SuradSsa.] [1881.] 4°. 14188. h. 9. 





SURADASA. See Nandakisora Lala. 'rftwioTHTT? 
[Chautill-sangraha. A collection of songs in the 
Chautal measure, taken from the works of Siira- 
dasa and other poets.] [1890.] 8°. 

14158. e. 37.(2.) 

(See Revas ANKARA Velaji. T:m<#lc^l [Rasa- 

lila. Containing songs by Suradasa and other 
poets.] [1886.] 12°. 14158. c. 18. 

i.i*«jij44j [Bhaunraglta. An extract from 

the Surasagara of Suradasa, describing the 
despatch of Udho, by Krishna, with a message 
to the milkmaids of Mathura. Transcribed in 
Persian characters by Nathu Lala.] pp. 204, lith. 
y^ uvA [LucJcnow, 1878.] 8°. 14158. g. 6. 

'?rt «<.<!«<* '^^^ «2tc(i [Drishti kiita. 

A collection of epigrammatical verses by Siira- 
dasa. Accompanied by a commentary by Sardar 
Kavi, entitled Sahityalaharl.] pp. 117. (•S^H'ai 
Sk<to [Lucknow, 1890.] 8". 14158. e. 37.(1.) 

"m^ 'ft^snf [Katha Moradhvaja. A tale, 

in verse.] pp. 16, lith. ^RT^^ Sfcb'^ [Benares, 
1881.] 12°. 14158. c. 21.(1.) 

'WT^nnT [Siirasagara. A poem on the life 

of Krishna.] 6pt. cy^7nri<jb^ [Iciicfoiow;, 1864.] 4°. 

14158. h. 2. 

[Another edition.] pp. 684, lith. ^snTTT 

•Id^^ [Agra, 1876.] 8°. 14158. e. 18. 

[Another edition.] pp. 609. ^isTH^ 'tbbo 

[Lucknoiv, 1880.] 8°. 14158. g. 13. 

[Siirasagara ratna. A selection of poems from 
the Surasagara, compiled by Raghunatha Dasa.] 
pp. 274, lith. Benares, 1864. 8°. 

14158. e. 4.(1.) 

wc?i(f<* ■qfr^ ^r^ ysfi wT^ron'Nrtr ^ [Siira- 

sataka, or Kuta. Some obscure verses by Sura- 
dasa, accompanied by a commentary by Giridhara 
Gosvami.] Pt. I., lith. Benares, 1869. 8°. 

14156. f. 9.(1.) 

[Another edition. Edited, with notes, 

by Hariscbandra.] pp. ii. 46. ^Z^ <(bb«. [Patna, 
1889.] 8°. 14158. e. 35. 

Begin. *Tri*f«ii ^^ oRt ^? ^J^ Tnn 

the grief of Radha, during each month of the 
year, when separated from Krishna.] pp. 8, lith. 
[Delhi, 1870 ?] 16°. 14158. c. 5.(6.) 

■?T^ «^l«c»ri fV^nmf^'sliT [Vinayapatrika. 

Vaishnava devotional songs.] pp. 66, lith. flBI^rt 
«(«J.^^ [Benares, 1866.] 8°. 14158. e. 4.(2.) 

SURAT KAViSVARA. [For the various editions 
of the Hindi version of S. K.'s Braj-bhasha 
translation of the collection of Sanskrit tales, 
entitled Vetala-panchavimsatika :] See Baital- 

STJRUR. See Rajab 'Ali Beg, called SurOe. 

SURYA MALLA. See Ganqa Sahata. ^^ru«lil^ 
[Varnsaprakasa. An account of the Chiefs of 
Bundelkhand, being an abstract of the Vainsa- 
bhaskara of S. M.] [1877.] 8°. 14156. g. 12. 

[1878.] 8° 

14156. g. 18. 

ff^TT ^t Jiq fR I End. ^^"Nnv^^^ ^rR?JJTT»'t ^W»^ I 
[Veni Madho ki barahmasl. A poem describing 

SURYAPRASADA MISRA. See Panini. PaninJya- 
tatvadarpanam . . . By Kali Charan Banerji and 
Surya Pra[s]ada Misra. 1887, etc. 8°. 

14092. b. 39. 

SURYAPURAITA. ^^^^g^H!J | [Siiryapurana. A 
poem on the blessings attendant on the worship 
of the sun.] pp. 24, lith. ^W^ S<s.<f<i [Delhi, 
1862.] 12°. 14158. c. 3.(1.) 

[Another edition. Followed by six other poems, 
viz. : (1) Ganesapurana, adapted from the San- 
skrit by Moti Lala ; (2) Snehalila, by Rasika Raya ; 
(3) Danalila, by Rajendra; (4) Barakhadi, by 
Sudamajl ; (5) Karuna battisi, by Madhava Dasa, 
(6) Narsi Meheta ki hundi.] pp. 142, lith. <f*b^ 
[Bombay, 1864.] 12°. 14154. d. 4. 

SUVAMSA SUKULA. See Amara Si^ha. Begin. ?ni 
■^TH'^cR^ fcFPT^ [Umrao-kosa. Translated,by S.S., 
from the Sanskrit Amarakosha.] [1825 ?] 8°. 

14160. b. 21. 

SVARNA MURTI. ^ »tft [Svarna murti, or 
The golden image of king Nebuchadnezzar. A 
Christian tract, in verse.] pp. 20. ^^?T^ Ibso 
[Liidhiana, 1870.] 12°. 14154. a. 6.(14.) 





SVAHUPA DASA HMn 3H l M<ji^ [Manasa sanka- 
vali. Explanation of difficult passages in the 
Ramajana and other poems of Tulasidasa.] pp.165. 
<)U^ [Bmarttt, 1887.] 8°. 14158. f. 25.(1.) 

8TAHALA SASA, Kavirdj, of Udaipur. See Mo- 
HAXALALA VisHNULiLA Panota. The Dcfenco of 
Prithirdj Riak . . . [In answer to a paper by 
§. D.] etc. 1887, etc. 8°. 14158. d. 21. 


The antiqintj, authenticity and genuine- 

ness of the Epic called the Prithi R&j Rasi, and 
commonly ascribed to Chand Bard&i. By Kavi 
Bij Shy&mal DAs. (Journal of the Asiatic 
Society of Bengal. Vol. Iv. pt. i. pp. 5-65). 
Calcutta, 1886. 8**. 2098. b. 

8YAMAIALA, Boole Agent, Muttra. The Anglo- 
Oriental primer for the use of beginners, by 
Pundit Shiam Lai. Revised edition, pp. 26. 
Engl, and Hindi. Allahabad, 1889. 16". 

14160. a. 

BTAKALALA SIKHA, See Bholamatba Sarabhai. 
WV f^n HT^^ N [Ifvaraprarthana. Brahmist 
prayers, translated from the Gnjarati by ^. S.] 
[1880.] 8°. 14154. e. 4. 

Imt^inmil H [I^varopasana. Brahmist 

prayers and hymns.] pp. ii 80. VN^iqi^ ^tto 
[Ahmadabad, 1880.] 12°. 14164. e. 6. 

STAMASUirDABA. VQ « i n » <j g t^ [Gangalahari. 
A poem in praise of the Ganged.] pp. 41, lith. 
Benarei, 1865. 12°. 14158. d. 14.(L) 

STAKASTTVSASA SA8A. First Instructor in 
Hindi and English. Compiled by Sham Sunder 
Daas, «te. pp. 22. Benare$, imS. 12°. 

14160. b. 

MahaBHAEATA. — DhagavadijHd. M<nfl1lll »ITWT 
[Bhagaradgita. With a literal translation and 
commentary, by §. L. Bh.] [1878.] 8°. 

14065. e. 12. 

BYAM-SAOAI. sqinHillf [^yam-sagai. A poem 

on the marriage of Kadha and Krisht^a.] pp. 8, 

lUh. imm ««*H [Agra, 1861.] 8'. 

14158. e. 8.(2.) 

Difftrtnt Jkrvm the poem of Naraya^a, which btart the 
tanu title. 

SYED ABDOOLLAH. See 'Abd Allah, Saiyid. 

TA'LIM alMTTBTADi. fir^rr^ [Sikshlvali. A 
reader, containing short tales and anecdotes, 
translated by Kalicharana from the Hindustani 
Ta'lim al-mubtadi.] pp. ii. 50. 5Wnni 'Mi 
ilAicknow, 187-1.] 8°. 14160. c. 3.(3.) 

TAHAlfVA. See Ramasahata, Munshl, called 

TAKA SEITA. ^rfhrarti^n [Saogitasara. A treatise 
on music, in verse] See Pbsiodical Publications. 
— Poona. li'l^AtltlM^I [Sangita mimamsaka.] 
Vol. ii.-No. 3. [1886.] 8°. 14053. cc. 45. 

Tn^TW^mr fl'lldHll.. [Another edition. 

Edited, with a Marathi preface, by Purushottama 
Gai^e^, who is also known as Anna Gharpure.] 
pp. 24. Utfc [Poona, 1888.] 12°. 

14156. f. 25.(1.) 

TAPA8VI RAMA. UH< i {m}| ^rtm TrTreft«rTa . . . 
VT itxm 11^ [Premagangataranga. Hindu devo- 
tional songs, being the first book of the author's 
Tapasvibhashya.] pp. viii. 212, vii. WW^ s*^* 
[Benares, 1881.] 8°. 14158. e. 19. 

TARACHABDBA. See Badabatana. vn^ir? mm- 
iVrvPY^ etc. [The Vyasa- or Brahma-siitras of Ba- 
dardyai^a, with a Hindi commentary and preface 
by T.] [1882.] 8". 14048. d. 48. 

TABACHAEAHA HATHA. See Isvakachandra 
ViDTASAQAKA. S^AIVHfKi [Sitavauavasa. Trans- 
lated with the assistance of T. R.] [1881.] 8°. 

14156. i. 19.(2.) 

TABADATTA. frfl^q^lH [Hitopade^a. An elemen- 
tary mural reader.] Sixth edition, pp. 32. 
^^T^mi? 1fc»S [Allahabad, 1877.] 8°. 

14160. b. 38.(1.) 

^Rt^ . . . Kadamvari . . . traublated from the 
Bengali [of T. T.] 1879. 8°. 14156. h. 22.(2.) 

TARnriCTHARAlTA MITRA See Hindi Sxlectioks. 
Hindee and Hindoostanee Selections : . . . com- 
piled ... [by W. Price and T. M.] 1830. 4°. 

760. g. 12. 

TATTVABODHA. ^TT'snnr^ v^ im^U ^fn*nfW 
ii >g )f«fl g [Three treatises on Vedanta philosophy, 
namely: (1) Tattvabodha, an anonymous work; 
(2) Atmabodha, by ^ankara Acharya; (3) Moksha- 





siddhi, by Krishnagiri. Sanskrit texts, with 
paraphrases in Hindi by Manna Lala, assisted by 
Ramavatara.] 3 pt., lith. ^rKTOTTt <^«.^M [Benares, 
1868.] 8°. 14048. d. 10. 

TAYLOE(John) Captain. See Ramsay (A.F.) t^Titinir 
TlTt; [Rogantaka sara. Compiled with the assis- 
tance of J. T.] [1821.] 8°. 14156. b. 13. 

TEMPLE (Richard Caekac) . Some Hindu folk- 
songs from the Punjab. [Some in Hindi and 
others in Panjabi. With English translations 
and notes, linguistic and grammatical.] (Journal 
of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol. li. pt. 1. 
pp. 151-225.) Calcutta, 1882. 8°. 

2098. b. 

^TTT^T^ WT^K^ g^ '^^f<foirr [Dayananda Sarasvati 
mukha-chapetika. A criticism on, and correspon- 
dence regarding, certain verses written by Daya- 
nanda Sarasvati in his ' Satyarthaprakasa," said 
to contain false charges against the Jain religion.] 
pp. 48, lith. ^ <\WK [Bombay, 1882.] 8°. 

14154. c. 1.(4.) 

tama Lala, Gosvdmi. Mt*\^^^ etc. [Saddharma 
darsaka. Compiled by Purushottama Lala, with 
the assistance of Th. A.] [1888.] 8°. 

14154. e. 21.(3.) 

THOMPSOIT (Joseph T.) Missionary of Delhi. See 
AsTRONOMT. Tif^fim ^t: nt^THini [Jyotisha aur 
goladhyaya. Translated from the Bengali by 
J. T. T.] [1822.] 8°. 14156. f. 1. 

See Bible. — Old Testament. — Psalms. 

The Psalms of David, translated into the Hindee 
language by J. T. T. 1836. 12°. 1108. b. 18. 

TODAR MAI. ^ci-^r tin^W ^r^ ^^ w^ [Nala- 
charitamrita, also called Dhola Maru. A romance 
in verse.] pp. 402, lith. tr^ «ib*<t [Mathura, 
1879.] 8°. 14156. i. 20. 

TODD (John) D.D., Author of the" Students' Manual." 
f^I^ ^^(ti [Sikshamafijari. Hints on self- 
improvement, translated by Vamsidhara from 
C. C. Fink's Hindustani version of the English 
original of J. T., entitled Ta'lim al-nafs.] 2 pt. 
^gT ^ l^l ^ <lfcM«l-«tO [Allahabad, 1859-60.] 8°. 

14156. d. 1.(3.) 

[Another edition.] Pt.i. [J^rra? 1864.] 8°. 

14160. b. 49. 

TODHXTNTER (Isaac). Tg^sn^ft^ TW [Kshetra- 
vyavaharika tattva. Todhunter's Mensuration, 
translated by Vishnu Viththala Srikhande.] pp. 97, 
lith. ■^hl'i* «it*<l [Luchnow, 1879.] 8°. 

14t60. c. 10. 

TOOLOSEE DASS. See TulasIdasa. 

TOTARAMA VARMA. See Addison (Right Hon. J.) 
%Tt ^iHTf .... Cato kritant, or Hindi translation 
of Mr. Addison's Tragedy of Cato, by Baboo 
Tota Ram. 1879. 8°. 14158. b. 1.(3.) 

ft^T? f'li'JH ■^TcR 

Bivah bidumvan 

nataka. [i.e. Vivaha yidambana nataka. A drama, 
in four acts, on the evils of the Hindu marriage 
system.] pp. 132. Aligarh, 1884. 8°. 

14158. b. 11. 

'3»lfT'i^ . . . Brij binod. Containing an 

account of the Birj Mandal [or country round 
about Mathura, Vrindavana and Gokula, to the 
extent of fifty miles], and its sacred and worth- 
seeing places, etc., etc., by Babu Tota Rama 
Varma. pp. 137. Aligarh, 1888. 8°. 

14160. c. 24. 

TRTJMPP (Ernest). See Adi Geanth. The Adi 
Granth, . . . translated . .' . with introductory 
essays, by E. T. 1877. 8°. 760, i. 

TUCKER (Charlotte) Miss. ■'^T^mi^ in^^KT^ n 
[Arunodaya Inglistan men, or Daybreak in Bri- 
tain. A tale, translated from the English of 
Miss C. T.] pp. 95. cS^^lir "^bSo [Ludhiana, 
1870.] 12°. ^ 14154. a. 6.(12.) 

H^ op't oh^n'^ [Mele ki kahanl. A trans- 

lation, by Priyanatha Mitra, assisted by Siva- 
prasada, of one of Miss Tucker's ' Claremont 
Tales,' entitled 'The Fair,' from a Hindustani 
version of the original English, by Sivasankara 
Simha.] pp.47, nmxv '>i.tM%[Benares,l856.'] 12°. 

14154. a. 3. 

TUCKER (Henrt Caere). [Life.] See Sivapea- 
SADA, Baja, C.S.I. Henry Carre Tucker. 

Azimgurh Reader. ftUT^^ [Vidyarthi. 

Translated from the English of H. C. T.] pp. vii. 
233. ^^T?WI^ IfcSo [Allahabad, 1840.] 8°. 

14160. b. 5. 

A brief account of the Jewish people, 

from the earliest period of their history, to the' 
return from the Babylonish captivity By 





H. C. Tacker ... Translated into Hindi by Munshi 
Mirs& John, under the superintendence of the 
Rev. J. Owen. (irrf^ ^T ^fj ^fiffm) [Yahu- 
diyon ka laghu itihasa.] Pt. i.-iii.^ pp. riii. 312. 
Allahabad, 1854. 8°. 14156. g. 4. 

Second edition, pp. riii. 312. Allahabad, 

1855. 8». 14158. g. 5. 

TXTKAEAMA. tB^ W?cIT^ ^rft^ mtn: ii [Pmhlada 
chariira. A mythological poem on the story of 
Prahlada.]'pp. 43,ii<A. [£oi»»6ay, 1866?] o6/. 12». 

14158. c. 2.(2.) 

TVKABAlf A TATTA. See Scwdaba Dasa, DiseipU 
(if DiUluji. ^TT^TWJT WT^ [Sundara Dasakrita 
kavya. Edited by'?. T.] [1890.] 12^ 

14158. d. 31. 

TTTLASIdASA. S^«Gbiebso!((G.A.) The Medisrsl 
Temacnlar literature of Hindustan, with special 
roferonoe to Tol'si Das. 1888. 8°. Ac. 8806. 

S««NANDAKiflOBALALA. W)aI(^iIu« [Chautal- 

•angraha. A collection of songs in the Chautal 
measure, taken from the works of Tulasidasa and 
other po«U.] [1890.] 8^ 14158. e. 37.(2.) 

[BhagavadgitA.] 8m Mahabharata. — 

Bhagavadgitd. w^ fl'li|1«li<itf\nl HTt* [Bhaga- 
yadgita. Sanskrit text, with metriual paraphrases 
in Marathi, and in Hindi by Tulasidasa. The 
whole edited under the title of Gitarthabodhini.] 
[1861.] 8°. 14065. d. 15. 

»^TTHT^*I [CJhhapai Ramayana. A brief 

abstract of the Ramayana story, in verses of six 
hemistichs.] pp. 16. Dinapore, 1884. 16°. 

14158. e. 7.(6.) 

^"^f l^<^l [Dohavali. A collection of dohas. 

or stanzas, from the works of Tulasidasa.] pp. 53, 
lUh. ^tTjrt «»*«tt iBmaret, 1861.] 8^ 

14158. d. 1.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 41, lith. ^w^n 

^t»i [Lueknow, 1874.1 8°. 14158. f. 12.(4.) 

'llailtjl ■Jcnrt^m [GltavalT. An abstract 

of the seven books of the Ramayana, in the form of 
songs.] pp. 119, /iM. ^?nr» [iit*cftnoM,l870?] 8". 

14158. f. 4.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 144, Uih. ^smrm 

«9i [Lueknow, 1874.] 8". 14158. t 12.(2 J 

TTTlASiDASA. ifhn^crt Jrz^^ [GItavall. Another 
edition, accompanied by a commentary, in prose, 
by Yaijanatha Kurmi, entitled Manidipika.] 
pp. 468, lith. 9«Ji« st*t [lAicknow, 1878.] 8". 

14158. f. 11. 

[Second edition of the text and Vaijanatha 

Kurmi's commentary.] pp. 454. g< ^ ; i ji <\tt'\ 
[LueknotD, 1881.] 8°. 14158. f. 17. 

<!^HM^Ic!l?rt I [Hanuman-challsi. Verses 
in praise of Hanuman, ascribed to Tulasidasa.] 
pp. 8, fith. stS^ [Delhi, 1876.] 16°. 

14158. 0. 6.(7.) 

[Another edition.] 

[B«Mre», 1880?] 12°. 

pp. 8, lith. ▼rgr^ 
14168. 0. 8.(10.) 

^ f^iii ^^nr «ft^?f [Hanuman sankata- 

mochana. Another edition, under a different title.] 
pp. 8, lith. m^ ^^^9 [Bmaret, 1880.] 12°. 

14158. c. 9.(6.) 

T^JwrTTTJ^ [Hanuman-Tahuka. A poem 
in praise of the monkey-god Hanuman. Revised 
by Pandits Pynro Lala and Ramaratna.] pp. 12, 
lith. ^m^^ <lts« [Lueknow, 1874.] 8°. 

14158. f. 12.a.) 

HH*1'ln<? [JanakTmangala. A poem on 

the marriage of Rama and Sita. Followed by 
Krishnajanma, or verses on the birth of Krishna.] 
pp. 15, lith. wmn [.l^ra, I860.] 12". 

14168. 0. 2.(1.) 

[Another edition. Followed by Krishnamangala 
and Radhamangala, poems on the life and sports 
of Krishna and Radha.] pp. 15, lith. girt *»*** 
[Bombay, 1875.] 12°. 14168. o. 10.(1.) 

Begin. VWT W ITTinuTt nf gw ift^ Hr >JTlfw 

9 fV«n» I [Kavitta Ramayana. The story of the 

Ramayana, or life of Rama, written in kavitta 

verse.] pp.90. f^(f^!;r^'\\i'\H[Kidderpur,l8lb.] 8°. 

14168. d. 4.(1.) 
TFilAout title-page. 

'Wf^ TTwnw [Another edition.] pp. 56, lith, 

[Benares, 1864 ?] 8°. 14158. f. 4.(1.) 

wf^ilH^l TTRPnu [Kavittavall Ramayana. 

Another edition, under a slightly different title.] 
pp. 66, lith. -^m^^ <Mi [Lueknow, 1874.] 8°. 

14158. f. 12.(3.) 
N 2 





TULASIDASA. ^ni ^irfira TJ^Tm i [Kavitta Rama- 
yana. Another edition.] pp. 100. ^BT^l^ '\tSS 
[llenares, 1877.] 8°. 14158. d. 1.(6.) 

■^ftnr TT»IHTO I [Another edition.] pp. 69. 

■sfT^S^jn «lfco5l [Calcvtta, 1880.] 12°. 

14158. d. 14.(3.) 

cRf^^T^^^ Viz)* [Another edition, with a 

prose commentary, by Vaijanatha Kurmi, entitled 
Ratnadlpika.] pp. 289. c5«H* Sbfc^ [Lucknow, 
1882.] 8°. 14158. f. 18. 

^fc5 fcS^ff II [Krishnavali. Verses on the life of 
Krishna.] pp.25. ^J^K '^M^^ [Kidderpur, 1807 .] 8°. 

14158. d. 1.(2.) 

gcnrhril ^■'^nrr l [Paficharatna. Five 

short poems, viz. : (I) Janakimangala, on the 
marriage of Sita to Rama ; (2) Baradha, also 
called Barvai Ramayana, a short history of 
Rama in the barvai metre ; (3) Nahachhu, an 
account of the nail-paring of Rama at his wedding; 

(4) Vairagya-sandipanI, a didactic poem ; and 

(5) Umamangala, also called Girijamangala, on the 
marriage of the goddess Durga with Siva. Edited, 
with notes, by Pandit Durgaprasada.] lith. 
Benares, 1864. 8°. 14158. d. 1.(5.) 

JEach poem has a separate pagination. 

(tT«?«J]HNcJl^) [Ramasagunavall. A col- 

lection of omens connected with the life of Rama.] 
pp. 37, K»^ «»fc*? [Kidderimr, 1807.] 8°. 

14158. d. 1.(1.) 

Without title-page. 

"CPrnro HT'RT g^«T<*rl n [Ramayana, also 

called Ramacharitamanasa. An epic poem, in 
seven books or kandas, on the life of Rama, 
based on the Sanskrit epic of Valmiki.] pp. 336, 
lith. cRTTg^ <\t^^ [Oawnpore, 1832.] 4°. 

14158. g. 19. 

[Another edition.] \_Calcutta) 1835 ?] 4°. 

14158. g. 20. 
JEach Jcd^da has a separate pagination. 

— — ^ g^*«1^IH*rf TTTHR II [Another edition. 

Edited by Pandit Ramajasana.] Pt. i. pp. 220. 

^■mm «itt,S {Benares, 1861.] 8°. 14158. d. 10. 

The Bala and Ayodhyd kandas only. 

vkTHnw [Another edition. With illus- 
trations.] lith. <J5«H* \_Lwihnow, 1863 ?] 8°. 

14158. f. 2. 

TTJIASIDASA. ^<r«I py^^yiT trm'TO [Ramayana. 

Another edition. With illustrations.] lith. s*tt( 

[Bombay, 1864.] 4°. 14158. g. 2. 

Each kdnda has an illustrated frontispiece, besides smaller 
cuts. » 

[Another edition. With illustrations.] 

lith. 9^fi« ^t^l{ [Luchrmv, 1866.] 4°. 

14158. f. 3. 

'*|1<.IHNHI»J^ [Another edition.] lith. 

[Delhi ? 1866.] 8°. 14158. f. 1. 

^n^inirup TTKPm [Another edition. Revised 

and edited by Pandit Ramasahaya, with a small 
glossary prefixed.] pp.474. "Sf^S^ '\^S 9 [Calcutta, 
1870.] 8°. 14158. f. 7. 

^rq K^ntcini TT'l'nnir [Another edition. 

With illustrations.] pp. 396. >t^ [Bombay, 
1870?] 4°. ^ 14158. f. 6. 

Wl" gTHTCr^ TS^ %3" [Another 

edition, in Gurumukhi characters.] pp. 656, lith. 
f-dvJWl [Delhi, 1870 ?] 8°. 14158. f. 5. 

With eight pages of engravings at the end. 

HWWl BTHTU^ [Another edition, in 

Gurumukhi characters.] pp. 768, lith. <\t9<\ 
[Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 14158. f. 8. 

tPrnwi [Another edition of Pandit Rama- 

sahaya's revised edition. Edited by Sridhara 
Bhatta.] pp.462. cR^iH^ <^^5fc [Ca/cM«a, 1871.] 8°. 

14158. f. 9. 

VWIVJII '«Jl1* [Another edition. With 

an introduction and commentary, by Raghunatha 
Dasa, entitled Manasadlpika, and a glossary of 
difficult words. Edited by Nawal Kishor.] lith. 
^iW^ "l<i^o [Lucknoiv, 1873.] 8°. 

14158. f. 13. 
The glossary is printed, and contains sixty pages. 

[Another edition of the text, with a 

reprint of the introduction contained in the 
previous edition, an explanation of mythological 
allusions, entitled itihasa, and a different glossary.] 
5F^tf3i Oit9\ [Lucknow, 1873.] 8°. 

14158. g. 11. 

^sni KcSftl^ra YiT rnRrnro [Another edition.] 

lith. ^^l^ <\<l^^^ [Bombay, 1877.] 4°. 

14158. g. 8. 





TTTIASIDIsA. TTwnnr jj^nl^m^fl [Ramayana. 
Another edition. Edited by Sadasukha Lala, with 
a commentary in modem Hindi, and a glossary 
of difficult words.] irmt SMt [Allahabad, 1878.] 8°. 

14158. g. 12. 

— — The Ramayan, history of Rama, trans- 
lated into Hindi ... by Toolosee Dass. Fifth 
edition. TPnTnn *mnrnB i pp. 494. ^^rwiir <»to<« 
[CaletUta, 1879.] 6". 14158. f. 14. 

jn^lrwim TVmm l [Another edition of 

Pandit Ramasahaya'a revised edition.] pp. vi. 461. 
«9^ ^"ttf [Calcutta, 1880.] 8°. 14158. 1 20. 

Ti« la$t lkrt*pag«» art wrongly nuwtbtred 477-479. 

"pTiftwTJT »5 irWH*! I [Transliterated in 

Bengali characters, and accompanied by a Bengali 
translation and notes, by Jagannatha $akla.] 
»^r»W k^2io [Calcutta, 1884, «te.] 8°. 

14168. f. 23. 

At far At th* htytHHing of AfodAydia94^ 

^il^Hlilfvt irtsmi*! I [Hindi text, with a 

Bengali transliteration and translation, by Bhn> 
Tanachandra Yasaka.] V^fVtXl itrM [Calcutta, 
1887, rfc] 8°. 14158. d. 27. 

Im progrtu ; ht^mniny teitk lie Kt$hkindkydkdn4a, and 
mppartntlti a ronlinnalioH wit/ier a »«« form, of tkt tdition 
and trantlation by Jagannaika ^ukla, 

—■^^ ^mw* [Another edition. With a com- 
mentary by Ramachara^a Dasa.] 2 rol. 9?nni 
^tt» [Lucknoio, 1887,] 8». 14158. h. 12. 

TPrnw jrsul^m^fl «il« jmff mtw [Ano- 
ther edition. With a commentary by ^nkadeva 
Lala.] lith. ^WTH^'Wtt [Lucktu)w,l88S.] obi. 4,°. 

14158. i. 2. 

[Second edition of the text and Rama- 

charaqa Dasa'a commentary.] ff. 1468. ^nnni 
lUtit [Lueknow, 1888.] obi. 4°. 14158. i. L 

"f/^ ^Wlfk '^<^4l^?l<l WW TI M ^ fVflHMI I . . . 

Rama Charita Maaasu. . . . Carefully corrected 
from the original manuscript of Baba Tulasidasa. 
Pablished by Ram Din Sinha. ^jttt <<kt« [Patna, 
1889.] fol. 14168. i. 3. 

55nrty» [Another edition. Ac- 

companied by a commentary by Yaijanatha Kurmi, 

entitled Ramacharitamanasabhashai^a.] pp. 1529. 

?!WTSi "^tto [Lurknow, 1890.] 4°. 14158. h. 13. 

Wanting tk« last, or Vltara, kdf4a. 

TULASIDASA. g<j«1^a Txnrvm ^nHm i ^w VitUt i 
[The Ayodhyakanda of the Ramayana of Tulasi- 
dasa, with a prose commentary by Hariharapra- 
sada.] pp. 300. WT^I^ <\t\^ [Benares, 1880.] 4°. 

14158. h. 8. 

■ The Soonduru Kandn, extracted from the 
Ramaynnu of Toolsee Das. See Hindi Selections. 
Hindee and Hindoostanee Selections. Vol. I. 
1830. 4°. 780. g. 12. 

is^ rmrimr ^t^hb vrnvir. [Another 

edition.J pp. 32, lith. w^^ «»tst [Sitapur, 
1878.] 8". 14158. f. 4.(3.) 

TPI^^cST I^Jr [Ramallla paddhati. Selec- 

tions from the Ramayapa, with an accompanying 
literal transcript in the Persian character, and 
numerous woodcuts. Compiled by ^ivadhara.] 
lith. ^TcTt «»«mf [Bareli, 1880.] 8°. 

14158. f. 16. 
Each kdn^a kat a leparale pagination. 

The R&m&yana of Tulsi D4s. Translated 

byF.S.Growse. Bk.i.-vi. .4«a/iattt</, 1877-80. 8°. 

760. h. 10. 

Bk.i. Second edition. Allahabad,\880. 8°. 

14168. t 16. 

The Rimiyana of Tulsi Dis. Translated 

from the original Hindi, by F. S. Growse . . . 
Berised and illustrated, pp. xx. 572, xiv. Alla- 
habad, 1883. 4°. 760. i. 9. 

See Hariprasada Sivha. ■^rtir 

^^fVinl I [Drishtanta bodhini. An explana- 
tion of difficult ponagea in the Ramayana 
of Tulasidasa.] [1887.] 8». 

14168. f. 22. 

iSfee JanakIdaba. xH ii ^tO^n TTHT- 

Vwwi KHHH^lfiVI [Manasapracharika. An 
explanation of difficult passages in the 
Ramayana of Tulasidasa.] [1888.] 8". 

14158. t 26.(2.) 

See Raoburaja SiyHA Devaji, 

Maharaja of Rewah. TT»renKt ll [Ramasva- 
yamvara. A paraphrase, in verse, of a 
portion of the Ramayana of Tulasidasa.] 
[1879.] 4». 14158. h. 7. 





TTJLASfDASA. See Svaeupabasa. ithtt 
5I^r^cJ'^ [Manasa sankavali. An explana- 
tion of difficult passages in the Ramayana 
and other poems of Tulasidasa.] [1887.] 8°. 

14158. f. 25.(1.) 

See Vandana Pathaka. ^^ m^K 

'^<*IM55l [Manasa sankavali. An explanation 
of passages in the Ramayana of Tulasidasa.] 
[1875.] 8°. 14158. e. 9.(2.) 

^ni ^ir^ [Sat-sa'I. A collection of 700 

emblematic dohas in connection with the life of 
Rama.] pp. 80, lith. Benares, 1864. 8°. 

14158. d. 1.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 62, lith. ^w^^ 

"iis^ [Luchnow, 1876.] 8°. 14158. f. 12.(5.) 

Tr^v\ TJiT^ fTfrft^w irf^Ti rNrr vf^n i 

Tul'si Sat'sai. With a short commentary. Edited 

by Pandit Bihari Lai Chaube. 1888, etc. 8°. See 

Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of 

Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica. New Series. Yol.121. 

18t8, etc. 8°. 14002. a. 

Jn progress. 

f"4i1*l<ft^HcS^ [Vijayadohavali. A collection 

of obscure verses in the doha, chaupai and soratha 
metres, taken from the Ramayana.] pp. 21. 55J<(«fgi 
<<bfc^ [Luchnow, 1882.] 8°. 14158. e. 2.(8.) 

[Vinayapatrika. A collection of hymns to Rama. 
With a commentary by Sivaprakasa Simha, en- 
titled Ramatattvabodhini.] pp. 376, iv. lith. 
WHK^ <\tifi [Benares, 1864.] 4°. 14158. h. 3. 

f«R^iT<«r [sic"] 'sr^n^ fspT'Hf^r^ ?f^ 

[Another edition. With a commentary by Raja 
Ratan Simha, entitled Vinayachandrika.] pp. 741. 
«ib««, Charkhari [1876.] fol. 14158. h. 11. 

f«R7|trf%oifT I [Another edition of the text 

only.] pp.85. sg^TS^ '\to<\ [Calcutta, 1880.1 8°. 

14158. f. 10.(2.) 


TTTENBTTLL (Archibald), jmr ^ f^^H Ht I [Jat 
ka bishay man. A Christian tract, in the Nepali 
dialect, directed against caste-distinctions.] pp. 4. 
Darjeeling, 1882. 8°. 14154. b. 

TURNBULL (Archibald). q mH*^^*!^ ^rftr ViimX 
"Sd^^ "Sgi HT^ II [Papmochan, or Forgiveness of 
sins and the way of salvation. A Christian tract, 
in the Nepali dialect.] pp. 67. Darjeeling, 
1881. 12°. 14154. U. 22.(1.) 

UpUDAYAPRADiPA. V I l T wO »TKl rhBT ^f^ 

[Ududayapradipa. An anonymous Sanskrit trea- 
tise on astrology, in 42 slokas, purporting to be 
founded on the Parasari hora, ascribed to Para- 
sara Muni. With prose paraphrases in Sanskrit 
and in Hindi.] pp. 44, lith. ^«!(^* <\t9i [Lucknow, 
1874.] 8°. 14053. cc. 9.(1.) 

UMADATTA TRIPATHI. Tjg^ Trf^cRT [Pratyut- 
tara patrika. Controversial papers, published 
under the auspices of the Dharma Sabha at 
Farukhabad, in reply to the religious teachings 
of Dayananda Sarasvati.] pp. 57, lith. Viri^JI? 
Sfcto [Fatehgarh, 1880.] 8°. 14154. e. 10.(5.) 

F'»Tff'5 [Sanmatendu. A Sanskrit work 

on religious doctrine and observances, with a 
Hindi commentary by the author.] pp. 176, 8, lith. 
HiKFlf [Fatehgarh, 1881.] 8°. 14033. bb. 11. 

TJMAPATI TRIPATHI. ^"^t^^^ Tisn^^ [Dohavall 
ratnavali. Verses on the boyhood of Rama.] 
pp. 16, lith. cS^^T^ «»hsS [Luchnow, 1874.] 8°. 

14158. e. 8.(6.) 

tffzsg [Ramabhisheka nataka. A drama, in five 
acts, on the exile of Rama. Translated by 
Ramagopala Vidyanta from the Bengali original 
ofU. Bh.] pp. ii. 132, iii. '^S^T'T^ '\tss [Luchnow, 
1877.] 12°. 14158. a. 2.(1.) 

umBAO SINGH. Tifqrjfl^T: ^Ir ^r^v ?^fhf wn^a 
[Paschimottara aur Avadha desiya bhiigola. A 
geography of Oudh, and the N. W. Provinces.] 
pp. 36, lith. ■qw^JT? <\tS<i. [Fatehgarh, 1879.] 8°. 

14160. c. 18.(2.) 

copal Church. Tf^^KX I [Prasnottara. A catechism 
of the American Methodist Episcopal Church.] 
pp. 44. Bareilly, 1863. 16°. 14154. a. 20. 

TJPANISHADS. See Atodhapkasada. ■^TrfVr^ 
^rrt^STT; ^^ HT««I [Upanishad-saroddhara. An 
exposition of Vedanta philosophy, according to 
the teaching of the Upanishads.] [1889.] 8°. ' 

14154. e. 29. 





UPAKISHADS. ^iv WTH^ ^ 'a «i}< l .fgft i ft^ff ^. 
qfimiimUt BK^nr u [Dasopanisbad-bhashantara. 
A verse translation, by Achjatanandagiri, of the 
ten Upanishads.] ff. ii. 130. if^t ^«M [Bombay, 
1887.] obi. 4». 14154. g. 10. 

girw ^m . . . ^•at q f^ ^ ^ wi Him zhf\ 

[Mundaka-apanishad. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi 
commentary by Tamuna^ankara.] pp. 138, lith. 
cim» <\tti [Lueknow, 1884.] 8". 14007. c. 11. 

[Prafna-npanishad. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi 
commentary, by Tamansfankara.] pp. 177, lith. 
^mnm <^t [Lueknow, 1884.] 8°. 14007. e. 12. 

ailf^V^VIi [IJpanishad-Mra, or Essence 

of the Upanishads, being passages selected from 
several Upanishads, accompanied by Hindi trans- 
lations, by Raja ^ivaprasada.] pp. 39. wrmi 
«M [Benaret, 1878.] 8°. 14010. o. 29.(2.) 

wfV* ftwwr I [Vaidika siddhanta. Selected 

texts from the Upanishads, with translations into 
Hindi by Navinachandra Raya.] pp. 24. 9wni 
[iMknma, 1888.] 12°. 14033. a. U.(3.) 

VFASAKASASA. q qi w*' ; } |l Jn [Upasakadafa- 
siitra. The 7th Anga of the Jains, together 
with the Upisakadafirirarapa of Abhayadovai 
Edited, with an explanatory gloss in Hindi, by 
Yijayasidhn.] pp. 233. ^^^inn <t«|| [Calcutta, 
1876.] obi. 12". 14100. c. 2. 

UPAYAHA-RAHASYA. T'TTsr Timj [Upavana- 
rnhasya. A treatise, in verse, on horticulture, 
and the uses, medicinal and otherwise, of forest 
trees and fruits.] pp. 24, lith. miymt*) ^^^ 
[Benare; 1866.] 8". 14156. f. 18. 

UUDU CHAEACTERS. vt ^nrrV w irrfir [Urdu 
aksharog se hani.] . . . The evils of the Urdu 
characters. Compiled by a member of the " Oeva- 
nagri Prachami Sabha," Mcerut. pp. ii. 22. 
Bindi and Engl. Shahjahanpur, 1882. 8°. 

14160. e. U.(3.) 

UTTARADHTAYASA. aHinqqH eU. [Uttara- 
dhyayana. The first MQlasutra of the Jains, 
together with the Sanskrit commentary of Laksh- 
mivallabha. Edited, with a Hindi gloss, by 
Vijayasadhn.] pp.1109, ■m^-wm <^^\, [CalnUla, 
1879.] obi. 4". 14100. f. 2. 

VACHASPATI MISRA. «tWiT?»ir^ [Sankhya- 
tattvakaumudi. A work on Siiukhya philosophy, 
being a commentary on the Sankhyakarika of 
I^vara Krishna. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi 
commentary, by Kanhaiya Lala.] pp. 66. ^swni 
Itto [Lueknow, 1880.] 8°. 14048. d. 29. 

VADAHIVARAJrA. ^I ^f^wn.< | [Vadanivarana, or 
Hindu objections refuted. A Christian tract, 
translated from the Bengali .Ipattina^aka.] pp. 142. 
g ^^ T ^ <<ttM [Ludhiana, 1865.] 12». 

14154. a. 5.(1.) 

Fifth edition, pp. 154. fnis|T«j<: [Minapur], 

1877. 12". 14154. a. 14.(3.) 

VAIJANATHA KURMI. [Manidipika.] See Tcla- 
bIdasa. *Tl(ll'-Jr!l ifzht [Gitavall. With a com- 
mentary by V. K., entitled Manidipika.] [1878.] 
8". 14168. f. 11. 

[1881.] 8». 

14168. f. 17. 

[Ramacharitamanasa-bhushana.] TT>ITinir 

M^\m [Ramiyapa. With a commentary by 
V. K., entitled Ramacharitamanasa-bhushana.] 
[1890.] 4". 14168. h. 13. 

[Ratnadlpika.] »fH wi ^rfl W!^ [Kavittn- 

vall. With a commentary by V. K., entitled 
Ratnadlpika.] [1882.] 8". 14158. f. 16. 

VALLABHACHARYA, called MahaprabhojI. See 
CbaurasF Vabta. ir^^^nrtmr . . . ^wmn l ^ r S i 
[CJhanra?! varta. Stories of Vallabhachtirya and 
other Vaishpava saints.] [1868.] 8". 

14154. e. 3. 

[Life.'] See SItarama Yariia. fH ^WH- 

0;0^i|4 I [Vallabha digvijaya.] 

<<\f9U'<l4l9f I [Shodafagrantha sangraha. 

A collection of sixteen of the minor works of 
Vallabhacharya in verse. Sanskrit text, with a 
paraphrastic commentary, in Hindi prose, by 
Mukunda Dasa.] pp. 90. WTm ltt4 [Bcnaren, 
1884.] 8». 14048. c. 56. 

VALMIKI. See IsvarIprasada Tbipath!. Tmf%5ST« 
mnw [Ramavilasa. A paraphrase, in verse, of 
the Ramayaga of Valmiki.] [1876.] 8'. 

14158. f. 19. 

See Yamdnasankara. TTHnm ^nurmf^^nr 

[Ramayana adhyatmavichara. A philosophical 
exposition of the Ramayana of Yalmiki.] [1886.] 
8°. 14168 f. 26. 





VALMIKI. «T^ ^T^irtf^ir TT«Tnn!I ^ir^'gsri [Raraayana 
kalpadruma. The Raraayana, translated from the 
Sanskrit by Gopala Sarma.] ^n^T^ ^bfctf- [Be- 
nares, 1883- .] 8°. 14158. f. 21. 

TRnnir ^T^trhir^TJ miT [Ramayana. Trans- 

lated from the Sanskrit, into Hindi prose, by 
Mahesadatta Sukula. Second edition.] 2 vol. 
(^H^ji HbtM [Luckaow, 1885.] 4°. 14158. g. 16. 

<IHimB I ^TTTTcS^ HT^ HT I [A metrical 

version, in the Nepali dialect, by Bhanubhakta 
Acharya.] pp. ii. 170. Benares, 1888. 8°. 

14158. f. 24. 

TinrnTO ^ir^'t >TTm l [Second edition of 

the preceding.] pp. 232. 'iST^T't "Ibbb [Benares, 
1888.] 8°. 14158. f. 27. 

VAMSIDHAEA. See Devipeasada, Pandit, ^-^nn 
f«T^W [Isvarata nidarshana. A translation of 
the Hindustani Mazhar i kudrat by Srilala, with 
the assistance of V.] [1854.] 8°. 14154. b. 2. 

See Euclid. ^^ilfJUiT ftrg^cS^'T [Rekha- 

ganita siddhaphalodaya. Problems on Euclid, 
translated by V.] [1854.] 8°. 

14160. b. 36.(2.) 

See GoviNDA Naeayana. ^Twf'l^TTO I [Satya- 

nirupana. Translated with the assistance of V.] 

[I860.] 8". 

14160. c. 4.(1.) 

See Hunter ( ) Dr. fxigojitO^JTr: 

[Chitrakarisara. A translation of the Hindustani 
Usui i nakkashi of V.] [1858, etc.] 8°. 

14160. b. 43. 

iSee Ledlie (J. P.) »rtfV«irT«TftTnz^ [Jivika- 

paripati. Translated by V. from the Hindustani 
Dastar al-ma'ash.] [1853.] 8°. 14156. d. 2. 

[1856.] 8° 

14156. f. 4.(2.) 

See Mill (J.) mi* wtfv^^ [Pathaka- 

bodhini. Translated by V. from the Hindustani 
Intibah al-mudarrisin.] [1859.] 8°. 

14156. d. 1.(2.) 

See MoTi Lala, Pandit. faFTH^q^ [Kisa- 

nopadesa. Translated by V. from the Hindustani 
Pand-namah i Kastkaran.] [1852.] 8°. 

14156. f. 4.(1.) 

VAMSIDHAEA. See Muhammad Jamal al-DiN 
Hasan. itli44i<^'g*( [Gramya kalpadruma. Trans- 
lated by V. from the Hindustani Halat i dihi.] 
[1859.] 8°. 14156. f. 5.(1.) 

[1863.] 8". 

14160. b. 13.(2.) 

See Reid (H. S.) Urdu-Hindi-Bnglish 

vocabulary. Compiled . . . by H. S. Reid, . . . 
assisted by Pundit Bunsi Dhar. 1860. 8°. 

14117. b. 7. 

See Sadasukha Lala. HTOT^^'hi ^^fjf^TO 

[Bharatavarshiya itihasa. Translated by V. 
from the Hindustani Tarikh i Hind.] [1854.] 8°. 

14156. g. 6.(1.) 

[1858.] 8°. 14160. b. 20. 

vnt^ etc. [Bhugola. Translated 

by V. from the Hindustani Jughrafiyah i Hind.] 
[1865, etc.] 8°. 14160. b. 28.(3.) 

^5c^<Ji^ '«m <*<.<!! Grammar for 

beginners. Adapted and translated . . . [from 
the Miftah al-kawa'id] ... by Pundit Bunsidhur. 
1860. 12°, 14160. a. 13. 

^g-c^<!i 'N ^t^JTRcJ^ [Inglandiya 

aksharavall. Translated by V. from the Hindu- 
stani Ka'idah i Angrezi.] [1858.] 12°. 

14160. a. 1.(2.) 

nf^ ■^^^c!^ [Prasiddha char- 

chavali. Translated by V. from the Hindustani 
Tazkirat al-mashahir.] [1859, etc.] 8°. 

14156. g. 7. 

See Seilala. ^jft^^nt [Khagolasara. 

Founded chiefly on V.'s Hindustani Mukhtasar 
Hal i nizam i shamsl.] [1853.] 8°. 

14160. b. 6.(1.) 

[I860.] 8° 

14156. f. 7.(2.) 

See Todd (J.) B.I)., Author of the "Students' 

Manual." f^lCjl *l»i<1 [Sikshamafijari. Trans- 
lated by V. from the Hindustani Ta'lim al-nafs.] 
[1859-60.] 8°. 14166. d. 1.(3.) 

[1856.] 8° 

14156. e. 3. 

[1864.] 8° 

14160. b. 49. 

See Wilson ( ) *nT|^r«I [Jagadvrit- 

tanta. Translated by V. from the HindustaLi 
Tarikh i 'alam.] [I860.] 8°. 

14160. b. 30.(2.) 





YAM&IDHABA »fhnr4v«TT [Bhojaprabandha sara. 
An account of king Bhoja of Dhar, and hia excellent 
administration, and patronage of education, arts 
»nd sciences. Compiled from the Sanskrit of 
Ballala and other sources. Second edition.] Pt. I. 
pp. iii. 90, lilh. f^TfWT^ <»tMt [AUahabaiJ, 1858.] 8". 

14156. L 13.(2.) 

[Another edition.] Pt. I. pp. 88, lith. 

[Agra? I860 f] 8°. 14156. h. 16.(2.) 

Third edition. Pt. I. pp. 82. ^ri l ^iwn 

it%^ [Allahabad, 1862.] 8°. 14156. h. 12.(6.) 

[Another edition. Revised by Kalicha- 

rana.] Pt. I. pp. 64. ^VTHi SM^ [Lueknow, 
1872.] 8°. 14156. h. 19. 

[Another edition.] pp. ii. 81. ^iwni 

sun [Lueknow, 1875.] 8°. 14156. h. 20. 

nnt^^ ^WlWT [Dafamalabs dipika. A 

treatise on decimal fractions.] pp. 21. \_Agra, 

1854 ?] y. 14160. b. 6.(4.) 

Witioul tille-fmgt. 

Second edition, pp. 20. J«!*iwiJ» stii 

[Allahabad, 1866.] 8°. 14160. b. 13.(6.) 

ilftnnm^ [Ganitaprakifa. Arithmetic 

for schools, in four parts, namely : pt. i. trans- 
lated by V. from the Hindustani Mabadi al-fiisab 
of Mohana Ijila ; pt. ii. by ^rilala, and pt. iii. 
and iT. translated by ^rilala from the Hindustani 
Mabadi al-Kisab of V. and Mohana Lala.] 4 pt. 
5nmi U»|-Vl [Lncknov, 1873-65.] 8". 

14160. b. 39. 
PI. i.i*^lk» Zrd tJiliom. Pt. iii. and ir. or* lithagrapktd. 

^jm?! [Indrajala. An astrological work. 

containing a collection of incantations and spells 
for the prevention and cure of various maladies, 
and evil influences, together with hints on fortune- 
telling, and useful recipes. Compiled by V.] 
pp. xii. 107, lith. 9««ni St$% [Lueknnw, 1873] 8°. 

14156. f. 12.(2.) 

[Map-prabandha. A treatise on 
land measurements and surveying, translated by 
Y. from the Hindustani Risalah i paima'ish.] 
pp. 53. MVm 1M9 [Agra, 1863.] 8°. 

14160. b. 6.(2.) 

' fWjTJTT^ f^TW [Siddhapadartha vijnana. 

A treatise on natural philosophy, translated from 

the English by V. and Mohana Lala, and com- 
pleted by Krishna Datta.] pp. 70. «T*Trr <\\M\ 
[Agra, 1853.] 8°. 14160. b. 13.(1.) 

Second edition, pp. 101. fcil^im^ ^bts 

[Allahahad, I860.] 8". 14160. b. 4.(2.) 

VAM8ILALA. ft^ *tniTV [Hindi vyakarana. 
An elementary Hindi grammar.] Pt. i. pp. 30. 
ITsn «(t*<i [Patna, 1879.] 12°. 14160. a. 24. 

VAKDAlf A PATHAKA. ^ni »n^w ^Nrr^^s't et.\ 
[Manasi sankavali. An explanation of passages 
in the Bamayai.ia of Tula8ida.<ia which present 
difficulties on religious points.] pp. 93, lith. 
^rnwt <»t*M [Benaret, 1875.] 8°. 

14158. e. 9.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 122. <i%t^ [Be- 
naret, 1884.] 8". 14158. f. 28. 

YAEASARAJA See Mathcraprasada Misra. The 
Tattwa Kauniudi ... by Mathura Prasdda Misra. 
[Abridged from his previous edition of V.'s 
Laghukanmudi.] 1868. 8°. 

14090. c. 23. 

WblT^Tnr^ 5ivn>yj't The Laghu 

Ejiumudi, a Sanskrit grammar by V. with a 
version, commentary and references .... by J. R. 
Ballantyne . . . Rendered into Hindi by Mathur& 
Pras&da Mis'ra, etc. pp. xxviii. 829, xviii. Be- 
naret, 1856. 8". 14160. b. 17. 

Second edition, pp. viii. 127-368. Be- 
nares, 1879. 8". 14093. c. 7. 

Imptrfert ; leanting fat. i., \.t. pp. \-\26. 

VAEAHA MIHIEA. iffntf^ [Brihatsamhita, A 
Sanskrit treatise on natural astrology, with a 
preface and commentary in Hindi by Bala ^astri 
Prabhu.] pp.406, wr^ <»tto [Z?enor«i, 1880.] 8". 

14053. cc. 27. 

V^mWY . . . *^ ^ WH . . . HTKT iK^M 

«f^ [Laghu jataka. A Sanskrit on 
nativities, with a Hindi commentary by Mathura- 
nitha.] pp. 78, lOh. ^ninni <\t9^ [Lui-know, 
1875.] S". 14053. cc. 2.(1.) 

VARKAPRAKASIKA. q^ n ^ t f^mn [Varnapraka- 
9ika. A Hiudi primer for the use of vilia^'e 
schools in Oudh.] pp. ii. 32, liih. ^iv^rii st»i 
[Lucknow, 1874.] 8'. 14160. o. 3.(4.) 





YASANTARAJA. tl tliltMHH** ^ [Vasantaraja sa- 
kuna. A Sanskrit work on divination, with a 
Sanskrit commentary by Bhanuchandra, and a 
Hindi preface, and commentary, entitled Mano- 
ranjini, by Sridhara Jatasankara.] pp. 32, 628, 
litk. VW «itoM [Bombay, 1881.] 8°. 

14053. d. 38. 

VASANTA SUKI. ^ru W^Wfn [Chhandolata. A 
treatise on prosody.] pp. 74, lith. "41 m^^ «t<i^b 
[Benares, 1871.] 8°. 14158. d. 30. 

VASUDEVA BALLALA MTTLYE. f^ ^^M sjotii i fiin r 
[Sulablia ankaganita. Arithmetic for schools, 
with exercises.] Pt. I. pp. 167. ^^ «(fc«* 
[Indore, 1877.] 12°. 14160. a. 12. 

VEDAS. — Appendix. ^JifwfF ^t^ ^^ «lf^ %^ JTRTf '^ 

[A selection of texts from the Vedas, or rather, 
from the Brahmanas, Upanishads, and other 
sacred books, with Hindi translations by Navina- 
chandra Raya, shewing the views of Brahmists 
with regard to these scriptures.] pp. 12. i^H'IA I 
"STV TC^ntHt [Luclcnow, ' Brdhma-samvat' 58, i.e. a.d. 
1888.] 12". 14033. a. 11.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 28. wf^"^ '^^^ 

[trahore, 1889.] 32°. 14154. d. 9. 

RiGVEDA. ^T^Hl«HH^ [Rigveda, in the 

Samhita and Pada texts, with commentaries, 
gr.immatical and paraphrastic, in Sanskrit and 
Hindi, by Dayananda Sarasvati.] g¥T, ikl^l^ 
[Bombay, 1878-80, Benares, 1881, etc.} 8°. 

14010. d. 24. 

Jm'perfect \ wanting pt. 1-10 and 13-17. 

Vajasanetisa^hita. ^^511iTI^fl^ . . . ^TST- 

^H<l^f^in [Vajasaneyisamhita. Sanskrit text, 
with a commentary in Hindi, called Vedartha- 
pradlpa, or Giridharabhashya, by Giriprasada 
Varma.] 7 fasc. in. 2 vols. lith. ft'tnl^Jt It'SI 
[Biswan, 1871-74.] 4°. 14007. f. 1, 2. 

■?ft ^IWg^W ^«IHT«J»t^ [The Samhita 

and Pada texts of the White Yajurveda, together 
with a verbal interpretation and commentary in 
Hindi, by Jvalaprasada.] pp. 1434. [Agra, 
1884-87.] 8°. 14007. cc. 14. 

fc|<jm [Sajjana vilasa. A brief account of Mirzapur, 
and its festivals, with a selection of songs and 
ballads.] pp.13. fsit^jTSfctb [M"r«apw,1888.] 12°. 

14160. b. 52. 

^^ [Nagavamsavall. The annals of the Naga- 
vamsi royal family of Chutia Nagpur, in verse.] 
pp.xii. 143,?i<A. ■^^S^If^Hl^? [Oaicw^a, 1876.] 8°. 

14156. g. 19. 

VENISANKAEA VYASA. See Bapu Deva Sastri. 
The Elements of Plane Trigonometry Trans- 
lated into Hindi from the Sanskrit by Yeni 
gankara Vyasa. 1859. 8°. 14160. b. 10.(1.) 
yana SenvI. ^f^?[^l[r [Suddhidarpana. Trans- 
lated by V. N. from the Marathi.] [1854.] 8°. 

14156. d. 8. 

[1866.] 8°. 14156. b. 7.(1.) 

FT^ fwst [Sartha siddho. Rules of 

Sanskrit orthography, explained in Hindi. With 
a vocabulary of Sanskrit grammatical terms.] 
pp. 23. 3[ g i^RT^ <\\^o [Allahabad, I860.] 16°. 

14160. a. 4.(2.) 
YIDYARANYA SYAMIN. See Satan acharta.. 
YIHARI LALA, Kavi. Begin. ^♦T '^l^ lHI ^O TTUT- 

tlfifchNl ^T^T^H^'T [Sapta-§atika, also called Sat- 
sa'I. A Vaishnava poeni, in 700 couplets, on 
the sports of Krishna and the milkmaids.] pp. 98. 
HS^H [Calcutta, 1813.] 8°. 14158. d. 2. 

Without title-page. 

^^14"^ H . . . z\m\ '^fflf T^rt [Another edition. 
With an interlineary metrical translation, and 
accompanying commentary, both in Sanskrit, en- 
titled Sringara-saptasatika, by Paramananda.] 
pp. iii. 347, K</i. ^RTt?I S«l^o [^enareo, 1873.] 8°. 

14076. d. 23. 

f^t't ^"t «iTO| [Extracts from Viharl 

Lala's Sat-sai.] See Sivaprasada, Raja, C.S.I. 
Hindi Selections, pp. 196-198. 1867. 4°. 

14156. k. 2. 

YIHARI LALA, Mvnsht. See Sa'di. ^snnftTliT 
[Pushpavatika. A prose translation by V. L. of 
the eighth chapter of Sa'dl'sGulistan.] [1853.] 8°. 

14156. h. 12. 

— 1870. 4'. 760. h. 8. 

YIHARi LALA CHATJBE, Pandit. See Tulasidasa. 
TTcS^ wn»t . . . Tul'si Sat'sai, with a short com- 
mentary. Edited by Pandit Bihari Lai Chanbe. 
1888, etc. 8°. 14002. a. 





VIHABI SIMHA, of Chapra. fwfTT^ ^W %W >fW I 
[Nakh-?ikh bhushana. A description, in verse, 
of the personal charnis of Radha and Krishna.] 
pp. 20. ^tz^ <»fctn [Patna, 1881.] 8». 

14158. d. 19.(L) 

VIHARi SIMHA. Hindi Teacher. See Pbabho La la. 
f^ V wv 1^ m wft^l [Hind ke madhraprade^a 
ka bhQgola. Translated from the HinduBtani 
with the assistance of Y. S.] [1876.] 8°. 

14160. b. 35.(8.) 


VTVm [Pra^naTjakarana. With a Hindi gloss 

hy Vyaya^dJi"] [1876.] obi. 8". 

14100. e. 4. 

See Upabakadasa. 5«II«»'»JIIh^ [Upa- 

sakadafA-BUtra. With an explanatory gloss in 
Hindi by V.] [1876.] oW. 12'. 14100. c. 2. 

Sm Uttabadhtatana. siKimqfi [Uttara- 

dhyayana. Edited, with a Hindi glo.<i8, by V.] 
[1879.] obi. 4». 14100. f. 2. 

S««Vtpaka8ctra. fVrqnnrw [Vipikasiitra. 

Edited, with a Hindi gloss, by V.]" [1876.] obi. 8«. 

14100. e. S. 

f^B l lU [Padartharidyasara. Translated by V. 
from the HindusUni 'Urn i tabi'yat.] [1865.] 8°. 

14160. e. 4.(3.) 

yiJVANESVABA. The Law of Inheritance, trans- 
lated from the Sanscrit of the Mitakshara [of 
Vijnanefrara] into Hindi, by Daya 6ankara. 
(^TW»inr. l) [Dayabhiga.] pp. 71. CaUnUta, 

1882. 8'. 

14156. a. l.(L) 

VIK&AXASITTA, king of Ujjnyinl. Sing.haann 
Buttoo^eo, or Anecdotes of the celebrated Bikrma- 
jeet ; . . . translated into Hindooctanee [or rather, 
Hindi] from the Bnj-R,hak,ha of Soondnr Ku- 
beeshwnr, by Meensa Kazim Ulee Juwan, and 
Shree Lulloo Lai Kab. pp.252. Calcutta, \ 805. 8». 

14166. k. IL 

Second edition, pp. 252. 

1816. 8° 

14156. i. 2. 

H ^f\w(\ fnmf^ . . . wfTTnn ^ fT*fT»!»- 

«r»^i»^^ wt^ . . . [Another edition.] pp. 228. 
wf^I^TWT W^ [Calcutta, 1839.] 8". 

14156. i. 3. 

YIKRAMADITTA, Tcing of UjjayinJ. wl fjffVJVii 
wf^nrt [Another edition.] pp. 234. gw| stMJ 
[Bombay, 1854.] 12°. 14156. h. 2. 

^jmA) jj^'.^iou. fw^ m 't ^fir«1 II [Another 

edition, illustrated.] pp.270, WA. sbt,^ [//«<■ fcnow?? 
1862.] 8°. 14166. i. 10. 

[Another edition.] pp. 197. Benares, 

1866. 8'. 14156. h. 13. 

Singhasan Battisi . . . Translated into 

Hindi, ffom the Sanskrit, by Lalliiji Lai Kabi ... 
A new edition . . . with copious notes by Syed 
AbdooUah. pp. xvi. 216. Lotuion, 1869. 8°. 

14156. i. 28. 

tl^ fitnrH?5 «^*/^ [Another edition, 

in the Gurumukhi character.] pp. 144, lilh. wvld 
[Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 14156. i. 19.(1.) 

fWrnM ^rw\lf^ [Another edition.] pp. 143, 

^* [MetrtU, 1882.] 8°. 

14156. i. 24.(6.) 


—— A Throne of thirty-two images, or the 
Bnttris Shinghashun. [Translated into English.] 
pp. 117. Calcutta, 1888. 16». 14156. h. 33. 

Contes indiens. Les trentc-denx Recits 

dn Trdne (Batris-Sinhasau) ou les Merveilleux 
Exploits de Vikramaditya, traduits ... par L. Feer. 
(Collection de Chansons et de Contes popalaires. 
Vol. 6.) pp. Ixx. iT. 268. Poru, 1881. 12°. 

2348. a. 

ynrAYAVIJAYA. -Ml -^ftnl^'H^l^ [Srlpala- 
charitra, also called ^ripaia Rajano rasa. A Jain 
legend, in Hindi verse, on the story of ^ripala, 
king of Malwa, commenced by Vinayavijaya, and 
completed by Yaf ovijaya. In Gujarati characters, 
with an occasional commentary in Gujarati.] 
pp. 182, lith. \\£\a [Poona ? 1863.] 8°. 

14154. h. 4. 

wlll^^ri^ w»nT ^j^TjT^ TTUr^ Tm [Second 

edition.] ff. 92. [Bomhay, 1876 f] obi. 8°. 

14154. h. 3. 

Printed in tie form of Deranagari pfculiar to Jain worl-i. 

VrtH M [Ajiother edition. With a different Guja- 
rati commentary.] ff. 177. ^t [Bombay, 1877.] 
oU. 8\ 14154. h. 2. 

o 2 





VINAYAVIJAYA. ^^ ^ ^T^xr^ »rf^»»T ^^ ^5^ 
w'hTcS tTiTT«li^ ^ift^ [Srlpalacharitra. Another 
edition.] pp. 173. «(«t«M [Poona, 1889.] 12°. 

14154. h. 13. 


LroATioNS. — Patna. '^i^i^^9 . . . Yog vilds. 
[Edited] by BabiiVindhyachal Prasad. [1883.] 8°. 

14160. e. 3.(2.) 

VIPAKASUTEA. f^«lf^ I [Vipakasutra. The 
11th Anga of the Jains, with a Sanskrit com- 
mentary by Abhayadeva, and a gloss in Hindi 
by Vijayasadhu.] pp. 279. <f fcficklfll 'H'i^^ [Gal- 
ciMa, 1876.] oU. 8°. 14100. c. 5. 

VIRANJI, Kumdri. ?riTtf^5JT^ [Sativilasa. A 
poem on the duties of women to their husbands.] 
pp. 56, lith. c:4<<n* <^tbo {Imchnow, 1880.] 8°. 

14158. e. 2.(5.) 

VISHNU DASA. ;^»rTW»Tc5 JiU ,^j [Ruk- 
mini-mangala. A poem on the marriage of 
Eukmini and Krishna.] pp. 32, lith. ^fPKT 1t^^ 
[Agra, 1863.] 8°. 14158. e. 8.(3.) 

iv<MHlH'l(^ [Another edition.] pp. 40, lith. 

^^^'\ [Delhi, 1875 ?] 8°. 14158. e. 15.(2.) 

VISHNUGIKI. SeeCHANAKYA. I.m'lrt' ^ [Rajaniti. 
With a paraphrase in Hindi verse by V.] [1876.] 
8". 14076. d. 26.(2.) 

VISHNU LALA. See Pekiodical Publications. — 
Bareilly. The Sattya Prakash. A monthly 
magazine . . . [Edited by V. L.] 1883, etc. 8". 

14119. f. 22. 

VISHNU NARAYANA, Kashmiri Pandit. See 
Hatim Ta'i. ftirWT ^TlTTint «IfT II [Kissah Hatim 
Ta'i ka. Translated by Yogadhyana Misra, as- 
sisted by V. N.] [1838.] 4°. 14156. k. 1. 

VISHNU SARMAN. [For editions of the Hito- 
padesa, ascribed to V. S.] See Hitopadesa. 

HUNTEB (I.) T^^^rfTft^ JW [Kshetravyavaharika 
tattva. Todhunter's Mensuration, translated by 
V. V. S.] [1879.] 8'. 14160. c. 10. 

Sastkarthah. <*IV^W: ^rr^ST^: li [A report of 
a discussion between Dayananda Sarasvati and 
V. S. and other Benares Pandits.] [1880.] 8°. 

14154. c. 1.(3.) 

VISVANATHA SIMHA. SfeeKABiR. Vhr^ ''li'ftt^ni 
«lgt« li II [Bijak. With a commentary by V. S.] 
[1889.] 8°. 14158. e. 36. 

'«H'< c^Hn^H •1l<!<4i [Ananda Raghunan- 

dana nataka. A drama, in seven acts, on the 
story of Rama. Partly in Sanskrit and partly in 
Hindi.] pp. 123. v^^(^^<\W\\Liicknow,\8S\^ 8°. 

14158. b. 7. 

VRAJABHUSHANA DASA, Son of Vrajabhavana 
Ddsa. ' \H*\f^ vrmr tNtt ^f^ [Sata-murkhi. A 
collection of Sanskrit slokas on the benefits of 
learning, compiled, with a Hindi commentary, 
by V. D.] pp. 17, lith. ^^nXH "t't^i^ [Benares, 
1889.] 16°. 14085. a. 7.(2.) 

%H!T^«Tf?m ^^ Hf^nntwr n [Vaishnava- 

mahima. Extracts from Pauranic and other works 
in praise of Vaishnava religion and practices. 
Compiled, and provided with a Hindi translation, 
by V. D.] pp. 50, Zt</t. «»«l^^ [Bewares, 1875.] 8°. 

14033. b. 31. 

^rNwrf^TH. ^ra»? mn htt ^!i<mH«i?r. 

[Vallabha-vilasa. An account of the Vaishnava 
preacher Vallabha, his disciples and his teachings. 
Pt. I. entitled Sampradaya-prakasa.] pp. 136. 
5«t IfcfcM [Bombay, 1885.] 12°. 14156. g. 22. 

Wanting pt. ii.-iv. 

[Another edition.] W^TTT^ «)<iSM [Benares, 

1889.] 8°. 14156. g. 32. 

Imperfect ; pt. Hi. and iv. only, entitled Seva-prakdsa and 

VRAJALALA, Munshl. See Mahabhaeata. — Bha- 
gavadgltd. ^»-lLo ^r*" {_s^yi [(jitaji. The 
Bhagavadgita, transcribed in the Persian cha- 
racter by Munshl Vrajalala.] [1872.] 8°. 

14154. e. 5. 

VRAJAMOHANA' LALA. See Stapley (L. A.) 
Part I. of a series of . . exercises. . . . Translated 
... by Vraja Mohan Lai. 1885, etc. 8". 

760. c. 12. 

raja. Son of Bcdakrishna. Hamir Rasa . . . 
Translated from the Hindi by Brajanatha Bandyo- 
padhyaya. 1879. 8°. 2098. b. 

hamasa. Verses on each month of the year, 
describing a woman's grief of mind when sepa- , 
rated from her lover.] pp. 28. ViZ"^ <\\it'\ [Patna, 
1881] 8°. 14158. d. 19.(2.) 





VHAJAVAS! DA8A. See Krishna Misra. wwW- 
^^^T'' TTTW [Prabodhachandrodaya nataka. Trans- 
lated into Hindi verse by V. D.] [1875.] 8". 

14158. b. 1.(2.) 

[VrajaTilasa. A Braj-bhasha poem on the life 
of Krishna, during his stay at Vrindavana.] 
pp. V. 736. [CalaittaT I8i0 J] &>. 

14158. e. 1. 

yiT WTT wm^ ?Tn Tnr mrPrPsm [Another 

edition. With illustrations.] pp. 211,/iM. 

«^^ [A^a, 18C2.] 4". 14158. h. 4. 


miftrtm [Another edition.] 
pp. 212, lith. " MPm ^t«f| [A>;ra, 1803.] 4'. 

14168. g. 1. 

TntfV^lTW •TW* n^: [Another edition.] 

pp. ii. 696. H^JWin <V»tH [CaUvtta, 1863.] 8». 

14158. d. 11. 

•^^^ yj-'tj -./ !*;<<• [Another edition. Tran- 
scribed in Persian characters by RaghuTaradajiln.] 
pp. 778, lUh. y^ iirr [Lucknow, 1866.] 8«. 

14158. d. 15. 

a u fHtf lii [Another edition. With illus- 

trations.] pp. 600, lith. 5!?mi ^tS% [I/uekno%e, 
1876.] 8". 14158. g. 5. 

'—— [Another edition.] pp. 698, lith. uprrrr? 
[Fatehgarh, 1879.] 8". 14158. e. 17. 

vnAJAynlsA. fnftmj mm i i il* i >i i ^ i w ^ » g yi&m 

9^9T ^^ I [Hori ka khyal. Songs to Radha 
and Krishna, sung during the Holi festival.] pp.20. 
W^nrwi <\nH [Calcutta, 1879.] 12°. 

14158. d. 14.(2.) 

VanrDA. Begin, ^n i^ ^mmfl f^mil ■ [Sat-sa'i. 
Seven hundred couplets, containing moral pre- 
cepts.] pp. 68. [Kidder{,ur, 1820 ?] 8". 

14158. d. 3.(3.) 
WUAonl title-page. 

[Another edition.] pp. 101. ^irf ^ss 

{Bomhay. 1854.] 12*. 1415*8. c. 17. 

[Another edition.] pp. 80. 9^ s«^^ 

• iBvmbay, 1865.] 12°, 14158. c. 7.(4.) 

VRIIDAVAVA ww^m ft i guf^^ g m [Satyanima. 
A philosophical treatise, in prose and verse, on 

the teachings of the Vihara Vrindavana sect. 
Second edition.] pp. xi. 451, iii. ^nnni stsi, 
[Lucknow, 1873.] 8°. 14154. e. 13. 

WALKEE ( ) Dr. Uv\^ -asi VOM ^SPf 11 

[Vidyarthi ki prathama pustaka. Elementary 
instruction in reading, arithmetic and mensuration. 
Compiled by Dr. W. with the assistance of Jaya- 
sankara and Magan Lala.] ^ITTJt st^% \_Oaicnpore, 
1869.] 4". 14160. d. 2. 

[Another edition.] pp. 48, lith. ^?^ 

««t»S [Delhi, 1871.] 4". 14160. d. 7. 

[Another edition. With occasional trans- 
lations into Hindustani by Ambeprasada.] pp. 80, 
lith. ^Jjtj st|^ [Dtlhi, 1875.] 8°. 

14160. c. 20. 

[Another edition of the preceding.] pp. 92, 

lith. ^^ i*»i [Ddlii, 1870.] 8". 

14160. c. 3.(6.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 80, lith. [JUeerut, 

1879.] 8". 14160. c. 21. 

WALLACE (Sir Donald Macxenzii). ifs ^ mrt*r 
f^m^ Tarikh-i-Roos, or Hindi translation of 
" Russia," etc. pp. v. xi. viii. 565. 9Wni sttt 
[Luekntne, 1888.] 4°. 14156. k. 10. 

WATT (James) the Eiujinrer. [Life.'] See Sher- 
KiNO (M. A.) f^ffP^^rtllf I [Vidvan-sangraha.] 

WAY. The way of salvation. 5% ht utA [Mukti 
ka marga. A Christian tract. Second edition.] 
pp. 41. filtingT «»t*lf [Mirzafur, 1876.] 12°. 

14154. a. 6.(19.) 

WESLEY (John), wm 'V^ t^ t{m ^ f^nu 'i| 
[Ek upadefa na'e janma ke vishaya men. The 
new birth, a sermon by J. W. on St. John iii. 7, 
translated by the Rev. 8. Knowles.] pp. 24. 
W^ "^ttt [BareiUy, 1864.] 8°. 

14154. a. 6.(3.) 

WILA. See Mazhah 'Am Khan, called Wila. 

WIL80H ( ). ipi^irnr [Jagadvrittanta. Out- 
lines of general history, being a translation, by 
Yam^idhara, of H. S. Reid's Hindustani version 
of Wilson's English original, entitled Tarikh i 
'alam.] Pt. I. Second edition, pp. 72. VTHTT 
^t«,o [Agra, I860.] 8°. 14180. b. 30.(2.) 




WIISON (John) D.D., F.R.S., Missinnary of the 
Free Church of Scotland. ^l^t\ fk^V\ ^if^^ ■'ITT 
f^yifr. Trfasr "fVUl [Hindudharma prasiddhakarana. 
A translation, of Dr. Wilson's " Exposure of the 
Hindu religion"; being a reply to Mora Bhatta 
Dandekara's Maratlii pamphlet in defence of the 
Hindu religion, entitled Hindudharma- sthapana.] 
pp. 78. 9^^ «\fcl(<8. [Ludhiana, 1869.] 12°. 

14154. a. 5.(3.) 

f^ V^: irfff^T'irT'ir: [Translated into the 

Nepali dialect.] pp. 80. Darjeeling, 1878. 12°. 

14154. a. 22.(1.) 

Second edition, pp. 76. Darjeeling, 

1889. 12°. 14154. a. 19.(2.) 

1!^ HhPh - f^W ' [Dhatrisiksha. A guide to 
native midwives. Translated by Kamalakanta 
from the Bengali of Y. M.] Pt. I. pp. 126. 
xfz^ <^b9t [Patna, 1878.] 12°. 14156. b. 12. 

YAJNAVALKYA. ^TiR^i^ffTrw^y ^'tt f?^m^ 
^ T^il ^r^^ II The Yagyan Valkya Sanhita . . . 
Sanscrit text and Hindi translation by Pandit 
Guruprasad. pp. iv. 136, ii. Zi<A. XoAore, 1871. 8°. 

14039. c. 7. 

^m^T^T wfn KT('n& ITTftr etc. [Dharma- 

sastra of Yajnavalkya. Sanskrit text, with a 
Hindi translation by Guruprasada Sarma.] pp. 192, 
lith. 5S?nr3l <^t9i [Lucknow, 1874.] 8°. 

14039. c. 6. 

YAMUNASABTKARA. gee TJpanishads. 5?ff«ll "Hm 
. . . M^^fff^ Vi >ir^ tHbt [Mundaka-upanishad. 
Sanskrit text, with a Hindi commentary by Y.] 
[1884.] 8°. 14007. c. 11. 

^ern ^^^ [sic'] iraftrrf^ w\ «tot zhm 

[Prasna-upanishad. Sanskrit text, with a Hindi 
commentary by Y.] [1884.] 8°. 

14007. c. 12. 

—^ OHM4U ^ranwfsT^Tt [Ramayana adhyatma- 
vichara. A philosophical exposition of the 
Ramayana of Valmiki.] ^S^R^I «)ttt( iLucknow, 
1886.] 8°. 14158. f. 26. 

r<iaH(35«0 n^ vf^mwis y^^ v^ [Vijfia- 

YASOVIJAYA, See Vinatavijata. ^ ^M.iH- 
•H3(LM [Sripalacharitra. A Jain poem begun 
by Vinayavijaya, and completed by Yasovijaya.] 
[1863.] 8°. 14154. h. 4. 

TJ^ etc. [Dravyaguna paryayano raa. A Jain 
metaphysical treatise, in Hindi verse, on moral 
fitness for final emancipation. Accompanied by 
a Gujarati commentary.] See Bhimasiiiiha Ma- 
NAKA. imrT^-THnst [Prakarana-ratnakara.] Vol. i. 
pp. 337-412. [1876, etc.] 4°. 

14100. e. 3. 

^nj ^^wrrfV ^nnir (^Tin ^nr* and f^n^z 

^VtlJW^ ^^) [Samadhi sataka. Verses on samddhi, 
or perfect absorption of thought. Followed by 
Samata sataka, or verses on samatd, or tran- 
quillity of mind, and Digpat chorasi bol, or a 
refutation of 84 sayings of the Digambara sect 
of Jains.] See Bhimasimha Manaka. irarTXH- 
1.MI4iT: [Prakarana-ratnakara.] Vol. i. pp. 757-775. 
[1876, etc.] 4°. 14100. e. 3. 

Begin. 'WI '^rhw^ftftlirTsft 'TTTHini oKTT TTTT- 

VST^^TT^^ ^^3R ^ ^f?(I HltH End. jf}( ^ ^"hhlt 
f»nr=lsiifw: ^f'T'&T [Simandhara-stavana, or SIman- 
dhara-vijnapti. A Hindi poem containing rules 
for the conduct of Sravakas, or secular Jains. 
With a Gujarati commentary by Padmavijaya.] 
See Bhimasiimha Manaka. lKl.<ll-<HI4i< [Praka- 
rana-ratnakara.] Vol. i. pp. 1-138. [1876, efc.] 4°. 

14100. e. 3. 

nalahari. A short treatise on Vedanta philosophy. 
Second edition.] pp. 96. ^S^TTS! <»tbb [Luchnow, 
1888.] 8°. 14164. c. 


TTifRJ etc. [Yogadrishti. An exposition, in verse, 
of eight theories concerning Yoga, or abstract 
meditation. Accompanied by a Gujarati trans- 
lation by Jnanavimala Siiri.] See Bhimasimha 
Manaka. inirTTB-TRT^irt [Prakarana-ratnakara.] 
Vol. i. pp. 413-438. [1876, etc.] 4°. 

14100. e. 3. 

YOGADHYANA MISEA, Pandit. See Chaturbhuja 
MisEA. The Prem Sagur . . . Edited ... by 
Pundit Yogadhyan Misra. 1842. 4°. 

14156. k. 17. 

See Hatim Ta'!. f«WI ^Tinnnt TBT 11 

[Kissah Hatim Ta'I ka. Translated from the 
Hindustani by Y. M.] [1838.] 4°. 

14156. k. 1. 





T0GAVASI8HTHA. ir^ u ltHimftl l [Yogava- 
fish^ha. A philosophical poem, in six chapters, 
of the Mimamsa school of philosophy, translated 
from the original Sanskrit into old Hindi. Edited 
by Hlrachand Kafiji.] ^ ««<^ [Bombay, 1865.] 
oU. fol. 14154. g. 1. 

Eaek rkopter Atu a teparatt pagination. 

<fti|'« i ftn Hrm [The preceding edition, 

rendered into a modernized and purer Hindi style 
by Pyare Lala.] pp. xi. 1311. ?5WHli ^ts> 
[Lueknow, 1877.] 8°. 14154, f. 3. 

TUOULAVAVTA SA&MA. qmrnPT h >jf^ ^^^'j 
[Parasabhaga. A philosophical work on Uie 
means of attaining final beatitude.] pp. 659. 
9irni ^tt^ [Lueknow, 1883.] 4°. 

14164. f. 13. 

ZAMIVDAB. w>i^^!rTT vr '^rrqr i [Zamindar ka 
drishtanta, or the Landlord and his tenants. A 
Christian tract.] pp. 42. ^TfPf stJS [Ludkiana, 
1871.] 12^ 14164. a. 6.(17.) 

ZORAWAE HAL. wv t flv^V^ r i \ V\ Tfm mo 
[Sanaischaraji kl katha. A poem in praise of 
the god Saturn.] fif. 18, lilh. i|^ <\9t» [Bombay, 
1865.] obi. 12°. 14168. c. 19.(1.) 

?Hl'*<.i»1*1«iJI »lT^T*f [Another edition.] 

pp. 36, nth. ^f^ <K^«i [Delhi, 1872.] obi. 8°. 

14168. e. 29. 

yf't 'aT M^*^ *TT [Another edition.] 

pp. 20, lUh. ^nrrs '\t$i [Lueknow, 1874.] 8°. 

14158. d. 16.(4.) 

^f\^ -kvjL. '.^ vr«i^t^1*^«Tii [Another 

edition.] pp. 40, lilh. uni^ s*^ [Benares, 
1875.] 12°. 14168. c. 2.(3.) 

^B^ Jl^^mm vrtyr. [Another edition.] 

ff. 22, Hth. fd [Bombay, 1876 ?] obi. 12°. 

14168. c. 19.(2.) 

TW irftr^t VW'f^ [Another edition.] 

pp. 40, lilh. WTlrt ««?«, [Benaret, 1879.] 12°. 

14168. e. 9.(4.) 


[The rtfertnuM in /iu Initjc an to the name* of the author* at other headimj* under which the works are 
eataiojutd. Jn tfie cam of anonywtou* work*, which are catalogued under their title* the f Urate " in loeo " 
M u*ed in referring to them. Oriental title* only are uted in thi* Index, or ttiote in tchicli EiigliiK word* 
oeew only a» forming an e**ential part of an Oriental title.] 

Abala hitakaraka. 

See PiBiODiCAL PcBUCATiOMa — Lucknow. 
Abodha nivarana. [Vakma. 

See Ambikaoatta Vtasa and Ramakrishna 

See NatIhachandra Rata. 

See ErauiEKiDBs. 
Adbhnta RAmdjana. 

See Gamoa Rama, of Bharipur. 
Adhyatmaramayana. [mapurOna. 

S'-e P0RANA8. — Brehmandaparana. — Adhydi- 
Adi Grantb [in loco'^. 
A halya-kamadhona. 


Ajkal ke sadhn'on ki kartat. 



5m Atmabaxaji Amakdatuataji. 



See Lakshmisarataka. 



See Satdar 'A Li. 
Alfaz i Fdifi o Hiodi. 


Alha-khanda [in loco]. 

See Chaxo. 

See AmaRa Sivba. 
Amaraiena Jayasena Ruja ki cbopai. 

See AiiARAStVA JatasIxa. 

See Amara Sivba. 

Amatrika chLanda-dipika. 

Sec Ramacbakitra Si^ba. 
Amir Hamzah kl dostan. 

See Hahuh iba 'Add al-MuTTALiB, Amir. 

See Pbatapa SiyBA, J?<yo of Jaipur. 

See Cbbaita Si^a. 

See Anandauiri. 
Anaoda Raghunandana nntaka. 


Andhera nagari. 

See Hariscbandra, of Benare*. 

See Nanda Dasa. 
Ankaganita [in loco], 
Annpanatarangi ni. 

See Raobumathapbasada Sueala. 





See Rajab 'Au Beo, called Scrub. 
Arsijbagra [in loco'\. 
Arnnodaya Inglistan men. 

'See TucEER (C.) lft»», 

See Dayananda Sabas7AtT. 
Ary acbaritam ri to. 

See Radbakrisbna Dasa. 

See Periodica!. Publications. — Benares. 
Arya prasnottari. 

See Jaoanmatha Dasa. 
Arya siddhanta. 

See Periodical Pcblkatiovb.— Allahabad. 





See Akya Samaj. 

See Indramani. 

See Panini [Addenda]. 
Ashtaka Manika Prabhu. 

See Narahaei Das a. 
Ashtavakra ke dohe 


ita. ) 

See Asutavakra. 

See Sankara Acharya. 

See Sahkarananda. 
Atmatattvavidya [in. loco]. 
Atulya mitra ka varnana. 

See Atulta Mitka. 
Aupapatika-sutra [in loco^. 
Aushadhasara Yunani. [Delhi. 

See Gopala, Proprietor of ihe Jndna Press, 
Aushadhisangraha kalpavallT. 

See Radhakrishna, Pandit. 
Avadha desiya bliugola. 

See SivANARAYANA, Deputy Inspector of Schools. 
Avadha yatra. 

See Ghex-sarana. 
Avatara kathamnta. 

See GiRiDHAEA Dasa, Bandrasi. 
Bacbchon ka in^am. 

See SiVAPEASADA, Raja, C.S.I. 
Balir i tawil. 

See Nanak, Bdbd [Addenda] . 
Baital-Pachlsi [in local . 

^ee Janakipbasada, called Rasika VihSei. 
Bakavali sumana. 

See 'IzzAT Allah. 
Brilabhusbana [in loco^. 

See Chothai TivakI. 

See Badaeinatha, Pandit, also called Badei 

See SiVAPEASADA, Raja, C.S.I. 

See Balabodha. 
Balabodha sikshaka. 

See MoETiMER (F. L.) Mrs. 
Balakon ke kawaid ke abhyas. [Society. 

See London. — Home and Colonial School 
Balasiksha samkshepa. 

See LiLAPATi. 
Balavinoda Bamayana. 

See Ramalala. 
Balopadesa [in loco]. 
Ban-jatra [i.e. Vanayatra] . 

See Kanhaiya Lala. 


Barahmasa [in loco]. 
See 'Ala Bakhsh. 


See Bhaeataji. 

See Bholanatha. 

See Ganesapeasada. 

See Khaira Shah. 

See Madhava Dasa. 

See RamachandeajI. 

See Ramakrishna. 

See Sambhu Rata. 

See Sraddharama, Pandit. 
Rukminiji ka. 

See JiYA Lala. 


Baramasa Ramayan ka. 

See Ghuna Mal. 
Barvai Ramayana. 

See Tulasidasa. 
Bhadali-mata jyotishavarnana. 

See BhadalI. 

See Mahabharata. — Bhagavadgita. 
Bhagavata ekadasa bhashatika. 

See Bhavanadasa. 
Bhagavatamahatmya. [hcitmya. 

See Pueanas. — Padmapurana. — Bhdgavatamd- 

See Pueanas. — Bhdgavatapurdna. 
Bhagavata sankanivarana manjari. 

See Sivasahaya. 

See jAaANNATHA Sahaya. 

See Lakshmisankaea. 

See Bhaieava Simha. 

See Peatapa Simha, Raja of Sidhua. 

See Nabhaji, 
Bhaktamara-stotra. • 

See Manatunqachaeya. 

See Parsons (J.) Missionary. 

See Haei Bakhsh, Munshi. 

See Ranavira Simha, Maharaja of Kashmir. 

See Chaeana Dasa, Son of Muralidhara. 

See Narad A. 

See HabischandeA; of Benares. 




Bharata dardasa pramardaka. 

See PiuooiCAi. Publications. — Fatehgarh. 

See Ambikadatta Ytasa. 
sadasa pravartaka. 

Se« Periodical Pcbucatio.vs. — Fatehgarh. 
trikalika da^a. 

See Olcott (H. S.) 

See Kbaboa Bahadur ^Falla. 
Bbaratayaraha ka bhuvrittanta. 

See Madhcsudana ChaudhusI. 
BbarataTarehiya itihasa. 

See MABaBMAN (J. C.) 

See Sadasi KiiA Lala. 
Bbaratavarshiya vrittaDtaprakasa. 

See KABiM al-DiN, Maulati. 
Bhartaricbaritra. ^ 
Bhartari^ita. j 

See KasInatha, the Poet. 

See Sabasivakasana Darak. 

See Bhartkihabi. 

See Ktiikkimotom (W.) 

See Jastant Siwha, Maharaja. 

See ^RiLALA. 
Bbasba karjasangraba. 


Bhuba saptarstna. 



See Ramajasana. 

See Harioopala Fadhtb. 

See $itaharataha Tkitrdi, Pandit. 




See GuLAB SiMou Nirmalb. 

See PuRANAS. — Bhaviehyapurana. 
Bbedabbeda nirupana. 

See Krishnacuamda. 

See YABsibHARA. 
Bhramajalaka nafaka. 

See Katxachampa. 



See Databavda SABiaTATi. 

See Datahabda SarasvatL 

See Sadasukha Lala. 

Bbugola aur kbagola. 

See Peabck (\V. H.) 

See Ramajasana. 

See RiiD (H. S.) 

See §iVAPRASADA, Raja, C.S.I. 
Bbugola Hindusthana kf. 

See Blochmann (H.) 
Bbugola Panjab. 

See Karim al-DiN, Maulavi. 

iSea'KRtsHNA Lala. 



See Krishna Lala. 

See OyKABA Bbatt^- 

See Kalicharana, Pandit. 

See Rapu Dxta I^astri. 

See Ramaprasada, Muiuhi. 

See Balakribhna ^astkI. 
Bbugola Ella Merath. 

See Mkkrot, Dielriet of. 

See Radhikaprabanma Mukbopadhtata. 
Bibadba ratan praka^a. 



See MoHAHA Lala, Pandit. 

See KabIb. 

See Anwab 'Ali. 
BiraiDgbkabrittant [1.0. Yirasimba ka vrittanta]. 

See ^nrAPRABADA, Raja, C.S.I. 
Birah bidumTan nataka [i.0. Vivaha vidambana 

See ToTARAMA Varma. [nataka. 

Bodha chatnshpatha cbandrika. 

See Broaowat (D. P.) 

See Sanoat Sinoh. 

See Rama Naratana, Munahi. 

See Sbahu III., Raja of Satara. 

See Badaratana. 
Brabmavidya niyama. 

See Bbaiimavidta. 
Brahmottarakhanda. [khan(fa. 

See PuBANAB. — Skandapurana. — Brahmoltara- 

See ToTARAMA Varma. 

See Dattarama, Son of Kfiehnalala. 




Brihat samhita. 

See Vaeaha Mihira. 

See Krishna Datta. 
Bundi ka rajavamsa. 

See Haeischandea, of Benares. 
■ Chahar darwesh. 

See Khusrau, Amir. 
ChakranTjita matanirmulana. 

See DvijAPA Eamachaeya. 

See Jaganmohana Simha, Thdhur. 
Chand sangrah \_i.e. Chhanda sangraha]. 

See Paesons (J.) Missionary. 

See Sankaka Acharya. 
Cbar upatiiyamon ka sangraha. 

See Akya Samaj. 

See Akshayakumara Datta. 
Chaturanga chiitun. 

See Ambikadatta Vyasa. 

Sea SiEAJ al-DiN. 
Chaupatriyon ka satiiuchchaya. 

See American Tract Society. 

See Bilhana. 
CliaurasT varta [in loco}. 
Cbausar [m loco] . 

See Nandakisora Lala. 


'Cbbabili Bhatiyarl [in local. 
Cbbanda sangraba. 

See Parsons (J.) Missionary. 

See Vasanta Suei. 

See Bhikhaki Dasa. 
Cbbapai Ramayana. 


See Lala, Kavi. 
Cbliota bhugola bastamalaka. 

See SivAPBASADA, Raja, C.S.I. 

See Ganapata Simha. 

See Hunter ( ) Br. 

See KcNrAviHAEi Lala. 
ChorasI Vaisbnavani varta. 

See Chaueasi vaeta. 
Chovlsa Jina stuti. 

See Ananda Ghana. 

See Gokulanatha, Son of Baghundtha. 

See ScMATi "Vijayaji. 
Dadblcba-k ulavamsa vali. 

See Pushkaealala Gangadhaea. 


See Sambhunatha, Kavi. 
Dak bijli ka prakarana. 

See Baldev Bakhsh. 

See Haeidasa Dasa. 

See Eajendra. 
Dasamalaba dipika. 

See VamsIdhara. 

See Upanishads. 

See Vijnanesvaea. 
Dayananda mata miilocbcbbeda. 

See Ambikadatta Vyasa. 

See Jagannatha Dasa. 

Sarasvati inukbacbapetika. 

See Thakueadasa Mularaja Osavala, Srdvaka. 

See Chhajjq Rama. 
Desopakari pustaka. 

See Radhachaeana Gosvami. 

See Amara Simha. 
Devanagari aur Roman varna. 

See Devanagari Roman Peimee. 
pracbara ke upadesa. 

See Gahridatta. 

See Nandakumara. 
Devib bfigavatapurana. 

See PuEANAs — Devihhdgavatapurdna. 

See Madhava Simha. 
Devitnabatmya. [/idtmya. 

See P UEANAS. — Miirkandeyapurana. — Bevima- 

See KaSchana Acharya. 
Dbarain par dipak bbajan. 

See DiNANATHA, of Jalandhar [Addenda]. 
Dhavmacbarcba [in loco^. 
Dbarmadbarma parlksbapatra. 

See Dharmadhaema. 

See Periodical Publications. — Monghyr. 

See Peeiodical Publications. — Muzaffarnagar. 
Dbarmapustaka ka sara. 

See Bible. — Appendix. 
ke itibasa. 

See Barth (C. G ) 
Dharmasara [in loco]. 
Dbarma Simba lambardar ka vrittaata. 

Dharmatattva bhaskara. 

See Naran Hirachand. 
Dharmatula [in loco]. 
Dbarmopadesamala [in loco]. 

See Yadunatha MukhopIdhaya. 






Dhola Maru. 

See ToDAR Max. 

See Dhdeu. 
Digp:it chora^i bol. 

See Yasovijata. 
Dil-bahla'u [in loeo]. 

Sf-e SiTASAMA, Viiidyardja. 
Dioa Yusnpb. 

See Jos (PH. 

See Wau Mcbamhao, called Nazir. 
Diwani zabiton ka sangraha. 

See India. — Legislative Council. 
Dohare [in loco]. 

Bee TuLAsiDASA. 

Bee Umafati Tripathi. 
Draryagona parjayano ras. 

Bee Yasovijata. 
DrishVAnta bodhini. 

Bee Hariprasada SiyRA. 

See Prabbcoasa Dasa. 
Drishfi kuta. 


Dropadiji ki barahmaai. 

See Dracpad!. 
Dropadl lila. • 

Bee Rama Dasa. 

>S<-« Khusaurava Rata. 
Dnl^khajanita Hukbodaya. 

Set QiBLE. — Appemdi*. 
Dungar Simha aur Jawahir Simha. 

Si-e PC-XOAR iSl^HA. 

Darga astuti. 

5m Madhata Rama. 
Durgapatha. [/iJ/mya. 

See PcRAMAS. — Markandejapurina. — Der'tmd- 
Dretadh ranta^nivarana. 

See Kaladatta, Daurgadatti. 

See PiRiODtCAL PraucATioss. — Banklpur. 

See Narayava Dasa, Son of Puruthottama Data. 
Ek jor ah^u^hi. 

See LSankimacbandra Chattopadhtata. 
Ek npade^ na'e jaoma ke vishnya men. 

See Wbslrt (J.) 
English Adarah [t.e. Adana]. 

See 8cjA« biyiiA. 
Oadyapadjra-ssngraha. {School*, Oudh. 

Bee Ambikaprasada, AntUlant Intpeclor of 

See MoTi Lala, Venifier. 
Gangi aslnti. 

Bee Kbaoapati. 

Gangaji ki nahr. 

See Ganoks Canau 

See Padmakaka. 

See Stamasdndara. 
Ganita battisi. 

Bee Sahab-peasad Sivha. 
Ganitakamadheu II. 

Bee Rama Naeatana, Pandit. 

Bee Smith (B.) 

Se^ MoHANA Lala, Pandit. 

^00 ^RILALA. 

Bee VAysiDHARA. 

Bee Atodhtaprasada. 

Bee GiRiDHARA Dasa, Bandrast. 
Gaya ka bhugola. 

See ^ITANARATANA Trivedi, Pandit. 
Ghana jyamiti. 

Bee Kriparama. 

See GiRiPRASADA Varma. 

See TciasiDASA. 

See BowLiT (W.) 
G itagovindadarfa. 

See Jatasbta. 

See Mahabharata. — Bhagaradglti. 

Bee ^AmiNORAMOHANA Thakuba. 

Bee TcLAsiuASA. 

See PuRANAS. — Padmaparann. • 

Bee Datananda SARAsrATi. 

Bee Sbarplit (A.) 

Bee KuMJATiBARi Lala. 
Goplchanda Bhartari. 

See Lakshmana Si^ha, Kmxwar. 
ka khyal. 

Bee Mori Lala, Vertijier. 

■ Qoharnamn- 

Bee Annaji Gotikda Ikamdak. 

Bee Ambikadatta Vtasa. 
Govardbana Natbaayodbbava rarta. 

Grahyapada ka sangraba. 

Bee Bible. — Appendix. 
Grimyakal pad ru m a. 

See MuBAMMAD Jamal al-DiN Hasan. 





See BiiANUDATTA, Pandit, of Lahore. 
Gul i Bakavall. 

See 'IzzAT Allah, 
Gul o Sanaubar. 

See Nemchanu. 

See Lakshmana Dasa [Addenda]. 
Gurugaiiita sataka. 

See Sahab-prasad Siaiha. 
Guruparlksha [in loco]. 
Guru sumiran. 

See Ganesapbasada, Son of Kirti Simlia. 

See SivAPRASADA, Baja, C.8.L 



See Jayanarayana. 
Habsbi stri ka vrittanta. 

See Habshi. 
Hamir rasa. 

See JoDHABAJA, Son of B dialer ishna. 
Ilans Jawabir. 

See Kasim. 

See Man DAN A. 

See Tdlasidasa. 
Hanuman -n ataka. 

See Hanumat. 
Hauumau sankata-mochana. ) 


See Tulasidasa. 
Haricband rajari cbopai. 

See Pema Mcni. 

See Isyaracharana [Addenda]. 

See Hakisciiandra, of Benares. 

See Mahabhakata. — Harivamsa. 

See Maneodha. 

See Jagadisvara. 
Hatlm Ta T ka kissab. 

See Hatim tl'i. 

See Browning (C. A. R.) 
Hindi bbasba. 

See Hartschandra, of Benares. 
■ ka vyakarana. 

See Adam (M. T.) 

See BoDDEN (J. H.) 

- bbuchitravall. 

See Kesavalala Vasu. 

- dusra pustaka. 

See Bhaisavapbasada, 

[Indore Hindi 
Head Master 

of the 

Hindi Hindu! muutakliabat. 

See Academies, etc., Paris. — iScole Sp^ciale des 
Langues Orientales Vivantes. 

• ki chauthl pustaka. 

See Haeigopala Padhye. »^ 

■ ki diisi'i kitab. 

See Sivadayala Upadhyaya. 

• ki pahili kitab. 

See Ramas-ankara Misra. 

kl pabili pustaka. 

See Harigopala Padhye and Dori Lai-a. 
See Adam (M. T.) 


See Dictionaries. 
men diisri pustaka.' 

See Ganapata Rava. 
pabila pustaka. 

See Sambhulala Kalueama Sukla. 

See Periodical Fublications.— Allahabad. 
sabda ki banavat. 

See Haeiharacharana Lala. 

See Nanak Chand, of Benares. 

See Vamsilala. 

See Sivadayala Upadhyaya. 
Hind ke madhyapradesa ka bbfigola. 

See 1'babhu L.\la. 
Hindudbarma prasiddbakaraua. 

See Wilson (J.) D.D., 
Hindustan ka piira itihasa. 

See Ramagati Nyayaratna. 
Hindustliaua ka dandasiiugrraba. 

See India — Legislative Council. 
ke madbyapradcsa ka bbugola. 

See Dori Lala. 

Hir Ranjba [in loco^. 

See HusAiN Va'iz, Kdshifi. 

See Ramavatara Dasa. 
Hitopadesa [in loco\ 

See Tara Datta. 
Horacbakra [in loco\ 
Hori ka kbyab 

See Vbajavilasa. 
Ilisiba Mabaraul ki mrityu. 

See Elizabeth, Queen of England. 
Indrajala [in loco\. 

See Panah 'AlI. 


Inglaind ka itihasa. 

See BhOdeva Mukhofadhyaya. 



Inglandija aksharavali. 

See SiDlacKHA Lala. 
Inglistan ka itihasa. 

See Haeilala. 
Isa charitra. 

See Raghcnatha TivabI. 

See Bhoi^xatha Sakabhai. 

Se« Ditipbasada, Pandit. 

See MiiiB (J.) U.C.L. 


Itihasa Gaur Kaja^tlia. 

See KisORiLALA. 

See NiccLACE. 

See ^iTAPBASADA, Raja, C.S.I. 

See IsvAsiPKABADA, Munthl. 

See Padmakaka. 

See Wilson ( ) 
Jainadbarma gyaa-pradipaka. 

See Jainadhakma. 
— — — ^ Biddhaiita sirs. 

See Jaiiiaduabma-biddhanta. 
Jaina jnanikvali. 

.s>f Shitabcbakd Nahak. 
patrikii. • 

See Pkbiodical Pcblicatioxs. — Mvradahad. 

See liHUDHARA D;\8A, of Aijra. 

8t ■•■ 

.*>'■' HAND NaHAR. 

Jalapralaj-a ka vrittanta. 

See Dbli'OK. 

See Maxuana. 

See Tl'Lasidasa. 

See Kpubjuribe^. 
Japa param&rtha. 

See Nanak, Bdba. 

See Sambbcnatba, Kavi. 
Jat ka binhay man. 

See TuKNBCtX (A.) 
Jaya NariMimha k(. 

See Dbvakixakdana. 
J i Dapu jasahgrshaL 

See Nahak Chaxdba, Ijiithi. 

See LtDLiK (J. P.) 

See i^KiLALA. 

See Habisaxoa. 



JuaDamala [in loco], 

See SuNDAKA Dasa, Bisciple of Dddiji. 
Jna nasvarodaya. 

See Chai:a\a Dasa, of Panditpur. 
Jnanaii padesa. 

See SoMCHAND Kalidasa. 

See Sdndaka Dasa, Disciple of Dadiji. 

See Narabari Dasa. 
Jfiatadharmakatha [«'.« loco]. 
Jugul kisoravilasa. 

See GoK\ji.KK\iHk, Son of Rayhundtha. 

See Ramana Vibabi. 

See Kama Sivba Deta. 

See Euclid. 

See JosKi'B (S.) 
Jyotisha aur goladhyaya. 





See Bbadau. 

See B.^>>A. 

See Insba Allah Khan. 
Kaise paya muktiJuia. 

See Jksdb Chbist. 
Kaitbi patramala. 

See AiiMAD UusAiN, Sail/id. 
— varnanialu. 

See Chandipbasada Si^ha. 

See Ddroapuabada, Ansiilant Inspector of 

See Uanumaspbasada. 

See CHAsnii-KASADA. 
Kaliyuga ke kavitta. 

See GoTiNOALALA, Gosaiti. 

See Bbadra Babi'. 
Kalyana maiidira stutra. 



See Kamandaki. 
Kamisau Badaudu. 

See BABuDi Commission. 
Kauhaiya ka balnpaoa. 

See Kkisun'a, the llindn god. 
Kantiiatiudliaraua vidhi. 

See QiiCLAM Hdsain, Saiyid. 
Kanyachariti-a [in loco]. 
Kanyakubja kulakaamudi. 

See Dvabikapbasaua Teipatui. 




Kanyakubja mandala patra. 

See Periodical Publications. — Allahabad. 
Karmavipiikasamhita. [pdJcasamhita. 

See PuRANAS. — Bralimandapurana. — Karmavi- 
Karpfira manjai-i. 

See Eajasekhara. 
Karttikamahattnya. [hdtmya. 

See Puranas. — Padmapurana. — Kddtikamd- 
Karuna battlsi. 

See Madhava Dasa. 

See Habischandra, of Benares. 

See Krishnachandra DhabmadhikarL 
Kasid kl baramasi. 

See Ram Bakhsh. 
Kasiraja prakasika. 

See Sardak, Kavi, of LaUtpur. 
Kaslsthah sastrarthah [/n loco]. 
Ivatha Moradhvaja. 


See Sridhaea Bhatta. 
Kautukaratnavali \in locu\ 

See Kesava Dasa. 
Kavitta Eamavana. 

See Tulasidasa. 

See SoNDARA Dasa, Disciple of Dad uj I. 

See Mahesadatta Sukula. 

See JanakIpbasada, called Rasika YiharI. 
Kayastha varnanirnaya. 

See Kalivkasada. 

See Addison {Right Hon. /.)" 

See Seilala. 

See Balakrishna Sastri. 

See Mangu Malla. 
KbarT boll ka padya. 

See Ayodhyaprasada. 

See Kali Rata. 
Khet-nap vidya. 

See Radhalala. 
Khrishtadharma akhandaniya. 

See BadarIdatta Josi. 

See Haemmkrlein (T.) d Kevipis. 
Khyal Dhola Maru. 

See Dhola Maru [Addenda]. 

See Sahadeva. 
Eana Ratan Simlia ka. 

Bee ChunnIlala Dakot. 
Saudagar Wazlr-zadi ka. 

See Nanulala Ran^. 

Kliyiil Sudabracbha Salangya ki. 

See Jhalirama Nibmala [Addenda]. 

See Mo'ri La la, Pandit. 
Kissab i dil-bahla'o. 

See Muhammad 'Umar Khan. 
Harun Rashid aur Abu-1-Kasim ka. 

See Maharaja Lala. 
Hatim ta'i ka. 

See Hatim Ta'I. 
Hurmaz Bhatiyare ka. 

See Ramaprasada. 
Nal Daman. 

See Mahabhabata. — Nalopdkhydna. 


Krlsbna Baladevaji ki barahkhadl. 

See GiRiDHARA Dasa, Bandrasl. 

See Jagannatha Sahaya. 

See JivANA Dasa, also called Sivasahaya Simha. 

See Mahavirapeasada, Munshi. 

See Tulasidasa. 

See Baladeva. 

See Tulasidasa- 

See Jahar Simha. 
Krisbna'priya. \_!mndha. 

See P ran AS. — Bbagavatapuran a . — Dasa mas- 

See Mahabhabata. — Bhagdvadgitd. 

See Jagannatha Sahaya. 

See Tulasidasa. 

See Periodical Publications.— Paixa. 

See Reid (H. S.) 

See Ni'mat 'AlI. 

See GoPALA Lala. 

See GoviNDALALA, called Saba. 

See Pratapabi'dra Simha. 

-See Todhuntek (I.) 
Kucbh purana hal Cbunar ka. 

See Bhanupkatapa Tivari. 

See Kempson (S. M. E.) 

See Subadasa. 
Labaron ki katba. 

See Labar. 




Lagha horaairomani. 

See Rama Nabatana, Pandit. 

See Vabaha Mihika. 

See Jaoanvatba. 

See Varadakaja. 

See Lalita Kisoei. 
Samskrita rjakarnna. 

See Mohanalala Katiiia. 


See Kksatapbasada. 
Laile Majnua. 

See Kama Rata. 
Lakshmanabodba na^aka. 

See Laksbmana Lalaji Seth, 
Laksbmana sataka. 

See Samadhana, Kaoi. 

Se'^ StrAPBASADA, of Ramiutg-ir. 
Landan ka yarri. 

See Bbaoatan Daba Varma. 
Larkon ki kahaoi. 

Se'^ ^ivaprasada, liaja, C.S.I. 
Lata'if i Hindi. 

See Lallu Lala, Kaoi. 

See Banarasi Dasa. 

See Naubu Lala. 

See Haradita Sivba and Radhakrisbxa 

See Ratacbahda Naqara. 

See PoRAKAS. — Lihgapura^, 
Lipibodbini l/n loeo\. 

See JkBTAVT SiVHA, Maharaja. 

See Lallu Lala, K/ivi, 
Mababharata [im loeo]. 

See Mababharata. 

See ^rLlala. 


Haliiinnatii Btotra. 


Main tambnra bi biin. 

See Satisaohaiidra Yabv. 
MaiQ wabi htig. 

See Damodara ^astri. 
Makhzan i Masihi. 

See Pbriodical Pobucatiok«. — Allahabad. 

See GiRiDHABA Dasa, Bandra*i. 

Malati Madbava. 

See Saliobava Misra. 

See Jaoannatha $ukla. 
Manalila [in lor6\. 

See Raorunatha Dasa, Commentator. 
• prarbiirika. 

See JanakIdasa. 

See Jaqanmohama Sj^iha, Thakur. 
—— fankavali. 
Se^Hvji&VPA Dasa. 

See Yandana Pathaea. 

[Sav^llj [Addenda]. 

See HadabIdatta, of (lie Moradabad Jrya 
Manavadhartuaprakasa. ) 
Maoavadharmasars. j 

See Mamd. 

See §ivapbasada, Jiaja, C.S.I. 
Mangalachara Kashmir. 

See SuHAO Kani. 

See MAioALi Lala. 
Mangala nataka. 



See Vauanatha Kormi. 

See Saubindramobana Thakuka. 
Maniyari ka khyal. 

See Sabaubta. 
Manohara kahaui [in loco]. 

See Harisciiandra, of Benares. 
Manoraujaka vrittanto. 

See Shirklno (M. A.) 
Manoranjani katba [in Leo] . 

See SbIdhara Jatasa)(kaba. 

i>ee VAysiDBARA. 

Marbati khayai. 

See Banarasi Dasa. 
Maryada paripati samnchara. 

See Doroaprasada ^ukla. 
Ila^nawi Mir Has&n. 

See Hasan, Mir. 

See MuiR (J.) D.C.L. 
Mat! anjil pariksha. 


Maalavi sta il ki Hindi ka chhandabheda. 

See Atoohtapkasada. 

See Kalidasa. 

See Miobabaja. 





See Megharaja [Addenda]. 
Mele ki kahani. 

Sec Tucker (C.) Miss. 
MenarhayiiiiJ cliopai. 

See Menarhaya. 
-Meii jaumabhumi-yatra. 

See Damodaea SastfT. 

See S ANKARA Achaeya [Supposititious worJcs]. 

See Muktikamala Mdnj, Pandit. 

See Rajab 'AlI Beg, called Suuub. 

See Kbisiinagiri. 
Muhammad jivauacharitra. 

See Jagannatha Dasa. 
_ parikslia. 

See Jagat Narayana, Gosevaha Pandit. 

See Eamadayalu, Pandit. 

See Hariprasada Misra. 
Mukti artLi ki prartbana. 

See Mukti. 
ka marga. 

See Way. 
MuktiraalA [in loco'\. 

See KowE ( ) Mrs., of Digah. 
Mumukshu vrittauta. 

See Butt, afterwards Sheewoed (M. M.) 

See Upanishads. 
Nadijuana [in loco^. 
Nadijfianatara ngi nl. 

See Raghunathaprasada Sukala. 

See Gangadhaea, Kavi. 

See Venirama. 

Naipala samachara. 

See Eamasahaya, Munsht, called Tamanna. 
Nakh-sikh bhushana. 

See ViHARi SiMHA, of Chapra. 
Nalacharit am rlta. 

See Todar Mal. 

See Nanda Dasa. 

See Janakipeasada, called Rasika Vihabi. 
Nandi-sutra [in loco]. 
Narslji ka bhfit. 

See Narsiji. 
NarsI Mcheta ka bada mamera. 

See Sivakaeana Ramaeatna. 
kl liundi. 

See Naesi Me beta. 

See Chaeana Dasa. 


See LuKMAN Hakim. 

See Harischandra, of Benares. 

See Ratnachakdea. 

See Raghunathaprasada Sckala. 
Navaratna [in loco]. 

See Navinachandka Raya. 
Naya Kasikhanda [in loco]. 

See Ramapratapa Bhunvalka. 
Nayi aksharadlpika. 

See Akshaeadipika. 

See Ganga YatT. 

See Madananripa or Madanapala. 

See Chanakya. 
Nitikatha [in loco]. 

See Ramajivana. 

See Bhahteihaei. 

See Matirama. 
Nrisimha avatara. 

See Naubat Ram. 

See Chidghananuagiri. 
PadaratD avail. 

See Nanak ChandeAj Piahi. 

See Akshayakumara Datta. 

See Sadasukha Lala. 

See Padmakara. 

See Malik Muhammad, Jd'isi. 

See Chand. 

See Hanumanprasada. 
Pahade ki pustaka [in loco]. 
Pahili pustaka. 

See GopiNATHA Pathaka. 
Pana aur Birmade ki yarta. 

See Pana Biemade. 
Pancha maliayajuavidhi. 

See Dayananda Sarasvati. 

See Ephemeeides. 
Panchanganirnayopaya [in loco]. 

See TulasIdasa. 

See Lallu Lala, Kavi. 




PaniDlja tattradarpana. 

See Pax I. VI. 
PaoDa Birande ka kbel. 

See Manoala Dasa. 
Pap kl burai. 

See Evil. 



See Anan'daoiki. 
Paraniartha chintana vidhi. 

See Haki * 




Paschiioottara aor Avadha defiya bhugola. 

See Umbao SiyuA. 

See Uallxm (J. II. B.) 

iS'e* Mill (J.) 
Pa^hafilake baithnranoki riti. 

Sec Bill (A.) D.D., LL.D. 

See Smith (B.) 

See EPBtmUDU. 

See Kai.Tcbabaiia, I'andit. 

See ^ITANARATANA, Deputy In$peetor of Schools. 


Paal ka charitra. 

See Paul, Saint and Apotlle. 
PaT&ramala [in loeo\ 
Phaiit Mtyaprakasa. 

See OvKARA Lala. 
Phulog ka ban [in Iiko\. 


Pingala sati. 

See Sahamvakahana Darak. 
Pifkenrn tapu. 



See GiRiTABA SiynA. 
Pothi Na^ikeia ka. 

See Nasiebta. 
Prabod! ■■Hlftya. 

Se' A MisRA. 


See Govabddbana Natha. 
Prahlada charitra.. 



See Laksbmaka SiyHA, Kunwar. 

Bee PoRANAB. — Sivapurdna. 

See BuiMASiyHA Mavaka. 


See Shrrbino (M.A.) 
Prakritika bhugolacbandrika. 

See LaksqmIsamkara Misba. 
Prakriti patba. 

See Kajakrtshna Raya CHAUOHDh!. 

See Batnachanora. 
Prarthann visbaja men prasnottara. [Prater. 

See Liturgies. — England, Church of. — Coumon 
Prasiddba cbarcbavali. 

See Sadasl'kba Lala. 
mabatma'on ku jivana charitra. 

See Hari^chamdra, of Benarea, 

See Math u RAN ATOA, Son of BdJhdcallabha. 

See tTpANiSBADs. 
Prafnottara. [Episcopal Church. 

See UHrrxD Statks or America. — Methodixt 
Bburatavaraha ke itibasa ke visbaja men. 

See Imdu. 


See SAyBEOt BanadbIba. 

See Sitaprasada, Baja, C.S.I. 

See ^ANKARA Acharja [Supposititious umrk"]. 

See Baladbtapbasada, Son of Vrajaldla. 
Prathama Uindi vyakarana. 

See Hakiscbakdra, of Benarea. 
'—— papa ka varnana. 

See Pratbama Papa. 
Pratynttara patrika. 

See Umadatta TripatbT. 

See Mbramanaji. 

See Cbamoa. 
Premaganga taranga. 

See Tapasti Baxa. 

See Ratnakumabi, Dei I. 

See Lakshmirama. 

See Chaturbbdja Misra. 

See GiRiDBARA Dasa, Bandrasl. 

See Pf RASAS. — Garudnpurana. — Pretakulpa. 
PrithvirAja Hd^au. 

See Chamd. 

See Bbuoeta Mukhopadhtata. 
Purushotlama charitra. 

See Dalpatkama. 
Pashpavatika. \ 
Pashpopavana. j ' 

See Sa'di. 
Pastak grahanon ki. 

See Krisbnacuanoa. 




Babinsan Kruso ka itibasa. 

See Defoe (D.) 

PiidhiVsudha sataka. 

See Hathi. 

See GoPALA Simha. 
Riigliuuatha sataka. 

See Manna LalAj Pandit. 

See PiTAMBARA, Pandit. 
Raja Chitramukatko khyal. 

See Nanulala Rana. 
Rajaduton ki katha. [Oxford. 

See Adams (W.) M.A., Fellow of Merton College, 

See Narahaei. 

See Lallu Lala, Kavi. 
Ramabhisheka nataka. 

See Umesachandra Bhattacharya. 

See Kesava Dasa. 

See TuLAsiDASA. 

See Vaijanatha Kurmi. 

See Ramanatha Pradhana. 
Ramalasara prasnavall. 

See Ramalasara. 
Ramallla paddhati. 


Rama mallalila. 

See Ramana Vihari. 
Ramapariksha [in loco^. 

See TuLAsiDASA. 
Rjimasvamedha. [medha. 

See PuRANAS. — Padmapurana. — Pamdsva- 
Ramasvayamvara. [liewuh. 

See Raghuraja Simha Devaji, Maharaja of 

See Sivapeakasa Simha. 

See IsvAEiPEASADA Teipathi. 

See Ramachandea, Disciple of Padmaranga. 

See Valmiki. 

See Yamunasankara. 

See Valmiki. 


See Agnivesa. 
Ranja Hir ka khyal. 

See Sevaka Kietirama. 

See Revasankaea Velaji. 

See Sauab-pkasad Sj^iha. 


See Matieama. 

See Sukhadeva Misea. 
Rasayana prakasa. ^ 

See Conveesations. 
Rasika-manohara sikh-nakh. 

See Raghunathapkasada, of Bundelkhand. 

See Raghunatha, Kavi, of Benares. 

See Vaijanatha Kuemi. 

See Gangadhaea Bhatta. 

See GhaeIb Dasji. 

See MuKTiKAMALA MuNi, Pandit. 
Rekbaganita. | 
siddhaphalodaya. j 

See Euclid. 

See KuNJAviHARi Lala. 
Rel ki tikat. 

See Railway Ticket. 

See Vedas. — Rigveda. 

See Dayananda Saeastati. 
Risalab i shatranj. [Addenda]. 

See D0EGAPEASADA, Son of Mansd Rama 

See Ramsay (A. F.) 
Ruktnini niangala. 

See Padam Buagat. 

See Vishnu Dasa. 
Rumuz i fursad. 

See Dadabhai Bahbamji Tueavala. 
Rus ki tiirikh. 

See Wallace {Sir D. M.) 

See Periodical Publications. — Moradabad. 

See Lallu Lala, Kavi. 
Saddharma darsika. 

See Purdshottama Lala, Gosvdmi. 

See Haeisankara Lala Sastei, of Kanoj. 

See Mahabharata. 
Saddharma sutra. 

See Navinachandra Raya. 
Saddbarmi-log Vedonko kaise mante bain ? 

See Vedas. — Appendix. 
Sadguna taranga. 

jSee Haeadayalu. 

See BHADAjii. ■ - 

See TulasIdasa. 




Saliasra rajani cbaritra. ) 
ratri samkshepa. j 

See Ababun Nights. 

See Sabdab, Kavi, of Lalitpur. 
Sajjana vilasa. 

See VbnIprabaoa ^akma. 
Salchi-namah [in /oro]. 
Sakshivani [tn loeo\. 

See BHADAii. 
^akantala nataka. 

See Kauoasa. 


^alihotra [in loco], 
Samachara sadhavarabana. 

Ste Pbbiodical Pvblicatioxs. — Calcutta. 
Samadhi ^ataka. 

See Taxotuata. 
Samasya purtiprakasa. 

See DuBOA Datta, Pandit, 
Samata aataka. 

See Yasotijata. 



See Bakarasi Dasa. 
Samkabeps Inglitiaa itibaaa. 

See GBASiBAMA, Pandit. 
Sampradara-prakaaa. [Data. 

See Vkajabhushaxa Dasa, ^n of Frajaihavana 

See Ahmad Khait, Saiyid, C.S.I. 
Samsk fita-vakja-prabodba. 

See Datakarda Sasastati. 
Samudaya Bantani rani. 

See Samcara HaribhaF. 
Samudrayatra natnka. 

See Jaoa.vxat>ia, Bharatiya. 
Samndrika [in loco]. 
^aoaiacharaji ki katha. 

See Raobata Dasa. 

See ZoKAWAR Mal. 

Sangit Aiha Mal Khan. 

See Alba Mal Kjiak. 


See Badr i Mi'xiB. 

Clinndraradana Rupakavara kn. 


Dliurfiji ka. 

See Dhlru. 

Gopichanda ka. 

See LAK-tBHAXA Si]|iHA, Kuntear. 
Nitnitk-«a'i Sutrcaa*!. 

See Charaxa Dasa. 
Piiran Mal ka. 

Sangit Baja Harischandra ka. 

See HAHiscuANDrtA, Raja. 
Raja Karak ka. 

See Karak. 
Rani Nautnnki ka. 

See KhushI Ram. 
Rupa Vasanta ka. 

See Laksumana Si^ha and Habadeta Sahata. 
Saadagar o Siyahposb ka. 

See Gdrudatala Si^ha. 

— Siva sv^yamvara ka. 
See Uaradkva Sahata. 

— Vasanta Kumara. 
See Fakir Chand. 

Vina badsliah-zadi. 

See Ramalala. 

Rnghurira Simlia. 

8e$ Haraokta Sahata. 

See Jmanachakdra. 

See Adittabama. 
Sangi ta-ni imaniaak a. 


Sangi tasara. 

See Tana Sbxa. 
Sang Sorath. 


Sanischaraji ki katha. 

Ste ZouAWAB Mal. 
^ankara digvijaya. 

See Satanachabta. 

See Mah.vbhabata — Bhagaradgilii . 
Sankbya divakara. 

Set Kahua. 

See Vachaspati Misra. 

See Umadatta TeipathL 

See Damabctallabha Vidaiitara. 
Saptasati. [halmya. 

See PuRANAS. — Markandeyapurann. — Devima- 

See Vihabi Lala, Kavi. 
Sarala vyakarana Samakrita kA. 
See Navi.nachamdra Rata. 

See AndbbShstarupa Achabta. 
^arngadharapr ika.s i. 

See Dau Aomihotbi. 
Sartba siddbo. 

See ViDBiCHAin)RA Naratani. 
Sarnktavali [tn loco]. 

Satamata ka marga. 

See Satamata. 
Sata-iniirkhi. \^D<isa. 

See Vbajabhusana Dasa, Son of Vrajalhavana 

Bee ViRAHJi, Kumdri. 

See TuLAsiDASA. 

See YiUAU Lala, Kavi, 





See Vrinda. 
Satyadharma muktavall. 

See Sraddhauama, Pandit. 
Satyadharmavichara. [pan". 

See Bakhtawar Sinoh, Editor of the Aryada- 
-Satya Harischandra. 

See Harischandra, of Benares. 
Satyamata asraya. 

See Plea. 

See Vrinda vana. 

See Mahabh aeata. — Itihdsasamuchchaya. 

See GoviNDA Narayana. 

See Periodical Publications. — Bareilly. 

See Dayananda Sarasvati. 
Satya sataka. 

See Christian (J.) 

See Cuaturadasa. 

See Mallika, Devi. 

See PuRANAS. — Skandapurana. — SetuJihanda. 
Shaddarsana darpana. 



See Pritiihyasas, Son of Vahara Mihira. 

See Senapati, Kavi. 
Shodasagrantha sangraha. 

See Vallabhacharya, called Mahaprabhuji. 

See Ramananda. 

See Omkara Lala. 

See Hall (P. E.) 
Siddhapadartha vijnana. 

See Vamsidhara. 

See Kasinatha BhattIcharya. 

See Raghunathaprasada, of Bundclkhand. 

See Ganapata Si^ha. 

See Todd (J.) D.D. 
Siksha prasiddhipatra. [Board of Bevenne. 

See India. — North Western Provinces. — Sudder 

See Ta'lIm al-MUBTADi. 


1. i 

See Yasovuaya. 
Singhasan battisi. 

See ViKRAMADiiTA, King of Ujjayinz. 
Sirsagar ki larai. 

See Lakshmanaprasapa, Pandit. 


See MufId al-siBYAN. 

See Isvarachandra Vidyasaoara. 
Sivapaucliaratna [in loco^. 
Sivarajabhusbana. ». 

See Bhushana, Kavi. 
SivasalTiliita [in loco^. 
Sivasimba saroja. 

See Siva Simha, Inspector of Oudh Police. 

See Sambhunatha Sukula. 

See Rasika Raya. 
Sone lohe-ka jbagra. 

See Sona. 
Siimukba mulapada. 

See Bible. — Appendix. 

See Mana Simha. 

See RamapbasadAj Munshl. 

See Bhartrihari. 
Sripalacbavita [in loco^ . 
Snpalacbaritra. \ 
Eajano ras. j 


Sriramacbandra ki barahmasl. 

See Ganqa Rama, of Bhartpur. 

See Shitabchand Nauar.. 

See Madiiavaprasada. 
Strldharma tarangini. 

See Bhairava Datta. 
Sti'Tsiksba [in loco'\. 

See Ramakrishna, Pandit. 

See Hindu Females. 
Striyon ki bitopatrika. 

See SivANARAYANA, iJepwii/ Inspector of Schools. 
Stutiprakasa [in loco^. 

See Narottama, Kavi. 

See Muhammad Siddik Husain, called Minnat. 

See Govindanarayana Senvi. 

See Manna Lala, Pandit. 
Sujas kadamba. 

Sec jANAKiPRASADA, Called Rasika Vihari. 
Suka babotfcari. 

See Sukasaptati. 

See PuRANAS. — Bhd(javatapurdna. 

See SuKEA. 
Sulabba ankaganita. 

See Vasudeva Ballala Mulye. 




SaUbha bijaganita. 

See EiMJAviBAui Lala. 

See HARr;CBAKDBA, of Benaru. 
Sand arashtaka. 

Sm Suhdaba Daba, Disciple of DddHjl. 
Sandara sring&ra. 

See SmtDAKA Dasa, called KatIsvaba. 

See Sdkdaba Dasa, Diaeiple of Dddiji. 
Sondari charitra. [hdtmyn. 

See Pcbajjas. — Markancjeyapurana. — Devitnd- 
sandamini. [Snmdchdr [Addenda]. 

See M'ADHAVAPKASADA, Editor of the Khichri 

See Manha Lala, Pandit. 
SOrajpur ki kahanL 

See Srilala. 
Surasagara. *) 

ratna. J 

Surasataka. ) % 

See Sdradasa. 
Surya pnrans [tn loco\, 

Svar^a murti [in loco], 
Srarodayasara. ) 
Srarodbasara J 

See Chabana Daba, of Pandltpur. 

See Jaoanmoiiana SiyBA, Thakur. 
Syim-sagai [tn loco]. 

S»« Nabataka. 
Tadlys sarrasTa. 

See HABifCHAKDBA, of Benaret. 
Tapasvini Ravyi. 

See Ratta. 
Tapta Sambaran nataka. 

See ^BiKiTASA Daba. 

See Raobcnathapbabada Sukala. 

See Aknambhatta, also called Akamta Bhajta. 
Taslf^ al-lughat. 

See Rkid (H. S.) 
Tattvabodlia [in loco]. 

See NatIxachandba Rata. 

See Mathukafrasaoa Mibka. 

See PiTAMBARA, Pandit. 
Tankir ai-niswao. 

Sea Dt'ROAPRASADA, Mwtthi. 
Thagi ki chapt-f , etc. 

See Habischahdra, of Benares. 

See KpHniniDn. 

,^' ' • TRt. 

Tulaaisa . - , . 

See Jayaoopala Daba. 

Turana Gujarati dil-pasand kheyalo. 

See Dadabhai Bahrauji Tobavala. 
Udadayapradipa [in loco]. 
Uma Mahesrara samvada. 

See Narahabi Daba. 

See Tulasidasa. 

See Amara SiyBA. 

See Stewabt ( ) Captain. 

See Jasvat SiynA, Maharaja. 
Upani.obad sara 

fi^e« Upanihhads. 


Up&sakada^ sutra. 

See Upabakadasa. 

See Abbatadiva. 
Upa^anarahasya [t» loco] . 
Urdu adarsa. 

See ^bilaQ. 
aksharog se hani. 

See Urdu Chabactkbs. 

See KiMJA Daba. 
Uttaradhyayana [in loeo], 

See GoKULANATBA, Son of Baghundthn. 
VadaniTftrana [in loco]. 
Vabyaprapatictia dnrpana. 

See Mann (R. J.) 
Vaidika siddliauta. 

See Upanisbads. 
Vaidiki bimf^a binisa na bbarati. 

See Habiscbamdba, of Benaret. 

See Lolimbabaja. 



See Nainbukb. 

See MoBCSTABX, Son of Munika Bbu((a. 

See Jababdana Buatt^. 
Vairagya sandipani. 

See Tdlasidaba. 

See Bhaktribabi. 
Vaisakhaiiaudnna. [Samdrhdi- [Addenda]. 

See Madhatapbasada, Editor of the Khichri 
YaisbnaTamabinia. [Dam. 

See Vbajabhubhana Dasa, Son of Vrajnhhavana 

See HiRALALA Raya. 

See MouANALAi-A Kajiba. 

See VEDAB. — Fdjaeaneyisamhitd. 





See Raghunathapeasada Sukuia. 

See Balagovinda Dasa. 

See Ramasankara Vyasa. 

See SiTARAMA Varma. 
■ vilasa. [Ddsa. 

See Vrajabh&shana Dasa, Son of Vrajabhavana 

See SiVAPRASADA, Raja, C.S.I. 

See Ganga Sahaya. 

See Kanhaiya Lala, called AlakradharL 
Vandana sataka. 

See Hakischandra, 0/ Benares. 

See PuEANAS. — Vdrdhapurdna. 

See SiVAPRASADA, Hqfa, C.S.I. 
Varnaprakasikii [in locoj. 

See Bhutanatha Mitkhopadhyaya. 

See Vasantauaja. 

See Dayananda Sarasvati. 
Vedauta padarthatnanjuslia. 

See MuLARAMA Sadhu. 

See PItambara, Pandit. 

See Devakrishna. 

See PiTAMDARA, Pandit. 
— ramayana. 



See Sadananda Yogindra. 

See Baladeva Nivbittananda. 

See PItambara, Pandit. 
Vedantidhvanta nivarana. 

See Dayananda Sara sv at!. 

See GiRiPRASADA Varma. 

See GoPALA, Son of BdmasahJya. 
Veni Madho ki barahmasi. 


Venis nagar ka byopari. 

See Shaksperb (W.) 

See Anatha Dasa. 
Vicharaprak as a. 

See DayaladasajI. 

See NiscHALA Dasa. 
Vichitra nataka. 

See Govinda Simha, Guru. 


See Shkreixg (M. A.) 

See Muhammad Kauim Bakhsh. 

See Maihuka Dasa. ». 

Vidya ki nev. 



See Pkriodical Publications. — Allahabad. 

See SivAPASADA, Raja, C.S.I. 

See Skilala. 

See Tucker (H. C.) 
ki pratliama pustaka. 

See Walker ( ) Dr. 

See Sherring (M.A.) 
Vidyasundara natak*. 

See Harischandra, of Benares. 

See Tulasidasa. 

See Chhatra Simha. 

See Baladeva Simha, Raja of Kama. 

See Haripkapanna. 

See Yamunasankaea, Pahcholl. 

See Ramanandagiri. 

See Bholanatha. 

See Kalidasa. 

See Tulasidasa. ■ 

See Suradasa. 

See Tulasidasa. 
Vipakasutra [in loco], 

See Vrajavallabha Dasa, Seth. 
Virabini barahma'^i. 

See Ramana Vihari. 
Vira Simha ka vrittanta. 

See SiVAPRASADA, Raja, C.S.I. 
Vishama padavyakhya. 

See Manna Lala, Pandit. 

See PuRANAS. — Vishnupurdna, 
Visb n usahasran ama. 

See Mahabhaeata. — Vishnusaha-srandma. 

See Raghunatha Dasa, Rdmasanehi. 

See Patita Dasa. 
Vivaba vidambana nataka. 

See ToTARAMA Yarma. 





6V BhFxaskna Sakma. 

Hre VsAJAVASi Dasa. 

See ToTARAMA Vabua. 

Sfe Samkara Biiatta, Son of XUahiiffha. 


Vvaknrann ki ii[mkmiiiai)ika. 


V_Tis«*utr». [i.e. Brahinit.''ritm]. 

6''*" Bakaravaxa. 
\ yavaliani-Kfianci. 




ValiHdijcii ka Irk'") itihasa. 


See Yajkavamcta. 


Sen (jvai.a. 
Yatri vijuiipana. 

Sw Advice. 
Yavana bhasha ka kuslia. ) 
vyakanina. ) 

See UooPEK (W.) fiec. 
Yeshu Khrist niAliatoiya. 

See MciR (J.) Jl.C.L. 
Yefu Khrist charitrailnrpnna. 

See Jksus Christ. 
Yisfii yatri ki yatra. 

See Bpntan (J). 

See Yasovijava. 
Yogavasisbtha [iit loiui]. 

See Periodical Pcblications. — I'aln'i. 
Yuin^la chadma. 

See Gai.luji, lioitriiml. 
Znmiiiiiilr ka (lri!<htanta. 

See ZamIs'dak. 


ABT8 and GAMES. 

Bijlidlpik&. Anwab'Au. 

Chataraoga cbatari. Ahbieadatta Vtasa. 

Chansar. Cbaucak. 

Chitrakarixara. Hcmtib ( ) Dr. 

GyaD-paheli. Jatanabataka. 

KaatukaratoaTali. Kactukasatnatau. 

Kheukanna. Klri Rata. 

Kisanopadefa. Moii La la, Paniiil. 

Kshetra-Minliita. Pbatapabudka Sivba. 

Lipibodhini. LiriBouiniNi. 

Mani-mala. SAOBiHUBAJiOHAirA Thakdba. 

Ra^ajana praka^a. CoNrBBSATioirs. 

Risalah i shatranj. Dcboapbasada, Son of 

Maiud Kama. 
8ainaay& pnrtiprak&fa. Ddboa Datta, PanJit. 
Uparanaraharya. UPATAXARAiusrA. 


Bfihat umhita. Vakaiia Mihiba. 
Daivajnabbarana. Sambhomatua, Kaei. 
Morachakra. FIobacbakba. 
Indrajala. Induajala. 

Tanah 'Aii. 


Jiukachandrika. ^ambbuxatiia, Kav!. 

JfiAnasvarodaya. Chabaxa Daba, of I'lnitlilpur. 

JjotishaMra. Sckadkva. 

jTotiabavarnana. Biiadai.!. 

Kaatakaratna. ^bidhara BHATTi- 

Kaatnkaratiiavali. Kai tuearatmavai i. 

Lagbu hoia^ii'umuiii. Rama Nakayana, Pundit. 

jataka. Vabama Mibika. 

jyotisliaoara. Jaoannatha 

Manoraiijiiii. •^kiuhaba Jatasamkaba. 
Meghainala. Meoharaja. 
MuburUratna. Uabiprasada Mibba. 
Phalit aatyapraka^a. ()|ikara Lala. 

Prafnapancbanana. Mathuranatha, Son of 

Ramalasara prasnavali. Ramalababa. 
SagonaTali. Kbadal! 
Samndrika. Sami'Drika. 
Shiitpancliaaiki. Pbithdtabab, Son of Vahdra 

SighralKMlba. KASiNAiHA Bhattacrabta. 
8rapnadhy&ya. Nilakaxtha MiMiysAKABRATT^. 

slaJ^hSTrli!' } Cbabaka Daba, of PandUpur. 
U^adayapradipa. UpcnATAPKADiPA. 
VaaaoUrija-sikana. Vasantabaja. 


Bbu^^la aur khagula. Pbakce (W. H.) 
Bbugolasara. 0|ikara J^hatta. 
Golavinodii. Kt MJAViUAni Lala. 
Jyotisba aur golaiibyaya. Astkonoiiy. 
Khagula^ara. Skilala. 

Kbagolavidya. Balakrisbna Sastki. 
Pustak grahanon ki. Kkisiis'aciianua. 
Siddbanta praka^a. O^kaba Lala. 


Aryarbaritninrita. Rauhakkisiina Dasa. 
bhaktaniaia. IShaikava SiyuA. 

Pratapa SiyHA, Rqj'a of Sidhiia. 

Bhataninln. Nabuaji. 

Bhiiktiinald. Hari Bakrsh, 3titn4fhi. 

Bbojaprabandbaftara. VaiisTdiiara. 

Cbaurasi-vartn. Chacrasi-tarta. 

Cbhatraprakaai. Lala, Kavi. 

Hcury Carre Tucker. ^ivaprasada, Raja, C.S.I. 

Main wabi bun. Damodaka ^asthI. 

Muliammad jivonacbaritra. Jauanmatha Da^a. 

pariksba. Jaoat Naravana, Gvtif- 

vakn Pantfit. 
Pragiktyavarta. Gotabdiiana Natba. 
Prusiddba cbarcbavali. Sadasukiia Lala. 
mabatuiu'oij ka jivaua cbaritra. Haiiih- 

CBAMDBA, if Benare:. 
Puruxbottania cbaritra. Dalpatrama. 
Uampradaya-prakasa. V'rajabiiOsiiana Dasa, Son 

of Vriijalihacana Dd*a. 
^ankars di|?vijava. Satan acharta. 
Sri Swami UariDas. Ukowsb (F. S.) 
YallsbbadigTijaya. SirARAMA Varma. 

V'allabbavilaxa. Vrajabiiuhhana Daha. 
Vidvao-Bangraha. Shbbbino (M.A.) 


Itihaaa Ganr Kayastha. Ki^ohTlala. 
Kayaatha varnaairnaya. ^alTprasaoa. 
Vaiayadarpana. iiiRALALA Rata. 
Vyavaatbapatra. IIikamanda Cuatukvkda. 


(For Almanaci see tbe beading " Ephemeridet " in 
tbe body of the Catalogue.) 

Maburtacbakradipikn. Ramauatald, Pandit. 
Pancbangnnirpayopaya. Pancbakoanirnayopaya. 
Samayaprabodba. ^bIlala. 





Harischandrakala. Harischandba, of Benares. 


Alfaz i FarsI o Hindi. Dictionaries. 
Amarakosa. Amaea Simha. 
Anekartha. Nanda Dasa. 
Devakosa. Amara SrMHA. 
Hindi kosha. Adam (M. T.) 


sabdiinidhi. Nanak Chand, of Benares. 

Mangalakosha. Manoau Lala. 

Kiimamiila. Nanua Dasa. 

Eajanighantu. Narahari. 

Ratiiamala. Gangadhara Bhatta. 

Sadguna-taranga. Haradayalu. 

Taslis al-highat. Reid (H. S.) 

Tulasisabdiirthaprakasa. Jayagopala Dasa. Amara Simha. 

Vocabulary of words occurring in tbe Pram Sagur. 

Chaturbhoja Miska. 
Yavana bliasha ka kosha. Hooper (W.) Eev. 




Ananda Eagliunandana niitaka. 


Andhera nagarl. Harischandba, of Benares. 
Bliarat-arat. Kharga Bahadur Malla. 
Bharata saubbagya. Ambikadatta Vy.asa. 
BliramajAlaka nataka. Ratnachanda. 
Chandrikii. Jaganmohana Simha, Thdkur. 
Dhanaiijayavijaya. Kanchana Acharya. 
(iopichand nataka. Annaji Govinda Inamdar. 
Gosankatrt. Ambikadatta Vyasa. 
Hanunian-nataka. Handmat. 

HAsyarnava. Jagadisvaka. 
Jaya Narasimha ki. Devakinandana. 
Kadambari. Bana. 
Karpura miiiiiarl. Eajasekhara. 
Ketokrittanta. Addison {Right Hon. J.) 

Main tumhara lil hiin. Satisachandra Vasu. ■ 
Mangala nataka. Jivananda Jyotievid. 
Megbaduta. Kalidasa. 

Niitaka. Harischandha, of Benares. 

Natakaprakasa. Ratnaohandra. 
Prabodhachandrodaya. Krishna Misra. 
Prapancbanataka. Ratnachandka. 
Ramabhisheka nataka. Umesachandra Bhatta- 


Sakuntala nataka. Kalidasa. 
Samudrayjitra nataka. Jagannatha, Bharatiya. 

Satya Hariscbandra. Harischandra, of Benares. 
Sundari saudatnini. Madhavapbasada, Editor of 

the Khichri Somachdr. 
Tapta Sambaran nataka. SrJnivasa Dasa. 
Thagi ki ebaptt, etc. Harischandra, of Benares. 
Vaidiki bimsa na bhavati. Harischandra, 

of Benares. 

Vaisakbanandana. Madhavapbasada, Editor of 

the Kliichrl Samdchdr. 
Venis nagar kii byopari. Shakspere (W.) 
Vidyasundara nataka. Harischandra, o/£fen«»'e*. 
Vikramorvasl. Kalid.\sa. 
Viviiba vidambana nataka. Totar.\ma Varm-a. 


Balakon ke kawaid ke abbyas. London. — Home 

and Colonial School Society. 
Court Characters in tbe Upper Provinces of India. 

Sivaprasada, Raja, C.S.I. 
Devanagari pracbara ke upadesa. Gadridatta. 
Hidayat-nama. Browning (C A. R.) 
PatbakabodhinT. Mill (J.) 
Patbasaliike baitbavanekl riti. Bell (A.) D.I>. 

Salapaddhati. Skilala. 
Siksbamaiijarl. Todd (J.) I>.D. 
Stridarpana. Madhavaprasada. 
Stridbarina tai-anginl. Bhaibava Datta. 
Strisiksha. Ramakrishna, Fandit. 

vidhayaka. Hindu Females. 

Urdii aksbaron se haui. Urdu Characters. 


Abalya-kamadhenu. Khusalirama R.\ya. 
Balasiksba sarnksbepa. Lilapati. 

Bhavabdbisetu. Gitaeama. 
Drislitanta kosha. Pbabhudasa Dasa. 

Hitavilasa. Ramavatara Dasa. 
Jivikaparipatl. Ledlib (J. P.) 

Jnanachallsi. Skilala. 
Jnanamfila. Jnanamala. 
Kamandakiya-nitisara. Kamandaki. 
Naslbatnama. Lukman Hakim. 
Prasnottaramala. Sivaprasada, Raja, C.S.I. 
Suddhidarpana. GovindanarayaNa Senvi. 
Sukraniti. Sukra. 

Taukir al-niswan. Durgaprasada, Munshh 
Vakya pancbasika. Ramasankaea Vyasa. 



Dadblcba-kulavamsavalt. Pdshkaealala Gan- 


Kanyakubja kulakaumudi. Dvarikapbasada Tui- 

Nagavamsavali. Venirama. 

Nripavamsavali. Matieama. 


Avadha desiya bbugola. Sivanarayana, Deputy 

Inspector of Schools. 
Bbaratavarsba ka bbuvrittanta. Madhusijdana. 

Bhiigola. Sadasukha Lala. 
Bbugola aur kbagola. Pearce (W. H.) 
BbugolachandrLka. Ramajasana. 
Bbugoladipika. Reid (H. S.) 
Blmgola bastamalaka. Sivaprasada, Raja, C.S.I. 




Bhugola Hindiisthana IcI. Blochmakx (H.) 

Bhugola Panjab. Kasim al-DiN, ilaulaui. 
Bhugolaprakasa. Keishna Lala. 
BhugolaratDakara. CaiNTAMANi. 
Bbugolasara. Krishna Lala. 
Bhugolatattva. Kauchakana, Pandit. 
Bhugolararnana. Bapu Dkva ^astbi. 

Rahaprasada, Munshi. 

Bhugola zila Merath. Mekrdt, DUtriet of. 

Chhot& bhugola liastamalaka. ^ivapkasada, 

jlq/a, C.S.I. 

bbugolavarnana. Gajtapata SiytiA. 

Golaprakafa. Suakplkt (A.) 

Uinai bhachitravali. Kksatalala Vabc. 

Hind ke madhyapradesa ka bhugola. Prabdu 

Hindusthaoa ke madbjapradesa ka bhugola. Dobi 

Jagadbhugola. Istauprasada, Munthi. 
Jjotisha Hur goladhyaja. Abtkonomt. 
I^achimottara aur .\Tadha desija bhugola. Um rao 



Barakhadl. Sodama. 
Bh&shabbaskani. Ethbrikoton (\V.) 
Bhashdchandrodnja. ^rIlala. 
BhasbatattTabudtiinC. Ramajasawa. 
Bhisb&tattvadipika. Harioopala Padbti. 


Hindi blia'<ha. HarischaXDRA, of Benartt. 
ka vyakarana. Adam (M. T.) 

Boddrh (J. H.) 

Hindi Grammar. Kvfk, pteud. 

Hindi sabda ki ban&rat. HARiiiABAcnARAVA Lala. 

vyakarana. VAyaiLAiA. 

Tyakaraiiaa&n. ^>^aj)atala UpIdhtata. 

Lagbn vyilkarana. KiaAVAPRASADA. 
Navinacnandrodaya. Natinacbandra Rata. 
Prathama Hindi vyakarana. IIarjschamdra, of 


OBAMMAB — SivsKmn. 

Aahtadbyiyi. Pasixi. 

BAlaDodba. BadarIhatha, Pandit. 

Dhatran^aTa. Kxsataprasada. 

Grammar of the Sanskrit language. Arta, p$eud. 

Laghn kaumndi. Varadaraja. 

Samakrita vyakarana. Mohanalala Ka- 


Paniniya tattvadarpana. Tinvn. 

Sarala rrakarana Samskrita ka. NatInachardra 

SirasTata. Akubbutistarupa .\rnARTA. 
Sartha siddho. Vidiiichaiidra Naratani. 
Tattvakaumadi. Mathcraprasada Mi^ra. 
Vaiyakannaratnn. Moiiaxalala Katiha. 
Vea&Dgaprakasa. Datanamua Sarasvati. 
Vjikarana ki npakramanika. Ihvaracbandsa 


Yarana bhasha ka vyakarana. Hooper (W.) Rgf. 


Sakkara Acharta. 


Inglapdiya aksharavaii. ) 
vyakarana. j 

OBAMlfAB.— Xholish. 

Sadasokiia Lala. 

Asbtavakra ke dohe. ) 

samhita. ) 

Atmabodlia. Sankaka Acbarta. 
Atmapuraiia. ^amkarananda. 
Balabodhadi. Balabodba. 

Bhaktisiitra-vaijayanti. Harischamdba, of Benares. 
Hrahaiasutra. Badabatana. 

Chovis^ vacbanuuirita. Goculanatba, Son of 

Jn&nasamndra. | Sumo aba Dasa, Duiciple of 

Jiianavilasa. } Dddijl. 

Mabavakyaviveka. Satanacbarta. 
Mokahaaiddhi. Krishnaoihi. 
Nyayaprakasi. Chidgiiana.vandaoiki. 
Pbramanandaprukasika. .\nandaoiri. 
Paraaabbaga. YcorLANANYA Saema. 
Prasnottari. $amkara .\charta. 
Bamiyai;^ adhyatmavicbara. Yaiu'Nasakkara. 
Rateasigara. Qharib DabjI. 
^andilya-Butra. ^anuilta. 
Sankhya divakara. Kapila. 

tattvakaumudi. Vachaspati Misra. 

Satyan&ma. Vrixdavana. 

Sbaddar^ana darpnna. Nilakantiia Gore (N.) 

Siddbantaaangraha. Hall (F. K.) 

Sundara Til&«a. Si^idara Dasa, Ducifle of 

Anmambhatta, also called 


Amanta Bbatta- 
Tattvabodha. -Tatttabooba. 
Vachanararita. Gokulanatba, Son of RagJm- 

Ved&uta padarihama&Jusba. Mularama Sadiiu. 

padavali. Divakrish^a. 

ramayana. Sivahabata. 

-^—— sara. Sadananoa Yooindba. 
dvadasakshari. Baladcta Nivrit- 


— vinoda. 

PItambara, Pandit. 
Anatha Dasa. 




Vijfianalahari. Yamltnasankara, Paileholi. 

YijfianamokHba. Ramanamdaoiri. 

Yyasasutra [i.e. Brabmaautra]. Badarataka. 

Yogavasiahtha. Yooavasishtba. 


Bharatavarshiya itibiwta. MAEiiiiMAN (J. C.) 

Sadasukba Lala. 

Bharatavarshiya vrittautaprakasa. Kakiu al- 

DiH, Maulavl. ^ 

Biindi kii rajavam^a. IIarischandra, of Benaen^. 
Uiudnstan ka pura itibasa. Kamaoati Nyaya- 


Inglaind ka itibasa. Bbudeva MuKHOPADnvAYA. 




Inglistan ka itihasa, Harilala. 
Itihasa timiranasaka. Sivaprasada, Raja. C.S.I. 
Jagadvrittanta. Wilson ( ), 
Kashmir-kusuma. Haeischandba, of Benares. 
Prasnottara Bharatavarsha ke itihasa ke vishaya 

men. India. 
Puravrittasara. Bhudbva Mukhopadhaya. 
Riis ki tarikh. Wallace {Sir D. M.) 
Wamkshepa Inglistan itihasa. Ghasieama, 

Upadesakatha. Stewart ( ) Captain. 
Vamsaprakasa. Ganga Sahata. 
Yahudiyon ka laghu itihasa. Tucker (H. C.) 


Ajnanatimira-bhaskara. Atmaeamaji Ananda- 

VIJAYAji. ' 

Amarasena Jayasena Raja ki chopai. Amaea- 

sena Jayaskna. 
Aiipapatika-siitra. Aupapatika-sutea. 
Bhaktamara-atotra. M anatunq AC ha rya . 
Bibadha ratan prakasa. Saubhagamalaji. 

Chovlsa Jiua stuti. Ananda Ghana. 

Chovisi. Sumati Vijayaji. 

Dharmatattva bhaskara. Naean Hikachand. 

Digpat chorasi bol. Yasovijaya. 

Dravyaguna paryayano ras. Yasovijaya. 

Jainadharma gyan-pradipaka. Jainadharma. 

siddhanta sara. Jainadharma-sid- 

Shitabchand Nahar. 
Periodical Publications. — Morad- 


Jaina jfianavall. 


• sataka. Bhudhara Dasa, of Agra. 

stavanavali. Shitabciiand Nahar. 

Jinapujasangraha. Nanak Chandra, Rishi. 
Jnatadharmakatha. Jiiatadharmakatha. 
Kalpasutra. Bhadra Bahu. 
Kalyana iiiandira stotra. Kumudachandra. 
Lakshmanabodha nataka. Lakshmana Lalaj! 

Menarhayani chopai. Menarhaya, 
Mohanagunamala. Mpktikamala Muni, Pandit. 
Nandl-sutra. NandI-sutra. 
Padaratnavali. Nanak Chandra, Rishi. 
Prakarana-ratnakara. BeiMASiMHA Manaka. 
Prasnottara Jaiaamata. SambegT RanadhIea. 
Pravina«agara, MeramanajI. 
Ratnasagara. Muktikamala Muni, Pandit. 
Sabhapatra. Periodical Publications. — Morad- 

Samadhi sataka. Yasovijaya, 
Samata sataka. Yasovijaya. 
Samayasara. Banarasi Dasa. 
Simandhara-stavana. ) 

vijnapti. ) 

Sripalacharita. Sripalacharita. 

Sripalacharitra. Vinayavijaya. 

Stav&navali. Shitabchand Nahar. 

Twenty questions on Jain religion. Balaka 



Upasakadasa sCitra. 


Upasakadasa vivarana. Abhayadeva. 
Uttaradhyayana. Uttakadhyayana. 
Vipakasuti-a. Vipakasutra. 
Yogadrishti. Yasovijaya. 

LAW.— English. 

DlwanT zabiton ka sangraha. India. — Legislative 

Gramyakalpadruma. Muhammad Jamal al-DfN 


Hindusthana ka dandasangraha. India. — Legis- 
lative Council. 

Kamlsan Badauda. Baroda Commission. 

Kuii-natna. Kempson (S. M. E.) 

Siksha prasiddhipatra. India. — North Western 

Provinces. — Sudder Board of Revenue. 


Dayabbaga. Vijnanesvara. 

Maiiavadharma prakasa. ( •,, 

f- • > Manu. 

sara. J 

Maryada paripati samachara. Dueqapeasada 


Yajfiavalkyasamhita. Yajnavalkya. 


Bhashabhushana. Jasvant Simha, Maharaja. 
Chhandolata. Vasanta Suri. 
Chhandornavapingala. Bhikhari Dasa. 
Hirasringara. HIrachand KanjI. 
Jagadvinoda. Padmakara. 

Kaithi patraraala. Ahmad Husain, Saiyid. 
Kasiraja prakasika. Sardar, Kavi, of Lalitpur. 

Kavipriya. Kesava Dasa. 
Kavya-sudlifikara. Janakiprasaua, called Rasika 

Laghu rasakalika. Lalita KisorL 
Lakshiuisvara-bhushana. Sivapeasada, of Ram- 

Luptopamavilasa. Jasvant Simha, Maharaja. 
Maulavi stail ki Hindi ka chhandabheda. Ayodh- 


Padmabharana. Padmakara. 
Patradlpika. Kalicharana, Pandit. 
PatrahitaisbinT. Sivanarayana, Deputy Inspector 

of Schools. 
Patramalika. Srilala. 
Pingala. Sukhadeva Misra. 
Pratapavinoda. Baladevaprasada, Son of Vrajdldla. 
Rasa rahasya. Sahab-prasad Siiiha. 
Rasaraja. Matieama. 
Rasarnava. Sukhadeva Misra. 
Rasika-mohana. Raghunatha, £a?;i, of Benares. 
Sivarajabhushana. Bhushana, Kavi. 
Striyon ki hitopatrika. Sivanarayana, Deputy 

Inspector of Schools. 
Sundara sringara. Sundara Dasa, called Kav's- 

Upamasangraha. Jasvant Simha, Maharaja. 






Ankaganita. Arkaoanita. 
Bijaganita. Mohana Lala, Pandit. 
Dasatusbiba dipika. Vavsidhaba. 
Ganita battisi. Sabab-pbabad SiyHA. 
Ganitakamadheno. Rama Nabatana, PandU. 
Ganitakrija. Smith (B.) 
Ganitauidana. Muhana Lala, Pandit. 
Ganitapraka^a. ^bilala. 


Ganitasara. Atudutapkasada. 
Ghana jjaiDiti. KbipabIma. 
Gurug.inita'sataka. Sabab-fsabad Si|IBa. 
Jyamititattva. Ecclid. 
Khet-nap vidva. Radbalala. 
Kshotraoliarxirika. KsiD (H. S.) 

Kdhetradipika. Ni'mat'Au. 
Ksbetrakaumadi. Gopala Lala. 
Kbbetraprakasa. QoriSDALlih, called ^aba. 
Kshetravyavabarikatattra. Todhdntbb (L) 
Lagha trikonamiti. Kcmjatibab! Lala. 
Lilarati. Haradbva Sivba aud Raduakrisbma. 

Ratacbanda Naoaba. 

Map-prabandba. VamsIdbaba. 
Patiganita. Smitb (B.) 
RekhilgaDica. 1 

• siddhaphalodya. ) 

R«kbainttiuttra. KriJATiaiBi Lala. 

Salabba ankaganita. Vascdbta Ballala Mcltb. 

bijaganita. KcfjAriBABi Lala. 

Trikoi^aDiiti. BapC Dbta ^astbi. 
Vidya-gjau-prak&fa. MathcbI Dasa. 


AmaraTinods. Amaba Siyiu. 
Amptasagara. Pratapa SiysA, Raja of Jaipur. 
Anopaaatarangi^I. Raohcmatiiapbasada Sdkala. 
AuBDadbaaira Tananl. Gopala, Proprietor uf 

the Jnana Press, Delhi. 
Anshadbianngraha kalparalli. Radbakbibbxa, 

Briban-nighanta-ratoakan. Dattarama, Son of 

Dhatn'siksba. Yaouxatba Mukbopapbt/ta. 
I>il1agan. Sitabama, Vaidyarija. 
Mt-gharinoda. ' Mbohabaja. 

N/Klijuiioa. NADIjfiANA. 

Nadijnanatarangi^i. Raoboitatbapbasada Sukala. 

Naiika. Ravama Vibabi. 

Nidana. Garoa YatI. 

Nigbanfa. Madahavbipa, or Madamapala. 

Pasachikitna. Hai.lbx (J. U. B.) 

Ramavinoda. Ramacbaxdba, Disciple of Pad' 

Rogantaka-oAiii. Ramsat (A. F.) 
Sfilihotra. ^AUflOTBA. 
Sarniradbaraprakasa. Dad AoNiBOTBi. 
Tarani. Bamatia Vibabi. 
VaidyHJirana. Lolimbabaja. 

Vaidyakalpatiruma. Raobdmatbapbabada Sdkala. 
Vaidjamanotsava. Nainsckb. 
Vaidyamrita. Mobbstaba, Son of ifdifika Bhafla. 

V'aidyaratna. Janardana Bbatta. 
Vajtkara-kalpadruina. Raohunathapbasada 6u- 



Gitavali. ^adbIndbamobaka Thakdra. 
KantbasudLarana vidhi. Hcsain, Salyid. 
Ragamala. Gopala Si^iha. 
Sangitaditya. Adittarama. 
Sangita-mimamsaka. Periodical Publications. — 

Sangitasaro. Tana Sena. 

(See under the heading "PEEIODICAL PUBLICA- 
TIONS " in the body of the Catalogue. 


Bihari Folk Songs. Grixbson (G. A.) 
Chautal-sangraha. Nandakisora Lala. 
Jnana-upadesa. Somcband Kalidasa. 
Kavyasangraha. Mabb^adatta Sdkdla. 

Padyaaangraha. Hanumamprasada. 
Popular Songs of the HaniJrpur District. 

Smitb (V. A.) 
Ragbnnatba saUka. Manna Lala, Pandit. 
Raaaliia. Rbta^arkara VelajT. 
SabhiviUsa. Lali.u Lau, Kari. 
SamndAya santan! vani. ' ^arkaka HaribhaI. 
Selections from the popular poetry of the Hindoos. 

Brodobtov (T. D.) 
^irasiqiba saroja. ^ita Siicha, Inspector of Oudh 


Suddhavil&sa. Muhammad Siddik Adkain, called 

Minn at. 
Suudaritilaka. Manna Lala, Pandit. 


Annndalahari. Chhaita SiynA. 
Anurag-bag. Dinadayala Giki. 
Bajaranga-battisi. Janakipkasada, called Rasika 


Barabnia.<*a. 'A la Bakhsb. 





Kbaira Sbab. 

Madhava Dasa. 



S^ifBUD Rata. 

Sbaddiiakama, Pandit. 

Bbartari^ataka. Bhabtkihari. 

Bhasba saptaratna. Damakuvallabba Vida^- 


Cbanrapanchasika. Bilhana. 
Chittaviuoda. Kcnjavibabi Lala. 
Dil babia'u. Dil-bahla'u. 
Dofaare. Doharx. 
Jnuna katari. Harisanoa. 




Kaliyuga ke kavitta. GovindalIla, Oosain. 

Karuna battisi. Madhava Dasa. 

Kasid kr baramasi. Ram Bakhsh. 

Kbampanakha-nirnaya. Mamqu Malla. 

Kokasara. Kokasastra. 

Lakshmana sataka. Samadhana, Kavi. 

Lawanl. Banaeasi Dasa. 

navlnavilasa. Nanhu Lala. 

Manasa-sampatti. Jaganmohana SiiaHA, Thakur. 
Mangalachara Kashmir. Suhag Rani. 
Manomukulamala. Hakischandra, of Benares. 
Mohamudgara. Sankaea Acharya. 
Nama-pacbisl. Janakipeasada, called Rasika 

Navaratna. Navaratna. 
Nitisataka. Bhartrihari. 
Paramarthasara. Sankaea Achabya. 
Premaratnakara. Lakshmieama. 
Rhapsodies of Gambhir Rai. GambhTea Rata. 
Rumuz i fursad. Dadabhai Bahramji Tueavala. 
Saruktavali. Saruktavali. 
Sata-miirkhl. Veajabhushana Dasa, Son of 

Vrajabhavana Dasa. 
Sativilasa. ViranjI, Kumari. 
Sat-sa'i. Vrinda. 
Shatrituvarnana. Senapati, Kavi. 
Sringaraprakasa. Ramapeasada, Munshi. 
Sringarasataka. Bhartrihaei. 
Sumanonjali. Haeischandra, of Benares. 
Sundarashtaka. SiTndara Dasa, BisrAple of 

Turana Gujarat! dil-pasand kheyalo. Dadabhai 

Bahramji Tueavala. 
Vairagya sandipani. Tulasidasa. 

sataka. Bhartrihaei. 

Vijayapatra. Baladeva Simha, Raja of Kama. 
Virahamasa. Veajavallabha Dasa, Seth. 
Virabini barahmasi. Ramana Vihaei. 




The Battle of Kanarpi Ghfit. Geieeson (G. A.) 

Chhatraprakasa. Lala, Kavi. 

Hatnir rasa. Jodharaja, Son of Bdlakrishna. . 

Padmavat. Malik Muhammad, Jd'isi. 

Padmavatlkhanda. Chand. 

Prithviraja Rasau. Chand. 

Sirsagar ki laral. Lakshmanaprasada, Pandit. 

POETRY— Religious and Mythological. 

J^bhuta Ramayana. Ganqa Rama, ofBhartpur. 
Araatrika chbanda-dipika. Ramacharitea SiiytHA. 
Ashtaka Manika Prabhu. Naeahaei Dasa. 
Avatara kathamrita. Gvrtdhara Dasa, Banarasi. 
Balavinoda Ramayana. Ramalala. 
Barahmasa Rukminiji ka. Jiya Lala. 

Ramayana ka. Chuna Mal. 

Barvai Ramayana. Tulasidasa. 
Bhagavadglta. Mahabharata. — Bhagavadgitd. 
Bhajauavali. Jaqannatha Sahaya. 

Bhaktamala. Bhaieava Simha. 

• Nabhaji. 

Bhaktisagara. Charana Dasa, Son o/Muralidhara. 
Bhavarasamrita. Gdlab Singh Niemale. 
Bhramaragita. Sueadasa. 
Bijak. Kabie. '■ 

Bodhaprakasa. Sangat Singh. 
. Brahmasara. Rama Narayana, Munshi. 
Charpatapafijari. Sahkara Acharya, 

Chauvisavatara. Gokdlaprasada. 
Chhapai Ramayana. Tulasidasa. 
Danallla. Haridasa Dasa. 


Dayanandashtcika. Chhajju Rama. 

Dharam par dipak bhajan. Dinanatha, o/Ja- 

Devicharitasaroja. Madhava Si^ha. 
Dhuru-lila. Dhuru. 
Dohavali. Tulasidasa. 

ratnavali. Umapati Tripathi. 

Drishti kuta. Suradasa. 
Dropadiji ki barahmasi. Draupadi. 
Dropadi lila. Rama Dasa. 
Durga astuti. Madhava Rama. 
Ganesapurana. Moti Lala, Versifier. 
Ganga astuti. Khagapati. 
Gangalahari. Padmakara. 


Gargasamhita. Giridhara Dasa, Bandrasl. 

Girijamangala. Tulasidasa. 

Gitagovindadarsa. . Jayadeva. 

Gitavali. Tulasidasa. 

Guru sumiran. Ganesapkasada, Son of Kirti 

Hanumanashtaka. Mandana. 
Hanuiuan-chalisi. Tulasidasa. 
Hanuman-nataka. Hanumat. 
Hanuman sankata-mochana. ) 

vahuka. j 

Harirasakatha. Isvaracharana. 
Harivamsa. Mahabharata. — Karivamsa. 


Hori ka khyal. Vrajavilasa. 

JanakapacLisi. Mandana. 

Janakimangala. Tulasidasa. 

Jfianopadesa. Naeahaei Dasa. 

Jugal kisoravilasa. Gokulanatha, Son ofRaghu- 



- vihara. 

- vilasa. 

Ramana Vihaei. 
Rama Simha Deva. 
Kalinjaramahatmya. Chandiprasada. 
Kanhaiya ka balapana. Krishna, the Hindu god. 
Kavitta Ramayana. Tulasidasa. 
Kavya. Sundara Dasa, Disciple of Ddduji. 
Krishna Baladevaji ki barahkhadi. Gibidhara 

Dasa, Bandrasl. 
Krishnabalabla. Jagannatha Sahaya. 
Krishnabhajanavali. Jivana Dasa, also called . 

Sivasahaya Simha. 
Krishnagitavali. MahavIeapeasapa, Munshi. 
Krishnajanma. Tulasidasa. 
Krishnalila. Baladeva. 
Krishnamangala. Tulasidasa. 




Krishnapbi^. Jahar StyHA. 

KrishnaratnavalL Mauabhakata. — Bhagavadgitd. 

Krishiiaaagara. Jagaitmatba Sabata. 

Krisbnarali. Tulasidasa. 

Lagho rasakalika. Lalita KisoeI. 

MsSiabharata. Mababbarata. 

Mahimnah stotra. Pisbfadakta. 

Malaravali. Giridhaba Dasa, Bandrcui. 

Manalila. MamalIla. 

ManaaaTinoda. Badabioatta, of the Moradabad 

Arya Samaj. 
Nagalila. Gahoadhara, Kavi. 
Nabachhn. . Tulasidasa. 

Nakh-$ikh bhushana. ViBASi SiyBA, of Chapra. 
Nasakrta. Cbabaxa Dasa. 
Pancharatna. Tclas'idasa. 
Premagangataranga. I'apastI Rama. 
Premaratna. BATHAKTiiABi, Den. 
Premataranga. Gikidhaka Dasa, Banarasi. 
Parushottama charitra. Dalpatbam a. 
Kadbamanfrala. TdlasIdasa. 
Radhasudba fataka. UatrI. 
Ramacbandrika. Kuata Dasa. 
Bimacharitainana.«a. Tolasidasa. 
Ramakalera. Ramanatha Pbadbaxa. 
Ramallta paddbati. Tdlabiuasa. 
Ramamallaiila. Ramana Vibabi. 
Ramaaagnnavali. Tclasidasa. 
Bamasvajaipvara. Raghokaja SiySA Dktaji, 

Maharaja of Rewah. 
RAmarilaaa. IsTARirBASADA Tbipatbi. 
RamaTuna. Valmiki. 

Ramayadarsa. Aovitbba. 

Rasika-inanobara sikh-nakli. Raobckathapkabada, 

of Bundellhand. 
Rakmini-mangala. Padam Bhaoat. 

"VisHsrp Dasa. 

SaddhannamritaTarshini. Mababbabata. 
Sanaischaniji k! katha. Raobata Dasa. 


Bangit Siya srayanivara ka. Habadita Sabata. 
Baptafatika. Vihaki Lala, Kavi 

Sat-sa'i. TuLAeiDASA. 

ViBABi Lala, KavL 

Satyadbarma muktarali. S^^i^dhabam a, Pandit. 
Satjanarajanakatba. Mababuabata. — ItihOsa- 

aamuehcAnya. ■ 
Siyapancbaratna. ^ivkPAicvkKATSk. 
^ivatattvaprakaaa. ^abbbunatba Sdkola. 
Bnebalila. Rasika Rata. 
Spngara-battisi. Maxa SiyBA. 
Sriramacbandra ki barabmasi. Gamoa Rama, 

of Bhartpur. 
Badamacharitra. Nabottama, Kavi, 
Bojas kadamba. Janakipbasada, called Rasika 


Snodara tiIus. Schdaba Dasa, Ditciple ofDddiji. 
Saraaagara. ") 

ratna. > Bcsadasa. 






Twenty-one Vaishnava Hymns. Gribrson (G. A.) 
Qma Mabesvara samvada. Nauahaei Dasa. 
Umamangala. TuLAsiiiASA. 
Ushacharitra. Kcmja Dasa. 
Vakyakasumanjali. Balaoovinda Dasa. 
Yandana sataka. Harischandka, ofBenaret. 
Vedanta padavali. Dkvakkishna. 

ramayana. Sivasahaya. 

Veoi Madbo kl buiahmasi. iSurauasa. 

Vicbaramala. Anatba Dasa. 
Vijayadohavali. Tolasidasa. 
YijayamaktaraU. Cbhatra StiiHA. 
Yinayapatrika. Suradasa. 


Yish^oaKhasnui&ina. Mababbarata. — Vishnu- 

Yisramas&gara. RAOBimATBA Dasa, Rdmasanehi. 
Yisravinaya. Patita Dasa. 
Yrajavilasa. Yrajavasi Dasa. 
Yratarka. S^iikara Bhatta, Son of Nllakanfha. 
Tamanalabarl. Gtala. 
Tngala chbadma. Galldji, Ootvaml. 

POETBT.— CoKitzaTASiXi OH Pasticulas Poems. 

Bbigavata ekadasa bbashatika. [A commentary on 
the elevoutb skandha of tbe Bhagavatapurunu.] 

Drisbtanta bodbioi. [A commentary on the Rami'i- 

Jrana of Tnlasidasa.] Harifrasada Simha. 
aaidarpanatilaka. [A paraphrase of the Eka- 
dafimahutmya.] Nabataxa Daba., Son of Puru- 
aholtamd Data. 

Manabbavani. [A commentary on tbe Bhagavad- 
gita.] Jaoankatha S^ukla. 

Uanasadipika. [A commentary on the Ramayana 
of Tiilasidisa.] Raobdmatba Dasa, Com- 
mented or. 

Minaaapracbarika. [A commentary on tbe Rama- 
yana of TuUsldasa.] Jaxakidasa. 

Manasafankarali. [A commentary on the Rama- 
yana of Talasid^a.] SvarCca Dasa. 

• Yandana Patbaka. 

Manidipika. [A commentary on the Gitavaii of 
Tulasidasa.] Yauanatba KuehI. 

RabasyArthadipika. [A commentary on the 20th 
Anga of the Sundararil&aa of Snndara Dasa.] 


Ramacharitamanaaa bhushana. [A commentary on 
the Ramayana of Tulasidasa.] Yauanatba 


Bamatattva hodhini. [A commentary on the Yina- 
yapatrika of Tulasidasa.] ^ivaprakasa SiySA. 

Ratnadipika. [A commentary on the Kavittarali 
of Tulasidasa.] Yauanatba KurmI. 

Sahityalahari. [A commentary on the Drisbfi 
kuta of Suradasa.] Sardar, Kavi, of Lalitpur. 

Sankaramataprakasa. (_Bhagnviidgita, with a trans- 
lation of Sankara .^.charya's commentary.] 
Mababbarata. — Bhagaraihjltn. 

Tattvaprakasika. [A commentary on the Paficha- 
daf i of Sajanacharya.] Pitambaba, Pu»(2t^ 





Vinayachandrika. [A commentary on the Vinaya- 
patrika of Tulasldasa.] Ratan Simha, Raja. 



Abodha nivarana. Ambikadatta Vtasa and Rama- 


Aksharabodha. Lakshminarayana. 

Aksbaradipika. SkIlala. 

Aksharavali. Safdae 'Ali. 

Anglo-Oriental Primer. Syamalala, Booh Agent. 

Bachchon ka in'am. Sivaprasada, Raja, C.S.I. 

Balabbushana. Balabbushana. 

Balabodba. Chothai TivarI. 

Sivaprasada, Raja, G.S.I. 

Balopadc sa. Balopadesa. 

Bodba cbatusbpatba cbandrika. Broadway (D. P.) 

Devanagarl aur Roman varna. Devanaqaei 

Roman Primer. 
English Adursh [i.e. Adarsa"). Sujan Simha. 
First Instructor in Hindi and English. Syama- 


Gadyapadya-sangraha. Ambikapeasada, Assistant 

Inspector of Schools, Oitdh. 
Graduated translation exercises. Stapley (L. A.) 
Gutka. Sivaprasada, Raja, C.8.I. 
Gutkapradipa. Govaedhanaprasada Bharqava. 
Handbook to the Kayathi character. Gbier- 

soN (G. A.) 
Hindi diisra pustaka. Bhairavaprasada. 

Hindui muntakhabat. Academies, e<c.— 

Paris. — Ecole Speciale des Langues Orientalet 

kl chauthi pustaka. Harigopala Padhye. 

kl diisrl kitab. Sivadayala Upadhyaya. 

ki pahili kitab. Ramasankara Misba. 

ki pahili pustaka. Harigopala Padhye 

Ganapata Rava. 
Sambhulala Kalueama 

and DoEi Lala 

men diisri pustaka, 

pabila pustaka. 


Hindi Reader. Hall (F. E.) 
Hitopadesa. Tara Datta. 
Kaithi varnamala. Chandiprasada Simha. 
Dukgapeasada, Assistant In- 
spector of Schools. 


Khan boll ka padya. Ayodhyapeasada. 
Mahajanisara. Seilala. 
Man-bahlava. Sivaprasada, Raja, C.S.I. 
Manoranjaka vrittanta. Sherring (M. A.) 
Mulasiitra. Rowe ( ) Mrs., of Bigah. 
Naya sikshadarpana. Ramapratapa Bhdnvalka. 
Nayi aksbaradipika. AksharadipikI. 
Pahacje ki pustaka. Pahade ki pustaka. 
Pahili pustaka. Gopinatha Pathaka. 
Phulon ka hara. Phulon ka hara. 
Polyglot interlinear. Ravakrishna Rava. 
Samskrita-vakya-prabodha. Dayananda Sarasvati. 
Sikshabodhini. Ganapata Si^ha. 

Sikshavall. Ta'lim al-MUBTAoi. 
Sisubodha. Mufid al-siBYAN. 
Strisiksha. Steisiksha. 
Urdii adarsa. Seilala. 
Varnamala. Sivapkasada, Raja, C.S.I. 
Varnaprakasika. Varnaprakasika. v 
Varnasiksha. Bhutanatha Mukhopadhyaya. 
Vidydrthi. TocKER (H. 0.) 

ki prathama pustaka. Walker ( ) Dr. 

Vishama padavyakhya. Manna Lala, Pandit. 

, RELIGION.— Beahmist. 

Atmatattvavidya. Atmatattvavidta. 
Brahmasmriti. Shahu III, Raja of Satara. 
Brahmavidya niyama. Beahmavidya. 
Isvaraprarthana. Bholanatha Saeabhai. 
Isvaropasana. Syamalala Simha. 
Saddharma siitra. Navinachandea Raya. 

RELIGION.— Chbistian. 

Arunodaya Inglistan men. Tuckee (C.) Miss, 
Atulya mitra ka varnana. Atulya mitea. 
Balabodha sikshaka. Moetimee(F. L.) Mrs. 
Catechism on the Baptismal Service. Liturgies. — 

England, Church of. — Common Prayer. 
Chaupatriyon ka samuchchaya. American Tract 

Chhanda sangraha. Parsons (J.) Missionary. 
Criticism of the Hindi translation of the Holy 

Scriptures. Nilakantha Gore (N.) 
Dharmacharcha. Dharmac'harcha. 
Dharmadharma parikshapatra. Dharmadharma. 
Dharmapustaka ka sara. Bible. — Appendix. 

ke itihasa. Barth (C. G.) 

Dharmasara. Dhaemasaea. 

Dharmatula. Dhaematula. 

Dharmopadesamala. Dharmopadesamala. 

Dina Yiisuph. Joseph. 

Duhkhajanita sukhodaya. Bible. — Appendix. 

Ek upadesa na'e janmake vishaya men. Wesley (J.) 

Gita. Bowley (W.) 

Grahyapada ka sangraha. Bible. — Appendix. 

Gurupariksha. Gurupariksha. 

Habshi stri ka vrittslnta. Habshi. 

Hindudharma prasiddhakarana. Wilson (J.) D,D. 

Ilisiba Maharani ki mrityu. Elizabeth, Queon oj 

Isii charitra. Raghdnatha TivarI, Pandit. 
Isvaroktasastradhara. MuiE (J.) D.C.L. 
Itihasa muktavall. Necklace. 
Jalapralaya ka vrittanta. Deluge. 
Jat ka bishay man. Turnbull (A.) 
Jyotikirana. Joseph (S.) 
Kaise paya muktidata. Jesus Christ. 
Kanyacharitra. Kanyacharitra. 
Khrishtadharma akhandaniya. Badaridatta Josi. 
Khrishtanukarana. Haemmeelein (T.) a Kempis. 
Labaron ki katha. Labae. 
Matapariksha. MuiR (J.) D.C.L. 
Mati anjil pariksha. Sivadayala Simha. 
Mukti arthi ki priirthana. Mukti. 




Mukti ka marga. Wat. 

Muktimala. Mcktixala. 

Mamnksha vrittanta. Butt, afterwardt Shir- 
wood (M. M.) 

T&p kl baraL Evil. 

Pap-mochan. Tubsbull (A.) 

Paul ka charitra. Paol, Saint and ApogtU. 

Pavaramala. Patabamala. 

PrarthaDa vishaya men prafQottara. LlTUROiis. — 
England, Church of. — Common Prayer, 

Prasnottara. Uhited States or Amisica. — 

Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Prathama papa ka varnana. Prathama Papa. 

Premadobirali. Charoa. 

Samapariksha. EamaparIksba. 

Hel ki tika^. Railway Ticket. 

SikaluTani. SiKBHiTAxi. 

SAtamata ki marga. Satamata. 

Satyamata ifraya. Plea. 

Satya fataka. Cheistian (J.) 

Srimokha mulapada. Bible. — Appendix. 

Statipraka«a. Stutiprakasa. 

Bvarna moiiL Svarna mdrti. 

Vadanivarana. Yadavitabana. 

Yatri viinapana. Adtice. 

Teshn Kbns\ maliatmja. Mcib (J.) D.CJj 

Yeyn Khrist cbaritradarpapa. Jiaos Chust. 

Yisai yatri k! yatra. IBuhtah (J.) 

Zamindar ka dpsb^nta. ZAiiivDAB. 

EELIOIOH.— HlWDU, (including Puranab). 

Acbaridaraa. NATiNACHAXDRA Rata. 

Ajkal ke s&dha'on ki kartut. Jtalababata. 

Aryabhivinaya. ' Datakaiida Sarabtati. 

Arya praanottari. Jaoakhatha Dasa. 

Aiya BJddhanU. Periodical Pobucatiobb. — 

AryaUttvaprakafa. Arta Samaj. 
Aryauaprakafa. Ikdramani. 
Bbagavata sa^anivara^a manjari. ^ivabahata. 
BhaktamAla! Pratapa Sivma, Raja of Sidhua. 
Bbaktamala. Nabmaji. 
Bhaktim&la. Hari Bakhsb, Munshi. 
Bhaktiratnakara. RanatUa Shiha, Maharaja of 

BbaktiiQtra. Narada. 
Bbedabbeda ntrnpai^a. Kbibhnachakda. 
Bhramocbcbbedaoa. Dataiiaiida Sarabtati. 
Bbrantinivarana. Datanahda Sarabtati. 
Cbakrankita matanirmulana. Dtuapa Raxa- 

Cbar npaniyamog ka sangraha. Arta Samaj. 
DasopaniBhad-bhaabantara. Upanishads. 
Dayaoanda mata mulochcbbeda. Ambikadatta 


matapariksha. Jaoahnatha Daba. 

i<ara8Tati mukbachapetika. Tha- 

KrRADABA MvLARAJA Obatala, ifravaka. 
DeTatattTaprakafa. Nandakciiara. 
Dngdbampta. KHtTSALiRAMA Rata. 
Dretadbyaata-niTarana. Balapatta, Daurgd- 


GriridharabhHshya. Giriprasada Yarha. 
(Jokarununidhi. Datananda Sasasvati. 
Gnrucharitamrita. Lakshmana Dasa. 
Kafistba^ ^astrarthah. Kasistuah sastrartuah. 
Hondaka-apaniabad. Upanishads. . 

Nigamantartha-dipika. Sudarsana Acharta. 
Nrisimba avatura. Nadbat Ram. 
Panchamabaynjuavidhi. Datananda Sarasvati. 

Ptuiunartba cbintana vidbi. Uari Dasa. 
Pope-pradipa. Girivara Simha. 
Prasna-apanishad. Upanishads. 
Pratyuttara patrika. Umadatia TbipathL 
Rigpreda. Vedas. — tiigveda. 
Rigredadibbasbya. Datananda SarastatI. 
Saddhafma dar^aka. Purushottaiia Lala, 

Saddbarmadusbanoddbara. Haeisankara Lala 

^ABTRi, of Kanoj. 
Saddbarmi-log Vedonko kaise mante bain ? 

Vedas. — Appendix. 
Sampradaya-prakasa. Yeajabhusbana Dasa, 

Son of Vrajabhavana Dasa. 
Sankara digrijaya. Satanacbarya. 
Sanmatendu. Umadatta TripatrI. 
^aatrartba. Hiralala Gopala Sarma. 
Satyadbarmavicbara. Bakhtawab Sinob, Editor 

of the Jryadarpa^a. 
Satyartbaprak&fa. Datananda Sarabtati. 
Sbodafagrantba sangraha. Yau^buachabta, 

called Mahapbabhuj!. 
Siddhantapafala. Ramananda. 
^ivaaambita. Sitasaiibita. 
Tadiya'sarrasTa. Habischandra, </ £«nar0f. 
Upanisbad-Bara. Upahisbads. 

saroddb&ra. Ayoohtapbasada. 

Yaidika siddhanta. Upanishads. 
YaitbQavamabima. Yrajabhubbana Dasa. 
YijaaaneyiBambita. Yepas. — Vdjaaaneyisanihitd. 
Vallabbadigvijaya. SitARAMA Yarma. 
Vallabbaviirisa. Y&ajabbOshana Dasa. 
Vedantidbvanta aivarapa. Datananda Saras- 



Giriprasada Yarha. 
Gopala, Son of Rdmaaahdya. 
Datananda SarastatI. 

RELiaiOH.— Sikh. 

Adi Granth. Adi Granth. 
Bahr i tawil. Nanak, Bdbd. 
Japa paramartha. Nanak, Bdbd. 
SakbJ-namab. Sakbi-namab. 


Bhusjolavidya. BAiaKRisHNA ^astei. 
Bhuvidya. Radhikafbasanna Mukhopadhyata. 
Chiirupa^ha. Aksbayakcmara Datta. 
Dak bijli ka prakarana. Baldkv Bakhsh. 
tsvarataaidarsbana. DetIpbasada, Pandit. 




Padartbavidya. Akshayakumara Datta. 
Padarthavidyasara. Sadasdkha Lala. 
Prakritika bhugolachandrika. Lakshmisankasa 


Prakriii patha. Rajakrishna Raya ChacdhoeL 
Siddhapadartha vijnana. Vamsidhara. 
Vahyaprapancha darpana. Mann (R. J.) 
Vidyachakra. Muhammad Kae!m Bakhsh. 
Vidya kl nev. Isvarachandra Vidyasagaea. 
Vidyankura. Sivaprasada, Raja, G.8.I. 


Vidyasara. Sheering (M. A.) 


Bharata trikalika dasa. Olcott (H. S.) 
DesopakarT pustaka. Radhachaeana Gosvami. 
Grihadharmaniti. Bhanudatta, Pandit, of Lahore. 
Lecture on early marriages. Kharga Bahadur 

Nitidarpana. Chanakya, 
Satyanirupana. Govinda Narayana. 
Tattvabodha. Navinachandra Raya. 
Vivaha-vyavastha. Bhimasena Sarma. 

TALES.— Mythological. See POETRY.— Religious 


TALES.— Pbose. 

Buddhiphalodaya. Krishna Datta. 

Chhabrli Bhatiyari. Chhabil! Bhatiyaei. 

Dharma Simha lambardar ka vrittanta. Seilala. 

Kahanl. Insha Allah Kh an. 

Kissah i dil bahla'o. Muhammad 'Umar Khan. 

Harun Rashid aur Abu-1-Kasim ka. 

Maharaja Lala. 
Larkon ki kahani. Sivaprasada, Raja, C.S.I. 
Lata'if i Hindi. Lallu Lala, Kavi. 
MalatI Madhava. Saligrama Misea. 
Manohara kahani. Manohara kahanT. 
Manoraiijani katha. ManoranjanI katha. 
Naya Kasikhanda. Naya Kasikhanda. 
Nitikatha. Nitikatha. 
Nitikathasangraha. Ramajivana. 
Sujana-vinoda. Manna Lala, Pandit. 
Surajpur kl kahani. Seilala. 
Syamasvapna. Jaganmohana Simha, Thakur. 
Vamamanoranjana. Sivaprasada, Raja, G.S.I. 
Vira Simha ka vrittanta. Sivaprasada, Raia, 

C.8.I. ' ■ ■' 

TALES.— Veese. 

Bhartarichai'itra. KasInatha, the Poet. 
Bhartarl nataka. Sahasivakaeana Darak. 
Dhola Maru. Todar Mal. 
Dungar Simha aur Jawahir Simha. Dungae 

Goplchand ka khyal. Moti Lala, Versifier. 
Hans Jawahir. Kasim. 
Harichand rajarl chopai. Pema Muni. 
Hindu Folk-songs from the Puniab. Temple 

(R. C.) 

Hlr Raujha. HIe Ranjha, 
Katha Moradhvaja. Sueadasa, 
Khyal Dhola Mam. Dhola Maeu. 

Gopichand. Sahadeva. 

' Rana Ratan Simha ka. Chunnilala 

Dakot. », 

Saudagar Wazir-zadi ka. Nanulala 


Sudabrachha Salangya ki. Jhalibama 


Kissah Nal Daman. Mahabhaeata. — Nalupd- 

Laile Majnun. Rama Raya. 
Maniyari ka khyal. Sahadeva. 
Magnawi Mir Hasan. Hasan, Mir. 
Nalacharitamrita. Todae Mal. 
Narsiji ka bhat. NAESiji. 
Narsi Meheta ka bada mamera. Sivakabana 


ki hundi. Naesi Meheta. 

Pana aur Birmade ki varta. Pana Biemade. 
Panna Birande ka khel. Manqala Dasa. 
Pingala sati. Sahasivakaeana Daeak. 
Pothi Nasiketa ka. Nasiketa. 
Prahlada charitra. Tukarama. 

sangit. Lakshmana Simha, Kunwar. 

Raja Chitramukatko khyal. Nanulala Rana. 
Ranja Hir ka khyal. Sevaka Kirtirama. 
Sangit Alha Mal Khan. Alha Mal Khan. 
Chandravadana Riipakavara ka. Chan- 

dra vadana. 

Dhuruji ka. 
Gopichand ka. 


Lakshmana Simha, 


— Nanak-sa'i Sutresa'i. Charana Dasa. 

— Puran Mal ka. Ramalala. 

— Raghnvira Simha. Haeadeva Sahaya. 

— Rjlja Harischandra ka. Haeischandra, 

— Raja Karak ka. Kaeak. 

— Raja Mordhaj. JiYA Lala. 

— Rani Nautanki ka. Khushi Ram. 
Rupa Vasauta ka. Lakshmana Si:^ha 

and Haeadeva Sahaya. 

Saudagar o Siyahposh ka. 



Sorath. Dalchand. 

Vasanta Kumara. FakIr Chand. 

Vina biidshah-zadi. Jnanachandea. 

Sang Sorath. Soeath. 
Saudagar-lila. Chaturadasa. 
Sone lohe-ka jhagra. Sona. 
Swang i RAja Harichand. J!ya Lala. 
Yikramavilasa. Bholanatha. 

TALES.— Teasslations feom Okiental Woeks. 

Akhyanamafijari. Isvarachandra Vidyasagaea, 
Amir Hamzah ki dastan. Hamzah ibn 'Abd al- 

Muttalib, Amir. 
Apiirvakatha, Rajab 'Ali Beg, called Surue. . 
Baitfil-pachisi. Baital-pachTsi. 
Chahar darwesh. Khuseau, Amir. 




£k jor anguthi. 


Oal i BakavalT. 

SiBAJ al-DiN. 


'IzzAT Allah. 


Gal o Sananbar. Nimchand. 

Hindee Story Teller. Gilchrist (J. B.) 

Hitakalpadrama. Uusain Va i;, Kdahifi. 

Hitopadesa. Hitopadua. 

Kiraah Hadm tal ka. Hatim Ta'T. 

Hnrmai Bhafiyare ka. Bamaprasada. 

MadbayaviUsa. Lalld Lala, Kavi. 
Mobinicharitra. Rajab 'Au Bio, called SurOr 

Navaratna. Natakatha. 
Pancbopakhjana. Lallu Lala, Kavi. 
Premaaigara. Cbaturbbuja Misra. 

PaahJopaTana. j S*"'' 

Bajanlti. Lallu Lala, Ka»i. 
Sabasra rajani cbaritra. ) 

ratri sa^iksbepa. ) 

San^t Bndrimaiur. Baor i Mcmir. 

SaandaryamaTi. Maluka, Devi. 

Sipghaaan battui. Vikbamaditta, King of 

SiUvanayaaa. IfTABACHAiTDRA Yidtabaoara. 
^oka-babottari. ^dkabaftati. 
Tapasyini Rivya. Ratta. 

TALES.— Tkavilatiois tboic Eukopxas Woxzi. 
Bhaktibodbaka. Parsois (J.) Miuionary. 

Arabian Niohtb. 

Mele ki kahani. Ttckbr (C.) 3fi««. 
Oriental Fabulist. Gilchrist (J. B.) 
Pitkeam tapn. Pitcairn Islanders. 
Rabinsan Kruso ka itibasa. Depoe (D.) 
Rajaduton kl katha. Adams (W.) if. J. 
Sandford and Merton. Day (T.) 


Avadba yatra. Gdrusara^a. 

Gangaji ki nabr. Ganges Canal. 

Gaya-ka bhiigola. Sivanarayana TkivkdI, Pandit. 

Naipala samachara. Ramasahata, Munthi, called 

Eifidarpa^a. Kribbnacbandra DHARMADHiKARi. 
Enobb parana bal Cbanar ka. Bhanupbatapa 


Praldrtyalaya-cbandrika. Shbbrino (M. A.) 
Sajjana rilasa. V'kniprasada ^arma. 
SamBiradarpana. A6itAD Khan, Saiyid, C.S.I. 
Vanayatra. KANHAnrA Lala, called ALAKHADHABf. 
Yrajavinoda. Totaraiia Varha. 


Landan ka yatrl. Bhaoatan Daba Varka. 

Maio wabi huQ. Dajiodara ^astri. 

Meri janmabbiimi-yatra. Dakooara ^astri. 




AMAH 8DCHA, Mutuhi, of Sunpat. See Bhu- 
DBABA Diai., of Agra. tnK^HMN* [ Jaioft fataka. 
Accompanied by a Hindi glossary and paraphrase 
by Manshi A. S.] [1891.] 8°. 14154. h. 19. 

A9ATHA SASA. ^4ldHT?$T [Vicharamila. 
Another edition, withGovinda Diss's paraphrase. 
In Garumakhi characters.] pp. 8, 181, lUk. •U^^ 
[Lakon, 1891.] 12^ 14154. d. 13. 


iSarasvati-prakriya. A Sanskrit grammar] trans* 

lated into English [and Hindi] irith the original 

Sanskrit sutras by Shco Nandan Lai Roy. Bamki- 

pore, 1890. 8°. 14093. b. 27. 

In progrtt*. 

BADARIDATTA. of the Moradabad Arya Samdj. 
XT^nt fW^ [Manasavinoda. A treatise in Terse, 
explaining the religions teachings of the Arya 
Samaj.] Pt. i. ?JTfYT<tM» [loAore, 1890.] 16°. 

14154. e. 1(2.) 
BFUDHARA DA8A, (^ Agra. M<H. i^ ^ W l t < [Jaina 
fataka. One hundred and aeren aphorisms of 
Jain religion and ethics, in rerse, accompanied 
by a Hindi glossary and paraphrase by Mnnshi 
Aman Siipha.] pp. 112. f)^ ^^9 [Deihi, 
1891.] 8°. 14154. h. 19. 

BIBLE. The Holy Bible . . . translated from the 
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So more publUktd. 

BIBLE. The Holy Biblo . . . translated from the 

originals into the Kunouj [dialect of the Hindi] 

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So mort pHolulifa. 

The Holy Bible . . . translated from the 

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U08. g. 13. 
No more puhlUhrd. 

— ^— Old Tkstahxnt. — OenetU. Genesis ami 
Exodus i.-xx. in Ncpaulese. TWfir W^ q^W4 
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the Serarapur missionaries.] pp. 075. ^rtXT^ijT 
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<r i tl<l l #<. wnr^ WH^ I . . . vflgw* I W^ltT 

ihinm . . . »t»l^ mn^lt l [The New Testament 
translated into the Magadhi dialect by tlie 
Serampur missionaries.] pp. 748. ^rttlUJI. st^ 
ISerampur, 1818.] 8°. 1108. g. 4. 





BIBLE. — NewTestamekt {continued.) ^^jwi'^n^'^ 
WU i . . . vft g^ira I . . . ^^T^\^ ^Titt I [The New 
Testament translated into the Bikaneri dialect 
by the Serampur missionaries.] pp.G^O. ^al^mg*. 
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t^^^ ^»^ ^ . . . >n^3^ I ^r^ ^W^ 

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into the Bhagalkhandi dialect by the Serampur 
missionaries.] pp. 708. Serampore, 1821. 8°. 
See above : Bible. The Holy Bible, efc. 1821. 8°. 

1108. g. 6. 

^^5tn^ w4w ^ I . . . VT»? xj>!i'f I iff^^m. 

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lated into the Kanauji dialect by the Serampur 
missionaries.] pp. 750. Serampore, 1821. 8°. 
See above: Bible. The Holy Bible, eic. 182]. 8°. 

1108. g. 5. 

t^3Tt'^ THTcS^ ^T . . . V^H ynnR I 3!7TtT 

^Hwrn . . . An^ ^n^l^^R [The New Testament 
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Serampur missionaries.] pp. 694. Serampore, 
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Without title-page. 

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Mattheiv. — Appendix. See Sivadatala 

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An anti-Christian tract.] [1890.] 12°. 

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The Acts of the Apostles in Nepaulese. 

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See Mahabhaeata. — Bhagavadgitd. ^'Sl ^rrf»Tf«rf- 
»Ilft<^fiTftliriI HTMTj'^cST^rf^ W^T^trH int>T; [Bhaga- 
vadgita. With an extensive Hindi commentary 
by Ch., entitled Gitagiidharthadipika.] [1891.] 
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and Sorath, princess of Sangal. A romance in 
verse. Follo\<'ed by Arsi jhagra, a poem by Rama 

Raya.] pp. 32, Zii/i. Jjto [DeWii, 1876 ?] 8°. 

14162. f. 8.(10.) 
In Pertian characters. 

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14154. c. 15. 

DEVIPRASADA. -^imi '— »j/=^' fe>/^ K^R^ 

4(^f ^Mi . . . clfT TJ^II [Urdii-nama. Deviprasada's 
Tashrilial-liuruf, or Hindustani spelling-book and 
primer, with a transliteration and explanatory 
rules in Hindi, by Sitarama Maganlrama Patwarl.] 
ipp. 42, nth. ^s^ <^tfi.<\ [Khandwa, 1891. ] 8°., 

14160. c. 






DHOLA MAEU. WTc5 <; > ci l H I % ' [Khyal Dbola Maru . 
A legendary story in Marwari verse.] pp. 64, 
lUh. ^mrt ««t» [Benare*, 1882.] 12°. 

14158. c. 22.(3.) 

DIHAIIATHA, of Jalandhar. ^jxi! viJujJ j ^jsj 

[Dharam par dipak bhajan. Hinda religions 
songs, in Persian characters, with a few in Persian.] 
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14154. d. 

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14160. e. 29. 

DITSOAPBASADA, Manager of the Virajanand Prett, 
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carana Nidhi," by Durgaprasad. 1889. 8". 

14154. e. 15. 

DUIIOAPBASADA. Son of Mansn lidma. fhn^: 
jfWtH [Uii>alah i shatranj. A treatitio on cheas, 
translated into Hindi by Pandit Ramapraaada 
from the Hindustani of D.] pp. 40, litk, ^f^ 
•IMO [Delhi, 1890.] 8*. 14156. f. 28. 

DUSOAPBASACA. Son of Vrajaldla. See Poranab. 
— DhavUhyayunina. Hft[n^im HT^ I [Translated 
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14154. e. 34. 

DVUA, Kavi. Ste Maxna Lala, Pandit. 

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. . . Ashta Dhiyai. [With notes in Engli.<<h by 
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. . . Aahta Dhiyai. [With a Hindi translation by 
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OOPESYARA. See Habibata. f O ? ft< 'n» ^ w ^ 
l^mqv [Bade fikshapatra. Sanskrit text, with 
a Braj-bhaaha commentary by O.] [1891.] 8'. 

14033. bb. 38. 

OOVnrDADASA. 5«« Anatba Da8A. ^Vtl'dHTJ^T 
[Vicharamala. With a paraphrase by G. D.] 
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GRISR80> (Gboroe Abbaham). An introduction 
to the Maithili language of North Bih4r, contain- 

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2 pt. (Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal 
Extra numbers for Vol. xlix. and 1.) Calcutta' 
1880 and 1882. 8°. 2098. b. 

4.(11^ «K »ftftni^ llltmsk^^fj*! [Pandava yasendu- 
chandrika. Edited, with notes, by H. Bh.] 
[1887.] 8°. 14158. e. 38. 

HABIBATA. Tl Tgf>.tm» a ^ f ; } l K>nn [Bade §ik- 
shapatrsr. A manual of religious instruction to 
followers of the Vallabhi sect of Vaishnavas, con- 
sisting of 41 letters in Sanskrit, said to have been 
written by the author to hia younger brother 
Gopcfvara, with a Braj-bhasha commentary by 
the latter. Edited, with occasional notes, by 
Gosvami Nrisimhalala.] pp. 6, 772, 8, 5. ^^ s^dt; 
[Bombay, 1891.] 8*. 14033. bb. 38. 

HABISCHASDBA, of Benarat. The Intellectual 
Offering, or a Collection of poems in honour of 
the visit of His Royal Highness, the Prince of 
Wales, to this country, written by several gentle- 
men in various languages. Compiled by . . . Babu 
Harishchandra. Bankipur, 1889. 8°. 

HABTVAMSA SABMA. ^;; i i | 0<i!H^n; i w^nr »mR- 
f^rt^xf^: I [Brihadraga-kalpadruma. A collection 
of songs by different authors, chiefly on the life 
and sports of Kpshna. Compiled by Pandit H. ^., 
with the aid of his pupil Pandit Ramaratna 
9arma.] pp. 28, 382. ^«««« [Bombaij.lSOl.] 8". 

14158. e. 40. 
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Marwari poem in praise of the god Hari.] pp. 73, 
lUh. ^ ^^ [Bombay, 1883.] 12°. 

14158. c. 22.(4.) 

JHALIBAMA gIBMALA, m\^ ^7^^^ »< l ^'«im1 i 
[Khyal Sudabmchha Sulangyn kl. A legend in 
Marwari verse.] pp. 56. Calcutta, 188(i. 8°. 

14158. d. 25. 
Jd(fejd. Khushbu-kuinnri. A novel [in Braj- 
bhasha]. . . . Published [with a preface and notes 
in Gujarati] by J. A. G. 1891. 12°. 

14156. h. 38. 




)\m [Sangit Rajah 

Mordhaj. The trial by Kfishi^a of the devotion 

z 2 





of King Moradhvaja. A mythological tale in 
verse.] pp. 24, lUh. Jji>J [DeUd, 1875 ?] 8°. 

14162. f. 9.(11.) 
In Persian characters. 

JIYA LALA. M=^ ^Ja is^\j (^1^ [Swang Eajah 

Harichand. The story of King Harischandra, 

who became an ascetic. A legend in verse.j 

pp. 44, /*■«/(.. Jjsj lAM [i)e//a, 1881.] 8°. 

14162. f. 8.(18.) 
In Persian characters. 

KESAVANANDA SVAMI. TtnrfwftTf^^: [Ganga- 
sthitinirnaya. A Sanskrit poem on the per- 
manence of the sanctity of the river Ganges, 
accompanied by a Hindi prose translation, pp. 
24. n^ait <\U9 [Bombay, 1891.] 16°. 14028. b. 

LAKSHMANA DASA. ^srit Tj^'^twr^ir Tn « [Guru- 
charitamrita. A treatise in verse by a member 
of the Ramanuja sect of Vaishnavas on the respect 
due to Gurus, or spiritual preceptors.] ff. 38. 
[Bombay, 1890.] obi. 12°. 14154. d. 12. 


tw^Juwj »rr'5j *-:i.>JwCly*i [Sangit Riipa Vasanta. 
Another edition, in Persian characters.] pp. 28, 
nth. Jjt>^ I AM [Delhi, 1881.] 8°. 

14162. f. 8.(17.) 

MADHAVAPRASADA, Editor of the Khichrl Sama- 
chdr. ^'i.'^ ^fi^^rfiPlI' [Sundari saudamini. A 
farce.] pp. 12. Mirzajmr, 1891. 12°. 

14158. b. 9.(3.) 

mil** '{'<•< [Vaisakhanandana. A farce.] 

pp. 12. Mirzapur, 1891. 12°. 14158. b. 9.(4.) 

MAHABHARATA. — BhaoavadgIta. ^m ^rfflfifl- 
^^nft^ii HTTiTTt^THf^ HH^ar'tin urtn: [Bhaga- 

vadglta. Sanskrit text, with an extensive Hindi 
commentary by Chidghananandagiri, entitled 
Gitagiidhartha-dlpika. 3 pt. Jf^wt <)b«.1 [Bom- 
bay, 1891.] obi. 4=. 14060. f. 13. 

MANGALA DASA, Son of BaHsM Rama. gT »ii<j.< l 
[Jiianataranga. A treatise on Vedanta philo- 
sophy, in three parts.] pp. 214. cS^^T^i StfcR 
[Lucknow, 1882.] 8°. 14154. e. 32. 

MANNA LALA, Pandit. ^ITrgvmit [Sringara- 
sudhftkara. Selections from the works of 191 
Hindi poets, in different metres, illustrating the 

various modes of erotic composition.] pp. 384, 2. 
'RTnrstt* L^enarea, 1887.] 8°. 14158. e. 39.(2.) 

MANNA LALA. ^P^rt 'ff^'S [Sundari-sarvasva. 
Selections from the works of 108 Hiitdi poets, 
modern and ancient, in the Savaiya metre, illus- 
trating various styles of erotic composition.] pp. 
286. «nntH «)«J.d^ [Benares, 1886.] 8°. 

14158. c. 39.(1.) 

MEGHARAJA. HHff^^^ [Meghavinoda. Atreatise 
on medicine, in verse, and in the Gurumukhi 
character.] Tp^.Q12,lith. rtif^atrid <\<li9 [Amrit- 
sar, 1891.] 8°. 14156. b. 14. 

MIHAN SIMHA. H^fifsr^ [Bhaktavinoda. A 
Vaishnava treatise in verse.] pp. 592. [Benares, 

1885 ?] 8°. 14154. e. 33. 

Without title-page. 

NANAK, Bdbd. Jj^ia js: [Bahr i tawil. A col- 
lection of religious precepts, ascribed to Nanak. 
Hindi in Persian characters, interspersed with 
Persian.] pp. 8, lith. ^J^*^ '^'» [Bombay, 
1890.] 12°. 14154. d. 

NANULALA RANA. m^ tmr ■■<-<Hj4 yt [Raja 
Chitramukutko khyal. Another edition.] pp. 79, 
lith. ^^ «»fc^o [Bombay, 1890.] 16°. 

14156. h. 28.(2.) 

NISCHALA DASA. '^iW^niWcifT: ?nw ^^Trg^^miT^ 
°I>K I [Vrittiprabhakara. An extensive treatise 
on Vedanta philosophy, revised by Pandit Pitam- 
bara. Third edition.] pp. 20, 532. g^ <^<i8*, 
[Bombay, 1889.] 8°. 14154. e. 31. 

NRISIMHALALA. iSee Harirata. ■^ttffcTTTjyil 
^ fp'Bjni^ [Bade sikshapatra. Edited, with oc- 
casional notes, by N.] [1891.] 8°. 

14033. bb. 38. 

PANINI. ■^renflT^ . . . Ashta Dhiyai. [Panini's 
Eight Books of Grammatical Aphorisms. Sanskrit 
text, with a Hindi translation by Gopaladasa Deva- 
gana, and notes in English by Ganesa Datta.] 
[Lahore, 1891, etc.] 8°. , 14093. b. 28. 

In progress ? 

nagri Reading-book, containing common words 
and sentences in English, with their pronuncia- 
tion and meaning in Bhasha . . . ^Ttift ^ ^MHT"0 
13^ ort ^«li. pp. 4, 56. Lahore, 1890. 8°.' 

14160. c. 23.(2.) 





PJTAMBARA, Pandit. See Nischala Dasa. W^- 
^finwrnr [Vnttiprabhakara. Revised by Paudit 
I'itaiubara.] [1889.] 8°. 14154. e 31. 

PTrHAKAS. — Bhatishtapcrana. >?fViigTnir Htitt i 
[Translated by Durgaprasada. Third edition.] 
pp. 14, 72t}, ^wm «»t*S [Lucknow, 1891.] 8". 

14154. e. 34. 

^r* jf t mf > l«i<j<>m.nm i f^^K : m^rrhiTinni: [A col- 
lection of Sanskrit verses on the spiritual line of 
Acharyaa of the Ysllabhi sect of Vaishnavas, with 
a Sanskrit commentary. Followed by a somewhat 
different collection of verses, with a Hindi com- 
mentary.] pp. 13, 18. ^wt ^It [Bomhaij, 
1891.] 16°. 14058. %. 3.(2.) 

BAXAir A VIHAItL [Rasiilankara-prakavka.] S^ 
SvarCpa Dasa. ^a i g t ^in wtfVrT^ xll^xjf^ '^ P;* ! 
[Pai^^sva ya^ondachandrika. Accompanied by a 
metrical commentary by R. Y., entitled Rasalan- 
kara-praka^ika.] [1887.] 8°. 14168. e. 38. 

EAMAPRASADA. Pandil, of Delhi. Sff Doboa- 
TKAdAKA, Son of Mantti Rama. (V11191 mrtW 
[Kit^alab i ahatranj. Translated by Pandit R. 
from the Hindustani.] [1890.] 8°. 

14156. f. 28. 

SAXASATVA SAEMA. See Hibivavsa $arma. 
•{r^invwen:! [Brihadraga-kalpadruma. Compiled 
with the assistance of Pandit R. §.] [1891.] 8". 

14158. e. 40. 

EAMA EATA. tuiulib'lll I [ArsI jhagra. Yeraes 
on the aporta of Kpshna and the milkmaids of 
Yraja.] pp. 8, lith. [Delhi, 1868 ?.] 1G^ 

14158. e. 5.(4.) 

[Another edition.] See Dalcbaxi). vs..uJuL 

^jyu [Sonjfit Sorath.] [1876?] 8°. 

14162. I 8.a0.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 8, lith. "mv^ <\t)fl. 

[Benan$, 1882.] 12°. 14158. c. 9.(U.) 

8AEVAN LAI TA^DAH. The Kshatriya pra- 
kdsha, or Origin of Khatris. [A Hindi pamphlet, 
with an introduction in English, and quotations 
from Sanskrit authors.] (nfwu^fT^) Pt. i. Bom- 
hay, 1891. 16°. 14156. g. 35. 

8H£0 NAlfDAH LAL EOT. See ^ivamaxdanalala 

PRA8ADA. S^HIill etc. [Urdu-nama. Devipra- 
sada's Tashrih al-huruf, with a transliteration, 
and explanatory rules in Hindi, by S. M. P.] 
[1891.] 8°. 14160. c. 

svARCPA Acharya. Sarosati . . . translated . . . by 
Sheo Nandan Lai Roy. 14093. b. 27. 

KACHAETA. f.iJw l fl l^ ^Tn<<n [Nigamautartha- 
dipika. A Sanskrit treatise on the interpretation 
of the principles of the Ramanuja sect of Hindus. 
Followed by a Hindi translation.] pp. 42, 61, 
lith. SM [Bomhay, 188t.] 8°. 14048. bb. 19. 

BVAEUPA DA8A. tmg i ^H ^^tfWt M l nqyg ^ P;<l l 
[Pandava ya^enduchandrika. A poem by S. D., 
containing an abstract of the J^Iahabhurata, ac- 
companied by a metrical commentary by Ramana 
Viliari, entitled Rasalankara-praku^ika. Edited, 
with notes, by Hariprasada Bhagiratha. Second 
edition.] pp. 2, 182, lilh. ij^ «»«iM [Bombay, 
1887.] 8°. 14158. e. 38. 

TILOK EIXHAJi. ^N W^ »ftr* ^^Wnft [Panch 
padari. A coUuctiou of Jain prayers and hymns 
in Marwari, compiled by T. R.] pp. 64. UH^WI^ 
<tt(<) [Ahmadabad, 1891.] 16°. 14154. h. 20. 

Xnflf ADAJI, Jd^ejd. Khushbu-kumari. A novel 
[in Brnj-bhasha prose and verse] by Kavi Jade- 
jashri Unnandji of Katch-Khakhar. Published 
[with a preface and notes in Gujarati] by Jivaram 
Ajramar, Gore. (^VJJ*"^) pp. 12, 132. Ahmed- 
aibad, 1891. 12°. 14156. h. 38. 


Aogrezi ra Deranagari parhne ki pastaka. 

See V\iu»i»AMVk VAJAncTi. 
An! jbagra. 

See Rava Rata. 
Bade sikshapatn. 

See Harirata. 

See MIbaw Sivha. 

See HARiTAysA ^akva. 




Jaina sataka. 

See Bhcdhaxa Dasa, of Agra. 

See Haxoala Dasa, 8<m of BalcKthi Rama. 

See UniADAJi, Jdifeja. 

5ee Sakta5 Lal Taxdah. 


Panch pad&ri. 

See TiiOK RikhajI. 
Pundava ja^enduchandhka. 

See StaeOpa Dasa. 
Piulifim&rgija gamparamparft-vicbura [in hco'\. 
Raulankara-prakaf ika . 

See Rahana YiiiAui. 
Sangit Rajah Mordhaj. 

See JiTA La LA. 
Sangit Sorath. 

See Dalchamd. 

See DiMAMATRA Dbta. 

See Manna Lala, Pundit. 

See Manna La la, Ptttulil. 
SwBDg Rajah Uarichand. 

See JiTA Lala. 

See DbvIprasada. 

See NiscaALA Dasa. 




Saevan Lal Tandan. 




Mangala Dasa, Son of BaJchshi 

NiscHALA Dasa. 

Jaina sataka. 
Pafich padari. 


Bhudhara Dasa, of Agra. 


POETEY.— Anthologies. 

Sringara-sudhakara. Manna Lala, Pandit. 
Sundari-sarvasva. Manna Lala, Pand/it. 


GltagudharthadTpika. [A commentary on the 
Bhagavadgita.J CHiDOHANANANDAaiRi. 

Rasalankara-prakasika. [A commentary on the 
Mahabharata.] Ramana Vihaki. 

POETEY.— Eeligiotts and Mythological. 

ArsT jhagra. Rama Raya. 
Brihadraga-kalpadruma. Hariva^sa Sarma. 

Gangasthitinirnaya. Kbsavananda Svami. 
Pandava yasendachandrika. Svabupa Dasa. 


AngrezI va Devanagari parhne ki puataka. Paea- 

mananda Vajapeyi. 
Sikshamani. DInanatha Deva. 
Urdu-nama. Devipkasada. 

EELIGION.— Hindu. 

Bade sikshapatra. Haeiraya. 
Bhaktavinoda. Mihan Simua. 
Nigamaatartha-dipika. Sudaesana Achabya. 
PushtimargTya guruparampara-vichara. PusH- 


TALES.— Peose. 
Khushbu-knmari. UnnadajI, Jd^ejd. 

TALES.— Vebse. 

Siinglt Rajah Mordhaj. Jiya Lala. 

Sangit Sorath. Dalchand. 

Swang Rajah Harichand. Jiya Lala. 






'ABO ALLAH ibn 'ABBAS. ^Vj^ [ci [Dii'a 
Suryani. An Arabic prayer ascribed to 'A. A. 
ibn 'A. With Panjabi and Persian metrical para- 
phraws.] pp. 16, /i<A. j^i ir«i [Lahore, 1872.] 8». 

14519. d. 13.(3.) 

'ABO al-'AZiZ ibn QBl^LAX RASVL. See Muslim 
ibn Uajjaj. JI J2\ iXtc ^'jS ['Umdat al-taj. 

The Arabic text of the SahiK of Muslim, with a 
double Panjabi translation, one in prose, the 
other in Terse, by 'A. al-'A.] [1890, eie.] S'. 

14621. 0. S5. 

'ABO alHAIT (Chiraob i Din) called SiwadIr. 
.Ij'^^ ^y^^ ^jl>i e|^ . . . «^.J^1 [Miscellaneous 

▼erses.] Ste 'Abo sI-Rahmax, called Khpldi. 
^j*»J\ Jjtf vi-jj [Bait.] pp. 6-8. [1876.] 8^. 

14162. gg. 6.(11.) 

U*^J' J^3 •'^^ J/* s/ tt^'i*"" *^ 

[Tahfat al-ikhwin/ A selection of pasaagtM from 
the Koran, and works on tradition, on the duty 
of man towards God and towards his fellow-man. 
Arabic text, with a double translation into Panjabi, 
one in prose, the other in rerie.] pp. 40, liih. 
j^i [Lahore, 1890.] 8^ 14516. e. 

'ABO al-&AKi]f. f^^ ■^ uJuLa; ^juUk licvJj 
[Zulaikha, or llie story of Joseph and Zulaikha, 
in Terse.] pp. 104, hth. .yiJ i*vr [Lahore, 
1872.] 8°. 14162. f. 9.(8.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 96, WA. ^ykJ r»»r 

[Lahor; 1882.] 8". 14162. f. 8.(16.) 

'ABO al-KAOIB ibn HTJSA, Jildni. iMjH ijo^ 
^l^u ^\ ja —j£. M iMjC [Kasidah aharifali 

g^an^iyah. A Sufic Arabic poem on wine as a 
symbol of mystic Ioto. With a metrical para- 
phrase in Panjabi by Maulavi Ghulam Rasiil.] 
pp. 8, Itth. jf,1 i»»n [Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 

14519. e. 12.(3.) 

'ABO al-RAHKAH. &,U ^^U [Farsi-namah. A' 

Persian -Panjabi Tocabulary in Terse. With three 
other similar Tocabnlaries on the margin, tn«. : Wa- 
hid bari, Allah bari,and Samad bari.] pp. 16, lith. 
j^l [Lahort. 1876.] 8'. 14162. i. 9.(1.) 

'ABO al-EAHXAH, called Khuldi. ^^jJla- 
[Bait. Miscellaneous Terses.] pp. 8, lith. 
<i»^'j-. in. [Sialkot, 1873.] 8°. 14162. w- 8.(8.) 

^— [Another edition. Followed by Terses by 
Chira^ i Din, and others.] pp. 8, /tYA. .y»)l iavi 
[Lahore, 1876.] 8». 14162. gj. 6.(11.) 

'ABO al-WAiOO ibn KUHAMMAO MUOgiri. 

^^<aa]1 tk_i>^ ['Aja'ib al-kisas. An account of 
the Utcs of the prophets from Adam to Muham- 
mad, translated in Terse, by Muhammad Muslim, 
from the Persian of 'A. al-W. Pt. i. Gulzar i 
Adam, containing the history of Adam ; pt. ii. 
Gulzar i Miisa, the history of Moses ; and pt. iv. 
Gulzar i Muhammadi, the history of Muhammad.] 
lith. jfA irii« [Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 

14162. e. 10, 

Wanting pt. iii., Oultdr i Sikandari. 




^^X*3r* .'yl ti i._-v«U |»iJl .Iji^ [Gulzar i 
Adam. The first part of 'Abd al- Wahid's 'Aja'ib 
al-kisas, translated by Rahlni Bakhsh, under the 
title Anwar i MuHammadj.] pp. 112, ?i<A. .ybU irAv 
[Lahore, 1871.] 8°. * 14162. e. 2.(5.) 

ADI GRANTH. J^ 7JU ^ mf\l\i rf^ [Adi 
Granth, also called Guru Granth. The Holy 
Scriptures of the Sikhs, originally compiled by 
Arjun, the fifth Guru, to which have been added 
contributions from the sayings of the succeeding 
five Gurus, and extracts from the works of famous 
Bhagats.] pp. 54, 975, ii., lith. 'Vi.^<\ [Lahore, 
1864.] oblfol. 14162. d. 1. 

T^ WI? 3Tf afw WlfvlWrfl [Another 

edition.] pp. Ixiv. 1574. lith. wivjd «(fcS(t [Lahore, 
1868.] obi. fol. 14162. d. 2. 

The Adi Granth, or Holy Scriptures of 

the Sikhs, translated from the original Gurmukhi, 
with introductory essays, by E. Trumpp. Printed 
by order of the Secretary of State in Council. 
(Appendix. Original text of the JapjI.) pp. xii. 
cxxxviii. 715. London, 1877. 8°. 760. i. 

SeeCHANDA Singh. T^ TTf dJ^TP § 

flp?rT% «ild«1 V^ ot [PriyaFarsi padon ke. 
An explanation of Persian words occurring 
in the Granth.] [1888.] 8°. 14162. c. 4.(1.) 

[Priya Sri . Guru Granth. Notes on the 
Granth.] pp. 340, lith. WWaTra" <^^«M 
[vlwWfsar, 1888.] 8°. 14162. c. 4.(2.) 

ireP' WTJTT oft ^rg- KvIW <1 [Asa kl war. A 

selection of Sikh devotional hymns taken from 
Rag Asa of the Adi Granth, composed for the 
most part by Nanak Baba, some few being com- 
posed by Angad, the second Guru.] pp. 56, liih. 

?51W [Lahore, 1873.] oU. 12°. 14162. b. 2.(2.) 
Comprising pp. 635-652 in Trvmpp's translation of the 
Adi Granth. 

l^liMi-tfl ^73- [Another edition.] pp. 30, 

lith. j.n'i [Lahore, 1877.] old. 12°. 14162. b. 1.(4.) 

TAe book bears the pagination 226 <a 256, a»rf is probably 
a fragment of an edition of the Fuhj-granthi, of which it 
forms the last hook. 

[For editions of the Japji, or introductory 

chapter to the Adi Granth :] See Nanak, Bdhd, 

1?tT ^ »WTf^ [Panj-granthi. A collec- 
tion of eight devotional books of the Sikhs, con- 

sisting of selections from the Adi Granth, viz : 
(1) Japji, by Nanak Baba ; (2) Rahiras, select 
passages appointed for evening prayers; (3) Omkar 
bani ; (4) Siddha goshti, both by Nanak Baba, 
from Rag Ramkall; (5) Anandu, by Guru Amar 
Das, from Rag Ramkali ; (6) Bawan akhri ; 
(7) Sukhmani, both by Guru Arjun, from Rag 
Gauri ; and (8) Asa ki war, by Nanak Baba and 
Guru Angad, from Rag Asa.] lith. 'Vi\'i. [Lahore, 
1881.] ohl. 12°. 14162. b. 6. 

W'^sf^ [Another edition.] pp. 153,62. 

^yW [Lahore, 1882.] ohl. 12°. 14162. b. 3. 

The last book, Asa H war, alone ha* a separate pagination. 

tJeP' dRjdIH [Rahiras. A manual of Sikh 

evening prayers, consisting of selections from the 
Adi Granth, and the Granth of Guru Gobind 
Singh.] pp. 44, 20, lith. [Lahore, 1873.] ohl. 12°. 

14162. b. 1.(2.) 


vaita-vinasana. A Christian tract, directed against 
the teachings of Vedanta philosophy.] pp. 107. 
W5v](^ «»t«,8 [Ludhiana, 1864.] 12°. 

14162. a. 1.(3.) 

AGRA SINGH. ^^ e^>AJA=^ Lai [Kissah i 
Haklkat Ra'e. A story, in verse, on the persecu- 
tions suffered by Hakikat Ra'e, a Hindu saint, at 
the hands of Muhammadans.] pp. 20, lith. .ytJ i ma 
[LaUre, 1868.] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(1.) 

[Another edition.] ,^1 uvr [Lahore, 

1873.] 8°. 14162. f. 10.(7.) 

^ra" vloOo^i^dlf^ [Another edition.] 

pp. 20, lith. ^ytil I AVI [Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 

14162. f. 5.(1.) 

AHMAD. u*;'-^' fi^ "^ [Kissah i Tamim 
Ansari. The story of Tamim Ansari, and his 
visit to the land of jinns and fairies. A legend 
inverse.] pp.32,WA. .ytSiAAi [La/iore, 1881.] 8'^. 

14162. f. B.QS.) 

AHMAD, SuUdn. j^as-I Ji^ j^i^ ^^ [A Siharfi 
poem.] See Bahbal. ^! ij»p- ,^ [SiHarfi.] 
pp. 5-8. [1870 ?} 8°. ^ 14162. gg. 5.(1.) 

AHMAD YAR. t_>jj^ii <<-oi' [Kissah i Kamrup. 
The loves of Kamriip and Kamalata. A roman?e 
inverse.] pp. 72, Zi</i. ^j»'i iaai [ia/iore, 1881.] 8°.' 

, 14162. f. 9.(17.) 




'All HAIDAE. Jl^Jo* jir ^J^ ^^ [A SiHarfl 

poem, followed by a Barah-masah by Fa^l Shah.] 
pp. 16, Uih. j^i lAvi [Lahore, 1871.] 12°. 

14162. gg. 3. a.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. .yj i»v( 

[Lahore, 1871.] 12*. 14162. gg. 4.(1.) 

ALLAH BAISSH, called Ptaba. |^Uj Jj^ ^jy.- ^^ 
[Siharfi. t'our lore poems.] 2 pt. lith. ,yt1 iavi i 
[Lahore. 1879.] 12°. 14162. Vg- 3.(5.) 

AMAB DAS, Third Chtru. W W^ H l fvjtl 
hvJ«' 9 [ Anandu. Derotional bymn« of the Sikhs, 
composed by Onm Amar Das, consisting of 
40 yerses from Rag Ramkali of the Adi Granth.] 
pp. 26, lith. TSTtJff %W [Lahore, 1873.] oW. 12°. ' 

14162. b. L(l.) 

AMAS SnrOH. See Valmiki. ^ 9fH7 gW' ^d' ; 
[Ramiyana. A metrical translation by A. 6.] I 
[1886.] 8°. 14162. gg. 8. ! 

fU\id/^ UnrTTTH tfof* [Siharfi Rim- j 

nam. Yerses on the merit of inToking the name I 
Rama.] pp. 8, /i<A. lH}£3f^[AmriUar,l977.] 8°, 

14162. gg. L(7.) 

triyaQ. A collection of Christian tracts pab- 
lishcd by the American Tract Society.] 2 pt. 
rtSvJI* StM*-i» [Litdhiana, 1859-67.] 12°. 

14162. a. 4. 

AMIS SHAH, called Faki'r. *«) e.yM> tei 
^ji-m»-j ^/»>» [Kissah i Ra^rat Imam Hasan o 
Husain. A poem on the martyrdoms of Aasan 
and Husain. Followed by a Siharn poem by 
the author.] j^l [Lahore, \Blhl] 8'. 

14162. t. 2.(U.) 

AVATHADASAJI ^W* 0;^r}ldHl»ioO [Vichara^ i 
mala. A treatise un Vedanta philosophy.] 
pp. 32, lith. W^ s*^* [Lahore, 1873.] oU. 12°. 1 

14162. aa. j 

AHWAS 'Ali. ilafii. J^ ^'i [Kanikn i 'ishK. 
Ad exposition of Sufitim. Pt. i. containing 55 
poems by Balte Shah in the originnl PanjaLi, 
with a Hindustani commentary. Second edition.] 
pp. 152, /i<*. ytAil'* !»*» [Jalandhar, 1888.] 16°. 

14162. g. 5. 

[ AULAS. Wdx^ l H ni»!>f^tH3 [Ardas. A Sikb 
prayer for succoss in work.] See Sardha-pdrak. 
V^ «dl|Itf3^ [Sardha-purak.] pp. 161-173. 
[1887.] 8°'. 14162. c. 3.(3.) 

ARJJTS, Fifth Gvru. [For editions of the 
Granth, or Sacred book of the Sikhs originally 
compiled by Guru Arjun :] See Adi Grakth. 

^jL, ^Ci. L***^ [Sukhmani. A collection 

of Sikh devotional hymns by Guru Arjun, taken 
from Rag Gauri of the Adi Granth.] pp. 28, lith. 
j^l [Lahore, 1875 ?] 8°. 14162. c. 1.(4.) 

Compriting pp. 378-'l24 <if Trumpp't tranilationof tke Adi 

5>W<^ [Another edition.] pp. 80, lHh. 

^t [LcJutre, 1877.] obi. 12°. 14162. b. 1.(3.) 

Jl i/»~< *^ *^ [Kissah 

AEUSA BA'E. Jl Jy», ci^iu^J Jjt [Ghazal dar 

na't i rastil. Two short poems in praise of Mu- 
Bammad.] See Rosban. 

i nnh sas.] pp. 28-32. [1870.] 12° 

14162. f. 

Ju'J^ij [Pand-namali. A didactic poem.] 

8m Sa'd al-DiN. *—i^*i \sjij.i». ^J^j^-^t- [Si- 
Barfi.] p. 16. [1871.] 8°. 14162. gg. 5.(4.) 

^j^'^ J^j ^jif \Jj*-y^ [^■^ SiHarfl poem.] 

See Husain. Jl ^^ju..*- j** [Hir i Husain.] 

pp. 11-14. [1871.] 8°. 14162. gg. 5.(3.) 

ASHEAP. uJ^l jji^^«-. [A SiHarfl poom.] 
See HcsAiN. Jl ^jt-"^ ^ [Hir i I^usain.] 
pp. 8-11. [1871.] 8°. 

A8IM. .SVe iBBAHiM, Mavlavi. 

14162. gg. 5.(3.) 

ATAL, Qura. [Life.] See Uttam Sinoh. yJTW 
HT^ [Janam sakhi.] [1887.] 8°. 

14162. c. 3.(2.) 

'ATTAE SnrOH, Sardar. See Gobind Sinoii, Tenth 
Guru. The Rayhit nama of Pralad Rai . . . and 
Nand Lai's Rayhit nama, etr.. [Translated l>y 
Sardar 'A. 8.] 1876. 8°. 760. d. 34. 

See Sakhi-mamah. Sakhee book . . . Trans- 

lated from Gooroomnkhi into Hindi, and after- 
wards into English, by Sirdar Attar Singli. 
1873. 8°. 760. d. 33. 

B 2 



'ATTAR SINGH, Sarddr. See Sakhi-namah. The 
Travels of Guru Tegh Bahadar and Guru Gobind 
Singh. Translated [into English] ... by Sirdar 
Attar Singh. 1876. 12°. 760. b. 37. 

'AZIM. ^yi <U2» tjf/J^ <l-a» tiU-*^ Ifli ''^y»<F* 
[Kissah i Shamshad, Kissah i khetri, and Kissah 
i larka. Three short tales in verse.] pp. 16, lith. 
j^'i lAvr [Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. .yiS iavi 

[Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 14162. f. 9.(13.) 

BAHBAL. iJ.A».l jj^UaL* ^j^^^ y (J^ lsV^'c/" 
[Two STHarfis, or love poems, one by Bahbal, the 
other by Sultan Ahmad.] pp. 8, lith. .yfcil [Lahore, 
1870?] 8°. 14162. ffg. 5.(1.) 

BAHLOL, Munshl. See Bute Shah. A geo- 
graphical description of the Panjab . . . Trans- 
lated from the Persian ... by Munshi Bahlol. 
1866. 8°. 14162. i. 2. 

BAHU, Sviidn. ybU ci^yaa- (Ji^^ [Bait. A Sufi 
poem.] See Faeid Shakaeganj. ^^f-" >^,j> 'j^ *— -^ 
[Bait.] pp. 10-12. [1871.] ' 8°. 

14162. gg. 6.(7.) 

BALA. XJ^ TTfWHn^ [Janam sakhi. An 
account of the life of Guru Nanak.] pp. 780, 10, 
nth. «lvjd ott^o [Lahore, 1890.] fol. 

14162. d. 4. 

BALOPADESA. ^T?5 #ir^ [Balopadesa. A 
spelling book and primer.] pp. 32, lith. [Lahore, 
1874?] 12°. 14162. h. 

BTT^V^H [Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. 

j^'i [Lahore, 1876.] 16°. 14162. h. 

BARAK ALLAH. <tUI CJ,L> alyl [Anwa' i Barak 

Allah. A work on Muhammadan religious obser- 
vances.] -pp. 420, lith. j^'i I n r [ia/iore, 1 876.] 8°. 

14162. e. 11. 

BARDAH. W3 W3^§ [Bait, or SiHarfi verses.] 
pp. 16, lith. jy&'i HbS% [Lahore, 1876.] 12°. 

14162. gg. 1.(5.) 

BAR5HTJRDAR, Sdfz, called Hapiz. j h^ loJ 
jj^Us-Lo [Kissah i Mirza o Sahiban. A romance 
inverse.] pp. 12, K</i. ^ytH i^Ar [La/tore, 1882.] 8°. 

14162. f. 9.(16.) 

BARTH (Christian Gottlob) TTHKVWdot -cH «^ld^' 
[Dharampustak di varta. Earth's 'Bible Stories,' 
translated from the English.] pp. 242. 
<M>evJI^ «lMb [Ludhiana, 1858.] 12°. 14^162. a. 7. 

[Another edition.] pp. 369. ^SvJI^* Srt,M 

[Ludhiana, 1865.] 12°. 14162. a. 3. 

BEHAREE LALL. See Yihabi Lala. 

BHAQAT SINGH. See Khuseait, Amir. \i\i\MQ1d 
arawif*' [Bagh o Bahar. Translated by Bh. S.] 
[1885.] 8°. 14162. f. 3. 

BHANUDATTA. See Wallace {Sir D. M.) Gur- 
mukhi translation of " Russia " [by Pandit Bha- 
nudatta.] 1888. 4°. 14162. f. 15. 


•ggH W' I [The Bible, translated from the 
original languages into Panjabi by the Serampur 
missionaries.] 3 pt. J^^FfHyS" «lb<ld-<<'< [Serampur, 
1814-1 l.J 8°. 3068. dd. 34. 

Imperfect ; wanting the Sistorical and part of the Pro- 
phetical books. The New Testament bears the date 1811. 


Selections from Bible history, with practical 
reflections. (TT3H MFFoT ^CT vl<^l<Vi) [Dharam 
pustak da hawal.] pp. 120. Lodiana, 1849. 12°. 

14162. a. 6. 

Substance of the Bible, in Panjabi verse. XJBM 
yjT3^ ^T HTcT [Dharam pustak da sar.] pp. 18. 
Lodiana, 1865. 12°. 14162. a. 2.(5.) 

Old Testament. 

tr^HyFra^ f^' wre i?^ . . . w? wtt \ iiH^-di 

VfvIHT SrS] [The Book of Genesis, and the first 
twenty chapters of Exodus.] pp. 318. 
<W5\JI^ «)t«,? [Ludhiana, 1862.] 8°. 

3068. aaa. 16. 


ffr^T VrW^ Vf^ ■STcTT [The first twenty chapters 
of Exodus.] <M>SvJl3> «(ttf'^ [Luiihiana, 1862.] 8°. 
See above : Genesis, 3068. aaa. 16. 


TT3K yrraoCf^' riyd-e'' Wl" [The Psalms of 
David.] pp. 279. WSvJIiJ' <\t%^ [Ludhiana; 

1863.] 12°. 3068. aaa. 12. 




yJ \J)f Lr!'^J3i} [Zabur. Select Psalms, trans* 
lated into Panjabi.] pp. 16, lilh. (^^U« 
iSialkot, 1891.] 16°. • 3070. aa. 60. 


traPyd© ^3 HxIA I [The New TesUment, 
translated by the Serampnr misrionaries.] pp. 647. 
lf^Un{\^ '^[Serampur, 1811.] 8'. See above: 
BiBUL TI3H V^ Vol 8. [1814-11.] 8». 

3068. dd. 34. 

TT3HyiT3^ ... -^^ ^ THU %vI v?^ ^ 
[Anolber edition.] pp. 788. *sSvJ'3> «<ttt 
[Ludhiana, 1868.] 8". 3068. d. 19. 

Got pelt. 

0(0 dH [The Gospels and Acts of the Apostles.] 
pp. 448. «SvJl3' "ittlt [LiM^Aiana, 1866.] 8*. 

3068. ec. 6. 

[The Gospel of St. Matthew, translated into the 
Chamba dialect by Sohan Lai, from the Uindi ver- 
sion, and revised and edited by John Hatcheson.] 
pp. 202. [iMdhiana, 1883.] 8*. 3070. de. 28. 

Printed in tie rkaracter eolM TLiknri. wkemet tke tarn- 
guofe itttlfu nmetimr* called Takri. 

[The Sermon on the Monnt, reprinted from 
the complete edition of the Ooipel of St. Mat- 
thew.] pp. 22. [Ludhiana, 1887.] 8*. 

3070. de. 30. 

Printed in lit fkdkuri ekaraeter. 

XTTWyiryor .. . f^r? Har^H ^ .. . f^sy^WwrvTi 

[The Gospel of St. Mark.] pp. 94. Wgvj r ig, c^t^o 
[Ludhiana, I860.] 8°. 3068. aaa. 16. 


»?J|»HHT9Tg . . . frrrrar WoTTH ^ . . . ^^VWT ^ I 
[The Gospel of St. Luke] pp. 157. rt5vjl^ ^tio 
[Ludhiana, I860.] 12». 3068. aaa. 17. 

John, Oospel of. 

[The Gospel of St. John, translated into the 
Chamba dialect.] pp. 166. [Ludhiana, 1884.] 8°. 

3068. de. 20. 

Printtd in the Thdkuri ekaraeter. 


^awyjra^ ^W d^^'iG SCrS^ [The Acts of 
the Apostles.] pp. 150. w9\Ji^ '\^<\ [Ludhiana, 
1861.] 8°. 3068. aaa. 9. 

[Another edition.] WSTTT^ stt,*, [Ludhiana, 
1866.] 8°. See above : Ooipele. TigKyFa^ 
. . . Wft dy<»<e otddtf I pp. 348-448. 

3068. eo. 6. 


'^i^ d^rtr/l V^ JHTWft ^ I pp.63. «M>gvJ l 3> 
^fci<, [Ludhiana, 1866.] 8°. 3068. aa. 32. 

BISHir 8IH0H. vj^ltisf [Horachakra. An 
astrological tract.] pp. 16, lith. Wvjd s^^f 
[Lahore, 1880.] 8». 14162. i. 7.(1.) 

BTJDHI CHAVD, Son of Jtmd Rama. j^dJub ^^^U'. 
[Ramayana Hindi. The Ramayai^a story, in 
verse.] pp. 16, Uih. j^'i |Avr [Ln/iorr, 1872.] 8°. 

14162. gg. 5.(6.) 

BUDH SnVOH. afg %^Kor% [Bijai mnkti. A 
biography of Guru Gobin^ Singh.] pp. 308, lith. 
j^j^\ [AmriUar, 1889.] 8". 14162. f. 14. 

BITLLE 8HAH. I'-t J^ J.^^ [Kafiyan. Sufi 
poems.] pp. 48, lith. .ytl i*Ar [Lahore, 1882.] 8°. 

14162. gg. 3.(6.) 

(««-) I jKAJ jJK [Fifty-five poems by 

B. Sh. with a Hindustani commentary.] See 
Anwab 'Au, Hdfit. jfie ^y'i [Kanun i 'ishk.] 
[1888.] 16». 14162. g. 6. 

John, Ootpel of. 

^TUMujra^ . . . %;rT? ^tTth argw fi ... 

^f^Wr vf I [The Oospel of St. John.] pp. 120. 
rtSvl'* ^^ [L«</Aiai»a, 1861.] 12". 

3068. aaa. 21. 

^ ^li m i < ! Hl Wi ?Tqft [A SiHarfl poem.] 

pp. 16. ^ stt« [Bomfcay, 1884.] 16°. 

14162. g. 1.(4.) 

BUUYAN (JoHx) f^yyl WHT2? ^ tTT^T 
[Yisui mnsaphar di jatra. Bunyaii's ' Pilgrim's 
Progress,' in Panjabi.] pp. 144. w9vji^ stH« 
[lyudhiana, 1859.] 12". 14162. a. 6. 

BUSIBI. See MuHiUMAn ibn Sa'id, liuilrl. 





BUT A, Shdlhaf. Jl>. ^ \i,, lai [Kissah i Roda 
o Jalali. The story of Prince Roda of Balkh 
and Jalali, the blacksmith's daughter. A romance, 
inverse.] pp. hi ,lith. j^l ir^r {Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 

14162. f. 12.(3.) 

BUTA BAU. ^-J'j dJ-^l ^ ^joM iJk^Lj>- [Chashmah 
i faiz. An abstract of the tenth skandha of the 
Bhagavatapurana, in verse.] pp. 10, Zi</i. <x!'yl^ji 
iChi^ranwala, 1876 ?] 16°. 14162, aa. 

BUTE SHAH, A geographical description of the 
Panjab, in Panjabi. Translated from the Persian 
of Bute Shah, by Munshi Bahlol. Second edition. 
pp. xi. 146. Lodiana, 1866. 8°. 

14162. i. 2. 

a fd*^ V^ § [Priya Farsi padon ke. An ex- 
planation of Persian words occurring in the 
Granth.] pp. 36, lith. ^-J^l [Amritsar, 1888.] 8°. 

14162. c. 4.(1.) 


[Charbaita Misar te sahukarni, or The avaricious 
priest and the banker's wife. A tale in verse.] 
pp. 8, lith. Wf^rra" [Amritmr, 1877.] 16°. 

14162. g. 3.(2.) 

CHIRAGH i DIN. See 'Add al-HAiT (Chiragh i 
Din) called Sewadae. 

DARal-SHU'A. liiJI ^b [Dar al-shifa. A work 
on medicine, in verse.] pp. 72, lith. ,yfcD [Lahore, 
1872.^] 8°. 14162.1.4.(1.) 

vfw^ f^r^ -dldii H^T y^m^ -anfT [Ano- 

ther edition.] pp. 184, lith. ^JjbJ [Delhi, 1875.] 8°. 

14162. i. 5.(1.) 

lAiJUj [Another edition.] See Muhammad 

'IsA. J! 4^ji^ [Khair manukh.] [1877.] 8°. 

14162, i. 4.(4.) 

DAYAL SINGH. A- JV.'i ^ [A Siharfi poem.] 

pp. 8, K<A. j^l i*v. [ia^ore,' 1870.] 8°. 

14162. gg. 1.(1.) 

In the Ourumukhi character ; the title-page onli) being in 
the Persian character. 

f^TviarS^ [Another edition.] pp. 8, lith 

«lvjd S«i?S [Lahore, 1875.] 8°. 14162. gg. 

DEVIDATALA, Hakim, j^yiar* j ^JJt lai' [Kissah 
i Laila o Majniim. The story of Laila and 
Majniin, in verse.] pp. 32, K<A. .ybll ita* [Lahore, 
I860.] 8°. 14162> f. 10.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, /i'<A. .ybSirAv 

[Lahore, 1870.] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(2.) 

n)^ i < <*"*" *^ [Kissah i SassI o Punnun. 

The story of the loves of Sassi and Punniin, in 
verse.] pp. 20, Zt<A. .ytS itav [Lahore, 1870.] 8°. 

14162. f. 10.(2.) 

DHARMAMARGA. TJBH HT3^ [Dharmamarga. 
The teachings of the Christian religion, in verse.] 
pp. 136. (WevJI^' Ifc^ [Ludhiana, 1864.] 12°. 

14162. a. 1.(4.) 

DHARMASARA. TiBK HTar [Dharmasara. Chris- 
tian instruction in verse.] pp. 36. <5^9vjio sbiM 
[Ludhiana, 1865.] 12°. 14162. a. 1.(10.) 

DIDAR BAOSH. ^J^^^ [A Siharfi pOem, 

followed by another by Niir 'Ali Shah.] pp. 8, lith. 
j^'i [Lahore, 1875?] 8°. 14162. gg. 5.(10.) 

DITT SINGH, called Gyani. ' T^ TTB <»>l<«>o( ^W^ 

3JW [Guru Nanak prabodh. An account of the 
life and religious teachings of Nanak Baba.] 
pp. 156. i6\\id [Lahore, 1890.] 12°. 

14162. bb. 1. 

EPHEMERIDES.. Jjl T^j yiif^^TT . . . ^^^ cji^^o 

[Tithi-patrika. An almanac for the Samvat year 
1930.] pp. 32, ZtWi. [Lahore, 1874.] oW. 8°. 

14162. i. 10. 

FAKIR. See Amir Shah, called Fakir. 

FAKIR. CLJ^Sl ^Ua-l [Akhbar al-akhirat. An 
account, in verse, of the resurrection-day, and a 
future existence.] pp. 7'3, lith. .jiS lAvr [Lahore, 
1872.] 8\ 14162. e. 2.(7.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 72, lith. ,^»ill Usi 

[Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 14162. e. 1.(6.) 

FAKIR ALLAH. Jt^^i <^yi=r-<> >-A>Ji. c:^ [Na't 
i sharif. A hymn of praise to Muhammad.] 
See Imam Bakhsh. Jl ^ J'-*'^ gp'.J^ • • • '•^ 

[Kissah Badi' al-Jamal ka.] p. 107. [1876.] 8°.- 

14162. f. 8.(9.) 





FAED FAKIR. Jj Ji^j [Roshan-dil. A reli- 
gions poem.] pp. 28, liih. ^ybJ ir*A [Lahore, 
1870.] 8°. 14162. c. L(l.) 

[Another edition.] pp.28, Uih. .ybl in. 

{.Lahore, 1872.] 8». 14162. c. 2.(U 

FASID BA08H. ^_^ Joy «.s,uj [A SiBarfi 
poem.] pp. 8, lHh. jfA [LaAore, 1870 ?] 8°. 

14162. ^. 3.(2.) 

0<vld^ ^d^x? HVH [Another edition.] 

pp. 8, /<<A. jyr^ <»t*< [LaAor«, 1872.] 12'>, 

14162. re. 1.(3.) 

lj^ *V/ 1^ -.'.' [Another edition.] pp. 8. 

Mth. j^\ [Lai^ore, 1872.] 8°. 14162. gg- 4.(2.) 

FARID SHAKAROAHJ. J^}^ Sij l^li cw^ [Bait. 

A Sufi poem, followed by others bj Mahram Shah 
and Saltan Bahii.] pp. 16, li<A. j^ i*vi [LaAor«, 
1871.] 8». 14162. re. 6.(7.) 

[Another edition.] .yil i»»r [LaAor«, 

1882.] 8*. 14162. re- «•«•) 

jif^ My 'jV «ij^»- »;«— [Shajrah i 

ha^rat Baba Farid Shakarganj. The genealogy 
of Farid Shakarganj.] See lulu al-Dix. 
t^A <>.l^'v- ^IjJ'^ h^ff [Shajrah i khdndan i 
Chiahtiyah.] [1879.] 8*. 14162. e. 2.a4.) 

FATH al-DOI. jyljjji* j\* *^ [I^issah i nahr i 
Firozpur. A poem on the Firozpur canal.] See 
McHAHitAD Shah. ,X s^J-t*" '^ [^iasah i 
Hayat nil.] pp. 14-16. [1870!] 12°. 

14162. £ 2.(1.) 

FAZL SHAH, i^ J^ lU ^I^U [A Barah-misah 
poem.] See 'Aii ^idax. 3 j,xj^ ^Jx. ij^ ^» 

[SiBarfi.] pp. 8-16. [1871.] 12». 

14162. re- 3.(1.) 

c!?*^ J • J^ *** [Kizsah i Laila o MajnQn. 

The story of the lovei of Laila and Majnun, in 
verse,] pp. 130, WA. jfA ir«i [LaAor*, 1872.] 8°. 

14162. t 12.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 128, /i^. .yk) i*vr 

\Ltikore, 1872.] 8". 14162. 1 13.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 130, /if/t. ,JL»j irir 

\fitlhx, 1877.] 8*. 14162. f. 11.(2.) 

FAZL SHAH, ^yu ^ ^^•'^ *^ [Kissah i Sassi o 

Punnun. A romance, in verse.] pp. 60, lith. 
^i I Air [DeiAt, 1862.] 8°. 14162. £ 12.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 64, lith. .^i irAA 

[Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 14162. f. 11.(1.) 

J'yUy.* yc**^ [Sohni Mahinwal. The 

story of the lovea of Sohni, the potter's daughter, 

and Mahinwal, prince of Bukhara. A romance, 

inverse.] pp. 40,/i<A.^^l rrAv [laAore, 1870.] 8". 

14162. f. 12.(2.) 
Wamtiugpp. 9—16. 

[Another edition.] pp. 20, lith. .ybl 

[Lahore, 1876 ?] 8». 14162. 1 11.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 40, lith. .ybJ 

[Lahore, 1876 1] 8". 14162. f. 13.(2.) 

"^raf^ TtTO H l fvmo(1 [Another edition.] 

pp. 56, lith. jjti i»»i« [Lahore, 188i.] 8'". 

14162. t 6.(8.) 

OAVOA RAK. JjL»._j^ aoi [Kissah i Cropichand. 
The story of Gopichand, king of Dhar, who 
became a mendicant. A legend, in verse.] 
pp. 8, WA. j^t iA»r [Lahore, 1872.] 12°. 

14162. f. 2.(3.) 

A MiiS ,JUk^ [Sohni. The story of 

Sohni, the potter's daughter, and Mahinwal, 
prince of Bukhara. Aromance,in verse.] pp.8,^7A. 
j^l iA,i [Lahore, 1871.] 12°. 14162. f. 2.(2.) 

— ^ [Another edition.] pp. 8, lith. .ybJ i«*. 
[Lahore, 1880.] 12°. 14162. f. 

OASOA SnrOH. ^1^1 Jj a^ [Kissah i Dilarum. The 
story of the loves of Dilshank, prince of Bakharn, 
and Dilaram, princess of Khutan. A romance, in 
verse.] pp. 39, lith. ^ysl i».r [Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 

14162. f. 9.(10.) 

[Kissah i Ha^^rat 
An account, in verse, of the mar- 


Imam Kasim 

tyrdom of Kasim, son of Hasan.] pp. 16, lith. 

jf\ ir** [Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 14162. e. 1.(2.) 

fJ^ *V«I \^jj.o»- s^jS^ Jj [Another 

edition.] pp. 16, lith. ^ybl [Laliore, 1875 ?] 8°. 

14162. e. 2.(6.) 

^VLAK.' See Sikandar Khan, called G^ulam. 





OHTJLAM, Pupil of Afufa Bd'e. ^li. ^JJa-^-M 
[A Sibarfi poem.] See Hosain. JI ^^J^^..^^^ 

[Hlr i liusain.] pp. 14-16. [1871.] 8°. 

14162. gg. 5.(3.) 

raUlAM FARID. J^^ [Kafiyan. Sufi songs.] 
pp. 20, nth. ^ji (AAr {Bareli, 1882.] 8°. 

14162. ss. 5.(12.) 

GHULAM HUSAIN. c^yV* Jr^ ['ishK i majazi. 
Love verses.] pp. 8, lith, ,^1 i^vr [Lahore, 

1872.1 12°. 14162. gg. 3.(4.) 

JiMM) |»U1 ei.>-fl»- J^>^jf cljoI^ yj [Zikr 

i shahadat i farzandan i hazrat Imam Muslim. 
An account, in verse, of the martyrdoms of tlie 
sons of Imam Muslim ibn 'Aliil.] pp. 40, lith. 
j^i lAvv [Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 14162. e. 1.(9.) 

GHULAM NABI. c:^*i jd l^y^ [Gharoll. Verses 
in praise of Muhammad. Followed by Hulyah 
i sharif, or a description of the Prophet, and two 
other short poems.] pp. 16, lith. .ytll [Lahore, 
1870?] 8°. 14162. e. 2.(2.) 

GHULAM EASUL, of Adilgarh. See 'Abd al-KADiE 
ibn MusA, Jildni. <Oo^ '^.j^ iSiJ-J-ai' [Kasidah 
sharifah ghauslyah. With a metrical paraphrase 
in Panjabi by Gh. R.] [1876.] 8°. 

14519. e. 12.(3.) 

xL» ^JiSj [A Barah-masah poem.] pp. 8, lith. 

j^^\ [Amritsar, 1870 ?] 16°. 14162. g. 4.(1.) 

Jl J^«-« i}t"J '"i^*" [Hulyah i rasvil i 

makbiil. A description, in verse, of the personal 
appearance of Muhammad. Followed by Kissah 
i hazrat Bilal, or the story of the mu'azzin Bilal, 
with an extract from the Masnawi i ma'nawi of 
Jalal al-Din Riimi on the margin, and Hulyah i 
Ghaus al-a'zam, or a description of the saint 'Abd 
al-Kadir JilanI, by the same author.] pp. 14, 
lith. j^i [Lahore, 1870 ?] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(5.) 

aJjJ _<X« S»^ jjSIm^ jJ^ _J^ [Madh i pir 

dastglr. Two poems in praise of 'Abd al-Kadir 
Jilani.] pp. 16, ?M. jfH [Lahore, 1812?] 12°. 

14162. s^. 3.(3.) 

JacSI i^jc c:..>ii't<^J [Mankibat Ghaus al- 

s'zam. A short poem in praise of 'Abd al-Kadir 

Jilani.] See Faeid Shakaeqanj. Jj^ Ij'j d 

Ji^ [Bait.] p. 12. [1882.] 8°. 

^ 14162. QQ, 6.(5.) 

Jl tjiiK) b jttJ [Namaz ba ma'ni.'- Arabic 

prayers, with Panjabi interlineary translations 
and rubrics.] pp. 16, lith. .ybH f rAA [Lahore, 
1871.] 8°. 14519. d. 13.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, ii<fe. .ytS irir 

[Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 14519. d. 13.(5.) 

«-j'dl^ 1^5 . ^S-i [Pakki roti. A collection 

of Muhammadan traditions and religious precepts, 
rites, and observances.] pp. 16, lith. .ytll itaa 

[Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 14162. e. 2.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. .JbS lAvr 

[Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 14162. e. 4.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, h'<7i-. .^fcH i*vi* 

[Lahore, 1874.] 8°. 14162. e. 5.(2.) 

[Another edition. Followed by Nasihat- 

namah, a religious poem by the author.] pp. 16, 
lith. j^'i irlH= [Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 

14162. e. 1.(10.) 

yjK jjj. ^<io [Pakki roti kalan. A con- 

siderably enlarged edition of the Pakki roti.] 
pp. 96, lith. j^l I rAA [Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 

14162. e. 5.(1.) 

[Second edition.] pp. 56, • lith. .aI 

[Lahore, 1872 ?] 8°. 14162. e. 1.(7.) " 

[Another edition.] pp. 96, h'ffc. .ytH lAvr 

[iaAore,' 1873.] 8°. 14162. c. 

[Another edition.] pp. 96, lith. .j»lf i avi 

[Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 14162. e. 7. 

[Another edition.] pp. 96, ?i<7i. .jftl i aw 

[Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 14162. e. 4.(3.) 

lii^i Ls"*" [Sassi Punnun. The story of 

the loves of Sassi and Punnun, in verse.] pp. 16, 
lith. j^l [Lahore, IBnOt'] 8°. 14162. f. 10.(6.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, H<A. .^1 iavi 

[iya^iore, 1871.] 8°. 14162. f. 10.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, Zif/t. .ytiS iaa, 

[Lahore, 1880.] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(14.) 





^TTIAM RASUL, of AdHgarh. [Sassi o Pannun. 
Another edition.] pp. 16, /ilA. .jftJ u*!* [Lahore, 
1884.] 8°. 14162. t 9.(19.) 

V^U J^^ |JU ^j)^ Uly* ^j^ ^ [A 

SiBarfi poem.] See Kadib Yak. Jl A«U ^|/^ 

[Mi'raj-nimah.] pp. 50-52. [1875?] 8°. 

14162. e. 5.(3.) 

[Another edition.] See Kadib Yab. ^}/^ 

iUi [Mi'rij-namah.] pp. 50-52. [1877.] 8°. 

14162. e. 2.(13.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 8, lith. jSi 

[Lahore, 1880!] 12'. 14162. gg. 3.(1L) 

[Another edition.] See ^dib Yab. 

*JV>, [Mi'raj-nimah.] pp. 50-52. [1882.] 8». 

14162. e. I.a2.) 

— ^^ sjj <sAij [WafSt-namah. An account, in 
▼erne, of the death of Muhammad.] pp. 12, lilh. 
j^i ir»* [Lahore, 1871.] 8". 14162. e. 2.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 12, lith. ^yb]>rii 

[Lahore, 1873.] 8«. 14162. «. 1.(6.) 

OITA&ATHAKALA. (jfddjiAHTWTii [Gitaratna- 
mala. Christian hymns translated from the 
Hindostani.] pp. 103. «SvI»3^ ^tH [iMdhiana, 
1876.] 12'. 14162. ». 1.(13.) 

OOBnrS SmOH, Tenth Ch»r%. [Life.] 8m Bijdb 
SntGB. ^ ^ftWolCrf [Bijai mukti.] 

Religion and doetrinea. See SiKBl-SAltAH. 

Sakheo book, etc. 

Travels. See Sakhi-kamab. The trareli 

of . . . Gum Gobind Singh, etc. 

1W* tf^^ ^T3 [Cha^di di war. Verses 

in praise of the goddess Darga.] pp. 24, lilh. 
7^ <\tto[Lakore,l8BO.] obi. 12°. 14162. g. 2.(1.) 

"Q^ ?K aj^ [Daa granthi. The Granth, 

or Sacred Scriptures of Gam Gobind Singh, 
consisting of seren books, composed partly by 
the 6am himself, partly by his coort poets, vix.i 
(1) Japji, (2) Akil nstnt, (3) Vichitra natak, 
(4 and 5) Chandi-charitra, in tvro parts, (6) Chandi 
di war, and (7) Gyan-prabodh.] lilh. W\3d skko 
[Lahore, 1880.] obi. W. 14162. b. 6. 

Maek boot luu a MparmU paginatiom. 

Translation of the " Vichitra NAtak "... 

a fragment of the Sikh Granth, entitled " The 

Book of the Tenth Pontiff" [by Guru G. S.] By 
Captain G. Siddons. (Journal of the Asiatic 
Society of Bengal. Vol. xix. and xx.) Calcutta, 
1850-51. 8". 2098. a. 

The Jirtt fire ehaptert only. Apparently no more publitked. 

ridlAIKr VT3HTvr* -lo [Jang-namah i 

padshahl das. An account in verse of the wars 
of Guru Gobind Singh.] pp. 16, lith. «lvjd Stti 
[Lahore, 1881.] 8". 14162. f. 1.(6.) 

The Rayhit nama of Pralad Rai, or The 

excellent" conversation of the Duswan Padsha, 
and Nand Lai's Rayhit nama, or Rules for the 
guidance of the Sikhs in religious matters. [Con- 
taining some of Guru Gobind Singh's religious 
precepts, said to have been made known by him 
to his disciple Prahlad Ra'e, and to his maternal 
uncle Nand Lai. Translated from the Panjabi 
by Sardar 'Attar Singh.] pp. 6, 11. Lahore, 
1876. 8». 760. d. 34. 

^j>_y^<i jJb'-i^_J 1,'J Jio TJ^dAIHT 

I41 jl*ii\i1 ^0 [Zafar-namah. A Persian poem 
describing the wars of Guru Gobind Singh, 
popularly ascribed to himself, with an interlincary 
translation into Panjabi by Narayan Singh. The 
whole in Gummukhi characters.] pp. 137, lith. 
j^j^ i*Ai [Avmitar, 1889.] 8". Pen. 1025. 

QOPAL SIHOH, Son of Jawdhir Singh. fo[W 
><««Ti«x:i [Kiiiah i malik-sadah. A love-tale, 
in verse.] pp. 28, lith. j-^j^ i**^ [Amrltaar, 
1876.] 8^ 14162. f. 6.(6.) 

foTJTT \?tT y?5T MldHlvItllt/l oTT [Kisiah 

i Panj-phiilaQ badshah-zadi. A fairy tale, in 
verse.] pp. 24,/i<A. ^-J;-,! [^mrifaar, 1876.] 8". 

14162. £ 6.(9.) 

1)^;)^ Ju &df [Another edition.] pp. 16, 
WA. jJ^j^ [Amritear, 1880?] 8°. 14162. £ 9.(14.) 


J^C^J^ '^ *^ [Kissah i Shah Bahramgor, 

or the story of Bahramgor, king of Persia, and 
the fairy Hasan Bano. A romance, in verse.] 
pp. 20,/t<A. [LoAore, 1880?] 8". 14162. f. 8.(16.) 

GOSPEL. The Gospel commended. H(i|<f4MMIx)ld 
t?^ 9 ?T7 [Mangal Samachar potbi de gun. A 
Christian tract, in verse.] pp. 4. Lodiana, 
1866. 12». 14162. a. 9.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 8. c?9vjic5 <itSo 

[Ludhiana, 1870.] 32°. 14162. a. 8.(3.) 






fantry. Translation of the Rifle Exercise, 1875, 
for native troops armed with breech and muzzle- 
loading rifles, pp. 128, lith. Lahore, 1877. 8°. 

14162. i. 3.(2.) 

GURBAEBSH SINGH. foOTT Hjf" H$ [Kissah i 
Sassi Punnun. The story of the loves of Sassi 
and Punniin, in verse.] pp. 8, lith. WifSEU 
[Amritsar, 1876.] 12°. 14162. f. 1.(1.) 

GTJR DAS. ^rgf diyT 'i\d-dlkfTi^ [Waran. Sikh 
devotional songs.] pp. 256, lith. wiijd [Lahore, 
1879.] 8°. 14162. c. 3.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 256, lith. wiyd 

S«i8^ [Lahore, 1889.] 8°. 14162, gg. 9.(4.) 

GURDIT SINGH. V^ \ [vJ6iltf W^W [Prahlad 
lila. The mythological story of the Daitya 
Prahlad and his devotion to Vishnu.] pp. 16, 
lith. «l!jd «l<s.^^ [Lalwre, 1882.] 8°. 

14162. f. 5.(12.) 

GURlffTrKH SINGH. HMfdldo( [Sudha rarak. A 
lecture on social and religious reform.] pp. 84, 
lith. ?9T^? <»tbt [Lahore, 1888.] 8°. 

14162. i. 

GYANI. See Ditt Singh. 

HAFIZ, See Barkhprdar, Hdfiz. 

HAFI^, Shlrdzi. ^^-=p^ l3»'-=- J\)i,i^ [Diwan. 
Persian text, accompanied by a translation into 
Panjabi verse by Muhammad Husain Ahmada- 
badi.] Pt. i. lith. j^'i ir,^ [Lahore, 1890, etc.] 8°. 

Pers. 1039. 
HAMID. j^U.^U.1 [Akhbar i Hamid. A Mu- 
hammadan account, in verse, of the creation, with 
traditions regarding the day of resurrection and a 
future state.] pp. 308, lith. .ytS irii- [Lahore, 
1876.] 8°. 14162. e. 8. 

I — sji»- ^Lc! ci£,.^». juU LlXia- [Jang-namah 

i Imam Hanif, also called Kissah i Shah Hanif, 
and Kissah i Imam Hanaf i. An account, in verse, 
of the wars between Imam Hanif and the Caliph 
Yezid.] See below : ,jJ-cU! (ij,.ia. l.aS [Kissah 
i hazrat Imamain.] pp. 225-256. [1870.?] 8°. 

14162. e. 9.(2.) 

t__ftjis>- x'-i 4-fl9 [Another edition.] pp. 32, 

lith. j^i I ^^r [Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 14162. f. 9.(6.) 

HAMID. i_ftJJr«. ^Ul *<UJa»- [Another edition.] 
pp. 32, lith. lAAie [Lahore, 1884.] 8°. 

14162. f. 8.(23.) 

CS*^ 1*''^' '^ "^^ t/rS*'-*' *-=-y^ '-as [Kissah 

i ha:;rat Imamain. An account, in verse, of the 
battle of Karbala, and the martyrdom of Hasan 
and Husain. Followed by the author's Jang- 
namah i Imam Hanif.] pp. 256, lith. .ytH 
[Lahore, 1870.?] 8°. 14162. e. 9.(2.) 

[Another edition of the two poems.] 

pp. 256, lith. j^l lAvr [Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 

14162. e. 3. 

Ji.«'js- u-ftjJuaj <CcU^i»- [Another edition of 

Kissah i hazrat Imamain only, under the title 
of Jang-namah.] pp. 240, lith. .^SiS [Lahore, 
1876.] 8°. 14162. e. 9.(1.) 

HARNAM SINGH. ^iAMIvJ ^TWr [Tankhwah- 
nama. A treatise, in verse, on the fines paid by 
Sikhs at a Guru's shrine as penalties for irregu- 
larities in ceremonial observances.] pp. 18, lith. 
lWJf?H3- [Amritsar, 1885.] 32°. 14162. b. 

HAR PHDLAN-DE. i^Ai2l^ ^la. [Har phulan-de. 
A poem on the sports of Krishna with the milk- 
maids.] pp. 8, lith. [Lahore, 1870?] 16°. 

14162. g. 4.(2.) 
HASHIM. fo(FT HTf" V^ [Kissah i Sassi Punniin. 
The story of the loves of Sassi and Punniin, in 
verse.] pp. 16,Ztf/i. W^ «ifc5^ [La/tore, '1873.] 8°. 

14162. f. 6.(2.) 

»<i,la> jjjyb ^Aujw [Another edition.] pp.16,' 

lith. j^i [Lahore, 1874.?] 8°. 14162. f. 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. .ytl 

[Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 14162. f. 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. .ybS 

[Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 14162. f. 

fcdfli ^W jH [Another edition in Devanagari 

characters.] pp. 16, lith. ^ytU [Lahore, 1879.] 8°. 

14162. f. 5.(10.) 

4>laJ jjP/J^ ''^ [Kissah i Shirin Farhiid. 

The story of the loves of ShIrIn, the Persian 
princess, and Farhad, a carpenter of Armenia. A 
romance, in verse.] pp. 31, lith. .ycU [Lahore, 
1872.] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(7.) 

foWT rfldldOJOI-e [Another editioti.] 

pp. 32, lith. 76^ '\<t^,^ [Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 

14162. f. 5.(7.) 





HAZABA SIKOH. 8es Nazir Ahhad, Khan 
Bahadur. ^rtvJA ^3V^ [Dulhan-darpan. A 
Panjabi translatioD by H. S. of the Hindustani 
Mi'rat al-'arus.] [1890.] 16°. 14162. ee. 1. 

fflDAYAT ALLAH. Jl ^J^ a- [Five SiBarfi 

religions poems, a Barah-masah and other mis- 
cellaneous verses.] pp. 24, lith. ^ybl [/.aAore, 
1870 r] 8". 14162. re. 5.(2.) 

— ^— [Another edition.] pp. 24, liih. jjxt « « v r 
[Lahore, 1872.] 8». 14162. gg. 6.U.) 

[Another edition, with the addition of 

another SiBarfi poem.] pp. 32, lilh. ^yil i»»i- 
[Lahore, 1883.] 8°. 14162. gg. 7.(2.) 

i £[nsain. The story of the loves of Hir and 
Ranjha, in verse. Followed by Siharfi poems 
by Ashraf, Arura Ra'c and Ghulam.] pp. 16, 
Uth. j^\ I AVI iLaltore, 1871.] 8^. 

14162. gg. 6.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, /i7A. ^kl tA«r 

{Lahore, 1872.] 8*. 14162. gg. 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, /iV/i. .j»J i»*r 

[Lahore, 1873.] V. 14162. gg. 6.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, Uth. .yil i »Ar 

[Lahore, 1883.] 8<>. 14162. gg. 7.U.) 

^BAn, Maviavl. ^^JlIaW'' iUJuJ [Tanbih al- 
jahilin. Teachings of the Muhammadan religion, 
inverse.] pp. 16,WA. ^l»/J'-*-.[6't■a/A•o^l875?] 8». 

14162. e. 2.U2.) 

HTJTCHE80V (Johx) See Bible.— New Testa- 
ment. — ifdtthew. [The Gospel of St. Matthew, 
translated into the Chamba dialect by Sohan 
Lai, and revised and edited by J. H.] [1883.] 8". 

3070. de. 28. 

IBBAHIX, Alaulavi, called A^iii. See Sa'di. 
^^'jku ^'jj f»'j*-* '"-^.J [Pand-namah, commonly 
called Karima. A didactic poem in Persian, ac- 
companied by a translation into Paojabi verse 
by ManUvi Ibrahim.] [1890.] 8°. 

IT.AHI BAQ8H. xii^y [Nur-namah. An ac- 
coanl in verse of the mysterious light which 
appeared at the birth of Muliammad.] pp. 8, lilh. 
jfA [Lahore, 1870 7] 8«. 14162. e. 2.(9.) 

IKAH BAOSH. ^'jfu J^y^ ^Jj ^ Ji*. [Chandar- 

badan. A love-tale in verse.] pp. 24, Uth. 
j^% t*«l [Lahore, 1879.] 8". 14162. i 9.(12.) 

HxHi T?irfdV<x?<S [Another edition.] pp. 4-1-, 

lUh. ?5Tgg «»bt? [Lahore, 1882.] 8°. 14162. £ b.(VU 

^ Jl-««^ p-i>*J **» [Kissah Badi* al-Jamal 

ka. The story of Badi' al-Jamdl, princess of 
China, and her lovers. A romance in verse.] 
pp. 112, WA. j^t i»vr [Lahore, 1872.] 8*. 

14162. f. 10.(5.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 112, Uth. .ybH t»vi 

[Lahore, 1876.] 8«>. 14162. t 9.(16.) 

[Another edition. Followed by a hymn of 

praise to MuKammad by Falcir Allah.] pp. 107,'i'(/i. 
j^'i inr [Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 14162. t 8.(9.) 

J^ (•V? *^ [Kissah i Bahramgor. The 

story of King Bahram and the fairy Banii. A 
legend in verse.] pp. 48, /iM. .j»J i*»i [Lahov, 
1871.] 8°. 14162. f. 9.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 48, Uth. ^j»l i«vr 

[Lahore, 1872.] 8». 14162. f. 10.(4.) 

fa(HI ITTI tl^vId'H oTT [Another edition.] 

pp. 64, Uth. Ai9d i*vi [Lahore, 1876.] 8». 

14162. f 6.(4.) 

DfAMal-DiH. ^^'jku ^^^bj^^jJu^jj [Badr i Munir. 
A romance in verse.] pp. 40, /i</i. .ytJ i A*r 
[Lahore, 1882.] 8°. 14162. f. 10.(10.) 



1jjl». >/■*" [Shajrah i khandan 
i CJhishtiyah. A genealogical table of the Chishti 
Order of faKirs. Followed by the genealogy of 
Farid Shakarganj.] pp. 4, Iv<A. .ytl •*»< [LaJinre, 
1879.] 8*. 14162. e. 2.(14.) 

nrDIA. — Leffielaiive CounrH. go(i rfW3^ ^t ^ 
t^H^ <ttt,k [Act XXVIII. of 1868.] pp. 24, Uth. 
?5TlJg U»o [LflWe, 1870.] 8^ 14162. i. 3.(L) 

JA BAKH8H. A«'J <>»^ [Charkhah-namah, or 
The spinning- wheel. A poem on domestic duties.] 
See RosHAN. Jl ,j,^ ti t^ [Kissah i nuh saa.] 

pp. 20-28. [1870.] 12°. 14162. t 

JAIKAL DAS. facfir o(M-{1d|o(l [kissah Kaljug 
ka. A poem on the sins of the Kaliyuga.] 
pp. 16, Uth. WT^ stW [Lahore, 1882.] 12°. 

14162. gg. 1.(10.) 

c 2 





JAMAL al-DIN. joUaJl *j^ SLaJi [Kissah i Tamim 
Ansari. The story of Tamim Ansari, and his 
visit to the land of jinns and fairies. A legend 
inverse.] pp. 36, K<A. .yt^ itaa [Lahore, I860.] 8°. 

14162. f. 9.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 48, lith. .jitii iaw 

[Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 14162. f. 10.(8.) 

In Arabic characters. 

J AN AM SAKHI. Vf^ Tf<WFnV' [Janam sakhi. 
An account of the life and teachings of Nanak 
Baba.] pp. viii. 589, lith. wivjd Sfc*1 [Lahore, 
1871.] fol. 14162. d. 3. 

Janam sdkhi, or The biography of Guru 

Ndnak, founder of the Sikh religion, pp.iv. 461. 

Dehra Bun, 1885. 8°. 14162. c. 5. 

A facsimile reproduction by photozincography from a MS. 

The Janam-Sakhi of Baba Nanak [trans- 

lated into English.] See Am Gkanth. Adi 
Granth, . . . translated ... by E. Trumpp. (Intro- 
ductory Essays.) 1877. 8°. 780. i. 

JESUS CHRIST. %>rr;V ^T ^^Wrj^ n [Iman da 
bayan.] Faith in Christ. [A Christian hymn.] 
pp. 6. Lodiana, 1866. 12°. 14162. a. 9.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 12. (S^Svjic? «)t*o 

[Ludhiana, 1870.] 16°. 14162. a. 8.(2.) 

"g^ f^SAToT^ ^CT rf^ 66cM [fsa nihka- 

lank da ji uthna. A Christian poem on the birth 
of Jesus Christ.] pp. 23. w2vJiO «ifcf{8 [Ludhiana, 
1864.] 12°. 14162. a. 2.(1.) 

"B^ fV>vJolAo( 1^ T?^ [Isa nihkalank 

di maut. A Christian poem on the death of 
Jesus Christ.] pp. 48. (5^9vJic5 •ibSfd [Ludhiana, 
1864.] 12°. 14162. a. 2.(2.) 

The Lord Jesus Christ. ^fF ^TJfH Hifkr 

^ '^fXWE II [Prabhu Yisu Masih di babat. A 
Christian hymn.] Lodhiana, 1867. s. sh. 8°. 

1892. d. 2.(47.) 
JILAITI. See 'Abd al-KADiR ibn Musa, Jlldni. 

jiWA SINGH, if^ Tfl<^lfMitJ [Janj. Verses sung 
or recited at marriage festivals.] pp. 8, lith. 
j^'i \^^r [Lahore, 188Z.'] 12°. 14162. gg. 1.(13.) 

JOG SINGH. t?tf^ ^ fi?ar vf^ gt^ ^ [Hir 
Eanjha. The story of the loves of Hir and 
Ranjha, in verse.] pp. 79, lith. wivjd <l<i^* 
[Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 14162. f. 7.(1.) 

JOG SINGH, vf^ ^3T^^ar5^ [Another edition.] 
pp. 64, lith. j^i lAAi [Lahore, 1881.] 8°. 

14162. f. 5.(6.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 64, lith. v.ybl lAAr 

[Lahore, 1883.] 8°. 14162. f. 6.(3.) 

KADIE BAIHSH. ^^ L» [Kissah i Ba'i. The 

story of Ba'i, the Biluchi chieftain's daughter, 
and Amira, her lover. A romance in verse.] 
pp. 12, lith. j^'i fAvi [Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 

14162. f. 9.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. \'2,lith. .ytS iaat 

[Lahore, 1882.] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(20.) 

KADIR YAR. \i^ ya^V ar^r? of* [Kissah i 
Puran Bhagat, The story of a devout Hindi 
prince, in verse.] pp. 20, lith. wiyjd SWt 
[Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 14162. f. 6.(1.) 

""Ji-*^ (j;^ '^ [Another edition.] pp. 16. 

lith. j^'i [Lahore, 1872.] 8°. 14162. f. 9.(8.) 

fo[fJT y3<^ sfdlsi rf^ [Another edition.] 

pp. 24, lith. <»W? [Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 

14162. f. 7.(2.) 

C*m MVia >nriT ^ ii [Another edition.] 

pp. 24, lith. <Vi.^o [Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 

14162. f. 5.(2.) 

i,:^^ jjujj <t-aJi [Another edition.] pp. 16, 

lith. jjso'i [Lahore, 1875 ?] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(13.) 

JlyU^ J ,J&jM {aoS [Kissah i Sohni o. 

Mahinwal. The story of Sohni the potter's 
daughter, and Mahinwal, prince of Bukhara. A 
romance in verse.] pp. 16, lith. .^1 iavi [Lahore, 
1871.] 8°. 14162. f. 9.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. .yi)l lAvr 

[Lahore, 1872.] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(3.) 

*o(ITr TlvJcO Hvfl <^l(» 'CT [Another edi- 
tion.] pp. 16, lith. . Wlijd Sb*? [Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 

14162. f. 5.(3.) 

Jly>Y^ j 15^^ '■^ [Another edition.] 

pp. 16, lith. [Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 

14162. f. 10.(9.) 

T?vJc^l (xitidi [Another edition.] pp. 16, 

lith. WIvJd "Httd [Lahore, 1884.] 8°. 

14162. f. 6.(4.) 




tADm YAJL Begin. Jl J;!^ uUJU J^'^ 4lJ1 [Mi'raj- 

namah. An accoant in verse of MuHammad's 
nighi-ascent to heaven.] pp. 48, lUh. .ykS \_Lahore, 
1871 ?] 8». 14162. e. 

IFirs^'ajT title-page, and pp. 33-40. Page* 41-48 or* •• 
dm plieate . 

aJj j^lf^ [Another edition.] pp. 52, liih. 

j^J I4*r [Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 14162. e. 4.(2.) 

JjM. JU t^y>« ^'r* [•^('^h^r edition. Followed 
by a Siharfi poem by Maalavi Ghalam RaaQl.] 
pp. 68, nth. j^i [Lahore, 1875 ?] 8°. 

14162. e. 5.(3.) 

— ^— [Another edition.] pp. 52, Ulh. .j*J •«»• 
iLahore, 1877.] 8". 14168. e. 2.(13.) 

•— ^ [Another edition.] pp.b2,lUh. .^ [Lahore, 
1882.] 8". 14162. e. L(18.) 

'—— [Another edition.] pp. 52, lUh. .ybJ i»»r 
[Lahore, 1882.] 8«. 14162. e. 1.(6.) 

.|£L. gfy» v''V" »jj/^ «J" [Siharfi Sardar 

Hari Singh. Verses extolling the bravery of 
Hari Singh, one of Ranjit Singh's generals.] 
pp. 8,lith. j^l lA.l [Lahore, 1879.] 12°. 

14162. gg. 3.(10.) 

ftS vJc/^O^UJ ot [Another edition.] pp. 8, 

lith. TKt^ •ttte [Lahore, 1880.] 8<». 

14162. gg. 1.(8.) 

KAK 8ADI. ♦oTHT cOWftAW^oC 5 [Kissah Kara 
Haiti ka. A romance in verse.] pp. 72, /i'(A. 
TSt^ ^tW [Lahore, 1882.] 8'. 14162. t 1.(7.) 

KASm. ^U ^yi«« ^ [Laila Majnun. The story 
of Laila and MajnQn in verse.] pp. 8, lith. 
i»yr [Lahore, 1872.] 8«. 14162. £ 2.(4.) 

KASiEAMA. t^^ o(I*/1dfH [Deudhaij. Ballads 
on the story of the Ramayana.] pp. 16, lith. 
^tt| [Lahore, 1883.] 12^ 14162. gg. 1.(12.) 

ISTTSA BAQSH. ^j^j^ cJ^ [Nisab i ^ariiri. 
A Persian-Panjabi vocabulary in verse.] pp. 32, 
lith. j^\ \T\r [Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 

14162. i. 9.(2.) 

DULSt See 'Abd al-RAUMix, called K^vLvi. 

OUSEAU, Amir. MIdlMvjId ?T3>n^ [Bagh o 
Bahar, or The tales of the four darweahes, trans- 
lated by Bhagat Singh.] pp. 206, lith. Wfii^^Hd 
[AmriUar, 1885.] 8°. 14162. f. 3. 

SSUTBAHS. >Ul£ lisa, [Hadiyat al-'ulama. A 
collection of khutbahs for difiTorent occasions, 
with metrical discourses in Persian, Panjabi, and 
Hindustani.] pp. 40, ZitA. «iL»^!ju« ita* [Sialkot, 
1871.] 8°. 14619. d. 13.(1.) 

— — g;itU£ >w><b»- <c^*qr< [Khutbahs for the 
month of Rama^n, and for the 'Id al-Kurban. 
With metrical discourses in Panjabi.] .^aH [Lahore, 
1870 r] 8». 14619. e. 12.(1.) 

KEISHHAMISBA ^^S^^ AI<Lo( [Prabodh 
Chandra natak. A translation by Man Singh of 
the Sanskrit Prabodhachandrodaya na^aka of K.] 
pp. 124, lUh. 35TtJ? stW [Lafiore, 1882.] 8". 

14162. i. 8. 

KITE' AH. Jl ^fXt^r* jjutoj it •— fj/^ • • • ^|l/^.««»iS 

[The Koran. Arabic text, with Persian and Panjabi 
interlineary translations, and a metrical para- 
phrase and marginal notes in Panjabi, all together 
bearing the alternative titles Tafsir i Muham- 
mad!, and Mu^ih i Furkan. By Hafiz Muham- 
mad ibn Barak Allah.] Pt. 1, 3. .yk) i taa-i* 
[Lahore, 1871, 1880.] 8°. 14507. e. 3. 

(-»*-** */^ J^j'- f^ u*^}^ *jr'ji'^ 

^j*^j^ j t-^ yj U*^' S-^J^ **. t'i''b al-bayan. 
The Arabic text of the 55th Surah of the Koran, 
with a metrical paraphrase in Panjabi, and Per- 
sian marginal notes by Hu^ Muliammad Anwar 
'All.] pp. 44, lith. 'y'<(;^ "*** [Qvfrgaon, 

1871.] 8*. 14607. 0. 16.(L) 

fci^jt 'lAiJo ^_jil 5lL«, ^j^\ ^1^ [Siraj 

al-lcari, Risalah i shirin, and TariUah i talawat. 
Three treatises on the correct reading of the 
Koran, the first two in verse, the third in prose.] 
pp. 16, lith. j^ [Lahore, 1870 ?] 8". 

14162. e. 2.(1.) 


,Xt [Madh. Verses in 

praise of *Abd al-Kadir Jilani.] pp. 16, lith. 
j^i i**r [Lahore, 1883.] 8°. 14162. e. 1.(13.) 

LAHVA SOrOH. CJij^u»- 1«* [kissah i chechak. 
A poem on small-pox, praising the action of 





Government in introducing vaccination and other 
remedies.] pp. 8, lith. .ybU iA«e [Lahore, 

1875.] 8°. 14162. gg. 5.(9.) 


Nanak, Bdbd. VJnqcJii^ [Jap-paramartlia. The 
Japji, witli a Hindi translation and notes by 
L. B.] [1887.] 8°. 14162. c. 

LUTF 'All. i^jUSl v_ftj^ LiS [Kissah i Saif al- 
muliik. A romance in verse.] pp. 64, lith. 
j^^ lAvr [Lahore, 1872.] 8^ 14162. f. 9.(5.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 72, lith. jy&l i a • r 

[Lahore, 1882.] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(22.) 

MAfiBUB 'AIAM. ^J_j=-^ [A Siharfi poem.] 
See MuiiAMMAD al-DiN. ^j»-^^ [Siliarfi.] 

pp. 11-17. [1881.] 12°. 14162. gg. 3.(12.) 

MAHRAM SHAH. sLi *,=-* eij^ ci^jj [Bait. 
A Sufi poem.] See Faeid Shakarganj. Ij'j vi^JJ 
jij^ s^J [Bait.] pp. 10-12. [1882.] 8°. 
^ 14162. gg. 6.(5.) 

MALUK CHAND. V?^ ^I^fW^ -ed^k^ ofV [Hakimi 
darweshi. A work on medicine.] pp. 80, lith, 
f'dvj^i.l [-DeiW, 1870 ?] 8°. 14162. 1. 6. 

V?^ ^cT^rf' [Another edition.] pp. 80, 

lith. «lvjd (AVI [Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 

14162. i. 5.(2.) 

MANGALAMARGA. }|3T?5HT37I [Mangalamarga, 
or The guide to happiness. A Christian tract in 
verse.] pp. 53. <5?9vjic5 ItSjd [Ludhiana, 

1864.] 12°. 14162. a. 1.(8.) 

MAN SINGH. See Krishnamisra. ^Mti-^ TTTZTST 
[Prabodh chandra na^ak. A translation by 
M. S. of the Sanskrit Prabodhachandrodaya 
nataka.] [1882.] 8°. 14162. i. 8. 

MIHR DAS. foC^ garW?5 [Kissah i Bugga 
Mai. The story of Bugga Mai, a merchant of 
Marwar, and Bishno, a Khatri' maiden of Dha- 
ramkot. A romance in verse.] pp. 20, lith. 
55^ lAAr [Lahore, 1882.] 8°. 14162. f. 1.(6.) 

MOHAR SINGH. gjjT^jj a^ M^IU ^ t [Bait. 
Didactic verses.] pp. 24, lith. W^aUd <l«i^^ 
[Amritsar, 1876.] 8°. 14162. gg. 9.(2.) 

MITHAMMAD, Hdjiz. ej;i^^l Jl^l [AKwal al- 
akhirat. A Muhamraadan account of the day of 
resurrection, and of a future existence.] pp. 140, 
lith. j^i I AW [Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 

14162. e. 1.(8.) 

MUHAMIIIAD, Kddiri. j^U^-lc 1: -« [Mirza Sahiban. 

A love-tale in verse.] 
[Lahore, 1885.] 8°. 

pp. 84, lith. .ytS lAAo 
14162. f. 12.(6.) 

MITHAMMAI), Miydn. jy^'^ *^ cl>^Aj>- i.^ 
[Kissah i liazrat Shah Mansiir. An account in 
verse of Husain Mansur Hallaj, a famous Sufi 
saint.] pp. 16, lith. ^ybll itaI [La/iore, 1872.] 8°. 

14162. f. 9.(7.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. ,^1 iaw 

[Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 

14162. f. 8.(12.) 

(_5*;*'l5**' I--^ Siharfi poem.] pp. 8, lith. 

jjb'i (Avi [Lalwre, 1879.] 12°. 14162. gg. 3.(9.) 

MTTHAMMAD, the Prophet. i-Mj^ LJb. [Hulyah 
i sharif. Verses describing the personal ap- 
pearance of Muhammad, with two short poems 
on his greatness and miraculous powers.] See 
Ghulam Nabi. c>^«i^<> vJj^ [Gharoli.] pp. 7-16. 
[1870 ?] 8°. 14162. e. 2.(2.) 



[The Koran. With Panjabi interlineary trans- 
lations, a metrical paraphrase and marginal notes, 
by M. ibn B. A.] [1871, etc.] 8°. 14507. c. 3. 

tjjJM^ Lj*"'^ Ai-=s^ |,5L3I e:^ [Zmat al- 

Islam. Traditions of the Prophet, selected from 
various sources. Arabic text, with a metrical 
paraphrase in Panjabi and marginal notes in 
Persian.] 2 pt., lith. .ytS itai-i. [Lahore, 

1873.] 8°. 14521. c. 2.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD ibn SA'ID, Buslrl. c^^l JbJ [Nazm 

al-wara'. The Burdah of al-Biisirl, with a 
Takmis by Muhammad 'Aziz al-Din, and four 
separate translations, one of them in Panjabi.] 
pp. 116, lith. ^J^ I re I [Bombay, 1884.] 8°. 

14573. c. 20. 


[Kissah i Warburton Sahib. 

A poem in praise 





of J. P. WarbartoD, District Superintendent of 
Police, Amritsar.] pp. 16, Zi'M. .ybl i^^i [Lahore, 
1891.] 8". 14162. f. 

MUHAMMAD 'All, Hdjiz. ^'j%kj uf^^-i^/ [Kara- 

badin i Panjabi. A treatise in verse on the 
dietetic and medicinal properties of herbs, drags 
and medicines in ordinary use.] pp. 98, lith. 
j^\ i»»i \Lahyre, 1876.] 8«. 14182. L 4.(3.) 

MUHAKKAb AFWAB 'All, Enfu. Set tvR'in. 

[Tib al'bajan. The o5th Surah of the Koran, 
with a metrical paraphrase in Panjabi bjr M. 
A. 'A.] [1871.] 8». 14607. c. 16.(D 

MiniAMMAD AZiZ alDiH. See Mctuamiijid ibn 
Sia'Id, JUiiri. a Jl Jai [Nazm al-wara*. The 

Burdah, with a Takmis and translation by M. 
'A. al-D.] [1884.] 8". 14673. c. 20. 

mrtlAMMAD al-Dnr. ^//»-^^ [A Slfiarfi and 
other short poems by M. al-D. Followed by a 
Slfiarfi poem by Matibtib 'Alam, and a religious 
poem by Shams al-Din, entitled Haft-rozah.] 
pp. 20, lith. j^i i«»i [Lahore, 1881.] 12°. 

14162. gf. 3.(12.) 

MXrftAMMAD al-DDT, DiedpU of HdJiz Jan. ^^\fi^ 

&«LJ [Mirasi-namah. A poem exposing the evil 
practices of Mirasis, or professional singers and 
instructors of dancing-girls.] pp. 14, lith. 
4)1y|^/ Mil [Oujrantcala, 1891.] 8°. 

14162. t 

MimAMMAI) ftTJSADI, Afimaddbddi. See Ittknz, 
Shlrdzi. iJ'tfi ^'>»- J^yi*^ [Diwan. Persian 
text, accompanied by a translation into Panjabi 
Terse by M. fl.] [1890, rfc] 8». Pers. 1039. 

MUHAMMAD 'ISA. J1 IJLlII ^J h^^ [Khair 

manukh. A treatise on medicine in verse ; also 
Dar al-shifa, an anonymous medical treatise.] 
pp. 210, lith. jjhi !*»» [Lahore, 1877.] 8". 

14162. i. 4.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD JAMAL. JIm. (.^.^ [Tibb i 

Jamali. A short treatise on medicine in verse.] 
pp. 32, lith. ^ytl i*»r [Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 

14162. i. 4.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD MAHDL See Nu'man ibn §abit 
(Abu HanIfah) J! jjIs:vj j*i^ *«i [Filih al- 

akbar, and Wasiyat-namah. Two Arabic works 
by Abu Hanlfah, to which is added a collection 
of verses of the Koran and traditions. Accom- 
panied by translations into Panjabi verse by 
M. M.] [1890.] 8°. 14616. c. 

MUHAMMAD MUSLIM. See 'Abd al-WAiiiD ibn 
Muhammad Muo^nI. ^JO^\ S^'*?^ ['Aja'ib al- 
Ksas. Translated into verse by M. M.] [1877.] 8°. 

14162. e. 10. 

namah. A poem on the destruction of crops, 
and the min caused by locusts.] pp. 4, lith. 
<llyl^/ i»n [Gujranwala, 1891.] 8°. 

14162. f. 

MUHAMMAD SHAH. Jfj vsJjko- tudi [Kis^nh i 
iiayat na'i. The story of the barber who was 
taken to be a ghost. Followed by Kissah i nahr i 
Firozpiir, verses by Fath al-Din on the Firozpur 
canal.] pp. 16, lith. j^i [Lahore, 1870 ?] 12°. 

14162. f. 2.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. .^i i r** 

[Lahore, 1871.] 8*. 14162. f. 2.(6.) 

MUHAMMAD TAH. ci^^l ^'J <^^ ^ *C}*ar' 

^(jJub < , L .,« ^^jXo [Naf al-salat. A poem on 
prayer by M. Y. Followed by FatK kuliib and 
bad o si mas'alah, two anonymous poems.] 
pp. 24, lith. jfH i»vi [Laiiore, 1871.] 8°. 

14162. e. 2.(8.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 24, lith. .jftj lAvr 

[Lahore, 1872.] 8». 14162. e. 1.(3.) 

MUKBU. J*L«^^ [Hir i Mukbil. The story 
of Hir and Ranjha, in verse.] pp. 48, lith. 
j^ !»»« [Lahore, 1875.] 8". 14162. 1 8.(11.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 48, lith. .ybU map 

[Lahore, 1883.] 8». 14162. f. 9.(18.) 

JoL* ^J^ [Madh i Mukbil. A poem in 

praise of 'Abd al-Kadir Jilani.] See PIrzal. 
Jl ^}\jjx> ^i^ [Madh i Pirzal] pp. 7-13. 

[1872.] 12°. 14162. e. 6.(2.) 





MTTKBII. *U1 (»^jJi£ jj;J-«Ul eL>iJl^ [Shahadat i 

Imamain. An account in verse of the martyrdoms 
of Hasan and Husain.] pp. 64, lith. .ybll [Laliore, 
1873 ?] 8°. 14162. e. 1.(4.) 

(»X»J1 (»vjJ^ iiP^«'-«' «^if;-a»- cy»>ly>t jiii 

[Another edition.] pp. 64, ZifA. .ybS tAw [Lahore, 
1877.] 8% 14162. e. 1.(11.) 

MXJKTIMALA. HoCf^MT^5T [Muktimala. The 
means of salvation. A Christian tract in prose 
and verse.] pp. 100. <w2v|i^ <1b^d [Ludhiana, 
1864.] 12°. 14162. a. 1.(2.) 

MUNSHI RAM. See Ram, Son of Bahadur, Munshi. 

MUSLIM ibn HAJJAJ. It^J ISil xJ^ u-*!!^ 

_l.s^ j^l Ju**.* -«:!'**' ['Umdat al-taj. The Arabic 

text of the Sabih, or Traditions of Muslim, 
omitting the Isnada, with a double Panjabi 
translation, one in prose, the other in verse, by 
'Abd al-'Aziz ibn Ghulam Rasul.] lith. .yt-J ir.v 
[Lahore, 1890, etc.'] 8°. 14521. c. 25. 

NADHARA. yidlHTvIT Ati^l [A Barah-masah 
poem.] pp. 8, lith. S^ «4bt^ [Lahore, 1882.] 16°. 

14162. g. 1.(3.) 

NAGAR RAM. '^ f^WTTT %?Tf^ [Biyah Sivajl. 
A Siliarfi poem on the mythological story of the 
marriage of the god Siva.] pp. 8, lith. .ysH «ib*o 

[Lahore, 1870.] 8°. 14162. gg. 1.(2.) 


i^y^ "^ ^ ^5^M-^il j^;3> ^^ [A: 

edition.] pp. 8, Zi<A. jytiH uvr [Lrt^ore, 1873.] 8°. 

14162. gg. 

[Another edition.] pp. 8, lith. .ybU ( 

[Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 14162. gg. 4.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 8, lith. .ybJ iaw 

[Lahore, 1877.] 12°. 14162. gg. 3.(7.) 

NAJAT al-MUMININ. ^^^jaI) culrf [Najat al- 
Muminin. Verses on the merits of prayer and 
religious observances.] pp. 16, lith. .^"i (taa 
[Lalwre, 1871.] 8°. " 14162. e. 1.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. .ytH (av(o 

[Lahore, 1874.] 8°. 14162. e. 2.(10.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. .ytS ir^fi 

[Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 14162. e. 4.(4.) 

IfASA.K,Bdba. [Life.'] See Bala. V^ fTTWHTl^ 
[Janam sakhi.] 14162. d. 4. 

[Life.] See Ditt Singh, called GtanI. 

J^ TTf <^i<v<x \^^ 3jg [Guru Nanak prabodh.] 

14162. bb. 1. 

[Life.] See Janam Sakhi. W' tTT^K jm^ 

[Janam sakhi.] 14162. d, 3. 

<.— -so-Le (iijU j^^ ^^^ Jj^^ [Bahr i 

tawil. Religious precepts in verse.] pp. 8, lith. 
Hiyi^^ [Chtjranwala, 1876 ?] 12°. 

14162. gg. 2.(2.) 

W" TTHrfl" [Japji. A collection of Sikh 

hymns and prayers, composed by Nanak, which 
form the introductory chapter to the Adi Granth.] 
pp. 44, ZifA. WIvJcf -HtttM [Lahore, 1865.] o6/. 12°. 

14162. b. 2.(1.) 

ciJJU Ul> u-aj^LaJ ^^{.^^^sa. tj^jj [Another 

edition.] pp. 12, lith. ^ytil iav| [iaAore, 
1871.] 8°. 14162. c. 1.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 12, lith. .yiX lAvr 

[Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 14162. c. 2.(2.) 

W" Tfirrf' oif^ [Another edition.] pp. 32, 

lith. B5^ <1<i55( [Lahore, 1876.] o6i. 12°. 

14162. b. 

^-xs-Ltf jy».i._.s». [Another edition.] 
pp. 7, JiiA. [Sialkot, 1877.] 8°. 14162. c. 

35f^ TTWrf^ Hi^oC [Another edition. With 

a Panjabi commentary by Pandit Saligram Das.] 
pp. 104, lith. ?5T^ «>«i^d [Lahore, 1877.] 12°. 

14162. b. 4. 

Original text of the JapjI. [With an 

English translation by E. Trumpp.] See Adi 
Geanth. The Adi Granth . . . translated ... by 
E. Trumpp. (Appendix.) 1877. 8°. 

760. L 

TrVrn [Another edition.] pp. 48, lith. 

JW^if^Ha" [Amritsar, 1882.] oU. 12°. 

14162. b. 7.a.) 

»mm.*il5 [Jap-paramartha. Another edition 

of the Panjabi text, with a Hindi translation and 
notes by Lakshmanaprasada Brahmachari .] pp. 46, 
«JJ««ia ^TWr^ Mb [Lucknow, ' Brahma year '. 58.' 
i.e., 1887.] 8°. 14162. c. 





TSkSJiK, Bdhd. ^^^ [Prichha. A book of divina- 
tion, commonly attributed to Baba Nanak.] 
pp. 16, lith. ?5T^ i»»r \Lahore, 1882.] 12°. 

14162. i. 7.(2.) 

KAITD lAL. See GoBrao SniaB, Tenth Ouru. 
The Rayhit nama of Pralad Rai . . . and Nand 
Lai's Rayhit nama, etc. 1876. 8°. 760. d. 34. 

HAHD SnrOH. ^ Ari^tt{ H^ [Janj. Verses 
■ung at bridal festivals.] pp. 8, Uth. j-^r*' ^lts\ 
lAmriUar, 1876.] 16». 14162. g. 3.0.) 

folHI y^Ti 6i\d I [Kibsah i PQran 

Bhagat. The story of a devout Hindu prince, in 
Terse.] pp. 72, XHh. jfA i»»r [LoAore, 1882.] 8°. 

14162. £ 5.a4.) 

HARATAir SHIOH. See Gobikd Sikoh, T.nM 
O'uru. i^^'J j<»'-i ^i, *^'^ /^ t1<dA«HT 
VTTTITv/^ ^e [Zafar-namah. A Persian poem, 
with an interlineary tranalation into Panjabi by 
N. S.] [1889.] 8°. Pen. 1028. 

VATHA SnrOH. tf^ 7W ^^ [Janj. Verses 
sung or recited at marriage festivals.] pp. 16, XHh. 
jf\ i»*r \Lahore, 1882.] 12». 14162. gg. l.(U.) 

HATHU BHAL HFd'HTU^ «^ 3^ ^ffT [A Biirah- 
misah poem on the grief of a lover when separated 
from his mistress.] pp. 8, Mih. Wf^a«d [.Im- 
r»i*ar, 1876.] 16«. 14162. g. 1.(2.) 

VAZIB AiOtAD. Khan Bahadur. ^rtvJA 79V7 
[Dulhan-darpan. Instructive tales fur Muham- 
madan women, being a Panjabi translation by 
Haura Singh of the Hindustani Mi'rat al-'ariis 
of N. A.] pp. vi. 128, lith. *f^d«d [AmriUar, 
1890.] 16°. 14162. ee. 1. 

HOAH, the Patriarch. ^ ^ V^S^ [Nuh di 
parloQ. The story of Noah and the Flood. A 
Christian tract in verse.] pp. 16. ^2vj«^ sti* 
ilMdhiana, 1864.] 12°. 14162. a. 2.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 10. <^9vJ'<5 <»W? 

{iMdhiana, 1872.] 12^ 14162. a. 

VIT'XAH ibo 8ABIT (Ab5 HiNirAH). ^ <2i 
^^-ii , ^^djj Jm j |Jiel |,U ^f'o>j j^ j^'.«C 
«; «w.naU ^Ujl [Filth al-akbnr, A 



treatise on the principles of the Muhammadan 
faith, and Wasiyat-namah, or precepts for leading 
a holy life. Two Arabic works by Abii Hani fab, 
to which is added a collection of verses of the 
Koran and traditions, entitled Zinat al-iman. 
The whole accompanied by translations into 
Panjabi verse by Maulavi MuKaiumad Mahdi.] 
pp. 36, lith. j^i [Laitore, 1890.] 8°. 

14516. c. 

HUB AHMAD. J^ tisXtJUi \»jaA **e.y*x* ^ l^M ijxc 

['Ibrat-namah, Shajar-ha i Nakshabandiyah, and 
other poems on the genealogy and virtues of 
the Nakshabandiyah order of fakirs.] pp. 28, 
lith. jf>\ [LoAor«, 1870?] 12°. 14162. e. 6.(1.) 

HUB 'Ali SHAH. J/ihort. (lU ^|;U) ^/j-^ 

[A Sifiarfi poem, and a Barah-ma!«ah poem.] 
See DiDAB Bakj|8H. ^j»-^ [SiharfT.] pp. 4-8. 
[1875?] 8°. 14162. gg. 6.(10.) 

VUS VJHAICMAD. '^*** j^ ^^"^ [Sassi. Tho 

story of Saasi and Punniin in verse.] pp. 8, /iV/t. 
j^ i*Ar [Lahore, 1882.] 8°. 14162. I 8.(2L) 

Jl ^_1 -Vi* i'-*y^ [Shahbaz i shari'at. A 

treatise on Muhammadan law in Panjnbi verse, 
with marginal notes in Persian in the form of a 
commentary entitled Sher i tarikat.] pp. 418, lifh. 
jjht 1**1 [Lahore, 1889.] 8°. 14162. i. 12. 

PAHILA PAP. V^vl^ ynre^ n^f^MlH T [Pahile 
pap-di vithia-ma. A Christian tract on original 
■in.] pp. 20. Lodiana, 1863. obi. 12°. 

14162. a. 8.(L) 

PAin, Saint and A}>oetle. Tf^ ^J^^ ^?T fg"- 
PdvJIM [Paulus Prerit da itihaga, or Tho life of 
St. Paul. A Christian tract.] pp. 52. WSvJIc? stso 

[Litdhiana, 1870.] 12° 

14162. a. 2.(6.) 

TTHIlJId wi^vTo [Arora-vam?a samachar. A 
monthly journal.] Vol. i. No. 12, and Vol. ii. 
Nos. 1-8, lith. <»ttt-tH [Lahore, 1884-85.] 8°. 

• 14162. i. 11. 

PIBZAL. V^ <*ii Jj^ ^•x* i}]jj^ ».J-« 

[Madh. A poem in praise of the saint 'Abd al- 

'Kadir Jilani. Followed by a similar poem by 





Mukbil, and Kalimali taiyib, a religious poem.] 
pp. 16, nth. j^i [Lahore, 1872.] 8°. 

14162. e. 6.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. .yti^ iaa| 

[Lahore, 1881.] 12°. 14162. e. 

PITTAL DA SAMP. flf^W ^CT j5v [Pittal da 
samp, or The brazen serpent. A Christian tract, 
in verse.] (N^2vJI«5 <\\^i [Ludhiana, 1864.] 12°. 

14162. a. 2.(4.) 

PRAHLAD RA'E. See Gobind Singh, Tenth Guru. 
The Rayhit nama of Pralad Rai, etc. 1876. 8°. 

760. d. 34. 

PEAKASACHANDRA. i^Sj JU Jjol [Apil bal- 
bidoh. A poom, protesting against infant mar- 
riages, and the hardships of child-widowhood.] 
pp. 16, lith. j^i [Lahore, 1889?] 12°. 

14162. h. 

PEASNA UTTAEA. \jjr^ ^^3" ll [Prasna uttara. 
A Christian catechism in verse.] pp. 16. 
W9vJ)c5 <itsif [Ludhiana, 1876.] 12°. 

14162. a. 1.(12.) 

PTTEANAS. — Bhaqavatapueana. See Buta Ram. 
J! j^^flji <H/«-ik»- [Chashmah i faiz. An abstract 

of the tenth skandha of the Bhagavatapurana.] 
[1876 ?] 16°. 14162. aa. 

PYAEA. See Allah Bakhsh. 

EAHIM BASHSH. See 'Abd al-WlniD ibn Mu- 
hammad MuGHXi. Jl ^j1 ^IjJi [Gulzar i Adam. 

The first part of 'Abd al- Wahid's 'Aja'ib al-kisas, 
translated by R. B. under the title Anwar i 
Muhammadl.] [1871.] 8°. 14162. e. 2.(5.) 

<uU ,_5^ [Chakki-namah. Verses on daily 

devotions, likened to the grinding of a mill- 
stone.] pp. 8, ZiiA. ^jftS i*vi [Lahore, 1879.] 12°. 

14162. gg. 3.(8.) 

EAJKTJMAE. dl-rio^HTg- i?T ^ [RSjkumar da 
prem, or The love of the Prince. A Christian 
tract in verse.] pp. 8. i^5vJic^ l\^i [Ludhiana, 
1864.] 12°. 14162. a. 1.(7.) 

EAM, Son of Bahadur, Munshi. J. ^<iJL« l*Ux,b 
[A Barah-masah love-poem.] pp.8,Ki/t. aJbiiJ iavi 
[Ludhiana, 1876.] 16°, 14162. g. 

EATAN. fiTvra^ ff^^ JJ^mgf^^ [Slliarfi 
Ratan Gulab Devi. A romance in the form of 
a Siharfl poem.] pp. 8, lith. .^i (aai [Lahore, 
1881.] 12°. 14162. gg. 1.(9.) 

EATAN NATH. See Wallace {Sir D. M.). Gur- 
mukhi translation of "Russia" [from the Hindu- 
stani of R. N.] 1888. 4°. 14162. f. 15. 

EEL DA TIKAT. t?5 "^ fZ^oTZT [Rel da tikat, 
or The railway ticket. A Christian tract in 
verse.] pp.7. WSvl Ic5 «ib«(d [Ludhiana, 1864.] 12°. 

14162. a. 1.(6.) 

EODA EAM. i/j=^^^ [A Siharfi poem.] pp. 8, 
lith. j^'i |A»r [Lahore, 1872.] 8°. 

14162. gg. 5.(5.) 

EOSHAN. ^jtjjjj^ [Hlr i Roshan. The story 
of the loves of Hir and Ranjha. A romance, in 
verse.] -pip. 8, lith. jyit'i iava [ia^ore, 1878.] 12°. 

14162. f. 2.(6.) 

i«U ^i^ji^ i*^ i)"^ ^ '^ [Kissah i nuh 

sas, or The story of the mother-in-law and her 
daughter-in-law, and Charkhah-namah, or The 
story of the spinning-wheel. Two tales in verse 
on domestic squabbles, the former by Roshan, 
the latter by Ja Bakhsh. Followed by two short 
poems in praise of Muhammad by Arura Ra'e.] 
pp. 32, lith. j^i I Ave [Lahore, 1870.] 12°. 

14162 f. 

[Another edition.] pp. 32, lith. .ybS lAvr 

[Lahore, 1873.] 12°. 14162. f. 

[Another edition.] pp. 82, lith. .ytS 

[Lahore, 1876 ?] 12°. 14162. f. 2.(7.) 

fofHT ^ HH [Another edition.] pp. 28, 

lith. 25^ «lt5«, [Lahore, 1876.] 12°. 

14162, f. 1.(2.) 

ETJLDU EAM. ^yj=^^_/^ [-A- Siharfi and a Barah- 
masah poem.] pp. 10, lith. Vy\j=>-^ Iavc [Guj- 
ranwala, 1874.] 12°. 14162. gg. 2.(1.) 

SA'D al-DIX. <— ft-"^ c:^j-fl»- ^ji>-^^ [Siharfi i 

hazrat Yiisuf. The story of Yiisuf and Zulaikha, 
in verse. Followed by Kissah i mulla o jaliil by 
Ya-sin, Kissah i solan sahelian, by an anony- 





moos author, and Pand-namah by Arura Ra'e.] 
pp. I6,liih. j^\ I AVI [Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 

14162. gg. 5.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, lith. j^aH 

[Lahore, 1879 f] 8". 14162. gg. 6.(4.) 

SA'DI. iji^^f^ ^j f^T*^ W/^ [Pand-namah, 
conunonljr called Karima. A didactic poem in 
Persian, accompanied by a translation into Panjabi 
Terse by Manlavi Ibrahim, called A§im.] pp. 24, 
lith. jjsA 1*1. [Lahore, 1890.] 8°. Pers. 

SAEHIHAKAH. Sakhee book, or the description 
of Oooroo Gobind Singh's religion and doctrines. 
Translated from Gooroomnkhi into Hindi, and 
afterwards into English, by Sirdar Attar Singh, 
Chief of Bhadoor. pp. xriii. 205. Benaree, 
1873. 8». 760. d. 33. 

The traTels of Gnra Tegh Bahadar and 

Garu Gobind Singh. Translated from the original 
Gurmokhi by Sirdar Attar Singh, Chief of 
Bhadour. pp. iz. 137. Lahore, 1876. 12". 

760. b. 37. 

SALADnr, SuUan of Eyypt and Syria. HH«V?x^A 
^ l?7 [MosliR al-Din di mant, or The death 
of Saladin. A Christian tract in verse.] pp. 35. 
rtSvJlc? stM [Ltidhiona, 1864.] 12^ 

14162. a. 1.(5.) 

8ALI0EAM DA8. See Nakak, Bdba. J^ tTVt^ 
HC^tt. [Japji. With a commentary by .S. D] 
[1877.] 12^ 14182. b. 4. 

SAHTA-OYAH-MUl. H^n> | V <r A yw [Santa- 
gyan-mal. The truths of the Christian religion, 
in Terse.] Lodiana, 1865. i.$h. 4". 

1892. d. 2.(47.) 

SAHTIDATAKA. JTH^ '<£lb\d. [RAnticlnyaka. A 
Christian hymn.] pp. 28. ^j9vJ»<5 ^Wo [Lvd- 
hiana, 1870.] 12". 14162. a. LOl.) 

8AHT RAM. fVjvJdrf1««t ^ ^THof* [SHiarfi. 
Yedantic TcrM*.] pp. 16, lUh. jmjjJ [AmriUar, 
1877.] 8°. 14162. gg. 1.(6.) 

SABDHA-PVBAK. 1?^ HdMl^doC [Sardha-purak. 
A religions treatise on the reading of the Granth, 
and the efficacy of prayer. Followed by Ardaa, 
or prayer for snccess.] pp. 176, lith. i>'jl*i»*jil 
[Abbottabad, 1887.] 8°. 14162. c. 3.(3') 

8AEDHA EAM. a-U J^Jo [A Barah-masah poem.] 
pp. 4, lith. aTjO^ [LudhiatM, 1876.] 16". 

14162. g. 4.(3.) 

HT^TKTvJT JJUT gTHrf^ [Another edition.] 

pp. 8, lith. «evJI<3> <»«^^ [LtuUiiana, 1876.] 16". 

14162. g. 1.(1.) 

8AEDUL 8IHQH. ?rawi^ ^6^ Xff^ni^ (^rf^ -S^) 
U^ [Gurmukhi pothl. A Panjabi reading- 
book for schools, translated from the Hindustani 
by S. 8.] 3 pt 9f^dHd sts^ [Amritsar, 

1879.] • 8". 14162. i. 1. 

8EWADAK. See 'Abd al-HiiT (ChirIoh i Din). 

8HAH BAHAR. jlJSJl* [Fakr-namah. A poem 
on the essential qualities of a hermit.] pp. 32, lith. 
C»jflU-. [Siaikot, 1875 f] 8". 14162. o. 1.(3.) 

8HAH JfUHAlOtAD. ^^^JK^J Jjjj ,Us^ »Li s^:,^ 

[Bait. A poem on the decline of the Sikh power, 
and the progress of British rule.] pp. 16, lith. 
j^l I »»r [Lahore, 1873.] 8". 14162. gg. 6.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 16, Uth. .ybl i»vie 

[Lahore, 1874.] 8». 14162. gg- 7.(3.^ 

*o(HT ITTvIHvfM^ [Another edition.] pp.24» 

lith. «l!3d 'stii [Lahore, 1877.] 8". 

14162. gg. 9.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 24, lith. «l!Jd 

AlAotHlv/l *^\ [Lahore, 1882.] 8°. 

14162. f. 5.(13.) 

Sa^* ^JL sj:.-}; [Another edition.] pp. 16, 

lUh. j/l lAAT [Ltjiore, 1883.] 8". 

14162. gg. 5.(13.) 

8HA1C8 alDnr. tj^j «i~i» [Haft-rozah. A 
religious pocm.J See Mduammad al-DiN. iJ'j»-iy 
[Siharfi.] pp. 18-20. [1881.] 12°. 

14162. gg. 3.(12.) 

SHARP alSiH. Diiiiri. See Muhamiiad ibn Sa'id, 

SHEEU RAM. tflJlHTHT [Barah-masah. A poem 
in praise of the police administration of Mr. War- 
burton at Ludhiana.] pp. 1 2, lith. ft'VW^ ^^| 
[Ludhiana, 1876.] 8". 14162. gg. 9.(1.) 

8IDD0H8 (G.) Captain. Sec Gobiwd Sinoh, Tptith 
Guru. Translation of the "Vichitra Ndtuk" 

D 2 





... a fragment of the Sikli Granth, entitled 
" The Book of the Tenth Pontiff." By Captain 
G, S. 1850,51. 8^ 2098. a. 

SIKANDAR IHAN, called Ghulam. j^^U ^J J 
Ac. &iJj^ «;'«>^ ^ •— 'j,/^' [Za'ikah i matami, 
also called Majmii'ah i marsiyah i Ghulam. 
Elegiac poems.] pp. 64, lith. j^^ irv. [Lahore, 
1890.] 8°. 14162. gg. 

SIMTJIIGH. i r-^H 5ufls [Kissah i simurgh. A 

poem on the fabulous bird simurgh and the 
•wonderful tales related of it.] pp. 40, lith. 
cl>jflU« in. iSiallot, 1873.] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(8.) 

SIVADAYALIT. See Wallace [Sir D. M.) Gurmukhi 
translation of " Russia." [Compared with the 
English original by S.] 1888. 4°. 14162. f. 15. 

SOHAN LAL. See Bible. — New Testament. — 
Matthew. [The Gospel of St. Matthew, translated 
into the Chamba dialect by S. L.] [1883.] 8°. 

3070. de. 28. 

<uU t-sj^ ['Ibrat-namah. A tale in verse.] 

pp. 8, Wi. jj&'i [Lahore, 1872?] 8°. 14162. f. 8.(6.) 

SOLAN SAHELIAir. JaU,^ Ji^^ Lai' [Kissah 
i solan sahelian. The story of sixteen female 
friends, each of whom describes her husband's 
peculiarities. An anonymous poem.] See Sa'd 
al-DiN. i-Ji'^o. CLyfl*- iVr^^is'" [Siharfl i Hazrat 
Yusuf.] pp. 9-15. [1871.] 8". 14162. gg. 5.(4.) 

1355^ JT^^^Wt [Another edition.] TpTp.8,Uth. 

j^l [Lahore, 1880 ?] 12°. 14162. f 1.(4.) 

X4Tltt<1 [Singhapur de tapii kl boll. A vocabulary 
of Malay words, explained in Panjabi.] pp. 48, lith. 
»Wfif?H3- [Amritsar, 1887.] 16". 14162. h. 

TEGH BAHADTTR, Ninth Guru. Travels. See 
Sakhi-namah. The travels of Guru Tegh Bahadar 
, . . Translated ... by Sirdar Attar Singh. 

jm^ 3T^ Hir^Hlv/l tf^t %^ [Shabad 

navin badshahi. Devotional songs of Guru Tegh 
Bahadur.] pp. 32, lith. sfct^ [Lahore, 1881.] 

ohl. 12°. 14162. g. 2.(2.) 

— WWe -^^ H^trW tf^ [Another edition.] 

pp. 64, lith. WiCfd [Lahore, 1890.] oU. 12°. 

14162. b. 7.(2.) 

TEMPLE (Richard Caenac). Some Hindu folk- 
songs from the Punjab. [Some in Hindi and 
others in Panjabi. With English translations, 
and notes, linguistic and grammatical.] (Journal 
of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol. li. pt. 1. 
pp. 151-225.) Calcutta, 1882. "8°. 2098. b. 

[Paramesvar de das hukm. The Ten Command- 
ments in Panjabi. Followed by the Lord's 
Prayer, and the Apostles' Creed.] Lodiana, 
1864. fol. 1892. d. 2.(46.) 

THAKURA DASA. f^O^T affru^#^ [Kissah i Gopi- 
chand. The story of king Gopichand, who became 
a devotee. A legend in verse, followed by a 
Barah-masah poem by the same author.] pp. 20, 
lith. WlvJd <Mto [Lahore, 1880.] 8°. 

14162. f. 1.(3.) 

TRTJMPP (Eenest). See Adi Geanth. The Adi 
Granth, . . . translated . . . with introductory 
essays, by E. T. 1877. 8°. 760. i; 

UPADESA PATRI. '©V^H V^ [Upadesa patri. 
Christian precepts in verse, translated from the 
Hindustani.] pp. 89. (^SvliC* It^^ [Ludhiana, 
1862.] 12°. 14162. a. 1.(1.) 

WZr?5 FTfvm of*^ [Janam sakhi, or The' life of 
Guru Atal.] pp. 116, lith. »nf3H3" «t<i«d 
[Amritsar, 1887.] 8°. 14162. c. 3.(2.) 

VALMIKI. JJ^ WK? aHT%^ [Ramayana. A 
metrical translation of the Sanskrit poem by 
Amar Singh.] pp. 208, lith. jmJj^\ [Amritsar, 
1886.] 8°. 14162. gg. 8. 

%vJF2^ aTWllVc^ xf^ [Siharfl Riimayan 

di. A Siharfl poem on the story of the Rama- 
yana.] pp. 8, lith. wivjd <\\i9?. [Lahore, 1872.] 8°. 

14162. gg. 1.(4.) 

VIHARI LALA. HT^? J?tT3^ n . . . Ganit man- 
jari ; or. An Arithmetic in Panjdbi, by Beharee 
Lall. pp.144. WSOIc^lb^ [Ludhiana, 1869.] 12°. 

14162. h. 1. 

VIVADAKHANDANA. f^^Te^^^ [Vivada- 
khandana. A Christian tract, in refutation of 
Hinduism, trjinslated from the Hindi.] pp. 98. 
MSvIIS' «tt«,M [Ludhiana, 1865.] 12°. 

14162. a. 1.(9.) 





WALLACE (Sir Donald MACKeNzis). Gurmokhi 
translation of " Russia " [by Pandit Bhanudatta, 
from the Hindustani translation of Ratan Nath. 
Compared with the English original by Lala 
^ivadayalu.] (JHoCT f^fgtg") [Rus da vnttanta.] 
pp. vii. XTi. 846, nth. Lahore, 1888. 4". 

14162. f. 15. 

WABIS SHAH, t'^ ^^j jMb [Hir i Wari^ Shah. 
The story of the lores of Hir and Ranjha, in 
▼er»e.] pp.l40,WA. ^J i»»* [Delhi, 1877 .] 8°. 

14168. t 18.(5.) 

WAIIIS SHAH. [Another edition.] pp. 144, lith. 
j^i i**r [Lahore, 1883.] 8°. 14168. f. 10.(U.) 

vf^ <^I^MI\J [Another edition.] pp. 222, 

lUh. H^^ybX I »Ar [Lahore, 1883.] 8°. 

14162. f. 4. 

YA-SIH. J»U- y JL» laS [Kissah i mulla o 
jahil, or The story of the molla and the ignorant 
peasant A tale in verse.] See Sa'd al-DiN. 
i_a>.^ <zjij.a»- ^J^j-M. [Sifiarfi i ba^rat Yusuf.] 

pp. 6-9: [1871.] 8°. 14162. gg. 6.(4.) 


[TTke rtfertnctt im this Index are to the namee of Ike author* or other headings under which the work* are 
catalogued. In the com of anonymout work*, which are catalogued under their title* the phraee " m loco " 
u ueed in referring to them. Oriental titles only are uetd m this Index, or those in which English words 
oeeur only as forming an essential part of an Oriental titleJ] 

Adi Granth [in locu\. 
Advaita vinafana [in loco']. 
Afiwal al-akhirat. 

See MciiAiniAD, Hdjii. 
'Aja'ib aUkisM. 

See 'Abd al- Wahid ibn Mdhaioiad MooBiif. 
Akal oatat. 

See OoBiND SiNOH, TtitUK Quru. 

See Fakib. 
AkhbAr i damid. 

See Ham ID. 

See Ajiar Das, Third Ouru. 
Anwa' i Bank Allah. 

See Babak Allah. 
AnwAr i Mnhauimadi. 

See Rabim Baehsh. 
Apil bnl-bidoh. 

See Pbakasachamdka. 
Ardas [in loeo]. 
Aror»-raqisa aamaohar. 

See Fbbiodical Pdblicatioms. — Lahore. 
Aaa di war. 

See Adi Okahth. 
Badr i Manir. 

See Imam al-Dix. 
Ba^ o Bafaar. 

See Khdsbao, Amir. 
Babr i tawil. 

Bee Nauak, Bdbd. 

See 'Abo bI-Hait (Chibaqh i Div). 

See 'Abd al-RABMlM, called Kholdi. 
Bee Biav, Sultdn. 


See Babdah. 

See Fabid Bakhsh. 

See Fabid Shakaboamj. 

8*a Mahbaji Shah. 

Sm Mohab Simoh. 

See Shah Mdhahmad. 
Balopadefa [in loco]. 

See Fail Shah. 

See Qmvvau Rasdl, of AdUgarh. 

Bee HiDATAT Allah. 

See Nadha|u. 

See Natho Bali. 

See Nub 'Au Shah, Lakori. 

See Ram, Son of Bahadur, Munshi. 

See RcLDu Ram. 

See Saedha Ram. 

See Shi BO Ram. 

See Jhakcba Dasa. 
Bijai makti. 

See BcDU Smou. 




Biyah Sivaji. 

See Naqae Ram. 

See Rauim Baehsh. 

See Imam Bakhsh. 
Chandi-charitra. \ 
Chandi di war. j 

See GoBiND Singh, Tenth Guru. 
Charbaita Miaar te sahukarni. 

See Chakbaita Misar. 

See Ja Bakhsh. 
Chashmah i faiz. 

See BuTA Ram. 

See American Tract Society. 
Dar al-shifa [in loco']. 
Das granthi. 

See GoBiND Singh, Tenth Guru. 

See KasIkama. 
Dharam pustak da hawal. ) 
sar. ) 

See Bible. — Appendix. 
Dharampustak di varta. 

See Baeth (0. G.) 
Dharmamarga [in loco]. 
Dharmasara [in loco] . 

See Hafiz, SMrdzl. 
Du'a Suryani. 

See 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abbas. 

See Name Ahmad, Khan Bahadur. 

(See Shah Bahar. 

See 'Abd al-RAHMAN. 
Fikh al-akbar. 

See Nd'man ibn Sabit (Abu Hanifah). 

See ViHAid Lala. 

See Ghulam Nab!. 
Ghazal dar na't i rasul. 

See Arura Ra'k. 
Gltaratnamala [in loco"]. 
Gulzar i Adam. 



See 'Abd al-WAHiD ibn Muhammad Mughni. 

Gurmukhl pothi. 

See Saedul Singh. 
Guru Granth. ' 

See Adi Geanth. 
Guru Nanak prabodh. 

See DiTT Singh, called GyanI. 

See GoiuND Singh, Tenth Guru. 
Hadiyat al-'ulama. 

See Khutbahs. 



iSee Shams al-DiN. 
Hakimi darweshl. 

See Maluk Chand. 
Har phulan-de [in loco.] 
Hlr Ranjha. 

See under Kissah. 

See BisHN Singh. 
Hulyah i Ghaus al-a'zam. 
rasul i makb 

zam. "I 
cbul. I 

See Ghulam Rasul, of Adilgarh. 

See Muhammad, the Prophet. 

See NuE Ahmad. 

See SoHAN Lal. 
Iman da bayan. 

See Jesus Cheist. 
Isa nihkalank da ji uthna. 
• di maut. 

See Jisus Christ. 
'Ishk i majazi. 

See Ghulam Husain. 
Janam sakhi [in loco]. 

See Bala. 

See Uttam Singh. 

See Hamid. 
i Imilm Hanif. 

See Hamid. 
i pridshahi das. 


See Gobind Singh, Tenth Guru. 

See JiwA Singh. 

See Nand Singh. 

See Natha Singh. 


See Gobind Singh, Tenth Guru. 

See Nanak, Bdhd. 

See Nanak, Bdbd. 

See Bulle Shah. 

See Ghulam FarId. 
Kanun i 'ishk. 

See Anwae 'Al!, Hdfiz. 

See MuiiAMMAD 'AlI, Hdfiz,. 

See Sa'di. 
Kasidah sharifah ghausiyah. 

See 'Abd al-KADiE ibn Musi, Jildni. 




Khair mannkh. 

See McHAinfAD 'Isl. 
Kissah i Badl' al-jamal. 

See IvAM Bakiisu. 

See GoPAL Sihqh, Son of Javdhir Singh, 

See Imam Bakhsh. 

See KloiH Bakhsh. 
Bagga Mai. 

See MiDB Das. 

See Imam Bakbhh. 



See Gamoa Sinoh. 

See Oaxoa Ram. 

See TnlcuBA Dasa. 
Hakikat Ri'e. 

See AoKA Simoh. 
Hayat ni'i. 

See Mohammad Shah. 
Hasrat Btlal. 

See Gbclam Rasdl, of AdU^arK, 
Imam Uaaan o Hasain. 

See Amir Shah, called FAkig. 

S*e Hamid. 
Im&m Kasim. 

See GuASiTA. 
Shih Manrar. 

See McHAMMAD, Miydn. 

II ir Ranjha. 

See IIu!<4i!f. 

See Joo SixoB. 
See MuKBiL. 
See BosRAM. . 

See Wari; Shah. 
Imam tiaoafL 

See Uamid. 
Kaljug ki. 

See Jaimal Das. 


See Ahmad Tab. 

— Knm Hmu ka. 
See Kam Sain. 


See 'AzlM. 
—— Laila o Majnan. 

See DstIdatala, Hakim. 

JEissah i Laila o Majnun. 

See Kasik. 

See 'AziM. 

See GoPAL Sinoh, Son ofJavodhir Singh. 
Mirza o Sabiban. 

See Babkhcbdar, Hdfiz, called Him. 

See Muhammad, Kddiri. 

— mulla o jubiL 
See Ya-sin. 

— nabr i Firozpur. 
See Fatii al-DiM. 

— nub sat. 

See RosBAM. 

— Panj-pbulan badithah-Badi. 

See GoPAL Sinoh, Son of Jawdhir Singh. 

— Puran Bbagat. 
See Kadib Tab. 

See Nako Sihoh. 
Boda o Jalali. 

See BoVa, Shdlbdf. 
Sail al-muluk. 

See LcTP 'A Li. 
Sassi o PannuD. 

See Fa^l Shah. 

See DiriDATALA, Uahim. 

See Fazl Shah. 

See QhulIm Rasul, ofAdilgarh. 

See Gdbbakhsh Sinoh. 

See Hashim. 

See Nub Mduammad. 

See 'AziM. 
SbiriD Farhad. 

See Uabhim. 

— Sohni o Mabinwil 

See Fazl Shah. 

See OangI Ram. 

See ICadib Tab. 

— sola;; sabelian. 
See Solan Sahklian. 

— Tamim Ansari. 
See AuMAD. 

See Jamal al-DiN. 

— ^— ^ Warbiirtou SaJiib. 

See Muhammad Akbab 'Ali, 
Laila Majnun. 

See under Kissab. 

See Laddha, 





See MuKBiL. 

See PiRZAL. 
i pir dastglr. 

See Gholam Rasul, of Adilgarh. 
Majmu'ah i marsiyah. 

See SiKANDAR Khan, called Ghulam. 

See Muhammad Ramadan. 
Mangalamarga [i» loco}. 
Maiigal Samachar pothi de gun. 

See Gospel. 
Mankibat Ghaus al-a'zam. 

See Ghulam Rasul, of Adilgarh. 

See Kadib Yar. 

See Muhammad al-DiN, Disciple of Hafiz Jan. 
Mirza SaHiban. 

See under Kissah. 
Muktimala [in loco~\ . 
Muslili al-Din dl maut. 

See Saladin, Sultan of Egypt and Syria. 
Muzih i Furk'an. 

See Kue'an. 
Naf al-salat. 

See Muhammad Yar. 
Najat al-Mumiuin [in locoj. 
Namaz ba ma'ni. 

See Ghulam Rashl, of Adilgarh. 

See Ghulam Rasul, of Adilgarh. 
Na't i sharlf. 

See FakIe Allah. 
Nazm al-wara'. 

See Muhammad ibn Sa'id, Bisiri. 
Nisab i zaruri. 

See Khuda Bakhsh. 
Nuh-di parlon. 

See NoAHj the Patriarch. 

See IlahI Bakhsh. 
Pabile pap-di vikbia-ma. 

See Pahila pap. 
Pakki rc ti. 7 

■ kalan. ) 

See Ghulam Rasul, of Adilgarh. 

See Aeuba Ra'e. 

See Sa'di. 
Panj grantbi. 

See Adi Granth. 
Paramesvar de das buktn. 

See Ten Commandments. 
Paulus Prerit da itibasa. 

See Paul, Saint and Apostle. 
Pittal da samp \_vn locol. 
Prabhu Yisu Masih di babat. 

See Jesus Cueist. 

Prabodbacbandrodaya nataka. 

See Krishnamisba. 
Prablad lila. 

See GuRDiT Singh. 
Prasna uttara [in loco], 
Pricbha. ^ 

See Nanak, Bdhd. 
Priya Farsi padon ke. 

See Chanda Singh. 
Sri Guru Grantb. 

See Adi Geanth. 

See Adi Geanth. 

See GoBiND Singh, Tenth Guru. 
Rajkumar-da prem. 

See Rajkumar. 

See BudhI Chand, Son of Jtmd Rama. 

See Valmiki. 
Rel da tikat [in loco], 
Risalab i sblrln. 

See Kue'an. — Appendix. 

See Fard Fakie. 
Rus da vrittanta. 

See Wallace {Sir D. M.) 
Sakbi-namab [w loco^. 
Santa-gyan-mul [m loco], 
Santidayaka [in loco^ i 
Sardba-purak [in loco'\. 
SassI Punniin. 

See under Kissab. 
Sbabad nawin badsbahi. 

See Tegh Bahadue, Ninth Guru. 
Sbabad at i Im amain. 

See Mukbil. 
Sbabbaz i sbari'at. 

See NuR Muhammad. 
Sbajar-ba i Naksbabandiyab. 

See Nub Ahmad. 
Sbajrab i hazrat Baba Farid Sbakarganj. 

See Farid Shakarganj. 
khandan i Cbisbtiyab. 

See Imam al-DiN. 

See Ahmad, Sultan. 

See 'AlI Haidae. 

See Allah Bakrsh, called Pyaea. 

See Aeuba Ra'e. 

See Asheaf. 

See Bahbal. 

See Bulls Shah. 

See Dayal Singh. 





See DiOAB Baehsh. 

See FabId BArHSH. 

See Ghclam, Pujnl o/Arird Bd'e, 

See Gbulam RasCl, of Adil^arh. 

See HiOATAT Allah. 

See Ma6bcb 'Alam. 

See Muhammad, Miyan, 

See Muhammad al-DiM. 

See Nub 'AlI Shah, Ldhori. 

8te BoDA Ram. 

See Bcldu Bam. 

8m Sakt Bam. 

— dar 'ishk i bakkani. 

See AmIb Sbab, called Faeib. 

— i Ra^rat Yusuf. 
See Sa'd al-Div. 

— BamajsQ di. 
See VlLMiEi. 

— Bam-nam. 
See Amab Sikob. 

— Batan Oalab Deri. 
See Ratan. 

Bardar Hari Singh. 

See tjmu Tab. 
Singhapnr de fapu ki boli. 


Biraj al-KAri. 

See ^Ub'aX. — Appendix. 
Sohoi Mahlnwal. 

See under ^iiimh 
Sndfaa rank. 

See GuBMUEB Sihob. 

See Abjpx, Fiflh Gmvu, 
Tafiir i MuKammadi. 

See Kub'aK. 
Tanbih al-jahilia. 

Bee UosAlM, Maulavl. 


See Hakxam Sikoh. 
Tarikah i talawat. 

See Kub'am. — Appendix, 
Tib al-bayan. 

See Kur'as. 
Tibb i Jamali. 

Bee MnHAMM.\D Jamal. 

000 Epbbmkbu>B8. 
To&fat al-ikhwan. 

See 'Abd al-ILuY (Cbibaob i Dih). 
'Umdat al-taj. 

Se* Muslim ibn Hajjaj. 
Upadefa patri [in local. 


Viohitra nafak. 

Bee Gobind Sinoh, Tenth Ouru. 
ViTAdakha^dana [in loeo\. 

Bee Q^ULAM BasCl, of Adilgarh. 

Bee GuB Dls. 
War Haftikat lU'e. 

Bee AoBl Simob. 

Bee No'man ibn Sabit (AbO HAnirAB). 
Tiaui mosipbar di jatra. 

Bee Buvtam (J.) 

See Biblx. — Old Testament. — Ptalmt. 

Bee OoBiMO Sixob, Tenth Ouru. 
2i'ikah i matami. 

Bee Sieamdab Khan, called Ojiulam. 
2ikr i ahabadat i farzandan i Bazrat Imam Moslim. 

See Qui'LAM Uusain. 
bazrat ImAmaln. 

.SVe Mlkdil. 

Bazrat Imam Kasim. 

See OHAsiTA. 
Zlnat al-Iman. 

Bee Nu'man ibn §abit (Abu HANitAB). 

6'ee Muhammad ibn Barak Allah, tidjia. 

See 'Abd al-UAKiM. 



Horachakra. Bisbn Sinou. 
Prichha. Nahak, Jidl>d. 


'Aji'ib al-kisas. 'Abd al-WiBiD ibn Mdhamiiad 

Bijai makti. Bidh Sikoh. 
Gam Nanak prabodh. DirrSiHOHjCalledGrANi. 
Janam sakhi. BauL 


Uttam Suiob. 


(Fw Almanaw «m tfui ht>ading " Kphemnidei " in th» 
body of the Catalogue.) 


Farai-Damah. 'Abd al-RAiiMAN. 
Nisab i ururi. Kbuda Bakhsb. 
Priya Fare! padog ke. Cbamda Swob. 
Singhapar de ^pu ki boli. Sundak Sikob. 


Prabodbachandrodaya na|aka. Ebibbnaiusba. 


Arora-TamM samachar. Periodical Pubuca- 

TION8. — Lahore. 
Shajar-ha i NaKahabandiyah. Nub Abmad. 
8hajrah i Hafrat B4ba Farid Shakargaoj. Farid 


khandaa i Chishtiyah. Imam a1-D!s. 


A geof^rnphical description of the Panjab. 



'Aja'ib al-kisai. 


Anwar i Mufiammadl 
Gulzar i Adam. 



Ru8 da vrittanta. Wallace {Sir D. M.) 

'Abd al-WAUiD ibn MnuAiniAD 

RauIm Bacbbb. 

BD al- Wahid ibn Mu- 
hammad MuoBiii. 


LAW.— SveuBH. 

Act xxviii. of 1868. India. — Legulative Council. 
Tranalation of the RiHe Exercise, 1875, for native 

troops. Gbeat Bhitaih avd Ibeland. — 

Army.— Infantry. 

Shahbaz i shari'at. KOb Muhammad. 

Gaijiitamafijari. Vibabi Lala. 


D&r al-shifa. Dab al-sHirl. 
Haklml darweshl. Cband. 
Karabadin. Muhammad 'Ali, Hdjiz. 
Khair mannkh. Mi'hammad 'Isa. 
Tibb i Jamali. Muhammad Jamal. 


{See under (he heailing " Feriodioal Pablications " in 
the body of the Catalogue.) 


Bait. 'Abd al-HAiT (Chiraqh i Din). 

'Abd al-RAHMAN, called Khuldi. 

Babu, Svlidn. 


• FabId Bakbsb. 

Fabid Shaeaboanj. 





Bait. Maheam Shah. 

MoHAE Singh. 

Shah Muhammad. 

Barah-masah. Fazl Shah. 

Ghdlam Rasul, of Adilgarh. 

HiDAYAT Allah. 


Nathu Bhai. 

'■ NuE 'Ali Shah, Ldhori. 

Ram, Son of Bahadur, Munshi. 

RxiLDu Ram. 

Sakdha Ram. 

Sheru Ram. 

Thakura Dasa. 

Charkhah-namah. Ja Bakhsh. 
Diwan. Hafiz, Shirdzi. 

'Ishli i majazi. Ghulam Husain. 
Janj. JiwA Singh. 

Nand Singh. 

Natha Singh. 

Kafiyan. Bclle Shah. 

Ghulam Faeid. 

Karima. Sa'dI. 

Kissah i chechak. Lahna Singh. 

kaljug ka. Jaimal Das. 

nakr i Firozpur. Fath al-DiN. 

• Warburton Saliib. Muhammad Akbae 


Hdfiz Jan. 
Pan d-n amah. 

Muhammad Ramazan. 
Muhammad al-DiN, Disciple of 

Aeuea Ra'b. 


Siliarfi. Ahmad, Sultan. 
'Ali Haidae. 

Allah Bakhsh, called Pyaea. 

Aeuea Ra''e. 



Bulle Shah. 

Dayal Singh. 

DiDAE Bakhsh. 

Faeid Bakhsh. 

Ghulam, Pupil of Arv/ra Ra'e. 

Ghulam Rasul, of Adilgarh. 

HiDAYAT Allah. 

Mahbub 'Alam. 

Muhammad, Miydn. 

Muhammad al-DiN. 

NuE 'Ali Shah, Ldhori. 

■ RopI Ram. 

RuLDU Ram. 

Sant Ram. 

Some Hindu folk-songs. Temple (R. C.) 
Za'ikah i matami. Sikandak Khan, called Ghu- 



Jang-namah i Imam Hanif. Hamid. 

padshahi das. Gobind Singh, 

Tenth Guru. 

Kissah i Ka^rat Imam Hasan o Husain. Amib 
Shah, called Fakir. 

Imamain. Hamid. 

Imam Kasim. GhasIta. 

Shah Mansfir. Muhammad, Mi- 

Shahadat i Imamain. Mukbil. 
Zafar-namah. Gobind Singh, Tenth Guru. 
Zikr i shahadat i farzaadan i hazrat Imam Muslim. 
Ghulam Husain. 

POETEY.— Religious and Mythological. 

Biyah Sivaji. Nagar Ram. 

Chakki-namah. RaMm Bakhsh. 

Deudhan. Kasieama. 

Fakr-namah. Shah Bahae. 

Gharoli. Ghulam Nabi. 

G^azal dar na't i rasul. Aeuea Ra'e. 

Haft-rozah. Shams al-DiN. 

Har phulan-de. Har phulan-de. 

Hulyah i Ghaus al-a'zam. ) Ghulam Rasul, of 

rasUl i makbiil. ) Adilgarh. 

sharif. Muhammad, the Prophet. 

'Ibrat-namah. Nue Ahmad. 

Kasidah sharifah ghausiyah. 'Abd al-KlDiE ibn 

MusA, JUdni. 
Madfi. Laddha. 



i pir dastglr. Ghulam Rasul, of Adil- 

Majmii'ah i marsiyah. Sikandae Khan, called 

Mankibat Ghaus al-a'zam. Ghulam Rasul, of 

Mi'raj-namah. Kadie Yae. 
Naf al-salat. Muhammad Yae. 
Najat al-Muminin. Najat al-MuMiNiN. _ 
Nasiliat-namah. Ghulam Rasijl, of Adilgarh. 
Na't i sharif. Fakir Allah. 
Nur-namah. Ilahi Bakhsh. 
Prahlad lila. Guedit Singh. 
Ramayana. Budhi Chand, Son of Atmd Rdma. 


Roshan-dil. Faed Fakir. 

Siharfl dar 'ishk i hakkani. AmIe Shah, called 


Ramayan di. ValmIki. 

Ram-nam. Amae Singh. 

Wafat-namah. Ghulam Rasul, of Adilgarh. 
Waran. Gue Das. 


Balopadesa. Balopadesa. 
Gurmukhi pothi. Saedul Singh. 

EELIGION.— Chbistiak. 

Advaita vinas'ana. Advaita vinasana. 
Chupatriyan.' American Teact Society. 




Dharampgstakda hawal.j Bizi^.-Jppendix. 

Dharampostak di yarta. Barth (C. 6.) 
Dharmamarga. DuabkamIkoa. 
Dharmasara. Dbakmasara. 
Gitaratnamala. G!tabatnamala. 
Iman da bajan. Jtscs Christ. 
Isa nikkalank da jl nthna. ) j^^^^^ ^ 

di maut. ) 

Hangalunarga. MAVOAUUtABaA. 

Maagal Samachir poth! de gun. Gospbl. 

Muktimala. MnKTiMALA. 

Maslih til-£Kn di maot. Salaoix, Sultan of Egypt 

and Syria. 
Noh-di parion. NoAB, the Palriareh. 
Pabile pap-di rikhia-ma. Pahila pap. 
ParaiDcavar de das hakm. Tkn CoMMAHOincxTS. 
Paolus Prerit da itibiua. Pacl, Saint and 

Pittal A& samp. Pittai. da samp. 
Prabbu Tisu Hasifi d! babat. Jcscs Chkir. 
Prafoa nttara. PaAfNA cttara. 
Bajkamar-da prom. Raikuxar. 
Rel di fikat. Rbl da vkaj. 
Santa-gyau-mul. Samta-oyak-mul. 
^antidayaka. ^avtidataka. 
Upadesa patrf. Upadbsa patrI. 
Vivadakhandaoa. Vivaoakhandaxa. 
Tisul mosapbar di jatra. Buktan (J.) 
Zabur. — Bible. — Old Teatament. — Paalmt. 


Chaahmah i fai|. 

BuTA Ram. 


Muhammad, Iliiifi*. 


Afiwil al-akhirat. 

Akbbar al-akhirat. 

Akhb&r i Hamid. Hamid. 

Adw&* i Barak Allah. Babak Allah. 

Da'a Snryanl. 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abbas. 

Fikh al-akbar. No'mam ibn i^ABiT(ABO ftAVirAB). 

Hadljat al-'ulama. Khutbabs. 

£iaan i 'isbIL Amwab 'AlI, tidfix. 

Koran. Kdb'ax. 

^ntbaha. Khdtbahs. 

lluzib i FarEan. Kcr'ax. 

Namaz b& nia*nl. Ohilam Hasul, of AdUgarh. 

Nacm al-wara*. Hdbammad ibn Sa'id, BuHri. 

Pakki roti. ^^^_^ ) Ghulam Rasol, of Adilgarh. 

Ritalah i sbirln. ^ub'an. — Appendim. 

Siraj al-Kari. ^ub'ak. — Appendix. 

Tafsir i MuhainmadL , Kdb'ax. 

Tanbth al-jabilin. HusAnr, Maulavi. 

1'ariSah i talawat. Kdb'an. — Ap2)endit. 

"hh al-bayan. ^cr'aw. 

Tofifat al-ikbwan. 'Abo bI-Hait (Cbibaoh i DIn). 

'Umdat al-taj. Muslim ibn Hajjai. 


Zinat al-iman. 

Nd'man ibn Sabit (Abu Ha- 

Nu'man ibn §abit (Abu Hanipah). 
MuHAUiLAD ibn Babak AllaHj 



Adi Grantb. Adi Granth. 

Akal ostnt. Gobind Singh, Tenth Guru. 

Anandu. Amab Das, Third Guru. 

Ardafl. Abdas. 

Asa di war. Adi Granth. 

Bafir i UrwiL Nanae, Bdbd. 

Cban<Ji-charitra. J ^ ^ rj, ^j^ ^ 

Cbanui di war. ) 

Das grantbl. Gobixd Sinqb, Tt-nth Gum. 

Gum Nanak prabodh. Dirr Singh, called Gtani. 

Gy&n-prabodh. Gobind Sixgh, Tenth Guru. 

JapjI. Gobind Singh, Tenth Guru. 

Nanak, Udhd. 

Jap-paramartha. Namak, Bdhd. 

Panj grantbL Adi Gbantk. 

Priya Sri Guru Granth. Adi Granth. 

Rafiiras. Adi Granth. 

Rahit-namafa. GoBiND Singh, Tenth Guru. 

Sakbi-natrah. Sakhi-namah. 

Sardlia-punkk. Sardua-purak. 

Sbabad nawin badshahl. Tkqh Eahadub, Ninth 

Sakhmanl. Abjun, Fifth Guru. 
Tankhah-nama. Habsam Singh. 
Viuhitra na^ak. Gobixd Singh, Tenth Guru. 

Apil bal-bidoh. 
Sudbu rarak. 




Badr i Manbr. Imam al-DiN. 

Chandar-badan. Imam Bakhsh. 

Charbaita Misar te sahukarni. Chabbaita Misab. 

'Ibrat-naraab. Sohan Lal. 

^inah i Badi' al-JAMAL. Imam Bakhsh. 

Bahramgor. Gopal Singh, Son of Ja- 

wdhir Singh. 

Imam Bakhsh. 


Ba'i. BLadib Bakhsh. 
Bngga Mai. Mihb Das. 
Chandar-badan. Imam Bakbbh. 
Dilarain. Ganoa Singh. 
Gopichand. Ganga Ram. 
Tbakuba Dasa. 

Hakikat Ra'e. Agba Singh. 

Hayat na'i. Muhammad Shah. 

hajsrat Bilal. Ghulam Rasul, of Adil- 




Kissah i Hir Ranjha. 


Jog Singh. 



Waeis Shah. 

Kamrup. Ahmad Yab. 
Kam Sain ka. Kam Sain. 
khetri. 'AziM. 

Laila Majnun. 

Devidatala, HaMvi. 
Fazl Shah. 

larka. 'AziM. 
malik-zadah. Gopal 

Jawdhir Singh. 

Mirza o Saliiban. 

called Haviz. 

Singh, Son of 
Baekhuedae, Hafiz, 

mulla o jahii. 

nuh sas. Roshan. 

Panj-phulan badshah-zadi 

Muhammad, Kddiri. 

Son of jawdhir Singh. 
Puran Bhagat. 

GoFAi. Singh, 

Roda o Jalali. 
Saif al-muluk. 
SassI o Pannun. 


Kadir Yar. 
Nand Singh. 
BuTA, Shdlbdf. 
Lui'F 'Ali. 

Devidayala, ilaklm. 
Fazl Shah. 
Ghulam Rasul, of 

Kissah i Sassi o Punnun. 

Gdrbakhsh Singh. 
Nub Muhammad. 

Shamshad. 'AziM. 
Shirin Farhad. Hashim. 
8imur|^. Simubgh. ^■ 

Sohni o Mahinwal. Fazl Shah. 

Gahga Ram. 

Kadir Yab. 

solan sahelian. Solan Sahelian. 
TamTm Ansari. Ahmad. 

Jamal al-DiN. 

Siharfi i liazrat Yusuf. Sa'd al-DiN. 

Ratan Gulab Devi. Ratan. 

Sardar Hari Singh. Kadir Yar. 

War HaKlliat Ra'e. _ Agea Singh. 
Zulaikha. 'Add al-HAKiu. 


Ba^ o Bahar. Khdseau, Amir. 
Dulhan-darpan. Nazir Ahmad, Khan Bahadur. 


The Travels of Guru Tegh Bahadar, etc. Sakhi- 







'AfiD al-LATIP SHAH. See LilabIv Watankal. 
The life, religion, and poetry of Sh^ Latif, etc. 
(Vol. ii. Part 1. A yocabolary explaining all 
the Arabic Terses in Sh&h jo risilo. Part 2. A 
glossary of all the difficnlt words and expressions 
in Sbih jo risAlo.) 1890. 8°. 14164. b. 1. 

Sindhi Litcratare. The Divan of Abd- 

nl-Latif Shah, known by the name of Shaha j6 
risalo, edited by E. Trampp. (^^; ^ >''^) 
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Compiled by Ka«i Ahmad Agoni. Second edi- 
tion.] pp. 143, Uth. L<i-]j^ '**'" [Karaeht, 
1888.] "' " 


14164. b. 3. 

'ABS alSA^MAV ibn XUHAMIIAI) WhIA.'Abbdti. 
Ste Bauab Bafab and 'Anv al-RAUMlN ibn Mc- 
BAMiiAD Wafa, 'Abbdti. S»^ J^^ ytS [Kiso 
6ai/ al-mnlok.] Cl884.] 9^. 14164. b. U.(2.) 

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[isap ji'ng akhai^i'ug.] pp. 188, /tiA. Kurraehee, 
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U^^' WJ^ »—*—>' [iEaop's Fables, trans- 
lated by Munshi Udharam Thanvardas. Fifth 

edition.] pp.165. ^Jt^/^ •*«' [iSTarocAi, 1891.] 8*. 

14164. b. 20. 

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elementary Persian grammar in Sindhi.] pp. 40, 
Uth. i«i» [ffaro«W, 1867.] 8". 14164.0.8.(1.) 

AHMAD, Agoni, Kdzi. Bee 'Abd al-LATiP Shah. 
^\ t_ii|ViU\ jj>6 >U» K.;*i^ [Selections from the 

Divan of 'Abd al-Latif Shah. Compiled by Ka^i 
Ahmad A^ni.] [1883.] 8°. 14164. b. 3. 



See Mduak- 

'Ali KabIm Muhammao and 'Aj.!-Kt7U FabIdun- 
Bio MiBZA. A Manual of Anglo-Ycrnacnlar 
Grammar, etc. 1883. 8°. 14164. c. 5. 

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al-'A., Arabic text, with Sindhi translation.] 
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14519. c. 2. 

ALUMAL TEISLAMDAS. [Sindhu jl mnkhtasar 
tarikha. A brief history of Sindh. Third edi- 
tion.] pp. 48. iKaraehi, 1880.] 8°. 

14164. d. 4. 
Lt tie Khtgc^Sindhi ckaraet«r. 



[Seventh edition.] 

pp. 80. ^r)/^ '**' [^<»»*acH 1881.] 8°. 

14164. d. 1.(3.) 

AHAHTA CHAHDEOBA. See Colli kb (C. F.) 
y»S>Jii^ [Padhara-namo. A paper on snakes and 
snake-bites. Translated into Sindhi and Pcrdian 
by A. Ch.] [1860 f] 8». 14164. a. 3. 



'AZIZ ALLAH, Mutadiwl. See Kue'an. ,ijj^ ^J<y 
,<fejj-j f»-Ji^ [The Koran. Arabic text, with an 
interlineary translation and marginal notes in 
Sindhi by 'A. A.] [1877.] 4°. 14607. c. 8. 

HAMMAD WAFA, 'Abh&sl. f, tiJji* JLmo ytJ 
yf- JWs' *iJJ [Kiso Saif al-mnluk en Badi* al- 

jamal jo. A romance in verse. Third edition.] 
pp. 87. ^^5;^ 1**1" [KoA-acU, 1884.] 8°. 

14164. b. 11.(2.) 

[Fourth edition.] pp.77. \J^\r^ '*''• 

iKaracU, 1890.] 8°. 14164. b. 14. 


The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New 
Testaments, translated from the originals into 
the Mooltan language by the Serampore mission- 
aries. Vol. ii. containing the New Testament, 
pp. 274. Serampore, 1819. 8°. 842. e. 9. 

Vol. i, does not appear to have been published. 


[The New Testament, translated into the Mooltan 
language by the Seframpur missionaries.] pp. 274. 
Serampore, 1819. 8°. See above : Bible. The 
Holy Bible, etc. 1819. 8°. 842. e. 9. 

yr ^— • ^.)*-i 'Wj^'ii- ^^^ yi\i6^ yj^ [The 

New Testament, translated into Sindhi.] ^j jJJ ( a i , 
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Without pagination. 

Jxff^ yf «J3 ^^ g^ ^jlji- [The Gospels and 
Acts of the Apostles, edited by A. Bum.] 6 pt. 
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3070. h. 17. 


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yr y^ jAfc\j Jj^^ ^* ^— • ^y-J JJj\ji. [An- 
other edition.] ^^^ iaia [London,] Hertford, 
[printed, 1868.] 8°. 3068. aaa. 6. 

Without pagination. 

New Testament {continued), 


y>- [j^j» ^yiftXi ^y^\ ^^ Aj,»-o c^-4 ijij^J.*' [The 

Gospel of St. Mark.] ^jjjjj iaia [London^ Hert- 
ford, [printed, 1868.] 8°. 3068. aaa. 4. 
Without pagination. 


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Gospel of St. Luke.] ^iu3 (ah [London^ Hert- 
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Without pagination. 


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Gospel of St. John in the Gurumukhi character, 
translated under the superintendence of A. Burn.] 
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3068. a. 2. 

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Without pagination. 

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3068. aaa. L 
Without pagination, 


^''»' (J<^ ti>i*jj >?■ [The Epistle of Paul the 

Apostle to the Romans.] ^Ji^ Mvto [London,] 

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Without pagination. 

BUBII' (A.) Missionary to Sindh. See Bible. — 
New Testament. — Gospels. «i!> ^..^t c^—J: iJJjIiii- 

J-:^^ yf [The Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, 
edited by A. B.] [1870.] 8°. 3070. h. 17' 



BUUI (A.) Mi$$ionary to Sindh (continued). 
8e« BiBLi. — New Testament. — John. »>ItO*4 
"E^ Hff^ 3 AlfyJWW CTT^ ^ [The Gospel 
of St. John, translated ander the sapcrvision 
of A. B.] [1859.] obi. 8". 3068. a. 2. 

See Bi£LK. — Now Testament. — Acts. ^j\i^ 

j^m U. yj^y^j ^^^1 y^ ^t-** fy-^- f^® ^'^ '^^ 
the Apostles, edited by A. B.] [1870.] 8°. 

3068. aaa. 1. 
SATBAMDAS SADAHI. Anglo- Sindhi Translation 
Exercises. Part I. . . . Prepared for the nse of 
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A treatise on education, translated by Nandiram 
from the Hindustani Shari' al-ta'lim of Ch. L.] 
pp. 94, 4, nth. \KaTathi, 1860 f] 8». 

14164. d. SL 
COLLIER (CoiBLBs Frbdbbick) ^^<H [Padl^ra* 
name. A paper on snakes and the treatment of 
make-bites. Translated into Sindhi and Poraian 
by Nandiram and Ananta Chandroba, from the 
English of C. F. C] pp. 19. 10, Ulh. \Karafhi, 
1860 ?] 8°. 14161 a. 8. 

COLUKBOS (CBianoroBo) \JAf«^ 8e« Kaubamal 
CHAMDAiritAL. ^Ji ^jf ^j^aI^b [Kulambas ji 

tarUt^] [1862.] 8^ 14164. d. L(2.) 

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lated from the Sindi. pp. ri. 47. Bombay, 
1881. 16'. 761. a. 

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ji tarikha. A brief history of India, translated 
by gbulam 'Ali from the Hindustani Tarikh i 
Hind of DcTiprasada.] pp. 77, lith. ia«i* 
[Kararhi f, 186-4.] 8'. 14164. d. 9. 

nOLIBH P2IKER. English Primer, translated 
into the Sindhi langoage. For the use of Anglo- 
Vernacular schools in Sind. pp. 48. tiombay, 
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EUCLID. o-JaIJI^^ [Tahrir i Ulilaidaa. The 
Elements of Euclid. Bks. i. to iy.] (Translated 
by Kowramal Cbandamal.) 2 pt. Uth. ^\^m i a a i , 

lAii \Karathx, 1881-66.] 8*. 14164. d. 18. 

Bk*. i. and ii, wr* <fti« 9rd edition. 

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[Kafien jo kitabu. Selections from the works 
of Sindhi poets.] pp. 24, 172. iji-]^ ""''' 
iKaraehi, 1883.] 8", 14164. b. 6. 

— — jtii y,U*<« [MIzan i sha'r. A treatise on 
Sindhi prosody.] pp. 124, lUh. ^\j!& iaap 
\Karaehi, 1883.] 8°. 14164. b. 6. 

0., F. J. Bee GoLDSMiD (Sir F. J.) 

FBABADA. X^ ^j^ ^JUurfJAfe [Hiudustana ji 

tarikha. Translated from the Hindastani by 
Gh. 'A.] [1854.] 8». 14164. d. 9. 

VA<isii>HAKA. J\r j^ j"^^j LS*^- [l^banbhe 
zamindara ji galhi. Translated by Gh. H. from 
the Hindustani Kissah i Dharm Singh zamindar.] 
[1864.] S". 14164. b. 10.(1.) 

OIDUMAL 8A17TADAS. ^Jjl»\ ^ [Ganga ishnanu. 
An account of the sacred river Ganges, its bathing 
festirals and holy places. Second edition.] 
pp. 20, lOh, ^jt)^ '*'• {.^f^raehi, 1890.] 16°. 

14164. a. 6.(2.) 

■ ^jj tjfjii) [Vaitarani nadi. An account 

of Vaitarani, the river of Hell, according to 
Hindu mythology.] pp.20. ^j^SSm |ai. [/ToracAi, 
1890.] 16». ' 14164. a. 6.(1.) 

OOLDSMID (Sir Fbbdbbic John) Sec Muuammad, 
Miyan, Haidardbddi, and Pbibhdas Anandaram. 
^ { ^-Jj-e ^e^jtf [Sindhi sarfu en nabwu. With 
a preface in English by F. J. G.] 1860. 4°. 

14164. 0. 7. 

See Sasu'i Pdhh&9. Siswi and Punhu : 

a poem in the original Sindi ; with a metrical 
translation in English, [by F. J. G.] 1863. 4°. 

14164. b. 17. 

OUL MUHAMMAD, jf y'y.j [Divan i Gul. A 
divan poem, with introductory remarks on the 
letters of the Sindhi, Persian and Arabic alpha- 
bets.] pp. 12, 88, lith. yJ'*^ I"""* [Bombay, 
1859.] 4°, 14164. b. 4. 

OUL MUHAMMAD S5AH. See Mchammad Kadibi. 
^XUm jj^VJ yj»^ [toto-narao. Translated by 

G. M. Kh. from the Hindustani Tota-kahani of 
Haidar Ba^sh.] [1890.] 8°. 14164. b. 13. 

B 2 




HABIB ALLAH. See Muhammad KadieI. iji»j^ 

i_f3J^ lil^^ [Tote-namo. Translated by H. A. 
from the Hindustani Tota-kahani of Haidar 
Bakhsh.] [1890.] 8°. 14164, b. 13. 

HAIDAB BAIHSH, Saiyid, called Haidaei. [For 
the Sindhi versions of the Tota-kahani or Hindu- 
stani translation by Haidar Bakhsh of the Per- 
sian Tuti-namah of Muhammad Kadiri :] See 
Muhammad KadieI. 

HAIDAR SHAH, Eaidardbddi. yr i^^]) ^ yo^ 
[Kiso Hir Ranjha jo. A popular romance, in 
verse. Second edition.] pp. 49. ^j>-\jS=i iaa* 
[Karachi, 1885.] 8°. 14164. b. 11.(3.) 

HAEI SINGH DINGIMAL. See Muhammad Bachal. 
J\ CxV* ekL-iiii [Guldastah i hikmat. Com- 
piled with the assistance of H. S. D.] [1886.] 8°. 

14164. a. 4. 

HTJSAIN, Son of the Caliph 'Alt. [Bayano hazrat 
Imam Husain jo. An account of the life and 
martyrdom of Imam Husain.] pp. 374, lith. 

[Bombay, 1884.] 4°. 14164. d. 6. 

In the Khoja-Sindhi character. 

JAMJAMAH. ^\ ^^3i«. y^ i»s>^ ye^ [Kiso 

Jamjamah jo. A legend in verse. Followed 
by a collection of Sindhi ballads, and verses in 
praise of Muhammad.] pp. 100, KfA. iJ>^ i""'* 
[Bombay, 1890.] 12°. 14164. b. U.(4.) 


cdi»-Jj_ [Kiso dili ji vinduriya bhulachnka. 
Amusing anecdotes translated by J. Kh. into 
Sindhi from the Hindustani.] pp. 44, lith. 
^y.^ I A *v [ia/iore, 1887.] 16°. 14164. b. 8.(1.) 

[Sindhi vyutpatti-kosha. A glossary of Sanskrit 
roots and words with Sindhi derivatives.] pp. 188, 
6, lith. jj»-];£= 1*^- [Karachi, 1886.] 8°. 

760. c. 7. 

The Sanskrit words are in Devanagari characters. 

JHAMRA'E MANQHUMAL. j^ojJ^ ^ ^yL-.Ja» 

^j\j [Hindustana ji mukhtasar tarikha.] pp. 64, 

32, lith. ^J^]^ i*^* [Karachi, 1880.] 8°. 

14164. d. 2. 

pp. 62, 32, lith. 

[Second edition.] 

^\jSsi i-^-M [Karachi, 1881.] 8°. 14164. d. 3. 

JOHNSON (Samuel) LL.B. Rasselas. Trans- 
lated into Sindhi by Navalrai Shokiram Advani 
and Udharam Thawardas Mirchandani. (^_jM^)a«»\,) 
pp. 210, lith. Karachi, 1881. 8°. 141,64. b. 21. 

KAHANDAS MANSAEAM. See Sadasukha Lala. 
jb jj». cJi** [Chitra ji para. Translated by 
K. M. from the Hindustani Usiil i nakkashl.] 
[1852.] 8°. 14164. d. 24. 

A Course of Arithmetic. Part i. Com- 
piled in the Sindee language ... by Kahandass 
Munsaram. {{^Ki£so y>. jc^oJ) [Lekhe jo kitabu.] 
pp. 112, lith. Kurrachee, 1855. 8°. 14164. d. 22. 

Mensuration of planes and solids. Trans- 

lated into Sindee ... by Kahandass Munsaram. 
(l->1:;63 i^^iJUi>) [Paima'iahi kitabu.] pp.69,Zi<A. 

lAoe Kurrachee, [1855.] 8°. 14164. d. 20. 

K&HSEN. [Kiso Kamsen en Kamriip jo. A 
popular romance in verse. Edited by Udharam 
Thanvardaa. Second edition.] pp. 127, 20. 
[Karachi, 1881.] 8°. 14164. b. 15. 

In the Khoja-Sindhi character. 

KASIM. See Muhammad Kasim ibn Ni'mat Allah. 

(_^jjjj\ (Translated by Kowramal Chandamal.) 
[1881-66.] 8°. 14164. d. 18. 

^j^ If?" Lr*f*^^=' [Kulambas jl tarikha. 

The life of Columbus, translated from the English 
by K. Ch.] pp. 48, KfA. ig?-]j^ '"■"■ [Karachi, 
1862.] 8°. ' 14164. d. L(2.) 

KEVALEAM, ^ ^^\^ s^Xr" <^^^i^ [Kitabu 
siikhiri galhini ji. A collection of entertaining 
tales and anecdotes.] pp. 108, lith. iib\jj-j>. iaio 
[Eaidarabad, 1865.] 8°. 14164. b. 10.(3.) 

KHOENI JO KITABIT. t^tSa ^ ^^J/ [Khorni 
jo kitabu. Tables of weights and measures, and 
multiplication tables.] pp. 15, lith. ^]j^° """' 
[Karachi, 1877.] 16°. 14164. d. 11.(2.) 



KEISHNA DATTA. J^^ ^ ^jy>^'^^ SrSJ^^^ 
[Sudhatiire kudhatiire ji galhi. A moral tale. 




being a Sindhi translation by Mufiammad Shab 
of K. D.'s Hindi Buddbiphalodaya, from a Hindu- 
stani translation by Vamfldbara entitled Kissab 
Bubnddbi aor knbnddbi ka.] pp. 28, lith. i»tc 
[Karachi, 1855.] 8°. 14164. b. 16. 

ty»l" St* fr li^i •«»■ [I^ili ja bisaba. Mental 
aritbmetic, translated into Sindhi from the Marathi 
ofK^.G.- Fifth edition.] pp.22, Wi. ^^^ <»*♦ 
[XorocA», 1877.] 16'. 14164. d. ll.(L) 

KUE'AX. ^JuM* siTy* tXM^ ^}|/ [The Koran. 

Arabic text, with an interlineary translation and 
marginal notes in Sindhi by 'Aziz Allah Mnta- 
'aliwi.] pp. 800, ii., \\(h. ^«**^ fir [Z?owiay; 
1877.] ■ - 


14507. e. 8. 
8e9 'Abd bI-LatIp Shah. 

LILABAK WATAHMAL The life, religion, and 
poetry of Sh&h Latif ... In two volnmes. By 
Lil&r^ Watanmal Lalwani. Karachi, 1890. 8°. 

14164. b. L 

XAHADETA 8A8T&!. 8«e MoREiB ( ) t^Sjmr 

^^iy • <i)^ UlJ**) -^-^ [Dharti-nirvaru. Morris' 
Geography, tnuuUted by M. Q.] [1861.] 8°. 

14164. d. 14. 

KAHOXED, Mettm. 8m Mubammad, ifi'yan, Bai- 




(A. P.) See 'Ati-KcLi Fariddn-Bko 

■OEIYA FAkiS. yrj-^ jjj^a ytJ [^iso KoQro 
Chanisar jo. A romance, in Terse.] pp. 14, 68. 
.^.fi» i».r [Karachi, 1883.] 8*. 14164. b. U.(l.) 

MO&RIS ( ) (j\,j ^jS jj,yb) jj A^' ,^\y^ 

[Dharti-nirrira. Morris' Geography, translated 
into Sindhi by Mahadeva ^stri with the assist- 
ance of Mnnshi Nandiram.] 2 pt., lith. i*i« 
[Karofhi, 1861.] 8°. 14164. d. 14. 

WUiAMMAJ), Miydn, itaidardbddi, and PEIBHDA8 
AJAJD ARAM . ^^ f, <.^yo .■>>«« [Sindhi aarfu 
eg nahwn.] (Abstract of a Grammar compiled 
in the Sindce language by Mecan Mahomed . . . 
and Moonshee Pribdass.) [Published by order 

of the Government of India. With a preface in 
English by F. J. Goldsmid.] pp. 170, lith. 
Kurraehee, 1860. 4°. 14164. c. 7. 

MTIHAiaLAD ibn SinAIMAK, JazUli. 0\;iii^ Jft).i 

^jju» f^^ [Dala'il al-khairat. A book of 

prayers for Muhammad. Arabic text, with an 
interlineary translation in Sindhi.] pp. 288, lith. 
J.x^, iri.« [Bombay, 1878.] 12°. 14519. a. 4. 

XTTHAMMAI) BACHAL. -^ b «:X£a» h^Sli 

«_^ ^JjuJ i^^^aUA^ [Guldastah i hikmat, also 
called 'Iliij al-mnsakin. A treatise on medicine 
as practised in Sindh, compiled by M. B. with 
the assistance of Hari Singh Dingimal.] pp. 8, 
164. jC IAA1 [Sa]thar, 1886.] 8». 14164. a. 4 

MTTHAMMAD KADIB!. yib ^^ ,3Jm [tote- 

namo. A translation by Udhardm Thanvardus 
of the Tota-kahani, a Hindustani translation by 
Uaidar Bakhsh of M. K.'s Persian abridged ver 
sion of Nakhshabi's tales, entitled Tuti''namah.] 
pp. 76, K<A. yJT^J^ '*■"• [Karachi, 1862.] 8°. 

14164. b. 12. 

^fSjM» ^^^b ,J»^ [Tote-namo. Another 

translation of the Hindustani Tota-kahani nf 
Haidar Bakhsb, by Gul Muhammad Khan and 
Aabib Allah.] pp. 128, WA. ^y^ iaI. [Lalior>i, 
1890.] 8°. 14164. b. 13. 

Mir&AinCAD KA8IM ibn VI'MAT ALLAH, caUed 
Kasui. |.-.\i ^oy.a w»Ukfi» [Divun poem.] pp. 87, 

WA. sJT"^ '*»* [Karachi, 1878.] 8°. 

14164. b. 7. 

XITHAMMAD XA'SUM, Phakari, called NauI. 
i^j^y i^ 3jm« [Sindhu ji tavarikha. A history 

of Sindh, translated by Nandiram from the Per- 
sian original of M. M.] pp. 368, lith. i^^j^ > ""* i 
[Karachi, 1861.] 8°. 14164. d. 10. 

KUHAlOfAD RAMAZAH. j\jj> j.olU' y>. 3^ 
[Sindhu jo mukhtasar nirvaru. An elementary 
geography of Sindh.] pp. 18. ^j>-\jSa i aa. 

[Karachi, 1880.] 12». 14164. d. 12. 

[Another edition.] pp. 13. ^j>-\j^ iai. 

[Karachi, 1890.] 12°. 14164. b. 9. 





Krishna Datta. J\^ ^-^- j^jy^ifis j^y)3-J [Su- 

dhaturekudhature ji galhi. Translated from the 
Hindustani by M. Sh.] [1855.] 8°. 

14164. b. 16. 

See Shakespeae (J.) (^j^if^^ iXa* [Mufid 

al-sibyan. Translated by M. Sh. from the Hindu- 
stani Muntakhabat i Hindi of J. Shakespear.] 
[1861.] 8°. 14164. b. 18. 

See Vamsidhara. ,1 

\£a\ [Akasi 

nirvaru. Translated by M. Sh. from the Hindu- 
stani Khulasah i nizam i shamsi.] [1856.] 8°. 

14164. d. 25. 

NAMI. See Muhammad Ma'sum, Bhakarl. 

KANDIBAM, Munshl. See Chieanji Lal. ^^ixM 

S^j> [Sekha'itu nirvaru. Translated by N. from 

the Hindustani Shari' al-ta'lim.] [1860 ?] 8°. 

14164. d. 21. 

See CoLLiEE (C. F.) _j*b' jjo [Padhara- 

namo. A paper on snakes and the treatment 
of snake-bites. Translated into Sindhi and Per- 
sian by N.] [1860 ?] 8°. 14164. a. 3. 

See Muhammad Ma'sum, Bhakarl, called 

Nam!. *?.jV ls^ ^^ [Sindhu ji tavarikha. 
Translated from the Persian by N.] [1861.] 8°. 

14164. d. 10. 

See MoKRis ( ) ^j^-^) ^„^ '^^f^ 

( j^jji , Pj5 [Dharti- nirvaru. Morris' Geography, 

translated with the assistance of N.] [1861.] 8°. 

14164. d. 14. 

See Sadasukha Lala. jV) ^ tl^^f [Ghitra 

ji para. Translated from the Hindustani with 
the help of N.] [1852.] 8°. 14164. d. 24. 

See SrvAPEASADA, B^a^a, O.S.I. Xy ^LJuJ 

[Sansari nirvaru. Translated by N. from the 
Hindustani Haka'ik al-maujudat.] [1861.] 8°. 

14164. d. 23. 

See YoDNG (J. R.) jbliU f, jts-- i_>>\l£= 

[Jabru en mukabilo. Translated with the assist- 
ance of N.] [1857.] 8°. 14164. d. 17. 

^*^V [Babi-namo. A Sindhi primer.] 

pp. 29, lith. I All \KaracU, 1869.] 8°. 

14164. 0. 9.(1.) 

ITAEATAirEA'E JAGAHNATH. A general account 
of Sind, by Rao Saheb Narrayen Juggonath. . . . 
jVji f^ JJm> [Sindhu jo nirvaru.] pp. '[Id, lith. 
^\^ 1*16 {Karachi, 1865.] 8°. 14J64. d. 7. 


LL.B. Rasselas. Translated into Sindhi by 
Navalrai Shokiram Advani, etc. 1881. 8°. 

14164. b. 21. 

OODHAEAM, Moonshee. See Udhaeam Thanvaedas. 

PAEAMANANDA, Eaidardhddl. i^J^iJ^ <-^ 
[Naksha kharvari. Tables for computing the 
value of different measures of grain at various 
prices.] pp. 9, Zi<7t. ^^e>^ {Karachi, \Q^Q.'\ obi. 8°. 

14164. d. 15. 

PEIBHDAS ANANDAEAM. See Muhammad, Miydn, 
Haidardbddl, and PribhdIs Anandaeam. ^yiiiu* 
_ji -li t^jjo [Sindhi sarfu en nahwu.] I860.- 4°. 

14164. c. 7. 

Sindee Fourth Book. Prepared by Pribdass 

Anundram . . . for the use of Vernacular schools. 
In two parts. Part ii. (_->lJkSa i-j^y^ i^^ij-^ [Sindhi 
chothon kitabu.] {Karachi,} 1866. 8°. 

14164. c. 15. 

Imperfect ; vanting Pt. i. The pagination fallovjs thai 
of Pt. i. from 207 to 458. 

L_.^VX6» (0»s^ t?^^ [Sindhi triyon kitabu. 

Sindhi Third Book. Third edition.] pp. 8, 246, 
^e;]3^ I -^""^ {Karachi, 1868.] 8°. 14164. c, 14. 

[Sixth edition.] pp. 165. \^^/^ '**'" 

{Karachi, 1882.] 8°. 14164. c. 13. 

PEITAMDAS KISMATEA'E. j.^^!^ ^r ^J^i^ 
^ ,G [Hindustana ji mukhtasar tari^a. A 

short history of India. Fourth edition.] pp.108,24. 
^^\;fei Mv 1 [STaracW, 1879.] 8°. 14164. d. 1.(2.) 

f*5H LS^ Li^ [Lekhe ji pirha. An ele- 
mentary arithmetic. Fourth edition.] pp. 84, lith. 
^\^ uvi {Karachi, 1879.] 8°. 14164. d. 19. 

PUEANI BOLI. [Purani boli. A Christian reli- 
gious tract.] pp. 16, liih. {Karachi, 1880.] 16°. 

14164. a. fe. 
In the Xhoja-Sindhi character. 





SACHO YAPASU. [Sacho viparn. A Christian 
tract pointing out the advantages of honest deal- 
ing in matters of business.] Tpp. 12, lith. [Karachi, 
1881.] 12°. 14164. a. 1. 

/a the Kkoja-SindXi ekaraeter. 

SASASITKHA LALA. J^ ^ ci*» [Chitra ji para. 
Elementary instruction in drawing ; being a 
Sindhi translation from the Hindustani Usui i 
naKKashi of 8. L. by Kahandas Mansaram, 
aansted bj Mnnshi Nandirara.] pp. 35, lith. 
^^ i*or [Karaeki, 1852.] 8°. 14164. d. 24. 

8AOAWAT EAE. ^ c-**U> JJ tj>lj\ jA- J». 
[Janam sakhi. The life and miracles of Uderlal, 
a popular Hinda saint] pp. 68, liih. ^^\^m i a t • 
[Karachi, 1890.] BPi. 14164. d. 6. 

SASFI PubbG^. S4siri and Panhd : a poem in 
the original Sindhi ; with a metrical translation 
in English, [by F. J. G. i.e. Sir F. J. Goldsmid.] 
(^ y> (»V I ,^— » y^ pp. vi. 29, 44. London, 
1863. 8*. 14164. b. 17. 

yjyj ^«— «• [Another edition of the poem.] 

pp. 49, lith. lAi* [Karachi, 1867.] 8". 

14164. b. 10.(2.) 

8HAH LATIP. 8ee 'Abd al-LiTir SbIb. 

SHAXZSPEAB (JoHx) ^^lu^^ sJu [Mufid al- 
iibyan. A collection of short tales and anecdotes, 
and of dialogues in English and Sindhi. Trans- 
lated by Mabammad Shah from the Hindnstani 
Mostakhabat i Hindi of J. S.] pp. 98, lith. 
^I^fio .*i( [iTarooJW, 1881.] 8". 14164. b. 18. 

SnrDHI PIPTH BOOK. ^\:^ ^JJy*i ^iL- [Sindhi 
panjoQ kitabn. Sindhi Fifth Book. Third 
edition.] pp. 4, 321. yJT^J^ •**• ["Rofraehi, 
1880.] 8*. 14164. e. 16. 

[Another edition.] pp. 448. [Karachi, 

1883.] 8». 14164. c. 18. 

Im tit Kh(fa-8indki ekaraeter. 

SDrDHI SIXTH BOOK. t^U^ ^^y^ ^jJu. [Sindhi 
chhahoQ kitaba. Sindhi Sixth Book. Second 
edition.] pp.411. ^^\^ '**«' [Karachi, 1882.] 8°. 

14164. e. 17. 

8IVAPKA8ADA, Raja, C.S.I. }s} s^j^-**-* t^**°' 
sari nirvaru. A treatise on natural philosophy, 
being a Sindhi translation by Nandlram of §iva- 
prasada's Hindi Vidyankura, from the Hindustani 
translation by Vam?idhara entitled Haka'ik al- 
manjudat.] pp. 207,WA. iak [ffaracAt, 1861.] 8°. 

14164. d. 23. 

STACK (Gboboz) 8cc Biblk. — New Testament. — 
MatthMP. ^nA ?ft ntf . . . fw ^ dfinl ^*^ 
WW^ TTU9 «tfiRI Wt. St. Matthew. [Translated 
by G. S. ?] [1850.] 8\ 3070. bb. 32. 

SUKH LA'L. «_jU;^ iA>f<0 [Zabti kitabu. Men- 
suration tables.] pp. 15, /i<A. Kurraehoe, 1854. 4°. 

14164. d. 16. 

TBXnCPP (Ernst) See 'Abd b1-LatIf Shah. 
Sindhi-Litcrature. The Divan of Abd-ul-Latif 
Shah . . . Edited by E. T. 186C. 8°. 

14162. b. 2. 

^— - A Sindhi Reading-book in the Sanscrit 
and Arabic character. Compiled by E. T. 
91^ [London,] 1858. 8«. 760. f. 

al-mujarral>at. A treatise on medicine.] pp. 224, 
lith. [Bombaif, 1876.] 12°. 14164. a. 6. 

TTDERLAL. Set BakbIwat Ra'e. tj>^j\ l/*^ r^ 

^jf^ t_i*»'^ ^yli [Janam sakhi. The life and 

miracles of Uderlal, a popular Hindu saint.] 
[1890.) 8°. 14164. d. 6. 

BHCJ Lalchahd Ojba and Udbammal Satramdab 
Saoavi. Anglo-Sindhi Translation Exercises, etc. 
1883. 8". 14164. c. 6. 

UDHASAM THAHTASDAS. See JSsoi>. i_«>.j\ 
ul^^^ my*- [.^sop's Fables, translated by Munshi 
U. Th.] [1891.] 8°. 14164. b. 20. 

See JoHHSOK (S.) LL.D. Rasselas. Trans- 

lated into Sindhi by . . . Udharam Thawardas 
Mirchandani. 1881. 8°. 14164. b. 21. 

— ^— See Kamskm. [Kiso Eamsen en Kamrfip 
jo. Edited by U. Th.] [1881.] 8°. 

14164. b. 16. 






XTDHARAM THANVAEDAS {continued). See Mo- 
hammad KadieL _y«\i i^s^ '■^'^^ [Tote-namo. 
Translated by U. Th. from the Hindustani Tota- 
katani of Haidar Bakhsh.] [1862.] 8°. 

14164. b. 12. 

Elementary grammar of the Sindee lan- 
guage. By Moonshee Oodharam . . . Third edi- 
tion, with additions and corrections. »^ V -f3>i"» 
\:yc\i V ^ <^jo j^»- j^bj ^_yiia« ^>_ pp. 134, 
4>,Uth. ^^')jSo [KarachQ 1868. 8°. 14164. c. 2. 

^j>- jX...M^ s^'^j'^ r4^^? [Galhi Dodi 

Chanisar jl. A romance in prose and verse.] 
pp. 56, ZifA. I AM [Zarac/n", 1881.] 16°. 

14164. b. 8.(1.) 

Grammar of the Sindhi language. By 

Moonshee Oodaram. pp. 45, K<A. Zbiree, 1857. 8°. 

14164. c. 1. 

J*]/ iS'^**^ [Third edition, in a completely 

altered form.] pp.43. ij>-\j£a uvi [Karachi, 
1879.] 8°. ' 14164. c. 3.(2.) 

Oodharam's Guide to students of English 

and Sindee : consisting of grammatical rules and 
illustrations, revised phrases from Dosa Bhaye, 
and easy stories. Compiled ... by Moonshee 
Oodharam. (jj^\ia)\ joki*) [Mufid al-talibin.] 
Lith. Kurrachee, 1861. 8°. 14164. c. 4. 

i_jbfiss ^ (^3Jwwu [Sindhi biyo kitabu. 

Sindhi Second Book. Fourth edition.] pp. 90, lith. 
^^]jSs> I All [Karachi, 18Q9.'] 8°. 14164. c. 9.(3.) 

[Seventh edition.] pp. 73. ,_j»-^£= i '^ -^ ' 

[Karachi, 1881.] 8°. "l4164. c. 12. 

L->USo (iiy^^ i_j5ju« [Sindhi pahriyon 

kitabu. Sindhi First Book. Seventh edition.] 
pp. 40, lith. ig»-]jSa I AW [KaracM, 1877.] 8°. 

14164. c. 9.(2.) 

[Eighth edition.] pp. 36. ^^)j&9 iaa. 

[Karachi, 1880.] 8°. 14164. c. 10. 

[Another edition.] pp. 39. [Karachi, 

1881.] 8°. . 14164. c. 11. 

In the Khoja-Sindhi character. 

UMED All KARIM MOHAMMAD. 8ee Ummed 'Ali 
KarIm Muhammad. 

FARIDUN-BEQ MIRZA. A Manual of Anglo- 

Vernacular grammar for Sindhi students, with 
exercises. By Umed Ali Karim Mohammed 
Munshi and A. F. Mirza. pp. iii. 87. Karachi, 
1883. 8°. 14164. c. 5. 

^^\»- j^C^ [Hindiistana jI mukhtasar jagrafl. 
An elementary geography of India.] pp. 23, liih. 
^^^ lAvA [BTamcAi, 1878.] 8°. 14164. d. 13. 

VAMSIDHARA. See Krishna Datta. c^jy^3^ 
J'i ^jr t.Jjy^^iS™ [Sudhatiire kudhatiire ji galhi. 
Translated from Vamsidhara's Hindustani fcssah 
subuddhi aur kubuddhi ka.] [1855.] 8°. 

14164. b. 16. 

iSee SrvAPRASADA, 'Raja, 0.8.1. J\jj> 4_jjL-j;<«> 

[Sansari nirvaru. Translated from the Hindustani 
Haka'ikal-maujudat of Vamsldhara.] [1861.] 8°. 

14164. d. 23. 

j^jy 15'^^^ [AkasI nirvaru. A brief sketch 

of the solar system ; being a Sindhi translation 
by Muhammad Shah of a Hindustani treatise by 
v., entitled Khulasah i nizam i shams!.] pp. 61, 
lith. I A01 [Karachi, 1856.] 8°. 14164. d. 25. 

Jl^ j»- .^ Jdu*j ^<*J^. [Bhanbhe zamlndara 

jl galhi. The story of an honest landlord, trans- 
lated into Sindhi by Ghulam fiusain from the 
Hindustani Kissah i Dharm Singh zamlndar of 
Vamsidhara. Second edition.] pp. 24, lith. 
iAeH= [Karachi, 1854.] 8°. 14164. b. 10.(1.) 

(J. E,.) ^ISn -fi Jj>- (— .»bfe» [Jabru en mukabilo. 
Young's Elements of Algebra, translated by 
V. N. M.] [1857.] 8°. 14164. d. 17. 

WADHUMAL CHANDIRAM. y\iJ^^ ^\j ^.^a=^ 

[Muntakhab tarikh i Inglistan. A brief history 
of England, translated from the English by W. 
Ch.] pp. 116, 22, lith. yj^\i^^ '*""' [Karachi, 
1862.] 8°. 14164. d. 8. 

YOUNG (John Radford) jblH* ^ jk>- i_.>\Sfe» 
[Jabru en mukabilo. The Elements of Algebra 
by J. R. Young, translated into Sindhi by 
Visvanath Narayan Maiidalik, with the assistance 
of Nandlram.] pp. 520, lith. iaoi [Karachi, 
1859.] 8°. 14164. d. 17.' 


lTh0 r^fertnem in this Index are to the m€Bn8$ of the author$ or other headtng$ under tchieh the trorkt are 
ealal offmti. In the com of anonffmome worke, which are eatalogned under their title*, the phrase " in loco " 
it need in re/erring to them. Oriental title* only are entered in thi* index, or tho*e in tohich Englith word* 
otemr only aa/orminQ an eeetrnttml part of an Oriental title.'] 

Ajdiaz i Firn [in loe6\, 
Akiui nirrirn. 

See VAysiDBAU. 

See NandikXh, MuneKl. 
fiajano ha^rat Imam Hoaain jo. 

See HcsAiii, S(m of the Caliph 'Alt. 
Bhanbhe samindara ji ^Ihi. 

Cbitra ji para. 

See Sadasukoa LIla. 
Dala'il al-khaint. 

See Mohammad ibn Sulaivan, Jaxili. 

See MoREiB ( ) 
Dili ja hiraba. 

See EfiaBMA ^Aani Goobols. 

See 'Abd al-LAXlF Shah. 

See Gci Mveaioiad. 


See McBAMMAD Kasim ibn Ni'mat Aula, called 
Galhi Dodi Cbnnisar jT. 

See Udbaram Tuaxtasdab. 
Oanga ishnann. 

See GiDVMAL Saktadas. 
Oaldastah i Tiikmat. 

See M CHAM mad Bacbal. 
Hindnstana ji inukhtasar jagrafi. 

See Uttamcrard Taracband. 

See Jhamsa'! Hanouumal. 

See PiiTAMDAS Kismatba'x. 


Ilaj al-masakin. 

See McHAMMAD Bacbal. 
laap ji'un akbani'Qn. 

See .£aop. 
Jabm eg makabilo. 

See Yocwo (J. R.) 
Janam >akhi. 

See Sakbawat Ba'b. 
Eafien jo kitaba. 

See Fazil Sbah ibn Haidar Shab. 
Khofni jo kitaba [in loco], 
Kiso dili ji vinduriya bhulachaka. 

See Jethanamd Khalandas. 
Hir lianjba jo. 

See Haidar Sbab^ Uaidardbddi. 
Jamjamah jo. 

See Jamjamah. 
Kamsen eq Kamriip jo. 

See Kamsen. 
Konro Cbanisar jo. 

See Moriya Fakir, 

Saif al-muluk. 

See Bahar Bapar and 'Abd al-RAHMAN. 
Sasu'i Pannun. 

See Saso'I Puknuw. 
Kitabu Bukhiri ^Ihini ji. 

See Kktalram. 
Kalambaa ji tarikha. 

See Kauramal Chandanmal. 
Knr'an [in loco]. 
Lekbe jT pirh& 

See Pritamdas Kismatra'r. 

Lekbe jo kitaba. 

See Kauandas Mansaram. 

Mizan i sha'r. 

See Fazil Shah ibn Haidar Shab. 




Muf id al-mbyan. 

See Shakespeae (J.) 
Mufid al-talibin. 

See Udharam Thanvaedas. 
Muntakhab tarikh i Inglistaa. 

See Wadhumal Chandieam. 
Naksha kbarvari. 

See: Paeamananda, Haidardbddi. 

See Colli ee (C. F.) 
Paim'aishi kitaba. 

See Kahandas Mansakam. 
Parani boll [in loco]. 
Sacho vaparu [in loco]. 
Sahifat al katnilah. 

See 'Ali Zajn al-'ABiDiN, Fourth Imam. 
Sansari nirvara. 

See Sivaprasaua, Raja, C.S.I. 
Sasu'i Punnun [in loco]. 
Sekha'itu nirvara. 

See ChiraSji Lal. 
Shaba jo risalo. 

See 'Abd al-LATiF Shah. 
Sindbi biyo kitabu. 

See Udhaeam Thanvaedas. 
chhahon kitabu. 

See SiNDHi Sixth Book. 
chothon kitabu. 

See Pribhdas Anandaeau. 
— panjon kitabu. 
See SiNDHi Fifth Book. 

Sindhi pahriyon kitabu. 

See Udharam Thanvaedas. 
sarfu en nahwur [Peibhdas Anandaeam. 

See Muhammad, Miydn, Haidardbddi, and 
triyon kitabu. *- 

See Peibhdas Anandaeam. 

See Jhamatmal Narumal. 
zaban ji sarfu nab'wu. 

See Udhaeam Thanvaedas. 
Sindhu ji mukhtasar tarikha. 

See Alumal Teikamdab. 

See Mohammad Ma'sum, Bhakarl, called Nami. 
Sindhu jo mukhtasar nirvaru. 

See Muhammad Eamazan. 


See Naeayanea'e Jagannath. 
Sudhatiire kudhature ji galhi. 

See Krishna Datta. 
Tahrir i Uklaidas. 

See Edclid. 

See Muhammad Kadiei. 
Tuhfat al-mujarrabat [in hco]. 
Viatarani nadi. 

See Gidumal Santadas. 
Zabti kitabu. 

See SuKH La'l. 



Akas! Diryim. YAyBioBARA. 
Cbitni jt p&ni. Sadabcxha LIla. 
SaiiB&ri nirriira. (^ItapbasIda, R^v'a, C.S.I. 
ISekha'itu nirrara. ChiraSji Lal. 


HusAtv, Son of 

Bayino Baf rat Imam Uusain jo. 

the Caliph 'All. 
Janam sakbL Sakrawat Ra'x. 
Kolambas ji tarikha. Kacramal Chasdahkal. 

Sindhl yjntpatti-kosba. JaAjfATHAL Nabumal. 


Dharti-nirrArn. Mobbis ( ) 

Hindnstana j{ makbtaMr jif^raf i. Uttaiichavd 

Sindbn jo makbtasar nirvarn. Mchaiuiad Rava- 



Aglittz i t^>>nf. AoHAZ i Fabsi. 

Anglo-Sindbi Translation £zeroiaefl. Chatubbhuj 

Lalchand Ojha. 
Manual of An^Io-Vemacalar Grammar. 

'AlI Kabiii Mcuahmad. 
Muf id al-talibin. UdhJLbaii Thanvabdas. 
Sindhi urfo eg nafiwu. Muuammad, Miydn, 

zaban ji aarfa na&fm. Uobabam Thav- 




IlindastAna jf makbtasar tarikba- 



Montakbab tarikh i Ingliatan. Waduumal Cbak- 


Sindha ji mnl^tasar tarikba. Alumal Trieamdas. 

tavarikba. MiBAMlfAD Ma'sux, Bhaknri. 

Sindhu jo nirvuru. Nabatanba'i Jaoannatb. 


Dili ja bisiba. Kkisuna Sastri GIodboli. 
Jabm eQ mnkabilo. Yodno (J. R.) 

Kborni jo kitabu 
Lokbe j! pirha. 
Lekbejo kitaba. 
Naluba kbarrari. 
Paim&'iHbi kitaba. 
Tafirir i Ulclaidaa. 
i^abti kitabu. 


PbItaxdas Kiskatba'b. 
Kabandab Mansaram. 
Pabamanamda, Haidardbddl. 
Kauandas Mamsabam . 
Sdkb La'l. 


Gnldastah i Eikmat. Mcuamhad Bachal. 

Padhara-namo. Collibk (C. F.) 

Tobfat al-mojarrabat. TnurAT al-mdjabbabat. 

Divan. 'AfiD al-LATir Sbah. 


MuBAUMAD Kasim ibn Ni'mat Allait. 

Kafien jo kitaba. Fazil Bbab ibn Haidab Sbab. 
MiEan i sha'r. Fazil Sbab ibn Haidab Sbab. 
Shuha jo rinulo. 'Abd al-LATir Sbau. 

Siud BaUada. Datibs (T. H.) 


Babi-namo. Nandibau, Munnhi. 

Euglisb Primer in tiindbi. Enolisr Pbiueb. 

Sindhi biyo kitabu. 
•^^ chbahoi} kitaba. 

chotbog kitaba. 

panjog kitaba. 

pabriyon kitabn. 

A Sindlii Keadiu^-book 
Sindbi fijog kitabu. 

Udbakau Tbanvakdas. 
Sindbi Sixtb Book. 
Pribbdas Anandabah. 
Sindhi Fiktb Book. 
Udiiakam Thanvardab. 

Tkumi-p (E.) 
Pbibbdas Anandabam. 

RELIGION.— Cbxibtiah. 

Puriinl boli. 
Sacbo vapam. 

PcRANi boli. 





Gang'a ishnanu. 
Yaitarani nadi. 



BELI6I0N.— Utthahuasah. 
Dala'il al-ttairat. Muhammad ibn Sulaiman. 

Kur'an. Kue'an. 
Sahifat al-kamilali. 'Ali Zain al-'ABiDiN. 

TALES.— Peosk. 

Galhi DodI Chanlsar ji. Udhaeam Thanvaedas. 

Kitabu sukhiri galhini ji. JKkvaleam. 

TALES.— Veese. 

Kiso Hir Ranjha jo. 
Jamjamah jo. 

Haidae ShaHj Haidarabddl. 

Kiso Kamsen en Kamrup jo. Kamsen. 

Konro Chanlsar jo. Moeiya Fakik. 

Saif al-muluk. Bahab Bapab aud *Abd al- 

Sasu'i Punnun. Sasu'i Puknun. '■ 

TALES.— Tbakslatiokb fbou Eusofean Wobks. 
Isap ji'un akhani'un. .^sop. 

TALES.— TsAirsLATiOKs fboh Obiehtal Wobks. 

Bhanbhe zamindara ji galhi. Vamsidhaea. 
Kiso dili ji vinduriya bhulachuka. Jethanand 

Mufid al-sibyan. Shakespeae (J.) 

Sudhatiire kudhatiire ji galhi. Keishna Datta. 

Tote-namo. Muhammad Kadiei. 





'ABS ALLAH ibn ABBAS. Be^n. J^^l 'Jl 
iJyf iVf^'' [I)a'* Soryani. An Arabic prayer 
sacribed to 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abbaa. With a 
Poxhtn metrical translation by Bibii Jan.] See 
DoBM (B.) A Chrestomathy of the Paahta . . . 
language, pp. 374-386. 1847. A". 

14163. e. 10. 

'ASD ALLAH ibn AHXAD (Hlns al-Dix) al- 
Nasafi. ^'j«l AA*-yi^ «*-pU Jf{'i>>!1 JH [Kans 
al-daKa'ifi. An Arabic treatise on Muhammadan 
law, accompanied by a translation in Paahtu.] 
pp. 272, lith. <r.i [Delhi, 1884.] 8«. 

14527. d. 4. 

*ABD ALLAH ibn SALAK. J1 JJ'.^^|;jt [Hazar 

masa'il. Selections from the thousand qnestions 
put to Mnfiammad by 'Abd Allah, with the 
Prophet's replies, translated into Poshta verse. 
With Nur-nama i. kalan, and Sad o si mas'ala 
on the margin.] pp. 84, Uth, ,Jubt) 'rir [Delhi, 
1876.] " ■■■ 


14163. b. n.a.) 

J'jiil JJL,^ .Ijjb [Hazar masa'il. Another 

edition, with the Sad o si mas'ala, and the 
Alif-nama appended.] pp. 64, lith. im [Delhi, 
1882.] 8*. 14163. b. 4.(6.) 

[Another edition of the preceding.] 

pp. 60, lilh. Jjtj ir.r [Delhi, 1886.] 8*. 

14163. b. 13.(3.) 

'ABD ALLAHZAI, Hajl. ^JUl c^j^ [Mnjar- 

rabat i Afijhani. A treatise in Terse on popular 

medicine.] See Sbihab 'Abd al-KABiK. *>~-^ 
Jl ^lyi [tibb i Shihabi.] pp. 1-103, nuirg. 

[1883.] 8". 14163. e. 4. 

'ABD al-'A^IM. ^^1 jjc J^ [Gbazal.] See 
AaxAD. *^<«.>- ji-*^ ^Jj—^ii [Dastan i Amir Ham- 
xah.] p. 322. [1882.] 8°. 14163. c. 12. 

fj^\ Joe \zJJij^ [Two other ghazals by 

'A. al-'A.] See Akbar Shah. c:JU. j ^^j*^^ *^ 
[Kissa i Mabbuba o Jalat.] p. 71. [1882.] 8°. 

14163. 0. 10.(12.) 

'ABD al-HAFI2. SifC jcly [Kawa'id i tajwid. 
A treatise on the proper method of reciting the 
Koran.] See Kdb'ah. Jl >UI1 »-**-»> pp. 1-30, 
mary. [1878.] 8". ^ 14163. b. lO.(L) 

'ABD al-HALIM, Kdkd-Mel. See Wali Allah 
ibn 'Abd al-RAHiM, Dihlavi. Jl i^^So- J.y»- 

[Chihal hadiQ. Arabic text, with metrical para- 
phrases in Pushtu by 'A. al-H.] [1891.] 8°. 

14621. 0. 

'ABD al-HAMID, Mohmand. JoaJI Ooe ^l^J 

[Durr o marjan. A diwan.] pp. 138, lith. 

Imj irio [Bombay, 1878.] 8°. 14163. d. 11. 

Poems of Mulla ./Eabd-ul-yamid. [A 

selection.] (jj-«>y« J>x»aJ' Jotc J ^^j* y j^ 
Jji.y;U) See Ravebty (H. G.) Gulshan-i-roh. 
pp. 73-102. 1860. 4°. 14163. •. 8. 



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iV'^' cj'j^ »^ 5-ai' [Kissa i Shah gadae. 

The king and the beggar ; a tale in verse.] 
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14163. e. 1.(4.) 

^Usl ^JJJ-^ Jf^ ^^j^ [Nairang i 'ishk. 

The loves of Shahid and 'Aziz ; a romance in 
verse, adapted from the Persian of Muhammad 
Akram.] pp. 82, it%. iMi [DeZ/n, 1882.] 8°. 

14163. e. 3. 

*ABD al-KABIE, Hdfiz. See Saip al-ZAFAE, Nau- 
bahdri. ^^isl ^_pW« .J [Durr i majalis. Trans- 
lated into verse by Hafiz 'Abd al-Kabir.] 
[1880.] 8°. 14163. b. 12. 

yM ij^j i^ i)jt« JiflJl jjii [Daf' al-fakr. A 

religious treatise in verse, on the prevention of 
poverty. Followed by Kissa i pira zan, by 
Gul Muhammad.] pp. 160, lith. ^Jjtui in a [Delhi, 
1881.] 8°. " 14163. d. 8.(2.) 

i*:i^ {J^ '^ [Kissa i Lukman. A 

legendary story, in verse.] See Kur'an. rWaS 
Jl ji'^ [Surat al-mulk.] pp. 10-56, marg. 

[1882.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(6.) 

CD^^s** [Mu'jizat. A metrical account 

of miracles ascribed to Muhammad.] pp. 76, liih. 
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— [Another edition.] pp. 72, h%. ^Jjjij iaa, 

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[Another edition.] pp. 72, h'</i. ,Ji»0 iaa, 

[Delhi, 1880.] 8°. 14163. d. 8.(5.) 

(^ ^^^ (JIjU-Uu) jiJpi Joe, Im'is- vij'^lx* 

[Munajat. A religious poem. Also, Munajat 
i Bibi Gala. A poem in praise of Bibi Gala.] 
See Kasim, Akhund, of Swat. J! i«i..ou Ji jJly 

[Fawa'id i shari'at.] pp. 108-130, and 228-271, 
marg. [1880 ?] 8°. . 14163. b. 11. 

'ABD al-KADIR 5SAN, Khatak. See JamL 
Yusnf-wo-ZulIkha ; a translation from the Per- 
sian of Jimi, by .^Eabd-ul-Kadir ghan, Khattak. 
1860. 4°. 14163. e. 8. 

See JamI. ^^Jj >— B«»tJ A^ [Kissa i 

Yusuf Zulaikha. Translated by 'A. al-K. Kh.] 
[1870.] 8°. 14163. 0. 11. 

See Sa'di. Gul-dasta'h, of .^abd-ul- 

Kadir Khan, a translation of the Gulistan of 
Saffidi. 1860. 4°. 14163. e. 8. 

Poems of .^abd-ul-Kadir Khan. Khattak. 

[A selection.] {^J^ .jUJI Jj« J jj'jJ.J ^) See 
Ravertt (H. G.) Gulshan-i-roh. pp. 187-199. 
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Poems of .^abd-ul-Kadir Khan, Khattak. 

[English translation.] See Ravertt (H. G.) 
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'ABD al-KAEIM. cljU^UU [Munajat. A religious 
poem.] See Darwkzah, AMund. JL.'i] ^js^ 

[Makhzan al-Islam.] pp. 156-160, mor^. [1885?] 
8°. 14163. b. 15. 

'ABD al-RAHIM. J^ c:,.sa» [Haft haikal, or 
The Seven Palaces. A religious poem.] See 
Muhammad AmIn. ^J^^ <<:L.<s:i^ [Nasihat al- 
bayan.] pp. 21-65, marg. [1878.] 8°. 

14163. b. 4.(4.) 

'ABD al-EAHIU, Amanhotl. See Muhammad ibn 
Muhammad, al-Jazarl. ^jj^ <i<J»i« [Mukad- 
dama i Jazarl. Translated into Pushtu prose 
by 'A. al-R.] [1878.] 8°. 14163. b. 4.(2.) 

'ABD al-RAHIM ibn AHMAD, Kdzl. ^U\J Wy 

|JUjt <fc«U-j Ji (<o I Jj JiJ!) iUi-5ll [Tars-nama. A 

treatise on Muhammadan eschatology, being a 
metrical translation by ' Kabil ' of the Arabic 
Daka'ik al-akhbar of 'A. al-R. To which are ap- 
pended two short religious tracts, one, in Pushtu 
verse, on the visitation of tombs, the other, in 
Persian prose, on the omission of prayers.] 
pp. 48, lith. ' ^ii iru [Delhi, 1881.] 8°. 

14163. b. 7.(3.) 



'ABD al-aAHimr, Kazi. See Boktan (J.) ju. 
^j^'-Jl [S*ir al-silikiD. The Pilgrim's Progress, 
translated with the assiatance of Ka:;i 'A. al-R.] 
[1877.] 4». 14163. a. 4. 

'J U'>*i'^ liT* 

'ABD al-BAHMAV, Mohmand. 
^L*»JI iXfc jjici [Dlwan. With foot-notes giving 
Tariant readings.] See DoRif (B.) A Chresto- 
mathj of the Puahta . . . langnage. pp. 285-353 
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Diwan-i-Abdar Rahman ; or The Poems 

of Abdur R»hman . . . Carefollj collated from 
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14163. d. 9. 

[Another edition.] pp. 202, /i<A. Ixj ir.. 

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[Another edition. Followed by some 

Teraea by 'Abd al-Hamid.] pp. 208, litk. i^j 

[Delhi, 1883.] 8". 14163. d. 18. 

Poema of Molli iEabd-ar-Rahman. [A 

aelection.] (^f/-?/- u'"**";" **^ •* *''^'' ^^ ^" 
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translation.] See Ravxbtt (H. G.) Selections 
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Selections from the Diw&n of 'Abd-ur- 

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lated into English.] See Huohm (T. P.) Trans- 
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'ABD al-RAHMAH, of Tangi. J.y^ j tjj ^'i.b 
i^Ul [Dastan i gnrba o mash, or The wars of 

the cats and the rats. A hnmorons tale in verse, 
adapted from the Hindustani.] pp. 12, Uth. 
JlAJ iriv [Delhi, 1880.] 8». 14163. c. 10.(15.) 

jJUaJl jJk/ [Kanz al-musalli. A metrical 

treatise on prayer.] See Namaz, JI *»- Ju j^ 

[Namaz mutarjam.] pp. 12-23. [1882.] S"". 

14163. b. 14.(3.) 

'ABD al-RASHID, Son of Sulidn JSutain. jjut. 
^'oJl [I^shid al-bayan. A manual of instruc- 
tion on religious duties, in verse. To which are 
added a number of religious poems on the 
margfin.] pp. 64, Uth. j^'^ irM [Peshawar, 

1874.] 8«. ' 14163. b. 16.(1.) 

[Another edition. With the addition of 

another religions poem, and a short tract in 
Persian on hand-shaking, entitled Masa'il i 
muaifahat.] pp. 72, litk. [Delhi, 1876.] 8 . 

14163. b. 7.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 112, litk. ^Ijuj 

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[Another edition.] pp. 52, litk. ^laj ir.. 

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jjjjior* jJbJ [Kais o Laila. The romance of Laila 
and Majnun, in verse. Illustrated.] pp. 52, litk. 
^JjbJ irn [Delhi, 1882.] 8°. 14163. o. 1.(3.) 

cf'ji' *'"" uf^ j-i^. ^^ [Kissa i Bakhtiyar. 

The story of Bakhtiyar, son of the Emperor of 
Persia. A legend in verse.] pp. 64, litk. ^^A0 in* 

[Delhi, 1881.] 8". ' 14163. c. 10.(9.) 

ABU BAK& ibn KUHAMMAD 'ALI, al-Kurathl. 
^'Jiil ^jjjJaclj)! i^ri^l [Kanz al-liasanat. A col- 
lection of religious discourses in verse, translated 
by Ahmad from the original Persian work of 
Abii Bakr of KurashI, entitled Anis al-wa'izin.] 
pp. 356, Uth. ir.i [Delhi, 1891.] 8°. 

14163. b. 2. 

ABU al-FAZL ibn MUBABAE. [For the Pushtu 
translation by Af^^al Khan of the 'lyur i diinish 
of Abu al-Fa?l :] See Biopi'i. 

B 2 



ACADEMIES, etc. — Paris. — Societe AsiatiqV'e. 
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of Abu al-Fa?l's Persian version of the Fables 
of Bidpa'i.] 1860. 4°. 14163. e. 8. 


selection.] (jwSr* Vi'j) 

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of Afzal Khan. [A 
See Raverty (H. G.) 

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A collection of religious discourses in verse, 
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^'^a^Am [Dastan i Amir Hamzah. An account of 
the life and exploits of Amir Hamzahj uncle of 
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Both in verse, by Ahmad.] pp. 322, 16, lith. 
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<L«U!U M <Cco 

)]ji- [Khwab-nama, or The 
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book of fate. Two short astrological treatises in 
verse.] pp. 20, Kifc. ^JA,i irir [Delhi, 1877.] 8". 

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[Another edition. With the addition on 

the margin of a number of magic squares, to be 
used as charms to avert illness, or evil influences.] 
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[Another edition.] j)^. 18, lith. ^jiaJ irii 

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and the judge. A tale in verse.] pp. 52, lith. 
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adventures of Gumbaz, Prince of Syria. A ro- 
mance in verse.] pp. 40, lith. ,Jj6i> • f i a [Delhi, 
1881.] 8°. 14163. c. 19.(3.) 

1 Aoi [Kissa i -Ibrahim. The story 

of the Patriarch Abraham, in verse.] See Kue'an. 
Jl ^J-^' tJ>*^ [Surat al-mulk.] pp. 2-10, marg. 

[1882.] 8". 14163. b. 14.(6.) 


li«=>- j^ n-2L»- jy^'^ 


^yjc [Kissa i Mansur Hallaj, or The story of 
the martyrdom of the saint Mansiir. Followed by 
Kissa i Sultan Mahmud, or An account of the 
Sultan Mahmiid of Ghazni. Both by Ahmad and 
inverse.] pp. 16, lith. ^iftJ iri« [Delhi, 1878.] 
8°. 14163. c. 16.(5.) 

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A poem in praise of Muhammad.] See Majmu a 
i Munajat. ci;U.Ui« ^Cy^ss^ pp. 5-6. [1883.] 8°. 

14163. b. 14.(6.) 


]yo (._^v^'.*? iJi^'vr>-U« [Munajat i Sahib 
A poem in praise of 'Abd al-Ghafiir of 

Swat.] See Majmu'a i Munajat. cl>U-U<, acy*s^ 
pp. 18-19. [1883.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(6.) 

^J^L.y>i\ Ja« ejli, ^J ,^^>A«*ar^'^'J [Nasir 

al-muhsinin, also called "Wafat-Eama, followed 




by Gfaar-nauia. Two poems on the death of Mu- 
hammad.] pp. l6,lUh. l»,i lAA* [Ddhi, 1888.] 


14163. d. 1.(2.) 

J1 JLt'j jji [Nur-nama. A poem on the 

mysterious light which appeared at the birth of 
Mohammad.] pp. 8, lith. iBombai/, 1890.] 8°. 

14163. d. 2.(2.) 

i^jX jjjm. J ^'J jji [Niir-nama. Another 

edition.] pp. 8, lith. [Delhi, 1892.] 8°. 

14163. d. 2.(3.) 


[Saif al-moluk. The story 

of Saif aUmulilk and Badi' al-jamal, princess of 
China. A romance in verse.] pp. 72, lith. ^JJiJ 
irii [Delhi, 1882.] 8^ 14163. c. 4. 

A«j yjojio [Totl-nima, or Tales of a 

Parrot. A metrical adaptation of Muhammad 
Kadiri's Persian abridgment of Nakhshabi's Tiiti- 
nimah. To which are appended a few short 
giMuals by different anthors.] pp. 100, lith. 
^Jxj >rto [Delhi, 1883.] 8*. 14163. o. 10.(4.) 

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^'J«l [Kiyamat-nama. A religious treatise in 
Terse on the day of judgment.] pp. 22, lith. 
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A Pushtu Primer, with an interlineary translation 
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AHMAD, Afaulavi, of Tangi in H<uhtnagar. See 
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8e« FisiSHTAH (McHAMiiAD Kasim) Attar- 

abadi. ^^jc Jy*mr» JieL. J o^'J [Tarikh da 

Sultan Mahmud Gbaznawi. Translated from the 
Persian by Manlari Ahmad.] 1872. 4°. 

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AHMAD, Maulavi, of Tangi in Eashtnagar. Adam 
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[Another copy. "Without the English 

title-page.] 14163. c. 21. 

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T. P. Hughes.] pp. 49, lith. ^jUj [Pethawar, 
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[Second edition.] pp. 48, lith. «l<j^ '-^vi* 

[Peshawar, 1874.] 8°. 14163. a. 1.(3.) 

— — yilj J^v-j'J^ [Ganj i Pugbtii. A collec- 
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Maulavi Ahmad.] See Hdohm (T. P.) The Kalid- 
i-Afghini. pp. 5-128. 1872. 4°. 14163. e. 9. 

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AHMAD, Mulld, of Pajagi. 
Mulla, of Pajagi. 

See QvL Ahmad, 

AHMAD, Mulld, of Terahi. See Aasan, Mir. 
,ji.«.Jj J jjjiai^ ijl^^ Aof [Kissa i Shah-zadah 

Benazir o Badr i Munir. Translated by A.] 
[1882.] 8°. 14163. c. 17. 

^ Jj^ [Ghazal.] See Faiyaz. iai' 

<uljJl J^j Jj^ tcAjyi. [Kissa i Shah-zadah Bah- 

ram o Gul-andama.] p. 44. [1890.] 8°. 

14163. 0. 1.(6.) 

<sJjly^ it>^ yjj^ {Ji <-a» [Kissa i Gul i 

Bakawali. The romance of Prince Taj al-muluk 





and the feiry Bakawali, in verse. Illustrated.] 
pp. 76, lith. ^IftO iriA [Delhi, 1881.] 8°. 

14163. c. 19.(2.) 

[Another edition, under the title of Gulshan i 
rahat.] pp. 76, lith. ^Ju.«j [Bombay, 1890.] 8°. 

14163. c. 1.(8.) 

ic*'-*-'' <U:^*?- [Kissa i Jumjumah. A 

Pushtu metrical version of the legendary story 
of Jumjumah, King of Syria, who was sent to 
hell, but was miraculously restored to life, and 
lived a devout Muhammadan for 70 years.] 
pp. 20, lith. ^0 inr [Ddhi, 1877.] 8°. 

14163. c. 16.(1.) 

s'-iii'o <Uis*?- 


[Another edition.] 

pp. 16, lith. ^>J iru [Delhi, 1881.] 8°. 

14163. c. 10.(13.) 

[Another edition. Followed by a poem 

by Gul in praise of 'Abd al-Kadir, Jilani.] 
pp. 16, lith. JjbJ I AAV [Delhi, 1887.] 8°. 

14163. c. 13.(4.) 

<Uar**- i> ^icS [Another edition.] 
[Bombay, 1890.] 8°. 

14163. c. 1.(7.) 

^j^yar* ^JLa! [Laila Majnun. The 

pp. 16, lith. 



romance of Laila and Majnun, in verse.] pp. 48, 
lith. JjbJ) trie [Delhi, 1878.] 8°. 

14163. d. 7.(2.) 

AHMAD ibn HAMID, called Ibn Nizam. ijJKjL^, 
<tJwJl i.zJ\jj^ <tJ *— *jt*« <i^l [Mushkilat al-fikh. 
Difficult questions in Muhammadan law, explained 
in the form of a catechism ; being a metrical 
translation, by Muhammad Amin, of the original 
Persian work of Ahmad ibn Hamid, entitled 
Hairat al-fikh.] pp. 24, lith. iaj irw [Delhi, 
1877.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(8.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 24, lith. ,jAii 

irle [Delhi, 1888.] 8°. 14163. b. 16.(2.) 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, called al-KuDURi. 
^cjjjji [Al-Mukhtasar. A compendium of Mu- 
hammadan law, according to the Hanafi school. 
Arabic text, with Pushtu and Persian interlineary 
translations.] pp. 168, lith. iMii ir.r [Delhi, 
1885.] 8°. 14527. dd. 5. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, called al-KuDiJBi. 
i^UsI JL»ss^.i« i-^J*^ [Al-Mukhtasar. With a 
Pushtu interlineary translation, differing from 
the preceding.] pp. 144, lith. ^Jjtxi 'r^e [Delhi, 
1888.] 8°. 14527. d. 3. 

AHMAD GUL, of Adda. cljIJ^c ^ Jly/ ^• 
jJUil ^JJJi [Kissa i kotwal, or The story of the 

police officer. A tale in verse, followed by gha- 
zals and other verses by the author.] pp. 31, lith. 
jjibi ir.»= [Lahore, 1888.] 8". 14163. c. 1.(6.) 

AHMAD SHAH (Duer i Dhran) Amir of Afghani- 
stan. Poems of Ahmad Shah, Abdali, Shah Dur- 
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jjjKii^J x'ui) iSee Ravkrtt (H. G.) Gulshan-i-roh. 
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Poems of Ahmad Shah, Abdali. [English 

translation.] See Ravertt (H. G.) Selections 
from the poetry of the Afghans, pp. 287-804. 
1862. 8°. 14163. d. 6. 

AKBAE SHAH, ^^^j'i j J^ |.«>T JuaJ [Kissa i 

Adam Khan o Durkhana'i. A love-tale in verse. 
To which are appended three ghazals by different 
authors.] pp. 56, lith. ir.s [Delhi, 1883.] 8°. 

14163. c. 5. 

j^^ [Kissa i Mahbuba o Jalat, also called 
Kissa i Muslim o Khunkar. A romance in verse. 
To which are appended two ghazals by 'Abd al- 
'Azim.] Y>-p.72,lith. JjoCi lAAr [DeZW, 1882.] 8°. 

14163. c. 10.(12.) 

AEEAM. ^^^1 f,J\ he io'o^y [Nur-nama. A 

religious poem on the mysterious light that 
appeared at the birth of Muhammad.] pp. 15, lith. 
ir.i [Delhi, 1891.] 8°. 14163. d. 2.(4.) 

'ALI ibn ABI TALIS, Caliph. [Wars.] See 
Mozaffar, Hdjl, of Peshawar. joJar»- <«L«j»- l-j'J^ 
[Hamla i Haidari.] 14163. c. 13.(1.) 

^ic iJiJ~cs>- <iuU •«::-J^j [Wasiyat-nama, 

or The Testament of 'All. A religious poem,] 
See Kub'an. ' J! ,5==^' j jt'^ [Tafsir al-zuha.] 
pp. 2-22, marg. [1880.] 8°. 14163. b. 14(7.) 





ALIP-HAMA 2u'J t— fll' [Alif-nams. A religious 
poem, each verse beginning with a letter of the 
alphabet.] See Wau AllIh ibn 'Abd al-RAHiH, 
DiUavl. Jl C^.Ja- Jy^ [Chihal hadig.] pp. 34-36. 
[1891.] 8". 14521. c. 

'All I3A», JkAiind. J^ ^Jc ^^ji^) kzJJj^ 

[Ghazala.] See PiR Muhammad, Kandahdrl. 

pp. 69-72. 
14163. d. 3. 



jH tt)l*i'^ [Diwan.] 

^ ^ 

^jc ^^j>-i tiZJ^lL* [Munijat. A religioas 
poem.] See Kasim, Akhund, of Swat. jjly 
ntji. [Pawi'id i sharl'at.] pp. 131-181, 
[1880?] 8". 14163. b. IL 


'AU BAZA. ^J,j 1& J^ [Ghazal.] See Ahmad. 

A,'J ^yki [toti-nama.] p. 100, [1883.] 8". 

14163. e. 10.(4.) 

AMIS. <^'jjlt». [Jang-nima, or The wars of 
ZaKK&m. A ballad.] pp. 16. lith. ^j [Delhi, 

1880 ?] 8". 14163. e. 10.(8.) 

^.^.c jX*\ >i>'*.'Ju [Munijat. A reli- 

gioua poem.] See &asim, JkAund, of Swat. jJlJ 

Jl cu-j^ [Fawa'id i ihari'at.] pp. 182-198, 
fnarg. [1880 ?] 8°. 14163. b. 11. 

AMIS 8HAH. ijib^ Jo) ^ cy^-iarT JJlU 

[Shama'il i nabi, and Panj ganhar. Two reli- 
gious poenii, the first on the TirtueB of Mu- 
Rammad, the second on religions belief.] See 
McHAMMAD Amin ibn 'Abd al-RiulM. vi-^ae^^ 
jjjUjJI [Nasihat al-bayan.] pp. 2-17, marg. 
[1878.] 8". 14163. b. 4.(4.) 

'A8AM. See Mcbahmad 'AbIm, called 'Abam. 

ASHSAP SBAH, Khafak, called Huu. Poems 
of Aghraf Kban, Khattak. [A selection.] (a»|^J ii 

gFf^ *i K/''^ ••^^^ u'"^ »-»r' ^ -See Ratkbtt 
(H. 0.) Gulshan-i-roh. pp. 119-162. 1860. 4°. 

14168. 0. 8. 

Poems of Aghraf S^an, Khattak. [English 

translation.] See Ratkbtt (H. G.) Selections 
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'AgiM. See 'Abd al-'AziM. 

BABU JAM. See *Abd Allah ibn 'Abbas. Begin. 
Jjcs- (jijJ^'"* '^y?'}^^ ^' [Du'a Snryanl. An 
Arabic prayer, with a Pushtu metrical transla- 
tion by B. J.] 1847. 4'. 14163. e. 10. 

The writings of Babii Jan. [A selection.] 

(Jo. y'j) -See Ratbbtt {H. G.) The Gulshan- 
i-roh. pp. 117-132. 1860. 4°. 14163. e. 8. 

BAHADUS, ilulld. ^'Jal i^loil «jl4J Lai [Kissa 

i Tamim Ansari. The story of Tamlm Ansari, 

the companion of MuKammad, and his yisit to 

the land of jinns and fairies.] pp. 52, lith. 

1»J iri» [Delhi, 1881.] 8°. 14163. c. 19.(4.) 

BAHSAM. Jj^_ J^ [Ghazal.] See Ahmad. 

A,'J ^^ [toti-nama.] p. 100. [1883.] 8^ 

14163. e. 10.(4.) 

BIBLE. The Holy Bible . . . translated from the 
originals into the Pushtoo language, by the 
Serampote missionaries. Vol t. Containing the 
New Testament. Serampore, 1818. 8°. 

UIO. f. 18. 
No mor* OfpearM to kavo boon publiiitl. 

Jkyi ^^y J jl ... JkyC jj^- ii <u^'af ^ aUI Jii 

[The Bible, translated into Pushtu by W. Jukes 
and T. J. L. Mayer, with the assistance of 
Mulla Hamid Allah.] London, 1890-91, 12°. 

3070. de. 31. 
Witkout tie nUtorieal and Prophetical Rookt. 

Old TF.8TAMINT. — Pentateuch. , 

tj^y* li v-f;*". J"^ <Ii*" Aiy) i.^>- ij^ i) *«* J «--»li> 

Jl •.=-»il;j» 2 pt. j^^jir' '*'■'• [Serampur, 1824.] 8°. 
^ " " 1108. g. 1. 

Pealmt. 0/lj J .ytj [Zabur da Da'ud.] 

(T. J. L. Mayer's Pushtu version of the Book of 

Psalms.) [I/onrfon; irer^/bri, printed, 1882.] l". 

3068. f. 9. 
Witiout pagination. 


• • >^;^ v/*'v >J^ 

»^T iia, J ^r***-* v'-J^ [The New Testa- 
ment, translated into Pushtu by the Serampur 
missionarieB.] Serampore, 1818. 8". Ste 
above.— Biblb. The Holy Bible, etc. 1818, Q". 

UIO. f. 13. 





BIBLE. — New Testament. — Matthew. J ^Am 
l-«jdi ',- \r"^ [Ta'lim da lia?rat 'Isa. The 
Sermon on the Mount, Matthew v.-vii., trans- 
lated into Pushtu.] pp. 24!,lith. ^ybH \^'^^[Lahore, 
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grammatical introduction. Edited and compiled 
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BiDPA'i. J\j^ jjjll^b jlcl (^I'J j^ S-''^ cr* 
X-*. *J^ i-^h'^ ^ I'-i^^'^ [Extracts from Afzal 
Khan's Pushtu translation of Abii al-Fa?l's Per- 
sian version of the Fables of Bidpa'i, entitled 
'lyar i danish.] See Doen (B.) A Chrestomathy 
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14163. 6. 10. 

Kalilah-wo-Damnah, or ^ilm khana'h-i- 

danish, of Afzal Khan. [A selection from the 
Pushtu translation of the 'lyar i danish.} (t-j'J^ <x! 
^Ij <oli. Jr. b <)JuJ J jdjJi j) See Raveett 
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The Pilgrim's Progress, translated into Pushtu 
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I860.] 8°. ' 14163. a. 2.(3.) 

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by a number of religious poems.] pp. 160, Uth. 
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jilo ^oJ^s^ i—J^JS ^^ [Selections from the 

Makhzan al-Islam.] See DoRN (B.) A Chresto- 
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Makhzan Pus^to, or Makhzan-ul-asrar, 

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yL«j jjj-^^ li) See Raverty (H. G.) The Gulshan- 
i-roh. pp. 133-150. 1860. 4°. 14163. e. 8. 

.Uol ^li^l . kjl^ [Shara'it o alikam i 

iman. A compendium of Muhammadan faith, 
in verse.] See Kaeimdad, Son of AkhunA Dar- 
wezah. (V^ i^ <-fi^ [Fatawa tuhfat al- 
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joined a glossary in Afghan and English. Edited 
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(Celjol J^ J (.Ij^ liiilj-a'-ii i<flji [Another 

edition. To which is appended a ghazal by Mulla 
Ahmad.] pp. 44, Zi<A. J&d \r^^[Delhi,lm\.'\ 8°. 

14163. c. 1.(2.) 
[Another edition.] pp. 40, Uth. 1 rn [Delhi, 

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[Another edition.] pp. 44, Uth. i^-*^. 

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The Ballad of Shahzadah Bahrdm and 

Gul-anddmd, [Translated into English.] See 
Hughes (T. P.) Translation of the Kalid-ir 
Afghani, pp. 209-259. 1875. 8°. 14163. e. 5. 





FAKIB ALLAH. See Husain ibn 'Abd Allah 
(Abu 'a Li) called Ibn SIha. Ux- ^ii y) ji^J 
[Fawa'id i Bu 'All Sina. Translated into Pushtu 
Terse by F. A.] [1883.] 8". 14163. e. 4. 

i-r-^^ L4«.l _ -1 [Sharfi i Asma al-husna. 

A commentary in verse on the Asma al-husna, 
or Ninety-nine names of God.] See Muhammad 
ibn Muhammad, al-Ghazzdli. J1 t^^j'.*.. ^■^■^ 

[Kimiya i ka'idat.] [1884.] 8°. 

14163. b. 4.(7.) 

FAKIS MITHAMMAl). ^1 ^ Ic'jJoa. [Jang- 

nama i Mir Afitam. A legend, in yerse.] pp. 40, 
lith. im [Delhi, 1882.] 8". 14163. c. 16.(2.) 

FATE OAV, Amir of Kandahar. See Ni'xat 
Allah. ^'jt^ ^^'o> J* a^ [^issa i Fath 

Khan ^andahari. The story of F. Kh. in verse.] 
[1886.1 8*. 14163. o. lO.Q.) 

FAZL shah. «L1 ^o'j^ •W juJ [Kibsa i 
Gumbnj. The adventures of Gumba;, Prince of 
Syria. A romance in verse.] pp. 40, /i'<A. ,JjtJ ir.r 

[D«lhi, 1886.] 8". 14163. e. 13.(2.) 

FIDA MTIHAIOIAD. ^^'J*l JU i^'^KsJi^ [Wafat- 

nama kalan. A poem on the death of Muham- 
mad. To which is appended a Persian poem 
in praise of the Prophet.] pp. 24, lith. ^JjtJ in* 

[Delhi, 1881.] 8". 14163. d. 8.(3.) 

FIEISHTAH (Muhammad Kasim) Aitardbddi. 


^jij-i^ 'V"^ J^'^ '^ [Tarikh da Sultan Mahmiid 
Ghaznawi. The history of Sultan Mahraud of 
Ghazni, translated by Maulavi Ahmad from the 
Persian of Firishtah.] See HuoHBS (T. P.) The 
KaHd-i-Afgh4ni. pp. 129-204. 1872. 4". 

14163. e. 9. 

' — The History of Saltto Mahmiid Ghaznawi. 

[Translated into English.] See Huohxs (T. P.) 
Translation of the Kalid-i-Afgh&ni. pp. 103-166. 
1875. 8-. 14163.6.6. 

FBEIKTH (Thomas Valpt) Bishop of Lahore, jir. 
ksjjj' J'jw^ , KzJ^'^ ['Akd al-najat. A Chris- 
tian polemic, directed against Muhammadanism.] 
pp. 79, lith. jjli^ [Peahawar, 1872.] 8". 

14163. a. 3. 

OADA, Jk/,und. \^ ^^\ iij'.».'JU [Munajat. A 
religious poem. Also a ghazal by the same 
author.] See Kasim, JMind, of Swat. jjlj 
Jl c=,oo -i [Fawa'id i shari'at.] pp. 1-108, and 

p. 272, marg. [1880 ?] 8". 14163. b. 11. 

GHAZi al-DiH. ^^_J1;U JijJ. [Ghazal.] See GcL 
Ahmad, Mulld, of Pajagi. . \£j. jjli^ juai 
^j^jj [Kissa i Shah-zadah Rat o Padman.] 
p. 72. .[1881.] 8». 14163. c. 10.(10.) 

^jij^ ^ Ju^Jo. ^J'olil ^JjKj J? [Gul i 

Bakawall. The romance of Prince Taj al-muluk 
and the fairy Bakawali, in verse. With occa- 
sional ghazals by the author.] pp. 80, lith. 
^J ir.i [Delhi, 1884.] 8°. 14163. c. 6. 

i^ye i«;^^»-'.c dj'o-lLc [Munajat i Sahib 

Swat. A poem in praise of 'Abd al-Ghafiir.] 
See Sbeb Ahmad, called Shaida. *,.;.ysa-'^ _Jm 

<y!^ [Madh i Sahib Swat.] pp. 13-15. [1884.] 
8°. 14163. d. 7.(1.) 

[Another edition. Followed by a poem 

in praise of *Abd al-Kadir Jilani, by Gul 
Ahmad.] pp. 8, lith. JjiJ [Delhi, 1892.] 8". 

14163. d. 2.(5.) 

OgAZZALi. See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, al- 

^ULAlf miHAMMAl) ibn 8H££ OAK. See 
Kue'ajj. Jl ^«ar^' J r*'^ [Surat al-?uha. The 

93rd chapter of the Koran, with a Pushtu com- 
mentary in verse by 6h. M., entitled Tafsir al- 
?aha.] [1880.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(7.) 

*«'J ^^y^ '•i^ [Loya mi'raj-nama. The 

story of the night-ascent of the Prophet to 
heaven, in verse.] See Jannat al-FiRDAUs. 
Jl CTJ'V^' **»- [Jannat al-firdaus.] Marg. 

[1883.] 8°. 14163. d. 10. 

A«'Jl».yt« ijj j A«i»-UiM iii [Another edi- 
tion. Accompanied, on the margin, by another 
poem on the same subject by Munauwir Shah, 
entitled Wura mi'raj-nama.] pp. 36, lHh. 
Jjbj ir. I [Delhi, 1884.] 8". 14163. d. 4. 







^fyjj <ul) [Another edition of the Loya mi'raj- 
naraa, and the Wura mi'raj-nama.] pp. 36, lith. 
^0 [Delhi, 1886.] 8°. 14163. b. 13.(2.) 

GHULAM RASUL, ofAdUgarh. See Muzaffab, Hdji, 
of Peshawar. Jl *J>«*11 ''-"^ [Jannat al-na im, 

also called Paksha doda'i. Compiled from the 
Panjabi Pakki roti of Gh. R.] [1883.] 8°. 

14162. c. 15.(2.) 

MULAM EASUL, Persian Teacher at Kohat. See 
Jam'iyat Ra'e. ls-Os^-cjU jlio [Pushtu batchit. 
With a Hindustani translation by Gh. R.] 
[1891.] 8°. 14163. e. 3. 



ih^ ,ii\si\ Jutf 



jU-'uLo [Munajat. 

A poem in praise of 'Abd al-Kadir, Jilani.] See 
Ahmad, Mulld, of Terdhl. ^'Usl <u.=r^?- [Kissa i 

Jumjumah.] pp. 15, 16. [1887.] 8°. 

14163. c. 13.(4.) 

GUL AHMAD. yL'o ,jl^ d <loi" [Kissa da tsalor 
yarano, or The story of the four friends. A 
tale in verse.] See Mahmud. Jl y'ill^ i> Juii 

[Kissa da jolagano.] pp. 11, 12. [1881.] 8\ 

14163. c. 10.(6.) 

l«_%»-le jj^ cl;U-Ix« [Munajat i Pir Sahib. 

A poem in praise of the saint PIr Sahib, i.e. 
'Abd al-Kadir Jilani.] See Lctf Allah, Nasafl, 
called Fazil Kaidani. Jl tJUsl %cL>~ [Khulasa 

i Afghani.] pp. 12-16. [1883.] 8°. 

14163. b. 14.(1.) 

l_-^»-l« yjo (Ju'vs-Ulc [Another edition.] 

See Ghazi al-DiN. ^yo (.»^.v^'^ cuU-'Ju [Munajat 
i Sahib Swat.] pp. 3-8. [1892.] 8°. 

14163. d. 2.(5.) 

GUL AHUAD, Mulld, of Pajagi. See Ishak ibn 
IbkahTm, NishapHrl. J! Lujill yt!^ [Jawahir al- 

anbiya. A metrical translation, by G. A., of 

the Persian Kisas al-anbiya.] [1884.] 8°. 

14163. b. 6. 
* .. 

^'^1 Mj "s^ "^ [Kissa i Shah i Rum. 

The story of the Sultan of Turkey, in verse. 

Followed by short poems in praise of Shaikh 

'Umar, and of 'Abd al-Kadir Jilani.] pp. 16, lith. 

JjbO in A iBelhi, 1881.] 8°. 14163. c. 10.(2.) 

GUL AHMAD, Malld, of Pajagi. ej, li^l;^^ Lai 
i_^Ujl (^•i^ j [Kissa i Shah-zadah Rat o 
Padman. A romance in verse, to which are 
appended five ghazals by different ^ authors.] 
pp. 72,lith. ^^ (riA [Delhi, 1881.] 8°. 

14163. c. 10.(10.) 

iV^^l ij^ Lc (t«li CU-vacS^ [Naslhat-nama. 

Moral precepts in verse.] See Rashid. 1^ 
jijXo J^ [Kissa i Gul Sanaubar.] p. 71. 
[1881.] 8°. 14163. c. 10.(11.) 




^j [Radd i Wahhabi. A 
treatise in verse in refutation of the tenets of 

the Wahhabi sect.] See Muhammad Rafik. <tii 

^_j}Ujl *jjJll [Rauzat al-na'im.] pp. 39-65, marg. 
[1888.] 8°. 14163. b. 4.(9.) 

GUL AHMAD, Mulld, of Terahi. 'Ju^ j 1=^ %^ 

[Kissa i toti o maina. The parrot and the 
maina ; a tale in verse. Followed by a 
ghazal by Zain al-Dln.] pp. 20, lith. ,iai5 im 
[Delhi, 1879.] 8°. 14163." c. 19.(1.) 

GUL MUHAMMAD, Banawi. ^j js^jo x«a» [Kissa 
i pira zan, or Kissa i buda-T. A religious poem, 
in the form of a dialogue between an old woman 
and her daughter.] See 'Abd al-KABiE, Edfiz. 
Jl^l jJJ [Daf al-fakr.] pp. 145-159. [1881.] 8°. 

14163. d. 8.(2.) 
HABIfi ALLAH, Kandahdrz. See Muhammad ibn 
Muhammad, al-Ghazzdll. iJ^t i^.'J>;'jJl ^'v^- 
[Minhaj al-'abidin. Translated into verse by 
Maulavi H. A.] [1889.] 8°. 14163. b. 6. 

HAFIZ. See 'Abd al-HlPiz. 

HAIDAR JAN, Khdn-Khel. Jo ^^ JU loJ 

[Kissa i Hatim bin Ta'i. The story of Hatim 
Ta'i, in verse.] pp. 124, lith. in. [Peshawar, 
1873.] 8°. 14163. c. 18. 

HAJI. .^lyiJl !SjJ>i- j [Zakhirat al-kurra. A trea- 
tise on the proper method of reciting the Koran.] 
See Kue'an. Jl Myi) yi-j [1878.] 8°. 

^ _ 14163. b. 10.(1.) 

HAMID ALLAH, Mulld. See Bible. ^I JS 
[The Bible, translated by T. J. L. Mayer and 
W. Jukes, with the assistance of H. A.] 1890, 
etc. 12°. 3070. de. 31. 





HAM2AH ibn 'ABD al-XUttALIB, Amir, called 
A8AD Allah. [Life.] See Ahmad. jxJ ^^'Ju-lj 
" 1 -.Ao- [Dastan i Amir Hamzah.] 14163. o. 12. 

HASAN, Mir. _u« .jj j ji^d <^|>v^ *^ 
[Kissa i Shab-zadah Benazir o Badr i Miinlr, 
also called Ma^naTi i Abmad. A fairy tale, 
translated into Pushta verse by Malla Ahmad 
from the Hindustani SiKr al-bayan of Mir 
Hasan.] See Jami. J1 W:^ ^-^^^ ^^ [Kissa 

i TuBuf Zulaikha.] Marg. [1882.] 8». 

14163. c. 17. 

HIJS!. See Abhuat Khah, Kha(ak. 

HUGHES (Tbomas Patrick) See 'Abd al-RAHMlN, 
Mohmand. Diwan-i-Abdor Rahman . . . Edited 
by T. P. H. 1877. 8». 14163. d. 12. 

See Ahmad, Maulavl, of Tangi in Hatht- 

nagar. ^;Vr« tJ'^ \.^^ > marjan. The Parables 
of our Lord in Pnshtn verse. Compiled under 
the direction of the Rev. T. P. H.] [1872.] 8". 

14163. a. S.U.) 

See Ahmad, Maulavi, of Tangi in Hasht- 

nagar. Ganj-i-PukJito . . . Compiled and edited, 
with a glossary ... by T. P. H. 1882. 8'. 

14163. e. 8. 

See PfA»DiB (C. G.) ijJU. ^JUl [Af- 
ghani janda. Translated by T. P. H. from the 
HindusUni Miun al-hakk.] [1869.] 8°. 

14162. a. 2.(2.) 

JUl JjM [Gulaar i Afghani. A Pushtu 

First Book.] pp. 40, /iiA. ^.J^l iavI [AtnriUar, 
1879.] 8*. 14163. a. 1.(2.) 

The Kalid-i-Afgh4ni, being selections of 

Pushtu prose and poetry . . . compiled and edited 
by the Revd. T. P. Hughes. (^J'Ji) jjJK) 

pp. iii. 418, iv. Pethawar, 1872. 4°. 

14163. e. 9. 

[1874.] 8" 

14163. a. 1.(5.) 

^-^ Translation of the Ka]id-i-Afgh4ni . . . 
with notes, historical, geographical, grammatical, 
and explanatory. By Trevor Chichele Plowden. 
pp. xz. 895, ix. Lahore, 1875. 8". 14163. e. 5. 

HUSAnr, SaiyiJ, called Saitid. ^^1*1 JU'JkJos. 
[Jang-nama i Imamaiu. An account in verse, 
of the wars and martyrdom of Hasan and 
Husain.] pp. 36, lith. ^Isj irir [Delhi, 

1877.] 8°. 14163. b. 17.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 86, Zt<A. ^JjtJ civ 

[Delhi, 1881.] 8°. 14163. c. 2. 

[Another edition.] pp. 36, lUh. tjjtij 

ir.e [Delhi, 1888.] 8". 14163. c. 13.(3.) 

HUSAm ibn 'ABD-ALLAH (Abu 'AlI) called Ibn 
SisA, or AvicKNMA. Uju- jlc ji ivjly [Fawa'id i 
Bii 'All Sina. A small collection of medical 
prescriptions, taken from the Canon of Avicenna, 
and translated into Pushtu verse by Fakir Allah.] 
See Shihab *Abd al-KABiM. Jl ^^-t ^--Js [tibb 
i Shihabi.] pp. 104-119, mar^. [1883.] 8". 

14163. e. 4. 

IBS HI^AM. See Ahmad ibn ECamid, called Ibs 

nrSHA DA PUSHTU, yi^ J A A. .; l [Insha da 
Pushtu. A Pushtu letter-writer.] See Hughes 
(T. P.) The Kalid-i-Afgh4ni. pp. 403-418. 
1872. 4°. 14163. e. 9. 

ISHAK ibn IBRAHIM, Niehdpuri. UuJSl ^!^ 
Uijlit ^^^^>ai ti i-Ju^nJI [Jawahir al-anbiya. A 
history of the Prophets from Adam to Muham- 
mad, being a metrical translation by Maulavi 
Ahmad, of Pajagi, of the Persian Kisas al-aubiya 
of Ishak NishapQri.] pp. 362, lith. yjAii ir. i 
[Delhi, 1884.] 8°. 14163. b. 6. 

[xui\ JbijA. jyyLjtS] yjlf UjuXI ,_^fiua» [fosas 

al-anbiya kalan. Another metrical translation 
of the History of the Prophets, by Ni'mat Allah.] 
pp. 328, lith. JjbJ ir.A [Delhi, 1892.] 8°. 

14163. b. 3. 

JAMES (T.) Rev. See .^sop. Tho Fables of 
.^sop al-hakim : translated into the Pus^to . . . 
language (from the version by the Rev. T. J.) 
etc. 1871. 12'. 14163. c. 14. 

JAMI. ^Ul J^ji ^^'^ t, ^ CL^lol ^y, 

[The Arabic verses cited in Jami's commentary 






on Ibn al-Hajib's treatise entitled al-Kafiyat, 
accompanied by metrical paraphrases in Pushtu.] 
pp. 16, lith. ir.A [Delhi, 1891.] 8°. 

14594. a. 

— — lirNj ._°... j» 5^' [Kissa i Yiisuf Zulaikha. 
The story of Joseph and Zulaikha, translated into 
Pushtu verse by 'Abd al-Kadir Khan Khatak 
from the Persian poem of Jami. Second edition.] 
pp. 224, lith. ^jLij [Peshawar, 1870.] 8°. 

14163. c. 11. 

[Another edition. Accompanied on the margin 
by a Pushtu metrical translation by Mulla Ahmad 
of the Hindustani Sihr al-bayan of Mir Hasan.] 
pp. 180, lith. iaj MAr [Delhi, 1882.] 8". 

14163. c. 17. 

'<s:^j 5 >— a^jJ k-T^'-i^ jo^ [Extracts from 

'Abd al-Kadir Khan's translation.] See Doen (B.) 
A Chrestomathy of the Pushtu . . . language, 
pp. 174-282. 1847. 4°. 14163. e. 10. 

Yiisuf-wo-Zulikha ; a translation from 

the Persian of Jami, by ^abd-ul-Kadir Khan, 
Khattak. [A selection.] (Isrfy j i__La*i^) See 
Ravertt (H. G.) Gulshan-i-roh. pp. 1G3-186. 
1860. 4°. 14163. e. 8. 

JAM'IYAT RA'E. ».:uj^cijI) ^Lij [Pushtu bat- 
chit. A manual of conversation in Pushtu, with 
a Hindustani translation by Ghulam Rasul.] 
pp. 86, lith. jjibi I All [Lahore, 1891.] 8°. 

14163. e. 3. 

JANNAT al-FIKDAUS. ^[ii^ u^i'^J^^ ^ [Jan- 
nat al-firdaus. A popular compendium of Mu- 
hammadan religious duties, in verse. Third edi- 
tion.] pp. 19Q,lith. JjbJ irir [Ddhi, 1876.] 8°. 

14163. b. 7.(1.) 

[Another edition. Accompanied on the margin 
by the Mi'raj-nama of Ghulam Muhammad.] 
pp. 192, lith. ir.. [Delhi, 1883.] 8°. 

14163. d. 10. 

See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, al- 

KABIL. See 'Abd al-RAUiM ibn Ahmad, Kdzl. 

A metrical 

Jl ^'j'li ^*»-^ [Tars-nama. 



JUKES (Woethington) See Bible 

Bible, translated by T. J. L. Mayer and W. J.] 

1890, etc. 12°. 3070. de. 31 

^1 |.K [The 

Ji )'-j'*-iii i^j^sj '"'♦^y 

translation by K. of the Arabic Dalca'ik al- 

akhbar.] [1881.] 8°. 14163. b. 7.(3.) 

KABIR. See 'Abd al-KABiE, H(7fiz. 

ZAIDANI. See Lutf Allah, Na'safl, called Fazil 

KALANDAR. .jJilji J^ [Ghazal.] See Ahmad. 
%Ljt,.s- j_»— «1 jjLjLxuIi) [Dastan i Amir Hamzah.] 
p. 322. [1882.] 8°. 14163. c. 12. 

EARIMDAD, Son of Akhund Darwezah. ^.jj'oii 
'vsJ' iAs: [Fatawa tulifat al-khani. A theo- 


logical treatise against heresy, unbelief, and 
deadly sins. Accompanied, on the margin, by 
Shara'it o ahkam i iman, a compendium of 
Muhammadan faith, in verse, by Akhiind Dar- 
wezah.] pp. 36, lith. la>ii ir.r [Delhi, 1885.] 
8°. 14163. b. 14.(4.) 

KASIM, Akhund, of Swat. Jl cl->*j^ J5ly [Fa- 

wa'id i shari'at. A manual of Muhammadan law 
and religious observances, to which are added a 
number of rebgious poems on the margin.] 
pp. 272, lith. [Delhi, 1880 ?] 8°. 14163. b. 11. 

[Another edition.] pp. 272, lith. jJjtii 

ir.i= [Delhi, 1887.] 8°. 14163. b. 9. 

ij^M'\ lij}^ v-j'JLf ^^ [Extracts.] See 

DoEN (B.) A Chrestomathy of the Pushtu. . . 
language, pp. 79-148. 1847. 4°. 14163. e. 10. 

■ Pawa'id-ush-Shari'ffia'h, of Akhund Kasim. 

[A selection.] (<Xjo-iJl Joly) See Raveety (H. G.) 
The Gulshan-i-roh. pp. 55-79. 1860. 4°. 

14163. e. 8. 

KA?IM KHAN. Khatak, called Shaida. Poems 
of Kazim Khan, Shaida. [A selection.] {J'<yi.ii ^ 
,_^alisr ! JOii J^ Jal^ A-«.=sr« j) See Raveety (H. G.) 
Gulshan-i-roh. pp. 133-148. 1860. 4°. 

14163. e. 8. 

Poems of Kazim Khan, Khattak. [English 

translation.] See Raveety (H. G,) Selections 
from the poetry of the Afghans, pp. 805-325., 
1862. 8°. 14163. d. 6. 





0AIB KITHAIIMAD. ^'J«1 'sLl. [Silsila i 
Afghani. The genealogy of Sultan Bahu, a 
Kadiri saint, in verse.] pp. 20, lUh. j^ iaav 
[LoAore, 1887.] 8'. 14163. b. 4.(8.) 

SHUSH-HAL QAH, Khatak. J^^ Jy_0 

ijjk^j. J^ [Diwan. The poetical works of Kh. 

^.] pp. 607, lith. ij'-»J i»ij-v. {Pethaxcar, 

1869-70.] 8». * 14183. d. 13. 

Poems of ^ashhal ^an, Khattak. [A 

selection.] (CJ*i- J-»- J'-^^"^ »> J^^ji 'J) See 
Ratertt (H, G.) Gulshan-i-roh. pp. 31-72. 
I860. 4°. 14163. e. 8. 

Poems of ^ushhal ghan, Khattak. [En- 
glish translation.] See Ratibtt (H. G.) Selec- 
tions from the poetry of the Afghans, pp. 142- 
248. 1862. 8». 14163. d. 6. 

cAii. Ja~ J'-^^y- •> Ja-i J »—»'■*"' 

[Selections from the poema of Kh- £h-] See 
HcoHU (T. P.) The Kalid-i-Afgh&ni. pp. 329- 
360. 1872. 4°. 14163. e. 9. 

— — A selection from the Diwan of Khush- 
hal-Khan, Khatak. [Translated into English.] 
See HooBU (T. P.) TransUtion of the Kalid-i- 
Afgh&ni. pp. 299-336. 1875. 8". 14163. e. 6. 

Afghan Poetry of the serentecnth cen- 
tury : being selections from the poema of Khush 
Hal Khan Khatak, with translations and gram- 
matical introdaction. Edited and compiled by 
C. E. Biddulph. {J^ J'-*^^ J c;'^** ** S-^*^ 
CJL»>.) pp. xriL 120, 74. London, 1890. 4*. 

14163. d. 16. 
SSWAJAH ini&AKlCAI). Set Muhammad, Kliwd- 
jah, Iian'ja$h. 

KXTDUKI. See Ahmad ibn Muhammad, called al- 


KITS 'AH. See Mubad 'AlI, of Ningahari. jX^ 

jJ'Jil Jjjf jjk^ [Tafsir i yasir. A commentary 

on Siirahs 1 to 18 of the Koran.] [IS88.] 8°. 

14163. b. 1. 

See TiiuB, ChoirkAi. jA^ ^ j X»JJ [Taf- 

•ir i be-nazir. A Pnshtn version of YaUub Char- 
khi's commentary on Siirahs 67 to 114 of the 
Kormn.] [1885.] 8«. 14163. b. 14.(9.) 

Kuii'AV. Kj'y uy^j '-*'*' <«»^M.i ^'>>>*i ~w>j rj^***^ 

«;»^ ^J^^ Aai A^'rfl *^ ^.-^ i • • • ^^ *>^^-^ 
[SQrat al-mulk. The 67th chapter of the Koran, 
Arabic text, with a translation and a metrical 
commentary in Pushtu by Muhammad Amin, 
entitled Tafsir i taisir. Accompanied on the 
margin by two legends in verse, viz. Kissa i 
Ibrahim, by Ahmad, and Kissa i Lukman, by 
Hafiz 'Abd al-Kabir.] pp. 66, lith. ^Jjt>ii im 

[Delhi, 1882.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(6.) 

A«'J c:-~*-?j ^<j''*-»l uJ^J-i i.s*''^'^ ji"^ 
J^M^ A«'a».Ljw _lc \- hfr- [Siirat al-^ulia. The 

93rd chapter of the Koran, Arabic text, with a 
Pushtu commentary in verse by Gbulam Mu- 
hammad, entitled Tafsir al-;}uha. Accompanied 
on the margin by two religious poems.] pp. 56, 
lUh. jL»j I A*. [Ddhi, 1880.] 8°. 

14163. b. 14.(7.) 

il^l y^jjj'J [^aniin al-Uur'at. Rules for 

the proper method of reciting the Koran.] pp. 18, 
lHh. [Delhi, 1865 ?] 8». 14163. e. 7.(4.) 

[Thfee tracts on the rules for the proper method 
of reciting the Koran ; viz. (I) Zakhirat al-kurra, 
by "Haji;" (2) Kawa'id i tajwid, by 'Abd al- 
Hafiz ; and (3) Rumuz i aukaf i Kur'an.] pp. 44, 
litL Jjbj I no [Delhi, 1878.] 8". 

14163. b. 10.(1.) 

KUTB SHAH. See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, al- 
Qhatzuli. Jl tjLjS'iM \j<ajS [Kimiya i sa'adat. 

Translated into verse by K. Sh.] [1884.] 8». 

14163. b. 4.(7.) 

[1886.] 8». 14163. b. 13.(4.) 

ly'-**' Jl^ "^^Ir*** [Mu jizat i kalan. An 

account in verse of the miracles ascribed to 
Muhammad.] pp. 220, liih. ^JaJ in* [Delhi, 
1881.] 8". 14163. d. 8.(4.) 

LTTTT ALLAH, Naiafi, called Fazil Kaidani. 
_i'.«*i <-«>»-y ^ ly^*^ &c)t»- [Khulasa i Kai- 
dani. An Arabic treatise on prayer, with an 
Arabic commentary, and an anonymous inter- 
lineary translation in Pushtu.] pp. 48, litii. 
im [Ddhi, 1882.] 8% 14527. c 





LTJTF ALLAH, Nasafl, called Fazil Kaidani. 

[Another edition, witli the addition of a Persian 
interlineary translation.] pp. 48, liih. ^_^ii '"".^ 
[Delhi, 1891.] 8°. 14627. c. 

^J\ja) ^''«>».y ^ t/^*^ icJU- [Khulasa i 

Kaidani. With a Pushtu interlineary transla- 
tion, and an Arabic commentary, differing from 
those in the preceding editions.] pp. 64, lith. 

h>d [Delhi, 1891.] 8°. 14527. c. 

i^ ^lo -xj lijU-Uu M (J'^1 Icli- [The 

Khulasa of Kaidani, translated into verse by 
Sher Muhammad. To which is appended a 
poem by Gul Ahmad in praise of 'Abd al- 
Kadir Jilani.] pp. 16, lith. ^JjiJ ir.. [Delhi, 
1883.] 8°. 

14163. b. 14.(1.) 

MAHMUD. ^Usl y\j[)_ j^ i> j\ y^'^f?- >^ ^^ 
[Kissa da jolagano, or The story of the weavers; 
and Kissa da tsalor yarano, or The story of the 
four friends. Two tales in verse, the former by 
Mahmiid, the latter by Gul Ahmad.] pp. 12, 
lith. J^J iriA [Delhi, 1881.] 8°. 

14163. c. 10.(6.) 

MAJMU'A i MUNAJAT. (ju'^Uu 5cj.»=r« [Maj- 
mu'a i munajat. A collection of poems, by 
various authors, in praise of God, of Muhammad, 
and of Muhamraadan celebrities.] pp. 20, lith. 
IaO ir.. [Delhi, 1883.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(5.) 

MAKStJD GUL. J/ lij^oJU Jj-^ [Ghazal.] See 
Ni'mat Allah. ^)J(*:y *«^ [Kissa i Nimbola.] 
p. 24. [1885.] 8°. 14163. c. 10.(7.) 

MAS'UD GUL. jAS.' ^J.x^ (>_^'Xc %.yA^ 
JLa.s^ t_-'^»-l<? [Majmu'a i manaKib. Verses 

describing the virtues of the saint Muhammad 
'Umar of Ghamkani.] pp. 107, lith. ini [Delhi, 
1882.] 8°. 14163. d. 5. 

MAYER (Thomas John Lee) 

Jl <idll [The Bible, translated by W. Jukes and 

T. J. L. M.] 1890, etc. 12°. 3070. de. 31. 

See Bible. — Old Testament. — Psalms. 

jjlj li j^j (T. J. L. Mayer's Pushtu version of 
the Book of Psalms.) [1882.] 4°. 3068. f. 9. 

See Bible. *K 

MAYEE (Thomas John Lee) See Bumtan (J.) 
i^^lJl jj^M [Sair al-salikin. The Pilgrim's 
Progress, translated by the Eev. T. J. L. M.] 
[1877.] 4°. 14163. a. 4. 

MIRZA SHAIf, Ansdrl. \jj< ^^yi^ ^^ [Extracts 
from Diwan.] See DoRN (B.) A Chrestomathy 
of the Pushtu . . . language. pp. 354-373. 
1847. 4°. 14163. e. 10. 

Poems of Mirza Khan, Ansari. [A 

selection.] (loLail ^^U- ^JjJye 4> ,Jy..i^ z^) See 
Eaveety (H. G.) Gulshan-i-roh, pp. 119-132. 
1860. 4°. 14163. e. 8. 

Poems of Mirza Khan, Ansari. [English 

translation.] Ste Raveety (H. G.) Selections 
from the poetry of the Afghans. pp. 51-84. 
1862. 8°. 14163. d. 6. 

MUHAMMAD, Ehwdjah, Banga?h. Poems of 
Khwajah Muhammad. [A selection.] {s^\yo~ 
^jj^Jo, iV4Jsr«) See Raveety (H. G.) Gulshan-i- 
roh. pp. 103-118. 1860. 4°. 14163. e. 8. 

Poems of Khwajah Muhammad, Bangaah. 

[English translation.] See Raveety (H. G.) 
Selections from the poetry of the Afghans, 
pp. 326-348. 1862. 8°. 14163. d. 6. 

MUHAMMAD, the Prophet. See 'Abd Allah ibn 
Salam. Jl (JJL*-c .1^ [Hazar masa'il. Selec- 
tions from the thousand questions put to Mu- 
hammad by 'Abd Allah ibn Salam, with the 
Prophet's replies, translated into verse.] [1876.] 
8°. 14163. b. 17.(1.) 

iCcU.J [Nur-nama. A poem on the 

miraculous light that appeared on the birth of 
Muhammad.] See 'Abd al-RASHiD, Son of Sulidn 
Husain. ^^Lull joJj^ [Rashid al-bayan.] pp. 60-63, 
marg. [mi.} 8°. 14163. b. 16.(1.) 

[Another edition. With another poem 

on the same subject, and bearing the same title.] 
See 'Abd al-RAsnio, Son of Sulidn Husain. ju-i. 
J\jJi\ [Rashid al-bayan.] pp. 60-71, marg. 
[1876.] 8°. 14163. b. 7.(2.) 

— '■ — ^K XeU.J [Niir-nama i kalan. A larger 
poem on the same subject.] See 'Abd Allah 
ibn Salam. JJ'w^^^ljJb [Hazar masa'il.] pp. 1-79,. 
marg. [1876.] 8°. 14163. b. 17.(1.) 





KUHAMMAD, the Prophet. *j»ll».^ ^ ^JS Ju'J^y 
<i,j». ^-l/f [Nur-nama i kalan. With another 
poem, on the margin, on the same subject, 
bj Ahmad.] pp. 40, lilh. [Delhi, 1886 f] 8". 

14163. d. 8.(6.) 

A«'j iJJ'-*^ [Shama'il-nama. A poem on 

the rirtaos of Muhammad.] Seo 'Abd al-RAsaio, 
Son of Sultan Htuain. ^J^^ '\^~v [Rashid al- 
bayin.] pp. 27-30, marg. [1874.] 8". 

14163. b. 16.(1.) 

&«'J '^■ij [Wafat-nama. A traditional 

sccoant of the death of Ma&ammad.] fj'>^ "^f 

[Pmhmwar, 1876.] 8". 14163. d. l.(L) 

Wit ion t pagination. 

MUHAJnfAS ibn T/JTRKMUKU, al-Oha»zdli. JjJ 

A\ ^Ji»JM\ [Asrar al-'arifin. A collection of 

Arabic traditions, bearing on morals and reli- 
gions duties, selected chieflj from the works of 
al-Ghazzali. Compiled with Persian interlinearj 
translations and Pushtu metrical paraphrases, 
bj Sher Muhammad.] pp. 508, lith. ^Juaj rrn 
[BoTnbay, 1882.] 8°. 14163. b. 8. 

v<*~^ ''-•-•' ^/- **« «i'«>'«»- 1j^*J>^ [Kimiyi 

i sa'adat. A work on religions obligations, 
translated into Pushtu verse by ^utb Shah from 
the Persian abridgment of al-Ghazzali's Arabic 
treatise, entitled lEyi 'nlam al-din. Also, on 
the margin, SharB i Asma al-husna, or a com- 
mentary in Terse on the ninety-nine names of 
God, by Fakir Allah.] pp. 72, litk. Jjtj ir. i 
[Delhi, 1884.] 8". 14163. b. 4.(7.) 

[Kimiya i sa'adat. Another edition.] 

pp. 72, lilk, JjiJ [Delhi, 1886.] 8°. 

14163. b. 13.(4.) 

,_5»'>»*' liri'V''*'' ir\^ [Minhaj al-'abidin. 

A theological treatise, translated by Maulavl 
dabib Allah into Pushtu Torse from the Arabic 
of al-Ghazsili.] pp. 300, lith. ^Ikaj ir.i 
[Bombay, 1889.] 8». 14163. b. 6. 

■UHAlOfAD ibn KUHAKMAD, al-Jazarl. >4L«ja« 

."Ujl ^Vj-J <^jj-^ [Mukaddama i Jazari. 
Rnlea to be observed in reciting the Koran. 
Translated into Pushtu Torso by 'Abd al-Rahim 
from the Arabic of al-Jazari.] pp. 16, lith. 
If to [Ddhi, 1878.] 8«. 14163. b. 4.(2.) 

MTTHAMMAI) ibn SA'ID, al-Builri. iOj) iSx^ 
jJUjI [Ka&ida burda. A poem in praise of 

Muhammad, translated into Pushtu by Miyan 
Sharaf.] pp. 8, lith. Jjt^ ir.. [Ddhi, 1883.] 8°. 

14163. b. 14.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD al-EAHMAH , of Tangi. ,JU»I 

jjlJuJu>». ii t»Jj JiJI v_j'Jif ^lyj ^J [Afghani ki 

pahili kitab, also called Chamanistan. A Pnshtu 
Primer, with an interlincary translation in 
Hindustani by M. 'A. al-R. Second edition.] 
pp. 48, lith. Ji»j ir.. [Delhi, 1883.] 8°. 

14163. e. 7.a.) 

MTTHAMMAI) AKSAM, of Kanja. See 'Abd al- 
Uiiiiu, Mohmand. ^'>»>»1 \j'^.J-i Jr-* ^^ji^ 
[Nairang i 'ishk. Adapted from the Persian of 
M. A.] [1882.] 8°. 14163. c. 3. 

Ahmad ibn Hamid, called Ibn Nizam. cull^Ll^ 
I iijlt\ [Mnshkilat al-fikh. A metrical tronsla- 


tion by M. A. of the Persian Hairat al-fikh.] 
[1877.] 8». 14163. b. 14.(8.) 

[1888.] 8». 

14163. b. 16.(2.) 

See Kur'an. Jl -a— jJ bWaJ [Siirat al- 

mulk. The 67th chapter of the Koran, with a 
Pushtu translation and a commentary in verse 
by M, A., entitled Tafsir i taisir.] [1882.] 8°. 

14163. b. 14.(6.) 

— ^ <iJUA»> ^1 t^j'.*.'jU [Munajat i Abii Uanlfah. 
A poem in praise of Abu ifianifab.] See Maj- 
MD'a i MuHAJAT. CU>'«-'Ju *C-y*af* pp. 16-18. 

[1883.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(6.) 

<U1 JjM.. cu'wfc.'JU [Munajat i Rasul i 

Allah. A poem in praise of Muhammad.] See 
Majmu'a i Munajat. ci^',».'Jui <£^-^^ pp. 6-8. 
[1883.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(8.) 


Darwezah, Ak/i^und 

'^'JU [Another edition.] See 
JLil ^fjj-^^ [Makhzan al- 
pp. 2-32, mor^. [1885.^] 8». 

14163. b. 15. 

^^'•^1 cjljJ' 

[Nasihat al-bayan. 

Muhamniadan religious precepts, in verse. With 




s number of religious poems on tTie margin.] 
pp. 76, llth. JjfcJ inc [Delhi, 1878.] 8°. 

14163. b. 4.(4.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ASAM, called 'Asam. ^^jj^ *^ 
' LJ , [Kissa i Majnun o Laila. The romance 

of Laila and Majnun, in verse.] pp. 42, lith. 
Jjbj [DelM, 1888.] 8°. 14163. c. 13.(5.) 

MUHAMMAD DIN. ^^.J' J>£ [Ghazal.] 
See GuL Ahmad, Mulld, of Pajagi. solj^^ <uaji 
^^Jo . uu. [Kissa i Shah-zadah Rat o Padman.] 
p. 71. [1881.] 8°. 14163. c. 10.(10.) 

^d Aas^ JJ-^ [Another ghazal.] See 

RashId. ^jXjo J^ <iU3J [Kissa i Gul Sanaubar.] 
p. 70. [1881.] 8°. 14163. c. 10.(11.) 

^ jJl Sa.s^ ;1 I >j JK Jj_£ [A collection 

of six ghazals.] See Ni'mat Allah. ^^(»JJ ^'^ 
J[ii] [Kissa i Nimboli.] pp. 22-24 [1885.] 8". 

14163. c. 10.(7.) 

MUHAMMAD GUL. Lj^^^-Lc^ ci^U-U* [Munajat 
i PIr Sahib. A poem in praise of the saint Pir 
Sahib, i.e. 'Abd al-Kadir Jilani.] See Majmu'a 
i Munajat. cl.>UUU. l:_^-.or* pp. 8-11. [1883.] 8°. 

14163. b. 14.(5.) 

jljJo i^.->.=^Lo jjo e:j-fl»- eu'^-'Ju [Another 

edition.] See Daewezah, Akhund. AJi'\ ijJ-==^ 
[Makhzan al-Isiam.] pp. 32-64, mar£r. [1885?] 8°. 

14163. b. 15. 

MUHAMMAD ISMAIL, DihlavL J) j'jJl j'wi,! 

[Tathir al-i'tikad. An exposition of the creed 
of the Wahhabis, in Arabic, accompanied by a 
metrical paraphrase in Pushtu, entitled Irshad 
al-'ibad.] pp. 108, lith. jjS,^ [Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 

14516. c. 3.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD ISMA'IL IHAN, of Ahbottabad. 
J'Jel li'iJI *Jyjl [A'lna i alfaz i Afghani. A 

phrase-book in Pushtu and Hindustani.] pp. 144, 
lith. >i^^]\«.^\ I f^^r [Abbottabad, 188S.] 8°. 

14163. e. 6.(1.) 

jJljuijjJLs) ^u^ J' [} ^"'^1 j^mS [Guft-gii i 

Afghani. A phrase-book in Pushtu and Hindu- 
stani.] pp. 48, lith. OoltS^l [Abbottabad, 
1883.] 8°. ' 14163. e. 6.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD ISMA'IL KHAN, of Abbottabad. 
jJ'Jtj! '-r''^?- } J^x" [^^''^^ o jawab i Afghani. 
A vocabulary and dialogues in Pushtu, English, 
and Hindustani.] pp. ii. 361. .jai^ i^u [Lahore, 
1890.] 8°. 760. e. 10. 

MUHAMMAD ISMA'IL KHAN, of Dhodiyal. la* 
|J'j«j! ^JJJ-i iJjS) [Kissa i hirni, or The story of 

Muhammad and the deer. A legend in verse.] , 
pp. 8, lith. 0'o1l«^J ir.. [Abbottabad, 1883. ] 8°. 

14163. b. 10.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD KADIB,!. See Ahmad. ijSJa^ 

[Toti-nama. A metrical adaptation of M. K's 
Persian abridgment of Nakhshabi's Tiiti-namah.] 
[1883.] 8°. 14163. c. 10.(4.) 

Khatak, called Shaida. 

MUHAMMAD KHAN, ^^^'..c^ cljU'Ju [Muna- 
jat i Pir Sahib. A poem in praise of the saint 
Pir Sahib, i.e. 'Abd al-Kadir, Jilani.] See 
Majmu'a i Munajat. ci.)'^'JL« icy^ar* pp. 11-13. 
[1883.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(5.) 

[Another edition.] See Daewezah, A/dund. 

fX^Vi ,j_/s^ [Makhzan al-Islam.] pp. 64-89, marg. 
[1885?] 8°. 1416,3. b. 15. 

MUHAMMAD RAFIK. Ji^Ji) *jjjll 'Li.j [Rauzat 

al-na'im. A collection of Arabic traditions, 
accompanied by a Pushtu paraphrase in verse 
by M. R., translated from an original entitled 
'Ajab al-'aja'ib. Together with four small trea- 
tises in verse, on the margin, the first three by 
M. R., the fourth by Gul Ahmad; viz. (1) Tuhfat 
al-akhbar, a catechism on funeral observances, 

(2) Mani' i tambaku, against the use of tobacco, 

(3) Mani' i sarod, against music, and (4) Radd 
i Wahhabi, a refutation of the tenets of the 
Wahhabi sect.] pp. 72, lith. .^ Ir.e [Lahore, 
1888.] 8". 14163. b. 4.(9.) 

^'Jtjl t-— ^is ^JJol [Mujarrabat i iksir. A treatise 

on popular medicine, translated by M. R. A. 
from a Persian or Hindustani work, entitled 
Mujarrabat i bashir.] pp. 56, lith. ^Jjtui ii-.r, 

[Delhi, 1887.] 8°. 14163. e. 2. 




[SharB i abjit i mastakhlis. Verses on points 
of Muhammadan law in Pashtu, with Persian 
interpretations.] pp. 32, l%ih. j^JLj i r < p [Pethaxoar, 
1876.] 8'. " 14163. b. 4.(L) 

MTJHAMlfAD SHAH. ^ ^ kzjjJ>o. cl>'o.'Ju 

t,_-^'--r [Munajat i Shaikh 'Umar. A poem in 
praise of the saint Shaikh 'Umar.] S*'e 6uL 
Ahiud, MuUd, of Pajagi. m, <l<t *^ [Kissa i 

Shah i Ram.] pp. 15, 16. [1881.] 8». 

14163. e. 10.(2.) 

ICnHAirWIR SHAH. ^}yMJ l«'Jia.yi^ [Mi'raj- 
nama. An account in verse of the night-ascent 
of the Prophet to heaven.] See Kub'an. jX^ 
Jl ^«*^'J [Sikrat al-:}aha.] pp. 23-54, marg. 
[1880.] 8". 14163. b. 14.(7.) 

A«'i».1^A« ijj [Wnfa mi'rij-nama. Another 

reoennon of the preceding. 8e9 QfiViMt Mc- 
UAUUAD ibn Shib ^ix. Jl ^'U».t^ itj [Loya 

mi'riij-nama.] Marg. [1884.] 8°. 14163. d. 4. 

[Another edition.] 8te Qj^vhlu Muhammad 

ibn Shbb Khah. ^tytj a«'J ]^^*« [Loya mi'raj- 
nama.] [1886.] 8°. 14163. b. 13.(2.) 

WJBAD 'All, of Ningtihari. ^J■^>j> ji^ , ■r»" 
^'.Mfl [Tafsir i yasir. A commentary on Surahs 

1 to 18 of the Koran, by Mnrad 'Ali.] pp. 808, 
lUK. i»j (r.i iDelKi, 1888.] 8». 

14163. b. 1. 

mriri' ALLAH. jdJl ^ cu'*'-^ [Munajat i 
Bari ta'ala. A poem in praise of Ood.] See 
'Abd kX-TSLuv^h, Son of Sultan Hueain. ^Jjui) joJL. 
[Raahid al-bayin.] pp. 30-41, marg. [1874.] 8°. 

14168. b. 16.(1.) 

^ ysJ^'Jn [Another edition.] See 

Majmd'a i Munajat. c;j'.».'jl. icyAor* pp. 1-5. 
[1883.] 8^ 14163. b. 14.(6.) 

■UJAFFAH, Haji, of Peehawar. aUo- i^UJ 
^Ja tL'.^'v JuUij^a .j^JLJI ^c,Ja»- [Hamla i Hai- 
dari, also called Jang-nama i ha^rat 'Ali. An 

account, in verse, of the wars of the Caliph *A1I.] 

2 pt. nth. ^J irii-ir.. [Delhi, 1882.] 8°. 

14163. 0. 13. a.) 

The two part* were pnblitied at different preitet, eack 
with a $eparcUe copyright. 

^^'^'i J^ i^^JLJi >A)Uu1 

^Jk». [Jannat al- 
na im, also called Paksha doda'i. Religious pre- 
cepts in verse, compiled from the Panjabi Pakkl 
roti of Ghulam Rasul.] pp. 20, lilh. ^JaJ ir.. 
[Delhi, ;883.] 8». 14163. c. 16.(2.) 

I»U1^ ijJ^*'^ ) c;^ *'^[ry^ c;'*V?*'>^ *>ai; 

[Kissa i Shah-jaban Shah-zadah i Multan. The 
story of Shah-jahan, prince of Mnltan, and Mah- 
jabin. A romance in verse.] pp. 24, lith. ,JjbJ 

ir. I [Delhi, 1884.] 8". 14163. c. 10.(3.) 

HAMAZ. Juki A*^y [Tarjuma i namaz. Arabic 
prayers, translated into Pushtu verse.] See 'Abd 
al-RABHiD, Son of SiUidn Hutain, ^J^] Ja.i. 
[Rashid al-bayan.] pp. 1-20, marg. [1874.] 8°. 

14163. b. 16.(1.) 


J [Ni 

amaz i 

mutarjam. A collection of Arabic prayers, with 
Pushtu interlineary translations. To which is 
appended a metrical treatise on prayer by 'Abd 
al-Rahman, entitled Kanz al-musalU, and the 
Ninety-nine names of God in Arabic] pp. 24, 
lith. ^i iril [Delhi, 1882.] 8°. 

14163. b. 14.(3.) 

VI'MAT ALLAH. See Ishaic ibn IbeahIm, Nisha- 
piri. JjLi IfjJlil fjo^ [Kisas al-anbiya kalan. 
A metrical translation by N. A.] [1802.] 8°. 

14163. b. 3. 

'-JJI u_*'-J^ LJJI t-jlj' [-Idab al-nisa, and 

Aksab al-nisa. Two poems by Ni'mat Allah, the 
former on the social behaviour, the latter on the 
occupations, of women.] pp. 20, lith. ,Jl*J \r.s 

[Ddhi, 1891.] 8^ 14163. d. 2.(6.) 

cyl J^^ 'j jf^lfcJoJ y^'.»- J» /Ld [Kissa i 

Path Khan Kandahari. The story of Path Khan, 
Amir of Kandahar. A historical romance, in 
verse.] pp. 48, lith. ^iaj ir.r [Delhi, 1886.] 
8». 14163. c. lO.a) 






NI'MAT ALLAH. ^'Jel "iy^^^ lai' [Kissa i Nimbola, 
A romance in verse. Followed by a number of 
phazals.] pp. 24, lith, ^,bbJ ir.r [Delhi, 1885.] 
R^ 14163. c. 10.(7.) 

IJlJijiy^ f< (V''*'' '^'^/ c^^j:!^ ''^' t-^^^^^ 

i Shirin Fartad. A popular romance in verse. 
Illustrated.] pp. 24, lith. JjtO [Delhi, 1888.] 


14163. c. 13.(6.) 

^; u 


^hc [Ghazal.] See 

L.s^^'^' ' ''^^^ r*^^ [Majma' al-aksab. 

Verses describing several trades and occupa- 
tions.] pp. 8, it%. JjsJ ir.. [DeZ/ii, 1883.] 8°. 

14163. c. 10.(16.) 

NIYAZ 'AL! SHAN. ^'.'iS J-^^ ^ J[ii\ [Af- 
ghani kl pabili kitab. A Pushtu Primer, with a 
translation in Hindustani.] pp. 98, lith. jmJj^\ 
lA.i [^wWfsar, 1889.] 16°. 14163. e. 1. 

PFANDER (Carl Gottlieb) x>i^ ^[i»\ [Af- 
ghani janda. A treatise on the controversy be- 
tween Christians and Muhammadans, translated 
by the Rev. T. P. Hughes from the Hindustani 
Mizan al-halili of C. G. Pfander.] Pt. i. pp. 63, 
lith. (All [Peshawar, 1869.] 8°. 

14163. a. 2.(2.) 

Apparently no more translated. 

[Second edition.] pp. 59, lith. jj^^ '^^t* 

[Peshawar, 1874.] 8°. 14163. a. 1.(5.) 

PIR MUHAMMAD, Kandahdrl. Sa.^^ jXj J\y^^ 
^.'jjjjkji [Diwan. The poetical works of P. M. 
To which are appended ghazals by *Ali Khan.] 
pp. 72, lith. L^ ir.r [Delhi, 1886.] 8°. 

14163. d. 3. 

PLOWBEII' (Teevoe Chtchele) See Ahmad, Mau- 
lavi, of Tangi in Hashtnagar. Translation of the 
Ganj-i-Pakkhto . . . with copious notes, by T. C. P. 
1882. 8°. 14163. c. 9. 

See Hughes (T. P.) Translation of the 

Kalid-i- Afghani . . . with notes . . . By T. C. P. 
1875. 8°. 14163. e. 5. 

RAPIK, Miyan. jji, J^ Jjc [Ghazal.] See 
GoL Ahmad, Mvlld, of Pajagi. j ci^ 5 '^!>v*' ^^ 
^^jo [Kissa i Shah-zadah Rat o Padman.] p. 72. 
[1881.] 8°. 14163. c. 10.(10.) 

J J lifc^llykM 


RAJAB, Miydn. 

GuL Ahmad, Mulla, of Pajagi. j c: 

^^jj [Kissa i Shah-zadah Rat o Padman.] p. 71. 

[1881.] 8°. 14163. c. 10.(10.) 

RAHIM. See 'Abd al-RAHiM, Amdnkoti. 

RAHMAN. See 'Abd al-RAHMAN, Mohmand. 

RASHID. ^'wisl jijXyc ) iji Aoi' [Kissa i Gul o 
Sanaubar. A romance in verse, taken from the 
Persian. To which are appended a ghazal by 
Muhammad Din, and a poem by Gul Alimad, 
entitled Nasihat-nama.] pp. 72, lith. ^Jjtiii iriA 

[Delhi, 1881.] 8°. 14163. c. 10.(11.) 

RAVERTY (Heney George) See ^sop. The 
Fables of ^.^sop al-hakim : translated into the 
Pus^to . . . language. By Major H. G. R. 
1871. 12°. 14163. c. 14, 

The Gulshan-i-roh : being selections, prose 

and poetical, in the Pus'hto, or Afghan language. 
Edited by H. G. R. {ijj ^^) pp. vi. 186, 

212, V. London, 18Q0. 4°. 14163. e. 8, 

A Grammar of the Puk'hto, Pus^to, or 

Language of the Afghans; in which the rules 
are illustrated by examples from the best writers, 
both poetical and prose : together with trans- 
lations from the Articles of War, and remarks 
on the language, literature, and descent of the 
Afghan tribes. Second edition, pp. xvi. 36, 204. 
London, 1860. 4°. 12907. f. 15. 

The Pushto Manual. Comprising a . . . 

grammar ; exercises and dialogues, etc. pp. 257. 
London, 1880. 8°. 12906. b. 34. 

Selections from the poetry of the Af- 

ghans, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth cen- 
tury: literally translated from the original Pus^hto; 
with notices of the different authors, and remarks 
on the mystic doctrine and poetry of the Sufis, 
pp. xxxii. 348. London, 1862. 8°. 14163. d. 6. 

SA'DI. Gul-dasta'h, of JEabd-ul-Kadir Khan, a 
translation of the Gulistan of Saaedi. [Chapter i. 
only.] (J^J^ »> ''^-^Z jjjli-^j'iJl J>Jkc i) <XjUiJ J/ 
^_jj*« jjJi 4>) See Raveety (H. G.) The Gul- 
shan-i-roh. pp. 151-186. 1860. 4°. 14163. e. 8. 





SALID al-DHJ. al-Kdthgari. Iao-J 'o j-LaJl 
_)U»I [Munyat al-masalli. A treatise in Arabic 

on prayer and purification, with an interlineary 
translation in Pushtu.] pp. 244, lUh. ,JjtJ <r,r 
[Delhi, 1885.] 8°. 14519. e. 24. 

l/">'''* **^y t* (J^^' '■i^ [Another edi- 
tion of the text and Pushtu translation, with an 
additional translation in Persian.] pp. 244, lith. 
^JJbJ ir.o [Delhi, 1888.] 8°. 14519. e. 26. 


^ -» 

tXc [Sad o si 

maa'ala. Religions precepts in Terse.] See 
'Abo al-RlBDlo, Son of Stdian Hutain. ^J^m!^ SxJi., 
[BMhid »l-bayan.] pp. 21-20, mar-;. [1874.] 8''. 

14163. b. 16.(1.) 

[Another edition.] Set 'Abd AllIh ibn 

SalIh. JJ'.m.« ^1j» [Hazar maaa'il.] pp. 80-83, 
marg. [1876.] 8». 14163. b. 17.(1.) 

[Another edition.] See 'Abd Allah ibn 

Salam. JJ'^h^ ^ji [Hazar masa'il.] pp. 63-64. 
[1882.] 8". 14163. b. 4.(5.) 

BAIT al 55APAE. NoMbakdri. ^^'Ji\ ^J'** jj 

[Dnrr i majalis. A ooUeetion of discourses re- 
lating to the Patriarchs, Prophets, Imams and 
others. Trani^lated into verse, by fiafiz 'Abd al- 
Kabir, from the original Persian of Saif al-Zafar.] 
pp. 320, lith. la J >ru [Delhi, 1880.] 8°. 

14163. b. 12. 

SA'IM. ^„^l„ jjj ti^'w^'JL, [Munajat i Pir SaBib. 
A poem in praise of the saint Pir ^Hib, t.0. 
'Abd al-Kadir Jilani.] See Majmu'a i Mcxajat. 

*i»V'*« '^r*^ P.P- ^^'l**- [1883.] 8". 

14163. b. 14.(6.) 

SAirn). See HrsAiv, Baiijid, called Saitid. 

8A1IH MUHAMMAD. sJU J^^ yj:^^ [Hikayat 
i Rasul. An account in verse of the death of 
Muhammad.] See 'Abd al-RASBiD, Son of Sulidn 
Ilutain. ^;UaII Jkxi-j [Rashid al-bayan.] pp. 42- 
58, marg. [1874.] 8°. 14163. b. 16.(1.) 

SHAH FAZL. See Fazil Shah. 

8HAH-MAWAZ IBAV. J^i, jlyi^ Jji [Ghazal.] 
See Abxad. a«'J ^^ [toti^nama.] pp. 99-100. 
[1883.] 8°. 14163. e. 10.(4.) 

SHAIDA. See KazIm Khan, Khatak. 

See Sheb Ahmad. 

SHARAF, Miyin. See Muhaukao ibn Sa'Id, al- 
BU'ilri. ^'>»«*1 tiif. sJJuai [Kaslda burda. 

Translated by Miyan Sharaf.] [1883.] 8°. 

14163.' b. 14.(2.) 

t_J-i Jjc [Ghazal.] See Akbab Shah. 

^'>»..i> J ^-a- *j1 t^ [Kissa i Adam Khan o 
Durkhioa'i.] p. 56. [1883.] 8°. 14163. c. 6. 

SHES AHMAD, called Shaida. ^^^s-lc ^A< 
Jl v=jLo [Madh i Saliib Swat. A poem in praise 

of the Sahib of Swat, of Mulla Sahib Manki, and 
of Akhund-zudah Sahib Adah. Followed by a 
Munajat in praise of the Sahib of Swat by 
Ghazi al-Dln.] pp. 16, lith. Jcsj ir. i [Delhi, 
1884.] 8". 14163. d. 7.(1.) 

8H£B MUHAMMAD, Knndalulrl. See Lutp Allah, 
Naiaft, called Fazil Kaidani. Jl ^J'>iil Icii- 

The j^ulasa of Kaidani, translated into verse 
by Sh. M.] [1883.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(1.) 

See Muhammad ibn Muhammad. o/-0^agza/<'. 

Jl ^JJil'«Jl ilj«"l [Asrar al-'arifln. A collection 

of Arabic traditions, compiled, with Pushtu 
metrical paraphrases, by Sh. M.] [1882.] 8°. 

14163. b. 8. 

8HIHAB 'ABD al-KAMM. ^JUI ^'^ t^ 
^J'yiil cu'jjar* ijJi\». J j ^J** j>i [Tihb i Shihabi. 
A work in Pushtu verse on popular medicine, 
taken from the Persian of Sh. A. al-K. Accom- 
panied, on the margin, by three other medical 
tracts, viz : Mujarrabat i Afghani by Haji 'Abd 
Allahzai, Fawa'id i Bu 'All Sina by Fakir Allah, 
and one in Persian on aphrodisiacal treatment.] 
pp. 128, Zt<A. Iaj I r 11- ir.. [i?cZ/», 1883.] 8°. 

14163. e. 4. 

TTTTINO (T.) |»jJ*3! .^ Jlj^l ^ ^^ j-^^ Sr*'^ 

[Durr al-nazim. A Pushtu First Book.] pp. 40, 
lUh. ^lij [Peehawar, I860.] 8'. 14163. a. 2.(4.) 

'UBAID ALLAH. aUI Jjue Jjc [Ghazal.] See 
DoEM (B.) A Chrestomathy of the Pushtu . . . 
language, pp. 283-284. 1847, 4°. 

14163. e. 10. 
D 2 





'UMAR, Saiyid. ^^f"^ ^j^j j j^ Jj^, iSijA^Jl A,fl» 
yU [Kissa i Shah-zadah Bahram Gor o pari 
Husn Banu. A fairy tale, in verse.] pp. 42, lith. 
j^j ir.( [Delhi,, 1884.] 8°. 14163. c. 7. 

WAli ALLAH ibn 'ABD al-EAHIM, DiMavl. J^ 
ji-T AJijoj ij ^^AMAi\ *»-fi« C^.Jcs- [Chihal Hadis. 

Forty traditions in Arabic, compiled by W. A., 
with metrical paraphrases in Pushtu by 'Abd al- 
Hallm, under the special title Wasikah i akhir. 
To which is appended a religious poem, entitled 
Alif-nama.] pp. 36, lith, tM»i *<"'" [Delhi, 
1891.] 8". 14521. c. 

WALI MUHAMMAD. i^'J jly [Firak-nama. A 
religious poem.] Sfee Kasim, A/dinnd, of Swat. 
J! Li-^-i jJly [Fawa'id i sharfat.] pp. 199- 
227, marg. [1880 ?] 8°. 14163. b. 11. 

YAKUB, Charm, jjf]^^: jj.JG [Tafsir i be- 
nazir. A Pushtu version of Yakub Charkhi's 
commentary on the last two sections of the 
Koran, i.e. Surahs 67 to 114.] pp. 180, lith. 
ii-.r [Delhi, 1885.] 8°. 14163. b. 14.(9.) 

ZAIN al-DiN. ^^jJI ^^j Jji [Ghazal.] See Gul 
Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. Ux« j 15^^ '^ 
[Kissa i toti o maina.] p. 20. [1879.] 8°. 

14163. c. 19.(1.) 


[n« referenea in thit Indtx are to tMe namm of the authors or other headings under tehieh the works are 
catalogued. In the ease of anomfmoms works, which are catalogued under their titles, the phrase " tn loco " 
M naati M rtferring to them. Oriental titles only are entered in this index, or tluue in u/hieli English words 
ooasr omlg a$ forming an eetential part of an Oriental title."} 

Adab sl-nisi. 

See Ni'mat Allah. 
Af^in! jandB. 

See PvAMDiR (C. 6.) 
Aigbani ki pahili kitab. 

See NiTAZ 'Ali Khan. 

See MoHAjiiiAD 'Abd al-BAUMAa, of Tangi. 
A"!!!* i alfa^ i Afghani. 

See McHAMiuo Ibma'Il Kbaii, of Ahhottabad. 
'Aid al-najaU 

See French (T. V.) Bishop of Lahore. 
Aksab al-nis&. 

See Nt'MAT Allah. 
Alif-nama [tn loco\ 
Aata al-wa'iftn. 

See AbC BACiiboMcHAMHAD'AL!,al-^iira«Ai. 
Asrar aK'ftrifln. 

See Muhammad ibn Mcbahhas, aUOhaxtiU, 
Cbaman i be-nsf ir [in loco\. 

See Muhamhad 'Abd al-RAHMlM, qf Tangi. 
Cbihal badif. 

See Wali Allah ibn 'Abd al-RAuiM, Dihlavi. 

Daf al-faKr. 

See 'Abd al-KABiR, ild/z. 
Dastin i Amir tifamiah. 

See Ahmad. 
gnrba o mush. 

See 'Abd al-RAHMAN, of Tangi. 

See 'A BD al-HAMiD, Mohmand. 

See 'Abd bI-Rabman, Mohmand. 

See Kbp8H-bal Khait, EhafcJi, 

Set PiB MtuAMMAD, kandaidri. 

Diwan. [Selections.] 

5ee 'Abd al-KioiR Khan, Khafak. 
—^—^—^^—— [Afghanistan. 

See Ahmad Shah (Dubr i Ddran) Amir of 

See AsHRAF KglN, Khafak, called Huri. 

See Kazim Kham, KhafaJc, called Shaida. 

See MiRZA Khan, Ansdri. 

See Muhammad, Khwdjah, Bangash. 
Dn'a Saryani. 

See 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abbab. 
Dnrj i marjan. 

See Ahmad, Maulavi, of Tangi in Hashtnagar. 
DatT i majalis. 

See Saif al-^APAR, Naubahdri. 
Dnrr o marjan. 

See 'Abo al-UAjiiD, Mohmand. 
Dnrr al-nazim. 

See ToTiNO (T.) 
DiisrI Afghani 

See Ahmad, Maulavi Saiyid, ofKohat. 

See Ahmad. 
Fatawa tnhfot al-kbani. 

See Karimdad, Son of Akhind Darwezah. 
Fawa'id i BQ 'Ali Sina. [Ibn SInI. 

See Ht'SAiH ibn 'Abd Allah (Abu 'Ali) called 
i shari'at. 

See K^ASiM, JkkQnd, of Swat, 

See Wali Muhahmad. 
Ganj i PnBhta. 

See Ahmad, MatUaci, of Tangi in Hashtnagar. 
Ghal kazi. 

iSfee Ahmad. 





See Ahmad. 

See 'Abd al-'AziM. 

See 'Abd al-HAMiD,. Mohmand. 

See Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. 

See Ahmad Gdl, of Adda. 

See 'Ali Khan, AkhUnd. 

See 'Ali Baza. 

iSee Baheam. 

See Dad Muhammadi 

See Gada, AkhUnd. 

See Ghazi al-DiN. 

See Kalandak. 

See Maksud Gul. 

See Muhammad Din. 

See Eafik, Miydn. 

See Rajab, Miydn. 

See Shah-nawaz Khan. 

See Shaeaf, Miydn. 

See 'Ubaid Allah. 

See Zain al-DiN, 
Guft-gu i Af^ani. 

See Muhammad Isma'Il Khan, of Ahhottahad. 

See Sa'di. 
Gulshan i raliat. 

See Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. 

See Raverty (H. G.) 
Gulzar i Afghani. 

See Hughes (T. P.) 
Haft haikal. 

See 'Abd al-RAHiM. 
Hamla i Haidari. 

See MuzAFFAR, Hdji, of Peshawar. 
Hazar masa'il. 

See 'Abd Allah ibn Salam. 
Hikayat i Rasul. 

See Salih Muhammad. 
Ibniyat da ha?rat 'Isa. 

See Claek (R.) 
•Hm-kliana i danish. 

See BiDPA'i. 

Insha da Pushtu [in loco^. 
Irshad al-'ibad. 

See Muhammad IsmI'il, Dihlavi. 
'lyar i danish. 

See Bidpa'i. 

See Amir. 
i hazrat 'Ali. 

See Muzaffae, Hdji, of Peshawar. 

See HusAiN, Saiyid, called Saiyid. 
Mir Ahtam. 

See Fakie Muhammad. 
Jannat al-firdaus [in loco^. 
Jannat al-na'im. 

See Muzaffae, Edji, of Peshawar. 
Jawahir al-anbiya. 

See IsHAK ibn Ibeahim, NishdpUri, 
Kais o Laila. 

See Abu 'Ali Shah, Saiyid. 
Kalam i Allah. 

See Bible. 
Kalid i Afghani. 

See Hughes (T. P.) 
Kalllah o Dimnah. 

See Bidpa'i. 
Kaniia al-kur'at. 

See Kue'an. 
Kanz al-daka'iR. . [al-Naiqfi. 

See 'Abd Allah ilJn Ahmad (Hafiz al-DiN) 

See Abu Bake ibn Muhammad 'Ali, al-Eurashi. 

See 'Abd al-RAHMAN, of Tangi. 
Kasida burda. 

See Muhammad ibn Sa'id, al-Busiri. 
Kawa'id i tajwid. 

See 'Abd al-HAFiz. 
Khulasa i Kaidiini. 

See LuTF Allah, Nasaft, called Fazil Kaidani. 

See Ahmad. 
Kimiya i sa'adat. 

See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, al-Gha:zdU. 
Kisas al-anbiya. 

See Ishak ibn Ibeahim, NishdpUri. 
Kissa i Adam Khan o Durkhana'i. 

See Ahmad, Maulavi, of Tangi. 

See Akbae Shah. 
Badr i Munir. 

See Hasan, Mir. 

See Abu 'Ali Shah, Saiyid. 

See Ahmad. 
• biida'i. 

See GuL Muhammad, Banawi. 
Fath Khan Kandahari. 

See Ni'mat Allah. 




Kiasa i ^al Ka|L 

See Ahmad. 
Gul i Bakiwal!. 

See Ahmad, Mulld, oj Terahi. 

See GhazI al-DiN. 
Gal Sanaabar. 

See RashId. 


See Ahmad. 

See Fa^l Shah. 
Hatim bin ta'I. 

See Haidas Jan, Khdn-Khel. 

See Muhammad IsmI'Il Kbam, of Dhodiyal. 

— Ibrahim. 
See Ahmad. 

da jolagano. 

See Mahmud. 

See Ahmad, Mtdla, of Terahi. 

See Ahmad Gcl, of Adda. 

Laila o Majnun. 

See Abu 'AlI Sbab, Saiyid, 

See 'Abd al-KAsIa, Hdfiz. 
Mahbuba o Jalot. 

See Akbab Shah. 
Majnun o Laila. 

See Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. 

See Mt'HAMMAD 'AsAM, called 'Abah. 
— — Manrar Hallaj. 
See Ahmad. 

— Muslim o Kbunkar. 
See Akbar Sbab. 


See Ni'MAT Allah. 
pira zan. 

See GoL Muhammad, Banaxri. 
Saif aUmoluk. 

See Ahmad. 
Sbab gadaQ. 

See 'Abd al-HAMio, ifohmand. 

— Sh&h i Rum. 

See OoL Ahmad, Mulld, of Pajagi. 

— Shab-jahan Shah-zadab i Mnltan. 
See MuzAFFAB, Udjl, of Petharoar. 

Shah-zadab Babram Gor. 

See 'Umak, Saiyid. 

Babram o Gol-andama. 

See Faitaz. 


See Aabav, Mir. 

Rat o Padman. 

Bee Get Ahmad, Mulld, of Pajagi. 

Sbirin Farbad. 

See Ni'MAT Allah. 

Kissa i Sultan Mahmiid. 

See Ahmad. 
Tamim Ansari. 

See Bahadub, Mulld. 
toti o maina. 

See Gul Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. 

da tsalor yarano. 

See Gul Ahmad. 
Tusaf Igalaikba. 

See Jami. 
Kisse da Isap al-Haklm. 

See ./£80P. 

See Ahmad, Akhind-khel, of Safid-deri. 
Laila Majniin. 

See Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. 
Madh i Saliib Swat. 

See Shib Ahmad, called Shaida. 
Majma' al-aksab. 

See Ni'MAT Allah. 
Majmu'a i manaliib. 

See Mas'ud Gul. 
Majmu'a i munajat [in loeo^. 
Makhzan al-IaUm. 

See Dabwxzah, AkkUnd. 
Mani' i sarod. 

See Muhammad RavIk. 

See Muhammad Rafik. 
Ma^navi i Ahmad. 

See Hasan, Mir. 
Minbaj al-'abidin. 

See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, al-Ohazzdli. 
Mi'raj-narna (loya). 

See Ghulam Muhammad ibn Shir Khan. 

See MuNAUwiR Shah. 
Mnjarrabat i Af^ani. 

See 'Abd Allah-zai, Hdji. 

See Muhammad Rizwan Allah, of Hoti. 

See 'Abd al-KABiB, Edfix. 
i kalan. 

See KuTB Shah. 
Malcaddama i Jazari. 

See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, al- Jazari. 
al-Mukhtasar fi al-fikh. 

See Ahmad ibn Muiiammad, called al-KuDUBi. 

See 'Abd al-KABiB, Hdfiz. 

See 'Abd al-EABiM. 

See 'Al! Khan, Akhind. 

See AmIb. 

See Gada, Akhind. 
i AbQ Hanifab. 

See MruAMMAD Amin ibn 'Abd al-RAiuM. 




Munajat i Bari ta'ala. 

See Muii' Allah. 
Bibi Gala. 

See 'Abd al-KABiR, Hdjlz. 
Pir SaKib. 

See GcL Ahmad. 
See Muhammad Gul. 
See Muhammad Khan. 

See Sa'im. 
— Rasul i Allah. 

See Ahmad. 

See Mohammad Amin ibn 'Abd al-RAHiM. 
Saliib Swat. 

See Ahmad. 

5ee GhazI al-DiN. 
Shaikh 'Abd al-Kadir Jilani. 

See Gul. 

Shaikh 'Umar. 

See Muhammad Shah. 
Munyat al-musalli. 

See SadId al-DiN, al-Kdshgarl. 
Muahkilat al-fikh. . ' « 

See Ahmad ibn HamId, called Ibn Nizam. 
Nairang i 'ishk. 

See 'Abd al-HAMic, Mohmand. 
Namaz i mutarjam. 

See Namaz. 
Nasihat al-bayan. 

See Muhammad Amin ibn 'Abd al-RAHiM. 

See Gul Ahmad, Mulld, of Pajagi. 
Nasir al-muhsinin. 

See Ahmad. 

See Ahmad. 

See Akeam. 

See Muhammad, the Prophet. 
Pahili Afghani jadid. 

See Ahmad, Maulavl Saiyid, of Kohat. 
Paksha doda'i. 

See MuzAPPAE, Hdjt, of Peshawar. 
Pan] gauhar. 

See Amir Shah. 
Pushtu batchit. 

See Jam'iyat Ra'k. 
Radd i Wahhabi. 

See Gul Ahmad, Mulld, of Pajagi. 
Rashid al-bayan. 

See 'Abd al-RASHiD, Son of Sultan Husain. 
Rauzat al-na'im. 

See Muhammad Rafi^. 
Rumuz i aukaf i Kur'aa. 

See Kde'an. 
Sad o si mas'ala [t» locol. 

Saif al-muliik. 

See u7ider Kissa. 
Sair al-salikin. 

See BuNYAN (J.) 
Shama'il i nabi. 

See Amie Shah. 

See Muhammad, the Prophet. 
Shara'it o ahkam i iman. 

See Darwezah, Akhund. 
Sharh i abyat i mustakhlis. 

See Muhammad Shapi', Hdjiz. 
Astna al-husna. 

See Fakie Allah. 
Silsila i Afghani. 

See Khaie Muhammad. 
Su'al o jawab i Afghani. 

See Muhammad Isma'il Khan, of Abbottabad. 
Tafsir i be-nazir. 

See Yakub, Charkhi. 

See Muhammad Amin ibn 'Abd sI-RahIm. 


See Muead 'Ali, of Ningahari. 

iSee Ghulam Muhammad ibn Shkr Khan, . 

Ta'lim da hazrat 'Isa. 

See Bible. — New Testament. — Mattheiu. 
Tarikh i murassa'. [Selections.] 

See Apzal Khan, Khatak. 
da Sultan Mahmud. 

See Firishtah (Muhammad Kasim), Astardbddi. 

Tarjuma i namaz. 

See Namaz. 

jSee 'Abd al-RAHiM ibn Ahmad, Kd?i. 

tibb i Shihabi. 

iSee Shihab 'Abd al-KAEiM. 


See Ahmad. 
Tuhfat al-akhbar. 

See Muhammad Rafik. 

See Ahmad. 

See Muhammad, the Prophet. 

See FiDA Muhammad. 

Wasika i akhir. 

See Wali Allah ibn 'Abd al-RAHiM, Dihlavi. 


See 'Ali ibn Abi Talib, Caliph. 

YHsuf o Zulaikhii. 

See under Kissa. 

Zabur da Daud. 

See BiBLp. — Old Testament. — Psalms. 

Zakhirat al-kurra. 

See Haji. 


A8T&0L067 and DIVDrATIOK. 

Fal-nama. Ahmad. 
Khwab-nama. Ahmad. 


Argbani ki pahil! kitab. 

NiTAZ 'Atl Khak. 
Muhammad 'Aud al- 

Rauman, o/Tangi. 
A'Ina i air&z i Affban!. Mihammao Ibma'Il 

Kbam, of Ahboit'ihad. 
Cbreatomatby of the Pusbtu language. DosM (B.) 
Darr al-naalm. Tdtiko (T.) 
Duari Af^iini. Ahmad, Maulaol Saiyid, of 

Ganj i Pushtu. Ahmad, Maulavi, of Tangi. 
Guft-gu i Argbini. Mchammad Isma'Il KhIMj 

of Abbottabad. 
Gulahan i rob. Ratkrtt fH. O.) 
OuUar i Afghani. Hiohes (T. P.) 
Kalid i Afghaui. Huohks (T. P.) 
Pahili Afghani jadld. Aumad, Maulavi Saiyid, 

of Kohat. 
Pnahto Manual. Ravkitt (IT. 6.) 
Pushtu batchit. Jam'Itat Ka'k. 
Sa'il o jaw&b i AfgbinL Mdhammad Isma'Il 

Kham, of Abbottabad. 



Jawihir al-anbiya. ) Isiuk ibn Ibbabim, Ni- 
Kiaai al-anbiyi. J thdpiri. 
Silaila i Af^ani. Kraik Muhammad. 
Tarikh i mnraua'. ArzAL Kiian, Khafak. 
da SuIUu Mahmud. Fibibhtab (Mu- 
hammad Kasim) A$lardbddl. 

For Hiitorieal Poemi : See below : Fobtbt. — Hia- 


Kans al-dalca'iU. 'Abd Allah ibn Ahmad (Aim 
al-DlH) al-Naiafi. 

Inaba da Pasbto. Imbha da Pcshtu. 


Faw^id i Bu 'AH Sina. Hdsain ibn 'Abd Allah 

(Abu 'Al!) called Ibn SIna. 
Mnjarrabat i Afghani. 'Abd Allah-zai, Hdji. 

ikair. Muhammad Rizwan 

Tibb i ShihabT. Shihab 'Abd al-£AtiiM. 


Chaman i be-nazir. Chaman i be-ma7.!r. 
Chants Popnlaires des Afghans. DARMBdTETER (J.) 
Gnisban i roh. KAVEUTr (H. G.) 

. POETRY— Qenebai. 

Adab al-nisa. Ni'mat Allah. 
Aksab al-nisa. Ni'mat Allah. 
Diwan. 'Abd al-HAMiD, Mohmand. 

'Abd al-RAHMAN, Mohmand. 

Khu8H-hal Khan, Khafak. 

PiB Muhammad, Kandahdri. 

Dlwan. [Selections.] 'Abd al-KADiK Kuan, 

— — Ahmad Shah (Durk i 

Duban) Amir of A/ghanUtan. 

AsHBAV Khak, Khafak, 

called HjjRi. 
called Shaida. 

Kazim Khak, Khafak, 

MiBZA Khan, Anidrl. 

Mchammad, Khwdj'ah, Ban- 

Durr o marjiin. 'Abd bI-HamId, Mohmand. 
Ohazal. 'Abd al-'AziM. 
'Abd bI-Hamid, Mohmand. 

Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. 

Ahmad Gdl, of Adda. 

'A Li Khan, AkAind. 

'Ali Uaza. 


Dad Muhammad. 

Gada, Akhind. 

GHAZi al-DiN. 


Maksud Gul. 

Muhammad DiN. ■' 

RafIk, Miydn. 

Rajab, Miydn. 

Shah-nawaz Kham. 




Ghazal. Sharaf, Miydn. 

'Ubaid Allah. 

Zain al-DiN. 

Madh i Sahib Swat. Sher Ahmad, called Shaxda. 
.Majma' al-aksab. Ni'mat Allah. 


Dastau i Amir Hamzah. Ahmad. 
Hamla i Haidari. Mozaffar, HdJL 
Jang-nama i hazrat 'All. . Muzafpae, Hdjl. 


Imamain. Hosain, Saiijid, called 

P OETEY. — Eeligiotis. 

Alif-nama. Alif-nama. 

Firalc-nama, Wali Muhammad, 

Ghar-nama. Ahmad. 

Hatt-haikal. 'Abd al-RAHiM. 

Hikayat i Rasul. Salih Muhammad. 

Kasida burda. Muhammad ibn Sa'id, al-Bmlrl. 

Majmu'a i manakib. Ma'sud Gul. 

. munajat. Majmu'a i munajat. 

Mi'raj-Dama (loya). Ghulam Muhammad ibn 

Shek Khan. 

(wura). MuNAUWiR Shah. 

Mu'jizat. 'Abd al-KABiE, Hdjiz. 

i kalan. Kutb Shah. 

Munajat. 'Abd al-KABiE, Hafiz. 

'Abd al-KARiM. 

'Ali Khan, Akhund. 


Gada, Akhund. 

. i Abu Hanitah. Muhammad Amin ibn 

'Abd al-RAHiM. 

Barl ta'ala 

Bibi Gala. 

Muii' Allah. 
'Abd al-KABiR, Hdfiz. 

- Pir Sahib. Gul Ahmad. 

Muhammad Gul. 

. Muhammad Khan. 


- Rasul i Allah. Ahmad. 
Muhammad Amin ibn 

'Abd al-RAHlM. 
Sahib Swat. 

Ghazi al-DiN. 

. Shaikh 'Abd al-Kadir Jilaui. Gul. 

Shaikh 'Umar. Muhammad Shah. 

Nasihat-nama. Gul Ahmad, Mulld, of Pajagi. 
Nasir al-muhsinin. Ahmad. 
Niir-nama. Ahmad. 


Muhammad, the Prophet. 

Panj gauhar. Amib Shah. 
Shama'il i nabL AmIr Shah. 
Shama'il-nama. Muhammad, the Prophet. 
Wafat-nama. Ahmad. 

Muhammad, the Prophet. 

kalan. Fida Muhammad. 

Wasika i akhir. Wali Allah ibn Abd al- 

Rahim, Bihlavi. 
Wasiyat-nama. 'Ali ibn Abi Talib, Caliph. 

EEADEES. See Chbestohathies. 

EELIQION.— Chbistiah. 

Afghani janda. Pfander (C. G.) 

'Akd al-najat. French (T. V.) Bishop of Lahore. 

Durj i marjan. Ahmad, Maulavi, of Tangi. 

Ibniyat da hazrat 'Isa. Clark (R.) 

Kalam i Allah. Bible. 

Sair al-salikin. Bunyan (J.) 

Ta'lim da hazrat 'Isa. Bible. — New Testament. — 

Zabur da Da'ud. Bible. — Old Testament. — 



Abu Bake ibn Muhammad 'Ali, 

Muhammad ibn Muhammad, al- 

"Wali Allah ibn 'Abd al-RAiiiM, 

Anis al-wa'izTn. 

Asrar al-'arifin. 

Chihal hadis. 

Daf al-fakr. 'Abd al-KABiB, Edjiz. 
Du'a Suryani. 'Abd Allah- ibn 'Abbas. 
Durr i majalis. Saif al-ZAFAR, Naubahdri. 

Fatawa tuhfat al-khanl. Kaeimdad, Soti of 

JMilnd Barwezah. 
Fawa'id i shari'at. Kasim, Akhund, of Swat. 
Hazar masa'il. 'Abd Allah ibn Salam. 
Irshad al-'ibad. Muhammad Isma'il, Bihlavi. 
Jannat al-firdaus. Jannat al-FiKDAUS. 

na'im. Muzaffar, Hdjl, of Peshawar. 

Kanun al-kur'at. Kur'an. 

Kanz al-hasanat. Abu Bakr ibn Muiiammad 'AlT. 

musalli. 'Abd al-RAHMAN, of Tangi. 

Kawa'id i tajwid. 'Abd al-HiFiz. 
Khulasa i Kaidaul. Lutf Allah, Nasafi. 
Kimiya i sa'adat. Muhammad ibn Muhammad, 

Kiyamat-nama. Ahmad, Akhund-khel, of Sajid- 

Makhzan al-Islam. Daewezah, AkhUnd. 
Mani' i sarod. Muhammad RafIk. 

: — tambaku. Muhammad Rafik. 

Minhaj al-'abidin. Muhammad ibn Muhammad, 

Muhammad ibn Muhammad, 
Ahmad ibn Mohammad 

Mukaddama i Jazari. 

al-Mukhtasar fi al-tikh 

called al-KuDiJRi. 
Munyat al-mus'alli. Sadid al-DiN, al-Kdshgart. 
Mushkilat al-fikh. Ahmad ibn Hamid, called Ibn 

Natnaz i mutarjam. Namaz. 




MouAmiAD Akin ibn 'Abd al- 

MuzAFFAB, Hiljl. of Pethawar. 
GuL Ahmad, Mulld, of Pnjagi. 
'Abd al-KASHiD, Sou of Sultdn 

NasiKat al-bavan. 

Pakaha doda'i. 
Radd i Wa'hhabi. 
Kasfaid al-bayao. 

Baozat al-na'im. Muhammad RArik. 
Rqdjuz i aakaf i Kur'au. Kur'am. 
Sad o ai mas'ala. Sad o si xau'ala. 
Shara'it o shkam i inian. Dakwezah, AkAind. 
bbarfi i hbyat i maataktllid. Mluammad SuAri', 


Asma al-Fiasna. Fakir 

Tafsir i be-naalr. Yaeob, CharkAl. 


McBAHMAD Ah!n ibn 'Abd al- 


yasir. tivtlo 'kii, of Ningakari. 

al-suKa. (tholaji Muhammad ibn Shxb 

Taijama i namaz. Namaz. 
Tars-D&ma. 'Abd al-RAHiM ibn Ahmad, Kdfl. 
Tu&fat aUakhbar. Mcuammao RAfiK. 
Zakbtrat al-kurra. Haji. 

TALES.— Pbom. 

Onldaata. Sa'dI. 

'Ilm-U>ina i danisli. | BiDfl'i 

'lyar i danisli. ) 

Kiaae da I sap al-Bakim. /Esop. 

TALES.— Ynn. 

Distin i Amir I^mzah. Ahmad. 

garba o mush. 'Abd al- Rahman, of 

Gnlsban i raHat. Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. 
Jang-nama. AmIr. 
< i Mir Abtam. FajcIr Muhammad. 

Kaia o Laila. Abo 'Au Shah, Saiyid. 

Kitfa i Adam Khan o Darkhana'i. Ahmad, Mau- 

Unri, of Tanffi. 
'■ Aebab Shah. 

Badr i Monlr. ^asar, Mtr. 

'— Bakbtiyar. Abu 'AlI Shah, Saiyid. 
— BalKit. Ahmad. 

Kissa i biida'i. GcL Muhammad, Bauawf. 

FatH Khan Kandahari. Ni'mat Allah. 

jhal kazi. Ahmad. 

Gul i Bakawali. Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. 

GhazI al-DiN. 

Gal Sananbar. Rashid. 

Gnmbaz. Ahmad. 

Fazl Shah. 

Hatim bin Ta'i. 'B.a.idar.Ta.v, Khdn-Khel. 

hirni. Muhammad Isma'il Khan, of 


Ibrahim. Ahmad. 

*— da jolagano. Mahmud. 

Jumjuinab. Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. 

kotwal. Ahmad GuL, o/.l(ii/<i. 

Laila o Majnun. Abu 'Ali Shah, Saiyid. 

Lukman. 'Abd al-KABiu, Udjiz. 

Mahbuba o Jalat. Akbak Shah. 

Majnun o Laila. Ahmad, Mulld, of Terahi. 

Muhammad 'AsAM, called 


— Mansiir Hallaj. 

Muslim o Khunkar. Akbau Shah. 

— Nimbola. Ni'mat Allah. 

— pira zan. Gul Muua.mmau, Banatcl. 

Saif al-mnluk. Aumap^. 

— Shah gadae. 'ABDal-UAMiD, 2fo/tmati(/. 

— Sbah i Riim. Gul Ahmad, Mulld, of 

Shah-jahan Shah-zadah i Mnltan. Mu- 

SAPPAB, Hdjl, of Peshawar. 
-^ Shah-zadah Babram Gor. 'Umar, Saiyid. 

Bahram o Gul-andama. Fai- 


Benazir. Hasak, Mir. 

Rat o Padmau. Gul Ahmad, 

Mulld, of Pajagi. 

Shirin Farbad. 

- Sultan Mahmiid. 

Tamim Ansari. 

toil o main&. 


da tsalor yarano. 

Yiisaf ^ulaikba. 

Ma^navi i Ahmad. 

Ni'mat Allah. 

Bahadur, Mulld. 
Gul Ahmad, Mulld, of 

Gul Ahmad. 
Hasan, Mir. 
Nairang i 'ishk. 'Abd al-HAMiD, Mohmarul. 
Toti-nama. Ahmad. 





British M\iseum. Dept. of 

Oriental printed books and 

Cat'alogiies of the Hindi, 

Panjabi, Sindhi, and Pushtu 
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