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Full text of "Catalogue of the Valuable Library of Henry B. Humphrey, Esq: To be Sold by Auction ... May 9th ..."

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The safe -will be wholly wUhotd reserve, by order of Joseph Dorr, Esq., Guardian, 


$rinte& at tt»e ftiturjs.&e $re#A 


Catalogue, price One Dollar each Large Paper, Five Dollar*. 



L The highest bidder to be the buyer ; and if any question arise 

between bidders, the lot so disputed shall be immediately put 
up again, provided the auctioneer cannot decide the said 

II. The purchasers to give in their names and residences, and to 
make a deposit, if required, in part-payment of the purchase- 
money; in default of which, the lot or lots purchased to be 
immediately put up again and resold. 

III. The lots to be taken away at the buyer's expense, within 
three days after the conclusion of the sale, and the remainder 
of the purchase-money to be paid previous to the delivery of 
the goods. 

IV. Upon failure to comply with the above conditions, any money 
that may have been deposited will be forfeited, and all goods 
not removed within the time named may be resold hy public 
or private sale, on account of the purchaser, and any defi- 
ciency occurring at such resale to be made good by the said 

V. JfhB.fcooks are presumed to be perfect, unless otherwise ex- 
■,pr"essed. All notices of imperfections must be made within a 

week from the last day of sale. No allowance will be made 
for stained, soiled, or short leaves. 

VI. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery, and inconvenience in the 
settlement of the purchases, no lot can, on any account, be 
delivered during the sale. 


Gentlemen who cannot attend the sale may have their purchases 

faithfully executed by the auctioneers, at a charge of five 

per cent, on the amount of bills. 

)y GoogIe 


In submitting the present library to public competition, a 
few words will suffice as an introduction to what is, we believe, 
the most valuable collection of books ever offered by public 
sale in this city. 

The books are mostly in good condition, a large portion of 
them in fine bindings, and the description of the books in the 
catalogue is believed to be unusually accurate. 

The catalogue has been prepared by Lawrence Rhoades, 
Esq., of Newport, R. I., who has taken especial care in col- 
lating the plates, and in the description of the condition of 
the books. 

The titles have been taken very fully from the hooks 
themselves ; more so, perhaps, than might generally be con- 
sidered necessary, but it is a fault, if one at all, on the right 

Mr. Ehoades says, in a note to Mr. Dorr : " I have taken 
unusual care. I feel confident that few catalogues have 
ever been made with the same degree of accuracy. The 
mere collation of 11,000 volumes is no small thing in itself, 
and that has been very thoroughly done, and I can guarantee 
the books as described. The examination of the numerous 
engravings, in the illustrated works, and the description of 
their state, besides giving the names of celebrated designers 
and engravers (all of which has been carefully attended to), 
occupies much time, and requires both experience and judg- 
ment. All these facts add much to the value of a catalogue, 
especially to those who have not the leisure to examine for 
themselves. I have been obliged to depend, almost entirely, 


upon the bibliographical works, which the library itself affords, 
to verify facts ; and having to derive most of the information 
in the catalogue from the works themselves, I feel the more 
confident that the statements are correct." L. R, 

" With very few exceptions the books in this catalogue 
are placed under the names of the authors, compilers, etc., 
when known ; under the pseudonyms when the autonyms 
have not been ascertained ; and under the first word of the 
title (not an article'), when the author's name of an anony- 
mous work is unknown. When the initials only of an un- 
known author appear, the work has been treated as anonymous, 
and polysyngraphic works are placed either under the author's 
name which first appears, or under the first word, on the title. 
Among the exceptions to these general rules are biographies 
containing writings of the subject, which have generally been 
placed under the name of the subject, instead of under that of 
the biographer; a few pseudonymous publications, which have 
been treated as anonymous; a few collections, forming uniform 
sets, — such as society publications, under the name of the 
society, ' Life and Times ' of Napoleon, under Napole'on I., 
etc. ; some state, city-, etc., publications placed under the 
name of the state, city, etc. ; and some 'galleries' — 'Dres- 
den,' 'Florence,' 'Houghton,' 'Stafford,' etc. — under the 
names by which they are generally known. The catalogues 
have been placed together in C, the maps in M, the photo- 
graphs in P, and the engravings at the end of the catalogue 
of books. The number of pamphlets being small they have 
generally been treated as books. In some cases the contents 
of potygraphtc works are given, and in others references to 
bibliographical works in which the contents may be found." 

" The library is particularly rich in books of prints and 
other works which contain engravings by celebrated engravers, 
ancient and modern, after the most eminent artists, but it is 
useless to call attention to any particular work, or class, in a 
collection so miscellaneous and valuable ; for, in the most 
casual glance over these pages, the eye will meet with stand- 
ard, rare, and elegant works in all departments of literature." 



1 ^^^BBOTT, Rev. Jacob. History of Mary Queen of 
ililra Scots. With engravings. l§mo, cloth. 

WSm " New York, 1848 

2 ABBOTT, Rev. Jacob. History of Julius Cesar. With 
engravings. lQmo, cloth. New York, (1849) 

3 ABBOTT, Rev. John Stevens Cabot. The History op 
Napoleon Bonaparte. Portraits, maps, and wood-cuts. 2 
vols., royal Sro, half r.alf. marbled edt/es. New York, 1855 

4 ABBOTT, Rf,v. John Stevens Cabot. The History of 
the Civil War is America ; comprising a Full and Impar- 
tial Account of the Origin and Progress of the Rebellion, etc., 
etc. Illustrated with maps, diagrams, and numerous steel engrav- 
ings of battle scenes, from original designs by Darley and other 
eminent artists, and portraits of distinguished men. 2 vols., 
royal 8vo, roan. New York, 1866 

5 ABBOTT, Rev. John Stevens Cabot, Lives of the 
Presidents of the United States of America, from 
Washington to the Present Time. Portraits, views, etc., on 
Steel and wood, fivo, half calf extra, gilt edges.' Boston, 1867 

6 ABDY, Edward Strutt. Journal of a Residence and 
Tour in the United States of North America, from April 
1833, to October 1834. 3 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

J. Murray, London, 1835 

7 ABEKEN, Bernard Rudolf. An Account of the Life 
and Letters of Cicero, translated from the German. Ed- 
ited by Charles Merivale. 12mo, half calf , very neat ; with auto- 
graph ofPufus Choate. ' London, 1854 

8 ABELARD and H£loise. Letters of Abelard and 
Eloisa ; with Several Poems by Mr. Pope & other Au- 
thors (and the History of Abelard and Eloisa). Engraved 
title and 6 plates by Sharp, Heath, etc., after Stothard, Wale, etc. 
Crown 8vo, old calf. W. Lowndes, London, 1802 

9 ABERCROMBIE, John. M. D. Inquiries concerning 
the Intellectual Powers. 12mo, half calf. 

New York, 1833 
10 ABOUT, Edmond Francois Valentin. The Roman 
Question. Translated by Mrs. Annie T. Wood ; edited, with 
Introduction, by Rev. E. N. Kirk, D. D. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1859 

)y GoogIe 


11 ABOUT, Edmond Francois Valentin. Rome of To-Dat. 
12mo, paper. ' New York, 1861 

12 ABSTRACT (An) of the Sufferings of the People 
call'd Quakers, for the Testimony of a Good Conscience, 
from the Time of their being first distinguished hy that Name ; 
taken from Original Records, and other Authentic Accounts. 
(a. d. 1650-1G66, with Alphabetical Lists of Names of the 
Sufferers.) 3 vols., 8vo, calf. London, 1733-38 

13 ACCOUNT of the Centennial Celebration in Danveks 
(Mass.), June 16, 1852 ; together with the Proceedings of the 
Town in Relation to the Donation of George Peabody, Esq. 
Portraits. Svo. cloth, gilt edges. Presented to Jiufus Ckoate by 
the Publishing Committee. Boston, 1852 

14 ACCOUNTS and Extracts of the Manuscripts in the 
Library of the King of France ; published under the In- 
spection of a Committee of the Royal Academy of Sciences 
at Paris. Translated from the French [by William Took*]. 
2 vols., 8vo, old mottled coif, yellow edges ; ■with book-plates of 
Joint Waddiix/ton, Chr. Pe.ijge', ami F. 8. Jiang. 

R. Faulder, London, 1789 

15 ACERBI, Joseph. Travels through Sweden, Finland, 
and Lapland, to the North Cape, in the Years 1798 and 
1799. Portrait, map, and 15 platen (those of -natural history 
colored), with 12 engraved pages of music, i vols., ifo, old calf. 

London, 1802 

16 ADAMS, Abigail, wife of John Adams. Letters of. 
With an Introductory Memoir; by her Grandson, Charles 
Francis Adams. Portrait, and facsimile, of hand-writing. 2 
vols., post 8vo, cloth. " Boston, 1840 

17 ADAMS, Abigail. Journal and Correspondence of; 
written in France and England, in 1785. Edited by her 
Daughter. Portrait after painting by Copley. 2 vols., 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1841-42 

18 ADAMS, Hannah. An Alphabetical Compendium of 
the Various Skcts, which have appeared in the World, from 
the Beginning of the Christian iEra to the Present Day ; with 
an Appendix, containing a Brief Account of the Various 
Schemes of Religion now embraced among Mankind. 8vo, 
sheep. Boston, 1784 

19 ADAMS, Hannah. The History of the Jews, from the 
Destruction of Jerusalem to the Nineteenth Century. 2 vols., 
lifiio. half sheep ; with autograph of Gorham Parsons. 

' ' Boston, 1812 

20 ADAMS, John. The Works of. With a Life of the Au- 
thor, Notes, and Illustrations ; by his Grandson, Charles Fran- 
cis Adams. Portraits and plates. 1 vols., imperial Svo, doth, 
uncut. Large paper. Boston, 1850-56 

)y GoogIe 


21 ADAMS, John. Another copy: small paper. Portraits, 
etc. 10 vols., 8vo, doth. Boston, 1850-56 

22 ADAMS, John. A Defence of the Constitutions of 
Government op the' United States of America, (in 
Answer to M. Turgot and others). 3 vols., 8ro, old calf, yellow 
edges. C. Dilly and J. Stockdale, London, 1787-88 

23 ADAMS, John, and William Cunningham. Correspond- 
ence between; beginning in 1803, and ending in 1812. 
8eo,paper, rough edges. Boston, 1823 

24 ADAMS, John, and Thomas Jefferson. A Selection 
op Eulogies, pronounced in the Several States, in Honor of 
those Illustrious Patriots and Statesmen. 8vo, board*, rough 
edges. Hartford, 1*2 6 

25 ADAMS, John Quinct. An Inaugural Oration, deliv- 
ered at the Author's Installation as Boylston Professor of 
Ehetoric and Oratory, at Harvard University, in Cambridge, 
12 June, 1806. 8vo, pp. 28, clean. Boston, 1806 

26 ADAMS, John Quincy. Oration on the Life and Char- 
acter op Lafayette, delivered at the Request of Both Houses 
of the Congress of the United Stales, at Washington, 31st De- 
cember, 1834. 8vo,pp. 94, clean. Washington, 1835 

27 ADAMS, John Quincy. Speech [suppressed by the Pre- 
vious Question] on the Removal of the Public Deposites. 
8i-o, pp. 43, clean. "Washington, 1834 

28 ADDISON, Joseph. The Works ; with a Complete Index. 
Portrait by Miller, ajhr KnMe.r, and plates by Grignion, after 
Bagman, etc. 4 vols., royal ito, marbled coif, gilt, yellow edges. 


Birmingham, 1761 

Baskervilles booka arc seldom found so fraa from stains as this copy. 

29 ADDISON, Joseph. The Miscellaneous Works, in Prose 
and Verse, with some Account of the Life and Writings of 
the Author, by Mr. Tickell. Portrait and plates after Hay- 
man, etc. 4 vols., 8vo, marbled calf, gilt, yellow edges ; with hook- 
plate of Geo. Hen. Bamett. J. & R. Tonson, London, 1765 

30 ADDISON, Joseph. Another copy. Same title. Portrait 
uii/'l phitcs. '■> vols.. 1 2i/io. old calf. London, 1 i 11 

31 ADOLPHUS, John. Memoirs of John Bannister, Com- 
edian. Two portraits oi' Tkuuiister. 'i vols.. Sua, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1839 

32 ADVENTURES (The) of Catullus, and History of 
his Amours with Lesbia ; intermixt with Translations of 
his Choicest Poems. By Several Hands : done from the French. 
Frontispiece by M. I'ander 12mo, old calf . 

J. Chantry, London, 1707 

33 ADVENTURES (The) of Uncle Sam, in Search after 
his Lost Honor; by Frederick Augustus Fidfaddy, Esq., 

- Member of the Legion of Honor, Scratch-eta ry to Uncle 

)y GoogIe 


Sam, and Privy Counsellor to Himself. \Zrno, boards, rough 

Middletown, 1816 

34 jESOP, The Fables of; paraphras'd in Verse, adorn'd 
with Sculpture, and illustrated with Annotations. The Sec- 
ond Edition! By John Ogilby, Esq. Portrait of Ogilby by 
Faithorne, besides the other plates by IloUar. Folio, old calf. 

Printed by T. Roycroft for the Author, London, 1668 

35 .ffiSOP. Fables and Stores moralized; being a Sec- 
ond Part of the Fables of JEsop, and other Eminent Mycol- 
ogists, etc. By Sir Roger L'Estrange, Kt. (With Life of 
jEsod.) Title to first part wanting. Frontispiece. 2 vols., 
Sold calf. London, <1694)-99 

36 AGASSIZ, Louis Jean Rudolf. Contributions to the 
Natural History of the United States of America. 
Plates. Voh. I.-1V., ito, cloth. Boston, 1857-62 

37 AIKIN, John. Letters from a Father to his _ Son, 
relative to Literature and the Conduct of Life ; written in the 
Years 1792 and 1793 (with a Second Volume of Letters writ- 
ten in the Years 1798 and 1799). Third and second editions. 
2 voh., crown 8vo, old calf. London, 1796-1803 

38 AINSWORTH, William Harrison. The Tower of Lon- 
don. Illustrated by George Cruihhank. 8vo, half calf, extra, 
marbled edges. ' London, 1840 

39 AINSWORTH, William Harrison. Windsor Castle. 
Illustrated by George Cmil.skunk and Tony Johannot, with De- 
signs on Wood by W. Alfred Delamotte. 8vo, half calf, extra, 
marbled edges. ' London, 1844 

40 AKENSIDE, Mark. The Poems of. Printed on writing- 
paper by Bowyer and Mchoh. Profile portrait by E. Fisher, 
ito, marbled calf, green edges, fine copy. 

J. Dodsley, London, 1772 

41 ALCIATT, Andrea. Emblemata V. Cl. Andeeae- Alci- 
ati cu Imaginibos Plerisque restitutis ad Mentem Auc- 
toris; adjcctii Compondiosa Esplinitione Claudii Minois Di- 
vionensis, et Notulis Estemporariis Laurentii Pignorii Patavini. 
Plate title, and fine impressions of the numerous wood-cuts. 
Small 8vo, calf, neat. Apud P. P. Tozzium, Patavii, 1622 (?) 

42 ALCOCK, Sir Rutherford. The Capital of the Tycoon : 
a Narrative of a Three Years' Residence in Japan. Maps, 
colored plates, and wood-cuts, illustrative of manners, costumes, 
etc. 2 vols., Bvo, cloth, uncut. London, 1863 

43 ALEMAN, Mateo. Histoire de l'Admirable Don Guz- 
man d'Alfarache. Plates. 3 vols., small 12mo, half mo- 
rocco, red edges. M. Cramoisy, Paris, 1695 

This work, which was originally written in Spams!., a'.out the middle of the 
Mxi,'.at!; mutiny, may bo considered, in a measure, *s the parent of " Gil Bias.' 
It has also been translated (" pursue dea moralitiSa superflucs") by Le Sage. 

44 ALEXANDER, Sir James Edward. Travels to the 
Seat of War in the East, through Russia and the Crimea, 

)y GoogIe 


in 1829 ; with Sketches of the Imperial Fleet and Army, Per- 
sonal Adventures, and Characteristic Anecdotes. Map, plates, 
and wood-cuts ; the plains of military uniform, colored. 2 vols, 
in I, Svo, half morocco. London, 1830 

45 ALEXANDER, Sir James Edward. L'Acadie, or Seven 
Years' Explorations in British America. Plates. 2 vols., 
l'2mo. cloth, uncut. London, 1849 

46 ALEXANDER, "William, M. D. The History of Women, 
from the Earliest Antiquity to the Present Time; giving some 
Account of almost every Interesting Particular concerning 
that Sex, among all Nations, Ancient and Modern. 2 vols., 
tteo, marbled calf gilt, green edges. Dublin, 177!' 

47 ALISON, Rev. Archibald. Essays on the Nature and 
Principles op Taste. From the Edinburgh Ediiion of 
1811. 8vo, old calf. Boston, 1812 

48 ALISON, Rev. Archibald. Essays on the Nature and 
Principles op Taste. The Fifth Edition. 2 vols., 8vo, 
boards, rough edges. Edinburgh, 1817 

49 ALISON, Sir Archibald. Travels in France, during 
the Years 1814-15 ; comprising a Residence at Paris during 
the Stay of the Allied Armies, and at Aix, at the Period of 
the Landing of Bonaparte. Second Edition. 2 vols, in 1, 
8vo, half calf, extra. Edinburgh, 1816 

50 ALISON, Sir Archibald. History of Europe; from the 
Commencement of the French Revolution in 1789, to the 
Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815. 4 vols., 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1844-45 

51 ALKEN, Henry. The National Sports of Great Brit- 
ain ; with Descriptions in English and French. A series of 
50 large colored plates, of racing, lauding, shooting, fishing, 
prize-fighting, cork-fighting, Indl-baiting, etc., etc. Royal folio, 
morocco extra, gilt edges. London, 1823 

52 ALL THE YEAR BOUND ; a Weekly Journal, conducted 
by Charles Dickens; with which is incorporated Household 
Words. Oct. 29, 1859-JKweA 23, 1861. 4 vols., Hvo, first 
two, cloth; rest in numbers. London, 1859—01 

53 ALLAN, John H. A Pictorial Tour in the Mediter- 
ranean ; including Malta, Dalmatia, Turkey, Asia Minor, 
Grecian Archipelago, Egypt, Nubia, Greece, Ionian Islands, 
Sicily, Italy, and Spain. Illuminated title, 40 large tinted plates, 
and wood-cut vignettes. Imperial Ato, cloth. London, 1843 

54 ALLASON, Thomas. Picturesque Views of the An- 
tiquities of Pola, in Istria ; with Remarks on the Ancient 
and Modern History of Istria and Dalmatia elucidatory of the 
Origin, Manners, and Customs of their Present Inhabitants. 
With plates engraved by W. B. and G. Cooke, H. Moses, and O. 
Armstrong, after J. M. W. Tamer, etc. Imperial folio, boards, 
leather back, rough edges. J. Murray, London, 1819 



55 ALLEN, William- An American Biographical and 
Historical Dictionary; containing an Account of the 
Lives, Characters, and Writings of the most Eminent Persons 
in North America, from its First Discovery to the Present 
Time, and a Summary of the History of the Several Colonies 
and of the United States. Portrait of Washington inserted. 
Royal few, boards, rough edges. Cambridge, 1809 

56 ALLIBONE, Samuel Austin. A Critical Dictionary 
of English Literature, and British and American Au- 
thors, Living and Deceased, from the Earliest Accounts to 
the Middle of the Nineteenth Century; containing Thirty 
Thousand Biographies and Literary Notices, with Forty In- 
dexes of Subjects. Vol. L, imperial 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1863 

Vols. II. and III., which complete the work, are just published. 

57 ALUMNI HALL : an Appeal to the Alumni and Friends of 
"Harvard College. Plan and description. 8vo,pp. 23. 

Cambridge, I860 

58 AMERICA: the Second Part, containing the Topograph- 
icall Description of the Several Provinces, both of the North- 
ern and Southern Part ; with some Observations incident 
thereunto. By N. N. Both parts. 1 vol.. small 8™, half calf. 

E. Dod, London, (I655) 

The title to the first part (" America, er an Exact Description of the West In- 
dies," etc.) is wanting; otherwise a perfect copy. 

59 AMERICAN (The) Almanac and Repository of Useful 
Knowledge. Complete from the commencement in 1830 to 
18(51, inclusive. 32 vols.'Vlmo.lx.ilf qrte.ii- morocco. Fine SET. 

Boston, 1830-61 

ftT AMERICAN (The) Almanac, etc. For the year 1847. 

\2mo, halfrustda. Boston, 1846 

61 AMERICAN (The) Almanac, etc. For the year 1861. 
12nw, half green morocco. Boston, 1861 

62 AMERICAN (The) Freemason; an Organ of Ancient Craft 
Masonry. [Edited by R. Morris, F. M. King, and Dr. Mac- 
key.] Oct. 15. Uiiii-Feb. 1858. 37 nos. (newspaper), 8 pp. 
each, and 2 nos. (Svo). 80 pp. each. Louisville, 1856-58 

63 AMERICAN (The) Quarterly Observer. July, 1833- 
Oct. 1834, 3 vols.. Hvo, half morocco. Boston, 1833-34 

64 AMERICAN (The) Quart gel y Register and Magazine : 
conducted by James Stryker. May, IMS-July, 1850. 4 
vols., 8m, halfrmsia. ' Philadelphia. 0rM«-:5u) 

65 AMERICAN (The) Quarterly Review of Freemasonry 
and its Kindred Sciences; edited l>v Albert G. Mackey, 
M. D., etc. Vol. I, July, A. L. b%bl -April, A. L. 5858. 
8ro, half morocco. New York. 1858 

66 AMERICAN (The) Traveller; being a New Historical 
Collection carefully compiled from Origliinl Memoirs in Several 
Languages, and the most Authentic Voyages and Travels ; con- 

)y GoogIe 


taining a Compleat Account of that Part of the World, now 
called the West Indies, from its Discovery by Columbus to the 
Present Time. Illustrated with Heads of the most Eminent 
Admirals, Commanders, and Travellers, neatly engraved. To 
which is prefixed an Introduction, shewing the Rise, Progress, 
and Improvement of Navigation ; the Use and Properties of 
the Loadstone ; and an Enquiry concerning the First Inhabit- 
ants of America : With an Account of Admiral Vernon's taking 
Porto-Bollo, Fort and Cartliagcnnaj as also of the 
Damages done on Each Side, and the Number of British 
Ships taken by the Spaniards and Spanish Ships taken by the 
English since the Commencement of the War. With a front- 
ispiece, portraits of Curds eu/d Deeil-e, and a plate lettered 
"Spanish Gratitude: Curtis orders Montezuma to be Fetter'd." 
Small 8w, new sprinkled en If, gilt. J. Fuller, London, 1743 

This edition is not mentioned, bv Kidi. The (-diiioii of 1741 does not contain 
the "Account of Ail mi™; Vermin's taking I'crto Hello." etc., which haa been 
added to this in a smaller type, cnnmicnciiig at p. 391. 

67 AMES, Fisher. Works or ; compiled by a Number of 
his Friends. To which are prefixed Notices of his Life 
and Character. Portrait after Stuart. Hvo. old calf. 

Boston, 1809 

68 AMES, Fisher. Works op; with a Selection from his 
Speeches and Correspondence. Edited by his Son, Seth 
Ames. Portrait. 2 vols., See,, tree calf, ail*, marbled edges, bij 
Btviere. " Boston, 1854 

69 AMORT, Thomas. The Life of John Euncle, Esq. A 
New Edition. 3 vols., crown Si-o. half calf, need. Best edition. 

S. Prowett, London, 1825 

70 AMOS, Andrew. The Great Oyer op Poisoning: the 
Trial of the Earl of Somerset for the Poisoning of Sir Thomas. 
Overbury, in the Tower of London, and Various Matters con- 
nected therewith ; from Contemporary MSS. Portraits. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1846 

Commentario quo Poiiiac Genus traditur C.l liibliotheca Anac- 
reonteia adumbratur. Additis Var. Lect. Small square 8w>, 
dark blue morocco, gilt edges. Vellum paper, printed in capital 
Utters. In Aedibns Palatinis (Bodoni), Parmae, 1791 

Only a few copies of this beautiful edition were printed upon vellum puper. 

72 ANACREON, Odes of, translated into English Verse, by 
Thomas Moore, Esq. Fourth Edition. Portrait of Moore by 
Heath, and medallion of Jnacreon by II. I'ic/der. 2 vols., fools- 
cap &vo,half 'morocco, gilt tops. J- Carpenter, London, 1804 

73 ANDERDON, John Lavicodnt. The River Dove ; with 
some Quiet Thoughts on the Happy Practice of Angling. [By 
J. L. Anderdon.] Foolscap 8uo, cloth, uncut. 

W. Pickering, London, 1847 

)y GoogIe 


74 ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. Tales foe Children. 
Translated by Alfred Wehnert. With 105 Illustrations by M. 
H. Wehnert, W. Thomas, and others. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt 
edges. New York, 1861 

75 ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. Stories and Tales, Trans- 
lated by H. W. Dulcken. With 80 Illustrations by A. W. 
Baynes, engraved by the Brothers IkdrieL Square &vo, cloth. 

London, 1865 

76 ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. What the Moon Saw, 
and other Tales. Translated by H. W. Dulcken. With 80 
Illustrations by A. W. Baynes, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel 
Square Svo, cloth. London, 1866 

■77 ANDERSON, Christopher, D. D. The Annals or the 
English Bible. Portrait of Tyndale and facsimiles. 2 
vols., Svo, polished calf gilt, gilt lops. 

W. Pickering, London, 1845 

-78 ANDERSON, Christopher, D. D. The Annals op the 
English Bible. Portrait, etc. 2 vols., Svo, half morocco, gilt 
tops. W. Pickering, London, 1845 

Both copies con! sin the " Ilistcrical Imlfx." 

79 ANDERSON, D. Belle Scott, or the Crisis of Freedom. 
Fourth Edition. 12mo, cloth. Boston, s. a. 

80 ANDERSON, James. The Constitutions of the Free- 
Masons: containing the History. Chaise-. Regulations, etc., 
of that most Ancient and Right Worshipful Fraternity. For 
the Use of the Lodges. [Compiled by James Anderson.] 
.Facsimile reprint of the Loudon edition of 1728. -ilo. cloth. 

New York, 1855 

81 ANDERSON, Brig.-Gen. Robert. Evolutions of Field 
Batteries of Artillery. Plates. ISmo, cloth. 

New York, I860 
-82 ANDREANA: containing the Trial, Execution, arid Various 
Matter connected with the History of Major John Andre, 
Adjutant General of the British Army in America, a. d. 1780. 
(With an Introduction by Horace W. Smith.) With 1 2 plates 
of portraits, facsimiles, etc. Svo, half given morocco, neat, gilt 
top. Only 175 copies printed: 25 in folio, 50 in quarto, 
100 in octavo. Philadelphia, 1865 

83 ANDREW, John Albion. Valedictory Address, to the 
Legislature of Massachusetts, January 4, 1866. Svo, pp. 42. 

Boston, 1866 

84 ANDREWS, Alexander. The History of British Jour- 
nalism, from the Foundation of the Newspaper Press in Eng- 
land to the Repeal of the Stamp Act in 1855 ; with Sketches 
of Press Celebrities. Index. 2 vols., crown Svo, half calf 
extra. London, 1859 

85 ANDREWS, Ethan Allen. A Corrous and Critical 
Latin-English Lexicon, founded on the Larger Latin-Ger- 

)y GoogIe 


man Lexicon of Dr. William Fretind ; with Additions and Cor- 
rections from the Lexicons of Gesner, Facciolati, Scheller, 
Georges, etc. Thick royal Svo. sheep. New York, 1856 

86 ANDREWS, Ethan Allen, and S. Stoddard. A Geam- 
har op The Latin Language, etc. l2mo, half roan. 

Boston, 1852 

87 ANDREWS, Henry C. The Heathery, or a Monograph 
of the Genus Erica; containing Coloured Engravings, with 
Latin and English Descriptions, Dissections, etc., of all the 
Known Species of that Extensive and Distinguished Tribe of 
Plants. Second Edition, corrected and enlarged. Engraved 
title and 300 plates. 6 volt., royal Svo, cloth. 

H. G. Bohn, London, 1845 

88 ANDREWS. Lancelot, Bishop of Winchester, etc. 
AII02IIA2MATIA SACRA, or a Collection of Posthumous 
and Orphan Lectures; delivered at St. Pauls and St. Giles 
his Church. Never before extant. Folio, calf, gilt ; portrait 
wanting. London, 1657 

" The most popular or all Ibis productions." — Lowndes. 

89 ANECDOTES op Polite Literature. 5 vols., small Svo, 
old calf; with book-plate of Mr. Horatio Walpole. 

G. Burnett, London. 1764 

"An annifiiiK ami \uil]'-]i:\;? ..-lection, very neatly printed." — Lois-Mies. 

90 ANICETUS. (Pseudonym.) Our Modern Athens, or Who 
is First? A Poem. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1860 

91 ANICETUS. (Pseudonym.) The Learned World. A 
Poem. \2mo, cloth. ' Boston, 1864 

92 ANNIVERSARY (The) Calendar, Natal Book, and 
Universal Mirror; embracing Anniversaries of Persons, 
Events, Institutions, and Festivals of all Denominations, His- 
torical, Sacred, and Domestic, in every Period and State of 
the World, from the Creation to the Present Age. Printed 
bij }[/>i!t.)i)f//t'!m. v.i'h ii, border each page, 2 vols., royal 
8vo, boards, rough edges. Large paper. 

W. Kidd, London, 1832 

93 ANNUAL (The) Register, or a View of the History, 
Politicks, and Literature, for the Year. From 1758 to 1782, 
inclusive. i<< vols., Svo; 22 old caff, 3 half bound. Book-plate 
of Francis Enys in some of the volumes. 

J. Dodsley, London, 1760-91 

Fur full account of this valuable publication see Bohn's " Lowndes," p. 48. 

94 ANTHON, Charles. A Classical Dictionary, contain- 
ing an Account of the Principal Proper Names mentioned in 
Ancient Authors, etc. Together with an Account of Coins, 
Weights, Measures, etc. Thick royal Svo, sheep. 

New York, 1841 

95 ANTI-JACOB IN. Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin: com- 
prising the Celebrated Political & Satirical Poems, Parodies, 
and Jeux-d'Esprit of the Right Hon. George Canning ; the 

)y GoogIe 



Earl of Carlisle ; Marquis Wellesley ; the Eight Hon. J. H. 
Prere; W. Gifford, Esq.; the Eight Hon. W. Pitt; G. Ellis, 
Esq., and others. With Explanatory Notes, by Charles Ed- 
monds. Second Edition, considerably enlarged; with six 
Etchings by the Famous Caricaturist, James (iillray. Fools- 
cap &vo, cloth, uncut. G. "Willis, London, 1 i>>4 

96 ANTIQUARIAN (The) Repertory; a Miscellany intended 
to Preserve and Illustrate Several Valuable Remains of Old 
Times. [Compiled by, or under the Direction of, Francis Grose, 
Thomas Astle, and oilier Eminent Antiquaries.] Adorned with 
Elegant Sculptures. Fine impressions of ike pfilcs. 4 vols, in 2. 
Ato, clnth. Original edition. London, 1775-84 

97 ANTIQUARIAN (The) Repertory; a Miscellaneous As- 
semblage of Topography. History. Hii-i^mpliy, (.'usioms. and 
Manners, intended to Illustrate and Preserve Several Valuable 
Remains of Old Times: ehieily compiled by, or under the di- 
rection of, Francis Grose. Esq., F. R. & A. S. ; Thomas Astle, 
Esq., F. R. & A. S. ; and other Eminent Antiquaries. Adorned 
with Numerous Views, Portraits, and Monuments. A New 
Edition, with many Valuable Additions, [edited by Edward 
Jefferyj. 4 wis., royal -tin, half russia. 

E. Jeffery, London, 1807-09 

The fourth volume eoiilaijis the l\iv' of Xoiilr.Linhi-liirnl's IToiisuhnlii-Jinok, ert- 
ited by Bp, Verc-; two porosis (dressed and u minted) of Jane Shore, a 
copious General Indtx, etc. 

98 ANTIQUITES Mexicaines. Relation des Trois Expe- 
ditions dij Colonel Dtjpaix, ordonnees en 1805, 1806, et 
1807, par le Eoi Charles IV. pour la Recherche des Antiquites 
do. Pays, notamment celles de Mitla et do Palenque ; avec les 
Dessins de Castarieda. Dessinateur en Chef des Trois Expedi- 
tions, &e., et tine Carte des Pays explores ; suivie d'un Par- 
allele de ces Monuments avec ceux de l'Egypte et de l'Inde, 
par M. Alexandre Lenoir; d'une Dissertation sur l'Origine et 
sur la Linguistique des Populations Primitives des Deux 
Ameriques, d'un Ilistorique des Di verses Antiquity's et des 
Fossiles du Double Continent, par M. Warden ; avec un Dis- 
cours Preliminaire des Travaux et Documents Divers, de MM. 
de Chateaubriand, Farcy, Galindo, de Humboldt et de St 
Priest, et plusieurs autrcs Voyageurs qui out visite 1'Ame- 
rique. Index to each part. Plaits large mil finely colored. 2 
vols., imperial folio, half crimson morocco. Fine COl'Y or this 
valuable work. Paris, 1834-44 

99 ANTOMMAECHI, Francesco, M. D. The Last Days op 
Napoleon : Memoirs of the Last Two Years of Napoleon's 
Exile, by F. AntoinmarcM ; forming a Sequel to the Journals 
of Dr. O'Meara and Count Las Cases. Second Edition. 2 
vok. in I, 8w, cloth, uncut. London, 1826 

100 APPULEIUS, Lucius. The Metamorphosis, or Golden 

)y GoogIe 


Ass ; and Philosophical "Works of. Translated from the Orig- 
inal Latin, by Thomas Taylor. 8w, boards, rough edges. 

R. Triphook, Loudon, 1822 

101 APPULEITJS, Looms. The Birth op Pleasure; the 
Story of Cupid and Psyche. From the " Golden Ass." Post 
Bvo, cloth. New York, 1867 

102 ARABIAN TALES, or a Continuation of the _ Ara- 
bian Nights Entertainments; consisting of Stories re- 
lated by the Sultana of the Indies, to divert, her Husband 
from the Performance of a Bash Vow, exhibiting a most In- 
teresting View of the Religion, Laws, Manners, Customs, 
Arts, and Literature, of the Nations of the East. Newly 
translated from the Original Arabic into French, by Dom 
Chavis and M. Cazotte ; and translated from the French into 
Kri'Msli, hv Robert Heron [John l'inkerton ?]. 4 vols., 12mo, 
old calf! . Edinburgh, 1792 

103 ARAGO, Jacques Etienne Victor. Souvenirs dun 
Aveugi.e Voyage du Monde. Nouvelle Edition, revue 
et augmented ; ilhis/ree de 22 Grandcs, Portraits, el 
de 150 Gravures dans le Texfe. Enrichee de Notes Scienti- 
fiques, par M. Francois Arago ; et precedee d'une Introduc- 
tion, par M. Jules Janin. Fourth Edition. 2 vols, in 1, half 
crimson morocco, very neat, gilt edges. Lebrun, Pans, s. a. 

104 ARBLAY, Madame d'. Diary and Letters or; edited 
bv her Niece. 2 vols., *™. half calf; with autograph of Sufui 
Choate. Philadelphia, 1845 

105 ARCHER, John Wykeham. Vestiges of Old London 
a Series of Etchings from Original Drawings, illustrative oJ 
the Monuments and Architecture of London, in the First 
Fourth, Twelfth, and Six Succeeding Centuries ; with Descrip 
tions and Historical Notes. Contains 37 plates. Imperia 
ito, half morocco. London, 1851 

106 ARCHITECTURE. Modern Cottage and Villa Arch* 
TECTURE; consisting of 19 colored plates of elevations, wit) 
landscapes after drawings by G. F. Bragge and F. Sexton 

Wii/io'd title. 2 vols, oblong folio, cloth. 

Williams & Co. (London), s. a 

107 ARIOSTO, Looovico. Orlando Furioso. Translate* 
from the Italian, with Notes, by John Hoole. Portraits o 
llooh and Ariosto. and -plates by iiortolozzi, Heath, etc., a-ftc 
Stothard, Aug. Kauifman;-,. etc. ■' rot?., royal tro, old marble, 
ca!f ; gilt, yellow edges. Large paper -.fine copy. 

London, 179! 

108 ARIOSTO, Lodovico. Another copy: the same, srnai 
paper; -with 10 additional plates, by Hall after Mortimer, in 
serted in first volume. 5 vols., old mottled calf. 

London, 179' 

)y GoogIe 



109 ARIOSTO, Lodovico. Roland Fo-rieux ; Poeme Hero- 
ique : avec Figures. Traduction Notivelle, par M. le Comte 
de Tressan. Extrait de Roland l'Amouretjx de Matheo- 
Maria Boyardo, Conite de Scandiano ; par M. le Conite de 
Tressan. Fine portrait of Arioslo, and 46 of the plates en- 
graved by Ponce, after Cochin, for the translation by d' Ussieux. 
Together, 4 voh., 4to, diamond calf, neat. Large paper -.fine 

, , n C °PV- Paris, (1804) 

110 ARIOSTO, Lodotico. L'Orlando Fueioso; con le Di- 
chiarazioni di Giovannandrea Barotti, e d'altri: e gli Argo- 
menti del Quattro Comentatori, Anguillara, Ammirato, Dolce, 
e Verdizzotti; preceduto per la Prima Volte da molte Illus- 
trazioni Storiche e Liomanzesclie su Carlo Magno, i Paladini 
di Francia ed altri Personaggi Distinti rammentati nel Poema, 
Necessaie per la Perfetta Intelligenza del medesirao; e cor- 
redato d'un Discorso snl Blasone e sull' Arte Araldica, pro- 
seguito da un Vocabulario di tutte le Armi ed Armature 
Antiche. Edizione adorn a di 100 Tavole in Rame, designate 
di Giuseppe Gozzini. 3 vols., royal Sro. half morocco. 

A. & S. Batelli, Firenze, 1844-50 
HI ARISTOTLE. Treatise on Poetrt, translated : with 
Notes on the Translation and on the Original ; and Two Dis- 
sertations, on Poetical, and Musical. Imitation. By Thomas 
Twining. The Second Edition, by Daniel Twining. 2 vols., 
Svo, tree calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

T. Cadell, etc., London, 1812 

" oi ;tns translation aJIthe litsnuy journals hara spoken in terms of very high 

andjaslly-merited prai.w." — Lutmuht. 

112 ARISTOTLE. Ethics and Politics, comprising his Prac- 
tical Philosophy, translated from the Greek : illustrated by 
Introductions and Notes ; the Critical History of his Life ; 
and a New Analysis of his Speculative Works; by John Gil- 
lies, LL. D., etc. The Third Edition. 2 vols., 8vo, tree calf, 
gilt, marbled edges. T. Cadell, etc., London, 1813 

"A translation executed with strict fide]ii%-:irnL t;n : a; c^.ssiinl taste."— Lowndes. 

113 ARISTOTLE. Rhetoric, with an Introduction and Appen- 
dix, Explaining its Relation to his Exact Philosophy, and 
Vindicating that Philosophy, by Proofs that all Departures 
from it have been Deviations into Error; by John Gillies, 
LL. D., etc. 8w, tree calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

T. Cadell, London, 1823 

" An excellent translation." — Lowndes. 

114 ARMY (The) Lists oe the Koi:n»hea»s and Cava- 
liers, containing the Names of the Officers in the Royal and 
Parliamentary Armies of 1 Ii42 ; edited by Edward Peacock, 
F. S. A. Handsomely printed, with head-pieces and ornate in- 
itials, at the Chiswick Press. Foolscap Am, half morocco, red 
paper sides, gilt top. Very few copies printed. 

J. C. Hotten, London, 1863 

Keprint of a comparatively unknown tract, in the Bodleian Library, entitled 



" A Catalogue of the Names of the Dukes, Marquesses, Earles and Lords, that 
have abiautcil Ihem-nlvcs from the I'arirariii'iit, end nru now with his 
Majesty, etc., etc. Printed 1642." 

115 ARNAULD, Antoine. La Logiqtje, od l'Aet de Pen- 
see ; contenant outre les Regies Communes, phisieurs Ob- 
servations Nouvelles, propres a former le Jugement. Six- 
ieme Edition, reviie & de nouveau augmentee. 12mo, old 
calf; with, autograph of J, G. Percival. 

Gr. Desprez, Paris, 1730 

116 ARNOLD, Augustus C. L. The Rationale and Ethics 
op Freemasonry, or the Masonic Institution considered as a 
Means of Social and Individual Progress. 1 2mo, cloth. 

New York, 1858 

117 ARNOLD, George. Drift ; a Sea-Shoee Idtl ; and 
other Poems. (Edited, with a Memoir, by Will. Winter.) 
Portrait. Square post Hro, cloth, gilt top. Boston, 1866 

Arnold was author of the "McArune" papers, which appeared in " Vanity 

118 ARNOLD, Howard Patson. European Mosaic. Post 
8vo, chth, gilt top. Boston, 1864 

119 ARNOLD, Richard. The Customs of London, other- 
wise called Arnold's Chronicle; containing among 
Divers other Matters, the Original of the celebrated Poem, 
of the Nut-Brown Maid. Reprinted from the First Edition 
with Additions included in the Second. Royal Uo, russia 
neat, marbled edges. Uniform with Fahyan, Fioissart, Graf- 
ton, Hall, Hardyng, Holinslwd, H/r.t>s(rclet. and Rastell. 

London, 1811 

"A lan-iiiil rqirint with a judicious introili:c!i™, by Francis Douce, Esq. 
Wiii-itiTi cl'MVrvBS nfthis work, that U i-. pi -:-!:af,3 tin; iuoh; iick'ic-i.r.c-Ciis auu 
multifarious mi-;,'!' lla::y Umi mi:: ,:\-.i-.'-.od." — Lowndes. 

120 ARNOLD, Thomas, D. D. Introductoet Lectures on* 
Modern History, delivered in Lent Term, mdcccxlii ; 
with the Inaugural Lecture delivered in December, mdcccxli. 
Second Edition. Svo. calf, gilt, marbled edges. London, 1843 

121 ARNOLD, Thomas, D. D. History of Rome. Third 
Edition. 3 vols, 8vo, calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1844-45 

122 ARNOLD, Thomas, D. D. The Life and Correspond- 
ence op. By Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, M. A.; etc. 
Fourth Edition. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt, marbled 
<%««• London, 1845 

The above sis vnlumes are uniformly bound. 

123 ARNOULT, Emile. Pronouncing Reading Book of 
the French Language ; Part First Royal Svo, chth. 

Boston, 1857 

124 ARROWSMITH, H. W. and A. The House Decorator 
and Painter's Guide ; containing a Series of Designs for 
decorating Apartments, stilted to the Various Styles of Ar*- 
chitecttire. Letter-press, pp. 120, and 61 plates, chiefly colored. 
4lo,chth. London, (1840) 

)y GoogIe 


125 ART (The) of Conversation, with Directions for Self Ed- 
ucation. 12njo, cloth. New York, 1864 

126 ARTHUR of Little Britain. The History of the 
Valiant Knight Arthur of Little Britain ; :i Romance 
of Chivalry, Originally translated from the French by John 
Bourchicr, Lord Berners. A New Edition (edited by E. V. 
Utterson) ; with a Series of Plates, from Illuminated Draw- 
ings contained in a Valuable MS. of the Original Romance. 
Plates engraved in outline, by C. Heath. Post Mo, boards, 
rough edges. Only 200 copies -printed .- 2b of which on large 
paper, London, 1814 

tt? ARTHUR, Timothy Shay. Advice to Young Men, and 
to Young Ladies, on their Duties and Conduct in Life. 2 
vols., 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1858 

128 ART Union and Art Journal. From 1843 to 1864, inclu- 
sive; with the "Illustrated Catalogue" 1851. Many hundred 
beautiful plaits mid wood-cats. 23 vols. ; 4to, and royal 4io, 
half morocco, marbled edges. Pine set, com men ciny with Vol. 
V., "AH Union." ' London, 1843-64 

129 ARVINE, Kazhtt. The Cyclopedia of Anecdotes of 
Literature and the Fine Arts. The Third Edition. 
Numerous wood-cut,'. Royal 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1856 

130 ASIATIC (The) Annual Register; or, a View of the 
History of Hindustan, and of the Politics, Commerce, and 
Literature of Asia. [Edited by Lawrence Dundas Camp- 
bell and E. Samuels.] From 1799 to 1810-11, inclusive. 12 
vols, in lo, 8t-w, russia, very neat, iff ten edges. 

London, 1801-11 

The volume for 180B is bound in two vols. 

131 ASTLE. Thomas. The Origin and Progress of Writ- 
ing, as well Hieroglyphic as Ekmcnt:iry ; also some Account 
of the Origin and Progress of l'rinting. Second Edition, 
with Additions. Printed by T. /iens/ey. Portrait and nu- 
merous plates taken, from ancient and modern- marbles, manu- 
scripts, and charters. Large folio, calf, very neat, marbled 
edges. Large fapf.r: plates not folded. London, 1803 

132 ATHEPLEUM (The) : Journal of Literature, Science, and 
the Fine Arts. From Jan. 3, 1857 (IVo. 1523) to Dec. 27, 
1862 (A T o. 18;i r >), inclusive, except No. 1784 (Jan. 4, 1862). 
10 vols., ito, half morocco, extra, marbled edges; and 2 vols, 
in numbers. London, 18.57-62 

133 ATKINSON, Captain George Francklin. The Cam- 
paign in India, 1857-58 ; from Drawings made during the 
Eventful Period of the Great Mutiny, illustrating the Mili- 
tary Operations before Delhi and its Neighborhood : with 
Descriptive Let.ter-Press. A series of 26 large tinted plates. 
Imperial fotio, cloth, emblematically gilt, gilt edges. Slightly 
injured by water. London, 1859 

134 ATKINSON, Thomas Witlam. Oriental and Western 

)y GoogIe 


Siberia ; a Narrative of Seven Years' Explorations and Ad- 
ventures in Siberin, .Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese 
Tartary, and Part of Central Asia. Plate and wood-cuts. 
12mo, doth. Philadelphia, 1859 

135 ATLANTIC (The) Monthly; a Magazine of Literature, 
Art, and Politics. From Nob. 1857 to Feb. 18G8, inclusive. 
10 vols. {including J he, 180;}), half morocco, rest in numbers. 

Boston, 1857-68 

136 AUBREY, John. Miscellanies upon Various Subjects. 
The Fourth Edition. Handsomely printed by Whittingham. 
Portrait and view of birth-place. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, uncut.. 

J. R. Smith, London, 1857 

Beat edition of tbia very curious work. 

137 AUDUBON, John James. Ornithological BiOGRAPiiv.or 
an Account of the Habits of the Birds of the United States 
of America; accompanied by Descriptions of the Objects 
represented in the Work entitled "The Birds of America," and 
interspersed with Delineations of American Scenery and 
Manners. Wood-cuts. 5 vols., imperial St:o, half morocco, 
neat, gilt edges. Philadelphia and Edinburgh, 1802-39 

The drat volume of this copv was printed ii: i ' ] i L L ; l . 1 & ] f :■ li : .1 , the others in Edin- 

138 AUDUBON, John James. The Bikds of America, from 
Drawings made in the United States and their Territories. 
Descriptive letter-press and 500 elcga.mlg colored plates, reprc- 

smiting the birds in their most characteristic attitudes, and in 
many instances both male and female. 7 vols., imperial Bvo, 
half -morocco, extra, gill edges. Original octavo edition: 
jit'-rn'is/K'd fir s/ilserihers in 100 parts. 

J. J. Audubon, New York, 1840-44 

139 AUGUSTINUS,Atjrelids. De Trinitate, et de Civitate 
Dei CUM Commento. Initials painted in red. Together -in 
1 vol., 4to, 1 2 X 8 inches, boards; with bookplate of Thomas 
Morong. iSImk letter : in good condition. 

In Friburga, 1494 

140 AUSTEN, Jane. Pride and Prejudice, a Novel. Front- 
ispiece and viqnejte on the engraved title. Foolscap Svo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1833 

141 AUSTEN, Jane. Novels; Sense and Sensibility; Pride 
and Prejudice; Mansfield Park; Emma; Northanger Ab- 
bey, and Persuasion (in one vol.). Frontispieces and vign- 
ette titles. i> rols., piulsciip kv>. c.di', gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1856 

142 AUSTIN, Benjamin. Constitutional Republicanism, 
in Opposition to Fallacious Federalism ; as published Occa- 
sionally in the " Independent Chronicle," under the signature 
of Oid-South. To which is prefixed a Prefatory Address to 
the Citizens of the United States, never before published. 
Svo, old marbled coif, yellow edges. 

Adams & Rhoades, Boston, 1803 

)y GoogIe 


143 AUSTIN, Benjamin. Another copy: the same. $vo, 
boards, rough edges. Boston, 1803 

144 AUSTIN, Sarah. Fragments from German Prose 
Writers, translated by Sarah Austin ; illustrated with Notes. 
12rw, cloth, uncut. J. Murray, London, 1841 

145 AUTHENTIC Memoirs of the Green-Room: including 
Sketches, Biographical, Critical, and Characteristic, of the 
Performers of the Theatres Roynl, .Dniry-Lane, Covent-Gar- 
den, and the Haymarket; containing Original Lives and 
Anecdotes, never before published. Portrait of Miss Ste- 
phens {"Miss Yownq "). Unto, half 'treat morocco, extra. 

J. Roach, London, (1814) 

146 AYER, J. C, m. d. Some of the Usages and Abuses in the 
Management of our Manufacturing Corporations. Svo, pp. 
24. Lowell, 1863 

■147 g&j©£ABES (The) in the Wood. Ten fine etchings, 

^7 : N/ w '-'h 'ho worses. Royal Ato, cloth. 

mmk J- Oundall, London, 1849 

148 BACON, Francis. The Works of Francis Bacon, 
Uaron of Verulam, Viscount St. Albans, and Lord High Chan- 
cellor of Enghuid : collected and edited by James Spedding, 
Si. A. ; Robert Leslie Ellis, M. A. ; and Douglas Denon Heath, 
Barrister-at-Law, etc. Portraits. facsimiles, etc. 7 vols., 
thick Sao, cloth, uncut: v:ith Jtttor/rapk of Unfits O/ioate. 

London, 1857-59 

149 BACON, Francis. Another copy: Reprint of the above, 
with some corrections and additions /»,■ Mr. S/icdding, and more 
copious indexes. Portraits on India paper and the arms of 
Bacon in gold and colors on each title. 15 vols., half morocco, 
red paper sides, gill tops, rough edges. Large paper: only 100 
copies printed for subscribers. 

Riverside Press, Camhridge, 1863 

Best edition of Bacon's Wobks, and one of the moat beautiful specimens 
of American typography. 

450 BADGER, Mrs. CM. Floral Belles from the Green- 
House and Garden ; painted from Nature, by Mrs. C. M. 
Badger. Consisting of 1 6 finely colored plates, with poetical 
selections. Royal folio, d.ark e/rea/, levoitt morocco, extra, gilt 
edges. ' ' New York, 1867 

151 BAIARDI, Ottavo Antonio. Le Pitture Antiche 
d'Ercolano, e Contorni incise; con qualche Spiegazione 
[da Baiardi]. Tomo Primo. Engraved, title; portrait cj 
Cfiarles HI. of Spain, etc.; map; 50 large- plates; and numer- 
ous vignettes and. initials ; engraved In/ /■'. Morglarn.ctc. Royal 
folio, old mottled calf, gilt, red edges. 

Regia Stamperia, Napoli, 1757 

First volume of the original edition of " Le Antiihita di Ercolano Eapoate." 

152 BAILEY, Nathaniel. Dictionary m Britannicum, or a 
more Com pleat Universal Etymological English Dictionary 

)y GoogIe 


than any Extant ; etc., etc. Illustrated with near Five Hun- 
dred Cuts, etc. By N. Bailey, assisted by G. Gordon, P. 
Miller, and T. Lediard. The Second Edition, with Numer- 
ous Additions and Improvements. Folio, old calf. 

T. Cox, London, 1736 

Before ilic pii'olicriilmi of Johnson's this was the standard dictionary, and is still 

viihialilu ro some students, as it contains many words now become obsolete. 

153 BAILLIE, Joanna. The Dramatic and Poetical Works 
OF. Portrait and engraved (ilk. TMr.k Svo, cloth. 

London, 1851 

154 BAKER, David Euskine. Biograpiiia Dramatica, or 
a Companion to the Playhouse: containing Historical 
and Critical Memoirs, and Original Anecdotes, of British and 
Irish Dramatic Writers, from the Commencement of our 
Theatrical Exhibitions, among whom are some of the most 
Celebrated Actors ; also an Alphabetical Account, and Chro- 
nological Lists, of their Works, the Dates when printed, and 
Observations on their Merits. Together with an Introduc- 
tory View of the Rise and Progress of the British Kluge. 
Originally compiled, to the Year 1764, by David Erskine Ba- 
ker; continued thence to 1782, by Isaac Reed; and brought 
down to the End of November, 1811, with very Considerable 
Additions and Improvements Throughout, by Stephen Jones. 
3 vols, tn 4, Svo, kalfrussia. ' London, 1812 

155 BALDWIN, John Loraine. The Laws of Short Whist ; 
edited by J. L. Baldwin. And a Treatise on the Game, by 
J. C. [James Clay, M. P.] First American Edition, with 
an Introduction. lQmo, cloth. New York, 1866 

156 BALFOUR, John Hutton. Class Book of Botany; 
being an Introduction to the Study of the Vegetable King- 
dom. With upwards of 1,000 Illustrations. (Part L, Struc- 
tural and Morphological Botany.) Svo, cbth. 

Edinburgh, 1852 

The article "Bolany" in the last edition of the "Encyclopedia liritannica " vsa 
written by Professor Baliour. 

157 BALL, John. Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers; a Series 
of Excursions by Members of the Alpine Club. Edited by' 
John Ball, President. Second Edition. Colored maps, etc:, 
and wood-cuts. 8tv>, half morocco. London, [859 

158 BALLARD, Rev. Edward. Memorial Voldme of the 
Pofiiam Celebration, August 29, 1862, commemorative of 
the Planting of the Popham Colony on the Peninsula of 
Sabino, August 19, 0. S., 1607, Establishing the Title of 
England to the Continent. Maps, and facsimile of signature 
of Sir John Popham. Svo, cloth. Portland, Irti;S 

159 BALZAC, Honore de. CEejvres Illustrees de Balzac. 
200 Dessins par MM. Tony Johannot, Staal, Bertall, E. Lam- 
psonius, H. Monnier, Daumier, Meissonnier, etc. Double 
columns. 8 vols., 4to, half calf. 

2 Marescq & Cie., Paris, 1852-54 

)y GoogIe 



ifO BALZAC, Honore de. Petites Miseres de la Vie 
Conjugale ; illustrees par Bertall. Imperial Svo, half green 
morocco, extra, gilt edges. Chlendowski, Paris, s. a. 

161 BALZAC, Honors de. The Petty Annoyances of Mar- 
ried Life. Translated by 0. W. Wight and F. B. Good- 
rich. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1861 

362 BANCROFT, George. History of the United States; 
from the Discovery of the American Continent to the Pres- 
ent Time. Portraits, maps, etchings, en. 9 vols., Svo, half 
morocco, neat. Boston. 1834-66 

The ahnvi; title i.< from flip firsl volume. fir=.t edition, the i>-»rds " to the Pres- 
ent Tinm" h;ivi-,; be™ struck ti'.J. in L:;c oilier volu-.cs and also in subse- 

163 BANCROFT, George. Another copy: Portraits, etc. 
Vols. l.-VL, 8i.'f>, calf, very neat. Boston, 1845-56 

1 64 BANCROFT, George. Another copy : Photographic 

portrait, with utdo^rupli, of the author ; the other portraits on 
India paper. Vols. L- VIII, imperial Svo, cloth, rough edges. 
Large paper: onbj 50 copies priut/.d, for <;. It. HiehanUon 
fy Co., New York. Boston, 1861 

Two copies of this large paper edition were des : roved <r; lire at Mr. Rickard- 
spiis store in ^ew York, September, 18(51. The" nirlh volume has not yet 
been i-^pued in this stvit. 

165 BARBAULD, Anna Ljetitia. The Works op; with a 
Memoir by Lucy Aikin. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf, 
extra. London, 1825 

166 BARBER, Joseph. Crumbs from the Round Table ; a 
Feast for Epicures. Post Svo, cloth, gill top. 

New York, 1866 

167 BARCLAY'S Universal Dictionary, or Cyclopaedia oe 
Useful Knowledge; conformed to the Present State 
tbe Arts, Science, and Statistics, by Wm. Will more Darling, 
Esq. Numerous fine plates. \to, cloth, uncut. 

W. Sprent, Hull, s. a. 

168 BARCLAY, John. Jo. Barclaii Argenis, nunc Primum 
Illustrata. (ti/k) and portrait. Small Svo, vel- 
lum. Ex Officiim F. Hackii, Lugd. Bat, 1659 

Above tbe portrait, which is well exi.vnted. is cncravcl ■' Jo'. JJarHaiuj natus 
28 January, 1582, obiit 12 Aprilis, 1(521 ; " and br.iiiw, " ( .,ti:,- Caledonia, 

Gallns natalibns, hie est, Rom am Romano tiui Jocet I"i:n /:'. dm/ins." 

|" A. St'Ott l;y, ;uoi .1-rci'cii bv iiirl li. — ! his is;a!:, 
At Rome speaks Latin aa no Roman can."] 

169 BARCLAY, Robert. An Apology por the True Chris- 
tian Divinity, as the same is held forth and preached by 
the People called, iti Scorn, Quakers; being a Full Explana- 
tion and Vindication of their Principles and Doctrines, by 
many Arguments, deduced from Scripture and Right Rea- 
son, etc., etc. The Sixth Edition in English. Svo, old calf. 

London, 1736 

170 BARHAM, Rev. Richard Harris. The Ingoldsby 
Legends, or Mirth and Marvels ; by Thomas Ingoldsby, Es- 

)y GoogIe 


quire [Barham]. First, Second, and Third Series. JSngraved 
titles, portraits, plates, and 'mod-vats, after Gf.onic Cruilsliunk, 
Joint Leech, (dr., 3 cols., Vlmo, doth, uncut. Fine copy. 

Bentley, London, 1855 

171 BARHAM, Rev. RicnARD Harris. Another copy : with 
a Memoir of the Author. Reprinted from the Tenth Eng- 
lish Edition. Illustrations by Oruikshank and Leech. 2 vols., 
12mo, chth, Philadelphia, I860 

172 BARLOW, Joel. The Coltjmbiad, a Poem. Mne por- 
trait, after painting by Fiiltiui, mid 11 -plates, after pinntinqsl 
by Smirkc, engraved by Anker Smitk, Sckiavonelti, lhalh, etc.. 
ito, calf; with au/.of/rap/i of Dr. Window Lewis. 

Philadelphia, 1807 

173 BARRB, Louis. Hekctjlanum et Pompei : Recueil Gene- 
ral des Peintures, Bronzes, Mosaiques, etc., decouverts jus- 
qu' & ce Jour, et reprodm'ts d'aprcs lc Antichita di Ercolano, 
il Museo Borbonico, et tous les Ouvrages Analogues, aug- 
ment^ de SujtitH hu ; flith ; graves an Trait sur Cuivre, par H, 
Roux Aine (et Adr. Boiichet), et accompagne d'un Texte 
Explicatif parM. L. Barre\ Comviaji-k, including the "Mush 
Secret." 8 vols., royal Boo, boards, uncut. Paris, 1839-40 

174 BARRE, Louis. Another copy: the same. 8 vols., royal 
8vo, half morocco, marbled edges. Paris, 1839-40 

175 BARRERA, Madame A. de. Gems and Jewels: their 
History, Geography, Chemistry, and Ana ; from the Earliest 
Ages, down to the Present Time. (With a Few Words on 
Precious Stones, apropos of this Work, by M. Babinet.) 
Grown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1860 

176 BARRETT, Eaton Stannard. The Rising Sun, a Serio- 
Comic Satiric Romance; by Cervantes Hogg, F. S. M. 
[Barrett]. Colored frontispiece. 2 vols., 12-rno, sprinkled calf 
very neat. London, 1807 

177 BARRETT, Eaton Stannard. Another copy. Fifth 
Edition ; revised, corrected, and enlarged. Colored frontis- 
pieces. 3 vols., 12mo, half calf. London, 1809 

178 BARRETT, Samuel, D.D. Memoir oe ; with a Selected 
Series of his Discourses. By Lewis G. Pray. Post 8vo, 
cloth. " Boston, 1867 

179 BARRI, Giraldus de. The Itinerary of Arch- 
bishop Baldwin through Wales, a. d. mclxxxviii. 
Translated into English, and illustrated with Views, Annota- 
tions, and a Life of Giraldus ; by Sir Richard Colt Hoare, 
Bart., F. R. S., etc. Large colored map and 59 plates, com- 
prising portraits, momma-sits, cicics, -inscriptions, architecture^ 
etc. 2 vols., royal Ato, r-ussia, extra, marbled edges ; with book- 
plate of Charles Chatfteld. London, 1806 

notes are peculiarly valuable." — 



180 BARROW, Sir George. Cetlon; Past ant. Present, 
With a Map by John Arrowsmith. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

J. Murray, London, 1857 

181 BARROW, Isaac, D. D. The Theological Works of. 
Portrait. 8 vols., Svo, dark blue turkey morocco, neat, gilt 
edges. Best edition. University Press, Oxford, 1830 

I'm-' contents of (Ilia edition see Darling's " Cyclonadia. Bibliographica," coL 181- 

182 BARROW, Isaac, D. D. A Treatise on the Pope s Su- 
premacy ; to which is added, a Discourse concerning the 
Unity of the Church. A New Edition, corrected. Portrait. 
&vo, cloth. London, 1851 

183 BAEEY, John Stetson. The History of Massachu- 
setts. (Three Periods : Colonial, Provincial, and Common- 
wealth.) 3 vols., Svo, cloth. Boston, 1855-57 

184 BARTAS, Gillaume de Salluste du. Du Bartas his 
Divine Weekes and Wokkes ; with a Cotnpleate Collectio 
of all the other most Delight -full Workes translated and writ- 
ten by y 1 Famous Philoiiuisu^, Jcsnali Sylvester, Gent. Fine 
portrait of Sylvester by Corn. v. Dahn, frontispiece {title) by R. 
JSlstracie, and other embellishments. Folio, old calf red edges. 
Very fine copy. R- Young. London. KWS 
Tlr* p-IItLi-u conliiiri" :! T.;ti;icri) anil the ripo Shattered," etc., " P*n- 

thc!!." ■■!irv^i;-c Lacliryiiur.ini," ' : The Wi-Oil-man's Bear," " Monodia," 
ami man\- ot'^r nisvea of tin: - Si.vei-tuii^'d Sylvester." 

185 BARTHELEMY, Jean Jacques. Travels of Anacharsis 
the Younger in Greece, during the Middle of the Fourth 
Century before the Christian iEra. Translated from the 
French [by William Beaumont]. The Fourth Edition, care- 
fully revised, corrected, etc. ; with Memoirs of the Life of 
J. J. Barthelemy, written by himself. With an atlas contain- 
ing portrait and map*, plans, views, coins, etc., illustrative of 
the geography and antiquities of ancient Greece ; with critical 
observations on the maps by.M. iiarbie du /Socage. 7 vols., 
Svo, russia, very ueai ; and 1 vol., 4tO, half russia. 

* London, 1806 

" A faithful and elegant translation of a most interesting work." — 
Loicades. , 

486 BARTHELEMY, Jean Jacques. Another copy; bec- 
ond Edition. Portrait, maps, etc. 7 vols. Svo, old mar- 
bled calf, yellow edges ; and 1 vol., 4to, half calf. 

London, 1794 

487 BARTHELEMY, Jean Jacques. Voyage du Jeone 
Anacharsis, vers le Milieu du Quatrieme Siecle avant PEre 
Vulgaire ; Nouvelle Edition, ornee du Portrait de l'Auteur, 
et accompagne"e d'un Atlas de 39 Planches, gravees par M. 
Tardien. Seventh volume and atlas wanting. G vols.. cVo, 
sheep, gilt, marbled edges. Ledoux, Paris, 1821 

188 BARTLETT, John Russell. Dictionary of American- 
isms : A Glossary of Words and Phrases usually regarded 

)y GoogIe 


as peculiar to the United States. Second Edition, greatly im- 
proved and enlarged. Royal Svo, doth. Boston, 1859 

189 BARTLETT, John Russell. Bibliography or Rhode 
Island : a Catalogue of Books and other Publications relat- 
ing to the State of Rhode Island, with Notes, Historical, Bio- 
graphical. aDd Critical. Imperial Hvo, boards, doth back, red 
paper sides. Large paper : only 150 copies printed. 

Providence, 186-1 

190 BARTLETT, William H. The Nile Boat, or Glimpses of 
the Land of Egypt. Second Edition. Maps, numerous 
plates and wood-cuts, Royal Svo, doth, gilt, uncut. 

London, 1850 

191 BARTLETT, William H. Gleanings, Pictoiiial and 
Antiquarian, on the Overland Route. Maps, plans'? 
numerous plates and icwd-cals. Royal Svo, cloth, (/ill top, un- 
cut. London, 1851 

192 BARTLETT, William H. Jerusalem Revisited. Fold- 
ing view and ni'tncrous vi/jnette plates and wood-cuts. Imperial 
Svo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. London, 1855 

1S3 BARTOL, C. A. Pictures op Europe; framed in Ideas. 
l2mo, cloth. Boston, 1855 

194 BARTON, Bernard. Household Verses. Vignette*. s 
Foolscap Svo, doth, uncut. G. Virtue, London, 1845 

195 BASAN, Pierre Francois Collection de Cent-Vingt. 
Estampe3, gravees d'apkes les Tableaux et 
qui composoient le Cabinet de M. Pouli.ain; \ 
d'un Abrege Historique de la Vie des Auteurs qui la com- 
posent : dediee a M. le Comte d'Orsay. Cette Suite a 6t6' 
executee, sous la Direction du Sieur Fr. Basan, Graveur ; par 
Jeunes Artistes des Deux Sexes, dont les Talens se sont Con- 
noitre & Accroissent de Jour en Jour. Le St. Moitte, Pein- 
tre, en avoit fait les Dessins, d'apres les Tableaux, avant la 
Mort de ce Celebre Amateur. Original impressions. 
ii<>, half fail', extra ; with book-plate of James Thomson. 

Paris, 1781 

196 BATES, Mrs. D. B. Incidents on Land and Watee^ 
or Four Years on the Pacific Coast; etc. Seventh Edition.' 
Wood-cuts. Vlmo, doth. Boston, 1858 

197 BATES MEMORIAL. A Memorial of Joshua Bates, 
from the City of Boston. Portrait and view of the " Bates 
Ball," Boston 'Public Library. Ito, doth. Boston, 1865 

198 BATES, William, D. D. The Harmony of the Divine 
Attributes, in the Contrivance and Accomplishment of 
Man's Redemption by the Lord Jesus Christ ; or Discourses 
wherein is shewed how the Wisdom, Mercy, Justice, Holiness, 
Power, and Truth of God are glorified in that Great and 
Blessed Work. Small ito, old calf 

Printed by J. Darby, for N. Ranew, etc., London, 1674 

)y GoogIe 



199 BATMAN, Stephen, D. D. The Golden Booke op the 
Leaden Goddes, wherein is described the Vayne Imagina- 
tions of Heaths Pagans and Cot.nUn- i-iicl Chnsrians ■ with si 
Description of their Several Tables, what ech of their Pic- 
tures signified. By Stephan Batman. Student in Divinitie. 
Angraved nth (neatly repaired), ,md leaves (numbered) 1-36. 
Small 4to, purple calf; with bqok-plate of W. P. TurnhdJ. 
H lick tetter. T. Marshe, London. 1,577 

Shakespeare is supposed to have con.iula.,1 ;h!s l>,-i,k-. w -],i, ; !i [miv i, c M ,,sid- 
I'ral i,~ uo isj-si. attempt r„n-ard.i a l\>i,;l IM m, ,„- description of the Heathen 
Gods. A copy is :« ihc iJi-Elisli Museum." — LnismtVs. 

200 BATTY, Robert. Scenery of the Rhine, Belgium, and 
Holland ; from Drawings by Capl". Battv, of the Grenadier 
Guards, F. R. S., etc. Vignette on tide, (il /hie plates, and 62 
wood-cut vignettes, engraved by Gaoda/l, Wo.liis, Finden, and 
other eminent artists; with descriptions in Aio/lish and French. 
Imperial $co, half morocco, gilt top. 

R, Jennings, London, 1826 

See European Scenery. 

201 BAUTAIN, Louis Eugene Marie. The Art op Extem- 
pore Speaking : Hints for the Pulpit, the Senate, and the 
Bar. With Additions by a Member of the New York Bar. 
Post 8w, doth. New York, 1859 

202 BAXTER, Andrew. Matiio, or the Cosmotheoria 
Puerilis ; a Dialogue in which the First Principles of Phi- 
losophy and Astronomy are accommodated to the Capacity of 
Young Persons, or such as have yet no Tincture of the 
Sciences; hence the Principles of Natural Religion are de- 
duced. Translated and enlarged by the Author [Baxter"! 
Plates. 2 rob., Umo, ah! calf. Dublin, 1742 

203 BAXTER, Richard. Gildas Salvianus ; the Reformed 
Pastor: shewing the Nature of the Pastoral Work, espe- 
cially in Private Instruction and Catechizing; with an Open 
Confession of our too Open Sins. Prepared for a Day of 
Humiliation kept at Worcester, Decemb. 4, 1655, by the 
Ministers of that County, who subscribed the Agreement for 
Catechizing and Personal Instruction, at their Entrance upon 
that Work; by their Unworthy Fellow- Servant, Richard 
llaxter, Teacher of the Church at Kederminster. The Sec- 
ond Edition, with an Appendix in Answer to some Objec- 
tions. Small thick 8vo, old calf; -with autographs of Wensley 
Hobby, preceptor [of George Washington]. 

Printed by R. White for N. Simmons, etc., London, 1657 

204 BAY PSALM BOOK. A Literal Rei-rint of the Bay 
Psalm Book : being the Earliest New England Version of 
the Psalms, and the First Book printed in America. Svo, 
cloth, uncut. Privately printeo: only 50 copies, 3 of which 
were destroyed by fire in 1864. 

Cambridge ; printed for C. B. Richardson, New York, 1862 

e original edition (1640) of the "New England 

)y GoogIe 


I , ::-s, in nis preface says -after r^miiiiins the literal m.oner (as reganla 
llieci.pviii" of (1,-fcfls. errors, etc.) in which it liaa been rented _ Let the 
rea:le-.:!i>'n. -ivc Cd '.!!■:■ i.rinkT t::r. cri-llt .jnsfly llisdihi: Mr ill l.ii- "-*<*v™ 
he lias,' I ,r,iiliiced n reprint, such as a reprint of curious ol.l buoks should be. 

205 BATLE, Pierre. Dictionaire Historiqueet Critique. 
Troisieme Edition; revue, corrigi^, el :ui<rmcnttie, par 1'Auteiir. 
Plates on titles by G. lander Gouwen, after A. Yonder Werf, 
and the two lives op David. 4 vols., folio, old sprinkled 
calf, '/I", marbled edges. Best edition : fine copy. 

H. Bohm, Rotterdam, 1720 

" Edition I*, plus belle A qui a ete long temps la plus rechercliee de ce diction- 
naire." — Brunet. ,. , 

206 BEALE, Anne. Simplicity and Fascination. lnird ( 
Edition. Urno, cloth. Boston, IS lit.! 

207 BEATTIE, James, LL.D., and William Collins. The 
Poetical Works op. With Memoirs of their Lives and 
Writings, by Thomas Miller; and Engravings, by Samuel, 
Williams, etc., from Drawings by John Absolon. Crown Svo, 
half morocco, ma Med edges. D. Rogue, London, 1846 

208 BEATTIE, William. Switzerland. Illustrated in a Series 
of Views taken expressly for this Work, by W. H. Bartlett, 
Esq. Above 100 plates. 2 vols., ito, half green morocco, very 
neat London, 1836 

209 BEATTIE, William. The Castles and Abbeys of 
England ; from the National Records, Early Chronicles," 
and other Standard Authors. Portrait and above 200 engrav- 
ings on steel and wood. Imperial Sro. cloth, vucut. First se- 
„*,,, London and New York, s. a. 

210 BEAUMONT, Francis, and John Fletcher. The 
Works op Beaumont and Fletcher; the Text formed 
from a New Collation of the Early Editions: with JSotes 
and a Biographical Memoir by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. 
Portraits. 1 1 vols., hvo, tree calf, 'jilt, marbled edges, by Sw * ere - 
Best edition : elegant copy. E. Moxon, London, 1843-46 

211 BEAUMONT and FLETCHER. Another copy: Re- 
print of the above. Portraits. 2 vols., royal Svo, half calj; 
extra, marbled edges. Boston,_18o4 

212 BEAUTIES (Tin-) or England and Wales; or Original 
Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, oi 
Each County. (By Britton, Brayley, Nightengale, Brewer, 
Evans, Hodgson, Laird, Shoberl, Bigland, and Rees.) Em- 
bellished with Kr.<n-;ivings. Above 700 beautiful engravings, 
proof impressions. With the Introduction, by J. Norms 
Brewer. 12 vols, in 2(5. roi/al Hro. haf green turkey 
extra, marbled edges. Uniform with " Beauties of Scotland. 
Large papek : elegant copy. London, 1801-1S 

Collation may be found in Bonn's " Lowndes," pp. 189-140. See Foams, 




213 BEAUTIES (The) of the British Senate; taken from 
Debates of the Lords and Commons, from, the Beginning of the 
Administration of Sir Robert Walpole, to the End of the Sec- 
ond Session of the Administration of the Eight Hon. William 
Pitt : being an Impartial Selection of. or Faithful Extracts 
from, the most Eminent Speeches, delivered in the Course of 
u most Important and Truly Interesting Period of more than 
Fifty Years ; severally arranged under their Respective 
Heads, with the Names of the Members to whom they are 
ascribed, annexed thereto. To which is prefixed, the Life of 
Sir Robert Walpole. 2 vols., 8vo, old marbled calf, green, 
edges. J. Stockdale, London, 1786 

214 BECHSTEIN, Johann Matthaus, M. D. Cage and Cham- 
bek-Birds ; their Natural History, Habits, Food, Diseases, 
Management, and Modes of Capture. Translated from the 
German ; with Considerable Additions on Structure, Migra- 
tion, and Economy, compiled from Various Sources by II. G. 
Adams : incorporating the Whole of Sweet's British Warblers. 
I'l'ttt's and v;ood-c-uts. Post tiro, half ruff, f-.xtra. mnrbh d c<l<i<-$. 

H. G. Eohn, London, 1864 

215 BECK, Wilhelmina, Baroness von. Personal Adven- 
tures during the Late War of Independence in Hun- 
gary. Porimit- of Kosmdh. 12mo, cloth. London, 1851 

216 BECKWIT1I, Rev. John H. Immersion not Baptism. 
12mo, cloth. Boston, 1858 

'217 BEECHER, Henry Ward. Star Papers, or Experiences 
of Art and Nature. l2mo, cloth. New York, 1855 

218 BEECHER, Henry Ward. Life Thoughts, gathered 
from the Extemporaneous Discourses of Henry Ward 
Beecher; by One of his Congregation [Edna Dean Proctor]. 
12mo, cloth. ' Boston, 1858 

219 BELGIUM, the Rhine, Italy, Greece, and the Shores 
and Islands of tub Mediterranean ; with Historical, 
Classical, and Picturesque Descriptions, by the Rev. G. N. 
Wright, M. A., and L. E. A. Buckingham, Esq. A series of 
154 finely executed engravings after drawings hg AUom and 
others. 2 vols., ito, morotro, i.uiliqn:\ gilt edges. 

P. Jackson, London, s. a. 
2 BELL, Sir Charles. The Anatomy and Philosophy 
of Expression as connected with the Fine Arts. Third 
Edition, enlarged. Plates. Imperial 8vo, cloth. 

J. Murray, London, 1844 
221 BELL, John. New Pantheon, or Historical Dictionary of 
the Gods, Demi-Gods, Heroes, and Fabulous Personages 
of Antiquity, also of the Images and Idols adored in the 
Pagan World ; together with their Temples, Priests, Altars, 
Oracles, Fasts, Festivals, (i;imes. etc., as well a.s Descriptions 
of their Figures, Representations, and Symbols, collected from 

)y GoogIe 



Statues, Pictures, Coins, and other Remains of the Ancients. 
The Whole designed to facilitate the Study of Mythology, His- 
tory, Poetry, Pointing, Statuary, Medals, etc., etc., and com- 
piled from the Best Authorities. Richly embellished with 
Characteristic Prints. Fine impressions of /he. a umitous plates, 
mejraued by Gri//i/i<ni, ( 'or/.', Condi, etc. 2 -rots, in 1, royal ito, 
ha/fn'ssf.a. neat ; -with book-plate of Kdiea.rd. B. Lewin, 

London, 1790 

" An ?k(jpI](-:-,i :ir:i? ii-ri'nl <■:■!:! pi intion." — Lowndes. 

222 BELL, Robert. Wayside Pictures through France, 
■ Holland, Belgium, and Up the Rhine. Numerous wood- 
'cuts by the Dahicls. etc., after dUrirt Foster and George Measom, 

including some designs by the author. Post 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1858 

223 BELLAMY, Daniel. Ethic Amusements, by Mr. Bel- 
lamy; revised by his Son, L\ Bellamy. Frontispiece and 48 
curious plates /»/ G. Iii.el-hu.iii. ito. old mottled calf, yellow 
edges. " Loudon, 1768 

Thera should be 50 plates, but one (numbered 38) ia wanting. 

224 BELLAMY, George Anne, Actress. An Apology foe 
the Life of ; written by herself. To which is annexed, her 
Original Letter to John Calcraft. Esq., advertised to be pub- 
lished in October, 1767, but which was then Violently Sup- 
pressed. The Second Edition. 2 vols., l2tno, old calf; with 
book-plate of Aaron Pv.lnam, Medford. Dublin, 1785 

225 BELLORI, Giovanni Pieteo. Picture Antique Cryp- 
tarum Bomanarum et Sepulcki Nasonum, delineate & 
express* ad Archetypa a Petro Sancti Bartholi et Francisco 
ejus Filio ; descriptas vero, & illustraUe a Joanne Petro 
Belloro et Michaele Angelo Causseo. Opus nunc Primum 
Latine redditum, proditque absolutius & exactius. With 75 
plates of ancient freseoes, mosaics, arabesques, rases, etc., besides 
numerous vi ' and initials. Folio, half bound. 

Roma?, 1738 

226 EELOE, Rev. William. Anecdotes op Literature and 
" Scarce Books. vols., half calf; autograph and book- 
plate of Henry Thomas Buckle. London, 1807-12 

'A work OTitamiiij; muc:i bililingraphical information, and extracts from 
curious worka." — Lowndes. 

227 BELOE, Rev. William. Tue Sexagenarian, or the Recol- 
lections of a Literary Life. [By Beloe.] 2vols.,8vo, half calf, 

extra, marbled edges; with autograph, of John Clowes. Original 
edition. London, 1817 

In the second edition, 1818, much was suppressed. 

228 BEMIS, George. Report of the Case of John W. 
Webster, indicted for the Murder of George Parkman, 
before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ; includ- 
ing the Hearing of the Petition for a Writ of Error, the Pris- 
oner's Confessional Statements and Application for a Com- 

)y GoogIe 


imitation of Sentence, and an Appendix containing Several 
Interesting Matters never before published. By George 
Tieniis. Esq. View of Mass. Jli-dival College, plans, etc. Moyal 
8vo, cloth. " Boston, 1850 

;!;'L' HK.M1S. George. Ajif.rican Neutrality; its Honorable 
Past, its Expedient Future. A Protest against the proposed 
Repeal of the Neutrality Laws, and a Plea for their Improve- 
ment and Consolidation. 8vo, pp. 211, paper. 

Boston, 1866 

230 BENDEMANN, Eduard. Die Wandgemaelde im Ball- 
und Concert-Saal des Koeniglichen Schlosbes zd 
Dresden; erfunden tind ausgefuehrt von E. Bendemann. 12 
Blaetter, in r \- der Natuerl. Grocsse, radirt von Hugo Buer- 
kner ; mit Erklaerendem Text, von Joh. Gust. Droysen. 

Text, in English mid. Gcrniaii. Oblong royal 4/n, boards. 

E. Arnold, Dresden, s^ a. 

231 BENEDICT, David, D. D. A General History of the 
Bai'tist Denomination in America, and other Parts of the 
World.' 2 vols., %vo, sheep, Boston, 1813 

232 BENTIVOGLIO, Guido, Cardinal. The History of the 
Wabks of Flanders, written in Italian ; Englished by 
llcnrv Karl of Monmouth. The Whole Work. Large por- 
trait of Bentivoglio by T. Gross, " Mapp of the XVII. Prov- 
inces" and "2'i other portraits hi/ 1{. ioi'yltan, <■(•■. Folio, half 
coif. D. Newman, London, 1678 

To tiiis edition is prdixod "A Continuation of the Ilistow of ihc Wurs of Flin- 
ders," 1671-75. 

233 BENTLEY'S MISCELLANY; 1837-1859. Portraits, and 
numerous plains by "Plus " (II. K. Jiroir/id). Cruilshank, Leech, 
and others. 45 roh., 8eo, dark diamond calf, neat. 

London, 1837-59 
"234 BEE ANGER, Pikrkk Jean i>e. The Sokos of Bekangek, 
in English ; with a Sketch of tbc Author's Life. [Edited 
by B. W. Griswold, D. D.] Crown 8vo, boards. 

Philadelphia, 1844 

First collodion of Bi-rangnr's ivi-iiiiu,- published iii America. 

235 BERANGER, Pierre Jean de. CEovbes. Chansons : 
Edition revue par l'Auteur, contcnant cinquaute-trois Gra- 
vures sur Acier, les D;\- Chansons pubises en 1847, etle Fac- 
simile d'une Lettre de Beranger. 2 vols. — Dernilres Chan- 
sons, de 1834 h 1851 ; avec une Preface de l'Auteur: illus- 
trees de 14 Dessins. 1 vol. — CEuvres Posthumes ; Ma 
Biographie, i!c lite par Bi'mmger; avec im Appendice et des 
Notes. Oriu : ^ il'im Portrait en Pied dessiue par Charlet, 
d'une Photographic d'apres le Marbre de M. Geoffroy- 
Dechaume, et de huit Gravures. 1 vol. Together, 4 vols., 
8vo, half morocco, extra, gilt edges. Perrotin, Paris, 1859-60 



)y GoogIe 



236 BERKS FORD, Rev. James. The Miseries of Human 
Life, or the Groans of Samuel Sensitive, and Timothy Testy ; 
with a Few Supplementary Sighs from Mrs. Testy. In Twelve 
Dialogues. The Seventh Edition. The Miseries of Human 
Life, or the Last Groans of Timothy Testy and Samuel 
Sensitive; with a Few Supplementary Sighs from Mrs. 
Testy: with which are now for the First Time interspersed, 
Varieties, incidental to the Principal Matter, in Prose and 
Verse. In Nine Additional Dialogues, as overheard, etc. 
Colored frontispiece by W. H. Pyne, and two other plates 

(" Miseries Pcrscnith-ii '") hi/ the (tli'/ioi: folded, besides numerous 

Wood-cuts. 2 cols.. Foolscap Sco. old mottled cult', yal/oir- cdi/cs. 

W.Miller. London, 1807 

237 BERESFORD, Rev. James. Another copy : Third edi- 
tion of Vol. I. and first edition of Vol. II. Colored frontis- 
piece, plates, and wood-cuts. 2 vols., foolsccip &co, marbled, calf 
extra, yeEow edges. W. Miller, London, 1806-07 

In this copy the author's name does not appear on the title of first volume, the 
sixth sMliiiou LuiiiK ih-j ih's I «ti:i.h bijjra iiis name. 

238 BERLESE, l'Abb& Iconographie du Genre Camellia, 
on Collection des Camellia les Phis Beaux ct les Plus Rares, 
peints, d'apres .Nature iluus les Serrcs do M. I'Ablic Betlose, 
par M. J. — J. Jung; avec la Description Exacte de Chaque 
Fleur, acconipajnii'C d'Observations Pratiques sur la Culture 
de cette Plante. ct des Solns qu'elle exige pour Fleurir 
Abondamment, par M. l'Abbe Bet-lose. With 96 elegant 
colored plates. 1 vol., Ato, green turkey morocco, extra, gilt 
edges. H. Cousin, Paris, s. a. 

239 BERNARD, John, Actor. Retrospection a of the 
Stagu. 2 vols.. l'Zmo, half calf, neat. London, 1830 

240 BERNARD, John, Actor. Another copy : American 
edition. 2 vols, in 1, 12mo, half calf , neat. Boston, 1832 

241 BERNARDI, Major John. A Short History of the 
Life of; written by himself in Newgate, where he has been 
for near 33 Years a Prisoner of State, without any Allowance 
from the Government, and could never be admitted to his' 
Tryal. To which is added, by Way of Appendix, a True 
Copy of the Diploma, or Patent of Count of the Empire, 
granted to the Author's Grand-Father in the Year 1629, and 
a Translation of it into English : as also Copies of the Major's 
Several Commissions, etc. Small 8vo, old calf. 

London, 1729 

242 BERNERS, Juliana. The Treattse of Fysshynge 
wyth an Angle ; attributed to Dame Juliana Berners, re-, 
printed from the Book of St. Al ban's. Facsimile wood-cuts. 
Printed with the tt/pes of John linsheri-itle. Crown 8vo, half 

T '.s. Only 100 copies printed. 

W. Pickering, London, 1827 

)y GoogIe 


243 BERRY, Mary. A Comparative View of this Social 
Life or England and France, from the Restoration 
of Charles tfie Second to the French Revolution; 
by the Editor of Madame du Dcffknd's Letters [Miss Berry]. 
&vo, half calf, very neat. London, 1828 

244 BERRY, Mary. Extracts from the Journals and 
Correspondence of Miss Berry, from the Year 1783 to 
1852; edited by Lady Theresa Lewis. Second Edition. 
Portrait and plates. 3 vols., thick Sro, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 

245 BESCHERELLE, Louis Nicolas. Grand Dictionnaire 
de Geographie Universelle, Ancienne et Moderne, ou 
Description Physique. Eilinojrrfiptiiqno, 'Politique, Historique, 
Statistique, Coimoemiib;. Industrial k>. Suientiiiipie, Litteraire, 
Artistique, Morale, Religieuse, etc. de toutes les Parties du 
Monde; par M. Bescherelle Aim;, llililiotlu'ciiire au Louvre, 
etc., et M. G. Devars, avee la Collaboration de plusieurs 
Geographes Franeais ct Etrangcrs. 4 vols., royal \tn, paper, 
uncut. Paris, 1859 

246 BESLER, Basil. Hortus Eystettensis, sive Diligens et 
Accurata omnium Plantarum, Florum, Stirpium, ex Variis 
Orbis Terrte Parlilms, Sinyiiliiri Studio collcctanim, qua; in 
eclebcrrimis Viridariis Arccm HpiscopaJom ibidem cingenti- 
bus, hoc Tempore conspiciiintur .Delitientio ad Vivum Rep- 
raEsentatio. Fine impressions of the engraved title and 370 
large plates. 2 vols., square iiiipcriul /"!!'>, old rati', red edges- 
Original edition; complete and in good rendition. 

(Nuremberg), 1613 

247 BETHUNE, George W., D. D. The British Female 
Poets; with Hio^riiphi^il nm) Critical Notices. Portrait of 
Mrs. Norton,, vignette on the title, and 10 plates, by 
W. fy E. Findeit. J. V. Armykujc, etc.. Hro, slicnp, marl/led 
edges. Philadelphia, (1848) 

248 BETTERTON, Thomas. The History op the English 
Stage; including the Lives, Characters, and Amours of the 
most Eminent Actors and Actresses. With Instructions for 
Public Speaking; wherein the Action and Utterance of the 
Bar, Stn<je, and Pulpit arc distinctly considered. Revised, 
with Additional Notes, by Charles L. Coles. (Followed by 
Memoirs of Miss Anne Oldfield.) %vo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1814 

In Bohn's " Lowndes," p. 166, this work is said to be by Wm. Oldys. 

249 BEVERIDGE, William, Bishop of St. Asaph. Twenty- 
six Sermons, on Various Subjects, selected from the Works 
of. Svo, cloth. London, 1850 

250 BEVERLEY, Robert. The History and Present 
State of Virginia. By R : B : Gent : Frontispiece and 

)y GoogIe 


12 plates (reduced from De Bry), by S. Gribelin. Title and 

plates -numbered 4 and J v: a nth at. niLm.vise perfect. 

(R. Parker, London, 1T05) 

Collation: Frontispiece, 1 leaf. Epislle Dedicatory, 2 leaves. Preface, 3 
leaves. Book I., pp. 101. Book II., pp. 40. Book III., pp. 64. Cook 
IV., pp. 83. Folding sheet of tbe Censusof 1703. Table and Errata, pp. 20. 

The above short title is from tin- frontispiece. 

251 BHAGVAT-GEETA (Le), ou Dialogues de Kreesiina 
et d'Arjoon ; contenant un Precis de la Religion & de la 
Morale des Indiens. Traduit dn Sanscrit, hi Langue Sacree 
des Brahmes, en Anglois, par M. Charles "W'ilkins; et de 
1'Anglois en Francois, par M. Parraud. 8t> o, old mottled calf, 
gilt, marbled edges. Londres (Paris), 1787 

252 BIBLE. Biblia Hebraica, secundum Ultimata Editionem 
Jos. Athiae, a Johanne Lensden Denuo reccgnitam, recensita 
atque ad Masoram, et Correeliores Bombergi, Stephani, 
Plantini, aliorumque Edititmes, exquisite adornata Variisque 
Notis illustrata; ab Everardo Van der Hooght, V. D. M. 
Editio longe accuratissima. liny-raved titles on copper (first 
vol.) and wood (second vol.). 2 vols., Svo, diamond russia, very 
neat. Amsteiaedami, 1705 

" Edition belle et rccherchee." — Bnmtt. 

253 BIBLE. The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New 
Testaments. With above 200 engravings by J. Cole. Grown 
ito, old red morocco, extra, gilt edges. Illustrated copy: 
with Apocrypha. ' J. Basketl, Oxford. IV ;'!:■) 

Bound in Ibis enpv nil-, — " Tbi; liouk iif Common 1'rnvr.r; pri.r.l td hy the. i:ni- 
rersitii Priah-r. ' IWt.y.l. !~1! : " ant, " A Uriel' (;.nic..n!ii::cn, etc, by John 
Dnwi'iajiie, U- IX; pr-::'<:<! f:»- It. II We. T.i:v..b*, ll-i±-' Tht titln in iheen- 

S-aved^iwis r,-i,:l-': "Tim II i -I . .jii:l- l'sri. ..f llifi Iloiv Bible, or tins 
lil and .New Testameiil I'^acilv ami (..' ^■■a^ n::-;r!V,i !,. i,i:-,v.-. Two 

llnnilred History?, Curiously Kiii-rnv'ii by J. Culo, from tiesignB of T» best 

254 BIBLE. An Illustration of the Holy Scriptures, by 
JNotes and Explications on the Old and New Testa- 
ment : in which the Useful Observations of Former Commen- 
tators will he made Use of; the Different Translations of the 
Bible into Various Languages taken Notice of, to explain 
Difficult Texts ; and the Observations of the most Learned 
Men applied; with such Notes added, as will greatly explain 
the Nature and Spirit of the Holy Scriptures. The Sixth 
Edition. Maps and nMmerovs plates. ■! vols., folio, old calf; 
backs cracked. Goadby's : with Apocrypha. 

Printed for R. Goadby. in Sherborne : London, 1759 

255 BIBLE. The Royal Bible, ok a Complete Body op 
Christian Divinity; containing the Holy Scriptures at 
Large, and a Full and Clear Explanation of all the Difficult 
Texts, from the Various Readings of Authors, Antient and 
Modern : together with Critical Notes and Observations on 
the Whole. By Leonard Howard, D. D., etc. Second Edi- 

)y GoogIe 



tion. Portrait and nvmerovs plates, after I 'lovljraken, Picart, 

etc. 2 vols., folio, rough calf. Howard's: with Apocrypha. 

I. PottingGr, London, 1761-62 

256 BIBLE. The Christian's Family Bible ; containing the 
Old and New Testaments at Large, and the A|)Oi:ry|>]]:i. : 
with Comments and Annotations, Theological, Historical, 
Critical, and Moral ; by the Reverend W. Rider, A. B. etc., 
etc. Maps and numerous fine plates engraved by C. Grignion, 
etc., after Salvator lioxtt, Paul Veronese, etc. 2 vols., folio, 
half sheep; third volume {New Testament) wanting. Rider's: 
with plates after the " Great Masters." London, 1763-67 

257 BIBLE. Old Testament, New Testament, and Apoc- 
rypha ; embellished with Engravings from Pictures and 
Designs by the most Eminent Knglish Artists. Elegantly 

printed, by T. Hens/ey, with ern-r-i/iiiyiy large type. Fine im- 
pressions of the plaits, engraved by Budolozzi, Sharp, Fittler, 
Heath, etc. 7 vols., royal folio, blue morocco, very neat, gilt 
edges. Macklin's superb edition : fine copy. 

London, 1800-16 

by a dot plac 
page by its unifo 
!i» by tliu i],u;il nictlm I. 
Tho A'pocrypha was publknod i.inii>), al ,, in r i;a:lell and J)avlea;lh. 
oilier volume MSOU) m're published in 70 numbers, al .£1.1 Mtli, bv T. 
Macklin. * 

258 BIBLE. The Holy Bible, containing the Old and 
the New Testament, and Apocrypha ; with Critical, Phil- 
ological, and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev. John Hewlett, 
B. D., etc., etc. Illustrated with One Hundred and Twenty 
Engravings, from the licit Pictures of the Great Masters in 
the Various Schools of Painting. 3 vols, in 4, royal Ho, dia- 
mond calf, gilt. Hewlett's : Jim: impressions of 'he plates. 

London, 1811 

259 BIBLE. The Holy Bible, containing the Old and 
New Testaments, and the Apocrypha; embellished with 
Engravings by Charles Heath, from Designs by Richard 
Westall, R. A. 3 vols., imperial Hro, half morocco, very neat, 

London (Oxford), 1815 

260 BIBLE. The Comprehensive Bible; containing the Old 
and New Testaments, according to the Authorized Version, 
with the Various Readings and Marginal Notes usually 
printed therewith : a General Introduction, containing Dis- 
quisitions on the Genuineness. Authenticity, and Inspiration 
of the Holy Scriptures ; the Various Divisions and Marks of 
Distinction in the Sacred Writings ; Ancient Versions ; 
Coins, Weights, and Measures; the Various Sects among 
the Jews : Introductory and Concluding Remarks to each 

)y GoogIe 


Book: the Parallel Passages contained in Rev. T. Scott's 
Commentary, Cannc's Bible, Rev. J. Brown's Self-Interpret- 
ing Bible, Dr. Adam Clarke's Commentary, and the English 
Version of Bagster's Polyglot Bible, systematically arranged ; 
with numerous Philological and Explanatory Notes ; a Table 
of Contents, arranged in Historical Order ; an Analysis and 
Compendium of the Holy Scriptures ; an Index of the Sub- 
jects contained in the Old and New Testaments ; a Chrono- 
logical Index, with Synchronisms of the most Important 
Epochs and Events in Profane History ; and an Index to 
the Notes, Introductions, and Concluding Remarks. Colored 
maps. 4(o, dark blue, levant morocco, <jiit, ed'/es. Bagster's 

S. ISagster & Sons, London, s. a. 

This valuable Bible contains 4,01)0 notes, vhidi bv a simple index are made to 
illustrate 40.01)11 ™?ja^--; llicv are escli^ivMv |:;,[h:.:,,i:k':sl and explaiiaieii'v, 
ami cnj-.^qiicnt'y contain nolliing o) a doctrinal or ctmlmverstal nature. It 
l.i linmlsomtly and iii-.:uraldy printed, rind Ibr general utility not surpassed. 

261 BIBLE. La Sainte Bible, qui contient le Vieox et. 
le Nodveau Testament ; imprimee stir l'Edition de Paris, 
de 1'Annee 1805. Thick \2mo, sheep. New York, 1820 

262 BIBLIOGRAPHIE res Principatjx Ouvrages rklaties 
a. l'Amour, aux Eemmes, ajj Mariage, indiquant les Au- 
teurs de ces Ouvrages, lenrs Editions, lenr Vnleur, et les Pro- 
hibitions ou CotKlaiiiiiatinns dont certains d' entre eux ont 
ete l'Objet. Par M. Le C. DT * * * . 8vo, half green 
crushed morocco, neat, marbled edges. J. Gay, Paris, 1861 

263 BIBLIOMANE (Le). Nos. I. and II. (January and July, 
1861). Triibner & Cie., Londres, 1861 

264 BICKHAM, George. The Universal Penman. Con- 
sisting of above ;?0i.) finely en graved /dates carUaiidng specimens 
of penmanship in alt its //ranches, embellished -with numerous 
vignettes after Watteau and others. Folio, old calf, gilt, red 
edges. London, (1733-41) 

265 BIGELOW, Jacob, M. D. American Medical Botany; 
being a Collection of the Native Medicinal Plants of the 
United States, containing their Botanical History and Chem- 
ical Analysis, and Properties and Uses in Medicine, Diet and 
the Arts. With 00 colored plates. 3 vols., royal 8ro, half mo- 
rocco, very neat, marbled edges. . Boston. 18 i 7-20 

266 BIGELOW, Jacob, M. D. Florula Bostoniensis: a 
Collection of Plants of Boston and its Vicinity, with their 
Generic and Specific Characters, Principal Synonyms, De- 
scriptions, and Occasional Remarks. Second Edition, greatly 
enlarged ; to which is added, a Glossary of the Botanical 
Terms employed in the Work. Svo, morocco, neat, gilt edges. 

Boston, 1824 

267 BIGELOW, Jacob, M. D. Modern Inquiries : Classical, 
Professional, and Miscellaneous. Post fivo, cloth. 

Boston, 1867 

)y GoogIe 



268 BIGLAND, John. Letters on the Study and Use op 
Ancient and Modern History; containing Observations 
and Reflections on the Causes and Consequences of those 
Events which have produced Conspicuous Changes in the 
Aspect of the World, and the General State of Human Af- 
fairs. 8vo, sheep ; with book-plate of ]\'in!hrop Sargent. 

Whitehall (Penn.), 1806 

269 BINGHAM, Joseph. Origins Ecclesiastics; the An- 
tiquities of the Christian Church ; with Two Sermons 
and Two Letters on the Nature and Necessity of Absolu- 
tion. Reprinted from the Original Edition, mdccviii.- 
mdccxxii., with an enlarged Analytical Index. 2 vols., 
imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. H. G. Bohn, London, 1852-56 

270 BIOGRAPHICAL (The) Dictionary op the Society 
for the Diffusion op Useful Knowledge. Vols. I.-IIL 
(Aa-Aikyns) in (i pirns. Ht-o, doth, uncut. London, 1842-44 

•271 BIOGRAPHICAL (The) Magazine; containing Portraits 
of Eminent and Ingenious Persons of Every Age and Nation, 
with their Lives and Characters. Contains % medallion por- 
traits in each volume. 2 vols., royal 8™, half morocco, neat. 
Complete. E. Wilson, etc., London, 1819-20 

272 BIRCH, Thomas, D. D. The Heads of Illustrious 
Persons of Great Britain, enorayed by Mr. Hou- 
braken and Mr. Vertuf. ; with their Lives and Characters, 
by Thomas Birch. A New Edition. With the 108 portraits 
after Holbein, Vandyck, KneUer, etc. Folio, russia extra, gilt 
edges; back cracked. London, 1813 

273 BLACK'S Economical Guide through Edinburgh ; with 
a Plan of the City and a Description of its Environs. Second 
Edition. Fine plates besides the map and plan, 1 (imo, Jaipur. 

Edinburgh, 18-10 

274 BLACK'S General Atlas of the World. New Edition ; 
containing the Latest Discoveries, New Boundaries, and In- 
troductory Description. Fronlispicc conJaining the flags of all 
nations, etc.; 5G fine large colored maps; and an index of 
65,000 names, giving the latitude, longitude-, and number of 
map. Large folio, half crimson, morocco, neat, gilt edges. 

Edinburgh, 1865 

275 BLACKIE, W. G. The Imperial Gazetteer: a General 
Dictionary of Geography, Physical, .Political, Statistical, and 
Descriptive ; compile;! from the Latest and Best Authorities. 
Willi seeen hundred i/lns'ralioits, views, cosl-nues, maps, plans, 

etc. 2 vols., thick imperial Seo, calf, neat, iplt edges. 

Glasgow, 1855 

276 BLACKWELL, Elizabeth. A Curious Herbal, con- 
taining Five Hundred Cuts op the Most Useful Plants 
which are now used in the Practice of Physick ; En- 
graved on Folio Copper Plates, after Drawings taken from the 

)y GoogIe 


'Life, by Elizabeth Blackwel! : to which Is added a Short De- 
scription of y e Plants, and their Common Uses' in Physick. 

Engrare.d throughout, the plates f net// colored. 2 ro/s.. folio old 

mottled calf. London, 1739 

Tlie title to the second volume is dated 1737. 

277 BLACKWELL, Thomas. An Enqptby into the Life 
and Writings of Homer. [By Thomas BlackwelL] For- 
trait, map, and plates, by Vander Guuht, Scoiin, etc., after 
Gravdol. 8vo, old mottled calf, red edges. Large paper : 
original edition. London, 1735 

278 BLACKWOOD'S Edinburgh Magazine. April, 1817- 
December, 1862. 92 vols., Svo, half calf, extra, marbled edges. 
Fine set. Edinburgh, 1817-62 

This .el contain, ( Vol. ] I. pp. gs-fifl! ■.]■„:■ " T,w!,u:<„, fYmn an Ancient ( liakl™ 
Mannscv y.t; a whlwietj, ,i «■ ,,«,„■,;' by Jan,,., !i. : -. !;;: , ■■ i!,, ; !■/(,:,-:.; S!i,. r it,c-.!," 
"Inch win sirj.pres-cd aller u it.-w liujnbi-f- ]ni..i bun :*s::r,i. on iH'CMiiil' HI 1 ii.i 
jitr.if-iinlitics :i!i:l ;i].c;:cd immorality. 

279 BLAEU, Jean. Lf, Grand Atlas, ou Cosmographii 

Blavune. Fine copy of tin: Geography, with the maps ana 

plates colored. 12 vols., imperial folio, vellum, extra, gilt edqes. 

Amsterdam. 1667 

280 BLAGDON, Francis William. A Brief History of 
Ancient and Modern India, from the Earliest Periods oi 
Antiquity to the Termination of the Late Mahratta War, 
With 68 rolored plates after pictures painted by Mr. 
Daniel/, Col. Ward, and Lieut. James Hunter. Atlas folio, 
half russia, extra. E. Orme, London, 1805 

281 BLAINE, James Gillespie. The War Debts of Lotal 
States. Speech of Mr. Blaine, of Maine, in the House of 
Representatives, April 21, 1864. Svo, pp. 8. 

Washington, 1864 

282 BLAIR, Hugh, D-D. 
Lettres. 8 vols., crown ,S».r,, half calf. Basil, 1801 

283 BLAIR, Hugh, D. D, Another copy: Fourteenth Edition. 
8vo, half calf, extra, nio.rhl.ed edges. London, 1825 

284 BLAIR, Hugh. D. D. Sermons : to which is annexed (Vol, 
V.) a Short Account of the Life and Character of the Au- 
thor, by James Finlayson, D. D. A New Edition. Portrait. 
5 vols., 8m. half morocco. London, 1817 

285 BLAIR, John. The Chronology and History or this 
World, from the Creation to the Year op Christ 
1814. Illustrated in LVII. Tables, of which IV. are Intro- 
ductory and include the Centuries prior to the 1st Olympiad ; 
and each of the remaining LIU. contain, in One Expanded 
View, 50 Years or Haifa Century. Vignette, after Mien, on 
title. Engraved throughout (except the preface and index), and 
printed on writing-paper, lioyal folio, paper. London, 1814 

286 BLAIR, Robert, The Grave, a Poem. With portrait of, 
and 11 illustrations by, William Flake (" Pictor Ignotus"). 
Ato, half morocco, gilt edges. New York. 1858 

)y GoogIe 


287 BLAND, Col. Tiieodokick, Jun. The Bland Papers : 
beinga Selection from the Manuscripts of Colonel Theodorick 
Bland, Jr., of Prince George County, Virginia ; to which are 
prefixed an Inlroduction. mid a Memoir. Edited by Charles 
Campbell. 2 vols, in 1, 8w, half morocco. 

Petersburg, 1840-43 

Important Revolutionary History. 

288 BLESSINGTON, Marguerite Power, Countess of. 
The Idler in Italy. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1830 

289 BO ADEN, James. An Inquiry into the Authenticity 
of Various Pictures and Prints, which, from the Decease 
of the Poet to our own Times, have been offered lo the Public 
as Portraits of Shakspcare : continuing a Careful Examination 
of tlie Evidence on which they claim to be received ; by which 
the Pretended Portraits have been rejected, the Genuine con- 
firmed and established. Illustrated by .Accurate and Finished 
Engravings, by the Ablest Artists, from such Originals as were 
of Indisputable Authority. Alo, great mororro, cxlm. tji.h edges. 
Large paper; India proofs of th<: fire portraits. 

R. Triphook, London, 1824 

290 BO ADEN, James. Another copy. Fine impressions of the 
portraits. 8t'0, half morocco. London, I 824 

291 BOADEN, James. Another copy: the same. 8ih>, 
boards, -uncut. London, 1824 

292 BOADEN, James. Memoirs of the Life of John Philip 
Kemble ; including a ] li.story of the Stage, from the Time of 
Clarrick to the l'rescut Period. 6vo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1825 

293 BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. Il Decameuone. Printed on 
IJiMuiid paper, villi « wry vide margin and no titles except 
those, engmred. Above 1(H) phtUs and. n/'ni/'roits vignettes, after 
Qreivelot, Eisen, Cochin, etc. a vols., crown Urn, half gram 
morocco. Londra (Parigi), 1757 

294 BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. The Decameron, or Ten Days' 
Entertainment of Boccaccio ; translated from the Italian. To 
which are prefixed, Remarks on the Life and "Writings of 
Boccaccio ; and an Advertisement, by the Author of Old 
Nick, a Piece of Family Biography, &c. [E. Dubois.] 8fo, 
cloth, uncvi. London, 1845 

295 BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. The Decameron, or Ten Days' 
Entertainment of Boccaccio ; with Eighteen Steel Engravings. 
\~imo, cloth. New York, 1858 

296 BOETII1US. Amcrcs Manlius Severinus. Consolation 
of Philosophy; in Five Books. Made English and illus- 
trated with Notes, by Bichard, Lord Viscount Preston. The 
Second Edition, corrected. Small 12mo, old calf. 

J, Tonson, London, 1712 



297 BOILEATJ Despreaux, Nicolas. Oeuvres de : avec des 
IJjlaircissemcns f-Ti.itoriquc* domicz par Ini-meme. Nouvelle 
Edition, revue, corrigcc, & augmented dc Diverses Ee- 
niarques [par CI. Brossette et du Montcil]. Enrichce de 
Figures gravees pur Bernard Pi cart. Each pag e printed within 
a border, and fine impressions vi' tin' via/en. 2 vols., folio, old 
calf, red edges. D. Mortier, Amsterdam, 1718 

11 1'riiiihVe Edition de lnv ■■ ) ■ : ■:.■ Vun alt dp cc £:ari:le not to. [Etle Be re- 

uommaiiili.' i't par sa bc'lc exfcuiiut; iynojjr. er p:ir d'aJ-i-L Luuitiss eslarnpes 
ou vignettes." — Brunei, 

298 BOISGELIN, Louis de. Ancient and Modern Malta : 
, containing a Full ;md Accurate Account of the Present State 

of the Islands of Malta and Goza, the History of the Knights 
of St. John of Jerusalem ; also a Narrative of the Events which 
attended the Capture of these Islands by the French, and their 
Conquest by the English ; and an Appendix, containing Au- 
thentic State -Papers and other Documents. Illustrated with 
a Large Chart of the Islands. Views, Portraits, Antiques, etc 

2 vols., ito, half ii/orocee,, marbled edges. 

E. Phillips, London, 180E 

The second volume is in two parts. 

299 BOLD EN YI, J. La Hongrie, Ancienne et Moderne : 
Histoire, Arts, Littcrature, Monuments; par une Socicte de 
Litterateurs, sous la Direction de M. J. Boldenyi. Dessina- 
teurs: Janet- Lange, V. Bcanee, !'.. I'.rclon, Cateuacci, De Bar. 
Freeman; Graveurs: Trie lion, lireviere, Fa^nion, Ethering- 
ton, E., lilaisc, l.lildibr;uid. Mim'.igneul, Pathey. 
Rose. Numerous Jim ■irood-cuts of flews, portraits, cosltwtcs. 
etc., etc. Imperial Xt:o, half morocco, neat. 

H. Lebrun, Paris, 1853 

300 BONAPARTE, Lucikn. Gallery. Choix de Gka verbs 
X l'Eac Forte, d'apres les Peintures Originales et les Mar- 
bres de la Galerie de Lucien Bonaparte. Contains 142 fine 
(-tehiiiijs ike " Vrtui Masters " in the various schools. Im- 
perial ito, citron morocco, extra,, edges. Londres, 1812 

301 BONSTETTEN, Charles Victor de. The Man of the 
North, and the Man oe the South ; or, the Influence of 
Climate. Translated from the French, l&mo, cloth, red 
edges. New York, 1864 

302 BOOK (The) of Common Prater, and Administration 
or the Sacraments ; and other Rites and Ceremonies of 
the Church, according to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church in the Confederate Slates of America : together with 
the Psalter, or Psalms of David. Long primer 2itno (I (into), 
morocco, gilt edges. J. W. Randolph', Richmond, Va., 1863 

Thin edition «» nriiiLwil liv l\re S- S'luiilMvomi.;, London, with tbe above im- 

l>ii]]i,fur use in tbe : ' t.'orcMerate .States. 1 ' For an instance of the errors In Ibis 
iiliiimi fee the firs!. " t 'raver Lo tv ::f--.-l :i: S'l," wLiere tiio woi\U C ■.-.■'■-■.■ ' .'•'(, i in 
have been printed in r/.aee oi 0--'t- -Jet-ate Stales. 




803 BOOK (The) of Costume, or Annals of Fashion, from 
the Earliest Period to the Present Time ; by a Lady of Rank. 
Illustrated with upwards of Two Hundred Engravings on 
Wood, by the most Eminent Artists. New Edition. Bvo, 
cloth, gilt edges. H. Colburn, London, 1 847 

304 BOOK (The) of Familiar Quotations; being a Collection 
of Popular Extracts and Aphorisms from the Works of the 
Best Authors. Second Edition. Facsimile wood-cuts. Fools- 
cap fivo, cloth, carmine edges. Whiltaker & Co., London, 1860 

305 BOOK (The) of Shakespeare Gems: in a Series of Land- 
scape Illustrations of the most Interesting Localities of Shake- 
speare's Dramas. (With Historical and Inscriptive Accounts, 
by Washington Irving, E. Jesse, W. Ilowitt, C. Wordsworth, 
etc.) Fngraved title and 45 jine plates, by Woods, Tlincheii ff, 

VarraU,, llothiiti'':, etc., after drawiwjs chiefly by G. 
F. Sargent. 8vo, turkey morocco, extra, tooled edges. 

London, 1850 

306 BOOK (The) of the Signers: containing Fac-simile 
Letters of the Signers of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence; illustrated also with Sixty-one Kngmvings, from 
Original Photographs and Drawings, of their Residences, 
Portraits, ete. From the Collections of an Association of 
American Antiquaries. Edited by William Brothcrhead. 
All the. illustration.': are India proofs. Royal folio, half morocco, 
gilt top, rough edges. Large paper: only 99 copies printed. 

Philadelphia, 1861 

307 BOOK (The) of Vagabonds and Beggars, with a Vo- 
cabulary of their Language ; edited by Martin Luther 
in the Tear 1528. Now first translated into English, with 
Introduction and Notes, by John Camden Hotten. Fac- 
simile wood-cut and typnyraphicat embfUishiu-itts. Printed at 
the Chiswick Press. Small Afo, half morocco, red paper sides, 
gilt top. J. C. Hotten, London, I860 

308 BOOK (The) of Waverley Gems ; in a Series of Engraved 
Illustrations nf Incidents and Scenery in Sir Walter Scott's 
Novels. (With Illustrative Letter- press.) Engraved title 
and 64 plates and vignettes, by Heath, Finden, Jiolk, etc., after 
Leslie, Stiithard, Cooper. Howard, and oilier eminent artist/s. 
Svo, turkey morocco extra, tooled edges. London, 1848 

309 BORGET, Atjguste. Sketches of China and the 
Chinese ; from Drawings by Auguste Borget. A series of 32 
v'cirs, lithoep-apbed In/ f'treri : with'ice. letter-press in Enij- 
Ush. Imperial folio, half morocco. London (Paris, 1842) 

309a BOBGET, Auguste. Another cory; views numbered 1-4 
and 27-32 wanting, the others somewhat stained. Imperial folio, 
half morocco. London (Paris, 1842) 

310 BOSSI, Giuseppe. Del Cenacolo di Leonardo da 
Vinci, Libri Quattro. Printed on vellum paper. With 6 
plates. Imperial Ato, boards, rough edges. Milano, 1810 



311 BOSTON, Massachusetts. Annual Reports of the 
School Committee. For 1860 and 1861. Views and 
plans. 2 volt., 8vo, doth. Boston, 1860-61 

312 BOSTON, Massachusetts. Report of the Standing 
Committee on Music op the Public Schools: September 
10,1861. 8vo,pp. 28. Boston, 186] 

313 BOSTON, .Massachusetts. City Document No. 97. Oc- 
cupation of the South Boston Flats. Colored /dun, 
8vo,pp. 19. (Boston). 1866 

.'114 liOSTON, Massachusetts. Report of the Evidence 
and other Matter presented before a Joint Com- 
mittee of the Citt Council upon the Subject of Gas. 
Phcnographically reported by Mr. J. M. W. Yerrinton. 
8i>o, pp. 464, paper. Boston, 1867. 

315 BOSTON Common. 12mo, pp. 63, chth. 

H. B. Williams, Boston, 1842 

ajft'BOSTON (The) Directory ; containing the Names of the 
Inhabitants, their Occupations, Places of Business, and Dwell- 
ing Houses. With Lists of the Streets. Lanes, and Wharves ; 
the Town-Officers, Public Offices, and Banks ; of the Stages, 
which run from Boston, with the Times of their Arrival and 
Departure ; and a General Description of the Town, illus- 
trated by a Plan drawn from Actual Survey. IGmo, paper. 
Boston, 1807 

317 BOSWELL, James. The Life of Samuel Johnson, 
LL. D., including a Journal of his Tour to the Heb- 
rides; with Numerous Additions and Notes, by the Right 
Hon. John Wilson Croker, M. P. To which are added, Two 
Supplementary Volumes of Johnsoniana, by Hawkins, Piozzi, 
Murphy, Tyers, Reynolds, Malone, Nichols, Stcevens, Cum- 
berland, and others ; and Notes by Various Hands : also, up- 
wards of Fifty Engraved Illustrations. 10 vols., foolscap 8vo. 
calf, t-j-tra, marbled edges. London, 1853 

Tho only edition whiob contains the " Johnsoniana.'' 

318 BOTTA, Anne C. Lynch. Hand-Book of Universal 
Literature, from the Best and Latest Authorities ; 
designed for Popular Reading and as a Text-Book for 
Schools and Colleges. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1860 

319 BOTTA, Carlo Giuseppe Gugi.ielmo. History of the 
War of the Independence of the United States of 
America. Translated from the Italian, by George Alesan- f 
der Otis, Esq. Seventh Edition, revised and corrected. 
Maps, plate ( ihiiiiis/ii-'re). uii.d 'rood-fits. 2 vols., Sro, russia, 
veri/ neat, marbled edges. New Haven, s. a. 

320 BOTTAEELLI, F. The New Italian, English, and 
French Pocket-Dictionary; to which is prefixed a New 1 . 
Compendious Italian Grammar. The Third Edition, cor- 
rected and improved. 3 vols., square 12mo, sheep. 

London, 1795 

)y GoogIe 


321 BOTJCHETTE, Joseph. The British Dominions in 
North America, or a Topographical and Statistical De- 
scription of the Provinces of Lower ami Upper Canada, New 
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, the Islands of Newfoundland, Prince 
Edward, and Cape Breton ; including Considerations on 
Land-Granting and Emigration. To which are annexed 
Statistical Tables, and Tables of Distances, etc. 2 vols. A 
Topographical Dictionary of the Province of Lower 
Canada. 1 vol. Portrait., and numerous plates of views, 
plans, etc. Together, 3 vols., 4to, half calf, mat. 

London, 1832 

322 BOUERIENNE, Louis Antoine Fauvelet de. Memoirs 
of Napoleon Bonaparte ; to which are now first added, an 
Account of the Important Events of the Hundred Days, of 
Napoleon's Surrender to the English, and of his Residence and 
Death at St. Helena : with Anecdotes and Illustrative Notes, 
from the most Authentic Sources. Portraits and other engrav- 
ings. 4 vols., Hi:o. cloth, uncut. London, 1836 

323 BOUTELL, Rev. Charles. The Monumental Brasses 
of England : a Series of Engravings upon Wood from Every 
Variety of these Interesting and Valuable Memorials, accom- 
panied with Brief Descriptive Notices, by the Rev. Charles 
Boutell, M. A., etc., etc. The Engravings drawn and exe- 
cuted by Mr. R. B. Utting. Imperial Hvo. half calf. 

G. Bell, London, 1849 

From the librari' ufthi.' liitc \V. K. TSurton. Comedian, li!!(«nd mi buck " History 
erCie *!«;;■(:: Gosr.;juiw.- T S. . iitc=: 1" - Mumim-nlal l',r;ii -,'.., : — fin Lu... hiving ; 
mi!, London.— \V. V. Hunun - , ■ ikr-Minile ol-simmti.iv'..' 

324 BOUTERWEK, Fuiedricsi. History of Spanish and 
Portuguese Literature. Translated from the Original 
German, by Thoniasina Ross. 2 vols., Svo, half cult, extra. 
Best edition. Boosey & Sons, London, 1823 

325 BOUTEEWEK, Frildrich. History of Spanish Lit- 
erature. Translated from the Original German, by Tho- 
masina Ross ; with Additional Notes, by the Translator. Por- 
trait of Cervantes. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

D. Bogue, London, 1847 

326 BOWDITCH, Nathaniel Ingersoll. Memoir of Na- 
thaniel Bowtutch, LL. D. Portraits of Br. Bowdtich and 
his wife. 4fo, hoards. Printed for presentation : and 
only a few copies. Boston, 1839 

This memoir (:'. small edition of iv::ii-ti irs.i fepararelv printed for the author) 
forms a part of lis* fourth of Dr. !!:,iv:l. :rh'f 1 r'mslr.tion oftlie"_Me- 
caoi.iuo iVI,,,!,," ,if I, a I'la.T. Thin cepv '.'as pre-i-iil.'d to "Mr. & Mra. 
,Iit (! 1' &. limes. wilJ] tlm re^iinls o< '.In; Aiitiiur, llo-loi:. May 8, 18;t!>." 

J27 BOWDITCH, Nathaniel Ingersoll. A History ofthe 
Massachusetts General Hospital. Portraits of Dr. John 
C. Warren and Dr. James Jackson, and views of the Hospital 
and McLean Asylum. Royal Hen, cloth ; with autograph of 
author. Privately printed : presentation copy. 

Boston, 1851 

)y GoogIe 


328 BOWDITCH, Nathaniel Ingersoll. Suffolk Sur- 
NAMKS. Third Edition. Handsomely printed with large, i 
type, bi] John Wilson fy Son. Portrait on India paper. 
Thick 8vo, cloth. London (Boston). 1861 

329 BOWLES. Samuel. Across the Continknt: a Sum- 
mer's Journey to the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons, and 
the Pacific States, with Speaker Colfax. Map. \2mo, doth. 

Springfield, Mass., 18G5 

330 BOWRING. Sir John. Poetry of the Magyars; pre- 
ceded by a Sketch of the Language and Literature of Hun- 
gary and Trausvlvania. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1830 

331 BOWYER, William. The Origin of Printing ; in Two 
Essays: I. The Substance of Dr. Middleton's Dissertation on 
the Origin of Printing in England. II. Mr. Meerman's Ac- 
count of the First Invention of the Art. An Appendix is" 
annexed: 1. On the First printed Greek Books. 2. On 
the First printed Hebrew Books, with Observations on some 
Modern Editions; and a Collation, from Walton's Polyglott, 
of a Remarkable Passage as printed in Kin-s and Chronicles. 
3. On the Early Polyglotts. [By William Bowyer.] 8vo, 
half morocco. Fine copy. London, 1774 

332 BOWYER, William. Another copy: the Second Edition 
with Improvemenfs. (1776.) With Supplement (1781), con- 
taining " Dr. DucitrtVs Letter to Mr. Meerman, icith the Doctor's 
Notes," answers, with translations, etc., etc. Bvo, sprinkled calf, 
yellow edges ; with book-plate of Sir Henry Mainwaring, Bart. 
Best edition : with a -rare tract added. London, 1776-81 

Bouti'l in thi^i copv it the Memoir iliv John Niduila, ITS I ) or' i In' iiii-invi's- : 'nl 
iuvuiitorof ster\v>rvt>itij. tmilU'd,'— " 11L.: ■;v:l pli I-lm'. M-iuiiii- :.f William Uoi), 
i.icSmliiis; a I'iirlini:,!,' A..-ei.::n; .:i' l:is i'iwtvss in tli« Art of Block- Printing." 

333 BOYD, Rev. A. K. II. Tub Rkcke.h'idvs of a Country. 
Parson. Second Series. [By Rev. A. K. H. Boyd.] \%mo, 
cloth, gilt top. Boston, 1861 

334 BOYD, Rev. A. K H. The Graver Thoughts of a 
Country Parson ; by the Author of " the Recreations of 
a Co nut rv Parson," etc., etc. Post &vo, cloth. Boston, 1863 

335 BOYD, Rev. A. K. H. The Every-Day Philosopher, 
in Town and Country; by the Author of the Recreations 
of a Country Parson. Post 8vo, cloth, gilt top. Boston, 1863 

336 BOYDELL, John and Josiaii. A Collection of Prints 
from Pictures painted, for the Purpose of Illustrat- 
ing the Dramatic Works or Siiakspfare, ry the Artists 
OF Great- Brit a in. Containf 1 00 largo and beautiful engrav- 
ings by Thew. Sehiavon.etti, Btu-!ch.:zi. Fittler, Middiman, Sharp, 
etc., after Ii'use/i. Smirk::, Opie, Hamilton, We-.-.tall. Iiegnolds, 
Northcttte, Stothard, West, awl -ither eminent, artists ; including 
the large portrait* of George III., and Queen. Oiiarl.ntl.e, Sinirke's 
" Seven Ages," and the plate, of - ShaLspeare nursed b "* 

)y GoogIe 



and Comedy " after Romney. 2 vols., elephant folio (26 X 20 
inches) ,half ' crimson morocco, gilt edges. Original edition: 
the "large set." London, 1803 

337 BOYER,Abel. French Dictionary; comprising all the 
Additions and Improvements of the Latest Paris and^London 
Editions, etc., etc., with the Pronunciation of Each Word, ac- 
cording to the Dictionary of the Abbe Tardy, etc., etc. An 
English-French Dictionary, designed as a Second Part 
to the Boston Edition of Bover's French Dictionary, etc. 
Together in 1 vol, 8*.*o, sheep. Boston, 1830-31 

338 BOYLE, Henry. The Chronology of the Eighteenth 
and Nineteenth Centuries ; comprehending every Im- 
portant Transaction from the Year 1700, to the Year 1835, 
Thirl. Siva, boards, uncut. London, 1835 

339 BOYNTON, Captain Edward C. History of West 
Point, and its Military Importance during the 
American Revolution; and the Origin and Progress of 
the United States Military Academy. Folding view of West 
Point, 17 80, and ntnitcroas plans and plates, colored and tinted, 
besides wood-cuts in the text. Imperial 8m cloth, rough edges. 
Large paper: oidy 100 copies printed, for E. French. 

New York, 1864 

340 BRACE, Charles L. Home Life in Germany. 12mo,cloth. 

New York, 18u3 

341 BRADFORD, Rev. William. Sketches of the Country, 
Character, and Costume, in Portugal and Spain, made 
during the Campaign, and on the Route of the British Army, 
in 1808 and 1809 : engraved and colored from the Drawings; 
with Incidental Illustration, and Appropriate Descriptions, of 
Each Subject. (With a Supplement of Military Costume.) 
Contains 61 plates. Imperial folio, half dark blue calf, very 
neat, gilt top ; with hook-plate of Shrewsbury. Large paper. 

London, 1809 

342 BRADFORD, Rev. William. Another copy: with Sap. 
plement; the letter-press in h'nr/b'sk and French. Contains 51 
plates. Imperial 4to, crimson morocco extra, gilt edges ; with 
book-plate of Lord Farnkam. London, s. a. 

343 BRADSTREET, Anne. The Tenth Muse lately sprung 
up in America, or Severall Poems, compiled with great 
Variety of Wit and Learning, Full of Delight; where- 
in especially is contained a Complcat Discourse and Descrip- 
tion of the Four Elements, the Four Constitutions, the Four 
Ages of Man, the Four Seasons of the Year : together with 
an Exact Epitomie of the Four Monarchies, viz : the Assyr- 
ian, the Persian, the Grecian, the Roman. Also a Dialogue 
between Old England and New, concerning the Late Troubles : 
with Divers other Pleasant and Serious Poems. Small 8vo, old 
calf, back cracked. Original edition. 

S. Bowtell, London, 1650 

)y GoogIe 


C"i.i.ATioy: ''fills (rc.p.'iireil); 1 leaf 
L 'K. Wanl," LL her lister, 1 ' "I. \Y,." " i\. ivnnwne I' neuu, " \j. a., - jv *&-, 
"N.H.," "C. H.," "TI. S.," mill two iisinjjrams; & leaves, -pp. 1-207. The 
P'c L j u i :•. n :■ v leave? Is: ihe l!i-«tuii edition, 1678, differ somewhat from those in 
tbis edition. 

344 BRAND, Lieut. Charles, R. N. Journal of a Voyage 
to Peru; a Passage across the Cordillera of the Andes, in 
the Winter of 1827! performed on Foot in the Snow; a Jour- 
ney across the Pampas. Plates. Svo, half crimson morocco. 

London, 1828 

345 BRAND, John. The History and Antiquities of the 
Town and County op the Town of Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, including an Account of the Coal Trade of that Place. 
Portrait of Sir Walter Much;!!, Tio.el., engraved titles, plans, 
and numerous views of '■/m/i/i'c boilding?.. etc., engraved hj Fittler. 
2 vols., royal ito, old nuirbied c.a.lf : with tivok-plale of W. W. 
Atkinson, Burton in Kendal. London, 1789 

346 BRAND, John. Another copy: the same. 2 vols., royal 
■ito, old calf, bads broken ; with book-plate of 'William JJe.lL 

London, 1789 

347 BRANTOME, Pierre de Bourdeille, l'Abbe de. 
CEuvres Completes r>u Skionmur de Bkaktome, accom- 
Jjagnees de Remarques Historiques et Critiques. Nouvelle 
Edition, eollationnee sur les Manuscrits Autographes de la 
Bibliotheque du Roi, et Augmentee de Fragmens Inedit. 
8 vols., 8wo, half calj\ vea.i. marbled edges. 

Foucault, Paris, ] 82-2-23 

348 BRATHWAITE, Richard. Essays upon the Five 
Senses; revived by a New Supplement, with a Pithy One 
upon Detraction, continued with Sundry Christian Resolves 
and Divine Contemplations. Reprinted from the Edition of 
1625. ito, half calf. Only 200 copies printed. 

Private Press of Longmans & Co., London, 1815 

This volume forms part VI. lor Part 111. of Ihe second volume as generally 
bound) of " Arch;! irn." odil^l hv Sir S. K. li-ivpcp, which was published 
with " Ileiii.onii.." edited by T. Park. Sec HeuconiA. 

349 BRATHWAITE, Richard. Barnard Itinekarium, ok 
Drunken Barnaby's Four Journeys to the North of 
England; in Latin and English Metre: wittily and merrily 
(tho' an Hundred Years ntroj composed ; found among some 
Old Musty Books that had lain a Long Time by in a Corner, 
and now at last made Public. Together with Bessy Bell : to 
which is now added (never before published), the Ancient 
Ballad of Chevy Chase; in Latin and English Verse. By 
Richard Brathwait; with a Life of the Author, Copious 
Notes, and Index. Frontispiece, l'2-nto. doth, red edges. 

T. Gent, York, 1852 

350 BRAYLET, Edward Wedlake; and William Herbert. 
A Concise Account, Historical and Descriptive, of 
Lambeth Palace. Engraved title, and 20 plaits representing 

)y GoogIe 



its most interesting antiquitirs in hv.ildings, portraits, stained 
glass, etc.; the portrait!, and plait: of arms colored. Imperial 
ito, hoards, rough edges. London, 1806 

351 BKAYLEY, Edward Wedlake. Historical and De- 
scriptive Accounts of this Theatres of London; illus- 
trated with a View of Each Theatre, drawn and engraved by 
the late Daniel Havell. ito, cloth. London, 1833 

352 BREAKFAST, Dinner, and Tea; viewed Classically, 
Poetically, and Practically; containing Numerous 
Curious Dishes and Feasts of all Times and all Countries, 
besides Three Hundred Modern Receipts. Square crown 
8oo, cloth, giU top. New York, ISu'J 

353 BRETON, Nicholas. Cornu-copts; : Pasnuil's Night-Cap, 
or Antidot for the Head-ache. [By Breton.] Loudon, 
printed for Thomas Thorp, 1612. Reprinted from the editions 
of 1612 and U'r2:i, by Whittingliam. tiro, boards, rough edges. 
Privately printed : and only 100 copies. 

(R, Triphook, London), 1819 

354 BRIDGENS, R- and Henry Shaw. Furniture, with 
Candf.labra, and Interior Decoration. A series of 60 

fine plates, all beautifully colored. Imperial ito, half morocco, 
uncut. Large paper : few copies printed. 

W. Pickering, London, 1838 

355 BRIDGES, Rev. Charles. An Exposition of tub Book 
of Proverbs. &vo, cloth. New York, 1854 

356 BRIDGMAN, Thomas. Epitaphs from Copp's Hill 
Burial Ground, Boston; with Notes. \2mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1851 

357 BRIDGMAN, Thomas. Memorials of the Dead in 
Boston; containing Exact Transcripts of Inscriptions on 
the Sepulchral Monuments in the King's Chapel Burial 
Ground, in the City of Boston; with Copious Historical and 
Biographical Notices of many of the Early Settlers of the 
Metropolis of New England. Plates and wood-cuts. l2mo, 
doth, gilt edges. Boston, 1853 

358 BRIDGMAN, Thomas. The Pilgrims of Boston and 
their Descendants; with an Introduction by Hon. Edward 
Everett, LL. D. Also, Inscriptions from the Monuments in 
the Granary Burial Ground, Tremonl Street. Portraits, views, 
arms, pedigrees, etc. Royal 8vo, cloth. New York, 1856 

359 BRINLEY, Francis. Life of William T. Porter. Por- 
trait. V2mo, cloth. New York, 1860 

360 BRISTED, Rev. John. America and her Resources ; 
or, a View of the Agricultural. Commercial. Manufacturing, 
Financial, Political, Literary, Moral and Religious Capacity 
and Character of the American People. 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1818 

361 BRITISH Almanac and Companion. The British 

)y GoogIe 


Almanac of the Socif.ty fok the Diffusion of Useful 
Knowledge.; with the Companion to the Almanac, or 
Year-Book of General Information. For the years 1828- 
1864. 37 vols., Vlmo, cloth. London, (1828-64) 

362 BRITISH Drama. The British Drama; comprehend- 
ing the Best Plays in the English Language. (A Collection 
of 124 Tragedies. Comedies, Operas, and Karces by Various 
Authors, from 1598 to 1776.) Mutes (->) on titles, by J. Fittler, 
etc., after Smirke, etc.. 3 vols, in '.>, royal Sro. diamond russia. 
extra, marbled edges ; with, book-plate of John dlnme Spry, 31. A. 

W. Miller, London, 1804 

363 BRITISH Drama. The Ancient British Drama. (A 
Collection of 57 Plays by Various Authors, from 1547 to 
1778; reprinted, with 9 Exceptions, from Dodsley's Old 
Plays.) Plates on titles. 3 vols., royal Hro, old sprinkled calf, 
gilt, green edges. W. Miller, London, 1810 

The dates of these [llavs are from 1547 fo 1UFS7. wejit the last, Middletou's 
" Wituh," which was first printed in 1778 from an "1(1 manuscript. 

364 BRITISH Drama. The Modern British Drama. (A 
Collection of 155 Tragedies, Comedies. Operas, and Farces 
by Various Authors from 1508 to 1788.) Plates (.5) on titles, 
by J. Fittler, etc., after Smirke, etc. 5 vols., royal Bvo, old 
-marbled calf gilt. W. Miller, London, 1811 

This edition differs tram the " liritish Drama'' (ISIUi only in th« 
titles, hut in the im.i'aivs a:iu contain- also. Kadi eoniains pieces not in the 

All die above thiee edii ! oi:s ivi'rfl pilnteil In J.i:::« fliillanivae, and the)- are 
said to have been erii:,-d hy Sir Walter Scott. 

365 BRITISH Essayists; with Prefaces, Historical and 
Biographical, by Alexander Chalmers, F. S. A. Por- 
traits. 38 vols., foolscap Uro. rait', '/ill. marbled edges. 

Boston, ]85!i-G4 

The 4 vols. The Cus-Noissia-rt 2 vols. 

Tim Si'ECT.iioii 8 vols. The Idler 1 vol. 

The GdahdiAh 3 vols. The Mikkoi: 2 vols. 

The liAiim.Kit . . 3 vols. The Lounger 2 vols, 

The Adyestuheb 3 vols. The Observer 3 vols. 

The Wori.ii 3 vols. The I.ookeh-os 3 vols. 

Index, 1 vol. 

:.!!;!.; BRITISH Kothjsts; with as Essay, and Prefaces, 
Biographical and Critical, by Mrs. Barbatjld. 50' 
wis., Vinw. half morocco, con/en's lettered, marbled edges. 

London, 1810 

This colleeliim comru-Ucs works of the ine.t e-ti'enud noiHisss, iuelmling the 
hest novels of Miss llurney (Madame D'ArLlay), Dul-'uo, I'ieldi:^, Coklsmilh, 
Johnson. I'.iuhayilseii, S i : n . . 1 1 it, ete., e(c. 

367 BRITISH Poets. The Works of the British Poets; 
with Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, by Robert 
Anderson, M. D. Engraved titles. 13 vols., royal 8w, old 

sprinkled calf, contents lettered, villi, book-plate of' John Risdon. 
London, 1795. (Edinburgh, 1793, etc.) 

Contents: Vol. I. Chaucer, Surrey, Wjatt, Sackville. Vol. II. Sponsor, 

)y GoogIe 


Shakespeare, Davies, Hall. Vol. III. Drayton, Carew, Suckling. Vol. IV. 

Donne, Diffi-l \V. Hroumr... I'. l-l. ; r crur, (!.' ['.etcher 11. Joosmi, hrummoiid. 
tjra-haw, lUver.ant. Vol. V. Milton. Cou-],.v, Waller, ililtlcr, IVnliani, 
Vol. VI. Di-vleo. Jioi-hi'stcr. [io~i':.inmun, ( i:™-, I'-iuir.-i. Dorset.. Stoimcv, 
.). 1'liilins. WaLIi. II. Duke, Kin:. Sprat, "lla'.iiux. Vol. VII. Pamefl, 

Garill. liowo, AikliS'-u. Ill, fill's. SlliMlii:lil, I'v'iir. UilUjrevc. R;;itil, morf, Fenton. 

tinmvilk-. Yulden. Vol. VIU. I'i.j>e. Gav, l>,uii.-:r.ii, II m:.-.d. Sava^, Hill, 

Ticked. S.'.niervilU-. liro:,!iie. 1'tt. I'.U]]'. ' Vol. IX. Swift, ,1. Thomson". Watts, 
A. I'liilips, 1 1 amili on, C. West, (■■uliins. I'h-i.-r, Sfn.---.mno. Mailer. Akrnside, 
Harle. Vol. X. Youns;, Gray. IS. Wtst, l.yltletou, Moore, ISoyce, W. Tiiomp- 
.10]]. Cav, 1 chortle, (.'hurohill, raicnier. I.lnvil. Cm i:mi phalli, l.ircetl. Coopi.T. 
GoldPiniLh, 1'. "'hitch-ail, .1. iiroivn.' (..rain-cr, Sweden, Arraitronc. Vol. 
-XI. Wiikie, Dodslev, Smart. I.ii::-rri(irii!.'. Unirc. Challermn. Gra'mo. (iloviT, 
Shaw, Lovibmid. IVurcse, Mickli:. .ia-p, .1. Soult. S. .lohn.on, W. Whitehead, 
Jbisviis, Lufan, Wurtiin. Cotton, Hlac'ukvk. Vol. X1T. I'orw'-i llimn.'r; West's 
I'-ndar; liiydMi^ V:.-::, JVr-iils. and.hivr.naC I'itt'sJitieid; Howe's Lncan. 

Vol. XTII. Cooke's llcsi.jil; I'aivki'S's Theocritus, Anacrt Sappho. ISioil, 

Mosrlins, JIjmit.. and Avini.i.aiin- l(i:o:iiu» ;' ivit!: C - ' ■• CiiIii::ili* l.vfonoi- 
it.esl; Creeehc'n l.uerctins; tirj injured Tibuliu*. and Sutpicia. 
" I' our edition of Ills I 'dels of (in- '.I. Iiiilain does so much lionor to their hiog- 

illgi'uimis 111 hilars; ill is, 1 hope, will -ltvi; up my apiiliijjy "or aildre^m- :i letter 
to ye-i, without a mure ipiailur introduction.'' — Up. I'erai. (See. Nichols' 
" Literary Illustrations," Vol. VII. | 

368 BRITISH POETS. The Aldine Edition of the Brit- 
ish Poets. (With Memoirs and Notes, by Sir N. Harris 
Nicolas, J. Mitford, A. Dyce, and others.) Pickering's 

BEAUTIFUL EDITION. .Ek.ffO.itih/ printed by WlaUinyham. 
Portraits, o'.i vols.,/'oo/sca.p Sco, maroon turkey morocco, 'jilt 
e.dt/es. by Jlai/day. Sl'I.KNDU) COMl'i.V.TE SET. 

W. Pickering, London, 1830-53 

Akesmpk . 1 vol. Mi'.ixiv. . 3 vols. 

ItEArriK 1vol. PaJCIBLL.. . .. . . 1 Vol. 

Biknh. 3 vols. Pope , 3 vols. 

HITLER 2 vols. Peiuh 2vols. 

Crm'CLB. r.vols. . . 1vol. 

Chuhltiilu ,,,, J vols. Spewrr. . 5 vols. 

O1LLIN8 1vol. SOHBEY .1 Vol. 

Cowi*eb 3 vols. Swift 3 vols. 

Dkturs 5 vole Thomson .. ..... 2 vols. 

Kauijneb I vol. Win i r 1 vol. 

Got.D&Mira .. . ... 1 vol. Wyatt 1vol. 

"'kay 1 vol. Touac. 2 vole. 

Til in ' h..,ut i'ul ■■! >:■>.-. .( . ta ever pr ui> I. ; n'jm ny many pieces of 
fai-h auihor not bet'ore pnali-ln-d. Complete sets are now very uiaicull to 

369 BRITISH POETS. A Complete Collection of the 
British Poets; with Biographical, Historical, and 
Critical Notices. 77ie whole ///.<ao<if//di/ raised and cor- 
rected, especial!;// for this edition. Portraits on India paper. 
130 vols., crown 8™, hoards, green doth backs, red sides, -uncut. 

Large paper: only 100 copies printed. Boston, 1865-66 

Ake>"sii>e. lvol. Chdb'Hill 3 vols. 

Ballads , 8 vols. Colbbidqb 3 vols. 

Beattik. lvol. CoLLras lvol. 

Bujfss . . 3 vols. Cowfcb. 3vol«. 

. 2 vols. Gat 2 vola. 

)y GoogIe 


Goldsmith 1vol. Siiakfstt.*rb Tirol. 

Ghat , 1vol. Bhki.lky 4 »ols. 

HkHHKKT. 1 vol. .Sk.B1.1i is . . 3 vols. 

Heiskiik. 2 vols. Southhv. 10 vols. 

Hoop 5 vols. Spkimik 6 vol* 

Keats 1vol. Sbrhky 1 vol. 

Marvki.i 1vol. 'Swut. 3ioU. 

Milton. ... . 3 vols. Thomson B vols. 

MoNi..oidM i v 5 vols. Vau.ihan 1 v<j| 

Moonii . 6vols. Wins 1 vol, 

PAIU.IM.& TlCKFl.L lV0l. WHITE 1 vol. 

POPIt. . 3vols. Wohipsuokth 7 vols. 

Prior,. 2 vols. Wtatt. 1 vol. 

Scott... 9 vols. Youm: 2 vol-. 

This collertiiin, eiliieJ hy Ch :rt, Lowell, an., n:tin eminent scholars, is iho 
most complete ever printed. 

370 BRITISH Theatre. Bell's British Theatbb. (Con- 
sisting of the most esteemed English I J )ays; and containing 
6». Tragedies and 70 Comedies.) Numerous fine plates after 
Sirnrke. Fi'seli. 0/iit', etc.. including portraiti of eminent adorn 
in their favorite characters. 3 vols., JMino. old mottled calf, gilt, 
contents Uttered. J. Bell, London, 1791, etc. 

371 BRITISH Theater. Plates to Cooke's British The- 
atre, consisting of 55 fine engravings hy Heath, Fittler, etc., 
after Smirke, Opie, and other eminent artists. No title. Im- 
perial Svo, hoards. Large i-ai'er : proof impressions. 

(C. Cooke, London, 1816-21) 

372 BROCKEDON, William. Illustrations of ran Passes 
of the Alps ry which Italy communicates with 
France, Switzerland, and Germany. General map and 
108 fine engravings, hy E. Finden and- other cehhrat.ed en- 
gravers, including a. map of each pass; with historical 
and descriptive kitcr-press. 2 vols., ito, half crimson morocco, 
gilt edges., London, s. a. 

373 BRONTE, Charlotte, " Correr Bell." Jane Eyre, a 
Novel. Frontispiece. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1864 

374 BROOKES, Joshua. An Address delivered at the 
Anniversary Meeting of the Zoological Club of 
the Linnean Society. November 29, 1828. Svo, pp. 30, 
hoards; with book-plate of liohert, F. S. A. 

London, 1828 

375 BROOKS, Edward. An Answer to the Pamphlet of 
Mr. John A. Lowell, entitled "Reply to a Pamphlet re- 
cently circulated by Mr. Kdward Brooks ; " with New Facts 
and Further Proofs. Royal Svo, pp. 836, cloth. 

Boston, 1851 

376 BROUGHAM, Henry, Lord. Political Philosophy. 
Part I. Principles of Government. Monarchical Govern- 
ment. Part II. Of Aristocracy. Aristocratic Government. 
Part III. Of Democracy. Mixed Monarchy. 3 vols., Svo, 
half calf , extra, with autograph of livfius Choate. 

C. Knight, London, 1846 

n was published under the supei'intfiitdenfe of :)k Society for [lie 
,.■■ i". ..i-., i i^^i^» * 



377 BROUGHTON, Hugh. A Short View of the Persian 
Monarchic, and of Daniels Weekus; being a Peece of 
Bervaldus Workes, with a Censure in some Points. [By 
B rough ton.] Somewhat stained, bid. perfect ropy. Small Ato, 
pp. 46, half morocco. Imprinted by T. Orwin, London, 1590 

378 BROUSSA1S. FiiAsqois Joseph Victor. On Irritation 
and Insanity ; a Work, wherein the Relations of the Phys- 
ical with the Moral Conditions of Man, are established on 
the Basis of Physiological Medicine. Translated by Thomas 
Cooper, M. D., etc. To which are added Two Tracts on 
Materialism, and an Outline of the Association of Ideas. 
Portrait of' Dr. Cooper. Royal Svo, U,anh, rough edges. 

Columbia, S. C, 1831 

379 BROWN, Charles Brockden. The Novels op: Wie- 
land, Arthur Mcrvyn, Orinond. EoVar Huntly, Jane Talbot, 
and Clara Howard. With a Memoir of the Author. 6 vols., 
lfiwio, half roan. Boston, 1827 

380 BROWN, John, D. D., Vicar of St. Nicholas, Newcastle. 
An Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the 
Times ; by the Author of Essays on the Characteristics, etc. 
[Dr. Brown.] The Third Edition. Parts I.-lll, pp. 221, 
crown 8i'o. sprinkled calf neat. London, [757 

" This work on its first vublitjul'inn i-xi:iieil uncommon iiiti'jiikui. and ran through 
sbtbtj editions in one year." — Lvieiules. 
881 BROWN, John, M. D. The Works of ; to which is prefixed 
a Biographical Account of the Author, by William C. Brown, 
3 vols., 8vo, old marbled calf gilt. London, 1804 

This author was the founder of the onco popular " Hrunonian System" of 

382 BROWN, Thomas N. The Life and Times of Hugh 
Miller. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1858 

383 BROWNE, Charles F. Artemcs Ward, his Book. 
With many Comic Illustrations. 12nw>, cloth. 

New York, 1864 

384 BROWNE, Junius Henri. Four Years in Secessia-, 
Adventures within and beyond the Union Lines, embracing a 
great Variety of Facts, Incidents, and Romance of the War, 
etc., etc. &vo, cloth. Hartford, ISGf) 

385 BROWNE, Sir Thomas. Pseudodoxia Efidemica, or 
Enquiries into vf.ry m*ny Received Tenents, and 
commonly Presumed Truths ; by Thomas Browne, Dr. 
of Physick. Small folio, half calf; back, '-racked. ORIGINAL 
edition of the " Vulgar Errors." 

E. Dod, London, 1646 

386 BROWNE, Sir Thomas. Works, including his Life 
and Correspondence ; edited by Simon Wilkin, F. L. S. 
Portrait, pedigree, and- plates. 4 vols., royal Svo, tree coif gilt, 
marbled edges. Best edition. Large paper : only 50 copies 
printed. W. Pickering, London, 1835-3G 

)y GoogIe 


387 BROWNING, W. S. The History of the Huguenots, 
during tub Sixteenth Century. 2 vofs., Svo, half calf '. 1 

W. Pickering, London, 1829 

388 BEUCE, James. Travels to Discover the Source op 
the Nile, in the Years 1768-1773. — Account of the Life 
and Whitings oe James Bruce; by Alexander Murray., 
Portrait by Heulh, maps, and numerous plates. Together, 
6 vols., royal Alo, half morocco, rough edges. Fine copy: 
with ray wide margins. Edinburgh, 1790-1808 

Twei.vk copies of Ibis work ivere printed on lakgu papkk. 

389 BRUMOY, Pierre. The Greek Theatre of Father 
Brumoy ; translated by Mrs. Charlotte Lennox [assisted* 
by Boyle, Earl of Cork and Orrery, and Dr. Johnson]. 3 
vols., ito, old calf backs cracked ; -with honk-plate, of John Sym- 
mons. London, 1759 

890 BRUNET, Jacques Charles. Manuel du Libraire kt 
de l'Amateur de Livres ; contenant, 1°. Un Nouveau Dic- 
tionnaire Bibliographique, etc., etc. 2". Une Table en Forme 
de Catalogue Raisonne, etc., etc. Cinquieme Edition Origi- 
nale, entieroment refondue, ct augmentee d'un Tiers, par 
l'Auteur. 6 vols., regal Sco, hall' morocco, neat. Last and best 
EDITION. Paris. 1860-65 

This is an entirely nni- cd; ; io>i oi'llii- y;ikiMtil,' liib:iri,;ra;JiK-nl work, very much 
c-!il!ii>:;':l nnil ini!) I; j; lknulf.'ini.'v Tjfif.ttd, on a Hue paptr. 'bv l'ir- 
juj]] [)id<i1 Fn'-n;", l-'ila & Cif., and contains iimncrim* wood cut I'm: fimili's of 
the devices of early [irmli'rs, etc. The author siicm lln: pure of a long 
life iii ill (j .-(iidv ;!*'l;il.[;(.j;i;i;ij:v. and l;v.-:'i l« ra.' tbi-= edition eo m pie led. Jt is 
invaluable to tin: collet-tor, and" ooly a small t-diiion was printed. 

391 BRUNTON, Mary. Self-Control, a Novel. Frontis- 
piece and vignr.itc on. the engraced tide. Post. Sen, cloth, uncut.' 

London, 1832 

392 BRYANT, Jacob. A New System, or an Analysis of 
Ancient Mythology ; wherein an Attempt is made to di- 
vest Tradition of Fable, and to reduce the Truth to its Orig- 
inal Purity. In this Work is given an History of the Baby- 
lonians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Canaanitcs, Helladians, 
Ionians, Leleges, Dorians, Pelasgi ; also of the Scythae, 
Tndo-Scytha\ Ethiopians, Phenieians. The whole contains an- 
Accoimt of the Principal Events in the First Ages, from the 
Deluge to the Dispersion; also, of the Various Migrations 
which ensued, and the Settlements made afterwards in Differ- 
ent Parts; Ciremiistanees of great Consequence, which were 
Subsequent to the Gentile History of Moses. With 33 plates, 
including the ;i maps and 3 fail-pieces. 3 i-olx., royal Ato, dia- 
mond russia, neat, marbled edges. Very fine copy. 

London, 1774-76 

393 BRYANT, Jacob. Another copy: the same. Same 
plates. 3 vols., Uo, old mottled calf, marbled edges. 

London, 1775-76' 

The " Marlborough Gem" in both these copies is engraved by Sherwin. 




394 BETANT, William Cullen. Letters of a Traveller. 
Second Series. (From Spain, etc.) Vlrno, cloth. 

New York, 1859 

395 BRYDGES, Sir Samuel Eg-erton. Eestituta ; or 
Titles, Extracts, and Characters of Oli> Books in 
English Literature revived. Printed by T. Bemley. 4 
vols., Svo, half russia, rough edges. Fine copy: only 250 
printed. London, 1814-16 

396 BEYDGES, Sir; Samuel Kgeeton. Another corr ; the 
same. 4 vols., Svo. half morocco, marbled cd<ps; with book- 
plate of Henry Thomas Buckle. London, 1814-16 

397 BEYDGES, Sir Samuel Egerton. The Autobiography, 
Times, Opinions, and Contemporaries of. Portraits. 2 
vols., 8vo, half calf, extra. London, 1834 

398 BEYDONE, Patrick. A Tour through Sicily and 
Malta ; in a Series of Letters to William Beckford, Esq., of 
Somerly, in Suffolk. l2mo, sheep. New York, 1813 

399 BUCK, Sir George. The History of the Life and 
Eeigne or Eichard the Third ; composed in Five Books, 
by Geo. Buck, Esquire. Portrait bi/ Cross. Small folio, old 
cal f- London, 1G47 

"Sir GeorgBBueU, contrary IoeII histiriims before hhn, doth make Kiniriiich- 
aril .3 an ni'MiiraWc m;iji, ami ti-,-[ al. a:i thiii tuav i l v o-'nr ■ Ut.iie" in-l-n 
him lobe, lie .-o-uoruiis tli.- tiiMorv <,;' ,n: Tin,. .U,;re wim C^Am-i, i ; , s 
quondam master Dr. John Moreton, archbishop of Canterbury, a fiLvouri-r of 
King Henry the 7th." — Ant. a Wool. ' 

400 BUCKINGHAM, Joseph T. Specimens op Newspaper 
Literature ; with Personal Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Rem- 
iniscences. Portraits of I Thomas and Ji. Russell, and wood- 
cuts. 2 vols-, \2mo, cloth. Boston, 1852 

401 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. John Sheffield, Duke of. The 
Works of. Portrait by VcrUie, and plates. 2 vols, in 1, 4to, 
old sprinkled calf. London, 1723 

402 BUCKING HAMS HI RE, John Sheffield, Duke of, 
Another copy : the same. Portrait and tide to first volume 
wanting. 2 vols., old calf backs cracked ; with book-plate of 

William Aim'i-it of Ihmdim. in Kent. London 1 723 

403 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, John Sheffield, Duke of. 
Another copy; the Fourth Edition. 2 vols., post Svo, half 
morocco. London, 1753 

404 BUCKLE, Henry Thomas. History of Civilization in 
England. From the Second London Edition ; to which is 
added, an Alphabetical Index. 2 vols., Svo, cloth. 

New York, 18(10-61 

405 BUDDEUS, Carl. Volksgemalde und Ciiarakter- 
kopfe deb Russischen Volks; ein Beytrag zur Nahern 
Kenntniss der Sitten und Gebrauche, der Wohnungen, 
Bescbhfngungen, und Vergnugun^en desselben. 2 Ms. (I. 
and II.), containing fci aAored plains each, imperial ito, boards. 

Leipzig, 1820 

)y GoogIe 


406 BUDGEN, Miss L. M. Episodes op Insect Life ; by 
Acheta Domestica, M. E. S. [Miss Budgen.] Three Series, 
with numerous plfasliiii "iid ijrolemp.ii: u-n/d-ents. finely executed, 
after designs by the author. 3 vols., square crown 8co, half calf, 
very neat, marbled edges. Original edition : fine impres- 
sions of the cuts. London, 1849-51 

407 BUELOW, Joseph de. Historical Sketches of Eu- 
rope, containing Accounts of Interesting Events, Distin- 
guished Actions, etc., etc. Parts l.-XJL. v.-Uh 47 litl/of/rap/iic 
plates, ito. New York, (1860,etc.) 

408 BUFF, Heinrich. Familiar Letters on the Physics of 
the Earth ; treating of the Chief Movements of the Land, 
the Waters, and the Air, and the Forces that give rise to 
them. Edited by A. W. Hofmann. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1851 

409 BULFINCH, Thomas. Works. The Age of Fable, or 
Beauties of Mythology. — The Ag« of Chivalry, or Legends 
of King Arthur. — Legends of t tiiiriemagne, or Romance of 
the Middle Ages. — Oregon anil Eldorado, or Romance of 
the Rivers [Columbia and Amazon]. Wood-cuts. Together, 

Boston, 1863-66 

410 BULWER, John. Anthropometamorphosis : Mam 
Transformed, or the Artificial Changeling ; Histor- 
ically presented in the Mad and Cruel Gallantry, Foolish 
Bravery, Ridiculous Beauty, Filthy Finenesse, and Loath- 
some Lovelinesse of most Nations, fashioning & altering 
their Bodies from the Mould intended by Nature. With a 
Vindication of the Regular Beauty and Honesty of Nature ; 
and an Appendix of the Pedigree of the English Gallant. 
By J. B., sir named the Chirosojiher [John Buhverj. Front- 
ispiece. 12uto, calf. First edition. 

J. Hardcsly. London, 1 (550 

411 BTJNBURY, Henry. Twenty-two Plates, Illustra- 
tive of Various Interesting Scenes in the Plays of 
Shakspeare, engraved hy Bartolozzi, Tomkins, Cheesman, 
Meadows, etc., etc. ; from the Designs of the late Henry Bun- : 
bury, Esq.. in the Possession of her Royal Highness the 
Duchess of York. Fine impressions, two without letters. 
Atlas folio, half calf. London, s. a, 

412 BUNBURY, Henry. An Academy for Grown Horse- 
men ; containing the Completed Instructions for Walking, 
Trotting, Cantering, Galloping, Stumbling, and Tumbling. 
The Annals op Horsemanship: containing Accounts of 
Accidental Experiments and Experimental Accidents, both 
Successful and Unsuccessful ; communicated by Various 
Correspondents to the Author, Geoffrey Gambado, Esq., 
Riding Master, Master of the Horse, and Grand Equerry to 

)y GoogIe 


the Doge of Venice. [By H. Bunbury] Colored plates by 

h'ot.c/oi/elson, after tin', author's designs. 1 vol., ttvo, half -mo- 
rocco ; with book-plate, of Jiev d - .Fred. diking. London, 1809 

413 BUNN, Alfred. The Stage, both Before and Be- 
hind the Curtain ; from " Observations taken on the 
Spot." 2 wis, 12mo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1840 

414 BUNYAN, John. The Pilgrim's Progress from this 
World to that which is to come. With Memoir of the 
Author, by George Cheever, 1). 1).; and Kngravings on 
Wood by G, E., and J. Dalziel, from Designs by William 
Harvey. Crown. \io, calf, extra. <jUt edges. Large taper; 
proof impressions of the cuts. Bogue, London, I860 

This edition is verv rnre in thissuu 1 , a.-i only SO copifss wore printed on this 
size paper lie*o?i; any kv.w.ts were struck oit,";in.: i.l.s m.'iJ imp y^r earlier ih.;;n 
tljiipB "r! small paper. A Inrtje. )>i<i>e>' i'di-iuii was p-ibbs lu:d in lSijli (witttout 
datul, but the i-ii'.s iv era tlien very much worn. 

415 BUNYAN, John. The Pilgrim's Progress ; with a 
Memoir of the Author's Life, by flic Kev. Thomas Scott, and 
Illustrative Notes by the Editor. Portrait, facsimile of 
Bunyan's will, ./'kites, and wood-cuts. Juijicriul it-o, cloth. 

London, s. a. 
41G BUNYAN, John. The Pilgrim's Progress. A New 
Edition, with a Memoir by J. M. Hare. Wood-cuts, after J. 
R. Clayton and J. L. Williams. Post 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1853 
:417 BUNYAN, John. The Pilgrim's Progress from this 
World to that which is to come. A New Edition, with 
a Memoir ami Notes by George Offor. Illustrated with One 
Hundred and Ten Designs by J. D. Watson, engraved on 
Wood by the Brothers Dalziel. .Foolscap \to, cloth, e/i/t edi/es. 
London, 1861 

418 BURCHELL, William James. Travels in the Interior 
of Southern Africa. With an Entirely New Map, and 
Numerous Engravings. Vol.1, only; the, large plates finely 
colored. 4(o, half calf extra. London, 1822 

The second volume ivus published in ISiM. In the subsequent issues the plates 
were not so well colored. 

419 BURGES, Sir James Bland, Bart. The Birth and 
Triumph of Love; a Poem. Proof impressions, of 
the 24 fine plates by Tomkins, from the de.siyns of the. Princess 
Elizabeth, ito, old marbled calf, gilt, yellow edges. 

London, 1796 

420 BURGHLEY, William Cecil, Lord. Memoirs of the 
Life and Administration of William Cecil, Lord 
Burghley, Seeretary of State in the Reign of King Edward 
VI. and Lord High Treasurer of England in the Reign of 
Queen Elizabeth ; containing an Historical View of the 
Times in which he lived, and of many Eminent and Illus- 
trious Persons with whom he was connected : with Extracts 

)y GoogIe 


from his Private and Official Correspondence and other Pa- 
pers, now first published from the Originals. By the Rev, 
Edward Nares, D. D., etc. Fine portraits and plaits. 3 vols., 
4(o, blue calf, marbled edges. London, 1828-31 

"The present work ia the production of an author well qualified to do justice In 
his subject : ami in composition and arrangement he has exhibited incidcuta- 
blc ind'usliy am! Ijili'rils. \ol!i:nj; si-.eni? fti have e-taped !:im thill could tend 
to illustrate the lite and tiaios a( this great statesman.'' — Gent's Mai;. 

421 BURGOYNE, Lieut. Gen. John. The Dramatic and 
Poetical Works of; to which is prefixed Memoirs of the 
AiiUii;. Embellished with Copper- Plates. Handsomely 
printed by IV hitting ham. 2 vols., Hvo, tree ealf, ■jilt, marbled 
eib/os. h'j -Riviere. Large paper : fine copy. 

London, 1808 

422 BURKE, Edmund. The Works of. 9 vols., 8vo, cloth., 
uncut. Boston, 1839 

"That great master of eloquence, Edmund Burke! in aptitude of 

compi-chi'iiMon iiii.L ii;.lirn.-;- ...f" iii]:L K iii:Ui:"i. superior to every oralor, ancient 
or modern." — Hfttcaulay. 

423 BURKE, Edmund. A Philosophical Inquiry into the 
Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful ; 
with an Introductory Discourse concerning Taste. Frontis- 
piece and vignette by 0. Heath, after II. Corbovld. I'Smo, cloth. 

London, 1839 

424 BURKE, Edmund, and French Laurence. The Epis- 
tolary Correspondence of the Right Hon. Edmund. 
Burke and Dr. French Laurence ; published from the 
Original Manuscripts. 8™, clo(h, uncut. London, 1827 

425 BURLEIGH, J. B. The Legislative Guide; contain- 
ing all the Rules for conducting Business in Congress, .Jeffer- 
son's Manual, anil the Citizens' Manual, including a Concise 
System of Rules of Order founded on Congressional Pro- 
ceedings, etc., etc. Fourth Edition, revised. 8vo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1853 

426 BURN, Lieut. Col. Robert. A Naval and Military 
Technical Dictionary of the French Language ; itn 
Two Parts: French-English, and English-French. Thick 
crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston (London), 1853 

427 BURNET, Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury. The History 
of the Reformation of the Church of England. A 
New Edition, with Numerous Illustrative Notes and a Copi- 
ous Index ; and- embellished with forty-seven portraits. 2 
vols., imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1841 

428 BURNEY, Charles. An Account of the Musical 
Performances in Westminster-Abbey and the Pan- 
theon, May 26th, 27th, 29th, and June the 3d and 5th, 
1784; in Commemoration of Handel. (With Life, etc, of 
Handel, and a List of his Works.) Fine plates, engraved by 
Bartolozzi, Sherwin, etc. ito, half morocco. London, 1785 

)y GoogIe 



429 BURNET, Frances, afterwards Madame D'Arblay. 
Cecilia, or Memoirs of an Heiress ; by the author of Eve- 
lina [Miss Burney]. The Eighth Edition. 5 vols., 12mo, 
* kee P- London, 1802 

430 BURNS, Robert. The Works of ; with an Account of his 
Life, and a Criticism on his Writings : to which are prefixed 
some Observations on the Character and Condition of the 
Scottish Peasantry. [By Dr. James Currie.J Sixth Edition, 
1809. Reliques of Robert Burns, consisting chiefly of 
Original Poems, and Critical Observations on Scottish 
Songs; collected and published by R. H. Cromek, 1808. 
Together, 5 vols., Svo, russia extra, gill edges. Illustrated 
Copt- T. Cadell, etc., London, 1808-09 

This fine mpi- is from the library of the lute .lulm Allan, ami contains, neatly 
jn«iirli;:l, SO ;,i,r:riiin iiii.i [: .laipS Pxi'.fiili;:! i, v (]],-. bisl cn|rlav (.-, | including 
Vfl'tuc. [i.'irli.lozei, Srtii:ivn::..'tti. (■;■:., nti;., nil .';]] 
before letters, and many of them very rare. 

431 BURNS, Robert. The Works of; with his Life, by 
Allan Cunningham. Portrait and Ifl plates, by E. Goodall, 
W. J. Cooke, and others. 8 vols., foolscap Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1834 

432 BURNS, Robert. The Poetical Works of (with 
Memoir and Notes, by Sir N. Harris Nicolas). Portrait! 
glossary and indexes. 4 vols., foolscap 8™. cloth, uncut. Ax- 
dine edition. W. Pickering, London, 1839 

433 BURNS, Robert. The Works of; with Life, by Allan 
Cunningham. New Edition. Engraved title, and dedication, 
portrait and facsimiles. Jioyal Svo, morocco extra, gilt edges. 

London, 1845 

434 BURNS, Robert. The Soldikk's Return. Illustrated 
by John Faed, R, S. A. — Auld Lang Syne. Illustrated 
by George Harvey, R. S. A. Published for the members of 
the " Royal Association for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in 
Scotland," Plates engraved by Lemon, Stocks, and Stephenson. 
2 vols., folio, cloth. Edinburgh, 1857-59 

435 BURNS, Robert. Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dia- 
lect. Kilmarnock : Printed by John Wilson, mdcclxxxvi. 
Facsimile reprint of the original edition. Svo, hoards, uncut. 
Only 600.cofies printed. 

(J. McKie, Kilmarnock, 1867.) 

436 BURTON, John Hill. The Bo ok- Hunter, etc. (Part 
I. His Nature. Part II. His Functions. Part III. His 
CUib. Part IV. Book-Club Literature.) Handsomely printed, 
with ornate initials and other embellishments. Foolscap 4to, 
half olive turkey morocco, red cloth, rough edges. Laror 
paper: only 25 copies printed. Edinburgh, lfifi2 

437 BURTON, John Hill. Another copy: American edition 

)y GoogIe 


with additi 'vital notes by Richard Grant Write. Crown Bra, 
doth, gilt top. New York, 1863 

Mr. White in his " Prefatory Note " saya: " The followmg desultory disserta- 
tion on books, hook-ml^-ei'ii:;. and lio'/k-co'. lectors. (Mii-iot. fail lo be welcome, 
fur is is always i-tcrejtir.j;, often sf.rvin'able, :lii;1 sometimes amusing informa- 

438 BURTON, John Hill. The History of Scotland, from 
Aghicola's Ixvasiox to the Revolution of 1 088. Vols. 
1.-IV., Svo, cloth, ttncut. Edinburgh, 1867 

439 BURTON, Richard, or Robert, alias Nathaniel 
Crouch. Admirable Curiosities, Rarities, and Won- 
ders, in England, Scotland, and Ireland ; being an 
Account of many UumLirUable Persons and Places, and like-*- 
wise of Battles, Sieves. Ktirthquakes. Inundations, Thunders, 
Lightnings. Fires, Murders, und oilier Considerable Occur- 
rences and Accidents, for Several Hundred Years Past; with 
the Natural and Artificial Rarities in Every County, and 
many other Observable Passages, as they are recorded by 
Credible Historians of Former and Latter Ages. A New 
Edition; with Additional Wood cut Portrait, and a Copious 
Index [Edited by Machell Stace]. Duplicates of many of 
the portraits, surrounded by borders, with biographical notices 
beneath. Large paper: only <">(> copies printed. 

M. Stace, Westminster, 1811 

There were five nftior relnnifs i.ime:l i-i tin- set of reprints, comprising the fol- 
iowm;; works of lliia author: "Wilts i-i l^ii^ami, Scot!:i::<l. and [lelnml ; " 
" [liii„riciil Itcmarks nu the Ancient and i'r^ci.t ir.i:\'.e of London and West- 
minster;" " History of Ireland; " " History of Scolland; " and '■ History of 
the House of Orange." 

Tin! ordinal e . i i t i ■ ■ f. ^ Var [mtirint of ■' X". Ci-oiml: : " and .John Duoton in his 
"Life iind Errors" spass sflir a.ithor as " Kilt. Crouch." 

Dr. Johnson, in a latter lo " Mr. Dilly in the Poultry, .(auuary 6, 1781," says: 
"There is in the world a set of bonks which u-oi.l to le sold by the honk- 
selie:s 0:1 the tn-id^o, iimt whi'.li i in us: e:.tri!:il v.... lo mric.tre :'■■>:' me. Thcv 
are called Burton's fl.-j-ii-s: the tii.h; f one is '' Admirable Curiosities, Kan- 
ties, and Wonders in England' they seem very proper to allure 

backward readers." 

440 BURTON, Robert. The Anatomy or Melancholy, 
what it is, with all tub Kinds, Causes, Symptomes, 
Prognostics, and Several Cukes of it ; in Three Par- 
titions, with their Several Sections. 'Members and Subsec- 
tions Philosophically, Medicinally, Historically opened and 
cut up. By Deniocritns Junior [Burton], With a Satyrical 
Preface conducing to the following Discourse. The Tenth 
Edition corrected, to which is now first prefixed an Account 
of the Author. Frontispieces after Thurston, etc. 2 vols., 
royal Huo, diamond russia, neat, marbled edges. Large paper : 
fine copy. London, 1804 

441 BURTON, Robert. Another copy: The Sixteenth Edi- 
tion, printed from the authorized copy of 1 !io 1 , with the Au- 
thor's last Corrections, Additions, etc., etc. Frontispiece. Svo, 
cull", very neat, marbled edges. London, 1 836 



442 BURTON, William E. Cyclopjedia of Wit and Humor, 
containing Choice and Characteristic Selections from the Writ- 
ings of the most Eminent Humorists of America, Ireland, 
Scotland, and England. Edited by William E. Burton. With 
21 portraits and nearly 000 wood-cuts. 2 vols., royal 8 ■<;<>, chili. 

New York, 1858 

443 BUSK, Hans. The Navies op the World ; their Present 
State, and Future Capabilities. Wood-cuts. Post 8t;o, chili. 
uncut. London, 1859 

444 BUSK, M. M. The History op Spain and Portugal, 
FROM b. C. 1000 TO A. d. 1814. 8vo, cloth, uncut; with auto- 
graph of Rufus Clioate. London. (1832) 

445 BUSSY-RABUTIN, Roger, Comte db. The Amobodh 
History of thb Gauls ; containing the Vntri^ucs and Gal- 
lantries of the Court of France, dnting the Reign of Louis 
XIV. Written in French by Roger de Rabutin ; and now 
translated into English. The Second Edition. Ylmo, new 
sprinkled calf, gilt, red edges. London. !7:>7 

446 BUSY (The) Hives around us: a Variety of Trips and 
Visits to the Mine, the Workshop, and tlic Factory. Wood- 
cuts by the Dahicts, after Harvey. Foolscap 8vo, cloth. 

447 BUTLER, Henry D. The Family Aquarium, or Aqua 
Vivarium ; a " New Pleasure " for the Domestic Circle, etc. 

a and. wood-cuts. Vlmo, cloth. 

New York, (1858) 

448 BUTLER, Joseph, Bfsiiop. The Analogy op Religion, 
Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Na- 
ture. With an Introductory Essay, by Albert Barnes. 12mo, 
cloth. ' New York, 1840 

449 BUTLER, Joseph, Bishop. The Works of. To which 
is prefixed a Preface, giving some Account of the Character 
and Writings of the Author; by Samuel Halifax. D. D. A 
New Edition. 2 vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt. 

University Press, Oxford, 1844 

450 BUTLER, Joseph, Bishop. Another copy : the same. 2 
vols., 8vo, calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

University Press, Oxford, 1819-50 

451 BUTLER, Samuel. Hudhsras: the First and Second 
Pakts, written in the Time of the late Wars ; corrected and 
amended, with Several Additions and Annotations. Thf. 
Third and Last Part, written by the Author of the First 
and Second Parts. Anonymous ; the. first and second parts 
printed for Join Mortijn and Henry Her ring mini, the. third -part 
for Simon Miller. 1 vol., small Sco, old calf red edges, back 
cracked: with aiiioqraphs. London, IG78 

On a flv-leaf is lh:» mite : " This is Ihc mn-A complete edition of Iludibras 
iliiii exists, revised and cm-mili'd hv (he author himself." (Sailed; utu^'o 
W. .|-.rv:n K -, |V;'.,::j;ns Ion, lYby. 'SU. JTOJ." 

)y GoogIe 



452 BUTLER, Samuel. Hudibras, in Three Parts, written in- 
the Time of the late Wars [by Butler] ; corrected and 
amended. With large Annotations and a Preface, by 
Zachary Grey, LL. D. Portrait by Vertue, and 16 plates 
after Hogarth. 2 vols., 8ra, sprinkled ail/, gilt, yellow edges, hy 
Riviere,'; uniform with '■.Remains." Best edition: elegant 
copy. Cambridge, 1744 

The second volume lia«, inserted, the title (an India paper) engraved by Thomp- 
son for lialdwin's edition of 1819. 

453 BUTLER, Samuel. The Genuine Remains, nt Verse 
and Peosr. of Mr. Samuel Butler, Author op Hudi- 
bras ; published from the Original Manuscripts, formerly in 
the Possession of W. Longueville, Esq., with Notes by R. 
Thyer. 2 vols., Hvo, sprinkled cut/, gilt. ydh>w edges, hy Ri- 
viere; -uniform with the above copy of " Hudibras" Elegant 
CO PY. " J. & R. Tonson, London, 175> 

454 BUTLER, Samuel. Hudibras, in Three Parts, written in 
the Time of the late Wars, by Samuel Butler, Esq. With 
large Annotations and a Preface, by Ziichary Grey, LL. D. 
Printed In/ T. tkusky. Portrait, after Sir P. Lely, and plates 
after Hogarth, enqraved by Ridley ; with wood-cut vignettes, by 

C. Nesbit. 2 vols., royal Svo, old marbled ra'f, extra. Large 
paper: fine copy. London, 1790 

455 BUTLER, Samuel. Hudibras. With Notes by the Rev. 
Treadway Russel Nash, D. D. A New Edition illustrated. 
Numerous portraits, plates, arid wood-outs. 2 vols., post 8vo, 
morocco, extra, ifdl edges. London, 1847 

456 BUTLER. William Allen. Nothing to Weak; an 
Episoue of City Life, .illustrated bij Huppin-. 12 mo, cloth. 

1 Now York', 1857 

457 BUTLER, William Allen. Two Millions. 12mo, boards. 

New York, 1858 

458 BUTTS, I. R. The United States Business Man's Law- 
Cabinet ; containing Practical Forms, and Commercial and 
Domestic Laws applicable to almost every Possible Cir- 
cumstance and Situation in which Persons can he placed in 
the Ordinary Occurrences of Trade and Social Life. By 
I. R. Butts, assisted by .Members of the Bar. Thud: V2mo, 
sheep. Boston, 1860 

459 BYRON, George Anson, Lord. Voyage of H. M. S. 
Blonde to the Sandwich Islands, in the Years 1824- 
1825 ; Captain the Rt. Hon. Lord Byron, Commander. Maps 
and phdes. Ho, half qreen calf, neat. 

1 J. Murray, London, 1826 

460 BYRON, George Noel Gordon, Lord. The Works of: 
with his Letters and Journals, and his Life by Thomas 
Moore, Esq. Portrait and ;!;J plates by W. and E. Finden, 
facsimiles, etc. 17 vots.Juo/scup V.vo. doth, uncut. 

J. Murray, London, 1832-33 




.461 BYRON, George Noel Gordon, Lord. The Poetical 
Worksop; collected and arranged, with Illustrative Notes, 
by Thomas Moore [ami others]. Portrait, engraved title and 
dedication, facsimiles, etc. Royal Si:o. morocco, nilt edges. 

J. Murray, London, 1845 

462 BYSSHE, Edward. The Art of English Poetry; con- 
taining. I. Utiles for making Verses. II. A Collection of the 
most Natural, Agreeable, and Sublime Thoughts, etc. III. 
A Dictionary of Rhymes. The Seventh Edition, corrected 
and enlarged. 2 vols., R. Wilkin, etc. 1725. — Vol. the 
III d and IV th which, with the Two Former Volumes, make 
a Compleat Common -Place- Book of English Poetry, etc. 
Alphabetically digested and brought down to the Present 
Time. 2 vols., W. Taylor, 1718. Together, 4 vols., 12mo, old 
cal f- London, 1718-25 

463 f/S ABINET (The) op Gekids ' containing Frontis- 

f^lcv.- pieces and Characters adapted to the most Popular 
r:"«^4S Poems, etc., with the Poems, etc., at. large. Engraved 
htle and 70 plates ; engraved, chiefly, by (.'. Taylor, after paint- 
ings by S. Shelley. Foolscap Afo, citron morocco, extra, gilt 
ed S es - London, 1792 

Some of the plates are engraved by Ogbome. 

464 CAIRNES, John E. The Slave Power, its Character, 
Career, and Probable Designs ; being an Attempt to ex- 
plain the Real Issues involved in the American Contest. 8vo, 
<*«*■ New York, 1862 

465 CALAMY, Edmund, D. D. The Nonconformist's Me- 
mortal; being an Account of the Lives. Sufferings, and 
Printed Works, of the Two Thousand Ministers ejected 
from the Church of England, chief! v bv the Act of Uniform- 
ity, Aug. 24, 1666. Originally written by Edmund Calamy, 
D. D. ; abridged, cot recti: d, and methodized, with many 
Additional Anecdotes and Several New Lives, by Samuel 
Palmer. The Second Edition. Numerous jl/te portraits. 3 
vols., Bvo, sprinkled, calf, gill, marbled edges. 

London, 1802-03 

466 CALDCLEUGI-I, Alexander. Travels in South Amer- 
ica, during the Years 1819-20-21 ; containing an Ac- 
count of the Present State of Brazil, Buenos Ayres, and 
Chile. Maps and plates in. oqua-tinta. 2 vols., Hvo, cloth; 
with a MS. page of statistics and numerous pencil-notes. 

J. Murray. London, 18:'o 

467 CALEDONIAN (The) Musical Eec-ository ; a Choice 
Selection of Esteemed Scottish Songs, adapted for the Voice, 
Violin, and German Flute. Frontispiece and, vignette on the 
engraved title. Post 8vo, sheep ; with autograph of Eufm 
Cfwate. Crosby's Collection. 

Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh, 181 '. 

)y GoogIe 



468 CALEF, Robert, and Cotton Mather, D. D. Salem 
Witchcraft: comprising more Wonders of the Invisible 
World, collected bv Robert Calef ; and Wonders of the In- 
visible World, by Cotton Mather. Together with Notes and 
Explanations, by Samuel P. Fowler. Portrait of Mather, on 
India paper, and HjpograpJiifal '■mhrllisiimtiits. 4to, cloth, rough 
edqes. La nc k papf,k : onbj 100 copies printed. 

W. Veazie, Boston, 1865 

469 CALKINS, N. A. Primary Object Lessons for a 
Graduated Course op Development; a Manual for 1 
Teachers and Parents, with Lessons for the Proper Training 
of the Faculties of Children. Colored frontispiece and wood- 
cuts. l'2mo, cloth. New York, 1861 

470 CALMET, Augustus. Dictionary of the Bible, Tay- 
lor's Edition, with the Biblical Fragments. Above 
200 plates. 5 vols., Uo. half levant morocco, ijilt tops, rough, 
edges. Very fine copy. Charlestown (Mass.), 1812-17 

"Calmet's trnlv valuable Dictionarv nf the llil'lc lia< fcrmol liie basis of nil 

mo -n wis' <■' lll<: liiml. h: Li.J .diliOFL l.v Taylor m:u:y jlh-a:,:,:^ v.-re 

me.!,, and roiifli aililiri.n;-.! niiiUii' n;i,!<-d. 1: ivii- - !■ ■- :■-'■» '-jii <■; :i'| : -.i.'!i '■'- 
the lifforthat iriilnsiriiiuseJiMr, tiRiS coninins a vast fund of Biblical Ulustra- 

471 CALVERT, George H. The Gentleman. Post Svo, 
cloth. Boston, 1863 

472 CALVERT, George H. Scenes and Thoughts in Eu- 
rope. First and Second Series. 2 vols., post Sro, cloth, gilt 
tops. Boston, 1863, 

473 CAMOENS, Luis de. The Lusiad. Books I. to V., 
translated by Edward Qnillinan, with Notes by John Adam- 
son. Portrait. I2m<i, cloth, uncut. 

E. Moxon, London, 1853 

474 CAMPAN, Jeanne L. H. G. Conversations of Ma- 
dame Campan, comprising Secret Anecdotes of the French 
Court, with Correspondence, etc. ; edited by M. Maigne. 8w, 
cloth, uncut. London, s. a. 

475 CAMPAN, J. L. II. G. Memoirs of tir: Court of Marie 
Antoinette, Queen of France. New Edition. Portraits. 
2 vols., &vo, cloth, uncut. London. 1843 

476 CAMPBELL, Hugh. The Love Letters of Mary 
Queen of Scots, to James Earl of Bothwell ; with her Love 
Sonnets and Marriage Contracts (being the Long-Missing 
Originals from the Gilt Casket.) : explained by Slate Papers, 
and the Writings of Buchanan, Goodall, Robertson, Hume, 
Lord Hailes, Lord EIHbanls, Tytler, Horace Will pole, Whita- 
ker, Laiug, Chalmers, Brantome, Konsard, Miss ISenger, and 
a Host of Authors ; forming a Complete History of the Ori- 
gin of the Scottish Queen's Woes and Trials, before Queen 
Elizabeth. Portrait. &vo, half calf, neat. 

London, (1824) 

)y GoogIe 



477 CAMPBELL, John, LL. D. Memoirs of the Lives and 
Conduct of tiiose Illustrious Heroes, Prince Eugene 
of Savoy and John Duke or Marlborough ; wherein is 
included a Full, Particular, and Impartial Account of their 
Behaviour in the Late Wars, as likewise the Military and 
Gallant Actions of tlie Duke of Argyle, the Earl of Stair, the 
Lord Cobham, the Earl of C alloxan, and many other Gen- 
erals, both English and Foreign. The Whole being a Com- 
pleat and Regular History of the Wars in all Parts of Europe, 
from the Beginning of the lie-Li" »f Queen Anne to the Time 
of the Last General Peace. The Whole illustrated with a 
great Number of Large Copper Plates representing the Prin- 
cipal Battles, etc. ; together with the Ei:igies of Prince Eugene, 
and the Duke of Marlborough. To which is added a Com- 
pleat Index. Folio, old calf. London, 1742 

478 CAMPBELL, Kiev. John. Travels in South Africa; 
undertaken at the Request of the Missionary Society. Por- 
trait, map, and plates. Royal tiro, half calf, extra. First 
journey: large paper. London, 1815 

" In hi.; First .IdiiriH'y, In; curisMcfaijly eiilur;;!"! &.e sphere of imr kmnyle'lgu 
01' S'luMu'IJi AfritiiV bist 1Y'.> cuini"! isv iikk-Ii ill i'ivui- of liie result of ills 
Sirnnil lCxop.liiirm." — (iimrlei-ly l.'crioi: IU. XXVII. p. 365. 

479 CAMPBELL, Thomas. The Poetical Works of. New 
Edition. Portrait, after Sir T. Lair re are, and 7 plates by 0. 

Heath, after We.ttatl. i vols., tbolscap 6i:o. boards, uncut. 

London, 1833 

480 CAMPBELL, Thomas. Life of Mrs. Siddons. Portrait 
and wood-cuts. 2 vols., 8vo, calf, neat. London, 1834 

481 CANOVA, Antovio. The Works of Antonia Canova 
in Sculpture and Modelling, engraved in Outline by Henry 
IVloscs; with Descriptions from the Italian of the Countess 
Albrizzi, and a Biographical Memoir by Count. Cieognara. 
Portrait and 154 plates. 3 vols., -imperial Alo, half morocco. 
neat, gilt tops. Large PAPER : proof impressions. 

London, 1824-28 

482 CANTICUM Canticorum, reproduced in Fac-Sinnle 
from the Scriverius Copy in the British Museum ; with 
an Historical and Bibliographical Introduction, by J. Ph, 
Berjeau. With 1(5 plates printed in brown in//, the whole on 
a very heavy paper. Imperial Mo, while, vellum, gilt top. 
Only 150 copies printed. 

Trubner & Co., London, 1860 

483 CANTU, Cesare. Histoire Univkkselle, par Cesar 
Cantc; soigneusement remaniee par PAuteur, et tradnite 
sous ses Yeux. par Engc-tie Aroux, el: I-'iersilvestro J.eopardi. 
19 vols., Svo. half ip-eeii, calf neat, vy'/h autograph of Unfits 
Choate. Paris, 1853-55 

484 CAPE COD (The) Centennial Celebration at Barn- 
stable, Sept. 3. 1839, of the Incorporation of that Town, 
Sept. 3, 1639. A. Discourse pronounced at Barnstable on 

)y GoogIe 


the Third of September, 1839, at the Celebration of the Sec- 
ond Centennial Anniversary of the Settlement of Cape Cod; 
by John G. Palfrey. F. Andrews, Boston, 18 iO. Together, 
%vo,pp. 92 and"], landing broken. Boston, 1840 

485 CAPICIUS, Scifio. De Principiis Rercti Libri Duo. 
Ejusdem de Vate Maximo (S. Joanne Rap(ista) Libri Tres 
Small Svo, vellum. Apud Aidi Filios, Venetlis, 154C 

486 CAPPE, Catharine. Memoirs of the Life of ; written 
by herself. (Edited by her Daughter, Mary Cappe.) Por- 
trait. So. half morocco, neat. London, 1822 

487 CARACCIOLTTS, Gai.ea.cius. The Italian Convert: 
News from Italy of a Second Moses, or the Life of Galeacius 
Caraeciolus, the Noble Marquess of Vk:o; containing the Story 
of his Admirable Conversion from Popery, and Forsaking a 
Rich Marqnesdom for the Sake of the Gospel of Jesus 
Christ. "Written first in Italian, thence translated into Latin 
by Reverend [Theodore] Beza, and for the Benefit of Our 
People, put into English, and now published by W. C[ra- 

Printed and sold by Thomas Fleet, etc., Boston, 1751 

488 CARCANET (The) : being Select Passages from the most. 
Distinguished Writers. liSmo, cloth, ot'/t edges. 

"W. Pickering, London, 1830 

489 CAREW, Thomas. The Poetical Works of. (With 
Caelum Britanuicum, a Masque; as performed at Whitehall, 
in the Banqueting- Room, on Shrove Tuesday Night, the 18th 
of February, 1 633 : by Tho. Carew and Inigo Jones.) 16mo, 
half morocco, neat. London, 1845 

490 CAREY, Mathkw. The Olive Branch, or Fault on 
Both Sides, Federal and Democratic; a Serious Ap- 
peal on the Necessity of Mutual Forgiveness and Harmony, 
to save our Common Country from Ruin. Third Edition, 
greatly enlarged and improved. 12mo, hoard*, roa'/h. edocx. 

Boston, Feb., 1815 

491 .CARICATURES. A Collection of Caricatures, Po- 

litical and Humorous, by Gill ray. Cm ik shanks, elc., etc. 
Nearly .100 prints, mounted, in a scrap-booh Allan folio, 
half crimson morocco. Very curious collection. 


492 CARLETON, William. Tbaits and Stories of the 
Irish Peasantry: with an Autobiographical Introduction. 
Explanatory Notes : and Numerous J 11 us trillions, on Wood and 
Steel, by Harvey, Phiz (II. If. Browne), Franklin. Macmanus, 
Gilbert, and other Artists of Eminence. 2 vols., Svo, half 
calf, extra. Dublin, 1843-44 

493 CARLETON, William; Samuel Lover; and, Anna 
Maria Hall. Tales and Stories of Ireland. With 
Etchings by Kirk wood. 16mo, boards. Halifax, 1854 

)y GoogIe 



494 OARLIER, Augusts. Marriage in the United States. 
Translated from the French by B. Joy Jeffries. Post 8vo, 
cloth. ' Boston. 1867 

495 CARLISLE, Charles Howard, Earl of. A Relation 
or Three Embassies from his Sacred Mnjestie Charles II. 
to the Great Duke of Muscovie, the King of Sweden, and the 
King of Denmark ; performed by the Earl of Carlisle in the 
Years 1663 and 1664. Written by an Attendant on the Em- 
bassies, and published with his L pa Approbation. Portrait 
bj Faithorne. Small 8vo, sprin/ded calf. London, 1669 

TWEpisue Dedicatory" is sigDed " G. M." 

496 CARLYLE, Alexander, D. D. Autobiogkaphy; contain- 
ing Memorials of Men and Events of his Own Time. [Ed- 
ited by J. II. Burton.] Portrait. Crown 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1861 

497 CARLYLE, Thomas. Latter-Dat Pamphlets. 12wm>, 
doth. Boston, 1850 

498 CARLYLE, Thomas. The Life or John Sterling. Sec- 
ond Edition. Crown Boo, cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

499 CARLYLE, Thomas. History op Priedrich II. of 
Prussia, called Frederick the Great Portraits, plates, 
maps. etc. C vols., Sro, latlf calf, extra, marbled edges, 

London, 1858-65 

500 CARR, Sir John. A Northern Summer, or Travels 
round the Baltic, through Denmark. Sweden, flussia, Prussia, 
and Part of Germany, in the Year 1804. With 11 tinted 
plates by T. Medlaad, after drawhi/s hj the author. Ato, half 
calf ; with autv/p-aph and. ha, h- plate of Thumus Huxley, and 
hook-plate of Parks. ' London', 1805 

501 CARR, Sir John. Another copy: the same. With same 
plates. 4/o, half calf. London, 1805 

502 CARR, Sir John. Descriptive Travels in the South- 
ern and Eastern Parts of Spain and the Balearic 
Isles, in the Year 1809. With 6 plates drawn by the author. 

. 4(o, half calf ' London, 1811 

503 CARTER, John. Specimens of the Ancient Sculpture 
and Painting, now remaining in this Kingdom, from the Ear- 
liest Period to the Reign of Henry y e VIII.: consisting of 
Statues, Basso-relievos. Brasses, etc.; Paintings on Glass, 
and on Walls, etc. ; a Description of Each Subject, some of 
which by Gentlemen of Literary Abilities and well versed 
in the Antiquities of this Kingdom, whose Names are pre- 
fixed to their Essays. This Work is designed to shew the 
Rise and Progress of Sculpture and Painting in England, to 
explain Obscure and Douhtful Parts of History, and pre- 
serve the Portraits of Great and Eminent Personages. The 
Drawings made from the Original Subjects and engraved by 
John Carter. Contains 120 fine large plates {including titles), 



some of which arc colored, 2 wis. in h roy id folio, half mo- 
rocco, very neat, red edges. Original edition : before the 
plates were retouched. London, 1780-87 

504 CARTER, N. H. Letters from Europe ; comprising the 
Journal of a Tour through Ireland, England, Scotland,' 
France, Italy, and Switzerland, in the Years 1825, '26, and 
'27. 2 vols., 8ivj. half calf, extra, marbled edges. 

New York, 1827 

505 CASSIN, John. United States Exploring- Expedi- 
tion, during the Years 1838-1842, under the Command of 
Charles Wilkes, U. S. N. Mammalogy and Ornithology, 
by John Cassin. Contain* ho large- mid finely colored plates. 
Text, 2 vols., royal ito, cloth ; plates, 1 vol., imperial folio, half 
morocco. Lakc.i; i-apkk : fine copy. Philadelphia. 1SD« 

The text the " Xarranvo" in l.-ir:;.- jiiipsr. See Wilkes, 

This work supplies the place of Pcale's " Mammalia," which wits suppressed. 

506 CASSIN, John. Illustrations of tub Birds of Cali- 
fornia, Texas, Oiikcon, British ami Russian America: 
intended to contain Descriptions and Figures of all North 
American Birds not given by Former American Authors, 
and a General Synopsis of North American Ornithology. 
1853 to 1855. Printed on tinted paper, with "lOf'nely colored 
plates. Imperial 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 18G2 

507 CASTI, Gian Battista. The Court and Parliament of 
Beasts ; freely translated from the Animali Parian ti of Gi- 
ambattista Casti, a Poem in Seven Cantos, by William Stew- 
art Rose. Foolscap '6co, boards, rough edges. 

J. Murray, London, 1819 

508 CATAFAGO, Joseph. An English and Arabic Dic- 
tionary; in Two Parts; Arabic and English, and English 
and Arabic ; in which the Arabic Words ore represented in 
the Oriental Character, as well as their Correct Pronunci- 
ation and Accentuation shewn in English Letters. By Joseph 
Catafasio. of Aleppo, in Syria. Secretary to Noliman Pasha. 
Thick hvo, half crimson morocco, gilt top, rough edges. LARGE 
paper. London, 1858 

This is the jW A ruble nrnl Nuu-lisli ilirti.uian- ever v.iblished, of which the 
" Alheiijuuir, '' (,1ns. :>■.!, ISjit; suvs: ; '0:i Itn; iviiuli! ttie iva-k is a most accept- 
able tontriliHtifin In Oriental literature ; ami tin: Ku.rliflj nvA Arabic part es- 
pecially will bnan invaluable, ai.l la inveile;.-. in the i'ast, iind to all English- 
men who have occasion to study Arabic." 

509 ABBOTSFORD. Catalogue of the Library at Ab- 

botsford. [As formed and arranged by Sir Walter Scott; 

with his Notes, and References to his Works. Compiled, 

with a Copious Index, by J. G. Cochrane. 4to. boards, uncut. 

Edinburgh, I H3B 

Handsomely printed for the "Maithmd Club;" presented by J. Ci. Lockhart. 




510 ALLEN. Bibliotheca Alleniana : a Catalogue of the 
Curious, Elegant, and very Valuable Library of Thomas Al- 
len, Esq. ; Monday, June 1, 1795, and the Nine following 
Days. Contains 1,585 lots. — Elegant Books ; a Catalogue 
of a very Valuable Library of Books, the Property of a 
Gentleman [Thomas Allen], many of them in most Splendid 
Binding, etc., etc. ; "Wednesday, June 24, 1807, and Seven 
following Days. Contains 1,488 lots. — A Catalogue of a 
Choice Collection of Historical and Fancy Prints, 
containing Extra fine Specimens of the Ancient and Modern 
Schools, etc., etc. : the Whole assembled at a great Expense, 
by Thomas Allen, Esq., F. A. S. ; Wednesday^ May 13, 1807, 
and Two folloiving Days. Contains 351 lots. — A Catalogue 
op a Choice Collection or Burns ii l' the most 
Eminent English Artists: the Whole assembled, at a great 
Expense, by Thomas Allen, Esq.; Saturday, Mav 16, 1807, 
and Three following Days. Contains 500 lots. 'Four cata- 
logues in I vol, royal Sro, half mssia, rough edges. Large 
paper: probably unique. {London. 1795-1807) 

On a fly-leaf is [lie f„l]awiii : ; autr^m* r.oi,. bv Willi,,,,, ITpcott: "Willi 
prices ana purchasers' names by the late George Baker of St. Paul's Ch: 

511 ANGLING. Bibliotheca Piscatoria : a Catalogue of 
Books upon Angling. Facsimile wood-cut. Foolscap 8i T o, 
half green turkey morocco, very v. cot. gilt edges. 

(W. Pickering), London, 1836 

T!i,ic:ir;il,.L;ii(:is IV,:wil :tioii Sir llfrirv Elli-'s c:.:-iTtc:!'fu»y of il:e listwlsidi 
r.i: ro!!lnb'.,Y(! to t.:c " liriii-h liii.liujrra;. ii.-r " in 1B!1, ;uid sunn, eililion? are 
nuliccd f!ic existence „f which was I hen unknown. 

512 ASKEW. Bibliotheca Askeviana, sive Catalogus Libro- 
rum Raiissimorum Antonii Askew. Contains 3,570 lots. — 
Bibliotheca Askeviana Manu Scripta, sive Cafalogus 
Lihrorum Mamiscriptorum Antonii Askew, M.D., his addun- 
tur, ex eadem Bibliotheca, Auc tores Classic! in quorum Mar- 

finibus Scripts? sunt, suis ipsorum Manibus, Doctissimonim 
"irorum Kola: atque Observationes, nempe Bentieii Magni, 
Chandleii, Chishulli, Joannis Taylori, Antonii Aska;i, aliomm. 
Contains 633 lots. Together in 1 vol.. with prices and names. 
Royal 8vo, half ntssia. rough edges; with aiHogntph of William 
Upcott. Large paper; : few printed. (London, 1775-85) 

513 ASKEW. Another copy : the first sale only. Small pa- 
per, priced. 8vo, half morocco, neat. (London, 1775) 

514 BAKER. A Catalogue of the very Choice and Se- 
lect Library op the late George Baker, Esq., of St, 
Paul's Churchyard, etc., etc. ; sold by Auction, Monday, June 
6, 1825, and Two following Days. Contains 855 lots. Ruled 
and priced, with names of purchasers. Imperial Svo, paper, 
rough edges. Large paper. (London. lisiV.i 

Baker was the "Qui-|,, : :i;i„i" of Dibr'in in hi? " bibliomania." 

515 BAKER. Another copy: small paper, trimmed. Svo. 

(London, 1825) 

)y GoogIe 


516 BARNARD. Catalogue of the Superb ani> Entire 
Collection of Prints, and Books of Prints, of 
John Barnard, Esq., of Berkeley Square, deceased, 
formed with Infinite Taste and Judgment during a Pe- 
riod, exceeding Fifty Years : comprehending the Choicest 
Works of the Greatest '.Masters, from the Earliest Period 
to the Present Time ; and almost Entire Works of the 
most Esteemed Artists, particularly Rembrandt, Hollar, 
Marc Antonio, Paniie^iaui), Vandyek, Rubens, etc., etc. ; 
which will he sold by Auction, Monday, the llith of April, 
1798, and Twenty-six following Days. Contains 2,020 
lots, exclusive, (if portfolios. Portrait of Correytjio inserted. 
Partly priced. >ii:o, half sheep, rough edges. (London, 1798) 

517 BAYNES & Son. Seltxtissjma : a Cata- 
logue of Books printed in the Fifteenth Century, Produc- 
tions of the Presses established by Schoiiler, Caxton, TJlric 
Zell, etc., etc., and most other Illustrious Typographers; 
including several Ed names l'rineipes, and Volumes un- 
known to Bibliographers t to which is added, a large Col- 
lection of Works printed by the Alduses ; a Selection of 
Curious and Rare Books, in History, Biography, Theology, 
Facetiae, Romance, and Poetry, in the English, French, 
Spanish, Italian, Latin, and other l,ai)«ua;;es ; comprehend- 
ing Books printed on Vellum, Numerous Specimens of the 
Giunta, Giolito, Elzevir, IJouoni, Laskerville, and other cele- 
brated Presses; with a number of Ancient Manuscripts, upon 
a Variety of Subjects, chieily on Vellum. Contains 1,281 
hts,priced. (London), 1826 

In llil* catalogue the works are very fully rteseriheil with numerous lung 

518 BEAUCLERK. Bibi.iotheca Beauclf.rkiana : a Cata- 
logue of the Large and Valuable Library of the late Honour- 
able Topham Beauclerk, F. R. S„ etc., etc. ; sold by Auction,^ 
Monday, April 9, 1781, and the Forty-nine following Days. 

First part, contains 5,009 lots. Second pari contains 3,237 lots. 
Ruled and priced. Royal $.v>. half morocco, i/ilt top, uncut. 

(London, 1781) 

519 BLANDFORD. Catalogds Librorum qui in 
theca Blandfordiensi repericntur. [Compiled by Rob-- 
ert Triphook.] 4to, half morocco. Privately printed ; 
and oniy very few copies. (London), 1812 

At the Bale of this collection (the " White Knights "I. in lSli), the famous Val- 
darfer Boccarcio, which ra pu-clinstil inr .-E'J.iSO at the liiixburgh sale, 
passed into tin: of liarl Spencer :'ih:0'.igh Lineman .\ '.'(>.) for l.lie sum 
of .fUlS IS. ahh.iii-li sev.-n yc:i"- pri:V : .ons :■■:■ iiud L.iiijr.-r.L .Li'ioO lor the fame 
in competition with the Marquis ot Blandford. 

520 BOHN. Henry G. Bohn's Catalogue of Books. Vol. 
I.; containing Natural History, Books of Prints, Science, 
Language, Bibliography, Oriental and Northern Literature, 




Old English Historians, Early Voyages, etc., Games, etc. pp. 

467 and 108. Royal Hro, half vrin/sun moroccu, marbled edges. 

London, 1847 

521 BOOKSELLERS' Catalogues. Parcel of ; chiefly Eng- 
lish. London, etc., 1861-SG 

522 BOSSANGE. Litres Espagnoles. Second Supplement. 
Lots 27,253-27,41^- — Livkes Francais, Grecs, Latins, 
Allemauds, Anglais, Espagnols, Italiens, Portugais, Ori- 
entaux. Troisk:me Supplement. Lots 27.405-30,839. — 
Liste Alpha betique deb Ouvrages Pekioi>ique3 ; Jour- 
naux Religieux, Scienli iiquo, Politiqnes, Litteraires, et des 
lieanx-Arts publics ;i Paris. Uinquieme Supplement. Lots 
30,908-3!, 243. Three svppk.mrMs to the general catalogue 
of Hector Bossange, bookseller. 2 vols., royal 8™, half mo- 
rocco. ' Paris, 1848-53 

523 BOSTON ATHENEUM. Catalogue of Books in the ; 
to which arc added the By-Laws of the Institution, and a List 
of its Proprietors and Subscribers. 8i>o, cloth. 

Boston, 1827 

524 BRAND. Biisliotheca Brandiana : a Catalogue of the 
Unique, Scarce, Rare, Curious, and numerous Collection of 
Works on the Antiquity, Topography, and Decayed Intelli- 
gence of Great Britain and Ireland, from the First invention 
of Printing down to the Present Time, etc., etc. ; being the 
Entire Library of the late Rev. John Brand : sold by Auction, 
Wednesday, May 6, 1807, and Thirty-six following Days. 
Contains 8,854 lots. 8vo, boards, rough edges. 

(London, 1807) 

525 BURTON. Bibliotheca Dramatica : Catalogue of the 
Theatrical and Miscellaneous Library of the late William E. 
Burton, comprising an Immense Assemblage of Kooks relat- 
ing to the Stage, etc., etc. : also, a Small but Select Collection 
of Curiosities, Antiquities, Shakspearian Models, etc., etc. ; 
Oil Paintings, etc. Sold at Auction, New York, Monday, 
October 8, i860, and following Days. Contains G,154 lots. 
Portrait. Imperial 8vo, paper, rough edges. Large PAPER : 
few printed. ' (New York, 1860) 

Mr. Burton's library was o¥ <■■;' the ]ai'™.:st eollectioiss »f dj-Limatic liitiralure 
oviit iiinembieit by v. sin.-- is-i' : vidual, ami in iliij tai;iiu.^uc tlia works are 
vi! rv t!:or»iiijli!j- mid acji. - J., dtstri !>.!(! . by Mr. Sniiia, vvitii many valuable 

526 CAPEL. A Catalo ;:a of a Part of the Library of 
the Hon. John Thu*as Capel, etc., etc. ; sold by Leigh 
and Sotheby, on Thursday, July 4, 1811, and Two following 
Days. Contains 574 lots ; pp. 20. hiterhoxed copy, ruled and 

priced. Svo, half calf. ', (London, 1811) 

527 CHOATE. Catalogue oe, the Library of the late 
Hon. Rufus Choate ; sold by Auction, Oct. 18-20, and 25- 
28, 1859. Contains 2.G72 lots. '8uo, half morocco, neat. 

Boston, 1859 



528 COCKRURS. Catalogue op the Valuable Library 
of thk i.atk Loud Cockbukn', consisting of an Extensive 
Collection of Books in English and Scottish History and An- 
tiquities, the Belles Lettres, Law and General Literature, 
etc., etc. : the Sale ulso includes, Ten of the Celebrated Stir- 
ling Heads, being the highly interesting Ancient Scottish 
Carvings in Oak, from the Roof of the King's Room at Stir- 
ling Castle ; Antique Indian China Vases, etc. ; sold by Auc- 
tion, Wednesday, November 22, 1854, and Four following 
Days. Contains 1,495 lots. Wi'h 10 plates of the " Stirling 
Meads." Royal 8uo, half olive morocco, gilt top. 

(Edinburgh, 1854) 

529 CREVENNA. Catalogue des Litres de la Biblio-, 
thequr de M. Pierkk-Antoine-Bolongaro-Ckevbnhaa. 
5 parts in 4 vols., Svo, half calf. Vol. II. wanting. 

Tliiscnpy en mains tip supplement (" Collection concernant les Jepuifoa") .it the 
end ot'the fin.rth volume, pp. 54; anil the table of prices at tlie end of the 
firth volume, pp. 46. 

530 CROWNINSHIELD. Catalogue of the Valuable 
Private Library op the i.ate Edward A. Chownin- 
buiki.D, embracing in the Collection a Largo Xuinber of Val- 
uable and Rare Books; Choice Kditinns, or Elegant Large 
Paper Copies of Standard English Authors ; Rare Works on. 
the Early History of America ; Early Voyages and Travels, 
including First Editions of Purchas and ibikhtvt; etc., etc.: 
sold by Auction, on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1859, and Three follow- 
ing Days, by Leonard & Co. Contains 1,15(5 lots of books, and 
116 of autographs. 8>:v, half mororro, neat, gilt top. 

Boston, 1859 

This fol!«t ; (>ti wns tiot snld as advertised, bat was purchased intact, bv Henry 
Stevens, of London. ;..:■ *Sv;u(l. Nu.STH i, a co;.v a: I lie criminal edition of 
the '" liny l'saLii) (Sunk, : ' one of the earlier, imolis in-in: t-cl in North America 
(piiut-ii'ljy --.ui.ln.'. n.iyr. i!:ini l )-iiijre, lil-lOi. for which in 1S8T, Mr. Stevens' 
price ill- I'M guineas. "Ssc li.vy I'dAI.M Book. 

531 DAVIS. Catalogue of the Entire Private Library 
op the lath Mr. William J. Davis ; sold at Auction, 
Monday Evening, April 17th, 18(i5, and the following Even- 
ings, until all are sold. Contains 1,766 for*. Royal 4to, paper, 
rough edges. Large taper : with " Memorial." 

Mew York, 1865 

The " Memorial," by Henry B. Daweon, is separate, and contains a photo- 
graphic portrait. 

532 EVANS & SONS. The Fine Art Circular and Print 
Collector's Manual; Catalogue of nearly Six Thousand 
Etchings and Engravings, bv Artists of every School and Pe- 
riod, comprising the Best Examples of every Eminent En- 
graver, front the Earliest Period to the Present Time, with 
the Size and Price of each Print, and References to ths 
Works of those Authors who have made the Art of Engraving 
their Study. With an Appendix, consisting of a Catalogue 

)y GoogIe 

<JU CATALOG fj I-:, 

Raisonnee of nearly 400 Prints unknown to Bartsch. Alpha 
helically arranged under the names of the engravers. 8vo, boards. 
(London, 1857) 
•533 FOWLE. Catalogue of the Choice Collection of 
Books belonging to William F. Fowle, Esquire, of 
Boston, Mass. Contains 818 lots. Ruled and priced. Im- 
perial &vo, half morocco, neat, gilt tup, rough edges. Large 
paper: ojdy H,j copies printed, <:/> it -fig for presentation. 

Riverside Press, Cambridge. 1 8fi5 
The ~.!i\c. df ttii- <■■:■! lir'hn jrv.':.jl,lv bri'.iv :tic finif rHirimi 10 "uvi-i.-an ( ! la i 
c.:i(,iu.: ShiiiIhv':; iiJti:;; ,><><!* >..> Hii^i.h, *;,:,-,. or t i,,. latter [:,■:, i„.i Uv: 
"Tin. -ale upfA-ars n. be iii.,t in wlii,:l] tlio tl]>--;tu,;ne:M- <A l:i>;i-,]iii'ui;i 
rfacfil'd 11' li;.:ln -[ :.r:i::i ir: Knjrland." 

534 FOWLE. Catalogue of the very Choice Collection 
of Books forming the Library of William F. Fowle, 
Esquire, of Boston, Mass. Ruled and priced. 8vo, paper, 
rough edges. Riverside Pn-ss, Cambridge, 1864 

There is a ciifiVreni.-p. both in tin: tUlvs ami immb.Ts U-.v.-cn the large and 

small p;i]T-v t: a\ye*. ; in tin.' farmer Nu. <il:!ha~ ;., ii.'j-.liMl, mid an error (No. 

751 repealed in I he latter) corrected. l 

535 FRIENDS' Library, Philadelphia. Catalogue of the 
Books belonging to the Library of the Four 
Monthly Meetings of Friends of Philadelphia; with 
ttie Rules for the Government of the Library. 12mo, half 
morocco. Philadelphia, 1831 

536 FRENCH Sale Catalogues of Vertu ; Comprising 
some of the most Important Sales of Paintings, Marbles, 
Bronzes, Porcelains, Furniture, Curiosities, etc., etc, which 
took place at Paris in 1851 and 1852, including the Soult 
Gallery, etc, etc. Plates in. ovt/n/.e of many of the Paintings. 
33 catalogues in 1 vol., thick 8vo, half morocco ; with news- 
paper millings and prices. ' Paris, JS/i(>-^2 

Some nflhe [laiiuines, fit., in ilu'sc colieniicrij were mii-chascd hi- the late Mr 
AllL'i^iiis Ul i .:■:•..:: ik i', an;l ive:c hiclinio'.i i;i ilns aulu (Uuslun Onl "h ISM) 
of bin ™lhi(jti.n, ' 

537 GARRICK. A Catalogue of the Library, Splendid 
Books of Prints, Poetical and Historical Tracts, of 
David Garrick, Esq., removed from his Villa at Hampton, 
and House on the Adelphi Terrace, with the Modern Works 
added therein by Mrs. Gar rick ; sold bv Auction, Wednesday, 
April 23d, 1833, and lb 1 lowing nays". Contains 2,678 lots. 
Ruled and priced, with names of purchasers. Ato, half calf. 
Large paper : portrait and biogra///, ieal -nut-ice inserted. 

Valuable Library of the Late Rev. Is. Gossett, D. D. 
sold by Auction, Monday, June 7, 1818, and Twenty-two fol- 
lowing Days. Contains 5,7 40 lots. Ruled and priced. &vo, half 
calf, rough edges ; with a long autograph (" Sketch of the Char- 
acter of Br. Gossett, composed in 1804"), by William Vpcott, 
written on cover and fly-leaves. (London, 1813) 

Dr. Gossett was the "Lepidus " of Dibdin In hia " Bibliomania." 

)y GoogIe 


539 HALL, Catalogue of the Valuable Library of 
Fitz Edward Hall, Esq., sold by Auction [at Boston] on, 
Tuesday, Fein-nary 5, 1857, and following Days. Contains 
above 2,700 lots, lioyai Ho. paper, rough edges. 

Munsell, Albany, (1866) 

540 HAZEWELL. Catalogue of a Valuable Private 
LlBRAiiY, comprising an Extensive and Select Collection of 
Choice Books, in every Department of Literature, etc., etc. ; 
a Work of Great Value, the only Copy in this Country, and 
the only known Copy in the World lor Hale, a Rare and Rich 
Treasury of Engravings comprised in the Chaleograsihio 
dn Musee Royal, etc., etc. ; the Whole forming the Private 
Library of a Gentleman [G, It. Haze well], etc., etc. : sold at 
Auction, Monday, May 16 [1859], etc. Contains 5,106 lots ; 
pp. 324. In.terlr.aced copy, priced. Royal Aeo. half morocco. 
rough edges. ' New York, (1859) 

541 HE HE It. IiruLiOTKECA Hsberiana. Catalogue of the Li- 
brary of the lute Richard lieber, Esq. Sold by Auction, Two 
UuMDitisu and Eight Days' Salk, between April 10, 1834, 
and February 28, 1837. Thirteen parts, containing 
54,235 lots, o vols., Seo, half maroon turkey morocco, gilt /.ops, 
roti'/h edges, by Clarke 8; Bedford. Ruled and priced 
throughout. (London, 1834-37) 

Copies priced throughout are Eeldom met with, and IhtB copy, which ia tbor- 

oujihly r.rirert ar.d' ii; 'he neiiles:. mariner i [ii-Jcnii Uy Timmas Rodd for Ze- 
lotes Hosmer), is probahlv the. finest in this country. 
This collection, which fitted eight houiei (perhaps more .') was the moat extensive 
ever made liv nnv one iiulivi iual ; ii'.ii. when siii'l, it ii' nl: /i:d I lie immense 
sum (,l'.+:ij!i.T. r >;i iis. IW. which, however, ivus iiof more, itiari one half what it 
cost l!ie collector. Mr. Ileher was elder half-brother of lip. Heher, and fig- 
ures as ■' Atticijs '' : .n l)iliii : n's " Ilihlioiiiania," the first edition of which ia 
hi the form of an Epistle addressed to him. 

542 HOSMER. Catalogue of the Choice Collection of 
Books, forming the Lirkauy of Zklotks Hosmer, Esq., 

of Cambridge, Mass., illustrative of Early English Literature 
and Standard Authors ; Fine Editions, Choice Copies, and 
Rare Books in Bibliography, History, Poetry, the Drama; 
Antiquities, Illustrated Works, etc. Together with Rare 
Editions of the Greek and Latin Glassies, from the Aldine, 
Elzevir, and Junta Presses, and other Early Prirted Books. 
All in the finest possible Condition ; sold by Auction, Tuesday, 
May 7, 18G1, and Three following Days. Contains 1,1.92 lots. 
/'rices in. pencil. Imperial 'ocu, dark blue turkey mt,raceo, extra, 
gilttop. Large paper: only 100 copies printed. 

Boston, 1861 

543 HOSMER. Another copy. Small paper. Prices in red" 
ink. Royal &vo, half dark brown- levant morocco, very neat, gilt 
top. rough edges. Boston, 1861 

544 JOSSELYN. Catalogue of a Fine Collection of 
Books, including Scarce Reprints, Large Paper Copies, Fri- 

)y GoogIe 


vately Printed Books, etc., etc.; Superbly Illustrated Vol- 
umes, etc., etc. (forming the Library of Freeman M. Josselyn, 
Esq., of Boston. Mass) : sold by Auction, on Wednesday, 
March 27, 18(37. Contains oo\) iota. Royal 8t;o,paper, rough 
edges. " Boston, 1867 

545 LIBEI. Catalogue op tiie Choicer, Portion of the 
Magnificent Library, formed by M. Guglielmo Libri, 
so eminent as a Collector ; amongst which will be found Un- 
known Mock-Books : Specimens of E.irly Typography and 
Art, comprising an Unknown Kalendarium with the Earliest 
Engravings on Copper; etc., etc. ; Early Productions of the 
English Press ; Manuscripts and Books with Autograph 
Notes; etc., etc. ; a most Superb, Interesting, smd Perfectly 
Unique Collection of Historical liinrlings ; etc.. etc. ; sold by 
Auction, Monday, 1st of August, 185!'), and Twelve following 
Days. Contains 2,824 lots ; pp. ">80. Imperial 8i-0, half 
moi-oc-o, neat gilt top, rough edges. (London, 1 8;W) 

This C:ilii!<>K<»: tpiiiinishs tome ri the m«*\ valuable lmula <>-' the most exten- 
sive colkttiim v.!:i:1i ii:is bivn ih-m.'Vii.d -;lir» llut (ii Mr. Hi'ber. It is par- 
tieuhulv vuluahk iiir the vast unumiiL <>l liiliiiii-raiiliicjil infijiiirilioii whicli it 

546 LONDON Athenaeum. A Catalogue of the Library 
of tub Athen.eum. Printed for the members. lit/gal 8vo, 
half morocco. London, 1845 

547 LONDON Institution. ACatalogue of the Library; 
systematically classed. Preceded by an Historical and Bib- 
liographical Account of the Establishment. Vol I.,with 
engraved plan-, accompanied hg n descriptive account of the 
arrangemeid of the Library. Thick imperial Sro. cloth, rough 
edges. Not published. (London). 18iJ5 

This volume, compilul t-hkily by William Up:uf, is valuable for giving the 

548 LOUIS Philippe. Catalogue de Litres Phovkn- 
ant des Bibliotheques du Feu Uoi Louis Philippe, 
dont le Vente aura lieu le 8 Mars, 1852, et les 26 Jours 
suivants, par le miiiistire de m e bonne-fons de Lavialle. 
Bibliotheques du Palais-Royal et de Neuilly. Premiere 
Partis. Contains :},<)ii lots. ' Svo. paper. Paris, 1852 

549 M'KIE. Bibliotheca Buknsiana: Life and Works of 
Burns ; Title-Pages and Imprints of the Various Editions in 
the Private Library of James M'Kie, Kilmarnock, Prior to 
Date 1866. (With an Addenda, containing List of Editions 
not in his Possession.) Contains 252 and i 1 titles ; pp. 43. 
Svo, boards. Kilmarnock, 1866 

550 MUNSELL. Valuable Private Library: Catalogue of 
a Rare and Extensive Collection of Hooks principally relating 
to America, comprising a Portion of the Private Library of 
Joel Muusell, of Albany, N. Y., and embracing Works of 
Great Value, of Small Editions, and Large Paper Copies, 
etc.; sold at Auction, April 11, 1865, and the following 

* Google 



Days. Contains 1,491 lots. Imperial 8vo, hnlf morocco, neat, 

gilt top. rough edges. Large PAPER : only 50 copies printed. 

(J. Munsell, Albany, 1865) 

551 NASSAU. Catalogue op the Choice, Curious, and 
Extensive Library of thp. late George Nassau, Esq. ; 
etc., etc. ; sold by Auction, Monday, February 1(5, and Eleven 
following Days (and on Monday, March 8, and Seven follow- 
ing Days), 1824. Two ports, containing iM'.'s and 1,661 lots. 
Ruled and priced. Hi-o, half rutsia. neat. (London), 1824 

552 NEWCASTLE Reprints. Reprints of Rare Tracts, 
and Imprints op Antient MSS., chiefly illustrative of the 
History of the Northern Counties, etc., etc. ; from the Tress 
of M. A. Richardson. Newcastle. With a list of works on 
sale, etc., and .tome far- similes. Crown %vo ; with book-plate of 
Robert JBulmanno, F. S. A. Newcastle, 1844 

553 NDTT. A Catalogue of Theological Books in For- 
eign Languages, including the Sacred Writings; 
Fathers, Doctors of the Church, Schoolmen, and Ecclesiasti- 
cal Historians, to the Death of Boniface VIII. a. d. 1303; 
Jewish and Rabbinical Commentators, Works of the Reform-"" 
ers, and of more Recent Divines, Ascetical, Dogmatical, 
Polemical, and Excgetieal ; Liturgies, Rituals, and Liturgical 
Literature; Councils, Synods, and Confessions of Faith; 
Monastic History and Rule; Canon and Ecclesiastical Law; 
Church Polity and Discipline ; Hebrew and Nyrlac Literature j 
etc.. etc. "With appendix. Contains 7,1150 lots. 2 vols., 
8vo, half morocco. London, 1857 

554 PARKER. Catalogue of the Extensive Collection 
of Splendid, Rare, and Important Books, forming thb 
Private Library of the late George Phillips Par- 
ker; etc., etc. ; sold at Auction, Tuesday, March 1 (1859), 
etc. Contains "2,6:')l lots,. Jtderkaccl cup//, priced, 1,'oyol Svo, 
half morocco, rough edges. New York. 1851) 

555 PARR. Bibliotheca Parriana : a Catalogue of the 
Library of the late Reverend and Learned Samuel Parr, 
LL. D. [Compiled by Henry G. Bonn ] Fine portrait by 
W. Skcltim. Titick Sco, cloth, nuuh edges. Large 
paper : only 40 copies printed. J. Holm, London, 1827 

This eatatnpie, ivhic 1 ! ouiiiiiris Dr. Parr's nnUis from I he fly-leaves of till 
bonk", was prqiai-rrt il.'tcr h.s di'iilh. nr.l tar :l f:\lo i-nl a lysine, but at his re- 
quest, t'.u- — as In' lift™ remarked, ■-" iks wi.vkl woiiid than see what sot! 
of a rnllacti'fii iit' 1»>' ks ::ad 1 1 i'p. r i miuli- bv ;i cf,:iiilrv parson." 

556 PHILADELPHIA Library. The Charter, Laws, and 
Catalogue of Books op the Library Company op 
Philadelphia. (With a Short Account of the Library, and 
the Medals, and a List of Members, February, 1765.) 
Crown 8vo, half morocco. Printed by Franklin. 

Philadelphia, 1764 

This librarv was tin: /;>;.' c'.'iWp >■»; i ;: tins i f-v, nv.'.i tin! «:-■>■../ ..-ftjAlided 
Tin- ■■■ Iti-UVrxnt I.ibnrv." Nfu-pnrl, It. I., w:i; ^MblisVd »-e v,-ar earliet 
(1730), but was cut chartered until five years later (1747) limn this. 

)y GoogIe 


557 REDWOOD Library. A Catalogue op the Redwood 
Library and Athenaeum, in Newport, R. I. ; together 
with a Supplement, Addenda, and Index of Subjects and Ti- 
tles : showing all the Hooks belonging to the Company on the 
First of June, I860. To which is prefixed a Short Account 
of the Institution ; with the Charter, Laws, and Regulations. 
Royal 8»io, half roan. 

Printed by J. Wilson & Son, Boston, 1860 

This library was o :■:!,!:,■ ! -:eil in 17-;n aid chartered i:i 17+7: it is, therefore, <»« 
uf lie tia> Mr:! Jibrjii ii-n iii this cwinlrv iili« 1" ij i d.. -1,-d pu L.i [.i'liAiT was es- 
tablished in 1731 and chartered in 17-12]. It- contains many valuable works. 

558 ROYAL Institution oe Great Britain. A Catalogue 
of THE Libuahy ; including a Complete List of all the 
Greek Writers, by the late Rev. Charles Burney, D. D. : 
methodically arranged, with an Alphabetical Index of Au- 
thors ; by William Harris, Keeper of the Library. The Sec- 
ond Edition, considerably enlarged and improved. Royal Hue, 
half calf, tnar'Je.d edf/es ; with book-plate of Gnon/e Phillips 
Parker. London, 1821 

559 UOXBUKGHE. A Catalogue of the Library of the 
late John. Duke of Roxblrghe ; sold by Auction, Mon- 
day, 18th May, 1812, and the ForU-one following Days (and 
on Monday, the 13th of July, 1812, and the Three following 
Days). With Suppli'M^nt, etc., and prices, Contains !).3;>3, 
and 767 lots. Svo, calf, very neat. 

Printed by W. Bulnter & Co., London, 1812 

No. 6,2?2. the erlebriii.-d Valdmfer Bntcaecio of 1471, tic oniv known copy, 
wns iniri:]in«S(i i)v t'le illurqnrs or" !il:mi] : or.L for- .L:'.:'\-\ '.in: l,i;:!;i:-( price ever 
paid for a ~in|;k' vuliiiw'. and which caufpd rt>(.' fur mat ion uf the " lh«l>ur{:he 
Club." llib-'in <iiv.;- iiimn s>mi) a lou;; summit .>:' the oiintii.- i'-j! this vd utile 
in his " Bibliographical Decauicre-n," Vol. 111. pp. 62-fi5. 

560 SALE Catalogues. Books, Pamphlets, Engravings, 
Paintings, Porcelains, Bkonzes, Coins and Medals, 
Autographs, Ftkn'iture, Curiosities, etc., etc. Parcel of 

catalogues of sales by Leonard St Co., Boston ; including, the 
miscellaneous libraries of Zehi'es Hosmer, ./. G. Percwal, James 
Hayward, G. H. Stedman. Thomas Wetmore, etc., etc. ; the law 
libraries of livfus Choate and L. 8. dishing ; the stocks of 
Lafayette Tiurnham and. other booksellers ; the. collection of 
pii.intini/s. porcelains, bionics, etc.. of Augustus Timrndike ; etc., 
etc., etc. Boston, 1858-61! 

561 SALE and Exhibition Catalogues. Paintings, Coins 
and Medals, Books, etc., etc. Parcel of catalogues com- 
prising a collection of paintings, made by Judge Lee. sold at 
Baltimore, I860 ; first exhibition of the A/tsfon Club, Boston, 
1866; second exhibition of /ha French Etching dub. Boston, 
1866, etc., etc. ; sales of books, etc., at Boston and New York, 
including a collect,! oh- of boohs entirely relating to America, 
many of which were from Mr. S. G. Deeth's library ; W. E. 

)y GoogIe 


Wo . j dw ards sah of coins and m-?d<ds. selected from the " Finotti 
Collection;' New York. Nor-, 1862, etc., etc. 

Bait'., Bost., N. Y., and Cincm*., 1859-68 

562 SMITH. Bibliotheca Americana: a Catalogue of a 
Valuable Collection of Books and Pamphlets relating to the 
History and Geography of North and South America, and 
the West Indies; alie^-tiicr forming the most Extensive 
Collection ever allured iitr side, containing many Curious Ar- 
ticles unknown to American Bibliographers, On sole by John 
Russell Smith, London. Contains 3,37:2 lots, and index. Svo, 
half g men turkey morocco, gilt top. Loud 1 853 

563 SOMERBY. Catalogue of teie very Choice Collkc- 
tion ofr- Books forming the Library of Gustavos A. 
Somrrby. EsQuiiiK, of Boston, Mass. ; sold by Auction, Bos- 
ton, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the 25th, '26th, and 
27th of May (1869). Contains 725 and SI lots. 8vo, paper, 
rough edges. Riverside Press, Cambridge, IS(i!> 

A collection very similar to that of Mr. W. F. Fowle. This catalogue was pre- 
pared liy Mr. t'nwli! in t'-e same atauiu.r as iliac of his uivii library, and (lit 
works are very thoroughly and accural ely described. 

564 SOUTHGATE. Museum Sotjthgatiantim, being a Cata- 
logue of the Valuable Collection of Honks, Coins, Medals, and 
Natural History, of the late Itev. Richard Southgate, A. B., 
F. A. S-, etc. To which is prefixed, Memoirs of his Life. 
Sold by auction, 12 days' safe. Monday, April 2'i , 1795. Por- 
trait. Bided and priced. Imperial 8wo, half russia, rough 
edges; with autograph of Willutni Upcott. Large papeu. 

London, 1795 

565 STEVENS. Catalogue of my English Library, col- 

F. S. A., etc. Foolscap tSfo, cloth, //ill- lap, rough edges. For 
private distribution : only 150 copies printed. 

London, Nov., 1853 

This little volume i« beasctifulli- printed bv Wh-ttinehiim. and contains the 
titles of the best e:]it ; o;:s of l:i.. pr mipil standard author, sufficient io form a 
library of suo it 6.000 volumes. The eonleiiis o:' His several vokimes of Ilia 
eJiicf p ,1 ^-^r'^i ti'-l i^-. winks are ;'i-.c:i ; also, v..-:. ua:us of lji"lli and ikatii of most 
of the deceased authors. 

566 STEVENS. Historical Nuggets : Bib ho th eC a Ameri- 
cana, or a Descriptive Account of my Collection of Rare 
Books relating to America. Contains 2,!'*;1 1 lots. 2 vols.. 

foohc/ip 8fjo, cloth. >i'!t tuns, rough edtp'S. London, 1862 

This catalogue is partkai'l nlv viluaVc im- cuiuai-inf: full and ,-xact titles, all 
the works being; very caiTinlli defcribed. Il is h.uidsioiielj' printed bv Whit- 
tiiijjlium, ami only a sn.ill edition was struck oil', several cupies of which were 
dosi roved i-'y Sire in :Siew York. 

567 STRANGE. Bibliotheca Stkingkiana: a Catalogue of 
the General, Curious, and Extensive Library of that Distin- 

fitished Naturalist and Lover of the Fine Arts, the late John 
trange, Esq., LL. D. ; digested by Samuel Patcrson, sold 
by Auction, Monday, March 16, 1801, etc. Two parts, 56 




days' sale, containing 12,663 lots. Ruled and priced. Svo, 
halfrussia. (London. 1801) 

568 STRAWBERRY Hill. A Catalogue of the Classic 
Contests of Strawberry Hill, collected by Horacb 
Walfole. Sold try auction, by Mr. George. Robins ; 24 days' 
sale, cummeviiig Monday. April -_<o, I 8-1 "2. Waod-cvt title, por- 
trait on India paper, etc. The sale cnUdogvc. portly priced in 
pencil. Ato, calf, gilt, marbled edges, by Riviere.. Large 
paper: very few printed. (London, 1842) 

569 SYKES. Catalogue of tub Splendid, Curious, and 
Extensive Library or the late Sir Mark Masterman 
Sykes, Bart. Part T., eleven days' sale, commencing May 
11, 1824; contains 1,676 lots. Pakt II., six days' sale, com- 
mencing May 28, 1824; contains 825 lots. Part IK., eight 
days' sale, commencing June, 21. 1824: contains 1,190 lots. 
Portrait. I vol., imperial t'. t -o. halt" in or aero, very ne.a.l. i/ilt top, 
rowih ed'jc.s ; wi'/t book-plate of John. Trotter lirockett, F. S. A. 

(London), 1824 

This eminent coll ec tor »a9 the "Lorbnzo" of Dibtlin in hi* "Bibliomania." 

570 THORNDIKE. Catalogde of the Library of the late 
Augcstcs Thorndike, Esq.; sold by Auction, Boston, May 
29th, and following Days, 1860. Contains 1,825 hto. &vo, 
paper. Boston, 1860 

571 WAKEFIELD. A Catalogue of the very Elegant 
Classical and Critical Library of the late Rev. Gil- 
bert Wakefield, A. M., Editor of Lucretius, Pope's Homer, 
etc., etc.; sold by Auction, Thursday, March 2o, 1802, and 
Sis following Days. Contains 1,11)3 tots. Hided., and. partly 
priced. Sco, half morocco, rough edges ; with autograph of 

William Upcott. (London). 1802 

572 WEST. Bibliotheca Westiana: a Catalogue of the 
Carious and Truly Valuable Library of the late James West, 
Esq., President of the Royal Society ; comprehending a 
Choice Collection of Books in Various Languages, etc., etc.; 
more especially .such as relate to the History of Croat Uritaln 
and Ireland; their Early Navigators, Discoverers, and Im- 
provers, and the Ancient English Literature, etc., etc.; di- 
gested by Samuel t'aterson : sold by Auction, Monday, the 
29th of March, 1773, and the Twenty-three following Days. 
Contains 4,653 lots. Priced. Sco, half ritssia. 

(London, 1773) 

573 WILLIAMS. A Catalogue of the Splendid and Valu- 
able Liuiiary of the Rev. Theodore Williams, contain- 
ing a most Extraordinary Collection of Early Biblical and 
Theological Manuscripts ; liooks printed on Vellum, from 
the Akline, Junta, and other Celebrated Presses; the Best 
Editions of the Classics, etc., etc ; sold by Auction, Thursday, 
April 5th, 1827, and Five following Days; on Monday. April 

)y GoogIe 


23, 1827, and Eight following Days. Contains 1,948 lots. 

Royal to. half calf; with book-plate of li. A. Crovminshield. 
" {London, 182/) 

574 CATHERINE II., of Russia. Memoirs, written by her- 
self; with a Preface by A. Herzen. Translated from the 
French. Umo, cloth. New York, 1859 

This utobkwninl.: . fi. U ..rt amm % hor W an« h. . .1. nth and f ^, C h 

sonic ..Mi cyv cscaro.l, from which this -.v.-rk was printed. 

575 CATLIN, George. Illustrations of the Manners, 


dians; with Letters and Notes written disriiig I-ight Years 
of Travel and Adventure among the Wildest and most Re- 
markable Tribes now existing. Ninth Edition. Mips, arid 
360 from the. authors original -paudnigs. 2 r»fe, 
royal 8m, cloth, uncut. H. G. Bohn, Louden. }*-u 

576 CATLIN. George. The Breath op Life ; or, Mai-Res- 
piration, and its Effects upon the Enjoyments and Life ot 
Man. Wood-cuts. 8vo, boards. New Ion,. I >U.-. 

577 CAULFIELD, James. Blackguardiana, or a Dictionary 
of Rogues, Bawds, Pimps, etc., etc. Interspersed with many 
Curious Anecdotes, Cant Terms, Flash Songs, etc., etc, 
With 21 portraits of remo.rk.alie (for „Ulam,) chuwtert too, 
old calf. London, (1793?) 

578 CAULFIELD, James. Portraits. Memoirs, and Char- 
acters of Remarkable Persons, from the Reign of 
Edward the Third to the Revolution ; collected from 
the most Authentic Accounts extant. A New Edition, com- 
pleting the Twelfth Class of Granger's Biographical History 
of England; with many Additional Rare Portraits. Contains 
110 portraits. 3 vols., ito, boards, rough edges. Large 
paper : fine copy. London 1813 

579 CAULFIELD, James. Poutkaits, Memoirs, and Char- 
acters of Remarkable Persons, from the Revolution, 
in 11)88. to the End of the Reign of George III.; col- 
lected from the most Authentic Accounts extant. Contains 

i:<0 portraits. 1 vols.,itO, half morocco, neat, tph tops. LARGE 

paper: fine copy. London, 1819-20 

AHhm.Elh Ihis v.-.rk is smmitimcs (h.cribi'J as com:..]!!.* Lw 1™^. . >« 
cuiiipil vol' rlii- <:ai>:\n:.w h;i.'i:fvr.i»[: a c,'|-.v »i-h I l.e iioilim- ol 
dim I : ' rav-airi-. .i.:rt William fllis. Tin' author snys :h„l " .:. I a li.c or 
char.. en.:, is iKv.duL UuL is accompanied by a. portrait of unquestioned authen- 

580 CAULFIELD, James. The High Court of Justice; 
comprising Memoirs of the Principal Persons who sat in 
Judgment on King Charles the First, and signed his Death- 
Warrant, together with those Accessaries, excepted by Par- 
liament in the Bill of Indemnity. Illustrated with their por- 
traits, Autographs, and Seals, collected from Authentic 
Materials. Fine impressions of the 24 portraits, 23 of them 

)y GoogIe 



surrounded with an emblematical border. 4to, diamond russia ; 
with of Smi'/i H-sleden. London, 1820 

581 CAUSEUS de la CiiAirs&n, Michael Angelo. Eomanum 
Museum, sive Thesaurus Eruditai Antiquitatis in quo pro- 
ponuntur, ac dilucidantur Gemm^, Idola, Insignia Sacer- 
dotalia, Instrument Sacriiieiis inscrvientia, Lucerna;, Vasa, 
Bulla;, Armillse, Fibula;, Claves, Annuli, Tessera?, Styli, 
Strigiles, Vota, Signa Militaria, Marmora, etc.; adjectis in 
hac Tertia Romana Editionc plurimi.s Annotatiombus, & 
Figuris. 2 vols., folio, half moroceo. rough edges. 

Boms, 1746 

582 CAVENDISH, George. The Lir E of Cardinal Wol- 
SEY; from the Original Autograph Manuscript. With Notes 
and other Illustrations, by Samuel Weller Singer, F, S. A. 
Second Edition. Portraits and plates. 8vo, tree calf, gilt, 
marbled edges. London, 1827 

" One (if (lie most infe^riiL: rims v;ilu:i':,]n fjirciiimiis uf liin.-jmplij- in (lie Eng- 
lish Ian ;>.. singe. " — Ltjumtks. 

583 CEREMONIES et Coutumes Religjeuses de tous les 
Peuples du Monde, representees par des Figures des- 
sin£es de la Main de Bernard Picart ; avec nne Ex- 
plication Historique, & quelques Dissertations Curieuses. 
Vols. I.-V. — Superstitions Anctennes et Mowisuses : 
Prejuge'.s Vulgaires qui out iuduit les Peoples a des Usages 
& a des Pratiques routines k la Religion. Vol. J. Fine 
impressions of the plates. Together, (i vols., folio, half calf. 
Original edition. Amsterdam, 1723-33 

584 CEREMONIES (The) and Religious Customs op the 
Vacuous Nations of thb Known World ; together with 
Historical Annotations and Several Curious Discourses, equally 
Instructive and Entertaining. Written originally in French, 
and illustrated with a large Number of Folio Copper Plates, all 
beautifully designed by Mr. Bernard Pieart, and curiously en- 
graved by most of the Best Hands in Europe ; faithfully trans- 
lated into English by a Gentleman, some time since of St. 
John's College, in Oxford. Vols. I.-l V.. lart/e folio, old calf, 
gilt. London, 1733-34 

585 CERVANTES Saavedra, Miguel de. Two Humorous 
Novels, viz. I. A Diverl'my Dhlugue between Scipio and 
Bergansa, Two Dogs belonging to the Hospital of the Resur- 
rection, in the City of Valladolid, giving an Account of their 
Lives and Various Adventures; interspers'd with their Re- 
flexions and Sentiments on the Lives, Characters, Humours, 
and Employments of the Different Masters they liv'd with. 
II. The Comical History of Rinconete and Corladillo. Both 
written by the. celebrated Author of Don Quixote, and now 
first translated from the Spanish Original. The Second 
Edition. 12m<>. new sprinkled r.olf. 'jilt, red edges. 

Printed by II. Kent, for W. Sandby, London, 1742 

)y GoogIe 



586 CERVANTES Saavf-dra, Miguel de. The History 
and Adventures of the Renowned Don Quixote, trans- 
lated from the Spanish ; to which is prefixed, some Account 
of the Author's Life. By T. Smollett Illustrated with 
Copper-Plates. 4 vols, in 2, Svo, old coif, U reen edges. 

Dublin, J78o 

587 CERVANTES Saavedra, Miguel de. The Adventures 
op the Renowned Don Quixote de la Mancha ; trans- 
lated from the Original Spanish, by T. Sniolktt. To which 
is prefixed a New Life of Cervantes. Portrait and frontis- 
pieces. 4 vols., V2mo, crimson morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

r London, 1803 

588 CERVANTES Saavedra, Miguel de. Don Quixote de 
la Mancha : translated from the Spanish by Charles Jarvis, 
Esq. Carefully revised and corrected. Above 800 fine hu- 
morous wood-cuts, after desions hi/ Tony Johamiol, cud others. 
2 vols., royal Si-o, half morocco, neat ; with an/oomph of Rufus 
Ohoate. London, 1842 

589 CHALLAMEL, Augustin. Histoire-Musek de la Ki- 


jusQU'a l'Emcire. Numerous plates, and wood-outs of 
views, portraits, caricatures, costumes, medals, facsimiles, etc. 

-1 vols., Imperial tioo, half morocco, marbled edges. 

Challamel, Paris, 1842 

590 CHAMBERLAIN, Joshua L. Address to the Legis- 
lature OF the State of Maine. January, 1867. 8uo. 

Augusta, 1867 

591 CHAMBERS. Robert. The Scottish Songs, collected 
and illustrated by. $ vols., V2mo, cloth, rough edges ; 
with aut.oqroph of the compiler and newspaper co'tings. 

" W.Tait, Edinburgh, 18K0 

Amongthe eutlin? .11- i , , '" the collection, 

induJiiiL! Scun'-i ■ limmctsi.f linntiiaUuiiiiei.-,'- wludi a m [lie table of con- 
tent-., hiil not in the work. 

592 CHAMBERS, Robert. A Biographical Dictionary of 
Eminent Scotsmen; edited by Robert Chambers. New 
Edition, revised and continued to the Present Time. Nu- 
merous fine and engruvfid titles for binding in 5 vols. 
9 vols., 'royal Svo. cloth, uncut ; with aoioaropli if Rofas Cfwatc. 

" Glasgow, 1853-55 

593 CHAMBERS, William and Robert. Chambers's In- 
formation for the People ; edited by William and Robert 
Chambers. New and improved Edition. Numerous wood- 
cuts. 2 vols., royal Svo, cloth. 

Philadelphia (Edinburgh), 1860 

594 CHAMBERS' Repository or Instructive and Amusing 
Papers. Wood-cuts. Vols. I.-1V. in 1 vol., /hick l&mo, half 
calf. Boston, 1853 

595 CHANDLER, Mary G. The Elements of Character 
Second Edition. lUmo, cloth. Boston, 1854 

)y GoogIe 



596 CHANDLER, Richard, D. D. The Life of William 
Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Lord High Chancellor 
of England in the Reign of Henry VI., and Founder of 
Magdalen College, Oxford; collected from Records, Regis- 
ters, Manuscripts, and other Authentic Evidences. Portrait, 
plates, and index. Imperial 8vo, morocco, neat, gilt edges. 
Large papicr : only ."if) copies printed. London, 1811 

097 CHANDLER, Richard, D. D. Travels in Asia Minor 
and Grkf.ce, or an Account of a Tour made at the Expense 
of the Society of Dilettanti. Third Edition. Mips, plans. 
etc. 2 vols., 4fo, boards, uncut. London, 1817 

598 CHANNING, George G. Early Recollections of 
Newport, R. I., from the year 1793 to 1811. Post Boo, cloth. 
Printed by J. Wilson Sf Son, Cambridge, Mass. 

, nn „ Newport, 1868 

599 CHANNING, William Ellery, D. D. Tun Works of. 
Tenth complete Edition, with an Introduction. 6 vols., \%mo, 
half green morocco. G. G. Channing, Boston, 1849 

600 CHAPEL (Tub) of St. Mary; by the Author of " The 
Rectory of Moreland." 12mo,eloth. Boston 1861 

601 CHAPLIN, Rkv. Jeremiah. The Evening of Life, or 
Light and Comfort amid the Shadows of Declining Years. 
Umo, cloth. Boston, 1856 

602 CHAPMAN, George, and James Shirlky. The Ball, 
a Comedy ; as it was presented by her Majesty's Servants, 
at the Private House in Drury Lane. Interleaved and bound 
in 1 vol., 4to, half calf; -with crest and initials J. L. G., gilt on 
sides. MS. notes. Original edition. London, 1639 

603 CHAPONE, Hester. The Posthumous Works of Mrs. 
Chaponb ; containing her Correspondence with Mr. Richard, 
son, a Series of Letters to Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, and some 
Fugitive Pieces never before published; together with an 
Account of her Life and Character, drawn up by her own 
Family. 2 vck., foolscap Svo, green morocco, neat, gilt edges. 

J. Murray, London,' 1807 

604 CIIAPPE d'Auteroche, Jean. Voyagf. en Sib^rie, fait 
far Ordre du Roi en, 1761 ; contenant les Mceurs, les 
Usages des Rosses, et l'Etat Actuel de cette Puissance; la 
Description Geographique & le Nivollement de la Route de 
Paris a Tobolsk; l'Histoire Naturel le de la m8me Route; 
des Observations Astronomiques, & des Experiences sur 
1'Electricite Naturelle. Numerous plates, representing the cus- 
toms, manners, idols, costumes, etc., of the Russians, besides 
many relating to the natural, hist or;/ of the country, etc. 2 vols, 
in 8, royal \to, old mottled co.lf. ■;>!'. 'qilt edges. Paris, 1768 

Th, sfend v'„m:: of [his ,vork ron'nh-,- the Wriiir:.,,, of Ivmnidiarku hv 
Jii-.i:h,i|-|i.^,„^v. ir.uLs!;,!-,! :n-„ |-A,,,^ :V..:.rti 111,: „<::-;. : ., ! i.ilih,,,, pi/jlishsd ill 
Si. retprslinrg. 1755. 

605 CHAPPE d'Auteuoche, Jean. Another copy : the same. 
2 vols, in 3, old moU.ivd calf, gilt, marbled edges. Paris, 1768 

)y GoogIe 


CHARLES I., of England. BA2IAIKA : the Works of 
Kino Charles the Martyr; with a Collection of Declara- 
tions, Treaties, and other Papers concerning the Differences 
betwixt his said Majesty and his Two Houses of Parliament 
(including EIK£Jn" BA2IAIKH). With the History of his 
Life [by Richard Perrinchiefe], as also of his Tryal and 
Martyrdome. Frontispiece (arms) by J. SturL engraved title. 
(with portrait) by A. Hertoehs, and 'two other plates, one of 
which (jotham's Parable) is hj J. Neefs, offer P. Fruytiers. 
Folio, old calf, red edges. Ric. Chiswell, London, 1G87 

C07 CHARLES, Elizabeth R. Chronicles of the Schon- 
3-Cotta Family ; with Introduction by Hishop MTlvaine, 
Crown 8ro, half calf, extra, marbled edges. 

T. Nelson & Son, New York, 1864 

608 CHARLES, Elizabeth R. Chronicles of the Scuon- 
berg-Cotta Family; by Two of Themselves. \2mo, cloth. 

M. W. Dodd. New York, 1864 

609 CHARLEVOIX, Pierre Francois Xavier de. The 
History of Paraguay, containing, amongst other New, 
Curious, and Interesting Particulars of that Country, a Full' 
and Authentic Account of the Establishments formed, there 
by the Jesuits ; Establishments allowed to have realized thfl 
Sublime Ideas of Fenelon, Sir Thomas More, and Plato. 2' 
vols., Svo, old calf, neat. Dublin, 1769 

610 CHARNOCK, John. Biographia Navalis, or Impartial 
Memoirs of the Lives and Characters of Officers of the Navy 
of Great Britain, from the Year 1660, to the Present Time ; 
drawn from the most Authentic Sources, and disposed in a 
Chronological Arrangement. With the Continuation. Por- 
trait of .Sir Charles Saunders b'j Shipsd-r, and folding plate, 
of naval engagement, bid the portraits and other engravings by 
liartoloz-i, are wanting. 6 vols., Spo, half calf. 

London, 1794-98 

611 CHARRON, Pierre. Of Wisdoms, Three Bookes, writ- 
ten in French, by Peter Charro, Doct. of Lawe, in Paris- 
Translated by Samson Lennard. Engraved title {by Hole) 
only. Small ito. old calf. 

Printed by R. B. for W. Aspley, London, 1640 

Collation: Engraved title; I leaf. To (tie Ruiuinr; 1 leaf. Table; .1 leaves. 
Prei-:ce: 10 K'imis. Su'il^t ar.J Order oi ilii: Uooks; 1 leaf. Text; pp. 588. 
AlpV.;im-!uMl Talk'; iS leaves. 

612 CHA.SK, Geokgk W. The Masonic Harp; a Collection 
of Masonic Odes, Hymns, Songs, etc., for the Public and 
Private Ceremonies and Festivals of the Fraternity. — The 
Masonic Monitor ; containing the Monitorial Prayers, 
Charges, Explanations, etc., used in Conferring the Degrees 
in Lodge, Chapter, Council, and Encampment, Together in 
1 vol., square, \2rno, doth. Boston, (1859) 

)y GoogIe 


613 CHASLES, Philarlte. Etudes sub l'Antiquite; pre- 
cedes d'mi Essai sur les Phases de I'Hi.stoire Litteraire, et 
siir les Influences Inlellectuclles des Races, limo. half calf; 
with autfi'iniph of liv-fus Choate. Paris, 1847 

614 CHATEAUBRIAND, Rene Francois Auguste, Vicomte 
de. ATALA. Avec les Dessins de Gustave Dore. Ele- 
gantly printed on a very fine (hick paper, -with ■ >>') full-page en- 
gravings and nmny smaller ones. Folio, half morocco, very 
neat, gilt top. Original edition: fine impressions of the cuts. 

Paris, 1863 

615 CHATFIELD, Paul. The Tin Trumpet, or Heads and 
Tails for the Wise and Waggish. A New American Edition, 
with Alterations and Additions, limo, cloth, gilt top. 

New York, 1859 

616 CHATTERTON, Thomas. The Works or; with Life by 
G. Gregory, D. D. [Edited by Robert Sou they and Amos 
Cottle.] Views of lUdcliff Church, facsimiles,* etc. 3 vols., 
8vo, old sprinkled calf, gilt ; barks cracked. London, 1803 

617 CHATTO, William A. The Angler's Souvenir, by P. 
Fisher, Esq. [W. A. Chatto] ; assisted by Several Eminent 
Piscatory Characters. Willi Illustrations by Beck with & 
Tophani. In addihon to the line p/o'i-i carl, page is enclosed 
within a different i ■ wood-mil border. Post 8vo, 
cloth, gilt top. C. Tilt, London, 1835 

A remarkably pretty volume. 

618 CHAUCER, Geoffrey. The Canterbury Tales of 
Chaucer; to which are added, an Essay on his Language 
and Versification, and an Introductory Discourse: together 
with Notes and a Glossary. By the late Thomas Tyrwhitt, 
Esq., F. R. S. The Second Edition. Portrait, of fyrv.iritt. 
% vols., 4to, half calf, extra ; with autvproph of h'vfns Choate. 

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1798 

"This edition ivns f i r i : l I h ■ ■: 3 :iv li:c U:.ivi:-: , <.:: v nf Oxl'firii lift ;l trihute of rcFpect 
for the Editor." — LiwnJts. P 

619 CHAUCER, Geoffrey. The Canterbury Tales of 
Chaucer; with an Essay on his Language and Versification, 
an Introductory Discourse, Notes, and a Glossary, by Thos. 
Tyrwhitt, Esq. Portrait, and fine plate of the Canterbury 
Pilgrimage after Stothard. 5 vols., crown Svo, green turkey 
morocco,, ijilt edges. Only LT>t) COPIES PRINTED. 

W. Pickering, London, 1830 

620 CHAUCER, Geoffrey. Chaucer's Romaunt of the 
Rose, Thoilus and Cresstda, and the Minor Poems; 
with Life of the Poet, by Sir Harris Nicolas. 3 vols., crown 
8ro, green turkey morocco, neat, gilt edges. Only 250 covies 
printed. W. Pickering, London, 1846 

621 CHAUNCY, Charles, D. D. Seasonable Thoughts on 
the State of Relic-ion in New England, a Treatise in 
Five Parts. I. Faithfully pointing out Things of a Bad and 

)y GoogIe 


Dangerous Tendency in the Late and Present Religious Ap- 
pearance in tlie Land. II. Representing the Obligations 
which lie upon the Pastors of these Churches in Particular, 
and upon all in General, to use their Endeavours to suppress 
Prevailing Disorders, with the Great Danger of a Neglect in 
so Important a Matter. III. Opening, in many Instances, 
wherein the Discouragers of Irregularities have been injuri- 
ously treated. IV. Shewing wlmt ought to be corrected, or 
avoided, in Testifying against the Evil Things of the Present 
Day. V. Directing our Thot's, more positively, to what may 
be judged the Best Expedients to promote Pure and Unde- 
nted Religion in these Times. With a Preface giving an Ac- 
count of the Antinomians, Families, and Libertines who 
infected these Cliurelics above an Hundred Years ago; very 
Needful for these Days, the like Spirit and Errors prevailing 
now as did then. The whole being intended and calculated 
to serve the Interest of Christ's Kingdom. Small Svo, old 

Printed by Rogers & Fowle, for S. Eliot, Boston, 1743 

622 CHADNCY, Charles, D. D. A Comfleat View op the 
Episcopacy, as exhibited from the Fathers of the Christian 
Church, until the Close of the Second Century; containing 
an Impartial Account of them, of their Writings, and of 
what they say concerning Bishops and Presbyters: with Ob- 
servations and Remarks tending to shew that they esteemed 
these One and the Same Order of Ecclesiastical Officers. 
In answer to those who have represented it as a Certain Fact, 
universally handed down, even from the Apostles' Days, that 
Governing and Ordaining Authority was exercised by such 
Bishops only as were of au Order superior to Presbyters. 
Small Svo, old calf. 

Printed by D. Kneeland, for T. Leverett, Boston, 1771 

623 CHEN1E11, Marie Joseph db, Theatre de; precede 
d'une Notice, et orne dti Portrait de TAuteur. Portrait and 
third volume wanting. 2 vols., 8vo, old marbled calf, gill, mar- 
bled edges. Paris, 1818 

624 CHESNUT, James, Jun. Relations op States : Speech 
delivered in the Senate of the United Slates, April 9, I860, on 
the Resolutions submitted by Jefferson Davis, on 1st March, 
1860. 8vo,pp. 24. ' Baltimore, im> 

625 CHESTERFIELD, Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl op. 
The Letters of; including Numerous Letters now First 
Published from the Original Manuscripts. Edited, with 
Notes, by Lord Mahon [now Earl Stanhope]. Portraits. 5 
vols., Svo, green calf, gill, marbkd i/dqes. Only COmplkte 
edition. ' R. Bentley, London, 1845-53 

"In Lord Million's case the work of 'cditinj*' is riot confined to putting Lis 
i i < 1 tie page, and adding a stray note li.'r.^ind there, lie supplies 

care in seeing that tlic tcx! is critically perF.ct."— Aiht.itatwi. 



626 CHESTERFIELD, Philip Dormeb Stanhope, Earl of, 

Another copy : Ike same. 5 vols., Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1845-53 

627 CHEVALIER, Michel. Society, Manners, and Poli 
tics IN the United States ; being a Series of Letters on 
North America. Translated from the Third Paris Edition 
[by T. G. Bradford]. Svo, cloth. Boston, 1839 

B28 CHEVREUL, Michel Eugexe. The Principles op Hab- 
mony and Contrast of Colours, and their Applications 
to the Arts ; including Fainting. Interior Decoration, 
Tapestries, Carpets, Mosaics, Coloured Glazing. Paper-Stain- 
ing, Calico- Printing, Letter-press Fruiting, Map- Colouring, 
Dress, Landscape, and Flower Gardening, isle. Translated 
from the French by Charles Mattel. Third Edition, illustrated. 
Post Hvo, doth, uncut. London, 1859 

629 CHILD, Francis James. Four Old Plays : Three Inter- 
ludes — Thersytes, Jack Jugler, and Heywood's Pardoner 
and Frere; and Jocasta, a Tragedy, by Gascoigue and Kin- 
welmarsh. With an Introduction and Notes [by F. J. Child], 
Fac-xiiuile -w-'jod-cut, glossary and index. 1 :'»m, cloth, -uncut. 

Cambridge (Mass.), 1848 
These old plays, published by Prof. CirM. snosi after leaving oliege, are very 
accurately leprinled. 

630 CHILD, Francis James. English and Scottish Bal- 
lads; Edited (with Notes, Glossaries, etc.) by Francis 
James Child. 8 vols., crown tivo. half morocco, red paper sides, 
qill. tops Best collkctiox: large paper. 

Boston, 1860 

631 CHILLINGWORTH, William. The Works op (with 
some Additions and Corrections, and Life of the Author). 
3 vols., Sao, calf. University Press, Oxford, 1838 

" I should ]jn>ims« t'-ii: constaii! rcniliiij; ■■■■: Ciiilliiii^vvfi-i h, who by his example 
will leach 1 ii.iT ■ i ]i,T.:pii-uilv. ;i-;:l thf iv av of ii-j. .1 Liia.-i.uinj.', better than any 
hook that 1 kiriw; and therefore will iU'si'i-ve to be read n iliat account, 
over and over again; r.a to mv imytliiiii; ot iiis iirguuieiit." — Lecie. 

G32 CHINA : in a Series op Views displaying the Scenery, 
Architecture, and Social Habits of that Ancient Em- 
pire ; drawn, from. Original and Authentic Sketches, hy 
Thomas Alloin, Esq. With Historical and Descriptive No- 
tices by the Rev. G.N. Wright. Vignettes on the engraved titles, 
and lit fine plates, -i wis. in. 2. morocco, ejclnt, ijiU edges. 

London, (1H-11) 

633 CHINESE (The) Repository. From May, 1832, to Dec. 
1851, inclusive, and General Indhx. Printed on India pa- 
per, with maps and plates. 20 vols., 8uo, blue Chinese cloth. 
Complete and fine set: vebt few extant. 

Canton, 1833-51 

This val liable repo=itmv of l.i-torv. statistics, lanjiuaKe. etc., *a« commencBd 

hvthe Kev. Dr. Ii..lj*rl Morisi.n. the lea:m-:l 0:iin t se s.hi/.ir and (iitlier of 
1'Yote.tani cllcrt in It contains the most reliable and valu- 
able information relative to 



few complete sett can ha found in England, and probably none on the conti- 
nent, lis Iie::;uwi:, in the prtfatu Lo Lis Chinese grammar, complains that he i ot see a copv. 

The -nllr.ninir ii"ii; : -i-iiiii ii-v ,.-ii.!(.il ) is u!(;idi!::l I" a llv-l.-if .if '.h.- first vol- 
ume: "This "M '.: iln, 'i'lin^-/ [I-r'ji-nsiiorf. 1 wis im.{i[:l lor mo ill 13.">7, by 
R. P. Diiria, .il Canton, China. It is the onfy copj which escaped .lc<:r::(:'.ioii 
from tlie bu'miiiir or'tiu; :<j™urn factories, set mi :'.rc by r -it- natives Dec. 11-lii, 
ISr>ii, in .onsoiunTiic nf the trouble with England, Some 7,000 volumes of 
tii« iio|i.:>i".ny! '.:'<■., and the entire fonts of Chinese types were destroyed with 
the priii i [Tig-office." 

634 CHOATE, Rufus. The Works op ;. with a Memoir of his 
Life, by Samuel G. Brown. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1862 

635 CHODERLOS de La Clos, Pierbe Ambroise Francois, 
Les Liaisons Dangereuses: Lettres recueillies dans une 
Societe, et pubises pour l'Instruction de quelques autres. 
Par C***deL**». The second edition with the 14 
plates after Ilou.nct. and .\filc. Gerard, 2 vols., Sea, half calf. 

Londres (Paris), 1796 

636 CHOISEUL-GOUFFIER,M.G.F.A.Comtede. Voyage 
Ptttoresque de LA GrECe. Vol. I, containing maps of An- 
cient and Modern Greece. VU> beautiful large plates, and 'numer- 
ous riqtteUc*. Imperial folio, ■■rh/ison viarucc, extra, gilt edges. 

Paris, 1782 

Hod en ce genro qu'on 

637 CHORLEY, Henry F. The Authors op England : a 
Series of Medallion Portraits of Modem Literary Characters, 
engraved from the Works of British Artists, by AchilJe Col- 
las ; with Illustrative Notices, by Henry F. Chorley. Royal. 
4to, half morocco. London, 1888 

638 CHRISTIAN (The) Examiner and Theological Review. 
From Jan. 18-1, to AW 1862, inclusive. 73 vols., 8vo, kalj 
sheep. Boston, 1824-26 

639 CHRISTIAN (The) Scholar; by the Author of "the 
Cathedral." Foolscap, 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

J. H- Parker, Oxford, 1849 

640 CHRISTIAN'S (The) Guidb to Heaven, or a Manual 
op Spiritual Exercises ; with the Evening Office of the 
Church, in Latin and English, and a Selection of Pious 
Hymns. 18mo, morocco, gilt edges. Boston, 1845 

641 CHRISTMAS with the Poets : a Collection op Songs, 
Carols, and Descriptive Verses, relating to the Fes- 
tival op Christmas, from the Anglo-Norman Period to the 
Present Time. Embellished with Fifty-three tinted Illustra- 
tions by Birket Foster, and with Initial Letters and other Orna- 
ments. The borders and initials printed in gold. First edition. 
Royal 8vo, olive morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

D. Bogue, London, 1855 

)y GoogIe 


642 CHRONICLES (The) of the Bastile; an Historical Ro- 
mance. Fifth Edition. Frontis/iicre and .";i plates after P. 
Cruiksha/ik. 1 vol. — Tin; Embassy, or the Key to a Mystery ; 
an Historical Romance ; being the Second Series of the 
Chronicles of tfce Bastile. 3 vols. Together, 4 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. London, 1846 and 1847 

643 CHRONOLOGIE dls Empei hours Ottomans. With colored 
■portraits of the 31 SuUansfrom the foundation of the monarchy, 
to the late Sultan Abdul- Mc.d.jid. Folio, half morocco. 

s. 1. s. a. 

644 CHURCH, Edward. Notice on the Beet Sugar; con- 
taining a Description of the Culture, Preservation, and 
Process of Extracting its Sugar. Preceded by a Few Re- 
marks on the Origin and Present State of the Indigenous 
Sugar Manufactories of France. Translated. Vbno, boards. 

Northampton (Mass.), 1837 

645 CHURCH, John. A Cabinet of Quadrupeds, consist- 
ing of highly-finished Engravings by Tookey, from 
Drawings by Julius Ibbetson; with Historical and Scien- 
tific Descriptions by Juim Church. Fine impressions of the 
84 plains. '2- vols., imperial 4to, old calf gilt. 

London, 1805. 

646 CHURCHILL, Awnsham and John. A Collection of 
Voyages and Travels, some now first printed from Origi- 
nal Manuscripts, others translated out of Foreign Languages 
and now first publish 'd in English ; to which arc added, some 
few that have formerly appear'd in English, but do now for 
their Excellency and Scarceness deserve to be reprinted. 
With a General Preface, giving an Account of the Progress 
of Navigation from its First Beginning to the Perfection it is 
now in, etc. Numerous maps mid plates. 4 vols., folio, half 
russia. backs cracked ; with book-plaU: of JuHus Charles Hare. 

A. and J. Churchill, London, 1704 

647 CHURCHILL, Charles. Tub Poetical Works ; with 
Copious Notes and a Life of the Author, by W. Tooke, F. R. S. 
Portrait. 3 vols., foolscap %vo, half calf, extra, marbled edges. 

Boston, 1854 

648 CHURCHILL, Colonel Charles Henry. Mount Leba- 
non : a Ten Years' Residence, from 1842 to 1852, describing 
the Manners, Customs, and Religion of its Inhabitants; with 
a Full & Correct Account of the Druse Religion, and con- 
taining Historical Records of the Mountain Tribes. 3 vols., 
1853. — TheDrdzbs and the Maronites ; under the Turk- 
ish Rule, from 1840 to 1860. 1 vol, 1862. Portraits. 4 vols., 
ffvo, cloth, imcut. London, 1853-62 

The later published work contains an index to both. 

649 CIBBER, Colley. The Dramatic Works of. Portrait 

)y GoogIe 


and plates, 4 vols., 12mo, old marbled calf; with newspaper 
tni/tiii'/n, autograph of W. Forsyth and other MS. notes. 

London, 1760, etc. 

This corn' !:»« bait Hit- iV.'.lii'.vin- i :i, .v.., hound i V i*li ;;, n ■;■;■. <dv, ,: f.'.v-yr in Kpvpt," 
mm; "I'eroiU and IsiLdoiii." lTM : "Xerxes," 173ii; " Tim Srhool Hoy," 
1761; "Venus and Adonii," and "Jlyrtillo," 1736. 

650 CIBBER, Collet. An Apology for the Life of ; writ- 
ten by himself. Portrait. 12mo, half morocco. 

London, 1826 

651 CIBBER, Theophilus. The Lives of the Poets op 
Great Britain and Ireland, to the Time of Dean 
Swift; compiled from Amplts Muleriiils scattered in a Va- 
riety of Books, and especially from the MS. Notes of the late 
Ingenious Mr. Coxeter and others, collected for this Design, 
by Mr. Cibher (and other Hands), 5 voh., Vlmo, half calf; 
bindings broken. London, 1753 

652 CICERO. M. Tullii Ciceronis Opera, cum Indicibus et 
Variis Lectionibus. Clavts Ciceroniana, sive Indices Rervim 
et Verborum Philologico-Critici in Opera Ciceronis; acce- 
dunt Grasca Ciceronis Xi!i:<!S(-;irii.s Obscrvationibus illustrata. 
10 vols., royal 4to, old sprinkled i:ujf. /jilt, green edges; with 
book-plate of the Marquis of Blandford. 

ETypographeo Clarcndotiiaiio, Oxonii, 1783 edition is a careful reprint of the isxt of Olivet, l;;i! without the notes. 
The" Various Headings" are from MSS., collated bv Thomas ilearne. :™m 
the public iiml jj'-Lvuti- I -: 1 1 1- ;x i-i c- - of Oxford. ;iti.I i'nii'i ovxr S1SS. in the library 
of York Cathedral. The linhx in r-priuiLd Hum that of Ernest i. 
Gibbon, in speaking of llm Mr::i::i? of Ciri-ro. fm-s; '' I lit m:,-.t period I'di- 
lions, that Hi' Oli'.Tj-r, wh:. li imh- adorn tin- brit-lvi-- of llm v.A:, of KruoBti, 
which -iiouhl lie on the *.-i!:-Ll- ot'rlm li'.irll, 1. '.vir,. v.o'. i :i my power." —Mit- 
cet. Wis. (Vol. I., p. 62. of Hie Dublin Kdilion, 1796.) 

653 CICERO. Three Uookes of Duties, to Marcus his 
Sonne; toumed out of Latine into English, by Nicolas 
Grimald. Whereunto the Latin is adjoyned. Wood-cut title. 
The two versions in parallel columns, the. Latin in h'loi/int type. 
Small square Hvo, new tree calf, i/ilt, carmine edges. Stark 
Utter: fine copy. R. Tottell, London, 1583 

654 CICERO. Cato Major, ok the Book or Old Age; first 
written by M. T. Cicero, and now Excellently Englished 
by William Austin, of Lincolns Line, Esquire. With Annota- 
tions upon the Names of the Men and the Places. Engraved 
title, by J. Goddard. 12mo, half calf red edges. Original 
edition' : fine clean copy. W. Leake, London, 1648 

655 CICERO. Essays on Old Age and Friendship; with 
Remarks, by William Melmoth, Esq. 8vo, sheep ; with auto- 
graph of Rufus Ghoate. London, 1807 

656 CICERO. Lettbrs to Several of his Friends; with 
Remarks, by William Melmoth, Esq. The Sixth Edition, to 
which is now added a General Index. Portrait. 3 vols,, 8vo, 
half calf , extra ; with autograph of Jiufus Ghoate. 

London, 1803-04 

"An elegant translation of more than ordinary merit." —Loumdea, 



657 CICERO. Letters; with Remarks, by William Melmoth, 

Esq. 5 vols., fi'iihciip 'drtj, niarhkd cull", aim, wttrhh-d tilijos. 

Printed by J. Eallantyne & Co., Edinburgh, 1808 

658 CJCERO. The Political Works ; comprising his Trea- 
tise on the Republic, and his Treatise on the Laws. Trans- 
lated from the Original, with Dissolutions and Notes; by 
Francis Barham, Esq. 2 vols., Svo, half calf, neat ; with au- 
t'/'/rrt-)>lt of Ruf'tn O/ioate. 

E. Spettigue, London, 1841-42 

659 CLARENDON, Edward Hyde, Earl of. The Life of ; 
in which is included a Continuation of his History of the 
Grand Rebellion. Written by himself. A New Edition, ex- 
hibiting a Faithful Collation of the Original MS., with all the 
Suppressed Passages. 3 vols., Hvo, tree. cult', ifdt. morhled edges. 

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1827 

660 CLARENDON, Edward Hyde, Earl of. The History 


with an Historical View of the Affairs of Ireland ; 
now for the First Time carefully printed from the Original 
MS. preserved in the Bodleian Library. To which are sub- 
joined the Notes of Bishop Warburton. 7 vols., royal 8»o, 
calf, (/ilt, marbled edges ; with autograph of 1' a fits Choale. 

University Press, Oxford, 1849 

661 CLARK, Daniel. Proofs of the Corruption of Gen. 
James Wilkinson, and of his Connexion with Aaron 
Burr ; with a Full Refutation of his -Slanderous Allegations 
in Relation to the Character of the Principal Witness against 
him. 8ro, half morocco, neat, gilt top. 

Philadelphia, 1809 

662 CLARK, John Heaviside. A Practical Illustration 
of Gilpin's Day, representing the Various Effects on Land- 
scape Scenery from Morning till Night, in Thirty Designs 
from Nature, by the late Rev. William Gilpin, A. M., etc. ; 
with Instructions in, and Explanations of the improved 
Method of Colouring and Painting in Water Colours. 
Plates finely colored by hand. Imperial ito, half morocco, 
uncut. London, 1824 

663 CLARK, William. Peloponnesus ; Notes of Study 
and Travel. Maps and. plans. Hvo, cloth, uncut ; with 
aidograph of Rufus Choate. London, 1858 

664 CLARKE, Edward D. Travels in Various Countries 
of Europe, Asia, and Africa. (Part the First : Russia. 
Tahtary, and Turkey. Part the Second : Greece, Egypt, and 
the Holy Land ; to which is added a Supplement respecting 
the Author's Journey from Constantinople to Vienna, contain- 
ing his Account of the Gold Mines of Transylvania and Hun- 
gary. Part the Third : Scandinavia.) Portrait by Fry of ter 

)y GoogIe 


Opie, and numerous maps, plates, and wood-cuts. 11 vols., 8rc, 
half mts la, marbled edges. London, 1816-24 

" Perhaps the most instructive and engaging book of travels ever published in 
this country." — Lowndes. 

'■ Lf'HiiitiioLoTbcri'.eiii-si, Clakkk is the second Traveller of his age."— Dibdin. 

665 CLARKE, James Stanier, D. D. Naufragia; or, His- 
torical Memoir., of Shipwrecks, and of the Providential De-I 
liverance of Vessels. Gkart of the North Pole, etc. 2 vols., 
12mo, half morocco, extra. London, 1805-06 

666 CLARKE, James Stanier, D. D. ; and John M'Arthur. 
The Life of Admiral Lord Nelson, K. B., from his i 
Lordship's Manuscripts. Numerous fine, platen Ixy C. Heath, 
J. FUtler, etc.. after West, Smirh, Westall, etc. 2 vols., 
imperial ito. potishei! calf, gilt. Large paper : early impres- 
sions of the plates. 

Printed by T. Bensley, London, 1809 

667 CLARKE, Mary Ann. Authentic Mkmoirb of Mrs, 
Clarke ; in which is pourtrayed tlie Secret History and 
Intrigues of many Characters in the First Cirdes of Fashion 
and High Life : and containing the Whole of her Correspond- 
ence during the Time she lived under the Protection of his 
Royal Highness the Duke of York, the Gallant Duke's Love 
Letters, and other Interesting Papers never before published. 
By Miss Elizabeth Taylor. Second Edition. Colored portrait. 
12mo, half red morocco. T. Tegg, London, 1809 

668 CLARKE, Samuel. D.D. A Letter to Mr. Dodwell ; 
wherein all the Arguments in bis Epistolary Discourse 
against the Immortality of the Soul arc particularly an- 
swered, and the Judgment of the Fathers concerning that 
Matter truly represented. The Second Edition. Svo, old 
calf, ailt, red edocs ; with autoorapk of Jiufus Choate. 

J " London, 1706 

669 CLARKE, Samuel, D. D. A Discourse concerning the 
Being and Attributes of God, the Obligations of Nat- 
ural Religion, and the Truth and Certainty of the Christian 
Revelation ; in Answer to Mr. Hobbs, Spinoza, and 
other Deniers of Natural and Revealed Religion. The 
Seventh Edition, corrected : there is inserted in this Edition, 
a Discourse concerning the Connexion of the Prophesies in 
the Old Testament, and the Application of them to Christ; 
there is also added, an Answer to a Seventh Letter, concerning 
the Argument, a priori, in Proof of the Being of God. 8vo, 
old calf; with autographs of Jonathan Mayliew, and Unfits 
Choate, etc. * London, 1728 

670 CLARKE, Samuel, D. D. Sermons: published from the 
Author's Manuscript, by John Clarke, D. D., Dean of Sa- 
rum. With a Preface, giving some Account of the Life, Writ- 
ings, and Character of' the Author ; by Benjamin [Hoadly], 

)y GoogIe 


now Lord Bishop of Winchester. The Sixth Edition, cor- 
rected. Portrait by Vertue, and indexes. 10 vols., Svo, old 
sprinkled calf. London, 1743-44 

For contents see Darling's " Cyclnpisttia Bibliographica," col. 684, etc. 

671 CLARKE, Stephen Reynolds. Vestigia Anglic ana, or 
Illustrations of the more Interesting nr.i! Debatable Points in 
the History and Antiquities of England; from the Earliest 
Ages to the Accession of the House of Tudor. Portraits of 
Queen Elizabeth and George L, inserted. 2 vols., imperial Svo, 
cloth, uncut. Lakge paper. London, 1862 

072 CLARKE, William. Repertoeium Bibliographicum, or 
some Account of the most Celebrated British Libraries. 
[By William Clarke, Bookseller.] Frontispiece on India 
paper, and portrait (inserted) of White Keiuu-t, lip. of Peter- 
borough, i cols., imperial Svo, calf, extra, marbled edges, by 
Riviere. LauGE paper: oidy ;}!) copies printed. 

London, 1810 

G73 CLARKE, William. Another copy. Frontispiece, and 
11 portraits of run' neat collectors, etc... including 1 of Francis /., 
King of France, engraved by W. Jin/men (the celebrated por- 
trait sculptor), which is the " and only specimen of his 
engraving." Royal 8vo, calf, gilt. London, 1819 

674 CLASSICAL (The) Museum; a Journal of Philology, and 
of Ancient History and Literature. Maps, plans, and other 
plates. 7 vols., *ro, half (/rem morocco. 

London, 1844-50 

675 CLAY, Henry. The Life, Correspondence, and 
Speeches of; by Calvin Colton, LL. D. Portraitsand 
views. 6 vols., Svo, cloth. New York, 1857 

676 CLEGHORN, George. Ancient and Modern Art ; 
Historical and Critical. Second Edition, corrected and en- 
larged. 2 vols., post Svo, cloth, uncnt. Edinburgh, 1848 

677 CLEVELAND, Henry. A Selection from the Writ- 
ings of ; with a Memoir, by George S. Iiillard. Post Svo, 

crushed morocco, extra, (/ill edges. PRIVATELY PRINTED. 

(Boston, 1844) 

678 CLINTON, George. Memoirs of the Life and Writ- 
ings of Lord Byron. Portrait and wood-cuts. Svo, calf, 
gilt. London, 1825 

679 CLINTON, Henry Eynes. An Epitome of the Civil 
and Literary Chronology of Greece, from the Earliest 
Accounts to the Death of Augustus. $co, half calf, extra; with 
autograph of liufus Ohoate. 

University Press, Oxford, 1851 

680 COBB, Jonatiian H. A Manual containing Informa- 

with Suitable Directions for the Culture of Silk. New 
Edition. Plates, those -representing the leaves and insects 
arc colored. 12mo, boards. Boston, 1833 

)y GoogIe 


681 COBBETT, William. Selections from Cobbett's Polit- 
ical Wouks; being a Complete Abridgement of the 100 
Volumes which comprise the Writings of " Porcupine" and 
the "Weekly Political Register." With Notes Historical 
and Explanatory, by John M. Cobbett and James P. Cobbett. 
6 vols., &vo, ha!fca!f, extra ; with autograph of Rufus Ckoate. 

(London, 1835, or 1837) 

682 COCHIN, Augustin. The Results of Slavery. Trans- 
lated by Mary L, Booth. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1863 

683 COCHIN, Augustin. The Results of Emancipation. 
Translated by Mary L. Booth. l2mo, cloth. Boston, 1863 

684 COCICRURN, Hesry Thomas, Lord. Memorials of his 
Time. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1856 

685 CODMAN, John, Charles R., and Francis. An Ex- 
position of the Pretended Claims of William Vans, 
on the Estate of John Codman ; with an Appendix of 
Origin"] Documents, Correspondence, and other Evidence, 
Svo, ^„th ; with book-plate of T. H. Perkins. Boston, 1837 

686 COFFIN, Ciiarlks Carleton. Four Years of Fight- 
ing; a Volume of Personal Observation with the Army and 
Navy, from the First Battle of Bull Run to the Fall of Rich- 
mond. Portrait, plans, anil u-mxl-r.uts. after Xnst. Sro, sheep. 

Boston, 1866 

687 COFFIN, Robert Barry. My Married Life at Hill- 
side; by Barry Gray [R. B. Coffin]. Wood-cut*. Post 8vo, 
cloth. ' New York, 1865 

688 COFFIN, Robert. Matrimonial Infelicities, with an 
Occasional Felicity, by Way of Contrast ; by an Irritable 
Man: to which are added, as being Pertinent to the Subject, 
niv Neighbors, ami Down in the Valley. Crown 8™, doth. 

New York, 1865 

689 COFFIN, Robert. Out of Town, a Rural Episode ; with 
Illustrations. Pod Svo,cloth. New York, 1866 

690 COLEMAN, Edward. Observations on the Struc- 
ture, Economy and Diseases of the Foot or the Horsec 
and on the Principles and Practice of Shoeing. Second 
Edition. Plates. Vol. I., Ho, old marbled calf. 

. Printed for the author. London. 1798 
The second volume was published in 1S02. " An Esteemed Work." — Lwmda. 

G91 COLEMAN, William. A Collection of Facts rela- 
tive to thk Death of Major-General Alexander Ham- 
ilton, with Comments ; together with the Various Orations, 
Sermons, and Eulogies, that have been published or written 
on his Life and Character. Hvo, sheep. New York, 1804 

692 COLERIDGE, Hartley. Poems; with a Memoir of his 
Life, by his Brother. Portrait. 2 vols., foolscap 8uo, cloth, 
uncut. E. Moxon, London, 1851 

)y GoogIe 


693 COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor. Works. (Edited by 
his Son-in-Law and Nephew, H. N. Coleridge, and by his 
Daughter, Sara.) Portrait on India paper, and view of his 
study. IS I vols., foolscap See, yretu turkey murocco, gilt, con- 
tents lettered, yilf. edf/es, by Clarke, ik Ikdford. ' Elegant set. 

J. Murray and W. Pickering, London, 1835-50 
Contents ; Table Talk [with portrait and p'ate) ; 2wA., .:/«)'■"». ISIS. — 
On (lie Constitution of Churclumd Sta:..>, lviili N:ii S,-v:tu-i!< : 1 a>L, Ficker- 
imi 1839. — The. i'liend : il ■!■■■'».. Pitiariai,-. ;3-J4. - Poetical and Driuna.bc 
Works ; llw'i.. /'■V.<-c<™iy. 1 St?: — liiofr-:iri' i:; Umriria ; :! .■«/<., Pii-.h-rmg, 
18-17.— Aidst.. l,\-il::c:i.jii; i ■ ';'.!.. ('/«-■■ .-'■■■<.'. Jm;S. - Nf=i--f- unci l.^-'nr^ upon 
filnikom urc. e'.c. ; 2 m/;., Plckmim, ISIS.— <;,.:,i'.W,n-. ,t.-.; 1 -;d., i\<;ku- 
in;,, lS-i!i. — l'L-saj s on his Own Timr-s; 3 i/ofe., P,r!:,r;n S , 1850. 

694 COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor. The Literary Re- 
mains of -, collected and edited by Henry Nelson Coleridge, 
Esq., M. A. 4 vols., Svo, cloth, uncut. 

"W. Pickering, London, 1836-39 

695 COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor. The Literary Re- 
mains of ; collected and edited by Henry Nelson Coleridge, 
Esq.. M. A. 3 vols., Svo., half morocco, neat. 

W.Pickering, London, 1836-38. 

The fburlh volume (1839) is wanting, but as the first two volumes are the 

scar™ ones, Ibis copy can easily lie completed. 

696 COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor. Notes and Lectures 
upon Shakespeare, and some of the Old Poets and Drama- 
tists; with other Literary Remains of S. T. Coleridge. Edited 
by Mrs. H. N. Coleridge. 2 vols., foolscap 8vo, doth, uncut. 

W. Pickering, London, 1849 

697 COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor. The Dramatic Works 
of ; edited by Derwent Coleridge. A New Edition. Fools- 
cap Svo, cloth uncut. E. Moxon, London, 1852 

698 COLES, Elisha. A Dictionary, English-Latin and 
Latin-English; containing all Things Necessary for the 
Translating of either Language into the other, to which End 
many Thiii«s that were Erroneous are rectified, many Super- 
fluities retrenched, and very many Defects supplied, etc., etc. 
The Second Edition, enlarged. Foolscap ilo, old calf red 
edqcs ; wi'/i. an old book-plat': of AV John Ihtssrij J.'k/ara/, Hart. 

London, 1679 

699 COLLECTION (A) of Engravings prom Paintings and 
Drawings by the most Celebrated Masters, containing 
a Series of Fine Specimens after Vandyke, Annibal Caracci, 
Murillo, Carlo Dolci, Salvator Rosa, Teniers, Rembrandt, 
Vander-Velde, Brauwer, Nctcher, etc., etc. ; engraved and 
etched in the Best Manner by the most Eminent Artists. A 
series of 173 fine plates. "2 vols., royal folio, half russia, neat. 

London, s. a. 

700 COLLECTION (A) op the most Esteemed Farces and 
Entertainments Performed on the British Stage. (By 
Garrick, Murphy, Ifavenscroft, FieMiiijr, Focite, Coleman, 
Mendez, etc.) Vlmo, old calf. C. Elliot, Edinburgh, 1782 

)y GoogIe 


701 COLLECTION (A) of Poems ; by Several Hands. — A 
Collection op the most Esteemed Piechs or Poetry, 
that have appeared t\>r Several Years, with Variety of Origi- 
nals ; by the late Moses blende/, Esq., and other Contributors 
to Dods ley's Collection, to which this is intended as a Supple- 
ment. Plates,! vols., -post. H"0, half calf, yellow edges. Dods- 
LEV's collection: irilli Mi: mints Supplement. 

London, 1766-70 

702 COLLECTION (A) or Poems ; by Several Hands. Plates. 
6 vote., post 8vo, old molded calf, green edges. 

J. Dodsley, London, 1775 

Sunn; a? the>. wi:!i;iiil I he supplement. 

703 COLLECTION (A) of Poems ; by Several Hands. (Con- 
sisting of Valuable Pieces not inserted in Mr. Dodsley's 
Collection, or published since; with Several Originals, by 
Eminent Writers.) Vignettes. 4 vols., post 8vo, old calf, gilt, 
yellow edges. Printed for G. Pcarch, London, 1775 

This cnlli'i.-.trriTi. (t.I>l; IV;irvlr=. was iU's"j:r,r(i as a Mini in notion to the above. 

704 COLLECTION (A) or Voyages and Tkavki.s, some now 
first printed from Original Manuscripts, others now first pub- 
lished in English ; to which is prefixed, an Introductory Dis- 
course (supposed to be written by the celebrated Mr. Locke), 
in titled, the Whole History of Navigation from its Original to 
this Time. Illustrated with near Three Hundred Maps and 
Cuts curiously engraved on Copper. The Third Edition. 
Printed by Assignment from Messrs. Churchill. 6 vote., H. 
Lintot and J. Osborn, 1744-46. — A Collection op Voya- 
ges and Travki.s. consisting of Authentic Writers in our 
own Tongue, which have not before been collected in Eng- 
lish, or have only been abridged in other Collections, and 
continued with others of Note that have published Histories, 
Voyages, Travels, Journals, or Discoveries in other Nations 
and Languages, relating to any Part of the Continent of Asia, 
Africa, America, Europe, or the Islands thereof; from the 
Earliest Account to the Present Time : with Historical In- 
troductions to each Account, containing either Lives of the 
Authors, or what else could be discovered, and was supposed 
capable of entertaining and informing the Curious Reader; 
and with great Variety of (Juts, Prospects, Kuins, Maps, and 
Charts. Compiled from the Curious and Valuable Library 
of the late Earl of Oxford : interspersed and illustrated with 
Notes, containing either a General Account of the Discovery 
of those Countries, or an Abstract of their Histories, Gov- 
ernment, Trade, Religion, etc. ; collected from Original Pa- 
pers, Letters, Charters, Letters Patents, Acts of Parliament, 
etc., not to be met with, and proper to explain many Obscure 
Passages, in other Collections of this kind. 2 vols., T. Os- 
borne, 1745. Together, 8 vote., folio, half morocco. Churchill 
and Harlhian collections ; Fine set. 

London, 1744-46 

)y GoogIe 


705 COLLIER, Jake. An Essay on the Art of Ingen- 
iously Tormenting, with Proper Rules for the Exer- 
cise of that Pleasant Art ; humbly addressed, in the 
First Part, to the Master, Husband, etc., in the Second Part, 
to the Wife, Friend, etc. With some General Instructions 
for Plaguing all your Acquaintance. [By Miss Collier.] 
The Second Edition, corrected. Frontispiece (a cat torment- 
ing a mouse) by Hogarth. 8vo, old calf. 

A. Millar, London, 1757 

Allibr.iHj savs, " What a sublet fur a ladv's pun ! " " What a subject for a 
dean's pen' " would be equally applicable to.-v.i': 1 - "!;:;!,■« i !■.:,; Concern ull 
Servants in General," both In-itii; lim> examplns of irony. 

706 COLLIER, Jeremy. A Short View op the Immorality 
and Profaneness of the English Stage ; together with 
the Sense of Antiquity upon this Argument. The Second 
Edition. &vo, old calf. ' London, 1698 

See AHib*]i«'a " llkitionarv of Authors," Vol. I. pp. 408-410. 

707 COLLIER. Jeremy. Another cofy : The Third Edition. 
Bvo, old calf. London, 1698 

708 COLLIER, John, "Tim Bobbin." Human Passions De- 
lineated, in about 120 Figures, Droll, Satyrical, and 
Humourous ; designed in the Hogmihiaii Style, very Useful 
for Young Practitioners in Drawing. By Timothy Bobbin 
[John Collier]. Portrait of " Tim Bobbin" and 45 plates, 
including title, with explanations in verse, part/// in the Lan- 
cashire dialect. Oblong ito, half calf . Rochdale, 1773 

709 COLLIER, John. The Miscellaneous Works of Tim 
Bobbin, Esq. ; containing his View of the Lancashire Dia- 
lect, with large Auditions and Improvements : also, his Poem 
of the Flying Dragon, and the Mao of Ilea ton ; together 
with other Whimsical Amusements in Prose and Verse {a 
Glossary of Lancashire Words and Phrases, the Black-Bird, 
the Goose, Letters, etc., etc.). To which is added, a Life of 
the Author, by Richard Townley, Esq. Portrait and 9 
plates. Vhno. new f-prinM.r.d culf, ,ji!>, red edges. 

Loudon, 1806 

710 COLLIER, John. The Works of Tim Bobbin, Esq. (in 
the Lancashire Dialect), in Prose and Verse ; with a Memoir of 
the Author, by John Corry. To which is added a Rendering 
into Simple Kuglish of the Dialogue of Tnmmns and Meary, 
with the Idioms find Similes retained, and Explanatory Notes, 
etc. ; by Elijah Ridings. Portrait and \ other humorous 
plates by the author. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Manchester, 1862 

711 COLLIER, John Payne. Reasons for a New Edition 
of Shakesi'eakb's Works, containing Notices of the Defects 
of Former Impressions, and pointing out the lately acquired 
Means of Illustrating the Plays, Poems, and Biography of 
the Poet. (With Preface to his Edition of Shakespeare's 
Works.) pp. 52 and viii. Hvo, boards, gill top ; with book- 
plate of Robert Balmanno, F. S. A. London, 1841-44 

)y GoogIe 


712 COLLIER, John Payne. Shakespeare's Library; a Col- 
lection of the Romances, Novels, Poems, and Histories used 
by Shakespeare as the Foundation of his Dramas. Now first 
collected, and accurately rcurlmcd from the Original Edi- 
tions ; with Introductory Notices. Title in black only. 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth, uncut. T. Rodd, London, (1843) 

713 COLLIER, John Payne. Shakespeare's Library; a Col- 
lection of the Ancient Novel.-.. Romances, Legends, Poems, 
and Histories used by Shakespeare as the Foundation 'of his 
Dramas. Now first collected, ami necurately reprinted from 
the Original Editions ; with Introductory Notices. Tide in 
red and black. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1850 

714 COLLIER, John Payne. A Book of Roxburghe Bal- 
lads ; edited by John Payne Collier. Esq. Facsimile wood- 
cuts. Foolscap itn. ilnrl. brown smooth morocco, t-.rt.ra., fiver 
carmine edges, by Riviere. London, 1847 

715 COLLIER, John Payne. Another cofy : the same. 
Foolscap 4(o, half olire morocco, red jxiper sides, uncut. 

London, 1847 

716 COLLIER, John Payne. Notes and Emendations to 
the Text of Shakespeare's Plays, from Early Mann- 
script Corrections in a Copy of the Folio, 1632, in the Pos- 
session of J. Payne Collier, Esq., F. S. A.; forming a Sup- 
plemental Volume to the Works of .Shakespeare by the same 
Editor, in Eight Volumes, Octavo. Foe-simile. 8vo, doth, 
uncut. Printed for the Shakespeare Society, London, 1852 

This work was afterwards ivi:hHr;nvii from thr; list of publications of the Shake- 
syicaiv Srifiiiy, am] puli'.iili.d ill ISM. :!•; the " !.*t"iiil Edition" For an 
account of iiio \rer!,. ai-j the cc-iiii-over-v o!-i'iLsiijru't.i bv it, see Bohn'a 
" Lowndes," pp. 23 (5, etc. 

717 COLLIER, John Payne. A Review of "An Inquiry 
into the Genuineness of the Manuscript Correc- 
tions in Mr. J. Payne Collier's Annotated Shak- 
Spere, Folio, 1632; and of Certain Sliaksperiai) Documents 
likewise published by Mr. Collier;" by N. E. S. A. Hamilton 
[Bentley]. Also, the Reply of Mr. J. Payne Collier, to the 
"Inquiry." Reprinted from the Athenaeum of the 18th of 
February, 1860. Svo, pp. 32. New York, 1860 

"Printed tor pvivati/uruiiluihiii by Charles IV. FmdoricUsar." 

718 COLLIER, Rev. W. Poems on Various Occasions, with 
Translations from Authors in Different I.anoimges. 2 vols., 

post Hro, red morocco, gilt, f/ilt edges. London, 1800 

From the Dude of Gloucester's library, with arms and book-plate. 

719 COLLINS, Lt. Col. David. An Account of the Eng- 
lish Colony in New South Wales, from its first Set- 
tlement in January, 1788, to August, 1801 ; with Re- 
marks on the Dispositions, Customs, Manners, etc., of the 
Native Inhabitants of that Country. To which are added, 



some Particulars of New Zealand; and an Account of a 
Voyage performed by Captain Flinders and Mr. Bass, by 
which the Existence of a Strait separating Van Dieman's 
Land from the Continent of New Holland was ascertained. 
The Second Edition. Portraits, charts, views, etc., engraved by 
./, Heath, etc.. ; the plates of birds colored. ito, half calf 

London, 1804 

' : A singularly curious anil painfully interesting journal, which may he consid- 
ered us ii sun. of Botnny Hay Calendar." - (ii-u-lerti/ Jlt-viao. 

720 COLLINS, John. A Dictionary of Spanisk Piiovkhhs. 
compiled from the Best Authorities in the Spanish Language, 
translated into English ; with Explanatory Illustrations from 
the Latin, Spanish, and English Authors. l'2ino, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1823 

721 COLLINS, Wilkie. The Crossed Path, or Basil ; a 
Story of Modern Life. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, s. a. 

722 COLLINS, Wilkie. The Woman in White; a Novel. 
IUuM.i-ar.ed by John McLenan. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, I860 

'723 COLLINS, Wilkie. No Namu ; a Novel. Illustrated by 

John McLenan. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1863 

724 COLLINS, William. The Poetical Works. (With 
Memoir, by Sir N. Harris Nicolas; Essay on his Genius, 
by Sir S. E. Brydges ; and Observations on the Eclogues and 
Odes, by Dr. Langhorne.) Portrait. Foolscap Svo, cloth, 
uncut, Aldihe edition. W. Pickering, London, 1830 

725 COLLINS, William. Another copy : the same. Foolscap 
Svo, turkey morocco, /pit a/yes, hi/ Tlayiiay ; -with oMngraph of 
liufus Ohoate. London, 1830 

726 COLLINS, William.' Thk Poetical Works of. (With 
Memoir, etc.) Portrait. Foolscap Hro, half calf, extra. 

Boston, 1853 

727 COLMAN, Benjamin, D. D. Practical Discourses on 
the Parable op the Ten Virgins, being a Serious Call and 
Admonition to Watchfulness and Diligence in Preparing for 
Death and Judgment. By Benjamin Colman, D. D., Pastor 
of the Church in Brattle- Street, Boston. The Second Edi- 
tion. Svo, half calf, antique. 

Rogers & Fowle, and J. Edwards, Boston, N. E., 1747 

728 COLMAN, George, Jun. Posthumous Letters, from 
Various Celebrated Men addressed to Francis Colman, 
and George Colman, the Elder; with Annotations and 
Occasional Remarks, by George Coleman, the Younger. 
Exclusive of the Letters are, an Explanation of the Motives 
of William Pulr.cncy (after wards Earl of Bath) for his Ac- 
ceptance of a Peerage, and Papers lending to elucidate the 
Question relative to the Proportional Shares of Authorship 
to be attributed to the Elder Colman and Garrick in the 
Comedy of the Clandestine Marriage. 4to, half calf, very 
neat, London, 1820 

)y GoogIe 


729 COLEMAN, George, Jtjn. The Poetical Works of. 
Wood-cuts. 24mo, cloth. London, 1840 

730 COLLYER, Rev. Robert. Nature and Life ; Sermons 
by Robert Collyer. Pastor of Unity Church, Chicago. 
Wmo, cloth. ' Boston, 1867 

731 COLQUHOUN, John. Life in Italy and France in 
the Olden Time. Vimo, doth, uncut.; with autograph of 
Eufus Choate. London, 1858 

732 COLTON, Rev. C. C. Lacon, or Many Things in Few 
Words ; addressed to those who Think. A New Edition 
complete in One Volume. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

W. Tegg & Co., London, 1851 

np hi; abode Til Paris, where he became acquainted with Hu- inbitues ol tin; 
gan-.itii'-sali.oTis of -lie i'alai", Hovdl. a:id so suioessfui «;n In- in his specula- 
tions that, ii! the course of a year or tun, he acquired;! ciui- .■.[..■! tiirtune, 
but it was soon dissipated ... He blew out bis inabs u t l'oi.tai -ebleau i:s 
Apr] 1S:!2 : and this was the act of liiin who, in his ' Laeon.' iirnduims this 
apho.'ism: ''I'Ilo gamester, if he die a martvr to his proie-sio-n. is (iui:Uy 
ruined. He adds his soui to every oilier loss, and by ihe not of suicide, re- 
nounces earth to forfeit heaven.' " — Edwin BeedeU. 

733 COLTON'S Atlas of the World, illustrating Physical and 
Political Geography. By George W. Col ton ; accompanied 
by Descriptions, Geographical, Statistical, find Historical, by 
Richard Fisher. M. D. Engraved /Stirs and 100 large 
colored maps, plans, etc. :'. rols.. large folio, half Mnrw.w, mar- 
bled edges. New York, 1858 

734 COMMERCE and Navigation: Reports of the Secre- 
tary of the Treasury, transmitting a Report from the 
Register of the Treasury, of the Commerce and Navigation 
of the United States for the Year(s) ending June 30, 1855 
(and 1857). 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1855-57 

735 COMPANION (A) to Wallace Hill ; containing a De- 
scription of the Statue of Sir William Wallace, with a Sketch 
of his Life, and an Illustration of the Surrounding Scenery of 
the Country, interspersed with Historical Events, etc. Etching 
of the statue- V2mo, pp. 36, boards ; with hool-piate. of Robert 
Balmanno. F. S. A. Alnwick, 182!) 

736 COMPENDIUM (A) of tiie most approved Modern 
Travels ; containing a Distinct Account of the Religion, 
Government, Commerce, Manners and Natural History oi 
Several Nations. 4 vols., l2mo, old calf. 

Dublin, 1757 

Contains Wafer's "Isthmus or Darien" and Pelham's " Greenland," besides 
Maundrell, Mandsviile, I'owt'ke., Ilsriway, Drnmmard, etc., etc. 

737 COMPLETE (The) Atlas of Modern, Classical, and 
Celestial Mars, together with Plans of the Principal Cities 
of the World ; constructed, and engraved on Steel, under the 
Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful 

)y GoogIe 


Knowledge, and including all the Recent Geographical Dis- 
coveries, compiled from the Latest and most Authentic 
Sources: accompanied by an Alphabetical Index to the 
Modern Maps. With 218 colored maps, including the 6 maps 
of stars. Complete in 1 vol., ehp/iant itu, half russia, neat, 
gill edges. London, 1857 

738 CONGREVE, Richard. The Roman Empire op the 
West: Four Lectures delivered at the Philosophical In- 
stitution, Edinburgh, February, 1855. Crown Svo, half 
morocco, neat ; with av.toyrtcpii. of Unfits Choate. 

London, 1855 

739 CONGREVE, William. The Works op; consisting of 
his Plays and Poems (with Lire). Portrait by T. Chambers 
after Kneller, and plates by Griyniim after flagman. 3 vols., 
royal Svo, calf, extra. Baskerville's edition: clean copy. 

Birmingham, 1761 

Co:>:i^ are ftlilmii rati wilh in free from stains. 

740 CONGREVE, William. The Works op (containing the 
Old Batchelor, the Double Dialer, Love for Love, the Mourn- 
ing Bride, the Way of the World, the Judgment of Paris, 
Semele, with Poems on Several Occasions). The* Seventh 
Edition ; to which is prefixed, the Life of the Author. For- 
trait by M. Vam/er Gncht after Knvlkr. and plates by GrUpdon 
after [Toyman. 2 vols., 12wm>, calf, gilt., green edge's; with au- 
tograjdi of Unfits Choate. 

T. Lowndes, etc., London, 1774 

741 CONLIN, Joiiann Rudolf. Roma Sancta, sive Benedict! 
XIII. Pontificis Maximi & Eminentissimorum & Reveren- 
dissimorum S. R. E. Cardinalium Viva Virtu tu in Imago 
JRri & Literis in perennatnram Virtutum Memoriam 
incisa ; continentur Vita, Familiar, Patriae, Lcgatloncs, 
nliaque scitu & menioriitu Digna Omnium S. R. E. Car- 
dinalium qui Ultimo Conclavi Anno 1 724 interfere. Prater 
cos qui a Sanctissimo Patre Benedicto XIII. neo-denominati 
fuere ; quibus Supplementi Loco in Singulos 6 Menses post 
Creationem accedent, quotquot S. R. E. Cardinales denomi- 
nari contigerit. Omnia desumpta ex Fidis Manuscripts, 
Relationibus, Publicis Moniimcnltsj Ilistoi'ieam Rdaiiouem 
adumbrante Joan, Rudolph. Conliu. Canonieo ad S. Petrum 
Augusts ; Icones crelante Joanne Christophoro Kolb, Calco- 
grapho Augustano. With two s>r/,phment$. Frontispiece, 93 
portraits, vignettes, etc.. Folio, haif coif neat. 

Augusta? Vindelicorum, 1726-30 

742 CONSTABLE, John. English Landscape Scenery : A 

Series of Forty Mezzotinlo Engravings on Steel by David 

Lucas, from Pictures painted by John Constable, R. A. Folio, 

h'.dj craimon -morocco, rx'ra, yilt edges. 

London, 1855 

)y GoogIe 


743 CONSTANT, Benjamin. Curso de Politic a Constitu- 
tional, escrito por Mr. Benjamin Constant ; traducido libre- 
mente al Espaiiol, por D. Marcial Anuinio l.npez. Segunda 
Edicion. 3 vols., 12«!<\ sAce/), u;u.rh!ed edges. 

Burdeos (Paris), 1823 

744 CONSTANTIN, Robert. Lexicon Graeco-Latinum. 
Secunda hac Editions, Pur dm ipsius Authoris, Pai'tim Fran- 
cisci, Porti & aliorum Additionibus plurimum Auctum, turn 
quanta fieri potuit Diligentia rccognitnm, ita ut jam Studio- 
sis possit esse ( 5 ra'.iiii: Lingua; Thesaurus. 2 1, thick 
folio, old calf, gilt ; with autograph of Rufus C/ioaie. Clean 
and perfect COPY. (Geneva;), 15C2 

" Ouvrage e'timij at dont il n'eat pas facile de trouver des escin pi Hires bien con- 
servi's. '' — Brunet. 

745 CONTAEINI, Gaspare, Cardinal. The Common- 
Wealth and Government of Venice ; written by the Car- 
dinal! Gaspare Contareno, and translated out of Italian into 
English by Lewes Lewkenor, Esquire. With Sundry other, 
Collections, annexed by the Translator for the more cleere 
and Exact Satisfaction of the Header; with a Short Chronicle 
in the End, of the Lives and Raignes of the Venetian Dukes, 
from the very Beginninge of their Citie. The second and 
third leaves of the address '• to the reader " torn mid a few words 
wanting, vtlierwise perfect. Smnll -Uo, half calf, red edges 

Imprinted by J. Windet, for E. Mattes, London, 15i>9 

746 CONTINENTAL (The) Monthly ; devoted to Literature, 
and National Policy. January, 1862- December, 1862. 

Voh. L and IL, Svo, half morocco. 

New York & Boston, 1862 

747 CONVERSATIONS on Chemistry ; in which the Elements 
of that Science are familiarly explained and illustrated by 
Experiments. The Tenth Edition, considerably enlarged 
and corrected. Plates. 2 vols., 12mo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1825 

748 CONVERSATIONS on Vegetable Physiology • com- 
prehending the Elements of Botany, with their Application 
to Agriculture, etc. ; by Rev. J. L. Blake. Colored plates. 
12mo, sheep. Boston, 1830 

749 CONWAY, Moncure D. The Rejected Stone, or In- 
surrection vs. Resurrection in America. Third Edition. 
12mo,clolk. Boston, 1862 

750 CONYBEARE, John. Illustrations or Anglo-Saxon 
Poetry. Edited, together with Additional Notes, Intro- 
ductory Notices, etc., by his Brother, William Daniel Cony- 
beare. 8vo, half coif, neat. London, 1826 

751 CONYBExiRE, Rev. William J. and Rev. J. S. How- 
son, The Life and Epistles op St. Paul. Maps, plates, 
and wood-cuts. 2 vols., ito, half morocco; with autograph of 
Rufus Choate. Longman & Co., London, 1853 

)y GoogIe 


752 CONYBEARE, Rev. William. Perversion, oe the 
Causes and Consequences of Infidelity ; A Tale for the 
Times. 3 vols., crown 8 do. cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

753 COOK, Captain James. An Account of the Voyages 


successively performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wal- 
lis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook, in the Dolphin, the 
Swallow, and the Endeavour : drawn up from the Journals 
which were kept by the Several Commanders, and from the 
Papers of Joseph Banks, Esq. ; by John Hawkesworth, 
LL. D. Illustrated with Cuts, and a great Variety of 
Charts and Maps relative to Countries now first discovered, 
or hitherto imperfectly known. 3 vols., ito, half calf , extra. 
Original edition. 

W. Strahan & T. Cadell, London, 1773 

754 COOKE, Captain James. A Voyage towaeds the South 
Pole, and Round the World ; performed in His Majes- 
ty's Ships the Resolution and Adventure, in the Years 1772, 
1773, 1774, and 1775 : written by James Cook, Commander 
of the Resolution ; in which is included, Captain Furneaux's 
Narrative of his Proceedings in the Adventure, during the 
Separation of the Ships. Illustrated with Maps and Charts, 
and a Variety of Portraits of Persons and Views of Places, 
drawn during the Voyage by Mr. Hodges, and engraved by 
the most Eminent Masters. The Second Edition, 2 vols., 
''do, half r'df. extra; bavks cracked. 

W. Strahan &T. Cadell, London, 1777 

755 COOK, Captain James. A Voyage to the Pacific 
Ocean, for making Discoveries in" the .Northern Hem- 
isphere ; performed under the Direction of Captains Cook, 
Clerke, and Gore, in His Majesty's Ships the Resolution and 
Discovery, in the years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780. 
Vol. I. and IT. written by Captain James Cook, R. F. S. ; Vol. 
III., by Captain James King, LL. D. Published by Order of 
the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Mops, charts, 
plates, etc. 3 vols., -U.o, old nmrUcd calf gilt, yellow edges ; and 
an imperial folio atlas, {with maps and ■'>',) large, plates not, entjrared hi/ Dartaieczi. ./. A. Sher-iein, etc.). half russia. 

G. Nicol & T. Cadell, LondoD, 1784 

The above thrte. titles form a fine Pet of the thbbe yoyageb of Captain Cook. 

756 COOKE, Captain James. A New, Authentic and Com- 
plf,te Collection of Voyages Round the World, 
undertaken and performed by lloyal Authority ; contain- 
ing a New, Authentic, Entertaining, Instructive, Full, and 
Complete Historical Account of Captain Cook's First, Second, 

)y GoogIe 



Third, and Last Voyages, etc., etc., etc. The Whole of these 
Voyages of Captain James Cook, etc., being newly written by 
the Editors from the Authentic Journal of Several Principal 
Officers, and other Gentlemen of the most distinguished Naval 
and Philosophical Abilities, who sailed in the Various Ships, 
and now publishing under the Immediate Direction of George 
W. Anderson, Esq., etc. Portrait, maps, wad numerous plates. 
Folio, old calf. London, (1795) 

Tbis edition contains accounts of the voYftges of Byron, Wallis, Carteret, 
Lord Mulgrave, I.oril Anson, an.l Sir Francis Drake. 

757 COOKE, Edward. A Just and Seasonable Reprehen- 
sion of Naked Breasts and Shoulders, written by a 
Grave and Learned Papist; translated by Edward Cooke, 
Esquire, with a Preface by Mr. Richard Baxter. Small Svo, 

marocco outlaw., '.lilt Over red edges. 

' " ' J. Edwin, London, 1678 

758 COOKE, George Frederick. Memoirs of ; by William 
Dunlap, Esq. Composed principally from the Personal 
Knowledge of the Author, and from the Manuscript Journals 
left by Mr. Cooke ; comprising Original Anecdotes of Ms 
Theatrical Contemporaries, his Opinions on Various Dramatic 
Writings, etc. Portrait by Cooper. 2 vols, in 1, Svo, half 
crimson morocco, extra. London, 1813 

759 COOKE, George Wingrove. The History oe Party; 
from the Rise of the Whig and Tory Pactions, in the Reign 
of diaries II., to the Passing of the Reform Hill. (1666- 
1832.) 3 vols., Svo, hoi f coif, very neat; with autograph of 
Rufus Choate. London, 1836-37 

760 COOKE, William. The Elements of Dramatic Criti- 
cism, containing an Analysis of the Singe under the following 
Heads: Tragedy, Tragi- Comedy, Comedy, Pantomime, and 
Farce. With a Sketch of the Education of the Greek and 
Roman Actors; concluding with some General Instructions 
for Succeeding in the Art of Acting. Svo, sheep; back 
cracked. " London, 1775 

761 COOKE, William B. Rome and its Surrounding 
Scenery, illustrated with Engravings by W. B. Cooke, from 
Drawings by Eminent Artists ; accompanied by Literary 
Sketches, by H. Noel Humphreys, Esq. Engraved title, con- 
taininq 8 views and 30 fine plates, ilo. cloth, gilt edges. 

London, 1840 

762 COOMBE, William. The Tours of Dr. Syntax: in 
Search of the Picturesque ; in Search of Consolation ; in 
Search of a Wife. Three poems in Hudihrastio verse, with 80 
colored plates, by Rowlandson. 3 vols., royal 6vo, half coif, extra. 
Original copies, R. Ackermann, London, 1812-21 

763 COOMBE, William. The English Dance of Deatii, 
from the Designs of Thomas Rowlandson ; with Metrical 

)y GoogIe 


Illustrations. Frontispiece, engraved title, and 72 other col- 
ored plates. 2 vols., royal 8f.i, calf, ijilt, marbled edges. 

R. Ackermann, London, 1815-16 

764 COOMBE, William. The Dance of Life, a Poem. With 
20 colored plate- '•<] l.'oirlairUoii. Royal Svo, half russia : back 
cracked. R. Ackermann, London, 1817 

765 COOMBE, William. Another copy: the same. Royal 
Svo, calf \ gilt, marbled edges. R. Ackermann, London, 1817 

766 COOMBE, William. The History of Johnny Qile Ge- 
nus, the Little Foundling of the kite Dr. Syntax, a Poem. 
With '21 colored plates by Rowtandmn. Royal Svo, half calf, 
extra. R. Ackermann, London, 1822 

767 COOPER, James Ff.nimoee. The History of the 
Navy of the United States of America, abridged, in One 
Volume. Wood ruts. 8r<j, roan, gilt, marbled edges. 

Richmond, Va., s. a. 

768 COOPER, James Fenimore. The Choice Works of. 
Revised and Corrected Series, with .New Introductions, Notes, 
etc. 20 vols., l2mo, cloth. 

New York, 1856 

Contents: The Spy; The Deer-slayer; TheLostof the Mohicans; The Path- 
finder; The I'ioiuovi ; Tim Vrsii-it;: Jin; 1'iM; L-<mh:1 [.iifoln; The Bed 
ltnv.T: Th.< We,,: „f \Vi:h-T,:ii-W^[L; ill- Wau-r Wil :-;i ; Ths [Sri-.v,,: Tin: 
I£t.a.-:,rnoi] ; Htmu'iYiml lioui-.J; ll^nif ^s I'oim.;; Ths Two Ar.nimvU- Winy- 
and-Winy; Wyandotte; .Ia,-k Tirr; The Sen I.ions. 

769 COOPER, R. ; and R. Page. Fifty Wonderful Por- 
traits ; engraved by R. Cooper and R. Page from Authentic 
Originals. 4to, boards. London, 1824 

770 COOPER, Thomas Sidney. Groups of Cattle, drawn 
from Nature. Frontispiece, (title) mid 2j fine plates, selected 

from Cooper's -most celebrated entile jiiclv.ra, drawn Upon the 
Stone by himself. Imperial /'ilia, half morocco, extra, gilt 
edges. London, 1839 

771 COPELAND, R. M. Country Life ; a Handbook of Agri- 
culture. Horticulture, and Landscape Gardening. Numerous 
wood-cuts. Svo, cloth, rtdedges. Boston, 1859 

772 COPERNICUS. Nicolas. De Revolutionikus Orbium 
Coclesticm, Libri VI. ; in quibus SteUnrum et Fixarum et 
Erraticarum Molim, ex \"eteribns atquc Reccntibus Observa- 
tionibus, restituit hie Autor. Prseterea Tabulas Expeditas 
Luculentasque addidit, ex quibus eosdem Motus ad quod vis 
Ternpus Matliemalum Studiosus facillime ealculare potent. 
Item, de Libris Revolutionuni Nieolai Copernici Narratio 
Prima, per M. Georgium Joaehimum Rheticum ad D. Joan. 
Schonerum scripts. Small folio, old calf, red edges; with 
hook-plate of Sir George Skuckburgh, Bart. SECOND edition : 
clean and in good condition, except binding. 

Henric. Petrina, Basileae, 1566 

773 COPPING, Edward. Alfieei and Goldoni ; their Lives 
and Adventures. Post Sro, cloth, uncut. London, 1857 



774 CORNARO, Luigi. Discourses on a Soleij and Temper- 
ate Life, by Lewis Cornaro, a Noble Venetian ; wherein is 
demonstrated, by his own Example, the Method of preserving 
Health to Extreme 01(1 Age. Translated from the Italian 
Original. A New Edition, corrected. Foolscap 8vo, vellum, 
■iteiu, i/v/kiw edges. Best edition. London, 1779 

This edition is Ihe I 
translation. Tin 
of this work was wi 

775 CORNEILLE, Pierre. CEdvkes de. Edition illustree de 
85 Vignettes par Pauquet ; angmenttie il 'line Vie de Corneille 
et de Notices sur chaque Piece, par Emile de la Bedolliere. 
Imperial 8vo, cloth. Paris, s. a. 

776 COSMO III., De Medici. Travels op Cosmo the Third, 
Grand Duke of Tuscany, through England, during the 
Reign of King Charles the Second (IGfil)) ; translated from 
the Italian Manuscript in the Laiircmiun Library at Florence. 
To which is prefixed, a Memoir of his Life. Illustrated with 
a Portrait of his Highness, and Thirty-nine Views of the 
Metropolis, Cities, Towns, and Noblemen's and Gentlemen's 
Seats as delineated at that Period by Artists in the Suite of 
Cosmo. Bayal Ho, cloth, uncut. London, 1821 

777 COSTELLO, Louisa Stuart. Specimens or the Early 
Poetry OP France ; from the Time of the Troubadours and 
Trouveres to the Reign of Henri Quatre. Plates. Crown Svo, 
cloih, uncut. W. Pickering, London, 1835 

778 COSTIGAN, Arthur William. Sketches of Society 
and Manners in Portugal ; in a Series of Letters from 
Arthur William Cosligan, Esq., late Captain of the Irish 
Brigade in the Service of Spain, to his Brother in London. 
2 vols., pout Sro, sheep, yellow edges. (London), 1787 

779 COSTUME de l' Empire Russe, represents en plus de 
Soixante-dix Gravures superbement colorees : dediecs a son- 
Altesse Roy ale la Princesse Elizabeth. Text in English and 
French. Imperial 4to, Tussia, extra. Fine original copy. 

E. Harding, London, 1803 

780 COTMAN, John Sell. Architectural Antiquities of 
Normandy; accompanied by Historical and Descriptive 
Notices by Dawson Turner, Esq. Above 100 fine etchings, 
cnnprislng views, dei-ations, and details of various ancient 
edifices. 2 vols, in 1, royal folio, half crimson morocco, extra, 
gilt edges. London, 1822 

"A liiahlv valuable and faithful delineation of hiLberto inedited monuments." 
— Lmmda. 

781 COTTON, Charles. Thf, Genuine Poetical Works of ; 
containing, 1. Scarronides, or Virgil Travestie. II. Lucian 
Burlesqu'd, or the Scoffer Scofft. IIL The Wonders of the 
Peake. Illustrated with many Curious Cuts, all new-design'd, 

)y GoogIe 



and engraved by the Best Artists. The Second Edition, cor- 
rected. The plates engraved by M. Vartder Gucht. \1mo,half 
morocco, red edges. London, 1725 

782 COTTON, Charles. Another copy: the Third Edition, 
corrected. Plates by M. Vander Gucht. YZmo, half calf . 

London, 1734 

783 COUES, S. E. Outlines of a System of Mechanical 
Philosophy. \2mo, cloth. Boston, 1851 

784 COURT-TALES, ok a History of the Amours of the 
Present Nobility ; to which is prefixed a Compleat 
Key. The Second Edition. Small iivo, old calf. 

E. Cnrll, London, 1720 

At fhe end of this copy is a catalogue (pp. 14) of works issued by this pub- 

785 COURTENAY, Thomas P. Commentaries on the His- 
torical Plays of Shakspeare. 2 vols., crown Bvo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1840 

786 COUSIN, Victor. Cotjrs de l' Histoire de,la Philoso- 
■ rum Moderne. Deuxieme Sdrie. Nouvelle Edition, revue 

et corrigfe. 3 vols., 12mo, half calf ; with autograph of Itufus 
Ckoate. ' Paris, 1847 

787 COUSIN, Victor. Lectcres on the True, the Beauti- 
ful, and the Good. Increased by an Appendix on French 
Art. Translated, with the Approbation of M. Cousin, by 0. 
W. Wight. V2mo, cloth. New York, 1854 

788 COWLES, Marian. Rutledge. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1860 

789 COWLEY, Abraham. The Works of; consisting of those 
which were formerly printed and those which he design'd for 
the Press: now published out of the Author's Original Copies. 
The Seventh Edition (with Life, by iiisliofi Sprat, addressed 
to Martin Clifford). Portrait by Faithome. Small folio, old 
calf. ' H. Herringman, London, 1681 

790 COWLEY, Abraham. The Works of ; in Prose and Verse. 
A New Edition; pointing out the Pieces selected by Eichard 
Hurd, D. D., late Bishop of Worcester, ami including his Lord- 
ship's Notes, and Dr. Johnson's Life of the Author. Portrait 
on the engraved titles. 3 voh., '6ro. nil/', gilt, marbled edges; -with 
autograph of Eufus Choate. Large paper: fine copy. 

J. Sharpe, London, 1809 

791 COWPER, William. The Works of; comprising his 
Poems, Correspondence, and Translations. With a Life of 
the Author, by the Editor, Robert Southey, Esq., LL. D. 
Portraits, plates, and vignettes. 15 vols., foolscap 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1835-37 

792 COWPER, William. The Poetical Works of ; edited 
by the Rev. H. F. Cary, A. M., with a Biographical Notice 
of the Author. Vignette on t/ie engraved title. Royal iivo, 
half calf, extra, marbled edges. London, 1839 

)y GoogIe 



793 COWPER, William. Poems; with a Biographical and 
Critical Introduction, by the Rev. Thomas Dale. With 75 
wood-cuts by J. Orrin Smith after John Gilbert. 2 vols., 
square crown Hvo, morocco, gilt, gilt edges. 

London, 1841 

794 COWPER, William. The Poetical Woeks of. (With 
a Memoir, by Sir N. Harris Nicolas.) Beautifully printed, 
with large type, by Whittingkam. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, tree 
calf, gilt, marbled edges, by Riviere. Elegant edition : only 
350 copies printed. W. Pickering, London, 1853 

795 COX, Francis Augustus, D. D. Sacked History and 
Biography, from the Antediluvian Period to the Time of 
the Prophet Malachi, a. m. 1 to A. M. 3G07, b. c. 397; 
edited and partly written by F. A. Cos, D. D. Second Edi- 
tion, revised. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1850 

79S COX, Francis Augustus, D. D. Biblical Antiquities, 
with some Collateral Subjects, illustrating the Language, 
Geography, and Iv.irlv History of Palestine. Colored maps, 
and numerous wood-cuts. Post Kj;o, doth, uncut. 

London, 1852 
The above two volumes form a part of (lie "Cabinet Edition of the Encyclopae- 
dia Metropolitan. " 

797 COX, Rev. Thomas. Magna Britannia et Hibernia. 
Antiqua & Nova, or a New Survey of Great Britain ; wherein 
to the Topographical Account given hy Mr. Cambden, and 
the late Editors of his Britannia, is added a more large 
History, not only of the Cities, Boroughs, Towns, and Par- 
ishes mentioned by them, but also of many other Places of 
Note, and Antiquities since discovered. Together with the 
Chronology of the most Remarkable Actions of the Brit- 
ains, Romans, Saxons, Danes, and Normans ; the Lives and. 
Constitutions of the Bishops of all our Sees, Founders and 
Benefactors to our Universities and Monasteries, the Suffer- 
ings of Martyrs, and many Ecclesiastical Matters ; the Acts 
and Laws of our Parliaments, with Place of their Meeting ; 
a Character of such Eminent Statesmen and Churchmen as 
have signalized themselves by their Wise Conduct and Writ- 
ings ; and the Pedigrees of all our Noble Families and 
Gentry, both Ancient and .Modern, according to the Best Ge- 
lations extant. Collected and composed by an Impartial 
Hand [Rev. Thomas Cox], Maps, etc. Vols. I. and J I, Ato, 
russia, red edr/es ; with book-plate of S* John Anstruther. of 
thai, ilk Baronet. In the Savoy (London), 1720 

Vol. I. contains the Introduction, and tin: enmities of Bedford, llerfcs, Bucking- 
ham. Canibriili."'. CIh.'skt, (j!.r:iv,-;ill, CuinbdriMiu;, Derbv. Devlin, Dorset, 
Durham, mid K-sex ; Vol. II., the cmimiea ot Gloist'c-ier, Suuthaiiiplun, 
Hereford, Hi'.rtfjrd, Hunlingdon, Kent, Leicester, and Lincoln. 

798 COXE, Pbtbu. The Social Day ; a Poem, in Four Cantos. 
Engraved title, portrait, and 30 plates, after Witkie, Smirke, 

)y GoogIe 


Stothard, etc. Imperial 8vo, hoards, rough edges. Large 
paper: subscriber's copy. London, 1823 

A ',, ! '- 1 ,-* 2sS " i;l ] "' fn ""'' th " beautiful plate or the "Broken China Jar" bv 
Wilkie, tngraved by C. Warren. ' ' 

799 COXE, William. Travels in Switzerland, and in thk 
Country of the Grisons ; in a Scries of Letters to William 
Melmoth, Esq. The Third Edition. Large colored map, 
plans, and numerous plains in 2 vols., imperial 4ft), 
diamond russia, very neat, gill over marbled edges. Large 
paper : fine copy. T. Cadell, London, 1794 

The plates are found only in the quarto anil large paper octavo editions, beine 
1f-0 .a-.;<: '■:!■ 111.- oviliimrv siz.;. This >■,>„!■ hs«, :n:.;,t.'.! :. I.:..r ,,,',■. .S3' of tin; 
f ! r7'''i!MMi' : ',''Tt.f CUri0llS P'ate/neatly E»Iaid) containi.. s IC po.^traitp, each fi^- 
ten on the back. 

BOO COXE. William. Travels in Poland, Russia, Sweden, 
and Denmark ; illustrated with Charts and Engravings. 
The Fifth Edition [with Considerable Additions]. "Good im- 
pressions of the numerous portraits, plates of costume, maps, etc. 
a vols., %vo. half calf. London, 1802 

801 COXE, William. Memoirs of John, Ddke op Marl- 
borough, with his Original Correspondence ; collected 
from the Family Records at Blenheim, and other Authentic 
Sources. Illustrated with Portraits, Maps, and Military 
Plans. With an. additional plate inserted (mounted on reverse 
of the plate of arms), engraved by Jiartolozzi after a painting 
by Sam'. Shelley. .'! vols., 4to, sprinkled calf, "rplt ; with book- 
plate and autograph of John Arden. London, 1818-19 

Written in pencil beneath the added plate i« this note; " A Private Print 
l).v I5,.lfchv./i, „f ll,.. ])-.;ks ami Dm-!:.., ,,!' X -, r-| ": .. .t. : i . --». , ai-l (heir Infant,! l'r--.,nt Ditkt). (,iv,:n hyM,- [|, ;11 rv La,.s,in, Dart., to Ju!n: Anton. 
Esquire; 182a." ' 

802 CRABB, Georgk. Universal Technological Diction- 
ary, or Familiar Explanation of the Terms used in all Arts 
and Sciences ; containing Definitions drawn from the Origi- 
nal Writers, and illustrated by Plates, Diagrams, Cuts, etc. 
2 vols., 4to, half morocco, neat. '" London, [823 

803 CRABB, George. English Synonymes ; with Copious 
Illustrations and Explanations, drawn from the Best Writers. 
A New Edition, enlarged. §vo, sheep. New York, 1830 

804 CRABBE. Rev. George. The Poetical Works of ; 
with his Letters and Journals, and his Life, by his Son. 
[Edited by Wright] Portrait after T. Phillips, and front- 
ispieces and vignettes after 0. Stun.fietd, enararcd by E. Finden. 
8 vols., foolscap 8ijo, half morocco, neat. 

J. Murray, London, 1834 

805 CRABBE, Rev. George, Vicar op Bred field. An Out- 
line of a System of Natural Theology. 8vo, doth, un- 
out. W. Pickering, London, 1840 

)y GoogIe 



806 CRAIG,John. A New Universal Etymological, Techno- 
logical, and Pronouncing Dictionary of the English 
Language ; embracing all the Terms used in Arts, Science, 
and Literature. Frontispiece and engraved titles. 2 vols., 
thick royal 8vo, cloth. London, 1852 

807 CRAIG, W. Marshall. Sports of Love, in Six Poems 
and Six Etchings. Frontispiece and wood-cut vignettes in ad-_ 
dition to the six plates. Ato, half calf. Original edition. 

London, 1807 

808 CRAIG, W. Marshall. Another copy : Frontispiece and 
the six plates, colored, but witho'it the ri/piettes. ito, morocco, 
extra, gilt edges. London, 1818 

809 CRAIK, George Lillie. The Romance op the Peer- 
age, or Curiosities of Family History. Portraits. 4 vols., 
crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1848-50 

810 CRAIK, George Lillie. The English of Shakespeare, 
illustrated in a Philological Commentary on his Julius Caesar. 
Foolscap Sco, el'ith, uncut. London, 1857 

811 CRAIK, George Lillie. A Compendious History of 
English Literature, and of the English Language, 
from the Norman Conquest; with Numerous Specimens. 2 
vols., &vo, cloth, -uncut. London, 1861 

812 CRAMER, John Anthony, D. D. A Geographical and 
Historical Description of Ancif.nt Gukece. Plan of 
Ancient Athens and. its harbors. 8 cols., 8ro. ho.'J calf, extra ; 
with autii'/i-'tph of .Hi' fas Ohoate. 

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1828 

813 CRAMER, John Anthony-, D. D. A Geographical ani» 
Historical Description of Asia Minor. 2 vols., 8vo, half 
cult', kxtro..; 'with mil'.xjraiilt of Unfits Choate. 

University Press, Oxford, 1832 

The maps which should accompany the two above works arc wanting. They 

314 CRANE, Anne M. Emily Chester ; a Novel. 12mo, clotk. 
Boston, 1864 

815 CRANMER, Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. A 
Short Instruction into Christian Religion, being a 
Catechism set forth by Archbishop Cranmer in mdxlvhi. \ 
together with the same in Latin, translated from the German 
by Justus Jonas, in mdxxxix. [Edited by the Rev. Ed- 
ward Burton.] Numerous facsimile irood-citts. 8rw, dark blue 
morocco, neat, gilt edges. University Press, Oxford, 1829 

816 CRANMER, Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. The 
Remains op. Collected and arranged (with Preface and 
Notes) by the Rev. Henry .lenkyns, M. A. Portrait and fac- 
similes. 4 vols., 8vo, dark blue morocco, neat, ailt ndlp'S. 

University Press, Oxford, 1833 

)y GoogIe 


817 CRASHAW, Richard. The Complete Works of Rich- 
ard Crashaw, Canon of Loretto ; edited by William B. 
Turn bull, Esq. Foolscap Hvo, cloth, uncut; with, autograph 
ofRufus Choate. J. R. Smith, London, 1858 

818 CRAVEN, Elizabeth, Lady. A Journey through the 
Crimea to Constantinople; in a Series of Letters to his 
Serene Highness the Margrave of Brandebonrg, Anspach, 
and Bareith, written in the Year 1786. Map and plates, 
4to, hoards, uncut. London, 1783 

819 CREASY, Edward S. The Rise and Progress of the 
English Constitution. 12mo, huif calf, very mat, marbled 
edges. London, 1853 

820 CROCKETT, Henry Clay. The American in Europe ; 
being " Guesses " and " Calculations " on Men and Manners, 
made during a Tour through the most Important Portions of 
Europe. Above 100 plates, comprising views, portraits, paint- 
ings, etc. 4to, morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

London and New York, s. a. 

821 CROFT, Sir Herbert. Love and Madness, a Story too 
True; in a Series of Letters between Parlies whose Names 
would perhaps be mentioned were tliey less known or less la- 
mented. Third Edition, Enqraecd. title, and portrait (inserted) 
of Miss Ray. 12mo, half calf. London, 1780 

A mixture of fact andfiction founded upon the murder of Miss Martha Ray, 
Actress, by the Rev. James Hackman. 

822 CROKER, Thomas Crofton, The Popular Songs ov 
Ireland ; collected and edited, with Introductions and 
Notes. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

823 CRONYCKE (Die) tan Hollandt, Zeelandt en Vkies- 
lant; behinnende va Adams Tiden tot die Geboerte ons 
Heren Jhti ; voertgaende tot de Jare M.ccccc. ende xvii. : 
met de Recliten Oerspronclioc Hollandt eerst bgrepen en 
bewoent is gticwccst va de Troyane. Eii is inhoudende va 
die Hertogen va. Beyere, llenegonwi], eft Bourgogen ; die 
Til* dat si ant Graefscap geweest hebbe : met die Cronike 
der Eiscoppen van Utrecht seer suuerlic geertedecrt en int 
Lange Vhacsll. Numerous mood-cuts, eleor impressions. Two 
preliminary haves. '130 leaves (numbered), and register of 4 
leaves. The last four leares ii.os.ehj trimmed., grind, margins to 
the rest. 4fo, vellum, e:r'ra. gilt, edges. " Divi*ik-Ciieon«K " : 
fine copy. Jan Seuerst, Leyden, An. xv.c. en xvii. 

Many o^the cuts in i.liN volume ;rv e^irravcif by I.i:c;.is Van T.eyden, of whom 
Strutt save: '■ At ;i ]"■'"'■ :J win-ii Al'n':i [)::vt :■ 1 1 .: l - 1 ciir;-:i-l tlie a:r of engraving 
to !!:ch |-. : oitil-I !n:i in i.liirinary. an:l li.irc Aiuoni.) t:xiTC::«-il il wilii !.lic {.'Wilt 
list ivpuiatiun in V.a'.y. Lucas di.-purcd ;!ic palm w ; tli tio>( .vlelir.-tcl compel- 

ilors, in tins Lira Oounirics lie engraved on wood as well as on 

copper, hh cuts are not very numerous." 

824 CROSS, Jeremy L. The Templar's Chart, or Hiero- 
glyphic Monitor; containing all the Emblems and Hiero- 
glyphics explained in the Valiant and Magnanimous Orders 

)y GoogIe 



of Knights of the Red Cross, Knights Templars, and Knights 
of Malta, or Order of St. John of Jerusalem : designed and 
dulv arranged, agreeablv to the Mode of Work and Lecturing, 
by Jeremy L. Cross, K. R. C, K. T-, K. M., etc. To which are 
added, Lessons, Exhortations, Prayers, Charges, Songs, etc. 
Plates. 18mo, sheep. New Haven, 1821 

825 CROSS, Jeremy L. The True Masonic Chart, or Hie- 
roglyphic Monitor; containing all the Emblems explained 
in" the Degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow-Craft, Master 
Mason, Mark Master, Fast Master, Most Excellent Master, 
Royal Arch, Royal Master, and Select Master : designed and 
duly arranged, agreenblv to the Lectures, by R. W. Jeremy 
L. Cross, G. L. To which are added, Illustrations, Charges, 
Songs, etc., with Additions and Emendations ; also, a His- 
tory of Freemasonry, by a Brother. Sixteenth Edition. 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1851 

826 CROWE, J. A., and G. B. Cavalcaselle. A New 
History of Fainting in Italy, from the Second to the Six- 
teenth Century ; drawn up from Fresh Materials and Recent 
Researches in the Archives of Italy, as well as from Per- 
sonal Inspection of the Works of Art scattered throughout 
Europe. Nearly 100 plates, in outline. 3 vols., 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. J- Murray, London, 1864-66 

827 CRUDEN, Alexander. A Complete Concordance to 
the Holy Scriptdkes of the Old and New Testament, 
etc., etc. ; to which is added a Concordance to the Apoc- 
rypha. The Seventh Edition, revised and improved; with a 
Life of the Author by Alexander Chalmers, F. S. A. Por- 
trait. 4to, calf; rebacked. London, 1824 

828 CUDWORTII, Ralph, D. D. The Works of ; containing 
the True Intellectual System of the Universe, Sermons, etc. 
A New Edition, with References to the Several Quotations 
in the Intellectual Svstem, and a Life of the Author; by 
Thomas Birch, M. A., F. R. S. Portrait by E. Cooper. 4 
vols., &vo, calf, gilt. Oxford, 1829 

829 CULLUM, Mits. Charlotte, or One Thousand 

Seven Hundred and Seventy-three; a Play. Frontispiece 
after Wale. 8wo, morocco, e.t Ira. gilt edges. 

Printed by Baker & Galahin, London, 1775 

This piece waa never intended for the stage. 

830 CUMBERLAND, Richard, LL. D-. A Philosophical 
Enquiry into the Laws of Nature, wherein the Essence, 
the Principal Heads, the Order, the Publication, and the 
Obligation of these Laws are deduced from the Nature of 
Things ■ wherein also, the Principles of Mr. Hobbes's Philos- 
ophy, both in a State of Nature, and of Civil Society, are ex- 
amined 'into, and confuted. Written originally in Latin ; and 
translated into English, with large Explanatory Notes, and 

)y GoogIe 


an Appendix, by "the Reverend Jolin Towers, D. D., etc. 

Crown Mo, old calf, red edr/es ; with autograph of Rvfus 
Choate. Dublin, 1750 

The "Appendix" contains biography and n!h«r matn:--; iv!;uki{; io ihs improve- 

meiits in natural and moral ptiilosi>i>[:v, t-nnori^ig il.o iivi-s nf lincon, ]i[>. 
CLi.i;lin-l,i]i", I[.io',..\ Ikirvi-v. Will:?, KuU-rt Kiiv'.a. liuljlx's, I-:i;:ic Jscvi™, 
Sir Wm. Tc:r.iil,-. a:;ii Locke, etc. 
On the first .aver is the >,!>..« i->- autc-srar.ti ti..Ih. i.v lima* Choate; " ' Cum- IlilJ sn:>st;inT.i:il mni-its.''— 5i'i- ./. .Hircil-Hiusi." 

831 CUMBERLAND, Richaro, LL. D. Memoirs of, written 
by himself; containing an Account of his Life and Writings, 
interspersed with Anecdotes and Characters of Several of the 
most Distinguished Persons of his Time, with whom he has 
had Intercourse and Connexion. Fiv.e portraits, including one 
ofBp. Cumberland, and one of Dr. Benlley. R-yal Mo, calf, 
gilt, yellow edges. Loudon, 1806 

832 CUMBERLAND, Richard, LL. D. The Posthumous 
Dramatick Works of. (Published, without Revision, by his 
Daughter, Frances Marianne Janseu.) 2 vols., 8™, half calf, 
neat. London, 1813 

833 CUMMINS, Maria S. The Lamplighter. [By Miss 
Cummins.] l2mo, chth. Boston, 1854 

834 CUNNINGHAM, Allan. The Cabinet Gallery of 
Pictures by the First Masters of the English and Foreign 
Schools, in Seventy-two Line Engravings ; with Biographical 
and Critical Dissertations. Fine impressions of the plates. 
2 vols., royal firo, cloth, •/■ill tops, uncut. 

J. Major, London, 1834 

This copy is from the library of the Princess Elisabeth, daughter of Georjra III. 

835 CUNNINGHAM, Allan. The Gallery of Pictures 
by the First Masters of the English and Foreign 
Schools, with Ri<i<'r:in1 ileal and Critical Dissertations. Por- 
trait, engraved. twit, and 96 plates. 2 vols.. Mo, half morocco, 
marbled edges. G. Virtue, London, S. a. 

836 CUNNINGHAM, Allan. The Songs of England and 
Scotland. (With Introductions, Notes, etc.) Portraits 
and vignettes. 2 vols., post 8>;o, doth, wicnt ; with autograph 
of /in'fus Choate. 3. Cochrane & Co., London, JH;.i;'i 

837 CUNNINGHAM, Allan. The Life of Sir David Wil- 
KiE; with his Journals, Tours, and Critical Remarks on 
Works of Art, and a Selection from his Correspondence. 
Portrait. 3 vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt, Marbled edges, by Riviere. 

J. Murray, London, k-vl.'l 

838 CUNNINGHAM, George Godfrey. A History of Eng- 
land in the Lives of Englishmen. Numerous portraits. 8 
vols., Svo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1851-52 

839 CUNNINGHAM, Peter. Hand-Book of London, Past 
and Present. A New Edition, corrected and enlarged. 
Tliich crown &vo, cloth, uncut. J. Murray, London, 1850 

)y GoogIe 



840 CURRAN, Joiin Piiilfot. Sfkechks. Complete and Cor- 
rect Edition. Edited, with Memoir and Distuni/id TstMiu-s. 
by Thomas Davis, Esq., etc. Portrait. %vo, half calf, extra; 
with autograph of Rufus Choate. 

London, 184:7 

841 CURTIS, Geobge T. Ax Oration delivered on thk 
Fourth op July, 1862, before the Municipal Authorities oi 
the City of Boston. 8iw, cloth. Boston, 1862 

842 CURTIS, George W. Nile Notes op a Howadji. 

v York, 1851 

843 CURTIS, George W. Trumps; a Novel. Wood-cuts after 
Hoppin. \2mo, doth. New York, 1 Shi 

844 CTJRTIUS. Quintus Cuktics Kurus, ee Rebus Gestis 
Alexandri Magni. Editio prioribus correctior. Engraved 
title, pp. 271, and index. Small Si-o (!i2mo), vellum, red 
edges. Apiid Guil. Uliieu. Amsterodami, 1644 

845 CURT1US. Q. Curtii Rufi de Rebus Gestis Alexan- 
dki Magni Libri Decern. Eronlnpicee and vignettet by Lem- 
riereur oiler Eisetl. Vim v. wide mart/in, mottled calf, gilt, gilt 
edges. J. Barbou, Parisiis, 1757 

846 CURZON, Robert. A Visit to Monasteries in the Le- 
vant. 1 2mo, cloth. New York 1852 

847 CUSHING, Caroline E. W. Letters, descriptive of Pub- 
lic Monuments, Scenery, and Manners in Fiance and Spain. 
Portrait. 2 vols., Vlmo, cloth. Privately printed. 

Newburyport, 1832 

This copy was presented to Mrs. JainesHayward by Mr. Cushiiig. Seeautograph 

M». ZXf ac'ompanied her husband, Hon. Caleb Cubing, to Europe in 1829, 

and these volume (I. Vr,.™*, 11. S;,.iin,) comam hur leLter*, addressed to her 

father, duririsr lier absence. „„„„, 

"Thtv ™:itivn:ui miiiTvt.riuiinc but very we.l wnlien sci .iim-i.ii, i..,..iml 

ofthep "'.'^ ™-'- 1 :^- ^; i ' f,, T-;* 

,„„.' -,-,,,,■,: 1,1,- i-,,,r,— i i ,:;.V:li:;jii[..::li l -iii:llii:v;li!i-;riil. i iiHii; (.■:"). .hi: 8ii.ll-.'] . 
- A. H. EvtrtU. IN. A. lien., Vol -xxxmi.,p. 101.) 

848 CUTTER (The) ; in Five Lectures upon the Art and Prac- 
tice of Cutting Friends, Acquaintances, and Relations. Col- 
ored plates. Small Svo, calf, extra, marbled edges ; with auto- 
graph of the author. J. Carpenter, London, 1808 

849 CUVIER, Georges Leopold C. F. D,, Baron de. The 
Animal Kingdom, Arranged in Conformity with its Organ- 
ization ; with Additional Descriptions of all Species hitherto 
named, and of many not before noticed, by Edward Griffith, 
F. L. S., A. S., etc., and others. Vols. I.-V-, Mammalia; 
IX., Reptilia ; XIII., Annelida, Crustacea, Arachnida. 
These elates coml'I.i;te, with 31i> finch/ colored plates, the 
specific descriptions by E. Griffith. Vol. V. //. Smith, Edward 
Pidaeov. etc. 7 vols., royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Large paper. 

G. B. Whittaker, London, 1827-33 

e" Synopsis of Mammalia, "Vol. V., has been 
■. This set ranges with Shaw and Stephens. 

)y GoogIe 


850 CUVIER, Georges Leopold C. F. D., Baron de. The 
Animal Kingdom, Arranged according to its Organization, 
serving as a Foundation for the Natural History of Animals, 
and an Introduction to Comparative Anatomy; by Baron 
Cuvier. With Figures designed from Nature ; the Crustacea, 
Araclmidcs, and Insecta, by M. Latreille. Nearly 800 Col- 
oured Plates. Plates only. 4 vols., 8vo, half crimson mo- 
rocco, extra, gilt edges. London, 1837 

851 {*ggr,AELLT, G. A Relic op the Italian Revolution 
t$l&ffl of 1849: Album of 50 Line Engravings, executed on 
W$&& Copper, by the most Eminent Artists at Rome in 1849, 
secreted from the Papal Police after the " Restoration of Or- 
der," and just imported into America. With a Preface and 
Index, and Appropriate Descriptions in English, Italian, and 
French. Oblong Ito, doth. New Orleans, s. a. 

852 DAGLEY, Richard. Gems, principally from the Antique, 
drawn and etched bv Richard Daglcy ; with Illustrations in 
Verse, by the Rev. George Croly, A. SI., etc. Post 8vo, half 
morocco, neat; with autographs of F. W. P. Greenwood and 
Itufm Ohoate. London, 1822 

853 DAGLEY, Richaed. Death's Doings: consisting of 
Numerous Original Compositions in Prose and Verse, the 
Friendly Contributions of Various Writers ; principally 
intended as Illustrations of Thirty Copper- Plates, designed 
and etched by R. Dagley. Second Edition, with Considerable 
Additions. 2 vols, in I, sprinkled calf, <;ih, carmine and gilt 
tooled edges. J- Andrews, London, lS2i 

This coiiv has li:id several c[i;;ravin^ inserts, i::;:hidi::,j some cuts after Hol- 
bein's "i';i:i;'u d! Di-aM]/' ami ciidl p:i< '•■ neatly ruled with red lines. 

854 DAGLEY, Richard. Another Copt : the tame. Fine im- 
pressions of the -plates and the wood, ei't >n.g;ietlcs. 2 vols., %vo, 
half dark blue, calf, extra, marbled edges. London, 1827 

855 DALLAS, E. S. Poetics ; an Essay on Poetry. Post 8uo, 
half calf extra; with a.ulw/r-.ipk of Hams Ornate. 

London, 18o2 

856 DALMAZZONI, Anoelo. The Antiquarian, or the Guide 
for Foreigners to «<> the Rounds of the Antiquities of Rome ; 
bv 4nr-elo Dalmazzoni. Sold only by the. author. \2mo, half 
calf. Rome, 1803 

857 DALRYMPLE, Sir John, Bart. Memoirs op Great 
Britain and Ireland ; from the Dissolution of the Last 
Parliament of Charles II., until the Capture of the French 
and Spanish Fleets at Vigo. With the third -part. ,,f the second 
volume, containing the plate (on title) of Oxenfoord Castle. 
2 volt, in 3, 4to, calf, very neat. Edinburgh, 1771-88 

Part III of tlie second volume, publish ed in 1788 (i:mita:ii:n^ a cwt^nuiiu'ii 
"fr(,m '.he bai:Jc i-li" 1 1 E lou'^f "i-ill ti)« <:^:.iur L - of C.:i l'l^idi and Spanish fleets 
at Vi^o"). in very often wanting. 




858 DALZEL, Andrew. Substance op Lectures on the 
Ancient Greeks, and on the Revival of Greek Learning 
in Europe. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, neat ; with autograph 
of Eufus Choafc. Edinburgh, ] 821 

859 DAMER, Mbs. G. L. Dawson. Diary of a Tour in 
Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and the Holy Land. Plates. 
2 vols., 12mo, half calf, neat. London, 1841 

860 DANA, J. F. and S. L. Outlines op the Mineralogy 
and Geology of Boston and its Vicinity, with a Geolog- 
ical Map. Imperial 8>:o, half morocco, gilt top. Boston, 1818 

861 DANA, Richard H., Jun. Tun Si'amam'b Friend : contain- 
ing a Treatise on Practical Seamanship, with Plates ; a Dic- 
tionary of Sea Terms ; Customs and Fsugefi of the Merchant 
Service; Laws rehiring to the Practical Duties of Master 
and Mariners, Eighth Edition, revised and corrected. 12mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1856 

862 DANIEL, George. Democritus in London, with the 
Mad Pranks and Comical Conceits of Motley and Robin 
Good-Feliow ; to which are added Notes Festivious, etc. 
(and the Stranger- Guest). Foolscap Huo, cloth, uncut. 

W. Pickering, London, 1852 

863 DANIEL, Rev. William B. Rural Sports. (Containing 
Treatises on Hunting. Hawking, Shooting, Fowling, Angling, 
etc., etc.). Fine iniprcs/f'ons of the. numerous plates. 4 vols., 
royal 8i:o, half calf . Original OCTAVO edition : WITH SUP- 
PLEMENT. London, 1801-13 

"The excellent liKgravinps in this cftcintieJ work are ]iv in dually by John 
Scott, the beet of" our Kn-lifli engravers of animals." — Lowndes. 

864 DANIEL, Thomas, and William. Oiuental Scenery: 
Views in Hindoostan. First Series : Twenty- four Views in 
Hindoostan, drawn and engraved by Thomas Daniell ; 1795. 
Second Series : Twenty-four Views in Hindoostan, from Draw- 
ings by Thomas Daniell, engraved by himself and William 
Daniell; 1797. Third Series : Twenty-four Views in Hin- 
doostan. drawn and engraved by Thomas and William Dan- 
iell ; 1801. Fourth Series: Twenty-four Landscapes, Views 
in Hindoostan, drawn and engraved by Thomas and Wil- 
liam Daniell; 1807. Antiquities of India: Twelve (and 
Twelve) Views, from the Drawings of Thomas Daniell, en- 
graved by himself and William Daniell ; 1799, 1808. Hin- 
doo Excavations in the Mountain of Ellora near Atirungabad 
in the Decan : Twenty-four Views, engraved from the Draw- 
ings of James Wales by, and under the Direction of, Thomas 
Daniell; 1803. The plates all on the largest scale and finely 
colored. 3 vols., elephant folio, half morocco, extra, gilt edge) 
Originally published at £210. London, 1795-180S 

For a list of tbe plat. 

)y GoogIe 



865 DANTE, Aligiiieri. The Divina Commedia of ; consist- 
ing of the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Translated 
into English Verse, with Preliminary Essays, Notes, and 
Illustrations ; by the Eev. Henry Boyd, A. M., etc. Por- 
trait. 3 vols., Svo, old marbled calf, very neat. 

Cadell &*Davies, London, 1802 

866 DANTE, Alighieei. The Vision, or Hell, Purgatory, and 
Paradise of; translated by the Rev. II. F. Cary, M. A. A 
New Edition, corrected; with the Life of Dante, Chrono- 
logical View of his Age, Additional Notes, and Index. Por- 
trait. Post Svo, cloth, uncut ; with autograph of Tivfus Choate. 

London, 1850 

867 DANTE, Aligiiieri. The Divine Comedy, or the Inferno, 
Purgatory, and Paradise of; rendered into English by Fred- 
erick Pollock, Esq. With Fifty Illustrations, drawn by 
George Scliarf, Jun., engraved by Dalziel. Svo, cloth ; with 
autograph of Pufus Choate. London, 1854 

868 DANTE, Aligiiieri. The Divine Comedy of; translated 
by Henry W. Longfellow. (Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso ; 
with Notes, Illustrations, and Index.) 3 vols., post ±to, cloth, 
gilt tops, uncut. Boston, 1867 

869 DANTE, Alighieri. The First Ten Cantos or the In- 
ferno of; newly translated into English Verse [by Thomas 
W. Parsons]. With the verses "Qua Bust of Dante," andpor- 
trait. Svo, boards. Privately printed. Boston, 1843 

This copy was presented to Samuel Rogers, the pnet, bv Abbott Lawrence, and 
the autograph letter which accompanied M. is attached to a tty-teaf. 

870 DANTE, Alighieri. L'Enfer de; •wee les Dessins de 
Gustave Do re. Traduction Francaise de Pier-Ange!o 
Fiorenlino accompagntie du Texte Italien. Elegantly 
printed upon a fine thick paper, with portrait and 76 full-page 

-■■,.■'..• hi, , u Ll'lTJi-N riw lift 

pressions of the cuts. Paris, 1862 

871 DAKCIE, Abraham. Annales. The True and Eoyall 
History' of the Famous Empressc Elizabeth. Queene of Eng- 
land, France, and Ireland, etc., True Faith's Defendresse of 
Divine Eenowne and Happy Memory; Wherein all such 
Memorable Things as happened dining hir Blessed Kaigne, 
with such Acts and Treaties as past betwixt hir Ma 1 ! 8 and 
Scotland, France, Spaine, Italy, Germany, Poland, Sweden, 
Denmark, Russia, and the Netherlands are exactly described. 
Engraved title by Vaughan. Smalt Ato, calf, gilt, red edges. 
Portrait wanting, otherwise perfect and in fair condition. 

B. Fisher, London, 1625 

This s-rtitinn has no author's name upon (he title, the enjirnvpr's mark says, 
— "by M. Darcie-s approvall and direction,'' Tin: " Trend i K^Nllr Jtrilica- 
torv" issued ■'!'. It. l!- l: [Paul <1<! Ilcile(;ent.,aci the " Kpj.tie l.teilica- 
torv" is siKH(i:i" Abraham [lords." Loivmhs q'.iole'i be 'ulion iiif .s'aferr.cnt 

from A'k/'hm : "A trnt!«'a;h:i (J f (.'in ii, .;,.■-,, ii- :l,„ l-'iviich, bv Abraham 

Dure i«, vh", according to Dr. Fuller, understood not the Latin, and has there- 
fore committed many mistakes." 




872 DARLEY, Rev. J. R. The Grecian Dkama ; a Treatise 
on the Dramatic Literature of the Greeks. Svo, half morocco, 
neat. Dublin, 1840 

873 DARLEY, Rev. J. R. Another copy : the same. Svo, half 
calf extra; with autograph of Eufus Choate. Dublin, 1840 

874 DARLING, James. Cyclopedia Bibliographic a : a 
Library Manual of Theological and General Literature, and 
Guide to Looks for Authors, Preachers, Students, and 
Literary Men ; Analytical, .Bibliographical, and Biograph- 
ical. Double columns (33"28) : bound in 2 vols., royal Svo, 
turkey morocco, neat. London, 1854 

875 DART, Rev. John. The History and Antiquities of 
the Cathedral Church of Canterbury, and the Once- 
adjoining Monastery, containing: an Account of its First 
Establishment, Building. Re-edifications, Repairs, Endow- 
ments, Benefactions. Chapels, Altars, Shrines, Reliqvtes, 
Chauntries, Obiits, Ornaments, Books, Jewels, Plate, Vest- 
ments, before the Dissolution of the Monastery, and the 
Manner of its Dissolution ; a Survey of the Present Church 
and Cloysters, Monuments and Inscriptions, with other 
Things Remarkable, which, with the Several Prospects of 
the Church, are engraven by the Best Hands ; the Lives of 
the Archbishops, Priors, etc. of Christ-Church, with an Ac- 
count of the Learned Men there Flourishing in their Several 
Times; an Appendix of Ancient Charters and Writings relat- 
ing to the Church iind Monastery, a Catalogue of the Church- 
Wealth in Prior Estrey's Time, an Ancient Saxon Obituary, 
and a large one continu'd thence downward. Portrait by 
Faber (inserted), and 60 other plates (some neatly inlaid), in- 
cluding vignettes, besides ike plates containing arms of sub- 
scribers. Imperial folio, old mottled ettlf, gilt edges. Large 
paper: fine copy. London, 1726 

876 DARWIN, Charles. The Zoology op the Voyage of 
H. M. S. Beagle, under the Command of Captain Fitzroy, 
R. N., during the Years V6-M to 1831'.; edited and superin- 
tended by Charles Darwin, Esq., M. A., F. R. S-, V. P. G. S., 
Naturalist to the Expedition. Contains I V>;> fine large plates, 
those of mammalia and birds beautifully colored. 3 vols., royal 
■Uo, half crimson morocco, extra, gi'lt. tops. Fine copy: COM- 
PLl;TK . London, 1840-43 

Thia work is divided into five general parts, via: — 

I. Kussu.MAMsiAi.TAr de>xri :■,-.! l>y Hickm; Owen, Lsq., l'.G- S., etc.; with a 

Gcnhigiral h;lr«iuul:i,ii :>v Mr. I'.Mviri. 

II. M.iMMAI.M: <«d br OwirS* 1{ - H, l'.HV, C lira (iv I), the 
Zoliii«H'«] SMietyofl-omion; with a Notite uf their Habits and Kanges, by 

Ill/iiij^VdWrihcdbv John Guild, Esq.., F. L. S.; with a Notice of their 
Habitsantt Ha'ijrfs, bv Mr. Da-ivin. nnl wit:, ArialiniLj-;:ii: Appendix, by I.O. 
Evlon, Kst[.. !■'. J.- S. This ixirl iimryrare. 

IV.'Kisn: (lc^.ri.-v-l brthc H 

V. Kefiilia: described by T 



877 DARWIN, Erasmus, M. D. The Botanic Garden, a 
Poem ; in Two Parts. Part I. containing the Economy of 
Vegetation. Part II. the Lives of the Plants. With Philo- 
sophical Notes. Third and fourth editions. Plates {many 
colored) by W.Blake,, T. Holloway, Anker Smith, etc., after 
Fuseli, etc. 2 vols., ito, diamond russia, ijilt, marbled edges. 
Fine copy. London, 1795 and 1794 

878 DARWIN, Erasmus, M. D. The Temple of Nature, or 
the Origin of Society ; a Poem with Philosophical Notes. 
Plates after Fundi, etc. Svo, sheep, yellow cdi/es ; with auto- 
graph of John Allan. Baltimore, 1804 

879 DARWIN, Erasmus, M. D. Tim Poetical Works op. 
Containing the Botanic Garden, in Two Pans, and the Temple 
of Nature: with Philosophical and Plates. 3 vols., 8vo, old 
marbled calf ; with autograph of Rafts Choate. London, 1806 

880 DASENT, George W. Popular Tales prom the 
Norse ; with an Introductory Essay on the Origin and Dif- 
fusion of Popular Tales. V2mo, cloth. New York, 1849 

881 DAUNEY, William. Ancient Scottish Melodies, from 
a Manuscript of the Reign of King James VI.; with an In- 
troductory Enquiry illusli a:ive of ihe I li.story uf the Music of 
Scotland, ilo, brown turkey momvcj. extra, gilt top. 

Edinburgh, 1838 

Dedicated to the membersof tlie Iiitmatytie and Maitland Clubs. 

882 IJAVENANT, Sir William. The Works of; consist- 
ing of those which were formerly printed, and those which he 
design 'd for the Press. Now published out of the Author's 

Original! Copies. Portrait, ■wmHw/. Folio, half calf, neat. 
London, 1672-73 

883 DAVENANT, Sir William. Another copy: with a 
wider margin. Portrait wanting. Folio, old calf. 

London, 1672-73 

884 DAVID, Francois Anne. Les Antiquites d'Hercula- 
NDM, avec leurs Explications en L'rancois [par Sylvain Mar- 
echal]. Vols. l.~ VllL, containing above (iuO plates compris- 
ing nearly 1,100 representations of the ancient paintings, sculp- 
tures, bronzes, house-hold goods, etc., wi,irh iccre discovered in the 
excavations of llercidaacum, I'omprii, etc. 8 vols., 4to, red 
russia, extra, gilt edges ; arms ijilt on sides, and a neatly written 
MS. index- to the eight volumes. Paris, ] 780-89 

885 DAVIDSON, Lucretia M., and Margaret M. Poet- 
ical Remains of the late Lucreiia Maria Davidson, selected 
and arranged by her Mother ; with a Biography by Miss 
Sedgwick. Biography and Poetical Remains of the late Mar- 
garet Miller Davidson ; by Washington Irving. Together, 1 
vol., 12mo, cloth. ' ' New York, 1851-54 

886 DAVIES, Sir John. The Poetical Works op: consisting 
of his Poem on the Immortality of the Soul; the Hymns of 

)y GoogIe 



Astrea; and Orchestra, a Poem on Dancing, in Dialogue be- 
tween Penelope and one of her Wooers. All published from 
a Corrected Copy, formerly in the Possession of W. Thomp- 
son, of Queen's Coll. Oxon. Small 8vo, calf, neat ; with auto- 
graph of Rufiis Choate. T. Davies, London, 1773 

887 DAVIES, Thomas. Dramatic Miscellanies, consisting 
of Critical Observations on Several Plays of Shakspeare ;. 
with a Review of his Principal Characters, and those of Va- 
rious Eminent Writers, as represented by Mr. Garrick, and 
other Celebrated Comedians : with Anecdotes of Dramatic 
Poets, Actors, etc. Portrait of Ikttcrton. 3 vols., &vo, half 
calf. Printed for the Author, London, 1784 

888 DAVIS, C. S. The North-F.astf.k.v 1Sot:kdary of the 
United States. [By C. S. Davis.] Reprinted from an; 
article in the. N. A. Rev. (vol. xxxiv., p. 514, tie.' , with mi appen- 
dix. Vlmo,pp. 104, half roan. Boston, 18S2 

889 DAVIS, Sir John Francis. Hi est Wun Shoo : Chinese 
Moral Maxims, with a Free and Verbal Translation, afford- 
ing Examples of the Grammatical Structure of (he Lan- 
guage. Printed on. India paper, by P. P. Thomas, Macao, 
China. 8vo, cloth. J. Murray, London ; and Macao, 1823 

890 DAVIS, Sir John Francis. The Fortunate Union; a 
Romance ; translated from the Chinese Original, with Notes 
and Illustrations. To which is added, a Chinese Tragedy 
(entitled the Sorrows of Han). By John Francis Davis 
F. It. S., etc. Facsimile of title to the original romance and 
map. 2 vols., $vo, half morocco, extra. London, 1829 

Printed for the " Oriental Translation Fund. ,: 

891 DAVIS, Nathan. Carthage and Her Remains ; being an 
Account of the Excavations and Researches on the Site of the 
Phcenician Metropolis in Africa, and other Adjacent Places, 
conducted under the Auspices of her Majesty's Government. 
Maps, plans, plates, and wood-cuts, soma tinted. Svo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1861 

892 DAVIS, Sarah M. The Life and Times of Sie Philip 
Sidney. [By Mrs. Davis.] Portrait, view of Penshurst 
Castle, and facsimile of handwriting. Post 8t>0, cloth, gili 
l p, Boston, 1859 

898 DAW, Sir Humphrey. Consolation in Travel, or the 
Last Days of a Philosopher. Sixth Edition, with Illustrations. 
Foolscap, 8i<o, calf, gilt. J. Murray, London, 1 853 

894 DAVY, Sir Humphrey. Salmonia, or Days of Fly Fish- 
ing : in a Series of Conversations; with some Account of 
the Habits of Fishes belonging to the Genus Salmo. Fourth 
Edition, with Illustrations (and Additions by his Brother, 
Dr. John Davy). Foolscap 8i>o, calf, gilt. 

J. Murray, London, 1851 

)y GoogIe 


895 DAWSON, Henky B. Battles op the United States by 
Ska and Land, embracing those of the Revolutionary and 
Indian Wars, the-War of 1812, and the Mexican War ; with 
Important Official Documents. Illustrated with Numerous 
Highly- finished Engravings, including Battle Scenes and 
Full-length Portraits, from Original Paintings by Alonzo 
Chappel. 2 vols., Ato, morocco, antique, gilt edges. 

New York, (1858-60) 

896 DAT, Francis. The Fishes or Malahar. With 20 plates, 
cnyrnced by the author, beautifully colored by hand. Royal 
4.10, half turkey morocco, extra, etii.hlcutnt.ic.t.dhj t'joled, gilt top. 

London, 1865 

897 DEANE, Chakles. Bibliographical Tracts ; Number 
One : Spurious Reprints of Early Books. [By Charles 
Deaue.] Ato paper. Only 131 copies printed. 

Boston, 1865 

An account nftlic lar S c pap.T (iro) e<!iiir.m of " Saleoi Win-be raft, etc.; with 
NntesatHl l^|i[a(i:(ii(.;:.-,'li>- S:nj]!;d P. Fowl,.:'." Frnjll tin: Uoit.-li " Djiily 
Advertiser "oOlardi 21, iMS, (^luieiMln; si S ;:ature of ".Ddla "), with addi- 

893 DEANt:, Rev. Samuel. History of Scitdate, Massa- 
chusetts; from its First Settlement to 1831. Royal Svo, 
cloth, rough edges. Boston, 1831 

899 DEARBORN, Nathaniel. Boston Notions; being an 
Authentic and Concise Account of" that Village," from 1630 
to 1847. Plates and leood-euts, comprising portraits, maps, 
views, facsimiles, etc., 18mo, roan. Boston, 1848 

900 DEBUETT, John. Debrett's Peerage" of the United 
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The Fifteenth 
{Sixteenth ?) Edition, considerably improved. Portrait of 
George IV. and numerous plates of arms, etc. 2 cols., small 
thick 12mo, calf, gilt. London, 1825 

901 DEBRiiTT, John. Debrett's Baronetage op England, 
containing their Descent and Present Stale, their Collateral 
Branches. Births, Marriages, and Issue, from the Institution 
of the Order in 1611; a Complete and Alphabetical Ar- 
rangement of their Mottoes, with Correct Translations ; a 
List of Persons who have received the Honour of Knight- 
hood, of Extinct Baronets, of such as have been advanced to 
the Peerage, and of British Subjects holding Foreign Orders 
of Knighthood. The Fifth Edition, considerably enlarged. 
Numerous of arms, etc. 2 vols., small thick 12mo, calf, giU. 

London, 1824 

902 DE FOE, Daniel. The History of the Union between 
England and Scotland; with an Appendix of Original 
Papers. To which is now added a Life of the Celebrated 
Author [by George Chalmers], and a Copious Index. Por- 
trait by W. Skelton. Royal Ato, half calf, rough edges; with 
book-plate of George HQyly, D. £>. Large paper. 

J. Stockdale, Loudon, 1786 

)y GoogIe 


903 DE FOE, Daniel. The Life and Adventures of Robin- 
son Crusoe ; written by himself. [By De Foe.] Engraved 
titles and plates by Mtdltuul after Stvlhard. 2 vols., Ato, half 
morocco, {/ill tops, Uncut. LARGE PAPER, 

J. Stockdale, London, 1804 

904 DE FOE, Daniel. The Life and Surprising Adven- 
tures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner ; with a Bio- 
graphical Account of De Foe. Illustrated with Seventy 
Characteristic Wood Engravings, finely executed by Harvey 
and Whimper. Crown Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1846 

905 DE FOE, Daniel. Memoirs of Capt. George Carle- 
ton, an English Officer, including Anecdotes of the War in 
Spain under the Earl of Peterborough, and many Interesting 
Particulars relating to the Manners of the Spaniards in the 
Beginning of the Lust Century; written by himself. Preface 
by Sir Walter Scott. 8vo, marbled calf, neat. 

Edinburgh, 1808 

" ThiB valuable etid i::U:rej'.ii:cv.-oi-k (a groat favorile willi Dr. Johnson) haa 
been likewise atrributpd id Dean Swift. ' lie Foe's part in this work,' (ays 
Lord. Million in his 1 War ol'Sme.ession," is very doubtful.' " — Lowade*. 

900 DE FOE, Daniel. The Novels and Miscellaneous 
Works of ; with a Biographical Memoir of the Author, 
Literary Prefaces to the Various Pieces, Illustrative Notes, 
etc., including all contained in the Edition attributed to the 
late Sir Walter Scott, with Considerable Additions. [Edited 
hy C. Lewis.] Portrait (in second volume). 20 vols., foolscap 
8vo, tree calf gilt, marbled edges. 

D. A. Talboys, Oxford; T. Tegg, London, 1840-41 

The "Memoir" in (lie first. v-,lii ::lc isln-Jeim ISalbtil wic, 1l;e' friend and part- 
ner of Sir Waller ^o;i, sre.l !« laknn fro-, (ho l':l,!i Iviitio". In the 
last volume is a" Life" ;hv (hor-e Ch/i'mii'i-) witli a Li~- of li:s (171) diile.- 
ent works. cliruTniIiijvicjlli ;ii-v:iri|r.-o ; nl-e, a ^rneriil laiile o: cr.iitinis (if the 
twentv volumes. The co::leni^ 'if this cdirio:; inav a'so be found in Bohn's 
"Lowndes," p. 621, el al. 

907 DE FOE, Daniel. Another copy : the same. Portrait 
(tn last volume). 20 vols., foolscap tiro, doth, uncut. 

Oxford and London, 1840-41 

908 DE FORREST, John W. Seacliff, or the Mystery of 
the Westervelts. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1859 

909 DEKKER, Thomas. The Honest Whore. (First Part, 
title wanting.) The Second Part of the Honest Whore, 
with the Humors of the Patient Man, the Impatient Wife; 
the Honest Whore persuaded by Strong Arguments to turne 
Curtizan againe, her brave refuting those Arguments: and 
lastly, the Comical! Passages of an Italian Bridewell, where 
the Scene ends. Written by Thomas Dekker. Printed by 
Elizabeth All-do, for Nathaniel Butter, An. Dom. 1G30. — 
The Wonder of a Kingdoms ; written by Thomas Dekker. 
Printed by Robert Raworth, for Nicholas Vavafour, etc., 

)y GoogIe 



1636. Together in 1 vol., small 4to, half morocco, 
edges. First editions : in good condition. 

London, 1630-36 

910 DELAFIELD, Brig. Gen. Richard. Report on the 
Art ok War in Europe in 1854, 1855, and 1856 ; from his 
Notes and Observations made as a Member of a " Military 
Commission to the Theatre of War in Europe," under the 
Orders of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War. Nu- 
merous plates {muny colored). coin/n-ish/g rims of forts, arsenals, 
hospitals, and other ■prominent places and .scenes; with a large 
number of maps, plans of fortifications, etc.. besides about 100 
woodcuts in the text. Royal 4to, doth. Washington, 1861 

911 DEL ANY, Mary Granville, Mrs. The Autobiography 
and Correspondence op; with Interesting Reminiscences 
of King George the Third, and Queen Charlotte. Edited by 
the Right Honourable Lady Llanover. Both series. Nu- 
merous portraits, etc. 6 vols., Hvo, green calf, gilt, marbled 
edges. London, 1861-62 

312 DEL1LLE, Jacques. Ses CEuvres. Illustrated with 21 
engravings after Monsiau, J. M. Marenu, C. Gucrin, etc. 14 
vols., 8vo, half calf, neat. 
J. Decker, Basle, 1800; Giguet & Midland, Paris, 1803-08 

Contents: L'lioiiiTr-c ik, Champ*, mi l^C-^r;:^^,. I-nmeoiKcs; /iasie 1800. — 
U l',;u': Pnm.lfcW.-L'Imapinaib,, (2n!f.|i P,c, it. \m,.- ].,- Trois 
lt.-.Ki- .le 1:, Vm,n> :;2 uk); J\,,-,t, ISnR. -[.<:, liucclique;. ,| f , Wile; 

dis Perdu (3 vols., with the English text); Paris, 1805. 

913 DKLILLE, Jacques. The Gardens, a Poem; translated 
from the French of the Abb6 De Lille. With fi-1 fine colored- 
plates {added), besides the plates engraved by Bartolozzi. ito, 
morocco, very neat, gilt edges. Illustrated copy. 

Printed by T. Bensley, London, 1798 

914 DELOLME, Jean Louis. The Constitution op Eng- 
land, or an Account of the English Government; in which 
it is compared both with the Republican Form of Govern- 
ment and the other Monarchies in Europe. A New Edition; 
with Supplemental Notes, and a Preface Biographical and 
Critical [by Dr. Charles Coote]. Portrait after Stoddart, in- 
serted, iivo, old marbled calf, very neat. London 1807 

915 DEMOCRATIC REVIEW. The United Statbs Maga- 
zine and Democratic Review. From commencement in 
1837 to 1852, inclusive. Numerous portraits, etc. 81 vols., 
tivo, half morocco, neat. 

Washington and New York, 1837-52 

916 DE M01VRE, Abraham. The Doctrine of Chances, 
or a Method of Calculating the Probability of Events in 
Play. Small Ato, old calf; back cracked. London, 1718 

917 DEMOSTHENES and ^Eschines. CEuvres Complettes 
de Demosthene et d'Eschine ; traduites en Francais, avec 

)y GoogIe 


des Eemarques sur les Harangues et Piaidoyers de ces 
Deux Orateurs : precedees d'un Discours Prelim in aire sur 
l'Eloquence et aiitres Objets Interessans; d'un Precis His- 
torique sur la Constitution de la Grece, sur le Gouvernement 
d'Athenes, et sur la Vie de Philippe ; d'un Traite de la Juris- 
diction et rlcs Lois d'Athenes, etc. ; par M. l'Abbe Auger. 
Nouvelle Edition. Portrait, map, etc. 6 vols., 8vo, sheep, gilt, 
marbled edges ; with au-toqraph of Itufus Ckoate. 

Angers, 1804 

918 DEMOSTHENES. The Orations of Demosthenes, pro- 
nounced to excite the Athenians against Philip, King of 
Macedon ; translated by Thomas Leland, D. D. A New 
Edition. 2 vols, in 1, Sco. half calf, e.rlra. mn.rblcd edges. 

London, 1819 

" A work of extracriiriiiiry merit; the is executed with a spirit arid 
cntrgy nearly equal (0 the original, and the notes are very valuable." — 

On a fly-leaf is ttiis :r:.U> ! i::i V ':, ri.itc «i" UiitUs Cliche: "This hook formerly 
heliiiigen to Hon. Benjamin Gorham." r 

919 DEMOUSTIER, Charles Albert. Lettres a Emilie sTjr 
la Mythologie. Portraits and 60 plates by Choquet. 6 vols., 
18mo, half calf. Nicolle, etc., Paris, 1816 

920 DENDY, Walter C. The Philosophy of Mystery. 
Svo, cloth, uncut; with autograph of Mufus Choate. 

London, 1841 

921 DENECOURT. C. F. Description GeniSrale du Cha- 
teau de Fontaiskbleau, avec !a Notice des Tableaux qui 
ornent et decorent cette Residence Royale ; suivie do 
Guide dans la Foret. Nouvelle Edition. Map and views. 
&vo, paper. Fontainebleau, 1842 

922 DENHAM, Sir John. Poems and Translations; with 
the Sophy, a Tragedy. The Fifth Edition. 8vo, old calf, 
gilt; with bookplate of W. H. Campbell. 

J. Tonson, London, 1709-10 

923 DENNTSTOUN, James. Memoirs of the Dukes of Ur- 
mno, Illustrating the Arms, Arts, and Literature of Italy ; 
from 1440 to 1630. Portraits, views, medallions, facsimiles, 

etc. 3 vols., Svo. Illustrations for the Memoirs of the 
Dukes of Urbino. Original India proofs of the 34 plates 
(iiicht.dtii<f an etching nut in the other unit! ate.*) taken before the 
impressions were struck off far the hook. Privately printed. 
1 vol., ito. Together, 4. vols., 8vo, and ito. polished calf, gilt, 
gilt edges, by Bedford. Elegant copy. London, 1851 

924 DENON, Dominique Vivant, Baron de. Votage i>ans 
la Basse et i.a Haute Egypte, pendant les Campagnes du 
General Bonaparte. Vellum paper; with 141 plates con- 
taining about fn>0 subjects, ■ — inscriptions, antiqi/ities, views, etc., 
etc. 2 vols., elephant folio (:>7 X 21 inches), half red it. 

)y GoogIe 


gilt tops, uncut ; with book-plate of Alexander Randall. The 
large govkrnment editjon. Paris, 1802 

"The work of Devon is fairly en tilled In a pari ieular and highly commendatory 
notice. 1 piinofCv ivi::eink.i- at Jlv.'.-, iv!hti the lii't co;kes of ii n-cro 
impo'tetl. in 1Su2, in livo la— e I'uko volume?, ' li- H ri:o.l wondered at the 
work, unil ike vj!j-:li- m.ic ei'.amomeu nf its execution. . . . Many of the 
placs. in t lie or h -:ti:il J-'ri'imk folio, am !,v tin- b::riu of llenon liiiii»e!f ; ami 
I'xliih.l miic:: f:l' ! I hi i'urt'c ami 1: ■ ■■ ■. :, :rn, ;:- v ' k .,.■ til' llji' ~'.vU:,,;: I^mlir.iniit.'' 
—Bibdin {Lib. Comp.). 

Tin's is a very litie copy of the finest cdiiicn, i;.\.i:i\;1(;il ky order of the French 

325 DENON, Dominique Vivant, Baron de. Egypt. A 
Series of One Hundred and Ten Fn^ravii^s, exhibiting the 
Antiquities, Architecture, Inhabitants, Costume, Hieroglyph- 
ics. Animals, Scenery, etc. of that Country; with Accom- 
panying Descriptions and Explanations in French and Eng- 
lish ; selected from the Celebrated Work, detailing the 
Expedition of the French, by Baron Vivant Denon, etc. 
The Engravings are by the following Artists: Middiman, 
Cardon, Andinet, Comte, Mitan, Newton, Cooke, Taylor, 
Smith, Armstrong, Dudley, Morris, Ruffe, Poole, Pol- 
lard, etc. Portrait of Denon. Imperial folio, calf. 

C. Taylor, Loudon, 1816 

926 DENTON-, Daniel. A Brief Description op New York, 
formerly called New Netherlands, with the Places 
thereunto adjoining ; likewise a Brief Relation of the Cus- 
toms of the Indians there. A New Edition, with anlntroduc- 
tion, and Copious Historical Notes ; by Gabriel Furman. 
Royal 4to, cloth, uncut. Large paper : only 100 copies 
printed. New York, 1845 

No. 1 of "Gorans' Bibliofhcca Americana;" see Milled, Rev. John, and 
Woolev, Rev, 

This volume is a reprint of the first prix!?-! (ir;7(i; <l.;;crj|>:k>-:, in ike English 
language, of New York and New Jersey (ride introduction). 

327 DE PORQUET, Louis P. K.F., French comparatively 
in No Time. Le Tresor de 1'Ecolier Francais, or the Art 
of Translating English into French at Sight. Thirty-third 
Edition. \2mo. cloth. London, 1849 

928 DE QUINCEY, Thomas. De Quincey's Writings. Por- 
trait. 22 vols., 12mo, cloth ; with autographs of Rvfus Choate. 

Boston, 1850-59 

929 DERHAM, William, D. D. Miscellanea Curiosa ; con- 
taining a Collection of some of the Principal Phenomena in 
Nature, accounted for by the Greatest Philosophers of this 
Age: being the most Valuable Discourses, read and delivered 
to the Eoyal Society, for the Advancement of Physical and 
Mathematical Knowledge. As also, a Collection of Curious 
Travels, Voyages, Antiquities, and Natural Histories of 
Countries ; presented to the same Society, etc., etc. [Edited 
by W. Derham.] Frontispiece by Vander Gurhl. and numerous 
plates. 3 vols., iivo, old calf. London, 1723-27 

)y GoogIe 



Vol. J.," Third Edition," 1.120-, Vol. II., lT^rj; Vol. III., " Second Edition," 

1V2J. ' The tlur;l v. '.„:,„> couiiKiis '■ Travels, Voyages. --- " - ' :; - L "' 

letters " from Mr. J. hn Clayton, Rector of Crofton ' 
to ( ; ; .., [:,,vnt S,,.,! iv. Mm Ji>, ICSS, giving an Aci 
in Virginia, ami In liU Vov;i ; ;.' thither," pp. 281-..™. 

930 DE8CAMPS, Jean Baftiste. La Vie des Peintres 
Flamands, Ai.i.emands, et Hollandois ; avec des Por- 
traits graves en Taille-douce, une Indication de leurs Prin- 
cipaux Ouvrages, & des Reflexions sur leurs Dirterentes 

Mimicry. 4 vots.. S'-a. old, mo'tled r.ulf, <//'/(, red edges. 

C. A. Jombert, Paris, 1753-64 

The frontispiece is engraved by J. P. Le Baa, and the portraits are by l'icqaet, 

KisiMi, Krunijois, etc. 

931 DESCR1PCIONES de lab Islas Pithiusas y Baleares. 
Small 4(o. red morocco, gilt edges. Ibarra, Madrid, 1787 

932 DESCRIPTION (A) op Tremont House [Boston, Mass.] ; 
with Architectural Illustrations. View of front on Tremont 
Sired, and SO plates of sections, details, etc. Royal Mo, boards. 

Boston, 1830 

933 DESTOUCHES, Philippe Nericatjlt. CEdtheb Dra- 
matiqces de. Nouvelle Edition ; precedes d'une Notice sur 
la Vie et les Ouvrages de cet Auteur [par M. de Scnone]. 
Portrait, and numerous fine plates after /.of tie. 6 vols., 8vo, 
marhhd cult', qilf. marbled edges ; with autograph and book-plate 
Of Charles White. P aris > ^ U 

934 DEUCHAR, David. A Collection of Etchings after 
the most Eminent Masters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools, 
particularly Rembrandt, Ostade, Cornelius Bega, and Van 
Yliet; accompanied with Sundry Miscellaneous Pieces, and 
a Few Original Designs. By Dav? Deuchar, Seal Engraver, 
Edinburgh"? Nearly TOO plates, many very small, TROOP im- 
pressions. 2 vols., royal folio, half crimson morocco, extra, 
ailt edges. Edinburgh, Dec! 22, 1803 

fuceorn'riiltr ofllrs r&W.c-.c.:x !:as never seen a copy like tin-, neither is he able 
to find one de.ieribed. There were twooth 
1803, one i.l thro; i:ir;:i; cuar:o volume', wi 
folio "[In till! plal.p ^sritaiTiin:; iT't ^li>c„. 

935 DEVIL (The,) upon Ciiutches in England, or JNight 
Scenes in London; a Satirical Work written upon the Plan 

'of the Celebrated Diable Boiteux of Monsieur Le Sage. In 
Two Parts. By a Gentleman of Oxford. The Second Edi- 
tion. Both parts in 1 vol., V2mo, half morocco. 

London, 1756 

936 DIABLE (Le) a Paris ; Paris et ies Pakisiens : Mceurs 
et Coutumes, Carac teres et PorLralvs des Habitants de Paris; 
Tableau Complet de leur Vie Privee, Publique, Politique, 
Artistique, LiUc-aire, Iiidustviellc. etc., etc. Text par MM. 
George Sand, P. .1. Stahl, Leon Gozlan (et Trent autres 
Ecrivains Cclcbres) ; prcccdo d'une Ilistoire et d'une Geo- 
graphie de Paris, par Theophile LavaUee. Fine impressions of 
the several hundred wood cuts, comprising " Les Gens de Paris," 

)y GoogIe 


by Gavarni ( P. S. Ckevallier) ; " Pan's Comique" by Be.rtall : 
and views. MOitiiments. -important buildings, i-/<:. by <Jhnmpm, 
Bertrand, d'Aubigny, and Franpais. 2 vok., imperial 8vo, half 
crimson morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

J. Hetzel, Paris, 1845-46 

937 DIAL (Tiie) ; a Magazine for Literature, Philosophy, and 
Religion. From July, 1841), to April, 184-1, inclusive. 4 vols., 
8vo, half sheep ; with book-plate of E. A. Hitchcock, U. S, 
Army. Boston, 1841-44 

938 DIBDIN, Charles. A Complete History- of toe Eng- 
lish Stage: introduced by a Comparative and Comprehen- 
sive Review of the Asiatic, the Grec'aii, the Roman, the 
Spanish, the Italian, the Portuguese, the German, the French, 
and other Theatres; and involving Biographical Tracts and 
Anecdotes, Instructive and Amusing, concerning a Prodigious 
Number of Authors, Composers. Painters, Actors, Singers, 
and Patrons of Dramatic Productions in all Countries. The 
whole written, with the Assistance of Interesting Documents, 
collected in the course of Five and Thirty Years, by Mr, 
Dibdin. 5 vok., Sro. half r.alf neat. I'rinh.d for the Author. 

London, (1797-98) 

939 DIBDIN, Charles. Observations on a Toon through 
almost the Whole op England, and a Considerable Part 
of Scotland; in a Series of Letters, addressed to a large 
Number of Intelligent and Respectable Friends, by Mr. 
Dibdin. 2 vols., 4lo, boards, rough edges. 

London, (1801-02) 

940 DIBDIN, Charles. Songs op the late Charles Dib- 
1HN, with a Memoir; collected and arranged by [his son] 
T. Dibdin. With Characteristic Sketches, by G. Cruikshank. 
Third Edition. Fooisr-'p Sro, h a I '/'morocco. 

London, 1850 

941 DIBDIN, Charles, Jun. History and Illustrations 
of the London Theatres; comprising an Account of the 
Origin and Progress of the Drama in L'nghmd. with Histor- 
ical and Descriptive Accounts of the Theatres Royal, Covent 
Garden, Drury Lane, llayoiaiket. English Opera House, and 
Royal Amphitheatre. With 15 plates. Royal ito. Boards un- 
cut. Only 25 copies pointed. London, 1826 

On a fly-leaf is tliis autograph, — "To W. H. Murray, Esq., witli J. Brittoo's 

942 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. Typographical 
Antiquities, or the History of Printing in England, Scot- 
land, and Ireland ; containing Memoirs of our Ancient Print- 
ers, and a Register of the Books printed by them. Begun 
by the late Joseph Ames, F. R. & A. SS., considerably aug- 
mented by William Herbert, of Cheshunt, Herts ; and now 
greatly enlarged, with Copious Notes, and illustrated with 

)y GoogIe 



Appropriate Engravings ; comprehending the History of Eng- 
lish Literature, and a View of the Progress of the Art of 
Engraving, in Great Britain ; hy the Rev. Thomas Frognall 
Dibdin. Numerous portraits, fuo -similes of early printing, etc. 
i vols., imperial M.o, crimson levant morocco, gilt, gilt edges, by 
Clarke & Bedford. Large pater: only 6ii copies printed. 

London, 1809-19 

Of the copies on large pai'ek {ivliii/h nnisii plalos n«t found in those on 
small paper i lln.;-,- are kit !'<_■"■ in this country, and they arc so much sought 
for in Kiifrluiul Hull, a lew years ajro, a eopy "'as rermrioJ thence at a very 
high price. 

943 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. An Introduction 
to the Knowledge of Rare and Valuable Editions 
op the Greek and Latin Classics; together with an 
Account of Polyglot Bibles. Poiv^ot Fsalfers. Hebrew Bibles, 
Greek Bibles, and Greek Testaments, the Greek Fathers, and 
the Latin Fathers. Fourth Edition, greatly enlarged and 
corrected. .Far. simile plate of the " Polyglot." 
2 vols., imperial. 'Svo. cloth, uncut. Best edition: entirely re- 
written. Large paver: only 2i>0 copies printed. 

London, 1827 

944 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. Bibliomania, ok 
Book-Madness; a Bibliographical Romance. Illustrated 
with Culs. New and improved Edition; to which are now 
added Preliminary Observations and a Supplement, including 
a Key to the Assumed Characters in the Drama. Portrait of 
the Author, Mr. Walmsley's plate attesting number of copies 
printed, and ■numerous other engravings and. typographical em- 
bellishments. Many of the engravings on- India paper. 2 vols., 
imperial %vo, olive levant morocco, gilt, gilt edges. Best edi- 
tion : edited by Dr. Dibdin himself. Large paper : only 55 
copies printed. London, 1842 

" The. Bibliomania is written in dialogues or ct.iiivfrsatic.ns, the rharaclcrs in- 
troduced are ivrilSintr.n! book colieclors. of tin- augur's ar.juaiutance. I ho 
irreat value of the work is in die miles, which ah;. .mil will: Micciotes tit Hooks 
and Hook Culloeturs, uuil an account of the rarer articles in l!;e:r cu];ect:c.n=, 
and thf prices at wlii-.:h lln-y solil, extracted from the -ale catalogue." - 

945 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. The Bibliograph- 
ical Decameron, or Ten Days Pleasant Discourse upon 
Illuminated Manuscripts, and Subjects connected with Early 
Engraving, Typography, and Bibliography. Numerous por- 
traits and other illustrations, many of them on India paper; 
■with several duplicates, proof impressions. 8 vols., im- 
perial Hvo, olive morocco, gilt, gill edges. Large paper: only 
50 copies printed. ■ London, 1817 

This copy miliums [tm following duplicate and jiriwilc /fe ;-■.>:■■ rails, f.sckav- 
ek'si'iiuiib. on.; -::-i" : 1 1 ■ ■- l-.'a:-. i.-'Siii!-.:i-:-L.L:i!l : fin' of M:i hucl Jlaiiiainj 

and Geranl Menu an ■ > of l.'.is.ho[i Percy; one c.^ Kail Spei eer {privata 

plate); and two of I'linmas t'avae. Ursolic r. our; uf which is the " EBONY- 
SITCTACI.K PUHIK.UT." which 'i; thus mentioned or; puce «.'i iin a cote):- ■ 
" Titii.itg-JiM cvpie* of the original ebuiiy-ta:;ri:n:]i!, eu^v;;vi-il portrait — which 



have iiw.Ti eagerly snapped up l.iv ptrth-like collectors, — have reimbursed (hi! 
est™ t-ffn-iism and this_/;Vjf plate is m™ nnoicKK ur." It contains also I ho 
fat-s iinili' plate, Iv (i. Lewis, from a mi'sal executed by l''rjuctsoo Verouesi. 
"This work may lit ctmsiaYred asaconlbmaLon cf the jldilioioaoia, Hit same 
charailers being introduced in the dialogues. From tin- mformatioa which it 
contains, and the -plendor cf :ln! decorations ami prnting, it will ever be con- 
sidered as a modi-! cf oLotileucc and ;rnt:l [ in ivp'iur,ipliv and the arts. 
Both the copperplates atd tUe wood-CiS which tiuhclhshtil the work hava 
been destroyed." 

946 DIB DIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. Bibliotheca Spen- 
ceriana, or a Descriptive Catalogue of the Hooks printed in 
the j'^teenth Century, and of many Valuable First Editions, 
in the Library of George Johu Earl Spencer, K. G-, etc, etc. 
etc. Numerous plates woad.-c.iUs of far similes, etc., many 
of winch are on India paper. 4 vols., imperial tiro, olive levant 
morocco, gilt, gilt tops, rough edges. .London, 1814—15 

"This catalogue contains tmlv the works printed in the fifteenth century and 
the E'iiliouts l'rmcipts. It is compiled will] the !;rca(tsl tart aod industry, 
and tho-c wlm J i :!■.■■! h:i,! nctasion !:■ ; ''zl^ii 'I 'A-. |::iL't- h 'Mr. U'sti'v to its accu- 
racy and (Treat utility. Tin- collection is (lit lints! private out in'Europe: (lie 
catalogue will r.vtr !jc regm-tlcd as i.f 'lit '.it--; i-urni'ta^cc t:. Iho ti.coicfrian, 
the historian, and the critic, and as a r.erlVtt model for I lit biidiogranhcr." — 

947 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. -tEdes Althorp- 
IAN.E, or an Account of the Mansion, Honks, and Pictures, 
at Althorp ; the Residence of George John Eurl Spencer, 
K. G. To which is added a supplement to the Bibliotheca 
Spenceriana. Numerous portraits and other illustrations, some 
of which are on India paper. '2 vols., imperial 6ro, olive levant 
morocco, gilt, gilt edges. London, 1822 

This work, designed as a supplement to the above, contains accounts of the 

ancestors of Mar: Sficnetrj of tht iUansio:; at Alllinrp; ;<'.' l!ii! gallery, with 
engravings of tin; mt-i iinrwrtiiTit pictures; and ui' eo.hiuus of the Serin', ores. 
Alilint Mil ion-, a-.d bcoka l.l'ili'.tiL in lot iili.culii i:,ii:u:r, Oct Mr; lamed in 
the former volumes. 

948 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. A Descriptive 
Catalogue of the Books printed in the Fifteenth 
Century, lately forming Part of the Library of the Duke di 
Cassano Serra, and now the Properly of George John Earl 
Spencer, K. G. With a General Index of Authors and Edi- 
tions contained in the Present Volume, and in the Bibliotheca 
Spenceriana and iEtlcs Aitliorpi;m;u. Imperial 8vo, olive 
levant, morocco, gilt, gilt top, ront/h edges. London, 1823 

This work forms anoloer supplemental vein::;-; to the ; ' Bibiiullu'ea Sptuoerniria.'' 
with an index to the seven volumes. 

949 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. A Bibliograph- 
ical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour in France and 
Germany. Portraits and. numerous beautiful plates, man?/ upon 
India paper, including a full set. e,f Lewis's Etchings {India 
proofs), illustrating the physiognomy, manners, etc., of the people 
of France and Germany. 3 'vols, in 4, imperial 8vo, olive 
levant morocco, gilt, gilt edges. Large paper ; only 100 copies 
printed. London, 1821 

)y GoogIe 


Besides tlie Ret of Lewis's Etchings tli ere are insert^] in ibis copy the following 

purtrai-.s, [hulls h-, ca:i: ufihe Author lrhicb was engraved fur the ik'siiI edition 
nSai'l. ami one of the I'omte de Briemie wbiidi «a.s pnhlMiei in 1824, IsniA 
l'KtKii-srjrpn.oiii) of \Ynim: (k Poictic :6 ( Vol. SI., p. i!J7), from ibe private 

"This work <■■ ■■!■ .,ii- i i: ir: ,,r 1,1 i In, 111,. ,M-.-< :ii, I i. ii.. 

works in pubiie ami priva'e litara:-!^ abroad. Ii is printed ami iTiibsllisSiifJ i:i 
the same siyle of excellence as the Doctor's oilier works." — Loumdes. 

950 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. A Bibliographical, 
Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour in the Northern 
Counties of England, and in Scotland. Above t?* illustra- 
tions, consisting of A-i benviiful large, plates, bi-sli^s wood-cuts, 
etc.; comprisin,/ portraits, views, ancient arch i/ec! are, facsimiles, 
etc.; India i*roofs. o vols... imperial Svo, olive morocco, gilt, 
gilt edges. Large t'AL'fr; : Oith/ 1)0 copies printed. 

London, 1838 

A few leaves in the preface are loose, otherwise this is averv prrfci-t ami elegant 

951 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D.D. The Library Com- 
tanion, or the Young Man's Guide and the Old Man's Com- 
fort, in the Choice of a Library. Second Edition. 2 vols., 

imperial Hca, boards, uncut. Laege paper. 

London, 1825 

952 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D.D. Another copy: 
Small paper. 1 vol., thick 8vo, half morocco; with autograph 
of Rufus Ghoate. London, 1825 

953 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. Reminiscences of 
a Literary Life ; with Anecdotes of Books, and of Book- 
Collectors., j With Index and an autograph letter. 
Portraits, views, facsimiles, etc., some of which are on India 
paper. 2 vols., imperial Sva. dice levant morocco, gilt, gilt 
edges. Large paper: only '3d copies printed. 

London, 1836 

This eopy contains a long autograph letter by Dr. Dibdin, addressed, to Dawson 

Turner (u-'in-c copy this i.ns.i, beuml ii: the 'lis: volunu-; a-:d the rate index, 
very neatly inlaid, iio'irnl in the second volume, 

954 DIBDIN, Thomas Frognall, D. D. Bibliophobia : Re- 
marks on tlie Present Languid and Depressed State of Liter- 
attire and the Book Trade; in a Letter addressed to the 
Author of the Bibliomania. By Mercurius Rusticus, with 
Notes by Cato Parvus [Dr. Dibdin]. Svo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1832 

Tbe above collection of Dibdin's most valuable works is one of the finest in this 

955 DICK, Thomas. On the Improvement oi' Society. Wood- 
cuts. 18mo, chlh : with aiito'praph of Rufus Choate. 

New York, 1833. 

956 DICK, Thomas. The Works of. Uniform Edition. 
Portrait and wood-cuts. 10 vols, in 5, 12mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1851 

)y GoogIe 



957 DICKENS, Charles. Works. lllus'c'cd. by George Oruik- 
shanh, H. K. Brown ("' Phiz "), John Leech. Marcus Stone, and 
others. 24 vols., crown 8vo, half dark calf, very neat, contents 
lettered, marbled edges. Chapman & Hall, London, 1862-66 

This handsome set comprises: Bainabv Rmli;i\ and Hard Times (2 vols.)! 
Kidndas \", :,■',%■ ■::> v.vs.i; Old Cmio-in- *\,:m. a;:d 1-: qir: i i : wl l'ieres (3 
vols.); ijloak Ll'mse (2 vols.!: Little l.tmri; ■;•> vV/s.'-; Great Ksp.-c'.ntirniis; 
Sk-lclics hv Mm: Oliver Twist; Tale of Two Cities; Martin ClmMjetvit [i; Duinbev and Son ;2 vol:'.); David i :.:.;ih l i i i- ■ i ■;:! vnl.s.) ; Christmas 
Books; Pictures from Italy, and Amorieao No:es; I'iekwkk Papers (i! vols. ). 

958 DICKENS, Charles. The Chimes ; a Goblin Story of 
some Bells that rang an Old Year out and a New Year in, 
With l.'i illustrations by Maelise, Doyle, Leech, a, id. S'a/'flcld. 

Foolscap 8vo, calf, gilt, gilt edges. London, 1845 

959 DICKENS, Charles. The Cricket on ran Hearth; a 
Fairy Tale of Home. Twentieth Edition. With 14 illustra- 
tions by Maclise. Doyle, St, infield, Leech, and Landseer. Fools- 
cap 8vo, calf, gilt, gilt edges. ' London, 1846 

960 DICKENS, Charles. A Christmas Carol, in Prose; 
being a Ghost Story of Christmas. Eleventh Edition. With 
S illustrations (A. colored) by Leech. Foolscap Sco. calf, gill, 
gilt edges. London, 1846 

961 DICKENS, Charles. The Haunted Man and the 
Ghost's Bargain; a Fancy for Christmas Time. With 16 
illustrations by Teuvi'd, Stanjidd, Stone, mid Leech. Foolscap 
8vo, calf, gilt, gilt edges. London, 1848 

962 DICKENS, Charles. A Tale of Two Cities. With 
Beautiful Illustrations, from Original Designs Iiv John Mc- 
Lenan. 2 vols., V2mo, cloth. Philadelphia (1859) 

963 DICKENS, Charles. Christmas Books. 12-mo, clolh. 

New York, 1854 

964 DICKENS, Charles. Dr. Marigold's Prescriptions. 
8vo, paper. New York, 1866 

965 DICKSON, Rev. Adam. The Husbandry op the An- 
cients. 2 vols., Sua, half calf: with autograph of Rufus 
Choate. Edinburgh, 1788 

966 DICTIONARY (A) of Quotations prom Shakspeare. 
Second Edition. 12mo, cloth. London, 1843 

967 DICTIONARY (A) ok Select and Popular Quotations, 
taken from the Latin, French, Greek, Spanish, and Italian 
Languages; together with -t Copious Collection of Law Max- 
ims and Law Terms. Sixth American Edition, corrected, 
with Additions. Umo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1856 

968 DICTIONNAIRE de l'Academte Franchise ; Sixie-me 
Edition. Complement du Dictionnaire (&c), public sous 
la Direction d'un Memhre de I' Academic franchise [M. Dorz], 
avec la Cooperation de MM. Hardin, Barre, Bane (et Dix- 
Sept atitres Hommes de Lettres) ; avec une Preface, par M. 
Louis Barre. 3 vols., 4fo, marbled calf very neat, marbled 
edges. Paris, (1855)-1856 

)y GoogIe 



969 DICTIONNAIRE de l'Academie Francaise et le Com- 
plement. Another COP1T: tin: prn-i,,us imprasuon of the 
sixth e.<liliim. o ruin.. \to, Iw.lf mlf ; with antnipraph of Rafus 
Ckoate. Paris, (1835)-1844 

970 DIDEROT, Denis. Encyclopedie, ou Dictionnaire Rai- 
sonne dcs Sciences, des Arts, et des Metiers, par une Society 
de Gens de Lettres; mis en Ordre & public par M. Diderot,. 
& quant a la Partie Malhematique par M. D'Alembert. Nou- 
velle Edition. (Avec la Table Analytique et Raisonnise 
de Matieres. etc. Lyon, 1780-81 .) For/rails and riwanrous 
■plates. Dictionary, Si> vols.; Flairs, 3 vols.; Tables, 6 vols. 
Together, 45 vols., A to. old calf, red edges. 

Geneve, 1777-79; Lyon, 1780-81 
In this edition the Sviti.e-v fxt is mcurpiinited in the hotly of the wr.rk. 

971 DIDOT, Fierre. Epitre suit les Progres de t.Tmpri- 
MEEUE ; par Did ot, Fils Aine. Impritne chts Di dot V Aine, aver, 
les italiqucs de Firim'n, son second fils. Title and pp. 20 ; 

with -?■ ■pl.nlt.s (inserted), cia/raceA lit/ Fexmrd. after Graveloi, etc. 
tivo, in:, tiled, calf. gill. </:■/; edges. PRIVATELY PRINTED. 

Paris, 1784 

972 DIETERTCHS, Johann Georg Nicolao. Piivtantiioza 
Iconogkaphia, sive Conspectus aliquot Miilinm, tarn Indi- 
genarum qiiam Exoticarum, ex Quatuor Mundi Partibus, 
Donga Annorum Serie Indefessoque Studio, a Joanne Gui- 
lielnio Weirmanno collectarum, Plantamni, Arborum, Pructi- 
cuni, Floriim, Fructiiuni, Fuugoriiiii, &c. : quorum Denomiiia- 
tiones, Charac teres. Genera, .Species & Descriptiones ex Op- 
timis, tamPriscisqiiamNeotericis AucLoribus, Ordine ac Serie 
Alpliabetiea, cum Probatissimo Usu Medico, Pharmaceutics 
Chirurgico ac Oeconomico, Latino & Germanico Idiomate 
Sincere Explicatitur ; a D. Joan ne Georgio Nicolao Dieterico 
(et a D. Arnbrosin Carole Bielero). 1 'art rails of Weinmann 
and .Hitler, afro/it/$j>ien: and. 1 015 fro eh/ eolored plates, by B. 
Seuter, J. K. Ridlnger, and J. J. Haid. 8 vols., folio, old mlf, 
gilt. In good condition. Ratisbonse, 1737-45 

973 DILKE, Charles Wentwoeih. Old English Plays ; 
being a Selection from the Earlv Dramatic Writers. [Edited 
by C. W. Dilke.l G vols., h'ra. "half calf, antique., red edges. 

London, 1814-15 

974 DINNER (The) Question, or How to Dine "Well and 
Economically, etc., etc. By Tabitba Tickletooth. 16mo, 
boards. London, I860 

975 DION Chrysostomus. Select Essays of Dio Chrysos- 
tom, translated into English from the Greek, with Notes, 
Critical and Illustrative; by Gilbert Wakefield, 15. A. 8vo, 
old mottled calf. ' London, 1800 

976 DISCOVERY (A) op New Worlds: from the French, made 
English by Mrs. A. Behn ; together with a Preface by Way of 

)y GoogIe 



Essay upon Translated Prose, wholly new. Post 8vo, old calf 
gilt, red edges. London, 1688 

977 DISCURSOS sobre una Constitucion Rei.igiosa, con- 
siderada como Parte de !a Civil Nacional ; sn Autor un 
Americano. Los da a Luz D. Juan Antonio Llorente. 
12mo, marbltd calf, marbled edges. Paris, 1820 

978 D'ISEAELI, Isaac. Flim-Flasis ! or the Life and Errors 
of my Uncle and his Friends ! With Illustrations and Ob- 
scurities, by Messieurs Tag, Rag, and. Bobtail. A Literary 
Romance. [By ]. D'Isracli.] A New Edition, with Material 
Alterations and Additions. Plates by R. Daykij, etc. 3 vols., 

foolscap K-t'H, half hliw. calf , extra, marbled edges. 

J. Murray, London, 1806 

979 DTSRAELI, Isaac. Calamities or Aimions ; including 
some Inquiries respecting their Moral and Literary Charac- 
ters. 2 vols., crown Svo, half purple calf, extra; with auto- 
graph of Eufus Choate. J. Murray, London, 1812 

980 D'ISRAELI, Isaac. Quarrels of Authors, or some 
Memoirs for our Literary History; including Specimens of 
Controversy to trie Reign of Kli^iietli. 3 vols., crown Hvo, 
half dark calf ; with autograph of Unfits Choate. 

J. Murray, London, 1814 

981 D'ISRAELI, Isaac. Curiosities of Literature; with 
a View of the Life and Writings of the Author, by his Son. 
Fourteenth Edition. Portraits, view of Bracknham, etc. 
3 vols., Si'i), /ni'f dark calf, very neat .■ with autograph, of liufns 
Choate. E. Moxeii, London, 1841) 

982 D'ISRAELI, Isaac. Another copy: reprint of the above. 
Portrait on India paper. 4 vols., Hrv, h/i'f brown morocco, 
gilt tops, red paper sides, rough edges. Large taper: only 
100 copies printed. 

Privately printed. Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1864 

983 DITSON, George Leighton. Circassia, or a Tour to the 
Caucasus. Frontispiece, 8t'o, cloth. New York, 18.50 

984 DIVISIONARY Corps of Cadets: First Division, M. V. 
M. (Containing Roll, May, ISti'i. Const iui'.ion, Dress and 
Equipments of the " Boston Cadets." with Indexes). Hand- 
somely printed, at the Riverside- Press, on a delicately toned paper, 
and on one side Only. Royal Kc<>, half oli'-" nwroevo. red paper 
sides, gilt top, uncut. Large paper: only 30 copies printed 
for presentation. Boston, 1860 

985 D1X, John Ross. Life of Thomas Chatterton ; includ- 
ing' his Unpublished Poems and Correspondence. Post Hvo, 
half green morocco; with autographs, etc. Best edition: 
prcsentatio:/, copy from the author. London, 1837 

All AUTOIJIiAI'll SK.NATl.'lil--. tjf (Jnfli ll'rlcil .111*1 II ]i:i!M of '.Ins Okic.isal Roiv- 

ctitf" Clr.-.n li, ill;-., iii-i' i[:!t:fl(.'il ill IhiB (-Opy. 
This is the beat Life of ChattertoD, of which Leigh Hunt eaj-a: "Mr. Dixhaa, 

)y GoogIe 



in addition to what was before known, gathered up 'all the fragments,' His 

ijii-riijibv is ii?a-|-:n-:cMn;:." Mr. l)ix %vas a [L:iiivc cit iij%n>l. I".iif;lari(l, ile 
wTiikDoits'iii rimlnnil.asjnir.iihi'r-.Uv 1 1 1 >h nami; nf :.t.\n: I >i:;, una ii; Aiw.-r:i:n, 
1>-.r l, v the rami' <.:' .liihn l;es..1-i': ,i'ti'nv:iv.U bv :hi- lUiim'.jr' John ]!:>-s Dim. 
He waVaye.v jili-a-inp: and quite talwi'nd «riti;r, y.'l lie dinl (ai Brooklyn, N. 
Y.) irorn^rfunf s/orsarioB. 

6 DIX, John Ross. A Hand-Book op Newport, and 
Rhode Island ; by the Author of " Fen and Ink Sketches," 
" Life of Chattertoii," etc., etc. Wood-cuts of the " Old Stone 
Mill" Redwood Library, etc. ; and a may (iun-r.'ri/) of the town 
and island. V2mo, cloth. Newport, R. I., 1852 

Only a small edition of tills 

' DIXON, B. Homer. Surnames. Imperial 8vo, cloth, gilt 
edges ; with autograph of the author. Privately PRINTED : 
presentation copy. Boston, 1855 

i DIXON, William Hepworth. Personal History of 
Lord Bacon; from Unpublished Papers. VImo, cloth. 

Boston, 1861 

3 DOBBS, Arthur. An Account of the Countries ad- 
joining to Hudson's Bay, in the North-west Part of 
America, containing a Description of their Lakes and Rivers, 
the Nature of the Soil and Climates, and their Methods of. 
Commerce, etc. ; shewing the Benefit to be made by settling 
Colonies, and opening a Trade in these Parts, whereby the 
French will be deprived in a great Measure of their Traffick 
in Furs, and the Communication between Canada and Missis- 
sippi he cutoff: with an Abstract of Captain Middle ton's 
Journal, and Observations upon his Behaviour during his 
Voyage, and since his Return. To which are added, — LA 
Letter from Bartholomew de Fonte, Vice- Admiral of Pern 
and Mexico, giving an Account of his Voyage from Lima in 
Peru, to prevent, or seize upon any Ships that should attempt 
to find a North-West Passage to the South Sea. II. An 
Abstract of all the Discoveries which have been publish' d of 
the Islands and Countries in and adjoining to the Great 
Western Ocean, between America, India, and China, etc., 
pointing out the Advantages that may be made, if a Short 
Passage should be found, thro' Hudson's St.reight, to that 
Ocean. III. The Hudson's Buy Company's Charter. IV. 
The Standard of Trade in those Parts of America, with an 
Account of the Exports and Profits made annually by the 
Hudson's Bay Company. V. Vocabularies of the Languages 
of Several Indian Nations adjoining to 1 I udsoii's Bay. The 
Whole intended to shew the great Probability of a North- 
West Passage, so long desired, and which (if discovered) 
would beof tlu; highest. .Ad/aiitugc to these Kingdoms. Map 
of North America, by Joseph la France. Ato, old calf, marbled 
edges : with hook-plate of Sir Alex? Ramsay. 

London, 1744 



990 DOBRIZHOFFER, Martin. An Account op the Abip- 
ones, an Equestrian People of Paraguay. [Translated by 
Sara Coleridge.] 3 vols., Sro, half calf, very neat 

J. Murray. London, 1822 

" A singularly interesting and curious vovk, contairr.i:;: tbc most complete and 

H-tti-jerdiliiiry (U:st;j-::jlion r.:i" shvil;;(j iil'e '.::al. liiif eve: \»iv.<\ pubiiHlnjd." — 
This fi-jin-latirjii has t'eiie'ally lnvn nilni^tcd M Mi-? Smillipv, but Samuel 
Tavlor Cmerid— thus <;iraks of the v.-erk : '■ Mv (lea. danger's translation 
of -Lis book is. hi mv in. lament. im-iirpa-^id for pure cumber Kngl'sh." 

991 DOB SON,' Susannah. Historical Anecdotes of Her- 
aldry and Chivalry; tending to shew the Origin of many 
English and Foreign Coats of Arms, Circumstances and Cus- 
toms. Plates, ito, boards, rough edges. 

Worcester, (1796) 

992 DOBSON, Susannah. The Life of Petrarch ; collected 
from Memnires pour la Vie de Petrarch. Third Edition. 
Index, and 8 plales by Ridley after Kirk. 2 vols., royal &vo, 
boards, uncut. Larue i'APke : printed bij T. BensUy. 

London, 1797 

993 DOBSON, Susannah. Another copy: Fifth edition. 
Same plates, and index. 2 vols., Urn, old calf, gilt. 

London, 1803 

994 DODDRIDGE, Philii',D. D. The Correspondence and 
Diary of ; illustrative of Various Particulars in his Life 
hitherto unknown, with Notices of many of his Contem- 
poraries, and a Sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of the 
Times in which he lived. Edited, by his Great Grandson, 
John Doddridge Humphreys, Esq. Handsomely printed by 
W/iilfiutfhitm : with a fine portrait l/r; IVurt/ii.iglon. 5 vols., 
8vo, half calf, extra. London, 1829-31 

995 DODGE, Mary Abigail. Country Living and Country 
Thinking ; by Gail Hamilton. Ylmo, cloth, red edges. 

Boston, 1862 

996 DODGE, Mary Abigail. A New Atmosphere ; by Gail 
Hamilton. Post 8vo, cloth, red edges. Boston, 1805 

997 DODINGTON, George Bubb. The Diaey of the late 
George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis ; from 
March 8, 17.19. to February 6,1761 : with an Appendix, con- 
taining some Curious and Interesting Papers, which are either 
referred to, or alluded to, in the Diary. Published from his 
Lordship's Original Manuscripts, by Henry Penrtiddocke 
Wyndham. Fourth Edition. 8vo, half calf, neat; with 
autograph of Unfits Choate. J. Murray, London, 1823 

998 DODSLEY, Robert. A Select Collection of Old 
Plays. A New Edition; with Additional Notes and Cor- 
rections, by the late Isaac Reed, Oclavius Gilchrist, and the 
Editor I John Pavne Collier]. 12 vols., crown Svo, half calf, 
neat. London, 1825-27 

)y GoogIe 


999 DODWELL, Edward. Views in Greece, from Draw- 
ings by Edward Dodwell, Esq., F. S. A., etc. Contains 30 
Jindi) colored ricirs. with <hsr.ript.irt; letter-press in English and 
French. 2 vols, in 1, imperial folio, half morocco, gilt top. 
Plates mounted on linen guards. London, 1821 

1000 DOMENECH, Emmanuel. Seven Teaks' Residence in 
the Great Deserts of North America. Illustrated with 
Fi%-eig!it Wood-cuts (colored) by A. Joliet, Three Plates 
of Ancient Indian Music, and :t Map showing the Actual 
Situation of the Indian Tribes and the Oouutry described 
by the Author. 2 vols., Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1860 

1001 DON QUIXOTS at College ; or a History of the Gal- 
lant Adventures lately achieved by the Combined Students 
of Harvard University; interspersed with some Facetious 
Reasonings. By a Senior. Published by Etheridge and Bliss 

for the author. Seo, pp. 20, stitched. Boston, 1807 

1002 DONNE, John, D. D. Poems, etc. ; with Elegies on the 
Author's Death : to which is added Divers Copies under his 
Own Hand, never before printed. IXlle, dedication, etc., 3 ; and pp. 1—11 4. Small Svo, old calf; with autograph 
of Rufus Choate. 

Printed by T. N. for Henry Herringman, In the Savoy, 1669 

1003 DONNE, John, D. D. The Works of, 1C21-1631 ; with 
a Memoir of his Life. By Henry Alford, M. A., etc. Por- 
trait. Ci vols., Svo, calf, gilt, marbled edges : with autograph 
ofRufus Choate. ' J. W. Parker, London, 1839 

1004 DONNE, John, D. D. Devotions; with Two Sermons: 
I. On the Decease of Lady Dan vers, Mother of George 
Herbert. II. Death's Duel, his own Funeral Sermon. To 
which is prefixed his Life, by Izaak Walton. Printed by 
Whittingham. Facsimile of the frontispiece by Marshall in 
the edition of 1638, and title within a wood-cut design. FooU- 
cap Sro, dark green turkey morocco, gilt edges ; with autograph 
of Eufus Choate. ' W. Pickering, London, 1840 

1005 DOHAN, John. "Their Majesties' Servants :" Annals 
of the English Stage, from Thomas Betterton to Edmund 
Kean ; Actors, Authors, Audiences. Photographic portraits 
of Garrick, Betterton. Nell Gwyn, Mrs. Siddmis [two), Macklin, 
Mrs. Abinglon, Kemble, Mrs. Jordan, and Kean. 2 vols., im- 
perial Svo, cloth, rough edges. Large pap kb: only 161 
copies printed. New York, 1865 

1006 DORE, Gustave. La Legknde dd Juip Errant: Com- 
positions et Dessins par Gustave Dore, graves sur Bois par 
F. Rouge t, O. Jahyer, et J v Gauchard ; imprimes par J. Best. 
Poeme avec Prologue et Epilogue par Pierre Dupont ; Pre- 
face et Notice Bibliographique par Paul Lacroix (Bibliophile 
Jacob) ; avec la Ballade de Beranger mise en Musique, par 

)y GoogIe 



Ernest Dore. Early impressions of the cuts. Atlas folio, 
half morocco, gilt edges. Paris, 1856 

1007 DOUBLED AY, Edward. The Genera op Diurnal Le- 
pidoptera: comprising their Generic Characters, a Notice 
of the Habits and Transformations, and a Catalogue of the 
Species of each Genus. Parts 1.-XI1., X1V.-XXI1L, and 
XXX11. ; containing 45 beautiful colored plates, and 1 plate 

■of outlines, bi/ Wm. C. Hewitson, M. M. S., 23 parts, imperial 
4to., as issued. London, 1846-50 

1008 DOUCE, Francis. Illustrations op Shak3peare, and 
of Ancient Manners; with Dissertations on the Clowns 
and Fools of Shakspeare, on the Collection of Popular Tales 
entitled Gesta Romanorum, and on the English Morris 
Dance. The Engravings on Wood, by J. Berry man. Title in 
red and black, and plates (the '■ Ancirii! .Morris .Dance" a fold- 
ing plate, tinted), besides the wood-cuts. 2 vols., Svo, sprinkled 
calf, gilt. Original edition. 

Longmans & Co., London, 1807 

Dibdin, who mentions this work as " in the first and foremost rank of ' Intro- 
iluc'iiiv Works to the Reading nf Shakspeare,' " says: " I look upon this 
woik as a sort of Hurtia Shaksperianut, Irom which fruit of every hue and 
flavour may be safely plucked and eaten. The research and learning be- 
■towed upon it are immense." 

Donee was ill,: I'lu.hriiii.iofllihiliti in hia " liiblio mania." He left all his 
vu u alibi JItiS. to the Hriiisli Museum (lie was iiir a inn: keeper of the man- 
useript'i in that infir.itu.tinn), stipulating that the sealed box con aining them 
should not he opened until the year ISO J ! I his a;:', win from pique at the 
manner in wi kii the arrive work was reviewed, the Edinburgh nv.-iewers, 
ami soma oiin-r critics, ridiculing the minute knowledge therein as laborious 
triliii.u;. His di-s itation on tba (ieata Komanonrm is considered fur supe- 
rior to Warn n's. 

1009 DOUCE, Francis. Another copy: a New Edition. The 
l";iiM';tv;i]"-s on Wood, by Jackson. 1 vol., Bvo. cloth, uncut. 

T. Tegg, London, 1839 

In this edition iliaplata, aJso, are copies, and the "Ancient Morris Dance" 

1010 DOW, Lieut. Col. Alexander. The IIistort of 
Hindostan, translated from the Persian. A New Edition. 
Vols. 11 and 111., Svo, half russia. London, 1803 

1011 DOWNING, Andrew Jackson. The Fruits and Fruit 
Trees of America, or the Culture, Propagation, and Man- 
agement, in the Garden and Orchard, of Fruit Trees gener- 
ally ; with Descriptions of all the Finest Varieties of Fruit, 
Native and Foreign, cultivated in this Country. Numerous 
wood-cuts, 12mo, cloth. New York, 1851 

1012 DOWNING, Andrew Jackson. A Treatise on the 
Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 
adapted to North America, with a View to the Improvement 
of Country Residences; comprising Historical Notices and 
Genera! Principles of the Art, Directions for laying out 
Grounds and arranging Plantations, the Description and 
Cultivation of Hardy Trees, Decorative Accompaniments of 
the House and Grounds, the Formation of Pieces of Artiii- 

)y GoogIe 



cial Water, Flower Gardens, etc. : with. Remarks on Rural 
Architecture. Sixth Edition, enlarged, revised, and newly 
illustrated: with a Supplement containing some Remarks 
about Country Places, and the Best Method of making them, 
also an Account of the Newer Deciduous and Kvcrgrccn 
Plants, lately introduced into Cultivation, both Hardy and 
Half-H'.irdy ; by. Henry W. Sargent. Portrait, plates and 
wood-cuts. Svo, cloth. New York, 18;*j9 

1013 DOYLE, Richard. The Foreign Tour of Messrs. 
Brown, Jones, and Robinson ; being the History of what 
they saw, and did, in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and 
Italy. Above 170 humorous illustrations. 4lo, cloth, gilt 
edges. New York, I860 

1014 D'OYLEY, Sir Charles. The Costume and Customs 
OF Modern India, from a Collection of Drawings, engraved 
by J. H. Clark and C. Dubourg ; with a Preface and Co- 
pious Description*, by Captain Thomas Williamson. Con- 
tains 20 colored plates. Royal -ito, half morocco. 

E. Orme, London, s. a. 

1015 D'OYLEY, Sir Charles. Antiquities of Dacca. An 

account of the. city of D<i.cca, the undent, capital of lianyal ; 
with "i;l /hi!', f./t'/raoings {many on India paper), and a fac- 
simile of an -inscription in the Grind Kiitlra, I'h.'a'thj by J. 
Landseer. Imperial ito, half crimson morocco, gilt edges. 

London, (1814-27) 
1010 DRAKE, Sir Francis. Sir Francis Drake revived, 
who is or may be a Pattern to stirre up all Heroicke and 
Active Spirits of these Times, to benefit their Conn trey and 
eternize their Names by like Noble Attempts : being a Sum- 
marv and True Relation of Foure Saverall Voyages made 
by the said Sir Francis Drake to the West-Indies," viz: His 
Dangerous Adventuring for Gold and Silver with the Gain- 
ing thereof; and the Siiqirizmg of Nombre de Dios by him- 
self and Two and Fifty Men. — His Encompassing the World. 
— His Voyage made with Christopher Caileill, Martin Fro- 
bnsher, Francis Knollis, and others ; their taking the Townes 
of Saint Jago, Sane to Domingo, Carthagena. and Saint Au- 
gustine. — His last Voyage (in which he dyed) being accom- 
panied with Sir John Hawkins, Sir Thomas B.iskerfield, Sir 
Nicholas Clifford, with others; his Manner of Biiria.Il, Col- 
lected out of the Notes of the said Sir Francis Drake ; Mas- 
ter Philip Nichols, Master Francis Fletcher, Preachers ; 
and the Notes of Divers other Gentlemen (who went in the 
said Voyages), carefully compared together. Portrait, with 
four tines in Latin ; fine impression. Small ito, sprinkled 
calf, neat. Clean and perfect copy. 

N. Bourne, London, 1653 
All the tilte» (except the first general title) are dated 1632. Th. Address to 
iti.i i:. n.l. v is bi^iei K. D. Collation may ba found in Bonn's "Lowndes," p. 

)y GoogIe 


1017 DRAKE, Nathan. Essays, Biographical, Critical, and 
Historical ; illustrative of the Rambler, Adventurer, and 
Idler, and of Various Periodical Papers which, in Imita- 
tion of the Writings of Steele and Addison, have been pub- 
lished between the Close of the Eighth Volume of the Spec- 
tator, and the Commencement of the Year 1809. Portrait 
of T. Warton by Schiaronc'-'t oficr Sir ./. Reynolds, and view 
of Mrs. Piozzi's house by Landseer. 2 vols., post 8vo, half 
morocco, neat, marbled edges ; with autograph of Unfits 
Choafe. Buckingham, 1809-10 

1018 DRAKE, Nathan. Essays, Biographical, Critical, and 
Historical ; illustrative of the Tatler, Spectator, and Guard- 
ian. The Second Edition. Portrait and plates. 3 vols., 
foolscap &vo, crimson morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

London, 1814 

1019 DRAKE, Nathan. The Gleanee ; a Series of Periodi- 
cal Essays, selected and arranged from Scarce or Neglected 
Volumes, with an Introduction, and Notes. 4 vols., 8vo, half 
russ/a. yellow edges ; with book-plates of \_Edward~\ Norwood 
and John Baldwin, Esq. London, 1811 

1020 DRAKE, Nathan. Shakspeaee and his Times ; includ- 
ing the Biography of the Poet, Criticisms on his Genius and 
Writings, a New Chronology of his Plays, a Disquisition on 
the Object of his Sonnets, and a History of the Manners, Cus- 
toms, and Amusements, Superstitions, Poetry, and Elegant 
Literature of his Age. 2 vols., ito, cloth, rough edges. Por- 
trait and plate of facsimile autographs wanting. 

London, 1817 

1021 DRAKE, Sajilki. Gkken. Some Memoirs op the Life 
and Writings op the Rev. Thomas Prince, together with 
a Pedigree of his Family. With a list of subscribers to the 
original edition if Prince's Chronological Hist., of N. E. Por- 
traits of Thomas Prince and Joseph Sewall. Seo, cloth. 

Boston, 1851 

1022 DRAKE, Samuel Geeen. The History and Antiqui- 
ties of Boston, from its Settlement in 1630, to the Tear 
1770; also, an Introductory History of the Discovery and 
Settlement of New England : with Notes, Critical and Illus- 
trative. Maps and numerous portraits, facsimiles, wood-cuts, 
etc. Boyal tivo, half morocco. " Boston, 1856 

1023 DRAKE, Samuel Geeen. Result of some Researches 
among- the British Archives, for Information relative to 
the Founders of New England ; made in the Years 1858, 
1859, and 1860. Map of New England, and portraits of Sir 
Francis Brake and Capt. John Smith. Post 4to, cloth, gilt 
top. Boston, 1860 

....,„ England, St. Christo- 
pher, Barbados, ■"'''" 




1024 DRAKE, Samuel Green. The Old Indian Chronicle ; 
being a Collection of Exceeding Rare Tracts, written and 
published in the Time of King Philip's War. To which are 
now added an Introduction and Notes, by Samuel G. Drake. 
Map of the " Nipmuclc Country" and index. 4to,pp. ix and 
i'i?i'A, paper, rough edges. Large paper: only 75 copies 
printed. Boston, 1867 

There was an edition (18mo, PP- 222] of shout 250 enpies published in 1836, 
u:»lcr tin- litis of " The Uld Indian Chronicle," which contained a part of 

1025 DRAPER, James. History of Spencer, Massachu- 
setts, from its Earliest Settlement to the Year 1860; in- 
cluding a Brief Sketch of Leicester, to the Year 1753. Sec- 
ond Edition, enlarged and improved. Portrait, etc. Royal 
8vo, boards, rough edges. Worcester, Mass., S. a. 

1026 DRAPER, John W. A Histoky of the Intellectual 
Development of Europe. 8vo, doth. New York, 1863 

1027 DRESDEN Gallery. Der Kunstverein: Neue Serie ; 
Stahlstich-Sammlung der YorzugliclistU] Gemalde der Dres- 
dener Gallerie. nebst Text von Adolph Gorling. Contains 
136 finely r.rfciHi'd -plains by A. II. Payne, A. Schullheiss, D. 
J. Pound, and others. 4to, half calf, green edges. 

Leipzig n. Dresden. (1851, etc.) 

1028 DREW, William A. Glimpses and Gatherings; dur- 
ing a Voyage and Visit to London and the Great Exhibition 
of 1851. Portrait. 12mo, doth. Augusta (Me.), 1852 

1029 DRUMMOND, Alexander. Travels through Differ- 
ent Cities of Germany, Italy, Greece, and Several Paris of 
Asia, as far as the Banks of (lie Euphrates; m a Series of 
Letters, containing an Account of what is most Remarkable 
in their Present State, as well as in their Monuments of 
Antiquity. Numerous plates by J. S. 3Iuller. Polio, old calf, 
gilt, red edges. 

Printed by W. Strahan, for the author, London, 1754 

1030 DRUMMOND, Henry. History oe Noble British 
Families, with Btogrnphical Notices of the most Distin- 
guished Individuals in Each. Genealogies, find 82 large 
plates of portraits, momi-mcrits, views, etc., besides numerous 
illustrations of armo>it%l bearings, seals, etc.; the arms and 
portraits most bea'itlMli/ lyjlnrcl by hand. 2 vols., imperial 
folia, half morocco, gilt tops, by Hay/lay. Privately printed : 
onti/ a few copies. W. Pickering, London, 1842-46 

This elegant work. siiiMishpii fit the ox.ijf : nsrj nf the mi lb or — yen- few copies 
nf "Inch werefuH — Ms : iiiF]:ir n, the " I'lini^-lis Codiri di 'Italia" [se« 
LittaJ. and contains accoun's of ihs Collcwiiis f-.mili,'S : A^hbinvham, Ar- 
(ie.t, Comptmi,(\-til, ilT-lry, Iii-mw, Perceval, Dunbar, Hume, Dumlns. i)ruin- 
mullil, ami Ni'vill--. The :> .i'tr;iilA ;vc ^]ih";iLiJly cxi'iiil-id (maov of them 
rnlnreel like minintiiivs! :-l'er roie.iriiil naiiriri!^.. 1";.r::lTiiJ a till- cul' of 
Dritish Worthier in (lie costumes of [heir time, with 1 1 i c- i peilijrrces, ami', etc. 

1031 DRURY, Anna Harriet. Eastbury ; a Tale. Post 8vo, 
doth, uncut. W. Pickering, London, 1851 

)y GoogIe 



1032 DRTJRY, Rev. Henry. Arundines Canu, site Musa- 
rem Cantabrigiensium Luscs Canori; collegit atque 
edidit Henricus Drury, A. M.,etc. Editio Quinta. Post 8uo, 
calf, gilt, marbled edges. Cantabrigia;, I860 

1033 DRYDEN, John. The Comedies, Tragedies, and Op- 
eras written by John Drjdeu, Esq. ; now first collected 
together, and corrected from the Originals. Large portrait 
by Eddiacl after Kneller. 2 vols., folio, old calf;' with book- 
plate of John Whitelocke, Esq. J. Tonson, London, 1701 

1034 DRYDEN, John. Miscellany Poems, containing Va- 
riety of New Translations of the Ancient Poets; together 
with several Original Poems. By the most Eminent Hands. 
Publish'd by Mr. Dryden. The Fourth Edition. Frontis- 
piece by L. du Guemitr and A'irhdl. (i vols., small l'2mo, 
half calf ; with book-plate of William Leaf. 

J. Tonson, London, 1716 

"This edition, according to Mslone. differs verv much from the former collec- 
tion, many pieces boin;,' iidil.'i, jiml .-^vi/rnl p.-iema ijiii'.tiurl." — Loimdts. 

1035 DRYDEN, John. The Fables op ; ornamented with En- 
gravings from the Pencil of the Right Hon. Lady Diana 
Beauderc. Fine impressions of the 9 large plates and 15 
vignettes, engraved chiefly by Baholozzi. Printed by T. Pens- 
ley. Folio, half purple calf. London, 1797 

.1036 DUBLIN (The) University Magazine; a Literary and 
Political Journal. From January, 1833, to December, 1858, 
inclusive. Portraits, plates, ete. 52 vols., Svo, half calf, very 
neat. Very fine set. Dublin, 1833-58 

1037 DUBOS, Jean Baptiste. Critical Reflections on 
Poetry, Painting, and Music; with an Inquiry into the 
Rise and Progress of the Theatrical Entertainments of the 
Ancients; translated into English, by Thomas Nugent. 
From the Fifth Edition revised, corrected, and enlarged by 
the Author. 3 vols., 8e<>, old calf gill., yellow edges. 

London, 1748 

1038 DUCHESNE, Jean, atne. Mcseo di Pittcra e Scul- 
Tuka, ossia Raccolta dei Principal! Quadri, Statue, e Bassi- 
rilievi delle Gallerie l'nbliehc e Private d' Europe ; diseg- 
nati ed incisi sull' Acciaio da Re veil : con le Notizie Descrit- 
tive, Critiche, e Storiche ; di Duchesne, Primogenito. Prima 
Tradnzione Jtaliana. Complete; w'tk appendix, and bio- 
graphical notices. lGvots., 12 mo, half morocco, neat. 

Firenze, 1837-45 

1039 DUDEVANT, Am anting Lucile' Aurore Dupin, Bar- 
onne. Jacques ; par George Sand. 2 vols., 8vo, boards. 
Original edition. " F. Bonnaire, Paris, 1834 

1040 DUFFERIN, Frederick Temple Blackwood, Baron. 
A Yacht Voyage: Letters from High Latitudes; being some 
Account of a Voyage to Iceland, Jan Mayen,and Spitzber- 
gen, in 1856. 12mo, cloth, ' Boston, 1859 

)y GoogIe 



1041 DUG DALE, Henry Geast. The Life and Character 
of Edmund Gestb ; the Principal Compiler of the Liturgy 
of the Church of England, established at the Time of the 
Reformation, and now in Use amongst ns as the only Eng- 
lish Church Service; the First Protestant Bishop of Roch- 
ester. Almoner to Queen Elizabeth. Portraits, and pedi- 
gree of the Oesle and Du.gda.le family. Sco, cloth, uncut. 

W. Pickering, London, 1840 

Meraunce of the 
Mtioste Holv. Coniiiiunyon." 

1042 DUGDALE, Kir William. A Shout View of the 
Troubles in England, briefly setting forth their Rise, 
Growth and Tragical Conclusion ; as also some Parallel 
thereof with the Barons- Wars in the Time of King Henry 
III., hut chiefly with that in France, called the Holy League, 
in the Reign of Henry III. and Henry IV., late Kings of 
that Realm. To which is added, a Perfect Narrative of the 
Treaty at Uxbrid"e in An. 1644. Portrait of Charles I., fiy 
Faitkorne. Folio, half calf . . Oxford. 1681 

1043 DUGDALE, Sir William. Monasticon Anglicanum: 
a History of the Abbies and other Monasteries, Hospitals, 
Frieries. and' Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, with their 
Dependencies, in Kugtand and Wales ; also of all such 
Scotch, Irish, and French Monasteries, ns were in any Man- 
ner connected with Religious Houses in England. Together 
with a Particular Account of their Respective Foundations, 
Grants, and Donations, and a Full Statement of their Pos- 
sessions, as well Temporal as Spinl'i: 1 .!. OnLi'hi:i!ly published 
in Latin, by Sir William Dugdale, Knight, Carter King at 
Arms. (A New Edition, enriched with a large Accession of 
Materials taken from Leiger Books, Chartnlaries, Rolls, and 
other Documents preserved in the National Archives, Pub- 
lic Libraries, and other depositaries ; the history of each 
Religious Foundation in English being prefixed to its Re- 
spective Series of Latin Charters, liv John Ca lev, Esq., Sir 
Henry Ellis, and Ru'keley Bandinel, D. D.) Portrait and 250 
fine large pint is by John (\>ii?y, besides nuinerou.s wood-cuts; 
fine impressions. 6 cols, in H, thick folio, half morocco, gilt 
tops, uncut. Fine early copy. London, 1846 

This reprint of the edition oi 13;V-30 ii very slialitly tillered, ;ii»! the same 
pi -tea weru usi;d, ;:(-■■ i ii; v.av H'.lle v..>-n. us Llw !i,r:].«r nditi'.'Il iva- limited to 
350 copies. 

1044 DuHALDE, Jean Baptiste. A Description of the 

Empire op China and Chines e-Tartahy, together with 
the Kingdoms of Corea and Tibet: containing the Geogra- 
phy and History (Natural as well as Civil) of those Coun- 
tries ; enrich'd with General and Particular Maps, and 
adorned with a great Number of Cuts. From the French 
of P. J. B. Dulialde, Jesuit; with Notes, Geographical, His- 

)y GoogIe 



torical, and Critical; and other Improvements, particularly 
in the Maps by the Translator. Fine impressions of the 
plates, winch are engraved by U. Fletcher, etc., including a 
portrait of Confucius. 2 vols., folio, rough calf. 

London, 1738-41 

1045 DUHRING, Henry, M. D. Essays on Human Happi- 
ness. Foolscap 8™, doth, uncut. London. (1848) 

1046 DUMAS. Alexandre Davy. The Progress of Democ- 
racy, illustrated in the History of Gaul and France. 
Translated by Edward S. Gould. 12mo, cloth ; with autograph 
ofRufus Choate. New York, 1841 

1047 DUMONT, Pierre Etienne Louis. Recollections of 
Mirabeau, and of the Two First Legislative Assemblies of 
France, clvo, half calf, marbled edges. London, 1832 

1048 DUNLAP, William. History of tug American Thea- 
tre. 2 vols., 8i;o. cloth, uncut. London, 1833 

1049 DUNLOP, John. The History of Fiction ; being a 
Critical Account of the most Celebrated Prose Works of 
Fiction, from the Earliest Greek Romances, to the Novels of 
the Present Age. Third Edition. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1845 

1050 DUNTON, Rev. John. Dunton's Remains, or the Dy- 
ing Pastour's Last Legacy to his Friends and Parishioners; 
comprehending these following Treatises, viz. : I. An Affec- 
tionate Discourse upon the Parable of Dives and Lazarus. 

II. The Penitent Prodigal on his Knees, with the Reason 
and Manner of his Returning Home to his Father's House. 

III. His Farewell Sermon. IV. Closet Employment. V. 
A Looking-Glass for our English Ladies, or Daily Direc- 
tions for their Dress and Apparel. VI. A Friendly Dia- 
logue between a Moderate Conformist and one of his Parish- 
ioners, concerning Several Points of Great. Moment. VII. 
Remarks upon the Bloody Persecution of the Duke of 
Guise. VIII. The Arraignment, Tryal, and Execution of 
Our Saviour Christ ; with his Last Words upon the Cross. By 
John Dunton. To this Work is prefix! the Author's Holy 
Life and Triumphant Death ; and at the Latter End of it is 
annext his Funeral Sermon. Portrait by F. H. vom Hove, 
and :■> plates. Small Hito, polished calf, ijiit. marbled edges, 
by Mackenzie. J. Dun ton, London, 1684 

1051 DUPIN, LocisEllies. A New History of Ecclesias- 
tical Writei-ls, containing an Account of the Authors of 
the Several Books of the Old and New Testament; and the 
Lives and Writings of the Primitive Fathers; an Abridg- 
ment and Catalogue of ail their Works ; Censures determin- 
ing the Genuine and spurious, a Judgment upon their Style 
and Doctrine, and the Various Editions of their Writings : 
to which is added, a Compendious History of the Councils; 

)y GoogIe 


and many Necessary Tables and Indexes. "Written in 
French by Lewis Ellies du Pin, etc. The Third Edition, 
corrected. (The Translation revised, accompanied by Notes, 
by Dr. W. Wotton.) 15 vols, in 7, old calf. 

London, 1696, etc. 

For contents of the several volumes ecu Darling's "Cvctopasdia Biblio- 

irrsipliiui," col. 0S3, BSO. The abovu tille is taktii from :lie :Lvst volunm. 

1052 DUPIN, Louis Ellies. A Comfleat History of the 
Canon and Writers of the Books of the Old and 
New Testament, by Way of Dissertation, with Useful Re- 
marks on that Subject. Done into English from the French 
Original. 2 voh. in 1. folio, old calf. 

London, 1699-1700 

1053 DUPONCFIEL,A. A. Histoires de Grece ft d'Italie, 
depuis les Temps les plus Iteculus jusqu'a, nos Jours. Plates. 
%vo, half calf, neat, marbled edges. Paris, 1844 

Fifth volume (ciHiu.^te in i'.sall"! of "Le Mor.ik. o- llittoirc de Tons les 

1054 DUPPA, Eichard. The Life and Literary Works of 
Michael Angelo Buonarroti. Facsimile of handwrit- 
ing and 2Q.plates. itO, cloth. 

J. Murray, etc., London, 1806 

1055 DTJRDENT, Rene Jean. Efoques et Faits Memora- 
blks de l'Histoire d'Anglete1{1!e, depuis Alfred-le- 
Grand jusqu'a ce Jour. Deuxiemc Edition, revue et cor- 
ri"ee. Plates. 12mo, marbled calf, gill, gilt edges. 

Paris, 1820 

1056 D'URFEY, Thomas. New Opera's ; with Comical Sto- 
ries and Poems, on Several Occasions, never before printed : 
being the Reuuiiuiii'j Pieces, written by Mr. D'Urfey. Smali 
8vo, calf, antique. "W. Chetwood, London, 1721 

This volume co:)lain«, inunj oilier |>ieces, Two Queens <;f li.etitfortl, (ire- 
dun Heroine, Athenian Jill, Ariadne, FUi H :io of lmpei;i::ence, Socrates and 
Tim an lira. 

1057 DUYCKINCK, Evert A. National History of the 
Wat. for the Union, Civil, Military, anil Naval; founded 
on Official and other Authentic Documents. Numerous full- 
length portraits, and views. 3 vola., ito, morocco, antique, let- 
tered on sides, gilt edges. New York, (1861, etc.) 

1058 D WIG UT, Theodore. History of the Harteord Con- 
vention ; with a Review of the Policy of the United Stutes 
Government, which led to the War of 1812. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1833 

1059 DYCE, Rev. Alexander. Remarks on Mr. J. P. Col- 
lier's and Mr. C. Knight's Editions of Shakespeare. 
8ct>, cloth, uncut. E. Moson, London, 1844 

1060 DYER, Thomas Henry. The Life of John Calvin ; 
compiled from Authentic Sources, mid par'-irularly from his 
Correspondence. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

J. Murray, London, 1850 

)y GoogIe 


1061 tejj5g®ACHARD, John, D. D. Wores: Vol. I. The 
j'/Ji '■ Grounds and Occasions of the Contempt of the 
Sss&tB% Clergy and Religion enquired into, in a Letter to 
R. L. ; with Observations on an Answer to the Enquiry, 
in a Second Letter to the same. Vol. II. Mr. Hobbs's 
State of Nature considered in a Dialogue between Philatus 
and Timothy ; to which are added Five Letters {in Defence 
of the Enquiry, against Dr. Owen and others), elc. Vol. III. 
A Second Dialogue between Timothy and Philatus (on the 
Writings of Hobbs). No general litk. 8 rols.. Vimn.old calf. 

London, 1772 

1062 EATON, Cyrus. Annals op tiie Town of Warren 
(Maine) ; with the Early History of St. George's, Broad 
Bay. and the Neighboring riuUlcments on the Waldo Patent. 
(1605-1850.) 12mo, doth. Hallowell, 1851 

1063 EATON, Cyrus. Histort of Thomaston, Rockland, 
and South Thojtaston, Maine, from their First Explora- 
tion, A. d. 1605 ; with Family Genealogies. 2 vols., 12mo, 

half morocco, veri/ neat, (jilt taps, rough edges. 

Hallowell, 1865 

1064 EBERS, John. Seven Years of the King's Theatre. 
Portraits. Bvo, calf, extra, invrbk'd edges. London, 1828 

1065 ECCE Dkus: Essays on the Life and Doctrine of Jesus 
Christ; with Controversial Notes on " Ecce Homo." 12mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1867 

1066 ECCENTRIC (The) Magazine, or Lives and Portraits of 
Remarkable Persons. [Edited by lletirv Lemome.andJames 
Caulfield.] 2 vols, in 1, Ato, half calf extra. Large paper. 

London, 1814 

Many of the portrait* ore tlie same as those in Canlfleld'a " Remarkable rer- 
son-," and Burton's " Admirable. (Juriosities." 

1067 ECLECTIC (The) Magazine of Foreign Literature, 
Science, and Art. Numerous fine portraits and plates. 
From January, 1851, to Jane, 18(10, inclusive, 45 vols., 8uo, 
half calf extra. New York, 1851-66 

1068 ECLECTIC Magazine. Duplicate Volumes : September- 
December, 1859, and Mm), Y6m-Deci;i».ber, 1S62. 9 voh^ 
8i-0, half calf, extra. New York, 1859-62 

1060 EDINBURGH Police Reports. Reports of the Inter- 
esting Proceedings in the Police Court (Edinburgh). Feb- 
ruary C>. to December 31, 1820, inclusive, issued daily. 2 
vols., without tilb's, snail! \Jo. half russia. 

(Edinburgh, 1829) 

1070 EDINBURGH (The) Review, or Critical Journal. From 
October, 1802 {commencement), to April 1859, inclusive; 
with Indexes to Vols. I.-LXXX. 109 vols., and & vols. 
(Indexes), Svo ; first 79 vols., and 2 vols, indexes, ha/; calf the 
rest in numbers. 

New York, Boston, and Edinburgh, 1802-59 

)y GoogIe 


Some of the earl v numbers have the Ame'ican imprint, but with the same 

i,;,,:,,,, jKi'hf; [:'MiLl,n;. r 'i edition. The fourth volume of in^x.'s w: is pub- 
! 1(11 II VWI L\) or Jan- 

uary, 184S-Octol»r, 1859. 

1071 EDINBURGH Review. Selections from the: com- 
prising the Best Articles in that Journal, from its Com- 
mencement to the Present Time ; with a Preliminary Disser- 
tation, and Explanatory Notes. Edited by Maurice Cross. 

4 vols.,8vo, bolf (jreen turkey morocco, neat. London, 1833 

1072 EDMONDS, S. Emma E. Nurse and Spy in the Union 
Army; comprising the Adventures and Experiences of a 
"Woman, in Hospitals, Camps, and Battle-Ficlds. Portrait 
and wood-cuts. Hvo, cloth. Hartford, 18G5 

1073 EDWARDS, Bryan. The History, Civil and Com- 
mkucial, of the British Colonies in the West Indies. 
Third Edition, with Considerable Additions. Portrait, maps, 
and plates, -i vols., 8vo. old marbled rulf, very neat. 

J. Stockpile, London, 1801 

1074 EDWARDS, Edward. Memoirs of Libraries; in- 
cluding a Haud-Book of Library Economy. Numerous 
platen, comyrisinij plans, facsimiles, etc.. some of which are 
colored. 2 voh., royal Svo. half morocco, gilt tops. Large 
paper: only 00 copies printed. London, 1859 

1075 EDWARDS, Edward. Libraries and Founders of 
Libraries. Royal Svo, half morocco, gilt top. Large pa- 
per : only 50 copies printed. London, 1865 

Althnueh tbis i' iiri independent wiirk, yet it may lie con-id'-red as a continu- 
atimi cl'tbe above. 

1076 EDWARDS, Sutherland. The Russians at Home: 
Unpolitical Sketches, showing what Newspapers they read; 
what Theatres they frequent; how they Eat, Drink, and 
Enjoy themselves; with other Matter relating chiefly to 
Literature and Music, and to Places of Historical and Relig- 
ious Interest in and about Moscow; comprising also Four 
Russian Designs (on stone). 12mo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1861 

1077 EFFIGIES Poetics, or the Portraits of the British Po- 
ets (from Chaucer to Cowper) ; illustrated by Notes, Bio- 
graphical, Critical, and Poetical. Engraved titles and 138 

■ fine portraits entjrai;ed by Fittler, Warren. Worthington, Fin- 
den, Pye, Hulls, Rhodes, and other eminent engravers; In- 
dia proofs. 2 vols., imperial Ato ; Vol. 1. (Plates), crimson 
morocco] extra, marbled edges; Vol II. (Letter-Press), half 
bound !o match. Large paper : fine copy. , 

London, 1824 

1078 EFFIGIES Poetics. Another copy: plates only; In- 
dia proofs of the K> ( S portraits. imperial. Ato, claret morocco, 
extra, qilt edges. Large paper : fine copy. 

a (London, 1824) 

)y GoogIe 



1079 EFFIGIES Poetics. Another copy : plates only; the 
138 portraits arranged alphabetically, ito, claret morocco, 
eztra,//ilt edges, by Wright. ' (London, 1824) 

1080 EGAN, Pierce. Real Life in London, or the Ram- 
bles and Adventures of Rob Tallyho, Esq., and his Cousin, 
the Hon. Tom Dashall, through the Metropolis ; exhibiting 
a Living Picture of Fash ion Libit; Characters, Manners, and 
Amusements in High and Low Life. By an Amateur. Em- 
bellished and illustrated with a Scries of Coloured Prints, 
designed and engraved by Heath, Aiken, Dighton, Row- 
landson, etc. 2 vols., thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, (1821-22) 

1081 EGAN, Pierce. Boxiana, ok Sketches op Ancient 
and Modern Pugilism; comprising the Only Original and 
Complete Lives of the Boxers. Numerous portraits and plates. 
3 vols., Svo, half crimson morocco, neat. 

London. (1823, etc.; 

1082 EGERTON, John. The Theatrical Remembrancer, 
containing a Complete List of all the Dramatic Perform- 
ances in the English Language; their Several Editions, 
Dates, and Sizes, and the Theatres where they were Origi- 
nally performed ; together with an Account of those which 
have been acted and are Unpublished, and a Catalogue of 
such Latin Plays as have been written by English Authors' 
from the EurliesL Production of the Euqlisii Drama to the 
End of the year mdcclxxxvii. To which are added 
Notitia Dramatica, being a Chronological Account of Events 
relative to the English Stage. \imo, sheep; with lonh-plule, 
of Joseph James. London, 1788 

1083 EIGHTY" Years* Progress op the United States, from 
the Revolutionary War to the Groat Rebellion ; showing the 
Various Channels of Industry through which the People of 
the United States have arisen from a British Colony to their 
Present National Importance, giving, in an Historical Form, 
the Vast Improvements made in Agriculture, Commerce, and 
Trade; Manufacturing, Machinery, Modes of Travel and 
Transportation, etc. etc.; with a large Amount of Statisti- 
cal Information, showing the Comparative Progress of the 
Different States with each other, and, to some extent, this 
Country with Other Nations. To which are annexed, Arti- 
cles on Canada. Numerous c.nqnwiiiijs on slcel and wood. 
Royrtl 8ro, roan. New York, 1864 

1084 ELDER, William. Biography of Ei.isha Kent Kane. 
Portrait, Svo. cloth. Philadelphia, 1858 

1085 ELEGANT Extracts: being a Copious Selection of In- 
structive, Moral, and Entertaining Passages from the most 
Eminent British Poets, Prose Writers, and Epistolary Writ- 

)y GoogIe 



ers. Plates by Heath, Pye, etc. 17 vols. ( Vol. I. Epistles want- 
ing), 18mo, morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

J. Sharpe, London, (1810) 

1086 ELLIS, George. Specimens of Early English Met- 
rical Romances, chiefly written during the Early Part of 
the Fourteenth Century: to which is prefixed an Historical 
In trod uc I ion, intended to illustrate the Rise and Progress 
of Romantic Composition in France and England; by 
George Ellis, Esq. Second Edition. '6 vols., crown Svo, 
half morocco. Best edition. 

Longmans & Co., London, 1811 

1087 ELOISA en Dishabille: being a New Version of that 
Lady's Celebrated Epistle to Abclard ; ascribei! to Professor 
Porson. (To which is added, a Latin Version of a Well- 
known Ballad, by the late Dr. Glasse.) The parody and the 
original (by Pope) printed on opposite pages. Vimo, half 
morocco. Only 50 copies printed. 

London, 1822 

1088 ELTOT, Sir Thomas. The Boke named the Gover- 
nour, devised by Sir Thomas Elyot, Knyght. Title within 
a wood-cut border. SmaU &vo, sprinkled calf, gilt. Black 
iett-C : fine clean copy. Londini, 1557 

1089 EMERSON, Ralph Waldo. The Conduct of Life. 
12mio, cloth. Boston, 1860 

1090 EMERSON, Rev. William. An Historical Sketch 
op the First Church in Boston, from its Formation to 
the Present Period ; to which are added Two Sermons, one 
on Leaving the Old, and the other on Entering the New 
House of Worship. Svo, half morocco, very neat, gilt top. 

Buston, 1812 
■1091 EMORY, Colonel William H. Report on the "United 
States and Mexican Boundary Survey, made under 
the Direction of the Secretary of the Interior, by William 
H. Emory. Maps, and. plates; the portraits, some 
of tJie views, and the birds finely colored. 2 vols., ito, cloth. 

Washington, 1857-59 

1092 ENFIELD, William. The History op Philosophy, 
from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of lhe_ Present 
Century ; drawn up from Brucker's Historia Ciitica Phil- 
osophise. Folding biographical chart. 2 vols., royal 8vo, 
sprinkled calf. gilt. " London, 1819 

1093 ENGLISHWOMAN (The) in America. V2mo, cloth, 
■uncut. J- Murray, London, 1856 

1094 ENGLISHWOMAN (The) in Russia : Impressions of 
the Society and Manners of the Russians at Home- By a 
Lady, Ten Tears' Resident in that Country. Wood-cuts. 
12mu, chAh. New York, 1855 

)y GoogIe 


1095 ENGRAVINGS, Portraits, Views, Maps, etc., in Hol- 
land, Flanders, etc. A collection of about 2.00!) prints 
mounted in 4 imperial folio scrap-boohs, haij russia, lettered 
as above. 

This !■ i :ll (■(.■( ion comprises some fine and rare prints (published firis:Tv, and in 
old.nrmiicli;* iinrl other illustrated >u:]l;5i, i]!i]=lvai:ns Hie histm-v of ilie 
Netherlands at ah i!ic impoiTan' epochs. The cvjrr.r.-i-Lr.s have iie :i selected 

with cure, some of tl i hth;.; n :v !:mp, and ail in fiood condition, but 

chiefly with :■ view io ttii'ir historical interest. 

1096 Collection of 173 Prints engraved by Pierre 

Daret, Jaspar Isac, Leonard Ganltier, etc. Mounted and 
bound in an alius folio volume, half russia. ie/lered " Daret." 

1097 Caricatures, etc., by Hogarth, Cruikshank, lbbet- 

son, and Others; with Songs and Verses beneath many of 
them. 1811 prints, various sizes, as published, In R. Sayer and 
Laurie $ Whittle, London, 1786-1821. 

This collection contains a portrait of Wm, Henry West Betty (" The Young 

lloscius" ) Jin '-'"• -:i-' appearance at l)r;;ry LiJuc —in I lie chor-icter of Duiij;- 
las, — Ueeember 1(1, 181H; many p-iindar mhi-- :>;' [iie ihiy. as sung at thethea- 

1098 Illustrations of an Old (American?) Edition 

of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. 11 wood-cuts, 4£ X 2^ 
inches, clean. 

1099 and Lithographs: including a Fine Portrait of 

Gustave Borti, India proof; Frillfs " English Merry-Mak- 
ing, a Hundred Years Ago," mounted; Two fine large Lith- 
ographs, "Marry!" and "Don't Marry!" published by 
W. Untze, Berlin; Views in Europe and India, etc., etc. 
Most of the. lithographs colored. 24 prints, various sizes. 

1100 EPICS (The) of the Ton, or the Glories of the Great 
World ; a Poem, in Two Books, with Notes and Illustrations. 
I2mo, half calf Loudon, 1807 

U01 EP1CTETUS. Tub Works of; consisting of bis Dis- 
courses, in Four Bonks, the Enchiridion, and Eniirments. 
A Translation from the Greek, bused on that of Elizabeth 
Carter, by Thomas W. IIiug:iison. Sco, cloth, uncut. Large 
paper: only To copies printed. Boston, I860 

1102 EPIPHANIUS, Bishop of Constantja. Contra Octo- 
ginta H-skksks Opus Eximium, Panarium sive Capsula 
Medica appellatum, & in Libras quidem Ties, Tomos ver& 
Septem divisum. Ejusdem D. Epipbanii Liber Anooratus 
Omnem de Fide Christiana Doe'.rmam eompleetens. Ejus- 
dem contra Oetu^inti I ireror-ie.s Oper's r'ise conscript! Snmma. 
Ejusdem Libelltis de Pondcribns & Mensuns. Omnia Grasce 
conscripta, nunc'q Primum in Lucem edita. Folio, old calf 
re-i i'f /■/".* : with, hook-plate, of Thomas Aloromj, and MS. mar- 
ginal notes. First edition : Greek text. Basileae (1544) 

)y GoogIe 


1103 ERASMUS, Desiderius. Morlb Encomium, or the 
Praise of Fully ; made English from the Latin of Erasmus, 
by W. Kennel, Bishop of Peterborough. Adorn'd with 
Forty-cirrbt Copper Plates, including the Effigies of Eras- 
mus and Sir Thomas More, all neatly engraved from the 
Designs of the Celebrated Hans Holbeine. To which is 
prefix'd a Preface by the Translator, and Divers Copies of 
Commendatory Verses. The Fifth Edition. ' 12mo, half calf. 
London, 1735 

.1104 ESSAYS and Poems. On the Employment of Time. 
Three Essays. The Third Edition, with Additions, 1754.— 
This Art of Preserving Health ; a Poem, in Four 
Books; I. Air; II, Diet; III. Exercise ; IV. The Passions. 
By John Armstrong, M. D. The Third Edition, 1748.— 
The Pleasures of Imagination ; a Poem, in Three 
Books. By Dr. Akenside, 1754. — The Chace ; a Poem. 
By William Somerville, Esq. The Fourth Edition, 1757.— 
Hobhinol, or the Rural Games; a Burlesque Poem, in 
Blank Verse. By William Somerville. Esq. The Fourth 
Edition, 1757. —Together in 1 vol., 8wo, old calf. 

London, 1748-57 

2105 ESSEX Institute. Proceedings of the. Vol. I., 1848 
to 1856; Vol.11., 1856 to 1860. 2 vols., imperial 8vo, half 
morocco, vert/ ncoi. gill, tops, uncut. Salem. lHfjG-(i2 

1106 ETHERKGE, Sir George. Dramatic Works : the 
Comical Revenge, or Love in a Tub ; She wou'd if She 
cou'd; the Man of Mode, or Sir Fopling Flutter. Acted 
at His Highness the Duke of York's Theatre, in Lincolns 
Inn-Fieldst 12w>, calf. J. Tonson, London, 1723 

1107 EUROPEAN Scenery: a Fine Set, comprised in the fol- 
lowing Works: — 

Batty. Italian Scenery; from Drawings made in 1817 by 

Miss Batty. Engraved title and. (U jdn'if. ■n:i!.'i dfsrriptiotis. 

Rodwcll & Martin, London, 1820 
Batty. French Scenery ; from Drawings made in 1819 by 
Captain Batty. Engraved title and 65 plates, with descrip- 
tions in French and English. 

Rodwell & Martin. London, 1822 
Batty. Scenery of the Rhine, Belgium, and Holland ; 
from Drawings by Captain Batty, F. R. S., etc. Engraved 
title and 61 plates, with descriptions in French and English. 

R. Jennings, London, 1826 
Batty. Hanoverian and Saxon Scenery; from Drawings 
by Lieut. Colonel Batty, F. R. S., etc. Engraved title and 
CI plaUs. with 60 mood-cut vignettes and descriptions in French 
and English. R- Jennings, London, 1829 

Cockburn. Swiss Scenery; from Drawings by Major 
Cockburn. Engraved title and 61 plates, with descriptions. 

Rodwell & Martin, London, 1820 




Locker. Views in Spain ; by Edward Ilawkc Locker, Esq., 
F. R. S, Vignette on title and 60 plates, with desn-iplimis. 

J. Murray, London, 1824 
Together, 6 vols., imperial Svo, ■uniformly bound, half green 
morocco, marbled edges. London, 1820-29 

The plates in llic above works, except the " Views in S:miti " (which were 
drawn on alone hv \\>it»IL !l;i:'ilin-. unit H;:!lii-,.v:dol). ire engraved by 
Finden, Pj-e, H. Le Keux, Goodall, and wilier rniiriBiit eng'avera. 

1108 EUSTACE, Rev. John Chetwode. A Classical Todr 
through Italy, An. mdcccii. Sixth Edition, with an Ad- 
ditional Preface, and Translations of the Various Quotations 
from Ancient and Modern Authors. Large map of Italy, 
plans of churches, index, etc. 4 rots.. Svo, half vnlf neat, mar- 
bled edges. London, 1821 

11 A rinndi ad::'iir(.-d iv.v :,-.." ■■ ■ T.nicndea. 

1109 EVANS, Augusta J. Beulah. \2mo, cloth. 

New York, 1860 

1110 EVANS, Marian. AdamBede; by George Eliot. 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1860 

1111 EVANS, Marian. The Mill on the Floss ; by George 
Eliot. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1860 

1112 EVANS, Thomas. Old Ballads, Historical and Narra- 
tive, with some of Modern Date; now first collected, and 
reprinted from Rare Copies and MSS., with Notes, by 
Thomas Evans. 2 vols., small Svo, half calf 

T.' Evans, London, 1784 

1113 EVELYN, JonN. Memoirs Illustrative of the Life and 
Writings of John Evelyn, Esq., F. R. S., Author of the 
" Sylva," etc., etc. ; comprising his Diary, from the Year 
1641 to 1705-6, and a Selection of his Familiar Letters: to 
which is subjoined the Private Correspondence between 
King Cliarles I. and his Secretary of State, Sir Edward 
Nicholas, whilst his Majesty was in Scotland, ] 641, and at 
other Times during the Civil War; also between Sir Ed- 
ward Hyde, afterwards Earl of Clarendon, and Sir Richard 
Browne, Ambassador to the Court of France, in the Time 
of Charles I. and the Usurpation. The Whole now first 
published from the Original MSS.; Edited by William 
Bray, Esq. Second Edition. Portraits, views, plans, pedi- 
gree, etc. 2 vols., royal \!t>, sfiri-iikhd calf, grc(M edges. Best 
quarto edition: fine copy. London, 1819 

1114 EVELYN, John. Another coi-y: the same. 2 vols., 
royal i/i: original boards, rough edges. London, 1819 

1115 EVELYN, John. Diary and Correspondence op ; to 
which is subjoined the Private Correspondence between 
King Charles I. and Sir Edward Nicholas, and between Sir 
Edward Hyde, afterwards Earl of Clarendon, and Sir Rich- 
ard Browne. Edited from the Original MSS. at Wotton, by 
William Bray, Esq., F. A. S. A New Edition, corrected, 

)y GoogIe 



revised, and enlarged. Portraits, etc. 4 vols , crown 8i>o, 
cloth, uncut. Colburn & Co., London, 1857 

11 jg EVERARD, Joannes Secundus. Tub Kisses. Joannis 
Secundi Basia. (Latin and PInglish, with an Essay on the 
Life and Writings of Secundus.) Frontispiece and portrait 
(on (he engraved title) by Bartoloxzi. Grown tiro, ru.m.a, very 
neat, gilt edges, by Mackenzie. Fine COPY. 

London, 1773 

1117 EVERETT, Alexander H. New Ideas on Popula- 
tion ; with Remarks on the Theories of Malthus and God- 
win. 8iw. half calf. 0. Everett, Boston, 1823 

1118 EVERETT, Euward. Orations and Speeches, on Va- 
rious Occasions. Portrait on India, paper. 3 vols., imperial 
8uo, dark blue turkey morocco, extra, edges. Large pa- 
per: uniform with Webster. Boston, 1850-59 

The fourth volume has not yet ln'cs; i.-sin 1 :] on lnrge paper. 

1119 EVERETT, Edward. An Oration delivered at Ply- 
mouth, December 22, 1824. (With Notes, pp. 63-73.) 8vo, 
pp. 73, paper, clean. Boston, 1825 

This oration is. entitled" Fir?: Sets lenient of Xpk Kngland" in the " Orations 
and Speeches." 

H20 EVERETT, Edward. An Address delivered at 
Charlestown August 1, 1826, in Commemoration of 
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. 8w, pp. 36, paper, 
clean. Boston, 1826 

1121 EVERETT, Edward. Eulogy on Thomas Dowse, of 
Cambridgeport, pronounced before the Massachusetts II is- 
Loricji] rsociKiy, iith December, 1858. With the Introductory 
Address by Robert C. Winthrop, President of the Society. 
and an Appendix. Portrait): •>)' T humus Dovish ami. Ed-ward 
Everett, and view of the Dowse Library. Boston, 1859 

1122 EVERETT, Edwakd. Oration delivered before the 
City Authorities op Boston, on the Fourth of July, 1860; 
together with the Speeches at the Dinner in Faneuil Hall, 
and other Ceremonies at the Celebration of the Eigbty-fourth 
Anniversary of American Independence. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1860 

1123 EVERETT, Edward. The Life of George Washing- 
ton. (Written for the Encyclopaedia Britannica.) Portrait 

of Everett, from a hunt, append!:::, and index. 12m0, cloth. 

New York, 1860 

1124 EVERETT Memorial. Memorial of Edward Everett 
(from the Naw-Englaud Historic -Genealogical Society). 

Two portraits (one. on India, paper), view of library, and. view 
(colored) of birthplace. M.o. paper , uncut. Large PAPER : 
oid'j 75 copies printed in this style, and 4 on drawing ■paper. 
Boston, 1865 

1125 EVERETT Memorial. A Memorial of Edward Ev- 
erett, from the City of Boston. Two fine portraits, one on 

)y GoogIe 



India paper. Printed by order of the City Council, ito, 
cloth. Boston, 1865 

1126 EVERY BODY'S Toast Book and Convivial Compan- 
ion ; containing the Choices! Collection ever issued, and 
Brimming Over with Toasts and Sentiments for all Classes 
and all Occasions. By an Adept. Wood-cuts. 18mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia. (1851) 

1127 EVERY Saturday ; a Journal of Choice Reading selected 
from Foreign Current Literature. From January 6, 1866, 
to December 28, 1867, inclusive. 4 vols., imperial 8vo ; first 
vol. cloth, rest in numbers. Boston, 1866-67 

1128 EXCELSIOR: Helps to Progress in Religion, Science, 
and Literature. Wood-cuts. 6 vols., post 8vo, half morocco, 
neat. ' London, 1854-56 

1129 EYRE, Liect. Vincent, R. A. The Military Opera- 
tions at Cabot., which ended in the Retreat and Destruc- 
tion of the British Army, January, 1842 ; with a Journal of 
Imprisonment in Afghanistan. Glossary, plan, etc. I2mo, 
l,a!f'-idf, neat. J. Murray, London, 1843 

"1 will ask von to res.d the Narrative of Lieutenant My re, and remind tou of 
:1a- ci/v.iiption there given of the greatest ihal over bef-.:!! a Ikitish 
army." — Sir R. Pul in (he JJcn:,, of Commons. 

1130 $SfS| ABEK > JoHN - The Kit-Cat Clob ; done from the 
gfllra Original Paintings of Sir Godfrey Kneller, by Mr. 
KSfEse Faher. Frontispiece and 17 purl mils of the Members, 

r in mezzotinto, by John Faber. Brilliant Impres- 
sions. Royal folio, old mottled calf, gilt. Laroe paper : 
original issue. J. Tonson and J. Faber, London, 17S5 

An edition «;n ;..,blj'htd ; royal 4to) ill VB\'.!, .villi biographical skuidie.i, pp. 
ail, of whir!; satin- uiti! on Uiriri: panel Ismail folio), hut it should 
a. ■! hi- mistak™ for Ike above as il ti.'ii-: no comparison. Of the odii.ioc of 
1321 the "Quarterly litview " (Vol. XXVI, p. =12r,; says: " We do not hesi- 
tate to say, that, any o-.e, however sl : a\;llv aconi hi ;.-■'; --vitli the p.diln-al or 
literary history of the country, must nrennunco it. ami of the most hlunder- 
i::;,- pates ofp.itchv.-ork that the seizors of a hackney editor ever produced." 

1131 FABYAN, Robert, The New Chronicles of Eng- 
land and France, in Two Parts, by Robert Fabyan ; 
named by himself the Concordance of Histories. Reprinted 
from Pynson's Edition of 1516 ; the First Part collated 
with the Editions of 15-33, 1542, and 1559 ; and the Second 
with a Manuscript of the Author's Own Time, as well as the 
Subsequent Editions; including the Difierciit Continuations. 
To which are added, a Biographical and Literary Preface, 
and an Index; by Henry Ellis. Royal 4to, russia, neat, 
marbled edges. , London, 1811 

1132 FALCONER, William. The Poetical Works op (with 

Life by the Rev. John Mitford, Notes and Illustrations). 
Foolscap %vo, cloth, uncut. Aldine edition. 

W. Pickering, London, 1836 

)y GoogIe 



1133 FAMILY (The) Tutor : (English Grammar, Natural Ge- 
ography, Popular Geology, Popular Astronomy; and Mis- 
cellanies). Wood-cuts, 1 vols., square 12mo, cloth. 

London, (1851-52) 

1134 FAMOUS (The), Pleasant, and Delightful History 
op Palladine of England, discoursing of Honourable 
Adventures, of Knightly Deeds of Arms, and Chivalry ; in- 
terlaced likewise with the Love of Sundry Noble Personages, 
as Time and Affection limited their Desires. Herein is no 
Offence offered to the Wife by Wanton Speeches, or En- 
couragement to the Loo.-e by Lascivious Matter. Translated 
out of French by A. M. [Anthony Munday], one of the 
Messengers of her Majesties Chamber. The Second Edi- 
tion. Printed by J. F. and sold by John Marshall, etc. 
With 2 wood-cuts. " The Printer to the .Reader" signed " T. 
J." Small l2mo, old calf. London, s. a. 

1135 FANSHAWE, Ann, Lady. Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe. 
Wife of Sir Richard Fanshawe, Bart., Ambassador from 
Charles the Second to the Courts of Portugal and Madrid ; 
written by herself. Willi Kxcnicls from the Correspondence 
of Sir Richard Fanshawe. (Edited, with Preface and In- 
troductory Memoir, by Sir N. Harris Nicolas.) New Edition. 
Portrait, post Svo, half green morocco. London, 1830 

1136 FAR INI, Luigi Carlo. The Roman State, from 1815 
to 1850. Translated from the Italian by (and under the 
Direction of) the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. 4 vols., Svo, 
polished raff, gilt, i/mr/ilcii nd'.ies. by Payday. 

J. Murray, London, 1851-54 

1137 FAR1S el-Shiixac. A Practical Grammar of the 
Arabic Language, with Interlineal Reading Lessons, Dia- 
logues, and Vocabulary ; by Faris el-Shidiac. Second Edi- 
tion, by the Rev. Henry G. Williams, B. D., Professor of 
Arabic"in the University of Cambridge. Foolscap Svo, cloth. 

London, 1866 

1138 FARNHAM, Luther. A Glance at Private Libra- 
ries. Svo, cloth, gilt edges. Presentation copy, with auto- 
graph of the author. Boston, 1855 

1139 FARRAR, Mrs. John. Recollections of Seventy 
Years. Post Svo, cloth. Boston, 1866 

1140 FEDERALIST (The) ; A Commentary on the Consti- 
tution of the United States: a Collection of Essays 
by Alexander Hamilton, Jay, and Madison. Also, the Con- 
tinentalist, and other Papers by Hamilton. Edited by John 
C. Hamilton. Portrait, 2 vols., imperial &ra. cloth, uncut. 
Large paper: only WO copies printed, for E. Fnni.e.h, Nev: 
York. ' Philadelphia, 1865 

1141 FEDERALIST. Another copy : the same. 2 wis., im- 
perial Svo, cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 1865 

)y GoogIe 



1142 FELLOWES, William D. Historical Sketches of 
Charles the First, Cromwell, Charles the Second, 
and the Principal Personages of that Period; including the 
King's Trial and Execution : to which is annexed an Ac- 
count of the Sums exacted by the Commonwealth from the 
Royalists, and the Is aincs of all those who compounded for 
their Instates ; with other Scarce Documents. Illustrated 
by Fifty Lithographic Plates. 4fo, half -morocco, very neat, 
gilt top. Only 45 plates. London and Paris. Irf28 

This work was primed for the author, at Paris, and only a limited edition. In 

nil I In; topics which Mi.* <:iiiiip : .!.'r i.:'ii:is fiila'.n^uc has n;ct with the »ame five 
plates are wanth.i.". ami it is vevy probable that liiey never were issued. 

1143 FELLOWES, William D. Another copy: the same 
somewhat stained, ito, half morocco, neat, (jilt toy . 

London and Paris. I B28 

1144 FELTHAM, Owen. Resolves ; Divine, Moral, and Po- 
litical. Foolscap Hro, cloth, uncut. 

W. Pickering, London, 1840 

This edition (reprinted from the loun.h) contains the //L-n«m,> text, no altera- 
tions having been miiile ex.-spl in uri]<>i;r;i;iliv. her un account of (his 
ivnrk see " Introspective Review," Vol. X. pp. 348-355. 

1145 FELT, Joseph Barlow. An Historical Account 
of Massachusetts Currency. 8vo, doth. 

Boston, 1839 

1146 FELTON, Cornelius Conway. Greece, Ancient and 
Modern. Portrait. 2 vols., royal tiro, doth. Boston, 1867 

1147 FENELON, Francois de Salignac de la Mothe. 
Les Aventures de Telemaque. Handsomely 'printed on 
/■'■■1/ paper. Kiajror-'-'.l titlr. and 1)(! p/nti-s hy Tilliard after 
Monnet. 2 vols., imperial 4 to, half crimxrm morocco, extra, 
uncut. Imprim. de Monsieur. Paris. 1785 

1148 FENELON, Francois de Salignac de la Mothe. The 
Adventures of Telemachus ; from the French, by the 
late John Hawkesworth : corrected and revised by G. Greg- 
ory, D. D. With a Life of the Author ; and a Complete In- 
dex, Historical and Geographical. With 12 plates by W. 
Skelton, etc., after Stothard. 2 vols, in one, ito, calf. 

London, 1795 

1149 FENELON, Francois de Salignac de la Mothe, 
The Adventures of Telemachijs ; translated from the 
French. With Notes, by the Author of the Dissertation on 
the Parian Chronicle [Joseph Robertson]. Portrait and 23 
plates itwrte.d. 2 vols., 12mr>, diamond russia ; with book- 
plate of Tho s . Jolley, Esq'., F. S. A. Illustrated copy. 

London, 1795 

1150 FERGUSSON, Robert. The Works of. Portrait, and 
vitp'.cti.v. on title. Vl-mo, cloth, uncut. Best edition. 

Edinburgh, (1851) 



1151 FERRANA, Jacques, M. D. EPOTOMANIA, or a 
Treatise discoursing on the Essence, Causes, Symptomes, 
Prognosticks, and Cure of Love, or Erotique Melancholy. 
[Translated from the French, by Ed. Chilmead.] Small 
8vo, old calf; with autograph of Mrs. Elizabeth Corbett, 1 677, 
and a curious boo!,--plaM (in rhyme) of Charles Clark, of Tot- 
ham. .Hall, Essex. 

Printed by L. Lichfield, for E. Forrest, Oxford, 1 640 

1152 FERRARIO, Giulio. Ii. Costume Antico e Moderno, 
o Storia del Governo, della Milizia, della Religione, delle 
Arti, Science, ed Usanze di tutti i Popoli Antichi e Moderni ; 
provata coi Monument! dell' Antichtta' e rappresentata cogli 
Analoghi Disegni, dal Dottor Giulio Ferrario. Edizione 
Seconda, rived uta ed accresciuta. Above 1,800 colored plates 
of the costumes, habits, sports, etc., of ail nations. Asia, 8 vols. ; 
Africa, 4 vols. ; America, 4 vols. ; Europe, 10 vols, in 15. 
Together, 31 vols., Si-o. half morocco, uncut. 

V. Batelli, Firenze, 1823, etc. 

1153 FERRIAR, John, M. D. Illustrations op Sterne; 
with other Essays and Verses. Second Edition. 2 vols, in 
I, crown 8vo. cloth, uncut. Best edition. London, 1812 

This eiiiiiiin contain- tr.e ;; I'ialoiiut Mi !h.i Shades," "The Bibliomania, and 
Epistle to liic-hard Hi'!ih, Esq.," the " Shandy Library," etc. 

1154 FESSENDEN, Thomas Green. Terrible Tractora- 
tion, and other Poems ; by Christopher Caustic. M. D. [T. 
G. Fessenden]. Fourth American Edition ; to which is 
prefixed, Caustic's Wooden Booksellers and Miseries of 
Authorship. Frontispiece, li'atw. cloth. Boston, 1837 

1155 FESTIVAL (The) op Love ; being the Choicest Collec- 
tion of Amatory Epistles ever published. New Edition. 
12w>, pp. xi. and 418. Half >/reen calf, very neat. 

Published by M. Thomas, Philadelphia, 1820 

A collection of sone;s, «'■<■■■ (hi'loutiing to the class known aa "Facetias "), with 
the aboie title and imprint. 

1156 FIEFFE, Eocene. Napoleon I", et la Garde Im- 
perial*:. Texte par Eugene Fiefte, des Archives de la 
Guerre; Dessins par Raffet. Frontispiece and 20 colored 
plates. J'o'j'il 4.'o, green t'lrfn/ niorocc:,, extra, gilt edges. 

Paris, 1859 

1157 FIELDING, Henry. The Works op; with the Life of 
the Author [by Arthur Murphy]. Portrait, etched by J. 
Basire after Hogarth, inserted in first volume. 4 vols., 4(0, 
diamond russia, neat. Very fine copy. 

London, 1762 

1158 FIELDING, Henry. The History of Tom Jones, a 
Foundling. With a Memoir of the Author, by Thomas 
Iloscoc, Esq., and Illustrations, by George Cruikshank. 2 
vols., post 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1831 




1159 FIGUIER, Guii.laume Louis. The World before 
the Deluge. A New Edition, the Geological Portion 
carefully revised, and much Original Matter added, by 
Henry W. Eristow, F. E. S., etc. Containing Thirty-four 
Full-page Illustrations of Extinct Animals and Ideal Land- 
scapes of the Ancient World, designed by Uiou ; and Two 
Hundred and Two Figures of Animals, Plants, and other 
Fossil Remains and Restorations. Bvo. chth. uncut. 

New York (London), 1867 

1160 FIGUIER, Guillacme Loots. The Vegetable World; 
being a History of Plants, with their Botanical Descriptions 
and Peculiar Properties. Illustrated with 11G Engravings, 
interspersed through the Text, and 24 Full-page .Illustra- 
tions ; chiefly drawn from Nature by M, F signet. Thick 8i:o, 
cloth, uncut. New York, 1867 

1161 FILANG1ERI, Gabtano. Ciencia he la Legislation, 
nuevamenta traducida, por Don Juan Ribera. Segunda 
Edicion, revista v corrcgida. (i cols., \2mo, sheep, marbled 
edges. Burdeos (Paris). 1823 

1162 FILHOL, Antoinb Michel. Galerik du Mtjsee Na- 
poleon; pulili(.-e par Filhul, Oraveur. ei rediyee par [Joseph] 
La Vallec. De'diee a S. M. 1'Empereur Napoleon I". Above 
720 Itemtliftd eny racings by the most eminent, French engrav- 
ers, comprising paintings liy 'he great musters, sculptures, bus- 
reliefs, etc. 10 vols., royal Hco, blue morocco, ertra, gilt edges, 
arms on sides. Fine copy : early impressions. 

Filhol, Paris, 1804-15 

This work eon tains «nKnivi[i S s of nil trie cliief paintings, etc, concentrated by 

liuii:is>artc, tn-l'uro tlify wtru a^ain iti-p^r^il, wlii],i no miser work contains 
above two thirds of them. 

1163 FINDEN, William and Edward. Landscape Illus- 
trations of the Bible, consisting of [SMI] Views of the 
most Remarkable Places mentioned in the Old and New 
Testament; from Original Sketches taken on the Spot, 
engraved by \V, and F.. Kiriclen. With Descriptions by the 
Rev. Thomas Hurt well Home. 2 vols., royal tico, morocco. 

J. Murray, London, ISi>6 

1164 FINDEN, William and Edward. The Royal Gal- 
lery of British Art. Contains 48 large and beautiful 
enr/racings by the first, en.yrarcrs. after the best, pictures of 
British artists: India proof's. Willi descriptice letter-press. 
2 vols, in 1, atlas folio, morocco, inlaid and. elaborately looted. 

A fine specimen of bibliopegistic art. 

J. Hogarth, London, s. a. 

1165 FINLAY, Hugh. Journal kept by Hugh Finlay, 
Surveyor of the Post Roads on the Continent of North 
America, dining his Survey of the Post Offices between 
Falmouth and Oaseo Bay, in the Province of Massachusetts, 




and Savannah, in Georgia ; begun the 13th September 1778, 
and ended 26th June 1774. (With an Introduction by 
Frank H. Norton.) Facsimiles of 2 pen-and-ink maps, etc. 
Imperial ito, half green morocco, gilt top. Large paper : 
Only 25 copies printed. Brooklyn, 1867 

This work is primal ivro^/'w <■!.'<"<< -ivifim from the original MS. in Hie posses- 
sion of Mr. Norton. (Seo " Introduction.") 

1166 FISCHEL, Dr. Edward. The English Constitution. 
Translated from the Second German Edition, by Richard 
Jenery Sliee. &vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1863 

1167 FISHER, John D-, M. D. Description of the Dis- 
tinct, Confluent, and Inoculated Small Fox, Vari- 
oloid Disease, Cow Fox, and Chicken Pox. Illustrated by 
Thirteen Plates. Second Edition. Royal ito, boards. 

Boston, 1834 

1168 FISHER, Thomas. Collections, Historical, Gen- 
ealogical, and Typographical, for Bedfordshire ; 
etched and engraved on 114 Copper Plates from the Original 
Drawings, by (or under the Direction of) Thomas Fisher, 
Esq., F. S. A., etc. Contains I 1 7 plates, many of which are 
colored, comprising churches, priories, castles, old houses, door- 
ways, monuments, tombs, fonts, cross™, ancient, sculp- 
ture, and other antiquities. Royal folio, half morocco, uncut. 
Large paper : fine impressions. London, 1812-36 

1169 FISHER, Thomas. Ancient, Allegorical, Historical, 
and Legendary Paintings, in Fresco, discovered in the 
Summer of 1804, on the Walls of the Chapel of the Trinity, 
belonging to the Gildc of the Holy Cross, at Stratford-upon- 
Avon, in Warwickshire : from Drawings, made at the Time 
of their Discovers by Thomas Fisher, F. S. A.: also,aView 
and Plan of the "Chapel ; a View of New Place, the Resi- 
dence of William Shakspeare j Fac-similes of Various Grants 
and Indulgences to the Gilde, with Representations of One 
Hundred and Fifty Ancient Seals appended to them; Fac- 
simile Extracts from the Register of the Gilde, the Rolls of 
Accounts, etc. Described by John Gough Nichols, F. S. A. 
Contains bC\fine plates, many rf them colored in imitation of 
the originals. Royal folio, half morocco. Large paper: 
fine impressions. London, 1838 

1170 FISKE, Rev. Samuel. Mr. Dunn Browne's Experi- 
ences in the Army. [By the Rev. Samuel Fiske.] Por- 
trait. Post Svo, cloth. Boston, 1866 

1171 FITZCLARENCE, Lieut. Col. George. Journal of a 
Route across I^dia, through Egypt to England, in trfe 
Latter End of the Year 1817, and the Beginning of 1818. 
Folding map and 18 plates of plans, views, costumes, etc., 
most of them colored, ito, half russia. 

J. Murray, London, 181'.) 

The " Quarterly Review" refers to this work as a " lively and interesting nar- 
rative." - Vol. XXIII. p. H30, note. 

)y GoogIe 

1 52 


1172 FTTZWILLIAM (The) Museum, Cambridge, being Illus- 
trations and Descriptions of the Collection of Ancient Mar- 
bles, Specimens of Ancient Bronze, and Various Ancient 
Fictile Vases, in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, for- 
merly in the Possession of John Disney, Esq., F. R. S., at 
the Hyde, near Ingatestone. Contains 1 27 plates, and de- 
scriptions hy Mr. Disney and the. Ilev. James Tate. Three 
parts in 1 vol., iniperial ■t.-'o, huh" olive, rnororco, neat, gilt top. 

Longmans & Co., London, 1849 

1173 FLAGG, Wilson. Studies in the Field and Forest. 
12mo, cloth. Boston. 1857 

1174 FLATTERS, J. X, Sculptor. The Paradise Lost of 
Milton ; illustrated in a Scries of Fifty-four Plates of the 
Human Figure, for the ['■*?. of "-Vulplors, Artists, etc. Plates 
in outline. Royal folio, half morocco. London, 1851 

1175 FLEET, Thomas and John. A Pocket Almanack for 
the Year of Our Lord 1794, being the Second after Leap 
Year, and Eighteenth of American Independence, calcu- 
lated chiefly for the Use of the Commonwealth of Massa- 
chusetts, Boston, etc. : to which is annexed, the Massachu- 
setts Register. 18/™, pp. 148, paper. Boston, 1793 

1176 FLETCHER, George. Studies of Shakespeare in the 
Plays of King John, Cymbeline, Macbeth, As You Like it, 
Much Ado about Nothing, Romeo and Juliet; with Obser- 
vations on the Criticism and the Acting of those Plays. 
12mo, hoards. Longmans& Co., London, 1847 

1177 FLORENCE. Views of Florence and Environs. A 
collection of 29 engr/tciugs of arches, cathedrals, squares, gal- 
leries, and other place? of interest in or near Florence ; colored 
by hand, in imitation of drawings. Without title. Oblong 
4to, cloth, enclosed in case. (Florence, cir. 1842) 

1178 FLORENCE, Gallery. Tableaux, Statues, Bas-Re- 
liefs, et Camkes. de la Gaievie c!e Florence et du Palais 
Pitti ; dessines par Wicar, et graves sons la Direction de 
C L. Masquelier, avec les Explications pur Mongez. Nearly 
400 beautiful engravings on above i'l'l plates. 4 vols, in 2, 
imperial folio, half eriaison moroeeo. i/i/t tops, uncut. Only 
200 copies printed. F. Didot Freres, Paris, 1852-56 

■'MM. Fernim WJ.a'.. nviiul afq'.rs les cu:vrr« de Kit n:jvni;ri! |i;flJ1Jijjj 

JTSLi-ISJll, ic^OTII iilil l-V:-. f -.l L -lll:T- HVl'f. «(.-■!> I'lLl" ll- £V;iVi'UT !(J JillitJC tt (Hit 

1179 FLORESTON, or the New Lord of the Manor; com- 
prising the History of a Rural Revolution from Vice and 
Misery to Virtue and Happiness. With. 26 engravings after 
J. Gilbert, etc. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

1180 FLORIST (The), Fruitibtand Garden Miscellany, Jan- 
uary-December 1859. Colored plates and wood-cuts. Svofialf 
green morocco, extra, marbled edges. London, (1859) 

)y GoogIe 



1181 FLTJGEL, Dr. John G. A Practical Dictionary of 
the English and German Languages. Part I. English- 
German. Part II. German-English. 2 vols., thick crown 
Svo, half moroeco, neat. Leipzig, 1847-52 

1182 FOLKES, Martin. A Table of English Silver Coins, 
from the Norman Conquest to the Present Time ; with their 
Weights, Intrinsic Values, and some Remarks upon the 
Several Pieces. (With Appendix concerning the Coins 
minted in Scotland since the Union of the two Crowns; 
Addenda; and a Table of English Gold Coins, from the 
Eighteenth Year of King Edward the Third, when Gold was 
first coined in England.) No plates. Royal ito, old sprink- 
led calf, neat; with hook-plat? of M/o/evs Don-ten -Unguis, Esqr. 

Society of Antiquaries, London, 1745 

1183 FOLKES, Martin. Another copy; with 7 plates. Royal 
folio, boards, rough edges; ruled throughout with red lines. 
Large paper. London, 1745 

1184 FOOTE, Samuel. Memoirs op; with a Collection of his 
Genuine Bon-Mots. Anecdotes, Opinions, etc., mostly Origi- 
nal : and Three of his Dramatic Pieces not published in his 
Works. By William Cooke, Esq. Portrait. 3 vols., fools- 
cap Svo, half morocco, neat. R. Phillips, London. 1805 

1185 FOOTE, Samuel. The Works of; with Remarks on 
Each Play, and an Essay on the Life, Genius, and Writings 
of the Author. By John Bee, Esq. [John Badcock]. Por- 
trait. Svols., Vimo, hoards, uncut London, 1830 

Contents: The Knights; Tasie: The Englishman in 7'ai-is; The English- 
man Kotnrrii'il troin >:lns: The Author: The Mine; Tin: Liar; The Ora- 
tors; The llavor -if (Jarru'f; The Patron; The (■■.umii^im-; L'hii Devil 
mum Two Sticks; The l.air.oi.nviji-i the llaid or V,*:.h; The Nabob; The 
bankrupt; The CWtie.ri.; A Trip to Calnis; The Capuchin. 

1186 FORBES, Charles Stuart, R. N. Iceland; its Volca- 
noes, Geysers, and Glaciers. Map and i'i wood-cuts, Svo, 
cloth, uncut. J- Murray, London, IfcfiO 

1187 FORBES, Edward. Literary Papers; selected from 
his Writings in the " Literary Gazette." Portrait. Post 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

1188 FORCE, William Q. Picture of Washington and its 
Vicinity for 1850; with Thirty-eight Engravings; also, 
the Washington Guide, containing a Congressional Direc- 
tory, and much other Useful Information. ISmo, cloth. 

Washington, 1850 

1189 FOREIGN (The) Quarterly Review. July, 1827- 
■My, 1846. 37 vols., Aro. half coif, „/".i. gilt tops, rough edges ; 
with book-plates of David P. Kimball and .'/'. Bigelcw Law- 
rence. Complete set. London, 1827-46 

Incorporated with the " Westminster Review," after Vol. XXXVII. 



1190 FORGUES, Emile Dauran. La Chine Ouveet : 
Aventures d'un Fan-Kouei dans le Pays de Tsin ; par Oid 
Nick. [E. D. Forgues.] Ouvrage illustre par Auguste 
Borget. Fine impressions of the serr.ral h.nwlred wood-vvts 
illustrative of the life, ■manners, etc., of the Chinese, comprising 
views, costumes, ceremonies, i/rotesqi'-es, etc., etc. 8»o, half 
morocco, very neat, gilt edges. Paris, 1845 

1191 FORREST, Thomas. A Voyage to New Guinea and 
the Moluccas from Balambangan, including an Ac- 
count of Magindano, Sooloo, arid other Islands; during 
1774, 1775, and 1776, by Captain Thomas Forrest. To 
which is added, a Vocabulary of the Magindano Tongue. 
.Portrait and 3.1 plates, i-onrprising maps, views, etc. 4to, old 
imirlUa en//: i/ri/, m , edges. London, 1779 

'■This work Mmiijii-: w:i:it is wuncitir; i:: Somernt. as it is : 'ull tin the [ilivsieal 
mi:l mi.i-iil character of the inhabitants. au>l (m ltu:ir iii-ii ;;i v, mode i.i :i:c 
and iiiuic. ^c.iiicrat n.:.ii(-.i i.o iiutiinil history, especially zoi'.bgrv andorni- 
Iholopy." _ Lnitmdes. 

1192 FORSTER, John. The Life and Adventures of 
Oliver Goldsmith; a Biography, in Four Books, 
Portrait on title, wood-eats. etc. Svo, cloth. 

London, 1848 

1193 FORSYTH, Robert. The Beauties of Scotland: 
containing a Clear' and Full Account of the Agriculture, 
Commerce, Mines, and Manufactures; of the Population, 
Cities, Towns, Villages, etc. of Each County. Embellished 
with Engravings. Proof hu'rk.ssions of the numerous fine 
plates, 5 vols... ruga/ thro, half //rc'ti -morocco, extra, marbled 

edges; uniform with "■Beauties of England and Wales.'' 
Large PArmc elegant copy. Edinburgh, 1805-08 

1194 FORSYTH, Robert. Another copy : small paper ; fine 
ear/// impressions of the plates. 5 rob., 8>:o. half russia, neat, 
gilt tops, rough edges ; with book-plate of Charles Meigh. 

Edinburgh, 1805-08 

1195 FORSYTH, William. Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero; 
with Illustrations. '2 vols., imperial Hvo, cloth, rout/li ed'/es. 
Large paper: only 75 copies printed. 

New York. 1865 

1196 FOSBROKE, Rev. Thomas Dudley. British Mona- 
Chism, or Manners and Customs of the Monks and Nuns of 
England; to which are added,!. Peregrinutoriuiu Religio- 
sum, or Manners and Customs of Ancient Pilgrims. II. 
The Consnetudinal of Anchorets and Hermits. III. Some 
Account of the Conlinenles, or Persons who had made Vows 
of Chastity. IV. Four Select Poems, in Various Styles : 
1. Economy of Monastic Life: Spenser. 2. Triumph of 
Vengeance, an Ode ; Gray. 3. The Red Man, or Address 
of Buonaparte's Familiar Daemon ; Gray and Collins. 4. 
An Epitaph ; the German Manner. A New Edition, very 

)y GoogIe 


much enlarged, and embellished with Numerous Plates, 
Ato, half morocco, i/ilt lop, uncvt. 

Bentley, London, 1817 

Bonn* at the end of this copy are 21 plates of " Costumes of the Several 

Mp-.aMir. dnicrs, s.:;h:t:t«,-i from ssesveus-s lvUtion of Dagdale's Monasti- 
con,' " with four p"!''* oflctifr- ;iress description. 

1197 FOSBROKE, Rev. Thomas Dudley. Another copy: 
Third Edition, with Additions. Portrait andplates. Royal 
8ro, cfoiA, wwcui. London, 1843 

111)8 FOSBROEE, "Rev. Thomas Dudley. Encyclopedia of 
Antiquities, and Elements of Archeology, Classical and 
Medieval. A New Edition, with Improvements. Contains 
107 plates. 2 vols., royal Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1843 

1199 FOSTER, B. F. The Clerk's Guide, or Commercial 
Correspondence comprising Letters of Business, Forms 
of Hills. Invoices. AcconntSu^. Appendix, etc. 1 imu.. doth. 

Boston, 1837 

1200 FOX, John. Acts and Monuments Oe Matters most 
Special and Memorable, happening in the Church, with 
an Universal History of the same; wherein is set forth at 
Large the Whole Race and Course of the Church from the 
Primitive A«e to these Later Times of Ours, with the 
Bloody Times, Horrible Troubles, and Great Persecutions 
against True Martvrs of Christ, sought and wrought as weH 
by Heathen Emperors, as now lately pracb.ed b> Romish 
Prelates, especially in this Realm of England and Scotland : 
now again as it was recognized, perused, and recommended 
to the Studious Reader, by the Author, Mr. John Fox. 
Wuereunto are annexed certain Additions of like Persecu- 
tions which have happened in these Later Times ; to which 
also is added the Life of the Author both in Latine and Eng- 
lish. The Ninth Edition. Portrait, by J- S'.urt, andplates, 
3 vots.. ''olio, old marbled calf: ir.bach'A. Best edition. 

' J London, 1684 

1201 FRANCAIS (Les) peints par eux-memes : Encyclopedie 
Morale du Dix-neuvieme Siccle. Fine impressions of the 
many hundred wf/od-mts. after Gaviran ( Paul- Snip-ice Cheval- 
lier), Henri Monnier, etc. ; the large ones colored. ■> vols., im- 
perial 8vo, boards. Paris, 1 840 42 

1202 FRANCAIS (Les) peints par eux-mkhes ; Encyclopedie 
Morale du Dix-neuvieme Siccle. Province. Fine impres- 
sions of the nvmt>rott.< wood-cut*. 2 vols., import ft. Svo. half 
crimson moroceo, neat. Paris, 1841 

1203 FRANCE, Illustrated ; exhibiting its Landscape Scenery, 
Antiquities, Military and Ecclesiastical Architecture, etc. 
Drawings bv Thomas Al!om,Esq. Descriptions by the Rev. 
G. N- Wright, 11. A. Nearly 1 00 fine enijrav-ings by Le Keux, 

)y GoogIe 



\\->\ Wallis. <i.r.., etc. 3 vols, in 1, 4to, morocco antique, 
gilt edges. London, s. a. 

1204 FRANCIS L, op France. The Life and Times of 
Francis the Fikst, King of France. Portrait. 2 vols., 
8vo, half calf, neat. London, 1829 

1205 FRANKLIN, Benjamin. The "Works of; containing 
Several Political and Historical Tracts not included in any 
Former Edition, and Many Letters, Official and Private, 
not hitherto published. With Notes and a Life of the 
Author, by Jared Sparks. Portraits anil plates. 10 vols., 
imperial tiro, cloth, uncut. Largf. papkr : sithscrif/cr's copy. 

Boston. 1836-40 

1206 FRANKLIN, Benjamin. The Life of ; containing the 
Autobiography, with Notes and a Continuation. By Jared 
Sparks, linq-raned ti'lc. portraits, etc-. Hi->. half morocco. 

Boston, 1844 

1207 FRANKLIN, Benjamin. Correspondance Inedite et 
Secrete op Docteur B. Franklin, Ministre Plenipoten- 
tiaire des Etats-Unis d'Amerique pros la Cour de France, 
depuis VAnnee 1753 jusqu'eii 1790; offrant, en Trois Par- 
ties Completes et Bicti Distinetes, 1" les Memoires de sa 
Vie Privee; 2° les Causes Premieres de la Revolution 
d'Amerique; 3" l'Hislolre des Diverges Ni'gociations entre 
1'Aiigier.eiTc, la France, et les Etats-Unis. Publiee pour la 
Premiere Fois, en France, avec des Notes, Additions, etc. 
Portrait and facsimile. 2 vols., crown Sen. half morocco. 

Paris, 1817 

1208 FRANKLIN, Sir John. Narrative of a Journey to 
the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the Years 1810-20- 
21-22; by John Franklin, Capt. R. N., etc., and Com- 
mander of the Expedition. Third Edition. Maps. 2 vols., 
8vo, calf, very neat. J. Murrav, London, 1821 

1209 FRASER'S Magazine for Town and Country. Feb- 
ruary, 1830-December, 1858. Portraits, etc. 58 vols., Svo, 
half calf, neat. London, 1830-58 

1210 FREEMAN, Strickland. The Art of Horsemanship 
altered and abbreviated, according to the Principles of 
the late Sir Sidney Medows. With 16 large and many small 
plates. 4/o, cloth, uncut. 

Printed for the Author, by W. Bulmer & Co., London, 1806 

1211 FREEMASON'S (The) 'Monitor, or Illustrations of 
Masonry ; by a Royal Arch Mason, K. T., K. of M., etc., 
etc. In Two Parts ; Part II. containing an Account of the 
Ineffable Degrees of Masonry. (Followed by Songs ; and, 
the Constitution of the General Grand Royal Arch Chapter, 
of the Northern States of America, as laiiliyd at Providence, 
January 9, 1700.) Together in 1 vol., l&mo, sheep. 

Albany, 1797-99 

)y GoogIe 


1212 FREEMASON'S (The) Monthly Magazine. ByCharles 
W. Moore, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Massa- 
chusetts. Vols. XI.-XVIII., A'or.r.mber. I? 5\- October, 185$. 
8 vols., 8i», half morocco. Boston, 1852-59 

1213 FREESE, John Henri". Everybody's Book, or Glean- 
ings Serious and Entertaining, in Prose and Verse, from the 
■Scrap-lSook of a Septuagenarian. Pari .1. Religion. Part 
II. Education. Part IK. Woman, Poets of Persia, Du- 
ties of the Affluent. Part IV. United States of America, 
Brazil. Edited by John H. Freese, formerly a Merchant 
in London and Rio de Janeiro, etc., etc. Thick crown Svo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1860 

1214 FRENEAU, Pnii.ii-. Poems, written and published dur- 
ing the American Revolutionary War, and now republished 
from the Original Man scripts ; in terspersed with Transla- 
tions from the Ancients, and other Pieces not heretofore in 
Print. The Third Edition. Frontispieces. 2 vols., 12mo, 
old calf, gilt. Philadelphia, 1809 

1215 FRIES, J. G. Guide of English and German Con- 
versation. 12mo, paper. Aarau, 1836 

1216 FRITH, Francis. Egypt and Palestine, photographed 
and described by. Portrait and. 75 bco.otiud /dio.'f.'invi/,/,/'' 
mews. 2 vols, in 1. crimson kraut morocco, ?.rtru, ijiit ed'/i's. 
An elegant copy. London, (1867) 

1217 FROISS ART, Jean. Sir John Froissart's Chronicles 
of England, France, Spain, Portugal. Scotland, Brittany, 
Flanders, and the Adjoining (.'oim'.ries, translated from the 
Original French, at the Command of King Henry the Eighth, 
by John Uonroiiicr, Lord KunierK. Reprinted from Pvnson's 
Edition of 1523, and 1525, with the Names of Places and 
Persons carefully corrected. To which are added a Memoir 
of the Translator and a Copious Index [by E. V. Utterson]. 

i vols., ro-ijid -Uo, rtissiti, Hcol. iiiurl'lnt edges. 

London, 1812 
See Arnold, Richard, and Humphreys, H. N. 

1218 FROTHINGHAM, Rev. 0. B. Stories prom toe Lips 
OF the Teacher. Wood-cuts. Square post 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1863 

1219 FROUDE, Jambs Anthony. History op England, from 
the Fall of Wolsey to the Death of Elizabeth. Vols. I.~ 
I V.. imperial Sro, cloth., rough edges. Laiick papkr: only 
100 copies printed. New York, 1865-66 

1220 FRYER, John, M. D. A New Account op East India 
and Persia, in Eight Letters, being Nine Tears' Travels, 
begun in 167^ and finished 1681 ; containing Observations 
made of the Moral, Natural, and Artificial Estate of those 
Countries, namely: of their Government, Religion, Laws, 
Customs; of the Soil, Climate, Seasons, Health, Diseases ; 

)y GoogIe 



of the Animals, Vegetables, Minerals, Jewels; of their 
Housing, Cloa thing, Manufactures, Trades, Commodities; 
and, of the Coins, Weights, and Measures used in the 
Principal Places of Trade in, those Parts. Portrait by R. 
White, maps, etc; Folio, old calf. 

Ri. Chiswell, London, 1698 

1221 FULLER, Rev. Andrew. The Calvanistic and Socin- 
ian Systems, examined and compared, as to their Moral 
Tendency; in a Series of Letters, addressed to the Friends 
of Vital and Practical Religion, The Second Edition, with 
Corrections and Additions. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1794 

1222 FULLER, Hiram. Sparks from a Locomotive, or Life 
and Liberty in Europe ; by the Author of " Belle Brittan's 
Letters" [H. Fuller]. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1859 

1223 FULLER, Sarah Margaret (Ossoli). Papers on Lit- 
erature and Art. Parts I. and 11. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth. 

London, 1846 

1224 FULLER, Thomas, D. D. A Pisgah-Sight of Pales- 
tine and the Confines Thereof; with the History of the 
Old and 'New Testaments aeled thereon. Numerous maps, 
plans, etc., en/jraved by Vavijluai, Cross, Goddard, Marshall, 
etc. Folio, old calf, gilt, red. eilyts ; with autographs of Robert 
Soutkey on fly-leaf and title. Fine copy. 

London, 1650 

■■ Tins curious and singular book i.s nut a mere geographical work, but con- 

':»■-:== ma;:l i]ji::;:s ri;l;i;i::g til .Icwi-il iiuLLi]ui[:i;-i, and in ItiB ])!.'! [I Jiiir- ati'.l 
CLicdini.-i of tin 1 j-covjIc, and imi!lpTit:illy illustrates a number or' ijasi-an-es of 
Scripture." — Loumdes, 

1225 FULLER, Thomas, D. D. The History oe the Wor- 
thies Of England. A New Edition, containing Brief No- 
tices of the most Celebrated Worthies of England who 
have flourished since the Time of Fuller, with Explanatory 
Notes and Copious Indexes ; by P. Austin Nut tall, LL. D. 
Portrait. 3 cols., Sen, sprinkled calf. </)'/!. marbled edges. 

T. Tegg, London, 1840 

1226 FULLER, Thomas, M. D. Introductio Prudentiam; 
or, Directions, Counsels, and Cautions, tending to Prudent 
Management of Affairs in Common Life. The Second 
Part; to which is added an Appendix, concerning Sincerity 
and Deceit. The Whole compiled bv Thomas Fuller, M. D. 
12mo, calf. S. Austen, London, 1727 

1227 E"i|ftS;AGE, Thomas. Nouvelle Relation, contenantles 
'\ ■ ■'"!' ^ T °. y:1 ^ es ( '° Thomas (liiirc dans la Nouve'de Espagne- 
&Vll,'« ses Diverse* A ventures & son Retourpar la Province 
de Nicaragua jusques a la Havane ; avec la Description de la 
Ville de Mexique, telle qu'elle etoit Autrefois, & connue 

)y GoogIe 


elle est a Present, ensemble une Description Exacte des 
Terres & Provinces que possedent des Espagnols en toute 
I'Amcrique, de la Forme de leur Gonvernement Ecclesi- 
astique & Politique, de leur Commerce, de leurs Mceurs, 
& de celles des Criolles, des Metifs. des Mulatres, des Indi- 
ens, & des Negres. Quat.ricmc Edition revue" & corrigee. 
Maps and plates. 2 vols., 1 imo, old calf, red edges. 

P. Marret, Amsterdam, 1720 

1228 GAIL, Jean Baptiste. Li: Piiu.oi.oguf,, ou Rccherches 
Historiques, Militaires, Geographiques, Grammaticales, 
I.'f:\icou'raphiqnes, etc., specirilcmcnt d'apres .1 lerodotc, 
Thucydide, et Xenophon (pour servir a TEtade de l'His- 
toire Ancienne). Without ados.— Anthologie Poetique 
Grecque, ou Extraits de Diflerens Auteiirs ; avec la Tra- 
duction Interlineaire Latine & Franchise, & Notes -Gram- 
maticales & Critiques (1801). Together, 25 vols, in 21, with 
maps, facsimiles, etc. 3 vols., Sro, old calf gilt, marbled 'edges ; 
18 voh., 8w, half calf \ neat. With a.utoe/raph. of Jno. Pick- 
ering and Rufus Choate. Paris, 1801-28 

1229 GALIFFE, James Augustus. Italy and its Inhabit- 
ants ; an Account of a Tour in that Country in 1816 and 
1817, containing a View of Characters, Planners, Customs, 
Governments, Antiquities, Literature, Dialects, Theatres, 
and the Fine Arts: with some Remarks on the Origin of 
Rome and of the Latin Language. 2 voh., Svo, half calf, 
neat. J. Murray, London. 1820 

1230 GALIGNANI'S New Paris Guide: to which is added 1 
a Description ni' tin; Km irons. Map and plates. 16mo, roan. 

Paris, 1842 

1231 GALIGNANI'S New Paris Guide for 1854. Plan of 
Paris in pocket. lime, roan. Paris, (1854) 

1232 GALILEI, Galileo. Le Oi'ere di ; Prima Edizione 
Completa, condotta sugli Autentici Manoscritti Palatini, e 
dedicati a S. A. I. e R. Leopoldo II., Granduca di Toscana. 
Portrait on India paper, and plates. Vols. J.- IV. Imperial 
Ri'<;. hoards, uncut. Laugi; paper. 

Societa Editrice Fiorentina, Firenze, 1842-44 

1233 GALLERY (The) of Pohtraits ; with Memoirs. Pub- 
lished under the Superintendence of the Society for the 
Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Contains I (IB portraits with 
memoirs by different biographers. 7 vols., imperial Svo, half 
ori'i'ii morocro. neat, gilt tops, uncut, by Bering. 

C. Knight, London, I83i'i-{!7 

1234 GALT, John. Stories of the Study. Second Edition. 
3 voh., 12jb0, half calf. London, 1834 

1235 GAMBA, Bartoloheo da Bassano. Omaggio delle 
Provincif. Venete alia Maesta di Carolina Augusta,. 
Imperatrice d'Austria. [La Presente Edizione e fatta per 

)y GoogIe 



Cura di Bartolomeo Gamba di Bassano Socio Onorario delist 
R. Accademia di Belle Arti, etc.] A series of 18 plates of 
sculptures and paintings. Royal folio, half calf. 

Yenezia, 1818 

1236 GANDY, Joseph. The Rural Architect; consisting 
of Various Designs for Country Buildings, accompanied 
with Ground Plans, Estimates, and Descriptions. Contains 
12 plates. Royal ito, boards, uncut. 

J. Harding, London, 1805 

1237 GARRICK, David. The Dramatic Works of ; to which 
is prefixed a Life of the Author. 3 vols., 12mo, sheep. 

London, 1798 

1238 GASPARIN, Agenor Etienne, Comte de. America 
before Europe : Principles and Interests. Translated 
from Advance Sheets, by Mary L. Booth. Third Edition. 
12mo, cloth. ' New York, 1862 

1239 GASPARIN, Malerie BoissiivU, Cojitessk de. Human 
Sadness. Foolscap Bvo, cloth, uncut. 

London (Edinburgh), 1864 

1240 GAUTIER, Theophile. Wanderings in Spain. Wood- 
cuts. Crown Bvo, cloth. London, 1853 

1241 GAY, John. Poems, on Several Occasions. First Edition, '2 plates, etched by W. Kent, and olhi-r e-inOfl/isfimcnls. 
2 vols*, ito, calf. London, 1720 

1242 GAY, John. Fables. Plates, engraved by G. Scotin, Jan., 
and G. Vander G'lehi, nj'h.r Graedol, \\\,'.iit<m. and Kent. 2 
vols, in 1, Bvo, diamond calf gill, marbled edaes. 

London, 1753-55 

Vol. I.. "Seventh Edition." ■!. tf 11. Timson «.«d J. Waltf, t7D3 : Vol. II. 
"Fifth Eiiitiu:!." ,/. ,;■■ /'. h'wijilim, 1755. 

1243 GAZUL, Clara. The Plays of Clara Gazul, a Span- 
ish Comedian ; with Memoirs of her Life (by Joseph L'Es- 
trange). Post Bvo, half morocco. 

London, 1825 

1244 GELL, Sir William ; and John P. Gandy. Pompeiana: 
The Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of Pompeii. 
.New Kiliiiori. Hi/// ,^1 pl/iles a.u.J ii,,iu// rn/iiettes, imi/rared 
by G. Cooke, J. Le Keux, C. Heath, J. Pya, and others. 2 
vols., imperial Bvo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1824 

This is the second eiliiiun of (he (iri^-fnnl strie-. coiilalntii},' information ob- 
tained prior to 1319, with a second title dated 1821. 

1245 GELL, Sir William; and John P. Gandy. Anotiier 
copy : Third Edition. With 83 plates {two being added to 
this r.duian). 1 vol., royal Bvo, morocco extra, puneUr.d. t/ill 
edges. London, 1852 

1246 GENEST, John. Some Account of the English Stage, 
from the Restoration in 1660 to 1830. [By John Genest] 
10 vols., Bvo, cloth, uncut. Bath, 1832 

)y GoogIe 


1247 GENLIS, Stephanie Felicity Ducrest de St. Aubin, 
Comtesse de. Petrarch and Lauka. Translated from 
the French. 2 vols, in 1, limo, half calf, neat. 

London,' s. a. 

1248 GENUS, Stephanie Felicite Ducrest de St. Aubin, 
Cojitkssb de. Manuel dd Voyageur, en Six Langues: 
Angtoise, Allemande, ^Framjoise, ltalienne, Espagnole, et 
Russe. Cinquieiue Edition, revue et considerableim-nt 
augmented. Small square 8vo, paper. 

L. Piazzinj, Florence, 1831 

1249 GENTLEMAN'S (The) Magazine, or Monthly Intel- 
ligencer; by Sylvanus Urban, Gent. January, 1731- 
December, 1853. 194 vols., ih:o, naif, ydlow edges. 

London, 1731-1853 

1250 GENTLEMAN'S Magazine. Duplicate volumes : for 
1758 and 1759. 2 vols., Svo, old calf 

London, 1758-69 

1251 GENTLEMAN'S Magazine. A Selection of Curious 
Articles from. By John Walker, LL. B., etc. Third 
Edition. 4 vols., 8vo, half calf London, 1814 

Vol. I. iiept'urchcJ, UU'rir^al iin:1 A!illr|iiarian. 

Vol. II. 1st. Ancient and Modern Literature, Criticism, and Philology. 

2d. Fliilo.i-pliv ,r.;e. NV-^.,1 liiatory. 
Vol. III. 1st. Letters to and from Eminent Persons. 

;M. M,-,->ll;iiii:i:ii-i Ac i, ::,';■. i i H'ni \:::s Ann-iiu'es df !■".:•- 1 i-norJi nary 
Persons, Uscl:;] E'^tct, and kv,,::,,,-. ,-ic, els. 
Vol. IV, Biographical Memoirs, Literary Aa^i^tes, and Characters. Topo- 
graphical Notices. 

1252 GERANDO, Joseph Marie, Baron de. Self-Educa- 
tion, or the Means and Art of Moral Progress ; translated 
from the French. Royal 8vo, boards, rough edges. 

Boston, 1830 

1253 GERHARD, Johann. Johannis Gerharih SS. Theoi,. 


logicorum cum pro Adstruenda Veiitate, trim pro Destru- 
enda qnorumvis Contradicentium Falsitate, per Theses 
jici'vosc. solidi, &■ co pitiSL- (.!\|)Joar.<irim>. Tomi I.-IV. In 
1 vol., folio, old calf, red edges ; with autograph of J. 0. 
Percival. Genevas, 1639 

For contents see Darling's ,; Oyclojiavlia Hibi^rapliica," col. 1237. 

1254 GERMAN (The) Theatre; translated by Benjamin 
Thompson, Esq. Fourth Edition. I? vols., small l'i,no, smooth 
morocco, contents lettered. marldcd cdyes. London, 1811 

Costents: The Stranger; Bolla; Pi;arro;' Don Carlos; Count Ueinw- 
ikv; Lovers' Vtjwsj Deaf and n^nili: India:! E.\ki-s; ; ii-lii" ■!.■>■ - 
Otto of Wittk'6h!i!-:i: l);u;,il]('rt: .Adelaide uf Wi]Jh|.;e-: '['I].- [:,:l;bfi>' 
!;:>! U:if.y,y ]-";i:j-,;:y ; (,'or.sficEce; Tin: ICnsign; Count Kocn^smavk; Sjielta- 

1255 GIBBON, Edivard. The History of the Decline and 
Fall of the Roman Empire. 8 vols., royal Sva, half green 

)y GoogIe 


9, neat, gill tops. Portrait wanting. Large paper : 
only 50 copies printed. 

Talboys, Oxford, and Pickering, London, 182? 

One of the " Oxford English Classics." 

1256 &IBBON, Edward. The History op the Decline ani> 
Fall of the Roman Empire. With Notes bv the Eev. 
H. H. Milman. 8 vols., 8iw, cloth, uncut. Paris, 1840 

1257 GIBBON, Edward. The History of the Decline and 
Fall or the Roman Empire. With Notes by the Rev. 
H. II. Milman. Second Edition. Colored, maps and a gen- 
eral index. 6 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt. 

J. Murray, London, 1846 

1258 GIBSON, William Sidney. The History op the Mon- 
astery founded at TrNKMorTii, in the Diocese of Durham, 
to the Honour of God. under the Invocation of the Pressed 
Virgin Mary and S. Oswin, King and Martyr. With 19 
large platen and umiicrous initial tetter* and v:ood-cuts. com- 
prising vieu-s. facsimiles. i'/e. ; the etchings on India paper. 
and many of the plates end the initials: highly illuminated 
in gold AND COLORS, 2 vols., royal Ui>, half morocco, uncut. 
Published for the author. Subscriber's copy : one of 
only 12 copies colored by hand. 

W. Pickering, London, 1846-47 

1259 GIDDINGS, Joshua R. History op the Rebellion; 
its Authors and Causes. 8tw, cloth. New York, 1864 

1260 GIFFARD, Edward. A Short Visit to the Ionian 
Islands, Athens, and the Morea. Map. 12mo, half 
calf neat, marbled edges. Paris, 1838 

1261 GIFFARD, Rev. George. A Dialogue concerning 
Witches and Witchcraft es ; in which is laide open how 
craftely the Divell deceiveth not onely the Witches but many 
other, and so leadeth them Awrie into many great Errours. 
By George Giffard, Minister of God's Word in Maldon. 
Small \to, half calf; with book-plate of the Hon"!' Frederic 
North. Slack letter \ first edition. 

London, 1593 

This tract was reprinted by the Percy Society. 

1262" GILDON, Charles. The Life of Mr. Thomas Better- 
ton, the late Eminent Tragedian ; wherein the Action and 
Utterance of the* Stage, Bar, and Pulpit, are distinctly con- 
sidered : with the Judgment of the late Ingenious Monsieur 
de St. Evremond upon the Italian and French Music and 
Opera's, in a Letter to the Duke of Buckingham. To 
which is added, the Amorous Widow, or the Wanton Wife ; 
a Comedy, written by Mr. Betterton : now first printed from 
the Original Copv. Portrait hy Veen.der Gucht. after Kneller. 
Bvo, old calf. London, 1710 

In this copy the dedication is not signed. 




1263 GlLDON, Charles. Another Copt: with the "Epistle 
.Dedicatory" signed " Charles Gildon." Portrait i/ianling. 
8vo, old calf, red edges. London, 1710 

1264 GILLIES, John. The History or Ancient Greece, its 
Colonies, and Conquests ; from the Earliest Accounts till the 
Division of tlie Macedonian Empire in the East: including 
the History of Literature, Philosophy, and the Fine Arts. 
The Second Edition. Portrait and maps, i vols., 8vo, 
sprinkled calf, green edges. London, 1787 

1265 GILLILAND, Thomas. The Dramatic Mirror, con- 
taining the Llislon of the Stagt: from the Earliest Period to 
the Present Time; including a. Biographical and Critical 
Account of all the Dramatic Writers from 1 fitiO, and also 
of the most Distinguished Perionncrs, from the Days of 
Shakspeare to 1807 : and a History of the Country Theatres 
in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Portraits and plates. 
2 vols., 12mo, half russia, London, 1808 

1266 GILEAY, Jambs. Caricatures. The 45 suppressed 
plates. Alias folio, half e. rims nit turkey morocco, extra, gilt 
edges, by Wright. (London), s. a. 

1267 GILRAY, James ; Thomas Rowlandson ; etc., etc. 
Caricatures, drawn and etched by those Celebrated Artists 
Gilray, Rowlandson, Cruikshanks, etc. Nearly 300 cari- 
catures. Atlas folio, half morocco. (London), s. a. 

This volume has no title, the above being taken from the frontis[:ii ■'■■::, wiiieh 
also Ui'arn this n.ltivBjs : ■■ i.imilemi.i:.' In [n-esicniin;; to i-uur noiice this 
Volume ol' Cario.muves, 1 niii ;lr.-iri-;t iii ilie namos ■■' t he I'ii 1 :/:!:!!:!, Artists. 
Kit., also from invsi'.il" ami lnr^c- long- anil small lu>:uled, to as- 
sure villi 111 at we have lit cons:i!i:i:ihle : run bit: at;.; i ! \ii.'iiis prfjihiueil a very 
ainii.-i^; am! [nl e rjsl J r i -"- serifs o: Milijer'.". whieii vie trim ivill coillriljule to 
di;![ie; fitird l;v cxciliii!; ihe risibiis rU-L-uIl ies "I a.l ivho may [nr:if ilmm with 
a perusal. Sincerely hoping th:i'. our exonion- ivili l:i : . i : :■ f . i > 1 1 ■ : ■ i : i ^1 ami merit 
your patronage and sn:i|niit we n^peri fully take our leave." 

1268 GILMAN, Mrs. Caroline. The Poetry ov Travelling 
in the United States. With Additional Sketches, by u 
Few Friends; and a Week among Autographs, by Rev. 8. 
Gilman. 12mo, olotk. New York, 1838 

1269 GILMORE, Jambs Russell. Down in Tennessee, and 
Back by Way of Richmond. By Edmund Kirke [J. R. 
Gilmore.] 12mo, cloth. New York, 1864 

1270 GILPIN, Rev. William. An Essay upon Prints: con- 
taining Remarks upon the Principles of Picturesque Beauty, 
the Diflcrcnt Kinds of Prints, and the Characters of the most 
Noted Masters; illustrated by Criticisms upon Particular 
Pieces. To which are added some Cautions that may be 
Useful in Collecting Prints. Second Edition. With Index. 
Post 8#o, sprinkled naif, yi!', greet, edges. London, 1768 

1271 GLP1A.NER (The) ;'a Miscellaneous Production. By 
Constantia. 3 vols., l2mo, sheep. Bindings broken and title 
to first volume wanting. 

I. Thomas & E. T. Andrews, Boston, Feb., 1798 



1272 GLOVER, Richard. Leonidas, a Poem (in Twelve 
Books). The Seventh Edition. Portrait by Fittler, and 
plates by Bartolozzi, He-nth, after Stothard, etc. Printed 

Inj Whi-tlii>qriaii>.. '.', coin., post Sro, sprinkled calf, very neat. 
London, 180* 

Some plates as in the Du Roveray edition. 

1273 GODEAU, Antoi\g, Evequh dk Vgnce, Les Tableaux 
de la Penitence, Troisieme Edition. Fine platen by 
Ckauveau, etc. 4to, old calf. Paris, 1662 

1274 GODWIN, Parke. Vala ; a Mythological Tale. Wood- 
cuts and borders. &to, cloth, gilt edges. 

New York, 1851 

1275 GODWIN, William. Life of Geoffrey Chaucer, the 
Early English Tout; including Memoirs of his Near Friend 
and Kinsman, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster: with 
Sketches of the Maimers, Opinions!, Arts, and Literature of 
England in the Fifteenth Century. Portrait of Chaucer by 
P. Condi and 'me. of John rf Co.irnt by <)gbe,urne; also one, 
from a painting found in the. house in whirh Cronrwell was 
born, supposed to he of Vheiiieer. :> vols., Uo, old tree calf gilt. 
Fine copy. London, 1803 

1276 GOLD, Captain Charles, R. A. Oriental Drawings. 
Sketched hetween the Years 1791 and 1798. A series of 50 

finely colored plu'es, -with deseri/itions and. a glossary, illustrat- 
ing manners. buiUinqs, costumes, antiquities, etc. 

London, 1806 

1277 GOLDSBURY, J. ; and W. Russell. The American 
Common School Reader and Speaker. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, s. a 

1278 GOLDSMITH, Oliver. The Miscellaneous Works 
Of ; including a Variety of Pieces now first collected. By 
James Prior. Engraved titles by E. Einden. 4 vols., 8vo, 
rolf qilt- marbled edges. ' J. Murray, London, 1837 

1279 GOLDSMITH, Oliver. The "Works of (printed from 
the Last Editions revised by the Author). Edited by Peter 
Cunningham, F. S. A. Plate of monument in Westminster 
Abbey, and vignettes on the engraved titles. 4 vols.. Sro, vtil 
gilt, gilt edges. J. Murray, London, 1854-5. 

1280 GOLDSMITH, Oliver. The Traveller. "With Thirt, 
Illustrations designed expressly for the Art-Union of Lon- 
don. Portrait and 30 engravings on wood by the best artists. 
Uo, half morocco, neat. (London), 1851 

1281 GOLDSMITH, Oliver. A History of the Earth and 
Animated Nature. With Numerous Notes from the Works 
of the most distinguished British and Foreign Naturalists, 
Illustrated hy upwards of Two Thousand Figures. Man% 
of the plates colored. 2 vols., royal8vo, half morocco, neat. 

'"" 1857 

)y GoogIe 


1282 GOMBERVILLE, Marin le Rot de. Moral Virtue 
Delineated. Text both French and English, the translation 
by Thomas M. Gibbs. Frontispiece, portrait of GomberviUe, 

engraved titles, and 103 plates, by Pierre Darct, after the plates' 
of Otho Venitts's Emblemala Horatiana. Two parts in 1 vol., 
folio, old calf gilt. (London, 1721 ?) 

This copy has no title except "Moral Virtue Delineated " on the I wo ei -.emved 
tit;--, w'idi hiLvt li- '-:: :;\UT.-il ' ii] :] :^li r.-nll v] from the plalea us t d Ln [J.- t'ana 
eilitn,]] (if lli-Hi. T:-. lS pi.;-Li^i: w Ir.Hi Mils :!]!■ rlr.-t Ti:nm=.- lie! Ui"]?.v.-\ i - : T|> \ril- 
u-.-iu, lii.-ili.ii'.s a Gw.hervil'.a. iutal. sv.-.v."! bear- ilntc of 10-13. bee 
Ehgba vines, No. 1006. 

1283 GOMEZ, Madeleine Angelica Poisson, Madame de. 
La Belle Assemblee, or the Adventures of Six Days; 
being a Curious Collection of Remarkable Incidents which 
happen'd to some of the First Quality in France. Written 
in French for the Entertainment of the King. Translated 
into English. Compleat in Three Parts. The Second 
Edition. 3 pacts in 1 vol., small tivo, old calf. 

London, 1725 

1284 GOMEZ, Madeleine Angelica Poisson, Madame de. 
La Belle Assemblee : being a Curious Collection of some 
very Remarkable Incidents which happened to Persons of 
the First Quality in France ; interspersed with Entertaining 
and Improving Observations made by them on Several Pas- 
sages in History, both Ancient and Modem. Adorn'd with 
Coimer-Plates. The Fourth Edition. 4 vols., 1 imo, old calf 

London, 1736 

This edition contains "Seventeen Days." 

1285 GOOD Words ; edited by Norman Macleod, D. D. Vol I. 
Royal 8i-o, cloth. " Edinburgh, 1860 

1286 GORDON, Thomas. The Pillars op Priestcraft and 
Orthodoxy Shaken. (Consisting of Tracts collected or 
written by Thomas Gordon.) The Second Edition (edited 
by the Rev. Richard Baron). 4 vols., small \2mn, old calf 

J London, 1768 

1287 GORI, Antonio Francesco. Museum Etruscum exhi- 
bens Insignia Veterum Etruscorum Monumenta Aereis 
Tabulis CC. : nunc Primum edita et illmtrata Observation- 
ibus Antonii Francisci Gorii, Publici Historiarum Piofes- 
soris. 2 vols., folio, old. niuttied calf, r/i/t, bucks cracked ; with 
"book-plate of James Herbert, Esq., 'of'Tythorpe, in the County 
of Oxford. Florentine, 173V 

1288 GORI, Antonio Francesco. Antiqua Numismata 
Aurea et Argentea Praestantiora ct Aerea, Maximi Moduli, 
quae in Rcgio Thesauro Magni llucis Etnirisu: adservaut.itr ; 
cum Observationibus Aiiionii Francisci Gorii, Publici His- 
toriarum Profcssoris. Fine impressions of the plates. 3 vols., 

)y GoogIe 



royal folio, old calf, red edges ; with book-plate of Peter Hardy, 
F. R. S. Museum Florentinum : medals complete. 

Florentiae, 1740-42 

1289 GOBI, Antonio Francesco. Dactyliotheca Smith- 
iana: Volumen Primum Gemmarum Ectypa et Antonii 
Francisci Gorii Eiiiirrutimies complectens ; Volumen Al- 
teram Historiam Glyptographicam Auctore Antonio Fran- 
cisco Gorio exhibens. Frontispiece, etc., and 100 fine plates 
of gems in the. coV.e.e'ion of the 'British eiaisa't Joseph Snail,. 
In 1 vol., folio, nissia, yellow FlNK COPT. 

Venetiis, 1767 

This work was published si. (lie cspusc of George III. 

1290 GOSS, Warren Lee. The Soldier's Story op his 
Captivity at Andersonville, Belle Isle, and other 
Rebel Prisons. Illustrated by Thomas Nasi. V2mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1867 

1291 GOTHE, Johann Wolfgang vox. Memoirs of Goethe, 
written by himself. Portrait. 2 rota., Hro, half russia. 

London, 1824 

1292 GOTHE, Johann Wolfgang von. The Works of: 
Autobiography, with Letters from SwkztThind and Travels 
in Italy (2 vols.) ; Dramatic Works ; Novels and Tales ; 
Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship. (Translated by John 
Oxenford, A. J. W. Morrison, Anna Swanwick, Sir Walter 
Scott, and H. G. Bohn.) Portraits,. 5 vols., pout &vo, half 
col/', neat., marbled edges. London, 1848-61 

1293 GOTHE. Johann Wolfgang von. Faust ; a Tragedy, 
in Two Parts. Translated into English Verse, by Jonathan 
Birch, Esq. India proofs of the 40 beuni 'if id aniline, eni/rav- 
iit'/s, by John Brain., after Morit: Retzsch. Bath parts in 1 
vol., imperial Hi.t>, clad)., uncut; with book-plate of E. A. 
Hitchcock, U. S. Army. Large paper. 

London, 1839-43 

1294 GOTHE, Johann Wolfgang von. Another covr: first 
part only, with 29 plates. Royal 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1839 

1295 GOTHE, Johann Wolfgang von. Faust ; eine Tragodie : 
mit Zeichnungen von En^eibert Scibertz. Printed on a very 
fine thick paper : the plates enyrareJ by Schteich, Storz, and 
other celebrated German engracers. 2 cots., atlas 4to, Vol. I, 
ivi'h plates on India paper, crimson turhy morocco, extra, em- 
blematically looted., carmine edges; Vol. II., crimson, turkey 

morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

Stuttgart, 1854-58 

1296 GOTHE, Johann Wolfgang von. The Minor Poetry 
of Goethe ; a Selection from his Son^s, Ballads, and other 
Lesser Poems. Translated by William Grassett Thomas. 
Foolscap 4t.o, half olive morocco, red paper sides, rou.ah edges. 

Philadelphia, 1859 

)y GoogIe 



1297 GOUGH, Richard. Sepulchral Monuments in Great 
Britain, applied to illustrate the History of Families, Man- 
ners, Habits, and Arts, at the Different Periods from the 
Norman Conquest to the Seventeenth Century, with Intro- 
ductory Observations. Fine impressions of the plates. 4 vols., 
imperial full ■■>. Imlt turkey wirocco, extra. 

London, 1786-96 

A very line ropy, ^mont eniirc;!)' irei' -!■■:« «i;iiri^, :l:h'l |i«r;'i'ci willi I hi; exirqi- 
of (liiif part ,-.:' (he '.v'.ik v,-aq destroyed by fire. 

1298 GRAFTON, Richard. Grafton's Chronicle, or His- 
tory of England ; to which is added, his Table of tbe 
Bailiffs, Sheriffs, and Mayors, of the City of London, from 
the Year 1189 to 1558, inclusive. 2 vols., royal Mo, neat, 
marbled edges. London, 1809 

See Arnold Kichakd. 

1299 GRAHAM, Maria. Letters on India. With Etchings 
and a Map. SvnJiatJ'r/isii'j. niarJArd edges. London, 1814 

1800 GRAHAM, Maria. Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, 
and a Residence there during Part of the Years 1821, 
1822, 1823. Plates and wood-eat vignettes, ito, half calf, 
extra. London, 1824 

1301 GRAHAME.James. The History of the United States 
of North America, from the Plantation of the British 
Colonies till their Assumption of National Independence. 
Second Edition, enlarged and amended. Portrait. 4 vols., 
Sen. cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 184.5 

1302 GRANDVILLE, Jean Ionace Isidore Gerard. The 
Flowers Personikikd ; being a Translation of Grand- 
viile's " les Fleurs Animes." By X. Cleaveland, Esq. Illus- 
trated with Steel Engravings, beautifully colored. Both 
series; 2 vols., imperial Scu, morocco, extra, eii'O/em.a'irnl/i/ 
tooled, gilt edges. New York, 1 849 

1303 GRANGER, Rev. James. A Biographical History of 
England, from Egbert the Great to the Revolution ; con- 
sisting of Characters disposed in Different Classes, and 
adapted to a Methodical Catalogue of Engraved British 
Heads: intended as an Essay towards reducing our Biogra- 
pby to a System, and a Help to the Knowledge of Portraits ; 
interspersed with a Variety of Anecdotes, and Memoirs of 
a Great Number of Persons, not to be found in any other 
Biographical Work. With a Preface, showing the Utility of 
a Collection of Engraved f'ortraks to supply the Defect., and 
answer the Various Purposes, of Medals. By the Rev. 
James Granger, Vicar of Sliiplake in Oxfordshire. Fifth 
Edition; with upwards of Four Hundred Additional Lives 
[by James Can I field], and a Splendid Collection of Rare and 
Curious Portraits. lllus' rated, with above 200 portraits, in- 
cluding the set. of •■ IIol-'buak.en's Heads," complete, besides 



other fine ones by Verttje, Elstracke, F a ITHORNE, Vaughn, 

etc. 3 vols., foil,,, liiilfnisshi. extra, marbled, edges. LARGEST 


London, (1824) 

On the first appeararcc nf this wort, in .!"(!!>. the r&sc fnr illustrating herame 
so prcviili'.n! and was carrii'il losuih :m est,;!) I tlia f , lo illustrate it. line works 
i-!!ii;r>,!!i n hc!('. with iiorrriiil-- wi:ii: must uiiscmpu iii us! v muiiLited (or"granger- 
iacil "]. which p;ve rise 'o the l"ii!?.s '■ ;:viiiiL:erite," «tc 

Dr. .lchnann. in a latter to [Inswuil, paid, " 1 have read every word of Granger: 
it has entertained me exceed ingl J'-" 

1304 GRANGER, Ret. James. Another copy: Fourth Edi- 
tion; with the Continuation, by the Rev. Mark Noble. Il- 
lustrated, will above A'M) portraits (mounted), some of which 
are fine and rare, and mod of them from The original plates 
ertgrace.d by celebrated artists. The LARGE PAPER (royal Sro) 
editions, inter/eared with drawing paper, bound in 14 vols., 
royal Mo, and I vol. (indexes), royal Hvo. russia ; with book- 
plate of Sir George Staunton, Bart. London, 1804-06 

1305 GRANT, The Last HcsDjtBi) Years op Eng- 
lish LitbhATCBe. (1760-1860.) Crown Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 

1306 GRANVILLE, Augustus Eozzi, M. D. The Spas op 
Germany. Maps, views, etc., i vols.. Svo. calf, extra, marbled 
ede/es ; with initials '■ B. A. L'." \_Leuuox j in device on sides. 

London, 1837 

1307 GRANVILLE, Augustus Tk>z/i, M- D. Another copy: 
Second Edition ; a Supplement containing an Account 
of the Improvements effected nt tlie Various Watering-Places 
since the Publication of Llio First Edition, and the Result of 
the Author's mnre extended Knowledge and Experience as 
regards the Several Mineral Waters therein men tinned. 
Maps and woo/l-cu's, Hvo, cloth, uncut. London, 1843 

This edition has the author's name on title. 

1308 GRASSET Saint- Sauveur, Jacques. L'Antica Roma, 
ovvero Descrizimie Storica e Pittorica di tutto cio die ri- 

gimnkiil Pojiolo iiuiimim ne'suoi Co-unni. iUJlJLiri, Ucligiosi, 
Pubblici, e Privati, da Iiomalo flno ad Augusto. Opera di J. 
Grasset Saint-Siiiivcur ; libenunetUo trauotta ed arriechita 
di Note, da Francesco Gandioi. Portrait of Gandini and GO 
colored plates. Hoped \lo, ha! f morocco. Bergamo, 1825 

1309 G RATTAN, Thomas Collet. Civilized America. 
Map and statistical appendix. '2 c-h., half calf , extra, marbled 
edges. London, 1859 

1310 GRAY, Thomas. Designs by Mr. R. Rentley, for Six 
Poems by Mr. T. Gray- Printed on. one side only of a thick 
paper; with G large plates and- l!> smaller ones (including 
initials), cngraeed by J. Midler and C. Grig-mon. Brilliant 
impressions. Imperial ito, old tree calf, gilt, yellow edges. 
Original edition : fine copy. Loudon, 1753 

)y GoogIe 


1311 GRAY, Thomas. The Correspondence op Thomas 
Gray and William Mason ; to which are added some 
Letters addressed bv Gray to the lie v. James Brown, D. D., 
Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge. With Notes and 
Illustrations, hv the Rev. John Mitibrd. Svo, doth, mi rut ; 
with autograph of Rufus Choate. London, 1853 

1312 GEAY, Thomas. An Elegy written in a Country 
Churchyard. With 23 fins wood-cuts, chiefly after Birket 
Foster. Printed on one side only of a fine paper and inter- 
leaved. Crown 8vo, morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

New York, 18o7 

1313 GREELEY. Horace. The American Conflict, a His- 
tory of the Great Rebellion in the United States of America, 
1860-64. Portraits of eminent persons, maps, plans, views, 
etc. 2 vols., royal Boo, half calf, anti'/uc, marbled, edges. 

Hiirtibrd. I" ,; i 

1314 GREEN, John. A New General Collection op Voy- 
ages and Travels, consisting of the most Esteemed Re- 
lations which have been hitherto published in any Lan- 
guage; comprehending everything Remarkable in its Kind 
in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, with Respect to the 
Several Empires. Kingdoms, and Provinces; their Situa- 
tion, Extent, Bounds and Division, Climate. Soil and Prod- 
uce ; their Lakes, Rivers, Mountains, Cities, Principal 
Towns, Harbours, Buildings, etc. ; and the Gradual Altera- 
tions that from Time to Time have happened in each; also 
the Manners and Customs of the Several Inhabitants ; their 
Reli"i(ui and Government, Arts and Sciences, Trades and 
Manufactures ; so as to form a Compleat System of Modern 
GeoiTi-siphv and History, exhibiting the Present State of all 
Nations. [Compiled by John Green.] Maps, and numer- 
ous plates, by Grignion, etc., comprising views, antiquities, 
animals, costumes, customs, etc.. etc. 4 vols., ito, old calf, red 
edges. T. Astley, London, 1745-47 

This collection is commonly called " AstlcyV 

1315 GREEN, Nelson Winch. Fifteen Years among the 
Mormons ; being the Narrative of Mrs. Mary Ettie "V. 
Smith, late of Great Salt Lake City, a Sister of one of the 
Mormon High Priests, she having been Personally ac- 
quainted with most of the Mormon Leaders, and long m 
the Confidence of the " Prophet " Brigham Young. Front- 
ispiece 12mo, cloth. New Yon;, 1»5S 

1316 GREENE, Robert. The Dramatic Works of; to 
which are added his Poems. With some Account of the 
Author, and Notes, by the Rev. Alexander Dyce, B. A. 2 
vols., crown Svo, crimson iurkey morocco, yi/t cch/es. Uniform 
with Vezi.k and Webster. Only 250 copies printed. 

W. Pickering, London, 1831 
Greene, who livtd only to about the age of thirty-two years, was a popular poet 

)y GoogIe 


ie Elizabethan period, and is said to have been the first au 

, Oldys speaks^! 1 ;;i!i: as 

wasted bis property in dissipation. His plays at 
' aprinted. Oldi 

of the greatest pamphleteer! 

1317 GREENE, Robert. . Another copy: the same. 2 vols., 

rroum f-.vo, rail', '/i/L murlikd edges. 

W. Pickering, London, 1831 

1318 GRIFFIN", Rev. Edmund Doer. Remains of; com- 
piled by Francis Griffin. With a Biographical Memoir of 
the Deceased, by the Rev. John Mc Vicar, D. D. Portrait, 
2 vols., Svo, kalfrussia. New York, 1831 

1319 GRIFFIN, Gerald. The Collegians ; a Tale of Garry- 
owen. Foolscap Svo, cloth. London, 1857 

1320 GRIMALDI, Joseph. Memoirs op; edited by "Boz" 
[Charles Dickens]. With Notes and Additions, revised by 
Charles Whitehead. Portrait and 10 plates, by O. Gruik- 
sltank, 16jrto, hoards. London, 1854 

1321 GRIMM, Herman. Life of Michael Angelo. Trans- 
lated, with the Author's Sanction, by Fanny Elizabeth Bun- 
net t. Portrait on India, ptrpr.r. and photoyrapkic plates. 2 
vols., imperial Svo, doth, uncut. Jj.mi&v. paper: only 50 
copies printed. Boston, 1866 

1322 GROOTE (Het) Tafereel der, vertoon- 
ende de Opkomst, Voorlgang, en Dndergang do Actie, Btib- 
bel, en Wmdnegotie, in Vromkryk, Engeland, ende Neder- 
landen, gepleegt in den Jaare mdccxx ; zynde een 
Verzameling van alle de Conditien en Projectien van de 
Opgcrcgte Compagnien, van Assnrantie, Navigatie, Com- 
mereie, &c. in Nederland, z<> wel die in Gelmnk zyn gebragt 
als die door dc H. Staten van eenige Provintien zyu ver- 
worpen : als meede Kotist-Plaati:n. Comedien, en Gedigten, 
door Verseheide Li ef'he libers uv'.^egeoven, tot. [iescliimpinge 
deezer Versoeijelyke en Bedrieglyke Handel, waar door in 
dit Jaar, Verseheide Fatnilion en Persooncn van Hooge en 

Lago Stand zyn gcrtiinoerd, en in haur Middeleu verdorven, 
en de Opregte Negotie gestremt. zo in Vrankryk, Engeland, 
als Nederland. Gedntkl tot WaarseltoiHvinge voor de Na- 
ktmtelingen, iu't NoodlotLige Jaar. voor veel Zottc en Wyze. 
1720. Folio, boards. (Amsterdam ?) 1720 

This envinus mllecliijjj in mi aim eighty pl;t'e«, :nt'!ii:!!i:j» l.ivo pm-l.raits r.f .Tflhn 
Law, otio of Madame Law. c;iiic:ULi:vf, ana r.tliev tiu::iot-..sis and satirical 
pl.u=> iiliint:ai:::;'lke j:rKii( '' Mlsyis.s-1 rri I! nil 1:1. K ; " wiili ci-riifiitf-s. pnems. 

of them very well executed, I'"'- -,v i t ;i : ■ «: cn^rnvurs' tnarkj. There is nMh- 
in^ r-i i!i;i : c-ite hy whem the ,-..:'. Ii^i-Ixj.-l wiis mad;, a:n: there is no name of 
publisher or plate of publiestion. 

1323 GROSE, Francis. The Antiquities op England and 
Wales, being a Collection of Views of the most Remarka- 
ble Ruins and Antient Buildings, accurately drawn on the 
Spot : to each View is added an Historical Account of its 

)y GoogIe 



Situation, when and by whom built, with every Interesting 
Circumstance relating thereto. Collected from the Best 
Authorities, by Francis Gvose, Esq., F. A. S. The Second 
Edition, corrected and enlarged. With Supplement. 8 
vols. — Antiquities of Scotland. 2 vols- — Antiquities 
op Ireland. 2 vols. Together. 12 vols., imperial Hvo, half 

call'. eery veal. FlNE uiii'itKSSIONS OP THE PLATES. 

London, 1783, etc. 

1324 GROSE, Francis. Antiquities: England and Wales, 
with Supplement, 8 vols. ; Scotland, 2 vols. ; Ireland, 2 
vols. Together, 12 vols., Ato, half morocco, neat. 

London, 1783, etc. 

This set was issued at the same time with Itis cilitimis in Imperial Svo. and with 

i-qiialk UK: impre^i.-ni rf [iii- jAa-.i-s. The impressions «■ Ihe plstr- i:; the 
eiiifions pu'-ilijln^! bv Siiic]ulii]i-,i.omisv:!ars!=r.ti*i''iiieijt, Eire very inferior, ami 
Lowndes pronounces them "worthless." 

1325 GROSE, Francis. A Treatise on Ancient Armour 
and Weapons, illustrated by Plates taken from the Orig- 
inal Armour in the Tower of London, and other Arsenals, 
Museums, and Cabinets. Veryfnc -impressions of the "plates. 
Ato, old marbled calf. Original edition. 

London, 1786 

1326 GROSE, Francis. Military Antiquities respecting a 
History of the English Army, from the Conquest to the 
Present Time. A New Edition, with Materia Additions and 
Improvements. 2 vols., royal ito, diamond calf, extra. 
Large paper. London, 1812 

1327 GROSE, Francis. The Olio ; being a Collection of 
Essays, Dialogues, Letters, Biographical Sketches, Anec- 
dotes. Pieces of Poetry, Parodies, Ron Mots, Epigrams, 
Epitaphs, etc., chiefly Original. By the late Francis Grose, 
Esq., P. R. S.,etc. Second Edition, corrected and enlarged, 
with a Portrait of the Author. l2mo, half brown morocco, 
eiilt top, rough edges. Very fine copy, 

London, 1796 

1328 GROSE, Francis. A Provincial Glossary; with a 
Collection of Local Proverbs, and Popular Superstitions. 
A New Edition, corrected. Boyd Ato, paper, i-om/h edges. 

London, 1811 

1329 GROTE. George. History op Greece: I. Legendary 
Greece. II. Grecian History to the Reign of Peisistratus 
at Athens. Portrait, maps, plans, and index. 12 vols., Svo, 
clotk,uncut. Finest edition, 

J. Murray, London, 1851-56 

1330 GROTE, George. Plato, and the other Compan- 
ions op Socrates. 3 vols., Svo, calf, gilt, marbled edges, by 
Hayday. J. Murray, London, 18fia 

)y GoogIe 


1331 GROVE, Rev. Henry. A System of Moral Philoso- 
phy, by the late Reverend and Learned Mr. Henry Grove, 
of Taunton ; published from the Author's Manuscript, with 
his Latest Improvements and Corrections, by Thomas 
Amory. 2 vols., 8vo, old calf, gilt. London, 1749 

1332 GRUNER, Louis. Decorations de Palais et 
d'Eglises en Italie, peintes k Fresque ou executes en 
Stuc, dans le Coursdu XV 6mc et du XVI™ Siecle ; avec 
Descriptions par Louis G rimer. Avec un Essai par Mons. 
J. J. HittoriF, sur les Arabesques des Anciens eomparees a 
celles de ct. rlc sou Ecole. Nouvelle Edition, con- 
siderablement augmented. With 50 plates after the. original 
puin'/ngs of Ji'aiihat:!, G'iidvj Romano. < "orregi/io, li'-mardiuo, 
etc. many of them finely colored ; also bypio'i.s, highly finished 
at gold awl rotors, to ilhish-ith; 'he ci/lorlug of the, plain engrav- 
ings. Atlas folio, half crimson morocco, extra, qi It edges. 

Paris et Londres, 1854 

1333 GUASCO, Francesco Eooenio. Musei Capitolini 
Antiquae Inscriptiones ; a Francisco Eugenio Guasco, 
ejusdem Musei Curatore P., nunc Primum conjunct! m editae 
Nor.isque illustratac. Vellum paper. Numerous fine plates. 
3 vols., folio, half calf. RoniEe, 1775-78 

1334 GUERCINO. (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called 
Guercino da Cento.) Eighty-two Prints, engraved by 
F. Bartolozsi, etc., from (lie Original Drawings of Guercino, 
in the Collection of his Majesty. Without title. Atlas folio, 
doth, rough edges. Proofs. 

. , (J. Boydell, London, 1764) 

1335 GUERIN, Eugenie de. Journal of; edited by G. S. 
Trebutien. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

1336 GUICCIARDINI, Francesco. The Historie or Guic- 
ciardin : containing the Warres of Italie and other Partes, 
continued for manie Yeares under Sundrie Kings and Princes, 
together with the Variations and Accidents of the same ; 
and also the Arguments, with a Tabic at Large, expressing 
the Principall Matters through the Whole Historie. Re- 
duced into English, by GerTray Fen ton. Small folio, half 
calf. - . London, 1599 

13S7 GUILD, Reuben Aldridge. The Librarian's Manual ; 
a Treatise on Bibliography, comprising a Si:U'i't and Descrip- 
tive List of Bibliographical Works: to which are added 
Sketches of 1'ublick Libraries. Wood-cuts of 16 library 
edifices. Printed l,y ./. MunselL Foolscap Ato, boards, uncut. 
Only 50 copies printed ; 10 on large paper. 

C. B. Norton, New York, 1858 

1338 GUILLEVILLE, Guillaume de. The Ancient Poem of 
Guillaume de Guileville, entitled le Pelerinage de i'Homrae, 
compared with the Pilgrim's Progress of John Bunyan ; edited 

)y GoogIe 


from Notes collected by the late Mr. Nathaniel Hill, of the 
Eovul Society of Literature, with Illustrations and an Ap- 
pendix. Photographic portrait of Bunyan arid in oilier illustra- 
tions On wood., copper, avid stone, some of which are colored. 
Grown Mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

The appendix contains part of a metrical translation made bv .Tof.u Lvfsgatr 
in 1426, printed from a MS. in tbe British Museum. 

1339 GUIZOT, Francois Pierre Guillaume. Cokneille 
and his Times. Hvo, cloth uncut. London, 1852 

1340 GUIZOT, Francois Pierre Guillaume. Shakspeare 
and his Times. Second Edition. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1852 

1341 GUIZOT, Francois Pierre Guillaume. History op the 
English Revolution of 1640, from the Accession of 
Charles I. to his Death. Translated by William Hazlitt. 
Portrait of Charles J. Post. S(-o, half calf extra, marbled 
edges. London, 1854 

1342 GUTCH, John Matthew. The Robin Hood Garlands 
and Ballads, with the Tale of tbe Lytell Geste : a Col- 
lection of all tbe Poems, Songs. and lUulads relating to 
this Celebrated Yeoman; to which is prefixed his History 
and Character, deduced from Documents hitherto nnre vised. 
Edited by John Matthew Gutch, F. S. A. ; and adorned 
with Cuts by F. W. Fairholt, F. S. A. 2 vols., Svo, cloth. 

London, 1850 and 1847 

1343 GUTENBERG (John), First Master Printer; his 
Acts and most Remarkable Discourses, and his Death. 
From the German, by C. W. Beautifully printed. Pools- 
cop 4(o, half oli'-e mororco. brown paper sides, gilt top, uncut. 
Large paper : only 100 copies printed. London, 1860 

1344 p^^ABINGTON, William. The Historie of Edward 
feflp| the Fourth, King of England. Portrait by El- 
ISfecl siracke. Ato, half calf. London, 1640 

Anthony a Wood says that Thomas liabingtrjii, utlie: 1 of lliu :j u tlior. : ' had a 
coiuiiii-raliit: iin:ni ,: [■: this work, ami [i:a! it iv;< ,; ivrillf !] sml pi.iljljiiiici! at 
the desire of K. riim-hs. 1. Win- lli'U bi [Li:]iiy ■.■fli'f-tnril :,> i av,: ;. stile Kiif- 
i'vi.mtly iiuriil, and better becoming a poetical, than historical, subject." 

1345 HABITS (The) or Good Society; a Handbook for 
Ladies and Gentlemen : with Thoughts, Hints, and Anec- 
dotes concerning Social Observances, Nice Points of Taste 
and Good Maimers; the Whole interspersed with Humor- 
ous Illustrations of Social Predicaments, Remarks on the 
History and Changes of Fashion, and the Difference of 
English and Continental Etiquette. V2mo, cloth. 

New York, 1864 

)y GoogIe 



1346 HAGUE, Louis. Portfolio of Sketches: Belgium 
and Germany, 1850. New series, con.vMi.tiy of frontis- 
piece and 2(1 large, and beautiful vines, colored >'«. the. manner 
of highly finished drawings; -mounted, on thick cardboard, 
alio* folio size, '.cad enclosed in a -portfolio ; half morocco, gilt 
label on side. London, 1850 

1347 HALE, Charles R ; S. Huntington Jones ; mid IIkniiy 
Morton. Report op the Committee appointed ry the 
Philomathean Society of the University of Penn- 
sylvania to translate the Inscription on the ltosetta Stone. 
Second Edition. (With a Catalogue of Members of the 

Society.) Finely executed in colors, the whole, report being 
lithographed >a facsimile of the autograph copies of the com- 
mittee, and each page, etiolos-'d in an appropriate and ornamen- 
tal design, foolscap 4t,o, cloth, gilt edges. 

Philadelphia, (1859) 

1348 HALES, John - . The Works of the Ever-Memorarle 
Mr. John Hales, of Eaton ; now First Collected together. 
3 cols., small. Hi:o, ne.u; sprinlled. calf. 'jilt. Very fine copy. 

R. & A. Foulis, Glasgow, 1765 

] styled by Wood 

1349 HALIFAX, George S a. vile, Marquis of. A Char- 
acter of King Charles the Second; and Political, 
Moral, and Miscellaneous Thoughts :uul Small 
8w>, old calf. J. & R. Tonson, London, 1750 

1350 HALKETT, John. Statement respecting the Earl 
of Selkirk's Settlement upon the Red River in North 
America ; its Destruction in 1815 and 181 (J ; and the Mas- 
sacre of Governor Scruple and his Tarty. With Observa- 
tions upon a Kcccnt Publication, entitled '' a Narrative of 
Occurrences in the Indian Countries," etc. Map, by Arrow- 
smith. The enlarged edition (pp. lit!) with appendix (pp. c). 

. 8uo, hoards, rough edges. J. Murray, J.ondoo, 1817 

1351 HALL, Basil. Account of a Voyage of Discovery 
to the West Coast of Corea, and the Great Loo- 
Choo Island ; with an Appendix, containing Charts, and 
Various Hydrographies! and Scientific Notices. And & 
Vocabulary of the Loo-Choo Language, by H. J. Clifford, 
Esq. With 9 colored, plate..-., L-sides the chari.f, of views, cos- 
tumes, etc. Atji. cevf. gilt, marbled edges. 

J. Murray, London, 1818 

"An interesting and pleasing yinf-.i, cxirendy valuable for its maritime 
geography and science/ 1 — Lowndes. 

1352 HALL, Basil. Extracts from a Journal written 
on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, in the 
Years 1820, 1821, 1822. Reprinted from the last London 

(Edition. 2 vols., 12mo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1824 

)y GoogIe 


1353 HALL, Edward. Hall's Chronicle; containing the 
History of England during the Reign of Henry the Fourth, 
and the Succeeding Monarch s, to the End of the Reign of 
Henry the Eighth ; in which an; parlicuhirly described the 
Manners and Customs of those Periods. Carefully collated 
with the Editions of 1548 and 1550. [Edited by Sir Henry 
Ellis.] -\to. russia, neat, marbled edges. 

London, 1809 
See Arnold, Richard. 

1354 HALL, Joseph. The Works of Joseph Hall, D. D., 
successively Bishop of Exeter and Norwich; with some 
Account of his Life and Sufferings, written by himself. A 
New Edition, revised and corrected ; with Considerable Ad- 
ditions, a Translation of all the Latin Pieces, :md a Glossary, 
Indices, and Notes [by the Rev. Peter Hall]. Portrait, etc. 
12 vols.. Hvo, cloth, hi, cut. Best and o'nly complete edi- 
tion. D. A. Taiboys, Oxford, 1837-39 

For contents see Darling's " Cyclopedia Bibliographies," col. Vi6fl-1372. 

1355 HALL, Newman, D. D. The Land op the Forum and 

the Vatican, or Thoughts and Sketches during an Easter- 
Pilgrimage to Rome. Foolscap &vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1854 

1356 HALL, S. Carter. Gums op European Art; the Best 
Pictures of the Best Schools. Edited by S. C. Hall, Esq., 
F. S. A. First ami second series; containing 95 fine 
plates I/'/ the beat em/rueers. 'I rots., isnpcriu! 4.1,0. hull' morocco. 

London, 1840 

1357 HALL, Samlki. Carter. The Book of Gems; the Poets 
and Artists of Great Britain ; the Modern Poets and Artists 
of Great Britain. Edited by S. C. Hall. Selections from the 
poets., unth brief memoirs and critical observations; plates of 
fur, simile autographs ; and near!'/ l.r>0 fine engravings, by the 
best e/u./rarers, after the. inns', cn/inerd Jlritlsh artists. 3 vols., 

8vo, calf extra, gilt edges. London, 1848-53 

1358 HALL, Samuel Cakteu. The Book op British Bal- 
lads. Edited by S. C. Hall, Esq. Several hundred fine 
wood-cuts. 1 vol., 4to. cloth, gilt edges. 

London, 1853 

1359 HALL, S. Cartes, and Anna Maria. The Book of 
the Thames ; from its Rise to its Fall. By Mr. and Mrs. 
S. C. Hall. Numerous fine wood-cuts. Foolscap ito. cloth, 
gilt edges. London, 1859 

i;j6<! HALL, Samuel Carter, and Anna Maria. Ireland; 
its Scenery, Character, etc. By Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hall. 
A New Edition. Afaps and i)ii('< engrar/',/(/s on ste'J. and /rood. 
3 vols., imperial 8vo, half calf, neat. London, s. a. 



1361 HALL, Mrs. Samuel Carter. Sketches of Irish 
Character. Illustrated Edition. Numerous plates and 
wood-cuts. Royal fivo, calf, gilt edges. 

London, 1844 

1362 HALL, William W., M. D. Health and Disease; a 
Hook for the People. Third Edition. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1860 

1363 HALLAM, Henry. Historical Works. 9 vols., 8«o, 
tree calf, i/i/t, marl/led edges. 

J. Murray, London, 1837-48 

This set comprises t!ic tnl^iwi::-; iv,rks : h-.'rod.',c'ir.n to the Literature of 

Europe, ill [!l» thioento, SiAii-r t:l h. ar:ti Severn .■■■nil: On: u-ii - ; lira! nli/itm. 
■1 a.!s.. !S-i7- -a. Yiewof Hie Sla:6o:Ki.rof:ed-.:iinsthc yieMIe .U^; sif/h:/, 
t<hO:-,i. '2 d,h..nii Sup;f.i.rr.em;Ll K.i!h i (j iin< View el' the Siale of Kll- 

rope; 1 iir.A, 184?. The r.Liu.iUi'.ioi,,;! Ili-lniv of 1 : 1 1 l_- I ! fori! the .Ai'CP!- 

rion of Henry VII. 1o the L>e;illi iinieflrge H : ./'^rt.'i cnif/.m, i i<>;k, 1842. 

1364 HALLAM, Henry. Introduction to toe Literature 
of Europe in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seven- 
teenth Centuries. 4 vols, in % Sro, half calf. 

Paris, 1839 

1365 HALLIWELL, Jambs Orchard. The Life of William 
Shakespeare ; including many Particulars respecting the 
Poet and his Family never before published. Numerous 
facsimile* and wood-cuts, from- drawings by F. W. Fair holt, 
F. S. A. Bvo, cloth, uncut. London, 1848 

1366 HALLIWELL, James Orchard. Another copy: the 
same. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1848 

1367 HALLIWELL, James Orchard. A Dictionary of 
Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, 
Peovkubs, am> Ancif.nt Customs; from the Fourteenth 
Century. Second Edition. 2 vols., Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1850 

1368 HALLIWELL, James Orchard. Some Account oe 
the Antiquities, Coins, Manuscripts, Rare Hooks. 
Ancient Documents, and other Rkliquks, illustrative 
of the Life and Works of Shakespeare, in the Possession of 
James Orchard Halli'.vell, Esq., F. R. S. Numerous wood- 
cuts, facsimiles, etc. ito, cloth, uncut. PRINTED FOR PRIVATE 
CIRCULATION only; on a very thick paper, and the edition 
MOST STRICTLY LIMITED TO 80 COPIES : see printers attes- 
tation. Brixton Hill, 18S2 

On a fly-leaf of this copy la an autograph note of presentation by Mr. Halli- 
well il> Zcloies Hosiner. 

1369 HALLIWELL, James Orchard. Books of Charac- 
ters, illustrating the Habits and Manners of Englishmen 
from the Reign of James I. to the Restoration; selected by 
James 0. Halliwell, Esq.. F. R, S. Handsomely printed on a 
very thick paper, by X E. Adlard. Mo, cloth, uncut. Pri- 
vately PRINTED: ONLY 25 COl'iKS, see printer's attestation. 

London, 1857 

)y GoogIe 


Contents: I. The Wandering Jew telling Fortunes to Englishmen. Lon- 
don, 1649. — II. The Man in the Mhutic. 7-™<mi, lfifiii. — III. Stephenj' 

Ussai es mid Ui!irai-!«rs. twh, 1615. — IV. London ami the i.'im^lrv Cur- 
tioiui.:oi'!l mill Qn-i:li:ri'.i. /.aita, IiNiJ. - V. Kxlraui- mini lire ton's- Fan- 
rasticks. /jj»d«i, 1626. 

1370 HALLIWELL, .James Orchard. An Historical Sketch 

by Numerous Examples. (With Specimens of the Early 
Knglish Language, chronologically arranged.) Finely printed 
on a tinted paper. Imperial Hru. cloth, rough <<Jges. wide mar- 
gin. J. Munsell, Albany, 1863 

This c.-j.T.- fiiniis the iriSrudMiIiC'SL !i> Mr. l'iiKiw(:!i's " I'Jiili: :::irv i. i I ' Ai-chii-e 
and f'rnvincial Words." 

1371 HALLO RAN, Alfred Laurence. Wae Yang Jin: 

Eight Months' Journal, kept on Board one of her Majesty's 
Sloops of War, during Visits to Loochoo, Japan, and Pootoo. 
Plates and wood-cuts. Crown fivo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1856 

1372 HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. A Painter's Gamp. 
Second Edition, revised. Post 8-eo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 

1373 HAMILTON, Alexander. The Works of: comprising 
his most Important Official Reports ; an Improved Edition 
of the Federalist, on the New Constitution, written in 1788 ; 
and Pacificus. on the Proclamation of Neutrality, written in 
1793. Portraits nf Hamilton... Jay. and Madison. 3 vols., 
\2mo, sheep. New York, 181(1 

1374 HAMILTON, Anthony, Count. Memoires. Edition 
ornee de Lxxii. Portraits. «rav(is d'siprfs h-s Tableaux 
Originaux. ito, crimson. >itor>eco, rtry ■neat, 'jilt edges. 

Londr'es, (1793) 
This edition'n- 77 -nom-jUs rLiul n view nf S(m:n Hill; text, pp. 313; 
" Ni> tea et l&li i i re i ascmens," pp. 77; besides title, ailvuriisement, table of 

1375 HAMILTON, Emma Lyon, Lady. Memoirs of; with 
Anecdotes of many of her most Particular Friends and Dis- 
tinguished Cun temporaries. Portrait. Crown Svo, sprink- 
led calf, extra. London, 1815 

1376 HAMILTON, Sin William. Philosophy of; arranged 
and edited by O. W. Wight. Bro, half calf, extra; with au- 
tograph of Rufus Choate. New York, 1853 

1377 HAMMOND, William A., M. D. On Wakefulness; 
with an Introductory Chapter on the Physiology of Sleep. 
l2mo,cbth. Philadelphia, 1866 

1378 HANCARVILLE, Pierre Fkancois-Huguks d\ Col- 
lection of Etruscan, Greek, and Roman Antiquities 
from the Cabinet of the Hon ble . W. Hamilton. [De- 
scribed by P. F. Hugues d'Hancarville.] Descriptive letter- 
press in. English, and French, and above 130 plates, ckieflf 
colored. Vols. I. and IT., imperial folio, half morocco. 

Naples, 1766 

)y GoogIe 


Sir Win. Hamilton's valuable colled:™ of ea«es, etc., was purchased by the 
English government, and is now in the British Museum. 

1379 HANCARVILLE, Pierre Fran<;ois-Hu<5i:i<:s r>'. Monu- 
mens ]>u Culte Secret res Dames Komainks, pour servir 
de Suite aus Monumens de la Vie Privee des XII. Cesars. 
[Par P. F. Hugues d' Hancarville.] Engraved tide and 50 
plates. Alo, old calf, gilt, yellow edges. 

Sabellus, Caprcc (Le Clerc. Nancy), 1784 

1380 HANCARVILLE, Pierre Francois-Hugues d'. Ven- 
eres et Priapi, uti observantur in Gemmis Antiquis. En- 
graved titles and 70 plates, with descriptions in English mid 
French. 2 vols, in 1, Hvo, smooth morocco, extra, gilt edges. 
Large paper. Lugd. Batavoram, s. a. 

This work, whivli aj.prcrs to li;iv.; been ]ii:UI is]jf(i in London, has been attrib- 
uted to M. d'Hancarvilie, and as many of the plates reiires put the same gems 
lii;i;rtrt in tin; previous »oii, it has bee:: deemed beit ;o insert it here, al- 
tljMin.'ii 'lie author is not positively known. 

1381 HAND-BOOK (A) for Visitors to Oxford; illustrated 
by cxxviii. Wood-cuts by Jewitt, and xxvm. Steel Plates 
by Le Keux. A New Edition. Royal ti-/:o, cloth, r/ilt (op. 

J . H. & J. Parker, Oxford, 1858 

1382 HANNAH, John, D.D. Discourses on the Fall, and its 
Results. Foolscap &co. cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

1383 HARBAUGH, Rev. Henry. The True Gi.ory of 
Woman, as portrayed in the Beautiful Life of ihe Virgin 
Mary, Mother of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Ylmo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1858 

1384 HARDEE, William J. Rifle and Light Infantry 
Tactics. 2 vols., 18mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1861 

1385 HARDING, Chester, Artist. My Egotistigkapiiy. Pre- 
pared for his Family and Friends, by one of his Children 
[Mrs. M. E. White]. 12mo, cloth, red edges. Privately 
printed. Cambridge, IStJli 

1386 HARDINGE, Charles Stewart. Recollections of 
India, drawn on Stone by J. D. Harding, from the Original 
Drawings by Charles Stewart Hardinge. A series of 2fi 
large tinted plates, v.ith drsciptire. letter-press. Complete, lint 
without binding, atlas folio she. London, 1847 

1387 HARDY, Francis. Memoirs of the Political and 
Private Life of James Caulfikld, Earl of Charlomont, 
Knight of St. Patrick, etc., etc., etc. Second Edition. Por- 
trait. 2 vols., halt' morocco ; with autograph of Rufus Choate. 

London, 1812 

1388 HARDYNG, John. The Chronicles of John Har- 
dyng; containing an Account of Public Transactions from 
the Earliest Period of English History to the Beginning of 
the Reign of King Edward the Fmnih : together with the 
Continuation by Richard Grafton, to the Thirty -fourth Year 
of King Henry the Eighth : the Former Part collated with 
Two Manuscripts of the Author's own Time ; the Last, with 

)y GoogIe 


Grafton's Duplicate Edition. To which are added a Bio- 
graphical and Literary Preface, and an Index, hy Henry 
Ellis. ' Royal 4 in, r/iwiii. neat, marbled edges. 

■London, 1812 

lies: editi(jn : e, .hated i.-itl, tha Seldcn, Asbmole, and Lanedimne MSS." — 
Jjawwkt. See Aiinolb, Richard. 

1389 HARE, J. C. and A. W. Guesses at Truth ; by Two 

Brothers. Portrait of J. G. Hare. Vlnw, cloth. 

Boston,. 1861 

1390 HARLEIAN (The) Miscellany; a Collection of Scnrce. 
Curious, and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, as well in 
Manuscript as in Print; selected from the Library of Ed- 
ward Harley. Second Earl of Oxford. Interspersed with 
Historical, Political, and Critical Annotations, hy the late 
William Oldys, Esq. ; and some Additional Notes, by 
Thomas Park, F. S. A. 10 vols., royal i'o, half morocco, 
•jilt tops, uncut. Best EDITION: fine copy. 

London, 1808-13 

Vols. IX. and X. are supplei]]e::i:r-y, i-ori'lii-iii!^ tni-ivl! nurim-i nieces, not in- 
cluded in the former ediri-n, selected and prepared by T. Park. 

■■'.1. ■i;i i n 1 1 : ; 1 1 ) i « political, historical, and au1i.|-.iariiiu nvurd. an ii:di-[ir-n=able 
auxiliary in the illustration of British history, contains beta-cm 'jij'l and 7(.j!) 
rare and curious tract-." —Limndes. 

" Let there not he it moment's hesitation in securing the enlarged reprint, 
under rise i-J tori;-l care of Mr. Park. Or this re publication, in ten lund- 
Bome quarto volumes (and now sinking gradually into a stuto of exh motion), 
fii'lil cnjiii'.i i-,n struck oil'; containing two volumes of additiuxal, matter, 
with n i;eiier,il i:c:lix tn (hi.- H-bole. The r,'[>riiit of I he :,:■! Irani* hi- a's.i the 
iidvanla-i; of r-xii -,ii i;:;; these, trails in tin- ch,'j'l,: ! (»ik-d o-:lev in whic.ll they 

1391 HARPER'S New Monthly Magazine. June, 1850- 
May, 1802. Numerous wood cuts. 2+ vols., royal 8vo, half 
morocco, neat, except Vols. X. and XXI]-'.. which are in num- 
bers. New York, 1850-62 

1302 HARPER'S New Monthly Magazine. Duplicates: 
Vols. IV.-IX. and XI.-XXIII. 19 vols., in numbers. 

New York, 1852-61 

1393 HARRIS, Jambs. Thkee Treatises : the First, concern- 
ing Art; the Second, concerning Music, Painting, and 
Poetry ; the Third, concerning Happiness. The Second 
Edition, revised and corrected. Frontispiece. 8vo, calf, 
neat. London, 17G5 

1334 HARlilS, James. Philological Inquiries ; in Three 
Parts. Portrait and plate hy Bartolozxi. 2 vols., 8vo, old 
tree ealf, gilt, yellow edges. London, 1781 

1395 HARRIS, James. Tub Works of ; with an Account of 
his Life and Character, by his Son, the Earl of Malmesbury. 
Portrait by Burtolnzzi, and -1 plates. 5 vols., 8re, old marbled 
calf gilt. London, 1803 

1396 HARRIS, John, P. D. Navigantium atque Itineran- 
tium, or a Com pleat Collection of Voyages and Travels: 

"■'■■- of above Four Hundred of the most Authentic 

)y GoogIe 


Writers ; beginning with Hackluit, Purchass, etc, in Eng- 
lish ; Ramusio in Italian ; Thevenot, etc., in French ; De 
Bry, and Grynaai Novus Orbis in Latiii ; the Dutch East- 
India Company in Dutch; and continued, with others of 
Note, that have publish'd Histories, Voyages, Travels, or 
Discoveries in the English. Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, 
Portuguese, German, or Dutch Tongues, relating to any 
" Part of Asia, Africa, America, Europe, or the Islands thereof, 
to this Present Time. With the Heads of Several of our most 
Considerable Sea-Commanders., and a great Number of Ex- 
cellent Maps of all Parts of the World, and Cuts of most 
Curious Things in all the Voyages : also, an Appendix of 
the Remarkable Accidents at Sea, and Several of our Con- 
siderable Engagements; the Charters, Acts of Parliament* 
etc. about the East-India Trade, and Papers relating to the 
Union of the Two Companies. Throughout the Whole all 
Original Papers are printed at Large, as the Pope's Bull to 
dispose of the West Indies to the King of Spain ; Letters 
Patents for Establishing Companies of Merchants, as the 
Russia, East-India Companies, etc, ; Letters from one Great 
Prince or State to another, showing their Titles, Style, elc. 
To which is prefixed, a History of the Peopling of the Sev- 
eral Parts of the World, and Particularly of America ; an 
Account of the Ancient Shipping, and its Successive Im- 
provements; together with the Invention and Use of the 
Magnet, and its Variations, etc. By John Harris, A. M., 
Fellow of the Royal Society. Fine impressions of the por- 
traits, maps and plates, engraved hy Vernier Gucht, etc. 2 vols., 
/olio, half calf. London, 1705 

()ri;:iii:il .''Mi I'm i oi'thii esteemed collecting. Ken (Jjii: uphill, A. AMD J. 

1397 HARRIS, Moses. An Exposition op English Insects, 
including the Several Classes of Neuroptera, Ilymenoptera, 
and Diptera. or Bees, Flies, and Libellulte; exhibiting on 
51 Copper Plates near 500 Figures, accurately drawn, and 
highly finished in Colours, from Nature. The Whole 
minutely described, arranged, and named, according to the 
Linnean System, with Remarks : the Figures of a great 
Number of Moths, not in the Aurelian Collection, formerly 
published by the same Author, and a Plate with :u: Explana- 
tion of Colours, are likewise given in the Work. The plates 
in this copy colored by the author. Royal bio, half mo- 
rocco. London,' 1782 

1398 HARRIS, Rev. Thaddeus Mason. The Constitutions 
oi' the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free 
and Acceptkd Masons, containing their History, Charges, 




Addresses, etc. ; collected and digested from tlieir Old Rec- 
ords, Faithful Traditions, and Locl.i^ Books, for the Use of 
Masons. To which are added, the History of Masonry m 
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Constitution, 
Laws, and Regulations of their Grand Lodge : together with 
a Large Collection of Songs. Epilogues, etc. [Compiled, 
chiefly, by the Rev. T. M. Harris.] ito, xheep. 

Isaiah Thomas, Worcester, 1792 

Tbia work was compiled by a committee consisting of John Warren MosesM. 
Hay Paul Revere, Aaron Dexter, William Scollay, Thaddens M. flam*, 

Samuel Parkmaii, and John Flemming; it was published under the superin- 
tendence of Mr. Harris, ll.en librarian of Harvard University, 

1309 HARRIS, Rev. Tiiaddeus Mason. Discourses, de- 
livered on Public Occasions, Illustrating the Principles, 
Displaying the Tendency, and Vindicating the Design of 
Freemasonry. Frontispiece. 12mo, half morocco. 

Charlestown, 1801 

1400 HARRIS, William Cornwallis. Portraits of the 
Game and Wild Animals ok Southern Africa, delin- 
eated from Life in their Native Haunts, during a Hunting 
Expedition, from the Cape Colony as far as the Tropic of 
Capricorn, ii: 1836 and 1837; with Sketches of the Field 
Sports. Enqraced till?, and 30 la>r/c, colored phitea, drawn on 
stone !»/ Frank Howard, with 30 vignettes of heads, dins, etc. 
Imperial folio, half crimson morocco, extra, emblematically 
tooled, fill edges. W. Pickering, London, 1840 

1401 HARRIS, William Tiiaddeus. Epitaphs from the 
Old BcitY-iNG Ground in Cambridge ; with Notes. Yimo, 
hoards, rough edges. Cambridge. 1845 

1402 HARRiSSON. David, Juk. A Voice from the Wash- 
ingtonian Home; being a History of the Foundation. 
Rise, and Progress of the Washingtonian Home. Portrait 
of Dr. Albert Day, V2mo, cloth. Boston, 1860 

Presentation r»[>v from Or. Day, with mi! "graph. 

1403 II ARTE, Rf,v. Walter. The History of the Life of 
Gustatus Anon'Htjs, King of Sweden, Sirnamed, the 
Great. Portrait hi/ A. Waller, mops. and. plans. 'ivols.,4to. 

old call', with, hooh-nime of Fred: (hrriwallis. 

London, 1759 

11 The best military history in our lan£ruaEe. Dr. Johnson uu-,eX\ cemTiimidfd 
[Iji-,. a- a sc.lio-.a'r. ami a man a- the most comjiamoimble talma he had ever 
known." — Loum-ltM. 

1404 HARTFORD, Franc ss, Countess of. Correspondence 
between Frances, Countess of Hartford (afterwards Duchess 
of- Somerset), and Henrietta Louisa, Countess of Pomfret, 
between the vears 1738 and 1741. Portrait. 3 vols., 12mo, 
old marbled calf, gilt. London, 1805 

)y GoogIe 



5 HARTSHORNE, Rev. Charles Henry. Ancient Met- 
rical Talks; printed chiefly from Original Sources. 
Edited by the Rev. Charles Henry Hartshorn e, M. A. Crown 
Bvo, crimson turkey morocco, gilt edges. Uniform with Weber. 
W. Pickering, London, 1829 

Iln- «'()vk,i..r-ii.;r/i=iip i :| l ML i ..M;in- oijlpdlnn : u rhuH;<if Uitson, Percy, and 
LIIh, <■<>:: Mins.: Tne i;.,iiian, ; o ,if Km- Ariivl-fcrm; a Talc of KincKdward 
arii] ih. ? Shepherd; The Lady that ms in n-vspevre ; A T,ilr. of ti.e'IJmiatu- 
ral Oaujh'cr; A Taie of Robin [I™.:!: Tee" (i,kv,„',|* llmincr- Ihictonr 
Doubbla Ale; Willyam and the Werwolf ; and several other pieces. 

1406 HARTSHORNE, Rev. Henry. The Book 
Rarities in the University op Camuuihgf, ; illustrated 
by Original Letters, and Notes, Biographic si I, Literary, and 
Antiquarian. Wood-cuts, Sea, tree calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1820 

1407 HARVARD Memorial Biographies (containing Me- 
moirs of those Graduate- and Kormer Under Graduates of 
Harvard University who fell in Battle or died in Consequence 
of Services rendered during the Recent War). 2 vols., Hro. 
doth. gill. lops. Original Edition. CambrkW.'lKfiii 

The first edit-on was not stereotyped. 

1408 HARVEY, Gabriell. Pierce's Supererogation, or a 
New Praise or the Old Ass ; by Gabriell Harvey: from 
the Edition of 1593. And New Letter of Notable Contents ; 
by the same Author: from the Edition of 1593. ito, half 
green morocco neat. Only 200 copies printed. 

Private Press of Longmans & Co.. London, 1815 

This volume is imperfect. It contains part of the eighth and ninth parts (or 

Pari II. i.i ihe "t-L-iuid volume, as ceneriillv lni.iiuli uf ■■ An-iinii-a," edited by 
.SirS. K. li-yi!^,... v.hhh !,,!=. t>;i!ili,he.lM-rtll"IIel ,-miia," t ,\il.,:d by T. 1'ark". 
ll coiitiim. li.iLu [i:li ! s. and liie general praMi. !» !im :.ivo vs^aiei'ii!'- 1 Aroh- 
aica." See IIelicoxia. 

1409 HARVEY, William Henry, M. D. Nereis Boreali- 
Amekicana; or Contributions to a History of Marine 
Algie of North America. Part II. ; Rhodospermeas. With 
24 finely colored plates. Htujul 4to, cloth. 

Washington, 1853 

Vol. V. of " Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge." 

1410 IIASLEWOOD, Joseph. The Secret History of the 
Green Room; containing Authentic and Entertaining Me- 
moirs of the Actors and Actresses in the Throe Theatres 
Royal. The Third Edition. 2 vols., 12mo, half calf, neat, 
marbled edges. London, 1793 

See UiTsON,.T(.i*ti'n ; and for im accuimt of Ilu> works ediiej or written by this 
antao- (-evcra! in' wlri-ii are contained in ilii, eaUi(>;;ue. ;mh! " GeiuV Ma;'-.' ■ 
Nov. 1S83, pp. 4G7, MS. h 

1411 HASSELL, J. Tour op the Isle of Wight ; the Draw- 
ings taken and engraved by J. Hassell. Engraved titles and 
30 views in aquatinta, 2 vols., crown 4to, boards. Large 
paper. London, 1790 

The views in this work are after the manner of Gilpin. 

)y GoogIe 



1412 HASSIA, Henricus de; Thomas Aquinas, etc. A 
Collection of Tracts, printed in the Fifteenth Century. 
Six tracts in 1 vol., 4to, 8 X G incites vellum. Dlaclt lettCI : 
in ijoud condition. 

C. Kiicheloven, M. Lotter, etc., Lyptzck, 1496-97 

CONTKSTS: " f.ilViU.TJin citi j:i,-nl:,' irmiiu-ii HuceTilniussi." S'i leaves [num- 
bered). — " Stcreta Sacerdnlum Magistri Heir.rici dp ila«='a," etc. ("per 
Ddcioitiii Mnjrjqu-int, \'. ; C | L;1 ,. !,.,„ [,i ,c],tii f. yr ciirrccla," tic.). 12 /rrtKS. — 
" ]:".x.pusiLni ciiiiiiiH -.uiTiiLissinii' mi-si; " : in li'yn nn s i f ■ LyjArMjisi p BalthesarS 

marie et jhtt x$i avie." 2J leaves (Iis< leaf /,h„L). - " !>(■ I.umlitma sanclia- 
fimp man-is Aiiiie i -i] i'l lit |:it(jiiiiiii uulis mini .lob am- tiii-mii abbatia span- 
hi!in.;iisi» orJiiis dmi paivi* bi^cdicii." 24 .'sncci. — " Trucutiiliis soltinis do 
arte ei. vero modu ;iri'ii:i:n::.i: c\ lUvovfi. s:\cto doctormn -crl;):i.ri. &■ priiici- 
palilcr sarvisiiiiii crisliiint (.■ liniinin Tiionif (In Am, urn lvcollectus," 
etc., etc. '■ LTna cti Iraciaculo eximii doctoris henrici de liassia de arte predi- 
Cadi." 12 leaves (ti'xt leaf blank). 

1413 HASTINGS, Warren. Debates op the Ho08B of 
Lords on the Evidence delivered in the Trial of; Proceed- 
ings of the East India Company in Consequence of his Ac- 
quittal ; and Testimonials of the ISiilish and Native Inhab- 
itants of India, relative to his Character and Conduct whilst 
he was Governor General of Fort William, in Bengal. Por- 
trait of Edward Lord Thiirlow, by Sehiaronetti. after Reynolds. 
ito, old marbled rttJf, neat, ■i/cU.oi.c edijes : with le-oh-plates and 
autographs. London, 1797 

On the title is written,— Given by Mr. Hastings, to Lord & Lady North- 

1414 l-IAUFF, Wilmelm. Arabian Days' Entkhtainsheht8 i 
translated from the German [of Wilhelm liaofi'J by H. P. 
Curtis. Wood-cuts after l!„ppin. l2mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1838 

1415 HAUGHTON, Sir Graves Chamnet. Prodromes, or 
an Inquiry into the First Principles of UenHoning ; including 
an Analysis oi' the Human -Mind. St--o. half green ealf extra. 

London, 1839 

1416 HAVET, Alfred. Toe French Manual : a New, Sim- 
ple, Contuse, and Easy Method of Acquiring a Conversa- 
tional Knowledge of the French Language; including a 
Dictionary of over Ten Thousand Words, Vlrno.half roan. 

New York. 18(37 

1417 HAWES, Mart Virginia. Nemesis. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, I860 

1418 HAWKES, Julia S., afterwards Gardel. Conversa- 
tions on Italy; in English and French, lit mo, half roan. 

Philadelphia, 1844 

1419 HAWKINS, Sir John. A General History of the 
Science and Practice of Music. Frontispiece, above 
50 portraits, and numerous other plates and wood.-euts, en- 
graved hy V. Grig ni on-, etc. 5 vols.. Ato, sprinkled, calf, very 
neat. London, 1776 



1420 HAWTHORNE. Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter; 
a Romance. Vimo, cloth. Boston, 1850 

1421 HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel. The House of the Seven 
Gables; a Romance, limo, cloth. Boston, 1851 

1-422 HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel. The Marble Faun, or 
the Romance of Monte Beni. 2 vols-, 12mo, clo/k. 

Boston, 1860 

1423 HAYDN, Joseph. Dictionary of Dates, and Univer- 
sal Reference, relating to all Ages and Nations; com- 
prehending every Remarkable Occurrence, Ancient and 
Modern ; the Foundation, Laws, and Governments of Coun- 
tries ; their Progress in Civilisation, Induslry and Science; 
their Achievements in Arms; the Political and Social 
Transactions of the British Umpire ; its Civil, Military, and 
Religious Institutions; the Origin and Advance of Human 
Arts and Inventions, with Copious Details of England, Scot- 
land, and Ireland: from the Earliest Accounts to the Pres- 
ent Time. Seventh Edition, with Additions and Corrections 
by B. Vincent Thick 8vo, cloth, -uncut. 

E. Moxon. London, 1855 

1424 HATDON, Benjamin Robert. Life of; from his Autobi- 
ography and Journals. Edited and compiled by Tom Tay- 
lor. 3 vols., crown tU-i>. diAlt, uncut. London, 1853 

1425 HAYES, Isaac I, M. D. The Open Polar Sea ; a -Nar- 
rative of a Voyage of Discovery towards the North Pole. 
Portraits, maps, and wood-cuts. 8vo, clolh. 

New York, 1867 

1426 HAYES, William, and Family. Portraits of Rake 
and Curious Birds, with their Descriptions, from the 
Menage ry of Osterly Park, in the County of Middlesex. 
Froii/ispiere and 100 finely colored /dales. 2 rah in ), royal 
4to, blue morocco, ex/ ra, gilt edges. Fine Original copy: 

Printed by W. Btilmer & Co., Loudon, 1794-9<J 

This is one of the eopirs colored in Hie finest manner. Host copies in the 

ln:irlii!l toiilaiji lint i- igi'lty plates. 

1427 HAYWARD, Sir John. Annals of the First Four 
Years of the I.Iek;n of Q'i;kkn Elizabeth. Edited from 
a MS. in the Ilarlcian Collection, by John Bruce, Esq., F. 
S. A. Portrait of Q. Elizabeth by W. T. Fry. Foolscap 
ilo, clolh, uncut. Camden Society, London, 1840 

1428 HAYWOOD, Mrs. Eliza. The Female Spectator. 
Frontispiece. 4 vols., 12mo, sheep. Glasgow, 1775 

1429 HEAD, Sir Francis Bond. Bubbles from the Brun- 
nens of Nassau; by an Old Man. 18mo, boards. 

Frankfort o. M., 1835 

1430 HEAD, Sin Francis Bond. The Life of Bruce, the 
African Traveller. J'orlrait and maps. lQruo, morocco, extra, 
gilt edges. J. Murray, London, 1844 




1431 HEAD, Sir Francis Bond. A Faggot op French 
Sticks, or Paris in 1851. Two Volumes complete in One. 
Umo, cloth. New York, 1852 

1432 HKADLEY, Rev. Piiineas Camp. Massachusetts in 
the Rebellion; a Record of the Historical Position of 
the Commonwealth, and the Services of the Leading States- 
men, the Military, the Colleges, and the People, in the Civil 
War of 1861-65. Numerous portraits. 8fe>, sheep, marbled 
edqes. Boston, 1866 

1433 HEARNE, Thomas. Robert op Gloucester's Chron- 
icle ; transcribe, and now first publish'd, from a MS. in 
the Harleyan Library, by Thomas Hearne. To which is 
added, besides a Glossary and other Improvements, a Con- 
tinuation (by the Author) of this Chronicle from a MS. in 
the Coltonian Li brary. In Two Volumes. Oxford, Printed 
at the Theatre, M.DCC.XXIV. Reprinted for Samuel Bag- 
ster, with a pai/e of " Notes on Rob. of Ot'ovn:sfer's 
obtained throu'tjh 'the kindness of Mr. Archdeacon Ghurlon. 
from a copy formerly In lottyixy to John Lovcday, Esq., of Gav- 
erskam." i vols., royal Hvo,' 'crimson morocco, very neat, gilt 
edges. Large paper. London, 1810 

1434 HEARNE, Thomas. Peter Langtoft's Chronicle, 
(as illustrated and improv'd by Robert of Brunne) from the 
Death of Cadwallader to the End of K. Edward the First's 
Reign ; transerib'd, and now first publish'd, from a MS.^in 
the Inner-Temple Library, by Thomas Hearne. To which 
are added, besides u Glossary and other Curious Papers: — 
(1) A Roll concerning Glastonbury Abbey, being a Survey 
of all the Estates belonging to that House at the Dissolu- 
tion, taken bv King Hen. the Eighth's Order and for bis 
Use; (2) an Account of the Hospital of St. Mary Magda- 
len near Seroby in Nottinghamshire, by John Slacke. (3) 
Two Tracts by an Anonymous Author, the First relating to 
Conquest in Somersetshire, the Second concerning Stone- 
henge. In Two Volumes. Oxford, Printed at the Theatre, 
M.DCC.XXV. Reprinted for Samuel Bagster. with four 
pages of "Additions and Corrections appended by Hearne to 
three of his later publications." 2 vols., royal 8vo, crimson 
morocco, n-rti neat i/ifr fjt/os. LatjGE PAPER. 

* '* London, 1810 

1435 HEBER, Reginald, Bishop of Calcutta. Narrative of 
a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India, from 
Calcutta to Bombay. 1824-1825 (with Notes upon Ceylon), 
an Account of a Journey to Madras and (lie Soulhern Prov- 
inces. 1826, and Letters written in India.— Life, by his 
"Widow; with Selections from his Correspondence, Unpub- 
lished Poems, and Private Papers: together with a Journal 

)y GoogIe 



of his Tour in Norway, Sweden, Russia, Hungary, and 
Germany ; and a History of the Cossaks. Port raft /»/ Cous- 
ins, map. platen by Fin/leu-, and wood-cuts. Together. 4 vols., 
4to, half calf, extra. J. Murray, London, 1828-30 

1436 HECKER, L T. Questions of the Soul. \2mo, cloth. 

New York, 1855 

1437 HEDGE, Frederic Hekry, D. D. Reason in Relig- 
IOW ' ^mo, cloth. Boston, I860 

1438 HEEREN, Aunoi.ii Hermann Ludwig. A Manual of 
Ancient History; particularly with Regard to the Con- 
stitutions, the Commerce, and the Colonies of the States of 
Antiquity. Translated from the German. Sro, tree calf, 
gilt, marbled edges. Talboys, Oxford, 1820 

1430 HEEREN, Arnold Hermann Ludwig. Historical 
Researches into the Politics, Intercourse, and Trade of 
the Principal Nations of Antiquity. Translated from the 
German. 6 vols., 3i.-o, tree calf, i/ilt, marbled edges. 

Talboys, Oxford, 1833 
Vols. I— lit. Asiatic \:ili,™=. : Persians, li.'il.vl.-.iiian?, riirmiHar.s. Scvthkns 
ii:l:ap. \u\>. IV. V. AfvJon Xalii.ns: Cavclm-mi™?, K^ [Hi,,,,*. Vol.' 
VI. European Nations: Greece. 

1440 HEEREN, Arnold Hermans Ludwig. A Manual of 
the Political System of Europe, and its Colonies. 
Translated from the Fifth German Edition. 2 vols., »co, 
tree calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

Talboys, Oxford, 1834 

1441 HEEREN, Arnold Hermann Ludwig. Historical 
Treatise: the Political Consequences of the Reformation ; 
the Rise, Progress, and Practical Influence of Political 
'1 henries; the iiisei and Growth of the Continental Inter- 
ests of Great Britain. Translated from the German. 8vo. 
tree calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

Talboys, Oxford, 1836 

The above four titles form a line set. of Profeaaor Iieeren's historical works, 
uniformly bound, in ten volumes. 

1442 HEINE, Heinrich. Pictures of Travel. Translated 
from the German, by Charles G. Leland. Second Edition. 
Portrait. 12mo, morocco antique, gilt edges. 

Philadelphia, 1858 

1443 HEINE, Heinrich. The Poems, complete; translated 
in the Original Metres, with a Sketch of Heine's Life, by 
Edgar Alfred Bowring. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1861 

1444 HEINE, Heinrich. Book of Songs. Translated by 
Charles G. Leland. Foolscap 8™, cloth, gilt top. 

Philadelphia, 1864 

1445 HELICONIA; comprising a Selection of English Poetry 
of the Elizabethan Age, written or published between 1575 

)y GoogIe 


and 1604. Edited by T. Park. 3 vols., Mo, diamond calf, 

neat, contents lettered, mo riled, edges. Only 200 copies 
printed. Private Press of Longmans & Co., London, 1815 

" Atchai'ca," ediied Iiy Sir S. E. Brydfrcs, ivas published ('1 vols.) with tbi« 

wcr.i. forming II inlliv.iiui) !:•.' rule, iil.l th: ]i.4i ;i;«;:fH cf ; jiutl ]>!)«[ ry. 

1440 HELM AN, Isidore Stanislaus. Faits Memorables 
des Empeeeurs de la Chine, tire's des Annales Chl- 

noises. A suri'e* of 21 plates e.vf/raeed hj IJehnan, including 
copiec of the. 1 1) plains engrarcd. under the di~ recti on. of Cochin 
for the emperor Kien-Lonep Without, tide. Ohiinx/ folio. 
boards. Paris, (1783-88) 

1447 HELPER, Hinton Rowan. The Impending Crisis of 
the South; how to Meet it. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, I860 

1448 HELPS, Rev. Arthur. The (Yinqukhoks or the New 
World and their Hondsmf.n ; being a Narrative of the 
Principal Events which led to Negro Slavery in the West 
Indies iind America. 2 vols., crown Sro, doth, uncut. 

W. Pickering, London, 1848-52 

1449 HELPS, Rev. Arthur. Companions of my Solitude. 
Foolscap Bvo, cloth, uncut. W. Pickering, London, 1851 

1450 HELPS, Rev. Arthur. Another copy: third edition. 
Foolscap 8/:o, dor!: hi no crushed iwrroceo. gilt edges. 

W. Pickering. London, 1852 

1451 HEMANS, Felicia Dorothea. The Works of. 
With a Memoir of her Life, by her Sister [Mrs. Hughes], 
Portraits of Mrs. IJcmans mid her mother, and, rfgn.e' on. 
titles after dratcings hg the o.u.tleirs. 7 cols., fiulscan Si:o, e/ot/i, 

uncut. Edinburgh, 1841-54 

1452 HENDERSON, .lon\, Comedian. Letters and Poems; 
with Anecdotes of his Life, by John Ireland. Svo, old calf. 

London, 1786 

1453 HENRY, Caleb Sphague, D. D. Doctor Oldham at 
Greystones, and his Talk there. Frontispiece, 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 18G0 

1404 HENRY, Caleb Sprague, D. D. Considerations on 

some of the Elements and Conditions of Social Welfare and 

Human l'rogress 12mo, cloth. New York, 18(11 

1455 HENRY, Walter. Events of a Military Life ; be- 
ing Recollections idler Service in the Peninsular War, In- 
vasion of France, the East Indies, St. Helena, Canada, and 
elsewhere. Second, edition, recited and enlarged. 2 vals., V2ino, 
cloth, uncut. W. Pickering. London, 1843 

1456 HERBERT, Henry William. Frank Forrester's Fish 
and Fishing of [he United States, and British Provinces, 
of North America. Numerous wood -cuts. 8eo. half green 
calf extra, marbled edges. Bentley, London, 1849 



1457 HERBERT, William. The History of the Twelve 
Great Livers' Companies op London, principally com- 
piled from their Grants and Records; with an Historical 
Essay, and Accounts of Each Company, its Origin, Consti- 
tution, Government, Dress, Customs, Halls, ami Trust Es- 
tates and Charities ; including Notices and Illustrations of 
Metropolitan Trade and Commerce. as Originally concen- 
trated in those Societies ; and of the Language, Manners, 
and Expenses of Ancient Times ; with Attested Copies and 
Translations of the Companies' Charters. Numerous wood- 
en!*, comprising views, amis, etc. 2 vols,, Hvo, hoards, rough 
edges. London, 1834-37 

The flint part of Vol. I. anpearert in 1834, but the new titles, given with the 
BRcoml volume, are dated 1837 and 1836. 

1458 HERIOT, George. Travels through the Canadab, 

containing a Description of the Picturesque Scenery on 
some of the Rivers and Lakes ; with an Account of the Pro- 
ductions, Commerce, and Inhabitants of those Provinces : 
to which is subjoined a Comparative View of the Manners 
and Customs of Several of the Indian Nations of North and 
South America. llhistrated with a map dial numerous e/i- 
fjraviwjs from drau-im/s irmde. at. the several places by the 

author. 4to,calf. Loudon. 1807 

1459 HE UN DON, William L. ; and Lardner Gibbon. Ex- 
ploration op the Vai.let op the Amazon ; made under 
Direction of the Navy Department. Maps, above 50 tinted 
plates, and 'wood-cuts. 3 vols, (one eonUiininr/ -maps). >iro, 
cloth. Washington, 1854 

1460 HERODOTUS. The History of; translated from the 
Greek, with Notes, by the Rev. William Beloe. The 
Second Edition, corrected and enlarged. Map. 4 vols., Sco. 
old calf. London, 180fi 

1461 HERODOTCS. Hkroikjti Halicarnassensis Musae : 
Tex turn ad Gaisfordii Edir.ionem rceognovit, pcrpetuatuin 
FY. Creuzeri turn sua Annotationo instruct. Commenta- 
tionem de Vita et Scriptis Ilerodoti, Tabulas Geographicas, 
Imagines Eigne ineisas, ind'ce.sqae adjecil J. C, F. Baehr. 
Editio Altera, emendatior et auctioi*. -1 uoh., 'Aro. half calf, 
extra ; with autograph of Jiufus Ghoate. 

Lipsiae, 1856-59 

1462 HERODOTUS. The History op: a New English Ver- 
sion, edited with Copious Notes and Appendices, illustrating 
the History and Gcogranhy of Herodotus, from the most 
Recent Sources of Information ; and embodying the Chief 
Results, Historical and Ethnographical, which have been 

obtained ill the Progress of Cuneiform and Hiero^lyphica! 
Discovery. By George Rawlinson; assisted by Col. Sir 
Henry Rawlinson, and Sir J. G. Wilkinson. Maps a ml wood- 
cuts. 4 vols., 8vo, cloth. New York, 1859-60 

)y GoogIe 



1463 HERRICK, Robert. Hesperides ; or, the Works, both 
Humane and Divine, of Robert Herrick, Ksq. [Edited, 
with Preface, by S. W. Singer.] Handsomely printed by 

W hiitinghum. Portrait, 2 voh., foolscap Svo, cloth, uncut. 
Best edition : Aldine. W. Pickering, London, 1846 

1464 HERSEY, Charles. IIistort of Worcester, Massa- 
chusetts, from 1836 to 1861 ; with Interesting Reminiscences 
ofthe Public Men of Worcester. Viev; of ike lit <jdow Mon- 
ument. Royal Svo, boards, rough edges. 

Worcester, (1862) 

1465 HERVE, Petes. How to Enjoy Paris: being a Guide 
to the Visiter of the French Metropolis. The Second Vol- 
ume contains a Chronological Account of the History of 
France, from the Foundation of the Monarchy to the End 
of the Year 1815 ; to which is added. a Biographical Dic- 
tionary of Eminent French Characters. An Endeavour 
has also been made to render this Work interesting to those 
Persons, who, without visiting are desirous of becoming ac- 
quainted with the Beauties of Paris. 2 voh., ISmo. boards. 

London, 1816 

1466 HERVEY, Charles. The Theatres of Paris. Illus- 
trated with Original Portraits of Eminent Living Actresses, 
by Alexandre Laiauchie. India proofs of the portraits. 
Imperial Sco. cloth, gilt top. Paris, 184C 

1467 HERVEY, Rev. James. Meditations and Contem- 
plations: containing his Meditations among the Tombs ; 
Reflections on a Flower-Garden, etc.; together with the 
Life of the Author. To which is added, Reflections on 
Death ; by W. Dodd, LL. D. Svo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1835 

1468 HERVEY, Thomas Kibble. Illustrations of Modern 
Sculpture; with Descriptive Prose and Illustrative Poetry 
[by T. K. Hervey]. Engraved title, and 18 plates, engraved 
by Finden, Tomkins, etc., comprising statues mid groups by 

Westmacott, Cmiora, Flaxmait, Chon'treij, Haihj. Thoiwoidsen, 
(Jarew, Bienaime, Bacon, and Manning. .Folio, huij morocco 
gilt top. Large paper: India proofs. Loudon, (1832) 

1469 HESSE, Leopold Augusts Constantin. Bibliothe- 
CONOMIE, ou Nouveau Manuel Complet pour 1'Arrangement, 
la Conservation, et ['Administration des Biblioil^ques. Re- 
vue, aiigmentee, et orniie de Figures. ISmo, green morocco, 
e.jtrn., <plt edges. Paris, 1841 

1470 HEWITT, John. Ancient Armour and Weapons in 
Europe, from the Iron-Period of the Northern Nations to 
the End ofthe Thirteenth Century ; with Illustrations from 
Cotemporary Monuments. Numerous wood-ads. tiro, cloth, 
gilt top. " J. H. & J. Parker, Oxford, 1855 

)y GoogIe 


1471 HEYLYN, Peter, D.D. Cobmographie: ih Focr Books; 

containing ihe Chorographie and Historie of the Whole 
World, and all the Principal Kingdoms, Provinces. Seas, 
and Isles thereof. By Peter Heylyn. The Second Edition. 
tronttspuxe, by Iwitjkan, and maps. Folio, half russla. 
t. , , London, 1657 

1 he second part of the fourlh book (reals of A mtrica, will, e. map dated l(io3. 

1472 HICKEY, William. The Constitution of the Unitkij 
&TATES of America; the Declaration of Independence ; 
the Articles of Confederation; the Prominent Political 
Acts of George Washington ; Electoral Votes for all the 
i'lesKi,,,^ ;md Vice-Presidents; the High Authorities ami 
Civil Olhoors of Goverinenl, from March 4, 1781), (o March 
d, 1847, etc. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1851 

1473 HICKS, Thomas. Eulogy on Thomas Crawford (with 
-Memoir, Notes, etc.). Portrait and 3 plaits on Lid la paper. 
Svo, paper, rough edges. Privately £>i»kti-:»: only 100 
co f us - New York, 18115 

I Series," published fur sub- 
s r,l„:,H ,, knyH.I.. AiHtvw., ,:t.N,:.v Vnrk, ;,;.■: , iri: | „; ■ |„, ] ;: ,..,..; lU , 

a durabe ami uttraHive l.,t,„, : .n,.l f „it;.l M . f<:, iiluft rlll L„„, ..,„„■. of the now 

N 6 r Y ^ d u^zzT^-f ,,ie d:6,in ^ is,,ea ni611 oi ""> °* ° f 

1474 HI G GINS, Godfrey. The Celtic Druids ; or, an 

Attempt to shew that the Druids were the Priests of Orien- 
tal Colonies who emigrated from India, and were the Intro- 
ducers of the First or Cad mean System of Letters, and the 
Hiiilders of Stonehenge, of Carnac, and of other Cyclopean 
Works, in Asia and Europe. Frontispiece, map. in large, 
and numerous smidler, lithographic plates of mii'ini- 
ments; some of the plates on India paper'. At,., cloth, ronah 

ed 9 es - London, 1839 

One nf the chapters in lliis work is .Itvt.ted fn the attempt to prove that the 

.: ..■liem.'li was " nut lfi'pu.leil to [,>:kIl ilir':.[i(;li..;i ,.r pi,l:i..v " rl wlrcli 
tin- anthnr remarks, - I „:,v, „„ ],,s!t,t[,„ !,: , lv » tliat the general dru 

147,) IIIGGINS, Godfrey. Anacalypsis ; an Attempt to draw 
aside the Veil of the Haitic Isis, or an Inquiry into the 
Uriiim of Langiiiigcs. Nations, and Heligions. 2 vols.. Mo 
cloth, uncut. Only 200 COPIES printed; see Preface, Vol. 
L P- "**'■ London, 1886 

^d" h^lIwTr ?,"■ "rir" *i" d ^ ""'"■ cm "i ,:tte(1 Wf <>™ ,h ^ ^ath of the 
™i Kii v.. f"? "" r ab " Ti ' (lilt(l "l lt,;1 "'■'•' ; llK ' -'''""'l volume, pp. xi 

Mi? ^CiIEm! ^ *' ^^ ""^"^ ^ * < he ^ 

1476 IIIGGINSON, Thomas Wentworth. Out-Door Pa- 

PERS. Post Svo, cloth Hoston IMfil 

U77 HILDBETII, H,o,u„ u . Itero™, ,» wS „ 



Inquiry into the Nature, Results, and Legal Basis of the 
Slave-Holding System in the United States. Unto, doth. 

Boston, 1854 

1478 HILL, Aaron. The Works of; consisting of Letters 
on Various Subjects, and of Original Poems, Moral and 
Facetious : with an Essay on the Art of Acting. 4 vols., 8™. 
old calf, gilt. Large paper. London, 1753 

1479 HILL, John. Artis Logics Rotjimenta ; with Illus- 
trative Observations on Each Section. Sixth Kdition. \2mo, 
clotk, uncut. Oxford, 1850 

1480 HILLARD, George Stii.i.mar. Six Months in Italy. 
2 vols., pod Hfo, cult, gilt, marbled edges ; with a.utogra/ih of 
the author. Boston, 1853 

1481 HILLARD, George Stillman. A Memoir of James 
Brown ; with Obituary Notices and Tributes of Respect 
from Public Bodies. Portrait. Si-o, cloth, uncut. PiUVATELY 
printed at the Riverside /'ress. Boston, 1856 

1482 HILTON, John. On the Influence of Mechanical 
and Physiological Rust in the Treatment of Accidents 
and Surgical Diseases, and the Diagnostic Value of Pain. 
Wood cuts. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London. 1863 

1483 HISLOP, Alexander. The Phovekiss op Scotland; 
collected and arranged, with Noles, Explanatory and Illus- 
trative, and a Glossary. Foolscap Hen. cloth, uncut. 

Glasgow. 1862 

1484 HISPANIA Ji.lustrata, or the Maxims of the Spanish 
Court, and most Memorable Affairs, from the Year lfi(i7 to 
the Year 1678 ; fully laid open in Letters from the Earl of 
Sandwich, the Earl of Sunderland, and Sir William Godol- 
phin, during their Embassies in Spain. Together with 
Several Curious Eapers from Don John of Austria, the 
Conde de Penaranda, and other Chief Ministers there: as 
also a Treatise by my Lord Sandwich, concerning the Ad- 
vantages of a Nearer Union with that Crown ; and another 
by Sir William Godolphin about the Woolls of Spain. Now 
first published from the Respective Originals. Ken, old calf. 

London, 1703 
1435 HISTOIRE Universelle depths le Commencement du 
Monde jusqu'X Present, composes en Anglois par one 
Societi: de (lens dc Lett res ; nuuvellement tnuluitc en Fran- 
cois par tine Societe de Gens de Lettres. Enrichie de Fig- 
ures et de Cartes. 125 vols., 8vo, half calf. Paris, 1 779-91 
1486 HISTORY (The) of the British Dominions in North 
Amebic a -, from the First Discovery of that Vast Continent, 
by Sebastian Gibot in 1497, to its 'Present Glorious Estab- 
lishment, as confirmed by the late Treaty of Peace in 1763. 
In Fourteen Books. Colored map. 2 vols, in 1. Ato, half 
morocco. London, 1773 




1487 HISTORY (The) of Female Favourites: of Mary de 
Padilla, under Peter the Cruel, King of Castile ; Livia, 
under die Emperor Augustus ; Julia Farncsa, under Pope 
Alexander the (Sixth; Agnes S o re au, under Charles VII., 
King of France ; and Nanlilda, under Dagobert, King of 
France. Svo, half calf. London, 1772 

1488 HISTORY (The) of Jewels, and of the Principal Riches 
of the East and West ; taken from the Relation of Divers of 
the most Famous Travellers of Our Age. Attended with 
Fair Discoveries, conducing to the Knowledge of the Uni- 
verse and Trade. Printed by T. N. for* /Mart Kemp, at the 
Sign of the Ship in the Upper Walk of the New E.ixhenap. 
Small 8vo, old calf. London, 1671 

This liille volume (pp.138: brides till,', preface, and table of chapters, 8 
Mexico, Peru, the Weal Indies' etc g ' V 

1489 HISTORY (The) of Sir William Harrington ; writ- 
ten some Years ago, by a Lady, and revised and corrected 
hv the late Mr. [Samuel] Richardson. A New Edition. 
4 vols, U>mo, half morocco. London, 1707 

1490 HITTELL, John S. The Evidences against Cuius- 
tianity. Second Edition. 2 vols., l'lmo, cloth. 

New York, 1857 

1491 HITTELL, John S. The Resources of California, 
comprising Agriculture, Wining, (Jcogrsipliy. Climate, Com- 
merce, etc., etc. ; and the Past and Future Development of 
the State. 12mo, cloth, 

San Francisco (New York) 1863 

1492 HIVE (The), or "Weekly Entertaining Register; 
comprising Curious and Valuable Papers on Interesting 
Subjects, Choice Selections from .Rare and Costly Works, 
the Curiosities of Literature, Anecdotes. Face-tin;, Beautiful 
Poetry, etc., etc. No*. I.-Ll V. Mngraved titles arid wood- 
cuts. 2 vols., Svo, half calf extra. London, 1)322, etc. 

1493 HO ARE, Sir Riciiakd Colt. A Classical Tour through 
Italy and Sicily; tending to illustrate some Districts, 
which have not been described by Mr. Eustace, in his Clas- 
sical Tour. 4(o, boards, rough edges. London, 1819 

1494 HOBBES, Thomas. The English Works of ; now First 
collected and edited by Sir William Moles worth. Portrait 
and plates. 1 I vols., imperial S'-o. hoiyfreeu ni.tiroceo. ijilt lops. 
Larch paper. London, 1839-45 

1495 HOBBES, Thomas. Opera Philosophica, quse Latine 
scripsit Omnia; in Unutn Corpus nunc Priinuin collecta. 
Studio et Lahore Gulielmi Molesworth. Two portraits {du- 

pLicate in fifth eeJurue), ami. 'plates. ■"' vols., imperial tieo.ftalf 

green morocco, gilt tops. Large paper. London, 1839-45 

The above two t i * J ■ ■ .~ funu 'lie ■ .- 1 1 1 — e'.ir.phte edjti ■[! (ivii.t, ci.Tii«;i» indexes) of 
the works of "the Philosopher of Malmeslmry." The Eiiyji^h W'orlis .ire 
sometimes sold separately, but the Latin Works are not. 



1496 HOBHOUSE, John Cam. A JonitNEr through Albania, 
and other Provinces of Turkey in Europe anri Asia, to Con- 
stantinople, during llie Years 1809 and 1810 [in Company 
with Lord Byron]. Third Edition. With U plates, com- 
prising maps, plans, views, costumes, fac-similts, tmd music; 
the views and costumes finely colored. 2 wis., 4to, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1833 

There is another edition (3 vols., 8vo, 1866), called ths " third," in which the 

inform at ion auil 
V* X. p. ITS. 

1497 HOFLAND, Barbara. Self-Denial, a Tale. 16mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1845 

1498 HOGARTH. George. Memoirs of the Musical Drama. 
Portraits of Mad-ute. Mum. Siiptor Farinelli, Dr. Arne, An- 
astasia Jiobiiison, Mrs. FU-tiujioit. .Madame Catalan',. Mrs. 
Crouch, and Charles Diltdin. 2 vols., 8co, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1838 

1499 HOGARTH, William. A Collection of 62 Plates, 
after Hogarth, engraved by E. Riepenhausen. Without 
text or title. Folio, half calf. (Berlin. 1794, etc.) 

1500 HOGARTH, William. The Genuine Works of; illus- 
trated with Biographical Anecdotes, a Chronological Cata- 
logue, and Commentary, by John Nichols, and the late 
(nioi-gi 1 vcus. Fine impressions of the 160 plates engraved 
by T. Cook. 2 vols., 4to, calf, gill. London, 1808-10 

1501 HOGARTH. "William. The Works of ; in a Series of 
One Hundred and Fifty Steel Engravings, I.y the First 
Artists: with Descriptions and a Comment on their Moral 
Tendency, by the Rev. John Trusler. To which are added. 
Anecdotes of the Author and his "Works, by J. Hogarth, and 
J. Nichols. 2 vols., 4to, morocco, antique. London, s. a. 

1502 HOGG, Thomas. A Concise and Practical Treatise 
on the Growth and Culture op the Carnation, Pink, 
Auricula, Polyanthus, Ranunculus, Tulip, Hyacinth, Rose, 
and other Flowers ; containing Catalogues of the Finest and 
most Esteemed Varieties of each Flower. Fifth Edition, 
with Additions. Colored plates. 12»io, cloth, uncut. 

London, (1834) 

1503 HOLBACH, Paul Henri Thtri, Baron »*. F:l Chris- 
tianismo a Descubierto, oExamen de los Principios y 
Efectos de la Religion Cristiana ; escrito en Francos por 
Boulanger, y tvoducido al Castellano por S. D. V * * *. 
12mn, sheep, marbled edges. Londres (Paris), 1821 

1504 HOLBACH, Paul Henri Thtri, Baron d*. Historia 
Critica dk Jesu Ciusto, 6 Anah'sis Razonado de los 


)y GoogIe 



Evangelios ; traducida del Frances por el P. F. de T., ex- 
Jesuita. 2 vols., V2mo, sheep, marbled edges. 

Londres (Paris), 1822 

1505 HOLBACH, Paul Henri Thtri, Bakoh d\ Moral 
Universal, 6 Deberes del Hombre fundados en su 
Nnturalez ; Obra escrita en Frances, y traducida al Cas- 
tellano por D. Manuel Diaz Moreno. Teorfa de la Moral : 
Prhnera Parte, frontispiece. l2mo, sha-p. rnvrhled (-.dqes. 

Madrid (Paris), 1823 

1506 HOLBA CH, Paul Henri Thyki, Baron d'. Diccionakio 
df. i, a Religion Ciustiana, o Teologm Partatil ; por el 
Abate Bcrgier [Baron d'Holbacli]. Segunda Edicion, 
re vista, corregida, y aumentada. 2 vols., V2mo, sheep, 
marbled edges. Londrea (Paris), 1824 

1507 HOLBEIN, Hans. Portraits of Illustrious Peuson- 
aces of the Court of Henry VIII., engraved in Imita- 
tion of the Original Drawings of Hans Holbein, in the 
Collection of his Majesty ; witli Uio^nipliical and Historical 
Memoirs, by Edmund Lodge, Esq., F. S. A. Published by 
John Chamberlaine, F. S. A., Keeper of the King's Draw- 
ings and Medals. Contains 84 portraits ; including portraits 
of Holbein and his wife, and the ini/iitiivrta lij JSartolozzi. 
Imperial ito, half crimson morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

Printed by W. Bulmer & Co., London, 1828 

1508 HOLBEIN, Hans. The Dance of Death: exhibited in 
Elegant Engravings on Wood; with a Dissertation on the 
Several Representations of that Subject, but more particu- 
larly on those ascribed to Macaber and Hans Holbein, by 
Francis Douce, Esq. With 49 faith/id fur-similes of the 
celebrated f.yims wur.d-rufs. lnj linntmr «< d I ly field, besides 6 
other cuts in the dissertation. $vo, calf, antique, carmine 
edg*s. W. Pickering, London, 1833 

Douce was a very industrious antiquary and collector. His printed books, 
illuminated MSS., etc., he left to the Bodleian I, iljravv; liis cira MPS. (for 
although lie ;™M;>Wlitfl..-, Iiu collected ::r,i:r-:.:A), [-.-, ldt to the British 
Museum. See Douce, Francis. 

1509 HOLBEIN, Hans. Dance of Death, with an Historical 
and Literary Introduction. Frontispiece, (ancient bedstead 
at Aixla-Chapelle) by Fairholt, and ili wood-cuts on India 
paper. Square 8vo, cloth, gili top, uncut. 

J. R. Smith, London, 1849 

1510 HOLGATE, Jerome B. American Genealogy, being a 
History of some of the Early Settlers of North America and 
their Descendants, from their First Emigration to the Pres- 
ent Time : with their Intermarriages and Collateral Branches: 
including Notices of Prominent Families, and Distinguished 
Individuals; with Anecdotes, Reminiscences, Traditions, 
Sketches of the Founding of Cities, Villages, Manors, and 
Progressive Improvements of the Country from its Wilder- 

)y GoogIe 


ness Slate to the Present Era. Illustrated by Genealogical 
Tables, Royal Ato, paper, rough edges. New York, 1851 

1511 HOLINSHED, Raphael. Holinsked's Chronicles of 
England. Scotland, and Ireland. 6 vols., royal Ato, russta, 
neat, marbled edges. London, 1807-08 

In ibis repr n! the Ca-trations are inserted, many chronologies! errata are cor- 
rected, mill j iii|>iims iiiilex added. It formed the fiist i»Lie o* the Quarto 

Sci'im 0< (Jill 1 5-i I i It'.-'- !l,.li!l;iif.i bv 1 1ll-- !.!>:: ili-.[i irmli- 'UOnllv ll'Jii I lie old IblioB, 

undef (heediional superintendence of Sir Henry Kllis, !■:. V. l-ttersim, 
Evans, b'. Dome, Dili, l.u, and otlien." — Lowndes. See Akmild, Richard. 

1512 HOLLAND,, Henry. Travels in the Ionian Islks, 
Albania, Thessalj, Macedonia, etc. ; during the Years 1812 
and 1813. Map, and 12 plates, by G. Cook', J. Le Reuse, 
and others, after drawings by ike author. Ato. rassia, very 
neat, gilt edges ; witli book-plate of the Hon hl °. Frederic North. 

London, 1815 

"An excellent arrive nn Modem Greece, with a notice of this valuable work, 
will be I'ouiM i.i the ' Quarterly Review,' sxiii. 325-353." — Lottmles. 

1513 HOLLAND, John. Tub History and Description of 
Fossil Fuel, tlie Collieries, and Coal Trade of Great Brit- 
ain. Second Edition. Wood-cuts, Svo, clot/t. 

London, 1841 

1514 HOLLAND, Josiaii Gilbert, M. D. Titcomb's Letters 
to Young People, Single and Married. 12me, cloth. 

New York, 1858 

1515 HOLLAND, Josiah Gilbert, M. D. L*.c ••-' in Life; 
a Series of Familiar Essays. Vlmo, cloth. 

New York, 1861 

1516 HOLLAND. Josiah Gilbert, M. D. Plain Talks on 
Familiar Subjects. 12 mo, cloth. New York, 1866 

1517 HOLLEY,0. h. The Picturesque Tourist: being a Guide 
through the Northern and Eastern States, and Canada; 
giving an Accurate Description of Cities and Villages, Cele- 
brated Places of Resort, etc. Maps, plans, -plates, and wood- 
cuts, livmo, cloth. New York, 1844 

1518 HOLMES, Abiel, D. I* TnE Life op Ezra, D. D., 
LL. D., etc., and President of Yale College. 8i-o, paper, 
uncut. Thomas & Andrews, Boston, 1798 

With the exception of a few stains, Ihis copy looks as if it hits fresh from the 

1519 HOLMES, Abiel. D. D. The Annals of America, from 
the Discovery bv Columbus in the Year 1 492, to the Year 
1826. Second Edition. 2 vols.,8vo, hoards. 

Cambridge, 1829 

1520 HOLMES, Oliver "Wendell. Poems by. New and En- 
larged Edition. Portrait. Post 8t'0, cloth. Boston, 1852 

1521 HOLT,JosEi'ii. Memoirs of Joseph Hoi.t, General of 
the Irish Rebels in 1798 ; edited from his Original Manu- 
script, in the Possession of Sir William Betham. by T. Crof- 
ton Croker, Esq. Portrait, etc. 2 vols., &eo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1838 

)y GoogIe 



1522 HOLTHOUSE, Henry James. A New Law Diction- 
ary, containing Explanations of such Technical Terms and 
Phrases as occur in the Works of Legal Authors, in the 
Practice of the Courts, and in the Parliamentary Proceed- 
ings of the Houses of Lords and Commons ; to which is 
added an Outline of an Action at Law and of a Suit in 
Equity. Edited, from the Second and Enlarged London 
Edition, with Numerous Additions; by Henry Penington. 
8vo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1847 

1523 HOLWELL, John Zephaniah. A Genuine Narrative 
of Tiin Deplorable Deaths of the English Gentle- 
men, and others, who were suffocated in the Black-Hole in 
Fort- William, at Calcutta, in the Kingdom of Bengal ; in 
the Night succeeding the 20th Day of June, 1756. In a 
Letter to a Friend. 8vo, half calf. London, 1758 

Tills mirnilive. bv one ofibe survivors — a surgeon, and Governor of Bengal, 
— i' siill the standard account of this mclancliuly affair. 

1524 HOME, . Select Views in Mysore, the Coun- 
try of Tippoo Sultan ; from Drawings taken on the Spot 
by Mr. Homer with Historical Descriptions. The Let- 
ter-Press by T. Bcnsley, iroin Fi^in.s's Types. Maps, 
plans, and 29 fine, plates engraved by Fitlhr, Skelton, Lowry, 
etc. ; choice impressions. Imperial 4lo, green morocco, 
extra, gilt edges, by Bering; with autograph of Dawson 
Turner. London,1794 

1525 HOME-LIFE (The) of English Ladies in the xvir. 
Century ; by the Author of " Magdalen Stafford." Fools- 
cap 8ro, cloth, uncut. London, 1860 

1526 HOMER. Iliads translated; adorn'd with Sculpture, 
and illustrated with Annotations, by John OgilUy. Frontis- 
piece and plates by Hollar, Low.bur!, etc. iloyiti folio, old calf 
gilt. Large paper. London, 1660 

1527 HOMER. Odysses translated; adorn'd with Sculpture, 
and illustrated with Annotations, by John Ogilby, Esq. 
Frontispiece and plaits by JL White, D. Luygun, etc. Royal 
folio, old calf, gilt. Large paper. London, 1669 

1528 HOMER. The Iliads of Homer, Prince of Poets, never 
before in any Language truly translated, with a Comment 
upon some of his Chief Places; done according to the 
Greek, by George Chapman. A New Edition, with Intro- 
duction and Notes, by W. Taylor, Esq. With Forty En- 
gravings on Wood, from the Compositions of John Flax- 
uian, R. A. 2 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

C. Knight, London, 1843 

1529 HOMER. The Iliads of Homer, Prince of Poets, never 
before in any Language truly translated, with a Comment on 
some of his Chief Places ; done according to the Greek, by 
George Chapman. 2 vols-,1857. — TheOdysseys of Homer, 

)y GoogIe 


translated according to the Greek, by George Chapman. 2 
vols., 1857. — Homer's Batrachomyomachia, Hymns and 
Epigrams ; Hesiod's Works and Days ; Musscus* Hero and 
Leander; Juvenal's Fifth Satire: translated by George 
Chapman. 1 vol., 1858. — With Introductions and Notea ; 
by Richard Hooper, M. A., F. S. A. Facsimile, and 
other embellishments. Beautifully printed by Whittingham. 
5 vols., square post 8vo, polished calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

J. E. Smith, London, 1857-58 

1530 HOMES op American Authors; comprising Anecdotical, 
Personal, and Descriptive Sketches by Various Writers. Il- 
lustrated with Views of their Residences, from Original Draw- 
ings, and Fac-similes of their Manuscripts (Portraits, etc.). 
Siiuarc Si-o. morocco, antique, qilt edges. 

New York, 1857 

1531 HOMES or American Statesmen; with Anecdotical. Per- 
sonal, and Descriptive Sketches, by Various Writers. Illus- 
trated with Engravings on Wood, from Drawings by Dopier 
and Daguerreotypes, and Fac-similes of Autograph Letters. 
I'fifi/fli/ropfi of the Hancock House, Beacon Street, Huston, in- 
serted. Square 8vo, morocco, antique, qilt edges. Fine early 
copy. New York, 1854 

1532 HONE, William. Ancient Mysteries Described: es- 
pecially the English Miracle Plays, founded on Apocryphal 
New Testament Story, extant among the unpublished 
Manuscripts in the British Museum; including Notices of 
Ecclesiastical Shows, the Festivals of Fools and Asses, the 
English Boy-Bishop, the Descent into Hell, the Lord 
Mayor's Show, the Guildhall Giants, Christmas Carols, etc. 
Flutes and wood-cuts, glossary and index. 8vo, doth. 

Printed for W. Hone, London, 1823 

1533 HONE, William. Tfir Every-Day Book, and Table 
Book, or Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, 
Sports, Pastimes. Ceremonies, Manners. Customs, and Events 
incident t" -Each of the Three Hundred and Sixty-five Days, 
in Past and r.w nt Times ; forming a Complete History of 
the Year, Mouths, and Seasons, and a Perpetual Key to the 
Almanac; Remarkable and Important Anecdotes, Facts, 
and Notices, in Chronology, Antiquities. Topography, Biog- 
raphy, Natural History. Art, Science, and General Litera- 
ture, with Poetical Elucidations, for Daily Use and Diver- 
sion- With E.our Hundred and Thirty six Engravings. 
The Yeate Book of Daily Recreation and Information, 
concerning Remarkable Men and Manners, Times and Sea- 
sons. Solemnities and Merry-Makings, Antiquities and Novel- 

)y GoogIe 


ties i on the Plan of the Every- Day Book and Table Book. 
Willi One Hundred and Fourteen Engravings. Together, 4 
vols., 8eo, calf, marbled edges. 

London, 1847-48 

1534 HONOURS Academie, ok the Famous Pastoeall of 
the Faiee Siiei'heardesse, Julietta : a Work Admi- 
rable and Rare, Sententious and Grave, and no lesse Profit- 
able than Pleasant to peruse ; wherein sire many Notable 
Discourses, as well Philosophicall as Divine, most Part of 
the Seven Liberal! Sciences being comprehended therein; 
with Divers Couiicall and Tragicall Histories, in Prose and 
Verse, of all Sorts. Done into English, by R. T. [Robert 
Tofte], Folio, half calf, red edges. 

T. Creede, London, 1610 

1535 HOOD, Thomas. The Works of (Poetical and Prose). 
Portraits, and numerous wood-cuts. 6 volt., crown 8vo, half 
calf ', extra, marbled edges. New York, 1861 

1536 HOOD. Thomas. Memorials of ; collected, arranged, and 
edited by his Daughter [Frances Freeling Rroderipj, with a 
Preface and Notes, by his Son [Thomas Hood]. Numerous 
icood-culs after the sketches of Hood. 2 vols., V2mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1860 

1537 HOOGEVEEN, Hendrik. Doctrina Paeticularum 
Linguae Graecae, auctore et editore Henrico Hoogeveen. 
Hiiiiils'ime.hj printed on a heavy paper. 2 vols., royal 4to, 
half morocco, neat ; with autograph of Rufus Choate. Large 
paper : fine original copy, see autograph of author. 

E. Typograplieo Dammeano, 1769 

1538 HOOK, Theodore Edward. Adventures of an Actor, 
comprising a Picture of the French Stiige (luring a Period 
of Fifty Years; edited [from the Journal of M. Fleury] by 
Theodore Hook, Esq. Second Edition. 2 vols., 12mo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1842 

1539 HOOKER, Richard, D. D. The Works of that 
Learned and Judicious Divine, Mr. Richard Hooker ; 
with an Account of his Life and Death, by Isaac Walton. 
2 vols., riro, calf, (jilt, murhhd edges. 

University Press, Oxford, 1850 

1540 HOOKER, Sir William Jackson. Exotic Flora; 
containing Figures and Descriptions of New, Rare, or 
otherwise Interesting Exotic Plants, especially of such as 
are deserving of being cultivated in our Gardens ; together 
with Remarks upon their Generic and Specific Characters, 
Natural Orders, History, Culture, Tiuie of Flowering, etc. 
With 232 fine colored plates. 3 vols., royal i'ro. cfath, viicut. 

Edinburgh, 1823-27 

1541 HOOKER, Sir William Jackson. Botanical Miscel- 
lany ; containing Figures and Descriptions of such Plants 

)y GoogIe 


as recommend themselves by their Novelty, Rarity, or His- 
tory, or by the Uses to which they are applied in the Arts, in 
Medicine, and in Domestic CEconomy ; together with Occa- 
sional Botanical Notices and Information (including many 
Valuable Communications from Distinguished Scientific 
Travellers). With 1 53 fine plates, many of which are colored. 
3 vols., royal 8uo, cloth, uncut. 

J. Murray, London, 1830-33 

1542 HOOKER, Sir William Jackson; and, Robert Kayk 
Grevii.le. Jcones Filicom ; Figures and Descriptions of 
Ferns, principally of such as have been altogether unnoticed 
by Botanists, or as have not yet been correctly figured. 
With 240 fine colored plates. 2 vols., folio, half green levant 

morocco, extra, gilt edges, bu Hammond. Fine copy. 

Londini. 1829-31 

1543 HOOPER, William. Rational Recreations : in which 
the Principles of Numbers and Natural Philosophy are 
clearly and copiously elucidated, by a Series of Easy, En- 
tertaining. Interesting Experiments; among which are all 
those commonly performed with Cards. 4 vols., oldmarbled 
cg jf London, 1774 

1544 HOPE, Thomas. Anastasius, or Memoirs op a G^eek ; 
written at the Close of the Eighteenth Century. (With, 
Memoirs of the Life of Thomas Hope.) Map. 2 vols, in 
one,8fo, half calf . Paris, 1831 

1545 HOPE, Thomas. Costume of the Ancients. A New 
Edition, ranch enlarged. A series of 321 plates, in outline. 
2 voh., royal. $vo. cloth, uncut. London, 1841 

1546 HOP PIN, James M. Old England ; its Scenery, Art, and 
People. Post &vo, cloth. New York, 1867 

1547 HORACE. Quint t Horath Flacci Opera ; com Novo 
Commentario ad Mndum, Joannis Bond. Beautifully printed, 
with rubricated headings to each book; every pays enclosed 
within, and the text and notes separated hij red lines. Frontis- 
piece, 10 vignette':, and 2 plans, photographed, besides the 6 
photoitraphi'e Hews in the Life. 16wo, crushed crimson mo- 
rocco, extra, gill over marbled edges. Elegant con: all 
the plates photographed. Didot, Parisiis, 1855 

"Cliii-m:iiitsfi iliun p cseiitant im excellent textcuti cnmiiiiuilaire latin 
yiiili. .,'• „■«' a'.i^iM <■:-... ^vmr ,-m: ,],: p ojv r ar M.,>..,-, mi- > !.■ (I Wa ee 
,.u rViinfaia ]);ir M. N>^ .l----= Vrf^ers. line |«i ; :i-t miv^antu de M. Am- 
broiae KIrniin Did -t." — to-met. 

1548 HORACE. Tim Works ok Quintus IIobatius 1<lac- 
CUS, illustrated, chiefly from the Remains of Ancient Art; 
with a Life, by the Rev. Henry Hart Milman, D. D Ornate 
colored titles and borders, and nearly 500 fine wood-cuts. 
Square Sco, dark brown smooth morocco, very neat, gilt edges. 
Elegant copy of this beautiful edition. 

J. Murray, London, 1849 

)y GoogIe 



1549 HORACE. Odes of Horace, the Best of Lyrick Poets ; 
coutayning much Morallity suid Sweetnesse. Selected and 
translated by S r . T. H[awkins]. Engraved title, reverse 
blank ; '■■To the Reader,'' 1 leaf '; verses *".p\ed '•' F. L.," "John 
Beaumont," '■ George Fortescue," " Hugh Holland? " G. D." 
and " 1. Chapperlznus," 3 leaves ; odes, etc., pp. 1-67. Small 
ito, half morocco, red edges. 

Imprinted by A. M. for Will. Lee, London, 1625 

1550 HORACE. The Epodes, Satires, and Epistles of 
Horace; translated by the late Rev. Francis Howes. Fools- 
cap 8vo, calf, antique, carmine edges. 

W. Pickering, London, 1845 

1551 HOR\CE. The Odes op Houace ; translated into Eng- 
lish Verse, with a Life and Notes, by Theodore Martin. 
2imo, cloth. " blue and gold." ' Boston, 1861 

1552 HORAPOLLO. The Hieroglyphics of Horapollo 
Nil mis {which he published in the Egyptian Tongue, and 
wh ; ch Philip translated into the Greek Language). By 
Alexander Turner Cory. Printed in two columns, Greek and 
English, with wood-cuts of the hieroglyphics, etc. 12mo, cloth, 
uncut. W. Pickering, London, 1840 

1553 HORDYNSKI, Joseph. History of the Late Polish 
Revolution, and the Events of the Campaign. Plans. 
Royal Hvo, boards. Boston, 1832 

1554 HOKE Be ate Marie Tir[gi]sis Secundum Usum Ro- 
manuii, expliciunt feliciter Parisius: inipresse p Egydio 
Hardouyn, comoralo I Cofinio Poutis KosUo Domine ante 
Teuipla Divi Dionysii de Carcere ; ad Intersignium Roge 
Aurer. Printed upon vellum, in Roman characters, with 
three, iUnminntiom and the capital* nil pu.hi.led in gold and 
colors. Small tiro, 5 X 3 inches, velvet, covers. Hardouyns' 
pbkss. (Paris, cir. 1530) 

The alioi'e title and imprint are from the revere of tbe last leaf. A leaf (or 

irmvtO n.lWliij; the calendar is .van '.in;;, dlln:nvi,e the volume appears to be 

1555 HORNIUS, Johannes Fridericus. Politicorum Pars 
Arohitkctonica de Civitatk. Without title, except the 

above oil the frontispiece. Frontispiece, reverse blank; dedica- 
tion, 5 hares; " Benevolo Lector," G leaves; text, pp. 1-582; 
tables and errata, 2 leaves. Small 1 ■'mo, vellum. 

Typis W. Klerck, Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1664 

TherViention (to Frederick III., Kinp of De-mark and Norway) is signed 

"Juh. Friil. Hum., Brigii-Silesius." "I'Ii.h tiiird b;.ul; treats of a " free repub- 

1550 HORTICULTURIST (The) and Journal of Rural Art and 
Rural Taste; devoted to Horticulture, Landscape Garden- 
ing, Rural Architecture, Botany, Pomology, Entomology, 
Rural Economy, etc. Edited by A. J. Downing. July, 
JSifj-Peceml/er, 1852. Numerous wood-cuts, plans, etc. 7 
vols., &vo, half green morocco. Albany, 1846-52 

)y GoogIe 


1557 HOUBRAKEN, Arnold. De Groote Schoubuegii der 
Nederlantsciie Konstschilders en ScHit.niiiir.ssr.N ; 
waar van 'er vele met hunne Beeltenissen ten Tooneel ver- 
schynen, en linn Levensgednig en Kontswerken beschreven 
worden : zynde een Vervolg op het Schilderboek van K. v.- 
Hander. Door Am. Honbraken. Brilliant impressions 
of the plates. 3 vols., Sco, rcilion. Very fine copy. 

Amsterdam, 1718-21 

This work is one of the chief authorities on the Putrh urtift?, and the admira- 
ble portraits with which it : .' illii-trutc:! are m:;:o of the earliest Tiro:lin:liu:is of 
llic eminent enitraver Jacob ITouhriikeu. «cti nf the author. The third part 

was publi-hed after (he death of the author, for his widow. 

1558 HOUGHTON Gallery. A Set of Pkints engraved 
after the most Capital Paintings in the Collection of 
her Imperial Majesty the Empress of Russia, lately in the 
Possession of the Earl of Oxford, at Houghton in Norfolk;' 
with Plans, Elevations, Sections, Chimney Pieces and Ceil- 
ings. Engraved lilies (with vignettes by Bartolozzi) and 
dedication .; : 2H plan?, eh.'va'ioiis, r'c. ; and 1 iil fine ent/r/ivii/gs 
(lit/ Tl. Earh.nn and nlhrr r-ehd,r<i!cd cni/riirers), inclinJiiig por- 
traits of Catherine 11. and Robert Wnlpole; proof impres- 
sions, many before the letters. 2 volt., atlas folio, 
27 X ^l inches, t/ree/t morocco, extra, /pit edges. 

J. & J. Boydell, London, Jan. 1, 1788 

1559 HOUGHTON, Edwin B. The Campaigns of the Sev- 
enteenth Maine. 12mo, half crimson morocco, very neat, 
marbled edges. Large paper : rubricated title. 

Portland, 1866 

There were no cop is:- nf rhi- n-nrh published on lar^e paper, or with rubricated 
titles, luit a \-w weiv Hi- ■■■■(■ ■(-.'(,■ m-'iiltii i:; this form. 

1560 HOUGHTON, Edwin B. Six other coties ; as pub- 
lished. 12mo, cloth. Portland, ISfJfi 

This vfork is novr out of print. 

1561 HOUSEHOLD (The) of Bouverib, or the Elixir of 
Gold ; a Romance. By a Southern Lady. 2 vols., 12mo, 
cloth. , " New York, 1860 

1562 HOUZE, A. Atlas Universel Historique et Gio- 
grapiiique; compose de Cent-une Cartes, donnant les 
I )iili.' rentes Divisions et Modifications Territoriales des 
Diverses Nations aux Principales Epoqnes de leur Histoire, 
avec tine Notice sur tous les Fate Importants, et I'lndication 
des Lie n x on ils se sont passes : par A. Houze. Boundaries 
and principal plates iridic a tr.d. with colors. Imperial Ato. cloth. 

Paris (1853) 

1563 HOVEY, C. M. The Magazine of Horticulture, 
Botany, and all Useful Discoveries and Improvements in' 
Riiial A (lairs. Numerous i!;ood-r.n.ts and. colored plates. Jan. 
I835Vu/y, 1868. First 8 vols, half morocco, rest in num- 
bers. Boston, 1835-68 

The titles of the first two volumes, 1805 and 1836, read, — " The American 

)y GoogIe 


1564 HOVEY, C. M. Tug Fruits of America: containing 
Richly Colored Figures, and Full Descriptions of all the 
Choicest Varieties cultivated in the United States. Por- 
traits of Hort'i mill Sharp, and \\± fine plates drawn from 
nature and ckrairto-lilltoqra.phed hj William Sharp. 2 vols., 
royal 8vo, half morocco, extra, marbled edges. 

Boston, (1852J-56 

1565 HOW to Furnisha House and Make it a Home. Wood- 
cuts. 16mo, cloth. London, (1853) 

1560 HOWARD, Sib Robert. The Dramatic Works of: 
viz., the Surprisal ; the Committee ; the Indian Queen ; the 
Vestal Virgin ; the Duke of Lerma. The Third Edition. 
12»io, old calf; binding broken and portrait wanting. 

J. Tonson, London, 1722 

15G7 HO WEL, Rev. Laurence. A Com pleat History of the 
Holy Bible, contain'd in the Old and New Testament ; in 
which are inserted the Occurrences that happened during the 
Space of about Four Hundred Years, from the Days of the 
Prophet Malachi to the Birth of Our Blessed Saviour, and 
that have been omitted in all or most of the Former Works 
of this Nature : the Whole illustrated with Notes, explaining 
Several Difficult Texts, and reconciling many Seeming Con 
traductions in the Translations, as well Knglish :is others, of 
the Sacred Scriptures. Ado rn'd with above 150. Cots, en- 
graven by J. Sturt. The Fifth Edition, corrected. 3 vols., 
Svo, calf, gilt. London, 1728 

1568 HOWELL, James. Efistol-e Ho-Elian^: Familiar 
Letters, Domestic and Forren ; divided into Four Books, 
partly Historical, Political, Philosophical!, upon Emergent 
Occasions. The Fourth Edition. Numerous MS. notes. 
Small thirl; JS'-e, ohl calf, red edges. 

T. Guy, London, 1673 

See "Retrospective Review," Vol. IV. pp 183-200. 

1569 HOWELLS, William D. Venetian Life. Crown 8vo, 
cloth. New York, 1866 

1570 HOWISON, John. Sketches of Upper Canada, Domes- 
tic, Local, and Characteristic; to which are added, Practical 
Details for the Informa-ioii of Hmi^eanis ofeverv Class, and 
some Kecolicctions of the United States of America. tivo, 
half calf, extra. Edinburgh, 1821 

L571 HOVVITT, William. Visits to Remarkable Places; 
Old Halls, Battle Fields, and Scenes illustrative of Striking 
Passages in English History and Poetry. Numerous fine 
wood-cut vignettes. Both series. 2 vols., royal 8t'o, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1840-42 

)y GoogIe 



1572 HO WITT, William. The Rural and Domestic Life 
of Germany, with Characteristic Sketches of its Cities and 
Scenery ; collected in a General Tour, and during a Resi- 
dence in the Country in the Years 1840, 41, and 42. With 
above fifty illustrations by G. F. Sargent. Hvo, half calf, 
neat. London, 1842 

1573 HUC, ]5variste Regis, l'Abbe. Travels in Tartart, 
Thibet, and China, during the Years 1844-5-6 ; by M. Hue. 
Translated from ihe French byW. Hazlitt. Map and wood- 
cuts. 2 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, gik tops. 

London, s. a. 

1574 HUGHES, Thomas. School Days at Rugby ; by ail 
Old Boy. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1861. 

1575 HUGHES, Thomas. Tom Brown at Oxford, a Sequel 
to School Days at Rugby. Portrait in second part. 2 vols., 
VZmo, cloth. '' " Boston, 1862- 

1576 HUGHES, T. M. An Overland Journey to Lisbon, 
at tl e Close of 1840 ; with a Picture of the Actual State of 
Spun and Portugal. 2 vols., l2mo, half green morocco. 

V S J " Lon don, 1847 

1577 HUGO, Victor Marie. Les Hiserables. Translated 
from the Original French, by Chas. E. Wilbour. The S 
para separate. 5 vols., 8vo, cloth. New York, 1862 

1578 HUISH, Robert. Memoirs of her late Royal High- 
ness Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, etc. (from 
Infancy to the Period of her much lamented Death, Funeral 
Rites, etc.. etc.), and of her Illustrious Consort Prince 
Leopold of Snxe-Coburg Saalfeld ; including a Variety of 
Anecdotes, hitbcrtii unpublished, with Specimens of her 
Royal Higlmoss's Compositions in Prose, Poetry, and Music, 
and rat-similes of her Hand-writing ; comprising :ils:> an His- 
torical Memoir of the House of Saxe-Coburg Saalfeld. The 
Whole collected and arranged, from Authorized Sources 
only, by Robert Huish, Esq. etc. A New Edition, revised, 
numiiffited, and improved. Portraits and plates. Svo, old 
marbledcalf. London, 1819 

1579 HUISH, Robert. Memoirs of George the Fourth, 
descriptive of the most Interesting Scenes of his Private 
and Public Life, and the Important Events of his Memora- 
ble Reign ; with Characteristic Sketches of all the Cele- 
brated Men who wer'e his Friends and Companions as a 
Prince, and his Ministers and Counsellors as a Monarch. 
Compiled from Authentic Sources, and Documents, etc. 
Vignettes on tfm em/ramd titles, and 18 portraits and -plates. 2 
vols.. Svo. half crimson morocco, extra. London, 1830 

1580 HULSIUS. Levinus. XII. Primo rum Caesar um eti.xiiil 
ipsorum Uxorum et Parentum, ex Antiquis Numismati- 
bus, in iEre incise, Effigies ; atque eorundem earundem- 

)y GoogIe 



que Vitfe & Res Gestrc, ex Variis Authoribus collects per 
Levinum Hulsium, Gandavensem. Not. Imp. Fine impres- 
sions of the engraved title and other plates. Small ito, half 

Typis J. Collitii, Sumptibus P. Brachfeldii, Francoforti ad 
Mcenum, 1597 

1581 HUMBOLDT, Fkikdrtch Hi.inkicii Alexander, Baron 
von. Cosmos: a Sketch of a Physic:'.! Description of tbe 
Universe. Translated from the" German, by K. C. Otte, B. 
H. Paul, and W. S. Dallas. Portrait. 5 vols., \2mo, half 
■morocco, very ricaf. marbkd edges. New York, 1860 

1582 HUMBOLDT, Freidrich Heinkich Alexander, Bakon 
von. Another copy: the same. Portrait. 5 vols., post 
Bvo, half calf, extra, marbled edges. 

London, 1864 

1583 HUMBOLDT, Friedricfi Heinrich Alexander, Bakon 
von; and, A i me Bonpland. Vues des Cord ill ekes, et 
Monumens des Peoples Indigenes de I'Amerique. (At- 
las Pittoresque du Voyage suix lii.^ious Equiuoxiales du 
Nouveau Continent, fait en 1799-1804. par Humboldt et 
Bonpland.) Vellum paper, with 54 fine, large nay ravings 
of views, costumes,, etc.. mart// of which are. jhu-hj 
colored. 1 vol., imperial folio, half < morocco, qih tops. 

F. Schoeil, Paris, 1810 

Ttiis; copy wan ta plates 55-09, but contiiina tbe supp'erncjit as far ai page 

304, i- tluitiiii; tli- ili; r ori!)!io!i« of li'.nse p!;ik'- un 1 1 ills [uiiit of il. V [scout i. 
Mofct i-i-'pit-s in Ihe market are much nmrc deficient. 

1584 HUMBOLDT, Friedrich Heinkich Alexander, Baron 
von; and, Aimb Bonpland. Monogbaphie des Melas- 
tomacees: comprenant toutes les Pinnies de cet Ordre 
recueillies jusqu'a ce Jour, et notamment an Mexique, 
dans 1'IIe de Cuba, dans les Provinces de Caracas, de 
Cumana, et de Barcelone, aux Andes de la Nouvelle-Gren- 
ade, de Quilo, et du Peroii, et sur les Bords du Rio-Negro, 
tie rOrennqiie, et do la Riviere des Amazones. Par 
Humboldt et A. Bonpland. Mise en Ordre, par A. Bou- 
piand. The Melastoma, 45 plates, ar.d Rhlxia 30 plates; 
with, k'k-r-press. J'riii'ci.i on rc'hiiit paper, Iht 7;'i plaits finely 
colored. Imperial folio, boards, uncut. 

Paris, 1823 

1585 HUMBOLDT, Friedrich Heinrich Alkxandkk, Bakon 
von; and Aimb" Bonpland. Personal Narrative of 
Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America, during 
the Years 1799-1804. Written in French; translated and 
edited by Thomasina Ross. 3 vols., post Svo. half coif extra, 
marbled edges. London. 1852-53 

1586 HUMK, David. The History op England, from the 
Invasion of Julius Cassar to the Revolution in IdSS (with 
Life of the Author, by himself, etc.). Portraits, and numer- 

)y GoogIe 


ousfine large, plates, engraved by Bartohzzi, Filtlcr, Skelton, 
Landster, Anker Smith, etc., after Opie, Smirh; West, Hamil- 
ton, Westall.and other eminent artists. FJetjan.lhj printed by 
T. Jiensley. 10 vols., imperial folio, diamond rn.ssia, neat, 
marbled edges. Bqwyiir's superb edition" : fine impressions 
of the plates. London, 180C, etc. 

1587 HUME, David. The History of England (from the In- 
vasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution, in 1688 ; with Life 
of the Author, by himself, etc.). Portraits by Worthinyton, on 
India paper, of Hume and each of the. sovereigns from William 
the. Conqueror to ./nines II., including Mary Queen of Scots 
and Cromwell. 8 tols., royal 8ro, cloth, rough edges. Large 
papek: only 50 copies printed. 

Talboys, Oxford, and Picketing, London, 1826 

One of the " Oxford English Classics." 

1588 HUMPHREYS, Colonel David, LL. D., Aide-de-Camp 
to Washington, etc. The Miscellaneous Works of. 
Portrait , other plates wanting. 8vo, old marbled calf. 

■M- il ■■ •/' ■ ' New York, 1804 

1589 HUMPHREYS, Henry Noel. Illuminated Illustra- 
tions of Froissart. (Selected from the MSS. in the 
British Museum, Kibliotbt'.-qm; Knv;iie, l'uris, and from other 
Sources.) Contains 7:> beautiful colored facsimiles, of the 
size, of the originals, with description of each plate u,id ■illumi- 
nated titles. 2 vols, in 1, 4lo, half crimson morocco, gilt top, 
uncut. London, 1844-45 

15K0 HUMPHREYS, Henry Noel. The Illuminated Books 
of the Middle Ages: an Account of the Development 
and Progress of the Art of Illumination, as a Distinct 
Branch of Pictorial On'.aiiK'iitation, from the IVth to the 
XVIIth Centuries. Illustrated by a Series of Examples, 
of the Size of the Originals selected from the most Beauti- 
ful MSN. of (he Various Periods, executed on Stone and 
printed in Colours by Owen Jones. Illuminated title, initials, 
and. borders, mid '.'>',) inrye plates, printed, in gold, s'lver, and 
colors. The plates, initials, borders, a-od some of the descrip- 
tions, upon halja paper. Imperial folio, half crimson morocco, 
extra, edqes, by Wrijjht. Larue caper ; fine, copy. 

London, 1849 
The tximr<lis> arn :"n;- ■'■] in ':'.-.■-■■ !V'-in (lis moat celebrated and I'lrjiaii- MSS. in 
Euniie. m. i tli« initials nnd. borders sronf lire same stvii; as MS.S. uftke data 
Tfhk-b they repress t. 

1591 HUMPHREYS, Henry- Noel. The Art of Illumina- 
tion and Missal Painting ; a Guide to Modern Illumina- 
tors ; illustrated by a Series of Specimens, from richly illu- 
minated MSS. of Various Periods, accompanied by a Set of 
Outlines, to be coloured by the Student according to the 
Theories developed in the Work. Post Kvo, ichde sheep, 
illuminated, gilt edges ; with autograph of John Ross Dix. 

London, 1849 

)y GoogIe 


1592 HUMPHREYS, Henry Noel. The Gold. Silver, and 
Copper Coins of England, exhibited in a Series of Fac- 
similes of the most Interesting Coins of each Successive 
Period, printed in Gold, Silver, and Copper ; accompanied 
by a Sketch of the Progress of the English Coinage from 
the Earliest Period to the Present Time. Sixth Edition. 
Illuminated title and '23 plates ; a/so, a plate with impressions 
on- silver foil of crown and two shilling pieces. Crown Svo, 
binding broken, but otherwise perfect. London, 1849 

1593 HUNGARY, and its Revolutions, from the Earliest 
Period to the Nineteenth Century; with a Memoir of Louis 
Kossuth. By E. O. S. Portrait of Kossuth. Post Svo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1854 

1594 HUNT, Charles Havens. Life of Edward Livingston. 
With an Introduction, by George Bancroft. Portraits on 
India paper, of Livingston and. Andrew, Jackson. Imperial 
Svo, cloth, rough edges. Large pap Kit: only 100 copies 
printed. ' New York, 1864 

1595 HUNT, Frederick Knight. The FomtTii Estate; 
Contributions towards a History of Newspapers, and of the 
Liberty of the Press. 2 vols., crown Hvo, cloth, uncut. 

London. 1850 

1596 HUNT, Freeman. Worth and Wealth; a Collection 
of Maxims, Morals, and Miscellanies for Merchants and 
Men of Business. l2mo, cloth. New York, 1856 

1597 HUNT, Leigh. Lord Bvron and some of his Contem- 
poraries ; with Recollections of the Author's Life, and of 
his "Visit to Italy. Second Edition. Portraits of Byron, 
the Countess (iuiccioli. John Keats. Leigh .Hunt, mid Charles 
Lamb ; and a plate of facsimiles of the handwriting of Byron, 
Shelley, and Keats. 2 nils., Svo, half calf, very neat, marbled 
edges: with nun-spa per en'tings concerning Hymn, comprising 
extracts front O'eorge finrgess's " CatO to Lard Byron," and 
three verses (signed T. S. If.)," On the. Rumoured Exclusion 
from. Westminister Abbey of a Monument to Lord Byron," 
with notes. H. Colburn, London, 1828 

1598 HUNT, Leigh. Another copy : the same ; with the a por- 
traits and facsimiles. 2 vols., Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1828 

1599 HUNT, Leigh. A Book for a Corner, or Selections in 
Prose and Verse from Authors the best suited to that Mode 
of Enjoyment; with Comments on Each, and a General In- 
troduction. .Engraved, title, and 80 ivood-cnU after F. W. 
Hulme and J. Franklin. 2 vols, in I, foolscap Svo, half calf, 
extra, marbled edges. London, (1851) 

1600 HUNT, Leigh. The Town; its Memorable Characters 
and Events. With Forty-five Illustrations. A New Edi- 
tion. Foolscap Svo, cloth, uncut. 

Smith, Elder & Co., London, 1859 

)y GoogIe 


1601 HUNT, Robert. Panthea, the Spirit of Nature. Royal 
&vo, doth, uncut. London, 1849 

1602 HUNTKB, Henry, D. D. The History of London, and 
its Environs: containing an Account of the Origin of the 
City; its (State under the Romans, Saxons, Danes, and Nor- 
mans ; its Rise and Progress to its Present State of Com- 
mercial Greatness; including an Historical Record of Every 
Important and Interesting Public Event, from the Landing 
of Julius Ca;snr to the Present Period; also a Description 
of its Antiquities, Public Buildings and Establishments^ of 
the Revolutions in its Government ; and of the Calamities 
to which its Inhabitants have been subject by Fire, Famine, 
Pestilence, etc. Likewise an Account of all the Towns, 
Villages, and Country within Twenty-five miles of London. 
By the late Rev. Henry Hunter, D. D., and other Gentle- 
men. Maps, plans, and views. 2 vols., -Ito, half riissia, backs 
cracked; with book-plate of Edward Loveden Loredm, Esq., 
Buscoi Park, Berks. London, 1811 

1603 HUNTER, John D. Manners and Customs of .Several 
Indian Tribes located West of the Mississippi, including 
some Account of the Soil, Climate, and Vegetable Produc- 
tions, and the Indian Materia Mediea ; to which is prefixed 
the History of the Author's Life during a Residence of Sev- 
eral Years among them. 8w, half morocco, neat. 

Philadelphia, 1823 

This work occasioned considerable controversy. The "!nn QimU'ily," and 
O'lliT ivti-'«er-i i-iiii-id'-rc I ic " lUJllii'niic iiri'i Hec-jr-itr." ivinlst tieiiKrul 
Lewis Cass pronounced the author an ''impostor," and the work "a worth- 
less fabrication. " 

1604 HURD, Richard, Bishop of Worcester. Moral and 
Political Dialogues; with Letters on Chivalry and Ro- 
mance. The Third Edition. 3 vols., post 8vo. old calf, g-» 

marbled e.i 

,ndon, 1765 

1605 HUTCHINSON, Thomas. The History of the Colony 
of Massachusetts-Bay ; from the First Settlement thereof, 
in 1628, until its Incorporation with the Colony of l'limouth. 
Province of Maine, etc., by the Charter of King William 
and Queen Mary, in 1691. By Mr. Hutchinson, Lieuten- 
ant-Governor of the Massachusetts Province. 8m, old calf. 

T. & J- Fleet, Boston, 1764 

1606 HUTCHINSON, Thomas. The History of Massachu- 
setts; from the First Settlement thereof, in 1628, until the 
Year 1750. By Thomas Hutchinson. Esq., late Governor of 
Massachusetts. The Third Edition, with Additional Notes 
and Corrections. 2 vols., Thomas S; Andrews, lioston, 1795. 
—The History of the Province of Massachusetts 
Bay; from the Year 1750, until June 1774. By Mr. 
Hutchinson, late Governor of that Province. Forming Vol. 

)y GoogIe 


in. John Murray, London, 1828. Together, 3 vols., 8vo, half 
morocco, neat, marbled edges. 

Boston, 1795, and London, 1828 

1607 CT$ LL USTRATED (The) London News. From 1842 
MWk t0 1865, inclusive. 24 vols., folio, half crimson mo- 
tf3i(&J rocco, marbled edges. London, 1842-G5 

1608 ILLUSTRATED (The) Parlour Miscellany. Wood- 
cuts. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1847 

1609 ILLUSTRATED (An) Record op Important Events 
in the Annals of Europe during the Last Four 
Years, comprising a Series of Views of the Principal Places, 
Battles, etc. etc. etc. connected with those Events: together 
with a History of those Momentous Transactions, compiled 
from Official and other Authentic Documents. Frontispiitrs 
containing 10 medallion portraits, plate of facsimile auto- 
graphs, and 19 large colored views. — The Campaign op 
Waterloo, illustrated with Engravings of les Quatre Bras, 
la Belle Alliance, Hougoumont, la lluye Siiinte, and other 
Principal Scenes of Action, including a correct Military 
Plan together with a grand View of the Battle on a Large 
Scale ; to which is prefixed a History of the Campaign com- 
piled from Official Documents and other Authentic Sources. 
Six of the views e.nhrred. and. i plates enuXnininrj 98 medallion 
portraits. Together in one i;ol., imperial folio, half morocco, 
gilt top. Printed by T. Betisley for E. Bowyer. 

London, 1816 

1610 IMPERIAL (The) Dictionary op Universal Biogra- 
phy : a Series of Original Memoirs of Distinguished Men, 
of all Ages and Nations ; by Writers of Eminence in the 
Various Branches of Literature, Science, and Art. Con- 
ducted by Professor John Eadie, D. D., Professor J. B. 
Nichol ; John Francis Waller, Esq.. Edwin Lankester, Esq., 
M. D. ; Professor Francis Boweii, United States; P. E. 
Dove, General Editor; J. Brown, Corresponding Editor. 
Numerous fine portraits. 3 vols., in ]« parts, imperial 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. W. Mackenzie, Glasgow, (18G4-CG) 

T w ii lle9 r ° r , t . he aMolld and ">'"! volume s hear Iho Dame of John Francis 

1611 INAUGURATION op the Statue of Warren, by the 
Bunker Hill Monument Association, June 17, 1857. View 
of statue, and portraits of Fdward Everett and Thos. If. 
Perkins. Royal Svo, cloth. Boston, 1858 

1612 1NCHBALD, Elizabeth. Such Things Are, a Play in 
Five Acts; Every One has his Fault, a Comedy in 
Five Acts ; Wives as They Were and Maids as They 
Are, a Comedy in Five Acts ; Lovers' Vows, a Play in 
Five Acts, altered from the German of Kotzebue ; To 
Marry or Not to Marry, a Comedy in Five Acts, with 

)y GoogIe 



Remarks by the Author. A volume of "Inchbalds British 
Theatre" with plates by Worthington, Engkharte, etc., after 
Siiujl ,'ij/j, Howard, etc. l2mo, calf, neat. 

London, (1808) 
16X3 INCH BALD, Elizabeth, Memoirs or; including her 
Familiar Correspondence with the most Distinguished Per- 
sons of her Time. To which are added, the Massacre, and a 
Case of Conscience; now First Published from her Auto- 
graph Copies, Edited by James Boaden, Esq. Portrait. 
2 vols., half calf neat. London, 1833 

1614 INDISPENSABLE (The) English Vaoe Mkcum, ob 
Pocket Companion to Paris ; for the Use of the Eng- 
lish, and more especially for the Heads of Families; con- 
taining an Exposure of the Various Frauds mid Trices daily 
practised upon Strangers ; together with a List of all Public 
Institutions, Edifices, and Different Curiosities; an Account 
of the Customs and Laws relating to Foreigners ; Directions 
for Killing Time ; followed by a Concise inscription of the 
Environs of Paris. By an English Resident. Sixth Edi- 
tion. Plates, etc. 24mo, half morocco. Paris, s. a. 

1615 LNGELOW, Jean. Poems. Post 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. 

Boston, 1863 

1616 INSTRUCTION for Fiet.d Artillery; prepared by a 
Board of Artillery Officers of the U. S. Army. Thick 12mo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1860 

1617 INTELLECTUAL (The) Observer: Review of Natural 
History, Microscopic Research, and Recreative Science. Il- 
lustrated with Plates in Colours and Tints, and Numerous 
Engravings on Wood. February 1862-July 18GG (9 vols., 

Svo). — Recreative Science; a Record and Remem- 
brancer of Intellectual Observation. (First Series of the 
" Intellectual Observer," 18G0-18G2, with Numerous En- 
gravings on Wood, 3 vols., foolscap 4to.) Together, 1 2 vols., 
rio'//. n'lh edges. London, 1860-66 

1618 INTRIGUES (The) of the Queen of Spain with 
the Prince of Peace and Others; written by a Span- 
ish Nobleman and Patriot, who alone can be acquainted 
with the Intrigues and Amours of the above Personages. 
Vlmo. half morocco. Boston, 1809 

1619 IRELAND, John B. Wall-street to Cashmere; a 
Journal of Five Years in Asia, Africa, and Europe; com- 
prising Visits during 1851, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, to the Danemora 
Iron Mines, the "Seven Churches," Plains of Troy, Palmyra, 
Jerusalem, Petra, Seringapatam, Sural, with the Scenes 
of the Recent Mutinies (Bunares, Agra, Cawnpore, Luck- 
now, Delhi, etc., etc.), Cashmere, Peshawur, the Khyber 
Pass to Afghanistan, Java, China, and Mauritius. Nearly 
100 wjod-r./tis from slcetchet by the author. Royal Sro, doth. 

14 New York, 1859 

)y GoogIe 



1620 IRELAND, Samuel. Picturesque Views : on the River 
Thames, from its Source in Gloceste rehire, to the Nore ; on 
the River Medn-ay, from the Nore to the Vicinity of its 
Source in Sussex; on the Upper or Warwickshire Avon, 
from its Source at Naseby to its Junction with the Severn at 
Tewkesbury ; on the River Wye, from its Source at Plinlim- 
mon Hill, to its Junction with the Severn below Chepstow. 
With Observations on the Public Buildings, and other Works 
of Art, in their Vicinity. Numerous plates and wood-cuts, 
including 3 portraits and 143 fine, views in aquatinta. 5 
vols., royal ito, half russia, neat. Large paper. 

London, 1792-97 

1621 IRELAND, William Henry. Miscellaneous Papers 
and Legal Instruments under the Hand and Seal of 
William Shakspeare, including the Tragedy of King Lear, 
and a small Fragment of Hamlet; from" the Original MSS. 
in the Possession of Samuel Ireland, of Norfolk Street. 
Fac-uitiiks, and other plates, some of which are colored. Large 
square folio, original boards, rovti/i ed/jes. Only 138 copies 
extant. London, 1796 (Dec. 1795) 

These forgeries are placed under the name of the perpetrator instead of under 

tin' iim'ih: nf Liie 'i:i:n. :i:; is iiu!-i.!-.[n;jrv, or ralher, the saiisij by which he is 
known. His baptism ia paid to be registered by the name of William ITenry ;'.\ K nm;ie (if Ms mother who was then separate! (n:i:> Iilt husband 
and liv.n:; wnli Mr. Samuel Ireland, bis father), and ho was called by his 
father, Samuel William Henry. 

1622 IRELAND, William Henry. Another copy: Second 
edition. Frontispiece. Svo, half green morocco, extra. 

London, 1796 

1623 IRELAND, William Henry. Vortigern, an Historical 
Tragedy, in Five Acts; represented at the Theatre Roya!, 
Drury Lane, on Saturday, April 2, 1796. — Henry the 
Second, an Historical Drama, supposed to be written by the 
Author of Vortigern. [Both by W. H. Ireland.] Together 
in 1 vol.. crown, half calf. Londou, 1799 

1624 IRELAND, William Henry. Chalcographimania, or 
the Portrait-Collector, and Printseller's Chronicle; with In- 
fatuations of every Description : a Humorous Poem, in Four 
Books, with Copious Notes Explanatory. By Satiricus 
Sculptor, Esq. [W. H. Ireland.] Frontispiece. %vo, half 
morocco. ' London, 1814 

" Written by W. H. Ireland from information moatly furnished by T. Coram." 

- — Luw&ies. 
At pages 57, BD, and 102, allusions sre made to Ireland in a manner that seema 
to render bis authorship doubtful, but they may have been inserted to avert 
The note (p) on page 57, especially the closing quotation, i a what 

""■"■■■' ■'■' f " " ■''"- "Confessions" arc in the tone of one 

penitence for his frauds. 

> IRELAND, William Henry. Memoirs op Henry the 
Great, and of the Court of France during his Reign. 
Frontispiece (Henry the Great in armor) "from the very rare 

)y GoogIe 


print by Gaultier," and plates of music. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf, 
extra. ' London, 1824 

10'Jti ICELAND, "William Henry. Memoirs oh- Jeanne 
d'Aec, sornamed la Pucelle d'Orleans ; with the History' 
of her Times. Portrait on India paper, colored frontispieces. 
etc. 2 vols., royal 8 >,<<>. cloth, rough edges ; with auioi/roph of 
Edward. I), luyraham, newspaper cuttings and manuscript 
notes. JjAJIg::. pai'e.k: only 50 copies printed. 

R. Triphook, London, 1824 

Tl-is ivrirk w;]s,:o:i(.T;ii.'i.LiV.)m ordinal MSS. in -lie :iii-nrii's ufl'aris. etc., but 
liriiK-riiul'.y irr. :i i oii» n.ijtairiing » "Diary of the Siegu of Orleans,' : r . r .:«-rvc<i 
(in Ihi! ■' tiiwr-house ") at that city. 

1627 IRVING, Washington. The Works op. New Edition, 
revised. Portraits and other fine enyravinns. \(> rots., 12mo, 
green turkey morocco, extra, contents Utter, ./, oiii ed.oes. " Slin- 
ktside Edition." New York. 1 860 

Contests: Knickerbocker; Sketch-Bonk; OolumW, 3 vols.; lirmvljrii]™ 
Hall: Traveler; Asrc.rla; Cravnri M hi.'elhnv : Bonneville; tioldsmith- 
Mahomet, 2 vols.; C.rana<i;i: Aliiami.ra, Wolfert's Roost. 

1628 IRVING, Washington. Oliver Goldsmith; a Biogra- 
phy. With Illustrations. Square \2mo, half morocco. First- 
illustrated edition. New York. 1849 

1629 IRVING, Washington. Life of George Washington. 
Illustrated Edition. Engraved titles, portraits, and views. 
:> vols., imperial '81:0, morocco antique, cjilt edges. 

New York, 1856-59 

1 630 IRVING, Washington. The Life and Letters of ; by 
his Nephew, Pierre M. Irving. The " National edition," -with 
4 portraits. 4 vols., 12wo, cloth. New York, 1862-64 

1631 IRVING, Washington. Spanish and other 
Miscellanies, hitherto Unpublished, or Uncollected. Ar- 
ranged and edited by Pierre M. Irving. Portrait from 
drawing by Wilkie. 2 vols., Vimo, cloth. 

New York, 1867 

1632 IRVINGIANA: a Memorial of Washington Irving. 
Three portraits {after Jarvis, Barley, and. Nmt-ton), and fac- 
simile, page of MS., all on India paper, ito, boards, uncut. 
Large paper : only 50 copies in this style ; whole edition 
110 copies. New York, 1860 

1633 IRWIN, Eyles. A Series of Adventures in the Course 
of a Voyage up the Red Sea, on the Coasts of Arabia 
and Egypt, and of a Route through the Deserts of Thebais, 
hitherto unknown to the European Traveller, in the Year 
M.DCC-LXXVH. In Letters to a Lady. Illustrated with 
Maps and Cuts, ito, old calf. London, 1780 

" Cliieily v;il;;;i!>l,' i'r ( r the information which his personal adventures neces- 
sarily give of the manners, etc., of the Arabians. : '— Zoioni/es. 

1634 ITALIAN Classics, etc. A Collection of. Ariosto, 6 
vols. Bernardo della Coscienza, 1 vol. Baretti Lettere, 1 
vol. Dante, 3 vols. Davila, 11 vols. Denina Revoluzio 

)y GoogIe 



dTtalia, 9 vols. D'Agnolo Pandolfini, 1 vol. Tragedie di 
Esehilo, 2 vols. Manzoni i Promo-si Sposi, 4 vols. Metas- 
tasis 15 vols. Monti Tragedie, 1 vol. Monti Poesie Liriche, 
1 vol. Novelle Scelte, 4 vols. Odissea di Omero. 3 vols. 
Iliade di Omero, 3 vols. Plutarco, ] 5 vols. Rime del 
Petrarca, 2 vols. Sofocle, 3 vols. Tasso, 3 vols. L'Eneide 
di Virgilio, 2 vols. Together, 90 vols., 18mo, half calf. 

G.Pomba, Torino, 1S28-SO 

1635 ITALY; Classical, Historical, and Picturesque. Il- 
lustrated in a Series of Views from Drawings by Stanfield, 
Roberts, Harding, Front Lcitcli, Krockcden, Barnard, etc.; 
with Descriptions of tlic Scenes. Preceded by an Intro- 
ductory Essay, on the Recent History and Present Condi- 
tion of Italy and the Italians ; by Camillo Mafei, D. D., etc. 
Imperial Mo, morocco, antique, gill edges. 

Glasgow, 1850 

1686 IVES, Joseph C. Report upon the Colorado River 

of the West j explored in 1857 imd 1858, by Lieutenant 

Joseph C. Ives, Corps of Topographical Engineers. Maps, 

plates, and wood-cuts ; the portraits colored. At.o, cloth. 

Washington, 1861 

1637 IVES, Levi Silliman. The Trials of a Mind jn its 
Fuogukss to Catholicism. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1855 

jff ACKSON, James, M. D. Letters to a Young 
; Physician just entering upon Practice. I2mo, 
' h. Boston, 1855 

I JACKSON,Jamf.s,M. D. Another Letter to a Young 
Physician; to which are appended some other Medical 
Papers. iimo, cloth. Boston, 1861 

1640 JACKSON, James Grey. An Account of the Empire 
of Marocco, and the District of Suse , compiled from 
Miscellaneous Observations made diivinn' a Lung Residence 
in, and Various Journies through, these Countries : to which 
is added, an Accurate and Interesting Account of Timbueloo, 
the great Emporium of Central Africa. Maps, and 11 plates 
after drawings by the. auUmr ; the serpirils colored. Printed 
for the. author by W. Bulmer § Co. 4to, half calf, neat, mar- 
bled edges. London, 1809 

1641 JACKSON, John; and William Andrew Chatto. A 
Treatise on Wood Engraving, Historical and Practical, 
with upwards of Three Hundred Illustrations engruved on 
Wood ; by John Jackson : the Historical Portion by W. A. 
Chatto. Second Edition ; will) a New Chapter on the ArLists 
of the Present Day, and 145 Additional Wood Engravings. 
Contains facsimiles from the works of Durer, Bewick, etc. 
Imperial Bvo, half green morocco, extra, gilt top, unttit. 

London, 1801 

)y GoogIe 


1642 JACOB, Sir Hildhrrand. The "Works of; containing 
Poems on Various Subjects, and Occasions : with the Fatal 
Constancy, a Tragedy; and Several Pieces in Prose. The 
Greatest Part never before publish'd. Sro, old mottled calf, 
gilt, red edges. Only 150 copies printed. 

W. Lewis, London, 1735 

Dedicated to " His Excellency Jamps Karl or Waldeerave, Ambassador Ex- 
traordinary an.l Plenipotentiary at t;ic Court o! Kranec, etc., etc., etc." 

1643 JACOB, William. An Historical Inquiry into tiib 
Production and Consumption op Precious Metals. 
2 vols., 8uo, cloth, uncut. J. Murray, Loudon, 1831 

1644 JAMES, Henry. The Nature of Evil; considered in a 
Letter to tlie Rev. Ed ward Beecher, D. D. Author of " The 
Conflict of Ages." 1 2mo, cloth. New York, 1 855 

1645 JAMES, Henry. Substance and Shadow, or Moral its 

and Religion in their Relation to Life; an Essay upon the 
Physics of Creation. Grown Bvo, cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1863 

1646 JAMESON, Mrs. Anna. Social Life in Germany, illus- 
trated in the Acted Dramas of her lioya! Highness the Prin- 
cess Amelia of Saxony ; translated from the German, with 
an Introduction and Notes, explanatory of the German Lan- 
guage and Manners. By Mrs. Jameson. 2 vols., 1 2mo, half 
calf, extra. " London, 1840 

1647 JAMESON, Mrs. Anna. Memoirs of the Beauties of 
the Court of Charles the Second, with their Portraits, 
after Sir Peter Lely and other Eminent Painters ; illustrating 
the Diaries of Pepys, Evelyn. Clarendon, and other contem- 
porary Writers. Third Kdilion, enlarged. India proofs of 
thi?. 21 fine portraits. .Imperial Hvo, crimson, morori:o, extra, 

gilt edges. London, 1851 

The Portraits were re-cnjtiiivcd fur this edition. 

1648 JAMESON, Mrs. Anna. Sacred and Legendary Art. 
Second Edition, complete in One Volume; containing Leg- 
ends of the Angels and Archangels, the Evangelists, the 
Apostles, the Dociors of the Church, St. Mary .Magdalene, 
the Patron Saints, the .Marlyrs. the Early Bishops, the Her- 
mits, and the Warrior Saints of Christendom, as represented 
in the Fine Arts. With 1 7 etchings by the author, and numer- 
ous wood-oils. Square Bw, brown tvrlrg morocco, neat, gilt 
edges. Longmans & Co., London, 1850 

1649 JAMESON, Mrs. Anna. Legends of the Monastic 
Orders, as represented in the Fine Arts; forming the 
Second Series of Sacred utid Legendary Art. Second Edi- 
tion ; corrected, enlarged, and with Additional Illustrations. 

With 11 etchings by the author, and numerous wood-cuts. 
Square 8"r). brown, crushed morocco, neat, gilt over carmine 
edges, by Holloway. Longmans & Co., London, 1852 

)y GoogIe 



1650 JAMESON, Mrs. Anna. Legends of the Madonna, 
represented in the Fine Arts ; forming the Third Series of 
Sacred and Legendary Art. With 01 plates drawn on stone 
hy the author, and. numerous icood-ents. Square 8vo, brown 
crushed -morocco, neat, gilt, over carmine edges, by IMloway. 

Longmans & Co., London, 1852 

1651 JAMIESON, John, D. D. A Dictionary op the Scot- 
tish Language ; in which the Words are explained in their 
Different Senses, authorized by the Names of the Writers 
by whom they are used, or the Titles of the Works in which 
they occur, and derived from their Originals. Abridged from 
the Dictionary and Supplement, in Four Volumes Quarto, 
by John Johnstone. Portrait of Jamieson. Thick Svo, cloth, 
uncut. Edinburgh, 1846 

1652 JARDINE, Sir William. The Naturalist's Library. 
Abore 1,200 colored -plait's and 40 -portraits. 40 vols., post %uo, 
morocco, gilt, gilt edges. ' Edinburgh, (1833-44) 

T!iii ivorl; c Miicri.-i'S Ijirils (llvcili.!, An-niab 1 1 ■'! vols.), Tsisetts !7 vols.), 
Fishes (0 vols.); '•■■<■■>' vDliiiniiCTTiiiii^in- bi::woL' tl ;!'j:m.l 40 colored plates, 
with a memoir and portrait of some distinguished naturalist. 

1653 JAKVES, James Jackson. Art Studies: the "Old 
Masters" of Italy; Painting. Copper-plate Illustrations. 
J'rinted on toned paper. Royal b'i'o, cloth, uncut. India 
proofs of tub plates: onl'/ 50 copies printed. 

New York, 1861 

1654 JAY, John. The Life of ; with Selections from his Cor- 
respondence and Miscellaneous Tapers. By his Son, Wil- 
liam Jay. Portrait from a bust. '2 vols.. Hro, half 'eo,lf. neat. 

New York, 1833 

1655 JEFFERSON, Thomas. Memoir, Correspondence, 
and Miscellanies, from the Papers of. Edited by Thomas 
Jefferson Randolph. Portrait, and facsimile of the original 
drought, of the Declaration of Independence. 4 vols., 8vo, 
calf, extra, vutrbb-d edges, l/g i'awson and Nicholson. 

Charlottesville, 1829 

1656 JEFFERSON, Thomas. Politicoes et Phi- 
i.osophiqdes, Extraits des Memoires et de la Correspon- 
dance de Thomas Jcilerson ; piveedes d'un Essai sur les 
Principes de l'Eeole, Aiuoricaine et d'une Traduction de 
la Constitution des Elats-Unis, avee un Commentaire tire, 
pour la plus gran do partic, dc l'Ouvrage publie sur cette 
Constitution par William Rawle, LL. D. Par L.-P. Con- 
seil. 2 vols.. Svo. half morocco. Paulm, Paris, 1833 

1657 JEFFERSON, Thomas. A Manual of Parliamentary 
Practice, composed Originally for the Use of the Senate 
of the United States; by Thomas Jefferson. With Refer- 
ences to the Practice and Rules of the House of Represent- 
atives. The Whole brought down to the Practice of the 

)y GoogIe 



Present Time; to which are added the Rules and Orders, 
together with the Joint Rules, of Both Houses of Congress : 
anil accompanied with Copious Indices. 12mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1843 

1658 JEFFERTS, Thomas. A Collection of the Dresses 
op Different Nations, Antient and Modern, particularly 
Old English Dresses ; after the Designs of Holbein, "Van- 
dyke, Hollar, and others: with an Account of the Authori- 
ties, from which the Figures are taken ; and some short His- 
torical Remarks on the Subject. To which are added the 
Habits of the Principal Characters of the English Stage. 
Vi</neil.cs on the tith'S and -180 plates, in chiding two p/a'en (from 
Bouquet's " Account of the Kypeditiuii ur/innst the Ohio Indi- 
ans, in the Tear 1704 ") after West, engraved by Grignion 
and Canot. Letter-press, in French and English. 4 vols., Mo, 
half calf. T. Jefferys, London, 1757-72 

1659 JEFFREY, Francis. Contributions to the Edin- 
burgh Review. Second Edition. Index. 3 vols., %vo, 
polished calf gilt, marhk.d edges. London, 1846 

1660 JEFFRIES, David. A Tkkatise on Diamonds and 
Pearls, in which their Importance is considered, and Plain 
Rules are exhibited for ascertaining the Value of both ; also 
the True Method of Manufacturing Diamonds. The Fourth 
Edition, with Large Improvements. Plates and tables. V2mo, 
cloth, uncut. E. Lumley, London, s. a. 

1661 JENYNS, Soame. Tlte Works of; including Several 
Pieces never before published. To which are prefixed, 
Short Sketches of the History of the Author's Family, and 
also of his Life ; by Charles Nalson Cole, Esq. Portrait by 
J. Heath after Sir J. Reynolds. 4 vols., S-vo, marbled calf, 
/fit, yellow 'edges ; with trad nntegroph of S. H. L. 
N. Oilman. T. Cadell, London, 1790 

1662 JEPMSON, Robert. Roman Portraits, a Poem in 
Heroick Verse ; with Historical Remarks and Illustrations. 
Portrait of author, and heads from antique gems. etc. 4to, 
half calf, yellow edges. London, 1794 

1663 JERDAN, William. National Portrait Gallery, of 
Illustrious and Eminent Personages of the Nineteenth 
Century ; with Memoirs, by William Jordan, Esq.. F. S. A., 
etc. Dedicated, by Permission, to the King. Contains 184 
fine portraits. 5 vols., imperial. 8vo, green morocco, extra, gilt, 
edges. ' London. 1830-34 

1664 JERROLD, Douglas. Specimen's of Douglas Jeerold's 
Wit ; together with Selections, chiefly from his Contri- 
butions to Journals, intended to illustrate his Opinions. 
Arranged by his Son, Blanchard Jerrold. Post Hro, cloth. 

Boston, 1858 

)y GoogIe 


1665 JERROLD, Douglas. The Brownrigg Papers. Edited 
by Blanchard Jerrold. With a colored illustration by George 
Cruikshanh Crown Sro, doth, mv.ul. London, 1860 

1666 JESSE, Edward. A Summer's Day at Hampton Court; 
being a Descriptive Road-Book to the Palace, and a Guide 
to its Picture Gallery and Gardens. Wood-cuts. IQmo, 
boards. J. Murray, London, 1842 

1667 JESSE, John Heneage. George Selwyn and his 
Contemporaries ; with Memoirs and Notes. Many fine 
portraits. 4 vols., Svo. half calf, extra. London, 1843—44 

1668 JESSE, John Heneage. Memoirs of the Court of 
England ; from the Revolution, in 1688, to the Death of 
George the Second. Portraits. 3 vols.. Sen, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1843 

1669 JESSE, John Heneagb. Memoirs op the Pretenders, 
and their Adherents. Portraits and plates. 2 vols., royal 
8tw, cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

1070 JEWEL, John, Bishop op Salisbury. The Works op. 
Edited by Richard William Jelf, D.D. 8 vols., Svo, doth, 
uncut. University Press, Oxford, 1848 

1671 JEWSBURY, Maria Jane. Phantasmagoria, or Sketches 
of Life and Literature. 2 vols., past Bvo, half claret morocco, 
extra, gilt edges. Loudon, 1825 

Thi* worlt — her first — is iMi-atcd to Wnrihworlh, who. in syipnhin?; of the 
she. was, in the author's estimation, unrivaled." 

1672 JOBSON, Rev. Frederick James. America and Amer- 
ican Methodism. With Prefatory Letters by the Rev. 
Thomas B. Sargent. D. D., and the Rev. John Hannah, D. D. 
Illustrated from Original Sketches by the Author. Crown 
Svo, cloth, uncut New York (London), 1857 

1673 JOHNSON'S New Illustrated Family Atlas op the 
World ; with Physical Geography, and with Descriptions, 
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, including the latest 
Federal Census;, nrid the Existing Editions Denominations 
in the World. Text by Richard Swainson Fisher, M. D. 

J'],iqraved title, o/i'ire 1 00 large colored mops, plans, national 
emblems, coats of arms, etc., and numerous -wood-cuts in the 
text. Large folio, half morocco, side, marbled edges. 

New York, 1866 

1674 JOHNSON, James, M. D. Change of Air, or the Diary 
of a Philosopher in Pursuit of Health and Recreation ; 
illustrating the Beneficial Influence of Bodily Exercise, 
Change of Scene, Pure Atr, and Temporary Relaxation as 
Antidotes to the Wear and Tear of Education and Avoca- 
tion. Second Edition. 8vo, half blue calf extra. 

London, 1831 

)y GoogIe 


1675 JOHNSON, John. Typography, or the Printers' In- 
structor: including an Account of the Origin of Printing, 
with Biographical Notices of the Printers of England, from 
Caxton to the Close of the Sixteenth Century ; :i Series of 
Ancient and Modern Alphabets, and Doinesduy Characters; 
together with an Elucidation of Every Subject connected 
with the Art. Portraits of Caxton and the author, and the 
eiigrared liid-s, ait India paper ; numerous UTn/d-ca/s. including 
other portraits ; and ornamented borders. '2 vols.. Hvo, tree caff, 
gilt, gilt edges. Largest PArER. Elegant copy. 

London, 1824 

Vfrv ((!«- enpit:, i,f 'liis size (called " Hnxburgh Cepi'rs ") were printed. 

1676 JOHNSON, John. Another copy: the same ; with the 
portraits, borders, etc., as in the above. 2 vols., crown &vo, 
cloth, uncut. Largr paper. London, 1824 

This woik ivm printed in dirt:: t.\v.c.i ; ilie 'sinail j,a]hr rejiies ivtre printed 

1677 JOHNSON, Samuel. The Works op. (Including Pray- 
ers, Sermons, and Parliamentary Debates; with an Essay 
on his Life and Genius, etc.) Portrait, by Worthiugturt, on 
India paper. ^ I rah., royal &co, clo'h, rough edges. Vols. 

VJI. and VIII. sotneudtat water-stained. Largk PAPER : 
only 75 copies printed. 

Talbovs, Oxford, and Pickering, London, 1825 

One of the '■ Oxford Knuiish Classics." 

1678 JOHNSON, Samuel. A Dictionary of the English 
Language ; etc. With Numerous Corrections, and with the 
Addition of Several Thousand Words, etc. By th.e Rev. H, 
J. Todd, M. A., etc. Portrait. 3 vols., 4to, finely bound, 

ruuia, very neat, r/ilt edges. Second and best edition. 
London, 1827 

1679 JOHNSON, Samuel. Lives op the most Eminent 
English Poets, with Critical Observations on their Works. 
Wilh Notes, Corrective and Explanatory, by Peter Cunning- 
ham, F. S. A. 3 vols., %vo, calf, gilt, gilt edges. 

J. Murray, London, 1854 

1680 JOHNSONIANA; or, Supplement to Boswgll : being 
Anecdotes and Sayings of Dr. Johnson, collected by Piozzi, 
Hawkins, Tycrs, lloole. Steevens, Reynolds, Cumberland. 
Cradock. Seward, Murphy, Beattie, Miss Hawkins, Wind- 
ham, Nichols. Humphry, Hannah Moure, Parr, Mad. d'Ar- 
blay, Home, Barelli. Lady Knight, Northoote, Percy, Stock- 
dale, Parker, Rose, Green, Reed, Keiu'sley, Knowles, Smith, 
Warner, Kin";, Boothhy, Pepys. Carter, etc. Fine impres- 
sions of the 45 plates, an graved by Fin.dr.n. Striven, etc., after 
eminent artists, comprising portraits, rieirs. facsimiles, etc. 
4(o, boards, uncut. Large paper : bust edition. 

J. Murray, London, 1836 

This volume, ind'nded an A supp'ement to ali editions of Ttoswell, was edited 
by J W. Cioker, and contains selections from neatly a hundred different 




1681 JOHNSTON, Alexander Keith. Dictionary of Ge- 
ography, Descriptive;, Physical, Statistical, and Historical; 
forming a Complete General Gazetteer of the World. Thick 
8w, hair rnssia, neat, marbled edges. London, 1852 

1682 JOHNSTON, Charles. Chrysal, or the Adventures 
of a Guinea ; by an Adept A New Edition, to which is 
now prefixed a Sketch of the Author's Life. Colored plates. 
3 vols., 8m calf very neat. Large paper. 

London, 1821 

1683 JOHNSTON, Charles. Chrtsal, ob thk Adventures 
of a Guinea; wherein are exhibited Views of Several 
Striking Scenes, with Interesting Anecdotes of the most 
Noted Persons in Every Rank of Life, through whose Hands 
it has passed. By an Adept. Plates. 3 vols., 12mo, half 
blue calf, extra. London, 1822 

Same type as the above copy, but pi-infi;;] na a smaller paper. Tilt plates are 
no: LTjIo'iid, end aye. |im:i<;;i wii::i!Lil. the borders. 

1G84 JOHNSTON, David C. Outlines Illustrative op the 
Journal op F****** A*** K*****. [Frances Anne 
Kemble] ; drawn and etched by Mr. [Johnston]. Con- 
sist of eight humorous and satiriea.l illustrations with refer- 
ences to the. pages of the '■■ Journal " when: Ida: same may be in- 
serted. 12ww, boards ; v-ilh book-plate of Robert I'aimanno. 
D. C. Johnston, Boston, 1835 

1685 JOHNSTONE, William Grosart ; and Alexander 
Croall. The Nature-Printed British Sea-Weeds : 
a History, accompanied by Figures and Dissections, of the 
Alga; of the British Isles ; Nature- printed by Henry Brad- 
bury. Contains 207 beautiful colored platen "of the different 
varieties and numerous wood-cuts. 1 vols., rivo, 'half are'; ft mo- 
rocco, gilt tops, uncut. London, 1859-60 

1686 JONES, Owen; and Jules Goury. Views on the 
Nile, from Cairo to the Second Cataract, drawn on Stone 
by George Moore, from Sketches taken in 1832 and 1833 
by Owen Jones and the late Jules Goury ; with Historical 
Notices of the Monuments by Samuel Birch. Frontispiece, 
and. 80 large tinted plates. Imperial folio, half morocco. 

London, 1843 

1687 JONSON, Ben. The Works of: with Notes, Critical 
and Explanatory, and a biographical Memoir; by W. Gif- 
ford, Esq. Portrait by Filler. 9 vols., royal Hro. smooth crim- 
son, morocco, very neat, contents lettered, gilt edges, by Hollowag. 
Largi? paper: elegant copy; uniform 'with Maasing'er 
and Shirley. London, 1816 

"Best edition, by the ablest of modern commentators, through ' whose learned 

uroL (.-eocrou- liiljur- Old Uea's fi>r S o:te!) lvrwk-i oml,-.; cljime'.er are 
restored to the merited admiration and esteem of the world.' — J. P. Kem- 
bte." — Lowndes. 



1688 JONS ON, Ben. Another copy: the same; small paper. 
9 vols., 8vo, old p'.iiinhHa calf, marbled edges. 

London, 1816 

1689 JONSTON, Johann. Historic Naturalis : de In- 
sectis, Libri III. ; de Serpentibus et Draconibus, Libri II. ; 
de Quadrupetibus, Libri IV. ; de Piscibus et ('(■Lis, Libri 
V. ; de Avibus, Libri VI. ; Johannes Jonstonus, Med. Doc- 
tor, toncin oavit. Numerous platen. 4 vols., folio, vellum, 
extra, gilt edges ; with an old book-plate, and arms gilt on 
sides. Original edition. 

Francofizrti ad Mcenum, 1650-53 

1690 JORTIN, John, D. D. The Life op Erasmus. Fac- 
similes of handwriting ; portrait -wauling. 2 vols., ito, old 
calf; binding broken. 

London, 1758-60 

1691 JOSEPHUS. The Genuine Works op Flavius Jo- 
Bephus, the learned and authentic Jewish Historian, and 
celebrated Warrior. Translated from the Original Greek, 
according to Havercamp's Accurate Edition, with Copious 
Notes, and Proper Observations ; by William Whiston, 
A. m., etc. 3 vols.. 8wi, sheep, blue edges. 

Printed at Thomas & Andrews, Boston, 1809 

1692 JOSEPHUS. The Works op Josephos ; with a Life 
written by himself. Translated from the Original Greek, 
including Explanatory Notes and Observations, by William 
Whiston, a. m. With a Complete Index. Portrait. 4 vols., 
thiek \1mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859 

1693 JOSSELYN, John. New-England's Rarities, discov- 
ered in Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, and Plants of that 
Country; by John Josselyn, Gent. With an Introduction 
and Notes, by Edward Tuekerman, M. A. Facsimiles of 
the original cuts. Reprint of the London edition of 11)72. 
4/o. cloth, uncut. Onhj 75 copies in. this style. 

W. Veazie, Boston, 1865 

1694 JOSSELYN, John. An Account op Two Voyages to 
New E,vg land, made ditring the Years 1 638. 1 663 ; by John 
Josselyn, Gent. (With Chronological Observations of 
America from the Year of the World to the Year of Christ 
1673.) Pedigree of the Josselyn family. Reprint of the 
London editions of 1674-7.3. Ato. cloth, uncut. Only 75 
copies r in tiiis style. W. Veazie, liosum, 1865 

1695 J (J BE, le General Auguste, Baron de Laperellf,. Lb 
Temple de la GlOire, oh les Fastes Militaires de la 
France ;depuis le ttegue de Louis XIV. jusqu' a nos Jours. 
Engraved titles and :_is> lan;o plates. '2 vols., folio, half mo- 
rocco, rough edges. Vellum paper. Paris, (1819-20) 

This copy is complete, i. e., it contains all that was aver published. 

)y GoogIe 

z " iu CATALOGUE. 

1696 JUDITH, Esther, and other Poems; by a Lover of the 
Fine Arts. \Smo, marbled calf. Boston, 1820 

1697 JUNIUS. Junius: Stat Nomtnis Umbra. Tub piest 
authorized edition, printed under the. aw liar's inspection; 
with the table of contents and index added. Engraved titles. 2 
vols., 1 2mo, marbled calf, gilt, yellow c.thjes ; with ai-tonraph of 
Jno. flickering. 

Printed for Henry Sampson Woodfall, London, (1773) 

1698 JUNIUS. Junius: Stat Nominis Umbra. The elegant 
edition, printed by T. J.knsk.y, -with engraved titles and 16 
portraits. 2 vols., royal Bvo, dark blue morocco, neat, gilt 
edges. Large paper. London, 1797 

1699 JUNIUS. Junius ; including Letters by the same Writer, 
under other Signatures (now first collected). To which 
are added, his Confidential Correspondence with Mr. Wilkes, 
and his Private Letters addressed to Mr. H. S. Woodfall ; 
with a Preliminary Essay [bv J. Mason Good, M. D.l 
Notes, Fac-similes, etc. [Edited by George Woodfall] 3 
vols., 8vo, halfrussia. London, 1812 

1700 JUNKIN, George. D. D. Poi.iticai, Fallacies; an 
Examination of the False Assumptions, and Refutation of 
the Sophistical Reasonings, which have brought on this 
Civil War. Portrait. \2mo, cloth. NcwYork, 1863 

1701 JUSTINIAN I. Corpus Juris Civtlis quo Jus Uni- 
VEiisusi comprkhenditcr: Pandectis, ad 
Fhuentinuni Archetypnm expresses. Codiee, cum Optimis 
quibusque Kdirkmibiis collate: : cum Notis repetiuxj Quintum 
Prelection is Dionysii Gothofrcdi. J. C. Quibus inter Csetera 
Varise Lectiones, Lc^es Similes, Contrarkr-, Abrogala: : Ver- 
borum Leguuique Difficilium Interpretationes, S electa: Re- 
petitiones, Arguments, Compendia, atque Epitomse, Anni 
Singulis Codicis Legibus additi continentur. et 
lustitutiunum, Noveliarum Jusiiniani, Leonis, & Feudorum 
Epitomse, Kdictuin Perpetuum. Grsecse Leges & Con«ti- 
tntiones in Pandectis & Codiee. Leges XII. Tabid, suo 
Ordini restitute, eodem Auctore. Accesserunt Authenticse 
sen Novella: Constitntiones Graces, Jusfiniani, Leonis, Zc 
non is, Tiberii, Heraclii, & alioriim Imperatorum cum Latino 
Sermone collate, q use antea non prodierant. Item Caiiones 
Apostolorum, & Graece & Latine. Chronici Canones & 
Consulares usque ad Justiniani Mortem, nequ'id, quod In- 
curia non extitit, desideraretur. 2 vols., -royal folio, half calf. 
neat. A. Vitray, Lvitetise Parisjorum, 1628 

1702 JUVENAL. Sixteen Saty-rs, or a Survey of the Man- 
ners and Actions of Mankind; with Arguments, Alarginall 
Notes, and Annotations, clearing the Obscure Places, out of 
the History, Laives, and Ceremonies of the Romans. By 
Sir Robert Stapyl ton, Knight. Portrait of Stapylton by W. 

)y GoogIe 



Marshall, and frontispiece by T. Rawlins. Small $vo, calf. 
Fink clean copy. ' London, 1647 

1703 JUVENAL. Mokes Hominum: the Manners of Men, 
described in Sixteen Satyrs, by Juvenal ; as be is published 
in his most Authentick Copy, lately printed by Command of 
the King of France. Wbereunto is added the Invention of 
Seventeen Designes in Picture, with Arguments to the Sa- 
tyrs; as also Explanations to the Designes in English and 
Latino : together with a Large Comment, clearing the Author, 
in every place wherein he seemed Obscure, out of the Laws 
and Customes of the Romans, and the Latine and Greek 
Histories. By Sir Robert Stapylton, Knight. Published by 
Authority. Portrait of Stapylton by Lombart, and the 17 
plates by Hollar ; brilliant impressions. Royal folio, old 
calf. -Large paper: very fine copy. 

London, 1660 

1704 JUVENAL. The Satires op Juvknal, Persius, Sulpicia, 
and Lucilins; literally translated into English Prose, with 
Notes, Chronological Tables, Arguments, etc. By the Rev. 
Lewis Evans. To which is added, the Metrical Version of 
Juvenal and Persius; by the late William Gifford, Esq. 
Portrait of Jucerud i'r<>,n a bust. l2mo, cloth. 

New York, 1860 

1705 SS^3ANE,ElisiiaK., M.D. Arctic Explorations: the 
iUKs Second Gnnne.ll Expedition in Search of Sir John 
gStSw Franklin, 1853, '54, '55. Illustrated by upwards of 
Three Hundred Engravings, from Sketches by the Author ; 
the Steel Plates executed under the Superintendence of J. 
M. butler, the Wood Engravings by Van Ingcn & Snyder. 
2 vols., dark blue turkey morocco, very neat, gilt edges; with 
newspaper cuttings, etc. Philadelphia, 1856 

1706 KANE, Emsha K., M. D. Another copy: the same. 
Portraits, maps, and above 300 engravings on steel and wood. 
2 vols., Svo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1857 

1707 KAUFFMAN, C. H. The Dictionary of Merchandize. 
and Nomenclature in all Languages, for the Use of Count- 
ing Houses ; containing the History, Places of Growth, Cul- 
ture, Use, and Marks of Excellency of such Natural Produc- 
tions as form Articles of Commerce, with their Names in all 
European Languages. Second Edition. 8^0, half calf. 

London, 1805 

1708 KE ATE, George. An Account of the Pelew Islands, 
situated in the Western Part of the Pacific Ocean ; composed 
from the Journals and Communications of Captain Henry 
Wilson, and some of his Officers, who, in August 1783, were 
there shipwrecked in the Antelope, a Packet belonging to 
the Honourable East India Company. — A Supplement to 

)y GoogIe 



the Account of the Pelew Islands: compiled from the 
Journals of the Panther and the Endeavour, and from the 
Oral Communications of Captain Henry Wilson; by the 
Rev. John Pearce Hockin. Portraits, charts, and plates. 
Together in 1 vol., royal 4to, diamond rusda, very neat, mar- 
bled edges. Large paper: original edition. 

London, 1788-1803 

1709 KEIGHTLEY, Thomas. The Fairy Mythology, illus- 
trative of the Romance and Superstition of Various Coun- 
tries. Frontispiece by G. Gruikshanh. Post. fkv>, r/olh, uncut. 

London, 1850 

1710 KELLY, Michael. Reminiscences op ; including a 
Period of Nearly Half a Century. With Original Anec- 
dotes of many Distinguished Persons, Political, Literary, 
and Musical. Portrait* and plates of music, etc. 2 vols., 8vo, 
sprinkled calf, neat. Large type. 

London, 1826 

" A very amusing work, by far tlic best sulHilion to our theatrical history since 
Colley CiUher'a ' Ajicldjry.' It cendji: s cu-ioii- |:;irii, u! ; ,r., etc., relating not 
only to the British Stage, but to the Italian Opera," —Lowndes. 

1711 KELLY, Michael. Another copy: Second Edition. 

Portrait and eiif/i-wcd plates of music, etc. 2 vols, crown 
8vo, half morocco, c.clra, marbled edges. London, 1826 

This copy is printer! with smaller type than the abote. 

1712 KELLY, Walter Keating. Syria and the Holy 
Land, their Scenery and their People: being Incidents of 
History and Travel, from the Best and most Recent Au- 
thorities; including J. L. liurckhardt, Lord Lindsay, and 
Dr. Robinson. Contains 180 wood-cuts. 8vo, cloth, -uncut. 

London, s. a. 

1713 KELTY, Mary Anne. Reminiscences of Thought and 
Feeling ; by the Author of " Visiting my Relations." Fools- 
cap 8vo, cloth, uncut. W. Pickering, London, 1852 

1714 KELTY, Mary Anne. Visiting my Relations, and its 
Results ; a Series of Small Episodes in the Life of a Re- 
cluse. Foolscap &vo, cloth. 

W. Pickering, London, 1853 

1715 KELTY, Mary Anne. The Real and the Beau-Ideal; 
etc. Post Svo, cloth. Boston, 1861 

1716 KEMBLE, Frances Anne. Journal op a Residence 
on a Georgian Plantation in 1838-1839. V2mo, clod/. 

New York, 186IJ 

1717 KEMP, Edward. How to lay out a Small Garden ; 
intended as a Guide to Amateurs in Choosing, Forming, or 
Improving a Place (from a Quarter of an Acre to Thirty 
Acres in extent), with Reference to both Design and Exe- 
cution. 16mo, cloth. London, 1850 

)y GoogIe 



1718 KENNEDY, John Tendleton. Works: Swallow Barn, 
or a Sojourn in the Old Dominion; Horse- shoe Robinson, 
a Tale of the Tory Ascendency ; Rob of the Bowl, a Leg- 
end of St. Inin-oe's. Portrait and wood-cuts. S vols., Vinw, 
half calf, extra, marbled edges. Mew York, 1854-56 

1719 KENNEDY, Joseph C. G. Preliminary Report on 
tub Eighth Census; 1860. 8vo, cloth. 

"Washington, 1862 

1720 KENNEDY, Joseph C. G. Population op the United 
States in IftGO; compiled from the Original Returns of 
the Eighth Census. 4to, halfrussia. 

Washington, 1864 

1721 KERR, Robert. A General History and Collection 
Op Voyages and Travels, arranged in Systematic Order; 
forming a Complete History of the Origin ami Progress of 
Navigaiiot), Discovery, and Commerce, by Sea and Laud, 
from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. Illustrated 
with Maps and Charts. 18 vols., $vo, halfrussia. 

London, 1824 

The lost volume contains a catalogue of Voyages and Travels, with an 
Index, etc. 

1722 KIDDER, Rev. Daniel P.; and Rev. J. C. Fletcher. 
Brazil and the Brazilians, portrayed in Historical and 

Descriptive Sketches. Portrait of Dom Pedro 11,, maps, 
r-o/iirt'd oluie.s, and v:ood-cut.s. Thick Hvo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1857 

1723 KILIAN, Lucas and Wolfgang. Der Neapolitanis- 
ches Konig Leben und Bildncsz. Engraved title, 26 
portraits, and 7 other ph.iU'.s (genealogical tree*, etc.), big Lucas 
Kilian. 1624. — SKiiKMSsiJiosinM Saxonm Electorum, et 
quorundam Ducum Agnatorum, Genuine Effigies. En- 
graved title, 22 portraits, and 5 other plates, by Wolfgang 
Kilian, 1621. — Genealogia S erknissimor. BoiAitiiE 
Ducum, et quorundam Genuina; Effigies. Engraved tide, a 
plate, inserted, and !'■> portraits, hg Woh'oorig Kilian, 1620. 

Together in 1 vol., small folio, vellum. 

Augusts Vindelicorum, 1620-24 

Thcsfi two di'linjuii'ticd artist? were the progenitors of a line highly girled 
family, fourteen of whom were engravers. 

1724 KILLIGREW, Thomas. Comedies and Tragedies. 
Contains the two tragi -comedies '■ Clarici/la" and " the Pris- 
oners" but the portrait is winding. Small folio, half calf 

H. Herriugman, London, 1664 

1725 KING, Captain Phillip Parker, R. N. Narrative of 
a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts 
of Australia, performed between the Years 1818 and 
1822. With an Appendix containing Various Subjects 
relating to Hydrography and Natural History. Maps, charts, 



pla-'es, and wood-cuts. 2 vols., Sro, diamond rv.ssia, gilt, 
marbled edges. J. Murrnv, London, 1826 

1726 KINGLAKE, Alexander William. Eothen, or Traces 
of Travel brought Home from the East. Crown 8vo, calf, 
gilt edges. New York, 1845 

1727 KING LAKE, Alexander William. Another copy: 
New Edition. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1858 

1728 KINGLAKE, Alexander William. The Invasion of 
tub Chimea: its Origin, and an Account of its Progress, 
down to the Death of Lord Raglan. Plans, etc. 2 vols., 
8i>o. cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1863 

■■'1729 KINGSLEY, Rev. Charles. Alton Locke, Tailor and 
Pi>et; an Autobiography. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1850 

1730 KINGSLEY, Rev. Charles. Two Years Ago. 12mo, 
cloi/i. Boston, 1857 

1731 KINGSLEY.Rev. Charles. Hypatia, or New Foes with 
an Old Face. Eighth Edition. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1859 

1732 KINGSLEY, Hhnry. The Recollections of Geoffry 
Hami.yn. Vlmo, cloth. Boston, 1859 

1733 KINGSLEY, Henry. Ravenshoe. Fifth Edition. 12mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1862 

1734 KINGSTON, William H. G. Western Wanderings, 
or a Pleasure Tour in the Canada*. Wood-v.ts. 2 vols., 
crown 8eo, cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

1735 KINSLY, Rev. William Morgan. Portugal Illus- 
trated; in a Series of Letters. Second Edition. Engraved 
title, map, plates, <rn.d V.) vignettes, comprising views, music, 
coins, portraits, and costumes ; India i'immji'S of tin' title, and 
12 large plates and portraits, cngeac/d bg ./. wad, II'. Slcehon, 
and the 'J plates of cost'cme (4 figures on each) colored. Jm- 
period Svo. hoards, moroeco bark, vncut. London, 1829 

Twelve plates ivantin;*, oihirrivisB a fine copy. 

1736 KIRK, John Foster. History of Charles the Bold, 
Duke of Burgundv. Portraits, etc. Vols. 1. and II., royal 
8™. half morocco, gilt tops. Philadelphia, 1864 

1737 K1RKLAND, Mrs. Caroline M. Memoirs of Wash- 
Ington. With Illustrations.'.df calf, extra, marbled. 
edges. New York, 1857 

1738 K1TCIIINER, William, M. D. The Art of Invigorat- 
ing and Prolonging Life, by Food, Clothes, Air, Exer- 
cise, Wine, Sleep, etc. ; and Peptic Precepts, pointing out 
Allocable and Effectual Methods to Prevent and Relieve 
Indigestion, and to Rcgnlitte and Strengthen the Action of 
the Stomach and Bowels. To which is udded. the Pleasure 
of Mnking a Will. New Edition. Foolscap Svo, boards, 
rough edges. London, 1824 

1739 KLAPROTH, Heinrich Julius von. Travels in the 
Caucasus anij Georgia, performed in the Years 1807 and 

)y GoogIe 


1808, by Command of the Russian Government. Translated 

from the German by F. Shoberl. ito, half morocco, uncut. 

London, 1814 

1740 KLAUER-KLATTOWSKI, Wilhelm. Popular Songs 
op the Germans ; with a Translation of all Unusual Words, 
and Difficult Passages, and Explanatory Notes. 12/no, cloth, 
uncut. ~ London, 1836 

1741 KLOPSTOCK, Frtedrich Gottlieb. The Messiah ; 
descriptive of the Principal Events attending the Passion. 
Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension or Our Lord and 
Saviour Jesus Christ. From the German, to which are pre- 
fixed Memoirs of the Life of the Author. Plates. 2 vols., 
Svo, ha/frussia, extra. R, Evans, London, (1815?) 

1742 KNAPP, Andrew; and William Baldwin. The New 
Newgate Calendar; being Interesting Memoirs of No- 
torious Characters, who have been convicted of Outrages on 
the Laws of England, during the Seventeenth [Eighteenth, 
1700-1812] Century, brought down to the Present Time, 
Chronologically arranged: comprising Traitors, Murderers,, 
Incendiaries. Ravishors, Piratos, Mutineers, Coiners, High- 
waymen, Footpads, Housebreakers, Rioters, Extortioners, 
Sharpers, Forgers, Pickpockets, Fraudulent Bankrupts, 
Money- Droppers, Imposters, and Thieves of Every Descrip- 
tion. Containing also a Number of Interesting Cases never 
before published; with Occasional Original Anecdotes, the 
Speeches, Confessions, and Last Exclamations; to which is 
added, a Correct Account of the Various .Modes of Punish- 
ment of Criminals in Different Parts of the World. Numer- 
ous portraits and plates. 5 volt., Bva, boards, rough edges. 

London, s. a. 

1743 KNAPP, Samuel Lorenzo. A Memoir of the Life of 
Daniel Webster.. Portrait. 12mo, boards. 

Boston, 1831 

1744 KNICKERBOCKER (The), or New York Monthly 
Magazine. January, 1&33- December, 1862. 60 vols., 8vo, 
half morocco. Complete from commencement to 1862. 

New York, 1833-62 

The early numbers are difficult to find. 

1745 KNrGGE, A. F. F. L., Baron de. Practical Philoso- 
phy, or Social Life : or, the Art of Conversing with Men : 
after the German, by P. Will. First American Edition. 
Svo, sheep. Lansingbtirgh, 1805 

1746 KNIGHT, Charles. William Shakspere ; a Biogra- 
phy. Numerous wood-cuts. Royal tivo, crushed morocco, ex- 
tra, gilt over marbled edges, by Riviere. 

C Knight, London, 1843 

)y GoogIe 


1747 KNIGHT, Charles. London. Edited by Charles 
Knight. Several hundred wood-cuts. 6 vols, in 3, thick im- 
perial Svo, half calf, extra, marbled edges. 

London, 1851 

1748 KNIGHT, Charles. Cyclopedia op tiie Industry of 
all Nations. Numerous wood-cuts. Thick 12mo, half mo- 
rocco, neat. C. Kninht, London, 1851 

1749 KNIGHT, The Land we Live in ; a Pic- 
torial and Literary Sketch-Book of the British Empire. 
[Conducted by Charles Knight, Author of many of the Arti- 
cles.] Frontispieces and many hundred wood-cuts and litho- 
graphs. 4 voh. in :i, imperial 6vu, cloth, uncut. 

C. Knight, London, s. a. 

1750 KNIGHT, Charles. The Old Print bk and thr Mod- 
ern Press. Foolscap Svo, cloth, uncut. 

J. Murray, London, 1854 

1751 KNIGHT, Charles. Half-Hours with the Best Au- 
thors; with Biographical and Critical Notices. With 52 
Illustrations by William Harvey. Portraits aud wood-cuts. 
2 vols., 'hick post Svo, half calf, extra, marbled edges. 

London, 1855 

1752 KNIGHT, Charles. Half-Hours with the Best Let- 
ter-Writers and Autobiographies ; forming a Collec- 
tion of Memoirs and Anecdotes of Eminent Persons. Post 
Svo, cloth. London, 1867 

1753 KNIGHT, Charles. The English Cyclopaedia, a New 
Dictionary of Universal Knowledge; conducted by Charles 
Knight. Biography. 6 vols., 4to, cloth. 

London, 1856-58 

1754 KNIGHT, Frederick. Gems, or Device Book. " 
ond Edition. Engraved title and 70 plates, containing nearly 
400 beautiful and humorous little designs, by 0. Vining, Cip- 
riani, A. Cooper, andothers ; comprising statues mid portraits, 
animals mid insects, alphabets and monograms, heraldic devices, 
rebuses, mottoes, grotesques, etc., etc. Xro, half morocco ; back 
loose and 15 plates wanting. London, 

1755 KNIGHT, Samuel, D. D. The Life of Dr. John Colet, 
Dean of St. Paul's in the Reigns of K. Henry VII. and K. 
Henry VIII. and Founder of .St. Paul's School j with an 
Appendix, containing some Account of the Masters and 
more Eminent Scholars of that Foundation, and several 
Original Papers relating to the said Life. A New Edition. 
Portraits and plates. Royal Svo, crown turkey morocco, neat, 
gilt edges. Large paper. 

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1823 

1756 KNIGHT, Thomas Andrew. A Selection from the 
Physiological and Horticultural Papers, published 
in the Transactions of the Koyal and Horticultural Societies : 

)y GoogIe 


to which is prefixed, a Sketch of his Life. Portrait on India 
paper, and 6 folded plates. Royal 8vo, half morocco. 

1757 KNOWLES, James Sheridan. The Dramatic Works 
OP. Portrait by Finden. 2 vols., post Svo, cloth, uncut. 

i-*n mtrtv London, 1856 

woo KJNOX, Eobekt. An Historical Relation op the 
Island Ceylon, in the East Indies ; together with an Ac- 
count of the Detaining in Captivity the Author and Divers 
other Englishmen now living there, and of the Author's 
Miraculous Escape. Illustrated with Figures, ana a Map 
of the Island. By Robert Knox, a Captive there near 
Twenty Years. Portrait wanting. Small folio, old calf. 

London, 1681 

"This work, though published ao long ago, still retains its character, as the 
iulleataud most interesting accountoftho inhabitants of Ceylon." —Lown*a. 

1759 KNOX, Vicesimus, D. D. Essays, Moral and Literary. 
8 vols., 8vo, old sprinkled calf, gilt. 

compiled, by Special Command of the Emperor Alexander 
II., by his Imperial Majesty's Secretary of State, Baron M. 
Korff, and translated from the Original Russian. Third 
Impression {now first published). 8w, cloth, uncut. 

J. Murray, London, 1857 

1761 KRAUSSEN, Johann Ulrich. Historisciier Bilder 
Bibel. [A History of the Bible represented in finely en- 
graved Plates, with Explanations in German Verse.] Con- 
tains 136 plates, numbered (two numbered 6<>). besides engraved 
titles, frontispieces, etc. 6 parts in one vol., folio, old calf. 

Augsburg, 170.") 

1762 KUGLER, Franz Theodor. Tub Pictorial History 
op Germany, during the Reign of Frederick the Great; 
comprehending a Complete History of the Silesian Cam- 
paigns, and the Seven Years' War. Fine portrait of Freder- 
ick the Great, and 500 wood-cuts after designs by A. Menzel. 
Royal 8vo, half morocco. ' London, 1845 

1763 j|«MKABICHE, E. M. ; and, A. C. Lartique. Les Pe- 

7 1 "' 1 Oiseaux, Comedie en Trois Actes. "With 

''J-^Ji English Notes, by Ferdinand BScher. l2mo,paper. 

Boston, 1864 

1764 LABORDE, Alexandre Louis Joseph, Comte de. Voy- 
age Pittoresque en Adtrichk, par le C ta Alexandre de 
Laborde. {Precis Historique de la Guerre entre la France 
et 1'Autriche en 1809. Contains 160 plates, of plans, maps, 
views, etc. 3 vols., royal folio, boards, morocco backs, uncut. 

Paris, 1821-22 

)y GoogIe 


1765 LABORDE, Alexandre Louis Joseph, Comte he. 
Veksaili.f.8 Ancien et Moderns. Several hundred wood- 
cuts, many on India paper. Imperial Hto, half morocco, very 
neat, marbled edges. Paris 1841 

1766 LABORDE, Leon Emanuel Simon Joseph, Comte de, 
Notice des Emaux, Bijoux, i.t Ob jets Divers, exposes 
dans les Galaries do. Musee du Louvre ; I re Partie ; Histoire 
et Descriptions. Y2rno, paper. Paris, 1853 

1767 LABOULAYE, Edouard Rene Lefisbvre de. The 
United States and France. Translated for the Boston 
Advertiser. 8vo f gp. 14. Boston, 1862 

1768 LABOULAYE, Eoocard Rene Lekeuvre de. Paris 
in America. Translated by Mary L. Booth. 12mo. doth. 

New York, lbfij-i 

1769 LA BRUYERE, Jean de. An Account or the Life 
and Writings of. (By M. Coste. Made English by Mr. 

Ozell The Moral Characters of Theorhrastus, 

made English from the Greek; with a Prefatory Discourse 
concerning Theophrastus, from the French. — Speech upon 
his Admission into the French Academy, June the 15th, 
1693; now first made English by Mr. Ozell. — Of the 
Manner of Living with Great Men; written after the 
Method of Monsieur do la Bruyere, by N. Rowe.Esq. One 
volume of the sixth edition of the " Works of;" title wanting. 
Svo, old calf. London, 1713 

1770 LA CALPRENEDE, Gautier de Costes, Sieur de. 
Hymen's Pr.ei.udia, or Love's Master-Piece; being 
that so-much-ad mired Romance intituled Cleopatra. In 
Twelve Parts. "Written Originally in the French [by La 
CalprenkleJ. and now Elegantly rendered into English bv 
Robert Lnveday. Folio, old calf. London, 1 687 

1771 LACK1NGTON, James. Memoirs of the Forty-five 
First Years of the Life of James Lackington ; written 
by himself. With a Tripple Dedication : I. To the Public ; 
2. To Respectable, 3. To Sordid, Booksellers. Inter- 
spersed with many Original Humorous Stories, and Droll 
Anecdotes, to which is also added, an Index. Portrait. 
Umo, boards. London, 1794 

1772 LACKLAND, Thomas. Homespun, or Five and Twenty 
Years Ago. Post $i:o, cloth. New York, 1867 

1773 LACY, John. Wyl Buck e, his Testament: the Lega- 
cies palatably prepared for the Legatees. Reprinted from 
the edition of IV. Cop/and; with an Introduction, by Joseph 
Hash-wood, and plates. Square foolscap Svo, dark blue calf, gilt, 
marbled edges. Privately printed: only 40 copies. 

Chiswick Press, 1827 

Tbi * *?PJ >s "No. IS of 40;" see Hssle wood's autograph on the reverse of 

)y GoogIe 



1774 LAFAYETTE, Gilbert Motier, Marquis de. Me- 
moirs, Correspondence, and Manuscripts op; Pub- 
lished by his Family. 3 vols., 8w, half morocco ; portrait 
wanting. London, 1837 

1775 LAF1TAU, Joseph Francois. Motors vks Sauvages 
Ameriquains, comparers aux Mccurs des Primiers Temps; 
par le P. Lafitau, de la Compagnie de Jesus. Frontispiece by 
Scotin and numerous plates. 2 vols., 4to, old mottled calf, 
red edges. "* Paris, 1724 

1776 LA F'ONTAINE, Jean de. Contes et Nouvelles en 
Vers. Nouvelle Edition, eorrigee, augmentee, & enrichie 
de Tailles-Douees, dessinees par Mr. Rumain de Hooge. 2 
vols, in \, small Hra. old ealf, gilt. Amsterdam, 1721 

1777 LA FONTAINE, Jean de. Contes et Nouvelles kn 
Vers. Portrait by P. Safari after B. Rlgaud, vignettes, and 
the 80 celebrated pities by Finer/, pkoofs before thu letters, 
as issued for the edition of Ulii. i vols., past Seo, mottled 
calf, gilt, marbled edges. Plates OF the Farmek Genf.uai. 
Edition: fine cory. Amsterdam, 1764 

line copies, willi (lie ;. bill's in the v.w-: si ate. are seldom "lot with. 

1778 LA FONTAINE, Jean db. Contes et Nouvelles en 

Verse. Frontispiece, a.ud pint's printed in the text. 

Amsterdam, 1776 

1779 LA FONTAINE, Jean de. Fables Ciioisies, mises 
en Vers. Fine impressions of the 246 plates by Bertin, 
Alard, Crescent, and others. 4 vols., Hro, old marbled,, gilt 
edges. Bouillon, 1770 

1780 LA FONTAINE, Jean de. Les Amours de Psyche et 
de Cupidon. Edition ornee (le Figures iniptimees en Cou- 
leiirs, d'apres les Tableaux de M. Sehall. Imperial \to, half 
calf extra, rough edges. LARGE VELLUM PAPER. Paris, 1791 

All the illustrated editions of La Fontaine issued in the last century are bo- 
coming scarce, espeHal y t:;n=.e with li-t ijiasrs in line condition. 

1781 LA FONTAINE, Jean de. Fables of; illustrated by 
J. J. Grandville. Translated from the French, by Elizur 
Wright, Jr. 2 vols., Svo, cloth. Boston, 1841 

1782 LAING, Malcolm. The History of Scotland; from 
the Union of the Crowns on the Accession of James VI. to 
the Throne of England, to the Union of the Kingdoms in 
the Reign of Queen Anne. With Two Dissertations, on the 
Gowrie Conspiracy, and on the supposed Authenticity of 
(Nsi;i:i\ Poems. 1 vols., Sew, old calf First edition. 

London, 1800 

1783 LAIRESSE, Gekard de. The Art of Painting in all 
its Branches, methodically demonstrated by Discourses and 
Plates, and exemplified by Remarks on the Paintings of the" 
Best Musters, and their Perfections and Oversights laid 
open. Translated by John Frederick Fritsch. \to, half coif. 

London, 1778 

)y GoogIe 


1784 LAIRESSE, Gerard de. A Treatise on the Aet of 
Painting in all its Branches, accompanied by Seventy 
engraved Plates, and exemplified by Remarks on the Paint- 
ings of tbe Best Masters, illustrating the Subject by Refer- 
ence to their Beauties and Imperfections ; Revised, cor- 
rected, and accompanied with an Essay, by W. M. Craig. 
2 vols., ilo, morocco, extra, gilt edges. London, 1817 

1785 LAMARTINE, A. M. Louis Peat de. Memoirs of Cel- 
ebrated Characters. New Edition. Portrait of Nelson. 
Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, I860 

1786 LAMB, Chaeles. The Works of. (With a Sketch of 
his Life, by Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd.) A New Edition. 
Portrait by W. Finden. 4 voh., foolscap Svo, tree calf. gilt. 
marbled edges, by Riviere. E. Moxon, London, i Soo 

1787 LAMB, Charles. The Poetical Woeks of. Elegantly 
illustrated. Portrait and i fine vignette plates, limn, dot/,. 
gilt edges. Philadelphia, 1858 

1788 LAMB, Roger. An Oeiginal and Authentic Jocbnal 
of Occurrences dueing the late American War; 
from its Commencement to the Year 1783. By R. Lamb, 
late Sergeant in the late Royal Welch Fuzileers. 8vo, half 
morocco, neat, gilt top. ' Dublin, 1809 

1789 LANDAIS, Napoleon. Dictionnaire Gknebal et Gram- 
matical des Diction sAmus Francais ; Ex trait et Com- 
plement de tous les Dictinnnaires Anciens et Modernes les 
plus eylebres. Septieme Edition, revue et corrigee. 2 vols., 
ito, half calf. Paris, 1843 

1790 LANDON, L.etitia Elizabeth. Poetical Woeks of. 
}\~ood.-c->rts on '2 vols., postSvo, calf extra, imirbtcti i-ilt/es. 

London, 1853 

1791 LANDSEER, Thomas. Chaeacteeistic Sketches of 
Animals, principally from the Zoological Gardens. Regent's 
Park ; drawn from the Life and engraved by Thomas Land- 
seer : with Descriptive and Illustrative Notices by John H, 
Barrow, Esq. Engraved title and Ccifiit.e plates and vignettes. 
Royal ito, half morocco, uncut. London, 1832 

1792 LANGDON, William B. "Ten Thousand Chinese 
Things." A Descriptive Catalogue of the Chinese Collec- 
tion, at St. George's Place, London ; with Condensed Ac- 
counts of the Genius, Government, History, Literature, 
Agriculture, Arts, Trade, Manners, Customs, and Social 
Life of the People of the Celestial Empire. Wood-cuts. Sivi. 
cloth. (London), 1843 

1793 LANMAN, Charles. Dictionary of the United 
States Conokess, compiled as a Manual of Reference for 
the Legislator and Statesman. Third Edition, revised and 
brought down to July 28, 1S66. 8vo, cloth. 

Washington, 18C6 

)y GoogIe 



1734 LANQUETTE, Thomas. [An Epitome op Chronicles.] 
Cooper's Chronicle ; contenynge the Whole Discourse of 
the Histories, as well of thys Realrne as all other Countreis, 
with the Succession of thejr Kynges, the Tyme of theyr Raign, 
and what Notable Actes were done by the : newely enlarged 
and augmented, as well in the First l'arte wyth divers 
Profitable Histories, as in the Latter Ende wyth the Whole 
Sum me of those Thynges that 1'autus Jovius and Sleigdane 
bath written of Late Yers ; that is now lately oversene and 
with Great Dllligence corrected and augmented, unto the VII. 
Yere of the Raigne of our most Gracious Quene Elizabeth, 
that nowe is. Anno h'i'i.'i, ijte Ku-bI. D;iy of Auguste. Title 
and " admonition," 1 leaf; preface {'' To the ryght honorable 
horde li'ussell Earle of Bedforde" etc.), 2 leaves ; table (slightly 
ifit/icrf'-ct) and •' (h' the ate and profile of h ivories," etc-), 27 
leaves ; " Lmiqitelle'.-t ('urniiivk'." etc., leaves l—'j7(i (/t umbered), 
folloiced 1)7/8 leaves (unnumbered) and a page of errata. Small 
ito, old calf, red edges. Slack letter : fine copy. 

(London, ];.6;j) 

Although Lanqnette's name does not appear on the title of lliis edition, the 

hi'ilili[ir; Ol' Willi '.■■■■!'.'. ill .-I LllllJN.--lil.lH ll.l' ' ■. : L . i 1 1 H- . ii " [.llti,; 1| J | ( I.:' ~ I Hl'im- 

:.■.-, ,„. t .„ .J i, ,,. J,-,, Coopoc ._._: 

undred faultes and errourB I can Nut thiirci'ur d<v ether- 

ivysc nut {.'feat Lye iilnmii t::cyr iiiihrmciil (ii'aWrigi; anil o'uiili <• protest that 
t.iu: Kilicicn ill' this t'li:niiiili; v.: i'osth by Margie and Cere; in the Yerc of 
Christ li'i-vl) is none of myne, but the attempt of certayni; ;htsoih;s uittrlyt 

S™ averse of leaf 253, Anno 14.52, — " One named .Joharmrs r/anstins 
first f.nmd I lie. (Tiii'tii uf ;irii::iri;.; in the cilv nl' 11f:i; in (Jcrmnri in : " also, 
reverse of leaf 270, Anno li»2, — " Ctrlaiii nnw ilande.- «cr found in (he 
Ocean sea iind. by Aincrinus T«»;jiii;iiLS, & sifter :iy Chri:i: L :,-li!)nis Onlum- 

1795 LANSDOWNE, George Granville, Viscount. Poems; 
upon Several Occasions. The Fourth Edition. V2mo, coif. 

J. Tonson, London, 1726 

1796 LAPORTE, Count de. A French Grammar. Bvo, 
sheep. Boston, 1844 

1797 LARCOM, Lucy. Breathings of the Better Life. 
Square foolscap 8vo, cloth, gilt top. Boston, 1867 

1798 LARDNER, Nathaniel, D. D. The Works of. With 
a Life by Dr. Kippis. 10 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Loudon, 1831 

1799 LA ROCHEFOUCAULD, Francois, Due de. Maximes 
de. 18mo, paper. Paris, s. a, 

de. Travels tilkoi:gh the United States of North 
America, the Country of the Iroquois, and Upper Canada, 
in the Years 1795, 1796, and 1797 ; with an Authentic Ac- 
count of Lower Canada. [Translated by H. Newman.] 2 
vols., ito, old, marbled calf, neat, with autograph of Cutkbert 
CoUingwQod, London, 1799 



1801 LARWOOD, Jacob; and John C.IIotten. The History 
of Signboards, from the Earliest Times to the Present 
Dity. With One Hundred Illustrations in Fac-simile. 
t'rotiiifpiece. 'Thick crown 8bo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1866 

1802 LAS CASKS, Emmanuel Augustin D. M. J., Marquis 
de. Memorial dp, Sainte Hei.ene : Journal of the Private 
Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon, at Saint 
Helena. Maps and plates. 4 vols., Hvo, half calf ', neat. 

London, 1823 

1803 LATHEOP, Joseph, D. D. Sermons delivered on Va- 
rious Occasions. Svo, sheep. 

I. Thomas, Boston, 1812 

1804 LAUD, William. The History of tut: Troubles and 
Tryal of William Laud, Lord Arch-Bishop of Canter- 
bury; wrote by himself, during his Imprisonment in the 
Tower. To which is prefixed the Diary of his own Life, 
faithfully and entirely published from the Original Copy; 
and subjoined, a Supplement to the Preceding History, the 
Arch-Bishop's Last Will, his Large Answer to die Lord 
Say's Speech concerning Liturgies, his Annual Accounts of 
his Province delivered to the King, and some other Things 
relating to the History. [Edited by the Rev. Henry Whar- 
ton.] Portrait. Folio, old calf. London, 1 695 

See " Ketrospectivo Review," VII., pp. 49-63. 

1805 LAVATER, Johann Caspar Christian. Essays on 
Physiognomy, designed to promote the Knowledge and the 
Love of Mankind ; illustrated by more than Eight Hundred 
Engravings accurately copied, and some Duplicates added 
from Originals, executed by, or under the Inspection of 
Thomas Holloway. Translated from the French by Henry 
Hunter, D. D., etc. 5 vols., imperial Ato, half caff, rough 
edges. J. Murray, and .). Slockdale, London, 1789, etc. 

This appears to bn Stockdale's clitioti, altlioLiffh (his impressions of the plates 
(eneravei.1 Ijy Holloway, Bartolozii, lilakc, c'.c.i arc ^nuii, mill sumo of tins 
titles bear imprint of Murray. 

1806 LAW (The) and Practice of the Game of Euchre. 
12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, (1862) 

1807 LAWS Relating to the Direct and Excise Taxes, 
passed during the First and Second Sessions of the Thirty- 
seventh Congress. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1862 

1808 LAYAUD. Austkn Henry. TnE Monuments of Nine- 
veh, from Drawings made on the Spot ; First series : 100 
plates comprisin;/ sculptures, bas-relu fn, '-i.e., found at Nineveh, 
etc. Secono series : 7U plates c.omprishi'j sculptures, bas- 
reliefs, bronzes, etc., including the. discoveries at. ike palace of 
Sennacherib and the ruins of Ni.mriYu.'l dv.rinij the second ex- 
pedition to Assyria. Together 170 plates, with descriptive 

)y GoogIe 


in two 
J. Murray, London, 1838 

There should be 71 plates in the second series, but plate So. 1 is wanting, 
otherwise it is a fine and perfect set. 

1809 LEAKE, Isaac Q. Memoir of the Life and Times of 
General John Lamb, an Officer of the Revolution who 
commanded the Post at West Point at the Time of Arnold's 
Defection ; and his Correspondence with Wellington, Clin- 
ton, Patrick Henry, and other Distinguished Men of his 
Time. Portrait and plans. 8vo, half morocco. 

J. Munsell, Albany, 1850 

1810 LEAKE, William Martin. The Topography of Ath- 
ens, with some Remarks on its Antiquities, Frontispiece. 
8*.'o, half calf, extra, marbhd edges. The volume of map h and 
plates wanting. J. Murray, London, 1821 

1811 LEAR, Edward. Illustrated Excursions in Italy. 
Contains L'-i tinted platen of views, and numerous wood-cut 
vignettes to illustrate costume, etc., drawn- and litho/jraphrd. by 
E. Lear; with descriptive tetter-press. Imperial \Hi, cloth. 

London, I84fi 

1812 LEBLANC, - — - Le Mecanicien Constructecr. 

ou Atlas et Description des Organes des Machines. CEuvre 
Posthume tie Leblanc, Professeur et Conscrvateur des Col- 
lections an Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers, etc. Ouvrage 
a 1'Usage des Ecoles d'Arts et Metiers, et formant le Com- 
plement tin Clioix de Modules appHqnes ;i. I'EnseigiiciJlcnt dn 
Dessin des Machines. Deuxieme Edition, revue, corrigee et 
angmentee, par 31. Felix Tir.irueux. Contains 25 plates 
with 277 figures, and scales. Imperial Ato, half morocco. 

Liege. 1845 

1813 LE BLANC, H. The Art op Tying the Cravat, demon- 
strated in Sixteen Lessons, including Thiriy-lwo Different 
Styles; preceded by a History of the Cravat, from its Ori- 
gin to the Present Time, and Remarks on its Influence on 
Society in General. With iplales. lSnio, pp. 72. beards. 

Philadelphia, 1828 

1814 LECKY, W. E. H. History of the Rise and Influ- 
ence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe. 2 vols., 
&vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1866 

1815 LEE, Nathaniel. The Works of. 3 vols., 12mo, old 
calf ; with book-plate of Edward D. Ingraliam, and auto- 
graphs. London, 1722 

1816 LEE, Richard Henry. Memoir of the Life of, and his 
Correspondence wil.ii the most Distinguished Men in Amer- 
ica and Europe, illustrative of their Characters, and of the 
Events of the American Revolution; by his Grandson, 
Richard H. Lee. Portrait. 2 vols, in 1. hco, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1825 

)y GoogIe 



1817 LEE, Rev. Samuel. Eschatology, or the Scriptural 
Doctrine of the Coming of the Lord, the Judgment, and the 
Resurrection. 12mo, chili. Boston, 1859 

1818 LEE, Sophia, and Harriet. Canterbury Tales. &voh., 
12»io, cloth. New York, 1857 

1819 LEFEBVRE-DURUFLE, J. N. Excursion sur leb 
Cotes et dans les Poets de Normandte. Contains 40 
beautiful aqualirit< i. tntp-aviiit/s, after liarung'.on, 
sen., Copley Fielding, etc. ; India proofs before tub let- 
ters. Atlas folio, half morocco. Large paper. 

J. F. Ostervald, Paris, (1823-25) 

1820 LE FEVRE, Raoul. The Destruction of Trot; in 
Three Books. The I. Shewing the Founders and Foun- 
dation of the said City, with the Causes and Manner how it 
was sacked and First Destroyed by Hercules. The II. How 
it was re-edified and how Hercules slew King Laoraedon, 
and destroyed it the Second Time; and of Hercules, his 
Worthy Deeds, and his Death. The III. How Priamus, Son 
of King Laomcdon, rebuilded Troy again, more strong than 
it was before ; and for the Ravishment of Dame Helen, Wife 
of King Menelaus of Greece, the said City was utterly de- 
stroyed, and Priamus, with Hector, and all his Sons, slain. 
Also mentioning the liising and Flourishing of Divers Kings 
and Kingdoms, with the Decay and Overthrow of others; 
with many Admirable Acts of Chivalry and Martial Prow- 
ess, effected by Valiant Knights, in Defence and Love of 
Distressed Ladies. The Eleventh Edition, corrected and 
much amended. Small 4/ o, half calf. Blurk letter. 

T. Passinger, London, 1684 

Translated by Caxton; Ei 

IE end of Second Rook. 11. 1'ii. ;m:l 

cm -,l' Third 

l!:)..k, ;i. no. For an a< 

ro::i,ior , ili;i(>i!k:<m ],v : m':-'l hv fjiixlcc 

'■Ainosi 1 v [in;-. AiHk|.. 

" Vol. I. pp. 1-11, and '■ liil>l. *\*iw 
's " TyiiO-^iipiiiii," Vol. I. pp. 135-13 

si-," Vol. IV. 

pp. IT.! -ISO ; or, JohnsoD 

1821 LE GRAND, Antoine. An Entire Body of Philoso- 
phy, according to l.lie Principles of the Famous I'icnate Des 
Cartes, in Three Books : I. the Institution, in X. Parts ; II. 
the History of Nature, which illustrates the Institution, and 
consists of great Variety of K\perhnenLs relating thereto. 
and explained by the same Principles, in IX. Parts ; III. a 
Dissertation of the Want of Sense and Knowledge in Brute 
Animals, in II. Parts. Written Originally in Latin, by the 
Learned A'tithony Le Grand; now carefully translated from 
the Last Corrections Alterations, and Large Additions of 
the Author, never yet published. The Whole Work illus- 
trated with almost an Hundred Sculptures, dispersed to 
such places as best admit thereof, all designed, drawn, and 
engraven Historically, by Good Artists ; besides the Figures 
or Schemes for the Explanation of the Philosophical Parts 

)y GoogIe 


that require the same. Endeavoured to be so done, that it 
may be of Use and Delight to the Ingenious of Both Sexes ; 
by Richard Blome. Folio, old calf; with book-plate of Joseph 
Tasker, Middleton Hall, Essex. London, 1694 

1822 LEGRANDd'Aussy, Pierre JeanBaptiste. Fabliaux 
or Tales, abridged from French Manuscripts of the Xllth 
and XHIth Centuries; selected and translated into English 
Verse, by the late G. L. Way, Esq., with a Preface, Notes, 
and Appendix, by the late G. Ellis, Esq. A New Edition, 
corrected. Woool-cuts by Bewick. 3 vols., crown Svo, crim- 
son morocco, extra, gilt edges. London, 1815 

1823 LE GEOS, W. B. Fables and Tales (in Verse) ; sug- 
gested by the Frescos of Pompeii and Hereulaneum. Witft . 
24 plates, engraved in outline by F. Bromley. Foolscap ■iio, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1835 

1824 LEIGH'S New Picture of London, or a View of the Po- 
litical, Religious, Medical, Literary, Municipal, Commercial, 
and Moral State of the British Metropolis ; to which are 
subjoined a Description of the Environs, and Plan for 
Viewing London in Eight Days, Maps and plates. Tliich 
18mo, roan. Loudon, 1839 

1825 LEIGHTOX, Alexander. Curious Stowed Traditions 
of Scottish Life. Second Edition. I860. — A Second 
Series of (the same). 1861. Frontispieces. 2 vols., fools- 
cap 8vo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1860-61 

1826 LEIGHTON, John. The Life of Man Symbolised in 
the Months of the Year, in a Series of Illustrations, pour- 
trayed in their Seasons and Phases ; with Passages selected 
from Ancient and Modern Authors, by Richard Pigot, 
Handsomely printed vu u thick timed paper, with ~l~< ii^l-puf/e. 
and several, hundred marginal w'iode.vJs, hetidc.-i tail-pieces, 
ornate initial*, and. other tudirliishinenls. -i'o, dark him: tur- 
key morocco, extra, gilt edges, by Aitken. London, 1866 

1827 LEMON, Rev. George William. English Etymologt, 
or a Derivative Dictionary of the English Language ; in 
Two Alphabets, tracing the Etymology of those English 
Words that are derived, I. from the Greek and Latin Lan- 
guages, II. from the Saxon and other Northern Tongues. 
ito, half calf. London, 1783 

A very singular work. 

1828 LENFANT, Jacques. Histoike du Concile de Pise, 
et de ce qui srest piisst: de- plus Memorable depuis ce Concile 
jusqu'au Concile de Constance. Par Jacques Lenfant. 
Ernie-hie de Portraits. 2 vols, in 1, 4to, old calf. 

Amsterdam, 1724 

The portraits are by Ricart and Houbraken. 

1829 LENNOX, William Pitt, Lord. Drafts on my Mem- 
ory; being Men I have known, Things I have seen, Places 
I have visited. 2 vols., 8vo. cloth, uncut. London, 1866 


?. an 


1830 LENOP.MAND, Louis Sebastien. Nouveau Mandei. 
Complet DU Relieue clans toutes ses Parties ; precede 
des Aits de l'Assembleur, du Satineur, de !a Plieuse, de la 
Brocbeuse, et suivi des Arts du Marbreur sur Franches, du 
Doreur sur Tranches et sur Cuir. Par M. Lenormand et 
M. It., Relieur Amateur. Orne d'un grand Noinbre de 
Figures. Nouvelle Edition, revue, corrigee, et eouskle'rable- 

nicnl autrmeiUee. IStno, crimsun morocco, vj.lru. '/''!■'. cdacx. 

Paris, 1853 

1831 LE POTTTEVIN de Lacroix, Edmund. The Trav- 
eller's Glide in Antwerp, to every Object Worthy of 
Attention ; including a very Particular Description of the 
Paintings and Various Works of Art which adorn the 
Churches, an Historical Account of the City and its Citadel, 
a Table of Foreign C»ins. and w Catalogue of the Paintings 
composing the Museum. Third Edition. 16m*. paper. 

Antwerp, 1839 

1832 LE SAGE, Alain Rene. The Adventures of Gil 
Blas of Santillanf.. A New Translation, by Smollett; 
adorned with Twelve New ( !uts, neatly engraved. The Sixth 
Edition. Plates l,g Spriiir/ngi/f/t UiiJ. Shdion, after Ansell. 
4 vols., 12):ii>, old marbled calf, gilt. London, 1792 

1833 LE SAGE, Alain Rene. The Adventures of Gil 
Blas of Santillanf.. Translated from the French, by B. 
IT. Malkin, Esq. With 24 Jine e.-narariuyt, after pictures by 
S/tdrle, India proofs. 4 vols., 4/.0, purple mnn.cco. extra, gill 

edges. Large paper : fine copy. London, 1809 

1834 LE SAGE, Alain Rene. Histoirg de Gir. Blas de 
Santili.ANK ; Vignettes, par Jean Gigoux. Portrait on, 
India paper, and admit.'. i;i>!) wo'id-cnlf. Thi<:k r-y/nl 8ra, calf; 
with, nutaqraph of tie princess Kh'-abe'l (daitaltfr of Ccorqe, 

III) on title. Paulin, Paris, 1836 

1835 LESLIE, Charles Robert. Autobiographical Rec- 
ollections ; Edited, with a Prefatory Essay on Leslie as 
an Artist, and Selections from his Correspondence; by Tom 
Taylor, Esq. Portrait. Grown 8vo, doth. 

Boston, 1860 

1836 L'ESTOILE, Pierre de. Journal des Choses Memo- 
rables advemies durant le Regne de Henry III., Roy de 
France et de Pologne. Nouvelle Edition, augmented de 
plusieurs Pieces Curieuses qui n'ont jamais etc" imprimees& 
enrichie de Figures & de Nottes Historiques. 4 v oh., small 
Si.'*, old mottled calf, gilt. 

Heritiers de P. Marteau, Cologne, 1746 

1837 LETTERS to Benjamin Franklin, from his Family and 
Friends, 1751-1790. Portraits of Mrs. Franklin and Mrs. 
Bache. Royal 8uo, half morocco, -neat, gilt top, uncut. Only 
260 copies printed ; 10 of which in 4to. 

New York, 1859 

)y GoogIe 



1838 LETTERS written in London by an American Spy, 
from the Year 1764 to the Year 1785. 12mo, boards, rough 
edges. Printed for the Editor. London, 1786 

1839 LE VAILLANT, Francois. Histoirk Natukelle des 
Oiseaux dk Pakadis et des Rolliehs, suivie de celle 
des Toucans et des Barbus. Contains 113 beautiful colored, with a dv.pli.mte. net, plain, proofs before the 
letters. 2 vols., large, imperial folio, half morocco, extra, 
gilt edges. Large vellum paper. Paris, 1806 

All ilic lit ui*s in this work were drawn from nature bv Bairauund, one of the 

mo.-i itisiinK.iJ>lH!(] r;ini:lii):„;;-,^il jiaintera widen I'r-mv In.- ever jiruduccd, 
engraved Ijjh IVitu a:id (Jmiiiliiur, and prinluil in i;oluis 1). Langlois and 

1840 LEVER, Charles James. Works. Portrait and numer- 
ous wood-cuts after Phis (ff. K. Browne), and George Cruxk- 
skank. 14 voLs.. Huo, half morocco, extra. 

London and Dublin, 1839-52 

COSTKM'S: Harry Lmiir; -.;,.;■ : Chj'lci O'Mnil.'V i'-' u 
..nviv.iir): Tmu'Buclic (J vols-i; Arthur u'Ltar- 
of Gwynne (2 vols.); Koland Cusliel & ■ 


1841 LEVER, Charles James. St. Patrick's Eve. Illus- 
trated by Phiz. 12mo, cloth. London, 1845 

1842 LEWES, Charles Lee. Comic Sketches, or the Come- 
dian his Own Manager ; written and selected fir the Benefit 
of Performers in England, Ireland, Scotland, ;nid America: 
inscribed to the Performers in General, by Charles Lee 
Lewes. Comedian. The whole forming Matter sufficient for 
Two Evenings' Entertainment; Originally intended for the 
East Indies, and as delivered by him, without an Apparatus, 
in Many Parts of the Three Kingdoms, with Distinguished 
Patronage. Portrait. 12mo, old calf. 

London, 1804 

1843 LEWES, Charles Lee. Memoirs of ; containing Anec- 
dotes, Historical and Miogrnvihical, of the English and Scot- 
tish Stages, during a Period of Forty Years. Written by 
himself. 4 vols., lCmo, old calf ; one cover tu fist vol. want- 
ing. London, 1805 

1844 LEWIS, Alonzo. The History of Lynn (1629-1829). 
Plates. 8w half morocco. lioston, 1829' 

1845 LEWIS, Frederick C Scenery of the Rivers of 
England and Wales, illustrated by 24 Painter's Etchings : 
by a Series of Studies from Pictures in the Collections of 
the Duke of Bedford; Lord North wick ; Sir Tho*. Ack- 
land ; Lady Forbes ; Count D'Orsay : B. B. Cobbell, Esq'. ; 
R, Vernon, Esq, ; Rev 1 ? Edm* Burke Lewis ; Col. G. Green- 
wood ; John Fairlie, Esq! ; J. Pease, Esq! ; T. Creswick, 

)y GoogIe 



Esq! , A. R. A. Painted and Engraved by F. C. Lewis, 

Engraver to Queen Victoria. Three paets, containing 68 

plates, all etchings. Folio, half green morocco, nr-aL gilt vhys. 

London, (1854) 

1846 LEWIS, Maria Theeese, Lady. Lives of the Friends 
and Contemporaries of Lord Chancellor Claeendon; 
illustrative of Portraits in his Gallery. With Portraits. 3 vols., 
8vo, calf, gilt, marbled edges, hy Mayday. 

J. Murray, London, 1852 

1847 LEWIS, Matthew Gregory. Tales of Wonder. Post 
8vo, half calf, extra. London, 1801 

1848 LEWIS, Matthew Gregory. Journal of a West India 
Proprietor, kept during a Residence in the Island of Ja- 
maica. Svo, doth, uncut. J. Murray, London. 1834 

1849 LEWIS, Matthew Gregory. The Life and Corre- 
spondence of M. G. Lewis, Author of " the Monk," 
" Castle Spectre," etc. ; with many Pieces in Prose and 
Verse, never before published. Portrait and facsimile 
letter. 2 vols., Svo, cloth. London, 1839 

1850 LEWIS, Thomas. Origines Hvbkxje : the Antiquities 
of the Hebrew Republic. A New Edition. 3 vols., Svo, 
cloth, uncut. University Press, Oxford, 1835 

1851 LEWIS, Winslow, M. D. An Address delivered 
before the New England Historic-Genealogical 
Society, January 1, 1862. Svo, pp. 12,paper. 

Bostou, 1862 

J8o2 LEWIS, Winslow, M. D. An Address delivered 

before the New England Historic-Genealogical 

Society, January 4, 1865. To which is added a Report 

of the Proceedings at said Meeting. Svo, pp. 20, paper. 

Boston. 1865 

1853 LIBERTY (The) Bell; by Friends of Freedom. Por- 
trait of Wendell Phillips. V2mo, cloth, gilt edges. 

Boston, 1845 

1854 LIFE (The) and Entertaining Adventures of Mr. 
Cleveland, Natural Son of Oliver Cromwell, written by 
himself; giving a Particular Account of his Un happiness in 
Love, Marriage, Friendship, etc., and his great Sufferings in 
Europe and America. Intermixed with Reflections, describ- 
ing the Heart of Man in all its Variety of Passions and Dis- 
guises; also, some Curious Particulars of Oliver's History and 
Amours, and several Remarkable Pussies in the Reign of 
Iviii« Charles II., never before made Publick. 4 vols., 12mo, 
old calf, red edges. London, 1760 

1855 LILLO, George. Dramatic Works; with Memoirs of 
the Author, by Thomas Davies. Second Edition, improved 
(with some Additions). Wood-cuts. 2 vols, in I, small thid; 
\2mo, half calf extra. W. Lowndes, London, 1810 

)y GoogIe 


Contents: Praface. Lire. Silvia, or the Country Burial; an Opera. George 
Bum well; aTrj^lv. Lifi; of Sc;imler!..i:i,.-. Tin; CliKciim IIito; a TraguJv. 
foul l.'uri(^.lv;':i T-^iv. Marina: a I>lay. Britannia and Batavia; a 
Masque. Ulmuriclc, or Justice Triumphant ; a Tragedy. Arden of Fever- 
sham; an Historical Tragedy. 

1856 LIMBORCH, Philip van. The History of the Inqui- 
sition ; translated into English, by Samuel Chandler. To 
which is prefixed, a large Introduction concerning the Rise 
and Progress of Persecution, and the Real and Pretended 
Causes of it. Plates and vignettes. 2 vols, in 1, 4(0, old 
calf. London, 1731 

1857 LINCOLN, Abeaham. Message op the Peesident of 
the United States to the Two Houses of Congress at the 
Commencement of the Third Session of the Thirty -seventh 
Congress. (With Diplomatic Correspondence, etc.) &vo, 
cloth. ' Washington, 1862 

1858 LINCOLN, Abeaham. Sermons preached in Boston 
on the Death of Abeaham Lincoln ; together with the 
Funeral Services in the East Room of the Executive Man- 
sion at Washington. 4 to, morocco, vary neat, rough 
edges. Large pai-ke: only 2UU copies printed. 

Boston, 1865 

1859 LINCOLN, Abraham. The Life and Public Services 
of; together with his State Papers, including his Speeches, 
Addresses, Messages, Letters, and Proclamations, and the 
Closing Scenes connected with his Life and Death. By 
Henry J. Raymond. To which are added Anecdotes and 
Personal Reminiscences of President Lincoln, by Frank B. 
Carpenter. Portrait, plate, and wood-cuts. 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, extra, gilt edges. New York, 1865 

1860 LINCOLN, Abraham. The Opinions of Abraham 
Lincoln upon Slavery and its Issues ; indicated by his 
Speeches, Letters, Messages, and Proclamations. 8vo, pp. 16. 

(Washington) s. a. 

1861 LINCOLN, William. History of Worcester, Massa- 
chusetts, from its Earliest Settlement to September, 1836 ; 
with Various Notices relating to the History of Worcester 
County. Portraits. Royal 8vo, boards, rough edges. 

Worcester, 1862 
186-2 LIN DEMANN-F ROMMEL, Karl. Seizzen aus Rom 
und DER Umgegend. A scries o/86 fine tinted and colored 
views. Without title. Atlas 4to, half green morocco, very 
neat, gilt edges. (F. Kohler, Stuttgart, 1844, etc.) 

1863 LINDLEY, George. A Guide to the Oechakd and 
Kitchen Garden, or an Account of the most Valuable 
Fruit and Vegetables cultivated in Great Britain; with 
Kalenders of the Work required in the Orchard and Kitchen 
Garden during every Month in the Year. Edited by John 
Lindley, F. R. S., etc. &vo, half green morocco. 

London, 1831 

)y GoogIe 


1864 LINDLET, John. The Theory of Horticulture, or an 
Attempt to explain the Principal Operations of Gardening 
upon Physiological Principles. Numerous wood-cuts. 8vo, 
half green morocco. London, 1840 

1865 L1NDLEY, John. Pomologia Britannica, or Figures and 
Descriptions of the Most Important Varieties of Fruit culti- 
vated in Great Britain. Contains 152 fine colored plates, 
chiefly by Mrs. Withers, artist to the Horticultural Society, 
Loudon, executed lit a, manner similar to these, it/, the Horticul- 
tural Society's Tran sac lion.':. '■', vols., roijal 8 ;.■<>. half crimson 
morocco, extra, gilt edges, by Wright. London, 1841 

1866 LINDSAY, Alexander William Chawfosd, Lord. 
Letters on Eoypt, Edom, and the Holy Land. Fifth 
Edition ; with Additional Preface and Notes, and illustrated 
by Numerous Engravings. Post 8vo, half calf, extra, gilt 
top. London, 1858 

1867 LIN-LE. Ti-Ping Tien-Kwoh ; the History of the Ti- 
Ping Revolution, including a Narrative of the Author's Per- 
sona! Adventures. By Lin-Le. With 21 tinted and colored 
plates, and d wood-cuts. 2 vols., imperial Svo, cloth. 

Dav & Son, London, 1866 

The preface is sitcneil "A.F. I.." 

1868 LINNE. Carl von. Lachesis Lapfonica, or a Tour in 
Lapland (in 1732), now first published from the Original 
Manuscript Journal of the Celebrated Linnaius; by James 
Edward Smith, M. D., F. 11. S. Wood-cuts. 2 vols., &vo, 
half calf. London, 1811 

11 liornny fi nih' t'e.e. ]irrn:i|i;;l subject; bill (lie work Is al-o illtere-liiij; Iron] the 
picture itOLhihilK of the character of the. aiUlmr and ol the manners ofthe 
Laplanders." — Lowndes. 

1869 LINNELL, John. The Royal Gallery of Pictures; 
being a Selection ofthe Cabinet Paintings in her Majesty's 
Private Collection at Buckingham I'alaee. Published under 
the Superintendence of John Limiell, Esq. Engraved dedi- 
cation and -i2 plates, with descriptions. fioyal Ato, half ■mo- 
rocco. London, 1850 

1870 LIPPINCOTT, Sara Jane. Records of Fivb Year 9 ; 
Post Bvo, cloth. Boston, 1867 

1871 LITERARY and Graphical Illustrations of Shak- 
SPEARE. and the British Drama; comprising an Historical 
View ofthe Origin and Improvement of the English Stage, 
and a Series of Critical and Descriptive Notices of upwards 
of One Hundred of the most Celebrated Tragedies, Com- 
edies, Operas, and Farces. Above 201) wood-cuts, by Harvey 
and others. Each page surrounded by a border. 1 imo. -paper. 

London, 1831 

1872 LITERARY (The) Miscellany, or Selections and Ex- 
tracts, Classical and Scientific ; with Orig nals in Prose and 
Verse. Numerous portraits and plates, after Corbould, etc. 
12 vols., Smo, half calf, neat. Stourport, 1812 

)y GoogIe 


1873 LITTA, Pompeo, Conte. Fahiglie Celebet di Italia. 

Gertca/omcal tables, portraits, arms, antiquities, medtih, sculp- 
tures, -paiu/'iiii/s, etc. ; the portrait* and arm,': U-iiutifidhj eohred. 
?i ):ols.,r'iija.l M'ijJi'.iif r/ist/a, rniiqh edges. ORIGINAL COPY.- 

Milano, 1?19, etc. 

These three volumea contain the follow.,' (amillet: A t ■ ■ . 1 1 . . ,M uliieri, At- 
eimboldi, Bojardo, Bonaeolsi, Da Camim., (.'anl.jnn, (.'»Wil-vi, Carrarwi, 
Casliglioni, Cavalcabb, Cavaufd'a, i "i^ar ■ i'i.nri»i. tu (' >.tpkrio, 

i'.cliin, l-"nffl! !:■.■:■' ii, Gmini, C.nlliu, Ginvi;.. 1 1..;; -i»n:i:n, M.-ir. ,M Moote, 
Orseolo, Peretti, Pico, Picculomini, Pio, ]'■■■■• . San -la V. S. a I l'im, Jifo.-ia, 
Simo:;c:hi. Triiid, Trivulzio, Valori, Dal V-nii*. Yi,...i,ii, V.s.ciniit g.a A'- 
cardi Vita ML 

" Uri iles livrcs les plus remarquables qui a.i:.t |-ani Ann* r>* dmuera tempn 
en Italic." — Brunei. 

1874 LITTELL'S Living Age. From April 11, 1844, to 
March 30, 1867, inclusive. 92 vols., %vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1844-67 

1875 LITTLE (The) Blue Book ; a Register of Federal Offices 
and Salaries. 18mo, paper. New York, 1861 

1876 LITTLE Hydrogen, oe the Devil on Two Sticks in 
London; embellished with coloured Portraits. Third Edi- 
tion. 12nio, half green calf, extra. London, 1819 

1877 LIVES (The) of those Ewivknt Antiquaries John Le- 
land, Thomas Heakne and Anthony a Wood ; with an 
aulhentick Account of their Respective Writings and Pub- 
lications, from Original Papers: in which are occasionally 
inserted, Memoirs relating to many Eminent Persons and 
Various Parts of Literature ; also, Several Engravings of 
Antiquity, never hefore published. [Edited by T. Warton 
and W. Huddesford.] Fine ■ii,/-/>ressiorts of the. portraits and, engraved by \'er/iie. Orii/o.ioii.Hc. 2 vol?., royal 8vo, 
old marbled calf, gilt, yellow edges. Large PAPER. 

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1772 

1878 LIVINGSTONE, David. Travels and Researches in 
South Africa ; including a Sketch of Sixteen Years* Res- 
idence in the Interior of Africa, and a Journey from the 
Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the West Coast, etc. 
Numerous wood-cuts. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859 

1879 LIVY. T. Livii Patavini Histopjarum Libri Qui Sufer- 
SUNT ex Editions G. A. Rci-Kim, cum Supplementis, Notis, 
et In terp relatione in Usum Delphini, Variis I,i'i;;iombuK. 
Notis Variorum, Recensu Editionuui et Codicum, Iodice 
Locupletissimo, et Glossario Liviano, accurate recensiti. 20 
vols., Svo, rust-in., marbled edges. 

Curate et Imprimente, A. J. Valpy, Londoni, 1828 

1880 LLORENTE, Juan Antonio. Apologia Cat<5lica del 
Proyecto de Conbtitucion Religiosa, escrito por un 
Americano. 12mo, calf, marbled edges. 

San Sebastian (Paris), 1821 

)y GoogIe 



1881 LLO RENTE, Juan-Antonio. Histoeia Critica de la 
Inquisicion de Espana ; Obra Original Confortne a lo 
que Resnlta de los Archivos del Heal Consejo de la Suprema, 
y de los Tribunates del Santo-Oficio de las Provincias. 10 
vols., 18mo, marbled calf, marbled edges. Madrid, 1822 

1882 LLOYD, Charles. Principles for the Conduct of 
Life. 2 vols., Vimo, doth, uncut. London, 1848 

1883 LLOYD, Lewis. Scandinavian Adventures, during 
a Residence of upwards of Twenty Years ; representing 
Sporting Incidents, and Subjects of Natural History, and 
Devices for Entrapping Wild Animals: with sinne Account 
of tlie NortViera Fauna. Second Edition. Mop, 12 colored 
plates, and numerous wood-cuts, 2 vols., imperial 8eo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1854 

1884 LOCKE, D. R. " Swingin Round the Cirkle ;" by Pe- 
troleum V. Nasby : his Ideas of Men, Politics, and Things, 
as set forth in his Letters to the Public Press, during the 
Year 18G6. Wood-cuts after T. Nasi. \1mo, cloth. 

Boston, 18G7 

1885 LOCKE, John. The Works of. (With Preface, Life, 
etc ) The Tenth Edition. Portrait, and folding analysis of 
the Essay on Understanding. 10 vols., royal Hro, diamond 
russi'a, extra, gilt edges. Large paper. London, 1801 

Ti is copy lias '"le™ rutins clostly [rimmed, but still 1ms a go. il margin. 

1886 LOCKE, John. Another copy: the Eleventh Edition. 
Same portrait, etc. 10 vols., 8uo, old calf, neat. 

London, 1812 

1887 LOCKE, John. An Essay concerning Humane Under- 
standing; in Four Books. The Fifth Edition, with Large 
Additions. Folio, old calf . London, 170C 

1888 LOCKE. John. An Essay concerning Human Under- 
standing ; with Life of the Author. First American Edi- 
tion. .1 vols., \~2mo, sheep, yellow edges. Boston, 1803 

1889 LOCKER, Edward Hawks. Memoirs of Celebrated 
Naval Commanders; illustrated by Engravings from Orig- 
inal Pictures in the Naval Gallery of Greenwich Hospi- 
tal. Royal ito, crimson morocco, extra, gilt edges. l>y Wright. 
Largk paper : India proofs. London, 1832 

1890 LOCK1IAKT, John Gibson. Peter's Letters to his 
Kinsfolk. The Third Edition. Portrait of "Peter Morris, 
M.D.," 14 other portraits of the literati of the time, and 4 
vignettes. 3 vols., Hvo, half calf neat. Edinburgh, 1819 

1891 LOCK HART, John Gibson. Memoirs of the Life of 
Si« Walter Scott. A New Edition, complete in One 
Volume. Fine impressions of the portraits and plods, chiefly 
on India paper. Royal 8w, calf, extra, gilt edges. Abbots- 
fokd edition. Edinburgh, 1850 



1892 LOCKHART, John Gibson. Ancient Spanish Ballads i 
Historical and Romantic. Translated, with an Introduction 
and Notes. A New Edition, revised, with a Biographical 
Sketch of the Author. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. 

Boston, 1861 

1893 LODGE, Edmund. Life op Sir .Iolids Caesar, Judge of 
the High Court of Admiralty, Chancellor of the Kxclieijuer, 
and a Privy Councillor to King James, and Charles the 
First ; with Memoirs of his Family and Descendants. By 
Edmund Lodge, Esq. Illustrated by Eighteen Portraits, 
after Original Pictures ; with a Pedigree, and other En- 
gravings. To which is added, Numenis Infaustus, an 
Historical Work -, by Charles Caesar, Esq., Grandson to Sir 
Julius. Original impressions of ALL the plates ; WITH India 
proof of the portrait of Eliza Abf.rdein, which is 
us/ud/g minting, imperial 4(0, cloth, rough edges ; with book- 
plate of James H. Baiersloek, F. S. A. Large paper. 

London, 1827 (1810?) 

This copy has (inserted) the title of Che second edition, dated 1827, but the 
plates all appear to lie of the. original issue. 

1894 LODGE,' Edmund. Portraits of Illustrious Person- 
ages of Great Britain, engraved from Authentic Pic- 
tures, in the Galleries of the Nobility, and the Public Col- 
lections of the Country; with Biographical and Historical 
Memoirs of their Lives and Actions, by Edmund Lodge, Esq. 
Contains 24(1 flu? portraits, oil a i, augur scale than- those of 
the. subsequent euitiuns, and engriiri-d mi copper instead ofsleeL 
4 nils., folio, uiornc.eo, extra, gilt, over marbled edges. ORIGINAL 

edition: fine copy. London, 1821-34 

1895 LODGE, Edmund. Another copy: Second Edition; 
with fine early impressions of the plates. 12 vols., imperial 
Sue, calf very neat, marbled edges. London, 182B-34 

1896 LODGE, Edmund. Another copy : the same; without the 
letter-press. 4 vols., royal 4to, cloth, uncut. Large paper : 
India proofs. London, 1836 

The ahove three copies were all issued by Harding & Co. 

1897 LODGE, Edmund. Another copy: Bohn's "Illustrated 
Library " edition ; with the 240 portraits, on a reduced scale, 
and the entire letter-press. 8 vols., post Svo, calf,, marbled 
edges. London. 1849-50 

1898 LOLA Montez. Lkctures ; including her Autobiography. 
Portrait. 12mo, cloth. New York. 1858 

1899 LONDON (The) Magazine, or Gentleman's Monthly In- 
telligencer. April, 1732-December, 1781 ; with General 
Index to the first 27 vols. (1732-.i8). Numerous portraits, 
plates, etc. 51 vols., Bvo (32 vols., full bound. 18 vols., and in- 
dex, half bound), old calf. Loudon, 1732-81 

)y GoogIe 



1900 LONDON Society ; an Illustrated Magazine of Light 
and Amusing Literature, for the Hours of Relaxation. Feb- 
ruary, \S,%2~December, 1867. 12 vols., Hvo ; first 2 vols, 
cloth, rest in numbers. London, 1862-67 

1901 LONG (A) Vacation Ramble in Norway and Sweden ; 
byXandY (Two Unknown Quantities). Post Svo, cloth, 
uncut. Cambridge (London), 1857 

1902 LONG (A) Vacation Ramble. Another copy. Post 
Svo, cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1 857 

1903 LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. Ballads and 
other Poems. Third Edition. Imperial 8™. boards, rough 
edges. Large paper. Cambridge, 1842 

1904 LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. The Spanish 
Student. Fifth Edition. Post Svo, boards, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1844 

1905 LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. Voices of the 
Night. Ninth Edition. Post Svo, boards, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1844 

1906 LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. The Golden 
Legend. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

D. Bogue, London, 1851 

1907 LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. Works: Poems; 
with portrait. (2 cols.). The Golden Legend. The Song 
of Hiawatha. The Courtship of ililcs Standish ; and other 
Poems. Outre-Mer ; a Pilgrimage beyond the Sea. Hy- 
perion ; a Romance. Kavanagh ; a Tale. Together 8 vols., 
foolscap 8vo, morocco, antique, gilt edges. 

Boston, 1859-60 

1908 LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. The Complete 
Works of. Revised Edition. Portrait on India paper. 
7 cols., crown Svo. boards, green cloth bach, red sides, uncut ; 
uniform with '■ British Pods " edited !>>/ J'yo/es?or Child, etc. 
Large 1'aper: only 100 copies printed. Boston, 1866 

1909 LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. Another copy: 
the same. 7 vols., crown Svo, boards, green cloth bach, red 
sides, uncut. Boston, 1866 

1910 LONGLANDE, or, Langi.ande, Robert. The Vision 
and the Creed op Piers Ploughman, newly imprinted 
(from a MS. in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge ; 
edited, with Notes and a Glossary, by Thomas Wright, 
F. R. S., etc.). Facsimile frontispiece, ornate headings, etc. 
Printed by Whittingbam. 2 vols., foolscap Svo, cloth, uncut. 
Only 500 copies printed. 

W. Pickering, London, 1842 

1911 LONGLANDE, Robert. Another copy : the same ; with 
MS. bibliographical notes on fly-leaf :'. vols., foolscap Svo, 
cloth, uncut. W. Pickering, London, 1842 



1912 LOOKING-GLASS (The), or Caricature Annual ; 
for the Years 1830, 1831, 1832. Numerous colored plates. 
3 vols., folio, half morocco, neat, gilt edges. 

London, 1831-33 

1913 LORING, Charles 6. Correspondence on the Pres- 
ent Relations between Great Britain and the 
United States Of America. (Friendly Correspondence, 
upon the " Trent Affair," etc. ; between Edwin W. Field, 
of London, and Charles G- Loring, of Boston.) 8vo, paper, 
uncut. Boston. 1862 

1914 LORRAIN, Claude Geleis. called Le. Liber Veri- 
tatis, or a Collection of (300) Prints after the Original 
Designs of ( laudc lo Lorrain, in the collection of his Grace 
the Duke of Devonshire (and others) ; executed by Richard 
Earlom, in the Manner and Taste of the Drawings. To 
which is added a Descriptive Catalogue of each Print, 
together with the Names of those for whom, and places for 
which the Ot-iginul Pictures were first painted (taken from 
the Hand- writing of Claude le Lorrain on the Back of each 
Drawing), and of the Present Possessors of many of the 
Original Pictures, Fine iiiiprrsaioris of this Issue. 3 vols., 

folio, half crimson morocco, extra, (jilt edges. London, s. a. 

1915 LOSSING, Benson J. The Pictorial Field-Booic of 
the Revolution; or Illustrations, hy Pen and Pencil, of 
the History, Biography, Scenery, Relies, and Traditions of 
the War for Independence. Illuminated frontispiece and 
several hundred wood-cats. 2 vols, in 3, imperial f-vo, calf 
very neat, gilt edges. Fine originat. copy. New York, 1851 

1916 LOSSING, Benson J. Mount Vernon and its Asso- 
ciations, Historical. Biographical, and Pictorial. Illustrated 
by Numerous Engravings, chiefly from Original Drawings 
by the Author, engraved hy Lossing and Barritt. 8;to, 
morocco, antique, gilt edges. New York, 1859 

1917 LOSSING, Benson J. The Home or Washington and 
its Associations, Historical, Biographical, and Pictorial. 
New Edition, revised, with Additions. Illustrated by Nu- 
merous Engravings, chiefly from Original Drawings by the 
Author, engraved by Lossing and Barritt. Handsomely 

printed on a toned paper. Imperial Si'<>, rf»th. rough edges. 
Large paper : only I DO co)d,s printed for Ji. French. 

New York, 1865 

1918 LOTHROP, Samuel Kirkland, D. D. The Nature 
and Extent op Religious Liberty ; a Sermon preached 
at the Church in Brattle Square, on Sunday Morning, June 
17, 1838. Svo,pp. 19, paper; clean. Boston, 1838 

1919 LOTHROP, Samuel Kirkland, D. D. A Sermon 
preached January 19, 1840, on the Destruction of the Lex- 
ington by Fire, January 13th. Svo, pp. 24. paper ; clean. 

Boston, 1840. 

)y GoogIe 


1920 LOTHEOP, Samuel Kirkland, D. D. A History op 
the Church in Brattle Street, Boston. 16mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1851 

1921 LOTHROP, Samuel Kirkland, D. D. The Caches, 
Principles, and Results of the Present Conflict; a 
Discourse delivered befon; l!ie Ancient unci I Imiorable Artil- 
lery Company, on its cexxm. Anniversary, June 3, 1861. 
(With the Proceedings of the Company.) 'Aco.pp. 70, paper. 

Boston, 1861 

1922 LOT1CH, Johannes Pieter. Historia Augusta Impe- 

RATORU.M RoJIANORUM; a C. Julio CiKSare, usque ad Jo- 
sephum Imperalorem Augustissimum : ex Joannis Petri 
Lotiehii Ter.rasiicliis llncmouicis, et Joannis Jacob! Hof- 
maiini Tetraslkhis, et ejusdem in haec Enarrationibns His- 
toids. Adduntiii' Singulonnu Imperatoruin Llli<>- : es Acre 
Scalpto Expressac, ex Nummis Christina; Suecorum Regime. 
Additamenta Necessarian Integra Omissonim Supplementa 
adjecit Henricus Christianus Henninius. (Adjecta est 
Henrici Hameloiv Historia Imperar.omm liomanorum Car- 
mine Perpetuo descripta.) Frontispiece find 1 fio portraits. 
Folio- old calf. ' Amsteiaedami, 1710 

1923 LOUDON, John Claudius. The Gardener's Magazine, 
and Register of Rural and Domesiic Im j>rovenients. JVw- 
mcrvv.s u-ood.-r.vts. I it rots., Sro, half green morocco, neat. Com- 
plete. ' London, 1826-43 

1924 LOUDON, John Claudius. The Architectural Mag- 
azine, and Journal of Improvement in Architecture, Build- 
ing, and Furnishing, and the Various Arts and Trades con- 
nected therewith. Nuiucraus wood-cuts. 5 vols., &vo, half 
green morocco, neat. Complete. London, 1834-38 

1925 LOUDON, John Claudius. An Encyclopedia of Gar- 
dening, comprising the Theory and Practice of Horticul- 
ture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, and Landscape-Gardening ; 
including ail flu; Latest Improvements, a General History 
of Gardening in all Countries, and a Statistical View of its 
Present State, with Suggestions for its Future Progress in 
the British Isles, A New Edition, considerably improved 
and enlarged. Many hundred -wood nuts, by Branston. 1 vol. 
in 2, 8t-o. green morocco, neat. London, 1835 

1926 LOUDON, John Claudius. An Encyclopaedia of Ag- 
riculture ; comprising the Theory and Practice of the 
Valuation, Transfer, La\mg-out. Improvement, and Manage- 
ment of Landed Property, and ilie Cultivation and Economy 
of the Animal and Vegetable Productions of Agriculture in 
all Countries, and a Statistical View of its Present State, 
with Suggestions for its Future Progress in the British 
Isles. Third Edition. Above 1,100 wood-cuts, by BranstiMi. 
1 vol in 2, 8vo, green morocco, neat. London, 1835 

)y GoogIe 


1927 LOUDON, JonN Claudius. An Encyclopedia of Cot- 
tage, Farm, and Villa Architecture and Furniture ; 
containing Numerous Designs for Dwellings, from the Cot- 
tage to the Villa, including Farm Houses, Farmeries, and 
other Agricultural Buildings, Several Designs for Country 
Inns, Public Houses, and Parochial Schools, with the req- 
uisite Fittings-up, F'ixtures. and Furniture, and Appropri- 
ate Offices, Gardens, and Garden Scenery. Each Design ac- 
companied by Analytical and Critical Remarks, illustrative 
of the Principles of Architectural Science and Taste on 
which it is composed. A New Edition, with Numerous Cor- 
rections, and many of the Plates re-engraved. Above 2,000 
wood-cuts, 1 vol. in 2. ,Hro. </reeii morocco, neat. 

London, 1836 

1928 LOUDON, John Claudius. The Suburban Gardener 
and Villa Companion; comprising the Choice of a Sub- 
urban or Villa Residence, or of a Situation on which to form 
one, the Arrangement and Furnishing of the House, and 
the Laying-out, Planting, and General Management of the 
Garden and Grounds: the Whole adapted for Grounds 
from One Perch to Fifty Acres and upwards in extent, and 
intended for the Instruction of those who know little of 
Gardening and Rural Affairs, and more particularly for the 
Use of Ladies. Numerous wood-cuts. Svo, half green mo- 
rocco, neat. London, 1838 

1929 LOUDON, John Claudius. Arboretum et Frcjctice- 
tdm Britannicum, or the Trees and Shrubs of Britain, 
Native and Foreign, Hardy and Hall-Hardy, Pietorially and 
Botanically delineated, and Scientifically and Popularly De- 
scribed ; with their Propagation, Culture, Management, and 
Uses in the Arts, in Useful and Ornamental Plantations, 
and in Landscape-gardening : preceded by a Historical and 
Geographical Outline of the Trees and Shrubs of Temper- 
ate Climates throughout the World. Second Edition. Nearly 
o,000 plfilfls and wood-cuts. 8 vols, in (i, 8i">, hrdf /yreen mo- 
rocco, neat. London, 1854 

In tli-s finpv the plates are bound in 2 vols, (usually in 4), with the quarto 
plates folded. 

1930 LOU VET de Couvray, Jean Baptists, Les Amours 
du Chevalier de Faublas. Nouvelle Edition, ornee de 
Huit Superbes Gravures, dessinees par Collin, eleve de 
Girodet, graviies par les Premiers Artistes de Paris ; et pre- 
ceded d'une Notice sur Louvet, par M. * * *. i vols., Svo, 
kalf russia, neat. Best edition. 

A. Tardieu, Paris, 1821 

" Le plua belle lies noinbreunes Editions de ce roman Ikeneieux. 7 ' — Brunei. 

1931 LOW, David. The Breeds op the Domestic Animals 
op the British Islands, described by David Low, Esq., 




F. R. S. E., Professor of Agriculture in the University of Edin- 
burgh, etc., etc. ; and illustrated with plates from drawings by 
Mr. W. Nicholson, R. S. A., reduced from a Series of Por- 
traits from Life. Contain & id> fnc colored plates. 2 vols, in 
1, atlas 4to, huh' green morocco, extra, /jilt edges. Fine COPT. 
London, 1842 

1932 LOWELL, James Russell. Poems. Imperial 8vo, half 
green morocco, very neat, gilt top, uncut. Large paper. 

Cambridge, 1844 

1933 LOWELL, James Russell. Melibcsus-Hipponax : the 
Biglow Papers ; edited, with an In trod nation, Notes, Glos- 
sary, and Copious Index, by Homer Wilbur, A. M.. (Pro- 
spective) Member of many Literary, Learned, and Kclent ifi'- 
Societies (for which see page v.). Fifth Edition. IGmo, 
cloth. " Boston, 1862 

1934 LOWELL, James Russell. Melibceus-Hipponax ; the 
Biglow Papers ; Second Scries- I6mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1867 

1 935 LOWELL, Robert T. S. The New Priest in Con- 
ception Bay. [By R. T. S. Lowell.] 2 vols., lGmo, cloth. 

Boston, 1858 

1936 LOWNDES, William Thomas. The Bibliographer's 
Manual op English Literature, containing an Account 
of Rare, Curious, ami Useful Books, published in, or relat- 
ing to, Great Britain and Ireland, from the Invention of 
Printing; with Bibliographical and Critical Notices, Colla- 
tions of the Rarer Articles, and the Prices at which they 
have been sold in the Present Century. Fine interleaved 
copy, with MS. miles. 4 vols, in 6, %/;o. calf, gilt. 

W. Pickering, London, 1834 

1987 LOWNDES, William Thomas. Another copy: Mew 

Edition, revised, corrected, and enlarged [by Henry G, 

Bohn]. Parts I.-VI., interleaved, and Inn ad. in (> vols., post 

Sro, half morocco, neat, marbled edges. London. 1857-01 

1938 LUC AN. Pharsalia; translated into English Verse, by 
Nicholas Rowe, Esq. (With Historical and Geographical 
Notes.) Map, frontispiece, and numerous r i gnettr.s . after 
Cheron, engraved, bg KirkaU. etc. Royal folia, old. coif, mar- 
bled edges. J. Tonson, London, 1718 

1939 LUCRETIUS. T. Lucretius Carus, op the Nature 
of Things, in Six Hooks ; translated into English Verse, 
by Tho. Creech. Explaiu'd and illustrated with Notes and 
Animadversions ; being a Compleat System of the Epicu- 
rean Philosophy. Frontispiece, i vols., Svo, russia. 

London, 1714-15 

"A tra!;f,ftiio:! bisnly praised by Dry den. In this edition of 1714 all the 
verses in the text which Mr. Creech had left untranslated ore supplied, 
and many new notes added, and intermixed by another hand." — Laiomlei. 



24! I 

1940 LUCRETIUS. Tin Lucretii Cari de Rerum Natura 
Libri Sex. RoyatA'o. half rnlf: almost free from stains. 

3. Baskerville, Birminghamias, 1772 

1941 LUCRETIUS. Another copy: the same. 12mo, old 
marbled calf, <p!t. bur!; rrorked, ; clean. 

J. Baskerville, Birni nigh aim iie, 1773 

1942 LUDEWIG, Hermann E. The Literature of Amer- 
ican Aboriginal Languages. With Additions and Cor- 
rections, by Professor Wm. W. Turner. Edited by Nicholas 
Triibner. Svo, cloth, gilt top. London, 1858 

1943 LUDLOW, Edmund. Mf.moirs of Edmund Ludlow, 
Esq., Lieutenant General of the Horse, Commander-in- 
Chief of the Forces in Ireland, one of the Council of State, 
and a Member of the Parliament which began on November 
J, 1640. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, old calf; binding broken 
md third volume (WW) wanting. Vevay, KISS 

19J9 LUDWIG, Moses K., M. D. Ludwig Genealogy. 
Sketch of Joseph Ludwig. who was born in Germany in 
1699, and his Wife and Family, who settled at " Broad Bay," 
Waldoboro', 1753. Portraits, etc. \2mo, cloth. 

Augusta (Me.), 1866 

1945 LUMISDEN, Andrew, Remarks on the Antiquities 
of Rome and its Environs; being a Classical and Topo- 
graphical Survey of the Ruins of that Celebrated City. The 
Second Edition. Portrait and 48 plates, ito, ralf. 

London, 1812 

One of the copies with 36 additional plates. 

1946 LUTHER, Martin. Life of; by John F. W. Tischer. 
To which is added, a Selection from the most Celebrated 
Sermons of Luther. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. 

S. S. Miles, s. 1-, 1841 

1947 LYNDWODE, William, Bishop of St. Davids, etc. 
Provincials, seu Cokstitutionf.s Anglie; cum Sum- 
inariis alqs Jusiis I (ories'.is OliarattenbiiH. 
Summaqs Accuratione rursum impresse. First edition with 
votes ; two cola-inns, printed in red and blue!;. Folio, old calf. 
©Iflth better. Perfect copy. (Paris), 1501 

See folio raeii, "Explititu opus magistri wilhelmi lyndewode," etc. 

1948 LYTTON, Sir Edward Lytton But.wer. The Si- 
amese Twins, a Satirical Tale of the Times; with other 
Poems. 1 '2 mo, boards, rough edges. New York, 1831 

1949 LYTTON, Sir Edward Lytton Bolwkr. Leila, or 
thi; Shook of Granada. Illustrated with Splendid Eu- 

f ravings from Drawings by the most Eminent Artists. 
\oyal 8w>, cloth. ' Philadelphia, 1838 

)y GoogIe 



1950 LYTTON, Sir Edward Lttton Btjlwer. The Novels 
and Romances of. A New Edition, with Illustrations by 
H. K. Browne, John Gilbert, etc., etc. 10 voh., post Svo,half 
calf extra, contents lettered, marbled edges. 

London, 1856 

Cos-hints : Pelham, Godolphin. Disown*. 1. U.-vw.-i I'li-riio Aram Panl 
Clifford. Uicilii. !,;.-!. Duvs of i':>]i;[vi". E:::^> llaltr.Yi'i-s, Aliiv Last 
or 1 1 s ■!■ Hnn. ns. l.fLa., Z;,iioni, 1 1 ::n>A. Mi-I.i. :u);l .Ihsrmi: -. I.'! \«r)m-: of tile 
Rhine, Lucrctia, Cantons, MjKovel. 

1951 S^pACATJLAY, Thomas Babington, Lord. The 
fifcHi HlST0KV op England from the Accession of James 
<&&\2 II. Portrait. Vols. I., II, royal Svo, half morocco, 
neat ' London, 1849 

1952 MACAULAY, Thomas Babington, Lord. Lays of 
Ancient Rome. With Illustrations, Original and from the 
Antique, drawn on Wood by George Scharf, Jiin. New 
Edition. Foolscap Ato, boards. London, 1852 

1953 MACAULAY, Thomas Babington, Lord. Another 
copy: the same. Foohoap Ato, smooth morocco, extra, gilt 
edges, by Hayday. ' London, 1855 

1954 MACAULAY, Thomas Babington, Lord. Critical 
and Historical Essays, contributed to the Edinburgh 
Review. Tenth Edition. (3 vols.) — The Miscellaneous 
Writings op. (2 vols.) Portrait. Together, o vols., Svo, 
half coif, crtrn. ■warbled edges. London, 1860 

1955 MACEARLANE, Charles; and Rev. Thomas Thom- 
son. The Comprehensive History of England ; Civil 
and Military, Religious, Intellectual, and Social, from the 
Earliest Period to the Suppression of the Sepoy Revolt. 
The Whole revised and edited by the Rev. Thomas Thom- 
son. Illustrated by above One Thousand Engravings. 4 vols., 
royal Svo, half morocco, marbled .-does. London, 1861 

1956 MACGREGOR, John. My Note Book. Frontispieces 
on India paper. 3 vols., post Quo, half calf, neat. 

London, 1835 

A Tjrrsoiiiil nuiTitivi' of (ravel? on tlie C'Tiiimiit. with Ilia fl;i:iv],;»: informa- 
tion at the end of the third volume. 

1957 MAC-KAY, Charles. The Scenery and Poetry of 
the English Lakes; a Summer Ramble. With Numer- 
ous Illustrations from Original Sketches, engraved by 
Thomas Gilks. Second Edition. 12mo, cloth. 

London, 1852 

1958 MACKENZIE, Alexander. Voyages from Montreal, 
on the River St. Lawrence, through the Continent of North 
America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans; in the Years 
1789 and 1793. With a Preliminary Account of the Rise, 
Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of that 
Country. Portrait and maps. 4to, old marbled calf,' very 
»eat. London, 1801 




1959 MACKENZIE, Alexander. Another copy: the same. 
Portrait and maps, ito, half calf. London, 1801 

1960 MACKENZIE, Alexander Slidell. A Year, in 
Spain. Wood-cuts. 2 vols., crown 8vo, half calf. 

J. Murray, London, 1831 

1961 MACKENZIE, Alexander Slidell. The American in 
England. 2 vols, in 1, Vimo, half calf neat. 

New York, 1835 

1962 MACKEY, Albert G. The Principles of Masonic 
Law ; a Treatise on the Constitutional Laws, Usages, and 
LundiiiurJts (if freemason rv. Portrait. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1856 

1963 MACKEY, Albert G. A Lexicon op Freemasonry; 
containing a Definition of all its Communicable Terms, 
Notices of its History. Traditions, and Antiquities, and an 
Account of all the Rites, and Mysteries of the Ancient 
World. Second Edition, enlarged and improved by the 
Author. \2mo, cloth. * Charleston. 1852 

1964 MACKEY, Albert G. Another copy: new and im- 
proved Edition (the Fifth, enlarged by the Author). Por- 
trait. \%mo,ehth. ' Philadelphia, 1860 

1965 MACKL1N, Charles. Memoirs of the Life of ; Princi- 
pally compiled from his own Papers and Memorandums, 
which contain his Criticisms on, and Characters and Anec- 
dotes of, Betterton, Booth, Wilks, Cibber, Gurrick, Barry, 
Mossop, Sheridan, Foote, Quln.and most of his Contempora- 
ries: together with his Valuable Observations on the Drama, 
on the Science of Acting, and on Various other Subjects. 
The Whole forming a Comprehensive but Succinct History 
of the Stage, which includes a Period of One Hundred Years. 
By James Thomas Kirkman. Portrait. 2 vols., old mar- 
bled calf. oil!, yellow edges. London. 1799 

1966 MACNISH, Robert, M. D. Tales, Essays, and Sketch- 
es ; with the Author's Life, by his Friend, D. M. Moir. 
Second Edition. Portrait. 2 voh.. foolscap 8™, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1844 

1967 MACOY, Robert. The Masonic Manual, a Pocket 
Companion for the Initiated ; containing the Rituals of Free- 
masonry, Embraced in the Degrees of the Lodge, Chapter 
and Encampment. Together with Forms of Masonic 
Documents, Notes, Songs, Dates, etc., compiled and ar- 
ranged by Robert Macoy. Fourth Edition. Above 300 
wood-cuts. 32mO, cloth, gilt edges. New York, 1854 

1968 MADAN, Martin, D. D. Tiielyphthora : or a Treatise 
on Female Ruin, in its Causes, Effects, Consequences, Pre- 
vention, and Remedy: considered on the Basis of the Divine 
Law, under the following Heads, viz: Marriage, Whoredom, 

)y GoogIe 



and Fornication, Adultery, Polygamy, Divorce : with many 
other Incidental Matters, particularly including an Exami- 
nation of the Principles and Tendency of Stat 26 Geo. II. 
c. 33, commonly called the Marriage Act 3 vols., Svo, old 
sprinkled calf, neat. J.Dodsley, London, 1780-81 

" The coritruviTsv which tliis singular work occasioned lasted Ions, and wa« 
carried or: with great keennesa. In it the. author maintains the Wfnincts of 
polygamy as lj;i; ;:■ .mr i i- Ti /■■!■:] by lliu Mosaic Law, and therefore ulij^LdMy 
on Christians." — Lowndes. 

1969 MADDEN, Richard Robert. The Infirmities op Gen- 
ius, illustrated by referring the Anomalies in the Literary 
Character, io the Habits and Constitutional Peculiarities of 
Men of Genius. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1833 

1970 MADEMOISELLE Mori. A Tale of Modern Rome. 
Crown 8w, cloth. Boston, 1860 

1971 MADISON, James. Letters and other "Writings. 
Portrait. 4 vols., &vo, half green morocco, neat, gilt tops, 
rough edges. Philadelphia. 1865 

1972 MAFPEI, A., Conte. Brigand Life in Italy; a His- 
tory of Bourbonist Reaction. Edited from Original and 
Authentic Documents. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1865 

1973 MAGINN, William. The O'Doherty Papers. An- 
notated by Dr. Shelton Mackenzie. Portrait. 2 vols., I'imo, 
cloth. New York, 1855 

1974 MAGOON, Elias L., D. D. Proverbs for the People, 
or Illustrations of Practical Godliness drawn from the Book 
of Wisdom. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1849 

125ff'MAINE. Reports on the Adjutant General of the 

State of Maine; December 1, 1860. Svo, pp. 38, paper. 

Augusta. I860 

1976 MAINE. Reports of the Maine State Prison: of the appointed by the Legislature, 1860, and, of the 
Warden, Inspectors, Physician, and Chaplain, 1863. 2 
pamphlets, 8vo. Augusta, 1860-63 

1977 MAINE Historical Society. Collections of. (Vol. 
I. reprinted for the Society, with Corrections and Additions. 
William Willis. Editor, lrii'J3.) M/ps. portraits, etc. 6 volt., 
8vo, cloth. Published for the Society, Portland, 1847-65 

1978 MAINE (The) Register, and State Reference Book; 
1852. 12mo. cloth. HaHowell, 1852 

1979 MAINTENON, Franchise d'Aubigne, Marquise de. 
The Secrkt Correspondence of, with the Princess des 
Ursins; from the Original Manuscripts in the Possession of 
the Duke de Choiseul. Translated from the French [by 
Mrs. Charlotte Lennox]. Portraits. 3 vols., Hvo, cloth. 

London, 1827 

1980 MATTLAND, Samuel Roffet, D. D. The Dark: 
Ages ; a Series of Essays intended to illustrate the State of 

)y GoogIe 



Keligion and Literature in the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and 
Twelfth Centuries. Third Edition. 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1853 

1981 MALCOLM, James P. An Historical Sketch of the 
Art of Caricaturing ; with Graphic Illustrations. Con- 
tains 31 curious plates of ancient and modern caricatures. Mo, 
calf, very neat. London, 1813 

1982 MALIBRAN de Beriot, Maria Felicia. Memoirs 
and Letters op. By the Countess de Merlin ; with Notices 
of the Progress of the Musical Drama in England. 2 vols. 
in 1, 12mo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1840 

1983 MALLING, Ove. Great and Good Deeds of Danes, 
Norwegians, and IIolstefnians, translated. Portrait of 
•'■ Fi-edtrik (VI.), Prince Royal of Denmark," engraved by 
J. Heath, after a pklnrc hi/ Lips. Royal ito, calf very neat, 
marbled edges. Large paper. London, 1807 

1984 MALONE, Edmond. An Inquiry into the Authen- 
ticity of Certain Miscellaneous Papers and Legal 
Instruments, published Dec. 24, mdccxcv., and attrib- 
uted to Shakspeare, Queen Elizabeth, and Henry, Earl of 
Southampton ; illustrated by fV.- si miles of the Genuine 
Hand -Writing of tbat Nobleman and of her Majesty, a 
New Fac-simile of tbe Hand-Writing of Shakspeare, never 
before exhibited, and other Authentic Documents. In a 
Letter addressed to the Right Hon. James, Earl of Charle- 
mont, 8vo, old marbled calf, yellow edges. 

London, 1796 

1985 MALTA (The) Penny Magazine. September 14, 1839- 
Ih'-cmbrr 25, 1841. Published weekly. 2 vols., post 4to, 
cloth. (Valletta), 1840-41 

1986 MALTE-BRTTN, Malthe Conrad Bruun, called. Uni- 
versal Geography, or a Description of all the Parts of 
the World, according to the Great Natural Divisions of the 
Globe ; Improved by the Addition of the most Recent Infor- 
mation, derived from Various Sources. 4 vols.; Svo, old calf. 

Philadelphia, 1827-29 

1987 MALTE-BRUN, Malthe Conrad Bruun, called. Pre- 
cis de la Geographie Universf.lle, ou Description 
de toutes les Parties du Monde, sur un Plan Nouveau, 
d'aprtis les Grandes Divisions Naturelles du Globe ; prece- 
des de l'Histoire de la Geographie chez les l'euples Anciens 
et Moderns, et d'une Theorie Generate de la Geographie 
Mathematique, Physique, et Politique; accompagnee de 
Cartes, de Tableaux Anaiytiques, Synoptiques, Statistiques, 
et Elementaires; et d'une Table Alphabetique des Npms de 
Lieux, de Montagues, de Rivieres, etc. Cinquieme Edition, 
revue, corrigee, mise dans un Nouvel Ordre, et augmentee 
de toutes les Nouvelles Decouvertes ; par M. J.-J.-N.-Huot 




Numerous plates ; and an atlas of 72 colored maps of which 
14 are double. 6 vols, imperial 8vo ; 1 vol imperial 4to ; half 
calf extra. Paris, 1343 

1988 MALTE-BRTJN, Malthe Conrad Broun, called. A 
Description op all Parts of the World, according to 
the Great Natural Divisions of the Globe, with Analytical, 
.Synoptical, and Elementary Tables ; or, Universal Geogra- 
phy. With Additions and Corrections, by James G. Per- 
cival. A New Edition, containing Recent Geographical 
Discoveries. Changes in Political Geography, and other 
"Valuable Additions ; compiled, from the late French Edi- 
tions of Malte-Brun, by M. M. Huot and Lavallee, and 
other late Authorities, by W. A. Crafts. Numerous large 
plates and colored maps. 3 vols., Ato, half morocco. 

Boston, 1863. 

1989 MANDEVILLE, Bernard de, M. D. The Virgin Un- 
mask'd, or Female Dialogues betwixt an Elderly Maiden 
Lady and her Niece, on Several Diverting Discourses : on 
Love, Marriage, Memoirs, and Morals, etc. The Second 
Edition, Grown 8ro, half calf extra, marbled edges. 

London, 1724 

1990 MANDEVILLE, Bursa rd i>e, M. D. The Fable of 
the Beks; or, Private Vices, Public Benefits: with an 
Essay on Charity and Charity- Schools, and a Search into 
the Natureof Society. The Ninth Edition; to which is 
added, a Vindication of the Book from the Aspersions con- 
tained in a Presentment of the Grand Jury of Middlesex, 
and an Abusive Letter to the Lord C. Both parts. 2 
vols., Vimo.calf. Edinburgh, 1755 

"In a second volume, which was subsequently pubTidieil tcornpjrmivt'ylinlp 
]"»»vn, lliui.-livrry "Vltw 
in a more systematic form," etc. See " Edinburgh Review," Vol. XLY1II., 

1991 MANN, Horace. Life of; by his Wife. 12me, cloth. 

Boston, 1865 

1992 MANN, Horace. Thoughts selected from the 
Writings of. 16mk>, cloth, gib. edges. Boston, (1868) 

1993 MANTELL, Gideon Algkrnon. A Pictorial Atlas 
of Fossil Remains, consisting of Coloured Illustrations 
selected from Parkinson's " Organic Remains of a Former 
World," and Artis's " Antedeluvian Phytology;" with De- 
scriptions. With seventy-four plates, containing nearly nine 
hundred fgures. 4to, cloth. 

H. G. Bohn, London, 1850 

1994 MANUSCRIPT. A Pocket Volume written upon 
Vellum, in Latin and German; apparently the work of some 
alchimist of the sixteenth century. About 100 leaves 3x4 
inches. (Germany, cir. 1600?) 

)y GoogIe 



1995 MANUSCRIPT. A Poetical Table Book of the 
Seventeenth Century; containing Poems, Original and 
Selected, in various Hands and at Various Dates, written in 
the Early Part «f the Seventeenth Century, 4to, 8§ X "' 
inches, vellum covers, gilt, edges. (England, cir. 1625) 

This book bdmijri'fl to Sir Soger TwysfU'ii. tin; historian, and at 
page SJ, ami cl-cwh.rc, uri: i i:o.".-. prul.aijly r.: his iiatitl. .\e,.r ' he end is 
an cie-;v tliu [iffl. two vcr-t-s <>: ulndi fii'.tdiii tin; Fitfo-JC " VViii.itti 
Twvstli'tj." Aii!0:ifl I Lit- u:-i^iiial cunlrilnLlions an: tlliiSC or' Sir Warhom St. 
Lci'i:. A-itimiv St. l.i.'iiiT, l.iv.:rrticc Ap.^Wuri'.littm. Sir Hugli (Jholmley, Sir 
Edward Hcrlit-rt, Sir Kilmoiiri St:ory, Lord Faukland, ate, etc. 

1996 MANUSCRIPT. Libro Primero de las Missas de la 
Virgen Ncestua Sf.noha; Missas Votibas de Sanctos i 
Fiestas Movibles. Para el Uso del Cobento y Hospital de 
Nuestra Sentira de Bethlem, de Mexico. Beautifully 

57 LARGE ILLUMINATED CAPITALS. Contains 134 leaves 
(numbered), and H leaves of music and tables. "Aspekges 
al fin." Folio, 20 X 14 inches, calf over wood, with iron 
clasps, gilt edges. Mexico, 1702 

The Colophon is dated September 24, 1702. 

1997 MAPS of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful 
Knowledge. (With an index to the Principal Places in 
the World, with Reference to the Modern Maps ; by the Rev. 
James Mickleburgh, A. M.) Contains 218 colored maps, in- 
cluding the li maps of stars. 2 vols., elephant ito, half morocco ; 
1 vol. {index), Kvo, cloth. Original copy. London, 1844 

The impressions iini dearth in the original copies than in those of a subsequent 

MAPS, PLANS, etc. 

1998 CARTE de i.a Navigation X Vapeur dans le Bassin 
DE la Mediteuranee. Colored. rfii. 1 , X'10 inches, mounted 
on cloth. Foldid and enclosed in case 4 J X 'ij inches. 

Public" par Andriveau-Gmijon, Paris, 1851 

1999 COLLINS' Complete Map of the Crimea, shewing the 
Military and Carriage Roads, with Distances from Various 
Points on the Western Coast. Colored. 20 X 25J inched. 
Folded in paper cover 4X6 inches. 

H. G. Collins, (London,) s. a. 

2000 DEUTSCHLAND, Konigr. der Niederlande Kw- Bel- 
gien unci die Mchweiz, nebst Thcilen der Angiitnzenden Lan- 
der ; nach Adolf Stieler's Entwurf in Jahr 1836 : besonders 
zuin Reiscgcbniueh eingeriehtet, mit Bczeiclinung der Stras- 
sen, Eiliva^cn-nnct Extra- post- Ron ten, miter Mitwirkttng des 
Geh.-Hof.-n. Finauzraths und Ober-post-Conimissairs F. M. 
Diez. Gemeinsehaftlicli gezeichnet von. F. v. Sttilpnagel, 
Konigl. Preuss. Hauptmann a. D-, tind J. C. Bar, 1838. 

)y GoogIe 


Colored. 34 X 42 inches, mounted on cloth. Folded and en- 
closed in case 5^ X 8^ inches. 

Justus Perthes, Gotha, 1838 

2001 INDIA, within and beyond the Ganges, with Tibet 
and the Chinese Provinces; including the Malayan and 
Chinese Seas. (Drawn and engraved under the Direction 
of J. & C. Walker.) Colored. 26 X 40 inches, mounted 
on cloth. Folded and enclosed in case 5^ X 9 inches. 

(London), s. a. 

2002 KELLER'S Zwente Reisekarte dek Sciiweiz. Colored. 
21JX 26 inches, mounted on cloth. Folded, and enclosed in 
case 4i X 9 inches. H. Keller, Zurich, 1840 

2003 MAPA Special de los Caminos de i.os Ueynos de Es- 
pana y de Portugal; indicando la Distancia de un Lngar 
a Dtro y la de Madrid y de Lisboa a las Principales Ciudades 
de aquellosReynos. Por De Simencourt. 21 J X 31|mMes, 
run aided on cloth. Folded and enclosed in case 5^ X 7 finches. 

Paris, 1837 

2004 PIANTA di Roma ; publicata nell' Anno mdcccliii., da 
Luigi Piale. 2G-J- X 36 inches, mounted on doth. Folded und 
enclosed in case 4f X 6f inches. (Roma), 1853 

2005 PLAN de la Bataille de Waterloo, ou de Mont-St- 
Jean ; rednit du Grand Plan dc la memc I In.tnille, diesse et 
publie en 1816. Par W. B. Craan. Colored. 17$ X 23£ 
incites. Folded in half morocco cover ■>■',■ X 'H inches. 

Publie par H. Gerard. Bruxelles, 1840 

2006 PLAN of London and Westminster, with the Borough 
of Southwark ; reduced from the Large Plan in Forty Sheets. 
Colored. 30 X 44 inches, mounted on. cloth. Folded and en- 
closed in case 5X3 inches. J. Wyld, (London), 1842 

2007 MARANA, Giovanni Paolo. The Eight Volumes of 
Letters wkit by a Turkish Spy. who lived Five and 
Forty Years, undiscover'd at Paris; giving an Impartial Ac- 
count to the Divan, at Constantinople, of the most Remark- 
able Transactions of Europe, and Discovering Several In- 
triques and Secrets of the Christian Courts (especially of that 
of France) from the Year 1637 to the Year 1682. Written 
Originally in Arabick, translated into Italian, from thence 
into English; and now published with a large Historical 
Preface and Index to illustrate the Whole, by the Translator 
of the First Volume. Frontispiece by F. II. Van Hove. 8 
vols., l2mo, old calf. " London, 1718 

This work was originally writ:™ Untiicr rii Fitm-!i or T':i!imj) by Marana, a 
Genof se of nobla family, while an exile residing in Paris. 

2008 MARANA, Giovanni Paolo. Another copy : the 
Twenty-sixth Edition. Frontispiece by J. Basire. 8 vols., 
12mo, mottled calf, green edges. London, 1770 



2009 HARCENAY de Ghuy, Antoine de, CEuvke de. Cet 
CEuvre consiste en Diflerens Morceaux d'Histoircs, Portraits, 
Paisages, Batailles, &c, d'aprcs le Poussin, Vandick, Rem- 
brandt, le Brun, et autres Maitres. Contains fine impressions 
of 56 {large and small) plates by this artist, wlio was one of 
the most successful imitators of /,'„> style of Rembrandt. Im- 
perial 4to, half morocco. Paris, (1755-1778) 

2010 MARLOWE, Cheistophek. The "Works of. (Edited, 
with Life, by George Robinson.) 3 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. W. Pickering, London, 1826 

2011 MARMONTEL, Jean Francois. Moral Tales. (Trans- 
lated by C. Dennis and R. Lloyd.) A New Edition. Plates 
by Sharp, etc. 3 vols., X'Zmo, marbled calf, gilt, i/ellow edges. 

London, 1800 

2012 MAROLLES, Michel de. Tableaux dd Temple des 
Muses, tirez du Cabinet de Feu M? Favereau, representant 
les Vertus et les Vices, sur les Plus Illustrcs Fables de l'Anti- 
qnite ; avec les Descriptions, Remarques, & Annotations. 
Portrait of Favereuu, frontispiece, artel 5,S flutes cut/raved by 
J.lloemaert after designs by Diepcnbeeek. Folio, rah', trill, mar- 
bled edges. J. du Puys, Paris, IG63 

2013 MARRYAT, Captain Frederick. Snarleyyow, or the 
Dog Fiend. 8vo,paper. Paris, 1837' 

2014 MARRYAT, Captain Frederick. A Diary in America, 
with Remarks on its Institutions. 3 vols., crown fivo, half 
calf, extra. First series. London, 1839 

2015 MARRYAT, Captain Frederick. A Diary in America, 
with Remarks on its Institutions. Part Second. Mops., 
3 vols., crown Svo, cloth, uncut. Second series. 

London, 1839 

2016 MARRYAT, Captain Frederick. The Complete Works 
OF. 2 vols, in 1, royal Svo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1850 

2017 MARRYAT, Joseph. A History of Pottery and 
Porcelain, Mediaeval and Modern. Second Edition, 
revised and augmented. With I) fine colored plates, each rep- 
resent! tig two specimens, and numerous wood-cuts. Svo, tree 
calf, gilt, marbled edges. J. Murray, London, 1857 

2018 MARRYAT, Joseph. Another copy: the same. With 
same plates, etc. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

J. Murray, London, 1857 
20 L9 MARSH, George Perkins. The Origin and History 
of the English Language, and of the Early Literature 
it Embodies. Svo, cloth. New York, 1862 

2020 MARSHALL, John. The Life op George Washing- 
ton, First President of the United States ; compiled under" 
the Inspection of the Hon. Bushrod Washington, from Orig- 
inal Papers bequeathed to him by his deceased Relative. 


)y GoogIe 


To which is prefixed^ an Introduction, containing a Com- 
pendious View of the Colonies planted by the English on 
the Continent of North America. Portrait by J. Fittkr after 
Stuart, maps, plans, and plates. 5 vols., 8wo, old calf, very 
neat . R. Phillips, London, 1804-07 

2021 MARSHALL, Lieut. John, E.N. Royal Naval Bi- 
ography, or Memoirs of the Services of all the Flag- 
Officers, Superannuated Rear- Admirals, Retired- Captains, 
Post-Captains, and Commanders, whose Karnes appeared on 
the Admiralty List of Sea Officers at the Commencement 
of the Present Year (1823), or who have since been pro- 
moted ; illustrated by a Scries of Historical and Explana- 
tory Notes, which will be found to contain an Account of 
all the Naval Actions, and other Important Events, from 
the Commencement of the late Reign in 1760, to the Pres- 
ent Period. With Copious Addenda. 12 vols., 8vo, half 
calf, exim. mo.rbkd edges. London, 1823-35 

2022 MARTIAL (The) Achievements of Great Britain 
and her Allies, from 1799 to 1815. A series of 53 colored 
plates (including the arms of Wellington), with descriptive let- 
ter-press. Imperial, half crimson morocco, neat, gilt top, 
uncut. London, (1814-15) 

2023 MARTIAL. Epigrams, with Mottos from Horace, etc.; 
translated, imitated, adapted, and addrcst to the Nobility, 
Clergy, and Gentry. With Notes Moral, Historical, Ex- 
planatory, and Humorous. By the Rev. Mr. Scott. 12mo, 
sheep. London, 1773 

2024 MARTIAL. The Epigrams of; translated into English 
Prose, each accompanied by one or more Verse Translations, 
from the Works of English Poets, and Various other Sources. 
Post 8w>. cloth, uncut. London, 1860 

2025 MARTIN, Bon Louis Henri. History of France, 
from the most Remote Period to 1789. Authorized Trans- 
lation; from the Fourth Paris Edition, by Mary L. Booth. 
Map, portraits, etc, 4 vols., imperial 8ro, cloth, roiajh edges. 
Large paper: only 75 copies printed. 

Boston, 1865-66 

M. Martin' 3 history is divided into cijrlit pari', of i»o volumes each, and an 

.mug seventeen vr.iH s: il,o ,.:\ C'a. pans, or epogns, oemg com- 

,„,,... -msiilvca. The above four ytilimies oontam the si-vftuli and eighth 

p, lr ts (Vois. -\ni.-XVi.),<M„ i) „ al n B tl.eAgeof Lou.s XIV., and the De- 
ituni of IS; Lixiicii Monarchy. 

2026 MARTIN, Charles. The Civil Costume op England; 
from the Conquest to the Present Time. Drawn from 
Tapestries, Monumental Effigies, Illuminated Manuscripts, 
Portraits, etc. ; etched by Leopold Martin. A series of 61 
plates, highly illuminated in gold, silver, and colors. Royal ito, 
cloth, arms of Prince Albert on side, gilt edges. 

London, 1842 

)y GoogIe 


2027 MARTIN, John. A Bibliographical Catalogue op 
Books Printed ; including; those of the Ban- 
natyne, Maitland, and Roxburghe Clubs, and of (he Private 
Presses at Darlington, Auchinleck, Lee Priory, Newcastle, 
Middle Hill, and Strawberry Hill. Frontispiece and wood- 
cuts. 8vo, tree calf, marbled edges. First edition. 

London, 1834 

2028 MARTIN, Manuel. Ejercicio Cotidiano db Dife- 
rentes Oracionks, para Antes y Despues de la Confusion 
y Comunion ; con tin Ejercicio para la Santa Misa. Re- 
copilado de Varios Autorcs, por D. Manuel Martin. Niieva 
Edicion, adornada eon 27 Laniinas Finas. Only 6 plates. 
ISmo, calf. Valencia, 1821 

2029 MARTIN", Rojhirt Montgomery. The Indian Empire: 
History, Topography, Geology, Climate, Population, Chief 
Cities, and Provinces; Tributary and Protected Slates; 
Military Power and Resi'iiives : RtiliiMOi), Education, Crime; 
Land Tenures; Staple Products; Government, Finance, 
and Commerce. With a Full Account of the Meeting of 
the Bengal Army; of the Insurrection in Western India; 
and an Exposition uf the Alleged Causes. Maps, portraits, 
and views. 3 vols., imperial Svo. hoi)' morocco, marbled edges. 

London, (1859?) 

2030 MAKTINEATJ, Harriet. Retrospect op Western 
Travel. 3 vols., 1 imo, half calf, extra. London, 1838 

2031 MARITNEAU, Harriet. Health, Husbandry, and 
Handicraft. Crown ^ro, cloth, uncut. London, 1861 

2032 MASF.RES, Francis. The Canadian Freeholder, in 
Two Dialogues, between an Englishman and a Frenchman, 
settled in Canada; shewing the Sentiments of the. Bulk of 
the Freeholders of Canada concerning the late Quebec- 
Act, with some Remarks on the Boston -Charter Act, and an 
Attempt to shew the great Expediency of Immediately Re- 
pc!iilin« both those Acts of Parliament, and of making some 
other Useful Regulations and Concessions to his Majesty's 
American Subjects, as a Ground for Reconciliation with the 
United Colonies in America. 3 vols., &vo, half calf, neat. 

London, 1777-79 

2033 MA SIUS, Dr. Hermann. Studies from Nature, Trans- 
lated by Charles Boner. Illustrated by E. Basse, of Leip- 
sic. Crown Svo, cloth, uncut. London, 1854 

2034 MASON, George Ciiamphn. Re-Union op the Sons 
and Daughters of Newport, R. I., August 23, 1859. 
Compiled and printed by Order of the General Committee 
of Arrangements. 12mo, cloth. Newport, R. I., 1859 

Contains a history of (he '' Redwood Library and Athena: um," from its estab- 
lishment in 1730, to iis enlargement in 1859. 



2035 MASON, John Monck. Comments on the Plats of 
Beaumont and Fletchke; with an Appendix, containing 
some further Observations on Shakespeare, extended to the 
late Editions of Malone and Steevcns. 8vo, boards, rough 
edges. Loudon, 1798 

2036 MASON, Thomas Monck. Aekohatjtica, or Sketches 
illustrative of the Theory and Practice of Aerostation ; com- 
prising an enlarged Account of the late Aerial Expedition 
to Germany. &vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1838 

2037 MASON, William. The Works op. Fine portraits of 
Mason, Robert Earl of Holdemesse, and William Burgh, en- 
graved by Robert Cooper. Avals., Hi-n, sprinkled calf, wry 
neat; with MS. notes and cuttings from reviews, >:ahdogi'.rs, 
etc. London, 1811 

2038 MASONIC Pamphlets. Addresses, etc. : — A Masonic 
Address at Wiscasset, June 24, a. l. 5813; by Freeman 
Parker. HaUowell, 1813. — An Address at the Annual 
Communication of the Grand Lodge of Maine, Junniiry 23, 
1830 ; hy Samuel Fessenden, Esq. Portland, 1830. — His- 
torical Narrative, Explanation, and Vindication of the Course 
pursued by the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, in 
relation to the Unrnasonie and Unconstitutional Attempt of 
a Portion of their Body to Rcvolutionizo tin: Organization 
thereof; addressed to the Grand Lodges of the World, etc. 
New York, 1849. — Address delivered before the General 
Grand Chapter of the United States, in the City of Hartford, 
Connecticut, September 9, 1 85G ; by M. E. Robert P. Dunlap, 
G. G. H. P. {Portland), 1856. — Address delivered before 
the Grand Lodge of Maine, in the City of Portland, May 4, 
1858 ; by M. W. Robert P. Dunlap, Grand Master. (9 
copies.) Portland, 1858. — A Sermon delivered in Orono, 
Maine, February 7, 1859, at the Funeral of Charles Oscar 
Ross, by Rev. L. Barstow ; with an Address to the Frater- 
nity, by Rev. J. C. Knowlton, of Oldtown. {2 copies.) 
Bangor, 1859. Together, U) pamphlets {incbnliw/ 9 li/ip/irn'i-s). 

HaUowell, Portland, etc., 1813-59 

2039 MASONIC Pamphlets. Proceedings or the Grand 
Bodiks op the State op Maine: Grand Commandery, 
Annual Conclaves held at Portland; Tears, 1853, 1854—5-6 
together (2 copies), 1857, 1858 (2 copies), 1859, I860.— 
Grand Council (Royal and Select Masters), Annual Convo- 
cations held at Portland ; Years, 1856, 1857, 1858 (2 copies), 

185 9, 1860. — Grand Chapter, Annual Convocations held 
at Portland (and at Bangor in 1851) ; Years, 1851 (2 
copies), 1853 (2 copies), 1856, 1857, 1858 (2 copies), 1859 

1860. — Grand Lodge, Annual Communications held at 
Portland (and at Augusta 1838-46) ; Years, 1826, 1838 
(2 copies), 1839, 1840, 1841, 1846, 1853, 1854 (2 copies), 

)y GoogIe 



1855, 1856, 1857, 1858 (2 copies), 1859, I860. Together, 41 
pumpfi/c'.i (inrlti-di-iiq 9 di.ipUciii'.s). 

Portland and Augusta, 1826-60 

2040 MASONIC Pamphlets. By-Laws, Constitutions, etc., 
of Various Masonic Bodies : Act of Incorporation (June 
16, 1820) and By-Laws of the Grand Lodge of Maine, 
adopted January 11, 1821. Augusta, 1839. —Act of Incor- 
poration (January 19, 1822) and By-Laws of the Grand 
Chapter of Maine (with Annual Communication held in 
1845). Portland, 1845.— .By-Laws of St. John's Encamp- 
ment No. 3, Bangor, Me. Bangor, 1850. — Constitutions 
and Genera] Regulations of the Grand Lodge of Maine, re- 
vised and adopted May 4, 1849. Portland, 1854. — By- 
Laws of King Hiram Chapter, Lewiston, Me., approved and 
adopted May, 1855. Portland, 1855.— By-Laws of Blue 
Mountain Lodge, Phillips, Me., adopted November, 1851. 
Portland, 1856. — By-Laws of King Solomon's Chapter, 
Rockland, Me., revised and adopted, 1857. Rockland, 
1857. — By-Laws of Orient Lodge No. 15, Thomas ton. Me. 
Portland, 1863. Together, ^pamphlets. 

Augusta, Portland, etc., 1839-63 

2041 MASONIC Pamphlkts. Proceedings op the Grand 
Lodge of the State of Maine, at its Annual Communi- 
cations, Portland. 1 848-5 6. — Address of Hon. Benjamin 
B. French, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Dis- 
trict of Columbia, delivered at Portland before the Grand 
Lodge of Maine, June 26, 1849. — Constitutions and Gen- 
eral Regulations of the Grand Lodge of Maine, revised and 
adopted May 4, 1819. Together, 11 pamphlets lam\d in 1 
vol., thick Svo, half morocco. Portland, 1848-56 

2042 MASONIC Pamphlets. Proceedings of the Grand 
Chapter of the State of Maine, at its Annual Convoca- 
tions held at Portland (and at Bangor in 1851) in the Years 
1846-56. — By-Laws of the Grand Chapter of Maine. — 
Proceedings of the Genera] Urand Chapter for the United 
States, held at Boston, September 10, 1850. Together, 12 
ptiiiiphlds luimiA iii or, v. vol., thro, half crimson morocco. 

Portland, 1847-56; Washington, 1850 

2043 MASONIC Songs. Songs used by Fref.-Masons in all 
Good Lodges. Consists of pp. 93-108 of some old musoni'- 
work, post 9vo size. (America, 17 — ?) 

2044 MASSACHUSETTS. Annual Reports of the Adju- 
tant-General ; for the Years ending December 31, 1862, 
1863, and 1865. 3 vols., paper andcloih. 

Boston, 1863-66 

2045 MASSACHUSETTS. Debates, Resolutions, and other 
Proceedings of the Convention of the Commonwealth of 
Massachusetts, convened at Boston, on the 9th of January, 

)y GoogIe 


1788. and continued until the 7th of February following, for 
the Purpose of Assenting to ami Rulif'vinsi the Constitution 
recommended by the Grand Federal Convention ; together 
with the Yeas and Nays on the Decision of the Grand 
Question. To which the Federal Constitution is prefixed. 
Small 4to, sheep. Boston, 1788 

2046 MASSACHUSETTS. Debates and Proceedings in 
the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
held in the Year 1788, and which finally ratified the Con- 
stitution of the United States. [Edited by Bradford K. 
Peirce and Charles Hale.] Bvo, doth. Boston, 1856 

2047 MASSACHUSETTS. Journal op Debates and Pro- 
ceedings in the Convention of Delegates, chosen to Revise 
the Constitution of Massachusetts, bi.^tin and Itolden at Bos- 
ton, November ];'>, 1820, .iik] continued by Adjournment to 
January 9, 1821. New Edition, revised and corrected. 8vo, 
doth. Boston, 1853 

2048 MASSACHUSETTS. General Laws and Resolves 
passed by the Legislature of; during the Session of 1863. 
Index. 8vo, pp. 101. (Boston. l«(;;i) 

2049 MASSACHUSETTS. Manual for the Use or the 
General Court, containins; the links and Orders of the 
Two Branches; together with the Constitution of the Com- 
nioinvoiilLl], and that (if the United States. Prepared by S. 
N. Gifford and Wm. S. Robinson. Plans. ISmo, cloth. 

Boston, 1867 

2050 MASSACHUSETTS. Records of the Governor and 
Company of Tin.; Massachusetts Bay in New Knulwd ■ 
1628-1686. Edited by Nathaniel 11. Shurtleff, M. D., etc. 
5 vols, in 6, ilo, cloth, ,/i/i. fops, uncut. Boston. 1853-54 

2051 MASSACHUSETTS. Reports concerning 1'roi'ektt 
in Trust, in the Gun n ion wealth of Massachusetts, as held 
by Certain Corporations, and bv Trustees under Acts of 
Incorporation. Acts of 1864, Chap. 239 ; and 1865, Chap. 
271. Published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. 
8vo, pp. 239, paper. Boston, 1866 

2052 MASSACHUSETTS. Statistical Information relat- 
ing to Certain Branches of Industry in Massachusetts, 
for the Year ending May 1, 1865. Prepared bv Oliver 
Warner, Secretary of the Commonwealth. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1866 

2053 MASSACHUSETTS. Thirteenth Annual Report of 
the Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Agri- 
culture, together with Reports of Committees appointed 
to visit the County Societies, with an Appendix containing 
an Abstract of the Finances of the County Societies, for 
the Year 1865. Wood-cuts, Svo, cloth. Boston, 1866 

)y GoogIe 



2054 MASSEY, William. A Histort of England, during 
the Reion of George the Third. 4 vols., Svo, half calf, extra, 
marbled edges. ' London, l85o-63 

2055 MASSINGER, Philip. The Plats op ; with Notes, 
Critical and Explanatory, by W. Gifford, Esq. The Sec- 
ond Edition. Portrait after one by T. Cross. 4 vols., royal 
8»o, smooth crimson morocco, very neat, contents lettered, gilt 
edges, by Holloway. Large paper : few printed. 

London, 1813 

" Best edition, hut not perceptiblv ii:(IVruii! from the previous one of 1805, of 
poet than Urn 
never issued from (lie press.'" — Lowtiilel. See Jomson, IIf.n. 

2056 MASSINGKE, Philip. Another copy: the edition al- 
luded to in the above note. Portrait. 4 vols., 8vo, old mottled 
calf, giU. Lr^clon, l80o 

2057 MASSON, David. The Life of John Milton ; narrated 
in connection with the Political, Ecclesiastical, and Literary 
History of his Time. Por'raHs andfuc-simUes. Vol. I, 1608- 
1639. 8w>, cloth. Boston, 18»9 

2058 MATHER, Cotton, D. D., and Rhv. Joseph Sewall. 
Hades Look'b Into: the Power of Our Great Saviour 
over the Invisible World, and the Gates of Death which 
lead into that World; considered in a Sermon preached at 
the Funeral of the Honourable Wait Winthrop, Esq., who 
expired 7 d. IX. m. 1717, in the lxxvi. Year of his Age. 
By C. Mather, D. D., & F. K. S. Title ; Preface % Increase 
Mather, pp. vi. ; The Keys of the. Invisible World, and Kpi- 
taphii'in. pp. 46. — The Character and Blessedness ok 
the Upright; a Sermon occasion'd by the Death of the 
Honourable Wait Wiuthrop. Esq., who expired Nov. 7, 1717, 
iElatis 711. liv Joseph Sewall, A. M.. Pastor of a Church 
of Christ in Boston. Title ; and pp. 1 -10- Together, \ vol., 
16mo. paper. Printed by T. Crump, Boston, 1717 

2059 MATHER, Cotton, D. D. ; and Robert Calkf. The 
Witchcraft Delusion in New England : its Rise, Prog- 
ress and Termination, as exhibited by l)i: Cotton .Mather in 
the Wonders of the Invisible World; ami hy Mr. Ilobeil. Calel, 
in his More Wonders of the Invisible \\ orld. With a Pref- 
ace, Introduction, and Notes, by Samuel C. Drake. 3 vols., 
foolscap Vo. paper, rough edges. O.NLY 28U ooi'iKS IN THIS 

size, and 50 on large paper. Roxbury, Mass., 1866 

Literal r^prinla from (lie editions of 1(393 and 1700, print.s.l liy .Tori Munsell, 
Alhj.iy, f.irmirif; V«!«. V., VI., VMI. of " Woodward's Historic! Series." 

2060 MATHER, Increase, D. D., and Cotton, D. D. The 
History op Kino Philip's War, by the Rev. Increase 
Mather D. D. ; also, a History of the same War, by the Rev. 
Cotton Mather, D. D. To which are added an Introduction 
and Notes, by Samuel G. Drake. Portraits and pedigree oj 

)y GoogIe 


the Mathers ; and a fine portrait of Dr. Window Lewis, on 
India paper. Royal 4to, paper, rough edges. Large paper: 
only 10 copies in thih size. Boston, 1862 

Literal Tvin-inl. of which Ihc edition was limited to 10 copiea on large paper 
and 250 in foolscap quarto. 

2061 MATHER, Increase, D. D. Early History of New 
England: being a Relation of Hostile Passages between 
the Indians and European Voyagers and First Settlers, and 
a Full Narrative of Hostilities, to the Close of the War with 
the Pequots, in the Year 1637; also a Detailed Account of 
the Origin of the Win* with King Philip. By Increase 
Mather. With an Introduction and Notes, by Samuel G. 
Drake. Royal Ate, paper, rough edges. I.a.hck paper : only 
11 copies in this size. Boston, 1864 

Edition limited t<i n ciinics mi lur-ni i-aper and -I'M in foolscap quarto. 

2062 MATHEWS, Memoirs op Charles Mathews, 
Comedian; by Mrs. Mathews. (Including his Autobiog- 
raphy.) Portraits and plates. 1 vols., Sco, half blue calf, 
extra, marbled edges. London, 1838 39 

2063 MATIIIAS, Thomas James. Pursuits of Literature; 
a Satirical Poem, in Four Dialogues, with Notes. First 
American, from the Seventh London Edition, revised. %vo, 
old marbled calf, yellow edges. Philadelphis 

. cal publication crr-ad '1 a ;;iL'at secsation ami considerable contro- 
versy." — Latitudes. 

2064 MATIIIAS, Thomas James. The Pursuits op Litera- 
ture; a Satirical Poem, in Four Dialogues, with Notes; to 
which are added an Appendix, the Citations translated, and 
a Complete Index. The Sixteenth Edition. Handseme/y 
printed by W. Bulmer § Co. Illustrated with 77 fine por- 
traits, e/igrarcd by Uoo.bra.ken, iiartoh^i. and other celebrated 
engravers, after Van Dyck, Sir ./. Reynolds, Sir T. Lawrence, 
and other eminent artists ; also ajar-simile of the Death War- 
rant of Charles I. A fen: of the portraits are. very nea'ly in- 
laid ; many of (hem are on India paper, and prong" impres- 
sions. Folio, half green morocco, extra, tfdt edges. Large 
paper ; only a. jew copies of this she printed, far illustration. 

London, 1812 

2065 MATTHL-E, August Heinrich. A Copious Greek 
Grammar; translated from the German, by Edward V. 
lilomfiekl. Fifth Fdition, thoroughly revised, and greatly- 
enlarged, from the Last Edition of the Original, by John 
Kenrick. (With the Index of Quotations from Greek Au- 
thors contained in this Edition.) 3 vols., S-vo. boards, uncut. 

J. Murray, London, 1832-33 

2066 MATTHIAS, Benjamin. Rules of Order. A Manual 
for Conducting Business in Town and Ward Meetings, 
Societies, Boards of Directors and Managers, and other 

)y GoogIe 


Deliberative Bodies ; based on Parliamentary, Congres- 
sional, and Legislative Practice. 18mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1851 
2067 MATTHISSON, Friedrich von. Letters written 
from Various Parts of the Continent, between the 
Years 1785 and 1794; containing a Variety of Anecdotes 
relative to the Present State of Literature in Germany, and 
to celebrated German Literati. With an Appendix. Trans- 
lated from the German by Anne Plumtre. Till?, wanting. 
8vo, old ma rlilcd ea/f; bin ding brolce. (London, 1799) 

"In (lie rippcinlix lire included three letters of the poet Gray, nuver before 
published in this country." — Loandll. 

20G8 MATURIN, Rev. Charles Robert. Melmoth the 
Wanderer ; a Tale. 4 vols., l2mo, half morocco. 

Edinburgh, 1820 

2069 MAUNDRELL, Rev. Henry. A Journey from Aleppo 
to Jerusalem at Easter, a. fa. 1697. The Fourth Edi- 
tion, to which is now added an Account of the Author's 
Journey to the Banks of the Euphrates at .Beer, and to the 
Country of Mesopotamia. Plates. 8?;o, old calf; with MS. 
notes. Printed at the Theatre, Oxford, 1721 

10 quore a- well :i" 10 ri'jLfl, ami wln>»r; Journal (Vein Ah [■.;■.<. 1« Jerusalem, 
Ihnuiili a I'II.'l- !id:ik-. :s vet wi.i'li a i'..i;.i. curt [= eoaecura'i [y'mifl iaiver.ionsly 
wri( ten, that it might serve as a model for :.ll writ emit i ravels.' " — Loumdes. 

2070 MAWE, John. Travels in the Interior of Brazil, 

particularly id the Gold and Diamond Districts of that 
Country, by Authority of the Prince Regent of Portugal ; 
including a Voyage to the Rio de la Plata, and an Historical 
Sketch of the Revolution of Buenos Ay res. Plates. 8vo, 
boards. Philadelphia, 1816 

2071 MAWE, John. A Treatise on Diamonds, and Pre- 
cious Stokks ; including their History, Natural and Com- 
mercial: to which is added, the Methods of Cutting and 
Polishing. With Colored Plates. Second Edition. Crown 
Svo, half calf. London, 1823 

2072 MAXIMILIAN, Alexander Philipp, Prince. Trav- 
els in Brazil, in the Years 1815, 1816, 1817. Map and 
plates. Ato, half morocco. London, 1820 

2073 MAXIMILIAN, Alexander Philipp, Prince. Trav- 
els in the Interior of North America. With Nu- 
merous Engravings on Wood, and a Large Map. Trans- 
lated from the German, by H. Evans Lloyd. To accom- 
pany the Original Scries of Eighty-one E labors terj- Coloured 
Plates ; size imperial folio. With the Atlas of Illustra- 
tions. 2 vofc., imperial Ato. and imperial jolin, half ru.ssia. 

Ackermann & Co., London, 1843-44 

2074 MAXWELL, Colonel Montgomery. My Adventures, 
Portraits of Gen. Mil Douglas and Col Maxwell. 2 vols., 
Itmo, half calf, extra. London, 1845 

)y GoogIe 



2075 MAXWELL, William Hamilton. Life op Field- 
Marshal the Duke op Wellington. Fifth Edition. 

Portraits and numerous fine platen, plans of battles, etc. 3 
vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt, marbled edges, by Riviere. 

London, 1852 

2076 MAYHEW, Edward. The Illustrated Horse Doc- 
tor ; being an Accurate and Detailed Account of the Va- 
rious Diseases lo which the Equine Race are subjected, 
together with the Latest Mode of Treatment, and all the 
Requisite Prescriptions, written in Plain English. Above, 
400 wood-cuts. 8vo, cloth. New York. 1861 

2077 MAYHEW, The Brothers. The Image of his Father; 
a Tale of a Young Monkey. Wood-cuts, Vhno, half calf. 

New York, 1848 

2078 M'BURNEY, I.; and Samuel Neil. Chronological 
Tables ; comprehendm:; ilie Chronology and History of the 
World, from the Earliest Records to the (lose of the Rus- 
sian War. First Division : Ancient and Medieval History, 
a. M. 1 to a. d. 1500. Second Division : Modern History, 
A.D. 1501 to A.D. 1856. Charts. 2 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1857 

2079 M'CALLUM, Hugh, and John. An Original Collec- 
tion of the Poems op Ossian, Orrann, Ulin, and other 
Raids, who flourished in the same Age. Collected and 
edited by Hugh and John M' Galium. 8vo, half morocco, 
very neat, gilt top, uncut. 

Printed for the Editors. Montrose (Scotland), 1816 

2080 MTAN, R. R. The Clans of the Scottish High- 
lands, illustrated by Appropriate Figures, displaying their 
Dress, Tartans, Arms, Armorial Insignia, and Sochd Occupa- 
tions, from Original Sketches by R. R. M°Iaii, Esq.; with 
accompanying Description and Historical Memoranda of 
Character. Mode of Life, etc., etc., by James Logan, Esq.. 
F. S. A. Sc, etc., etc. /lliiminotrd frtmti.spie'-cs and 72 full- 
length figures, VERY FINELY COLORED. 2 vols., imperial 
folio, half 'morocco, extra, gill edges. Large paper: fine 
copy. Ackernnum & Co.. London, 1845-47 

In tile large paper cuv.k's ihe iil:iti=s an: cokireil with extrii care. 

2081 MEAD, Henry. The Skfoy Revolt ; its Causes and its 
Consequences. 1 Gmo, boards. r London, 1858 

2082 MEDAILLES sur Les Principaux Ev^nements du 
Regne Entier ok Louis-le-Grand; avec des Explica- 
tions His toriq lies [par F. Charpentier, P. Tallemand, J. Ra- 
cine, Boileau Despicaux, etc.]. Second edition, with the 
continuation bg (JUat.dr. Grot, da S'.oze. Frontispiece, by Si- 
monneau Paine, after ..I. Cjypel, and '.US ntcdals ; each -page, 
surrounded with a different ornate border appropriate for ar- 



cliiterhiral and decorative purposes. Large folio, red morocco, 
gilt, arms gilt on sides, gilt edges. 

Imprimerie Royale, Paris, 1723 

This fire work i» wll pririied on a thick paper, upon one si(!« o:ily; tliu 
ljorvii'iv itn: iiv Ik'rjin. <.\iv;ni. and l.s Ckrdt ; the [.■■rliuiLj of (Lb Medals 
are by Kddinck, ami the reverses liyAudran and I'kart. 

2083 MEDICAL Botany: or, History of Plants in the Materia 
Medica of the Loudon. Edinburgh, and Dublin Pharmaco- 
poeias ; arranged accordiniv to the Lixnnean System. Por- 
trait of Liniia.'/ix and l;!S finely colored plates. '2 ivi/s., royal 

Svo. calf. gilt. " London, 1821-22 

2084 M EDWIN, Captain Thomas. The Ahglf.b in Walks, 
or Days and Nights of Sports men. Frontispieces by Land- 
secr, and fnc wood-cuts. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, neat, gilt 
tops. London, 1884 

2085 MEIER, Georg Friedrich. The Merry Philoso- 
pher, or Thoughts on Jesting ; containing Rules by 
which a Proper Judgment of Jests may be formed, and the 
Criterion for J.)istmj>»ishiiig True and Genuine Wit from 
that which is False and Spurious: together with Instruc- 
tions for Improving the Taste of those who have a Natural 
Turn for Pleasantry and Good Humour. Now first trans- 
lated into English from the German Original, Small Hvo, 
new sprinkled calf gilt, carmine edges. Fine copy. 

London, 1764 

2086 MELMOTH, William. Fitzosborne's Letters, on 
Several Subjects ; with the Dialogue concerning Ora- 
tory. To which is prefixed, a Memoir of the Author. 12mo, 
colt", extra., marbled edges. Boston, 1815 

2087 MEMOIRES de l'Inststtjt de France. Vols. I.-IV., 
Classe d'Histoire et de Litterature Ancienne ; Vols. V.- 
XV.. Academic des Inscriptions et Belles- Lettres (Vol. XL 
contenant la Table Alphabetize des Malieies trail.oes dans 
les Dix Premiers Volumes). Nuiiicroiu plates. 1 i> vols, in 
18, 4to, half calf, neat. Paris, 1815-45 

2088 MEMOIRS of a Certain Island adjacent to the 
Kingdom op Utopia, written by a Celebrated Author of 
that Country ; now translated into English. The Second 
Edition. 2 vols., Bvo, old calf. London, 1726 

2089 MEMOIRS (The) of a Protestant, condemned to the 
Galleys of France for his Religion, written by himself; 
comprehending an Account of the Various Distresses he 
suffered in Slavery, and his Constancy in supposing almost 
every Cruelty that Bigoted Zeal could inflict or Human 
Nature sustain, also a Description of the Galleys and the 
Service in which they are employed ; the Whole interspersed 
with Anecdotes relative to the General History of the Times, 
for a Period of Thirteen Years, during which the Author 

)y GoogIe 


continued in Slavery, 'till he was at last set Free, at the 
Intercession of the Court of Great Britain. Translated 
from the Original, just published at the Hague, by James 
Wellington [Oliver Goldsmith]. 2 vols., small \2mo, old 

spruiMod calf, neat ; with book-plate of David Garrick. 

London, 1758 

Prior says that Willington was the name of one of Goldsmith's fellow-stu- 
" Gold-miili's first known publication." — Loumdes, 

2090 MEMORABLE Events in the Life of a London 
Phvsician. Svo, cloth, uncut, London, 1863 

2091 MEN of the Time: Biographical Sketches of Emi- 
nent Living Characters ; Authors, Architects, Artists, 
Composers, Dramatists, Divines, Discoverers, Engineers, 
Journalists, Lawyers, Men of Science. Monarchs, Novelists, 
Painters, Philanthropists, Poets, Politicians, Savans, Sculp- 
tors, Statesmen, Travellers, Voyagers. Warriors, etc. Also 
Biographical Sketches of Celebrated Women of the Time. 
Very thick fuoheap fiiv. cloth, uncut. London, 1 857 

2092 MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, Felix. Life of. 
From the German of W. A. Lampadius; with Supplemen- 
tary Sketches bv Julius Benedict, Henry F. Chorley, Lud- 
wig Rellstab, Bayard Taylor, R. S. Willis, and J. S. Dwight, 
Edited and translated, by William L. Gage. Portrait. Fools, 
cap 8vo, cloth, gilt top. New York. 1 8(>;> 

2093 MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, Felix. Oratorio of 
St. Paul ; in Vocal Score. Novello's revised Edition. 
Imperial Svo, boards. Boston s a 

2094 MEREDITH, George. The Shaving of Shagpat; 
an Arabian Tale. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

2095 MEREDITH, Louisa Anne. Ovisr the Straits; a 
Visit to Victoria. With Illustrations from Photographs 
and the Author's Sketches. Svo, doth, uncut. 

London, 1861 

2096 MERIVALE, Rev. Charles. History of the Romans 
under the Empire. New Edition. Maps. 8 vols., post Svo, 
tree calf, qilt. marbled er/f/rrs. by liiriere. London, 1865 

"2097 MERRILL, Rev. Samuel H. The Campaigns of the 
First Maine and First District of Columbia, Cav- 
alry. Portraits. V2mo, doth. Portland, 1866 

2098 MERRYLAND (The) Miscellany; containing the Ten 
following Pieces, viz.: I. A New Description of Merryland, 
being a Topographical, Geographical, and Natural History 
of that Country ; address'd to Dr. Cheyne, of Bath. II. 
Arbor Vita?, or the Tree of Life, etc. ILL The Potent 
Ally, or Succours from Merryland; address'd to Alderman 
Parsons. IV. Merryland Display'd, being Observations on 
the New Description of Merryland ; written by an Eminent 

)y GoogIe 



Physician, and address'd to the Author of that Pamphlet 
V. The Poetical History of Pandora's Box. VI. Armour, 
a Poem. VII. Kvykv^oyivia, a Tale. VIII. Consumma- 
tion, or the Rape of Adonis. IX. The Eesurrection, a Tale. 
X. Epi^To UoXis, or the Present State of Bettyhmd ; written 
by that great Master of Humour, Charles Cotton, Esq., 
Author of Vir«il Travcstic, etc. Frontispiece. 8i'0, half 
calf. E. Curl], London, 1742 

2099 MERRYWEATHER, F. Somner. Bibliomania, in the 
Middle Ages, or Sketches of Bookworms, Collectors, Bible 
Students, Scribes, and Illuminators, from the Anglo-Saxon 
and Norman Periods to the Introduction of Printing into 
England: with Anecdotes illustrating the History of the 
Monastic Libraries of Great Britain in the Olden Time. 
Post 8vo, half -morocco, mtirbled edges. London, 1849 

2100 METROPOLITAN Improvements, ok London in the 
Nineteenth Century : displayed in a Series of Engrav- 
ings of the New Buildings, Improvements, etc., by the most 
Eminent Artists, from Original Drawings, taken from the 
Objects themselves expressly for this Work, by Mr. Thos. 
H. Shepherd ; comprising the Palace, Parks. New Churches, 
bridges, Streets, River Scenery, Public Offices and Institu- 
tions, Gentlemen's Seats and Mansions, and every other 
Object worthy of Notice throughout the Metropolis and its 
Environs. With Historical, Topographical, and Critical 
Illustrations; by Jumcs Klmes (John Britton, and others). 
Near!*/ 850 views, India proof*. 2 vols., -iiu. purple coif, gik, 
marbled edges. London, 1828, etc. 

2101 MEYRICK, Sir Samuel Rush. A Critical Inquiry 
into Antient AiiMOUR, as it existed in Europe, particularly 
in Great Britain, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign 
of King Charles II.; with a Glossary of Military Terms of 
the Middle Ages. Second Edition, corrected and enlarged. 
Con/nuts 81 (urge plates, including the new plate of the Battle 
of the Loch and Keys ; 71 of which, and the initial letters, are 
'highly, illuminated in gold, silver, and colors. 3 vols., imperial 
■1(0. half crimson 'morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

London, 1842 

2102 MEYRICK, Sir Samuel Rush. Engraved Illustra- 
tions of Antient Arms and Armour, from the Collection 
at Goodrich Court, Herefordshire ; after the Drawings, and 
with the Descriptions of Sir -Samuel Rush Meyriek, Kt., K. 
H-, LL. D., F. S. A., etc., etc. By Joseph Skelton, F. S. A. 
Portrait of Merrick, engraved titles, and 154 plates of arms 
and armour tn detail. 2 vols., imperial 4 to, half crimson mo- 
rocco, extra, gilt edges. London, 1854 

2103 MICHAUX, Francois Andre. The North America"* 
Sylva, or a Description of the Forest Trees of the United 

)y GoogIe 



States, Canada, and Nova Scotia, considered particularly 
with liespect to their Use in the Arts, and their Introduc- 
tion into Commerce ; to which is added a Description of the 
most Useful of all the European Forest Trees. Translated 
from the French of F. Andrew Miehaux [by Augustus L. 
Hill house]. With 156 finely colored plates. 2 voh., thick 
royalSvo, halfrussia, very neat. Fink copy. Paris, 1819 

2104 MICHELET, Jules. Love (" L'Amouk") ; from the 
French. Translated from the Fourth Paris Edition, by J. 
W. Palmer, M. D. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1859 

2105 MICHELET, Jules. Woman (" La Femme ")'; from the 
French. Translated from the Last Paris Edition, by J. W. 
Palmer, M. D. \2mo, sloth. New Tor';; 1860 

2106 MICROCOSM (The) op London, or London in Miniature. 

Wood-cut titles, cngraced. dedication, and. 101 colored plates, by 
Rowlandson and Pugin, representing (ho interiors and exteriors 
oj the principal buildings, and illustrating the manners, etc., of 
London. 3 vols., imperial Ato, tree calf. 

R. Ackermann, London, (1811) 

2107 MIDDLETON, Thomas. The Works of; now first col- 
lected, with some Account of the Author, and Notes by the 
Reverend Alexander Dyce. Portrait, on India paper, and 

fie simile of engraved title to earliest editions of " A Game at 
Chess." 5 vols., S'-o, polished coif, gilt, marbled edges, by Pi- 
were. Large paper : only 1'fi copies printed, for presentation. 
E. Lumlev, London, 1840 

2108 MIDWIFE (The), or the Old Woman's Magazine ; con- 
taining all the Wit, and all the Humour, and all the Learn- 
ing, and all the Judgement, that has ever been, or ever will 
be, inserted in all the other Magazines, or the Magazine of 
Magazines, or the Grand Magazine of Magazines, or any 
other Book whatsoever; so that those who buy this Book 
will need no other. Publish'd pursuant to Several Acts of 
Parliament, and by Permission of their most Christian and 
most Catholic Majesties, the Great Mogul and the States 
General. Embellish'd with Cuts according to Custom. 
Primed for Mary Midnight, and sold by T. Carnan in St 
Paul's Churchyard. Engraved title to the first volume, a vols. 
in 2, I2iiiu. sprinkled calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1751-53 

2109 MIERS, John. Travels in Chile and La Plata.; in- 
cluding Accounts respecting the Geography, Geology, Sta- 
tistics, Government, Finances, Agriculture, Manners and 
Customs, and the Mining Operations in Chile, collected dur- 
ing a Residence of Several Years in these Countries. Illus- 
trated by original maps, views, etc. 2 vols., Svo, cloth. 

London, 1826 

)y GoogIe 


2110 MILL, John Stuart. On Liberty. Post 8w>, cloth. 

Boston, 1863 

2111 MILLAR, John. An Historical View of the English 
Government, from the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain, 
to the Revolution in 1688; to which are subjoined, some 
Dissertations connected with the History of the Government, 
from the Revolution to the Present Time. Fourth Edition. 
4 vols., royal, Svo, cloth, uncut. London, 1818 

2112 MILLEDULCIA: a Thousand Pleasant Things, se- 
lected from Notes and Queries. Square 12mo, cloth, gilt 
top. New York, 1857 

2113 MILLER, John. An Illustration ok the Sexual Sys- 
tem of Linnalus. Latin and English. Frontispiece, engraved 
title, and 108 finely colored, plates, includan/ -I without letters 
and nvmh-.-rs and 4 of 'leans. Imperial folio, half russia. 

London, 1794 

" This work obtained tile approbation of Linnseaa himself." — Laumdes. 

2114 MILLER, John. Memoirs of General (William) Mil- 
ler, in the Service of the Republic of Peru. Portrait, maps, 
plans, etc. 2 vols, 8vo., half calf, very neat. 

London, 1828 

" An mtcrc-ti-fr ,h-iT-i.l : r,n <,( ir.u War [("l]ld£:.n:i]i--i'e of Ihe Sl^inish col- 
onies in South A-nerit/a." - Loimd™. 

2115 MILLER, Rev. John. A Description of the Province 
and City of New York ; with Plans of the City, and Sev- 
eral Forts as they existed in the Year 161*0. By John Mil- 
ler. A New Edition, with an Introduction and Copious His- 
torical Notes, by .John Gilmary Shea, LL. D. Printed by 

Munsell. Royal -Mo, cloth, uncut. LaKGK I'AI'ER: Only 50 

copies printed. New York, 1862 

No. 3 of '• Gowana" Bihliotheca Ampwara," reprinted i'runi the fmall edition 

6 u i,l ;.!■,«; : IV, mi i ;■■:.■ UrL-iiuU 11S,S. w. w in the llv:lj.-li ^iiai;iii: l.v Tl.aai 
Odd, London, ISM. See llKNTUK. »ii<1 WooLBY. 

2116 MILLER, Samuel. D. D. A Brief Retrospect of the 
Eighteenth Century ; Part First, containing a Sketch of 
the Revolutions and Improvements in Science, Arts, and 
Literature, during that Period. 2 vols., Svo, sheep. 

New York, 1803 

2117 MILLIN, Aubin Louis. Peintures de Vases Antiques 
VOLGA] RE ment Etkusqees, lirsies de 
Collections et gravees par A. Clener; accompagnees d'Ex- 
plications par A. L. Millin. Publiees par M. Dubois Mai- 
sonneuve. Contains 150 plates. 2 vols., atlas folio, half 
russia.. rough edges. Fine ORIGINAL COPY. 

Paris, 1808-10 

2118 MILL1NGEN, James. Peintures Antiques et Inrdites 
de Vases Grkcs. tirees de Diverses Collections; avec des 
Explications, par J. V. Millingen. Vellum paper; with 63 
plates. Imperial folio, boards, uncut. Rome, 1813 



2119 MILLINGEN, James. Peintures Antiques i>e Vases 
Geecs, de la Collection de Sir John Coghill, Bart. Publiees 
par James Millingen, de la Socit'ste des Antiquaires de Lon- 
drcs. iv.-.c. VvVnm paper; with 52 \ plaits. Imperial folio, paper, 
rough edges. Home, 1817 

2120 MILLINGEN, John Gideon. The Passions, or Mind 
and Matter ; illustrated by Considerations on Hereditary In- 
sanity, etc., etc., etc. By Dr. Millingen. 6vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1848 

Second edition of the work entitled " Mind and Matter." 

2121 MILLOT, Claude Francois Xavier. (Ecvres. Con- 
tinues par MM. Millon, Delisle de Sales, etc. — Histoire 
Ancienne, 3 vols.; Histoire Moderns, 4 vnh. ; Histoire d'An- 
gleterre, 2 vols. ; Histoire de France, 3 vols. Together, 12 
vols.. 8ra, old marbled calf, iplt. marbled edges. 

Paris, 1819-20 

2122 MILLS, Works. An History of Muham- 
medanism: comprising the Life and Character of the Ara- 
bian Prophet, and Succinct Accounts of the Kmpires Ihrrncd 
by the Muhammedan Arms; an Inquiry into the Theo- 
logical, Moral, and Juridical Codes of the Muselmans, and 
the Literature and Sciences of the Saracens and Turks; 
with a View of the Present Extent and Influence of the 
Muhammedan Religion. [By Mills.] 1 vol., 1817. — The 
Travels op Theodore Ducas, in Various Countries in 
Europe, at the Revival of Letters and Art ; edited [written] 
by Charles Mills. Part the First; Italy. [All that was 
published.] 2 vols., 1822. — The History of the Cru- 
sades, for the Recovcrv and Possession of the Holy Land; 
by Charles Mills. The Third Edition. 2 vols.. 1822.— The 
History of Chivalry, or Knighthood and its Times ; by 
Charles Mills. 2 vols., 18d5. " Together, 7 vols., with maps 
and- filu'es. Hi'o, polished calf, gilt, yellow v.l/ns. I"/ llieiere. 

London, 1817-25 

2123 MILLS, Charles. Works. History of Muhahmed- 
anism. The Second Edition, revised and augmented. 1 
vol, 1818. — History of the Crusades: the Second 
Edition. 2 vols., 1821. — History of Chivalry; second 
edition, with "Appendix." 2 vol.*.. ]H2i>. Together, 5 vols., 
with maps and plates. Svo, sprinkled calf, gilt, marbled edges, 
by Riviere. London, 1818-26 

2124 MILMAN, Rev. Henry Hart. Anne Boleyn. A Dra- 
matic Poeni. Svo, boards, rough edges. 

J. Murray, London, 1826 

2125 MILTON, John. Poetical Works. A New Edition, 
with Notes of Various Authors, by Thomas Newton, D. D. 
Three portraits of Milton by Vertue, and numerous plates. 3 
vols., 4(o, old mottled calf. London, 1749-52 

)y GoogIe 



2126 MILTON, John. The Worksop; Historical, Political, 
and Miscellaneous ; now more correctly printed, from the 
Originals, than in any Former Edition, and Many Passages 
restored, which have been hitherto omitted: to which is 
prefixed an Account of his Life and Writings [by Thomas 
Birchl Portrait bu Vertue. 2 vols., Ato, old sprinkled calf. 

J London, 1753 

2127 MILTON, John. The Poetical Works of; with the 
Principal Notes of Various Commentators : to which are 
added Illustrations, with some Account of the Life of Mil- 
ton ; by Rev. Henry John Todd, M. A. Portrait and plate. 
6 vols., imperial 8vo, citron morocco, very neat, ijilt edges, by 
Ihrinq ; uniform with " Prose Works by Symmons" Large 
paper : fine copy. London, 1801 

2128 MILTON, John. The Prose Works of ; with a Life of 
the Author, interspersed with Translations and Critical Re- 
marks, by Charles Symmons, D. D. Beautifully printed by 
'/". fkuJc/;. 7 vols., imperial itwo, citron morocco, vary neat, 
gilt edges, 'by Bering ; uniform with " Poetical Works by Todd:' 
Laiige paper: fine copy of this excellent and eb-ijuiii edition. 

London, 180§, 

2129 MILTON, John. L'Allegro and il Penseroso. With 
Thirty Illustrations designed expressly for the Art-Union of. 
London. Printed on one side only of a fine paper. 4 to, half 
morocco, neat. London, 1848 

2130 MINGAUD, . The Noble Game of Billiards; 

wherein are exhibited Extraordinary and Surprising Strokes 
which have excited the Admiration of Most of the Sover- 
eigns of Europe. By Monsieur Mingaud, formerly Capi- 
talist- d'lnfantrie in the Service of France. Translated and 
published by John Thurston, Billiard Table Manufacturer. 
Third Edition. Engraved title and \:\ plates c-ith <ih-eclinns 
for performing nearly 70 difficult " strokes." Small folio, half 
morocco. London, 1836 

2131 M1NOT, George Richards. Continuation of the His- 
tory of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, from the 
Year 1748; with an Introductory Sketch of Events from 
its Original Settlement. 2 vols, in 1, Svo, half russia, neat. 

& Boston, 1798-1803 

2132 MIRROR (The) or Taste, and Dramatic Censor. Not. 
1-6 (Jan.-Jnne, 1810), with the 6 plays bound together at 
the end. 1 vol., 8»o, half roan. Philadelphia, 1810 

Contains biographies, criticisms, etc, and the following plava: Dimond;. 

"J-diijidiiiij; of ih« l-West," Arnold fl "Man and Wile. Lew;ss Venonl, 
lIns,iii;T-:--s' Nf-w Wovto Pay Old Debts," Lewis's "Alfonso, Reynolds* 
"Free Knights." 

2133 MIRROR for Magistrates; in Five Parts. Collated 
with Various Editions, and Historical Notes, etc., by Joseph 

)y GoogIe 


Haslewood. 3 vols., post 4to t olive turkey morocco, extra, gilt 
,w- ,.„™..'.if /. l-yt. ■'••; Hifif*. ««(>/."**• «•■'■'• l'-'Nii t'.> Pal- 
ace op Pleasure. Only 150 copies printed. 

London, 1815 

"Best edition of this popular production of the reign of Elizabeth." — 


2134 MISCELLANEA Aurea, or the Golden Medley ; con- 
sisting of: I. A Voyage to the Mountains of the Moon 
under the Equator, or Parnassus reform'd. II. The For- 
tunate Shipwreck, or a Description of New Athens, being 
an Account of the Laws, Manners, Religion, and Customs 
of that Country ; by Morris Williams, Gent., who resided 
there above Twenty Years. III. Alberoui, or a Vindication 
of that Cardinal. IV. The Secret History of the Amours 
of Don Alonzo, Duke of Lerma, Grandee of Spain. V. 
The Garden of Adonis, or Love to no Purpose ; being above 
Twenty Copies of Verses and Love-Letters, by a Lady. VI. 
Mahomet no Imposter, written in Arabick by Abdulla 
Mahumed Omar. VII. An Account of Bad and Good 
Women, Ancient and Modern ; among which is the Story 
of the Spartan Dame, the Subject of Mr. Southern's Play. 
With several other Epistolary Essays, in Prose and Verse, 

by Mr. Milton, the Lady W , Mr. Philips, Mr. Kille- 

erew. Author of the Chit Chat, and several others. 8vo, old 
calf. London, 1720 

2135 MISSALE RoMANUM,ex Decreto Sacrosancti Coneiln Tri- 
dentini restitutum, Pii V. Pont. Max. Jussu edition ; cum 
Kiileudario Gre^oriano : periiiiLtente Sumrno Pont. Printed 
in red and Mack, with ornate initials; .secern! large wood-cuts, 
and numerous small ones, and music. 4to, old calf, tooled edges; 
binding broken, but- text in fair condition. Black letter* 
Apud Johannes Variscuin, & Paganinum de Pageuinis, 

Venetiis, 1585 

2136 MITCHELL, Donald Grant. The Lorgnette, or 
Studies of the Town ; by an Opera Goer. Fourth Edition, 
set off with Mr. Darley's Designs. Both series. 2 vols., 
12mo, cloth. Mew York, 1851 

2137 MITCHELL, 0. M.,LL. D. Popular Astronomy. Plates. 
Umo, cloth. New York, 1860 

2138 MITCHELL'S New General Atlas; containing Maps 
of the Various Countries of the World, Plans of Cities, etc., 
embraced in Fifty-three Quarto Maps, forming a Series of 
Ei L >hty-lbur Maps and Plans, together with Valuable Sta- 
tistical Tables. Imperial ito, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1865 

2139 MITFORD, William. The History op Greece: with 
his Final Additions and Corrections. To which is pre- 
fixed, a Brief Memoir of the Author, by his Brother, the 

)y GoogIe 


late Lord Redesdale. Carefully revised by William King, 
Editor of the First Posthumous Edition. Portrait; and 
wood-cuts (on titles) of Grecian coins, from specimens in tkt 
Jiriiish Museum. 8 vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt, marbled edges. 
Seventh edition. London, 1838 

2140 M'KENNEY, Thomas L.; and James Hall. Histoey 
of the Indian Tribes of North America; with Bio- 
graphical Sketches and Anecdotes of the Principal Chiefs. 
Embellished with One Hundred and Twenty Portraits, from 
the Indian Gallery in the Department of War, at Washing- 
ton. The portraits finch/ colored. 3 vols., royal folio, half 
crimson morocco, e.ctra, emhlcntaticalli/ tooled, ijilt edges, by 
Wright. Philadelphia. (l«;jH 14) 

2141 M'LEVY, James. Curiosities op Chime in Edinburgh, 
during the Last Thirty Years. Third Edition. Wood-cut 
portrait. 16mo, boards. Edinburgh, 1861 

2142 MODERN London ; being the History and Present 
State of the British Metropolis. Plan of London and 
.">.'; plains if vie us, etc., 31 of which {representing the costumes 
oj the itinerant traders) are colored. Ato, old marbled calf; 
with hoolc-'plate of Sir Oeoroe Staunton, Bart. 

London, 1805 

2143 MODERN (The) Plutarch, ok Universal Biography; 
including Authentic Memoirs of Distinguished Public Char- 
acters of all Nations. Living and Recently Deceased, with 
Original Portraits. 4 vols., 12mo, half calf. 

London, 1806-07 

2144 MODES (Les) Parisiennes Illustr^es ; Journal de la 
Bonne Compagnie. For the Tears 1852-54. Colored plates 
and wood-cuts. Gvcli., Ato, boards. Paris, 1852-54 

2145 MOL1ERE, Jean Baptiste Poquelin de. OSuvres 
Completes. Edition illustre'e de 140 Vignettes par Janet- 
Lange, augmentec d'jine Vie de Moliere et de Notices sur 
chaque Piece, par Emile de la Bedolliere. Imperial Svo, 
cloth. Paris, s. a, 

2146 MONK, Maria. Further Disclosures by Mabia 
Monk, concerning the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Montreal; 
also her Visit to Nuns' Island, and Disclosures concerning 
that Secret Retreat. Preceded by -a Reply to the Priests' 
Book, by Rev. J. J. Slocum. Portrait. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1837 

2147 MONSTRELET, Enguerrand de. The Chronicles 
op. Containing an Account of the Cruel Civil Wars be- 
tween the Houses of Orleans and Burgundy, of the Posses- 
sion of Paris ant! Nonnaiidy by the English, their Expulsion 
thence, and of other Memorable Events that happened in the 
Kingdom of France as well as in other Countries: a History 
of Fair Example and of Great Profit to the French, begin- 

)y GoogIe 


ning at the Year mcccc, where that of Sir John Froissart 
finishes, and ending at the Year mcccclxvii. ; and con- 
tinued by others to the Yearainxvi. Translated by Thomas 
Johnes, Esq. 5 vols., royal 4to, russia, neat, ino.rbkd. tdi/ts. 

Hafod Press, 1809 

The firth volume contains 51 plates and Index. See Ausold, Richahd. 

8148 MONSTRELET, Enguerrand )>e. Another copy. 
Second edition. 12 vols., S.vo, and 1 rol. {with the 51 plates), 
4(o, half calf ; with book-plate of J. Knight. 

London, 1810 

2149 MONTAGU, Mrs. Elizabeth. An Essay on the 
Writings and Genius of Shakspkare, compared with 
the Greek and French Dramatic foots ; with some Remarks 
upon the Misrepresentations of Mons. de Voltaire. The 
Sixth Edition, corrected ;>to which are added, Three Dia- 
logues of the Dead. RuyalUvo, half morocco, marbled edges. 
Large paper. London, 1810 

" According in T. Warlon, the most elegant and judicious piece (if criticism 

tliis i.L'« has produced." — Lnumdts. 
llr.. llcinMguc originated the literary society known as the "Blue Stocking 


2150 MONTAGU, Mrs. Elizabeth. Another copy: the 
same; small paper. 8vo, half calf. London, 1810 

2151 MONTAGU, Edwakd Wortley. Reflections on the 
Rise and Fall of the Ancient Reitblicks ; adapted 
to the Present State of Great Britain. The Third Edition, 
with Additions and Corrections. 8eo, old calf, binding broken. 

London, 1709 

It has been said (hat (his work, whic:: wa.s first p:ilil[-In«l when the avowed 
author was [run- 1 J I'j; un 111? Ciirilirmn! i:j chaise ul a jirival!; iulor, was iu 
reality written by bia tmor, I be Rev. Mr. Foster. 

2152 MONTAGU, Lady Mary Wortley. The Works of: 
including her Correspondence, Poems, and Essays. Pub- 
lished from her Genuine Papers [in Possession of her Grand- 
son, John First Marquis of Rote ; edited, with Memoirs, by 
the Rev. James Dallaway]. Portraits and far-si, niles. 5 vols., 
crown 8ro, half russio, ; v:dh bo- ii.--ph.iU' of Folkestone. 

London, 1803 

2153 MONTAIGNE, Michel de. The Essays of ; translated 
into English, with very Considerable Amendments and Im- 
provements, from the most Accurate French Edition of 
Peter Cos te. The Ninth Edition. Portrait. 3 vols., royal 
8vo, dark green turkey morocea, mat, edges. 

London, -1811 
Fine copy of on elegantly printed edition. 

2154 MONTAIGNE, Michel de. Worksop: comprising his 
Essays, Journey into Italy, and Letters ; with Notes from 
all the Commentators, Biographical and Bibliographical 
Notices, etc. By W. Hazlitt. A New and Carefully Revised 
Edition; edited by O. W. Wight. Portrait. 4 vols., post 
8vo, cloth. " " New York, 1859 

)y GoogIe 



2155 MONTANUS, Arnoldus. Atlas Japannensis : being 
Remarkable Addresses, by Way of Embassy, from the East 
India Company of the United Provinces, to the Emperor of 
Japan; containing a Description of their .Several Territories, 
Cities, Temples, and Fortresses ; their Religions, Laws, and 
Customs; their Prodigious Wealth, and Gorgeous Habits; 
the Nature of their Soil, Plants, Beasts, Hills, Rivers, and 
Fountains ; with the Character of the Ancient and Modern 
J;ipanncrs. Collected out of their Several Writings and 
Journals. English'd and adorn'd with above a Hundred 
Severn! Sculptures, by John Ogilbv, Esq., etc. Large folio, 
old calf. 

Printed by Tho. Johnson, for the Author, London, 1670 

2156 MONTFAUCON, Bernard de. L'Antiquite Expliqueb 
et Representee en Figures. French and Latin. Above 
900 plates, f/ne Impressions. 5 vols, in 10, rtajol folio.otd calf 
Without supplement Large paper: Original edition. 

Paris, 1719 
"I/dditionciteo [nellc-d] est la meiilcure, et I'tra n'en trouve pas facilement 
de beaux exe^i'la:-^." — l'!.-->i--u-i.. 

2157 MONTFAUCON, Bernard de. Antiquity Explained 
and Represented in Sculpt ukks : by the learned Father 
Montfaucon. Translated into English by David Humphreys, 
M. A., etc. Complete with supi'u.mknt, containing oil the 
■plates in. the ] f> vols., of the original edition, but on a reduced 
scale. 7 vols, in 6, folio, old calf gilt, red edges ; with look- 
plate of Peter Hardy, F E. S. Fine copy. 

London, 1721-25 

2158 MONTHLY (The) Magazinf., or British Register. 
Complete from commencement (February 1, 1700), to January 
30, 1820^ inclusive, except Vols. XL/, and XLll Numerous 
maps, /urge, and wood-cuts. 46 vols., Sro, half calf. 

London, 1706-1820 

2159 MONUMENTS of Art; showing its Development 
from tub Earliest Artistic Attempts to tub Pres- 
ent Period. By V. Voit, Dr. E. Guhl, Jos. Caspar and 
Dr. W. Luebke, in Berlin. Kng raced 'ides and ]">(! plates, 
containing surer al thousand examples, chiefly in outline, but 
with many highly-finished engrorings and seeerol iljiimniate.d 
in aold and colors. With text by Prof. Dr. Wm. Lubkc, of 
Berlin, and Dr. Charles Fr. von Luirow, of Munich. 2 vols., 
ohlong \to, half Morocco, marbled edges ; and 1 vol. (text) Rvo, 

cloth. ' New York, (1805) 

This work wad orfcinnllv issued (Stuttgart. 1847 si!), under the general 
rliri'trinn of Hie <■(■.'. ■Itj-uI Gfvman arr-friiiij.Kngler. 

2160 MOONKY, Thomas. A History of Ireland, from its 
First Settlement to the Present Tike; including a 
Particular Account of its Literature, Music, Architecture, 
and National Resources; with. Upwards of Two Hundred 

)y GoogIe 



Biographical Sketches of its most Eminent Men. Wood- 
cut portraits, etc. 8vo, half morocco. Fourth edition. 

Boston, s. a. 

2161 MOORE, Charles W., and S. W. B. Caijnegy. The 
Masonic Trestle-Board; adopted to the National Sys- 
tem of Work and Lectures, as revised and perfected by the 
United .Suites Masonic Convention, at Baltimore, Maryland, 
A. L., 5848. Plates. 8vo, half morocco. Boston, 1843 

2162 MOORE, Edward. Fables for the Female Sex. 
The Third Edition. With 17 plates after F. Hayman, en- 
graved by Grignion, Mosley, etc. 8uo, cloth. 

London, 1766 

2163 MOORE, Edward. Another copy: the Fifth Edition. 
With same plates. 8tv>, old calf. London, 1783 

2164 MOORE, Frank. Materials for History printed from 
Original Manuscripts ; with and Illustrations. First 
Series. (Correspondence of Henry Laurens of South Car- 
olina.) Portrait, of on India paper. 4to, paper, 
uncut. Only 100 complete copies printed. 

Printed for the Zenger Club, New York, 1861 

Of this work, ii5 far as pnjui 13fi, 1 liens were 2-:i0 copies grilled, as slated on r«- 
viTfi! of leaf <:i.iiil:ii::iri;_- '■ \..:vrrli-Fiue]!l," !:■■..' cT tins remainder of tills vol- 
ume, including index, only 100 copies were pilnted. 

2165 MOORE, Frank. Women of the War; their Heroism 
and Self- Sacrifice. Illustrated with Steel Engravings. 8vo, 
cloth. Hartford. 160G 

2166 MOORE, George Henry. " Mr. Lee's Plan, — March 
29, 1777." The Treason of Charles Lee, Major General, 
Second in Command in the American Army of the Revolu- 
tion. Portrait, caricature, and I'lic-simiic. jvoi/at Svo, cloth, 
uncut. New York, 1860 

2167 MOORE, Hugh. Memoir of Col. Ethan Allen ; con- 
taining the most Interesting Incidents connected with his 
Private and Public Career. 12mo, cloth. 

Plattsburgb, N. Y., 1834 

2168 MOORE, John, M. L\ Zelcco. Various Views of Human 
Nature, taken from Life and Manners. The Fourth Edi- 
tion. 2 vols., tiro, half ruasia, extra, yellow edges. 

London, 1707 

2169 MOORE, John, M. D. Mordaunt. Sketches of Life, 
Characters, and Manners, in Various Countries; including 
the Memoirs of a French Lady of Quality. 3 vols., 8vo, 
fialfrussia, extra, yellow edges. London, 1800 

2170 MOORE, John, M. D. The Works of: with Memoirs 
of his Life and Writings, by Robert Anderson, M. D. Por- 
trait. 7 vols., 8vo. half calf. Edinburgh, 1820 

2171 MOORE, John Hamilton. A New and Complete Col- 
lection of Voyages and Travels, etc. Above 100 

)y GoogIe 


plates of map:', charts, plan*, views, etc., after Wale, Dodd, etc., 
engraved hti Griqnion, Walker, etc. 2 vols., folio, old calf. 
y " * Loudon, s. a. 

2172 MOORE, Theophilus. Marriage Customs and Modes 
of Courtship of the Various Nations of the Universe -, with_ 
Remarks on the Condition of Women, Peim's Maxims, and 
Counsel to the Single and Married, etc., etc. Second Edi- 
tion. Frontispiece. 12 mo, calf, neat. 

London, 1820 

2173 MOORE, Thomas. Memoirs op the Life of Richard 
Brinsley Sheridan. The Third Edition. Portrait and 
facsimile- 2 vols., Svo, beards, rough edges. London, 1825 

2174 MOORE, Thomas. The Poetical Works of; complete 
in One Volume. Portrait, and title. Royal 8vo, 
areen. turkey morocco, extra, yilt edges. /,;; Uagdag. 

y Longmans & Co., London, 1846 

2175 MOORE, Thomas. Lalt.a Rookh ; an Orienial Ro- 
mance. Vignette on. the cne/raied title mid 1 2 fine plates after 
K. Meadows, E. Corhouid.' and P.P. Step/umhof, engraved 
under the. direction of C. Heath. Sgnart: c\ro, cloth, uncut. 

Longmans & Co., London, 18oa 

2176 MOORE, Thomas. Memoirs, Journal, and Corre- 
spondence op; edited by Lord John Russell. Engraved 
titles, fine vignette on each, and 8 portraits. 8 vols., '-rown 
Bvo, cloth, uncut. London, 1853-56 

2177 MOORE, Thomas. Irish Melokies ; with Symphonies 
and Accompaniments bv Sir John Stevenson, Mus. Doc, 
and Characteristic Words by Thomas Moore, Esq. NeW 
Edition, edited by J. W. Glover, Esq. Frontispiece anden- 
araced title : the music, bo'h rood and ii,.$lramc»ial. Ato, cloth, 
gilt edges. ^lin, ( 1859 ) 

2178 MOORMAN, John J., M. D. The Virginia Springs, 
and Springs of the South and West. With Map and Plates, 
and the Routes and Distances to the Various Springs. 1 2 mo, 
cloth. Philadelphia. 1859 

2179 MQRANT, Rev. Philip. The History and Antiqui- 
ties of the County of Essex; compiled from the Best 
and most Ancient Historians, from Domesday Book, Inqui- 
shiones Post Mortem, and other the most Valuable Records 
and MSS., etc. The Whole digested, improved, perfected, 
and brought down to the Present Time. Illustrated with 
Cooper Plates. 2 vols., folio, new sprinkled calf gilt, car- 
mine edges: hiudi.a, s/'f/hH'/ injured. OuiGiN'Ai. EDITION: 

fine copy. ' London, 1768 

J Plates engraved by Vertue, etc. 

2180 MORE, Cresacre. The Life of Sir Thomas More, 
with a Biographical Preface, Notes, and other Illustrations, 

)y GoogIe 


by the Rev. Joseph Hunter, F. S. A. Portrait and wood-cut. 
8t'o, tree calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

W. Pickering, London, 1828 

2181 MORE, Sik Thomas. A most Pleasant, Fruitful, 
and Witty Work, of the Best State of a Public Weal, and 
of the New Isle called Utopia; written in Latin, and trans- 
lated into English by Raphe Robinson, A. d. 1551. A New 
Edition, with Copious Notes (including the whole of Dr. 
Warner's), and a Biographical and Literary Introduction; 
by the Rev. T. F. Dibdin, F. S. A. Portrait of More, wood- 
cuts, etc. 1 vol., 4 to, diamond calf, yilt. Large paper : ordy 
40 copies printed. London, 1808 

This rnpv has (i wuod-t'iit lumkr around the title arid ihi' oJateot' Itie" Family 
of SirTdomsis Move" in outline, wtiieli am not found ir tin; miii.II paper 
fopic-9. In the in!rodiit:li'iTi the -H (iitleve^t p^rlrjii, of Mure and the dif- 
fi-iviit editions of the Utopia are criticised. 

2182 MORE, Sir Thomas. Another copy: small paper. Por- 
trait, etc. i vols., crown. tiuo, rri,ssi.'t(, woJ.. rmujh edges. 

. London, 1808 

2183 MORELL, Andrie. Thesaurus Morei.i.ianus, sive 
Familiarnm Romanarnm Nuinisinala Omnia. <:iiij>ciit.i«sime 
undique eonqnisita, ad ipsorum Numnioriiiu Fidem accura- 
tissime delineata, & jnxta Ordinem Fiilvii I!rsini & Caroli 
Patini disposita, a Cdebcrrimo Antlquario Andrea Morellio. 
Accedunt Nunimi Miscellauei Utbis Romae, llispanici, & 
Goltziani Dubiae Fidei Omnes. Nunc Primum edidit & 
Connnentario Perpetuo illustravit Sigebertns Havereampns. 
2 vols. — Thesaurus;:s. sive Christ. Nchlegdii, 
Sigeb, Havercampi. & Antonii Francisci Gorii Comnienta- 
ria in XII. Priorum Imperatorum Roinanorutn Numismata 
Aurca, Argcntea, & Acrea, enjnscuniqtie Moduli, diligentis- 
sime eonquisita, & ad ipsos Numnios delineata, 
a Celehenimo Antiquario Andrea Morellio. Accedunt CI. 
Gorii Descriptio Columns: Trajan se, a Morellio itidetn ele- 
gantissime in aes iiicisao ; iiec non Tristani, Rnbemi, ac 
llardnini Interpretationes Pretiosissinionini aliquot Antiqui- 
talis Monnmentoruin. Ohini Praefatlone Petri W'e.-sdin^ii. 
J<'iw impressions of the plates. Totjtther, ;> roh., royal folio. 
half calf, extra, marbled edges. Large paper: fine copy. 

Amstetedami, 1734-52 

2184 MORELL, J. D. Elements or Psychology. Part I. 
limo. cloth, uncut. AV. Pickering, London, 1853 

2185 MORELL, John Retneix. Algeria; the Topography 
and History, Political, Social, and Natural, of French Af- 
rica. Map and wood-cuts. 8<-o. ,-luth, uncut. 

London, 1854 

2186 MORFORD, Henry. Ovek-Sea ; or England. France, 
and Scotland, as seen by a Live American, Wood-cuts, 

l-'mo, cloth. ~ New York, 1867 

)y GoogIe 



2187 MORGAN, Sydney Owenson, Lady. The LrpE and 
Times of Salvator Rosa. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1824 

2188 MORISON, Douglas. Views op the Ducai. Palaces 
and Hunting Seats op Saxe Coburg and Gotha. Fronts 
ispiece and 20 lithographic plates, with descriptive letter-press. 
Imperial folio, half morocco. London, 1846 

2189 MORLEY, Henry. Palissy the Potter; the Life of 
Bernard Palissy, of Saintes. Second Edition. Crown 8-co, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

2190 MORLEY, Henry. Memoirs of Bartholomew Fair. 
Willi Fac-simile Drawings, engraved upon Wood, by (he 
Brothers Dalziel. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

2191 MORPI1Y, Paul. Morphy's Games of Chess; being 
the Best Games played by him in Europe and America," 
with Analytical and Critical Notes, by J. Liiwenthal. Por- 
trait, etc. .Post Sco, haif pink calf, neat. 

London, 1860 

2192 MORRIS, "Beverley Robinson. British Game Birds 
and Wildfowl. With 6D fintf/ colored pfates. Royal Ato, 
half crimson morocro, neat. t:ii<Mt:ii>a!ie<<!h/ /jilt : : i'i' $. iph t'dr/cs. 

London, 1855 

2193 MORRIS. John Payne. The Genealogies recorded 
in the Sacred Sckiptlrfs ; according to every Family 
and Tribe, with the Line of Our Saviour Jesus Christ ob- 
served from Adam to the Virgin Mary. Title and 38 lithr 
agraphia plates. Folio, cloth. (London), 18S7 

2194 MORSE, Jkdidiah, D. D. An Appeal to the Public, on 
the Controversy respecting Uic [{evolution in Harvard Col- 
lege, and the Events which have followed it ; occasioned by the 
Use which has been made of Certain Complaints and Accu- 
sations of Miss Hannah Adams, against the Anthor. Royal 
8vo, boards, rough edges. 

Printed for the Author, Charlestown, 1814 

2195 MORTON, Nathaniel. New-England's Memorial ; or 
a Brief Relation of the most Memorable and Remarkable 
Passages of the Providence of God, manifested to the Plant- 
ers of New-England in America, with Special Reference to 
the First Colony thereof, called New Plymouth. As also a 
Nomination of Divers of the most Eminent Instruments, de- 
ceased, both of Church and Commonwealth ; improved in 
the First Beginning, and after Progress, of Sundry of the 
Respective Jurisdictions in those Parts, in Reference unto 
Sundry Exemplary Passages of their Lives, and the Time 
of their Death. 12mo, sheep. Plymouth, Mass., 1826 

2196 MOSHEIM, Joiiann Lorenz von. Commentaries on, 
the Affairs of the Christians before the Time of 

)y GoogIe 


Constantine the Great, or an Enlarged View of the 
Ecclesiastical History of the First Three Centuries; with 
Copious Illustrative Notes and References. Translated 
from the Latin ; by Robert S. Vidal. 3 vols, in 2, 8«o, half 
calf, very neat. London, 1813 

2197 MOSHEIM, Johann Lorenz von. Ait Ecclesiastical 
History, Ancient and Modern, from the Birth of Christ 
to the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century ; in which the 
Rise, Progress, and Variations of Church 'Power are con- 
sidered in their Connexion with the State of Learning and 
Philosophy, and the Political History of Europe during that 
Period. Translated from the Original Latin, and accom- 
panied with Notes and Chronological Tables, bv Archibald 
Maclaine, D. D. ; to which is added, an Accurate Index. 6 
vols., 8«o, kalfrussia, neat London', 1823 

2198 MOTHERWELL, William. Minstrelsy, Ancient and 
Modern; with an Historical Introduction and Notes. En- 
graved title, -plates, and music. Foolscap Ato. doth, ruin/// edc/e.s. 

Glasgow, IK-ri 

2199 MOTHERWELL, William. The Poetical Works op; 
with Memoir, by James M'Conechy, Esq. Third Edition, 
greatly enlarged. Facsimiles, etc. Foolscap 8tw, cloth, uncut. 

Glasgow, 1849 

2200 MOTLEY, John Lothrop. The Rise of the Dutch 
Republic. Portrait. 3 vols., Svo, clot?/, uncut. 

New York, 1858 

2201 MOTLEY, John Lothrop. History of The United 
Netherlands, from the Death of William the Silent to the 
Synod of Dort; with a Full View of the English-Dutch 
Struggle against Spain, and of the Origin and Destruction of 
the Spanish Armada. Portraits and map. 2 vols., Sivo, cloth. 

New York.' 18GI 

2202 MOURADJA d'Ohsson, Ignace. Tableau General de 
l'Empihe Otiiomax, divisii. en Deux Partis* ; clout Tune com- 
prend la Legislation MahonnHanc. 1'autre ITiistoire de l'Em- 
pire Othoman. Frontispiece (title) and 1 37 plates of views, 
customs, costumes, etc. 2 vols., imperial folio, half t/reen mo- 
rocco, gilt tops, uncut. Paris, 1 787-90 

" Olives ibrt Wen execute, mais qui malheureusement n'est pas'ermind" — 

2203 MOWATT, Anna Cora. Autobiography of an Actress, 
or Eight Years on the Stage. Portrait. Post 8co, doth. 

Boston, 1859 

2204 MOXON, Joseph. Mecjianick Exeikiishs, or the Doc- 
trine of Handy- Works. Plates. Small Ato, calf. 

London, 1093-94 

This contains "Smithing," "Joinery," " IJouse-Carpenliy," and 

)y GoogIe 


2205 MOZART, Johann Chkysostomus Wolfgang Amadeus. 
The Letters of ; (1769-1791.) Translated, from the Col- 
lection of Ludwig Nohl, by Lady Wallace. Portrait and 
facsimile of handwritinij. 2 vols., post 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1866 

2206 MULOCH, Dinah Maria. A Woman's Thoughts about 
Women. 12mo, cloth. London, 1864 

2207 MUNCHAUSEN. The Adventures of Baron Mun- 
chausen. A New and Itevised Edition, with an Introduc- 
tion by T. Teigmnonth Shore, M. A. Illustrated by Gustave 
Dore. ito, cloth, gilt top. 

Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, London, s. a. 

2208 MTJNDIE, Robert. Gleanings of Nature, containing 
Fifty-seven Groups of Animals and Plants; with Popnlar- 
Dasc rip Lions of their Habits. The plates of flowers finely 
colored. Imperial. Sro. cloth, uncut. London, 1838 

2209 MUNDT, Mrs. Clara Muller. The Merchant of Bebv 
I.iN; an Historical Novel. By L. Miiblbaeh [Mrs. Mundt], 
Translated from the German, bv Amory ( "oibn, M, D. 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1867 

2210 MUNDT, Mrs. Clara Muller. Joseph II. and his 
Court. Translated from the German, by Adelaide de V. 
Chaudron. Wood-cuts. 8vo, cloth. New York, 186Z 

2211 MUNN, Lewis C. Autographs : the American Orator 
Appendix, eiiMtaiunig the Declaration of Independence, with 
Fae-simile.s of she Autographs of the Signers; the Consti- 
tution of the United Slates; Washington's Farewell Ad- 
dress ; and Fuc-similes of a Large Number of Distinguished 
Individuals. Sixth Edition. l'2nt.o, half morocco, qik top, 
uncut. Worcester, 185b' 

2212 MUNSELL, Joel. The Every Day Book of History 
and Chronology; embracing the Anniversaries of Mem- 
orable Persons and Events, in Every Period and State of" 
the World, from the Creation to the Present Time. 8vo, 
cloth. New York, J858 

2213 MURPHY, Arthur. The Works of. (Dramatic.) Por- 
trait lii/ Cook after Dance. 7 vols. Si'o, old sprinkled calf 
gilt, red edges ; with hook- of Joint Jixley Adams. 

London, 1786 

2214 MURPHY, Arthur. The Life of David Garrick, 
Esq. 8m, sheep. Dublin, 1801 

£215 MURPHY, James C. A General View of the State 
of Portugal: containing a Topographical Description 
thereof, in which are included, an Account of the Physical 
and Moral State of the Kingdom ; together with Observations 
on the Animal, Vi-g (■table, and Mineral Productions of its 
Colonies. The Whole compiled from the Best I 



Writers, and from Notices obtained in the Country. Iilus- 
traled with Plates. Ato, half calf , marbled edges. 

London, 1798 

2216 MURPHY, James C. The Arabian Antiquities op 
Spain. A series of 1(10 highly finished line engravings by 
Land.secr,, he Knur, and oilier eminent engravers, from 
drawings made upon (he spot by J. 0. Murphy ; representing the 
most remariahlc remains, of !/,'.; arehitecl'tre, seidphtre, paint- 
ing*, mosaics, etc., of the. Spanish Arabs. With descriptions 
of I he plates. I to/., elephant folia, half maroon morocco, extra, 

gilt edges. Original copy : fine impressions. 

London, 1813 (1816) 

2217 MURPHY, James C. The History of the Mahometan 
Empire in Spain: containing a General History of the 
Arabs, their Institutions, Conquests, Literature, Arts, Sci- 
ences and Manners, to the Expulsion of the Moors. He- 
signed as an Introduction to the Arabian Anliqniiies of 
Spain by James Cavanah Murphy, Architect, f Oiniiiied by 
John Sbakespcar, the Rev. Thomas Hart well Home, and 
William Mitford.] Map, etc., Ato, polished coif gill, by Mac- 
kenzie. London, 1816 

2218 MURPHY, -Iambs C. Plans, Elevations, Sections, and 
Views of tub Church of Batalha, in the Province of Es- 
tremadura in Portugal, with the History and Description of 
Fr. Luis de Sousa ; with Remarks. To which is prefixed an 
Introductory Discourse on the Principles of Gothic Archi- 
tecture. Illustrated with 27 Plates. The plates engraved by 
Lowri/, Imperial folio, half morocco. London. IH'.Ui 

2219 MURRAY'S Hand Books for Travellers; Southern 
Germany. 1837. Northern Germany. 1838. Switzerland, 
etc. 1838. Maps, etc. 3 vols., 12mo, cloth. 

London, 1837-38 

2220 MURRAY, Lindi.ey. Memoirs of the Life and Writ- 
ings of ; in a Series of Letters written by himself. With 
a Preface, and a Continuation of the Memoirs, by Elizabeth 
Frank. Second Edition. Portrait, aiid facsimile autograph 
" at the age of eighty years." &co, half calf. York, 1827 

2221 MUSEK Fkanoais: Ri'.cueii. des plus Beaux Tableaux, 
Statues, et Bas-Keukts, qui existaient au Louvre avant 
1815; avec l'Explication des Sujets et des Discours Histc- 
riques sur la Peinture, la Sculpture, et la Gravure, par Du- 
chesne aim-. With Fre.nrh, and. F.ngiish let.lcr-prcSS. 4 vols., 
alias folio, half crimson French morocco. 

Galignani, Paris, (1829-30) 

2222 MUSEE(T.e) Royal Publibpah Henri Laurent, Graveur 
du Cabinet du Rni. on Rkcueil de Gravures d'apr£s les 
Plus Beaux Tableaux, Statues, et Bas-Rei,ieks, de la 
Collection Roy ale; avec Description des Sujets, Notices 

)y GoogIe 


Litternvres, et Discours sur les Arts. 2 vols., atlas/olio, half 
crimson French morocco. F. Didot, Paris, 1816-18 

3223 MUSICAL (The) Miscellany; being a Collection of 
Choice Songs set to the Violin and Flute, by the most. 
Eminent Masters. Frontispieces engraved by Vande.r Cur.hf; 
6 vols., small 8w>, sheep. London, 1729-31 

2224 MUSPRATT, Sheridan, M. D., etc. Chemistry, Theo- 
retical, Practical, and Analytical ; as applied and relating to 
the Arts and Manufactures. A'ttiiw.n»ts portraits and above 
1,100 mood-cuts. 2 vols., thick imperial Bvo, morocco, extra, 
gilt edges. Glasgow, (1800) 

2-225 MUSTON, Alexis. The Israel of the Alps ; a History 
of the Persecutions of the Waldenses. Translated from 
the French of the Rev. Dr. Alexis Huston, by William 
Hazlitt. Wood-cuts. Post Svo, cloth. London, 1852 

2226 (ji[f|$ s A.PIER, Henry Edward. Florentine History; 
ijlK/W fr° n) t,,e Earliest Authentic Records, to the Acces- 
WWA sion of Ferdinand the Third, Grand Duke of Tus- 
cany. 6 vols., Rto. calf, <ji!t. ii/nrbled edges. 

E. Moxon, London, 1846-47 

2227 NAPIER, Mark. Montrose and the Covenanters ; 
their Characters and Conduct, illustrated from Private Let- 
ters and other Original Documents hitherto unpublished: 
embracing the Times of Charles the First, from the Rise 
of the Troubles in Scotland to the Death of Montrose. 2 
vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1838 

2228 NAPIER, Sin William Francis Patrick. History of 
the War in the Peninsula, and in the South of France; 
from the Tear 1807 to the Year 1814. (With the Ad- 
ditions, consisting of Controversial Pamphlets ) Numerous 
plans, etc. 6 vols., 8vo, polished calf, gill, yellow edges, by 
Bed lord. Elegant copy of best edition. 

London, 1832-40 

2229 NAPLES and the Campagna Felice; in a Series of 
Letters addressed to a Friend in England, in 1802. With 
18 colored pl/ifi>*. ■iiir/nt/h,;/ mops and plans, ly Rowlandson, 
etc. Imperial &vo, cloth, gilt lop. 

R. Ackermann, London, 1815 

2230 NAPOLEON I. Life of, etc., in English; comprised in 
the following works: — 

The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte ; by William Hazlitt. 
4 vols., 8m E. Wilson, etc., 1830 

Memoirs of Napoleon, l.'s Court and Family; by the 
Duchess d'Abrantes. With 1 > portraits. 2 vols., Svo. 

R. Bemley, 1836 
Manuscript of 1814 : Memo s of the Invasion of France 
by the Allied Armies, and of the Last Sis Months of the 



Reign of Napoleon, including his Abdication ; by Baron 
Fain. New Edition. Facsimile of abdicatum and map of 
campaign of 1814. 1 vol, Svo. ' H. Colburn, 1834 

Memoirs of the Private Life, Return, and Reign of 
Napoleon in 1815 ; by M. Fleury de Chaboulon. 1 vol., 8vo. 
J. Murray, 1820 
Secret Memoirs of Napoleon Buonaparte, preceded by an 
Historical Survey of the Character of this Extraordinary 
Personage, founded on bis own Words and Actions ; by 
One who never quitted him for Fifteen Years [C. Doris]. 
Second Edition, to which is added an Account of the Re- 
gency at Blois, and the Itinerary of Buonaparte, from the 
Period of his Residence at Fontainebleau, to his Establish- 
ment on the Island of Elba. 1 vol., 8vo. 

H. Colburn. etc., 1815 
The Confidential Correspondence of Napoleon Bona- 
parte with his Brother Joseph, sometime King of Spain ; 
selected and translated, with Explanatory Notes, from the 
Memoires du Roi Joseph. 2 vols., 8m. 

J. Murray, 1855 
History op the Expedition to Russia, undertaken by 
the Emperor Napoleon, in the Year 1812; by General, 
Count Philip de Segur. Portraits, map, etc. 2 vols., Svo. 

Treuttel, etc., 1825 
Memoirs of the History of France during the Reign of 
Napoleon ; dictated by the Emperor at Saint Helena to the 
Generals who shared his Captivity, and published from the 
Original Manuscripts, corrected by himself. Vols. T. and 
II. dictated to General Coin-gam!!, his Aide-de-Camp ; Vols. 
III.-V11. dictated to the Count de Month olon (Vols. V.- 
VII. containing Historical Miscellanies). Facsimiles, maps, 
plant, etc. 7 vols., Bvo. H. Colburn, etc., 1823 

Narrative of the Surrender of Buonaparte, and of his 
Residence on Board H. M. S. Bellerophon, with a Detail of 
the Principal Events that occurred in that Ship, between 
the 24th of May and the 8th of August, 1815 ; by Captain 
F. L. Maitland, C. B. Second Edition. 1 vol, 8ro. 

H. Colburn, 1826 
The Island Empire, or the Scenes of the First Exile of 
the Emperor Napoleon I., together with a Narrative of his 
Residence on the Island of Elba, taken from Local Informa- 
tion, the Papers of the British Resident, and other Authen- 
tic Sources; by the Author of '• Blondelle." Colored por- 
trait, tinted view, map, etc. 3 parts in 1 vol., Svo. 

T. Bosworth, 1855 
Napoleon in Exile, or a Voice from St. Helena: the 
Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon on the most Impor- 
tant Events of His Life and Government, in his Own Words; 

)y GoogIe 


by Barry E. O'Meara, Esq,, his late Surgeon. Fourth Edi- 
tion. Portraits, etc. 2 vok., Svo. W. Simpfein, etc., 1822 
History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena, 
from the Letters and Journals of the late Lieut. Gen. Sir 
Hudson Lowe, anil Official Documents not before made pub- 
lic ; by William Forsyth, M. A., etc. Portrait of Lowe, map, 
andmews. 3 vob.,8vo. J. Murniv, 18.'i:j 

History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena ; by 
General, Count Montholon, the Emperor's Companion in 
Exile and Testamentary Executor. J'ae-similc of handwrit- 
ing <;/ Montholon. 4 mh., Svo. H. Colburn, 1846-47 
The Last Days of the Emperor Napoleon ; by Doctor F. 
Antomniarchi, his Physician. 2 vols., Svo. 

H. Colburn, 1825 
Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo (M. Savary), written 
by himself, illustrative of the History of the Emperor Napo- 
leon. Spurts in 4 vols., 8vo. H. Colburn, 1828 
Tub Mbmoirs of Joseph Fouche, Duke of Otranlo. Minis- 
ter of the General Police of France. Translated from the 
French. Second Edition, revised and corrected. Portrait. 
2 r "'>-< *<■«■ C. Knight, 1825 
IwjHtter, ■{() -rob., 8™, half calf, e.r'.ra. mnrUed eiiues ; 'with 
book-plate of Peter Hardy. F. H. S. London, 1815-55 

2231 NAPOLEON IH. History of Julius Cesar. [Trans- 
lated from the French of Napoleon III.] Finely printed on 
a heavy paper. 2 vols., thick imperial Svo (4i <o j, half crim- 
son morocco, ,jU.t, tops, arms on sides. London, (1865-661 

2232 NAPOLEON III. Another copy: the same. 2 vols., im- 
perial Svo (Ho), ftalf crimson morocco, gilt tops,arms on sides. 

London, (1865-66) 

2233 NAPOLEON III. Another copy: Vol. I. of the Ameri- 
can reprint. Royal Svo, cloth. New York, 1865 

2234 NARES, Rev. Robert. A Glossary, or Collection of 
Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions to Customs, Proverbs, 
etc.. which have been thought to require Illustration, in the 
Works of English Authors, particularly Shakespeare and 
his Contemporaries, ito, half morocco. London, 1822 

2235 NAKRAGANSETT Club. Publications of the. (First 
Series.) 3 vols., -\to, cloth, rough edges. Edition limited 
TO 250 copies, only 200 of which for sale. 

Providence, 1866-67 

These three volumes are composed of writings of Roller Williams (and of 
wnt'tiga relai,,,, t „ c ; 13 „..,.,.<, ,, ca ,.„ ( . bv Jam( , 3 H Trumbull, Reuben A. 
(.mid, il'v. ,J. I.,:.-, I):m;ui,aiid Ucv. Siimiid ].. Cald«ell. D.'I) - ,,-iili s 
" Biographical Introduction," by Mr. Guild. 



2236 NARRAZIONI delle Solenni Reali Feste fatte cele- 
brare in Napoli da sua Maesta il Re delle Due Sicilie, Carlo, 
Infinite di Spagna, Duca di Parma, Piauenza, etc , etc., per 
la Nascita del siio Primogeuito, Filippo, Real Principe delle 
Due Sicilie. Vellum paper, with !y large (double, and 

folded) plates mid some smaller ones, chiefly by Gime.ppe Vasi. 
Atlas folio, old mottled calf . ' ' Napoli, 1749 

The engravingi in thia vori so pleased the king (Charles UL, of Naples), 

thai Vi,,i was assigned apartments in the I'a.ncse palaco at Rome. 

2237 NASH, John, Architect. Illustrations of her Maj- 
esty's Palace at Brighton, formerly the Pavilion ; ex- 
ecuted by the Command of King George the Fourth, under 
the Superintendence of John Nash, Esq., Architect. To 
which is prefixed a llistory of the Palace, by Edward Wed- 
lake Brayley, Esq., F. S. A. Proof impressions of the 31 
plates, and a duplicate set of 28 of them, colored in imitation 
of i'. original drawings, mounted on thick tinted card-board. 
1 vol. imperial folio, boards. London, 1838 

2238 NASH, Joseph. The Mansions op England in the 
Olden Time. Four series cujh'letb, containing a front- 
ispiece mid :'.:• plates in each scries ; in oil 104 large and 
finely colored r/'eirs. mounted on very thick curd-board, atlas 
folio size. /inclosed in 1 portfolios, half morocco, gilt labels 
on sides ; with descriptions of the plates in 1 vol., 8ro, cloth. 
Very fine set. London, 1839-49 

'I'll'., v-r.v';, ■■■■■hi li ill ust-ntes tin- .liiiiV'--.i"r .■i-iliiir.'lnr;', (V.isiums, costumes, and 
atruntke works of the kind ever produced. 

2239 NASON, Elias. Sir Charles Henry Fhankland; or, 
Boston in the Colonial Times. Royal tiro, paper, rough edges. 
Large paper : only 50 copies printed. 

J. Munsell, Albany, 1865 

2240 NATIONAL (The) Almanac, and Annual Record for the 
Years 1863 and 1804. 2 vols., 12mo, half green morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1863-64 

2241 NATIONAL (The) Cyclopaedia of Useful Knowl- 
edge. 12 vols, in 6, 8w, half calf. 

Boston (London), 1853 

2242 NATIONAL (The) Portrait Gallery of Distinguished 
Americans ; conducted by Juincs IS. I.oiigiicrc, Philadelphia, 
and James Herring, New York, under the Superintendence 
of the American Academy of the Fine Arts. Engraved 
titles, and 144 portraits. 4 vols., Ato, morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

New York, 1834-39 

2243 NATIONAL (The) Portrait Gallery, of Eminent 
Americans, including Orators, Statesmen, Naval and Military 
Heroes, Jurists, Authors, etc., etc. ; from Original Full-length 
Paintings by Alonzo Chappel. With Biographical and His- 

)y GoogIe 


torical Narratives, by Evert A. Duyckinck. 2 vols., 4U>, 
morocco, extra, gilt edges. New York, (1861-64) 

2244 NATURAL History. A Collection op Figures of 
Birds, Animals, Reptiles, and Fishes; all finely colored. 
Each figure very neatly cut out and mounted, in a scrap-book, 
with name beneath. 

2245 NAVAL (The), Achievements op Great Britain ; from 
1793 to 1817. A series of 54 engraft tigs, villi a duplicate 
set of etchings, after paintings by T. Wlntcombe. Plates only. 
Imperial ito, calf, extra, gilt edges; back cracked. 

London, 1816-17 

2246 NEALB, Jofin Preston. Views of the Seat3 op 
Nobi.kmen and Gentlemen in England, Wales, Scotland,, 
and Ireland. Both series complete. Above 700 views 
engraved by LeKeux and other enn-iiad engmt-ers. 11 vols^ 
Svo, green morocco, extra, gilt edges. Original copy. 

London, 1818-29 

2247 NEALE, John Preston. The Mansions of England, 
or Picturesque Delineations of the Seats of Noblemen and 
Gentlemen. Arranged in Counties. Above 700 views, mam/ 
on India paper. 2 vols., Mo, half crimson morocco, extra, gilt 
tops, uncut. London, 1847 

2248 NELSON, Rev. David. The Cause and Cure op In- 
fidelity ; including a Notice of the Author's Unbelief, and 
the Means of his Rescue. 12mo, half roan. 

New York, (1841) 

2249 NEPOS. Corn. Nepotis Vit^e Excellentium Impeka- 
TORUM, L Cum quo rum dam Icon i bus. Small 12mo, one cover 
wanting. Amstelodami, 1711 

2250 "NEVER too Late to Learn!" Five Hundred Mis- 
takes of Daily Occurrence in Speaking, Pronouncing, and 
Writing the English Language, corrected. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1856 

2251 NEW (The) American Cyclopedia; or, Popular Dic- 
tionary of Genera] Knowledge. Edited by George Ripley 
and Charles A. Dana. (With Supplement.) 1 6 vols. — The 
American Annual Cyclopaedia, and Register of Important 
Events ; embracing Political, Civil, Military, and Social Af- 
fairs; Public Documents ; Biography, Statistics, Commerce, 
Finance, Literature, Science, Agriculture, and Mechanical 
Industry ; for the Years 1861-1861. 4 vols. s, maps, 
etc. Together 20 vols., royal 8vo. rwssia. very vent, marbled 
edges. New York, 1863-65 

2252 NEW (A) and Impartial Collection op Interesting 
Letters, from the Public Papers, many of them written by 
Persons of Eminence, on a great Variety of Important Sub- 
jects, which have occasionally engaged the Public Atten- 




tion ; from the Accession of his Present Majesty, in Septem- 
ber, 1765, to May, 1767. 2 vo/s., Svo, old calf; with book- 
plate of The It' Hon"' Isaac Barre. Covers of first volume 
severed. J. Almon, London, 1767 

2253 NEW (The) Bath Guide, or Memoirs of the B-n-r-d 
Family ; in a Series of Poetical Epistles. A New Edition. 
Plates. Small 8vo, marbled calf. 

Vernor and Hood, London, 1801 

2254 NEW (A) Critical Pronouncing Dictionary op the 
English Language; etc. With a Classical Dictionary 
and Chronological Table. By an American Gentleman. 
Royal 8vo, sheep. Burlington. N. J., 1813 

2255 NEW (A) Dictionary of Quotations from the Greek, 
Latin, and Modern Languages; translated into English, 
and accompanied with Illustrations, Historical, Poetical, and 
Anecdotical. With an Extensive Index, referring to every 
Important Word. From the Last London Edition, Crown 
8w. cloth, gilt top. Philadelphia, 1859 

2256 IS EW (The) Foundling Hospital for Wit ; being a 
Collection of Several Curious Pieces in Verse and Prose; 
written by Lord Chesterfield, Lord Hardwicke, Lord Lyttle- 
tnn, Sir C. H. Williams, Mr. Wilkes, Mr. Churchill, Mr. 
Garrick, Mr. Potter, Dr. Akenside, and other Eminent Per- 
sons. [Edited by John Almon.] Frontispiece to each part. 
6 parts in 3 vols., small 8uo, half calf; with book-plate of 
Sam!. Ireland. Various editions. 

J. Almon, London, 1769-76 

2257 NEW (The) Gospel op Peace, accorihng to St. 
Benjamin. Books I.-IV. in 1 vol., 16ww>, half roan. 

New York, (or. 1864) 

2258 NEWCASTLE, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of. 
The Life of the Thrice Noble, High, and Puissant Prince, 
William Cavendish, Duke, Marquess, and Earl of New- 
castle ; one of his Majesties Privy Council ; who had the 
Honour to be Governour to our most Glorious King, in his 
Youth. Written by the Thrice Noble, Illustrious, and Ex- 
cellent Princess, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle, his Wife. 
Small folio ; part of the notes at the end of the volume want- 
ing, but comphte from title to page 196 inclusive. 

London, 16S7 

2259 NEW ENGLAND (The) Farmer ; a Semi-Mouthly 
(monthly from 1852) Journal, devoted to Agriculture, Hor- 
ticulture, and their Kindred Arts and Sciences. Numerous 
wood-cuts. December, 1&±8-December, 1855. 7 vol*., royal 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1849-55 

2260 NEW ENGLAND Historical and Genealogical 
Register ; published quarterly under the Direction of the 
New England Historic Genealogical Society. Numerous 



portraits, etc. Compleik from January, 1847, to October, 1866, 
inclusive. 20 vols., Svo ; half morocco, 3 cloth. 

Boston, 1847-66 

22G1 NEW ENGLAND Historical and Genealogical 

Register. Another set; January, 1841 -October, I860* 

14 vols., Svo, half morocco, neat. " Boston, 1847-60 

2262 NEW ENGLAND Scenery, from Nature. Thiid and 
Fourth Series. Consists of 12 lithographs and 1 wood-cut. 2 
parts, oblong 4to, paper. Boston, 1852 

2263 NEW ENGLAND'S First Fruits: in Respect, First of 
the Conversion of Some, Conviction of Divers, Preparation of 
Sundry of the Indians; 2. of the Progresse of Learning, 
in the Colledge at Cambridge in Massachusets Bay. With 
Divers other Special! Matters concerning that Conntrey. 
Published, by the Instant Request of Sundry Friends, who 
desire to be satisfied in these Points, by Many New- Eng- 
land Men who are here Present, and were Eye or Ear- 
Witnesses of the Same. Small 4to, pp. 26, morocco ; perfect. 

London, I (143 

2264 NEWTON, Charles T., and R. P. Pull an. A His- 
tory of Discoveries at Hai.icarnassus, Cnidus, and 
BraNCHID^e. Nearly 100 large plait's of architecture, inscrip- 
tion*, srulplure, etc. /'lutes in 1 vol. imperial folio ; text in 
2 vols., imperial Svo, cloth. Only 300 copies printed for 
subscribers. London, 1862-63 

2265 NEW YORK CITY during the American Revolu- 
tion; being a Collection of Original Pupers (now first 
published) from the Manuscripts in the Possession of the 
Mercantile Library Association, of New York City. Map, 
etc.. 4fo, cloth, ijill top. roio/h edges. Privately printed,^ 
the Association. " (New York,) 1861 

Selec'ioiifi from the " Tnmlinwn Collection" of _MSS., wi h an hisloricl 
in I rod ut tii m by Henry B. Dawson. 

2266 NICHOLS, John. A Collection op all the Wills, 
now known to be extant, of the Kings and Queens of Eng- 
land, Princes and Princesses of Wales, and every Branch 
of the Blood Royal, from the Reign of William the Con- 
queror, to that of Henry the Seventh exclusive ; with Ex- 
planatory Notes, and a Glossary. Post Mo, half calf . 

J. Nichols, London, 1780 

2267 NICHOLS, John. Biographical Anecdotes op Wil- 
liam Hogaeth : with a Catalogue of his Works. Chrono- 
logically arranged ; and "Occasional Remarks. The Third 
Edition, enlarged and corrected. Engraved title, with the 
knife and fork etching. Svo, old marbled calf, gilt ; with book- 
plate cf Thomas Webster. Best edition. 

London, 1785 

2268 NICHOLS, John. Another copy : the same. Svo, half 
calf. London, 1785 

)y GoogIe 


2269 NICHOLS, Johk. Literary Anecdotes of the Eight- 
eenth Century : comprising Biographical Memoirs of Wil- 
liam Rowyer, Printer, F. S. A., and many of his Learned 
Friends ; an Incidental View oi' the Progress and Advance- 
ment of Lite inlu re in lliis K.iiu.duiii during the Lust Century; 
and 1 ■ > i og i*a |.> J i i t: til Anecdotes of a Considerable Number of 
Kininent Writers and Lnyenious Artists : with a Very Copious 
Index. Numerous portraits, and plates. 9 vols,, Svv, free calf, 
!///.(, marl/lad ci/ycx ; v-iu Worm, with '" .Litcrurij HI, 'titrations." 

London, 1812-15 

2270 NICHOLS, John. Illustrations of the Literary 
History of the Eighteenth Ckntury: consisting of 
Authentic Memoirs and Original Letters of Eminent Per- 
sons ; and intended as a Sequel to the Literary Anecdotes. 
(5 rah., Svo, tree calf gill, ram-hied edges ; uniform with " J.ite.r-- 
ary Anecdotes." London, 1817-31 

2271 NICOLAS, Sm Nicholas Harms. Life ov William 
Davison, Secretary of State and Privy Counsellor to Queen 
Elizabeth. J'iates offac.-siudles of 'writ.ivii, gcrteaJoc/iced tah/e, 
etc. 8vo, tree calf, i/ill. marbled edges. 

London, 1823 

" A minute invalidation vi :li.-. nuc.-.foii as !o I'T/aiit.tY.s iniviiv and consent 
to llie dfnili of tier sisls-r. Jhirv <iiu: it Scuts." — (Ivnllnnan'j Magazine. 

2272 NICOLAS, Sik Nicholas Harris. History ot- the Or- 
ders of Knighthood of the British Empire, of the Order 
of the Guelphs of Hanover, and of the Medals. Clasps, and 
Crosses conferred for Naval and Military Services. (With 
the Addenda completing the CiUulogue of Knights to 30th 
July, 1846.) Eiegrnuh; prlnUid by WhUliiajham. Fv.ll-length 
portrait, of Quern Victoria, trud ■w.i.unj other large plates, bci.tu- 
i'iMhi colored, besides numerovs -wood-cuts of medals, badges, 
crosses, shirs, clasps, etc. 4- vols,, imperial Alo, half rv.ssia, 
extra, red edges. London, 1842 

2273 NICOLAS, Sir Nicholas Harris. Another copy: the 
same. With same plates, etc. 4 vols., imperial 4 to, cloth, 
■uncut. London, 1842 

" Sir U. Ni('dl;ii' lias ;-,-:i:1ikci! ; 1 1 _■ first compri;!)ii]=.:i'c H^ory of llio British 
Onlrvs ol'Kniii-litlnj..)J; ami ]l is urn! of the most (.■luUoi-iikily unbared and 
splenilidiy prinh'd ivurki ciiatnvcr issued Inun tho pross. The author ap- 

Sears to us In have m-glccieii m> som-cus ol' jui'ornuiliun, and to have ex- 
iii:slcii thorn — in us da as ;v;;:;r..ip ;lie jvith cat s-l:i![:» urid |)iirj;ti?e of the in- 
quiry. Tim Kvaph:i::;l i L ! uf-1 imI ;.m I ; : :i:\: s.sck as lnn;i-.»(; a lvfirli ul ill is diaracti;! 

!■ i -ii 111 1 risvivi'il an ul hi- i[ ■ nit., i ii-.lnir'inr i-'r.-.h ■. '. I in II II : II.' Iwn ;ui ul 
printing in i-oknn-s. so as ;i, pn.iimjc a rii-:i i-iViut, a'.iiu;sl lnall'.n^ That of 
[he monastic ilium in :il ions." ■ - Qu:ir!t.i-l;j liii.ii ■■:', Vol. I.XVJIl. p. 414. 

2274 NILES, Key. Samuel. The True Schiptd re-Doctrine 
OF Original Sin stated and defended: in Way of Remarks 
on a Late Piece intitled " the Scripture- Doctrine of Original 
Sin proposed to Free and Candid K^amination, by John 
Taylor ; the Second Edition." To which is premised a Brief 



Discourse on the Decrees of God, in General, and on the 
Election of Grace, in Particular; being the Substance of 
many Meditations, in the Course of a Long .Life, and now 
published sis his (renewed) Dying Testimony: for Truth, and 
against Error, by Samuel .Miles, Pastor of a Church in Brain- 
tree. 12mo, old calf. S. Kneelaud, Boston, 1757 

2275 NOLAN, Edward H. This Illustrated History of 
the War against Russia. title',, amps, and nu- 
merous portraits and pkdes. '2 cols., iinpcri'ai Hco. cloth. 

London, (1857) 

2276 NOLAN, Edward H. The Illustrated History ov 
the Bhitish Empire in India and the East, from the 
Earliest Times to the Suppression of the Sepoy Mutiny in 
1850. Engraved titles, amps, and. numerous portraits and 
plates. 2 vol*., imperial %vo, cloth. London, (I860) 

2277 NOLAN, Rev. Frederick. The Chronological Proph- 
ecies, as constituting a connected System in which the 
Principal Events of the Divine Dispensations are deter- 
mined by the Precise Revelation of their Dates ; demon- 
strated in si Series of Lectures delivered in the Chapel of 
Lincoln's Inn in 1833, 1834, 1835, 1836. Printed by Whit- 
tingham. 8v6, half morocco. 

W. Pickering, London, 1837 

2278 NOLTE, Vincent. Fifty Years in both Hemispheres ; 
or Reminiscences of the Life of si Former Merchant. Trans- 
lated from the German. Vimo, cloth. New York, 1854 

2279 NORDBKRG. Goran Anders. Histoire i>e Charles 
XII. traduite du Suedois [par Charles Gustave Warmholtz]. 
(Tome IV. coiilcnant. Its IVeuvcs de cel.t.e lHstoirc.) 4 vols, 
in 3, 4/o, half calf; backs cracked. Autograph of .Robert 
Hantoul, Jr. La Haye, 1718 

.', . ■ i i... .ii..' . h< i 
*vo!a." — DOdn. 

2280 NORTH-AMERICAN (The) Review. May, 1815-Qeto- 

ber, 1867, uilii Inokx to first '25 mils. 10(i vols., Hl-o, halfrus- 
sia,.. rtca.l ; except Yah. X('V I.-VY., ■w/ii.t-h ore -in nvnihcrs. 

Boston, 1815-67 

2281 NORTHCOTE, James. Fables, Original and Selected. 
[Edited, with Life, by Edmund Sou they Rogers.] Illus- 
trated by Two Hundred and Seventy-live Engravings on 
Wood. Foolscap Syo, cloth. London, 1857 

2282 NORTHEND, Charles. The Teacher and the Par- 
ent, a Treatise upon Common-School Education. Fifth 
Edition. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1856 

2283 NORTHERN (The) Traveller; containing the Routes 
to Niagara, Quebec, and the Springs, with the Tour of New- 

)y GoogIe 


England, and the Route to the Coal Mines of Pennsylvania. 
Second Edition. Maps andptates. l'2mo, half bound. 

New York, 1826 

2284 NORTON, Caroline Elizabeth S. The Child op the 
Islands ; a Poem. Frontispiece, enarat-ed title, and border 
around each page. Royal 8t'i>, half calf . London, 1845 

2285 NORTON, Charles Eliot. Notes of Travel and 
Study in Italy. Post &vo. cloth. Boston, 1860 

2286 NOTES and Queries ; a Medium of Inter-com muni cation 
for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, Gen- 
eral Readers, etc. JVhv. 3, 1 84!)- Dec. 30, 1865, with In- 
dexes. First series, 12 vols, and index ; second series. 12 vols. 
and index; third series. H vols. Together, 34 vols., foolscap 
4(0, half green morocco, gill tops, rough edi/es. Complete 
set. ' London, 1850-65 

2287 NOTES and Queries. First series, to Dec. 30, 1854. 
10 vols., half calf, marbled edges. London, 1850-54 

2288 NOTT, Jo'siaii C, M. D. ; and George Robins Gliddon. 
Types of Mankind, or Ethnological Researches ; based 
upon the Ancient Monuments, Paintings, Sculptures, and 
Crania of Races; and upon their Natural, Geographical, 
Philological, and Biblical History : illustrated by Selections 
from the inedited Papers of Samud Genrcc Morton, M. D. ; 
and by Additional Contributions from Prof. L. Agassiz, 
W. Usher, M. D, and Professor H. L. Patterson, M. D. 
Portrait and memoir of Dr. Morton, and numerous plates 
and wood-cuts. 4to, half russia. 

Philadelphia, 18. r >4 

2289 NOUVEATJ Dictionnaire d'Histoire Naturklt.e, appli- 
quee aux Arts, principalement a 1' Agriculture et a I'Economie 
Rurale et Domestique ; par line Societe de Naturalistes et 
d'Agnculteurs. Avec des Figures tiroes des Trois Begnes 
de la Nature. Fine inipressions of the ■numerous plates. 
24 vols., 8bd, half russia, neat. Original edition. 

Paris, 1803-04 

A later edition of this work hns been published whkli is more enuiplcie, but it 

2290 NOUVEATJ Manuel du.Voyagedr,or the Traveller's 
Pocket Companion ; containing Copious and Familiar Con- 
versations in English, German, French, and Italian. To- 
gether with a Complete Vocabulary, etc. Third Edition, 
revised and corrected. 18mo, boards. 

Heidelberg, 1 837 

2291 NUMISMATA Cimelii Caesarei Regii Atistkiaci Vin- 
doronknsIS, quorum Rariora Iconismis, cetera Catalogis ex- 
litbita [Opera et Studio Joseph! de France, Valentini du Val, 
Erasmi Frolich, et.Josephi Khelij. Jussu Mariae Theresiae 
Iuiperatricis et Reginae Augustac. Contains 137 fine plates, 

)y GoogIe 


with above 1,000 representations of coins and medals, by Klei- 
ner. 2 parts in 1 vol., royal folio, old mottled calf. 

Vindobonae, 1755 

2292 ]i£g|SSBSERVER (The) : being a Collection of Moral, Liter- 
fX'lTj arv, ami Familiar Essays. [By Richard Cumberland 
Wsm and others.] 5 vols., 8vo, half calf rough edges. 
Vest wide margins. London. 1791-95 

2293 O'CALLAUHAN, Edmund B., M. D. A List op Editions 
of the Holy Scriptuues, and Parts thereof, printed in 
America previous to 1860; with Introduction and Biblio- 
graphical Notes. Facsimiles of titles to Eliot's Indian Bi- 
ble and Sew Testament. Imperial Svo, paper, rough edges. 
Only 150 conns printed. 

Munsell & Rowland, Albany, 1861 

2294 OCKLEY, Rev. Simon. The History of the Sahacens j 
containing the Lives of Abubeker, Omar, Othman, Ali, 
Hasan. Moawiyah I., Yezid I., Moawiyah II., Abdolla, Merwan. 
I., and Ahdolmelick. the Immediate Successors of Mahomet ; 
giving an Account of their most Remarkable Battles, Sieges, 
etc., particularly those of Aleppo, Antioch, Damascus, Alex- 
andria, and Jerusalem; illustrating the IMioicn, Rites, Cus- 
toms, and Manner of Living of tl'iat Warlike People. Col- 
lected from the most Authentic Arabic Authors, especially 
JISS. not hitherto published in arty European Language. 
The Third Edition. 2 cok., 8vo, half calf. 

Cambridge, 1757 

This edition cc 

> ; Si' of A!i, Snn-in-Law <•( Mahonwl, and h 

Fiiiirlh Siicms, 

ransliiteJ from an Arabic >l ^5. in lilt; Vl:,.ll«:aLl Library. 

Gibbun quotes 1 

mm 11 

lis work and Prof. Smyth recommends it. 

2295 OEHLENSCHLAGER, Adam Gottlob. The Gods of 
the Nouth ; an Epic Poem. Translated from the Original 
Danish into English Verse, by William E. Frye (with an 
Alphabetical List of the Proper Names occurring in or 
counerlcd with the Poem). «■'■■", iu<h morocco. 

Paris, 1845 

2296 OGILBY, Johx. Ameiiica: being the Latest and most Ac- 
curate Description of the New World; containing the Orig- 
inal of the Inhabitants, and the Remarkable Voyages thither; 
the Conquest of the Vast Empires of Mexico and Peru, and 
other Large Provinces and Territories, with tlu: Several Eu- 
ropean Plantations in those Parts; also their Cities, For- 
tresses, Towns, Temples, Mountains, and Rivers ; their Habits, 
Customs. Manners, and Religions; their Plants, lic;i.=,:s, Birds, 
and Serpents. With an Appendix, containing, besides Sev- 
eral other Considerable Additions, a Brief Survey of what 
hath been discover'd of the Unknown South-Land and the 
Arctick Region. Collected from most Authentic!* Authors, 
an miiented "with Later Observations and adom'd with Maps 

)y GoogIe 


and Sculptures. Wilh catalogue of the authors referred to. 
Large folio, old mottled calf, gilt. 

Printed by the Author, London. 1671 

2297 OGILBY, John. Britannia: or an Illustration of the 
Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales ; by a Geo- 
graphical and Historical Description of the Principal Roads 
thereof, actually admeasured and delineated in a Century of 
Whole-sheet Copper-sculps, accommodated with the Iconog- 
raphy of the Several Cities and Capital Towns, and com- 
pleated by an Accurate Account of the more Remarkable 
Passages of Antiquity, together with a Novel Discourse of 
the Present State, /wye folio, rough calf Original edi- 
tion. Printed by the Author, London, 1675 

2298 O'KEEFE, John. The Dramatic Works of. Prepared 
for the Press by the Author. 4 vols., 8wo, half morocco; with 
autograph of author. London, 1798 

2299 O'KEEFE, John. Recollections of the Life of ; writ- 
ten by himself. Portrait, 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1826 
2800 OLDHAM, John. The Works of. together with his Re- 
mains. 1 vol., 8* -a, old iiii/i". gilt ; ■with a very old book-plate 
of F.llcrLxr Pn-ndsliaw, Esq., of Rhhij, York. 

London, 1686-87 
£301 OLD Plats. The Conscious Lovers ; a Comedy, by 
Sir Richard Steele. 1723. — The Bond-Man ; a Tragi- 
comedy [altered from Massinger, by Rettcrton]. 1719. — 
The Beggar's OPEKA,by Mr."[John] Gay. With engraved 

pages of music. 1728 Themistocles ; a Tragedy [bv 

Dr. Samuel Madden]. 1729. — The Provok'd Husband"; 
a Comedy, by Sir John Vanbnigh and Mr. [OoIJev] Cibber. 
.1728. — Comos; a MasI; : (now adapted to the Stage) as 
alter'd [by Dr. John Dalton] from Milton's Mask at Lndlow- 
Castle. which was never represented but on Michaelmas- 
Day, 1634. The Principal Performers were the Lord 
Brackly, Mr. Tiio. Egerton, the Lady Alice Egerlon. The 
Music was Composed by Mr. Henry Lawes, who also rep- 
resented the Attendant Spirit. The Second Edition. Six 
old plugs in 1 vol., Svo, half morocco. 

London, 1719-38 

2302 OLD Plays. The Suspicious Husband, by Dr. [Ben- 
jamin] Hoadly. 1747. — Tim Mothee-in-Law. or the 
Doctor the Disease [by James Miller]. 1784. —Tub Ar- 
tifice [by Susanna Ccntlivre]. Title wanting. (1721.) 
Three old comedies in 1 vol., 8vo, old calf; with look-ptaie and 
autographs. London. 1721-47 

2303 OLD Plats. Love in a Village [by Isaac Bicker- 
staffe], 1764. — The Village Opeea, by Mr. [Charles] 
Johnson. 1729 — The Maid of the Mill ; a Comic Op- 

)y GoogIe 



em [by Isaac Bickerstaffe]. 1765. — Coitus ; a Mask [al- 
tered from Milton by Dr. John Dalton]. 1738. — Alfred; 
a Masque [by David Mallet]. 1751. — Edgab and Emme- 
line; a Fairy Tale, in a Dramatic Entertainment [by Dr. 
John Haivkesworth], 1761. Six comic operus, etc., in 1 vol., 
8ra ■/!<■/ en If. villi- Imok-pialcs and autographs. 

London, 1729-65 

2304 OLD Plays. Boadicia, by Mr. [Richard] Glover, 1753. 
— The Gamester [bv- Edward Moore]. 1753. — Ai.onzo, 
[by John Home]. 1773.— The Roman Father, by Mr. 
wniliam] Whitehead. 1750. — Papal Tyranny in the 
Reign of King John, by Colley Cibber. 1745. Five old 
tragedies, in 1 vol., 8i'o, half calf. London, 1745-73 

2305 OLD Plays. Midas ; an English Burletta [by Kane 
O'llara]. Frontispiece. 1768. — Miss IK HER Teens ; a 
Farce [by David Garrick]. 1747. — Cymon [by David 
Garrick]. 1778. - The Stratford Jubilee ; Comedy [by 
Francis Gentleman]. 1769. — Artaxerxes ; an English 
Opera [by Thomas Augustine Arne]. (1761.) -The Ap- 
prentice; a Farce, by Mr. [Arthur] Murphy. 1756. — 
Know your own Mind ; a Comedy [by Arthur Murphy]. 
1778. Seven old plays in 1 vol., 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1747-78 

2306 OLD Plays. Love in a Village ; a Comic Opera [by 
Isaac Bickerstaffe]. 1776.— Rarbarossa; aTragedy [by 
Dr. John Broun, of Newcastle], 1770. — The "Widow'd 
Wife- a Comedy, bv \V[illiam] Kenrick. 1768. — Clem- 
entina ; a Tracedv [by Hugh Kelly]. 1771. — Man and 
Wife, or the Shaken pe.arc Jubilee; a Comedy [by George 
Column Sen.]. 1770. Five old plays in 1 vol., Hvo, shi-e-p. 

J London, 1768-76 

2307 OLD Plays. The School for Wives [by Hujrh Kelly]. 
1774. — False Delicacy, by Hugh Kelly. 1768. — The 
Woodman; Comic Opera, by Mr. Bate Dudley. 1791.— 
Knavk, oe Not? by Thomas Holcroft 1798. — False 
Iim-ufssjons, bv Richard Cumberland. 1797. Five old 
comedies in 1 vol., 8tx>, half calf. London, 1768-98 

2308 OLD Plays. Heae Both Sides; a Comedy, by Thomas 
Holcroft. 1803. — A House to be Sold; a Musical 
Piece, by James Cobb, Music by Michael Kelly. Second 
Edition. 1802. — The Marriage Promise ; a Comedy, 
by John Till Allingham. Second Edition. 1803. — Ham- 
let. From Vol. VIII. (pp. 129-316) of an edition (Stee- 
veus's. by Reed '!) of Shttkcspetire's plays, in winch Othello is the 
next phy. With autograph of" Wilkinson." (1803?) — 
The Way to get Married; a Comedy [by Thomas Mor- 
ton]. Title wanting. (1796.) —Arrived at Portsmouth ! 
an Operatic Drama, by the Author of Hartford-Bridge, etc. 

)y GoogIe 



[William Pearce]. 1794. — The New Peerage; a Com- 
edy [by Miss Harriet Lee]. Title wanting. (1787.) Seven 
old-plays in 1 vol., 8vo, half russia. London. 1787-1803 

2309 OLD Woman's Dunciad, etc. The so much talk'd 
of and expected Old Woman's Dunciad, or Midwife's 
Muster Piece ; containing the most Choice Collection of 
Humdrums and Drivellers that was ever expos'd to Public 
View, By Mary Midnight. With Historical. Critical, and 
Explanatory Notes ; by Margelina Scribelinda Macularia. 
1751. — A Bone for the Chroniclers to Pick, or a 
Take-off Scene from behind the Curtain ; a Poem, by a 
Candid Observer of Men and Things. 1758. Two very 
curious old tracts, in verse, with, some MS. notes. Portrait of 
Garrick, with two of Ida original -play-hills (1759 and 1761), 
and some rare humorous -prints inserted. 1 vol., Ato. half calf. 

London, 1751-58 

2310 OLDYS, William. The British Librarian; exhibit- 
ing a Compendious Review, or Abstract, of our most Scarce, 
Useful, and Valuable Books, in all Sciences, as well in Manu- 
script as in Print; with many Characters, Historical and 
Critical, of the Authors, their Antagonists, etc., in a Man- 
ner never before attempted, and Useful to all Readers. 
With a Complete Index to the Volume. 8vo, half calf; 
with autograph of F. Wrangham. London, 1738 

2311 OLIN, Stephen, D. D. Travels in Egypt, Arabia, Pe- 
trsea, and the Holy Land. Map, plans, and 1 2 plates. 2 vols., 
12mo, cloth. New York, 1843 

2312 OLIFHAST, Lawrence. Narrative of the Earl of 
Elgin's Mission to China and Japan in the Years 1857, 
'58. '59. Colored frontispiece and numerous wood-cuts. 8vo, 
"loth. New York. 18 CO 

2313 OLIVER, George, D.D. A Dictionary of Symbolical 
Masonry, including the Royal Arch Degree; according to 
the System prescribed by the Grand Lodge and Supreme 
Grand Chapter of England. %vo, cloth. 

New York, 1855 

2314 OLIVER, George, D. D. The Symbol of Glory, shew- 
ing the Object and End of Freemasonry. Frontispiece, 8vo, 
doth. New York, 1855 

2815 OLMSTED, Denison. Compendium of Natural Phi- 
losophy. 8i-o, sheep. New Haven, 1833 

2316 ONCE A WEEK; an Illustrated Miscellany of Literature, 
Art, Science, and Popular Information. July 2, 1859- 
Dec. 21, 1861. 5 vols., royal &vo, cloth. 

London, 1859-61 

2317 ORDER (The) fop. the Administration of the Holy 
Communion and Occasional Offices, according to the Use 
of the Church of England. Elegantly printed by Whiltingham, 

)y GoogIe 



in red and Mack, with ornate initials and other embellishments. 
Folio, half brown morocco, gilt top, rough edges. BlflCK 
letter : fine copy. W. Pickering, London, 1844 

This handsome volume is panted on a tlrick wrr in Hie -ame manner as 

!'ickcvinj;'s Eevu-p of reprints of the Rock of Common Iraier. 

2318 ORIGIN (The) and Progress op Despotism in the 
Oriental and other Empires, of Africa, Europe, and 

America. Small Svo, marbled calf. 

Amsterdam (London), 1764 

'• An annnymou* publication, printed at Wilkes' private pre*., and published 

Th P ^»fllfli P oTn 'edition from 'he fame presf, in French, printer! in 1763, with 
)H the t tie 

See Nidic's'- " Literary Anecdotes," Vol. IX. p. 755. 

2319 OUTON, James. Tub Enthusiast, or the Straying An- 
gel ; a Poem, bv James Orton (" Alaslor "). Author of" Ex- 
celsior." (With the Supplement to " Excelsior.") Hand- 
samety printed hi Whittingham. Square crown 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. W. Pickering, London, 1852 

2320 OSUORN, Francis. Works. (Containing Advice to a 
Son, Two Parts: Political Reflections upnn the Govern- 
ment of the Turks, etc., etc.; Historical Memoires on the 
Reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James, with a Miscel- 
lany of Sundry Essays, Paradoxes, etc., etc.). Small 8m, 
half morocco, neat. London, 1689 

2321 OSBORNE. Laughton. The Vision ov Rubeta ;_ an 
Epic Story of the Island of Manhattan. With Illustrations 
done on Stone. Svo, half calf, neat. Boston, 1838 

2322 OTTLEY, William Young. An Inquiry into the 
Origin akd Early History op Engraving, upon Cop- 
per and Wood, iviih. an Account of Engravers and their 
Works, from the Invention of Chalcography by Mas.) l'liii- 
guerra, to the Time of Marc' Antonio Raimondi. Numer- 
ous plates and wood-cuts, comprising facsimiles 'f early, rare, 
and curious prints. 2 vols., ito, half calf. 

London, 1816 

2323 OTWAY, Thomas. The Works of; consisting of his 
Plays, Poems, and Letters. With a Sketch of his Life, en- 
larged from that written by Dr. Johnson. Portrait. 2 vols., 
Svo tree calf gilt, marbled edges. London, 1812 

2324 OUR English Home: its Early History and Progress; 
with Notes on the Introduction of Domestic Inventions. 
Post Svo, cloth, uncut. Oxford, etc., I860 

2325 OVID. P. OviniiNASONisOrEiiA. Metamorphoses, Fasti, 
Tristia Amatoria, etc. 3 vols., small Svo, red turkey morocco, 
extra, tooled tdqes, with relhtm fly-lcavs. Vfin nxk copy 

Hasredes Philippi Juntas, Florentias, 1»2 2-25-28 

" I! est aussi tres-difficile de reunir ess 3 volumes." — Bnmet. 

2326 OVID. The Metamorphoses Englished, Mythologiz'd, 
and Represented in Figures. An Essay to the Translation 

)y GoogIe 



of Virgil's jEneis. By G. S. [George Sandys]. Folio, half 
calf; with autograph of Iiufm Choate. London, 1 640 

Thotrnri«1at : on o ! ' 1 1 . , ■ ,f. nl .-A oc:'iir.ii'an:>. 2S--303,«irh note " to the Render," 
"Sandys was pronounced by Dry Jen the best versifier of Iiis age." — Lowndei. 

2327 OVID. The Metamorphoses, in Fifteen Books, trans- 
lated by the most Eminent Hands [Dryden, Addison, Con- 
greve, Nicholas Rowe, Gay, Ambrose Philips, Ooxall. Sew- 
ell, and Garth] ; adorn 'd with Sculptures. Frontispiece, 
portrait of the f'rinress of Wains fa/ Fertile after Kncllcr, and 
16 other fine plates by It Smith, F. KirkalL etc. Folio, half 
calf neat. J. Tonson, London, 1717 

2328 OVID. Metamorphoses; traduites en Franeais, avec des 
Remarques et des Explications Ilistoriques, par I'Abbe 
Bauier. Nouvelle Edition, cornice ct augmentee de la Vie 
d'Ovide. With 16 plates after Pir.ari, eur/raved by Jourdan. 
i vols., 8vo, old marbled rail", e.dra. gilt edges. 

Paris, An Septieme (1799) 

2329 OVID. Des Voutrefflich-Lateinischen Poeten P. 
Ovum Nasonis Funffzehen Verwandlunc.s-Bucher, 
ehemals von einem Beruhmten Meister in 150 Kupfein Vor- 
gestellet, nnd mit einem Kurtzen Lateinisch-und Tentchen 
Vers eiliiutert anjelzo aber denen Kiinstlern nnd der Studi- 
erenden Fugend zum Nutzen nnd erleieh terung mit Zul- 
iinglichen Beschreib-und Erkliirungcn der Siimmtlichen 
Knpier aufs Neue an das Lieht gegeben. and 
150 designs by John Wm. Baur, engraved, fa/ (?) Melchior Ku- 
sell. Oblong 4to, half morocco, neat, -marbled, edges. 

Niirnberg, (1685?) 

2330 OVID. Epistles, with his Amours ; translated into Eng- 
lish Verse, by the most Eminent Hands. (With the Three 
Epistles of Aulns Satiintis. in Answer to as many of Ovid ; 
made English, by Mr. Salusbury.) Adorn'd with Cuts. 
12mo, old calf, neat. London, 1736 

2331 OWEN, David Dale. Report of a Geological Sur- 
vey of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota ; and inci- 
dentally ofa Portion of Nebraska Territory. Made under 
Instructions from the United States Treasury Department ; 
by David Dale Owen. Colored maps, plates, and wood-cuts. 
Royal Ho, cloth. ' Philadelphia, 1852 

2332 OXFORD English Prize Essays. A New Edition, 
brought down to the Present. Time. ■> vols., 12mo, cloth, lin- 
ed. Talboys, Oxford, 1836 

2333 OXFORD (The) Sausage; or Select Poetical Pieces, 
written by the most Celebrated Wits of the University of 
Oxford. A New Edition. Adorned with cuts, desi'i/ncd fa/ 
the best masters. Small Hvo, half morocco. 

Oxford, 1804 

)y GoogIe 


This edition contains portrait of "Mrs. Dorothy Spreadbury, Inventresa of th« 
Oxford Sausage." 
This i'w.uusjeud esprit has been attributed to Warlon. 

2334 EKK5J8AINE, Robert Treat, Jun. The Works, in Verse 

Wmvi and Frose wil " Notes - To whicn are Prefixed > 

ipi?? Sketches of his Life, Character, and Writings [by 
■*■ Charles Prentiss "I. Portrait, 8vo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1812 

"Thomas Paike, ivhose name was afterwards, by an act of llu> It^iilniiife 
in (SOI, ehiii.geJ to Kubkut Tbkat ['aikk, iv.s burn at I aiioton in the 

, „-.. of jli^oi. D^ember 8th, 1773." (Urography, p. xvu.) H» died 

November lath, 1811. 

2335 PAINE, Robert Troup. Memoirs of; by his Parents. 
Printed for Private Distribution, especially for the Class- 
mates of the Youth. Portrait and colored plates. ito, 
morocco, gill edyes : with autograph of Martyn Paine. Pri- 

New York, 1852 

The subject of I his memoir, a™ of Professor Martvn anil Mary Ann Paine, 
wt born Ausmsl II), 1^l.av.;l ili.-.l March 8, LrtSl. 11- Ounstian name was 
(U'llnil I'viv, mi (ailv tYlniid of h=s p:iri'ritH. Col. Itobi-rt I niuii, whose dis- 
t ; n-i:i-^(!'l miiiurv, t'ivil, 1111=1 Chilean life .3 ensbiiin'il in history." (Note, 

2336 PAINE, Thomas. Common Sense; addressed to the In- 
habitants of America, on the following Interesting Subjects : 
I. Of the Origin and Design of Government in General, 
with Concise Remarks on the English Constitution. II. Of 
Monarchv and Hereditary Succession. III. Thoughts on 
the Prese'nt State, of American Affairs. IV. Of the Present 
Ability of America, with some Miscellaneous Reflections. 
A New Edition, with Several Additions in the Body of the 
Work; to which is added an Appendix, together with an 
Address to the People called Quakers. [By Thomas Paine.] 
N. B. The New Edition here given increases the Work 
upwards of one-third. Philadelphia, printed; London, re- 
printed for J.Almon, 1776. — Plain Truth; addressed to 
the Inhabitants of America, containing Remarks on a Late 
Pamphlet, entitled Common Sense : wherein are shewn, 
that the Scheme of Independence is Ruinous, Delusive, and 
Impracticable; that were the Author's Asseverations, re- 
specting the Power of America, as Real as Nugatory, Rec- 
onciliation, on Liberal Principles, with Great Britain would 
be exalted Policy ;*and that, circumstanced as we are, Per- 
manent Liberty and True Happiness can only be obtained 
bv Reconciliation with that Kingdom. Written by Candidus. 
Phitadflphin, printed ; London, re-printed for J. Almon, 1776. 
Tf.iivthvi- in 1 fill., ■''('». old ci.d/\ (lilt, nil! fi-:!'/n<. 

* London, 1776 

2337 PAINE, Thomas. The Rights of Man ; for the Use 
and Benefit of Mankind. 8vo, half crimson morocco. 

London, 1795 

)y GoogIe 


2338 PATNTER, William. The Palace of Pleasure, beau- 
tified, adorned, and well-furnished with Pleasant Histories 
and Excellent Morals, very requisite for Delight and Profit; 
chosen and selected out of Divers Good and Commendable 
Authors. From the Edition printed by Thomas Marsh, 1575. 
Edited by Joseph Haslewood. Wood-cuts, with half lilies, on 
Iiidiii paper. 2 vols., post ilo, olive turkey morocco, extra, gilt 
over carmine edges, by Riviere; uniform with Mirror FOB 
Magistrates. Only 165 copies printed. 

London, 1813 

" Best edition of a work to which Slia^espeore (nil e'veral of our old dram- 
atist:- wme t;i'tiitly indebted for tlicir flote." — LoiDmles. 

2339 PAINTER, William. Another copy: the same. 2 vols., 
citron morocco, extra, gill edges. Loudon, 1813 

2340 PALEY, William, D. D. Natural Theology; or, 
Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity, 
collected from the Appearances of Nature. 12mo, sheep. 

Albany, 1803 

2341 PALEY, William, D. D. Principles of Moeal and 
Political Philosophy. The Fourteenth Edition. 2 vols., 
8vo, calf, yellow edges. R. Faulder, London, 1803 

2842 PALEY,' William, D. D. Another copy: thick l8mo, 
boards. Edinburgh, 1823 

2343 PALEY, William, D. D. Works; consisting of Evi- 
dences of Christianity, Moral and Political Philosophy, 
Natural Theology, and Hone Paulinte. Complete in One 
Volume. Portrait. Svo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1835 

2344 PALFREY", John Gorham. History of New England, 
durin" the .Stuart Dynasty. Maps, etc., including photo- 
hthoyropb facsimile of Smith's Map of New England, 1614, 
on India paper. 3 vol?., imperial tiro, cloth, rmtyh edges. 
LARGE paphk: only 100 copies printed. lio>ton, 1S65 

2345 PALFRKY, Sarah II. Herman, or Young Knight- 
hood. 2 vols., \2mo, cloth. Boston, 1866 

2346 PALGRAVE, Francis Turner. The Golden Treasury 
of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Lan- 
guage ; selected and arranged, with Notes. Foolscap Svo, 
cloth, gilt top. " Cambridge (.Mass.), 181)3 

2347 PALLISKR, Mrs. Bury. History oe Lace. Portraits 
and numerous illustrations of the most elaborate and beautiful 
patterns, many of which are in colors. Svo, cloth, gill. cJi/rs. 

" " London, i860 

2348 PALMER, John Williamson, M. D. Folic Songs; 
selected and edited by. Illustrated from Original Designs 
(and with Fac-simile Autograph Poems). Imperial Hvo, 
smooth olive morocco, very neat, gilt edges. Lxkqh papkb. 

New Yoik. loin 

)y GoogIe 


2349 PALMER, Joseph, M. D. Necrology of Alumni op 
Harvard College, 1851-52 to 1862-63. Royal 8wo, cloth, 
uncut. Boston, 1864 

2350 PAMPHLETS. A Vindication of Mr. Randolph's 
Resignation. Phil, 1795. — The Speech of Mr. Ames, 
April 28, 179S (upon the Treaty between the United States 
and Great Britain). Boston (1796). —A Letter to General 
Hamilton, occasioned by his Letter to President Adams, by 
a Federalist (Signed " Aristides.") — Observations on 
Certain Documents, etc., in which the charge of Speculation 
against Alexander Hamilton, is fully refuted; written by 
himself. Phil, 1797. — Letters from his Excellency Gen- 
eral Washington, to Arthur Young, Esq., F. R. S. ; contain- 
ing an Account of his Husbandry, with a Map of his Farm, 
his Opinions on Various Questions in Agriculture, etc., etc. 
London, 1801. — The Life of Thomas Paine, etc., with a 
Defense of his Writings ; by Francis Oldys. Boston, 1796. 
— A View of the Political Conduct of Aaron Burr, Esq., 
by the Author of the " Narrative." New York, 1802. — 
An Address to the People of the United States, on the Sub- 
ject of the Itcpoit of a Committee of the Treasury, by Oliver 
Wolcott. Boston, 1802. Mght pamphlets in 1 vol. 8i'0, Aalf 
sheep. Philadelphia, etc., 1795-1802 

2351 PAMPHLETS. An Oration delivered (July 4, 1804), 
by John Pickering, Jim. Salem, 1804. — An Oration de- 
livered (July 4, 1804) at Salem, by Joseph Story, Esq. 
Salem, 1804. — An Address delivered (July 4, 1806) by 
Major Samuel Swett. Boston, 1806. — An Oration delivered 
(July 4, 1806) by Henry Alexander S. Dearborn. Salem, 
1806. — An Oration delivered (July 4, 1805), by Ichabod 
Nichols. Salem, 1805. — An Oration pronounced July 4, 
1808, by Andrew Ritchie, Jun., Esq. (Boston), 1808. — An 
Oration delivered (July 4, 1810), by Joseph E. Spraguc. 
(Salem). 1810. — Eulogy on Gen. Alexander Hamilton, July 
26, by Hon. Harrison G. Otis, Esq. Boston, 1804. — A 
Poem on the Restoraiion of Learning in the East, which 
obtained Mr. Buchanan's Prize, by Charles Grant, Esq. 
Salem, 1807. — Commencement, a Poem, or rather Com- 
mencement of a Poem, recited before the Phi Beta Kappa 
Society, Cambridge, Aug. 29, 1811. by a Brother. Salem, 
1811. — Letter to the Hon. Harrison Gray Otis, on the 
Present State of our National Affairs, with Remarks upon 
Mr. Pickering's Letter to the Governor, by John Quincy 
Adams. Boston, J 808. — Interesting Correspondence be- 
tween Governour Sullivan and Col. Pickering, in which the 
latter vindicates himself against the Groundless Charges 
and Insinuations made by the Governour and others. Boston, 
1808. — A Letter from the Hon. Timothy Pickering, exhib- 

)y GoogIe 


iting to his Constituents a View of the Imminent Danger of 
an Unnecessary and Ruinous War. Boston, 1808- — Letter 
from Alexander Hamilton, concerning the Public Conduct 
and Character of John Adams, Esq., written in the Year 
1800. Boston, 1809. — Speech of the Hon. Josiah Quincy, 
in Relation to Maritime Protection. — A Letter to a Great 
Character (John Adams), printed and published for the 
Public, 1811. — A Correct Statement of the Whole Prelim- 
inary Controversy between Tho. O. Selfridge and Benj. 
Austin, also a Brief Account of the Catastrophe in State 
Street, Boston, on the 4th August. 1806, with some Re- 
marks, by Tho. O. Selfridge. Charlestown, 1807. — A Ser- 
mon preached July 15, 1777, etc. (Caution recommendedin 
the Application and Use of Scripture Language), by Wil- 
liam Paley, M.A.,etc. Cambridge (Mass.), 1809. — A Ser- 
mon preached in Boston, May 31, 1810, by Eliphalet Porter, 
D. D. Boston, 1810. A Discourse delivered at Reading, 
North Parish, May 19, 1811, in which Warnings of Death 
are considered as Excitements to Review Life, by Eliab 
Stone. Boston, 1811. — Address delivered (before the 
Lodges of St. John, St. Peter, and St. Mark, Newburyport) 
on the Anniversary Festival of St. John the Baptist, by Jo- 
seph Dana. Newburyport, 1807. — An Oration delivered (be- 
fore Philanthropic Lodge, Marblehead, June 24, 5810) by 
Brother Edward Turner, to whic j) is pretk<'(] :ui Introductory 
Address by Brother Ralph II. French, R. W. P. M. Salem, 
1810. — An Address to the M. W. Grand Lodge of Jljissnclm- 
setts, by Brother Isaiah Thomas, Esq., P. G. M., at the Close 
of the Constitutional Term as Grand Master, A. L. 5805. 
Boston, 1811. — An Address delivered before King Solo- 
mon's Lodge, Charlcstown, June 24, A. L. 5811, by John 
Lothrop, A. M. Boston, 5811. — Thoughts on the Cheru- 
bimical Mystery, or an Attempt to prove that the Cherubims 
were Emblems of Salvation by the Blood of Jesus, by James 
Relly. Boston, 1808. — The Gospel Visitant, for September, 
1M1. Tweuly-ilec -pampldeis in 1 vol.. Sen. half sheep. 

Salem, etc., 1804-11 
2352 PANTOLOGIA: a New Cyclopedia, comprehending a 
Complete Series of Essays, Treatises, and Systems, alpha- 
betically arranged ; with a General Dictionary of Arts, Sci- 
ences, and Words; the Whole presenting a Distinct Survey 
of Human Genius, Learning, and Industry. By John 
Mason Good, Esq., F. R. S., etc. ; Olinthus Gregory, LL. D., 
etc. ; and Mr. Newton Bosworth ; assisted by other Gentle- 
men of Eminence, in Different Departments of Literature. 
Illustrated with elegant engravings, those on Natural Histori/ 
being from oriyinal drawings by Edwards and others, and 
beautifully coloured after nature. 12 vols., royal 8vo, half 
russia, neat, red edges. London, 1813 



2353 PARADYSE (The) op Dayntie Devises, aptly furnished 
with Sundry Pithie & Learned Inventions; devised and 
written, for the most Part, by M. Edwards, sometimes of her 
Majesties Chappel ; the Rest, by Sundry Learned Gentle- 
men, both of Honour and Worshippe, viz. S. Barnarde, 
Jasper Ileywood, E. 0., F. K., L. Vaux, M. Eewe, D. S., R, 
Hill, M. Yloop, with others. Imprinted at London, by 
Henry Disle, dwellyng in Paules Churchyard, at the South- 
west Doore of Saint Paules Church, and are there to be 
solde. 4(o, half morocco, neat, gilt edges. 1576 

This i« a vprv rn-ii'lv written transcrip 

ii ::.v V-m jiuie: "This is in [In 

Thos. Rv<H." 
Bel™ snya of this work, " I hardlv know where a copy in (o be found. It 

Wt^'by m. Dtr." Z ^ " eVer ^ * C ° Py ' bUt ° ne " >™"™&> 

2354 PARDOE, Julia. The Beauties of the Bosphorus : 
Illustrated in a Series of Views of Constantinople and its 
Environs, from Original Drawings by W. H. Bartlett. Por- 
traits, map, and 80 plates. Ato, cloth. London, s. a. 

2355 PARDON, Gecege Frederick. Tales from the Op- 
eras. 12mo, c/oth. t New York, 1864 

2356 PARENT-DUCHATELET, Alexis Jean Baptiste. 
De la Prostitution dans la Vii.le de Paris, consideVee 
sous le Rapport de l'Hygiene Publique, de la Morale, et de 
] 'Administration ; Ouvrage appuye de Documens S talis tiques 
puises dans les Archives de la Prefecture de Police. Avec 
Cartes et Tableaux; Precnidce d'une Notice Uistorique sur 
la Vie et les Ouvrages de l'Auteur, par Fr. Leuret. 2 vols., 
crown 8vo, half morocco. Paris, 1836 

2357 PARIS. Views op Paris and Environs. A collection of 
29 large colored views of buildings mid plows of -interest in or 
near Paris, lithographed In/ Lem.evckr.from. drawings by J. B. 
and Jyles Arnoat, etc. Without title. 1 vol., oblong folio, half 
morocco. (p al js, ] 8-1.5 y) 

2358 PARKER, John Henry. A Glossary of Terms used in 
Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic Architecture. The 
Fourth Edition, enlarged. Exemplified by Eleven Hun- 
dred Wood-cuts. 2 vols., royal 8<*>, cloth, gilt tops. 

Oxford, 1845 

2359 PARKER, Rev. Theodore. The Thyai. op, for the " Mis- 
demeanor " of a Speech in Faneiiil Hall against Kidnap- 
ping, before the Circuit Court of the United States, at Bos- 
ton. April 3, 1855. With the Defence. Royal 8ro, cloth; 
with autograph of Rufus Ofioate. 

Published for the Author, Boston, 1855 

2360 PARKER, Rev. Theodore. Experience as a Minis- 
ter, with some Account of his Early Life and Education 
for the Ministry. 12nw, cloth. " Boston, 1859 

)y GoogIe 


2361 PARKER, Rev. Theodore. Life and Correspondence 
of. By John Weiss. Portraits, wood-cuts, etc., 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1863 

2362 PABKES.Mrs. William. Domestic DuTiKS.or Instruc- 
tions to Young Married Ladies, on the Management of their 
Households and the Regulation of their Conduct in ihe Va- 
rious Relations and Duties of Married Life. Second Edi- 
tion. 12mo, boards, rough edges. Loudon, 1825 

2363 PARKMAN, Francis. Histokt op the Conspiracy of 
Pontiac, and the War of the North American Tribes 
against the English Colonics after the Conquest of Canada. 
8vo, coif, gill, marbled edges. lioston, 1855 

2364 PARKMAN, Francis. Pioneers of France in the 
New World. Portrait of Menendez and map. Crownftvo, 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

2365 PARKMAN, Francis. The Jesuits in North America, 
in the Seventeenth Century. Crown fivo, cloth. 

Boston, 1867 

2366 PARR, Samuel. Thf, Work3 op; with Memoirs of his 
Life and Writings, and a Selection from his Correspondence, 
by John Johnstone, M. D. Portraits. 8 vols., thick royal 
Svo, half morocco, gilt tops, rough edges. Large paper. 

' J London, 1828 

2367 PARRY, James. The True Anti-Pamela, or Memoirs 
of Mr. James Parry, late Organist of Ross in Hereford- 
shire; in which are inserted, his Amours with the Cele- 
brated Miss of Monmouthshire. Written by Himself. 

In Two Parts complete: Part I. Memoirs of His Life 
and Amours. Part II. A Journal of his Adventures in a against the Spaniards, on board the Revenge Pri- 
vateer Capt. Wimble ; with his Genuine Letters of Love 
and Gallantry. The Second Edition, with Additions. Por- 
trait, (tint plale. 2 vols, in 1, 12»zo, half morocco, neat. 

London, 1770 

2368 PARRY, Rev. J. D. The Legendary Cabinet : a Col- 
lection of British National Ballads, Ancient and Modern, 
from the Best Authorities; with Notes and Illustrations. Crown 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top. 

London, 1829 

2369 PARSONS, James, M. D. Remains of Japhet, being 
Historical Enquiries into the Affinity and Origin of the 
European Languages. 4io, half russia. 

London, 1767 

2370 PARSONS, Theophilus. Memoir of Theophilus Par- 
sons, Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Mas- 
sachusetts ; with Notices of soaie of his Contemporaries. By 
his Soo. Portrait. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1859 



2371 PARSONS, Theophilus. An Oration delivered on 

the Fourth of July, 1861, before the Municipal Authori- 
ties of the City of Boston. With an Appendix. 8»o, cloth. 

2372 ^ AES0NS ' Theophilus. Deus Homo : God-Man. 
Grown 8vo, cloth, gilt top. Chicago, 1867 

2373 PARSONS, William. Travelling Recreations. 2 
vols., small 12mo, half red morocco, gilt edges. 

2374 PAR-TON, James. Life of Andrew Jackson. ' Por- 
traits, etc. 3 vols., royal Svo, half calf, extra, marbled edges. 

, _.„, New York, i860 

2<ii0 PAR TON, James. General Butler in New Orleans: 
History „i the Administration of the Department of the 
Gulf in the Year 1862; with an Account of the Capture of 
New Orleans, and a Sketch of the Previous Career of the 
General, Civil and Military. Thick 12mo, cloth. 

2376 PARTON, James. Life and Times of Benjamin Frank- 
lin. Printed on a tinted paper, with the. portraits on India 
paper. 2 vols., 4to, cloth, uncut. Large paper : 100 copies 
printed for E. French. 
„_„_ Mason Brothers, New York, 1865 

-!377 PARTON, James. The Humorous Poetry of the Eng- 
lish Language, from Chaucer to Saxe: Narratives, 
Satires, Enigmas, Burlesques, Parodies, Travesties, Epi- 
grams, Epitaphs, Translations; including the most cel- 
ebrated Comic Poems of the Anti-Jacobin, Rejected Ad- 
dresses, the Ingoldsby Legends, Blackwood's Magazine, 
Bentley's Miscellany, and Punch. With more than Two' 
Hundred Epigrams, etc. With Notes, Explanatory and 
Biographical. Portraits, \2mo, cloth. Boston, 1867 

2378 PASHA (The) Papers: Epistles of Mohammed 
Pasha, Rear Admiral of the Turkish Navt, written 
from New York to his Friend Abel Ben Hassen ; translated 
into Anglo-American from the Original Manuscript. 12nw, 
<L hih ; • New York, 1859 

2379 PASS, Crispin de. Compendium Operum Virgilia- 
norum, etc. Miroer des OEuvres de ['Excellent Pcete Vir- 
gile, etc. A collection of 24 plates (from his work), without 
tilla, mimiUed in a- Ato volume, vellum. 

(Ultrajecti-Batavorum, 1612) 

2380 PASSIONS (The) Personiey'd. In Familiar Fables (in 
Verse). Frontispiece and 12 plates by J. Miller. Svo, old calf. 
_ London, (dr. 17601 

2381 PASTORET, Emmanuel Claude Pierre, Marquis db. 
Mojse, considers comme Legislates et comme Moraliste. 
Svo, old mottled calf, gilt, marbled edges. Paris, 1788 

)y GoogIe 


2382 PATTERSON, John. Memoir of Joseph Train: the 
Antiquarian Correspondent of Sir Walter Scott Foolscap, 
Bvo, cloth, uncut. Glasgow, 1857 

2383 PAXTON, Sir Joseph; and Joseph Harrison. The 
Horticultural Register, and General Magazine. July, 
IBM-June, 1833. Plan for a " National Garden," colored 
plates, and wood-cuts. 2 vols., half green morocco. 

London and Sheffield, 1831-33 

2384 PEARCE, Joseph, Jun. Violins and Violin Makers: 
Biographical Dictionary of the great Italian Artistes, their 
Followers and Imitators, to the Present Time ; with Essays 
on Important Subjects connected with the Violin. 16mo, 
cloth. Sheffield and London, 1866 

2385 PECK, Rev. Francis. Desiderata Cubtosa ; or a Col- 
lection of Divers Scarce and Curious Pieces relating chiefly 
to Matters of English History ; consisting of Choice Tracts, 
Memoirs, Letters, Wills, Epitaphs, etc., transcribed, many 
of them, from the Originals themselves, and the rest, from 
Divers Antient MS. Copies, or the MS. Collections of Sundry 
Famous Antiquaries and other Eminent Persons, both of the 
Last and Present Age: the Whole, as near as possible, 
digested into an Order of Time, and illustrated with Ample 
Notes, Contents, Additional Discourses, and a Complete 
Index. By Francis Peck, M. A., etc. A New Edition, 
greatly corrected ; with some Memoirs of the Life of Mr. 
Peck [by T. Evans]. Portrait and plates. 2 vols, in 1 vol., 
4to. old mottled calf, gilt, back cracked. Book-plate of Charles 
Purton Cooper, Esq. London, 1779 

2386 PECKE,. Thomas. Parnassi Puerperium, or some Well- 
Wishes to Ingenuity, in the Translation of Six Hundred of 
Owen's Epigrams ; Martial de Spectaculis, or Rarities to be 
seen in Rome ; and the most Select in Sir Tho. More. To 
which is annext a Century of lleroick Epigrams, Sixty 
whereof concern the Twelve Ccesars, and the Forty remain- 
ing, Several Deserving Persons. By the Author of that 
celebrated Eligie upon Cleeveland, Tho. Pecke, Gent, Small 
8uo, claret, rxfrn, ifijt edges, by Murton. 

Printed by J. Cottrel, for Tho. Bassett, London, 1659 

2387 PEELE, George. The Works of ; collected and edited, 
with some Account of his Life and Writings, by the Rev. 
Alexander Dyce, B. A. Second Edition, with Additions. 
Facsimile of handwriting. 3 vols., crown Svo. crimson tur- 
key morocco, gilt edges; with MS. notes. Uniform with 
Greene and Webster. Only 250 copies printep. 

W. Pickering, London, 1829-39 

"Peele and Marlowe were (he contemporaries of Shakespeare; both hadex- 

(Iiii-iiu !i!!-;in<ri f lir juictrv, ami cxcdltil in description, to wMcb. the former 
lent beauty, the latter sublimity." — Gijford. 




2388 PEIRCE, Benjamin. A History of Harvard Univer- 
sity, from its Foundation in the Year 1636, to the Period 
of the American Revolution. [Edited by John Pickering.] 
Views. &vo, boards, uncut. Cambridge, 1833 

2389 PELET de la Lozere, Jean, Comte. Napoleon in 
Council; or, the Opinions delivered by Bonaparte in the 
Council of State. Translated from the French of Baron 
Pelet (de la Lozere), by Captain Basil Hall, R. N. 12mo, 
half calf. Edinburgh, 1837 

2390 PELHAM, Cavendish. The World ; or, the Present 
State of the Universe; being a General and Complete Col- 
lection of Modern Voyages and Travels. Selected, arranged, 
and digested, from the Narratives of the Latest and most 
Authentic Travellers and Navigators. Embellished with 
upwards of am; hundred and thi.rl.ij beautiful e.aipavings. 2 
vols., 4(o, calf, gilt. London, 1806-08 

Engravings by A. W. Warren, etc. 

2391 PELLETAN, Eugene. Le Droit de Parler : Lettre k 
M. Indians. Hvo, pp. 4f>, paper. Paris, 1862 

2392 PEMAQUID Papers. Papers relating to Pemaquid 
and Parts adjacent in the Present State of Maine, 
known as Cornwall County, when under the Colony of New- 
York ; compiled from Official Records in the Office of the 
Secretary of State at Albany, N. Y., by Franklin B. Hough. 
8vo, paper, rough edges. Albanv, 1856 

2393 FENHALLOW, Samuel. The History of the Wars 
of New-England with the Eastern Indians ; or, a 
Narrative of their continued Perfidy and Cruelty, from the 
10th of August, 1703. to the Peace renewed 13th of July, 
1713; and from the 25th of July, 1722, to their Submis- 
sion, 15th December, 1725, which was ruUJieu Aiisnist 5th, 
1726. By Samuel Penhallow, Esq. (With a Memoir by 
Nathaniel Adams; Notes; and an Appendix, comprising, 
" Gardener's Pequot Warres," and " The Gospel in New 
England.") Reprinted from the Boston edition of 1726. 
Foolscap Mo, cloth. Only 150 copies printed. 

Cincinnati, 1859 

2394 PENN, Granville. A Comparative Estimate of the 
Mineral and Mosaical Geologies. Second Edition. 
2 vols-, Hvo, boards. London, 1825 

2395 PENN, William. The Select Works of (with the 
Author's Life). The Third Edition. 5 vols., %vo, old 
sprinkled calf, gilt. London, 1782 

2396 PENNA, Agostino. Viaggio Pittorico della Villa 
Adi;iana (di Tivoli), composto di Vedute disegnate dal 
Vero ed incise da Agostino Penna ; con una Breve Descriz- 
ione di Ciasctim Monumcnto. Plan and 137 fine plates. 2 
vols., oblong ito, half morocco, yellow edges. 

Roma. 1831-33 

)y GoogIe 


2397 PENNANT, Thomas. The British Zoology : Class I. 
Quadrupeds. II. Birds. Published under the Inspection 
of the Cymmrodorian Society, instituted for the Promoting 
Useful Charities, and the Knowledge of Nature, among the 
Descendants of the Ancient Britons, lilwtrated with one 
hundred and copper plates. Imperial folio, halfrussia, 
rough edges. Original edition : colored plates. 

London, 1766 
This edition was "Printed bv J. and J. March on Tower-Hill. fnr tlic Sncicly: 
av.rf S«:-:i f 1 :rib.:ll 1 -c:fii'.:rili 1 . ISm ish Cliaril >-Sil|..>U. :: <;kTk,-!i »<■!■ (JiVi'll." 
'I'l:is cnpy contains 133 pla'e?, — 11 of quadruped- and 122 of birds, — with 
162 r'iiK*' In i.iii '^:ri'd; of l-itcr pre^, besides 7 pi-nliini'-avc leaves (unnum- 
bered), including tiilc, dedication, preface, etc., and an indtix of 2 leaves. 
Tim mi it:? 1 in U* I'liui'.* ■>!' birdn arc ch'efly as large as life. 

2398 PENNANT, Thomas. British Zoology. Fourth Edi- 
tion. Choice impressions of the numerous plates. 4 vols., 
post ilo, old mottled calf, gilt, green edges ; with bonk plate, of 

Ch'i.rtos Brooke. Back of Vol. I. broken, but otherwise a fine 
copy. Warrington and London, 1776-77 

2399 PENNANT, Thomas. Arctic Zoology. Fine large 
plates. 2 vols., post Ato, old marbled calf, gilt, yellow edges. 

London, 1784-85 

" The works of this celebrated traveller, naturalist, arid antiquary arc much 

2400 PENNY (The) Cyclopaedia of the Society for the 
Diffusion or Useful Knowledge. Many thousand wood- 
cuts. 27 vols, in 14, imperial Qvo, half morocco, neat. Orig- 
inal edition. London, 1833-43 

2401 PENNY (The) Magazine of the Society for the 
Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. March 31, 1832- 
Jhrt'titl/i-r HI, 1845. Both series complete. Numerous wood- 
cuts. 9 vols., imperial Svo ; 5 vols., Svo; half calf . 

London, 1832-45 

2402 PENNY Magazine. Duplicates: Vols. l.-IU. of the 
first series. 3 vols., imperial Svo, half calf. 

London, 1832-34 

2403 PEPYS, Samuel. Diary and Correspondence of 
Samuel Pepys, F. R. S-, Secretary to the Admiralty in the 
Reigns of Charles II. and James II.; from the Original 
Shorthand MS. With a Life and Notes, by Richard Lord 
Bi'iivbmoke. The Sixth Edition. Portraits, etc. 4 vols., 
post Svo, cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

2404 PERCY Society's Publications. Early English 
Poetry, Ballads, and Popular Literature of the 
Middle Ages ; edited from Original Manuscripts and Scarce 
Publications. Complete, with a mam/script table of covkmls, 
and index of authors, bound in the first and last volumes. 94 
parts in SO vols., crown Svo, crimson morocco, gill edges. Only 
250 complete sets. London, 1840-52 

Tliis fine set is from the library of the late Mr. Hosmer, who was a subscriber, 
and as only 250 copies of the later tracts were printed, a complete set is now 



exircmel'- difficult to make up. For contents see Bonn's" Lowndes," Appen- 
dix, pp. 59-65. 

2405 PERCY, Thomas, D. D. A Key to the New Testa- 
ment; giving an Account of the Several Books, their Con- 
tents, (heir Authors, and of the Times, Places, and Occasions 
on which they were respectively written. From the Last 
London Edition. \1mo, sheep. Baltimore, 1822 

2406 PERKINS, Thomas Handasyd. Memoir of; containing 
Extracts from his Diaries and Letters, with an Appendix. 
llv Thomas (-J-. Gary. Portrait. Svo, cloth. 

Boston, 1856 

2407 PERRY, Commodore Matthew Calbeaith. Naera- 
tive op the Expedition of an American Sqcaoeon 
to Tim China Seas and Japan, performed in the Years 
1852, 1853, and 1854, under the Command of Commodore 
M. C. Perry, United States Navy; compiled from the Orig- 
inal Notes and Journals of Commodore Perry and his Offi- 
cers, at his Request, and under his Supervision, hy Francis 
L. Hawks, D. D. With Numerous Illustrations. (Vol. III., 
containing Observations on the Zodiacal Light, by Rev. 
George Jones, A. M. Many of the plates finely colored. 
8 vols., 4(o, cloth. ' Washington, 1856 

2408 PETRIE, Henry: and Rev. John Shaepe. Monu- 
mknta Historica Bkitannica, or Materials for the History 
of Britain from the Earliest Period. Prepared, and illus- 
trated with Notes, by the late Henry Petrie, Esq., F. S. A., 
Keeper of the Records in the Tower of London ; assisted 
by the Rev. John Sharpe, B.A. Vol. I., extending to the 
Gorman Conquest, ■with engraved dedication, map, and 27 
plates of old Sa.mii. coins, facsimiles of charters, etc. Thick 
folio, hdf morocco, uncut. . 

Published by Command of her Majesty, London, 1848 

This work, containing all the important incidents of the Saxon period of Eng- 
lish Liistnn-, cMivaeli'il i'r«::> '!■- dinjiiiH^ of -H.-l |'t-J" ■■'■:. »■"' l fvMken nt 

the i-o'imiV d i)'' Ci'o-.-e IV. TIib voLnie was n-i fcislii'd iiy M'. Peine, 
1ml. was cumulated, his Amth, and the prefatory matter added by Mr. 
't'homas Duffus Hardy. 

2409 PETRONIUS, " Arbitee." The Satyetcal Works op, 
in Prose and Verse ; in Three Parts. Together with his 
Life and Character, written by Mons. St. Evremont; and a 
Key to the Satyr, by a Person of Quality. Made English 
by Mr. Wilson, Mr. Burnaby, Mr. Blount, Mr. Tho. Brown, 
Capt. Ayloff, and several others. To which is .added, the 

Charms of Liberty ; a Poem, by the late Duke of D . 

Plates. 8vo, old calf. ' London, 1708 

2410 PETRONIUS, "Arbiter." The Works of, in Prose 
and Verse ; in Three Parts. With a Critical Preface in 
Defence of the Author, and his Life, and Character, written 

* Google 


by Mons. St Evremont ; and a Key to the Satyres, by a. 
Person of Quality. The Second Edition, adorn'd with Cuts. 
Made English by Mr. Wilson, etc. [as above]. To which 
is prefix'd, the Charms of Liberty ; a Poem, by the late 
Duke of Devonshire. Svo, old calf, gilt. London, 1710 

Tim copy has n frontispiece by Vander Gucnt, which is wanting in the one 

2411 PETTIGREW, Thomas Joseph. Bibliotheca Sussex- 
iana : a Descriptive Catalogue, accompanied by Historical 
and Biographical Notices, of the Manuscripts and Printed 
Books contained in the Library of his Royal Highness the 
Duke of Sussex, in Kensington Palace. By Thomas Joseph 
Pettigrew, P. R. S., Librarian to the Duke of Sussex. Por- 
trait, view of library {inserted in sermuf volume), and 19 plates. 
Describes 2{)8 MSS. and afore 1,500 printed editions of the 
Scriptures ami parts thereof. 2 vols, (first volume in two parts), 
imperial 8vo, half olive morocco, uncut. Only 500 copies 
printed. London, 1827-39 

2412 PEZRON, Paul. The Antiquities of Nations, more 
particularly of the Celtas or Gauls, taken to be originally 
the same People as our Ancient Britons; containing great 
Variety of Historical, Chronological, and Etymolo^i' if Dis- 
coveries, many of them unknown both to the Greeks and 
Remans. Englished by Mr. Jones. 8™. old calf. ,fdt ; with 
book-plates of Elizabeth Whitfield, 1704, and Fvdlerton of Gar- 
"«»>»■ London, 1706 

2413 PHALARIS. The Epistles of, translated from the 
Greek ; to which are added, some Select Epistles of the most 
Eminent Greek Writers. By Thomas F'rancklin, M. A. 
Frontispiece, by O'riiprion, offer Worlidije. Royal 8vo, old 
calf, extra, marbled edges; back crocked. Old book-plate of 
Robert Ballard, Southampton. Large paper: clean copy. 

R. Francklin, London, 1749 

2414 PIIILBRICK, JohnD. Tns American Union Speaker; 
with Introductory Remarks on Elocution, and Explanatory 
Notes. Svo, half calf, extra, marbled edges. 

Boston, 1865 

2415 PHILES, George P. The Phii.obibi.ion, a Monthly 
Bibliographical Journal ; containing Critical Notices of, and 
Extracts from, Rare, Curious, and Valuable Old Books. 
Printed on Indiapaper. Ms. 1-24 {Pec. lSBi-Dec. 18<>3). 
2 vols., unbound. New York, 1 

No number was issued for December, 1362, 

2416 PHILIPPS, J. T. The History op the Two Illustri- 
ous Brothers, Princes of Saxony ; viz., their Serene High- 
nesses Ernestus the Pious, First Duke of Sax-Gotha, and 
Bernard the Great, Duke of Sax-Weimar, who won the 
Battle of Lutzen, after the Death of the Great Gustavus 

)y GoogIe 


Adolphus, King of Sweden : together with a Short History 
of his Serene Highness John William, Prince of Gotha, 
who was killed at the Siege of Toulon, in 1707. To which 
are added, Genealogical Tables of the Illustrious House 
of Sax-Gotha, shewing its Relation to all the Royal and 
Sovereign Families in Europe. Portrait (inserted ) of 
"Beruhard Due de Saxe Weymar, etc., etc.," by P. de Jode 
(Junior). Svo, old calf, gilt, red edges. 

London, 1740 

2417 PHILLIPS, George. Rudiments of Curvilinear De- 
sign, illustrated by a Series of Plates in Various Styles of 
Ancient and Modern Ornament; with Explanatory Text in- 
Aid of Selections applicable to the Arts and Manufactures. 
Nii.i:u.roi.if embellishments in the text and 48 large and fine 

plates, including frontispiece. Imperial folio, cloth. 

London, (1840?) 

2418 PHILLIPS, Sir Richard. A Collection of Modern 
and Contemporary Voyages and Travels ; containing, 
I. Translations from Foreign Languages, of Voyages and 
Travels never Imforc (.runsluted. II. Ori<im;il Voyages and 
Travels never before published. III. Analysis of New 
Voyages and Travels published in England. Numerous 
majis and plates, some, of which are colored. 11 vols., trt:o, half 
calf neat. R. Phillips, London, 1805-10 

241!* PHILOSOPHICAL (A) Historical and Moral Essay 
on Old Maids; by a Friend to the Sisterhood. 3 vols., 
small Svo, half calf. T. Cadell, London. 1 785 

2420 PI-IILOSTRATUS. Les Images, ou Tableaux dePlatte 
Peintuke des Deux Phil ost rates, Sopliistes Grecs, et les 
Statues de Callistrate; mis en Francois, par Blaise de Vi- 
genere, Boiirbimnois : enrichis d' Arguments et Annotations, 
reveus et corrigez sur rOriginal, par un Docte Personnage 
de ce Temps en la Langue Grecque ; et reprcsentez^en 
Taille Douce en cette Nouvelle Edition, avec des Epi- 
grammes surchacun d'Iceux,par Artus Thomas Sieur d'Em- 
bry. Frontispiece and 68 plates engraved by Jaspar Isac, L. 
Gaultier, and T. de Leu. Royal folio, old red- morocco, extra, 
gilt edges. Large paper; ruled throughout with red Hues. 

A. L'Angelier, Paris, 1615 

2421 PHTLOSTRATUS. Another copy: the same; with the 
Gi> plates, and each ruled in same manner. Royal folio, 
old. red morocco, vert/ neat, gilt edges. Paris, 1615 

2422 PHOTOGRAPHS. British Museum Photographs. A 
series of 80 fne, photographs of busts in the British Museum, 
mounted on card-board, 2.'!.',- X 17i inches, and enclosed in d 
Strong portfolio, half morocco, gilt label on side, leather straps. 
Photographed, hy R.. Fenton, andpublished by the Trustees of the. 
British Museum. (London), s. a. 

)y GoogIe 


2423 PHOTOGRAPHS. The Rapfaelle Cartoons. J. Paul 
Preaching at Athens (28 X 30 inches). II. Christ's Charge 
to Peter (28£ X 44 inches). III. The Death of Ananias 
(28 X 44 inches). IV. Elvmas the Sorcerer Struck with 
Blindness (28 X 36 inches). V. The Miraculous Draught 
of Fishes (28 X 36 inches). VI. The Sacrifice at Lystra 
(28 X 45 inches). VII. Peter and John Healing the Lame 
Man at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple (28 X 44 inches). 
Siii'i-u jlite large photographs mounted on card-hoard, 36 X 52 
inches, and inclosed in a portfolio. Photographed In/ Caldesi 
4f MonteccAi, and published by P. $ D. Colnaghi % Co., Lon- 
don. Witk the "Analysis" published by Charles B. Norton, 
New York. 12mo, cloth. 

London, 1858; New York, 1860 

2424 PHOTOGRAPHS. Yo-Semite Valley: Photographic 
Views of the Falls and Valley of Yo-Semite, in Mariposa 
County, California; executed by C. E. Watkins, San Fran- 
cisco. Title, map, and 30 beautiful views, lfi 1 X 20£ inches, 
unmounted. San Francisco, 1863 

2425 PHOTOGRAPHS. Collection op Photographs op 
Celebrated Paintings, Views of Noted Places, etc., etc. 
Purtfilio cimtaiiiinrf nearly 100 fine photographs, various sizes, 

2426 PICKERING, John. A Vocabulary, or Collection of 
Words and Phrases which have been supposed to be Pecul- 
iar to the United Slates of America ; to which is prefixed 
an Essay on the Present State of the English Language in 
the United States. 8vo, half calf. Boston. 1816 

2427 PICKERING, Timothy. A Review op the Corre- 
spondence between the Hon. John Adams, late President 
of the United States, and the late William Cunningham, 
Esq., beginning in 1803, and ending in 1812. Second Edi- 
ion. 8i.v*. paper, rough edges. Salem, 1821 

2428 PICTORIAL (The) Book op Ancient Ballad Poetry 
op Great Britain, Historical, Traditional, and Romantic; 
to which are added, a Seleciion of Modern Imitations, and 
some Translations. Edited by J. S. Moore, Esq. A New 
Edition, revised, and chronologically arranged, with Addi- 
tions, Introductory Notices, a Glossary, etc., etc. Thick 8vo, 
half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Loudon, 1853 

2429 PICTORIAL (The) History of England, being a His- 
tory of the People, as well as a History of the Kingdom ; 
illustrated with Many Hundred Wood- Engravings. A New 
Edition, revised and extended. Fine colored maps in addi- 
tion l.o the 'wood-cuts. 7 vols., thick imperial 8tw, cloth, uncut. 

W. & R. Chambers, London, 1855-58 

The " Pictorial History of England *' (bv G. L. Craik and C. Macfai-lane), and 
the" ilistm-voMhe Thirtv Years' I'.-noe " ( b/ Harrier Mar|inr,i'.o. published 
by Charles ttqiglu (18i0, etc.) ill 9 vols., are both incorporated in this work. 




2430 PICTURESQUE (A) Torn of the English Lakes ; 
containing a Description of the most Romantic Scenery of 
Cumberland, Westm ore land, iind Lancashire, wiih Accounts 
of Antient and Modern Manners and Customs, and Elucida- 
tions of the History and Antiquities of that Tart of the 
Country, etc., etc. Illustrated with 48 Coloured Views, 
drawn by Messrs. T. H. Fielding and J. Walton, during a 
Two Years' Residence among the Lakes, ito, half red mo- 

ror.f.0, red paper fides, rough edges. 

R. Ackermann, London, 1821 

2431 PICTURES of the French: a Series of Literary and 
Graphic Delineations of French Character; by Jules Janin, 
Balzac, Cormenin, and other Celebrated French Authors; 
with upwards of Two Hundred and Thirty Engravings, 
drawn on the Wood by Gavarni, H. Monnier, and Meis- 
sonier; and engraved by Lavielle, etc. India proofs of the 
cuts. Royal &vo, cloth, uncut. 

"W. S. Orr & Co., London, 1840 

2432 PIERSON, A. T. C. Traditions of Freemasonht and 
its Coincidences with the Ancient Mysteries. Front i apiece. 
12mo, cloth. New York, 1865 

2433 PIETERS, Charles. Annales de l'Imprimerie des 
Elsevier, ou Histoire de leur Famille et de leurs Editions. 
Seconde Edition, revue et augmentee. Arms, in gold and 
colors, on tide. Royal 8vo, half -morocco, gilt top. Best EDI- 
TION; with important corrections. Gand, 1858 

" Oihtrrs 1? itMsilleiirque nous ayons snr la biographie el la biljIiiMrashic de 
tt- 1 . i ■ ■ !jii]-.i:iu ilu ti'l.'-lni'- i-:-.|:ri':.i;iu-s. I.'niiteur va fait iisnpedn travail 
incilit tin 1'. Aili-v sur 1.' meim; mi;i;I. travail .ltiri". i! |.<.f-i-.!n In nianuscrit. et 
qu'il dm lurl .-cji.ViiBt. hi'f (Li^cr-(iliuKS lin'-Hfev.i d'ai^ant [ilui da cinfianee 
qu'il les a presqiie tojuiirsi (l..':;m : u.i d'apris sea propms txi!in[,l;iirts" — 

2434 PIGOTT, Grenvij.t.e. A Manual of Scandinavian 
Mythology, containing a popular account of the Two Ed- 
das and of the Religion of Odin ; illustrated by Translations 
from Oeblenschlager's Danish Poem, the Gods of the North. 
Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

W. Pickering, London, 1839 

2435 PILOTY and Lohle. EIOnigl. Bayep.. Pinakothek 
zu Mukchen usd Gemalde-Gallerie zu Schleissheim, 
mit Seiner Majestat des Kiinigs von Bayern Allerhiichster 
Genehmigung, in Lithographirten -, abbildungen herdusgege- 
ben in der Kunst-Anstalt, von Piloty & Loehle, in Miiu- 
clien. Portrait of Ludwig I., and 184 very large and 
lie.iiidi.fid pl'.tlrs, lifter paintings by Rubens, Guido, Poussin, 
Van Dyck, Rajfaelh, Titian, A. Durer, Wilkle, and other 
eminent painters. Original impressions on India paper, 
some of them tinted and colored. 2 vols., elephant folio 
(34 X 24 inches), half morocco ; somewhat water-stained and a 
few of the plates injured. (Minchen, 1840, eta.) 

)y GoogIe 


2436 PINDAR. Odes of Pindar ; translated from the Greek, 
with Notes and Illustrations, by G. West, Esq., LL. D., and 
H. J. Pye, Esq. To which is prefixed a Dissertation on the 
Olympic Games. 2 vols., 12mo, marbled calf; with auto- 
graph of Jno. Pickering. 

Longmans & Co., London, 1807 

2437 PINDAR. Pindari Carmina, cum Lectionis Varietate et 
Adnotationibns ; acccdnnt Interpretatio Latina Emendatior, 
Scholia, et Fragmenta ; necnon Godofiedi llermanni Dis- 
sertationes Pindarics, et Indices Tres. A Chr. Gottl. 
Heyne. Nova Editio correcta et ex Schedis Heynianis aucta 
[edidit Schsfer], 3 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt. 

Londini, 1824 

2438 PINEDA, Peter. A Short and Compendious Method 
for Learning to Speak, Read, and Write the English 
and Spanish Languages. The Third Impression, cor- 
rected and amended. Post 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1762 

2439 PINELLI, Bartolomeo. Illustrations of Gil Blas, 
consist hig of 300 plates engraved, in outline, lit/ V. Ferreri, 
Lifter designs by 1'indli. Without title. 3 vols., royal 4to, 
half vellum, extra. (Roma), s. a. 

2440 PINKERTON, John. The Treasury of Wit, being a 
Methodical Selection of about Twelve Hundred, the Best, 
Apophthegms and Jests, from Books in Several Languages ; 
containing Greek, Roman, Eastern, Spanish, Italian, Ger- 
man, French, andEnglish, many of the Latter before unpub- 
lished. With a Discourse on Wit and Humour. By H. 
Bennet, M. A. [John Pinkerton]. 2 vols., post Hn>. marbled 
calf. London, 1786 

2441 PINKERTON, John. The Scotish Gallery, or Por- 
traits of Eminent Persons of Scotland, many of them after 
Pictures by the Celebrated Jameson, at Taymouth, and 
other Places ; with Brief Accounts of the Characters repre- 
sented, and an Introduction on the Rise and Progress of 
Painting in Scotland. Proof impressions of the 50 fine 
portraits. Royal 4to, old marbled calf gilt. Large paper: 
fine copy. London, 1799 

2442 PINKERTON, John. A General Collection of the 
Best and most Interesting Voyages and Travels in 
all Parts of the World, many of which are now first trans- 
lated into English ; digested upon a New Plan. Maps, and 
above 20!) jihit'-s, rohiprisiiui tievs, cost'i-ntes, customs, etc., by W. .S - G. Cvob.i:, Storer $; Greig. and others. 17 
vols., 4(0, diamond russia ; with of Gcorqe. J. canard 
Austen. London, 1808-14 

The seventeenth volume contains a catalogue of books of voyages and travels, 




2443 PINKERTON, Robert, D. D. Russia, or Miscellaneous 
Observations on the Past and Present State of that Country 
and its Inhabitants ; compiled from Notes made on the Spot, 
during Travels, at Different Times, in the Service of the 
liible Society, and a Residence of many Years in that Coun- 
trv. Colored plates, ilh'stratirt-f costumes, amusements, customs, 
etc. Royal 800, boards, uncut. London, 1833 

2444 PIR0L1, Tomasso. Le Anticbtta diErcolano. [Co- 
piate da T. Piroli.] Pitture b Bronzi ; Tomi I.-V. 
Above 2J0 plates, with descriptions. 5 vols, in 2, 4to, half 
ca lf. Roma, 1789-94 

2445 PISTOLEST, Erasmo. Il Vaticano, descritto ed illus- 
trato da Erasmo Pistolesi, con Disegni a Contorni diretti 
dal Pittore Camillo Guerra. Above 800 -plo^s of pniuth/i/s.. 
statues, marbles, ornaments, frescos, etc. & vols., royal folio, 
half crimson morocco, extra. Vellum paper : ORIGINAL 
impressions. Roma, 1829-38 

" lVfL.-iii , i! ) :. ;.i plus ('ir.Tnlueet la plus citacte que Ton ait dcmne'edelabaai- 
lique enlopMljilsili. Vatican, ainai que des sculptures ct ilea peiutures qai 
en foni pnrtie." — Snout. 

2446 PISTOLEST, Euasmo. Antiquities of Herculaneum 
and Pompeii, being a Selection of all the most Interesting 
Ornaments and Relics which have been excavated from the 
Earliest Period to the Present Time, forming a Complete 
History of the Eruptions of Vesuvius ; to which is added a 
Selection of Remarkable Paintings by the Old Masters, com- 
prising the Principal Objects preserved in the Museo Bor- 
bonico, at Naples. One Hundred and Twenty Engravings ; 
with Descriptive Letter- Press, in Italian, French, and Eng- 
lish. 2 vols., royal ito,, neat, t/if' edges. 

Printed at the Royal Press, Naples, 1842 

2447 PISTRUCCI. Filippo. Iconologia, ovvero Immagini di 
tutte le Case Principal! a cui 1'Umano Talento ha finto un 
Corpo; di Filippo Pistrucci, colla Traduzione Frnncese di 
Sergent Marceau. Frontispiece and 240 colored plates. 2 
vols., royal Mo, boards, rouqh edges. M llano, 1819-21 

2448 P1TCAIRN, Rev. David. Perfect Peace: Letters- 
Memorial of the late John Warren Howell, Esq., of Bath, 
M. R. C.S- With an Introduction bythe Rev. John Steven- 
son. -iSmo, cloth. New York, 1856 

2449 PITTENGF.R, Lieutenant William. Daring and 
Suffering ; a History of the Great Railroad Adventure. 
With an Introduction by Rev. Alexander Clark. Portrait 
and wood-cuts, llmo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1863 

MENA. Divini Pi.atonis Opera Omnia qnse exstant; Mar- 
silio Ficino Interpret*. Gracus Contextus quam diligentissi- 
tnecum Emeiidatioribus Exemplaribus collatus est, Latina 

)y GoogIe 



Interpretatio a quam plurimis Superionim Editionum Mendis 
expurgata. Arguments Perpetuis & Commentariis quibus- 
dam ejusdem Marsilii Ficini, iisque nunc imilto emeiidatius 
quam antehac editis, Totum Opus explanatum est atrjue il- 
lustratum; qu» cur in Calcem Opeiis translate stm, & quid 
prohac Trajeclione repositum sit, ex Epistola ad Lectorem 
patet. Vita Platonis a Diogene Liierlio copiosissime descripta, 
item Pereruditum Timsei Locri Opusculum (quo Latina Ex- 
emplaria carcbant) aliaque plurima non contemnenda, huic 
Edition! acce.sscnmt. Adjcctus est Index Renim Omnium 
LucupSeLissinms. Folio, old calf , red edges ; with book-plate 
of William Stow and MS. marginal notes. 

Apud Guillelmum Lamarium, Lu«duni, 1590 

2451 PLATO. The Works of Plato, viz.: his Fifty-five 
Dialogues, and Twelve Epistles, translated from the Greek ; 
Nine of the Dialogues by the late Plover Sydenham, and tbe 
Remainder, by Thomas Taylor ; with Occasional Annotations 
on the Nine Dialogues translated by Sydenham, and Copious 
Notes, by the Latter Translator ; in which is given the Sub- 
stance of nearly all the existing Greek MS. Commentaries 
on the Philosophy of Plato, and a Considerable Portion of 
such as are already published. 5 vols., royal 4to, half calf 
neat, marbled edges. Very fink corr. 

Printed for Thomas Taylor, London, 1804 

This work is ilmlir;](r.'il to " Ills Grace Oharlf* Howard, Duke of Norfolk Earl 
Marsh:. II of England," etc., etc., at whose expense it was published. 

2452 PLENCK, Joseph Jacob. Icones Plantarum Medici- 
hai.ium secundum Systema Limisei digestarum ; cum Enu- 
meratione Virium etUsus Medici, Chinirglci atque Dilsetetici. 
Engraved title, and (500 plates, all finely 'edoreii. with the text 
in Latin and German. 6 vols, in o. royal folio, half n/ssia, 
very neat. Vienna-. '1788-94 

2453 PLUMER, William, Jun. Life of William Pi.umee, 
by his Son. Edited, with a Sketch of the Author's Life, 
by A. P. Peabody. Portraits. Royal 8vo, half calf, antique, 
carmined edges. ' JJ„su)ri, liifiS 

2454 PLUMTRE, Rev. James. A Collection of Songs, 
Moral, Sentimental, Instructive, and Amusing ; selected and 
revised by the Rev. James Plumtre, M. A., etc. 3 vols., 
12mo, calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

F. C & J. Rivington, London, 1824-fl80(n 

2455 PLUTARCH. The Lives of the Noble Greeks and 
Romaines; the most of them compared together by that 
Grave Learned Philosopher and Historiographer, Plutarch 
of Chceronea. (To which are added, the Lives of Epami- 
nondas, of Philip of Macedon, of Dionysius the Elder, and 
of Octavius Caesar Augustus ; collected out of Good Authors. 
Also the Lives of Nine Excellent Chieftaines of Warre, taken 

)y GoogIe 



out of Latine from Emylius Probus, by S. G. S. ; by whom 
also are added the Lives of Plutarch and of Seneca, gath- 
ered together, disposed, and enriched as the others. Trans- 
lated into English by Sir Thomas North, Knight.) First 
title icantinq. Folio, pp. 1-1244 andttible, keif calf, red edges. 
London, (1631) 

" This Translation, which is from Die French of Amj-ot, is styled by Warton 
Shakaspeare'a ' Storehouse of Icarrieil history.' "— Ijaettikt. 

2456 PLUTARCH. Plutarch's Lives, translated from the 
Greek by several Hands ; to which is prefixt the Life of 
Plutarch [by Mr. J. Dryden]. Portraits and plates. 5 vols., 
thick small Svo, old calf. J. Tonson, London, 1683-86 

2457 PLUTARCH. Lives of the most Select and Illus- 
trious Characters or Antiquity ; translated, with Notes, 
Historical and Critical, by John and William Langhorne, 
and others. Complete in One Volume. Svo. sheep. 

New York, 1832 

2458 PLUTARCH. Lives; the Translation called Dryden's, 
corrected from the Greek and revised, by A. II. Clongh. 5 
vols., imperial iivo, hoards, doth backs, red paper sides, rough 
edges. Large paper: only 100 copies printed. 

Boston, 1865 

2459 PLUTARCH. Plutarch's Morals ; translated from the 
Greek, by Several Hands. The Fourth Edition, corrected 
and amended. Frontispieces. 5 vols., Svo, old calf. 

London, 1704 

The second volume of this set is of a former impression (1891], and somewhat 
FDuillor than the other volumes. 

2460 POCOMAS. Scenes and Adventures in Spain, from 
1835 to 1840. Frontispieces. 2 vols., Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1845 

2461 POE, Edgar Allan. The "Works op- (Edited, with 
Memoir, by the Rev. Rufus W. Griswold.) Portrait, ivols., 
crown Svo, half green morocco, very neat, gilt tops. 

New York, 1861 

2462 POEM (A) Addressed to a Young Lady ; in Three 
Parts: Part 1. Descriptive and Moral. 2. On Love and 
Friendship. 3. The Caution. Written at Antigua. Small 
ito, calf, red edges, by Aitken. 

Printed by Green &. Russell, Boston, 1773 

2463 POEMS. Sympathy, a Poem. [By Samuel J. Pratt] 
The Fourth Edition. London, 1781. — Monody on Major 
Andre, by Miss Seward; to which are added Letters ad- 
dressed to her by Major Andre, in the Year 1769. The 
Second Edition. Lichfield, 1781. — Ki.egy on Captain 
Cook, to which is added an Ode to the Sun, by Miss Sew- 
ard. The Second Edition. London, 1780. — Armine and 
Elvira ; a Legendary Tale. [By Rev. Dr. Edmund Cart- 

)y GoogIe 


wrtght. "With Verses addressed to the Author, by Dr. Lang- 
horne.] Title wanting, — The Deserted Village. [By 
Oliver Goldsmith.] Title wanting. Together in 1 vol, 
with frontispiece inserted, Ato, old tree calf. 

London, etc., 1780, etc. 

2464 POEMS on Affairs of State, from the Time of Oliver 
Cromwell to the Abdication of K. James the Second ; writ- 
ten by the greatest Wits of the Age, etc., etc. Now care- 
fully examined, with the Originals, and published without 
any Castration. 4 vols., post iivo, half calf; with autograph 
of Robert Southey on title of first volume. Best editions. 

London, 1703-07 

Tbe fourth volume contains some curious satirical plates. 

2465 POEMS on the Abolition op the Slave Trade ; writ- 
ten by James Montgomery, James Grahame, and E. Benger. 
Embellished with Engravings from Pictures painted by R. 
Smirke, Esq., R, A. Handsomely printed by T. Benslei/. ito, 
marbled calf , gilt, marbled edges; with book-pint,-: ,,/' William 
Williams. R. Bowyer, London, 1809 

2466 POETRY op the Woods: Passages from the Poets de- 
scriptive of Forest Scenes, etc., etc. Elegantly Illustrated. 

Crown Svo, morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

Philadelphia, 1867 

2467 POLLARD, Edward A. The Lost Cause ; A New 
Southern History of the War of the Confederates : compris- 
ing a Full and Authentic Account of the Rise and Progress 
of tbe late Southern Confederacy, the Campaigns, Battles, 
Incidents, and Adventures. Drawn from Official Sources. 
A : umcrnits portraits. Sro, sheep, marl/led edges. 

New York, 1866 

2468 PONCELIN de la Rochb-Tilhac, Jean Charles. 
Chef-d'GEuvres de lAntjquite sur les Beaux-Arts ; 
Monuments Precieux de la Religion des Grecs & des 
Remains, de leu re Sciences, de leurs Loix, de leurs Usages, 
de leurs Mccurs, de leurs Superstitions, & de leurs Folies, 
tires des Principalis Cabinets de 1'Enrope. Graves, en 
Taille-Douce, par Bernard Picart; et publics, par M. 
Poncelin de la Roche-TiUiac. 2 vols., /art/.: folio, russia, //ill, 
gilt edges. Paris, 1784 

Host of the plates are from Stosch'e " Pierrcs Antiques Gravees." 

2469 POOLE, Joshua. The English Parnassus, or a Help 
to English Poesie ; containing a Collection of all the 
Rhylhming Monosyllables, the Choicest Epithets and 
Phrases, with some General Forms upon all Occasions, 
Subjects, and Themes, alphabetically digested. Together 
with a Short Institution to English Poesie, by way of Pref- 
ace. Frontispiece. SmaU Svo, calf, very neat, gilt edges. 

London, 1677 

)y GoogIe 



2470 POOLE, "William Frederick. An Alphabetical Index 
to Subjects treated in the Reviews, and other Period- 
icals, to which no Indexes have been published; prepared 
for the Library of the Brothers in Unity, Yale College. 8vo, 
half morocco: New York, 1848 

Tha original edition, and fonndation of the following work 

2471 POOLE, William Frederick. An Index to Period- 
ical Literature. Royal 8vo, dark blue turkey morocco, 
gilt top. New York, 185S 

2472 POOLE, William Frederick. Another copy: the same. 
Royal Svo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1853 

2473 POOR, John A. Memoir of Hon. Reuel Williams, 
prepared for the Maine Historical Society. Portrait, photo- 
graph, from a bust. 8i'f', irliilh, qiif. >op. Privately printed. 

(Riverside Press, Cambridge), 1864 

2474 POPE, Alexander. The Works of. Plates. G vols., 
post 8vo, old polished calf. Edinburgh, 1764 

2475 POPE, Alexander An Essay on Man. in Four Epistles, 
to Henry St. John, Lord Bolingbrokc. portrait, 
by J. H. Robin sun, after .Terras ; and 4 engravings, hi/ Heath, 
Rhodes, Scot', and Warren, after Uwins ; India PROOFS. 

Folio, boards, uncut. Only 200 copies printed. 

London, 1819 
Made np from the " Polyglot Edition." 

2476 POPULAR (The) Educator: comprising Lessons in Eng- 
lish Grammar and Composition; French, German, Italian, 
and Spanish ; Greek and Latin ; Arithmetic, Algebra, 
Geometry, Ancient Mist. ivy, Geography. Geology, Natural 
History, Chemistry, Botany, Natural Philosophy, etc., etc. 
Illustrated with Numerous Engravings. vols,, 4/o, cloth, 
uncut. Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, London, (1852-55) 

2477 PORTS (Thk), Harbours, Watering-Places, and 
Coast-Scenkry of Great Britain; illustrated hy Views, 
taken on the Spot, by W. H. Bartlett, with Descriptions by 
William Beattie. Above 125 views, many of ih.e.m engraved 
by Finden. 2 vols., ito, half morocco, very neat, gilt edges. 

London, 1842 

2478 PORTS, Harbours, etc. Another copy: the same. 
2 vols., ito, cloth, gilt edges. London, 1842 

2479 POTE, B. E. Inquiry into the Phonetic R is aping of 
the Ashburnham Signet, in reference to the Patriarch 
Joseph ; with Doubts as to the Value of Egyptian Author- 
ities. Plate. 8vo, pp. 51, cloth. 

W. Pickering, London, 1841 

2480 POTTER, John. Archaeoi.og-ia Graeca, or the Antiqui- 
ties of Greece. A New Edition, with a Life of the Author, 
by Robert Atiderson, M. D. ; and an Appendix containing a- 
Concise History of the Grecian States, and a Short Account 

)y GoogIe 



of the Lives and Writings of the most Celebrated Greek 
Authors, by George Dunbar, F. R. S. E., etc. Map and 
plates. 2 vols., $vo, calf gilt. Edinburgh, 1827 

2481 POUCHOT, M. . Memoir upon the Late War in 

North America, between the French and English, 
1755-60; followed by Observations upon the Theatre of 
Actual War, and by New Details concerning the Manners 
and Customs of the Indians, with Topographical Maps. 

By M. Pouchot, Chevalier of the Royal and Military 

Order of St. Louis, etc., Commandant of Forts Niagara, 
and Levis in Canada. Translated and edited by Franklin 
B. Hough, with Additional Notes and Illustrations. Printed 
on a thick paper by Munsetl, with maps, plans, and portraits. 
2 vols., royal 4(o, paper, rough edges. Large paper : only 
50 copies in this style. Roxbuiy, Mass., 1866 

The Edition was limited to 200 copies: 143 in royal octavo, 50 in quarto, sad 
7 in quarto on Whatman's drawing-paper. 

2482 POWER, Tyrone. Impressions or America; during 
the Years 1833, 1834, and. 1835. 2 vols, in 1, 12mo, half 
morocco. Philadelphia, 1836 

2483 POYNDER, John. Literary Extracts from English 
and other Works; collected during Half a Century. 
Together with some Original Matter. Both series. 3 vols., 
Svo, calf gilt, marbled edges. London, (1844-47) 

2484 PRADT, Dominique Dufour, l'Abbe de. La Europa 
y la America en 1821. Traducida en Castellano, por D. 
J. A. L[Iorente]. 2 vols., 12mo, sheep, marbled edges. 

Burdeos (Paris), 1822 

2485 PRAED,WinthropMackworth. The Poetical Works 
of. New and enlarged Edition [edited, with Biographical 
Introduction, etc., by W, H. Whitmore]. 2 vols., small 4to, 
sheets, folded. Editor's edition: only SO copies printed. 

New York, 1859-60 

2486 PRECES Sancti Nersetis Clajensis, Armeniorom 
Patriarohae, Viginti-quatuor Linguis editae. Portrait. 
Handsomely printed on vellum paper. Small 12mo, mottled 
calf extra, gilt edges. Venetiis, 1837 

2487 PRESCOTT, William Hickling. Works. Portraits, 
maps, facsimiles, etc. 15 vols., 8vo, half calf extra, contents 
lettered, marbled edges. 

Boston and Philadelphia, 1858-60 

Contents: Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols. ; Conquest of Mexico, 8 vole, j 
Conquest of Peru. 2 vols.; Philip the Second, 3 vols.; Robertson'a Charles 
the Fifth, 3 vols. ; Biographical and Critical Miscellanies, 1 vol. 

2488 PRESCOTT, William Hickling. Another set: the 
same. 15 vols., 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1859 

2489 PRESCOTT, William Hickling. History op the 
Conquest of Mexico ; with a Preliminary View of the 



Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the Con- 
queror, Hernando Cortes. Portraits, etc. 3 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
First edition. New York, 1843 

2490 PRESCOTT, William Hickling. History of the 
Conquest of Peru ; with a Preliminary View of the Civil- 
ization of the Incas. Portraits, etc. 2 vols., 8w, cloth. First 
edition. New York, 1847 

2491 PRESTON, William. Illustrations of Masonry. 
The Ninth Edition, with Considerable Additions. 12nw, 
sheep. London, 1796 

2492 PREVOST d'Exiles, Antoine Francois. Histoire 
Generat.b des Voyages, ou Nouvelle Collection de toutes 
Ics KclLttions de Voyages par Mer et par Tevre, qui ont e'te' 
publiecs jusqu'a Present dansles Differentes Langues de 
toutes les Nations Connues : contenant ce qu'il y a de plus 
Remarquable, de plus Utile, et de mieux avere dans les Pays 
oii les Voyageurs ont penetre ; avec les Mteurs des Habitans, 
ia Religion, les Usages, Arts, Sciences, Commerce, Manufac- 
tures, etc. ; pour former un Systeme Complet d'llistoire & 
de Geographie Moderne, qui represente l'Etat Actuel de 
toutes les Nations. Portrait, and several hundred plates. 80 
vols., 12mo, and 2 vols, {containing maps), Air,, sprinkled calf, 
neat, yellow edges ; with autograph of Charlotte August*.- .NtUildr- 
{daughter of George 111.). ' Paris, 1749-89 

Voyages to America occupy a large part of this work. 

2493 PRICE, Lake. Interiors and Exteriors in Venice. 
Frontispiece and 25 large platen, lithographed bij Joseph Sash 
from the origin"! drawings fry Luke Price, all finely colored. 
Mounted on a very thick card-board, atlas folio size, and en- 
closed {with the descriptions of the plates) in a fine strong 
•portfolio, half morocco. London, 1843 
These views are executed in the same manner as Nash's Mansions of 


2494 PRICE, Lake. Tauromachia, or the Bull-Fights of 
Spain ; illustrated by Twenty-six Plates, representing the 
most Remarkable Incidents and Scenes in the Arenas of 
Madrid, Seville, and Cadiz. The whole drawn and litho- 
graphed from Studies made expressly for the Work, by 
Lake Price ; with Preliminary Explanations, by Richard 
Ford. Imperial folio, half morocco. London, 1852 

2495 PRICE, Sir Uvedale. The Picturesque: with an Essay 
on the Origin of Taste, and much Original Matter, by Sir 
Thomas Dick Lauder, Bart. Sixty illustrations, designed 
and drawn on the -wood, by Montagu Stanley, R. S. A. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. ' Edinburgh, 1842 

2496 PRICHARD, James Cowles, M.D. The Natural 
History of Man, comprising Inquiries into the Modifying 

)y GoogIe 


Influence of Physical and Moral Agencies on the Different 
Tribes of the Human Family. Fourth Edition, edited and 
enlarged by Edwin Norris. Illustrated with sixty-two 
colored plates engraved on steel, and one hundred engrav- 
ings on wood. 2 vols., royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1855 

2497 PRIESTLEY, Joseph. Experiments and Observations 
relating to Various Branches of Natural Philos- 
ophy; with a Continuation of tlie Observations on Air. 
Plates. 3 vols., 8vo, half calf, neat. 

London and Birmingham, 1779-86 

2498 PRIESTLEY, Joseph. Life and Correspondence op. 
By John T. Rutt. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf extra, 
marbled edges. London, 1831 

2499 PRINCE, Rev. Thomas. A Chronological History 
of New-England, in the Form of Annals: being a Sum- 
mary and Exact Account of the most Material Transactions 
and Occurrences relating to this Country, from the Discov- 
ery of Capt. Gosnold, in 1 G02, to the Arrival of Governor 
Belcher in 1730. With an Introduction, containing a Brief 
Epitome of the most Remarkable Transactions and Events 
Abroad, from the Creation ; including the Connected Line 
of Time, the Succession of Patriarchs and Sovereigns of 
the most Famous Kmjjdoms and Empires, the Gradual Dis- 
coveries of America and the Progress of the Reformation, 
to the Discovery of New-England. Vol. ]., small %vo, old 
calf, red edges ; with autographs of Natk'. Lothrop, and Ezra 
S. Goodwin. Original edition. 

Boston. N.E., 1736 

2500 PRINCE, Rev. Thomas. Another copy: a New (second) 
Edition. 8vo, half calf, neat. (Boston), 1826 

2501 PRINCE, Rev. Thomas. Another copy: Third Edition ; 
to which is added, a Memoir of the Author, an Attempt 
towards a Perfect Catalogue of bis Writings, a Genealogy of 
his Family, and the Names of Subscribers to the Original 
Edition, by Samuel G. Drake. Portraits, arms, views, etc. 
Hio. half morocco, gilt top. Only 30 copies printed : illus- 
trated copy. Boston, 1852 

This is one of the copies containing the 12 plates, besides wood-cuts. 

2502 PRINCE Society. The Publications of the Prince 
Society, established May 25, 1858: The Hutchinson 
Papers. (Reprinted from the Edition published by T. & 
J. Fleet, Boston, 1769.) 2 vols., printed l.g .1. Mv.nseM, Albany, 
1865. — Wood's New England's Prospect. (Reprinted 
from the London Edition of 1634, etc.) Pac-simile map, I 
vol., printed by J. Wilson fy Son, Boston, 1805. — John Dun- 
ton's Letters from New England. (Published from 
the Original Manuscript in the Bodleian Library, Oxford ; 

)y GoogIe 



with Notes and an Appendix, by W. H. Whitmore.) Wood- 
cut..*. i/Ii/slriitire of tin: appearance of Bos'ou in the seventeenth 
century. I vol.. printed In/ T. 11. Marcin &? Son, Boston, 1867., i vjh.. foolscap i/o, paper, rough edges. Limited 
editions. Boston, 1865-67 

2503 PRIOR, Jambs. The Life of Oliver Goldsmith, from 
a "Variety of Original Sources. Plate of monument in West- 
minster Abbey, and facsimile of handwriting. '2 vols., 8vo, 
half calf, neat. J. Murray, London, 1837 

2504 PRIOR, James. Memoir of the Life and Character 
of Edmund Burke ; with Specimens of his Poetry and 
Letters, and an Estimate of his Genius and Talents, com- 
pared with those of his Great Contemporaries. Third Edi- 
tion. Portrait and facsimile of autographs. 8ro, calf gilt, 
•marbled edges. London, 1839 

2505 PRIOR, Matthew. Poems on Several Occasions. 
The Sixth Edition. Portrait. 12mo, old calf. 

J. & R. Tonson, London, 1741 

2506 PRISSE, E. Oriental Album: Characters, Costumes, 
and Modes of Life in the Valley of the Nile; illustrated from 
Designs taken on the Spot, with Descriptive Letter-Press 
by James Augustus St. John. Illuminated title, portrait of 
George. Lloyd (in. .Eastern costume), and 30 large, tinted plates, 
betides many fine vjood-cuts. Imperial folio, half morocco, 
iii-.i.i!. gilt edges. London, 1848 

'2507 PRIVY Purse Expenses. The Privy Purse Expenses 
of King Henry the Eighth; from November mdxxix, 
to December mdxxxii. With Introductory Remarks and 
Illustrative Notes, by Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Esq. (1827). 
— Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth of York; 
Wardrobe Accounts of Edward the Fourth. With a Me- 
moir of Elizabeth of York, and Notes, by Nicholas Harris 
Nicolas, Esq. (1830). — Privy Purse Expenses of the 
Princess Mary, Daughter of King Henry the Eighth, after- 
wards Queen Mary. With a Memoir of the Princess, and 
Notes, by Frederick Madden, Esq., F. S. A., Assistant 
Keeper of the MSS. in the British Museum (1831). Together, 
;! cols., rti-o. cloth, una.d. Only 250 copies printed. 

W. Pickering, London, 1827-31 

2508 PROCEEDINGS of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society in Respect to the Memory of William H. 
Prescott, February 1, 1859. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1859 

2509 PROCTER, Bryan Waller. Marcian Colonna, an 
Italian Tale; with Three Dramatic Scenes, and other 
Poems, by Barry Cornwall. Sue, hoards, roaah edges. 

London, 1820 

riesi'Titiiiiuii copy to Samuel Kogers, wiili Mtogropli :t" ;i;;;]njr. 



2510 PROCTER, Brian Waller. The Life of Edmund 
Kean. Ylmo, cloth. New York, 1835 

2511 PROCTER, Bryan Waller. Essays and Tales in 
Prose. Portrait. 2 vols., IGmo, cloth; with autograph of 
Rufus Choate. Boston, 1853 

2512 PROCTER, Bryan Waller. Charles Lamb, a Me- 
moir. Foolscap %vo, cloth, gilt top. Boston, 1866 

2513 PUCELE, James. The Club; in a Dialogue between 
Father and Son. India proofs of the portrait and Thurs- 
ton's wood-cuts. Imperial &vo, green turkey morocco extra, 
gilt edges. Printed by J. Johnson, London, 1817 

2514 PUCKLER-MUSKAU H. L. H. Furst von. Tutti 
Frutti ; by the Author of " The Tour of a German Prince." 
(Translated from the German, with a Biographical Sketch 
of the Author, etc., by Edmund Spencer.) 2 vols., \'2mo, 
calf, neat, marbled edges. London, 1834 

2515 PTJLSIFER, David. The State House, in Boston, 
Massachusetts. Mup of city, and wood-cuts, 1'2mo, pp. 24, 
paper. Boston, 1865 

2516 PUNCH and London Charivari. July 17, 184Wane 
30, 1866. 50 vols, in 25, cloth, gilt edges. Original copy. 

London, 1841-66 

2517 PUTNAM'S Monthly Magazine of American Litera- 
ture, Science, and Art. January, 185'd-April, 1857. 

Vols. l.-IX., in numbers. New York, 1853-57 

2518 PUTTENHAM, George. The Arte of English 
Poksie, contrived into Three Bookes: the First, of Poets 
and Poesie ; the Second, of Proportion ; and the Third, of 
Ornament. (A Verbal and Paginal Reprint of the [Edition 
of 1589 ; edited, with Life of the Author and Notes, by 
Joseph Haslewood.) Fitc-timiks. ajipeitdU, and index. Post 
ito, calf gilt. Only 200 copies printed. 

R. Triphook, London, 1811 

2519 PYCROFT, Rev. James. A Course of English Read- 
ing ; with Literary Anecdotes. Second Edition. Foolscap 
8t:o, cloth, uncut. London, 1850 

2520 PYNE, James B. The English Lake District. A 
series of 25 large tinted and colored -plates of K-iiylish hth- 
scenery, with iutfitluvlv.iit, and dwriplit:/: Irtitr-press. Impe- 
rial folio, half morocco. Manchester, 1853 

2521 PYNE, William Henry. The Costumes of Great 
Britain ; designed, engraved, and written by W. H. Pyne. on and 00 phiU-s. all colore/. Imperial ito, rus- 
sia extra, gilt edges. Large paper : fine copy. 

W. Miller, London, 1808 

2522 PYNE, William Henry. The History of the Royal 
Residences of Windsor Castle, St. James's Palace, Carlton 
House, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, Buckingham 
House, and Frogmore. Illustrated by one hundred highly- 

)y GoogIe 


finished and colored engravings, facsimiles of original 
drawings by the most eminent artists. 3 voh., imperial 4(o, 
sprinkled calf gilt, marbled edges ; back of first volume 
cracked. Original copt. London, 1819 

2523 PYRAMIDS (The) of Grz eh, from Actual Survey and 
Admeasurement, by J. S. Perring, Esq., Civil Engineer ; 
illustrated by Notes and References to the Several Plans, 
with Sketches taken on the Spot by E. J. Andrews, Esq. 
3paris in 1 vol., oblong elephant folio, half morocco. 

London, 1839-42 
The title to the third part reads: "The Pyramids to the Southward of 
Gizehandat AbouKoash; also Campbell's Tomb, an. i ■ Section of the knelt 
at (lizeh: from Actual Survey and 'Admeasurement. Witli Nctes a:«l Inf- 
erences by J. S. I'ii ring, Esq., Civil Engineer. Accompanied by Remarks 
en the Hieroglyphics by K. Birch, Esq., of the British Museum." 
This volnme generally accompanies Col. Vyse's " Operations," etc. 

2524 |Sj1KrUARTEItLY (The) Review. From February, 1809 

IwR/MS i. comme '' tc enicnt), to September. 1,456, inclusive. 99 
B>i vols., 8vo ; the first 73 vol*., half calf, remainder in 
numbers. New York, Boston, and London, 1809-56 

2525 QUEEN'S (The) Closet OrENED ; being Incomparable 
Secrets in Physick, Chyrurgery, Preserving, Candying, and 
Cookery, etc., which were presented to the Queen by the 
most experiene'd Persons of the Times, many whereof were 
had in Esteem when she pleased to descend to Private 
Recreations. The Tenth Edition, corrected, with many New 
and Large Additions ; together with Three Exact Tables. 
Small 12mo, half calf . London, 1698 

Parti. The Pearl of Practice, 1638. Part II. A Queen's Delight, 1G96. Part 
111. The Complcat Cook, 1895. 

2526 QUILLET, Claudius. Cali.if.edi a ; a Poem, in Four 
Books. Written in Latin by Claudius Quillet; made Eng- 
lish by N. Rowe, Esq. To which is prefix' d Mr. Bayle's 
Account of his Life. (Followed by his Kpisile to Eudoxus, 
and Elegy on the Death of Gassendus.) 1760.— The 
(Economy of Love ; a Poetical Essay. A New Edition, 
revised and corrected by the Author [ ]. 1768.'.r -in 1 vol., 1 2mo, old calf, yellow edges ; with autograph 
of Winslow Lewis. London, 1760-68 

2527 QUIN, Michael J. A Steam Voyage down the Dan- 
ube ; with Sketches of Hungary, Wallachia. Servia, Turkey, 
etc. Third Edition, with Additions. Plates. 2 vols, in 1, 
Umo, half morocco. London, 1836 

2528 QUINCY, Josiah. Considerations relative to the 
Library of Harvard University, respectfully submitted 
to the Legislature of Massachusetts. 8vo, pp. 1G, paper. 

Cambridge, 1833 

)y GoogIe 


2529 QUINCY, Josiah. The History op Harvard Univer- 
sity. Plates and wood-cuts. 2 i-vh.. royal ■•'■ro. c/o'h, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1840 

2530 QUINCY, Josiah. A Municipal History op the Town 
and City op Boston, during Two Centuries ; from Sep- 
tember 17, 1G30, to September 17, 1830. Plates. Svo, cloth. 

Boston, 1852 

2531 QUINCY, Josiah. Memoir op the Life op John Quincy 
Adams. Portrait. %vo, cloth. Boston, 1858 

2532 QUINCY, Josiah P. Manuscript Corrections, from a 
Copy of the Fourth Folio of Shakspeare's Plays. [By J. P. 
Quincy.] Svo, pp. 51, paper. Boston, 1854 

2533 |*fY? ABELAIS, Francois. The Works op; translated 
,''|jV' 1 ' ' rn ' n ,QC French, with Explanatory Notes, by Du 
i*.*i Chat, Motteaux, Ozell, and others. Portrait. 4 vols., 
\'2mo, sprinkled calf, neat. London, 1807 

2534 KABELAIS, Francois. The Romance op Gargantua 
and Pantagruel*, translated from the French of Dr. 
Francis Rabelais, by Sir Thomas Urquhart, of Cromarty, 
Knight. Reprinted from the Original Editions (with an 
Introductory Notice and Life of Rabelais, by Theodore 
Martin). Frontispiece, after design by C. K. Sharpe. 4(0, 
dark brown smooth morocco i/ih, carmine edae.s, by Riviere. 
Elegant copy: only WO printed. Edinburgh, 1838 

This 1'iljlij, ii i- vir. liiirnls ,::■.. -W ;iri;iti>l, ii^ii'onu wic:l the H.l::n:ii'vTiii Club 
books, from the lext of 1613. " 
" In the Koi-einn ■ (Juarit-riv Kevimv.' Vai. \X\"L p. 31-], (here is an diili<ir;ilo 

irif; (lie translation bv I'm^lmr!. as 1 an i:;sl":nnM' oi pc ii el rat ion hit 
of ii foreigner, ivhifh ii perhaps nut to h 
world.' " — Lowndes. 

2535 RABELAIS, Robert, the Younger! A Nineteenth 
Century and Familiar History of the Lives, Loves, 
& Misfortunes of Abf.ilard and Heloisa, a Match- 
less Pair, who flourished in the Twelfth Century : a Poem, 
in Twelve Cantos. Illustrated with Ten Engravings. 8wo, 
calf extra, marbled edr/cs. J. Bumpus, London. 181(1 

2536 RADCLIFFE, Ann's. Gaston de Blondeville, a Ro- 
mance; St. Alban's Abbey, a Metrical Tale; with some 
Poetical Pieces. To which is prefixed a Memoir of the 
Author, with Extracts from her Journals. 4 vols., 12mo, 
half calf extra; with autographs.) London, 1826 

The fir,t volume roiitnins this autograph : " To Sir Waller Stirling, Bart., 
with the rt=i-.''-K :I -A tiiauks ,,f tlm [".ilfior." See Voi. I. p. 132. 

2537 RAFFLES, Sir Thomas Stamford. Tub History op 
Java. Second Edition. 2 vols., Bvo, J. Murray, 1830. — 
Antiquarian, Architectural, and Landscape Illus- 
trations op the History of Java. With a Large Map 
of Java and its Dependencies, and Several Interesting Plates 

)y GoogIe 


now first published. 1 vol., royal ito, 1844. Together, 3 
vols., 8vo. and -Mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1830-44 

2538 RAINOLDS, John. The Overthrow of Stage-Players, 
by the Way of Controversie betwixt D. Gager and D. Rain- 
oldes ; wherein all the Reasons that can be made for them 
arc notably refuted, the Objections answered, and the Case 
so cleared anil resolved, as that the Judgement of any Man, 
that is not Froward and Perverse, may easiiie bee satisfied ; 
wherein is manifestly proved, that it is not onely Unlawful! 
to be an Actor, but a Beholder of those Vanities. Whcrc- 
nnto are added also and annexed in the Knd, Certainc Lat- 
ine Letters betwixt the said Maister Rainoldes and Doct, 
Gentiles, Reader of the Civill Law in Oxford, concerning 
the same Matter. The Second Edition. Small Mo, boards, 
pp. 190. Perfect copy. Oxford, 1629 

2539 RALEIGH, Sir Walter. An Abridgment of Sir 
Walter Ralekmi's History of the World; in Five 
Books : I. From the Creation to Abraham. II. From 
Abraham to the Destruction of the Temple of Solomon. 
III. From the Destruction of Jerusalem, to Philip of Mac- 
edon. IV. From Philip of Macedon to the Race of Antig- 
onus. V. From the Establishment of Alexander until the 
Conquest of Asia and Macedon by the Romans. Wherein 
the Particular Chapters and Paragraphs arc succinctly 
abridg'd, according to his own .Method in the Larger Vol- 
ume. His Premonition to Princes ; also, some Genuine 
Remains of that Learned Knight, viz.: L Of the Invention 
of Shipping. II. A lielation of the Action at Cadiz. III. 
A Dialogue between a Jesuite and a Recusant. IV. An 
Apology for bis Unlucky Voyage to Guiana. Published by 
Philip Raleigli, Esquire, the only Grandson to Sir Walter. 
The Third Edition ; to which is. added, an Account of the 
Author's Life, Tryal, and Death. Portrait. 8w, old calf. 

London, 1702 

2540 RAMBLES in Sweden and Gottland ; with Etchings 
by the Way-side. By Sylvanus, Author of" Pedestrian and 
other Reminiscences at Homo and Abroad." Portrait of 
Jenny Lind, etc. 8wo, cloth, uncut. London, 1847 

2541 RAMSAY, Allan. The Poems of. A New Edition, 
corrected and enlarged, with a Glossary ; to which are pre- 
fixed, a Life of tlie Author, from Authentic Documents [by 
George Chalmers], and Remarks on his Poems, from a 1 
Large View of their Merits [by Lord Woodhouselcc]. Por- 
trait by T. Ryder, after Allan I'ainsiv/ (son of the author), 
facsimile o\ ' lti.!n.dv:ritinij, and vii-n; of the w/iposed. scene of 
the, " Gentle, Shepherd." 2 voh., Seo, dark green smooth mo- 
rocco, extra, gilt edges; with book-plate of Alexander Hender- 
son. Very finf, copy. London, 1800 

)y GoogIe 


2542 RAMSAY, David, M. D. The History of South-Car- 
olina i from its First Settlement in 1670, to the Year 1808. 
2 vols., Svo, half calf. Charleston, 1809 

2548 RAMSAY, E. B. Reminiscences of Scottish Life and 
Character. 12mo, cloth, gilt top. Boston, 1861 

2544 RANKE, Leopold von. The Ecclesiastical and Po- 
litical History of the Popes of Rome, during the Six- 
teenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Translated from the 
German, by Sarah Austin. Second Edition. 3 vols., &vo, 
hal f calf extra, marbled edges. 

J. Murray, London, 1841 

2545 RAPIN, Rene. Rf.nati Rapini Hortokum Libri IV. ; et 
Cultura Hortensis. Hortorum Historiam addidit Gabriel 
Brotier. Frontispiece. Small 12mo, old col 'f i/ilt, rflt edaes. 

J. Barbou, Parisiis. 1780 

2546 RAPIN de Thoyras, Paul. The History of England 
(from the Earliest Period to the Revolution in 1688), written 
in French by Mr. Rapin de Thoyras. Translated into Eng- 
lish, with Additional Notes, by N. Tindal._ The Second Edi- 
tion. Maps, chronological and genealogical tables, and nu- 
merous plates. 2 vols.. 1732-33. — The Continuation of 
Mr. Rapin de Thoyras's History of England, from the 
Revolution to the Accession of King George n. ; by N. 
Tindal. Illustrated with thirty-six heads of the kings, 
queens, and sacral endiifni p/wms : irlso irit/i tut-nly maps 
and sea charts. The Second Edition. 2 vols., J. and P. 
Kuapton. 1751. — A Summary of Mr. Unpin de Thoyras's 
History of England, and Mr. Tindal's Continuation ; from the 
Invasion of Julius Caesar, to the End of the Reign of King 
George I. Illustrated with medals, plans of battles, towns, 
and sieges. The Second Edition. 1 vol, 1751. Together, 
5 vols., large folio, old calf gilt, red edges; with book-plate 
of Eev. M. Buckley. Best edition. 

London, 1732-51 

2547 RAPIN de Thoyras, Paul. Another copy: the same. 
5 vols., large folio, old calf. Best edition. 

London, 1732-47 

2548 RAPIN de Thoyras, Paul, Another copy: the same; 
with portraits of Rapin de Thoyras and Tyndal, and the 
heads and monuments of the kings, by Fertile ; besides the 
flouliralcn's heads, and other plates, cmlahud i a the two copies 
above, ivols.. large folio, old calf; v.dth look-plates of Francis 
Douce and John liisdon. Best edition. 

London, 1732-51 

2549 RASTELL, John. The Pastime of People, or the 
Chronicles of Divers Realms, and most especially of the 
Realm of England ; briefly compiled, and imprinted in Cheap- 
side, by John Rastell [a. d. 1529]. Now first reprinted, 

)y GoogIe 



and systematically arranged, with fac-simile "Wood-cuts of the 
Portraits of Popes, Emperors, etc., and the Kings of Eng- 
land. [Edited by the Rev. T. F. Dibdin, D. D.] Royal 
Ato, russia, neat marbled edges. London, 1811 

See Absold, Kichard. 

2550 RAWLINSON, George. The Historical Evidences 
of the Truth ©f the Scripture Records stated Anew, 
with Special Reference to the Doubts and Discoveries of 
Modern Times ; in Eight Lectures delivered in the Oxford 
University Pulpit, in the Year 1859, on the Bampton Foun- 
dation. From the London Edition ; with the Notes trans- 
lated, by Rev. A. N. Arnold. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1860 

2551 RAY, Rev. John. A Collection of English 
Proverbs, also' the most Celebrated Proverbs of the Scotch, 
Italian, French, Spanish, and other Languages ; the Whole 
methodically digested, and illustrated with Annotations and 
Proper Explications, by the late Rev. and Learned J. Ray, 
M. A., etc. To which is added (written by the same Author), 
a Collection of English Words not generally used, with their. 
Signification and Original, in Two Alphabetical Catalogues, 
the one, of such as are Proper to the Northern, the other, 
to the Southern Counties ; with an Account of the Preparing 
and Refining such Metals and Minerals as are found in 
England. The Third Edition ; augmented with many Hun- 
dreds of Words, Observations, Letters, etc. 8vo, calf, red 
edges. Best edition : fine copy. London, 1742 

Collation: Tills a nil l'rcface, ji|>. viii. r Pruvnrljs, etc., up. 31'J: Ssimul 
Title, lA^iciLlitni.aiHl i'mace, pp. xii.: Collection of Word.-, etc. : pp. 150. 

Lowndes mention- a ' ; third ciiillcn '' k'O-iiiL' ila'o »l' .1737, aiol ;i " niuilli " 
(which he calls " best," containing same as this), bearing date of 1768, 

2552 RAYMOND, George. Memoirs of Robert "William 
Elliston, Comedian. Second Edition. With 5 illustrations 
by George Cruikshank and "Phiz" (H. K. Browne), and 30 

facsimile autographs. Portrait wanting. 2 vols., 8vo, half 
dark calf, neat. London, 1846 

2553 READE, Charles. Peg Woffington; a Novel. Ylmo, 
cloth. Boston, 1855 

2554 READE, Charles. Christie Johnstone; a Novel. 12mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1855 

2555 READE, Charles. Vert Hard Cash ; a Novel. "Withi 
Illustrations. 8w, cloth. New York, 186* 

2556 REASON (The) Why: a Careful Collection of many 
Hundreds of Reasons for Things which, though generally 
believed, are imperfectly Understood, By the Author of 
"Inquire "Within." Wood-cuts. VZmo, clotk. 

New York, s. a. 

)y GoogIe 


2557 RECAMIER, Jeanne Franchise Julie Adelaide B. de. 
Memoirs and Correspondence op Madame E^camiek ; 
translated from the French, and edited by Isnphene M. 
Luyster. Second Edition. Portrait. \2mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1867 

2558 RECENT Inquiries in Theology, by Eminent English 
Churchmen ; being " Essays and Reviews." From the Sec- 
ond London Edition, with an Appendix; edited, with an In- 
troduction, by Rev. Frederic H. Hedge, D. D. V2mo, doth. 

Boston, 1861 

2559 KECORDE, Robert. The Grounde of Artes ; teach- 
ing the "Worke and Practice of Arithmetike, both in Whole 
Numbers and Fractions, after a more Easyer and Exacter 
Sorte then any like hath hitherto been sette forthe. Made 
by M. Robert Kecorde, Doctor of Physik, and now of late 
overseen & augmented with new & and necessarie Addi- 
tions. Numerous ■wood- en's comprising initial letters, etc. 
Small 8m, diamond calf, red edges. iJlncli letter. 

Reginalde Wolfe, London, 1561 

2560 RECTORY (The) of Mobeland ; or My Duty. 12mo, 
doth. Boston, 1860 

2561 REDDING, Cyrus. A History and Description of 
Modern Wines. Second Edition, with Considerable Addi- 
tions, and a New Preface developing the System of the Port 
Wine Trade. Wood-cuts. 8vo, half claret morocco, very neat, 
marbled edges. London, 1836 

2562 REDHOUSE, James W. A Lexicon, English and 
Turkish; shewing in Turkish, the Literal, Incidental, Fig- 
urative, Colloquial, and Technical Significations of the 
English Terms, indicating their Pronunciation in a New and 
.Systematic Manner, and preceded by a Sketch of English 
Etymology, to facilitate to Turkish Students the Acquisition 
of the English Language. Jioijal Kiv;, hali' en'simau morocco. 

' London, 1861 

2563 REDOUTE, Pierre Joseph. Les Roses, par P. J. Re- 
doute, Peintre de Fleurs, Desinatenr en Titre de la Classe 
de Phisique de l'lnstitntet du Museum d'llistoire Naturelle; 
avec le Teste par CI. Ant. Thory. Vol. J., with 7:.! beautiful 
colored Imperial ■\to, hali' crimson morocco, neat. 

Paris, 1817 

■■ Oiivvase de la plus grantla beauty et qui a mi? le eomlle a, la njputalion An 
jidiilre." — BrmeL 

2564 REED, Andrew, D. D. ; and James Matheson, D. D. A 
Narrative of the Visit to the American CnuuciiES, 
by the Deputation from the Congregational Union of Eng- 
land and Wales. Map and plates. 2 vols., Bm. half green 

it. London, 1835 

)y GoogIe 


2565 REED, Isaac. Tiie Repository ; a Select Collection of 
Fugitive Pieces of Wit and Humour, in Prose and Verse, by 
the most Eminent Writers. [Edited by Isaac Reed.] The 
Third Edition, with Additions. 4 vols., foolscap fiso, half 
morocco. London, 1790 

2566 REKD, Rebecca Theresa. Supplement to "Six 
Months in a Convent," confirming the Narrative of Re- 
becca Theresa Reed, by the Testimony of more than One 
Hundred Witnesses, whose Statements have been given to 
the Committee ; containing a Minute Account of the Elope- 
ment of Miss Harrison, with some Further Explanations of 
the Narrative, by Miss Reed. With an Appendix (of Notes 
and Certificates). 16mo, cloth. Boston, [835 

2567 REES, Abraham, D. D. The Cyclopedia; or Univer- 
sal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature. By Abra- 
ham Rees, D. D., etc. ; with the Assistance of Eminent 
Professional Gentlemen. Illustrated with Numerous En- 
gravings, by the most Distinguished Artists. Portrait by 
Boll, after painting by Opie. Vols. I.-XX11I. (A Mon- 
soon), and 5 vols, of plates ; uho -incomplete, the fifth contain- 
ing part. (Siipp/emeut. I kit fouria- Zollikofcr) of Vol. XXXIX. 
Together, 28 vols., ito ; 23 half-bound, and 5 [plates) in 
boards, uncut. London, 1819 

2563 REFLEXIONS upon Ridicule, or What it is that makes 
a Man Ridiculous, and the Means to avoid it; wherein are 
represented the Different Manners and Characters of Per- 
sons of the Present Age. The Fourth Edition. 2 vols, in 1, 
small V2mo, old calf. London, 1727 

2569 REGISTER (The) op the Times, or Political Museum : 
containing a Select, Impartial, and Interesting Collection of 
Political Transactions iind Occurrences, divided and arranged: 
into Domestic and Foreign Politics ; comprising Debates of 
Parliament, etc., etc., etc., with all that relate to Battles, 
Sieges, Victories, etc. Embellished with Beautiful Engrav- 
ings. June 11, 17!H-/»«.e 30, 1795. 5 vols., 8i-c, sheep ; 
with book-plate of G. B. Godbold. London, 1794-95 

2570 RE1D, Thomas, D. D. An Inquiry into the Human 
Mind, on the L'rinciples of Common Sense. The Second 
Edition. Crown 8vo, old calf. Edinburgh, 1765 

2571 RE ID, Thomas, D. D. Essays on the Intellectual 
Powers or Man. 1 vol., pp. 766, ito, half bound, uncut. 
First edition. Edinburgh, 1785 

2572 RliLIGlO Bibliopole: the Religion of a Bookseller; 
after the Manner of the Religio Medici, by the late Ingen- 
ious and Learned Sir Thomas Browne, M. D. 8r:o, ^j. 84, 
half morocco. London, s. a. 

2573 REMY, Jcles. Science des Conjugaisons, precede'e 
d'un Traits' sur les Modes, les Temps, et les Partieipes. 
\2ino, paper. Paris, 1842 

)y GoogIe 


2574 KENAN, Joseph Ernest. The Life of Jesus. Trans- 
lated from the French, by Charles Edwin Wilbour. 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1864 

2575 RENOUARD, Antoine Augustus. Annales de l'Im- 
primerie des Alde, ou Histoire des Trois Manuce et de 
leurs Editions. Seconde Edition. Portraits and facsimiles. 
3 vols., 8vo, half crimson morocco, neat. 

A. A. Renouard, Paris, 1825 

2576 REPLY to Webster: a Letter to Daniel Webster, in 
Reply to his Legal Opinion to Baring, Brothers & Co., upon 
the Illegality and Unconstitutionality of State Bonds, and 
Loans of State Credit. By Junius. 12mo, pp. 79, paper. 

New York, 1840 

2577 REPORT of the Secretary of the Treasury, on 
the State of the Finances, for the Year ending June 
30, 1860. Svo, cloth. Washington, 1860 

2578 REPORT of the Trial ry Impeachment of James 
Prescott, Esquire, Judge of the Probate of Wills, etc., 
for the County of Middlesex, for Misconduct and Maladmin- 
istration in Office, before the Senate of Massac liusetts, in 
the Year 1821 ; with an Appendix, containing an Account 
of Former Impeachments in the same State. By Octavius 
Pickering and William H. Gardiner. Eoyal 8vo, boards, 
rough edges. Boston, 1821 

2579 REPORTS of Explorations and Surveys to Ascer- 
tain the most Practicable and Economical Route for a Rail- 
road from the .Mississippi Hirer to the Pacific Ocean, made 
under the Direction of the Secretary of War, etc. Many 
hundred maps, plans, and philcs of views, ft '.«/*. reptiles, birds, 
animals, flowers, eh:., a large number of which are finely col- 
ored, 13 vols., ito, half morocco, marbled edges. Very FINE 
set. Washington, 1855-61 

2580 REPORTS of Explorations, etc. Another copy of 
Vol. X., containing the Zoological part of the reports. The 
ornithological pUUetfindy colored, ito, half russia. 

Washington, 1859 

2581 REPORTS from the Select Committee on Public 
Libraries ; together with the Proceedings of the Com- 
mittee, Minutes of Evidence, Appendixes, and Indexes. 
Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed, 23 July 
1849, and 1 August 1850. (3 vols.) — Report of the 
Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Constitution 
and Government of the British Museum ; with Minutes of 
Evidence. Presented to Both Houses of Parliament by 
Command of her Majesty. (1 thick vol.) Together, 4 vols., 
folio, paper. London, 1849-50 

2582 REPORTS of the Superintendent of the Coast Sur- 
vey, showing the Progress of the Survey during the Years 

)y GoogIe 


1859, 1860, 1861, 1862, and 1863. Nearly 200 maps, charts, 
etc. 5 vols., 4to, cloth. Washington, 1860-64 

2583 REPORTS of Various Societies, Libraries, Rail- 
road Corporations, etc., etc. 37 pamphlets. 

Boston, etc., 1858-66 

2584 REPTON, Humphry. Odd Whims, and Miscellanies. 
lllnUroitd u-ifh. designs by the author. 2 vols., royal 8vo, tree, 
calf gilt, yellow edges. Large paper: colored plates. 

Printed by Bulmer, for W. Miller, London, 1804 

Contains liie " Bashfnl Man," with plate representing bim about to leave the 

2585 REPTON, Humphry. The Landscape Gardening 
and Landscape Architecture, of the late Humphry 
Repton, Esq. ; being his Entire Works on these Subjects. 
A New Edition, with an Historical and Scientific Introduc- 
tion, a Systematic Analysis, a Biographical Notice, and a 
Copious Alphabetical Index; by J. C. Loudon, F. L. S., etc. 
Portrait and above 250 wood-cuts. 1 vol., Svo, half green mo- 
rocco. London, 1840 

2586 REPUBLICK op Letters. The Present State op 
the. [Edited by Andrew Reid.] Complete from 1728 to 
1836, inclusive, 18 voh., 8vo, half calf 

London, 1728-36 

This rare work gives a general view of tlie state of learning (during those 

yi'iir-l tlii-.i,|;li:i:it lui'iij:,.-. ;l j. J contains noiOiiri Is of he mo-t valuable books 
ihcn published, willj ai'jirjiU, mesi-.uirs of autlurs, and oLlu-r miscellaneous 
matter relative to literature. 

2587 RETROSPECTIVE (The) Review, and Historical and 
Antiquarian Magazine; consisting of Criticisms upon, Anal- 
yses of, and Extracts from Curious, Valuable, and Scarce 
Old Books. Three series complete. 18 voh., 8vo. 16 
vols., half morocco, rust (third series) in numbers. 

London, 1820-2G; 1827-28; 1853-54 

Firstsari.^, 23 parts in 11 vols.; second series, G parts in2 vols.; third series, 
8 numbers forming 2 vols. 

" An excellent Tn-ieiv o- early lir.«r;iMii-K, to which tlia editor of these pages 
has hiV'ii much indebted. The criticisms in (he frst i-rics were wriiteu'by 
(liiu. Kol>i::P.-.u. I'.si]., W. i..r;iv. I'f,;., Mr. ^,rj. 'I'.i] I Wi I : :l , Jrjsqih I'a'l-^s, Y.fq'.. 
etc., the whole being under the superintendence of II. Southern. Esq. Ths 
seennil fi.-ii.s. hv ILc::iv ■•uuthiMi ar;.;i Nbholas HaiTis MoolaF., nm- 
tnin;, l.icsi.ics the revjeiv of r.1.1 b"o'.is. -rune valua;.-- !: isluilral. lo'.o-raph- 
ical,and genealogical information. The papers in tbo third series wtn: chiHlv 
written by ■nioiiias Wrjjjhl, l-Lstj., ,1. O. lialliwcll, Usq., and M. A. Lower, 
Esq." — Balm's Louuules. 

2588 RETROSPECTIVE Review. Another copy, of the first 
20 parts of the first series, from the library of Dr. Parr ; with 
M.i>8. marginal notes. 10 vols., 8vo, half calf . 

London, 1820-24 

2589 RETZ, Jean Francois Paul de Gohbi, Cardinal de. 
Memoirs of; containing the Particulars of his own Life, 
with the most Secret Transactions at the French Court 
during the Administration of Cardinal Mazarin, and the 

)y GoogIe 


Civii Wars occasioned by it ; to which aTe added, some other 
Pieces written by the Cardinal de Retz, or Explanatory to 
these Memoirs. Translated from the French, with Notes 
[by P. Davall]. Portrait by Vander Gucht. 4 vols., smaQ 
V2mo, old calf. J. Tonson, London, 1723 

2590 RETZSCII, Friedeich August Moeitz. Outlines to 
Shakspeaee: First Series: Hamlet, Seventeen Plates. 
Second Original Edition. With explanations by C.A.Bbtti- 
ger, in German and Rui/lish. Royal ito, cloth. 

Leipzig, 1838 

2591 RETZSCII. Friedeich August Mokitz. Gallery to 
'Shakspkaris's Dramatic Works in Outlines. Complete 
in One Volume, with Explanations [by C. A. Biittiger and 
others, in German and English]. Oblong 4to, cloth, gilt 
edg'S. " ' New York, 1849 

2592 It EVOLUTIONARY Memorials: embracing Poems by 
the Rev. Wheeler Case, published iu 1778; and an Appen- 
dix, containing General Burgoyne's Proclamation (in bur- 
lesque, dated June 23, 1777 ; a Late Authentic Account of 
the Death of Miss Jane M'Crea ; the American Hero, a 
Sapphic Ode, by Nat. Niles, A. M., etc. Edited by the Rev. 
Stephen Dodd. 12mo, clolk. New York, 1852 

2593 REYNARD the Fox; a Renowned Apologue of the Mid- 
dle Age, reproduced in Rhyme. [By Samuel Naylor.] 
lieaittiftJIy printed, embellished throughout in'i/t. scroll capitals, 
in colors, after designs of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. 
Square crown Svo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. 

Longmans & Co., London, 1845 

A fine specimen of ornate typography. 

2594 REYNARD the Fox; after the German version of Goethe. 
By Thomas James Arnold, Esq. With Illustrations from 
tins Designs of Wilhelm von Kaulbadi. Contains also the 
12 plates engraved for W. Pickering, 1853, after designs by 
Joseph Wolf , and the engraved title.. Imperial Svo, half mo- 
rocco, gilt top. ' London, 1860 

2595 REYNARD the Fox. Reineke Fcchs, von Wolfgang 
von Goethe; mit Zeichnungen von Wilhelm von Kaulbach, 
gestochen von R. Rahn und A. Schleich. Engraved title, 

frontispiece, and :!,") most ej-pressive and fi />'■'// executed -plates, 
besides numerous vignettes. Royal it", calf extra, emblemat- 
ically tooted, gilt edges. Munchen, 1846 

2596 REYNOLDS, Frederick. The Life and Times op; 
written by himself. Second Edition. Portrait. 2 vols., 
8vo. cloth, uncut. London, 1827 

2597 RHEES, William J. Manual of Purlic Libraries, In- 
stitutions, and Societies, in the United States, and British 
Provinces of North America. 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1859 

)y GoogIe 


2598 RHYMES without Reason, with Reasons for Rhym- 
ing; to which are added, Two Prose Essays. By the 
Author of no other Publication!!! Frontispiece. ito 
/wards, uncut. London 1823 

2599 RICHARDSON, Charles. A New Dictionary of the 
English Language. 2 vols., 4to,halfrussia, marbled edges ; 
bark of second wiviru; cracked. 

W. Pickering, London, 1839 

The arransemwil. of ibi, fiction ary is Bumewhat inconvenient for cenera] use 

""■ '' s l '-'"^ Hii^iiVi! limit,- c I . - ■ 1 1 ] ,.,„ls iiLftCMil or 1,. II, .win " ,],',. ,.,.'.,! 

Finn alpli^Kii^l „ ri i,T. It is, ]i,, w ,.'v,:r. v,rv ,1-,,,,] :i„,l „;,,...:: i„... ,!;■;' 
phi ulogist, as u is(k-vuic(l If, writs ,™»i,k-]-ul|:iin ! lv h„,.|i,l,. „, ,: .i]..,,,, ,. 
a «U™ th. ch.Kgntha. r.l,.„ ,,-., , .,, ..... j ,„:„,,;,. Tne qil0lati ° n * 
Wlncll are numerr .•:.«. an: n:n I, ;;n;.llv :u r:in-.-,(. 

2600 RICHARDSON, Samuel. The History of Sir Charles 
Grandison ; by the Editor of Pamela and Clarissa. 6 vols., 
8vo, calf gilt, yellow edges; with autograph of Elizabeth' of Derby. | . . , -- 1 

2601 RICHARDSON, Samuel. Clarissa, or the History of 
a Young Lady ; comprehending the most Important Con- 
cerns of Private Life, and Particularly shewing the Dis- 
tresses that may attend the Misconduct, both of Parents and 
Children, in Relation to Marriage. A New Edition, with the 
Last Corrections by the Author. Plates by Grignion, etc. 
after S. Wale. % vols., IZmo, old calf gilt, yellow edges. 

2602 RICHMOND, Charles Gordon Lennox, fSTddkb 
of. Memoir of. Portrait. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

2603 RICHTER, Jean Paul Fkiedrich. Titan ; T Situni 
from the German, translated by Charles T. Brooks. Por- 
trait. 2 vols., -post %vo, cloth, gilt tops. Boston 1862 

2604 RICHTER, Ludwig. Right er-Albu m : eine Auswah] 
von Holzschnitten nach Zeichnungen von Ludwig Richter- 
in Dresden. Dritte Ausgahe in Zwei Bfinden. Portrait, 
and above 300 fine wood-cuts. 2 vols., small ito, cloth, uncut. 

2605 RI CRAFT, Josiah. A Survey of Ehgland'^ChaK 
pions and Truth's Faithfull Patriots, or a Chronolog- 
ical! Recitement of the Principal] Proceedings of the most 
Worthy Commanders of the Prosperous Armies raised for 
the Preservation of Religion, the Kings Majesties Person 
the Piiviledges of Parliament, and the Liberty of the Sur> 
ject, etc. ; with a most Exact Narration of the "Several! Vic- 
tories, as also the Numberof Commanders and Souldiers that 
have been slain on Both Sides since these Uneivill Civill 
Wars began. With the Lively Pourtraitures of the Several! 
Commanders. By Josiah Ricraft. Published by Authority. 
London: printed by R Austin, etc, etc., 1647. With see- 

)y GoogIe 


ond title, — " The Oivill Warns of England, etc., collected 
by John Leicester," — doled 1649, and the " Continuation." 
A\tc-fiimilc reprint. Rinjal Svo, smooth morocco; with book- 
plate of James JJroughton. Lakge paper: fine copy. 

(Thomas Rodd, London, 1818) 

This copy contains a portrait of the author, r.ntl nil i'il. ;il : s1 of which may be 

iiiiiiiil iiL ]i.-,:in '? '■ [.iv.nlims,'' 11. :>.i)'J->.) [in: ly.hi't ii..:ririiit.i, litsidcfl a portrait of 
George Wither inserted. 

2606 RIDLEY, Rev. James. The Tales op the Genii, or the 
Delightful Lessons of Horam, the Son of Asmar ; faithfully 
translated from the Persian Manuscript, and compared with 
French and Spanish Editions, published at Paris and 
Madrid. The Third Edition. By Sir Charles Morell. 
Plates by A. Walker, etc. 2 vols., small 8vo, half calf, neat. 

London, 1766 

2607 RIDLEY, Rev. James. The Tales of the Genii, or the 
Delightful Lessons of Horam, the Son of Asmar ; translated 
from the Persian, by Sir Charles Morell. With 14 fine 
plates, engraved by Fitthr, Landseer, Heath, W. fy G. Cooke, 
etc. 2 vols., 8vo, old calf. London, 1805 

2608 RIEMER, Jacob de. Beschrtvjng van's Graven-Hage, 
behelzende deszelfs Oorsprong. Benaming, Gelegentlieid, 
TJitbreidingen, Onheilen en Luister; mitsgaders Stigtinge 
van het Hof, der Kerken, Kloosters, Kapellen, Godshuizen, 
en andere, Voornaame Gebouwen ; Zittinge der Hooge 
Collegien zoo van Politie als Justitie, Instellinge van het 
Kapittel ten Hove; als mede de Privilegien, llandvesten, 
Keuren, en Wyze der Regeringe. Uit zeer veele nooit 
gedrukte Oorspronkelyke Charters en Bcschei den getrok- 
ken, opgeheklert, en bevestigt, door M'. Jacob de Riemer, 
R. G. Numerous l'jyi/e plates. 2 vols, in 3, folio, old calf 
extra, gilt edges. 

Delft & 's Graveu-Hage, 1730-39 

2609 RI ST ORI, Adelaide. Repertoire of Madame Ristoki : 
comprising Medea, Phsedra, Deborah, Mary Stuart, Mac- 
beth, Judith, Myrrha, Elizabeth. Adrienno Lecouvreur, and 
Pia de Tolemei ; as represented at New York in 1866-67, 
by Madame Ristori and her Italian Dramatic Company, 
under the Management of J. Grau. The ten plays (in Ital- 
ian and English) hound in 1 vol., 8vo, half morocco. 

New Y.ork, 1866 

2610 RITCHIE, Leitch. Windsor Castle, and its Environs ; 
including Eton College. Second Edition, with Additions, 
by Edward Jesse, Esq. Embellished with Numerous En- 
gravings by the First Artists. 8ro, half morocco, gilt top. 

London, 1848 

2611 RITSON, Joseph. Collections of Early English and 
Scottish Poetry ; with some of his other Publications, 

)y GoogIe 



Remarks, Critical and Illustrative, on the Texts and Notes 
of the Last Edition of Shakspeare. 1 vol. Svo. 

J. Johnson, 178S 

"These remarks were attacked in the 'St. Jamea' Chronicle.' Jmn', 17S1, by 
' Alciphron ' (George Steevens?), and defended by ' Justice ' (Kitson him- 

n.'li'j.'' — Lowndes. 

The Qdif Modest : a Few Words by Way of Supplement 
to Remarks, Critical and Illustrative, on the Test and 
Notes of the Last Edition of Shakspeare ; occasioned by 
a Republication of that Edition, revised and augmented, by 
the Editor of Dodsley's Old Plays. — An Essay on Ab- 
stinence from Animal Food, as a Moral Duty. Together, 
in 1 vol, Svo. J. Johnson, 1788 ; R. Phillips, 1802 

This eop_v of the " Quip Modest" contains the note (reflecting upon George 
Stecvutia) on page vii. ol the iii'i'an', whieb in id..;-;, copies was canceled. 

PjKCBS op Ancient Popular Poetry; from Authentic 
Manuscripts and Old Printed Copies. Adorned with Cuts 
[by Bewick]. 1 vol, crown Svo. T. & J. Egerton, 1791 

Another copy : Second Edition. U"it/i the orhpaal vn>od- 
cvts l/y Bewick. 1 vol., crown 8vo. "W. Pickering, 1833 

" Kiiiied bv Kiison's nephoiv. .lo.-si'ph t'rsnk. E.-'p. who Ins adiod a i'sw notes, 
ar.d ;i!iriiriii M .,-| another Poem, 'Sir Peny,' from a MS. in the Goti tin Library, 
which Bitaon intended for the Collection." — Lcaades. 

The English Anthology. With vignettes by Slothard. 
3 vols., crown Svo. T. & J. Egerton, 1793-94 

Scottish Songs (with the Music, and an Historical Essay). 
Vignettes. 2 vols., 12rao. J. Johnson & J. Egerton, 1794 
Robin Hood : a Collection of all the Ancient Poems, Songs, 
and Ballads, now extant, relative to that Celebrated English 
Outlaw ; to which are prefixed Historical Anecdotes of his 
Life (with Notes arid Illustrations). Wood-cuts. 2 vols., 
crown Svo. T. Egerton & J. Johnson, 1795 

Bibliogijafhta Poetica : a Catalogue of English Poets, 
of the Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, and Six- 
teenth Centuries ; with a Short Account of their Works. 1 
vol., crown Svo. G. & W. Nicol, 1802 

Northern Garlands. The Bishopric Garland, or Dur- 
ham Minstrel ; a Choice Collection of Excellent Songs. The 
Yorkshire Garland ; a Curious Collection of Old and New 
Songs. The Northumberland Garland, or Newcastle Night- 
ingale ; a Matchless Collection of Famous Songs. The 
North-Country Chorister ; an Unparalleled Variety of Ex- 
cellent Songs. [Edited by Joseph Haslewood.] 1 vol, 
crown Svo. R. Triphook, 1810 

A Select Collection of English Songs, with their 
Original Airs ; and a Historical Essay on the Origin and 
Progress of National Song, by the late Joseph Ritson, 
Esq. The Second Edition, with Additional Songs and Oc- 
casional Notes, by Thomas Park, F. S. A. Wood-cuts. 3 
vols., crown Svo. Rivingtons, etc., 1813 

)y GoogIe 


The Life op King Arthur ; from Ancient Historians 
and Authentic Documents, (With Preface, Notes, and Ap- 
pendix.) 1 vol., crown &vo. Payne & Foss, etc., 1825 
Memoirs of the Celts or Gauls. (With an Appendix, 
containing a Dictionary of Celtic Words, a Bibliotheca Cel- 
tics, etc., etc.) 1 vol., crown &vo. Payne & Foss, 1827 
Ancient Songs and Ballads, from the Reign of King 
Henry the Second to the Revolution. Second edition. 2 
B0 /,.. "crown Svo. Payne & Foss, 1829 

"The met t;iri.->ii« nn . I r;;ri:imlv Die in'.-: in terrains ;■:> ;k. lunarian readers, 
of all Kitsou's works. Tlii fi c-diciim is nwiutnl (rum a ™ r » of ilic former one, 
corrcciwl, e n I urged, and much improved by the author." — Lowndes. 

Fairy Tales, now first collected; to which are prefixed 
Two Dissertations: 1. On Pygmies. 2. On Fairies. 
[Edited from a MS. Copy, prepared for the Press by Rit- 
son, by his Nephew, Joseph Frank.] 1 vol., crown Hvo. 

Payne & Foss, & W. Pickering, 1831 
The Letters of Josevii Ritbon, Esq. ; edited chiefly from 
Originals in the Possession of his Nephew. To which is 
prefixed a Memoir of the Author by Sir Harris Nicolas. 
2 vols., crown 8vo. W. Pickering, 1833 

Tvq,-lhf-r, 23 vols., crimson turkey morocco extra, yih edges, by 
Mayday. London, 1783-1833 

The ji'ov-i.s an unusual lv Hnf, collect inn, boing ali carefully selected and 
clean copies, uniformly bound Worn i-iv filieets, with very wide margins. 

2612 EITSON, Joseph. Some Account of the Life and 
Publications of the late Joseph Ritson, Esq., by 
Joseph Haslewood. Portrait; and the appendix, consisting 
of u Verses addressed to ike Ladies of Stockton." 1824. — 
Northern Garlands. The 4 as in the above collection. 
1810. — Gammer Gurton's Garland, or the Nursery 
Parnassus; a Choice Collection of Pretty Songs and 
Verses, for the Amusement of all Little Good Children who 
can neither Read nor Run. 1810. Together, 1 vol., crown 
8w, claret turkey morocco gilt, gilt edges. 

R. Triphook, London, 1810-24 

2613 RITTER, Heinrich. The History of Ancient Philos- 
ophy. Translated from the German, by Alexander J. W. 
Morrison, B. A, etc. 4 vols., Ovo, half calf very neat, 

Oxford and London, 1838-46 

2614 RITTER, Heinrich. Another copy : the same, i vols., 
8fo. tree calf g Hi. nKirblntl edi/cs. 

' " Oxford and London, 1838-46 

2615 RIVERS, Rev. David. Literary Memoirs of Living 
Authors of Great Britain, arranged according to an 
Alphabetical Catalogue of their Names ; and including a 
List of their Works, with Occasional Opinions upon their 
Literary Character. 2 vols, in 1, Bvo, half calf, neat, rough 
edges; with MS. notes. London, 1798 

)y GoogIe 



2616 ROBERTS, David. Egypt and Nubia, from Drawings 
made on the Spot by David Roberts, R. A. \ with Historical 
Descriptions by William Brockedon, F. R. S. Title of Voir 

I. and 19 other fine!-// colored plates of this v:orl\ li.ih.ographtd 

by Louis Haghe, mounted on thick card-hoard-, atlas folio size. 

London, 1846 

2617 ROBERTS, Henry. The Trumpet op Fame (or Sir F. 
Drake's and Sir J. Hawkins' Farewell; with an Encourage- 
ment to all Sailors and Soldiers, that are minded to go in 
this Worthy Enterprise : with the Names of many Ships, 
and what they have done against our Foes). Written by 
H. R. [Henry Roberts], and first printed in 1595 [by T. 
Creede]. The Second Edition [edited by T. Park]. Title, 
preface, original title, and 1-1 pages. Vimo, half morocco. 
Printed at the Private Press of Lee Priory, by John War- 
wick. Kent, 1818 

2618 ROBERTSON, Joseph Clinton, and Thomas Byekley. 
The Percy Anecootks, Original and Select ; by Sholto 
[J. C. Robertson] and Reuben [T. Byerley] Percy, Brothers 
of the Benedictine Monastery, Mount Heiigcr. Numerous 
portraits, etc. 20 vols., leimo, half crimson morocco. 

London, 1820-23 

2619 ROBERTSON, William, D. D. The Works of. (With 
an Essay on his Life and Writings.) Portraits, by Worthing- 
ton, on India paper, of Robertson, Mary Queen of Scots, James 
VI., Charles V., and Columbus. 8 vols., royal Svo, cloth, rough 
edges. Large papkij: only iiO copies printed. 

Talboys, Oxford; Pickering. London, 1825 
One of the " Oxford English Classics." 

2620 ROBERTSON, Rev. William. A Residence at Gibral- 
tar, and a Visit to the Peninsula; in the Summer and Au- 
tumn of 1841. With G plates engraved by E. and W. Finden, 
after J. M. W. Turner, etc. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, (1844) 

2621 ROBERTUS Scotorum Rex : a Letter from the Nobil- 
ity, Barons, and Commons of Scotland, in the Tear 1320, 
yet extant under all the Seals of the Nobility, directed to 
Pope John ; wherein they declare their Firm Resolutions 
to adhere to their King Robert the Bruce, etc. Translated 
from the Original, in Latine, etc. Edinburgh : reprinted 
in the Year 1689. Small 4to, pp. 11, boards. Privately 
printed, for R. Ba.lma.nna, by C. A. Alvord. 

New York, March, 1861 

2622 ROBINSON, Edward, D. D. Biblicat, Researches in 
Palestine, Mount Sinai, and Arabia Petrnea ; a Journal of- 
Travels in the Year 1838, by E. Robinson and E. Smith, 
undertaken in Reference to Biblical Geography. Maps and 
plans. 3 vols., royal Svo, boards. Boston, 1841 



2623 ROBINSON, James. The Merchants', Students', and 
Clerks' Manual. 8tw, cloth. Boston, 1856 

2624 ROBINSON, John. Proofs of a Conspiracy against all 
the Religions and Governments op Europe, carried on 
in the Secret Meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati, and Bead- 
ing Societies ; collected from Good Authorities, by John 
Robinson, A. M. The Fourth Edition ; to which is added a 
Postscript. Bvo, sheep, yellow edges. New York, 1798 

2625 ROBINSON, Mart, "The Celebrated Pf.rdita." 
Poems. Portrait, (inserted) by T. Burke, after Sir J. Rey- 
nolds. Post fji-w, half -russia, neat. London, 1791 

2626 ROBINSON, Mary. Memoirs of, written by herself; 
with some Posthumous Pieces. Portrait wanting. & vols, 
in 2, \%mo, half morocco. London, 1801 

.'2627 ROBINSON, P. F. Designs for Ornamental Villas, 
in Ninety-six Plates ; by P. F. Robinson, Architect, F. S. A., 
etc., etc. The Scenic Views chiefly by J. D. Harding. Third 
Edition, greatly improved. Royal ito, half morocco. 

London, 1836 

2628 ROBINSON, P. F. Designs for Farm Buildings, with 
a View to prove that the Simplest Forms may be rendered 
Pleasing and Ornamental by a Proper Disposition of the 
Rudest Materials. Third Edition. Plans, elevations, views, 
etc., in 56 plates. Royal ito, half morocco. 

London, 1837 

2629 ROBINSON, P. F. Designs for Gate Cottages, 
Lodges, and Park Entrances, in Various Styles, from 
the Humblest to the Castellated. The Landscapes drawn 
on Stone by J. D. Harding and T. Allom. Third Edition, 
greatly improved. Contains 18 -plates. Royal -I/O, half mo- 
rocco. London, 1837 

2630 ROBINSON, P. F. A New Series of Designs for 
Ornamental Cottages and Villas, with Estimates of 
the Probable Cost of erecting them ; forming a Sequel to 
the Works entitled Rural Architecture and Designs for 
Ornamental Villas. .Fifty-sir plates, the landscapes drawn 
on stone by J. D. Harding and T. Allom. Royal 4to, half 
morocco. " London, 1838 

2631 ROBSON, George Fennell. Scenery op the Gram- 
pian Mountains, illustrated by Forty-one J. 1 represent- 
ing the Principal Hills from such Points as display their 
Picturesque Features; diversified fay Lakes and Rivers: 
with an Explanatory Page affixed to each Plate, giving an 
Account of those Objects of Natural Curiosity and Histor- 
ical Interest, with which the District abounds ; the engrav- 
ings executed Iry Henry Morton, and colored jnmi original 
drawings made on the spot by the author. Imperial John, 
half crimson morocco, neat ; binding somewhat injured. 

London, 1819 

)y GoogIe 


2632 ROCHESTER, John Wilmot, Second Earl of. Poems, 
etc., on Several Occasions; with Valentinian, a Tragedy. 
Portrait wanting. Bra, old calf ; villi autograph of W. Knott, 
ami buok-phtr. <■'/' ShiUlkwartk Forcett. 

J. Tonsnn, London, 1691 

2633 ROE, A. S. A Long Look Ahead, or the First Stroke 
and the Last. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1855 

2634 ROGERS, Henry. Selections from the Correspond- 
ence of R. E. H. Greyson, Esq. [Henry Rogers] ; edited 
by the Author of " the Eclipse of Faith " [himself]. 2 vols., 
foolscap %vo,cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

2635 'ROGERS, Henry Darwin; and Alexander Keith 
Johnston. Atlas of the United States op America, 
Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Mex- 
ico, Central America, Cuba, and Jamaica, on a Uniform 
Scale, from the most Recent State Documents, Marine Sur- 
veys, and Unpublished Materials ; with Plans of the Prin- 
cipal Cities and Sea-Ports, and an Introductory Essay on 
the Physical Geography, Products, and Resources of North 
America. Contains 24 maps (double), and 'J plans of cities. 
F<J,n, half morocco, neat. London, 1857 

2636 ROGERS, Samuel. An Epistle to a Friend (with 
Notes and Illustrations) ; with other Poems. Post 4to, pp. 
47, boards, rough edges. Original edition. 

London, 1798 

2637 ROGERS, Samuel. Italy; a Poem. With 56 fine en- 
gravings, after Turner and Stothard. i/a, vellum, very neat, 
gilt edges. Large I'Arr.i:.: fine copy. 

* E. Moxon, London, 1838 

2638 ROGERS, Rev. Timothy. Good Newes from Heaven, 
or Safe-Conduct; discovering many Treasons and Horrible 
Plots against every ones Sonic, with Helpe from God against 
them that (escaping them all) the Soule may come safe_ to 
Heaven at Last, which else will be Lost for ever, By Tim- 
othie Rogers, Preacher of Gods Word in Essex. Small 
1 '2mo. calf red edges. 

Printed by G. M., for E. Brewster, London, 1627 

2639 ROGET, Peter Mark. Thesaurus of English Words 
and Phkasek, so Classified and Arranged as to Facilitate 
the Expression of Ideas, and Assist in Literary Composition. 
Revised and edited, with a List of Foreign Words defined 
in English, and other Additions, by Barnas Sears, D. D. 
12mo, cloth. First impression. Boston, 1855 

Printed from the same stereotype-plates as ropies bearing subsequent dates 
lut much baler, as tlie plan's an; no» very luully worn. 

2640 ROLL of Students of Harvard College, who have 
served in the Army or Navy during the War of the Rebel- 
lion. Foolscap Svo, pp. 48, paper. (Cambridge), 1865 

)y GoogIe 


2641 ROLLIN, Charles. The Ancient History of the 
Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes 
and Persians, Macedonians and Grecians. Translated 
from the French. From the Latest London Edition, care- 
fully revised and corrected. Port-rail, maps, and plates. 4 
vols., 8i'o, sheep gilt, New York, 1828 

264-2 ROMANO, Giulio Pippi. Istoria Vita e delle 
Opere di Pippi Romano ; scritta da Carlo D'Arco. 
Portrait and 63 plates, chiefly double. Royal folio, half crim- 

A Spese dell' Antore, Mantova, 1838 

2643 ROMILLY, Sir Samuel. The Life op, written by him- 
self; with a Selection from his Correspondence. Edited 
by his Sons. Third Edition. Portrait by E. Einden, fac- 
simile of handwriting and index. 2 vols., foolscap fivo, half 
calf, very neat, marbled edges. J. Murray, London, 1842 

2644 ROPER, William. The Life of Sir Thomas More; 
by his Son-in-Law, William Roper, Esq. With Notes and 
an Appendix of Letters. A New Edition, revised and cor- 
rected, by S. W. Singer. Portraits. 12mo, green turkey 
morocco gilt, gill edges. Chiswick, 182:2 

This i-npv has a second portrait (fac-simile of I he fide to the Paris edition of 
1G26) inserted i>e:woc:i tisc introductory matter and the life. 

2645 ROSCOE, Thomas. Wanderings and Excursions in 
North Wales. With fifty-one engravings, by Radclyffe, 

from drawings by Cattermole, Cox, Oreswick, etc. (1856). 
— Wanderings and Excursions in Sooth Wales; in- 
cluding the River Wye. Forty-eight, engrarings, by Rad- 
<%?«• from drawings by Cox, liurding, Fielding, Oreswick, 
Watson, etc. (s. a.) ■ 2 vols., royal Si-o, morocco extra, gill 
edges. " London, 1836, etc. 

2646 ROSCOE, William. The Life of Lorenzo de Medici, 
called the Magnificent. The Third Edition, corrected. 
Portrait and plates. 2 vols, in 1, 4(0, old -marbled calf extra, 
by Kalthoeber. London, 1797 

2647 ROSCOMMON, Went worth Dillon, Earl of. Poems. 
To which is added, an Essay on Poetry, by the Earl of Mul- 
grave, together with Poems, by Mr. Richard Duke. 800, 
old J. Ton son, London, 1717 

2648 ROSENBERG, Charles G. Jenny Lind in America. 
Portrait. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1851 

2649 ROSIER, James. Narrative of Waymouth's Voyage 
to the Coast of Maine in 1605, Complete, with Re- 
marks by George Prince, showing the River explored to 
have been the Georges River, together with a Map of the 
same and the Adjacent Islands. 8vo, pp. 45, paper. 

Bath, 1860 

2650 ROSS, Alexander. Helf.nore, or the Fortunate 
Shepherdess; a Pastoral Tale. To which is added the 

)y GoogIe 


Life of the Author, comprehending a Particular Description 
of the Romantic Place where he lived, and an Account of 
the Manners and Amusements of the People of that Period ; 
by his Grandson, the Rev. Alexander Thomson, Minister of 
Lenrathen. Grown 8wo, hoards, rough edges. 

Dundee, 1812 

This poem is in the broad Scottish dialect, ami nrdixed are lines (in the same 
dialect) addressed in iln- author, by Dr. Eeattie. 

2651 ROSS, Sie John. A Voyage op Discovert, made for 
the Purpose of Exploring Baffin's Bay, and Inquiring into 
the Probability of a Nonb-Wosi P;if,s;igo. Wii/i appendixes 
of natural history, etc.. by Robert. Brown, etc. ; and 32 maps 
and plates, inn ay of v:hit.h art- fairly colored. — NARRATIVE OF 

a Second Voyage in Search of a North-West Passage, and 
of a Residence in the Arctic Regions during the Years 1829. 
1830,1831, 1832, 1833; including the Reports of Com- 
mander, now Captain James Clark Ross, R. N., and the 
Discovery of the Northern Magnetic Pole. With the. appen- 
dix (iisa.aily bound as. etna/her volume), containing a sketch of the 
Jiiwthiaiis mid the ~<,o!.oij>.e(il, botanical, and scientific accounts. 
Portrait and 50 fine plates. many of which are colored. To- 
gether, 2 vols., 4to, tree calf gilt, marbled edges, by Riviere. 
Elegant copy. " ' London, 1819-35 

2652 ROSS, Sir John. Another copy of Vol. II. : without the 
appendix, Royal -ito, half calf neat, marbled edges. Large 
paper. ' ' London, 1835 

2653 ROSSINI, Luigi. AntichitX Romane. A series of 101 
grand views of the anti'j cities of Rome, similar to those of 
Piranesi. but taken at a later date ; proof impressions. 

Without title. 1 vol., elephant folio, halt" -morocco extra, (/ill 

edges. (Roma, 1819-23) 

2654 ROUND (The) Table ; a Saturday Review of Politics, 
Literature, Society and Art. September 'J, lHijij-Septcmber 21. 
1867, unbound. ' New York, 1865-67 

2655 ROUSSEAU, Jean Baptist*;. Supplement aux CEuvres 
de Mr. Rousseat:; contenant les Pieces que 1'Auteur a' 
rcjettces de son Edition. Donne au Public par Mr. D. 
Vimo, red -morocco extra, gilt edges. Londres, 1723 

2656 ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques. C3uvres Complettes. 
Nouvelle .Edition. ; and numerous plates, by Ponce, 
etc., after Marillier. 37 vols.. 1 2mo. old. mottled calf extra, gilt 
edges. Paris, 1793 

2657 ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques. A Complete Dictionary 
of Music, consisting of a Copious Explanation of all Words 
nec<!SKiiry to a True Knowledge and Understanding of Music. 
Translated from the Original French of J. J. Rousseau, by 
William Waring. Second Edition. Plates. 8vo. old polished 
calf gilt, green edges. Dublin, 1779 

)y GoogIe 


2658 ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques. Eloisa, or a Series of Orig- 
inal Letters. Translated from the French. A New Edition, 
to which is now First added, the Sequel of Julia or the New 
Eloisa {found amongst the Author's Papers after his De- 
cease) ; together with a Portrait of Mons. Rousseau. 4 vols., 
V2mo, old sprinkled calf, green, edges; -with book -plats of James 
Lean. London, 1784 

2659 ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques. Jdlie, or ie Nouvelle 
Heloise. Vignettes par MM. Tony Johannot, E. Wattier, 
E. Lepoitevin, H. Baron, Karl Girardet, C. Eogier, etc.; 
gravecs par M. Brugnot. India proofs of the large engrav- 
ings. 2 vols., imperial $eo, half 'crimson morocco extra, gilt 
tops, uncut. Larce paper : fine copy. 

Barbier, Paris, 1845 

2660 ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques. Pensamibntos de Juan- 
Jacobo Rousseau, Ciudadano de Ginebra ; 6 sea el Espir- 
itu de este Grande Hombre en sus Obrus Filosnficias, Mo- 
rales, y Politicas. Traducido del Frances al Espanol, por 
Santiago de Alvarado y de la PeSa. 2 vols., \tmo. slump, 
marbled edges. Madrid (Paris), 1824 

2661 ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques. The Confessions op. 
Portrait. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth. New York, 1858 

2662 ROWDEW, Frances Arabella. The Pleasures op 
Friendship; a Poem in Two Parts. The Third Edition. 
/''ron'.ispiere, after Uorhovhl. .Foolscap 8co, boards, rough 
edges. London, 1818 

2663 ROWE, Elizabeth. The Miscellaneous Works, in 
Prose and Verse; the Greater Part now first published, 
from her Original Manuscripts, by Mr. Theophilus Rowe. 
To which are added, L'oems on Several Occasions, by Mr. 
Thomas Rowe ; and to the Whole is prefix'd an Account of 
the Lives and Writings of the Authors. Portrait by Vert-ue. 
2 vols., 8vo, old calf. London, 1739 

2G64 ROYAUMONT, Nicolas Fontaine, Sieur de. His- 
tory of the Bible (illustrated with Sculptures delineated 
and engraven by Skilful Artists), translated by Mr. John 
Coughen, Joseph liny nor. and supervised by Dr. Anthony 
Horneck, Henry Wharton, and oilier Orthodox Divines. 
Printed for Robert Blome. Frontispiece, 4 maps, and 258 
plates, engraved by Kip, Van More, Vander Gneht, etc. With- 
out title. 1 vol., royal folio, foe/y i.O'iia!, sprinkled coif extra, 

gilt edges. (London, 1690, etc.) 

2665 RUFFINI, Giovanni. The Paragreens on a Visit to 
the Paris Universal Exhibition; by the Author of 
" Doctor Antonio." With Illustrations by John Leech. 
12mo, cloth. New York, 1857 

2666 RUFFINI, Giovanni. Lavinia ; a Novel. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1861 

)y GoogIe 



2667 RULES (The) of Civility ; or Certain Wats of De- 
portment observed in France, amongst all Persons of 
Quality. Translated out of French. Small 12mo, half mo- 
rocco. London, 1671 

2668 RULES (The), Orders, and Regulations op the 
Society of Engiiavers, instituted at London, 1802. 8vo r 
calf, itl'tred on side ■■ S. lingers. Esq*., Honorary Member." 

Printed by T. Bensley, London, 1804 

2669 RUPPANER, Antoine, M. D. Hypodermic Injections 
in the Treatment of Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, and 
other Diseases. 16«io, cloth. Boston, 1865 

2670 RUSH, James, M. D. The Philosophy of the Human 
Voice, embracing its Physiological History; together with 
a System of Principles, by which Criticism in the Art of 
Elocution may be rendered Intelligible, and Instruction, 
Definite and Comprehensive. To which is added a Brief 
Analysis of Song and Recitative. Third Edition, enlarged. 
8«o, sheep. Philadelphia, 1845 

2671 RUSHWORTH, John. Historical Collections of 
Private Passages or Statu, Weighty Matters in Law, 
Remarkable Proceedings in Five Parliaments ; beginning 
the Sixteenth Year of King James, Anno 1(518, and ending 
the Fifth Year of King Charles, Anno 1029: digested in 
Order of Time. (Continued to 1648; with the Tryal of 
Thomas Earl of Stratford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, upon 
an Impeachment of High Treason, shewing the Form of 
Parliamentary Proceedings in an Impeachment of Treason, 
etc., etc. Portrait, by J. Pine. 8 vols., folio, old calf, red 
edges. Best edition. London, 1721 

For contents see Bohn'e " Lowndes," p. 2152. 

2672 RUSKIN, John. The Stones of Venice, The Foun- 
dations. With Illustrations drawn by the Author. Many 
of the pluffs cnion'd. ?.co. doth, gilt top, uncut. 

New York, 1851 

2673 RUSKIN, John. Modern Painters. Vol. I. contain- 
ing Parts I. and II. ; Of General Principles, and of Truth. 
Vol. II. containing Part III, Sections I. and II. ; Of the 
Imaginative and Theoretic Faculties. Vol. III. containing 
Part IV. ; Of Many Things. Vol. TV. containing Part V. ; 
Of Mountain Beauty. Vol. V. completing the Work, 
and containing Parts VI.; Of Leaf Beauty. — Vn.; Of 
Cloud Beauty. — VIII.; Of Ideas of Relation, 1. Of In- 
vention Formal.— IX.; Of Ideas of Relation, 2. Of In- 
veution Spiritual. — '(Indexes). Numerous leantifvl plates 
and wood-cuts, engraved by J. H. Le Keax,J. C. Armyiagc, T. 
Lupton, J. Covsoii, the author, etc., after ./. M Turner, the au- 
thor and other eminent artists. 5 vols., imperial Sm, calf gilt, 
marbled edt/es, by Riviere. ELEGANT COPT. 

Loudon, 1856-60 

)y GoogIe 



2674 EUSKIN, John. The Crown op "Wild Olive: Three 
Lectures ; on Work, Traffic, and War. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, 
gilt edges. London, 1866 

2675 KUSSELL, John Scott. The Modern System of Na- 
val Architecture. Letter-press pp. xxxvii. and 723, and 
168 large plates. 3 vols., alius folio, half red morocco, very 
neat, large gilt labels on sides, gilt tops, uncut. Vert fine 
copy. London, 1865 

The plates in tliis elaborate work are all fine line engravings executed a! i;n:at 
c.\ [!<■]]..(', and drawn to a practical working sriilc-u! '.'■■<.■ '.i^hlli inch to the foot 
*!■]■ ;1 1 i= lines and ["rtlnjrs 0. s!;i;i= and en a lunger scale I'm' the ihdails anil 
maeliiiii.'rv. The work is divided into three parts: 1. Naval Design; II. 
Tactical Slu|,diai:d:i,::: III. s|, ;lm Savla/a'.r,::. — a:;d in [Lis copy, Vol. 1., 
contains the text, and Vols. II. and III. tlie plates. 

2676 RUSSELL, William Howard. My Diary in India; 
in the Year 1858^9. Tinted plates. 2 vols., crown 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1860 

2677 EDSSELL, William Howard. The Marriage of the 
Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark. 
8vo,pp. 23,fromthe« Times" account. Boston, (1863) 

2678 RIJTTEE, John. Delineations of Fonthill and its 
Abbey. Map and IS plaits, iuclad.ira] ('.tiro.- (Has and etchings, 
some, jim-hj colored, besides Ki icood.-cuis ; all India proofs. 
Imperial A to, boards, morocco back. Large paper. Richard 
Samuel Whites subscription copy. Shaftesbury, 1823 

2679 RYALL, H. T. Portraits of Eminent Conservative 
Statesmen ; with Genealogical and Historical Memoirs. 

Both SERIi'.s; with 7M large portraits, ■wood-cuts of arms, 

etc. 2 vols., imperial 4to, cloth, gilt edges. 

London, (1838-41) 

2680 EYAN, Eichard. Dramatic Table Talk; or, Scenes, 
Situations, & Adventures, Serious & Comic, in Theatrical 
History & Biography. Portraits, facsimiles, etc. 3 vols., 
foolscap 8t-o, half morocco, neat. London, 1825 

(SABEINAE Corolla in Hortulis Eegiae Scholae 
'} Salopiensis contexuertmt Tres Viri Floiibus Legen- 
. Edido Altera. 8ro, h.a.if -morocco, very neat, gih 
„ip, uncut. Londini, 1859 

; SAINT-EVREMOND, Charles Margotei.le de Saint- 
Denys, Seigneur de. The Works op ; made English from 
the French Original, with the Author's Life, by Mr. Des 
Maizeaux. To which are added, tin: Memoirs of the Dutch- 
ess of Mazarin, written in her Name, by the Abbot St. 
Eeal, etc. With 2 portraits (imt after Parmt.rdier by Vertue, 
the other after Kneller by R. White) and. monument. 3 vols., 
8i-o, half gretn morocco, marbled edges. London, 1714 

2683 SAINT-JOHN, James Augustus. The History or the 
Manners and Customs of Ancient Greece. 3 vols., 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1842 



2684 SAINT-JOHN, James Augustus. There and Back 
Again, in Search of Beauty. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1853 

2685 SAINT-JOHN, Percy B. French Revolution in 1848 : 
The Three Days of February 1848. Portraits. Post %vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1848 

2686 SAINT-PROSPER, Augusts J. C. Histoires d'An- 
gleterre ; d'Espagne, de Portugal, de Hollande, et de Bel- 
gique ; de Russie, de l'ologne, de Suede, et de Danemark ; 
depuis les Temps les plus Recules jusqu'i nos Jours. JVw- 
mcrous philtx, nom/irisiwj. vieics. costumes, etc., etc. 3 vols., 
8vo, half calf, neat, marbled edges. Paris, 1844 

Fourth, sixth, and eighth volumes (each complete in itself) of" Le Monde, ou 
HLitoim ill; Tons I.iih 1'euples." 

2687 SAINTE-PALAYE, Jean Baptistb db la Curne de. 
Memoirs or the Lies op Froissart ; with an Essay on 
his Works, and ii Criticism on his History. Translated from 
the French by Thomas Johnes, Esq. Crown Svo, calf, neat; 
with look -pb it a wad autograph of James Heywood MarlUmd, 
F.S.S. ' London, 1801 

2688 SALA, George Augustus. A Journey Due North; 
being Notes of a Residence in Russia. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1858 

2680 SALA, George Augustus. Gaslight and Daylight ; 

with some London Scenes they shine upon. Crown 8vo, 

cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

2690 SALA, George Augustus. Twice Round the Clock; 
or, the Hours of the Day and Night in London. Portrait; 
and wood-cuts. 8uo, cloth. London, (.l.fii'i(t) 

2691 SALA, George Augustus. Looking at Life; or, 
Thoughts and Things. Post 8vo, cloth, unevt. 

London, 1860 

2692 SALAME, Abraham. ANarrativeoftheExpedition 
TO Algiers in the Tear 1816, under the Command of 
the Right Hon. Admiral Lord Viscount Exmouth; by Mr. 
A. Salami-, who accompanied his Lordship for tin 1 Subsequent 
Negotiations with the Dey. Portrait of .Sa/aait and plates, 
the costumes colored. Bvo, half russia. 

J. Murray, London, 1819 

2693 SALMON, Nicholas. Stemmata Latinitatis; or an 
Ely i no logical Latin Dictionary ; wherein the Whole Mechan- 
ism of the Latin Tongue is methodically and conspicuously 
exhibited, upon a Plan entirely New, and calculated to facil- 
itate the Acquisition, as well as to impress the Knowledge 
of the Language. With a Key, or Introduction, ascertain- 
ing not only the Origin, but the Value of the Several Ter- 
inmiuions and Prepositive Particles; also, a General Index 
to every Latin Derivative and Word entering into Composi- 
tion. 2 vols.,royal 8vo, half morocco. London, 1796 

)y GoogIe 



2694 SALMON, Thomas. Modern History, or the Present 

State of all Nations; describing their Respective Situations, 
Persons, Habits, and Buildings; Manners, Laws, and Cus- 
toms, Religion and Policy; Arts and Sciences, Trades, 
Manufactures, and Husbandry ; Plants, Animals, and Miner- 
als. Illustrated with Cuts and Maps, accurately drawn ac- 
cording to the Geographical Part of this Work, by Herman 
Moll. The Third Edition, with Considerable Additions and 
Improvements, interspersed in the body of the Work ; also, 
the History and Revolutions of Each Country, brought down 
to the Present Time. 3 vols. (2 vols.), folio, marbled calf 
gilt- London, 1745-46 

Imperfect, the first vuhime be:r, g Vol. I.oftlic " Universal Traveller" (1752), 
but umfurmly bu\nd ;miL le:.i.«n!il " Moitom History." 

2695 SALMON, Thomas. The Universal Traveller, or a 
Compleat Description of the Several Nations of the World : 
shewing, I. the Situation, Boundaries and Face of the Re- 
spective Countries; II. Number of Provinces and Chief 
Towns in each ; III. the Genius, Temper, and Habits of the 
Several People; IV. their Religion, Government, and 
Forces by Sea and Land. V. Their Trafie, Produce of 
their Soil, Animals, and Minerals. VI. an Abstract of the 
History of Bach Nation. Brought down to the Present 
Time, and illustrated with a great Variety of Maps and Cuts. 
2 vols., folio, r.alf gilt, rr.d edges. London, 1753-55 

2696 SALT, Henry. A Voyage to Abyssinia, and Travels 
into the Interior of that Country, executed under the Orders 
of the British Government, in the Years 1809 and 1810; in 
which are included, an Account of the Portuguese Settle- 
ments on the East Coast of Africa, visited in {lie Course of 
the Voyage ; a Concise Narrative of Late Events in Arabia 
Felix ; and some Particulars respecting the Aboriginal Afri- 
can Tribes, extending from Mosambique to the Borders of 
Egypt; together with Vocabularies of their Respective Lan- 
guages. Map of Abyssinia, and numer-.nts charts, views., etc. 
Royal Ho, half morocco, very neat, marbled edges. 

London, 1814 

2697 SALT, Henry. Another copy: the same; trimmed a 
litth: riuser. Royal ito, half russia , very netd, marbled edges. 

London, 1814 

2698 S AMMES, Aylett. Britannia Antiqtja Illtjstrata, or 
the Antiquities of Ancient Britain, derived from the Phoe- 
nicians ; wherein the Original Trade of this Island is discov- 
ered ; the Names of Places, Offices, Dignities ; as likewise 
the Idolatry, Language, and Customs of the Primitive In- 
habitants, are clearly demonstrated from that Nation ; many 
Old Monuments illustrated ; and the Commerce with that 
People, as well as the Greeks, plainly set forth and collected 

)y GoogIe 



out of approved Greek and Latin Authors : together with a 
Chronological History of this Kingdom, from the first Tra- 
ditional Beginning, until the Year of Our Lord 800, when 
the Name of Britain was changed into England ; faithfully 
collected out of the Best Authors, and disposed in a Better 
Method than hitherto hath been done ; with the Antiquities 
of the Saxons, as well as Phcenicians, Greeks, and Romans. 
The First Volume. Map and plates. Complete, only one 
Volume published. Folio, ad/', eeri/, m'n'Ui-d edges : with 
buuk-pki.te of Sir Ralph Milbanke (Lady Byron's father), and 
MS. notes. ' " ' 

Printed hy Tho. Roycroft, for the Author, London, 1676 

" M'vIcp navies., in his ' Adieu::: I'iriiai-.iKcav p. VJi, nojiees Wood's abuse, and 
fi:l. Is, ; li.i- Mr. Oldenburg, secretary to the Koynl Society, in his 11 Philosoph- 
ical Trai^ariiiin-i,"; more impartial, as well as a more able jii^c, La.-i 
h..n- -ince d.iii.- M-. Acini, ivuiiiii^ irrecr^Uc. r.islicr-, as to the merits of 
his "Britannia Illnstrata." ' " — Loumdet. 

2699 SAMUELS, Edward A. Ornithology and Oology op 
New England ; containing Full Descriptions of the Birds 
of New England and Adjoining States and Provinces, ar- _' 
ranged by a long-approved Classification and Nomenclature ; 
together with a Complete History of their Habits, Times of 
Arrival and Departure, their Distribution. Food, Song, Time; 
of Breeding ; and a Careful and Accurate Description of 
their Nests and Eggs: with Illustrations of many Species of 
the Birds, and Accurate Figures of their Eggs. Royal 8vo, 
cloth. " Boston, 1867 

2700 SANDERSON, John. Biography of the Signers to 
thf. Declaration of Independence. (With an Introduc- 
tion comprising a View of the British Colonies of North 
America, from their Origin to their Independence.) En- 
graved, titles, ivuiuero'ts portraits, foe-si utiles -,if s'gvtti.ures. .etc. 
9 vols., 8«o, polished calf, gilt, marbled edges, hy Bedford. 
Elegant copy. Philadelphia, 1820-27 

2701 SANDYS, William; and Simon Andrew Foster. The 
History of the Violin, and other Instruments played on 
with the Bow, from the Remotest Times to the Present } 
also an Account of the Principal Makers, English and For- 
eign. With numerous illustrations. Frontispiece colored. 
8uo, cloth, uncut. London, 1864 

2702 SANGER, William W., M. D. The History of Pros- 
titution ; its Extent, Causes, and Effects throughout the 
World. [Being an Official Report to the Board of Alms-' 
House Governors of the City of New York.] Royal Svo, 
cloth. ' New York, 1858 

2703 SARCASTIC Notices of the Long Parliament : a List 
of the " Members that held Places, both Civil and Military, 
contrary to the Self-Denying Ordinance of April 3, 1645, 
with the Sums of Money and Lands which they divided 



among themselves ;" giving many Curious Particulars about 
this Famous Assembly not mentioned by Historians or Biog- 
raphers. Reprinted, Verbatim, from the Excessively Bare 
Original. Handsomely printed, with head-pieces and ornate in- 
itials, at the Chisieick Press. Foolscap 4to, half morocco, red 
paper sides, gilt top. Very few copies printed. 

London, 1863 

The ordinal lr:>cl i? cnili led, " Tlie Mvirt;rv <.'.' the Coorl Old Cause briefly 
unfolded, etc., etc. Printed in the first Year of England '6 Liberty after 
almost Twenty Yeats' Slavery. 1660." 

2704 SARGENT, Epes. Peculiar ; a Tale of the Great Tran- 
sition. Post &vo, cloth. New York, 1864 

2705 SARGENT, Lucius Manlius. Hubert and Ellen ; 
with other Poems : the Trial of the Harp, Billowy "Water, 
the Plunderer's Grave, the Tear Drop, the Billow. Royal 
%vo, lxiards,rough edges. Boston, 1813 

2706 SARGENT, Lucius Manlius. Dealings with the 
Dead ; by a Sexton of the Old School. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1856 

2707 SARGENT, "Winthrop. The Life and Career op Ma- 
jor John Andre, Adjutant General of the British Army in 
America. Portrait 8tio, cloth, uncut. Large paper : only 
1 a copies printed. Boston, 1861 

2708 SATIRIST (The), or Monthly Meteor. [Edited by 
William Jerdan.] Vols. I- V. and X1I.-XU1. Caricature 
plates, some of which are colored. 7 vols., 8i;«, half morocco, 
extra. London, 1808-13 

The first five volumes comprise (he original issue. October, 1807-Oelobcr, 
1808 ; tlie other two form Vols. II. and III. of the " Sew Series," Januarv- 
Deeember, 1813. 

2709 SAILER, Martin. An Account of a Geographical 
and Astronomical Expedition to the Northern 
Parts op Russia ; for ascertaining the Degrees of Latitude 
and Longitude of the Mouth of tlie River Kovirna, of the 
Whole Coast of the Tshutski to East Cape, and of the Isl- 
ands in the Eastern Ocean stretching to the American 
Coast ; performed by command of Catherine II. of Russia, 
by Commodore Joseph Billings, in the Years 1785-94. The 
whole narrated from the Original Papers, by Martin Sauer, 
Secretary to the Expedition. Chart and 14 plates of views, 
costumes, etc. ito, half 'nuria, neat. London, 1802 

2710 SAUNDERS, Frederick. Mosaics; by the Author of 
" Salad for the Solitary," etc. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1859 

2711 SAUNDERS, John. Portraits and Memoirs op 
Eminent Living Political Reformers; the Portraits 
by George Hayter, Esq., and other Eminent Artists, 
and the Memoirs by a Distinguished Literary Character. 
To which is annexed a Copious Historical Sketch of the 

)y GoogIe 


Progress of Parliamentary Reform, from the Attempt to 
Repeal the Septennial Act in 1734, to the Passing of the 
Reform Bill in 1832 ; by William Howitt. Folio, half mo- 
rocco extra, gilt edges. Large paper : India proofs. 

London, 1840 

2712 SAUNDERS, John. Another copt: the same. India 
PROOFS. Folio, half morocco, neat, marbled edges. 

London, 1840 

2713 SADRIN, Jacques. Discours Historiques, Critiques, 
Tiieologiques, et Moradx, sur les Evenemens les plus 
Memorahles du Vieux, et du Nouveau Testament (conti- 
nuez par M. Roques, et par M. C. S. de Beausobre). Avec 
des Figures, gravees sur les Desseins de Hoet, Houbraken, 
& B. Picart. 6 vols., royal folio. mottU-d calf extra, marbled 
edges. Papier super-royal : very fine copy. 

Amsterdam & La Haye, 1720-39 

This cnpv is one of what is considered the best impression, the first volume 
lisariuj; imprint of" li. I'itirf, \e. Itomain, Murclianil d'Kstampes, Amsterdam, 
1720 ;" and the other volumes that of " Pierre de lioiuil , 1 .n liisi ■:; 1728-;S9." 

2714 SAURLN, Jacques. Sermons sur Divers Testes de 1'Eeri- 
ture Sainte. Nouvelle Edition, en Gros Ciirticiferes. 
7'ivi/lisjiiece, 12 vols., 8vo, old calf gilt, red edges. 

Lausanne, 1759 

2715 SAVAGE, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of 
the First Settlers of New England, showing Three Genera- 
tions of those who came before May, 1652, on the Basis of 
Farmer's Register. 4 vols., 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1860-62 

2716 SAVARY, Annb Jean Marie Rene, Due de Rovigo. 
Memoirs ; Illustrative of the History of the Emperor Napo- 
leon. Second Edition. 4 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1835 

2717 SAXE, John Godfrey. Poems. New Edition, enlarged. 
Portrait. \2mo, cloth. Boston, 1852 

2718 SAXE, Maurice, Comte de. Reveries, or Memoirs 
upon the Art of War. To which are added some Original 
Letters upon Various Military Subjects, wrote by the Count 
to the late King of Poland, and M. de Folard, which were' 
never before made Publick ; together with his Reflections 
upon the Propagation of the Human Species. Translated 
from the French. Numerous plates. 4to, calf 

London, 1757 

2719 SCACCHI, Fortcjnatus. Sacrorum Elaeochrismaton 
Myrotbecia Tria, in quibus exponuntur Olea, atque un- 
gttenta Divinos in Codices relata ; et olim vel cunctis univer-- 
sim Gentibus, in Vita? qua Quotidiano, qua Moliore cultu ; 
vel Nominatim apnd Israelites, tarn in Sacrorum Antistibus, 
Locis, Supellectilibus, quam in Regibus solemniter inau- 
gurandis usurpata. Ordinis Eremitarum S. Augustini, etc. 




Opus Eruditione Multiplici conspersum, & Institua Veterum, 
Literasque Reconditiores, Hebraicas, Greecas, Romanas, 
fmjus Argument! Oocasione passim illiistrans. Nee antea 
sic emendatum. Frontispiece, portrait, and numerous plates. 
Folio, vellum extra, arms gilt on sides. 

F. Halmam, Amstelaednmi, 1701 

2720 SCARRON, Paul. The Whole Comical Works of. 
Vol. I. containing his Comical Romance of a Company of 
Htn;;-e-r layers, in Three Parts, Complete; Vol. II. all his 

Novels and Histories, his Select Letters, Characters, etc., a 
great Part of which never before in English. Translated 
by Mr. Thomas Brown, Mr. Savage, and others. The Fifth 
Edition, revised and corrected. Portrait and plates, by 
Vander GucJtt, etc. 2 vols., 12mo, old calf; with autograph 
and book-plate of Captain Man. London, 1741 

2721 SCARTH, John. Twelve Years in China ; the People, 
the Rebels, and the Mandarins. Map, 12 colored plates, and 
wood-cuts. Crown Svo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1860 

2722 SCHEDEL, Hartmann. Liber Cronicardm, etc. Above 
2,000 wood-cuts, by M. Wolgemut (the master of Albert Durer) 
and W. Pleydenwurff, representing the. principal incidents, 
characters, and places described in the work, '/'able, 18 leaves; 
text, leaves i.-ccxcix. followed by a map, on the reverse of 
which is the last colophon with date. Leaves 208-261 (which 
were left blank for the purpose of inserting additions, etc.), the 
title, and "2 leaves of the tabic, are wanting, but the TEXT IS 
all PERFECT and in good condition. Folio (1 7— |— 1 2^ inches), 
Stamped vellum, over wood, with brass claps. Nuremberg 
Chronicle: first edition. Black letter. Latin text. 

A. Koberger, Nuremberge, 14'J3 

A go'oplion af fol. 268 denotes Schedel to i.o ihe nuilior or i-r. inpiliTr. inn] (lie 
]<*.( oA.olion [with date; munii- .is Wr^onmr ami l>], T tlcii*urff as the 
artists. A very full AiToimt of (lie '.r :'.., vi;li I';l(:-« : .ok1^, ninv !n- r'uuinl is; 
Dibdin's"Bibliotheca Spenceriana," Vol. III. pp. 255-280. 

2723 SCHEUCHZER, Johann Jacob. Physique Sacr&s, ou 
Hisioire-Naturelle de la Bible; traduiie du Latin 
[par DeVarenne]. Enrichie de Figures en Taille-douce, 
gravees par les Soins de Jean Andre Pfeffel. 8 vols., folio, 
old mottled calfgiU, over marbled edges. 

Amsterdam, 1732-37 

"Parmi les 750 gravures assM Ih-IIfs il™t ™ livre est ome, et qui en font le 
p r i l lu 5 1 ) :i I. inrfrite, il s'«n trimve beaucouu de tout a fait imi'iles: tnais nae 
autre parlie de ces planches off e 

2724 SCHILLER, Johann Christoph Friedrich von. The 
Works of: Historical, Historical and Dramatic, Historical 
Dramas, etc. Early Dramas and Romances. (Translated 
by A. J. W. Morrison, and others, and H. G. Bohn.) Por- 
traits. 4 vols., post Svo, half calf, neat, marbled edges. 

London, 1847-53 

)y GoogIe 


2725 SCHILLER, Johann Christoph Friedrich von. An- 
other set: the same. Portraits. 4 vols., post 8vo, half pur-, 
p/e calf extra, marbled edges. London, If^iS-GO 

2726 SCHIMMELPENNINCK, Mart Anne. Theory on the 
Classification op Beauty and Deformity, and their 
Correspondence with Physiognomonic Expression ; exem-' 
plified in various Works of Art, and Natural Objects. 
Illustrated with four general charts, and thirty-eight cupper- 
plates, ito, half calf extra, marbled edges. 

London, 1815 

2727 SCHLOSSEK, Friedrich Christoph. History of the 
Eighteenth Ckntdbt, and of the Nineteenth till the. 
Overthrow of the French Empire ; with Particular Reference- 
to Mental Cultivation and Progress. Translated, with a 
Preface and Notes, by D. Davison, M. A. 8 vols., 8iw, half 
calf extra. London, 1843-52 

2728 SCHOLA Italica Artis Pictorle, sive Tabulae In sig- 
niores in Romania Pinacothecis adservatae ; Tabulis Aere 
incisis nunc Primum editae. Fine impressions of the 40 
engravings by Volpato and others, after Michael Angela, 
Rojfaelle, Titian, Caracri, Guido, Parmigiano, etc. Imperial 

folio, half morocco. 
Sumptibus Petri Pauli Montagnani-Mirabili, Romac, 1806 

This work is similar in fceneral appearance to Hamilton's " Schola Italics 
Pretoria?," fo which it may be considered a sequel. 

2729 SCHOOLCRAFT, Henry Rowe. Historical and Sta- 
tistical Information respecting the History, Condition, and 
Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States; collected 
and prepared under the Direction of the Bureau of Indian 
Affairs, etc. Illustrated by S. Eastman, Capt. U.S.A. (and 
other Officers). 6 vols., royal 4to, half morocco, marbled edges. 

Philadelphia, 1851-57 

The title of the pixlh volume, which contains portrait of the author, reads: 
"History of the [ikH.-.m Tiib-s of she i - r i E : i ■ ■: J hi ales: their 1'tvsir:! CcMlitJf ti 
a::.[ l'T,«:v.::-lt, and n Sk,-ti. Ii < f llmr AuderiL SUilutes. liv Hum' R.-.we 
Sclmolcratt, l,L. I )., eic, etc. With Illustrations by Imminent Artists. " I.i One 
Volume. Pan VI. of the Series." 

2730 SCHROEDER, John Frederick, D.D. Life and Times 
of Washington- ; containing a Particular Account of Na- 
tional Principles and Events, and of the Illustrious Men 
of the Revolution. Illustrated with highly -finished Steel 
Engravings, from Original Designs, of Historical Scenes, 
and Full-length Portraits; by Alonzo Chappel. 2 vols., 
4/o, morocco antique, gilt edges. New York, (1857-59) 

2731 SCOTT, John. The Sportsman's Repository: com- 
prising a Series of highly-finished Engravings, representing 
the Horse and the Dog, in all their Varieties. From Orig-' 
iual Paintings by Marshall, Reinagle, Gilpin, Stubbs, and 
Cooper ; accompanied with a Comprehensive, Historical, 

)y GoogIe 


and Systematic Description of the Different Species of each; 
their Uses, Management, and Improvement ; interspersed 
with Anecdotes of the most Celebrated Horses and Dogs, 
and their Proprietors ; also a Yariety of Practical Informa- 
tion on Training, and the Amusements of the Field. Mi- 
graced tide and 37 plates, wit)t as many vignettes, ito, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1845 

2732 SCOTT, John. Another copy: the same, ito, chth, 
uncut. London, 1845 

Scott was one of the most celebrated engravers of animals, and the horsea 
and dogs in this work are considered among his best productions. 

2733 SCOTT, Rev. Thomas. The Book of Job, in English 
Verse; translated from the Original Hebrew, with Remarks 
Historical, Critical, and Explanatory. The Second Edition. 

Frontispiece. Biographical- and liil.ilinfjrafilii.cfil MS. notes on 
fly-leaf. 8vo, sheep ; with autograph signature of Thadd.' 
M. Harris. ' London, 1773 

This author is not the well-known commentator. " An elegant and closa 
version, with a valuable commentary, by a learned Avian dissenting minis- 
ter." — Lovmdet, 

2734 SCOTT, Sir "Walter. The Life op John Dryden. 

Portrait., on India paper, a/graced by J. Fi'J.icr. ito, half russia 

extra, marbled edges. Large paper r only 50 printed. 

London, 1808 

Printed by James Ballantyne" & Co., Edinburgh, from Scott's edition of 

Dryden's Works. A pencil-note mi ny-itaf suv.-. " only 25 copies printed 
on large paper; " but Lowndes says there were fifty. 

2735 SCOTT, Sir Walter. The Border Antiquities op 
England and Scotland; comprising Specimens of Archi- 
tecture and Sculpture, and other Vestiges of Former Ages, 
accompanied by Descriptions. Together with Illustrations 
of Remarkable Incidents in Border History and Tradition, 
and Original Poetry. Fine impressions "/'//,/ plates. 1 vol., 
ito, half red morocco, marbled edges. Original edition. 

London, 1814, etc. 

This copy is imperfect, containing but 30 (should contain S4) plates, and part 
of the text watt '.in,'; hut tiso impressions or' the plates tire superior to those 
of the subsequent ii-iuu witli same date. 

2736 SCOTT, Sir Walter. The Poetical Works of. 
Portrait by 0. Heath. 12 vols., 1 "hrw, boards, ro>i//h. cdtp>s, 

A. Constable & Co., Edinburgh, 1820 

2737 SCOTT, Sir Walter. <Euviiiss Comtlktrb dk Walter 
Scott. 51 vols., \imo, half sheep (2 vols, bound in 4. and 

Vols. XHI.-XV. and XL VII. wanting). Should comprise 
53 vols, in 55. II. Nicolle, Paris, 1820-21 

2738 SCOTT, Sir Walter. The Complete Works of : Wa- 
verleyNovkls ; with Notes, Index, and Glossary. 12 vols. 
— Miscellaneous Peose Works, with Notes, containing 
Biographical Memoirs, Essays, and Letters ; Life of Napo- 
'eon; and, Tales of a Grandfather. 3 vols. — Poetical 




Works, with all his Introductions and Notes ; also Various 
Readings, and the Editor's Notes. 1 vol — Life of; by 
Loekhart. 1 vol. Above 200 beautiful engravings on steel, and 
2,000 on wood; brilliant imi'ukssions, some on India pa- 
per. Together, 17 vols., thick royal &vo, half green turkey 
morocco, contents lettered, gilt lops. Abbotsford edition r 
elegant copy of original issue. Edinburgh, 1842-47 

2739 SEBA, Albertus. Locupletissimi Rerum Naturalium 
Thesauri Accurata Dksckiptjo, et Iconibus Artificiosissi-, 
mis Expressio, per Univers;im Physices Historiam ; Opus, 
cui, in hoc Reruni Genere, Nullum Par exstitit : ex toto Ter- 
rarum Orbe collect, digessit, ilcscripsit, et depingendum 
curavit Albertus Seba, Etzela Oostfrisius, etc., etc. Latin 
and French text, with portrait by Houhrnhen after Qninhhurd, 
frontispiece and other embellishments engraved by P. Tanye, 
and 449 plates, containing several thousand figures of an- 
imals, birds, insects, fish, shells, plmtts, etc., etc. 4 vols., royal 

folio, olive morocco, mat, gilt edges ; with book-plate of Robert 
Barclay, Bury Hill. Very fine copy. 

Amstclaedami, 1734-65 

"Livrebeaucotip plus c-ii'-n! rmur ley lia'Ii^-plriiichrs rtom il eat. oraS, et one 
riteni suiiveri! !i:s hh-IIbu-j ri^si il i :ii:«:..--.: tii. .denies, que pour lo teste qui lea 
ncfompapiiB." — Brvnel. 

2740 SEDGWICK, Catherine Maria, Letters from Abroad 
to Kindred at Home. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1841 

2741 SEDGWICK, Catherine Maria. Married or Single? 
2 vols., 12mc, cloth. New York, 1857 

2742 SEDGWICK, Mrs. Charles. A Talk with my Pupils. 
12mo, cloth. New York, 1863' 

2743 SEGUR, Philippe Paul, Coktk de. History of the 
Expedition to Russia, undertaken by the Emperor Napo- 
leon, in the Year 1812. Second Edition, carefully revised 
and corrected. Map, 4 portraits and 3 plates. 2 vols., Svo, 
half calf extra. London, 1825 

2744 SELBY, Charles, Comedian. Maximums & Speciments 
of William Muggins, Natural Philosopher and Citizen- 
of the World, New Edition. 16mo, boards. 

London, 1859 

2745 SELBY, Pkideaux John. Illustrations of British 
Ornithology: Vol. 1., Land Birds; Vol. IL, Water Birds. 
2 vols., 8vo, W. H. Uxors, Edinburgh, 1833. — Plates : com- 
prising 383 figures, in most cases of the full life-size, in 228 
finely colored plates, and 4 phi in ones of the anatomical sections. 

2 vols., elephant folio, London, 1841. Together, 4 vols., half 
green levant morocco, i:\i.tra. fit talaa, hv Hammond. 

Edinburgh & London, 1833-41 

Thiswork (published at £105), bears "-- - ' ■" ' " ; * ' '-'■ •'■-' 

Audubon'* ' '- ' ■ ' ■ , 

)y GoogIe 


Great Britain are represented, with full descriptions of plumage, habits, etc., 
both the scientific and familiar namea being Riven, and references toallthosa 
who have previously figured them. 

2746 SELECT (A) Collection of Views and Ruins in Rome 
and its Vicinity; executed from Drawings made upon the 
Spot, in the Year 1791. A series of 68 colored plates. Atlas 
Ato, half morocco, neat. ' London, (1830) 

2747 SELECT Monuments of thf. Doctrine and Worship 
of the Catholic Church in England before the Norman 
Conquest: consisting of .ffilfric's Paschal Homily, and Ex- 
tracts from his Epistle?, etc., the Offices of the Canonical 
Hours, and Three Metrical Prayers or Hymns; in Anglo- 
Saxon, and partly in Latin. With English Translations, re- 
vised or newly executed, Notes, Collation of Ancient Manu- 
scripts, and an Introduction, by E. Thomson, Esq. Fac- 
simile plates, l&mo, cloth, gill edges. 

Lumley, London, 1849 

T'i'ii ■■■;■'. i iaiiis a r--:pi-iiil of :!is " Teslimonie of Antiquitie : ' printed by 

John Day becwoe;> thnyuavs 15S0 and 1570. 

2748 SELIGMANN, Johann Michael. Verzameling van 
Uitlandsche en AAME Vogf.len, beiievetis eenige 
Vreenide Dieren en Plautsewassen ; in't Kngelsch naauwke- 
urig beschreeven en naar *t Leven met Kleuren afgebeeld, 
door G. Edwards en M. Catesby. Vervolgens ten opzigt van 
de Plaaten Merlyk verbeterd in't Hoogduitsch uitgegeven 
door J. M. Seligmann ; thans in't Nederduitscb vertaald en 
met Aanhalingen van andere Autheuren verrykt, door M. 
Hottttuyn. Severn/, hundred large plates, all well colored. 9 
parts in 5 vols., folio, old mottled calif, gilt, red edges. 

Amsterdam, 1772-81 

2740 SENECA, Lucius Amwua. Tragosdm:. Small 12mo, 

vellum. Typis Brigonciis, Venetiis, 1665 

2750 SENECA, Lucius Ann^us. CEuvres : traduites en 
Francois par La Grange; avec ties Notes de Critique, 
d'Histoire, et de Li Herat ure. Prece'dees d'un Essai sur les 
UetMifis do Claude eL de Niron, c;L stir les Mimirs el les Ecrits 
de Keneque, pour servir d'Introduction it la Lecture de ses 
Ouvrages [par Diderot], Portrait, fi vols., %vo, old marbled 
calf gill, maroled edges. Paris, An III., (1795) 

"Traduction e?timce." — Brmel. 

2751 SEROUX d'Agincoukt, Jean Baptists Louis Georges. 
Storia dell' Arte dimostrata coi Monumenti, dalla 
suit Decadenzn nel TV. Secoln (inn al stio Risoigimento net 
XVI. Tradotta ed lljisirata tin Stcfano Ticozzi. Fine im- 
pressions of the 825 plates. Text. 6 voh., tiro ; plates 3 vols. 
in 2, folio ; together, 8 -vols- half morocco, neat. 

Prato, 3826-30 

2752 SEROUX d'Agincourt, Jean Baptists Louis Georges. 
History of Art et its Monuments, from its Decline in 

)y GoogIe 



the Fourth Century to its Restoration in the Sixteenth; 
translated from the French of Seroux d'Agincourt. In 
three, thousand three, and. thirty-five subjects, on three 
hiiriJiv.d and twenty -eight plains. 3 vols, in 1, folio, half mo- 
rocco, neat, gill edges. London, 1847 

2753 SEWALL, Rtjfus K. Ancient Dominions op Maine : 
embracing the Earliest Facts ; the Recent Discoveries of 
the Remains of Aboriginal Towns ; the Voyages, Settle- 
ments, Battle Scenes, and Incidents of Indian Warfare :' 
and other Incidents of I listory ; together with the Religious 
Developments of Society within the Ancient Sagadahoc, 
Sheepscot, and Pemaquid Precincts and Dependencies. 
Wood-cuts of views, etc. 8vo, cloth. 

Bath (Portland), 1859 

2754 SEWARD, Miss Anna. The Poetical Works of ; 
with Extracts from her Literary Correspondence (and a/ 
Biographical Preface). Edited by Walter Scott, Esq. 3 
vols., post 8w, calf. Edinburgh, 1810 

2755 SEWARD, William. Biograpiiiana ; by the Couipiler 
of Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons [W. Seward, F. R. 
S.]. ' Frontispiece, portraits, ft:;., hg ll<Mo<tuig, and 10 en- 
graved pages of music. 2 -a.ih., Urn, half calf. 

London, 1799 
■2756 SEWEL, William. ACompleat Dictionary, English 
and Dutch ; to which is added a Grammar for Both Lan- 
guages. Originally compiled by William Sewel, but now, 
not only reviewed and more than the Half Part augmented :' 
yet, according to the Modern Spelling, entirely improved ; 
by Egbert Buys, Counsellor of their Poliss and Prussian 
Majesties, etc. .Frontispiece. 2 vols.. Mo, old calf, red edges. 
Kornelis de Veer, Amsterdam, 1766 

2757 SEYMOUR, E. II. Remarks, Critical, Conjectural, 
and Explanatory, upon the Plays of Shakspeare; 
resulting from a Collation of the Early Copies, with that of 
Jolinson and Steevens, edited by Isaac Reed, Esq. To- 
gether with some Valuable Extracts from the MSS. of the 
Lite flight Honourable John, Lord Chedworth. 2 vols., 8iw, 
old calf gilt. London, 1805 

2758 SEYMOUR, Robert. Humorous Sketches, comprising 
Ei"hty-six Caricature Etchings; illustrated in Prose and 
Verse by Alfred Crowquill [A. H. Forrester]- New Edi- 
tion ; with a Descriptive List of the Plates, and a Biograph- 
ical Notice of Robert Seymour, by Henry G. IJohn. Royal 
8vo, cloth, gilt edges. London, 1866 

This volume rnmaina the besl. series of plates bv the ''Modern Hogarth," 
the. ordinal illustrator of " Pickwick Papers." 

2759 SHAFTESBURY, Anthony Ashley Coofek, Earl op; 
Characteristics of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times. 

)y GoogIe 



The Fourth Edition. Full-length portrait and 12 vignettes 
by S. Gribelin. 3 vols., 8vo, old sprinkled calf, neat. 

London, 1727 

2760 SHAFTESBURY, Anthony Ashley Cooper. Earl of. 
Another copy t the Fifth Edition, corrected ; with the Ad- 
dition of a Letter concerning Design. Same plates as the 
above. 3 vols,. Sro, J d sprinkled calf, neat; with hook-plate of 
R.M. French, ChisweU. London, 1732 

This edition, printed by John Darby, is the Jirst complete edition. 

2761 SHAFTESBURY, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of. 
Another copy: with engravings (arms, etc.) Iry Racenet the 
elder. 3 vols., 12mo, calf; with book-plate and at'/or/nrph of 
E. Negus. (London), 1749 

2762 SHAKESPEARE, William. The Works of Mr. Wil- 
liam Shakes it are, in Six Volumes ; revis'd and corrected, 
with an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author, 
by N. Rowe, Esq. Frontispieces, engraccd, by Vander Guchl, 
and 44 plates. J. Tonson, 1709. — Volume the Seventh, 
containing Venus & Adonis, Tarquin & Lucrece, and his 
-Miscellany Poems ; with Critical Remarks on his Plays, etc. 
To which is prefix'd an Essay on the Art, Rise, and Prog- 
ress of the Stage in Greece, Rome, and England [by 
Charles Gildon]. Frontispiece. E. Carll, etc., 1710. To- 
gether, 7 vols., 8i-r>, rassiu, very neat. First small edition, 
and first with plates. London, 1709-10 

Copies in line condition are rarely found. 

2763 SHAKESPEARE, William. The Plays and Poems 
of. (From the Text of Johnson and Steevetis, with John- 
son's Preface and Glossary.) Portrait by Worthington, after 
Droeshoul. 11 vols., crown Svo. cloth, rouah edges. 

W. Pickering, London & Oxford, 1825 

2764 SHAKESPEARE, William. The Pictorial Edition 
of tub Works of Shakespeare. (Including his Poems, 
Doubtful Plays, and the Biography. With Introductory 
Notices, Notes, Various Readings. Glossary, Music to the 
Songs, etc.) Edited by Charles Knight. Several hundred 

fine wood-cuts of viaes, costumes, st-ates, 8 cols., royal 
Hvo, half nwrocco, extra. Original edition -.fine copy. 

London. 1838-43 

2765 SHAKESPEARE, William. The Works of. The 
Plays edited from the Folio of mdcxxiii., with Various 
Readings from all the Editions and all the Commentators, 
Notes, Introductory Remarks, a Historical Sketch of the 
Text, an Account of the Rise and Progress of the English 
Drama, a Memoir of the Poet, and an Essay upon his Ge- 
nius. By Richard Grant White. Portraits, on India paper, 

and teonil-cvAs. 12 vols., '^ro, hulfvliee morocco, red paper tides, 

gilt lops, rough edges. Large paper: only -18 copies printed. 

Boston, 1857-GG 

)y GoogIe 



2766 SHAKESPEARE, William. The Dramatic Works : 
with Glossarial Notes, a Sketch of his Life, and an Esti- 
mate of his Writings ; newly arranged and edited. Printed- 

with four octar'.i jxigi-s on, each page and illustrated, with 100 
m(irnc>ft.<is after eminent artists. Alias 4to, turkey morocco 
extra, if lit ahjts.- W ITU BoYDELI.'s " SMALL SET " OF PRINTS. 

London, 1832 

2767 SHAKESPEARE, William. The Plats of William 
Shakespeare, accurately printed from the Text of the Cor- 
rected Copies left by the late George Steevens, Esq., and 
Edmund Malone, Esq. : with Mr. Malone's Various Read- 
ings, a Selection of Explanatory and Historical Notes from 
the most Eminent Commentators, a History of the Stage 
and a Life of Shakespeare ; by Alexander Chalmers, F. S. A. 
New Edition. Portrait. 8 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1856 

2768 SHAKESPEARE, William. The Life of Henry VIII., 
by Mr. William Shakespear ; in which are interspersed 
Historical Notes, Moral Reflections and Observations, in 
Respect to the Unhappy Fate Cardinal Wolsey met with, 
Never before publish'd. Adorned with Several [6 portraits] 
Cop per- Plates. By the Author of the History of the Life 
and Timesof Cardinal Wolsey [Joseph Grove]. Dedicated 
to Colley Cibber, Esq. Svo, boards. London, 1758 

2769 SHAKESPEARE, William. The Devonshire "Ham- 
lets." Hamlet by William Shake-speare, 1603; Hamlet 
by William Shakespeare, 1(!04: being Exact Reprints of 
the First and Second Editions of Shakespeare's great 
Drama, from the very Rare Originals in the Possession of 
his Grace the Duke of Devonshire ; with the Two Texts 
printed on Opposite Pages, and so ar ranged (hat the Parallel 
Passages Face each other. And a Bibliographical Preface, 
by Samuel Timmins. 8vo, half olive, morocco, red paper sides, 
gt'lt top. London, 1860 

2770 SHAKESPEARE, William. The Devonshire "Ham- 
lets." Another copy; the same. Sro. cloth, uncut. 

London, I860 

2771 SHAKESPEARE, William. The Poems of William 
Shakespeare. With Three Engravings (after H. Cor- 
bould). VZmo, boards, rough edges ; with !io'J--plate of E.A. 
Hitchcock, U. S. Army. J. F. Dove, London, s. a. 

2772 SHAKESPEARE, William. Shakespeare's Will; 
copied from the Original in the Prerogative Court, preserv- 
ing the Interlineations and Fac-similes of Three Autographs 
of the Poet With a Few Preliminary Observations, by J. 
O. Halliwell, Esq., F. S. A. Title and i quarto leaves. 

London, 1851 



2773 SHAKESPEARE Society's Public ations. (Consisting 
of Works Illustrative of Shakespeare, Old Plays, Poems, 
Curious Tracts, Memoirs, etc., either now printed for the 
First Time, or from their Rarity difficult to be procured. 
Edited by Eminent Literary Men.) Complete; the 48 
parts in 20 vols., bun, tree calf gilt, contents lettered, marbled 
ed</es, In/ Riviere. Elegant set. London, 1841-53 

For list of'tlift contents, mid names of ti:c editor-. Ma [Sign's "Lowndes," 
pp. 3341-12. 

277+ SHAKESPEARE Society's Publications. Another 
set : complete as issued. 48 parts in 47 vols, (parts 2 and 
3 together), Svo, cloth, uncut. London, 1841-53 

2775 SHAKESPEARE (The) Portfolio: Illustrations to 

Shakespeare by liritisli Artists. A series of 90 fine cnyrav-- 
ings by Heath, Greatbuch, Robinson, Pye, b'inden. lynfcheart, 
Armstrong. Rolls, and other ce.lcl.iro.tcd cr/i/rai-ers, after Sinirhe, 
Slot-hard, Stephanhoff, Cooper, ifcstall, Hilton, liriggs, Les- 
lie, Corbould, and. other emirieni artists: siiltalile. for illustrat- 
ing an octavo edition of Shakespeare's iV,,ri.s. Royal. 'Si:o, half 
morocco. (London, 1821-29) 

2776 SHALLTJS, Francis. Chronological Tables, for Every 
Day in the Year, compiled from the most Authentic Docu- 
ments; to which is added an Index. 2 vols., \i-mo, half mo- 
rocco, gilt tops. Fine clean copy. Philadelphia, 1817 

2777 SHARP, Thomas. A Dissertation on the Pageants or 
Dramatic Mysteries anciently performed at Coventry, by the 
Trading Companies of that City; chiefly with reference to 
the Vehicle, Characters, and Dresses of the Actors : compiled, 
in a great Degree, from Sources hitherto unexplored; to 
which are added the Pageant of the Shearmen and Taylors' 
Company, and other Municipal Enterluimiuuils of a Public 
Nature. Numerous plates, three soi/gs engraved with the mu- 
sic, glossary, and index. Royal -Uo, cloth, uncut. 

Coventry, 1825 

An nam mi. nl" thin work may be found in trni :; K'.-r:visy>ae:i-. •■ [ievicw."' Vo]. 
XIIL, pp. 297-316. 

2778 SHAW, Charles. A Topographical and Historical 
Description op Boston, from the First Settlement of the 
Town to the Present Period ; with some Account of its En- 
virons. Wood-cuts of State /louse, iane'iil Hall, and other 
buildings : an.d far-si 'mile, of first entry in the Town Records. 
Vlmo, boards, rough edges. Boston, 1817 

2779 SHAW, George, M. D. ; and Frederick P. Nodder. 
Vivarium Nature, or the Naturalist's Miscellany. By 
G. Shaw, F. R. S. ; the Figures by F. P. Nodder, Botanic 
Painter to her Majesty. Vols. 1.-X1L, containing 492 finely 

12 vols, in- 0. royal Svo, half rusria. neat. 

London^ 1790, etc. 

)y GoogIe 



■2780 SHAW, George, M. D. ; and James Francis Stephens. 
General Zoology, or Systematic Natural History; by 
George Shaw, M. D., F. K= S., etc. (Continued by James 
Francis Stephens, F. L. S., etc.) Vols. I. pt. l.-IX. pt. 
2. Mammalia, Amphibia, Pisces, Insecta, and eirst 
PART OF Aves. Above 916 fine plnins. chiefly engraved by 
Heath, from the best authorities and specimens, f) rols., (ivo, 
diamond russia extra, marbled edges. London, 1800— lo 

The volumes below (large paper) contain what is wanting to complete this 

2781 SHAW, George, M. D.; and James Francis Stephens. 
General Zoology, or Systematic Natural History; by 
George Shaw, M. D., F. R. S., etc. (Continued by James 
F. Stephens, F. L. S., etc.) Vols. VIII. pt. 2. 
Birds, an o Genkhal Index. Above 432 fine plates, en- 
graved by Mrs. Griffith, J. Le Keux. etc., from the first author- 
ities and most select specimens. 7 vols, in li,royal 8vo, boards, 
uncut. Large paper : proof IMPRESSION. 

London, 1811-26 

The class "Aves" commences in Vol. VII. pt. 1, which volume (containing 
71 )>[;itep)isivaiitinp; this class is otherwise complete. 'Hit second, part of 
(he last volume contains a ^erici-iil index to the whole work. 

2782 SHAW, Henry. Specimens of Ancient Furniture, 
drawn from c>\is!hi« uuliiorities by IL'nry Shaw, F. S. A.; 
with descriptions by Sir Samuel Bush Meyrick, LL. D. and 
F. S. A. Engraved title and 7 '1 plates, many finely colored. 
I'm, half oil re morocco, -red paper sides. 

W. Pickering, London, 1836 

2783 SHAW, Henry. The Hand Book of Medleval Al- 
phabets and Devices. A selection of 2!) plates of alpha- 
bets, and 17 pla'es of original specimens of labels, monograms, 
heraldic and other devices, not heretofore figured. Finely 
printed In colors-. Imperial 8r<>, cloth. Second edition. 

Loudon, 1856 

2784 SHAW, Simeon. Nature Displayed, in the Heavens and 
on the Earth ; according to the Latest Observations and 
Discoveries. Numerous plates, fi vols., 8ro, half calf neat. 

SirR. Phillips, London, 1823 

2785 SHELLEY, Percy Etsshe. Shelley Memorials, 
from Authentic Sources. Edited by Lady Shelley. To 
which is added an Essay on Christianity, by Percy Bysshe 
Shelley, now first printed. 1 2mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1859 

2786 SHENSTONE, William. The Works, in Verse and 
Prose. The Fifth Edition. Portrait and plates. 3 vols., post 
Svo, old marbled calf red edges. J. Dodsley, London, 1777 

The tliird volume contains " Letters to Particular Friends, from the Year 173E 

)y GoogIe 



2787 SHERER, John. The Gold-Finder of Australia ; how 
he went, how he fared, and how he made his Fortune. II- 

liist rated with /'■jrl'i-eii/l/t magnificent engraving*, from authen- 
tic sketches taken in the colony. &vo, hat T calf extra. 

London, (1853) 

2788 SHERIDAN, Frances. Memoir of the Life and 
Writings of Mr*. Fi:ax<jes Siier.idan, Mother of Richard 
Brinsley Sheridan, and Author of " Sidney Biddulph," 
•■ Nonrjahud ; " with Remarks upon a late Life of the Right 
Hon. II. B. Sheridan; also Criticisms and Selections from 
the Works of Mrs. Sheridan ; and Bi<i«.t'ap'-,k:ui Anecdotes of 
her Family and Contemporaries. By her Grand-'Juii^litcr. 
Alicia Lefance. Portrait wanting. Crown Svo, half green 
morocco. ' London, 1824 

2789 SHERWOOD, Mart Martha. The Life of; chiefly 
Autobiographical ; with Extracts from Mr. Sherwood's Jour- 
nal during Ids Imprisonment in France and Residence in 
India. Edited hy her Daughter, Sophia Kelly. Portrait 
and vignette on title. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

2790 SHIRLEY, James. The Dramatic Works and Poems 
of; now first collected. With Notes hy the late William 
Gilford, Esq. ; and Additional Notes, and some Account of 
Shirley and his Writings, by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. 

Portrait hj T. Lupton. 6 vols., royal Sco, smooth crimson 
morocco, very neat, contents lettered, gik edges, l\i/ Holloway. 
Large papeb; Few printed. J. Murray, London, 1833 

See Johnson, Ben. 

"Tim preset.! eihlion of Sljirbv, ,v . L i l . i , dhc.h>. ■ , and almost finished, as to the 
collceli.oi oililthe ar-iLv.^m.,!!! of the |.b.vs. bv II r. Gillhni. siiil now cora- 
plelml hy the addition of the posms, iind n I. ho, by Mr. J.lycc, Coses that 
prolific 1ml Inilliaot series n: mir di'jili.jtie a.iihar.s. wi'h.iu? ii::i;.h r.o library, 
lvhieh pretends to comprehend (he mure valuable hody of [■".njtlish poetic 
literature, eatt lie confide reil perf.icl. Shirley M'ns the ' lust liiinslrel ' of the 
l"]]o]i4t stUJS. Ill him expired "dial may bo properly ralii!..! the School of 
Shaki-peare No o::n, in short, who ha- not ailein:>ieil to ac- 
quaint him-elf with the bcaolii so. Shirley's Drama. Ilmm-h the old quar- 
tos, eull iir.pmj'ie the hixury of reai ;!::■: ih-.'in lii 1 1n- Hearer li-Sltr, anil more 
penirne UCi.l' the present 'edition." — Qmultrk !:■:>:.. V„l XLiX. />j>.2,a. 
and 29. 

2791 SHORES (The) and Islands of the Mediterranean, 
Drawn from Nature, by Sir Grenville Temple, Bart., W. L. 
Leitch, Esq., Major Irton, & Lieut. Allen, It. E. ; with an 
Analysis of the Mediterranean and Descriptions of the 
Plates, by the Rev. G. II. Wright, M. A. Map and 63 plates. 
Ato, half calf. London, s. a. 

2792 SIBTHORP.John, M. D. Flora Gr^ca: sive Planta- 
rum Rariorum Ilistoria, quits in l'rovineiis ant Insulis Grce- 
cia; legit, investigavit, et depingi ciivavit, Johannes Sibthorp, 
M. D., etc. Hie illic etiam inserts sunt Paucuhe Species 
quas Vir idem Clarissimu.s, Gra:dani versus Navigans, in 
Itinere, praesertim apud Italian) et Sicilian), invenerit. Cha- 

)y GoogIe 


racteres Omnium, Descriptiones et Synonyma, elaboravit 
Jacobus Edvardus Smith, M. D., etc. (et Johannes Lindley, 
Ph. D-, etc.) 10 vols., royal folio, half green levant morocco, 

very neat, gilt edges, by Hammond. Very fine COPY: with 
all the plates cofored. London, 1806-40 

11 This !iiii^:.ific!:nt work extends ti.i leu vo'iimea, eacii containih<; '2 fasciculi, 
HI) 11 if!-') uiiLlfs, i-::!-;iv«] rmd on lured b> Jion ■"■ill', after drawmj;-! S)v Kurd. 
Bauer, in allbTdi olatcs. The expenses were dcfrave:! froio the pn mscis of 
an estate left for :ho io;ipo.o bv Dr. Sibthorp, aided by the tout: ibiii inr.s of 
JiftvsubSLTJIn'i-f.toivliiuli number [he rdit.mi] v:l» litttittid, prive X1'2 1.2s. 
eaoii fascieuh.i?, therefore .CJM; but not more than twenty of the subscri- 
bers lived in continue the work to the conclusion." — Lowndes. 

01 the last thrcii viilmws onlv TwKNTV-siGHTCopies were colored. The cost 
of publieatiim of [be whole work was above Thirty Thousajjij Pousds. 

2793 SIDDONS, Henry. Practical Illustrations of Rhe- 
torical Gesture and Action, adapted to the English 
Drama, from a Work on the same Subject by M. Engel ; by 
Henry Siddons. Embellished with Numerous Engravings, 
expressive of the Various Passions, and representing the 
Modern Costume, of the London Theatres. Svo, half calf 
very neat. P. Phillips. London, 1807 

2794 SIDDONS, Henry. Another copy: wanting 3 leaves 
(title, advertisement, and pp. 1 and 2) and 2 plates. Svo, 
haifrussia. (London, 1807) 

2795 SIDNEY, Charles and Ambrose, op Glastonbury. 
The Sidney Anecdotes; selected from History, Ancient 
and Modern, and other Authentic Sources. Portraits of 
Duke of Buckingham and Voltaire, and wood-cuts. 2 parts 
in 1 vol., 12mo, sheep. London, 1830 

2796 SIDNEY, Sir Philip. The Countesse of Prmbeokes 
Arcadia ; written by Sir Philip Sidney, Knight Now the 
Sixth Time published. Wood-cut title. Small folio, half 
calf; -with book-plate of Thomas Hog, Gent. 

Imprinted by H. L., for Simon Waterson, London, 1622 

Collation: Title, revcr»<- blank; 1 leaf. Lledicatior. ("To my Deare Lady 
iindS.UUT. •:■.::: Uounttssc of Pembroke." signed "Your loving brother, 
Philip -oil':..-v ":: Ueati " To lite liettdor ; " 1 leaf. Th« live bi>.,k rf tiffin; 
Arcadia; pp. 1 -K2 itp. SiT-iMB licit:;; "isuppkoneiii of :]u>.x:iiil -i-.-ii^-t bv 
Sir W. A.,"i'. r. So- ■■.Viili.iin .A.evander.i " V.v'.th.e Sonets never be- 
fore printed; " pp. 43:i-i0i. "Tlie Ilefcnee. -if i'oe-i-::" pp. a-V-i 5'iO. 
" Astrophel and Stella;" pp. 531-&81. "The "Mav-I.adie; " pp. 582-588. 
Tbccrnirs in racing are numerous, namely. IS lb; :;s. -j:j ■or ii. -[-2 o.r +:!, iI7 
for 47, SS arid' Hit oii-.iMed, iiT, astdSf! rtrprafed. m- 7 ).' :J''iii I'm- liiV-liifi.-'iiT ior 

!«■,'. -:.!iSi-.:riiiS, :sf>i >.>r :j i ii. :;;.:! f..r ;;;;;>, s-.r, hiS-i'i.m:, W.r :,::■;. :,j-i fur :i57, 

381 for 375, 4U8 for 3B8, 413 for 401. 

2797 SIDNEY, Sir Philip. Tint Mi seta, lax nous Works of; 
with a Life of the Author and Illustrative Notes, by William 
Gray, Esq. Handsomely printed til the Hirers!'!", Press. Svo, 
tree coif 'fit, gilt over carmine edges, by Riviere. 

Boston, 1860 

2798 SIDNEY, Sir Philip. Another copy: the same. Svo, 
tree calf gilt, giU over carmine edges, by Riviere. 

Boston, 1860 

)y GoogIe 


2799 SILIUS Italicus. The Second Pukick War between 
Hannibal and the Romanes ; the Whole Seventeen Books : 
Englished from the Latine of Silius Italicus, with a Contin- 
uation from the Triumph of Scipio to the Death of Hanni- 
bal ; by Tho. Ross, Esq. Portrait, of ('/«ir//'s II. by Loggan, 
and plates. Royal folio, old calf extra, gilt edges. Large 
paper. London, 1661 

2800 SILLIMAN'S Journal. The American Journal of Sci- 
ence and Arts; conducted bv Benjamin Silliman, M. D., 
LL. D. (Prof. Benjamin Silliman, Jr., and Prof. James D. 
Dana, in Connection with Prof. Asa Gray, Prof. Louis 
Agassiz, Dr. Wolcott Gihbs, and Dr. Waldo I. Burnett, etc. 
etc.). From commencement in 1818 to 1862, inclusive. 
First series, 49 vols.; Second series, 34 vols. Portraits, 
and numerous plates and wood-cuts. 82 vols . Sro, half mo- 
rocco, red tops, rough edges ; and 1 vol. (XL first series) in 
numbers. Exceedingly fink set. 

New York and New Haven, 1818-62 

A complete set of tlicjSrj! series is now yen diJ!ii:ul: :o make up, some of the 
numbers being extremely sranns. Tim Imh-x (Vol. ]..)<>!' lha lire!, series is 
wanting, otherwise this set is pehfect. 

2801 SILLIMAN, Benjamin, M. D. A Tour to Quebec, in 
the Autumn of 1819. Plates, tivo, paper, rough edges. 

London, 1822 

2802 SILLIMAN, Benjamin, M, D. Life of Benjamin Silli- 
man, M. D., LL. D., late Professor in Yale College ; chiefly 
from his Manuscript Reminiscences, Diaries, and Corre- 
spondence. By George P. Fisher. Portrait and view of 
residence. 2 vols., crown Svo, cloth. New York, 1866 

2803 S1LVESTRE, J. B. Universal Paljjog-raphy, or Fac- 
similes of Writings of all Nations and Periods ; copied from 
the most Celebrated and Authentic Manuscripts in the Li- 
braries and Archives of France, Italy, Germany, and Eng- 
land, by M. J. B. Silvestre : accompanied by an Historical 
and Descriptive Text and Introduction, by Champollion- 
Figeac and Aimtj Champollion, Fils. Translated from the 
French, and edited, with Corrections and Notes, by Sir 
Frederic Madden, K. H., F. R. S,, etc. Above 300 large 
and finely executed plates, illuminated in gold, silver, and col- 
ors. 2 vols., atlas folio, and 2 vols, (text), imperial Hvo, half 
crimson morocco, gilt edges. Fine copy. London, 1850 


2804 SIMPSON, William. The Seat op War in the East. 
Both SERIES; comprising 81 finely colored plates, representing 
the incidents of the siege of Sebattopol, the aspect of the country, 
costumes, fortifications, etc., etc. ; with descriptions and key- 
plates. 1 vol., imperial folio, half morocco extra, gilt edges, 
arms gilt on side. Colnaghi & Co., London, 1855-56 

)y GoogIe 


2805 SIMSON, Walter. A History of the Gipsies ; with 
Specimens of the Gipsy Language. Edited, with Preface, 
Introduction, and Notes, and a Disquisition on the Past, 
Present, and Future of Gipsy dom, by James Sinison. 
12mo, clofh. ' New York, 1866 

2806 SINCLAIR, Sir John. The Code of Health and Lon- 
gevity, or a Concise View of the Principles calculated for 
the Preservation of Health, and the Attainment of Long 
Life ; being an Attempt to prove the Practicability of con-/ 
densing, within a Narrow Compass, the most Material In- 
formation hitherto accumulated, regarding the Different Arts 
and Sciences, or any Particular Branch thereof. Frontis- 
pieces consisting of appropriate, portraits. 4 vols., Svo, half 
calf, marbled edges ; with book-plate, of Sir Alej-'. Ramsay, of 
litdmain, Bart. Edinburgh, 1807 

Contains the substance of many writers upon this subject, including the enlire 
work- o: L'm'LKinj, I-'rinr Hauim, inid others. 

2807 SINGER, Samuel Weller. Researches into the 
History of Playing Cards \ with Illustrations of the Ori- 
gin of Printing and Engraving on Wood. Numerous plates, 
on India paper, arid a large number of wood-cuts, from curb/ 
prints, paintings on wood and ivory, packs of cards, etc., many 
af them colored, ito, morocco, neat, gilt edges. Only 250 
copies printed. London, 1816 

2808 SINGER,Samuel Wkller. Tin-: Text oe Shakespeare 
Vindicated from the Interpolations and Corruptions advo- 
cated by John Payne Collier, Esq., in his Notes and Emend- 
ations. 8vo, cloth, uncut. W. Pickering, London, 1853 

2809 SINGER, Samuel Weller. Another copy: the same. 
8vo. cloth, uncut. London, 1853 

2810 SISMONDI, John Charles Leonard Simondede. His- 
ioiucal View of the Literature of the South of Eu- 
rope. Translated from the Original, with Notes, and a Life 
of the Author ; by Thomas Roscoe. Third Edition, includ- 
ing all the Notes from the Last Paris Edition. Portraits of 
Sismondi and Dante. 2 cob... post tiro, doth, uncut. 

London, 1850 

2811 SIX Hundred Dollars a Year: a Wife's Effort at Low 
Living, under High Prices. lGmo, cloth. 

Boston, 1867 

2812 SKELTON, Joseph. Pietas Oxoniensis ; or, Records of 
Oxford Founders. Arms of University on the engrarcd title, 
and 25 large, plates, comprising portraits, tomtit, etc., engraved, 
by Skekort. J. Ftitler, and H. Winkles. Imperial ito, half mo- 
rocco, uncut. Large paper : fine impressions. 

J. Skelton, Oxford, 1828 

2813 SKOTTOWE, Augustine. The Life of Shakespeare, 
Enquiries into the Originality of his Dramatic Plots and 



Characters, and Essays on the Ancient Theatres and The- 
atrical Usages. 2 vols, in 1, 8vo, half calf extra. 

London, 1824 

2814 SLADE, Sir Adolphus, Caft. E. N., and Vice Admiral 


Turkey, Greece, etc.; and of a Cruise in the Black Sea, 
with the Capitan Pasha, in the Tears 1829, 18S0, and 1831. 
Second Edition. Map and colored plates. 2 vols., Svo, half 
calf, neat. London, 1833 

2815 SLEEPER, J. S. Mark Rowland; a Tale of the Sea. 
12mo, cloth. Boston, 1867 

2816 SLEIDAN, Johann. The General History of the 
Reformation of the Church, from the Errors and Cor- 
ruptions of the Church of Rome, begun in Germany by 
Martin Luther, with the Progress thereof in all Parts of 
Christendom, from the Year 1517 to the Year 1556; 
written in Latin by John Sleidan, LL. D., and faithfully 
Knjjlished : to which is added, a Continuation to the End of 
the Council of Trentin the Year 1562. By Edmund Bohun, 
Esq. With 6 portraits by Faitkorne. Folio, old calf. 

London, 1689 

2817 SMALL Books on Great Subjects ; edited bv a Few 
Well Wishers to Knowledge. No. V. A Brief View of 
Greek Philosophy up to the Age of Pericles. Nos. XIX.- 
XXI. On the State of Man Subsequent to the Promulga- 
tion of Christianity ; Parts I.-IIJ. 4 vols., foolscap %vo, cloth, 
uncut W. Pickering, London, 1844-54 

2818 SMEDLEY, Francis E. Lorimer Littlegood, Esq., a 
Young Gentleman who wished to see Life and saw it Ac- 
cordingly. Wood-cuts. 12mo, cloth. New York, s. a. 

2819 SMILES, Samuel. The Life of George Stephenson, 
Railway Engineer. From the Fourth London Edition. 
Portrait, 12mo, cloth, Boston, 1858 

2820 SMILES, Samuel. Self-Help; with Illustrations of 
Character and Conduct. \2mo, cloth. Boston, 1860 

2821 SMILL1E, James. Mount Auburn Illustrated, in 
highly fmished Line Engravings, from Drawings taken on 
the Spot; with .Descriptive Notices, by Cornelia W. Walter. 
Imperial Aio, dark blue turkey murocco extra, </ edi/es. 
Large paper: choice impressions. New York, 1847 

2822 SMIL LIE, James. The Rural Cumktwuks of America: 
Green- Wood Illustrated; with Descriptive Notices, by 
Neheniiah Cleaveland. Mount Auburn Illustrated ; 
with Descriptive Notices, by Cornelia W. Walter. Vignette 
titles, and above 40 plates. 1 vol., Aio, half morocco, marbled 
edges. New York, 1847 

2823 SMIRKE, Robert. The Adventure of Hunch-Back, 
and the Stories connected with it (from the Arabian Nights 

)y GoogIe 


Entertainments) ; with Illustrative Prints engraved by Wil- 
liam Daniell from Pictures painted by Robert Smirke, 
R. A. Contains 17 fine pkttes. Atlas ito, half rv.ssia.. 
Largk vapkr : .India proofs. London, 1814 

2824 SMITH, Albert. Wild Oats and Dead Leaves. Grown 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1860 

2825 SMITH, Alexandre. Dreamthorp; a Book of Essays 
written in the Country. Post 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1864 

2826 SMITH, Charles A., D.D. Men op the Olden Time. 
12bw, cloth. Philadelphia, 1858 

2827 SMITH, Horace. Walter Coltton, a Tale of 1688. 3 
vols., 12mo, half morocco. London, 1830 

2828 SMITH, IIokaoi:, and James. Horace in London: con- 
sisting of Imitations of the First Two Books of the Odes of 
Horace; by the Authors of Rejected Addresses, or the New 
Theatrum Poetarum. 12mo, mottled calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1813 

2829 SMITH, Jerome V. C, M. D. Natural HiSTORr of the 
Fishes of Massachusetts, embracing a Practical Essay 
on Angling. Wood-cuts. Post Sao, cloth. Boston, 1833 

2830 SMITH, Captain John. The True Travels, Adven- 
tures, and Observations of Captaine John Smith, in Europe, 
Asia, Afrfcke, and America (beginning about the Yere 1593, 
and continued to this Present 1629. — The Genf.rall 
Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer 
Isles, with the Names of the Adventurers, Planters, and 
Governours, from their First Beginning, An. 1584, to this 
Present 1626, with the Proceedings of those Severall Colo- 
nics, and the Accidents that befell them in all their Journyes 
and Discoveries ; also the Maps and Descriptions of those 
Countryes, their Commodities, People, Government, Cus- 
tomes, and Religion yet known e. Divided into Sixe Bookes. 
By Captaine John Smith, sometimes Governour of those 
Countryes and Admiral of New-England. Portrait, maps 
and plates. 2 vols., 8vo, marbled calf. 

Franklin Press, Richmond, 1819 

Reprinted from the rare folio (London] edition of 1620 [1630). 

2831 SMITH, Captain John. Advertisements for the Un- 
experienced Planters of New England, or anywhere ; or ' 
the Pathway to erect a Plantation. By Captain John Smith, 
sometimes Governour of Virginia, and Admirall of New- 
England. Facsimile of Smith's map of New-England with 
additions and corrections, as published in 1635. ito, cloth, 
uncut. Only 75 copies in this style. Boston, 1865 

Reprint of the London edition of 1G31, 

2832 SMITH, Captain John. A Description of New Eng- 
land, or Observations and Discoveries in the North of 
America in the Year of Our Lord 1614; with the Success 


)y GoogIe 



of Six Ships that went the Next Year, 1615. By Captain 
John Smith, (Admiral of that Country.) Facsimile of 
original map. 4(o, cloth uncut. Only 75 copies in this 
style. Boston, 1865 

Eeprint of the London edition of 1616. 

2833 SMITH, John. A Catalogue Raisonne of the Works of 
the most Eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters : in 
which is included a Short Biographical Notice of the Artists, 
with a Copious Description of their Principal Pictures ; a 
Statement of the Prices at which such Pictures have been 
sold at Public Sales on the Continent and in England ; a 
Reference to the Galleries and Private Collections in which 
a Large Portion are at Present ; and the Names of the Ar- 
tists by whom they have been engraved. To which is added 
a Brief Notice of the Scholars and Imitators of the Great 
Masters of the above Schools. 9 volt., royal Bvo, half green 
morocco, neat, gilt tops, uncut. Very fine copy : complete. 

London, 1829-42 
Iodispenaable to Die collector of pictures. 

2834 SMITH, John J. ; and John Fanning Watson. Amer- 
ican Historical and Literary Curiosities ; consisting 
of Fac-similes of Original Documents relating to the Events 
of the Revolution, etc., etc,, with a Variety of Reliqiies, An- 
tiquities, and Modern Autographs. Collected and edited by 
J. J. Smith and John F. Watson. Fifth Edition, with Ad- 
ditions. Imperial 4to, half morocco, gilt edges. 

New York, 1852 

2835 SMITH, S., D. D. The History op the Lives. Actions, 
Travels, Sufferings, and Deaths of our Blessed Saviour 
Jesus Christ, and His Twelve Apostles. Portrait of author 
and 33 plates, by A. Jongelinx, £. Shepherd, H. Robert, etc. 
2 vols., thick Svo, obi calf. London, 1737-38 

2836 SMITH, Rev. Sydney. A Memoir of. By his Daughter, 
Lady Holland. With a Selection from his Letters, Edited 
by Mrs. Austin. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth. New York, 1855 

2837 SMITH, William, D. D. Ahiman Rezon, abridged and 
digested, as a help to all that are, or would be, Free and 
Accepted Masons ; to which is added, a Sermon preached in 
Christ- Church, Philadelphia, at a General Communication 
celebrated, agreeable to the Constitutions, on Monday, 
December 28, 1778, as the Anniversary of St. John the 
Evangelist. Frontispiece. 12ffw, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1783 

2838 SMITH, William, D. D. Another copy : the same. l2mo, 
sheep. Philadelphia, 1783 

2839 SMITH, William, LL. D. Dictionary of Greek and 
Roman Biography and Mythology. Numerous wood- 
cuts. 3 vols-, thick 8vo, half calf, neat. 

Boston (London), 1849 

)y GoogIe 


2840 SMITH, William, LL. D. Dictionary of Greek and 
Roman Antiquities. Second Edition, improved and en- 
larged. Numerous wood-cuts. Thick 8co, half calf. neat. 

Boston (London), 1859 

2841 SMITH, William. Thohndale, or the Conflict of Opin- 
ions. 12»io, cloth. Boston, 1859 

2842 SMOLLETT, Tobias, M. D. The Complete History 
of England, from the Descent of Julius Cssar to the 
Treaty of Aix la Chapelle, 1748 ; containing the Transac- 
tions of One Thousand Eight Hundred and Three Years. 
Map i»omitf:d mi doth, and numerous portraits. 11 vols., 8uo, 
half morocco. Second and third editions. 

London, 1758-6S 

2843 SMOLLETT, Tobias, M. D. Another copy ; the same. 
First, second, and third editions ; with the. Continuation, ex- 
cept the last viih.iiiie (writ (eit by William Guthrie). Fine por- 
traits, etc. 15 vols., 8vo, polished calf, neat. Fine copy. 

London, 1758-61 

2844 SMOLLETT, Tobias, M. D. The HisiOKr or England 
(from the Revolution, 1688, where Hume's History ends, to 
the Death of George II., 1760). Portraits, by Worthington, 
on India paper, of S/no/ldt and each of the sovereigns, includ- 
ing George 111. and George IV. also. 5 vols, royal 8vo, 
cloth, rough edges. Large paper : only 50 copies printed. 

Talboys, Oxford ; Pickering, London, 1827 

One of the "Oxford English Classics.'' 

2845 SMOLLETT, Tobias, M. D. The Miscellaneous Works 
Op. To which is prefixed, Memoirs of his Life and Writings. 
Embellished with Twenty-six Engravings, by Rowlandson & 
others. 5 vols., 8ro, half calf, marbled edges. 

Edinburgh, 1809 

2846 SMOLLETT, Tobias, M. D. The Miscellaneous Works 
of. With Memoirs of his Life and Writings, by Robert 
Anderson, M. D. The Fifth Edition. Portrait and view 
of monument. 6 vols., Svo, calf gilt, contents lettered, marbled 
edges; with book-plate of H. G. Goltermann. 

Edinburgh, 1817 

2847 SMOLLETT, Tobias, M.D. The Miscellaneous Works 
op ; containing Roderick Random, Peregrine Pickle, Fer- 
dinand Count Fathom, Sir Launcelot Greaves, Humphry 
Clinker, Adventures of an Atom, Travels through France 
and Italy, Expedition against Carthagena, Plays and Poems. 
With Memoir of the Author, by Thomas Roscoe. Portrait 
and fiicsimile of autograph letter. Royal 8vo, calf gill, -mar- 
bled edges. ' ' ' London, 1841 

2848 SMYTH, Charles Piazzi. Teneriffe: an Astronomer's 
Experiment, or Specialities of a Residence above the Clouds. 
Illustrated with Photo-Stereographs. Post 8vo, cloth, gilt top. 

London, 1858 



2849 SMYTH, William, Prof. Lectures on Modern His- 
tory, from the Irruption of the Northern. Nations to the 
Close of the American Revolution. Second American, 
from the Second London Edition ; with a Preface, List of 
Books on American History, Chronological Tables, etc., by 
Jared Sparks, LL. D. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf extra. 

Cambridge (Mass.), 1843 

2850 SMYTH, "William Henry, E. N. Sketch op the 
Present State op the Island op Sardinia. Map, 
plates by E. Finden, etc., after the author's drawings, and 
wood-cuts. 8uo, half blue calf extra, 

J. Murray, London, 1828 

2851 SNOW, Caleb H., M. D. A History op Boston, Massa- 
chusetts ; from its Origin to the Present Period ; with 
some Account of the Environs. Second Edition. Plans, 
plates, and wood-cuts. Svo, half morocco. Boston, 1828 

2852 SOANE, Georce. New Curiosities op Literature, 
and Book of the Months. Second Edition. Frontispiece and 
vignettes on titles. 2 vols., 12rao, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1849 

2853 SOCIETY op Dilettanti. Specimens op Antient 
Sculpture, ./Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, and Soman ; se- 
lected from Different Collections in Great Britain, by the 
Society of Dilettanti. Neurit/ liJO Juki eiii/rarings, with de- 
scriptions by Richard Payne Knight. 2 vols., imperial folio, 
crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, by J. Mackenzie. 

Printed by T. Bensley, London, 1809-35 

Only 2fl[) copies of the first volume were printed, and very lew of the second, 

fur memlujrs of (hii society only. 

2854 SOLVYNS, Balthazar. The Costume op Indostak ; 
elucidated by Sixty Coloured Engravings, with Descriptions 
in English and French, taken in the Years 1798 and 1799. 
Imperial ito, dark blue morocco, extra, gilt edges. 

London, 1830 

2855 SOMEKS, John, Lord. A Collection of Scarce and 
Valuable Tracts, on the most Interesting and Entertain- 
ing Subjects ; but chiefly such as relate to the History and 
Constitution of these Kingdoms. Selected from an Infinite 
Number, in Print and Manuscript, in the Poyal Cotton, 
Sion, and other Public, as well as Private, Libraries; par- 
ticularly that of the late Lord Somers. The Second Edi- 
tion, revised, augmented, and arranged, by Walter Scott, 
Esq. 18 vols., royal ilo, marbled ca/f gilt, marbled edges; 
with book-plate of John Arden. Best edition: very fink 
copy. London, 1809-15 

" The Collection of Tracts relating to the Constitution of (his country of which 
Lord Somhrb was tlio avowed Editor or Collator if, in truth, a splendid 
:iu:l l;i°'iii^- niiinuiLL^nt of Hie judgment and patriotism of that groat man. 
The reprint haa much the advantage in Imvinj; iii« oh-m;.-. arranged enroll- 



illogical iy ,iinl aceordina: to their subject rr 
denoted by an asterisk. In no Collect™ 
let these Trails of Lord Someis be found ' 

2856 SOMERVILLE, Mrs. Mary. Physical Geography. 
A New Edition ; with Notes and a Glossary, by W. S. W. 
Ruschenberger, M. L>. l2mo, cloth. Philadelphia, J855 

2857 SOPHIA Dorothea. Memoirs or Sophia Dorothea, 
Consort of George I., chiefly from the Secret Archives of 
Hanover, Brunswick, Berlin, and Vienna ; including a Diary 
of the Conversations of Illustrious Personages of those 
Courts, illustrative of her History, with Letters and other 
Documents, now first published from the Originals [by 
Folkestone Williams]. Second Edition. Portraits of Sophia 
Dorothea and (.'mud Kvnigsmark. 1 vols.. Ura, half green r.iilf, 
neat. London, 1846 

2858 SOTHEBY, Samuel Leigh. Principia Typoqeaphica : 
the Block-Books, or Xylographic Delineations of Scripture 
History, issued in Holland, Flanders, and Germany, during 
the Fifteenth Century, exemplified and considered in Con- 
nexion with the Origin of Printing; to which is added an 
Attempt to Elucidate the Character of the Paper-Marks 
of the Period. A Work contemplated by the late Samuel 
Sothehy, and carried out by his Son, Samuel Leigh Sotheby. 
Illustrated with 120 large plates, some of which are colored, 
besides Some smaller ruts arid phot.ogroj.ili/: foe-similes, all of 
which are exact copies from the rare origin.als. ■'> vols., im- 
perial 1(0, half morocco, rough, edges. Only 250 COPIES 

printed. Printed for the Author, London, 1858 

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libraries, and the other a otherwise specially reserve:!, but not for sale. 

2859 SOTHEBY, Samuel Leigh. Rambling s in