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Offered for Cash at the affixed net prices by 


15 Piccadilly, March 1886 to Jannary 1887. 




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Catalogaes of Oriental Col- 
lections .... 8164—66 

L Egyptian Hieroglyphic 

and Coptic . . . 8171—83 
II. Languages of the Cunei- 
form Inscriptions . . 3184 — ^90 
Assyrian, Babylonian, 

Old Persian ... . 8184—86 
Old Bactrian, Zend, Pahlawi 8186—90 


III. Languages of the Bible . 8196—3214 

1. General Semitic Philo- 
logy .... 8190 

2. Hebrew, Samaritan.Chal- 

dee, Rabbinic . . 8190—8207 
8. PhoBnician, Punic, Moab- 
itic .... 8207—08 

4. Syriac, MendsBan . . 8208—11 

5. Abyssinian : Ethiopic, 
Amharic . . . 8211—14 

I. Arabic Literature . 
Maltese • . 

II. Persian literature • 



III. Turkish and Ottoman Lit- 
erature .... 3828—3385 


AND IRANIC ASIA . 8385—8338 

I. Armenian . . . 8335—7 
II. Caucasian ^Georgian, Os- 

setlc, Circassian) . . 8887—8 
III. Irani Border-tongnes (Kurd- 
ish, Baluchi, Pushtu, 
Afghan) .... 8388 


V. INDIAN LANGUAGES . 3839—3398 

General Works . 

. 8391 

I. General Works . . 8339 

Bbutiya . 

. 3391 

II. Sanskrit .... 3310—69 


. 3891 

III. Pali, Magadhi . . .8369—71 

Canarese . 

. 8391—2 

IV. Modem Pracrits . . 8372—89 


. 3392 

Bengali .... 8372—73 

Gond . 

. 8392 

Gijarati .... 3373—75 


. 8392 

Hindustani, Hindu, Urdu, 


. 8393 

Dakhni .... 3375—86 

Malayalim . 

. 3393 

Konkani .... 3386 

Manipuri . . , 

. 3393 

Marathi .... 3386—87 

Sonthal . 

. 3394 

Oriya, Udiya . . . 3387 

Tamil . . . 

. 3894—97 

Panjabi .... 3388—89 


. 3397 

Sindhi .... 3389 

Tuda . . . . 

. 3897 

Singaleite .... 8390 

Tulu . . . . 

. 8397 

V. Non-Sanskritic Languages 8391—97 



I. Indo-ChineseLanguages 8399-3402 

1 . Comparative Philology 3899 

2. Annamite, Cocliin- 
Chinese . . . 3399 

3. Assamese . • . 3400 

4. Burmese . . . 8400 — 1 

5. Cambojan, Khmer . 84'>1 

6. Karen . . . 3401 

7. Siamese . . . 3401 
II. Turanian orTartai icLan- 

giiages(exclu8ive of Turk!) 3402-18 
1. CnmparativePhilology 8402 

2. Tibetan, Bodiya . 

. 3403-4 

8. Manchu . 

. 8404 

4. Mongolian . 

. 3405 

6. Japanese . . 

. 3405—18 

6. Corean, Luchnan 


III. Chinese . 

. 8413-26 


1. General Works . 


3. Formosan . 

. 8427 

8. Philippine . 

. 3427—8 

4. Malag^ . 

. 8428 

6. Malay . 

. 3429—81 

6. Ka-wi, Old Javanese 

. 3431 

7. Modem Javanese 

. 3431 

8. Snnda. 

. 8481 

9 Eatta . 

. 8432 

10. Australian . 

. 8432 

11. Maori . 

. 3432 

12. Aneiteum . 



13. FijUn . 

. 8483 


14. Ttingan 

. 3483 


15. Saronan . 

. 3483 

16. Tahitlan . 

. 8434 

17. Hawaian . 

. 3484 




1. General Pbilolog 

y . 3484 

2. Berber 

. 3435 

8. Bishari 

. 3435 

4. Bunda 

. 3435 

5 Chinyanja . 

. 3435 

6. Dualla 

. . 8436 

7. Eflk . 

. 8435 

8. Hausa. 

. 8436 

9. Herero 

. 3436 

10. Ibo . 

. 3486 

IL Kafir, Zulu . . 


12. Kunuri . 

. 8487 

13. Kunama . 

. 8437 

14. Maqna 


15. Mandingo . 

. 8487 


16. Mende 

. 3437 

17. Namaqua . 

. 3437 

18. Nubian 

. 8437 

19. Ojl . 

. 8438 

20. Sechuana . 

. 3438 

21. Shumbulla . 

. 34S8 

22. Sherbro . 

. 3438 

23. Susu . 

. 8438 

24 Sawahili . 

. 3438 

25. Tuwarek 

. 3438 

26. Tlgre . 

. 3438 

27. Wolof. 

. 3438 

28. Yomba 

. 3438 

• . 









31852 A COLLECTION of 16 Alphabets issued from the press of the 

Sacra Gongregatio de Propaganda Fide, most of them being 

illustrated by the Lord's Prayer, etc. in 1 vol. sm. 8vo. hf, hd, 

scarce, 145 Bomce, 1629-1772 

Contents : Alphabetam Aethiopicnm, 1631 ; — Arabicum, 1715 ; — Ar- 
menum, 1673; — BrammhaDicum sea Indostanam, 152 j^jp. 1771;— Chaldaicam 
antiquum una cnm Syriaco, 1636; — Chaldaicam (recens) 1634; — Cophtnm, 
sive Aegyptiacum (1630) ; — Veterum Etruscoram, 1771 ; — Graecum, 1771 ; — 
Hebraicum, 1771 ; — Ibericam sive Georgianum, 1629 ; — lllyricnm, 7S pp, 
1753; — Grandonico-Malabaricum sive Samscrudonicam, pp. xxviih 100 and 
plates, 1772; — ^Persicum, s. d. — Tangutanum sive Tibetanum, 1773. 

31853 another collection of the above (without the Alpha* 

hetum Tangutanum) J 14 in 1 vol. sm. 8vo. hf. hd. 12s 1629-72 

31854 another collection: Alphabetum Aethiopicnm, 1789; 

Arabicum, 1715; Armenum, 1784; Barmanorum sen Regni 
Aveusis, 1787; Bramrahanicum, 1771; Chaldaicum antiquum, 
1636 ; Cophtum (1630) ; Yeterum Etruscorum, 1771 ; Greecum, 
1771; Hebraicum, 1771; Ibericum, 1629 ; Illy ricum, 1753; 
Grahthamiqum sen Samscrdamico-Malabaricum Indostan'vim 
sive Canarense Nagaricum vulgar e et Talinganicum, 1791; 
Grandonico-Malabaricum, 1772; Persicnm , 1 783 ; Tangutanum , 
1773 ;--16 alphabets in 2 vols. sm. 8vo. ca/f, 20s 1629-1791 

31855 RICRAFT (Josiah) The peculiar characters of Oriental 

Languages, and sundry others delineated for the benefit of all 

such as are studious in the Languages, 8vo. brilliant impression 

of the author^s 'portrait by Faithorne, the title and text entirely 

engraved, fine copy in russia, gilt edges, £10. 10s s. a, (? 1650) 
The first book of the kind produced in England. The last plate in the 
work is a curious ornamental delineation of the English alphabet by means of 
human figures in various attitudes or groupings. 

31856 VoLNEY, TAlfabet Europeen applique aux Langues Asiatiques, 
8vo. plates and tables, hf calf, S$ 6d 1819 

31857 AMERICAN ORIENTAL SOCIETY, Journal of the, complete 
set from the beginning in 1843 up to 1872, Vols. I-IX and 
Vol. X pt. 1, nine vols, in half calf, and one part, £6, 10s 


31857* another set, up to 1862, Vols. I-VII, inpartt, £2. 10* 



31858 Annuario della Societa Italiana per gli Studi Orientali, anDo I, 

large 8vo. plates of Goins^ id, 6« Firetize, 1873 

31859 Ankcdota Oxonibnsta, 10 parts, sq. 8vo. (pub. at 36«), sd, 21« 

Oxford, 1881-4. 
Contents : MedieTal and Modem Series, Vol. I, pt 1 and 3 ; Classical 
Series. Vol. I, pts. 1-3 ; Semitic Series, Vol. I, pt. 1 (Commentarjr on Ezra 
and Nehemiah, oy Kabbi Saadiah, edited by H. J. Matbews) ; Arjan Series, 
Vol. I, pt. 1 (Buddhist Texts from Japan, edited by Max Miiller, plat€s)j 
pt. 8 (Snkh&yati-Vyuba, by Max Muller and Bunyia Nanjio), pt. 3 (Ancient 
Palm-Leayes, containing the Fragna-Paramita-Hridaya-Sntra and Udmisba- 
Vigaya-Dharani, by the same, plcUes), 

31860 AsiATiCK MiscELLANT, consisting of translations, fagitive pieces, 

extracts, etc. 2 vols, large 4to. containing pieces in Persian^ 
Hindustaniy SansJcrity etc. with translations; the second vol, 
stained and damaged in bottom margins, the first leaf of Preface 
slightly defective, calf, scarce, 10s Calcutta, 1785-6 

31861 Asiatic Miscellany (The New), consisting of Original Essays, 

Translations, etc. Vol. 1, 4to. (all published), bd, Ts ^d 

Calcutta, 1789 
Kinety-two pages consist of a translation by Gladwin of the first section 
of the *' Dabistan, or School of Manners.*' 

31862 Bayer (T. S.) Elementa Litteratarss Bralimanicaa, Tangntanae, 

Mungalic89, 21 plates of Characters; De Confncii libro Chnn 
9ieu auctore Bayer, h plates; — in 1 vol. 4to. bd, Zs %d 

(8t, Petersb, dr. 1740) 

81863 Benloew, Origine des Noms de Nombre Japhetiqnes et Semitiques, 

8vo. sd, 2ff Oiessen, 1861 

81864 CASTE LLI (E.) Lexicon Heptaglotton : Hebraicnm, Cbaldaicum, 

Syriacnm, Samafitannm, j^thiopicnm, Arabicnm et Persicnm, 
cui accessit Grammaticse omnium preecedentinin Lingnarum 
Delineatio, 2 vols, folio, wanting portrait, with the autograph of 
Caussin de Perceval on title, vellum, £3, 16s Londini, 1669 

Catalogues of Oriental Literature and MSS. : 
81865 ASSEMANI (J. S.) Bibliothkca Oeientalis Clementino-Vati- 
cana, in qna MSS. Codices Syriacos, Arabicos, Persicos, Turcicos, 
Hebraicos, Samaritanos, Armenicos, .^thiopicos, Graecos, 
^^gyptiacos, Ibericos et Malabaricos, jnssu et manificentia 
Clcmentis XI, pontificis maximi, recensnit, 4 vols, folio, sized 

PAPER, frontispiece, hf calf, rare, £18. Bornoe, 1719-28 

" A work in the manner of D'Herbelot, and of great importance to the 

collector of Oriental MSS."— CAoZmtfrs. 

** Throws mnch light on every brancb of Kastem literature.*' — BtUler, 

;U866 BiBUOTHRCA Orientalis; list of books published in 1876 to 1879 
(inclusive) on the History, Languages, etc. of the East, 4 vols. 
8vo. hd, 2s 1876-79 

81867 British Mtjskuh. Catalogus Codicum Orientalinm Musei 

Britannici, 8 parts in 5 vols. fol. (published at £4. 6s), hds, 

35* 1838-71 

The Syriac and CarBhnnk are oomprised in Part I, the Ethiopic in Part 
HI. Part II, in three parts, printed in 1846-71, contains the Arabic MSS. 
with a Tery ample index, and extends orer 882 pp. 

81868 Cataloqubs des liTres de MM. Abel-Bemusai, de St. Margin, et 
Kieffor. in 1 toI. 8vo, */• M. 2* 6d Paris, 1832-33 


Catalogues of Oriental Literature — continued, 

31869 Copenhagen. Codices Orientales Bibliothecee Regiee Havniensis . 
descripti, 3 vols. 4to. hds, 9^ Hafnice, 1846-57 

Contents: I, Codd. Indici; II, Codd. Hebraici et Arabic! j III, Codd. 
Persici, Tarcici, Hindnstanici, etc. 

31870 Delhi Prize. Catalogue of valuable Oriental books to be sold 
by auction 15 Not. 1858 and following days, sin. folio, 
lithographed in Boman and Persian characters, hf, Boxhurghe, 
gilt ^op, uncuty ISs Dihli, 1858 

A list of 1019 books seized at the storming of the city, which had formed 
part of the Mogul librarj. It is classified, and so far useful as giving an easy 
reference to the names of the MSS. dispersed on that memorable occasion. 

31871 Gotha. Pertsch (W.) die Persischen und Tiirkiscben Hand- 
schriften der Bibliothek zu Gotha, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 4^ 6d 

Wien, 1859-64 

31872 Hottingeri Promtuarium, sive Bibliotheca Onentalis, catalogus 
authomm et librorum Hebr. Syr. Arab. -^gypt. ^thiop. etc. 
sm. 4to. vellum, hs Heidelb. 1658 

31873 Klaproth. Catalogue des Livres, et des ouvrages Chinois, 
Tartares et Japonais de M. Klaproth, 8vo. hf, hd. rarcy 2s 6d 


31874 LanglIs. Catalogue de la Bibliotheque de M. L. M. Langl^s, 
8vo. 576 pp. hf. calfy 2s 6d 1825 

Including numerous works of Oriental History, Geography and Literature. 

31875 Leyden. Dozy, Catalogus Codicum Orientalium Bibl. Acad. 
Ltigduno-Batav8B, 4 vols. 8vo. hf, red morocco extra, uncut j Sbs 

Lug, Bat, 1851-66 
31876 the same, Vols. I-III, 8vo. hf calf neat, 15s 1851-65 

31877 Madras. Catalogue of Books printed in the Madras Presidency, 
1869-77, sm. folio, hds. 5s 1869-77 

31878 Marsden's (W.) Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts, on the 
comparison of Languages and Oriental Literature, 4to. pp. 308, 
hd^, 58 ^ 1827 

31879 MoRLEt's Descriptive Catalogue of the Historical Arabic and 

Persian Manuscripts in the Library of the Royal Asiatic Society 

of Great Britain, 8vo. sd, 2s 1854 

31880 Large Paper, 8vo. hds, gilt edges, 4* 1854 

With analyses of the contents, and copious details respecting the MSS. 

31881 SACY. Bibliotheque de M. le Baron Silvestre de Sacy (avec 

notice historique), 3 vols. 8vo. partly having the prices in MS. 

hf, calf SOs 1842-4? 

** C'est une y^ritable bibliographie de la litt^rature oricntale, et particu- 
li^rement des langues hebraique, arabe et persane. Les titres des Uvres y sont 
rendus avec une grande exactitude, et plusienrs sont accompagn^s de notes fort 
interessantes. "— Brunei. 

31882 Saint Petersburgh. Catalogue des MSS. et Xylogmphes 
Orientaux de la Bibl. Imperiale de St. P6tersbourg, thick roy. 
8vo. 712 pp. sd, bs ; or, hf, calf, 6s St. Peters. 1852 

31883 Sprenoer*s Catalogue of the Manuscripts of the King of Oudh, 
Vol I. Persian and Hindustany Poetry, royal 8vo. sd^ hf, hd, lOs 

Galcutta, 1845 
216 ♦ 


Catalogues or Oriental 'Liteb.a.tvre-- continued, 

31884 Spbbngbr's Catalogue of tlie Bibliotheca Orientalis Sprengeriana, 
SYO.8d.28 1867 

31885 Stewart's (C.) Descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental Library 
of the late Tippoo Sultan of Mysore (with Extracts in Arabic 
and Engli8h), roy. 4to. an excellent Catalogue raisonne of Arabic, 
Hindustani, and Persian MSS. calf neat, 20s Gambr, 1809 

31886 Taylor's (Rev. W.) Catalogue Raisonne of Oriental MSS. in the 
library of Fort St. George, 3 vols, thick 8vo. 2400 pp. including 
Indices, sd, 20s Madras, 1857-62 

31887 Westergaard, Codices Indici BibliotheceB regise Havniensis, et 
Index Codicum Indicorum et Iranicoruin Biblioth. Universit. 
Havn, 4to. bds, 6s Havn, 1846 

31888 Wilson (H. H.) Descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental MSS. etc. 
illustrative of the literature, history and antiquities of the South 
of India, collected by Lieut. -Col. C. Mackenzie, 2 vols. 8vo. 
hf. calf, 255 Calcutta, 1828 

31889 Zenker, Bibliotheca Orientalis; Manuel de Bibliographic 
Orientale, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf, bd. 12s Leipzig, 1846-61 

A catalogue of nearly 9000 works, with Oriental and European indexes. 

31890 Delitzsch (F.) iiber Indogermanisch - Semitische Wurzelver- 

wandfcschaft, 8vo. sd, 2s Leip. 1873 

31891 D'HERBELOT, Bibliotheque Orientale, par Visdelou ct Galland, 

4 vols. 4to. Best Edition, fine copy in calf extra, giU edges, £5. 56- 


31892 Drival (Abbe van) Grammaire comparee des langues Semitiques 

et de I'Egyptien, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d 1879 

31892* de TOrigine de TEcriture, 8vo. cloth, Ss 6d 1879 

31893 Forbes (D.) Oriental Penmanship; essay for facilitating the 

reading and writing of the Ta*lik, 4to. cloth, Ss 6d 1849 

31894 FoRTiA d*Urban (Marquis de) sur TOrigine de TEcritiu'e, etc. 8vo. 

plates of Alphabets, sd, 2s 6d 1832 

31895 Gilchrist's Orienti-Occidental Tuitionary Pioneer, Panglossal 

Diorama, etc. folio, hf, bd, 12s 1818-26 

Very cnrions and rare, as the reports were separately and irregularly 
printed. They represent the latest developments of Gilchrist's peculiar 
linguistic system. 

31896 Glossary of Arabic, Persian, Armenian (partly also of Georgian, 

Chinese, and Mantchu) words, with their Latin equivalents, all 
on separate leaves of paper gathered in 3 sm. 8vo. portfolios, 
365 about 1820 

A valuable mass of material, in the handwriting perhaps of Abel 
Bemnsat or Klaproth. 

31897 GuBiRNATis, Etudes Orientales en Italie, 8vo. sd. bs Paris, 1876 

31898 HUNTER'S Comparative Dictionary of the Non-Aryan Lan- 

guages of India and High Asia, with Dissertation based on the 
Hodgson MSS. etc. sm. folio (pub. £2. 2s), cloth, 14* 1868 

31899 [Jenisch] de Fatis Lingnarum OrientaUnm, folio, plates of 

Alphabets, bds. 5«; russia, Ts 6d Vienna 1780 

A valuable histonr of the Arabic, Turkish, and Pereian Language, and 
of Oriental studies in Europe. 


31900 KLAPROTH, Archiv fiir Asiatische Litteratur, Geschiohte nnd 
Sppacliktinde, Vol. I (all published), 4to. hf, calf, hs 

St. Petersh, 1810 

31901 Asia Polyglotta, 4ito, comparative Vocabularies, toith 

Spracli- Atlas in high, folio ; — 2 vols, sd, 2bs Paris, 1823-31 

31902 KUHN (A.) nnd ScUeiclier (A.) Beitrage znr vergleichenden 
Sprachforsclinng anf dem Gebieto der Arischen, Celtischen nnd 
Slawischen Sprachen, Yols. I- VIII in 4 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, £4. 

B&rlin, 1858-76 

31903 = the same, Vols. I-Vand VI pt. 1-3, five vols, hf calf, and 

three parts, £S, 1858-73 

31904 McCuRDY (J. F.) Aryo-Semitic Speech; a study in linguistic 

archsBology, 8vo. cloth, 6s Andover, U.S- 1881 

31905 MELANGES ASIATIQUES tires du Bulletin Historico-Philo- 

logique de TAcademie Imperiale des Sciences de St. Peters- 
bourg, Vols. I to VIII, thick large 8vo. plates, seven vols, half calf, 
the last vol. in parts, £>h. St. Petersh. 1852-81 

31906 MENINSKI Thesaurus Linguarum Orientalium Turcic89, 

Arabic89, Persicee, continens Lexicon Turcico-Arabico-Persi- 
cum, cum significationibus Latinis, Germanicis, Italicis,Gallicis, 
Polonicis, et Grammaticam Turcicam, 5 vols, in 4, 1680 — 
Complementum Thesauri Linguarum Orientalium, sen Ono- 
masticum Latino-Turcico-Arabico-Persicum, 1 vol. rare, 1687 — 
together 6 vols, in 5, original and best edition, sound copy, old 

russia, £3. 5* 1680-87 

" Cette Edition rare est tonjours la plus recherch^e." — Brunei. 
Most of the copies were damaged or destroyed daring the siege of Vienna 

by the Tarks. In the second edition the polyglott significations are omitted. 

31907 Meninski, Lexicon Arabico-Persico-Turcicum, secundis curis 

recognitum, 4 vols, folio, russia, 35^ Yiennm, 1780 

31908 the same, 4 vols, folio, large paper, bound, 30^ 1780 

Meniski*s great Tnrkish, Arabic, and Persian Dictionary is here offered at 

a wonderful redaction from the former prices. 

Priced, small paper, 1834, Straker, £11. II5, and £14. 14s; 1835, 
Donde-Dupre, 450 fr. ; 1841, Allen, £8. 8s; 1854, MaisonneaTe, 375 fr. 
Larob paper, Lee's copy in russia, which cost £18. ISs; I sold, 1856, for 
£8. 8« J priced, 1835, D. Dupr6, 450 fr. ; Barrois, 340 fr. 

31909 Grammatica Turcica, folio, bds. uncut, 7s 6d 1680 

31910 MINES DE L'ORIBNT, (par Rzewiczki, Murr, Bosenmiiller, 

Eidihom, Klaproth, Hammer, etc.), 6 vols, folio, plates and 

facsimiles (pub. at £8. IO5), hf calf £5. Viennce, 1809-18 

J^ Notices et extraits des ouy rages les plus estimables et les moins connna 
de rOrient, dans les classes des Langues, Eloquence et Ppesie, Histoire, 
Paleographie, Numismatique, Geographici Philosophie, Sciences Hath^ma- 
tiques et Physiques, Bibliographie, etc." 

31911 Miscellaneous Translations from Oriental Language, 2 voltf. 8vo. 

125 1831-34 

31912 MoHL (Jules) Vingt-sept ans d'histoire des Etudes Orientales, 

tome I (1840-54), 8vo. sd. 2s 6d ^ Paris, 1879 

31913 M&LLER (Dr. Priedricli) Treatises on various Oriental Languages, 

in all 44 pamphlets, 8vo. sd. 10s Wien, 1858-74 

Including : Zendstudien, 3 parts ; Armeniaca, 5 parts ; Keuperslsche 

Sprache nnd Dialekte, 5 parts ; Pali-Sprache, 3 parts ; Sprache der Ayganen 


1 1 ■ ■ . ■ I- - ] . _. _ _ - _ - _ ^ ■ 

(Paxto), 3 parts ; Armenigche Grammatik, Sprache, etc. 5 parts ; Indoger* 
manische und Semitische Sprache, 4 parts ; Ossetische Sprache, 3 parts ; 
Eranische Sprache, 2 parts ; Sprache dcr Bari (Afrika); Ursprang der 
Schrift der Malayschen Volker ; and 9 othei*s. 

31914 MtTLLER (Max) Chips from a German Workshop ; essays on the 
Science of Religion, Mythology, Traditions, Castoms, Language, 
etc. 4 vols. 8vo. clothy 32s 1867-75 

31915 the same, 4 vols. (Vols. I and II being of the second and 

enlarged edition), 8vo. cloth, Sbs 1868-75 

31916 NORBERGI Opuscula Academica, edidit Norrmann, 3 vols. 12mo. 

hf. bd, 7s 6d Lond. Gothorum, 1817-19 

A most interesting collection of dissertations npon various Oriental sub- 
jects, the history and languages of the Arabs and Persians, the Druzes, etc. 

31917 Neumann (C. F.) Translations frbm the Chinese and Armenian, 

8vo. 105 1831 

Contents : History of the Pirates who infested the China Sea, from 
1807 to 1810— The Catechism of the Shamans, or Laws and fiegnlations of the 
Priesthood of Buddha, in China — Vahram's Chronicle of the Armenian 
Kingdom of Cilicia during the time of the Crusades. 

31918 Orient und Occident insbesondere in ihren gegenseitigen Bezie- 

hungen, heransg. von Th. Benfey, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. russia, 10s 

Oottingeriy 1862-64 

31919 Oriental Texts : a set of the works issued by the Society for 

the publication of Oriental Texts, 10 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. lbs 

For list of these works and separate prices see Miscellaneous Catalogue. 

31920 Oriental Translation Fund. Publications op the ORIEN"- 

TAL TRANSLATION FUND: large paper Subscription 
copy of the entire series, as originally issued only to Sub- 
scribers, and now no longer obtainable, from the first volume up 
to date, 75 distinct works in above 100 vols, royal 4to. and royal 
8vo. maps and plates, clean and souiid in boards^ and sewed, 
uncut, vert rare, £40. 1829-79 

The detailed list of the^e works can he seen in my Miscellaneoas Catalogue, 

81921 Orientalia, 2 vols, tbick Bvo. 1100 pp, hf bd, rare, lOs 

Amstelodami, 1840-46 
Contents: H. A. Hamaker de pluralihus Arabam et^thiopum irreg. ; 
EoordsB annot. ad vaticin. lesaisd ; Dernbnrg, das letzte Paschamahl Jesns' ; 
Ja3mboll de carmine Motanabbii, Ardbice et Lat., Wejers de cod. MSS. Orient. 
Bibl. Leidensis ; JuynboU de versione arabico-samaritana quos Codd. parisiens. 
adscripta sunt ; Demburg zar alteren Grammatik der hebraischen Sprache. 

31922 Orientalia Antiqua, edited by Terrien de la Couperie, Vol. I 

pt. 1, 4to. lithographed, sd. bs 1882 

Early Chinese Texts ; Calendar of the Hea Dynasty, text, translation 
and notes by Hob. Douglas ; Origin of the Phoenician Alphabet, by 0, 

31923 Othonis Palaestra Linguarum Orientalium : Geneseos quatuor 

prima capp. Hebr, Ghald.(ter), Syr, Samaritan, Arab, ^thiop, 
Pers, et Lat, cum Glossariis, am. 4to. hfrussia, bs Franc, 1702 

31924 Palaeographical Society. Facsimiles of Ancient Manuscripts, 

ORIENTAL SERIES, edited by WilHam Wrigbt, parts I- VII, 

royal folio, 92 Autotype facsimiles in a portfolio, £4. 4« 1875-82 

31925 ' tlie same, parts I-VI, 80 facsimiles, £3. 13« U 1875-81 


31926 Palmer (E. H.) Simplified Grammar of Hindustani, Persian, and 

Arabic, 3 parts in 1 vol. I2mo. clothy 2s 6d 1882 

31927 Paulini i Sancto BiRTHOLOMiBO Opuscula V, 1 vol. sm. 4to. hf. 

hd. 78 ed EomcB, 1791-1802 

Centum Adagia Malabarica, cam textn originali ; de Voteribus Indis ; 

de Antiquifcate et affioitate lingusB Zendioae, Samscrdamicae et Gorma9lcffi,etc. 

31928 Pbtermann*s Oriental Grammars. Lingua Hebraica, 1864 ; Ara- 

bica, 1867; Armeniaca, 1872; Chaldaica, 1872; Samaritana, 
1873 ; Syriaoa, 1881 ; together 6 vols. 12mo. oonvprising 
Orammar, Ghrestomathy^ and Glossary of each langtiage, cloth^ 
16« Beroliniy Oarolsruhcej eto, 1864-81 

31929 Pezzi, Aryan Philology, translated by E. S. Roberts, sm. 8vo. 

cloth, 28 Qd 1879 

31930 PiHAN, Diofcionnaire etymologique des mots Pran9ais derives de 

I'Arabe, du Persan on du Turc, 8vo. sd, 7a 1866 

31931 ' les Signes de Numeration usit& chez les peuples orien- 

taux anoiens et modernes, 8vo. sd, 6« 1860 

31932 Relandi Dissertationes Miscellanead, 3 vols. Za^es of Alpha- 

bets, etc, vellum, 5s Traj, 1706-8 

31933 the same, 3 vols. 1713-08 -Idem de Spoliis Templi 

Hierosolymitani in arcu Titiano conspicuis, plates, 171^ —4 vols, 
12mo. vellum, 7s 6d Trajecti, 1708-16 

These valuable Dissertations contain treatises on the Paradise, the Bed 
Sea, the Cabiri Gods, the Zend, the Talmud, Mohammed, Polynesian Lan- 
guages, and one of 80 pp. on the Lang d ages of America. 

31934 REMUSAT (J. P. Abel-) Melanges, Nouveaux Melanges, et Me- 

langes Posthumes d'Histoire et Litterature Orientales, 5 vols. 
8vo. maps and plates, sd, 20s ; or, one hd. and four cloth, 245 ; 
or, neatly hound, 30^ Paris, 1825-43 

31935 sur la Langue et la Litterature Ohinoises, plates, 1811— 

Mebiak, rEtude comparative des Langues, et EQaproth, les 
Bacines des Langues Semitiques, 1828 — ^Volney, T Alphabet 
europeen applique aux langues asiatiques, 1818 — Latouche, Clef 

de TEtymologie, 1836 — 1 vol. 8vo. hf morocco, 85 6d 

A Ter/ interesting collection. 

31936 RosNT (Leon de) Ecritures figuratives et hieroglypbiques des 

difE^rents peuples, 4to. facsimiles of hieroglyphics and cuneiform 
inscriptions,^ etc. with translations, cloth, 7s Paris, 1870 

31937 Schleicher's Compendium der vergleichenden Grammatik der 

Indogermanischen Spraclien, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d Weimar, 1876 

31938 SiNDlBAD. The Book of Sindibad, or the story of the King, his 

son, the damsel, and the Seven Vazirs; from the Persian and 
Arabic, with notes by W. A. Clouston, sm. 8vo. sd. Ss ; or, 
hf* morocco, 10s 6d Privately printed, Glasgow, 1884 

31939 Weber (A.) Indische Streifen, Sammlung von kleinen Abhand- 

lungen, 3 vols. 8vo. sd. 21s ; or, two vols, hf hd» one sd. 24* 

Berlin, 1868-79 
The first volume is occupied with Brahmanic (Vedic) and Buddhistic 
essaYB. The second and third are devoted to the whole field of Indian 
Studies, including numerous articles on th^ Z^nd-ATOsta. 


31940 Webeb (A.) Indische Skizzen: der Buddhismns, Yerbindungen 
Indiens mit den Landem im Westen, semitisclier ITrsprnng des 
indischen Alphabets, etc. 8yo. plate, sd, Ss 6d 1857 

3194,1 . the same, 1867 — Zusammenhang indischer FabeLi mit 

Grieohischen, 1856 ; — in 1 vol. hf, calf, 6s 1866-67 

31942 Wenrich de Anetorum Grescorum versionibns et commentariis 

Sjnacis, Arabieis, Armeniacis, Persioisqne commentatio, 8yo. 
hd. 28 6d Lips. 1842 

31943 Whitney (W. D.) Oriental and Linguistio Studies, both series, 

2 Tols. 8vo. cloth, 12s New York, 1874 

The Veda — The Avesta — Science of Langaage — The East and West — 
Beligion and Mythology — Orthography and Phonology — Hindu Astronomy. 

31944 WiLHELMUS (Eug.) de Infinitivi Lingnarum Sanskritas, Bactricas, 

PersicsB, etc. forma et nsu, 8vo. sd. 2s Lipsice, 1873 

31945 WiJSTENPELD (P.) Geschichte der Arabischen Aerzte und Natnr- 

forscher, Odtt» 1840 — Dagat (G.) Etudes sur le Traite de 
M^decine d'Abou Djafar Ahmad, intitule Zad ul Musafir, 1863 
— Sanguinetti (B. R.) Quelques Chapitres de Medecine et de 
Th^rapeutique Arabes, Arahe et Frangais, 1866 ; and others, in 
1 vol. 8vo. A/, calf, 7s 6d 

31946 Zbhbtmate, Lexicon etymologicum Latino- .... Sanscritum Oom- 

parativum, 8vo. tuith Indices, pp, 380, cloth, 4*; or, hf calf, 5s 

Vindoh. 1873 

81947 Triitj^s (Cinq) sur TOrigine des Ohiffres, in 1 vol. 4to. hf. calf, 

7s 6d 1813-66 

Contents : Memoria sulle Cifre Arabiche, Milanot 1813 — ^Vincent (A. J. 
H.) sur rOrigine de nos Chiflfres (1840) — Halliwell (J. O.) on some ancient 
Systems of Notation, privately printed, 1854 — Woepeke, sur I'Introd notion de 
FArithmctique Indienne en Occident, Borne, 1859 — S^illot, sur I'Origine de 
nos Chiffres, JRome, 1865. 

31948 Tracts by Garcin de Tassy, Reinaud, F. N^ve, and Kasim Beg, 

containing la Rhetorique des Nations Musulmanes, les auteurs 
Hindoustanis, la Jurisprudence Musulmane, etc. 17 pieces in 1 
vol. thick 8vo. cloth, 6s 

31949 Tracts. Tales, Grammars, MSS. etc., in Arabic, Persian, and 

Malay, about 26 pieces, sm. folio and folio, in folio bundle, 20« 

Including the Diwan of Ali Hazin, in poor condition, the Rukaat of 
Jami, and yarions other texts of yalne. 




31960 Abel (0.) Koptische Untersucliungen, 2 vols, in 3, 8vo. sd, 20s 

Berlin, 1876-77 

31961 Ahmad bin Abubekr bin Wabsbih, Ancient Alphabets and Hiero- 

glypbics explained in Arabic ; and in English by J. Hammer, 
am. 4to. hds, 7$ 1806 

31962 Apostolical Constitutions (the) or Canons of the Apostles in 

Coptic and English by Tattam, 8vo. scarce, 36s 1848 

31963 Bailey (J.) Hieroglyphicorom Origo et Natnra, 8vo. hds, 2s 

Gantah. 1816 

31964 Benfet (Th.) das Verhaltniss der Aegyptischen Sprache znm 

Semitischen Sprachstamm, 8ro. sd. 2s Leipz. 1844 

31966 Bergmann (E. von) Hieroglyphische Inschriften, complete in 

3 parts, 4to. 84 plates, sd, 245 Wien, 1878-79 

31966 Bible. The Four Gospels, in Coptic and Arabic, sq. 8vo. hd, 2s 

London, B, Watts, 1829 

31967 Birch (Samuel) Papyrus of Nas-Khem, priest of Amen-Ra, 

discovered near Goumah, at Thebes, roy. 8vo. plate, cloth, 5s 

privately printed (1863) 

31968 Inscriptions in the Hieratic and Demotic Character 

from the Collections of the British Museum, roy. folio, 29 plates 
(pub. 27* 6d), hds. 18s 1868 

31959 Egyptian Texts, 8vo. cloth, 6s (18/7) 

31960 Facsimile of an Egyptian Hieratic Papyrus of the reig^n 

of Rameses III, oblong atlas folio, 79 large plates, with an 
historical and descriptive Introduction, and Translation hy S. 
Birch, ids, £2. Ss 1876 

31961 On an historical tablet of Rameses II relating to the 

Gold Mines of Ethiopia, 1862— Annals of Thothmes III, 1853— 
On a Historical Tablet of Thothmes III, 1861— On two 
Egyptian Tablets of the Ptolemaic Period ; — in 1 vol. 4to. cloth, 

31962 BONOMI (J.) and Sharpe (S.) the Alabaster Sarcophagus of 
Oimenepthah I, King of Egypt, now in Sir J. Soane's Museum, 
4to. 19 plates of Hieroglyphic Inscription, hds, 3^ 6d 1864 


31963 Das Todtenbuch der -^gypter nach dem hieroglyphischen 

Papyrus in Turin, mit einem Vorworte, zum ersten Male 

herausgegeben von R. Lepsius, roy. 4to. 79 large plates, sd. 

£2. Ss ; or, in cloth, £2, 5s Leipzig, 1842 

31964 alteste Texte des Todtenbuchs, nach Sarkophagen im 

Berliner Museum, von Lepsius, folio, 43 plates, hds, £2. 16s 

Berlin, 1867 


Book of the Dead — continued, 

31965 Das -^gtptische Todtenbuch der xviii bis xx Dynastie, ang 
verschiedenen Urkunden znsammengestellt und herausgegeben 
von Edouard Naville, 2 vols, of hieroglyphics and 1 of introdtic^ 
tiorij together 3 vols, folio, over 400 leaves of illustrations, hds, 
£12. Berlin, 1886 

31966 BRUGSCH (H.) Scriptura Aegyptiorum Demotica ex papyris et 
inscriptionibus explanata, sm. ito. lithographed, plates, sd. 2s 6d 

Berol. 1848 

.31967 Numerorum apud ve teres Aegyptios Demoticornm 

doctrina, impl. 4to. 5 facsimiles, hds. bs Berol, (1849) 

31968 Sammlung Demotisober Urkunden znr Entzifferung der 

Inscbrift von Rosette, impl. 4to. 10 plates, hds. bs Berlin, 1850 

31969 Lettre a M. de Rouge au sujet d*un MS. bilingue sur 

Papyrus, de Tan 114 avant J. C. 4to. 3 plates, hds. Ss 6d 

Berlin, 1850 

31970 Sai an Sinsin sive Liber Metempsychosis veterum 

^gyptionim nunc primum edidit Latine vertit, 4to. 6 plates, 
hoards, 6s 6d Berolini, 1851 

31971 Sammlung demotischgriecbisoher Eigennamen agypt- 

ischer Privatleute, 8vo. hds. 2s 6d Berlin^ 1851 

31972 Inscriptio Rosettana Hierologlyphica, vel interpretatio 

decreti Rosettani redactas partis, 4to. 9 plates, hds, bs 

Berol. 1851 

31973 Grammaire Demotique, impl. 4to. 13 plates, cloth, £2. lOs 

Berlin, 1855 

31974 Geographische Inschriften Altagyptisober Denkmaler, 

gesammelt wabrend der auf Befehl P. Wilbelm IV, von 

Preussen untemommenen wissenscbaftlichen Reise in ^gypten, 

3 vols. 4to. 98 plates and 5 maps, hds, £5. Leipzig, 1857-60 

Contents of Vol. 1 : die Geograpbie des alten Aegyptens, map and 
58 tables ; sold separately, 32s. Vol. II : die Geographic dor Nachbarlander 
Aegyptens. Vol. Ill : die Geographic der Aegypter nach den Denkmalem 
aus den Zeiten der Ptolemaer und der Homer. 

31975 Recueil de Monuments Egyptiens, dessin^s sur lieux, 

2 vols, scarce — 2nde Serie, Monuments Geogi'apbiques dessines 
et commentes par J. Duemichen, 2 vols, with the text separate 
— 4 vols, in 5, impl. 8vo. 307 plates of Inscriptions and Papyri, 
hds. £7. Leipzig, 1862-66 

The text to the second series is not always found with the book. 

31976 Recueil de Monuments Egyptiens dessin6s sur lieux, 

2 vols. 4to. 108 plates, hds. £2. 2s 1862-63 

31977 Materiaux pour servir k la reconstruction du Calendrier 

des Anciens Egyptiens, imp. 8vo. 13 plates, hds, 8s 

Leipzig, 1864 

31978 Dictionnaire Hidroglyphique et D6motique, contenant 

les mots et les groupes les plus usites de la langue des anciens 

Egyptiens, 4 vols. sm. folio, hf. hd, £15. Leipzig, 1867-68 

Explained in French, German, Arabic, and Coptic. Added is '' Index 
des Ili^roglyphes Fhoneti(|ne8," cloth, 1872, 


Hll.*Wl|.i« I 

31979 BRUGSOH (H.) die Sage von der geflugelten Sonnenscheibe nach 

altagyptisolien Quellen, 4to. sd. 2s 6d Gott. 1870 

31980 Drei Pest-Kalender des Tempels von ApoUinopolis 

Magna in Ober-Aegypten, sm. folio, 10 plates^ hds, 12a 

Leip. 1877 

31981 Hierogljpbiscbe Grammatik, sm. folio, hds. 10s 

Leipzig, 1872 

31982 Beise naob der grossen Oase el Khargeh, Beschreibnng 

ihrer Denkmaler, Untersnchungen fiber das Vorkommen der 
Oasen in den altagyptischen Inscbrif ten, sm. folio, 27 plates, hds, 
24a Leipzig, 1878 

The writing of the andentEgjptians wag of three kinds and three periods 
— namelj, the hieroglyphic, hieratic, and demotic. The hieroglyphic, which 
is of unknown antiquity, continued at all times in use for monumental inscrip* 
tions ; the hieratic was a cursive form of tiie hieroglyphic, and dated from the 
sixth dynasty ; the demotic, introduced about the period of the 26th dynasty 
(circa b.c. 700), was an abbreviated form of the nieratic. This last, which 
may be described as a kind of shorthand, is exceedingly difficult to decipher. 
Not only does a single sign frequently correspond to seyeral meanings, but the 
characters are cramped, and the penmanship is, for the most part, careless and 
confused. Before the issue of Brugsch*s colossal " Hieroglyphisch-Demo- 
tisches Worterbuch " (1867-1880) demotic literature' was a blank; and only six 
years ago Pierret, In his '' Dictionnaire d'Arch^ologie Egyptienne," lamented 
the little progress then made in this branch of Egyptology. Even now, 
although the numbei's of European savanU who devote their lives to the 
translation of hieroglyphic and hieratic literature is very considerable, the roll- 
caU of demotic scholars contains little more than half-a-dozen names. Among 
these the most eminent are those of Brugsch and Revillout ; the former having 
in his *' Demotic Grammar and Dictionary ** opened the way to future students; 
the latter, in his '^ Chrestomathie Demotique " and other translations, having 
done as much work within the last four years as most other men of learning 
would accomplish in a lifetime. — TimeSj Dec. 24th, 1881. 

31983 Bulletin Arch^ologiqne de TAtbenaBum Fran9ais, publie par A. 

de Longperier et J. de Witte, nos. 1-10, Janvier 1865 — Oct. 
1856, in 1 vol. 4to. plates, hf, morocco, ISs Paris, 1855-56 

Including a series of articles entitled *' Renseignements surles 64 Apis 
tronves dans les souterrains du Serapeum." 

31984 BURTON'S Excerpta Hieroglypbica, or exact Copies of various 

Hieroglypbical Inscriptions, etc. now existing in Egypt and at 
Mount Sinai, 4 parts in 1 vol. oblong 4to. a perfect copy, consist- 
ing of 61 plates, hf calf, £2. Ss Cairo, 1825-37 

31985 the same, 4 parts in 1 vol. oblong 4to. hf. morocco, gilt 

tops, tmcut, £2, 16s 1825-37 

31986 — = Sale Catalogue of bis collection of Egyptian Antiquities, 

with pieces and names, interleaved, in 4to. plates, hds, 3s 6d 1836 

31987 CHABAS (F.) le Papyrus Magique Harris, traduction analytique 

et comment6e, imp. 4to. 14 plates, sd, 26s 

Chalon-sur-Saone, 1860 

31988 Melanges Egyptologiques, the three series complete, 

4 vols, large 8vo. sd, very scarce, Chalon-sur-Saone, 1862-73 

31989 — the same, Series II and III, in 3 vols, one hd. and two 

sd. £5. 1864-73 

Of the three series, the second is the scarcest. The complete book is priced 
hy Paris booksellers 250 frs. 
31990 sur le Norn Egyptienne de Thebes, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 1863 


31991 CHABAS (F.) les Papyms Hieratiqnes de Berlin, 8vo. sd. 4^ 1863 

31992 Voyage d*un Egyptien en Syrie, en Phenicie, en Pales- 
tine au XI Vme siecle avant notre ere, traduction analy tique d'nn 
papyrus du Musee Britannique, large 4to. 13 plates^ hf, hd. rarcy 
£2. 16$ Chalon-sur'Saonef 1866 

31993 le m^me, avec la Rcponse a la Critique, par Chabas, 

2 vols. roy. 4to. sd. £2. 10s ^ 1866-8 

31994 Melanges Egyptologiques, 3eme Serie, liv. 1 : Spoliation 

des Hypogees de Thebes, traduction du Papyrus Abbott, 8vo. 
7 plates, sd. 7s 6d 1870 

31995 Etudes sur TAntiquite Historique d'apres les sources 

Egyptiennes et les monuments reputes prehistoriques, 2me. 
Edition, 8vo. 6 plates and numerous woodcuts^ sd, ISs 

Paris, 1873 

31996 le Calendrier des Jours Fastes et Nefastes de Tannic 

Egyptienne, 8vo. sd. 6s s. d. (1873) 

31997 Notice sur M. Chabas, Svo. plates, sd. 2s 1878 

31998 CHAMPOLLION le Jeune, Precis du Systeme Hieroglyphique 
des Anciens Egyptiens, Recherches sur les el^mens de cette 
Ecriture, 8vo. 48 plates, green morocco, gilt edges, 10s 1824 

31999 Grammaire Egyptienne, ou principes generaux de 

TEcriture sacree Egyptienne appliqu^e k la representation de la 
langue parlee, sm. folio, viii, xxiii, and 555 pp. tvith an iiwniense 
number of lithographed figures, hds. uncut, SOs Farts, 1836 

32000 the same, sm. folio, hf. russia,gilt tops, tmcut, 32s 1836 

32001 r~ Dictionnaire Egyptien, en Ecriture Hieroglyphique, 

publie par Champollion Figeac, sm. folio, half russia, S5s 


32002 Grammaire, 1 vol. — Dictionnaire, 1 vol. — together 2 vols. 

sm. folio, sd. £2. 10s 1836-44 

32003 another set, 2 vols. sm. folio, hf. calf £2. lbs 1836-44 

32004 another set, 2 vols. sm. folio, hf. morocco, £3. 1836-44 

32005 CoQUEREL (A. L. C.) sur le Systeme Hieroglyphique de Cham- 
pollion, Amst. 1825 — Greppo, sur le Systeme Hieroglyphique de 
Champollion, Paris, 1829 — Bovet, des Dynasties Egyptiennes, 
Paris, 1829 — Vaucelle, Chronologic des Monumens antiques de 
la Nubie, 4 plates, Paris, 1829 — in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. calf, 6s 

32006 Champollion-Figeac, Deux Papyrus Egyptiens en ecriture de- 

motique, 8vo. hf. hd. 2s 6d Paris, 1823 

32007 DiDYMi Taurinensis Literaturee Copticee Rudimentum, sm, 4to. sd. 

2s ParmcB, 1783 

32008 DUEMICHEN, Alt-Aegyptische Tempel-Inschriften, 1863-65, 

an Ort und Stelle gesammelt: I, Weihinschriften aus dem 
Horustempel von Edfu (Apollinopolis Magna) — II, Weihin- 
schriften aus dem Hathortempel von Dendera (Tentyra), 160 
^Jafes— Historische Inschriften alt-Aegyptischer Denkmaeler, 
aus Kamak und aus den Tempel von Medinet-Habu, und Der- 
el-baheri, 37 plates — together 3 vols, folio, 197 large plates of 
HieQ'oglyphs, hds. £7. Leipzig, 1867-70 

32009 the same, together 3 vols, folio, 197 plates^ hf, hrovm 

morocco, gilt tops, £7. 10s 1867 


32010 DuEMiCHEN, Alt-Aegyptische Kalenderinscliriften, in den Jahren 
1863-65 an Ort und Stelle gesammelt, und mit eriauterndem 
Text, folio, 120 jplafes, hds, £4. Levpzigy 1866 

32011 Bangeschichte des Denderatempels nach den an seinen 

Mauem befindlichen Inschriften, folio, 57 plates, hds. 36s 

Strasshurg, 1877 

32012 Recueil de Monuments Egyptiens : Monuments geogra- 

phiques, texte, 4to. sd. 2s Leipzig, 1866 

32013 Engelbreth. Fragmenta Basmurico-Coptica Yeteris et Novi 

Testament! qu89 in Museo Borgiano Yeletris asservantur, Goptice 
et Latine cum annott. ed. Engelbreth, 4to. hds, Ss 6d 

Havnice, 1811 

32014 ETUDES EGYPTOLOGIQUES, parts 1, 2, 3, 12 and 13, 4to. 

(published at 115 francs), sd. £2. 10s Paris, 1873-80 

1. PiERRET (Paul) Texte et traduction d'ane St^le Ethiopienne in^dite, 
et de divers MSS. religieox, avec un Glossaire Egyptienne Grec da Decret de 
Canopns, pp. 123, lithographed. 

2. Becneil d'Inscriptions in^dites du Musee Egyptien du Louvre 

traduites et commentees, partie I, 158 pp. litho. 

3. Lefbburb (Eug.) le Mythe Osirien, partie I : les Yeux d'Horus, 
pp. 128, lithographed. 

12. RoDOE (E. et J. de) Inscriptions Hi^roglyphiques copi^es en Egypte, 
tome IV. 

13. Revillout (Eiig.) Chrestomathie D^motique, pt. I. 

32015 Exodus Paptri, by the Rev. D. I. Heath, with introduction by 

F. Corbaux, 8vo. cloth, Bs 6d 1855 

32016 [Felix, Major] Notes on Hieroglyphics, sm. folio, original Manu- 

script, curious drawings of Hieroglyphics, etc, sd, 7s ca. 1830 

32017 Georgius (A. A.) de Miraculis Sancti Coluthi et reliquiis actorum 

Sancti Panesniu, Thebaica fragmenta, prseit dissertatio Stephani 
Card. BorgieB de Cultu S. Coluthi, ^to. calf, bs 1793 

32018 GouLiANOF, Archeologie Egyptienne, recherches sur les Signes 

Hi6roglyphiques, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, os Leipzig, 1830 

32019 Greene (J. B.) Fouilles ex6cutees a Thebes, 1855, textes hiero- 

glyphiques et documents inedits, folio, 11 plates, hds. 6s 1855 

32020 Hesse (Ch. de) la Pierre Zodiacale du temple de Denderah 

ezpliquee, 8vo. with large plate, hds. 2s 6d Gopen. 1824 

32021 Hieratic Papyrus of Kings, containing the names of Egyptian 

Kings preserved in the Museum at Turin, oblong folio, 12 pages 
of facsimiles on 8 leaves, sewed, rare, 15s London, n. d. 

32022 Idbler (T. L.) Hermapion, sive rudimenta Hieroglyphicae veterum 

Aegyptiorum Literaturae, 3 parts in 1 vol. royal 4to. numerous 
plates of Hieroglyphs, hf. hd, 7's Leipzig, 1841-42 

32023 JoMARD (E.) Memoire sur le Systeme Metrique des Anciens Egyp- 

tiens, sur leurs connoissances geometriques, folio, sd. 10s 

Paris, 1817 

32024 KiRCHERi (Ath.) Prodromus Coptus sive JEgyptiacus, 4to. hd. 

2s 6d Pomce, 1636 

32025 r CEdipus -<iEgyptiacus, hoc est universalis Hieroglyphicae 

Veterum doctrina) instauratio, 3 vols, in 2, folio, frontispiece, 

portrait and numerous plates, calf, £2, Bomce, 1652-54 

32026 • the same, 3 vols, in 4, folio, in old French calf extra, 

gilt edgeSf from the Hamilton Palace library, £3. 3s 1652-54 


32027 KiTABU s-salam: Prayers, m Coptic and Arabic, ia parallel columns, 

sm. 4to. MS» on paper ^ hound in calf antique^ from Br, BurnelVs 
library y 208 Written by Ghabriel as-Sabbagh, at al-Uksur 

(Luxor) 1582 (le. 1866) 

32028 Klaproth, Lettres sur la deconverte des Hieroglyphes acrolo- 

giques, 2 parts in 1, 8vo. hf. calf, bs Paris, 1827 

32029 Examen des travaux de Champollion sur les Hiero- 
glyphes, 3 plates, Paris, 1832 — ^Etudes snr le grand Monument 
Funeraire Egyptien du Musee de Boulogne, par TAbb^ E. Van 
Drival, plates, Boulogne, 1850^ — Lettre sur la nature des formes 
grammaticales en general ct sur le g^nie de la langue cbinoise 
en particulier par M. G. de Humboldt, Paris, 1827 — in 1 vol. 
8vo. hf calf, lOs 

32030 Kminek-Szedlo, Saggio filologico della lingua e scrittura Egiziana, 

e la interpretazione delle Iscrizioni Geroglifiche nel Museo di 
Bologna, 4to. large plates, sd. 28 6d 1877 

32031 KosEGABTEN de prisca Aegyptiorum Litteratura commentatio, 4to. 

plates of the Bosetta Inscription, etc, bds, 2s Vintartoe, 1 828 

32032 Lanci, Paralipomeni alia illustrazione della Sacra Scrittura per 

Monumenti Fenico-Assirii ed Egiziani, 2 vols. roy. 4to. 9 plates, 
hf calf, 10s Parigiy 1845 

32033 sur Tlnterpretation des Hieroglyphes Egyptiens, 8vo. 

4 plates, sd. 6s Paris, 1847 

82034 Lanzoke (R.Y*) le Domicile des Esprits, papyrus k Turin, public 

en fac*sitnile, folio, 9 coloured plates of facsimile, unbd. I85 

Paris^ 1879 

82035 *- ' Dizionario di Mitologia Egizia, Parts I-V pt. 1, together 

5 parts, 4to. text lithographed, and about 200 platen containing a 

large number of figures, sd. £6. 17« 6d Torino, 1881-85 

An extensiye and systematic work upon the Egjrptian Pantheon, more 
complete than anything yet published, and destined to serre as an indispens- 
able adjunct to the larger and costlier volumes which contain collections of 
unclassified engravings on the same subject. 

32036 LAUTH (F. J.) Manetho und der Turiner Konigs-Papyrus der 

30 Dynastieen von Menes bis Amosis, roy. 8vo. 10 plates, hf, 
bound, 18^ Miinchen, 1865 

32037 ■ ' — les Zodiaques de Denderah, ou Ton etablit que ce sont 

des Calendriers commemoratif s de Tepoque Greco-Romaine, 4to. 
cloth, Ss 6d Munich, 1865 

32038 Moses-Hosarsyphos Sali' Hus Levites-A*Haron frater 

Ziphorah-DabariaH conjux Miriam-Bellet soror Elisbeba-Elizebat 
fratria ; ex monumento inferioris Aegypti per ipsum Mosen 
abbinc annos MMMCD dedicate nunc primum in lucem protaxit 
Franc. Jos. Lauth, 4to. lithographed, photographic and other 
facsimiles, sd, 12s 1879 

32039 Ledbaik (E.) * les Monuments Egyptiens de la Biblioth^que 
Rationale (Cabinet des M^dailles et Antiques) liv. 1-3, 2 vols. 
4to. 100 pp, of facsimiles (published at 87 francs), sd, 20« 

Parii, 1879-81 


32040 LECTIONARY of the Coptic Church, sm. 4to. fragments of an 

ancient MS. containing portions of the Psalms in Gopticj of 
PauVs Epistles in Coptic and Arabic, and of a Homily in Arabic, 
45 leaves, bds, £15. About A.D. 1250 

32041 Lebman. Monuments Egyptiens du Must^E d'Antiquit^s dks 

Pays-Bas X Leide. Les Papyrus : as described below, 175 plates, 
some coloured (pub. £16.), 2 vols. imp], folio, bound, the rest 
unbound, £6. 1839-76 

Contents: — Papyrus Egypticn D^motiqne k transcriptions Grecques, 14 
plates and 6 tables (7 and 8 wanting"), 1839— Pap. Egypt, fnneraire hi^rogly- 
phiqae (T. 1), 15 plates, 1841-2 — Pap. Egypt d^motiqae (I, 384), 13 plates, 
1856 — Papyrus Egyptiens hi^ratiques (I, 343-371), 87 plates, 1863-62— Pap. 
Egypt, fun^raire hieratique (T, 16), 40 plates, 1867-76. Facsimiles of 
Papyri (I, 372-382) have becu published and can be supplied for £2. 15^. 

32042 Description raisonnee des Monumens Egyptiens du 

Musee d'Antiquites k Leide, 184sO — Lettre k Salvolini aur les 
Monumens portant des l^gendes royales, 32 plates of Hiero- 
glyphics, 1838 — Asiatische en Amerikaansche Monumenten, 
1842 — 3 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf. russia, neat. Vis Leide, 1838-42 

32043 Lettre sur les Monumens portant des legendes royales, 

8vo. 32 plates, sd, 3s Qd Leide, 1838 

32044 Lenoir (Alex.) Explication d'un MS. Egyptien avec gravures, 

8vo. 9 large plates, sd, 2s 6d Paris, 1812 

32045 LEPSIUS (E.) Denkmeeler aus -^gypten und ^thiopien, nach den 

Zeichnungen der von dem Konige von Preussen nach diesen 

Landem gesendeten wissenschaftlichen Expedition, 1842-45> 

12 vols, elephant folio, 899 lithographed and coloured plates, sd, 

£42. Berlin, 1849-59 

The most magnificent and extensive of the great collections of old- Egyptian 

32046 Lettre h Rosellini sur TAlphabet Hi^roglyphique, 8vo. 

2 large plates, sd. Ss 6d Eome, 1837 

32047 Auswahl der wichtigsten TJrkunden des JBgyptischen 

Alterthums, atlas folio, 23 hbrge facsimiles of Hieroglyphic and 

Demotic Inscriptions and records, and papyri, sd, \2s 

Leipzig, 1842 
32048 Denkmaler aus Aegypten und Aethiopien, 1849— -Ueber 

einige Ergebnisse der Aegyptischen Denkmaler fiir die Kennt- 

niss der Ptolemaergeschichte, 10 facsimiles, 1853 — in 1 vol. 

roy. 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d Berlin, 1849-53 

TODTENBUCH — see ante Book ob* the Dead. 

32049 liber den ersten Aegyptischen Gotterkreis und seiner 

geschichtlich-mythologische Entstehung, 4to. 4 plates, bds, 5« 

Berlin, 1851 
32050 iiber eine Hieroglyphische Inschrift fim Tempel von 

Edfu, 4to. 16 plates, boards, ds Berlin, 1855 

32051 iiber die Gotter der Vier Elemente bei den Aegyptern, 

4to. B plates, bds, bs Berlin, 1856 

32052 iiber die XXII Aegyptische Konigsdynastie, etc. 4to. 

2 plates, bds. 5s Berlin, 1856 

32053 iiber den chronologischen Worth der Assyrischen 

Eponymen, 4to. sd, 3s 6d Berlin, 1869 


32054 Lepsius (R.) das Bilingue Dekret von Elanopns, in der original- 

grosse, mit Uebersetzung, etc. part I, folio, 8 plates, damaged in 

margins, sd. 10s 1866 

Part I contains the Greek text with translation, the Hieroglyphic text 

with transcription and translation. 

32055 die Metalle in den Aegyptischen Inschriften, 4to. 

2 coloured plates, sd. Ss 6d Berlin, 1872 

32056 Leteonnb, snr Tobjet des Representations Zodiacales, plate, 1824 — 

Analyse des recberclies de M. Letronne, par E. Carteron, 1843 ; 
, —in 1 Tol. hds. 4s Paris, 1824-43 

32057 LiEBLEiN (J.) Dictionnaire de Noms Hieroglypbiques en ordre 

gen^alogiqne et alphabetique, 8vo. 555 lithographed pp. hf, calf, 
325 Ghristiania, 1871 

32058 Recbercbes sur la Cbronologie Egyptienne, roy. 8vo. 

9 plates, sd. 7s 6d Ghristiania, 1873 

32059 '■ die Aegyptiscben Denkmaler in St. Petersburg, Helsing- 

fors, Upsala and Copenbagen, roy. 8vo. 7s 6d ih. 1873 

32060 MARIETTE BEY (Aug.) les Papyrus Egjrptiens du Musee de 

Bonlaq publics en Facsimile sous les auspices de Isma'il-Pasba, 

3 vols, folio (one of tbem atlas folio), 122 plates, some coloured, 

Ids. RARE, £12. Paris, 1871-76 

Priced lately by a Paris bookseller, 100 frs.=£l6. 
32061 Memoire sur la M^re d'Apis, 4to. sd. 2s 6d Paris, 1856 

32062 Maspero (G.) sur riuscription dedicatoire du Temple d'Abydos 

et la Jeunesse de S^sostris, 4to. lithographed, sd. bs Paris, 1867 

32063 • Formes de la Conjugaison en Egyptien antique, en 

D^motique et en Copte, lithographed — Pronoms personnels en 
Egyptien — RcTillout (E.) sur deux ecrits recents de Maspero 
par E. R^villout — in 1 vol. roy. 8vo. bds. 9^ Paris, 1871-72 

32064 du Genre Epistolaire cbez les Anciens Egyptiens, 8vo. 

sd. bs Paris, 1872 

32065 MELANGES d*Arch^ologie Egyptienne et Assyrienne, Vols. I, II, 

and III parts 1-3 ; — 10 parte, 4to. woodcuts of Hieroglyphics, sd, 

2hs Pans, 1872-78 

Snbscription price, in advance, 15 francs per volume. 

32066 Munter (F.) de indole Yersionis Novi Testamenti Sabidicae, 4to. 

sd. hs Hafnioi, 1789 

32067 NAVILLE (E.) Textes relatifs au Mytbe d'Horus recueillis dans 

le Temple d'Edfou, et pr^c^d^s d*une Introduction, impl. folio, 
25 plates, bds. £1. 16s Geneve, 1870 
see ante Book or the Dead. 

32068 Papyri in tbe Hieroglypbic and Hieratic Cbaracters, from tbe 

Collection of tbe Earl of Belmore, folio, 65 1843 

32069 Papyrus of Nebseni, Pbotogi*apbs of, in tbe Britisb Museum, 33 

photographs, mounted, in a folio case, £2. 2s 1876 

This Papyms contains a number of chapters of tbe Ritual, or Book of 
the Dead, pnblished by Prof. Lepsius under the title <* Das Todtenbuch der 
Aegypter, and many other chapters not in that version. 

32070 Parthey (G.) Vocabularium Coptico-Latinum et Lat.-Copt. 8vo. 

15s Berol. 1844 

32071 — — Aegyptiscbe Personennamen bei den Klassikem in 

Papyrusrollen, sm. 8vo. sd, 2« Qd Berlin, 1864 


32072 Pauthier (G.) Formation similaire des Ecritures figuratives 

Chinoise et Bgyptienne, I, Histoire et Synthese, 8vo. sd, 2« 6eZ 

Faris, 1842 

32073 PEYRfON (A.) Lexicon Lingues Coptic®, roy. 4to. hf, rusda gilt, 

uncut, £1. 8s Taurini, 1835 

32074 Grammatica Lingu89 Copticse, 8 vo. sd. 4iS ; hf, russia, 5s 

Taurini, 1841 

32075 PiEBBET, Dictionnaire d'Arcli^ologie Egyptienne, 12mo. sd. 10s 

. Pans, 1875 

32076 • — sur la Mythologie Egyptienne, 8to. lithographed, sd, 

28 6d 1879 

32077 PiGNORii Characteres .^gyptii, sacrovum simulacliroram delineatio, 

sm. 4to. engravings hy Be Bry of Egyptian paintings, statues, etc. 
hd. 6s Franwf 1608 

32078 Plettb (W.) les Papyrus Ilollin de la Bibliotheque Imperiale de 

Paris, folio, 21 plates, £1. 4< Leide, 1868 

32079 Plette et Rossi (F.) Facsimiles de Papyrus de Turin, 2 vols. 

folio, in 7 parts, 59 plates of facsvtniles of Papyri, unbound^ 
£4. 10s " L&ide, 1869-76 

This work contains "les Pap3rra8 qui n'ont pas encore et6 publics et 
senlement indiqu^ par Champollion." 

32080 Psaltebium, Goptice et AraJnce, sm. 4to. calf, 2s 1826 

32081 QuATBj^MEBE (E.) Becherches sur la Langue et la Litterature de 

TEgypte, 8vo. hds. 3s 6d Pans, 1808 

Eecobds of the Past^ — see No. 32184. 

32082 Recoeil de Ti-avaux relatifs a la Pliilologie et a TArcheologie 

Egyptiennes et Assyriennes, Vols. I, II et Vol. Ill, livr. 1 et 2, 
4to. with facsimile plates of Hieroglyphics, etc. (subscription 
price, £4. 4s), sd. £2. 16s Paris, 1870-81 

32083 the same, Vol. I in four parts, 10s 1870-79 

32084 Rbinisch (Leo) Aegyptische Chrestomathie, Lieferung I, impl. 4to. 

21 plates, sd. 2s 6d Wien, 1873 

32085 nnd Roesler, die zweisprachige Inschrift von Tanis 

herausg. und uebersetzt, sm. 4to, front, and 7 large plates of fac- 
similes, sd. hs Wien, 1866 

32086 Reinisch (S.) die Aegyptischen Denkmaler in Miramar, large 8vo. 

44 fine plates of Monuments, Idols and Hieroglyphic Inscriptions, 
some coloured, and 29 woodcuts, hf. howid, 28s Wien, 1865 

32087 Renouf (P. Le P.) Elementary Gi*ammar of ancient Egyptian in 

the Hieroglyphic type, 8vo. cloth, 6s (1875) 

32088 Some Negative Particles of the Egyptian Language, 

1862 — ^Macdonald (W. B.) Coptic Grammar, Edi^i. 1856 — 
Pietraszewski, Grammaire Zend, Berlin, 1861 — in 1 vol. 8vo. 
interleaved, hd. 5s 

32089 Rbvillout (B.) Memoire sur les Blemmyes, a propos d'une Inscrip- 

tion Copte, trouvee a Dendur, 4to. sd, 5s 1874 

32090 RosELLiNi (Hippol.) Elementa lingu» ^gyptiac^ vulgo Coptics, 

4to. sd. 28 Bomm, 1837 




32092 SiLVESTRB DE Sacy, snr rinscription Egyptienne du monument 
tronve a Rosette— Let tre sur le meme, par Akerblad — 2 vols. 
8vo. plates, hd. 78 6(1 Ferns, 1802 

3201)3 Account of the Rosetta Stone, translation, Latin version, etc. 
4to. large plates, sd, 2$ (1815) 

32094 Inscriptio perantiqaa sacris Aegyptiomm et vnlgaribus Uteris 
itemqne G™cis inscnlpta, prope Rosettam inventa etc. large 
folio, 7 plates, hds. 5« 1817 

32095 Salvolini, Texte Hi^rogiyphique et D^motiqne de la Pierre db 
Rosette, 4to. pp. 256 and 25 lithographic pages, imcut, 3« 6d 


32096 Saulcy, Analyse grammaticale dn Texte D^motique du D6cret 
de Rosette, Ire partie (all published), 4to. plates, sd. 4* ; hf, 
hound, 68 1845 

Sharpe — see post, 

TJhlkmann — see post in this alphabet. Bruosch — see ante, 

32097 Rossi (Fr.) Grammatica Copto-Geroglifioa, con un.' appendice dei 

principali segni sillabici e del loro significato, impl. 8vo. hds, 21s 

Torino, 1878 

32098 Roth, die Proklamation des Amasis an die Oyprier bei der 

Besitznabme Cyperns durch die ^gypter, atl^s 4to. sd. 7s 6d 

Paris, 1855 

32099 ROUGE (Vicomte Em. de) Chrestomathie Egyptienne, 4 parts in 

2 vols. impl. 8vo. 15 plates, cloth, £3. Faris, 1867-76 

Contents: Introdnclion a I'etode des ecriinres Egyptienncs, IB plates ; 
Abrlg^ grammatical, la Stele du Koi Piankbi-Meriamen. 

32100 " — Chrestomatliie Egyptienne, pt. I : Introduction a Tetude 

des ecHtures Egyptiennes, 1867 — Noms Egyptiens des Planetes, 
1856 — Religion des anciens Egyptiens, 1869, and 2 others, 20s 

32101 Memoire sur Tlnscription du Tombeau d'Ahm^s^ 4to. 

3 coloured plates, hf, calf, ds 1851 

32102 Salt (H.) on Young's and Cliampollion's Phonetic system of 

Hieroglyphics, 8vo. large plates, hds. 2$ 6d 1825 

32103 Salvolini, Principales Expressions servant a la notation des dates 

sur les Monuments de TAncienne Egypte — Campagne de 
Rhamses-le- Grand, MS.Hi^ratique, notice sur ce MS. par Salvo- 
lini ; — in 1 vol. Syo. facsimiles, hf. morocco, 68 6d Faris 1832-35 

32104 Traduction et Analyse des Inscriptions sur TOb^lisque 

(de Louqsor) Egyptien de ftiris, 4to. pp. 130 and 6 pages of 
lithographic facsimile, sd. 5« 1837 

32105 the same, 4to. some MS. notes, two plates soiled, hf. calf, 

4? 1837 

32106 ScHWARTZE (M. G.) Koptische Grammatik, herausgegeben von 

H. Steinthal, 8vo. with a critical introduction^ cloth, 6s 

Berlin, 1850 

32107 SELECT PAPYRI in the HIERATIC character in the British 

Museum, 4 parts complete, foHo, 187 platee of faesimile$, scarce, 
£b. 1841-60 


32108 Setffarth (G.) Rudimenta Hieroglyphices, 35 jplates, 1826— 
Spohn, de Lingua et Literis veterum Aegyptiorum, 10 very large 
plates, 1825-31 ; — in 1 vol. 4to. hf. morocco gilt, 125 

Lipsice, 1825-31 

32109 Beitrage znr Kenntniss der Literatnr, Knnst, Mytho- 

logie nnd Geschichte des alten Aegyptens, 7 parts in 1 vol. 4to. 
numerov^ large plates^ hf. morocco gilt^ 20s Leipzig, 1825-40 

Contents : Ueber die agyptischen Papyrus za Berlin ; Systema Astro- 
nomiaB JEgyptiacae quadripartitum, 4 parts ; Unser Alphabet, ein Abbild des 
Thierkreises mit der Constellation der Sieben Flaneteii, etc.; Alpbabeta 
genuina Aegyptiorum, numeris ipsorum Hieroglyphicis, Hieraticis Demoticis- 
quc ccmseryata. 

32110 Grammatica Aegyptiaca ; Anleitung znm Uebersetzen 

aliagyptisclier Literatnrwerke, 8vo. with 92 p'p, of lithographs , 
sd. 28 Gotha, 1855 

Mnsenm, and other sources, the two Series complete, 11 parts 
in 2 vols. roy. folio, 216 plates, hf hound, £7. 10s 1836-55 

32112 the same. Second Series, complete in 4 parts, 96 plates^ 

205 1853-55 

Ist Series. Text : Two titles and de- 
scriptiTe list of plates 1-120, 5 leayes ; 
and a Translation of the Greek In- 
scription on the Hosetta stone, the Key 
to tbe Knowledge of Hieroglyphics. 

Plates : 1-20, from casts and rubbings of 
the Monnments in the British Maseum, 
Sir John Soane's, Dr. Lee's, the 

Louvre and from casts sent home by 

A. C. Harris, Esq.) of Alexandria. 

Farts 5, 6, 7 (plates 60-120), each part 

2nd Series. Text : Title and descrip^ 

tive contents, 3 leaves. 
Plates : 1-96, chiefly from tracings and 

casts by Samnel Birch, Esq. 

32113 SwAiNSON (C. A.) the Greek Liturgies from original authorities, 

with appendix containing the Coptic Ordinary Canon of the 
Mass (Coptic and English) from two MSS. in the Brit. Mus. 4to. 
sd, 9s 1884 

32114 T ATT AM (H.) Lexicon -^gyptiaco-Latinum, cum Indice vocum 

Latinarum, stout 8vo. Ids, 20* Ozon, 1835 

32115 Compendious Egyptian Grammar, 2nd edition, 8vo. 

28 and 127 pp. cloth, 3^ M 1863 

82116 Uhlemann LingusB CopticsB Grammatica, 8vo. hd, 4^ 6c? 

lApsicB, 1853 

32117 Inscriptionis Br0settan88 Hieroglyphicee Decretum sacer- 

dotale, 4to. sd. Ss 6d 1853 

32118 Handbuch der Aegyptischen Alterthumskunde : Ge- 

schichte der Aegyptologie,Aegyptische Archaologie, Chronologic 
und Geschichte, und Literatnr, 4 vols. 8vo. 7 plates of Hiero* 
glyphs, etc. sd. lOs Leipzig, 1857-58 

32119 the same, 4 vols, in 1, hf. morocco^ 12* 1857-58 

32120 the same, 4 vols, in 2, hf. calf, uncut, 14* 1857-58 

This might be called the EncyclopsBdia of Egyptology, as it embraced the 
entire results accomplished in that field of science. The fourth part is entirely 
occupied with the translations of the Monuments. 

82121 Valsbiantts (J. P.) Hieroglyphica sen de sacris ^gyptiorum 
literis commentarii, etc. ace. Hori ApoUinis Hieroglyphica ; item 

217 ♦ 


Hieroglypliica, Emblemataque authore L. a CasanoYa, stout 
folio, engraved title and woodctUs of emblems, etc, vellum, 10s 

Lugd. 1626 

32122 ViscoNTi, Series of Engravings of Egyptian Antiquities, roy. folio, 

16 jplates, Ids. 3^ Qd 1837 

32123 Wiedemann (Dr. A.) Hieratische Texte aus den Miiseen zu Berlin 

und Paris, impl. 4to. 14 facsimiles of plates, with translation, 
bds, 10s Leipzig, 1879 

32124 WILKINSON (J. G.) Materu Hierogltphica, containing the 

Egyptian Pantheon, the Succession of the Pharaohs, etc. with 
Appendices and Extracts from Hieroglyphical Subjects found 
at Thebes, etc. ; text in 1 vol. sq. 8vo. and plates in oblong 
folio, the text interleaved a^nd having soms MS, additions and an 
Index by Dr. Tattam, hf, bound, the plates unbound, £5, 

Privately Printed in Egypt and at Malta, 1824-30 
Collation : Materia Hieroglyphica, 2 parts, with 2 engraved leaves of 
'' Introdaction to the stadjof Hieroglyphics," Malta^ 1828 ; Appendixes 1, 
2, 3, 4, widi supplementary plate 8, 14 lithographed pp. of a ^* Coptic and 
Hieroglyphic Vocahulary,'* and an nnnaniber^ plate to the fourth appendix, 
besides three lithographed slips of Addenda, Errata, etc. ; Bemarks, 7 pp. ; 
Extracts from Hieroglyphical Subjects, with 4 plates, numbered 1, IV, V, 
and VI (II and III never appeared), 1830. Plates in folio : 2 frontispieces 
and 60 subjects on 22 leaves. There should also be a '* Map of the Feioom " 
or Fayum. This map is not contained in the above copy, which copy is 
nevertlieless unusually complete. 

32125 Wilkinson's Matebu Hierogltphica, another copy, as described 

above, but wanting, in addition to the map, the two frontispieces 
to the folio plates, text in bds., folio plates unbound, £2. 10s 


32126 — another copy, as above, but with the map, aiid with 8 

extra plates and 6 leaves of text, printed at Alexa^idria in 1827 

by JET. Salt (one of tlie slips of Errata inserted in the folio plates), 

text and plates UNCUT, £7. 10s 1824-30 

This IS the only copy in which I have seen these extra plates and text. 
Owing to the small number of copies printed of the work, and the irregular 
manner in which it was produced, it is impossible to guarantee completeness, 
but I believe the last of the above three copies to be absolutely perfect. 

32127 Hieratic Papyrus of Kings at Turin, 8vo. text and 

oblong roy. folio Atlas of 13 pages of facsimiles, 2Qs 1861 

32128 the same, without the 8vo. text, Ihs 1851 

32129 YOUNG (T.) Hieroglyphics, collected by the Egyptian Society, 
98 pl<vtes, impl. folio, guite complete, hf morocco, £2. 2s 1823-8 

32130 the same, impl. folio, calf neat, £2. 10s 1823-8 

32131 the same, impl. folio, beautiful copy in green morocco 

extra, gilt edges, £3. 10s 1823-8 

32132 Egyptian Dictionary in ancient Enchorial character, 

with memoir, 8yo. portrait, cloth, sd. 2s 6d 1831 

32133 Discoveries in Hiei*oglyphical Literature and Egyptian 

Antiquities, with translation of 5 unpublished Greek and 
Egyptian MSS. 8vo. bds, 2s 1823 

32134, ■ Works, Vol. Ill : Hieroglyphical Essays and Corre- 

spondence, etc. edited by J. Leitch| stoat 8to. eloth^ 7$ 6d 1855 


> I 1. 1. ,. I . ,■ ■ I I . I ... I , ., ■ — ^ — ■ 

32135 Peacock (G.) Life of Th. Young, 8vo. portrait, cloth, Ss 6d 1866 

32136 Tracts. Collection of 14 tracts by Chalks, Maspero, Pleyte, etc. 

4to. and 8vo. '60s 

CoNTBitTS : Recueil de Travaox relatifs a la Philologie et TArch^oloeie 
^gyp^emieB et asRyriennes, 1 part (all pab.) — Eisenlohr (A.) Erklaning dee 
demotischen Theiles der Rosettana, 1869 — Pleyte (W.) Set dans la Barque da 
Soleil, 1865 — Maspero (G.) la Stele egyptienne da Mas^e de Hennes, 1874 ; 
and others. 

32137 Tracts. A collection of 6 Tracts, in 1 vol. 4to. plates, cloth, 28* 

Contents: Dey^ria (T.) Monnment Biographiqae de Bakenkhonson, 
PaHSy 1862 — Pleyte (W.) Catalogae Raisonne de Types Egyptiens Hi^ratiqnes 
de la Fonderie de N. Tetterode, d Amsterdam, £ret(^, 1865— Lepsius, Grand- 
plan des Grabes Konig Rameses IV, 1867 — Maspero, rinscription dcdicatoire 
da Temple d'Abydos, 1867— Maspero, Hymne aa Nil, 1868— Lef^bnre (E.) 
Tradaction da Chapitre XVe da Ritael Eaneralre, 1868. 

32138 Tracts. Collection of 8, 4to. sd, lOs 

Contents : Brugsch, sar un MS. Bilingne sur papyras en ecriture 
Demotico Egyptienne et Grec cursif, 3 plates, 1850 — ^Lepsins, the XXII. 
Egyptian Royal dynasty, trans, by W. Bell, 1858 — Parthey, Aegypten beim 
Geographen von Ravenna, 1858 — ^Hincks, Chronology of the XXVI. Egyptian 
Dynasty, 1855 — Erman, die Plnralbildung des Aegyptischen, 1878 — 
Maspero, Hymne an Nil, 1868 — ^Birch, Sketch of a Hieroglyphical Dictionary, 
pt. 1, 1838. 

32139 Tracts. Eight in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. hound, 28* 

Contents : OrcuMi (P. C.) Catalogo lUostrato del Monamenti Egizii 
del R. Museo di Torino, 3 plates, Torino, 1854 — ^Le Page Renonf (P.) 
Miscellaneous Notes on Egyptian Philology, 1865 — Cuabas, Re?ae R^tros- 
pectiye a propos de la pablication de la liste Royale dAbydos, 2 articles, 1865 
— Chabas (F.) Denx Mesores Egyptiennes de capacity, 1867 — Cuabas (F.) 
PInscription de Rosette, 2 plates, 1867 — ^Mariette-Bey, Aper^n de THistoire 
Ancienne d'Egypte, 1867 — De Rong^, Memoires sar les Attaqnes dirig^es 
contre TEgypte, etc. 1867. 

32140 Tracts. Fifteen in 1 parcel, sm, 4to. 12s 

Contents : Macdonald, Sketch of Coptic Grammar, 1856 — Faselios, 
Altiigyptische Kalenderstadien, 1873 — J. de Rong^, Textes geographiques dn 
temple d'Edfou (2 tirages k part) — ^Nordmeyer, Commentatio Calendariam 
A^ypti oeconomicnm sistens, 1792 — Brngsch-Bey, la Sortie des Uebreax 
d'Egypte et les monuments Egyptiens, Alexand^'ie, 1874 — Junker (P. J.) 
Gesch. des Alterthums, 1863 — Uhlemann, Israeliten und Hyksos in Aegypten, 
1856, and others on Zodiacs, etc. 

32141 Tracts. Collection of 12 Tracts by Chabas, Birch, and others, in 

1 vol. 4to. hf. hound, £2. \0s 

Contents : Lepsius (R.) t^ber die zwolfte Aegyptische KSnigsdynastie, 
3 plaUs, Berlin, 1853 — Migliarini and Birch, Account of the Unrolling of a 
Mummy at Florence, plate, 1855 — Chabas (F.) Inscription Historiqne da 
Regne de Seti I, plate, 1856 — Chabas (F.) les Inscriptions des Mines d*or, 

2 plates, 1862~Birch (S.) on a Historical Tablet of the Reign of Thothmes 
III, recently discovered at Thebes, i>Zate«, 1861 — Mariette (Aug.) Renseigne- 
ments sur les 69 Apis trouv^s k S^rapeum, 3 a/rHcUs — Chabas 7f.) Observa- 
tions sur le chap. ti dn Rituel Egyptien, 2 plates — ^Birch (S.) on Two Egyptian 
Tablets of the Ptolemaic Period, 1863 — Hincks (E.) on Various Years and 
Months in use among the Egyptians, 1865 — Chabas (F.) R^ponse a la Critique 
sur le Voyage d'un Egyptien en Syrie, 1868. 

32142 Tracts. Collection of 6 extracts from the Bevae Archeologique, 

8vo. sd. 7s 6d 

Notice sur un MS. Egyptien en ecriture Hieratique par E. de Roug6, 
faesim.; Les Hieroglyphes et la langue Egyptienne, par Dujardin ; La Lecture 
des Textes Assyriens, par J. Menant ; Un Traits Babylonien sur Briqne, par 
J. Oppert ; Textes geographiques da Temple d'Kdfen, par J. de R^ug^i 
2 parts, plates. 



1. Assyrian, Babylonian, Old Persian. 

BoTTA — seep. 3067. 

32143 Budge (E. A.) Assyrian Texts, being Extracts from the Annals of 

Shalmaneser II, Sennacherib, and Assnr-Bani-Pal, 4to. (pub. at 
Is 6d), cloth, 35 ^ 1880 

32144 BuRNOUP (E.) Memoire snr deux Inscriptions Cnneiformes trouvees 

pres d^Hamadan, 4to. joZa^es of Alphabet and Inscriptions, sd. 7s 


32145 Chossat (E. de) Repertoire Assyrien, roy. 4to. 184 pp. of Dictionary, 

and 204 lithographed pp, of " Classification des Garacteres Cunei' 
formes,** sd. 24s Lyo7i, 1879 

32146 CULLIMORE (A.) Oriental Cylinders, Nos. I, II, III, IV, in 

1 vol. imp. 8vo. entirely consisting of plates which contain 174 
figures of engraved cylinders of old Assyrian work, hf. calf, gilt 
top, uncut, 25s 1842-43 

32147 Delitzsch, Assyrische Studien: Thiernamen, Init Glossar, 8vo. 

sd. cloth, 3s ^d Leipzig, 1874 

32148 Assyrische Lesestiicke, roy. 4to. 63 pages, hds. 7s 6d 1876 

32149 Fastes de Sargon, Roi d*Assyrie (721 a 703 avant J. C), traduits 

et publics d'apres le texte Assyrien de la grande Inscription des 
Salles du Palais de Khorsabad, par Oppert et Menant, folio, 
text, transcription and translation, sd. 6s Paris, 1863 

32150 FiNzi, Ricerche per lo studio dell* Antichit4 Assira (Geografia, 

Etnografia e Mitologia), 8vo. 2 rnaps, sd. 10s Firenze, 1872 

32151 GOBINEAU (Cte de) Traits des Ecritures Cun^iformes, 2 vols. 

8vo. plates of Cuneiform inscriptions, hf. cf, neat, 20s Paris, 1864 

32152 Lecture des textes cuneiformes, 8vo. text, transcription 

and translation, sd. 2s Paris, 1858 

32153 Grotefend (G. F.) Eleven various tracts on the Persian and 

Assyrian Cuneiform Inscriptions, in 1 vol. 4to. numerous plates, 
hf calf 7s 6d ^ ^ 1837-53 

32154 die Tributverzeichnisse des Obelisken aus Nimrud, 4to. 

2 plates, sd. 2s 6d Gott. 1852 

32155 Haqer, on the Babylonian Inscriptions, roy. 4to. hds. 2s 1801 

32156 HiNCKS on Personal Pronouns in Assyrian, 4to. sd. Is 6d 1854 

32157 on Assyrian Mythology, 4to. sd. 2s 6d 1855 

32158 Kossowicz (C.) Inscriptiones Palaso-PersiceD Achaemenidarum, 

archetyporum typis edidit, commentarios oriticos adjecit, glos- 
sariumque comparativum Palaeo-Persioum subjunxit, impl. 8vo. 
numerous woodcuts of monuments with inscriptions in the Cunei- 
form character, sd. 21s Petropoli, 1872 

32159 Layabd. Inscriptions in the Cuneiform characters from Assyrian 

Monuments, discovered by Layard, folio, Ms, 20s 1851 
Monuments — seep. 3069. 


32160 LENORMANT (F.) Etudes Accadiennes, 3 vols, in 6 parts, 4ito. 

lithographed, sewed, £2. 65 Paris, 1873-80 

32161 ^ the same. Vol. I, 4to. hf. calf, IOj? 1873 

Mr. Lenormant was the first aatborily that we had on the subject of the 
Accadian language, the Turanian tongue of the prac-Assjrian people, which 
' co-existod witn the Semitic language of the ruling class. These volumes 
form the second series of the author's " Letfcred Atisyriologiques." 
The second part of Vol. II was not published. 

32162 la L^ende de S^miramis, m^moire de mytliologie com- 
parative, 4to. sd, 2s 1873 

32163 = £tnde sur quelques parties des sjllabaires cun^iformes, 

8vo. xxiv and 320 pp, with Assyrian and Accadian Glossaries, sd. 
Us Paris, 1877 

32164 Chaldean Magic : its origin and development, translated 

from the French, with considerable additions by the author, 
8vo. pp. xii, 414, and 18 (sells I2s), cloth gilt, Ss (1877) 

32165 Lepsius (R.) das Lantsjstem der persisohen Keilschrift, 4to. sd. 

2s Berlin, 1863 

32166 Lichtenstein's Palaeographia Assyrio-Persica, 4to. plates, cloth, 

2s 6d 1803 

32167 Lowenstebn, Dechiffrement de TEcriture Assyrienne, roy. 8vo. 

3 plates, sd, 2s 1845 

32168 Expos6 des Elements constitntifs de la 3feme Ecriture 

Cnneiforme de Pers^polis, roy. 8vo. sd, 2s 6d 1847 

32169 MEN ANT (J.) Ecritures Cuneiformes, expos6 des travaux qui 

ont prepare la lecture des Inscriptions de la Perse et de I'Assyrie, 
roy. 8vo. sd, 3s 6d 1860 

32170 — the same, second edition, roy. 8vo. woodcuts, sd. 9s 1864 

32171 les Noms Propres Assyriens, la formation des expres- 

sioiis id^ographiques, roy. 8vo. sd, 2s 1863 

32172 Inscsriptions de Hammourabi, roi de Babylone (XVIe 

siecle avant J. 0.), traduites et avec commentaire, roy. 8vo. 12 pp, 

of facsimiles, sd, 3s 6(2 1863 

32173 Expos^ des elements de la grammaire Assyrienne, roy. 

8vo. (pub. 15s), sd, 6s Paris, 1868 

32173* another copy, roy. 8vo. neatly hf, hd. 9s 1868 

32174 le Syllabaire Assy ri en, expose des elements du systeme 

phonetique de TEcriture Anarienne, 4to. 455 pp. hf, morocco, 
10s Paris (Acad, des Inscrip.), 1869 

32175 Annales des Rois d'Assyrie, traduites et mises en ordre 

Bur le texte Assyrien, impl. 8vo. plates, sd. 9s Paris, 1874 

A reduction to historical form of the scattered results of the studies of 

many fcholart. 
32176 • les Cylindres Orientaux du Cabinet des M6dailles a La 

Haye, roy. 8vo. woodcuts, sd. 2s 6d. 1879 

32177 sur quelques Empreintes de Cylindres du dernier Empire 

de Obald6e, 8vo. 5 plates, sd. 2s 1879 

32178 Manuel de la langue Assyrienne, roy. 870. pp. 382, sd. 

9s Paris, 1880 

82179 NOBRIS' Assyrian Dictionary, parts 1-3, 3 vols. 4to. cloth, £4. 4s 



32180 Oppebt (Jules) Elements de la Grammaire Assjrienne, 8yo. sd. 

28 1860 

32181 M^moire snr les rapports de TEgypte'et de TAssyrie 

dans TAntiquite, 4to. sd. 7« Qd Parisj 1869 

32182 Oppebt (J.) et Menant (J.) Documents Jnridiques de TAssyrie 

et de la Chald6e, roy. 8vo. woodcuts^ pp, 385, sd, 12« Paris, 1877 

32183 RAWLINSON (Sir H. C), Nobbis (Edwin) and Smith (Geo.) 

Cnneiform Inscriptions of Western Asia, Vols. I-V, in 6 parts 

folio, hds. scarce, £5. hs 1861-85 

Sold separately : Vols. II, III, IV, 20« each ; Vol. V, 2 parts, 21«. 

32184 Recobds op the Past: being English translations of the Assyrian 

and Egyptian Monuments, published under the sanction of the 
Soc. of Biblical Archeeology, edited by S. Birch, 12 vols. 12mo. 
(pub. £2. 2*), cloth, 30* 1873-81. 

The translations are by Birch, Renouf, Pierret, Smith, Naville, Sajce, 
Oppert, Menant, Chabas, and others. 

32185 Saycb (A. H.) Assyrian Grammar for comparative purposes, sm. 

8vo. cloth, Ss 6d 1872 

32186 Assyrian Elementary Grammar, with full Syllabary 

and reading book in the cuneiform type, sm. 4to. MS notes, 

cloth, 6s 1876 

82187 the same, 2nd edition, cloth, bs (1883) 

32188 Lectures upon the Assyrian Language, and Syllabary, 

sm. -ito. cloth, 7s 6d 1877 

32189 Babylonian Literature, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d (1877) 

32190 Smith (G.) Assyrian Discoveries, an account of explorations 

and discoveries on the site of Nineveh, 1873-74, stout 8vo. 
(pub. 18*), map and illustrations, cloth, 9s 1875 

32191 ■ — Assyrian Eponym Canon, containing translations of the 

documents on the comparative Chronology of the Assyrian and 
Jewish Kingdoms, 8vo. (pub. 9*), cloth, 6s (1875) 

32192 Spieqel (Er.) die altpersischen Keilinschriften ; im Grundtexte 

mit IJebersetzung, Grammatik und Glossar, 8vo. sd, Ss 6d 

Leipzig, 1862 

32193 Westsrgaabd, om den anden eller sakiske Art af Akhaemenidemes 

Kileskrift, 4to. hds. 2s 6d Kjoh. 1854 

32194 Tracts, 7 in 1 parcel, 4to. 78 6d 

Contents : Haupt, die Sumerischen Familiengeaetze in Keilschrift, 
1879 — Sanlcy, snr I'Ecritare Cun^iforme Assyrienne, 1849 — Lenormant, 
Choix de Textes Cun^iformfs, pt. 2, 1874 — ^Hincks, Asayrian Mythology, 
1856 — Delattre, Xnscriptions historiqnes de l^inive et de Babylone. 1879 — 
Brandis (Jo.) Bemm Assyriamm tempora emendata, 1868, and Ueber den 
historischen Gewinn ans der Entziffemng der assyr. Ixischrif ten, 1856. 

2. Old-Bactrian, Zend, Pahlawi. 

82195 (AVESTA) Bnmouf (Engfene) Commentaire snr le YAgNA, 
Zend aveo la version Sanscrite de N^riosengh, 2 vols. 4to. sd. 
368 Paris, 1835 


32196 (AVBSTA) Vendidad Sade : die Schriften Zoroaster's Yacna, 

Vispered und Vendidad, herausgegeben mit Index und Glossar 
von H. Brockhaus, roy. 8vo. A/, morocco, Ts ^d Leipzigy 1850 

32197 Vendidadi capita V priora ed. Chr. Lassen, 8vo. Zend 

text,8d.28 6d 1852 

32198 Spiegel, EingescHobene Stellen im Vendidad — Spiegel, der 19. 
Fargard des Vendidad, 3 parts, 4to. 2s 6d 1850-54 

32199 AvESTA. Decern SendarestaD excerpta; Grata Ahunavaiti; Gata 
Ustavaiti; Saratustricas Gatae posteriores tres, ed. Kossowicz, 
old Persian and Latin, 4 pts. 8vo. sd. 20s ; or, hf. morocco, 25« 

Paris, et Petropoli, 1855-71 

32200 Vendidad Sade, traduit en langue hazvaresch ou 

peUewie, texte autographic d'apres les MSS. zend-pehlewis de 
la Bibliotheqno Imperiale de Paris, et public pour la premiere 
fois par J. Thonnelier, parts 1-9 folio, pub. at 180 fr. (all 
published), 15s 1855-62 

32201 AVBSTA, aus dem Grundtexte ins Deutsche iibersetzt, von 

Spiegel, 3 vols. 8vo. sd, 18s ; or in 1 vol. hf, calf, 20s 

Leipzig, 1852-63 

32202 ' the same, 3 vols. 8vo. hf calf neat, 22s 1852-6 

32203 the Religious Books of the Parsees, from Spiegel's 

German translations of the original Manuscripts by A. H. 

Blbbck, 3 vols, in 1, 8vo. cloth, 30s 1864 

The English translation mnst be considered superior to the German, as it 
has received the latest einendations of Professor Spiegel. 

32204 Zend-Avesta, ouvrage de Zoroastre, contenant ses 

id6es th^ologiques, physiques et morales, le culte religienx qu'il 
a 6tabli, traduit en Fran9ais, par Anquetil du Perron, 2 vols, 
in 3, 4to. plates, a good copy in old calf, £2, Ss Paris, 1771 

32205 Zoroasters lebendiges Wort, aus dem Franz, verdeutscht 

von Klbuker, 3 vols, plates, 1777-1786 — Anhang zum Zend- 
Avesta, 5 parts, 1781 — together 8 vols, in 5, 4to. calf neat, 
fine c(mj, 2S)s Riga, 1777-86 

The Anhang is a new work, added to the translation. 

32206 Abda Yiraf, the Book of, with an appendix containing the Gosht- 

i-Pryano and the Hadokht-Nask, all in Pahlavi and English, by 
Haug^ with glossary by West, 2 parts 8vo. sd, 2\s 

Bombay, 1872-74 

32207 BUNDEHESH (Der) zum ersten Male herausgegeben, transcri- 

birt, ubersetzt und mit Glossar versehen von F. Justi, roy. 8vo. 
(pub. at £2. 28), sd. 21s Leipzig, 1868 

32208 DESATIR (the) or sacred writings of the ancient Persian 

Prophets, in the original tongue, with the ancient Persian 
version and commentary of the fifth Sasan, a glossary of 
obsolete terms, and an English translation, by Mulla Firuz bin 
Kaus, 2 vols. 8vo. hf hd. 245 Bombay, 1818 

32209 another edition, a Guzarati translation thereof made 

with the original text in the Guzarati character by Mulla 
Kaikobad bin Mukcherjee, revised by Furdoon jee Murzbanjbe, 
roy. 4to. portrait, bd, 10s Bombay (1217) 184^ 


32210 Chodzko (A.) le De9atir, Code religieux des Mababadiens, 8vo. 
sd. Is 6d n. d, 

32211 DiNKARD (The) Original Pehlwi text ; the same transliterated in 

Zend characters; Gojrati and English translations; commen- 
tary and glossary by P. D. Behbamjee Sunjana, Vol. 1, 8vo. 
(sells 21*), cloth ^ 12« Bombay, 1874 

32212 Ganjeshayagan, Andabze atrepat Maraspandan, Madigane Chat- 

rang, and Andarze Khusroe Kavatan, in the original Pehlvi, 
with a Zend transliteration, and in Oujerati and English ; with a 
commentary and glossary by Peshutan Dastur Behramji San- 
jana,- roy. 8vo. cloth, 16s Bombay, 1885 

32213 Maint6-i-khard, the book of the, in Pazand and Sanskrit, as 

arranged by Neriosengh Dhaval, with an English translation, a 
glossary of the Pazand text, containing the Sanskrit, Persian 
and Pahlavi equivalents, a sketch of Pazand grammar and an 
introduction by West, roy. 8vo. 484 pp. sd» 10s 1871 

32214 Pegambaba Asau ZabataustanX : Zoroastrian Precepts, in Pehlvi, 

with Gujerati commentary, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 

Bombay, 1239=1873 

32215 Asana (J. D. M. J.) Pahlavi, Gujarati and English Dictionary, 

3 vols. 8vo. all out (pub. at 42*), cloth, SOs Bombay, 1877-82 

32216 Behbamjee Sqnjana, Grammar of the Pehlvi language with quota- 

tions and examples from original works, and a Glossary of words 
bearing aflfinity with the Semetic language, 8vo. cloth, 7« 6d 

Bombay, 1871 

32217 BuBNOUF, Etudes sur la Langue et sur les Texte Zends, 8vo. sd. 

208 ; hf. bd, 22s Paris, 1840-50 

A small volume of 429 pages, but a masterpiece of philological criticism. 

32218 BoHLEN de origine linguad Zendicae e Sanscrita repetenda, Begim, 

1831 — Frank de Persidis lingu^ et genio, Norimb. 1809 — 2 vols, 
in 1, 8vo. hf. calf, 3s 1809-31 

FiRuz BIN Kawus — see under Persian. 

32219 Framji (Dhanjibhai) Origin and authenticity of the Arian family 

of languages, the Zand Avesta and the Huzvarash ; with text, 
transcription, translation, and notes of the Pehlvi inscription of 
Haji-Abad, 8vo. cloth, Qs Bombay, 1861 

32220 Geiger (Dr. W.) Handbuch der Awestasprache : Grammatik, 

Ghrestomathie und Glossar, impl. 8vo. sd, 8« Brlangen, 1879 

32221 Aogemada^ci, ein Parsentractat in Pazend, Altbak- 

trisch und Sanskrit, iibersetzt und erklart, 8vo. sd, 2s 6d 

Erlangen, 1878 

32222 Geldner (K.) die Metrik des jiingeren Avesta nebst Uebersetzung 

ausgewahlter Abschnitfce, 8vo. sd, 28 Qd Tubingen, 1877 

32223 Harlez (C. de) Manuel de la langue de TAvesta, Gi*ammaire, 

anthologie et lexique, 8vo. sd, Qs Paris, 1878 

32224 Haug's Essays on the sacred Language, Writings, and Religion of 

the Parsis, 8vo. cloth, bs Bomhay, 1862 

Ooe of the be9t works on the ancient langia^ of Per^. 


32225 Haug (M.) an old Zand-Pahlavi Glossary, edited in the original 

characters, with a transliteration, an English translation, and 
an index by D. H. Jamaspji, revised by M. Hang, 8vo. sd, 7s 6d 

JBomhayy 1867 

32226 — an old Pahlavi-Pazand Glossary, edited -with an alpha- 
betical index by D. H. Jamaspji Asa, revised and enlarged, with 
an Essay on the Pahlavi Language by M. Haug, 8vo. sd, 
128 6d Bombay, 1870 

32227 Essay on the Pahlavi Language, 8vo. sd. 2$ 1870 

32228 HovELACQUE, Grammaire de la langue Zend, roy. 8vo. sd, 6s 1869 

32229 JUSTI (P.) Handbuch der Zendsprache ; Altbacti-isches Woerter- 

buch, Grammatik und Ghrestomathie, impl. 8vo. all in Boman 

characters, sd, scarce, 36« Leipzig, 1864 

S2230 Laoarde (P. de) Beitrage zur baktrischen Lexikographie, 8vo. sd. 

2s 6d Leipzig, 1868 

32231 Lepsius (R.) das nrspriingliche Zendalphabet, 4to. 3 plates, bds, 

Ss 6d 1863 

32232 Olshausen (D. F.) die Pehlewi-Legenden auf den Munzen der 

letzten Sasaniden, 8vo. plate, sd. 2s 1843 

32233 Ouselet (Sir W.) Observations on some medals bearing Inscrip- 

tions in the Pahlavi character, roy. 4to. plate, hf. calf, Ss 6d 1801 

32234 SPIEGEL (Fr.) Grammatik der Parsisprache nebst Sprachproben, 

8vo. sd. 4iS Leipzig, 1851 

32235 the same, 1851— Petermann, grammatica armeniaca, 

1837—2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf. calf, 6s 1837-51 

The ParH-Bprache, according to Spiegel, is the successor of Fehlvi and 
parent of the modern Persian. 

32236 Grammatik der Huzvareschsprache, 8vo. (sells 9^), sd. 

or hf hd. 4^ Wien, 1856 

32237 Gi-ammatik der Altbaktrischen Sprache nebst einem 

Anhange iiber den Gllthadialekt, 8vo. (pub. at 12s), sd. 7s 6d 

Leipzig, 1867 

32238 Einleitung in die traditionellen . Schriften der Parsen, 

2 vols. 8vo. sd. I2s Wien, 1856-60 

Contents: Vol. 1, Huzrareschgrammatik ; vol. 2, die traditionelle Liter- 

atur der Parsen in ihrem Zasammenhange mit den angranzenden Literaturen. 

32239 Commentar uber das A vesta, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. £2, 2s), 

sd. 24s Leipzig, 1865-9 

32240 Arische Studien, part 1, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 1874 

On the A vesta, the Shah Naiueh, old Bactrian grammar, etc. 

32241 Wilson (Rev. John) Pahlavi and Persian Vocabulary, 4to. MS. 

of24ipp. in -double columns, 9s about 1850 

32242 Zend and Pehlvi Languages and Philology, 12 tracts on the, 

includiug : de Harlez, alphabet avestique — Haug, das Ardai 
Viraf nameh — Haug, Zendphilologie, 1868 — Haug, Ahuna- 
vairya-Formel — Hiibschmann, ein Zoroastrisches Lied, 1872 — 
Justi, Abfertigung des Dr. Haug — Lenormant, Talphabet 
Pehlevi, and some others by Benfey, Ghodzkiewicz, Friedr.Miiller, 
Oppert and Sir E. Perry, in a pa/rcel, 8vo. 12* 


32243 Tbacts (3), 8vo. Ss (yd 

Contents : Barnonf, Extrait d'on commentaire, n. d, — Geiger, 1. Capitel 
der Yendidad, 1877— Hang, 18. Kapitel des Wendidad, 1869. 

32244 Tracts (3), in 1 parcel, 8vo. 4« 6d 

Contents: Darmesteter, Mjrthologie de TAyesta, 1876 — ^Hoyelacqae, 
D^converte et interpretation de TAyesta, 1878 — ^Hiibichmann, Ayestastndien, 

1. General Semitic Philology. 

32245 Altikgi ( Jac.) Synopsis Institutionnm Chaldeeamm et Syramm ; 

Othonis (Geo.) Synopsis Institutionnm Samaritanarnm, Rab- 
binicarum, Arabicamm, etc. — in 1 vol. 12mo. calf, 2$ 

Franco/. 1717 

32246 B£BTBAM (B. C.) Comparatio grammaticte hebraicaa et aramicee, 

roy. 8vo. 440 jpj?. hd. Ss 6d ; or, old calf gilt, bs (Oenevce) 1574 

32247 DiKTRiCH, Abhandlnngen fiir Semitiscbe Wortforsclinng, Svo. sd, 

28 Leipzig, 1844 

32248 DiEU (L.' de) Grammatica linguarum Hebrseomm, Ghaldseomm et 

Syrorum inter se collatarum, ed. Clodins, sm. 4to. vellum, 2« 6d 

Francofurti, 1683 

32249 Hasse. Lectiones Syro-Arabico-Samaritano-uStbiopicsd, 12mo. 

Tables, vellum, Ss 6cl Beg, 1788 

32250 Rayis' general Grammar for the ready attaining of the Ebrew, 

Samaritan, Calde, Syriac, Arabic, and the Ethiopic languages, 
2 parts, portrait and engraved tables of characters, 1650 — Sesqni- 
decuria Epistolarum circa orientalium studiorum euram, 1648 
— together in 1 vol. 12mo. russia gilt, 10» 1648-50 

32251 Ravii (C.) Orthographia Ebraica, Amst. 1646 — Gellarii Gramm. 

Ebraaa, Cizce. 1684- — Othonis Palaestra, h.e. IV prima capita 
Geneseos, Chaldaice, Syriace, Samaritane, Arabice, Ethiopice ^t 
Persice, 1702—1 vol. sm. 4to. vellum, Ss 6d 1646-1702 

32252 Renan (E.) Histoire g^n^rale et syst^me compart des langues 

S6mitiques, 8vo. sd, bs Paris, 1858 

32253 the same, 8vo. neatly hf bound, 6s 1858 

32254 quatri^me edition, 8vo. hf bd. lOs 1863 

2. Hebrew, Samaritan, Chaldee, Rabbinic. 

32255 Ababbanel Rosh Amana; Zevakh Pesakh; Nakhalath Avoth 
[Articles of Faith, Paschal Rites, commentary on the sayings of 
the ancient Fathers, in Hebrew], 3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. a few 
slight wormholes at end, bd, vebt babe, £4. 

Kostanti, 266 [Constantinople, 1505] 
One of the earlient books printed in Constantinople which I haye eyer had. 

32256 Commentarius in Prophetaa Priores et Posteriores, 

Hebraice, characteribus Rabbinicis, 2 vols, folio, vellum, 25« 

lApsicBf 1686 


32257 Abraham Abulafu, Sitae Tobah, a Cabbalistic commentary on 

the Morah Nevokbim, in Hebrew, 12mo. toell written MS, on 
vellum J in Sephardic Bahhinical characters, toith numerous 
cabbalistic diagrams, old binding, £S. 16s Sec. xiv 

32258 Abraham bar Khasdai, Sefer ben ba Melekb ve ha Nazir, a poetical 

version of the old tale of Barlaam and Josapbat ; Hebrew and 
German, all in Hebrew characters, calf, 7s 6d Furth, 503^(1743) 

32259 Abraham ben Khitta, Sefer Tsurat ha-Aretz; an astronomical 

treatise on the World and the Universe, in Hebrew, sm. 4to, 
MS, on vellum, with diagrams, bound, £3. 3&* Sec, xiv-xv 

32260 ALFASI (Itzhaq ben Yaqob) Halakhoth Rab Alfas : Exposition 

OF THE Talmud, in Hebrew, complete with all the Commentaries 
and Additions, 4 vols, folio, old calf, £5. Sulzbach, 626 (1766) 
Very bark. The author of this celebrated work, called <* The Little 
Talmud," is said by Wolff to be ^'the last of the mystical writers on the 
Talmud." He was bom near Fez towards the middle of the eleventh century, 
and died at Cordoya in 11 33, being just ninety years of age. *' Com|)ose un' 
insegnissima opera sopra il Talmuddi cni ne da un compendio, della quale gli 
Ebrei fanno moltissimi elogj e grandissimo uso." — J)e Bossi, 

32261 Alfonsi Zamorensis introdnctiones artis grammatice Hebraice, 

8vo. calf, 10s ; or, fine copy in limp vellum, 18s 

In Academia Gomplutensi, 1526 

32262 AsHKENAZi (Eliezer) Taam Zekenim; essays, from unpablished 

MSS. edited by Carmoly, all Hebrew, 8vo. lif calf, bs 

Frankf. 1854 

32263 Astronomical and Arithmetical Tables, Kalendar and Al- 

manac, by Rabbi Gamaliel, Yakob bar David bar Yom Tov, and 
Immanuel ben Yakob, Hebrew, sm. 4to. Manuscript 07v paper, 

calf, lettered " Josephi Salemitani Hortus,^' £4. A.D. 1361 

See Mr. Harte's MS. DeEcription of this important volume on fly-leaf. 
It was written in Italy as appears from the names of the months in the 

Kalendar, although the authors were probably Spanish. It is the oldest book 

I possess composed of paper made from linen. 

32264 Auswahl histoiischer Stiicke aus hebraischen Schidftstellern vom 

zweiten Jahrhnndert an, Hebretv and German, 8vo. hf, calf, 2s 

Berlin, 1840 

32265 Bacher (W.) die Agada der babylonischen Amoraer, 8vo. sd. 2s 

Strassburg, 1878 

32266 Balmis (Abraham de) Feculiam Abree : Grammatica Hebraica, 

Heb, et Latitie, small 4to. vellum, ISs Venetiis, Bomberg, 1523 
A work which is of extreme scarcity ; the author died in the year of its 
publication, leaving the Latin translation to be completed by another hand. 

32267 Beelen (J. Th.) Chrestomathia Rabbinica et Chaldaica, cum notis, 

glossario et lexico abbreviatuiurum, 3 vols. 8vo. hf, calf neat, lbs 

Lovanii, 1841-43 

32268 Benjamin of Tudela's Itinerary, Hebrew and English, by Asher, 

with notes, historical, geographical and critical, and Essays by 
Znnz and others on Jewish geographical Literature, etc. 2 vols. 
8vo. 36* Berlin, 1840-41 

32269 Bernard, Guide of the Hebrew student, 8vo. 75 and 106 pp. cloth, 

28 1839 


32270 BIBLE. The most oriqinal MS. of Deuteronomy, from the 

hand of Moses (? ben Amram) as discovered bj the late Mr. 

Sbapira, and valued at £1^000,000; 15 separate fragments 

(7 numbered and 8 nnniimbered), written in the primeval 

Hebrew character on strips of blackened leather, £25. 

Ante Ghridum 1500—^.1). 1880 

These are the famous fragments which Dr. GiDsbnrg so painfully deciphered 

and pnblifhed in The Times^ and which led the religions world of England to 

sing hallelniahs. The scoffing atheists of Germany and France had refiued 

to acknowledge them gennine. 

32271 THE BIBLE (i.e. Old Testament) tn Hebrew, with Points and 

Tonic Accents, written in double columns with the Massorah 

round them, sm. 4to. vert fine manuscript, several finely 

painted golden leaves, 575 leaves of fine vellum, hf. bd. £36. 

? Italy, about AD. 1280 
A Tcrj heantif ul example of artistic work, produced perhaps in Southern 
Italy or in Spain in the thirteenth century. There is an inscription on the 
obverse of the first leaf which indicates that the book was form^ly (? Sec. 
XTi) in the possession of Rafael Segre of the town of Savigliano (North 

32272 THE PENTATEUCH containing also the Haftoroth and the five 

Megilloth with Pointa, Tonic Accents and a Portion of the 

Massorah, sm. 4to. a very old manuscript on yellum, bd. £7. 10* 

About A.D. 1300 
Written in a minute character, perhaps in the South of France. 

32273 TORAH, Neviaim, Ketuvim, Megilloth : BIBLE, in Hebbew, 

WITH the Double Masoba, sm. folio, beautifnl Manuscript on 
VELLUM, with illuminated ornaments in a most delicately fine 
style of penmanship, in treble columns, entirely written in the square 
character, without any interfnixtu/re of the modem Babbinical, 
even in the masoretic notes, bound in old calf, £60. 

• Spain, dr. A.B. 1300 
The order of the books is a matter that deserres consideration in 
detennining the yalne and the allocation to its proper class of every biblical 
Hebrew MS. In the present MS. thej mn as follows: — The Pentatench, 
Joshua, Judges, Samnel, and Kings ; Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Hosea, Ruth, 
Psalms, Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Canticles, Lamentations, Esther, Daniel, 
Ezra and Nehemii^, Chronicles. This order, which is different fix>m the 
usual one observed in MSS., is remarkable as being evidently the same as in 
the original followed by the scribe, the ends and the beginnm^ of the books 
generallj meeting together on single pages. There is no division indicated 
between the several l^oks of Judges, Kings, and Chronicles ; and Ezra and 
Nehemiah run together without any break in the page. There are four pages 
of Canons or Tables between Hoeea and Roth, three of those pages being 


enclosing the text. The ornamentation is strange and grotesque in style. 

32274 TOEAH, Neviaim, KetuvIm, Megilloth : Bible, in Hebrew, with 

the double Masora, sm. 4to. beautifully written MS. on vellum, 

with illuminated ornament at the headings of the sections ; bound 

in blue morocco, gilt edges, with the arms of Theodore Williams in 

gold on sides, £86. ' 86 (1326) 

On the page opposite the first page of Genesis, there Is a note by the 

oriffiiMl scribe, girmg the date as abore. The calligraphy of this Tcdiime Is of 

Italian style, but there is a t^oanish character in the colours and the ornament. 


32275 THE PENTATEUCH, the Megilloth (Esther, Rnth, Lamen- 

tations, Ecclesiastes, Canticles), the Book of Job, the Haphtaroth, 
with the Targum of Onkelos, and the Masorah : together 3 vols. 
(Vol. 1, 106 leaves ; Vol. 2, 166 leaves ; Vol. 3, 190 leaves), 
atlas 4to. on Velluin^ toritten in a fine hold character^ probably 
of Oerman execution, in double columns, bound, £21. ' dr. 1400 
A splendid MS., once probably in the possession of the gi^at De Rossi, as 
we find prefixed to each yolnme, and in an Italian hand of about 1 780-90, a 
list of a few of the variants. The text is written in the right hand colnmn, 
the Chaldee Targnm in the left. De Rossi has decided, from internal evidence, 
that the MS. was not executed later than the year 1411, and probably was 
earlier. This opinion is presumably derived from the inscription at the end 
of Deuteronomy, which shows that the book was written by Isaac bar 
Simha for the Rabbi Meir bar Nathan. The great number of VARiiC 
Lectiones supplied by this Codex renders it of the greatest importance to 
students of the Hebrew Scriptures. 

32276 DiBRE Hatamim, Thehillim . . . folio, Hebrew MS. on 

vellum^ written in large square characters by a Oerman- Jewish 

hand, some of the margins cut away, hf, bd, £2. ' Sec, xv 

Containing the following books complete (excepting occasional slight 
defects caused by the cutting of margins) ; — Chronicles, Psalms, Job, 
Proverbs, Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations, Esther, Daniel, and Ezra. 

32277 BIBLE, SAMARITAN. Leviticus and Numbers (Lev. x, 15, to 

Nam. V, 5), m the Samaritan character, roy. 4to. MS. beautifully 
written on vellum, 16 leaves, bownd in hf. morocco gilt, bound for 
Mr. Henry Buchworth, who had brought it from Nablus, £21. 

Sec. XVI 
■ ' see also post Stnagogue Rolls. 

32278 Altes Testament, Hebrdisch und Beutsch, 2 thick vols. 12nio. with 

vowel points, calf, hs 1830 

32279 Genesis, Hebraice eb Greece, ed. Schumann, 8vo. hf. bd. 5s 

Lips. 1829 

32280 Bush, Grammar of the Hebrew language, second edition enlarged, 

8vo. bds. bs New York, 1839 

32281 BUXTORPII Concordantise Bibliorum Hebraicse, ace. novflB 

ConcordantisB ChaldaicsB, folio, vellum, 12s Basilece, 1632 

32282 Lexicon Chaldaicum, Talmudicum, et Rabbinicum, cum 

Indice, stout folio, portrait, engraved title, printed title, and 
pp. 10, columns 2680, and 63 pp. of Index Latinus, calf, 25s 

Basil. 1639-40 

32283 another copy, thick folio, fine paper, without portrait 

and engraved title, stam'ped pigskin, fine copy, 28s 1639-40 

32284 the same, fine or sized paper, folio, portrait, vellum,S6s 


32285 • — another such copy, folio, fiiie copy in old morocco, £2. 2s 

Not only the best, but in fact the only existing Lexicon to enable the 
student to investigate the wide range of Judaic Literature. The great work 
of Gesenius is only a Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew, and consequently does 
not embrace even that period of the language which began with the Targums, 
the Mishna, and the Talmud. 

32286 Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum, accessit Lexicon 

rabbinico-philosophicum et Tractatns de abbreviaturis hebraicis, 
thick 12mo. 1075 pp. stained, bd. 6s Londini, 1646 


32288 BUXTORFII de Abbreviaturis Hebraicis ; ace. operis Talmudici 

recensio et Bibliotheca Rabbinica, 1696 — Bnxtorfii Synagoga 
Jndaica, Bas, 1680 — 2 vols, in 1, thick 12ino. vellum, Qs 


32289 Galyini (J.) Prsdlectiones in librum prophetiarum Danielis, ed. 

Bndaens et Jonuillaens, additus est Hehraicus et Ohaldaicus 

textile, 1671 — Praelectiones in Ezechielis Prophetae viginti capita 

priora, 1583 ; 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, old calf, 12s 

(Genevae) 1571-83 
Dedicated to Admiral de Coligny. 

32290 Catalogue of the Hebrew MSS. in University Library, Cambridge, 

by Schiller-Szinessy, Vol. I, 8vo. sd, 6s Cambridge, -1876 

An admirable work of bibliography, snfficient in itself to confound the 
theories of mechanical catalogne-making now in vogae. 

32291 Castillo (Martin del) Arte Hebraispano : Grammatica de la 

lengoa santa en idioma castellano, 12mo. velltum-, bs 

Leon de Francia, 1686 

32292 Castro SAfeMENTO (J. de) Exemplar de penitencia, dividido em 

tres disonrsos, para o Dia Santo de Kypnr, tn Portuguese, 8vo. hd* 
2« Qd Londres, 5484 

32293 Cellabii (Ch.) Horse Samaritana) cum latina interpretatione. 

Franco/, 1705— Collectanea bistorisB Samaritanas, Cizoe, 1688 — 
Sciagraphia Philologise Sacra?, Jenoe, 1678 — Grammatica Ebrsea, 
Jence, 1699 — Glossarium Syro-Latinnm, GizcB, 1683 — Chaldais- 
mns sive Grammatica Linguae Chaldaicae, Gizce, 1685 — Canones 
de linguae sanctae proprietatibus, Jence, 1679 — 7 pieces in 1 vol. 
sm. 4to. calf, 18^ 

32294 Chwolson, achtzehn hebraische Gi'abschriften aus der Krim, impl. 

4to. 9 plates, sd, Ss 6d ; or, cloth, with separate Atlas of plates, bs 

St, Petershwrg, 1865 

32295 CoHBN (Abraham) C'hunath Abraham : Metrical Paraphrases of 

the Psalms, in Hebrew, small 4to. frontispiece and portrait, bd, 

I2s Venetzia, 479 (1719) 
(Qnesto libro) ** lo fece ammirare per unode' piu bei talenti e de pi^ brayi 
poeti de' suoi tempi." — De Rossi, 
see Kabbala. 

32296 Concordance. The Englishman's Hebi^w and Chaldee Concord- 

ance of the Old Testament, with Indexes, 2 vols. 1843 — Greek 
Concordance to New Test, with Indexes, 1844 ; together 3 vols, 
stout royal 8vo. sd, £2, 1843-4 

32297 CoNFORTi (David) Kore Haddoi-oth : Literary History of the 

Jews, from the compilation of the Talmud to his own time, in 
Hebrew, sm. 4to. bd, 4^ Ve^iice (1746) 

32298 DE ROSSI (J. B.) de Typographia Hebi-aeo-Ferrariensi commen- 

tarius historicus, 8vo. hf, bd. uncut, 4* Parmce, 1780 

32299 ■■ Specimen variarum lectionum Sacri Textus et Chaldaica 

Estheris additamenta, cum Latina vei^sione, etc. 8vo. hf, morocco, 
6s BomcB, 1782 

32299* MSS. Codices Hebraici suae Bibliothecae descripti et 

illustrati, cum appendice cont. MSS. aliamm Linguarum, 3 vols, 
in 1, stout 8vo. hf, calf gilt, wwut, 24ss Parnuje, 1803 


32300 DuKSS (li.) 2ur Kemxtniss der zieubebraisohen religiosen Poesie, 

1842 — Ehrensaulen zu einem Pantheon hebraischer Dichter nnd 
Dicbtungen, X837 — Salomo ben Grabirol aas Malaga* und seine 
ethiscben Werke, H^ffc 1, 1860 — Moses ben Esra aua Granada, 
sein Leben nnd literariscbes Wirken, 1839 — 4 pieces in 2 vols. 
8vo. hf. calf, l8(Qd 1837-60 

32301 ' — ■ Babbiniicbe Blumenlese, mit tTbersetzung, Erliiuterung 

und Crlossar, 8vo. 340 pp. sd, 2$ Qd 1844 

32301* zur rabbinischen Sprucbkunde : rabbiniscbe Sentenzen 

nnd Spriobworter, mit Brlauterungen, 8ro. sd. la 6d Wien, 1851 

32302 EISENMENGERS (Jobann Audread) Entdeoktes Jadentbnm, 

8 vols. sm. 4to. hf. cf. 35s Konigsberg, 1711 

An extremsly valuable work on the law, legends, customs, and cere- 
monies of the Jews, with extracts from the Talmud, in the shape of curious 
stories, etc. 

32303 BiiUH MiZBACHi, Melekheth HammispAr : Arithmetic and Astro- 

nomy, in Hebrew, small 4to. important Manuscript, written by 
his Pupil Menahem Bar Shemuel in the Author a Lifetime, 20s 

248 (A.D. 1488) 
Written and copied in the East, probably in the Holy Land. 

32304 Begas (Joseph ben Imm.) Shomer Amunim, a Cabbalistic dia- 

logue, in Hebrew, 4to. bd. 7» Amst, 496 (1736) 

32305 EsHKOL HA-KoFER : a Karaite Commentary, by Jehnda Abel, in 

Hebrew, bound, 21» ( P Russia, about 1850) 

32306 Eth BRIDGE (J. W.) Targnms of Onkelos and Jonathan ben TJzziel 

on the Pentateuch, with the fragments of the Jerusalem Targum, 
from the Chaldee, Genesis and JBxedus, thick 8vo. cloth, Ss 1862 

32307 Facsimiles of the Hebrew MSB. obtained at the Jewish syna- 

gogue in K'ae-Fung-Foo, sm. 4to. printed on silk paper in the 

Ohinese manner, sd. 2s 6d Shanghae, 1851 

32306 Franck (Ad.) la Kabbale on la philosophic religieuse des Hebreux, 

8vo. hf bd. Is Paris, 1843 

32309 -"^ — ' — «»^^ die ^bbala, deutsch, von A. Qelinek, 8vo, sd, 2s 

Leipzig, 1844 
3^10 FtTRST (J.) Chaldaische Grammatik, 8vo, neatly bound, 4s 

Leipzig, 1835 

32311 the same, 1835 — Perlenscbniire aramaisoher Gnomen und 

Lieder oder AramiUcba Cbrestomatbie mit Glossar, 1836, 2 vols, 
in 1, 8vo. hf. calf, bs 1835-36 

32312 Veteris Testamenti Concordantjg HsBRAfCJi atqne 

Cbaldaic89, cum Lexico duplici, uno Neo-Hebraice altero Latine 
scripto, stout folio, 1428 pp. quadruple cols. (pub. at £4. 4« 
unbound) y hf. rusaia neat, £3. 3^ Lips. 1840 

Fnersi's woik is founded on Buxtorf's, of which it may be considered 
a new and improved edition. It is accompanied by an Indea etymologicva ; 
On(>m/yiMuUeon satirwn ; 8yXiahua nommum propriorum PhcBnteo-Punicorum ; 
JJesncon Aramaicum et Neo-hebraieum ; Tahida etyniologxca particularum ; 
Bystema forma^rwn nominalium; PropylcBa Masora; Tdbuli comparativa 
radicum Heb. Chdld. Syr. et Arab, 

32312* — Bibliotheca Judaica: BibHographisches Handbuch der 

gesammten judischen L?teratur, 3 vols, m 2, half morocco, 28s 

Leipzig, 1849-63 


32313 FtTRST (J.) Geschichte des Karaerthums bis (a.d.) 900, 8vo. calf 
gilty 5s Leipzig^ 1862 

32314. Gescliichte der Biblischen Literatur nnd des jiidisoh- 

hellenistischen Scbrifttliums, 2 vols. 8yo. ad, 12$ 

Leipzig, 1867-70 

32315 Gabirol (Salomo ben) Scbire Schlomo ; Hebraiscbe Gedicbte, 

beraiLSgegeben von L. Dukes, 2 parts, 1858 — NsicbalKednmim, 
berausgegeben von demselben, 2 parts, 1853 — togetber in 1 vol. 
12mo. hf» morocco, 2$ 6d Hannover, 1853-58 

32316 Gans (David) Sefer Nekbmad ve Nairn : Treatise on Astronomy, 

Geograpby, Matbematies, tbe Calendar, etc. in Hebrew, sm. 4to. 
diagrams, calf, 125 Jesnitz, 503 (1743) 

32317 GEICJER, das Judentbum nnd seine Gescbichte, 8vo. cloth, 5* 


32318 GESENIUS (W.) G^escbicbte der bebraiseben Spracbe nnd Scbrift, 

8vo. hd, 6s Leipzig, 1815 

32319 ansfiibrlicbes Lebrgbande der bebraiseben Spracbe, mit 

Vergleicbnng der verwandten Dialekte, 8vo. 908 pp. hd, Ss 6d 

Leipzig, 1817 

32319* Carmina Samaritana, Samaritane et latine, 4to. plate, 

sd, 2s LipsioB, 1824 

32320 der Propbet Jesaia, tibersetzt, mit pbilologiscb-kritiscbem 

nnd bistoriscbem Commentar, 4 parts in 3 vols..8vo. Ids, lOs 


32321 — — . — Tbesanms pbilologicns Linguae Hebraeae et Cbaldaeae 

Veteris Testamenti, perfecit Roediger, qui cum Indicibus, addi- 
tamentis, etc. edidit, 4 vols, in 1, very stout 4to. pp. 4, 1552, 6, 
and 116 (publisbed unbound £3. 3«), double columns, cloth, 
£1. 12s 6d Lipsiae, 1829-58 

The best Jlebi'ew Dictionary extant, including the necessary Ftucicuku 
NovisHinv^ by Roediger, wanting in many copies, and which contains the 
Latin Index, emendations, and additions. 

32322 Hebrew, Cbaldee and Englisb Lexicon to tbe Old Testa- 
ment Scriptures, witb additions by Tregelles, tbick 4to. (pub. 
at 288 6d), cloth, lbs 1846 

32323 Hebrew Grammar, witb a Hebrew reading book, 4to, 

cloth, 3« 6d 1846 

32824 tbe same, enlarged edition, 4to. cloth, 68 s, n, (cir, 1875) 

32325 Hebrew Grammar, witb grammatical exercises and a 

cbrestomatby, by Conant, roy, 8vo. 297 and 64 pp. cloth, 10s 

(New York) 1857 

82326 HAGGADAH SHEL PESAKH: Liturgy for tbe Passover 

Service, in Hebrew, sm. folio, ilhiminated MS, on vellum, tcith 

very numerous Miniatures representing the ceremonial and domestic 

phases of the Passover service, and scriptural incidents connected 

vnth it, every page enclosed within architectural columns or floral 

decorations, all the large initials in gold and historiated; old 

Dutch calf, £50. Sec. XVII 

The inscriptions under the miniatures are German, in Hebrew characters. 

32326*Hagoapa shel Pesakh : Pascbal Liturgy, witb commentaries, all 
HehreWf 4to. bd, bs Vienna, 664 (1804) 


32327 Passover Service, printed for the use of German and Italian 

Jews in Hebrew Cliaracters, folio, with a profusion of pictorial 

woodcuts and many elegant woodcut borders, in olive morocco 

supei* extra, gilt edges, very rare, £50. Mantua, 328 (1568) 

No copy b&s ever been seen before for sale in the London market. The 
instnictions in the margin are iu the German language, although in Hebrew 
characters. In one of the woodcuts is depicted the massacre of the Jewish 
children in order to prepare a bath of children's blood for Pharaoh, or 
whom this had been prescribed as a cure for the leprosy under which he 

32328 Seder Pesakh, in Hebrew, with a French translation added to many 

of the prayers, 4to. very neatly toritten MS,, hf, bd. 10s 

Bordeaux, 1817 

32329 Hannukath habbeth (Sefer) : Description of the Temple of Jeru- 

salem, in Hebrew, by Moses ben Gerson Khafetz, sm. 4to. folding 
plate, vellum, 5s Venetzia, 456 (1696) 

32330 Hebrew Review (The) and Magazine of Rabbinical Literature, 

edited by Morris J. Raphall, Vols. I- III, 8vo. cloth, Ss 6d 


32331 Helmont (P. M. B. ab) Alphabeti vere natnralis hebraici delineatio, 

jnxta quam surdi sic informari possunt, nt non alios saltern 
loqnentes intelligant, sed etiam ipsi ad sermonis nsum perveniant, 
12mo. frontispiece and 36 curious plates, vellum, \0s 

Sulzbacl, 1657 {at the end 1667) 

32332 (HORWITZ) Yesaia ben Abraham. Sh'ne Lukhotb Habberith : 

a famons philosophical and religions work by Yesaia ben 
Abraham the Levite, one of the great doctors of the Jewish 
Chnrch, in Hebrew, stout 4to. calf, Ihs Amsterdam, 468 (1708) 

32333 HuRWiTZ (Hyman) Hebrew Grammar, third enlarged edition, 8vo. 

96 and 314 pp. cloth, 7s 1841 

32334 Hebrew Tales, selected and translated from the writings 

of the Ancient Hebrew Sages (the Talmud), 12xrio, frontispiece, 
cloth, hs 1863 

32335 Imbonati Bibliotheca Latino-Hebraica, sive de Scriptoribus 

Latinis qui ex diversis nationibns contra Judados, vel de re 
Hebraica scrips^re, folio, portrait, bd, 10s Bomce, 1694 

32336 Immanual ben Yakob, and Nathan bar Yoel Palkira, Treatises 

on Astronomy and Astrology, etc. small 4to. a curious MS. 

on Tellam, ivith diagrams and figures, sd. £2. 10s about a.d. 1400 
Ancient writers, probably never reproduced in print. 

32337 Isaac (G.) Grammatica hebraea, roy. 8vo. calf neat, uncut, 2s ^d 

Chr, Flantinus, Antverpiae, 1564 

32338 JACOB BEN ASHER, Arba Turim : Orakh EOiayim, Yore Dea, 

Khoshen Mishpat, and Even ha-Ezer, with the Beth Yosef of 
Joseph Karo, etc. all in Hebrew, 4 vols, folio, bd, £3. 3s 

Wilhelmsdorf, 487 (1727) 

In this great work, composed more than five centuries ago, everything 

that illustrated the Ritual and Judicial Laws of the Jews was brought 

together. It is accepted by the " Chosen People '* as authoritative. 

32338* Jahn, Chaldaische Chrestomathie, 8vo. hf calf, 2s 6d 1800 

32339 Jasher : Fragmenta Garminum in Masorethico textu tessellata, 

Mebr, et Lat. ed, Donaldson, 8vo. sd. 5s 185' 



32340 JEZIRA. Abrahami Patriarchse liber Jezirah, sive Formationis 

Mundi, etc. vertebat ex hebraeis et commentariis illustrabat 1551, 
ad Babylonis Ruinam et corrnpti Mundi finem G. Postellus 
restitutas, 18mo. blue morocco gilt, silk Univgs, gilt edges ^ by 
Bozerian, rare, £4. Farisiis, 1552 

32341 Joseph Albo. Ets Shatul, consisting of the Sefer Ikkarim of 

Joseph Albo on the fundamental doctrines of the Jewish law, 
with a commentary by Gedaliah ben Shelomoh, all Hebrew, 
folio, bd, lOs Francf. ajO, 1718 

32341* dasselbe Werke, deutsch, von Schlcsinger, 8vo. hf, 

calf, hs 1844 

32342 [Joseph ben Joshua, Dibre Hayamim le malke tzarfat] Chronicles 

of Rabbi Joseph Ben Joshua Ben Meir, the Sphardi, trans- 
lated from the Hebrew, by C. H. F. Bialloblotzy, 2 vols. 8vo. 

£1. 1837 

The accoant of the Crusades, and of the events that followed them in 
the Holy Land, is a feature of special interest in this work. But the history 
of Europe, during the reign of Charles Y, is the portion roost largely treated 
on, and best shows the extensive knowledge of state secrets and motives 
which could be acquired by Jews, whose mercantile and, financial resonrces 
put them in connexion with the rulers of kingdoms. The author of this 
General Chronicle was born at Avignon in 1496, but lived the greater part of 
his life at Genoa. 

32343 K ABB ALA DENtJDATA, sen doctrina Hebrceorum transcen- 

dentalis et metaphysica atque theologica, opus in quo ante ipsam 

translationem Sohar preemittitur Apparatus cujus pars prima 

continet locos communes Cabbalisticos Lexici instar, pars 

secunda constat e tractatibus variis (edidit Knorr A Rosen- 

both), in 3 vojs. sm. 4to. plates, the third volume slightly wornied, 

calf, £5. f>8 Sulzhaci, 1677-78— franco/. 1684 

32344 the same, 3 vols, in 2, sm. 4to. bound, £6. 6s 1677-84 

Quite complete, with the rare parts ^'Adnmbratio Kabbal» ChristianaB," 
and the " Porta Coelomm.** The former piece is very seldom seen. 

32345 Kabbala denudata, seu doctrina Hebraeorum transcendentalis et 
metaphysica atque theologica, opus in quo ante ipsam transla- 
tionem Sohar praemittitur Apparatus cujus pars prima continet 
locos communes Cabbalisticos Lexici instar, pars secunda con- 
stat e tractatibus variis (edidit Knorr k Rosenroth), 3 vols, in 2, 
sm. 4to. plates, without the part '* Adumbratio Kabbalae Chris- 
tianae," 70 pp. vellum, £2. lOs 

Sulzbaci, 1677-78— Framof. 1684 

32346 Shaab ha shamayim : Porta Coelorum, in qu& dogmata Cabbalis- 

tica, autore Abraham Cohen Irira; Tabulae Cabbalisticae, sm. 

4iio. plates, vellum, 2^8 Bolisbaci, 167S 

This is apportion of the Kabbala Denadata : Apparatus in librum Sohar 

pars iii, iv. 

32347 Karo (Jos.) Shulkhan Arukh : a commentary on the Arba Turim, 
forming a manual of rabbinical law, Hebrew, with commentaries, 
ed. by Dr. Nuiiez-Torres and Sal. Leon Templo, thick 12mo. 
bd. 78 Amsterdam,, 1698 

32348 the same, edited by Moses Isarles, in Hebrew, 4 vols. 

ism. 8vo. calf, 10* Amsterdam, 499-609 (1739-49) 


32349 Earo (Jos.) Magikne Eretz. Tbe Orakh Khayim, ^ith two Com- 
mentaries upon it : The Magen David or Ture Zahav, and the 
Magen Abraham, in Hebrew, folio, calf, 20» Arnsterdam, 492 (1732) 

32350 Orakh Khayim, according to the text of the Shulkhan 

Arukh, with glosses of Moses Isarles, the Beer Heteb of Jehuda 
Ashkenazi and the Eshel Abraham, all Sehrew, 2 vols. 8vo. 
hf. bd. 78 6d Idvorno, 620 (1860> 

32351 ■■■ ■ Ashle Bavrevd, and Shaftei Cohen, of Shabtai ben 

Meir, and the Tnre Zuhav of David ben Samuel, all being 
commentaries on the Shulkhan Arukh, in Hehrew, large folio, 
russia, with clasps^ lbs Amst, 47l (1711) 

32352 another edition, folio, calf, Us Amst. 603 (1743) 

32353 Kether Torah, perush al Sefer Torah, a Karaite commentary in 

Sehrew, 5 vols, in 2, 8vo. hound, 15s 

Eupatoria {^Crimea'], 1866-67 

32354 KIMHHI (David) Sefer Mikhlol : Hebrew Grammar, in Hchrew, 

12mo. vellum, ISs Venetzia, Bomherg, 306-10 (1645-60) 

32355 Sefer Sharashim j Book of Roots, being the second, or 

lexioal, part of the Mikhlol, i,e. a Hebrew Dictionary in Hebrew, 
306 (1546) — Sefer ha- Arukh : Talmudic Lexicon, by Nathan 
ben Yekhiel, 5413 \sic for 5313] (1553) -2 vols, in 1, folio, 
entirely in Hebrew, with autographs of Oappel and Tremellius, 
vellum^ from the Sunderland library, £2. Venetzia, 1546-53 

32356 Kboksmal (N'ahman) More Nevokhe ha-Zeman : Director erran- 

tium nostrsB eetatis, Hebraice, ed. Zunz, 4to. bd. 6s Lemberg, 1851 

32357 KXJSARI : The Philosophy of Judaism, by Jehudah Halevi, with 

Commentary in Hebrew, sm. 4to. vellum, rare, 325 Venice, 1505 

32358 Ktber (David) Gramraaticae HebraesB libri III, 1552 — ^Meditationes 

grammaticae ex threnis Hieremiae desumptae, 1552 ; together 
m 1 vol. 12mo. old calf, 63 Basileae, 1552 

32359 Lamb (J.) Hebrew Characters derived from Hieroglyphics, 8vo. 

cloth, Ss Gd 1885 

32360 Levita (El.) Grammatica Hebraiea, ed. Seb. Munsterus, 12mo. 

old stamped calf gilty gilt edges, hs BasUeae^ 1625 

32361 the same, 1525 — Composita verborum et nominum 

hebraicorum, ed. Seb. Munsterus, 1525—2 vols, in 1, 12mo. old 
stamped calf, rehached, 6s 1525 

32362 Lett (J.) Chaldaisches Worterbuch iiber die Targumim und einen 

grossen Theil des Rabbinischen Schriftthums, 2 vols, in 11 parts, 

impl. 8vo. 430 and 596 pp. sd. lbs Leipzig^ 1867-8 

82363 LoNGFiELD (G.) Introduction to the Chaldee language, 8vo. chth, 

2s 6d 1859 

32364 LiNDo's Jewish Calendar for 64 years, detailing the new moons, 

festivals, and fasts, etc. 8vo. cloth, 2s 1838 

32365 LuzzATTO (M. V.) Migdal-Oz 1 an allegorical Hebrew drama, with 

commentaries and a Latin introduction ed. by F. Delitzsch, 8vo. 
hf. bd. 2s Leipzig (1837) 

82366 LuzzATO (S. D.) Prolegomeni ad uiia Grammatica ragionata della 
lingua Ebraica, 8vo. cloth, 2s Padova, 1836 


32367 MAIMONIDES. Mishna Toba, otherwise called the Yap ha- 

Kh'zaka : complete Exposition of the Hebrew Law and Tradi- 
tion, HehreWj in Babhinical characters^ Books 4i, 5, 6 slightly 
defective at beginning and end, in 1 vol. sm. folio, MS. on Yellunii 
bound in blue morocco, lettered on the back, '* Treatise on Legal 
Questions,** £2, 10s Sec. xiv 

32368 another copy of the same three Books, in the square 

character, 4to. MS. on Yelluniy bormd in parchment-covered 
boards, £4. Sec, xv 

32369 Tad Khazaka, with the Metzoth prefixed, and with 

Commentaries, all in Hebrew, 2 vols, folio, old binding, £2. 

Venetziu, Bragadino, 310 (1650) 
The second volume is from Bomberg's edition of 284 (1524), of which 
Bragadino's edition is a reprint page for page. 

32370 Mora Nevokhim, a work on the interpretation of Scrip- 
ture, in Hebrew, folio, in the old stamped calf binding, 24* 

Jemitz, 502 (1742) 
for original, see under Arabic. 

32371 Bernard's Creed and Ethics of the Jews, exhibited in 

selections from the Yad Hachazakah of Maimonides, Hebrew 
and English, with notes, copions illustrations from the Talmud, 
Alphabetical Glossary, etc. bds, 18s Cambridge, 1832 

32372 — ■■ Reasons of the Laws of Moses from the " More Nevo- 

chim," with Notes, by J. Townley, frontispiece, 8vo. cloth, 35 6d 

32373 Constitutiones de Siclis, Hebr, et Lat. ed Esgers, large 

PAPER, 4to. vellum, Ss 6d Lugd. Bat. 1718 

32374 MAKHZOR : the Breviary of the Roman Synagogue, or Collection 

of Prayers, Hymns, and Lessons, for the year, in Hebreic, 

sm. 4to. a beautifully written MS. on vellum, with several initial 

words in gold, hf. bd. £20. Italy, about a.d. 1400 

One of the early possessors who have recorded tbeir ownership of this 
fine Tolume, was '* Itzhaq Levi, who dwells at Casaleof Monferrato." Another 
possessor dates his inscription 229 (1469). 

32374*MAKHZOR : The Jewish Ritual according to the Roman rite, 

folio, fine MS, on vellum, beautifully written, with painted oma- 

onents at the section-headings, in the original stamjped binding, 

£25. Sec. XV 

Similar in its contents to the preceding article. Some of the hymns in 
these two volumes of Makhzor have never been printed. 

32375 MAKHZOR : a similar work, in Hebrew, containing also a treatise 

of Rabbi Nakhshun ben Zadok on the Calendar and some other 

pieces, and unpublished hymns, etc. sm. folio, MS. on vellum, 

elegantly written, old calf, lettered Sedbr takhenunim, £14. 

171 (1411) 
Written by Yakob bar Gershon of Nenenstatt (?) for the Rabbi Shakxnoh 
son of Rabbi Daniel I. s. r. o. di Gnardia (?). 

32376 MAKHZOR : the ancient Rhythmical Prayei-s of the Jews, in 

Hebrew, very stout 12mo. beautifully printed in black and gold, 
upon YELLUM, blue morocco extra, £10. Bohniia, 1637 


32377 MAKHZOR : the ancient Rhythmical Prayers of the Jews, not 

quite perfect, also on vellum, bds, £2, 10s Bolon, 1537 

This precious volume of Hebrew Prayers, according to the rite of the 
Roman Synagogue, is probably the best and most complete printed edition of 
the work, so far as the hymns are concerned. 

32378 MAKHZOR : Prayers for all the Festivals in the Year, in 

Hebrew, with German tratislation in Bahbinical characters, 5 vols. 
4to. old calf gilt, 255 Amsterdam 510 (1750) 

32379 Makhzor mekol haShana : Festival Prayers according to the ritual 

of the German and Polish- Jews, Hebrew aiuL English, by Levi, 
6 vols. 8vo. calf, 16* 5554-56 (1794-96) 

32380 MAKHZOR le-kol Moedi ha Shanah : Festgebete der Israeliten, 

mit vollstandigem, sorgfaltig durchgesehenem Texte, Hebraisch 

und JDeutsch, iibersetzt von Sachs, 9 vols, in 5, 8vo. Spanish 

morocco, £2. Berlin, 1860 

The metrical passages are rendered in German rhymed verses. 

32381 Martinii Morentini (P.) Grammatica hebraea, Rupellae, 1590 — 

Technologia grammaticae hebraeae, 1590— Chaldaea grammatica 
qnatenns a Latina differt, 1590 — Davis, Introduction to the 
Hebrew tongue, from the Latin of Buxtorf, 1656 ; 4 pieces in 1, 
12mo. vellum, Zs Qd 1590-1656 

32382 Grammatica hebraea — Technologia — Chaldaea gram- 
matica ; together in 1 vol. 12mo. old calf, 2s Eupellae, 1697 

32383 MASHAL HA-KADMUNI, by Isaac ben Salomon ben Sahola, 

edited by Meir ben Jacob Franzoni: a work consisting of 

proverbial phrases in rhyme, illustrated by prose fables, all in 

Hebrew, sm. 4to. numerous woodcuts of talking animals and other 

facetious designs, somewhat in the style of ^sop and the Septem 

Sapientes, bound in hogskin, stamped with portraits and arabesques 

in compartments, and the arms of Saxo7iy, very rare, from the 

Sunderland library, £5. hs Venice, about 1560 

Bound along with three other rare Hebrew pieces : Shcvil Amnnah, 
Trefnt, 1659 ; Sbaar ha-Shamavim {the Caballistic Porta Coelorum), Vinet 
1547 ; Evronoth, a Hebrew Calendar, Trent, 1561. 

32384 Meier (Ernst) Geschichte der poetischen National -Literatur der 

Hebraer, 8vo. sd. 2s Leipzig, 1856 

32385 Meor Enayim : Historical Philosophical, and Philological Essays, 

by AzARiA de' Rossi, in Hebrew, 3 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. russia 
neat, gilt edges, 12s Mantua, 334 (1574) 

This elegant work belongs to a style and kind of literature little practised 
amongst the Jews. 

32386 MiCHAELis (J. D.) Spicilegium geographiae Hebraeorum exterae, 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. calf, 2s Qd Qottingae, 1769-80 

32387 Grammatica Chaldaica, 1771 — Arabische Grammatik, 

1781— in 1 vol. 12mo. ^/. calf, 2s 6d Qottingae, 1771-81 

32388 — Grammatica Syriaca, 4to. plate, hf, calf, 28 Halae, 1784 

32389 ■ Supplementa ad Lezica Hebraica, 6 parts in 2 vols. 4to. 

2376 pp» a series of dissertations in dictionary form, calf gilt, 7s 

Qottingae, 1792 

32390 Chrestomathia Syriaca, glossario instructa a Doepke, 

1829— Knos, Chrestomathia Syriaca, 1807 — together in 1 vol 
12mo. hf. calf, 6$ QoUingae, 1807-?' 


32400 MIDRASH RABBOTH. Altegorical Commentaries on tbe 

Pentateuch and the Megillotb, by ancient Rabbis, in Hebrew ^ 

folio, bound, 255 Amsterdam^ 485 (1725) 

With tbe Commentarjr entitled Matnoth K^hnmib, bj Imkbar Bebr, the 
Zera Abraham, tbe Mishnat of Rabbi Eliezer, and the Yade Moehe. 

32401 MiDRASH Rabboth al ha-Tora, im pemsh Matnoth, 8yo. elalh^ if 

Leipzig^ 1864 

32402 MiKHLOL Yuri : commentarins in loca selects Scriptnive a Selemone 

ben Melech, cnm Leket Sh'kekha AbendansB, aU Hebrew, folio, 
stamped calf, 15* ' Amst, 5445 (1685) 

32403 MiLSAHAGT, i.e. Mehlsack(E.) SepherRabiah : Babbinical Treatises, 

in Hebrew, 4to. sd. 2* 6d Ofen, 1837 

32404 MISGHNA sire totins Hebraeoram Jnris, Ritnnm, Antiqnitatnm, 

ac Legnm Oralinm Systema, cnm clarissimomm Rabbinomm 
Maimonidis et Bartenorse commentariis int^ris^ hebraice et 
latine, ed. G. SuftENHUsius, 6 vols, in 3, stout folio, plat^s^ old 
calf, £5. 15« ; or in 6 vols. Jif, bd. uncut, £8. Amd. 1698-9 

32405 Mishnaioth : the Mishna^ with the commentary of 

Obadiah of Bartenora, in Hehreto, 6 vols, in 3, 4to. stamped 
russia, with brass clasps, 16s Amsterdam^ 447-456 (1687-95) 

32406 the Mishna,with Commentaries, tw Hebrew, and Oerma/n 

translation in Rabbinical characters, 6 vols, in 7, 8vo. hf, bd, 16« 

Wien, 1817-35 

32407 the Mishna, Hebrew and German, with HebiW com- 
mentary and German notes by Jost, the German in Rabbinical 
characters, 6 vols, in 2, hf. calf, 35* Berlin, 592-94 (1832-4) 

82408 Eighteen Treatises from the Mishna, translated by the 

Rev. D. A. de Sola and J. M. Raphall, 8vo. eMh, 15* 1845 

82409 MiVKHOB (Sefer ha-) va Tov ha-Miskhor, femsh al ha-Torah; va 
Tirath Kesef, in Hebrew, folio, bd, 30* 

QutU (Evpatortt), «94 (1834) 
The first work is a grfat Kanstte cofBtneBtaTy writteti in tbe thirteenth 
century bj Aaron ben Tosef. The second Is bj Tosef Shelotno iTemsbalmi. 

32410 MOSES OF OOUCT (HAKKOTZI) Sefer MetzotA (^edol : the 

great collection of Precepts on aH the points of Mosaic legisla- 
tion, large folio, Hebrew MS, in rabbinical eharaetet9, on vellum, 
bound in calf neai, lettered '* Commentary on the Pentatench, 

Sec. XV." £10. Sec, xiv-xv 

The book was written either in Spain or Sootberti Vnikah One of its 
former possessors was Moses Tarbot (member of a French Ashknazi family, 
sec. XVI ?). 

32411 MuBNEs, Ritas et celebratio PhatfB {i*e. Paschee] Jndetnfam com 

orationibns eomm et benedictionibns Mense, ad liitemm inter- 
pretatis, sm. 4to. curious cuts^ sd, 20# cir, 1505 

32412 Natib ha-Yamim: a Chart of the Days, beitg a Work on the 

Calculations necessary for oompiling the Calendar. The Tables 
are by Rabbi Jaoob, son of Rabbi DaTid, and the Calcnlations 
by Rabbi Mordeoai Finai, m Hebrew, with an JtaUan compen- 
pendium of the Calendar, sm. folio, MS. in paper, containing 
plates and neatly umtten, ffellumt 25« Sec* xvil 

32413 NiCHOLLS (G. F.) Saanaritan Gramiaar, ISmo. 138 |rt>. cloth, 2s 



32414 NORDHEIMER, a gmmmatical analysis of selections from tj^e 
Hebrew Scriptures, roy. 8vo. cloth, 7s New York, 1838 

32415 a critical Grammar of the Hebrew Language, 2 vols. 

roy. 8vo. ctoth, S5s New York, 1838-41 

32416 the same, 2 vols, in 1, roy. 8vo. second edition of Vol, 1, 

cloth, £± 1842-41 

32417 NoBK (Fr.) Hebraisch-chaldaisch-rabbinisches und denrtsches 

Worterbnch, impL 8vo. 576 ^jp. double columns^ lif. caXf, hs 

Orimma, 1842 

32418 S. Pagnini Hebraicamm institntionnm libri IV, ex R. David 

Kimchi fere transcripti — Hebraea et Chaldaea nomina . . . quae 
in Bibliis leguntur — 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. 515 and 53 jpp, hf, 
calf, hs Paris, 1549 

32419 Peritsol, Itinera Mundi, nempe Cosmographia, Hehr, et Lat. ed. 

Hyde, sm. 4to. hf, hd, Ss 6d Oxon. 1691 

32420 Pharchi, Caftor wa-Pherach sive Liber de Ritibus, Geographia, 

Antiquitatibus, Nummis, etc. Terrse Sanctse, Hehraice, edente 

Hirsch Edelmann, 8vo. sd. 8s Berolini, 1852 

A new and corrected edition of the very rare origintl (Venice, 1549). 

32421 Pinner's Prospectus der Odessaer altesten hebraischen und 

rabbinischen MSS. facsimiles, Odessa, 1845 — Chronicon Sam- 
ARITANUM, liber Josuae, Arah. etLat, ed. Juynboll, Lugd, Bat, 1848 
— 2 vols, in 1, 4to. a list of Tischendorfs MS8, inserted, half 
russia, gilt edges, 20* 1845-48 

32422 Pjbke Aboth, die Spriiche der Vater, Hehr. von Strack, 8vo. sd. 

Is ]882 

32423 Psalms. Sefeb Theuillih, smallest 4to. Hebrew M8* on vellum, 

hd, £4. Gostnitz, 175 (1415) 

Amongst signatares of former owners are those of Itzhaq Leyi Ashknazii 
and Shelomoh Arbib* The former was perhaps the celebrated Isaac Loria. 

32424 Rblandi Analecta Babbinica, 5 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. portrait, 690 

pp. vell/um, 6s Trajecti, 1723 

A book full of curious and interesting information, including the. Lives of 
celebrated Babbis. 

32425 REUCHLIN, de Rudimentis Hebraicis libri III, 4to. ^Dith 

valuable MS. notes in a contemporary hand, original stamped 
binding, 7s 6d Phorce, in cedibus Th, Anshelmi, 1506 

32426 the same, 4to. thick paper, stamped pigskin vnth clasps, 

fine copy, 20s 1506 

32427 RiGQs' Chaldee Manual : Grammar, Chrestomathy, and Vocabularv, 

8vo. cloth, Qs New York, 1842 

32428 RoDRiGUES Moreira (J.) Kehilath Jahacob : being a Hebrew- 

English- Spanish vocabulary, 4to. 190 jpj?. hf, calf, 2s 6d 


32429 Rot (W. L.) Hebrew-English critical and pronouncing Dictiooary, 

impl. 8vo. 733 pp. double columiis, bds. \0s Qd Neiv Yorki 1837 

32430 Sachs (Michael) Beitrage zur Sprach und Alterthumsforschung ; 

aus jiidischen Quellen, 2 parts, 8vo. bds, 2s 6d Berlin, 1852-54 

32431 Salvador (J.) Histoire des Institutions de MoisQ et du peuplp 

Hebreu, 2 vols. 8vo. hf, vellum., \2s 6d Paris, 18' 


32432 Saulcy (P. dc) Histoire de TArfc Jndaiqne, 8vo. hf. morocco^ 4* 6(i 

TaHs, 1858 

32433 ScHAAF (C.) Opus Aramaenm : grammatica chaidaico-syriaca, 

selecta Targumin cnm versione latina et notis, lexicom clialdai- 
cum, thick l2mo. hd. Zs ^d Lugduni Bat, 1686 

32484 SCHOETTGENII Horje Hebraicje et Talmudicjs in Novum 
TeBtamentum, quibus Horse J. Lightfooti supplentur, EpistolsB 
et Apocaljpsis illustrantur ; Horae in Theologiam Judffiorum de 
Messia dogmaticam antiquam et hodiemam impenssB, cum Rab- 
binicis Lectionibus, etc. 2 vols, stout sm. 4to. portrait^ vellum^ 
£3. 168 DresdcB, 1733-42 

32435 Sedeb Olam Rabba ; an ancient Hebrew Chronicle, translated into 

English, edited by John Williams, 8vo. cloth, bs 1861 

32436 Seder Tefilloth ua-EIaraim : Liturgy of the Karaite Jews, in 

Hebreia, edited by Itzhak Iskowitz, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. iieatly houyid, 
168 Wien, 1854 

32437 Seblig (Gottfried) der Jude, cine Wochenschrift, 9 vols. 12mo. 

cloth, 1S8 Leipzig, 1768-72 

An exhanstiTe work on the costoms, rites, practices, and opinions of the 
modem Jews, by a convert from Jewry. 

32438 Shalsheleth Hakeabala; Chain of Tradition, by Gedalia ben 

Yakhiya, in Rdhhinical Hebrew, sm. 8vo. hd, a rare Gabhalisttc 
work, 68 Amsterd, 467 (1697) 

32439 Shelomoh of Urbino, Ohel Moed : a Dictionary of Hebrew 

Synonyms, all Hebrew, sm. 4to. first edition, old calf, with the 
Marlborough arms on sides, 30* Voietzia, 5308 (1548) 

32440 Shibi Tefarath : a collection of Hymns, in Hebrew, edited by 

Naftali Hirz Wesel (called on the German title of Part VI : 
Hartwig Wessely), 6 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. bds. bs Frag, 1812-29 

32441 SoHULCHAN Aruch, Oder encyclopadische Darstellnng des 

Mosaischen Gesetzes [nach talmndischer Interpretation von M. 
Greizenach], 4 vols, in 1, 12mo. hf, calf, 7s 6d 

Frankfurt, 1833-40 
see ante, No. 32347. 

32442 Solomon, Sefer Hhakmah Shelomoh : Wisdom of Solomon, trans- 

lated from the Greek, with commentary by Naftali ben 
Issakhar Wessel, all Hebrew, sm. folio, hf, m&rocco, 21s 


32443 Proverbia, Hebraice et Latine, ed. Seb. Munsterus, 12mo. 

MS, notes on the margiiis, vellum, 2s Basilece (1524) 

32444 Steinschneider, Jewish Literature from the eighth to the 

eighteenth century, with an introduction on Talmud and 
Midrash, 8vo. 400 pp, cloth, £2. IO5 1857 

32445 Bibliographisches Haudbuch iiber die Literatur fur 

hebraische Sprachkunde, 8vo. sd, Ss 6d ; or, hf. calf, 5s 

Leipzig, 1859 

STNAGOGUE BOLLS, all written in Arabia, on leather, in the 
fifteenth and sixteenth c&nturies ; from the Shapira collection : 
32446 Pentateuch, in Hebrew, a roll of leather, about 110 feei long, 
£%>, %>8 Sec. xv-xvi 


Synagoque Rolls — continued, 

32447 Pentateuch, in Hebrew ^ on a leathern roll, about 120 feet long, 

£5. Sec. XV 

32448 another MS. wanting three chapters at beginning, a roll 

of leather, about 50 feet long, £3. 10^ Sec. xvi 

32449 : — another MS. without the Genesis, a roll of leather, about 

QO feet long, £3. 3^ Sec, xv 

32450 Leviticus {imperfect)^ Numbers, and Deuteronomy, a 

roll of leather, about hO feet long, £2. 16* Sec, xv-xvi 

32451 Numbers and Deuteronomy, a roll of leather, about 

hO feet long, £2. 2« Sec, xv 

32452 Genesis, and part of Exodus ; Genesis, another MS. 

slightly imperfect; Numbers and Deuteronomy; 3 odd rolls of 

leather, altogether about 100 feet long, £3. 10s Sec, xv-xvi 

32453 Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus; Exodus, Leviticus, 

Numbers, and Deuteronomy ; Leviticus ; — 3 odd rolls of leather, 

altogether about 150 feet long, £4. 4* Sec. xv-xvi 

32454 Esther. Synagogue Roll (Megillah) Hebrew MS. in square 

Italian characters, on vellum, 2bs Sec. xviii 

see also ante jp. 1575. 

32455 TALMUD BABLI : Babylonian Talmud, v^rith Tosefoth, and 

commentaries of various Rabbis, all in Hebrew, 12 vols, folio, old 
calf, £7. 7s Vienna, Joseph HraschanzJcy, 1791 

32456 'im Perushim ve tosephoth, etc. : the Babylonian Talmud 

(Mishna and Gemara) complete, with Rashi's Commentaries, 
and the Mishnaic Commentary of Maimonides, etc. all in 
Hebrew, edited by Moses ben Israel Landau, 19 vols. 8vo. hf, bd. 
£6. 105 Prag, 1844 

32457 'im perushim, tosefoth, piske tosefoth, etc. Babylonian 

Talmud with all the supplements and commentaries of various 
Rabbinical doctors, etc. entirely in Hebreiv, 16 vols, folio, hf bd. 
£5. Berlin, 1864 

32458 Sefer Tosepta mis-seder Zeraim va Moed, with com- 
mentaries by Avigador, etc. in Hebrew, 2 vols, in 1, folio, bd. 12s 

Wilna, 1841 

32459 Rabbinowicz, Legislation Criminelle du Talmud ; traduction 

critique des trait^s Synhedrin et Mahhoth, et des deux passages 

de Edjoth, 8vo. sd, hs Paris, 1876 

32460 TOBAT KoHENNiM im perush ha-Tora ve Hamitzva, compusa de 

Rabinul M. L. Malbim, in Hebrew, 4to. bd. 7s Bucuresci, 1860 

32461 Ttbbon (Rabbi Abeu) Physica Hebraea, Hebraice et latine, ed. J. 

Isaac Levita, 1565 — Maimonides, Epistola de Astrologia, 
Hebraice et latine, ed. F. Isaac Levita, 1555 — 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. 
bds. 2s Golonice, 1555 

32462 Uhlemakn, Institutiones Linguae Samaritanae cum chrestomathia 

et glossario, 2 parts in one vol. 8vo. hf calf, 9s Lipsice, 1837 

32463 Vital (Rabbi Khaiim) Khok le-Israel : Daily Readings from the 

Bible, the Talmud, and the Zohar, in Hebrew, 5 parts in 2 vols. 

sq. 8vo. sd, 20s be Mitzraim (Cairo), 500 (1740) 

Of extreme rarity. Perhaps the first Hebrew book printed in Cahx>. 


32465 WAGENSEILII (J. C.) Tela ignea Satan®, toe estarcaai «t hor- 
ribiles JudaBorum adversus Christnin libri drecSoroc, Beh, et Laf, 
cum Mantissa de lxx Hebdomadibus Danielis adversus Mar- 
sham! explicationem, 2 vols. sm. 4io. portrait, fine copy in olive 
moroGCO extra, gilt edges^ hj Berome, £3. Zs Altdorfi, 1681 

Amongst the books here printed in Hebrew and Latin are the oelebnit6d 
Toledoth Yeshna, the Sefer Nitzakhon, and 1^ Kbizznk Amtma. 

324:66 Waser (C.) Grammatica Syra, sm. 4to. old calf or interleaved^ 
vellum, bs Leidm, 1619 

32467 Wasmuth (M.) Hebraismns restitutns : gimnmaiica, accetitiiatio 

hebrsea, vindicise s. hebweflB scriptnrw, 3 vols.^ sm. 4to. in 1, 
vellum, %>8 Bogtochii, 1664 — Kiloni, 1674 

32468 WiGRAM (G. V.) Hebraist's Vade-Mecum, a verbal Index to the 

Hebrew and Chdldee Scriptures, 8vo. (pub. 16«), cloth, 1$ 1867 

32469 Winer (G. B.) Chaldaische Grammatik, 1824— Ghaldaisches Lese- 

buch, 1825—2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. calf^ 2« 1824-25 

32470 « — Chald. Grammatik, rerbesserte Aufiage, sm* 8vo. hds. 

\8 ^d 1842 

32471 the same, 1842— Chaldaisches Lesebueb, 1825— Chres- 

tomathia Talmudica et Rabbinica, 1822 — 3 vols, in 1, 8vo. 
hf. hd,Z$U 1822-42 

32472 WOLFII (J. C.) Bibliotbeca Hebrsea Auctomm Hebresorum 

cujuscunque eetatis, Gaffarelli index Cod. CabbalisticorumMSS. 
4 vols, stout sm. 4to. hd. 36« ; ol*, stamped vdlum, from the Sun' 
derland library, £2. 5* Samh, 1715-33 

Notwithstanding the many books that hare been written twon Hebrew 
bibliography, Wolfs work rsmattis indispensable, and is probaMy the best 
of its kind. 

32473 Young (Robert) Hebrew Miscellanies, 4 pieces in 1 vol. 8vo. elothi 

28 Edinburgh^ 1854 

32474 ZedkeR, Catalogue of tbe Hebrew Books in the British Museum, 

thick 8vo. 891 pp. (sells 255), cloth, lOs 1867 

The British Mnsenm collection of Hebrew books is the largest In tbe 

32475 ZOHAR. Sefer haz-Zohar hak-kadush 'al hat-Torah : the famous 

Cabbalistic work known under the name of Simeon ben 
Yokhai, with Supplements, etc. and notes of Shalom Buzaglio, 
in Hebrew, 4 vols. 8vo. Jif. calf, 36f Amst, 465 (1805) 

32476 — Miftakhoth Hazohar : Analytical Indices to the Zohaf) 

2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. bds. 6« Venice, 1744 

32477 ZuNZ, zur jiidischen Geschichte und Literatnr, Vol. 1 (all pub- 

lished), 8vo. 600 pp. hf. calfi 10« Berlin, 1845 

32478 Literaturgeschichte der synagogalen Poesie, mit Nach- 

trag, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. ^^^ and 76 pp. hf calf, 12« 1865-67 

32479 Hebrew Tracts : A collection of 39 Academical Disputations in 

Latin, by Seyffert, Sesemann, Herbst, Berthold, Werchau, 
Hilliger, Flachs, Schmidt, Mencken, Seiferheld, Ortlob, Wolff, 
Werner, Meier^ Grisohow, Dantzius, Stisser, Corylus, Miiller, 
Willich, Castens, Jastram, Wagner, Wichmanshaiusen and 
Luther, (Jalley, Haas, Jungendres, J. M. rom Berg, Haner, 


Iken, Ziegra, PfafEreuter, Wirth, Abicht, Hirfc, Weber — in 4 vols. 

sm. 4to. cloth, 24s 1680-1720 

A great storehouse of the most cnrioas, rare, and valuable information 
upon Bible Criticism and Hebrew Philology. Such a collection as this is 
unique in its wtj. It contains the discussions of the Universities of Germany, 
printed at Leipzig, Greifswald, Wittomberg, Jena, and at various other towns 
duriug a l<^g series of years ; and those who know how difficult it is to obtain 
even a single piece of the kind will estimate correctly the extraordinary rarity 
of the present collection. 

32480 Hebrew and Sybtao Tbactr, including : Greppo, la monnaie cbez 

les H^breux — pellermann, die Urim and Thummim — Carmoly, 
Voyages du rabbin P^thachia — Ohwolson, iiber Tammuz, and 
others by Heise, Hirzel, and Wright, together 7 pieces in a 
bundle, 8yo. be 

3. Phoenician, Punic, Moabitic. 

32481 BouAGADE (F.) Toison d'or de la langue ph^nicienne, folio, 24 pp. 

of text and about 40 plates, sd, 5« Paris, 1852 

32482 the same, second enlarged edition, folio, 48 pp. of text 

and platesy sd. Is ^d 1856 

32483 Drommonp (Sir W.) Essay ou a Punic Inscription, roy. 4to. plate, 

Us.'ls 1821 

32483*EuTiNG, sechs phonikische Inscriften aus Idalion, plates, 1875 — 

Barges, M^moire sur 39 nouvelles Inscriptions puniques, 1852 

— 2 pieces, 4to. sd, Zs ^d 1852-75 

32484 GisssNius, Scripturse Linguaeque PhoenicisB monumenta quotquot 

supersunt, 3 parts in 2, 4to. 46 plates of Inscriptions, Alphabets, 
etc. Ids. X2« Lips, 1837 

The heat work upon the Phoenician language ; it embodies all the exist- 
ing information. 

^4g5 the same, bound in 1 vol. 4to. plates, hf. cf neat, 14a 


32486 the same, 3 parts, 1837 — with Clermont-Gunneau, la 

stMe de Dhiban et la st^le de Mesa, 2 pieces, with plates, 1870 ; 
all in 1 vol. 4to. hf calf Ihs 1837-70 

32487 iiber Phouizische und Punische Schrift, 4to. 7 plates, hf, 

calf, hs 1835 

32488 the same, 1835 — Carmina samaritana, 1824 ; and three 

others by the same, together in 1 vol. 4to. hf, calf, 10s 1824-35 

32489 Hamakeu (H. A.) Miscellanea Phoenicia, 4to. 368 pp, and 5 plates 

of Inscriptions, cloth, 3* Qd Lugduni Batav, 1828 

32490 Diatribe de Monumentis aliquot Punicis — Reuvens, 

Periculum Animadversionum ad Cippos Punicos Humbertianos ; 
2 vols, in 1, 4to. plates, sd, 2« 6d Lttgd, Bat* 1822 

32491 Inscbiptions in the Phoenician Character, discovered on the 

site of Carthage, during Kesearches by Nathan Davis, Esq., 
1856-58, folio (sells 25s), bds, ISs 1863 

32492 J DBAS (A. C.) fitude demonstrative de la langue ph^nicienne et de 

la langue libyqujOi 32 large plates of Inscriptioiis a/nd Alphabets, 
sd. I2s Paris, 1847 

32492* Nouvelle Analyse de I'lnsoription Ph^nicienne de Mar- 
seille, folio, si. is 18- 


32493 Judas, Memoires sar 19 Liscriptions Numidico-PimiqiLes inedites, 

8vo. 10 plates of facsimiles, sd. 4a 1861 

32494 LENOR&LANT (F.) Introduction a nn n\emoire sor la propagation 

de ] 'Alphabet Phenicien dans I'ancien monde, roy. 8yo. sd. 2s 


32495 Essai snr la propagation de I'Alpliabet Phenicien dans 

I'ancien monde, Vol. I and Vol. IT part 1 (all published), in 3 
vols. roy. 8to. (pub. at 30«), sd. 20s 1872-73 

32496 Levi (M. A.) Phonizische Studien, 4 parts, pUites, 1856-70— Pho- 

nizisches Worterbuch, 1864 ; together 5 pieces, 8vo. sd. os 

Breslau, 1856-70 

32497 LuTNEs (H. de) Supplement a I'essai sur la numismatique des 

Satrapies et de la Phenicie sous les Rois Achaemenides, folio, 
containing pp. 100-124 of tJie text, and 17 plates, hds. 10s 

(Paris, 1846) 

32498 Movers (P. C.) die punischen Texte im Poenulus des Plautus, 8vo. 

hf houndy 4iS Breslau, 1845 

32499 PosTELLUS (G.) de Foenicum literis, toith large folding leaf of 

characters — Liber de causis seu de principiis et originibus 
naturae utriusque — together in 1 vol. 16mo. hf. hd. Is ^d 

Parisiis, 1552 

32500 REN AN (B.) Mission de Ph6nicie, text pts. I-IV, plates pts. 

I-VI, folio and impl. folio (pub. at £4.), unbound, £2. 

Paris, 1864-70 

32501 Schroder (P.) die Phonizische Sprache; Grammatik, nebst Sprach- 

und Schriftproben, mit Anhang enthaltend die punischen 
Stellen im Poenulus des Plautus, 8vo. 342 pp. and 22 plates of 
Inscriptions, sd. Ss 6d ; or, hf. hd. 10s Halle, 1869 

32502 Ph(ENICUN Tracts, including : Judas, Tarif de taxes en langue 

punique — Lindberg, inscriptio melitensis phoenicio-grsBca — 
Quatremere, inscriptions puniques — Borski, de Phoenicum 
coloniis, and others by Wex Lindemann, and Boudard, together 
8 pieces in a bundle, 8vo. 7s 6d 

32503 ScHLOTTMANN, luschrift Eschmunazars, Konigs der Sidomer, plates, 

1868 — Lenormant, sur rorigine chr^tienne des Inscriptions 
Sinai tiques, plates, 1859 — 2 pieces, 8vo. sd. 2s Qd 1859-68 

32504 Voo(^£, Inscriptions Semitiques de la Syrie Centrale, avec tra- 

duction et commentaire, folio, 38 large plates, sd, £2. 1868-77 

4. Syriac, Mendaean. 

32505 ABULPHARAGII (G.) sive Bar-Hebrsei Chronicon Syriacum. 

Syriace et latine, ediderunt P. J. Bruns et G. G. Kirsch, 2 vols. 
4to. sized pape^', calf neat, £2. 16s Lipsice, 1789 

32506 Grammatica linguae Syriacae, Syr. et Lat. ed. Bertheau, 

8vo. hds. 68 Oottingen, 1843 

Boand ap with Partbey's AlexaDdrinischeg Mnsenm, and some philolo- 
gical opascnla. 

32507 ' CEuvres Grammaticales, editees {autographiees en langue 

Syriaqvs) par Martin, 2 vols. Svo, facsimiles, sd. 15* 1872 


32508 Apocrypha. Libri Veteris Testamenti Apocryphi, Syriace, e recog- 

nitione de Lagarde, 8vo. sd. 2s 1861 

32509 Athanasius, Festal letters of, discovered in aa ancient Syriac 

version, and edited by Cnreton, facsimile^ 2« 1848 

Bar Hebr2eus — see Abnlpharag. 

32510 Bernstein (G. H.) Lexicon lingnsd sjriacee, Fasciculus 1 {all 

published) y roy. 4to. sd, 2is BeroUni, 1857 

32511 Bible: Old and New Testament, m Syriac (edited by Samuel 

Lee), 2 vols, in 1, 4to. hound, 9s 1823-26 

32512 DiATiKi Kh'dato : New Testament, in Syriac, 2 vols, in 1, 

4to. calf, 6s Paris, 1824 

32513 Castelli Lexicon Syriacum ex ejus lexico heptaglotto curavit 

atque sua adnotata adjecit Michaelis, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. 
sized paper, hf, calf, £S, 3s Goettingen, 1788 

32514 Clementis (S.) Romani Epistol«9 binae de Virginitate, Syriace, ed. 

Beelen, roy. 8vo. cloth, hs Idovanii, 1856 

32515 CURETON (W.) Spicilegium Syriacum, containing remains of 

Bardesan, Meliton, Ambrose and Mara Bar Serapion, with 

English translation, roy. 8vo. cloth, rare, 20s 1855 

32516 Ancient Syeiac Documents relative to the earliest 

establishment of Christianity in Edessa, Syriac and English, 

with preface by Dr. Wright, 4to. f>p. xiv, 196, and 112 (pub. at 

£1. lis 6(0, cloth, lbs 1864 

This interesting volume was the first anthentic record proving the his- 
torical correctness in many things of the apocryphal writings concerning the 
Acts of the Apostles. It contains fragments and extracts from the very early 
Syriac MSS. acquired in large numbers by the British Museum thirty odd 
years ago. 

see also Ignatius. 

32517 Elias von Tirhan (Mar) Syrische Grammatik, Syrisch und 

Deutsch, herausgegeben von F. Baethgen, 8vo. sd. 2s 1880 

32518 BPHREM SYRI Opera Omnia quse extant, Greece, Syriace, et 

Latins, cum prefationibus, notis, variantibus lectionibus auspiciis 
Clementis XII, nunc primum ex Bibliotheca Vaticana pro- 
deunt, 6 vols, folio, fine copy in the origin^ calf, £10. 10a 

BomcB, 1737-47 

32519 ■ Carmina Nisibena additis prolegomenis et supplemento 

lexicorum syriacorum, Syriace et latino, ed. G. Bickell, roy. 8vo. 
sd, Bs 6d . Leipzig, 1866 

— see Hahn und Sieffert. 

32520 EusEBius on the Theophania, or divine manifestation of Christ, 

Syriac, edited by Lee, royal 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d 0, T, S, 1842 

32521 Hahn et Sieffert, Chrestomathia Syriaca sive S. Ephrsemi 

Carmina selecta, Syriace, 8vo. sd, 2s Lipsice, 1825 

32522 HoFFMANNi Orammatica Syriaca, 4to. three plates, sd,Ss6d; tieatly 

hound, hs Halce, 1827 

32623 IGNATIUS (St.) Epistles, in Syriac, English and GreeJc, with an 

extensive preface and notes, ed. by Cureton, 8vo. cloth, hs 1845 
32524 — Corpus Ignatianum, a complete Collection of the Ignatius 

Epistles, in Syriac, Greek, and Latin, and an English translation 

of the Syrian text, copious notes, and introduction h^ """^ 

Cureton, royal 8vo. 12^ 


32525 IGNATIUS (St.)Vindici8B IgnatiansB, or the genuine writings of St. 

Ignatius, vindicated from the charge of Heresy, 8vo. cloth, 
3s 6d 1846 

32526 Kalilag nnd Damnag : alte syrische Uebersetznng des indischen 

Fiirstenspiegels, syrisch und deutsch von Bickell, mit einer 
Einleitung (150 pp,) von Benfey, roy. 8vo. (pub. at 28«), sd, 
78 Qd' Leipzig, 1S76 

32527 KiBSCHii Chrestomathia Syriaca cum Lexico, edidit Bernstein, 

2 vols. 8vo. sd. Ss 6d ; or, bd. 5« Lips. 1832-36 

32528 Lamy (Th. J.) Dissertatio do Syromm fide et disciplina in re 

eucharistica ; accedunt veteris ecclesiae syriacae monumenta duo, 
Syriace et Latine, 8vo. sd, 2s 6d Lovanii^ 1859 

32529 Martin (rabb^) Tradition Elarkaphienne ou la Massore chez les 

Syriens, Svo. facsimile, hds, 2« Paris, 1870 

MiCHAELis, Grammatica a7id Chrestomathia — Nos. 32397-9. 

32530 MissALE Syriacum : Libri Ministri Misses juxta ritum Ecclesiss 

Nationis Maronitarum, Syriace, sm. ^to. finely printed, with the 
rubrics properly printed in red^ and illitatrated with several wood 
engravings, velhim, £2* Somoe, 1596 

'' From this book it is evident that the earty printers were famili^ with 
the method of casting Oriental tjpes upon difkteent * bodies ' saited to the 
shape of each particular letter ; and that they alio east ktteri to * hang off ' 
the body, at both * back ' and * nixk,* " 

32531 NoLDEKE (Th.) Grammatik der Neosyrigchen Sprache am Urmia 

See und in Kurdistan, 8vo. sd, 6s ; or, hf, morocco, 7s 6d 1868 

32532 NOBBBBG. Codex Nasareaus, Liber Adami appeUatus, Syriace 

transcriptus Latineque redditus, cum Lexidio et Onomastico, 
5 vols. sm. 4to. calf neat, 32s Hafnias (1815-16) 

The sacred book of the Mandieans, in a language closely akin to Hebrew, 
Samaritan, and Syriac, written in characters like those of the last. 

32533 Prayers. Portion of the Syriac Liturgy, in Syriac, Bstrangelo 

character, 12mo. neatly written MB,^ hf, moi'occo gilt, lettered 
" Livre de Pri^res," 16s 2071-1173-1760 

32534 RoBDiGEK (E.) Chrestomathia Syriaca cum glossario, 8vo. sd, 2s ; 

or, hf bd. 3» Halis, 1738 

32535 Sendabar, Paraboles sur les ruses des femmes, en franqais, avec 

une notice hisfcorique sur Tauteur par Carmoly, 1849 — Das Buch 
von den sieben weisen Meistem, Deutsch, mit literarhistorischer 
Einleitung von Sengelmann, Halle, 1842 — 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. 
hf rnoroccd, Ss 6d ^ 1842-49 

32536 Severi Alexandrini Patriarchae de Ritibns Baptismi, et Sacras 

Sy ntaxis apud Syros Christianos receptis liber, Guidone Fabrieio 
Boderiano exscriptore et interprete, Syriac, Hebrew and Latin, 
sm. 4to. fine specimen of old Syriac printing, from " overhang- 
ing" types, the rubrics in ** JBstrangelo^^ Syriac, the original bind- 
ing, 36« AntverpioB, Plantin. 1572 

32537 Smith (R. Payne) Catalogus Codicum MSS. Syi'iacorum,Carshuni- 

corum, Mendaeorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae, 4to. plates of fac- 
similes, cloth, 9s Oxoniae, 1864 

32538 Thesaurus Syriacus; collegerunt S. M. Quatremere, 

Bernstein, Lorsbach, Arnoldi, Field, edidit B. Payne Smyth, 
4 fasc. folio (pub. at M. 4*), $d. £3. Oxonvi, 1868-77 


32539 SoPHOs' Fabeln, SyrkcJi, mit Glossar, Posen, 1859 — Loqman, 

Fables, arabe et frangaiSy 1850 — 12mo. A/, morocco^ 2s 6d 1850-59 

32540 WiDMANSTADii Syriac8B lingusB prima elementa, small 4to. sd. 5s ; 

or, Ids. uncut, 6s Viennce, 1556 

32541 Wiseman (N.) Horae Syriacae, Tomus 1 (all published), 8vo. 

facsimile, sd. 2s 6d Boniae, 1838 

32542 ZscHOKEE, Institutiones linguae aramaicae seu dialectoimm chal- 

daicae ac syriacae, 8vo. sd. Is 6d Vind, 1870 

5. Abyssinian; Ethiopic and Amharic. 

32543 Abbadie (A. d') Catalogue raisonne de MSS. £tliiopiens, 4to. hf> 
calf, \hs Paris, 1859 

or old Ethiopic^ square folio, Manuscript on Vellum, 
numerous Jull-page Miniatures ; stout native binding 
of stamped russia, loith silk linings inside^ £75. 

Sec. XVI 

32545 Aragawi. The Homilies and Visions of Saint Aragawi, in 

Ethiopic, impl. 4to. well written MS. on vellum, Abyssinian 

binding, £21. Sec. xvi 

Aragawi was one of the nine great Saints of the Abyssinian Church. 
His life is giyen in Ludolf*s " History of Ethiopia," iii, 3, 4. The MS. opens 
and concludes with a Prayer for Justus the Scribe. 

32546 AscENSio Isaij:, comp. a Laurence, 8vo. Ethiop. Lat. English, bds. 

55 Ox. 1819 

32547 BiBLiA Veteris Testamenti, JSthiopice, ed. Dillmann. Tomus I-II : 

Pentateuchus, Josua, Judices, Ruth, Reges, in 1 vol. calf, and 2 

sewed parts, 4to. 18^ Lips. 1853-71 

32548 Novum Testamentum, ^thiopice, ed. T. P. Piatt, sm. 

4to. calf, 2s 6d 1830 

32549 GOSPEL OF S. JOHN, in Ethiopic, square 12mo. MS. on Vellum, 

in the original wooden boards, in a morocco case, £10. Sec. xv 

The text offers many readings at variance with those of the received 

Ethiopic texr. It is beautifully and accurately written throughout. 

32550 GOSPEL OF ST. LUKE and ST. JOHN, the 

latter not completed, in the Geez or Ethiopic 
language, stout royal 4to. MS. on thick vellum, 
with about 150 large Paintings representing scenes . 
ill the Gospel history ; in a native binding of russia 
leather^ curiously ornamented^ £100. Sec. XVI 

The text is considered to have a special value, as varying 
considerably from the recognized Ethiopic text. The paintings 
are apparently by two different artists, and some at the end 
appear unfinished. They have brilliancy of colour and sufficier^ 
correctness of design to indicate the existence of a school of \ 



32551 THE FOUR GOSPELS, in Geez or ancient Ethiopic, square folio, 

MS. on velluniy written in treble colwmns, tvith ruhrications ; in a 

stout native binding of stamped russia or morocco (repaired) , silk 

lining, £50. drca 1680-90 

This important Codex has an inscription at the beginning of Matthew's 
Gospel, from which it appears that King John and Qneen Sibylla were on the 
throne of Abyssinia when the scribe began his work. This refers probably 
to the latter part of the seventeenth century. — There is a preface giving 
instructions as to the litnrgical use of the volume as a Lectionary. On the 
first page there are inscriptions recording donations made to the monastery in 
which the MS. was written, and at the beginning and end of the book there 
are inscribed lists of books and other church property belonging to the same 
institution. These memoranda are no less curious than rare of their kind. 

32552 GOSPEL OF ST. JOHN, in Ethiopic, sm. 4to. MS. on Vellum, in 

the original wooden boards, £2. 10* Sec, xviii 

32553 Catalogue des Manuscripts Etliiopieiis (Gheez et Amharique) de 

la Bibliotheque Nationale (per H. Zotenberg), royal 4to. 284 pp. 
sd. lOs Paris, 1877 

32553 DEVOTIONS for each Day of the Week, commencing with the 

Second, in Ethiopic, Svo. fine MS. on vellum, mcmerous illuminO' 
tions. Oriental binding, £20. Sec. xvi 

32554 Devotions to Jesus Christ and Intercessory Prayers addressed 

to Saints and Angels, in Ethiopic, 8vo. fine MS. on Velltun, in 
the original wooden boards, £2. 10s Sec, xvi 

On page 7, the original scribe states himself to be Felix a Son of Tecla 
Haima/nothf of the District Shoua, and that he wrote in the yerv eariy reign 
of King Qahra MasTcaU (for whose history see Lndolf, Hist. 0th. ii. 4 : 41). 
In the latter part of the MS. another scribe is mentioned, viz., Chaila Selasse, 
Both of these scribes were probably monks, and the MS. was intended for nse 
in the monastery of Libanus, by a monk of the name of 8aifa MichcLel and 
his beloved brother Atsma Girgis and their sister. 

32555 Devotions to the Virgin, the Trinity, and Christ, for private use, 

in Ethiopic, square 16mo. MS. on Vellum, boards, in case, 
£2, 2s About A.D. 1600 

32556 Prayer Book, in Ethiopic, a small roll of parchment, 

with some figures, three inches wide, 10s Sec, xvii 

32557 DIDASCALIA ; Apostolical Constitutions of the Abyssinian 

Church, Ethiopic and English, translated from the Ethiopic, by 
T. Piatt, Esq., 4to. bds, 7s 6d 1834 

32558 DiLLMANN (A.) Grammatik der athiopischen Sprache, 8vo. sd. 

7s 6d ; or, bound, 8s 6d Leipzig, 1857 

32559 Liber Jubilaeorum, ^thiopice edidit Dillmann, 4to. sd, 

4« KilicB, 1859 

32560 Chrestomathia .^thiopica, cum Glossario, 8vo. sd, 8s 

Lips, 1866 

32561 — Lexicon Linguae -^thiopicae, cum Indice latino, 

adjectum est Vocabularium Tigre Dialecti a W. Munzinger, 
roy. 4to. xxxi, 1522, iv and 64 pp. double columns, hf. morocco, 
£3. 10s LipsicB, 1865 

32562 DoTTBiNA Cristiana, composta da Card. Bellarmino, nolle lingue 

Italiana, Araba e Etiopica, 4to. bd, Zs 6d Boma, 1786 

32563 Enoch (Book of) the prophet, an apocryphal production supposed 

for ages to have been lost, now first translated from an Ethiopic 
MS. by Richard Laurence, 8vo. cloth, 18s Oxford, 1838 


32564 LiBEB Henoch, JStMopice ed. Dillmann, 4to. sd, 7s ^d 

Oxford, 1851 

32565 EzR-ffi liber primns, ed. Laurence, 8vo. JEJtkiop, LaL English, hds. 

7s 6d Ox. 1820 

32566 EzR-ffi liber primus (apud Vnlgatam quartus), Ethiopic, Latin, and 

English, 1820 ; the Book of Enoch, translated from the 
Etbiopic, 1838; Ascensio Isaij;, Ethiop. Latin and English, 
1819 ; by Laurence, 3 vols, in 1, 8vo. calf, SOs Oxford, 1819-38 

32567 IsENBERG (C. W.) Dictionary of the Amharic Language, 4to. 

cloth, £2. 6s 1841 

32568 Grammar of the Amharic Language, roy. 8vo. cloth, 

lbs 1842 

32569 Jonas Vates (Book of Jonah), JEthiopice et Latine, cum glossario 

a B. A. Staudachero, sm. 4to. MS. notes by F. H. Bowring, hds. 
5s FrancOf. 1706 

32570 LUDOLFI (Jobi) Lexicon -^thiopico-Latinum, accessit Gram- 

matica, nunc primum editum cura Wanslebii, sm. 4to. bound, 
10s ; vellum, 12s Lond. 1661 

32571 Lexicon -^thiopico-Latinum, accedit Index, qui vicem 

Lexici Latino--^thiopici praestare possit, small folio, sd. 10s 

Francof 1699 
32572 Grammatica uEthiopica, ace. Prosodia, cum Appendici- 

bus, etc. sm. folio, vellum, 10s ib. 1702 

32573 Grammatica jEthiopica ; Lexicon ^thiopico-Latinum ; 

2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, calf extra, gilt edges, 20s 1699-1702 

32574 — — — Lexicon Amharico-Latinum, folio, hds. 6s 1698 

32575 Lexicon -^thiopico-Latinum ; Grammatica uEthiopica ; 

Lexicon Amharico-Latinum ; Grammatica Amharica ; 4 vols, in 
1, folio, a complete set, vellum, 36s Francofurti, 1698-1702 

32576 the same, 4 vols, in 1, folio, the Duke of Sicssex^s copy, in 

russia extra, gilt edges, £S. 10s 1698-1702 

32577 Platt (T. Pell) Catalogue of Ethiopic Biblical MSS. with speci- 

mens of the modern languages of Abyssinia, 4to. facsimiles, bds. 
3s 1823 

32578 PSALTER, in Ethiopic, stout small 4to. ancie^itMS. on vellum, in 

the original wooden boards, enclosed in a rude case, £3. See. xv 
The first few pages are slightly stained, bat the volume is otherwise in 
perfect order. 

It contains 151 Psalms. All the Scriptural Canticles of the Old and New 
Testaments — ?iz., the Songs of Moses, Hannah, Isaiah, Hezekiah, Habakknk, 
the three Children, the Song of Songs, the Magnificat, and Nunc Dimittis — 
and concludes with the usual ofiice of the Virgin Mary which is found 
appended to an ancient Psalter, though commonly omitted from more modern 
ones. The 151st Psalm is upon the death of GoUath. 

32579 PSALTER, in Ethiopic, small stout 4to. MS. on Vellum, in original 

boards, enclosed in case, £4. Sec. xv 

This MS. comprises not only the same contents as the preceding article, 
but also at the end of the book the Office of the Virgin, etc. 

32580 PSALTER, in Ethiopic, stout small 4to. MS. on Vellum, leather 

covered hoards, enclosed in a rude case, £3. 10^ Sec. xvi 

This MS. has the same contents as the preceding article, but comprises 
in addition, at the beginning, a curious Litany of Supplication addressed tc 
the Virgin, consisting of thirty recitals of the principal fasts of the Passioii 
with a refralQ to each, of commendation to the Virgin. 


32581 PSALTER, complete (including the 161st Psalm on the Slaughter 

of Goliath), followed hj the Song of Moses, 13 other Scriptural 

Canticles, and the Song of Songs ; concluding with an Office 

to the Virgin Mary, in the old Ethiopic or Geez languag:e, 

sm. 4to. MS. on vellum, in the original oak covers, and preserved 

in the original leathern case, with straps for wearing rov/nd the 

body, £7. Sec, xvii 

A curious picture of the Virgin and Child, painted on vellum, is inserted. 

32582 PSALMS (including cli) ; Canticles ; Song of Songs, and the 

Weddase Maryam (Praises of the Blessed Virgin Mary), in 
Ethiopic, smallest 4to. Manuscript on Vellnm, in the original oak 
hoards, covered with leather, £8. Sec, xviii 

32583 a similar MS. sm. 4to. written on Yellum, in the 

original tooodeii hoards, enclosed in a leather case, with straps, 

' £10. Sec, XVIII 

32584 another MS. of the Psalter and Prayers, etc. in Ethiopic, 

small 4to. written on parchment, and hound in wooden hoards, 
tcith a leather hacking, £4. Sec, xvii 

32585 PsALMORUM Liber et (16) alia Cantica Biblica JSthiopice; cum 

Syllabario Linguarum Chaldsearum (jEthiopicarum) ; impressum 
ingenio et impensis Joannis Potken, sm. 4to. fine woodcut of 
King David harping, printed in red ink on the first leaf, hf, hd, 
285 BomcB, 1513 

32586 the same, 4ito. fine copy in red morocco extra, £2. 1513 

32587 PsALTERiUM Davidis, ^thiopice et Latine, cum notis ; ace. Hymni 

et Canticum Canticorum, ^Jthiop. cura Ludolfi, sm. 4to. title 
only in Ethiopic for circulation in Africa, hds. hs Francof. 1701 

32588 PsALTERiUM Davidis, Ethiopice, 4to. hds. 2s 1815 

32589 ScHRADER de LingueB -^thiopicaB cum cognatis linguis comparatee 

Indole universa, 4to. sd. 2s Gottijigas, 1860 

32590 TAMHERA MARIAM ; Miracles of the Virgin 
Mary, in Geez or ancient Ethiopic, square folio, 

MS. written on vellum, numerous Miniatures, 

most of them fulUpage-size^ represenimg the highest 
development of Abyssinian pictorial art; in a stout 
native binding of stamped russia or morocco, with silk 
lining^ £110. a.d. 1522 

These legendaiy stories are followed at the end of the 

volume by some devotions to the Virgin. The date is obtained 

from an inscription, in which the scribe Michael states that he 

began his work in the seventeenth year of the King's reign, the 

King being determined by the numerous prayers in which he is 

referred to by name as David (1505-40). 

32591 Wright (W.) Catalogue of the Ethiopic MSS. acquired since 

1847, impl. 4to. xiii and 366 pp. with 13 facsimiles, cloth, 

2Ss 1877 

This catalogue describes 408 volumes, the greater number of which were 
obtaiued from Magdala at the time of the expedition against King Theodore. 
It forms a continuation to that prepared by Dr. Dilmann, and published by 
the Trustees in 1847. C^ee Preface.^ This latter comprises descriptions of 
82 volumes, and can still be obtained, price 10«. 




32601 Abd-ul-B1ri al-'Ashmawi ar-Rafa'i. ^^! c-jI::;^: Treatise on 

Malekite Jurisprudence, in ArahiCy sm. 4to. plain MS,, neat 
native binding y 7s 6d Sec, xvii 

32602 Abd ul Ghanii. jji\ j^ Ut^\J Jj\as}\ ^l^j : Poems by Abd- 

nl-Ghaniy of Nablus, in Arabic, 4to. native binding, red morocco, 
rare,2ls Bulaq, A.H. 1270 
^rHV.*^^ rj^ • Treatise on the Art of Poetry, illus- 
trated with copious extracts from the poets, in Arabic, sm. 
4to. plainly written MS., upwards of 550^. bd, £4. a.h. 1132 
Composed in a.h. 1076. This is a very yalnable Anthology, and, like all 
the works of Abd ul Ghanii, rare in England. 



a\ua^\j^^ cS /^\j'i\Jbju : On the Interpretation of 

Dreams, in Arabic, by Ibn Nabulusi, composed A.H. 1096, 
roy. 8vo. Egyptian binding, 24s Cairo, A,H, 1276 

32605 'Abdu-r-Razzaq: ^\j)\x^ Ui^^ L3^\ cl}\s>-V^\ c-jI::^ 

Dictionary of the technical terms of the.Sufies, in Arabic, 
edited by A. Sprenger, 8vo. sd, \s %d ; or, hf, *calf, 2s Gale. 1845 

32606 Abd-us-SalXm bin Ibrahim al-Lakani,.U>.J1 t^oKij J .Ujlll ^ l.y'-* ! 

History of the prophet Mohammad, in Arabic, divided into 2 

vols. sm. 4to, plainly written MS. hf. red morocco gilt, S6s 

A.S. 1046 
Apparently the author*s autograph. He was a native of Egypt, and in 
this work had perhaps the collaboration of his father who was a distinguished 

32607 t-i-lL" (j>-*-j:Jl) ij»y^\ j:^ Jx ^Ul x^ A-^U 

iC JjJl • Grlosses of Adawi on Abd-us-Salam*s It'haf a com- 
mentary on the Jauharat'ul'Tawhid, in Arabic, sm. 4to. plain 
MS., hf. red morocco gilt, lbs About 1700 

32608 Abdu 'l- Wahid al-Marrakushi. L^Jt^] f^^c^j\^\ ^J i^,^>s^\ 

History of the Almohades, preceded by a history of the 
Conquest of Spain, from the times of the conquest till the reign 
of Yusof Ibn-Tashifin, and of the history of the Almoravides^ 
Arabic, edited by R. Dozy, 8vo. chth, Ss 6d Leyden, 1847 

Edited from a unique MS. "In the History of the Almohades, the 
reader will find that the information Abdu-rWahid gives is really invalua>>]e. 
He indeed everywhere quotes contemporary witnesses of the events he relates, 
and derived the greatest part of his information from Yahya, the grandson of 
the founder of the dvnasty." 



32609 ABU 'L-BAQA. UJl . ^< cijUi': The Complete Works of 


Abii '1-Baqa al Husaini al-Kafawi, the Hanefite. folio, 430 pp. 

hotmd, 2b8 BulaJc Misr, A.H. 1253 (1857) 

A valoable Cyclopaedia of the Sciences, as known to the Mnssnimans, 
arranged in alphabeticJEil order ; and extremely usef ol for the explanation of 
technical terms. 

32610 Abu Dolef Misaris Ben Mohalhal de Itinere Asiatico Commen- 

tarinm, Arab, et Lat,y ed. Kurd de Schloezer, 4to. cloth^ 2^ 

Berol. 1845 

32611 ABU 'L PARAJ. \J^ ^1 J^^\y ^.^^ Jrjj : Historia cjom- 

pendiosa Dynastiarum (Orientalinm) usque ad tempora anthoris, 
Arab, et Lat., ed. Pocockins, cum Supplemento, 3 vols, in 1, 
sm. 4to. calf, 30« Oxon, 1663-72 

Abnlfaradj wrote his Chronicle originally in Syriac ; bnt the one in 
Arabic which he composed later is not merely an improved translation of the 
former, bnt almost an independent work. 

32612 U!l ^\ fCj^j:^\ ^^ls^ ' The General Chronicle of 

Bar Hebrsens, called in Syriac Maktab Zabne, translated into 
Arabic by Eskof Stepan of Jazirah, folio, the autograph transla- 
tiorif a plain MS. on paper, bd, £2, Biarbekr, 1865 

From the library of the late J. G. Taylor. 

32613 ABU-L-FIDA. \^\ ^j!!^^.,^:;^^! ^ ^ jjill ^Jy : Abulfedae 

Historia Ante-Islamica, Arab, et Lat, cum notis, etc., ed. H. 
Fleischer, 4to. sd, 5s Lips, 1831 

32614 ■■ Ji2\ J^\ ^^^.orxi^l ^ uL^\ ^ly : Annales 

Mnslemici, Res gest89 a Mohammede nsque ad a.c. 1161, Arab, 
et Lat, ed. Reiske, 6 vols. 4to. barb, Hafn, 1783-94 

32615 jo^jJ-Jl <*^.f^ * Geographic, texte Arabe, par Jleinand et 

Mac-Guckin de Slane, avec la Traduction Fran^aise, et I'lntro- 
dnction, 3 vols. 4to. all published, plates, y62. 85 Paris, 1840-48 

32616 — '■ Geographic d'Abonlfeda texte Arabe, par Reinand et 

Mac-Guckin de Slane, le Tivr., 4to. 5^. 5* 1837 

32617 ^^JkLll ^J^AJ* Geographic, en- -4 ra&e, autographi^e d'apres 

deux MSS., par Ch. Schier, folio, toith all the vowel points, sd, 

14* JDresde, 1846 

32618 Geographic d'Aboulf eda, en franqais, par Reinaiid et St. 

Guyard, 2 vols, in 3 parts, 4to. 3 plates, sd, 32s Paris, 1848-83 
Tome I (460 pp.) contains a valuable general Introdnction to the 
Geography of the Eastern Nations, illnstrated by 3 plates. 

32619 Geographi89 sectio Arabiam et -^gypti partem com- 

plectens, Arab, et Lat, ed. Gagnier, large folio, bds, 9s 

{Oxon, 1727) 

" n ne B*eBt conserr^ qn'nn tr^s petit nombre d'exempl. de ce fragment." 

No more was printed of this projected edition of the Takwimn '1 Bnldan. 

32620 — - — A rabies Descriptio, latine, commentario illustrata, a Ch. 

Rommel, 4to. sd, 2« Gott, (c, 1800) 

32621 J3escription des Pays du Magreb, arahe et franqais, par 

Ch. Solvet, 870. hf, bd, hs Alger, 1839 


32622 Abulfedjj Tabula SyriaB, Arab, et Lat, ed. J. B. Koehler, 4to. hf, 
hd. 28 6d lAps. 1766 

32623 Tabulae qnaedam Geographicee, Arahice, ed. F. T. 

Rinck, 8vo. thicJc paper, hds, 6s Lips. 1791 

32624 Abu Is'hak-el-Isstachri, II Segistan, ovvero il Corso del fiume 

Hindmend (trad, da A. Madini), roy. 4to. facsimile map, cloth ^ 
25 U Milano, 1842 

Abu-Jafar— see Ibn Tofail 

32625 Abu-l-Jaish al-Andalusi. ^u*1 jJIII u^;j*^^ j-^"^ tj^' -^^^*^^- 

Mubsin al-Kaisari's Commentary on tbe Treatise upon Arabic 
Prosody of Abu Abd-allab Mobammad Abu-1-Jaish, iyi Arabic, 
smallest 4to, neat MS,, old yellow morocco, 12s Sec. xvii 

32626 'ABU 'L MAH'ASIN Ibn Tagri Bardii. ^ 'iyt,\J\ ^y^\\ 

JjblSllj j*ix^ l15X« : Annales (-^gypti Regum) Arabice, edd. 

Juynboll et Mattbes, 2 vols, in 4 parts, large 8vo. sd. ZOs 

Lugd. Bat, 1855-61 
An Important historical work, containing, with an Introduction, the 
annals of Egypt from the time of Mohammed down to the middle of the 
fifteenth centnry. 

32627 Abu Shadup. uJ^jUJI ^\ j^ *i ^j cJ^^ljjb : Commen- 

tary on tbe Poem of Abu Sbaddf , by Yusuf bin Mobammed asb- 
Sberbini, in Arabic, sm. folio, bound, 7s 6d Bulac, A.H. 1274 

32628 ABU-L-'ULA al-Maarri. ^U^ ^j^\ U\ ^\ ^ly j ^^^ 

laLuJt : Diwan, or Poems, entitled Siht-uz-Zand, witb two 

commentaries, one of tbem being tbe Birdm-us-Siht of Kasim 
bin Husain Sadr-ul-Afazil, in Arabic, sm. 4to. lithographed, the 
text and one commevitary occupying the body of the pages, the 
Diram on the margins, bds. 2\s Tabriz, A.H. 1276 

32629 jjjJl kLo ^X^Ay^^ t-j^ ' Tanivir SiJct-uz-Zand, tbe 

most reputed Commentary on tbe Diwan of Abu'l 'Ola, in 
Arabic, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. native red morocco binding, 36^ 

Bulak, A.H. 1286 
Abnl Ola wrote his Diwan abont the end of the tenth centary of the 
Christian era. It contains infidel or freethinking opinions ; but has neverthe- 
less placed its author in the front rank of Arabic poets. The commentaries 
have been numerons. 

32630 Adler (J. G. C.) Museum Cuficum Borgianum Velitris, 12 plates 

of coins, Bomoe, 1782 ; Museum Cuficum, pars II, edit, seeunda, 
7 plates, Altonce, 1795 — together 2 vols. 4to. 5^ 1782-95 

32631 Agoub, Melanges de Litterature Orientale et Fran9aise, 8vo. hf. 

calf, 28 Qd 1835 

Maouals arabes— Le Sage Heycar, conte arabe— Discours sur PEgypte— 
Snr TEgypte ancienne et moderne, etc. 

Ahlwardt — see Diwans. 

32632 Ahmad bin Abubbkr bin Wabsbib, Ancient Alpbabets and Hiero- 

glypbic characters explained, Arabic and English, by Hammeb, 
sm. 4to. bds. 78 180fi 

220 * 


Ahmed bin Arabshah — see Ibn Arabshah. 

32633 'Ajabu-l-*Ajab. < \s^\ ^_^^- : A complete Introduction to the 

• • • • 

art of Letter-Writing, being a collection of letters, in Arabic, 
by Shaikh Ahmad ash-Shirwani, 8vo. hd, 6s Calcutta, 1813 

32634 Ajeumita. JL^j, j»-31 Jj: lS^]/^^ r-A ' Kefrawi*s Commentary 

on the Ajrumiya of Sanhaji, in Arabic, 8vo. bd. 3s 6d 

Bulak, A.H. 1242 

32635 another edition, 8vo. bd, 2s 6d ib. 1249 

32636 another edition, 8vo. bd. Ss (Cairo) 1280 

32637 Akhbar-ul-A'tan. ^^LJ J^^ ^ ^Lt^l^Ur^l : History of the 

region of the Lebanon, by the Maronite Tantis bin Yusuf ash- 
Shidyak, in Arabic, 8vo. hf. bd. 10s Bairut, 1859 

32638 ALCALA (Pedro de) Arte para ligeramente saber la lengna 

araniga ; Vocabdlista aranigo en letra castellana ; 2 vols, in 1, 
sm. 4to. a fine perfect coj^y in morocco, gilt edges, by Thompson of 
Paris, £20. Granada, J. Varela, 1505 

32639 ALF L AIL AH WA L AIL AH. JDJ, IL! uJll : The Thousand 

and One Nights, in Arabic, 4 vols, stout sq. 8vo. plain Manu- 
script, unbound, £9. A.H. 1245 

32640 another MS. of the same work, 4 vols. sm. 4to. plainly 

written, in the fourth volume a few leaves missing, which contained 
Nights 585-598, in cases, £6. 10^ 

Transcribed by Ali Zahiri al-Maliki, A.H. 124? 

32641 lU ^\\ ^ ^,)\^\ ^jSl ^^jjJl J^ J^:;^^ jj^: 


Arabian Nights' Entertainment, Nights 1-200, edited by 
Ahmad Shirwani, in Arabic, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. some leaves 
wormed, hf. calf, rare, £1. \0s Calcutta, 1814-18 

32642 the same, 8vo. reprinted in lithography, bds. 255 1829 

The only critical edition ; published by Ahmad ash-Shirwani. Nothing 
more than the first two hundred nights was printed. 

32643 iU. iU (^\ ' Tausend und Eine Nacht, Arabisch, 

nach einer Handschrift aus Tunis herausgegeben von Habicht, 
nach seinem Tode fortgesetzt von Fleischer, 12 vols. 12mo. sd, 
£3. 155 Hreslau, 1825-43 

32644 the same. Vols. I, II, III, V, VI, VII, 6 vols. 12mo. 1825-37 

32645 ilJ \^\ : AlifLaila: Book of the Thousand Nights and 

One Night, commonly known as the " Arabian Nights* Enter- 
tainments," now, for the first time, published complete in the 
original Arabic, from an Egyptian MS. brought to India by the 
late Major Turner Macan, edited by Sir W. H. Macnaghten, 
4 vols, royal 8vo. sd. £4. 4*» Calc. 1839-42 

32646 another copy, 4 vols. hf. calf, £5. 15* 1839-42 

" The Arabic is of varions periods. The stories concerning the Khalifs 
are all old Arabic and in pare style. Those relating to Jinns and Afreets are 
modem or of inferior style. The Arabian Nights is not thought much of by 
the literary Arabs." — 3f<S. tioU. 





Vols. II C24«) and III (18«) are still to be had separately. 

This edition of the Arabian Nights will be found a most useful book for 
the^ practical study of the modern Arabic Language. It is held in the highest 

— - <UJ 

iJl : Thousand and One NigHts, in Arabic, 
2 vols. 4to. hf, hd. £4. , Bulaky A. h. 1251 
the same, 2 vols. 4ito.native hindi^ig, £4. 10s a.h. 1251 

iU {^\ : The Thousand and one Nights, in Arabic, 





second Egyptian edition, by Sheikh Mohammed Kittat el-Adawi, 
4 vols. roy. 8vo. hf, bd. £3. 12^ Buldk, A. B, 1279 

the same, 4 vols, in 2, roy. 8vo. hf. green morocco, gilt 

top, uncut, £4i, 4:8 A.H, 1279 

JlLS i^\ : The Thousand and one Nights, in Arabic, 

4 vols, in 2, 8vo. 7if. calf, £4. 45 (Cairo) A,H. 1297 

Histoire de Chems-Eddine et de Nour-Eddine, extraite 

des Mille et une Nuits, en arabe et franr^ais, par Cherbonneau, 
12mo. sd, 2s Q^d 1853 

i«*JJl u*^^ ' -histoire de la belle Persane, Arale et 

Fran(^ais, par Biberstein Kazimirski, 8vo. sd. 6s Paris, 1847 
Les Voyages de Sind-bad le Marin, et la Ruse des 

Femmes, arabe et frangais, par L. Langles, 18mo. calf, 6s 1814 
The Book of the Thousand Nights and one Night, 






done into English by H. Torrens, Vol. I (all pub.), 8vo. cloth or 
hf. bd. 18s Calcutta, 1838 

An excellent literal version by a first-class scholar, in which nothing bnt 
the grosser obscenities is omitted. 

The Thousand and One Nights, or Arabian Nights* Entertain- 
ments, translated with copious notes by E. W. Lane, 3 vols. roy. 
8vo illustrated by upwards of 1000 beautiful wood engravings btf 
Harvey, hf. calf, £3. 3* 1839-41 


now first completely done into English prose and verse, from the 
original Arabic, by John Patne, 9 vols. — Tales from the Arabic 
of the Breslau and Calcutta editions, not occurring in the other 
printed texts, 3 vols. — together 12 vols. 8to. cloth boards, uncut, 
£16. I65 Villon Society, privately printed, 1882-85 


Nights' Entertainments . . . with introduction, explanatory 
notes on the manners and customs of Moslem men, and a 
terminal volume upon the history of the Nights, by Richard F. 
Burton, 10 vols. 8vo. gilt cloth, £25. 

Benares, printed by the KamasJiastra Society for private 

s7ibscribers only, 1885-86 

Les Mille et une Nuits, contes Arabes, traduits par 

Galland, avec une dissertation par Silvestre de Sacy, 3 vols. 
8vo. hundreds of woodcuts, green morocco, £2. Paris, 1840 

nouvelle edition, in 1 vol. roy. 8vo. a great number '^^ 

plates and woodcuts, hf. green morocco gilt, SOs 


32661 The Thousand One Nights. Tausend und Eine Nacht, Deutsch, 

von Max. Habicht,F. H. von der Hagen, nnd Carl Schall, 15 vols. 

in 7, 16mo. hds.l6s Breslau, 1827 

32662 Hole (R.) Remarks on the Arabian Nights' Entertainments, 

sm. 8vo.- hds. 2s 6d 1797 

Alfiyta. — see Ibn Malik. 

32663 Ali (the Khalifa) Ic l^ : Sayings of Ali, in Arabic, with 

interlinear translation in Persian distichs, sm. folio, heatUifully 
written MS. the Arabic in large Nashhi and the Persian in 
Nastalik chara>cters, in the original binding, reba^Jced, SOs 

Sec. XVI 
The Persian intitulation is a^ .U^*.^ 1^ ^ui^ t^ ^ accordance with 

theusoal number, but instead of 100 the "sentences are here 263 arranged 
in the alphabetical order of their initials. 

32664 An's Hundert Spriiche, arabisch und jpersisch paraphrasirt von 

Reschideddin Watwat, verdeutscht von Fleischer, Leipzig , 1837 
— Uylenbroek, Dissertatio de Ibn Haukalo, nee non Descriptio 
IracBB Persicae, cum ex eo scriptore, tnm ex aliis, arab, et lat, Lugd. 
Bat. 1822 — Weyers, Specimen criticum, exhibens locos Ibn 
Khacanis de Ibn Zeidonno, arab. et lat. ib, 1831 ; 3 vols, in 1, 
4to. hf. bd, 7s 1822-37 

32665 Ali al-Kaei <V\ <j^1 a : Treatise on Law, in Arabic, 8vo. 

MS. slightly wormed, bd. 10s a.h. 1130 

32666 Amidi (Abu-1-Kasim al-Husain) ,^j:^\^ ^l«j ^\ ^ h\\yt : 

Comparison between the poets Abu Tamraam and Al-Buhturi, 
in Arabic, 8vo. bd. 7s (^Constantinople) A.H. 1287 

32667 Amro'l-Kais [Imru-1-Kais] iimJiSI y\ loV*^ * Diwan, arabe et 

fran(;ais, par MacGruckin de Slane, roy. 4to. hf. calf, 7s 6d 


32668 iyj.Ji\j^\ ^£\jL4^\ : the Mu'allaka poem, in Arabic, 

sm. 4ito. neat MS. 65 Qd Sec. xix 

32669 AnmiJzaju l-Kamal. \[^\ J^p Specimen of Sciences relating 

to the beauties of the most difficult poetry in Arabic and 
Persian, by Raza Hasan, w Arabic, 8vo. hf. calf, 7s Qd 

Calcutta, 1849 

32670 ANTAR. j^j^ ^.J^^u^J^^^ iJ^ 5^^^ : the celebrated Bedawin 

Romance of the Warrior Antar, in Arabic, 24 vols. sm. 4to. 

plainly written MS. enclosed in four thick cases, £12. 

Transcribed by Ahmad Ibrahim Kohlah, A.H. 1269-70 
Complete MSS. of this great romance are yery scarce. 

32671 a Bedoueen Romance, translated by Terrick Hamilton, 

4 vols. 8vo. ISs 1820 

82672 en Perse, on les Chamelles A9Mr, episode du roman 

d* Antar, traduit par G. Dugat, 8vo. sd. 2* 1850 


32673 Aristotle. ^j^-^Imj} -^ ^ ^-lU : Commentarj on the 

Isagoge by the Sheikh ul Islam Aba Yahya Zakarya al- Arxsari ; 
.with the Glosses of Yusnf Hafnawi, in Arabic, 8vo. lif, hd. 4is6d 

BulaJc, A.H. 1282 

32674 Arnold (Fr. Aug.) Chrestomathia Arabica e libris MSS. vel 

impressis, cum Glossario, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. lif. morocco, 10s 

Halis, 1853 

32675 AssEMANi (Simonis) Globus caslestis Cufico-Arabicus Velitemi 

Musei Borgiani, 4to. 3 folding ^plates, calf, hs Patav, 1790 

32676 Astrolabes. Schio (Almerieo da) di due Astrolabi in caratteri 

Cufici occidentali trovati in Yialdagno, 4to. 6 jplates giving the 
Astrolabes in facsimile, sd. 6s 6d Vmezia, 1880 

32677 AVIGENNA. L^ ^3 ^^\ ^ ^yUill c^l:;^ : the Great 

Canon of Medicine, of the Rais Abu Ali ibn Sind (Avicenna), 

in Arabic, sm. folio, MS. finely written in NasJchi, with rubrics 

and an illuminated title, the first leaf a little damaged and 

mended, hf bd, from De Sacy^s library, £5. 5^ About A,D. 1300 
An inscription in gold letters on blue, just beneath the title which is 
siinilarlj written, indicates that this MS. was executed for the library of 
'Omar Hila . . ., the Secretary of State or Keeper of the Seal (Dawaddr) ; 
and there is a note by a later owner dated Mardin, a.h. 727. 

32678 L.^J^\ ^ (oy'^^ • Canon Medicinj:, cum Libns 

LogicsB, Physicse, et Metaphysic8B, Arabice, 3 vols, in 1, stout 
folio, ^we copy in vellum, 2 Is Bomoe, 1593 

32679 Logic and Metaphysics. ^^-5^ j:x^\ iul^USl -^ 

^^^ -^^njlu-^ ^ \^fi ^1 • ^^s^'^ Tusi's Commentary on 

the Ishdrdt of Avicenna, in Arabic, sm. 4to. MS. plainly written, 

in old Oriental morocco, £3. 3s Transcriptioti dated A. H. 700 
The age and date of this MS. give it an especial value. 
" Avicenna is the author of that division of substances from their 
chemical relations into salts and earth, inflammables and metals, which, with 
some modifications, has kept its place as the basis of almost every chemical 
classification to the present times ; and which, therefore, necessarily implies 
no inconsidemble advancement in the leading distinctions of the science."— 
Murray^s Chemist. 

32680 AzHARi. Ljj^\ Juft ^i ^r^p\ t— >1-a^ : Treatise on Arabic Gram- 

mar by Khalid al-Azhari, with his own commentary, in Arabic, 
8vo. neatly written MS. the first page illuminated and ruled with 
broad gold, elegant Oriental binding, Ihs A.H. 967 — Sec. xviir 

32681 Azz-EDDiN el-Mocadessi. J^J jUjJlj j^l >Lv. ^ii j\jji\ t-iAi 

^^i^\ ' les Oiseaux et les Fleurs, allegories Morales, Arabe et 
Fran(^is, par Garcin de Tassy, 8vo. hf. morocco, 9s 1821 

32682 BADGER (G. P.) English- Arabic Lexicon, in which the equiva- 

lents for English words and idiomatic sentences are rendered 
into literary and colloquial Arabic, stout 4to. pp. xii and 1244. 
(pub. £9. 9s), cloth, £3. 3^ 1 


32683 Badi'-ul-Insha. LuSl ii_«jj : Models of Composition, Letters, 

etc. in Arabic, 8vo. hd. os Bnldk, A.H. 1242 

32684 BAHA 'UD-DIN (Abu 'l-Mahasin bin Shidad.) jlJILUI .jlJ 

IJl^J^S ^^\sr^^ ' Vita et Res gestoD Sultani Saladini, auctore 

Bohadino, Arab, et Lat.y ed. Schnltens, sm. folio, hd, IO5 

Lugd. Bat. 1732(-55) 
The yalue and authenticity of this history are aniTersally recognized. 
The anthor, who is generally known in the cast as Ibn Shidad, was Cddi 
*£- 'Askar nnder the great Saltan, whose life he wrote. 

32685 Jj^Ul^^^U JjJiJl^lyl : BAIDHAWII Commentarins in Cora- 

mirn Arahice, ed. Fleischer, 2 vols, in 1, clothy £2. 2^ 

Lips, 1844-48 
An excellent critical edition of the work which is considered the best 
literal interpretation of the Koran. 

82686 Fell (Dr. W.) Indices ad Beidhawii Commentarium in 
Corannm, 4to. sd, 7s 6d Leipzig, 1878 

32687 INAYAT-UL-KAZL Ju^ ^U!l iL^u SUuJ\c-;^^51 JLlU- 

4^^LiJl j^^ ^J^ L5*^y^ • Commentary in the form of 

marginal glosses, of Shihab-ud-dIn al-Khafaji al-Misn, on 
Baidhawi's Koranic Commentary, embodying also the original 
texts, all in Arabic, 8 vols, royal 4to. cloth, £6. 

BulaJc, A,E, 1283 

32688 BAILLIE. ^1 ^^^ ^j\s:J\ ^^ Icyi^ : The Five Books 

upon Arabic Grammar : the Meeut Amel, Shnrhu Meent Amel, 
Mesbllh, Hedayut-oon-Nnhve, Kafeeyah, and Appendix ; to- 
gether 3 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. hf, calf, 18s Calcutta, 1802-5 

32689 the same, large paper, 4to. morocco, SOs 1802-5 

32689* another copy, 3 vols. sm. 4to. bound, 18s 1802-5 

The third volnme, which contains the Kafiyah, is wanting in most copies. 

It is asserted that these volnmes have been so carefnllj edited that there is not 

one error, even of a letter, in the whole three volames. 

32690 Baillib's Sixty Tables of Arabic Conjugations, sm. folio, bds, hs 

Calc, 1801 

32691 BALAZURI. ^jiiU\ lM\3 JiA^\ ^yJ : Liber Expugnationis 

Regionum, auctore Imamo Ahmed ibn Djabir al-Beladsori, 
Arabice, cum notis, ed. Goeje, 4to. pp, 539 and 128, cloth, 34* 

Lug. Bat, 1864 
This chronicle was written in the latter part of the Ninth Centnrj, and is 
tme Of the best works on the spread of the Saracen conquests. 

82692 Beamont (W. J.) Arabic Grammar, sm. 8vo. 167 pp, cloth, 28 (Sd 

Gambr, 1861 

BEiDHAT;?-^-«©e Bahuwi. 

32693 Bel Kassem ben Skdira, Cours de Litterature Arabe, extraits 

du Mostatref, des Mille et une Nuits, etc. munis de voyelles, 

avec le Vocabulaire de tons les mots, 12mo. cloth, 45 Alger, 1879 


32694 Berggren, Guide Fran9ais-Arabe valgaire des Voyageurs en Sjrio, 

et en Egypte, 4to. 024 p^. map and plan, sd. lbs Upsal, 1844 

32695 the same, 4to. neatly hf, hd, 18s 1844 

32696 Bible, in Arahic, stout 4to. with all the vowel points, neatly hound, 

gilt edges ^ 7s Bairut, 1870 

32697 = — jJ-kT^-Ul : The Four Gospels, in Arabic, sm. 4to. neatly 

written MS. with rubric headings and rulings, old calf, ISs 

AboiLt 1700 

32698 New Testament, Selections ivom, Arabic MS, Bit\, 4to. stained 
calf, 3^ 6c2 

32699 Novum Testamentum, Arabice, ed. Th. Erpenius, stout sm. 4to. 
vellum, 5s Leidce, 1616 

32700 Bibliotheca Indica, 7 odd parts, in Arabic, 8vo. sd, 7s 6d 

Calc. 1849-61 
Contents : Footooh al-Sbam, fasc. 2, 7 and 8 ; Two works on Arabic 
Bibliography, ed. by Sprenger, fasc. 1 ; Wakidy's Campaigns of Muhammad, 
fasc. 4 and 5 ; and, Abdallah al-Fakihy's Hudud-un-Nahw. 

32701 BrsTANi. k^^:*^! L-^-^ : Mohitu 1-Mohit, a Dictionary of the 

Arabic language, in Arabic, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. 2308 pp., double 

cols., calf, £4. 4s Bairut, 1870 

A thoroughly exhaustive Lexicon, embracing all the classical language, 

and also all the technical phrases and new-coined words of the modem speech. 

32702 Bled de Braine, Cours synthetique, analytique et pratique de 

langue Arabe (des dialectes vulgaires africains d'Alger, de 
Maroc, de Tunis, et d'Egypte), 8vo. with vocabularies, dialogues, 
etc, 536 pp. hf. calf, 5s 1846 

32703 BocTHOR (E.) Dictionnaire Fran9ais- Arabe, revu par Caussin de 

Perceval, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. 461 and 435 pp. bd. ISs 1828 

32704 deuxieme edition, impl. 8vo. 867 pp. double columns, hf, 

bd, 20s 1848 

32705 BoLDYREV (Alex.) Arabskaia Christoniatiya, Chrestomathy, in 

Arabic, 8vo. hf. bd, 5s MosJcva, 1832 

BoHADiNUS — see Baha ud Din. 

32706 Bresnier, Chrestomathie Arabe, lettres, actes et pieces, en arabe 

et enfrangais, 8vo. 627 fp. frontispiece, sd, 5s 1857 

'32707 Bughyat-dl-mustafid. juj; Lid^ .Lr^^l , J juAi^l Lki ' His- 

tory of the town of Zabid in Yemen and the dynasty of 
at-Tahir, by *Abd-ur- Rahman Ali al Yamani {Sec. XVI), in 
Arabic, A.H. 1257 — j,\^\ j^ \; : History of Yemen, by the 

Elazi 'Abd-ur-Rahim al-Bisani, in Arabic, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. 
plain MSS. hf, bd, 20s Sec. xix 

32708 BUKHARI. ^ \^^ ^sf^\ w*U- • The Corpus of Authentic 

Traditions collected by Abu Abdullah Mohammed bin Is ma' i I 
al-Bukhari, in Arabic, 4 vols, royal 8vo. neat MS. copied by 
Mohammed ibn Ahmed ash-Shirkawy, from the ancient MS, 
which is preserved in the Mosque ahAzhar at Cairo, Egyptian 
binding, £6. 65 A,E. 1259J 


32709 BUKHARL J,-^jj^\ ^_j\l ^s.A ^-^\J\l^'^ ^*^>\)\jJ\ 

yvrv : Bukhari's Collection of Authentic Tvaditions, in Arabic, 

Part IV, sm. folio, MS. on homhycine paper, with the vowel-points 
and numerous glosses and added, inscriptions by forrmr owners 
indicating collation of the MS. lolth other codices, in the original 
binding, £2. 

Written by Muh. ash-Shaknri an-Ndwi (in Egypt) a.h. 827 
32710 ^^\ ^ (jJWljJl : Vol. Ill of the Traditions 

of Bokhari, in Arabic, sm. folio, MS, in Africun handwriting, 
native binding, rebached, 20s Sec, xvii-xviil 

32711 ,^\ ^.,\J\ ^\^ ^ i^liJlj ^\il\, J^S\ ^J\ : 

Recaeil des Traditions Mahometanes, par Abou Abdallah 
Mohammed ibn Ismail el Bbkhari, in Arabe, pablie par Krehl, 
Vols. I, II, III (all pub.), 4to. bds. £3. Leide, 1862-68 

32712 the same, Vols. I, II, III, 4to. hf, red morocco, £3. 10* 

This work, entitled the Jami 'u s-Sahih, to be completed la the fourth 
volame, coutains the great body of Canonical Traditions, and is reverenced 
almost equally with the Koran by orthodox Moslemin. It was written 
by Abu Abdallah Muhammed of Bokhara, about the middle of the ninth 

32713 s/^^^-1' ^.^^ zr^ <J^ "-^^^^ "^^^^ '' ^^°*°^®^**^y 

(embodying the original work) by Shihab-ud-i^n Ahmad b. 
Muh. al-Kastalani, on the 5aAi^ of Bukhari, in Arabic, 10 vols, 
impl. 8vo. cloth, £5. 15s Bulak, A,H, 1285 

32714 BuRDA. ^^:t>Ji\ jJU;.,^Jl; i*j^| *, : the celebrated poem on 

Mohammad, intitled the Borda or Mantle, by Sharaf-ud-din 
ad-Dulasi al-Busiri, with the commentary of Khalid al-Azhari 
upon it, in Arabic, sm. 4to, neatly written MS., the text in red, 
the commentary in black ink, native binding, 25s 

Dawud b. Ahmad b, Snlaiman al-Lakani, A.H, 1069 

32715 BURCKHARDT. c-^Jl Jl*,^l : Arabic Proverbs, or Manners 

and Customs of the Egyptians, illustrated from their proverbial 
sayings current at Cairo, Arabic and English, 4to. cloth, £2. 5s 


32716 Arabic Proverbs, or the Manners and Customs of the 

Modem Egyptians, . illustrated from the proverbial sayings 
current at Cairo, translated and explained by John Lewis 
Burckhardt, second edition, 8vo. cloth, 8s 1875 

This, book — ^the most valuable in certain respects of all the works of the 
eminent traveller — ^has long been rare and difficult to obtain even at a very 
costly rate. To supply the great existing demand for it, tho present reprint 
has been executed, and is now offered to the public at a moderate price. 

32717 BuRHANU D-DfN Az-ZARNUJi. JmxJl j^Afu » Enchiridion Studiosi, 

Arabice et Latine, ed. Caspari, presf. Fleischer, 4to. /*/. bd, 7s 

Lips. 1837 
BusiRi — see Borda. 


Caab bin Zuhatb — see Muallaka. 

32718 Cadoz (Fr.) Le Secretaire Algerien, ou le Secretaire Fran9ais- 

Arabe, 18mo. 180 pp, sd. 2s 6d Alger, 1850 

32719 Calcaschandi (EU) Geographie und Verwaltang von JEgypten, 

nach dem Ambischen, von F. Wiistenfeld, 4to. sd, 5s Gctt. 1879 

32720 CALLIGARIS (L.) Compagnon de tons, on Dictionnaire Poly- 

glotte, sp6cialement recommand6 anx Europeens qni veulent 

apprendre I'Arabe et le Turc, et anx Arabes qni etndient les 

langnes occidentales, 2 vols. 4to. hf, calf neat, £2. 16s 

TuriJi, 1864-70 
Contents : Vol. I. Dictionnaire Fran^ais-latin-italien-espagnol-portngais- 
allemand- anglais -n^ohell^oique-arabe ecrit-arabe parle et tare; Aide- 
memoire de Grammaire Arabe ; Dictionnaire Ajabe-latia-franyais-italien; 

Vol. II. Vocabnlaires Latin-fran^ais, Italien-fran9ais, Espagpiol-frangais, 
Portagais-franqaiS; AIlemand-fran9ais, Anglais-f ranyais et Grec-franyals. 

32721 Calligraphy, ks^t >JjJ : Examples of Arabic calligraphy, 

16 pp. of beautiful writing in the Qnli} (Tbnlth) and Nastalik 
characters, written within gold lines, and hound in 1 vol. roy. 8vo. 
calf, 36s Sec, xvii 

32722 Canes, Grammatica Arabigo-Bspanola, con nn Diccionario Arabigo- 

Espanol, sm. 4to. old calf, 28 %d Madrid, 1775 

32723 Diccionario Espanol-Latino-Arabigo, 3 vols, folio, calf, 

18s Madrid,\m 

^' Get onvrage est particnlidrement destin^ aux personnes, qal ont besoin 
d'apprendrc ^ parler et ti 6crire la langue arabe." — Caussin de Perceval fils, 

32724 C ASIRI Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispana Escnrialensis, sive Librornm 

omninm MSS. qnos Arabice composites Bibliotheca Escnrial- 
ensis complectitur, recensio, 2 vols, folio, good copy, uncut, 18s 

Matriti, 1760-1770 
One of the moat important works upon Arabic Bibliography. 

32725 CATAFAGO'S (Joseph) Arabic-English and English-Arabic 

Dictionary, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 8vo. (pnb. £2.), xx and 1060 pp, 
cloth, 7s 1858 

32726 Arabic-English and English- Arabic Dictionary, by 

Joseph Catafago, of Aleppo, Syria, second edition, 2 vols, in 1 , sm. 

8vo. vi and 1096 pp, double columns, tnuch matter compressed into 

a small space, all the Arabic wm'ds with the pronunciation in 

Roman letters, cloth, 25s 1873 

The most useful work of the kind yet printed, so far as the needs of the 

ordinary English traveller go. It pretends to no scientific eminence, and is 

consequently unburdened with those wearying theoretic peculiarities which 

render other dictionaries distasteful. 

32727 Cherbonneau (A.) Anecdotes Mnsulmanes, en Arabe, avec nn 
Dictionnaire, 8vo. sd, 2s 1847 

32728 Exercices ponr la Lecture des MSS. Arabes, 8vo. sd, 2s 

32729 Dialogues Arabes, 8vo. 232 ^j?. sd. 2s Qd Alger, 1858 

32730 Chrysostomos (Joannes) J^\ ^^-.ibJJl l^^^^J l:^>-^, J^sT \ ^u^su : 

Chrysostom's Commentary on John's Gospel, translated from 
Greek by 'Abdullah al-Aitaki, revised by Tohanna Muhannd 
al-Haddad of Damascus, in Arabic, 4to. hf hd, 15s Bairub, 1863 


3ii731 Chwolson {D.) iiber die Ueberreste der Alt-Bab jlonischen Litcra- 
tur in Arabisclien Uebersetzungen, roj. 8vo. sd, 2« 6d 

St Petersh. 1859 

32732 Cloustok (W. A.) Arabian Poetry for English Readers, with 

introduction and notes, sm. Svo. facsimiles^ hf. calf, 10s 6d 

Glasgow, 1881 
Sir W. Jones' Moallakat, Carlyle's Arabian Poetry, and Hamilton's 
Romance of Antar. 

32733 CoTELLB (H.) Dialogues Arabes, oblong 870. 120 pp. cloth, 2s 6d 

Alger (? 1860) 

32734 CcsA (S.) I Dlplomi Greci ed Arabi di Sicilia, in Oreek and Arabic, 

Vol. I, parte 1, impl. 4to. 22 aiid 504 pp. sd. 16s 

Palermo, 1868 

32735 DALAlL-UL-KHAIRAT. cl:\^\ Jj!I J : the celebrated Mogh- 

rabi Prayerbook of Ab(j 'Abd-allah jAztJLi, in Arabic, 12mo. 
plainly written MS. with a picture of the graves of Muhammad, 
Abu Baler, and *Omur, Indian binding, 10s About 1680 

32736 another MS. of the same, 12mo. beautifully written 

within gold lines, with illuminated headings and ornaments, with 
two fulUpage pictures of Mecca and Medina painted on a gold 
ground ; in Tu/rJcish binding, £2. 2s Sec. xvil 

32737 another MS. of the same, 12mo. well written within * 

coloured lines, with illuminated heading, in a gilt Turkish binding, 
lbs A.R. 1187 

32738 -^ another MS. of the same, sq. 18mo. written tvithin gilt 

lines, with gilt heading, in a gilt Turkish binding, 7s 6d Sec. xvill 

32739 another MS. of the same, 8vo. beautifully written within 

illuminated borders, having also a Persian translation interlined, 
the first two pages richly ornamented; the covers lackered and 
exquisitely painted with flowers inside and outside, £S. 10s 

India, A.H. 1257 

32740 DAMIRI. ^^•-^'l i'Lr^- : Encyclopaedia of Zoology, by Kamal- 

ud-din Mohammad bin Musa ad-Damiri, in Arabic, divided into 
2 vols. sm. 4to. MS. ruled with red lines, written in an elegant 
character on yellowish paper, several leaves supplied on white 
paper in a neat but more modern hand. Oriental binding, £3. Ss 

The complete text, with all the poetical quotations and the historical 
chapters on the Khalifas. 

32741 another MS. of the same work, also containing the 

complete text, in Arabic, folio, neatly written within gold and 
coloured lines, with richly illuminated heading to the first page, 
and a table of contents prefixed, a fine MS. in Turkish binding, 
covered with green silk, £5. About A.H. 1170 

32742 Davis and Davidson, Arabic Reading Lessons, 12mo. cloth, Is 6d 


32743 Delaporte (J. H.) Dialogues Arabes-Fran^ais, avec la prononcia- 

tion interlineaire figuree, 3e edition, oblong 8vo. hf. calf, 4ts 

Alger, 1846 



32741! De Rossi, Dizionario storico degli Autori Arabi e loro opere, 8vo. 
caZ/, 14s Parma, 1807 

32745 DiETERici (Fr.) Logik und Philos. der Araber im lOen Jahrh., 

1868 ; Philosopbie der Araber, II, 1879 ; 2 parts, 8vo. 2s 6d 

Leipzig, 1868-70 

32746 DIWANS. ^^\J\ kJ\ \^\ ^^^1^ ^ ^^\ jJUll : The 

Divans of Ennabiga, 'Antara, Tharafa, ZuLair, 'Alqama and 
Imruulqais, in Arabic, 8vo. sd, 6s 1870 

32747 the same, 8vo. calf gilt, 7s 6d 1870 

32748 {vri5^5<^ i*r^ f'y^^ ' '^ collection of Poems from nine- 
teen diflferent Diwans, in Arabic, sm. 4to. M8, very neatly written 
in a Turkish Nastalik, within rulivgs of coloured lines, two haves 
at beginning and one at end supplied in a more modern hand, 
hf. bd. 255 Sec, xvii 

This selection was made evidently with a purpose and as a special work. 
It includes poems of Harith, Mukrib, Mutanabbi, Abn Tammam, Buhturi, 
Abu-l-Ola, Ibn-al-Farid, Aba Zohair, Ahmad al-Mukadassi, Uosain al 
Mahauzi, Kais, and many others. 

\jciJ\ c A/^jsr^ : Collection of Poems from various 

writers, in Arabic, sm. 4to. plainly written in black and red, 

within red rulings, hf, red morocco gilt, SOs A.H, 1081 

Abn Bakr al-Khawarzi, Mohd. b. Kasim al-Halebi, Mutanabbi, Zahir-ud- 

din Halebi, Abu-1-Maali at-Talawi, Shams-ud-din Mohammed al-Halebi, 

Abd-ur-Rahman al-Homeidi, Badr al-Damamini, al-Watwat, etc. 

HuzAiLi Anthology, ^j^l ^U-1\ *, J^Hlj^! : 

Hudsailian Poems, edited in Arabic, by Kosegarten, Vol. I (all 
published, containing 293 pp, of Arabic text), 4to. cloth, £2. 16^; 
or, hf calf, £3. 1854 

32751 DoMBAY (Franc, de) Grammatica Linguae Mauro-Arabicae, ace. 

Vocabularium Latino-Mauro-Arabicum, sm. 4to. bds, 2s 

Vindob, 1800 

32752 DOZY (R. P. A.) Dictionnaire des Noms des Vetements chez les 

Arabes, roy. 8vo. large paper, sd, 10s Amst. 1845 

32753 Notices sur quelques Manuscrits Arabes, 8vo. hf. calf, 

bs Leyde, 1847 

Page 29-260 contain extracts from the al- Hollato 's-Siyara, by Ibno-'l- 

32754 Scriptorum Arabum loci de Abbadidis, nunc primum 

editi, Arab, et Latine, cum notis, 3 vols. 4to. £2. 2s 

Lugd. Bat. 1846-63 

This is the history of an early Arabic dynasty in Spain, consisting of an 

assemblage of selections from unpublished Arabic writers. It contains also 

numerous poems from the works of the Spanish Arabs, '*thc children of 

song,*' as Mutanabbi nan^cd them. 

32755 Dozy et Engelmann, Glossaire des Mots Espagnols et Portugais, 
derives de TArabe, 2e edition angmentee, 8vo. lif. morocco, 10>» 




DRUZE BOOKS (De Sacy's collection of) : 

32756 RiSAiL-UD-DuRtJZ j.,jj IJjL-. : Works of the Drnze prophets 

Hamza, Moktana, and others, in Arabic, sm. 4to. plainly written 
MS. hf, red morocco gilt, £3. 35 1824 

The contents of this volnme are the same as are specified under the 
following numbers in De Sacy's description of the complete series of Druze 
canonical wntings : 4, 5, 7, 8, 15-32, 34-40. . It comprises therefore 29 pieces 
out of the 113 catalogued by De Sacy. 

32757 another collection, sm. 4jto. plain MS. on tracing paper 

carefully mounted, facsimiled by hand from the MS. in the Bodleian, 
hf. bd. £4. 45 Sec. xviii-xix 

Containing Nos. 71-123 (i.e. US, De Sacy haying skipped 10 numbei*s by 
OTcrsight) of the list in the Expos^, 

32758 : — another MS. of Nos. 76-123 (113), in 1 vol. stout 

12mo. plainly written with a few coarse ornamental headings, 

Druze binding in good preservation, £5. Sec. xviii 

Commentary on the a\^^\ l^J^ a^^d the 'i\t^9 ^^ 

Arabic, 4to. MS. transcribed by Mr, Cureton for Be Sacy, from 
the British Museum MS» 255 1830 

Jl^jJl c-^JbJ^ ^Jx. jj\ ^i ULij : Refutation of the 



Druze doctrines, in Arabic, 12mo. well written MS. but stained, 
hf. morocco, 10s Sec. xviii 

32761 Sf\Sj^\ fj^^ f^\^\ L"-^ : Refutations of the 

Druzes, in Arabic, 2 works in 1 vol. sm. 4to. MS. transcribed by 
Michael Sabbagh, hf. morocco gilt, 10s Sec. xix 

32762 De Sacy, Expose de la Religion des Druzes, avec une intro- 
duction et la vie de Hakem, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd, S6s Paris, 1838 

32763 DuRAR-UN-NUHtJR. ^^^1 Cil^l -X* ^J)^^yjj'^ ' ^o^^s^^ 

praise of Malik Mansur (by Saff-u d-dfn al Hilli), A7'abic, 8vo. 

MS. neatly written, cloth, 10s Sec. xii 

Composed in the fourteenth century of our era. 

32764 DURR TJL MUKHTAB. ^LajSl^^lJ *, dj^^^^^j^ t/^^ • "^^g^^ 

Decisions of the Burru l-Mukhtar, a commentary on the 
Tanwiru l-Absar, by Muhammad Ala ud Din al Jesefki (? Has- 
kafi), a Hanefite Lawbook, in Arabic, imp. 4t6. sd. 10s 

Calcutta, A.E. 1263 
32764* another edition, roy. 8vo. bds. Is Qd Calc. 1827 

32765 ^Ui-^1^ jJl Jji ^j^^\ ^U ' tlie Durr ul Mukhtar, 

with the glosses of Saiyid Ahmad at-Tahtawi, in Arabic, 4i vols, 
folio, native binding, £2. Bs BulaJc, a.h. 1254 

32766 Durr-tjl-Faik. j;,^!^ uJ-S»I Ju^ i^\ J JV.^' j^ • Prayer- 

book, with rhymed endings to each phrase, arranged in the 
alphabetical order of terminal letters, by Mustafa al-Bakri, in 
Arabic, 12mo. MS. beautifully written unthin gold lines, with 
illuminated title, headings, and ornaments, gilt Turkish binding, 
2l8 Sec. xvin 


Edbisi — see Idrisi. 
Elmacinus — see Makin. 
Engelmakn — see Dozy. 
32767 Erpenii Grazamatica Arabica, Locmanni Fabuloe, et Adagia 
qnaBdaiDy Arab, et Lat,, 12n^o. calf, 2s Lugd. Bat. 1636 

32768 Grammatica Arabica (ed. Golius), Ar, et Lat, sm. 4to. 

old calf, ^sQd ^ ib. 1666 

32769 Grammatica Arabica, ace. Excerpta ex Hamasa, ed. 

A. Schultens, sm. 4to. hd, hs it, 1748 

32770 editio secunda, cum Indice, sm. 4to. If Id. uncut, 7s 6d 

it. 1767 

32771 Rndimenta Linguae Arabic89 ; clavem dialecti Arabicsa, 

etc. adjecit A. Schultens, sm. 4to. Ids, hs ; 4to. vellum, hs Qd 

lb, 1770 

32772 EUCLID. (jywjJi^^ ^]^J\jijs^ Euclid's Elements, by Nasiru 

dDin at-TAsi, in Arabic, folio, fiest edition, diagrams, sd. 24s 

Constantinople, aJi. 996 {Borne, 1594) 

32773 the same, sm. folio, old calf, 27s A,H. 996 

32774 EwALD (G. H. A.) Grammatica critica linguae Arabicee, 2 vols. 
8vo. a wormhole through six leaves, plate, hf, russiu, 7s 6cZ 

Lijjsice, 1831 

32776 Fal. JUIV: Tables of Prognostics, in Arabic— Ji:s^'i\ ^.« 

^Ulc j^UaUl J:;a^ ^ : Elegy on the murder of Osman If, 

in Arabic — 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. neat MS. hf. bd. \0s 

Sec. XVII 

32776 ^^J.^^ ^*Kl J^J^ (j^ ' Geomancy, Astrology, etc. 

in Arabia, 12mo, plain MS* hf, red morocco, 10s Sec, xvni 

32777 FAKHR-UD-DIN AR-RAZI. ^^hWj ^J^A ^J^\ ^;U.. 

,^]\ : "The Great" Commentary pn the Koran, by Fakhr-ud- 

din Muhammad bin Zia-ud-din .'Umar ar-Razi, called the 

r Khattb-ar-Bayy, in Arabic, 10 vols. imp. 8vo, ///. bd. £7. 7s 

. BMalc,' A.E, 12S9 
With the Koranic commentary of Abd-s-Su'ud on the margiDS. 

32778 FARHAT. (^[^"iV U ^s^ 4-^]/:S\ t->0 ^Kr^l : Dictionnaire 

Arabe, par Germanos Farhat, Ev^que Maronite, angmente par 
Rcchaid de Dahdah, 2 vols. 4to. pp. 5 and 723 (pub. at £5. hs), 
hf, rv^sia, 36^ Marseilles, 1849 

32779 » the same, 2 vols, ini 1, 4to. whole bd. riissia, £2, 1849 

32780 FARIS-ASH-SHIDYAK (Ahmad) ^jj>U ^ jUl ^ jUIl 

'i\j Xii\ ' Vie et Aventures de Fariac, refation de ses voyages, 

avec 668 observations critiques sur les Arabes et sur les autres 
jeuples, en Arabe, impl.8v9.5ci5. 5^ 18t55 

the same impl. 8vo. Tif, bd, 7s 1865 

82781 J\jj^|. x^m i^. JUJl j^ : Treatise on Arabic 


language, its words, phrases, and idioms, their proper uses, and 
the errors of ordinary misuse, m Arabic, roy. 4to. sd, 10s ; in 
cloth, Vis Qd\ hf. calf, 145 Constantinople, a.h. 1284 

A great work by an extraordinary scholar, produced in his old age. 

32782 FARIS-ASH-SHIDYAK. u^lJl Li^, ^^\MLu£: Treatise 

on Arabic Grammar and Language, in Arabic, roy. 8vo. sd, 7s Qd 

Constantinople, A.H. 1289 

32783 Arabic Grammar, second edit, by Williams, 12mo. 

162 pp, cloth, 2s ^ 1866 

32784 new edition: Faris Ash-Shidyaq's Practical Grammar 

of the Arabic Language, with Interliueal Reading Lessons, 

Dialogues and Vocabulary. Third Edition, revised from the 

Second Edition by the Rev. H. A. Williams, 12mo. pp, ii and 

242, cloth, 7s 6d 1883 

The best and cheapest method of acquiring the Language spoken in 
Syria, Egypt, Arabia, and by the Arabs in all parts of the World. 

" This ingenious little book deserves the favour with which it has been 
received ; for the Author has made a bold attempt to simplify that veiy 
complex subject, Arabic Grammar. The book is strong in Dialogues, to 
which forty-four pages are given. This is the part of the book which has 
found favour with the public ; and the Syrian author is here quite at home. 
The Dialogues are decidedly good, consisting simply of colloquial sentences 
on various subjects to be learnt by heart, and used as needed. Faris Ash- 
Shidyaq ends his book with a vocabulary containing about 3000 very common, 
and therefore very useful, words. We ran certainly say of Faris that his 
book is good, as far as it goes." — Allen's Indian Mail. 

Eatawa — see Durr-ul-Mukhtae — see also Kazikhan. 

32785 FATAWA. Li:.Jl c^ill ^i l^J^\s:]\ ^/:xi : FUTAWA 

ALEMGIRI ; a Collection of Opinions and Precepts of Moham- 
medan Hanafite Law, compiled by Sheikh !Nizam and other 
learned Men, by command of the Emperor Aurungzeb Alemgir, 
in Arabic, 6 vols. roy. 4to. (pub. at £9.), sd, £2. 8s 

Calcutta, 1829-35 
the same, 6 vols. roy. 4to. hf. russia, £3. 3^ 1829-33 

32786 if jU..s:51 lS%^ • Book of Legal Decisions, according 

to the Hanafite sect, by 'Abu '1-Fat'h Rukn bin Hnsam al- 
Nakiiri, in Arabic, 2 vols. 8vo. litlio graphed, bds, 20s 

{Calc.) 1825 

32787 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 21s 1825 

32788 Fusi^L ul 'ImadI. J^l ^i ^M:^^^ J^ ^^\^ 

A\isJ\ : Book of Legal Decisions, "by Abul Fat'h bin 'Abi 

Bakr bin 'Abdi 1-Jalil al-Marghindni, in Arabic, 2 vols. 8vo. 
lithographed, sd. 15s (Calcutta), 1827 

32789 al-Khai*ritta. Jx \^\ wiJ aj^-ji)l ^^^biSl l^\:^ 

<^*id- -j1 ^.^-Jbj^ : Legal Decisions by E^eiru ddin bin 

Ahmed Faruki, in Arabic, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, native binding, 
32s Bulah, A.E. 1273 

32790 iJi^\ ^^\^ ^ \^\ c-?li^ : Treatise on the Law of 


Retaliation, in Arabic^ sm. 4to. neatly written M8. hf. hd. Vs 6d 

Sec. XI 2C 

32791 Fat'h-ul-Akfal. ^KSU ^\ Jj6^\ i^J ^^^ JU53\ Jj : The 

Grammatical L-Poem of Ibn Malik, with commentary, in Arabic , 
sm. 4to. plain MS. 7s 6d A.H, 1176 

32792 Forbes' (Duncan) Arabic Reading Lessons, with Vocabulary, 

royal 8vo. (pub. ISs), cloth, 4« 6d 1864 

32793 Arabic Grammar, roy. 8vo. (pub. IBs), cloth, 78 6d 1863 

32794 FREYTAGII Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, prsesertim ex Djeuharii 
Firuzabadiique et alioram Arabum operibus, adhibitis Golii 
quoque aliorum libris, confectum ; accedit Index Vocum Latin- 
arum locupletissimus, 4 vols. 4to. over 22^0 pages, double cols., 
hf. bd. £2. 15s; or, hf. bd. calf neat, £S. Ss Halis, 1830-37 

32795 the same, 4 vols, in 2, stout 4to. neatly hound, £S. 


3279() the same, 4 vols. roy. 4to. large vellum paper, morocco 

extra, gilt edges, by Lewis, £5. 5* 1830-7 

32797 Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, in usum tironum, stout 4to. 

694 pages, double cols., uncut, 125 (jd Halis, 1837 

32798 the same, 4to. hf. bd, Us ; or, calf neat, 16s 1837 

32799 JIju^I <---yJ' J^^ • Arabum Proverbia, Arabice et 

Latine, commentario illustravit Freytag, 3 vols, in 1, 8vo. with 
all the vowel points, 2930 pp. (pub. £4. 14* 6d), cloth, £2. i6s 

JBonncB, 1831-43 

32800 ejusdem libri tomi I, II (Meidanii collectio completa), 

in 1 vol. stout 8vo. hf. bd. W. G. Palgrave's copy, 2Ss 1831-39 
The first two volnmes contain Meidoni's Collection of Proverbs, and 
some others, with grammatical and historical commentaries ; Vol. Ill con- 
8istH of extracts from the works of Shemseddin, and other writers, with 
additional notes by the learned editor ; an Arabic and a Latin Index, and ti 
treatise upon Arabic proverbs, and those authors who have written about 

32801 Fbiedkrich (R.) Codicum Arabicorum in Bibl. Soc. Art. et Scient, 

Batavias Catalogus, indicibus instr. Van den Berg, 8vo. sd. 2s 


32802 Genealogical Tables (c-^jJl c-jLjO of the Arabian Tribes 

in Arabia, Syria, etc. an Arabic MS. on paper, in rolls, altogether 
more than 50 feet in length, but defective, 36s Sec. XV 

32803 Ghassanj (Imam Mohammad bin al-Hajj Ibn 'Amir) .^JDI ^^•-♦Jj 

.^-mjSI jai^. : Treatise on the Cabbalistic and Astrological 

Science, in Arabic, sm. 4to. MS. finely written in a clear African 
hand, with diagrams, hf. red morocco gUt, 2bs Sec. XVII 

32804 Ghayatu l-Bayan (.^\^^\ i)U Arabic Grammar explained in 

Persia/n, being the original of Lumsden's work; Masalik-ul- 
BAHiYYAT fi kawa*id-in-nahwiyyat : Arabic Grammar in Persian, 
A.H. 1244 ; 2 vols, in 1, roy. 4to. cloth, lOs Calcutta, 1828-29 

32805 =- the same, 2 vols, in 1, roy. 4to. hf. hi. Vl^ 1828-29 


32806 GHAZZALI (the Imam Abu Hamid Muliammad b. Muhammad) 

^jJl aJL& Ip-l : a famous Ethical work, in Arabic, 4i vols. 

4to. 7if. Id. £3. Buldh, AM. 1289 

32807 JljiU ^ji^^\ Jj^ • Pilgrimage in the World of 

Spirits and Profit in the world of Bodies, in Arabic, 8vo. hds, 10« 

A.B. 12?7 

32808 Ghizzali (Ahmad b. Muhammad) -Ju^-^l JuK ^J ^^^^rsill • 

Mystical Treatise on the La-ilah formula, and some other pieces, 
in Arabic, sm. 4to. M88. in a jpeculiar ohirader of writing, 
united in a case covered with coarse blue cloth, 10s 

? West Africa, Sec. XVIII 
Ghurar-ul-Khasais — see Watwat. 

32809 GoEJB (M. J.) Fragmenta Historicorum Arabicorum, Vols. I, II, 

4to. sd. I2s Lugd. Bat. 1871 

32810 GOLII Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, cum Indice Latino-Arabico, 

folio, about 1500 pp. in double columns, hf. vellum, 12s 

Lv^d. Bat., Elsevir, 1653 

32811 ' the same, folio, tall copy in old calf, or stamped vellum, 

20s 1653 

32812 the same, folio, old red morocco, gilt edges, SOs 1653 

No modem Lexiooii can b6 considered to hare replaced the work of 

Oolins, which, for tiioBo who understand Latin, is quite as yaluahle as anj 
other Arabic Dictionary. 

32813 GoBGUOS, Cours d'Arabe Vulgaire : Grammaire, Thames avec 

traduction et vocabulaire ; versions Arabes, vocabulaire, tra- 
ductions, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, bs Paris (1849-64) 

32814 Grammar. Six Treatises on Arabic Grammar : the Mizan, the 

Munsh'aib, Tasrif, Zubdat, Sarf-i Mir, Hiddyat-u s-Sarf, in 
Persian, bound in 1 vol. 8vo. a wormhole through a few leaves, 
hf. bd. 7s Gale. A.H. 1256 

32815 J\ i^jJ.Us***'! C-jli^ : Sajawandi's Treatise on Arabic 

Grammar, in Arabic, and another in Persian, in 1 vol. sm. folio, 
neat MS. half calf gilt, 12s Sec. XVIII-XIX 

32816 Hadith \m^\ <J^j^^ • Traditionary Account of the Prophet's 

ride to Heaven, in Arabic, sm. 4to. weU written in an African 
hand, bd. 6s Sec. XVII 

32817 Hagiology and Homilies, etc. of the Syrian Church, in Arabic, 

sm. 4to. well written M8S. imperfect, with a rude drawing of the 
Archangel Michael, 12s Sec. XVI 

32818 HAJJI KHALIFA ^^\j u^\ ^U ^fji^\ «-fl^ : the 

Bibliographical Dictionary of Oriental Literature, Arabic, 4to, 
neatly written MS. 1298 pp. calf, £2. 10s (1800) 

32819 Lexicon Encyclopaedicum et Bibliographicum, Arahice et 

Latine, edidit G. Fluegel, 7 vols. 4to. complete, cloth, reduced 
from £6. 6s to £2. 12^ 6d Leipzig, 1835-64 

328gO •= the same, 7 vols. impl. 4to. large paper, cloth, reduced 

from £8. 85 to £2. 18« 1835-54 

Sets completed. 
Jhifi work, ifl^ withont comparison, the ^Qst nsefnl of all the Oriental 

r . <> 


Translatdon Fund Fablications. It stands in the same relation to Oriental 
Literature as Watts* BihUotheca and Chraesse^s Tresor do to that of the Western 
World. The arrangement is alphabetic, according to the names of the works 
(an Index of Authors being added at the end), and comprises descriptions 
of above 15,000 books in Arabic, Persian, and Tnrkish ; with statements of 
the date when the writers floarished, and many other useful particolars. 

Mustafa ben Abdallah Katib Chelebi, called Hadji Khalfeh, was a 
learned Turk, who, early in the seyenteenth century, held a high official 
position under Marad I v . At a later period he collected a large library, 
and wrote several works, chiefly historical ; but the greatest monument of his 
immense industry and erudition remains in the Bibliographical Lexicon 
(Kashf uX'Zanun). The BihUotMqm of D'Herbelot consists principally of 
an abstract &om defective texts of the work of Hadji Khalfeh ; while Fliigel's 
edition is based upon the best copies in existence, which contain the correc- 
tions and additions of later writers. 

32821 HAMAS A. JuU^l mV*^ * Popular ancient poetry, in Arabic, 4tO' 

MS. very neaUy written hy Elyus Bohthor the author of the 
Dictionary, transcribed from a MS. of the last century, hf. bd. 20s 

A.H. 1225 
This does not contain the full text, as published by Freytag. 

32822 U>-^ 9^^ <LoU»3rl j\xJ^\ ' Hamasas Carmina, Arabice et 

Latine, ed. Freytag, pars prior, continens textum Arabicum, 4to. 
hf calf neat, £3. 10« BonniB, 1828 

32823 die altesten arabisclien Volkslieder, von Abu Temmam, 

Beutsch, von Riickert, 2 vols. 8vo. sd, \0s Stutt. 1846 

The famous work is a collection of the popular Songs of the Arabs, 
previous tp add for a couple of centuries after the establishment of Islam. 

32824 HAMMER-PURGSTALL, Literaturgeschichte der Araber, ? 

stout vols. impl. 8vo. (pub. £8. 8s), sd. £4. Wien, 1850-56 

A book of the most stupendous learning and labour, containing the 
History of Arabian literiature from the earliest times, 9915 Biographies, with 
quotations from the worths of each author. 

32825 Hamzj: Ispahanensis CSX^ ^^ ff^}^ ' ^^^^^^^^^ li^ri X, ed. 

Gottwaldt, Tom. I, Textus Arabicus, 12mo. sd. 3s Lipsice, 1844 

32826 HARIRI. ^^^\ C^UliU!\ : The Fifty Makamat, relating the 

adventures of Abu Zaid of Sard], by Abu-1-Kasim al-Basri al- 
Hariri, in Arabic, sm. 4to. ancient and well written MS. with 
many glosses, red morocco extra, from Be Sacy^s library, £4. 4s 

Bamascv-s, Sec. XV 

32827 another MS. of the same, sm. 4to. ruled with red lines 

and written in a bold clear hand, old Turkish binding, from Be 
Saay's library, £3. A.H. 998 

M^\ ioWLaJlt ilLiJ laii.. K^°'-r^ \ : The Makamat (transcribed from 

a copy collated with the autograph MS. of the work) with the 
two poems of Hariri, followed and preceded by other pieces 
relating to Hariri, in Arabic, royal 8vo. ivell written MS. on 
paper, bound in morocco, £3. 10s 

Written by Abd ul Kader bin Hafiz, A.H. 1051 

321 * 



32829 HARIRI, Makamat. Another MS. of the same, followed bj a 
couple of small poems probably from his IHwanu r-Basail, and 
some pieces relative to the author from other works, all in 
Arabic, sm. folio, plainly written MS. with many glosses and notes 
by former ouniers, original binding, £2, 10s 
Written by Mohd. Mahfuz b, Moh. b, Harun {Cairo), AM, 1055 

32830 ' — another MS. of the same, sm. ioiio, finely written within 

red lines, with many glosses, Turkish binding, from De Saey^s 
library, £1. 16« AM. 1102 

32831 another MS. of the same, sm. 4to. plaiiUy written within 

red lines, bd. 10« A.H. 1155 

32832 another MS. of the same, 12mo. plainly written within red 

lines, with numerous glosses, Turkish binding, presentation copy from 
Rhasis to De Sacy, lbs AM. 1160 

32833 another MS. of the same, 8vo. plainly toritten, hf. red 

morocco, from De Sacy^s library, I2s About 1790 

32834 another MS. of the same work, 4to. very finely and boldly 

written in Naskhi chara>cters, with all the vowel points, bound in 
russia, 20s India, about A.H. 1210 

32835 i<^J^J ^.j^ C^*l^U^ : The Makamat, in Arabic, im- 
bedded phrase by phrase within the clauses of a Persian trans- 
lation, sm. folio, elegantly written M8. bound in russia, 2\s 

India, AM. 1228 

32836 another MS. of the Makamat, sm. folio, written in a large 

bold hand, blue morocco, from De Sacy^s library, 20s Sec. XIX 

32837 \^\ji J^ ^ J^^\ ^j^ ^ l^^\ c^^U^ : The 



Adventures of Aboo Zyde of Surooj, in Fifty Stories, by Aboo- 
Moohummudin-il-Kausim-ool - Hureereeyo, with an Arabic- 
Persian Dictionary of all the terms in the work, edited by 
Mouluvee Jaun Alee, 3 vols. roy. 4to. sd. ISs ; or, half calf, 20s 

Calcutta, 1809-14 

^cjj^l iJLj\^\Lt : Seances de Haeiri, publiees enArabe, 

avec un commentaire, par Silvestre de Sacy, small folio, hf. calf, 
24? Paris, 1822 

32839 lSAj^^ CL?L«liiJl * Seances de Hariri, avec un com- 
mentaire choisi, par Silvestre de Sacy, deuxieme Edition 
augmentee par Reinaud et Derenbourg, 2 vols. 4to. hf, morocco, 
£2. 12s 6d ^ Paris, 1847-53 

82840 les memes, Tome I, 4 to. the Arabic text complete, russia 

fxtra, gilt edges, Oriental style of binding, ISs Paris, 1847 

S2841 ^li l^:iA>-J w« ^Aj^^ cijUU^I : the Makamat, in 

Arabic, with interlinear Persian translation, imp. 8vo. calf, SOs 

India, A.H. 1264 

^ yJ^ ^^ i^ hA/^'^ d^UU^l .* the Makamat, with 

marginal commentary and a biographical preface, in Arabic, 
4to. lithograpJied, Oriental red morocco, 2Ss Bvlak, AM. 1277 


3*2843 Hariri. Makamat; op Rhetorical Anecdotes of Abul Kasem al 
Hariri, of Basra, translated into English Verse and Prose ; and 
illustrated with Annotations, by the Rev. T. Preston, 8vo. cloth, 
208 1850 

*' The most classical work in Arabic literature — ^a masterpiece of elegance 
and refinement.'' This translation, by the freedom of its rendering and the 
easiness of its style, will be more acceptable to an Enropean reader than any 
literal version ; while the frequent notes recall to the more studioas reader 
the snbtler points of the text as verbally followed. Mr. Preston has been 
carefnl not to fall into the error of Kiickert, who made an imitation rather 
than a translation. 

32844 The Assemblies of Al Hariri, translated from the Arabic, 

with introduction and notes, by Chenery, Vol. I, 8vo. (all pub. ; 
sells 18«), cloth, 98 1867 

Contains the first twenty-six Assemblies. 

32845 Narrationes, Consessuum nomine celebratae, LatinBy 

edidit C. R. S. Peiper, 3 parts in I vol. 4to. hf, calf, hs 

Cerviinontii (Hirschherg), 1832 

^jij^\ CL-'UliUJl ^Lc hj^^^ C^HUJl : Commentary 


on the Makamat, by Khairu d-din bin Taju d-dfn al-Bas 
[Yasir], in Arabic, sm. 4to. j?ZamZy written MS, containing the 
Makamat i-xv, hf. hd. 2I» Sec, xviii 

32847 , wsIa^I (*^5^ S^ u^^y^^ ^J^ • Durrat-ul-Ghawwas, a 

treatise on solecisms in speech, in Arabic, sm. 4to. plain MS* 
in old Turki8h binding, from Be Sacy8 library, \h$ A,H, 1024 

32848 Hasun (RizkaUah) ( Jl jUJ^l Ju^^ ^y}J-d j^^ j^^ : 

Poem of Poems : Job, Canticles, etc. m Arabic ver8e, by R. 
Hassoun, 4to. text lithographed, bound, gilt edges, 7s 

Privately printed, 1869 

32849 ^^yc^ CjbUl^^ jU-l\ ^^^y^J : Anthology of verses and 

tales original and selected, in Arabic, 16mo. neatly written 
MS. bound, 9s Bizk-allah Ha^u^i, Sec, xix 

32850 HAtim at-Tai Jiyi J?U ^^L;J : Poems, in Arabic, edited by 

RizkaUah Hasun, Svo. sd. Os London, 1872 

32851 HIDAYA. J^\ J^ ^ji\ ^W^ c^^\ i i:}:^: the great 

Law Book of the most orthodox sect of Islam, and especially of 
authority in Mohammedan India, iri Arabic, 4 vols, smallest 
folio, neatly written MS, in old calf, £6, India, about 1770 

32852 the same, with its Commentary, the Kifayah, in Arabic, 

published by Hukeem Moulvee Abdool Mujeed, 4 vols. 4to. sd. 
£5. Calcutta, 1831-34 

32853 the same. Vols. Ill and IV, 4to. sd, £2, 1831-33 

32854 The Guide ; a Commentary on the Mussulman Laws : 

. translated by Ch. Hamilton, 4 vols. 4to. bds, £6, 1791 

32855 the same, 4 vols. 4to. hf. calf gilt, £6, 10s 1791 

The great I^w-Book of India, and one of the most important monuments 
of Mosulman legislation in existence. 


32856 'INAYAH ^\^\ *, i,l:jj| c-^t:^: a Commentarj on the 

Hidayah, compiled by Mnliaminad Akmnlooddeen, ibn Muhmood, 

ibn Abmudonil Hnnxifee, in Arabic, edited by Ramdlinn Sen, 

Vols. II, III, IV, 4to. hf, russia, £2. Gal 1830-37 

3285? the same, Vols. Ill and IV, 4to. 20« 1830-31 

32858 HILYAT UL-KUMAIT. SiS^jc^\j^\y^\^ c-^jJl ^ ^::--^^ ^ 

Cjb -i^b • Po^'^s ^^^ Stories on the Subject of Wine, collected 

by Shems uddin Mohammed ben al Hasan an-Nawaji, in Arabic, 
sm. folio, 340 pp, native bvnding, SOs BulaJc, A.H, 1276 

32859 HoFSTETTER und Hudaj, Handbnch der arabischen Volkssprache, 

mit deutcher und'italienischerErklamng, Grammar, Vocabulary 
and G Oliver salions, 4to. 174jpjp. hf, bd, Ss 6d Wien, 1846 

32860 Howell (M. S.) Grammar of the Classical Arabic Language, 

Part I, fasc. 1 (Introduction and Noun), 8vo. 758 pp. cloth, ds 

Allahabad, 1883 

32861 HustJL-UN-Ni'MAT !U^\j\^\ jJ ^^1 J^-<3>. : Treatise on the 

Science of Health and Medicine, as taught by the ancients, in 

Arabic, sm. 4to. well written MS. in the original Turkish binding, 

2ls A.H. 1063 

A Persian Ta^hir ndma is written on the margins ; and some Arabic verses 

by Abdallah bin Asa'd al Tafi'i follow at the end in the original scribe's hand. 

HuzAiLi Poems — see Diwan. 

32862 IBN 'ABD-RABBIHI. jj^l mJ^] : Historical Encyclopeedia, 

in Arabic, 3 vols. 4to. hf. bd. £4. 4^ (Gairo) A.H. 1293 

One of the most important historical works in Arabic literature. The 
author was bom at Cordova in Spain, and flourished at the beginning of the 
tenth century of our era. 

32863 Ibn Abi Dinar, ^^jy ^ LJbJ] J^\ ^ ^3^1 i^\z^ : 

History of Tnnis, by Muhammad bin Abi-1-Kasim ar-Ra'ini al- 
Kairawani, in Arabic, 8vo. sd. 8s Tunis, A.H. 1286 

32864 IBN ABI HAJLAH (Shihdb-nd-din) \Siy^ ^^LJl c-^l:;^ 

\ ^J j^\ • Essays on tbe history, geography, and literature of 

Moslem Egypt, etc. an anthological work, in Arabic, sm. 4to, 
finely written MS. in large characters, with rubrications, the vowel- 
points frequently given, Turlcish binding, from Be Sacy^s library, 

£3.35 About A.D. 1400 

A valuable copy of the work. A few leaves at beginning and end are of 
later date than the rest of the book, having been supplied by Abd-ul-Baki Ibn 
Barakat in 1085 a.h. 

32865 Ibn Abi YakIib an-NadIm, Mani, seine Lehre und seine Schriften, 

aus dem Fihrist des Abu'lfaradsch, Arabisch und Deutch, mit 
Commentar von G. Fliigel, 8vo. hf. bd. lbs Leipzig y 1862 

32866 IBN 'ADZARI. ^Ji^ ^^ c^Jl Jl^\ ^ ^J^\ JU\ 

^^\^jj^ v-^^^ ^j\j ^^ t^ ^, ^JL^^^^^::^^ ^^\ja\\ : Histoire 
d*e TAfrique et de TEspagne par Ibn Adliari, et fragments de la 



Chronique d' Arib, en Arahe, avec des notes, etc. par Dozy, 2 vols. 
8vo. sd. 16s Leyde, 1848-51 

Aa important pnblicatioD for the history of the first three centuries of the 
Muslim power in Spain. The introduction by Dozy is a masterly piece of 
historical criticism. 

Ibn-ul-Anbari — see Nuzhat-ul-Alibba. 
3286? IBN-UL-'ARABI. ^^\ ^\ cl^[su^ ^^.^ : a CoUec- 

tion of mystical treatises in prose and verse, by the great Sufi 
Shaikh Muhyi-nd-din Ibn-ul-Arabi, in Arabic, sm. folio, well 
written M8, a little wormed, but the text intact, Oriental binding^ 
£2. 2s About 1600 

Containing the ^\^\ ^jj . l^\ cj]^jb 5 Jyul\ i'l^l^ ; 
^^yu!l c^b^; Sp^\ ilL^; Cji^Uil ; JA^J\ ^\j > ^^' 
32868 5-iUr^. J^lwu^ : Traditions, Sayings, and Anecdotes, 

for the history of the Prophets, in Arabic, Vol. II, roy. 8vo. j?jp. 
376 lithograjphed, native bdg, 7s BulaJc, A, H» 1282 

iXiJl c:-5l^-A::iSl ^^ July : Sufi Extracts from the 

Futuhat, in Arabic, 8vo. plain M8» bd. 6s Sec, xviil 

32870 Ibn 'Arabshah^^ UrS-l J j^dA^\ c-^U^ ' Life of Timur the 

Great, or Tamerlane, in Arabic, sm. 4to. plain MS, bound, 10* 


32871 •jjUll v_,^ jl,/e^ • Arabsiadsa Vitas et rerum gestarum 

Timuri vulgo Tamerlanis Historia, Arabice, cum praefat. Golii, 

small 4to. bd, 5.5 Lugd, Bat, 1636 

An excellent edition of a famous classic, and well adapted for a text book. 

32872 lifcXR^l c--olfls^ : Vita et Res gestae Timuri, Arab, et 

Lat. ed. Manger, 3 vols. sm. 4to. sd, S6s Leovardice, 1767-72 

32873 — the same, 3 vols, in 2, sm. 4to. morocco, £2. 2s 1767-72 

32874 the same, large paper, 2 vols. 4to. calf, fine copy, £2, 


This is the only edition which contains a translation of Ibn Arabshah. 
32875 \ij^\ Ji^U^^ UU)! A^U : Fakihatu 1-Khulufa, a cele- 
brated collection of stories, in Arabic, 4to. hf, bd. 2ls 

(Cairo) A.H. 1290 

32876 — — \J^\ ^\i ' Fructus Imperatorum et Jocatio Ingenio- 

Borum, Arabice, ed. Freytag, 2 parts complete, 4to. sd. Is 

BonnoB, 1832-52 

32877 -^ — — — the same, 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. chth, Ss ; or, hf, calf, 9s 

32878 Ibn Badroun. ^^^jj ^S ^^Juxr ^^1 irju^ -^ : Commentairo 

historique sur le poeme d' Ibn Abdoun, en Arabe, avec des 
notes et un Glossaire par Dozy, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 10s 

Leyde, 1846-7 

32879 (Ibn Baitar) Grosse Zusammenstellung iiber die Krafte der 

bekannten einfachen Heil- und Nahrungsmittel, von Ebn 
Baithar, Qbersetzt von Sontheimer, 2 vols. roj. 8vo. calf neat, lbs 

Stuttgart, 1840-4? 


32880 IBN-UL-ATHIR. jji\ ^"i h'^A iiy^, ^ AjU!1 j^\ •■ Biogra- 

ph'ical Dictionary of tlie Companions of the Prophet, in Arabic^ 
5 Tols. large 8vo. smooth red morocco^ native binding, £6, 6« 

(BulaJc), AM, 1286-86 
A work of labour and emdition, composed about a.d. 1220, by the famous 
bistorian, the author of the Kamil. As it contains the biographies of over 
7000 persons it might be entitled a history of the rise of IslauL 

82881 fC}^Y^\ J^l^\ ' Chronicon quod Perfectissimnm 

inscribitnr, Arabice, cum Supplemento, Indicibns, etc , ed. C. J. 
Tomberg, 14 vols, complete, 8vo. (pub. £8. 10s unbound), sd, 
and Id. £4. Upsal, et Lugd, Bat, 1867-76 

32882 the same, 14 vols, in 13, complete, red leather, Oriental 

binding, one part sd, £5. 1867-76 

32883 J^U3\ f^j^ ' ^^^^^^^ edition of the same Chronicle, 

in Arabic, 12 vols, in 6, 4to. hf, bd, £10. Buldk, A, H, 1290 

A magnificent edition; in which the following historical works are 

printed on the margins of the text ; /)• jJl .Lss. of Abu-l-Abbas ai>- 

DiHASHKi ; J^U^l JLitj of Ibn-u8H-Shuhna ; and the -i^^iJl f^^ 

of Abn Nasr Muhammad bin Abd-ul-Jabbar al-'Utbi. "The KamU is 
usually considered the greatest historical composition of the Middle Ages. 
Ibn-ul-Asir (Athir) is not only superior to all similar authors amongst his 
co-religionists (including Abulfida who borrowed extensively from him), but 
also to the Christian chroniclers. No work upon the Crusades can be properly 
written without almost perpetual reference to the pages of the Kdmila 
ttawdrikh. The chronicle is carried down to 1230 a.d. a few years before the 
death of Ibn ul Athir. 

32884 IBNU 'l'AWAM. ^\^\ ^"i l^U\ c^l:;^ : Libre de Agricul- 

tura, su an tor Abu Zacaria lahia Ebn el Awam, Arabigo y Espa^ 
fiol, traducido y anoiado por Banqueri [con discurso preliminar 
y Catdlogo de los nombres de Plantas], 2 vols, folio, £2. 2« 

Madrid, 1Q(^^ 

32885 Livre de TAgriculture, traduit de TArabe par J. J. 

Clement-Mullet, 3 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. plate of the horse, 
hf, morocco, \0s Paris, 1864-67 

32886 IBN BATUTA. ^^ ^ j^.^^:^ iU-j : Travels of Mohammad 

ibn Batuta al-Mughrabi, in Arabic, sm, 4to. plain MS. hf bd, 
from the library of AmedSe Jaubert, 30s Sec, xviii 

32887 Voyages, en Arabe et eii Francais, par C. Defremery et 

B. R. Sanguinetti, avec Tlndex, 4 vols. 8vo. hf, bd, SOs 1853-9 

32888 the same, 4 vols, and Index, in 2 vols. 8vo, hf, calf, Sbs 


32889 Voyages dans I'Asie Mineure, traduits de 1* Arabe, par 

Defremery, 8vo. sd, 2s 1851 

32890 the Travels of, translated, with notes on the History, 

Geography, Botany, and Antiquities, by Rev. S. Lee, 4to. £2, 16s 


32891 Viagens extensas e dilatadas, traduzidas por Moura, 

Tomo I (all published), 8vo. bds, 7s Lisbo7i, 1840 


1 — - - I ' 

32892 IBN-UL-FARIDH ('Omar). ^J^\ ^\ J^^^^' Poems, in 

Arabic , sm. 4tx). MS. well written within red and black rulings, old 

Syrian binding y £2. AM, 1030 

32893 another MS. of tlie same, sm. 4to. plainly tm-itten, cloth, 

268 A.B, 1076 

32894 another MS. of the same, sm. 4to. not quite 'perfect at 

beginning and end^ bds, 7s 6d Sec, xvil 

32895 another MS. of the same, 4!to. plainly written in black, 

with numerous interlineal glosses in red ink, hf. bd, 20s Sec, xix 

ijiiilill ^^\ imW*^ • I^i"'^8,n or Poems, m Arabic, sm. 4to« 


lithographed, bds. 3» 6d Bairut, A.H. 1267 

32897 LiOj^\ lo^l ioVfc^- Poems, in Arabic, 8vo. lithographed, 

bds. bs A.H. 1280 

32898 ^^\J^\ ^\ ^1^ J * : Poems of Sharfu d-Din Abu 

Hafs 'Umar, Ibnu 1-Faridh, with a commentary conglomer- 
ated from Rashid bin Ghalib, Hasan al-Burini, and 'Abdu 
1-Ghani of Nablds, in Arabic, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. hf. bd. SOs 

(Cairo) A.H. 1289 

32899 ^^,U!1 ^'\ ijyi : Hohe Lied der Liebe, a Sufistic 

poem, in Arabic, Talik character, and German, ed. and transl. by 
Hammer- Purgstall, 4to. printed within gold lines, with richly 
illuminated ' Unwan, sd. 8s Wien, 1854 

32900 Ibn Foslan's und anderer Araber Berichte iiber die Russen alterer 

Zeit, Arab, nnd Beutsch, mit Anmerkungen, von Frahn, 4to. 
plate of Coins, sd. 4^ ; or, hf. calf, 5s S. Petersb. 1823 

32901 the same, 4t/0. plate, 1823 — Ueber die Wohnsitze der 

altesten Russen, Borpat, 1825 — Sur les Origines Russes, 
extraits de MSS. Orientaux, arabe etfrang., par. J. de Hammer, 
S. Petersb. 1825 5 3 vols, in 1, 4to. hf morocco, 7s 6d 1823-5 

32902 IBN HAJAR. jU^\ ^ ^/J Ij\^A }^ J h\Ji\ i^\::^ : 

Biographical Dictionary of Persons who knew Mohammed, in 
Arabic, edited by Sprenger and others. Vol. I (12 parts) and 

Vol. II, pts. 1-5 (J^ 1), Vol. Ill, pt. 1 (5^), and Vol. IV 

(Metonyms), parts 1-10 suppl. (^ ^.^^^ ^1 — ^^-J^^r^' ^jOj together 

29 parts, roy, 8vo. sd. 36s Calcutta, 1853-71 

32903 — the same. Vol. I (12 parts) and Vol. II, pt. 1 

^^L ^^^ ^^^' ^^ (Metonyms) parts 1 and 2 

»^jOL^ ^)\ — /^l/^ y,\)'y together 15 parts, roy. 8vo. sd. 20s 

Calc. 1853-64 
'' The first and mcNst important work of Masulmon biography. — 8pr§nger, 

32904 ^1 ibji^/iSi Ls^' : Nokhbat al-Fikr and Nozhat 

al-Nazr, in Arabic, edited by W. Nassau Lees, 8vo. sd. 21s 

Calc. 1862 
A treatise on the technical terms used in works on the Traditions. 



32905 Ibn Hajak, Nnkhbat-ul-Fikr, A, H. 1138 — ^Ali Bubhan-ud-din. 

^^\p^yll\ JAzl an essay on Jinns or evil spirits — Ahmad bin 
Hnsam-ud-din Hasan al-Bayazi, commentary on tbe^jjt |J^1) 

A.H. 1134 — ^in 1 vol. sm. 4ito. plain MS. Oriental binding, 15« 

A.H. 1134-38 

32906 IBN HAJIB (Jamal-ud-dfn) ^\ Li\il\ : Kafiyya, a famous 

grammatical treatise ; followed by two others of similar charac- 
ter (l^lH (^\c^ and J^U iJU) in Arabic, 12mo. MS. neatly 

written within thick gold lines, and with gilt headings, Turkish 
binding, lOs AM. 1209-07 

^jcJ^^j \^Jl^ iJlfl\ ^^^^ • Raushan Ali's Persian 

translation of the KJafiyya, sm. 4to. neat MS. russia, hs 

About 1800 


32908 Li\ii^ i^^^J : Grammatical Analysis of the Kafiyya, 

in Arabic, 8vo. neatly written MS. hf. calf neai, 6s 6(i A.H.- 1246 
32909 Ljli31 - -£» ^L : RuKN-UD-DfN AstarabIdi's Commen- 
tary on the Kitfiyyah, text and commentary intermingled, in 
Arabic, sm. 8vo. MS. well written within red lines, with numerous 
marginal glosses, Turkish binditig, rebacked, 26s A.H. 879 

32910 ^.r^KA^ii Jjh- • "Solution of the Difficulties ;" being 

an ample commentary on Ibn ul Hajib's Arabic Grammar, 
al-Kafiyyah, 8vo .Manuscript, with the beginning and end in a later 
handy hf. calf, 7s 6(Z {Sec, xvii) 

32911 Li^V ^^ Li\^\ ^jJ^ : JImi's Commentary on the 

Arabic Grammar, Kafiyya, of Ibnu 1-Hajib, in Arabic, roy. 8vo. 
a well written MS, native binding, 20s 

(India) Written by Mohammed Kasim, A.H. 1094 

32912 Jami's Commentary on the Kafiyya, in Arabic, 8vo. well 

written MS. but stained, bound, 6s Sec. xvii: 

32913 — '• printed edition, in Arabic, 8vo. a little wormed, hf. calf. 

3s 6d Calcutta, 181H 

32914 another edition, sm. 4to, Turkish binding, 7s 6d 

(Constantinople) A.H. 1261 

32915 ^^J\ ^^^^.^ ^ ,^^ ^\h\ ^ : Mohammad bin 

Hasan ar-Razi's Commenta,ry on the Kafiya, in Arabic, 2 vols, in 
1, sm. folio, bound, 30s (Constantinople) A. H. 1275 

32916 IBN HISHAM. l-^^J1 l^^ ^^ Sr^iJ^ .J^ • ^^^^^® 

Grammar, by Jamal-ud-din 'Abd-allah bin Yusuf bin Hisham, 

i7i Arabic, sm. 8vo. MS. well and carefully tvriiten within red 

lines, 21s Ibn Uajji Mohd. ibn-ul-Hajji Fatli-ullah, A.H, 1000 

32917 another MS. of the same, sm. 4 to. neatly writte^i^ 

Oriental binding, 20s Mohammad al-Mukri, A.H, 1078 


32918 IBN HISHAM. i^^\ ^% '^y^ ^ L^JbiJl^^i-^ : Arabic 

Syntax, by Ibn Hisham, in Arabic^ 8vo. Ids, 10s 

BuUk, AM. 1253 

32919 IjcJI JaS ~.jL e! -I'-^'-H ' Commentary on Katru n-Nida, m 

Arabic^ by Ibn Hisham, sm. 4to. MS, hd. 6s Sec. xviii 

32920 IbnHujjah. ^Ixi^ll Jj^L,^ ^ ^;S c^^SlXlij (^J\ ajV^: 

Elegant Essays, by Taki-nd-din Abu Bakr, called Ibn Hujjali al- 
Hamawi; with the Risail of Ahmad al-Hamadani Badi*-uz- 
Zaman on the margins, in Arabic, 4to. red leather binding, £2. 

JBuldJc, A,H. 1291 

32921 an earlier edition of the Khazanat-ul-Adab, without the 

marginal Badi^-uz-Zamdn, 4to. red leather binding, SOs 

ib. A.H. 1273 
Ibn Ja'is — see Ibn Ya'ish 

32922 Ibn Jubair. -*-j>- ^ *X^1 ^\ Xi^"^ ii^-. : Travels (from Spain 

through the East), m Arabic, edited by Wright, Svo. sd. 10s 

Leyden, 1852 

32923 Ibn Khakan. ^^LiUil dAi : Le Collier d'Or, in Arabic, roy. 

Svo. sd. 7s ; or, cloth, 8s Paris (1850 

Poetical selections, compiled in the twelfth century of the Christian era. 

32924 IBNKHALDtJN. ^^\ ^\j\^^\^ Ijo^l J^,^Jji^^ ^^'^ 

J-Jli i»iS*^U • General History of the Arabs, the Persians, 

and the Berbers (Mauritanians), by Abu Zaid 'Abd-ur-rahman 
bin Khaldtin, in Arabic, 7 vols, and Supplement to Vol. II, 
together 8 vols. roy. 8vo. hf, bd. £5. (Buldk) A.H. 1284 

One of the most important historical works in any literature. The 
Mukaddamah or Introduction is an extremely able and valuable essay. 

.^2925 X^jJUll • Ibn Khaldiin's Introduction to "History, in 

Arabic, Svo. unfinished MS. elegantly written in a minute hand, 
and containing about half of the celebrated Mukaddamah, Oriental 
binding, from Be Sacy's library, 12s About 1700 

Transcribed from an incomplete old MS. in which the first three or four 
leaves and the second half of the book were missing. 

32926 IBN KHALLIKAN. J^j]\ ^^ lj\^ Juc'i] c^^U. ^ J^^^jV^ • 

Fates of the Illustrious, and Tidings of the Sons of Time, in 
Arabic, Vol. I, folio, plainly written MS, on bombycine paper, in 
the original binding, £>2. A.H. 105? 

MSS. of this work are now very scarce. 

32927 lO^^^ ^--^Wf5 * ^^*® Illustrium Virorura, nunc primum 

Arabice, edidit, variis lectionibus indicibusque instruxit F. 
Wustbnfeld, cum Additamentis, Fasc. 1*6 and 8-11, with 2 
Collect. Additament.,^ bds, £3. Gottingce, 1835-42 

No longer to be had of the publisher. 


32928 IBN KHALLIKAN. Vies des Homines illustres, en Arahe, 

pnbliees par MacGuckin de Slane, Tome I {all published), 

4to. 791 pp. hf, morocco, 21s Paris, 1842 

More than half the work. It corresponds to Vols. I, II, and III, pp. 1-122, 
of the transladon desciibed below. 

32928* another copy of the same, 4to. wanting pages 321-480, 

sd, lOs 1842 

32929 Biographical Dictionary. Translated from the Arabic 

by Baron Mac Guckin de Slane, now complete in 4 vols. 4to. «d. 
£1. lOs ; or in hf. morocco gilt, £2. 2s 1842-71 

32929* the same, large paper, 4 vols. roy. 4to. sd. 36^ 1842-71 

The THIRD and foubth volnmes of either state are sold separately. 
This was the first general Bibliographical Dictionary in the Arabia lan- 
guage ; and it remains a worderfal testimony to the learning, genius, and 
indnstr}' of the anthor. The biographies are arranged in alphabetical order 
of names, and comprise distingnished individuals of every sect and nation in 
Islam, down to the thirteenth centurj, when IbnKhallikan flourished. Mos'em 
critics have blamed him for enlarging on the lives of poets and historical 
writers, at the expense of the learned doctors of the law ; but that very cir- 
cumstance renders his book all the more valuable to the European reader. 
Even the poetical and elegant selections which fill these biographical notices 
are so extensive, that an Anthology was culled from them by an ancient 
Arabic writer. Ihe editor has added in his notes all fresh information that 
could be acquired regarding each name mentioned in the text 

32930 Tydeman, Conspectus operis Ibn Chalicani, 4to. calf neat, 4* 

Lugd. Bat. 1809 

32931 iBN-uL-KHATfB. ^^^2^\ ^} ijfrj^ ^}^^\ ^ Ji jUl ^j : 

Chronicle of the Khalifas and Kings of Spain and Africa, in 
Arabic verse, by Abu Abd-allab Mohammad bin al-Khatib, 4to. 
plainly written M8. in a clear African hand, interleaved vnth 
some French notes and translated extracts, old calf, from the coU 
lections of J. G. Sparwenfeld and Petis-de-La^roix, 20s 

(Tunis, about 1680-90) 

32932 Ibn Kutaiba. v^jl^JI t— ^t:^: Handbuch der Geschichte, -4ra6iscA, 

von Wiistenfeld, 8vo. hf. bd. 6s Gott. 1860 

32933 TabulflB genealogicse Arabum, cum Historia Reg^m 

Gassaniorum Regumque Hirtensium, Arabice et Lat., ed. F. G. 
Eichhom, 8vo. A/, bd. 4:s Gothce, 1775 

32934 Ibn Malik. i^l« „j\ <Lr!1: Arabic Grammar, in a thousand 

verses, by Jalal-ud-din bin Malik, iyi Arabic, sm. 4ito. plain MS, 
in an African hand, with all the points, hf. bd, from De Sacy^s 
library, 9s A.H. 1159 

32935 le m^me ouvrage, public en arabe, avec un common taire 

par Silvestre de Sacy, 8vo. sd. 6s 6d Faris^ 1834 


4^jyUl! Lil)!\ -^ : Commentary on the Alfiyya, by 

Abu Zaid' Abd-ur-rahman bin 'Ali al-Maktidi, in Arabic, sm. 
4to. MS. rubricated and plainly written in a clear African 
hand, hf, morocco, from De Sacy^s library, lbs Sec. xviii 




32937 Ibn Malik. — Another MS. of Makadi*s commentary, sm. 4to. tvell 

ivritten in a mmute African hand, hf. morocco, from Be Sacy^s 

library, 24s Sec. xviii 

The text of this MS. is followed in the same volame, by the Muthal- 

lathat f t>^v^*,l*v>t ^ ^f Kutrub, and the Suft Dictionary of Ahmad al- 

Kashani (cl^U-JLkipO 

(JJis. j^S ^UilSl ^ Jl> ' Alfijjah, cum commentario Ibn 

Akil, AraJnce, ed. D. F. Dieterici, sm. 4to. sd, bs ; hf morocco^ 
68 6d Lips, 1851 

32939 Alfiyya, with commentary of Ibn Akil, Arabic, 2 vols. 

in 1, roy. 8vo. calf 10s Bulak, 1264-5 

32940 V— ^!iyi jIA .1 ' Snper-Commentary on the Alfiyya of Ibn 

Malik and the commentary thereon of Ibn 'Akil, in Arabic, 
sm, folio, M8» very neatly written partly in a plain Naskhi and 
partly in an African liand, neat (Tunisian) binding, 26s Sec, xyiii 

32941 ^]/i^l ^U> ^ c-^SUl ^^ : A Treatise on Arabic 

Grammar, in the form of a Commentary on the Alfiyya, by Zain 
nd Din al Azhari, in Arabic, 8vo. bd. 9s Bulak, A.H. 1284 

Lsi\ J\ uJ3U\ ^ ^jL J^ Lj^\:>- l^\/I\ jitSyj : 

Marginal Glosses, by Abu Abd. b. Muhammad at-Tdnisi on 
Abu l-Hasan Ali b. Muh. al-Asbmnni's commentary on the 
Alfiyyab, in Arabic, Vol. I, 4to. sd, 12s Tunis, A.H, 1296 
Fat'h-ul-Akfal — see Fat'h. 

32943 IbnNubXtah. £flj ^\ loV*^' ^i^atory Poems from the Diwan 

of Jamal-ud-din bin Nubata, in Arabic, sm. 4to. neat MS. bounds 
from De Sacy^s library, 18s A.H, 1006 

32944 IBN-USH-SHUHNA. ^\^^\^ J,^! ^J^ ^J^^^ ^j * Uni- 

versal History, by Abu-1-Walid Mohammad bin Kamal-ud-din, 
called Ibn-ush-Sbubna, in Arabic, sm. 4to. well written MS, 
bound in vellum, from De Sacy's- library, £S. 

Sulaimdn bin al-Hajj Sdlim, A.H. 992 

32945 Ibn Tupail (Abu Jafar). ^)iah ^ ^s>^ ilL, : Epistola de Hai 

Ibn Yokdhan, Arabics et Latine, ed. E. Pocockius, sm. 4to. calf, 
12s Oxonii, 1700 

32946 Life of Hai ibn Yokdban, translated by Ockley, 8vo. 

plate, old calf, ISs ' 1708 

32947 IBN YAlSH. JSIm^ ^1 JouiJl -^ : Commentar zu Zam- 

achsari's Mufassal, von Ibn Ja'is, berausgegeben von G. Jabn, 
Arab. Vol. I, 6 parts, 4to. sd. 20s Leipzig, 1876-82 

32948 IBN-UL-WARDI. (..^U*!l iS}^ : Description of the various 

countries and wonders of the earth, by Sayyidi 'Omar bin al- 
Wardi, in Arabic, sm. 4to. large circular map of the world and 
picture of the Ka^aba, plainly written MS. Oriental binding, from 
JauberVs library, £4. Sec. xvii 


32949 Ibn - UL - Wabdi, Kharidat-ul- Aja'ib. Another MS. 870. wdl 
written, with picture of the Ka'aha, the first five or six leaves and 
the world-map absent, original Syrian binding repaired, from De 
Sacy^s library (at whose sale U fetched 2bl francs), £2. 2s 

Abd-uhHaiyy bin Ahmad, A,H, 1096 

32960 Ibn Zaidi^n. ^^^jjj ^\ iJL, -^b ^ ^^\ -^ : Ibn Nubata's 

Commentary on the poetical Epistle of Ibn Zeiddn, in Arabic, 
sm. 4to. neatly written M8. in the handtoriting of Fleischer and 
Kxinkely who made this transcript for De Sacy, hf. morocco, lbs 

Sec. XIX 

32951 IDRISL Jl ^IkSSl^ ji^'iSJj ^ jli^l h^y : General Geo. 

graphy and Description of the Regions of the Eatth, by Abd 
'Abdallah Muhammad bin Idris, in Arabic, sm. 4t'0. hd. ISs 

(Bome, 1592) 

32952 Descripcion de Espana, Arabic and Spanish, por Conde, 

8vo. bds. 2s Madrid, 1?99 

32953 Geographia Nubiensis, id est, totins orbis descriptio, in 

Latinum versa a Gabriele Sionita et Joanne Hesronita, sm. 4to. 
bd. 6s Parisiis, 1619 

32954 IKHWANU S-SAFA. \i^\ JyS^\ Hi^ JjU, ^^ UU, : (Story 

of the Dispute between Man and the other Animals concerning 

their relative position in the scheme of existence), tn Arabic, 

sm. Syo, finely written MS. with all the points, old calf gilt, 14* 

(Calcutta) About 180?-8 
Perhaps the original from which the text was printed. It formerly 
belonged to the scholars Lockett and Eeene. A leaf or two missing at end. 

32965 the same, sm. folio, connplete MS. transcribed for De Sacy 

by Mikhail Sabhdgh from a codex in the Paris library, hf. bd. 

20s About 1810 

This is the twenty-first part of the entire set of Ikhwan treatises, and the 
eighth of the division which treats of Animals. 

32956 the same, printed edition, in Arabic, 8vo. hf. bd, bare, 

325 Calcutta, 1812 

This is the Arabic original of the Hindustani book to which Professor 
Forbes gave the title of Ikhwan us Safa. The Ikhwana s Safa (Brothers of 
Purity) were a society of thinkers and writers flourishing about ihe end of the 
tenth century of our era, who have left a large numb^ of curious treatises, 
chiefly philosophical and speculative. The above is one of them. 

3295? Insciuptions in the Himyaritic Character, discovered chiefly in 
Southern Arabia, folio (sells 24^), bds. 16s 1863 

IsTAKHRi — see Abu Is'hak. 

32958 IzHAR UL AsRAR. j\jJi\ j\^\ ^Jti j^l\ ^\:^ ' Commentary on 

Birkewi*s Arabic Grammar, in Arabic, 8vo. bds. bs Const. 1281 

32959 Jalal-ud-din Mahalli. j<i^^ ^Xs> ^^.LaiSl \jSj ij-2l»U- : 

Marginal Glosses by Zakarya al-Ansari, on the Koranic com- 
mentary of al-Mahalli, in Arabic, stout sm. 4to. well ivritten 
African MS. not quite complete at end, native binding, lbs Sec, xviii 

Jalal ud dIn SuYUTf — see StYUTI. 

Jami — see Ibn-ul-Hajib, 


32960 Jam'u-r-rum(jz. X>UJ\ -. J» J4^J\ »-^l^ • Commentary on the 

Noqayah (the abridgment of the Wikaya), by Shams-al-din 
Mohammad, of Khorasan, Arabic, Nassau Lees' Edition, royal 
4to. 748 pp. cloth, ISs Calcutta, 1858 

32961 JA.RUMIYA. J^Ull i>U« Lu4^jjs^\' Grammatica Arabica, dicta 

Gjarumiya, et Libellus Centum Regentium, Arab, et Lat., ed. 
Th. Erpenius, sm. 4to. sd, 2s Leidce, 1617 

32962 Djaroumiya, Grammaire Arabe de Mohammed ben 

Dawoud el-Sanhadji, en Arahe et en Fratu^ais, par L. J. Breenier, 
8vo. sd. 2s Alger, 1866 

see ante Ajrumiytah. 

Jauhari — see Sihah. 

32963 Jawahir-ul-Adab. c-^1 a^ ^JjX^ ^ c-jjJI .ibl^ : Treatise 

on Arabic Rhetoric and Language, m Arabic, by 'Ala-ud-din b. 
Muhammad al-Arbili, 8vo. cloth gilt, 8s Cairo, A.H. 1294 

'S2964 jAWAHiR-TJL-BuHt^R. .^^\ ^^j^ j^soSt JbL>- '. History of Egypt 

down to the sixteenth century, by Al-'Aini al-Hanafi, in Arabic, 
8vo. neat MS. hf. bd. from De Sacifs library, lbs A.H. 1051 

32966 JOSHUA, c^ J ,j^^ ^ ^A^\ ^ j\^\ ^y ^ t^y.>. 

<uJ ^z h\:>> ^^^. L<^y^ ' Ghronicon Samaritanum, cui 

titulus est Liber Josuee, Arab, et Lat. cum dissertatione notisque, 
ed. JuynboU, stout 4to. facsimiles of the Samaritan character, sd. 
6s Inigd. Bat. 1848 

32966 • the same, 4to. thick paper, presentation copy to Cureton, 

with interesting autograph letter of 4 pp. sd. rare, 15s 1848 

This is a pseudepigraphic Book of Joshua, current among ibe Samaritans 
of the thirteenth century, and chiefly yaluable for the traditions and legends 
that occur in it, rather than for its loose historical agreement with the narra- 
tive of the Bible. It comes down to the time of Eoman dominion in Judea. 

32967 JuRJANi (Saiyid *Ali) ^S^ iZj\suju : Grammatical Definitions 

of technical terms and phrases, in Arabic, sm. 8vo. MS. well 
written within red lines, green silk covers, 7s 6d Sec. xvii 

32968 Cu\Jujcl\ c-jI:;^ : Definitiones Dschordschani, ace 

Definitiones Ibn Arabi, Arabice, ed. Fliigel, 8vo. hf. bd. Ss 

Lips. 1845 

32969 JURJANI ('Abd-ul-Kdhir) J^U aJU ^^ ^ J^U ijU : 

Lockbtt's Mint Amil and Shurhoo Mint Amil, Arabic and 
English, two Treatises on Arabic Syntax, with Annotations, , 
Stories, etc. large 4to. bd, lbs Calcutta, 1814 

Two yaluable works upon Arabic Grammar ; the Miat Amil is the work 
of the celebrated grammarian, Djurdjani, and ranks yery high amongst all 
the compositions of its class. ' In addition to the original text and its transla- 
tion, the editor has illustrated the grammatical rules with stories from other 


32970 JURJANI ('Abd-ul-Kahir) J^U hit -^ : Commentary on the 

Mi'at 'Amil; in Arabic, a different work from that edited by 
Lockett ; followed by Alimad bin Ali bin Mas'dd on Syntax, and 
other Tracts, all in Arabic, sra. 8vo. elegantly written MS. 
Oriental binditig, Ts ^d Sec, xvii 

32971 Ji-^U lilt - -1 • Commentary on the Mi*at Amil — the 

same text as printed by Lockett, and other grammatical treatises, 
in Arabic, sm. Syo, finely written MS. hf bd, %>s 6(Z Sec, xix 

32972 KALTLA WA DIMNA JL* j^ iLK : Arabic version of the Fables 

of Bidpai, sm. 4to. plainly written MS., with red-ink rulings, bd. 

365 A.B, 1186 

The order of the stories is not quite in agreement with that of De Sacy's 

edition, and there are variants in the text. The Yolome comprises another 

work besides this: £^\ ujX^J iJLsjlj^sr\ l^\ il^J^Ld-1 

32673 ou Fables de Bidpai, en Arabe, avec la Moallaka de 

L6bid, en Arabe et en Frangais, par Silvestre de Sacy, 4to. 
neatly bound, \hs 1816 

32974 h^^^ aJJi, 8vo. half calf, \0s Bulak, A.H. 1251 

32975 another edition, sm. 8vo. bds. 7s Bulak, A.H. 1285 

This is the translation into Arabic, made abont the middle of the eighth 
centnry by Ibnn I'Mnqaffa, from the PehWi or ancient Persian version of the 
Indian (Sanscrit) tales, which remain to ns in the Hitopadesn and the Fancha- 
' tantra. 

32976 L§y^iu^ JL^ J. iLli : a poetical I'endering of the Kalilah 

wa Dimna, in Arabic distichs, by Al-Hakim Abn 1-Farah ibn 
Talmiz, 8vo. plain MS., Oriental binding, very rare, 35« 

Writte^i by Mohd. b, ^Abdurrahim, Hadhramaut, A.H. 1235 

32977 a different poetical version of the Kalila, in distichs, by 

Al-Hasan bin Ahmad al Jaldl an-Nakkish, in Arabic, sm. folio, 
neat MS. wHtten within coloured lines, the first two pages gilt, 
Indian morocco, 20s About 1800 

32978 KAMIL OF ALI BIN ABBAS. uJ^^ lJJi\ AcUJl (^\s^ 

<X«Jlj : Encyclopeedia of Medical Science, by 'Ali bin-ul- 

'Abbds, al-Majdsi, in Arabic, 10 parts in 1 vol. stout folio, well 
written MS., old Oriental morocco, £2. 10* Sec. xvii 

This is probably only the first Tolnme of the great work of Ali bin Abbas, 
although it is not so indicated at the end. 

32979 KAMIL of el-Mubarrad ^\ J j^\ J^l^ (the principal work 

of this grammarian), in Arabic, edited by W. Wright, 4to. 
11 parts, complete (pnb. £4.), sd. £2. 10s Leipzig, 1864-82 

32980 KlMtTS. k^^l ^^Ull : The Kamoos, or The Ocean, an 

Arabic Dictionary by 'Abu t-TAhir Majdn d-Din Muhammad 
bin Ya'kiib al-Fir6zfibadi, collated with many MS. copies, and 


corrected by Shaikli Ahmad Yamani Shirwani, all in Arabic^ 
2 vols. impl. 4to. calf, £6, ^s Calcutta, 1817 

Dr. Cureton paid £20_to get a copy from India, the book having becomo 
excessively scarce. 

The Kamoos is the best Arabic Dictionary, explained in Arabic, every 
word with the vowel points. 

32981 KlMtJS. ^^^liill li^/j ^i c/^ylJjSl : Firuzabadi's Arabic Die 

tionary, with the significations rendered into Turkish, by 'Abu 
TKemal as-Sayyid Ahmed 'Aasim, 3 vols, folio, hound, £2. 

(Constantinople) A.H, 1250 

32982 another edition of the same, 3 vols folio, hf. morocco, 

£3. 1268 

32983 Kan(;n, , ^^ SX^^fj C1.*1)UJ\ ,.sA: ' Penal Code of Tunis, in 

Arabic, 8vo. sd, Bs Tunis, A.H. 1277 

32984 Karmasati. J^^l J I ^^l^^Jl ^ 4^^'^ J>^^ jir^ ^ ^^^ 

i^^LlJl : Yusuf bin Husain al Karmasati on the elements of 

Mohammadan Law, in Arabic, 8vo. well xvritten M8. within red 

ridings, in old red Turkish morocco, lettered " Arabic Prayers,** 

203 About 1700 

Preceded in the same volume by a similar treatise in Turkish. 

32985 KAZIKHAN. ^Lkijlj ^^\::j : Decisions on Questions of Mo- 

hammadan (Hanafite) Law, by Fakhr-ud-din Abti-l-Mahasin al- 
Hasan bin Mansur bin Mahmiid al-Uzjandi, surnamed Kazi- 
Khan, in Arabic, 4to. fine MS. written in small Nashhi characters 
within gold lines, with illuminated heciding and table of chapters, 
gilt Turkish binding, £4. 45 About 1600 

The binding is an excellent example of Turkish work at the end of 
the sixteenth century. 

32986 Fatawa Kazi Khan, in Arabic, 4 vols, royal 8vo. cloth, 

305 Calcutta, 1835 

** A work held in the highest estimation in India, and indeed received 
in the Courts as of equal authority with the Hidayah of Burhan ad-Din 
AH, with whom Kazi Khan, who died a.u. 592 (a.d. 1195), was a contem- 
poraiy. ' ' — Morley. 

32987 KAZIMIRSKI, Dictionnaire Arabe-Fran9ais, 2 vols, stout roy. 

8vo. 3029 pp. sd. £4. 10^ Paris, 1860 

32988 Kmruni. jjUJI — JL ' Commentary on the Moojuz-ool Kanoon, 

known by the name of the Sudeedee, compiled by the celebrated 
physician Maulana Sudeed Kazroonee, on the theory and practice 
of Physic and the Materia Medica, Arabic, large 4to. sd. 10s 

Calc. 1832 

32989 Kazwini (Ali bin 'Omar) LiU^Jl .yA^\^jy^ ' Kutb-ud-din 

Tahtani's Commentary on Kazwini*s Shamsiyya, on Logic, in 
Arabic, 12mo. MS. in a current hand with numerous glosses, a few 
pp. supplied in an eighteenth-century hand, Indian gilt russia, 95 

A.B. 1098 


•- I ■-- . — — — _ - - 

32990 KAZWINI (Zakarya bin Muhammad) ^Ul^ cjlS^^l ^-r-dV" 
jjjjjjiil! jLJljL^S^lj jLH : Cazwini's KosmograpHe, Arab. 

heransgi von Wustenfeld, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. 305 

Gottingen, 1848-9 

32991 Kosmographie, iibersetzt von H. Ethe, erster Halbband, 

8vo. sd, 28 Leipzig, 1868 

32992 KHAMIS ^JuJi:^\ ^^iJl Jl^^ l/**-^'^ • History of the Prophet 

(and the Khalifs, Sultans, etc.) in Arabic, by Husain bin Ahmed 

bin al-Husain ad-Diyarbakri, stout folio, neatly ivritten old M8. 

about 600 pp. bound, £10. Sec. xvi 

This splendid Arabic chronicle is in the finest state of preservation ; and 
is beautifully written in a clear Neskhi band. Each page has a neatly ruled 
margin, and the 'Unw&n is prettily coloured. The MS. is not dated but it is 
prepared with the greatest care, and may safely be referred to the Author's 
own time. He died in a.h. 966. 

Sprenger has given as his reason for making much use of this work, 
that the author possessed an intimate acquaintance with the early commen- 
tators and thus filled his pages with valuable information not accessible in 
other biographies of the prophet. 

32993 Khalil, Code Musulman, en Arabe et en Frangais, par N. Seignette, 

stout 8vo. 810 pp. sd. \k>8 Constantine, 1878 

32994 Khouri (Const.) Arabic Manual for learning English, 12mo. 

SS6 pp. cloth, 6s Beirut, 1881 

32995 Khulasat ul Hisab. ^_^U ^.;jJ1 l^ s^^u^ ^^.« c-jLu^l lA^ 

<LLliu!^i 7-^^ <} ^^j f^^ • -^ Compendium of Arithmetic 

and Geometry in Arabic, by Buhae-ood-Deen of Amool, with 

Persian translation by Ruoshun Ulee, and a Treatise on Algebra 

by Nujm-ood-Deen Ulee, large 8vo. diagrams, sd. Us Gale. 1812 

32996 the same, large 8vo. cloth or calf, 155 1812 

32997 KissA. j^jjsl \J^\i Sa^ i-aS ' Life of Ahmad Jazzar, the famous 

Pasha of Acre and Damascus, in Arabic, sm. 4to. plainly written 
MS. bound, lOs Constantinople, A.D. 1828 

32998 Kitab-ul-Fik'h. ^^u^\ ^\ l^\^ : Mohammadan Jurispru- 

dence, in Arabic, sm. folio, MS. in a current African hand, 
native binding, 21s 

Abd'Ul'fazil bin Mohammad al-Hamidi, A.R. 1194 

32999 Kitab-ul-Khail U\yi\ ^ JLLJl (^\z^^ J^\ i^\:ii : The Book 

of the Horse, and a treatise on Hippology, two different opus- 
cules, in Arabic, in 1 vol. 12mo. plainly written MSS. hf bd. 
from De Sacy^s library, 10s Sec. xviii 

33000 Kitab-ul-Uyun. Historia khalifatus Omari ii, Jazidi ii, et 

Hischami, Arab. ed. J. de Goeje, 8vo. sd. 2s Lugd. Bat. 1865 

33001 KORAN. ^jLiill : the sacred book of Islam. Six pages of the 

KoraD, in Cufic characters, written on vellum, /our ^a^re* being 
from one MS. about a.d. 800, one from another MS. about 850, 
one from a third MS. about 900, £10. Sec. ix-x 


33003 KORAN. ^u**>lJ1 IsM : a Section of tlie Koran, comprising part of 

the seventh and eighth Suras, in Arabic, sm. folio, fine old MS. 
written in hlach and red, with illuminated title and ornamenta- 
tion, interleaved, in the origvnal Saracenic binding, rebached, 
£2. 10^ About A.D. 1430 

33004 lJ^j^^ • "^^^ Koran, in Arabic, square folio, a grand old 

MS. beautifully vrritten within gold lines, with headings in gold 
letters, and gilt ornaments throughout to m,arh the verses and the 
sections, the first leaf wanting, the opening of the second Surah 
illuminated but a little damaged, old binding, dBlO. 

Yakut ibn Abd-allah, A.H. 839 

33005 ; the Koran, in Arabic, square small folio, splendid MS, 

written in black, blue, and gold, with a great quantity of rich 
ornamentation, and four superbly illuminated opening, pages, 
slightly damp-stained throughout, but altogether a well-preserved 
and magnificent example of Oriental art, in Indian bindhig, with 
a silk wrapper, £50. About a.d. 1460-70 

From the royal library of Bab&dar Sh&h, seized at the storming of Dihli 
in 1857. It bad been in the possession of Muhibbat-allah in 1669, and of 
members of his family down to the early part of last century, and may have 
. been given as a suitable present to one of the predecessors of Bahadur Shah, 
who was the last crowned descendant of the line of Mogul Emperors. 

33006 the Koran, with all the vowel points, in Arabic, 18mo. 

a very pretty little MS. on fine bombycine paper, in extremely 
minute characters, with illuminated ^Unwan and head-ornaments, 
written within border lines in colour and gold, the Sura headings 
written in white on gold, in an Oriental binding with gilt sides, 
£12. Sec, XVII 

33007 Fragments of the Koran (comprising the first and the last 

Sura, with others) in Arabic, black ink, with interlinear Persian 

translation, red ink, sm. folio, MS. the Arabic in fine large and 

bold (Thulth) characters of the ancient Naskhi type, five lines per 

page, written on Chinese silk paper, S6s Sec. xvii 

A very curious article, evidently written by a Chinese Muslim, and appa- 
rently, from the style of the writing, copied from a MS. of the thirteenth 
century of the Christian era, which had itself been transcribed from one of 
the eighth century, sent probably by Hariin ar-Rashid to his co-religionists 
in China.. This presumption is suggested by his name standing alone on the 
last page, with a Chinese memorandum in the margin. 

33008 the Koran, sm. 4to. MS. neatly written, nine leaves at 

the beginning and two at the end supplied by a more modern 
hand. Oriental binding with the inscription la yamassuhu, etc. 
stamped on the flap, \hs About 1650 

33009 another MS. of the same, sm. folio, ivritten in a bold 

clear African hand, with ornamental headings, last leaf mended, 
Tunisian black morocco, from De Sacy^s library, £2. A.H. 1084 

33010 -r another MS. of the same, 16mo. well written within 

coloured lines, Syrian binding, 20s A.U. 1089 

33011 Sura Sad to the end, sm. 4to. MS. well written in a fine 

African hand, with headings in Gufic, native binding, ISs 

Abd-allah Mohd, b. Ahmad ar-Biyahi, about 1690 

222 * 


33312 KORAN, in Arabic, complete, 4to. MS. tn^alcoarse hut holdandelear 
African hand, hound in old French red morocco extra, gilt edges^ 
and lettered " Anecdotes des Emperenrs'd'Egypt^," 35» 

Ahdallah bin 'Omar al-MansUh, about 1690-1700 

33013 THE KORAN in Arabic, small folio, or imp. 8vo. illuminated 

MS. with a great quantity of ornamentation in gold, the beauti- 
fully painted sides of the original binding preserved and inset in 
a new covering of red morocco by Stephen Austin ; from, Easttcick*s 
library, £40. Sec. XYiit 

The original covers referred to are painted with arabesqne and floral 
ornaments on the ontsides, and with a rich flower-piece on the insides, in sach 
a beaniifol and costly style that the book must hare belonged originally to ft 
personage of high rank inNortbem India. 

33014 KORAN. jt.«jyy ^ ^^ ^J^\ J\ J^lil! ^^ ^J^\ 

^\i : the Koran, from the beginning to the 71st verse of the 

Kahf (i.e. about three-fifths of the text) in Arabic, with an 
elaborate Persian commentary (derived from Hnsain Va'ez al 
Kashafi), interlarded, folio, ^rieZy written MS. on paper, with the 
phrases of the text in large mojiumental letters of black and red, 
hf russia, £2. India, Sec, xviii 

33015 the Koran, 18mo. exquisite little MS. (3| by 2 J inches) in 

fine minute characters, written within coloured lines, tcith headings 

in red, and the two opening pages splendidly illuminated ; in a 

beautifully ornamented Persian binding lackered and painted 

inside and out ; wrapped in velvet, and enclosed in a polished steel 

case, £21. Tabriz, Mohd. h. Moh. al-Kh^ansdri, A.H. 1171 

A gem of modem Persian art, of the finest qnality and fashion. 

33016 another copy, in Aralic, stout sm. folio, 994 pp. beauti- 
fully and boldly xuritten, MS. in large Nashki characters, partly in 
black and partly in red ink, tvith rubrics, the vowel-marks fully 
pointed, calf, 36« 

Written by Ahmad Kashmiri, ibn Takub, A.H. 1182 

33017 another MS. of the same, 12mo. ivell written within gold 

lines, the two opening pages illuminated, gilt Syrian binding, £2. 

A.B:. 1188 

33018 another copy, sm. folio, rude but plainly written MS, on 

paper, hf. bd, £1. Ss ? Baluchistan, about 1780-1800 

33019 another copy, 12mo. a well written Arabic MS., each page 

surrounded by a gold border, the first leaf mended, in native 
binding rebacked, protected by a blvs woolle^i covering^ tcith 
strings, for portable use, £4. 

Written by Shakr bin Sayyid Ahmad (circa A.H, 1220) 

33020 another copy, roy. 4to. a carefully written MS. of the 

Koran in three languages, Arabic, Persian, and Urdu, the pages 
divided into ruled squares, each verse of the original occupying a 
square doion the right hand side of the page, with the translations 
in corresponding squares to the left, spaces left for an English 
translation also, calf, £2. 10s 1827 



33021 KORAN". Another copy, sm. folio, MS. written in a very fine hold 
NasJchi character, within coloured lines, and having a large ojid 
brilliant TJnwan of peculiar style, rude in design and execution, hut 
striking from the richness and depth of the colouring, with very 
little gold, £2. 10^ ? Afghanistan, ahout 1830-40 

another copy, MS, exquisitely written within lines of 





33026 - 


33027 - 

33028 - 

33029 - 




gold, tvith illuminated headings and ^Unwan, 16mo. wanting ahoub 
ten leaves at the end, Indian hinding, painted on the cover with 
flowers, £2. 2^ Ahout 1840 

another copy, an exquisitely written and illnminated 

MS. of the Koran, the text frequently divided so as to form 
ornamental figures a7id phrases, udth flowers painted in the spaces, 
in a roll 12 feet long hy 2 inches hroad, in a linen hag, £4. 45 

Sec. XIX 

another MS. of the Koran, sm. folio, the first three pages 

beautifully illuminated in gold and colours, the text in a large 
and fine style of writing loithin gold lines, with sectional orna- 
ments, red morocco extra, gilt edges, £10. Sec. xix 

another copy, 16mo. MS. beautifully written, between and 

within gold lines and borders, with six richly illuminated pages ; 

in a delicious hinding of Persian character, exquisitely painted 

with flowers outside the cover, and with arabesques inside ; enclosed 

in a small bag or chemise, £12. 12* Ahout 1850 

This is a lovely specimen of North Indian decorative art. The prevailing 
tones of the ornament are, on t^e outside, red, green, and blue upon gold ; 
inside, gold upon green ; but the borders and corners give room for varying 
contrasts and harmonies of colour. 

J.1 Jill : Alcorani textus nniyersus, ace. Prodromns, 

Arabice et Latine, ed. Maraccius, 2 vols, in 1, folio, old calf, 21s 

Fatavii, 1698 
idem, 2 vols, folio, vellum, 21s ib. 1698 

' idem, 2 vols, in 1, folio, hf. calf, uncut, 30^ ib. 1698 

Koran, in Arabic, with marginal glosses in Hindustani, 

divided into 2 vols, roy. 4to. calf, lettered on the bach " Kelam 
MoUa," 30s Calcutta, A.H. 1205 

Koran, in Arabic, with interlineal ffi^wto^awt translation 

and marginal commentary, impl. 4to. lithographed, two leaves 
missing and two in duplicate, Oriental binding, 155 

{Calcutta, ahout 1830) 

^IJJI : CORANUS, Arabice, ediidL\i Fliigel, 4to. hds. 85 Qd\ 

or bound, edges gilt, 15s Lipsice, 1834 
tertia editio, emendata, 4to. hds. 20s 1869 (or 1881) 

Coranus, Arahice, cnravit Redslob, 8vo. hds. 16s ; russia, 

gilt edges, I85 Lipsice, 1855 

Koran, in Arabic, roy. 8vo. 624 pp. lithographed from 

the copy {collated with the commentary of Ali al-Kari) made hy 
Ya'kub Oharkhi, bd. Ss 6d ? Lucknow, abotit 1855 


33034 KORAN. Jjj:J\ ^[S^ ^ uJUiJl if^^^^ ^^ J\Jli\ 

^jjLs^')! • Koran, witli Commentary of the Imam Aboo al- 

QasimMahmood bin 'Omar al-Zamakhshari, entitled the Kashs- 
shaf 'an Haqaiq al-TanzO, Arabic, edited by W. N. Lees, and 
Mawlavis Khadim Hosain and *Abd al-Hayi, 2 vols, royal 4}to. 
(pub. £5. 16s), cloth, £3. 16s Calcutta, 1856-61 

This valuable work is now yery rare. 

33035 another copy, bonnd in one volume, stont roy. 4to. 

English hf. morocco neat, £4*, 5s 1856-61 

33036 Koran, in Arabic, folio, the large Bombay edition, 

beautifully printed, fine copy, in Oriental binding, £2, 

Bombay, A,B. 1282 

33037 in Arabic, with Persian commentary, sm. folio, litho- 
graphed, hf, calf, 20fi Lucknow, A.H, 1283 

33038 with marginal notes, in Arabic, sm. folio, finely printed, 

with all the vowel points, green morocco, gilt edges, 30s 

Kasan, 1857 

33039 Koran, in Arabic, roy. 8vo. lithographed, with all the 

vowel points, native binding, 7s 6d Bombay, A.H, 1282 

33040 Koran, in Arabic, roy. 8vo. lithographed, with all the 

vowel points, native binding, 7s 6d Bombay, A, H, 1292 

33041 TAFSIR HUSEINI. ^l^ lixilj <^l; ^^\ j^ : Com- 
mentary on the Koran, by Husein Ya'iz al-Kashefi, in Persian, 
with the Arabic text included, folio, well written MS. containing 
about half the work, first few pp, mended, Persian binding, 10s 

Sec, XVII 

33042 TAPSIR-UT-TIBYAN. J\^\^^^^ i Jl^\ : Commentary 

on the Koran, in Turkish, embodying the Arabic text which is 
elaborately interpreted phrase by phrase, 2 vols, folio, red 
morocco, gilt tops, uncut, by a French binder, £4. 4^ 

Buldk, A,n, 1279 

33043 lo^^ j^l r*y?^ • ConcordantisB Corani Arabicse, dispos. 

Eliigel, 4to. bds, 12s Lips. 1842 

33044 the same, calf neat, 14s 1842 

33045 Penrice (John) Dictionary and Glossary of the Koran, with 
copious grammatical references and explanations of the text, 
sq. 8vo. 166 pages, double columns, cloth, 21s 1873 

Indispensable to the student of the Koran. 

33046 Koran, Extracts from, Arabic and English, by Sir W. Muir, sm. 
8vo. cloth, 2s 1880 

33047 translated into English, with explanatory notes by 

George Sale, 4to. First Edition, map and plans, bd. 6s ; or, in 
calf, 7s 6d 1734 

33048 translated by Sale, 2 vols. 8vo. map and plates, uncut, 

7s 6d 1825 

33049 the same, 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d Hodgson (about 1830) 

33050 the same, 8vo. map and plates, cloth, 5s 1861 


33051 Koran, translated from the Arabic, the Suras arranged in 

chronological order, with notes and Index by Rodwell, sm. 8vo. 

calf, 125 1876 

33052 Wherry (E. M.) Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran 

comprising Sale's translation and preliminary discourse, etc. 

Vol. I, 8vo. doih, 7s M 1682 

33053 Koran, Traduction par Kasimirski, nouvelle edition, 

12mo. hf. calf, 2s Qd 1855 

33054 traduction textuelle de TArabe faite par Fatma-Zaida, 

8vo. hf, calf, rare and curious, 9s Lishanne, 1861 

33055 KosEGARTEN, Chrestomathia Arabica ex codicibus MSS. cum 

Lexico, 8vo. the texts printed with vowel joints, hd, 12s Lips. 1828 

33056 KULINJ. ^Jj3l ^1^1 ^ : Commentary of Mohammed 

Salih of Mazandaran on Parts IV, V, VI, VII of the great 

Shi'ah^ collection of Traditions by Abii Ja'far Muh. b. Ya'qiib 

al-Kulini — 4 parts in 1 vol. sm, folio, finely written MS. with a 

few wormholes, painted calf £3. Haidardhdd, A.H. 1095 

This work is very rare, out of Persia. 

33057 KuNiJzu l-haqaiq. ^^lj\ ^ ^^i^^ ^ Ji^^ J;^ 

(^•luJl aU^ : Collection of the Traditional Sayings of the 

Prophet, arranged in the form of an Alphabetical Concordance, 
by Abd ur Rawuf al-Monawi, in Arabic, sm. foHo, native red 
morocco binding, in European style, £2. BuldJc, A.H, 1286 

A very useful book, serving as an index to 47 works on the Traditions, 
each saying being accompanied by a letter or symbol which refers to the 
Eadtth in which it is found. 

33058 KuNi^ztJ s-Sahhat. ^[sa^l l::^J!v.^ ls:^\\^: EncyclopeBdia of 

Anatomy and Medicine, i7i Arabic, 8vo. bd. 4:s Bulac, A.H, 1280 

33059 LANE (E. W.) Arabic-English Lexicon, edited witb Memoir by 

Stanley Lane Poole, Book 1, parts 1-7, fasc. 1, impl. 4to. (pub. 
at £7. I65), 6 parts in cloth, pt. 7, fasc. 1 sd. £5. 155 1863-81 

33060 Lepsius, iiber die arabischen Sprachlaute, und iiber den harten i 

Vocal in den tartarischen, slavischen und der romanischen 
Sprache, 4to. bds. 2s 6d 1861 

33061 LiTURGiA Anglicana, Arabice, edd. E. Pococke, J. Tytler, G. H. 

Mill, 4to. calf 2s 6d Calcutta, 1837 

LocKETT — see Jurjani. 

33062 Loix DES Maures en Espagne, en Arabe, sm. folio, well vrritten 

M8. in African characters, imperfect, hf red morocco, lettered^ 
as here entitled, for M, Jaubert, from whose collection it has come^ 
20s Sec, XVII 

33063 LoQMAN, -^UiS Jll^l • Fables, en arabe et fran^is, par Deren- 

bourg, 12mo. cloth. Is 6d 1850 

33064 Fables, texte arabe, suivi d'un dictionnaire, par Cher- 

bonneau, 12rao. bds. Is 6d; hf cf, 2$ 6d 1847 

33065 Loth (0.) Catalogue of the Arabic MSS. in the library of the 

India Office, 4to. cloth, ISs 1877 

Containing I05Q articles, with an ludcx. 


33066 LUMSDEN'S Arabic Grammar, comprising tbe System of Inflec- 
tion, Yol. 1, all 'published^ stout sm. folio, hf. calf, 12s 

Calcutta, 1813 

3306? the same, stout sm. folio, calf \hs 1813 

Tbe best Arabic Grammar explained in English. 

The most masterly and profound analysis of the language that has CTcr 
been presented to the public.'* — Lockett, 

** Lumsden's unfinished work is a magnificent one." — Wright 

Macarius — see Makkari. 

33068 Machuel (L.) Methode pour Tetude de TArabe parl6 (idiome 

AJgerien), 12mo. cloth, 4s Alger, 1875 

33069 MAFATIH UL- JINAN, ^y, JcJ\ ^^\^^^ JcJ\ ^:U^ 

(S^i\ dx.JjJ\\ ' Ruknu 1- Islam's Hanafite Law-Book, embodied 

with the Commentary of Yakub bin Sayyid 'All of Rum, in 
Arabic, sm. folio, holdly written MS. 850 pp. tvanting the last leaf, 
hound in Oriental russia leather, £2. Sec. xvii-xviii 

33070 Mahdi. (^J^l JuwJI jUrvl : Tidings of Our Lord, the Mahdi, by 

Ja'far bin Hasan, in Arabic, 12mo. MS. in a Turhish hand, hd. 

10s Sec. XVIII 

Preceded by a treatise in Turkish on the pre-islamite monarchs. 

33071 Mahm^d Efendy Aljezairt. JaLaJJ* cr-^U-. Jj/« fy^^s^ '» Majmu' 

Mazdujat wa Casaid: A collection of Love Poems, in Arabic, 
8vo. lithographed, bds. 7s 6d A.H. 1278 

33072 another edition, roy. 8vo. bds. 5s Bulah, A.Er. 1283 

33073 MAIDANL ^\s^\ ^q.\^j ^ Jli^^l ^^ : Collection of 

Proverbs, made by Abu 1-Fazl Ahmad bin Muhammad al- 
Maidani, in Arabic, sm. folio, MS. elegantly tvrittcn in Nasialih 
characters, calf, rare, £2. A,H. 1019 

— see ante under Frettag. 

33074 ^\Ji\ ^ ^\J^\ c-jI:^ : Vocabulary of Arabic terms 

explained in Persian, by Maidani, sm. folio, ancient MS. finely 
written, with vowel-points ; Oriental binding, from the collections 
of Schultens and Be Sacy, £S. A.H. 599 

The oldest dated Oriental MS. in my possession. The first leaf is supplied 
in a handwriting of about the year 1 700 ; and the seventh leaf in an ancient 
hand of tbe fourteenth century. This is a rare and yaluable Tolume. 

33075 Maimonides ( ^^ c-^b) Porta Mosis, sive Dissertationes in 

Mishnaioth, de Judeeorum disciplin^l, Arab. (char. Hebr.) et Lat. 
ed. Pococke, sq. 8vo. ///. russia, Qs Oxon. 1655 

33076 cirW^^ ^^"^ ' ^® ^°^^® ^^^ Egar6s, Traite de Theologie 

et de Philosophic, Arabe et Frangais, avec des notes, par S. 
Munk, 3 vols, thick 8vo. hf. calf, rare, £3. 16s 1866-66 

This contains the original Arabic text of Ben Maimon in Hebrew cha- 
racters, not to be confounded with the Hebrew version called Moreh Nevokhim. 


33077 MAJMA'-UL-BIHAR. i^\ lA^ ^.^^ ,W0! «.,*isr« : Mu- 

hammad Tahir's Dictionary of tlie Koran and tho Traditions, 

in Arabic, sm. folio, MS, plainly written, hut wormed and mended, 

containing the second half of this work on Hanefite Law, wanting 

the last leaf, native "binding, with the seal of Shah Jehan, £3. 

Sec, XVI 
In the possession of the Mogul Emperors from the time of Akbar to the 
fall of Dihli in 1857. 

33078 MajmiJ' uz-Zahr. J,\j^\ J^S^IjUllybpl ?r^^ • ^ Collection 

of Poems, Tales, Proverbs, etc. by various writers, chiefly Syrian, 
including natives of Aleppo during tbe last century, in Arabic, 
oblong sm. 4to. plainly written MS. in more than one hand, the 
compilation ranging from 1780 to 1840, and containing an Ode by 
Paris ash-Shidyaq to Queen Victoria on her accession, native 
binding, preserved in a European case with clasp, 35s 

Aleppo, 1780-1840 

33079 DiWANS. Part of the Huzaili Poems; Ibn-ul-Farid ; Amthal 
Lokman, all in Arabic, in 1 vol. 4to. plain transcripts from old 
MSS. hf red morocco gilt, 10s Sec. xix 

33080 DiWAN Abi'l-Hasan Ali bin Moh. at-Tahami, in Arabic, and 
other pieces in 1 vol. sm. 4iio. plain MS. Oriental binding, \0s 

Sec. XVII 

33081 DiWAN. Shabb-uz-zarif, by Afif-ud-din; Diwan Muhammad 
ad-Dara ; Ibn-ul-Arabi, Tarjaman-ul-Ashwak ; and other poems, 
in Arabic, oblong sm. 8vo. well written MS. Oriental morocco, 
2\s A.B. 1074, etc. 

33082 Extracts from Suyuti and Makrizi on Egyptian history, and 
other pieces, in Arabic, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. neat MS. bds. 7s 6d 


33083 Historical Fragments : portion of the Mukaddamat of Ibn 
Khaldun, portion of Husain Kh'aja's Turkish and Egyptian 
history, etc. in Arabic, sm. folio, MS» in an African hand, hf. red 
morocco, 16s Sec. xvm 

33084 Kasidas and other Poems from Ibn-Arabi, Ibn-Wardi, Ibn 
Hojjah, Ibn Nobata, Mohammad al-Bakri, Abu Firas, Ibn 
Halwu, Ibn Sina, and other poets, in Arabic, preceded by Attar's 
Pend Namah, in Persian, in 1 vol. 8vo. MS. in various hands, 
bd. 12s Sec. xvil 

33085 KASiDAH-ul-Imam Ghazzali, with other poetry, and Ahddtth, in 
Arabic, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. plain MS. bound, lettered Recueil do 
Preceptes, Os Sec. xvm 

33086 KiTABU Kauli Ahmada hashiyat 'ala 1-Munla 1-Fanari fi'ilm-il- 
mantik; Kitab-nl-Muthallath Abi 'Ali al-Kutrub, etc. in 
Arabic, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. neat MS. bd. 6s Sec. xvm 

33087 Poems of Ibn Nobata, Safi-ud-din Hilli, and others, in Arabic, 
in 1 vol. sm. 4to. plain MS. bd. 20s Sec. xvm 


MAJMtj'lT — continued, 

33088 RiSAiL. Various Treatises, Sufi, homiletic, religious, moral, 
and scientific, in Arabic^ sm. 4to. plain MSS.y Id, 7s 

Sec. xvii-XYiii 

33089 Sufi and otlier poems, 52 in number, in Arabic, in 1 vol. sm. 
4ito. well written MS., hound, 12s Sec. XYiii 

33090 Sharh-ul-taiyat Ibn-il-f arid, by Shihab-ud-din Ahmad Hamawi 
— Ibn Haje, Isharat-Hidayat-ut-Tawfik, by Ahmad Hamawi — 
etc. in Arabic, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. plain MS. hound, lettered 
Recueil de divers traites, 85 6d Sec. xviii 

33091 MAKHZUMI ytJlj ^^\J6 ^ (sic) j^\ j^\ iSH: A 

general work on Cosmography and Geography, by Shayyid 

Makhztimi, in Arabic, sm. folio,. MS, •n paper, in African 

handwriting, with a curious map of the world and a plan of 

Medina, hd. £2. 10s A.H. 1244 

A complete EncyclopoBdia of Geography as known to the Arabic writers. 
The date of the compositi< -n is not given, but it must have been since the 
middle of the sixteenth century. The author was a military commander in the 
fortress of Aleppo. 

33092 Makin. ^^^JuJl ^Ji^AiJ ^^;^*J.^ Elmacini Historia Sara- 

cenica, Arab, et Lat. opera Erpenii, sm. folio, hd. 10s 

Imgd. Bat. 1625 

33093 MAKKARI. w-^^.^ 1^ ^^ JJSI ^^i ^ ^--^^ ^ ' Analectes sur 

THistoire et la Litterature des Arabes d'Espagne, par (Abii 
'1- Abbas Ahmad Ibn Muhammad) el-Makkari, publics en Arabe, 
par MM. Dozy, Dugat, Krehl et Wright, avec Introduction, 
2 vols. 4to. cloth, £3. IO5 Leyde, 1855-61 

33094 History of the Mohammedan Dynasties in Spain, ex- 
tracted and translated from the Nafhu-t-Tib min Ghosni-1- 
Andalusi, with notes on the History, Geography, and Antiquities 
of Spain, by P. de Gayangos, 2 vols, royal 4to. (pub. at £S. 8s), 

cloth, £2. 85 1840-3 

One of the chief works in Ai'abic historical literature. The abridged 
translation made by Don Pascnal de Gayangos, and the edition of the text 
printed at Leyden, have enabled the Western reader to estimate Makkari's 
compilation justly as one of the most important books ever written on the 
snbject it treats. However little the author be entitled to the reputation of a 
critical historian, his work is nevertheless a complete picture of the domina- 
tion of the Mohammedans Jn Spain^ from their first invasion to their final 
expulsion, extracted from the elder writers and chronologically arranged. 

33095 MAKKARI. Travels of Macarius, Patriarch of Antioch, written 
by his attendant Archdeacon, Paul of Aleppo, in Arabic, trans- 
lated by F. C. Belfour, m.a. 2 vols. 4to. £3. 35 1829-37 

3309G MAKRTZI. j:^^}]^ \J^\ Jsi jLx^'i\^ \aj^\y^\ i^\^ : Historical 
and Chorographical Description of Egypt, in Arabic, 2 vols. 

folio, 2?p. 498 and 521, hf hd. £3. 10s Bnldlc, A.E. 1270 

The only printed edition of this great historical work, which was written 
early in the fifteenth century. " Parnii los ouvrages de Makrizi, il n'en est 
pas, sans coutrcdit, de ]>lus important et de plus celcbrc que sa Desci'ipUon de 
VEgyptc et du Caire. C*est la qu*il a reuni au plus hnut degrc des renseigno- 
ments pleins d'intdret." — Qviatremire. 


33097 Makrizi, Histoire des Sultans Mamlouks de I'Egypte. Ecrite en 

Arabe par Taki-eddin-ahmed-Makrizi. Traduite en Francais, 
par M. Quatremere, 2 vols. 4to. complete, 205 1837 

Of Macrizi's great work on the history of Egypt and Syria (Suluk fi 
MarifatDuwal il-MuIiik) M. Quatremere has translated the important portion 
which relates to the Turkoman sovereigns called Mamelukes. Macrizi lived at 
Cairo in the fourteenth century, so that this work comprises a record of not 
quite sixty years. The subject is treated with all the taste, discrimination, 
and learning which have placed Macrizi in the first rank of Arabic historians. 
The editor *8 notes add immensely to the value of the work. 

33098 Geschichte der Copten, Arahisch und DeiUsch von 

Wiistenfeld, 4to. hf, hd. 6s Goitingen-y 1845 

33099 Historia Regum Islamiticorum in Abyssinia, Arab, et 

Lat, cnm Abulfedes Descriptione Regionum Nigritarum, Arab, 
ed. Rinck, 8vo. hf, morocco, %>s Lugd. Bat. 1790 

33100 Traite des Poids et des Mesures, traduit par Silv. de 

Sacy, 8vo. hds. Ss 6d 1799 

In the same volume are : Observations sur le nom des Pyramides, par De 
Sacy ; Notice du livre d'Enoch, par De Sacy; and others. 

33101 MAKStJD. i^yoLiW Jsaj ^ ^}^Ax^\ fjs>^ ' Commentary on the 

Maksud, a treatise on Arabic Grammar, m Arabic, by *Abdallah 
Muhammad, 8vo. bd. hs Misr, A.H, 1282 

33102 Manakibul-Haidariytah. ^,Ju^!| l-^1:^« : Miscellany of Elegant 

Extracts from Arabic Authors, in prose and verse, by Ahmad 
Shirwani, in honour of the Sultan of Oudh, Qhaziu d-Din 
Haidar, sm. folio, large paper, 230 ;pp. fine copy, Oriental 
binding, Vis LucJcnow, A.H. 12So 

33103 MANHAL US-SAFL ^1^1 ^y, ^ ^JU\ Jf^ : Commen- 

tary on the Wafi (Arabic Grammar of Muhammad Balkhi), by 
Muhammad Abu Bakr bin 'Umar al-MAKKDUMf, in Arabic, sm. 
folio, elegantly written MS. with gilt front-page and gold border- 
lines, in a calf gilt binding, £1. 16s A.H, 1186 

33104 MARASID UL ITTILA\" ^\^ hL;i\ \^\ ^ ^^\ ^^\^ : 

Lexicon Geographicum, textus Arabicus, subjunctis annotatioui- 

bus Latinis, ed. Juynboll, 6 vols. 8vo. £3. 13s 6d 

Lugd. Bat. 1850-64 
A most important Gazetteer, the Arabic text of which comprises over 
1400 pp. 

33105 Marcel, Vocabulaire Fran9ais-Arabe des dialectes vulgaires 

d'Algers, de Tunis, de Marok et d'Egypte, 8vo. b90 pp. hf. bd. (js 


33106 MAS'UDI. yb\^J\ ^jU^j l^JJ\ -^ : Meadows of Gold and 

Mines of Gems, Mas'udi's great Historical Encyclopjedia, 
Arabic MS. neatly written, sm. folio, 74i4i pp. in fine 'preservation, 
TurJcish binding, rare, £6. 10 s (About 1800) 

This great work was composed in the fourth century of tlic llidjra, and 
contains a universal Isistory. its special value lies in the vivid and picturcf=cine 
description of the early days of Islam. Manuscripts are very scarce, and often 
imperfect. The India Office Library could not, at least in 1877, boast of 
possessing more than about one-third of the book. 


33107 MAS'UDL ^ib^l ^jU-»^ c^ill -^^^ : les Prairies d'Or, de 

Ma9oudi, Arahe et Francais, par Barbier de Meynard et Pavet 
de Courteille, Vols. I-VIII, 8vo. £3. IO5 1861-74 

This great work was composed in the fourth century of the Hidjra, and 
contains an universal history. Its special value lies in the vivid and 
picturesque description of the early days of Islam. 

33108 Historical Encyclopsedia, entitled "Meadows of Gold 

and Mines of Gems,*' translated from the Arabic by Dr. A. 
Sprenger, Vol. 1, 8vo. (pub. 16»), cloth, hs 1841 

33109 Maured Allatafet (AilLlll Ji*^) Jemaleddini filii Togri-Bardii, 

sen Rerum -ZEgyptiacamm Annales, a.d. 971-1453, Arah. et Lat. 
ed. J. D. Carlyle, 4to. sd. 2s 6d ; hf. calf, Ss 6d Cant. 1792 

33110 MAWAHIBU L-LADUNITAT. jl]^^\ ;^j^ aLijJJI l^j^I^: 

Life of Mohammed, in Arahic, by Shihab nd Din Castalani, 

2 vols, folio, native smooth red morocco "binding, £3. 

Bulah, A.R. 1281 
Written in the sixteenth century by a contemporary of Suynti. The 
Arabs look upon this book as the best life of the Prophet, or at least as second 
to none. 

33111 MAWAKIF. M\ A^ ^ U!i\yi\\ ^/» : Commentary on the 

celebrated Mawakif, treating on Metaphysics and the use of 
Language, in Arabic, small folio, bd, S6s Constant., A.H, 1239 

33112 MAW ALIA. Vj^\ ^^^\ J\y\ ^ Ul^ ^^ : Love Songs, 

by various poets, in Arabic quatrains, 24mo. neatly written MS. 
French calf gilt, ISs Seo. xix 

33113 Mawlid-un-nabi. ^^jUJI : by Mohammad b. Abi Bakr al- 

Maraghi ; i-jb^^!\ jJ^b ^ijfc!^\ lJ^ ' ^7 'Abd-allah Moh. 
al-Jazari ; jj^\ jUx ^ ^.aS^\ ^^^m:^ : by Suyuti, in Arabic, 

3 tracts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. well toritten MS» bds. I85 A,H, 1050 

33114 Mehren (A. F.) die Rhetorik der Araber, mit Textausziigen, 8vo. 

sd, 65 Kojpenhagen, 1853 

33115 Medici Antiqui. ^juu^-i^^ L*^ ^\ lJJIj l-^1 ^ c:j\jyiLt 

>lb -*£• : Treatises on Medicine by ancient writers," in Arabic, 

sm. 4to. MS. in attain African hand, native binding, IQs 

Sec. xviil 

33116 Meucci (F.) Globo celeste Arabico del secolo xi, roy. 8vo. large 

foldiiig plate, sd. 2s Firenze, 1878 

MiAT Aamil — see Jurjani. 

33117 MiRKAT-UL-LUGHAT. ci^'UUl 'i\jj^ '- Dictionary of Arabic words, 

with explanations in Turkish, given in the form of interlineal 
glosses, sm. 4to. ivell written MS., Turkish binding, 20s A.H. 939 

33118 MISBAH. ^jj^\ J^l ^ ^^U uiJlJ-y^l ^ ^L^: 

Arabic Grammar Composed about A.I), 1200 
see ante Baillie, No. 


33119 MISBAH. ^l^\ ^y, ^ ^1 <_,lu^ : *Hhe Light," a ;com. 

mentary on " the Lamp " of Grammar, by Taj-ud-dIn 
Mohamamd al-Isfaea'ini, in Arabic, smallest 4to. beautifully 
written old MS* in the original binding, mended, £2, 

About A,D, 1350 

33120 -UsJ^ ^ ^i Jz::ji\ : Hasan Pasha bin 'Ala-id-din 

AL-AswXd, Commentary on the Misbah, in Arabic, sm. 8vo. 
M8» plainly written within red lines, original Turkish morocco, 
12« About 1580 

33121 c-^UrlH itfiU- : Commentary on the Misbah by Hijf- 

BIbX bin Ibrahim bin 'Abd-ul-Karim, in Arabic, 8vo. well 
written MS,, defective at end, Turkish limp morocco, 6s 

About 1580 

33122 MISHCAT-UL-MASABIH ; a Collection of the most authentic 

Traditions of the Actions and sayings of MUHAMMED, 
exhibiting the religions, customs, and policy of the Muslemans ; 
translated from the Arabic, by Capt. Matthews, 2 vols. impl. 
4to. calf gilt, rare, £6. 10s Gale. 1809-10 

33123 MfzAN-i-Alfaz-i-*Arabi, Arabic Prosody, Persian MS. 4to. pp. 322, 

morocco, 9s (1802) 

33124 MoRTiLLARO (V.) Rudiment! di Lingua Arabica, sm. 8vo. bdb-. 

2s 6d Palermo, 1830 

At tho end are Locman^s Fables, in Arabic and Latin, and a Vo,- 

33125 MUALLAKAT (The) j^l cl^^UUiSl or Seven Arabian Poems, 

Arabic {in Uomaii characters) and English, by W. Jones, 4to. 
portrait, calf, 35 Qtd 1783 

3312G L-^ifu^ ^^ j^^ j.^1 ci.^UUi!l : Septem Moallakat, 

carmina antiquissima Aiubum, Arabice, ed. Arnold, sm. 4to. 

cloth, 7s 6d Lipsice, 1850 

33127 Harethi Moallaca, cum s choliis Zuzcnii, et Abulolao 

Carmina duo inedita, Arab, et Lat. ed. Jo. Vullers, 4to. bds. 

2s 6d BonncB, 1827 

33128 Caab ben Zoheir Carmen . . . item Amralkeisi 

Moallakah, Arab, et Lat, ed. Lette . . , prasf. Schultens, 8vo. 

hf, bd. 45 Lugd. Bat. 1748 

33129 idem, Arab, et Lat. ed. Freytag, 4to. hf. bd. hs 

Bounce, 1882 

33130 MUHAMMAD. UL^l^ ^^^\ J^U, : Letters of the Prophet, 

of Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, and Ali ; l^^is:*^! -J by^^^ 

Arabic, sm. 4 to. well written MS. hf. red morocco, lbs Sec. xvii 

33131 J\ <djU-ij^ L5-f^^ "^y ^ t-k^-l; • ^^^I'ious opuscules 

concerning the Prophet, in Arabic, 6 pieces in 1 vol. 12mo. 
elegantly written MS. gilt Indian binding, 20s Sec. xvii 

Muh. ibnu 1-Jazari, Maulidu n-I^dbi, A.U. 1035 — Shamailu n-Ndbi — 
Extract from the Ma'driju n-W'ubwioat— Prayer for the Prophet's Birthday ; 
and other pieces. 


33132 Mdhammed bin Musa, aLUJl, -»J\ c- >L*>. J ,oii^^ - Algebra 

of Mohammed Ben Musa ; Arabic and English, edited and 
translated by F. Rosen, 8vo. 85 1831 

33133 MuHDi. Contes dn Cheykh el-Mohdy tradnits de TArabe, par 

J. J. Marcel, 3 vols. 8vo. woodcuts, sd. ISs Paris, 1833-35 

33134 MuHYf-UD-DiN bin Abi Bakr as-Salti, ij^jjb Ji l<^^j^^ r^.^ 

^^Ul : Treatise on the nse of Projectiles in War, in Arabic, 
8vo. autograph MS., hound, 14iS Damasciis, A,H. 1095 

33135 MuKHTAE. ^y;iiJ .1:ls^ : Abstract of Hanafite Law, by Majd- 

ud-dIn b. Maum(jd b. Maud^d, in Arabic, sm. 4to. well written 
MS., old Turkish morocco covers, in a case, 25s Sec. xv 

33136 MuLLER (D. H.) Siidarabische Studien, 8vo. sd, \s Qd Wien, 1877 

33137 Multaka-ul-Abhur. jstJI UbL« : Treatise on Mohammadan 

Law, by Ibrahim b. Muhammad al-Halibi, in Arabic, sm. 4to. 
well written MS. in the original binding, 15s A.H. 1098 

33138 Moontukhub-ool-Loghaut. ^.i^liSJl i^^^sa;^ ' Arabic Dictionary 

explained in Persian, with preface by Lumsden, divided into 
2 vols. sm. folio, wormed, hf. bd. 7s 6d Calcutta, 1808 

33139 MuNYAT - UL - Musalla. • 1.^] Ly^ : Treatise on religions 

observances, in Arabic, sm. 4to. well written MS., original binding, 
hs About 1680 

33140 MUSEUM Borgianum. Adleri (J. G. C.) Museum Cuiicum 

Borgianum Velitris 12 plates of Gufic Coins and Seals; 
Heeren (A.) Expositio Fragmenti TabulsB marmorea) Musei 
Borgiani, plate ; Schow (N.) Charta Papyracea Greece scripta, 
qua series incolarum Ptolemaidis Arsinoticae operantium ex- 
hibetur, 6 plates; Assemani (S.) Globus CsBlestis Cafico- 
Arabicus Musei Borgiani illustratus, cum dissertatione de 
Aitibum Astronomia, 3 large plates of the Globe, with Gufic In- 
scriptions ; — in 1 vol. 4to. orange morocco extra, 15s 

Eomce et Patavii, 1782-96 

Bound up in the same vol. is also a ^'Lettre .... sur le Cabinet 
d*Antiquites, etc. dc Mons. lo Cardinal Borgia, par E. Borson, 1796," 8vo. 

33141 Mustafa Efendi. ^^jUJI JjL*^U t/^U^ • Ancient History, 

in Arabic, roy. 8vo, native binding, hs Bulah, A.H. 1254 

33142 MUSTAKHRAJ. _.>cL^l ^:J■*J^ ^\J\'jJ\jj^c t^liH^l 

M^ ^S : Thirteenth and fourteenth sections of the great 

work of Abu Nu'aim al-Hafiz (al-Isfahani), on the Traditions, 
in Arabic, in 1 vol. 4to. old MS. tvell tvritten in Nastalik, in the 
original Syrian or Saracenic binding, £3. 3s A.H. 711 


33143 MUSTATRAF. ^Jia^ ^J* «^ i^ t_J>i-^\ : Anthology of 

Anecdotes, Stories, Witty Sayings, Proverbs, and Elegant 

Extracts, by Shihab-nd-din Ahmad al-Ibshaihi, in Arabic, 

2 vols. sm. folio, cloth, £4. (Buldk, aire. A.H, 1290) 

This is the complete text of a work which is one of the most popular 

books of the East. 

33144 u-5lai*u/*il y^"^ - the Mustatraf, in Arabic, sm. 4to 

plainly written MS., hound, 26s Sec. xviii 

Abridged from the large Mustatraf of al-Ibsheihi, which is found ia 
the preceding printed edition. 

MuTARBizi — see Misbah. 
33145 MUTANABBI. jj^ JU^jj S^^ ^ ,^ ^^-^^ l.'V.'^ 
fvr JL-j UsT^ .b* : Poems of Ab6-t-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi, in 

Arabic, sm. folio, finely written MS. with marginal glosses, cloth 
bds. £4. 45 A.E. 1097 

A text of great value, transcribed in 1097 by Matuk bin Musa al- 
Masihi from an ancient copy written in the year 472 by Abu Zohair Mas'ud 
bin Mohammad bin 'Abd-ul- Malik. 

33146 another MS. of the same, sm. folio, well written, bd. 

£2. 55 Transcribed by Ahmad b. SaHd aWAnsi, AM. (10)94 

33147 another MS. of the same, sm. 4to. well written, cloth, 

bds. 355 Sec. xviii 

33148 ^-.IkT^! ^^Ui^^ ' l^oems, in Arabic, roj.Svo. first edition, 

with all the vowel points, fine copy in hf. rtissia, £2. 

Calcutta, A.H, 1230 

33149 another edition, in Arabic, 8vo. hf. morocco, 7s 6d 

■ Bairdt, 1860 

33150 ^^_^j^l sj^yl*^ L5^ i^ji^^ uWJ^ rj^ ' ^^^t^-^^^bi's Poems, 
imbedded in a large commentary by Abu-1-Baka 'Abd-allah 
al-UKBURi, in Arabic, 2 vols. 4to. cloth, £3. 35 Buldh, A.H. 1287 

33151 Parallelisms between Aristotle and Mutanabbi, the 

prose phrases of the Greek philosopher and the verses of the 
Arab- poet, put into juxtaposition, in Arabic, 12mo. neat MS. 
hf. red morocco, 7s 6d Aboiit 1800 

33152 Diwan, iibersetzt von Hammer, Svo. hf. bd. 7s Wien, 1824 

33153 NAFHATU L-YAMAN". ^\ iJ^ : a collection of Stories 

and poetical extracts, from the best writers in Arabic literatare, 
edited by Ahmad ash-Shirwani, in Arabic, 4to. hf. calf, £2. 

Calcutta, A.E. 1226 

33154 Nakoula, Histoire de TExpedition des Fran^ais en Egypte, en 

Arabe et en Fran^ais, par Desgranges, 8vo. cloth, bs 1839 

33155 NASAFI (Hafiz-ed-din Abdallah Ben Ahmed). JjjiJl CJJi^ 

JjiU\ d^^^^ • Madarik at Tanztl, Commentary on the 
Koran, in Arabic, 2 parts in 1 vol. folio, lithographed, native 
binding, 2bs Bombay, A.E. 1278-79 

One of the most valuable and important of the ancient orthodox com- 


:■ Creed 

tfi' S]it\r.iiiniu'A IJcn Musa ; Arabic and Ki limitiiie 

Ir.ihiiliiUni \)y F. Jloson, 8vo. Ss . r "■ . 

;i.'(i;iii Mi;iii»i. ()oiiL<;.s (lu Oheykh el-Mohdy tra*! •. wii 

•I. .1. Miivtuilj .*i voIh. 8vo. woodcuts^ sd. Vis 

\S\\\:\\ Mi)JiYi-i;ii-i>iN hill Abi Bakr AS-Saltf, 4"/ 

.. •Ul : TroiiiiHO 011 tho tiHO of Projr'; 

Hvn. tndiujniph MS,, hoimd, Ua ■'■/•,/*> n^ 

:i:ii:i.'i MiivHtau. ^-viiU ,l-ii^ : Abstmol^ ^ ,Vo(j. xyii 

iih-iHN n. Maiimod n. MAirntln, .■'. Jia-«-.i j^-t' ^S^*"^^ 

/l/iS'., r»/f/ Turkish morocco cnvrni, '. . Comiiientary on the 

^ ' . l);:i !Mi5kin of Herat, 

:i:iI.T/ Mi-i.TAKA-iiL-AnuuK. j:sri\ Uv!. . „ :. ::i Anihic, Vols. I, II 

■ . '..--an 
.-. >:vii 

■■■■. "-."?<'/, 
-.-.■. XVUI 

I 11. 1 A4- I '■ hui dingy European 

Law. by liutAiiiM b. Miihni: . ■ ,, , 7 "^L?^,,* loor. 

,. •.-, wu • ii • • judaic, about iZ^ib 

•^' ^s.J^\ : Lay of tlie 

\\\\\\\X MoiiNTl'Kni'U-(iOI.-lim!IUl!T. .. ..•""", 

I • I • n « • . Vr. F. Prideaux, 8vo. 

.» I r r / Sehore, ibt\f 

\: vols. sin. lt>lii», ironiir.l, ' 

:5:!I:J'.> Mi swr n.- Mis.m.i.\. .;:;^^. ^^^ B„i,rahi, ni .IraZ-u-, 

olwiM'vnmvs, '" -Iac',' •■ I?t-iVi(/, 1850 

HtM'jri»»inn Vv-lii. . >» .^ ,.. V t : Biosri'tipbical 

•• k 

llooivn ( A.) !•' 't , . . 1 1 ■ • t 

.,«:,■ sorii-s in. , : ^ .• ; :» - ^!.^v&^v: .1 • :: ; -. i . itCvl l>^ 

hiboinr. / '-'• -^ • "••^ - > v""-- •^- ^' •• , ;-^ " ^ T'-* 

Arabu-ns ^lu-. , , . .^- , . ,....>. -.y. . ,^ -.. ^ 

Avabnin A.^iri* ... . j 

.•CLi.^ L^^ >i i. --r — *"* 

rM»imc] r . ' * 

»rAi r.-iJi": ^ ViA.iN^L . ■. -{ -•? ;, >-. ■=*: '■'.-::■:- 

:^^U-: MI'S'' 

» , 

% • 


*^. * 


33171 Nikolais as-Saicju. ,^j^j^\ ^AJ^ u-'J^;^ c;V'*^ * ^^^^^S' ^Y 

an Arab priest in the Lebanon (sec. xviii), in Aralic, sm. 4to. 
])lamly written MS. hf. red morocco, from Be Hacy's lihrari/, 12.9 

Sec. XIX 
33171* the same, printed, 8vo. Jif. hd. Gs Bairut, 1866 

33172 NuLDEKE (Theodor) Beitriige zur Kenntniss dor Poesie der alten 

Araber, 8vo. sd. hs Hannover, 1864 

33173 NoFAL (G.) Guide de Conversation en Arabe et en Fran^ais, 

18mo. 117 pp. bd. hs Beyrouth, 1881 

33174 Nu'maniyya. JtjU*Jl i*Ju*^\ ^ Jt» ' Abu Hanifa's Poem, in 

•• " ^> 

Arabic, with a Turkisb commentary, 8vo. Oriental binding, hs 

{Constant.) 1268 

33175 NuR-UL- Anwar. J^yi\j%i ' Treatise on Hanifite Law, in Arabic, 

sm. iol'io, finely tcritten MS. calf neat, Is Gd About 1795 

33176 NUTKU L-MAFHUM. ^^,£i31 jk3 : Legends and Traditions 

concerning the marvellous use of Speech by Brute Animals, 
Mountains, Stones, Trees, etc. by Ahmad bin Tughr Bey, m 
Arabic, 8vo. hf. bd. a very curious icorlc, 25s (Biilac), a.h. 1281 

33177 Nuzhat-ul-Alibba. UjH^ iZj\L!b J \M h'J • Sketches of the 


Lives of celebrated Arabic authors, by Abu-1-Barakat Abd-ur- 

Rahman bin Muhammad al-Ambari, in Arabic, sm. 8vo. 491 p^h 

cloth, bs Cairo, A.H. 1294 

33178 the same, in hf. red morocco neat, 7s Gd 1294 

A work of old celebrity, composed in the twelfth century of the Christian 
era, and containing biographies of over 180 writers of note. 

33179 NUZHAT-UL-ALBAB. ^^*J^1 ^^il aU^Ul L^Ui\ ^Jtjj : An- 

thology of Stories, Anecdotes, maxims, witty sayings, etc. in 
prose and verse, by Aziz-ud-din al-Kumaili, i7i Arabic, sm. folio, 
MS. in an African hand, hf. bd. from De Sacy's library (120 fr.), 
£2. 105 Sec. xviii 

33180 Oberleitner (Andr.) Fundamenta LingutB Arabics, 8vo. hds. 2« 

VienncB, 1822 

33181 Omar al-Khayyami, I'Algebre, traduite par P. Woepcke, roy. 8vo. 

diagrams, sd. 3s Gd ; or, hf. morocco, bs 1851 

33182 Palmer (E. H.) Grammar of the Arabic language, 8vo. pp. xix 

and 414, with folding tables, cloth, 10s 1874 

33183 Arabic Manual (Grammar, Vocabulary, etc.), 12mo. 

316 pp. bd.4>sGd 1881 

33184 PiHAN (A. P.) Elements de la langue algerienne, 8vo. 183 j)ji). half 

calf 2.9 1861 

33185 Planisphere Celeste, representant les principales Constellations 

connues des Arabes, 2 large folding mxips, ivith Arabic and 
French explanations, mounted on canvas, in atlas 4to. portfolio, bs 



33186 POCOCKII Specimen HistorisB Arabum sive Abnl Farajius de 
origine et moribns Arabum, Arab, et Lat. ace. Historia Veternm 
Arabnm, ex Abu '1 Feda, arah, et lat. ed. White, 4to. ^portrait, 
uncut, 7s 6d Oxon. 1806 

3318? PosTELLi (Guil.) Grammatica Arabica, Pansiis, s. a. {circa 1538) 
— Paradigmata de quatuor Unguis Oriental ibus preecipuis, 
Arabica, Armena, Syra, -ZEthiopica, Palma autbore, Parisiis, 
1596 ; 2 vols, in 1, sm, 4to. vellv/niy 9s 

33188 Pbayers. Formula of Prayer, recited daily in the island of 

Temat, in Arabic, MS. on;paper, the text inwhite letters on alter 
nating grounds of red and blue, on rolled paper, 4*7 inches in 
length, with rollers, enclosed in a box lettered Oratio Indica in 
templo Tematensi usitata, 36s About 1680 

33189 Rahmat-TJllah, Idh-har-ul-haqq, ou Manifestation de la Verity, 

traduit de TArabe, revu par P. V. Carletti, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 
12s 1880 

33190 (Rassam and Badger) English Grammar for Arabs, roy. 8vo. hds 

hs Malta, 1836 

33191 Arabic and English Grammatical Exercises and Dia- 
logues, 8vo. bds. 7s Qd Malta, 1840 

33192 Raudh-ul-Kartas. CS^ j\^\ ^ ^^j^\ J^^j ^jaj^\ ^j^\ 

c— >.i^l : History of Fez and ** Morocco, by Ibn Abi Zar* 
(Abu-1-Hasan bin 'Abdillah bin Abi Zar' al Fasi), in Arabic, 
sm. 4to. MS. in African handwriting, hf. bd, neat, front De Saci/s 
library, £3. 3s Sec. xviii 

An important work, ranging over five hundred and sixty years of MoBlem 
history in the West, from a.d. 762 to a.d. 1325. 

33193 Reinaud. Relation des Voyages faits paries Arabes et les Persans 

dans rinde et dans la Chine, dans le IXe siecle, arabe etfranqais, 
par Reinaud, 2 vols. 18mo. cloth, 6^ 1845 

33194 the same, 2 vols, in 1, 18mo. hf. green morocco, 7s 1845 

33195 DuLAURiER (Ed.) Etudes sur la Relation des Voyages, 8vo. sd, 
25 184G 

33196 Richardson's Arabic Grammar, 4to. bd. 2s 1811 

33197 ROEDIGER (Aem.) De origine et indole Arabic89 librorum V. T, 

historicorum interpretationis, Halis Sax. 1829 — Gesenius do 
Pentateuchi Samaritani origine, etc. Halce, 1815 — in 1 vol. 4to, 
cloth, 4iS 

33198 Roland de Bussy, Dialogues Fran^ais-Arabes (Idi6me d*Alger) 

refondus par Bel Kassem ben Sedira, 12mo. 370 pp. cloth, 2s 

Alger, 1877 

33199 RooRDA (T.) Grammatica Arabica, ace. Chrestomathia cum Lexico, 

a P. Cool, 8vo. bd. 3s Lugd. Bat. 1835 

33200 RosENMtJLLER (E. F. K.) Arabisches Elementar- und Lese- Buch, 

mit Wortregister, 8vo. hf bd. Is 6d Leipzig, 1799 

33201 Institutiones ad fundamenta lingunB Ambico?, cum Glos- 

sario, etc. sm. 4to. Jif. bd. 4s ^h. 1818 


33202 RosENMiiLLER (E. F. K.) Analecta Arabica, Arabioe eb Latine, 3 

parts in 1 vol. 8vo. hf, hd, 7s 6d Lips, 1825-8 

Contents : Institutiones Juris Mohsunmedani circa bellum contra eoa qui 
ab Islamo sunt alieni ; 2johairi Carmen al-Moallakah appellatum, cum scholiis 
Znzenii et Nachasi ; and, Sjria descripta a Scherifo el-Edrisio el-Khalil ben- 
Schahin Dhaheri. 

33203 SaIdja bin Ji^sup al-Fajj^^m!. t^jbUsurJl^ ci^UUJl : al-Amanat 

wa'1-I'tiqadat, Arahisch, von S. Landauer, 8vo. sd, 6s 

Leiden, 1881 

33204 SACY (Silvestre de) Geammaire Arabe, 2 vols. 8vo. tables and 

plates, hf, calf, 15^ 1810 

33205 Grammaire Arabe, seconde edition, 2 vols. 8vo. tables 

and plates, a few leaves slightly wormed, dS4. 4s 1831 

33206 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. Ids, £4. 15^ 1831 

33207 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. Tif hd, £5. 1831 

33208 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £5. 55 1831 

33209 Chrestomathie Arabe, ou Extraits de divers ecrivains 

arabes, tant en prose quen vers, Arahe et Franqais, seconde 
edition, i vols. 8vo. hf, hd. neat, £4. 1826-7 

33210 Anthologie grammaticale Arabe, suite de la Chresto- 
mathie, Arahe et Franqais, 8vo. sd, 205 1829 

33211 the same, 8vo. hf calf, 21s 1829 

33212 Notices et Extraits de divers MSS. Arabes, et antres 

(Correspondance des Samaritains de Naplouse, 1808), 4to. hf, 
calf hs 1829 

33213 Memoire sur la version arabe des Livres de Moise a 

I'usage des Samaritains, 4to. sd. 2s Qd Paris, n, d, 

33214 de la Prosodie et I'Art Metrique des Arabes, 8vo. sd. 

7s 6d 1831 

33215 Sadik Isfahani, Geographical Works or, Arabic and Persian, tr. 

by J. C, from Original Persian MSS. of Sir W. Ouseley, 8vo. 85 


33216 SahIfatu l-Kamilah. ii^l^l iLjsf^ : Prayer Book of the Shi'ites, 

composed in the first centnry of the Hijra, in Arabic, 8vo. MS, 
beautifully written within gold lines, with illuminated 'Unwan 
and headings, hf, russia, £2. IO5 

Transcribed by Khwdjah Moh. Sharif of Herat (Sec. xviii) 

33217 another MS. of the same, in Arabic, with interlineal 

Persian version in red ink, Syo. MS. beautifully written within gold 
lines, on paper potudered with gold, with ilhiminated headings, a 
little woi'med, in a fine old Indian blue morocco binding, £2. IO5 

About 1700 
A prize taken at Dehli in 1858. 

33218 SAIF BIN DZI YAZAN. y^\ Jjt\ s^\j ^\ ^^U i^^ 

uji ^"^ U^. ^— ^ LiT^^^ • ^*^^y ^^ *^® Horseman of Yemen, 
the Destroyer of the Heathens, Saif son of Dzn Yazan, by 
Abu 1-Maali, in Arabic, 16 vols, in 4, roy. 8vo. calf, £4. 

Cairo, A,H. 1294 
One of the great popular romances of Arabic literature. Saif was 
actually an historical personage who lived a little before the time of 

223 * 



332] 8*Sa VARY, Grammaire de la laiigue arabe, ^to, 536 ^p. vellum^ 3s ^d 


33219 ScHiER (Ch.) Grammaire Arabc, 8vo. 456 'pp, hf. hd. 4s 

Bresde, 1849 

33220 ScHNURRER (Ch. F. de) Bibliotheca Arabica, 8vo. a hihUography, 

hd, 28 HalcB, 1811 

33221 ScRAP-BooK, containing several numbers of Algerian Newspapers, 

numerous cuttings from the same, in Arabic and French, and 
MS. notes in Arahic, collected in Algiers in 1870 hj Dr. Bumell, 
stout 4to. hds, 7s 

33222 SHAHRASTANI (Abtiri-Fatli Muhammad) J^l^ JUI^ i^\::^: 

Book of Religious and Philosophical Sects, in Arabic, edited by 
Cureton, 2 vols, in 1, roy. 8vo. cloth, 20s Or. Text Soc. 1842-6 

33223 Religionspartheien uud Philosophen-Schulen iibersetzt 

von Th. Haarbriicker, 2 vols. 8vo. hf, morocco, 7s Qd 

Halle, 1850-1 
This great work, an exposition of the doctrines of many creeds, was 
composed a.h. 521, and is one of the most wonderful productions of Arabic 
literature. The author's reading was of vast and multifarious character, as 
may easily be seen by a short summary of the contents of his book. It 
comprises an account of the Mussulmans and all their numerous sects ; 
the Jews ; Christians and their sects ; Magi, Zoroastrians, Manichaeans, and 
other claimants of revealed religion ; Sabseans ; the Hermetic philosophy ; 
the Greek Philosophers and their schools, from Thales to Porphyry ; the 
systems of Muhammadan doctors, especially Avicenna; the pre- Islamite 
religion of Arabia ; Bmhminism, Buddhism, and the other religions of 
India, concluding with an account of Hindu philosophers. 

33224 Sharh-ul-Asbab. ^ ^j^Jj US^ ^L\^*jl CL>Ui;J1^ t-^LrfJl -^ 

tfC^: B, Treatise on the Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of 

local and constitutional Diseases, by Hukim Nufis bin 'Iwuz, 
Arabic, 4to. pp, 755, cloth, 16s Calcutta, 183G 

33225 SHA'RAWI. ^l^Jl ^^a!\ ^^ ^Ij ^j^^'i\ ui-i^ : Treatise 

on the Mystic Theology of Ibn-ul-Arabi, by 'Abd-ul-Wahhab 
Ahmad bin 'Ali ash-Sha'rawi, in Arabic, 8vo. lithographed, hd, 
Palgrave's copy, lOs {? Cairo) A,H. 1277 

33226 Sharaya* l-Islam : ^JLill ^}j^ - Treatise on Lawful and For- 

bidden Things, by Abu l-Casim al-Hulli, in Arabic, 4to. sd. 16«; 
hf. hd, ISs Calcutta, 1839 

" This great work is more universally referred to than any other Shiah 
law-book, and is the chief authoritv for tlie law of the Indian followers of 

33227 SiiiRKAWi. ' ^Aij^] joW*^- Poems of 'Abd-ur-Eahman as-Safati 

ash-Shirkawi, in Arabic, sm. 4to. plain MS., the first page rudehj 
ornamented, Egyptian binding, presentation copy to De Sacy, 10s 

Abmit 1820 

33228 SIHAH. iill\ ^ Asi^\ ' the celebrated Arabic Lexicon of Abu 

Nasr Isma*i]" bin Hammad al-.Tauhart, in Arabic, with the 


vowel points to eveny word, 6 vols, folio, "beautifully written MS, 

altogether about 2300 pp. m sheets, unbound, £16. 

Ahmad bin Moh, ar-BifdH, about 1830 
A copy of great importance and valae, haying been transcribed from the 

copy made by Mohd. ibn Ali bin Katlubeg, called Saghiyyar ^^ (about 

A.D. 1400) of a codex written by Shaikh Yakut (of Mosul, about a.d. 1200). 

33229 SIHAH. U-^\ Upry ^^\^ ^^ ' Dictionary of Arabic, ex- 

plained in Turkish, being a translation by Mohammed ibn 
Mustafa el-Vani, called Vanquli, of the Sihah of al-Jauhaii, 
2 vols, small folio, original edition^ Turkish binding, SOs 

Kustant, a.h. 1141 

33230 the same. Thick Paper, 2 vols, folio, Turkish binding, 

£2. 25 1141 

33231 second edition of the same : Lughati Vanquli, 2 vols. 4tc« 

Turkish binding, \hs Kustant, a.h. 1217-19 

33232 SiBAT Khair-ud-din. l^b ^.jJl^^ (♦^^V*^^ JJbls^l J^- I^ife 

of the great Corsair and Admiral Khair-ud-din Barbarossa^ 
the Turkish antagonist of Charles V, in Arabic, roy. 8vo. MS* 
in African handwriting, native binding, 20s 

^ Abd-ul'Kddir ibn 'Omar b. Mohd. a.h. 1168 

33233 SociN (A.) Arabische Sprichworter und Redensarten, arabisch 

und deutsch, 4to. sd. 2s Tilbingen, 1878 

33234 Arabic Grammar, Chrestomathy, and Glossary, sm. 8vo. 

sd, 4s Carlsruhe, 1885 

33235 SoiJDi (Abu Fadhl Maleki as-) Disputatio pro Religione Moham- 
medanorum adversus Christianos, Arabice, ed. Van den Ham, 
fasc. I, 8vo. sd. 2s Lugd. Bat. 1877 

33230 SousA ( Joao de) Documentos Arabicos para a Historia Portugueza, 

Aj^ab. e Fortuguez, sm. 4to. hf. bd. Ss 6d Lisboa, 1790 

33237 Vestigios da Lingua Arabica em Portugal, ou Lexicon 

etymologico das palavras, e nomes Portuguezes, que tem origem 
Arabica, 8vo. hf of bs Lisboa, 1789 

33238 Spitta-Bey (W.) Grammatik des Arabischen Vulgardialectes von 

-^gypten, stout 8vo. 519 pp. sd. 6s Leipzig, 1880 

33239 Stewart (D.) Practical Arabic Grammar, 8vo. 302 pp. cloth, 2s 6d 


33240 Suleiman Feleki. ^UJjJI ^J^^ ^J^^ uW-- J!;^ * -^®^^' 

logical Tables and Almanac for a.h. 1012-13, in Arabic, 4to. 
apparently the author's autograph MS, neatly urritten in red and 
black, with diagrams, sd. 16s 1012-13 (1603) 

33241 Sulwan-ul-Muta*. cLjUI ^1^ J^ii d f llajl ^1 J-» - Book of Precepts 

and Tales, by Abu Hashim Mohammad bin Abi Mohammad Ibn 
Zafar, in Arabic, mixed prose and verse, 8vo. sd. bs 

Tunis, A.H. 1279 
A famous work, partly composed in the twelfth century, modified and 
completed by another hand a century later. 


33242 SURAH. \jsf^\ ^^ \J\ c->b^ a well-known Arabic 

Dictionary explained in Persian^ translated from the Sihah of 
Jauhari by Abu'l Fazl Mohammed al-Jamal, royal 8vo. MS. 
loritten in a fine neat NeskM character on homhycine pa])er, with 
the index words written in red at the sides to facilitate reference 
throughout, each page with margins ruled in silver, hf morocco, 
£2. Transcribed by Faiz Ullah Nejabi, A.H, 1030 

33243 — another copy, sm. folio, a well written M8» within ruled 

lines, with gilt heading, slightly wormed, calf, ZOs About 1650 

33244 another copy, roy. Svo. finely written M8> old calf, 205 

Sec, XVII 

33245 another copy, sm. folio, neatly written within lines, gilt 

heading, with rubrics and references, red roan binding, 32^ 

45^^ year of Alamgir (1705) 
With a supplemental glossary at end, dated a.h. 1113. 

33246 another copy, sm. folio, M8* very clearly written, within 

red and blue lines, ivith the Arabic words of the vocabulary 
repeated in the margins in red ink, the first and last leaves torn 
and mended, old russia, 228 Sec. xviil 

33247 another copy, sm. folio, loell written MS. in fine sound 

preservation, old calf, 27s Sec. xviil 

33248 SURAH. U-^l ^,< ^\^J\ l^\s^ : Dictionary of Arabic words 

explained in Persian, translated from the Sihah by Abu '1 Fazl 
Mohammed al-Jumal, 2 vols, in 1, impl. 4to. woi-med, bound, \hs 

Calcutta, 1812 
33249 the same, stout 4to. good copy, bound, 2hs ib. 1815 

33250 SUYUTI (Jalal-ud-din 'Abd-ur-rahman). ^^ ,^ jl*Jl AJ\ 

^Wj.aJJ i^Uftll ' Koranic Commentary, in extenso, the volume 

which is devoted to the fourth and fifth Sura, in Rrabic, sm. 

folio, MS. boldly and clearly written, with a gilt heading, in a 

handsome Egyptian binding, gilt ornaments on sides, £2. 16^ 

Sec. XVII 
With the seal, dated 1186, of Salih Bey, by whom this volume was 
presented to the mosque at Zawawa, in a.h. 1190. 

33251 ijM\,j^J^\ ^ i^^U-^l ^^j.«^ : History of Egypt, 

in Arabic, the great woi-k of Jelal uddin as-Soynti, 2 vols, in 1, 
4to. lithographed, bd. £2. 5* (Cairo, about 1860) 

33252 jxi\ 'Jl e^jUl , J iJl ,^U^ : Collection of 

Canonical Traditions, in Arabic, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. j)p. 462 a7id 
4i9, Egyptian binding, S6s Bulah, A.H. 1286 

33253 [*;^j*^*^^ ^-'^»^ • I^iher de Interpretibus Korani, 

Arabice, ed. Meursinge, 4to. hf. calf, gilt edges, 7s 

Lugd. Bat. 1839 

33254 Itqan on the Exegetic Sciences of the Qoran, edited by 

A. Sprenger, etK3. fasc, 2-10 (end), Svo. sd. 10s Gale. 1853-4 


33255 SuYUTi. c— jLUI ^.^ : Liber de Nominibus Relativis, J.ra&tce, cum 

• • • 

Sapplemento annotationis, ed. Veth, 2 vols, in 1, 4to, cloth, 7s 

Lugd. Bat, 1840-51 

32256 ^y£,Mj\^\ ^ ^^Ul J jj^ii:^ : Treatise on the 

Plagne, in Arabic, 8vo. ]plain MS, hf. hd. 6s A.H. 1056 

33257 History of the Temple of Jerusalem, from the Arabic of 

the Imam Jalal-addin al Siuti, with notes, etc. by the Rev. J. 
Reynolds, 8vo. sd, £2. 16s 1836 

33258 Ta'alibi Syntagma Dictorum brevium et acutorum, Arahice et 

Latiney ed. J. P. Valeton, 4to. sd, Ss 6d Lugd. Bat. 1844 

33259 the same, 1844-— Weijers (H. E.) om al de Arabische 

Letters door het Europeesch Karakter nit te drukken, 1840 ; 
2 vols, in 1, 4to. hf. cf. bs 

A work on Arabic transliteration. 

33260 TABARL ^^^Jall cJJU ^jUz\^ ijj^\ ^J^ ' Annales Regum, 

opus Abu Dschaferi Mohammed ben Descherir Ettaberi, 
Arahice et Latins, edidit Kosegarten, 3 vols, in 2, 4to. one cloth, 
the other hf. hd. SOs GryphisvaldicBf 1831:53 

33261 Annales, Arahice et Lat. Vol. I, 4to. sd. hs 1831 

33262 Chronique de Mohammed Tabari, traduite sur la version 

Persane par L. Dubeux, Vol. I, 4to. IO5 1836 

33263 la memo, traduite sur la version Persane de Belami, par 

^ Zotenberg, 4 vols. 8vo. sd. 32^ Paris, 1867-71 

The oldest general Historj in Mohammedan literature, and for some 
periods of time, the only source of authentic information which we possess. 
It was composed in Arabic early in the tenth century of the Christian era, but 
the Persian version which was executed by Belami some fifty years later has 
completely effaced the original, of which only some fragments are now in 
existence. Even Belami's translation became rare, and a sort of second 
edition of his text considerably altered became current at a much later date. 
Dubeux (who commenced this French translation), and Zotenberg, who 
continued it, worked from the original and best edition of the Persian text. 

33264 TAPTAZANI. ,^\^\ ^^^? ^^ ^l*j\^..jx^- : the Mukh- 

tasaru 1 M'aani; a Commentaiy on tbe Talkbis Almiftab, 
(Kazwini's work on Rhetoric), all in Arabic, 8vo. Manuscript, 
very distinctly written, 12s Sec. xviil 

33265 ^U^Jl w*^xs^ : Al Mookhtusur, Arabic, with Preface 

by Lumsden, impl. 4to. bds. 20s ' Gale. 1813 

33266 the same, impl. 4to. hf. calf, 22s 1813 

33267 another edition, 8vo. hd. 10s (Bulah, ? 1840) 

33268 Tafsir-ul-AhlXm. Ji^'i] ^^Ju : Treatise on the interpretation 

r ^" 
of Dreams, by Muhammad bin SfRlN, in Arabic, sm. 4to. plainly 

writte^i MS., bound, 10s A.H. 1198 

33269 TAHANAWI. ^yl^^Jl Jx S.,^ :^ ^^\ ci^U^J^^l UJ^l 

Dictionary of the Technical Terms used in the Sciences of the 
Musalmans (by Muhammad 'All al-Tahanawi), in Arabic, edited 


by Abd al-Haqq, Gliolam Kadir, Lees, Sprenger, and Moham- 
med Wajyh, complete with the Appendix, 21 parts or 2 vols, 
bound in 1, thick roj. 4to. 7//. vwrocco neat, £4. 4s 

Calcutta, 1853- G2 

33270 Tahar ben Neggad, Dialogues Fran^ais-Arabes, 8vo. 350 ^p. sJ. 

36' 6(Z Co7istantine, 18G3 

;j;>27l TAKRIB. l^^L- ^_^*^\ «_,ba\ ^Ic <.,^\ i_^y31 ^"i: 

A Commentary on Shafiite Law, by Shems nddin Abu Abdallah 
Muhammad bin Kasim, in Arabic, 8vo. printed on rose-paper, 
hd. 5s Bulah, AM, 1281 

33272 Tanbih ul-Ghab^ilin : an ethical work — 'Ilm-i-Tasawwuf, or 

Mystical Science — Sharh ul-Ahkam : a comment on certain 
commands of the Prophet ; all in Arabic, thick 8vo. MS. 
written in a hold Neslchi hand, slightly loormed, hound, 2hs 

Scec. XVII 

33273 Tanchumi Commentarius in Lamentationes, Arahlce {char, Hehr.), 

ed. G. Cureton, 8vo. cloth, 2s 1843 

33274 Tantarani. jLkJall i^^ ' Ode in praise of Nizam-ul-Mulk, 

by Ahmad at-Tantarani, with commentary between every two 
lines, in Arabic, sm. 8vo. neat MS. hound in smooth Turkish red 
morocco gilt, gilt edges, 7s 6d Sec. xviii 

33276 Tantavy (Mouhammad Ayyad el-) Traite de la langue Arabe 
vulgaire, 8vo. hf. hd. Ss hd Leipsic, 1848 

33276 Tands bin Yusuf ash-Shidiac. ^U J^ ^ J^^t j\^\ \ 

History of Mount Lebanon, in Arabic, large 8vo. hf. hd. 7s Gd 

Bairut, 1859 

33377 Tanwir-ul-basair. J!^ ^^ J ^UJ|^ ^UJl ^yJ ^^ 

.Ui31 Jli5l ^Ls jIlsII •• Commentary on the Tanwir, a work 

exciting the ruler of Algiers to the holy war against Christians, 
by Ali bin Dawud al-Matamati, in Arabic, 4to. MS. in plain 
African writing, ruled with red lines, neat original binding, from 
I)e Sacy's library, 20s Sec. xviii 

33278 Tanwir-ul-mushtak. jllJi!\ vJ.^:s^J jl::JU31 ^yJ : Spiritual 

Treatise, m Arabic, 8vo. hf. hd. Gs Jerusalem, 1859 

33279 Tariku SalXtin-al-Othman. ^\^ ^^ ^Ul^ Jl ^UL. ^\; 

aLjI!!: History of the Turkish Sultans, from the foundation of 

their power to a.h. 926, in Arabic, sm. 4to. plain MS. bound, 25s 

About 1700 

aa280 Tariku- US- SoLTAN Selim. ^ ^^^1 ^ILLJJ ^jP^ ^* fv^' 

^vUX^ ^ jLi ^IkUl : History of the Conquest of Egypt, by 

AuMAO lUN Zambal ar-Rammal al-Mahalli, in Arabic, sm. 4to, 
ifjdt w-rithH -U<S\, Egyptian binding, £2. 2s 

Ali ^ Abd-ul'Karim ad-JDltidri, a.h. 1114 


33281 Tarikh-ul-Yamini. , ^i^^l J^,\j : Al-'Utbi's, or the History of 

Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznah, Arabic, edited by A. Sprenger, 
royal 8vo. sd. 14s Dehlly 1847 

33282 Thalibi. L^[s.A i So^\^\ ^^t : Der Vertraute Gef ahrte des 

Einsamen, Arabisch und Beutsch, mit Anmerkungen von G. 
Fliigel, 4to. hf, morocco, 16s Wien, 1829 

33283 TiBYAN. ^J^\ J.- ^ LjW^^ ^-^l:;^ * Treatise on the science of 

literary Exposition and Method (by Abd-ul- Wahid Ibn-nz- 
Zamalkani), in Arabic, 12mo. neat MS. hf. bd. 7s Sec. xviil 

33284 Trumpp (Ernst) der arabische Sazbau nach der Anschauung der 

arabischen Grammatiker, 8vo. sd. 2s MuncJien, 1871) 

33285 TuHFAT-UL-MuJAHiDiN : a History of the First Settlement of the 

Mohammedans in Malabar, and of their subsequent Struggles 
with the Portuguese, translated from the Arabic, by Lieut. M. 
Rowlandson, 8vo. 4s 1833 

33286 TurXb 'AH, Treatise on Arabic Syntax — Arabic Verses and Pro- 

verbs, with Persian translations — in 1 vol. 4to. hf. calf, bs 

Madras, 1820 

33287 UNS-UL-JALIL. JjJl^ ^jjill ^^\:xj Jjj\ ^\ : History 

of Jerusalem and the prophet Abraham, by Mujir ud Din al- 
Hanbali, hi Arabic, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. Oriental binding, with 
overlap, £2. 16s (BulaJc), a.h. 1283 (1867) 

An important work, compiled soon after the beginning of the sixteenth 

33288 UsUL. ajjjJl^ l-^DI Jx ^ J^-^l : Treatises on Medicine and 

Materia Medica, in Arabic, in 1 vol. 8vo. MS., not quite perfect, 
hf. bd. 7s 6d Sec. xvl-xvit 

Utbi — see Tarikh. 

33289 VocABULAiRE Fran9ais-Arabe, sm. 8vo. 914: pp. hf. bd. 10s 

Beyrouth, 1867 

33290 VoLNEY (C. F.) Simplification des langnes orientales, 1795— 

L'Adjroumieh, Arabe-Fran^ais, 1833— 8vo. half calf, 2s 6d 

33291 Wakfiyat. ijAil. '- Pious Endowments, or transfers of property 

for religious uses, the oflScial or registration-copy of six of these 
documents, in Arabic, MS. well written within gold lines, with 
two gilt headings, bearing the seals of official personage, in a roll, 
40 feet in length and 10| inches in breadth, 30^ Cairo, Sec. xviii 

33292 Wahrmund (Ad.) Praktisches Handbuch der neu-arabischen 

Sprache, mit Schliissel, 4 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. over 600 pp. 

cloth, 7s6d Giessen, 1861-6 

33293 the same, 4 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. hf bd. 6s 6d 1861-6 

33294 WAKIDI. L**:*^l ^f*^ ^J : Story of the conquest of the city of 
Bahnasa, in Egypt, by the pseudo-Wakidi — U jiH Ju^ !} . Nuzhat- 

ul-Udada, an ethical treatise, with tales — 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. 
MS* in an African hand, bound, 21s About 1700 


33295 WASiTAT-UT-SuLtJK. CJ^\ L:l^ ^ (Ji^JI i-k-lj : Treatise 

on tlie science of Government, by MtJSA bin Yiisuf Abu Hammii 

bin Zayyan al-Abd-nl-Wadi, in Arabic, 4to. MS» well vjritten in 

an African hand, Ids. 12s a.h. 1070 

In the same volume, there is an imperfect copy of the life of Barbarossa 
(see ante Sir at). 

33296 dOuull ai.kMoL : Treatise on Government, in Arabic, 

8vo. sd, bs Tunis, A.H. 1279 

33297 Watwat. lsr^\^\ i^!:\ . -i : Treatise .on the Moral and 

Intellectual Qualities, by Abu Is'hak Burhan-ud-din Ibrahim b. 
Yahya al-Kutbi, called al- Watwat, in Arabic, large 8vo. hf. bd. 
10s BuUh, A.H. 1284 

33298 WiLKEN (F.) de Bellorum Cruciatorum et Abulfeda Historia, 4to. 

/?/. bd. hs ^ Gott 1798 

33299 WiLLMET, Lexicon linguao Arabicas in Coranum, Haririam, et 

Vitam Timuri, 4to. 824 pp. calf, 7s 1784 

33300' Wright (W.) Arabic Grammar, from the Gennan of Caspari, 
with additions, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. 257 and 327 pp. cloth, 7s 6d 


33301 WusTENFELD (Fern.) u:^^ ^h,[j ^lc% Jl^j j\ ^\j K^jLsSJ\ 

:J\ /♦U^l ^\ • di® Chroniken der Stadt Mekka, Arabisch, 

4i vols. 8vo. hf bd. 20s Leipzig, 1858-61 

Contents : El-Azraki's Geschichte der Stadt Mekka ; Ausziige aus den 
Gsschichtsbiichern von el-Fakihi, el-Fasi und Ibn Dhaheira ; Cutb ed-Din*8 
Geschichte der Stadt Mekka ; and, Deutsche Bearbeitung. 

33302 Yakut. c^JLU c^( :iAl^\ : Jacut's Moschtarik, Lexicon gco- 

graphischer flomonyme, Arabisch, von Wiistenfeld, 8vo. hf. bd. 
5s Gott. 1846 

33303 ZAHRAT.UL-WARDIYyAH. ^^:x3 ^j^ ^^^S^ CU\jJtJ\ ^-i ^^' J^ 

u^JH"^^^ : Legal Decisions of the Malikite Shaikh SaYTiD 

'Ali al-Ajiiuri, in Arabic, Vol. II, sm. folio, MS. in an African 
hand, native binding, 15s A.H. 1199 

33304 Zainu 'l-'Aabad1n bin Nujaim. ^tiJoUil ^^jJ ^,UaJ1j iLlill : Al 

Ashbaho wa al Nazair, a treatise on Mohammedan Law, in 
Arabic, edited by Ramdhan Sen and others, impl. 4to. sd, 9s 

Calcutta, 1826 


^^ ^\ ^Jcks ' Legal Decisions and Responses of 

Zain-ul-'Abidin, in Arabic, sm. 4to. plain MS» bd. 7s 6d 

A.H. 1133 

3330G ZAMAKHSHARI. ^fj^j^Ji <^*^^\ ^J^a^I ^\:^ • Samach- 

sharii Lexicon Arabicum Persicuni, edidit Wetzstein, cum 
Tndice Arabico, 4to. 300 and 269 pj>. lithographed, 10s 

laps. 1844-50 



33307 Falzon (G. B.) Dizionario Maltese- Italiano-Tnglese, 8vo. 309 pp. 

double cols., Jif. calf, Ihs. Malta, 1845 

33308 Gesu Cristu Fid-Digna, 12mo. sd. Is 6d Malta, 1861 

33309 Hreijef u Ciait bil Malti, Poems, in Maltese, 12ino. sd. 2s 6d 

Malta, 1863 

33310 Ktieb it Tulb ta* *Aalenia, Book of Common Prayer, 12mo. cloth, 

Ss 6d Malta, 1845 

33311 Napuliun III, II Haija ta, 12mo. sd. Is 6d Malta, 1873 

33312 Panzavecchia, Grammatica della lingua Maltese, 12mo. sd. Ss 6d 

Malta, 1845 

33313 Paul (San) II Haija ta, Life of S. Paul, 12mo. sd. Is 6d 

Malta, 1870 

33314 (SOMERVILLE) English-Italian-Maltese Dictionary, with sup- 

plement, stout folio, 7ieat MS. of 1000 pages, containing upivards 
of 60,000 Maltese representatives for as many English words, hf. 
hd, from the library of the Malta Protestant College, £2. 

circ. 1820 
A most valuable MS. No work so extensive as this exists in print on 
the same sabject. 

33315 Taghlim ghal min irid isalva ruliu, mictub min S. Alf. M. do' 

Liguori, u migiub bil Malti, 12mo. sd. 2s 6d Malta, 1868 

33316 Tatlor (R.) Ittriek tal Genna, Maltese, 12mo. 28 Malta, 1845 

33317 New Testament, in Maltese, 8vo. calf, 2s 6d Malta 1847 

33318 ToNi Bajada, mictub bil Malti, min G. M. A., 12mo. sd, 2s 

Malta, 1878 

33319 Vassali (Mich.) Mylsen Phoenico-Punicum, sive Grammatica 

Melitensis, 8vo. vellum, 3s 6d Bomm, 1791 

33320 Lexicon Melitense, Latino- Italum, 4to. 44 aiid 683 pp. 

double columns, calf, 20s Bomm, 1796 

33321 Vella (F.) Maltese Grammar, 12mo. bd. 2s Leghorn, 1831 

33322 Chtieb-Ilkari yau dabla *al ilsien Malti, Reading-Book, 

12mo. bds, Zs Qd Ligorni, 1824 


33323 Abd ul Hakk. i^^^\ j\jCi Jl i^^\ <— >Jo- : Cbi-onological 

and Geograpbical History of the holy city of Medinah, Persian, 
8vo sd, bs Calcutta, 1847 

33324 Abdu l-Kerim Kashmiri, j^<]\ ^ <ul3 .jU : History of Nadir 

Shah, in Persian, Svo. MS. on paper, probably the author's 
autograph, Indian binding, 10s S9th year of Shah 'Alam (1798) 

33325 ABU L-FAZL BIN MUBARAK. J^ill y\ UjI : the Insha, 

consisting of Letters and Dispatches from the Emperor Akbar 
and his minister Abulfazl to foreign princes, and to the great 



officers of the State, in Tersian, 2 parts in 1 vol. roy. 8vo. 
charly written MS., Indian hinding, 7s 6d a.h. 1087 

3332G another copy, roj. 8vo. Persian MS. well written in 

Nastalih characters, some leaves mended, gilt Indian binding, 9s 

A.H. 1110 

33327 another copy, sm. 4to. Persian MS. in an elegant modern 

hand, Indian binding, 6s About 1830 

J/^j ^\ ^J^, J-^l ^\ CjLflC* : the Insha and 

the Kashkdl, in Persian, roy. 8vo. MS. on pajper, bound, 10s 6d 

Sec. xviil 

33329 jJ*Aftll 4j\ Cjbft^il^ : the Insha and Kashkul, with com- 
mentary of Mohammad Hadi, etc. in Persian, imp. 8vo. entirely 
lithographed, bounds 9s Lahlinau, a.h. 1280 

33329* ^ic -^ ^UJl CjI^ : The Insha, with a com- 
mentary by Mohammad 'Alam, m Persian, roy. 4to. hf. Id. 9s 

Calcutta, 1834 

33330 'Iyae-i Danish. ^^jIj .L^ : An elegant version of the 

Kalila wa Dimna, in Persian, 8vo. MS. exquisitely written in 
Nastalih characters, hf. calf, 2hs Sec. XViI 

33331 another MS. of the same, 8vo. plainly loritten, hf. 

morocco, 10s a.h. 1186 

33332 another MS. of the same, folio, elegantly written, Indian 

binding, 18s A.H. 1198 

33333 another MS. of the same, 4to. well and plainly written, 

Indian binding, 12s a.h. 1230 

33334 the same, 2 vols, smallest 4to. MS. tvell ivritten in 

Nastalih characters, bound, 10s About 1800 

AKBAR NAMAH. y Uj iU iUU^l : History of the 

Mogul Emperor, Akbar, with an introduction containing an 
account of Timur, his descendants, and the foundation of the 
Empire of India, by the Vazir Abul Fazl, in Persian, 3 vols, 
sm. folio, MS.^ not uniform, £3. Sec. xvii-xvm 

The first Tolume is beautifally written in a delicate hand, and though 
undated may be attributed to about the year 1020. The second volume was 
written by Muhammad Amin bin Abdi 'l-I^alil, in 1044. The third is 
undated, but was written about the end of the last century. It is the rarest 
part of the book, being found in but few MSS. — Its absence might not always 
be obserred, as the first two volumes are usually treated as Parts 1 and 2 
of Vol. I, 



<uU jJ^\ ^^J J J^l .uS J : Akbar Namah, Vols. I-II, 

ending with the seventeenth year of Akbar's reign, in Persian, 
2 vols, in 1, roy. 8vo. MS. on paper, hf. morocco, 24^ 
Written in the first year of the reign of ShahAlam (J), a.h. 1119 

33337 AS ^j : Vol I only, containing the history of the 

Mogul Empire to the death of Humayun, in Persian, sm. folio, 


MS. plainly loritten^ a few pages scorched^ hut generally in good 
condition, Indian morocco, lOs A.H. 1053 

33338 another copy of Vol. I, folio, a well wntten MS. in strong 

omamental Indian binding 205 

2Stli year of the reign {? of Aurangzih=l(j9'^) 



J »jj : Yol. II, containing the history of the first 

fifteen years of Akbar's reign, in Persian, sm. folio, MS. on 
paper, the hody of the hook in an old and beautiful Nastalik hand, 
the first forty-two leaves supplied in the last century, slightly 
woi'med at end, Indian binding, I85 About 1630-1760 

AtJt Jil y:i J I Akbar namah, in Persian, Vols. I, II, 

2 vols. sm. folio, entirely lithographed, Indian binding, 25^ 

Lah'hnau, A.H. 1282 
An excellent edition printed for the Maharaja of Fatiala. 

33341 another edition, in Persian, by Agha Ahmad Ali, and 

Maulwi Abdur Rahim, Vols. I, II, typographically 'printed in 
10 roy. 4to. parts, 25^ Calcutta, 1873-81 

33312 AiN Akbari ^JjS\ ^^\ ' the Institutes of the Emperor 

Akbar, a statistical and historical work upon the Moghul 
Empire, compiled by Abu 1-Fazl as a Supplement to the Akbar 
Namah, in Persian, folio, plainly written MS., with tables, 
diagrams, and drawings of tveapons, ornaments, utensils, etc. 
'water-stained, and wanting the first nine or ten lines 0^ iVftrg- 
duction, hf, morocco, 20s A.H. 1145 

33343 »^5X1 j^':Jz'^ : the same work, abridged by the author, 

in Persian, 8vo. MS. neatly written in the Shikasta Amiz character, 
with useful English notes on the margins, Indian binding, 14s 

Sec. xvin 

33344 ti'rf^^ i^^^ • ^^^ complete text edited from a MS. in 

the libraiy of Saiyid Ahmad Khan, in Persian, roy. folio, 
entirely lithographed, with several designs of furniture, ornament, 
architecture, weapons, natural history, etc. 2bs Dihli, A.H. 1272 

3334,5 lSji^^ q;.^^ Jjl J^'^^ ' *^® Ain-i Akbar, edited by 

Blochmann, iii Persian, Part 1, roy. 4to. 336 pp. and plates, 

hf hd. 7s (1870) 

3334G Ayeen Akbery, translated by Gladwin — see ante p. 3082 

33347 the same, translated by Blochmann, Vol. I, ro}-. 8vo. 

(all published) , V! plates, hd. \0s Calcutta, 1873 

33348 IxAYATULLAH. <ul)_^^l i^^uJ : Supplement to the Akbar Nama, 
containing the last four years of Akbar's reign, in Persian, 8vo. 
a well written MS. but ivaier-stained, Indian binding, 14^ 

Sec. XVII r 
Bound up with Mu'tamad Khan's account of the early days of Shah 


33349 Abu Mansur Muwaffak. , Ji ij^Si\ ,i)\ji^\ ,.,£ L,uj'i\ ol:x^ 

(jiy jy^:^^ • Liber fundamentorum pharmacologiae, ed, Seligr 
maun, Part 1 (all ptib.), the Persian text complete^ 8vo. sd, 4s (Sd 


33350 Abu Taleb Khan. v-Jll? •^l r**^*^ ii^ •* Trayels in Asia and 

Europe, ed. bj Mirza Hasein Ali and Mir Kudrnt Ali, Persian, 
printed^ 8vo. half calf, 7s Calcutta, 1812 

33351 fcXjLaS : Odes and Epigrams on various objects seen in 

England, Scotland, and Ireland, in Persian, sm. 4to. MS, heau- 
tifully written in NastaliJc, gilt russia, 6s About 1800 

33352 -^SOP. Croxairs Fables of JSsop, translated into Persian by 

Mouluvee Abdool Ruheem, large 4to. sd, 7s 6d Calcutta, 1830 

33353 Agra. Description of the Taj and other buildings at Agra, in 

Persian, roy. 8vo. plain MS., hound, 7s 6d About 1800 

Ain-ul-Hayat — see Mohammad Bakir. 

33354 Akhbar-i Mamalik. Ci3U^ <L1^1j jW"^3 trv^.i jli^ <uli ;•. 

fUj.^-^ : the Tehran Gazette, in Persian, Nos. 409-450 and 454, 

455, from the 25th of Rabi' ii, 1275, to the 19th of Jumada i, 

1276, in weekly numbers, bound in 1 vol. folio, lithograyJied, lif. 

morocco, £1. I65 Tehran, A.U. 1275- 7G 

Marked with the stamp of the Registry Department of the India Office. 

33355 AKHLAK-I- JALALI. Practical Philosophy of the Muhammadan 

People, exhibited in its professed connexion with the European, 
so as to render either an introduction to the other ; being a 
translation of the Akhlak-i-Jalaly, the most esteemed Ethical 
Work of Middle Asia, from the Persian of Fakir Jany Maham- 
mad Asaad ; with references and notes, by W. F. Thompson, 
8vo. large paper, sd. 26s 1839 

3335G Akhlak-i Muhsani. j.^ms^\ jViU-l : a celebrated ethical com- 

position by Husein Va'iz al-Kashefi, the author of the Anwari 
Soheili, Persian, 8vo. MS. green calf, 9s Sec. xviii 

33357 another MS. of the same, sm. folio, MS. neatly and 

dearly written in Nastalih characters, whole bound, I65 Sec, xix 

33358 cAljjj^k'-?" ^3 ^Jouu.s'^^ J^^ • *^® Akhlak-u 1- 

Mohsanin, and the Story of the Four Dervishes, in Persian, 
2 vols, in 1, roy. 8vo. MSS. hf. calf, 7s 6d A.H. 1201 

33359 Akhlaki Muhsini, the Morals of the beneficent by Husain Vaiz 

Kashifi, Persian, engraved from the MS, 8vo. hf calf, 2s 

Hertford, 1829 
33360 another edition, Persian, printed, 8vo. bd. Is 6d 1850 

33361 the same, literal English translation by Keene, 8vo. bds. 

2s 6d 1850 


33363 Akhlak-i-Nasibi. ^^\j jL^l • Ethical Compositions of Nasir 

ud Din Mohammad ben Hasan, of Tus, the famous Astronomer, 
Ferdan^ roy. 8vo. neatly written MS. in Nastalih cTiaracters, hd. 
20s Written hy Zia-u 1-Hakk, at Alimednagar, A,H, 1(X36 

33364 lSt^^ i5^^^ • another copy of the same work, 8vo. 

finely written MS. in Nastalih characters, Indian hinding, \2s 

A.H. 1105 (or 1135) 

33365 another MS. of the same, 8vo. well written witliin lines, 

Oriental binding, from the libraries of Adam GlarJce and Be Sacy, 
98 About 1715 

33366 another MS. of the same work, in P&i'sian, sm. folio, 

written in a current hand, hf. hd. 10s . 

4th year of FarruJchsiyar (1717) 
Preceded in the volume by a modern MS. of part of the Akhlak-i Muhsani. 

33367 "ALAM 'ARAI 'ABBlSI. ^U ^\j\ JU ^j\3 : Iskander 

Mnnshi's History of Shah 'Abbas the Great, m Persian, Parts II, 
III in 1 vol. folio, well written MS. native binding, £S. 

A.H. 1040 

The date of this copy guarantees its value. It contains the complete 
history of Shah 'Abbas from his accession to his death, followed by the lives 
of the eminent men of his reign (wanting the last leaf). This, although the 
chief bulk of the *Alam ' Ara, forms really Vol. H and Appendix, the first 
volume which is not in this copy, consisting of a recital of the childhood of 
Shah 'Abbas, and the lives of the kings who reigned from that time to his 
own accession. 

33368 <-^V^ lS^j^ <J^ I^J^ :— another MS. of the same work, 

wanting a couple of leaves at the end, but otherwise complete, 

3 parts in 1 vol. large folio, MS. we'll written in Nastalih characters, 

the first page supplied in a modern hand; in an Indian binding 

of old yelloio morocco, £5. 55 Sec. xviii 

This copy was formerly in De Sacy's library, and fetched 230 fr. at his 
sale. It contains the entire text of the work, except the couple of leaves 
above specified. 

33369 Alf Lailah. JLL! uill Us^ry ^ Jj^^J^'^ • Nights 1-79 of the 

Arabian Nights, in Persian, 8vo. MS. plainly written, bd. 10s 


The nights in the Persian are cut so much shorter than those of the 
original, that the sections do not correspond with those in the Arabic. 
Ali HAzfN — see HAzfN. 

33370 Ameer Namah. <t«l3 -*^1 : in Persiav, by Ameer Ali Khan 

Bahadoor, with an abstract translation in English, royal 8vo. 
photographical portraits and views, cloth, 12s Calcutta, 1870 

33371 the same, second edition without the photographs, royal 

8vo. cloth, 10s Calcutta, 1874s 

The Life and services of an eminent Mohammedan Pleader and Magis- 
I tratc, who rendered valuable services during the Mutiny. 


33372 ANYART. ^^yl ^l^j : The Poems of Awhad-ud-din 'Ali 

Anvari, m Fersian^ sm. 8vo. MS. very neatly ivriUen in Nastalik 
characters, some of the margins wormed and the last leaf wanting, 
Indian hindingy dB2. 2fi Sec, XYli 

33373 another MS. of the same, differently arranged, being 

Vol. I of the Kulliyat, sm. folio, neatly written MS., calf, SOs 

Sec. XVII 
33374 ANWAR-I-SUHAILI. JuY^j\y\ - the Lights of Canopus, an 

elegant paraphrase of the Kalila wa Dimna, by Husain Va'iz 
al-Kashifi, in Persian, 4to. MS. heautiftdly written in fine ^ 
Nastalih characters, with illuminated heading to the first j>age, 
somewhat water-stained hut only in the margins, Indian gilt 
binding, 3t>s About 1620 

33375 another MS. of the same, 8vo. the greater part of the 

booh written in a fine Nashhi, several leaves at beginning and 
end added in Nastalik characters, in 1786; bound in gilt red 
roan, 24iS Sec. xvii 

33376 another MS. of the same, 8vo. well ivritten on tinted 

papers, bound, \hs A.H. 1117 

33377 another copy of the same^ sm. folio, MS, in Nastalih 

characters, neatly written, bd. from J, Bosses library, the codex 
used by him for his translation, 20s 

Transcribed by Lutf Ali, a.h. 1185 

33378 another MS. of the same work, in Persian, folio, very 

neatly written in Nastalih characters, bound, 18* A.H. 1195 

33379 another MS. of the same work, in Persian, large 8vo. 

well and clearly written, Indian binding, 20s 

Written by Moh. Asad-ullah, a.h. 1219 

33380 another MS. w Persian, 4to. very neatly written, bound, 

18s A.H. 1224 

33381 Lj^ j\j\ : the first printed edition, edited by Gholani 

Ashraf, in Persian, sm. folio, calf, 16s Kalhatta, 1816 

33382 another edition, edited by Moh. Feizullah, in Persian, 

roy. 4to. hf bd. 65 ib. 1842 

33383 : — another edition, edited by Manlavi Moh. Mohsan, in 

Persian, roy. 4to. bound, 7s 6d • ih. 1847 

33384 another edition, elegantly lithographed by Ganesh 

Preshad iii Nastalih characters, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. sd. 7s 6d 

Kanhjwr, 1834 
33385 • another edition, elegantly lithographed in Nastalih cliarac 

tci's by Ahmad Kashani, sm. folio, calf, \0s Pombay, A.n. 1261 

3338() another edition, neatly lithograi^hed for the Bombay 

Native Education Society, sm. folio, bds. 7s ib. 1828 

33387 the same, 4to. a fine copy ON thick white paper, citron 

morocco gilt in the Oriental style, gilt edges, 36^ 1828 

33388 the same, -first European edition, edited by J. W. J. 

Ouseley, 4to. cloth,'2\s Hertford, 1851 

33389 the same, roy» 4to. large paper, hf. rnssia, 2Ss 1851 


33390 Anwar- i-SuHAiLi. Thy Lights of Canopus ; the Pcrsiaa Version of 

Pilpay's Fables, by Hnsairi Va'iz ul Kashifii, translated into prose 
and verse by Eastwick, roy. 8vo. cloth^ rare, £2. SsJIertford, 1854 
" The most excellent biok in the langna<;c is. in my opinion, the collec- 
tion of tales and fables called Anvari Suhaili, by Husain Va'iz, who took tho 
celebrated work of Bidpai for his text, and has comprised all the wisdom of 
tho Eastern nations in fourteen beautiful chapters." — W. Jones, 

33391 AsAPi. <)C^^ «_,« v_J^^ ii)^^''^'' I^oems of Mukim-nd-din Ni'inat- 

nllah Asafi, followed by a commentary, in Persian, roy. 8vo. 
MS. well written in Talik characters, the commentary a little 
defective, hf. morocco gilt, 255 Sec. xviii 

33392 Atesh Kedah, in Persian, by Bland, part 1 (all publ.) roy. 8vo. 

40 pp. cloth, 2s 6d 1844 

33393 'ATTAR (Ferid-nd-din) AL- ^,^lj jcj : Book of Counsel, a Sufi 

poom, in Persian, 12mo. MS. neatly written in Nastalik, hf. red 
morucco gilt, from Jauhert's collection, 7s Gd Sec. xvii 

33394 another MS. of the same, 12mo. neatly written in Nastalik, 

within gold lines, with numerons gilt headings, hd. 9j? Sec. xviri 

.IkxH ^«l) Jco - Jb : The Book of Counsels by Fori- 


duddin Attar, in Persian, with a Turkish commentary, 8vo. hd. 

bs {Constantinople), a.h. 1252 

3339G <L«ljjcj •• Pend-Nameh, ou le Livre des Conseils, Per5a?i 

et Fran^ais, avec la vie d'Attar, et des notes par Silvestre de 
Sacy, 8vo. cloth, 7s; or, calf neat, 9s Paris, 1819 

3339? the same, 8vo. fine paper, ///. calf neat. Vis 1819 

33398 \^\ / ik:^* : The Language of Birds, a mystical poem, 

in Persian, 8vo. elegantly tvritten MS. tvith illuminated heading, 
every page enclosed by gilt and coloured lines, a few of the margins 
wormed, hut altogether a very pretty MS , in Oriental hlack 
morocco, 20s ah. 901 

33399 Man tic Uttair ou le langage des oiseaux, traduction 

francaise par Garcin de Tassy, 1863 — Garcin de Tassy, la 
poesie philosophique et rcligieuse chez les Persans d'apres lo 
Mantic Uttair, 1860—2 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. Qs 6tZ 1860-63 

33400 BAD AUNL (s/c) ^3^1jj y'ii!\ s^ c-£JlJ ^Jy\\ L-^xia:^*: 

General History of India, from the time of the Ghaznevides to 
the reign of Akbar, in Persian, folio, entirely lithographed, 
hf. hd. oOs LaFhnao, A.n. 1284 

\^\Si ff^„\'j • Description of India, followed by a 

sketch of Timur and his descendants, and the full account of 

Akbar's reign from Badauni's large work, in Persian, roy. 8vo. 

flainly written MS. hound, 30.? Ahout 1700 

The MS. docs not pjo as far into Akbar's reign as the Muntakhab docF, and 
may consequently have l)een derived from the first draught of the historian's 




33402 Badshah ISTamah. j^^Jl s^ ^«U ^Li)jl> : by Abd Al-Hamid 

•• • • 

Lahawri, ed. by W. N. Lees, Persian, 2 vols, in 3, 8vo. hd. 12s 

Calcutta {Bib. Lid.), 1867 
A history of the first twenty years of the reign of the Mogul Emperor 
Shah Jchan, by a contemporary. 
see post Padshah-namah 

33403 Baha-u d-Din 'Amili. ^^\}j JJ J ^^^ ^}^^3 u^ * ^^^ ^ Hulwa, 

a Sufi poem, with stories ; The Thief and the Kazi, a tale in 
prose ; in Persian, 8vo. plain MS. sd. 6s a.h. 1057 

33404 BAHARI DANISH. JiJb jl^^ : the Springtime of Know- 

ledge, a collection of tales by 'Inayat Ullah, Persian, 8vo. MS., 
676 pp. neatly tvritten, within red "borders, on coloured papers, 
Tif. cf. 32s Alcbardhdd, a.h. 1126 (i.e. Agra, 1714) 

33405 another MS. of the same, sm. folio, inelegantly but 

plainly written, Indian binding, 20s A.H. 1146 

33406 another MS. of the same, 8vo. written in a clear bold 

ShiJcasta Amiz character, Indian binding, lbs Jelalpor, A.H. 1200 
33407 another MS. of the same, roy. 8vo. neatly and carefully 

written in bold Nastalik characters, ivith illuminated heading, hf. 

hd. 20s Sec. xviii 

33408 another MS. of the same, sm. folio, elegantly ivritten in 

clear Nastalik, loith a beautifully illuminated ^Unwan and gold 

rulings to every page. Oriental binding, £2. 2^ 

Transcribed by Saiyid Imdm-Shah at Lahore, a.h. 1244 

33409 BahXr-i-Danish, by Inayat Ullah; Zaraif UL-LATAiF,by Fakhr nd- 

Din Ali bin Wa*iz ; Akhlak ul-Ashraf, by Obeid Zakani ; 

L^\jJ^'i\ J^^j t^^lklll f^\]J^^ Jjxj\dj\^^ • in Persian, in 

1 vol. oblong roy. 8vo. neatly written MS. 6b6 pp. within borders 
of gold lines; bd. £2. Sec. xviii 

Besides the three works specified (" The Spring of Knowledge,*' *' Pleasant 
Anecdotes," and " The Morals of the Nobles "), this MS. contains, in various 
hands, a work without title or name of author, relating to the Ka'ba, and 
Abraham ; another work without title or name of author, containing some 
Muhammadan fables of Adam, Abraham, etc. ; a Tract in Shikasta, without 
title or name of author ; and a series of Questions and Answers on religious 
subjects. This MS. is in a curious form, opening lengthwise, like a music- 
book, the leaves arranged from left to right, and beautirally written in various 

33410 Bahar-Danush or Garden of Knowledge, an Oriental Romance, 

translated from the Persic by J. Scott, 3 vols. 12mo. bd. ISs 

Shrewsbury, 1799 
33411 the same, 3 toIs. 8vo. cloth, 20s 1799 

33412 BAHJATU-L-MUBAHIJ. J^\^\ isV : Anecdotes of Muham- 

mad, the fonr first Caliphs, the Imams, and other illustrions 

personages, in Persian, sm. folio, MS. written in a fine bold 

NasTchi hand, pp. 551 {first page absetit), hf. bd. SOs Sec. xvi 

A rare and little known work, of which I have only seen one copy before. 

33413 Bahru l-mawwaj. ^\y^\ ^ ^^[-j ^^^.^^ ^^1 j^^ ' 

History of Dihli, by Mohammad Ali" Khan Ansarl, Vol. IL 


containing the history from Shahahu d-Din Qhoriy A.H. 600 to 
A.H. 1160, 8vo. plainly written^ 672 ])p, last page wanting , 20s 

About A.H. 1165 

33414 Bahr-i mawwXj. jl:u^ Aj. ^\y^ ^^ : two works on ethical sub- 

jects, by Ihsan-nllah Mumtaz, in Fersian^ roy. 8vo. lithographed, 
the metrical Bahr in the body of the volume, the ** Distinguished 
Prose'' occupying the margins, bd. 7s 6d Lah'hnao, A.H. 1262 

33415 Bakhttar Namah. i^\j .1-:^ : Story of the Prince and his 

Stepmother and the Ten Yazirs, in Persian^ 12mo. MS. plainly 
written, hf. bd, Ss A.H. 1178 

33416 Bakhtyar Nameh. Story of Prince Bakhtyar and the Ten 

Viziers, in Persian and English, by Sir W. Ouseley, royal 8vo. 
calf gilt, 10s 1801 

This story belongs to the series or cycle of which the best known form is 
the " Seven Wise Masters." 

33417 le m^me conte, en Persan et en Francais, par Lescallier, 

4to. the Persian text written on yelloiv paper within lines of gold, 
the translation interleaved on white paper, all in the handwriting 
of the translator and apparently intended for the press, bound, 12s 


33418 the same, by Ouseley, edited with introduction and notes 

by W. A. Clouston, sm. 8vo. hf, red morocco gilt, 7s Qd 

Privately printed, 1883 
33419 les Onze Jours, contes Arabes, 4to. a MS. French trans- 
lation of the Bakhtyar-nama by the AbbS G uillon, bds, 5s 

About 1780 

33420 Barb, Conjugation des persischen Verbums, 8vo. sd. Is 6d 

Wien, 1861 

33421 Beckford's Vathek, translated into Persian, by Parthickson 

(? Patrickson), 8vo. MS. of 171 pp. in Ta'Uq characters, with 
painted title-^age, and other ornaments, bs (India), 1834 

33422 Berezin (I.) Grammatika Persidskago Yazyka, 8vo. hf. bd. 55 

Kazan, 1853 

33423 Recherches sur les dialectes turcs et persans, 4 parts in 

1 vol. 8vo. hf, morocco, 12s Gasan, 1843 

33424 Besant (H. G.) the Persian and Urdu letter-writer, with an 

English translation and vocabulary, 8vo. cloth, hs Calcutta, 1845 

33425 Bhagavat Purana. Sri Bhagavat or Prem Puran, in Persian, 

sm. 8vo. MS. in ])lain handivriting, a little soiled, hf, bd. 7s 6d 

33426 a different translation, 8vo. well written MS. on tinted 

paper, hf. calf, 10s Sec. xviii 

33427 Skandas 6-9 of the Sri Bhagavat, in Persian, 8vo. plai7i 

MS. sd. 6s Sec. xix 

33428 Bible, li^-^j .y ^U^Jj - Genesis and Exodus, in Persian, by Abu 

1-Kasim as-Sasani, imp. 8vo. MS. beautifully written in Talik 
characters, bound, 10s About 1800 

224 • 


33429 BiDiL (Mirza 'Abdu TKadir) Jj^J \jj^^ u^^i^' ^^® Diwan 
(Gbazals and Ruba'iyat), in Persian— l^iZAH (the Nawab 
Ghazi-u d-Din Khan, also called Asaf), jCjli loW^ isT^ \^\ 

/%Ua} jjJ\ • Poems arranged in Diwan fashion, in Tersian — 

2 vols, in 1, sm. 8vo. MS, clearly written in TaliJc, tvith illumu 
7iafed headiinj, and gold rnlings, gilt Indian hindingy 25« 

Junir, A.H. 119C 

334>30 Blkeck's Persian Grammar, Dialogues, Lessons, and Vocabulary, 
12mo. over 300 pp. cloth, 65 1857 

«'^3431 Blochmann (H.) Pi-osody of the Persians according to Saifi, Jami 
and other writers, co7itaining the Persian text of SaiJVs Prosody 
and of JarnVs Kafiyah, roy. 8vo. sd. 4:s Calcutta, 1872 

33432 BURHAN-I KATI'. j^U ^^Ij^^ : Boobhani Qatiu, a Dictionary 

of the Persian Language, explained in Persian, with a Grammar 
prefixed, by Moohummud Hoosuen Ibni Khuluf oot-Tubreezee 
[]\fuhammad Husain bin Khalaf Tabrizi], poetically styled 
Boorhan, with notes and Appendix, by Roebuck, impl. 4to. 
hound, IC5 Calcutta, 1818 

33433 the same, folio, large paper, sound copy, neatly hound, 

24j? 1^18 

Ooly 30 copies were printed on Large Paper. 

33434 the same, 2 vols. impl. 4to. second edition, calf, £2. 

Calaiitta, 1822 

33435 the same, third edition, by Abd-ul-Majid, impl. 4to. 

calf neat, £2. 85 Calcutta, 1834 

Tbo above Dictionary, which is alphabetically arranged, the paging 
running from left to right in European fashion, comprises the whole of tlie 
words, phrases, and metaphors in the Farhang-i Jehangiii, and the Majmn'-l- 
Fars of Sururi, together with many wordss and terms from the Pehlfi, Zend, 
Greek, Syriac, Arabic, Turkish, and oth er languages. 

3343G another edition, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, lithographed, 

Indian hinding, £3. Bomhay, A.H. 1266-67 

*' The Boorhani Qnatiu* is the most copious and easily consulted of all 

the Persian Lexicons at this time extant ; and it has always been considered 

as a standard work, which every Persian scholar ought to possess." — Lwnisden, 

33i37 ^15 Jjtji i.^J j.ill ^LJ ^Jli^: Persian Dic- 
tionary with the explanations translated into TwA;wf^, by Ahmed 
Ainu, stout sm. folio, in gilt Turkish hinding, \Ss 

Kustantiniyeh, A.H. 1214 

Calligraphy and Decorative Art : 


EXAMPLES, executed by the chief masters of both arts at the 

courts of Akbar, Jahangir, and Shahjahan, 68 leaves with a 

painting on one side of every leaf and a display of penmanship on 

the other, within beautiful gold and arahesque horder ornamenta- 

tion ; hound as an album, in 2 vols, atlas 4to. morocco gilt, gilt 

edges, by Hering, lettered "Asiatic Drawings,'* £60. 

{? Dihli) A,H, U2-10'^S 
The painters' names are not given, but in most instances thoir work is of 


Calligrapjiy and Decorative Art — continued. 

such delicate and exquisite character that there is no difficulty in assigning 
these pictures to the men who are indicated by Abuifazl as forming a kind 
of Academy under the patronage of Akbar the Great, The assumption is 
further justified by the names of the calligraphers, which are given in many 
instances with dates. Among them we find Mis Alt a.h. 942 (*' the illus- 
trious" as Abuifazl calls him), Mohammad Baqir, Mir Ali*s son, 961, Mo- 
hammad Hefi* 977, Mohammad Husain (the master o/ Nastalxk, "known as 
Zarrinqalani, ov Gold Pen, says Abuifazl), 983; Abd-ur-rahfm, 998, Latif, 
Molla Darwish. Kashmiri, Mohammad Amin, Ahmad Husaini, Kashefi Husaini, 
etc., and the latest name is that of Mohammad Murad, 1048. The pictures 
consist of hunting and fighting scenes, portraits of women and princes, cere- 
monial assemblages, chiefly relating to the birth and youth of the Emperor 
Jehangir, etc., illustrations of the 8hah namah, etc., and the text consists of 
Persian elegant extracts. — The whole collection is a truly royal one. 

33439 anotlier collection, 5 leaves large folio, 4 leaves folio, 

and 30 leaves quarto and octavo, from Be Sacifs library, in a folio 

parcel, £b. A.H, 855-1180 

Including specimens of the work of Mohammad as-Sultani, Mir Ali, 

Sultan AU Meshhedi, Moh. Amin Meshhedi, Moh. Sharif Husaini, Moh. 

Shafi' of Tabriz, Ahmad Niri, and Mob. Hilmi ; with one cover of a Persiaa 

binding magnificently decorated. 

Bridegroom, attended by their friends and followers, some on 
horseback, some on foot, advancing to meet each other, gaily- 
dressed attendants letting off fireworks, and spectators looking 
on; nearly 100 figures, with horses, mules, and hulls, beautifully 
drawn, painted, and illuminated, divided into two parts, each 
occupying one side of a roy. folio tase intended to be used as covers 

of a booh, £21. Persia, about 1680-1700 

A very fine example of Persian art, less delicate and finished than the 
Indian work of the seventeenth century, but incomparably freer and bolder 
in its character, and more natural in its design. — The lackered border of the 
paintings (which are 18^ inches by 12) bears distichs from a Persian poetic 

33441 Calligraphy. Forty -two specimens of beantiful writing, consist- 
ing of Persian texts, executed on 21 thich leaves of paper, large 
FOLIO SIZE, by various Masters of the Art, richly illuminated and 
bordered, including a few lines of Shikasta character in the auto- 
graph of the Moghal Emperor 'AlamgI R ; in the original native 
binding, rebacked, £5. 155 1690-1705 

This collection of ornamental scriptlou, by the most perfect artists 
of the Moghal court*, forms a magnificent book. The lavish use of gold 
in the borders and backgrounds, as well as in the margins which are 
powdered with it, makes an appropriately brilliant framework to the 
beautiful characters which occupy the middle of the pages. 

33442 Twenty leaves of Calligraphical examples, consisting 

of extracted Arabic and Persian texts, written in beautiful styles 
of penmanship, including one page in gold and seven in silver, 
sm. folio, a little wormed, 36^ Sec, xvii 

33443 Chahar Darvish. (jIjimJ il^,.^ <l^ : Story of the Four Der- 
vishes, by Amir Khosru of Dihli (Sec. xiii), in Persian, 8vo. 
MS* neatly written in Nastalik characters, Indian binding, 7s 6d 

Sec. XYU 


33444 Clarke (H. W.) Persian manual, containing a grammar and an 

English-Persian vocabulary, 12mo. roanf 3s 6d 1878 

33445 Customs of the Women of Persia, and their Domestic Supersti- 

tions, translated from the Original Persian Manuscript (Kitah-i 
Kulsum-ndnd) by J. Akinson, 8vo. 10s 1832 

33446 DABISTAN. ^.^Jblj^ .,i\:x*MjO : Account of the various religions, 

sects, and schools of philosophy, in the world, in Persian, sm. 
folio, MS. neatly written in NastaliJc characters, hd. SOsA.H, 1235 

33447 another MS. of the same work, in Persian^ divided into 

2 vols; royal 8vo. written in a free cursive character, calf, 12* 

A.B. 1202 

33448 the first printed edition, in Persian, 4to. calf, 20s 

GalctUta, 1800 

33449 School of Manners, translated from the Persian, with 

Notes, etc. by D. Shea and A. Troyer, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 

0. Tr. F. 1844 
This is a work of great interest for all Oriental Scholars and Comparativo 
Mythologists. The poet Mohsin Fani of Kashmir, who lived in the reign of 
Shah Jahan, is supposed to have been the author. 

Sir William Jones describes this work as containing " moi*e recondite 
learning, more entertaining history, more beautiful poetry, more ingenuity and 
wit, indecency and blasphemy, than " he *^ ever saw collected in a single 
volume." It contains an account of the old Persian, the Brahmin, the 
Buddhist, the Christian, the Sufi, and the Mohammedan religions, with their 
various sects: as well as a statement of their doctrines. It is most valuable 
for its exposition of the Zoroasoian creed, as this is based upon ancient Persian 
works now entirely lost. 

33450 DASTtjR-UL-lKHWAN. ^\ Jj* J ^\^:>^'i\ .^i} : Persian Dic- 

tionary, explained in Persian, by Kazi-khan Badr Mohammed 
Dahar (? Mahmtid Dihlawi), 8vo. MS. neatly loritten in red ami 
hlacJc, russia binding, 20s Sec. xvii 

33451 DoRN (R.) Verwandschaft der persischen, germanischen nnd 

griechisch-lateinischen Sprachstammes, 8vo. sd. 2s 1827 

33452 nnd Mirza Mohammed Schafy, Beitrage zur Kenntniss 

der iranischen Sprachen, part 1 : Masanderanische Sprache, 
roy. 8vo. sd. 2s St. Petersburg, 1860 

DossABHAEE SoRAjBEE, Idiomatical Sentences — see Gujerat. 

33453 Faju-l-'AmIq. J-^! ^ : "the Profound Path,'' Persian Geo- 

metrical treatise, by Shir Mahmud Kakyani, roy. 8vo. well 
written MS. pp. 936, vdth diagrams, bd, 255 (1680) 

33454 Fal Namah. 'ij\^lx>- -♦UHl <uUli : Book of Predictions and 

Prognostics, or Science of Divination, translated into Persian 
from the Arabic of Ja'far Sadik, large 8vo. MS. calf, lOs 

83455 FARAJ BA'd ASH-SniDDAH. ^j^l jjo 'rj^^J^ O"* ^'V.^' f*^^- 

Tales of Peril and Escape, translated from the Arabic text of 
Ibn Abi d-Dunya, by Husein bin As'ad bin Hnsein ad-Dehistani 


in PersiaHy royal 8vo. neatly UihograpJiGd, calf extra, gilt edges, 

14:s Bombay, 1859 

The original work was written in the ninth century of the Christian era. 

33^56 Farhad va SHfnfN. ^^.r^-i»J jUJ : Loves of Queen Shirin and 

the statuary Farhad, Persian tiiasnavi, 12 mo. exquisitely 
ivritten in Nastalih characters, toithin gold lines and on gold- 
sprinhled jpages, Oriental binding, 2\s Sec. xvi 

Beginning: i^xAj\ jl-i» ^J ^J^l J^j^lj^ri- 

33*57 FARHANG-I JAHANGIRL ^jJj\:>- cS^J - Persian Dic- 
tionary explained in Persian, and divided into Grammar, Dic- 
tionary, and Supplement, by Jamalu d'Din Husain Anjti, stout 
sm. folio, elegantly written MS. in' fine Nastali/c characters, with 
gold lines and headings, gilt Indian binding mended, £b.Sec, xvil 

33=158 another MS. of the same work, sm. folio, 2^lcLi^ly written, 

a little damaged and mended, wanting the first leaf, Indian binding, 

£3. Sec. XVIII 

Called after the Emperor Jahangir, to whom it was dedicated by the author. 

33459 FARHAISTG-I RASHIDL ^^ Ju^^ ^^Jy : Persian Dictionary, 

explained in Persian, preceded by a Grammar, sm. folio, plainly 
written MS., a little stained and mended, a few leaves at beginning 
and end supplied in a more modern hand, calf, £2. Sec. xviii 

Dedicated to the Emperor Shah Jahan by its author, 'Abdu r-Ilashid bin 
'Abdu l-gha£ur al-Hoseini. 

33460 * — another MS. of the same work, sm. folio, plainly ivritten, 

hf. calf, £2. 2.S About 1680 

33i61 ^Juuw, ^^^xtoJ : cb Persian Dictionary, by Sayyid 

'Abdurrashid, ed. for the Asiatic Society of Bengal by Maulawi 
Zulfaqar 'Ali and Maulawi *Aziz Urrahman, 2 vols, in 1, royal 
4to. hf. calf, \hs Calcutta, 1875 

334G2 FARHANG-I SHU'URl. ^^^1 ^IJ ^^^^ cS:^J : a Per^ 

siayi'TurJcish Dictionary, by Ibrahim Efendi, 2 vols. sm. folio, 
£2. 85 Kustantiniyah, A.n. 1155 (1742) 

33463 Fars-nama va Baz-nama. <uU jb* ^y*\j {j^ji ' Treatises on the 

Ilorsc and the Hawk, in connexion with Horsemanship and 
Falconry, in Persian, 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. neatly written MSS. 
calf gilt, IsM 1201 

33464 Fatawa Aalamgiri. l-jI:;^ «-^ j_f,X*JU i^^bi h\u^\ <— *V;^ 

^« ili *^\ J.i-sJl ' Criminal Laws of Mohammedan India, with 

additional treatises on Penalties and commutations, in Persian, 
2 vols, in 1, 8vo. boimd, 20s Kalkatta, 1813 

33465 Fik'h. JujI ^^.^JbS^t <Ui * Law respecting the Sect of Imams or 

Prelates, treating of the ceremonies to bo performed by the 
Imam class, Persian MS* beautifully written, 8vo. pp. 500, half 
calf, I2s 1780 


3346G FIRDAUSI. ^u l:JbLl : the Royal Epic, by Abu-1-Kasim Hasan 

bin Is*liak Firdausi of Tus, m Persia??., folio, MS. on homhyclne 
jyaper, exquisitely lorltten within gold and coloured lines, with 
illuminated opening 2)ages and headings ; in the original Persian 
morocco binding, re-bached, blind tooled on the outside with figures 
of animals and arabesques, and magnificently adorned inside with 
beautiful openworlc in blaclx, blue, and gold, within borders of gold 
interlacements, £36. 

Written by Abdallah bin Sha^ban al-Ashtarjani, A.H. 852 

A lovely specimen of Persian calligraphy, and a masterly example of 
Oriental binding. The binding is nearly contemporaiy witli the book, and is 
far superior as a work of art to the gaudy and brilliant Indian bookcovcrs, 
flaming all over with gold, which are usually found in Persian MSS. of the 
two centuries following this. Ashtarjan is a suburb of Ardistan, on Persian 

33467 another copy of the same work, in Persian, stont folio, 

a beautifully written MS. in delicately fine Talik characters, every 
page brilliant with ornamental designs in gold on the paper-mar- 
gins ; not quite perfect at beginning and end ; illuminated tvith 43 
MINIATURES w gold and colours, some of them damaged, in Indian 
binding, £36. Sec. xvi 

The original magnificence of this volume is a sufBcient indication that it 
was executed for some great prince, perhaps Ilumayun or Akbar. 

33468 <)^.« liJbLii : another MS. of the same work, sm. folio, 

exquisitely written within gilt and coloured lines, two *Unwans 

brilliomtly illuminated with gold half calf , £8. 85 Sec, xvt 

A very fine MS. notwithstanding that there are no miniatures, and that 
the sharp ruling has caused a semi-detachment between the text and the 
margin of some leaves. The long preface by Baisinghar Khan precedes the 
text, and enhances the value of the MS. 

33469 Vol. I consisting of books i, 11, in Persian, sm. folio, 

beautifully written MS. the columns enclosed by gold lines, with 
one illuminated ^Unwan, afeio leaves wanting ; out of binding, £2. 

About IGOO 
Valuable as having the long preface of Bci!<inghur Khan. 

33470 <^,«l:.J&l-:» (^j\^J^'^^ 4^^ yxij : Persian MS. Vol. 11, 

containing books 3 and 4, large folio, in a fine bold hand, but not 
decorated ivith Miniatures, Indian binding, £3. A. 11. 1089 

33471 it^LtoLi* Shah-J^Tamah, w Persian, 2 vols, in 1, folio, 

MS. elegantly ivriiten within gold and coloured lines, with four 
illunmiated opening-pages and 19 &eaw^?JwZ Miniatures of unusual 
excellence and finish; in an Indian binding, re-bached, the sides 
entirely covered tvith gold, on ivhich the ornamental pattern of 
interlacements and arabesques stands out in relief ; enclosed in a 
iJuropean morocco case, £100. Sec. xviii 

The work — both as to binding and to writing — was executed perhaps at 
Dihli in the first half of the last centuty. The careful painting and artistic 
finish of the miniatures make this a precious volume — very unlike the ordinary' 
type of Indian illustrated Shah-namahs. They look like pictures on ivor}-. 



331?72 FIRDUSI, Shah Namah, an Heroic Poem, containing the History 
of Persia, from the earliest times to its conquest by the Arabs, 
in Persian, cai*'efnlly collated with the oldest MSS., with a 
copious Glossary of^obsolete words and obscure idioms ; with an 
introduction and Life of the Anthor, in English and Persian, 
and an Appendix, containing the interpolated Episodes, by 
Turner Macan, 4 vols. 8vo. slightly stainedy £5. Calcutta, 1829 

3-)A73 a slightly imperfect copy, 4 vols, not uniform^ a bargain , 

30s 1829 

33474 Shah Namah, in Persian, sm. folio, fine lithographed 

edition, in four columns, numerous large representations of the 
chief events, native biriding, £2. 16s Tehran, a.h. 1245 

Shah Namah, in Persian, folio, lithographed, in six 




columns, numerous large representations of the chief events, sd. 20.s- 

Cawnpore, A.H. 1291 
Selections from Shah Namah, in Persian, by H. S. 

Jarrett, a volume of 513 pp. roy. 8vo. sd. 7s 6d Calcutta, 1880 
Soohrab, a Poem, from the Shah Nameh, Persian and 

English f with notes by J. Atkinson, royal 8vo. hds. hs 

Calcutta, 1814 

Shah Nameh, translated by Champion, 4to. the first 8 

hoohs, all published, hf. calf, 7s 6d 1788 

Episodes from the Shah Nameh, translated into English 

verse, by St. Weston, roy. 8vo. bds. 2s 6d 1815 

The Epic of Kings: Stories retold from Firdusi by 


Helen Zimmern, with prefatory Poem by E. W. Gosse, impl. 
4to. (pub. £3. 36"), LARGE PAPER, proof impressions of the 2 etch- 
ings Inj Alma-Tadema, ornamented cloth, gilt top, uncut, 35^ 1882 
Shah Nameh of the Persian Poet Firdusi, translated 

and abridged in Prose and Verse, with Notes and Illustrations, 
by J. Atkinson, Esq. 8vo. 1832 

This is, properly speaking, rather a translation from the Shamshir-khani 
tiian from the Shah-nama. 


33482 Shemshik-Kuani. tuLj^l-l jl 


* ^ * • >^ 1 • 

Compendium of Firdusi's Book of Kings, in Persian, prose and 
verse, 8vo. neat MS. Indian binding, 7s 

Srd year of Aalamgir II (1751) 

33483 another cx)py, roy. 8vo. MS. neatly written, top margins 

of a few leaves damaged, hf. morocco, 7 s 6d a.h. 1182 

33484 FIRISHTA (Mohammad Kasim Hindd-shah). ,^^^^^\J\ ^-lif : 

the earlier edition of Firishta's History of India, in which the 
lives of the Saints are not included, 2 vols, folio, MSS. not 
uniform in size or writing, the first volume beautifully written in 
NastaliJc characters about the year 1660, the second in commoner 
style about 1750, russia binding, 355 Sec. xvii-xvm 

The title of Qulshan is found at the end of the second volume, and the 
Fcribe's name is given there as Mir Shukrillah Hoseini. The hismillali o£ 
Vol. I is accompanied by a rhyming line which suggests the third title under 
which Firishta's histoiy is known (Naui*as-namn) : h-ismi-llalii r-rdhmani' 
r-rahim, "Kauras hostdn kaldmi'Tcudim. 






riRISHTA. ,u-iy ^ b' : second edition of Firishta's History of 

India, in Persiaii, large folio, MS. heautlfully ivritten in Nastalik 

characlers, with gilt heading^ over 1000 pj^. in a fine strong Indian 

Made morocco binding^ with some ornaments on sides, £S. 10s 

Sec, xvii-xviii 
Tlic complete work ends with an account of the Saints of Hindustan, 
which is one of the portions added in the author's second recension of his book. 
This volume was one of Mr. Morley's collection of MSS. 

another copy of the samo, second recension, with the 

long Account of the Saints, Persian, a boldly written MS, folio, 
old calf , £2. 10s (1750) 

another copy of the same, Persian, a fine MS. with illu' 

J. •/ ' ' 

minated ^Unwan and borders of gold, stout sm. folio, calf, £4. 

37f^ year of Shah 'Alum (1697) 
iJU iXL*,^ ^l^A. : History of the province of Malwa, 

Central India, m Persian, 8vo. MS. neatly written, hf. morocco, 
12s (1730) 





<iLi-l J f=Cj^ • History of the Mohammedan Power i 

India from the Ghazncvide Invasion to the year 1612, with an 
introduction concerning the anterior History and Chronology of 
the Hindus, hi Persian, edited by J. Bjbiggs, and Mir Khairat 
Ali Khan Mushtak, 2 vols, folio, lithographed, bd. 30^ 

Bombay, 1832 
the same, 2 vols, stout folio. General Briggs' specially 

PRINTED COPY ON THICK PAPER, ///. bd. £2. 10^ 1832 

This beautiful edition of one of the most important historical works of 
the East, is quite equal to the finest MS, as a specimen of calligraphy; while 
in correctness of text it is superior to any. The. beauty and distinctness of 
the characters are seen to double advantage on the stout creamy paper used by 
General Briggs for his own copy. 

History of the Rise of the Mahommedan Power in India, 

till A.D. 1612, tmnslatedby J. Briggs, with copious notes, 4 vols. 
8vo. bds. £'i. 1829 

33i02 FiRuz BIN Kawus (Mulla). :«^ L« <t«U >^\:>- - George-Namah, 

a Poem on the successes of the British Arms in India, 3 vols. 8vo. 
Vilhographed portrait, bd. lOs Bombay, 1837 

Pond Namali, in Po^slan and in Gujarati with comment. 





8vo. the Persian part lithographed, neat, Is ^d ib. 1833-34 
Treatises, in evidence of the non-existence of Kubbeesa 

in Zoroastrism, in Persian, 2 vols. 4to. hf. bd, 7s 6d 

Bombay, 1828 

FoRBKs* Persian Grammar, with Vocabulary, roy. 8vo. bound, 3* 


the same, third edition, greatly enlarged, roy. 8vo. (pnb. 

12s U), cloth, (js 1862 

the same, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1876 

Geitlin (G.) Principia grammatices neo-persicae, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d 

Helsingfors, 1845 


33499 GHAZZALI. cJjU^ l,^ : Kjmiyai Saadat : The Alchemy of 

Happiness, by the Imam Abu Muhammad Ghazzali at-Tusi, 
in Persian (translated from his original Arabic), the 4 parts in 
1 vol. folio, 810 ^p. elegantly written in a very fine Nastalik, with 
illuminated *Unwans, in the native binding, £4. a.h. 1084-86 

This famous ethical work is very scarce when complete, separate parts of 
it, or the abridgment which exists, being more frequently met with. 

33500 Ghiyas-u 'l-Loghat. cjIaSJ^ d^Li : a Persian Dictionary, 

including also the incorporated Arabic, Turki, and other foreign 
words, explained in Persian, roy. 4to. 616 pp. sd, 10s 

Caivnpore, 1877 

33501 another edition, roy. 4to. 518 pp. sd. 9s; hf. bd. 10s 6d 

Lak'hnao, A.H. 1296 

33502 Gilchrist (J.) Persian verbs, Persian and English, 4to. hf. bd. 2s 

Calcutta, 1801 

33503 Gladwin's Dissertations on the Rhetoric, Prosody, and Rhyme of 

the Persians, 4to. hf. bd. hs Calcutta, 1798 

33504 the same, 4to. bd. 2s U 1801 

33505 Persian, roy. 4to. including Grammar and 

Chrestomathy, hf. bound, bs ; or calf, 7s 6d 1801 

33506 Persian Moonshee, a Grammar and entertaining Stories, 

also the Pund-Namu of Sadec, etc. in Persian (Roman and 
Arabic characters) and English, revised by W. C. Smyth, 8vo. 5* 


33507 GuLDASTAH-i NiSHAT. ^JcJ^. ,<^jlj 1?IA3 i:x^^!^ '' Poems selected 

from various authors, in Persian and Hindi (by Mannu Lai 
Lahori), roy. 4to. sd. IBs Calcutta, 1836 

33508 GuLDASTAHi Sukhan. . U ^sr' ^'x^y\^ : Selections from the 

Persian Poets, royal 8vo. lithographed within ornamental floreated 
borders, bds. hs Madras, 1851 

33509 GULlSTAN-l-RAHMAT. l^:^^ JcJ^' Life of Hafiz Rahmat 

Khan, the Rohilla chief (killed in battle a.h. 1188), in Persian, 
sm. folio, well written MS. calf gilt, 30s a,h. 1247 

33510 The Life of Hafiz ul Mulk, Hafiz Rehmut Khan. 

Written by his Son Nuwab Must'ujab Khan Bahadar; and 
entitled Gulistan-i-Rehmut, from the Persian, by Elliott, 8vo. 
4s 1834 

33511 GuLSHAN-i Ishk. Ji^z Jj^ «ul3 ^^^^^ fi\s^ ^i^^ i}^^ i:)^ '' 

a volume containing three Persian poems, 8vo. well written MS. 
Indian binding, 21s Sec. xviii 

These are all masnavi. The first poem was composed in a.h. 1198 by 
Wahbi ; that upon Hatim Tai, and the Gul-nama, both by Ferid Ghasfar, 
were composed in India about 1770. 

33512 GuLSHAN'i 'Inatat. <oLc ^Alf : a collection of royal and elegant 

Letters, including compositions of Aurangzib, in Persian, 8vo. 
MS. elegantly written on rose-coloured paper, bound in morocco, 
10s 6d ShahjaTianabady A.H. 1099 


33t513 Gulshan-1-Raz. ;1, ,a1S : the mystic rose garden of Sa'd-ud- 

^ > 

din Mahimud Shabistari, T?ersian and English by E. H. Whin- 
field, 4to. (sells lOs 6d), cloth, 6s 1880 

335 11 Uadaiqu-l-Balaghat. iiLl^ j^lAr>- : Bowers of Eloquence, a 

treatise on the Rhetoric, Poetry, and Rhyme of the Persians, by 
Mir Shamsu-d-Din, Fukir of Dehli, Persian, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 

Calcutta, 1814 

33515 Gulzar Kashmir. ^4 ^*^ j^j^* History of Kashmir, Persian, 

compiled by order of the Government, sm. folio, 552 pp. sd, 20s 

Lahore, 1871 

335 IG HAPIZ. liil^^ l*)^^^ ' P*^®^s of Shams-ud-din Mohammad Hafiz 
of Shiraz, in Persian, sm. 8vo. MS. exquisitely written in the 
finest NastaliJc, within gold lines, imperfect, hound in half red 
morocco, 20s a.h. 920 

33517 the same, 8vo. heautifulhj written MS. in fine Nastalih 

characters, within gold and coloured lines, ivith two illuminated 
opening pages, and four pages of Miniatures, slightly ivorn, in the 
original gilt binding, d£4. 4s About 1550 

33518 another MS. sm. 8vo. beautifully written in fine Nastalih 

characters, the first and last leaves supplied in a more recent hand, 
and two illuminated Indian portraits in ovals inseHedat beginning 
and end, Indian red morocco gilt binding, £2. 2^ Sec. xvii 

33519 another MS. of the same, sm. folio, elegantly written, 

ivith marginal glosses, the first leaf supplied in a modern hand, 
and a leaf wanting at the e7id, native bindiyig, from Adam Clarh's 
library, 2hs Sec. xvii 

33520 another MS. of the same, sm. 8vo. neatly and plainly 

written, well bound in Indian russia, with gold and silver orna- 
ment, 3O5 Sec. xviii 

33521 the same, sm. folio, fine MS. in bold Nastalih characters, 

written within red lines on orange-coloured paper, with fine richly 
illuminated headings, old russia, from Ve Sacy^s library, £5. 

A.H. 1217 
This valaable MS., which was carefully made for Mr. Henry George 
Kcene, contains a table of 83 pp. at the end which gives a complete scheme 
of the metres. It fetched 1 55 fr. at De Sacy's sale. 

33522 lail^- loV*^ ' ■'-^^^^^ ^^ Hafiz, Persian, sm. 4to. litho- 
graphed, gilt Oriental binding, 21s Bombay, 1828 

33523 another edition, sm. 4to. lithographed, bd. \2s 

Meshhed, A. U. 1202 

33524 another edition, roy. 8vo. lithographed, sd. Os 

Lahlmao, 1879 

33525 laiU- , ,l4.«J : Diwan, Persisch und Deutsch, von Rosen- 

zweig-Schwannaa, 3 vols. 8vo. sd. lbs Wie7i, 1858 

3352G Select Odes, Persian ayid English (in verse), with notes, 

by John Nott, 4to. calf, 55 1787 


33^2? Haft iKLfM. \^\ ^j^jj> : a work partly geographiical but chiefly 

tneating on the lives of the Poets and learned men who flourished 
in each region, by AimIn Ahmad Razi, in PersiaUy 4to. plainhj 
written MS. over SOO pp., ivormed and a few leaves ivavting, lif.hl. 
inscribed inside " Tazkirat-ush-Shuard '* and lettered on the hack 
** Shoraa," 20? Sec. xvin 

Hafiz Rahmat — see Gulistan-i Rahmat. 

33528 i^jJi c:^i^^ ^^^ h6j cJ^J • HAFT KULZUM, or the Seven 

Seas, a Dictionary and Grammar of the Persian Language, by 

his late Majesty the King of Oude, 7 vols, folio, a perfect copijy 

calf gilt ^ gilt edges, £6. lOs Lalchnau, 1226-27 

33529 the same, C vols, large folio, one volume stained, and 

one not uniform, a bargain, neat binding, £3. IO5 1226-27 

Priced, 1830, Parbury, £30; 1833, Allcn^ £30; 1834, Thorpe, £24; 
1836t Thorpe, & fine prcsentdtioil copy, £35 ; 1841, Madden, £16. 15s ; 1859, 
Maisontieavc, 250 fr. This splendid book was printed at the royal press in 
the city of Lucknow. The first six volumes contain the Dictionary, the 
seventh the Grammar. ])r. Sprengor examined the MSS. at Lucknow, and 
speaks as follows of the remaining copies of the above : — *' At the end of the 
hall there are bags full of books completely destroyed by white ant«!. Even 
new books have not been spared by these destructive insects ; nearly the whole 
of the edition of the ' Taj al Loghat ' has been destroyed, and most of tlie 
remaining copies of the ' Haft Quizum ' have had the same fate." 

33530 Haidar 'Abf Khan : historical account, in Persian, of the cele- 
brated ruler of Mysore, 8vo. 7ieat MS. a few pages at the begin- 
ning slightly damaged, hd. 6s Sec* xix 

33^)31 Hamla-i HaidarI. (C,Ju>- <d4j>. • History of the prophet Mo- 
hammad and the Khalifa 'Ali, adapted from the Arabic Ma'drij- 
lin-nubuwat, a masnavi heroic poem, in Persian, by Rafi* Khan 
Baztl, 2 vols, in 1, folio, lithographed, Indian binding, 24$ 

Lah'hnau, A.H. 1268 

33532 Hatim TaI. 51W ^[^ <L^5 : the Romantic Story of Hatira Tai, 

in Persian, royal 8vo. neatly written MS' in bold Nastalih char- 
acters, margins ruled in red, slightly wormed, calf, 6s A.H. 11^2 

33533 the Adventures of, a Romance, translated from tho 

Persian, by Duncan Forbes, M.A., 4to. 7s 6d 1830 

Hayat-ul-KuloB— see Mohammad Bakir. 

33G34 HAZIN. ^,j^ ^ J\^j : Poetical Works of Sheikh Moham- 

mad *Ali Hazin, in Persian, large 8vo. MS. plainly tvritfen in tho 

Nastalih character, calf , 20s A.H. 1177 

33535 ^j^ ^ 'ijsj : Memoirs of Shaikh 'Ali Hazin, a 

Kashmirian of distinction, the contemporary of Nadir Shall, 
Persian MS. 4to. ///. hd. 20s (1790) 

Bound np with a MS. of Mohammad Mahdi's life of Nadir Shall, neatly 



' ^J^j^ ^J^ :»i)A J'^^ fCj^^^ ' ^^^® ^^ Sheikh Moham- 

Incd Ali Hazin, written by himself, edited from two Persian 


MSS. and noted witli their various Readings, by F. C. Balfour, 
8vo. 85 6d 1831 

33537 HAZIN. Life, written by himself, translated and illuslrated with 

Notes explanatory of the History, Poetry, Geography, etc. by 
F. C. Belfour, m.a., 8vo. 85 6d 1830 

33538 HIDAYATU-L-^ALAMlN. ^U!l l\sJb : Treatise on Rhetoric, 

with citations from the Hadith, by Muhammad Muizzu-d-Din, 
sm. folio, Persian MS. in plain hold characters, each x^age railed, 
first six leaves mended. Oriental hinding, £2. (1780) 

33539 HiKAYAT. c:.^Uli>. * Tales, in prose and verse, with some ghazals 

of Hafiz, 12mo. neatly written MS. hf. red morocco gilt, hs 

Sec. XIX 

33540 Hopkins* Persian-Arabic-English Vocabulary, abridged from 

Richardson and Wilkins, 8vo. 643 pjp. hd. 7s 6d 1810 

33541 HusAiN Ali Khan. History of Hyder Naik, otherwise styled 

Nawaub Hyder Ali, by Meer Hussein Ali Khan Kirmani. 
Translated from an Original Persian MS. by Col. Miles, 8vo. 5^ 

33542 History of the Reign of Tipu Sultan, being a Continua- 
tion of the Neshani Hyduri. Written by Mir Hussein Ali 
Khan Kirmani ; transl. by Colonel W. Miles, 8vo. 55 1844 

Hyat ul Kuloob — see Mohammad Bakir. 

HusAiN Va'iz Kashafi — see Akhlak-i Muhsani ; Anvar-i Suhaili ; 
Rauzat-ush-Shuhada ; Risala 'aliyya. 

38543 'Imadu s-Sa'adat. ^^^^.^ .^.^ CJjUaJ\ jUx • History of the 

Nawabs of Awadh (Oude) by Saiyid Gholam Ali Khan — 
Supplement, by the editor — all in Persian, 2 vols, in 1, roy. 4to. 
lithographed, hf. red morocco, gilt edges, 20s 

(LaFhnao) A.H. 1264-81 
The Supplement is devoted to the history of the Purdhan Bala Rao Pardit. 

33544 Ja'far. Jixs^ v_oJ iv ^^ -^t t^^ri- - Story of Khosru, Shirin, and 

Farhad, a Pema?2. masnavi ; followed by Kasaid and ghazliyyat, 
12mo. MS. heautifully written loithin gold lines, on paper 
sprinkled with gold, original binding, 21s Sec. xvii 

This poet is rarely met with. He was a soldier by profession in the 
service of Jehangir. 

33545 JAHANGIR, Juzak. j^tj\^ CJjyi : Memoirs of the Emperor 

Jehangir, written by himself, including the annals of the first 
thirteen years of his reign, in Persian, sm. folio, MS. heautifully 
written in Nastalih characters, ivith an ornamental heading, old 
calf £4. 4^8 Ahout 1618 

Til is copy ends, not with the twelfth year, but in the middle of the 
thirteenth year of Jahangir, and txiJcLlly is contemporary with the latest 
events recorded. There is a false title inscribed in the heading of the first 
page, and also on the back of the same leaf, which prove that the possession 
of the book was hazardous at the time. One leaf is wanting, the third from 
the end. 


3354G Jahangir. ^jU j<.4..sEr* <b.-i>J ^CiL^ lI/uJ - Memoirs of Jabanoir, 

^^e same tea:t as in the preceding MS., continued and edited by 
Mohammad Hadi, in Persian, edited by Sayyid Ahmad, 4to. 
facsimiles of coins, etc., hound, 16s 

Privately printed, Ghazeepore, 1280 (1863) 
The long preface by Syud Ahmud was printed one year later, also at 
his private press, with the imprint Allygurh, 1864. 

33547 Memoirs of tlie Emperor Jehangueir, translated from tlie 

Persian by Major Price, 4to. sd. 2os 1829 

33548 Ikbal-nama. ^tjL^ <t«LHJl : History of the Moghal 

Emperor Jahangir and his predecessors, by the Nawab Md^tamad 
Khan, in Persian, 3 parts in 2 vols. roy. 8vo. ivell written MS. 
hf. morocco, vert rare, £4. 4^ a.h. 1158 

A complete copy of the Ikbal-numa is so rare that it deserves especial record. 
Most students and collectors were unaware of the existence of anythini^ beyond 
the third part, which gives its title to the book and comprises the life of Jahangir. 
(Even Professor Duncan Forbes, who was the former owner of these two 
volumes, treated them as two distinct works, the one which he called Tarikh-i 
Hind being supposed to be imperfect at the beginning, and the other which he 
entitled not incorrectly the Ikhal-nama, being supposed imperfect at the end. 
They arc simply two halves of a single MS.) The first part comprises the 
origines of the Timurid dynasty, with Babar and Humayun ; the second contains 
the fifty years of Akbar's reign ; the third is devoted to that of Jahangir. 

33549 History of Jehangir, m Persian, 8vo. (Part III con- 
taining JeJiangir*s reign), MS. loritten in hold hacJc-slaiitiri g 
Talik characters, hf morocco, 10s a.h. 1211 

33550 another MS. of the same third volume, roy. 8vo. 

elegantly written in Talik characters, 7if hound, ISs 1810 

33551 ^U- SA::jt^ ^J^^oj ^jjj\^ ^t^ULi^ : Iqbalnameh, 

ed. by Lees, Persian, 8vo. hd, 7s Calciitta, 1865 

This, like the two preceding MSS., is what is usually known and seen of 
Mutamad Khan's work, of which it forms little more than the third part. 
Even Morley was unaware of the existence of the rare earlier portions of the 

33552 JALALUDDIN RUMI. ^jJl JL»- v^r^^ * ^^^navi, the 

great Sufi Poem of Jalaln dDin Rumi, in Persian, G parts in 
1 vol. sm. folio, MS. on homhycine pajyer, clearly and elegantly 
written in the Nastalih character, the last leaf mended, hd. £8. 

{Persia) a.h. 880 
A highly important codex, remarkable for its age and the great number 
of various readings which it yields for tlio correction of modern MSS. and 

33553 t-^J»^! i^yJtA^\ ^yt>A!^> • Masnavi, in Persian, 6 parts 

in 1 vol. large 8vo. magnificently illuminated MS., with twelve 
splendidly ornamented opening leaves; written in fine Nastalih 
characters, loithin lines of red and gold; in the original richly gilt 
reA hinding, enclosed in a case ; a heautifid volume in wonderfully 
fine preservation, £30. 

Written hy Ahmad SalcMld of Shirdz, a.h. lOOG 


335.54 Jalaluddix Rumi. ^^j . UL^ ,^yt.^ ' Masnavi, 6 parts in 1 vol. 

irapl. 8vo. illuminated MS. exquisitehj wrltte^i In minute Nastah'k 

characters^ witMn rich horders and ornaments of gold, old red 

morocco gltt, £Q. (India) ahout 1620 

This copy was presented by Sayyid Ilusein Khan to Charles Boddam in 1790. 

3.1555 another MS. of the same work, in Persian, 6 parts in 

1 vol. folio, neatly written MS. in Nastalik character's, native 
binding, £3. ^ A.H. 1052-53 

3355G another MS. of the sarae work, 6 parts in 1 vol. sm. 

folio, elegantly tvritten in Talik charactei-s, in fine 'preservation. 
Oriental binding, with an old red morocco back, £3. 16s 

A.H. 1086 

33557 another MS. of the same work, 6 parts in 1 vol. roy. 8vo. 

eorquisitely written in Talik characters on fine bombycine jpaper, 
with illuminated ^JJnwans, and gilt lines to every page ; bound in 
smooth purple morocco extra, elaborately tooled and gilt, with the 
central ornaments of the original bindingHnlaid on the sides, edges 
gilt, £10. lOs Aboict 1080 

Each daftar is preceded by a fihritt—& special feature which shows the 
hijifh value originally set upon this volume. 

33558 another MS. of the same work, 6 parts in 2 vols, royal 

8vo. neatly and clearly written, with gilt heading, bd. S6s 


33559 the same 'poem, printed, in Persian, with a Turkish prose- 
translation and commentary, G vols. roy. 4to. native binding, 
£3. Mlak (about 1830) 

33560 another edition of the Mesnevi, m Persian, with a 

Turkish verse- translation in parallel columns, 6 vols, in 3, folio, 
beautifully printed in a clear and elegant type, bd. £4. 4* 

BuUk, A.H. 1268 

In the former edition the lines of the text have to be picked out here and 
there in the midtt of the very elaborate commentary. In the later, the book 
is printed with remarkable distinctness and eleganrc in qnadrnple columnf?* 
so that the Turkish metrical translation stands side by side and line for line 
with the Tersian. 

3356 L Book the First of the Mesnevi translated into English 

verse, with the life and acts of the author according to the 
Persian historians, by J, W. Redhouse, 8vo. (pub. at 2ls), cloth, 
\0s 1881 

33562 Sahifa-i Afzal. ^^^tX.\ ^^ ^*^\ <^^s:*^ : Commentaiy on 

the Masnavi, by Shah Afzal of Allahabad, in Pei'sian, roy, 8vo. 
iV>S'. noathi tvritten on various tinted papeis, hf morocco, \2s 

DihU, A.H. 1148 

33563 Jalvaha-i Locihat. i^ U^^j^- : Dictionary of Idioms and 

metaphorical phrases, in Persian, 12mo. well written MS* 
wormed, cloth bds. bs Sec. xviil 


33564 JAMI. c^^^ ^^^j .^1 ei-A^ * The Seven Masnavies, Romantic 

Poems, by Maulana Ndr-ud-din 'Abd-nr-Rahman Jami, in 

Persian^ 7 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, MS, heautifuUij written in 

fine Nastalik characters, within gold and coloured lines, with 

several sjpleiididhj illuminated j^ages ; in the original gilt binding^ 

from De Saci/s library, £12. 

Written by the calligrapher Bhuja, a.h. 987-88 

TLe poems are : SiUHah-uz-Zahah^ Saldmdn H. Ahsdl, Tuhfat-ul-Akrdr, 
Bui>hat-uC-Ahrdr, Yiisu/u Zalikha, Leila ii Majndn, Khirad-rmma Iskandari. 



^li J^^ JJ\ ^^s:L.^ ^USl ^h:^j licjj^ ^L:^i 

e^JbjJl iLJu:» ij.xJ^ ' Five Romantic Poems, by Jami, in 

Persian, 7 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, MS, in beautifully fine 

• Nastalik characters, a few leaves slightly defective and mended, 

Onenial binding, £2. Sec. xvii 

The SihiloLhu z-Zaliah is ia three parts ; — this explains the divisiun of 
the volume in seven sections. 

^^^:x^Xl^ • Bahaeistan, a famous work of ethical and 

biographical character, including anecdotes of wise and famous 
men, and biographies of poets, in Persian, sm. 8vo. fine MS, 
beautifully written within gold and coloured lines, with headings 
in blue, and an illuminated *Unwan, in the original tastefully 
ornamented binding, £3. Ss A.H. 996 

33567 another MS. of the same, sm. 8vo, elegantly written in 

Taliky the first imge neatly illuminated, in the original binding ^ 
£2. Constantinople, Husain, a.h. 1009 


<^^ i'%^ loW*^ • Po®^'^ (DiwXns) in Persian, 2 vols. 

in 1, 8vo. MS, in Nastalik characters beautifully tvritten within 

gold lines, with two illuminated headings, bound in old Indian 

gilt russia, £3. Ss A.H. 1047 

The second Diwan in this volume is inscribed *' the third Diwan." 

It begins : j^Sil^j ^-^^^^ ^1^^ <4A ^^t^J^ \:)^^J^ ^\mm*:. 
The first Diwan has no inscription. It begins: jurcL; ^z!^ „pU iSj\ 

33569 ^U- .Uo ' another Diwan, 8vo. plainly written 

MS,, bound, 10s Sec. xvii 

This contains the Diwan which Sprenger calls the firsts wanting a leaf 

or two at the end. It is preceded bj a more imperfest Diwan in which the 

last two pieces are addressed to Jehan-Shah Uakiki and the Sultan Mahmud 


33570 ^jX>L^ *t«lj cy>. : Khirad-nama : Alexander's Book 

of Wisdom, in Persian verse, 8vo. MS, a little wormed, hf, 
morocco, %>s Copied by Mohammed Arif, a.h. (11)22 

33571 NafhXt-ul-Uns. ^jji!l c^M-ar*. ^^ l^V\ cl:1^ : 



Nafahta-al-Ons (sic) the Lives of the Soofis, in Persian, with 
Life, by Lees, thick 8vo. 74:0 pp, hf. morocco gilt, 14iS 

Calcutta, 1859 

33572 JAMI. RisXlat : ^<^^- LlSiLij ' Miscellaneous Works, in 

Persian and Arabic, sm. Svo. MS. vn various hands, hound in old 
russia, 20s , Sec. xvii 

CoKTBNTS: Lawaihf Sharh-i-BuhaHyat, Risdlah SaMhiyahj JUwahMln 
Wuj<id, Bisalah dar TawMd, and a Sufi treatise by Muhibbat-nllah, etc. 

33573 SalXmXn ti Absal, translated by Edward Fitzgerald — sen 

post Omar Khayyam. 

33574 SiLSiLAH-uz-Zahab. ^.^Jb JJl <d*uL> • The Chain of 

Gold, a masnavi, in Persian, 12mo. elegant MS. in fine NastaliJc 
characters, written within gold lines, the first page prettily orna- 
mented with a tasteful illwmination ; in the original hindiiig, 
lackered and 'painted inside hut somewhat da/maged, £2. a.h. 976 

33575 \s'j\ IsX^ : SoBHATU l-AbrXr, the Rosary of the 

Righteous, in Persian, 12mo. well ivriiten MS* in Nasfalik 
characters, ivith two illuminated pages, Oriental hinding, 10s 

A.H. 980 

33576 ,L>-!H ^iffl^ : Tuhfat-ul-Ahrar, Jami's Gift to the 

Free, a masnavi, in Persian, 8vo. MS. elegantly wntten within 
gold lines, with illuminated first page, in the original gilt moivcco 
hinding, in fresh and fine condition, from De Sacy^s library, £2. 2? 

A.H. 973 

33577 the same, in Persian, edited by Falconer, 4to. sd. bs 1848 

33578 ^-li^ *— ^>! • ^*^^y 0^ YtJSUF and Zalikha, in Persian 

verse, 8vo. lithographed, hf, calf, bs Bombay, 1829 

33579 RosENZWEiG (V.) Biographische N"otizen iiber Dschami, nebst 
Proben ans seinen Diwanen, persisch mul deutsch, 1840— Bopp, 
das Albanesische in seinen verwandschaftlichen Beziehnngen, 
1855 — Notes on Indian subjects between 1842-48, 1858 — and 
others, together in 1 vol. 4to. hf. calf, 7s 1840-58 

33580 JXmi'u L-'ABBAsr. <u-^l idi^J ^<*»V^' f*^ ' ^ Summary of 

the Law, according to the doctrine of the Shi^ah sect, by Baha-n 
d-Din Mohammad al-'Amili, in Persian, 8vo. 27lain MS. hound 
calf gilt, with the Swinton device, V7s ijd Sec. xviii 

JXmi-u l-HikayXt — see ante Faraj. 

33581 JAMI-U L-HIKAYAT. J^ ^\^j\:^\j^ LZj\j\iJ\ j^U^ i^\:^ : 

A great collection of Stories, from the Arabian Nights, and 
various other sources, in Persian, folio, MS. fairly tvritten on 
bluish paper, Indian hinding, £2. 5s Sec. xviii 

This is not to be confounded with the Persian translation of the Faraj 
ha'd ash-Shiddah, 


33582 JXmi'u t-tawXrIkh. ^\A\ «-^U- : Histoire des Mongols de la 

Perse, par Raschid-eldin, Persan et Franqaisy traduite par 
Quatremere, Vol. I (all published), folio, slightly fosced, hds, 12s 

Collection Orientale, Paris^ 1836 
33583 ^.^yJl f-^W* • ^ General History, by the Mnnshi 

Rashidu d-Din Ghazani, an imitation of the work of the elder 
Rashidti d-Din, in Persian^ published under the patronage of 
Sir Henry Elliot, folio, lithographed, hf, hd, 10s (^ Kdnpor^ 1868 

33584 JANG-KAMAR ay^^-^S ^Ij^ *U, <Uo : Story of the Wars 

of the Amir Hamza, in Persian^ sm. folio, MS* written in mixed 
Talik and Shikasta, calf^, 20s Sec. xviii 

33585 Jawahir-i Khamsa. <Uu/ij^ t^^3^ ri^ * ^ ^^^ treatise by 

Muhammad bin Khatir-ud-din Latif, with commentary by Mir 
Sayyid Mahmud <Mphakkak Kanturi, ^'w- - Per^mw," roy. 8vo. 
plainly ivritten MS. curious diagrams, neat Indian binding, 9s 

A.H. 1151 

33586 Javahir-namah, <ul3 jbl^r^- : A Treatise on Precious Stones and 

^ J* . 

Minerals, by Ghiydsu d-Din Mansdr Shirazi, in Persian, 8vo. 
MS: exquisUely written in fine NastaliJc, within gold lines, with 
an illuminated heading to the first page, a leaf at the end wanting, 
in the original morocco binding, gilt outside, lined and gilt inside, 
SOs . : Sec. XVI 

33587 another copy of the same work, 8vo. well written MS., in 

gilt Mdian binding, lbs SecxYU 

33588 Jog BashiSht. e* - J^- *■ ♦ ^^^^ ' Treatise on Hindu gnosticism or 

theosophy, translated by order of Dara Shikoh from the San- 
scrit Togavasishthay iw Persian, 12mo.'M;eZZ written MS. in Talih 
characters, ^sQd Sec. xviii 

33589 another MS. of the same, containing a fuller text, sm. 

folio, well written but wanting a leaf at the beginning and another 
at the end, bonnd, 6s Sec. XYiii 

33590 JOHNSON (Fr.) Persian Dictionary, roy. 4to. cloth, £3, 5^ 1852 

33591 Jones (Sir W.) Persian Grammar, 5th edition, 4to. gilt russia, 

Ssm 1801 

33592 the same, 6th edition, 4to. hf. bd. 2s 6d 1804 

38593 ■■^—^ the same, ninth edition, by S. Lee, 4to. bds. bs 1828 

33594 Kamrup. c->«j^l^ ^-^^ • *^6 Story of Kamrup, Persian MS. beau- 

tifully written, 12mo. bd. Is a.h. 1193 

33595 the adventures of Elamrup, an Indian Romance, Persian, 

4to. MS, very neatly written, bound, bs (1740) 

38596 Kanzo d-Dacaic. ^.li ^lijJlji^ : Digest of the Mohamme- 
dan Law according to the Doctrines of the Hanefite sect, 
translated from the Arabic of Hafiz ud-Din al-Nasafi, by Nasru 
'llah bin Muhammad al-Karmdni, sm. folio, Persian MS. with 
several marginal glosses, native binding, 20s a.h. 1108 

225 * 


33597 KASHF-u 'l-LUGHAT. cjUIH uJ^ : the Explanation of 

Words, by 'Abd-ur-Rahman ibn Ahmad Sub, roy. 8vo. neatly 
vrriUen MS. of 1263 pp. hf. calf, £2. a.h. 1091 

A celebrated Dictionary of Persian and Arabic words explained in 
Persian. It is alphabeticallj arranged, and includes many proper names 
which one might not know where to trace although frequently met with in 

33598 another MS. of the same, sm. folio, well written, wormed 

hit leaving the text intact, hd. hut rough-looking, 15t a.h. 1102 

33699 KA.SHF-U 'l-LUGHAT. ci^UUl l-o^ : The Explanation of 
Words, by 'Abd nr Rahman ibn Ahmad Sur, a dictionary of 
Persian and Arabic words, explained in Persian, 2 vols. 4to. hf 
hd. 208 Lahhnao, 1874-75 

3 3600 KASIM. ^IS cjLI^ : Poetical Works of the Sufi Shaikh Kasim 

Anwdr or Kasimi, in Persian, 8vo. M8, heautifully written in 
fine Talih, within gold lines, with an illuminated first 'page, hut 
slightly affected hy damp, original morocco hinding, £2. Sec. xvi 

33601 KELIM. CL:Lxb^^ ^^^j^ (^ Ci>V^ • "^^^ ^^^^ ^^ Quatrains 

of Kelim, Shah Jehan's court poet, in Persian, 8vo. MS. on 
288 pp. Indian hinding, 208 A.H. 1103 

Khafi Khan — see Muntakhab-ul-Lcbab. 

33602 KHAKANI. ^ISU. ^^W J : Works of the great Persian poet 

Amir Kamal-ud-din Khakani, sm. folio, magnificently illumi- 
nated MS., written in the most exquisitely fine Nastalik on gold* 
powdered paper, with gold rulings and a profusion of ornament ; a 
full-page miniature of the Emperor Jahdngir at the heginning, 
tioo full-page miniatures of hurding -scenes ai the end ; several 
decorated pages of the most splendid character; in the original gilt 
hinding rehacked and repaired, £25. 

Mohammad Kasim Shirazi, a.h. 1024-27 
Five introductory pages, accompanying the first miniature, and probably 
the composition of the calligrapher himself, seem to proTe that this MS. was 
designed for the Emperor whose portrait it contains. 

33603 another MS. of the same poet, in a peculiar small Nas- 
talik character, ahout 7hO pp. hf calf gilt, £4. Sec. xvii 

33604 another MR. of the same poet, roy. 8vo. well written 

within rulings, with gilt heading, hut mended and wanting the last 
leaf, 20s Sec. xvii 

33605 Commentary on portion of the preceding Poems of 

Khakani, giving also the text of the poems, all in Persian, sm. 

4to. MS. vrritien in a cursive character, hound, Ss 

Written hy Mohammad Ali Beg, Calcutta, 1803 
" Khakani was no less eminent as a poet than celebrated for his knowledge 
of Mathematics and skill in Astronomy.*' He died at Tabriz a.d. 1 186. 

33600 KH'ANDAMIR (Ghiyas-ud-din Mohammad) HabIb-cs-Siyak. 

j^\ v_ — ,-^ • Universal History by Kh'andamIr the son of 

Mirkh*and, in Persiavj Yol. 1 parts 3, 4, Vol. II parts 1, 2, in 


1 vol. sm, folio, neatly and closely written MS, in Persian binding, 
£S. A.H. 1060 

This portion of the work contains the history of the times between the 
birth of Mahammad and the rise of the Ummuyad Khalifs about a.d. 740. 
Bnt at the beginning a compendiam of the earlier history is added ; and on 
the margins, there is written a continuation of the annids of Persia down to 
A.H. 1081. 

33607 ytJl j\j\ ^l^\ ^ ^^J| ^^^_^ : Khandamir's 

Greneral History, in Persian, edited by Muhammad Husain 
Elasbani, 3 toIs. in 2, small folio, neatly lithographed like a M8 
in clear and elegant characters, sd, or hd, S6s Bombay, 1857 

33608 tbe same, in 1 vol. sm. folio, calf neat, £2. 1857 

33609 Histoire des Elhans Mongols du Turkistan et de la 

Transoxanie, extraite du Habib 'Essii^u, persan et franfais "p&v 
Defremery, 8vo. sd, 2s 6d 1853 

33610 ^^y ^\J jJus^ j\ ^U UU J\^l c->UrC3\ 

r**J\ v^,-^-^ : Clironicles of the Abbaside Khalifs, from tbe 

Habib us-Siyar, m Persian, 8vo. neatly written MS. about 350 pp. 
gilt native binding, 24* a.h. 1150 

33611 jV^^^ ^^ • Universal History, abridged from 

Mirkb'and's great work, by his son Kb'and-amir, in Persian, 
smallest folio, MS, exquisitely written within gold lines, with gilt 
heading ; in the original Indian binding, from Be Sacy^s library, 
£3. Ss A.H. 966 

Written twenty-five years after the author's death. It is a fine example 
of calligraphy, and fetched 225 francs at De Sacy*s sale. 

33612 Khazanatu-l-'Ilm. JjJl ^j\y^ : Treasury of Science, being a 

course of Instruction in the various branches of Mathematics, 
Persian, by Diwdn Kanb Ji, royal 4to. pp. 654, numerous dia* 
grams, sd, \0s Calcutta, 1837 

33613 KHULASATU T-TAWARIKH. :^,.j\f!^\ ULs^x General History 

oE Hindustan, from the earliest times to the accession of 

'Alamgir, by Sanjan Rai Munshi, Persian MS, neatly and plainly 

written, thick 4to. bd, £2. 2s Sec, xviit 

33614 another MS. of the same work, thick 8vo. plainly 

written, Oriental binding^ £2. 1847 (=1790) 

This copy formerly belonged to the King of Ondh, Asaf nd Danlah 
Yahya Khan, son of the Nawab Shaja nd Danlah, and grandson of the Nawab 
Abu '1 Mansnr Khan. He reigned at Lncknow from 1775-1795. 

33615 another MS. of the same work, sm. folio, well and boldly 

written within rulings, the margins of a few leaves wor^ned, but 
the text in fine preservation, old russia, £2. Ats 

S7th year of Shah Alam (1795) 

33(515 another MS. of the same work, with several additional 

chapters at the end, stout sm. ioMo, fairly and plainly written in 
Nastalik characters, some leaves wormed, Indian binding, £3. 3« 

Sec, XVlil 


33617 Khulasah - 1 Tawarikh - 1 Abbasiyah. <L^Li: f^^jV ^^^ • 

History of the Abbaside Khalifas, exti-acted from the Jawahiri 
'Abbasiyah of Niira-llah, in Persian, roy. 870. well written MS, 
in hold Ndstalih cliaracters, SS pp. gilt native binding, 26s 

AM, 1258 

33618 KHOSRU. ^,^^^1 ^ly j : Diwan of the celebrated Dihli 

poet Amfr Khtusraii, in Persian, 8vo. exquisitely written in fine 
TaliJc, within gold and coloured lines, toith initial ornament 
ilhiminated, original smooth, mfOrOcco binding, £4. 4^ 

Abd'Ullah Kdtib of Ishtdrjan in Ardistan, A,H, 865 
Followed in the same volume by an incomplete copy of the Diwan of 
KAtibi. This MS. is yalniiible in many wayjs, as containing a rare work, as 
being of considerable age, and as having th.e date and the name of the scribe 
to attest its veritable Persian character. (Ardistan is a town in Persian Irak, 
some seventy miles to the north-easit of Ispahan.) 

-■ tuAA^ loV*^ • Poems of Kiusrau, in Persian, 8vo. 

plainly written M8, hf. hd. 21« Shahjehanpore, 1818 
Ljs^b Jj'^J M^ r^^ ^^ •' Romance of Khizr Khau 

and the Princess Dawal Rdni, tn Persian, a masnavi, 12mo. 
MS, beautifully written in Talih, the first page a little damaged 
and mended, the last leaf supplied in a nnodern hatid, neat Indian 
binding, 36* About 1550 

another MS. of the same work, roy. 8vo. elegayitly 





vjritten in Talik, with gilt heading and rulings, some leaves 
damaged awl wanting at the end, hf. red morocco gilt, 21s 

About 1570 

Romantic Poem on the loves of the Sun 

^ JVi"* ^'^'' 

and the Moon, a masnavi, m Pemaw, said to be by Amir 
Khosran, large 8vo. MS, plainly ivritten in Talih, within red 
rulings, Indian binding, 20s Sec, xviii 

The first line iSjlj J^ JJ^c- j\ ^jS\ JJ^I Jtfi^ 
KissA — see ante Gulshan-i Ishk, Jang-nama. 
33622 KissA. ^U ^^^ »^jijt^ ^^ - Story of Firuz-Shah, followed 

by the Tuti Nama, in Persian, 2 vols, in 1, 8yo. plainly written 
MS, Indian binding, 7s 6d 1219=1805 

33623 Tale of Firuz-shah, followed by ],] ^am,^ ^*^ the Story 

of Hnsn-ara, by Mohammad Riyaz, in Persian, 8vo. plainly 
wHtten MS, Indian binding, 10s Sec, xviii 

33624 Kissa-i-SanjAn, the Narrative of Sanjana, or the Parsis after their 

arrival in India, followed by an unfinished account of the Sultan 
Mahmud Begada, in English, sm. folio, MS. abmU 60 pages, 
slightly dainaged, neatly written, 15s (1830) 

A continuation of the Hadeshanama. 

33625 KissA-i Gul u nauruz. j,. y , jf ^LaS : a romantic poem on the 

Rose and the New Year, masnavi, in Persian, 8vo. MS, 


exqiilsitely written in the finest Nastalilcy within gold lines, with 
illuminated first j)age, the paper of various colours and sprinkled 
xoith gold, some stains and mendings, yellow morocco, 35s 

About 1550 
The original beauty of this volume has faded, but not vanished. The 

first line is (Jjlj d^s*- ulff^ J*^ S^^ 

33626 Kissas-ul-Ambiya. LJU^ ^^^aJi : Tales of the Prophets, from 

Adam to the Seven Sleepers, and the early days of Islam, by 
Mohammad bin Ism' ail, in Persian, 8vo. plainly written MS. 
Indian russia binding, 15s Sec, xviii 

Preceded in the same volume by the treatise entitled TenMh-uV-QhafiU-nH 

33627 Kitab-i-Hakaik, va Kitab-i DakaVk. ^Ijij <--^l-(j (j^}^^ <— ^l::^ 

^« J *X4i&-l Ijiy* ft^ ^^ : • Mystical Poems based on sentences 

from the Koran, and written in imitation of the Masnavi, with 
prose comments interwoven, by Ahmad Rumi, in Persian^ 
2 vols, in 1, sm. ioMo, finely written MSS. Indian binding, 24s 

Sec. xviu 

33628 Kitab-ul-Iman. X^Si] c- >li^ : Commentary on the doctrines of 

the Shi'ites, based on the works of Knlini and Mohammad 
Bakir, in Persian, Bvo. MS. written in a beautiful but peculiar 
Shikasta hand, Indian binding, 20s Sec. xvill 

33629 Kitab-i-Yamini ; Historical Memoirs of Early Conquerors of 

Hindustan, and Founders of the Ghaznavide Dynasty, transl. 
from the Persian, by the Rev. J. Reynolds, Bvo. sd. 15s 1858 

33630 KoK Shastek. i^A j:^\J^ : A Persian Poem thus intitled, and 

ascribed to Jami, containing a treatise on the physical pleasures of 
love, sm. 8vo. plainly written MS. 36s Sec. xviii 

Boand up with the Diwan of Waiishi, a nice old MS., Sec. xvii ; and 
a copy of the Arabic Alfiyya. 

33631 KuROGHLU. Popular Poetry of Persia, as found in the Adventures 

and Improvisations of Kurroglou, the Bandit-Minstrel of North- 
em Persia; and in the Songs of the People inhabiting the 
Shores of the Caspian Sea. Orally collected and translated by 
A. Chodzko, Bvo. sd. 7s Sd 1842 

33632 Lawami'-ul-IshrXk. jl-l^l ^-^V * ^ ^^^ treatise, prose and 

verse (by Dawwani), in Persian, Bvo. neatly written, bd. 5s 

A.H. 1159 

33633 LIlavati. ij^^ • ^ treatise on Arithmetic, translated into 

Persian from the Sanskrit work of Bhdskai-a Acharya, by the 
celebrated Faizl, Bvo. bds. hs Gahutta, 182? 

33634 Lubb ut-Tawabikh. :^^\f^\ c-J : the Cream of Histories, 

Persian, a highly esteemed condensation of Asiatic History, by 
Yahya Bin *Abdu-l-Latff, of K^azwin, who composed it about 


A.D. 1541, 8vo. MS, with marginal notes illustrative of the text, 
containing also notices of eminent men. Id, rai'e, 21s (1C80) 

In four sections, the finst treating of the Prophet and twelve Imams, the 
second devoted lo preJslamite history, the third and foarth a continuation up to 
and including the History of the Persian d)Tiasty of Sufis. 

33635 LuMSDEN*s Persian Grammar, comprising a portion of the elements 

of Arabic inflexion, 2 vols. sm. folio, calf, 24« Calcutta, 1810 

33636 Maasir-i Alamgiri. J^| j1^ <^-Xi!lcyU : History of the first 

ten years of Alemgeer, by Mnhammad Saki Mnsta'idd Khan, 
ed. by Maalawi Agha Ahmad Ali, Persian, stout 8vo. Jif hd. 10s 

Calcutta, 1873 

33637 MaXsir-i SultAxVITYAH. JUiUaLj JU : History of Persia from 

A.H. 1198 to 1241 (=1779-1825) by 'Abdn r-Razzak son of 
Najaf Knli, in Persian, sm. 8vo. native binding, 10s 

Tehran, A.H. 1241 

33638 — a MS. of the same work, well written, divided into 2 vols. 

sm. 4to. limp Mack morocco, 10s AM. 1236 

33638*Mahabharata. The Indian Epic, translated into Persian, by order 
of Dara Shikoh, 5 vols, thick sm. 4to. i^lain MS. several leaves 
toortned, hf. Id. £2. Sec. xviii 

Containing the following Parvas : III-XII, XIV-XVIII. 

33639 Majma'f tarassul. J^ f*^ ' Specimens of Persian Writing, 

etc. imp. 8vo. all litfiographed, with two fidl-page illustratimis, 
hf hd. lbs Tehran, A.H. 1267 

33640 Majmu^a. j>.y cjU^y —^ ^^ j^^— J^^^l J^ cl^\JL:x^\ 

t .. .. • 

^\ 4-J^!lj L-^oi \jJ Cl.*iL|— ^^ jJl : Ali's Works, Persian 

and Arabic ; Treatises on Ethics, Snfism, etc, in Persian, several 
pieces in 1 vol. sm. 8vo. MS. uniformly and neatly written in 
Nastalih in red and bluch, within border line^ ; in a neat old 
Turkish binding, 20s A.H: 935-37 

33641 Makasidu l-Aulitya. LjUI ^^\s.^ ^ UJl J^lL« : Stories of 

the Prophets, in Persian, by Mahmudbin Ahmad bin al-Hasan al- 
Faryabi, sm. folio, plainly written MS. with a few minute worm" 
holes, boundy lbs Sec. xviii 

33642 Makhzanu l'Adwitya. ij%Sl\ /oi«^ • -^ Dictionary of Medicine, 

in Persian, Vol. I (apparently all that was published), stont 
roy. 4to. calf, Ihs (Calcutta, about 1830) 

33643 MAKHZANU L- AFGHANI, j^ ^\y) ^UiJl ^^s.^ : His- 

tory of the Afghans, in Persian, rewritten from the work of 
Ni*MET ULLAH, with additions by Ibrahim Batni, 3 parts in 
1 vol. 4to. elegantly written MS. margins wormed, bd. £3* 

A.B. 1196 

Kabe and valuable. It is the same work which has heen so admirably 

translated by Professor Dorn for the Oriental Translation Fund ; agreeing 

wiih it in all particulars, except that Uie KhaJUma of Genealogies precedes, 

instead of following, the biographies of Afghan Shaikhs. 


33644 Makhzanu l- Afghani. History of the Afghans, translated from the 
Persian of Neamet Ullah, by Dr. B. Dorn, 4to. sd. 36s 1829-37 

336:l!5 Makhzanu-l-Insha. Uj3\ loJ^ • various forms of addressing 
correspondence, models of style, etc. Persian MS. sm. folio, 
carefully written in neat ruled squares, morocco^ 36s (1760) 

33646 Maktabi. ^ ^^ ij^^^j A-J • I^^^s of Laila and Majndn, a 

poem, in Persian, 12mo. neatly urritten MS. gilt Indian mcyrocco, 
^s A.H. 1042 

33647 Malcolm (Sir John) Diplomatic Correspondence between the 

English and Indian authorities and the Persian Conrt, being 
letters and dispatches received by Sir John Malcolm, inPei^sian, 
sm. folio, neat MS. hf. calf, 10s 1829 

Malfuzat-i Timur — see Timur. 

33648 Marcus Antoninus " to himself,*' Greeh and Persian, by J. Hammer, 

8vo. sd, or l)d. 2s 6tZ Vienna, 1831 

Masnavi — see JalalupdIn. ^ 

33649 MIRATI AHMADI. izj\jj :^,.j\j ^jju ^X^^\ S]^ • History 

of Gujerat, down to the middle of the eighteenth century, by 
'Ali Mohammed Elhan, complete in 1 thick volume, sm. folio, 
MS» finely written in Talih characters, in a strong morocco Indian 
hindivg, £6. 6s AH. 1204 

This Talnabic copy was purchased in 1818 from a member of the author's 
family, at Ahmcdabad, **for a very large sum." The date of composition is 
marked a.h. 1175 at the end of the body of the history, and that of the 
Khaiima or snpplemcnt 1199. 

33650 Political and Statistical History of Gujerat, translated 

from the Persian, by J. Bird, 8to. sd. scarce, 36s 1835 

33651 MirXt-u l-Ahwal-i Jahan-numa. UJ /oW^ J'^**^^ cl^\j^^ ' ^ 
general History and Biography, including even European 
history, and an account of the English kings from before the 
Norman Conquest to George III, by Mirza Ahmad Isfahani, in 
Persian, sm. folio, neatly written MS. calf, 25s A.H. 1238 

The biographies of Oriental eminent men occupy the larger part of the 

S3652 MIRATUL-'ALAM. ^^^U i^.j^ b A^^ ^\r*k J^ ^Ir*'- 

General History down to the tenth year of Aurangzib's reign, 
with biographies of Shaikhs and Poets, by Bakhtawar Khan, 
in Persian, stout folio, MS. plainly written hut wormed in several 
places. Oriental binding, rare, £3. \0s 

Transcribed by Sayyid Firuz Saharunpwi (about 1700) 
The MS. is marked as Vol. J, but it is really the entire work. 

33653 MirXt-i Sikandari. C-^Ljs? 4«^m^* ^ i^jxS.*^ tl^L* : History 

of Gujarat, brought down to the conquest by Akbar, and the 
death of the last king in a.h. 1000, by Sikandar bin Mohammad, 
Manjhu Akbar, in Persian, roy. 8vo. MS. apparently wanting a 
leaf, in two hands, the first third plairdy and the other two thirds 
elegantly written, Indian hviding, £3. ds Sec. xvii-xvm 


^.SGois ^IiUAT-i SiKANDAKi. Another copy of the same work, in PersiaUy 
sin. folio, well written MS. a few leaves slightly wormed and 
mended, one cover of the binding gone, £4?. 4^ A,1I, 1025 

This is a valuable old copy, probably written by the author himself. — It 
is preceded in the same volume by a work on the romantic history of *AIi, in 
30 sections called dastan, 

33055 Mir-Davoud-Zadoub. Etat aetuel de la Perse, en jpersan, en 
armeiiien et en francais par Langles et Chahan de Cirbied, 18mo. 
coloured portrait, cloth, 6s Paris, 1818 

33G5G MIRKH'AND. \i^\ l^jj : The Garden of Parity, in the Hves 

of the Prophets, and the Kings, and the Khalifas. Universal 
History, by Mohammad bin Khi wand-Shah, called MfR-KH*AND, 
in Persia7i, 6 vols, folio, well written MS, the vohimes not quite 
uniform in &ize and binding, £10. 10s Sec, xvii 

This is Mirkh'und's complete work, not including the seventh volume 
which was added after his death by Kh'aiidarair. Vol. I bears the stamp of 
Auran^zib's library, and is in Nnstalik writing, undated (about a.h. 1040). 
Vol. II is finely written in Nastalik, within gold lines, with illuminated 
*Unwan ; also undated, but about 1040. Vols. Ill and IV are also in Nasta- 
lik« and are dated 1045, 1044 ; the latter has an illuminated heading. All these 
four volumes are uniformly bound in old Indian russia. Vol. V is in a beautiful 
Talik, dated 107 (? 1070 or 1107), and bound in smooth old Indian yellow 
morocco. Vol. VI is written in Talik within gold lines, has one illuminated 
page, and is dated 1079 (the first page missing, but its text supplied in more 
modern hand on the top of page 2). 

33(357 (jr^^ \suA\ ^i« J ' Mirkhwand's Genei'al History, con- 
tinued to the year 1855, under the auspices of the present Shah, 
in Persian, 10 vols, in 2, folio, entirely lithograjplied, iiative 
binding, £6, lOs Tehran, A.H. 1270-74 

A work of great importance and highly a'editable to the Persiian presH. 
The first seven volumes contain the original work, the other three give the 
Peraian history, beginning with the Safawi dynasty, down to the early years 
of the present ruler. 

33058 the same, Vols. 6-10 in 1 vol. folio, bound, 2bs 

A.H, 1270 

33(359 the same. Vols. I, II, IV, 3 vols, folio, MSS. %oell written, 

Oriental Unding, £S. lOs A.H. 1255, 1061, 1049 



15^^ ^'j^ i^ ^^ ^3J (*i^«^ *^J^ • History of 

Mohammad and his immediate successors, to the death of 'All 
(being Vol. II of Mirkhwdnd's Pauzatu s-Safd)^ in Persian, 
sm. folio, MS. elegantly written in Nastalik characters, with 
illuminated heading, the last leaf supplied in a more modern 
hand; Oriental binding, £1. 16« Sec, xvii 

iL^^jy^ :^,j\j ^t \kA\ ij>^j AjiJ* jlsj- • History of 

Timur and his descendants, from a.h. 736 to a.h. 873 (forming 
tlxe sixth volume of the Rauzat us-Safa), in Persian, folio, well 
written MS, hf. calf gilt, £3. 3^ 

Written by Sayyid Muhammad al-Husaini, A,H, 1127 (1714) 
This valuable history is a better authority on the subject of which it 
treats than either the Zafar Namah or the Ajayyib-ul-Makdor. 


33662 MIRKH'AND. ^3LLCi^: History of the Sassanide Kings of 

Persia, in Fersiati, 8vo. jpaged 173-283, sd. 4iS 6d 

(^ Paris, about 184iO) 

33663 — ^ *V.yr^ CJ^ iS^y^^ ' Historia Gasnevidanim, Fersice 

et Latine, ed.JWilken, 4to. bds. 2$ 6d Berol, 1832 

33664 Early Kings of Persia, from Kaiomars, the first of the 

Peshdadian Dynasty to the Conquest of Iran by Alexander the 
Great, from the Persian, entitled the Kauzat-us-safa, with Notes 
and Illustrations, by D. Shea, 8vo. sd. 9s 1832 

33665 MfzAN-i-FlRsf. ^j^ Jj^;- "t^^e Rule of Persian,*' being sets 

of paradigms of Persian veybs, with Hindustani explanations, 
by Maulavf Shaikh Muhammad 'Aqil, royal 8vo. MS. hf. 
morocco, bs Sec. xix 

33666 MfzlNU*T-TABB. ^^ u\}i-^' *^® Principlesr^Tof Medicine, a 

medical dictionary, by Muhammad Akbar, in Persian, royal 
8vo. MS. beautifully written, cloth, 7s A.H. 1136 

33667 MOHAMMAD BAKIR, 'Ain-ul-Hatat namah. S^\ ^^ ^^l:;^ 

ib ♦Xks'^ : The Fountain of Life, a Work on Moral and 

Religious Duties, illustrated from the Koran and the Traditions, 
by Muhammad B^kir bin Muhammad Taki, sm. foHo, elegantly 
written Persian MS. native binding, £3. 35 A.H. 1081 

The chief aathentic exposition of Shiite doctrine. It is excessively rare, 
not more than three or four copies being supposed to have found their way to 
Eftro|)e. The book was printed at Teheran about forty years ago ; but that 
edition is also very scarce out of Persia. 

33668 Hyat-ul-Kuloob. Life and Religion of Mohammed, as 

contained in the Sheeah traditions of the Hyat-ul-Kuloob, trans- 
lated from the Persian, by J. L. Merrick, 8vo. cloth, rare, 20s 

Boston, Mass. 1850 

33669 Mohammed Fakhru dDin. ^^m^\ js:^ aJLtj : a Sufi treatise trans- 

lated into Persian, 8vo. MS, neatly written on tinted papers, 
Oriental binding, hs (1750) 

33670 Mohammad Ibraheem (Meerza) Persian Grammar, with Dialogues, 

royal 8vo. bd. 6s 1841 

33671 MUHAMMAD KAZIM bIn Muhammad AmIn. .t^U^U : 

History of the Mogul Emperor Aurangzfb, from a.h. 1067 to 
1078, roy. 8vo. plainly written MS. in cursive characters, hf. calf, 
24» Sec. XVIII 

SS672 '- — another MS. of the same work, roy. 8vo. 475 pp. 

plainly written, old calf, SOs About 1760 

33673 MOHAMMAD MAHDI. ^U^jU ^^U : History of the life of 

Kuli Khan, Nadir Shah, tyrant of Persia, in Persian, 8vo. MS. 
written within gold lines in a beautifnl ShiJcasta»ami» character ; 


'•jitud :'/i sniooik black Fersian morocco, varnished red inside^ 
'tc4vtued by the Fersian monarch Fafh Ali to M. Jaubert in 1806, 
•^i 105 A.H. 1187 

•-i?*r* uuoth^r MS. of tbe same, folio, well written, neatly 

\-i«i*d\ liO* About 1790 

'^^^ another MS* sm. folio, beautifully written in Nastalik, 

J'^u^Hial black mimKcOy 2bs A.H. 1246 

^5»rS < - ~ HiBtorj of Nadir, in Persian, carefully edited from 

s«v^ml M;$S. tiurge 4to. bd, 168 Calcutta, 1845 

.^;t«N"r HOttA.>iXAi> $ttJLH. ^Ui Jbi,K^ ^Ln I Documents for the history 

v»( tlh) Mo|Cul Empire at the time of Nadir Shah's invasion, in 
v^>vHif«» 5jvQ. icW/ written MS* a little wormed, Indian binding, lOs 


>Cs^'>< - JLtl) ^Kj4>- I Life of Mohammad Shah, in Fersian, 

i v^^fe, iu l» l^K\ \te\\ tcritten MS. but mux^h stained, bd, 6« 


sHn"V >LVtAitKiHV^^«Kct.(^lu r^jJjiH — Xt : a translation of the San- 

xk.w^ Ui^HHivl^» by Taj al Meleki, Fersian MS. 8vo. pp. 120, 
'<»#< :<H/' ^AJ^^I. M. I2s (1 740) 

sj^?^^ MVKWi.. ^k^if^y v:,»*-^^ c;:****^ d^USl^ : Poems by Mukbil and 

v^^^vUft ^<A^i in tho Mubarram lamentations over the fate of the 
iHHOMitft «>« fVntttiH, oblong 8vo. well written MS. ruled with red 
^t^tHk *H ^^^ \,*ti^iHai limp morocco, 21s Sec, xviii 

V^xi «^m>llM?r MS. similar in character, 8vo. wormed, bd. 

..\<*^i*W ** IViiyah," and also " Kissa-i-Imim Husain," 6s 


M* l-V^^*^«■V* VIMAWXRfKH — see SlTAR-UL-MUTiKHKHmfN. 

yviH^ >ln.i\\v V'»' AUtUVR. ili^l -.J* ysrlll ^^^ibU : Ibrdhim al- 

HKUl^\ V\MWWwntttry on the famous Lawbook called the 
^»k*VH^» ♦»• i^trsian, by 'Abdu 1-Hakk Sirhindi, 2 vols, in 1, 
'v;>. '"i^vs Uth\H^nmhvd, Oriental binding, Ss 

Matba' Haidari, A.H. 1278 

•-v.v Hi\fc'\\W-V» AL-LUBAB. i-i.l; ^ ,uju c^LU! v..JsnL* 
.v^c iW i History of Aurangzib and his successors, in 

"••.v^.v^-n ^^> KKifi Khdn, edited by Maulavi Kabir-al-din 
VVvKx^^l* "^ xiv^^ Yol8. in 3, 8vo. bd. SOs Calcutta, 1869-74 

■'■S. >> 

.W JU- ^'J^ i*^-* *^ ' Vol. Ill of the History of 


Khan, surnamed Khafi Khan, 4to. well written MS. in a fine 
Indian gilt binding, £3, Sec, xviii 

This is by far the rarost portion of the '* Concealed History," from which 
the author takes his surname of Khafi Khan. It is wanting in the two copits 
described by Mr. Morley as in the Asiatic Society's library. 

33G85 MuNTAKHABU-L-LuGHAT. C-^Ulll t^^iiu^ : a highly esteemed 

Persian Arabic Dictionary, explained in Ferdan, by *Abd-ur- 
liashid Husaini, roy. 870. MS, neatly written^ calf, 20« 

A,H. 1189 

3368(5 another MS. of the same, sm. folio, well and clearhj 

written within coloured lines, an illuminated heading to the first 
page, Indian binding, £2. Sec, XViil 


MuTAMAD Khan ^see Jahangir. 

33687 NABII NAMAH. ^^[3 Ja:j it*\j ^ : History of the Prophet 

Muhammad, in Persian verse, 8vo. 1082 pp, fairly written, calf 

gilt, SOs Sec. xviii 

In the first few leaves, the former Shi'ite possessor has drawn a line 
through the names of Abu Bakr, Omar, and Othman, and greatly enlarged 
that of 'AH, 

33688 Nala. ^. .y jliii j\ ^^J Jj : Story of Nala and Damayanti, iii 

Persian, adapted from the Sanskrit by Shaikh Faizi, 8vo. well 
written MS, bound in old russia neat, 7s 6d 

ISih of Mohammad Shah (1731) 
Nasafi — see Kanz. 

33689 Nasru d-dIn shah. \s\ ^\j^ Xij^jiJus <ul3 J51: Journal of 

the Shah's Journey to Europe, in a.h. 1290 (1873), in Persian, 
roy. Syo. lithographed, with numerous portraits of the sovereigns 
and eminent men, etc, hf, bd, 17s 6d Bombay, 1293 

Neamet — see Ni*mat. 

33690 Nes Mai^zEr ou les N^euf Loges, conte traduit du Persan, dvo. 

bds, 7s 6d Genes, 1806 

33691 Nicolas (J. B.) Dictionnaire Fran9ais -Persian, Tome I (A— K); 

stout 12mo. 790 pp. cloth, neiv, 12s Paris, 1885 

33692 Dialogues Persans-Fi^an^ais, avec des notes sur la 

Grammaire, etc. 8vo. 331 2^p, cloth, 7s 1869 

33693 NIGARISTAN. ^^\ ^^., ^1:^,1^ : The Picture Gallery, 

of Mu*in-u d-Din Isfaraini al Jawaini, in Persian, roy. 8vo4 
plainly Written MS. Oriental binding, £2. 2s Sec, xvit 

A celebrated work containing an entertaining miscellany of stories, 
poetry, etc. 

33694 NIGARISTAN. ^,jiill ^_iJl; j.J|^ J^J^ .. The Picture 

Gallery of Historical Anecdotes of Abd-ul Ghaffari al-K*""'"' 


in Fei^staUy 8vo. MS, of 660 pp. in a very elegant hand, the 
first three or four leaves absent ; native binding , £2. 

Transcribed by Mohammed Kazim Khafunabadi {Isfahan), 

A.m 1030 
This work is one of great intrinsic literary and historica] valne. 
33095 NiGARiSTAN. Kazwini*s Historical Miscellany, in Persian, sm. 
folio, entirely lithographed,,\hs (Bombay) 1829 

33696 Ni'mat KhXn 'Aali. JU ^J^^ ^li. : Account of the Siege 

and Conquest of Golconda by Aurangzib (1677), in Persian, 
roy. 8yo. liihographed, sd. 6s Kanpor, 1870 


Jm*^^ ^;***^ tt'^'^J' (^PO^sals of Beauty and Love) ; 

^-jlSt «ulj ;• I (Siege of Golconda) ; \^\ U^ (preface to his 

poetical works) ; in Persian, in 1 vol. 8vo. well written, neatly 

bound; 21s Sec. xviii 

The first ifl dated first year of Moh. Shah (1719) ; the second a.h. 1135; 

the third is a.h. 1104. They are bound up with the Masnavi of Ghanimat, 

entitled ^^f> <g^^ or Loves of Shahid and Aziz, dated (1719). 

33698 JujO r^^^ ' Works, comprising the Preface, the Husn 

u Ishk, the WaJcai^ Haidarabad, the Ni^mat-i * Uzma ( ^Va<* Jujl)"^ 

and some Icasaid and tariJchs, roy. 8vo. well written MS,, Indian 
binding, 16s Sec, XYUi 

33699 NIZAMI. ^Uaj ^.aua^ - Vive Poems, in Persian, 5 parts in 1 

vol. sm. folio, beautifully written MS. in Nastalik characters, with 

fine illuminated ^TJnwdn, 610 pp, in the original Persian binding, 

£6, 6s Sec, xvi 

This MS. is executed in beautiful style, only a few of the Rubrics having 
been cut out. The five romantic niasnayi poems here ^iyen are: 1. The 
Makhzani Asrar ; 2. The Loves of Khusru and Shirin ; 3. Laila and Majnun ; 
4. Kitab-i-Haft Paikar; and 5. The Sikandar Nama. 

33700 Khamsa : in Persian MS. roy. 8vo. two of the poems are 

affected by damp ; but the Laila and Majnun, the Kitdb-i-Haft 
Paihar, and the Sikandar Ndma are uninjured^ bds. 7s a.h. 1025 

33701 Khamsa : in Persian, 6 parts in 1 vol. folio, fine MS. in 

remarkably regular and elegant Nastalik characters, ivritten mi 
variously tinted papers, toith ruled margins, 628 pp. Indian 
morocco binding, £%>. hs 

Transcribed by Abu-l-Maani walad-i Kazi 

Mohammad Yitsuf, a.h. 1073-76 

This elegant MS., although intitled Khamsa, contains the entire six (not 

five) masnavis of Nizami: 1. Makhzani Asrar; 2. Khusm and Shirin; Laili 

and Majnun ; 4. The Haft Paikar; 5. The Sikandar Nama, and 6. Khirad 

Nama-i Sikandari. 

33702 ^^^^3 ^3 ojJoiLjl <ul3 J^ : the Khirad N'ama 

and the Laila Majntin, in Persian, 2 vols, in 1, roy. 8vo. 
beautifully written MS. in fine Nastalik characters, tvithin rulings 














of gold, with rubrics in red and gold, and hvo illuminated headings, 
hound in hf, red morocco gilt, £3. 10^ a.h. 889 

The golden intitulation in the Unwan of the KhiradDama is Kitdb-i 
Ikhdl-namah in Cufic characters. This title more properly belongs to the 
first part of the Sikandarnama than to the rarer second part which we have 
here. The date as above is fonnd at the end of the Khirad-nama, with the 
calligrapher's name, Nv/r-ud-din Mohammad hin Ahmad. The Laila is not 
dated, bnt the calligrapher's name is given as 8hdh Mohammad. 

(Haft Paikab.) Behram-Gur und die rassische Fiir- 

stentochter, Persisch und Deutsch, mit Aumerkungen von 
Erdmann, roy. 8vo. sd. Ss 6d Kasan, 1844 

t*j}.r^3 3y*^ ' *^® Story of Khosru and SnfRfN, a 

Persian masnavi, by Nizami, 12ino. elegantly ruled within 
colo2tred lines ; with gilt and painted heading ; Oriental binding, 
208 A.H. 1255 

M^^^-^^i L^y * Loves of Leila and Majnun, in Persian, 

4to. well urritten MS. some of the margins wormed, bd. bs 

Sec. xviii 

Laili and Majnun, a Poem, from the Persian of Nazami, 

by J. Atkinson, 8vo. pp. viii and 127, cloth, 2s 6d 1836 

j\j^\ ^^}sr^ ' Treasury of Secrets, masnavi, in Persian, 

8vo. elegantly written MS. neat old Indian binding, 6s a.h. 1195 

another MS. 4to. plainly written, hf. bound, from De 

Sacy^s library, hs About 1800 

the same, in Persian, edited by Bland^ 4to. sd. 5s 1844 

SiKANDAR ITamah-i barri. ^jxS^ <uUL51 : Romantio 

Poem on the history of Alexander the Great, a masnavi, in- 
Persian, 8vo. plain MS. hf, russia, 7s 6d a.h. 1106 

another MS. of the same, 4to. well written within red 

rulings, with illuminated heading to the first page, last ten leaves 
ivormed, bound, 7s About 1750 

another MS. of the same, large 8vo. beautifully written 

in fine Talik characters, with sotne glosses, russia gilt, \2s 

Shahjahanabad, S2nd of the reign 
another MS. of the same work, sm, folio, plainly written 

within gold lines ; with illuminated ^ Unwan, and 31 large 
miniatures of scenes in the story; oiifiamental Indian binding 
rebacTced, £6. 6s a.h. 1230-31-32 

another MS. of the same work, roy. 8vo. with brilliantly 

illuminated * Unwan, the text beautifully loritten within gold lines 
on paper powdered with gold, Indian binding, £2. 16s a.h. 1230 

another MS. of the same work, 8vo. elegantly written 

wihin coloured lines, with illuminated heading, Oriental binding, 
12s 6d Samvat 1904 (1847) 

— SiKANDAR JIAMAH-I BAHRI. j^j JcJLj <uU J^ : VoyageS 

of Alexander, in masnavi poetry, 8vo. MS. plainly written. 
Oriental binding, 20s a.h. 1143 


33717 NiZAMi. <ul3 t JciL» • Romantic account of the life of Alexander 

the Great, in Persian, with a selection from the Works of the 
most celebrated Commentators, bj Badar Ali and Mir Husain 
AH, royal 4to. 18* Calcutta, 1812 

33718 MoHYi-UD-DiN*s Commentary on the Sikandar naraa, in Fersiav, 
8vo. 'plainly written MS. in red and black, a few leaves wormed, 
Indian binding, 6« 1*^ year of the reign of Ali Goliar (? 1758) 
The date is a curiosity, the rebel prince being styled Pddshdh^hdzi. 

33719 de expeditione Russorum Beidaam versus, auctore 

imprimis Nisamio, disseruit Ffi. Erdmann, 3 vols, in 1, 8vo. 
Persian text and extensive comrrtentary, hf morocco, 25* 

Casan, 1826-32 

33720 NuzHATU l-Arwah. ^.jmm>. -*^1 <_0a* -r" »9^^Ji\ ^U ' ^ Sufi 

work, in prose and verse, by Elabir-u d-Din Husain bin 'Alim 
(early in the fourteenth century), in Persian, square 12mo. MS. 
plainly written in Nastatikf hf bd, rare, 20^ About a.d. 1480-1500 
In A.ii. 900 tbe book belonged to Mob. Bakir, grandson of Sbams-u 
d-Din Moh. Sbirazi. 

33721 ■ another copy, 8vo. MS. beautifully written in Naskhi 

charactei's, within gold-flowered borders, with an illu^minated 
heading, the margins of every page beautifully marbled, a fe%t} 
slight wormholes at the inmost edge of smne inner margins, calf^ 
36* * /Sfec. XVII 

33721*N'uzHATU l-EulCB; ^j:^\ <d!l ^a>^ L,^i>;>d; ^-r^^' ^J-^ 
^4jiil\ : Geography and Wonders of the Globe, by Hamda 

llah Mustaufi of Kazwin, in Persian^ sm. foHor, plainly written 
Ms. with diagrams and tables, Oriental binding, £'2. Sec* xvii 

33722 Oloug-Beg. ProlegomeiieS des tables astronomiques d^Ohttg^ 

Beg, texte Persan, notes et variatttes par A. Sedillot, 1847 — le' 
meme, en Fran^ais, avec commentaire par A. Sedillot, 1853, 
2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf. morocco, 10s 1847-53 

33723 OMAR KHAYYAM. Les Quatrains (Roubaiyat) de Kheyam, 

Persan et Francais, avec des Notes, par I^icholas, roy. 8to* sd. 
IQg Paris, 1867 

33724 Rubaiyat, ti^anslated into English verse, vrilh Omar 

Khayyam's life, and notes, by Edwdrd Fit/ygerald, »q. SYO.firf^t 
edition, a few MS. notes, sdr. £4. 4^ 1859 

33725 the same, third edition, sm. 4to. hf. bd. 21* 1872 

33720 . the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the Astronomei'-'Poei 

of Persia, rendered into English verse, fourth edition ; Salaman' 
and Absal, an allegorical Sufi poem by MaulanaNur ud Din Abd 
ur-Rahman bin Ahmed Jami, in English metre, with a notice of 
Jami's life, second edition, 2 parts in 1 vol. post 8vo. pp. xv and 
112, hf Eoxburghe, 10s 6d Bernard Quaritch, 1879 

33727 the Rubaiyat, tl*atislated into English verse, roy. 4to. 

title printed on the covers, bds. 10s 

London, John Campbell, jun. 1883 
A pirated edition; tbe first leaf bears tbe folWing ilistription ;— " Td 


the translator, with t!ic printer's thanks anil a]>oIogie.<<. Henry Quiltcr.'* Ic 
is worJ for worJ an exact reprint of Mr. Fitzgerald's translation. 

33728 OiiAR Khayyam's Quatrains, translated into English verso hv 

E. H. Whinfield, 8vo. cloth, 4$ 1882 

Nearer in sense to the original, if less remarkable as poetry, than Mr. 
Fitzgerald's work. 

33729 Ooseley's Biogmpliical Notices of Persian Poets ; with Critical 

and Explanatory Remarks ; prefixed to which is a Memoir of 
the Author, by Rev. J. Reynolds, 8vo. sd, lOs 184(3 

33730 PADSHAH NAMA. ^^^\ ^ sa^ lM\J ^*l3 ^Lijb : 

Padishah Nama; consisting o£ memoirs of the youth of the 
]!]mperor Shahjahan, and his predecessors, by Muhammed Amiii 
Al-Kazwini, roy. 8vo. Persian MS, neatly written, last leaf 
absent, bd. lbs (1740) 
see also Badshah Namah — aiite. 

33731 Palmer (E. H.) Concise Persian- English Dictionary, square 12mo. 

(sells 10^ (jd), cloth, 7s 6d 187G 

33732 Pkbsian, Hindustani, English, Portuguese Dictionary, sm. folio, 

MS. on Oriental tinted paper, in original Oriental binding 

repaired, the sides richly gilt tcith figures of birds on the corner ^ 

pieces, and of climbing monkeys on the centrepiece, £10. 

{? Surat, about 1G30) 
A .great cariosity as being the first work of its kind. It was probably 
compiled for the use of the English factory at Snrat, and is therefore one of 
the earliest noteworthy documents in a grand chapter of the world's history. 
The Persian is given in native and in lloman letters, the Hindustani in 
Gujerati and Romau letters. The binding was apparently done at Agra or 

33733 Peshawar, Kohistan, and the Panjab, a Statistical Account of 

these Countries, i7i Persian MS. 80 pp. 8vo. hf. morocco, bs 

Soic. XIX 
This work, which contains interesting information concerning those 
countries, seems quite unknown. 

Popular Poetry op Persia — see Kurroohlou. 

33734 Raja TarangIni. j^^ fCj^ ^J j^j ' History of Kanhmir, 

translated from the Sanscrit in the reign of Jehangir, in Persian, 
sm. 8vo. well ivritten MS. in old gilt binding, \0s Sec. xvii 

33735 RImayan, the great epic poem of Valmiki, Persian, 8vo. MS. 

pp. 270, gilt Indian binding, \0s (1750) 

33730 Ramdhun Sen, Dictionary, Persian- English, 8vo. calf, 5s 

Calcutta, 1829 
RasuIdu d-DIn — see Jami-u t-Tawarjkh. 

33737 RAUZAT-U'L-AHBAB. c->l^Jl ^^ : the Garden of Lovers, 

by 'Ata ullah bin Fazl illah, called Jamal Husaini, a History of 
Muhammad and his Companions, and of the twelve Imams, in 
Persian, 3 parts in 1 vol. stout folio, fairly and plainly writ ten 
MS. several leaves mended, beautifully bound in dark russia 
extra, in imitation of the Oriental style, £5. A.n. 1038-90 

33738 Vol. I of the same work (being about half the entire text), 

sm. foVio, finely vjrilten MS. but somewhat wormed, 21-5 a.h. 1089 



33739 Radzat ush-Shuhada. 1ju.mJ\ Xi«. : Garden of the Martyrs, a 

Instory of Mohammad, Fatima, and Ali and his family, by 

Husein Va'iz Kashifi, the author of the Anwari Suhaili, in 

Persian, roy. 8vo. MS, on jpaper, in India binding, 28s Sec, xviil 
A famous Shi'ite book which holds the position of a classic in the 
elegant and historical literatnre of Persia. 

33740 RICHARDSON'S (John) Persian, Arabic and English Dictionary, 

to which is prefixed a dissertation on the languages, literature 
and manners of Eastern Nations, 2 vols, stout folio, calf, 24s 

Oxford, 1777 
33741 Persian, Arabic, and English, and English- Persian- 
Arabic Dictionary, with a dissertation on the Languages, 
Literature, and Manners of Eastern Nations, new edition, with 
numerous additions and improvements, by Wilkins, 2 vols. roy. 
4to. lound, £^. 105 1806-10 

33742 the same. Vol. II ; the English-Persian- Arabic Dictionary, 

roy. 4to. hound, 30s 1810 

33743 the same, large paper, bound in 2 vols. roy. 4to. inter* 

leaved, lif, hd. 25s 1810 

33744 Persian, Arabic, and English, new edition, by Johnson, 

stout royal 4to. calf, 36s 1829 
see also Johnson. 

33745 Specimen of the Odes of Hafez, Persian and English, 

Uo, calf gilt, 6s 1774 

33746 RIFAAT. ^ toW.*^ * P^^^s, in Persian, sm. 4to. plainly 

turitten MS, red morocco, 7s Sec. xviii 

33747 RiSALA-UL-'ALfYA. <lLJ1 jdL.: a Treatise on the Forty Traditions 

of Muhammed, divided into Eight Chapters or Principles, by 
Husain Va'iz, author of the Anwari Suhaili, Persian, with all 

Arabic quotations fully pointed — Masdbihu-1-Qulu^ ^jLi^ 

c-juJjill : " Lanterns to Enlighten Men's Hearts," by Abd ur 

Kaji Sabzawari Selimi, Persian — 2 works in 1 vol. 4to. heautifully 
lorittefn MS. calf, 20s a.h. 1041 

33748 Riyaz-ul-Insha. UjiH u^^j ' Examples of elegant composition, 

models of Letters, etc. by Mahmud bin Mohammad al Kilani, 

in Persian, sm. 4to. MS, elegantly written in a Turkish Nastalih 

haTid, within gold railings, and with illuminated first page, in the 

original binding, with gilt and ornamented edges, £,2, 2s 

About 1590 
A Calendar for the Hijra jears 992-999 is appended, in the same hand 
as the rest of the volume. 

^3749 Robinson (S.) Persian Poetry for English Readers, being speci- 
mens of Ferdusi, Nizami, Sadi, Jelal-ad-din, Hafiz, and Jami, 
with biographical notices, sm. 8vo. hf, morocco gilt, 12s Qd 

Privately printed, 1883 
Only 300 copies were printed, of which no more than 30 were for sale, 


33750 Roebuck, Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases, Fersian, Hindustani^ 

and English (edited by H. H. Wilson), 8vo. hf, hd, 12s 

Calcutta, 1824 

33751 SADI. ^j^ ^ jJl ^-^ ^.i cljU^ : Complete Works 

of the famous Shaikh Muslihu d-din Sa'di of Shir&z (Sec. xiii), 

in Persian^ roy. 8vo. splendidly illuminated MS., exquisitely 

written in the finest Nastalik characters^ on cream-coloured paper, 

with beautiful 'Unwans, ornamental h^ad-lines, and the most 

tasteful decoration throughout, as well as numerous miniatures ; 

in an old Eastern binding covered with green silk, £20. 

About 1580-1600 
This yalaable MS. has two pieces more than were comprised in the King 
of Oudh's MS. described by Sprenger. One is a risala, containing an anecdote 
of King Abaka^ and the other is toe Muzhikat or book of Jests (distinct from 
the BaaaUyat). The relative arrangement of this copy raay|be stated by 
quoting Sprenger*s numerals thus: 3-9, Abaka, 1, 2, 10-16, 22-24, 17-19, 
Muzhikat, 20, 21. 

33752 another MS. of the same works, sm. folio, exquisitely 

written and decorated, with many rich illuminations, the ^Unwans 
being splendid with gold and bhie, but a leaf or two missing at 
the end ; in the original gilt binding, mended, £3. 5s Sec, xvii 

33?53 another MS. of the same works, sm. folio, beautifully 

written within gold lines, with illuminated first page, French 

.green morocco extra, gilt edges, silk linings, from De Sacy*3 

library, £5. Sec, xvii 

33754 another copy of the same, sm. folio, clean MS. vnthin 

red lines, with illuminated front pages, the sides of the binding 
entirely covered with gold, on which the details of the ornament 
appear in relief, while the chief decorative design is sunk in blue 
and red colours, £4. 5^. ? 1701 

One of the pieces is dated the 45th year of the reign — that must be of 
Aurangzib, which would correspond to the year 1701. The binding is of the 
same period, and also probably done at Dihli. 

33755 ^Juuj L2j\^ ' Complete Works, in Persian, 12mo. 

vyritten in a min/ute Nastalik character unthin gold and coloured 
lines, with several illuminated * Unwans and headings ; in a richly 
ornamented Persian binding, the outsides of the covers illuminated 
with flowers and frtiits, and the insides with two beautifully 
painted scenes from Sadis life (figures and landscapes), £6. 6s 

Isfahan, a.h. 128 (? 1128) 
The scribe was a poet himself: Amanullah son of Moh. Taki, and bore 
the takhallris of Nazr. 

33756 another MS. of the same, sm. folio, well and plainly 

written within gold lines, bound, ZOs Sec, xviii 

33757 another MS. of the same, perfect, sm. folio, beautifully 

written, in Indian black morocco binding, £2. 10s a.h. 1232 

33758 Works, in Persian and Arabic, edited by Harington, 

2 vols. sm. folio, calf, 32s Calcutta, 1791-95 

33759 another edition, in Persian, roy.8vo. entirely lithographed 

on various coloured papers. Oriental binding, ISs 

Tabriz, a.h. 1264 
226 * 

wu BKRXARD QrAHrrrffs general catalogue. 

'^'71 "'At ytWsi. Compirte Wots*, -f.'* P-frriam^ oa. feliix /i^M^iv^arf, PerfiM 

^S^f/f 'r-/-^ : THE GrLisiAS. m work ol tmles» poctfx, atid 

n:a#>r&l kMons, tJi P^maM, sm. 4to. IfS. eUfomify wriiiem tii 
Ta /tl% ti» /A« r/rigimal Inmdimy, 36« ITrir/ai i» Pfrtio, A.H. 910 

&37^ auMther copj of the Bune. liino. If5. heaui^mUif 

yrriiten, mrithin fold litter, witk Qlmmimaied riiinni, hhaei wtaroee^t 
:irM A^. 948 

S2»7C1* ftDcdher MS- sq. 12mo. plainly written im Xasialiky with 

s^/w^ gl/Msejf, Eadem hit»*liug, 18ir A.H. 958 

5^/702 another MS. of the same, 8yo. heauiijmUy written on 

paff^r pondered with gold, iritkin rmlimgs of eotomr and goldy the 
jlr$t twf^ page* richly illumimatedj in the original nMoth morocco 
firuthj gilt, (Ke hack damaged j 36* Sac. XTI 

't^'/J^jH^ OaliKtaij, IM Fer$ian^ with Turkish interiinemr inuiBla- 

iiffu, and a ipretace by Siraj-nd-din Ahmad as-Sajawmndi, am. 
4to. jflainlg wriii^m MS. calj\ 10» A.H. 975 

J^J7C4 .,}cuJ^ ^JU ' Gulistan, in Persianj interwoven with an 

Arabic commentary, sm. folio, tcritien in a cramped Kaskhi 

hand of Turhish style, hf calf, 10* A.H. 1151 

?f''p7f}h GuliHtan, in Persian^ sm. folio, neatly fcritten MS. honnd, 

7$ A.H. 1209 

^i'57(rO the Gulistan, in Persian, imp. 8vo. neatly written MS. 

Oriental binding, (js A.H. 1235 

3**5707 B^>sarium Politicum, Persice et Latine, ed. Gentius. sm. 

ioViOf first printed edition, vellum, bs Amst. 1651 

33708 another printed edition, sm. folio, cloth, 4« Calcut. 1206 

33709 Gulistan, Persian and English, with a verbal analysis in 

dictionary form, by Gladwin, 2 vols, royal 4to. calf 20s 

CaleuUa, 1806 

33770 the same, 2 vols, in 1, calf extra, gilt edges, 30« 1806 

33771 le Parterre de Flenrs, edition aatographiqne, par N. 

Semelet,en Person, ^to. entirely lithographed, bound, 5s Paris, 1828 

*i'A772 Gulistan, in Persian, roy. 8vo. calf, 6s Buldk, A.H. 1249 

33773 Gulistan, in Persian, 12mo. lithographed, with IHustra- 

ttoiis, calf, 7s 6d Bombay, A.H. 1249 

33774 another edition, imp. 8vo. elegantly printed, hf bd, 7s 6d 

Cairo, A.H. 1261 
33774«' Gulistan, Persian, collated with MS S. byE. B. EastT^ick, 

8vo. with a Vocabulary of 127 pp. cloth, Ss 6d Hertford, 1850 
33775 Gulistan, in Persian, edited for the use of the College of 

Fort William, by Sprenger, 8vo. hf calf, 9s Calcutta, 1851 

Slated by Johnson, in the preface to the Hertford edition, to be the best 

edition of the Gulistan. 
33770 Gulistan, new edition, in Persian, with a Vocabulary by 

Johnson, loy. 8vo. cloth, 15« Hertford, 1863 

Bert edition of the work. The Vocabulary alone occupies 128 pp. in 
double columns, and onp^ht rather to be called a Dictionar)'. 


' — . ■■ — _ 1 11 - — ' — — 

33777 SADI. Gulistan, Persi-ayi, with marginal notes, lithographed, 
Lahhnow, 1284 (1863) — Bagh o Bahar, Hindustani, litho- 
graphed, Cawnpore, n, d. — 2 vols, in 1, roy. 8vo. hf. calf, 
bs 1863 

33778 Gulistan, Persian, with Vocabulary, by J. Piatt, 8vo. 

cloth, 6s 1874 

33779 the same, with marginal notes, in Persian, imp. 8vo. 

lithographed in large characters, 466 pp, sd. 10s 

LaWhnau, 1297 (1879)' 

33780 t^Jwl ijlsuJi^ — Ji : SuDi's Turkish Commentary on the 

Gulistan, with the Persian text analysed, phrase by phrase, 
folio, Turkish binding, red leather hack, 20s 

(Constantinople) a.h. 1286 

33781 Gulistan, translated into English, by Fr. Gladwin, 8vo. 

bd. bs 1833 

33782 ti-anslated into English by James Ross, 8vo. cloth, 6s 


33783 Gulistan, or Rose Garden, translated for the first time 

into prose and verse, with preface and the author's life, by 
Eastwick, 8vo. beautifully printed, with borders and illumina' 
tions from Persian M8S, gilt cloth, £2. 10s Hertford, 1852 

33784 le Parterre de Fleurs, traduit par N. Semelet, 4to. hf bd, 

bs 1823 

33785 (o^^ • ^^^ BusTAN, in Persian, 8vo. MS. exquisitely 

written on paper powdered with gold, the columns bordered by 
gold lines, an illuminated heading to the first page; in the 
oHginal gilt binding, £2, 2s A.H. 976 

33786 another MS. of the same, 12mo. M8» with illuminated 

first page, beautifully written in Nastalik, within gold lines, in 
Oriental binding with painted covers, 35* a.h. 985 

33787 another MS. of the same, roy. 8vo. well written, bound. 

Is 6d A.H. 1181 

33788 another MS. of the same, sm. folio, well written, the first 

page decorated, Indian binding, 8* a.h. 1201 

33789 Boostan, in Persian, with a compendious commentary 

and a dictionary of hard words, edited by Moolvy Jumnuzuddy 
{sic, for Tamiz-ud'din), 4to. bds. 17s Qd Calcutta, 1828 

33790 another edition, folio, calf, Ihs Cawnpore, 1832 

33791 another edition, royal 4to. hf bd, lbs Calcutta, 1272 

33792 the same, with Commentary, Persian, royal 8vo. litho* 

graphs, calf neat, 7s Cawnpore, 1856 

33793 the same, roy. 8vo. sd, bs ib, 1879 

33794 ScfDi's Commentary. ^/JaaJ lo^-*-'*^ tj^ ' ^^s*^^» '^^ Persian, 

with commentary in Turkish, sm. 4to. neat MS, bound, 12s 

A.H. 1017 


33796 SADI. <ul3Jc.; : Pend-namali, or Book of Counsel — jbli Jy*^*^: 

Story of Malimud and Ayaz, by Mahmnd Laliori — two Persian 
MSS. in 1, 8vo. well written, illuminated, with 4 miniatures, a 
little wormed^ bound, 20s Sec. xix 

33797 Sadtk Ispahani. ^^UlJl ^JDj c-;Lclll ^J-as^ • Geographical 

Works, Arabic and Persian, trans, by J. C, from Original 

* Persian MSS. in the Collection of Sir W. Ouseley, the Editor, 

8vo. 85 1832 

33798 SAIB (Mirza Mohammad *Ali) ^^jl^ Lj^Ji*^ • Poems, arranged as a 

diwan in a single alphabet, in Persian, roy. 8vo. well written MS., 
every page ruled with gold lines, the first page adorned with 
an illuminated heading and a flmvered gold border. Omental 
binding, £2. Jffaidardbdd, Sec. xvii 

33799 another MS. of the same works, in four divisions, 

including Casidas, Ghazals, Rubaiyat, and a Masnavi, etc. sm. 
folio, MS. beautifully written within gold lines, ivith four illuini- 
nated headings, bound in English green morocco extra, gilt edges, 
from De Sacy^s library, £4. 45 Written by Abd-ul-KJialil, a.h. 1104 

33800 another MS. of the same, arranged in a single diivan 

alphabet, 8vo. 'plainly written MS., Indian binding, 21s 

Sec. xviii 
** Few have ever reached the perfection to which Mirza Saib carried the 
Ghazal or Ode, and very few have so deeply studied the art of poetry."— 

33801 SANA'I. JL^ JjuiiJl ^S^ : The Garden of Truth, a famous 

Sufi poem by Hakim Sana'i of Ghaznah, in Persian, 8vo. MS. 
-finely written in Talik characters, within gold lines, with an 
illuminated^ Unwan, but a few leaves slightly wormed and mended, 
gilt binding, d£4. 4^ a.h. 1004 

This is a raie work, as well as the earliest of the great Sufi poems that 
have influenced the higher minds of the East. Geoffrey of Monmouth and 
Wace were contemporaries of Hakim Sana'i. 

33802 Selections from Hakim Sana'i, in Persian, 8vo. neatly 

tvritten MS. bd. 6s Ahmadabad, a.h. 1 115 

33803 SHAHI. ^\Ji> j^^\ tj^y^ ' Poems of Amir Shahi, in Persian, 

12mo. MS. elegantly written in Nasialik on variegated paper, 
within gold lines and having an illuminated heading, some leaves 
stained, but altogether a very pretty little MS. bound in calf gilt. 
Oriental style, 355 

Abu Is^hah Mohammad of Kuwdr (near Shiraz), a.h. 882 

33804 Shajra-i tayyiba. <u*L i'-s?^ : Treatise on the Lives of Sufi 

. •« _^ . 

Shaikhs by Minn at Kamr-ud-din *Ali, in Persian, sm. 8vo. 
probably the autograph MS. Indian binding, lOs About a.h. 1170 

33805 Shams-ool-Loghat. c->UIH ifi*.^ - a Dictionary of the Persian 

and Arabic Languages, the Interpretation being in Persian, 
comprising also some Turkish words, compiled by Barretto, 
2 vols. roy. 4to. sd. or bd, 20s Calcutta, 1806 


33806 Sharaf-ud-din 'Ali Yazdi. ^? ufi^Sj ^ ^\^ J^ : History of 

Timiir the Great, in Persian^ in prose thickly intermingled with 
verse, 4to. nearly 1000 jpp. MS, elegantly written in NastaliJc, 
within gold lines, with illuminated heading to the first page, origi- 
nal gilt red binding, £7* 7s 

Khalil-ullah bin Sharaf-ud-din Hosein ash-Shamiti, a.h. 887 
Valuable for its age and its fine preservation, as well as for its importance 
as an historical work. It fetched 325 francs at De Sacy's sale. 

33807 SHAUKAT. l::^^^ ^^l^j : Poems of Mania Shevkat or Shau- 

kat, ill Persia!}, arranged as a diwan, 8vo. elegant MS, neatly 
written within gold and red lines, in a Turkish hand, with illumi- 
nated heading. Oriental binding covered with green silh, edges 
ornamented with gold, 365 a.h. 1118 

33808 another MS. of the same works, ^yo. plainly written in 

an Indian haiid, margins a little wormed and stained, bound, 10s 


33809 Shuja'. c,[sA joV*^ * Poems (Diwan) of Shnji^ in Persian, am, 

folio, plain MS. in a neat Indian hand, bd. 12s a.h. 1241 

33810 SiNJAR. jSX^ ijjV'^ • P^^^s ^^ Mohammad Hashim Sinjar (or 

Sanjar), in Persian, sm. 8vo. MS. plainly loritten within rulings, 
with gilt heading, some of the margins wormed, boxmd, 7s 6d 


33811 SiNGHASAN BattisL ^^^ij ^^l^L^ : "The Thirty-two Tales o 

the Royal Throne,'* Persian MS. royal 8vo. pp. 400, hf. fnorocco, 
12s (1790) 

33812 SiTAK-NAMA. t— ?L*^ Jui ^\^j <uU jLm3 : A work on Arithmetic, 

m Persian, sm. folio, plain MS. hf,. red morocco gilt, 7s 6d 

Sec. XTiil 

33813 SIYARU 'L-MUTAKHKHIRIN. ^^^l::^! ^- : Memoirs of 

onr own Time, a history of the Muhammadan power in India, 
from A.H. 1118 to 1194, by Mir Ghulam Husain, m Persian, 
Vols. I and III, 2 vols. imp. 4to. well written MS. hf. russia, 'Shs 

A.H. 1212 

33814 the same. Vol. I, roy. 4to. a lithographed edition, slightly 

wormed, hf. bd. 9s Kanpor, about 1865 

33815 A^ .^yJl ^'^ • Mulakhkhas-ut-Tawarikh, an abridge- 
ment of the Seir Mntakhirin, by Abd-ul-Kerim, in Persian, 
impl. 4to. sd. hs ; or, hf. calf, 7s Calcutta, 1827 

33816 Seir-Mutaqherin, translated from the Persian, 3 vols. 

4to. Calcutta, l7S9—seep, 3106 

33817 History of the Mahomedan Power in India, during tho 

- last Century, by Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan. Revised from 
the Translation of Haji Mustafa, and collated with tho Persian 
Originals, by G. Bnggs, Vol. I, 8vo. 55 1832 


33818 Stewart's (C.) Original Persian Letters and other Documents, 

with translations and facsimiles, 4to. plates, hd. 78 6d 1825 

33819 SuRURi. t^i«y*rf LoV'*^ * ^^®™^ (Diwan) of Musta'idd Khan, an 

officer of Aurangzib's conrfc, poetically named Sururi, in Persian^ 

8vo. MS. neatly written within red and blue lines, hf. red morocco 

gilt, lbs Sec. xviii 

This diwan was composed in a.v. 1 114, and is nnmentioned b}* Sprengcr. 

33820 SuRURT (Mohammad Kasim) ^^ „^ x^^Jbji : Persian Dictionar}-, 

explained in Persian, 4to. neatly written MS. old Indian morocco, 
2ls Sec. xvm 

33821 TABAKATI AKBARSHAHI. ^l^ ^\ cL^\L!b : General 

History of Hindoostan, from Sabuktagin and Mahmud of Ghazni 
to the time of Akbar (a.d. 1593), by Nizamu d-Din Ahmad bin 
Muhammad Mukim of Herat, in Persian, sm. folio, well written 
MS. in Oriental binding, £S. Ss About 1680 

33822 another MS. of the same work, sm. 4to. Oriental binding, 

from Mr. Morley^s library, 35s Sec. xix 

33823 another MS. of the same work, differently arranged and 

having some leaves on the reign of Jaliangir added at the end, sm. 
folio, plainly written, bound, £3. hs a.h. 1063 

33824 Tabakati Nasiri. ^-^13 CLiliLl? : a history of India by Minhaj- 

i-Saraj Abu Umr-i-Usman, English by H. G. Raverty, Parts 
1-12, 8vo. sd. 255 1873-80 

33825 TABARI. ^ \}i^\^ CJ^\ :^^p U^-y J^t jl^ : Universal 

History, in Persian, Vol. I, folio, well written MS. €32 pp. with a 
list of contents in 14 pp. prefia^ed, Indian binding, £2. Ss Sec. xvni 
This is a modernized version of Belami's Tabari, composed by Abu 'AM 
Ullah Salih in the time of Akbar, by command of the celebntttd Uzlak 
chief 'Abd Ullah Khan, the correspondent of Abn-l-Fazl. This is only the 
first half of the work concluding the subject at the death of Muhammad. 

33826 L^r^ K^'J^" /^*J^ "^^ ' U^iv^^sal History, Vol. II, in 

Persian, in 1 vol. stout folio, well vrritten MS. 898 pp. with an 
Index of lt> pp. prefixed, native binding, £4. 10s Sec. xviii 

33827 TABIB. ^.^Jb , ,\^J : The Poems of Mirza 'Abdul Baki, 

called Tabib, including a Diwan, a masnavi called Mahmud u 
Aydz, etc. in Persian, 12mo. beautifully written within gold lines, 
bd. 305 A.H. 1205 

The author was a physician in the service of Nadir Shah. 

33828 TAHKiK-i-TARfKA. 4)Lib U ^J^^As^ : Inquiry into the Nature of God, 

and his ninety-nine Attributes, also into the Light of Mohammed, 
the Day of Judgment, etc. by Kliwojah Mohammed Parsa, Per- 
sian, royal 8vo.pjp. 554, neatly written MS. Oriental binding, 3Qs 

A.H. 1038 


33S29 TAJU L-MAASIR. JS,A ^J\ c^ki ^p ^ JUS\ -.b" : 

History of Kutbu d-Din Aibak, monarch of Dihli early in the 
thirteenth century, by Hasan Nizam i of Labor, a contemporary 
of his hero, m Persian, sm. folio, MS. elegantly written in Nas- 
tali/c, hf. hd: rare, 36$ a.h. 1270 

33830 Taeikh. J^ ^J[j^ ^l:;u^^.J^ ^ ^^ ^J^l Jl^l : History 

of the Rise of the Mahratta power, followed by a sketch of the 
History of the Sikhs, in Persian, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. 'plain 
MS 8. hound, lbs 1794 

33831 JILj J^\jj Jj^^j j\ ^^ J^^l ' Historical 

tracts and reports concerning Bengal during the last century, 
in Persian, 3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. MS. in cursive hut plain- toriting, 
hound, Ihs Sec. xviii 

33832 .u:^ , liiUb iljjJl ^U-^ c->ly ,^J^ : History of the 

war between Shuja'-ud-Daulah and the Rohiila chief Hafiz 
Bahmat, in Persian, 870. plainly written MS., morocco, 12s 

Sec. xviii 
see ante Guldasta-i-Rahmat. 

33833 Lfi.j\^\ c:..siu^ Muntakhab-ut-tawarikh : Compendi- 

,ons History of India, from the time of Sabaktagin, by 'Abd-nl- 
in Persian, 8vo. plain MS. glib hinding, 7s 6d Sec. xviii 

3383'Jj Tariku-i-Baihaki. Ji^ L^-i \j : History of Sabaktagin, and 

foundation of the Ghaznevide dynasty, Persian, ed. by W. H. 
Morley, 9 2)'^i'ts complete, 8vo. sd, 10s Calcutta, 18G1-62 

33835 TARIKHI CAN^DAHAR. ^j^^^ j.^-* <_cJl; .Uja5 :^..\j : 

History of Candahar (Southern Afghanistan) during the reigns 
of Jehangir and Shah Jehan and Aurangzib, in Persian, by Mii'za 
Mehkdi, son of *Ata ullah al-Huseini, sm. folio, clearly written 
MS. witliout the last leaf, native hinding, £3. Sec. xvu 

33836 TARTKH I KASHMIR. ^^-.Ui 'fijj : History of Kashmir, 

by Khaja Aram Dudmuri, in Persian, neatly written MS. 327 pp. 
within borders of coloured lines, first leaf illuminated, roy. 8vo. old 

calf £2. 28 A.H. 1267 

The proper title is Waki*at-i Kashmir. The author's name is taken 
from an English note on the fly-leaf. 
Tarikh-i Khapi-khan — see Muntakhab-ul-Ldbab. 

33837 Tarikh-i M'asumi. ^^yax^ ¥^'j^ ' History of Sind from its 

early conquest by the Arabs to the time of Akbar, by Mir 
Mohammed M'asum, in Persian, sm. 4to. MS. in a free cursive 
ha7idwriting, gilt Indian hitiding, 35s a.h. 1222 

This is a standard work, very scarce in England. It is wrongly marked 
in three places with the title " Chach Nama." 

33838 another MS. of the same work, sm. folio, plainly written, 

a little water-stained, Indian gilt hinding, £2. hs Sec. xviii 


33839 Tarikh-i Mu'ajjam. ^ CJ;U J 1^1 ^h >^ ^^U : History 

of the Kings of Persia, in Persian, sm. 4to. lithographed, limp 
morocco, 10s (? Tabriz) AM. 1264 

33840 Tarikh-i Jaunpur. <t«l} uf j^9^ • History of Jaunpor, from 

A.H. 772 to 986, by Khairu-d-Din Moh. of Allahabad, in Persian, 
8vo. plain MS. 5s Sec. xix 

33841 Tarikh-i Mohammad Shahi. JUjJ\ .jU JbLi *X/*^sr* ;^ ilj : 

History of the Moghul Empire, preceded by a review of ancient 
and general history, in Persian, 2 vols, in 1, folio, MS. well 
written in Nastalik characters, toith two illuminated ^TJnwans, 
Indian binding, 36^ (? Dilili) about 1748 

The reign of Mohammed Shah (1719-1748) is treated very briefly, the 
greater part of the book being a record of the careers of his predecessors. The 
author's father was a person of importance at the court of Farmkh-siyar. 

33842 Tawarikh-i ShIr Shah. J^;^^Si:b ^lljb ^ «U^ *^.j\y 

Jji ii^£ ' History of the Emperor Shir Shah, in Persian, folio, 

MS. neatly written in a large and bold Nastalik hand, within 
coloured ridings, the first leaf decorated with a painted flower- 
border and a richly gilt head-ornament, Indian maroon morocoo, 
25s Sec. XVIII 

33843 Tashrih. ..^^Jb ^^j^^am^ ^yi^\ ls^\ : System of Anatomy 

by Mansur bin Muhammad ibn Ahmad, m Persian, small folio, 
clearly written MS. with numerous curious large drawings of 
human figures, wormed, hf. calf, 20s (JDihli) A.H. 1145 

33844 Tazkiratu-t-Tibb. \,^^^\ i^Sj ' Treatise on Medicine, ti*eating 

of all kinds of diseases and their remedies, written in verse, 
Persian MS. interleaved, roy. 8vo. 152 pp. bd. os (1740) 

33845 Tazkira'jul-Waki'at. ejUSl^l ij'^:j ^^^^.^^ 2fl-i»jlj ^^Ufc :^'j\j: 

Memoirs of the Mogul Emperor Humayun, written by his 
personal attendant Jauhar, in Persian, roy. 8vo. MS. neatly 
written on saffron-coloured paper, calf, lettered Tareekh Humayoon, 
24^ A.H. 1276 

In the same volume is bound up a Persiiin work on the Afghan Kings of 
Dilili, comprising Bahlol, Sikandar, Ibrahim, Shir Shah, Islam Shah, Moh. 
Adili (a.ii. 850 to 988). 

33846 Private Memoirs of the Moghul Emperor Humayun, 

translated by Major C. Stewart, 4to. sd. hs 1832 

33847 TIMUR. ,c,4^* cjI^^aI/* : Memoirs,. Institutes, and Designs, 

translated from the great conqueror's Turhi original into 
Persian, by ABtJ Talib Husaini, 8vo. 450 pp. well written MS. 
old calf, 25« Sec. xviii 

These MSS. form the complete work, and comprise not only the Jnstitates 
and Designs which were translated by Davy in 1783, but also the Memoirs 
which were translated by Stewart in 18:50. 


33848 TIMUR. Another copy of the same, differently arranged, 2 parts 
in 1 vol. 8vo. MS, elegantly written in Nastalik within gold lines, 
with two illuminated headings, old English red morocco extra, gilt 
edges, £2. Sec. xviii 

33849 • .y^ Cjl^ijJ : Institutes political and military, in 

English by Major Davy, Persian- English, ed. White, 4to. 
frontisp. hf. hd* hs Oxford, 1783 

33850 Autobiographical Memoirs of the Mogul Emperor Timur ; 

written in the Jagatai Turki Language ; turned into Persian, by 
Abu Talib Hassaini ; and translated into English, by Major C. 
Stewart, 4to. map of Transoxania, SOs 1830 

33851 Expedition de Timour-i-Lenk ou Tamerlan contre Toq- 

tamiche, Kh^n de TOulous de Djoutchy en 793 de THegire ou 

1391 de notre ere, decrite d'apres Ifes historiens musulmaus, 4to. 

no title, sd, 18s (? Paris, ca, 1830) 

Avec des pieces jnstificatives en Persan Arabe et Turk. 

33852 TIR-NAMAH, or Risalah-i Tiraxdazt. 4^J^Ju\^' aIL. : Treatise 

on Archery, in three books, by Sayyid Mir 'Alawi (?) in 
Persian, 8vo. well written in Nastalik characters, within gold 
lines, with three gilt headings, and 9 fine large miniatttres repre- 
senting Bowmen, hf,hd,£2,bs A. n. 1150 

33853 TOHFET UDDARITYAT. <Lwjlill iil J hj"^^ ^^^ tA * ^^^^6^" 

tary upon the Elegancies of the Persian tongue, by Ahmed 
Hayati, in Turkish, 8vo. native binding, 205 

{Constantinople) A.h. 1251 

33854 Tucker, Pocket Dictionary English-Persian, 8vo. 145 pp. cloth, 

2s Qd 1850 

33855 TUTI-NAMA. d^\j ^^ : Tales of a Pan*ot, by Zia-u d-Din 

Nakhshabi, in Persian, 12mo. Manuscript, beautifully written in 
a fine TaHiq character on straw-coloured paper, three leaves at end 
in a more modern hand, native binding, 16s Sec. xvii 

33856 L-^U. jj iUljjJcJL;^ fj^ j^ <uU ^^[p : Tuti Na- 

MAH (the Book of the Parrot) by Nakhshabi, and the Sikandar 
Namah of Nizami, 4to. Persian MS, bd. 21s About a.d. 1700 
The Sikandar Namah is written on the margins. 

33857 another MS. of the Tuti-nama, sm. folio, elegantly and 

written, Indian binding, 68 Sec. xviii 

33858 another MS. of the same, sm. 4to. well vrritten, bound, bs 


33859 ^.JiJ<^ ijAsi^ <ul) ^^^ ' Stories of a Parrot, w Pemaw-, 

8vo. neat MS, gilt Indian binding, lbs Sec. xviii 

33350 Tales of a Parrot, Persian and English, 8vo. calf gilt, 6s 


33861 Die Papagei-Marchen, erzahlt von M. Wickerhauser, 

12mo. plates, cloth, gilt edges, Ss 6d Leipzig, 1858 

Ulugh-beg — see Oloug. 


^— ■ — ■ ■ ■ — --'■■- - — — -— ■- — — -■■ .■■■■ ■■- -■ ^ 

3;^8G2 UEFl ^j\\jJ!:» J^ ^^W^ • complete poetical Works of Urfi of 

Shiraz, Persian MS. sm. 4to. beautifully written with illuminated 
^Umcans and borders^ a fine MS. Oriental binding^ £2. 12« GcZ 

A.H. 1055 

338G3 Vernay (Charles) Poesies Turques et Persanes, etc. roy. 8vo. 

lithographed^ hf. morocco, gilt top, lOs Paris, 1858-59 

A curiosity, the boy-aathor having been congratulated as a genius by 

distinguished Persians and Tnrks. 

33864 VULLERS, Lexicon Persico-Latinum Etymologicum cum linguis 
maxime cognatis Sanscrita etZendica et Pehlevica comparatnm; 
accedant Appendix vocum. dialecti antiquioris, Zend et Pazend 
dictae, et Supplementum continens verborum linguae Persicao 
radices, 3 vols. 4to. (pub. £4.), unbound, £2. 2s Bonn, 1855-67 

33865 the same, 3 vols. 4to. bd. £2. 10^ ib. 1855-67 

33866 the same, 3 vols, in 2, 4to. hf. morocco, £2. I6s 1855-67 

33867 Institutiones linguee Persicae, cum Sanscrita et Zendica 

lingua comparatse ; Syntaxis et ars metrica Persamm, 2 vols, 
in 1, 8vo. bd. 4* * GisscB, 1840-50 

33868 Grammatica linguae Persicae, 8vo. sd. bs 1870 

33869 Wahshi's Diwan. ,<-ii^j u^^^ * including the Farhad wa 

Shirin, Persian, royal 8vo. 602 pp. beautifully written Manuscript, 
inscribed vnthin borders of gold, partly on rose-coloured paper, the 
first leaf absent. Oriental binding, 30s (1780) 

33870 jbbJj ^j^ • Story of Farhad and Shirin, a masnavi, 

in Persian, l2mo. lithographed, with many curious illustrations, 
bds. 6s Tehran, A.H. 1270 

33871 WASSAF. ^U?^ j^\j : Geschichte Wassaf's. Persian and 

German, by Hammer-Purg stall, 4to. Vol. I (all puh.), sd. 7s 6d 


33872 WoLLASTON (A. N.) English-Persian Dictionary, compiled from 

original sources, 8vo. (sells 25«), cloth, lbs 1882 

33873 Zdbdatu-l-Makamat. cl^UU^l ijjj • A Collection of choice 

Persian pieces, compiled by Muhammad Hashim, Persian MS. 
beautifully written, royal 8vo. pp. 522, bd, 21s a.h. 1078 

33874 Zadu-l-Akhirat. Syi^'i] jU : ** Provision for the Judgment," 

being a Persian account of the world so far as it concerns Islam, 
chiefly occupied with the patriarchs, prophets, etc., MS. very 
neatly written, 4to. pp. 811, bd. 36^ a.h. 1019 

33875 ZAMAKHSHARI. j\Ji\ wo, : Anthology of Anecdotes and 

Examples, in Persian, sm. folio, MS. neatly written in Nashhi, within 
gold lines, with an ornamental heading, the first twoleaves slightly 
defective, some wormholes and reparations throughout, old Indian 
binding, £2. 10s a.h. 993 

A work of classical standing and importance, translated from the 
Arabic original. This MS. fetched 225 francs at De Sacy's sale. 


33876 ZuiiURi. ^-,ij,li> J».« ^\jCL\ : Three poetical works : includinof the 

Mina Bazar, m Persian, 8vo. MS. in the Shikasta character^ 
hound, 105 A.ii. 1137-38 

33877 ^LsJl iks^ : Minor Works, in prose and verse, in 

Persian, 8vo. flain MS. hound^ hs 6c? A.H. 1213 

1. Eastern Turki. 

33878 Abulghasi Bahadur Chani Historia Mongolorum et Tatarorum, 

tatarice, folio, hf, calf neat, uncut, £2. 12s 6d Gasani, 1825 

33879 Bakhttar Nameh : Tale of Prince Bakhtyar and the ten Vazirs, 

based on the story of " the Seven Sages," translated into Uigur, 
sm. folio, a faosimile transcript of the ^mique MS. in the Bodleian 
library ; calf, from the collection of Amedee Jauhert, £2. 

A.H. 838— aftoM^ 1830 

33880 SiiAW (R. B.) Grammar of the Turki Language, as spoken in 

Eastern Tnrkistan, with extracts, roy. 8vo. cloth, 12s 

Lahore, 1875 

33881 Vambery, Uigurische Sprachmonumente, und das Kndatku Bilik, 

TJigurisch und Deutsch, mit Worterbuch, 4:to. facsimile, sd. 145 

Innsbruclc, 1870 

2. Osmanli Turkish. 

33882 Aali Efendi Gallipoli. J^-JJlSl ^^Jc^il Jlc JuLai : Poetic 

Works, in TurMsh, sm. 4to. plainly written MS. native Holding, 
2 Is Sec. XVII 

33883 Aali Pasha. ^.^^ ;L^ji\\ u^SL^ J iL!L; : Life of Mohyi the 

inventor of the Balaibalan — .^Jjtj 7t-L>- ^*^ • Moses in the 
Burning Bush — <ul3 j^Lu>-l • aiiother Turkish poem; with 

three Persian works, including the Pendnama of Attar, in 
1 vol. 12mo. MS. hf. hd. 10s Sec. xvii 

33881 Aashik. ^^ /i-^lc ii}^3^.^ ' ^^ems of Aashik Omar, 8vo. lithogr. 

hd. 45 ^ " A.H. 1283 

The story of Shall Ismail and the ladj Gulzar is added on the margias. 

33885 Aashik Ghakib. t-^JrC /J-2»lc : The Strange Lover, a Tale, in 

TurlHsh, 8vo. S plates, lithographed, hd. 45 6d circ. A.n. 1265 

33886 Abu Muhammad al-Ghaznawi. ^.l^jl!! ^\. : Institutes of 

Medicine, in Turldsh, sm. 4to. well written MS. with voweUpoints, 
hound, 10s C)d About 1600 


3388? Ahd-namah. <t«l5 «Xu£ : Treaty between the Ottoman Porte and 

the French Crown, in Turlcish^ ICmo. MS. on vellum, in^parch- 
ment ivrappet', 6s Constant. 1153 

33888 Akhlaki Alai. Jlc i5^^ • -^ work on Ethics, in ornamental 

Turliish prose (by 'Ali bin Amrillah Kinalizada), sm. folio, hd, 
105 BWih, A.H. 1248 

A celebrated composition of the sixteenth century. 

33889 Alf Leila. ^ j aLL! l-cJI : Thousand and one Nights, trans- 

lated into Turkish, Yol. II, roy. 8vo. containing Nights 190-500, 
hound, 7s 6d (Const, about 1860) 

33890 Ali Aziz, the Cretan, Story of Jewad, a romance translated from 

the Turkish by E. J. W. Gibb, sm. 8vo. cloth, bs Glasgmv, 1884 

Annals of the Turkish Empire — see Ottoman Chronicles. 

33891 Arabia, Geographical Description of, in Turlcish, sm. folio, MS. in 

the handwriting of the great scholar Golius, with many glosses hy 
him, calf, 10s Sec. xvii 

33892 Astrology. l}\ J^JU Jli c-^lix^ : a work on Omens, Predic- 

tions, etc., 12mo. plainly written MS. hound, 12s 

Angoras, a.h. 959 

33893 Aziz Efendi. tJj^\ jjj£ d^Li^ ; Tales, etc., in Turkish, Bvo. 

hd. hs Constantinople, a.h. 1284 

33894 Baki. ^\j jjLJ : Odes of the famous poet Baki, oblong 12mo. 

illuminated MS. exquisitely written in the finest Nastalilc char- 
acters, within gold lines ; in the original limp morocco hinding, 
richly gilt and figured inside and outside, from the collections suc- 
cessively of Rousseau and Jauhert, d63. 35 A.H. 1011 

33895 Barker's Practical Turkish Grammar, with Dialogues and Vocabu- 

lary, 12mo. cloth, \s 6d 1854 

33896 Reading-Book of the Turkish Language, with Grammar 

and Vocabulary, 8vo. 263 pp. cloth, 5s 1854 

33897 Battal Ghazi. ^cjli Jlk) S^\ 'ij^ : The Romance of the 

ancient Islamic hero, Abu Mohammed Sayyid Battal Ghazi, in 
Turkish, sm. 4to. plain MS. hd. 20s a.h. 1179 

33898 another MS. of the same, stout sm. 4to. {several leaves 

supplied in a modern hand A.H. 1254, hut) the hody of the hook 
in an old Turkish hand, and furnished with all the vowel points, 
native hinding, 21s Sec. xviii 

33899 Beligh. 4_Jj ^^\^J ' The Poems of Beligh, written early in the 

present century, Turkish, 8vo. hd. 6s (Const.) a.h. 1258 

33900 BIANCHI (T.) Vocabulaire Frau^ais-Turc, with Appendix, stout 

8vo. hf calf, lbs Paris, 1831 

33901 Guide de la Conversation en Fran9ais et en Turc, oblong 

8vo. sd. 7s ; or, hd, Ss 1852 


33902 BIANCHI et KIEFFER, Dictionnaire Turc-Franvais, 2 stout 
vols. 8vo. hf, calf, uncut, 255 Paris, 1835-37 

33903 the same, 2 vols, in 3, Svo. calf, SOs 1835-37 

This copy has a MS. Index on the margins (ledger fashion) to facilitate 

33904 Dictionnaire Turc-Fran9ais et Fran^ais-Turc, 4 vols. 

8vo. calf gilt, £3. 10* 1835-46 

33905 Dictionnaire Turc-Fran^ais et Francais-Turc, seconde 

edition, 4 stout vols. Svo. hf, calf, £4. 4s 1850-46 

33906 ' Dictionnaire Turc-Fran^ais, seconde edition, 2 vols. 

stout Svo. hf. calf, £2. I65 1850 

33907 BORDA. ^Jj iJu-a5 <Ur>- J --j-S» > KAIStjrN-ZADAH, {^-M \ L-^li:^ 

/ttli 'r.4l 1 : 2 Turkish MSS. in 1 vol. sm, 4to. well written, hf hd, 

9s A.H. 1004 

BosNU — see History. 
Callaris, Compagnon de Tons — see in class Arabic. 

33908 Choix de Fables traduites en Turc ; avec une version Franqaise 

et un glossaire par Letellier, Svo. hf, hd, 10s 1826 

33909 CoNSTANTiNiDES (Al.) Oth6manike Grammatike, Svo, cloth, 55 

Constant, 1874 

33910 CoNTES Turcs extraits du Roman intitule, Les Quarante Vizirs, 

par M. Belletete, 4to. sd,hs \ or, calf, Qs Qd 1816 

33911 \ — Grammar of the Turkish Language, 4to. hds, 7s 6d 1832 

33912 Davids (A. L.) Grammaire Turke, avec discours preliminaire, 

vocabulaire, et extraits, 4to. hds. 2s 6d; hf. morocco, 4s Qd 


33913 Defteri Ishk. Jl ^LuLuc ^iJ : Stories of Love, in Turkish verse, 

Svo. hd, 35 Islamhul, a.h. 1253 

33914 DiwANs. ^^ j\x:;>\j lJ^^ u^^^"^^ l5^'^ ^^^-"^ ' ^^^^^ ^^ 

Feizi Ka-fzada, Seyyid Vajdi, and of Shahri, tii Turkish, sm. 4to. 
well written MS, sewed, \2s a.h. 1094 

33915 j\xJ:i\jA^^ ^\^jxJ^^ ^^ ^<yJ : Poems of Kabdli, 

Zi'ai, and another, in Turkish, large 8vo. tvell written MS,, hf, 
red moi'occo gilt, 18s Sec, xvii 

33916 Dorer maknun. ^yil^ nJ • Hidden Gems, a treatise on the 

Mohammedan religion, in Turkish, 4to. flain MS,, native hind- 
ing, 7s 6d • Sec, xviii 

33917 DoRRAT-u T-TAj. -^\/t^^ v.^5^U i\-.«: ^^ -U^ ijd : Biography 

of Mohammed, by 'Oweis ben Mohammed Oskubi, called 

Weisi, in Turkish, 2 vols, in 1, royal Svo. native hinding, 20s 

Bulak, A.H. 1245 
Highly esteemed for its language; written early in the seventeenth century. 

Nabi's Supplement — see under Nabi. 


33918 PJVLIYA, Travels in Euroi)e, Asia, and Africa, in the Seventeentli 

Centur}^, translated from the Turkish by J. von Hammer, 2 vols. 
4to. in 1, 12* 1834-5G 

The writer was an enthasiastic Tarkish traveller, and hia description of 
the various countries he passed through is remarkably faithful. Indeed, no 
other book of Oriental travels can be considered superior. His account of the 
Turkish and Persian provinces, and Asia Minor, is all that remains ; the 
narrative of his travels through Europe (Sweden, Holland, Germany, etc.). if 
ever written, has perished. He lived in lie sixteenth century, and was in the 
service of some of the more ambitious Pashas of the Porte, so that his relation 
of contemporary afi^rs in Turkey is most ample and interesting. 

33919 EvLiTA Chelebi. J^jJa^\^j^j U^ i^^^Jsx^: Historical and 

Topographical Account of Constantinople, in Turkish, 8vo. bd. 
lOs 6d A.H. 1259 

33920 Faruki and Masum. j.^^^*^ kJ^j^ •^^"♦^^ ^*^ ci?b^« ^u^J 

Aynx/t ' The Sacred Writings, Traditionary and Theosophic, of 

Sheikh Ahmed Farnki Serhindi and Mohammed Masnm, trans- 
lated by Mustakimzada into Turkish, 6 vols, in 2, impl. 4to. 

lithographed, hf, morocco, £2. {Constantinople) A.n. 1277 

Two Persian Sufic writers. 

33921 Fazli. JJj< tX* ^^ ^ Biilbiil, ein romantisches Gedicht, von 

Fasli, tnrkisoh herausgegeben nnd deitfsch iibersetzt durch J. von 
Hammer, 8vo. hf, hd. Zs Qd Fest, 1834 

33922 Fetawa-i Ali Ependi. ^JX>J\ ^Ix lS%^ • J^iridical ReBponses 

and Decisions of the Sheikhu Tlslam *Ali Efendi, in Turkish, 
2 vols, in 1, 4to. native binding, 15^ (Constantinople, about 1840) 

33923 another volume of Fetvas, in Turkish, sm. 4to. plai^i MS. 

bound, Is ^d Sec. xviii 

33924 FIRDAUSI. iLtj^J <UiJ <uU b^J^ : The Shah-namah, trans- 

lated into Turkish verse (Yol. I, perhaps all that teas accom- 
plished), sm. folio, MS, well vrrltten within gold lines, with a 
splendidly illuminated TJnwan, and 33 fine Miniatures ; in the 

original binding, £15. Sec, xvi 

This is, perhaps, the original MS. executed for Kansu Ghnri, but the 
sign-manual of a Turkish sultan, probably his conqueror ISelim I, has been 
imposed upon the centre ornament of the first page. 

33925 FOStTS-U L-HIKAM. SJ\ J^ y* : Commentary on the 

Fcjsds of Ibn-nl-Ai-abi, by tbe Sheikh 'Abdullah al-Bosnawi (of 
Bosnia), in Turkish, embodying also the Arabic text, 2 vols. 8vo. 
If. bd. 30« Constant. A.^. 1290 

Tlie Turkish commentary is liardly less highly esteemed than the original 
work, a treasury of wise and mystic sentences. 

3392G FuzoLi. J**ai CLJb*::^^. jo^*jJ : Diwan, and other poems, in 

Turkish, 12mo. pretty MS. neatly written within gold lines, unth 

various illuminated and painted corner- ornaments, 20s Sec, xviii 

33927 Grammaibe Turque, 8vo. calf, rare, lbs Constantinople, 1730 

33028 Grammaire Tltrque, 12mo» morocco, 2s 6d Constantinople, 184G 


33929 Guzel-Oglou, Nouveaux Dialogues Fraii(^*ais-Turcs, avec tin 

Vocabulaire, 8vo. ///. calf, 2s M Coftstantmople, 1852 

33930 ^j^it^!^ aiftjdi^. ; Hadikat-ns-Su'ada : the Garden of the Blest, 

containing lives of the Prophets from Noah to Hassan and 
Hnsain, in TtcrJcish, Svo. Oriental binding, 9s 

Btdah, A.H. 1253 (1837) 
Apparently an imitation of. or at least derived from some Shi'ite Persian 

33931 Had I ul Ushshak. Jlill j^j,,^^-* vLIj^!! o^^U : The Lover's 

Guide, a poem by Sheikh Gheighuli, in Turhisli, roy. 8vo. 
lithogra'pJied, native gilt binding, 12s (? Constantinople, A.H. 1273) 

33932 Hajji Khalfeh, History of the Maritime Wars of the Turks, 

translated from the Turkish, by J. Mitchell, part I, 4to. 55 1831 

33933 Hamdi. c/X*.rs. i^^u»aj (o^^'*« ij^ ^^ • Loves of Leila and 

Majniin, in Turkish verse, 12mo. plainly written MS. the last leaf 
wanting, bound, 10s Sec, xvii 

33934 HAMMER-PURGSTALL, Geschichte der Osmanischen Dicht- 

kunst bis auf unsere Zeit, 4 vols, in 3, Svo. with translated 
extracts from 2200 Poets, 24s Pesth, 1836-38 

33935 HANDJERI (A.) Dictionnaire Fran^ais-ARABE-PERSAN et Turc, 

3 vols, in 1, 4to. (pub. at about £7* 7s), calf, £S. 10s 

Moscou, 1840-41 
33936 the same, 3 vols. 4to. hf, morocco, £4. 1840-41 

33937 Hbvayi. J\jb loW*^ • ^^^^^ of Hevayi, in Turkish, 8vo. MS» 

well written within gold lines, with ttvo illuminated pages, in the 
original morocco binding, the sides gilt, 20s Sec. xvil 

33938 HIKAYAT. Uuu^ ^^J\ jJU^ j.j ^i^ A:^ ^^j^^ h}L»^ 

^^j^\ i^l^l <dllju£ ^j jlj^ Jr*!/ • ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ 

War, in which the chief personages are Khurshid Shah, Farrukh- 
roz, and Alam-afroz, in Turkish, by Feramorz bin Hudad bin 
Abdallah al-Katib al-Arjani, folio, a large and very fine MS. 
beautifully written within gold and coloured lines, with illuminated 
' TInwan and 60 large Miniatures, a few of ivhich have been defaced 
by iconomachic seal, but for the major part in fine condition ; in 
the original gilt Tui'kish binding, from the library of Amedee 
Jaubert, £12. Sec. xvi 

33939 ^^^^ Ju^j;^ ; J^ iV ' ^^^'*'^^ ^^ Khiirshfd and 

Mehiii, of Suleiman and Khancharli, in Turkish, 2 opuscules, 
8vo. lithographed, loith several illustrations, sd. 10s 

Constant. A.H. 1268, etc. 

33940 \dj^ % J-.jt/i**jl *L2» : Story of Shah Ismail and Gul- 

izar, ^V^ Turkish, 8vo. lithographed, with illustrations, bd. (Ss 

ib. (about 1860) 

33941 l]^^ i^ i^^^*M^[s^ *V.^^^ • Histoire de Djameseb fils 

de Daniel, en Turc et en Franqais^ par J. B. Defiennes, ^fm. 4to. 



ivell written MS, with gilt heading, in the original giU Turkish 
binding, lbs (J Constantinople), 1732 

33942 HIKAYAT. Tales, in Turkish, translated apparently from the 

Persian, and ending with the lOfch chapter " On the King's Son 
and the Lark-bird," roy. 8vo. beautifully written and illumi- 
nated MS., every page decorated until gilt and floioered borders ; 
with ^ miniatures; some leaves missing at the beginning; hf, 
morocco gilt, 30s Sec, xvii 

33943 Hilyat-en-Naji. i<^U\ <L1^ : Treatise on Religious Obser- 

vances, in Turkish, with commentary, roy. 8vo. 562 pp, native 
binding^ 7s Bulaq, a.h. 1251 

33944 Hiltat-er-rtjal. j\^\ LLo^^ j\J U^\ . . . Jl>-J< LXs>- '- Lives 

of Sufi Sheikhs and Holy Men, by Mustafa bin Ahmad, in 
Turkish, sm. 4sto. beautiftdly written MS. within gold and coloured 
lines, with a finely gilt heading, in the original ornamental 
Turkish binding, 24s A.H. 999 

33945 History of the War in Bosnia, during the years 1737, 38, and 39, 

translated from the Turkish, by C. Fraser, 8vo. 2? 1830 

33946 HosEiN Vaez KashIfi. l\^\ ,,.^ culs-^, : Lives of the 

Nakishbendi Sheikhs, etc. ti-anslated from the Persian into 
Turkish, by Mohammed Ma'rdf, 8vo. MS. well written within 
gold lines, with illuminated heading; in Turkish red morocco, 
25s Sec. XYii 

33947 HuMAYUN Nama. ^\j j^yUjb : The Imperial Book, a tmnslation 

of Bidpai's Fables, by Alt Chelebi (Ala-ed-din Aly ben Ssalih), 
in Turkish, sm. 4to. MS. elegantly written within red lines, bounds 
30s Sec. XVI 

33948 Ibrahim Efendt. ^^^\ ^Uaj J Ss^^] J«-tf\ : Treatise on the 

Science of Government, in Turkish, sm. 8vo. bound, 9s 

Kastant. a.h. 1144 
The author was the founder of the Mohammedan press. 

33949 Insha. UdI : Models of Diplomatic Correspondence, compiled 

by Musa bin Hasan ash-Sherifi, m Turkish, 8vo. written in 
diplomatic character, within red lines, in the original Turkish 
gilt morocco binding, 10s Sec. xviii 

33950 a different collection, 8vo. MS. in a dijdomatic hand, 

bound, 6s Sec. xvii 

33951 Insha Aziz, jic luj\ : Diplomatic Correspondence on the aiSaii^ 

of Turkey, in Turkish, roy. 8vo. bd. 5s (Bulak, about 1850) 

33952 Insha i jEDfo. jo j^:>- LiJl : A Book of Precedents and Elegant 

Extracts, for guidance in composition, in Turkish, 8vo. litho- 
graphed, bd, 9s (Constantinople) A.H. 12G9 

33953 Izzi Efendt. ^^ i^j^ - History of the Turkish Empire, fix)m 

A.H. 1157-1166, in Turkish, sm. folio, cloth, gilt edges, 20s 

Constant, 1191* 

33954 Jaubert (Am.) Grammaire Tnrke, 8vo. bd, 2s (jd Varis^ 1833 


33955 KHOSRU VA SHiRlN. j\^J ^.i, ^^^ ^ ,^ : 

Masnavi Poem on the story of Khosru and Shirin, by the Me via 
Sheikhi Kermiyani,iw Turkish, ^vaAto, with all the vowel-points, 
finely written MS., bound, from Silvestre de Sacy^s library, £3. lOs 

A.H. 890 

33956 KIRK VAZIR. ^\^^j,j^ jj : The Tale of the Forty Vazirs, 

in Turkish, sin. 4to. plainly toritten MS. apparently wanting the 
first leaf, bds, 20s, A.H. 1010 

The most celebrated story-book in the Turkish language. 

33957 : another M8. of the same, sm. 4to. well written, eleven 

leaves wanting, bd, 7s 6d Sec. xvii 
see ante, Contes. 

33958 Kirk Suwal. J\^ j J s-'^ • Mevla Firaki's Forty Questions 

proposed to Mohammed concerning the ancient traditions and 
prophets of the church, with Mohammed's replies, in Turkish, 
tvith all the voiveUpoints, 8yo. lithographed, bd. 5s 

{Const,) A.H. 1270 

33959 KissA. ^ 'ij>ds>- . . . j<aAi ^^j^\^ ^Uai : Ali's Victories, in 

Turkish, 8vo. lithographed, bd. bs A.H. 1273 

33960 KiTAB Eyveliyat. ci;lJ^l <Ur>-,j : The Book of Origins, a work 

of general information, in dictionary form, dedicated to the 
Sultan Mohammed IV", by the author who styles himself 
Zevkeh-gin-zadeh, in Turkish, sm. 4to. native binding, 20« 

Sec. XYil 

33961 Lami'i. ^si a% ^i Kenj-i kelam-i kadim : an ethical Romance, 

in prose and verse, by Mahmud bin Osman al-Lami'i, in 
Turkish, sm. 4to. well wntten MS., in the original morocco covers, 
binding broken, from Be Sacy*s library, IBs Sec. xvii 

33962 ^jt^J ^Ujj^£ : Collection of Anecdotes, in Turkish, 

8vo. clearly written MS. the last three lines of text gone, in the 

original biiiding, 7s 6d Sec. XVIE 

33963 another copy, 8vo. MS. elegantly written and quite 

perfect, bound, lbs Sec, xvii 

33964 Lehjetu l-loghat. ci;U!J1 ^.s^l i'jj; : Turkish- Arabic Die- 

tionary, arranged in tabular fonn, in sextuple columns, 2 vols, 
in 1, 8vo. lithographed, hf bd. 20s {Constant.) a.h. 1288 

Not the original L^hjet, but a handier book intituled **thc Essence" 
{Zuhdat) of that work. 

33965 Leila and Mejnun. i^^^^^ iXl • Romantic Poem on the loves 

of Majndn and Leila, in Turkish, 8vo. lithographed, several 
coloured illustrations, bds. 8s a.h. 1264 

33966 Malloup, Dictionnaire Fran^ais-Tuixs, avec la prononciation figur^e, 

stout 12mo. hf bd. 7s Qd 1856 

33967 Grammaire Turque, avec des dialogues et un petit 

secretaire, 8vo. sd. 3« ^d 1862 


33968 Menasik ul Hajj. < ^< ^^L^1 l-^1::^ : Rites and Ceremonies of the 


Holy Pilgrimage, with an Itinerary of the route, by Muhammad 
Adib, in Turhish, 8vo. Id. 7s Bulah, a.h. 1250 

33969 Meninski, Institutiones linguae Turcicae, 2 vols, small 4to. hds, 5s; 

or, russia, 10s Vlndoh, 1756 

33970 the same, large paper, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, hd. 10s 

Thesaurus, see ante No. 319C6. 

33971 Mirat ul-Kainat. CL^Ljl^l ifL« : Encyclopaedia, by NishanjIzada, 

in Turkish, 2 vols. sra. folio, native hinding, £2, 

Bum, A.H. 1269 
This great compilation is divided into four j arts, and forms a kind of 
universal history. 

33972 Mirkh'and. \a^\ Xitj <U>- J : Ancient History and History of 

the Prophets, translated into Turkish from the first volume of 
Mirkhand's Universal History, sm. folio, hd. 10s 6d 

Constant. 1258 
39973 Mustafa bin Mohammud bin Ahmad. Treatises, in Ttirkish, 
3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. MS. beautifully written, with illuminated 
headings, gilt Turkish morocco, edges ornamented in gold, 305 

Ahcmt 1680 

Titles 'of the treatises: , j L^i (LiL,; c^^wiaH iC^^^i <LU-1 

33974 MuntakhabXti LoghXti OsmXnitta. JLiUir cuUl c^Lacii^ : 

Dictionary of the Turkish Language, i?i Turkish, 2 vols. 8vo. 

lithographed, neatly hf. hound, 20s Constantinople, a.h. 1285 

By Mr. Redliouse, tlie author of the Turkish-English Dictionaiy. 

33975 Nabt (Yusuf) ^^ ^^ Jj>i : Supplement to Weisi's Durratu 

T-TAj (Life of Mohammed), in Turkish, roy. 8vo. native hinding, 
68 Bulak, A.H. 1248 

33976, j\j ci;LjuLi^ : Elegant Compositions, as models, iw 

Turkish, 8vo. finely written MS., heading illuminated, and each 
page hordered with gold lines, Turkish morocco hinding, ISs 

About 1700 

33977 NAIMA. [^xj ^\'j : History of the Ottoman Empire from 

A.H. 1000 to 1070, in Turkish, stout sm. folio, an elegantly 
written MS., every page hordered hy thick lines of gold, and the 
first page richly ornamented with an illuminated heading ; in the 
original gilt Turkish morocco, £h. hs About 16Q0 

33978 Annals of the Turkish Empire, from a.d. 1591 to 1659, 

tianslated from the Turkish, by C. Eraser, Vol. I, 4to. 10^ 1832 

33979 Nasr-ei)-din (Khoja) t^.J^ll yoj ^-^4^ C-jIjI^ : Ludicrous 

Tales and sayings of the famous ** Khojah,*' in Turkish, sm. 
4to. tvell written MS, bound, 155 Aho^it 1700 


33980 Nawadir el-Asab. ^U-ill iJlk« l^^J^^'j^^V ' ^ I^^wan, con- 

sisting of couplets and quatrains selected from the best Turkish 
Poets, 4to. hf. hound, 8s 6d Bulaq, a.h. 1256 

33981 Napoleon. aJiljlj*j fCj^^' History of Napoleon, compiled from 

French sources (? Bourrienne), in Turhish, 4to. {all jpuhlished) , 
hound, 12s Iskandei'iya, a.h. 1249 

83982 Nazmi-zadeh. uJUJ ijU ^^ • Glossary to Abdullah bin 

Fazlullah's Persian history of the Mongols, entitled Tarikh-ul- 

Wdssdf, in Turlcifih, 8vo. MS, beautifully written, the first two 

pages ornamented in gold, and the edges gilt ; hound in green silk, 

£2. 2s A.H. 1197 

33983 NoRRis (E.) Turkish-English Vocabulary, 12mo. original MS. on 

274 leaves, the Turkish in Roman characters, hf. hd. bs 1828 

33984 OTTOMAN CHRONICLES : i. U^ ^^l; : Naima's History 

of the Turkish Empire, with Preface by Ibi'ahim Efendi, 
2 vols. A.H. 1147 

n. t.^Jcil sJt»\ » f^j^J '•' Annals of Rashid Efendi, 3 vols, in 2 1153 

m. ^ss:\.^t r^9 c^^*** f^J^^ • ^^^^"' ^^ Sami, Shakir, jind Subhi 
^ ' ^ ^ ^^ 1198 

IV. ^jcil j^U^tjJ-j t-^j^ -fCj^ • Turkish Annals by 'Izzi Suleiman 


V. ujLpI^ J^XJ : The Chronicle of Vasif, 2 vols, in 1 1219 

together forming a set of Imperial HrsTORiOGRAPHERS, 

9 vols, in 7, sm. folio, two volumes in TurJcish calf, the others in 
French cloth, gilt edges, £5. A.H, 1147-1219 

A line of officially sanctioned Chronicles, containing the most ample and 
perfect history of Turkey from the year of the lied j rah 1000 to 1189 — that is 
to 1775. For the earlier period of the Ottoman annals, see infra Sa*d- 


There was a continuation of Kashid hy Chelebi-zada, in one thin volume, 
which is not contained in the above set. 

33986 PETCHAWI. ^ysf^:^.j\j: History of the Ottoman Empire, 

from Soleiman the Magnificent to the death of Murad IV 
(1520-1640), in Ttirkish, by the Defterdar Ibrahim Pasha 
Petchawf or Petchoglu, folio, MS. beautifully written within gold 
lines, with first page illuminated; elegantly hound in the original 
Turkish morocco, sides and edges gilt, in a case ; a fine volume 
from Be Sacy's library, £6. 65 About 1080 

This MS. bears an inscription of its ownership by the celebrated Haghib 
Pasha in a.h. 1143. It is an historical volume of rare occnrrence. 

33986 PiRQiLi. ^l(j <ul} L^\% ' The Book of Counsels, by Mohammed 

ben Pir 'AH (or Pirgili), in Turkish, 8vo. MS. well written 
within red lines, with all the voivel-points, hf. morocco gilt, 7s 6d 



33987 Rashid-ud-Din. iril^lyJ^ ^U- : General History of the Oriental 

nations, translated from the Persian text of Rashfd-nd-Dfn 
Fazl-allah, with a continuation down to the translator's time 
(a h. 985), in Turkish, stout sm. folio, ivell written MS. in the 
original binding, from the collection of Ameclee Jauhert, £4i, 4i8 

AbotU 1620 

33988 Rashid and Chelebi-zada. ^^\^ :^,Jj ^< ciJWl^ ^\t!i\ jlJl 

iJ^, --!>. 1:t!|Ij, ; Ottoman Chronicles, the second and third 

volumes of Rashid Efendi, and the whole work of Chelebi- 
zada, in Turhish, bound in 1 vol. sm. folio, Turkish binding, 20s 

Kustantin., Ibrahim, A.H. 1153 

33989 REDHOUSE (J. W.) Grammaire de la langue Ottomane, suivie 

de Tanalyse de la composition Ottomane, 8vo. bound, \0s 

Paris, 184G 
33990 Simplified Gi-ammar of the Ottoman-Turkish Language, 

sm. 8vo. (pub. lOs 6d), 204 pp. cloth, 7s 6d 1884 

33991 English-Turkish and Turkish-English Dictionary, 8vo. 

cloth, 5.9 ^ 1856 

33992 English- Turkish Lexicon, showing in Turkish, the 

various significations of the English Terms, royal 8vo. xvi and 

844 pp. printed with small but clear types, hf. bd. 12s 1862 

33993 English-Turkish and Turkish-English Dictionary, new 

and enlarged edition, by Dr. Charles Wells, PH.D., complete in 

two parts, forming one volume 8vo. double columns (pub. £2.), 

cloth, 2hs 1880 

The first edition had been long entirely out of print ; the few copies 

which turned up occasionally selling at prices above the original publishing 


33994 ROZETU L-ABRAR. ^^J^ aj^ j\Ji\ l^^j v^^b : History of 

the Prophets, the Mohammedan Dynasties, and especially of the 
Ottoman power, by 'Abdu 1-Azfz Kara-Chelebi, in Turkish, 
small folio, native binding, £2. 2s Bulak, A.H. 1248 

An historical work of great reputation, compiled about the middle of 
the seventeenth century. 

33995 SA'D-ED-DIN. ^^lyJl Jj • History of the Ottoman Turks, 

from the earliest record to the year 1526, in Turkish, sm. folio, 
splendid MS. written within gold lines, the first page illuminated; 
in the original Turkish ornamental binding, the edges also gilt and 
figured, enclosed in a case ; formerly in the possession of Hosein 
Pasha the grand Admiral of Selim III, aftenvards in the library 
of Silvestre de Sacy, £5. Sec. xvii 

33996 Sami, Shakir, Sdbhi. i^^-f^iX^J is^^ '^V^ ' ^*^^*" 

Chronicles, in Turkish, in 3 vols. sm. folio, cloth, gilt edges, ISs 

A.H. 1198 

33997 Seaman, Grammatica linguae TurcicflB, sm. 4to. calf, 2« 6d 

Oxon. 1670 
33998 another copy, 1670 — Testamentum Novum Turcice 


reddi turn, opera Gu. Seaman, ^j^rs^ edition, rare, Oa;ow,1666; — 

in 1 vol. thick sra. 4to. calf, f>s 

This is the first Turkish Grammar printed in England. 

33999 Seir-el-kebir. ^J^\ .^1 — Jb ^^^j^ - Turkish Translation of 

the Comment-ary by Shems el-Aimmet bin Sahl el-Serakhshi 
upon the Sefr el-Keblr (the Collection of Traditions relating to 
Warfare) of the Imam Muhammad bin Hasan el-Shefbani, 
2 vols, folio, native binding, enclosed in a single case, 9s 

Constantinople, A.H, 1241 

34000 Sericulture. l^C^A Cji'.^ <u> J ic <ul3 j^Axj - Instruction in 

the art of Silk-manufacture, cultivation of the mulberry tree 
and management of the worms, in Turkish, 8vo. lithographed, 
tvith folding plates to illustrate every phase of the process, hd. 7s 6d 

(Constant biople) A.H. 1269 

34001 Seruri. tijv*^ lS^j^ u^*j^ ' ^^® Poetica, or Treatise on Pro- 

sody and Metre, in Turkish, 8vo. well written MS. in the original 
binding, covered with green silk, edges gilt, \0s (jd Sec. xviii 

34002 Shahidi. ^^jj^Li ^Jls^ : Treatise in rhyme on Persian and 

Turkish synonyms, in Turkish, 12mo. plain MS. hd. bs A.H. 1095 
34003 another MS. of the same, sm. 4to. written within gold 

lines, hf morocco, 6s About 1690 

34004 another MS. of the same, sm. 4to. well written within red 

titles ; tables of words added at end, native binding, 6s A.H. 1196 

34005 the same work, 12mo. a pretty MS. elegantly written 

within gold lines, the first two pages finely illuminated, inanorna" 
mental Turkish binding, from Be Sacy^s library, 20s A.H. 1209 

34006 Shefik. <lJLAm*!\ ci?5UU!1 • History of the revolt of the Jam's- 

saries a.h. 1115, by Mohammed Shefik ; followed by a treatise of 
Mohammed bin Ahmed ibn ul Haj, on the figurative locutions 
of the history, in Turkish, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. well written MS. ; 
gilt morocco in Oriental style, 2%>s Sec. xviiT 

34007 Shu 'uri. J^JI jC^d • Explanation, in Turkish, of the figurative 

and metaphorical expressions found in Persian poets, 8vo. MS. 
well ivritten within red lines, bd. 7s A.H. 1093 

34008 [SuleimXn Bursawi ?] ,-.^1 jJy# ^ ,i> - Poem on the Birth 

and Mt'raj of the Prophet, in Turkish, sm. 4to. MS. well written 
within broad gold lines, in neat native binding. Vis A.H. 1241 

34009 Tartkh-i Satyah. A^'^.,\j\ Histoiy of the Conquest of Persia 

by the Afghans (by Krusinski), in Turkish, sm. 4to. bd. 6s 6d 

Kustantiniyah, a.h. 1141 
The third book printed at the first Turkish pi-ess. 

34010 Tarikh. ^Ui^laJfiAAJ lij !^'Xf • History of the buildings executed 

in Constantinople A.H. 957-963, by Mohammed Sa'id bin al-Hajj 
Mustafa, in Turkish, sm. 4 to. MS* plainly ivritten within red 
lines, bound, 208 A.u. 1187 


iJlOll Ni;w TioarAMKNT, iVt Turkish la Armenian cJiaracters, 8vo. cloth, 2^ 

Malta, 1831 
:54012 Tkzkirat-ul-Evmyya. U^Jl 'ijjj : Treatise on Moral PMosophr, 

intei'HporHed with tales, by Abu-1-Leis Samarkand!, translated 
into Turkish, siii. 4to. well written MS. with all the vowel-pointi. 
Oriental binding, 21* A.H. 985 

34013 Tkzkikkt ul Hukm. ^^^1 c:.»liLL ^i JlJ\ i/j.7 : Memoirs on 

the ditferent Religious Sects of the World, concluding with 
Islaiii, and an account of Mohammedan Literature and Science, 
by Seid Abderrahman Ashref, in Ttcrkish, sm. 8vo. hd, lOs 

Bulak, A.H. 1252 

34014 ToHKKii-i Vkhkhi. ^. ^> , <ti^ J^ : Grammatical Rhymed 

Ti'catiso on the Persian language, called Tohfeh-i Vehebi, with 
prose commentary by Ahmed Hayati, in Turkish, sm. 4to. native 
hinding^ Is 6d Const, a.h. 1266 

3i0l5 Tjik Tiiavki.lkh's Guidk, consisting of a Turkish Gbammab, 
RuLKs OF Pronunciation, a Vocabulary, and useful Dialogues, 
oblong 18mo. 108 pp. double columns, cloth, Is n. d. 

The above is a simple manual of those words and phrases most nsnally 
required, with an outline of Turkish Grammar, etc, by means of which a 
knowledge of the language may be easily acquired. 

3401G Turkish Grammar for Travellers, 4to. hf. bd. Ss Bombay, 1834 

34017 TuTi Nameii. ^<lj U^ : The Story of the Parrot, Turkish 

translation from the Persian, 8vo. bd. 85 Bulak, a.h. 1253 

34018 VASIF. j\ji\ ^^U^ : History of the Ottoman Empire from the 

year 1752 to 1774, by Ahmed Vasif Efendi, in Turkish, 2 vols, 
in one, sm. folio, in the original binding, 206* Const, a.h. 1219 

34019 another edition, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, native binding, 15« 

Bulak, A.H. 1243 

34020 uJ-tf<. 'fi-Jj : Vasif 's Chronicle, in Turkish, 2 vols, in 1, 

sm. folio, THICK PAPER, native binding, 12^ Bulak, a.h. 1246 

34021 Vasif Beg. ^^A'^ u^-^l^jlOl ^-u*lf ^^l^J : Poems, in Turkish, 

Toy. 8vo. 2^2^' 35, 71, 55, and 130, native binding, Ss 6d 

Btdak, A.H. 1257 

34022 Vaughan, Turkish Grammar, with Vocabulary, 8vo. frontispiece 

and plate of tor It Ing, fine copy in calf extra, \0s 1709 

34023 Vehbi Efendi. *J\ j^--J^. JuLaj : Poems, chiefly by Wehbi, but 

also including vainous poetry by other authoi-s, in Turkish, 
sm. 4to. plainly written MS. in Turkish binding, 2\s 

Sec. xvii-xviii 

31024 irj^* LiJ^^^ ' ^o®*i^^^ Works (Ghazals, Kasaid, Tarikhs, 

and Latifa), in 1 vol. large 8vo. Oriental binding, 20« 

Bulak, A.H. 1253 


34025 ViGUTEB, Elemens de la Langue Turque (avec un vocabulaire 
Fran9.-Turc), 4to. hd. 6s * Const. 1790 

1^4026 ViGUiER et Mallouf (N.) Dialogues Turcs-Fran^ais, mis en carac- 
teres orientaux (et romains), oblong 8vo. sd, 2s 6d Smyme, 1854 

34027 Wakf. l^lj aJJl j^. Lib JL^. Ub x^\. Lib ju^-^ , 1/j ^ 

— — 

Jj.4^ ^S*^! • ^ists of Books bestowed on educational founda- 
tions by successive Grand Vazirs, in Turkish, sm. 4to. well 
written MS. hd. 15s Sec. xviir 

34028 Wells (Charles) Practical Grammar of the Turkish language, 

12mo. (pub. 15s), cloth, 10s 1880 

The best Grammar of this important political language. 

Dictionary — see Redhouse. 

34029 Zenker (J. T.) Dictionnaire Turc-Arabe-Persan, 2 vols, in 1, 

impl. 4to. with explanations in French and German, hf. morocco, 
gilt tops, £3. Leipzig, 1868-76 

34030 Tracts, 16, 4to. and 8vo. a parcel, 6s 1860-80 

These tracts are chiefly on Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, and general philology. 

34031 Tracts. Tales, Anecdotes, History, Laws, Opuscula and MSS. of 

various kinds, a collection of about 50 pieces, in Turkish, 8vo. 
and sm. 4to. in folio bundle, lbs 1728-1850 

Inchiding a number of MS. official documents connected with the war that 
ended with the Peace of Peterwaradein. 


see post, amongst Indian Languages, in Section V. 

Malayan and Javanese. 

see post, amongst Polynesian Languages, in Section VII. 



34032 Armenian popular Songs, Armenian and English [by Father L. 

Alishan], 8vo. sd. 2s 6d Venice, 1867 

34033 Assises b^Ahtiocbe, en frant^ais avec la traduction armenienne die 

Sempad le Connetable, 4to. sd. 2s Qd Venise, 1876 

34034 AUCHER. Armenian Grammar, with select pieces, sm. 8vo. 

334^. ///. calf, 5s Venice, 1819 

34035 the same, 12mo. 231 pp. hf. hd. 2s 6d ; or, calf, gilt 

edges, 5s Venice, 1832 

34036 Armenian Grammar, 12mo. 144 pp. sd. 2s Venice, 1873 

Lord Byron, who stndied Armenian while in v enice, aided Father Ancher 
in the compilement of this Grammar. 

34037 Dictionnaire fran^ais-armenien et armenien-fran9ais, 

2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 20s Venise, 1812-17 



34038 AucHER and Brand, Armenian-English and English- Armenian 
Dictionary, 2 vols, royal 8vo. 983 a^id 640 pp, double columns, 
Jif. calf, 305 ; calf, gilt edges, or, Jif. Tnorocco, 35s Venice, 1821-79 

34089 AuCHER and Bedrossian, English- Armenian Dictionary by Aucher^ 
1821 — Armenian-English Dictionary by Bedrossian, 1875-79 — 

2 vols. roy. 8vo. hf morocco, £2. iOs Venice, 1821-79 

34040 Bagratouni, Haigh, an epic poem, in Armenian, 8vo. 621 pp. 

portrait, plates, cloth, Ss 6d Venice, 1858 

34041 Bible. The New Testament, in ancient Armenian and modern 

Ararat- Armenian, 8vo. 1251 ^jo. calf gilt, 2s 6d Moscow, 1834 

34042 Calfa (A.) Guide to conversation in English and Armenian, 12mo. 

cloth, 2s Paris, 1855 

34043 Dictionnaire armenien-fran9ais, 12mo. cloth, ^s 1862 

34044 CiAKCiAK, Dizionario italiano-armeno-turco, 8vo. calf, 2s Gd 1829 

34045 CoLLANA degli storici armeni, tradotti in italiano e illustrati da 

Tommaseo, 2 vols. 8vo. hds. Ss 6d Venezia, 1841-43 

34046 DiCTiONARiuM latino-armenum, per D[eodatum] N[ierszevicz] , sm. 

4to. vellum, 2s 6d Boonce, 1695 

34047 Pocket Dictionary, Engl.-Armenian and Armenian- 
English, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. hf, hd. Ss 6d Venice, 1835 
34048 Pocket Dictionary, English, Armenian and Turkish, 

3 vols. 12mo. sd. lbs Venice, 1843 

34049 DouzEAN (Jacob) Persian- Armenian Dictionary, with Persian 

grammar in Armenian, 4to. calf, 15s Constantinople, 1826 

34050 Elisjius, History of Vartan and the Religions Wars of the Persians 

and Armenians, translated from the Armenian by Neumann, 4to. 
sewed, Ss 1830 

34051 EusEBii Chronicon bipartitum, Armen, etLatine, Greecis fragmentis 

exomatum opera Ancher, 2 vols. 4to. hd, 12s Venet, 1818 

34052 Fj^n^lon, Adventures of Telemachus, in Armenian, by Hurmuz, 

2 vols. 8vo. with portrait and. plates, sd, Ss Gd Venice, 1850 

34053 Langlois (V.) Collection des Historiens anciens et modenies de 

TArmenie publiee en fran9ais, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. {all published), 
sd. 12s Paris, 1867-69 

34054 Laubr (M.) Grammatik der classischen Armenischen Sprache, 8vo. 

sd, 2s Wien, 1869 

34055 Armenische Chrestomathie, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d Wien, 1881 

34056 LiTURGiA Arm EN A, the Armenian text with Italian and English 

translations, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. Ss Gd Venezia, 1854-62 

34057 Matthieu d'Edesse Chronique (962-1136) avec la continuation de 

Gr]6goire le pretre jnsqu'en 1162, enfrangais, par Ed.Dulaurier, 
8vo. hds, 20s Paris, 1858 

34058 MS. in modern Armenian current writing, sm. folio, Oriental binding, 

7s Gd 1808 

34059 Mekhitar, Armenian Dictionary, explained in Armenian, 2 thick 

vols. roy. 8vo. 3000 pp. double columns, hd. 20s Venice, 1749-69 
This is an extensive dictionary, both of the classical and vulgar Armenian 
in two distinct alphabets. Snpplementary dictionaries of universal geography 
and biography are added, with maps and plates. 

34060 Milton's Paradise Lost, translated into Armenian, by P. Aucher, 

8vo. sd. 4)8 ; or, If. calf, bs 1824 


34062 Moses of Khoren, History of Armenia, in Armenian, ISmo. plates, 

calf, 2s 6d Venice, 1827 

34063 Histoire d'Armenie, en armenien et franqais, avec des 

notes, dictionnaire historique et notice geographique sur 
r Armenie, par Le Vaillant de Florival, 2 vols, in 1 , 8vo. map 
am>d portrait, Jif. morocco, 20s Paris (1836-41) 

34064 Storia, versione Italiana daiMonaciArmeniMechitaristi, 

ritoccata da Tommaseo, 8vo. hf, morocco, Ss 6d Venezia, 1841 

34065 Neumann (C. F.) Geschiclite der armenisclien Literatar, 8vo. sd, 

6s Leipzig, 1836 
Orpelian — see Saint-Martin, No. 30672. 

34066 Petermann, Grammatica armeniaca, 8vo. sd. Is 6d Berlin, 1837 

34067 RiGGS (E.) Grammar of modem Armenian spoken in Constanti- 

nople and Asia Minor, 12mo. cloth, 2s Constantinople, 1856 

34068 ScHROEDER (J. J.) Thesaurns Linguae Armeniacae, sm. 4to. 560^. 

hd, 6s Am^tel, 1711 

34069 ViLLOTTE, Diclionarinm latino-annennm ; accessit tabula chrono- 

logica, folio, vellum, 7s 6d Eomae, 1714 


34070 B opp (F.) Kaukasische Glieder des Indo-europaischen Sprach- 

stamms, 4to. sd, 2s 6d 1847 


34071 Brosset, Elements de langue georgienne, 8vo. sd, 7s 6d 1837 

34072 KjjAProth, Vocabulaire georgien-f ran9ais et fran^ais-georgien, 8vo. 

sd. 2s 6d . , . ^«***'*» 1^27 

34073 SouLKHANOFF, Vocabulaire georgien-fran9ais-russe, 8vo. 20^ 

;S^^. Fetersbourg, 1839 

34074 TcHOUBiNOF (D.) Dictionnaire georgien-russe-fran9ais, 4to. 734 

pp. £2. 2s St. Petershourg, 1840 

34075 Wakhoucht, Description geographique de la Georgie, Georgien et 

Francais, par Brosset, 4to. with 6 maps, SOs St. Petersb. 1842 
34076 the same, 4to. without the maps, hf, calf, 6s 1842 


34077 Rosen (G.) Ossetische Sprachlehre, nebst einer Abhandlung iiber 

das Mingrelische, Suanische und Abchasische, 4to. sd, 2s 

Lemgo, 1846 

34078 Sjogren, Ossetische Sprachlehre, mit Ossetisch-Deutschem und 

Deutsch-Ossetischem Worterbuche, 4to. 49 and 543 pp. calf gilt, 
I5s St, Petersburg, 1844 


34079 Loewe's Circassian-Eng.-Turkisli and Eng.- Circassian -Turkish 

Dictionary, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1854 




34080 Jaba (A.) Dictionnaire kurde-fran9ais, publie par F. Justi, roy. 

8vo. 463 'p'p. sd. 10s St. Petershourg, 1879 

34081 Justi (F.) Kurdische Grammatik, roy. 8vo. sd, os ib. 1880 
see under Persian : Beresine, Kuroghlu. 

Pushto, Pakhtu, Pat'han, Afghani. 

34082 Bellew (H. W.) Pukshto-English and English-Pnkshto Dic- 

tionary, in which the words are traced to their sources in the 
Indian or Persian languages, 4to. (pub. at 42*), cloth, 21s 1867 

34083 Grammar of the Pukshto Language, with exercises and 

dialogues, 4to. (pub. at 21^), cloth, 7s 6d 1867 

34084 Grammar and Dictionary, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. cloth, 24^ 1867 

34085 DrwAN-i-Abdur Rahman, or Poems of Abdur Rahman, edited by 

T. P. Hughes, 8vo. llthoyraphed, hf. hd. 7s 6d Lahore, 1877 

The most popular poet of the Afghans. He flourished Sec, XVII, 

34086 DoBN (Bernhard) Pushtu Chrestomathy and Glossary, 4to. 620 j^p. 

hf, hd, 12s St. Petersbtirg, 1847 

34087 Kalid-i-Afghani, Selections of Pushto Prose and Poetry for 

students, by T. P. Hughes, 4to. 418 pp. hf. hd. 2bs Peshawar, 1872 

34088 RAVERTY (S. H.) Pushto-English Dictionary, thick 4to. cloth, 

20s 1860 

34089 second enlarged edition, 4to. cloth, £2. bs 1867 

34090 Grammar of the Pushto, or language of the Afghans, 

impl. 8vo. 60 and 165 pp. sd. 4« ; ///. hd. hs Gale, 1855 

34091 the same, 4to. (pub. 21s). 36 and 204^^. cloth, 10s 1860 

34092 the same, 4to. new title, clothe 12s 1867 

34093 Gulshan-i-Roh, being Selections, prose and poetical, in 

the Pushto or Afghan Language, 4to. (pub. at £2. 2^), 12* 1860 
34094 Pushto Manual : grammar, exercises, dialogues, and a 

vocabulary, 12mo. 257 pp, roan, 2s 6d 1880 

34095 Teumpp (E.) Grammar of the Pasto or language of the Afghans, 

compared with the Iranian and North-Indian idioms, 8vo. (pub. 
at 21s), half calf, 10s Tubingen, 1873 

34096 Vaughan (J. L.) English-Pushtu Vocabulary, 8vo. sd, 5s 1855 
34007 YUSUF wo ZULEIKHA, in Pushtu verse, by 'Abd ul-Kadir, 8vo. 

plainly written MS. having an ornamental ^Unwan, and a bor- 
dering of coloured lines throughout, half morocco, £3. 3* Sec, xviil 
This poem was translated from Jami^s Persiau text in the time of Aarangzib. 


34098 Dames (M. Longworth) a sketch of the North Balochi Language, 

containing a Grammar, Vocabulary and Specimens of the Lan- 
guage, roy. 8vo. 170 pp. hf, calf gilt, 12s Calcutta, 1881 

34099 Gladstone (C. E.) Biluchi Handbook : grammar, vocabulary, 

dialogues, and letters, sm. folio, hf hd, 6s Lahore, 1874 

34100 MocKLER (E.) Grammar of the (South) Baloochee Language, as it 

is spoken in Makran, 12mo. clothe 5« 1877 



34101 Arch^ological Survey of Western India. Fleet (J. F.) Pali 

Sanskrit and Canarese Inscriptions from the Bombay Presi- 
dency and parts of Madras and Maisur explained, with appendix, 
folio, fp. 138, sd. hs 1878 

34102 BE AMES (J.) Outlines of Indian Philology, 12mo. map, cloth, 

28 Qd 1868 

34103 Comparative Grammar of the Modern Aryan Languages 

of India: Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, and 

Bangali, 3 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £2. 85), 27^ ' - ' ^ 1872-79 

34104 the same, Vol. Ill, 8vo. (pub. I65), cloth, %s ' 1879 

34105 Bopp (F.) Verwandtschaft der malavisch-polynesischen Sprachen, 

mit den indisch-europaischen, 4to. sd. 7s 6d Berlin, 1841 

34106 CoNDASWAMi Tver (T. S.) Alphabetical Catalogue in the vernacular 

and English characters, of the Oriental MSS. in the Library of 
the Board of Examiners, Vol. I {all published), 8vo. 231 pp. sd. 
5fi Madras, 1861 

34107 Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum — see class Pali : Cunningham. 

34108 Elliot (H. M.) Supplement to the Glossary of Indian terms used 

in the North Western Provinces (A-F), 447 p/?. {all published), 
8vo. maps, bds, 2s 6d ^gra, 1845 

34109 Glossary of vernacular judicial and revenue Terms as used in 

British India, sm. folio, 13S pp, bds, 6s Calcutta, 1874 

34110 Hodgson (B. H.) Miscellaneous Essays relating to Indian Sub- 

jects, 2 vols. Svo. map (pub. at 28^), cloth, Us 1880 

This is a collection of Mr. Hodgson's papers on Indian languages and 

34111 Hoernle (A. F. R.) Comparative Grammar of the Gaudian Lan- 

guages, with special reference to the Eastern Hindi, 8vo. map 
and plate (pub. at 18s), cloth, 10s 6d 1880 

34112 Poor (Laura E.) Sanskrit and its kindred literatures ; studies in 

Comparative Mythology, sm. 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d 1881 

34113 SouRiNDRo Mohun Tagoke, Mani-Mala, a treatise on gems, 2 vols. 

8vo. the text in four languages, Sanscrit, Hindi, Bengali, and 
English, portrait, frontispiece, and several woodcuts, cloth, £i. 12s 

Calcutta, 1879-81 

34114 Stocquelkr, the Oriental Interpreter and Treasury of East Indian 

Kjiowledge, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d cir. 1850 

34115 Williams (Monier) Original Papers illustrating the History of 

the application of the Roman Alphabet to the languages of 
India, Bvo. cloth, 2s M 1859 

34116 Wilson (H. H.) on the Rock-Inscriptions of Kapur di Giri, 

Dhauli, and Girnar, 8vo. plates, sd. 2s n. d. (1855) 




34117 Adelung (F.) Literatur der Sanskrit-Sprache, 8vo. sd, 2s 

St Petersburg, 1830 

34118 : the same, second edition, 8vo. hds, 5s ib, 1837 

34119 translated from the German, with additions and correc- 
tions, 8vo. bd, 2s Oxford, 1832 

34120 Aphyatmaramayana : the Spiritual Eamayana, or life of Rama 

(forming a part of the Brahmanda-purana), with commentary, 
in Sanscrit, lithographed in oblong fashion, narrow folio, vnth 
ornamental titles and illustrations, hf, bd, from BurnelVs library, 
28s ' Bombay (about I860) 

AiTAREYA Brahmana — see Vedas : Rigveda. 

Alwis (F. d') Catalogue of Sanskrit and Pali literary works of 
Ceylon — see class Pali. 

34121 Amera Cosha, the celebrated Sanscrit Dictionary of Amera Sinha, 

oblong 4to. MS, plainly tvritten in Bevanagari character's, bd. 

25s About 1800 

34122 the same, in Sariscrit, with JEnglish interpretations and 

annotations by Colebrooke, 4to. hf, morocco, 20s 

Serampore, 1808 

34123 second edition, 8vo. cloth, 18s ib, 1825 

34124 the same, with the commentary of Mahesvara, in San- 

scrit, (oblong) narrow small folio, lithographed, hf. bd. 36s 

Puna, 1780 (1858) 
34125 another edition of text and commentary, narrow small 

folio, lithographed, hf. morocco, £2. 2s About 1870 

34126 Vocabnlaire d*Amarasinha, Sanskrit, avec des notes, une 

traduction Fran^aise, et Vocabulaires Sanscrit et Fran^ais, par 

Loisoleur Deslongchamps, 2 vols. 8vo. hf, calf, 12s 

Paris, 1839-45 

34127 Anumanachintamani, by Gangeshopadhyaya, with the commentary 

of Ragunatha Siromani, ed. by Pandit Jibananda Vidyasagara, 
in Sanscrit, 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. sd, 5s Calcutta, 1872 

34128 Apastamba's Srauta Sutra, belonging to the Black Yajur Veda, 

with Rudradatta*s commentary, Sanscrit, ed. Garbe, parts 1-4, 
8vo. sd, 5s Calcutta, 1881-82 

34129 Apte (V. S ) The Student's Guide to Sanscrit Composition, being 

a treatise on Sanscrit Syntax, 8vo. 335 pp, cloth, Is ^d 

Poona, 1881 

34130 AswALATANA, Srauta Sutra, with the commentary of Gargya 

JTarayana, ed. by Rama Narayana Vidyaratna, Sanscrit, 8vo. 64 
and 892 pp. hf. calf, 16s Calcutta, 1864-74 

34131 " Grihya Sutra, with the commentary of Gargya Narayana, 

ed. by Rama Narayana Vidyaratna, Sanscrit^ 8vo. 850 and 81 
pp, hf. calff 8s Calcutta, 1869 

AOCTOBES Sanscriti : see post Jaiminiya-Nyaya-Mala-Vistara. 

34132 AuFRECHT (Th.) Catalogus Codicum Sanscriticorum Bibliothecae 

Bodleianee, 4to. pp. 578, hf hd. ?4s Oxoniif 1864 


34133 AuPRECHT (Th.) Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the library 

of Trinity College, Cambridge, 8vo. cloth 3.^ 6(1 1869 

Ayadanas — see wider Chinese : Julirn. 

34134 Ballantyne's First Lessons in Sanscrit, Avitli extmcts from tho 

Hitopadesa, 8vo. cloth^ 2s 1862 

34135 Benfey (Th.) Handbuch der Sanskritspittche : Grammatik, 

Chrestomathie und Glossar, 3 vols, in 2, roy. 8vo. hds. 17s; or, 
hf, hd, 208 . Leipzig, 18.52-54 

34136 Chrestomathie aus Sanskritwerken : Text, Anmer- 

kungen, Metra und Glossar, 2 vols. 8vo. hf, calf neat, 12* 

ib. 1853-54 

34137 kurze Sanskrit- Grammatik, large 8vo. hf, morocco^ Hs 6d 

Leipzig, 1854 

34138 voUstandige Grammatik der Sanskritsprache, 8vo. hf hd. 

5s ' ih, 1852 

34139 practical Grammar of the Sanskrit language, 8vo. hd, 

35 6d 1863 

34140 the same, second edition, 8vo. cloth, 78 6d 1868 

34141 Sanskrit -English Dictionary, with etymologies and com- 
parisons of cognate words, chiefly in Greek, Latin, Gothic, and 
Anglo-Saxon, thick 8vo. 1145 pp, douhle columns, cloth, 2Ss ; or, 
calf SOs 1866 

34142 BHAGAVAD-GITA, a Sanscrit M8, richly illuminated, ivritten in 

extremely minute characters within a succession of golden circles, 
with 17 Miniatures, on a roll of very thin pape7\ 9 ft, 2 in, long 
hy 2 inches broad, enclosed in a wooden box, £7. 7s About 1800 

34143 another copy, with 18 Miniatures, MS. ivritten in minute 

characters on excessively fine paper, \\ inch in breadth hy 15 feet 
long, in a roll, £4. 4^ Sec, xviii-xix 

34144 the same, in Sanscrit, ed. by Babu Rama, 8vo. hd. 2s 

Kidderpore, 1 730 (1809) 

34145 Krishnse et Arjunse colloquium, Sanscrite et Latine, ed. 

Schlegel, 8vo. sd, 3^ Qd Bounce, 1823 

34146 editio altera, ed. Lassen, 8vo. hf, calf, 7s 6d ih, 1846 

34147 Dialogues of Krishna and Arjoon, Sanscrit, Oanarese, 

and English, in parallel columns, edited by Garrett, 4to. hf. hd 
128 Bangalore, 1846 

34148 — or the Sacred Lay, in Sanscrit, with a vocabulary by P. 

Cockburn Thompson, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d Hertford, 1855 

34149 the same, with Qridhara Svamin's Commentary, in San- 
skrit, folio, hf hd, 10s Bombay, caha, 1783 (1861) 

34150 in Sanshrit, with four commentaries, viz. : Sankara 

Acharya's Gitabhashya, Anandagiri's Gitabhashyaviveohana, 
Sridharasvamin's Subodhini and a commentary in Hindi called 
Manabhavani by Jagannatha Sukla, roy. 4to. pp. 786, hf, 
moroC'Co, 36.9 Calcutta, samvat 1927 (1870) 

000 * 


34151 Bhagavat-Geeta, translated into English, with notes, by C. 
Wilkins, royal 4to. calf, 7s 6d 1785 

34152 another copy, roy. 4to. hd, 145 1785 

Bound with Hastings* Insurrection at Benares, rare, 1782. 

34153 the same, in English (Wilkins* translation revised by a 

native), sm. 8vo. /?/. hd, 4^ 6d Calcutta, 1845 

34154 Discourse between Krishna and Arjuna on Divine 

Matter, translated with notes, and an introduction on Sanskrit 
Philosophy, by J. Cockbum Thomson, 8vo. original un- 
abridged edition, pp. cxix and 155, cloth, or hf. calf, 6s 

Hertford, 1855 

34155 the same, roy. 8vo. large paper, cloth, 12s 1855 

The introduction hj Mr. Thomson, which gives with admirable con- 
densation an analysis of the doctrines of all the Hindu systems of Philosophy, 
has long been acknowledged to be a masterpiece. 

34156 Chintamon (H.) Commentary on the text of the Bhagavad- 
Gita, 8vo. cloth, 26 6d 1874 

The Bhagavad Gita, which was written probably some time before the 
birth of Christ, and was inserted in the great epic poem Mahabhaiata, is not 
only a poem but also one of the greatest philosophical works which India has 
produced. It belongs to the Sankhya system — ^the most important of Hindu 
schools of philosophy — and is Pantheistic in its character. 

34157 Bhatti Kavya, a poem on the actions of Rama, with Jayaman- 
gala's and Bharatamallika*s commentaries, Sanscrit, paH 1, 
847 pp. 8vo. hf calf. Is Calcutta, 1828 

34158 another edition, with the same conimentaries ed. by 

Yadu Natha Tarkratna, Sanscrit, 2 vols. 8vo. 444 and 371 pp. 
sd. 255 Calcutta, 1871-73 

34159 Bhavabhuti (Bhatta) Maha Vira Charita, History of Rama, a 
Sanscrit play, edited by Trithen, royal 8vo. 5« 1848 

34160 Maha- Vira- Charita, an Indian drama, English, by Pick- 
ford, 12mo. cloth, 2s 6d 1871 

34161 Malati and Madhava, a drama, with a commentary 

explanatory of the Prakrit passages, in Sanscrit, 8vo. sd. 2s 

Calcutta, 1830 

34162 the same, with translations of the Prakrita passages 

and notes by K. Ch» Dutt, in Sanscrit, 8vo. hf. calf, 4s ib, 186r) 

34163 Uttara Ramacharita, a drama, with commentary by Tara 

Kumara Chackravati, Sanscrit and English, 2 vols. 8vo. sd, Ss 

Calcutta, 1870-71 
Bhavadipika— *ee Gitagovinda. 

3 { 164 Bhojaprabhanda or anecdotes of Bhoja Rajah and the poets of his 
court, by Ballala, ed. by Pandit Jibananda Vidyasagara, Sans- 
crit, 8vo. 109 pp. sd. 2s Calcutta, 1872 

34165 Bjddhashala Bhanjika, a drama by Rajashekhara, with a com- 

mentary by Satyabrata Sama^rami, Sanscrit, 99 pp. sd. 2s 

Calcutta, 1873 

34166 BiJA Ganita, or Algebra of the Hindoos, English,hy E. Strachey, 

4to. hds, 6s 1813 

34167 BoKHTLiNGK (O.) Sanskrit- Chrestomathie, 8vo. Extracts from the 

Mahabharata, Hitopadesa, Baghuvansa, Ramayana, Manu, Vedas, 

etc. 451 pi^. hf. Id. Ss ijd St. Petersburg, 1845 

34168 the same, f^ecoiid edition. 8vo. sd. 6s ib. 1877 


34169 BCBHTLINGK nnd ROTH, Sanskrit- Worterbuch heransgegebeii 

von der kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschafteu, 7 vols, in 8, 
impl. 4tp. complete, hf, calf neat, £9, 9s bt. Feterh, 1855-75 

34170 the same, 7 vols, in 4, impl. 4to. Jif. morocco, gilt tops, 

£10. 10s 1855-75 

34171 BoEHTLiNGK (O.) Sanskrit-Woerterbuch in kiirzerer Fassung, 

Vols. 1 and 2 in 3 parts, roy. 4to. sd. 16s St, Petersburg, 1879-81 
Althongh an abridged editioni it contains yeiy many valuable additions 
to the larger work. 

34172 Indische Spriiche, SavsJcrit und Deutsch, 3 vols. 8vo. sd. 

25« St. Petersburg, 1863-65 

34173 znr Kritik nnd Erklarung verscbiedener Indiscber 

Werke, 8vo. sd. 3s 6d St. Petersburg; 1875 

34174 BoLLER (A.) Sanskrit- Gi-ammatik, 8vo. hf. calf, Ss Wien, 1847 

34175 BoPP (Franz) iiber des Conjugationssjstem der Sanskritspracbe in 

Vergleicbung mit jenem der grieoh. latein. pars, nnd german- 

iscben Spracbe, 12mo. ca^, 2s 6<i Frankf. 1816 

Bopp's first work, the foandation-stone of the science of Comparative 

Philology. ,. 

34176 Glossarinm Sanscritum, in qno omnes Radices et Voca- 

bnla nsitatissima explicantnr et cnm Yocabnlis GraBcis, Latinis, 

Germanicis, Lithnanieis, Slavicis, Celticis, comparantnr, 4to. bd. 

^s • ib. 1847 

34177 ■ — Glossarinm Comparativnm Linguae Sanscritaa, 2 parts, 

4to* sd, or bd. in 1 vol. 10s ib. 1866-7 

34178 Grammatica critica linguae Sanscritae, sm. 4to. bd. 3s M 

ib. 1832 

34179 Lebrgebaude der Sanskrita-Spracbe, 4to. bd. hs 

Berliii, 1827 
34180 kritiscbe Grammatik der Sanskrita-Spracbe in kiirzerer 

Fassung, 8vo. bd. 2s 6d ib. 1834 

34181 tbe same, second edition, 8vo. sd, 6s ib. 1845 

34182 tbe same, thi/rd edition, 8vo. hf. calf, 7s 6d ib. 1863 

34133 vergleicbendes Accentuationssystem, nebst Darstellung 

der gramm. Uebereinstimm. des Sanskrit und Griecbiscben, 8vo. 

bd. 5s ib. 1854 

34184 BOROOAH (A.) Practical Englisb-Sanscrit Dictionary, Vol. I, 

8vo. bSO pp, (pub. at 31s 6c?), cloth, 12s Calcutta, 1877 

Two more volumes are out. 

34185 Beahmagupta. Algebra, witb aritbmetic and mensuration, from 

tbe Sanscrit of Brabmagupta and Bbaskara Acbarya, translated 
into English by H. T. Colebroke, 4to. diagrams, bds. 10s 1817 

34186 Brhat-Sanhita or complete system of natural astrology, by 

Varaha-Mibira,' Sanscrit, witb various readings and introduc- 
tion, by Kern, 8vo. hf, calf, 12s Calcutta, 1865 

34187 Brihajjataka : a work on nativities, by Varaba-Mibira, witb a 

commentary, in Sanscrit, sm. folio, hf. bd. 20s 

Bombay, ^aJea 1779 (1857) 

34188 BuRNBLL (A. C.) on tbe Aindra Scbool of Sanskrit grammarians, 

tbeir place in tbe Sanskrit and subordinate literatures, 8vo. sd. 
or bds, 3s 6(2 Mangalore, 1875 


34189 Burn ELL (A. C.) Classified Index to the Sanskrit MSS. in the 
palace at Tanjore, complete in 3 parts, roy. 4to. sd, 21s 1879-80 

34190 collections of MSS. and printed books, a parcel consist- 
ing of abont 50 pieces, 4to. and 8vo. £4. 10^ Sec. xvii-xix 
Including the Dasabodha, a MS. of the 18th centnrj ; the Eamarapala 
Charitra by Jaja Sinha, a MS. of the 17th centnry, a cnrions little volume 
with coloured mythological figures, a horoscope, topographical reports, etc. 

34191 BuRNOUP (Eugene) le Lotns de la Bonne Loi, traduit dn Sanskrit, 

avec Commentaire et 21 M^moires relatifs an Buddhisme, roy. 

4to. .sd. £2. lOfi Paris, 1852 

The Sanscrit name of this work is 8addha/irma Pundarika. 

34192 BuENOUF (Emile) et Lenpol, Methode pour etudier la langue 

Sanscrite, 8vo. hds. 2« Paris, 1863 

34193 Dictionnaire classique Sanscrit-fran9ais ; le devanagari, 

sa transcription europeenne, Tinterpretation, les racines et de 
nombreux rapprochements philologiques, 8vo. 781 j?p. double 
colwmns, hds, \0s 1865 

34194 Qantanava's Phitsutra, herausgegeben von Kielhom, Leipzig, 1866 

— ^Aufrecht, de accentu compositorum Sanscritorum, Bonnce, 
1847—2 Tols. in 1, 8vo. Jif, calf, 2s U 1847-66 

34195 CATALOGUE of Sanskrit Manuscripts in private libraries of the 

North- West Provinces, compiled by order of Government, 
N.-W. P. 6 parts in 7, 8vo. 1^00 pp. sd, £2. IO5 

Benares and Allahahad, 1874-81 

34196 a classified alphabetical Catalogue of Sanscrit MSS. 

existing in the Central Provinces, ed. by Kielhom, 8vo. 251 ^^9. 
sd. bs Nagpur, 1874 

34297 Catalogue of Buddhist Sanscrit MSS. forming the 

Hodgson Collection of the Royal Asiatic Society, by Cowell 
and Eggeling — Report on Sanscrit MSS. 1872-75 by Biihler — 
Catalogue of Sanscrit MSS. from Gujarat by Biihler, parts 2 
and 3 — Catalogue of Sanscrit MSS. in the Southern Division of 
the Bombay Presidency, by Kielhom, part 1 {all pub.) ; and 
others by Hunter and Oppert — together 8 pieces, 8vo. 10s 


34198 Chaitanya-Chandrodaya, a drama by Kavikamapura, Sanscrit, 

with English introduction by Rajendralal, 8vo. half morocco, 4« 


34199 Chandakausika, a drama, by Kshemisvara, with a commentary 

and translation of Prakrit passages, Sanscrit, 8vo. sd, 2s 

Calcutta, 1867 

34200 Chase, Sanscrit and English analogues, I'oy. 8vo. cloth, Zs Qd 

Philadelphia, 1860 

34201 Chaturvaega-Chtntamani, by Hemadri, Sanscrit, ed. by Bharata- 

chandra Siromani, parts 1-3, 8vo. sd, hs Calcutta, 1871 

34202 Christa-Sangita, or History of Christ, in Sanscrit verse, in four 

books, with English introduction, 8vo. cloth, 7s CaUutta, 1838-42 

34203 CoLBBttOOKE (H. T.) Grammar of the Sanscrit language, 'pp. 208 

(all pub,), sm. folio, bd, 7s 6d Calcutta, 1804 


34204 Dasakumaracharita (Story of Ten Princes) of Dandin, Sanscrit, 
ed. by Biihler, part 1, 8vo. fsd, 2s Bomhcuj^ 1873 

34205 Uttaraklianda of the Dasa Kumara Charita, Sanscrit, 

ed. by Damaru Vallabha Panta, 2 parts, Svo. 55 and 165 pp. sd. 
Ss 6d Calcutta, 1868-70 

34206 Dattaka-Mimansa of Nanda Pandita, and Dattaka-Cbandrika, by 
Dev-anda-B'hatta, translated from tbe Hindu Law of Adoption, 
by Sutherland, royal 4to. calfy 7s 6d Calcutta, 1821 

34207 the same, Svo. calf, 4iS Madras, 1825 

34208 Databhaga, or Law of Inheritance, by Jimiitavahana, with the 

Dayabhagatika or commentary by Krishna Tarkalamkara, 

edited by Babu Rama, in Sanscrit, roy. 4to. old calf, 15s 

Kidderpore, gaha 1735 (1813) 
The first Sanscrit law book printed in India. This is the first edition. 

34209 the same, with Krishna Terkalankara's commentary, 

Sanscrit, Svo. bd. 6s Calcutta, 1829 

34210 Data-Ckama-Sangraha, an original treatise by Sri Crishna Ter- 

calanoara, on the Hindoo Law of Inheritance, Sanskrit and 
Engh^h, by Wynch, 4to. a few wormholes, hf, russia, 9s 

Calcutta, 1818 

34211 de Sri Crisna Tercalancara, Loi des Successions, en 

Franfiiis, par Orianne, 8vo. calf, 2s Pondichery, 1843 

34212 Daya Kaumudi, three treatises of Ramajaya Tarkalamkara, on the 

law of inheritance, on the law of adoption, and on the reconci* 
liation of discrepant laws, the first two in Sanscrit and the third 
in Bengali, Svo. 314 pp. hds. 2s 6d Calcutta, 1827 

34213 Delbruck (B.) altindische Tempaslehre, Svo. sd. 2s Halle, 1877 
34214 the same, 1877— altindische Wortfolge nach dem ^ata- 

pathabrahmana, 1878 — Gebrauch des Conjunctivs und Optativs 
im Sanskrit und Griechischen, 1871 ; 3 vols, in 1, Svo. hf russia, 
10s Halle, 1871-78 

34215 Dhanamjayavijata, a comedy in one act, by Kauchana Acharya, 

II. 10, Bombay ? 1778 (1856)—Yeni Samhara, a drama by 
Narayana Bhatta, II. 70, Poonah — Sakuntala, an Indian drama 
by Kalidasa, II. 65, Poonah ; together 3 vols, wholly in Sanscrit ^ 
bound in 1 vol. sm. folio, hf bd, 7s 

34216 Dharmashastra Sangraha or Atri, Vishnu, Harita, Yajnavalka, 

Ushana, Angira, Yama, Apastamba, Samvartha, Katyayana, 
Vrihaspati, Parasara, Vyasa, Shankha, Likhita, Daksha, Gou- 
tama, Shatatapa, and Vashistha, in Sanskrit, ed. by Jibananda 
Vidyasagara, 2 parts of 651 and 638 pp. in 1 thick vol. Svo. sd. 
lOs Calcutta, 1876 

34217 Dharmasindhusara or Dharmabdhisara : a work in three sections 

on religious duties, by Kasinatha Upadhyaya, iii Sanscrit^ 4 parts 
and index in 1 vol. sm. folio, hf. bd. SOs 

Poonah, Qaha, 1782 (1860) 

34218 Ferrar (W. H.) Comparative Grammar of Sanskrit, Greek and 

Latin, Vol. 1 {all pub.), 8vo. cloth, hs 1869 


34220 FoBSTER (H. P.) Principles of Sanskrit Grammar, Yol. I (all piib,), 

700 pp. Toj, 4to. cloth, lOs Calcutta, 1810 

The valae of this Grammar lies in the fact that it tabularizes the rales of 
native grammarians, and makes them more accessible to the Western mind. 

34221 Ga-UTAMA. The Institutes of Gantama, Sanscrit, with an index of 

words by Stenzler, 8vo. cloth, 2s 1876 

34222 Gatamahatmya, a portion of the Vaya Parana, Sanscrit and 

Bengali, Beng, char. — Gayashraddhadhipaddhati, in Bengali, by 
Tarkavachaspati — 2 vols, in 1, Svo. sd, BurneU's copy, bs 

Calcutta, 1923 (1866) 

34223 GiLDEMEisTEE (J.) Bibliotheca Sanscrita sive recensus libromm 

Sanscritorum criticus, 8vo. sd. Is 6d ; or hd. 2s Bonnae, 1847 

34224 GiTA GoviNDA, with commentary, Sanshrit, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. 

cloth, hs Calcutta (1830) 

3 4225 the same, Sanscrit, with Lakshmana Govindabhan Ashta- 

putre's Marathi commentary called Bhavadipika, 8vo. with 24 
full-page illustrations, sd, 5s Poonah, 18G0 

34226 the same, with Narayana Pandita's commentary, in 

Sanscrit, sm. folio, hf. calf, 30s Benares, samvat 1922 (1865) 

34227 GiTA-GoviNDA et le Ritou-Sanhara, en Frangais, par Fauche, Svo. 

sd. 2s ^ 1850 

34228 Goldstucker's Panini: his place in Sanskrit Literature, impl. 

8vo. the preface to the Manava Kalpa Sutra (see post), cloth, 16* 

A masterly effort of criticism and scholarship. 

34229 GouGH (A. E.) Papers relating to the collection and preservation 

of Ancient Sanskrit Literature in India, roy. 8vo. 234 pp. cloth, 
3s Qd Calcutta, 1878 

34230 Griffith (R. T. H.) Specimens of old Indian Poetry, in English 

verse, 12 mo. cloth, 2s 6d » 1852 

34231 Idylls from the Sanskrit, in English verse, 4to. cloth 

gilt, 55 1866 

see also Valmiki's Ramayana. 

34232 GuNiTADHiA, a Treatise on Astronomy, by Bhaskara AcHARYA.with 

a commentary entitled the Mitacshara, Sanscrit, ed. by Wilkin- 
son, 8vo. cloth, 4s Calcutta, 1842 

34233 Haas (Dr. E.) Catalogue of Sanskrit and Pali Books in the 

British Museum, 4to. 200^2?. (sells 21*), cloth, \2s 1876 

A Catalogue raisonn6 of one of the hest collections of Sanscrit books, 
superseding the meagre guide-book of Gildemeisttr. 

Haebeklin (John) — see Kavya Sangraha. 

34234 Halayudha's Abhidhanaratnamala, a Sanscrit vocabulary of 

synonyms, with Sanskrit-English glossary, by Aufrecht, 8vo. 
cloth, bs 1861 

34235 Haribansa (Harivansa) an epic poem, by the Veda Vyasa Rishi, 

in Sanscrit, ed. by Nimaichaudra Siromani, Ramagovinda, and 
Ramahari Nyaya Panchanan, roy. 4to. a printed edition, sd, 10s 

Calcutta, 1839 


34236 Harivansa ; ou^ Histoire de la Famille du Hari ; Ouvrage forraant 

un Appendice du Mahabharata ; et traduit sur T Original San- 
scrit, par A. Langlois, 2 vols. 4to. bds. 10s 1835-3G 
The Harivansa is a poem, which relates the history of the family of 
Krishna, and is deemed so important by the Brahmins that the book is held 

34237 Hemachandba. Hema Chandra Koslia : Vocabulary, in Sanscrit, 

3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. calf, Ts Calcutta, 1810 

34238 Abhidbanakintamani : ein systematiscb geordnetes 

synonymisches Lexicon, Sanskrit und' B&iitsch, mit Anmerkungen 
von Boebtlingk und Rieu, 8vo. cloth, 9* St, Petersburg, 1 847 

34239 Grammatik der Prakritsprachen, Sanskrit in romischen 

Lettern und Dentsch, mit Wortverzeicbniss und Erlauterungen 
von Piscbel, 2 vols. 8vo. sd, 10s Halle, 1877-80 

34240 HITOPADESA, in Sanscrit, Bengali, and English, by Lakshami 
Narayan Nyalankar, 8vo. bds. 5« Calcutta, 1830 

34241 Sanskrit text of the first book, or Mitra-Labba ; with a 

grammatical analysis and vocabulary, by Fr. Johnson, 4 to. bd, 
3fi ed 1840 

34242 HiTOPADESA, complete, the Sanskrit text, with Vocabulary, by Fr. 
Johnson, 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. hf, bd, 4* 6c2 Hertford, 1847 

34243 the same, with a literal English translation, by Fr. 

Johnson, 1848 ; together 2 vols. 4to. bds. or hf. bd. 7s 

ib. 1847-48 

34244 the same, Sanskrit text and grammatical analysis {i.e. 

Vocabulary), second edition, 4to. cloth, bs ib. 1864 

34245 the same, with English translation, 4to. cloth, 7s Gd 

ib. 18G4 

34246 the first book of the Hitopadesa, Sanscrit and English, 

with interlinear transliteration and grammatical analysis, ed. by 
Max Miiller, 1864 — The second, third, and fourth books, San- 
scrit and English, by the same, 1865 ; 2 vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, bs 


34247 the Sanskrit text in four parts, with commentary in 

Telegu, part 1, 8vo. sd. Is Madras, 1870 

34248 translated by Wilkins, 8vo. large paper, bd. Ss 6d 

Bath, 1787 

34249 Hitopadesa of Vishnu sarman — Kalidasa's Sacontala — Extracts 

from the Ramayan and the Vedas — the Moallakat, all translated 
into English hy Sir W. Jones, together in 1 vol..8vo. hf. calf, bs 


34250 Inscription. MS. transcript of a lapidar inscription in Sanscrit 

from a pillar erected by one of the Gupta kings, beginning with 

the words llMlksham cha Pheru var Vaneta, 30 lines in large 

square characters, traced on paper, 43 inches by 36, mounted on 

canvas and folded in 4to. size, in a case, 10s Qd About 1840 

A Latin translation is interlined. The text is tranRcribed into the Deva- 
nagari character ; it is the well-known *' Allahabad Pillar inscription." 

34251 Institutes op Vishnu, together with extracts from the Sanskrit 

commentary of Nanda Pandita, ed. by Jolly, 8vo. bd. 10s 

Calcutta, 1881 


34252 jAiMiNfYA-NYAYA-MiLA-viSTARA of MMhav^ch^rya, edited for the 
Sanskrit Text Society by T. Goldstiicker, complete, 7 parts, 
imp. 4to. £3. 105 1865-78 

34253 the same, parts 1-4, impl. 4to. sd, 12s 1865-6 

34254 the Mimansa Darsana, with Sahara Swamin's commen- 
tary, Sanscrit, ed. by Mahesa Chandra Nyayaratna, parts 1-8, 
8vo. sd, ] 0* Calcutta, 1863-69 

34255 the Aphorisms of the Mimansa Philosophy, Sanskrit 

and English, ed. by Ballantyne, 8vo. hf, hd, 2s Allahahad, 1851 

34256 Jatakalamkara, by Ganesa, and Chamatkarachintamani, by 

Narayana Bhatta, Sanscrit, two works on nativities, with com- 
mentaries, 32 and 22 II. 2 vols, oblong roy. 4to. unbound, Zs Qd 

Benares, 1926 (1869) 
Jayadeva — see Gita Govinda. 

34257 JuLiEN (Stanislas) Methode pour dechiffrer et transcrire les noms 

Sanscrits qui se renconti'ent dans les livres Chinois, 8vo. sd, 7s 6d 

Paris, 1861 

34258 KadambarI , a romance in Sanskrit prose and verse by Vdna Bhatta, 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. calf, 4.5 Calcutta, 1849 

34259 the same, with a commentary by Taranatha Tarkava- 

chaspati, Sanscrit, 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. M. 7s 6d Calcutta, 1872 
34260 KALIDASA, Knmara Sambhava, a poem on the Birth of the 

War- God, in Sanscrit and Latin, by Stenzler, 4to. sd. 30s 

O.T.F. 1837 
34261 the same, translated into English verse by Ralph T. N. 

Griffith, 8vo. sd. 10s o.t.f. 1853 

34262 the same, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d 1879 

34263 Malavika et Agnimitra, Sanscrit, ed. O. F. Tullberg, 

roy. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, Ss Bonnoe, 1840 

34264 Malavikagnimitra, a drama, with notes by Taranatha 

Tarkavachaspati, Sanscrit, 8vo. sd. 2s Calcutta, 1870 

34265 Malavika nnd Agnimitra, Sanskrit, mit Anmerkungen 

herausgegeben von Bollensen, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d Leipzig, 1879 

34266 ^ Megha Diita, or Clond-Messenger, Sanscrit and English, 

by Wilson, roy. 4to. hds. 6s Calcutta, 1813 

34267 Meghaduta et Qringaratilaka, Sanscrite, recensuit GKlde- 

meister, 8vo. hf, calf, 2s Bonnae, 1841 

34268 Megha Dnta, or Clond Messenger, in English verse, with 

preface and extensive annotations, by H. H. Wilson, 8vo. 

half calf, 2s 6d Calcutta, 1813 

34269 the same, translated into English prose by Col. Ouvry, 

12mo. sd. 2s 1868 

34270 Nalodaya, or history of King Nala, Sanscrit and English 

metrical translation, with a grammatical analysis, by Yates, 8vo. 

cloth, 10s Calcutta, 1844 

34271 Raghu Vansa, or Race of Raghn, a historical poem, 

with prose interpretation, Saiiskrit, roy. 8vo. sd. 12s ; or, hf. calf, 
14s Calcutta, 1832 

34272 ■ Raghxjvansa Carmen, Sanskrite et Latine, edidit A. F. 

Stenzler, 4to. sd, £2. 1832 


34273 Kalidasa, Raghu Yansa, or Race of Raghu, an historical poem, 

with prose interpretation, Sanscrit, 8vo. calf, 16s 1909 (1852) 
34274 ■ Raghuvarasa, with a commentary styled Sanjivani by 

Mallinatha, Sanscrit, ed. by Girisa Chandra Vidyaratna, 8vo. 

483 ;pp. sd. Is Qd Calcutta, 1869 

34275 Raghnvamsa, with Mallinatha*s commentary, Sanscrit, 

ed. by Khettramohana Mookerjae, 8vo. 712 pp. sd. lOs 

Calcufta, 1871 
34276 Raghnvamsa, Sanscrit, ed. by Shankar, Cantos 14-19 

(Bombay Sanscrit Series, Vol, 13), 8vo. sd. 3s Bombay, 1874 

34277 Ritnsanhara, id est Tempestatnm cyclus, Sanscrite, 

latine et germanice, ed. Bohlen, 8vo. calf, 2s 6d Lipsiae, 1840 
34278 la Reconnaissance de Sacountala, Sanscrit et Frangais, 

avec des notes et nn appendice, 4to. hf. bd. 7s 6d Paris, 1830 

34279 Qaknntala, in Sanskrit, herausgegeben mit Anmerkangen 

von Bohtlingk, roy. 8vo. hf, hd. 5s 1846 

34280 Saknntala, Devanagari recension of the text, with 

literary translation of the metrical passages, notes, etc. by 
Williams, roy. 8vo. bds, 10s Hertford, 1853 

34281 the same, roy. 8vo. with mcrnerous notes by Br, Burnell, 

cloth, Ihs 1853 

34282 Sacuntala, Sanscrite, edidit atquo glossario Sanscritico 

et Pracritico instrnxit Burkhard, 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. sd. 7s 6d 

Vratislavim, 1872 

34283 Sakoontala, or the Lost Ring, translated into English 

prose and verse (with notes), by Monier Williams, sm. 4 to. 
Edition de \mxq, printed on fine paper, with illuminated borders to 
every page, vignettes and plates, a magnificent work of ornamental 
typography, cloth gilt, £3. Hertford, 1855 

34284 Urwasi (Yikramorvasi) der Preis der Tapferkeit, 

Sanskrit und Deutsch, mit Anmerkungen von Bollensen, 2 parts, 
8vo. 4:60 pp. of notes, hf. bd. 6s St. Petersburg, 1846 

34285 Yikramorvasi, a drama, Sanscrit, edited by Monier 

Williams, 8vo. bd. Is 6d Hertford, 1849 

34286 Yiki'amorvasi, in English prose, by E. B. Cowell, 8vo. 

pencil-notes, bd, 2? 6d Hertford, 1851 

34287 Yikramorvasi, en Francais, par Foncanx, 1879 — 

Malavika et Agnimitra de Kalidasa, traduit par le meme, 1877 
— Mricchakatika, le Chariot de terre cuite, traduit par Regnand, 
4 vols. 1876-77 — Nagananda, la Joie des serpents, traduit par 
Bergaigne, 1879 ; together 4 Indian dramas in 7 vols. 12mo. sd, 
7s 6d Paris, 1876-79 

34288 Kali Krishna's (Raja) Translations : Bytal Pachisi, English, 
1834 — Yidvnn-Moda-Taranginee, account of the mode of 
Hindoo Worship, ^wgrZ. and Sanscrit, 1st and 2nd editions, 1832-34 
— Neeti Sunkhulun, or the Slokas of enlightened Moonies, 
English and Sanscrit, 1831 — Johnson's Rasselas, Bengali and 
English, 1833 ;— 5 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf, cf 15s Gahutta, 1831-34 


34289 KAMA SUTRA of Vatsyayana, translated from the Sanscrit, 

-with preface and introduction, 7 parts in 1 vol. roy. 8vo. ///. calf, 
gilt topy uncut, £3. 16$ 

Benares, printed for the Kama Shastra Society, for 

private circulation, 1883 

A book of extraordinarily erotic character, written at a much more recent 

date than that of the philosopher whose name it bears, but still safficiently 

ancient and so influential among the Indian Brahmans that its perusal is 

necessary for the study of Hindu customs and ideas. 

34290 Kaeanda Byuha : a work on the doctrines and customs of the 

Buddhists, Sanscrit, ed. by Satya Brata Samasrami, 8vo. sd, 2s 

Calcutta, 1873 

34291 Kartika Mahatmya, a portion of the Skanda or Padma Purana, 

in Sanscrit, 8vo. lithographed in oblong form, hds. BurnelVs copy, 
hs Bombay, 1776 (1854) 

34292 another edition, narrow sm. folio, hf, calf, 6s ib, (1865) 

34293 Katantba, with the commentary of Dnrgasiraha, Sanserif, with 

not^s ed. by Eggeling, parts 1 and 2 in 1, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d ' 

Calcutta, 1874 

34294 Kavyadarsa of Sri Dandin, Sanscrit, edited with a commentary 

by Premachandra Tarkabagisa, 8vo. bd, 10s Calcutta, 1863 

34295 Kavya Prakasa, a treatise on Sanscrit rhetoric, by Mammata 

Bhatta, with a commentary by Mohesh Chandra Nyayaratna, 
Sanscrit, 8vo. sd, 6« Calcutta, 1866 

34296 KiELHORN (P.) Sanscrit Grammar, 8vo. cloth, 4:s Bombay, 1870 

34297 Kobita-Ratnakara, a collection of Sv/ngskrit proverbs, Sanscrit, 

Bengali, and English, by Neel Eutna Haldar, and Marshman, 
8vo. bds. 9s Serampore. 1830 

34298 KusuMANJALi ; or, Hindu Proof of the existence of a Supreme 

Being, by Udayana Acharya, Sanscrit and English, ed. by 
Cowell, 8vo. hf. calf, 7s 6d Calcutta, 1864 

34299 Laghu Kaumudi, a Sanscrit grammar, by Varadaraja, with an 

English YerBion, conimentary, and references, by Ballantyne, 8vo. 
cloth, 20s Benares, 1867 

34300 Lalita Vistara : Erzalung von dem Leben und der Lere des 

^akya Simha, Deutsch von S. Lefmann, part 1 (all pub,), roy. 
8vo. sd, Ss 6d 1874 

34301 Langlois (A.) Monuments littemires de I'lnde ou Melanges de 

litterature Sanscrite, 8vo. hf, calf, 2s 6d Paris, 1827 

34302 Lanman (Ch. R.) Sanskrit Reader, with Vocabulary and Reader, 

Parts I, II : Text {in Nagari characters) and Vocabulary {in 
Roman characters), iu 1 vol. roy. 8vo. cloth, \0s 6d 1884 

34303 Lassen (C.) Institutiones Lingues Pracriticse, 8vo. hf bd, bs 

Bonnop., 1837 

34304 the same, and Radices Pracritices, ed. N. Delius, in 1 vol. 

hf cf, lOs 1837-39 

34305 Anthologia Sanscritica glossario instructa, 8vo. bd, 2s 

Bonnoi, 1838 
34306 the same, 8vo. sd, bs 1865 


34307 Latyayana's Srauta Suti^, with Agniswami's commentary, Sanscrit^ 

ed. by Anandaohandra Vedantavagisa, parts 1-8, 8vo. sd, 10s 

Calcutta, 1870 

34308 Li LAW ATI, or a Treatise on Arithmetic and Geometry, by Bhaskara 

Acharya, English, by J. Taylor, 4to. plates, hf. hd, 9$ 

Bombay, 1816 

34309 Lindner (B.) Altindische Norainalbildung, 8vo. 170 pp. sd. 2s 

Jena, 1878 

34310 Madanavinoda, an enumeration and description of medical and 

other plants, by Madanapala, Sanscrit, oblong roy. 4to. 57 and 
21 II. ttnhound, 6s Benares, 1926 (1869) 

3i311 MAHABHARATA, an epic Poem, by the celebrated Veda Vyasa 
Rishi, edited from the best MSS. by Nimaichandra Siromani, 
Jay a Gopala Tirkalanka Ramagovinda, and Ramahari Nyaya 
Panchanan, published by the Asiatic Society of Bengal, with 
fhs Indexes, 4 vols. hf. bound, neat, £6. Calcutta, 1834-39 

34312 the same, with Indexes, 4 vols. roy. 4to. calf, £7. 


34313 the same, SansJcrit, Vols. I and II, roy. 4to. one vol. sd. 

and one hf russia, 16s Calcutta, 1834-6 

34314 MAHABHARATA : the great epic poem of the Hindoos, with 

the commentary of Nilakantha, wholly in Sanskrit, complete in 

18 parts, oblong folio, a very clear and readable edition, unbound, 

from Br. BurnelVs library, £9. Bombay, caka 1785 (a.d. 1863) 
Collation: Part I, Adi~248ll. II, Sabha— 8211. Ill, Vana— 31211. 
IV, Virata— 62 11. V, Udyoga-180 11. VI, BhUhma-189 11. VIF, 
Drona— 216 11. VIII, Kama- 1 15 11. IX, Salya— 42 II. X, Sauptika— 
1911. XI, Stri— 1911. XII,Santi— a, Rajadharmal28ll. b,Apadharma41 II. 
c, Mokshadharma 289 II. XIII, Anusasana — 207 1). XIV, Aswamedhika — 
77 11. XV, Asramavasika— 26 11. XVI, Mausala— 7 U. XVII, Mahaprast- 
hanika—3 11. XVIII, Swargarokana Parvan — 8 11. 

34315 Selections from the Mahabharata, Sanskrit, with Vocabulary 
by Johnson, roy. 8vo. bds. Ss 6d 1842 

34316 Nalxts, carmen e Mahabharato, Sanscrite et latine, ed. et adnota- 

tionibus illustravit F. Bopp, 8vo. bd. Ss 1819 

34317 idem opus, altera emendata editio, 8vo. cloth, bs 1832 

34318 Nalopakhyanam, story of Nala, Sanskrit and EngUsh, 

with a copious vocabulary, grammatical analysis, and intro- 
duction, by M. Williams and Dean Milman, 8vo. cloth, ds 

Oxford, 1860 

34319 die Geschichte von Nala, Versuch einer Herstellung 

des Textes von Ch. Bruce; a revised Sanscrit text, with an 
English translation and a German introduction, 2 pieces in 1, 
8vo. sd. 2s 1862 

34320 Nalopakhyanam, Sanscrit, in Roman characters, with 

a vocabulary and a sketch of Sanscrit grammar, by Jarre tt, 8vo. 
{sells 10s), cloth, 3s 6d Cambridge, 1882 

34321 Nala and Damayanti, and other poems, translated 

into English verse by Rev. H. H. Milman, roy. 8vo. cloth, bs 


34322 Savitri, Mahabharati episodium, Sanscrite, ed. 

Kossowicz, 8vo. sd. \s 6d Petropoli, 1861 


Mahabharata — continued, 

34323 Mahabharata-tatpakya-nienaya : Treatise on the Mahabharata, 
by Madhvacharya, in SanscHt, lithographed in ohJong fashion, 
and hound as a narrow folio, hf, russia; from BiirnelVs library, 
m. Bangalore, 1789 (1867) 

34324 MAHABHASHYA of Patanjali, with the commentary of Kaiyata 

and Nagojibhatta's gloss upon the latter, edited in Sanscrit, by 
Dr. Ballantyne, large folio, vol. 1, 808 pp, {all published, con- 
taining the Navahnika), cloth, 30s Mirzapore, 1855 

34325 the same, with Ballantyne's unfinished English trans- 
lation of the first section, which occnpies 40 additional pages, 
large folio, unbound, £2. \0s ; or, hf morocco, £2. 155 

ib. 1855-56 

34325* Patanjali's great grammatical work, with Kaiyata's 

Bhashyapradipa, and occasional notes compiled by Rajarama 
Sastrin and Bala Sastrin, in Sanscrit, divided into 8 adhyayas, 
complete in 5 parts, roy. 8vo. 1016 II. sd. £2, 16s 

Benares, samvat 1927 (1870) 

34326 the same, with a long list of various readings, 46 II, 

bound in 3 vols. roy. 8vo. hf russia, Br, BurnelVs copy, £3. 16« 

ib, 1870 

34^27 the same, from a MS. dated Samvat, 1751, pp. 69ft — 

Patanjali's Mahabashya with Kaiyyata*s Bhashyapradipa, from 
an undated MS. pp, 2218, 3 vols. — Nagojibhatta's Bhashyapra- 
DiPODDYOTA on Kaiyyata's Bhashyapradipa, from a MS. dated 
Samvat 1871, p}^. 1758,2 vols, reproduced by photo-lithography 
under the supervision of Professor T. H. Goldstqcker — 6 stout 
vols, folio, hf morocco, very rare, £30. India Museum., 1874 

34328 the same, slightly imperfect, wanting English titles to 

5 volumes, and the following 41 leaves (out of 2337) : — 

Mahabhashya : pages 399-400, 525-26, 687-88 ; Kaiyyata's 

Commentary: pages 13-14, 25-68, 87-88, 105-6, 137-38, 206, 

557-58, 767-68, 885-86, 895-96, 923, 925, 1077-78, 1099, 1155- 

56, 1161-62, 1445, 1513-14, 1859-60, 1971-72,2075-76, 2095-96; 

Nagojibhatta's Gloss: pages 1751-52; 6 vols, folio, unbound, 

£10. ib. 1874 

A splendidly executed facsimile of these MSS. made from the best 
copies both as to text and condition. Only 50 copies were produced. Dr. 
Ballantyne's scholarly edition being never completed this supplies a pressing 
want, for according to the highest authorities no other work in the whole 
range of the unprinted literature of India can at all compare in importance 
with the Mahabhashya. Panini, Katyayana, and Patanjali are the great 

frammatical triad of ancient India. As Panini without Katyayana and 
'atanjali would be incomplete and even unintelligible, the Mahabhashya, 
which embodies Katyayana*s work, is one of the more important works of 
Sanskrit literature. The most difficult portions of the Mahabhashya were 
explained by Eaiyyata, and hit notes again were commented upon by 
Kagojibbatta. These two latter works are therefore likewise of great value 
and importance. 

34329 Vyakaeana-Mahabhashya, Sanscrit text with the various read- 
ings, ed. by F. Kielhorn, Vol. I in 3 parts, roy. 8vo. sd. 16s 

Bombay, 1878-80 
The work is now in course of publication, 


84330 Mahanataka, a dramatic history of King Rama, by Hanumat, with 
a commentary by Ramtaran Siromani, Sanscrit, 8vo. sd. 2s 

Calcutta, 1870 
33431 Maha-Vira-Charita — see Bhavabhuti. 

34332 MAKARANDASAKixr, or Tables for astronomical calculations, 1926 — 

Makarandasjoclaharanam, or instructions for the nse of Makai*- 
anda's tables, 192G, 2 pieces, oblong roy. 4to. unbound, 2s 6d 

Benares, 1926 (1869) 

34333 Mainyo-i-Khard, the Book of the —see class Old Persian. 

34334 MANAVADHERMA-SASTRA, or the Institutes of Menu, in 

Sa7iscrit, with translation, edited by G. C. Haughton, 2 vols. 
4to. 27s 1825 

34335 Menu Sanhita: the Institutes of Menu, with the com- 
mentary of Knlluka Bhatta, Sanscrit, 2 vols. 8vo. hound, 24iS 

Calcutta, 1830 

34336 Lois de Manou, Sanscrit et Frangais, avec notes, va- 

riantes et scholies, par Loiseleur Deslongchamps, 2 vols.8vo. hf. 
calf, 24s Paris, 1830-33 

34338 Institutes of Manu, translated by Sir W. Jones, revised 

by G. C. Haughton, third edition by Percival, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 

Madras, 1863 

34339 Lois de Manou, en Francais, par Loiseleur- Deslong- 
champs, 8vo. sd, 10* Paris, 1833 

34340 nouvelle edition, 16mo. sd. 2s 1850 

34341 MANAVA-KALPA-SUTRA, a work on Vaidik Rites, with com- 

mentary of Kum^rila-Swamin, Sanscrit and English, with 

Preface by Goldstiicker, narrow sm. folio, 'printed in oblong 

fashion, the Sanscrit text in facsimile (pub. £4. 4$), cloth, 

£2. I6s " 1861 

see ante Goldstucker. 

34342 Medini, or a dictionary of homonymous words, Sanscrit, ed. by 

Jibananda Vidyasagara, 8vo. sd. 2« Calcutta, 1872 

Mimansa Darsana — see Jaimini. 

34343 Mitakshara, a compendium of Hindu law, by Yijnanesvara ; the 

Vyavahara section, Sanscrit, ed. by Lakshmi Narayana Nyaya- 

lancara, 8vo. 361 pp. sd. hs Calcutta, 1829 

see also Ya;jnavalkya. 

34344 the Law of Inheritance according to the Mitacshara, 

English, with an extensive appendix and an index by Colebrooke, 

8vo. cloth, 10s Bombay, 1869 

34345 Mrichchhakati, a comedy by Sudi'aka Raja, with commentary on 

the Prakrit passages, Sanscrit, 8vo. sd. 6s Calcutta, 1829 

34346 Mrkkhakatika oder das irdene Wagelchen, Deutsch, mit 

Anmerlningen von Bohtlingk, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d St, Petersburg , 1877 
34347 MuDEA Rakshasa, a drama by Visakha Datta, Sanscrit, with a 

commentary explanatory of the Prakrit passages, 8vt). calf, 2s 

Calcutta, 1831 
34348 the same, 1831 — Malati and Madhava, a drama, by 

Bhavabhuti, Sanscrit, 1830 Delius, Radices Pracriticee, Bonn, 

1839-3 vols, in 1, 8vp, hf. calf, Is 


34349 MuDRA Rakshasa, Sanscrit, with a commentary ed. by Taranatha 
Tarkavachaspati, 8vo. 231 ^jp. sd, 2s 6d Calcutta, 1870 

31360 MiJLLER (E.) Beitrage zur Grainmatik des Jainaprakrit, 8vo. sd. 
Is 6d Berlin, 1876 

34351 MtTLLER (Max) History of ancient Sanskrit Literature, 8vo. 

clotJi, £2. hs 1869 

34352 the same, second edition, rerised, 8vo. cloth, £3. \i)s 1860 

34363 Sanskrit grammar for beginners, in Devanagari and 

Roman letters throughout, roy. 8vo. cloth, 2s %d 1866 

34354 the same, second edition, revised and accentuated, roy. 

8vo. cloth, hs 1870 

34354 MuGDHABODHA, a Sanscrit grammar by Vopadeva, in Sanscrit Ids, 
35 Qd Calcutta, 1826 

34366 the same, 1826 — Laghu Kaumudi, a Sanscrit grammar 

by Vadaraja, in Sanscrit, 1827 — 2 vols, in 1 , 8vo. fed. 4s Qd 


34367 Vopadeva's Mugdhabodha, Sanskrit, herausgegeben und 

erklart von Bohtlingk, 8vo. sd. 7s St, Petersburg, 1847 

34358 the same, with commentary, Sanscrit, 8vo. sd. bs 

Calcutta, 1871 
34359 MuHURTAMARTANDA, an astrological work, by Narayana, containing 
directions for the performance of religious ceremonies on certain 
propitious days, with a commentary, 99 II. Benares, 1926 — 
Purasharanadipika, or rules for the performance of sacrifices, 
Sanscrit, ih. 1924 — 2 vols, oblong roy. 4to. unbound, 2s 

34560 MUIR'S Original Sanskrit Texts on the origin and history of the 
people of India, their religion and institutions, collected, trans- 
lated, and illustrated, 5 vols. 8vo. (pub. £4. 10s), chth, £3. lOx 



Vol. I, Mythical and legendary accounts of the origin of caste. 

Vol. II, The Trans-Himalayan origin of the Hindus, and their affinity 
with the western branches of the Aryan race. 

Vol. HI, The Vedas : opinions on their origin, etc. 

Vol. IV, Comparison of the Vedic with the later representation of the 
principal Indian Deities. 

Vol. V, Contributions to a knowledge of Vedic Mythology. 

34361 Mdie, metrical translations from Sanscrit writers, with an intro- 
duction, prose versions, and parallel passages from classical 
authors, 8vo. (sells 14«), cloth, 9s 1879 

343G2 Natshadha-Charita, or Adventures of Nala Raja of Naishada, a 
Sanskrit poem, by Sri Harsha, with commentary by Prema 
Chandra, part 1, 8vo. (all pub.), 917 pp, hf, calf, 18» 

Calcutta, 1836 

34363 the same, interleaved to the end of Sarga VI with a 

Madras edition, in 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 10s 1836-64 

In this copy the inserted portion of the Madras edition fills a gap (namely 
the absence of pp. 1-62 of the Calcutta text). The Madras edition is in the 
Telngn character. 


34364 Narada Panciia Ratka, in the original Simscrit, edited by Banerjea, 

8vo. hf. calf, 7s 6d ' Calcutta, 1865 

34365 NiLAKAXinA, Refatafcion of Hindu Philgsopliical Systems, trans- 

lated from Hindi by Fitz-edward Hall, 8vo. cloth, bs Gale. 1862 

A valuable review of the Sanscrit philosophical literature. 

3436G NiDANA, a treatise on Hindu medicine by Madhava Hara, with a 

commentary of Yijaya Rakshita, Sanscrit^ ed. by Jibananda 

Vidyasagara, 8vo. sd. 6s Calcutta, 1876 

34367 NiRAYAVALiYASUTTAM, ccu Upanga der Jainas, in Sanscrit, met 

Glossaar van S. Warren, 4 to. hds. ^s Qtd Amsterdam, 1879 

34368 NiTiSAKA, or the Elements of polity, by Kamandaki, Sanscrit, ed. by 

Rijendralala Mitra, 2 parts complete, 8vo. sd. 2s Calcutta, 1861 
NiusiNHA Tapani — see Upanishads. 

34369 Nyaya Darsana of Gotama, Sanscrit, with the commentary of 

Vatsyayana, ed. by Jayanarayana Tarkapanchanana, 8vo. hf. 
calf, 9s Calcutta, 1865 

34370 Nyaya Philosophy. Division of the categories of the Nyaya 

Philosophy, with Yiswanatha Panchana*s commentary, Sanscrit 
and English, ed. by Roer, 8vo. hf. hd. 7s 6d Calcutta, 1850 

34371 Lectures on the Nyaya Philosophy, embracing the text 

of the Tarka Sangraha, 1850 — the Aphorisms of the Nyaya 
Philosophy, with extracts from Viswanatha's commentary, Books 
I and II, 1850-53— a Synopsis of science, from the standpoint of 
the Nyaya Philosophy, Book III, 1852 — all in Sanscrit and 
English, ed. by Ballantyne — the Method of Induction, 1852, 
together 5 vols, in 4, 8vo. 155 Allahabad and Mirzapore, 1849-53 

34372 Nyatabatna, or Mimamsanyayaratna of Raghunata Sastri Parvate. 

An exposition of the Mimamsa philosophy based on the Gadad- 
hari and Krishnambhatti, i.e. G^dadhara*s and Krishnambhatta's 
commentaries to Raghunatha Siromani's work called Siromani, 
in Sanscrit, sm. folio, hf. hd. 24s Poonah, 1772 (1850) 

34373 Oppert (J.) Grammaire Sanscrite, 8vo. sd. 2s Paris, 1859 

34374 Pandit (The) a monthly journal of the Benares College, devoted 

to Sanskrit literature, with contributions in English as well as 
in Sanscrit, Vols. I and II bound in 1 vol. sm. folio, no titles, 
hf. calf, ISs. Benares, 1866-68 

34375 PAinNI, Sutra Vriti, the Grammatical Aphorisms of Panini, in 

Sanshrit, 1 vol. in 2, 8vo. title and jpp, 1203 and 42, calf, very 

rare, £4. Calcutta, 1810 

" This is the legitimate edition of the Grammar of Panini." — Qollstucker. 

34376 List of Sanscrit Roots, transcribed from an old MS. copy 

found at Benares ; enlarged by addition of derivative forms, etc. 
from other grammatical treatises, by Sada Suc'h Pandita, 4to. 
plain MS. the Sanscrit lists written in hlach and red ink, the 
transliterations, variants, and English meanings added in plain 
pencil-writing, hf. hd. £1. 16s Ahout 1810-40 

34377 Pantschatantrdm sive quinquepartitum de moribns exponens, 
Sanscrite, ed. Kosegarten, Vols. I and II part 1 (all pub.), 2 vols, 
roy. 8vo. hd, not unifmnn, 20s 1848-59 

34378 Sanscrit, ed. by Jibananda Vidyasagaraj 8vo. 336 pp. sd, 

28 Calcutta, 1872 



34379 Pantcha-Tantra ou les cinq ruses de Vichnou-Sarma ; Aventures 
de Paramarta et autres contes, en FranqaiSf par Dubois, 8vo. 
hf. hd. 3s 6d 1826 

34310 Pantchatanfcra ou les cinq livres, en Francaisy par Lan- 

cereau, Svo. 434 ^j9. slightly stained, sd. 7s 6d 1871 

34381 fiinf Bucher Indischer Fabeln, Marchen, und Erzali- 

lungen, iibersetzt von Theod. Benfey, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf veat, 
10s Leipzig, 1859 

34382 ParIbha-Shendu-Sekhara, by Nagoji Bhatta, with the commen- 
tary of Bhairava Misra, m Sanscrit, narrow folio, /// blue morocco 
gilt, 25s Benares, 1864 

34383 the text, Sanscrit, ed. by Taranatha Tarkavachaspati, 

8vo. sd. Is 6d Calcutta, 1872 

34384 the same, ed. by Kielhorn, part III (Bombay Sanshrit 

Series, Vol. 12), 8vo. sd. 2s Bombay, 1874 
see Tripathaga. 

34385 Patanjala Darshana, or the aphorisms of Theistic Philosophy, 

Sanscrit, with Maharshi Vedavyasa's commentary and Vachas- 
pati Misi^'s gloss, ed. by Jibananda Vidyasagara, 8vo. 264 pp. 
sd. 2s Qd Calcutta, 1874 

Patanjali — see Mahabhashya, Yoga Philosophy. 

34386 Padlinus a S. Bartholomaeo, Sidharubam seu grammatica Sam- 

scrdamica cui accedit dissertatio historico-critica in linguam 
Samscrdamicam, 4to. hds. with Anquetil Duperron*s autograph, 
Ss 6d Eomce, 1790 

34387 Vyacarana, seu Samscrdamicee lingusB institutio, 4to. 

bds. bs Bomce, 1804 

34388 Prabodiia Chandrodaya, Krishna Misri comoediam, Sanscriie, 

edidit scholiisque instruxit H. Brockhaus, 2 parts, 8vo. bd. 2s 6d 

LipsicB, 1835-45 

34389 Prabodh Chandrodaya and Atma Bodh, English, by J. Taylor, 1812 

34390 Prakrita-Prakasa, the Prakrit Grammar of Vararuchi, with 

Bhdmaha*s commentary, Sanscrit and English, notes by E. B. 

CowELL, roy. 8vo. bds. 7s 6d Hertford, 1854 

" First complete edition of our oldest authority for the various dialects 
which appear to have arisen in India out of the corruption of the Sanskrit, 
during the centuries immediately preceding our era." 

34391 Prasannaraghava, a drama by Jayadeva, Sanscrit, ed. by Jiba- 

nanda Vidyasagara, 1872 — Priya Darshika, a drama by 
Sriharsha, Sanscrit, with notes ed. by the same, 1874 — 2 pieces, 
8vo. sd. 2s 6d Calcutta, 1872-74 

34392 Praudhamanorama, or Manorama of Bhattojidikshita, a com- 

mentary to his Siddhantakaumudi, in Sanscrit, 2 parts in 1 vol. 
folio, hf. bd. 30s Be^iares, samvat 1925 (1868) 

The chapter on Vedic grammar at the end of part 2 has a separate 
pagination. Fart 1 wants 4 leaves. 

34393 PRAYAgCHiTTENDugEKHARA, a work upon different religious per- 

formances, by Nagesabhatta, revised and completed by Kasinatha 
Upadhyaya, in Sanscrit^ Bombay, c^aha 1783 (1861) — Dana- 
CHANDRiKA, also called Samkshopadanachandrika, rules on 


propitiatory and expiatory donations, extracted from the Sastras 
by Divakara Bhatta, in Sanscrit, Jjomhaij, galea 1780 (1858) 
— together 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, hd, 10s Bombay, 1858-Gl 

34394 PRAYOGARATNA, an exposition of the Samskaras and other domestic 

religious ceremonies, by Narayana Bhatta, in Sanscrit, Bombay, 
1781 (1859) — SuDRAKAMALAKARA, or Sudradharmatattva, on the 
duties of the Sudra caste, by Kamalakara Bhatta, iii Sanscrit, 
Bombay, 1784 (1862) — together 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, bd. 20s 

Bombay, 1859-62 

34395 Prinsep (E. A.) English- Sanscrit Vocabulary, 8vo. 104. pjp. 

double columns, cloth, 3s ; or, interleaved, hf. bound, 5s 1847 

Puranas : 

34396 Agni Purana, a system of Hindu mythology and tradition, 
Sanscrit, ed. by Rajendralala Mitra, parts 1-3 and 6-11, 9 parts, 
8vo. sd. lOs Calcutta, 1870-77 

34397 BHAGAYATA PURANA, or Mytholoqioal History of 
Krishna, in Sanscrit, stout sm. 4to. MS, on j^aper, loitli 147 
Drawings, Oriental binding, £15. 1233 (1817) 

The Bhagavat is the most important of all the Puranas, and one of the 
most remarkable and valued books in the literature. 

34398 BHAG AVATA PURANA, with the commentary of Sri Dhara- 

svamini, edited byBhavani-charana, Sanscrit in Bengali characters, 

jonnted on yellow paper, 12 (13) parts, oblong large folio, 530 

leaves, between two wooden boards, wrapped in coarse red cloth, £6. 

Calcutta, 1749-52 (1827-30) 
This is the. Indian editio maxima, a grand book, which has been praised 
by Bumouf, Gildemeister, and others. 

34399 another edition of the same text and commentary, 

Sanscrit in Bevanagari characters, sm. folio, 12 (13) parts on 

906 leaves of bluish paper, £4. Bombay, 1761 (1839) 

34400 another copy, wanting two leaves, £2. 1839 

This edition was regarded by Bumouf as the best and finest known 
to him. 

34401 another edition of the same text and commentary, 

edited by Harijotra Mahadeva, Sanscrit in Bevanagari characters, 
12 (13) parts in 3 vols. sm. folio, loith an illustration, hf, calf, 
£3. 165 Bombay, 1782 (1B60) 

34402 another edition, text and commentary, 12 parts in 

2 vols, stout sm. folio, finely lithographed on strong white paper, 
with an illustration and ornamental titles, hf green morocco, gilt 
tops, from Dr. BurnelVs library, £4. 10s Bombay, 1793 (1871) 

34403 DEVI BHAGAVATI, with commentary, Sanscrit in Bevanagari 
characters, 12 parts in 2 vols. sm. folio, boldly lithographed, with 
ornamental title and an illustration, hf. russia neat, from Br. 
BurnelVs library, £4. 4>s (Bombay), 1789 (1867) 

This is the Sivaite Parana which claims to be the rightful Bhagayata, 
as against the preceding Yishnuite Sri-Bhagavata. 

34404 LiNGA Purana, relating to Siva and his achievements, with a 
commentary called Sivatoshani by Ganesa, i7i Sanscrit, 2 vols, 
in 1, folio, hf bd. £2. 10s Bombay, 1858 

230 * 


PURANAS — conthmed, 

34405 Mabkandeya Purana, the complete text in tlie original Sanscrit, 
ed. by Banerjea, 8vo. 653^5/?. ivithout title, hf. calf neat, 7s 6d 

Calcutta, 1855-62 

34406 Markandeya- and Padma-Puranas. Devimaliatniya, Markandeji 

/Purani sectio, Sanscrite et latine, ed. Poley, 1831 — De nonnullis 

Padma-Pnrani capitibns, Sanscrite et latine, ed. Wolllieini, 

1831 ; 2 vols, in 1, 4to. hf. calf, Ss 6d 1831 

34407 Skanda Pckana. The Sahyadri-Khanda of the Skanda Purana, 
first edition of the Sanscrit text with varions readings, by 
Gerson da Cnnha, 8vo. sd, 12s Bombay, 1877 

34408 Sivalaya-Mahatmya, from the Skanda-Pur&na, a 

mythological poem, Sanskrit MS, sm. 4to. 40 IL hound, bs 


34409 Vishnu Pdrana (the), a System of Hindu Mythology and 
Tradition, translated from the original Sanscrit, and illustrated 
by notes derived chiefly from other Puranas, by H. H. Wilson, 
4to. cloth, 305 1840 

34410 PuRANic Mythology, a poem in Sanscrit, Bengali characters, 

ivritten on 163 ^palm-leaves, 13} in, long by 4 in, wide, having 
twelve lines of writing on both sides of each page, £2, Sec. xvii 
The subject of this lengthy poem is of a inythological character, inscribed 
to Krishna, but neither its name nor the name of its author has been 

34411 PuRNAPRAJNA Darshana or Bramha Sutras of Yyasa, "with 

Ananda Tirtha*s commentary, Sanscrit, ed. by Jibananda 
Vidyasagara, 8vo. sd. Is 6d Calcutta, 1873 

34412 Eaghavapandaviya, an epic poem by Kaviraja Pandita, Sanscrit, 

with a commentary by Premachandra Tarkavagisa, 8vo. hf. calf, 
9s Calcutta, 1854 

34413 Ragunath Shastri Talekar (Sh.) Sanscrit grammar, compiled in 

Marathi, roy. 8vo. 467 pp, hf. calf, 2s 6d Bombay, 1866 

34414 Raja Tarangini, a History of Cashmir, from the earliest time to 

its conquest by Akbar, in Sanscrit, large 4to. calf, 20s 

Calcutta, 1835 
Besides the original Haja Tarangini, this work includes the Kajayali and 
its two continuations. 

c4115 Rajendralala Mitra, Notices of Sanscrit MSS. 3 vols, in 11 parts, 

8vo. numerous facsimiles of MSS., sd. £2. 10s Calcutta, 1871-76 
A valuable contribution to Oriental Palaeography. 

34416 descriptive catalogue of Sanscrit MSS. in the library of 

the Asiatic Society of Bengal, part 1, Ghrammar, roy. 8vo. 

228 pp, bds. 55 Calcutta, 1877 

.^4417 '■ — Catalogue of Sanscrit MSS. existing in Oudh, prepared 

by Browning, Nesfield, and Pandit Deviprasada, 13 parts; 

together with 6 other catalogues and lists of Sanscrit MSS. 

existing in Oudh, in all 19 pieces, 8vo. sd, SOs 

Calcutta and Allahabad, 1872-81 
34^18 Catalogue of Sanscrit MSS. in the library of the 

Maharaja of Bikaner, stont 8vo. 7bO pp. cloih,24iS Calcutta, 1880 


34419 Ramcrishna Gopal Bhandarkar, first book of Sanscrit-, for the use 

of beginners, 12mo. hds. Is 6d Bombay,' IS67 

34420 RlvANAVAHA Oder Setubandha, Prakrit-Text mit einem' Wort- 

Index herausgegeben von S. Goldschmidt, 4to. sd. 15s 

Strasshurg, 1880 

34i21 Regnier (Ad.) Etude sur Tldiome des Vedas, et les origines de 

la langue Sanscrite, part 1 (all pub.), roy. 4to. sd, i8s ; or, 

7if. russia, 20s 1865 

34422 Retnavali, a drama by Sri Hersha Deva, Sanscrit^ witb a com- 

mentary explanatory of the Prakrit passages, 8vo. sd, 2,s 

Calcutta, 1832 

34423 Rosen (F.) Corporis radicum Sanscritarum prolusio, 1826 — 

Radices Sanscritro, 1827 ; 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. lif. calf, 6s 6cZ 

Berolini, 1826-27 

34424 Radices SanskritcB, 8vo. sd, or Id, out ofjprint, '3s 6d 1827 

34426 SABDA KALPA DRUMA, the great Encyclopsedia of Sanscrit 
Learning, with Supplement, by Rajah Radhakanta Deva, 8 vols. 
4to. printed in the Bengali character, tvith the author^ s portrait, 
7318 and 1396 jjp. Vol, 1 wants 5 leaves, hf, morocco, £18. 

Calcutta, 1821-57 

34426 • Life of the Rajah Radhakanta Deva Bahadur, with soma 

notices of his ancestors, 8vo. plates, cloth, 7s Calcutta, 1859 

Saddharma Pundarika — see Burnouf, Lotus. 

34427 Sahasraksha, or philosophical controversies of the Vedantins 

with the Vallabhacharins, in Sanscrit, by Sadananda Giri, 
8vo. clotht t>s Bombay, 1870 

34428 SahityaDerpana, a treatise on rhetorical composition, by Viswauath 

Kaviraja, Sanscrit, roy. 8vo. 386 p|>. sd, 6s Calcutta, 1828 

34429 Sahitta-Darpana, or Mirror of Composition, a treatise on literary 

criticism by Viswanatha Kaviraja, Sanscrit, ed. by Roer, 8vo. 
hd, 9» Calcutta, 1851 

34430 Sahityasara, a work on Sanscrit rhetoric, by Achyuta Sarmau 

Modaka, with the author's own commentary called Sarasamoda, 
in Sanscrit, 2 parts of 224 and 136 U. in 1 vol. sm. folio, hf, bd. 
£2, 2s Bombay, caka 1782 (1860) 

34431 Sambhuhoraprakasa, an astronomical work compiled from ancient 

authors, by Punjaraja, Sanscrit, oblong folio, 68 77. icnbound, 6s 

Benares, 1926 (1869) 

34432 Samskarakaustubha : a work upon the religious ceremonies called 

Samskaras, by Anantadeva, in Sanscrit, sm. folio, ///. bd. £2. 10^* 

Bombay, galea 1783 (1861) 

34433 Sandilya, the Aphorisms of Sandilya, with the commentary of 

Swapneswara, Sanscrit, ed. by Ballantyne, 1861 — the same, 
Bnglish, by Cowell, 1878 ; 2 pieces, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 

Calcutta, 1861-78 

34434 Sankhyadarshana, or Aphorisms of Theistic Philosophy, by 

Maharshi Kapila, with the commentary of Vijnaiiavikshu, 
Sanscrit, Calcutta, 1872 — The Aphorisms of the Sankhya Philo- 
sophy, by Kapila, Sanscrit and English, ed. by Ballantyne, 
Books II, III, IV, Allahabad, 1854 : together 2 vols. 8vo. sd, bs 



34435 Sankhya Karika ; or, Memorial Verses on the Sankya Philosophy ; 

translated from the Sanscrit, by H. T. Golebrooke, also, The 
Buhshya ; or Commentary of Ganrapada ; translated and illus- 
trated by an original Comment, by H. H. Wilson, 4to. sd, 
£l.Us{Jcl 1837 

Santanava — see ^antanava. 

34436 Sarasvata-vyakarana : Sanscrit Grammar, in Sanscrity 3 parts in 

1 vol. narrow folio, lithographed in ohlong style, hf, hd. BuriielVs 
copy, 185 Bombay, 1783 (1861) 

34437 SiDDHANTA Kaumudi of Bhattoji-Dikshita, edited by Pandit Tara- 

natha Tarkavachaspati, 2 vols, in 4, 8vo. hf. morocco, £2. 

Calcutta, 1863-64 
The Siddhanta Eaamudi has always been considered the b^t practica 
adaptation of Panini's great work. The editor is one of the profoundest 
grammarians of Bengal. He has given extracts from the three natiye Com- 
mentaries, the Manorama, S'abdendns'ekhara and Tattwabodhini and has 
also added a supplementary commentary of his own, called the Sarala. 

4438 SisuPALA Badha, or Death of Sisnpala, also entitled the Magha 
Cavya, or epic poem of Magha, with commentary by Mallinatha, 
v)i Sanscrit, ed. by Taranatha Sarman, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. Ids 

Calcutta, 1769 (1847) 

34439 Smritis. Nineteen Smritis, or Text-Books, attributed to various 

Rishis, or Sages, in Sanskrit, folio, morocco extra, £4. 

Benares, Samvat 1923 {A,B. 1866) 
An important collection ot Smritis which are the foundation of all 
Hindu law. Contents :— the Maiiu-, Yajnavalkja-, Para9ara-, Atri-, Vishna- 
[verse), Harita-, U^janah-, Angira-, Yatna-, Apastamba-, Samvarta-, Katya- 
yana- (Knrmapradipa), Brihaspati-, Vyasa-, Likhita-, Daya-, Grantama-, 
Satatapa-, Varishta- Smritis. 

34440 Smritichandrika. The Hindu Law of Inheritance taken from 

Devandabhatta*s Smritichandrika, Sanscrit, ed. by Bharata- 
chandra Siromani, 8vo. ilS pp. hf. morocco, 2s 6d Calcutta, 1870 

34441 Somadeva's Marchensammlung, deutsch von H. Brockhans, 2 vols 

12mo. sd. 2.S Leipzig, 1813 

Sradta Sutra — see Apastamba, Aswalayana. 

34442 Stenzler (A. F.) Elementarbuch der Sanskrit- Sprache, Svo, cloth, 

3s 6d Breslau, 1875 

34443 SuRYA- Siddhanta, an ancient system of Hindu astronomy, with 

B/anganatha's exposition, Sanscrit, ed. by Hall, 1859 — the same 
and the Siddhanta Siromani, English, by Bapu Deva Sastri, 
1861 -2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 20s 1859-61 

34444 SuRYA-SiDDHANTA, a text-book of Hindu astronomy, English, with 

notes and an extensive appendix by Burgess, 8vo. diagrams, 
plate, hds. 16s New Haven, 1860 

344.-^5 SusRUTAS Ayurvedas : medicinee systema a D'Hanvantare 
demonstratum, a Susruta discipulo compositum, latine ed. 
Hessler, 3 vols, in 1, roy. 8vo. hf. bd, 7s 6d 1844-50 

34446 Susruta, or System of Medicine, taughtJ^y Dhanwantaii, and com- 
posed by his disciple Susruta, in Sanscrit^ 4 vols. 8vo. sd. 20s 

Calcutta, 1868 
Contains t Sutrasthana, Kidana, Sharira, Chikitsa, Kalpa, and Uttara Tantra. 


Siiis? Taxdya. Mahabrahmana, with Sayana Acharya's commentary, 
Sanscrit, ed. by Anandachandra Vedantavagisa, parts 1 to 15, 
8vo. sd. 20s Calcutta, 1869-71 

34448 TARANATHA TARKAVACHASPATI, Vachaspatya : a com- 
prehensive Sanscrit dictionary, alphabetically arranged, wholly 
in Sanscrit, parts 1 to 12, 4to. (pub. at £10. I65), pp. 2878, sd. 

£5. Calcutta, 1873-78 

Pandit Taranath's Sanscrit dictionary has a wider and deeper scope than 
Wilson's dictionary and the Sabdakalpadruma of the late Rajah Radha 
kanta Deva. It moreover contains explanations of terras in the Tantras, 
Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Law, which are not fnlly given in Bohtlingk's 
dictionary. The work is to be completed in 20 parts. 

34449 Sabdastomamahanidhi : a Sanskrit Dictionary, wliolly in 

Sanscrit, 4to, 626 pp. hf. hd. 20s Calcutta, 1870 

All the explanations are given in Sanscrit as in the Vachaspatya, of 
which it may be regarded as an abridged edition. 

34450 Dhaturupadarsa : an exhanstive treatise on the declen- 
sion of Sanscrit verbs, Sanscrit, 8vo. 270^92;. sd. 3s 6d 

Calcutta, 1869 

34451 Sabdartharatnam or a treatise on the philosophy of 

grammar, Sanscrit, 8vo. 169 pp. sd. 2s Calcutta, 1872 

34452 Toladanadipaddhati, on different kinds of donations 

connecied with the performance of domestic religious rites, 
vol. 1 (all pub.), 8vo. sd. 5s Calcutta, 1866 

34453 Tagoue (Sonrindro Mohun) Mani Mala, or a Treatise on Gems, 

Sanscrit, Hindi, Bengali, and English — see J^o. 34113 

34454 TARKA-SANGRABTA, an exposition of the Nyaya philosophy, 

by Annambhatta, followed by the commentaries Mnktavali, 
Prajapati, and another, in Sanscrit, 4 parts in 1 vol. narrow 
small folio, tvoodcuts on three titles, hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, 
rare, £3. IO5 Tanjore, privately printed, 1811 

34455 TRtPATHAGA-PARiBHA-SHENDU-S^.SHARA, in Sanscrit, narrow sra. 

folio, hf. blue morocco gilt, 12s Benares, 1865 

Upanishads : 
34456 Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad, with the commentary of Sankara 
Acharya, and the gloss of Ananda Giri, Sanscrit, ed. by Roer, 
1 vol. in 2, 8vo. 1096 pp. hf. bd. 20s Calcutta, 1849 

34457 the same, Sanscrit, 1849, together with the English 

translation, by Roer, 1856, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 30« 

Calcutta, 1849-56 

34458 Chhandogya Upanisuad, with the commentary of Sankara 
Acharya and the gloss of Ananda Giri, Sanscrit, ed. by Roer, 
8vo. 628 pp. hf. calf, 10s Calcutta, 1850 

34459 IsA, Kena, Katha, Prasna, Munda, Mandukya-Upanishads, with 
the commentary of Sankara Acharya and the gloss of Ananda 
Giri, Sanscrit, ed. by Roer, 8vo. h^^ pp. hf. calf, 10s - 

Calcutta, 1850 

34460 Maitri Upanishad, with Ramatirtha'g commentary, Sanscrit, ed. 
by Cowell, parts 1 and 2, 8vo. sd. 3s Calcutta, 1862-63 

34461 Nrisinha Tapani of 'the Atharva Veda, with Sankara Acharya*s 
commentary, Sanscrit, ed. by Ramamaya Tarkaratna, parts 1 
and 2, 8vo. sd. 2s dd Calcutta, 1870-71 


IJpANiSHADS — continued, 

34462 Taittiriya, Aittareya, and Swetaswatara-Upanisliacls, with 
commentaiy and gloss, Sanscrit, ed. by Roer, 8vo. hf. calf, 6s 

Calcutta, 1850 

84463 Oupnek'rat, i.e, Secretura tegendum, Opns continens 

antiqnam et arcanam doctrinam e quatuor sacris Indorum libris 
Rak Beid, Djepjr Beid, Sam Beid, Athrban Beid, Latino, notis 
illustratnm ab Anquetil Duperron, 2 vols. 4to. calf gilt, 2hs 

Argent, 1801-2 

34464 OoPANiCHATS extraits des Vedas, traduits du Sanscrit en Fran9ais, 

4to. 40 jpp. «£?. 2s 6d 1836 

34465 Vagrakkhedika : the diamond-cutter, in Sanscrit ; a Buddhist 

text from Japan, by Max Miiller, 4to. sd, 2s Oxford, 1881 

34466 Vaiseshika Darsana, by E^nada, with the Commentaries of 

Sankara Misra, and Jayanarayana Tarka Panchanana, Sanscrit, 
8vo. Jif hd. lOs Calcutta, 1861 

34467 VALMIKT, RAMAYANA, the Benares recension, with com- 

mentary (by Rama Varman), in Sa^iscrit, 7 vols, in 3, narrow 

royal folio, lithographed, with a neat ornamental title and a full- 

page illustration to each Jcanda, hf. morocco neat, top edges gilt, 

from Br, BurnelVs library, £4. 10s Bombay, 1786 (1864) 

A magnificent edition of this great work. 

34468 Ramayuna, in the original SungsJcrit, with a prose trans- 
lation, and explanatory notes by W. tJarey and J. Marshman, 
Books I, II, in 3 vols. 4to. hf. calf, rare, £5. 

Serampore, 1806-10 

34469 the same, Book I, 4to. morocco, gilt edges, lOs 1806 

34470 Ramayana, SansJcrite et latine, ed. Gulielmus a Schlegel, 

Vol. I in 2 parts and Vol. II part 1 (air pub.), 3 vols. 8vo. hf. 
calf 305 Bonn, 1846 

These volumes contain the Sanscrit text of the first two books of the 
Eamayana, and a Latin translation of the first and of a part of the second 

34471 the same, Vol. I in 2 parts, on thick paper, 2 vols. 8vo. 

containing the first booh of the E-amayana, the Baln-Kanda, in 
Sanscrit and Latin, bds. 12s 1829-46 

34472 Ramayana, teste Sanscriio secondo i codici manoscritti 

della scuola Gaudana, per G. Gon*esio, complete in 5 vols. roy. 

8vo. bds. £5. Tarigi, 1843-50 

34473 the same, Vols. I-III, roy. 8vo. bds. Zhs ib. 1843-45 

In an introdaction of 143 pages, and prefaces to the various volomcs, 

Signor Gorresio gives a long accoont of everything known concerning the 


34474 Ramayana, with Ramanuja's commentary, Sanscrit, 

with a Bengali translation, ed. by Hemachandra Bhattacharya, 
Vol. I part 11 (the end), Vol. II complete in 2 parts of 1015 
and tAZ pp.. Vol. Ill parts 1-8, together 2 vols. ///. morocco and 
9 parts, 8vo. sd, 208 . Calcutta, 1869-72 

34475 Indices or Concordance of the two recensions of the 

Ramayana (Bombay and Gorresio's), by P. W. Jacob, 8vo. 
neatly written Manuscript of bOO pp, hf calf, lbs (Ga, 1865) 


34476 Valmtki. Eamayan of Valmiki, translated into JSnglish verse, 
Tvith notes, by Griffith, Vols. I and II, 8vo. both out of 'print, 
cloth, £2. 105 Benares, 1870-71 

34477 Scenes from tlie Ramayan, etc. in "English verse, by 

Griffith, 8vo. cloth, 2s Qd 1870 

34478 Ramayana, en frangais, par H. Fauche, 1854 — Bhartri- 

hari et Tchaanra on la Pantcha9ika du second, et les sentences 
erotiqnes, morales, etc. du premier, en frangais, par Fauche, 
1862 — 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. hf, morocco, 4s 1862-54 

34479 Yajnadattabada ou la mort d'Yadjnadatta, episode dn Ramayana, 
Sanscrit et Franqais, par Chezy, 1826 — Nalodaya, Sanscr. ct 
Lat. ed. Senary, 1830 — Lassen's Gymnosophista, 1832 — in 1 
vol. 4to. hf. calf, 6s 1826 

34480 Weber (A.) iiber das Ramayana, 4to. jip. 88, sd. 2s M ; cloth, 
3s Qd 1870 

34481 Yardhamana's Ganaratnamahodadhi, with the author's commen- 

tary, Sanscrit, ed. with notes by Eggeling, part 1, 8vo. sd. 
2s6(Z 1879 

34482 Vasavadatta, a romance by Subandhu, with a perpetual gloss 

called Darpana, Sanscrit, ed. by Hall, 8vo. hd. 10s Calcutta, 1859 

34483 Vasconcellos Abreu (G. de) Grammatica Saoskrita, part 1, 

Phonologia, 1879 — Manual para o estudo do Saoskrito classico, 
188 L ; 2 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. 3s Qd Lishoa, 1879-81 

34484 Vatna Yatba (or Banjatra) : Mythological history of the forest 

pilgrimage of Braja, Sanscrit, numerous illustrations, 8vo. sd. 
3s Calcutta, 1867 

34485 RIG-VEDA-SANHITA, liber primus, Sanslrite et Latine, cd. 

Fridericus Rosen, 4to. Ids. 5s 1837 

Kosen's early death deprived the world of a wonderful scholar, whose 
unfinished labours on the Rig- Veda stimulated Prof. Max Miiller to accomplish 
his own grand edition. 

34486 the first two Lectures of the Rig- Veda- Sanhita, with 

Madhavacharya's commentary, Sanscrit and English, by Roer, 
8vo. hf. calf, 10s 1840 

34487 RIG- VEDA SANHITA, together with the Commentary of 
Sayanacharya, Sanscrit, ed. Max Miiller, 6 vols. 4to. £15. 15s 


34488 Hymns of the Rig- Veda in the Pada and Samhita 

texts, reprinted from the Editio Princeps by F. Max MuUer, 
2 stout vols. 8vo. sd. 21s 1878 

34489 Vedarthatatna, or an attempt to interpret the Vedas. 

The RIGVEDA SAMHITA, the original Samhita and Fada 

texts, with Jilarathi and English translations, a paraphrase in 

classical Sanscrit, and copious notes in Marathi, Vols. I, II, III 

complete, Vol. IV parts 1-13 and 16, and Vol. V part 2, 

together 62 parts, 8vo. sd. £2. 10s Bombay, 1876-81 

An important work standing on a strictly scientific basis, now in conrse 
of publication. These four volnmes comprise 296 hymns. 


34490 VEDAS : RIG-VEDA. The Aitarea Abanyaka of the Rigveda, 
with the commentary of Say ana Acharya, SaiucHt^ ed. by 
Rajendralala Mitra, parts 1, 2 and 5, 8vo. sd. 3« ^d Calcutta, 1876 

34491 das Aitareya Brahmana, SansJcrit inromischen Lettern, 

mit Ansziigen aus dem Commentare von Sayanacarya, nnd 
Beilagen, heransgegeben von Aufrecht, Bvo. sd. 6s Bonn, 1879 

34492 Rig-Veda-Sanhita, English, by H. H. Wilson, Vols. I-II, 

Bvo. cloth, 30s 1850-54 

the same, Vol. I, 8vo. cloth, lbs 1850 

34493 Rig-Veda-Sanhita, the Sacred Hymns of the Brahmans, 

translated and explained by Max Miiller, Vol. I (all pub.), 8vo. 
cloth, 9s 1869 

34494 RiG-V^DA on Livre des Hymns, en Francais, par Lang- 

lois, 4 vols, royal 8vo. sd, or hd. 255 Paris, 1848-51 

34495 le meme, denxieme edition, roy. 8vo. sd. \0s 

Bill Orient. 1872 
Without the four leaves of Table analytique. 

34496 Rig-Veda, Deutsch, mit Anmerkungen von Grassmann, 

2 vols. 8vo. sd. 16s Leipzig, 1876-77 

34497 Rigveda, zum ersten Male vollstdndig ins Deutsche 

uhersetzt mit Commentar nnd Einleitung von A. Lndwig, 

Vols. I-IV, Bvo. (pub. at £2. 155), sd, £2. Frag, 1876-81 

This work is now in course of publication and will be complete in 
five volumes. Vols. 1 and 2 contain the complete translation, Vol. 3 the 
introduction, and Vol. 4 the first part of the commentary. Vol. 6 can be 
supplied to the purchaser for 1 7s 6(2. 

34498 Siebenzig Lieder des Rigveda, in deutschen Versen, von 

Geldner nnd Kaegi, 8vo. sd, 2s Tubingen, 1875 

34499 Sama Veda, SanhitX of the, i/n Sanscrit, by Stevenson and H. H. 
Wilson, roy. 8vo. 2* 6d 1843 

Max Miiller has published the Hymns of the Rig Veda, Weber those of 
the White Yajur: here are the Hymns of the Sama Veda (the Book of 
Psalms and ('banted Liturgy), which is not the least important of the great 
books that bear the name ot Veda. 

34500 the same, with the commentary of Sayana Acharya, 

Sanscrit, parts 1-3, 8vo. sd, hs Calcutta, 1871 

34501 Aranyasanhita of the Samaveda, Sanscrit and Bengali, 

with Sayana Acharya's commentary, 1873 — Mantra Bramhanam 
of the Samaveda, Sanscrit and Bengali, with a commentary, 
1873 ; 2 pieces, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d Calcutta, 1873 

34502 Samaveda- Aranyaka-Samhita, Sanscrit in Roman letters 

and B/ussian, with an introdnction and copions notes in Russian, 
by Ph. Fortnnatov, 8vo. 247 _pj>. sd, 2s 6d Moskva, 1875 

34503 Arsheyabrahmana, the fonrth brahmana of the 

Samaveda, Sanscrit, with extracts from Sayan a's commentary, 
introduction, and index of words, by Bumell, 8vo. bds. 7s (jd 

Mangalore, 1876 

34504 the Jaiminiya text of the Arsheyabrahmana, 

Sanscrit, with an introdnction by Bnrnell, 8vo. sd, 7s 6d 

Mangalore, 1878 


34505 VEDAS : Sama Veda. Devatadhtaya- and Samhitopanishad- 
Brati MANAS, being the fifth and tbie seventh brahmana of the 
Samaveda, Sanscrit, with a commentary and an index of words, 
bj Burnell, 2 pieces, 8vo. Ids. 2s 6d Mmigolore, 1873-77 

34500 VAMgABRAHMANA, the eighth brahmana of the Samaveda, 

Sanscrlt,Yf\ih. Sajana's commentary, a preface of 43 pp., and an 
index by Burnell, 8vo. sd. Is 6d Mangalore, 1873 

34507 RiKTANTRAVYAKARANA, a prati^akhya of the Samaveda, 

Sanscrit, with an introduction, translation of the Sutras, and 
indexes, by Burnell, part 1 (all pub.), 12rao. bds. Ss 6d 

Mangalore, 1879 

34508 Translation of the Sama-Veda-Sanhita, by the Rev. J. 

Stevenson, 8vo. Large Paper, cloth, 7s 1841 

34509 ATHARVA VEDA Sanhita, Sanscritisch herausgegeben von 
Roth und Whitney, Vol. I containing the complete text, impl. 
8vo. 25s Berlin, 1856 

34510 Index verborum to the published text of the Atharva- 

Veda, by Whitney, impl. 8vo. 384 pp. sd. lbs New Haven, 1881 

34511 Atharva-Veda PRATigAKHYA; text, translation, and 

notes by Whitney, 8vo. bds, 20s New Haven, 1862 

34512 GoPATHA Brahmana of the Atharva Veda, Sanscrit, 

part 1 — Gopala Tapani of the Atharva - Veda, Sanscrit 
(complete), with Visvesvara's commentary, 2 parts, 8vo. sd, 
2s 6d Calcutta, 1870 

34513 WHITE YAJUR VEDA, with commentaries, in Sanscrit, ed. by 

A. Weber, 3 vols. 4to. cloth, £10. ^ 1852-59 

Contents : — I. The Vajasaneyirsanhita in the Madhyandina and the 
Kanva-^akha with the commentary of Mahidhara. II. The Sathapatha 
Brahmana in the Md>dbyandiDa Q^kha with extracts made from the 
commentaries of Satana, Harisvamin and Dvitedatang4. III. The 
Srautasutra of Katyatana with extracts made from the commentaries of 
KoRKA and Yajnikadeva. 

34514 BLACK YAJUR VEDA. The Sanhita of the Black Yajur Veda, 

with the commentary of Madhava Acharya, Sanscrit, ed. by 
Roer and Cowell, Vols. I, II, and Vol. Ill parts 1 and 2, 
2 vols. 824 and 1072 pp. hf. calf, and 2 parts sd. SOs 

Calcutta, 1860-68 

34515 THE Taittirita Arantaka of the Black Yajur Veda, 

with Sayanacharya's commentary, Sanscrit, ed. by Rajendralala 
Mitra, parts 1-8 and 10, 9 parts 8vo. sd. 20s Calcutta, 1865-71 

34516 THE Taittiriya Brahmana of the Black Yajur Veda, with 

Sayanacharya's commentary Sanscrit, ed. by Rajendralala Mitra, 
parts 1-22, 8vo. sd. S6s Calcutta, 1855-67 

see Apastamba's Srauta Satra. 

34517 Maitrayani Sanhita, Sanskrit, mit Einleitung und Anmer- 
kungen herausgegeben von Schroeder, Erstes Buch, 8vo. sd. 
36s Leipzig, 1881 


VEDAS. Treatises and Extracts: 

34518 Benfet (Th.) Einleitung in die Grammatik der vedischen 
Sprache, 1874 — Quantitatsverschiedenheiten in den Samhita- 
nnd Pada-Texten der Veden, 6 parts, 1874-81 — Ueber einige 
Woerter mit dem Bindevocal i im Rigveda, 1879 — Behandlnng 
des auslautenden a in nd im Eigveda, 1881 ; together in 1 vol. 
4to. hf. russia gilt, 24s 1874-81 

34519 BuRNOUF (Emile) Essai sur le Veda on etndes snr les religions, 
la litteratnre, etc. do Tlnde, 8vo. sd. 3* 6d Paris, 1863 

34520 Ezour-Vedam on ancien common taire dn Vedam, trad nit en 
Franqais par nn Brame, pnblie avec des notes [par le Baron de 
Sainte Croix], 2 vols. 12mo. old calf gilt, 5s Yverdon, 1778 

34521 Hauo (M.) iiber das "Wesen nnd den Wertli des wedischen 
Accents, 4to. 107 jpp. sd, 2s MUncheii, 1874 

34522 KA.EGI (A.) der Eigveda, die alteste Literatnr der Inder, 265 j'i?. 
1881 — Benfet, Vedica nnd Verwandtes, l77 pp. 1877; 2 vols. 
12mo. sd. Ss 6d 1877-81 

34523 Eammohun Eot, Translation of some principal books, passages, 
and texts of the Veds, etc. 8vo. hds. 7s 1832 

34524 EEGNIEE (Ad.) Etndes snr la grammaire vediqne. Pra- 
ti9akhya da Eig-V6da, texte, traduction et commentaire, 3 vols, 
in 2, 8vo. hf. russia, £2. 1856-59 

34525 EoTH (E.) znr Litteratnr nnd Geschichte des Weda, 1846 — 
LUDWIG, die philosophischen nnd religiosen Anschannngen 
des Veda in ihrer Entwickelnng, 1875. 2 pieces, 8vo. 3^ Qd 


84526 Vedanta Sara, Elements of Theology according to the Vedas, 

by Sadananda Parivrajakacharyya, 8vo. sd. Ss 1829 

34527 Weber (A.) zwei vedische Texte : das Adbhntabrahmana des 
Samaveda nnd der Adbhntadhyaya des Kancikasntra, 4to. text, 
translation and notes, hds. 3s 6d 1859 

34528 die vedischen Nachrichten von den Naxatra (Mond- 

stationen), 2 parts, 4to. sd. 4s 1860-62 

84529 ■ iiber den Vedakalender, Namens Jyotisham, 4to. bds. 
Ss 6d 1862 

84530 Philological Tracts relating to the Vedas, including : Delbriick, 
das altindische Verbnm, 24iS pp. 1874 — Gaedicke, der Accnsativ 
im Veda, 288 pp. 1880 — Lndwig, der In6nitiv im Veda, 160 pj^. 
1871 — Wenzel, der Instmmentalis im Eigveda, 1879 — E. Meyer, 
Egvidhanam, n, d, — Hillebrandt, Varnna nnd Mitra, 157 pp. 
1877 ; together 6 pieces in a parcel, 8vo. 10s 1871-80 

34531 Venisamhara : ein Drama von Bhatta Narayana, Sanskrit Text 

mit Einleitnng nnd Noten heransgegeben von J. Grill, roy. 8vo. 
sd. 7s 6d 1871 

34532 Venkatecha Mahatmta, a work on the Bhavishyottara Parana, in 

Sanskrit, narrow sm. fol. hf. russia^ Dr. BurnelVs copy, 14^ 

Bangalore, 1794 (1872) 

... .._ - •- ■^.-::---J^a* 


34533 VIRAMITEODAYA or Mitrodaya: a code of civil law, by 

Mitramisra, revised by Maithila Pandita, edited byBabu Kama, 
m Sanscrit, roy. 4to. hf, calf, 21s Kiddetyore, galea 1737 (1816) 

34534 ViRAMiTRODAYA, a treatise on Hindu law, by Mitra Mishra, Sanscrit, 

ed. by Jibananda Vidyasagara, 8vo. 712 p;p, (pub. at 36^), sd, 
18« ^ Calcutta, 1876 

34536 the law of inheritance as in the Viramitrodaya of Mitra 

Misra, Sanscrit and English, by G. Sarkar, roy. 8vo. clotJi, 7s 6d 

Calctitta, 1879 

34536 Vishnu Sasar Nama: One Thousand Names of Vishnu, in Sanscrit, 
12mo. elegant MS, on paper written within fioreated borders and 
in various coloured inhs on coloured ground, with 2 Miniatures, in 
Indian binding of red velvet, \0s about 1840 

34637 Viswagunaadarsana : a travel of Gandharvas, by Venkatachari, 
in Sanscrit, 4to. 116^^. ///. bd, 10s (Calcutta) 1825 

34538 Vetakaranabbushanasara : on Sanscrit syntax, by Kounda Bhatta, 

Sanscrit — Kavikalpadruma : a treatise on Sanscrit roots, by 
Vopadeva Goswami, Sanscrit — Tarkasangraha, by Anna Bhatta, 
Sanscrit and English, and 3 others, together 6 pieces, 8vo. 
sd, 6s Calcutta, 1872 

34539 Vyavahara Mayukha, a commentary on Hindu Law, in Sanscrit, 

narrow sm. folio, without list of contents, hf bd. BurnelVs copy, 
10s Bombay, 1785 (1863) 

34540 Vyavahara Tatwa, a treatise on judicial proceedings, by 

Ragbunandana Bhattacharya, Sanscrit, 8vo. bds. 2s 

Calcutta, 1828 
Vyavastharatnamala— see Bengali. 

34541 WEBER (Dr A.) Indische Studien ; Zeitschrift fur die Kunde 

des Indischen Alterthums, Band I-XIV, 8vo. bound in seven vols. 

half calf neat, rare, £lO. Berlin und Leipzig, 1860-76 

34542 Indische Literaturgeschichte, 8vo. hf. russia, 3* 6d 1862 

34543 the same, second enlarged edition, Svo. sd. \0s 1876 

34544 History of Indian Literature, translated by J. Mann 

and Tb. Zachariae, 8vo. (pub. at 18^), cloth, 10s 1878 

34545 Histoire de la Litterature indienne, traduit par Sadous, 

8vo. sd. 5s Paris, 1859 

34546 iiber ein Fragment der Bhagavati, ein Beitrag zur 

Kenntniss der heiligen Sprache und Literatur der Jaina, 
2 parts, 4to. plates, bds. 7s 6d 1866-67 

34547 die Vajrasuci des A^vaghosha, 1860 — Die Rama- 

Tapaniya-Upanishad, 1864 — tTber die Krishnajanmashtami 
(Krishna's) Geburtsfest, plates, 1868 — tJher ein zum weissen 
Yajus gehoriges phonetisches Compendium, das Pratijnasutra, 
1872 — Pancadandacbattraprabhandha, ein Marchen vom Konig 
Vikramaditya, 1877 ; together 5 tracts in a bundle, 4to. 10s 

Berli7i, 1860-77 

34648 Westergaard (N. L.) Radices linguie SanscritoB, copia exemplo- 
rum exquisitorum illustratsB, impl. 8vo. xiii and 380 pp. double 
columns, sd. 7s ; or ///. calf, 85 6d Bonn, 1841 

34548* WHITNEY (W. D.) Sanskrit Grammar, Svo. 485 pp. cloth, 9« 6d 



3454^ WiLKisif (fC) Grammar of the Sanskrita language, 4to. 662 pp. 

plaiet, lds.2s6d 1808 

34550 W1LLLA3IS' (Sir Monier) English- Sanskrit Dictionaiy, 4to. 

860 pages, d&uhle cols, neatly hf. Id. 28# 1851 

34551 the same, 4to. russia neat, 30* 1851 

34552 Sanscrit-English Dictionarr, etymologically arranged 

with reference to Greek, Latin, Gothic, German, etc. 4to. 1186 
pp. treble columns, the Sanskrit in Xagari and Boman characters 
(pnb. £4. 14» 6d), cloth, £3. 1872 

34553 Sanscrit Grammar, 8vo. cloth, 2s 1846 

34553* the same, second edition, 8to. Id. Ss 6d 1857 

Z^hh4t the same, third edUion, 8vo. doth. Is 1864 

34555 the same, fourth edition, 8vo. cloth, 12s 1877 

34556 Sanskrit Manual, 12mo. hd. Is 1862 

34557 Indian Wisdom, or Examples of the Religions Philoso- 
phical and Ethical Doctrines of the Hindus, with a history of 
Sanskrit Literature, and some account of the past and present 
condition of India, 8vo. cloth, lbs 1875 

Unquestionablj the best general picture of Sanskrit literature that has 
jet been printed. The workn of Max Miiller and Weber are for scholars 
only, and do not in any way clash with the interesting review and snmmary 
giren by Professor Williams of all the important books in the language. 

34558 WILSON'S (Horace Hayman) Sanscrit-English Dictionaiy, 4to. 

neatly Id. 20« Calcutta, 1832 

34559 the same, large paper, impl. 4to. Id. rare, 30* 1832 

34560 Sanskrit-English Dictionary, abridged, with Appendix 

explaining the nse of aflB-xes, by Pandit Bam Jasan, roy. 8vo. 
711 pp. cloth, lbs Benares, 1870 

345GL Sanscrit-English Dictionary, extended by T. Goldstiicker, 

Vol. 1, pts. 1-5, 400 pages, roy. 4to. (pub. at 30^), sd. bs 1856-72 

84562 ' Introduction to Sanskrit Grammar, for the use of early 

students, 8vo. hd. 2s Qd 1841 

34563 — — — — the same, second editioiiy 8vo. cloth, 7s ; or, hj. calf, Ss 

34564 Select Specimens of the Theatre of the Hindus, trans- 
lated from the original Sanskrit, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. hd. 10s 

Calcutta, 1827 

34565 the same, 3 vols. 8vo. calf 'gilt, lbs 1827 

34566 Theatre of the Hindus, 2 vols. 8vo. second edition, Ids. \0s 


34567 WooLLASTON (M. W.) Sanscrit Grammar, part 1 (all pub.), 8vo. ///. 

calf, 28 6d Calcutta, 1857 

34568 Yajnavalkya's Gesetzbucb, Sanshrit wid Deutsch, herausgegeben 

von Stenzler, 8vo. sd. 2$ 1849 

34569 Yates (W.) Sanskrit Grammar, second edition, 8vo. cloth, 7s 

Calcutta, 1845 

34570 Sanskrit. English Dictionary, 8vo. 928 pp. hf calf, Us ; 

calf, 14s Calcutta, 1846 

34571 TRACTS on Sanscrit Philology, including : Benfey, Entstehung 

und Verwendung der mit r anlautenden Personal endungen, 18/0 

— Boehtlingk, Accent im Sanskrit, 1843 — die Unadi-Affixe, 1844 


— Declination im Sanscrit, 1844 — Graefe, SanskHt-Verbum, 
1835 — Regnaud, Bharatiya-Natya-^astra, 1880 — Vasconcellos 
Abren, mvestigacoes sobre a civilisacao Arya-Hindu, 1878—0 
Saoskrito e a glottologia Arica, 1878, and others by Renfey, 
Colebrooke, Eichhoff, Foucanx, Hang, Lassen and Weber, toge- 
ther 15 tracts, in a parcel, 4to. 20« 

34572 another collection of tracts, including : Avery, history of 

verb- inflection in Sanscrit, 1875 — Thibant, Sulvasutras, 1875 — 
Max Miiller, on Sanscrit texts from Japan, 1880 — Cappeller, 
Vamana's Stilregeln, 1880 — Garbe, die indischen Mineralien, 
1882, and others by Muir, Hewitt Key, J. Davies, Hillebrandt, 
and Hoefer, together 10 tracts, 8vo. lOs 

34573 another collection of tracts, containing : Vetalapanca- 

vin^atiiibersetztvon Luber— Sriramodantam, Sanscnt, by Pulney 
Andy — Lindner, die Diksha — Fontane, Essais de poesievMique — 
Pischel, uber Kalidasa's Vikramorva9iyam — Pischel, die 
Recensionen der ^aknntala — Haas, Urspriinge der indischen 
Medizin — Jolly, Stellung der Frauen bei den alten Indern, and 
others by Roth, Stenzler, and A. Weber, together 14 tracts in 
1 vol. 8vo. hf, morocco, 10s 


84574 Abidhanappadipika : Pali Dictionary, by Moggallana Tbero, with 
English and Singhalese interpretations, 8vo. hds. 7s 6d ; or, 
///. bd. 8s 6d Coloviho, 1865 

34575 ALWIS (J. d') Introduction to Kachchayana's grammar of the 
Pali language, 8vo. cloth, 30s Colemho, 18t33 

Contents : 136 %>^. of introduction, Kachcbayana's grammar 132 ff, 
Pali text 16j)p. 

34576 descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit, Pali, and Sinhalese 

literary works of Ceylon, Vol. 1 (all piib.), 8vo. sd. 5s 

Colomlo, 1870 

34577 Asoka Inscriptions. Wilson (H. H.) on the Rock Inscrip- 
tions of Kapur di Gir?, Dhauli, and Girnar — Norris, on the 
Kapur-di-Giri Rock Inscription — Masson, an excursion from 
Peshawer to Shah-Baz Ghari ; 3 pieces in 1 vol. 8vo. nnmerotis 
plates, hf. calf, bs 

34578 BiJHLEB (G.) three new edicts of Asoka, 2 parts, plates, 

1877-78 — Grants f roni Valabhi, 2 parts, plates of facsimiles, n. d. 
— together 4 tracts, reprinted from the Indian Antiquary, in 1 
vol. 12mo. hf. calf, 7s 6d Bombay, 1877-78 

34579 13URNELL (Dr. A. C.) Collections for a Pali Grammar, from the 

Payogasiddhi, Balavataro, etc. with notices of the Dhauli, Gatha, 
and Pracrit dialects, MSS. in the handwriting of Dr. Burnett, 
inchcding several leaves of facsimile transcriptions, bound in 4 vols, 
sm. 4to. three hf. vellum and one hf. russia, £4. 1859(-75) 

34580 BuRNOUF et Lassen, Essai sur le Pali, 8vo. {Grammar, etc.), 

6 plates of facsimiks, 8vo. 222 pp. hf. calf, 6s 182G 

34581 CHILDERS (R. C.) Dictionary of the Pali Language, 4to. (sells 

£3. 3s), 8d. £2. 12s 6d', or, cloth, £2. Us 1875 


3-Jr582 Clougii (B.) compendious Pali grammar, without the vocabnlarj, 
8vo. hih, lOs Colombo, 1824 

31583 CUNNINGHAM (A.) InscHptions of Asoka, roy. 4to. 30 plates 
and map^ cloth y £l,l\s 6d • Calcutta, 1879 

Forming Vol. I of the Coepcs J>scriptioxi7m Ikdicabum. 

34584 DuAMMAPADAM, Falice et Latine, excerptis ex commentario Palico 

notisqae illustravit V. Fausboll, 8vo. hf. morocco, 10s 

Haunioe, 1855 

34585 DiGHA-NiKAYA. Sept Sulfas Palis tires du Digha-Nikaya, par 

Grimblot^ texte pali et traduction anglaisc ou fran9aise, 8vo. 
sd. lis ; or, hj\ bd. lbs 1876 

34586 DiPAYAMSA, an ancient Buddhist historical Record, Pali and 

English, edited by H. Oldenberg, 8yo. sd. 7s 6d 1879 

Grimblot — see Digha-Nikaya. 
Haas, Cat. of Pali books in Brit. Museum — see Sanskrit. 

34587 JATAKAS. The Jataka, together with ita commentary, in the 

original Pali, ed. by FausboU, Vol. 1 in 2 parts, 612 pp. sd, Us 


34588 the Dasaratha- Jataka, 1871— Ten Jatakas, 1872— Five 

Jatakas, 1801 — Two Jatakas, 1870, all in Pali and English, 
with notes, ed. by Fausboll, and G other pieces, in 2 vols. 8vo. 
hf. calf, not uniform, lbs 1861-72 

34589 Five Jatakas, 1861— Ten Jatakas, 1872 ; in Pali and 

English, by Fausboll, 2 vols, in I, 8vo. hf. bd, lOs ^ 

Copmh. 1861-72 

34590 Jatakatthayannana. Buddhist Birth Stories or Jataka Tales, the 

oldest collection of Folklore extant, translated by T. W. Rhys 
Davids, Vol. I, 8vo. cloth, 10.s- Qd 1880 

34591 Kachchayano's Pali Grammar, translated and arranged, with 

chrestomathy and vocabulary, by Mason, 8yo. 217 pp, cloth, 
lOs) or, hf. bd. lis Toungoo, 1868 

34592 the same, tvith MS. title, bd. 7s 1868 

34593 the Pali text of Kachchayano's grammar, with English 

annotations, by F. Mason, 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. calf, lOs 

Toungoo, 1870 

34594 Grammaire Palie de Kaccayana, sutras et commentaire, 

avec une traduction et des notes par Senart, 8vo. sd. Ss ; or, 
hf. bd. 9s 1871 

34595 Kalpa Sdtra, and Nava Tatva, two works illustrative of the Jain 

Religion and Philosophy, translated by the Rev. J. Stevenson, 
8vo. cloth, 3s 1848 

34596 KAMMAVACHA : Ritual of the Buddhist Priests, in Pali, in 

the square Burmese character, painted in blade upon gold enamel, 
on 12 long narrow thin plates of copper, enclosed in a pigskin case 
by Lortic, narrow impl. folio size, £10. lOs Sec. xviii 

34597 another copy, on 13 leaves of the talipot palm, superbly 

painted in gold and black on red ground, in the square Burmese 
character, wooden sides, £b. bs Sec. xviii 

34598 Kammavakya: Liber de officiis sacerdotum Buddhicorum, palice 
et latins, ed. F. Spiegel, 8vo. sd. Is Qd ; or, hf, calf, 2« 6d 

Bonn, 1841 


34599 KuHN (E.) Beitrage zur Pali-Grammatik, 8vo. sd, 2s BerUn,lS7b 

34600 the same, 1875 — Miiller (F.) Beitrage zur Kenntniss der 

Pali-Sprache, 3 parts, Wien, 1867-9; 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf. hd. 
Ss 6d 

34601 MAHAWANSO (the great EeHgio- Historical Bool: of Ceylon), 
the first twenty chapters of the Mahawanso in Roman charac- 
ters, Pali and English, and a prefatory Essay on Pali Buddhis- 
tical Literature, by G. Turnoue, 8vo. Ids. Is 6d Geylon, 1836 

34602 the same, Chapters I-XXXVIII in Roman characters, 

Fali and English, with intoductory Essay on Pali Buddhistical 
Literature, by Turnour, Vol. I, 4to. {all published), hds, £S. Ss 

Ceylon, 1837 

34603 the Mahawansa from the thirty-seventh chapter, in Pali, 

ed. by Snmangala and De Silva Batnwantudawa, 8vo. 436 pp. 
the Pali in Sinhalese characters, hf. calf, 10s Colombo, 1877 

This Yolame begins where Turnour's edition broke down ; and is there- 
fore marked Part II, as a necessary complement to that work. 

for translations — see post in section Sinhalese. 

34604 MilindapaUho, being Dialogues between King Milinda and the 

Bnddhist Sage, Nagasena, Pali, ed. by V. Trenckner, 8vo. sd. 
6s 1880 

34605 MiNAYBF (J.) Grammaire Palie, traduite du Russe par St. Guyard, 

8vo. 12b pp. sd. 4iS ; or, hf. bd. Ss 1874 

34606 MtJLLEB (E.) Pali Grammar, 12mo. 160^. cloth, 3s 6d 1884 

34607 PATIMOKKHA, or Laws of the Burmese Priesthood ; a portion 

of this work in Pali, with a Burmese translation, all in Burmese 
characters, written on four palm-leaves, in black letters on a silver 
ground, £S. Ss Sec. xviii 

34608 Rasavahini und Uragasutta, zwei Pali-Texte, Pali und Deutsch, 

mit Anmerkungen von F. Spiegel, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 1845 

34609 Senart (E.) les Inscriptions de Piyadasi, Vol. 1, les quatorze Edits, 

8vo. plates of facsimiles, sd. 10s Paris, 1881 

SENART (M. E.) — see Kachchayano. 

34610 VINAY A-PIT AK AM, one of the principal Buddhist Holy Scrip- 

tures in the Pali Language, edited by Dr. Oldenberg, Vols. 1-4, 
8vo. (pub. at £4. 4s), sd. £2. 10s 1879-82 

The Pali text is printed in English letters, with a collection of yarious 
readings. Contents : Vol. 1, Mahavagga ; Vol. 2, Cullavagga ; Vols. 3 and 4, 
SnttaTibhanga. This work will consist of five Tolumes. 

34611 Tracts on Pali and Prakrit Grammar, by Kuhn, FausboU, Storck, 

Pischel, Haag, Gray, and Goldschmidt, together 11 pieces, in a 
bundle, 8vo. 5* 





34612 Ai>DT (17. C.) Engiisk-Boigafi Dietkmaiy, 8to. 761 j)p. cloth, o$ 

Calcutta, 1854 

2^613 BBOmn (J. F.^ Buigmli Primeryin Bonum cbancters, 12mo. cloth, 

\$U 1881 

34614 CABET (W.) IHciioiiaij of the Bengalee Language (Bengali- 

English), 2 Tols. in 3, 4to. a fine copy, cloih, Mneut, base, £3. %s 

Serampore, 1825 

34615 another copy, 3 toIs. 4to. hds, edges emiy £2. h$ 1825 

34616 DIta-Kaumudi, or treatises on the law of inheritance, adoption, 

etc. Bmgali, Sfo. cMh, 2s 1827 

34617 FoBBis' Grammar of the Bengali Langoage, with Selection of 

Phrases and Dialognes, roj. 8to. cloth, 6s 1862 

34618 Bengali Beader: selections from the hest authors, 

Bengali and English, with Tocabnhuy, toy. 8to. doth, 6s 1862 

This is a reprint of Sir 6. C. Hangfaton's work, althongh his name does 
not appear on the title-page — a tignificaot omiaBion. 

34619 Gay's Fables, with its translation into Bengali poetry, by Kali- 

Krishna Bahadnr, 8to. sd. bs Calcutta, 1836 

34620 Halhed's Grammar of the Bengal language, sm. 4to. hf. hd, 4« 

Hoogly, 1 778 

34621 HAUGHTON'S Bengali and Sanskrit Dictionary, explained in 

English, adapted for stndents of either language, with Index 
serving as a reversed Dictionary, 4to. 2850 pp. cloth, 14* ; or, 
calf, ISs 1833 

34622 Rudiments of Bengali Grammar, 4to. with plates of the 

compound characters, hd» 6s 1821 

^023 Bengali Selections, with translations, and vocabularv, 

4to. hd, 3s 6d 1822 

34624 HiTOPAPlSHA, or Salutary Instructions, Bengali, 8vo. 243 pp. Ids. 
2s 6d Serampore, 1808 

34625 V» Sanscrit, Bengali and EngUsh^see Sanscrit. 

34626 luTROPUOTiON to Bengalee, with Dialogues, etc. by a native, 8vo. 

410 pp. the hest Bengali Qrammar, Ids, 7s Calcutta, 1850 

34627 Johnson's Rasselas, English and Bengalee, translated hj Kali- 

IBfrishnft Bahadur, 8vo. sd. 3* 6d Calcutta, 1833 

34028 Kawpasa's Sakuntala, translated into Bengali by Iswarachandra 
Vidyasagara, 8vo. 115 pp. sd. Is 6d Calcutta, 1868 

34t)2i) Mauabharata, translated into Bengali by Kashi Ram Dass, 4 vols. 

16mo. oalfgilt, 5* Serampore, 1801-6 

ivWaO MiiA*^dttAilA Darpana, translated into Bengali by Lakshmi Nara- 

vuu Xj^valankar, 8vo. hf. hd. 7s Calcutta, 1824 


34631 Morton's Bengali-English Dictionary, 8vo. 660 jjp. 20s 

Bishop's College (Calcutta)^ 1828 

34632 Orunudoi, a monthly Magazine devoted to Science, General Intel- 

ligence, etc. Bengali, 1846-67, 1860, in 5 vols. 4to. hd. lbs 

Sihsagor, 1846-60 
Numerous articles are devoted to the History of Assam and Bengal, the 
Assamese Language, a Poetical Memoir of the Asamese Kings, Topographical 
Essays on China, Burmah, etc. etc. 

84633 Pearson (J. D.) Bakyabolee, or Idiomatical Exercises, English 
and Bengalee^ with dialogues, letters, etc. 8vo. hds. Ss 6d 

Calcutta, 1829 

34634 PuRUSHA Parikhya, a collection of Tales by Tarini Oharan Mitr, 

translated from the Sanskrit into Bengali, 8vo. hd, 4&s 

Serampore, 1816 
34634* the same, 8vo. hd. Is 1826 

34635 Ram Oomul Sen, English-Bengalee Dictionary, 2 vols. roy. 4to. sd, 

20^ Beramfore, 1834 

34636 Bammohun Boy's Bengalee Grammar in English, 8vo. hf, hd. 6$ 

Calcutta, 1826 

34637 Sangbeta Sara, or a Treatise on Hindoo Music, in Bengali, by 

.Khqttra Mohana Gosswamee, 4ito. 220 pp, sd. 7s 6d Calc. 18$9 

34638 Testament (New), in Bengali, 8vo. doth, 2s Culcutta, 1866 

34639 ToTA Itihas, Tales of a Parrot, Bengali, a translation of the Tuti 

Nama, 8vo. sd. 10s 1825 

34640 Valmiki, Bamayana, a Translation into Bengali, by Kirti Bas, 

of the Great Sanscrit Epic, 6 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, 65 

(Serampore), 1803 

34641 Vocabulary, English- Latin-Bengalese, translated and printed by 

Bamkissen San, the Bengali in Roman letters, 4to. caZ/, 6s 

Calcutta, 1821 

34642 VyavasthIratnamXla : an explanatory Catechism on the Law of 

Inheritance, in Bengali and Sanskrit, 8vo. sd. 2s Calcutta, 1830 

34643 YATES, Introduction to the Bengali Language, edited by Wenger» 

2 vols. 8vo. comprising Orammar, Reader, Vocabulary, and 
Selections, cloth, 20* Calcutta, 1847 

3454,4 Yol. II, containing the Selections, 8vo. cloth, Ss 6d 



34645 Aesop's Fables, Oujerati, in the Devanagari character, 4to. calf, 

ds 6d 1828 

34646 Arabun Nights' Entertainments, translated into Ghijerati, 2 vols. 

Syo. fine woodcuts, chth^ 128 Bomhay,lS6b 

34647 Arabian Tales, in Oujerati, by Kursetji Baradjiraju, 3 vols. 8vo. 

sd. 7s Bomhay, 1848 

34648 Ardaseer Framjee Moos, Travels in India, in Oujerati, with 

English introduction and analysis. Vol. I, 69 plates, mostly 
coloured, ofhuildivgs in India, cloth, 9s Bomhay, 1871 

231 * 


34649 Bahsha-Samudba, a Gujarati MS. on various subjects, witli literal 

J7n//h>7i translation, roj. 4to. 110 pjp. hound, 6s (1780) 

34650 Bhada Pachisi, in Gujerati verse, large 8vo. bd. 6$ 

Bombay, 1773 (1861) 

34651 BfiAs-KASTUBi. Loves of the Raja Bras and the Rani Kasturi, in 

Gujerati verse, roy. 8vo. bd. Ss 6d Bambay, 1910 (1854) 

34652 Clarkson (W.) Gujarati Grammar, 4to. bds. 78 6d Bombay, 1847 

34653 DosABHOY Framjee, Travels in Great Britain, Gujerati, 4to. portraits 

and numerovs views, cloth, 7s Bombay, 1861 

34654 DossABHEE SoBABJEE, Jdiomatical Sentences, English, Hindustani, 

Goozratee, Persian, sm. folio, 302 pp. hf. bd. \2s Bombay, 1843 

34655 Jdiomatical Exercises, English and Gujarati, 8vo. ^70 pp. 

cloth, 4s 1850 

34656 DossABHEE-SoBABJEE, Idiomaticsl Exercises, in Oriental and 

Roman characters, with notes and copious vocabularies roj. 8vo. 
730pp. cloth, 20s Bombay, 1873 

34657 Dbummond (R.) Illustrations of the grammatical parte of the 

Guzerattee, Mahrattd et English Languages, 4to. sd. Ss 

Bombay, 1808 

34658 Eduljeb Dossabhot, History of Gnzerat, in Gujerati, 8vo. 149 pp. 

bd. Ss 6d 1850 

34659 FoLK-LoBB of Gujarat, being Legends and Stories of Gujarat and 

Elathiavad, in Gujerati, second and third series, 2 vols. 12mo. 
cloth, Bs Bombay, 1874 

34660 FoBBEs' (W.) Goozrattee Grammar, with dialogues, exercises, 

etc. roy. 8vo. hf. bd. 7s Bombay, 1845 

34661 Ganjnahah. Life of Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, etc. in Gujarati 

verse, by Mansueh^ 4to. portraits, cloth gilt, 7s Bombay, 1863 

34662 Green's Idiomatic Sentences, English and Gujarati, 8vo. 233 pp. 

bd. 65 Bombay, 1858 

34663 Jalal Kajab's (Prince) History of the ancient Parsis, from the 

Persian translated into Chjerati, by Ardaseer Dossabhaee, 8vo. 
numerous portraits, cloth, \2s Bombay, 1871 

34664 Jehandar Shah Badshani. Life of the Emperor Jehandar Shah, 

in Gujerati verse, sm. 4to. sd. 12* Bombay, 1850 

34665 Kabsandas Mulji, Travels in England, in Gujerati, 8vo. numerous 

fine coloured plates of views in England and Scotland, and wood- 
cuts of Costume, Manners, Machinery, Arts, etc. cloth, 6s 

Bombay, 1867 

34666 Mahombd Cauzim (Mirza) Dictionary, Goojratee and English, 

corrected and revised by Nowrozjee Fubdoonjbb, roy. 4to. pp. 
xiii and 420, double cols. bd. £2. 10* Bomhay, 1846 

34667 Mavor's English Spelling-Book, in Gujerati, sm. 8vo. bd. 2s 

Bomhay, 1837 

34668 Ramsay's Gujarati Grammar, 8vo. bd. 7s 6d Bomhay, 1842 

34669 ■ ■ ■ ■ — English Grammar, in Gujarathi, 8vo. hf. calf, 2s (jd 

Sural, 1836 


34670 PuNCHOPAKHTAN {or Panchatantra), in Oujerati, sm. 4to. 254 pp. 

calf, 28 6d Bombay, 1889 (1833) 

34671 Robertson's English- Gujarati Dictionary, 12mo. 330 pp. cloth, 4* 

Bombay, 1854 

34672 Samsarchopadi : an educational work, in Qujarati, consisting of 

Arithmetic, Reading Lessons, and extracts from the Pancha- 
tantra, 8vo. illustrations to the Fables, cloth, Br, BumelVs copy, 
7s Bombay, 1860 

34673 Shapurji Bdalji, Gujarati Grammar, 8vo. 127 pp. cloth, 6s 

Bombay, 1867 

34674 ViKRAM Charitra : the Tale of King Vikrama, in Ghijarati verse, 

sm. folio, M8. a few leaves wormed, bd. 16s India, Sec. xi x 

Hindustani, Hindi and Urdu. 

34675 Abul Feda : the History of Abul Feda, with additions from other 

sources, translated into Urdu, by Elareem Uddeen, Vols. 2 and 3, 
2 vols. roy. 8vo. bds. 7s Delhi, 1847 

34676 -^sop's Fables, translated into Hindustani, by Nizam-uddin, MS. 

sm. 4to. calf, 2s 6d Scec. xix 

34677 Hindustani and English, by Nizam ud-Deen, sm. 4to. 

bd. Ss 6d Bombay, 1850 

34678 Apsos (Sher Ali) Araish-i Mahfil, a History of the Hindoo 

Princes of Dihlee, from Joodishtus to Pithoura, in Hindustani, 
roy. 4to. bd. 7s 6d Calcutta, 1808 

34679 Akhlak-i Hindi : Mir Bahadur Ali*s translation into Hindustani, 

of a Persian version of the Hitopadesa, 8vo. plainly written MS. 
in Talik characters, bd. 65 1839 

34580 the same, in Hindustani, with notes, ed. by Syed 

Abdoollah, roy. 8vo. cloth, 6s 1868 

34681 ALF LEILAH. Hikataitt ool Jaleelah, the Arabian Nights 
translated into Hindustani, by Munshi Shams nddin Ahmad, 
Vol. I containing the first 200 Nights, all that was translated, 
8vo. 529 pp. lithographed, red morocco, 10s Madras, 1836 

34582 another translation of the first Two hundred Nights 

from the Arabic, in Urdu, by Haidar Ali, roy. 8vo. lithographed, 
a little wormed, sd. bs Calcutta, 1263 (1846) 

Both of these translations were made from Shirwani's edition of the 
Arabic text of the first 200 Nights. 

34683 Alf Leilah, in Hindustani, 4 vols, in 2, roy. 8vo. litho* 

graphed, fine native binding, £2. 16s LaWhnao, 1263 (1846) 

This and the following edition were translated from Macnaaghten*a 
edition of the text 

34584 the same, Hindustani, 4 vols, in 1, sm. folio, lithographed, 

hf, morocco, 30* Kanpur {Gawnpore), 1276 (1859) 


34685 Alf Leila. Tarjuma-i Alif Laila. ba-zuban-i-nrdn, an Urdu 

translation of the Arabian Nights, printed entirely in the Roman 
character, ed. by Tolbort and Pincott, 8vo. (sells 10s 6d), dobh^ 
Zs 6d 1882 

Althoagh not apparently intended to be otlier tlian a complete work, 
this mty be considerM as one Tirfnnie oat of probablj three. 

34686 Ambit Saoab, a medical work written in the dialect of Dehli> 

Hindi, 8vo. 629 pp, printed in the Nagari character, bds. bs 

Lucknow, 1926 (1869) 

34687 Ahwari Sohvili. Apologues of Bidpai, translated into the 

DuJchnee tongue from the Persian Anwari Soheili, by Mohum- 
mud Ibraheem, folio, bd. 20s Madras, 1824 

346Sg Bust&n-i Hikmat^ a translation into Northern Urdu of 

the Persian Anwar-i Soheili, preceded by a long account of the 
original Bidpai's Fables, in Urdu^ sm. folio, lithographed, out of 
binding, \2s Lak^hnao, a.h. 1254 

34689 Articles of War ; Proceedings of two Courts Martials ; Tales in 

the Persian Moonshi, Hindustani and English, by Nizam-ul- 
Deen, 8yo. bd. 2s Bombay, 1847 

34690 AsAB-oos>SuNNADBED. History and description of the ancient 

monuments of Delhi, in Hindustani, by Saiyid Ahmad Khan, 
4 parts in 1 vol. 4to. lithographed, with numerotis large designs of 
buildings, hf calf, SOs Delhi, 1847 

34691 — History of old and new rules or governments and of old 

and new buildings in the district of Delhi, Hindustani, by 
Saitid Ahmed Khan, roy. 8vo. hf hd. 20« Delhi, 1854 

This is a second edition of the preceding work, but thoroughly changed. 
Whilst the first is interesting for the nnmerons illastrations, to this 62 pages 
haye been added containing early Insgriftioms found in the buildings of 

34592 Description des Monuments de Dehli en 1852, par 

Sayid Ahmad Khan, en Franfais, par Garcin de Tassy, 8vo. 
sd.2s 1861 

34693 Atbsh, Kulliyat : Complete Poetical Works, in Hifidustani, roy. 

8vo. lithographed, sd, 5s Kanpor, a.h. 1272 

34694 BAGH BAHAR, "The Garden and Spring,'' the tale of the 

four Dervish, by Mir Ajnman of Dihli, Urdu MS, very neatly 

wriUen, 4to. 477 pp. hf, calf, 12s (1790) 

84695 — — the same, printed, ed. by Gilchrist, 8vo. calf^ Ss 6d 

Madras, 1822 

34595 . another edition, 4to. M. calf, Ss 6d Calcutta, 1843 

34597 new edition, with a V ocabnlary by Duncan Forbes, roy. 

8vo. cloth, hs 1846 

34698 the same, fourth edition, roy. 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d (1860) 

34699 the same, ed. in Bomam, type, with notes, by M. Williams, 

8vo. cloth, 2s 1859 

34700 Tale of the Four Durwesh, from the Oordoo, translated 

into English by L. F. Smith, with notes illustratiDg the customs 

of the natives of India, 8vo. written on, sd, 10s Bombay, 1841 

34701 the same, 8vo. bds, 20s Calcutta, 1842 

This is the book whieh Forbes afterwards reprinted as his own, omitting 
the notes Ulustratiye of native manners and customs, and all raferance to the 
real translator. 


34702 BAGH-I URDU. Hindustani translation of Sadi's Gulistan, sra. 

folio, neatly written MS. ccdf neat, 12* a.h. 1246 

34703 BAITlL PACHlSl, or twenty-five tales of a Demon, Hijidi text, 

witli Hindustani transcription added, and with two English 
translations, literal and free, by W. S. Barker, edited by E. B. 
Eastwick, roy. 8vo. 369 pp. cloth, 12^ Hertford, 1855 

34704 the same, Hindi, Vidyasag^r's edition, reprinted by 

W. N. Lees, in the Nagari character, 8vo. sd. Is 6d 

Calcutta, 1860 

34705 — — ' ■ the same, Hindi, Nagari -character,' with- Vocabulary by 

Forbes, roy. 8yo. cloth, bs 1857 

34706 —- the same, roj. 8vo. cloth, 6s 1874 

34707 Bttal Puchbesee, English, by W. Hollings, 8vo. cloth, 

hs Calcutta, 1859 

34708 Ballanttne (J. R.) Hindi and Braj Bhakha Grammar, 4to. chthf 

2s 6(7 ; or, hf. calf, Ss 6d 1839 

34709 second edition, 12mo. cloth, 2s 6d 1868 

34710 Bate (»T. D.) Hindee-English Dictionary, roy. 8vo. 800 pp, hfcalf, 

305 Benares, 1876 

34711 Beharj Danush, luayat Ullah's Tales, Hindustani, roy. 4to. 

hound^ 7s {Calcutta about 1820) 

34712 BiJAK (Testament) of Kabir, the Hindu reformer of the fifteenth 

centuiy, in Hindi verse, Kaithi Ifagari obaraoter, sm. 4to. plain 
MS,U9pp.calf,£S. (1780) 

This is the sacred text-hook of the Kahir-panthi sect, and is also held in 
high reyerence amongst the Sikhs. The present copy belonged saccessively 
to Ram Singh, Subadar of Chanar, general Harriot, and Qarcin de Ttasy. 

34713 Boucharlat's Principles of the Differential and Integral Calculus, 

Urdu, by Ramchand, royal 8vo. sd. 6s . . Dehli, 1854 

34714 Brax BiLAS-Taswir-Sanhita : a poem in old Hindi, on the erotic 

life of young Krishna in Braj, by Brajbasi-Das, 4to. 350 pp. hf 
hd.lbs 1909 (1852) 

34715 Brown's (C. P.) English and Hindustani Phraseology, 8vo. hd. 

Is 6d Calcutta, 1855 

34716 Browne (J. F.) Hindi Primer, in Roman character, 12mo. 36 pp. 

cloth, 2s 1882 

34717 Gayelli Yenkata Ramaswamie, Biographical sketches of Dekkan 

Poets, 8vo. hd. Zs 6d Calc. 1829 

34718 CHAND [CHANDRA BHATTA] Prithiraja Ratasa, History 

of Prithi Raja, the last Hindu King of Dihli, a chronicle in 

Hindi verse, roy. 8vo. MS,, the first five sections from Qarcin de 

Tassy's library, 325 (1800) 

Vbbt rabe. An invalnable account, written in the twelfth centnry of 
the Christian era, of the native struggle against Mohammedan conquest; 
and the only authentic work upon the subject from the Hindu point of view. 
It forms the national poem of ^e Rajputs, and Tod has made use of it in his 
History of JEtajasthan. Copies, even in India, are ' not only very rare and 
costly, but always imperfect. ' There are perhaps not over half a dozen in 
Europe perfect or imperfect. 

34719 Conquest's Ontlines of Midwiferyy.HMdftwfaM?!, by E. Balfoo^ 

8vo. calf, 3« 6d ; ^ Madras, 181 


34720 Conies en Hindoustani, caractere Guzaratte, a volume so lettered, 

roj. 4to« MS. in the Modi or Qujarati character, containing 262 
short tales, hf, red morocco gilt, formerly in the collection of 
Oolonel Briggs (1827), 16* Sec, xix 

34721 Cox (E. T.) the Regimental Moonship being dialogues, letters, 

reports and a vocabolaiy, Hindustani and English, roj. 8yo. 
sd.2sed 1847 

34722 Delhi, Luckkow, and Cawnpobe Press. — ^Thirteen works, litho- 

graphed, and three in MS. som^ in Hindustani, some in Persian, 
found in the printing-houses of those three cities on their 
recapture after the mutiny ; together 16 pieces, sm. folio, 4to. 
and 8yo. in a parcel, £2. Sec, xix 

S4723 Dastan i Amir Hamza, a Story by Mohammed Ashk, Hindustani, 
4 vols, in 1, royal 8yo. hd, 98 Bombay, 1271 

34724 DICTIONARY, Persian, Hindustani, English, Portuguese 

Dictionary, sm. folio, MS, on Oriental tinted paper, in original 
Oriental binding repaired, the sides richly g%Lt with figures of 
birds on the comer^pieces, and of climbing monkeys on the centre- 
piece, £10. ( T Surat, about 1630) 
A great curiosity as being the first work of its kind. It was probably 
compilM for the use of the l^glish factory at Snrat The Persian is given 
in natire and in Roman letters, the Hindnstani in Gujerati and Roman 

34725 DiWAN I OuLZAB, an Anthology of the best Hindustani Poets, 

HindAistani, 8vo. lithographed, bd. hs (Bombay, 1237) 

DossABHBS SORABJEE, Idiomatical Sentences — see Crujerati. 

34726 EASTWICK (E. B.) The Kaisamamah i Hind, a Poem, in 

English and Hindustani, with Appendices containing the 
Histories of the Princes of India, Vols. I and II (all pub.), 
impl. folio, 25 portraits, and nwmerous fine photographic views, 
each page surrounded by an elegant ornamental coloured border, 
those containing the English text in gold and colours, bound in 
red morocco extra, leather joints, giU edges, with initials V.LB. 
on sides, £20. Privately printed, 1877-82 

34727 Ethebington (W.) Hindi Grammar, sm. 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d 

Benares, 1870 

34728 FALLON (S. W.) English-Hindustani Law and Commercial 

Dictionary of words and phrases, impl. 8yo. 230 pp, hf. calf, 10s ; 
or interleaved, Cloth, 9s OcAcutta, 1858 

34729 Hindustani-English Law and Commercial Dictionary, 

impl. 8vo. 288 jpp. cloth, Is 6d Benares, 1879 

34730 Hindustani-English Dictionary, with illustrations from 

Hindustani literature and folk-lore, roy. 8yo. 25 parts, 1216 pp. 
double columns (sells £5. bs), sd, £2. 10s Benares, 1879 

34731 Fasanah-i 'ajXIb : Tale of Wonder, in Hindustani, by Bajib Ali 

Beg called Surdr, impl. 8to. lithographed, with curious engrav- 
ings,hf. bd. bs India, 1854 

34732 F^BOUSSON (J.) Hindostani-English, English-Hindostani Dic- 

tionary, with Grammar, Soman character, 4to. calf, Ss 1773 


24733 FIRDAUSI, the Shah mmah, translated into Urdu by Kamdl 
Chand of Lucknow, roy. 8vo. bddpp, hds. 5s Calcutta^ 1846 

34734 FORBES (Duncan) Hindustani-English and English-Hindustani 
Dictionary, second greatly enlarged edition^ 2 parts, in 1 vol. roy. 
8vo. (pub. £2. 12* 6d), 802 and 318 jpjp. chth, 20« ; or, hf, calf, 
2\8 1868 

In the first part the Hindastani is m Persian, Nagari and Roman 
characters, in the second in Roman characters. 

34,735 Dictionary, Hindustani-English and English-Hindustani, 

Eomanized, roy. 8vo. 697 and SlSpp, (pub. 36*), cloth, ISs 1869 

34736 Hindustani Grammar, with selections and Vocabulary, 

8vo. 16 platesy cloth, bs (1868) 

34737 FuTTUHGUEH Namah, a History and General Description of the 

district of Fatihgarh, by Kale Rai, Urdu, 4to. with pedigrees, 
maps, and plans o/ buildings, sd. 8s 6d Delhi, 1849 


34738 GANJ-i-Kni&Bf, "The Treasury of Excellence,** an Urdu translation 

of the Akhlak-i-Mohsani, by Mir Amman of Dehli, 8yo. hds. bs 

Oalcutta, 1846 

34739 Gahj-i Kudeat: Dakhni Poem on the life of the Saint Kadr 

Wait or Kadru UAwliyya, plainly written in M8. a.h. 1233 — 
Fal Namah : a fortune-telling book^ by Mustafa Hosain Khan, 
in Dakhni verse, in the author's autograph, a.h. 1206 — 2 vols, in 
1, sm. folio, MS. hd. 20s a.h. 1206-33 

34740 Gaecin de Tasst, Rudimens de la Langue Hindoustani avec 

Tappendice contenant des lettres Hindoustani, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. 
calf neat, 3s 6d 1829-33 

34741 Rudiments de Langue Hindoui, 8vo. sd. Is 6d 1847 

34742 -I — Histoire de la Litterature Hindoui et Hindoustani, 

2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 2b8 ; or, hf» calf neat, rare, 30s 

Paris, 0. Tr. F. 1839-47 
34743 le m6me ouvrage, seconds edition, revue, corrigde et con^ 

sid^ahlement augmentee, 3 vols. 8vo. sd, SOs Paris, 1870-71 
34744 la Langue et la Litterature Hindoustanies, 1860-75, 

I vol. 8vo. and 6 parts, without the part for 1870; also 4 tracts; 

a parcel, bs 1860-76 

34746 Gat's Fables, with translation into Urdtc poetry by Raja Kali 
EZrishna, sd. Is 6d ; or, calf, Ss Calcutta, 1836 

34746 Ghalib (Mirza Asad Ullah Khan) IJrdu-i Mualla : Letters and 

Prose Compositions, in Hindustani, 4 thin vols. 8vo. lithographed, 
cloth, bs Dihli, 1869 

34747 Gholam Imam EZhan, Taeikhi Rashididdin EZhani. General 

History of India, in Hindostani, 4to. lithographed, hf. hd. 20s 
Privately printed in the NawaVs palace at Hyderabad, a.h. 1282 

Named after the Nizam's minister, Mohammad Hashid nd Din. 

34748 Tarikh-i Khurshid Jdhi. A Description of I 

followed by biographies of celebrated men, of India in 
and of Haidarabad in especial, followed by a. historf 


Nizams down to Salar Jaiig*s ministry, and an acconnt of the 

mutiny down to September, 1857, in Hindustani, sm. folio, 

lithographedy calf, 36« (Haidarahad) 1287 (1869) 

Named after the minister Mahji nd Din Ehnrshid ad Danlah. An 
acconnt of the anthor and some of his opnscnles are added at the end. 

34749 Gilchrist (J.) English-Hindoostanee Dictionary with the Ap- 

pendix, and Grammar, 4 vols. roy. 4to. hd. not uniform, lOs 

(Mcutta, 1790-98 

34750 Grammar of the Hindnstaai Langnage, roy. 4to- hf, hd, 

78 ed Calcutta, 1809 

34751 GiTA. Aax'H. Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, in Hindustani, 

12mo. plain MS. in Talik characters, hd, 5« Sec. xviii 

34752 GoOLi Bukawulee, Hindustani, by Nihal Chand, large 8vo. preface 

by J. Gilchrist, calf gilt, 'Ss 6d ; or, 4to. bd. 2s Calcutta, 1804 

34753. Gospels. The fonr Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, in 
Hindui, Svo. hd. 2s 6d Calcutta, 1847 

34754 GuLiSTAN-i Hind : the Garden of India, a collection of witticisms 

and anecdotes^ Hindustani, by Elarim nddin, 8vo. 260 pp. hd. 
2s ^ A.H. 1267 (1860) 

34755 GcLZAEi Danish, a Collection of Tales, in Hindtistani, by Mo- 

hammed Salih after Inayat TJllah, stont folio, 1200 pp. nearly 
toritten MS. on Paper, hd. 20» (? 1800) 

34756 Haidari, Seances et TEl^gie de Miskin, Frangais, par TAbb^ 

Bertrand, 8vo. sd. 2s 1845 

34757 [Hall's] Hindi Reader, with vocabulary, 4to. 184 pp, (sells 2\s), 

cloth, 78 6d Hertford, 1870' 

34758 HXtim Tai, a Tale, Hindustani, royal 8vo. hd. 4« a.h. 1212 

34759 Hindi Selections, compiled by the order of the Government as 

language tests for junior civil servants and military officers, 4to. 
257 pp. hf. hd. 7s ^d Benares, 1867 

34760 Hindustani Selections: or Text Book, as established by the 

general regulations of the army for military students, 8vo. 
450 pp. cay', 2s 6d Madras, 1856 

34761 HIRASUKBAL : a Poem in Old Hindi, 4to. MS. on homhycifie 

paper in 361 stanzas, Ghirmuhhi character, 116 leaves, Indian 
hinding, £3. Sec. xviii-xix 

34762 History of Sandford and Merton, Urdu, by Shiva Prasad, 8vo. 

cloth, 2s Agra, 1855 

34763 HoLLiNGS (W. C.) a translation of popular Rekhtd Songs, Hindus- 

tani and English, 4to. hds. \0s Calcutta, 1852 

34764 Ikhwanu-s-Safa (Treatise of) the Brothers of Purity, translated 

from the Arabic into Hindustani, by Ikram Ali, 8vo. 256 pp. 
a clearly lithographed edition, sd. Zs ^d n. d. {India, cir. 1840) 

34765 the same, edited by Forbes and Rieu, roy. 8vo. cloth, Qs 


34766* the same, revised by W. N. Lees, 8vo. hf. hd. 2s M 

Cole. 1867 

347gg the same, in English, with a vocabulary of the difficult 

words and phrases by Philip Manuel, hds. Zs 6a Calcutta, 1860 


34767 Ikhwanu-s-Safa, translated into English by John Platts, 8vo. 

doth, OS 1869 

34768 Insha-i-Hindeb : Letters, Petitions, etc. with an entire translation 

of the Insha-i-Hnrkaran, Hindustani, bj Nizam nd Deen, 8vo. 
hd, 2s Bombay, 1850 

" Written in a pure and very easy Hindustani." 

34769 Jamiu 'l-Akhlak, translated from Persian Akhlak-i-Jalalf into 

Urdu, by Maulavf Amanatn-Uah, 8vo. calf, 3s 6c? Oalcvita, 1848 

34770 Johnson (Dr.) Rasselas, in Kindustani, Nastalik char, by Moham- 

mad^Mir Hoseini, roy. 8vo. well written M8. native "binding^ 4* 

A.H. 1265 

34771 Kjlmrup. Tahoin-uddin, Les Aventures de Kamrup, en Kindous- 

tani, pnbli6es par Gtircin de Tassy, 8vo. hf, morocco, hs 1835 
Interleaved, and haying MS. notes by M. Garcin de Tassy. 

34772 Les Ayentnres de Kamrnp, traduites de THindonstani, 

par Garcin de Tassy, 8vo. 20* 1834 

34773 Karim ul Loqhat : an Urdu vocabnlary of Arabic and Persian 

words which occnr in Hindustani, by Mohammed Karim Uddin, 
304 jpp. 1876- — ^Muntakhab nnnafais : an Urdu vocabulary, with 
the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish synonyms, by Mahbub Ali, 
172 jpp. 1874—2 vols, in 1, roy. 8vo. hd. 78 6d 1874-76 

34774 Kellogg (S. H.) Grammar of the Hindi Language, in which are 

treated the Standard Hindi, Braj, and the Eastern Hindi of the 
Bamayan of Tulsi Das, also various colloquial Dialects, roy. 8vo. 
cloth, LOs Allahabad, 1876 

34775 Khirad Afroz : an Urdu version of Bidpai's Fables, translated 

from the Persian lyar-i-Danish by Hafiz ud-Din Ahmad, MS. 
4to. 894 pp, calf. Us (1820) 

34776 the same, Hindustani, edited by Roebuck, 2 vols. 8vo. 

bd. Ss6d Calcutta, 1815 

34777 the same, roy. 4to. sd. 10s Calcutta, 1847 

34778 the same, Hindustani, with notes by Eastwick, 4to. cloth, 

78 Hertford, lSb7 

34779 the same, 4to. cloth, 6s Hertford, new title, dated 1867 

34780 KulliyIti Kawanin : Marshman's Precedents, or Forms of 

Official Correspondence and Despatches in all branches of the 
Government Service, in Urdu, 3 vols, in 2, half calf neat, 128 

Agra, 1845-55 

34781 Lataif i Hindi, or, the New Cyclopeedia Hindoostanica of Wit, 

being a collection of 100 humorous stories in Eekhtu and Brij 
Bhasha, printed in the Persian and Nagree characters, roy. 8vo. 
bds. hs Calcutta, 1810 

34782 LuTAiFi HiNDEE, or Hindoostanee Jest-book, Hindus- 
tani, in Arabic and Roman characters, ed. by Smyth, 8vo. 8d, 2s 


3478:^ LuLLOO Lal Kuti, Principles of the Bruj Bhakha language, large 
4to. calf, lbs Calcutta, 1811 

34784 Lyall (C. J.) Sketch of the Hindustani Language, 12mo. 59 «». 
okth, 28 Edinhunjh, l880 


34785 Mahabharata : a translation into Brctj Bhdkhd verse of the whole 

of the great poem ascribed to Vjasa, executed by Groknl-nath 
bj conunand of the Maharaja of Banares, 8 vols. roj. 4to. id. 
2b8 Calcutta, 1751 ; 1886 (1829) 

34786 Mahzttr (Mohammed) Gnldasta i Nishat, Hindustani, 8yo. Id. 3s 

A.H. 1269 

34787 MASHARIKU L-ANWAR. A work on the authentic Tradition- 

aij Sayings of Mohammad, written by Hasan Saghani |(in the 
13th centorj), translated into Hindustani, with the Arabic text 
of the sayings, 2 vols, in 1, stont sm. folio, lithographed, native 
binding, 23s Kanpar, 1267 (1850) 

34788 MiFTAH-u s-Salat : Dakhni translation by Lnam-n d-din of Dihli, 

Urdu, Persian char. sm. folio, M8. interleaved^ hf, hd. 7s 6d 

A.H. 1264 

34789 MiBAT UL Akus : The Wife's Mirror, a novel in Urdu, by Moham- 

med Nazir Ahmad, 2 vols. roy. 8to. sd. 5s Gawnpore, 1869 

34790 Nazis. Poetical Works of Nazir Akbarabadj, in Urdu, large 8yo. 

lithographed, hf. hd. Is (Luchnow) 1870 

34790* another edition, roy. 8vo. hf. hd. 7s 6d Dihli, 1871 

34791 Nacliyat-i Hihdi : Tales in Hindi, 4to. 70 pp. sd. 2$ 1829 

34792 NafaIs-u l-loohat : Dictionary of TJrda words and phrases, 

explained in Persian, with illustrations of nses, by Mohammad 
Abd-nl- Wahid, roy. 4to. sd. \hs {LaTchnao ?) a.h. 1281 

Nasb-i Binazib — see Sihr-al-Bayan. 

34793 NiGHAVTA-BHASHA, and Yodya-kasara, Yocabolaries in Hindi, 8vo. 

hf. Id. bs Agra, 1928 (1871) 

34794 NiLAKANTHA Sastbi (tOBE (N.) a rational refutation of the Hindu 

philosophical systems, English, by Fitz-Edward Hall, 8yo. cloth, 

2s ed CaUutta, 1862 

The Qriginal Hindi work is entitled " Shad-darsana-darpana." 

34795 Nu Tabz Mibassa : Tales of Farkhundah Sir, King of Rum, 

Hindustard, 8vo. hd. bs Bombay, 1846 

34796 Phabmacopceia (London) in Hindustani, by Spilsbury, and Sama- 

chum Dutt, 8vo. bds, 28 6d Calcutta, 1845 

34797 Platt (J. T.) Grammar of the Hindustani or Urdu Language, 

8vo. over 400 pp. (pub. at I2s), cloth, 7$ ^d 1874 

34798 PEBM SAGUR, or History of Krishna, in Hindi, by LuUoo Lai, 

with VOCABULABT, 4bo. pp. 248 and 159 of Vocabulary, some 
leaves wormed, hf. calf, 15« Calcutta, 1825 

34799 the same, with Vocabulary, 4to. pp. 248 and 142 of 

Vocabulary, calf, lOs Calcutta^ 1842 

34800 the same, the text only, royal 8vo. hf. bd. 28 

Calcutta, 1845 

34S01 the same, with Vocabulary by Eastwick, 4to. 240 pp. of 

Text, and 195 of Vocabulary, cloth, \hs Hertford, 1851 

34802 the same, roy. 4to. labgb papeb, cloth, IBs 1851 

The Prem Sagar was compiled by Chatnrbhnj Misr* in Braj Bhakha from 
the Bhagayat of Vyasadeya ; Lalla Lai rendered it into Hindu. 

34803 Pbkm Sagub, English, by Hollings, 8vo. bd. 20« 

Calcutta, 1848 

34804 literally translated by Eastwick, 4to. bds. 2AS 1851 


34805 PRICE'S Hindee and Hindoostanee Selections, with Rudiments 

of Hindoostanee and Bruj Bhakha Grammar, 2 vols. 4to. 2nd 
and best edition, hds. Ihs Calcutta, 1830 

34806 the same, 2 vols. 4to. hf. calf neat, 20s 1830 

Contents : I. Hindoostanee and Bruj Bbakha Grammar ; Beta! 

Pncheesee ; Selections from the Bhuktu Mai ; Selections from the Rekhtas 
of Kubeer ; the Soondnm Kandn from the Bamaynna of Toolsee Das ; 
Hindee Hnmonrous Stories ; Popular Rekhta and Hindee Songs ; Festivals 
of the Hindoos and Hindoo Castes ; II. Extracts from the Bagh-o-Bnhar, 
Gooli Bukawnlee, Araishi Mabfil, Ukhlaqi Hindee; with the Sakontala. 
Pleasant Stories, Poetical Stories, Poetical Extracts, Rekhta Songs, and 
Dialogues in Hindustani, also the Hindi text of the Pbbm Saoub, with 

34807 RAHNUMi-i-DiHLi : Guide of Dehli, a history and description of 

Dehli, in Hindustani, roj. 8vo. with illustrations and many 
inscriptions from buildings, sd. 9s Dehli, 1874 

34808 Rajneeti, Hindu Apologues, translated from the Sanskrit of 

Narayun into Brij Bhasha, Nagari character, by Sree Lulloo 

Lai Kub, 8vo. bd. 10s Calcutta, 1809 

34809 the same, with notes, etc. by P. E. H(all), 8vo. bd. 2s Sd 

Allahabad, 1854 
*^ The value which the present work hears is twofold, as exhibiting the 
language of Braj, and as illustrating Indian peculiarities of opinion and 
customs. On comparison with a large number of prose compositions in the 
Braj Bh^h&, I make no hesitation in giving it a decided preference to any or 
all of them." 

34810 Rajneeti, Hindu Apologues, Hindustani, in Nagari characters, 

4to. lithographed, with numerous curious engravings, hf. morocco, 
gilt tops, 2bs 1868 

34811 Roebuck's Hindustani Interpreter: grammar, vocabulary, dia- 

logues, and a naval dictionary, 8vo. sd. Is 6d 1841 

34812 RusuM-i-HiND, a collection of Tales, Hindustani, thick 8vo. litho- 

graphed, cloth, 9s Calcutta, 1869 

34813 Sadi's Gulistan^ in Hindustani, by Nizam-ud-din, 8vo. 680 pp. 

lithographed, hf. calf, 5s Poona, 1855 

see also Bagh-i-TJrdn ante. 

Saitid Ahmad — see AsAR-us-SANiDfo. 

34814 SAUDA (Mohammad Rafi^ KuUiyat. Complete Poetical Works, 

in Hindustani, imp. 8vo. well written M8. cloth, £2. Sec. xix 
Inserted at Uie end is a priyatelj printed skit on Free Trade, consisting 
chiefly of a free translation from one of Sanda's stories, made hv Frinsep in 

34815 another copy of Sauda's Works, in Hindustani, 8vo. 

plainly written MS. ruled with red lines, bds. 30^ a.h. 1244 

At the end of the Hindustani diwan (which is not qnite so extensiye in 
this copy as in the preceding) there are some pieces of FwMm poetry, occupying 
27 pp., etc. of which the author's name is not given. 

34816 KuLLiTAT, Complete Works, in Hindustani, sm. folio, 

liihographed, hf. bd. 20s Bombayf 18&1 

3481 7 Selections from Poetical Works of Sauda, 2 vols.—'' 

of Mir Soz, 3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. hf. bd. 10s Calcutta { 


34(818 Sauda. Selection from the Poems of Souda, in Urdu, second 
augmented edition, by Gholam Hyder, roy. 4 to. hds. 7s ; or. A/. 
ca^, 9s Calouttay 1847 

34i819 Selections &om the Bagh o Bahab and Pbem Saqar, Hindustani, 
8vo. 488 pp. sd. 3* 6d Calcutta, 1878 

34820 SHAKESPEAB (John) Hindustani Grammar, 4to. hd. Is 6d 


34321 the same, fifth edition, Yrith a short Dakhni Ghrammar, 

roy. 8vo. Id. hs 1846 

34322 Dictionary, Hindustani-English and English- Hindustani, 

fourth greatly enlarged edition, thick 4to. hf calf, 30« 1849 

34323 the same, hound in whole russia, in a smooth -morocco limp 

wrapper, £1. 17* Qd 1849 

34824 Introduction to the Hindustani Language, comprising a 

grammar, vocabulary, dialogues, etc. thick 8yo. hd, hs 1845 

34825 Muntakhabat-i- Hindi. Selections in Hindustani, with 

verbal translations or vocabularies, and grammatical analysis, 
etc. 2 vols. 4iio,hds, bs 1852 

34826 Shamail-1 Atkia. Dakhni translation of the Persian original on 

the lives of the Sufi shaikhs and the prophets, in Hindustani, 
sm. folio, M8, in a somewhat negligent hand, hd, 25« a.h. 1195 

34827 Shigurf Namah i Velaet. Travels of Mirisa Itesa Modeen in 

Great Britain and Prance, Hindustani and English, ed. by 
Alexander, 8vo. portrait, hds, Zs &d 1827 

34828 Shiva Prasad, Shahadat Kurani, Testimony borne by the Goran 

to the Holy Scriptures, Liuilmow, 1861 — Majmu'a-kawaneen- 

^ f aujdaree, Decisions and ordinances of Law Courts, Agra, 1867 ; 

2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf hd, hs 1861-67 

34829 Sihb-ul-Batan. Sihr-ool-Buyan, or Musnuwee of Meer Husun, a 

history of the Prince Be Nuzeer, in Hindoostanee verse, 4to. 

calf, 3s Calcutta, 1805 

34830 the same, in Hindustani prose, by Mir Bahadur *Ali, 4to. 

mended, hd, 2s 6d a.h. 1218 

34831 the same, prose, in English, by Court, 8vo. doth, 2s 6d 

Simla, 1871 

34832 SiNGHASAN Battisi, or Anecdotes of Bikramajeet, Hindustani, 

Nagari characters, from the Brij Bhakha of Soondur Kubeesh- 
war, by Kazim XTlee Juwan and Lulloo Lai Kub, 4to. hd. hs 

Calcutta, 1805 

34833 another edition, square 12mo. one illustration, hds, 2s 

Bomhay, 1857 
34834 the same, in Hindi, by LaJlu Lai Kubi, from the origi- 
nal Sanskrit, with English notes by Syed Abdoolah, roy. 8vo. 

(pub. at 12* 6d), cloth, bs 1869 

AU three editions are alike, notwithstandiog the Tariations in the title. 

34835 [Stewart] Introduction to ^industani as spoken in the Camatic, 
8vo. vnth Vocabulary and Dialogues, sd, 2s Madras, 1843 

Tatistn-ud-dtn— ^f'e Kamrup. 


34836 Tahkikat-i-Chishti : biographical and Wstorical Encyclopaedia of 

tlie Punjab, Hindustani, by Nur Ahmad Chishti, roy. 8vo. 
880 pp. ^d. lOs Lahore, 1284 (1867) 

34837 TAKI. Poems of Meer Mohummed Tuquee, celebrated composi- 

tions in the Oonloo Lanjj^nage, published under the patronage of 
the College of Fort William, stout roy. 4to. calf, 20s 

Calcutta, 1811 

34838 Mahmiid wa Ayaz; Darya-i Ishk; two masndvis in 

Hindustani, smallest 4to. plainly written MS. cloth, Is Qd 

A.H. 1249 
Followed in the same volnmc by a MS. of the Tayyihat of Sadi, a Persian 

34839 Taleem Namuu : Lessons in Hindustani grammar, letter writing, 

arithmetic, etc. Hindustani, by Mahomed Ibrahim Muckba, 
2 vols, in 1^ 8vo. hf, calf, 2s 6d Bombay, 1847 

34840 Tarikh-i Mam1lik-i ChIn. History of China^ Urdu, by James 

Corcoran, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. sd, bs Calcutta, 1864 

34841 New Testament, in Hindustani, 8vo. cloth, 2s 1860 

34842 THOMPSON (J. T.) Oordoo-English Dictionary, roy. 8vo. 

604 pp, hds, lbs Serampore, 1838 

Arranged alphabetically, according to the Roman transliteration, to which 
the Hindi and Persian characters are added. 

34843 — — — Hindee-Bnglish Dictionary, roy. 8vo. 600 pp, in Nagari 

and Boman cha/ra^ters, hf. calf, lOs Calcutta, 1846 

34844 ToTi Kahani, " Tales of a Parrot/' TTrdu, by Saiyid Haidar Bakhsh, 

4to. MS, neatly tvritten, native binding, bs (1803) 

34845 r- another edition, a.h. 1283 — Sadi Gulistan mutarjam, 

Persian and Hindustani, A.D. 1867 — 2 vols, in 1, roy. 8vo. litho- 
graphed, hf. bd. 10s Kanp6r, 1866-67 

34846 Tales of a Parrot, Hindustani, from the Persian, trans- 
lated by Saiyid Haidar Bakhsh, with a vocabulary, ed. by 
Forbes, roy. 8vo. (pub. at 8«), cloth, 2s 6d 1852 

34847 TULSI DAS Ramatana, Hindi, 8vo. 451 pp. hf. hd. bs 

Benares, 1869 

34848 '■ the same, in English, by Growse, Book 1, Childhood, 

roy. 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d Allahabad, 1877 

This first book of Tnlsi's Ramayana forms all but a third of the complete 
work as rewritten after Yalmiki. This is the first European translation. 

34849 Wali's Diwan : Hindustani, the Odes of Shah Mohammed Wall 

Dekkani, Bvo. MS. hd. from Oarcin de Tassy^s library, £2. 

The oldest and best of the MSS. used by Garcin de Tassy for his edition. 

34850 CEuvres de, publi^es en Hindoustani par Garcin de 

Tassy, roy. 4to. sd. Iqs ^d Paris, 1834 

34851 — ' — ' le m^me ouvrage, Hindoustani et Fran^ctd" 

de Tassy, roy. 4to. hf. calf, 7s 6d 


34852 WiQUAYA (WakI'i-i) Rajpootana, or a History of the Ajmere 

and Merewara Districts and the Native States incladed in the 
cotintrj of Rajpootana, Hitidustani, hy Jwala Sahaie, 3 thick 
vols. 8vo. maps J sd. 10s -A-gra, 1878-79 

34853 Yatks (W.) Introduction to Hindustani, containing a Orammar, 

Reading Lessons^ and a copious Vocabulary , 8to. hds, 7s 6d 

Calcutta, 1841 

84854 Hindustani-English Dictionary, 8vo. 590 pp. cloth^ 12s 


34855 YusuF wa Zuleikha, Masnavi of Mir Hasan, Gnli Bakavali, 

Hindiistanif royal 8vo. lithographed^ hd. 4» Calcutta, 1267 

34856 ZuriJbu l-amsIl. Collection of Dakhni popular Proverbs, am. 

folio, well written MS. neat native binding, 24^ About 1825-30 
In the epigraph the title is given as Ntkdt-u l-aalamin. This interesting 
work is a scarce one. 

34857 Zubdatu-l-Khiyal, " the Cream of Fancies," being a collection of 

■wonderful anecdotes, told in pure and elegant Urdu, large 4to. 
414 pages, bds, 10s a.h. 1256 (1840) 


34858 Bible. Jonas, from the Vulgate translated into the Southern 

dialect of Konkani as spoken by the Catholics of South Canara, 
by Pio Noronha — Gospel of St. John and Acts of the Apostles, 
in the same and also from the Vulgate, translated by F. M. 
Mascarenhas, neatly written MS. the Konkani in Roman letters, 
together in 1 vol. 4to. calf, 10s Mangalore, 1860-72 

34859 Cunha Bivaka (J. H. da) Ensaio historico da Lingua Concani, 

sm. 4to. 540 pp. hf, calf, 21s Nova Qoa, 1858 

Besides the sabject alluded to on the title, this work contains also an 
interesting collection of 90 official documents relating to the Portngnesc 
Missions in India from 1620 to 1804. 

34860 [Fbakcisco Xaviek de Santa Anna] Diooionario Portuguez-Con- 

cani, por um misionaro Italiano, 8vo. 280 pp. double columns, 
hf. calf, 16s Nova Qoa, 1868 

34861 Tbagts in Konkani. Novas MeditacSes; Cantigas pias; Cathe- 

cismo da Infancia; Cathecismo de Doutrina Ghrista; Devo- 
cianario de Missa ; Hamalhetinho de Hymnos e Gan95es, aU in 
Konkani, printed in Roman letters; together 6 pieces in 1 vol. 
12mo. hf morocco, 10s Nova Qoa, 1856-68 


34862 Bal Mitr, being a Maratha translation of Berquin's Children's 

Friend, 2 vols. sm. 4to. hf. ealf^ hs Bomhay, 1828-33 

34863 Ballanttne's (J. R.) Mahratta Grammar, 4to. bd. 2« 1839 


34864 Bellaibs and Askhedkar, Marathi Grammar, sm. 8yo. 100 pp. 

clothy Is 6d Bombay^ 1868 

34865 Bhakt Vijaya, Hari Vijaya, Pandava PratXp, Ram Vijaya, 

4 Mythological Poems, in Marathi, 4 vols, folio, lithographed, 
with some hundreds of large engravings representing scenes from 
the Pwanas, etc. £9. Anno SaTcce, 1770 (1848) 

Excessively rare in Europe. There are probably no copies of these 
works to be found in any of the great Public Libraries. 

34866 Bhakta-yijata, a Marathi poem, by Mahipati, MS. in the Nagari 

character, 4 vols. 4to. cloth, lbs (1850) 

Very rare in Europe. 

34867 Bible. The New Testament, Marathi in Nagari character, 8vo. 

calf 2s 1864 

34868 Caret's Mahratta-English Dictionary, 12mo. hf. calf, 3s 

Serampore, 1810 

34869 Dictionary of the Maratha Language, compiled by Pundits of the 

Native Education Society, 2 vols. 4to. all in Marathi, litho^ 
graphed, hf. bd. £2. Bombay, 1829 

Drummond (R.) — see Gtijerati. 

34870 DUFF'S (Capt. Grant) History of the Marathas, translated into 

Maraiihi, by Capt. D. Capon, sm. folio, hf. hd. 7s 6d 

Bombay, 1830 

34871 QovTSD Naratan. Bombay past and present, an historical sketch 

in Marathi, 8vo. wiop«, cloth, bs Bombay, 1863 

34872 jANAKf-PARiNAYA NAtaka, or the Play of the Marriage of Janaki, a 

dramatic composition in Marathi, MS. sm. folio, beaidifully 
written, \3\pp. stained, bd. 6s (1770) 

34873 Kennedy's Dictionary of the Maratha Language, in two parts, 

Mar.-Eng. and Eng.-Mar. in 1 vol. sm. folio, ^. bd. 7s 6d 

Bombay, 1824 

34874 Mahratha Grammar, and Mar.-Eng. and Eng.-Mar. 

Dictionary, in 1 vol. sm. folio, cloth, IQs 1824-25 

34875 Mahabharata, Sabha parva; the first book of the Sanskrit epic 

translated into Marafha verse, oblong folio, plainly written MS. 
hf. calf gilt, £2. 2s Sec. xvrii 

34876 MOLBSWORTH and CANDY, large English-Marathi and Ma- 

rathi-English Dictionary, 2 thick vols, large 4to. hf. calf, not 
wiiform, £\. 16« Bombay, 1831-47 

34877 the same, 2 vols. 4to. hf calf neat, £2. 5s 1831-47 

34878 Marathi-Bnglish Dictionary, 1 vol. interleaved a'nd 

divided into 8 parts 4to. cloth wrappers, lbs 1831 

34S79 Marathi-English Dictionary, second enlarged edition, 

roy. 4to. bd. SOs Bombay, 1857 

34880 English-Marathi Dictionary, 4to. cloth, 25s 1847 

34881 Compendium of Molesworth's Marathi-English Dic- 
tionary, by Baba Padmanji, roy. 8vo. 483 pp. cloth, 5s 

Bombay, 1863 

34882 Panchopaehyanam, the Fables of Yishnu Sarman, Marathi, in the 

Modhi character, sm. folio, plain MS. bds. 7s 6d Sec. xix 



34883 Peabodha Chandrodata Natak : an allegorical Drama, MaratM, 

translated from the Sanscrit, sm. 4to. numerovs illustrations^ 
hf. hd, lbs Bombay^ 1851 

34884 PuRAN : ou Rela^So dos mysteries da encama^ao, morte e paizao 

de N. S. Jesn Ohristo, na lingoa vnlgar, composta por P. Fr. Vaz 
de Gnimaraes, 1659, Marathi verse, in Roman character, roy. 
8vo. hf, calf, *Ss 6d Bombay, 1857 

34885 the same, 4to. sd. 2s Bombay, 1871 

34886 RuKMiNi Sainvar, Marriage of Rukmini, a poem, in Marathi, 

large 8vo. bd, Ss Bombay, 1770 (1848) 

34887 Sanskrita-Sanggudhara : Treatises on Sanscrit Grammar, in 

Marathi, 3 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf bd, 7s Bombay, 1854 

34888 Shiva Lilamrit : Siva's Pastime, a poem, in Marathi, 8vo. bd. 9s 

Bombay, 1772 (1850) 

34889 Stevenson's Mnrathee Grammar, 8vo. 84pjp. hf bd, 6s 

Bombay, 1843 

34890 TuKARAMA (the poet of the Maharashtra) Poems, in Marathi, edited 

by Vishnu Parashnram, Vol. I, with the Life of the Poet in 
English, 8vo. cloth, 10s Bombay, 1869 

34891 Tales, m Mara f hi, Modi characters, sm. 4to. plain MS, bound, 

formerly in the Briggs collection, 20s About 1800 

34892 another collection, in the same language and- character, 

roy. 8vo. well written MS. with headings added in Persian, neat 
Indian binding, 10s About 1800 

34893 Vocabulary, Marathi-English, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d Bombay, 1851 

34894 Wilson (J.) Idiomatical Exercises, Marathi and English, 12mo. 

312 pjp. cloth, 2s Bombay, 1851 

Oriya (Udiya, Odhra, Orissa). 

34895 Browne (J. F.) Uriya Primer, in Roman characters, 12mo. 32 pp. 

cloth. Is Qd 1882 

34896 LiNGAM Lakshmaji, practical Grammar of the Odhra Language, 

12mo. sd. Is Qd Calcutta, 186d 

34897 Maltby's practical Handbook of the Uriya or Odiya language, 

8vo. cloth, 6s Calcutta, 1874 

34898 Sutton (A.) English-Oriya Dictionary, with an introductory 

grammar, and a list of official terms, roy. 8vo. 320 pp. bds. 18« 

CuttacJc, 1841 


34899 ADI GRANT'H, with its Supplements, in the old language of the 
Sikhs, complete in 1 vol. square folio, a fine MS. Qunimnl-hi 


characters^ 1249 pjp, of text, with a very extensive Index at the 

heginning, in the original binding, covered with a silk wrapper, 

£10. 105 Sec, XIX 

Vert kare, especially in this state of completeness. Most copies want 
some of the pieces that form the Adi Grant 'h. • 

34900 ADI GRANT*H, in Panjahi, stout foHo, 4i67 leaves, strong native 

binding, £10. 1874 (1817) 

The religions books of the Sikhs are i*egarded with so mach veneration 
by them, that, according to Sir John Malcolm, it is almost impossible for a 
foreigner to obtain a copy even in the Punjab. 

i34901 Ashta Padi Nanak : the Eighth Section of the Adi 

Granth, in Punjabi, in the Persian character^ sm. folio, elegantly 
written MS. hf. bd. 30* About A.D, 1680 

A rare and carious MS., in which the text is preceded by some extracted 
passages of Persian Sufi poetry, and by some memoranda which seem to 
indicate that the MS. was written at no great distance from the region of 
Aurangzib's power. 

34902 Caret's Punjabi Grammar, 8vo. bds. Ss 6d Serampore, 1812 

34903 Dictionary. Panjabi-English Dictionary, edited by the Lodiana 

Mission, 4to. bd, £2. 16^ Lodiana, 1854 

34904 Leech (R.) Panjabee Grammar, in Boman characters, 8vo. bds. 

2s 6d Bombay, 1838 


34905 DossABHAE Sorabjee's Idiomatical Sentences, and Seventy-five 

Stories, in English, Hindustani, Scindi, and Persian, by Arthur, 
and Goolam Alii, sm. folio, hf. bd, 7s 6d Kurrachee (1830) 

34906 HikXyatu-S-Salihhin, or stories of good men, written in Sindhi 

by Wali Muhammad, 8vo. lithographed and fully pointed, hBOpp. 
hf bd, 7s Karrachi, 1851 

34907 Shaha jo Risalo : the Divan of Abd-ul-Mtif Shah, in Sindhi, ed. 

by E. Tmmpp, roy. 8vo. 740 pp. printed in the Persian character, 
with the vowel points throughout, cloth, \hs Leipzig, 1866 

34908 SHIRT (Rev. G.) and others, Sindhi-English Dictionary, roy. 

8vo. 925 pp. hf bd. £2. Kurrachee, 1879 

34909 STACK (G.) Grammar of the Sindhi language, 8vo. cloth, \0s 

Bombay, 1849 

34910 English-Sindhi Dictionary, 8vo. cloth, 12s 

Bombay, 1849 

34911 Sindhi-English Dictionary, roy. 8vo. hf. calf, 2hs 

Bombay, 1855 

34912 Trumpp (Rev. E.) Grammar of the Sindhi language, compared 

with the Sanskrit- Prakrit and the cognate Indian vernaculars, 
8vo. sd. 10s ; or, chth, 12s 1872 

34913 Wathen (W. H.) Sindhi Grammar and Vocabulary, in the Boman 

character, 4to. facsimiles, map, hf, bd, 7s ijd Bombay, 1836 


Sinhalese, Cingalese- 

34914 CALLAWAY ( J. ) Vocabnlary, useful phrases, and familiar 

dialogues, in English, Fortuguesey and Gingalesey 8yo. cloth, bt 

Colombo, 1818 

34915 Hints on the Cingalese and English languages, IGmo. 

eloth, 2$ 6d Colombo, 1821 

34916 Cingalese-English and EngHsh-Cingalese Dictionary, 

4to. 248 ^p. sd. Is Colombo, 1821 

34917 CLOUGH (6.) Singhalese-English and English-Singhalese Dic- 
tionary, 2 vols. 8vo. 1600 pp, bd. not wniform, very rare, £5. 

Colombo, 1821-30 

34918 Singhalese-English Dictionary, 8vo. the missing titles 

leaf amd pages 1-8 and 209-12 are supplied in manuscript, bds, 
10s Colombo, 1830 

34019 Lambkiok's Singhalese Grammar, 8vo. bd. 7s 6d 

Cotta (Ceylon), 1834 

34920 THE MAHAWANSA, from the thirty-seventh chapter (to the 

end), from the Pali, translated into Svnhalese, by Sumangala 
and Batuwantudawa, 8vo. hf, bd, 7s Colombo, 1877 

34921 Namawalu : or, a poetical vocabulary of Singhalese synonyms, by 

Nallurutun, Singhalese and English, ed. by C. Alwis, 8vo. hf. bd. 
bs Colombo, 1858 

34922 Nicholson (J.) English-Sinhalese Pocket Dictionary, by D. de 

Silva, thick 18mo. 782 pp. cloth, 5« Colombo, 1873 

34923 SIDATH SANGARAWA, Singhalese Grammar, translated into 

English, with introduction, appendices, etc. by J. De Alwis, 

8vo. bds. 20s ; or, hf. bd. 21s Colombo, 1852 

The Introduction is a yalaable work of nearly 300 pp. and contains a 
history of the language and literatore, with specimens in prose and Terse. 

34924 SiNGALEESCH Belydenis-Bock, being the Catechism vn Singhalese, 

8vo. vellum, SOs Colombo, 1738 

The second book printed at Colombo. * 

34925 SiNGALEESCH Formulier-Boek. Behelsende vier Formulieren, 

namentlyk : van de Kinderen, Bejaarden, 't Houwelyk ende 
het h. Avondmaal, Colombo, 1744— Singaleesche Psalmen en 
Lofzangen, with Music, Colombo, 17^^-— both in Singhalese, 2 
vols, in 1, 12mo. bds. 2bs Colombo, 1744-68 

34926 Upham (Ed.) the Mahdvansi, the Bdjd-Eatn&cari and the BAj^ 

Vali, forming the Sacred and Historical Books of Ceylon, also 
a collection of tracts on Buddhism, translated from the Sin- 
ghalese, 3 vols. 8vo. Ses 1833 

34927 Takkun Nattannawa, a Poem, descriptive of the Ceylon System 

of Demonology, from the Singhalese, by J. Callaway, 8vo. 4^ 



(Turanian, Dravidian, Aboriginal). 

General Works. 

34928 BURNBLL (A. C.) Elements of South-Indian PalaBograpliy from 

the 4th to the 17th oentnry, being an introduction to the study 
of South-Indian Inscriptions and MSS. second enlarged edition, 
with 35 plates and a map, 4to. {sells £2. 128 6d), clothy 35« 

A book of extraordinaiy value to the stadent of old Indian philology. 

34929 Caldwell (R.) Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South- 

Indian family of Languages, second revised and much enlarged 
edition, thick 8vo. cloth, ISs 1§75 

One of the most important oontribntions erer made to the scienee of 
Comparative Philology. 

34930 GovER (C. E.) Folk-Songs of Southern India, 8to. cloth, 10« 

Madras, 1871 

34931 Habeness (H.) Ancient and modem alphabets of the South- 

Indian languages, 4to. sd, 2s 1837 

Bhutiya, or Bhotanta Language. 

(This language is almost identical with Tibetan, and is spoken throughout 

the whole of the Himalayan region.) 

34932 ScHROETEB (F. G.) Dictionary of the Bhotanta, or Boutan 

Language, with a Grammar, 4to. 42 and 475 pp. hd. 15« 

Berampore, 1826 

Bojingijida, South Andamanese. 

34933 The Lord's Prater, translated into Bojingijida by Man ; with 

preface, introduction and notes ed. by Temple, 8vo. 81 pp. cloth, 
35 6d Calcutta, 1877 

Canarese, Kanada, Carnataca. 

34934 Canarese Dialoques, Can, and English, the text in naiive OAfid in 

Boman characters, with a number of Fables in Canarese on the 
intervening X)ages, sm. folio, plain MS. hf. hd, Is ^d About 1840 

34935 Caret (W.) Kumata Grammar, 8vo. hds. 3* Qd 8erampore, 1817 

34936 Channa Basava Purana, a Hindu mythological poem, in OoMarese^ 

sm. folio, beautifully lithographed, cloth, 10s Mangdlore, 1851 

34937 Dasa B>aeshada Galu, Canarese Poems, sm. folio, sd. 2s 6d 

MadraSf 185S 

34938 Dialogues in Kanada and English, 8vo. bound, 2s Madras, 1858 


34939 Grammatica Canarico-Latina, secunda editio recognita a Boute- 

loup, 8vo. hd. 2s Bangalori, 1869 

34940 Historical Treatises, annals and constitutions of the Canara 

States, sm. folio, MSS. on paper in various hands, hf. calf, 
lettered " Canarese Papers," lbs Sec. xix 

34941 KASUDU-Gadegaln, Vocabulary, Ganarese, sm. folio, cloth, bs 

Mangalore, 1852 

34942 Kesiraja's Jewel Mirror of Grammar (Sabdamanidarpana) with 

the commentary of Nishthurasanjayya, Canarese, 8vo. cloth, hs 

Mangalore, 1872 

34943 Krishnamacharta, Canarese Grammar, in Canarese, roy. 4to. sd, 

4a Madras, 1838 

34944 Manuscript folded in small 4to. size, containing a number of 

Accounts written in white on a ground of hlaclcened canvas, and 
offering a cv/rious example both as regards graphic material and 
form, 12s Sec, xviii 

34945 McKerrell (J.) Carnataca Grammar, 4to. calf, 10s Madras, 1820 

34946 Nagavarma*s Canarese Prosody, with an introduction and an 

essay on Canarese literature, ed. by Knittel, 8vo. cloth, Ss 6d 

Mangalore, 1875 
^947 RXj^ndranXm^ or History of Coorg, Canarese, with an English 

translation by Lieut. R. Abercrombie, 4to. cloth, bs 

Mangalore, 1857 

34948 Ramasawmy, English-Canarese Grammatical Vocabidary, 12mo. 

bds. Ss Bangalore, 1847 

34949 RebVe (W.) English-Carnataca and Camataca-English Diction- 

ary, 2 stout vols. impl. 4to. hf. calf, not uniform, £2. 10* 

Madras, 1824-32 

34950 the same, English-Carnataca Dictionary, stout impl. 4to. 

bd. ; or, in two parts, sd. 20s 1824 

34951 Canarese-English Dictionary, revised, corrected, and 

enlarged by D. Sanderson, 8vo. hf calf, lbs Bangalore, 1858 


34952 CoOLE (R. A.) Coorg Grammar, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d Bangalore, 1867 


34953 Dribebq and Harrison, Grammar and Vocabulary of the Gondi 

Language, 8vo. sd. 2$ Calcutta, 1849 

Lepcha, Rong. 

34954 Mainwaring (G. B.) Grammar of the R<5ng (Lepcha) Language, 

as it exists in the Dorjeling and Sikim Hills, 4to. cloth, 7s 

Calcutta, 1876 

34955 Gospel of St. Matthew, in Lepcha, native characters, sd. bs 

About 1845 


Lushai, Dzo, Kuki. 

34956 Lewin (T. H.) progressive colloquial Exercises in the Lushai 

Dialect of the Dzo or Kuki Language, with Vocabularies and 
Popular Tales, 4to. sd. 10s Calcutta, 1874 


34957 Bailey (B.) Malayalim-English Dictionary of the high and 

colloquial languages, thick 4to. 856 pj>. double columns, hf. hd^ 
rare, £2. 10s Oottayam, 1846 

34958 . English-Malayalim Dictionary, 8vo. unbound, 7s 6d 

Gottayami, 1849 

34959 — the same, second edition, 8vo. sd, lbs Gottayami, 1868 

34960 Book of Common Prayer, in Malayalim, 8vo. 2s Gottayam, 1838 

34961 Grammatica malabarico-latina, being a Latin grammar in Malaya- 

lim, 8vo. 280 ^^. sd. 10s Gochin, 1868 

34962 Bible. New Testament, in Malayalim, lithographed, 8vo. no title, 

hf. bd. hs (J Gottayam, about 1840) 

34963 GuNDEBT (H.) Malayalim-English Dictionary, roy. 8vo. 1116 pp- 

hf. calf, 32« Mangalore, 1872 

34964 Catechism of Malayalim Grammar, Malayalim and 

English, ed. by Gurthwaite, 12mo. bds. 2» Gannanore, 1867 

34965 Malayalim Grammar, in Malayalim, second enlarged 

edition, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d Mangalore, 1868 

34966 Kebalolpatti, or, the Origin of Malabar, in Malayalim, by H. 

Gundert, 12mo. sd. Is 6d Mangalore, 1874 

34967 Lasebon (E.) Malayalim-English and English-Malayalim Diction- 

ary, 8vo. bds. Ss 6d Gottayam, 1856 

34968 MALATALiM-English and English-Malayalim Dictionary, 2 vols.8vo. 

738^. cloth, bs Mangalore, 1870 

34969 KissA-us-SABf L . .. at end : Mansh1-u l-maasib-i n-nafi'at ; a work 

in the Malayalim language, but in Arabic characters, roy. 8vo. 

lithographed, native binding, from Dr. BurnelVs library, Ihs 

{? Gananore) a.h. 1280^ 
Printed at a town, the name of which reads like Kunnore or Cubbore, 
the doubtfal consonant being a modified form nsed in this peculiar language 
of the Mapilla or Mopla people, who are descendants of Arabs. 

34970 Peet's Malayalim Grammar, 8vo. cloth, bs Gottayam, 1860 

34971 Songs and Poetet, in the language of the Mapilla people, that is, 

in Malayalim, Arabic characters, 23 parts, oblong 8vo. litho- 
graphed, in sheets, from Dr. BurnelVs library, 36^ 

Southern India, about 1860 

34972 Spbing (F.) Grammar of the Malayalim Language, 4tiO. sd. hs 

Madras, 1839 


34973 Gobdon's English-Bangali-Manipuri Dictionary, 8vo. bds. 9« 

GalcuMa, '. 



(Spoken on the Western Frontier of Lower Bengal, from Orissa in 

the sonth to Bhagnlpore in the north.) 

34974 Sekefskud (L. 0.) Grammar of the Santhal Language, Svo. 

370^. cloth, 10s Benares, 1873 


34975 AiVARAKSHAMiBTAM, tn Tamil characters, Svo. red morocco, gilt 

edges, ds Madras, 1866 

34976 Anderson's Tamnl Grammar, comprising the roles of Kodun 

Tamnl and an Introduction to Shen Tamnl, sm. 4to. bds. Ss ; or, 
russia extra, 10s 6d 1821 

34977 BESCHI (Constant.) Tembavani of Viramamnni, a poem on the 

history of the Holy Family, in Tamil, 2 vols. 4to. beautifully 
written MS, transcribed from Beschi^s autograph, in yellow morocco 
binding with symbols and LH.8. on the sides, SOs 

(? Pandicherry) about 1812 

34978 ■ Grammar of the Shen or High Tamil, translated from 

the Latin by Babington, roy. 4to. bd, lOs ; or, red morocco gilt, 
12s Madras, 1822 

34979 Grrammatica Latino-Tamnlica, vulgaris idiomatis, 4to. 

half russia, 45 Madras, 1813 

34979* the same, second enlarged edition, 8vo. calf, Is ^d 

PondiehSry, 1843 

34980 Grammar of the Common Tamnl, translated by Horst, 

8vo. bd. 7s ed Vepery, 1806 

34981 the same, translated by Mahon, 8vo. bds. 10s 

Madras, 1848 

34982 Vulgaris TamulicsB lingusa Dictionarium Tamulico- 

Latinum, sm. 4to. autograph MS. on paper, bd. £3. Ss 

India, 1744 
From ft second title-page at the end and a smgle specimen page which 
follows, we ma^ condnde that Beschi meant to go on with a reyerae part 
Fortngnese-Latm-Tamil which was never executed. 

34983 Clavis humaniorum litterarum sublimioris Tamulici 

idiomatis, sm. 4to. MS. copy of the autograph, yellow morocco, 10s 

(f Pondicherry) 1810-12 

34934 — idem opus impressum, 8vo. bds. hs / cloth, 6s 

Tranquebar, 1876 

The text of Beschi's treatise on the so-called High Tamil and on TdmU 

Poetry and Rhetoric is here printed for the first time from a Manuscript 

corrected by the author himself. Babington had already printed a translation 

in 1822, from the MS. 

see Guru Paramartan ; also Yiramamuni. 

34985 Chittt (S. C.) the Tamil Plutarch, an account of the lives of the 

Poets of Southern India and Ceylon, 8vo. sd. 6s Jaffna, 1859 

34986 Chintamani, a poem, with prose commentary, in Tamil, 4to. nearly 

written MS. hf. bd. 20s Sec. xix 

34987 • Padart'ta kuna Chintamani : Commentary on the Chin- 

tamani, in Tamil, 8vo. red morocco extra, gilt edges, 12« 

(Madras, ahout 1840) 


34988 Chintamani Nikandu, in Tamils by Muttasami Pillei, 3 parts in 

1 vol. sm. 4to. hf, hd, lettered Nagundoo, 6^ Madras (1840) 

34989 Dictionary, English- Tamil, 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. 242 and 272 pp, 

double columns, the Supplement to Bottler, hf, calf, 28^ ih. 1852 

34990 [Dupuis et Moussbt] Dictionnaire Tamoul-Fran9ais, 2 vols. 1855-62 

— Dictionnaire Latin-Fran9ais-Tamoul, 1846 ; together 3 vols. 
8vo. calf, £2. 12^ Qd Pondichery, 1846-62 

34991 Dictionnaire Latin-Fran^ais-Tamoul, 143 pp, 1846 — 

Vocabulaire Fran9ais-Tamoiil, 420 pp. 1850; bound in 1 vol. 
8vo. calf, 10s Pondichery, 1846-50 

34992 GooROO Paramartan, Adventures of the, a tale written in Tamil 

by Beschi, Tamil and English, with Vocabulary and Notes, by 
Babington, 4to. hd, 7s 6d 1822 

34993 Grammaire Fran^aise-Tamoule de la langue vulgaire et de la langue 

relevee, 8vo. calf, 2s 6d Pondichery, 1863 

34994 Graul (K.) Tamulische Schriften zur Erlauterung des Vedanta- 

Systems, Deutsch, 8vo. sd, 2iS Leipzig, 1854 

34995 KiNDERSLET (N. E.) Extracts from Teroo-Vaulaver Kuddul and 

Nella-Rajah, translated from Tamil, %yo, plates, hd, 3^ Qd 1794 

34996 Joseph (A.) A Cummi Poem on CofPee Planting, Tamil and 

English, 8vo. hds, 2s Jajfna, 1869 

34997 Ejjight and Spaulding, English-Tamil Dictionary, 8vo. 831 j^p. 

hf calf, \%>s Madras, 1844 

34998 Lazarus (J.) Tamil Grammar, 12mo. 230 pp, cloth, 3^ Qd 1878 

34999 Luke (Saint) Gospel of, in Tamil, Telugu, Canarese and English, 

12mo. hd, 2s 6d 1845-52 

35000 MuLA-PADAM . . . Moral and Mystical Sentences, in Tamil, 2 vols. 

in 1, sm. 8vo. red morocco extra, gilt edges, iOs {Madras) 1812 

MSS. written \?v^ith the dry point on palm-leaves : 

35001 Tamil Alphabets, 4 different works (20 leaves, 22 leaves, 
14 leaves, 26 leaves), 20s Sec, xviii 

35002 Tamil Spelling Tables, 2 MSS. (44 leaves, 12 leaves), 7s 6d 

Sec, xviii 

35003 Arithmetical Treatises, in Tamil, 3 MSS. (30 leaves, 30 leaves, 
12 leaves), 155 Sec, xviii 

35004 Miscellaneous MSS. in Tamil, 7 different works, 30^ Sec, xviii 

35005 AUWEITAR'S WORKS : the Atticlmdi, the Kondeiventhan, 

and the Nigandu or poetical Dictionary, in Tamil, 3 MSS. 

(12 leaves, 12 leaves, 24 leaves), £2. 2* Sec, xviii 

This celebrated poetess lived about a thousand years ago. 

35006 NuNNOOL : an English version of the Tamil Nnnnool, edited with 
explanatory notes, vocabulary, etc. by Joyes and Pillay, Books 
1-6 {all pub,), 8vo. hf, hd. hs Madras, 1848 

35011 Percival (Rev. P.) Tamil Proverbs with their English Transla- 
tion, containing upwards of six thousand proverbs, 8vo. 573 pp, 
sewed, hs 1874 

35008 Percival (P.) Tamil-English Dictionary, in Koman and Tamil 

characters, sq. 12mo. 309 pp. cloth, 3« ^d Madras^ '} 

35009 Phrase Boos, or Idiomatic Exercises in English and T 

3rd edition, 12mo. 348 pp. hf. hd. 2$ JaffM^ 



36010 Pope (G. U.) a larger grammar of the Tamil Language, in both 
its dialects, together with the Nannul, in Tamil, 2 parts in 1 vol. 
8vo. clothy 3s 6d Madras, 1858-9 

35012 Rhenius (0. T. E.) Tamil Grammar, with appendix, 8vo. calf, 

7s 6d Madras, 1836 

35013 the same, 8vo. hf, hd. 10s Mad/ras, 1853 

35014 Rottler's Tamil- English Dictionary, revised by Taylor and 

Vencatachala, 4 parts in 1 vol. 4to. hd, £2. Madras, 1834-41 

35015 Smriti ChandricI : Municipal Law of the Hindus, abridged in 

Tamil by Madura Condaswami Pnlavea, roy. 4to. half calf, 
7s 6d Madras, 1826 

35016 Tandavaraya Mudaliyar, Ilakkana Vinavidai, a catechism of 

grammar, in Tamil, 4to. 338 pp. hf calf, Ss 6d (Madras, 1845) 
3501? Taylor's Oriental Historical Manuscripts on History, Mythology, 

and Antiquities, Tamil and English, with annotations, 2 vols. 

4to. hds. 9s ; or bd. in 1 vol. hf. calf, 10s Madras, 1836 

36018 New Testament, in Tamil, sm. 8vo. calf, 2s Madras, 1857 

35019 Teva Arulaveta Tiraddu: MS. in Tamil, sm. 4to. very neatly 

written-, morocco, gilt edges, lbs Sec. xix 

35020 Tholcapya-Nunnool, or a comparative reference edition of the 

Tolcapyam and the Nunnool, with examples and notes ed. by 
Pillay, Books 1-3 (all puh,), 8vo. cloth, 5s Madras, 1858 

35021 Tiruvalluver, the Kural, an ethic poem, with commentary, in 

Tamil, 4to. a neatly written M8, hownd in calf gilt, 2hs Sec, xix 
35022 ejusdem operis pars, Tamilice et Latine, sm. 4to. plainly 

written MS, 543 pp, hf hd. lbs Sed, xix 

35023 Kural, in Tamiil and English, with a commentary, 

and illustrations, also in Tamil and English, from other writers, 

by Ellis, 4to. 304 pp. {all pub.), bd. 10s (Madras, ca. 1820) 

35024 the same. High Tamil text and translations into 

Common Tamil, Latin and German, with notes and glossary ed. 

by Graul and Germann, 2 vqls. 8vo. bd. not uniform, 6s 1856-66 

35025 TIRU V ATMOLI : a Tamil religious poem, with extensive 

commentaries, printed wholly in the Telugu character, 11 vols, 
roy. 4to. cloth, £3. 10s Madras, 1871-76 

This work is said to have been written 4900 ^ears ago, and is termed 
'' WordR of the Sacred Month." It forms the third part of the Nalajira 
Pirapantam, whidb is sometimes called the Tamil Veda. 

35026 Valmiki. The Uttara Kanda of the Ramayana, Sanscrit in 

Tamil characters, sm. 4to. calf, 6s Madras, about 1836 

35027 Yedala Cadai, the Tamil version of a collection of Sanscrit Tales, 

English, by Babington, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 1834 

35028 Ytavahaba-Sara-Sangraha: Legislation hindoue, traduite da 

tamil en Francis par Sic6, 8vo. sd, 2s Pondichery, 1857 

35029 VIRAMAMUNI'S [Beschi] SaduragarIdi, a Dictionary in four 

parts, in Tamil, 4to. red morocco, 30« ; or interleaved, in 2 vols. 
calf gilt, 2hs Madras, galea 1770 (1848) 

This is the standard anthoritr with Tamil writers. Its first part consistB 
of an ordinary yocabulary, with the signification attached to the words $ the 
next is an arrangement cX synonyms ; the third is a rhyming dictionary ; aad 
the foarth a lexicon of the classical langoage. 


35030 ZiEGENBALQ (B.) Grammatica Damulica, 4ito» clothf 2$ 6d 

HalcB, 1716 


35031 BROWN (G. Ph.) English-TELUGU and Telugu-Englisli Dic- 

tionary, explaining the colloquial style and the poetical dialect, 
2 thick vols. roy. 8vo. hf, calf, £4. Madras, 1852 

35032 another copy, 2 vok. not uniform m hindingy £3. lOs 


35033 Telugu grammar, second enlarged edition, 8vo. bd. 10s 

Madras, 1857 

35034 Telugu and Sanskrit Prosody, sm. 4to. hd, Ss 6d 

Madras, 1827 

35035 Telugu Reader, a series of Letters, private and on 

business, police, and revenue matters, with English translation, 
analysis and a lexicon of 172 pp. 3 vols. 8vo. calf, 20s 

Madras, 1852 

35036 the same, part 3, containing the Telugu-English 

Lexicon, separately, bs 1851 

35037 Campbell's (A. D.) Teloogu-English Dictionary, roy. 4to. 601 pp. 

double columns, hf. calf, 12« Mad/ras, 1821 

35038 the same, roy. 4to. hf morocco, \hs 1821 

35039 Teloogoo Grammar, 4to. bd, Zs Madras, 1816 

35040 the same, 4to. second edition^ hf, bd, 65 1820 

35041 Morris, Teloogoo Selections, with translations, grammatical 

analysis, and Glossary, roy. 4to. bd. 4s Madras, 1823 

35042 English-Teloogoo Dictionary, 2 vols. 4to, 1118 p^?. double 

columfms, calf, 10s Madras, 1835-9 

35043 SwAROCHiSHA Manu-Charitra : a celebrated poem written about 

1550 A.D. by Allasani Peddanna, with a commentary, Telugu, 
4to. 240 pp. bd, 4s 6d Madras, 1851 

35044 Vasu Charitra : a celebrated poem written about 1450 a.d. by 

Bhattu Murti, with a commentary, Telugu, 4to. 387 pp. calf, 6s 

Mad/ras, 1844 

35045 Vaktavali, or Exercises in Idioms, English and Telugu, by C. P. 

Brown, 8vo. calf, 6s Madras, 1852 

35046 Vemana's Verses, moral, religious, and satirical, Telugu and 

English, by Brown, 8vo. bd. 9s Madras, 1829 


35047 Pope (G. W.) brief Outline of the Grammar of the Tuda 

Language, sm. folio, bds. 7s 6d Bangalore, 1872 


(Talu is spoken only in the Collectorate of South Ganara by about 

500,000 people.) 

35048 Bsigsl (J.) Grammar of the Tulu Language, 8vo. cloth, 7$ 6d 

Mangaloref 18 


Asiatic Societies : 

COMPLETE SET, from the beginning in 1832 to the end of 1877; 
46 vols. 8vo. vrith a large number of plates, in hoards and parts, 
uncut, £72. Calcutta, 1832-77 

To this set are added the " Proceedings," 1865 to 1877 (1875 wanting 
the August number). Down to 1864 inclusive they are included in the 

36049* JOURNAL of the ASIATIC SOCIETY of BENGAL, 1832 

to 1871 ; 40 vols, (four nos. wanting), twenty-six vols, neatly half 

hownd in calf, the rest in parts, £30. 1832-71 

The missing numbers are 1858 number 5, 1864 number 5, 1867 part 11 

number 2, 1868 part 1 number 3. 

35060 MADRAS JOURNAL of Literattire and Science, edited by 
J. C. Morris, Robert Cole and C. P. Brown, A complete set from 
the beginning in 1833 to 1866, being the first two series and 
Third Series, nos. 1 and 2 ; — 23 vols, and 2 parts, 8vo. urith 
numerous plates of Natural History, Hindoo Mythology, Antiqui' 
ties, and Geography, some coloured, twenty-two vols, hound in 
eighteen, hf russia and hf calf, one in cloth, £16. 

Madras, 1833-66 

36050* another set complete, fourteen vols, hound in seven, 

hf. calf gilt, uncut, one vol. in hds. the rest in parts, £26. 


Collation : First Series, numbers 1-39, 1832-50 — ^New Series, numbers 

1-12 (or Original Series, numbers 40-51), 1856-61 — Third Sbribs, numbers 

1 and 2 (the last), 1864-66. Nothing appeared between 1850 and 1856, and 

between 1861 and 1864. 

35051 ASIATIC SOCIETY, Bombay Branch. Journal of the Bombay 

Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, from the beginning 

in 1841 to 1883, being Vols. I-XVI, part 1, with the extra 

numbers of Vols. XIII, XVI and XVII (1884), 8vo. numerous 

plates of Inscriptions, Coins, and other Antiquities, fifteen vols. 

bound in fourteen in hf calf neat, cloth sides, the rest sd. £16. 155 

Bombay, 1844-84 
Complete sets are very scait». The aboYe is quite complete, except that 

Vols. VI and VII have no titles. 

The extra numbers consist of Reports on a Search for Sanskrit Mann- 

scriptSy by G. Biihler and Prof. Peterson. 



1. Comparative Philology. 

35062 Bastian (A.) Sprachvergleichende Studien mit besonderer Riick- 
sicbt auf die indochinesischen Spraclien, 8vo. sd, 6sy or hf. 
morocco, 6$ Leipzig, 1870 

35053 Forbes' comparative Grammar of the languages of Further India, 

8vo. cloth, 5s 1881 

35054 (Letden's) Comparative Vocabulary of the Barma, Malayu, and 

Thai Languages, 8vo. 239 pp. bd, 12s Seranvpore, 1810 

35055 ScHOTT (W.) liber die indo-chinesischen Sprachen, besonders das 

Siamische — zur Beurtheilung der annamitischen Sprache und 
Schrift — die Cassia- Sprache, nebst Beraerkungen iiber das Thai ; 
3 pieces, 4to. sd, bs Berlin, 1855-59 

2. Annamite, Cochin-Chinese. 

35056 AupARET (G.) Gi^ammaire Annamite, suivie d'un Vocabulaire 

Fran9ais- Annamite et Annamite - Fran9ais, stout royal 8vo. 
598 w. 20s Faris, 18G7 

Tne Vocabulary is given in Roman and Chinese characters, with French 
pronunciation and rendering, and occupies nearly 500 pp. 

35057 Des Michels, Dialogues Cochin-Chinois, expliques litteralement 

en Fran^ais, en Anglais, et en Latiii, roy. 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 

Paris, 1871 

35058 Du Ponceau (P. S.) on the Chinese System of Writing, with a 

Vocabulary of the Cochin Chinese" Language and a Cochin 
Chinese and Latin Dictionary, by Morrone, roy. 8vo. 375 pp. 
hds, bs Philadelphia, 1838 

35059 TABERD and Pigneaux, Dictionarium Anamitico-latinum, cum 

Appendice Sinensi — Dictionarium latino-anamiticum, with 
English, French, Latin, and Cochin* Chinese Vocabulary, 2 voK^. 
4to. slightly imperfect in some innei* margins, stained, hds, rark, 
£2. 10s ' Serampore, 1888 

35060 Tu Vi Annam-Pha Lang Sa, Dictionnaire Annamite-Fran^ais, par 

J. M. J. stout 8vo. sd, 25s Tan Binh, 1877 

3. Assamese. 

35061 Bible. The Old Testament, in Asamese, by Babu Nidhi L'^ 

Farwell, 3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. hd, 7s 6d Sibsagor, 1859 

' 234 


35062 BROWN (N.) Grammatical Notices of the Assamese language, 

8vo. second edition, hds, lOs Sibsagor, 1862 

Very rare in Europe. 

35063 Robinson (W.) Grammar of the Assamese language, 8vo. sd, 5« 

Serawpore, 1839 

4- Burmese and Shan. 

35064 Bennett (C.) Vocabtilary and phrase book, in English and 

Burmese, 12mo. hds, hs MauJmain, 1857 

35064*BiBLE. The New Testament, in Burmese, 8vo. calf, 2s 6d 

Maulmain, 1837 

35065 Buddhaghosha's Parables, from the Burmsse, by Rogers, with 

Buddha's Dhammapada, or Path of Virtue, from the Pali, by 
Max Miiller, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1870 

35065*BuBMESE Spelling Book, 8vo. wholly in Burmese, sd. Is 6d 

Bangoon, 1868 

35066 Gushing (J. N.) Shan-English Dictionary, 8vo. 600 pp, (pub. at 

£1. Us 6d), cloth, 24ff Rangoon, 1881 

This is a dictionary of the colloquial language of that diTision of the Tai 
family known as the Shan or Bnrman Shan. 

35067 Damathat, or the Laws of Menoo, complete, in Burmese and 

English, by Richardson, thick 8vo. hds, 20s Maulmain, 1847 

35068 the same, Burmese and English, roy. 8vd. hd, lbs 

Eangoon, 1874 

35069 Haswell's grammatical notes and Vocabulary of the Peguan 

language, 8vo. hds, 6s Eangoon, 1874 

35070 Hough (G. H.) English and Burman Vocabulary and Grammar, 

oblong 12mo. 424 pp. hf cf, 12s Serainpore, 1825 

35071 English and BuiTaese Vocabulary, 12mo. hds. 10s 

Maulmain, 1852 

35072 a general outline of Geography, in Bwrmese and English, 

8vo. 416 pp, hds. Zs 6d Maulmain, 1867 

35073 JuDSON (A.) Burmese-English Dictionary, 8vo. 411 pp. hf. russia, 

lOs Calcutta, 1826 

35074 the same, with a short grammar, 4to. 400 pp, slightly 

stained, hf, hd. S5s ; or, a good copy, £2, 2s Maulmain, 1852 

35075 English-Burmese Dictionary, 4to. 589 pp. calf, £2. 

Maulmain, 1849 

35076 the same, roy. 8vo. 862 pp. calf, 12s Rangoon, 1877 

35077 the same, abridged, 12mo. 644 jjjp. hds, bs Rangoon, 1877 

35078 Lane's English-Burmese Dictionary, 468 pp. double columns, hd. 

20s Calcutta, 1841 

35079 Latter (T.) Burmese Grammar, 4to. hds. 2bs Calcutta, 1846 

35080 the same, 4to. the Author's own copy, interleaved wUh 

MS, additions, half calf neat, S6s 1846 

35081 Selections from the Vernacular Boodhist Literature of 

Burmah, in Burmese, 4to. sd, 20s Maulmain, 1860 

This Taluable work contains the Thoodamma Tsarie, and Dhamma Pada, 
tales and fables illustratiye of moral and religious duties, and a Catechism 
(Pootsha Pagidnaga) of the duties, doctrines, and remarkable eyents of 


35082 Lewin, Hill Proverbs of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Burmese and 

English, sm. folio, sd. 6s Calcutta^ 1873 

35083 Lonsdale (A. W.) First Step in Burmese, 8vo. 66 pp, hds, 

. Eangoon, 1878 

35084 Manuscript Medical Work, in Burmese, sm. 4to. valuable for 

lea^icography^ sd. 15« 

35085 Shwat Too Sandys (W.) Geography of Burmah, in Burmese, 8vo. 

hds, 2s 6d Rangoon, 1869 

35086 Elementary Geography, in Burmese, 8vo, sd. 2« 

Rangoon, 1873 

35087 Stevens, Elements of general history, in Burmese, 2 vols, in 1, 

8vo. hds. 2s 6d Maulmain, 1850-53 

35088 Wade (J.) Dictionary of Boodhism and Burman Literature, in 

Burmese, 12mo. Tif. hd. 2s Maulmain, 1852 

35089 Zaneka. The History of Zaneka, being one of the pre-existences 

of Gautama, a romance in Burmese, 8vo. hf. hd. 2s Bangoon, 1856 

5. Cambogian, Khmer. 

35090 Aymonieb (E.) Dictionnaire fran^ais-cambodgien, precede d'une 
notice sur le Cambodge, 4to. 58 and 184 pp. lithographed, sd. 20s 

Saigon, 1874 

35091 Vocabulaire cambodgien-fran^ais, sm. folio, 158 pp. 

lithographed, sd. 245 Saigon, 1874 

35092 Dictionnaire khmer-fran^ais, roy. 4to. 453 pp. litho- 
graphed, sd. £4. Saigon, 1878 

35093 MouRA, Vocabulaire Fran9ais-Cambodgien et Cambodgien-Fran^ais, 

large 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d Paris, 1878 

6- Karen. 

35094 Bible. The New Testament, in Sgau Karen, by Fr. Mason, impl. 

8vo. calf gilt, Ss 6d Tavoy, 1853 

35095 [Wade (J.)] Karen Dictionary, 4to. no title, the worh was left 

unfinished, only 324 pp. puhlished, hf hound, 328 (Tavoy, 1842) 

7. Siamese. 

35096 Bradley (D. B.) Elementary Tables and Lessons, all Siamese, 8vo. 

cloth, 6s (? Banglcok) 1875 

35097 Educational Works, all in Siamese, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. hf hd. 

6s 6d {? Bangkok, ahout 1870-80) 

35098 Low's Grammar of the Thai or Siamese Language, 4to. with 7 

plates of characters, hds. 128 1828 

35099 MEDICAL WORK, treating more specially on Nervous Diseases, 

in Siamese, MS. written on leaves doubling up like a foldina 
screen, and forming a folio volume, with 35 drawings of th 
Human Figure, £2. 16s Sec, XTH 

234 • 


35100 NilharXchakhabicha : apparently translated from the Arabian 

Nights, by the King of Siam, in Siamese, 8vo. hf, hd. 20« 

Bangkok (about 1870) 

35101 PALLEGOIX. Grammatica Ungues Thai, 4to. £2. 2« 

Bangkok, 1850 

35102 Dictionarinm Linguee Thai, sive Siamensis, folio, 897 pp. 

the Siamese in native and Roman letters, explained in Latin, 
French and English, hf, hd, £3. 15^ Paris, 1854 

35103 Siam Repository, containing a summary of Asiatic intelligence, by 

Samuel J. Smith, Vols. IT, III (consisting of eight quarterly 

parts), 8vo. hf, hd, rare, £2. 2s Bangkok, 1870-71 

Besides general and miscellaneous articles, there are treatises on the 
Siamese language and on the history of Banna. 

35104 Treaty of friendship and commerce between Great Britain and 

Siam — the same, between the United States and Siam, in 
Siamese and English, 2 pieces in 1 vol. 4to. cloth, 3« 6cZ 

Bangkok, 185G 


(Exclusive ofTurki), 

1. Comparative Philology. 

35105 Adam (L.) de I'harmonie des voyelles dans les langnes oaralo- 

altaiqnes, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d Paris, 1874 

35106 Castren (M. A.) Nordische Eeisen und Forschnngen, 6 vols, in 3, 

Bvo. hf, morocco, S6s St, FetersUirg, 1849-58 

CoTitents : Versnch einer ostjakischen Sprachlehre, nebst Worterverzeich- 
nis8, 1849 ; Jenissci-ostjakische und kottische Sprachlehre, nebst Wor- 
terverzeichniss, 1858; Grammatik der Samojedischen Sprachen, 1854; 
Tungusische Sprachlehre, nebst Worterverzeichniss 1856 ; Koibalische nnd 
Karagassischti Sprachlehre, nebst Worterverzeichnissen, 1857 ; Borjatische 
Sprachlehre, nebst Worterverzeschniss, 1857. 

35107 Samojedisch-deutsche Woerterverzeichneisse und Sprach- 

proben ans dem Jnrakischen nnd Ostjak-Samodjedischen, 8vo. 
404 pp. hf calf, 78 6d 1854 

35108 ■ Worterverzeichnisse ans den Samojedischen Sprachen, 

bearbeitet von Schiefner, large 8vo. pp, xxxiv and 404, hf, 
morocco, \0s 6d St, Petersburg, 1855 

35109 KtjAPROTh (J.) Verzeichniss der chinesischen nnd mandshnischen 

Biicher nnd Handschriften der Bibliothek zu Berlin, folio, hf, 

calf, \0s Paris, 1822 

This Yolume contains also : Woerteryerzeichniss der tnngaisischen 
Dialecto mit der Mandshu Sprache verglichen — Abhandlnng Uber die Sprache 
der Uigaren — Uigurisches Worterverzeichniss mit den anderen tiirkisi^ 
tartarischen Dialecten Terglichen. 

35110 REMUSAT (ABEL-) Recherches sur les langnes Tartares ou 

memoires snr differents points de la grammaire et de la litt^ratore 
des Mandchons, des Mongols, des Ouigom*s et des Tib^tains, 
Vol. I (all prihlished), 4to. sd, 36.9 Paris, 1820 


35111 ScHOTT (W.) AltajiBche Studien, oder Untersnclmngeii anf dem 
Gebiete der tatarischen (turaiiisclien) Spracbeii, 5 parts, 4to. sd, 
7s 6d ^ Berlin, 1860-72 

35112 another copy, with two other pieces by the same : " das 

Zahlwort in der Tschudischen Sprachenclasse,*' etc. and "iiber 
die achten Kirgisen,'* together 7 pieces, 4to. sd, 12^ 1860-72 

35113 Xylandier, das Sprachgeschlecht der Titanen; Darstellung der 

urspriinglichen Verwandtschaftdertartarischen Sprachen unter 
sich und mit der Sprache der Hellenen, 8vo. hds. Ss 6d 1837 

2. Bodtyi, Tibetan. 

(The Bhtitiya of Bhotan is to he found under Indian language,) 

35114 Alphabetum Tangutanum sive Tibetanum, 1773 — Alphabetum 

Brammhanicum, 1771 — Alphabetum veterum Etmscorum, 1771 ; 
3 vols, in I, 8vo. calf, Ss 6d Bomce, 1771-73 

35115 Btschom Idan-adas, etc. eine tiibetische Religionsschrift, 1835 — 

Smon-lam-btschu, etc. ein tiibetisches Gebetbuch, and another ; 
3 pieces in Tibetan, oblong 8vo. sd, 2s 6d Leipzig, 1835 

35116 CsoMA DE KoRos, Tibetan-English Dictionary, 4to. sd. 21s ; or, 

cloth, 22s ; or hf, russia gilt, 28« Calcutta, 1834 

35117 Grammar of the Tibetan Language, 4to. 204^. and 40 

lithographic pages, hd. £2, 1834 

35118 the Dictionary, 1 vol. complete — the Grammar, wanting 

the title and one leaf of the lithographs ; together 2 vols. 4to. hf, 

hd, £2. 105 1834 

35119 The Diamond Sutra, a Buddhist piece in Tihetan, MS. oblong 

8vo. on separate leaves, formerly in Br, Jaeschke^s possession, 6s 

Sec, XIX 

35120 Peer (L.) Textes tires du Kandjour, en TihStain, livraisons 1 a 9, 

1864-69 — Legende du roi Acoka, en tibetain etfrangais, 1865 — 
Lo Sutra en 42 articles, textes chinois, tibetain et inongol, 1868 ; 
together 11 pieces in 1 vol. 8vo. hf, russia, 16s Paris, 1864-69 

35121 Foucaux, Grammaire Tibetaine, 8vo. sd, is; or, hf, hd, bs 

Pam, 1858 

35122 Parabole de I'enfant egare formant le chapitre IV. du 

Lotus de la bonne Loi, en tibetain, Sanscrit etfrangais, roy. 8vo. sd, 
4s 6d ^ 1854 

35123 Tresor des belles paroles; sentences tibetaines par 

Saskya, en tibetain et franqais, 8vo. sd. 2s 1858 

35124 JAESOHKE (H. A.) Romanized Tibetan-English Dictionarj% 

with the native characters, roy. 8vo. sd, hs Kyelang, 1860 

35125 the same, and Practical Tibetan Grammar, with reference 

to the spoken dialects, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. hds. 7s 6d 1865-66 

35126 Tibetan Grammar, by Wenzel, sm. 8vo. cloth, 3s 6c? 1883 

35127 Handworterbuch der tibetischen Sprache, 4to. 632 pp. 

(pub. at £2. 2*), sd, 20s, or hf, calf, 21s Gnadau, 1871 

35128 Tibetan-English Dictionary, to which is added an 

English-Tibetan Vocabulary, imp!. 8vo. 671 pp. (pub. at 305), 

oloth, 208 1881 


35129 Pbateb Roll, containing onljthe Buddhist formula of six syllables, 

in the Tibetan Language. ** Om mani padmb hum." The first 
and last syllables are mystic ; the middle words express jewel 
and lotus. These words are printed by blocks, each containing 
15 sets and standing two deep on the roll, which is very many 
yards long, and has doubtless been used, or intended to be used 
in encircling a large wheel or drum in the manner of Buddhist 
Worship, 20« Sec. xviii 

35130 RGYA TCH'ER ROL PA ou D^veloppement des jeux, contenant 

rhistoire de Bouddha 9akya-mouni, en tihetain et fram^is, par 
P. E. Foucaux, 2 vols. 4to. plates, hf, calf, 36* Parisy 1847-8 

35131 ScHiEFNER (A.) Buddhistische Triglotte d. h. SanskrU'ttbetisch- 

mongolisches Woi'terverzeichniss, agenda size, sd, bs 

8t Peterslmrg, 1859 

35132 ' eine tibetische Lebensbeschreibung Q^^^i^^^^- — ^tTber 

das Bonpo- Sutra — Tibetische Pluralbezeichnungen — Lepsius, 
chinesische and tibetische Lautverhaltnisse, and others by Csoma 
Korosi, Schmidt, and Schiefner, together 7 pieces, roy. 4to. 25* 

35133 SCHLAGINTWEIT (E.) die Konige von Tibet, tihetisch und deutsch, 

4to. Jif, russia, hs Mimchen, 1866 

35134 Schmidt (J. J.) Grammatik der Tibetischen Sprache, 4to. neatly 

hound, 12s St Petersburg, 1839 

35135 ■ Tibetisch-Deutsches Worterbuch,4to. vrith German Index, 

784 pp. rough calf, £2. St, Petersburg, 1841 

35136 Dsanglun, oder der Weise und der Thor, tihetisch und 

deutsch, mit Schiefner's Erganzungen, together 3 vols. 4to. hf. 
russia, 20s St. Petersburg, 1843-52 

35137 Index des Kandjur, 4to. lithographed, half calf, 20s 

St. Petersburg, 1845 

35138 SuRU CHAi : a Lama or Buddhist Almanac, Tibetan, in cursive 

Akshv/r writing, MS. oblong 8vo. on separate leaves, formerly in 
Jaeschke's possession, 5s Sec. xix 

3. Manchu. 

35139 Adam (L.) Grammaire de la langue mandchou, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 

Paris, 1873 

35140 AMYOT Dictionnaire Tartare-Mantchou Francois, avec des addi- 

tions par L. Langles, 3 vols. 4to. hf. hd. uncut, £2. 2s 

Paris, 1789-90 

35141 the same, 3 vols, in 2, 4to. hf russia gilt, £2. 28 


35142 Che (?) wan fu ch'hing, Mantchu and Chinese, 4 parts, imp. 8vo. 

m a Chinese case, 20s Pekin, about 1760 

35143 Chih-Kwbi che tsang t'hing Ts*hing Wan, a Mantchu text, 9 ports 

imp. 8vo. sd. in a Chinese case, 21s Pekin, about 1750 

35144 Gabelentz, Siemens de la grammaire mandchoue 8vo. sd. 2s 6(f 

Altenbourg, 1833 

35145 Hung-shoo-t*hung-pan : apparently a Mantchu text, in a peculiar 

form of Mantchu characters, sm. 4to. sd, lbs Pekin, abotU 1650 


35146 Klaproth, Ohrestomathie Mandchou, ou recneil de textes Mand- 

chons, avec la traduction fran^aise, 8vo. hd, 2s Paris, 1828 

35147 Laxgl^s (L.) Rituel des Tatars-Mantclious redige par Tordre de 

remperenr Kien-Long, mandchou et franQais, 4to. 10 plates, hds, 
hs Paris, 1804 

35148 Alphabet Tartare-Mantchou, hf, calf, 2s (jd Paris, 1787 

35149 Alphabet Mantchon^ 3me edition, 8vo. bds, 2s (jd 

Paris, 1 807 

35150 Yin TING kin she, Manchu and Ghitiese, 2 parts, imp. 8vo. sd, hs 

Pekin, about 1760 

4. Mongolian. 

35151 JtJLG, Mongolische Marchensammlung, mongolisch und deutschy 8vo. 

sd, 2s ^d Innshruck, 1868 

35152 KOWALEWSKI, Dictionnaire MoNGOL-RussE-FRANgAis, 3 stout 

vols, large 4to. hf, morocco, gilt tops, £10. Kazan, 1844-49 

The Roman transliteration and the Tibetan one are added to each of the 
principal words. There is a learned preface to the work. 

35153 Schmidt, die Thaten Bogda Gesser Chans, eine ostasiatische 

Heldensage, deutsch, 8vo. hds, 2s 6d 1839 

35154 SsAKANG SsETSEN Chungtaidschi, Geschichte der Ost-Mongolen 

und ihres Fiirstenhauses, Mongolisch und Deutsch, herausgegeben 
von Schmidt, 4to. sd, 7s ; hf. calf, 9s ; hf, morocco, 10s 

St. Petersburg, 1829 

35155 ZWICK (H. A.) Grammatik der west-mongolischen, das ist Oirad 

oder kalmiikischen Sprache, 4to. 149 jpp, lithographed, hf, russia, 
\2s Donaueschingen, 1852 

35156 Handbuch der westmongolichen Sprache, 4to. a Mongol- 

Oermun Dictionary of 400 pp, lithographed, and German-Mongol 
Index, 82 pp^ printed, sd, 20s Donaueschingen, 1854 

5. Japanese. 

35157 Alcock (R.) Elements of Japanese Grammar, impl. 8vo. plates of 

letters on rice-paper, cloth, 12s Shanghai, 1861 

35158 Familiar Dialogues, Japanese, in Katagana and Roman 

characters, French and English, 8vo. sd, 45 Paris, 1863 

35159 Annalbs des Empereurs du Japon, traduites par M. Isaac Titsingh. 

Ouvrage revu, complete et corrige, sur TOriginal Japonais 
Chinois, accompagne de notes et precede d'un Aper^u de 
THistoire Mythologique des Japonais, par Klaproth, 4to. 20s 


35160 Aston (W,. G.) Grammar of Japanese Written Language, with 

Chrestomathy, roy. 8vo. 115 pp, cloth, ISs 1872 

35161 r- the same, thick paper, 8to. hf, bd, SOs 1877 

35162 Brown (S. R.) Colloquial Japanese, or Conversational Sentences 

and Dialogues in English and Japanese, with an English- 
Japanese Vocabulary, and an introduction to the grammatical 
structure of the language, 8vo. hf. bd, lbs Shanghai, 1863 

The Japanese is printed in Roman and native letters. No Yocabolaiy 
to this copy. 


'15163 Chinese Handbook to Japanese, 2 toIs. tot. 8vo. sd. bs 18 — 

35164 Chiushixguba, or the Loval League, a Japanese romance, 

translated by Fred. V. Dickens, with notes and an appendix 
containing a metrical version of the ballad of Takasago, 8vo. 
numi*r<mg illustrations in colourSj in facsimile of tJte Japanese 
original designs^ 20s Yokohama^ 1875 

35165 Coixs : Figures and descriptions of Japanese coins, in Japanese, 

2 vols. roy. 8vo. containing about 2^0 woodcuts^ sd. 20s cir, 1840 

35166 COLLADO (D.) Dictionarium ( Latino- Japonicnm) sive Thesauri 

LingnsB Japonicae Compendium, 2 part«; Ars Grammatics 
Japonic® Linguse ; Modus confitendi et examinandi Poenitentem 
Japonensem, lat, et jap. ; together 3 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. vellum, 
36* BomcB, Prop, 1632 

35167 Costumes of Japan. A thin parchment-paper scroll containing 

1 8 figures of the old style of oflBcial costumes of Japan, the figures 
boldly but somewhat coarsely executed, colouring very bright, 
expression of face, etc. of figures, broad and unsightly, but for 
knowledge of old costume and military caparison these paintings 
are of much value, about 20 feet in length, and 9 inches wide, 
mounted on black wooden rollers, 25* 

35168 Costume of Japan. A collection of about 180 large Japanese 

plates, printed in colours on native paper, principally shewing 
the or£nary life of the Japanese, their costume, habits, etc., 
introducing in several cases the European costume, including 
also representations of mythological personages, each plate 
having a description in Japanese, in a folio parcel, £2. 16« 

{about 1870) 
A nseful collection for the study of Japanese Costome, civil, military and 
naval. The plates are well designed, and excellently coloored. In some 
infetances the incidents depicted are decidedly hnmonrons. 

35169 Curtius (J. H. D.) Essai de Grammaire Japonaise, enrichi par J. 

Hoffmann, traduit par Leon Pages, roy. 8vo. sd. Ts 6d Paris, 1861 

35170 DiCTiONAEY. Dutch- Japanese Dictionary, dr. 750 pp. double 

columns, 5 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. 18s cir. 1855 

Drawing-books : 

35171 Pictures of Warriors, Domestic Scenes, Bii-ds and other 
Animals, Flowers, comic incidents, etc. coloured, with accom- 
panying text, 3 parts, large 8vo. well-designed examples of 
Japanese art, sd. 21s Japan, about 1840 

35172 Birds. An 8vo. volume containing 21 figures of Birds, tvith 
landscapes, finely designed, and printed in tints, all hut one or two 
of double-page size, thus occupying 41 pp. with an accompanyiwj 
Japanese text, sd. 7s Gd Japan, about 1850 

35173 Pictures of men, women, hybrids, grotesques, floral and 
arabesque ornament, views, etc. very elegant and skilful designs 
engraved after the sketches of some eminent artist, with accompany- 
ing Japanese text, 4 vols. 8vo. sd. SOs About 1800 

35174 Birds. A number of fine designs representing Birds hi various 
actions and attitudes^ with landscape accessories ; a very elegant 
set of engravings, tinted, with text, in 3 vols, large 8vo. sd. 25* 

Japan, about 1850 


35175 English for Japanese : a complete English Course for Japanese, 

consisting of a grammar, and extensive vocabularies and 
idiomatical phrases, in Japanese, 3 vols. sm. 4to. cir, 1000 pp, 
sd, 205 {Yokohama, 1876 ?) 

35176 Encyclopjidia, in Japanese, 5 vols. roj. 8vo. with several hundred 

curious woodcuts^ illustrating the Street Life, Games, Hunting, 
Botany, etc. sd, 20s cir, 1830 

35177 FiKO-Fo-No Ni-Ni-Gi-No Mikoto, Erklarung zu den Nachrichten 

von seiner Ankunft in Japan, von A. Pfizmaier, voj, 4to. sd. 4s 

Wien, 1867 

35178 Flags (Japanese). A parchment-paper scroll, about 12 ft. in 

length, and 5 inches in width, mounted on wooden rollers, con- 
taining painted representations of the flags of the old aristocracy 
(Daimios) of Japan, £2. 16s 

The Flags are 29 in number, and arc thus named : — 

1. SuDsiu 

11. Hisiu 

21. Tsikuzo 

2. Kasiu 

12. Insin 

22. AkiUi 

3. Sassiu 

13. Bizen 

23. Yonesana 

4. Sendai 

14. Mito 

24. Kokura 

5. Bisiu 

15. Issin 

25. Nanbu 

6. Eisin 

16. Gosiu 

26. Kuwara 

7. Iligo 

17. Seisin 

27. Oowadima 

8. Tsiknzen 

18. Assin 

28. Nagasoka 

9. Giuisiu 

19. Tosiu 

29. Omura 

10. Shiosiu 

20. Aizu 

Each of these flags is executed with precision, the cognizance on the flag 
plainly and carefully designed. Accompanying each is an account of the 
revenne of the corresponding Daimio calculated in lidkus of rice. The 
province, capital and title of each Daimio are also given. A very yalnable 
native record of the old Japanese regime. 

The flags are all accompanied by an English description in pen and ink 

36179 Flags (Japanese) A thick paper scroll, about 16 feet long and 8 
inches in width, mounted on wooden rollers, backed with mottled 
paper, containing figures of flags and banners belonging to the 
royal and aristocratic families under tlie old regime ; the flags 
distinctly numbered, and exceedingly well executed ; the first 
having the inscription belonging to the Sinsiu sect of Buddhists, 
which hails those who are bound for the " Pure land of bliss " to 
embark on board the boat of Salvation, £2. 

35180 Foreigners in Japan, a volume, in Japanese, describing the doings 

of foreigners in Japan, especially depicting the life in tho 
Japanese harbours, with numerous woodcuts, roy. 8vo. sd. 6s 

cir, 1845 

35181 FuGAKU HIYAKU KEI : a hundred views of the mountain Fuji 

(Fusiyama) and its surroundings, with numerous figures of 
travellers, soldiers, boatmen, etc. drawn by tho celebrated artist 
HoKUSAi, 3 vols, large 8vo. all double full-page woodcuts, with a 
few pages of Japanese text, sd, 2Ss Japan, about 1855 

35182 the introductory and explanatory Prefaces, and descrip- 
tion of the plates, w English, by Fred. V. Dickins, Svo. two 
woodcuts^ bds, 78 18i^' 


35183 FuKU HANASHi sbidukani ko-go sei takei: ancient pronunciation 

facilitated, in Japanese, 3 vols. roy. Svo. sd, lbs cir. 1840 

35184 Hayabiki-setsuy6-shiu. A small dictionary of Japanese words 

and the corresponding Chinese characters for popular use, 
arranged according to the iroha, 1 vol. oblong 12mo. sd, 4» 

Yedo, 1843 

35185 HEPBURN'S Japanese-English and English- Japanese Dictionary, 

impl. 8vo. clothy £2. 10* Shanghai, 1867 

35186 the same, 2nd and best edition, impl. 8vo. hf, bd, £S. 16$ 


35187 Dictionary abridged by the author, 12mo. cloth, bs 

New York, 1873 

35188 Hoffmann (J.) Shopping Dialogues, Japanese, Dutch-English, 

oblong 8vo. sd, 3s 1861 
Gatalogus — see Siebold. 

35189 HORI TATSNOSKAr, Pocket Dictionary of the EngUsh and 

Japanese Languages (English- Japanese), second edition, revised 
by Horikosi Kamenoskay, stout oblong 8vo. 998 pp, double 
columns, printed on rice paper, cloth, lbs; or, neatly bound, 18s 

Yedo, 1866 

35190 Hyaku NiN is-SYU hito-yo banasi : Celebrated Poems of Japan, 

with remarks on the authors' lives and the subject of the poems, 
9 vols. roy. 8vo. numerous illustrations, sd, 2bs 1833 

35191 Japanese Lyrical Odes ; translations of the hyak nin is 

SHiu into English verse, with notes, Japanese in native and in 
Boman letter, and English, by Dr. P. V. Dickins, 8vo. cloth giU, 
bs . 1866 

35192 IiNUMA ToKUSAi's Somoku-dusets (illustrated Flora of Japan). 

Index to the second edition, Japanese, Boman, and scientific, by 
Tanaki Yoshio, 8vo. hf, bd, 12s Tolcei, 2534 (1878) 

35193 Inscriptions in Japanese; four rolls, containing inscriptions 

written in the cursive style, 10« 

35194 Itukf-sima du-kai : Description of the Island Ituku-Sima (Itump 

of the Kurile Islands), 10 vols. roy. 8vo. many hundreds of 
illustrations, sd, £4. 1835 

Five of the volumes contain very interesting representations of objects of 
Japanese art, viz. : patterns of lace, fans, furniture, weapons, drawings frcmi 
Manuscripts, etc. 

35195 The Japanese Library of an eminent Anglo-Japanese Scholar^ to 

be sold a bargain, in one lot, consisting of about 250 vols, bound 
in 75, 4to. and 8vo. European binding, muny containing coloured 
and other woodcuts, £24. v. y. 

Among others may be mentioned the following: — 
Nihon Guashi, History of Japan by Rai Sanyo 
Qenji Monogatori, Metrical Medueyal Romance 
Heike Monogatori, Fabulous History of the Heike 
Edo Mei Sho Dzu Kai, Famous Places of Yedo 
Koku Shi Banyo, Epitome of Japanese History 
Nihon Sho-ki, Aiinals of Japan (Ancient) 
Man Yo Shu, Ck>llection of Myriad Poems 
Shin Koku Kaji Ki, New Edition of Annals of Ancient Events 
Gi shen den, Narrative of the Loyal Hearts 
Kamakura shi, History of Kamakura 


The Japanese Library — continued. 

Kotoba no Tama no wo, Treatise on Grammar 

Edo Tai-selsu-yo, Yedo Handbook 

Eo £ki Koka san ko,Treatise on Commerce, etc. 

Thosen sei batsu ki, Conqnest of Corea 

No gnyo Zeu-sho, Treatise on Agricnlturc 

No sei Hon ron, Discourses on Agriculture 

Zokn Hiza Kuri ge, Amusing Travels in Japan 

Shin gaku Do wa, Lectures on New Learning (Shinto) 

Tokai do Mei Sho, Famous places on the Tokaido (Great East Road of Japan) 

Koka shi rugaku, Epitome of Japanese History 

Shin ritsn ko rei, Japanese Code of Laws and Commentary 

Kin wo dowa, Shinto Lectures 

Dai Gakku ron go, Confucian Analects (Japanese Edition) 

Tai ko ki, History of Taiko 

Chi ho Bon rei Koka, Geography 

Taketori Monpgatori, Romance of Taketori 

Kana dehon chUsbirizwra, Loyal League 

Kai ka mondo, Discourses on Civilization 

35197 Karuga ornia Waka-mia on sai wai ye : Description of the Great 
Shrine of Waka mia, with very curious illustrations of FestivitieSy 
1vol. out of 2 — together with 2 other illusti-ated volumes, w 
Ja^panese, in all 3 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. \0s cir. 1830 

36198 KINGIN-DZUROKU. Figures and descriptions of ancient 
Japanese gold and silver coins, by Kondo Morishige, 7 vols. 8vo. 
numerous woodcuts^ sd, £2. \0s Yedo, 1810 

35198*MANUALE ad sacramenta ecclesieD ministranda, sm. 4to. 
mendedy calf, £50. — see ante p. 1757 Nangasaquii, 1605 

35199 Matsmoto (K.) English and Japanese Conversations, sm. 8vo. 

printed in the native manner, the Japanese in Roman characters, 
sd. 2s 6d • ToJcei, 2533 (1873) 

35200 Medhurst, English- Japanese and Japanese-English Vocabulary, 

compiled from native works, 8vo. the Japanese in Katagana and 
Roman characters, entirely lithographed, hd. 12s Batavia, 1830 

35201 Natural History, in Japanese, 3 vols. imp. 8vo. numerous illustra' 

tions of Zoology and Botany, sd. 20s Japan, about 1850 

35202 Ni-HON hyaku syau den hito yo banasi: History of Japan's 

hundred great heroes, from 660 to 1596, in Japanese, 12 vols, 
roy. 8vo. numerous illustrations, sd. 20s 1857 

35203 NoRDENSKioLD, Catalogue de la Bibliotheque Japonaise de, par 

L. de Rosny, roy. 8vo. 24 and 359 pp. hf. calf, 20s 1883 

35204 Osaka. Leshu Ohosaka no-osy: a great chart of the city of 

Osaka, in Japanese, 64 inches by 57, mounted on linen and folded 
in 4to. case, 20s About 1840 

35205 OYANGUREN. Arte de la Lengua Japona . . . con algunas 

voces proprias de la escritura, y otras de los lenguages de Ximo, 
y del Cami . . . por Melchor Oyanguren de Santa Ines, 4to.^ne 
copy in vellum, extremely rare, £12. Mexico, J. B. de Hogal, 1738 
Only two other copies of this important work have occurred in the market 
since I sold the Van Alstein copy for £12 in 1862. There was none in the 
rich Ramires collection of books printed in Mexico, in the Salvd library. 

35206 PiGES (Leon) Dictionnaire Japonais-Fran^ais, traduit du diction 

naire Japonais-Portugais compose par les missiou. de la Comp 


do Jesus, 1603, a Nangasaki, et revu, stout roy. 8vo. 933 pp, 
the Japanese in Roman and native characters, hf. hd, 2bs 1868 

35207 Petitjean (B.) Lexicon Latino-Japonicum, depromptum ex opere, 

cui titulus, Dictionarum Latino- Lusitanicum ac Japonicum, in 
Amacusa, 1595, impl. 8vo. 749 pp. double cols. hf. calf gilt, 305 

Romw, Prop. 1870 

35208 Pfizmaier (A.) iiber den Bau der Aino-Sprache ; von einigen 

alterthiimlichen Gegenstanden Japans ; zu der Sage von Owo- 
Kuni-Nusi ; etc. — together 6 tracts, 8vo. 7s 6d Wien, 1851-67 

35209 Pictorial Vocabulary, English and Japanese, sm. 870. 48 pp. 

each containing from 9 to 12 coloured engravings, sd. bs 

35210 R^MUSAT (Abel-) Notice sur TEncyclopedie japonoise, 4to. plates, 

sd. 2s ' (1830) 

35211 [RODRIGUEZ] Vocabulario de Iapon declarado primero en 

Portugues por los Padres de la Compaiiia de Ies¥S de aquel 
reyno, y agora en Castellano en el Colegio de Santo Thomas 
de Manila, sra. 4to. printed on native paper, a few letters wanting 
on the first two leaves, and the last two leaves slightly defective, 
otherwise good copy in vellum, from the Sunderland libranj, £30. 

en Manila, Tom. Pinpin y Jacinto Magauriva, 1630 
Rarer even than the original Portaguesc which appeared in 1603. 

35212 RosNY (L. de) Grammaire Japonaise accompagnee d*une notice 

sur les difEerentes ecritures Japonaises, etc. Paris, 1865 — Sjogren 
Ossetische Studien, die Selbstlauter, St. Petersburg, 1848 — 
Grotefend, Beitrage zur Erlauterung der persepolitanischen 
Keilschrift, 4 ^^/a^e^, Hannover, 1837 — 3 vols, in 1, 4to. cloth, 
7s 6d ^ 1837-65 

35213 Elements de la Grammaire Japonaise, langue vulgaire, 

8vo. sd. 2s 6d; cloth, 3s Paris, J 873 

35214 Textes faciles et gradues Japonais, avec un Vocabulaire ; 

Themes faciles, avec Vocabulaire— 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. cloth, 6s 

Paris, 1873-69 

35215 Guide de la Conversation Japonaise, 12mo. 3* 1883 

35216 Sai ji gtok ben dai zen : Dictionary of Chinese characters, with 

Japanese explanations, oblong sm. 8vo. sd. 16s Osaka, 1847 

35217 San-kat mei-san du-kai : Treatise on the products of Hill and 

Ocean, 5 vols, illustrated, 1798 — Nipon san-kai mei butu du-kai : 
Description of the products of hill, land, and sea, illustrated, 
dr. 1800 — Dozai dukiu akagani susu : Description of copper 
mining and of utensils employed in it, some of the illustrations 
coloured, dr. 1830— together 11 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. 20s 1798-1830 
These 1 1 volumes form a complete illnstrated Encjclopsedia of Japanese 
trade and manufactures. 

35218 San Kokf Tsou Ran To Sets ; ou Apergu General des Trois 

Royaumes, traduit de TOriginal Japonais- Chinois, par Klaproth 
(5 maps), 8vo. and 4to. 10s 1832 

CuREA. — To the Editor of The Times. — Sir,— In -the current number of 
The Edinburgh Review, there is an article on " Corea,'* in which I find it 
stated (p. 300) that ** with the exception of some scanty notices collected by 


' ^ - - . ... . .Mil 

the earlier Jesuit missionaries in China, and by writers snch as Eodndpfer and 
Siebold in Japan, no published accounts of the geography or constitution of 
the Corean kingdom are in existence." I have met with similar statements 
elsewhere. I should be obliged, therefore, if you would permit mo to call 
attention through yonr columns to a work written by a Japanese author, 
Binsifee, in 1786, called San KokfTsou Ran To Sets, or '* A History of the 
'J'hree Kingdoms," viz., Corea, Yezo, and Loochoo. This work has been 
translated into French by Klaprotb, and is to be found among the publications 
of the Oriental Translation Fund. 

In 1856, after yisiting Corea, I found Rinsifee's book of great use in 
drawing up a paper on the subject, which I read before the Hongkong branch 
of the Royal Asiatic Society. I am. Sir, yours, &c., 

Southsea, Nov. 2, 1873. S. BEAL, m.r.a.s. 

35219 Satow (E. M.) and Ishibashi Hasakata, English- Japanese Dic- 

tionary of Spoken. Language, 12mo. (pub. 12s), doth, 6s 1876 

35220 ScH00r*-B00KS, in Japanese, 11' vols. Svo. including 'pictorial 

vocabularies, and several coloured illustrations, sd. SOs Sec, xix 

35221 Serpent Myths. A paper scroll, 27 feet long, 6 inches wide, 

the objects containing representations of a mythological 
character, ritdehj executed in dark colours, 18s 

An archaeological survival of old Japanese serpent myths. 

35222 Setu mei-syo du-kai : Description of celebrated places in the 

province of Settu, with its chief town Osaka, 12 vols. roy. 8vo. 
numerous illustrations, sd. 20s 1 798 


selecta quaedam opera Sinico-Japonica in usum eorum, qui 
literis Japonicis vacant, in lapide exarata a Sinensi Ko tsching 
DSCHANG, et edita curantibus Ph. Fr. de Siebold et J. Hoffmann, 
Libri VI, folio, Ids, the set of 6 worhs, £25. 

Lugduni'Batavorum ex qfficina lithogr, editor is, 1833-41 

35224 Liber I. Sin ZOO zi lin gjok ben, novus et auctus literarum ideo- 
gi^phicarum thesaurus, sive collectio omnium literarum Sinen- 
sium secundum radices disposita, pronuntiatione Japonica 
adscripta, 1 vol. cum pag. lithograjtlu 164, £12. 1834 

35225 Liber II. Wa Kan won seki sjo gen ki ko, thesaurus linguae 

Japonicae, sive illustratio omnium, quae libris recepta sunt, 

verborum ac dictionum loquelae tam Japonicae quam Sinenses, 

1 vol. cum pag. lithograph, 227 ac Tab, IV, 1835 ; ace. Isagoge 

in Bibliothecam Japonicam auctore Ph. de Siebold, 1841, hds, 

£10. 1835-41 

Only 100 copies printed. 

35226 Liber III. Tsian dsu wen, sive mille literae ideographicae ; opus 
Sinicum origine cum interpretatione K6raiana, in peninsula 
Kora'i impressum, 1 vol cum pag. lithogr. 18 et Tab. I, rare, 
£3. 10^ 1838 

35227 Liber IV. Lui ho, sive vocabularium Sinense in K6raianum 
conversum, opus Sinicum origine in peninsula K6rai impressum. 
(Annexa appendice vocabulorum K6raianorum, Japonicorum et 
Sinensium comparativa nee non interpretatione Germanica), 
1 vol. cum pag. lithogr. 18 (pub. at 18s), sd. 7s 6d 1838 

Only 100 copies printed of this valuable Eorean-Chineso Qerv 


SiEBOLD, Bibliotheca Japonica : 

35228 Liber Y. Insularum Japonicarum tabulae geographicae secun 
dum opus Nippon jo tsi roo tei sen tsu. Tab. litbogr. IV, in 
folio ( Grand- Colombier), 10* 

35229 Liber VI. Wa nan kei, sive succincti Annales Japonici. (Opus 
originale cum interprefcatione Germanica), 1 vol. cum pag. lithogr, 
25 ac Tab. F(pub. at 30s), hds. lOs 1834 

The above six works form a complete set of the " Bibliotheca Japonica" 
which comprises all the Philological apparatus necessary for mastering the 
Japanese Langnage, and obtaining an insight into Japanese Literatare. The 
importance of the Japanese Language vnil constantly increase as commer- 
cial enterprise develops mutual relations. 

10* Only 125 copies were printed as the maximum number of these 
six works. 

35230 Epitome Linguas Japonicee, 8vo. 10 plates ofivriting^ sd, 

18s Insula Dezima, prope Na^asalci, 1824 

35231 Hoffmann, Catalogds librorum Japonicordm, a Ph. Fb. db 

SiEBOLD coUectorum, annexa ennmeratione illorum, qui in 

Museo Regio Hagano servantnr, 1 vol. 4to. cum pag, lithogr. 17, 

125 copies printed, sd. bs 1845 

Very few copies remain of this valuable Catalogue, the only one giving a 

. critical and bibliographical account of the best works of Japanese Literature, 

affording thus a Picture of Japanese Civilization and of the state of Literature, 

the Sciences, Arts, etc. 

35232 Sui sbi kin sun ko ni on ken : Book of Fates, used in fortune- 

telling, in Japanese, roy. 8vo. illustrations, diagrams printed in 
red and hlacJc, sd. 7s 6d dr. 1845 

35233 TITSINGH and SIEBOLD, MS. Dictionaries of JAPANESE and 

COREAN, Nederduitsch-Japansch Woordenboek (without the 
letters T and U), arranged in quadruple columns, the Dutch first, 
followed by the corresponding Japanese words in Roman a^id 
Katagana characters, and finally by the Chinese form, 8 vols. 
probably wi'itten by Titsingh about 1790 — Vocabularium LingusD 
JaponicflB, Tomus II (all Japanese) ; Japanisches Sach-W5rter- 
BUCH {all Japanese) ; Spiegel der Sprache von Koorai, mit 
Schinesischer und Japanischer (Tbersetzung, the sound of the 
Corean expressed both in Native and Moman charactei's, with the 
German translation opposite on many of the pages, 3 vols. 
probably written by Siebold about fifty years ago ; — 11 vols, folio, 
hf. bound, £7. 10s ^ Sec. xvni-xix 

35234 Vocabulary, English-Japanese-Ghinese, 8vo. sd. 3s 6d (1850) 

35235 Vocabulary, English-Japanese, roy. 8vo. entirely lithographed at a 

native press, the Japanese in native and Roman characters, sd. 9s 

Japan, about 1870 

35236 Vocabulary, Japanese-English, about 360 pp. 4 vols. roy. 8vo. the 

Japanese in native and English letters, sd. 20s dr. 1845 

35237 Yama kachi no shiono: Treatise on Composition, in Japanese, 

3 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. 6s dr. 1850 

35238 Yamato bumi : ancient Japanese Records, 15 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. 

30s cir. 1820 

35239 Yamato oshun shiori: Extracts and Comments from Yamato 

Literature, 34 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. £2. 10s cir. 1850 


35240 Ye-do mei-syo du-kai: Description of celebrated places in Yedo, 

20 vols. roy. 8vo. numeroiis illustrations, sd. 30« 1836 

35241 YEDO-OH-SETZU-YO-KAI-DAI-GNU-RA : Encyclopfledia, or 

Dictionary of Military Science, Arithmetic, Algebra, Religion, 
History, Heraldry, Husbandry, etc. in Japanese, by Takoibou- 
ZON, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. maps, coloured views, and numerous other 
illustrations, some of them possessing consideralile merit, native 
binding, 25« Yedo, dated Boonkiu 

Tbie first four niAps represent the Japanese isles. The fifth is a map of 
die two hemispheres, on European principles, but differing greatly in the 
execution from any European original that can have been used. 

6. Corean, and Lu-Chuan. 

35242 Clifford (Herbert John) Vocabnlary of the language spoken at 

the great Loo-Ghoo Island, in the Japan Sea, 2 parts in 1, 4to. 
hds.6s (1818) 

35243 TsiAW Bs& Wen oder Bach von 1000 Wortem ; Corean, Japanese, 

English and German translations, by J. Hoffmann, folio, sd, 

7sed.< 1840 

rr s^ also TiTSiNGH, p. 3412, and, post under Chinese, Medhurst. 


35244 jEsop's Fables, in Chinese, by Mun Mooy Seen-Shang, with a free 

and literal translation l3y his Pupil Sloth (JEl. Thorn), 4to. hf, 
hd.78i)d Canton, lS4iO 

35245 [Amtot] Lettre de Pekin sur le genie de la langue Chinoise, la 

natore de leur ecriture, 4to. 27 plates, hf, hound, hs 1773 

35246 Andeej; und Geiger, Bibliotheca Sinologica, 8vo. sd, 2s M 1864 

35247 Wu Kuang-ch'^ng. History of the Western Hsia Dynasty, 
by Wn Knang-ch'^n, 4 vols. roy. 8vo. in cloth case,\hs Sec, xix 

35248 T'ang-sot-lieh-chuan, or History of the T*ang dynasty, 25 vols, 
roy. 8vo. well printed, £2. IO5 Sec, xix 

One of the most valuable books in this collection of Chinese literature. 
It chronicles a period which is looked upon as being the golden age of 
literatnre in China. Daring this epoch Imperial armies occupied Bokhara 
and Samarkand, Hiouen-Tsang made his way to India, and the Nestorians 
entered China (Douglas). It is well known that the Dynastic Annals contain 
mnch of considerable interest to Europeans. In them are masses of ethno- 
logical and historical information on Central and Eastern Asia accessible 
nowhere else. 

35249 SzE-iJiA KwANG. Shao-wei-t'ung-chien, or Summary of the 
Mirror of History, the famons work by Sze-ma Kwang of the 
Sung dyiiaflty, by Soo San-sing, 20 vols. Vol, 9 missing, impl. 
gvo. 24s, : , Sec, xix 

35250 Ming-chi-fang-mu, or Annals of the Ming dynasty by Hsii 
Oh'ang-chih, 10 vols. 8vo. 30s Sec, xix 

35251 F^NG-CHOU-KANG-CHiEN, Or History of China from the earliest 
p^riipd to the Ming dynasty, by Wang Feng-chou, 20 vols, only, 
8vo. «2i.£l. SeciiT 


Annals — continued. 

35252 Wu-HsiJo-PiEN, or History of the Ming dynasty by Cheng Hsiao, 
24 vols. Vols. 1 and 17 missing^ 8vo. £1. Sec. xix 

Parts of this valuable work have been placed in the Index Eapurgatorius 
of China as reflecting too closely upon the present (Manchu) dynasty. 

35253 Arts and Inddsteies of China, a work m Chinese, roy. 4to. with 

numerous welUexecuted woodcut illustrations, each occupying a 
full page, hf. citron morocco, gilt top, £2. I65 Sec, XYlil 

35254 BALL (J. Dyer) Easy Sentences in the Hakka Dialect, with a 

vocabulary, Chinese in Roman character and English, 8vo. sd. 

6s Hongkong, 1881 

An adaptation of Giles' Handbook of the Swatow dialect, which will 
prove as useful to those entering on the study of Haiika as Mr. Giles' book has 
proved in the case of the dialect spoken at Swatow. 

35255 Cantonese made easy : simple sentences in the Canton- 
ese dialect, with free and literal translations, roy. 8vo. in Chinese 
and Roman characters, sd. 9s Hongkong, 1883 

• " Mr. Ball is a master of Cantonese colloquial." — China Review. 

35256 BAYERI Museum Sinicum, in quo SinicflB linguae et litteraturoe 

ratio explicatur, 2 vols. 8vo. numerous plates of Chinese 
characters, Ids. 5s Petropoli, 1730 

35257 Bazin, Theatre Chinois, ou choix de pieces de theatre composees 

sous les Erapereurs Mongols, 8vo. sd. 6s 1838 

35258 Graramaire Mandarine, ou principes generaux de la 

langue chinoise parlce, 8vo. sd. 5s 1856 

35259 Memoires sur les principes generaux du Chinois Vul- 

gaire, 1855 — Sifecle des Youen ou la litterature chinoise depuis 
I'avenement des Empereurs Mongols jusqu'a la restauration des 
Ming, 1850—2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf calf I2s 1850-55 

35260 Bible. Gospels of SS. Matthew and John, and Common Prayer, 

in Hangchow colloquial Chinese^ Roman character, by G. E. 
Moule, 3 pts. 8vo. cloth, 6s 1876-78 

35261 BRIDGMAN'S Chinese Chbestqmathy, in the Canton Dialect, 

4to. pp. xxxvi and 698, chiefly consisting of Dialogues, with the 
Chinese both in native and lioman characters^ Enalish translations 
and notes, hf. hd. 255 Macao, 1841 

Printed by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge in China, 
for subscribers only. 

35262 Bdddhist Discourses, Sutras, etc. in Chinese, 7 vols, in 6, 8vo. 

well printed, sd. £1. 

35263 Buddhism in China. 13 Rubbings from some Chinese tables or 

engravings, relating to the early Buddhist patriarchs, £4. ^ 

The faces and attitudes of the figures ou 12 of these rubbings are non- 
Chinese, showing that the originals were copied from an Indian source. Each 
figure is surmounted by a bordered slip, on which the name of the Patriarch 
is inscribed. But these names do not agree with the generally received list. 
On the body of the picture is a second rendering of the name and number of 
succession. This probably points to the disagreement that confessedly exists 
between the different Buddhist records relating to the relative order of the 
Patriarchs and their names. 

Tiie 13th rubbing is a figure of Kwan-^in, with a thousand hands and a 
thousand eyes. This is a well known object of (Buddhist) reverence in 
China. The origin of the worship is evidently to be sought in India, where 


Durga is reverenced under a similar representative. Enclosed is a translation 
of the Service of this idol as practised in China. 

These rubbings should be valuable to any learned Oriental Society. 

35264 GALLERY (J. M.) Systema Phoneticum Scripturce Sinic®, 

2 parts, roy. 8vo. comprising Dictionary, Chinese, Latin, and 

French, and Tonic Dictionaiij, sd. 255 ; or, cloth, 27s Macao, 1841 

35264* the same, 2 vols, in 1, roy. 8vo. hound, SOs Macaco, 1841 

35265 CATAfiOGUE of the Chinese Library of the Royal Asiatic Society, 

1838 — Catalogue des livres chinois de M. G. Pauthier, 18?3 — 
Abel-Remusat, Livres chinois de la Bibliotheque du Roi, 1818, 
—3 vols. 8vo. sd, 2s 1818-73 

35266 Chih-chai-shoo-luh-kiai te. Catalogue of Chinese books of an 

old private Library, Chinese, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. half calf , 20s 

35267 China, Geographical Description of, in Chinese, 4 vols. 8vo. 

7s 6d 

Classics : 

35268 CHINESE CLASSICS, Chinese and English, with commenta- 
ries and notes (by James Legge), 3 vols, in 4, roy. 8vo. (pub. 

£8. 8s), hd. £3. 16* Hong Kong, 1861-5 

Contents : Vol. I. Confucian Analects, the Great Learning, and the 
Doctrine of the Mean ; II. The Works of Mencius ; III. (in 2 vols.) the 
Shoo King. Extensive prolegomena and copious Indices are added to each 
volume. The four parts making Vols. IV and V can be supplied new. 

35269 Shoo King : the Historical Classic ; illustrated by later com- 
mentators, translated by Medhurst, 8vo. curious native maps and 
'plates, hf, calf, 16» ShangJiae, 184G 

35270 She King, or the Book of ancient Poetry, translated in English 
verse, with essay and notes, by Legge, sm. 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1876 

35270*Chi King, ou livre des Vers, traduit par Pauthier, roy. 8vo. sd. 

Ss Paris, 1872 

This is Vol. II cf the Bibliotheque Orientale, and contains, besides the 
Shi King, also translations of "Hymnes Sanscrits, Persans, Egyptienii, 
Assyriens, et Chinois," including portions of the Avesta. 

35271 CoNFUCii Chi- King, si ve Liber Carminum,ex Latina P. Lacharme 
interp. edidit J. Mohl, 8vo. hf, morocco, 2s Gd 1830 

35272 the same, 1830 — Y-King ex latina interpretatione P. 

Regis, ed. J. Mohl, 2 vols. 4 plates, 1834 — together 3 vols. 8vo. 
hfcalfUs ^ 1830-34 

35273 Li-Ki ou Memorial des Rites, traduit du Chinois, et accom- 
pagne de notes et du texte original, par J. M. Callery, roy. 4to. 
sd. I2s 1853 

35274 KuNG-KEW [Confucius] Chun Tsew te choo ta tseuen ho tsan, 
the Spring and Autumn Annals, with commentary of Hoto 
Gan-kwo, compiled by Chow Tan-lin, and edited by Fan Tsze- 
tang, 4 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. 20s 1711 

35275 another edition, by Wu-J6n-ch'en, in 16 vols. impl. 

8vo. Vols. 1 and 15 missing, 7s 

35276 KuNG-YANG Chuan and Ku-liang Chqan, being the famous 
Commentaries upon the '* Spring and Autumn " of Confucius, 
by Kung-yang and Ku-liang, beautifully printed, in 6 and 4 vols. 


_^ , » 

■ • •• • 

Classics — continued, 

respectively, togetlier 10 vols. roy. 8vo. owe vol. slightly damaged 
at edges, sd, £b, 
362?? KwAN-SHE-TiN. The DhIrani of Aval6kitesVara, a Buddhist 
Liturgy, beautifully printed in white characters on black groui\.d, 
high 8vo. ornamental embroidered Chinese binding, £2. 

352?8 SzE SHOO, the Four Books, in Chinese, 8vo. hf, bd, 12s 1823 

35279 SzE Shu, in Chinese, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. sd. 7s 6d Sec. xrx 

35280 Keae tze yuen Sze Shu . . in Chinese, 5 parts, 8vo. 

sd. 6s ? Fehin, Sec. xviii 

35281 CoNFUcius's Works, Chinese text and English trans- 
lation, by Marshman, Vol. I (all published: Sun Yu, etc.), with 
a disseri^tion on the Chinese Language and Character, 4to. calf 
gilt, £2, 10s Serampore, 1809 

35282 the same, thick paper, 1 vol. in 3, 4to. without the 

Fostscrijpt, calf, 32^ 1809 

35283 Confucius et Mencius. Les quatre livres de Philosophie morale 
et politique de la Chine, trad, par G. Pauthier, 12mo. M8. notes, 
hf. mxyrocco, Zs 6d 1841 

35284 Four books, the, translated with notes by Collie, 8vo. 

cloth, 12s Malacca, 182B 

35285 LuN Yu, collected dialogues of Confucius, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. hs 

35286 Ta heo, the Great Instruction of Confucius, with the Chung 
TUNG, or Invariable Medium, of Tsze-sze, in 1 vol. roy. 8vo. sd, 

3528? Ta Hio ou la Grande Etude de Confucius, en chinois, latin et 
f ran9ais par G. Pauthier, roy. 8vo. sd. 4s 6d ; bd. 6s 6d 183? 

35288 Chinese-Japanese Dictionary, arranged according to the 214 

radicals, with marginal index, thick long 8vo. bds. 16« 

35289 Chow Hing-sze, Tseen tsze wan, the Thousand-Character Classic, 

8vo. sd. 2s 6d . (about 1820) 

35290 Chovv^ Le Kwan Choo, Ceremonial Usages of the Chinese, B.C. 

1121, an abridgement of the Chow Le Classic, by Hoo Peih 
Seang (Mung Chew), translated with notes by W. R. Gingell, 
roy. 8vo. bd. 6s 1852 

35291 Christianity in China, Treatise on, in Chinese, 8vo. sd. 2« 6d 

35292 Coins. Description of foreign Coins current in China ; including 

Portuguese, Spanish, American, English, German, etc. 12mo. 
numerous illustrations with text, sd. 7s 6d About 1825 

35293 Dance of Death. A Chinese " Dance of Death," on thick paper, 

6 ft. by 4, black surface, figure and letters in white relief, 20« 

The figare on this scroll represents a '' skeleton " or ** ghost" Each part 
of it is composed of some Chinese character, so that the whole figure la a 
congeries of letters. This is a favoarite magical device of the Tanists. 

35294 Davis (Sir John F.) Chinese Mobal Maxims, with a free and 

verbal tbanslation, 8vo. calf, 4iS 6d Macao, 1823 

35295 Chinese Novels and Proverbs, translated, Svo. bds. 3» 6d 

35296 Poetry of the Chinese, with translations and detached 

pieces, Svo. 200 pp. sewed, 4* Jlfocoo, 1834 

3529? new and augmented edition, 4to. cloth, 6$ 1870 

see also Fortunate Union ; and Han Koong. 


35298 Dean (W.) First Lessons in the Tie-Chiw Dialect, BannoJc, 1841 

— -^sop*s Fables, in GMnese, by Mnn Mooy Seen-Shang, with 
free and literal translation by his pupil. Sloth (R. Thorn), 
Gantouy 1840 — Lexilogus of the English, Malay, and Chinese 
Languages, Malacca, 1841 ; in 1 vol. 4to. hf. calf, 305 1840-1 

35299 Delamarre. Histoire de la Dynastie des Ming par Khian-Loung, 

traduite du Chinois, Fartie J, 4to. sd, 6s 1865 

35300 Dennys (N. B.) Folk-Lore of China, and its affinities with that 

of the Aryan and Semitic races, 8vo. sd. 12s Hongkong, 1876 

35301 Deyan, Vocabulary of the Canton Dialect, revised by Lobscheid, 

8vo. hf, calf, 7s Hongkong, 1858 

35302 DiCTiONARiuM Lingua Sinicje Latinum, cum brevi interpretatione 

gallica, ex radicum ordine dispositum, roy. 8vo. hf. hd, £3. 16^ 

Ho Kien Fou, 1877 

35303 Chinese and Latin Dictionary, arranged alphabetically, 

MS* of 1074 pp. with Index of characters arranged according 
to the radicals, 137 pp. russia gilt, £4. 45 Oanton, n. d. 

35304 DoOLiTTLE (J .) Vocabulary and Hand-Book of the Chinese Lan- 

guage Romanized in the Mandarin dialect, 2 vols. sm. 4to. 
695 and 548 ^p. lif hound, not uniform, 305 Foochow, 1872 

35305 DOUGLAS (C.) Chinese-English Dictionary of the Vernacular 

of Amoy, impl. 8vo. 612 pp, double columns, cloth, 36s 1873 

35306 DOUGLAS (R. K.) Catalogue of Chinese Printed Books, Manu- 

scripts and Drawings in the Library of the British Museum, 
impl. 4to. 344 pp. (seUs 2O5), cloth, lOs 1877 

35307 Du Ponceau, on the Chinese System of Writing, with a Cochin- 

Chinese Vocabulary, roy. 8vo. Ids. bs Philad. 1838 

35308 EDKINS (J.) Grammar of the Chinese Colloquial Language, or 

Mandarin Dialect, second edition, 8vo. hd* ISs Shanghai, 1864 

35309 Grammar of Colloquial Chinese, as exhibited in the 

Shanghai Dialect, second edition corrected, 8vo. hd. ISs 1868 

35310 Vocabulary of Shanghai Dialect, 8vo. hd. lOs 1869 

35311 EITEL'S Hand-Hook for the Student of Chinese Buddhism, 8vo. 

sd. 308 Hong Kong, 1870 

Contents : Fart 1 . Sanskrit-Chinese Dictionary (with English explana- 
tions). — Part, 2. Chinese Index, arranged according to the Badicals, etc. 

35312 Eitel's Chinese Dictionary in the Cantonese Dialect, parts 1, 

3 amd 4, 8vo. sd. 16s 1877-83 

35313 Enctolopjedia (Blustrated) in Chinese, 4 vols. impl. 8vo. numerous 

fine woodcuts of Botany, Natural History, etc., 365 
S53I4 Endlicheb (Steph.) Anfangsgriinde der chinesischen Grammatik, 
8vo. 376 pp. hf calf Qs Wien, 1845 

35315 FilNG M^NG-LUNG, Hsin-tseng-chih-nang-p'u, a collection of his- 

torical and mythological tales, 10 vols. sm. 8vo. sd. 7s 6d 

35316 FOE KOUE KI ou Relation des Royaumes Bouddhiques, traduit 

par A. Remusat, imp. 4to. plate and 3 maps, sd. 20s 1836 

35317 the same, impl. 4to. hf calf, 22s 1836 

35318 Fortunate Union (The), a Romance, from the Chinese Original, 

with a Chinese Tragedy, by J. F. Davis, 2 vols. 8vo. 205 1829 

35319 Giles (H. A.) Gems of Chinese Literature, fcap. 8vo. xvi and 

254 pp. extra cloth, 7s 6c? IBft^ 


35321 GONCALVES (J. A.) Diccionario China-Portugaez genero e 
tonico, e Portagnez- China, no estilo vulgar mandarim e classico 
geral, com a Arte China, bound in 4 vols. sm. 4to. two sewed 
and two calf neat, £2. Macao, 1829-31-33 

35322 the same, 3 vols. sm. 4to. lif. calf, £2. 8« 1829-33 

35323 the same, 3 vols. sm. 4to. russia, £2. I6s 1829-33 

35324 (GoNgALVES ?) Diccionario China com traduc9am Portugueza, 8vo. 

well written MS. on 481 leaves of silk pa'per tvritten in native 

fashion toith eight columns to every page, sd. with the library 

stamp of Montucci, 20s Written probably at Macao about 1820 
This is quite different from the printed bouk of (Ton9alYes. 

35325 Hagbb (J.) Explanation of the elementary characters of the 

Chinese, with an analysis of their ancient symbols, folio, plates, 
and numerous woodcuts of ancient Chinese writing, bds, 7s 1801 

35326 another copy, -with Dr. Montucci*s " Title-page reviewed 

. . . containing Analytical Strictures on Dr. Hager," 4to. 
loosely inserted, 9s 1801 

35327 Han Koong Tsew ; or, the Sorrows of Han : a Chinese Tragedy, 

from the original, with notes, and specimen of the Chinese 
Text, by J. F. Davis, 4to. sd, lOs 1829 

35328 Hang-hai-t'unq-shu, Nautical Almanac in Chinese, royal 8vo. 5* 

35329 Hau-Kiou-Choaan, ou TUnion bien assortie, remain Chinois, en 

franqais, 4 vols. 12mo. plates, 65 1828 

35330 Hill-Tribes of China, being an account of the Miao-tzu, Lolos, 

and other tribes, profiisely illustrated, 12 vols, in 1, royal 8vo. 
in cloth case, 25s Sec, xviii 

Higuen-Thsang — see Hwen Thsang. 

35331 Hirt's China and the Roman Orient, 8vo. sd. lbs 1885 

Containing interesting citations from Chinese classics, showing the know- 
ledge which the Chinese had of the Roman empire. 

35332 Ho Liang-chQn, Ts'ung-shuo, or Essays on Literature, 8 vols. 

2 voU. missing, 8vo. well printed, 7s 

35333 Hoei Lan Ki ; ou THistoire du Cercle de Craie, drame en Prose et 

Vers, traduit du Chinois, et accompagne de notes, par Stanislas 
Julien, 8vo. 7s 1832 

35334 HsiEN-FO-CH*i-TSUNG, or short Biographical Notices of Famous 

Mythological Personages, 4 vols. 8vo. woodcuts, in cloth case^ 16s 

35335 Humboldt (G. de) Lettre a M. Abel-Remusat sur la nature des 

formes grammaticales, et sur le genie de la langue chinoise, 1827 
— Observations par A.-R. et S. de Sacy, 1828 — 8vo. bds. Ss 6d 


35336 HwA-HE-MiN, Kwang tse lui foo, an EncyclopsBdia, bound in 3 

vols. sm. 8vo. half calf, 25s 1788 

35337 HWEN THSANG. Histoire de la Vie de Hiouen Thsang et de 

ses Voyages dans I'lnde, depuis Tan 629 jusqu'en 645, par Hoei- 
Li et Yen Thsong, suivie de document et d'6claircissemenifi 
g^ographiques, traduite par Stanislas Julien, 8vo. 30» 185S 

35338 M^moires sur les Contrees Occidentales, tradniis d« 

Sanscrit en Chinois en Tan 648, par Hiouen Thaanj^ «A ^ 
Chinois par Julien, 2 vo1r._8vo. rnops, £3. 10* 


■ > " ' I -II..-. . Ill ... . . ,. 

35339 Si yu ki : Buddhist Kecords of the Western World, translated from 
the Chinese by S. Beal, 2 vols. 8vo. map (24s), cloth^ 14s 1884 

36340 Inscriptions, in Chinese, two paper-scrolls, -with written inscrip- 
tions, measuring each 52 in, by 13 m., 28s 

35341 Inscription (Chinese). A rubbing of some verses bj the pencil of 

the Sacred Shun (Emperor), (b.c. 2317-2208), of the usual 
character of these compositions, mounted on canvas, on a roll, 
length 4 ft. 6 in., breadth 3 ft. 20s 

35342 Inscriptions. Four old Chinese inscriptions: three being copies 

of inscriptions in the oldest style of Chinese symbols, probably 
the apocryphal inscription of the Emperor Yu on Mt. Heng in 
Hupeh ; the fourth scroll being the modem Chinese transcription 
of the above, with a terminal note by Yang Shen of the Sung 
dynasty, on thick paper, mounted as pendants or banners, each 
about 8 feet long and 15 inches wide, £i, 10s 

35343 JuLiEN (Stan.) Examen critique de quelqucs pages de Chinois 

relatives a I'lnde trad, par G. Pauthier, 8vo. 2s 1841 

35344 Yu Kiao Li : Les Deux Cousines, Roman chinois, 2 vols. 

12mo. hf. calf gilt, 10s 1864 

35345 les Avadanas, contes et apologues Indiens inconnus jusqu' 

d ce jour, suivis de Fables, de poesies, et de nouvelles Chinoises, 

traduits par Stanislas Julien, 3 vols. 12mo. hf. calf neat, 7s 1859 
35346 Exercices pratiques d*analyse de syntaxe et de Lexi- 

graphie Chinoise, 8vo. sd. 3s 6d 1842 

35347 la memo, 1842 — Simple Expos^ d'un fait honorable 

odieusement denature dans un libelle de M. Pauthier par Stan. 

Julien, 1842 — 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf. calf, 5s 1842 

35348 Simple Expose d'un fait honorable, etc. 8vo. sd. 2s 1842 

Julien, Porcelaine — see King-te-tchin-thao-lou. 

35349 Kang-hsi tzu tien : Kang-hi's Chinese Dictionary, 50 parts in 9 
cases, 8vo. £5. 1713 

35350 'Kang Hsi'S Imperial Dictionary of the Chinese Language, con- 
taining about 44,000 separate characters accompanied by minute 
explanatory entries, illustrative quotations, etc. etc. hound in 7 
vols. imp. 8vo. calf, English binding (Palace edition), £6. 

35351 the same work, small edition, 32 vols. 12rao. sd, 36s 

35352 Concise Kang-he Chinese Dictionary, phonetically ar- 
ranged, 3 vols. impl. 8vo. sd. 30s 

The great Dictionary of KhaDg Hi was composed by a literary committee 
of twenty-seven of the most illustrioas savans of Pekin, presided over by the 
Princes Chang Yu Shu and Chin Ting King. Its authority is universal^ and 
all writings destined for presentation to the throne, must follow the ortho- 
graphy of this lexicon, the most esteemed and complete work of the kind. 
The preface is by the Emperor Khang Hi himself, and contains a facsimile of 
bis writing. 

35353 K'ang Hsi. Kuang-ch*iin-fang-p'u, or Chinese Herbarium, one 

of the Four Great Literary Works of the Emperor K*ang Hsi, 
40 vols. 8vo. Vols, 9, 15 to 20 missing, 10s 

35354 . Shing yu Kwang henn, The Maxims of the Emperor 

_ Eanj^y 8yo. ^.bs 

L Hi O^mnup^t) a copy of an Edict dating from the 31st ^ei^^ 


of K'ang Hi, a.d. 1693, relating to a Christian chnrch erected 
in Hang chan Fn ; appears to be a protest against the worship 
of any outside, or heretical, divinity, a roll, on calico-mounted 
paper, 8 feet long, 3 ft. 6 in. wide, £2. 

35356 Kxw-MO-LO-SHiH [Kumaragiva] Miao fa lin hwa King, the Lotus 

of Excellent Law, 3 vols. Svo. in cloth case, 10s 6d 

Translated from the Sanscrit Saddharma Pundarika by Enmaragiva. 

35357 Kew-na-po-to-lo [Ganabhadra] Lang-kea a-po-to-lo paou king sin 

yin, the Lankavatara Mahayana Sutra, translated into Chinese 
by Gunabhadra^ with explanations by Han-she, 4 vols. roy. Svo. 
sd. £2/ 1723 

35358 Kwan Lang-kea a-po-to-lo paou king ke, the 

Lankavatara Mahayana Sutra,, translated into Chinese by 
Gunabhadra, with commentary by Tih-tsing, a Reprint, 4 vols. 
Svo! sd. SOs 1724 

35359 KiNG-TE-TCHiN-THAO-LOU. Histoirc et Fabrication de la Porcelaine 

Chinoise, traduit du Chinois par Stan. Julien, avec des notes 
par A. Salvetat, et un Memoire sur la Porcelaine du Japon, 
traduit du Japonais par J. Hoffmann, roy. Svo. map and 14 
2)lates, hf. calf gilt, 12s 1S56 

35360 Koo Yuen, Ku-SHfiNG-HSiEN-HsiANG-CHUAN-LUEH, or Biographical 

Notices of Ancient "Worthies, arranged according to dynasties, 
fronjL Ts'ang Chieh, the reputed inventor of Chinese writing 
through the medium of knotted cords, down to the heroes of the 
Ming or last dynasty, 8 vols, in 1, woodctUs, roy. Svo. hf. calf, 
32s (1S30) 

KuNG Kew, or Confucius — see Classics. 

35361 Ku-chen-tu Shi chi cheng Chien meng. Index to, 2 vols. sm. folio, 

sd. 10s 

35362 LAO TSEU. Lao Tseu Tag Te King, Le Livre de la Voie et 

de la Vertu compose par Lao-Tseu ; texte chinois, commentaire 
perpetuel et traduction fran9aise par Stan. Julien, Svo. hf 
morocco, 12s * 1S42 

35363 the same, 1842 — Pauthieb (G.) Memoire sur Torigine 

et la propagation de la doctrine du Tao, trad, du Chinois, plate, 
1831—2 vols, in 1, Svo. hf calf gilt, Us 1831-42 

35364 Lao-tsz Tao-te-King, the Classic of Reason and Virtue, 

2 vols, small Svo. sd. 7s 6d 

35365 Leng-yen s^tra (The) a famous Buddhist Liturgy, 10 vols. Svo. 

Vol. I missing, beautifully printed, 65 

35366 Lexilogus of the English, Malay, and Chinese Languages, 4to. the 

colloquial Hok-Keen and Canton vernacular being added inRornan 
character to the Chinese letters, sd, 6s Malacca^ 1841 

35367 [Liu Shu Ku], The Six Scripts, a translation from the Chinese 

by L. C. Hopkins, Svo. pp. xx and lxi, cloth, bs 1881 

A celebrated work, written by Tai Tung in the thirteenth centary, npon 
the origin and development of the Chinese characters. Ancient as it is, it 
may be pronounced the most authentic and critical treatise extant npon the 
history of Chinese writing, and the translator firmly beUeves that no theories 
of modem scholars can inralidate the solid propositions of Tai Tung. The 
translator's work evinces labour and learning of the highest order ; and will un- 
doubtedly receive grateful recognition from general students as well au specialists. 


35368 LiVRE des Recompeoses et des Peines, traduit du Chinois par S. 

Julien, 8vo. 15^ 1832 

35369 LOBSCHEID'S Englisli. Chinese Dictionary, with the Punti and 

Mandarin pronunciation, 4 parts,f olio, hds, £4. Ho7ig Kong^ 1866-9 

35370 the same> 4 parts, folio, hf, calf, £4. 4^ 1866-9 

35371 the same, 4 vols, in 2, folio, Jif, morocco, £5. 1871 

35372 Chinese Grammar, Part II, 8vo. sd, bs Mong Kong, 1864 

35373 Lu YiNG-TANG, Kuang yii Chi : Geography and Statistics of China, 

12 vols. roy. 8vo. majps, sd, 20s 1824 

LuN Yu — seeSzE Shoo, p. 3416. 

35374 Maclay and Baldwin. Alphabetic Dictionary of the Chinese 

language in the Foochow Dialect, stout 8vo. 1100 jp^, hf. calf, 
£3. 105 Foochow, 1870 

35375 MS. Notes on Geography, etc. m Chinese, with diagrams, 6 vols. 

8vo. 10s 
Mang tsze — see Sze shoo. 

35376 Maps. 41 Chinese Maps of the Provinces of China, Mantchoo 

Tartary, Eli, etc. with a Geographical Description of the 
Imperial Possessions, in Chinese, folio, in case hound like a hook, 
in hf. calf, 26s 
35376*Chinese Map of China, in 31 vols. roy. 8vo. sd, d6s 

35377 Kwangtung, Chinese Map of the Province of, and map of the 
same with the names in European orthography, measuring ahout 
31 hy 25 ins,, the former slightly injured, a roll, 2s 6d 

35378 Pekin. Chinese Plan of the City of Pekin, large map folded in 
4to. cloth, 6s 

35379 MARSHMAN'S Clavis Sinica : Chinese Grammar, with Disser- 

tation on the Characters and the Colloquial Medium, and 
Appendix containing the Ta-Hyoh of Confucius, Chinese and 
English, roy. 4to. hds. 16s Serampore, 1814 

35380 the same, roy. 4to. hf calf, 18s 1814 

35381 MEDHURST (W. H.) Dictionary of the HOK-KEEN Dialect 

of the Chinese Language, according to the reading and collo- 
quial idioms, with an account of Hok Keen, roy. 4to. Ixiv and 
860 2?p. hf calf, £2. Macao, 1832 

35382 Translation of a comparative vocabulary of the Chinese, 

Corean and Japanese Languages, with the thousand character 
classic, in Chinese and Corean, and with indexes by Philo 
Sinensis, 8vo. sd, 24^ ; hf, calf, 26s Batavia, 1835 

35383 Chinese-English and English- Chinese Dictionary, con- 
taining the words of the Chinese Imperial Dictionary, according 
to Radicals, 4 vols. 8vo. hds, £3. I65 

Batavia, 1842-43, and Shanghae^ 1847-48 

35384 the same, the Chinese-English part, 2 vols, separately, 

8vo. hds, Ses ; hf hd, £2. 2^ Batavia, 1842-43 

35385 Medhurst, Chinese-English Dictionary, containing all the words 

in the Chinese Imperial Dictionary, arranged according to the 
Radicals, 2 vols. 8vo. £3. 10s Batavia, 1842-43 

35386 Chinese Dialogues, questions and familiar sentences, 

literally rendered, into English, revised edition, 8vo. hd, 10s 


35387 Medhcrst (W. H.) and W. J. Boone, Five Treatises on the 

Chinese terms of God and Spirit, together in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. 
calf, 78 6d Shaugkae and Canton, 1848-50 

35388 Mexg-tsze, or the Complete works of Mencios, with the com- 

mentary of Choo-he, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. sd. 20« 

35389 Mekg-tsze, Works of Mencins, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. sd, 78 

35390 Meng Tsze's Works (portions of the Four Books that go under 

the name of Confucius), Chaps. 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8, with Com- 
mentary by Tchou Hi, all in Chinese, small folio, richly hound in 
embroidered 8ilk, hearing figures on the sides, an interesting 
specimen of binding, in case, 24* Sec, xix 

35391 Meng Tseu vel Meneium, Sinice et Latine, ed. Stan. Julien, 3 vols. 

in 2, 8vo. A/ calf gilt, I2s Paris, 1824-30 
see ante Classics. 

35392 Mi-f*o-chixg-f'it, or the Book of Amida Buddha, with curiow 

illustrations, I vol. 8vo. 7s 

35393 [MoNTTJCCi (Ant.)] Bemarques philologigues sur les voyages en 

Chine de M. de Guignes par Sinologus Berolinensis, 8vo. plate, 
sd. 2s 1809 

35394 Parallel between the Chinese Dictionaries of Morrison 

and Montucci, together with Morrison's Horse Sinicse, 4to. bds. 
Ss 6d 1817 

35395 MOEBISON (Robert) Horse Sinicce : Translations from the 

Chinese popular literature, 8vo. hds, 2s 1812 

35396 Dictionary of the Chinese Language, divided into three 


I. Chinese and English, arranged according to the Radicals, 
3 vols. 

II. Chinese and English, arranged alphabetically, 2 vols. 

III. English and Chinese, 1 vol. 

forming together 6 vols. roy. 4to. cloth, £4. Macao, 1815-22 

35397 the same, 6 vols, royal 4to. ///. bd, £4. 10s 1815-22 

35398 the same, 6 vols, royal 4to. calf, £5. 1815-22 

The six rols. were priced, 1847, Ms. £14 j Bnnsen*8 copy, calf, fetched 

£14. 15«; Earl of MuDster's copy, calf, fetched, 1855, £12. 15«. 

This laborious proJuction ioclades all the characters comprised in the 
Chinese Dictionary in 32 yolnmes, folio, published in 1761. It has already 
become > rare book, the number printed having been comparatiyely small. 
The type is no longer extant, and cannot be reproduced but at great cost ; and 
the patient self-denying labour, requisite for a complete new edition, mere 
pecuniary outlay cannot command. 

35399 Morrison s Dictionary of the Chinese Language (being the Alpha- 

betic Chinese-English portion), 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. (pnb.£4. 4« bds.), 
hf, morocco, £2, 10s Shanghae, 1865 

35400 Morrison's Grammar of the Chinese Language, 4to. bds, bs 

Serampore, 1815 

35401 • the same, 4to. hf, calf, 6s ; or, calf, 7s 6d ib. 1815 

35402 : Dialogues and detached Sentences in the Chinese Lan- 
guage, Chinese in native and Roman characters, and English, 
roy. 8vo. bound, hs Macao, 1816 

35403 View of China for philological purposes ; containing a 

Sketch of Chronology, Goveniment, Religion, and Customs, 
4to. bd. Zs &d Macao, 1817 


■^5404 Morrison's Anglo-Chinese Grammar, 8vo. tmmerous MS, notes, 
scl, 6s Macao, 1823 

35405 Chinese Miscellany of original extracts from Chinese 

authors, Chinese and English, roy. 4to. 12 plates of Chinese text, 
sd, Ss 6d 1825 

35406 Chinese Miscellany, roy. 4to. Ids, 4^ 6d 1825 

35407 Vocabulary of the Canton Dialect, complete, 3 parts in 

2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hound, \0s Macao, 1828 

35408 the same, large paper, 2 vols. 8vo. calf neat, 15s 1828 

A Vocabulary EDglish-Chinese and Obinese-EDglish ; and Chinese Words 
and Phrases. 

35409 Neumann (C. F.) Translations from the Chinese and Armenian, 

8vo. sd. 7s 6d 1831 

35410 Notices on Chinese Grammar by Philo- Sinensis, part 1 : Ortho- 

graphy and Etymology, 8vo. hds, 4^ Batavia, 1842 

35411 Pauthier (G.) Essai snr Tongine et la formation similaire des 

^critnres figuratives chinoise et egyptienne : Histoire et Syn- 
these, 8vo. sd, 3s 6cZ 1842 

35412 Vindiciee Sinicro et Supplementa ; Reponse a Texamen 

critique de St. Julien, 4 treatises in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. calf, 7s 6d 


35413 rinscription Syro-Chinoise de Si-Ngan-Fou, texte et 

traduction lat. et fran^., 8vo. large paper, large facsimile plate, 
blue morocco extra gilt, 9&* 1858 

35414 the same, 1858 — Pauthier (G.) de lauthenticite de 

rinscription de Si-Ngan-Eou, 1857 ; 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf 
morocco, \0s 1857-58 

35415 Pelly's Manual for Students of Chinese : Vocabulary and 

Dialogues, with an easy Introduction to the Chinese (Ningpo 
Dialect) compiled and translated into English by P. Steenevassa 
Pelly, printed in the native manner, impl. 8vo. rare, V2s 1846 

35416 Perny (Paul) Dictionnaire fran^ais-latin-chinois de la Langue 

Mandarine parlee, impl. 4to. 459 pp. double columns, sd. 2bs 1869 

35417 Dialogues Chinois-Latins, traduits mot a mot, avec 

la prononciation accentuee, 8vo. hf morocco, 7s Taris, 1872 

35418 PREMARE, Notitia linguee Sinicse, 4to. cloth, 35^; or, calf neat, 

£2. Malaccce, 1831 

35419 Notitia linguee Sinicse, translated into English by J. C. 

Bridgman, 8vo. sd. 14« ; or, hf. calf neat, 15s Canton, 1847 

This is a Chinese Grammar which is of especial importance Mith regard 

to the literary language. Its examples of style and syntax are numerous and 


35420 P'u-FA-CHAN-CHI, Or the Art of War, by Wang T'ao, with an 

account of the Siege of Pans in 1870 and plan of the city, 
8 vols. 8vo. clearly printed, £1. 1872 

35421 Red Book (Chinese) or List of Officials, 4 vols. 12mo. 10^ 

35422 Remusat (Abel-) Elemens de la Grammaire Chinoise, 8vo. calf, 

28 6d 1822 

35423 les m^mes, labge paper, roy. 8vo. hds. bs 1822 

35424 les memes, nouvelle edition augment^e, roy. 8vo, hf» bd. 

7s ed 1857 


35426 Ritual and Cebemokial (Buddhist), in Chinese, 7 vols, oblong 8yo. 

in cloth coversy 25« 

35427 BocHET, Manuel de la Langue Ghinoise.vulgaire, avec des Dia- 

logues, et un vocabulaire, roy. 8vo. sd. 5* ; or, hf. morocco^ 6« 

Paris, 1846 
"A very nsefnl book, especially for learniDg the colloqaial dialect." 
— AndrecB, BihUoth, Sinol. 

35428 EoMAN Catholic Breviary, in Chinese, 2 vols. 12mo. sd, bs 

35429 Sacred Edict, sixteen maxims of Eliang-He, amplified, with a 

paraphrase on the whole, by Wang-yew-po, translated, with 

notes, by W. Milne, 8vo. hds. 4* (id 1817 

35430 another edition, 8vo. hf. hd, 6s Shanghai, 1870 

35431 Scarborough (W.) Collection of Chinese proverbs, Chinese and 

English, with an introduction, notes and index, 8vo. cloth, Ts ^ 

Shanghai, 1875 

35432 Schlegel (G.) le Vendeur d'huile qui seul possede la reine de 

beaute, Roman chinois ; texte chinois et ti^duction f ran9. 8vo. 
hf. Id. 7s ed 1877 

35433 Schott's (W.) Chinesische Sprachlehre, 1857— Beschreibung der 

chinesischen Litteratur, 1854 — 2 vols, in 1, 4to. hf, hd. 6s 


35434 Vocabularium Sinicum, 1844 — Chinesische Sprachlehre, 

Beschreibung der chinesischen Litteratur, 1854 — 3 vols, in 1, 
4to. hf calf 10s 1844-57 

35435 Shanghai. Description of the District of Shanghai, in Chinese, 

13 vols. roy. 8vo. complete, sd, 10s 

35436 Shan-tso-chin-shih-chih, or List of the Inscriptions in the 

Province of Shantung, by Pi Yiian and Yiian Yuan, 12 vols. 
Vols. I to V missing, roy. 8vo. 10^ 

35437 SH:6N-YiN-TtJ, or the li,nguage of Sighs, 4 vols. 8vo. sd» 7s 

35438 Sheng-woo-ke, Account of Military Operations, Present Dynasty, 

8vo. bound in 2 vols, half calf, 16s 1842 

35439 Shih-cha-nan-to [Sikshananda] Ta fang kwang Fuh hwa yen 

king, the Avatamsaka Sutra, translated into Chinese, 16 vols, 
in 4, impl. 8vo. cases, £2. 

35440 Shing she woo pih Lo-han seeang, portraits of Fifty Bahars, 

narrow sm. folio, a curiosity of printing, impressed in white on a 

black grotmd, between wooden boards, 2hs 

Whether inteDtional or not, the variety of facial expression, approaching 
to caricature, thrown into these portraits, is yerj hamoroas. They are 
annsual and valuable specimens of Chinese Art. 

35441 Shuck (J.*L.) Portfolio Chinensis : a collection of Chinese State 

Papers, with a transl., notes and introduction, 8vo. original 

binding, hs Macao, 1840 

35442 the same, interleaved, 8vo. hf hd. 9s 1840 

35443 Smith (F. P.) Vocabulary of Proper Kames, in Chinese and 

English, of places, persons, tribes, and sects in China, Japan, 
Corea, Annam, Siam, and Burmah, roy. 8vo. hds, 7s 6d 

Shanghai, 1870 

35444 Ssu-K*u-CH*iJAN-SHU-MU-LU, or Catalogue of the Imperial Library 

of the present dynasty, 8 vols. 8vo. £1. 10s 

35445 Stent (G. C.) Chinese and English Vocabulary in the Pekinese 

Dialect, thick 8vo. pp. ix and 677 9 hf bownd, 28« Shanghai, 1871 


35446 Summers, Handbook of the Chinese Language, Parts I and II : 
Grammar and Chrestomathy, in 1 vol. 8vo. including 48 litho- 
graphed pages of Chinese extracts, the Chrestomathy chiefly in 
Roman characters, hf. morocco^ \2s Oxford, 1863 

35447 Chinese Grammar, Dialogues, Exercises and Vocabulary, 

12mo. (pub. 5^), sd. Is M 1864 

Ta Hio — see Classics, p. 3416. 

35448 T'aiwan-hsien-Chih, or Topography of the District of T'aiwan in 

the island of Formosa, 8 vols. 8vo. woodcuts, 10s 

35449 Ta-kwang-che, Fuh shwo Kew pa yen kow go kwei To lo ne king, 

the To-lo-ne Sutra, delivered by Buddha for saving the Fiery- 
mouthed Hungry Ghosts, roy. 8vo. numerous woodcuts, sd. hs 

Canton, 1737 

35450 Ta Tsing hwuy teen, or the Statutes of the- present Dynasty of 

Manchu Tatars, containing minute information on all details 
connected with the administration of Government in China, in 
920 books, with Atlas of Maps, some vols, missing, 123 vols, 
impl. 8vo. sd» £4. 

In this set 613 books arc missing, and the Atlas contains 57 books of 102. 

35451 Ta ts'ing leu lee, the Chinese Penal Code of the present dynasty, 

24 vols. 8vo. in 4 cloth cases, £1, 1865 

35451* the same, in English — see p. 3122. 

35452 Tcheou-Li, ou Rites des Tcheou, traduit par B. Biot, avec Intro- 

duction et table analytique, 3 vols. 8vo. cui'ious plates, sd. 16s 

Paris 1851 

35453 Thae-Ping-Wang Dynasty (Books of the), by W. H. Medhurst, 

with 7 various examples of the same ; together 8 vols. 8vo. sd, 305 

Shanghai, 1853 

35454 Thoms (R.) Chinese Speaker, or extracts from works in the 

Mandarin Language, as spoken at Pekin, 8vo. Chinese and 
English, the Chinese in native and Roman characters, sd, bs 

Ningpo, 1846 

35455 Thoms (P. P.) Chinese Courtship, in verse, Chinese and English, 

royal 8vo. sd. 7s ; or, hf, calf, Ss Macao, 1824 

35456 T'lEN-FANG-TiEN-Li or Cyclopesdia of Mahommedanism, 8vo. odd 

volume, sd. 3s 6d 

35457 T'lEN-w^N-TSA-LEi, or Notes on Astronomy, etc. MS. in 4 vols. 8vo. 

diagrams, in cloth case, 7s 

35458 Tracts in Chinese, 7 curious Pamphlets on Telegraphy, Vaccina- 

tion, and other subjects, roy. 8vo. 7s 6d 

35459 15 Miscellaneous Works, including the Hsiao-hsiio, or 

Lesser Learning, the Shan-hai-ching, or Hill and Sea Classic, 
etc. 15 vols. roy. 8vo. £1, 

35460 Tbeatise on the Transliteration of Chinese into the Sanscrit 

character, in Chinese, 2 vols. 8vo. in cloth case, 20s 

35461 TsA-Li, or Customs Tariff, published in the fifth year of the 

Emperor Ch'ien Lung, 8vo. 55 

35462 VARO de LASA(Fb. Francisco) Arte de la Lengua Mandarina, 

acrecentado, y reducido a niejor forma por Fr. Pedro do laPiiiuela; 
Anadiose un Confessionario muy util y provechoso, para alivio 


de los nuevos ministros, smallest folio, greeih morocco extra, by 
Zaehnsdorfj from the Sunderland library, £36. Canton, 1703 

An exceedingly rare book on the Mandarin dialect, printed npon Chinese 
paper, in the native manner. The first 7 leaves are slightlj wormed. In a 
foreign bookseller's catalogue a copj has recently been priced 1500 frs. 

35463 Wade (T. F.) Hsin Ching Lu, or Book of Experiments, English 

and Chinese Text, 2 vols. — Peking Syllabary, a collection of the 
characters representing the dialect of Peking — 3 vols. sm. folio, 
sd. \bs Hong Kong, 1859 

35464 the same, 3 vols, in 1, sm. folio, calf neat, 20^ 1859 

35465 Wang Keaou Lwan Pih Neen Chang Han, or the lasting resent- 

ment, a Chinese tale, translated by Sloth, 8vo. plate, sd. 28 6d 

Canton, 1839 

35466 Williams (S. Wells) English Chinese Vocabulary, in the Court 

Dialect, 8vo. hf cf 16s Macao, 1844 

35467 another copy, 8vo. with numerous additions in MS., cloth, 

SOs 1844 

35468 Tonic Dictionary of the Chinese language in the Canton 

dialect, 8vo. the Chinese in native and roman clmracters, xscxvi 
and 832 pjp. double columns, hf. bd. £2. 16s Canton, 1856 

35469 another copy, somewhat used, 8vo. bd. £2. 1856 

35470 Wu Sh^ng-lan. I-hai-chn-ch*-en, a well-known and valuable 

Collection of Reprints, containing many scarce works not to be 
procured otherwise, 95 vols, large 8vo. £,7. \0s 

35471 Wu SHUANG p'u. Portraits of Illustrious Persons, with Bio- 

graphies, impl. 8vo. many delicately engraved woodcuts, hf. calf, 

35472 WYLIE (A.) Notes on Chinese Literature, with a list of transla- 

tions from the Chinese into various European languages, 4to. 
with numerous valuable MS. notes by Mr. Mayers, hf. calf, £S. 16s 

Shanghai, 1867 

35473 Yu-chih-li-hsiang-k'ao-ch'^ng, being the celebrated Astronomical 

work issued by command of the Emperor Yung Cheng in 1713, 
ivith diagrams, the first 7 vols, only, bound in 5, roy. 8vo. lOs 

35474 Yu (Emperor) Three Chinese scrolls, each 4 ft. 6 in. long and 

about 12 inches wide, written in the cursive style, copies of 
some sayings of the Emperor Yu, 16s 


L General Works. 

35475 Filet (G. J.) Plantkundig Woordenboek voor Nederlandsch Indie, 

8vo. cloth, 10s Leiden, 1876 

In dictionary-form, including names of plants in over fifty languages of 
the Indian Archipelago. 

35476 Gabelentz (H. C. von der) die Melanesischen Sprachen nach 

ihrem grammatischen Ban und ihrer Verwandtschaf t unter sich 
und mit den Malaiisch-Polynesischen Sprachen, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. 
sd. Is 6d Le'ipsig, 1860-73 


35477 Gabelentz (H. C. von der) die melanesischen Spraclien (pt. 1), 

roy. 8vo. sd, 7s 6d Leipzig, 1860 

35478 Logan (J. R.) Journal of the Indian Arehipelago and Eastern 

Asia, Vols. I-VII (^Vol, VI without the numbers for March, June- 
Aug. and October) ; Vol. VIII parts 5-9 ; Vol. IX, 1847-55— New 
Series, Vol. I number 1, 1856; — 8vo. maps and plates, eight 
vols. hf. bd, and one part sd. scarce, £7. 10s Singapore, 1847-55 
A yaluable periodical, containing papers on the languages and races of 
Eastern Asia. One or two titles are wanting in tbe above. 

35478* Ethnology and Languages of the Indian Archipelago, 

2 vols, in 1, 8vo. cloth, 10s Singapore (1850) 

35479 MosBLECH, Vocabnlaire Oceanien-Fran9. et Fran9. -Ocean, des 

Dialectes Marquises, Sandwich, Gambier, etc. 12mo. 2« 1843 

2. Formosan. 

35480 Happart (Gilb.) Dictionary of the Favorlang Dialect of the 

Formosan Language, translated by W. H. Medhurst, sm. 8vo. 
hf, bd, 20s Farapattan, Batavia, 1840 

The author, who wrote this book in 1650, was one of the Dutch ministers 
^ of Formosa. 

3. Philippine Languages. 

35481 BERGANO (Diego) Bocabulario de Pampango en Romance, y 

Diccionario de Romance en Pampango, sm. folio, fine copy in 
red morocco, gilt edges, kare, £12. lO^ Manila, 1732 

Collation : 7 prelim, leaves ; pp. 1-409 (marked 399) j 3 blank pages ; 
pp. 1-88. 
33482 Carbo (A.) Vocabulario de la Lengua Ilocana, ultimamente 
anadido y puesto en mejor orden por dos Religiosos del Orden 
de S. Augustin, folio, vellum, S6s Manila, 1849 

35483 EZGUERRA, Arte de la lengua Bisaya, de la Provincia de 

Leyte, con algunas advertencias de la lengua de Zebu y Bool, 
sm. 4to. limp vellum, very rare, £3, Manila, 1747 

•' Volume fort rare ; vendu 155 fr., Salle Silvestre, en 1826." — Brunei, 

35484 Francisco de S. Joseph, Arte y Reglas de la Lengua Tagala, 

stout 12mo. limp vellum, rare, £4. Manila, 1752 

Collation : Title, and 15 preliminary leaves, forming four signatures 
of ^*8 ; Arte, folios 1-785 ; Para el que aprende, etc. in verse, 10 leaves ; 
LiBROKG Pagaakalan, FOB PiNFiN 1610, Ggggg 2 to Zzzzzz 1 ; Indice, 
Zzzzzz 1. to ♦♦*♦* 4, being 47 pp. 

35485 Maldonado de Puga (Juan Manual) Religiosa Hospitalidad en la 

Provincia de S. Raphael de las Islas Philipinas, sm. 4to. 
engraved title and three large folding plates by Andrade, vellum, 
20s Granada, 1742 

35486 Manila, Comercio de. La Razon en las Medidas, y en el mismo 

hecbo la Prueba, sm. folio, part of title supplied in facsimile, 
vellum, £3. 16s Sampaloc, 1737 

35487 MENTRID A (A. de) Diccionario de la lengua Bisaya, Hiligueina, 

y Haraya de la Isla de Panay — ^Diccionario Hispano-Bisaya, por 
J. Martin; 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, 827 pp. double columns, 
vellum, very rare, £6. Manila, 1841-2 


35488 NOCEDA (P. Juan de) y P. Pedro de San Lucab, Vocabvlario de 

la Lengna TAGALA, trabaxado par Tarios svgetos, doctos j 
graves, sm. folio, vellum, £4. 

Manila^ por N, de la Cruz Bagay, 1754 

CoIIatiou : Title, Epistles, ' Approl^cioD/ etc. 7 leaves ; Errata, 2 leaves; 

Prologo, 6 leaves ; Vocdh, TagaXa-UispafkOy pp. 1-619; 'Appendix,' 34 pp.; 

VoeaJb. Hispano-T<igalog, 190 pp. *' Volume fort rare, venda 243 fr., Salle 

Silvestre, 1826 ; £6. I5s 6(2, Heber ; 150 fr. Raetzel. "—Bnmet. 

35489 NocEDA t San Lucab, Vocabnlaido de la Lengna Tagala, sm. folio, 

10 and 609 pp. double coh. vellum, £S. Valladolidy 1832 

35490 Otangubbn de Santa Ynes (N. H. Fr. Melchor) Tagalysmo 

Elncidado, j redncido (en lo possible) a la Latinidad de 
Nebrija, con su syntaxis, tropos, prosodia, passiones, etc. y con 
la alusion, que en su nso y composicion tiene con el Dialecto 
Chinico Mandarin, con las Lengnas Hebrea, y Griega, para alivio 
de los RR. Padres Missioneros Appostolicos, que passan a 
aquellas Missiones, 4to. vellum, £7. 78 

en Mexico en la Imprenta de D. F, X. Sanchez, 1742 
Title ; 3 prel. 11. ; text pp. 228. A fine clean copy of this most rare 
work on the principal language of the Philippine Islands. It is not found 
in the Catalogues of Brassear de Bourbonrg and Leclerc, nor was a copy in 
the Fischer Catalogue. The author was a barefooted Franciscan friar. 
Commissary of the Missions in the Philippines, and Procnrador of his 

35491 Sekrano (R.) Diccionario Tagalo-Espanol y Espanol-Tagalo, 

2 vols. 12mo. hd, ISs Binondo y Manila, 1869-72 

35492 TOTANES (Sebastian de) Arte de la Lengna Tagala, y Mannal 

Tagalog, para la administracion de los santos Sacramentos, 
2 vols, in 1, small 4to. First Edition, ^ne copy, printed on paper 
manufactured from silk, vellum, bare, £3. 

Sampaloc, extra Manila, 1745 
Collation : 14 preliminary leaves, including title, pp. 1-140 ; Manual, 
title, 1 leaf ; pp. 1-218 ; tabla, etc. 2 leaves. 

35493 Arte de la Lengna Tagala y Manual Tagalog, 2 vols, in 

1, sm. 4ito,fine copy, printed on paper manufactured from nlh, 
vellum, 36« Sampaloc, extra Manila, 1796 

4. Malagas!. 

35494 English and Malagasy Vocabnlary, with sentences in both 

languages, edited by W. Ellis, 8vo. 8 and 476 pp. hf. hd. 10s 1863 
Written by three natives, officers of the palace. 

35495 Flacourt, Petit Cat^hisme avec des prieres, Malgache et 

Francois, 12mo. dedicated to Vincent de Paul, vellwni, 20* 

Far is 1657 

35496 FREEMAN (J. J.) and Johns, Malagasy-English and' Eng- 

lish Malagasy Dictionary, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf, calf, rare, £3. 

Tananarivo, 1835 
35496*Parkeb (G. W.) Malagasy Grammar, 12mo, Q^ pp. cloth, 3s M 


35497 New Testament, in Malagasy^ sm. 8vo. calf, 28 n. d. 
35497*Van der Tuuk, Outlines of Malagasy Grammar, 8vo. sd. Is 6d 




5. Malay. 

35498 Bebg (Van den) Verslag van eene Verzameling Maleische., 

Arabische, Jayaansche, etc. Handscliriften, 8vo. sd, 2s 

Batavia, 1877 

35499 BiBtE. Genesis, in Arahic and Malay interlineally, folio, MS, on 

jpaper, well written in large characters, with headings in red, limp 
parchment wrapper, £2, 7587 (about 1700) 

The scribe's name was Ibn Ayub Aba Tahya. 

35500 BiKKERS (A. J. W.) Malay, Achinese, French and English 

Vocabnlaries, with Malay Grammar, 12mo. hd, 7s 1882 

35501 BoCHATRi DE JoHOR, ie Taj-n's- Salatin, the Crown of Kings, Old^ 

Malay and Dutch, by Boorda van Eijsinga, 4to. sd. Ss 

Batavia, 1827 
35501* : — another edition, sm. 4to. Ms, 5s ih, 1864 

35502 Bowrey's Dictionary, English and Malayo, Malayo and English, 

sm. 4to. no title and preface, and without the Grammar Rules, 
Dialogues, etc, hut the Dictionary complete, wormed, hf, bd, very 
scarce, 7s 1701 

35503 Bopp, iiber die Verwandtschaft der malayisch-polynesischen 

Sprachen mit den indisch-europaischen, 4to. cloth, bs 1841 

35503*Chi&Tstopheb (Lieut. W.) Vocabulary of the Maldivian Language, 

8vo. interleaved, sd. Ss 6d Bombay, cir, 1870 

35504 Clercq (F. S. A. 4^) het Maleisch der Molukken ; Lijst der meest 

voorkomende Vreemde en van het gewone Maleisch verschil- 

lende Woorden, etc. sm. 4to. sd. bs Batavia, 1876 

35504*CoMPARATiVB Vocabulary of the Barma, Malayu and Thai 

Languages, 8vo. sd. or bd. 10s Serampore, 1810 

35505 Cbawfurd (J.) Grammar and Dictionary of the Malay Language, 

2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £S. 10s 1852 

35505*Dennys (N. B.) Handbook of Malay Colloquial, as spoken at 

Singapore, 8vo. hf. bd. ISs Singapore, 1878 

35506 Doctrine of Truth, in Malay, 12mo. vellum, 6s Amst, 1732 

35507 Essentials of Faith, accordiug to the doctrines of the Shafi*ite 

Sect, in Arabic and interlinear Malay, sm. folio, written on 
mulberry 'leaf paper, hf, bd, £2, Sec, xviii 

35508 Favre (Abb6 P.) Dictionnaire Malais-Fran^ais, 2 vols. 8vo. hf, bd, 

24? Vienne, 1875 

The Malay words are given both in the Arabic and the Koman character. 

35509 G.ESGHIEDENIS van Sultan Ibrahim, zoon van Adaham, MaleiscJi, 

uitg. door Lenting, 4to. bds, 10s Breda, 1846 

35510 Grammairb des Langues Malaye et Javanaise ; Version Malaye du 

Hamayana, part of it accompanied by an interlinear as well as a 

free translation, both in French; — in 1 vol. sm. 4to. MS, very 

neatly writteti, vellum, 24^ cir. 1840 

35511 Grammar of the Malay tongue, 4to. map, bds, Ss 6d 1800 

35512 Haex, Dictionarium Malaico-Latinum et Latino-Malaicum, sm. 4to. 

hd, 6s Romce, 1631 

35513 Hikatat Mesa Ferbu Jata, or Katu Anun : a tale, in Malay, 4to. 

plainly written MS. hf. bd. 7s 6d Sec, xix 

35514 Hikatat : Tales by Abdullah bin Abd ul Kadir, in Malay, Arabic 

character, 4to. lithographed, sd, 20s (? Singapore, about 1840) 


35515 HiKAYAT Dewa Makdu : Stories, in Malay, folio, MS- in Arabian 

cJiaracters, on paper, native binding, lbs Sec. xix 

35516 HiKATAT MESA DEWA IxDRA Kasuma : Stories, in Malay, folio, MS, 

in Arabian characters, on paper, stamped binding, 21* Sec. xix 

35517 Hollander (J. J. de) Handleiding bij de beoefening der Maleische 

Taal en Letterknnde, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. hf. bd. 6« Breda, 1874 

35518 Java. Mttho logical History of Java, in Malay, Arabian characters, 

sm. folio, MS. on paper, bd. 20s About 1790-1800 

35519 KiTAB pada menjataken ilmoe menjoerat behasa Male joe dengan 

hoeroef Arab, sqnare 8vo. 3 engraved pp. of characters, hf. bd. bs 

{? Baiavia, about 1875) 

35520 Malaica Collectanea Vocabularia, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. calf, £2. 

Batavia, 1708 
One of the earliest prodactions of the BataTiapress. It contains all the 

Malaj Dictionaries eyer pablishcd np to its date. They are the following : — 
J. WiLTSRg en Danckaerts, Vocabnlannm Dt8ch.-MaL Mal.-Dtsch. ; 

D. Habx, Diet. Mal.-Lat Lat-Mal. ; F. de H(oi7tmak), Die. in de Doytsche 

ende Mai. Tale: II. Heurnius, Duitsch Mai. Woordeboek ; Guetrier, 

Daitsch Mai. Woordeboek. 

^' Les exemplaires se tronvent difficilemcnf — Brunei. 

35521 Malay Anxals, translated by Dr. J. Lejden, with Introduction 

by Sir T. S. Raffles, 8vo. bds, 7s 6d; or, hf calf gilt, 9s 1821 

35522 Marsden (Wm.) Malay Grammar, 4to. bds. SOs 1812 

35523 Malay Dictionary, 4to. £3. 10* 1812 

35524 Maxwell (W. E.) Manual of Malay Language, 8vo. 1S2 pp. cloth, 

3* ^d 1882 

35525 Memoirs of a Malayan Family, written by themselves, and trans- 

lated from the Original, by W. Marsden, 8vo. 2s 1830 

3552G Mohammed as-Sanusi. *Aqaid, or Articles of Faith, by Abu 
Abdallah Muhammad b. Abi Yusuf as Sanusi, with commentary 
by Abdallah Muhammed bin 'Omar bin Ibrahim al Mallali, in 
Arabic, with interlined Malay translation, 4to. hf. morocco, 7s 


35527 Morel (C. J.) Nieuw Laagmaleisch-Nederlandsch Woordenboekje, 

sm. 8vo. bds. 2s 6d Zwolle, 1875 

35528 Nakhoda Mouda de Samangka, Memoires, en fran^ais par A. Marre, 

8vo. sd. 2s * Paris, 1868 

35529 Pijnappel, Maleisch-Hollandsch Woordenboek, roy. 8vo. bds. (js 

Haarlem, 1875 

35530 RooRDA van Eysinga, Maleische Spraakkunst, Chrestomathie, en 

Maleisch-Nederduitsch Woordenboek, 12mo. bds. 2s 6d 

Breda, 1839 

35531 Maleische Spraakkunst en Chrestomathie, 12mo. hf. bd. 

2s 6d AUcmaar, 1856 

35532 RUYLL, Spieghel van de Maleysche Tale, in de welcke sich die 

Indiaensche Jeucht Christlijck ende vermaeckelick kunnen 
oeffenen . . met een Vocabularidm Buytsch ende Maleysch, 
sm. 4to. title, three preliminary leaves, and pp. 139, veZZww, very 
RARE, £2. Amstelredam, 1612 

35533 New Testament, in Malay, 8vo. calf 2s Calcutta, 1814 


35534 VocABULAEY of the English and Malay Languages, in Roman and 

Arabic character, 8vo. hf, calf, 3^ Qd Malacca, 1837 

35535 Von de Wall (H.) Maleisch-Nederlandscli Woordenboek, Deel I, 

thick roy. 8vo. jpp. xxvii and 877, hf. hd. 10s 6d Batavia, 1872 

35536 nieuwe Uitgave van Van der Tnak, Deel I, roy. 8vo. 

504^. cloth, 12s Batavia, 1877 

35537 Vormveranderingen der maleische Taal, 4to. hf. hd. Ss 

♦ ih. 1864 

6. Kawi, Old Javanese. 

35538 Humboldt (W. v.) Ueber die KAwi-Sprache auf der Insel Java, 

nebst einer Einleitung iiber die Verschiedenheit des men- 
schlichen Sprach banes und ihren Einflnss auf die geistige 
Entwickelnng des Menschengeschlechts, 3 vols, stout 4to. hds. 
355 Bei'lin, 1836-8 

35539 the same, 3 vols. 4to. neatly hf hound, £2. 5^ 1836-38 

A great work of comparative Philology. Kawi is related to the Sanscrit 
and Pali languages. The Introduction of 430 pp. is an extremely valuable 
piece of critical writing. 

35540 Kawi Ookkonden in facsimile, onder Toezicht van A. B. Cohen 

Stuart op Steen gebracht door M. L. Hnart en T. Hooiberg, 
sm. folio, 31 facMmile plates, including one of the Kawi Alphabet 
— Inleiding en Transscriptie, roy. 8vo. — 2 vols. sd. 10s 

Leiden, 1875 

7. Modern Javanese. 

35541 Brata-Joeda, Rama, en Ardjoena Sasra, drie Heldendichten, 

Javaansch, door Winter en ftoorda, 8vo. hds. 4iS Amst, 1845 

35542 Brata-Joeda, Indisch- Javaansch Heldendicht, bewerkt door Cohen 

Stnart, Javanese and Butch, with preface, introduction and 
copious notes, 2 vols. 4to. r>7ap, hds. 20s 

Bataviaasch Genootschap, 1860 

35543 FAVRE (Abbe P.) Grammaire Javanaise, 8vo. with facsimiles of 

Javanese MSS. hf. russia neat, 24^ Parw, 1866 

35544 Dictionnaire Javanais-Fran9ais, roy. 8vo. 546 pp. double 

cols, hf. russiu neat, uniform with the Grammar ahove, 20s 

Vienne, 1870 

35545 Hollander, Handleiding tot de Javaansche Taal en Letterkunde, 

sm. Svo. with 200 pages of Selections, cL 4is Breda, 1848 

35546 Jansz (P.) Kleine Javaansche Spraakknnst, 12mo. sd, 28 

Samarang^ 1871 
35546*Ramayana, in Javanese, sq. Svo. hds. bs Samarang, s. d. dr. 1870 

35547 RoORDA (T.) Javaansche Gesprekken in de onderscheidene Taal- 

sorten, 8vo. hds. 3s 6d s. I. 1843 

35648 Winter (C. P.) Javaansche Zamenspraken, uitgeg. door Roorda, 

Deel 1: Zamenspraken over verschillende onderwerpen, 8vo. 

hds. 10s Amst. 1848 

8. Sunda. 

85549 GsBRBiNK (A.) Soendaneesch-Hollandsch Woordenboek, imp. Svo. 
hf. hd. 128 Batavia, 1875 



36650 Grashdis (G. J.) Hollandsch-Soendaneesche Woordenlijst, 8vo. 
///. hd, hs Leiden, 1874 

36661 Wilde (A. de) Nederduitsch-Malciscli-Soendasch Woordenboek, 

uitgegeven door T. Roorda, Bvo. sd. os ; hf. hd. 4* M ; or, calf 
extra, 65 Amsterdam, 1841 

9. Batta. ^ 

36662 Battasch Woordenboek : a collection of Batta Words, with the 

interpretation in Malay and Dutch added to many of them, by 

Professor Millies of Utrecht, fol. hf. hd. £2. c'u\ 1850 

36553 TuUK (Van der) Bataksch Leesbook, I : Stakken in het Tohasch, 

8vo. in native character, hds. bs I860 

35664 Bataksch Leesboek, III : Stukken in het Dairisch, 8vo. 

na4;ive character, hds, 6s 1861 

10. Australian. 

36565 Grey (G.) Vocabulary of the Dialects of South- Western Australia, 
18m'o. sd. bs 1841 

36666 Dawson (James) Languages and customs of several tribes of 

Aborigines in the western district of Victoria, Australia, sm. 
4to. Us 1886 

36667 HuTT (John) Descriptive Vocabulary of the language in common 

use 'amongst the Aborigines of Western Australia, edited by 
G. F. Moore, 12mo. cloth, ISs 1842 

36668 Moorhouse (M.) Vocabulary, etc. of the Murray River Language, 

South Australia, 8vo. sd. 10s Adelaide, 1846 

36569 Threlkeld, an Australian Grammar, the principles and rules of 
the language of the Aborigines of Hunter's River, Lake Mac- 
quarie, etc. New South Wales, 8vo. hf. calf neat, 10s 

Sydney, 1834 

11. Maori. 

36560 BUNYAN (Joane) Te Tere no te Tuitarere, etc. Pilgrim^s Progress 

in Maori, sm. 8vo. hd. 20s 1840 

36561 Common Prayer and Psalms, tn Maori, 8vo. cloth, 6s Banana, 1848 
35562 Gospel of Luke, Epistle to the Ephesians and Philippians, in 

Maori, 12mo. hd. bs Paihia, 1835 

35663 Gospel of Matthew and John, Corinthians 1, Catechism and 
Hymns, in Maori, pjp, 117 (hti;t wanting title and first 2 leaves), 
cir, 1830 — He Korero Kohikohi no te Kawenata Tawhito no te 
Karaipiture, S4ipp. Mangungu, 1840 — He Pukapuka Aroha (a 
periodical), number 1, Aug. 1837 — Ko nga upoko ewitu o te 
pukapuka a te Poropiti a Raniera, etc. Paihia, 1840 — The New 
Zealander for Dec. 25th, 1847 (folded) — in 1 vol. 8vo. ///. morocco, 
£2. 10s 
35564 Grace, Te Korero Whakatepe . . . (Sketches of Church History, 
and Guide to Old Testament in Maori), 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 3s 

(? 1870) 


35565 Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of New Zealand, pub- 

lished by the Church Missionary Society, 12mo. sd, lOs 1820 

35566 Maori Mementos. Addresses presented by the native people to 

Sir George Grey, with remarks, notes, etc. by C. 0. B. Davis, 
Maori and JSnglisli, 8vo. cloth ^ rare, £3. 10^ Auckland^ 1855 

35567 Pentateuch and Joshua, in Maori, 12nio. hound, 5s Banana, 1848 

35568 Selections from New Testament, Common Prayer, etc. in Maoris 

12mo. hd. 5s New Zealand, 1837 

35569 New Testament, in Maori, 12mo. Ids, hs Banana, 1862 

35570 Williams (William) Dictionary of the New Zealand language, 

and a concise Grammar, second edition, 12mo. cloth, \bs 1852 

35571 Williams (W. L.) First Lessons in the Maori Language, with 

Vocabulary, 12mo, 96 pp, cloth, 3s 6d Aiicldand, 1872 

12. Aneiteum. 

35572 Gospel of S. Luke, in the language of Aneitenm, 8vo. hds, 5s 1857 

Aneiteum is one of the New Hebrides. 

13. Fijian. 

35573 Moore (Rev. Wm.) Handbook of the Fijian Language, sm. 8vo. 

hd, 5s Tasmania, 1866 

14. Tongan. 

35574 Mariner's Account of the Natives of the Tonga (Friendly) Islands, 

with an oHginal Gmmmar and Vocabulary, compiled by John 
Martin, 2 vols. Svo. frontispiece, hf. calf, 12s 1817 

35575 Testament (New) in the Tongan language, 8vo. calf, 2s Qd 1864 

15. Samoan. 

35576 Pratt (Geo.) Samoan Dictionary: English- Samoan, and Samoan- 

English, 8vo. cloth, 20s Samoa, 1862 

16. Tahitian. 

35577 Daniel, Ruth and Esther, Tahaa, 1824— Acts of the Apostles, 

Tahiti, 1822— Epistles of S. Paul, ih. 1824 ^ in 1 vol. 12mo. calf, 
3s M 1822-4 

35578 Bible, in Otaheitan, 8vo. calf, 10s London, 1847 

35579 Gaussin, Dialecte de Tahiti, de celui des lies Marquises, et en 

general, de la Langue Polynesienne, 8vo. sd, 7s 6d 1853 

35580 Grammar of the Tahitian Dialect —Acts of the Apostles— St. Paul's 

Epistle — Book of Hymns — in vol. 12mo. all in Tahitian, calf, 
20s Tahiti, 1822-24 

35581 TAHiTiAN-English Dictionary, with remarks on the Polynesian 

Lan^afife, and a short grammar of the Tahitian Dialect, 8vo. 
sd.£2. 10s Tahith 1851 


17. Marquesan. 

35582 BuscHMANN (J. C. E.) Aper^u de la Langue des lies Marquises, et 

de la Langne Ta'itienne, avec un Yocabulaire Taitien par G. de 
Humboldt — Buscliinann, Textes Marquesans et Taitiens ; 2 vols, 
in 1, 8vo. morocco gilt, gilt edges, 16» Berlin, 1843 

18. Hawaian. 

35583 Hawaiian (The) Spectator, conducted by an Association of Gen- 

tlemen, Vol. I, nos. 1, 3 and 4, Vol. II, nos. 1 and 2, together 
5 parts, 8vo. sd. 25^ Honolulu, 1838-9 

Containing treatises on the Marquesian and Hawaian Dialects, Russians 
on Kauai, Polynesian Tribes, Hawaian History, etc. 

35584 Common Prayer, in Hawaiian, 16mo. cloth, Is 6d 1883 

35585 Music Primer, 1834 — Hymns, loiih Music, 1834 ; in 1 vol. 12mo. 

Jif, Id, 7s 6d Oahu, 1834 


1. General Philology. 

35586 Blebk (W. H. T.) The Languages of Mosambique ; Vocabularies 

of the Dialacts of Lourenzo Marques, Inhambane, Sofala, Tette, 
Sena, Quellimane, Mosambique, Cape Delgado, Anjoane, the 
Moravi, Musau, thick oblong 8vo. pp. xi.c and 403, cloth, lOs 


35587 — = Comparative Grammar of South African Languages, 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. maroon morocco extra, gilt edges, 20* 

Capetown, 1862-69 

35588 Reineke Fuchs in Afrika; Fabeln und Marchen der 

Eingebomen, 12mo. sd. 5s TFetmar, 1870 

35589 Clarke (John) Specimens of Dialects : short Vocabularies of 

Languages ; and notes of countries and customs in Africa, 8vo. 
104 pp. sd. 2s 6d Berwick, 1849 

35590 GREY (Sir G.) Library of (Catalogue), Vols. I, II, III pt. 1, 

IV pt. 1, 8vo. two vols. hf. morocco, two sd. £2. 1858-67 

Contents : Vols. I and II, Philology : South Africa ; Africa (north of 
tlie Tropic of Capricorn) ; Madagascar ; Australia ; Papuan Languages ; 
Fiji Islands; New Zealand (this being in 2 parts, pp. 154), Vol. Ill pt 1, 
MSS. ; Vol. IV pt. 1, Early English Printed Books. 

35591 Krapf (J. L.) Vocabulary of six East-African Languages (Kisua- 

heli, Kinika, Kikamba, Kipokomo, Kihiau, Kigalla), impl. 4to. 
cloth, 7s 6d Tubingen, 1850 

35592 ScHWEiNFURTH (G.) Linguistische Ergebnisse einer Reise nach 

Central- Afrika, roy. 8vo. sd. Ss 6d Berlin, 1873 

35593 Vocabulary of the Principal Languages of Western and Central 

Africa, oblong 12mo. 213 pp. cloth, bs 1841 

2. Berber. 

35594 Delaporte (J. D.) Specimens de la Langue Berbere, folio, 56 pp. 

sd. 6s (? 1840) 


35595 DiCTiONNAiRE Fran9ais - Berbere, dialecte dcs Kaballes de la 

Division d' Alger (par Jaubert, Delaporte, Nully, Brosselard, 
Sidi Ahmed), stout impl. 8vo. 606 pp., in Arabic and Roman 
characters, calf or half morocco, 16s 1844 

35596 the same, impl. 8vo. hf. red worocco, gilt tojp, uncut, 20s 

35597 Hauoteau (A.) Essai de Grammaire Kabyle, les principes du 

language parle par les populations du versant nord du Jurjura 
et specialement par les Igaouaoueen ou Zouaou avec notice sur 
quelques inscriptions en 'caracteres dits Tifinar* et en langue 
Tamacher't, 8vo. 393pj}. sd, 16s Alger, 1858 

35598 Essai de Grammaire de la langue Tamachek, renf ermant 

les principes du langage parle par les Imouchar ou Touareg, etc. 
8vo. map and facsimile, sd. 65 1860 

35599 Ventube de Paradis, Grammaire et Dictionnaire de la Langue 

Berbere, revus par Jaubert, 4to. 23 and 236 p«., hf Id, 20s 


3. Bishari. 

35600 Almkvist, die Bisohari-Sprache Tu-Bedawie in Nord-Ost Afrika 

baschreibend und vergleichend dargestellt, 4to. pp. 307, sd. 12s 

JJpsala, 1881 

4. Bunda. 

35601 Cannecattim (B. M. de) Collec9ao de Observacoes Grammaticaes 

sobre a Lingua Bunda ou Angolense (e Diccionario abbreviado 
da Lingua Congueza), 2da. edicao, large 8vo. cloth, uncut, 255 

Lishoa, 1859 

35602 Diccionario da Lingua Bunda ou Angolense, explicada 

na Portuguesa e Latina, sm. 4to. calf, 20s ; or, cloth, uncut, 2bs 


35603 Litany and Offices, in Boondei, 12mo. sd. Is 1882 

5. Chinyanja. 

35G04 Riddel's Grammar of the Chinyanja Language, spoken at Lake 
Nyassa, with Vocabularies, 12mo. 150pp. cloth, 2s 6d 1880 

6. Dualla, Cameroons. 

35605 Epistles to the Churches and the Book of Revelation, in Dualla, 

8vo. cloth, 10s Cameroons, 1857-62 

35606 Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus, in Dualla, sm. 4to. cloth, 10s 

Cameroons, 1862 

7. Efik. 

35607 NwED Mbume, a Catechism in Efih, 12mo. sd. 2s Efik, 1866 

35608 Genesis, in Efik, Glasgow, 1862 — New Testament, in Efih, Edin. 

n. d.; 2 vols, in 1, sm. 8vo. calf, hs 

35609 Psalms, in Efik, by the Rev. H. Goldie, 8vo. cl 2s Edin. 1866 

35610 Proverbs, in Efik, by Wm. Anderson, 8vo. cl Is M Edin. 1866 


8. Haussa. 

35611 Dialogues, and a small portion of the New Testament, in English, 

Arabic, Haussa, and Bornn, oblong 4to. sd. 2s 6d; oi*, hf, calf, 
Ss 6d 1853 

35612 ScHON , (Rev. J. F.) Vocabulary English-Haussa and Haussa- 

English, with the grammaticsd elements, sm. 8vo. cloth, 10s 


35613 Grammar of the Hausa Language, 8vo. cloth, 5s 1862 

35614 Farawa Letafin Magana Hausa, etc. 12mo. a Hatisa 

Primes*, the lists of words in JR^nnan and Arahic characters^ cl. 2s 

Berlin, 1857 

9. Herero. 

35615 KoLBE (F. W.) English-Herei*o Dictionary, with introduction to 

Herero and Bantu, sm. 8vo. 2^P- 624, cloth, lOs Cape Town, 1883 

10. Ibo. 

35616 Crowther (Bishop) Vocabulary of the Ibo Language, 12mo. cloth, 

2s 1882 

11. Kafir, Zulu. 

35617 Appletard (Rev. J. W ) Kafir Language ; its history, remarks on 

its nature, and a Grammar, 8vo. 413 j?^. hf, calf, \Bs 

King Williani^s Totvn, 1850 

35618 the same, 8vo. unihoid title and last leaf, hf. hd, 10s 


35619 Ayliff (John) Vocabulary of the Kafir Language, 16mo. hf, calf, 

7s 6d 1846 

35620 BoYCE (W. B.) Kafir Grammar, 4to. the first ever printed, hd, 7s 

Graham* s Town, 1834 

35621 « Kaffir Grammar, second edition, with Vocabulary, etc. 

by W. J. Davis, 8vo. hf calf 7s M 1844 

35622 Kaffir Grammar, third edition, augmented by Davis, 

12mo. cloth, hs 1863 

35C23 Caliawat (Rev. H.) Izinganekwane, etc. (Nursery Tales, Tradi- 
tions, and Histories of the Zulus), Zulu and English, Vol. I {all 
piihlished) in 6 parts, 8vo. sd. £2. Natal, 1866-68 

35624 another copy, in 1 vol. cloth, 36s 1868 

35625 Religious System of the Amazulu: XJnkulunkulu ; or 

the tradition of Creation, and Amatongo ; or. Ancestor Wor- 
ship, of the Amazulu and other tribes of S. Africa, Zulu and 
English, with notes. Vol. I {all published) in 3 parts, 8vo. sd. 
£2. Natal, 1868-70 

35626 CoLENSO, Elementary Grammar of the Zulu-Kafir Language, 

16mo. sd. Is 6d 1855 

35627 Zulu-English Dictionary, 8vo. 552 jpp. 18s 

Pietermaritzhurg, 1861 


35028 DouxK (Rev. J. L.) Etymological Zulu-KaHr Dictionary, with 
introduction on the language, 8vo. 42 and 417 })p. in double 
coluviub', sd, \hs Gap'j Totvu, 1857 

35620 I-GosPEL, etc. the Four Gospels in Kafir, in 1 vol. 8vo. ///. ceilf, 
20s Erini, 1836-37 

35630 GosPETi of Matthew in Zulu, 16mo. sd. Is 6d 1855 

35631 Grout (Rev. L.) The Isizuln : a Grammar of the Zulu Language, 

with appendix of specimens of Zulu literature, 8vo. 432 jpj?. 
cloth, 18s Natal, 1859 

35632 Incwadi Yokukqala Yokufunda, 16mo. a first Reading-Booh in 

Zulu-Kafir, looodcuts, cl. 2s ^d Natal, 1870 

35633 Kafir Essays, with English translation, 16mo. sd, \s Qd 

Grahainstown, 1861 

35634 Perrin (James) English- Kafir, and Kafir-English, Dictionary of 

the Zulu-Kafir language of Natal, 2 vols. 18mo. bd, 6s 

Pietermaritzburg and London, 1855 

35635 ScHREUDER og Holmboe, Grammatik for Zuln-Sproget, 8vo. hf. 

morocco, 2s 6d Ghristiania, 1850 

35636 New Testament, in Kaffir, sm. 8vo. calf, 2s Od 1859 

35637 Zulu Izaga ; Proverbs, collected, translated and interpreted, 8vo. 

sd, Ss 6d Natal, 1880 

12. Kanuri. 

35638 KoELLF, Grammar of the Bornu or Kanuri Language, 8vo. cloth, 

9s 1854 

13. Kunama. 

35639 Reenisch (Les) die Kunama- Sprache in Nord-Ost Afrika, 8vo. 

90 2^P' scl 2s 6d Wien, 1881 

14. Maqua. 

35640 Mai'LES (Chauncy) Collections for a Handbook of the Makua 

language, 12mo. cloth, 2s Qd 1879 

15. Mandingo. 

35641 Macbrair's Mandingo (W. Africa) Grammar, with Vocabularies, 

8vo. 82 jpp. hf, calf, bs cir. 1839 

16. Mende. 

35642 Grammar of the Mende language, 12mo. cloth, Is 1882 

17, Namaqua. 

35643 TiNDALL (Henry) Grammar and Vocabulary of the Namaqua 

Hottentot language, 8vo. sd, 12s (Gapetoivn, P1840) 

18. Nubian. 

35644 Lepsius (R.) Nubische Grammatik, mit Einleitung iiber die 

Volker und Sprachen Afrikd's large 8vo. pp, cxxvi and 506, 
chth, 20s Berlin, 1880 


19. Oji. 

35645 Riis (H. N.) Elemente des Akwapim-Dialects der Odschi Sprachc, 

8vo. 326 jpjp. QrammaTy Vocabulary and Proverbs, sd, 3s 1853 

20. Sechuana. 

35646 Abchbell {J.) Becliuana Grammar, 8vo. clotJi, 4s 6d. 

Graham's Town, 1837 

35647 Casalis, Etudes sur la Langue Seclmana, avec introduction sur la 

Mission chez les Bassoutos, 8vo. sd, hs Paris, 1841 

35648 New Testament, and Psalms, in Sechuana, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 8vo. 

calf, 2s 6d 1840-1 

2L Shambala. 

35649 Collections for a Handbook of the Shambala Language, 12mo. 

Ss Qd Zanzibar, 1867 

22. Sherbro. 

35650 Church Catechism, Sherbro and English, 12mo. bd. 2s 1824 

23. Susu. 

35651 Grammar and Vocabulary of the Susoo language, 8vo. bds. 10s 

Edinb. 1802 

35652 Religious Instruction for the Susoos, Susoo and English, 8vo. 

cloth, uncut, 10s Edinburgh, 1801 

24. Swahili. 

35653 Steere (E.) Handbook of the Swahili Language, as spoken at 

Zanzibar, 12mo. cloth, 7s 6d 1870 

CoDtents : Grammnr, 232 pp. ; Swahili-English Vocabalary, 188 pp. 

35654 Common Prater, in Swahili, 12mo. cloth, 2s About 1880 

25. Towarek. 

35655 Freeman (H. S.) Grammatical Sketch of the Temahuq or Towarek 

Language, 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d 1862 
see also v/nder Berber, p. 3435. 

26. Tigre. 

35656 Beurmann and Merx, Vocabulary of the Tigre language, with 

grammatical sketch, 8vo. sd. 2s Halle, 1868 

27. Wolof. 

35657 African Lessons, Wolof and English^ 3 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. bds. 

2s 3823 

28. Yoruba. 

35658 Bowen (Rev. T. G.) Grammar and Dictionary of the Yoruba 

Language; with description of the country and people, impl. 
4to. sd. Ihs Smithsonian Inst. 1858 

35659 Crowther (S.) Vocabulary, English-Yoruba and Yoruba-English, 

8vo. cloth, 2s 6d 1843 

35660 Yomba Vocabulary, with introduction by Vidal, 8vo. 

cloth, 3s Od 1862 


Aall Efendi GaUlpoli, Poetic Works 

Aali Pasha, Life of Mohyi 3323 

Aaron ben Yonef, Mivkhor 8202 

Aarbik Gharib 3323 

Aashlk Omar, Dlwan 3828 

Abarbanel, Comment, in prophetas 


— Rosh Amana 3190 
Abbadie (A. d*) Catal. de HSS. €thiop. 

Abbua, the Great (Shah) History of 

Abbaslde dynasty 8227 

Abbaside Khalifs, Chronides of 8299 

— History of— Kbuluaah-l Tawarlkh-i 
Abbasiyah 8300 

Abbot (le Papyrus)— Ch abas 8174 

Abdallah bin Abd ol Kadir, Hikayat, 

in Malay 8429 

Abdallah al-Antaki— see Chrysostomos 

Abdallah bin Asa*d al Tafl*i— see 

Hnsul 3236 

Abdallah al-Bosnawi 8326 

Abdallah al^Fakihy's Hndud-on-Nahw 

Abdallah bin Faclnllah— seeTarikh-nl- 

Abd-allah Mohd. al-Jasari 8268 

Abdallah Muhammad, Maksnd 3257 
Abd-Allatif— see Abd al Latif 
Abdu 1-Aziz Kara-Chelebi 8832 

Abdal Baki (Mirca)— see Tabib 
Abd-nUBaki Ibn Barakat— see Ibn AM 

Hajlah 3236 

Abd-ul-B&ri, Kitob-nl-Mabin, MS. 

Abd-nl Ghafbri al Kazwini 8307^ 
Abd-ol-Ghanii, Diwan 3215 

~ Sharh-Ql-BadUyat, MS. 3215 

— Tatix'-oI-Anam 8215 
Abd ol Hamid Lahawri 82m0 
Abd ul Hakk, Hisry. of Medinah 3273 
Abda 1 Hakk--6ee Tahanawi 8269 
Abda 1-Hakk Sirhindi 3306 
Abd nl Hayi— Koran 8252 
Abd ol- Kadir, Ynsnf wo Zoleikha 3338 
Abda 1-Kadlr BidU 3282 
Abd-nl.Kahir Jarjani 8245 
Abda-l-Kerim, Malakhkhas 3317 
Abdu 1-Kerim Kashmhi 3273 
Abdullah— see Abdallah 

Abd- nl-Latlf Shah 8389 

Abd-ol-Mnjid— Bnrhan-i Kati 8282 
Abd-ol-Mnhsin — see Aba-l-Jaish 3217 
Abd ol Mc^id— see Hidayah 8235 

Abdnr Rahim (Maulwi) Aesop 8276 

— Akbar Namah 8275 
Abd-nr-rah im , scribe 3283 
Abd-ur-Rahim al-Bisanl 8223 
Abdnr Rahman, Dlwan, Afghan 3338 
Abd-nr-Rahman ibn Ahmad Sur 8298 
Abd-nr-iUthman All al Yaroani 8228 
Abdarrahmaa Ashref— Teckiret nl 

Hakm 8384 

Abd-nr-Rahman al-Homeidi 8227 

Abd-ur-Ralunan as-Safiatl — see Shir- 

Abd nr R^i Sabzawari Selimi 3312 
Abdu r-Rjsshid, Farhang: Persian 

Dicty. 8285 

Abd-nr-Raehid Hosaini 3807 

Abd nr Rawnf al-Moiiawi 3253 

Abdn-i^Bazzlui, Terms of the Sofiea 

Abda r-Basuk bin Najaf Kali 8802 

Abd-us-Sal&m al-Lakani, History of 
Mohammad 8215 

— Glosses of Adawi 3215 

— It'haf 8215 
Abd-uI-W^adi, Wasitat-ut-Snlok 8272 
Abd-al-Wahhab Ahmad — see Sha'rawi 
Abdu'l-Wihid al Marrakoshi, Almo- 

hades 3215 

Abd>nl- Wahid Ibn-nz-Zamalkani 8271 
Abel (0.) Kopt. Untersachnngen 

Abel (Jehuda) Eshkol 8195 

Abel-R^musat — see R^mnsat 
Abendana (J )— see Mlkhlol Ynfl 8202 
Ahercrombie (R.) Rujendraname 8892 
Abhidhanakintamani 8847 

Abhldhanappadipika 8369 

Abhidhanaratnamala 8846 

Abin- Hasan All at-Tahami 8255 

Abuiyat an il Hakaik— Aba Mansur 

Aboo Zyde — see Abi; 21aid 
Abon — see Abu 

Abraham (the Patriarch) Jesira 3198 
Abraham Abnlafla, Sitre Torah, MS. 

Abraham de Balmis — see Balmis 
Abraham Cohen liira — see Herrera 
Abraham bar Khasdal 3191 

Abraham ben Khiyya, Tsaratha-Aretz, 

MS. 3191 

Abrea— see Vasconcellos 
Aba Abd-Allah Jazull, Dala2il-al- 

Khairat 8226 

Abu Abdallah bin Mhd. at-Tnnisi 3213 
Aba Abdallah Mohd. bin Idris — see 

Ibn Idrlsi 
Aba Abdallah Mohammed bin Ismail 

— see Bakhari 
Aba Abd-aliah Mohd. bin al-Khatib— 

see Ibn-nl-Khatib 
Aba Abd Ullah Salih— Tabari 3318 
Aba Bakr, Letters, Arabic 3259 

Aba Bakr al-Khawarzi, Poems 8227 
Aba Djkfar Ahmad 3J70 

Abu Dolef, de itlnere asiat. 3216 

Abu Dschafer — see Aba Jaafar 
Aba Fadhl Maleki as Soiidi— see 

Aba Firas, Kasidas 8255 

Aba Hafs UmaF^see Ibn-nl-Farldh 
Aba Hamid Mohammad Ghazzali — see 

Aba Hanif a— see Na' maniyya 8263 
Aba Hashim Mohammad — see Ibn 

Aba Ishak Burhan-nd-din— see Wat- 

Aba laliak-el-Isstachri, Segistan 3217 
Abu-Jafar — see Ibn Tufail 
Aba Jaafar Mohd. b. Jarir— see 

Aba Ja'far Mah. b. Yaqab al-Kallni 

Aba Mansar Mawaffak, Kltab ol 

Abniyat 8276 

Aba Muhammad al-Ghaznawi 3323 
Abu Mahammad Ghazzali — see Ghaz- 
Aba Mohammed Sayyid Battal Ghazi 

— see Battal Ghazi 
Aba Nasr Ismail bin Hammad— see 

Aba Nasr Mahd. bio Abd-oI-Jabbar 

al-Utbi— see Utbi 
Aba Nu'aim al-Haflz 8260 

Aba Sbadaf, Hazz al Kahof 8217 

Aba Taleb Khan, Travels 8276 

— Odes and Epigrams 8276 
Aba Talib Husaini— Timur . 8320-21 
Abu Tamman— see Hamasa 

Aba Yahya Zakarya al-Ansari 3221 
Aba Zacaria labia — see Ibna *1-Awam 
Aba Zaid Abd ar-Rahmiin~see Ibn 

Aba Zaid Abd-ar-Rahman bia Ali al- 

Makudi— see Makudi 
Aba Zaid of Sart^, Adventares of-* 

see Hariri, Makamat 
Aba Zakariya Yahya— see Ibna* I* 

Aba Zakariya Yahya — see Xawawi 
Aba Zohair — see Zobair 
Aba 'l-Abbas Ahmad ibn Mohammad- 
see Makkarl 
Abn-1-Abbas ad-Dimashki * 8288 

Abu-1-Baka Abdallah— see Ukbori 
Aba '1-Baq&, Kuliiyat 8216 

Aba-1-Barakat al-Ambari 8268 

Aba 1-Casim al-HoUi 8266 

Abalfari^ (G.) Chronicon Syr. 8208 

— Grammat. Syr. 3'i08 

— (E litres grammat. 820 8 

— Tarlkh Mukhtasar nd Dawal 8216 

— Kitab at Tawarikh 8216 

— see Ibn Abl Yakub 3236 

— see Pocock 8264 
Abu M-Fat*h bin Abi Bakr 8280 
Abnri-Fath Muhammad — see Shahras- 

Abu U-Fat*h Rakn bin Hnsam al 

Nakari 3230 

Aba I-Fazl bin Mubarak, Insha827ji-74 

— Insba and Kashkul 8274 

— Iyar-1 Danish 8274 

— Akbar Namah 8274-75 
see Inayatallab 8275 

— Ain Akbari 8275 

English 3275 

Aba*l Fazl Mohammed al- Jamal, Surah 

Abu ITazl Ahmad bin Mohd. al- 

Maidani — see Maidani 
Abnlfeila— see Abu-1-Fid4 
Aba-1-Flda, Historia ante-islam. 3216 

— Annales Muslemici 8216 

— History, in Urdu 8875 

— Geographia, Arabic 3216 

Arab, and French 8216 

Arab, and Latin 8216 

French 8216 

— Arablae descriptlo 8216 

— Descriptlo regionum nigrit 3257 

— Pays (l\\ Magreb 8216 

— Tabula Syriae 8217 

— Tabulae geogr. 8217 

— see Pocock 8264 

— see Wilken 8272 
Abdu I'Ghani— see Ibn-nl-Faridh 8289 
Abnlghasi Babadar Chan 8828 
Aba 1-Hasan Ali b. Mhd. al-Ashmani 

Abn-l-Hasan bin Abdillah bin Abi Zar* 

— see Ibn Abi Zar* 
Abu-I-Jaish, Arabic Prosody, MS. 8317 
Aba-l-Kasim Hasan bin Ishak— see 

Abu ai-Kasim Mahmnd al Zamak- 

Khari 8362 

Aba*-]-Kasim al-Basri— see Hariri 
Abu l-Kasim al Hulll 8366 

Aba-l-Kasim al-Hosain Amidi— see 

Aba l-Kasim aft-SacasSL 'V^Ks^ 



Abu l-Kemal as-Sayyid Ahmed Aaslm 

Abn-l-Leis Samarkand! 8334 

Abu 1-Maali. Satf bin Dzi Tazan 8265 
Abn-1-Maali at-Talawi 8227 

Abu-l-Mahaain al Hasan — see Kazi 

AbQ '1 Mab'asin ibn Tagrl Bardll, 

Annales 8217 

Abnl Old—see Abn-l-'Ula al Maarri 
Abnlpharagins — see Abnifaraj 
AbQ-8-Sa*nd, Koranic Comment. 8229 
Abu s-Sund— see Muin ud-din 8262 
Abn t-Tahlr — see Flrozabadi 
Abn-f-Tayyib— «ee Mutanabbi 
Abn-l-*Ula al Maarri, Diwan 8217 

— Extracts from the Dlwan, MS. 8227 

— Comment, on the Diwan 8217 
•^ Carmina— see Moallakat 8259 
Abn-I-Walid Mohd. bin . Kamal-nd-din 

— see Ibn-nsh-Shuhna 
Abydos Inscriptions — Maspero 8178 
Abyssinian 8211-14 

Abyssinian Art— tee Tamhera Maria 

Accadian Language — Lenormant 3185 
Account on the Rosetta Stone 8180 
Acharya — see Bhaskara 
Achinese-^Bikkers 8429 

Achyuta Sarman Modaka 3859 

Acts of St. George the Martyr, Geez 

MS. 8211 

Adam (L.) grammaire mandchon 3404 

— ) armonie des royelles 8402 
A f'ami Liber, Syr. et Lafc. 821 
Ada wi— see Abd-ns- Sal4m 8215 
Adbhntabrabmana — spe Weber 8366 
Adbhutadhyaya— see Weber 8366 
Addy, BengHli dicty. . 8372 
Adelnng (F.) Sanskrit-Llteratur 8340 

in English 8340 

Adhyatmaramayana 8340 

Adi Grant'h, Panjabi MSS. 3388-89 
Adib cMohd.) Menasik 8880 

Adjroumieh — see Jarumiya 

Adler, Museum Cuflc. 8217, 8260 

.£sop*s Fables, Chinese 8418, 8417 

— Gujerati 3373 

— Hindustani MS. 8375 

— Hindustani and English 3375 

— Persian 8276 
Afghan Language 8838 

— Miiller 8167 
Afghan Kbiga of Dihli— Tazkiratu 1- 

Wakiat 3320 

Afghanistan, History of— Tarikhi Can- 

dahar 3319 

Afghans, History of— Makhzanu 1- 

Afghani 8302 

— English by Dom 8303 

Tarikh-i Sayyah 8333 

Aflf-ud-din, Diwan 3256 

African Languages 8484-38 

African Lessons, Wolof and Engl. 8438 
Afbos (Sber Ali^ Araish-i Mabfll 8375 
Arzal(Shab) Comment. on Masnavi 8294 
Agada — see Bacher 3191 

Agha Ahmad All (Maulawi) 8302 

Agoub. Melanges 8217 

Agni Purana 8357 

Agniswami— Latyayana 8.^51 

Agra, Description of, in Persian 3276 
A hadith , Arabic MS. 8255 

Ahd-Namah, Turkish MS. 8324 

Ahmad (Sayyid)— Jahangir 8293 

Ahmad Ali( Agha)— Akbar Namah 8276 
Ahmed Ainu— Burhan-i Kati 8282 
Ahmed Faruki — jee Kheiru ddin 
Ahmed Faruki Serhindi— see Faruki 
Ahmad al-Hamadani— see Hamadani 
Ahmad Hamawi 8256 

Ahmad Hayati 3821, 3334 

Ahmad Husaini, scribe 8288 

Ahmad Ibn Djabir al-Beladsori— see 

Ahmad Ibn Zambal ar-Eammal aU 

HjthalU 8270 

Ahmad Isfahani (Mirza) 3303 

Ahmad Jazzar — Kisaa 3248 

Ahmad Kashani— Anwar-i-Suhaili 

Ahmad al.Kashani. Sufl Dicty. 3243 
Ahfhad al-Mukadassi, Poems 8227 
Ahmad Niri, scribe 8283 

Ahmad Rumi 3301 

Ahmad ash-Shirwani, Alf Lailah 8218 

— Ajabu-l-'AJib 3218 

— KamuB . 8247 

— Manakibu 1-Haidariyyah 3257 

— Nafhatu 1-Taman 8261 
Ahmad at-Tantarani— see Tantarani 
Ahmed Vasif Efendi— see Vasif 
AhmadTamani Sbirwani (Shaikh) 8247 
Ahmad bin Abubekr, Alphabets 

8171. 8217 
Ahmad bin All bin Marad 8246 

Ahmed bin Arabshah— see Ibn Arab- 
Ahmad bin Hajazi— Nawawi 3262 
Ahmad bin Hnsam-nd-Din Hasan 3240 
Ahmad bin Mohd. Ghazzali— see Ghaz- 

Ahmad bin Tnghr Bey 8268 

Ahmed— see Ahmad 
Ahwal-i Moluk Ghaznewiah<Mirkh*and 

Ain Akbari, Persian 8275 

— English CGladwin) 8275 

(Blochmann) 3275 

Ain-ul-Hayat — nee Mohammad Baklr 
Ain-ul-Hayat Namah 8305 

Aindra-School— Bnrnell 8348 

Aini (AI-) al-Hanafi, Jawahir-ul- 

Buhur 3245 

Aino Language — Pfizmaier 3410 

Aitarea Aranyaka 8364 

Aitareya Brahmana 8361 

Aittareya Upanishad 8862 

AlTarakshamirtam 8894 

'Ajabu-l-'Ajab 3218 

Ajayyib uI-Makdnr-Ibn Arabshah 3237 
Ajayyib ul-Mukblukat— Kazwini 8248 
Ajhuri (al;— Zaljrat 8272 

Ajrumiya — see Jarumiya 
Akbar (the Emperor) History of— 

Badauni 3279 
Akbar Namah 3274-75 

— Institutes of— Ain Akbari 3275 

— Letters — see Abu' 1 Fazl, Insha 

Akbar Namah 8274-75 

Akerblad, Inscription de Rosette 3180 
Akhbai- Assid ul-Mahdi, Arabic MS. 

Akhbar-ul-A'y4n 3218 

Akhbar-iMamalik: Tehran Gnzette3276 
Akhbar Mekka— Wiistenfeld 3272 

AkhlakiAlai: on Ethics 8324 

Akhlak ul-Ashraf 3280 

Akhlak-i Hindi, MS. SS?*) 

— printed 3375 
Akhlak-i-Jalali, English 3276 

— Urdu — see Jamiu '1-Akhlak 
Akhlak -I Muhsanl, Persian MSS. 8276 

— printed 3276 

— English by Keene 8276 

— Urdu — see Ganj-i-Khubi 
Akhlak-i-Nasiri 8277 
Akwapim dialect— see Oji 3438 
Ala-nd-Din b. Mohd. al-Arbili 8245 
Ala'kkad-ul.Farid— see Ibn Abd-Rab- 

bihi 3236 

Alam-Afroz— see Hiknyat 3327 

Alam Aral Abbasi 3277 

Alamgir Namah — Muhammad Kaziro 

Alamgir's Law Book or Fatawa, 

Arabic 8230 
Persian 8285 

— Galshan -i Inayat 3289 

— Histi ry of— Maasir-i Alamgir 3802 

— — Mmitakhab al-Lubab 8306 
Kimat Khan Aali 8808 

— AotQgra^ of S388 

Al Ashbaho wa al Nazair 8272 

Alawi (Sayyid Mir), Tir Namah 8321 
Albania, Language of — Bopp 8296 
Albo (Joseph) Ets Shatul 8198 

Alcala (Pedro de) Arte araniga 8218 

— Vocabulista arauigo 3218 
Alchemy, Arabic— Nibayat-tit-Talab 

Alcock, Japanese grammar 8405 

— Dialogues 8405 
Alemgir — see Alamgir 

Alexander — Shigurf Namah 3384 

Alexander Romance, Persian — Jaml 


Nizaml 8309-10 

Alf Lailah wa Leilah — ^Variooa 
Arabic MSS. and printed editions 


— European translations 8219-20 

— Extracts thereof 8219 

— Gujerati 8373 

— Hindustani 8.375 

— Persian MS. 8277 
see Jami-ul-Hikayat 8296 

— Siamese — see Nilhai*achakharika 


— Tiirkish 83-»4 

— Urdu 8376 

in Roman letters 8876 

Alfasi, Halakhoth 8191 

Alfiyya. Arabic MS. 8801 

— see Ibn Malik 8242-48 
Alfonsi Zamor. GrammaL hebr. 8191 
Algama. Diwan 8227 
Algebra, Arabian — Omar Khayyam 


— Indian — Brahmagnpta 3343 

Bij& Ganita 8342 

Algeria— Bui-neirs Scrap-book 8266 
All's Works, Persian and Arabic — see 

Mxjmu'a ' 8303 

— Sayings, Arabic and Persian MS. 


— Hundert Spriiche 8220 

— Letters, Arabic 8259 

— Kissa Kharawan Fat'hi 3329 

— see Mirat-i Sikandari 38»4 

— History of— Hamla-i Haidari 8291 

Rauzat-ush-Shahuda 3312 

All al-Ajhuri (Sayyid) 8272 

AH Aziz, Stqry of Jewad 8324 

All Burhan-ud-Dln 8240 

Ali Chelebi, Humaynn Nama 3828 
Ali-ed-din Aly ben Ssalih— see AU 

Ali Efendi (the Sheikhu I'lslam) 3826 
Ali Hazin (Shaikh)— see Uualn 
All al-Kari— Koran 8251 

— Sharb, MS. 8220 
Ali Khan Bahadoor (Ameer) 3277 
Ali Mohammad Khan 8303 
Ali al Yamini — see Abd-nr-Rahman 
Ali bin ul- Abbas al-Majnsi 3246 
Ali bin Amrillab Klnalizada 8324 
Ali bin Dawud al-Matamati 8270 
Ali bin Omar Kazwini 8847 
Alishan ^Father L.) Armenian popn- 

lar Songs 8835 

Allahabad Pillar Inscription 3347 

Allasani Peddanna 8397 

Almanack, Arabic— Suleiman Feleki 


— Buddhist- Sni-u Cbai 8404 

— Chinese nautical 8418 
Alnr.kvist, Bischari Sprache 8485 
Almohades— Abdu U W dhid 3315 
Almoravides— Abdu '1 W4hid 8215 
Alphabets, Ancient — Ahmad bin Abn- 

bekr 3171 

— Brtimrohanicum 1408 

— voter. Etiu"«corum 8408 

— Hieroglyphic- Lepsius 8177 

— South-Indian — Harkness 8891 

— Menchn 8400 

— Oriental (Collection of) 8163. 81M 

— Phoenician- Lenormant 83r>8 

— TamU 8895 

— CilBl. Of Uwr»ry w< 

— Gs 



Sxcr, HI 




KM, Si 


Arabia »nrt 


arable and 


leeFrtjtag SIJ 




tcbDD M 




u gI'i— a 



And; (Pulne;)— SrlramoduiUim B3r9 


- m Siktanl 


dli, Pcndu M33. M7S 

nnuDuCra S. M4K 

ng. CapUc mn< 

.r»bl.,G«iKniph7 of, TnrklihMS K 

Hsmmrr-PnririUll Ji 

,|-»l)l»r, Mcdlcil SdencB— DagUSI 

- — Suigulnstit tl 

.nblm HIgbti— Ma Alf Lallah 

.nbian Phjalelana— 

THblan Tales, aojan 


:<)i>glcal Santf 
Dlagj, linguistic— I 

LiithniFtic, Tadlin— Lilaviti 

LrulenlB, lliolorj of— CoJana 

- — Hotel at Kbocan 

- — Nemuaiin 

- UMntuie, Hbtoiy sl-^MeDu 



Dl-Alhir WW 




~MB Nliui 


• H 


a;j U.M-. 


fiM of Don 11, HI 





In Fconcli 




1 1 H igb) Dlclioaarr of Laog iiaem— 

•mao (J. S.) Bimiotbeca Oile 
SDlBDl (3.) Globiu CBl. GuBcQ' 

Aiayilan Ardiieulog;— -aee U^laugat 
— Olironnlon'— Smlih JiaJ 

tstaratia(Jl-.*eBltukii-ad-Diit ttVt 
ksioD, JapaiiHie Grammar MuS 

ulrolaCntCaticJ 1131 

felckl »-m 

UlraloH)'-i(io poaim Hebrew MSi. 

- EerpMMi_-i(«ii<* iiM 

- Hebron— teepaMtn Hebrew |1M- 

- Indian— Uunlbulbla IMS 
Sutya Slddbanu MM 



Aswad-Hiee Hasan Pasha 

Babu Rama— Vlromitrodaya 


Bailantyne (J. B.) Lessons in Sanscrit 

Aswalayana, Sranta Satra 


Babylonian 8184-86 


— Qrihya Sutra 


— Chwolson 


— Mahabhashya, Sanscrit 


Ata nlUh bin Fazl illah 


Babylonian Talmud 


Sanf-crit and English 


Atesh, Kulliyat 


Bacber (W.) Agada 


— Mahratta grammar 


Atesh Kedah 


Bactrian (Old) Language 8186-90 

— Mimansa Philosophy 


Athanasins, Festal letters of 


Badar Ali— Nizami 


— Nyaya Philosophy 


Badauni, General Histy. of India 3279 

— Sankhya Philosophy 


Athrban Beid— see Oupnek *hat 

— Description of India 


— Sandilya 


Atkinson (J.) Customs 


Badger (G. P.) Arabic Lexicon 


Balmls (A. de) Peculinm AbrsB 


— Laili and Mi^un 


Badger— see Rassam and B. 

BHloochee— see Baluchi 

— Shah Namah 


Badi-*ul-Insha, Arabic 


Baluchi Language 


— Soohrab 


badi*-uz-Zaman— see Hamadani 

Banevjea— Narada Pancha Ratra 8353 

Arma Bodh, in English 


Badr al-Damamini, Poems 


— Markandeya Purana 


Atri— bee Dbai-mashastra Sangraha 

Badsbah Namah 


Ban jatra— see Vatna Yatra 


— see also Padshaw Namah 

Banqneri— Ibnu '1-Awam 




Baethgen (G.) — see Elias von T. 


Bapu Deva Sastri 


Attar (Ferid-ud-dln) Pend-Naraeh, 

Bagh Bahar, Hindustani 


Baqir (Mohd.) sertbe 


Persian 3255, 3279 




Bar Hebraeus— see Aba 1 Faraj 

— — Persian and French 


— Urdu, MS. 


Barb, pers. Conjugation 


— Mantik Uttlr, Persian 




Barbarossa(the great CorsairKhair-ud- 



— English 


din)— see Sirat 8267 


Attib al-Manznm— see Kaisnn-Zadah 

Bagh-i Urdu, MS. 


Barbier de Meynard— Masndi 


Attichudi — see Anvveiyar 

Bagratouui, Haigh 


Barges, Inscript. puniques 


Aabaret (G.) gramm. annamite 


Baha *ud-Din, Vita Snltani Saladini 

Bari Language— Miiller 8167-68 
Barker (W. B.) Turkish Grammar 

— vocabuUire annam. 



Aucher, Armenian Qrammar 


Baba *ud-Din AmUi, Khusalat ul Hisab 



— Dictinnn. arm^nien 



— Turkish reading-book 


— Ensebii Chronicon 


— Jami' ul-Abbasl 


— Baital Pachisi 


— Milton, in Armenian 


— Nan u Hulwa 


Barlaam and Joeaphat— see Abraham 

— and Brand, Armenian dicty. 


Bihadur Ali (Mir), Akhlak-i Hindi 

bar Khasdai 


Aufrecht (Th.) accentns san«crit 8844 


Banna Language— see Burmese 

— Aitareya Brabmana 


— Sihr-ul-Bayan 


Barretto, Shams-ool-Loghat 


— Catal. Codd. Sanscrit Bibl. Bodl. 

Bahari Danish, Persian 


Bartenora— see Mishna 



— Hindustani 


Bas (al-)— see Khairu d-din bin TiOn 

•— Catal of Sanscrit HSS. at 


— English 





Babaristan — Jami 


Basri (al-)— eee Hariri 

— Halayndha 




Bastian (A.) indochines. Stuaien 8399 

Aurangzib — see Alamgir 

Bahnasa, Conquest of— Wakidi 


Bataksch— see Batta Language 

Anstralian Languages 


Bahru 1-Mawwaj 


Bate, Hindi Dicty. 


Auswahl hebr. Historiker 


Babr-i Mawwi^ 


Batni— see Ibrahim B. 

Auweiyar's works. MS. 


Bahsha-Samudra, MS. 


Batta Language 


Avadanas— see Jullen 


Bahshya— see Sankhya Karika 


Battal Ghazi, the Romance of, Tarkish 

AvalokitesWara, Dharani 


Baidhawi, Commentar. in Coranum. 



Avatamsaka Sutra— see Shi-cha-nau-to 



Battasch Woordenboek 



— Fell, Indices 


Batnwantudawa (de Silva), ] 


Avery, rerb-inflection 


— see 'Inayat-ul-Eazi 


wanso, Pali 


Aveota, Text and Translations 8186-87 

Bailey (B.) Malayalim dicty. 




— Commentary — Spiegel 


Bailey (J.) Hieroglyph, oiigo 


Bayazi (al) — see Ahmad bin Hnsam- 

— Framji 


Baillie (John) five Arabic books on 


— Geldncr 




Bayer (T. S.) Litterat. Brabmanica. 

— Haug*8 Essays 


— Arabic Conjugations 




— Spiegel, Studien 


Balsinghar Khan— flee Shah Namah 

— Liber Chun ^en 


— see Tracts 



— Mubeum sinic. 


— Weber 


Baital Pachisl, Hindi 


BazU (Rafl Khan) Hamla-i Haldari 

— Whitney 


— Hindi and English 



Ayicenna, Canon of medicine, Arabic 

~ English 8349 


Bazin, The&tre chinols 



— see Price 


— Gramm. mandarine 


— Logic and Metaphysics, Arabic MS. 

Bakhtawar Khan 


— Chinols vnlgaire 



Bakhtyar Namah, Persian 


— Steele des Toudn 


— Kasidas 


— Persian and English 


Beal (S.)— Si Yu Ki 


Avi»ador— see Sefer Tosefla 


— Persian and French 


Beames (J.) Indian Philology 


Awhad-ud-din Ali Anvari 


— Uigar MS. 


— comparat. Grammar 


Ayeen Akbery— see Ain Akbari 


— French 


Beamont (W. J.) Arabic Grammar82SS 

Ayliff, Kafir vocabul. 


— English 


Beckford, Vathek, Persian 


Aymonier, Diet, cambodgien 


Baki, Odes, Turkish 


Bedrosslan, Armenian Dicty. 


— - Yocabul. cambodgien 


Balcir— see Mohammed Bakir 

Beelen, Chrestom. Rabbinica 


— Diet, khmfir 


Bakri (Mohammad al-) Kasidas 


— Clemens (S.) Roroanus 


Azaria de Rossi — see Rossi 

Balcri (Mustafa al-)— see Durr->ul- 

Beer Her«b — see Orakh Khayim 


Azhari (al) — see Zain ud-Din 



Beha eddln — see Baha *ud-Dia 

Azhari (Khalid al-) Treatise on Arabic 

Bakyabolee— see Pearson 


Behari Danush— see Bahari Danish 



Bal Mitr, Marat'hi 


Behram-Gur— see Nizami 

— Commentary to Burda 


Bala-Kanda— see Ramayana 

Behramjee Sunjana (P. D.) Dinkard 

Az<z — see Insha 

Bala Sastrin— Mahabhashya 



Aziz Efendi, Turkish Tales 


Balavotaro — see Burnell 


— Oanjeshayagan 


Aziz-ud-din al-Kumaill 


Balazuri, Liber expugnationis, Arab. 

— Pehlvi Gi-ammar 


Aziz Urrahman (Maulawi) 



Beidhawi— see Baidhawi 

Azraki (el-)— see Wiistenfeld 


Baldwin— see Maclay and B. 

Beisinghnr Khan— see Baislngbar 

Azz-eddin, Oiseaux et fleurs 


Balfour (E.)— see Conquest 
Ball (J. Dyer) Cantonese made 


Beitri&ge zur vergleich. Sprachfor- 

Bab Mnsa (Porta Mosis) 


> easy 



Baba Padmanji— see Molesworth 8887 


Belddsori (al-)— see Balasnil 

Babington, Gooroo Paramartan 


— sentences In the Hakka dialect 

Belami, Tabari 


— Vedala Cadai 



French by Dabeux 


— see Beschi 


Ballala, Bhojaprabhanda 


by Zotenberg 


Bdbu Nidhi Levi Farwell 


Bailantyne (J. R.) Hindi and Braj 

Belfour (F. C.)— Ali Hazin SS91.«S 

Baba Rama— Bhagavad-Gita 


Bhakiia grammar 


— Makkarl 


— Dajabhaga 


— Laghn Kaamudl 


Beligh, Diwan 



Bel EZasaem ben Sedira, Conrs arabe 


— see Roland de Bossy 3264 
Bellaira and Askhedkar, Marathi 

grammar 8387 

Bellarroini (Card.) Dottrina crist. 3212 
Bellprraann, die Urim 3207 

Belletftte, Contes Turks 3325 

— Turkish Grammar 8325 
Bellew, Pnkshto Grammar 8338 

— Pnkshto Dicty. 8338 
Belmore (Earl of) the Papyri of 3178 
Benares, Insurrection of — Hastings 

Benary, Nalodaya 8363 

Benfey (Th.) Sanskrit Handbuch 8341 

— knrze Sanskrlt-Grammatik 3341 

— vollst. Sanskrlt-Grammatik 3341 

— Ctirestomathie u. Glossar 3341 
•— Sanscrit {grammar 3341 

— Sanscrit dicty. 3341 

— Pantcha-Tantra 8856 

— Vedica 3366 

— Vedische Sprache 8366 

— Qnantitatsverschiedenheiten 3866 

— der Blndevv)cal t 3366 

— Qber n& im Rigveda 8366 

— Personalendungen mit r 8368 

— segypt. Sprache 8171 

— Orient nnd Occident 8168 

— see Kalilag nnd Damnag 82IO 
Bengal, History of— see Omnndoi 


Tarikh 8319 

Bengali 8372-73 

Benjamin of Tndela, Itinerary 8191 
Benloew, Noma de nombre 3164 

Bennett (C.) Burmese rocabnl. 3400 
Berber Language 3434-35 

Berbers, History of— Ibn Khaldun 3241 
Beresin (I.) Grammat. pera 8281 

— Dialectes turcs et persans 8281 
Berg (van den) Maleische Handschr. 

Bergaigne— Nagananda 8849 

Bergano, bocabulario Pampango 8427 
Berggren, Guide frany.-arabe 3223 
Bergmann (E.von) Hierogiyphen3171 
Bernard, Hebrew guide 3191 

— Greed of the Jews 3200 
Bernstein (G. H.) Lexicon syr. 8209 

— see Kirsch ' 3210 
Berqnin— see Bal Mitr 8386 
Berthean— see AbulfaraJ 3208 
Bertin (G.>— see Orientalia Ant. 8168 
Bertram (B. C.) Grammat hebr. et 

aram. 3190 

Bertrand (Vabbtf)— Haidarl 3880 

Besant (H. G.) letter-writer 3281 

Bescbi (C.) Tembavani, MS. 3394 

— Diet. Tamul. MS. 8394 

— Giayis idiom. Tamul. MS. 8894 
printed 3394 

— H<gh Tamil grammar 3394 

— Common Tamil gi^mmar 8394 

— Grammat. Tamul. 8394 

— see Goitroo Paramartan 

— see Viramamuni 

Beth Tosef— see Arba Turim 8197 
Benrmann and Merx, Tigre vocabul 

Bhada Pachisi, GnJerati 3374 

Bhagavad-Gita, MSS. 3341 

— printed 8341 

— Sanscrit and Latin 8341 

— Sanscrit, Canarese and Engl. 3841 

— English 8342 

— Commentary : Chintaman 8342 

Gita Art*h , Hindustani MS. 8380 

Bhagayata Purana, MS. 3357 

— printed editions 8857 

— in Hindi— see Prem Sagnr 

— in Persian 3281 
Bhalrara Misra 8356 
Bhakta-Vijaya, MS. 8887 

— printed 3887 
Bhamalia— Prakrita-Prakasa 8356 

Bharatachandra Sbromanl, Chatur- 
varga 3344 

— Smritichandrika 8860 
Bharatamallika— Bhatti Kavya 8842 
Bharatlya-Natya-Castra 8869 
Bhartrihari et Tchaaura 3363 
Bhashyapradipa — see Kaiyyata 
Bhashyapradipuddyota — see Nagojib- 

Bhaskara Acharya, Brahmagupta 3343 

— Gunitadhia 3346 

— Lllawatl 8351 

Persian 3301 

Bhatta Bhavabhnti — see Bhavabhutl 
Bliatta Narayana — see Narayana 
Bhatti Kavya. Sanscrit 8342 

Bhattoji-Dikshita, Siddhanta Kau- 

mudi 8360 

— Praudhamanorama 3356 
Bhattu Murti 3397 
Bhavabhnti (Bhatta) Maba Vira 

Charita, Sanscrit 8342 
English 3342 

— Malati and Madhava 8342, 8353 
with notes, by Dutt 3342 

— Uttara Ramacharita 8342 
Bhavadipika— see Gita Govioda 8346 
Bhavani-charana 3357 
Bhavlshyottara Purana — see Venka- 

techa Mahatmya 8366 

Bhojaprabhanda 3342 

Bhoja Rajah, Anecdotes of— Bhoja- 
prabhanda 3342 
Bhotanta Language 8891 
Bhutlya Language 8391 
Bialloblotzy — Joseph ben Joshua 8 198 
Bianchi (T.) VocabuL tnrc 8324 

— Conversation turqne 8324 

— et EiefiFer, Diet, turc 8325 
Bible, Aneitenm — Gospel of Luke 8488 

— Arabic 8225 

Job, Canticles— Hasum 8235 

New Test. 3223 

Four Gospels, MS. 8223 

— Arabic and Malay— Genesis, MS. 


— Armenian— New Test. 8336 

— Assamese— Old Test. 3399 

— Bengali— New Test. 8873 

— Burmese- New Test. 8400 

— Canarese— St. Luke 8395 

— Chinese — Gospels 8414 

— Coptic— see Lectionary 8177 

— Coptic and Arabic — the Four 
Gospels 8171 

— Dualla— Genesis 8435 
Epistles 3435 

— Efik— Genesis 8435 

New Test. 8435 

Psalms 8435 

— Ethiopic— Old Test. 8211 

Ezra 8218 

Enoch 8212-13 

Book of Jonah 8213 

New Test. 8211 

the Four Gospels, MS. 3212 

Gospel of St. John, MSS. 8211-12 

Gospel of St. Lnke and St. John. 

MS. 8211 

Psalter, MSS. 8218-14 

Psalmor. Liber, ^thiop. 8214 

Psaiterium, iEthiop. 8214 

Psaiterium, JBthlop. et Lat. 3214 

— Hebrew, MSS. 8192-98 

Pentateuch, MSS. 8204-5 

Esther, MS. 8205 

Psalms, MS. 8203 

— Hebrew and German 8198 

— Hebrew and Greek— Genesis 8198 

— Hindui— Gospels 3380 

— Hindustani— New Test 8885 

— Kafir- New Test. 8487 
Gospels 8487 

— Karen— New Test. 8401 

— Konkani — Jonas, Gospel of St. 
John and Acts of the Apostles, MS. 


Bible, Lepcha— St. Matthew 

— Malagasl— New Test. 

— Malay — Genesis, MS. 
New Test. 

— Malayalim — New Test 

— Maltese — New Test. 


— Maori — ^Pentateuch and Joshna 


New Test • 8488 

Selections from New Test 8433 

Gospel of Luke 8482 

— ' — Gospel of Matthew and John 

Psalms 8482 

— Marat'hl— New Test. 8887 

— Otoheitan 8433 

— Persian — Genesis and Exodtis 


— Samaritan, MS. 8198 

— Sechuana— New Test 8438 

— Singhalese— Psalter 8390 

— Syrlac 8209 

New Test. 8209 

Apocrypha 3209 

— Tahitlan 8483 

Daniel, Ruth and Esther 8433 

Epistles of S. Paul 8438 

Acts of the Apoatlea 8483 

— Tamil— New Test 8896 
St. Luke 8895 

— Telugu— St. Luke 8395 

— Tongau— New Test. 8438 

— Turkish— New Test. (1666) 8834 
New Test. (1831) 8832 

— Zulu— Gtospel of Matthew 8487 
Bible— see Concordance 

Bible Criticism— see Tracts 8206 

Bible, Languages of the 8190-8214 

Bibliography, African Philology — 

Grey 8484 

— Arabic— Caslrl 8225 

Frlederich 8281 

Loth 3238 

Scbnurrer 8260 

— Australian Philology— Grey 8484 

— Chinese — Andren 8418 

Douglas 8417 

Klaproth 8402 

— Library Catalogues 841i!^ 

Chih Chai Shoo Luh 84 1 5 

Ssn k'u ch'Uan 8424 

— Hebrew— Fiirst 8196 

Stelnschneider 8204 

Wolf 8200 

Zedner 8206 

— > Japanese— Nordenskiold 8409 
Hoffmann 8412 

— Oriental general 8165-66 

Hajji Khalifa 8282 

Ibn Kballikan 8241-82 

— Polynesian Philology — Grey 


— Sanscrit— Gildemeister 8846 

Haas 8846 

Raj endraUla Mltra 8858 

— see also Catalogue 

Bibliotheca Indica 8228 

Blbliotheca Orientalis 8164 

Bickell (G.)— see Ephrem Syms 8209 

— Kalilag nnd Damnag 8210 
Biddhashala Bhanjika 8842 
Bidil (Mirza Abdu 1-Kadir) 8282 
Bidpai, Fabler, Arabic— see Kalila wa 

Dimna 8246 

— Hindustani— see Khirad Afros 

— Persian — see Anwar-i-Suhaili 

— Turkish — see Hnmayun Nama 

— Urdu— see Khirad Afros 

— Northern Urdu— eee Biiston>i 
Hikmat 8876 

Bija Ganlta, English 8842 

Bijak of Kabir, Hindi MS. 8877 

Bikaner (ttie Maharaja of) Sanscrit 
MSS. of the library of 8858 

Bikkers, Malay vocabulary 8429 

Bikramajeet, Anecdotes 8884 

Biluchl— tee Baluchi 



Bindings, Peniao 8350^1, 8386 

— Saracenic 8249 
Bioirraphy, Arabic aathon — ^Nozhat- 

uI-Alibba 8268 

— MuBalman— Ibn Hajar 8239 
Blot (E.) Tcheon-Li 8425 
Birch (S.) Papyrus of Nas-Khem 8171 

— Hieratic and Demotic ioscriptions 


— Egyptian texts 317) 

— Facsimile of a Papyrus 8171 

— Tablet of Rameses II. 3171 

— Annals of Thotmes III. 8171 

— Tablet of Thothraes III. 8172 

— Tablets of the Ptolemaic period 


— various tracts 8188 

— see Records 8186 
Bhrd (J.) Histy. of Gujerat 8803 
Birds— Japanese Drawings 8406 
Birkewi— see Izhar ul Asrar 8244 
Bisani— see Abd-ur-Rahim al- 
Bisaya Language 8427 
Bishari Language 3435 
Bistani, Arabic Dictionary 8228 
Black Yagur Veda — see Vedas 
Bland— Atesh Kedah 8279 

— Nizami, Makhzani Asrar 8309 
Bled de Braine, Cours arabe 8223 
Bleeck (A. H.) Avesta 8187 

— Persian Grammar 3282 
Bleek (W. H. T.) languages of Mosam- 

bique 3434 

— Grammar of South African lang. 


— Reineke Fuchs In Afrika 3434 
Blemmyes— R^villout 8179 
Blochmann, Ain-iAkbar, Persian 3276 
English 3275 

— Persian Prosody 3282 
Bochaii de Johor, ie TaJ-ns-Salatln 

Bocthor (E.) Dictionnaire arabe 3223 

— see Hamasa, MS. • 8283 
Boderianus (G.)— Serems 8210 
Bodtyi Language 8403-4 
Boehtlingk (0.) Abhidhanakintamani 


— Cakuntala 8349 

— Mrichchhakati S353 

— Mugdhabodha 8854 

— Accent in Sanskrit 8368 

— Declination im Sanscrit 8369 

— Indische Spriiche 8843 

— Kiitik ind. Werke 8343 

— Unadi-Sufflxe 8368 

— Sanskrit Chrestomathie 8342 

— Sanskrit Worterbuch (abridged) 


— nnd Roth, Sanskrit Wdrterbuch 

Bogda Gesser Chan— Schmidt 8405 
Bohadinus — see Baha 'ud-Din 
Bohlen, lingua Zend, et Sanscr. 3188 

— Ritusanhara 8349 
Bojingijida Language 8391 
Bokhari (eH — see Bukhari 
Boldyrev, Arabic Chrestomathy 8228 
BoUensen— Malavikagnimitra 8848 

— Urwasi 8349 
Boiler, Sanskrit Grammatik 8843 
Bombay, History of— GoTind Narayan 

Bombay Presidency, Inscriptions from 

the— Fleet 8339 

Bonomi (J.) and Sharpe, Alabaster 

Sarcophagus 8171 

Bonpo-Sutra— Schiefner 8404 

Book of the Dead 81 71-72 

— Lef^ure 3188 
—•see Papyrus of Nebseni 8178 
Boondei — see Bnnda 

Boone (W.J.) Chinese treatises 8422 

Boorhan— see Bnrhan 

Boorhanl Qatln— see Burhan4 Kati 

Boostan — see Sadi 

Bopp (Fr.) Glossarium 8843 

Bopp (Fr.) Graromatica sanscrita 8843 

— Sanscrit Grammatik 8348 

— Lehrgebaude d. Sanskrit 8843 

— Accentuationssystem 8343 

— das Albanesische 8296 

— Con jugationesy stem 83J3 

— kaukasischc Glieder 8337 

— malayisch-polynes. Sprachen 

8339, 3429 
Borda, Sharh Tarjuma Kasida 8325 

— see also Burda 

Borgia Museum 8260 

Bornu — see Kanuri 

Borooah (A.) Sanscrit Dicty. 8343 
Borski, de Phoenic. col^niis 8208 

Borson, Cabinet d'antiquitds de Borgia 

Bosnia— History of the War in 8828 
Boncharlat, Differential Calculns, in 

Urdu 8877 

Boulaq Museum, Papyri in — Mariette 

Bourgade (F.) langue ph6nic. 8207 
Boutan Language — see Bhutiya 
Boutclonp, gramm. canarica 3892 

Bovet, dynasties dgypt. 8174 

Bowen (T. G.) Toruba grammar and 

dicty. 8438 

Bowrey, Malayo dicty. 8429 

Boyce, Kafir grammar 8436 

Bradley, Siamese lessons 8401 

Brahmagupta 8343 

Brahmanda-Purana— see Adhyatmar- 

amayana 8310 

Braine— see Bled de Braine 
Braja, Mythological history of— Vatna 

Yatra 8868 

Brajbasi'Das, Braj Bilas-Taswir-San- 

hita 3377 

Braj Bhakha — see passim class Hindi 
Braj Bilas-Taswir-Sanhita 8377 

Bramha Sutras of Vyasa 8858 

Brand — see Aucher and Brand 
Brand is (J.) Assyr. tracts 3186 

Bras-Kasturi, Gi^erati 8374 

Brata-Joeda 8431 

Bresnier, Chrestomathie arabe 8223 
BreTiarium, Boman Catholic, in 

Chhiese 8424 

Brbat-Sanhita — see Brihat-Sanhita 
Bridgman, Chinese chrestom. 8414 

— see Premai'e 3423 
Brigel, Tuln grammar 8397 
Briggs (J.)— Fiiishta, Persian 8288 
English 8288 

— Mohammedan power in India 8816 
Bril^ad Aranyaka Upanlsbad, Sanscrit 


— Sanscrit and English 8361 
Brihajjataka 8343 
Brihaspati-Smriti 8368 
Brihat-Sanhlta 8343 
Brij Bhasha— see Braj Bhakha 
British Museum— Catalogue of Orien- 
tal MSS. 8164 

— Catal. of Hebrew Books 8206 

— Hieratic Papyri 8180 

— Hieratic and Demotic Inscriptions 


Brockhaus (H.) — ^Prabodha Chandro- 

daya 8856 

— Somadera 8360 

— Vendidud Sado 8187 
Brosselard, dictionn. berb^re 8435 
Brosset, langue g^orgienne 3337 

— Wakhoucht 8837 
Brown (C. P.) Hindust. phraseology 


— Telugu dicty. 8897 

— Telugu grammar 3397 

— Telugu reader 8397 

— Telugu prosody 8397 

— see VakyavaU 8397 

— see Vemana 8397 
Brown (N.) Assamese lang. 3400 
Brown (S. R.) colloquial Japanese 8405 
Browne (J. F.) BangaU prhnei 8872 

Browne (J. F.) Hindi primer 8877 

— Uriya primer 8388 
Browning— Rajandralala Mitra 8858 
Bruce (Ch.) Nala 3351 
Biiigsch (H.) Scriptura demotica 8173 

— Numeri demot. 8173 

— Demotische Urkunden 8173 

— Lettre i Mr. de Rongtf 8173 

— Sai an Sinsin 8173 

— Demotisch-griech. Kamen • 8173 

— Inscriptio Rosettana 8173 

— Grammaire d^motiqne 3173 

— Geograph. Inschriften 8173 

— Recueil des monuments €gypt. 8173 

— Monuments g^ographiques 3173 

— Calendrier ^gypt. ,8172 

— Dictionnaire hieroglyph. 8173 

— Soonenscheibe 8173 

— Drel Fest-Kalender 8178 

— Hieroglyph. Grunmatik 8178 

— Case el Khargeh 8178 

— various tracts 8183 
Brc^ Bhakha — see Braj Bhakha 
Brnns (P. J.)— see Abulfaraj 8208 
Btschom Idan-adas 8408 
Buch von den sieben weisen Meistem 

Bndseus — see Calvinus 8194 

Buddha, Dharamapada 3400 

— Life of— Rgya tch'er rol pa 8404 

Schiefner 8404 

Buddhaghosha's Parables 8400 

Buddhism— Upham 8390 

— in China — Chinese mbbings 8414 

— Chinese— Eitel 8417 
Buddhist Discourses, Chinese 3414 

— Essays— Weber 8169-70 

— Literature, in Burmese — see Latter 


— Liturgy— Leng- Yen Sutra 8420 

— Priesthood, Laws of the 8168 

— Records— SI Yu Kl 8419 

— Ritual and Ceremonial 8424 

— Texts — see Anecdota 8164 
Budge (E. A.) Assyrian texts 8184 
Buehler (G.) edicts of Asoka 8869 

— gi-ants from Valabhi 8869 

— Dasakumaracharlta 8345 

— Report on Sanscrit MS& 8844 

— Catal. of Sanscrit MSS. 8844 
Bughyat-ul-Mustafld, Arabic MS. 8228 
Buhae-ood-Deen— see Baha ad-Dln 
Bnhturi, Poems, Arabic 8227 
Bubturi (al-)— see Amidl 8220 
Bukhari (al-) Jam! 'us-Sabih : Tradi- 
tions 3223-24 

— Sharh 'us-Sahih 8224 
Bulletin arch^logiqnede rAthenseum 

franc. 8173 

Bunda Language 8435 

Bundehesh 8187 

Bunyan, Pilgrim*B Progress, Maori 

Bnnyiu Nanjio — see Anecdota Oxon. 

Burckhardt (J. L.) Arabic Proverbs 


Burda : Arabic Poem on Mohammed, 

MS. 3224 

Burgess— Surya-Siddhanta 3860 

Burhan — see Muhammad Hnsain bin 

Khalaf Tabrizi 
Burhan-ud-Din (All) 8240 

Burhanu d-Dln az-Zarni\)i 3234 

Barhau-i Kati : Persian Dictionary 


— Persian-Turkish Dictionary 8283 
Burinl i,al-) — see Hasan al- Burini 
Buijaetic Language— Castren 8403 
Burkhard— Sakuntala 8349 
Burma, Geography — Shway 8401 

— History— Slam Repository 8403 
Burmese 8400-1 

— Leyden 8899 
Burmese Spelling Book 8400 
Bumell (A. C.) Aindra-School S8a 

— Arsheyabrahmana 8864 



Bnrnell (A. C) Arsheyabrahmana, the 
Jaiminlya text 3364 

— Devatadhyaya-Brahmana 8365 

— SaiDhitopanishad-Brahinana 3365 

— Vampabrahmana 8365 

— Riktaiitravyakarana 3365 

— South-Indian Palseography 3391 

— Index to the Sansci it MSS. at Tan- 
Jore 8344 

— a parcel of MSS. and printed books 


— Collections for a Pali grammar, MSS. 


— Algerian scrap-book 3266 
Burnouf (Eugdiie) Tapna 3186 

— Lotus de la bonne loi 3844 

— fitndes sur le Zend 3188 

— Inscriptions d'Hamadan 3184 

— Extrait d'un commentaire 3l90 

— et Lassen, essai sur le Pali 8369 
Burnouf (Emile) £tude sur le Veda 

-^ et Leupol, M^thode sanscr. 3344 

— Dictionnaire sanscr. 3344 
Bursawi — see Suleiman B. 

Bunon (J.) Exceipta Hieroglyphica 


— Sale Catal. of Egypt. Antiquities 


Burton (R. F.) Arabian Nights 8319 

BuHchmann (J. C. E.) langue des ties 

Marquises 3434 

— textes marqn^ans 3434 
Busiri (al-)— Burda 3224 
Bush, Hebrew Grammar 3193 
Bustan — see Sadi 

Bustan-i Hikmat 8376 

Buxtorf, Concordantiae 3193 

— Lexicon 3193 

— Abbreviaturae hebr. 3194 

— Synagoga Jud. 8194 

— see Davis 3201 
Buzaglio (Shalom)— see Shalom B. 
Bytal Pachisi — see Baital 

Bytal Pucheesee — see Baital Pachisi 
Byron (Lord) — see Aucher 3336 

C. (J.)— see Sadik Ispahani 8316 

Caak bin Zuhair — see Muallakat 
Cabiri Gods— Relandas 3169 

Cadoz (Fr.) Secretaire alg^rlen 3225 
Caf tor wa-Pherach— Pharchi 82U3 
Cakjamnni — see Buddha 
Cakuntala — see Kalidasa 
Cakya Simliar-see Lalita Vistara 3350 
Calcaschandi (E1-) Geogr. tou Egypten 

Caldwell (R.) Dravidian grammar 3391 
Calendar, Egyptian— Brugsch 3172-73 
Chabas 3174 

— — Duemichea 3175 

Faselina 3i83 

Hesse 8175 

Hl«ck8 '3183 

Lauth 3178 

— — Letronne 8178 
-- Hebrew— Evronoth 3201 

Nay ir ha Yamim 3202 

Asrronomical Tables 3191 

— Jewish— Lindo 3 1 99 

— of the Vedaa— Weber 3366 
Calfa (A.) Armenian conrersation 3336 

— Dictionn. avmenien 3336 
Callaway (Rev. H.) Izlnganekwane : 

Tales 3436 

— Unknlunkula : relig. system of rhe 
Amazuiu 8436 

CallHway (J.) Cingalese dicty. 3390 

— Cingalese vocabulary 3390 
^ Hints on the Cingalese 3890 

— Takkun Nattannawa 8390 
Callery, systema phonet. 3415 
-. Li-Ki 3415 
Calligaris (L.) Diet, polyglotte 8225 
Calligraphy, Arabic 3225 
~ Persian 8282-83, 8286, 8293-94 
CitiTin (J.)Pr»lcctione8 8194 
Cambogiaa 3401 

Cameroons Language 8485 

Campbell ( A. D . ) Telngn dicty. 8397 

— Telugu grammar 8997 
Canara States^ historical treatises on 

the, MSS. 8392 

Canarese 8391-92 

Canarese Dialogues, MS. 8391 

Candahar, History of— Tarikhi Can- 

dahar 8319 

Candy — see Molesworth and C. 
Cafies, Grammak. arabigo 8225 

— Diccionarioarab. 8225 
Cannecattim (de) Diccion. Bunda 8435 

— observacoes grammaticaes 8435 
Canopus, Decree of — Lepsiua 8178 

Pierrot 3175 

Cantanava, Phitsutra 8344 

Capon (Capt D.)— see Duff 3387 

Cappeller, Vamana 8369 

Carey (W.) Bengali Dicty. 3372 

— Kurnata grammar 8391 

— Mahratta dicty. 8387 

— Punjabi grammar 3389 

— Ramayana 3362 
Carletti— Rahmat-Ullah 3264 
Carlyle(J.D.) Arabian Poetry 8226 

— Maured AUatafet 8258 
Cai-moly — Sendabar 3210 

— Voyages de Pdthachia 3207 

— see Ashkenazl 3191 
Carnataca Language 3391-92 
Carro, vocabul. Ilocana 3427 
Carshunic MSS., Catalogves of— British 

Museum 3164 

Smith 8210 

Carteron (£.) Recherches de Letronne 

Casalis, langue Sechuana 3438 

Casanora (L. &)— 9ee Valerianus 3181 
Casiri, Biblioteca Arabico-Hispana3225 
Caspari— Burhann d-Din 3224 

— Wright 8272 
Cassia Language — Schott 8399 
Castalanl— see Shihab ud-Din 
Castelli (Ed.) Lexicon Syriacum 3209 

— Lexicon lieptaglotton 8164 
Castillo (M. de) Arte hebraispano 3194 
Castren, Nord. Reisen und Forschun- 

gen 8402 

— samojedische WSrterverzeichnisse 


bearb. Ton Schiefner 3402 

Castro Sarmento (J. de) Penitencia 3194 

Catafago (J.) Arabic Dictionary 3225 

Catalogue of the Chinese Library of 

the R.A.S. 3415 

— des MSS. ^thiop. de la Bibliothbque 
Nationale 3212 

— of Hebrew MSS. at Cambridge 8194 

— of Oi iental Literature and MSS. 


— of Oriental Libraries 3164-66 

— of Sanscrit MSS. 3344 

Aufrecht 8340-41 

Burnell 3344 

— of Buddhist Sanscrit MSS. 8844 

— see also Bibliography 
Catalogus Cudd. orient. MnseiBritann. 

Catechism, in Efik 843'> 

— in Konkani 8386 

— Singhalese 3390 
Catecliism of the Shamans 8168 
Caucasian Languages 8337 
Caussin de Perceval— Bocthor 8223 
Cauzira — see Muhammed C. 
Cavelli Venkata Ramaswamie 8377 
Cawnpore Press, works of the 8378 
Cazwini — see Kazwini 
Ceilaiius (Ch.) Grammat. ebraea 

8190, 8194 

— Glossarium syro-lat. 8194 

— Horse samarit. 3194 

— Grammat. chaldaica 8194 

— various tracts 8194 
Ceylon, Poets of— Chitty 8394 
—Catal .of literaiy works of— Alwis 3369 

Chabas (F.) Papyrus Harris 

— Melanges digyptolog. 

— Nom de Thebes 

— les Papyrus de Berlin 

— Voyage d'un figyptien 

— R6ponse k la Critique 

— Spoliation des Hypog^es 


— Etudes sm' TAntiquit^s hist. 8174 

— Calendrier 8174 

— various tracts 8188 

— see Records sigg 

— Notice sur M. Chabas 8174 
Chackravati — see Tara Kumara 
Chahan de Cirbi^d— Mir Davoud 

Zadour 3304 

Chahar Darvish, Persian MS. 8288 

— see Aiktilak-i Muhsani 8276 
Chaitanya-Chandrodaya 8344 
Chaldsean Magic-Lenormant 8185 
Chaldee 8190-8207 
Chamatkarachintamani 8343 
Champion, Shah Namah 8287 
Champollion (le jeune) Systfema 

hierogi. 3174 

— Grammaire 6gypt. 3174 

— Dictionnaire 6gypt. 8174 

— see Salt 8180 
Champollion-Figeac, deux Papyrus 

Chand, Prithiraja Rayasa, MS. 3377 
Chandakausika 3344 

Chandra Bhatta — see Chand 
Chang yu Shu (Prince) 3419 

Channa Basava Pnrana 8391 

Chase, Sanscr. and Engl, analogues 

Chaturbhuj Mlsr — see Prem Sagur 
Chaturvarga-Chintamani 8344 

Che (?) Wan Fu Ch'hing 8404 

Chelebi (Abdallah Kalib)— see Hajji 

Chelebl-Zada, Annals, Turkish 8382 
Chems-Eddine et Nour-Eddine 8219 
Chenery, Hariri , in English 8235 

CbSng Hsiao 3414 

Cherbonneau (A.) Anecdotes mnsalm. 


— Exercises p. la lecture des MSS. 8225 

— Dialogues arabes 8225 

— Chems-Eddine 8219 

— Loqman 3258 
Cb^zy, Yajnadattabada 8368 
Chhandogya Upani^had 8861 
Chi ho Bon rei Ruku 8409 
Chi King— see Shi King 

Chih Chai Shoo Luh 8415 

Chih-Kwei Che Tsang 8404 

Chikitsa — see Susruta 8360 

Childers, Pali Dictionary 8369 

Chin Ting King (Prince) 8419 

China. Customs — Monison 3422 

— Folklore — Dennys 8417 

— Geogi'aphical description 3415 

— Geography— Lu Yiijg-Yang 8421 
MS. notes 8121 

— Hill-Tribes 8418 

— History— Koo Yuen 8420 

Tarikh -i Mamalik-i Chin 8885 

see Annals 8413-14 

— Literary History — Bazin 8414 

— Maps 8421 
Chinese 3413-26 
Chinese Art — Shing she woo pih 3424 

— Art and hidustries 8414 

— Chronology— Morrison 3422 

— Classics 8415-16 
by Legge 8415 

— Glossary, MS. 8166 

— Handbook to Japanese 3406 

— Inscriptions 3419 
Shan tao chin 8424 

— Law— Ta ts'ing : Penal Code 8425 

— MS. on Geography 8421 

— MSS.— Klaproih's Catalogue of 3402 

— Red Book : List of OfBcials 8428 

— State Papers — Shock 8424 

— Texts' ( Early )—OrientaUa. kv&.%SSf 



Chinese Tracts 8435 

~ Writing—Lin Shu Ka 8420 

Hager 84l8 

Pantbier 8179, 8428 

Cbintamani, Tamil MS. 8894 

— Commentary on the 8894 
Chintamani Nikanda 8896 
Chintaman (H.) Bhagavad-Gita 3842 
Chinyanja Language 8485 
Chiahti (Nar Ahmad) 8885 
Chitty, Tamil Plutarch 8394 
Chiashingura 8406 
ChodzlLO (A.) D^f atir 8188 
~ Karoghlu 8301 
Choiz de Fables, tare et fran9. 8825 
Choo-he— see Meng-Tszo 3422 
Chossat (E. de) Repertohre assyrien 

Chow Hing-sse, Tseoi tsse wan 8416 
Chow Le Kwang Choo 8416 

Chow Tan-Iin 8415 

Christa-Sangifa 8344 

Christianity in China 8416 

Christopher, Maldirian vocahul. 3429 
Chronicles, Ottoman, hi Turkish 8831 
Chronicon Samaiitannm, Arab, et Lat. 

8208, 3245 
Chronology, Chinese— Morrison 8422 

— Egyptian— Lieblein 8178 

— see also Calendar, Zodiacs 
Chrysostomos (Joannes) — see Joannes 
Ctmdrakhar Namah— Moliammad Shah 

Chun Cieu— Bayer, Confndus 8164 
Chun Tsew te choo— Confticlus 8415 
C'hnnath Abraham— see Cohen (Abr.) 

Chung Yung 8416 

Church Catechism, in Sherbro 3438 
Chwolson (D.) hebr. Qrabschriften 


— ttber Tammuz 8207 

— alt-baby Ion ische Literatur 8826 
Ciakciak,Dizionario armeno-tnrco3836 
Cilicia— see Neumann 8168 
Cingalese 8390 
Cir(a»sian 3337 
Clarke (H. W.) Persian Manual 8284 
Clarke (John) African dialects 8434 
Clarkson, Gojarati grammar 8324 
Clemens Romanus, Epistolse, Syr. 3209 
Clement-Mullet (J. J.) — Ibnn 1-Awam 

Clercq (de; het Malelsch 8429 

Clermont-Ganneau, Stl^e de Dhiban 


— St%le de Meca 8207 
Clifford, Lu-Chuan rocabul. 8418 
Clodius— see de Dieu 8190 
Clough (B ) Pali grammar 8370 

— Singhalese dlcty. 8390 
Clouston ( W. A. )— Sindibad 3 1 69 

— Arabian Poetry 8226 

— Bakhtyar Namah 8281 
Cochin-Chinese 3899 
Codex Nasarseos 8210 
Codices Orient. Biblioth. Havniensis 


Coffee Planting— Joseph 3395 

Cohen (Abraham) Paraphrases of the 

Psalms 3194 

Coins in China (Description of foreign) 

Coins, Japanese 8409 
Eingin-Dzuroku 3408 

— Old-Persian — Olshausen 8189 
Colebrooke (H. T.) Sanscrit Grammar 


— Amera Coaha 8340 

— Brahmajsupta 8343 

— Mitakshara 8353 

— Sankhya Karika 3360 
Colenso, Znla- Kafir grammar 3436 

— Zulu dlcty. 8436 
Collado, diet, japonicum 8406 

— grammat. Japon. 3406 

— modas confltendi 8406 

Collana degli storici armeni 8386 

Collections for a Shambala Handbook 

Collie— Confucius and Menclua 8416 
Comercio de Manila 8427 

Common Prayer, Chinese 8414 

— Hawaian 8434 

— Malayalun 3393 

— Maltese 8272 

— Maori 8432 

— Swahili 3438 
Comparatire Grammar— Ferrar 3345 
Comparative Mythology— Poor 8389 
Comparative Philology — see Philology 
Comparative Vocabulary of the Banna 

Malayu and Thai Languages 3429 
Conant — see Gesenius, Grammar 3196 
Concani — see Konkani 
Concordance to Bible, Greek 8194 

— Hebrew and Chaldee 8195 

Buztorf 8198 

Fiirst 3195 

Condaswami Tyer, Catal. of MSS 8834 
Conde— Ibn Idrisi 8244 

Conforti (D ) Kore Haddoroth 3194 
Conf ncius,Chinese— see/Nunm Classics 


— Chinese and English (Legge; 3415 
(Marshman) 3416 

— Chum 9ieu— Bayer 8164 

— see She King 

— see Sze Shoo 

— see Ta Heo 

Confucius et Mencius, Franfais, par 
Pauthier 341f« 

— — English, by Collie 8416 
Conquest, Midwifery, in Hindust. 8377 
Constantinides, othomanike gram- 

matike 3325 

Constautinople-Tarikh 8338 

— Evliya Chelebi 8326 

— Early Press at 8190 
Contes en Hindustani, MS. 3378 
Contes Turcs 8325 
Cool (P.)— see Roorda 8264 
Coole (R. A.) Coorg Grammar 8802 
Coorg, Histy. of— Rajendrauame 8392 
Coorg Language 3892 
Copenhagen Ubrary — CataL of Orien- 
tal MSS. 8165 

Westergaard 3166 

Coptic 3171.83 

Coptic Church, Lectionary of the 8174 

— Litnrgy — see Swainson 8181 

— MSS.— Kitabu s-salam 3176 
Lectionary 8177 

— Prayers — Kitabu s-salam 8176 
Coquerel (A. L. C.) systbme hiero- 
glyph. 8174 

Coran— see Koran 

Corbaux (F.) — see Exodus Papyri 3175 

Corcoran— Tarikh-i Mamalik-i Chin 

Corea, Conquest of— Thosen sei 3409 

— Desciiption— San Kokf Tsou 3410 
Corean 8418 

— see Siebold, Bibl japon. 3411 
Corpus Ignatianum 3209 
Costumes of Japan 3406 
Cotelle (H.) Dialogues arabes 8226 
Coucy (Moses of) 8203 
Court— Sihr-ul-Bayan 3384 
Cowell r£. B.) BUck Ti^ur Veda 3365 

— Kusnmanjali 3350 

— Maitri Upanishad 3361 

— Prakrita-Prakasa 33-56 

— Sandilya 8359 

— Vikramorvasi 3349 

— andEggeling, Catal.f Sanscrit MSS. 

Cox (E. T.) Regimental Moonshi 3378 
Crawfnrd (J.) Malay grammar and 
dlcty. 3429 

Creizenach (M.) ShulkhanArukh 8204 
Cri— see Sri 

Cringaratilaka— see Megbaduta 8348 
Ciisna— see Krishna 

Crowther, Ibo Vocabulary 8486 

— Yoraba vocabulary 8488 
Croxall — see ^sop 8276 
Crusades— Joseph ben Joshua 8198 

— Wilken 8273 
Csoma de Koros, Tibetan dlcty. 8408 

— Tibetan grammar 8408 
Cuflc Coins and Seals— Adler 8260 

— Inscriptions — Assemanus 8260 
CuUavagga — see Vinaya Pitakam 
Cullimore (A.) Orient cylinders 3184 
Cuneiform Languages 8184-90 

— Inscriptions 8184-90 

Rosny (L. de) 8169 

Cunha Rivara (J. H. da) lingua Con- 
cani 8886 

Cunningham (A.) Inscript. of Asoka 

Cureton (W.) Spicilegium Syr. 8209 

— Ancient Syr. Documents 8209 

— Shahrastani 8266 

— Tanchumi commentarius 8270 

— Athanasius 8209 

— Ignatius 3209 
Curtins (J. H. D.) gramm. Japon. 8406 
Cusa (S.) Diplomi gred ed arabi 8226 
Gushing, Shan dlcty. 8400 
Customs of the Women of Persia 8284 
Cutb ed-DUi— see Wiistenfeld 3272 
D<tbistan-i Muzahib, Persian MSS. 


— printed 8284 

— English, by Shea and Troyer 8284 

by Glad win 81H 

Dahdah (Rochaid de)— Farhak 8229 
Dai Gakku ron go 34C9 

Dakhni 8875-86 

Daksha — see Dharmashastra S. 8845 
Dalail.ul-Khairat— Various MSS. of 

this Prayer Book 8226 

Damamini (Badr al-) Poems 8227 

Damaru Vailabha Panta 8845 

Damathat: Laws of Mann 8400 

Dames. Balochi language 8388 

Damiri (ad-) Encydopsedia of Zoology, 

Arabic MSS. 8226 

Danachandrika 3856 

Dance of Death, Chinese 8416 

Danckaerts — see Wilt««nB and D. 
Dandin, Dasakumaracharita 8845 

Dara (Muhammad ad-) Dlwaa 8255 
Dara Shikoh— Mahabharata 8802 

Darmesteter, Mytbol. de PA vesta 8190 
Darpana— see Vasavadatta 8863 

Daryai Ishk. MS. 8885 

Da«<abodha— see Bnmell 8844 

Dasakumaracharita 8845 

Dasa Rakshada Gala 8891 

Dasaratha-Jataka 8870 

, Dastan 1 Amir Hamza 8378 

Dastur-ul-Amal— Shu'uri 8888 

Daatur-ul-Ikhwan : Persian Dicty. 

Dattaka-Chandrika 8845 

Dattaka-Mimansa 8845 

David ben Samuel— see Karo 3i99 
Davids (A L ) Gramm. turke 8826 
Davids (T. W. Rbys)— Jatakatthavan. 

nana 8870 

Davidson — see Davis and D. 8226 

Davis, Hebrew Introduction 8201 

Davis (C O.B.)— Maori Mementos 8438 
Davis( J. F. )Cbine8e moral nuuUms 3416 

— Novels and proverbs 8416 

— Poetry of the Chinese 8416 

— Fortunate Union 8417 

— Han Koong Tsew 8418 
Davis (N)— Inscriptions 8207 
Davis (W. J.)— see Boyce 8486 
Davis and Davidson, Arabic Revdlng 

Lessons S2N 

Davy (Major)— Timur 8821 

Dawson (J.) Languages of Victoria 

Dawwani, Lawami-ul-Ishrak 8801 
Da} abhaga, with the Dayalihagattka 




D^ft^Crama-Songraha, Sanscrit and 
Eng]i>(li 8S45 

— French 8845 
Oaya Ka«mudi 8845 

— Bengali 8372 
Daya^mriti 8860 
Dean (W.) Tie-Cbiw dialect 8417 
Deflennes, Htstoire de Djamaaeb 8827 
Defi^mery (C.)— Ibn Batata 8288 

— Khatidamtr 8299 
Defterl Ishk 882.'> 
De OuiKnes— see Montnoet 8422 
Dekkan poets— Cavelll 8877 
Delalat ol-Khalrin— Malmonldes 8254 
Pelamarre, Oynastle des Mine 8417 
Delaperte (J. D.) lanieae berl^re 8484 

— see Dicttonnaire berb. 8485 

— Dialogues arabes 8226 
Delattre. Inscriptions 8186 
DelbrAck (B.) Tempusleliro 8849 
•» Worrfolge 8845 

— ConJanctlT a. OptatiT 8845 

— Altind. Verbam 3866 
Delgado (Cape)— Dialect of 8484 
Dehli, Guide of — Rahnuma-i DlhU 8888 

— History— Afsos 8875 
B ilim I-MawwaJ 8280 

— History and monuments of— Asar> 
oos-Sunnadeed 8876 

— Inscriptions— Asar-oos-Sannadeed 

*- Hogvl library Catalogue 8H5 

— Press 8378 
Delitzsch (P.) Assyr. Studien 8184 

— Ansyr. Lesestiicke 8184 

— Wurselvenrandtsdiaft 8166 
•— ^ee Lnceato 8199 
Delias (N.) Radices pracrit. 8850, 3358 
Demotic Language of Egypt 8 171-83 
Deadera, Inscriptions— Duemichen 


— — Hesse 3175 

— Temple — Duemichen 8175 
Dennys (N. B.) Malay handbook 3429 

— Folk-Lore of China 8417 
D^r-el-baiieri Inscriptions — Duemi- 
chen 8174 

Derenboui^— Hariri 8234 

— Loqman 8258 
Demburg— see Oiienfalia 8168 
De Rossi— see Rossi (J. B. de) 
Desatir (the) 8187 

— Chodsiio 8188 
Desgranges— Nakoola 8261 
Dealongchamps— see Loiselenr-D. 
Den Miehels^Dialog. cochin-chinois 8399 
De Sola— see Sola 

Destnr— see Dastur 

Devan, Canton vocabulary 8417 

Deranda Bbatta, Dattaka-Mimansa 


— Smrltichandrika 3360 
Deratadbyaya-Brahmana 8365 
Dev<€ria(T.) Bakenkbonsou 3183 
Devi Bbagavati 8357 
Derimahatmya — see Markandeya Pu- 

Deviprasada (Pandit) — see Rajendra- 

lala Mitra 3358 

Devodonario de Missa 8886 

Devotiuns and Prayers, Ethiopie MSS 

Dbamnapadam, Palice et Lat. 8870 

— Burmese — see Latter 3400 

— Eng^i;<h— see Buddhaghosha 8400 
Dbanamjuyavtlsya 3345 
D*HanTant«r— see Dhanwantarl 
Dhaawantari, Snsruta 8860 

— Sasrntas Ayunredas 3360 
Dbarani of AvalokitesVara 8416 
Dharmabdhisara — see Dharmadnd- 

Diiarmaahasfara Sangraha 8845 

Dbftrmasindbasara 8845 

DbatunnNidarsa 8861 

Dhaali, Inscrlpt of— Wilson 8839 

D*H«rb«latf-HMe Herbelot 

Dialogues (Haussa) 8486 

Dialogues in Kanada and English 3391 
Diamond Sutra, Tibetan MS. 8403 
Diatiki Kb'dato 8i09 

Dibre Hayamim, Hebrew MS. 8188 
Dibre Hayamim le maike tsarfat — see 
Joseph iMU Joshna 8198 

Diccionario Ctiina-Pt^tugnez, MS. 

Diccionario Portuguez-Concani 8386 
Dicklns (P. V.)— Fugaku 8407 

— Chiushingura 3406 

— Hyak nin is shta 840H 
Dictionarlum latino-armenum 8886 
Dictionarium ling, sinicae 8417 
Dictionary, Armenian 8^36 

— English, Armenian, Turkish 8336 

— Chinese-Japanese 8416 

— Chinese and Latin, MS. 8417 

— Dutch-Japanese 8406 

— Malayalira 8398 

— Maratha 8887 

— PanJ ibl 8389 

— Persian, Hindustani, English, and 
Portuguese, MS. 8878 

— Tahitian 8438 

— English-Tamil 8895 
Dictionnaire fran^.-berb^re 8435 

— Tamoul 8395 
Didascalia, Ethiopie and Engl. 8212 
Didyml literaturss copt rudimentum 

Dietrich, semit. Wortforschung 3190 
Dleteiici (D. F.)— Ibn Malik 8243 

— PhiloBC^hie der Araber 8227 
Dieu(L. de) Orammattca 8196 
Digha-Nikaya 8870 
DihU— see Dehll 

Diksha— Lindner 8869 

DUlmaan (A.) Lexicon Aethlop. 8212 

— Chrestom. Aethiop. 3212 

— Aethiop. Grammatik 8212 

— Liber Jubilaeoium 8212 

— Ethiopie Old Test. 82 1 1 

— Liber Henoch, Aethiop. 8213 
Dinkard (th«) 8188 
Dipavamsa 8370 
Dir4m-U8-Sikt— see Abu-l-*Ula 8217 
Divakara Bbatta 8357 
Diwan— see Author's nsmes 
Diwans, Collections of Arabic 8227 
Diwan i Qukar: Hindustani Anthology 

Diwan Kanh Ji 8299 

Diyarbakri— KhamU 8248 

Djamesel) — see Jameseb 
DJaronmivar— see Jaruroiya 
DJe4jr Beid— see Oupnek' hat 
DJurdJanl— see Juijani 
Doctrina Christ., Ethiopie, Arab, and 
Itai. 8212 

Doctrine of truth, in Malay 8429 

Doehne, Zulu- Kafir dicty. 8437 

Doepke— see Michaelis 3201 

Dombay (Fr. de) Grammat. Arab. 3227 
Donaldson — see Jasher 3197 

Doolittle, Chinese vocabuL 8417 

Dorer Maknun, MS. 8325 

Dom (B.) Afghans 3803 

— Pushtu Chrestom. 3838 
— Verwandtsdiaft 3284 

— u.Mirca Mohd. Schafy, Masanderan. 
Spiache 8284 

Dorrat-ut-TcJ 8325 

— Supplement— Nabi 3830 
Dossabhoy — see EdulJee 

Dosabhoy Franjee, Travels 8874 

Dossabhae Sorabjee, Slndhi sentences 


— Idiomatical MBtences 8874 

— idiomatical exerdsea (1850) 8374 

(1878) 8374 

Douglas (C.) Chinese dicty. 8417 

Douglas (U. K.) Catal. of Chhiese 

books 8417 

— see Orlentalia ant. 3168 
Douaean, Persian-Armenian dicty. 8386 

Dozai dukin akagani susu 
Docy (R. P. A.) noms des i 


— notices sur quelques MSa 8227 

— loci de Abbadidis 8227 

— Catalogue Codd. orient. 8165 

— Abdu'l-Wihid 8215 

— Ibn Adcari 8236 

— Ibn Badroua 8287 

— Makkari 8256 

— et Engelmann, Glossaire espagnol 

Drama, Hebrew— Luzzato 8199 

Dravidian Languages 8891-97 

Drawlng-books, Japanese 8406 

Dreams, Interpretation of— Tafslr-ul- 
Ahlam 8269 

Drlberg and Harrison, Gondi gram- 
mar 8892 
Diival (E. ran) Grammaire compartfe 


— Orlglne de T^criture 8166 

— Monument fun^ralre 8176 
Dmmmond (R.) Gucerattee and Mah- 

ratta languages 8874 

Drummoad (SU: W.) Panic inscript. 

Dmze Books (Arabic MSS.) 8228 

— Prophets, works by 8228 
Drnzes— Norberg 8168 

— de Sacy 8228 
Dsanglnn—Schmidt 8404 
Dwhami — nee Jaml 
Dschordschani — see Jurjani 

Dualla I«angaage 8485 

Dubeux— Tabarl 8269 

Dubois, PantchaTantra 8356 

Duemichen (J.) Tempel-Inschrlften 


— Kalender-Inschrlften 8175 

— Dendera-Tempel 8175 

— Monuments g^ogr. 8175 

— see Brugsch 8172 
Duff (CapD. Grant) Htsty. of the 

Marathas, In Marathi 83ft7 

D«.gat (G.) Antar en Perse 8220 

— Makkari 8256 

— le Zad ul Musafir 8170 
Dujardin, Hi^roglyphes 8188 
Dukes (L.) Neuhebr. relig. Poesie 3195 

— Pantheon hebr. Dichter 8195 

— Salome ben Gabirol 8195, 8196 

— Moses ben Esra 8198 

— Rabbin. Blumenlese 8195 

— Rabbin. Spruchknnde 8195 
Dulaurier (Ed )— Matthieu d'Edesse 


— Relation des voyages 8264 
Du Ponceau, Chinese writing 

8399, 8417 

— Cochin-Chinese rocabnlary 8899 
Dupnis et Monsset, Diet. Tamoul 8395 

— vocabul. Tamoul 8395 
Durar-un-Nuhur, Arabic MS. 8228 
Durgasimha — Katantra 8350 
Durrat-ul-Ghawwas, Arabic MS. 8235 
Durratu t-TaJ— see Dorratu t-Ti^ 
Durr-ul-Fai'k, Arabic MS. 8228 
Durr ul-Mukbtar 8228 
Dutch-Japat:e8e dictionary 8406 
Dutt (K. Ch.)— Bhavabhutl 8342 
Dutt (Samachum) Pliarmacop. 

Hlndust. 8882 

Dvivedayanga— see White Yajur Veda 
Dzo Language 8898 

Eaotwick (E. B.) Anwar-l-SnhalU 8279 

— Baital Pachisl 8877 

— Gulistan, Persian 8814 
English 8315 

— Kaisainamah i Hind 8878 

— Kbirad Afroz 8881 

— Prt-m Sagur, Hindi 8883 

English 8889 

Ebn— see Ibn 

Edalji - see Shapnijl 

F^elmann (Hir^ch)— Pharchl 8208 

Edfu Inscriptiona— Doemichea %vc^ 


Edfa InFcrfptlons— LepsiuB 8177 
~ Kaville 8178 
~ de RongS 8188 
Edjoth— see Rabbinowicz 8205 
Edkins (J.) Chinese Graminar, 
Mandarin dialect 8417 
Sbanffhai dialect 8417 

— Vocabulary, Shanghai dialect 8417 
Edo Mel Sho Dzn Kai 8408 
Edo Tai-selsn-yo 8409 
Edrisi — see Idiisi 

Eduljee Dossabhov, Histy. of Gozerat 

Efilc Langnaffe 8485 

Eggeline— Katantra 8350 

— Vardhamaiia 8863 

— see Cowell and E. 

Egypt, Administration — Calcaschandi 


— Description— Makrizi 3256 

— GaoRraphy— Bi ngsch 8 1 72 

Calcaschandi 3225 

Duemichen 8175 

— History— Jawahir-ul-Buhur 8245 

Oppert 3186 

Suyuti 3268 

— Histy. of the Conquest— Tarikh-us- 
Sultau Selim 827n 

Egyptian 8171-83 

— Tan Drival 8166 
Egyptian Alphabet— Seyifarth 3181 

— Archaeolofry— see pauim Egyptian 

— Astronomy — Rongd 8180 
Seyflfarth 3181 

— Calendar— Brugsch 8172-73 

Chabas 3174 

Duemichen 8175 

Faselius 8183 

Hesse 8175 

— — Hincks 8183 

Lauth 8176 

_ — Letronne 8178 

— Chronology— Lieblein 3178 
Uhleroann 8181 

— Hieroglyphics 8171-83 

— Inscriptions — see passim Egyptian 

— Kings — see Hipratic Papyrus 8175 

— M SS. Catalogues 8 1 64 

— Monument8 — see passim Egyptian 

— Mythology— Brugsch 3173 

— — Lanzone 3176 

Lef^bure 8176 

Lepsius 8177 

Pierret 3179 

— Religion— Roug^ 8180 

— Ritual — see Book of the Dead 

— Society— Young 8182 

— tracts and treati-es 3183 

— Writing— Pauthier 3423 
Eichhorn (F. G.)— Ibn Kutaiba 8242 

— Mines de I'Drient 3167 
Eisenlohr (A.) Roscttana 8183 
Eisenmenger (J. A.) Judenthuro 3195 
Eitel, Handbook of Chinese Buddhism 


— Chinese dicty. 3417 
' Eliali Mizrdchi, Melckhe«h 8195 

Ellas von Tirhan (Mar)Syr.Grammatik 

Eliezer (Rabbi), Mishnat 3202 

Ellsaeus, histy. of Vartan 3836 

Elliot (H. M.) Indian terms 8339 

Elliot (Sir H.;— Jamiu t-Tawarikh 3297 
Eiliotr— Gulistan-i-Rahmat 3289 

Ellis (R. L ) Tiruvalluver 8396 

Ellis (W.) Malagasy vocab. 3428 

Elmacinus — see Makin (El) 
Encyclopaedia, Chinese 3417 

•— Japanese 8407 

Yedo oh setzu 8413 

Endlfcher, chines. Grammatik 8417 
Engelbretb, Fragm. Basmurlco-copt. 

JSogelmann-^Bee Dozy et E, 

English for Japanese 8407 

Englishman's (The) Hebrew and 
Chaldee Concordance 8194 

Enoch (Book of), Aethlop. — Dlllmann 


— English by Laurence 3212. 8218 
Ephrem Syri Opera 8209 

— Carmina Nisibena 8209 
Erdmann— Behram-Gur 8809 

— Nizami expeditio Russomm 8810 
Ergas (Joseph ben Imm.) Shomer 

Amunim 3195 

Erman, Pluralbildung 8183 

Erpenius (Th.) Grammat Arab. 8229 

— Locmani Fabulse 3229 

— Adagia, Arab, et Lat. 8229 

— Excerpta ex Hamasa 8229 

— Rndimenta Arab. 3229 

— Jaritmiya 8245 

— EI Makin 8256 

— New Test. Arabic 8223 
Esgers — see Maimonides 8200 
Eshel Abraham — see Orakh Khayim 


Eshkol Ha-Kofer 3195 

Eskof Stepan of Jazlrah— see Abu'l 

Faraj 8216 

Essentials of faith, Arabic and Malay 

Eth^ (H.)— Kflzwini 3248 

Etherldge (J. W ) Targums 3195 

Etherington (W.) Hindi grammar 

Ethloplc (Old)— see Geez 
Ethi.)pic 8211-14 

Ethioplc Inscriptions— Pierret 3175 

— MSS. Catalogues 8164-65 

Abbadie 8211 

Piatt 8213 

Wright 8214 

l^tudes ^gyptologiques 8175 

Euclid, in Arabic 8229 

Euscbii Chronlcon, Armen. et Lat. 


— Theophania, Syriac 8029 
Euting, phonik. Inschriften 8207 
Even ha-Ezer — see Arba Turlm 8197 
Evllya, Travels 3326 
Evliya Chelebi, Constantinople 8326 
Evronoth : a Hebrew Calendar 3201 
E welly at (Kitab) 3329 
Ewald (G. H. A.) Grammat Arab. 8229 
Exodus Papyri 8175 
Ezguerra, lengua Bisaya 8427 
Ezour-Vcdam 8866 
Ezrae liber— see Bible 

Facsimiles of Hebrew MSS. of E'ae- 
Fung-Foo 8195 

— of Oriental MSS. — see PalsBogr. 
Society 8168 

Faizi (Shaikh)— see Feizi 
Fajjumi— see Saadja bin Jusuf 
Faju-1-Amiq: geometrical treatise 

Fiikhr-ud-din — see Kazi Khan 
Fakhr-ud-Din All bin Wa'iz 8280 

Fakhr-ud-Din ar-Razi 3229 

Fakihatu I'-Khnlufa— Ibn Arabshah 

FHklhi (el)— see Wiistenfeld 8272 

Fakihy (Abdallah al-) Uudud-un-Nahw 

Fal : Tables of prognostics, Arab. 3229 

— Geomancy, AstroloKy, Arabic 8229 
Fal Namah : Book of Predictions 3284 
Fal Namah, Dakhni MS. 8379 
Falconer, Tuhfat-ul-Ahrar 8296 
Falconry, Persian— see Fars-Nama 

Fallon, Hindustani-Engl. DIcty. 8378 

— Engl.-Hlndust. Law and Corn- 
men ial Dicty. 3378 

— Hindu8t.-Engl. Dicty. 8378 
Falzon, Dizionario maltese 8273 
Fan Tsze-tang 8415 
Faraj ba M ash-Sh\ddali Z2M 
Farawa Lctafln— Schim M^ft 

Farhad va Shirin, MS. 8285 

— Wahshi 8822 
Farhang-i Jabangiri: Persian Dicty. 

Farbang-i Rashldi: Persian Dicty.8285 
Farhang-i Shnuri : Persian-Turkish 

Dicty. 8285 

Farhang Sururi : Persian Dicty. 8318 
Farhat (G.) Dictlonn. arabe 8229 

Fariac, Aventures— Paris 3229 

Faris-ash-Shidyak (Ahmad) Aventnres 

de Fariac, Arabic 8229 

— Treatise on Arabic language, Arabic 


— Treatise on Arabic grammar, Arabic 


— Arabic Grammar, English 3280 

— Majmu*uz-Zahr 8255 
Farkhundah Sir, Tales of 8382 
Farrukh-Roz— see Hikayat 8327 
Farfi-Nama va Baz-Nama 8285 
Faruki Serhindi (Sheikh Ahmed) 

Maktubat Kuddasiyat 8826 

Faruki(Kheiruddin b. Ahmad) Fatawa 

al-Khairiyya 8230 
Fai-well (Babn Nidhi Levi) 8899 
Faryabi, Makasidu 1-Aullyya 8802 
Fasanah-i AJaib 8378 
Faselius, Kalenderstudien 8183 
Fasi (Ibn Abi Zar al-) 8264 
Fasi (el-)— see Wustenfeld 8272 
Fatawa Alemgiri, Arabic 8280 
Persian 8286 

— All Efendi 8826 

— Durr ul-Mnkhtar 8228 

— Fusnl ul Imadi 8*280 

— al-IIemmadiyah 8230 

— Ibn Hajim— see Zain-nl-Abidin 3272 

— Kazi Khan 8247 

— al-Khairiyya 8230 

— al-KhuIasat 8280 

— Collection of Fetva^ Turkish 3826 
Fat*h-ul-Akfal, Arabic MS. S23I 
Fat'hu '1-Kavib— we Takrlb 3270 
Fatihgarh — ^see Futtuhgurh Namah 
Fatis (de) linguarum orient. 8166 
Fatma-Zaida, Koran 8253 
Fauche (H.) Ramayana 8368 

— Bhartrihari 886S 

— Gita Go>inda et Riton-Sanbara 

Fausboll (V.) Dhammapadam 8870 

— Jataka, Pall 8870 

— Jatakas, Pali and EngL 8870 

— Dasaratha-Jataka 8870 
Favorlang dialect — Happart 8427 
Favre (abb^) dictionn malaia 3429 

— dictlonn. javanais 8431 

— gramm. Javanaise 8431 
Fazli, Gill u Btilbul 8826 
Feer, Textes du Kandjour 8403 

— L^gende du roi Acoka 8403 

— Sutra S40S 
Feizi (Sheikh) Nala 3807 

— Lilivatl 3301 
Feizi Kafzada, Diwan 8325 
Feizullah (Mobd.) 3278 
Felix (Mi^or) Hieroglyphics 3175 
Fell (Dr. W ) Indices 8222 
Pension, Telemachus, Armenian 8386 
F§ng chou kang chien 8413 
Feng Meng-Lurg, Ilsin-ts^ng 8417 
Fergusson (J.) Hindustani dicty. 3378 
Feranrtorz, Hikayat 8327 
Ferid-ud-dln Attar — see Attar 

Ferid Ghasfar— Gulshan-i Ishk 3289 
Ferisbta— see Firishta 
Ferrar, comparat giammar 8845 

Ferrara, Hebrew Press of— de Rossi 

Fetawa— see Fatawa 
Fetvas —see Fatawa 
Fez, History of— Randh-nl-Kartas 8384 
Field— see Smith 8210 

Fijian language 8438 

Fikh-i Mazhab-i Aimmet 3285 

\ ¥\\LO.Yo-^«>^V.^Ull.No 8407 



Vilet, PlantkaBdig Woordeaboek 8426 
Finzi, Ricerche aastn 31M 

Firaki'B Qaestions— Kirk Sawal 3339 
Firdaiui— see Firdasi 
Firdosi^Shali Namah,Penian MSS.3286 

printed 3287 

Selections, Persian 3287 

see Shemslr-Kluni 3287 

Tnrkisli 3326 

Urdu 3379 

English 3287 

Episodes 3287 

Stories 3287 

— see Robinson 8312 

— see Spiegel 3189 
Firishta, QoJshan-i Ibrablmi, US. 3287 

— Tarikh-i Firishta (the second 
recension of the Gnlshan) MSS. 3288 

lithographed 8288 

English by Brlggs 3288 

— Hokkam Malwa 3288 
'Firuz Shah 3300 

Fima bin Kawns (Molla) Desatir 3187 
~ George Namah 8288 

— Fend Namah 8288 

— Treatises on Kabbeesa 3288 
ilrnzabadi, Kainus 3246-47 
Fitzgerald (E.) Omar Khayyam 3310 
Fiacooi-t. cat^-liisme malgacho 3428 
Flags, Japanese 3407 
Fleet, Inscriptions 3339 
Fleischer ( H.;— Abnlflda 32 1 6 

— Alf Lailah wa Lailah 3218 
^ All, Sprttche 3220 

— Baidiiawi, Arab. 3222 

— Burhana d-Din 3221 
Fiagel (O. ) Koran 3251 

— Concordantiae Coraai 8252 

— HaJJi Khalifa 3232 

— Ibn Abi Takub 3236 
^ JarJani 3245 

— Thalibi 3271 
Foe Koae Ki, Royaomes boaddh. 3417 
Folk-Lore of China— Dennys 341 7 

— of 6i\)arat 8374 
Fontane, po^ie T^dique 8369 
Footooh al-Sham 8223 
Forbes, languages of Farther India 


Forbes (Duncan) Arabic Reading 

Lessons 3231 

— Arabic Grammar 8231 

— Bengali Grammar 3372 
—. Bengali Reader 3372 

— Hindustani dicty. 8379 
—> — romanized 3379 

— Hindustani grammar 8379 

— Per»ian Grammar 3288 

— Oriental Penmanship 8166 
•^BaghoBahar 8876 
~ Baital Pachisl 8877 

— Hatim Tai 3291 

— Ikhwanu-s-Safa 8886 

— Tota Kahani 8385 
Forbes (W.) Goozrattee grammar 8374 
Foreigners in Japan 3407 
Formosan Language 3427 
Forster (H. P.) Sanskrit Grammar '8346 
ForUa d'Urban, Origine de i'Ecrlture 

Fortunate Union (the) 8417 

Fortunatov (Ph.) Samayeda 8364 

Fosus-ul-Hikam 8826 

Foucauz, Gramm. tlb^t 8403 

— Parable de Tenfant igavi 8403 

— Tr^or des belles paroles 8403 

— Rgya tch'er rol pa 8404 

— Vlkramorvasl ^ 3319 

— Halavika et Agnimitra ' 3349 
Four Dervish (the Tale of the)— see 

Bagh o Bahar 
Fragmenta Basmurico-coptica 8175 
Frabn— Ibn FoHlan 8289 

Framjee — see Dosabhoy 
Francisco de S. Joseph, lengua Tagala 

M27 , 
Fraaclaco Xavier de Sta, Asmtk 8886 | 

Franck (A.) U Kabbate S195 

— dleKabbala 3195 
Frank, de Persidis lingua 3188 
Franzoni (Meir ben Jacob) 8201 
Eraser (G.) War in Bosnia 3328 

— Naima, Annals 833« 
Freeman (H. 8.) Towarek lang. 3438 
Freeman (J. J.) and Johns, Ifalagasy 

dicry. 8428 
Freytag. Lexicon Arab.-Lat. 8231 
abridged edition 3281 

— Arabom Proverbia 3231 

— Hamasa 3233 

— Ibn Arabshah 3237 

— Muallakat 3259 
Friederich (R ) Godd. arab. catalogus 

Fur»t :j.) Chald. Grammatik * 8195 

Aram. Chrestomatbie 

— ConcordantisB Hebr. 

— Bibliotheca Judaica 

— Karaerthimi 

— Bibl. Literator 
Fugaku Hiyaku Kei 

— English 

Fnh shwo Kew pa yen 
Fuji (the mountain) — see 

Furdoonjee (Howro^ee) 3374 

Fnrdoonjee Murzbai^ee — ^Desatir 3187 
Furu Hanashi 8408 

Futawa — see Fatawa 
Fattuhgurh Namah, Urdu 8379 

Futuh-ul-Buldan- Balazuri 8222 

Futuh al-Sham 8223 

Fntubut— Ibn-ul-Arabi 8237 

Fuzuli, Diwan 8326 

Gabelentz, grammaire mandchone 


— melanes. Sprachen 8426-27 
Gablrol (Salomo ben) Hebr. Gedlcfate 


— Dukes 8195 
Gadadhari— see Nyayaratna 8355 
Gaedicke, Accnsativ im Veda 3366 
Gafliurel (Jac.) index codd. cabbaL MSS. 

Gaffarellus— see Gaflfarel 
Gagnier— Abulflda 8216 

GaUand, Mille et une nuits 3219 

— SuppL k D'Herbelot 8 1 66 
Oallipoli— see Aall Efendi 
Gamaliel (lUbbi) Hebrew MS. 3191 
Ganaratnamahodadhi 8363 
Ganesa, Jatakalamkara 3348 

— Linga Parana 8367 
Ganesh Preshad 8278 
Gangesbopadhyaya, Annmanachinta- 

manl 8340 

GanJ-i-Khubl 3379 

Ganj-i Kadrat, Dakhni MS. 8379 

Ganjeshayagan 8188 

Ganjnamah 8374 

Gans (David) Nekhmad ve Nairn 3196 
Garbe — Apastamba 3340 

— Indische Mineralien 33ti9 
Garcln de Tassy, langue hindoui 3379 

— langue hlndoustani 8379 

— hist, de la litt^rature hind. 8370 

— langue et litt4$rat. hind, en 1850-75 


— Po^sle Chez les Persans 8279 

— Asar-oos-Sunnadeed 8876 

— Kamrup 8881 

— Mantle Uttair 3279 

— Oiseaux et flenrs, Arabe et tr, 3221 

— Wali 3385 

— Tracts 3170 
Gargya Narayana — Aswalyana 3340 
Garrett— Bhagavad-Gita 8341 
Garthwaite— see Gundert 3393 
Gatha dialect— Spiegel 3189 
Gutiias — see A vesta 8187 
Gaudian Languages— Hoernle ZZZ^ 
Gaurapada, Bahshya ^"^^ 
Gaussin, dialecte de TaYiVtV M^% 
Gautama's InBlltatea, 8«0Mx\t %%\^ 


Gautama's InstitatM— aoe 
shastra Sangra 

— Smriti 

— Kyaya Darsana SSitS 
Gay's Fables, Bengali and English 337» 

— Urdu 3879 
Garamahatmya 3846 
Gayangos (P. de) Makkarl S256 
Gayashraddhadhipaddhati S346 
Gedalia ben Takhiya S204 
Gedaliah ben Snelomoh— Joseph Albo 

Geerdink, Soendaneesch woordeaboek 

Gees 8211-14 

Geiger (W.) Avestaspracho 8188 

— Aogemadaeca 8188 

— Yendidad 8190 

— Judenthnm 8196 

— see Andreae und G, 
Geitlin (G ) Grammat.neo-penica 8388 
Geldner (K.) Rig-Veda 83<i 

— Metrik 8188 
GeUnek (A.)— see Franck 8193 
Gemara — see Talmud BabU 
Gems — Sourindro Mohun 8389 
Genealogical Tables sf Arabian Tribes 

MS. 82.11 

Grenji Monogatorl 84«)8 

(Jentius— Sadi, Gulistan 88l4 

George Namah 8288 

Georgian 8837 

— MS. Glossary 8168 
Georgius (A. A.) St Coluthns 817ft 
Germann — see Graul und G. 
Gerson da Cunha, Sahyadri-Khanda 

Geschiedenis von' Sultan Ibrahim 8429 
Creseaius (W.) Gesch. der hebr.Spittcha 


— Hebr. Lehrgebaude 8196 

— Hebrew Grammar 8196 

— Thesaurus Philol. 8196 

— Hebrew-Chaldee-Engl Dicty. 8196 

— Prophet Jesaia 8196 

— Monumenta Phoenlc. 8207 

— Phoenizische u. Punische Schrift 


— Carmina Samarlt. 8196, 8307 

— Pentateuchl samar. orlgo 8364 
Gesil Cristu Fid-Digna 8878 
Gbalib (Mbza Asad Ullah Khan) 8879 
Ghanimat, Shahid and Aziz, MS. 8808 
Ghassani, on Cabbalistic Science, 

Arabic MS. 8231 

Ghayatn 1-Bayan : Arabic Grammar 

in Persian 8381 

Ghazani— see Rashidn d-Din 
Gbazi-ud-Din Khan Nizam 8289 

Ghuznevide Kings— Badauni 8279 

Kitab-ul-Yamlui 8801 

Mirkh'and 880ff 

Tarikh-i-Baihaki 8319 

Ghaznawi (Abu Muhd. al-) 3828 

Ghazzall (the Imam AbuMohd.) Abya 

'Alum uddin 8239 

— Kimiyai Saadat 8289 

— Umdat nl Muhakkakin 8233 

— Kasidah 825ft 
Ghazzall (Ahmad b. Mohd.) Mystical 

treatise 8383 

Ghelghuli, Hadi ul Ushshak 8327 
Ghiyaa-ud-din Mohd. Khandamir — seo 

Ghlyasu d-Dln Mansnr Shirazi 8297 
Ghiyas-u 1-Loghat : Persian Dicty. 

Gholam All Khan 8393 

Gholam Ashraf— Anwar-i-SuhaiU 3278 
Gholam Husain Khan (Mir) Siyaru '1. 

Mutakhkhirin 8317 

English 8817 

Gholam Hyder— Sauda %ts^K. 





Hsdjl Ktailfeh— »e HiJUi Khulir* 

H>d<,khi-Nuk-~i« ArdB Vim im 

dinnl'li-Kn AdI GriKt'h 


Haflx. Dlwan, FBrilaa MSS. IW 

eUchrlH {J.l lIlndDrtlnl Dlctjr. 


OnuniinD. RiK-VedB 


--PuA'^uiaGorTDU ^ 


- Select Od=fc PerBan Bnd EngUdi 

— Tiitrlai]u7 Plonetr 

— undOMniimii, KnrBl 


Onvn, IdlomatlD uiilgniH 


— «» IllkByit a-MI 


Or^Dlra ' Ob prttrs) — Mb 


GrtpiJO. By«6irifl lilerogTyph. 

Gll«(A. HICHInMeGemi 


Olnmr, Inscript of— WI]«ob 
Qiu Art'b. BIniliuUnI M3. 


— CBiBl.othlDtlirBrj 

— Hun UemenUi 

Unfit ud-Din Alini»d— Khimd Afm» 

fflUWiMhy*— Iih«K«i«d*lt« S34t 



Hifli'uihmBt Khin. Giill>tm ) Rrih 
nut, PerKbin USS. MM» 

HUM OoiLniU, Siiicrlt 

— Idjlll 


-F«nA^ , , 


-Old Mian PoellT 

iTuftiairl (Ygnir) Arlitotlt KIL 

QlUJatODOrCK.) BIlDClll hiiidlHHhms 

Olulwln. Perslin Kooaihn 

{Jrlmblot. DighK-Niknyi 

— Fernlan HheUji-Lc, Prcuodj 


GrorefBnd. pnMpnl .«*ri(l 
GrotBrond (a. V.) V.rloM truu 


Hart pBikBr—KB NlEBml 
n.ftorw I.-™ Blbk H=bmr MSB. 

~ Qullgtsn. Pcnlui wd Engl. 


H«gcn (F. H. Ton der) lOUl NmUIBKO 



GrowM, T "l.rSu" 


— UBbylonlBD InicrlpllDiu «IH 

GloMrx (iMble, Penlsn, 


Oii.N.iii»-«. RBl.h.n-1 


HwRidoli Shel Pe^ikh 3IBI->T 
EBR9<i)aEy <if ihB S]ri1u OuTeh. Id 


Gaeynler, MoleUoh vrmrdcbauk 
Gnliineii— iee De GnldnM 


HikDEl'sieffen, chnatomsrh.iyr. 

— LMlnrBdHCeilMcin^if. 


Ot,Ui™. ltaWitj.r N-unBb 

-"HiSil"!?^"."! AbniBdl 
EnglLh by Bird 


ff.nbnTiAfliiM— ibnTufan an 

flatdiir Alt AH LnllBb. Urdn I37( 
llBldir AU KliBn, hlitoT;, PenlBn US 

Ooloopd*. Slegs o(— Klmiit KhM 


Ednijn DuHBbtior 


Enoll* KM 







ftBwIirt. S«uDC<» da Miskln iS! 



Onll BikBTill— siw OoDli BnkBir 


Iltif B^rtllii Abd'Dl-Kgiim 31» 
HujJI Kl,.llf», u-Zanon. 

OolluB. Uucon Aiab. 
— Erpenliu 


Onli.tKO— .PC Sidi 
Unll>um-I nind 


AtBblcas. MM 
printed^ Lailam biblingi. inb. 

Odd^Ksi [J. A.) DlnlDiL Ctaini 


— EPdIlBh (l.t'B ""iBlinittl) 


ll.ji Mun-.fii— Sij-min-BlnUlih. MIT 
lUkem IKbaUri-l Ufe of— de 3aD]r 

— Atta Chlni 


QulidiBB-i-R... PbtbIbd BBd Eng 

Htkln (AI-> Abol-Fir.]! iboTBlmtB 



Goluri D,.nl>h. KInduUld MS. 

— ed. byGHehtH* 


Oulai- KmHiolr; Hbtory at Kb> 


Sko'ld-«eM^oIC«K). "" 

OoiHIlii BriHiiiBni 
Oordon, MunLpnii dlctf. 

Oandert <H.) MBl.y.lLni dlcty. MM 

HBlBkhoih— IBB Alful MBI 


Utllied, Bcngtl^ graiNniBr iSTt 

Gorreilo (Q.) Rmmaynn* 


- Kb™IoI^IU 


o^'''e^'wo^' nVd^iii 


Oiird P.r«niBnm-flW Gooreo 

Gu^ard <Sl.) Abnlfidi 

Oultat IJbnrj, CbUL oI Orisnial 

- Ulnsyel 

GdicI-OicIoii. I>1s[nituci tnm 

OoUwildt. HiuniiB AnnaUi 


QuiamtlM— BM GuJhbU 

WtMlf. E.> Hindi Keadw MM 

aanKH I&. E.) aaiucrit llierUnn 


KurbrOckcr rn>.) SliBhrutBni 



Goisr (C. E.l Falk-Sunm 


— Indlache Medliln 

i::^^^?.."'*' SS 



Hmlh-u-SIJU I3B8.9* 

Oi«<i, Tb %Z«« Whhkitgpe 

R>biehM»u1 AirUllBh 

OrHolo, Smskrll-Vetbani 


HalUwill IJ- O. ByBisms oT nouilon 



— TorqniKConaAnt. l?»l)) 
(Qnmtiiil. ISW] 


Hidu)iBnBms_«» l{biulfi>n]u3.1(HI 
Hpdl!Mol.d.) JihBnglr 3JM 


Otimnmr o( the U^j Uapui 

n»at Di um.h.k 

— Tihltlan dialect 

H.dllh, ArBblcUS. 


— Kiw Zealtail Itngetg^ 


— IBB mflBy»lu-l-Al«jnld 

llaniBOB, AmWc MSS. SBT, »»J» 

B. AniblcB el Lit. 

HuDdoUuli Uusi 

Urgltjlll (J.) LLteralnri 

— Mt l» ortitines ruBW 

— ■» AhmtLd bin Aliiibi 

— QUI u UiUbld 

HuUiglon— SuU, wi 
Hartrl, lUkuiiit, II 
— -* lulotu priDta 

. AnbiEBikilPi 

BoilJih bj tn 

by crieiiBt)' 

HvUTEmlD— iwe While Vajur Vedi 

HniitB—iee Iibumaihutm S. ^4 

n4rilli. Pnenii, Arible SM 

— tlOdlUu 331; 
UirjHDH. SuiKtiC 3H 

— French, U>UnKli^ IM 
Ilukninia (H.) .UpiubWi ian 

— Alpbabetkvcillqiie xln 

H^ ll 


HlMUlNlIllmL TnJtt l-Mii»^ 33 

Hutu Saffhuit, Misbarlkn l-Amrsr 

itditalyatAU Sliuli liHitho])— Ar 
lIuhl/U'iu-3li[lu)i — tes liis]' 
Huhiyiil U-TuhCawl— >ca Dm 

Hvun (RlikDtluli) Paom or C 

— Eiiglbihby Forbos 33ill 

— l>6«GDlihin-ll9hk MBU 
TTia-Kluu-Chaun 34111 
Hing (M.) A.ri« Virlf 31«7 

— Zen>l|ihllDlo||Ia 3I8S 
~ EMy'on [he F»hT..lLBiig, 31S9 

naugbion[a.C.) Bengali gr^maiBr 

— Bon Ball aelew ions 3812 

— litneill.SiuiKrltuid English diciy. 

lUw.lia Spei^tBtor (The) 

RKfitl (Abmedl Totafeb UddarlyjaE 

— Tobfeh-iVeliobl 883< 
Ho Keiero Koblkuhl 343'. 
Hei-nluvuknAmbi Mi: 
llu bynuty-BOa Drianl.llB Aot. 

a<ath (BsT. D. I.) EiDdoi PhpttI 

— Ethnv imstv. 

- liBiiow ITho) 

rauimulk dcr Pnkcliaprv 
lUlumdrt Bliiiltacbaiya 

lleniidrl. Chalnnargm 3tM 

tlepbam. Jijumse dldr. MOB 

abridged UM 

Herbeliit <,!>') BlbUotlibaDB nrintils 


Ilorero LBniuiKa Mac 

Herra™ lAbr. Kohen] Portt C»eloninl 
neiironltB (Jm.> tdrlil BlU 

Homo (Cb. do) plcrro udtusts ail> 

KournlDii, Ma]ei«h Woottloboek auD 

HhKkmtih Shelainoh (Safer) lad 

Hldiy.t nn N»lm-«o nirfiynl 


HlBrwIc UsEnigo of Egypt 3111.81 

-Prnpynuol Klug. 


117 l-B* 

- Rdiny ;u. do) 

Hihsyst: Uidav Trnia 


Hiksyil: PenUui TbIu 


Hilmyst— see also toliowl 

HIkgyat Deira Uand^l. Ua 

Hlkayu Janoaeb Ibn Dai 


HJkayit Mcu DevB Id 

n Kuun... 


Hiknyai Msu Ferbn Jayii 




iOa (t:.) Auyr 


I Ibn Said S3at 

at SI, list 

Hindi" ""J"™" 

Hindi (Eulem) LuiBoagM — Hhi 

Hindi Reader (HiUj. 

Hindi Sdmllwa 

HiudB A«ranoiry-Gnnl 



— Ltw^DatutK-Mbnuii 

— PbllOHiphy— V'ilakaDtha 33M, 
-- Tbeowpby— Jog BasUliht 
HiuduUD. Biliary— tkhuliuati 

Tibi^jiU Akbanliahl 

RinduiUiil IS 

Hlnilaetanl, i-^tui. KngUib, F 

luoH Dictionary. MS. 
iUuduiiani SalecUgn* 



Hionen-Thsang— see Hwen Thsang 
Hippologyi Treatise on (in Arabic) 

Hirasukbal, MS. in Old Hindi 8380 
Hirt's China 8418 

Hiscbaml (the KhaUf) Kitab-ul-Uynn 

History of Sandford and Merton, Urdu 

History of the war in Bosnia 3328 
Hitopadesa, Sanscrit 8347 

— Sanscrit, Bengali, English 3347 
~ Sanscrit and English 8347 

— Bengali 3372 

— Persian— Mnfarrihu-1-Kulub 3806 

— English 8347 

— see Ballantyne 8341 
Hiyat-uI-Hi wan - see Damiri 3226 
Ho Liang-Cblin, Ts'aog-shuo 8418 
Hodgson (B. H.) Indian Essays 

— Collection ol^ Sanscrit MSS. 3344 

— Hunter's dicty. 81fi6 
Hoel Lan Ki 3418 
Hoei-Li , Hwen Thsang 34 1 8 
Hoernie, Oandian Languages 3339 
Hoffmann (A,G.) grammat. syr. 8209 
Hoffmann (J.) Japan, dialogues 3408 

— Catalogus libr. japon. 8412 

— TsiSn Dsu Wen 3413 

— Curtius 8406 

— Kingtetchin 3420 

— Siebold's Bibl. japon. 3411 
Hofbtetter u. Hudaj, arab. Handbuch 

Hok-Eeen Dialect— Lexilogus 3420 

— Medhurst 8421 
Hokusai— Fugaka 8407 
Hole (R.) Arabian Nights 8220 
Hollander, javaansche taal 8431 

— Haleische 'i'aal 8430 
Holiato's-Siyara (alO— Dozy 3227 
Hollings (W. C.) Baital Pachisi 8377 

— Prem Sagur 8382 

— Rekhtu songs 8380 
Holmboe — see Schreuder og H. 
Homeidi (Abd-ur-Rahman al-) 8227 
Hoo Peih Seang 8416 
Hoo San-sing 3413 
Hooiberg, Kawi-Oorkonden 8431 
Hopkins (D.) Persian-Arab. Vocabu- 
lary 3292 

Hopkins (L. C.) the six scripts 3420 
HorapoIIo — see Valerianns 3181 

Hori Tatsnosltay, Japanese dicty. 34U8 
Horikosi Eamenoskay 3408 

Horsemanship, Persian — Fara-Nama 

Horst— see Beschl 8394 

Horns Apollo — see HorapoIIo 
Horns Myth— Nayille 3178 

Horwitz, Sh'ne Lukhoth Habb. 3197 
Hosaini— see Husalni 
Hosein— see Husain 
Hosn — see Husn 

Hoto Oan-kwo 8415 
Hottentot — see class Namaqua 
Hettinger, Promtuarium 3165 
Hongh, Burmese Tocabulary 3400 
and grammar 8400 

— Geography, in Burmese 8400 
Houtman (F. de) Maieisch Diction. 

Hovelacqne, Avesta 8190 

— Gramroalre Zend 3189 
Howell (M. S.) Arabic grammar 3236 
Hreijef n Ciait bil Malti 8273 
Hsiao-hsiio 8425 
H8ien-Fo-Ch*i-Tsung 3418 
Hsin Ching Lu— Wade 8426 
Hsin-tsdng-chih-nang 3417 
HsttCh'ang-chih 3413 

.Huart, Eawi-Oorkonden 3431 

Hudaj— see Hofetetter n. H. 
Hndud-nn-Nahw 8223 

Huebschmann, Arestastudien 3190 
-* Zoroastr. Lied 3189 

Mi^M 7. P,)^AMw Bahman 8338 

Hughes (T. P.)— Ealid-i Afghani 8338 
Hukkam Mdlwa— Firishta 8288 
Hukim Nnds bin Iwnz 3266 
Httlii— see AbuU-Casim al- 
Humayun, Memoirs, Persian 8320 
English 8320 

— see Akbar Namah 3274 
Humayun Nama, Turkish 3328 
Humboldt (W.von) Eawi-Sprache343l 

— Langue chinoise 3176 

— Lettre k R^^musat 3418 

— Vocab. taitien— see Buschmann 

Hnng-Shoo-T'hung-Pan 8404 

Hunter (W. W.) comparative diction- 
ary 3166 

— see Catalogue of Sanscrit MSS. 3344 
Hureereeyo— see Hariri 

Hurra oz—F^naon 8336 

Hurwitz (Hymau) Hebrew Tales 3197 

— Hebrew Gi ammar 3197 
Husain bin Ahmed bin al-Husain ad 

Diyarbakri 8248 

Husaiu All (Mir) Ni/.ami 3310 

Husain All Khan, Hyder Naik 3292 

— Tipu Sultan 3292 
Husain biu Asad bin Husain ad-Delil- 

stan 32»4 

Hubain Eh'aja 3255 

Husain al Mahausi, Poems 3227 

Husain Vaiz al-Eaahifl, Akhl:ik-i 

Muhsani 3276 

— Anwar-i-Suhaili 8278-79 

— Koran 3250 

— Kashaliat Ain ul Hayat 3328 

— Rauzat-ush-Shuhuda 3312 

— Risala-ul-Aliya 8312 

— Tafsir Huseini 3252 
Husalni — ree Abd-ur-Rashid H. 
Husaini al-Eafawi (al) — see AbuU- 

Husn-ara, Persian MS. 3800 

Husn u Ishk— Nimat Khan Ali 8308 
Husn ul Mohadherat — Suyuti 8268 
Husn nl-Mokasad— Suyuti 8258 

Husul-un-Ni'mat, Arabic MS. 8236 
Hutt (J.) Australian Tocabui. 8432 
Huzaill Anthology, Arabic 3227 

— Poems, Arabic MS. 8255 
Huzvaresh — see Pahlawi 
Hwa-He-Min, Ewang tse 8418 
Hwen Thhang, Hint, de la vie de 8418 

— Gentries occidentales 8418 
Hyaku nin is-syu 3408 

— JapanobO and English 8408 
Hyat-ul-Knloob 3305 
Hyder— see Haidar 

Hymns, Hawaian 3434 

— Tahitian 8433 
Ibno-'l-Abbar— see Dozy 3227 
Ibn Abdoun — see Ibn Badronn 8237 
Ibn Abd-Rabbihi, histor. encyclopaedia 

Ibn Abi Dinar, History of Tnnis 3236 
Ibn Abi d-Dunya— see Faraj ba'd 3284 
Ibn Abi Hajlah (Shihab-ud-dlu) 8236 
Ibn Abi Takub an-Nadim 3236 

Ibn Abi Zar' al Fasi 3264 

Ibn Adhari — see Ibn Adzari 
Ibn Adzari, Hist, de TAfrique, en 
Arabe 8236 

Ibn Akil, Sharh Alfiyya 32^43 

Ibn Ali al-Makudi— see Ibn Malik 

Ibn-ul-Ambari, Nuzhat-nl-Alibba 8263 
Ibn Amir — see Ghassani 
Ibn-ul-Arabi, Comment, on the Fosus 


— Mystical treatises 3237 

— Extracts from the Fntnhat 8237 

— Traditions, Sayings of the Prophets 


— Tarjaman-ul-Ashwak 8235 

— Kasidas 8255 

— see Juijani 8245 

— Sha'rawi 3266 
Ibn Arab8hab,Lif e of Thnur, Arabic 3237 

Ibn Arabshoh, Life of Timur, Arabic 
and Latin 8287 

— Fructns imperatorum, Arabice 8237 

— Fakihatu l-KI)ulufa 3287 
Ibn-nl-Asir— see Ibn-ul-Athir 
Ibn-uI-Athir, Biograph. Dictionary 

(Asad ul Ghabet) 8238 

— Chronicun (Eamil) 9238 
Ibnu '1-Awam, Kitab ul Falahat 8288 

— Llvre de rAgrlculture 3288 
Ibn Badroun, Sharh Kasida 3287 
Ibn Baitar, Krafte der Heilmittel 8287 
Ibn Batuta, Rihlut (Travels) MS. 3288 

Arabe et Fran9. 8238 

en Franpais 3238 

English 3288 

Portuguese 3288 

Ibn Dhuheira— see Wustenfeld 3272 
Ibn Djabir — see Balazuri 
Ibn-nl-Faiidh (Omar) Diwan, MSS. 

3239, 8227, 32» 
printed editions 8289 

— Hohe Lded der Liebe, German and 
Arabic 8239 

Ibn Foslan, die Rnssen, arab. und 
deutbch 8239 

Ibn ul Haj— see Mohammed bin 

Ibn i 1 a j I r,Biographical Dictionary 8289 

— Nokhbat al-Fikr 3239-40 
Ibn Hajib, Kaflyya, Arabic MS. 3240 

see Bailtie 8222 

Persian MS. 8240 

Commentaries on 3240 

Ibn Hajr, Isharat-Hidayat 8256 

Ibn Halwu, Kasidas 3255 

Ibn Haukal— Uylenbroek 8220 

Ibn Hibham, Arabic Grammar 8240 

— Arabic Syntax 3241 

— Comment, on Katrun-Nida, MS. 8241 
Ibn Hojjah, Kasida 32J)5 
Ibn Hujjah, Khazanat-ni-Adab 8241 
Ibn Jd'is — see Ibn Ta'ish 

Ibn Jnbair, Rihlat (Travels) 8241 

Ibn Khakan, Collier dor, Arabic 8241 

— on Ibn Zeidoun 322J 
Ibn Khaldnn, History of the Arabs. 

Arabic 8241 

— Mukkadamat: Introduction to 
history S241 

— a portion of the Mukkadamat 8255 
Ibn Khallikan, Biograpbu Dictionary, 

Arabic MS. 8241 

Arabic, by Wilstenfeld 3241 

Arabic, by de Slane 8243 

English, by de Slane 8242 

— Tydeman 8242 
Ibn-ul-Khatib, Chronicle 8242 
Ibn Kutaiba, Eitab al Maarif 8242 
— Tabulae gen ealog. Arabice etLat. 8242 
Ibn Malik, Aiflyya, MSS. and printed 

editions 8242-43 
Commentaries oa 8248 

— see Fat'h-nl-Akfal 8281 
Ibnu'l-Mnqaffa, Kalila wa Dimna 8246 
Ibn N&buluai— see Abd-ul-Ghanii 8315 
Ibn Nobat-a- see Ibn Nubaca 

ibn Nubata, Diwan, MS. 8248 

— Easldas 8255 

— Poems 3255 

— Comment, on Ibn Zeidun 8344 
Ibn Shid&d— see Baha 'ud-Din 
Ibn-ush-Shnhna, Universal History, 

Arabic 3243 

see Ibn nl Athir 8238 

Ibn Sina — see Avtcenna 

Ibn Tagri Bardii— see Aba*l-Mabadn 

— see Jamaluddin bin Togri Bardi 
Ibn Talmiz— Ealila wa Dimna 8246 
Ibn Tufail. Hai Ibn Yokdhan 8248 

Etiglish by Ockley 3348 

Ibn-ul-Wardi, Kharidat 8343-44 

— Easldas 8355 
Ibn Ta'ish, Sharh nl-Mufaasal 8343 
Ibn Zafar, Snlwan-ul-Mata t3<7 
Ibn Zaldun 8344 
— see Weyers 8320 



Ibo Langaage 8436 

Ibraheem — see Mohammad Ibrahim 
Ibrahim (Sultan) History, Malay 8429 
Ibrahim Batnl 8302 

Ibrahim Ef endi, Farhang-i Shuuri 3285 

— Usul-ul-Hlkam 3828 
Ibrahim bin Mohd. al-Halibi, Multaka 

ul Abhur, Arabic 8260 

Persian 8306 

Ibrahim Pasha Petchawl — see 

Ibshaihi— Mustatraf 8261 

Ideler (T. L.) Heimapion 3175 

Idb-har-nl-haqq — see flahmat-Ullah 

Idrisi, General Geography, Arabic 8244 

— Desert pc de Espana, Arab, and 
Spani>h 8244 

— Greogr. Nnbiensis, Latin 8244 

— Syria, Arab, et Lat. ^ 3265 
Ignatins (St.) Corpus Ignatianum 3209 

— Epistles 3209 

— Vindicice 3210 
I-hai-ehu-ch'6n 8426 
Ihsan-ullah Murotaz 3281 
linnma Tokusai's Somokn-dusets 3408 
Ikbal-Nama 3293 
~ see Khirad Nama 3309 
Ikhwanu s-Safa, Arabic 8244 

— Hindustani, lithographed 3380 

by Forbes 3380 

by Lees 3380 

— English, by Manuel 3380 

by Platis 3381 

Ikkarim (Sefer) 3198 

Ikram All, Ikhwanu-s-Safa 8380 

Ilakkana Vinavidal 8396 

ninminated MSS.— see MSS. 
lUn-l-Tasawwuf 8270 

Ilocana 8427 

Imadu s-Sa*adat 8292 

Imams— Fikh 8285 

— Mukbil 33u6 

— Kauzat-ul-Ahbab 3311 
Iman-uddin (of Dihli) Miftah-ns- 

Salat 3382 

Imbonatus, Bibliotheca lat.-hebr 8197 
Immanuel ben Yakob, Hebrewr MS. 

Imru-l-Kais — see Amro 'l-Kais 
Immulqais — see Amro *1-Kais 
Inayah : a comment, on Hidayah 8236 
Inayat-nl-Kazl 8222 
Inayat Ullah, Hist, of Akbar 8275 
-~ Bahari Danish, Persian 8280 
Hindustani 8377 

— Guizari Danish 8380 
Incwadi Yokukqala 8437 
India, Description of— Gholam Imam 

Khan 8379 

— History of — Abu'l Fazl 8274-76 

Akbar Naraah 8274 

Am Akbari 8275 

Badauni 8279 

Firlshta 3287-8S 

Gholam Imam Khan 8379 

Muir 8354 

Mulakhkhas-ut-Tavat ikh 83 17 

Siyaru 'l-Mutakhkhirin 3317 

Tabakati Nasiri 3318 

see under Tarikh 3319 

— Histories of the Princes of— East- 
^Ick 3378 

i— Office, Catal. of Arabic MSS. of the 


— Portuguese Missions in — Cunha 
Rivara 3386 

India (South) Folk Songs of— Gover 

Indian Alphabet— Weber 8170 
Harkness 8391 

— Ethnology— Hodgson 83:^9 

— Fables— Weber 8170 

— Inscriptions— «ee Inscriptions 

— Languages 8839-3898 

— — general and comparative works 

3339, 3391 

Indian Languages— Hunter's dicty. of 
non- Aryan lang. 3166 

— Law— see Hindu Law, Moham- 
medan Law 

— Literature, History of — Weber 

Williams 8368 

— Tales— Pantcha Tantra 8356 

— Terms— Elliot 8339 

Glossary of 3339 

Indian — see also Hindu 

Indi-'che Studien 3367 

Indo-Chinese Languages 3399-3402 
Inhambane dialect — Bleek 3434 

Invcriptiuprope Rosettam inventa 3180 
Inscriptions, Assyrian 3184-86 

— Babylonian 8184-86 

— Chinese 3419 
Shan tso chin 8424 

— Cufic— Assemanus 8260 

— Cuneiform 8184-90 

— Demotic 3171-83 

— Egyptian— see Hieroglyphics 

— Hieratic 3171-83 

— Hlmyaritic 3244 

— Indian— Fleet 8:J39 

Wilson 8339 

Allahabad Pillar Inscription 3347 

at Asoka 3369 

Cunningham 3370 

at Plyadasi— S^nart 8371 

— South-Indian— Bumell 8391 

— Japanese 3408 

— Old Persian 3184-86 

— Phoenician- Inscriptions 3207 
Land 8176 

— Punic— Bargfes 3207 

Drummond 8207 

Insha: Diplomatic Correspondence, 

Turkish 8328 

Insha Aziz : Diplomatic Correspon- 
dence 3328 
Insha-i-Hindee, Hindustani 3381 
Insiia-i-Hurkaran — see Insha-i-Hin dee 
Insha i .Tedid 3328 
Insha — see also authors' names 
Institutes of Vishnu 8847 
Introduction to Bengalee 3372 
Iqbal Namah — see Ikbal Nameh 
Irira (Abr. Kohen) — see Herrera 
Isa Upanishad 3361 
Isaac (G.) Grammatica hebr. 3197 
I^aac Levita (.Toh.)— see Tybbon 8205 
Isaac Loria— see Loria 
Isaac ben Salomon ben Sahola 8201 
Isaiies (Moses) — see Moses Isarles 
Isenberg, Atnharic Dicty. 3213 

— Amharic Grammar 3213 
Isfahan!— «ee Ahmad Isfiohani (Mirza) 
Ibfahani — see Abu Nu'aim al Haflz-al- 

IsfaraMni— see Taj-ud-Dln Mohd. 
Isharat — Avlcenna 3221 

Ii»harat-Hidaya^ut-Tawfik 3256 

Ishibashi Hasakata — see Satow 
lakaudar — see Sikandar 
Iskander Munshi, Alam Ara 3277 

Iskowitz (Itzhak) Seder Tefilloth 8204 
Islam, Languages of 3215-3335 

Islamism — Nawawi 3262 

— see Mohammedan, Mohammedan- 

Ismail Panha — see Mariette Bey 8178 
Issakhar Behr, Matnoth 8202 

Istakhri — see Abu Is'hak 
Iswarachandra Vidyasagara 8372 

I<esa Modeen (Mirza) Travels 8384 
It'haf— see Abd-us-Saldm 8215 

Itqan— Siiyuti 8268 

Ituku-sima du-kal 8408 

Iwala Sabaie, Wiquaya 3886 

lyar-i Danish, Persian MSS. 8274 

— Urdu — see Khirad Afroz 

Izhar ul Asrar, Comment, on Blrkewi 

Izlnganekwane — Callaway 8436 

Izzi Suleiman Efendi, Tarikh 8328,3331 

J. M. J.— Tu Vi Annam-Pha 8399 

Jaba (A.) Dictionnaire kurde 3338 
Jacob (P. W.) Indices, MS. 8362 

Jacob ben Asher, Arba Turim 8197 
Jacob ben David (Rabbi) Nayir ha 
Yamim 8202 

Jacut — see Yakut 

Jadwal Suleiman u1-Felekl 8267 
Jaeschke, Tibetan dicty. 8403 
romanized 8408 

— Tibetan grammar 8403 
ed. by Wenzel 8403 

— tibet. Handworterbuch 8403 
JaYar, Khosru wa Shirin 8292 
Ja'far bin Hasan— Mahdi 8254 
Jafar Sadik— Fal Namah 8284 
Jagamangaia — Bhatti Kavya 8342 
Jagannatha Sukla— BhagavadGita884I 
Jahaudar Shah (Emperor) Gujerati 

Jahangir (Emperor) Tnzak : Memoirs 

EuKlish 8298 

— Ikbal Nama 8293 

— Farhang : Dictionary 8286 

— illuminated paintings 8282 
Jahn, Cha!d. Chre.«tomathle 8197 
Jahn (G.) Ibn Ya'ish 8243 
Jaiminiya-Nyaya-Mala-Vistara 8848 
Jaina Literature— Weber 3367 

— Religion— Kalpa Sutra 3370 
Jalal Kajar, ancient Parsls 3374 
Jalal-ud-din Mahalli 3244 
Julal-ud-din bin Malik— see Ibn Malik 
Jalaluddin Rumi, Masnavi, MSS. 


— Persian and Turkish 8294 

— English by Redhouse 3294 
see Robinson 8312 

— Commentary : Sahifa i Afzal 8291 
Jalai ud-Din Suyuti — see Suyuti 
Jalvaha-l Loghat 3294 
Jamal (Abul fazl Mohd. al-) Surah 

Jamal Husalni, Rauzat ul Ahbab 8811 
Jamal-ud-dln Abd-allah bin Yusuf— > 

see Ibn Hlsham 
Jamalu d-Din Husain Anju 8285 

Jamal-ud-din Ibn Hajib— see Ibn 

Jamal-ud-din bin Nubata — see Ibn 

Jamaluddin bin Togri Bardi, Manred 

Aiiatafet 8258 

Jamaspji Asa (D. H )— see Hang 

Jameseb ibn Daniel, Hikayat 8327 
Jami, the seven Masnavies, MS. 829fi 

— five romantic Poems, MS. 829fi 

— Baharistan, MSS. 829fi 

— Comment, on the Kafiyya 8240 

— Diwans, MSS. 3292 

— Khirad-Nama, MS. 329£ 

— Kok Shaster 8301 

— Leila u Majnun 8292 

— Nafhat-ul-uns 829£ 

— Risalat, Persian and Arabic 8296 

— Rukaat 817C 

— Salaman u Absal 8292 
English 331( 

— Silsilah-uz-Zahab, MS. 8295-9( 

— Subhatu 1-Abrar, MS. 8295-9C 

— Tuhfat-uI-Ahrar 8295-9< 

— Yusuf wa Zalikha, Persian 8295-9( 
Pushtu, MSw 333t 

— see Blochmann 828S 

— Robinson 831S 

— Rosenzweig 8294 
Jami'ul-Abbasi: Shiah Law 829( 
Jamiu *1-Akhlak, Urdu 8381 
Jami-ul-Hikayat 829< 

— Faraj ba*d as-Shiddah 828^ 
Jam*u-r-Rumuz 8241 
Jami us-Saghir : Traditions 8261 
JamI 'ns-Sahih- Bukhari 8228-2 
Jami'a t-Tawarikh : Hist des Mongol 



Jami*a t-Tawarikh t general Histoiy 


— Rashid ad-Din 8832 
Jamsetjee J^eebhoy, Life of— Ganj- 

namah 8874 

Jan All (Maulavi) Hariri 3234 

Janakl-Parinaya Natalta, MS. 8387 
Jang.Namah, Persian 8297 

Jani Mohd. Asaad— Alililak-l-Jalali 

Janis8arie8,Hi8tor7 of the-Shefil(3333 
Janst, javaansche Spraakknnst 3431 
Japan, Costumes of 3406 

— Description— Itukn-sima 8408 

— Foreigners in 8407 

— Geography — Siebold 8412 

— History — Annates dea Emperenrs 

Kokn Slii Ranyo 8408 

— — Kokn ►hi mgaka 3409 

Nihon Guashi 3408 

Ni-Hon hyaka 8409 

Nihon Sho-ki 8408 

Shin Eoku Kt^i 8408 

— — Wa nen koi 8412 

Tamato Buml 8412 

Japanese 3405-13 

Japanese Art— Ituka-sima 8408 

— Drawing-books 8406 

— Flags and Banners 3407 

— Inscriptions 3408 

— Law— Shin ritsn 3409 

— Library 8408 

— School-books 8411 

— Writinsf— Rosny 8410 
Jarrett, Naiopukhyanam 3351 
Jarrett (H. S.) Shah Namah 8287 
Jammiya: Arabic Grammar(Erpenin8^ 


— Arabic and French 8271 
(Bresnler) 3245 

— Commentary, by Eefrawi 3218 
Jasher, fragm. carminnm 3197 
Jatakalamkara 8348 
Jatakas 3370 
Jatalcatthavannana : Jataka Tales, 

English 8370 

Janbert (A) Grammalre torke 3328 

— Dictionn. berb^re 3485 

— Venture de Paradls 8435 
Janhar, Tazkiratn 1-Wakiat 3320 
Janharat-nl-Tawhid— see Abd-us-Sa- 

lim 3215 
Jauhari, Sihah, Arabic 8266 
Arabic and Turk ish 8267 

— — Arabic and Persian — see Surah 

Jann Alee— see Jan Ali 
Jannpor, History of— Tarikh-i Jann- 
pur 3320 

Java, Mjrthological History of 8430 
Javanese (Old) 3431 

— (Modem) 3431 
Jawabiri Abbasiyah— see Khnlasah-i 

Tawarikh i A.bbasiyah 3300 

Jawahir-ol-Adab : Arabic Rhetoric 

Jawahir-nl-Buhnr, Arabic MS. 3245 
Jawahlr-i Khamsa 3297 

Jawabir-Namah: on precious Stones 

Jawaini— see Mu'in-nd-Din 
Jayadeva, Prasannaraghava 3356 

— see Gitu Govinda 

Jaya Gopala Tirkalanka Ramagovinda 

Jaynnarayana Tarkapanchanana 

3855, 3862 
Java Sinha— Bumell 3344 

Jar^ri (Abd-al iah Mohd. al-) 3258 

Jazail (Mohd. ibnu 1-) 3259 

Jazidi II (the Kalif) Kitab-nl- Uynn 


JaxuU (Ahu Abd-AJ)»b) Dalall-nl- 

Kbairat 8226 

Jajszar (tbe Paaha Ahmad) Klasg 3248 

'fetanaar—aee Jahandar 



Jehanglr— see Jahangir 
Jehnda Abel, Eshkol 
Jehudah Haleri, Kiisari 
Jejeebhoy — see Jamsetjee 
Jelal— see Jalal 
Jemal — see Jamal 
Jenisch, de fatis ling, orient 
Jerusalem, History of — Uns-ul-Jalil 


— Temple— Hannnkath Habbeth 3197 

Suynti 3269 

Jesaia — see Tesaia 

Jesefki, Durr al Mukhtar 8228 

JewiHh Art— Saulcy 32<>4 

— Calendar— Lindo 8199 

— Law— RabbinowicK 3205 
Arba Turim 8197 

— Literary History— Conforti 3194 

FUrst 8196 

Steinschneider 8204 

Zunx 3206 

— Liturgy 8196-97 

— Prayers— see Makhzor 8200-1 

— Ritual— Arba Turlm 3197 
see Hakhzor 8200-1 

— see also Hebrew 

Jezb nl KiUub. Abd ul Hakk 8278 

Jezira (Uber) 3108 

Jibananda Vidyasagara, Anumana- 

chintamani 8340 

— Bhojaprabhanda 3342 

— Dharmashastra Sangraha 8845 

— Medini 8353 

— Nidana 8355 

— Pantcba-Tantra 8355 

— Patanjala Darshana 8356 

— Prasannaraghava 8356 

— Priya Darshika 3356 

— Purnaprajna Darsana 8358 

— Viromitrodaya 8367 
Jilwah-ul-Wujud 3296 
Jimutavahana 3345 
Jinns— Ali Burhan-ud-D!n 8240 
Joannes Chrysostomos, Comment, on 

John's Gospel, Arabic 3225 

Jog Bashisht 3297 

Johns — see Freeman and Johns 
Johnson (Fr.) Hitopadesa, Sansait 

Sanscrit and Engl. 3347 

— Mahabharata 3351 

— Mitra-Labha (Hitopadesa) 8847 

— Gulistan 8314 

— Persian Dlcty. 3297 

— see Richardson 3312 
Johnson (S.) Rasselas, Bengali and 

EngL 8349,8372 

Hindustani MS. 3381 

Jolly, Institutes of Vishnu 8347 

— die Frauen der Inder 8869 
Jomard (£ ) systibme m^trlque 3175 
Jonas Vates (Book of Jonah) 3213 
Jonathan ben Uzziel— Etheiidge 8195 
Jones (Sir W.) Persian Grammar 3297 

— Hitopadesa, English 8347 

— Institutes of Menu 3353 

— Sakontala, English 3347 

— Extracts from the Ramayan and 
VedaM, English 3347 

— Mnallakat, Arabic and English 3259 

English 3347 

Clouston 8226 

Jonuillaeus — see Jonville 

Jonville, Calvinus 3194 

Jorjani— see Juijani 

Joseph (A.) A Cummi Poem 3395 

Jof«eph Albo, Ets Sliatul 3198 

Joseph ben Joshua ben Meir (Rabbi) 

Chronicles 8198 

Joseph Karo- see Earo 
Jost, Mishna 8202 

Josnae Liber, Arab, et Lat 8208, 3245 
Journal of the Am^'ican Oriental 

Society 3163 

— of the Asiatic Society of Bengal 

— — Bombay Branch ^^^^ 

Journal of the Indian Archipelago 

Joyes and Pillay, Nunnool 8896 

Judas (A. C.) langue phonic. 8207 

— Inscript. phonic, de Marseille 8207 

— Inscript. numidico-pnnlqnes 8208 

— Tarif de taxes 8208 
Jnde (Der) 8204 
Judson, Burmese-En g1. Dicty, 3400 

— Engl -Burmese Dicty. 8400 

Abrldued 8400 

Jttig, Mongol. M&rchen 3405 

Jnlien (St.) Examen critique 8419 

— Methode pour d^chiffrer 8348 

— syntax et lexigr. chin. 8419 

— simple expose 8419 

— lesAvadanas 34 1 9 

— Hiouen Thsang 8418 

— Hoei Lan Ki 8418 

— King to tchin : Porcelalne chinoise 


— Lao Tseu : Livre de la voie 8420 

— Livre des recompenses 8421 

— Meng Tseu 842S 

— Tn Kiao Li : let denx consinee 8419 

— see Panthier 8438 
Jnmal — see Jamal 

Jumnuznddy (Moolvy) Boostan 8315 
Junker, Ctesch. des Alterthums 8188 
Jurjanl (Abd-nl-Kahir) Miat AmO 

Juijant (Saiyid All) Grammat Defini- 
tions, Arabic MS. 8845 

— Definitiones, Arab. ( FlUgel) 8245 
* ~ ' 8189 

3208, 8345 
Alim 3810 

Jnsti (F.) Zendsprache 

— Bundehesh 

— Abfertigung Haug*8 

— Kurdische Grammatik 

— see Jaba 
Juynboll, Abu'l Mah'asin 

— Chronicon Samarit. 

— Lexicon geogr. Arabice 

— Orientalia 
Jyotisham, Weber 
Kabbala — Franck 
Kabbala denudata 
Eabir,BiJak, Hindi MS. 
Eabir-al-din Ahmad 
Kabir-nd-din Hnsain bin 
Kabul!. Diwan 
Kabyle — see efoM Berber 
Kaccayana — see Kachchayano 
Kachchayano*s Pali grammar 
see Alvris 





Kadru I'-AwHyya— see Kadr Wall 
Kadr WaU (the Saint), CtaoJ-l Kadrat 

Kaegi (A.) Rig-Veda 

— iiber den Rigveda 
Kafawi (al-) — see Aba*l-Baqi 
Kafeeah — see Ibn Hajib 
Kafir Essays, Kafir and EogL 
Kafir Language 
Kaflyya— see Ibn Hajib 
Kai ka mondo 
Kaikobad ben Moneherjee 

Kais, Poems, Arabic 
Kaisamamah i Hind 
Kaisum-Zadah,Tuikish MS. 
Kaiyyata*8 Bhaahyaptadipa— seeMaha- 

bhavhya 8353 

Kakyani (Shir Mahmud) 8384 

Kaladat— see Makhzunii 8256 

Kale Rai, Fnttnhgnrh Namah 8378 
Kalendar — see Calendar 
Kali Krishna's (Rqja) TrandatlOBS 


— Gay's Fablea, Bengali 8879 
Urdu 8S79 

— Johnson's RasselaB, Bengali 8879 
Kalid-i-Af(rhani 8888 

\ TL«LMa«a, Kuman SambhaT» S848 
i\ — — YAtg6&\v 







Kalldasa Malavika et Agnimitra 3343 
French 3343 

— MeRhaduta, Sanscrit 8848 

Sanscrit and Eaglfsh 834S 

Englioh 3348 

in English Terse 3348 

— Nalodaya, Sanscrit and English 

Sanscrit and Latin 3363 

— Ragliu Vansa, Sansctit 3348-49 
Sanscrit and Latin 3348 

— Ritnsanhara 8:^48 
French 8846 

— Sakuntala, Sanscrit 8449 

Indian edition 3345 

Sanscrit and Frendi S349 

Bengali 8372 

English, by Williams 8349 

by Jones 8347 

see Pisdiel 3369 

— Urwasi 8349 

— Vikramorvasi 3349 

English 8849 

French 3349 

see Pischel 3369 

KalUa wa Dimna, Arable 8246 

— Arabic snd French 8246 

— Persian— see Anwar-i-Snhaili 
see lyar-l Danish 

— Syriac and German 8210 
Kalmuck — see passim Mongolian 
Kalp«^-see Snsruta 3360 
Kalpa Sutra, English by Stevenson 

Kamakura Shi 8408 

KamaShastra Society Publications- 
Arabian Nights 8219 

— Kama Sutra 83fi0 
Kama Sutra, English 8350 
Kamal-nd-Din Mohd. bin Huear-see 

Kamal-ud-din (Abu'l Walld Mohd. bin) 

—see Ibn-ush-Shuhna 
Kamal-ud-Din Khakani (Amir)—flee 

Kamalakara Bhatta 8357 

Kamandaki, Nitisara 3355 

Kamll of All bin Abbas 8246 

— of el-Mubarrad 8246 
Kamil ut>Tawarikh, Ibn-ul-Athir 8238 
Karomavaeha, Pali MSS. 8370 

— Pali and Latin 8370 
Karomav^ya— see Kammavacha 
Karooos— see Kamus ' 

Kamrup, Persian MS. 8297 

— Hindustani 8381 

— French 8381 
Kamul Chand. Firdansi 8379 
Kamus ul Mohit of Firnzabadi, Arabic 


— Arabic and Turkish 8247 
Kana dehon chiishirizwra 8409 
Kanada, Valseshlka Darsana 8862 
Kanada Language— see da s Canarese 
Kan^Jour, Feer 3408 

— Index to the — Schmidt 8404 
Kanghe — see Kang Hri 

Kang Hi — see Kang Hsi 
Kang-Hsi's Imperial Chinese dicty. 

smnll edition 8419 

— Concise dictionary 3419 

— :£ang-H8i Tzu Tien : Chinese dicty. 


— Kuang-chlln : Chinese Herbarium 


— Shing yu Kwang: Maxims 8419 

— Sacred edict 8424 

— Copy of an edict 84 1 9 
Kanopns — see Canopus 

Kanturi — see Mahmnd Mohakkak 
Kanun nl-Janaiyat : Penal Code of 
Tunis 8247 

Kanuri Language 8487 

Kanzu d-Dakaik, Arabic 8262 

— Persian 3297 

— Cotnmentary^Mvdn-nd'Dia 8262 

Kapila ;.Mahdrshi)Saukijya Darshana 


— Aphorir>-ros 3369 
Kapur-di-Giri loscription — Wilson 

8339, 3369 

Nonis 8369 

Kara-Chelebi (Abdu 1-Aziz) 3332 

Karaeite Commentary — Eshkol 31<j5 

Kether To ah 3 1 99 

Mivlchor 8202 

— Liturgy— Seder TefiUoth 3204 
Karaeites — Furttt 3i96 
Karagatisian Language — Castren 3402 
Karanda Bynha 8350 
Kareem Uddeen — see Karim uddin 
Karen Language 8401 
Kari— see All al-Kari 

Kurim uddin, Gulistan-i Hind 3380 

— Abul Feda 3375 
Karim ul Loghat 3881 
Karmani, Kanzn d-Dacalc 8297 
Karmapradipa-Sinriti 8:i60 
Karroasati, Mohamma Ian Law, Arabic 

MS. 3247 

Kamak Inscriptions— Duemichen 3174 
Karo (Jos.) Maglnne Eretz 8199 

— Orakh Khayim 8199 

— Ashle Ravreve 8 1 99 

— Beth Yosef 3197 

— Shulkhan Amkh 8198-99 
Karsandas Mulji, Travels 3374 
Kartlka Mahatmya 3350 
Karuga omla Waka-mia 3409 
Kasaid — see word which follows 
Kashaiil (Ahmad) Anwar i SahaiU 3278 
Kashuni (Ahmad al-) Sufi Dicty. 3243 
Kashanl (Mohd. Husaln; Khandamir 

Kashcfl-^ee Husain Vaiz al- 
Kashefl Husaini, scribe 3283 

Kashf ul Asrar, Azz-eddin 322 1 

Kashf Istalahat, Tahanawi 8269 

Ka»hf>ul-Lughat 3298, Hajji Khalifa 8232 
Kashi Ram Dass— Mahabharata 8372 
Kashkul— Abu 1-FazI 3274 

Kashmir, History of— Gulzar Kashmir 


Raja Tarangini 8311 

'I'arikhi Kashmir 8819 

Kashmiri, scribe 8288 

Kashsshaf an Haqaiq al-Tanzil 3252 
Kasidas 8255 

Kasida-ul-Imam Ghazzali 3255 

Kasida ul Kazi Neshwan 8262 

Kaaida at-Tantarani 3270 

Kasim Anwar (or KasimI) 3298 

Kasim Beg, Tracts 8170 

Kasim al-Halebi, Poems 8227 

Kasim bin Husain Sadr-uI-Afazil, 
Dlram-us-Sikt 8217 

Kasimirskl— see Kazlmirskl 
Kasinatha Upadhyaga 3345, 3856 

Kassia — see Cassia 
Kastalani- see Shihab'Ud-DIn al- 
Kat»tttri — see Bras-Kasturi 
Kasudu-Gadegalu 8392 

Katantra 3350 

Katha Upanishad 8361 

Kathiavad, Folk-Lore of 8374 

Katib Chelebi (Abdallah)— «ee H^ji 

Katibi, Dlwan 8300 

Katru n-Nida, Ibn Hlsham 3241 

Katu Anun — see Hikayat Mesa Ferbu 
Katyayana, Srautasutra 3365 

— Smi iti 3360 

— see Dharmashastra Sangraha 3345 
Kauchana Acharya 3345 
Kaucikasutra— see Adbhutadhyaya 

Kavikalpadruma 3367 

Kavikamapura 8344 

Kaviraja Pandita 8858 

Kavyadarsa %^^ 

Kavya Prakasa %^^ 

Kawl M^V 

Kawi Oorkonden 3481 

Kazi Khan, Fatawa 3247 

Kazi Khan Badr Mohd. Dahar 8284 
Kazim Ulee Juwan 8384 

Kaximirski, Belle Persane 8219 

— Diet. Arabe-FrauQais 8247 

— Koran 3253 
Kazruni, Sharh ul Mughni 8247 
Kazwinl (Abd-ul-Ghaffari) 8307-8 
Kazwini (All bin Omar) 3247 

— see Taftazanl 3269 
Kazwini (Mohd. Amhi al) Padshah 

Nama 3311 

Kazwini (Zakarya bin Mohd.) Kosmo- 

giaphie: AJayyib ul-Makhlukat 3248 

German 3248 

Keae tze yuen Sze Shu 8416 

Keene, Akhlak-i Muhsani 8276 

Kefrawi — see AJrumiya 8218 

Kehilath Jahacob— Rodrigues 8203 
Kelim, Diwan 8298 

Kellogg, Hindi grammar 8881 

Kenj-i kelam-1 kadhn, Lamil 8329 
Kena Upanishad 8361 

Kennedy, Maratha dicty. 8387 

— Maratha grammar 3387 
Keral(dpatti : origin of Malabar 8398 
Kermiyani, Khosru va Shirin 8829 
Kern, Brhat-Sanhita 8343 
KesirfOa's mirror of grammar 

(Sabdamanl-darpana) 8 J 92 

Kether Torah 8199 

Ketuvim — see Hebrew Bible MSS. 
Kew Mo Lo Shih 8420 

Kew X« Po To Lo, Lang-kea 3420 

— Kwan Lang-kea 8420 
Khadim Hosain, Koran 8252 
Khafi^i— see Shihab-ud-Din al- 
Khafetz (Moses ben Gerson) 8197 
Khafl Khan, Muntakhab al-Lubnb 8306 
Khalrat All Khan Mnshtak (Mir) 3288 
Khair>ud-din Barbarossa (the great 

Corsair) 3267, 8272 

Khaira d-Din bin Ahmed Faruki 3230 
Khairu d-Din Mohd. of Allahabad 8320 
Khairu d-din bin Tf^u d-dlu al-Bas 

Khflja Aram Dudmnri 8319 

Khakani, Diwan, MSS. 8298 

— Commentary on, MS. 8298 
Khalid al-Azhari— see Azhari 
Khalil : Code Musulman 3248 
Khamis : Hitttory of the Prophet 3248 
Khamsa-1 Nizami — see Nizami 
Khandamir, Habib-us-Siyar 8298-99 

— Khulasat-ul-Akhbar 3299 

— Antakhab Khalifa Abbasiyah 3299 

— Khans Mongols du Turkestan 8299 
Khang Hi (Emperor) - see Kang Hsi 
Khargeh (Oasis el)— Brugsch 8173 
Kharidat-ul-AJaib 8243-44 
Khutib-ar-Rayy— see Fakhr-ud-Din ar* 

Khawarzi (Abu Bakr al-) Poems 8227 
Khayyum — see Omar Khayyam 
Khazanat-ul-Adab, Ibn Hujjah 8241 
Khazanatu-l-Hm 8299 

Kheiru ddin— see Khairu d-Din 
Khettra Moliana Gosswamee 8878 
Khettramohana Mookerjae 8349 

Kheyam — see Omar Khayyam 
Khian-Loung, Delamarre 8417 

Khirad Af 1 oz, Urdu MS. 888 1 

— Hhidnstonl 8881 
Khirad Nama Iskandari — see Jam! 

— see Nizami 

Khizr Khan— Khosru 8800 

Khizzuk Amuna — Wagenseil 8206 
Khmer 3401 

Khoja Nasr-ed-din — see Nasr-ed-Din 
Khok le-lsrael— Vital 8205 

Kholasat — see Khulusat 
Khondemir — see Khandamir 

- -^VkMw YLW-LX 'SJcAsc "^^*** 



Khosrn (Ainlr) Eissa Mahar 8300 

— Chahar Darvish . 8283 
Khosrn wa Shirin, Persian MS. 8292 

— Turkish MS. 8329 

— see Nizami 

Khouri (Ck>nst.) English Manual 8248 

Khulusat-ul-Akhbar, Khandamlr 3299 

Khulasat ul Hisab 8248 

Khulusatu t-Tawarikh, MSS. 8299 
Khulnsah-i Tawarikh-i Abbasiyah 3300 

Khurshid Shah—see Hlkayat 8327 
Khnsran — see Khosrn 

Khwan-i Nimat, Perhian MS. 8308 

Khwojah Mohammed Parsa 8318 

Kieffer, Library Catalogue of 8164 

— see Bianchi et Kieffer 

Kielhom (F.) Cantanava 8344 

— Catal. of Sanscric MSS. 8344 

— Paribha-Shendu-Sekhara 8356 

— Sanscrit Grammar 3350 

— Vyakarana-Mahabhashya 8352 
Kifayah— see Hidayah 8235 
Kigalia Langnage — Krapf 8434 
Kihiau Language — Krapf 3434 
Kikamba Langnage — Krapf 8484 
Kilani — see Mahmud bin Mohd. al- 


Kimlihi (DaTid)Mikhlol 8199 

— Sharashim 8199 

— ha-Amkh 8199 

— see Pagninns 8203 
Kimlyai Saadat, Persian MS. 8289 
Kin vo dowa 3409 
Kinalizada, Akhlaki AM 8324 
Kiiidersley, Extracts 8395 
King te tchin tao lou 3420 
Kingln-Dzuroku 8109 
Kinika Language— Krapf 8134 
Kipokomo Langnage — Krapf 3431 
Kireher (A.) Prodromus coptus 3175 

— Oedipus aegypt. 8175 
Kirsrhiz— Schott 3403 
KirkSuwal: Fii aki's Qnestions 8329 
Kirk Vazir, Turkish MSS. 8329 
Kirmani— See Husain Ali Khan 
Kirsch (O W.) Chrestom. Syriaca 8210 

— see Abnlfari^ 8208 
Kirti Baa— see Valmiki 8873 
Kissa Ahmad Basha nl-Jazzar 8248 

— Bl-Amblya 8801 

— Fimz Shah 8300 

— i Gnl u Nanmz 8300 

— Husn-ara 8300 

— Khawaran Fatlii 8329 

— us-Sabil, in Malayallm 8893 

— i-Sanjan, English 8300 

— see also the word which follows 
Kisuaheli Language— Krapf 8434 
Kitab nl Asabet— Ibn Hajar 8239 

— i-Dakaik 8301 

— Evveliyat 8329 

— Fal Makbul 8324 

— nl-Fik'h 8248 

— i-Hakaik 8801 

— nl-Iman 8301 

— ul-Jinayat— see Fatawa Aalamgiri 


— Kanli Ahmada 3255 

— ul-Khail 8248 

— i-Kul8um*nana 8284 

— nl-Mnthallath 8255 

— pada menjataken. Malay 8430 

— us-Salam, Coptic and Arabic 8176 

— nl-Uyim 8248 

— i-Yamlni 8301 

— see al^o following word 

Kittat el-Adawi (Mohammed) Alf 

Lailah 3219 

Klaproth, Annales dcs Empereurs 3405 

— Archiv f. asiat. Literatur 3167 

— Asia Polyglotta 8167 

— Chrestomatliie mandchou 3405 

— see Glossary 8166 

— Hi^roglyphes acrolog. 8 1 76 

— Library Catalogue of 8165 
— A/Jnea de J'Orient 8167 

— Raclnea s^mUiqaea 31G9 

Klaproth, San kokf tsou ran 8410 

— Sprach-Atlas 3167 

— Travaux de Champollion 8176 

— Verzeichniss chines. Biicher 3402 

— Vocabulaire g^orgien 3337 
Kleuker, A vesta 8187 
Kminek-Szedlo, lingua Egiziana 3176 
Knight and Spaulding, Tamil Dicty. 

Knitted Nagavarma 8392 

Knds, Chrestomath. syriaca 8201 

KnoiT 4 Rosenroth, Kabbala 8198 

Ko Eki Koku san ko 3409 

Ko nga npoko ewitu 8432 

Ko Tsching Dschang— see Siebold 

Kobita-Ratnakara 8350 
Kodun Tamil— see Tamil 
Koehler (J. B ), Abulflda 8217 
Koelle, Kanuii grammar 8437 
Koeroes — see Csoma de K. 
Kohistan, a statistical account on 3311 
Koibalic Language — Castren 8402 
Kok Shasier, Peraian MS. 8301 
Koku Shi Ranyo 3408 
Koku Shi mgaku 8409 
Kolbe, Herero dicty. 843d 
Kondeiventhan — see Auweiyar 
Kondo Moribhige 8409 
Konkani 8386 
Konkanl Tracts 8386 
Koo Yuen, Ku sheng hsien 3420 
Koran, Arabic, MSS. 8248-51 
various printed editions 8251-52 

— Arabic and Latin 8251 

— Arabic and Hindustani 8251 

— Arabic with glosses in Hindnstani 


— Arabic and Pendan, MS. 8249 

— A I able with Persian commentai*y. 
MS. 8250 

lithographed 3252 

— Arabic, Peraian and Urdu, BfS. 8250 

— Extracts, Arabic and Engli&h 3252 

— English by UodweU 3253 
by Sale 8252-53 

— French by Fatroa-Zai'da 8253 
by Kasimirski 8258 

— Commentaries on 8252-53 

Abu-s-Su*ud 8229 

Baidhawi 8222 

Fakhr-nd-Din ar-Razl 8229 

Nasafl 8261 

Suyuti 8268 

— Concordantise Corani Fiagel 8252 

— Dictionary of the— Majma'ul-Bihar 

Penrlce 8262 

— Exegetic Sciences of the— Suyuti 


— Interpreters of the— Snyutl 8268 
Kore Haddoroth, Conforti 8194 
Korea — see Corea 

Korka— see White Yajur Veda 8365 
Kosegarten, Mgypt litteratura 8176 

— Ctirestomathia arab. 8253 

— Huzaili Anthology 3227 

— Pantschatantrum 8355 

— Tabarl 8269 
Kossowicz (C.) AvestA 8187 

— Gatae 8187 

— Insci-ipt. Palaeo-Persicaa 8184 

— Savitri 8351 
Kotoba no Tama no wo 8409 
Kounda Bhatta 3367 
Kowalewski, Diet, mongol-msse 3405 
Krapf, East- African vocabul. 8434 
Krehl— see Bukhari 8224 

— Makkarl 3256 
Krishna— see Bhagavad-Gita 

— see Bhagavata-Purana 

— see Prem Sagur 

Krishna Misil, Prabodha Chandrodaya 


Krli«hna Terkalankara, Dayabhnga 


— Daya-Crnma 3345 

Krishnajanmashtami, Weber 8367 
Krishnamacliarya 3392 

Krishnambiiatti — see Nyayaratna 3355 
Krokhmal (Nahman) More Nevokhe 

Kmsinski, Tarlkh-i Sayyah 8333 

Kshemisvara, Chandikausika 8344 
Ktieb it Tulb ta Aalenia 3273 

Ku Chen tu Shi cbi cheng 8420 

Ku-Liang Chuan 8415 

Ku sheng hsien hsiang chnanlCLeh 8420 
Kuang-chiin-faiig-pu 8119 

Kuang yu Clii 8421 

Kubbeesa— Fimz bin Kawns 8288 

Kudatku Bilik— Vamb^ry 8328 

Kudrut All (Mir) Abu Taleb 8276 

Kuhn (A.) und Schleicher, Beitrajre 

Kuhn (E.) Pali-Grammatik 8371 

Kuki Lantniage 8398 

Kulini, Comment, on the Traditions of 


— see Kitab-nl-Iman 8301 
Kulli.vat — see Author's name or the 

word which follows 
Kulliyati Kawanin, Urdu 8881 

Kul?uka Bhatta, ManavaDharma Sas- 

tra 8353 

Kumalll — see Aziz-nd-dln al- 
Kumara Sambhava — see Kalidaaa 
Kumarai?iva, Miao fa lln 3420 

Kumarapala Charita — Bnmell 8344 
Kumarlla Swamin — Manava Kalpa 

Stitra 3358 

Kunama Language 3487 

Kuiig Kew— see ConfticIn8 
Kung-Yang Chuan 3415 

Knnuzu 1-Haqaiq: Sayings of the 

Prophet 3258 

Kunuzu s-Sahhat: Encyclopaedia of 

Anatomy and Medecine - 3253 

Knprili Mo> ammad Pasha, Wakf 8335 
Kural — see Timvalluver 
Kurdish 3338 

Kumata Langnage 8391 

Kuroghlu— Chodzko 3301 

Kursetji Baradjlraja 3373 

Kurshld va Mehra, Turkish 3327 

Kusari— Jehudah Haleri 8199 

Knsumai^all 8350 

Kutb ed- Din— see Wastenfeld 327S 
Kutbu d-Dln Aibak, History of 3319 
Kutb-nd-dln Tahtanl— Kaswini 8247 
Kutbl — see Watwat 
Kutrub (Abl AU al) Mathallathat 

3343, 8i55 
Kwan Lang-kea a-po-to-lo 3420 

Kwan She Tin 8416 

Kwang tse lui foo 8418 

Kwangtung, Map of 3421 

Kyber (David) Grammat. bebr. 3199 

— Meditatlones grammat. 8199 
Lacharme, Chi King 8415 
Lagarde ( baktar. Lexicf^praphie 

Laghu Kanmndi 8850, 8854 

Laiiorl- see Mahmnd 
Lahawrl — see Abd ul-Hamid 
Laila u Majnun — see Leila 
La-ilah formula— Ghazzali 8S33 

LAkani — see Abd-ns-Saiam al- 
Liakshmana Govindabhan AshtMBVftre 

LakshmfO' — see Lingam Lakshnuiji 
Lakshml Narayan Nyayalankar 

3347, 3353, 8372 
Lallta Vistara 3350 

Lalln Lai — see Lnlloo 
lAmb (J.) Hebrew Characters 8199 
Lambiick, Singhalese grammar 8390 
Lami'i, a Romance, Turkish 3329 

— Anecdotes, Turkish 8329 
Lamy (Th. J ) de Syrornm fide 3310 
Lancereau, Pantcha-Tantra 3356 
Lanci, ParalipomenI 8176 

— Interpretation deK bKrosi. •8176 
Landaa (Moses ben Isrmel) TlOmnd 83a6 



Landauer (S.) al- Fa j j u mi 3265 

Lane (Ch;) Burmese dicty. 3400 

Lane (E. W.) Arabian Nights 3219 

— Arabic-Englisli Lexicon 3253 
Lan^-kea a-po-to-lo 3 120 
Langl^s (L.) Alptiabet mantcboa 3405 
tartare-mantchou 3406 

— Libi ary Catalogue of 3165 

— Mir Davoud-Zadour 3304 

— Rituel des Tartaro-Mantclious 3405 

— Sind-b&d 8219 

— 8«e Amyot 3404 
Langloie (A.) Harivansa 3347 

— Monuro. liUdr. de Tlnde 3350 

— Rig Veda 3364 
Langlois (V.) Historiens arm^n. 3336 
Lank&vatara Mahayana Sutra, Chinese 


reprint 3420 

Lanman, Sanskrit Reader • 3350 

Lanzone (R. V.) Papyrus k Turin 3176 

— Dizionario dl Mitologia 3176 
Lao Tseu Tao Te King 3420 
Lasa — see Varo de Lasa 

Laaeron (£.)Malayalim dicty. 3393 
Lassnn (Chr.) anthologia sanscr. 3350 

— Bhjigavad-Gita 3341 

— Gymnosophibta 3363 

— institutionea Pracrit. 8350 

— radices Pracrit. 3350 

— Vendidad 3187 

— see Burnouf et Lassen 

Laaif i Hindi : Cyclopaedia of Wit, in 
Rekhtu 3381 

ill Hindustani 3381 

Latif, scribe 3283 

Latonche, clef dg I'^tymologie 3169 
Latter, Burmese grammar 3400 

— Selections 3400 
Latyayana, Sranta Sutra 3351 
Lauer, armen. Grammatik 3336 

— armen. Ciirestomathle 3336 
Laurence (R.) Ascensio Isaiae 

3211, 3213 

— Book of Enoch 3212, 3213 

— Ezrae liber 3213 
Lauth (F. J.) Manetho 3176 

— Moses-Hosarsyphos 3176 

— Zodiaques de Denderah 3 176 
Law— «ee Chinese, Hanefite, Jewish, 

Hindu, Japanese, Malekite, Moham- 
medan, Shafilte, Shiah Law 
Lawaih— Jam! 3296 

Lawami — ul-lshrak 3301 

Ltiyard, cuneiform inscriptions 3184 
Lazarus (J.) Tamil grammar 3395 

Lebanon (Mount)— Tanus bin Tusuf 

L^id, Moallaka— see Ealila wa Dimna 

Lectionary of the Coptic Church 3177 
Ledrain (E.) Monuments Egypt. 3176 
Lee (Rev. 8.)— Ibn Batuta 3238 

— Syriac Bible 3209 

— Eusebins 3209 
L*>ech (R.) Panjabi grammar 3389 
Leemans, Desciiption raisonn^e 3177 

— L^gendes royales 3177 

— Lettre k Salvolini 3177 

— Asiat. n. amerik. Monnmenten 3177 

— Monuments ^gypt de Leide 3177 
Lees ( W. Nassau) Badshah Namah 3280 

— Baital Pachisi 3377 

— Ibn Hajar 3239 

— Ikhwanu-s-Safa 3380 

— Iqbal Nameh 3293 

— Jam'u-r-Rumnz 3245 

— Koran 3252 

— Nafhat-ul-Uns 8295 

— Tahanawi 3269 
Lef^bure (E.) Mytbe Osiiien 3175 

— Rituel fun^ralre 8183 
Lefmann (S.) Lalita Vistara 3350 
Legends, Aiabic— Nutka 1-Mafbum 


— see also Folklore 

Legge (J.) Chinese Classics 3416 

Lcgge (J.) She King, English 3415 
Lei jetu 1-Loghat : Turkish-Arabic 
djcty. 3329 

Leila u Majnun, Persian — see Jami 

see Maktabi 

see Nizami 

~ Turkish, lithographed 3329 
MS. inverse 3327 

— English— see Nizami 3309 
Leitch (J.)— i^ee Young 3182 
Leket Sh'kekha, by Abendana 3202 
Leo g. Yen Sutra 3420 
Lenoir (A.) un MS. ^gyptien 3177 
Lenormant (Fr.) Alphabet phonic. 3208 

— A Iphabet Pehlevi 3189 

— Chaldaean Magic 3185 

— Etudes accadlennes 3185 

— Inscript. sinaitlques 3208 

— L^gende de Semlramis 3185 

— Lettres assy riol. 3 1 85 

— Textes cim^iformes 3186 

— Syllabali es cun6if . 3185 
Leniing, Sulran Ibrahim 3429 
Lepcha Language 3392 
Lepsius (R ) Aegypt. Gotterkreis 3177 

— Alphabet Hi^rogl. 3177 

— Arab. Sprachlaute 3253 

— Assyr. Eponymen 3177 

— Auswahl vou Urknnden 3177 

— Chines. Lautverhaltuisse 3404 

— Dekret von Kanopus 3178 

— Denkmaeler 3177 

— Die xxn. Dynasfie 3177 

— Goner der 4 Elemente 3177 

— Inschiift am Edf u Tempel 3177 

— Lauttiystem 3lb5 

— Lettre k Rosellini 3177 

— Metalie 3178 

— Nublsche Grammatik 3437 

— Ptolemaergeschichte 3177 

— Todt^nbuch 3171 

— Texte des Todtenbuchs 3171 

— Zemlalphabet 3189 

— Various tracts 3183 
Lescallier— Bakhtyar Namah 3281 
Leshu Ohosaka no-o>y 3409 
Leteliier, Fables turques 3325 
Letronne, representations zodiac. 3178 
Lette— Muallakat 3259 
Lettre de Pekin 3413 
Le Vaillant de Floiival— Moses de 

Ehoren 3337 

Levi — Makhzor mekol ha Shana 3201 
Levi (M. A ) Phoniz. Studien 3208 

— Phoniz. Woeiterbuch 8208 
Levita (E.) Grammat. hebr. 8199 

— Composita verborum 3199 
Leviia (Fi Isaak) — Maimonides 8205 
Levy (J.) Cbald. Worterbuch 8199 
Lewcheu — see Loochoo 

Lewin (T. H.) Hill Proverbs 3401 

— Lushai exercises 3393 
Lexicon geograph. arabice (Juynboll) 


Lexilogus of the English, Malay and 

Chinese Languages 3417, 3420 

Leyden, les Papyrus de — Leemans 3177 

— Library, Oiiental MSS. of — see 
Orientalia 3168 

Catalogue of Oriental MSS. 3165 

Leyden (J.) Vocabulary 3399 

— Malay Annals 3430 
Liber Adami, Syr. et Lat. 8210 
Liber Josuae — see Chronicon Samarit. 

3203, 3245 
Lichteubtein, Palaeographia 3185 

Lieblein (J.) Chronologic ^pt 3178 

— Aegypt. Uenkmaler 3178 

— Noms Hieroglyph. 3178 
Lightfoot— see Schoettgen 3204 
Lights (the) of Canopns — see Anwar-i- 

Likhita-Smriti 8360 

— see Dharmashastra S. 3345 
Li-Ki: Memorial des Rites 8415 
Lilavati, in Persian 8801 

— in English 3351 

Lindberg, inscript. melitensis 3208 
Lindner ( B. ) die Diksha 8369 

— Nomiulh)ildung 3351 
Lindo*s Jewish Calendar 3199 
Linga Purana 8357 
Lingam Lakshmaji, Odhra grammar 

Litany and Offices, in Bnnda 3435 
Liturgia Anglicaua, Arabice 3253 

Liturgia Aimena 3336 

Liturgy, Buddhist— Leng Yen Sutra 


— Jewish 8196-97 

— Syriac, MS. 8210 
Liu Shu Ku : the six scripts 3420 
Livre des recompenses et des peines 

Lobb ul Libab— see Lnbb 
Lobscheid, Chinese dicty. 3421 

— Chinese grammar 8421 

— see Devan 8417 
Lockett, Miut Amil— Jnrjani 8245 
Locman — see Loqraan 

Lodiana Mission, Panjabi dicty. 3389 
Loewe, Circassian Dicty. 3337 

Loewenstern, D^chiffrement 3185 

— filaments ronstitutits 3185 
Logan (J. R.) Journal of the Indian 

Archipelago 3427 

— Ethnul. and Languages of the 
Indian Aichipelago 3427 

Loghat Vanquli — see Slhah 3267 

Lois des Maures en Espagne, Arabic 

MS. 3253 

Loiseleur-Deslongchamps, Amarako- 

cha 3340 

— Lois de Manon, Sanscrit et Fran^ 


Franjais 3353 

Lokman — see Loqman 

Longfeld (G.) Chaid. Language 3199 

Longp^rier (A. de) — see Bulletin 

archeol. 8173 

Lonsuale, Burmese primer 3401 

Loochoo, Description of— San kokf 

tsou 8410 

— Language of— see Lu-Chuan 
Loqman, Amthal: Fables, MS. 8255 

en Arabe (Cherbonneau) 32.>8 

Arabe et Frang. 3211, 3253 

see Erpenius 3229 

see Mortillaro 3259 

Lord's Prayer (the) in Bnjingijida 3391 

— in various Oriental languages — see 
Alphabets 3163 

Loria (Isaac) — see Psalms 8208 

Lorsbach— see Smith (R. P.) 8210 

Loth (0.) CataL of Arabic MSS. 8253 
Louqsor — see Luxor 
Lonrenzo Marques dialect 3484 

Low, Siamese grammar 8401 

Lubb ul Libab— Soynti 8269 

Lubb ut-Tawarikh 8301 

Luber, VetalapaucavinQati 8369 

Lu-Chuan Language 3418 

Lncknow Press, works of the 8378 
Ludolf — see Ludolphus (J.) 
Ludolphus (J.) Lexicon Aethiop. 8213 

— Grammat. Aeihiop. 8218 

— Lexicon Amharic. 8213 

— Grammat. Amhar. 8218 

— Psalterium Davidis 3214 
Ludwig (A.) Rig-Veda 3864 

— i'tber das Veda 8866 

— Inflnitlv im Veda 8866 
Lnl ho— see Siebold 3411 
Lulloo Lai Kuvi, Bruj Bhakha 

grammar 3381 

— Prem Sagor 8383 

— Rajneeti 3883 

— Singhasan Battlsi 3384 
Lumsden, Arabic Grammar 8254 

— Persian Grammar 8301 

— Ghay at u 1-Bay an 323 1 

— Muntakbab-ul-Loghat 3260 

— Taftazani 8269 
Lun Yn 3416 



Lushai dialect 3393 

Lntaifl Hindee— seeLataif 1 Hindi 
Ltixor, Obelisk of— Salvollnl* 3180 
La YlDg-Tantr, Knanff yQ Chi 3421 
LuTnes (H. de) Namismat. des Satra- 
pies 3208 
Lnzzato (M. V.) MiRdal-Oz 3199 
Lnzzato (S. D.) Prolef^meni 3199 
Lyall (C. J.) Hindustani Language 3381 
Maarif (Kitab al-)— see Ibn Kataiba 

Ma'arijn n-Nubuwai, Arabic 3269 

— Persian— see Hamla-i Haidai i 3291 
Ifaasir-i Alanigiri 3302 
Maasir-i Saltaniyyah 3302 
Macan (Turner) Alf Lailali 3218 

— Sliah Namah 3287 
Macarins — see Makkari (Patriarch) 
Macbrair, Mandingo grammar 3437 
McCnrdy (J. F.) Aryo-Semitic Speech 

Macdonald (W. B.) Coptic grammar 

3179, 3183 
Mac Onckin de Slane, Abnlflda 3216 

— Amro'1-Kais 3220 

— Ibn Khallikan 3242 
Machnel (L.) Mdthnde arabe 3254 
Mackenzie's (C.) library of Oriental 

MSS.— Wilson 3166 

McKerrell (J.) Camataca grammar 3392 
Maclay and Ba dwin, Foochow Chim se 

dicty. 3421 

Macnaghten (W. H.) Alf Lailah 3218 
MaQoudi — see Ma^ndi 
Madanapala, Madanavinoda 3361 

Madanavinoda 3351 

Madarik at Tanzil 3261 

Madhavacharya — Black Yajnr Veda 


— Jaiminiya 3348 

— Mahabharata Tatparya 3352 

— Rig Veda 3363 
Madhava Hara, Nidana 3355 
Madini (A.) Abu Is'hak 3217 
Madras— Catalogue of books 8165 
Madras Journal 3398 
Madura Condaswami Pulavea 3396 
Mafatih ul-Jinan 8254 
Mflgadhi 8369-71 
Magen Abraham — see Karo 3199 
Magen David— see Karo 3199 
Magha Cavya — see Si^npala Badha 
Magic, Chaldsean — Lenormant 3185 
Maglnne Eretz — see Karo 3199 
Mahabharata, Sanscrit 8351 

— Selections, Sanscrit 3351 

— Bengali 3372 

— Braj Bhakha 3382 

— in Marafha verse 3387 

— Persian 3302 

— see Harlvansa 

— see Nalopakhyanam 

— Savitii 3351 

— Mahaharata-Tatparya-NImaya 3362 
Mahabhashya.Sanscr.r Bnllantyne) 8352 

— Sanscrit and English (— ) 3352 

— Sanscrit (Benares 1 870) 3352 

— Goldstacker's facsimile edition 3352 

— Vyakarana-Mahabhaahya 3352 
Mahalli — see Ahmad Ibn Zambal 
Mahalli— see Jalal-nd-Din al Mahalli 
Mahanataka 3353 
Maharshi— see following word 
Mahasin nl Afar— Vasif 3334 
Mahauzi (Husain al-) Poems 3227 
Mahavagga — see Vlnaya Pitakam 3371 
Mahavansi — see Mahawanpo 

Maha Vira Charita— see Bhavabhnii 
Mahawanso, the first 20 chapters 3371 

— chapters 1 to 38 3371 

— ftrom the 37th chapter 337 i 
in Sinhalese 3390 

— English, by Upham 3390 
Mahbnb AH 3381 
Mahdi— see Mohammad Mahdi 

Jfahdl f Tidings of our Lord, the) 
Arabic MS. 3264 

Mahesa Chandra Nyayaratna 3348 

Mahesvara — see Am era Cosha 3340 
Mahidhara — see White Yajur Veda 

Mahipati, Bhakta-V»jaya 3387 
Mabmud u Ayaz, Perbian MS. 3316 
seeTai.ib 8318 

— HinduAtnni MS. 3385 
Mahmud bin Ahmad bin al-Hasan al- 

Faryabi 3302 

Mahmud Begada (Snltan) 3300 

Mahmud Dihlawi 3284 

Mahmud Efendi Aljezairy 3264 

Mahmud of Ghaznah (Sultan) Tarikh. 

ul-Yamini 3271 

Mahmud Lahori 3316 

Mahmud Mohakkak Kanturl (Mir 

Sayyid) 8297 

Mahmud bin Mohammad al Kilani 

Mahmud bin Osman— see LamiU 
Mahomed — see Mohammed 
Mahon— Beschi 8394 
Mahratta — see Marat'hi 
Mahrattas— see Tankh 3319 
Maidani, Arabic Proverbs, MS. 3261 
see Freytag 8231 

— Arabic Terms in Persian 8264 
Maimon (Moses ben) -see Maimonides 
Maimonides, Astrolugia 8206 

— Constit de Siclis 3*200 

— GuidedesEgai^,ArabeetFran$.3254 

— Mishna 3202 

— Mishna Tora, MSS. 3200 

— Mora Nevokhim 3200 

— Porta Mosis 3264 

— Talmud Babli 8206 

— Yad Khazaka 3200 
Mainwarlng, Rong grammar 3392 
Mainyo-i-Khard 3188 
Maithila Pandita, Viromitrodaya 3367 
Maitrayani sanhita 3366 
Maitrl Upanishad 3361 
Majd-nd-din b. Mahmud b. Maudad, 

Mukhtar 3260 

Majdu d-Din Mohd. bin Takub — see 

Majma' ul-Amsal — Maidani 8254 

Majma' ul Bahrain 8262 

Majroa-'ul-Bihar, Arabic MS. 3256 
Majmu'a-kawaneen-faujdaree 3384 
Majmu' Mazdiijat wa Casaid 3264 

MajmaM Tarassul 8302 

Majmu'uz-Zahr, Arabic MS. 8266 

Majma'at: Collections of various 

Arable MSS. 3266-66 

Majusi — see All bin ul Abbas al- 
Mflkamat — see Hariri 
Mal<amat— see Nasif al-YaziJi 8262 
Mnkarandasarini 3363 

Makaiandasyndaharanam 8S53 

Maka.Hidu 1-Auliyya 8802 

Makhduml, Manhal us-Safl 8267 

Makhoth— see Rabbinowicz 3206 

Makhzanu TAdwiyya 8302 

Makhzann 1-Afghani, Persian MS. 


— English, by Dorn 8303 
Mnkhzani Asrar — see Nizami 
Makhzanii-1-Iiisha 8303 
Makhzor (Hebiew Prayers) MSS. and 

printed editions 3200-1 

Makhzor le-kol Moedi ha Shana 8201 
Makhzor mekol ha Shana 8201 

Makhzumi (Shayyid) Geography 3256 
Makin (El) hintoria saracen. 3266 

Makkari (the Petriarch) Travels 3256 
Makkari, Arabes d'Espagne, en Arabe 


— English translation 3266 
Makri/i, Mawaiz: Histy. of Egypt, 

Arabic 8256 
Extracts, Arabic MS. 8266 

— Sultans Mamlouks 8257 

— Ge8chi<-hte der Copten 8257 

— Hist. Regum Islamit. 8257 

— TiaitddesPoids 3257 

Maksud, Commentary on the 8257 
Maktabi, Leila u Majnun 8303 

Maktubat Kuddasiyat— Faruki Ser. 
hindi 3826 

Makua — see Maqna 
Makudi (Ibn All al)->8ee Ibn Malik 

Malabar, History of— Keralolpatti 


Tuhfat-nl-Mujahidin 3271 

Malabaric — see Tamil 
Malagasi 8428 

Malaioa collect, vocabnlarla 3430 

Malati and Madhava — ^see Bharabbntl 
Malavika et Agnimitra — see Kalidasa 
Malay 3429^1 

— Leyden 33»9 
Malay Annals 3430 

— tracts and MSS. 3170 

— Writing- MiUler 3167 
Malayalim 3393 
Malayo or Malajm — see Malay 
Malbim (Rabbi M. L.) Torat Kohennim 

Malcolm (Sir J.) Correspondence, 

Persian 33u3 

Maldivian — see Malay 
Maldonado de Puga (J. M.) boepltali- 

dad 3427 

Malekite Law— Abd.iil.Biri 8215 

Zahrat 3272 

Ma]fuzat.i Timar. MSS. 3320.21 

Malik Mansnr — Darar.iui.Niihiir 8228 
Mallali (Mohammed al) 8480 

Mallinatha— Sisupala Badha 3360 

— Sanjivani — see Raghnvansa 8349 
Malionf, Dictionnaire tvrc 3829 

— Grammaire tnrque* 8329 

— see Viguier et Malionf 

Maltese 3373 

Maltby, Uriya handbook 3388 

Malwa (Province of)— Firishta 8388 
Mamelnk Sultans of Egypt— MakrizI 

Mammata Bhatta 3850 
Man, the Lord's Prayer 8391 
Man Yo Shu 34(*8 
Manabhavani— Bhagarad-Gita 8341 
Manakibu LHaitlariyyah 3267 
Manava-DhermaJSastra, Sanscrit 3353 
seeSmritis 8360 

— Sanscrit and French 8353 

— Burmese and English 3400 

— English 3353 

— French 3353 
Manava.KaIpa.Satra 3363 
Manchn 3404Ji 

— MS. Glossary 3168 
Mandsean — see Mendsan 
Mandseans, Sacred book of 3310 
Mandingo Language 3437 
Mandnkya Upanishad 38«il 
Manetho — Lauth 3178 
Mang Tsze — see Sze Shoo 
Manger— Ibn Arabshah 8287 
Manhal us.Safl 3367 
Mani*8 works and doctrines — Ibn AM 

Yakub 3386 

Manichseism— Ibn Abi Taknb 8386 
Manila, Comercio de 8437 

Mani Mala— Sourindro 8338 

Manipuri language 339S 

Mann (J.)— see Weber 8367 

Mannu Lai Lahori, Gnldastah 8389 
Manorama — see Prandliamanorama 
Man on — see Mann 

Mansha-u 1-Maasir-l n-Naflat 3898 

Mansukh, Ganjnamah 3374 

Mansur bin Mohd. ibn Ahmad 3820 
Mantcbu— see Manchn 
Man* ik Uttir, Perrian MS. 3379 

— French 3379 

— see Garein de Tassy 8379 
Mantra Brambanam 3364 
Manu, Institutes or I.awt <rf— see 

Manava— Dherma See tra 
Mann-Smritl— aee Manava D. & 

a bibUoxnptiy, UnU 

Engikh (hiBlor t 

(n Stub Bus Oharl 

HBlekhetliHudniiipiu', HebiBv MS. 

h«ni Bar SheniDi:!— hb EUsh 
nt (J.) CytlDdmdsUHayeSlIU 

,1. TuiiwIr-ul-BiHlr 
sties, I^inlBB— Kti 

VoqiH Lui^fUB^ 

Id ul-ltllla : Leilcon leagmph. 

d'EdssH. Cbronlqac SHU '. 
i-Nnbl-Ko HDwlId 


il lal-) fnUn-a Fiuol I 
i; (A.) PspTTna de BaoJaq 

'<• SonKfc Arabic MS. 
E.)HB!ay Umiti*! 

e) diccioa. Blvira 3427 
-iH Uuma-Dtaarma- 


- The Hswolan 9 

UsnbniaD (J.) ChlDue iramDIIir 3111 

— Conlucliii 
Honbrnaa (J. C.) ] 

Ueirlck (J. L.) Hyu-iil-Kulii 

^ssb&b— «Be Ulibob 
Ueibtasdl. Kribe 
Meuetl— Kig tf amiTi 
Hithod (tbe; or IddacUan 
UeUDCIi— HaloiDii I dea 
ItUulb ;acdiUScferJ— UoH 

Menccl (F.) Globo celute an 

Er(K.) R|!ildhanam 

HlcbaiaUi (J. D.) Arab. Qm 

— Ks Curclli 

Nldrash RatlKiUi al 

Muhid Ha-Radmi: 

Uas.Bfi— H« JalUuddla Ran 

JlaHin<K.) KHchr 

lluurs— KB i>iwun Hsbrew GIbleX 

llaiipera:Q.)InKriptland'AbTdiB i 

ripD Sulun 

MUl<a. H.J L'l(u^gl^ Arables 

UeUi, CncuaicIHa c 

Jd^langea d'arebtolOKle ^V^pt, at asi 
net AalatlqneadeSl, Ffienlio 
b (Sal. iMii) Mikblol Yufi -Jwi 

Hlntanu Di 


phT.AphorUnu ot 



pg^awoty ufUie-Dibn.. 



InbaJ-l-San] \ 



luPerae >30( 

Ulrkli'uid, Abwall UolnkOtuiniswlBti 

— EulT KlDgl of PBTllB SSDJI 

Hltn Li 

1— H«J|1 Khilfoh 
--- UlLopadcu 

gr (Sefer hi-) 


M <Tbc) Anbte 

>y Jun^ 

of Lcbid 
JlKkler. B»lD. 
MiJitliriiCi Pin 

H tiramiinr BSS 


^mplri^, HtsEoty of tho — Ai 


Huhtrikn l-Amrir 



ihammed bkD Abl Eafcr al^Uumi 

Unhainiiisd Abo Bikr Ud UiDir 

Uahunnied biD AblJ-Kulii] IT I 

UDhanimed Adlb 

Uohammed Aqll (Uaalsil Sbilkh) 

Holuminied Athk SSTS 

Hohainined AjjQd cl-TnnWvr !127n 

— RroMil-KnliHb, Engllab isot 

UobwDiDed Canzl'in (Ulru) QwJraM 

MoJiunmed ben Dsiioad el-SubadJl 
UabuniDcd Fakhra d-DIn SSOD 


Uahunmed Buhlm 
UnhAdiniAd Hjtablm 

Khafl Khan 
Uohainiiied Hllml, aeriH ven 

HotaaniDied Hnaaln 'Kuhul »»• 

Hah«Dm»d Hntahi blu KhaW Tab- 

Hohiniined Ibnn 

himnied liln Enilm uMIalebl 3i3T 

Uaaoffl a; 

UDhunmed MaaDis (Mir) HlaboISi 

UobamtDBd Refl, Mribe SIM 

Uohummed Etlyai tM 

Uotumincd Sii]lb. Oulurl Danlah S38g 

Mohvnmcd Scharj' (Minn) 3»l 

Hobanimed ShaB df Tabrli, aCTibe 

Uohamnied ahab. Riaalac SMW 

— Uls of, Penlaa SSi4 

— Tarlkb «3M 
Hohamoied Sharif Bna^l, *crlb« 31S1 - 
Hobammed Sheflk 131) 
Mohammed Uo Slrin Sle* 
Hobunmedas.Sultunl.Ei'illH- :]»t 
HobammedTd]t[r, Mdjma'-uE-Dlhjir 

Kdhimmcd TaU or Toqace (Mir)— 

MDhammed Wajyli— T»h<nawl SMf 
Kobaniiiiad Wall Dekkanl (Sliali)— 

Uabommedui EUograptaj— tbn BaJ'ir 




Mohammedanism [Islam] Tien fans 

tit-#li 3426 

Mohammedans fn India— Firishta 3288 

Siyaru '1-MutakhkhIiin 33 1 7 

Mohasan el-Assar— Vasif 3334 

Mubdy— pee Muhdy 
Mohesh Chandra Nyayaratna 8350 
Mdhitu 1 Mohit— Bistani 3223 

Mohl (J.) hist, des dcudes orient. 8167 

— Chi- King 8416 

— Y-King 3416 
Mohsan (Mohd.) 3278 
Mohsiu Fani, Dabistan 3284 
Mohyi, Life of— Aali Pasha 8323 
Mohyi-ud- f )ln— see Ibn-nl-AraW 
Mohyi-ud-Din, Comment, to the Sik- 

andar Naraah 3310 

Moin ud Din— see Mnin-ud-din 
Moise — see Moses 
Mokkadimat — see Mukkadamah 
Mokhtacar— see Mukhtasar 
Moktaua— see Risail-nd-Durnz 3228 
Molesworth and Candy, Engiish-Mar- 

atlii dicty. 3387 

~ Marat bi-English dicty. 3387 

abridged 8387 

Molld Darwish, scribe 3283 

Moluk Sasaniyah— Mirkhand 3306 
Monawi, Koniizu I-Haqaiq 3253 

Mongolian 3405 

Mongols, History of— Abulghasi 3323 

Jamiu t-Tawarikh 3297 

Khandamir 3299 

Ssanang Ssetsen (Schmidt) 3406 

Montucd (A.) Remarques philol. 3422 

— Parallel 3422 
Mofljnz-ooi Kanoon— see Mujaz 
Mookhtubur— see Mnkhtasar 
Moontukhub— see Muntakhab 
Moore (G. F.)— see Hutt «8132 
Moore (Rev. W ) Flj»an Ung. 3433 
Moorhoose, Murray River langaage 


Moors in Spain— Lois des Mames en 

£si>agne, Arabic MS. 3263 

Makkari 8266 

Moos — see Ardaseer 
Mopla — see Mapilla 
Mora Nevoklkim— Malmonldes 3200 

— see Abraham A bolafla 3 1 9 1 
Moray i (African dialect) 8434 
Mordecai Finzi (Rabbi) Nayir ha- 

Yamim 3202 

More NoTokhe ha-Zeman- Erokhmal 

Morel (C. J.) Maleisch woordenboek 

Money, CataL of MSS. of the R.A.S. 

Morocco, History of— Raudh ol Kartas 

Morris (J. C.) Telugu dicty. 3397 

— Telugn selections 3397 
Morrison (R.) Horse Sinicn 3422 

— Chinese dictionary 3422 

— Cliinese grammar 8422 
•— Chinese dialogues 8422 

— Anglo-Chinese grammar 8428 

— Vocab. of the Canton dialect 8428 

— C h inese M iscellany 8423 

— View of China 3422 

— see Montucci 8422 
Morrone— see Da Ponceau 8399 
Mortillaro, Lingua Arabica 3269 
Morton (W.) Bt^ngali dicty. 3373 
Moruj nz-Zahab— Masudi 8267-68 
Mosainbique Languages 3434 
Mosblech, Vocabul. oc^anien 8127 
Moschtarik — ^soe Mushtarik 

Moses of Coucy 8202 
Mooes ben Esra — Dukes 8196 
Moses ben Gersou Kliafetz 8197 
Moses Isarles— Karo 3198-99 
Moses benlsrael Landaa— Talmud 3206 
Moiies of Khoren, Histy. of Armenia, 
Armenian 8337 
Armenian and French 8337 

Moses of Khoren, History, Italian 3337 

Mostatref — see Mnstatraf 

Motanebbi — see Mutanabbl 

Moule (G. E.)— Bible, Chinese 8414 

Moura— Ibn Bdtuta 3238 

Moura, vocnbul. cambodgien 3401 

Mousset — see Dupuis et M. 

Movers (F. C.) Punische Texte 3208 

Mrichchhakati, Sanscrit 38o3 

— French 3349 

— German 3363 
Mrkkhakatika — see Mrichchhakati 
MuHllukat — see Moallakat 
MubaiTad (el-) Kamil 3246 
Muckba— see Mohammed Ibrahim 
Mudi-a Rakshasa 3363-64 
Mueller (D. H.) Siidarab. Stadien 3260 
Mueller (E.) Jainaprakrit 3364 

— Pali Grammar 3371 
Mueller (F.) Pali-Sprache 3371 
Mueller (Dr. Friedr.) Various Oriental 

pamphlets 3167 

Mueller (Max) — Anecdota Oxon. 3164 

— Buddhist Texts 3164 

— Chips 8168 

— Dham mapada 8 100 

— Hitopadesa • 3347 

— Rig- Veda 3363 

Pada and Samhita Texts 8363 

English 3364 

— Sanskrit Literature 3354 

— Sanskrit grammar 3364 

— Sanskrit texts from Japan 8369 

— Vagrakkhedika 3362 
Mnenster (Seb.)— Levita 3199 

— Solomon 3204 
Muenter, versio Sahidica 3178 
Muenzinger (W.)— DUlmann 3212 
Mufarrihu-l-Kulub 3306 
Mufassal, Commentary on — Ibn Ya'ish 

Mugdhabodha, Indian editions 3354 

— ed. Bohtlingk. 3364 
Mughrabi (al-) — see Ibn Batnta 
Muharram lamentations — Mukbil 3306 
Muhdy (the Shaikh el-) Comes 3260 
Muhibbat-ullah 3296 
Muhuriamartanda 8364 
Muhyi-ud-Din — see Ibn-nl-Arabi 
Muhyi-ud-Dln bhi Abi Bakr as-SaIti 

Muie, metrical translations 3354 

Mu'in-ud-Din Isfarini al Jawaini 33(>7 
Muin-ud-din Miskin 8262 

Muir (J.) Sanskrit Texts 3354 

Mulr (Sir W.) Extracts from the Koran 

Mnizzu-d-Din (Mohd.) 3292 

Mi^ir ud Din al-Hanbali 3271 

Mi^uz ul-Qannn — Kazruni 8247 

Mukadassi (Ahmad al-) Poems 8227 
Mukaddamah— Ibn Khaldun 3241 
Mukaddimat ul Adab — SUimakhshari 

Mukbil, Poems, Persian MSS. 3306 
Mukhtar ul-Faf«wa 8260 

Mukhtasar fi Hisab : Algebra 8260 
Mukhtasam U-Maani 8269 

Muklm-ud-din Ni'mat-nllah — see A>-af) 
Mukrib, Poems, Arabic 3227 

Mnktavali 3361 

Mulakhkhas-ut-Tawarikh 3317 

Mula-Padam, in Tamil 8896 

Mulfazat — see Malfuzat 
Mulla— see word following MuUa 
Multaka-ul-Abhur 8260, 3306 

Mun Mooy Seen-Shang 341 3, 84 17 

Munda Upanishad 3361 

Mung Chew—see Hoo Peih Seang 
Munis ul-Wahld— Thalibi 3271 

Munk (S.)— Maimonides 8254 

Mnnsh'aib : Persian treatise on Arabic 
Grammar 8232 

Munshiyyat Nabi— Nabi 8330 

Muntakhab Evllya 8326 

Mnutakhabat-i-Hindi— Sbakespear 


Mnntakhab-nl-Loghat, printed 8*260 
Mnntakhabu-1-Lughat, MSS. 8807 

Muntakhabati Loghati Osmaniyya : 
Turkish I'icty. 8830 

Muntakhab al-Lubab 8308 

Muntakhab unnafais 8381 

Muntakhab at Tawtulkh — Badanni 

Muntakhab at Tawarikh : Histy. of 
India 8319 

Munyat-nl-Musa11a, Arabic MS. 8260 
Murad (Mohd.) Kcribe 8288 

Murathee — see Marat'hi 
Murner, Ritus Paschae 8202 

Mun— Mines de VOrient 8167 

MurtI (Bhattu) 8397 

Musa bin Hasan ash-Sherifl 8828 

Musa bin Yusuf Abu Hamma 8272 
Masau (African dialect) 8484 

Mushtak — see Khairat AH Khan 
Mushiarik ul-Yakut : Lexicon geomr. 

Music Primer, in Hawaian 8484 

Muslihu d-din Sadi of Shiraz (Shaikh) 

—see Sadl 
Musnuwee — see Ma^navi 
Mustafa ben Abdallah Katib Chelebi^ 

see Hajji Khalifa 
Mustafa bin Ahmad, Hiliyat-er-RiJal 

Mustafa al-Bakri. Durr-ul-Faik 8228 
Mustafa Efendi, Hawi 111 Mesail 8260 
Mustafa Hosain Khan 8879 

Mustafa bin Mohd. bin Ahmad, Tnrk- 
inh Treatises 8880 

Musta'idd Khan — see Surnri 
Mustakhra j , Arabic MS. 8260 

Mustakimzada — Faraki and Masnm 

Mmtatraf: Anthology of Anecdotes 


— see Bel Kassem 8222 
Mustujab Khan Bahadar (Nuwab) 

Musiilman— see Mohammedan 
Mufamad Khan, Ikbal Nama 8298 

— Shah Jahan 8275 
Mutanabbi, Diwan, Arabic 8227, 8261 

Gei-man 8261 

Commentaries 8261 

— see Orientalia 8168 
Mntarrizi — see Misbah 
Muthallathat 8248 
Muttasami Pillei 8895 
Muwaffak — see Abu Mansnr 
Mythology — see Assyrian, Egyptian, 


— comparative and general— MHUer 
(Max) 8168 

Poor 8839 

Myths (Japanese serpent) 8411 

N. (D.) Dictionarlum armen. 8886 
Nabi (Yusuf) Zil-i Sirat Weisi 8830 

— Munschiyyat Nabi 8830 
Nabii Namah : Histy. of the Prophet 

Nachal Kedumim 8196 

Nachasi — see Rosenmliller 8265 

Nacliyat-i Hindi 3382 

Nadim — see Ibn Abi Yaknb an- 
Nddir NTamah Abdu 1-Rerim 8278 

Nddir Shah — Mohammed Mahdi, Per- 
sian MSS. 8291, 8805-6 

printed 8306 

-w Abdu 1-Kerim. MS. 8278 

Nafahta-al-Ons — see Nafhat 
Nafais-ul-Lnghat 8882 

Nafhat-ul-Uns— Jam! 8296 

Naf.iatu 1-Yaman 8261 

Nafh ut-Tib— Makkari 8256 

Naftali Hirz Wesel— see YTessely (H.) 
Naftali ben Issakhar Weasel 3204 
Nagananda. in French 8849 

Nag8varma*8 Canarese prosody 8892 
Nagesabhatta 8856 

Nagojibhatta's Bhashyapradipoddyota 
•—see 1ila.bA.\Avw^'^'«> 



KagoJibhatta*8 Paribha-Shendu-Sek- 
bara 8356 
Namndoo — see Cbintamani Kikanriu 
Naima, Tarikb, MS. 3380 
printed 3381 

— Annaki, by Fraser 8330 
Naishadha-Charita 3854 
Nakbalath Avoth— see Abarbanel 8190 
Nakhoda Honda de Samangka, 

Mdmoires 3430 

Nakhsbabi — see Tuti-Nama 
Nakbslmn ben Zadok (Rabbi) 3200 
Nakishbendi Sbeiks, Lives of tbe — 
Hosein Vaes Kashefl 8328 

Nakkasb, Kalila wa Dimna 8246 

Nakonla, Ezp^ition Egypte 3261 

Nakari (al-) Fatawa al-Hemmadiyah 

Nal Paman, Persian MS. 8807 

Nala, Story of — see Nalophhyanam 
Nala and Damayanti, Persiim MS. 

Nalayira Plrapant«n — seeTimraymoIi 
Kallumtiui, Namawalia 8380 

Nalodaya — see Kalidasa 
Nalopakbyanam, Sanskrit 8851 

— Sanscrit and Latin 8851 

— Sanscrit and EnRiish 8351 

— Persian — see Nal Daman 

~ in English verse 8861 

Nalns — see Nalopakhyanam 
Namaqoa Hottentot language 8437 
Kamawalia 8390 

Names, Hieroglyphic— Lleblein 8178 
Nan n Halwa 8280 

Nanda Pandita, Dattaka Mimansa 8345 
~ Institutes of Vishna 3347 

Nannnl — see Nnnnool 
Napoleon I, History of, Turkish 8831 
Napoleon III., Life of, Maltese 8278 
Narada Pancha Katra 8855 

Narayan — see Rajneeti 
Narayana — see Oargya Narayana 
Narayana Bhatta, Chamatkarachin- 
tamani 8348 

. — Muhnrtamartanda 3354 

— Prayogaratna 8857 

— Venisamhara 8845 

hrsg. von Grill 8366 

Narayana Pandita— Gita Govinda 

Nas Khem (Papyrus of)— Birch 8171 
Nasafl, Kanzu d-Dakaik, Arabic 8262 
Peniau 8297 

— Madarik at Tanzil 3261 

— Umdat (Creed of Sunnltes) 8262 
Nasif al-YazIji, Poems 8262 

— M^Jma ul Bahrain 3262 
Nasir ud Din at-Tusi, Akhlak 3277 

— Euclid 3229 

— Avicenna 8221 
Nacr-i Bi-Nazir— see Sihr-ul-Bayan 
Nasr-ed.Din (Khoja) Hilcayat 8880 
Nasm d'Din Shah, Kuz Namah 8807 
Nasru *llah bin Mohd. al-Karmani 3297 
Nathan ben Yekhiel, ha-Arukh 8199 
Nathan bar Toei Palkiia 8197 
Natural History, in Japanese 84u9 
Nanras Namah — see Firishta 

Nava Tatva, English 3370 

Naville (E } My the d'Horus 8178 

^Todtenbnch 8172 

— see Records 3186 
Nawadir el-Asar 3331 
Navadir us-Snlrani— Baha *ud-Din32i2 
Nawaji — see Sliems nddin an- 

Nttv awi,Tehzib ul Asma (Biograpl ileal 
Dictionary) 3262 

— Forty Traditions, Arabic MS. 3262 

— Commentary on 3262 
Nayir ha-T^nim, Hebrew MS. 3202 
Nazir Akbarabudl, works, Urdu 3882 
Nazmi-Zadeh 8331 
Neamet UiUh— see Ni'met 

Kebaeni, Papyrus of 8178 

Aee/ Ratns Haldar, KobltA 8350 

-ffeeti SuDkuIua 3349 

Neh Manzer on las nenf Logos 3307 
Nejm-ud>Din All 3248 

Nekhmad ve Nairn- Gans 8196 

Nella-Ri^ah— fiee Kindersley 3395. 
Neriosengh — see Avesta 3186 

— Mainyd-i-Khard 8188 
Nesfleld— Rajendralala Mltra 3858 
Neshwan ibn Said 3262 
Netaij ul Afkar— Izhar ul Asrar 3244 
Neumann (C.F.) Armen.Literatur3337 

— Elissens 3336 

— Translations 8168, 3423 
Nfeve (F.) Tracts 3170 
Neviaim— see Bible, Hebrew MSS. 
New Zealand Language— see Maori 
New Zealander (The) 3432 
Nicholls (G. F.) Samarit. Grammar 

Nicholson (J.) Sinhalese Dicty. 3890 
Nicolas (J. B.) Dictionnaire Persan 


— Dialogues Persans 3307 

— Omar Khayyam 8310 
Nidana : on Hindu Medicine 8355 

— see Susruta 3360 
Nierszevicz (D.) Dictionarium Arroen. 

Nigandu— see Auweiyar 
Nigaristan MuMn al-Jawaini 8307 

Nigaristan-i Wakl al-Kazwlni 8307-8 
Nighanta-Bhasha 3382 

Nihal Chund. Gooli Bukawnlee 8380 
Nihayat-ut-Talab 8262 

Nibon Guashi 8408 

Ni-Hon hyaku syan 3409 

Nihon Sho-ki 8408 

Nikat>ttl-aalamin — see Znmbu I-Amsal 
Nikolaus as-Saigh, Diwan 3263 

Nilakantha, Comment, to the Mahab- 
harata 3351 

Nilakantha Sastra Gore (N.) Refuta- 
tion 3355, 38«2 
Nilharachakharicha 3402 
Nil Ratna Haldar, Kobita 3850 
Nimaichandra Siromani 3846, 3351 
Ni'mat Khan Aali, Works, MS. 8308 

— Siege of Golconda, MS:^. 3308 

— Spousals of Beauty, MS. 3308 
Ni'met Ullah, Makhzannl-Afghani 8302 

English 8808 

Ni*mat-i Uzma 8808 

Ningpo dialect— Pelly 8428 

Nineveh, Discoveries at— Smith 8186 
Nipon san-kai mei bntu 8410 

Nippon jo tsi roo tei 8412 

Nirayavaliyasuttara 8855 

Niri (Ahmad) scribe 8283 

Nishanjizada. Mlrat nl-Kainat 8830 
Nishthnrasanjayya 8891 

Nitisara: on polity 8355 

Nitzflkhon (Sefer)— Wagenseil 8206 
Nizam (Sheikh) Fatawa Alemgiri 3230 
Nizam (the Nawab' Ghazi-ud-Din 

Khan) 3282 

Nizam-uddin, Aesop, Hindustani MS. 

Hindustani and English 8375 

— Articles of War 3376 

— Insha-i-Hindee 3381 

— Sadi's Gulistan 8883 
Nizamu d-Din Ahmad b. Mohd. Mukim 

Nlzam-ul-Mulk— see Tantarani 3270 
Nizami, Kliamsa, MSS. 8308 

— Khirad Nama, MSS. 3308 

— Behram-Gur (Haft Paikar) 3309 

— Khosru and Shirin, MS. d3()9 

— Laili and Majnun, MSS. 8308-9 
English 8809 

— Makrizani Asrar, MSS. 3309 
ed. by Bland 8809 

— Sikandar Namah, MSS. 8809, 3821 

ed. by fiadar All 3310 

Commentary on, MS. 8810 

— de expeditione Russorum 3310 

— see Robinson 8312 
Nizami (Hasau) TaJ\x VMaaslr 33i9 

Noceda (P. Juan de) y San Locsr, 

vocabnl. Tagalo (1734) 3428 

(1832) 8428 

Noldeke (Th.) Neusyr. Sprache 8210 

— Poesie der Araber 8263' 
Nofal (G.) Conversation arabe S263 
No gnyo ZeU'Sho 3409 
N okhbat al-Fikr— Ibn Hajar 8289-40 
Noktat (al) Sharh Katru n-Nida— Ibn 

Hisham 3241 

Noqayah— see Jam*u-r- Rumnx 3245 

Norberg, Codex Nasarseus 3210 

— Opascula academica 8168 
NordenskiSld, Biblioth^que japon. de 


Nordhelmer, grammat. analysis 3208 

— Hebrew Grammar 8808 
Nordmeyer, Calendar, ^gypt 3183 
Nork (Fr.) Hebrew Diet. 8203 
Noronha (Pio) 8386 
Norris (E.) Assyrian Dicty. 8 IBS 

— Cuneiform Inscriptions 8186 

— Kapur-di-Giri Inscription 8869 

— Turkish Vocabulary 8831 
Norrmann — see Norberg 8168 
No sei Hon ron 8409 
Notes on Indian Subjects 8296 
Notice sur Mr. Chabas 8174 
Notices on Chinese Grammar 8428 
Nott (John) Haflz 8290 
Nozhat al- Nazr— Ibn Hajar 8239 
Nrisinha Tapani 8361 
Nubian Language 8437 
Nnjm — see Nejm 
Nukhbat-ul-Fikr— see Nokhbat 
NnUy, dictionn. berb^re 
Nu* maniyya, Kasida 
Numbers, Egyptian— Brogsch 

— Tracts on the Origin of 
Nuftismata, Phoenician— Luynes 8206 
Nufiez Torres — Karo 81 
Nunnool— see Pope 

— Tholcapya-Nunnool 

— in English 
Nur Ahmad Chishti 
Nuru-llah — BJralnaah-i Tawartkh-C 

Nu Tarz Mirassa 

Nutkn 1-Mafhum 82< 

Nuzbatu 1-Arwah, MSS. 881 

Nushatu 1-KuIub 881i 

Nnshat-ul-Udaba 327 
Nwed Mbume 
Nyaya Dar^ana 
Nyaya Philosophy— Tarka Sangraba 

Books on the 


Obeid ZakanI 

Oberleitner, Lingua arab. 

Ockley— Ibn Tufail 

Odhra Language 

Odiya— see Orlya 

Odschi— see Oji 

Ohel Moed : Hebrew Bynonyms 89 

Oimenepthah I. — Bonomi 81' 

Oirad — see passim Mongolian 

Oji Language 

Oldenberg (H.) Dipavamsa 

— Vinaya-Pitakam 
Oloug Beg, Prol^gom^nes 
Olshausen (D. F.) Pehlewi- 

Omar, Letters. Arabic 
Omar II (the Khalif)— KitalMil.l7: 

Omar Khayyam, Alg^bre 

— Rubaiyat, Persian and Frendi 

English, by Fitzgerald 

English, by Whlnfleld 

Omar bin al-Ward i s ee Ibn-nl-' 
Onkelos, Targnm 


Oordoo— see (Jrda 



Opi>«rt, Catal. of Sanscrit MSS. 3344 
Opi»«rt (J.) Orammaire assyr. 3186 
*-* O-rammaireianscrite ^ 8355 

— Happorta de rEsrypte 8186 

— •X'ralttf babylonien 8183 
■— »«e Records 3186 
'— ^t H ^nant. Documents jnrid. 3186 

— ■ Pastes de Sargon 8184 

Oi'M.lKh Khayim— Jacob ben Asber 31 97 
-~ Kjuo 3199 

Orctirti, Xonnmenti eglzU 3183 

Or>i«.nne, Daya-Cramv-Sangraha 3345 
Orient nnd Occident (Benfey) 3168 
Ortental Alphabets 3163 

— ifiibUoflraphy (General) 8164-66 
see Bibliography, Gatalogoes 

— I^angnages and PbUology 3163-3438 

— -iMtSS.— see passim the respective 

— Catalognes of— see Bibliography 

*~- Penmanship— Forbes 3166 

— fi^Miety of America 3163 

— Society of Italy— Annoario 3164 

— ^exts 3168 
r~ ^Translation Fund 3168 
OrX^ntaiia (Amstelod. 1840) 3168 
r~ -^Atiqua 3168 
X*"^^»a— see Oriya 

j;*'*3ra Language 3388 

{{■"^a-nndoi : a fiengaU Magazhie 3373 
"^«».1m (City of) Chart of 8409 

r^ ^Description of 3411 

Jf *»xian n (Sultan) Elegy on 8229 
X*«*ianll Turkish 3323-35 

"*^«tic 3337 

r~ toiler 8167-68 

^^t;iak Language— Castren 8402 

^^^•lieltan— see Tahitian 
JJI^Jfcy— see Utbi 

S J*^man, Letters, Arabic 3259 

^^*^o (G.) Palaestra 3168, 3190 

^ Synopsis 8190 

^^^tioman Chronicles, Turkish 3331 
ifelmpire. History of —Naima 3330 
TT" — Petchawi 8331 

^^«Ui, Kawabsof— Imadu s-Sa'adat 


t^ IISS. Collection— Sprenger 3165 

^Uigoor— see Uigur 

^tipanichats eztraits des Yedas 3362 

"^T^ see Upanishads 

^Upnek'hat 3362 

^lueley (Sir Gore) Persian Poets 3311 

•^ (J. W. J.) Anwar-i-Suhaili 3278 

•^ (Sir W.) Bakhtyar Namah 8281 

"^ FabhiTl Medals 8189 

"^ Sadik Isfahani 8265, 8316 

^Uvrj, Megha-Duta 3348 

^Wel8 ben Mohd. Osknbi, Dori*at ut 

Taj 3325 

^ see Nabi 8330 

O^o-Kuni-Nusi- Pfinnaier 3410 

^^aDflTuren de Santa Yn^, Tagalysmo 

'"^ lengna japona 3409 

^adart *ta kuna Chintamani 8394 

^«dma Pnrana 3358 

"-^ see Kartika Mabatmya 8350 

^admanji (Baba)— Molesworth 8387 
^«dshah Nama 8311 

""^ see also Badshah Namah 
^^^g^ (L.) diet, japonais 3409 

---- Cartins 3406 

^a|niinns*<S.) Hebr. institutiones 3203 
^^-THebr. et chald. nomina 3203 

^•htawi 3186-90 

Paintings, illuminated Persian 

^akhfca — see Pushto 
^alteographieal Society (Oriental 

flei-les) 3168 

^alCBOgraphy, South-Indian 3391 

' — Oriental -Palaeogr. Society 3168 

Hi^endralala Mitra 3358 

l»«ll 3369-71 

--MilUer 3167 

•^Tracts 33T1 

Pailegoiz, Grammat. Thai 3402 

— Dlctionar. Thai 8402 
Palma, Paradlgmata 8264 
Palmer (E. H.) Arabic Grammar 3263 

— Arabic Manual 3263 

— Hindust., Persian, and Arabic Gram- 
mar - 8169 

— Persian Dictionary 3311 
Pampango 8427 
Pancadandachattraprabhandhs 8367 
Panchopakhyanam, MS. 8387 
Panchatantra — see Pantcha-Tantra 
Pandava Pratap 8387 
Pandit (The) 3355 
Panini-— GoldstQcker 3346 

— Sutra Vriti 3356 

— Sanscrit Roots. MS. 8355 
Pa^jab, History of— Tahkikat i Chishti 


— statistical account on the 3311 
Pai^abi language 8388-89 
Pantcha-Tantra, Sanscrit 8355 

— GtUarati 3374 

— French (Dubois) 3356 
(Lancereau) 3356 

— German 8356 
Pantschatantrum— see Pantcha-Tantra 
Panzavecchia, Grammat, maltese 3273 
Papyri (Egyptian) seejxessm Egyptian 

in the British Museum 3180 

of the Earl of Belmore 3178 

Papyrus of Nebseni 31 78 

Para9ara-Smritl 3360 

— see Dharmashastra 8. 3345 
Paramarta, Aventures de 8356 
Parasara — see Para^ara 
Paribha-Shendu-Sekhara 3356 

— Tripatbaga-Paribha 3361 
Paris, Siege of - P'u fa chan chi 3423 
Parker (G. W.) Malagasy Grammar 

Parsa (Khwoja Mohd.) Tahkik 3318 
Parsees— Haug 8188 

— Jalal Kajar 3374 

— Kissa-i-Sanjan 3300 
Parsi 3186-90 
Pai-they {G.) Aegypten 3183 

— Aegypt. Personennamen 3178 

— Alexandrin. Museum 3208 

— VocabuL coptico-lat. 8178 
Parthickson — see Beckford 8281 
Paschal Liturgy — see Passover 
Passover Liturgy 8196-97 

Abarbanel 3190 

Pasto— see Pushto 

Patanjala Darshana 3356 

Patanjali, Mahabhashya 3352 

Pat'han — see Pushto 
Patimokkha, MS. 8371 

Patrickson— see Beckford 3281 

Paul (Saint) life of, in Maltese 3273 
Paul of Aleppo, Makkari's Travels 

Paulinus 4 St. Bsrtholomaeo, Opnscula 


— Sldharubam 8356 

— Vyacarana 8356 
Pauthier.(G.) Authenticity de Phisciipt. 


— Catal. de livres chinois 8415 

— ChiKhig 8415 

— Confucius et Mencius 8416 

— Doctriue dn Too 3420 

— Ecritures figurat 8179, 3423 

— Inscript. de Si-Ngan-Fou 3423 

— see Julien 8419 

— R^ponse k St. Julien 8423 

— Ta Bio 3416 

— Vindicise sinicaB 3423 
Pavetde Courteille— Masudi 8258 
Payne (John) Arabian Nights 3219 
Payogasiddhi— Burnell 3369 
Pazand — see pamm under Pahlavi 
Peacock (G.) Life of Young 3ia3 
Pearson (J. D.) Bakyaboleo 3373 
Pedro de San Lucar — see San Lucar 
Pect, Malayalim grammar 3393 



Pegambara Asau Zaratau»tan& 

Peguan — see passim Burmese 

Pehlvi-HBee Pahlawi 

Peiper, Harlii 

Pekin, Plan of the dty of 

Pelly, Chinese Manual 

Pend-Nameh— see Attar 

Pend Namah— see Firuz bin Kawus 

Pend Namah— see Sadi 

Penmanship (Oriental) — Forbes 816tf 

— see also Calligraphy • 

Penrice (J.) Dicty. of the Koran 8253 

Pentateuch— see Bible 

Perdval (P.) Institutes of Mann 8358 

— Tamil Proverbs 8395 

Dicty. 8895 

Peritsol, Itinera Mundi 8208 

Perny (P.) dictionn. chhiots 8423 

— dialogues chinois 8423 
Perrin (J.) Kafir didy. 8487 
Persia, Customs of Women 8284 

— Geography— Nuzhatu 1-Kulub 8310 

— History of— Jamiu t-Tawarikh 3297 

Maaslr-i Sultaniyyah 8803 

Mir Davoud Zadour 8304 

Mirkh*and 8304-5 

Shah Namah 

Tarikh-i Mu'ajjam 8320 

Tarlkn-i Sayyah 8338 

Persian (Modem) 8278-3323 

— Muller 3167 
Persian (Old) 8184-86 
Persian Dialects— Berezin 8281 
Persian, Hindustani, English, Portu- 
guese Dictionary, MS. 3311 

Per^n Arithmetic — Siyar Nama 3317 

— Astronomy — Oloug-Beg 8310 

— Calligraphy and decorative Art 


— illuminated MSS.— Khakani 3298 

Jalaluddln Rumi 8293-94 

Sadi 3813 

— MSS.— Catalogues of 8164-66 

— Poets — Onseley 8311 

— Prosody— Blochmann 8283 
Gladwin 8289 

— Rhetoric— Gladwin 8289 

Hadaiqu-1-Balaghat 8290 

Hidayatu-1-Alamin 8293 

— tracto and MSS. 8170 

— Writing— Mijma'i Tarassnl 8808 
Pertsch, TUrk. und Pers. MSS. 3165 
Pesakh — see Haggadah Shel Pesakh 
Peshawar, statistical account on 8811 
Petchawi, Tarikh, MS. 8331 
Petchoglu — see Petchawi 
Petermann's Grammat armenlaca 

8189, 3337 

— Oriental Grammars 8169 
Peterwaradein (Peace oO Turkish 

Ti-acts on 8335 

Petltjean (R.) Lexicon Japon. 8410 
Peyron (A.) Lexicon copt. 8179 

— Grammatlca copt. 8179 
Pezzl, Aryan Philology 8169 
Pfizmaler (A.) Alno-Sprache 8410 

— Rko-Fo-No 8407 

— tracts on Japan 8410 
Pharchi, Caftor wa-Pherach 8208 
Pharmacopcela, in Hindustani 3383 
Philippine Languages 8427-28 
PhUology (Comparative)— Bopp 3343 
Dorn 8284 

— (Comparative and General) Oriental 


of African lan^inagea 8434 

of Indian languages 8889, 8391 

of Indo-Chinese lang. 3399 

of Polynesian lang. 8426 

of Semitic lang. 8190 

of Turanian or Tartaric lang. 

Phllo-Slnensis, Notices 3428 

— Medtmrst 8421 
Philosopher's Stone— Nlhayat-ut-Talnb 

Phltsutra— Cantanava 8844 




FhGenician 8207-8 

— Alphabet— Orlentalia ant S168 

— Inscriptions — Land 8176 

— Inscriptions 8207 

— Tracts 8208 
Phrase Book (Tamil) 8895 
Piankhi-Meriamen— Rouff^ 8180 
Pickford, Maha Vira Charita 3842 
Pierrot (P.) Archeologie ^gypt 8179 

— My tholoKle ^gypt 8 1 79 

— Recueil (Vinscriptiona 8175 

— St^le fethiopienne 8175 

— see Records 8186 
Pietraszewski, Grammaire Zend 8179 
Pigneanx — see Taberd et P. 
Pignorii characteres aegypt. 3179 
Piban (A. H.) riict. ^tymologiqne 3169 

— langne alg^ilenne 8263 

— signes de numeration 8169 
Pijnappel, Maleisch woordenboek 8430 
Pillay, Tholcapya-Nannool 8396 

— see Joyes and Pillay 
Pilpay — see Bidpai 
Pincott— see Tolbort and P. 
Pinner, Odessaer bebr. MSS. 8203 
Pifiuela (Pedro de la)— Varo 3425 
Pirates of China Sea — Neumann 3168 
Piririli, Book of Counsels 3331 
Pirke Aboth 8203 
Pischel, Hemachandra 8347 

— Recensionen der Caknntala 3369 

— iiberVikraraorra^yam 8369 
Piyadasi, Inscript of— Sdnart 8371 
Pi Yuan 8424 
Plague- Snyuti 8269 
Planisphere celeste des Arabes 8263 
Piatt (J.) Gulistan 8815 
Piatt (J. T.) Hindustani Grammar 8382 

— ikhwanu s Safa 8381 
Piatt (T. P.) Catal. of Ethiopic biblical 

MSS. 8213 

— Didascalia 8212 

— Ethiopic New Test. 3211 
Pleyte (W.) Papyrus Rollin 8179 

— Set 8183 

— et Rossi, Papyrus de Turin 3179 
Pocock (E.)— Abu '1 FaraJ 821 6 
~> Historia Arabum 3264 

— Ibn Tufail 8243 
-~ Liturgia. Arabice 8258 

— Maim on ides 8254 
Pocockins (E.)— see Pocock 
Poley— Devimahatmya 8358 
Polyglot Dictionary— Calligaris 3225 

(Oriental)— Caatelli 81 64 

Hunter 8166 

Meninskl 8167 

Polyglots, Oriental — Othonls Palaestra 


Klaproth 8167 

Doscabhee Sorabjee 8374 

Polynf>sian Languages 3426-34 

Relandus 3169 

Poole (Stanley Lane) — see Lane, 

Arabic Dicty. 8253 

Poor (L. E.) Sanskrit literature 3339 

Pootslia Pagienaga 8400 

Pope (Q. W. ) Tamil grammar 3896 

— Tuda grammar 3897 
Popular Poetry of Persia— Kurroghlou 

Porta Coelorum 8198,3201 

Portuguese Etymology — Sousa 3267 

— History— Sousa 8267 
Foatel (G.) Foenicum litern 8208 

— Grammat. arab. 8264 

— Liber de causis 8208 

— Jezira 8198 
Postellufi — see Postel (G.) 

Potken (J.) Psalroomm liber 8214 

Prabodha Cbandrodaya 3356 

— English 8356 

— Marathi 3388 
Prabodha Cbandrodaya Natak 8388 
Pracrit— sec Prakrit 

/'y^i^iiA-PAivimita-Hridaya-Sutra — sec 

Anecdota 8164 

Prajapati 8361 

Prakrit— see iMM«tm Sanskrit 
Prakrit Tracts 8871 

Prakrits (Modem) 8372-89 

Prakrita-Prakasa 8356 

Prasannaragbara 8856 

Prasna Upanishad 8861 

Pratt (G.) Samoau dicty. • 8433 

Praudhamanorama 8356 

Praya9chittendu^ekhara 8356 

Prayer Book, Moghrabi — Dalail-ul- 
Khairat 8226 

— of the ShiMtes 8265 
Prayer Roll, 1 ibetan 8404 
Prayers Coptic and Arabic — Eitabu s- 

salam 8176 

— Ethiopic— see Psalter, MSS. 8218-14 
see Derotions 8212 

— Jewish — see Makhzor 3200-1 

— Syiiac, MS. 3210 

— of the Island of Temat, Arabic MS. 

Prayofraratna 8357 
Prem Puran — see Bhagavat Purana 
Prem Saitur. Hindi 3382 
Price 8388 

— Selections 8884 

— English, by Eastwick 8382 

by HoUings 8382 

Preroacbandra Tarkavagisa, Kavja- 

darsa 8350 

— Naishada 3354 

— RaghavapandaTiya 3358 
Premare, Not ilia lingue sinicffi 8423 

English 8423 

Preston (Ret. T.) Hariri 3235 

Price (Major D.) Jehangir 8298 

Price (W.) Hindi and Hindustani 

Selections 8383 

Prideaux (W. F.) Neshwan 3262 

Prinsep (E. A.) Sanscrit Tocab. 3357 
Prinsep — see Sauda 8383 

Prithiraja Rayasa, MS. 8377 

Priya Darshika 8856 

Prophets, History of— Ibn-nl-Arabi 

Royetu 1-Abrar 8832 

— Lives of the — Hadikat-us-Snada 


— Stories of the— Makasidu l-Auliyya 


— Tales of the— Kissas-ul-Ambiya 

Prorerbs, Arabic— Burckhardt 8224 

Freytag 8231 

Maidani 8254 

Majmu* uz-Zahr 8255 

Mustatraf 8261 

Socin 3267 

Turab All 8271 

— Chinese— Davis 8416 
Scarborough 8424 

— of the Chittagong Hill Tracts— 
Lewin • 8401 

— Dakhni— Zurubu TAmsal 3386 

— Eflk ' 8435 

— Hindustani— Roebuck 8313 

— Persian— Roebuck 3813 

— Rabbinic— Dukes 3195 

— Sanscrit — Kobita Ratnakara 8350 

— Tamil— Paulinus 3169 
Percival 3395 

— Zulu— Zulu Tzaga 8437 
Psalter— see Bible 

Psalterinm, Coptice et Arabice 3179 
P'u-fa-chan-chi 8423 

Puga — see Maldonsdo de Puga 
Pulavea (Madura Condaswami) 8896 
Punchopakbyan, in Gi^arati 8374 
Punic 8207-8 

Punjab — see Panjab.PanjabI 
Punjaraja, Sambhuhoraprakasa 8359 
Puran, in Marathi verse 3388 

Puranas 3357-58 

Puranic Mythology, Sanscrit MS. 3358 
Purasbaranadipika SS.H 

Purdhan Bala Rao Pandit (the) 3292 

Pumaprajna Darsliana 8358 

Pumsha Parikhya 3373 

Pushto Language 8338 

Q— see K. 

Qoran — see Koran 

Quatremibre (£.) Inscript. pnniques 


— Jami ut-Tawarikh 8297 

— Langue d'Egypte 8179 

— Makrizi 8257 

— Smith, Thefiaurus 8210 
Quelliroane dialect— Bleek 8484 
Rabbinic 8190-8207 

— MSS.— see under Hebrew MSS. 

— Proverbs— Dukes 3195 
Rabbinowicz, Legisl. criminelle 8205 
Radhakanta Deva (the fiajah) Sabda 

Kalpa Druma ^59 

— Ufe of 3859 
Raffles (T. S.)— Malay Annals 3430 
Rafi Khan Bazil 8291 
Baghavapandaviya 33.^8 
Ragbib Pasha— see Petchawi 8331 
Raghunandana Bhattacharya 8867 
Raghunata Sastri Parvate 3855 
Bagunath Shastri Talekar 8358 
RaRunatha Siromani, Amimanachin- 

tamani 8840 

— see Nyayaratna 8355 
Ragbu Vansa — see Khalidasa 
Rahmat Khan — see Hafiz Rahmat 
Rahmat-Ullah 8264 
Rahnuma-i Dihli 8883 
Rai Sanyo 8408 
Rajarama Sastrin — Mahabhashya 8353 
Raja-Ratnacari— Upham 8890 
Rajashekkara, Biddbashala 8342 
Raja Tarangioi : Histy. of Cashmir, Per- 
sian 8811 

Sanscrit 83.'i8 

Raja-Vali, English— Upham 8890 

— Sanscrit — see Raja Tarangini 8358 
Rajendralala Mitra— Aitarea Aranyaka 


— Agni Purana 8367 

— Chaitanya-Chandrodaya 8844 

— Nitisara 8855 

— Taittiriya Aranyaka 8865 

— Taittiriya Brahmaua 8365 

— Notices of Sanscrit MSS. 3858 

— Sanscrit MSS. of the Asiatic Society 
of Bengal 8858 

of Oudh 8858 

of the Maharaja of Bikaner 8858 

Rajendraname : B\i„ of Coorg 3392 
Rajib All Beg 8878 

Rf^neeti, Hindu Apologues, Hindus- 
tani 8883 

Briij Bbasha 3388 

Rajpoot ana, History of— Wiquaya8386 
Rak B«id— Oupnek' hat 8862 

Rama — Adhyatmaramayana 8840 

— Bhatti Kavya 8842 

— BhavabhuU 8342 
Ramagovinda — Haribansa 8846 
Ramahari Nyaya Panchanan 8846, 3851 
Ramajaya Tarkalamkara 8845 
Ramalhetinho de Hymnos 8386 
Ramamaya Tarkaiatna 8861 
Rama Narayana Yidyaratna — Afwal- 

ayana 8340 

Ramanuja 8862 

Ramasawmy, Canarese Vocab. 8892 
Rama-Tapaniya-Upanishad — Weber 

Ramatiitba 8861 

Rama Varman, comment, to the Ram- 

ayana 8862 

Ramayana — see Valmiki 
Ramayaiia— see Tulsi Das 
Ramchand — Boucharlat M77 

Ram Comul Sen, Bengali Dicty. SS7S 
Ramcrishna Gopal BhandarkMr 8859 
Ramdhun Sen, Inayah 328< 

— Per»ian Dicty. 3311 

— Zain-ul-Abidin 8273 
Rameses XL— Birch 8171 



Rameses III.^Blrch 3171 

Kam Jasan (Pandit)— Wilson 3368 
Ramkissen San, Bengali rocabulary 

Rammohun Roy, BentraU grammar 3378 

— Extracts from the Veda 8366 
Ramsay, OivJaratl grammar 3374 

— English grammar, in Gnjarati 3874 
Ramtaran Siromani — Mahanataka 8353 
Ram Vijaya 3387 
Ranganatha— Surya-Siddhanta 3360 
RapbaU (J. M.) Mishna 8202 

— Hebrew Review 8 1 97 
Raaavahini, Pali and German 8871 
Raschid-eldin— see Rashidn d-Din 
Rasbabat Abi ol Hayat — Hosein Vaez 

Kaskea 3328 

Rasbi— Talmnd Babli 8205 

Rashid Efendi, Annals, Turkish 

Rashid-ud-Dln, Jami-ut-Tawarikh, 

Tarkish 8382 

— — Persian and French 8297 
Rashidu d-Din Ghasanl 3297 
Rasliid ed Din Watwat— All 8220 
Rashid bin Ghalib— Ibn-oI-Faridti 

Rassam and Badger, English grammar 


— Exercises and dialogues 8264 
Raudhat — see Raucat 
Raudti^nl-Kartas: Histy. ofFes 3264 
Uaushan Ali— Khasalat nl Hisab 8248 

— Ibn Hi\jib's Kaflyya 3240 
Raaxat-ui-Abrar 8332 
Rauzat-ul-Abbab 8811 
RauKat ai-Manatcar of Ibn wi(h*Shnhna, 

MS. 3213 

printed 8238 

Rauxatu s-Safa— see Mirktt'and 
Raoxat ush-Shnhada 8312 

Ravanavaha 8359 

Raverty (S. H.) Pashto Dicty. 8338 

— Pashto Grammar 3388 
~ Pashto Manual 3838 
>- Galshan-i-Roh 3388 
Raverty (H. G.) Tabakati Nasiri 3318 
Ravis* general grammar 3190 

— oithogr. ebraica 8190 
-- Sesqaidecuria epistol. 8190 
Ravius (C.) — see Ravis 

Rawlinson (Sir H. C.) Cuneiform 
Inscript. 8186 

Raza Hasan, Anmuzaju 1-KamaI 3220 
Razi — see Am in Ahmad Raei 
Razi — see Fakhr-ud-Din ar- 
Razi — see Mohammad bin Hasan ar- 
Records of the Past 8186 

Recueil de travaux rel. & la philoioKie 
€gypt. et assyr. 8179, 3183 

Red Book (Chinese) 3423 

Redhouse (J. W.) Mesnevi 3294 

— Muntakhabati Loghati osm. 8330 

— Tarkish Grammar 8332 

— Grammaire ottomane 3382 

— Turkish Dicty. ( 1856) 3332 
(1880) 8332 

— English-Turkish Lexicon 8332 
Redslob— Coranus 3251 
Reeve (W.) Camataca dicty. 8392 

— Canarese dicty. 3392 
Regnaud, Bbaratiya-Natya-Castra 3369 

— Mricchakatika 3349 
R^gnier (Ad.) idionnidcs V^das 8359 

— itudes sur la grammaire vddique 

Reinaud— Abulflda 3216 

— Hariri 3234 

— Relation des voyages 3264 

— Tracts 3170 
Reinisch (L.) aegypt. Chrestomathie 


— Kunama Sprache 8437 

— u. Roesler, Inschrift von Tanls 3179 
Reinisch (S.) Denkmftler in Hiromar 

Rciske— Abn-l-Fida 8216 

Rekhtn- see passim class Hindustani 
Rekhtn Songs— Hollings 3380 

Relandus, Analecta rabbin. 8203 

— de spoliis templi Hlerosol. 8169 

— Dissertationes 8169 
Religious Instruction for the Sosoos 


Remarques philol. sur les voyages de 

M. de Guignes 8422 

R^musat (Abel-) Catal. dellvres chinois 

«- Catal. des livres do 8164 

— Foe Koue Kl 8417 

— Glossary 8166 

— Grammaire chin. 8423 

— Langue et lltt^rature chin. 8169 

— langues tartares 3402 

— M^anges 8169 

— Nouveaux M^anges 8169 

— Melanges posthumes' 3169 

— Observations 8418 

— surTencycIop^dieJapon. 3410 
Renan (E ; Langues Mmitiques 3190 

— Mission de Pbtfnicie 3208 
Renouf (P. Le P.) Egypt grammar 


— miscell. notes 8183 

— negative particles 3179 

— see Records 3186 
Reprints, Chinese — Wu Shdng-Lan 

Reschideddin — see Rashidu d-Din 
Retnavali 8359 

Reuchlin, Rudimenta Ilebr. 32i>3 

Renvens, Cippi punici 3207 

R<5villout (E.) Blemmyes 8179 

— Chrestomathie d^mot. 8175 

— deux Merits de Masptfro 8178 
Reynolds (Rev. J.) Kitab-ul-Yamini 


— Ouseley 8811 

— Suyuti 3269 
Rgya tch'er rol pa 3404 
Rhams^s le Grand— Salvolini 3180 
Rhenius, Tamil grammar 3396 
Richardson (J.> Arabic grammar 8264 

— Odes of Hafez 3312 

— Persian, Arabic and English Dicty. 

Richardson— Damathat 8400 

Ricraft, Oriental characters 8163 

Riddel, Chinyanja grammar 8435 

Rieu— Abhidhanakintamani 8347 

— Ikhwanu-s-Safa 8380 
Rifaat, Diwan 8312 
Riggs (E.) Armenian grammar 8337 
Riggs, Chaldee Manual 8203 
Rig- Veda — see Vedas 

Riis, Akwapim-Dialekt 3488 

Riktantravyakarana 3365 

Rinck (F. T.) Abulfida 3217 

— Makrizi 8257 
Rin&ifee, San Kokf Tsou 3410 
Risail : Various Arabic Treatises 3256 
RisaU'Ud-Duruz 3228 
Risail al-Hamadani-— see Ibn HtOJ^^h 

Risail fl Manlidu n-Nabi 8259 

RisaUu n-Nabi wa Khalifa 8259 

Risala-ul-AUya 8312 

Risalah Salukiyah 3296 

Risalah dar Tawhid 8296 

Risalah-i Tirandansy 8321 

Risalat-^aml 8286 

Risalet man Risail Tohfet Ikhwanus- 
Safa 8244 

Ritou-Sanhara— see Ealidasa 
Ritual and Ceremonial, Buddhist 8424 
Ritual, Jewish-^see Makhsor 3200-1 

— of the Tartars— Langlte 8405 
Ritusanhara— see Ealidasa 
Rivara— see Cnnha Rivara 

Riyaz i^Mohd.) Kissa Husn*ara 3300 
Riyaz-ul-Insha 8312 

Rizkallah— see Hasun 
Roberts (£. S.)-«Pezsl 3169 

Robertson, Gujarat! Dicty. 3374 

Robinson (S.) Persian Poetry 8813 
Robinson (W.) Assamese grammar 

Rochet, Manuel chinois 8424 

Rodrigues Moreira (J.) Kehllath 
Jabacob 3208 

Rodi-iguez, Vocabulario de Japon 8410 
Roebuck— Burhan-i Kati 8282 

— Hindustani interpreter 8883 

— Khirad Af roz 3381 

— Proverbs 8318 
Roediger (E.) Chrestomatb. Syr. 8210 

— Gesenius, Thesaurus 8196 

— Interpretatio arab. Vet Test 3264 
RSer— Black Yajur Veda 8865 

— Biihad Aranyaka Upanishad 8861 

— Chhandogya Upanishad 8361 

— [sa Upanishad 8361 

— Nyaya Philosophy 8855 

— Rig- Veda 8863 

— Sabitya Darpana 8359 

— Taittiriya Upanishad 8362 
Rdth, Proklamation Amasis 8180 
Rogers — Buddliaghosha 8400 
Roland deBussy, dialogues nrabes 3264 
RolUn (Papyrus of)— Pleyte 8179 
Romances, Arabic — Said bin Dxl 

Yazan 3265 

Rommel (Ch.)— Abulflda 3216 

Rong Language 3392 

Roorda von Eijsinga— Bochari 8429 
^ Brata-Joeda 3431 

— Grammat. arabica 8264 
— Javaan. Gesprekken 8481 

— Maleisch Spraakkunst 8i30 

— Orientalia 8168 

— Wilde 3432 

— Winter 3431 
Rosellini (H.) lingua segypt 8179 
Rosen (F.) Mohd. bin Musa 8260 

— prolusio 83J!>9 

— radices sanscr. 8359 

— Rig- Veda 8363 
Rosen (G.) Osset Sprachlehre 3337 
Rosenmiiller, Arab. Elementa.buch 


— Analecta arabica 8265 

— Institutiones arabicse 82G4 

— Mines de I'Orient 8167 
Rosenzweig (V.) Dscfaami 8296 

— Hafis 8290 
Rosetta Inscriptions 8180 

Brugsch 8172 

Chabas 8183 

Eisenlohr 8183 

Kosegarten 8176 

Sharpe 3181 

Rosny (L. de) Biblioth^que de Norden- 

skiold 3409 

— conversations Japon. 8410 

— ^critures figuratives 8169 

— ^6ments de gramm. Jap. 3410 

— grammaire japon. 8410 

— themes japonals 8410 

— textes japonais 8410 
Rosh Amana— Abarbanel 8190 
Ross (J.) Gulistan 8316 
Rossi (Azaria de) Meor Enayim 3201 
Rossi (Fr.) Grammatica copto-gerogL 


— see Pleyte et Rossi 8179 
Rossi (J. B. de) Dizion. degU autori 

arabi 8237 

— MSS. Codices Hobraici 8194 

— Spedinen var. lectionum 8194 

— Typograpbia hebr. 8194 
Roth(R.) AtharvaVeda 8865 

— Geschichte des Weda 8866 

— see Boehtlingk und Roth 

Rotter, 'I amli dicty. 8396 

Roug^ (Em. de) Chrestom. €gypt. 3l8o 

— Mdmoires 8183 

— Noms des plan^tes 8180 

— Religion det ^gyptiens 8 1 80 

— Sur un MS. dgypt 8183 

— Tombeau d'Ahmbs 3180 
Roug€ \^3, de) tex.t«^ 5B^^H^"«ssS«>-- "sssb 



Rotig6 (E. et J. de) Inscrlptfens b(6rogl. 


Roy (W. L.) Hebr..Enf?l. DIety. 8208 
fioy — see Kammohnn Roy 
Roz Namah^Bee Ruz Namah 
Rozet^see Ranzat 
Rnbaiyat — see Omar Khayyam 

Rabbings, Chinese 8414 

Rudradatta — Apastamba 8340 

Riickert— Hamasa 8288 
Rokaat— see Jami 

Rukmini Sainvar 8388 

Rukn-nd-Din Astarabadi 8240 

Ruknn 1-Islam, Mafatih uWinan 8254 
Ruoshnn Ulee — see Raushan Ali 

Russia, History- J. de Hammer 8289 

Ibn Foslan 8239 

Rnsum i-Hind 8383 

Ruyll, Maleysch Spieghel 8430 

Kuz Namah— Akhbar-i Mamalik 8276 

Ruz Namah— Nasru d-Din Shah 8307 

Rzewiczki— Mines de TOilent 8167 
Saadiah (Rabbi) Comment. onEsra 


Saadja bin Josuf al-FaJjumi 8265 
Sabaktagin, History of— Tarikh-i-Bai. 

haki 8819 
Sahara Swamin — Mimansa Darsana 

Sabbatai'-see Shabtai 

Sabda Kalpa Drum a 8859 

Sabdamanidarpana 8392 

Sabdartharatnam 8361 

Sabdastomamahanidhi 8861 
Sabba parva: Mahabharata, in Mara- 

tha 8887 

Sacred Edict, by Ehang He 8424 
Sacred Languages (Ancient) 8171-8214 

Sachs (M.) Beltrage 8203 

— ^Jakhzor le-kol Moedi 8201 
Sacy (S. de) Anthologie arabe 8265 

— Catal. de sa biblioth^ue 8165 

— Ghrestomathie arabe 8265 

— Collection of Dmze books 8228 

— Grammaire arabe 8265 

— Hariri 8234 

— Ibn Malik's Alflyya 8242 

— Inscripiion de Kosotte 8180 

— Kalila wa Dimna 8246 

— Llvre d'Enoch 8257 

— Makrizi, Folds 8257 

— Memoirs surMoise ^ 8265 

— Milie et une Nuits 8219 

— Nom des Pyramides 8257 

— Notices de MSS. arabea 8265 

— Observations 8418 

— Pend-Nameh 8279 

— Pro.iodie des Arabes 8265 

— Religion des Druzes 8228 
Sadananda Giii, Sahasraksha 8859 
Sadananda Parivrf^akachaiyya 8866 
Sada Suc'h Pandlta— I'anlni 8355 
Saddhamia Pundarika, en Fran^als — 

see Burnouf 8344 

- Chinese— Kew Mo Lo Shih 8420 

Sa'd-ed-Din, T^j-ut-Tavarikh 8332 

Sa*d-ud-din MahmudShabistari 8290 

SaUi. Kulliyat, MSa 8313 

printed 8313-14 

Fereian and Arabic 8313 

— Bustan, MSS. 8315 

printed 8315 

Sudi's Comment 8815 

— GulUtan, MSS. 8814 

printed 8314-15 

Persian and Turkish, MS. 8814 

Persian and Latin 83 14 

Persian and English 8314 

— — Persian and Hindustani 8385 

Hindustani 8383 

see Bagh-i Urdu 8377 

English 3315 

French 8315 

.— — Sudi's Comment. 8315 

— Pcnd-Namah, MS. 8816 
Gindwin 8289 

— Tayylbat, Persian MS. 3385 

<— see Roblnaon 8312 

Sadik Isfahan!, geograph. works 

8265, 8316 
Sadous— see Weber (A.) 8367 

Sadnragaradi:aTamildicty. 8896 

Safi.ud-din al Hilli, Diwan 8255 

— Durar al Nuhar 8228 
Saghiyyar— see Sihah 8266 
Sahasrakaha 8359 
Sahifa-i Af^ 8294 
Sahifatu 1-KamlIah, Arabic 8265 

— Arabic and Persian 8265 
Sahitya Derpana 8859 
Sahityasara 8359 
Sahola (Isaac ben Salomon ben) 8201 
Sahyadri-Ehanda 8358 
Sal an Sinsin— Brugsch 8172 
Saib (Mirza Mohd. Ali) Diwan 8316 
Saif bin Dzi Yazan 8265 
Saifl— Blochmann 8282 
Sfdgh — see Nikolau» as- 

Sal Ji gyok ben dai zcn 8410 

St. Aragawi, Ethiopic Homilies 8211 
St. Goluthtts— Georgius 8175 

St. George (Fort)— Catal. of Orient. 

MSS. at 8166 

St George (the Martyr) Acts of— Geez 

MS. 8211 

St. Martin, Library Catalogue of 8164 
St Paul, Life of, in Maltese 3273 

St. Petersburg Academy — Melanges 

asiatiques 8167 

St. Petersburg Library— Catal. of 

Orient MSS. 8165 

Sainte Croix (Baron de) Ezour Yedam 

Saints of Hindustan— Fir ishta 8288 
Saiyid Abdullah, Akhlak-i Hindi 8375 

— Singhasan Battisi 8884 
Saiyid Ahmad E^an — see Asar-ns- 

Saiyid Ahmad at-Tahtawi 8228 

Saiyid Ali Jurjani 8245 

Saiyid Haidar Bakhsh 8385 

Sajawandi, On Arabic grammar 8232 
Sajawandl— see Sadi, Gulistan 3814 
Sokuntala — see Kalidasa 
Sakya Simha — see Cakya 
Saladin (Sultan) Life of— Baha *nd- 

Din 8222 

Salaman u Absal — see Jami 
Sale (G.) Koran 8252-53 

Sallh (Mohd.) of Mazandaran 3253 
Salih Bey— see Suyuti 8268 

Salomo ben Gabirol — see Gabirol 
Salt (H.) Hieroglyphics 8180 

Salti— see Mnhyi-ud.Dln as- 
Salvador (J.) Institnt. de Moise 8208 
Salv^at— King te tchin 8420 

Salvolini, Notation des dates 8180 

— Campagne de Rhams^s 8180 

— Ob^sque de Louqsor 8180 

— Pierre de Rosette 8180 
Samachshari — see Zamakhshari 
Samaritan 8190^207 

— Bible . 8193 

— MSS.— Catalogues of 8164 
Samarkandi — see Abu-LLeis 
Samasraroi — see Satyabrata 

Sama Veda — see Vedas 
Sam Beid— see Oupnek' hat 8362 

Sambhuhoraprakasa 8359 

Samhitopanishad Brahmana 8365 

Saml, Chronicles 3331, 8332 

Samkshepadanachandrika — see Dana- 

Samoan language 8438 

Samoyed Languages — Castren 8402 
Samsarchopadl, in Gi\Jarati 3375 

Samskarakaustubha 8359 

Samvarta-Smriti 8360 

— sre Dharmashastra S. 8345 
Sana*! (Hakim) Hadikat, MS. 8316 

— helections, MS. 8316 
Sanderson (D.)— see Reeve 8392 
Sandford and Merton (History of) 

Urdu 8380 

Sandilya, Aphorisms 8359 

Sangccta Sa: a: on llVndu M\x«\c '^878 

Sanguinetti (B. R.) M^dedne arabe 


— Ibn Batuta 8288 
Sanhadji— see Jarumlya 

Sanhita— see Vedas 

Sanjana, Kissa-i-Sanjan 8300 

Sanjan Rai Munshi 3299 

Sanjar — see Sinjar 

Sanjivanl— see Raghuvansa 3849 

San-kai mei-san du-kai 8410 

Sankara Acharya — Bhagavad Gita 8841 

— Bi ihad Aranyaka Upanishad 8361 

— Chandogya Upanishad 8361 

— Isa Upanishad 8361 

— Nilsinha Tapani 8361 
Sankara Misra 8362 
Sankhyadarshana 8359 
Sankhya Karika 8860 
Sankhya Philosophy 8359-60 
San kokf tsou ran to sets 8410 
San Lucar (Pedro de)— see Noeeda 
Sanskrit 8840-69 

— MSS.— Catalogues of 8164-66, 8344 

Auf recht 8340, 8341 

Bumell 8344 

R^endralala Mitra 3358 

— Philology, Tracts on 3368-69 
Sanskrita-Sanggudhara, Marathi 3888 
Santal Language 3894 
Santanava — see Cantanava 

Santa Yn^s — see Oyanguren 
Santhal— see Santal 
Sanusi (Mohammed as-) 8430 

Sarala-Siddhanta-Kanmudi 8360 

Sarasamoda — Sahityasara 8359 

Sarasvata-Vyakarana 3860 

Sarf-i Mir: Persian treatise on Arabic 

grammar 8232 

Sargon, Pastes de 8184 

Sarkar (G.) tViromitrodaya 8367 

Sasani — see Abul-Kasim as- 
Saskya — Foucaux 8408 

Sassanide Kings— Mirkh*and 8805 
Sastrin— Mahabbashya 8852 

Satatapa-Smriti 8860 

Sathapatha Brahmana^-Wbite Tajor 

Veda 8365 

Satow and Ishibashi Hasakata, Japan^ 

ese dicty. 3411 

Satyabrata Samasrami 8842, 8350 

Sauda (Mohammad Rafl) Kulliyat 

Hindustani MSS. 8388 
printed 8883 

— Selections, Hindustani 8388 

Urdu 8883 

Saulcy ( F. de) Art Jndalqne 8304 

— Decret de Rosette 8180 

— Ecrlture cun^if. 8186 
Savary, Grammaire arabe 8266 
Savitri, in Sanscrit 8851 
Sayana Acharya— Aitarea Aranyaka 


— Aitareya Brahmana 8864 

— Aranyasanhita 8864 

— Arsheyabrahmana 8864 

— Rig- Veda 8863 

— Sama Veda 8864 

— Taitiiriya Aranyaka 8865 

— Taittirtya Brahmana 8865 

— Tandya Mahabrahmana 8861 

— Vam^abrahmana 8864 

— White Tajur Veda 8865 
Sayce (A. -H.) Assyrian comparat 

grammar ^ 8186 

— Assyr. elemenrary grammar 8186 

— Babylonian Literature 8186 

— Lectures 8186 

— see Records 8186 
Sayyid— see the name which follows 
Scarborough (W.) Chinese proverbs 

Schaaf (C.) Opus aramssum 8204 

Schah Nameh — see Stiah Namah 
Schall (C.) 1001 Nacht 8220 

Schiefner (A.) bnddhist Triglotte 8404 

— Bonpo-Sutra 8404 

— Cakjamuni 8404 

— tibot. Flurale 84<M 



Schlefner (A.) — see Castrea 8403 

— see Schmidt, Dsanglun 8404 
Schier ( Ch .) Grammaire arabe 3266 

— Abnlfida 8216 
Schiller-Szlnessy, Catal. of Hebrewr 

MSS. 3194 

Schio (A. da) Astrolabi cufici 3221 
Schire Schlomo— Gablrol 8196 

Schlaginweit, KSnige von Tibet 3404 
Schlegel (A. W.) Bbagavad Gita 3341 

— Ramayana 3362 
Schlegel (G ) Yendear de Vhuile 3424 
Schleicher (A.) vergleich. Grammatilc 


— see Kuhn und Schleicher 
Schlesinger— Joseph Albo 3198 
Schloezer (K. de)— Abu Dolef 3216 
Schlottmann, Inschrift Eschmanazars 

Schmidt (J. J.) Bogda Gesser Chan 8405 

— Dsanglun 8404 

— Index des Kant^ar 8404 

— Ssanang Ssetsen 8405 

— tibet. Grammatik 3404 

— tibet Wdrterbuch 8404 
Schnnrrer, Bibliotheca arab. 8266 
Schon (J. F.) Hausa grammar 8436 

— Hausa rocabnlary 8436 

— Hausa primer 8436 
Schoettgen, Horse Hebr. 3204 
Schott (W.) AltaJischeStadien 8403 

— annamit. Sprache 8399 

— Cassia-Sprache 8399 

— chines. Sprachlehre 8424 

— chines. Litteratur 8424 

— Tocabnlarium sinic. 8424 

— indo-chines. Sprachen 8399 

— die achten Khrgisen 8408 

— Zahlwort 8403 
Schow (N.) Gharta papyracea 8260 
Schrader, lingua sethiop. 8214 
Schreuder og Holmboe, Zulu Gram. 

matik 8437 

Schroeder (J. J.'^ lingua armen. 8337 
Schroeder (P.) Phoniz. Sprache 3208 
Schroeder — Haitrayani Sanhita 3365 
Schroeter (F. G.) Bhotanta dicty. 8391 
Scliulchan Ai'uch — see ShuUchan 

Schultens (A.) Baha' ud-Dia 8222 

— Erpenius 8229 

— Muallakat 3259 
Schwartze (M. G.) Kept. Grammatik 

Schweinfurth, linguist. Ergebnisse 3434 
Scott (J.) Bahar.Danush 3280 

Seaman, Grammat. Turcica 8332 

— Nov. Test. Turcice 3332 
Sechuana language 3438 
Sects, Religious and philosophical — 

Shahrastanl 8266 

Seder Clara Rabba 8204 

Seder Pesakh 3197 

Seder TetlUoth ha-Earaim 3204 

Sddillot (A.) Oiong-Beg 8310 

— origlne de chlffres 8170 
Sedira (Bel Kassem ben) Cours arabe 

Seelig (G.) der Jude 3204 

Sefer — see word following Sefer 
SeferTosha— Joshua, Lat. 8245 
Seid— see Sayyid 

Seignette (N.)— EhaUl 8248 

Seir-el-Kebir, Turkish comment, on 
the 8333 

Seir Mutakhirin— see Siyarul-M. 
Select Hieratic Papyri of the British 
Museum 8180 

Selections from New Test Maori 3433 
Seligmann — Abu Mansur Muwaffak 


Selim I. (Sultan) Tarikh-us-Sultan- 

Selim 3270 

Semelet (N.) Gullstan, Persian 3314 

French 8315 

Semitic Philology (General and com- 
parative) 8190 

Semitic Philology— Behnunjee 8188 

van Drival 8166 

Klaproth 8169 

Sempad le Conn^table, Assises d*Anti- 

oche 8335 

Sena dialect— Bleek 3434 

S^nart (E.) Inscript. de Piyadad 8371 

— Kaccayana 3370 
Sendabar, Paraboles 3210 
Sengelmann, 7 welse Meister 3210 
Serakhshi— Seir-el-Kebir 3338 
Sericulture—see Silk-manufacture 
Serpent Myths (Japanese) 8411 
Serrano, diccion. Tagalo 3428 
Seinri, Ars poetica, Turkish 8333 
Setubandha — see Ravanavaha 

Setn mei-syo du-kai 3411 

Severus Alezandrinus, deritibusbapt. 

Seyffarth (G.) Beitrage 8181 

— Grammat. segypt. 8181 

— Rudlmenta lilerogL 8181 
Sgau Karen — see Karen 

Shaar ha Shamayim 8198, 8201 

Shabb-uz-zarif 8255 

Shabistari, Gulshan-i-Raz 8290 

Shabtai Cohen — see Elaro 3199 

Shabtai ben Melr— see Karo 8199 

Sbad-darsana-darpana, English — see 
Nllakantha 3382 

Shafi'ite Law— Takrib 3270 

— Sect— Essentials 8429 
Shah Ismail va Gulzar, Turkish 

8328, 8827 

Shah Jahan (the Emperor) Badshah 

Namah 82H0 

— InayatuUah 8275 

— Padshah Nama, MS. 8311 
Shah Namah— see Flrdusi 

Shaba Jo Risalo 8389 

Shahadat Kurani 8384 

Shahi (Amir) Diwan 8316 

Shahidi, on Synonyms, MSS. 8333 
Shahrastani, Milal: Book of Sects, 
Arabic 3266 

German 8266 

Shahri, Diwan 8325 

Shaikh — see succeeding name 
Shajia-iTayyiba 8316 

Shakespear (John) Hindustani gram- 
mar 3384 

— Hindustani dicty. 3384 

— Introduct to the Hind. lang. 3384 

— Muntakhabat-i-lUndi : Selections in 
Hindustani 3384 

Shakir, Chronicles 8331, 3332 

Shalom Buzaglio— Zohar 8206 

Shalsheleth Hakkabala 8204 

Shamail-i Atkia, MS. 8384 

Shamailu n-Nabi 8259 

Shamans — Neumann 8168 

Shambala language 8438 

Shams el-Aimmet bin Sahl el-Serakhshi 

Shams-ool-Loghat 3316 

Shamseddin— see Freytag 3231 

Shamsu-d-Din (Mir, Fakir) 8290 

Shams uddin Abu Abdallah 8270 

Shams uddin Ahmad (Munshi) 8375 
Shams-ud-dln Mohammed Hafiz of 

Shiraz — see Hafiz 
Shams-ud-Din Mohd. al-Halebi 3227 
Shams-ud-din Mohammed of Khorasan 

Shams uddin Mohammed an-Nawaji 


Shamshir Eliani, Shah Namah abridged 

Pen^ian MSS. 8287 

English— see Atklnson^t Shah 

Namah 8287 

Shamsijya— Kazwlnl 8247 

Shan — see Burmese 
Shan-bai-c))ing 3425 

Shan tso chin shlh chih 8424 

Shanghai, Description of 8424 

Shankar— Raghuvamsa 3349 

Shaakha— see Dharmashastra S. 3845 

Shao wei t*ung chlen 8418 

Shapira *s Hebrew MSS. 8192, 8204-5 
Shapurji Edalji, Gujarafci grammar 

Sharaf-ud-din All Tazdl 3817 

Sharaf-ud-Din al-Busiri, Burda 3224 
Sharashim (Sefer)— Kimhhi 3199 

Sha'rawi, Theology of Ibn-nl-Arabi 

Sharaya '1-IsIam : Shiah law-book 3266 
Sharfu d-Din— see Ibnu 1-Faridh 
Sharh — see also title of work com- 
Sharh ul-Ahkam 8270 

— ul-Asbab 8266 

— nl-Burda, MS. 8224 

— Kasida Ibn Abdoun 3237 

— Miat AmU 8222, 8245-16 

— ul-Mufassal— Ibn Ya'ish 8248 

— ul Mughnl-Kazruni 8247 

— Muludu n-Nabi— Snlelman Bnrsawl 


— l-Rubaiyat 8296 

— us-Sahih— see Bukhari 8224 
.— ul-Taiyat Ibn-il-Farid 8256 

— Tohfeh-1 Vehebi 8334 
Sbarira — see Susmta 8860 
Sharpe (S.) Egypt Inscriptions 8L81 

— see Bonomi and Sharpe 
Shatatapa — see Dharmashastra S. 3345 
Shaukat ( Mania) Diwan 83 i 7 
Shaw (R. B.) Turki Grammar 3323 
She King— see Shi King 

Shea (D.) Miikh'and 8305 

— School of Manners (Dabistan) 3284 
Shefik(Mohd.) revoUof the Janissaries, 

Turkish US, 8333 

Shehab — see Shihab 
Sheibani, Seir-el-Kebir 8333 

Sheikh — see succeeding name 
Shelemoh — see Solomon 
Shems-ud-Din — see Shams-ud-Dia 
Sheinshir-Khanl— see Shamshir 
Shen Tamil— see Tamil 
Shfin-Yin-Yii 3424 

Sheng.Woo.Ke 8424 

Sher— see Shir 
Sherbini, comment, on Abu Shaduf 

Sherbro Language 8438 

Sherifi— see Musa bin Hasan ash- 
Shevil Amunah 8201 

Shevkat — see Shaukat 
Shi-cha-nan-to 8424 

Shi King— see Confudus 

— CMohl) 8415 

— English, by Legge 8415 

— French, by Pauthier 3416 
Shiah Law— Jami'u 1-Abbasi 8296 

Sharaya'l-Islam 8266 

Shidiac — see Tanus bin Yusuf ash- 
Shldyak — see Farls ash- 

Shldyak — see Tanus bin Yusuf ash- 
Shigurf Namah 1 Velact 8384 

Sblhab-ud-Dln Ahmad Hamawi 825G 
Shihab-ud-din Ahmad al-Ibshaihi 3261 
Shihab-ud Din Ibn Abl llajlah 8286 
Shihab ud-Dln Kastalani, Mahav^ibu 1- 
Ladunlyat 8258 

— Comment, to Bukhari 8224 
SIiiliab-ud-Din al-Kbafaji 8222 
Shi*ites, Doctrine of— Kltab-ul-Iman 

Mohammad Baklr 8305 

— Law — see Shiah Law 

— Prayer Books of the 8265 

— Traditions of— KuUni 8253 
Shin gaka Do wa 8109 
Shin Koku Kajl Kl 34n<{ 
Shin ritsu ko rei 8409 
Shing she woo pih 8424 
Shing yu Kwang heun 84l!i 
Shirt Tefarath 8204 
Shirkawl, Diwan 8266 
Shirkawy, scribe— Bukhari 8223 
Shir All Afsos — see Afsos 

Shir Mahmttd Kokyani 82«4 


!■ !■■ 

Shir Shah, History of the Emperor 8830 
Shirt (6 ) SindhI dicty. 8889 

Shirwani— see Ahmad ash Shlrwani 
Shiva Ulamrit 8888 

Shiva Prasad, Histy. of Sandford 8880 

— Shahadat Kurani 8884 
Sh*D€ Ltikhoth Habberith 8197 
Shomer Amnnim — Ergas 8195 
Shoo King, by Legge 8415 

— by Med hurst 8415 
Shoraa— see Haft Iklim 8291 
Shu King— see Sho<i King 

Shuck (J. L.) Portfolio chinens. 8424 
Shnja, Diwan 8817 

Sbuja-ud-Daulah, History of 8819 

Shulkhan Arukb (Creizenach) 8204 

— Karo 8198 

— Ashle Ravreve 8199 
Shun (the Emperor) Inscription of 8419 
Shurbu Meeut — see Sharh Mi'at Amel 
Shu'nri, Destnr-uI-Amal 3838 
Shway Too Sandys, Geography, Bur- 
mese 8401 

Si-Ngan-Fou, Inscription of 8423 

Siaro Repository 8402 

Siamese 3401-2 

— Lejden 8899 

— Schott 8899 
Sic€, Yyayahara-Sara-Sangraha 8896 
SicUy— Gusa 8226 
Sidath Sangarawa, Singhalese grammar 

Siddhanta Kaumudi 8360 

— Praudhamanorama 8356 
Siddhanta Siromani 8360 
Sidharubam — Paulinus 8856 
Sidi Ahmed, dlctionn. berb^re 8435 
Siebold (Ph. Fr. de) Bibllotheca japon. 


— CataL librorum japon. 8412 

— Epitome iing. japon. 34 1 2 

— see Tltsingh 8412 
Sieffert— see Hahn and Sieffert 
Sighs, Language of— Shdn Tin-Ta 8424 
Sihah fl*l-Loghat: Arabic Lexicon, MS 


— Arabic-Turkish DIcty. 8267 

— Arabic-Persian Dicty. — see Surah 

8ihr-u1-Bayan, Hindustani verse 3384 

— Hindustani prose 8384 

— English 8384 
Sikandar bin Mohammad, Mirat-i- 

Sikandari 8308-4 

Sikandar Namah — see Nizami 
Sikhs, Language of— see Panjabi 

— History of— Taiikh 3819 
l^shananda, in Chinese 3424 
Sikt-uz-Zand— Abu-l-*Ula 3217 
Silk Manufacture— Ta'Iim Namah 3333 
SUsilab-uz-Zahab— see Jami 

Silva (D. de}— Nicholson 8390 

Silvestre de Sacy — see Sacy 
Simeon ben Yokhat— Zohar 8206 

i^nd-bad. Voyages de, Arabe et Fran?. 


— (The Book of) English 8169 
Sindh, History of— Tarikh-i Masumi 

Sindiii 389 

Singaleesch Belydenis-Bodlc 8390 

— Foimulicr-Boek 3890 

— Psalmen 3390 
SinKhasanBattisi, Hindi 3884 

— Hindustani 8384 

— Persian MS. 8317 
Sinhalese 8390 
Sin jar (Hoshim) Diwan 3317 
Slnologns Berolinenbis — see Montucci 
Sin zoo zi lln gjok ben 3411 
Monita ( Gabriel)— Idibi 3244 
Siraj-nd-din Ahmad as-Sajawandi 3314 
Slrat Abl U-Fawaris— Antar 8220 
Slrat Kbair-ud-Din 8267, 3272 
5iromanl— see Ragunatha Siromani 

SiBupaJa Badha 3360 

Sittti—aee Sujruti- 

Siva — see Shiva 

Sivalte Purana — see Devi Bhagavati 
Slvalaya-Mahatmya 8858 

Sivatoshani— L4nga Purana 8357 

Six Scripts (The) 3420 

Siyak Nama: on Arithmetic 3317 

Siyarul-Mutakhkhirin, MS 3317 

— printed 8817 

— abridged : Mulakhkhas 8817 

— English, by Briggs 3817 
Si Tu Ki 8419 
Sjogren, Osset. Sprachlehre 8837 
^ Osset. Studien 8410 
Skanda Purana 3358 

— Kartika Mahatmya 8350 
Skrefsrud, Santhal grammar 8394 
Slane (Baron de) — see Mac Guckin de 

Sloth— Aesop, Chhiese 8413, 3417 

— Wang Keaou Lwan 3426 
Smith (F. P. ) Chinese proper names8424 
Smith (Geo.) Assyr. discoveries 3186 

— Assyrian eponym canon 8186 

— Cuneiform Inscriptions 8186 

— see Records 3186 
Smith (L. F.) Bagh o Bahar 8376 
Smith (R. Payne) Gatal. Codd. MSS. 

Syr. 8210 

— Thesaurus Syilacus 8210 
Smith (S. J.)— Slam Repository ' 8402 
Smon-lam-btschu 8403 
Smritis: Hindu Law Books 3360 
Smritichandrika, Sanscrit 3860 

— Tamil 8396 
Smyth (W. C.)— Gladwin 8289 
Smyth— Lataifi Hindi 8381 
Socin (A.) Arab. Sprichwdrter 3267 

— Arabic Grammar 8267 
Sofala dialect— Bleek 8434 
Sohar (Uber)— see Kabbala 8198 
Sola (Rev. D. A. de) Treatises 8202 
Solomon, Proverbla, Hebr. et Lat. 8204 

— Sefer Hhakmah Shelomoh: Wisdom 
of Solomon 8204 

Solomon of Urbino, Ohel Moed 8204 
SoIvetCCh.) Abulflda 8216 

Somadeva's Mftrchen 8360 

Somerville, Maltese Dictionary 8273 
Songs (popular) of the Arabs — see Ha- 

— Armenian 8335 
Songs and poetry, in the Mapilla lan- 
guage 3393 

Sontheimer— Ibn Baitar 8237 

Soohrab, Persian and English 8287 
Soondur Kubeeshwar 8384 

Sophos, Fables, Syriac 8211 

Sorabjee — see Dossabhee 
Soiidi, religio Mohammed. 8267 

Soulkhanoff, vocabul. g^rirlen 3337 
Sourindro Mohun Tagore, Mani-Mala 

Sousa (J. de) docnmentos arab. 8267 

— vestigios da lingua arab. 8267 
Soyuti — see Suyuti 

Soz (Mir) Poems 8388 

Spaulding — see Knight and Spaulding 
Spiegel (Fr.) Altbaktr. Sprache 8189 

— altpers. Keilinschriften 8186 

— Arlsche Studien 3189 

— Avesta, in German 8187 
Commentary 3189 

— Hnzvareschsprache 3189 

— Parbisprache 8189 

— Kammavakya 8870 

— Ra.«avahini 8371 

— Tradit. Schriften 3189 

— Tracts on the Vendidad 3187 
Spilsbury, Hlndust. Pharmacopoea 3882 
Spltta-Bey (W.) arab. Vulgardlalekt 

Spohn, Lingua Aegypt. 8i81 

Sprenger (A.)— Abdn-r-Razzaq 3215 

— Arabic bibllojrraphy 3223 

— Catal. of his library 8166 

— Catal. of Oudh MSS. 3165 

— Ibn Hajnr 3289 

Sprenger (A.)— Itqan 826S 

— Masudi 8258 

— Sadi,Gn]i8tan 3814 

— Tahanawi 8269 
-^Tarlkh-ul-Yamini 8271 
Spring (F ) Malayalim grammar 8393 
Srauta Sutra— Apastamba 8340 

— Aswalayana 3340 

— Eatyayana— see White Tajur Veda 


— Latyayana 8351 
Sri Bhagavat— see Bhagavat Purana 
Sri Dandin, Kavyavarsa 3350 
Sri Dhara-Svaminl— Bhagavad-Gita 


— Bhagavata-Purana 8y.j7 
Sri Harsha, NaUhadha 3354 

— Priya Darshika 83.56 

— Retn avail 3359 
Sri Lulloo Lai Kub 3883 
Sriramodantam 8369 
Ssanang Ssetsen Chungtaidschi 3405 
Ssu k*u ch'uan shu mu lu 3424 
Stack (G.) Sindhi giammar 838U 

— Sindhi dicty. 3889 
Staudacher (B. A.) Jonas Vates 3213 
Steere (E.) Swablli handbook 3438 
Steinschneider, Jewish Literature 3204 

— Bibllogr. Handbuch 3204 
Stelntbal (H.)— see Schwartze 3180 
Stent (G. C.) Chinese vocabul. 3424 
Stenzler (A. F.) Gautama 3346 

— Kumara Sambhava 8348 

— Raghuvansa 3348 
Sanskrit'Sprache 3300 

— Yajnavalkya 3368 
Stevens, History, in Burmese 8401 
Stevenson's Murathee grammar 33K8 
Stevenson (Rev. J.) Kalpa Sutra 3870 

— Sama Veda 8364 

English 3365 

Stewart (C.) Introd. to Hindustani 3384 

— Memoirs of Humayun 8320 

— Persian Letters 8318 

— Timur's Memoirs 8821 

— Tippoo Sultan's Library 8 1 66 
Stewart (D ) Arabic Grammar 8267 
Stocqueler, Oilenial Interpreter 8339 
Stones, Precious — Jarahir-Namah 8297 
Strachey (E.) Bija Ganita 8843 
Strack, Pirke Aboth 8203 
Stuart (A B. Cohen) Brata-Joeda 8431 

— Kawi Gorkonden 3431 
Subandhu, Vasavadatta 3363 
Subhat-ul-Abrar — see Jami 

Subhl, Chronicles 3331, 3332 

Subodhlni— Bhagavad-Glta 8341 

Sudl, Turkish Comment, on Sadfs 

Bustan 3315 

on Sadi's Gulistan 8315 

Sudidl— Kazrunl 3247 

Sudradbarmatattva — see Sudraka- 

Sudrakamalakara 3357 

Sndraka KtOa, Mrichchhakali 8358 
Sufi Dictionary— Kasha ni 3243 

— Treatises and Poems, MSS. 3256 
Sufis— Abdu-r-Razz&q 32 1 5 

— Ibn-ul-Arabi 3237 
Sufis, Lives of— Hiliyat-er-Rljal 8828 

Nahfat-ul-Uns 3295 

Shnlra-l-Tayyiba 3316 

Shamail-i Atkia 8384 

Snfism, Treatises on 3;!02 

Sui shi kin sun ko 3412 

Sukhavati-Vyuha — Anecdota Oxon. 

Suleiman Bursawi 3333 

Suleiman Felekl, Astrolog. Tables 3207 
Suleiman and Khancharli(Story of )3327 
Snlva.sutras— Tbibaut 3369 

Sulwan-ul-Muta : Book of Precepts 3267 
Sumangala — Mahawanso 3371, 8390 
Summers, Chinese handbook 3425 

— Chinese grammar 3425 
Sunda Language 3431-32 
Sunjnna— see Behiamjee 



Sunnites— Nasafi 8262 

Superstitions— see Customs 8284 

Surah min as-Sihah: Arabic-Persian 
Dicty. 8268 

Surenhuiius (G.) Mishna 8202 

Surnames, Assyrian — Mdnant 8185 

— E-^ptian— Brugsch 8172 

Parthey 8178 

Sum Ctiai : a Lama Almanac 8404 
Surur — see Rajib Ali Beg 

Sururi (Mustaidd Ktian) Diwan 8318 
Surya-Siddhanta 3360 

— Englisb 8360 
Susoo — see Susu 

Susnita, Sanscrit 8360 

Susrutas Ayurvedas, Latia 3360 

Susu Language 3438 

Sutherland— Dattaka-Mimansa 3345 
Sutras, in Chinese 3414 

Sutranthana — ^see Susmta 3360 

Sutra Vritl— Panini 8355 

Suttavibhanga— see Vinaya Pitaltam 
Sutton (A.) Oriya dicty. 3388 

S>iyuti, Extracts, Arabic MS. 8255 

— Hosn ul-Mokasad 8258 

— Hosn : Histy. of Egypt 3268 

— Itqan 3268 

— Jami us-Saghlr 8268 

— Lobb ul Libab 3269 

— Mukhtasar : Treatise on the Plague 


— Tabakat : interpretes Korani 3268 

— Tafsir ul Koran 3268 

— Temple of Jerusalem, English 3269 
Swahili Language 3438 
Swainson (C. A.) Greek Liturgies 3181 
Swumin — see Sahara 
Swapneswara — Sandilya 8359 
Swarochisha Manu-Charitra 8397 
Swetaswatara Upanishad 8362 
Syed — see Saijfid 

SynaKogue Rolls (Hebrew MSS.) 3204-5 
Synbedrin— Rabbinowicz 3205 
Syriac 8208-11 
Syriac (Modem)— Ndldeke 3210 
Syriac MSS.— Catalogues of 8164 
Smith 8210 

— Tracts 8207 
Syrian Church, Hagiology of the, 

Arabic 8232 

Sze-ma Kwang 3413 

Szc Shu, Chinese 8416 

— Chinese and English 8416 
Ta'alibi, Syntagma 8269 
Timm Zekenim — Ashkenazi 8191 
Tabakati Akbarshahi, MSS. 3318 
Tabakatl Masiri 33l8 
TaT)akat ul Mofasserin— Snyuti 8268 
Tabari, Tarikh ul Muluk : Annales 8269 

— Chronique (Dubeux) 8269 

— Cbronlque (Zotenberg) 8269 

— Tarikh, Persian MSS. 8818 
Tabcrd etPigneaux,Dict.aaamit. 3399 
Tabib, Diwan 3318 
Ta'bir Nama, Persian— see Hnsul-un- 

Nimat 3236 

Tubrizi— see Mohammed Husain bin 

Tn fang kwang Fuh 8424 

Tafsir-ul-Ahlam : on Dreams 8269 
Tafsir Anjil Yohn— see Chrysostomos 

Tafsir Iluseini: Comment, on the 

Koran 8252 

Tafsir ul-Koran— Suyuti 8268 

Tafsir-nt-Tibyan : Comment, on the 

Koran 3252 

Taftazani, Mukhtasaru U-Maani 8269 
Tagala Language 8427-28 

Tnghlim ghal min Irid, Maltese 8278 
Tagore— see Sonrindro Mohun 
Taliami, Diwan 8255 

Tahanawi, Kashf Istalahat : Dicty. of 

technical terms 3269 

Tahar ben Neggad, Dialogues arabes 


Tahdn-uddin, Kamrup 8381 

French 8881 

Ta Heo, Chinese 8416 

— Ghinois, latin et fran^ 8416 

— see Marshman 8421 
Ta Hio— see Ta Heo 

Tahitian language 8433 

— Buschmann 3434 
Tahkik ul Irab— Sadik Ispahanl 8316 
Tahkik-i Tarika, Peraian MS. 3318 
Tahkikat-i-Chishti 8385 
Tahsin-ud-Dhi, Kamrup 8381 
Tahtani— see Kutb-nd-Din 
Tahtawi— Durr ul-Mukhtar 8228 
Ta-Hyoh— see Ta Heo 

Tai ko ki 8409 

Taittiriya Aranyaka 3365 

•Taittiriya Brahmana 8365 

Taittiriya Upanishad 8362 

Tai Tung, Liu shu ku 8420 

T'aiwan-Hsien-Chih 8435 

Taj-ud-Dln Mohd. al-Iafara'ini 3259 
Taja 1-Maaslr 8319 

T^j al Meleki 8306 

Taj-ut-Tayarikh— Sa'd-ed-Dln 8332 
Takasago — see Chiushingura 8406 
Taketori Monogatori 3409 

Taki (Mir Mohammed) Poems 3385 

— two masnavls, MS. 3385 
Taki-ud-din Abu Bakr-^ee Ibn HuJjah 
Taki-Eddin-Ahmed-Makrizi— see Mak- 

Takoironzou, Tedo oh setzu 3413 

Takrib : Comment, on Shafiite Lavir3270 
Ta-Kwang-Che, Fuh shwo 8425 

Takwimu-1-Buldan— Abulflda 8216 
Talawi CAbu-l-Maali at-) Poems 8227 
Taleem Namnh 8385 

Tales, African— Bleek 8434 

— Chinese— Wang Keaon 8426 

— Indian — Aradanas 8419 

Somadeva 8360 

Vedala Cadai 3396 

— Jataka— Jatakatthavannana 3370 

— Mongolian— Jiilg 3405 
Schmidt 3405 

— Persian— Bahar Danush 3280 

Bakhtyar Namah 3 .'8 1 

Hikayat 8292 

Neb Manzer 8307 

Tuti-Nama 8321 

— Tamil — Gooroo Paramartan 3395 

— Turkish— Ali Aziz 3324 

— Zulu— Callaway 8436 
TaUim Namah— Sericulture 8383 
Talim Namah — see Taleem Namuh 
Talkhis Almiftah, Comment, on — 

Taftazani 8269 

Talmud Babli 3205 

Tahnud (The Uttle)— see Alfasi 819 1 
Tamachek — see dcus Berber 
Tamerlan— see Timur 
Tamhera Maria, Geez MS. 8214 

Tamil 8894-97 

Tamil Phrase Book 3395 

Tamil spelling tables, MSS. 3395 

Tamil Veda — see Nalayira Pirapantam 
Tamiz-ud^in, comment, to the Bustan 

Tamrin— see Temrin 
Tanaki Yoshio 8408 

Tanbih ul-Ghafilin 8270 

Tanchumi comment in lamentotlones 

Tandavaraya Mudaliyar, Ilakkana 

Vinavidai 8396 

Tandya Mahabrahmana 8361 

T'ang shu lieh chuan 8413 

Tanis Inscription— Reinisch 8179 

Tanjore, Sanscrit SISS. of — fumell 8844 
Tantarani, Kasida : Ode 8270 

Tantavy, langue arabe 8270 

Taniis bin Yiisuf ash-Shidydk, Akhbar- 

ul-A*y4n 8218. 8270 

Tanwiru *l Absar— Durr nl-Mukhtar 

Tonwir-ol-Basair 8270 

Tanwir-ul-Mushtak 8270 

Tanwir Sikt-uz-Zand— Abu-l-'Ula 8217 
Taoism— Pauthler 8420 

Tara Knmara Chackravati 8842 

Taranatha Sarman— Sisupala Badha 


Taranatha Tarkavachaspatl, Dhaturu- 

padarsa' 8361 

— Gayashraddhadhipaddhati 8346 

— Kadambari 8848 

— Malavika et Agnimitra 8348 

— Mudra Rakshasa 3854 

— Paribha-Shendu-Sekhara 8356 

— Sabdartharatnam 8361 

— Sabdastomamahanidhi 8861 

— Siddhanta-Kaumudi 8360 

— Tuladanadipaddhati 8361 

— Vachaspatya 8361 
Targums — see Onkelos 

Tarikh : some Persian MSS. relating 
chiefly to the History of India 8319 
Tarikh — see also the following word 
Tarikh-i-Baihaki 3319 

— Bana Kustantiniyat 8833 

— Bonaparte, Turkish • 8331 

— Candahar 8319 

— Humayun 8320 

— Izzi 8328 

— Jaunpur 8320 

— nl.Kamil 8238 

— Kashmir 8319 

— ul-Kazi 3223 
~ Khafl-Khan 8306-7 

— Khurshid Jahi 3379 

— Mamalik-i Chin 8385 

— Masumi 3319 

— Mohammad Sbahi 8320 

— Mu'ajjam 8320 

— ul Muluk 8269 

— Rashldiddin KhanI 3379 

— Rozetu 1-Abrar 8332 

— Salatin^LOthman 3270 

— Sayyah 3333 

— us-Sultan Selim 3270 

— Yasif, Turkish 3381, 3334 
Persian (Wassaf) 8822 

— ul Wassaf— see Nazmi-Zadeh 8331 • 

— ul-Yaminl 3271 
Tarini Charan Mitr 8373 
Taijama — see name of work translated 
Tai^aman-ul-Ashwak 3255 
Tarkalamkara — see Krishna Tarkalan- 


— see Ramajaya Tarkalankara 
Tarka-Sangraha, Sanscrit 8861 

— Sanscrit and English 8367 

— see Lectures on Nyaya Philosophy 

Tarkavachaspatl — see Taranatha 
Tarkratna — ^see Yadu Natha 
Tartaric Languages 8402-13 

Tartars, History of— Abulghasl 8323 
Tashrih : Anatomy, Peraian 8820 

Tasrif: Persian treatise on Arabic 
Grammar 8232 

Ta Ts'lng Leu Lee 8425 

Ta tsing hwuy teen 8425 

Tattam (U.) Apostolical Constitut. 3171 

— Egyptian grammar 8181 

— Lexicon segypt.-lat. 8181 

— see Wilkinson 3182 
Tawarikh-i Shir Shah 8820 
Taylor ( J.)— Lilawati 8351 

— Prabodha Chandrodaya 8856 
Taylor (R.) Ittrlek tai Genua 8278 
Taylor (W.) Catal. of Oriental MSS. at 

Fort St George 8166 

— Oriental histor. (Tamil) MSS. 8896 

— see Rottler, dicty. 8896 
Tayyibat, Persian MS. 8385 
Tazkirat-ul-Evliyya 8834 

— ul Hnkm 8884 

— ut-Tibh : on Medicine 8830 

— ul-Wakiat 8820 
Tcheou-Li 842S 
Tchoubinof, Dictionn. gdorgien 8887. 
Tchoa Ul— see Meng Tszo ^<4£HL 



Tebyan-i Nofl— see Burhan-i Kati 3282 
Tefsir— see Tafsir 

Tehran Gazette 8276 

Tehi-in luul Uklidte— Enclid 8229 

Tehzib nl Asma— Nawawi 3262 

Teloogoo— Bee Telugu 
Telngu 3397 

Temahuk— see Towarek 
Tembayani— Beschi 3894 

Temple, Lord's Prayer, in Andamanese 

Templo (Sal. Leon)— Karo 8198 

Temrin nt-Tollab— Ibn MaUk 8248 
Tenbih-nl-Ghafilin 8301 

Tentyra — see Dendera 
Terkolankara— see Tarkalamkara 
Temat (Island of)— see Prayers 8264 
Teroo-Vaulayer Knddul— see Tiruyal- 

Terrien de la Conperie, Orientalia 3168 
Tette dialect— Bleek 3434 

Teva Amlayeta Tiraddu 8396 

Teskirat— see Tazkirat 
Tliie-Ping-Wang Dynasty, Books of 

the * 8425 

Thai — see Siamese 

Thalibi, Munis nl Wahid 3271 

Tharafa, Divan 3227 

Thehillim (Sefer): Psalms, Hebrew 

MSS. 8203, 3193 

Tehrir usul Uklidls— EncUd 8229 

Thibant, Snlyasntras 8869 

Thorn (R.)— see Sloth 
Tholcapya-Nunnool 3396 

Thompson (J. T.) Oordoo dicty. 8885 

— Hindee dicty. 3885 
Thompson (W. F.) Akhlnk-i-Jalali 3276 
Thoms (P. P.) Chinese courtship 8425 
Thorns (R.) Chinese speaker 8425 
Thomson (J. Cockbnm) Bhagnvad 

Gita, Sanscrit 8341 

English 3342 

Thonnelier (J.) Vendidad Sade 8 1 87 
Thoodamma Tsarie— Latter 8400 

Thosen sei batsn ki 8409 

Thothmes III.— Birch 8171 

Thousand and one Night»--see Alf 

Lailah wa Lailah 
Threlkeld, Australian grammar 8432 
Tibet, Kings of— Schlaghitweit 8404 
Tibetan 8403-4 

Tibetan Prayer Roll 3404 

Tibyan : on literary Exposition 3271 
Tie-Chiw dialect— Dean 8417 

Tlen-fang-tien-li 8425 

T*ien w6n tsa lei, MS. 3425 

Tigre Language 8438 

— see DUlmann, Lexicon 32 1 2 
Tih-tsing— see Kwan Lang-kea 8420 
Timnr— Akbar Namah 8274 

— Badauni 8279 

— Ezp^it. contre Toqtamiche 3321 

— Ibn Arabshah 8287 

— Institutes, Pen. and Engl. 8321 

— Malfuzat: Memoirs, Institutes, 
Persian MSS. 8820-21 

— Memohrs, English 8321 

— Mirkh'and 8804 
_ Sharaf-ud-dhi 8817 
Tfaidall, Namaqua grammar I 8487 
Tlppoo— see Tlpu 

TIpu Sultan, History of 8292 

— Library, Catalogue of the 8166 
Tirath Kesef— see Miykhor 8202 
Tirhan (Mar Elias yon)— see Ellas 

Tir Namah 8821 

Tiruvallnyer, Eural, Tamil MS. 8396 

Tamil and Lat. MS. 8396 

Tamil and English 8396 

Tamil, Lat. and German 3396 

see Kindersley 8395 

Timyaymoli 8896 

Tlfichendorf, a List of his MSS. 3203 
Titsingh ^I.) Annales des Empereurs 


*— and SleboJdf J/ipanese, Corean and 

J>atcb dJctloaarita, MB. 8412 

Titsingh and Siebold, Vocabnl. japon. 
MS. 3412 

Japan. Sach-W5rt«rbuch 8412 

Sprache von Koorai, MS. 8412 

Todtenbach der Aegypter 8171-72 
Tohfeh-i Vehebi 3334 

Tohfet-ul-Ahrar — see Jami 

— ul-MiOahidin 8271 

— Shahidi 3333 

— Uddariyyat 8321 
Tokai do Mei Sho 3409 
Tolbort and Pincofct, Alf Leila, Urdn 

Toledoth Teshna— Wagenseil 8206 
To-lo-ne Sutra 8425 

Tommaseo— see Collana 8336 

— Moses of Khoren 8337 
Tonga Islands— Mariner 8433 
Tongan language 8488 
Toni Bajada, mictub bil Malt! 8273 
Toqtamiche— Timur 3321 
Torah— see Bible, Hebrew MSS. 
Torat Kohennim 3205 
Tomberg (C. J.) Ibn-ul-Athir 3238 
Torrens (H.) Arabian Nights 3219 
Tosefoth— Talmud Babli 3205 
Tosefta (Sefer) 3205 
Tola Itihas, Bengali 3373 
Tota Kahani, Urdu MS. 3385 

— printed 8385 

— Hindustani 3385 
Totanes (S. de) ArteTagala (1745) 3428 

(1796) 3428 

Towarek Language 3488 

Townley (J.) More Nevokhim 8200 
Tracts, Assyrian 8186 

— Chinese 8425 

— on Egyptology 8183 

— on Hebrew Philology 8206-7 

— on Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, and 
general philology 8335 

— Konkani 3386 

— on Pali and Prakrit Grammar 3371 

— Phoenician 3208 

— on Sanscrit Philology 8368-69 

— Syriac 3207 

— Turkish 3335 

— on Zend and Pahlayi Philology 

Traditions, Mohammedan— Ibn Hajar 


Kirk Suwal 3829 

M^ma'-uLBihar 8255 

Mustakhn^ 3260 

Nawawi 3262 

Risala.ul-Aliya 8312 

SuynU 3268 

TraveUer's (the) Turkish Guide 3334 
Treaties of Commerce, Siamese and 

Engl. 3402 

Treatise on the transliteration of 

Chinese 3425 

Tregelles — Gesenius, Dicty. 8196 

Trenckner (V.) Milindapafiho 8371 

Trithen— Maha Vira Charita 8342 
Troyer (A.) Dabistan 8284 

Trumpp (E.) arab. Satzbau 8271 

— Paste Grammar 3838 

— Shaha Jo Risalo 3389 

— Sindhi grammar 8389 
Tseen tsze wan 8416 
Tse-Li: Customs TarUr 8425 
TsISn dsU wen 8411, 3413 
Ts*ung^huo 3418 
Tsurat ha-Arotz, Hebrew MS. 8191 
Tsze-sze, Chung Tnng 8416 
Tu Vi Annam-Pha Lang Sa 3399 
Tucker, Persian Dicty. 3321 
Tuda Language 3397 
Tudela, Benjamin of— see Benjamin 
Tughr Bey (Ahmad bin) 8263 
Tuhfat— see Tohfet 

Tukarama, Poems 8388 

Tuladanadipaddbati 3361 

Tullberg— Malayika et Agnimitra 3348 

Tulsi Das, Ramayana, Hindi S38S 


Tulu Language 

Tungusian— Castrea 9Mi 

— Klaproth «« 
Tunis, History of— Hiii Abil>iniir MM 

— Penal Code of— Kanun nO 
Tunisi (Muhammad at-)— Ibn Malik 

Tuquce— see Taki 

Turab All, Arabic Syntax 3171 

Turanian Languages 8891-97, MOMS 
Tare Zahav— see Mageo David 
Turin, Papyms of 81W 

Lauth 81W 

Pleyte et Rossi 8l» 

Wilkinson 819 

Turkey, History of— Izzi Efendi SHI 

Ottoman Chroniclea HWl 

Turki Language 9tn 

Turkish- nSMi 

— Meninski 816r 

— Dialects — Berezin 1881 

— Grammar for Travellers 8SM 

— History— see Turkey, Turks, Otto- 
man Empire 

-^MSS.— Catalogues of 81644C 

— Poetry, Histy. of— Hammer^Porg* 
stall 8827 

— Sultans, Histy. of the— Tarikh Salt- 
tin 827« 

Turkistan , History of— Khandamir 8299 
Turks, History of— Hajji Khalfish 8827 

Sa'd-ed-Din 8882 

Tumour's (G.) Mahawanso 8871 

Continuation of 8871 

Tusi (Ghazzali at-)— see Ohazzali (the 

Tusi (Nasiru d-Din at>)~Bee Nasir 
Tuti-Nama, Persian MSS. 8821, 8809 

— Persian and English . 8821 

— Bengali— see Tota Itihas 8878 

— Turkish 8884 

— German 8821 
Tuuk (yan der)— see Van der Took 
Tuzak Jahangir 8299-88 
Tybbon (Rabbi Aben)Phy8icataebr. 8201 
Tydeman, Opus Ibn Chalicani 82€l 
T^^er — see Condaswami Tyer 
Typography, Early Oriental— -Miasale 


— (Hebrew) of Ferrara— De Rossi 81M 
Tytler (J. ) Llturgia, Arablce 8M8 
U^anah-Smriti 8868 
Udayana Acharya 8850 
Udiya— see Oriya 

Uhlemann, Aegypt. Alterthmnskniide 


— Grammat. copt 8181 

— Incriptio Rosettana 8181 

— Institut. samarit. 8205 

— Israeliten n. Hyksos 818t 
Uigur Language SStt 

— Klaproth 8M2 

— Rdmusat 840} 
Ukburi, Comment, on MataaabU 8161 
Ulugh-Beg— see Oloug Beg 
Umdat nl Akidat is Sunnat 

— ul-Muhakkakin — Ghazzali 
Unkulunkulu — Callaway 8488 
Uns-ul-Jalil : Histy. of Jerusalem 8271 
Upanishads 8861-01 
Upham (Ed.) Mahavansi 8890 

— on Buddhism 8890 
Uragasutta, Pali and German 8871 
Urbino (Shelemoh of) 880< 
Urdu 8875-8€ 
Urdi-i Mualla, Hindustani 8879 
Urfl, Kulliyat 8821 
Urlya — see Oriya 

Urwasi— see Kalidasa 
Ushana—see Dharmasbaatra S. 8841 
Ushnisha-Vigaya-Dharanl 8104 

Usui: Treatises on Medicine 8271 

UsuI-ul-IIiWkm— Ibrahim Efendi 832S 
Utbi, Torikh-ul-Yamini 8271 

— see Ibn-ul-AtLir 



Uttarakhanda of the Dasa Kunoara 
Chaiita 8345 

— of the Ramayana-Hsee Valmiki 
Uttara Ramacharita 8842 
Uttara Tantra— Snsrats 8360 
Uylenbroek, Ibn Haukal 8220 
UzJaDdi (al-;--8ee Kazi Kban 
Vacbaspata Misra 8356 
Vachaapatya: a Sanscrit Dicty. 8861 
Vadarnja, Laghu Kanmndi 8854 
Va<(rakkhedika 8862 
Vahram*s Chronicle 8] 68 
Vaidtk Rites— ManaTa-Kalpa-Siitra 

Valsesbika Darsana 3862 

VaJa8aDeyi-Sanhit& 8365 

Vajdi (Seyyid) Diwan 8825 

V^Jrasnd— Weber 8867 

Vakyavali : Telegn exerdses 8397 
Valerianns (J. P.) Hieroglyphica 8181 
Valeton (J. P.)— Ta*alibi 8269 

Vahniki, Ramayana, Sanscrit 8862 

Sanscrit and Engliali 8362 

Sanierlt and Latin 8862 

Sdtoscrit and Bengali 8362 

Bengali 8378 

— — Javanese 8481 

Malay MS. 8429 

Persian 8811 

English (Extracts), by Jones 8347 

in English verse 3363 

French 8363 

Indices or Concordance 3362 

Weber 3363 

— Uttara Kanda 8396 
>- Tajnadartabada 8363 
Vamana— Cappeller 8869 
Vambery, Uigur. Sprachmonamente 

Vam^brahmana 3365 

Vana Bhatta, Kadambari 3348 

Van den Berg,Maleische Hiandschriften 


— see Friederich 3231 
Van den Ham— Sottdl 8267 
Van derTnok, Bataksch Leesboek 8482 

— Malagasy Grammar 8428 
~ see Von de Wall 8481 
Van Drival — see Drival 

Vani (el-) — see Vanquli 

Van Kuli — see Vanquli 

Vanqnll. Sihah 8267 

Varadaraja, Laghu Kaumndi 8850 

Varaha-Mihira, Brihajjataka 8843 

— Brhat-Sanhita 8343 
Vararuchi, Prakrita Prakasa 8S56 
Vardbamana 8363 
Varishta^Smriti 8360 
Varo de Lasa (F. F.) arte mandarina 

Vartan, Histy. of— EUsseus 8836 

Vasavadatta 8363 

Vascon cellos Abren (G. de)Manual 3363 

— Grammat. sadskr. 8363 

— Sadskrito e a glottol Arica 8369 

— civilisac&o Arya-Hindu 8369 
Vasbistha — see Dharmashastra S. 8345 
Vaslf , Taiikh, Turkish 3381, 8334 
_ ^ Persian— see Wassaf 3322 

— Mahasin nl Asar 8334 
Vasif Beg, Diwan S334 
Vasiyat Namah— Pirgili 8831 
Vassal! (M.) Grammat. Melitenais 3273 

— Lexicon Melitense 8278 
Vatu Charitra 3397 
Vatna Tatra 8363 
Vatsyayana, Kama Satra 3350 

— Nyava Darsana 8355 
Vaucelie, Chronologic 8174 
Vanghan (J. L.) Pushtu Vocabnl. 8338 
Vaughan, Turkish Grammar 8884 
Vaya Purana— see Gayamahatmya 

Vaz de Gulmaraes (P. Fr.) Puran 8888 
Veda Vyasa ( M aharshi) 8356 

Veda Vyasa Ri8hi»see Mababharata 
T- see Haribansa 

Vedala Cadai, English 


Vedanta Sara 




Vedas 8368-65 

— Treatises and Extracts 










— see Upanishads 

Veda (Atharva) 


Index verbomm 


parts of the 


Nrisinha Tapani 


Veda (Ezour) 


Veda (Rig) Sanscrit, ed. MQller 


Sanscrit and Latin 


Sanscrit and English 


Sanscrit, Maratbi and Engl. 

English (Wilson) 8864 

(Max MOUer) 8864 

French 8864 

German (Grassmann) 8864 

(Ludwig) 8864 

in German verse 8864 

Aitarea Aranyaka 8864 

Aitareya Brahmana 8364 

PratiQakhya (R^gnien> 8366 

Vedarthayatna 8868 

Veda (Sama) Sanscrit 8864 

English 8365 

parts of the 8864-65 

Aranyaka-Sanhita 8364 

Veda (Tamil)— see Nalayira Pirapan- 

Veda (Black Ti^ur) 8865 

Apastamba 8340 

parts of the 8866 

Veda (White Yajur) 8865 

Veds — see Vedas 

Vehebi, Tohfeh 8834 

Vehbi Efendi, Kasald 8334 

— Diwan 8884 
Vella (F.) Maltese Grammar 8273 

— Maltese Reading-Book 8273 
Vemana's Verses 8397 
Vencatachala— see Rottler 8396 
Vendidad, ed. Lassen 8187 

— Vendidad Sade (Brockhaus) 8187 
(Thonnelier) 3187 

— Tracts on the 8190 

Spiegel ai87 

Veni Samhara, Indian edition V45 

— hrsg. von Grill 8866 
Venkatachar), Viswagunaadarsana 8367 
Venkatecha Mahatmya 8366 
Venture de Paradis, gramm. et die- 

tionn. berb^re 8435 

Vemay (Cta.) Poesies turques 8322 
Vetalapancavingati 8369 

Veth— Snyuti 8269 

Veyakaranabbushanasara 3367 

Vichnou Sarma— see Pantcha Tantra 

Victoria (Auittralia) Languages and 

Customs-^Dawson 8482 

Vidal— seeCrowther 8488 

Vidvun-Moda-Taranginee 8349 

Vidyaratna^-see Rama Narayana 
Vidyasagar— Baital Pachisi 8877 

Vidyasagara — see Jibananda 
Viguier, langue turque 8885 

— et Mallouf, Dialogues tnrcs 8835 
Vyaya Rakshita, Nldana 8356 
Vijnanavikshu 8859 
Vijnanesvara, Mitakshara 8858 
Vikram Charitra, Gujarati MS. 8375 
Vikramorvasi— see Kalidasa 

Villon Society Publications— Arabian 
Nights 8219 

ViUottOr Dictlonar. lat.-armen. 8387 
Vinaya-Pitakam 8371 

Vincent (A. J.) origine de chlffires 8170 
Viramamuni, Sadnragaradi 8896 

— Tembavanl 8394 
Viramitrodaya. Sanscrit 8367 

— Sanscrit and English 8367 

Visakha Datta, Mudra Rakshasa 

Visconti, Egypt Antiquities 8189- 

Vlsdelou— see Herbelot 8166 

Vishnu, Institutes of 8847 

Dhaimashastra Sangraha 884C 

Vishnu-Smriti 3860 

Vishnu Parashuram 83^8 

Vishnu Purana, English 8858 

Vishnu Sarman— see Hitopadesa 

— see Pancbopakhyaiam 8387 
Vishnu Sacar Nama, MS. 88(i7 
Vishnu-Smriti 8960 
Vispered — see Avesta 8187 
Visvesvarar— Gopala Tapani 8869 
ViRwagnnaadarsana 8867 
Viawanatha Kaviri^a,Sabltya Darpana 

Viswanatha Penchant 8855 

Vital (Rabbi Khalim) Khok le-IsrHel 

Vocabnlaire firanQais-arabe 8271 

— f rancais-tamotil 889ft 
Vocabiuario de Japon 84 1 
Vocabulary cf Western and Central 

African Languages 8484 

— of the Barma, Malayn and Thai 
languages 8429 

— Engllsh-Latin-Bengalese 3373 

— English-Japanese-Cliinese 8412 

— English-Japanese 8419 

— pictorial Japanese 8410 

— Malagasy 8428 

— English and Malay 8431 

— Marat'hi-English 8388 
Vodya-kasara 8382 
Vogti^, Inscriptions s^mit. 8208 

— Peking pyllabary 8426 
Volney (C. F.) Alphabet 3168, 8169 

— simplif . des langnes orient. 8271 
Von de Wall— see Wall 

Vopadeva, Mugdhabodha 8854 

— Kavikalpadruma 8867 
Vrihaspati — see Dharmashastra S.8345 
Vullers (J.) Lexicon peisico-lat. 8822 

— Grammatica pers. 8322 

— Institutlones pers. 8322 

— Muallakat 8259 
Vyacarana— Paulinus 8856 
Vyakarana-Mahabhashya 8852 
Vyasa — see Dharmashastra S. 8845 
Vyasa, Pnmaprajna Darshana 88^S 
Vyasa-Smriti 8860 
Vyavahara— see Mitakshara 
Vyavahara Mayiikha 8867 
Vyavahara-Sara-Sangraha 8696 
Vyavahara Tatwa 88b7 
Vyavastharatnaroala 8878 
Wade ^J.) Dicty. of Boodhlsm 8401 

— Karen dicty. 8401 
Wade (T. F.) Hsin Ching La 8426 

— Peking syllabary 842C 
Wafayat ul Aiyan^Ita Khallikan 

Wafl, Comment on the — Manhal usi* 
Safi 8257 

Wagenseil (J. C.) Tela ignea 8206 
Wabbl— Gul(«han-i Ishk 8289 

Wahrmund (Ad.) neu-arab. Handbnch 

Wahshi, Diwan, MSS. 8822, 8801 

— Farhad wa Shirin, MS. 8322 
Waka'i 'Haidarabad— Nhnat Khan Aali 

Wakal-i Wiqnaya Ri^pootana 8386 
Wa kan won seki sjo 8411 

Wakf, Lists of Books 888S 

Wakflyat: pious endowmente 8271 
Wakhoucht, Descript. de CMorgia 3887 
Waki'at-i Kashmh*— see Tarikhi Kash- 

Wakidi, Conquest of Bahnasa 8271 

— Campaigns of Mohammed 8223 
Wall (Shah Mohammad) Diwan,M&888ft 

printed 8886 

Hindonst et Franc. 838ft 

WaU Mahomed^ Eik».<i^9ASS2s&& 



Wall (Von de) Maleisch Woordenboek 


— Van der Tank 3431 

— Vormveranderingen 8431 
Wa nen kel : Annalea Japon. 8412 
Wang FgQg-choa 3413 
Wang Keaoa Lwan 3426 
Wang Tao 8423 
Wang^yew-po, Sacred Edict 8424 
Wanslebiafr— see Lndolfns 3213 
Warren (S.) Nirayavaliyaaattam 3355 
Waaer (C.) Grammat. Syra 8206 
Wasitat-nt-Solok 8272 
Wasmuth (M.) Uebraismns 3206 
Wassaf, Tarikh, Persian and German 

^~* 800 also \r&8if 

Wathen (W. H.) Slndhi grammar 3889 
Watwat (al-) Treatise on the Moral 8272 
— ■ Poems 8227 

Weber (A.) Fragment der Bhagavatl 


— Hist of Indian Literatnre 3367 

— Hist, de la litttfratore ind. 8367 
^ Indlsche Fabeln 3170 

— Indische Literaturge8Chi<dite 8367 

— Indische Streifen 8169 

— Indische Skizzen 3170 
^ Indische Stndien 8367 

— Krishnajanmashtami 3367 

— von den Naxatra 3366 

— Pancadandachattraprabbandha 8867 

— Pratijnasutra 8367 

— Rama-Tapaniya-Upanbhad 8867 

— Kamayana 8363 

— VajrasucJ 8367 

— Vedakalender 3866 

— White Yajur Veda 3365 

— zwei yedische Tezte 3866 
Wedding Procession (Persian) 8283 
Wehbl— see Vehbl 

Weijers (H. £.) Arab. Letters 8269 

— see Orientalla 8168 
Welsl — see Oweis 

Wells CCh.) Turkish Grammar 8885 

— Redhonse, Dicty. 3832 
Wenger— see Tates 8873 
Wenrlch, auctomm griec. versiones 

Wenzel. Instrument, fan Rigveda 3366 
Wesel (Naf tali Hira)— see WesselyCH.) 
Wessel (Naftali ben Issakhar) — see 
Solomon 8204 

Wessely (H.) Shiri Tefarath 3204 

West, Arda Viraf 3187 

— Mainy6-1-Khard 8188 
Westergaard, Codices Indici 8 i 66 
^ Kileskrlft 3186 

— Radices sanscr. 8867 
Weston (St.) Shah Namah 8287 
Wetzstein— Zamakhsbarl 8272 
Weyers, Ibn Khakani 8220 
Wherry (E. M.) Koran 8253 
Whinfleld (E. H.) Gulahan-l-Raz 3290 

— Omar Khayyam 8311 
White (J.)— Pocock 8264 
-> Timnr's Institutes 3321 
White Yajur Veda— see Vedas 
Withney (W. D.) Atbanra Veda San. 

bita 8865 
Index verbomm 8865 

— Atharva Veda Pratk}akhya 8865 

— Orient, and linguist, studies 8170 

— Sanskrit grammar 3367 
Wlckerhanser (M.) Tuti-Nama 8821 
Widmanstad, lingua Syr. 8211 
Wiedemann, Bieratische Teste 8182 
Wigram (G V.) Vade-mecum 8206 
Wikavah, Comment, on the^Multaka- 

ul-Xnhur 8306 

— see Jamu*a-r-Rumnz 8245 
Wilde (A. de) maleisch-soendasch 

woordenboek 8482 

Wilhelm (£.) de inflnitivo 8170 

WJJkun (F.) Historia Gasnevid« 3305 

— Belloram crac. bistoiia 8272 

mikina (C.) Bhagarad Geeta 3342 

Wilkins (G.) Hltopadesa 8347 

— Sanscrit grammar 3368 

— see Richardson's Dicty. 3812 
Wilkhisou(J. G. ) Materia Hierogl. 3182 

— Papyrus of Turin 8182 
Wilkinson (L.) Gunitadhia 3346 
Williams (Rev. H. A.)— see Paris 3230 
Williams (John) Seder 01am Rabba 3204 
WiUiams (Monier) Bagh o Bahar 3376 

— Indian Wisdom 8368 

— Nalopakhyanam 8361 

— Roman alphabet 8339 

— Sakuntala, Sanscrit 8349 
English 8349 

— Sanskrit-English Dicty. 8368 

— English-Sanskrit Dicty. 3868 

— Sanscrit grammar 3868 

— Sansci-it manual 8368 

— Vikramorvasi 3849 
Williams (S. Wells) Chinese vocabul. 


— Chinese tonfc dicty. 8426 
Williams (W.) New Zealand dicty. and 

grammar 3433 

Williams (W. L.) Maori Lessons 3433 
Willmet, Lexicon Arab. 8272 

Wilson (H. H.) Bahshya 8360 

— Gatal. of Oriental MSS. 3166 

— Inscript. of Kapur di Girl 3339, 3369 

— Megha Duta, Sanscr. and Engl. 8348 
-^ — in English verse 8848 

— Rig. Veda 3364 

— Roebuck, Prorerbs 8313 

— Sama Veda 8364 

— Sanskrit grammar 3368 

— Sanskrit-English Dicty. 3868 

abridged by Ram Jasan 8368 

ed. by Goldstiicker 3368 

— Theatre of the Hindus 8368 
^ Vishnu Purana 8358 
Wilson (J.) Marathl, exercises 8388 
Wilson (Rev. John) Pahlavi and 

Persian Vocabul. 8189 

Wiltens en Danekaerts, Vocab. malai- 

cum 8430 

Winer (G. B.) Cliald. Grammatik 3206 

— Chaid. Lesebnch 8206 

— Chrestom. Talmud. 3206 
Winter (C. F.) Brata-Joeda 8431 

— javaan. Zamenspraken 8481 
Wiquaya (Waka*i-i) Rajpootana 8386 
Wiftaman (N.) Horae Syr. 8211 
Wtte (J. de)— see Bulletin archil. 

Woepke (F.) arithm^tique Indienne 


— Omar Khayyam 8263 
Wolf (J. C.) BibUotheca Hebr. 8206 
Wollaston (A. N.) Persian Dicty. 3322 
Woollaston (M. W.) Sanscrit grammar 

WoUheim— Padma Parana 8358 

Wolof Language 8488 

Wright (W.) Arabic grammar 8272 

— Catal. of Ethiopic MSS. 8214 

— see Cureton 8209 

— Ibn Jubair 8241 

— Kamil of el-Mubarrad 8246 

— Makkari 8256 

— see PulsBOgr. Society 8168 
Writing, Origin of— van Drival 8166 

Fortla d* Urban 8166 

MtiUer 8167-68 

Wu Hsao Pien 8414 

Wn-Jto-ch'^n 8416 

Wn Kuang-ch'teg 8418 

Wn Shdng-Lan 8426 

Wu Shuang P'a 8426 

Wttstenfeld (F.) Akhbar Mekka 8272 

— arab. Aerzte 8170 

— Calcaschandi 8225 

— Ibn Khallikan 8241 

— Ibn Kotaiba 3242 

— Jacnt's Moflchtarik 3272 

— Kazwini 3248 

— Makrizi, Copten 8267 

— Nawawi 3262 

Wylie, Chinese literature 8426 

Wynch, Daya-Crama-Sangraha 3845 
Xavier (Fiancisco) Diccion. Concani 

Xylander, Titanen 8403 

Y-King 8416 

Yagnar— see Avesta 8187 

— Bumouf, Commentaire 8186 
Yade Moshe 8202 
Yad ha-Khazaka— Maimonides 8200 
Yadu Natha Tarkratna— Bhatti Kavya 

Yahya bin Abdu 1-Latlf 8801 

Yajnadattabada 3363 

Yujnavalkya's Gesetzbndi 8868 

— Smriti 3360 

— see Dharmashastra S. 8345 
Yajnikadeva— see White Yajnr Veda 

Yajur Veda (Black)— see Vedas 

— (White)— see Vedas 

Yakhiya (Gtodalia ben) 3204 

Yakkun Nattannawa 839«l 

Yakab bar David bar Yom Tor 8191 
Ya'kub Charkhi— Koran 3261 

Yakub bhi Sayyid All of Rum 8254 
Yakut, Mushtarik : Geogr. Dicty. 3273 
Yakut (Shaikh) scribe, Sihah 8266 
Yama kachi no shlono 8413 

Yama-Smriti 3300 

— see Dharmashastra S. 8345 
Yamato Bnml: Japanese Records 3413 
Yamato oshun shiori 8413 
Yamini— see Abd-nr-Rahman Ali al- 
Yang ShSn 3419 
Yasir— see Khaim d-din bin Taja d- 

Yates (W.) Bengali Language 8378 

— Hindustani Dicty. 8886 

— Introd. to Hindustani 8886 

— Nalodaya 8348 

— Sanscrit grammar 8368 

— Sanscrit Dicty. 8868 
Yazlji— see Nasif al- 

Ye-do mel-syo du-kai 341S 

Yedo oh setzu yo kai 8413 

Yemen, History of— Bugbyat-ul-Mns- 

tafid 8323 

Yen Thsong, Hwen Thsang 3418 

Yesala ben Abraham — see Horwits 
Yin Ting Kin She 8405 

Yogavaslshtha, in Persian— «ee Jos 

Yohanna Mnhanna ol- Haddad— Chry- 

sostomos 3225 

Yokhai (Simeon ben)— Zohar 3306 
Yore Dea— Arbal Turim 3197 

Yoruba language 8438 

Yosef l%ek>mo Yemshalmi 3208 

Young (R.) Hebr. Miscellanies 3206 
Young (T.) Works 3183 

— Discoveries 3183 

— Egypt. Dictionary 3183 

— Hieroglyphics 8183 

— Hieroglyph, essays 3183 

— see Peacock 3183 

— see Salt 8I8O 
Yu (the Emperor) InacripUona of 


— Sayings of 3436 
Ya Ghih Li Hsiang 3426 
Yu Kiao LI 3419 
Yuan Yuan 3434 
Yung Chdng (Emperor)*-«ee Ya Chih 

U 8436 

Yusuf Haf nawi— see Haf nawi 
Yusof bin Hnsain al KarmisatJ 3347 
Yusuf bin Mohd. asb-Sherbini— aee 

Ynsnf n Zalikha b oo Jami 

Hindustani 3386 

Pushtu MS. 3338 

ZacharisB— Weber's Indian Uteratore 

Zadu-l-Akhirat, MS. 3333 

Zad ul Mnsaflr 817« 

Zafar Namfr-Shanf-nd-din 3317 



Zahtr-ad-Dia Halebi 8227 

Zend 3186-90 

Zotenberg ^H.)— Tabari 


Zahrat-ol-Wardiyyah: Legal Decisions 

— Pietraszcwski 


Zschokke, Institnt. araraalc. 



Zend Areata —see Avesta 

Zubdat : Persian treatise on 


Zaln nd-Din al Azhari, Temrin nt- 

Zenker, Bibliotheca orient. 




Tollab 8243 

— Diet, tdrc-arabe-persan 




Zainu'l-Abadin, al Ashbaho 8272 

Zera Abraham 


Zabdat Lehjetu 1-Logbat 


— Fatawa Ibn H^Jim 8272 

Zevakh Pesakh— see Abarband 




Zakanl— see Obeid 



Zuhair — see Zohair 

Zakarya al-Ansari— Jalnl-nd-din Ma- 

Zi'ai, Diwan 


Zuhnri, poetical works, MS. 


haUi 8244 

Zla-ud-Din Nakh8habi--6ee TatiNama 

— minor works, MS. 


Zakarya bin Mohd. Kazwlni 8248 

Ziegenbalg, grammat damulica 


Zolfaqar AU (MaiUawi; 


Zamakhshari, Anecdotes, Persian 8322 

Zil-i Sirata n-Nebi— Nabl 


Zola Language 


-- Koran 8262 

Zimmem (H.) Stories from Firdasi 

Zulnlza<?a: Zulu Proverbs 


^Mukaddimat nl Adab : Lexicon 


Zulus— Callaway 


Arab. Pers. 8272 



ZuDz, jad. Oeschichte 


— Iba Yaish*s comment, to Mufasaal 

Zohair, Diwan, printed 


— synagog. Poesie 



Extracts, MS. 


— see Bei^amhi af TndeU 

— see Krokhmal 


Zamalkani, Tibyan 3271 

— Moallakah— RosenmflUer 



Zaneka, Histy. ot Burmese 3401 
Zaralf ul-Latalf^ 8280 

Zohar al hat-Torah 


Zurubu 1-Amsal, Dakhni MS. 


— see Vital . 


Zozenlus, Harethi Muallakat 


Zarrinqalam— see Mohammad Hosain, 

Zoku Hiza Euri ge 



Zoroaster's Avesta— see Aresta 


Zeba y Bool (Icn JHUi de) 9427 

— Precepts, in Zend— Pegambara 8188 

Zwick. west-mongol. Grammatik 3405 

Zedner, Catal. of Hebrew Books 8206 

Zotenberg (H.) Catal des MSS. ^thiop. 

Handbuch (Wdrterbudi) 


Zehetmayr, Lexicon etymolog. 8170