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afatltDflixxm §injglixttm, 


<5n0lis^-^atin WiaxlihnaK 

DATED 1483. 



WLxi^ |ntr0buction anir Ijlotts, 


Editor of Ihe ' Ot$ta Tfomomrum ;* ' Sir Fehmbrai;' ' Tittiet^t Five Hundred Potntt,' etc. 








[new series XXX.] 


FOR THE YEAR 1881-82. 


















The CoiTHCiL of the Caudbv Socixtt deure it to be understood 
tliat they are not aniwerable for any opinioas or obs^rvationa that 
may appear in the Society's publicatioDfl ; the £ditorB of the several 
Works being alone responsible for the same. 



De QnxcKY paid of a certain Hfwk lliaf it was ' fcbe deadest 
tbin^ in creation, even deader than a duor nail/ but one might 
very natarally expect a medi^pvnl linguistic Dictiooary to be a 
still more dead thin^. The object for which it was compiled 
has long ag« been fulfilled, and it has been superseded for 
centuries. But, curiously enoug-h, although useless for its 
original purpose, it has become a priceless reenrd of the 
language. Old Dictionaries have long been used by commen- 
tators to illustrate the language of our national classics. Thus 
Douoe frequently quotes from Huloet*s Abcetlar'uim An^lico~ 
Latinum in his lllusfrationa of Shakespeare, but the late Mr. 
Albert Way was the first scholar to recognize the utility of an 
old Dictionary as a whole, and to devote years of labour to the 
illustration of the words in the oldest Engligh-Latin Dictionary 
extant. His varied learning peculiarly lilted him for the task he 
had undertaken, and the tools with which he worked — a fine collec- 
tion of Dictionariei?^ — he beijueathed to the Society uf Antiquaries. 
In 1843 the first ])3rt of bis edition of the Promptorium Parvnhrum 
five Cierleorum appeared, and twenty-two years afterwards the 
Tolumc of 563 pages was complet*il. llie Prompforiu/n exists in 
several editions in MS, which date from about the year 1440. It 
was printed by Pynson in 1499, ^y Julian Notary in 150H, and by 
Wynkyn do Worde in 1510, 151a, 1516, and i^aS. There is a 
greater variety of Liitin-English DictionRriee, but this was ap- 
jtarently the only available Kuglish-Iiatin Dictionary, and in 
consequence it was frequently reproduced. All honour, there- 
fore, is due to fJeoffrey, the Norfolk Grammarian, who shut 
himself in his cell in order to cunipilo a much needed work 
for the use of hie countrymen. The difficulty of the undertaking 
must have been very great in those days when the facilities for 
compilation were comparatively few, 



Among the works used by Mr. Way wns a MS. belonging to 
Lord Monson, and entitled CatAoli^on Anglieum. It may 1>g 
interesting to tlie reader to know how this work has at last got 
into print. In the Report of the Early English Text Society for 
1 865 it was announced that a series of old English Dictionaries 
would he issued, to commence with two of the earliest and most 
imixtrtaut printed ones, namely, \\xi\<x^\'% Alxieihrlum and Baret's 
Alvearie. Allien the preface to the Promptorium Parvulorum was 
published in 1865, my attention was drawn to the Catholicon 
An-ff/icum therein described. I wrote to Mr. Way respecting the 
MS., but he knew nothing about it since it ha<l been lent to him 
by the late Lord Monson, and he had used it in his notes. I 
tlien communicated with Lord Munson, but he could not at first 
find the book. Before, however, the issne of a second edition of 
the Report bis Lordship's MS. had come to hand, and be most 
kindly lent it to me for the purpose of being copied'. This 
was done by Mr Brock, who afterwards added the additional 
entries from another MS. In 1866 the new edition of Levins's 
Manipuha Vorahiihrum appeared, and the CalhoH'^on Ant/Iicnm was 
placed on the list of works to he doup by the Eariy English Text 
Society. It wati soon found that Huloet'a and Baret'e fine old 
volumes contained so much matter tliat it would be inexpedient 
to print them on account of the great cost. Another MS. of the 
Catholicon was fouud in the British Museum Library, and this 
was collated with Lord Modsoq's MS. I had intended to edit 
the work, but various oircunifltancos prevented mc from putting 
it in Jmnd. Another editor projiosed to relieve me of the labour, 
but be also was forced to relinquish his intention. At length 
Mr. Herrtage came forward and undertook to edit the Dictionarv, 
and again Lord Monson most kindlj' lent ns his valuable MS. 
for the purpose of verifying the proofs as the work was l>eing 
printed. Thus this interesting book, which remained for so many 
years on the list of work to be done, is at length placed on the 
more satisfactory list of work accomplished. In a comparatively 
short period, considering the large amount of research required 

' Mr. Il«rTta(^ hM kltudRd tn hia 'Intniditctian * ta tha obUgalimi we are Ul 
un^er let Lon) Mpdmd. hut I wiih «|>u:iii]ly to erproM ray pnnrHi^l ttuwlu for 
thrt (ron«r(>i}a niiMiDer in wliicli liU Lordaliip hAnded the MS. over lo iu« wibhoni 
FtJpulftUon* of any kind. 



for rlic preparation of tho notes, Mr, Uerrtage has produced a 
volume wortliy to stand by the side of Mr. Way's Promphrittm^ 
and higher praise than this could scarcely l>e given to the book. 
It is curious to compare the C-.ifholieoH with the Promptorinm^ 
and to sec how thorou^Oily diflercnt the two Dictionaries arc. 
The PromjifonHm is the fuller of the two, and contains, roughly, 
fllxtut 1 2,000 word;!, while the difholicon has about Hooo words '. 

The Catholicon is fipf-cially valuable as a dated Dictionary. 
At the end of the l>ook we read : 'Explicit Catholicon in lingua 
mfltemn. Anno domini 14H3 -/ but the fact that tlicre is another 
MS. in the British Museum of & rather earlier date opens up a 
cnrioos question as to the origin of these Dictionaries. Mr. Vi^y 
Buggfest* that Lord Monson's MS. may be theauthorV holograph, 
Ijnt this opinion is scarcely tenable, more particularly as he him- 
self mentions the older MS. in the British Moseuro, to which 
Sir Frederic Madden ha<l directed his attention. Although 
these are evidently the same Dictionary, certAin ditferences, as 
indicated by Mr. Herrtage in his Introduction, show that there 
must have been a still earlier original from which both were 
tiiken, whether directly, or indirectly through intermediate copies 
we cannot now UA\. Another point which we are unable to settle 
is this : Were all these MSS. called CafAolicon Anglicun^ or was 
this a name given specially to Lord Monson's manuscript? Any 
way, the author is quite unknown. We can hardly doubt l)nt 
that there were other Knglish-Latin Dictionaries besides the 
Promptonnm and the Catholicon, which have been lost, and this 
opinion is the more probable, as both these appear to have been 
compiled in the Eastern Counties, and it seems hardly probable 
that other districts were Whind their neighbours in the pro- 
duction of these most necessary books. 

It would be a curious inquiry if we were able to learn l»ow 
tliese Dictionaries were compiled. In the case of Latin-English 
IHotionaries there is no difficulty, as there were many sources 
from which the words could be drawn, but it is differenl with 
regard to those in which the English is first, as wo do not know 
of the existence of any earlier list of English words than that 
found in the Prompforinm. 


' mie intbtt A m PrttiHptnriHm oonUIns 433 words, tlie CtUfMU^on only 313 
with the odtlitknn rnm tb(i A()ilit. MS. (here «rv, faowevvr, 314 words. 


The tjamcfi attnched to the old Diotionaries are curious and 
worthy of a passing notice here. They give a distinctive 
cliunict^r to the several works, which the works wonld not 
possess if they were called by the general title of Dictionary. 
•Proraptnarium' is a more correct form than ' Proroptoriutn,' 
and means a storehouse or repositon.', Wynkyn dc Worde uses 
Ihiii word in his edition, but Pyuson and one of the manuscripts 
have Promptorius. Johannes de Jantia, or Januensis, a native of 
Genoa in the thirteenth century, ajipcars to have been the first 
to use the word Catholicon as the title for a Dictionary. His 
work was very highly esteemed, and it was a very natural pro- 
ceeding for the unknown English lexicographer to appropriate 
so well known a title. A Catkoficum Pttrvtim, the (Jrst printed 
Latin oud French VocabtdarVj was published at Geneva in 1487, 
and a few years afterwards appeared a Catkolicnm Abhrevi<itum at 
Paris, which was reprinted by Jean Lambert at the same place 
in 1506. The MeduHa Grammadce or GratHmafuYa is a Latin- 
English Dictionary existing in a large number of manuscripts. 
This is attribute to Geoffrey, the Dominican Friar who compiled 
the Promptorium; and if this really be so, this ^-orthy must 
extort our admiration as the author both of the first Latin- 
English and the first English-Latin Dictionary. The first 
Latin-Knglish Dictionary printed in England is the OrlMS 
YocabuhrnWf which is largely founded on the Medvlla. Another 
interesting old Dictionary is tlie Fu/ffaria of William Horman. 
Mr. Herrtnge mentions this iu his Introduction as a work that 
would well repay reprinting, and I may remark here that the 
late Mr. Toulmin Smith undertook to edit this book for the 
Early English Text Society, and in the Second Annual Report, 
1866, it is announced with his name in the list of future publi- 
cations. The death of this excellent worker in the midst of hit 
labour on the volume of English Gthh^ however, caused this 
Dictionary to be dropt out of the list in future years. Peter 
Leyins adopted the title of Manijutlus FocabNloruM for his inter- 
esting old rhyming Dictionary, and John R'lret gives his 
reasons for calling his Dictiomiry Ah Alvfiarie. He set bis 
scholars to work to extract passages from the classics, and to 
arrange them nnder heads: 'Thus within a yeare or two they 
had gathered togethir a great volume, which (for the apt simili- 


tnde bctweene the good scholcrs and dilijnjont. U<*h m y^iithunng 
their wax ami \wny into their hive) I callwi then their Alveurie, 
tioth for a memoriall by whom it was mode, and also by tliia 
nnme to inoourage other to the like diliji-oniv, for that they 
should not sec their worthy praysc for the samc\ unworthily 
drowned in oblivion,' To come down to rather later times, it 
may be mentioned, in cr^nelusion, that Thomas Willis^ a school- 
master of Isleworth, named his Dictionary, 1651, Ftfttfittt/um. 
Mr. Way has given a most full and carefnl aocoimt of the early 
Dictionaries in the Preface to hia edition of the Ptomptorinm, 
and I may, perhaps, be allowed to draw the attention of those 
int-crested in Lexicographical history to my ' Chronological 
Notices of the Dictionnriee of the English Language */ 

It 18 hardly necessary now to enlarge upon the volne of these 
old Dictionaries, as that is very generally allowed, but I cannot 
resist giving an instjince of how the Prontpforinm has settled 

Ltisfactorily the etymology of a difficult name. When Mr. 

.Iderman Hanson, F.S.A., was investigating the history of 
various fruits^ he was somewhat pu:;zled by the terra 'Jordan 
almonds' applied to the best kind of sweet almonds, and he 
set to work to look up the authorities. He found a definite 
statement in Phillips's New World of Words (6th ed. by Kersey, 
1706), to the effect that ' the tree grows chiefly in the 
Eastern countries, especially in the Holy Land near the river 
Jordan.^ whence the best of this fruit are called "Jordan 
almonds." ' The same statement is made in Bailey's Dictionary 
in 1757 (the botanical portion of which was edited by no less a 
person than Philip Miller), and in many other books. In J. 
Smith *s Bible Plants (1877) we read, *the best so-called Jordan 
almonds come from Mahiga, and none now come from the 
country of the Jordan.' The author might very well have 
added that they never did come from that pla(«. The mer- 
chants of Mulagn^ who export the almondH. are equally at sea 
aa to the derivation. One of them told Mr. Hanson that the 
geooral opinion was that a certain Frenchman, called Jourdain, 
early in this century, introduced an improved method of culti- 
vation. This stiggestion was easily negatived by reference to 

PlubloglcAl Society Tnuunotioiu. 186$. (ip. 118-J9J. 


the fact that Jordan almonds were mentioned in printed books 
at least as &r back as 1607. At last Mr. Hanson found his 
clue in the Promptorium, where we read, * lardyne almaunde, 
amiffdalum jardinum.' The difficulty was overcome, and the 
Jordan almond stood revealed as nothing more than a garden or 
cultivated kind of almond. 

In contrasting Mr. Herrtage> edition of the Catholicon with 
Mr. Way's edition of the Promptorium a very interesting point 
must needs become apparent. Mr. Way annotated and ex- 
plained the difficulties of his text with the most unwearied 
patience, but his authorities were to some extent limited. He 
himself helped to create the taste which has induced so many 
scholars to come forward and rescue the monuments of our lan- 
guage from destruction. Every one of Mr. Herrtage's pages bears 
evidence of the large amount of work which has been done since 
the Camden Society first issued the Promptorium. Publications 
of the Early English Text Society are quoted on every page, and 
Stratmann and Matzner are put under frequent contribution. 
We thus see that the labours of late years have already brought 
forward a rich harvest of illustration, by means of which the 
difficulties of our beloved tongue are gradually being cleared up. 
Many words once in use are doubtless irrecoverably lost, but still 
much has been garnered up. Those who have not attempted to 
register words can hardly realise the difficulties in the way of 
the Dictionary maker. All honour, therefore, to those who 
have overcome the difficulties, and in this band of honest workers 
the anonymous compiler of the Catholicon Anglicum occupies a 
prominent place. The difficulties are truly great, but the 
lexicographer has his compensation, for there is a pleasure in 
the registration and illustration of words which he only knows 
who has set his mind to the work with earnestness and en- 


lionnoN, July, 1881. 


Flan oC.the Work, 1 1. p. xiii. — Description of the MBS : Lord Monson'R, $ 7, 
p.ii»; UieAtldit. MS, S 3, p. xvi. — PUaofColladoD, S4,i>,][vi, — QitoUtlons nnii 
N"oi*«, I 5, p, jviii — Words unexpliiiiiei], ( C. p. idx. — DUleot of the MSS. i 7, 
p. IX. — Tbe MrduUa Grtuitmatict, % 8, p. xxi. — AuUiorilies quoled ia tbe Nutc«. 
1 9* p. xxu. — HultJvn in thu Work, ( 10, p. ixiv. — Couclusion, ( 1 j, p. xxv. 

So well known is the present work, now for the first time 
printed, from the extensive and admirable nee made of it by 
the late Mr. Way in his edition of the ' Promptorium Par- 
vulorum,' that it cau require little or no introduction to the 
students of our language beyond that given by Mr, Wheatley 
in bis Preface. I will, therefore, confine myself to an expla- 
nation of the plan* and principles of this adition, with a very 
few remarks on the MSS. and their dialect and peculiarities. 

5 J. My intention throughout in preparing this volume was 
to maJke it a companion to the Promploriurjiy and this intention 
I have endeavoured to carry out by marking with an asterisk 
or a dagger respectively such words aa were either annotated 
by Mr. Way, and did not therefore so much require any further 
annotation on my part, nr such as were peculiar to theCatbolicon. 
So far as it has been possible I have besides tried to give quo- 
tations and references, not to be found in Strut mann ur any 
such standard work of reference. Aa a rule I have not given 
qnotations from authors later than the sixteenth century, but 
this, of course, I have not been always able to manage. The 
0^UU Si" InveHtoricif published by the Surtecs Society have been 
a perfect mine of wealth to me ; unfortunately I had not the 
advnntjige of them at the beginning of my work, and I have 
therefore been obliged t« give my quotations from them for the 
earlier letters in the additional notes. With regard to these 
latter, although I perfectly understand and appreciate the in- 


convenience attending the existence of a double set of notes, 
and tbe risk which exists of additional notes being overlooked, 
1 do not know that any apology for their presence is necessary^. 
In any work of this class it is absolutely unavoidable that fresh, 
and in many ^cases better, illustrations of words will crop up 
after the sheets have been printed off. Extended reading has 
brought extended knowledge, and the value of these additions 
—and I believe that much of value will be found in them — 
will be, I think, the best apology for their existence. 

I adopted Lord Monson's MS. as the basis of my text : first, 
because it was the fuller and more correct of the two, besides 
which it was ready copied out for me ; and secondly, because it 
was perfect. The difference in date between the two MSS., if 
there is any difference, can be but a few years, and was not of 
itself of sufficient importance to counterbalance other considera- 
tions. Tbe Addit. MS. has lost one leaf at the beginning and 
two at the end, besides three in the body of the work. It is, 
moreover, so full of palpable and gross errors both in the 
Eogliah and Latin, from which Lord Monson's MS. is free, 
tliat I had no hesitation in relegating it to a second place, to 
bo used only for the purposes of collation and of filling up 
^npi. One most curious point about it is that while up to 
S it contains far fewer words than Lord Monson's MS., from 
that lottor on it has more than double the entries. Why this 
if HO it ii, of course, impossible to say: the entries are here 
given in full. 

f 3. Lord Monson's MS. of the Catholicon is a thick paper 
volume measuring 8} inches by 6. It is perfect, and in almost 
as good condition as when it left the scriptorium. It consists of 

* I hftve, ftt all evenU, done my b«st to prevent their being overlooked or 
furirottfln, by inwrtbg them before the text. Aa an example of the liability uf 
■uoh addiUoiial notei to be overlooked when not placed in some conspicuouB part 
of tlie book, I may mention that eta February 14th, 1880, I printed in Notes 
and <^ri€M a ihort list of erron in Mr. Way's Promptorium, which I had 
oonte aoroM while udng the work for ibia edition of tbe Catholicon. Tu my 
Ifreat iOrpriie I was informed by a note from a correspondent in that paper, 
that UK«t of the slips pointed oat by me had been discovered by Mr. Way, and 
wen mentioned and coirected in a list printed at p. 560 of the Prtmptorium. 
And there I found tham, but I am oontident that not one in a hundred of those 
who use tlie volume is awanj of the existence of the list. 


16 quires or 192 leaves^, 182 of which contain the text, followed 
by 6 blank. Then on leaf 189 comes the list of terms of rela- 
tionship reprinted at the end of our text. This list is in a 
different hand from that in which the main body of the book 
has been' written, and appears, to me at least, to be. the same 
with that in which the corrections and additions have been 
made in the original scribe's work. These corrections are few 
in number, the copying having been on the whole very care- 
fully done. Mr. Way was of opinion that it was probable that 
this MS. was the author's holograph ^, but this is very doubtful, 
and is contradicted by the fact that the corrections are in a 
different hand. In addition to this, in the next paragraph Mr. 
Way speaking of the Addit. MS. 15,562, assigns to it the date 
of 1450. But the handwritings are essentially different. Either, 
therefore, the date assigned to the Addit. MS. must be wrong, 
or Lord Monson's MS. can not be the author's holograph. But 
I do not believe that 1450 is the correct date of the Addit. MS. 
More probably it was compiled about 1475^ ^^^ ^^^ assigned 
to it in the Museum Catalogue. The numberless, and frequently 
most extraordinary, mistakes in the Addit. MS. show clearly 
that it was a copy from an earlier MS., and probably written 
from dictation. 

On the back of the last leaf of Lord Monson's MS. is the 
following : * Liber Thome Flowre Succ^w^or ecclesie Cathedralis 
beate Marie Lincoln. Anno domini M.cccccxx ;' on which Mr. 
Way notes ^ that he could not find the name of Thomas Flower, 
sub-chanter, in the Fasti of Lincoln, but that a John Flower 
occurs among the prebendaries of that church in 157 1. He 
adds that the owner of Lord Monson's MS. may have been of 
Lincoln College, Oxford, since a Thomas Flower was one of the 
proctors of the University in 1519*. Immediately above this, 
in faded ink, is the following entry, unmentioned by Mr. Way : 
'Anno domini miWesimo cccc"° lxxxx"° ix", Aw«o regni regis 
B^enrici 7*, post comiuestiim quintodecimo/ which is interesting 

* The quires are marked at the foot of the firtit age of each : primus qutkiemua, 

' Prompt. Parv. Introd. p. Ixv. 

* Prompt. Pan. Introd. p. Ixv. note a. 

* Le Keve, ed. Hardy, vol. Hi. p. 686. 


as au instance of the application of the term ' conquestus ' to the 
accession of Henry VII. 

The principal authorities cited ia the work are, as Mr. Way- 
says, Virgil, Ysidore, Papias, Brito, Hugutio, the Catholicon, 
the Doctrinale, and the Gloss on the Liber Equivocorum of 
John de Garlandia, but only Hugutio and the Liber Equivocorum 
occur at all frequently. A large number of hexameter verses 
occur, probably, as Mr. Way suggests, from some work of John 
de Garlandia. The meaning of some of them is not at all clear. 

The compiler frequently distinguishes with great acumen 
between the vanous shades of meaning of the several Latin 
equivalents of some one English word. 

§ 3. The Addit. MS. 15,562, is a small quarto volume on paper 
containing originally probably 145 leaves, of which one has been 
lost at the beginning, as already stated. It is also defective at 
the end, the last word in it being Wrathe, so that probably two 
leaves have been lost at the end. It is written in a small and, at 
times, rather cramped hand. Spaces are frequently left vacant 
in the letters for additions of words. It was purchased by the 
Museum at Newman's sale in 1 845. Though not so correct as 
Lord Monson's MS. it has at times helped to an elucidation of 
some difficulties, and the Correction of some errors in the latter. 
A considerable diffei'ence of opinion appears to have existed as to 
the date of the MS, as stated in § a. Mr, Way assigned it to 
1450, while Halliwell, who in the second volume of his Archaic 
Lictionary^ frequently quotes from the Addit, MS., refers to it 
sometimes as 'MS. Dictionary, dated 1540 \' sometimes as *MS. 
Dictionary, 1540*,' at other times as 'MS. Diet. c. 1500'',* and 
again as ' Cathol. Angl. MS.*.' 

§ 4, A few words will explain the method adopted in printing 
the collations of A. I have not thought it necessary to give 
every variation of spelling ; the omissions, however, are very few 
in number, and only occur where the difference in spelling is 
very trifling. The order in which the words are arranged is 
not the same in the two MSS., nor are the Latin equivalents 

' See, for instance, under R*re, p. 668; Sback-fork, p. 725; Ruwet, p. 700. 

' Bee Scr»p, p. 714. 

> See TaUow, Ufe, p. 849 ; Templet, p. 857; Twage, p. 854. Ac. 

* See Timmep. p. 875. 



given in Uie same succedbion. lu the cai»e uf all wordtt wUicb 
ara found on/y in A. and not in Lord Monson's MS. I have 
printed an A in brackets (A.) at the end of the word; as Armyd; 
armafuK (A.), And when 1 have inserted varlouB readings from 
A. in tho t4!xt I liave enclosed them in bnu^kets and appended 
the letter (A.): thua the entry *a Cropuro (Cruppure A.); 
poiUh (fjostii/{Hm A.)' is intendod to show that the reading of 
Lord Monson's MS. is ' a Cropure ; posteh / and that of the 
Addit. MS. ' a Cruppure ; pmUllKm.* 

After the firat few paj^es I have^ in order to economise space, 
omitted the intlexional endings of the genitive cosca of nouns, 
and the femiuiuc and neuter g^nderti of adjeetives, Bui no 
alteration has been made in the text without due notice in the 
Dote«^. I have expanded the contractions, showing the expan- 
sions as usual by the use of italics : ^ and i) I have treated as 
representing 11^ and we respectively j but n I have printed as it 
etfinds, it being donbtful what is the ex£u;t value of the mark of 
contraction. The author has throughout used vbi for 'see' or 
* refer to/ and jmrfk'ijjium for our 'adjective.* 

The method adopted in the compiling and arranging the nu- 
merous notea required for the work was us follows: I first went 
carefully through the whole of the MS., comparing each word 
with it6 representative in the Promptorium^ and in cases where 
no such representative could be found marking the word with 
a dagger (t). Where I found that Mr. Way had already anno- 
tated the word I moiked it with an asterisk (*). I am afraid 
instancea will be found of words, to which I have uttAchud u 
dai^er, really occurring in the Pioroptorium, under a slightly 
diBerent form, sufficiently dilferent to escape my notice. 

The reading of books for the purpose of gettmg together 
illustrative quotations was a long and heavy, but> far from 

' I have not «ren, ekc^epC in very few cue*, oometed the blunders in the Boribe'i 
Ifttin. To do BQ ilLToaghout the n'ork would oninplet«ly alter its ohunoter, and 
would, in A grvut meuure, destroy' the iDtercst which attaches even to thU bM« 
latiu- like Mr. Wi^y {tea his Introd. p. vii\ I could hnVH maiJo many moro 
alt«ntioii» id this pwticirlar. m (Jm in rearnuttpng the wordf In a perfect aJpha- 
Itclio i<rd<r. but the ubjwtlon* to to doiu^. aa exphiiaed by Mr. Way, appeared 
Ui m« to «ln>ug tliHt 1 have priiferr«d to print iho MS. exactly u it ii< la tbu 
owe oT A. I Itavu, uf coittmt-, hnd to liruak thu :«cribe'a order of wonlit to m lo bring 
tJiKv^r. .i,..ii.'m"' tt-..r.t» ..' the two MHJS. together. 

zviii ixTRODrcnox. 

diaa^eeable task, ^(ost of the books written prerioosly to 
the middle of the 15th centaiy had, of coarse, been already 
read by StratnuuiD, Matzner, and others, but all of a later 
date I had to read tbrong-li myself, as well as ail belonging 
to the earlier period which had been printed by the rarioos 
Societies since the publication of those dictionaries. 

(5. I have in erery case been careful not to repeat any 
of Mr. Way's qootations or remarks on any word, except for 
some special reason. This will to a great extent account for 
the fact that after the letter P my notes become mach more 
frequent and full. It is much to be regretted that Mr. Way 
was unable to annotate the third part of the Fromptorium 
(from E to the end) as fully as he had the preceding letters. 
There are many, very many, words in this third part of the 
greatest interest and importance to the stndent and philologist, 
and well deserving of the same careful and learned treatment 
as was bestowed by the editor <m the letters A — R. And not 
a few words, too, are difficult to understand, and perhaps almost 
unintelligible to the ordinary reader without a note. 

It will be readily seen that the annotation of the two works 
has been carried out on very different lines. Mr. Way, from 
his apparently inexhaustible store of archseological lore, has 
enriched the Promptorium with notes and quotations bearing 
rather on the hifitory of that which is represented by the word, 
than upon the history of the word itself as shown by its use in 
various authors, while my notes are almost entirely devoted to 
the latter object. 

I liave endeavoured to be especially careful about the correct- 
ness of the quotations and references, feeling that on this depends 
a great deal of their value. But in a work of this kind, in 
which so many hundreds of qnotations are brought together, 
mistakes can not be entirely avoided, and I can only trust that 
their number is comparatively infinitesimal. 

The experience which I have gained as Assistant-Editor of the 
Philological Society's new English Dictionary of the trouble, the 
vexation caused by, nay, even the almost absolute worthlessness 
of quotations the references to which are either imperfectly or 
incorrectly given, has taught me the extreme importance of 
correctness and fulness in this particolar. Unfortunately my 



flxperieuce came too lute for me to carry iuto pmotict* in every 
iitsUtncc the fulness of refcroDce which I should now wish to 
see. I have tried, therefore, to mak(> up for tliis, as far as Uy 
in my power, hy givinff ns full ajid compete as possible a list 
of the nuthoritit's quoted from, with purticulara as to the editions 
used, and the dates of the original works. The dates^ althooghi 
of course, in many cases only approximate, will, aH I know from 
experienee, be found of ^at service, and should, in fact, be 
always ^iven in works of this kind. The time which it will 
save to students, none but those who have had the trouble of 
bunting up authorities as to the dato of a MS. can appreciate. 

I much regret now that I did not from the beginning arrange 
the quotations according to their chronological order of compo- 
sition. The point did not occur to me until I began to use 
Matzner's Wdrterbuek, when I at once recognised the mistake 
into which we had both fallen, and the g^eat i neon venie noes 
arising from it, although these inconveniences, owing to the 
relatively sm»ll number of quotations given by me, will not, I 
tbinkj be so much felt oa in the case of the fuller work. 

It was also suggest^] to me that 1 should re-arrange the 
words in their strict alphabetical order, but I do not see that 
the advantAgeonsness of such an arrangement is so apparent 
as to call fur the amount of time and labour involved in its 
pireparation. As a rule, the words are in a very close approxi- 
mation to the strict alphabetical order, and I have therefore 
contented myself with altering the position of such few words 
■s were by some accident inserted in the MS. a long way from 
their proper position. 

I have foUowtnl Mr. Way's lead in endeavouring rather to 
illastrate hy contemporary or earlier quotiitions the words given 
in the CathoUcon, than to enter on the difficult and dangerous 
ground of etymologies. 

}^. There arc a few words of which, notwithstanding all vay 
exertions, I have been unable to obtain any Batisfaotory expla- 
nation. Such ore ' to Bacon ; di»plodere j' * Bebybeke ;' * a 
P'"'"' -hter; epialten ;^ * Blossom, eoUoquintiHa ;' 'to Blunder; 
t . 'y* *to Calie a Imwke; stupate i 'Common slaghter; 

* Ckn till* U Um «u 

»■ BUmdtn in the Ay^itt, p. 6i T 


dalifaria / ' Fawthistelle ; labrum Veneris ;* * Fox fire ; gloa / * a 
Martinett ; irrisliticus / 'to Ouergett ; equiparare ;'' *to Pok ; 
aineiare ;* ' Severouse ;' ' a Skaunce ;' ' a Smytt ; ohlectamerUum ;* 
* Splete ; rignum ;* * to Springe ; enervare i * Talghe lafe ; con- 
ffiarum ; * a Welpe ;* and a few others. As to any of these I 
shall be glad to receive suggestions. 

§ 7. It is a difficult matter in the case of a work of this class, 
in which we have only isolated words on which to base an 
opinion, to decide exactly as to the birth-place or dialect of 
the author: and this difficulty is increased by the &ct that 
of the copies which have come down to us neither in all proba- 
bility is the autograph of the compiler, but the work of a scribe. 
We can, however, in the present instance assert with considerable 
confidence that the compiler was a native of one of the northern 
counties. Mr. Way was of opinion that the dialectical peculiarities 
of the MS. indicated that it was compiled in the north-eastern 
parts of England, and in this he was most probably correct. 
He pointed out that the names of Norwich, Lincoln, York, 
Richmond, Ripon, Durham and Carlisle occur in it, but we 
can hardly attribute much importance to this fact, inasmuch 
as we also fiud London, Salisbury, Bath, Oxford, Winchester, 
and Cambridge — and these are all names of places which 
would be likely to be familiar to a monk, and such I be- 
lieve the compiler to have been, grounding my opinion on 
his intimate knowledge of ecclesiastical terms, as evidenced 
throughout the work, as well as on such slight, but, to my 
mind, significant entries as didimM for vn-Trowabylle. The 
mention oi Hekhetta or Heckboaia is more to the purpose, as 
these appear to have been peculiar to the river Ouse in 
Yorkshire. So also with Scurjfe^ which appears to obtaiu prin- 
cipally on the Tees ^. So again, we have the curious expression 
Gabrielle rache, which still exists in Yorkshire. Further, the 
author speaks of the Wolds, which he renders by Alpes. On the 
whole it is probable that the work was compiled in the north 
portion of the East Riding of Yorkshire : more exactly than this 
it is now impossible to fix the locality. The reader will notice 
the large number of words occurring in our work, which are 

Seenotei. pp. 181,336. 



illustrated by quotations from the Wills and Invcntones pub- 
blished bj thfi Surtees Society, and from Henry Best's farming 
and Account Book. Many of those, such as Ifc/rnndtf, Sfieitf, Ber^^ 
Si-Mrjff, Ley, iff-itif^, MotKcrop, and others, are peculiar to York- 
ehiro, or at least to the most northern counties. 

The Addit. MS. appears to havo been originally written in 
a pufftr northern dialect than Lord Monson's MS., but it has 
constantly been altered by the scribe. This is shown by the 
oixler in which we find the wonla. Thus Spo^n was no doiibfc 
originally written Spune, aa is clear from its position. Agnin 
we hare *Scho' or 'Ho* in A., where Lord Monson's MS, 
reads * Sche.* 

The thorn letter y is fonnd not unfrequently throughout the 
work, but does not occur as the initial letter of a set of words: 
instead of it words beginning with Ik arc given in the rcgnlar 
alphabetical order under T. 

As in the Proniptorium, the Scribe has not been consistent in 
his nee of the thorn letter : frecjuently we find instead of it the 
y which not long after entirely superseded it. Occasionally we 
even meet with tbe two forms in the same line. 

8cA is used for «h, and scl for f/, but not invariably. 

§8. Tbe MS. of the Medulla Graramatice, of which, by the 
kindness of tbe authorities of St. John's College, Cambridge, I 
have been enabled to make such free use, is that referred ti) by Mr. 
Way at p. liii of his Introduction. It is a 4to MS. belonging to 
St. John's College, Press Mark C. 22, on paper quires, with vellum 
covers to each quire. Thus the first two leaves are vellum, then 
come five leaves of paper, followed by two leaves of vellum, five of 
paper, and so on. At the end is the date, in the same handwriting 
ss the body of the MS., i6th December, 1468. It is a Latin 
Dictionary, the explanation of the words being mainly in Latin *. 
It was presented t<i the College by Thomas, Karl of Southampton, 
and is etated to have been purchased from William Ciashawe, a 
brother of the poet, who was admitted fellow of St. John's in 
1593. I have also at times consulted other MSS. of the Medulla, 
such as MSS. Harl. 1000, 1738, 2257, and 2270, but «ll the illus- 
tntioDS from the Medulla, which will be found in my notes, have 

Not Altogeth«r u vUted iu Mr. Wnjr't lotrod. p. Uii. 

X1.U ivntoDrcnox. 

boRL nnleGB it is expreftdv otherwise stated, taken from the St. 
Johns MS.' 

I vooU especttUr dnw attention to the venr great aunilaritr 
vhidi ^ find in many words: between the Catholicon and the 
Medul^ pointiBg clearlr to the &et of a common origin. 

§ 9. IW authorities to which I bare had leooorae, and fioom 
which mr notes and ilhtstrfttions hare been drawn are cei oat in 
the l»x at the «ttd of thU Tolume, but it mar not be amiss here to 
nSer nnte fidlr to sa<h of them as I have fonnd more especiallj 
nw fill Amoo^ IHetHnaxies of the <4der E^^tidi. Stiatmann 
and Maxaner haw K?en of the gratest ^ue : o>f the latter, ob- 
IcetcsatiKT, I h*d n>> op portunitr of cv^nsultinsr a copy ontil after 
C h»i pnaed the pzesa. Oe the fonner I havv made free ose. 
ahhoo^ at the same time. endesTv^nntr to ^rather together 
iI2aetiaCK«$ and ^notatiocs not to Kf iKHmi theiv. 

la Wnarht s Yoiiame v»f VvvaNiUn-w^ ahhoogh it is &r frooi 
BSattKConN- nve bom &uhs and mistakes. I hai« fonad an 
a^Kve endleis «>aive of tI';»Krftt»OQs of maav vKds and of all 

Fctr jsser Eo^h^ mr chief het|:« have bwa HsIiMt s Jiiv- 

■ixnsM^ H'~n»n'i ^m-^i**.-^ ^two mv>^ v*urioos a£»i int ei g om g 
wocfck whseh wvviad w*U W(«y ^fpcttttiB^\ Baiec's Mwari*^ 
isbt iTS%$ ^AiiMM/irtw *« Levins' M^9*ym^»* 'VvfaJ^aB^ SttB- 
hru^ ^;ABM(i^ f^k^cntv«, Ooc^r^vi^ and. in a »Me«r decree, 
Ccvkwcnm^ AViihak Uvvkkinurt^ aod JamMMn. 

Kmt the mttiw of ftiiat« and ia^cavKV* of K^fiaaxiu ^k^ I 
ha»e ]MtBCt(^> h*i rwvH^^rw to l\vi\v»e» i*ft.>i*i«M^ LyWs 
trawcs3k« ot' lVHkv«Hk tunherV aaU livtazuifV 3*rkM^ a»d the 
•even! JMs^Vy^t^ in ^Yt^i« \\v«uuc v»4'\ .v*^ift:r*w..3uBwMy 
mtfn^«e«i S«Kis» n«ttM«v«» l^a^ vsf v^V» •» M^-* Tbw P*s 
twoacY ^' Ea^itth I'^juntOvavvK^ vv^e^^iW V^ M<«srs. ^:wtt i 

Vukkar. -A 'M* ^ ia<» MMw. 

* Mb ^'-V i'^^** * ^ '^ w^vMklt V*.ivv- 'A N«*\ «M.i 4«»».\\ W>'4V wi^i'lA ^« -u mm 



IloUaiid, would )mve been o( the greale»t serrioe to me hud it 
Appeared earlier. 

The publications of the English Dialect Society have furninhed 
me with ahundant instances of dialectal form^ and words occur- 
ring in the Calholicon, and Btill in use in our Northern Counties. 
More especially have I beeo indebted to the Glossaries of Mr. E. 
Peacock (Lincolnshire), Mr. C. C. Robinson (Mid-Yorkshire), Mr. 
Nodal (Lancashire), and Prof. Skeat's editions of Ray^ &o. 

Many of niy ilhistrationa, ivs well as hints and helps for many 
others ore due to the publications of the late Mr. Hilcy for the 
Rolls Series. His editions of the Lider Aihu4 and the Lidcr 
CuHumttf%m are crammed with bitfi of arehieological lore, which 
have added vastly to the value of my notes, to which I have 
freely transferred them *. 

I have, of course, placed all the publications of the Early 
English Text Society under contribution, many of thorn, espe- 
cially those must recently issued, I had to reiid throu;|-b myself 
for the pnrpoie, ae they are not included in Stratmann. Of the 
pabli<^tioitB of the Camden Society the most useful to me 
have b*eu the Thornton Hoomhcm, the Ancren Jlitclcy and the 
JBury Willa Sf Inventoriet^ the last containing a large number of 
raloable and interesting words and forms. 

Bat the most valuable works to me have been the Wilh ^ /«- 
9€9Uortf4f the Te^tatnenia Eboracensia, and other publications of 
the Surteee Society. It is impossible to speak too highly of the 
imi>ortuQcc of these works to all students of our language and its 
history. Extending as they do over a period of more than 500 
years, from io8j to 1600, they afford au almost, inexhaustible 
mine of material to the student, and the complete glossary and 
index which we are promised to them and the other issues of 
the Society will be one of the most valuable works in existence. 
Next in importance to the Wilh S^' Inventorie* comes the Farming 
^ Account- Booh of Henry Best, a Yorkshire farmer, who died in 

' I deeply regret fchU tj u avenrii[be I h*ve in two itwtuoM omitted Accvlent*Uy 
if* M ; ■ tliB ■oaroes of wy note*. A great p*Tt of tboM under BayiuUkilte 

■n<! : tittnsa notei of Mr. Riloy. in btsOloanriea to tbeXAcr w4^6iu «nr] 

LBur CutUwMintm. ThoM »«, 1 beUore, ttie oaly lusUnoeB in which I hAve 
caiutt«d to give my asthorltiei uul th« cnxlit which is du« (o the oriffiiuU writer. 



1645. A very .slig-bt glance will show to wbal a great extent 
this work has hel)>ed to throw lig-ht on many of the dialectal 
t«mi8 and forme in the Catholicon. For purposes of qnotntion, 
indood, it has been a more aitisfiictory book than the irUlM Sr 
Inventories^ as the extracts in most cu^ci? help to explain them- 
selves, insteati of being a mere list of names. Severn! other 
publicationt? of the same Society have also furnibhed a valuable 
and welcome quota of illustrations, more enpcciaily the Townley 
Mysteries and the Early English P-altcr. Nor should I omit to 
mention the excellent reprints of Prof Arlier. as remarkable fnr 
their correctness as their cheapness. 

Such have l»et'n my main resources for the earlier and dialect;il 
illustrations of the words in the Catholicon: for more modem 
uses, Prof. Skeat's and Mr. Wedg^vfwd's Etymological Dic- 
tionaries have been of the greatest service, while for Scotch 
words and forms I have used Jamicson's Dictionary. 

^ 10. And now my task is done, with the exception of one 
pleasant duty» that of returning thanks to those gentlemen who 
have in varions ways assisted me during the progress of ihe work. 
The chief thanks both of the Societies and of myself are of course 
due to Lord MonBon for his great kindness in lending this valu- 
able MS. freely and willingly, without any restriction as to time, 
for so many years. 

Next our thanks are due to Prof. Mayor and the authorities of 
St. John's College, Cambridge, for the willingly-granted loan of 
their MS. of the Medulla, and to Mr. H. B. Whoatley for his 
very interesting Preface. 

My own thanks are especially due to Mr. H. Ilucks Gibbs, 
first, for kindly lending me his set of the publications of the 
Surtoes Society, of which I have made so large a use in ray 
notes; and secondly, for assistance in the explanation of several 
words, which had long puzxled others as well as myself. To 
Mr. Furnivall and Mr. J. H. HcsbcIm I nm similarly indebted, 
for help in my hunt after the origin and meaning of a large 
number of words ; while from Prof. Skeat I have, as ever, 
always received a r«idy aid. In especial I am deeply indebted 
to Mr. Wedgwoo<l, who has kindly fmind time to read over a 
large proportion of ti.e work in proof, and hy his suggestions 
and help has contributed not a liltic to its >-alue. 


§11. In the preceding pages I have endeavoured to explain 
clearly the plan on which I have carried out this work, and the 
sources on which I have drawn for the notes. That the work 
will be found in every way satisfactory is far beyond my 
expectations. That deBciences and short-comings will most 
disagreeably make themselves evident in some places, and 
excess in others is, I fear, unavoidable in a work of this kind ; 
and I can only lay it before the Societies with a confident hope 
that, despite its failings, it will be found of value for the number 
and variety of the illustrations collected together in it. The 
work was originally intended for the members of the Early 
English Text Society only, the Council of the Camden Society 
having some years ago determined not to follow up the joint 
publication of Levins' Manipulus Vocabulonim, When, however, 
about half of the Caiholicon had passed the press, the proposal 
to join in its production was made to the Camden Society, and 
it is a source of very great gratification to me that the Council 
of the Society which printed the Promptorium has recognized the 
present volume as a worthy companion to Mr. Way's admirable 
work. It has occupied my leisure now for more than three 
years, and in parting with it I seem to part with an old friend, 
whose welfare and progress have so largely occupied my thoughts 
during that time. It would have been better for the Societies 
had Mr. Wheatley been able to find time in his busy life to write 
a longer introduction to this work, but as it is, I can only com- 
mend the book to the impartial judgment of the members of the 
two Societies, in the words of the original compiler himself: ' Si 
qua in ea reprehensione digna invenerint, aut corrigant, aut ocalis 
clansis pertranseant, aut saltem humane ignorancie imputent.' 


Mill Hill, N.^W., 

Augustf 1881. 


A Member of the Society baring sent a list of corrigenda^ they were 
6abmitted by me to Mr. Heritage. A few, as he informs me, are justi- 
fied by the MS. The remaining suggestions are as follows: — 

P. 8, col. 1,1. 6, the comma placed after <*nalltis" should be after 

P. 6, col. 1, 1, 5, for « tum " read "tamen." 
P. 7, col. 2. 1. 9, for the lines 9-12 read— 

" Totus comprendit massam, sed diridit omnis ; 
Et quandoqae tamen complectitur omnia cunctus.*' 
P. 7, ool. 2, 1. 15, the MS. A. has " id est " before " omnia." 
P. 88, ool. 1, 1. 21, " faltrum." The MS. has this here, but "fulcrum" 
should be read. 

P. 40, col. 1, 1. 7, for « filiceus " read " filicensis." 
P. 41, col. 2, 1. 8, for " fura " read " sura." 
P. 57, col. 2, L 11, for " fnltrum " read fulcrum. 
P. 74, ool. 2, 1. 11, MS. A. has " qui," not " quis." 
p. 76, col. 1, 1. IS, the reading given spoils the metre. The MS. A. 
really has, 

" Est seges atque seres sunt ac etiam sata messee.** 
Line 17, " quum" is never found in M6S. of this date; it should be 
" qnando," which will make the line scan. 
P. 76, col. 2, 1. 1, MS. A. has 

" Deque creando seres fertur quia res Great omnes." 
P. 90, col. 1, lines 2 and 8, the line should be, 

" Est zisaniua, sunt zizannia, plnra nieque. 
P. 99, col. 2, I. 29. For this line read, 

" Scrobs scrobis est fovea, sed scobs scobis, unde fit ilia." 
A. adds ** scilicet fovea." 
P. 135, col. 1, 1. 11, something is wanting in this line. 

p. 138, col. 2, 1. 6, for " fultrum,'* read « fnlcram." 

P. l&S, ool. 2, \. 3, dele [ 7 viram], which does not scan. 

P. 189, col. 1| 1. 9, " manaB." I thiok this mast be *' mannas " (both 
for sense and metre's sake). 

P. 189, col. 1, 1. 11, " rede " seems to me quite right *' A carriage's 
drawers we call veredi." 

P. 190, ool. 2, 1. 5. This most be the stock line, 

" Tolle me-ma-mi-mis in rariando domos " (not " mns "). 

P. 190, col. 2, I. 14. This line will not scan. Clearly, instead of 
foisting in " que,'' read " ac ** for " at." 

P. 194, coL 2, 1. 8, " morum." I suppose this is " mor*," U, " more." 

P. 265, col. 2, 1 ult for *' fueri," read « fuere." 

P. 275, col. 1, 1. 9, A has quod constmxerit. 

P. 881, col. 2, 1. 14. This line ought to be, 

** Mingere fit proprie quoniam sic couTenit esse." 

P. 299, col. 1, 1. 16, for *'est," read "sit," which gives metre and 

P. 306, ool. 1, line 18, for '* perpendiculumqae," read ** perpendicolom 

P. 307, ct»l. I, line 12, read *» ntroque " for " nterque." 

P. 323, ool. 1, line 3. This line is wrong. 

P. 328, ool. 1, 1. 10. This line will neither scan nor ctinstnie. Ibe 
first word is probably *• post" 

P. 335, ool. 2. The last line do«e not seem sense. 

P. 840, col. 2, I 18, for " homines,** read " homines " or ** hominCTu" 

P. 340, ool, 2, I. 25, for " sic quum," r«ad " si quando " 

P. 359, col. 1.1.9, for 

** Feroula noa faciant prelatos. fercula porUnt,'* 

" Fercula uos satiant, pr«latoe fercula portant." 

Mr. Heritage adds that in the Additional Notes, p. xxxi., line 12 
the words "In the note for BUxlerreu T«ad Blodeyr«n" should be 
omitted, and he also send* the following oivnwtions ; — 

Mr. J. H. Uessels who is e^iitiug a new and revised edition of Da 
Cange for Mr. J*An Murray, has iH>inled out a mUtake in the reading 
of the Addit, MS, under UefouU*. p, 94, col, 1. 1. li, tU,: cerpont. It 

stands in the MS. ' cor Ay which should, of conrse, hare been printed as 
correpta ^/ as in other cases thronghout the rolmne. In some cases 
these notes of the compiler will be found to hare been omitted when only 
occurring in the Addit. MS. This is due in a great measure to the fact 
that the Addit. MS. was used mainly for purposes of collation and filling 
up gaps. In some cases, too, Latin words occurring in the Addit. MS. 
hare been passed over. This was done sometimes intentionally, on the 
ground that the difference in spelling was very slight. Occasionally, 
however, boUi Mr. Brock and myself have no doubt missed some words 
which occur only in the Addit MS., and this is accounted for by the fact 
that the Latin equivalents in the two MSS. are not given in the same 
order, so that when many equivalents were given it was an easy matter 
to miss one or more, in spite of all our care. My business lay mainly 
with the English words, the Latin equivalents being of secondary 
importance, though they prove to be of great value to Mr. Hessels for his 
work. It is to be hoped that some Mediceval Latin Text Society or some 
German Editor will supplement my work by printing the Addit. MS. 
in full. 

Imtroductionj pp. xv, xvi : my note as to conquMtua is all wrong. The 
inscription simply means **in the fifteenth year of the seventh Henry after 
the ConqueBt." I was misled by the fact that there had been no Henrys 
before the Conquest. 

List of Autkoritiea. The date of Lajamonis misprinted 1305, instead 
of 1205. 


Page 17. BadildorO- Tbu undoubtedly hero metins the inatniment used by n-Mfaen 
to beat oouse clothes. In Wright's VoL of Vocab. p. 169, we have ' Boc /rra/orium. Hoe 
peetem, a batylledore,* and Twiagrmve has, * Batyldore. battor«r a Uviue.'' In the Inveot. of 
Ba& Gower, of Richmond, taken in 1567. are included ' ii^ baiU doitrt*, a maiUe and a 
Bailie pyllyone.' Biehmomd. WUIm, See, p. 197. 

Btt^nstylkyUa. < Sir, (said the Foxe) it is Lentren yee see, 
And I can n«ther &ab with hake uor net, 
To take ane Banttidtle, though we both slionld die.' 

Henryson, Moral PahU$, 1571, p. 65. 
1U« iiy no donbt, the same word as haf*HeyUif», which occun in a burlesque poem in 
SOiq. Antiq. I 96, and aeema to have punted Mr. HaUiwell : 

'Then th«r com ma^tttus in mortma alle soow, 
BoTfaammys [flounden] and heynttdlyt, for thei myjt not goo.' 

1 8. Bakke. * Bee reapertitio, a bake.* Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 2 30. * More looynge 
derkenes than lyght, lyke rnto a beest called a baeke.' Bp. Fisher, Works, p. 87. See aUo 
Boi^laa, jEntadot, Bk. ziiL Prol. p. 449. 

Bcddestrot. ' i7u: 7mo. -nu, baustrott.' Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 316. 

19. Balyngar. 'Ther wer lost ij carykkes and two balyngen with marchaundysfle 
and other goodes, and alle the peple that were within.' Caxton, Chronicle of England, 
1482. ch. ccxziv. p. 304. In the State Papers, Henry VTII, vol. ii. p. 76, is a complaint 
that * oon Ryehard Pepyr, of Caleys, hath of late robbed and dyspoyled twoo B^ton 
■hlppis upon the see, and hath brought with hym oon of their ballyngert.^ 

* In Bote, in Balingar and Bai^ The twa Armyis on otherris chargis.' 

Lyndesay, Monarclu, Bk. ii. L 3101. 
See tin Ancient Scottish Prophecy, printed by Prof. Lumby in his edition of Bemardus 
Z>eCtinx.Be<jPam.p. 3i,Lii6 — 

*Fra fiunelanda to the fyrth salbe a £ayt sygh 
^ O baigce and baUwigeryt^ and mooy brod sayle.' 

33alke. ' It is and ought to bee the care of shephearda .... that, when thdre 
■hespe hare had theire will on the stubUes three weekes or a moneth, then to have an 
eye to the headea, halktM and divisions that lye betwixt two faughee, for that is usually a 
battle, aweete, moiste and (as wee say) a natarall grasse.' Best, /'arming, <£-«., Book, p. 38. 
* He that wylle stalke. Be brook or baOct' Coventry Mysteries, p- 343. * My body on bcUke 
^er bod in sweuen.' AUit. Poenu, A. 63. The verb occurv in Gower, i. 396 — 

' 80 weQ halt no man the plough That he ne balketk other while.' 

Banoour. * For the array of the hall four banJcen.' Engliah GUdt, p. 333. 
'R^"*^** of & dare. In the Curtor Mvmdi^ 19306, we are told that when the 
■agd delivered the Apoettes from prison he 

* pe ptimin dors left ala he fxaA, Koi^ he brak ne ban- ne hand' 

In Ae Invent, of ffir J. Bimand, 1565, we find ' iiij bucket grithea, iiij iron banda for a 
doortt j stancycn of iron and a barre.' Richmond. WiU», kc p. 1 78 : and in the Invent, of 
John Colan, ol Yotk, 1490, ia an item. ' De ij veteribus lex dort bande$t ferri v)<*.' Teata- 
mtmlu Bbor. ir. 59. See the curious burlesque poem printed in Reliq. Antiq. i. 86. where 
tiie writer speaJn of ' Dore^ttm^ys stalkyng one stylttos, in ther hondus gret olms.' 

SO. "R^wTiiv^V Turner in his Herbal, pt. ii. If. 33, says of Lentil that 'it hath litle 
ooddai eomtbyng flatt, wherein are oonteyned in euery one about iij or iiij granee in 
figore flat lyke a halfpenny, but somthyng rysyng in bignes toward the nuddes, as a Utla 
eak» or baaimoek ia which is hasiely baked vpon y* harth.' 

Baaworte. ' Swiga, ban-wyrt.' Wright's VoL of Vocab. p. 68. ' Otmmitd, oraiuid^ 
boD-wnrt.* Ibid.p. 141. 



'20. Bane schawe. lAnghnm In hit Ganten of Qe»1Ui, 1633, p. 93, rucooanieniji ' For 
Ibe bvvrjihiia aotl gout, scctbe the fiowem [of Br-^me] with wioo nnd ttvU* oHiie, appW 
||.* In ft lonp list of iit8«tiief> printed in JAniiertt<n fntni ' iMont^ouirrio. AVut«<ni'ft Coll. ih. 
i3.'*.f-Cleikjtrenieuti"UfeJ'Biick-ltlood ami fimc'ujir. Spewen BpruDgin tlie.Sjmld.' Oro*«. 
In hJB 01<'«»«»n', g'vi* ' /iiM»r*Aoiv. bony f.r lioniy excrwuot-nco or tumour urowing out of 
hnne» heeU ; pcrhitpti «o culled from a diclAUt rcMmbUnoe to the subetiincv of R boa« 
qvtvin : aUn, the teratdies. Etmnrc' 

21. Baraepay. In the tmnslfttion of Vegwinn nn tho Art nf War, in Royal M.S. B A 
lii. ir, 103, in an a<?ct>unt nf a Ufrfry. wTiich tnuy \>v utkUipurt-d with tlit> dwcriptiun of tlint 
in Sir Frruinl>rii> ifiven id my nota : ' A wnntT cjihtfl or « n)Uytig tour is a gyn of werre 
iiiiKrhe anil Infj^e »nd uf gcelii roit. hit in ma'U^ mpiaiir a« a ti)ur of iitoon, of grt-tt; henn?* 
and planrherew nayled and pynned and fnuned to-gidn- : and for it w-hole not l>e lijtiicho 
I'trend n« fyrcd wi|i envniy'.'t. hit is heled w{|>outo wiUi rnwe hyde and M-et« hayrea anil 
feltea. ^ peso towrei^ nft4.'r here heythes hei bauen here br«de, eome ben ixm,\ aome xl"* 
Home fifty footc M|anar of brt-do .... he hAl> mimy nt/tgos, in many ninn«ro wi«e he 
bAnno^ and aMailep. be hii^ in t>e neither flnre I-ht^leu bivmynourcs ludi^'e and niyne )>• 
ivaL be Iia^ {-en- aUn j*e uyn \*x ia ctej*ed {n* Itatu wlh Mtroktu to ittonye {« wat. T In |>e 
mydda Btage [bel ba)i a foldyng? briL'ge to let foUe eodeynliche v]Hin |>e top nf pe walla. 
And »o to r«iinp iiiUi |>e cjtee wij» mtm nf armpR, and take )ie citee at hu wille. In |W 
ouer Btagebe lii»|>M.belrereB, ciwiere'*, Klyniieruft, ond allcmanonidiffenre, t^e whtcbe for JmH 
ben ouer J» beddt« of hrm >ftt ben on Jw walleti wi(i alle ninnere Cfigc toole. nanicli(?he wi^ 
grvte Btones. Iwi .<<lcf-p or bft< )> awuy fr>) })o waJlca alle Jut Mt(>udt)> vnder hem.' CumpAro 
P. Somyr Ca».u^ll, In IheAUit. Focnta. It. 1187, we are told that when Nebnoluidnmar 
be»i«getl Jerunalem there was ' at rch brugge a ber/ray on bastolea wyse ;* and eo when 
besieging Thebes AloKander 

* and hu folk alle. Myd bfrfrtyrt^ wltb alio gyn.' 

F»«te asailed heore wulliii AUuxundtr^ 2177. 

8m aim R, de Bnmnu'i Chronicle, ed. Furnivall, p. 36, 1. T031. 

22. Bamakylle. Tnthe t^theentplowaryin Wriirht'aVol ofVocnIi.p iSo.'/nmuin 
cum chouiQ ' U gtoMwl by ' (irydylle* ami ' bamauuDe,' and again, ou the following page, wo 
liave 'mmiur, liamacullc' IVirvioa in his trans, of Iligd?D. i. 353. Mtye of Uiu Irit<fa ' pey 
diytif |> hir bon wit> a ohamhrc 3>*nle> in )m oticr cn'le instcde of InimacleM and of bridels uf 
nsetft [eaini ticc].' Stse alao Wyclif, Frnverbw xxvi. },, PalmM xxxi. 9, 4c. * BaTn.'H:los or 
Bumacte* to putt« on a hoTseii none to make byni to slHnde. Pnatoriut.' Uuloet. * Ittaya, 
Bamaclea for a bonce now.* Cotgrave. 

23. Barraa. *Tba Outen men cbaaede ham to >e Jtarta, 

And elougbe righto there felo folke and f^veobe.* 8eg* offMdq^t 1 150* 
See abo L 1 379 : ' po owte barres bcw p&y downn.' 

Boalarde. In the Inrent. of John do Soardvburgb, taken in 1395. we find men- 
tioned, 'nniitn iHiKhift omnium, ciini mannbrio do ntiirro, pret. v^*. viij''. vend. pn> xi*.* 
Ttst h'ttrir. iii. 3. 

24. Bature. See the redpe ' for Freturo * in the Liber Cure CVoram, p. 39 : 
*With egges and floure in latere ]>on make, Put bcimte )>er to, I UDdertako, Sic' 

BeabowtOWard. I nnght to have explained that thii means to try, attempt, ae 
ahovn by the latin MinivaJcmKe Chaucer In ihc KHitjht't Tale, 114(^1 has: 

* Now tbou wahlmt fikbily iien aboutc To love my bwly.* 

Compare the Ancrr^ Ultrle, V-^iA- '"Lo!"ewc8 ure LouenI, "Snlan « joome abutm 
ncvto ridlen t>c ut of mine c»nic !" ' and iha Sottxtoiu <!^ Balylatie, 1, 839 : ' Fcnimbrat vae 
vUerci-^Kxe/e To ^ght<> witbf: Olyrt-re ' 

' Hyr Marruk, hyN Ktew.ird To do liya lady gy^*-* 

Wat fiu>t« aitfwtirirartic Sir 7H<uaottr, 6^. 

Becalle. In Gennis <£- JExodiu, afl«r tlie departure of hi* brothen with the cup 

Liddeii in tl^^njaniin** wick. 

.T<v)«r liKiH-i't hem afttr e^-ut. And frt-ea/Mf of harm a and ecnde.' 

tfla fond» hum ouertakeTt raffe, L 3314, 

* Mnnnif, hi/ctlUti uf trcAxwn, Aiirj baeme put btr in prtaoirn.' VuxtiftAtt (JoWiiiat, L 3 133, 

In AUit. Voenu. A. 913, the word ia lued in Uio eimplo meatiing o( call ' li* col/v Jiatti of 

treeoon.' Robert of Bninoo. p. 257. 



25. Boddred. ' Pamlitieua. IwilmJn.' Wngbt'n Vol. uf WtcnU. |>. 89. .Iiilin Biuvt bjr 
tun Will, 1462, bflqiiefttV-' - t- ■■.••y^lim fertliyng wltilu breed rw L-umytti lu liij*. i}"^. to Iw 

[dvlrd . . . . K part I ' .n<) a |i«rt tu the prbtuwiwre* mul Ui tlie loeor^'B.' //«ry 

WUlt, Sux. p. aS : And .' 'in 150J Iwfl * vj*. vHj*'. to liu ■lelt*' in Ittdrtd men or 

women.' Ibid. p. 92. ' beke 1 wm *ijJ iedrttl Iny.* Il»iiiiiole. PHekt of Cuhw. 6198. Sdtt 
»Uo ibr/y Knyiith Poenu. p. IJ4, 1. 57 ; nntl Wyclif. Worlti*. wl. Mattlicw, pp. 7 niiil 186. 

Bodstocks. Thi.4 iBoffreqiii-til iK-cuiroucM itt i^tU i7ili ctiiiturjr witlH and ini'oo- 
iurlM. TiiUM in 15^7 Kiinnvnl Parkituiin tiail aiuungBt hia i^utls, *une nrire uf oorvej 

betiMtika, witb Iwldini; and Iian}*ii^pi, iij*. vi*. vUj'' twu {karu n{ in-.iAtnkn, with 

bedding, xtvl*. vUj''.' H7/Z« ■(- /mtrnt. i. 171 ; and in 1541, in tlto Ittvi*tit. of Rdjjcr Pcle, 
Mv niCDttoned * iij purre of hcd^okut |iriou xjj*.' RicAtnonti. WUUt &c. p. »2 ; aoe kldo i&fd. 
pp.91. »33. 101. Ac. 

Bedstrey. Tuiwer, Km ITumlred Pointt. cb. xiz. at. 40, usei faaii«(r<aw fur dean 
ftr»w : ' By tbeud of Octoljer, gu yather vp ^Inee, 

hnne tfiuii ID A rrailint::* ptniiUo of tUooi, 
Aild kti.'i^ir' ttit-iii ill ftr'J*tritn\ or nlilj uii the bow. 
In htMc both the flixe of Lbyiwlfe aiid tby cow.' 

26. BehovefUlle. Best, in his Farming, dr. £od4:, p. 37 ■i\yB. * It li ruy Moar^// 
to KM tliat nn bnywaine be*^ w«ll rakett.* 

*Ooo(l let IK Hu hum bi-se, Als^-ilc aU beiQ hi-ht^it bee.* (jcfutis^ £^corfw, 4108. 
8m 8h*kefl|iei-t!. /fumM atul Juliet, IV. ili. 8. 

Beke handee. 1 have no doubt now Ibat my note on tbi« word is «Tong, Atid 

tbat the true rendiiii^ i< * to Beke w:iiide«.* I wa^ led iistriiy by Iho latiu equivaJeut, and 
the *.»rtii<i. The ui^wiiing in Ui b«-*at iiiiiica*ont-d wowJ Uy tlio fire fnr th« purpowj of 
Mnti^bttniii); it. TbiiH Neckain in liia tri^luiu De t'tcMililui, iu Wright's V'ul. of Vocab, 
p. lit. ftays n fanner tdiould have 
* baaioiiH pviiz endunix idem 

/tutf* et /la^iw »?pii« in i'jnv pr"lHxtm vtl exfinritto* ,' luiil H. llesl ^y*. 'after that 
we luvc> cutte our wilfoa and sanffhs, and fmrtL'<l thvm .... wee Bette >mr foreiitan aud 
Uothc'r to htakii\'je of Llieni ; and for thiti pur|H.tsfl tli«y fetch a b'tttic uf peii»e-«;trawe, ui* 
a butUc of bsrlr y-iin*we, and then doc they CaliK iht- aliekeu and ttettv thelii vp an enda 
alanttitigc Ag»tait th'! hiuldti, and \icvni: a uoml Kro uudtrr tbeiu.' Purmijuj, Ac- Hook, p. 
I J J. The verb is still commim in the North: in Yimint if Otittin, I459, a kuijrht is 
d«acrit»ed aa tying 'btJuaad in hl« bdd ;' and Markliani in biaCVuHi'f^ Farme, 1G16, itayi : 
'wfatoi yoa bring your i^ey hound bnmo nt oigbt, you shnll bring him to a fiure ftre. and 
thc-xv let bim AraA« and nb'vtch hiinoplfc. and dix you tickc him at the Icaat an houre or 
aicra before vuu put him intu his keunelL' In L« Bone Fiorrnct, 9(>. we hnve : 
' Hi) had nii>r*" mystyr of ft ffnlv fyre To ttykt: hya Ixranea by,' 

Of bryglit brond)-8 brannyog acliyrv, 
Bjr tliia we may eipiain Itie entrim in th<* Promptnrium - ' Ilcykyng;e or (ttieykyogo 
(ttrekiuffe J. N.)- ProUitcio, t^rtmeio ,' nnd ' Mnoykynge ur apredyni^'e uwuLe (nr beykyngQ, 
titffra; ttrvkyng. to hlrikyngo <)ut« P. >. &'*t<hcio. pntteHdn.' Tho more annmou form 
(•tiU aurviviiig in the pn>vinc<:r«') is tu Ofulh, which i« uHed by Tuamst, ch. xxili. »L 9 : 
• YokfK, (iifkn. arid eiirh ftliU", let bailie Hpio out, 

and g'ttlivr tim Miinu u- he walketh about. 
Aud rtfter At huMiiK- let thi.t he his hjer. 

t« txtilh tbern au'l trim theui at hnmu by the fier ;' 
00 wbtoh TuMier R«'Iivivuii ^l). lliiinnu^ nnu-* . ' Jlathing at the Kire, aa !t is uommotdy 
wUcd, when tlie i^'ood la yet unscn^oned, Pots it to what parpo«« you think 6t.' See alao 
iKtuijlAA. .fifund'tst Bk. V, p. ijii and ilk. vii. p. soi. 

27. Belle man John TLAretin hi« Will, 1463, dirMted that 'the ij M/«ai«a bane ij 
gtiwoyn, and Ik; ij "fy' fyve to huMu torchtw. anil ij'. aud bote utvl*:. audy*8exityn of y" 
cblmhe U> liaiie bre<h:t and drynkke mh\ xij**. for his ryng^yn^ uiid hiit mtttu.' Hut-if Wilh^ 
Afi p ( 7 : nn-i ft^'»iri. p 3^. h" direct** ' that tho Ix/le mtrn haue iiij '. U» go yecrly »li iwto 

iiilo and for my (a<1eri» and my modr^'ii.* Oti thu oth^r 
• ho will have ' noythfr rynj:yn uor btlman goyoy;?,' bttt 
,'nd. \i. iji. The doty uf thc«o lx:Umen wad to go r>und 
■ teath of ariy pt-rsun. o.dlin^ nn all who huiLr\i llii-m (o 
i In 1 4jt3 .lohn Dent-, Cmi-n of Kip.n, Uft in bi» Will to 



In Lavunan, ]jt327« wo rood of * wnno beet * filled ' from brmnff to grundei.* IntUeAUit. 

J*<taiit, B. J 474. wo liiwv the fonii brurdt ; toe al»o 1. 3K3 . * Wur^^fal Iv be bookcs effge.' 

' Hym itioitgbt tliAl the fVuyt wu gooil«. And £wlUt<ni bitt-M hy> hoode. 

tkvjpt tkvjt*, efC Wrijht, <J45. 
Brd'ful aim Dcrnni in Pitrrt tkf. Ploughman* Crtd*, ilj^, nnil in Wright's PUit. Sonfj$, p. 
33 ■ ' bre(ful » malu uffouht *,* and Trovu* in bii tmnii, v( Higduii, li. 173, hits * Tiintalu* 
RUn'leli alwuj in n wnter rp Hnoa t<» J»a uiier ftrrrHr <>f Jkj net^isr lijip*:.' S««: »Lmj Dertruct, 
<y rri*);, II, 1 35O iiad IOJ54. i/ref(i i» the KuKHitb »iid trt/ the ScAndiiuTiitu ff-nn. 

43. A Breeo. •//« fefwdw, a breas.' Wri^ht'n Vol. of Voc«b. p. aas- * Hoc erettrnttk^ 
A'*- A btWM.' ihid, p. J55. Ill PalladiiM On, lltuhtindric, Bk. i. I. 654, the autfaur recoiif 
nieiidti for peubelu*. * I'luoV awej^ the f**^t uiid VfVe tiuni hnteit j^liM.-utiXA^'] ;* and again, 
for dttii)^ bens, ' brcfted whcte uud hre»tJi loogi;.' 1. 679, Id the fariff EitijlUk PtaUtr, 
Pi. civ. 34 18 rendered 

* He wii> le, and gremop itone come )>are, A nd hrat* \hrMC»M V.] of wbilk na tale na ware,* 
wbere Wyclif rewl» ' werte werm * and Purvey br^k. * The hrt$t opoD ber, Uke a 09w In 
June.' Sbolupere, Ant. & Cleop. III. x. 14. 

a Bretaaynge. • Ihtc titjnaeulam, n bretyn.' Wriglit*iiV»I. of Vocal*, p. 336. * JIoc 
propitmcultm, A"-*- a 1)r»*tayye,' ihitl. p. 264. ' Propttni/uttcuJa, brytogys.' ibul. p. 130. 
' Trwti tulkke» in Uiuica teticled wytb-iunv. 
In bi[jgc! brutn'je of IxinlH, buMe on )>e waltes.' AUii, Poem*, W 1190. 
Wydif, Worlu, ed. Amuld, i. itji, biui ' the hijetit i>art of l^s touro ■« hrittyting of charite.' 

' Buttreoain hktitx'n Etvmol. l>ict. 

1. 1051. wo are told that la May 

Forth piggea raoo,* 
E. £. Ptalier, Pi. xlv. 10. 
cUith niabyng* road 

Sc« also Song of Solunjun, vUi. 9. aud 13 

44. to Bryme. In PaUndioa Oh Hfutmudrie, lAk. u 
'borufl gliulW hrymmtOi ;' and ogain, 1. 106S — 

' Thct!a if lue fpende, or myxti for ihero receyve, 
Tbo souutsr wol they hrtftume ayeirn- and brynge 

to Bryse. 'fiowe shnl bu bri* and breke wapenen ma 
BoenUo V*- xxxvi. 17. 

a Broche for gam. Id the quotation ^m DouglM for 
■ dnith makyiig.' 

D BroUc Trevua says of Beverley tliat it * hatte Bererlay, and keep Brook bii 

lay. fur many bruf;k<* were Buuitymei-woned tooutne )>lSeroutof)>e billet.' Higden. vi. JOS. 

Brokylle. ' Of bioltU kendc hif that be deithc. 

For by ne muje naust dury.' .ShorHham, p. 3. 
Tuner, tn his Herbal, pt, ii. If. 64, says of Frcuche Spikeiiartl Lbat it 'hatli many rootM 
elengynj; to^'etber, full, and not brukU or eahV to breke.' Ualoet hna * Tbrov out nibbel, 
M iDurtor, •tone. luifl timh lyke Lrw^-cfl of olde btiyld^-ngoit. Uruda'o, Brickie or euay to 
be broki'n- UiMwipalU.' ' I lieveolie ynii what ves^ell niuy be more brudilt and fniyU than 
ia our bo'ly that dayly ne<I»*lh rPjKiriicyon I' Fi^-hT. Work*, p t)\. In the Cu.r»or .Vufiiif, 
94044. wo have the iwiu brLicl. and in Clmucer, Parum't 3W*, p. 636. 1. 473 ^6-Text ed.), 

4I>. BrOBtyn. ' ITenila, buntneeao.' StAnbrldgo, Vocahuta, Tbo fint qaoUtton is 
frum IVkifirr. Fur ' brokeballuchyd ' in the quotatinn froui Wright'* Vol. of Vocab. read 

• brukt:*baUoL'k)d,' and for 'pi/"' read * \>. 1 76.* 

Browea. doe U. Cantr dt Lion, 3077 : ' [he] aonpyd off the hrou»^$ a •Ofift. 

46. a BruBket. ' Hoc i>rtv»rtiltim. a bniakett*-.' Wrigbt'i Vol. of Vocab. p. 3i3, 

a Bucler plaer. Cp y Sworde and BuoUer playing. 8ec tbc burI»4qMe 
atones in Ittli'i- Antii. i. S3, *owt of tber baly* cotue liij, and xk**. oxou jJaf/ing at tkt 
0VOrd and bulrc/or.* 

47. a BuUa. W. da Bibleeworth in Wright'* Vol. of Vooab. p. 162. baa • U cnker 
fuM trdim (U>lacet) poiie* * Urc jw/HWut, a bolyihtrt],' ibid. y. 2i8. 

« Bulheda. * //»V atpito, a bnlluHle.' Wright'« Vot of Vocab. p. » jj, 

a Bultynge cloth. In tfac Invent, of R. Blebop, taken about 1 500, are nieotionod, 

• tx\x yt:T*\Km off b'tKtytuj ctuth xl''.' TeM. JiUor. iv. kjj, • JIoc fnJUiridiufn. A*^ bidtolatho.' 
Wilght'H Vol. of Voc*b, p. aoi. ' ij bnltjfn'j-cinthrj, ii^**.' are lucludwd In the Intent, of W. 
I>uffield, 145s. TeUHlvrin. 13;. Soq Babcea Book, p. la. 



47. m Burde denuonda. lo »n InTont printed m Te*t. Ettm: Iv, 391 Utn itatn 'd? 
KVitJ', {m> iij darmondta honUe cmii tripote/ lu the luvent. uf Tboiiuu Mortuii, 1448, Is 
ftu ilHii ' ite ij menitlt VDc*UK(/u<mfj(iiu/c«.«5iiRi ij tongis funuutiH pro eiwleui v*.' Tt^Vsbor, 
in. 108. 

4S. & Burdecloth. * De a^. de xyhuvdcloihU. De itij*'. ile j bunidoth ct j uiuApe.* 
Invent, of li. OrAQtbftin. 1410. ?*m'. JvAvr. iii. 48. Sro i'li^/uA dV(/«, p. J33, BttUvea &)olc 
pp. I JO, I46, 6cc. ' i/«r nuiftfta. A*- iMinle-cbUie.' Wright's VoL of Vocab. p. 198. 

49. H Bur tre. Turiter. in liitt Hrrhnl. pt, ii. If. .SQ uyn: 'Tliu wod [uf Tamariskl (i 

'Hay kolmt lyko vntu clurior or tumrirci' and again. If. 134, ' Samhuctis is called 

in Eaglijili EUlor or Bimrltrt,' ' Ilrr jamburwi, a bur-tree.' Wright'i Vol. of 

Vocub^p. 3i8. 

a Buyete. ' Jlee pith. A" boyat.* Wright'* Vnl. of Vooab. p. 19.V In the Aiuren 
Sivit the author says of the devil ' lie haueTf so nionJe &iwfM {boitta other MSS.) ful of hi« 
ktuariM.' Se<? Cbiiuccr. iVirftm'x Tale (6-Toit ed.). p. 671. I.947. 

a Butewe. In Ibe OnlinniKwa o[ the GiM of Oinlwainen uf Exel4*r. it id ordered 
ihst aearcli L<e nituto for * alt wete luUit-n; and dryt* twteK, hotve;. BchiMs, pyooonz, galeges, 
ko." Snjlitft (iildt, p .^33. TI10 author of llw Ftrtilf of F'idonM ouititiou uuongit s 
faiahop'ff drcKji, hU frodCnrvj, bi-f Amioe, an Albe, &c.' PL II. ch. xlL p. 269. 
fil. a Cake. Ill the note, for * Dauplio^* read ' Paapbin^.' 

Cala. ' Mv iiiK>iter suppjw no eoyU Ixit cold.' Towfxele^ KyH.. p. 18. The author 
of the tranftlatioD of pMUAdiu^ On JIuebotulrie. Bit, ii. 1. 33^ Hoa 'eool also. Garlic, ulpike 
•kc wiwe bcui now [January] b.jthe two.' ' JIoc ma^udcre, A'' oolitok.' Wright's Vol. 
of Vocab, p. 190. 

Si to Calkylla. 1*he author of the Cnmflaynt 0/ Scotland sap : ' Who can caUctl the 
degreia of kyn nud bludu uf the biurons of Scutlnud, thni vil confurmu tbU Muuyn,* p. 167. 
Chftaeer, A»trvUU, p. j, speaks of ' nubtil tables t^alkuled for a k*WAe.' 

a Calte trappo. Turner, in his //cWwi/.pt. ii, If. 157, speaks of 'an yron W3rt1i four 
pyk9« calh^d .... a caHtrop, that U ahto naineil tribnlig, of the lykeou thnt it hath wyth 
the hruyt of iribulH»* Kvckum. in bis Truituw D< l'tfn$Uibtt9 (Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 
Ill) nueniions autuiif^t the articles necenary to n fnrnier — 
oalketrap idtm jtettiea 

' prJir-am KitK dffcipulam, qua Xapi capiavtur.' 
I>n(fdalp, iti hit M.S. <;lo^>iary, Harl. M^. 1 1 39, If. I5.has the following entry : ' Eilwardus 
villougliby tenet mant'rium de wollaton dc Kege. ot de hooore Peverell per duas partes, 
i fieuiluia military, et j memuAffiuin, ei vj bovatw, tres Id Carleton vt de numerio de 
Stidfbrd. per vervfoiam vnius CntopuUt per annum pro omni scnioio. Liber Sofaodul. do 
t<inn« Mtohs^l. 14 Henry TV, Nott. fol. no.' 

a Combakfl. ■ Hoc p&ium, a cambok.' Wright's VoL of Vocab. p. 102. * lite 
tatnbrmca, a cuulxik.' ifiid. p 332. In this \niiet instance it probably means n crociked 
boatn on which to h»njz uun-au*tefl of nniinols. Stow mentaous a gnme played with sticks 
wHh croaked en<ls tiJltrd cnmhuk: probably the same as our hockey. 'The juys of the 
CamAraoit beilpilh aym-it blerydness* of the «yen, and heel^-th whelkes and pymples of 
tiie lyppM. and ■Iccth the chypperynges of the tonge.' Glan^-il, Dc Propr. Serum, Bk. 
xvii. ch. cxxxiii. p. 695. 

Cazidyl ftchers, * Ktitunctorla, ctraddtwist.' Qloes. MS. Horl. 3376. 
Si- a C&riille. 'Oiire bUsHe is ywent into wop, oure Araro/es into tODe.' AynUdtt, p. 

A auit, atntinim.' filAnip. Vticah. 

' Knyf p'eying and ek syngyng, Citri?tynff nnd tumeieyng-* 

Kobert of (Uoucester, p 53, 
a«« abo IlomnnH/ "f (he How. 753, 759, Ciuwor. il. aj( J. &o. 

a Cardiakylle. In the Dighj/ Mfftttrif. p. toA, 1. 1365. the Virgjn is sjwken of 
M 'pe mvake H-}en4 Jie hertett nf vyolens, 

fe letityll Ifli'phcr a jens |w ftrdyaJtpUa wrech.* 
' OnrtHanu dM/ur *jui jitititur lahnrtm curtli», uel mor&us cordUt heorUco^, utl «c«, 
BtodanivntM, tirt UDUiilit.' Gk«s. MS Harl. 337G. 

n^vuiiTT *i .. .1... RirhKr! Gtim*!U, tn 1555, in which we find nieniJuned ; 
• 1 I*. Itttiii. xiij ynnU nf ainrj/, xri». iUj''. Item, iiij'. yarjs of 

»li Ftontf. n'iUt, Ac. p. 86. 




r,:,. A Carte aadllle. See the burleaque f>oem of the 15th ceiit. In JUiiq. A mtiq, L 81 : 
'Imr w»r v/t-miU nii'l wiwpeti otferyng carteittdiiU ;* we alao p. 85. In 1403 we find in 
I) ] nvi.-iit. of Juliii th: Scarle, * ij rarttadle*, vHj'.' TnC Ebor. iii. 84. ' Boc donUvllum, 

■ (■«rt--i«Myll(!.' Wrijflifii Vol. of Vticjvb. p. aoa. 

r,(i. Ik Cawdille. 'Jeff schc nut jow eowdul to potAge. 

Wlmn )C hail don, to comforte jour brayn.' Covemtrp Mjfti.p. 139, 
f! ll)'! Librr (Uirr Coamtiti, p. 23, where »re diroctionfl for the preparatioii of 'Cnekjiui 
dntriU-l' null iif(aiii 'For n raa-iieC p. 51. In the ^vroie o/Ciirjr. pp. 34 and 60 an aim 
»i(itH for 'Chykcnii in CamUl,' and 'Cavdel of Muskeli.* 

tt7. n Chafte. Seo Dotightii, ^fSneadot, Bk. iii. p. 76: 'with your dUf^is to gnaw ^ 
111! faiii:.' 

Cliaftmondo In tlie Srge off Melayne, 1. 1307, a Saracen cat Tnrpm with hii 
onl iniil ' A m-hn/UmumU of hiM fleoclie he uchare.* Xn Copeland's ed. ot Kjfuge Arilur, 
.S7. Ilk. vii. eh. a, we have: 'He emote faym with a foyne throogh the thycka of y* 
yi{h. that the Maine wotiudu waH a Hhaftmonbrodf, ft had cutte atwo many .yaynei and 
ii!wi<H.* ('nt;;nLVu ^fiveti * I'aline. A liand-breadth, foure fingers, or throe uidiei in 
laxiiri! ; uIho a Hlijiftinent.* 

i>H. n Chnpo of a knyfe. Sou i^ong$ and Poem$ o» Cottumea (Percy Soo.). p. tfi : 
ly liai'^liinl hath a Hylvor}>e' where the meaning Is said to be the guard by wliidk 
I I ( WHM NiiNiM'ii'hnl to the pintle. So aluo in Morit Arthure, 3531 : 
' lli^ l>ani HeMHenando in golde thre grayhondefl of aable, 
WiiJi r/ui/irn a eheynes uf chalke wfaytte sylver.* 
'aid to I lurry (.'atUiy Tor iiiakyng elehe of a knyff of my I»rdee, and for acAnpr, vjV 
imtn/ llinnuhnhl /hwtn, |i. 3 20. Here the meaning Is probfUily a aheath. Compare Shefc- 
in-,^//'« IIV//. IV.iil. i6.{. ' llwtertdle. The chape of a sheath or icabbard.' CotgraTv. 

ti CluilanKO- Wyntoim in his CVtronfeffi IX, zx. loi gives Heuy IVtfa's w«ds 
followtt : ' I liiindry of i>ivnt,'eaHtelI ckalangis (ns Realm, 

Ami |f(< rniun, wyth all ]to mombris and apportenans.^ 
iiijiarn Uii< />/;/% AfifiitfiUv, p. 105. 1. 1 318 : * He chalyngyd to be Kyng of Jewya.* 

yi. Chrirlowayn. 'Starn: calhid chArk>ii wayne. Loke in seuen starrea. Seuen 
iii:n, a mI^ik) it<>li<»tiul), in Kii^lyHhi) (billed charlos wayne, Jliadti, &c.' Unloet. 

a Chrini. 'I'IiIh Im prithiilily the winie word as in Morte Arthitre, 1886: 
' Hit' ( 'itAlnr ^arUt rliurr tlieyiii, and couere theme faire ;' 
I 111 ,Slt tJ,iiini/iu, N50 : ■ !'<• lr>r>lo hym efmnxd to a chambre ;' and Again, 1. 1 143 : 
* Itrat'hm hayiil )'i'rfon', A hronie noyne makcd, 
A. I'uy <:lii^4i.ywH|. h, charnd, on ehanyng |)ftt went, 
lliii iiiifti, lor * v.. Kit^. llomilieH* n^atl '(>. Kitj;. Homilies.' 

io. II Cliawylln. ' Iliii fhunh- afonio Unit hIiiU etc up the whete.' Palladius Om 
imhomlt'ii, |i. if,if, I. ,14. 

ti OliiiMr. riMliiir In liJH WorkM, p. 4J4 uhkI the wonl of the teeth : 'the CM>ldiiet8e 
Lliii Miinw hIiuI iimkit ihidr timih for to Knimhe, and rhytttr in tlicyr heades.' 

W. In OlmiMi. Cakbiii, in hiH i'hrnnirte «/ Kmjlnn%i, pt. vii. p. 135 (ed. 1510), says: 
t w<) IiimI t{i<iUi rhfit of wynn in Knglandu that lyinu, tlianked be God abnyghty.' 

OlMtHWt Ih»M«. Ill I'lillailiim tht /J HufiondHe, p. 1P4, 1. 134. under September, we 
I bild. ' f'hi»lnitli • iiMWi- liDtliHowH ill htHitu and drio AHone or other Heede witii.' The 
nl HriLH HvlitcnUy unihI iiInh for an oiiinu : tlius in Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 191 we 

Ml ' //f*l tVI»llil, A'- rhi'NiMlIllT.' 

a CliitHlVtlt. In tint Invent. ofCrrrenI Salvoyn, taken in 1570, are included *ixiij 
•r/ii/« iii|* ' W'lIU >{• Infrutg. i. J41;. ' IlfMS tnultrinu. A'' oheifat/ Wrii{ht'B Vol. of Vocab. 
I'lj. ' I'iM'rtla, a lllLin Im-kol of twlgKOM ; a frayle ; a cheeiicfate.' Cooper. 'FUedia, 
tyiiHli 1 1 |iv1m|i I, himket, nr a uhuuMefat : rt eat dimin. lU fit-cinu {quve^a cheeseCat or a 

■lit) litjin), (IliilH. 

n ChoalHp. * llrr hirtis, -rln. A'- ohusly)i|N).' Wright'a Vol. of Vocab. p. aoa. In 
I iliiolaiioii fntni WriKlil given in tho uotu for 'CheHle]K;, cheese Up' read * JItc lactU, a 




ft Chefttan. In PalUdivu (>» ffiuLmulrU, p. ai6, 1. tt,^, wr luve ibe word umkI 
for iho ln« : 'Charim wut uppe of iiUiMtWa Ibat nlunc iip^ruwc;* anJ nt 1. sSj kto dix«c- 
tloii* for Mnring the icod* : 

' I'oftynu it [the ffroUDd] deep a foote nud half, or (ilu«c 
It hy ftml [ly, And w«l with dounge it fede. 
And tbc'iiii do till c/t/itiK-n* fnrto gri^we.' 
Sofl aIso 1. 300, where occunt tliu funn ehiutet/nrA. lu (JUnvtl. Vt Pvipr, /ierum, Bk. xr. 
clj. \t. p. 4y6. we nP9 Vild tliiit ' in AAluhn in SjHivne i« •L-aroe of wju', of whct<!. nnd of 
fie: for tli<i londo ik rold** : l»ii thnre in i)ii>qn,-ng plente nf myle and eftsstms* ' /fee 
(("o. j1*' olietUiitfc' Wri^lit'a Vol «»f V.icub p. 19*. MnunJevUe telU OS, p. 307, 
in the lAtid of Pregtor John * ben grute Foretite« of ChateffHes." 

Ollilde. ' AIruo ititt time pei pv vryfiniui ly ^ a childbf^d< o)>er uye uor to ehilJl* 
>}^. Mftiindevilo tulls as tKatwIit-n Matt 'hod cJtitded iindr* a Palme Tree, 
: Mjuuiie, that ■ch« hailde a chUde: and M-hu f^lte, and aeyde, that »uho 
>l- Mtf biwJde lien dvd.' p. 153. Ste alA<) A*. AtUanniUr, U. 604,610. 

a Chymney. A very good inxtance of thin word, ihowing iu original meaning, ta 
in the AitXvtrt tif Arthur, sxxv, 4, wlierv we are l^jld tliat in the tent was 

'A ghiinnatf of chorcole to chAufeo pe ktiyite.' 
Oenrxv Seltiyu, in 1 568, in hie Will bequeathed bo Ium wife, * Ellzahethe Selbe. my two yroa 
eAimlitu, &nd uiy IiahI almerye in my hall.* With J; Incentf, i. 393 ; and in 1567 we 6nd in 
th« Invent, of Edward Fwkinaon, 'one ohiit, one ynin chimnry. a Utle pnaMr with a 
cilare. &*....■ ij flanderi cld<ta, an yroti dujmurij, n uhare & n utlo buord, xx*.' Uiid. pp. 
jji-j. In the 'Kolvndar <'f tlie Onlinanc-tn of Worcteter,' i4'-»7, nile 36 is, 'that no 
tkiutHtvt of tre, uvr thached hoiuos, be iufircd w*yu the c^te, hut that the owoent make 
thum of brvku or •tone' Invjlith tiiUU, p. 37J. 

' liU fiele er like latuuu bri^fht Ala in a cAyinne brynnand light.* 

Hnru|M>U;, Prickt o/Ctms. 4368. 
The earliest inatanco of the modem use of the word is in the SowdoM of BatiftoMe, 1. 3351. 
where III apy no the thief ia represented aa gaining aooOM to Floripaa' ohamber * by a 
^Armntg.' see note to Sir Fentmltmt, L 3331. 

64. a Chire. ' The tlouro of k'ly hath wylhin an it wore Kraallc tbredv that oonteynyUi 
thu Mide, in Iba mydyll Htondyth diyrti of dalfriin.* Glaiiiil. £fc /^ro^ir*. £eruw, Bk. xvil. 
cb. xci. p. (>t'i- 

a Chiterlynffe. 'A ohyttertng. omaram. A chittwUng, ufnn.' Maiup.Vooab. 

ChoUer. <t. Clcrvelaixl GIom.. AtklnMii. 'Coul. to tterape or rake together; to 
puU tw«sard« une by the aid of a take (cuul-rake), carved dtick, or other like iniUument.* 

Cfi. Clappe of a mylne. In note, for ■ Penousa Tale, p. 406 * read ' L 406/ 

pe Cley of a l)eat«. "rnv/Mfa, hof. vtl oUu.* Wright's Vol. of Vcicab. p. 87. 
*T1ia fauooD hurtvtb more biK pray wyth rceMyng tlioreon with his hreete than wyth his 
hyile other wyth Lis clcc»' GLanviL, Vt Prupr. Rerum, Bk. xii. c. xxi. p. 437: 

M. a Clannas. ' Fur a epeciall prem^tife, Becauwe of your vtrginitt- & e^aene.* 
i>fy6y lHjfttefiei. y. icji, 1. 589. Koe also Wydif, Worka, ed. Matthew, p. 376. 

67* a Olewe. * Olomer, gloUUnm, deoweu.' Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p, 59. 

pe Clippys of y- son and moyn. GlanTi), lit Propr. Iterum, Bk. xvi. oh. xl. 
p. 566. tji^akis uf u iiC^Hic ' cftilvd PUiotriipia, that ts tomynge awayo of ttie aonne. for by 
the ntoae wtslie bytwene vs jutu the aonue, this is dej'ktid »» though he were iu elyptc and 
d<rked.' ' Ve wot« the cU-rkrt the t:i*/ppc$ it callu.' TourmUy Myatcrie*, p. 256. 

U. a Cloke. ' Armiiav>4a, ycnw coU^Oii, an"- a sclauayn.* MS. 0. 5. 4 Trinity Coll. 

to Cloylte. 'iriffly <!'Apyl1, oure hen, both to and fro, she kakyla. 
But licL^j-n silo Ut crok. To gt>iyQe or to eMi. 

Wo is hyin is of our« cok.* Tovntteif Myrt. p. 99. 
'She nnwc liffliindc, nnd nxwo she goth before. 
And clitckefh h«ni, but when Kh« fynt a corae 
She cbivheth hem nud teiUi it hem before.* 

Palladius On HuAvmlrit, p. t^, 1. 6C0. 
C a 

•Th« ca['<'U fr-iv-.L ii.r's-r- - '.ji-A: --^ - .: i"> ; i(--f. ^z.'. Ir-ij: ilr;.^ i.:..»^c ^.a-i ti-jA-jftk 
SH Bu henrifc, anl t*!irt'r: c-.^ktia ^■_'7'«''- rr.o /■_,■* "^-^ a; i-AT? ':7oe.' GlAaril, Xv 
I*n/pr. Ittfum, iSk. xii cL. xri:. p. 4:^. 

toClotte. S«q;ou:::r.« :ii. i-=r SCelle, t :^- B=r, ~ hi* J'j-ni'V' *<■- 5«*"«p. 
107, »aTB, * UTj-u » fi>.ft; ia 'irrcavei. :hA; :"i-jr *re hie* w;r^-e. :i:-T ::e:\IIt IcwSe a* 
maiiT o^ape loa^l«s of r--ii« <Iiv. ■;*■ el-* i <i._.:.v* '.'z.~ i^z^h ±~IL %» will atrre. bat 
thcT matt I^^ie tbelr -'y/if ^;=. t-cl ^l-w>!:i w .-^n ih.t cl\r L» r.-;-. nli*»i wiUi suwle;* 
•ee kh^j iUd. p. i,;S. G^itvil :«!;- .;* ili: ■» -.■» ^-v i^-Ttini :f jvi-y::^ of pjwxler ia » 
cIuiftFe. for enbe U^-jiir: ir.i c'.-.i^-t i i-gi Un is s ^'..-t^. ir.i rf ;: j r-r i^z &nl d-^parted 
it u i^/w-Ji*-." /»< Pnpr. Rfr-'-m. Bk. xt;. ch. il^i p. t^S. Tii*^r ia ti* - Jaauuias 
abstnurt ' tiifl the fum-=r ■ ia fs;;L<be<i p-lvt £11 t:-Ie wiy* <i--*.' ch. inriL «. ^4- 

• Of *<i^:tt<ri priKej f *T bsren Je cri=»te. A!-^; ^:ir2 corse* ia 'i:/?'?? tlm^.' 

J.Vir. P-tm*. X. 857. 
'Ofdai ^ k«t at hioi >e W',/>.' C^rwr .Vw-iit, t^zi^. 'H*' a »' clere Mandrr )« 
e/oKvfjN «f dAT.' tVren-'rj ,Vy*f- p. 43;. 'Eke ciujefa/ cU-d-tt :t. pyke 013;* itoBca.' 
PaUadlc* On Uusi'/ndnt, p. 6j, L25. 

6Sr. a Clowte of yme. Ia the Icrent. of die Pri^rr of D^T-faani, ia 144^. id included 
*i care^'-a ciiu r'itU, i:ij hop-U e: '.iij <>irfv:lo Ufz. pffet. Tiiij*.' ITuZi «* I»ce»t. i. 95. * Hoc 
eptuci'tm, A ft**- a cart-clowte.' Wr^Lt"» Vol. of Vocab. p, 2 7S. 

Cltuzuyd. 'He e» onther fi^.au^i. or w-jd-/ Prirt/ ■'/ O-™'- 1^5*- I^- Morria 
in hi* Glowary qaoten fmm th-; G'Mpel uf Xich 'd=miu. in MS Hari 41^6. *we errfoMKif 
gr«'. an'l ^-T.atile.' In the £'irlv Eng. Pfjieau, p. 1 33, we hare * to krpe hire from el^imtrntg, 
ai.'! in '.he Diyhy Mj/tttrici, p. 157, L f 12, ' than farevele. coiucitm. be were ciuatme. 

70, a Cod. Beet, in h!it Farming, Ac. Booh, p. 1 15, telU m that hirv*! labocren were 
jtr*tvi'\vl witri ' a lon^e rodd p-Jtte in a lor.ire faanien tttjgv. anJ a shorter cl^te done after 
the name manner in ^tead of » piliowe.' * One J-^lner an I iij a>1J$. iiij fre«chine frjiidt * are 
menti'^e'l in the Inrent'>ry of John Wvkcclvf. in 1(62. Jttfh,n'-nd. n' 161. 
Simon Merflet in }an Will, in 1462, t>equeaths to hi* ii»ter *xl yerds of herden doth, rj. 
codda, iij par ihetea, j b-jLit^r, Ac.' Tut. £tor. ii. 261. 

M Cogge. ' ffffC etriaMhtm, a cog of a welle.' Wright's VuL of Vocab. p. 253. 
lltzherbert in lijj Polx 0/ 1/n^haHdry. (o. xliii\ rvconimends farmers when tliinning their 
fiLiiitatiofii t/j kU 'the hviaU avihe^ to cowpeia for garches ['garthes'. an-i the greate 
a«!ih',ii U* wh':le wryghte*, and the m^Ar.e afubi^ to plough wrrghtes. and the crabbe trees 
tomj'llen Ut liMit-kt: coyyu ami tongei).' ^ Scuriaballum, Kog.' Wright's VoL of Vocab. p. iSo. 

7 1. K Colke. ' Y* coah of an apple, cor.^ Manip. Vocab. 

7'2. i/> Ck>lke. Of. O. Swed. Xy/a-to clip hair. Prov. Swedi«h, jtu'i7 = to clip hair or 
w'^'il. In the f.leveland Ci\n^\ry we have ' C'otcl, to clip or cut close.' I think that for 
Colke wb tfhould rea^l Colle, U and Ik in MSS. are not easily disiinguiBhed. Compare 
the CurM^tr Muwli, 1 3. 1 74 : 

* A Hargaiit seat he to Jatole, And iohao hefd comanded to rofe.' 

a CoUexnaso. Tlie reference to Lydgate should have been given. Minor Ponm$, 
203. Iri the A.S. v'A.-abuIary, in MS. Cott. Cleopatra, A iii. If. 76^ (printed in Wright's 
V'll, of V»»cah. p. 2S1), we have ' Parra, cum-matie. Parula, col-maae.' BoorUe, in hi4 
hijftnnj, v\\. XV. p. 370. iiay-i tltat 'All maiier of smnle liyrdea be good and U'ght iif 
dyg';i(ty(iti, tsxvM\AAi sffaroweft. whiche be harde of dygestyon. Tytinosea, ctJmoMit and 
wrens, the whi<:hc dotL cate fipy<lers and puyson, be not conuneodable.* ' BarJioriolmt, 
c<diuaHe,' Afclfric's (ilomt. in Wright's Vol. of Voc;ib. p. 30. 

a CoUoklB. * A carr. cfMecL-e, and two pare of trusee wips ' are mentioned in the 
Invimt. of John K'^uwrn in 1,^68. Uichmowl. lt'f//«, &c- p. 226. *j basHyn. a kneadinge 
tube, iij cofUrb", a wynnocke, ij Htandii, a chume, a flenche cotlecke, &c.' Invent, of M. 
iJixon, 1563, ihhl p, ifuj. In 1437 Thomw Dautree be<iueathed *umun pecijim coopertam 
Vfjijatain Iti eoflok cKx-lesix mecB parochiftli, ad inde faciendam unam coupam sive pixidem 
pro corjiore (.^irirtti,' t. e. a cirporas case. Tut. Bhor. ii. 61 ; see also ibid. p. loi, whens 
John iJromi'ton by hiM Will, dated 1444, bequeathed ' j coUok argenteum pond, viij unc. 
ii''.' Tt»i. Ebw. ii. loi. 



« CoLrake. * floe jofofcu^nn, Jn**- « onlmkc* Wright'* Vol. of Vo«b. p. ayS. 

* ffrti rrrty&rrr, a tu>l-mt{.' ihid. p. 133. In th« Tnvont, nf Htigb Orftnthatu, In 1410. 10 «n 
Utrtn Ma J* Jo j cdrahr An fcrro.' TtAt. Elntr. iii. 49, 'CvJnilv* and cupntolua. one gwl 
whirlfr*lMiTmi«.' Htliij. Antiq i. KA. ' In tho Icitchnig one Kaklng croke-, one Irvn pot, 
oiu) pdo, oac in>u Lyu/nul^; ij*. viij''.' luvenl. of (>. Salvfiyn, 1571, WiU* ■£* /numb, i, 349. 

79. Como. ' O^eudix, nodtu fuu tifter iiffatur, Atvfl. a knotUi or do«pc of » boke.' 

74, a Conynge. In note, in tlio quoUtion fi^)iD ^r DeQrtiMaU, for 'coNyit^* raui 

7fi. K Copbande. Beat in hU Farming^ dx. Boot, p. 59 uwa tlii» word in a verj 
(lifleri^nt »>t-iu)e. llf^ •ttiva : ' If tcve chanee to lake over miiL-h couipae for a Htacke wie 
thai nee BnJe that wcc are like to vante peaM wherewith v< ngge it up, then are we 
^ad amuetime* to cnttc <if one of the enrlcs of the stacke wHh an hej Hpa'U', takciage 
nf aa macb a-i wvt; tiitiike vtU K«rve uur ttinie for toppinge up or rigginge of the same. 
That which U Ltyd in the (illin^e overnight to Mve the stacke from wettinije i* uilled 
boti-niakiiige of a «taoko, and that which 11 cutto of the itacke ende ii called (for tha 
nioat parte) a coujK-baud.* 

70. a Corparax. In the Invent of Tbotnas Morton, Canon of York, taktrn in 14^8, 
i» titc foUowin)^' : * De j porporali lineo, et j eorporaU eaoe de panno ami. cam unaginihiiti 
inUsaliit, Jij*. iiij'.' Ttuf. fiofAii. 1 10 ; and in 1506 Dame Catnerine HAMiiigs t>r<|ucathed 
' to Askton church a ecr/'nix cane and a kerohow for y* Bacrament. To Norton ntiuroh a 
€Qrpras oaae. a kerchowu to he hidowed fur y* corprox, and a kercliuwe for >'* Hooraiuont.' 
AmT. it. 357. Trcvifl* in hia Higdeu, v. ii, uys that Pope 'Sixtui ordeyncd )>itt pe 
tttrpwfu ncliiitdo nuii}t he of ail k ii<<^«i •<end<^l.* See atlditiunal note t4> Collokls, alMrve. 
lit l5Ji Aifaa Hia-ie nf Hury !>«iufathi-d ' iij fyne cUc kervber* to be viiyd for corpriivu 
cJo(iie» ia the i-byrcUe u( Scyut JauiuH.' Snry Willg, &o. p. I fj. 

77. a Coyaeyr of hors. *F'i]eiiwith hand-* to louche a cv>rfer weyretb.* Palladiua 
Om lln^honHrU. p. 135, t. 846. 'Courser of horaeH, roMr/icr dc chevaulx' Huhignve. 

A CoBte. Maundcrile tolU us that * the Superficialtee of the Erthe is departed in 
fartie*. for the 7 FIiuieiM; and tho partiet Urn olept dymattn' p. i86. !$e« alao 
■ AeirQUtbc p. fQ : ' Sett the point iherof in t«t earuo ev<ft tlmt the mone maki)) 
'Hodef and p. 4S ; ' the (on^tiiile of a d^mai jn a Ivne ymagiiieil fro e«t to west ilUke 
distant by'twene them alle. See nbio PaUodioii On UwAmiilrtg, p. 13, I. J95. 

a Ooatrellfl. Id 1454 William Halifax of Nottinghnm bequeAthed in bis Will tA 

£ltzab*!th Nulohuin 'a ctvi«e trodtell, a luatnut, a coatcretl fur ale, a bunleclothe, 9tc.' Test. 

£bor. U. 173. 

fBt to Cowohe. Cbauoer in his Attrolabt, p. 40 has the noun, eoitchSmr, and Fisher 

ing the crucifix tn a book Myi, * when the iKwke is opened It spread, the lAaes bo 

rpon thp hrtardiy*.* Works, p. 394. Manndovile tells ns of tho Itedouin Arabs that 

* ibei have riuiie lluuaes, but Teutes. that thei makcn uf Skynnnt of IleMtes, as of Cainayllea 
and of oth«>re Boite* .... amt there benethe thel aiuchfjt hem and dwelteD.* p. 63. 

79. a CoWSOhote. '/fie palufnht9, a oowscott.* Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 331. 

* Palnmhu*, cotcote^ wudu culfre.* ihul. p. 6j. ' So hoot is noo doan^ of foul« m of tha 
dovre^ a guytht outake.' PalUwlluM On /lusbondri*, p. 38, 1. 758. 

60. a Cralcan. See quutation from the E. E. Psalter, under Beke, p. 301. 

Orappee. • tltc mrnHn, A'- orappy*,* Wright's Vi.I. of Vnoab. p. 201, 'Htc 
crmrali*. cnip«.' ibid. ^33. L. Lai. rrapjta, 

a CredUbande. ' /fte fascia. A*- crodyl bando.' Wright's Vol. of Vooab. p. 303. 
fiUovUf De Profit; licrata, Hk. vi. ch. w. p. 195, says: 'the nouryou bindutb the chytdo 
ftogjders with cradylfjonticM to kcpa aud «aue the chyldo that he be not vryth mytcrukyd 

a Credille sange. * Nonryoea vse lullynges and other omdj/l »9nfft4 to pleyse tho 
wjttw of til* ohyiiU.' (jlanWI, De Propr. Jtrram, Bk. vi. oh. it. p, 19I, 
91. a ^«a»ett. * Ordeyn *<^h9 man on his party, 

''■ livnleroys, and tun.'li>H lyth.* Cov. Myst. p. J70. 

Sifis alaopt. 3^3. *Oti-' I', w^crraet, nnu <]i:nh aie, a brnudnttb, &c.' art) mentioned 

ia ihm laTcnt. of Fnt:.t .^ V, „„.,f ^urde in 1559. Richmvnd. WUU, &c. p. 1 34. 


82. ft Crysmatory. Glanvil nja : ' with Crytma ohyld«ni ban erempd mad enoTiited 
of a symfJe preeete on the molde.' De Pmpr. Btrum, J8k, ix. oh. zxzL p. 367. * J7«e ormw, 
A*- crasne. Hoe erUnuitorium, A*- crlBinator.' Wrist's Vol of Vooab. p. X93. * VrcHnm 
clath ivA Ron we fiUe.' Cursor Mundi, 35735. 

83. a Crofte. Sir R. Barton in his WCU, dated 1455, baqnaathed to * Jonett Kehard- 
son .... terme of hire lyfe, tenement in Whenby w* a garth and a eroft matt vicange.' 
TtU. Ebor. u. 316. See aliso Bury Wills, &c. pp. 47, 48, 49. 

a Croppe. ' Thia warre beganne noo creature but she, 

ffur Bhe ia eroppe and rote and enery dde.' Goicryciei, I.4941. 
'Croppe and tail To save in setting hem 11 thyne advail.* 

Palladius On HnAomdrit, p. 78, L 496. 

84. a Crovrde. Lydgate in his Pylgrtmagt of the Sov^e, Bk. v. ch. viil. feL. 99 <ed. 
1483) tolls us that ' Dauyd ordeyned plento of lusty instrumentes, botbe organs and narpes, 
Symbals and sawtryes, iro'tdet and tympans, trouipettee and tabours and many oth«r,* 

a Crudde. ' Quycke syluer entddefk not by itself kyndly wytboat famnatoiw : but 
wyth biymstone, as wyth substance of lead, it is congelyd and fastnyd togyJen.* GlaoTil, 
De Propr. Iterum, Bk. xvi. ch. vii. p. 555. 

' Alle fresxhe the mylk is erodded now to cfaeRe 
With eradtle of kidde, or lambe, 6ther of calf 
Or floure of tasil wilde.* PaUadius On I/vt^Mmdrie^ p. 154,1. 141-3. 

87. a Currour. 'Get the a eurrour whare thou may.' Sege offMetagne, 1378. 

89. Daysardawe. Best, in hia Farming, d-e. Bool, p. 133, says: 'him allaoe wee 
imploy as a aeedeeman in hauer seede time, when wee come to sowe olde ardim,* when 
the meaning is fallow. Compare Pallidius On IIwiHmdrie, p. 106, 1.68 : 

' Nowe cicera the blake is sowe in season. On aihea tweyne or oon sowe faem as peaon.' 

90. to Dayse. The verb occurs with an active meaning in the AUit, Poemt, B. 1538 :. 

'Such a dcaande dredu duHched to his hert.' 

a Daysyberd. See Ghestor PUys, ii. 34. 

to DawB. See the Song of Roland, I. 389: 'or it damn, the day;' and AUU. 
Posmi, B. 1755 : *daifd neuer an-o>er day \mi ilk dark after. 

91. Dawnger. See P. Plowman, B. xvi. 363. 

02. Dede. The quotation should rend as follows : 

' To detk I drawe als ye mai se.' M^rieal Homilies, p. 30. 

93. to Deaden. In the lUghy Mytteries, p. 3 16, 1. 1353 we have the adverb: 'to be 
Bcomyd moat dedmynglye' 

to Deiye. See the Di^y Mytteries, p. 156, 1. 51 1 : * I it dtfye ;* and R. de Brunne't 
MedHatioHB, 1. 743 : ' Y hnue W akuTged. scomed, dyfi/ed. 

Wounded, ongred, and cnicyfyed.' 
' slupy night, I the d-jir.^ Gower, ii. 97. 
04. to Defy. Gowor. lii, 35 has: 

' That is of him self so tough My atomack may it nought df^fie' 
* Mocho meto and mdrfyrd foldytli thu pulse.' Glanvil, Ve Propr. lieratn, Bk. iil. ch. zxiv. 
p. 74, See alHO Lydgato, 7lfi»or pDftnti, p. 131. 

a Deye. 'Androgia, an"- a doyo. Androckia, an"- a deye. Androchia qni euram 

fttrit de laciioimis' MS. O. 5. 4 Trin. Coll. Canih. Glanvil, Ve Propr. Jierum, Bk. xx. ch. 
zxiv. p. 904, tolla us that 'chese hy^hto casens cailendo. fallyn^. for it &Uyth and 
paasyth away soonc, and slydeth outo betwene the fyngres of the Deye wyfe.' 

99. to Dike. Amongst the debts of Francis Wftnd^fnrde. at bin death in 1559, is an 
itom • to Robert Walker for xij rude of dyke dyked, xviij*.' Richmond. WiUs, Ac. p. 1 38. 

100. a Dlrsyi^re knyfe. In the Invent, of W. Coltman, of York, 1481, we find ' j 
stule, j trow et j drissyng-knyft, ij**.' Test. Khor. lit. 261. 

a DiBohe berer. • Diseifer, diBc>eua.* WrighVa Vol. of Vocab. p. 93. 

a Dlsohe benke. In the Invent, of R. Bishop, taken about 15^1 ia an item, * j 
dysekbenke xlj**.' Test. £hor. iv. 193. 




101. uBesBeJae. Het the Ia^- Folks if ait^Jtook, p, 35, 1. 3761* Fore, eivMe. dptcMwi 
H Pmi Iw.* wbtiro the wunl U wiun^ly expUiued in tbc gluwiiiry m iliiiquietnd, v<nc«d. 

104. ft Doreur. WTcIif, Work", eA Mutthcw. p. 414. cotuf^iIainB ofUie 'cnrioujte* of 
the dervy i't 'hkllis, bo|^ in making of )« houM4. In (1ateri$, bancun, Ac oujAbeiu.' 
• HofMoriufH, OA** n d-irsiere.* MS. O. 5. 4 Trin. Oill. Cwnb. 

105. lo Dowe. In the «MOn<l qiiuUtioa fmiu W;>x'Uf, p. 1 74, for • >*» ' rcml ' (nm.* 

lOfl. I>raX Tlie Invent or KaUimnc. Lady Hetlworth, token in 156?, Include* 'one 
rfmjfr tuh iiij^.' WilL A- Invmts. i. 183, In PallAdiuB On It u»t>orui rit. p. 67, I. 161. we 
ue U>Id that fts ft c"Ui[Kj5t fur v'mea ' wymlra/ u guodo txtuiixt with doungu ;' nnd ngftin, 
p. 33. 1. f8o: 'yf thaire Appetite 

wHh ffntjT of wytie be feddo, anuou Imreyne Ibei betb.' 
< ft.- 1...!^ — f^ ij,, fstncsH of i>Iiuci is deponed the b«tlir fro the dnutM : hulln ftnd 
'^ I xHiQ the wnCtrr and ben unftly ac^mrtud ftt hute.* Glun>'il, Z)c Propr. Rerum, 

l'i> . cxii. p, ffj$. 

lOS. DreggiB. * ^muiYW .i./er otei, derrteiL* Wright's Vol. of Vooab. p. 94. 

DreBSOure. In the Xorent. of W. Duffield in 145a ftre included 'cultelU pro le 
drr»nur iiij"'.' Teit. Ehor. iii. 136. 

no. Drovy. See iiitt Batuirvm An Old Emy. MUctU. L 523: 

'No mai it wtincn ffcr-inue, Sci ttroni i» tc h«« grvwli' 

nnd S<iriy £ng. Pmiltr, Tt.ix. 22. The tmiiiilatur of FoUftdiu* On J/tt§UiHdrif, p. iO(. 1. 
400, tells how ' A tfoubit: w_vn« aDoem a man may pure ;* and Wyclif has ti-nbtl in Joohua 
iiit. 3. in ibc('Mi-«i/r Mtiinli. 24418, we »r« UAi that at thu cruciHiioii 

'Ouor al ^e world ue was Imt ni^ht. Al drctuttl and wex dtnic* 
In the quuLiti'm Cruiu thu AUiU Pimmt for *i, iot6' read > B. toi6.' 

a I>ublar, 'Item. ij. puilder dultUrii, ■ dyiicheii. ij. Bnaeeni.' Invent, nf John 
Banm De Mapplutun in 1455, Jtirhmowl WilU. kc. p. ti. Alathaw Witham in 1545 be- 
que«kt1ie>l ' A ciildenHi, a )mii, vj. pewder diibler4.* iind. p. 57. 

113. Eldfader. Jolm Hewortb in 1571 beqiMrathcd *vnto Bdwkrd Sterenson my 
fether tn lawe my befit horse, A whyte niasett cott Ac a read ruraet clolie, &. a wildo Icther 
rinblf^tt and my IkwI idiert. Iti^m I nyve vnto my eliirnother bin wj"ffe my wjtVi-.a froke, 
B" ' ' petUrol<; and a wiioke.' WHls r<- fnrtiiU. i. 353. See the I3t.h neul. ienuou in 

/ > 130: *uifi iiower tion lro^«N^ for ids the (fist idker of )>o hueeb<>nde. ne 

n'^^i.^ -.-. .< ..-'xT ; non Kver a Jiupti, ne pc aldcjader of hi oSera.* MS. B. 14. 53. Trin. Coll. 
Oftfflb. Hee aim f'tirsoi' ^Vunfff. -1730. In the qnotatian from Lajamon the imp'Ttant 
word ha* moil uaaa^ouuUMlly been omitted ; read : ' He wee Ma;rwale*fl ^er, Miidbur)e 
oLtetutdei'.' ' Ahu^, ealde-fiL-der. Aria, enlde-m'jder.' Wright's Vol. of Vooab. p. 51. 

n.r. ■Fni;, The Invent, of R. Doddinge. in 1563, contalnB 'In ryvyn bords 
and tl' ■ ^iohutonfi. WilU.kc.p. 106. 'The Ellm u a tree wyth looge bowcs: 

fttl Kiui 1 w)'thout : aud fu] holowe wythin and full of oertayn nmhe pyth .... 

and thtf Llitxt irt* hatb Tertne Daretica : to tcfopre and Lo naMshe : to dystrybnte and to 
dnwe and to pourge fit- wme/ Olauvil, £k Propr. Herum, Bk. xrii. ch. cxliv. p. 700. 

lU. an Elayn. ' Item j dosaan and a halfe hftfyn boetee ij^.* Invent, uf R. Bltthoii, 
1500. Tfrf /-^ -r tv. 193, In the curiuus burkwiue pt«m id Itetitj. Anti'j. \. 86. wo read : 
•Ther ' 'till and toumyng-iitonyi, and ti*on bladyn.* The word occuni in Soott'a 

Heart ciiao, uh. v : * 0'ye think I waa born to ait here bivg;(ing au ebAin 

tlmog^li i>ei:a IfiltUerT' 

|*fl Emygrane. ' Whn that hatb the heed aohe callyd Emitftama ftdyth in hla 
faeed He It were ltetyT>K» nf hHmfrs. and may not «uSre noyne, notber woya, nuther lyghte, 
wither fthynrngt-' i*l.'in\-il, Tie Propr. lUmm, Bk. rii. ch. iii. p. 333. 

115. Sogo. In thi: Invi-nt. of Dr. G. Nevill. taken in 1567. in included 'in the ynge 
«tte »tftcke of hny, xx\' liifhmvnd. WitU. &c. p. an. 

Bntyrly. 'That Lis gracioee vtaace I may onii behold, 

I pray yow injtrlyi' I^bij fUynt. p. 1^, L Sl8. 

1IA. an Eraoa. W: ' '■■ wndaa of P«dm xxxxiii. 17. hw : 'Tbon inadart to 

(town aw'i as an I'rry" i'.j hb aoule ;' and agun, Iwunh Hx. 5 'The cimi <A 

•ddena thai U^brM^en, *i'i vuir wulflHi of an atltrcop [trrvyn P] tliei wouen.' * He enidc 


that. *■;•->.« amy wu like the •itUrff-fi^ that nulEithe his oettet to Uke the flyes or thri 
\0i »»r%.' hi'-'jht r,i Z-i r>ur Lun-i''-/. y. 6.?. " i/« i»ii»ia. ^'^ enne.' Wri{!-ht*8 V«i of 
Vv»r.. p r>c. '.ir-oKj. ».!Juro'p.' iV./. p-i77- ' ^w arena, » ncRiiie.' Afrf. p. 333. 
In IM .*<!uvM L^tfcf-domi' i. 92 is a reoaeily ' «i)'at/«/nY'/>^<ait bite,' accompwued by ffamwinga 
r.f :-»-< AU<'jr':o['4, Uke two h<^mc<i l<x:iLiU. 

: 17. an £rthe dyn. In the Oirfjr yfututi, J09S5. we are told how St. Fkul eaeapad 
fr-iir. pnjoa • th'>ni a ncrthilin ^M J«er waa;' lee aLio 1. 204^9. 

Hi. an £fl6oyzi. In fiV Frruu'f'ntt, j52~. Gut when brought before the Sowdao 
ir.«c«a>l of be:n^ temfi«I by hi:* threats And questioiu ' an«wt!rede wi>-oate exfoyn^iw.* 

Eve. 0>mf«re Wyclif, Gtrneri-" ii. 53 (Purvey"* : * And Adam teide, Tliii ia now 
a y^if'Ti fii tiiv li-.<jnyjj, And deidch of my tleidcb : ihld dcbal be clepid virago^ for ihe ia taken 

fit TAAD.' 

120. FasTZigifl of lokis. In the C ur^^r MuHJi. 3569. anurngst the rigns of tiieap- 
pr''iACh fii old tiqK t>'i a ii^n we arv t<>lJ that 

' (>e frtli /'/j: t«» fal «jf him And fv «ii.'ht to wax well dim ; 
anr] h^mu. 1. 7344, when Iielil^ ha<l cut t.<lf Stuud'Hi's hair he was eaaily bound 
' f,T thoru h"« /".r hifl force was tint." 

lal. a Faldynge. Compare p. Ilowelothe, p 437. ' Aniphihiiliu. re*tU fqui viltota, 
at-" A *^la'iayn or faM\-n^/ MS. «.). s. 4, Trin. tV-ll. C'amb. In the Invent, of Heniy 
fViWftt, Archhii*>.'ipr>f York. 1423, we fin-I an item, "de xij". receptis |»ro xij vir);iide pAuno 
rocat^f vJ>»/tf faUfivn*/.' 'lt*t yj'ur. iii. 71. Iii a Will, dated \^lf>. yt. in LaDca«bire Willa 
ff.'hethar/i Vit.;, vol. i. p. 13. the ttr:<tatur 1x:<]iioath9 ' my 1>t->t typett, my jaldtfng and my 
Vi^'k in th« church.' 

\'i'l. a Fan. (.''jinpare Weddyr coke, brl 'W. 

a Fayne of a schipe. ' Cfxri'dm*, nu-'- a fane' MS. tX 5. 4, Trin. CoIL Cainb. 
f't'Dipare a Stremour, below. 

A Funtum. Reoil A Fantom. 
'Thin iJt DO /allium, ne no fabulW ^-^ wte wele of the RowuD tabulle.* 

Aroirittije of K. Artkert U. 
'K'<r-tri fijr j'ltafo'im & fayr}';t.- })c folk ^ere hit deuiLMl.* ^'(r ^ainiyne, 240. 

1 2Z. » Famtikylle. * Crtia, an" a iwkke or fmkenc* M:?. 0. 5. 4. Trin. ColL Ounb. 

Fastyngange. Iluloct ha^ a rather strange entry: 'Shraftyde or feastyng 
daycR, callfd alifO fa-.t';i,'onir. Itnrch-ntalia fcttn, carm^jjriniuin.^ 

1 1ft. a Felischippe. In the Dujhy Afi/Ktcricn. p. 202, 1. 914. Mary M.ig^lalene exclaima : 
'AI'.-v:! /«/u/(f'/>e her w noon!' where the meaninj is company. In the Song 0/ Rolahd, 
€01, wf, are ti-ild that Itoland 

' not for hiA own fiak he Hot;lie<l oft^n, but for his/e/ZiVAi)) }tat he moat louyden.' 

ft FeUe. AnuingNt other articles in the Invent, of John Casse, in 1576, an 
enumerat^l.'ix sychells, a f»are of woll cardit, ij harrellu, a ratton/f//, ij'. viij"*.' Bichmond. 
Will*, tie. p. 360 ; and in that of JohnColaa, goldnuiiih, of York,in 1490. occura: 'j imton 
di;<cipuU, Ani^lice ^fdl.' Tent. Ey*r. iv. 59. 

VZ'J. a Pettyr. ' /ioiat, eatma4, swenrcopsaa, vicl handcopgas.' MS. Harl. 3376. 
'('f/mj'*-* rfl. Hi>pn». fot-crtps. B'xjia, ioc, ofifie swur-copa. Manice, hand-cope.' Wright's 
Vol. of Vf>cah. p. fCi. 

130. Yu Flgea. Tn,viiia, in his trani*. of Higden, vi. 357, tells ub ' \« evd ^t 
hatto/riM iH a Hchr(:we<l evej, for it seme]> l<at his bom is oiite \aX ha)* >at evel.* 

l'J2. a Fiffte. S*;o tb*! curious ' Demaundea .Inyous* repriate*! from the original copy 
by Wynkyn do Wonle in /Wf'/. Aniifj. ii. 73, ' llic lin'fla, a fyse.' Wright's Vol. of Vocab. 
p. 209. ' KJMiten, or let a fu:»t. Palo.' ilnloet. ' To fyest, jidcre.' Mauip. Vocab. 

133. a Flawe of fyre. See the Cnnujr MumJi, 17370, where an angel is deecribed 
as having * biM rlt.-thing ats It suan his suire, 

And his cher lik yton fia'jht ^mihprinted tlaght'^ fire.' 



n FlAJcet. In tb« Invctil. of R. B«fft, taken In i(;Ri. «r«nietitions<r, ' in ye tnitfillce 
i.v poii^ J kite. 3.tfiillr<(«. 4 meftlke bowlon. withollirr imitlcmenU, 6».' FanNiitstt 
-y il Rett. p. 173. • Yf the woiulicn htm *iiiyt<cn ihoy «>wiio lui aJLicietlt, otiivr 

ft Ik.l^.i. tjluiivil. De yrttpr. Itrram, Kk. rii. cli. lii.^j. j66. 

134. Flekked. C»up&re V&rmid. Irelow. In Treviui'a Hi^len, i. 159, ir« Me told 
tli^t 'CMocliikit in hJUHfil best, in c<>I<ittr \hhc to a lu|iant ; Mul no \h pariluK, nnd jiaQtem 
»I-o. anil tom dwle of Jw kynile;' ntnl Lyd^tc spoak.^ <>f ' wUy^Ui JIfH-ijd with tin.- t.rowii.' 
Mimor PoemM (Percy Soc-I, p. it)9 Compare tho Tou-uttry MijiU. p. ji i ; •bin Btofe must 
hcjleljft* Bcsi, iu hi^ Faruiin'j, Ac. ItovL; p. 50. uj>>« the vcrb^MUrn <■ to change col&ur: 

' Omb* wtirD liii-y iinoe l>e«fiiiiio tti ihoAte, they wiU etreightway alter bogioDe to 

JteeJccn, anil hc^ ripo oti a Hu<J<laiiic.' Flteh^m Rpot uu thv fnoo u olill in nve. 

a Flotchor. ilarriHim, in hi^ Dr»crii4.. »/ Ewj. i. .^43, mcnt'tonaainutigirt the treoii 
of Rtiglaiiil. ' the aapt, whurenf »ur Jtclvher* iii»ke their RrTOWtw.' St-e (ho IhMmctum 0/ 
Troif, lulmd. p. xJvii, whe:-e tha follon-ing^ lino in qiinto<l from Lytlgiile : 

' Bowers eke, anJe fn»l by ^'/fitrcn.' 
In liie Che$tfr Plaf/t. i. 6 are mentioned : 'jH^tdirrt. buncycre, oowp^n, dtrinfTon ant 
iwmongt-ni.' Tnrn«r. in bin //t-rf/nl. p. 67. fnyt tliwt '^rcn^rt mak* prvkke fuiaftM of 
bypchc, bccttUBu il It hem-ier than enpe is\.' ' Item the fitchrr that ilwellyJ in Thiirt«'n 
■troieowytb hyra tfor iyuib«r, ix*. vj'>/ .Vditii^x and JluuMhnltl AU/w. u/ Kiuj. 1465, p. 179. 

a Fleke. S^e FnlliulluB On lluAborfitie, Ok. iii. I 881 : 

• Do fcins Mtrte uppon thatro jiryke bom amler ;* 
atul I. 987 : * In Jl<yic» fjdre yf that men list hero BpreJe.' 

IftD. a Fleeche onike. In thcInvnit.ofTbonuwile Dniby, Archdoaor^nofRichmonil, 
dated I4OO, Mc tiitd ' pru j tiiyour, j watcrcanne. iij taibletnt, de nuricaloo, et j jlrx^hfrntiff 
j friyngpan. et iiij trciwes. Hiiuul rundit. iiij». x*^.' JVjrt. £bur. iii. 14. " Pro j/tarA crok da 
fuTo.' Inveot. of Archbiithop Bowet 1433, ibid, p. 80. 

a Flyko of bacon. Wc find UiId wonl frequently in the oM wilb and invmtoriM. 
Thtti in the Invent, of W. Cb^wdt^nlye, in i<>45, ore iuc1iide«l *ij bus. of rjc. iiij fkilen 
Jtfka, m p*ynj of new flhoen, xtV* Jiichmnnii. Willg, &c. p 54 ; aiifl in thai of Jnhn C^a^ieby, 
in i4);i. we havo, • Item IjJlieHisiU fttwon, iij*. iiij*.' r«i. Ehor. iii. yy. Bui thf t«fni was 
iiut LfiniiQei), as with uii, to a biicon Hitch, fur we find in thu InrRiit. 'if (ter^nl fjotlvoyn, in 
17o» an item of ' tiij Vjf< jfiri-e* and ij buekm jtich, «vj*.* Willi .t luvfnt. i. 548 ; and 
to, HUionjjBt the ^nxidd of John C^aase, in 1576, are msndoued 'iij baconjlicks, vj 6^d 
», xiiiijV' Itiehtnond. Wilh, Ac. p. a6o. 

13d. a fladoiate. In nuto, for 'on ' rood 'on.* 

187- to Podyr. U. llest. in hi« Farming, itc. Book, p, yt, gires Jirectionii ' tnr/itthfHit^ 

of «hee[ie yow are nlliioo to hare a care thnt yaw beginnc not to/oOur In wtjtle 

weather; for tliey [alie^^p] will not fall froibly to tbtire /vfAn* att tho fizvt, but treade it 
Bndar fottte atid waste it. See also ibid. p. 30. 

a Poylo. * Pullm, oiccn. ott^e brid. ottfie foW Wright'a Vol.of Vocab, p. 77. 

a Porbott. In the.S'ft;*' off MrUj^M, 406, Roland exclaims: 
•GwdJia fui-itudc &. t>* holy Tryny tee And U»e oure cryrtcn laweT 

^t euer frnunm bethen were for meo 

138. a PorgetyU. In the EarlM Kng. pMaJUr. Pa. ix. 19 in rendered ; 

• Fur Jor-grtdneM in ende nogbt besf of pouer whare he wenile ^ 
the A. 8. renion reading *for>Snn na lea in ende oj^r-yattnluit bi5 ticarfeiia. 
liower, U. 1 9. Robert of Itniuue uses fotyftilickip iu the HeiiHo of an overvighl : 

■Hot for u fm-ffftilfchip lUcbanl & lio Iwjw lea.' p. 176; 
*od Lydgate, ChronicU of Trcftf, Ek. iv. ch, 3, ha«: 

• I were JvtffUU, recklea, To remember the tnflmte outrages.' 

ISU. A Poreter. We fre4|Ui< find the form fottrt. iw in NiV TirffTcvnni. 430 : ' JifTe 
y dey in ttie pkyne. Thftt axy fosteir* hntU aleyne,' and in PUit., Ittl. and Lnn Poem*, p. 
Jt. L j8. ' !VI»w(p-c the Wttche of jotirm nsu\ pmrkerryn.* See al*o Air 'Ifiamour, lo6j. 
• Uie lutMnut. A^ a ftwier.' Wrigbt» Vol. pf Vocab. p. 378. 

IAI4 a Frald. * A mnliitudo of rcyooni piiM thry tnke 
And into riiwhy /ragtU rare hi-ia ^ete.' 

PalLaiiiuii '.)»! Iliuhonilrit, p. 204, 1, 494. 

Sea ttbo 


US. ft Froske. 1>ATne Juliftu Bnmei. in her Trafttiie ofF^tAjfUffe wiOk tm Angle, p. 
19, dfivffi u (>n« way of tnking the pike : * Tftke a froaAe ft pat it on joor hoka at the 
necke bytw(;ne the Rkynno, ft the body on y* backe halfe, and put on aflote a lenLe therfio: 
ft caate it where the pyke hauntythiand ye ahall faane hym.* See the aooomit of the 
pUgiiu of Kf(ypt in theCurjor Mundi, where we are told, 1. 5938, there * waa/rone ^ 
na tung mo^it tvU,* where the other M8S. read /roiftes, and /ro«7g'e>. *^eenma,«froM)faft.* 
Wright'* Vol. of Vocab, p. 223. 

144. to Frote. ' FroU it wol with larde fatte and decocte.* Palladiai On Huahomdrie, 
p. 16, 1. 433. See also p. 35, 1. 683. In the first quotation, foe 'beeat' read *breat.* 

a Frugon. In the Invent, of John Cadeby, ab. 1450, we find, ' item, j oolrake et 
} /argon ferri, ilijV Tat. Ehjr.iii. 100 \ and a^in^ in that of T. Morton, in 1448, ' ij 
furyon* aig. jKmd. j unc. di. quart, v'. ij**. ob.' <Md. p. 1 13. 

Fruteurs. See W. de Worde's Boke of Keruing, p. 373. 

146. Full but. * He smote Dare! with bo goode will 
In middea of the sheld /lU butl, 
That Darel fell doun with that putt.' 

Sir Generydes (Bozb. Club), 4587. 
a Fulemerd. ' pe fox and pe fovmerte in als sail be tane.* Ancient SeoL Propktcjf. 
in BemartJuB I)e Cara ]iei Famut. p. 19, 1. 33. * t>e fox and ^foulmert })(u ar botbt Us. 
ibid. 1. 74. See the burleeque poem in licliq. Antiq, \. 85 : 'A fox and %/oimert had jet. 
fette.' * Ilie feirunctut. Hie pecoidee, a fulmard * [misprinted gvimard]. Wright's Vol. of 
Vocab. p. 351. 

146. a Furre. H. Best, Farming, d:c. Book, p. 44. telli us that 'amongst ahaaren 
[reapers] the one of the furre* is called the fore-furre, and the other the kinder-furre ; 
aometimei they make the one the fore-furre, and sometimes the other, but tfae/iirrs on 
your left hande is the best for the forc'furre .... you should allwayes putte the weaker 
and worst shearers into the fore-furre. 

1 49. a Golte. Id the first quotation, for ' giylyche ' read * gryslyche.' 

150. a Oanvyndelle. In the Invent, of R. Bishop, taken about 1500, are induded 
■ j spynyn-weyll, j roke. and j teyll, j garyn-tryndyU foytt and the blaytters, viij*.* Tat. 
Ebor. iv. 193 ; and in that of Robert Doddinge, in 1562, ' iij wheills, ij pare of gam* 
wyiuUlh, xviij**.' Itiehmond. 
hram, rkombasJ' Gouldman. 

to Oarse. In Copland's trann. of Guydon'a Qwttyonarj/ of Cyrurgyent, 1541, we 
have : ' yf it blede nat wel rub the place with the mouth of the ventose, or gyne it small 
fyllyps with your nayle, and garse it a-newe, that it may blede well.* ' It is good to garae 
the legges byneth that the humours, fumoayte and spytytee that ben cause of the beed 
acho, may be drawe from the beed dounwarde to the nether partyes.' Glanvil, De Propr. 
Serum, Bk. vii. ch. iii. p. 324. 

151. to Oarsumme. In the Will of 'John Bancks, Laboringe Man.* in 154a, the 
following occurs : ' my lanndes lord Richard Hodgeeon and I is nt a co'dic'on for the cloae 
called ov'kaimer dikes, yt is to say that I or my Riwigne to haue the sayd close trom saynt 
cuthb'te day in lent next after the makynge herof vnto theend and tenne of xv**> yersnext 
ensewicge the wrytinge herof and I or myne executor to pave eu'y yere duringe the said 
tenne yerly xx'. sterlinge to ferme and to paye at the entrie herof for a gryMom xiii". iiij*, 
and he to cause the Indentures tfaerof to be maid, of the whiche gre*$om I haue paid vnto 
the said Richard handea vj^. viijd. and the residue to be paid at the making of the said 
Indentures.' WilU d' Inrentt. i. 119. 'The said Prince should haue the Isle of Anglesey 
Jn Fee-farme of the King, to him, and to the lawfuU issue of his body in general taile, for 
flue thousand Markea ready money, for gresw/m, or a fine in hand payd, & the yearely rent 
of a thousand Markee.' Speed, Uitt. Great Britain, Bk. ix. ch. x. 

a Garthe. See the quotation from the Tettamcnta Ebor. ii. ai6, in the additional 
note to Crofte, above, p. xxiv. «« , . < ^ 

• Thi garth, in springing tyme to be sowe. The footea dmw inaynowe pastyned be.* 
tf f —o a J PaUadiiiBOai/Mboiidrie.p. 184, 1.1^1^ 

See also p. 39, 11. 783, 791. 



to Qarthe wesBelle. S«q qootAtioa from FttKherbert, In tbe aiMitioniU tuu lo 

, ikhove. p. xzii. 

1&3. a O&velle. Compftrc P. Cornel, ami Ilnry Will; Ao.. p. ix, wfanre, in tbo Will 
of J. BareL, 14^3. we (tad a dJnotian, 'the owaner of my pUon to luite my eomM Aoia it 

a Oaveloka. I am tnollDed in think that thn in<utiiing heps ia a crow-liar.' Tn 
thfl Invent, of Tboniaa Vicnr«. in 1451, we find, 'j lyiig liak. vuu j ;jttv^ok fetxi tJ'*. Test. 
I^H>r tti- no: And in tliat nfi !hniitn|)bcr Thomnim, in 1 544> ' a r/ittYLii-e xij**. Item a friong* 
pann*!, ntj* Rirhntnnd. U'i7/ji, Ac. p. 53. So also in tlie Id^-vuI of KicbarH Ttcrt. in 1581, 
art T '<tie roon, one j/avwchf, one Her tho\e, ono [tare <H'tanf;ca.' Furmini/, ite. 

Boo' . p. 171. Tba oonnectira in which tho worn oocun in th«e qiiotatioiu ia 

•gftinn ttic iii<-A of ita being * wuapnn of any sort. * iij imn n%'ilgM. a ^mtUtcit, imw axo, 
tt pair of cob Iroau, and a bill, vi*. viij'.' luviint. of H. Butobor, i;79, UUkmoad. WUU^ 
*0^ p. 1^8. 

158. Oerarehy. SeeGower, Cox/.^lmiinMii. 145: 'Whiohslantunrlerb'wjffmroRV*.* 
Catton, in his HuUU-n Lrgeinfe, fo. 34, Riwaka nf the ' bookc of yrrnrthyt of holy aagvUil ;* 
anil Fahyan, i'krrmicU, pt. I. e. xxvii. p. 19. aiiilnsscH the Vir^fi!! : 

* Mort virgyiiall flour, "f al moil etoelirt, Al>oue }• nombm & glorioiiii oom|iany 
PieroynfT of Angelli y" hytart Gerfirrh^, Of hu blo<si(l ceyta. w* motitc bye tltgitit«; 

Juye and b« glad, fur God Onmi[Kitent Kc-xt aft«r bym vimx h'>nourt!i{ bi be.' 

Hath tbe Ijrfl vp, ft »tt mosto worUiely 

15-(. » Oesame. 'The fysrte mete nf ibo fow'oa ii rcceynjd and kepie in die crnppa 
to tba wconde dygcatyon, that shall ba mode in tbo ijisarit or inawc* GlanvU. /'e Propf. 
Brrum.lSk. v. rh. xliv. p. 161. 

15&, to Oiffe atedfl. Cf. tbe account in the Curtor Mundt, I 2499, of tbe battle be- 
twoen tb<! fuiir kings uml the five, where we are told 

' Jw five ifOHM bade to wine away," 
Compare a\m CaxUmtChaHr* t/it irrrte^ P*i93: 'tliey made so grete bruyt. ih&t tbe 
nuMMi hanlyest of the paynyms if<\f tbum icaye, 

a Oilafatto. The rRfereitne tn the qnntation fmin th"^ 7«*/. hJtor. in wrong: H 
ahonld lie. ' i. >.' 'A mashefatt, a bramlurelh, and a wdrtsUm xl''. It<:ai a^yr(/iltf, rj.* 
Xarcmt. ofTboiUM Walker, 154}, Iliehiiutiul. Wilis, Sx. p. 30. 

IS?, to Qlste. H. Bolt, in bin Farminfj, ttc. Bnai, p. 119. tells us tliat 'such blasts 
an are t;%keii into any paMture to Imw k«pi, are (her>-ftlHK]U«) ralletl 'jcittitn, \. e. f/ntert, 
and thcire gatts we many Mvemll jov/«c.' ' Mrs. 8<4liryn her \pkiei <m tlie Grt-etA are 
allwsjres att at a ntti^ vix. 5'. f**. a cowe-gwst, her nnwtbeanU wsgo if ao*. in niuney. the 
nttlke of a uuwe, anr] a CQWtQrnH* 

CHadyn. ' Gfttdtnlum. jKkt i<t ^Iteileoe.' Hnrle's P/iint-iV<iiMf>4, p 5. ' (iladinlirm, 
gjUdene.' AelfHc't Gluw. iu \\ ri^hl'a VuL ul Vucab. |>, .^o. ' iScUla, ghtKluno.' (..'ott .MS. 
U«)p, A. ill. II. 76, 

Olayre. GlanHl eays chat • the Gnpe Is emnpownyd of thfl hnlle uf ptatia and 
ofnxillitf hi'Vfiti is the j<iy« And futte huntiuu uf the gni)te anr| HxiUi tK:ii \hv nxniWe 

Ksynea Uiat U n in the g-ntjwT.' lir Propr. Jl-rttm Hk. xiHi. c. rJxxKi. p. -it. Sf^ alM> 
Uadiiu. Bk. IT. L 497, and Chauocr, C(xnim*9 Ytomom'§ Tatt, Preaiii. 806. 

158. a Oleda. In Roland A Ottui, tbe Samcen niockiag Nayroes UJs bim Ktup at 
luHue ' U> kepe parecbe walies fro wcbanie, ^at no 'jl<dt9 uc^ie >aiu oare.' 1. 3S5. 

to Olee. * Stmbn, ■celg'^igede.' Wright'» Vol. nf Vocab. p. 75. A curious prtiof 
that ITnlUwcil's definition is wrong ecctin in Hampole'i Prwe TrfiiiKM, p. 2'j. wb^Tc we 
arv told that * Lya was ^nnrtefull, brt scho was tan rgftrdt' 

IflO. OluterUS. See the Eirtgrun 00 tlie D^geoeracy of tlte "nnies in Btiiq. Antiq. i. 
58 ; w«i hav* * Pbty is vileney, and bolyday is fftufry.^ 

Ifll. a Goke. *I gagowlemla a-faowte, al aodja a ^oke.* R^i^. Jnti^, i, 39L 


a Gome. In 1566 Dame Prieree bequeathed, * to my commother Crosby one fyne 
kyrchyffe.' Jtiehmond. WiUt, &o. p. 19a. 

163. a Grape, d the Invent, of the Priory of Durham, 1446, are mentioned 'ij 
rastra, ij yoke wymbils, j rest wymbyll, ij grapez, j shole, ligat. cum ferro.' WiUt & Invent. 
i. 95 i *iiij prapez,, ij sholez, yj harpincs/ t6w{. p. 96; 'one mvok backe, t. grape 8c iij 
forkes. viij*^.' Invent, of B. Anderson, 1570, ibid. p. 343. 

to Graue. * Loke ptA bla liciime 

Vndir erj>e not be graue 

But taken wilde bestee to haue.* Curfor^utt(2»(Trin. MS.), 17335. 
'Here now is be gravid, & her lyes hee,* Dighy Mygt. p. aoo, 1. 853. 
Bee also Palladius, Bk. vi. 1. 45, and Chaucer, Wife's Tale, 1. 209 : 

' I nolde for al the metal ne for the ore, That under erthe ii grave, or litb above ;* 
and the Cook's Tale of Qaaulyn, 1. 69 : 

'Anon as he was deed and under gras i-grave* 
* At Uie leiflt graife me in sepulture,* 6. Douglao, jSneados, Bk. vi. p. 1 76. 

164. a Greoe. * Steppe or grice. Seamnum* Huloet. In his Will, dated 1463, John 
Baret dedree that * a deaeueraunce be maad of stoon wal ovir the entre, to parte the lidl 
botrie vndir the grtsys, to longo to the parlour wiche is redy maad.* Bury Wtllt, &c. p. ao. 
In PalladiuB On Hvibondrie, p. 18, 1. 463, grfce is used aa a plural : * thre greu or liii ii 
up therto to goo i* and in the Paston Letters, iii. 386, we have greeyvggee. 

a Grease. In Jtoland & Otud, 993, we have the plural form: 

' to faym commes Jrat lady d«re & graee brogbte ))at 6ce ;* 

where the meaning is herbs. See Pnstun Letters, iii. 7. 

* )>e dri cald erth }iat lauerd kyng, and bad it gress and frut forth bring.* 

Cursor Mundi, I. 384. 

a GresBOpe. 'Locusta, gters-stapa.* Wright's Vol. of Vocal), p. 78. 

165. to Grinde corn or egelome. Best uses horn in the sense of tool: 'An out- 
ligger carrynth bat onely one looTne to the field, and that is a rake.' Farming, &e. Book, p. 
49. The translator of Palladtua On Htubondrie uses it in the sense of vessel : * bette is 
kepte in pitched loomee smale.* p. 304, 1. 478, 

a Gripe. The following description of this bird is given in the A.S, Glossary 
printed in Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 78 : * Oriffus. fi^ei^fote fugel, leone gelic on wiestme, 
and eame gelio on heafde and on fifferum : se is swa mycel ]«et he gewylt bora and men.* 

167' a Orunde. See also Curwr Mandi, 1, 1 36 : 

*For-)n )>at na were may stand Wi tauten: prumitco// to be laatand.* 
' Fundamentum, gnind-wal.' Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 93. * Fundameniumt grund-weal.' 
ibid, p. 81. ^e»AUit. Poems, A. 395. 

168. pe Gulsoghte. In note, the reference to Wright's Vol. of Vocab, sbouhl be 
■p. 334.* 

a Gutter. Cf. Deatrwt. of Troy, 1607 : 

* The water by wissbyng went vnder bouses 
Goesbet through Godardys and other grete vautes,* 
See wAaoAUit. Poems, C. 310, PaJUadius, On Husbondrie, p. 151, 1. 60, says that in May 
is the time, ' Nowe as the treen beth gladde in tliaire astate, 

For gxUteryng to howe it and to bent.' 

170. an Haire. In the Invent, of W. Knyvett, 1557, we find mentioned, 'one newa 
stepynge fiitte and an old, with old kelne kayres, xyj*. viij^.* Uichmond. Wills, &c. p, 101. 

an Hak. 'He lened him a-pan bis AoA;,* Cur«or Mundi, 1. 1341. 

171. an Haly water olerke. 'ific aguarias, a halvwater clerke.' Wright's Vol. of 
Vocab. p. 363. I should have mentioned that I am indebted for a great portion of the 
note to correspondents of Notes and Queries, 

an Halle. William Paston, writing in 1493, speaks of 'bora, luunease, tents, 
kalff$, gardyryans, cartes, and othyr thyngee.* Paaton Letters, iii. 376. 



ITS. Ml Hallsrage. lu the Invent of Thntnn- Af-trtrm. (.'sixm of York. Ukoti m 
t44^UBongit the (>.>Dt«nt« of tho II " cimi ij ca»V'>rsi de viridi 

el fuImo My, Mlyd, cum unnw nrtlii iij". iiij'. I)tij hnUt/atfe 

voturi de rubiu uy, cuiu knuu Beuti t ci^ri m ni'.-iiM, l\'_. i ' k Ebvr. hi. 107-8 ; and in 
1479 John (.'<i.iiiltrll hei|iiMrtbed 'to CMstiau KuriiXAH, mj s^rvAtint, a hafliifj of wh]t« 
tUneuU wifcli nj w;u-kes of mercy,' ibid. p. 3^6. In the Iiivonl. of Ttjuinas WaIUct, in 
lf4>, w« fioil, * Iluni R tmuker, v. ijwmAcIiyii^)*, antl a Kiiulifng, ij*.' fiicUmoiui, W'itU, Xc 
p. 51 ; aod in that uf R, Butcher, Ui 1579 : ' it hauiin-jf, » hyuker uf wimn-.», lunl ij fux 
•kynnes,' ifrjf/. p. 348. 

ITS. Ml Hank. ' vHj hank* of lynniit}; ymrnc, vj*. vtij**.' nre included in the Invent. 
of Mre. J»oe FullUin>|ip. in 1566. Ittrhmund. W'ilU, Sic. y. l%y, uid in that of .1. \Vllkan- 
ton, in if.71. we hjive * xxv) futnitkrJi of uicdle wyt-r ij' xijA — vj huNnkt of great wyer 
xviij*. — yj hnHiiit of t>mall wyor xriij*. H'iV^,t /nrfri/. i. 364. I5*«t t«Il.-4 us eijjht 
tbinpiare ncce^wiry fur puctiD^' uphunllux. theeifjhth uf which ^ i^Mii hard-aor h'fifi mijir^, 
Aft they call thi^m, which ta as tbioke Agaioe u plongh-ctrin^. being a loa» ktnde of two 
plelteti, which vt uaunlty «old fur 3 half-penco and aojueUmee fi:]r id. a kautie ; them nhrxiM 
Lc« ID evorle knott" 18 bthamea; and jowara to make your Ann/.ya 3 rjimrterK of n yanle 
In Ivngth, and to putl« to everie sctenU bam you aetiJt; tu fitld a A-^'N^r. und to the foar 
coratfl* liarreia LwoAiDiAci a ptteoo, and thatbeeaiue they w»ul itAkoi.' /'urttin!^. d'c. Hook, 
p. 16. lu La^ntnon, 25873, wo h»Te ' ihtnehd aod golden.' and in the Cunor Jfoiid^. 
16044, the word ia usod in the s«nw of to bind: 

' ie«aB |>U in prutoun lei, ful herd Jtai did Kane* 

an Haras of horse. *But nthcst bo Ui*ire Itolk and wouiboi large. 
Thi< cnftc in gcntil h'tTua is to ohM^e,* 

Palladiiu On Siubonttrir^ p. 134. 1. 820. 

175. Hordes. ' ffanUn dothe iiij acore and vj yerAt " »nd ' tiniui; yarue & harflin at 
Ute Webster X3*.' are mentioned iu the Inrent. of John Jlayles in 156$, WUU <t fnvcnti. i. 
193-4 ; and in that of Roger Pele, in 1 541, we Had ' one table cloth of kardrti. price Iiij'*.' 
Jiirhmotui. WUU. Ao. p. 3 3. * Item vij. sct^re of lya ^me, ttml iiij noore of hardifWj game 
vij*. viij''.' Invent of TbonuM Walker, 1543, ibid. p. 31. .Simon Mrrflet, in 14A3. bo- 
qooathtd tn bin ni.ittir ' xl y«rda of lynalolh, xl ycrtU uf herdnt ulotb, vj codilM, iij par aUotea, 
Ac.* TtMt. E'Hfr. ii. j6i. &vc AHit Poem*, B. 1309: 

' Jfard hatteii )>iiy bent & on hon lepos;' 
■ad oompan Kinff Atejcainttr, p. loi : 

* Hum nraicA thaim in ringcs an<1 sum In bow brenm 
With hard tiatboi on thaire bodis biod to LlLaire bonis.* 
'Hrrddn with plx Uqiiide berto fche/ PnlladiuM On //uMbomlrie, p. 41. 1. 1 t3S. See the 
Lttjtiuia of the liuiy livo^t, p. 81, 1. 681, and Wyolit JudgtM xvi. 9. In Polbuiiut, Bk. vitL 
135, hardat \» UBod fur the outer iikin of aquilbi. 

Harife. In note, in quotation frum MS. Hart. 338S, for 'heyrone* read 

an Harlott. Bee (be Dighy Mynltriea, p. .cq. 1. 137 : 

'yff per he ony harirttrs y^i a-guns me make roplycaoyon ;' 
and p. 56. 1. 37. Hee AllU. I'aeim, B. ^tj, S60, 1584, and Oluwiary. 

176. Ham poxme. See thoCanor Mitndi, 7377. where, whvn -Sanwrn pulled down 
the gatei at (.<axa. we are told. ' Hit hern pnn ho biak wit ohanoo ;' where tbe other MS-S. 
nad hcmepOMHe^ Aam ptiHue, and horn pauue. See also 1. 31445. 

an Harro of a dore. In the complaint of a monk on tbe difficulty of leamlni; 
■Dgntg, pr. in Utli'i- .inlif. i. 391. ho deolarofl, 

■ I h»rle At the noteti. and bcv^ hem al of h<rfe.* 
Wyclif 8ay>i ibal ' a* ^ po|i« 11 wundirlul no cudeunU Ir-u an hcrre Ut pe frndis hoaa.* 
\> orki. ad. Matthew, p. 473. ' JJir cardo, -nt«, iteittillintu corrupts [read corrtpta], a bar 
of aduTQ.' U'ri^-hl'ri Vol. uf Vookb. p, 337. A. S. A<w. nbidi i< uaed aa the gloa* to odnio 
in tlie Corpua (Jluaaary. 

177, Haaa. 'The rough voy9 is Aom and sparplyd by BmiUle and Jyui 
Glaavfl^ DtPnfpr. Utrum, Bk. ^1. cb. cszxt. p. 94*. 




iuj", he'^p-lirj'inol.* itjiti. p. 33. 8«; TUynne'» AHtinadtertittH*. p. 40, wbore he tttyn : 
> "llyf'ftu" lit net "fiin|>lye the r>.'tMe berj'e one the Itryer.* vula^t you aiMu uiii 

178. Havyr. 'W«6 I«4l<le cmutwiUy 6 luftdw of hnvtr with » w*in« ... Doghlll 
fl»Uo hiwl m it ^th'u yt]A(«) 6A«eoe good loodet or karcr* Bent, /Wmiiiy, iltc. ^«at. p. £a. 
BtoKlao J6M. p. 143. 

170. to Hawnta. Beit« in hu Farming, Ac. Bvjk, p. 3;;, apcalts of Iho h»rm dons to 
Deftdofra by ' lieimea and cuch Liku fuwlfs that hauntr. a cIoac ; nn<l a4,iui>, p. 73, he ■»>•. 
'our itbephtiAnI lycUi hi« iheepe . . . . bowMx-'vor bcyuud Ltiu 8p4.-Iiuwc. l»ev»UMe thoy ihouUIa 
nnt getlo hnmd of the wheat and rye.* Wyclif froqueutly u^c-n the word, soo ht« Work*. «d* 
Malibew, pp. ij. 73, 146. &o. 

an Uefte. Robert Gny in hia Will. dat«d 1437. bequoathod to his ion lUaltird.' 
*iinuin tftadjum oum peltry ququi dagar baliokAr/ttd cum arg«iito omatum.' iW. Sbor, 
«. 6.V 

180. ^ Hodo warke. • Cq>h<tfia, 1. (io^or tMpitU ttrl trphntnrgiQ, hen ford- wwrc, moI 
eoe.' GLnM. MS Harl. 33*6. Cotnpitre tho reintxly given in lUliq. Autiq. i. gi 'for euol 
and ttwi'e in hlcddt;r.' 

181. an Hekylle. In the Invent, of WlUiam Cultman, In 14ST, are included ' fj hvktU 
ct imo repptj'ng karntt tij''.' Teat. liifor. iii. j6t. 

133. nn Hepi>e. ' HutHnu*, beope.* Aulfric'ti Glow, in Wriglit** Vol. of Vocab p. 30. 

' UuU ~ ~ " ' 

"The _, 

epithoton und vayu " the rvddt.- Bcrrye fmo tbe iwult* Bryor (wliicb U the E^lvtviiu) to 
ditttinjriiyshe yt froiu the coraouc lirycr or Itramhlt?, Iteiingt! the bhicke Boryo." * 8c« 
alMo Tumur'n Hrrimt. pt. ii. If. 1 18** : ' Of the Brert: butiho ur Hrp tre or Brcra ire:* and 
1 19''. where h« tellii iix that * the tarteii nuiJe unlya •>( Ileppt* wnto well to Ite tntoo of 
tbem thnt vnmit to uueh, or faaue any flixe, whulher it be the bloody flixe or Um 
oosninoD flize.' 

Herbe ion. In a M.S. recipe ' far a man that sal begyn to travKvlu,' wo are 
raoanuntfudiMl to * tak niogwcirte, and carry hit wiili tiie, and tliu tal uaght fule na 
werjitAAM, and whare tbou do* it in hooees na elvee oa na svyll thynges may ooai 
(hendti, oc t|ware Kerhe /oh ouinea noyibcr.^ Jitliq. Antiq. 1, 53. 

an Herber. See Digbj/ Sfyitrries, p. 76. 

184. HerHB. 'Lang and aide |>air bnie« worn 

And hinged all a^boat )«ir hem,* Cunor Mundi, 8079. 

ISS. anHespe. SenAUit PcNmu.B. 419, wliei-e tbe Ark is deecribod lu drifting obont 
without ' Kable, ujwr capitnn to clyppe to her ankre^ 

Hurrokt o>vr liand-bolme nwptd on ru^.* 
8m alw C. 189. 

to make Hevy. * Which of tkeee too oucr hit be, hit hiffftth me.' Paston I>ott«n, 
Mi. 184. 

187. an Holyn. * CUcMrMa, >at ii oneow bolen ' Earte, JSnff. Plaat-}fnmHi, jk 4. 

*StHiiatua, cuet.whole.' Aelfric's Glo«.. in Writfht'n Vol. of Vocab. p. 30. • AnyoUut^ 
holen.' ibitt. p. 33. ' /fiwctM, oneo-holen, fyree* ibid. p. 385. ' Utc uwir, A*- olyn-tre.* 
ibid. p. 193, 

an HoUeke. ' Dnricorinm, boMeao.* Wright** VuL of VocJib. p. j86. 

188. to Hope. * Qoen ho right dipe had doluen fiaro 

1 Ao/« tucuti futo or maro.' C*r$or MiLndi. 31532. 

an Hopjpyr. H. Bust, in hi» Farmiwj Book, p. 1 1. naeai hapftcr for a oomiaaB 
beikct : he rt'cunmii^ntb weak hunb« to be laid 'in an Kopftfr or luukett upon a Utile 
•woeie hay;' and ug^iij. p. 137, Jie vprak^ uf tlie 'ho/tpinff trtr' of u ' wainc* 'Ilic naibor 
of tho tnuiR. of Vallodina On /luAbomihi; P. iSo. I. 43, reconinien<tN the ' Aoprv-cluth ' to be 
of 'bienee iikynno.' 'iij uiawiid« und a iwypcr livi''.* are luoutioned in the luvtntiory of 
J^w Wyclif, of lUohnMnd, ta 1563. Hickmond. WUit, &c. p. 163. 

At>DrrmxAL notbs. 


*n Borlege MAitodevile tell« os t1t»t on tlw *Ot«U Cluuuw* Ubte v/Hre 'ninirae 

orilwjia of y;ol(l, iii.i'^ ' ' -^ ' ' -= V ' ''.',' p. 334. Pecock, in hb HoprtMOf. 

pt. f . ch. 11 p I 1 "^ iiiturio tiT tile lUie hi iicti»tlew uuiAd 

bi the Siinnt: in b u'.; * :.___,- ;', ■«/'» Taie. C- T- 4044. 

190. on Hoat. Turner. ITrrhal. pt. li. If. 3)t^. tclU lu tbat 'MiuUck ii good ia be 
dntiiLen uftbem that spit blood and for an old hwl or oough.* 

Ifll. an Hukster. ' Weo tmy ouruKiltenUUuHoiitt Mkltimof LhuAudbfC^r^ Mid tripo- 
wivos/ H, Drajl, /■'(iniiiny, (fee- Bvoie, p. a^. 

182. ftn Hundeflee. ' Mte humbh, a haod'tiye.* Wri^ht'ii Vol. of Vonb. p. 32^. 
ISUuvil, i)f Proftr. iiVrum. Bk. xii. ch xtii. p. 4}.^. give* ilie following dewription of this 
Intact : * Cynumin, & hnntuL * fiye. is the womte k}-ndo of flyoi wyth gretter Ixal y aiiJ broder 
wombw than other flycd «itd \omt flyghte, but thuy LM.-a fuU tonJru luid ultiiie fiutd m the 
iDRinbre* ofheatos no tliu nliycbe tbey siuyte, in wuUe, hoere uul Urintlo) of Ikot^tes, luid 
nuiMly in houndeii.' 

Hunde fonkylle- lu note, for 'Fenelle or Fenhello* read ' Fenelle or 

1U3. Bf) Huatylmeott. ' Imprituli, % old mwmmje, % chayre. a chy!(t, a iftble, with 
otlirr woo<l huMtitmaU tn thv bowsM, v*.' InvenL of W. C3awdestyi>, >545> JHchinoud, 
WUU, &c. p 54. 

1!>4 lawnos. Ttirnur. in hiM Ilerhul. pt. i, p. 81. hu an intenoodiftU! funn Jano»dit«. 
*Ilte (WanVt'o. the jondw." Wright's Vol. of Vooib. p. ^34. 

106. Inglamua. In pAlliuliiu On Tltu^totuirie, p. 26, h 693, we &re w«nied when 

ttening up (fetHMJ to take ami tb&t 

*uoon offe» white EiujUnftM Mpfion the root» of hor tonnge.' 

Bee ih^ AUit. Poema, C 269 : * He glydca in by jrs gilcf. )>un yUtymande |TleLte;' and Bt^t. 

/^-' ''- /;, p. ? J : ' Yow are not to b^nno to markc [nheep] m-o longe M the mBrklnge 

»'. liioAC elamme, or clesuetb and ropelh aboulc the bume oud bolts.' In the 

J'i _, -^icruiMht, I. 708. wo hAve : 

• I i(li'p["e thy» ovyn wythowtyn dowte, w* CUy I cfome yt Tppo rvjkfbt fwt ' 
GUnril, be Propr. lUrum, Bk. vi. ch. i. p. 1S6, says tluit 'tbu fyrsto ubyldhode wythotit 
tmth is yet ful tender, utd iie«be. juid guavry and cUtymif ,-' aud again Bk. v. ch. Uvi. p. 
^t8j, he fpeaki of * cltmyng of humour.' 

196. to In. See the directions given by Will. Pa«ton, in 1477 : ' Se the fenuour in bie 
erDp[>e, aud after aeide doris and distrayne.' Paaton Letten, iU. 305. 

In qixarte. Best frequently ums the phraws * in he*rtf?,' or * out of heart* ' to 
■x pr e w g*^>d or bad condition of groand : thus he nys, p. st : ' Lande that is well man- 
ftan»l and i» hturte will bring oome fitrre futor forewarda then that which is bare and uvl 
1/ ktarU.' See aUo p. 1 43. where he ipeftka of barley being keaitp. 

\9S. a lonkfitt for Qracbe. See Catton's CAur/u the Ortte, p. 100, where the ciown 
'ihoms Id also said Ut have been made of * thamt» and of lotiqHta ol the see.* 

a laelle. ' Fk/i myxt with titel water.* PaIWIjub On UusUondrit, Bk. ix. 1. 1R5. 

». an Iven. • Uee ettera. A*- iwyn.* Wright's VoL of Vocab. p. 191. 

>. a Ka. See JtfJand it Otuei, 286 : ' Coo ue pye that there come none.* 

to KftykyUo. See the burI«<H)Uc poem in litliq. Autiq. i. 86: 

'The goo« gagtdt erer nii»rc, the gain wiu better to here.* 

to Kale. ' ij ItUn^ litbbee ' are mencioned in the Invent, of Fnuwyi Waodyi- 
forde, in ifso. ilirJ^muml. WUU, &e. p. i^i. ''i'bin drMike of a trv^uth comforteth moohe 
Ui slake arul k*it LIm bets of vnlawful tlesyrc.' Fisbt-r, Works, p. lf>8. 

* Hrvowl Juwepbe, I rv hyiii here, nur canu furto kt^c' I>iijlf^ 174,1.76. 

SOI. a Kelynge. ' fUht a)s dtqrinun ctD4 n>erltng 

And I'J/ttJceling ete« s[K*rliug.* Metrical //umilUsMf p. IJ5. 

'Z<ij2. a Keni6C«r. ' Thic fclowo chafit«rclh lyke a kcmpeter, c« tl^ffaitt CQ(*ii»<iU ocmipic 

mr ftirtpieraut i/» hitjne' I'sJsgrave. 


n Kidde. Id the Invent, of Henry Bowet. Archbiiihop of York, taken in 1423, 
we find an item, *de vij'. receptia pro octo m. de kyddes. £t de xM. receptis pro duobiu 
m'. de a»celwod.' Test. Ebor. iii. 81 ; and in that of Thomas Savage, also Arcabighc^ of 
York, 1507, we have 'Item Harry Thomlinson hnd aa m&ny hidda, alias fngottes. as- 
amounteth to the some of xx". iiij*.* ibid. iv. 51 5. Fitzherbert recommends fanners when 
thinning plantations ' yf it be smal wod to kydde it and sell it by the hondreds or by the 
thouean'les.' lioke 0/ Husbandly, fo. j^^. 'Kydders or cariers of come ' are mentioned 
in the Act 5 EUz. o. iii. 

203. a Eylpe. This word is of frequent occurrence in 15th and i6th century inren- 
tories. I give a few references : Test. Ebor. iii. 13**, 178, 184, aoa, &c. ; iv. 57, 193, 291, 
&c. The earliest instance I have found is in the Will of John Brompton, in 1444, in which 
of one * oUa ennea earn kilp summa.* ibid. ii. 103. 

a Kyumello. Amula is probably for aenola. Best says. ' our kimblinge is a just 
bushell.* Farming, &c. Jiwtk, p. 105 ; nnd in the Invent, of Richard Best, 1581, we find. 
' In ye bowtinge house one hyndiiu), one bowting tube, &c.' ibid. p. 1 72. ' j kymlyn iij<*.' 
is also mentioned in the Invent, of William Coltman, I481, Te-tt. Ebor. iii. 161 ; and in 
that of W. Duflield, 1452, 'j Jty/n/yn x'V i^'tl. p. 137. See also i/fcAmonii. VTtUs, pp. 179, 
184, Test. Ehor.iv. 189, 293, &c. 

a Blynredynge. * Duke Naymes was Jiaire fere, & Gayryn of kyredyn heghe.* 

Roland & Otuel, 693. 

204. to Kytylle. See H. Beet, Farming, &c. Book, p. 80. 

206. a X>ace. In the Invent, of Richard Bishop, a tradesman of York, 1500, ue in- 
cluded ' a dosan galow lasy* vj^. A groys of qwy th latys, vj^. Item iij groys of threyd 
Ui»ys xx^. &c.' Test. Ebor. iv. 192. 

208. to Iiappe. We find this word used as late as 1641 in Beat's Parminff Booh, p 2 2, 
where he tells us that * in lappings up of a fleece, they allwayes putte ^e inne side of the 
fleece outwardes.* See also p. 23, and Paston Letters, iii. 338. 

a Iiappe of y* ere. See Reliq. Antiq. i. 84, where one of the signs by whidi we 
may judge *yf a seke man sal lyve or dy' is that if 'his trcAappes waxes lethy .... 
forsothe witte thu well he t<al noght love thre dayes.' 

209. a I<a8e. * Fortune in worldes worshepe me doth Icux.* Digby Myst. p. 159, L 580. 
See also the stage direction, ibiit. p. 140, where ' entreth Anima as a iiiayde in a whight 
cloth of gold .... with a riche chapetelet lasyd behynde.' 

a Iiatte. ' Item latts and sjKilks, iij'. iiij^*.' Invent, of Edwarde Pykerynge, 154a, 
Eichmond. Wills, &c. p. 35 ; see slao ibid. p. 93. 

a Iiathe. 'Item in whett and rye in the Jayethe, xxvj*. viiij^. Item wane oome 
in the laythe xxvj'. viij<' Invent- of Matthew Whitham, 1545, Richmond. Wills, kc, p. 
57. ' Come in the hythes. In the west laythe bye estimacion xxxij qwarters of rye, xvjv 
invent, of W. Knyvett, 1557, ibid. p. loi ; see also ibid. pp. 57, 88, 93, &c. 

210. Xiaton. Glanvil, De Propr. Rerum, Bk. xvi. oh. v. p. 554, gives the following: 
' ItUon is hard as bras or copre. for by medlyng of copre and of tynn and of auripigment 

and wyth other metall it is brought in to the fire to colour of golde Laton hight 

Auricalcum and hath that name : fur though it be bras of Messelyng : yet it shyneth as 
golde wythout.' 

a Iiawnder. ' And in certayne she was a lavendere.* Qnttrydes, 1. 4354< 

211. a lieche. In the Invent, of T. Mortion, 1449- is an item, * de ij cultelUs, vocatis 
lecheyny-kn y tes iiii^.' Test. Ebor. iii. 112. 

212. ItOg hames. See G. Douglas, ^Eneados, Bk. xii. p, 425, 1. ii. 

218i Iiepe. See Cursor Mundi, 19719, where we are told how Paul escaped from the 
Jews, becau8e 

' in a lep men lete him dun Yte ouer )>e wallt^s o ]>e tun * 

and again, 20<>83 : ' in lepe ouer walles was laten down.' Best says : * wee provide allsoe 
against this time two lea}>es .... one of the is to lye the doore upon, there on to 
lye and winde tbe fleeces ; atid the other leape is to putte the worst lockee of wool! into.* 
Farming, Ac. Book, p. 23. 'iiij leapes, xij<i. are mentioned in the Invent, of Maiigmret 
Cotton, in 1 564, Wills & Invents, i. 3 24. 




514. ■ Xieeke. John Percy, of Harum, In Mi Will, 1471, b«4)oaftUied 'Johumi Balby 
iij*. Uij**. ct j vACt'Ain with a wliytc le^<' Tt$t. Ebvr. Ui. l83. 

515. A Lybbor. Sco quuteUnu &i.>m Bcllundcoie, i. v. BtTyrke, p. 365. 

21 r. A Lyne (ynchd. ' CardwlU, Masiw^o.' C'or^iua Gloauuy. 

21s. a Xiyvtd. ' V^nnZntm, lurt.%1),* CorpuB GloBByrj^. Margnret BUkbum, m htr Will, 
rUt«(l 14.^3. lieque»i)iiid ' uuum t»iUan\ ttt twill cnm ni^rid Icfttyi . . . . tt dunt tnrUa* 
ritm jJanit c(^oi.' Trgt. Ehor. it. 49. Cuniporc also tlie Will of Jolin Broni^jU'ii, of 
^tnrvrUrf, in 1444, in which is mentliined 'j oiivifHet tU biodio cum capitihtui da^tmrunt 
viridihugf catn alio coopertotU rubto baf>rt4t <n lyHiyog voluerai el aibas tAlai.' ibid. \> 
See aLso quotation from Gluivil in mMitiunal note to Uefc«burde. 

liithwayfce. * IBytwcnc the trw and hli frute Is n Btryngv otJb«r a stAlke. tunl 
that italkti in fynitc feblo niid /nfAi/.' Dt Propr. HerttMt Bk. x\-ii. ch. ii. p. 604. 

ISO' aXjoppe. In Chaucer's Antrotahe, pp. 4, ii, topf/e !■ uieil in the stmae of a 
ainder. A. S. loppt, 

a IfOpster. ' l>w»t fehst )ni on a«e 
Quid caf/u m mari 
luFfinrgM and leaxns oad Inpyvtran and &U nryloM 

allicai ct ineiita - • . ■ ef poUpodea tt nimilia.' 

Adfno'a Colloquy in Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 6. 
"Polipo*, loppcitro.' QM. p. 77, 

S:il. toIfOTO. See tb« y>t!/by Mtjtitrm,^. Ji6, L j6i6: 

' To laude & praytie hyiu. It-'t vm be abowt ; 
To loue h^in h, lo/e bym A lawly hym lowl.' 

a ItOWfi of fyre. In the Curnor MntiiH, 5739, th« buming^ biuh ia lakl to have 
appeared to Mo«e* * als it wit fou war al vmlaid ' 

2^. a liUke crako. In the InTont. of John £den. in 158S, arc included ' t Ivcte 

329. ' Humcina, locor.' GIom. 
p. 287. 

to Iiulle. ' Nonryce* rse luUyitge» find other cmdyl vmgea to pleyse iba wyttM 
of the chvlde.' Glanvil, JJe Vrupr. itrntm, Bk, vi. ch. iv. p. 191. 

224. a Lurd&ne. See Highy ifyttrries, pp. 83, 1. 741 and 61, 1. 189. 

325. a Hadyn. In tho Dlghy Mytteriu, p. toi, L 589, the Vtr^ uddrt'eeiiig Bt. Jolui 
eay« 'He lulDivltid you frendly for t>i reste For » flpt^iall preroifatife 

& ilepe on bia holye g'KLly bre>itti Becnu^e of your virffinite &, clennCMt':' 

aod tee al«o the Apoelrophe to UauuI John in the dtrtor Mundi, p. I412, where, ut L 
14677, wo read— 

'tmrtil )re worthieit ho madd Quat fiuding fnt )iai fele. 

Wit mekeoefi and wit nuicfnAM/, Htw )Mt in iHaiden hadt ei Icn, 

For >i ea )iatD ful wul«, He ledli lijf Uk tU aiwels, 

Mui or wominan, que)>er it be, Fur uirffiiu all ar ^. 

^t liuee in vifyinilf 

to X&yn. Sm llie quotatiun from Lydgate iu f>ufruo«t>ii 0/ Troy, Introd. p. xlvll. 
vhive are mrutiuoed 'djiriui, da^^^^crii fur lu mat/ni and wininde.' In. Whgbt'ti Vol. of 
Vooab. p. 203, we have the curious forms ' Muiuiure, to nuuuere. ^ec Mutalatto, 
A^ manieryng/ 

339. a Maayndewa. In the Will of William Cloderhow, in 1 554. the tattator directs 
•that the Ma*0ynd€u ut Beverley j-ats havo iij*. iiij '. and ylk a Mntwyndta in the iowii« 
aftyr. xij**.' TttA. KU, . il 171. In 1419 Roger TliHrnton, by bis Will, btiqueathfd ' to ye 

mt»<nuli€ii of «iit katcryne .... for yAircrio'ment xx' Ittim to ye rcparadon of 

yoM teDtmieutee y»t 1 haoe gyun to ye ft>nMuud nueondhu and to ye taid vhauotry. li'.* 
H'tUi •{- inrrnU. I. 7^-Q. By the Act 39 Klis c. v. (>ower is given for the anctiom of 
'boopitjilii, mtasont dt ditn, abiding j>la(-«, or bouses of correctinn.' 

830. MoBtiljon. Compare '.firariuM, mwMtliDg-smi^.' Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p.BS. 
mnd 'Auriculcum, guUi-ntwsllne.' ibid, p, 85. ' Aurfeaktu, grene rtr, miestlinc' Gloss, 
fil& Colt. Clwop. A* iiJ. If. 76. See the quotation &um GlanvU in addit. note to Xiftton. 


e/nt-n 4*., xxiiij woinc wh«te speako 2*.' WUU A Jttttnl. ii. 
MS. Colt. Cleop. A. iii. If. 76. m WrigbCa Vocab. 


232. >e Kawmodar. Huloet exr^miai Molutrum m '«wslbpige of • mftjteapar 
wumuu botlye, wlien iiUe hatb bene at a nuuu labour.' 

Kawnde. * iij mawlld^ and a boppor, iujd/ axe indnded in iha iBTCOt. of Jfuhn 
Wyclif. iu i^O^. llirltmnhd. WllU. &c. \*. iG.^ ; and in that of Hugo Gsantliani, in X44Q. 
«-e £nd ' It wc^^tibalk et matindw pix* Una.' 7 ee. £?»<»-. iii. 46. 

a Xawndrelle. William Wmter. of Yoi^ Foimderer. in 1495 faaqneathed^to 
Willianj HiuliiirdtKni the iatbe tbnt be tumyc in, and all my hnkes and my ' 
and ij hak LKiuiuent.' T^at. Linir. It. Se^. 

ModefuUe. Bee WvdiC Worka, ed. Mattbew. pp. S. 8.^ and 178. 

Kease. FitzburUnl, is bis Jivit 0/ .^urvenihg, Sec. fo. v^, tells utliat 
a[>peudauui l^ wbere a lurdt- of olde tyme ba^ gntozited to a man a maeplaoe, and cartayBe 
biudeti. meUuwut, and |>atFturefc with ibtdr appurieiiaimcc* to boMe of hjm.* In 1480^ 
tlobu btuytli. in biv Will. HjHfak» <^ bis 'mftf-i. liinde<. and tenementea.' Bnrf WBU, 
tc. p. f 7. Setr tbf utimplaiiit of Jubc pHUtun. in 14^4. wbov be ipeaki of 'one aetewTtlk 
a i»fi(% uf luti'ie lyvu^rtr in n cruSU u> tbe same men ady(>yn\i)g/ Fasum Lattata, iii. JlOu 

23S. t'j Kekd. - Jvtike we hou a man vole ntdx bim to a wotldlj lard ibr tnqiMn 
don tf byiii.' Wyebf, Works, ed. Matlbew, ji. 53?, 

2^. Kerketbeter. .See Wrigiit' I'ulitioai Potma. i. 350. wbere in 'Hie OoaqilBiDt of 

tLe Flouj/'tiiuau,' aU>ut 1403. tbe autbur com^ilaius that tike priestA are 

' Markvl-l^:tjt* rt. aud medlyiiir make Hcppen and bouten with heve taA hale.* 
iiee otber iuHtunoeii in Wyubt \V<.»rkK, pp. 152. 166, 16S. and 511. 

287. a Jttese. "Nt-^jr danrt >ay drinc ne ete, 

Nt; bn-k Jiitir brede ne taet }>air met 

Til be war cumiiien til }>air des.* Cwnor Mundi, 22559. 

a Meselle. In ihe CnraorMi'itdi, P169, we buve mead«a leper: 
'*'>uru }<e." be itaid, 'sal )iiB D(<m^ Be laaf and aond of al Tn-bela.'' 

238. a Keteburde. In 1485, we find in the Inrent. of John Carter, of York, Tailor, 
'j mett^aryit w' ij par of tr>-«ylla.' T^t. Ebor, iii. 300 ; and in that of Tlkonwi Walker, in 
154J, ' a e-juiiter and a tmy/ hoirni, iij*. iiij".' RifAmond. Wilh, &c. p. 31. GlanTiI teDf 
u» tltat * a muii 'yiircU ik arend and ^ette \y(m fete, and compawed wTtb a lyate abowta.* 
Z/t Pt'/pr. Htruih, Bk. xvii, cL. clxii. p, 709. 

a Kette. lo the Invent, of H Grantham, in 1410. are mentioned 'ij aootdl«.Bii 
bufccbebi et j Mitt ac j rrjll." UjA. £?K>r. iii. 49; and in that of John Colan, in 1490, "j las 
«(»•« ul c'Jlyf. iij**.' ihiil. iv, ci; and agnin, in ic^o, in that of C- Hod^dn»OB,we find 
*'jne buii'lr..'tli mHt of malt,* x>.' Biehmmd. WilU. 4c. p. 2iS. See qnotatiaa fromG. 
J>ju^'bui u[idf;r Vj If ulte, p. 246. ' In summer wee Beade bui a mettt.' H. Best, FarmirnQt 
&'.: h'j'A, p. 104. 

Medylle erthe. 'Bituix J>e m«f«Z >^rth and J« lift.* Curwr Jfaa^i. 8003. 

2a&. a Mlddynge. See the Comyluynt of f^nlJand, p. it: 'ane ben that aeikii hyr 
iiieyt in tin.- myi'fin'j may acnupe Ha lan^' amang the fvltht, qnhil Bche acnip fnrtbt ram 
iJ'J kiiyf.; tJiai li.;* Wen tyrit, the quhilk knvft cults hjT* throt efdmart.' See abo Falladiiu 
On JStutj'ju'Jri^, pp. 17. L 458, aud jy_ j, -(,5. 

^/> My© bred©. In the Inrent. of Thomaa de Dalby, in 1400, we find *t. \mo } 
wywr. j wau.-n: iiiu^, iij laddele* de auricalco . . . . et iiij trowea aimul renditii, iii*. x*/ 
T4M. l-lhur. iii. 14 ; und a-^ain, ihid. p. 99. iu that of John Cadeby, c 14^0, i» mentkoed 
'J mUjvf. ij**.* 

)ft Myg^ne. ' Kmiyrantm, 1. uCT-mM capitis, cmigraneum 1. ciolor fJMjwniat 
|»'juw<j»jjM Mu.' M.S. Jfarl. 3376. 

■Z4'>. a Mire drombyUe. See Wyclif, Zephnniab ii. 14. 

'Ii2. a MyUno. * JJ<^Aea, c«x;ur8, mytttM, mot we were.* PalladiuB On F«6oiirfn«^ 
p. 4i, I. iJ<»7. 

a Molwarppe. PaJWliui adviwaiu, 'ffor moldewarpa cattes to kepe.' p. 109, 
I. i0i vwr alM p. 34. 1. 924. 

M • 



348. MortrwB. ' Mylnastoiu in mortrev* bkTa I sene bot fewo.' 

Burlesque Pocni. 15th ccoU in Htli^. Antiq. i. 81. 

'Ther com maKfAttos in mcnim* »Ue soow.' tbid. p. 86. 

344, M otlde of mosyk. Hw the IreAtiw ' he Venery de Tw«ty,* printed Id Jidirj, 

Anli/j, i- 149; at p- >$3 wa reiul: 'How ihmll be blowe wban yv ban »en the hertT I ilial 

bldwe Afttii ono mr>{f, ij mott*, And if myn bowndes com? not bjutily &j tnc u y woldo, I 

dull blow* iU] mottt Tbiia ye uull bcgynn« U> blowu n Iuuj; rnote, ami afUrward 

4J* iborla Ro/e« in tbi« maner, TroiU, trout. Mid then, (ivuf, ito ro rol, be^fynnytif^ with a 
long mcrfc-.' 'And nrbxn tbe heri b) take ye Nbal blowe .iiij. motj/g.^ iitid p. 153. In th« 
CAttfer Phy*, p. 1 14. we b*ve — 

* Blowe a mote for tbat W^bilo that borne now in tby handv is.* 

Sooct, in Ivanhoe, ch. 31. htui ; 'if ye ibftU chance to be hard be«ted in any foreet between 
Tneait ami Tee*, wind three mot€4 Qpoa the hum tbua — Wa-sa-boa!' 

S4&. a Mugha. This U a mro won! in A. S., bnt it occurs in the Cotpw Gloasaty, 
' Aeerwt; muha/ And in Aelfric'H Hejitatuuch, Exod. nii. 6. 

k 2Culdyusbordo. In the Invent, of \V. Dufficld. taken in 1452, ure iadaded 
1^ ij boltyng-olutlioK iiij**. et j moMyngbitnir xn V Tett. Ebor, Hi. 1 37 : and in another, dated 
1509. we have an item, ' de xiiij'*. pro ij mtddiny hard cum ij tristiU.* iW. iv. 389. 
M8. toKappe. nappyt bymyt 

* i>ii« dormUat ami#, veUtd anctr tibttiut antu' 

Metrical Vocab. in Wright'a VoL of Vocab. p. 180. 

249. a llfaproii. 8ee the acnonnt of expenaea inctirreJ at the funeral of Tbomaa de 

Datby In I400, wliere is an item, ' in iij v{np» iMtnui lanei fmytU pro uupi-onz, xij**.' TeU. 

Ebor, iU. iq. In i <;69 Jeanne Lewen beqaeatbed ' to Ailes BamaM a gowne of wonted k, 

a napron of wonted.' WiiU & InrenU. I. 305 ; and in 1570 WillJAtu lXawk(»lcy becjueathed 

* U^ thonuu hynde y' was my prentice an apron.' ibui. p. 317. 

260. a'Zfaddyr. *Uis crexte waa of a \trddirt bt-de. 

With goMe abawte It wah by*wovede.' Jiobtnd A Otael, t301. 

* For to do A man have the fevers, anil o^ne do iliani away : i:\k a n^der alte qwik. and 
boned warmvB that men callc* the nutrcs ncjfheQ, and wth tham to a new pote with 
water, &.c' ittliq. Amiq. i. 54. ' Ilee ilU, Hie coluber, a ucddyre.' Wrif^t's VoL. of 
Yocafa. p, 33^. 

a Nefe. See €»rtr»r MftudU 15785 : * with mAoea and wit neuef gmert,* where 
tulrhx M8. reads Jhtywu, Gottingen ti«it>«, And Trinity fiuta. See alao Roland & Olnel, 
t 149. 

2S1. a Ne^htbura. * Quen my nrjt^rs herd telle that he eeke lay 
They come to me.* Sir Amudaet, tt. xv, 

A Nekherynge. ' Colapsiu, i. eoiafus, puffmUf fyst uef Utradrus' MS. Harl. 3376. 

Nemylle. * Cap(tx, qv^i mitiium atpitt and^etul, gripul, numul.* MS, Harl. 3376. 

85S. a ITykfi. See the Inventory of a Vurkarrowsmith, about 14S0, in Tut. Khor. iii. 
^(3, where Are mentioned : ' xij ahaffe of dooae nrros un uykt, price lex ebaffe, v^.^v*. 
xritj Ahaire of childre wore, cleiut and un nyktd, prioo les ehoffe Uj*.— Tij». U*.' 

SfiS. Odyr qwyle. * In pincea ther i* fuddcr aUjndaunco 

Tb« ky may othenchUtt be witbdrawe.* 

PalladiuD On Uusbondrie, p. 166, 1. 65. 

t&9. Ogrufe. See MorU Arthur, 3944, Chaucer, C.T. A. 949, Einare. 656. &c. 

an Okarer. *^i man be wna an okerer.' Cur»or Mattdi, 14034. 
280. w> Onder aett. ■ The ouer parte ta mifcmrt wyth [x'stea and pylara.' Glanvil. Xv 
Propr. RrrntH, Bk. xiv. cb. |v. p. 487. See Caxton'8 CharUs th* Orete, p. 149. 

303. Ouer easte. In Robert of Oloueaitcr. p. 560, wc are told that while the bailie 
of Ercabaui wan being fooght ' in ^ aor^ weal a derk we^]u^ Per tro§, 
Sodelnliche auart Inou, ))at uimii man agnM. 
& aucf'eagt it ^jtv a1 \>xi lund, fntt me iui]te viint;J<e lie; 
Onaloker wetler Jutn it wu ne Uiijti? an er)>e be.' 

Ouaral. 'Son oturof }tu ti^'id ma.* Carter JUnitdt, 14,^1. 



205. Ml OZO bOWe. Couipva aoh*k7lI«, below^ ^. jji. 

an Oxgonge of liuide. * My wyll yt th»t Jonett, my •tryfv, tutrc tny clicfe in^avr 
pljioe anil iiij"' if^yanfje of laiui Unking therto.' Will of W.-vlt«r O-jwor, 1443, Te»i, Bhor, 

■ Faddokatolo. In laaak Wklton't CamplfU JhqUt, p. 151, W6 an told ihM 
' the ^'^>;«n l'V>i{, wLirh La a ftniAl one, is by Ta^iMll taken to hti veucuioui ; nntl m> u th« 
Piplicii or Frof/-Pad»jrJ:, wliicli uaually koepn or bree^ls on tlio land, and is verv lat^w utd 
boiiy, nod btg, uepooijUly Ibe oho frag of that kind,' In uote, for * ramCricas ' ra»d 
* ramhncas.' 

26ft. Palde aa ale. 'Br/rutum, 1. wJnum, medo, geiwet wl wealL' M8, Glow. HarL 
.^376. Holitmd, in hia trans, of Pliny, Bk. niii. c. i, wyii : • No liquor »nuutli a b«ttfcr 
tOAt t<> our meatfl, or (juicknoth tituui mi>rc than riuegre dnch: far »1. ' >.e. if [t be 

i»ver«liBr|j. there is a meiine U. mitigate the fnrue th«re(if, with a toslot i,ie wise: 

aj{alu if it be too weake and a^alUi, tiie w-ty Ut revivo it agaloe, is u.~^ .\.^.y.^r.' 

a Panne of a howae. Soe^Jr/'erMmbnu.l. 5188, vhcre the Saraoeai mUo tli* 
tower, to which tliti Fraiwh kutghti are confined, 

' And «rer oome inward at hard &. neychs At a pan )iat waa broktiB.* 

209. u Farke. ' CIcKtmiu. i. pearroc, bt-v^tst' Gloaa. M8. Harl. 5J176. ' Mawgre tba 
wachu uf futtten and parkenya* Pol., Htlig, A Love Poem*. {>. il, L 28. 

^ Farleay. ' He (and a man vn-fere 

lu parleri' Canvr Mundi, I9753. 

871. a Patyn. ' PaUna, hiwel-dise.* Wri^'ht's Vol. of Voeab. p. 91, 

a Patrelle. In 1 454 WillUiu Halifax bequeathed ' to Mar^rett Jtinlle my aady11| 
the pejftrfil with the bry.lyl and Saiut John b&le, &o.' T<»t. Ebor. ii. 173. • 

ft Pawtyner. In the Invent, of Thomas Grywop, of York, ChnpinAn. takc-u in 

1446. tiiia word ocxurs Bcveral tim»™ : ' De j pruce/)rtfiinirr, iij'* Uk j poutratr dt 

}linli>we Itr.Hr, j' Do j jitttcifHer de uigro boL-uyn, ij** De j diw. et iiJl 

Domyk iiaHt^tiTj' x*. riij'',' Tc»t. E^Aur, iii. 101 -3 ; and in 1471 Henry Uohnti baqueatbeu 
to ' \Villi.t[u Kliiud and Edwartl I£tand ij p\xuh\er puriwA.' HtU. p. 194. 

273. a Felo. ' j Iron pra/^ i^.i^.,* Im mentiuDed in the Inrent of John Eden, in IsBSL 

WitU (t InrenU. il. 319. 

275. A paire of Fepyr qwhems. Tho earliest instance of this term that I know of 
is ill the Invuntory uf U nmntbaiu, in 1410, whore in an it«in, ' de j jtuir ytpfr r/wrntw.* 
Te»t. Ebur. iii.4H. In i47r. we find in t)ie Inveitt. of JohaHewurth, ' a haJling, tj Bholrea, 
ij pare 0/ fteppcf *prenuM, a ^jmitw y'.' WiHa & Inrtnt*. i. 354. 

27S. a Fyke of a Bcho or of a etaffe. St-e Harrison. Dtacrif.1, 0/ Snt/hnd, Bk. n, 
c. I. p. 139. ' Witli pyk-tUijff and with scripe to &re.* Henxyton, Moral FabU*, p. So. 

280. a Pynfolde. • Pr«em>rinm, pund.' Coipus Glowary. 

SS2 a Plage. .See ChAuoer,.^ii/r(iIa6e, p. 5. 

284. toPlowghe. Urrra w( tufjacta.' Compare Palladiua On //««/>ON(fnV. y *j«. 
1. 316: *Nuwe plotnmea boon to sowe is two hando deepu In londe »ubaet.' 

286. Popylle, • Gith is laat« «ke in ihia tnnone vbowu.' Palladiui On HuJth4fiuirU,p. 
184, 1. 155. ' lie shal tiowe the nod yitti. and the cotnyn sprmgen.* Wycllf. I<aiah xxriii. 
aj. In Archbiitbup Aelfric's Vaoab.'pD//ii/ui ii glossed by ' byro.' Wright's Vol, of Vooab. 
p. 33- 

a FopIUe tree. *Ia wrre, and peche, in pUnc and pcrpnle.' Palladlw On Bu4' 
Umdrit, p. 9J. I.S77. 

81 3. a Runkylle. The tramtlator of Palladius, tn giving advioe as t» Ibe chooafaig of 
oxtn, mentitini, anmneat othrr quiilificatinnH, 

' Conii net a ritne^ neckc, dewlA|j[)dd sydo Ueio Uie koco,' p. 129. 1. 670* 

wurdi which do not occur in the Promptoriiun nre mftrked with s dagger (f) : thoM 
which (ir« anm'tntrrl t'lf Mr. Way nre uiiLrked with an aNturisk {*). 
WordsAod rondin^ to wMcb the leltur A Uu been Aiifiemled arA from MB. Addit. 15,561. 
B«f«f«n0«i Co tlt« ProiupUiriutu in tbt> Note* are markod P. 
After Aoome, the hie, htc hoc thut mark the geoder in the MS. are left out in the print, 

«• ue ifclM the gvaitivol inflection! of oouns. 



C^pituhiVi prt'mum, A. 

SODSS, Atnabot meum 

H AuUe B. 
To Abate; niUitjare, 4" cetera, vbi* 

to leflsyn. 
t Abb&ctik * ; propnum nomen viri, 
tAn Abbacy ; Aco A hbacia t. 
Abbay ; Aec Affhathia 0, MonaMeri- 

tim. ^' fetera ; vhi A Myiwlrd. 
t AbbaymAn ; Aic hoc Scenobila * 9* 
Abbott; flic Abbas tis. 


t Abdias ; nofne7t viri. 
Abbas; Aec Abbatisaa «. 
t Abab ' ; nomen viri. 
t Abcy ^; hoc A Ipfiabetum 

Abcedarium ij. 
Abbott"; hie habltns fus. 
to A - bydo ; Eocpectart, prettolari, 

open'ri, peretuerare^ coQMtare, 

manure, pvT[man^re], re[man»r$\f 

+Abidyng©'; Improhu* a um, hic 


* InUirjectionf of frequent occurrpncv in tlie Latin Comic Writen. Cooper, Thowurus, 
158^ l^vm * Sin. Ei'^h, well goe too ! SotU*. In gocNl felonrbhyp ; t pnj thoe. Ainaho. 
Of felo«nhippe; of (U Inn» ; I nray thee; m «u«r thou wilt do* nw good tume.' *Cor 
iMiMn. My ■w(^^tbe«Tt. PUutus, Riddlu's Lat. Dictionju-y. 

' ' ' refer to. 

. See King Sofonuw't Book 0/ Wi»dom, p. 89. L 145 : ' A niui ^ere wai 

fhl -..,"- --.-■irue,' 

* Rtuul Cmfhitij : teen^/ttn in n tJght-Mpe ibuiwr. 

' Obodioh. Thua in the Curtor Slunrti, p. 52H, I. 9167, we find the namee of 
' TsuM, Joul, Osee, A bdiat, Amoe, Jonu, uid Miob«M.' 

*Ah(liaM, QM of the xij. prophetM.* Cooper. 

* Alukbtf). 

* ' Abf^e, an Alxwe, the cmene-nnre, an alphabet, or orderly Uit nf all the |ntt<*T«,' 
ue, 'Aboe for chiliiren to leame their croarow, Abtvedarium.' Baret'i AWearie, 

In the account of the iigth PwUin given in 7^« lUvrrovrt 0/ Our I^dtf, p. 139, 
told that * u tbore Ls xxii. letters in the Ahtc€ of hebrew, ao there is xxii. tymM 
•ygfcttt Tcfftan in this paalme ' 

* Cied to belli aenaei of our word hMl (i. e, eu«fon and cZrau). (8m P. 97, ' CowU 
or Boakea «Ayf«.' and 1 79, ' Fmgge or froko, uiunkyB oAyfr ') 

' And ohanonsM ^odo he dede therinne 
Unther the ahbi/t of *evntu .\iini\-nne.' 

St. R-itrick'i Purgatory, ed. Wright, p 66. 

* Coopw 1b hi* Tbenomi^ 15S4. niuler impmhua ^v&t tlie well-known Latin fentenoa 
*J«&«r owmia tineii impntitiu,' which he reodcra 'Importunate labour ovflruommath all 


*; ^ hoc ;»er«uerans ris, Aic Aec 
*' Aoc 3}crtin<ix ci», Imjirobufus a 

Abyll^ ' ; Aic Ave ^ 6i7i« i$- hoc U, 
A]}ttxs a um, coaucnieas, coikjtuus 
a uni, C'Hi.'«w*us a um, Jdoneus 
a win, /tic A«o vtcufifU 4' ^oc /rt. 

an Abydyu^e ; «7>ecf(ici<>, prestoJacxo^ 
h&iJmjfrobit<Mt/tec jKrifeueraneut, 
in bono, /icc j)QTtinucia e, in 

tAbylite ; Ahiiitas, couMeniffJtoia, 

tAbyll^ to speke ; i/&t Si>ekeAble. 
tAbyllif to yoke ; vbi to yoko. 
tAblatyve; AUaliutix a liui. 
tAbortyvo ; ,-1 bortiuus a uin, Abortvs. 
A-bove ; Jjter, *7rt>c«, Sujter^ supTB. 
A-bowte; Circnm, circa, circiter, 

A mphi, f/rec8, f>err, grtxe, 
ftu Absence ; //ec J bsmwUt «. 
AbHontt ; Aic A«c Aoc Ab««m t\A. 
[to be] Absent; Ahesnn^ Deeoie. 
to Absent ; Abdican, Abditcertf 

Abientarc, Ehngam, 
toAbttene; A[b^i7tore, 

Au Abstenyngif or abet3me[iL]Qe; Aco 

Abafineneia e. 
to Abownd ; Abund-am, extilferaret 

exfindarCt superftahuxidare, imid- 

fore, iuMfurtttre, *MyJcrare, auj 

/t're, irberure ; aimudai v\ 

aupcr/luit onmis humor / ftt^ter* 

Abundance; c>6( plenty. Abundji 

tAbimdyngly ; Abunda/Uer,exuber^. 

tAcoeat ; htc AcrtiutUB, Aec proaodU 

e, Aic tentfr oris, ptfidxtcto o '. 
t Acceptabylle ; AcceptvA a um. JUe 

Atio ^ ccfptabilim ^ Auc /e. 
fAccept ; ^ra^ts a um, Acctpttifi tt um. 
tvii Acceptabylle ; jin-yro/as a «i 

i>on Acceptabili*. 
AccoUt * ; hie accolUas, j^oe, 

j'emrins, f^ltnt. 
to Acorde ; vbi to niuku freniie. 
tu Aooorde ; AUudere, couBont 

conoordaro, aonvmire, congt 

coi^Mtent oonciiHKire, pi 


* Chftucer. Prologue to Cant. Tales, 167, doKrlbtf) the monk u ' A raunly miui. ta hth 
an ttbbot aU<.' Cot^^rave give« ' //u^i'/e. Able, nufficient, fit for, hnti<lMutiie in, apt unW 
ftny thing bo unclBrinkw, or U put uob»,' hi 'Tbu Lvt>llt< CbildmiM Lytil Bokc,' pr. in 
the Babtwa Boke, p. 167. L 44, we we bold not to 

' i>|ntt« cHier the tAbvlln» 
Ne thempon, ftw that ia no tlih ' ''- ' ' 

In LoDelicb'ii ITistortf 0/ the f!Uy Oruit. xxx. 381, u < i« g'vrea uf ScJoiuon** 

■ward, to wluch, wb tm told, hu wife inaUt^d un nttRcL ^ ., u- ^itij;a 

* ao fowl . . . and ao flpytable, 
Tliat to w Ryal a thing ne w«rBD not abU* 
'Aptn*. lln\ic\y.' Mcdnlla. *TiUeoaro sonlo ba Mdiwhat oionsid from grat QuC<ward« 
s^nnefl fiDtl uhiUii tu t,'o«ujI/ wtrke.' Hampolo, PfoK TrtaiUc*, p. 10. 
■ MS. rruiKsrf.. 
' Tlwl U. tli« o in tho oblique casoa ia lon^. 

* Sm? aisi) Sercfl-bcrer. Thv dutiM of the Aocoltte are Clius defined in tho PoiitiAcal 
of Chrutopbor Bainbndtrc. Archluihop of York. (150S 12(4). edibtiJ for SiirtvuM SocioLy 
by Dr. Hendorwn, 1H75, p. il: ' Aotil^tbdin opnrtft oornfcrariuin fum;, et liuninaria 
eoolasbw aoowidei-e. vioum ut iqoam ad eochAriKtiAm minUmre.* See aUn thv ordl- 
natAaa of Aculytfin, Miwkell, Moniiiuunta Ititkiali*, iJi. 171. Thorpe, Ancient Law*. iL 
348, ffivaii tho fbllowinjc from thu CanooB of ^^fric : ' xiv. Aeolttua in giwweiien i«)ie 
GMid«T« ofSSfl tapur byr0 to Goili** )^euun£tim )>imne tnann )(i)«li|»ell net. t>1iJ^ ^ona* 
nuui ludfpkS f butl «t ^am weofode.' Wyclif BTwak* i*f ' Lhioaimuii tbu acfiU.' VnL 
ta Coloariaw, 

* i)« accAUis, 

Tb« ordn fer the O'xoii/t by* Wann* ma aolMl red* tbo g«V>cl 

Tu ber« taprw about wijt Hjttc. Otiwr uAry to vara Dryto/ 

I'benw of William dtSborabam, p. 49. 


Aoordyngd ; Apitu a urn, con/ormfA, 
oouwmiWiff, congt-uus a urn, }»er- 
ttmattji, jKrfoitus a uin, aniftetentt, 
cotuyytjt, continuum a «ni, vitani- 
mig, indiffrrMH a «rn, vt, vbi i(ji*o- 
ratitf qtu:m poHum jt€Utt uttlluSt 
rtntii8 *«t *^cw/i(/us t(' conwe7ii#7i«. 

An Acordyngo : coucordia, conueni- 
enct'i, i-itng(/nnucia, cvuffruenria e. 

tvriAoortiyTig'' ; jncoujfefrrut,^- retera; 

tU) gHldrr Aoooms ; glanders. 

*msk Aoome ; Aeo glan^ d\B, Aec 

glandicvta, giavuhcintna a um. 
to Accuse; ilr(?u«'pe, anjnhire, ca- 

lumpniari, rty/reA«iw/*ro, defifc, 

minoru, inctuare pociores. 

fan Accuser ; Aer.u.nator, adumpnia- 

tor, /rprt"7«r/«or, deUtior. 
sn AoousTiigs ; Accwsaciot delacio, 

tan AootyfB lyfe ' ; wVci actiua, 

MarUia, hja, Actiuus, vita con- 

templatiua, Maria, RacMU. 
A anJc D. 
Ad&m ; nomcn />ru;»riMiu nVi. 
*Au Aditmand'; Adamant; Ada- 

+to Adylle ' ; comwi*r«ri. ;7romerm, 

mtrerit adipfdci, adquirere. 
tan Adyllyng/? ; ni#n(um» ^nuna. 

• A ante Ff . 

on Affodylle * ; AffodiU\xn, harha «9i, 
to Afferme ; A»irut.rtj oj^riiutre f«- 

timowio, cx>iiJirtnarG officio, anseut- 

iQ of life iuto tin two cIub&i of artivt life orbodil^ icrvioe orQml, and 
rent ■/> or tjiirUuat service, ie couiunn in mediiL'vul tbuolu^csl writvn. It 

oec)..- ...-,L.-uUy in William of NM^Tjgton'a 'Mirror of Life,' and lu Hanii^«le*a Prow 
IWrtiMK itM Mr. Ferry** Frefaoc, p. xi, mad p. 19 of tuxt ; At p. 29 we are told that 
' L^ft «• *lfl tnektll «t aAj i|i irnajrltotuw. and botak}-iui urfj^a /j^c. IlaobeUe hyglito of 
httffanyn^c, ^ ea godd. and l^ukynii /jc/V canton flain/e.' Langland in P. Plowiuui, 
B-T«xt, PftMus ri. 351, ■»« :— ' CnuisiDplatyf lyf or netyf lyf cryst wolde va»a wroujte ;' 
Mft at>tf) B. z. 9.^0. A. xi. So, C. xvi. 194, &nd Prof Skeat'v iiritex. lu iho * Rcplj of Frier 
Dan Topta*,' pr. in PoULical Potinu, ed. Wright, li. 63, we find : — 

r ^ 'Jgkck, iri JatuMi pistle* cuinouiili bt-n ealltd 

^m al rt'liuiuiin u g^undld, F/ulU ^tigiirid by Maris 

H yttr therw i« ooada muncion and Martha htr ntter, 

H of two pcrfit l/rea. By Peter and hi Joon. 

P That acUf and contemplatif bif itVirAW and b;/ Lya (Lenh),' 

file dlctizi^Uon ae«nu to have be«ii founded upon the Inct torw of the ift chapter of tho 
EpuUe of St. Jamei. Widif (WDrk-^. i. JS4) layi:— 'Thu u clepid aHif IHj, whanna 
men trHvailtn for wurMIi i|fo»ti9, and kepcn hetn in rigbtwiftoewe.' 
* ' Aimtuit, tb& A'bununt, (t Luad-«tone.* Coc^rave. Cooper says, 'Adamoi. A diamoada, 
wiMTof tbciri; b<! diuen kiitdet, a« in Plin. aud other it aftpereth. U'r Tcrtoes ire, to 
. raaiate poiacm, and <A-it{:licrafci : to put avray foaie; to geue victory in contention: to 
beHlne tAcm that ha lunatike or pUraiitikc : I faaue proued tbat a I>iAiuonde byed by a 
lH)d«l oaoMtb tJifvt the loode stone con not draw ibe needel. No fira oan hnrte it, no 
violcncw hr*<alc(y it. i*u\>-^ it be mmHtud in the wanne liludde of a giiote.* 

' ''" ixlrtd PoifiU of Good liiuhaiutry, ^. ^t, Avlutol^, vAy%: — 

' \ ' i *• tree very tfore, Kill ivy, or trte eI»o will iiddU "o more :* 

••■n l>«le ' we read : — * I tuidif my ninfpenoe every diy.' The 
.'Idil, daofrcrr ; to nddle, lucruri, mereri.' Icel. iklli~i»k =U.> win. 
See note by Prof. Skeat iu K. Dialect. 8>)c.'ii edition of Kmv*> 
p. xsi. ' Huum addltjm swa >e uuute wa patt ani) manu maj} addUun.* Or^ 
l6l03. See t^m^ Vt'ut. 6335, and Tomtele^ My»t, p. 3i8. 
* Wo arv told in Lyle'a I><Kloen«. p. 649, amongat other virtual of ihie plant, that *th« 
•abai of the burned rooto d<n cure and beale acabbee and nougbtie eoreii of the bead, and 
^^m doo reetore a^vne vnto the pilde heart the heare &Uen away being layde tbetevuto.' 
^H * AfJkrodilU. Tiie Adivlill, or Anfiixtiil Aowcr.' Colgrave. Andrew Boorde in fab 
I^B Drvtary, ed. Furtiivall, ^. i02, reci>nm)eDds for a SawoA-flewma 6w« 'Burre ntw and 
AJfbdpl rulat, of vyther iij. nnces,' Ac. 

B a 


rare, OMentire, atMrere, oMfrtirt, 

aniMMre, OMaenmtim prebere, Au- 

ton'axre, eoiModere, o^uiafoera, 

on AffiarmTiigi ; aaeruuM, astencio, 

asienda; AMaetUaneM, 
an Affamte ; AJiniias. 
After ; rbi at ; poi/quam, ut, te- 

fAftyr )>at; d^n^ind^.d^iwle^exinda. 
tAftyr {)o thyrd day ; pou-triduum^ 

tTo Affrayn ' ; Affrenare. 
tAffabyl; Affahilia. 

Jl uir« a. 
Agayn'; re/ro. 
AgaynB ; Aducrtus^ aducrnan, erffa^ 

C0D<ra, e coufra, e conucr«o, Anit 

^nc^, obuie, obuiam, exo]*ji'>siio, 

0&WU8 ; v»dc t'cr^UB : 
%A duergvft Twnli «cd coD^ra 
9ubde ioquenti 
Sic eropponto iungito rU[B] 
Agaa ; nomen />roprium, agaiha vt^ 

A^ ; vbi elUe. 
Aghte ; octo, oceue, oetaunn, oetaua- 

n'us, ociophi9. 
tAghte fblde (to make A^ht fklde 

A.); ootuplare. 

A^iteo : deteaoei^f duodeuiyinla, 
octfidedmus, oct«deeim, oetfjdscia, 

oetodtnwtt oetod^mariu*. 
tAshte holpenitf ; oetumis, 
Aghty ; octoyinta ; ottogenrnx^ oet«- 

^enM, octogmnMt oticgtnariu*, 
A«ht himdrith ; octittjftnti * ; oetim' 

^^uUsitwis, oetinff9ni4»e*, odtn- 

^en/fna«. oetiHgenitMiioM. 
AnA«iisylU' (A.). 
An Asg-uioe (A^uioe A.)' 

A ui(« I. 
tAimer or Allmer (Ayn&r or Ayl- 

mar A.) ; nomen ptoprium viri 

t)>«Alr; Act, osrarua, aura, tihtr, 

et/tera, eihenu^ if eet«»uj v^i 

tAyla8tyn««; etemas. cMf^mus, nii« 

/irirtcipin ^ sine fine vi t/fua. «ter- 

fui/t>. ineessnne mmpiiemne vi 

munf/u!!, ;'erp9<M4« HI oninM, 

perjtes, perhejmis. 
+A[y] laatyngly ; jterpeHm ; wmB : 

muadiUt ;xftM«i»nu rsr libi 
fMiU, anime perpetue : 

Btemvm ven sine ^irincipid^ 

PvTpeJwsm cui pvxndfnum Md 
fii^ eartbU. 

' Caed here ftppftrentty In the weom uf 'to briillo, re«tnija.* but to Early ^-"g^^h to 
Affrayn wu to gvastion : A. S. offrelnen, pt. t. offrtft/n. 

* It l» ourioTiii that the common mouuDg of ihi« word {iUrum) vhould not lie giran. 
■ MS. octo, ortogavli. 

* A sora either on Ui« foot or b»od. Palsgrave hu 'an agnaylt Upon one's too,* and 
Bant, 'on agn&Uo or little corn growing apoa the toM, j7tmur«u, pfcW'/titm.' Hiniiltmi 
deaoribea It as a 'soro betwecue the finK**r and the nail. , Afftuwin. A oi»ni« or i4;nelo 
in tba feet or tnei. ProueiU. An agu«L pinne, or wamaU in the toe.' i6ii. Cot^rTavp. 
'Agnajle : pttrlgium.' Maoip. Vocab. According to Wedgwood 'the raU nri;;hi is ItaL 
omanin*ti^ia (Latin inff%trm\ the groin, also a botch or blain in that place; Fr. an^m- 
auU». Botches. (|K)ckiu) bumps, or sums, Cotf^rmve.* Halliwell, «. v. quo(«e truui the 
Med. MS. Lincoln, leaf 300, a receipt 'for agnayU one maiu fet* or voauni.* Lylo in 
hid Bdltion of Dudoeos, 1578, p. jjg, speaJiing of 'Git, or Nigolla,' says: — 'The sama 
sticped in ulde wine, or BUle pisse (as Plinio saith) causcth th«- Comes and Ai^nti^ltM to 
bkW of from the foete, if they be fint scariBcd and scotched rounde aboute.' ' Orviurta. 
A com or lyko griefo vnder tht? litU»? toe^* Cooper. 

' This word occnrs in H. Mure's Philoeopfa. PoeDuit p. 7 ; 
* The glcnj o( the court, their fashioDi 
And brave Of^ffuizt, with all their princely state.' 
Spenser uses it as a verb : thus, Fnery Queen. 11. t ai. w* rwid, * to do her Mnrice welt 
Offuiid.' See also stanxa ^i^knA vi. 7. Induia is a cout/ scted farm of ' iuttueula, a littto 
garmeot.' Coopar. 



hoe aofma^ dicaa dicoji 

ptrhmnf per annos, 
Et fuoifcunquc vdit sempiter- 

num bonedich. 
St htm etcrnutn tiempitemum- 
qxit iitaul tuul. 
lAy ; S&mjxr, ^ relera ; vhi alwoy, 
-t AiselLe * ; acduin^ Acftulum </inmiu- 

■fax AlseeUe veseelle; atxtc^ulum, 

A mnU K. 


yuardnut. (jutrrceu*, tpurn\i% ; i7»- 
ceiutQ,q\ierceluTa, qvevrttum gunt 
loea vbi crctcunt quarcns. 
hn Ake apyUe * ; galUi. 

an Akyr of l&nde; acra,jugxiB,jv^«rt 

To Aks ' ; ^'oe«o^ ^ oetcra ; vbi to 

hurt (A.). 
-f-An AJElng ; A'ocunrMiKwn (A.). 

A mxxU Ii. 

an AJabburtrfT (Aiabauator A.)*; 

AUs (Allays A.) ; /»««, pnxlolor. 
tAlae (Allaya A.) for sorow '; ;>ro- 

dolor, pTonfjtfias. 
tAlas (Allays A.) for sohama ; jfro- 

Albane; pt^pnum nomen, Albanv$ 

Albany ' ; oZ&anta, seocia. 


' 111 tlifl XI PftiDs of Hell, pr. iu An Old Eng. MitMUanjft p. 219, 1. a8o, our Lord » 
r«prvwtit«d M wiyiuif — " Of u^«i and gal >e jeueii lue drcnkyn ;' Ami in the Romamnl 
o/th< Ttott. L J 1 7, wo rend — 

'Tlifct lad her Ufc onelj by bnde, Kncttcn with ei»tU strong ftnd egre.' 

In the Forau 0/ Cury, p f 6, iM mentioned ' A yrrJl nthrr alegTu-.' Konaemrt ^vem ' aitil^ 
vinegM-.' lo tlie Mniiip. Vucab. the name is i\>*Ai * Aiel,' and in the Kc};. MS. 17. c. xvU. 
*a|r«y/.' In Mirc'» lH*trnrtion» to Parish Prietts, p. 58, 1, 1884 we find, * Loke py wyn be 
not rytel.' A. 3. Wir/c. ahU. 

* Lyte in liis edition of iMilncnn, 157B, p. 746. mtk of Oak-ApplnR: — 'The Oke-Apples 
or grait«T gftllat, beiug bn)ki;n in ■ooiier, alwut the lime of withering do funtlicwe the 
■eqvell of the year«, tut the expert hu»lifaiduien of Kent bnue observed by the lining 
Uunge* that kre foimde withJn them : u if they 6nde an Ante, they iudge plontie of 
gTkyne : if a white worme lyke a gentill. morreyne of beaut : if a spider, they pn-aAge 
pMtilcncc. or tome other lyko idckoe«iie to folowe aniongut men. Wbiche thio!^ aUo the 
learned haue noted, for Mnttliiulu» vpi>u Dioicoridea wuth. that before the/ be boted 
or peanMjd they conteyue tfvther a Flyu, a Sjii'ler. or a Worme : if a Flye bq foande it ia 
a pr<.r....i..-^ti,.u of warrc to fulowe : if a creeping wormo. the Bcarcitie of trictual : if a 
tun. r, the Festiltute alcknene.* 

I'o grievt;, sorT«)w : lo ake, warch. paiue^ iimari.* C-otgrave. Baret point! 
out iittj diplioclion in the iipetHng of the rerh and noun: 'Ake ii the Vcrbt* of thin 
■ubttAntiv'i Afhc, (A being turned into £■' Cooper in Li« Theiaunu, 1584, prvtwr^'tfs the 
■ai < n. ThuD he nay* — ' Hotor eapttis, a headache: dtUeiraput, my head akos.' 

TL Li-aaa D^r in P. Plowman, B. xvii. 194 ; in LonelloU'a i/iif. 0/ fA« £ofy Grni^ 

eil i^ i><ii>>»ii, uud in Riibert of OloDCCster, 68, 18. A. S. ocin. 

* ' AlahkMriUt. Alabaster, foundt> uipecially about« Thebtsa in Egipte.* Cooper. 
' 'Pronejihtu. Alas flbr velany/ ML-dnlla. 

* The following account of the origin of the name of Alhania im given by HoUualied. 
CltrcnicteH, i. Uaf 396, ed. 1577 ; — 'The third and lodt port of the bland be ^Hrutus] 

al]i<iUil v^Tito Alhanncte hyi youngest aonne This latter parcel at the tint (oko 

the narat) of Albanurtua, who call^ it Albnnia. But now a small porUt>B onel^ uf the 
K^-glun (Wyng vudcr the regiment of a Duke) releyneth thu vayu denooii nation, the 
naM berng called ScotUnde, uf oertayne Scottes thnt camn nu<T from Ireland to inhabite 

In Tt ■— • •• '-'- Tt \a diuided from Lhoagrea alio by the Huinber. au that Albania, aa 

br vil all llic north part of the Idaod that is lo be found beyond the 

al«T > i>lo Uie point of C^aheneme.' Cooper in hii Thttaunu givee^ ■ ^vufitfc, 

SoBiUadc ; Iho pari of Britannia (rum the ryuer of Tweede to Catanea.' 



ftD Albe > ; alba, aphoairua Ht{t\cta, \ pnMtinjiB, vtfttMftu, tenex, Mtetm- 

jxxierts. I us genmoeoA, ger<mteeoB. 

ftD Alblaster (Ablauster A.) * ; tto make Aide; ^fOijuan, vsterar^ 

aWliatci, hdUa, alVastrwai, hale- vttuttare. 

aria. tto be Aids ; Seneo, 8en«$e9re. 

an AlabUuterer ; arhlastator, baU- tto wex Alda ; jnueUsrar^,jnveterat- 

aritts, halUtarius, baliator, arcu- cere. 

bilus. tan Aide num; gtrion; M aide; 

tAllnime * ; «K'6«mum. I gerofUa, 8%licemu8 •. 

*Alcanamy*; cortTUhium (Elixer t Aldesyime * ; «mave<08, vataa j»e- 

A.). catum. 

Alkanamyer (A.). . tjn Aide tyme ; AniiquitoA, aduer- 

Aide; priscus qxki fuerunt pnores ; \ bium. 

arUiquiUf qui fueruat ante noa ; tan Aide wyfb ; ^nue, AnicMtOf m- 

anno«U8, jnveUrcUuA^ (fecrejntMS, . tufa. 

Mlu?u8 o. g a muUitttdiwt anno- ipe Aide testament ; h«ptatieQM\ 

rum emerituBy senilis, longettus. Ale ; ceruisia, eelia, sorbuB. 

* See P. Awbe. Cooper expluiu Podfria by 'A longe garmente down to the feeta, 
without pUite or wrinckle, whiche pouldioura Tsed in warre.* Apkot u of oonne the 
Jewish Ephod, of which the same wriber nyn there were ' two eortoB, one of white Uuken, 
like Ml mlbe/ &c. Lydg»te tells ns that the typical meaning of 

* The large mehe, by record of Bcriptnre. 
Yb rightwisnease perpetualy to endure.' MS. Hattui, 73, leaf 3. 
See Docange, s. t. Alba. 

' ' Balitta. A croesebowe ; a brake or greate engine, wherewith a stone or amnr ie 
thotte. It may be T»ed for a gunne.' Cooper. See the Deatrudion of Trojf^ IL 4743, 5707. 
In Barbour's Bruee, xvii. 336, Bruce is said to have had with him 'Bot burge« atid 
aiebkuterit.^ In the Romance of Sir Ferumbrat we read how the Saracens 
' Hure engyns ^nne )>ay arayde, 
&, stones )Ktf-wiJ> ^y caste. 
And made a ful steme brayde, 
wij» bowes & arbeleute'. 
* Bahrtro. To thotyn witA alblast Balitta. An alblant ; quoddam formentum* Hednlla. 

' 'Album-tree, the wild vine, ribumMm.' Wright's Prov.Dict. In the Harl. MS- looa 
we find * A wberne, viburnum^ See note in P. s. t. A wbel. p. 1 7. Cotgrave gives 'Attbtmfi, 
a kind of tree teanned in Latine i4/6i(miu, (it bearea long yellow bloawMnea, which no Bee 
will tunch).' eriilently the Laburnum. 

* Gower, C. A., ii. 88 has— 

* Thilke elixir which men calle 
Aloonomy a« is befalle 
To hem that whtlom were wise ; ' 
and Langland, P. Plowman, B. x. 211, warns nil who desire to Do-wel to beware of 
practising * Experiment) of alkenamye, )« poeple to deceyue,' With the meaning of 
laiten or trhitt-metal the term is found iti Andrew Boorde's ' Introduction of Knowledge,* 
ed. Fumlvall, p. 163, where we are t«ild that 'in Denmark their mony is gold and attraty 

and bras In tdkemjf and braa they haue Dansk whyten.' Jamieson gives ' Alcomye 

«. Latten, a kind of mixed metal, still used for spoons.* ' EHudr. Matere off alcwnyne.* 

* Cooper in his TKetannu^ 1 584, gives * SUicemium. A certayne puddynge eaten ondy 
at funerallea. Some take it for a feast made at a funerall. In Terence, an olile crenple 
at the pittea brincke, that is ready to have eoeh a dinner made for htm.' Baret too baa 
*an old creple at the pittes brincke, gilieemium,' and again, ' verie old. at the pita brinke, 
at death's doore, deertpitms^ nlieemium,' 

* * Zyme. Leauen.' Cooper. The referenoe evidently is to 1 Corinthiana, t. 7, 8. 

* Properly only the;li^ wm» Booki of the Old Testament. 


to Alogo ; elfeffftrti. 

tAlg^oriam (AJ^ram A.) ' : afg<tri$- 
»<uA, abac\iB. 

*Algn.tiM; omnimodo {itimoJo A..). 

tAlica; nomc/t jtmprium, Alicia. 

"an Aly " ; diKtrnitfitatorium, ambultt- 

An Alye ; nj/lnig, 

an Aliarui; AffiniUxs. 

an Alyano'; ruluena^ Aitenujena, 
ndufnttciua, jiTo$fliht». 

tto Alyene; Ahennre^ /iriiiare, dtf-, 
svf>(vnhere, mrtO«*re. 

tAlienora*; /»ro/>ri«m nometi muK- 
(tris {helena A.). 

Allf; pniuerjfUB, rTjiucrsa/i*, rttne/ufl, 
nnj^Wus quibuM ^ui^niim vnus^iV- 
que, U^tnliA^ pan grece, sgsquif 
Totus ivi ma^nitudin/m pertinet ,' 
ut totum corpm, tola (etra ; eti7icti 
fui rbtque «un/ ; vniucret ipii in 
loeOf oniuu qui in ditiertfis sutit 
/oris; omais ad muUitudinvm t}* 

nifmn*fzm ^Krlinet, nt umais homo 
4' omiv* ftomin^ti, otonis distnhuit 
inter lATlfs iuhieHiuaa^ ut omnis 
homo eurrit vrgo ist^ ij* ivt«, ^ 
cetera. .Sed fotas diMnhuit inter 
jHirten inirffn,ffs, ut totxis homo ttsi 
tnm», KVtjo qudilxt ;mM /lomiuM 
tfjtf »n^ue ; wwle twrsus : 
% Totum cumpnJteiuiit masNim* 
sed diuulit omnf (omnia A.) 
J?< ^uo^c tttm compiectitur 
omnia cunctus : 
runftns comprt-Jifindit hoc qnod 
onmt>, vnd« f/rti8 y/icitur euncttpO' 
tens omnia jtttt^iui. 

+A11« abowta ; circumquaqttef vn- 

AHono ; «ola9, solitarius^ tolitudina- 

i-Allonely * ; duntaxat, (anttim, fan- 
tummudo, 3t}lvm, solummoAo. 

Alschynandi! {A.). 

tAUietnanm*; omni'i/imuEt, omnim-}<2us. 

^ 'Algcr4rme,m. The Art.or UneofCvphen.or of Tuimbring bjCypher*: Arithmetiok, 
or • oarioua kiudi; tburfot' (kAgruve. In Jtu-Aard tfu Httitlej, tv. 53, we read— 
' Thnn tt&cte sunune u siphre doth in nirt/rym. 
That nnteth « place, and no thing Kvailitfa.' 1 

Cbanoor. (leAfrihins Uic ch«iuber of thn olerk *hetide NicholAs.' tnentions araongst ita 
ODDtenta— ' His AlmacMte, and bookw ffr»t« ami miall. 

Bis A«treinbic longynga for hU art. 
Hlfl Augrym ttones layen lure a*part 

On Bheluei couched at bin beddea head.* JUilUrt Tale, 5308. 
Gowar, C. A,tm.8g mj»— 

' Whan that the W?m man acampttth 
Aftir t))« formal pmpreto 
Of idffori*mtt n be cc' 
Id the Aneicn Riwle, p. 3T4, the cDTetonn man ia dew*ribed aa the DerU'e aiih-gatharer, 
who rakaa and ]Hik<M about in the asbot, and ' mikcTi )«riime 6giirei of auyn'm aae ^en« 
riltenaro* duti |ial lialibtrK irioohel uorto rikeneu.' 

» 'Aml»nlrttin. A walkJiigt* place; a galery ; an allay.* Cooper. 'AlUe.t An aU^, 
gallary, wivlk^, u»ikimj place, jiatb or paasage.' Col^ave. 

* 'With oglai of tdfi^ fulJa hoirebille to achewe.* 

Morie Arikare^ 461. 

An al>ane, aUtntm, tJirvnetm.' Manip. Vocab, ' AUeno, To alienate : to pat away ; to 
"* ntt ur Alter |>o<p wi rion.' Ct.>rt(>er. 

Iti ' "' ' LetUjnt, t. 1 44, are mentioned ' Lord Moleymt, and AUatton, hii wyfit* 

■ M > orrcclod (mm A. 

• Ct>«.|'"-v i-.---Jor by tbe nio«W ityds oncljr (al^miy hy moilor P.)' in P. p. 54. In the 
Gt^a fiimaitorvm, p. 40. A^'upe, the King of Franoe, having aaked Cunlelia, Lear's 
yonsgavt daui^htvr, in luiirriiigd, h^r father replies tliat, havinf; divided hi« kingdom 
btttwoLiu bis iitfa'ir two dau^jhtt nt, hv has nothing to g'ive her. * When Agnpe herde this 
■uBwvre, im Miiite aga^e to LnjTe. and teiile, he avked do ihinge with here, tot alonlf 
ben bodie and hers oloUxiuy.' Soe alau the I^njf-Polks Mau-Bo^, B. no. 



*an Almary ^ ; tcrinium^ A nUa^ ^- t AlaznekyHtf ' ; tentam, tantamtdem, 
cetera ; vbi arke. ton/uper, (antuM. 

Alznaste ; /«re, yene, fermef paulo- 

an Almetoe ; a'nus, vhiMS, Wmus, 

tAlBO ; jtaqne, gitailUeT, ecuan^ item, 

itemtUem^ ne, quoque, iia. 
tAlsofte; Toeiens. 
alfietum \ Iqcmb vbi crascuiU. '■ Alway; CoutinuuSf BempU^nuB, caa- 

Almyghty ; As^ripoteiiSj cuuctipoUut, 

an Almond; Amiydalum. 

indies, imperpetuum, eterNo/iler, 
etemef 4' ^texB ; vbi aylaaCyngv. 

an Almond tre ; amigdalus. A ante K. 

anAlmos'; Agapa vel agape*, ele- I tto Amble (Ambole A.)'; Awbur 

moaijuif roga. 
an Almtw doer ; tHemosinarius. 
an AlmoB howae ; eleiiiosiiutrium. 
Alome*; Aliimen. 
tAls it wen ; quasi es&^ (A.). 
tAla longe ; tamdiu (A.). 


an Ambler ( Ambnlar A.) ; grmdariug. 
Ambroa ; Anibronvt, nomen |iro- 

to Amende ; emendare, corrigien, 

deuieiare, corripere. 

* See Wedgwood, Etymol. Diet b. v. Aumbry, and Parker's Glosmry of Gothic Ardii- 
lecture. Dame Eliz. Browne in her Will, Faeton LetteiB, iii. 465, beiqaeatha 'vij gfeto 
C'lferB. V cheHtia, ij almarya like a cliayer, and a blak cofbr boanden with iron.* * An 
Ambry, or like place M-here any thing ia kept It seemeth to be deriued of this IVcDoba 
word Aumosniere, which in a little pune, wherein was put single money for the poora, and 
at length wat vsed for any hutch or clftse place to keepe meate left after mealea, what 
at the beginning of Christianitie was euer distributed among the poore people^ and w« 
for shortnoHse of speache doe call it an Ambry; re/xm/ortuni, serinium.' Baret. Cooper 
renden Serinium by ' A coffer or other lyke place wherein iewels or sefacate thyngea are 
kept, as euidencet), kc. ifcriniolum, a basket or furuet : a gardtaiance.* 

' MS. alnetam ; c<>rrected by A. Alniu is properly an elder-tree, and there it no n<di 
word as ulnua. Danish olni, an elm. 

' Hnmpole, Prickx of Conacience, .^609, amongst the four kinds of help whkb will 
aasist souls in purgatory, mentions * Almaa pht men to the pure gyves.* And aoun, 
!■ 3(160, he speaks uf the benefit of ' help of prayer and altnuedede.' See also the iMjf-FoOt* 
Mau-Jlook, p. 157. A. S. almei-ae, abne*. 

' Harrison, in his Detcription of Englawl, ii. 67, mentions amongst the minerals of 
England, ' the finest alume .... of no le-^se force against fire, if it were used in oar 
rmrietings than that of Lipam, which onlie was in use somtinie amongst the Ajdans ft 
Bomans, ft wherof Sylla had such triall that when he meant to haue burned a tower of 
wood erected by Arclielaus the lieutenant of Mithridatefi he could by no means set it on 
fire in a long time, bicause it was washed ouer with aiante, as were also the gates of the 
temple of Jerusalem with like effect, and perceiued when Titus commanded fire to be pnt 
vnto the same.' 

' ' Eouaque. In alsinekyl.' Medulla. 

* * An ambling horse, hacquen^e.^ Palsgrave. Baret says, ' Amble, a word derired of 
ambalo : an ambling horse, tolutariua, gradariiu c^uhs .- to amble, tdiUim ineedere* In 
Pecock's Kepreflsor, Rolls Series, p. 525, we have the form 'Ambuler.* 'An ambling 
horse, gelding, or mare ; Haguen^e, C/ietal qui va Ira amhlt*, ott I'amhle ; Ao&tn.* Sherwood. 
' Oradani equL Aumblyng horses.' Cooper. In the following quotation we hare ambUre 
meaning a trot : 

' Due Oliver him rideji out of ^t plas ; Ne made he non o>er pas ; 

in a softe amhltre, til pey wem met y-fera.* 

Comiiare also, 

' His steude was al dappel, gray. Ful soflely and roxmde 

It gouth an ainbd in the way In lnnde.' 

Sir Ferumbnu, L 344. 

nd roxmde 
1 1'lnde.' 
Rinu of Sir Tftopat, 1074. 



tftii Asne^dsB ' ; emmda, emendaeio, 

■f-Aii Amender ; eorrfptor^ corrector \ 

to Amende ; conuaUre^ conuaiesceref 

*an Amyce (Amyto A.) ' ; AmtctMBf 


And'.H, gncMquc, ac, at, fut, neenon- 
au Ande * ; AiuIUqa. 

to Ande ; Afflare, (uapirare,Spirafv, 

tilare, Anelarc, 
tAndrowe ; Andreat, nomcn ^ro- 

Ana ; vnuft, primm^ temel, finfjului, 
primariuit, jmrnatiuun, nmpleXf 
simpiuB, irnicue, mmujs, yrectf. 

Anys; Seniei, 

Anehed; vnitAS, eonformitas, con- 

tan Anelepe man ' ; ttoluius^ Aga- 

* In t2» Romanw QfSir Fenimhra$, Chorlomogne ordon Alorys to go Jown oti Ma 
k&Ms to I>iikc iUyuert 'and his amemJe* make,* i.e. make an npology to bim. Aloryi 
ftoconlingly, we are told, 

' t'e amfndn n profredo him fnr to make 
At hd) and low »hat lie wuld taka. 

And BO thay acorded titer.' L an 2. 
See aim P. Plowman, B. iv. 88. 

* ME. MrngMor. 

* ' trpon hifl lieed tlie amyte fint 1ia leith, 
Wbieb in n tliii^, a t^ikep alul %ure 
Outwardly Bliewlni; and groinuJed in tb<* feith.' 

Lydgate. MS. Hatton 75, leaf 3. 
Docange ijive* ' Amictu$. rrimum 01 wi iiidumenLi* epiacopu vK \>rm\tyUnt coiuiuuniban 
(ntuit MUUriu iUauMiic'u*. nlha, eiH;/uIuoi,ttula, iiMntj^utiin, et ylaneta, Dt est apod Inn<x>eiit 
HI. P. P. Vf SfytXrr. 3/iMir) ; amitt* Cotgrave haa ' AiRict. An Aniict. or ^Viuice ; part 
of a maaiing priest's hubit.' Id Old Eng. Hoinili«a, li. 163, it ia called A<iu!4J-/iaF, i.e. 

* 8ee 1', Onde, In Sir Ptntinhnu, p. 74, 1. jaj;?, we find *8o harde leld he |)ar on la 
omU ;' thjbt is. he blew bu hard od the bruod ; and iu Barb«iur'i Brua-, xi. 615. wo ara 
told that ^Sio aoe «t«w mi« owth tkaue then 

Of ayntiing, hnih of hon aud rnvn.' 
11. ir, 199. X. 610. AyndUUf out of breath, breathlen, ocean in x. 609. In the 
Mundi, p. 38, tlie aulbor^ after telling u« that Adam wa« made of die four elements, 

' pe otier fir gis man hu id(;ht, pi* TDtler wynd him gin hit tMnd, 

pat ouer air of hiring might; pe iTth, }>e taft, to fele aoi) faand.' 

alao p. 313. when*, amongst the signs of apppjoohi mjl; death, wa are told tliat the letfth 
tDrot, '\ie naitd at stinc' I. 3574- * Myu nnil is sliurt, I want wynde' Tuvnla/ Myri. 
154. 8fl« alao^. C. de ^ton.4843, yvaineil: i^airnm, 3554. 'To Aynd. Ainde, fiand. 
dniw in and throw out the air by the lungi.* Jamiewin. IcoL end, ottdi, breath ; cf. 
Xat. (i*4ina. 'Atpiro: Tu ondyu.* Medulla. 

' In Religious Pieces iti ProM> and Verw firum tbc Thornton MS., p. 13, 1, tt, «a an 
loLl that fcimicition in *a Hexohle iynne bctwene an an«irpif man and an oiuJ^py woman C 
m the C*mbri''^-(.' University Liljrary M.S. Ff. t. 48, leaf 86, wc read — 

' W«Ii5 lunre Kynne it U Tlien with an a»a/«pe, I-wia,* 

To vynne with a weddid wife. 
In Ootilokt I. 3 1 06. we have— 

' Ok •toil, ttjjil toteile in at a bord, Ner he vpak nniUfA word.' 

wbarx ihp « 'inj liM itM uri^itial meaning of one, a innglu ; and also in thu fMlowing : — 

■ "X, ich wilie thti luUe, (h% atpi word icb lie nelle,' R^i'j Antifj. ii. J75< 

J Av, *o\e. ' Hi true iti G*k\, fa*ler b.\lniichttc>tide and in Ibveu 

f:i j'< aone hunt Uverd.* Creed. MS. Cott. Clop. B.v'i. Y 301* ab. 1350. lifliq. 
Intit^.tti. \Vf dif hai * an oo»/jr/» Bone uf his uiodir.' l.ukc vii ij ' pn boo nn aljii 
itAit t&t ail tpci) m«i awaan in.' IK £. Hamttia, i, 33. Seo ^Um I^iiunun, ii.9J, lit. 1O4, 
IpHMc, p. ji, Ancrtn SirU. pp. 1 16, 396, &c. 


Ang^uyse; vbi noe. 

Any ; Aiiqtiis, vllns. 

Anythynge ; qwcquam, 

*Anys ; herba est vel semetit Antium 

tan Anelepy vroman ; nohita. 
•an Anfbnere * ; Antifyhonariuvn. 
an Angelltf ; A mjelus, a^nritus, 

hatulafi, edi'jena, missupf nun- 

cius. vcl anisum. 

tAngelL? Aide; mnnna, I an Ankyile; cauilla. 

-t Angell Bet» ' ; dindimn. I an Ankyr orareoluse'; anaeoriia; 

an Anger ; Antjor oris, pTod\uciiur\ | annehoritrUis. 

o, 4' ceiertL ; vhi noe. i an Ankyr of a sohyppe ; aficora, 
tto Anger ' ; vh'i to grewe. to Ankyr ; A ncorare. 

t Angsrrly ; vbi l)ilo8e *. tto Anorme (Anown A.) ^ ; M fore 

Angry ; 6i/o«u8 '' ' (to make fayre A.). 

' Seti nntti t(> Antiphonare. 

' The followintf im frt>m J)ucange: — ' Dindimum vel potiufi Dindjfmum, Myaterinm. 
Templum. Vita S. Friderici Kpirtc. Tom. 4, JnHj. \y&g. 461 : Jnept<u, fahulag devitans, 
»etii»reB lum inrrfi>an$, minorft »on contemnfn», Itabem jitlei DimUmum in oot%»eienHa ' 
Allimio nut ad liatx! Aptwitoli verba 1 Timoth. 3. 8 ; " Habentee myrterium fidei in 
eniia bona." AngvlomuK l*nu-&t. in Genetiim a]mcl Bern. Pei. torn. i. miecdot. ool. 46 : 
"Ilic ratriarcharuni claritwima gesta leguntur, 
Myiitica quae nimium gravidia typicisque figuris 
SiKnantur (.'Iiriitti noHtmcque et dona salutis. 
liic Hacra nam Macrae cemuntur Dyndima legii 
Atquti evauj^vlica salpinx typica intonat orbi." 
Papiaii : " IMndyma, nionij est Phrygiae, wicra mvKtoria, pluraliter declinator." Kotos «it 
inonii Plirygiae CibcLte iiacer IHndyma nuncupntus : unde Vii>pliu8. " vere Pbrjgue. 
nvquu enini Plirygeo, itu per alta Dindyma." ' Seo aliio Bete of AnseUia. 

* Thtt wonl awjp.r or avrjrt in Early English did not bear the meaning of oor anger, bat 
rather meant care, jtain, or troablt. Thus in P. Plowman, B. xii. 1 1 , we find tb« wamixig : 

* Amende J>o while Jmw haat ben warned ofte, 
Witli jKiUHtues of pestilences, with poucrte and with angrea,' 
and in tlie Priri-e of Votucitna'., 6039, we are tola of the ajKiatles, that for the love of 
ChriMt, '|»av jNtlod augye and wa." 0. Icel. angr. 

* MS. nlnte. » MS. rOona. 

* In .Sir Jiajrtvant (Thornton RomanccB, ed. Halliwctl), p. 1 79, 1. 63, we read, 

* Ah an anker in a Bt^me He lyved evere trewe.' 

The mmo exprotwimi occum in the Metrical Life of St. Alexiuit, p. 39, 1. 420. 'As onem 
and heruniitea l^at holdun hem in here Belles.' P. Plowman, B. ProL38. The term ia 
applied to a nun in Ut.'liq. Anti({. ii. i. Palsgrave has 'Anere, a reli^^ous man : ancAm, 
A roliglouH vumau,* A.S, a»icor. 'JIfc anacorita, a ankryB.* Wright's Vol. of Vocmb. 
p. a 1 6. 

' ' HiH cote .... fnnumed vpon veluet vertuuB gtonej.' Fir Gawain«, 2016. Wydif 
haH the Hiilwt. enouniyng in Eittlier ii. 9 to render the V. mimdum; and again he ipeaki 
of '<Jiiych«n Btinmus and Ki-iiimi-H to anourn ephoth.' Exodus xxv. 7, 'Thanse alle the 
virgyniH rywrn vp, ami ammmeden her lannipiB.' Matth. xxv. 7. 'Whan a woman ii 
awmnifd with rich npparaytt.* it HL-tteth out her beauty double as much as it is.' Palstave. 
' I am tomientidu with thin blew fyre on my hede, for my lecherouse anourenteni ofmyne 
he«:ru.' r.Wrt Jtiiman. p. 384. ' Wiih gudo ryghte thay anourcne the for tbaire fairenes.* 
Lincoln MH. p. 199. In I^mclichV Ili^'tory 0/ the JIdy Grail, xxxi. 151, we read 
* 3it wan that Bchiiw in other dcgro 
Anuured with divers Jowellis certeinle ;' 
vid Ilauf Citiljcar, whon he untt-n) the Hall of Cbarlumagne, exclaims 
' Heir JH Ityultie .... aneuch for the nanis. 
With all nobilnes anoumit, and that in na nay.' 1, 690. 
8oe alKo the LttyFolkt MtiM-Iiook, ed. Canon Simmons, Bidding Prayers, p. 65, 1. 4, p. 71, 
1. 30. &c., AlUt. Pwnut, H. I ^90, and Carupr Miindi, 1. 3922. 'Anorne, to adorn.* JaraieBon. 
O. Kr. aomer, aourner ; Latin adomare, I'he form anonut is used by Quaries, Shq^ktnT* 
Eclogun, 3, and enoumiyd in the Babees Book, p. i. 



to Answre ; Reutpondero, tx^ffonnirtt 

an AnBwre ; reMponcio, restpon- 

+an Answre of godd<« ; /ntum., diut- 

nocu/uTn, oraeuiutQ. 
+AntecryBto; AntecUrifdua. 
ftu Antlphonare ' ; Anliphonarium 

an Antym ' ; Antiphona, 


*; Aposfata; Apo^taiart 

an Apoatem* ; Aposlema. 
an ApoBtyU«i; (Z/xtsta/u*, r'xiposto/us; 

apoftUjlim^, fijmBtofariB. 

tan Apostylleheda ; a^MMloAitiUi co- 

to Appole ; Appeltare. 

an Appele ; aft^^e^oe'io, ajijifi- 

to Apporo ; a/>;)fl)rre. 
i-Au AppeCyte ; appi^titu». 
•ttu Appyllc of eo * ; jmjnVa. 
tin Appyllfl ; //Qf/fuui, tna/uni, ;»7nu- 

?um, ^jrjmir//uin. 
nn Appyll* tre ; pomus^ maluSf 

tan Appollt* garth ' ; ponwrfum, po- 

an Appylltf hurde ** ; j)omari-' 

um. . 
an Appylle keper or aoUer ; jHymiliOt 


' AnUi»honer, an antliem-boolc, so cilled rrom the alcernate rcpeUUons and rosponaeii. 

* He Alum Hodctnpturia henle liiige. 

As ohilftrtm lemod hir antifthoner.' 

Cbnucer, Priorewra Tate. 1708. 
In the oontento of the Chapel of f^r J. Futolf at CMstor. 1459, are entered * ij antyj^nti't* 
Psaton LctUTN. i. 4S9. ^a fAm Antym, \m\om, and Anfenerf. 

' In Uie MffrrottiY of fhtr TytH*f, p. y^. A nihtm is stated to be equivalent to both antf 
AyetiuM and iarri^iaifa. ' A ntcm J'h as mocbu to eay ai a sovmynge befure. fur ^t ys be^ronne 

the Psalme*. yt ih a^ nioabe to naye as a now-nynge ayenite Autrtnfnr* 

betoken cbaote, Tim ArUempne ys begonne bcfure the ^lalnie, and the pMlmt! yit tuned 
after the anttwpne: ttikenv'nge that there may nn dede bo good, but yf yt be begopeof 
chante. and rewted by cli:irilv in the doyn^, k.o. 

* An Ai>f>»tnta wa^ one urbo quitted his order ajtfi' ha had completed his year of novi- 
ciate. Thii \» very clearly fihown by the fbliowin^^ itnteinent of a nonce: — 

* Out of the onlre thof I be gone. Of twelve monethee ine wanted one, 

Apottata ae am I none. And Dd<ie dayee nyeo or tea.* 

Monimtenta PranciBcana, p. 606. 
* Apottttia, a rebel] or ren^^te ; he that formketh his religion.* Coo(>er. The plural fonn 
Apoftntofut i* nieil by Wjolif (W(.rk«, «d. AfiKild. ill jioRV See Prof. Skeat's note to 
Pien Plowtnan, C-Toxt. Paniu )i. 99. ' Julian th^ A porttita^ u mentioned in Hatri^on's 
Hat-riptiua 0/ Englun/1, 1587, p. 25. ' Ap<iai»t, an Afxifltala.' Cotgrave. In the Pa»U>n 
LtfltetM, ill. 343. iri a letter or roeinnranrtani fri>ni Will. Pfurton. wo nvtd : * In this iminr 
ibe pruBt thill truubli_-th my niodur it but a simplu (elowtj, and he \$ apoffala, for ha WM 
eompt-.!.,.. t Wliittf Fr<^rc,' See nlao i. ly, i. a6. From the latter passage it would appear 
thai ' <-ould nut <tue in an Engliah Court of Law. 

* ' . rumfntttm.' Mantp. Vricab. * Apoelhiune, or hnigting ont, rHmtnttttn* 
BtftovU ' A uivlicinc or lalve that maketh an apotteuut or draweih a swelling to matter.* 
KoiuenclaUjr, 15K5. 

* * PruurUr. \\\ie Iwile or apple of the eye.' Cotgrave. ' Ala appd 0/ t^fhe ilieme ^oa 
me.' £. /.'. I'n'Utar, P« ivi. 8. 

* ' A pple^artlie, appleynrd. pomarittm.^ Manip. Vocab. A.S. jeanj, O. H. Otr. gmrtf 
I*t. hertum. 

* C^MUcer, Mtlltr'n TaU, says of the Carpenter's wife that— 
' Hir mouth was tjweetv as bmgnt ic or meth, 

Or hoord of appUi, layd in bay or heth.' 

I 3161. 



+to Appropjnrd * ; Aypropriare, pro- 

tto Approwe; Ap/troare^siaxtdomini 

gefaciuut Ja vastia, (?) 
Apprylle; aj/riiis.mmns anni. 


tAraby ; Arabia, arabicaz par<ici- 

to Aray ; o^^rurare, omare, ^* cetera ; 

vbi lu muku fare. 
tto vn Aray ; eaaomare, ^' cetera ; 

[rhi\ to dyBuray. 
an Aray ; ap}xirat\x», paratus, aeeu- 

ratiis, or»fa(u9, hahilMa. 
ao Archangells ; archan^elns ; anh- 

ange/icxis /jorticipium. 
an Archebyechop ; arcliiV^iscopu* ; 

an Arc he ; Arena, fornix. 
an Archedekyn ; Archidi<jcon\i3. 
fan Archedokynry ; Archtdiacon- 

tan Arcyatorfl ; arcvtta. 

an Aroher; ArchfHnfa$f ar^ifts, 

saffittanus, sacfiUator, arctpoUat. 
tAre ; prior 4' ^riwi, pvvdium, 

primitus, pr'istinuB, privsqu^m^ 

ante, anUqiUiW., aruiquitxis^ 
tto make Ayre (Are A.) ; iUrvian, 

an Ayre ; hereSf gafandas, gtnfan 

»/ref<r, hereditarin^, 
t Ayrelomes ' ; pnma4jemta. 
(in Are; remu^ omjilustruai, trudta. 
Arely ; mane, tempestiutf 4' ^^t^ra ; 

vbi lymelv. 
tto Areaon ' ; eoniumira, allo^ui^ 

coiujtclfere, jntcrjieUar^, a^rri, 

coucionari, oOire. 
t Areaonere; A lioquiU>r vtl •triz, con- 

cionalor re? -tt\x. 
*Arghe * ; pusiilanimia. nota. 
tArghnea ; pusillanimitat. 
tanArguyngo; artjumtutacio ; ar^ 

f/uens pir/icipiuni, 
ttn Argue ; anjuere, arywrneiitori. 
an Argument ; art/urnentunx ; argu- 

mfiutosoB ^mr^ciptum. 

' HAinpole, Prick* of Comteteuec, 9546. myB, that in addition feu tbe general joyu of 
hemvoo woh man will kftve 

' HU a wen !oyoB, lea and man, 
t'at til hym-seir cal ho a pproprirH \mini.' 
' p&i ypDcritis )>at ban rentes & worldly lordiachipea ft piuriMrbe dimhiiapprvprid to Item.* 
Wyollf, EngliRh Works, ed. MatOiow, p. 190 ; »«e aWi pp. 4J. 115, Ac. Sw hIki to maks 
Awnflt ImIuw. 

' See Ar^tuuifJi in GltMuriiim Northyinbricum, and Bay'ii Glnsn. of North Cotiiitiy 
Wurda. ' Primigntia. Tbe title of the caldeet childo in inticriianut;/ Cwpcr. 

* O. Fr. areimier, ara^ttiert to ioterrogate, whence our word arraign. R«« Kiptg 
Mj/mAtindr*, 675 1 ; Yicaitu aiif/ Gateayne, 1094 ; Hinn. oj thr /?wc. 6120. 'Armittoner. 
Tu reason, confer, taike, diacuui-M, Jto.' Uotgrave. Hampule UIIh uj how at the Da; of 
Judgment *0f idle fir thjn(jeii wen lal artaoned be/ P. q/ Ctm»cienctt 5997. And 
again, 1. 3460, that each man ahall 

' Im araoned, all right e« 
Of alio hii myailedy)! marK ainl le«.* 
' Thi« word occurs In the Dettrudion of Troy. 1. 3540, and the verb argke^ to war 
timitl, to be nfnud ((roni A.a earifuiif) at U. 1976, 3MI, and ^wfth the activo meanuig) 
S148 ; and AUit. I'oom, B 571 : 

• |w angrw of lib iiw )>at ar)til monye.* 
Boealao P. Pluwoian, C. iv. 357; ^yfwfiitt, p. .^i ; O. E. Mi^crfl., p. uj, he. 

*>enDe an«d Abmliani. ft alle hia ti ' ' ' 1' AUU- Pomu.B. 713, 

'He caiilt bo))e at> keue. 

Knitbes and •et>rs«t., ' u-.' i/a«?ofc.l. JII5. 

Sco aliM» Sir Verervut, 1. 69, where we arr told thai ihr death ufonv knight ' JryAfdie alia 
tliatware ihare/ * ArjfhDw*; r«luotanoe. ToArgh. To ba^talc' Jaini«*»o. A.S. tarpA, 
turh; O, lod. or^. 



•Ho Arltte ' ; Aseriberet dejnUaret 

tan Arke ; archa^ teehot elsta, Seti- 

nitim. capMt cajtsula^ capsdla, 

tuhatXiA ffroct, aula. 
ian Arkamftlcer or kapor ; arcAanus. 
to Arms ; A rmare^ aceinff^rt. 
fan Armorarc ; A rmatoTt A rmarius 

an Arme ; hrarMunij thnrxiB^ vlna, 

Wn«[/]rt/ vinalia, tlnarius pB^rii- 


Armehole; aacella, ala, subhircuh, 
'Armour; A rmanientuni^ armalura, 

arftiabiliM, arma. 
+Armo?tr for Army a ; hraefualui. 
f Armour for leggur ; teOialia. 
f Armour for theghys ; erurttUiot 
tArmyd; Armatus (A.). 

tAmolde; ArjiaUhtu, nomen pro- 

Bjx Arrowo ; piiuva, hasia, hastula^ 
hastiU, eathaptdia, sagiUOy taggi- 
ida, mijuilst Ulum, armido, Bpicu- 
Inm, gtaa, 9<m$m, iaeulum^ j* 
</icitur omod ^o<2 iadtMT vt wl- 

f RO Arowhede ; hftrb^llum^ caftlla. 

+aii Arrerage (Arreage A.) ' ; errt' 

an Arse ; anu$^ cu^us. 

tArsmke'; arscf^ntnm. 

an Arsewyape*; Anittrgiuni,m^nxp6- 

Arte ; arUs^ dialetiea ; dialetiai9. 
A aur« 8. 

Aaoape ' ; vbi to scape. 

*ABethe*; tatisfaccxo. 

< 'In Chavoer, Knl^hte* Tale, 1671, we have— 

' It D&s aretted him no vyleinje, 
Ther may no man clepe it uo conrardyo.' 
Acoordioc to Cowell a penmn in aretUd, 'that » cnvenantinl h^ore a judffe, and ohanrad 
with a cnmo.* la au Astiphon given far the ' Twesdny Seruyce/ in The Myrrourt of Our 
p. 203, we read : — ' Omnem potettattm. mekett of nuiydens, we artctt to thy hye 
■1 puwor, and all vertew. wbicbe setlylh vp kyngea, &c.' Low lAt. arrofiofiore. 
Sir Penimbra*, 5174; Hampolo, Prote Trratitt*, p. 31. ftc. 

' ArrieinffM is a frenoh woonle. and dgniSeth money behlntle yut rnpayde, rdupta' 
iret. A rrwagn oecon in Liber AJbua, p. 437, aod frcqueotly in the Paaton Lettan. 
' I ArvAe many id artrag^ mou &l)e 

And Ul perpetocle pmrm |j^u),'.' Hainpole, P. of Corumitmee, ftgJ$. 
^' JirierMffe. An arrerage : the rest, or the remainder of a paimeat : that which waa 

i\>idd or behind.' Cotgrave. 'God that wotlc the areraget for-jere.* Shor»- 

ua. p. 96. 

' Compare P. Anenel. 

* In John Rauell's ' Boke of Nnrture,' pr. in the Dabeea Booke, od. FanuTaU, p. 65, 
«e find amongBt tho duties of the Cliamberlatn — 

'Se t>* privebouMi for anement he fayre. snota and dena .... 
lioofce twr be blanket, ootyn, or lynyn, to wipe I» net»ur ende :' 
<m which Mr. Fumivall rcmarkn, — * From a pueage in William of MalmMbnrjr*! Auto- 
giaph, D« Qratia Pimtifieam Ait<;lorum, it would seem that water wu the sarlier cleanser.' 
* Atk An^-vriBpe, peniciilnm, auiUrgtuvt.* Withal4. 

* In the story of the Knchant«d Gardsn, Gttta liomanorum, p. 118, tho hero having 
kaed aaTcly through all the dangera. the Emperor, we are k^d. * when ho cawe htm. ho 

yaf to him hia dowter to wyfe, hfr<auie that ba bad ao wysely tucapid tho peril uf the 
ganlin.' See aUo P. Plowman, C.iv.61. 

* Amongst the kinds of help which may be rendered to souU in purgatory, Hampula 
mentions * aasetho makyng.' P. o/6*<MMrJcn». 3610, aad agnia, 1. 3747. be says — 

' A man may here with bts hande 
Make ntetkc for another lyfannde.' 
In the Bttmaunt of Ihr. Rote wn find atetkf, the uriginal French being ataa: other fbnu 
JuttO'l are amylh, ryfk, tithe. Jamiveon has 'to tttnyth, njiih. or tithe, to oompeiuate; 
[«HytA. tyth, auyfkmamt, oompettsatinn.* ' Icel. trfija. to satiate; Gothic «a£Ajt, (all: 
irbiob aooouuia for the th. And this <k. by Grimm's law, aoBncn to the t in Latui tatit^ 
ud ihowi that w^A is not derived from aatt*, bat cognate with it. From the Low 



to make Aaethe ; »atiffaeere. 

to Aske ; p&atulare, expaacert tuppii- 
citer ^- tfubmitsej petere, aHgnid 
pro meriiOj expetere AiimrViler 
<»tm precihuB re/ creditum, appe- 
tere, ro^are /weciAuB, con-, exflagi- 
tarejrnpncarimafa.precari bona, 
dijlagitare, eri^K, contari^ per-, 
jnterofjare, querere, jntejitigare, 
exiiu[ir\eret queritari^ stipuiari, 
con-yjlatjitare f «m clamore 4- per- 
tinaeia^ l)eteTej scilari, scicitari, 
jnturpeUare, ^ cetera ; vfn to 

*to Aake wrangwyely (wTaii8:ualy 
A.); exigere. 

an Aflker ; ]teUtor, quettionarius. 

tan ABker wrangwysly ; exactor. 

an ABkynge j petieio, posttdaeiojpeti- 
ciuucuia, jjostulamen, quatio, 
queatiuneula^ atipulado. 

■(■an Askynf^ wranfpwyaly (wrcmg- 
uBly A.) ; exaccio. 

dner vet -nU, dmUe^lat 

(/tminotiuoM, einen$ dtfuaoUh 

mm, niuf infoea. 
tAflliy; cinendttUoE, dnerwoB, etne- 

to Aasay; jiproAon, tempters. 
to ABsayle ; aggndi, arripen, omi- 

/ir«v fjrroMarfl^ tmjMlen^ innaden, 

jnsuitan, jnwrt^en, wfortrt, ^- 

an Aoae; oftnoa, onager, aaeUas; 

(utnmos, annoriuB, oftiuiif, jHkr- 

an Aflsehivd*; o^om. 
tan Aase mengydwitAmaiu kywU'; 

to Asaent ; oMmftre, eon-, thmtb, 

guieteere, 4* cetera ; v6t to af- 

t Aasantazidtf ; assentamgaa, con-, ^ 

cetera ; ti6t affermyngs. 
to Aaaigno ; «6t lymytt 
tan Aaayae * ; tessiOj assisa. 

GfiTDuii root $afh- we get the Mid. Eng. ageth, and from the cognate Lattn root §at- we 
have the French OMez.' Prof. Skeat, note on P. Plowman, xx. 303. In Dan John 
Gaytryge'e Senaon, pr. in Relig. Pieoee in Proee and Verse, from the Thoratoo HS. 
p. 6. L 32, wo are told that if we break the tenth commandment, *we may noghte be 
anojlede of fie trespaae bot if we make OMtihe in ]wt )wt we may to ]iam \aX we 
barmede ;' and again, leaf 1 79, ' It wu likyns to yym, Fadire, for to sende me into Uu> 
werlde that I sidde make cudhe for mans treepae tluit he did to ua.' See aleo Qata 
Ronmnorum^ p. 84. 

^ In Havdok, 1. 2840, we read that Godrich— 

' Hwan J>e dom was demd and nyd 

Sket was . . . . on )>e aeae leyd, 

• And led vn-til ]wt like grene. 

And breiid til oaken al bidene;* 

and in An Old Eng. MiMtU., p. 78, 1. 203, we are told that when the body it laid in the 

earth, womu ehall find it and 'to axe heo hyne gryndeji.' 

'Thynk man, he eays, a$ka ertow nt>w. 
And into aske* agayn turn saltow.' 

M3. Cotton ; Galba, £. ix. leaf 75. 
'Moyees aakea vp-oam And warp ea vt til heuene-ward.' 

GenetU A ^eotfiu, 3814. 
See also Lajamon, 25989 ; Ormulum, looi ; Sir Gawayne, a, fto. Lyte in his edition of 
DodoenA, 1577. p. 271, tells us that Dill 'mafle intooxMH doth restrayne, cluee vp and 
heale moyBte vlcen.' See alio P. Plowman, C. iv. 125, 'blewe odlcM.' A.S. cuoe, eiee, 
axe. O. Icel. tuka. 

* 'An asaebenl, atiaariiu.' Manip, Vocab. 'Ifie a»imniu$f a nas-herd.* Wright*! 
Vol. of Vocab. p. 113. 

' MS. kjnce. ' OnocentaunUf a beaate halfe a man and halfe an aan.* Cooper, 

* See Glaeaary to Liber Gustamamm, ed. Kiley, s.t. Assiae. 'Aisbee or eenaons, 
e<mu€ntu$ inridia ; dayee of aMdw, or pleadable dayee, in which iudgea did ait, as in the 
tenue, /oKt d»tt.' Baret. 



to Astony * ; attonare^ Hupi/acere. 
Aatonyd ; attonitiia, atujiffactMs. 
ttii he Aatonyd ; caiutomari, stuitie- 


Afttrolabi (AatToby A.) • ; avtro- 

kStronomy ; a$irononKa, astronovU' 

au Afltronomyour ; tutroloffnh, an- 

tronomus; MtrvUyuupAiticipixim. 
Asure ; Asura. 

A ttnte T. 
+At Ji« IcBta ; sttitrin. 
At p' loste ; taudetxij deni^^y nouU- 

eiuiCt dcmum, 
an Athe ; jnramentum,JHjnuraaditm. 
tACyase (AChenia A.) ; at/t^ie. 
•At3rre of \f' hede (The Atbye of 

the heyd« A.) ; tiara. 
to Atire ; vbi amy or make funs. 

to Attache ; Attachiare. 

-hAt my wiil« ; v(i, vtinamt tm, guar 

h'nus, vt gi. 

A ui/er. 
*Avaiioe * ; aitaneia {ffer^ m(. A.). 
tloAwawnce*; promov^nt jirove- 

Arfre, rxtoUgrt. 
Awawnced ; promotuB, jorotiffctes. 
August ; AuijustMhi jiometi mensia 

vat mri. 
to Awyse " ; d^liberaref e30eo<fitare, 

Awyeyd : (felibfratus, jtrovUus. 
vn Awisyd ; jtideliheratUB, jttprO' 

nn Awyflonerit ; (UOberacio, pr<yui- 

Aumbry (Avrnfeyr A.) *; ambra. 
uiiAwowterer^; adtitter,advltcratar; 

tuiu/teriuB, adukeratoriiu. 

■ * This iodeyn eM thU mui atttmUd m, 

Tb&t r«etl le wex, atw^Bi, «nd a] quaking 
He itood.' Ohauoer. Ctirktt TaU, 316. 

* BtfoMitrr. To utnnish, unrnze, ilaimt, appull: uiake ogaxt; alto to stonnis, benummc, or 
ijull titc venonof.' Cui|rnive. 'Atttmo. To makeMtonietl, uuwod. oratMuhod. AUvhUhb, 
Ue Uiat in benamnKid. or hatli IuaU: the aenae^ and moujmg of bia memliera or ItoimcM/ 
Coopper. Probably conaected with the root whicii i» aeen in A.B, ttuniaut to wlun. 

* 'Bi» alioag«at, and bookoa grab and anule. 

Hii lutr^be Umgyng lur bis arte. 
Ub au|^ym stoonea, k>yen faire apart 
On achelaea couched ac bia budda* heed.* Oank. Tatea, 330S. 
Sa* a woodcut of ono in Prrif. Skual'a ud. of C3iauoor'a Aalnlabe, 

* US. ft-randa; oorrcotod from A. 

* A word which cHwara very frequently in the Gttta lOmianoritm : thoa p. 48, In the 
▼arrion of the tale of Lear and hbi dnUf{ht«ra we read that whan his cldeot danghter 
dedorvd that iba loved him, 'more (nn I do my selfe,' *' t^rfore, quod ho, )k>q ahalt ba 
hily ui'ttiiuHvJ,-" and hn iiianeda her to a ricbe and myghti krag'.' So abio p. t^i, the 
Ksporor makes a proclamation that whoever can outstrip bia daugbtvr in nmning 'ihulde 
weddo hir, and be hiliche arattnctid.^ See also Barbout^a Bntce, xv, 533. ' Avanc<r, to 
■dvaooe, prefer, praiuote.' Cutgrave. 

^ A woid of fnM|ueat oocurreDra in the old Romancca in the aeniie of * oanidder, refluct, 
lafbrnt.teadL* Tbos in the 'Pilgryino^ of the Lyf of tlie Monhode,' Roxburgh Club. ed. 
^Vrighi, p. 4. we 6uil ' I srwcde me,* i. e. I reflected, cnuaiilered. So in Chaucer, Cltrhea 
Tal*t 338 : * Vi>nn blx chero ha wolde bim ofle aapjir.' Hoe Barbour's Itrutt, ii. 297, rL 171, 
Ac 'AviMer. To marke, heed, see, looke to. attend unto, r^i^ard with circumspcotion, to 
oonsider, otlvlse of. Like adrioe on; to thlnke, imagine, judga ; also to advice, counseU, 
wanw, tfill. inforitie, duo to wit, ^re to ucdentaud.' Cotgrave. 

' 'Ambra, Amber jrryxe: tiotte in the 8econd degroe, and drie in the Brste.' Cooper. 
I^n^, H. Awber.' Colgmve. See Le^rn^ivn <^ Trof, U. 1666 and 6203. ITarnnon, 
m/ Bmgland, ad. 1 580, p. 43, says t^ot in the Islands off Ura west of Scotland ' is 
plflotie of Amber,' which hu f^niuludcs lu bo a kind of 'gcot' <j*^Oi*od 'prvduoted 
Ihf wurkin^' uf the sba apoo thiAe ooamU.' 

' * AdtiUrr. That halhoQUunitted auoutrju with uiMt. AduUero. To conunllte auvutery. 
AMMwik* Aduottterie.' Coo|wr, See tieita Mmnamrvm, pp. la, 14. &c 



Awowtry ; «iu2Mnnn. 

to do AToutry ; Atlulf^nrc (A.). 

to tiuike Autor (Aoetorita A.) ; ^uUh 

to putt oate of Autortte; erauiorart. 

ftii Autor; atitar, 

AD Autorite ; awlaftfof, auUmil, ynea. 


to Awa ; dttertL. 

an Awer ; DthUor (A). 

*aD Awemeii«r ; e/<m4«iwinBi«. 

an Awinenery ; eJemommaritL 

*an Awndyme ' ; j/toptvyi'MD* an- 

*an Awn of oomo * ; arUla, aritiMa 

Awne ; /Topriuj, peeulians, 
tou Awn}iede ; propnaUu, 
tto tnjike Awne ; propriarv, af/pro- 

an Awnte; amtia, maler(«ni; verras: 
HWc /latru est Amita aoror ul 
fNoleitara matru. 

tAwntentyka (Awtentike A.); ««• 

titrizabUi*, Autetttirui^ 
Ho Aw nt jr ; jn eutfntu p&nere. 
•an AwTsta doght«r * ; cotuo&ruui. 
tan Awnte aon : coD#pfrWita8. 
an Awtyr * ; ara, vuntvUjU ; altar*, 

Arioln^ meoMX dumin*, focu*, 
tan Awtyr cloth ; lituhitiia. 


an Ax* ; nada, tutioia^ (mcu, tucicu- 
loa, mcmvt do/ofrrum biptnm 
•oDilav, deiatnii*, $tctmhf ie$i 

Ha An for « mMcm; oieir^ Mri- 

tnn Axyltocbe*; mo/aris, fnortV- 

an Azylltre * ; Axu. 

tAzea ^ ; t)6i fevera. 

A an/e 8. 
*Asaere; azttra^ 

* It«m to tile mid Wittiiun 
ij bran pola with all iho 

* In the Will of Mugiiret Pwtoo. dated 1504. ve find, 
Lunmer, uijr md. ij gr«te rn«tiBg awmdema^ ilj Ahelea, 
brewing tcskU.' Paston LeUcr«, iii. 470. O. Tt. nfuiier. 

■ ' FI&Yra wheate hath a jelow Mrs. and hare without mtjri. PoUrd whete bath no 
ani*. Whtt« frbet« hatb unyt. Red wheAte h«th a ft»t eare ful of 0111*4. Bngiinb wbcwto 
bath few any* or oone.' F^Utierbert*! ffvibandiy, leaf 20, *^rj*/a. The beard of come ; 
■omctiiuM nre ; wimatitiie wlimte.* Coop«r. ' Awn*, <6. fl arist», the beards of wheat ; 
or hiiriey. In Gsbok they pmnnttnce it aUs. See ailt In Soath-Country Words, £. DtaL 
Soc. OloM. B. 16.' Prof. Skc«t In bin e*i. of lUjV GIimb. of N. Countrr Words. 1691 . Torticr 
t«lb US that * jr* barlny care %dA the ilunele eare rtv not like, for the on* is without AWMi 
and the other hath Longv ttvnet.* Ilfrbnl, \\i, u. It. 17. Bcax teUi ui tbat we 'ma; know* 
when barley u tipa, for then the eareR will crooke earen downe, and the aawM itand ont 
alLff and \«'i<\v asunder.* Farming^ <tr. Hook^ p. 53. 

» MS. doxtghter. 

* See tht- hiyh'vlks Ma** Book, pp. 165, 166, and B. P. p. 71, L ao. 

■ Bay in bi«tiln«a. of North Conntrr Words, givu 'Axellooth,d«a< taoteril . ' ' ' 
andinCapt. HarUiid's Glon. of Swnledale, E. D.S. in giTvn 'Anla-tDih. a d- 
Still in UM in the Korth ; see Jamieeon, e. v. AsUtootb. Goapare abo Wan^ .„i.... 

" *Axi». An citroo. Aii*. An axyltre.* Cooper. A. 8. cojpe. 

' In the Paaton Letterm iii. 436, we read— * I wafl iWUa welc with an oxer.* It 
occun in The King's Quhair. ed. Chalmers, p. 54 : 

' But tho begun mine om* and torment* 
with the note — 'Axu in RtUl lued oy the country people, in Scotland, lor the ague. 
HkcItoD. Work*, !. 35, speaks of 

■ Allectnury arrecty*! to redroi ^eee feT«n>na iay»* 

Bee Oalde of the axoi, below. ' Axis, Ackwi, ache*, j-aioa.* Jauiienon. ' I sbaVe uf t)i< 
axes. Jt trtmhlc dct kriirtt,* PaUgraTc. 'Ilie dweller* of bit flteUndl be not >-«x«ti| 
with the 0Jt« cxooplf the 8<-lw»rpfl axes [incobe nulla febris eprote rexatitur, ftitypu acut 
ct hoa p<TTMi.]. Trevisa. i 33J. 9i» AUH. Pormf, C. 3J5, ' >acoM of anguych." oarioui 
expLuiHN] in thcr glovsary aa blows, from A. S. ^ocooa. 



Ca.pituium 2™ B, 

B ftii/« A. 
a b ab ; vhi a chylde. 
•a Babylle * ; pujma. 
A Baby ; Infatu, tfc cetera ; vhi 

borue wo? cialJc. 
tBabilon ; haOilonia, IfobiloHtnA p&r- 

a Baoheler ^ j baealaTitis ve/ /kicu- 

a Basyn (Bacen. A.) ; tifnilg, pelui^. 
Baoon ; iardnin, peiaso, (pema A.) 
tto Bacon ' ; tUs/tploiiere, 
tBacond ; disploetis. 
•A Backe ; vetp^rtilw, A oetera ; wbi 

Uikke. (A) 
Bacbrede ; vhi Wkebrede. (A.) 
•a Badlldore * (Batildure A.) ; pictefi. 

Bayde * ; 

A Bayg^ ; Saccvlus. (A.) 

a Bagpype ; jxinduca, 

a Bagpyper ; patuluearius. 

Bay ° ; Uolius. 

a Bay; bacca, cstfrttcttXB lauri A tJiue, 

+A Bay ; A'/ue. (A.) 

Id Bafynatylkylle (Baynatikllle A)'; 

f/amffus^ aMpiirat/tiB. 
foBakbone; ii])onthfe,«pina. ( Feratu: 

me pUH'jit spituXt jKirs e^t in 

r^riiort ^fnrux A.) 
to Bakbsrte ^ ; blasfemare, dttrahjsre, 

htatvvarej derogar^ dMructare, 

rf^reclare^ ohloqui, susurrare, 
a Bakbyt^r; hltu, bUut/emnSj detnfi-' 

tator, dtlrector, dtlatOTf jruturro. 


* CuturkTo 8. V. Pol has * give tbo fooJe his ttable, or wbAt'i n foole without hu bablot' 
*A balilo or triflu, nt^uei. iMri. 'A hftblo p<iimaj' Mnnlp. Vix«b. *He tfchallo 
Dcruer jr-thiyve, perffre take to hyui a labuUi.' John RusstH'i! Boke of Nurture, in th» 
Bsbees Bok«, ed. Farmvall, p. i, L is. In the Ancren Riwie, p. 3S8, vhon & oeruin 
king miide efibrU to gniit the love of a lady, b^ ' Nendti hir itavhcitt buSe neole and feire/ 
wben other MSS. ivail • Utatcbtiei ' and ' UauMn' 

* A liachehr ni^nuHul a novit*. either in arnut or in Lht; churrb. Tims in P. Plowman, 
Prol. ^7, Vie Bud ' Biscbupev aod bachdert,^ onU iu Cbaui-er, Squierm Talc, 34, Caniboscaa 
iadeacribtad as — 

'Yong, fireth, itrong. and in aitnea dostroua, 
A» any bacKder of al hi* boua.' 
Brachct, Etymnl. Diet., haa tiactMl tho word fmm L. Lai. hactalariua, a boy attending 
a hacealaria at dairy-Guin, fram L. Lat. baeca, Lat. T<tcca, a cvw. Bee aUo Wedg- 
wood, dec. * BaohHor, or ooo rnntaried, or bauyng no wifo. A^mun* Hulo«t. 
' Probably lbs aaoie a« hatietc, to beat out, flatten : •#« Malliwell, 1. 1*. 

* In NcrtbHinptun-liirc a balildore meanv a thatching instrument. 

' * Uf bay colour, bay&rde, l)adUtJi.' Barut. Ct*roparu P. Bayyd, as a horse. 

* Tbo Btickiobock. In tliu Ortua Vocah. we find *Aapenigtui (.^Maedani pi*e{»\ a han- 
rtjkyll.* Huluol baa ' B.-inHti(.'kle. tho Htiekloback;' and Haret give* 'a banatickle, 
(nKwydra.* Cotgrave rundcis 't^inoeht' (^idtntioal with the rjjinntieus or ripfUUt of 
tho middle agoi) by 'a tiharpUng, shaftling, allcklin};, battJcMtiekte^ or stickleback.' Id 
Nockam Ite Vlen*tiitni* {Wriahi'* VoL of Vocab.. p. 9M) wv fiiwi 'atanatikcl;' and in tho 
Suffolk dialect, the fUli U «ti1l known a« the ' tantickJe.' In Wright'ii VoL of Vocab. p. 
iXo, the won! 'stytUoy' ia given ae the equivalent of KOrput, a kind of Gwh, which the 
editor idt-ndfi^ with the ' trtickluback ' of the present day: and at p. 113, the word 
^amenta U renitercd a 'etyklyttt^e,' and in the Prompt, tbo 'stykolynge* is identiiied 
with kbe tilurn*. Jamlexon givM * Batinttcke, Bantickle. The threO'Spined stickleback, 
OtufcnwCnw ^u^^«t^Ui. Linn.' Cooper rcudt^n Gammarat by ' a oreuhi of the ma.* 

* 'BatbUara* we read in the Ancrcn Kiwlc, p. 86, 'pe Utetf D0re own bihindcn, 

baoff of two Riaaeree pe uonno cumefi al ti[icnliohe, and HiiO vuet bi anuRer, and 

■peomll ut hill attur Ai: (« latere cumt;0 for9 al on o0ur wise, and in wiirae 

naond ^en ha oS^r' auh un>lcr vrMfmlea hiiukel.' iu An Obi Eng MiKeUany, E. E. Text 
80c., ed. Marm, p. 187. wi* are told Ibat * Allc hnrf»ytitrf» btM wui)dt:|i t>> bcllu.' Chaucer, 
Pmtma's Tale (f^x Text Edition, p 6)H) divides backbitvnt inUi fivu ubuiMa. 




a Bakt^^nigf : hlaffftnia, delatura, 
ittroyacio. ditnietaei-\ stisurrium. 

■ta Bakbrede * ; rotabulum, A cetera ; 
cbi a muldNiigborde. 

to Bake; pauijl.'xirf. pUtrirt, in/or- 
nrtn?, }iinstrt. 

a Bakehows ; }Hitnnum. dmaJiumf 

a Bakke ; t{orsuu\j djrsiculum, ter- 
ifum fionxin uiu, tortus auiiiui/ium, 
s^iiid, (•>« doriii A.) ^poiuUle, 

a Bak of a knyfe ; €bicu!um -. 

*a Bakke ' ; UtUa, vesperfHto, 

a Bakster* ; artocopaa, pistor, eert- 

alvoMf jUmariua, paneta, j»»- 
JieuBt panificia, pant/ex, putnoj 

Bakwarde ; retrormm, aeonym. 
a Ballan (Balaaa A.) ; Mlugct, ttatera, 

examea, bUaruc, Ubraj lanXj tfu- 

trina, tnUinelia, librariut put' 

Balde ; Audax^ is cetera ; v&i hirdy. 
ta Baldflotrot (A Baldyatott A.)'; 

■ Mr. Nod&I. in liU Lancifiliin; GliWiAry, £. D. Society, nya * Bak-hrtdtt » broad tUn 
btiarJ, with a liainJte. usoil in rit\llin^ out the dough of oatcakei before they are put oa 
the tyittlf, nuil turutd duwti uii tht; l»ik-ttoa«.' See abo Wright's Fvot. Diot. lt. Baok- Jauiu-iton ii'iwi ' liawltrvk. Bawbrick, a kntfading-trough, or a board uaed for the 
mute |>urtt>w: in Uiklui; broa-l.* A. S. &aca», to bake, and bnd, a board. According to 
Duoange Jivtabulmn ia a biker's pttl, 

* From AtVvx, bluut ; tUo blunt side of the knife. ' Blunt man. fTeba.' Hnloei. 

' ' lilalta, a litell woiiruie or flit', of tlw ky tide of mother, and hurteth bothe cloth and 
booked.* Co(.^i>er. ' (.ViaurtvutrnV, a batte; a Flittermuu.'ie ; a Beeremouas.* CotgnTe. 
Jariiiewm givea * Bak, Bac-ke, Bak ie bird. $. The bat or rearmouse.* Compare Dan. q/tc»- 
htttte, lit. eveiiin^-bat. See Wyolif, Ltcit. xi. 19. In the Poem on the Truce of 1444* 
printed iu Wright'^ IVlitieal rucius, li. 216, we r^ad : 

' No hikhf of k) ude niuy looke agt^^1l the sunne. 
Of tfrow.u\lue«$e yit wri be fleuu be nyght. 
And ({Utiuchu lautiipySi tliuuj^h ihvy brenne bright.' 
And again, p. 31 S : 

' The owgly NiH'c wyl gbdly fleen be ni>-ghb. 
Dirk i.'rc«>etys aud L-iuuijiytf tliat been lyght.' 
In the AUitiTdtive * AlexauJur & Dindiumti.' H. £. Text Society, ed. Skeat, 1. 1 33, we 6iul : 
* Minerua uicn woKcbipen, in ofrur n.aiier also 
& briuij'en lieore a nilit-brid. a bakke or an oule.* 
See also Backe. ' VrgiMfdli). A Kikke.* Medulla. See HalUwell, s.t. 

' Pntpcrly Afemult: buker. A. S. bueutre. Iu P. PlowmaD, Pro). 2x7, wa read : 
' I SL-ij in thid a.»«cmble. as je shul hero after, 
Jtax-^ttru aud b.eWMteres, and bocheres uianye;* 
And agMU, Passus lii. 79, 

• Breweeteroa and bakeaiera. bocheres and cokes.' 

* Pronuba, which in Cla:ii»ic:il Latin signified a ' bridefuoaid,' in Low lAtin d^enerated 
to the meaning of a ' procurers,' in which sense it occurs several times iu the Liber Albui 
(see, for instance, p. 454, ' De puna contra merclric€9, pronubas, yruhyteroa ndalterot, && 
and, p. 608, a ret.-ord of a senttince 10 the pillory of a woman * tfiiia communis Merttrix H 
ProHuba ■). In Wright'* Volume of Vocabularies, p. a 1 7, we find it given, ns here, as the 
Latin equivalent of 'bawJatrott' (i.e. *an old woman who runs al>out on bawds' errands *X 
aud again in the French Royal MSS. 521 and 769 j it is translated by * bawdestrot ' and 
■bawdetrot.' In the Pictorial Vocabulary of the 15th Century, printed in the mn 
volume, p. 269, this is corrupted, evidently from tlie scribe's ignorance of the nieaaipg of 
the word, into ' bawstrop ' and in the Medulla into * bauds stn)k.' A ' trot ' wan a caomion 
expression of contempt applied to old women in Early Engliah ; thus in Do QflguileviUe't 
Pilgrymage ^t'o Life of the Manhode. MS. of St. John's College, Camb^j^, If. 71, the 
Pilgrim addicmes Idleness as ' J>ou aide stynhande traite .... and than the olde ttiUt 
answerdo me,' &c. ; and again, If. 73. ' When thla idde rra/t« hadde thus spoken.' Cf. 'Thia 
lere I leamml of a beldame trotc^ Affectionate ShephonI, 11194. See JasQie$<«. s. v. Tmt. 
*Paranympha: pronuba vue ri'ro nympham iatujit. ParanymphMi: dicUnr qui nnbentibHM 
preett,vel cit avutit: vet amicuM tpotUfilU qui toa coniu«ffit: rd nuHcitu intermeditu* 
Ortus Vocab. Soe Ducange, s. v. ParanymfMut. 



pron%^m9t pronubttj jnterduca, 

ftaranimpluij paranimpftMs, {vir 

Ahius a.) 
•ft Baly ; b<il/utM», viliims ; ^Uicare 

fSt taU •iff'iiriutii rjrA'l t«re, 
i-B&lery ; iitUina. 
+« Balyngar ' ; «fc. 
*a Bailee of howae ; traht^ tctJ/es, 

trabta <£.* trui/u-t, truhieuia. 
'a Balke betwyx (betwiae A.) t'wa 

ftUTw'; creh[r]o, porta. 
a Balltf ; yiloj aiijKiiua r/ut iaeutaiat 

jji I mo. 
ta Ballc! of \^ hand or of fote ; caU 

to BaUoke stone ' ; Mtieuln^^ Utti- 

cuhtna ;'ar/kip)um. 
ft BaUokecod ; J^it/a, iWmbrana. 
Balme ; balnamum, colalfalnavium, 

fihbaUamuiay opohcU»amuii.\^ 
a Balme tre ; haUamuB, 
*A Bancour ; biiitcorium. 
a Bands ; UtjamfU^ lifjatura, vinculum, 
ta Bande of a dure ; vertebra *. 
-fa Bande of lufle ; fedu^, pujmxg. 
ta Baude of a howse ^ ; tacunar, 

Utcunariaxny l<t^iuear, laquranum, 

ta Band© of a oarto or of a ooppe • ; 

erwita, cruelofu^ 

HuTuun in hU DocripUon of En^and, ed. 1 587, p. 79a, nys, ' From hence [Milford] 
>ut iourt qiUm U 8*luMih cr<ek«, oih«rwue ciJIed 8.inernc>i, whjtber surue fre«h Wkter 
TCMriuth : t)te uiouUi mIm thereof is & gotjd rv«cue for batitmcrt mi it ( I inejuio thm ngiater) 
iftith.' *Cclax. A hri).'&aLiDL>, or barke.' Cooper. Jmmiason gives 'BaUiDgir, BalltDgcrtt. 
IL A kind uf Bbtp.' lu tliu PiMtoa Lt'ttun, vd. {rntrdatrr, i. 84. there ta a letter giving &a 
aoeoant of the capture uf certain Fronrb ahi]w, amongxt nhiob are raumermttxl * the grete 
■hyp of Brant [^Ilrrat], the grete nchyp uf the ^[orleys. iiio gtvle Khyp of Vaung, with 
otbor vitj. Acbyppiji. b^rgri^ and batyiujera. to Ibo uuuib«r of iij. m" m<>n.' Thv term also 
oocun in the Vtrr^ Life of Jonepb of AriraiithPH (««j. SkeHt), 1. 4^3, whore tbu writer 
addrMna JoMph ns *^Hayle, myghty txtlyngtr, cfani^ed with pltntj.' ' JBalitu^aria. Bellies 
qndw &avi«.* rtucao^e, * BaiiHyer or Bal&ngha. A kind of sauUl eloop or barge ; intaU 
veaKljt of war fonnerlT without forooutlea.* Sutytb. Sail'/r« Word-liwk, 1S67. See aleo 
Wtkj'ft note in I'mmpt. «. v. Holke, p. 353. In the rendon i>r Vegeoiua, R«g. MH. 18 A* 
kU. are mcDtiontHl ' unall and liglit vessela, aa galeiea, hart^ee, fluynoei and baUyntfera : * 
tlb. iv. 0M>. 39. WalmitfrhuD relates that in the engagement between the Dukv of Bedford 
and the French, in 1416. tbc fucmcr * r^'r rm mrieati H unam httJkan, ei qualuor btUim^ 
g«riiu.* Camden, 594. Hon also LynUethay, Monarcftr, lik. ii. I. 3101. 

* 'Balke, a ri'lge of land bvtweue two fuiruwva, Ij/ra.' 'A bolke^ or faanke of earth 
luaad or utanding vp betweeoo twoo furrowos : a foote itole or step to go vp, teamnum.* 
'A halke in the corucficMo, ffntniut: to niake balkus impurceire} Bant. ' Pvrea. A 
rfdffe, or a lande ti/n^fo betweene two farroea wherun the come groweth : mnecinie a 
forruw east to drajne water fnjm come : also a place in a garden with sundrie beddea.* 
Cooper. * Atmltantr. To baulke. or plow ttp in baiilkes.' Cotgrava See also Tuanjr, ed. 
Uerrtage, p. 141, stanza a.aufl P. Plownmn, B. vi. 109. 'The lialtt, that thai calle uutired 
lande* PalbMlius on Hunbaudrie, E. E. Text Sue., ed. Lodge, p. 44. L Jj. 

* 'ffii tetiicuJms, a balok-«ton ; hie piga, a bsJok-kod.' Noroinale MS. 15th cent. 
*CtmilU, a cod, bollock, or Icattcle/ Cotgrave. It appears from Palagrave's AoolastuSp 
1540. that hiliw-kfrtionM was a term of endearment. 

' Us. irrt^iru. The hin^-e. lu Mr. Poacock'd Glossary of Manley and Cottinghom 
(BL IHaL Soo.) U given * Jtand ,- tiw inm-work on a door to which tlie hinges »r sockets 
af« fiMlcned. XCcuu/e,- the irun-wurk uf hiogea which projecta beyond the edge of the 
door; fr«qiunit]y osed for the hinge itself.' Cooper gtvus' Vertehm, a joynte in the bodta, 
where IImi bones ko meete that tbey may tumc, as m the backo or chine.' ' Bands of a 
diKT ; iu hinges.* Jamleann. See qnotntion from Ihtcange in notn s. v. Brandyth to aat 
hrSCTBfl on. * Vnitlfra. A dnrrr banr.* Medulla. * And the |sies of the palace waru of 
e^'oor, wondir whitt, and the bamles a( thame, and the leggca of ehene.* Lifu of Aioxsader 
the Great. Th'jruton MS. If. ]5. 

' Fkirio has ' Bandr.Uf, dde comers in a house.' It acetus here to be a joist. Cooper 
givsa * Liqmar. a beauie iu a house. Compare P. Laoe of a Howserofo. Laguearlnm. 

* 'Cnuia. Iltillions or omamottes of plate that way be taken off.' Coopt^r. See 
^^e^baodo and Caneband. 

C 1 



*ft Bande dog« ^ ; moloma. 

B Bana ; on, osniexilam^ oasiUum ; 

oMAifl /mr^Icipium. 
faBaneiyre; ii/ni$08Mium^. 
ffrom Bane to bane ; o»xhn. 
a Bano (Bayn A.) of a play*; pre- 

a Baner ; vtj^Uum, gi( t6*sera. 
a Banerer ; w.jcill'ifer^ luintifer^ luutd- 

i/ev, draconarixiB, auleeujnan'un, 

jmmiccriuB, Jeraitarius^ jifimi- 

*)>• Bane sohawe (Baynahawe A.) ; 

a Banke ; ripa jJumiitia mt, litas 

maris efi,rfU*rgo fonttx est: wer- 


/'on/is margOt vtarit titus, $ed 

tijta JtnentU. 

riparia, riptUa, cr^iido est 

covcauitas ri^ ; litoreiis^ ■mur- 

giitalis, mar^inexiB. 

. X' iwttifa ; vU lo 

tA Bonner; dexiotator, dero^toft 

diftmtator, exocrutt^r, jmpnxatQT^ 

a Banuyng«; dtUsitKxo, detatomoit 

ejxcmtiteu, maleiJictum, mtdtdic- 

tu Bannok ^; focaciMS, jwnh tfu6n- 

•a Banqwer (Bankowero A,) ; ban- 

Cftrimn. (foraoriutu. 
tBanwrorte ' ; cnntf<»^i"t/ftm. 
*^ Baptim; Itfjptifmuay (taptUmA, 
toBaptyae; hajitlzans, 
a Baptizer ; bapttsta. 
Barane ; ciJktii^^ st^rilig. 
*a Barbycane^; AtUeniunJ^. 
a Barbellf* ; barhellu^, pi*c» est. 

^ ' Mfthtivo, IlAiidog, JJolonuit' fiaret. *The tio-dnf{ or banJ-doff, ao oaUeil bicaniw 
iDanie of tfaeni are tied U(i iu cIuiitiiM and uttYtng bnnds, in the ilsie Umo, for d>xiuw 
hurt sbrcHwl, which u nti liuge dog, stuliborue, ouglie, eager, burtbcnoua cf hodir '»ud 
tbart^fore btit of little BHiftne»>iiG\ turrible an<l feArfull to IwhoUl, luid "T uture 

fieroo And full thHii aiiic ArcUadian or C'omican cur Tliey take »lso t' ' tliu 

vord 'miua' and 'theefa' ^or 'maeter tbcefu' \{ yoa wiU>. bioaiua fchc}* ult-.n Mkuiku and 
put tuch p«nkjiu to tbL-tr nliifts in townns and vtltagAs, and ore the princ'ifuUl cniu«i« of 
tbeir apprehenwou and tnking." — Hiuriion. De«crip. of Enf^Hiut, part L pp. 4^-5. ' W» 
han KTv»t Biindogs will toare th«ir skins,*— Spuuser. Stiep- Cal. Soptember. See aim 
Tuiuer'ii FiTu Hundred Points. &c.. K Dial Soc, ed. Herrtag«. oh. 10. it. 19. 'Zofrafoir 
moloowr. A barkynge bandoggtt.' Ox^icr. Wyclif, Eng. Works, ed. Matthaw, p. <ga, 
Bpeaka of ' tey dogges.' 

* A wry UUnd translation of the Englit^li honjirr^. 

' Sm iha Chester P\ny», t. i. from Hbicli tt apperirs tlut the proclamntiona of tbo nld 
niyvteriei were onllefl Bani». ' San. A proclai nation with vnicp, or by ^ound of tntinpet.' 
Cotgmve. 'iVtr/udiHni. A proheme; in Muiicke a voluntary beforf the Songe ; a 
flouriMh ; a prerunbk- ur ontninoe to a matticr, and iia yo wuuld itay, ftignes and pnfcn,* 
Cooper^ Compare the phrawi ' the ftannt of marriage," A. S. bun. 

' ' Him wol i blAiiiu anJ 6a»ii^, hut he my bales uuicnde.' William of Paleme. ed. Skeal, 
476 : aee also L 164J. In tbv Anlura of Arthur, ed. Robson, VIL xi. we read * 1 banm 
pc Urde ^t mo bar. A. tt. fmnnan, O. Icel. hann^t, 

' 'BaHtiwl: an o«^cnke kneiidol wiUt water only, and baked in Uie emben.' Baj-'a 
GluM. : and fcee JainifMou, «. v. iiaelic Uontioi-h- 

* • Bryaowitrt. or bunwnri, or doy«yc, ntfoltda mivor, good to breke boccbe*.' Reg. MS, 
18 A, vi. liiaf 7ab. ' I n baLtill gyro* bnrglDDy* tbr ^nul^''\^•t wild.' Ciawin !)oiig1/ui, PrologoQ 
to Book xi. of i£ncid, I. 1 15. A. S. hantt^. Ketiii' tt'« GIimmltv. Tai).-"I<>wuc M8. lO^jt 
explains it as the violet. Aconnling to CiMi)fer. hrlli» \* ' thu u : -. , cnllt^d nf some 
the margariUi, iu iho North tmnxcvurt,^ BoHwortb wiys *\»-. .nnW knapwirod,* 
'Daykie hi an herbo )>»t giiin men called ncmbriiiwrrrtu oJk'i - ^ ' l^'tucv^ 190. 
Cbcltayne, Lcechdomit Ac, vol, ii. 371, iid<1. iii. .^1,^, <L'fiuc!i it r, < <i 

* Cotgrave has * UartxirnHr f. n ca^mat^ ; nr a holf ^in n p^n >» '"' wall) to 
ahoot out at ; some hold it also to be a Hentn<4,Hcout-houBF, vr boln ; and tharc*u|wn oar 
ChaucL-r uaeth the word ffnt-fiicm for a watch-tower, which in the Saxoo tungus was 
called, a Buurougli kenning.' 



a Barbur; harhtiontor^ (roior, toti- 

sor A.) 
A Bare ' ; aper^ ap^radnSy opnnns, 
aj^uf/nu8 ^rrici{iiniii, Tmiinlis, 
coitratiat twrejf ; wtkuh: 

VerreM tenticuloa hahel atque 
cZomt rtfoueiur^ 

A'gt aper in siiuU, nrfrendii in 
«d« t«nelur; 
Idam mai^is oculratva vler^e 

Bare ; vbi nakyd : to hare, vbi to 

niikydaH, (uoke A.) 
ta Barespere ' ; exciptJura. 

ta Baraepay^ (Barfray A.) ; fusti- 

+Barfute (Barfotte A,) ; mufi/Mt, 
tBarlege; inealiijatH9, (A.) 
a BareUe; ca^M, «micadium. 
Barely (Bayrly A.) ; vbi nakydly. 
A Bargan; j*actum (<£; cetera; vhi 

coDaode A), 
to Bargan ; jtacisct, panfjevf. : iJor.niH ; 
• J'utufO^ catw,]MHffOj iungo, jtangOf 

Dat futelum, jtftnyi^ cano, parwi, 

*ft Barghain* {B&rwjkmA.);fpiphium. 

' ' Ntfrtns, » wennod plggB : maiattg, htrrow hotrpea : rcrru, % tame bore.' Cooper. 
' A ip«Ar for lx>iAr-huD:iDtf. Cuopcr givoa ' VtMahalo rxcipert a/intw : to kilt a tHiare 
wiUt tin hunting itaSe.' 'iixcipitium, i.e. tcnuittJuM. A ftpere Ui ilee a bore with.* 
OrtQs Vocah. 

■ TUe AiLitt. MS. ib here iiinlnubt«dly ocirreot. The word 19 tho 0. Fr. ber/roi, from 
whidi, tfanmgh the U Lat, he^dus, oomeo our hd/ry. It wo* a movable lover, often 
of Bevcral itttfjeshigh, used by befiegera for purposes of nttack an-i dufcnce. The fuUow- 
tng quotation from Ducan^ will talKoiently cxplaiD the construction of the tuachinej as 
well aa the fltafj;eB by whiuh the name camo to be applied in the modem sense. * htlfrtdui. 
Mat^toa bellica Ugnea in iniKlum excelsloria turrls exatniela, varilB tabuUtis. ooenacutis sea 
•tatioiubua coiulana, rottsque quaturjr vecta : taotae proocritatis ut faatigium oppi<lonim 
el oaatrarum obaeAKiniai muroa aeqaaret. In ooflDBCuUa aatem oollocabantur militeit qui 
in hofttea teht oontinuo vibrabant, aut aaglttaa emiitobaut : iiifru \cm viri mbort; pmo- 
■tantea ma^ii bnpnUibua inuris machinaia admovebant. Gallicl- Ix^roi. Itflfreiii nnmm 
a liiDilitudinu cjutouodi machlQae belUcnc postea inditura altioribuft turribus quao in iirln- 
boa aut caatria eri^'untur. Id qunrum fa^tigio excubant vigili-s qui eminDs adrcntantea 
bastes, piiUala quae id euro finem affi*nsa mt campaaa, cires udmouent qtio sint ad 
ansa luuatL Nac in enm tantum finem statntae in bcl/retii c&mpaoas, nt adventantaa 
DODticnt hoftea, sod eliam ad conrocandos cives et od alios usus prout rvipublicae curativ 
ribas viHum fufsriL XTnde oampana bannaiis dioitnr, quod, com pulsatnr. quicuoque intra 
bannum seu dlstriotiun urbia oommornntur ad conreutus pubticos ire teni-antur. Denique 
hei/rtiium i^ipoIUnt Hgnoam fabricnm in camiMnnriis, in quibns poodent campaiuM. 
Pu^xlalas. 3ucbiaa« bt- Uicac species : tngi* dt tjurrra, titprct fit frondc' In the Biimanoe 
of Sir Ferumbraa, K. E. Text Soc. ed. Herrtage, 1. 3171, when Balan is besieging the 
FrdcU kuigliLs In the Tower uf Ai^reraont, King Sortybran advises him to male use of 
Ilia 'Castd of tre ]>at liiU brysour . . . 

And pote ))er-nQ vj huniln''l men, pat kunno boJ>e hiunco and caate.' 
Is aooordiDgly brought up, and Is dtrsrribal as follows, 11. i'Si-i^To- 
'In )iat same tru castel wurcn m^iked otatree thre : 
pe hexeate hiit maai^rel: the middle bijt Innncepra; 
pe nytwrncat waa calUd hag<-frny ; a quynto }>jng to se . . • 
pan )« htqost stage of al fulde bo with men of armes 
To schulde huJu by-ny])C v/v\ frani stnuca and othero harmea. . . • 
And on ))at ot>cr niugn amtdde onlcynt he gnnnea grcte^ 
And o^r ongynn y-hiddo, wildu fyr ^t caste and sohete. 
Pjder }tannc bi> putto y-nowe, nnd tau}t«) hem hare labonr, 
W Ide fvr lo cchfUi and J>rowe a^Mi J>tj he?c t-tur, 
'■ ' moit ■t*j,n.' Jqium' schup ho himscluo to hn\-o. 

I hure fyr J^r-inne, and s*»nd hit U* hem aboro,' 
' Capt. lUrUtuI III Iiii Ohwwry <'f Swalc^IaK- •¥.. 1' ' ' " ■"■:■>, 

a bane-oUlo r,' »-• still in uKtv It i< nl-sn tift^'d in tUt^ f : ) 

■flaaa a protectiou against the hauius. '//re efticiu; .,l..^,.^-., » ... .;.-..i.. v. i.^,-" a • ^•. •■*' 


CAxnoucoN ANOLicru. 

Bares ' ; barri : verms z 

Barri barromm dantwr tudi 
a Barke * ; eortfx^ Hher, eodtat* 
to Barke; frunir^, r/Ti'^nirc. 
to Barke oa a dog; latrare, dtf-, 

a Barkyngff ; latralUB, fatramm. 
ta Bar[k]ho«r8e ; /runitarium, eer- 

a Barkar ; cenl'K fntnitor, fjaVari- 
u^ -y. <^ ivOlnriun a nm,fjaHita- 
riu8, 'ij, k' tjaUkar%u$ a urn. 

tBarke dtiote or woee ; /rvnmm, 

a Barkar dog ; ihereistiiXl^ 

tBarkefatto ; jUijtsaftarium. 

Barly; ordeitm, ortP-olumf Ofdeacint 

BarlycaOe. (A.) 

*A Barma " ; yrerarum, A cvAen ; riir 

n ekyrft. 
•« B&rm«oIathe * ; /iniafl, ?' 

'Sonne*; gjntmOf ^ ceten; c^i 

*a BaniakyUtf * ; eamus. 
•uBamakyllff'; A u is est 
tA Barne*; jnfaM^ jitjantulta, Jn' 

+Bamoly ; jii/antttost^ piutrititcr. 
A Bame; or>cum, «C- cctem; ebt 

latbc. (A.) 
a Baron ; bnrot haromctUxiB, barictt- 

/ufl, A^rwr, ijfrec*, A*r«. 
a Baronea ; hnranimta. 
a Baronry (Barony A.) ; imrmna. 
•a Barrow'; centteiKiorium vel *c#- 


Voeab. p. 378. See Wedgwood, 8. t. IlAmrA, Mxi nnrkhaAin in BrocVptt'* Gl>i«atfy. 
Jniniemn, ft. r. Breoluimu. A. S. beoryaN, to {iruteci, Niid Eug. Aamcs. Ajid see alao Hama 
of at) hone, 

' The gtktnQ of priiK>ueT»'-l>Me. In the Metricftl life of Pope Oregmy (MS, Cott, 
Cleopjitm, 1) ix. If. i-;6, blt.l, wi* reiwl — 

* He weiule in a day to plaws t^ oliildnm ournen at )o (art.* 

In thu miu-gin of the Metrical Vwab. printed in WriglU'i Vol. of V ' r ' 76, U writlea 
' Borri, 'vrum ntnt Mi4t;jHhin,aunt luJi, Angfire.hacv, and in Myxr - lj fiV Pariah 

Prie'tn, K. K.Toxt Swiety, c<\. Peacock, p. it. I. 336, dircotiona iii- „ ^ unt ganus or 
HO'dar bufliiiow are not to be itonuittcd In a cbDrcbjnnl : — 
* Ilfil and hart$ and nicbe pUv. Courie lioldvnge and meke maner ehoal, 

Out of chyTcfae3<irtlo pDt away; Out of iteyutwary put P^m mnot.* 

Oot^imve-giTt's ' Unrrtt. the martial iport called IWri^re ; also tlie play at IUc«, or Prlarm 
Ban.' In ' How Uio Gnnd Wife Tausht her Daugbter,' printed in the 3rd part of llarbour'i 
Bruoe, ed. ^Ikeai, p. 538, 1. 1 14. chilaren ara cautioned iwt 
' Oppinly in the raw to vyugt 
Ka r}ii at hart* in tbe way.* 
Bee 'Ba«e. or Pruion-baM. or Pritunbars.' in Nares' OlOJKary. 

' According to ttis MotuUa, rortejt ia thti outer, tihrr the mJddfn, and xwlMr tlie Inner* 
moKt bfifk of a tree : — ' Part jrrior cut rartfx, Uber tttlfra, trrcio mbrr' 

* * Oremiunt^ A bame, or a lap[>e.' HednUa. 

*■ ' Limus. A ^rment from thu nauell dowue to tbe foit,* Cooper. In De Dognilevilla'* 
FiJgrinuiijc of the Lyf of the MiinlHtde. MS. John's Coll. Camb., leaf 1 31, wo rt»>\ ' The 
■kvnne of vrbirlm I make my hnrnwlnihr » sobatne and oonfuHtoun.* See alfj Ifaprcn. 

* lAma*. A tupronc or Q bamie ointhr.' MednUa. 

* 'Banna, or yeiktte. Fic4 vtl spuma oeruiaiae.* Bm^. 

' 'Bamaoleo. an iuitnunent nt on tbe noae or rnnity honMW, ptulnmiM.* Baript. 
*Cttmn»: a bitte. a snaffle.' Cooper. "Chnmut. A btTua'/ for a bom.' MbtluIU. 7*l)e 
Meilulla fitrtbor oxplains CAimiii a« ' tfenuM fmi, i. t^ipuiirum, fi part frmi MolfyuH, 

* (^in'(«. A byt or a anatfle-* ElytM.. Scm) Bymaole and Holane of a brydetlo. 

' ' Cirtmia. A lKTiia{jorab«)tore.' Mcdulln ' IlarmwJi I)ynJc*. Chennhiiecc§.' IfuloeC 
•'M<Tpy on's. a Jtarnft A very pretty htirne: a Uiy. or a chUdc I wond«f f 

BhakMpere, WiiUrr^t Tat*, H^ Ui. 70-1. *I am bt^ered. and all my fronwr.' UarriaQii. 

ed. KnrniTall, 1. 108. 
' ' VKtieuhs, A barwe. VtHtcntaAna. A liarwe makor.' MeduTla. 



tA BATTOwemakor ; veetiouktriut^ 

{sftnourct/tranus A.) 

+a Barras ' ; antemurtiU, vailnm. 

& Barre; elatrtu, j)^ji»u/um^ }te»»el- 
/«n», (At^, rfpa'/iilum^ veclu. 

•a Barrrwarde ' ; atehophitax, 

•a Baakyt ; Arittor, ;^ro(i[Mri(Hr] a, 
earUiUuva^ calathuB, sejf/iiuuti, 
(cophtnua A.) eorhia, rjaaltis,quax- 
il/uin, Kporta, uportnla, 

a Baaenet " ; cassi/i^ </aUa. 

*fl Baalarde * ; gtea. 

n Baaa (Bays A.) ; /inm. 

*a Baatarde ; ftantardiXB, fauomij, 
nothxx% ex nohill pa-trf., spurinn 
«x nobife mntre, ;*f/i^ftus, it di- 
f «n^[ur] 9purij quasi eJctrA pun- 
UUem genitl', ta^es yjZrrriUi^ue 
fnatrem jfocitts quam patreni twiri' 
ftas Mquu[n\tur. {ManzerinViB, 
vtanzera^, hehreum jpoc'ius quam 

ffftCUT^X A.) 

i-a Bastardrye ; bastardia. 

a BatAilo; aoW, a/a, belhtm indi'ci- 
txiT pfipniymm, bcitnlum (/iiiiiiiu- 
tiiiur/*; tellttticuB Mli'cus, Mlico- 

Au^^lnm «8t Jntcr ciueit tflctam, 
qnod avrfluntitr ftopuli in duiu 
pnrfes ; et'ttnmm loco v\rtui\% 
jt>o[bit]nr : einiU tmllutn tx ciui- 
buf constat & aw>/ium ut Mt^ira; 
coii/ft>/U8, couf/rcjunta, domtxii- 
cuD) ex domeiftins, duftUuin ex 
duobuB est, jntestinnm ex jtaren- 
(itus ; ff^ietYa, rdtelHoy mars, 
ohsidw, jm<fna JU inter duos «fc 
inter jdures ; vnuR con/ra rnum 
ffto^nciwA It. pratinrfiia /us ; jhU- 
laa dea hplli, prpUnm geritMt^ 
prtUofum r/imiTtutiunnL, a pre <fe 
lite vet a pre <t luendo, proptU 
est ;)rimufi ccngressus vel coa- 
Jlictun, ba/lum ij/sa guerra : vnde 
dieinm, romani vieii suntinpre- 
lio sed numqnam in hello, qui% 
sejte in conffregfihas vincehanlur 
vet in jpsi^ cotijfictihua «ed nun- 
fuam in f/uerra ; val prdiuin de 
propty hdlnm de lowje. 
a Bato"*; simba, facelus, <£• cetera; 
vbi a ftcliype. 

' IlAlltwell quotes hfoii the Ronumce of Sir DegreTAni, If. 131 : — 

*Al the harta»t be baWle, 
* Tb« folk that usuljeand wer 
At mary jot. to-hewjm had 

EnRtchoun yn to J>b Jeate y-onrne. 
And bAuet> yaX uuiyl an lioode y-Dome, 

AdJ bawndanly downe lyghte.* 
The barruMt aud a fyre had maid 
At the draw-brig, and brynt it donne.* 
Harbour's Dmccj ed. Skeat, xvii. 754. 
And at 1% i>area be hvin seite.* 

Sir Feniinbraa, ed. HerrtA^, 1. 466S. 
BanaM«BarTa>. Bama, Barrowu (1) A barrier, an outwork at thogateora cafftlo, C^) An 
eodomtro made of felled trees for the defence of armed men.' JamietKin. 0. FV. barn*, pU 
ot ham, a ntake. ' Vallum. A bulwark** or rampyre.* Cooper. 

* He« also Berewardo. For arehoplittax reAd aretofthylax, Thft term U generally 
applif I -l«rliaiioQ Bbot<^, ur Clmrle^' ■\Vain. Sw Charelvayn. 

* A 1 worn inmetimen with a movable front. See Stnitt, ti.6o. It did not 
nri[rin:L..j ■. ■^: .4uy [Uiri. of the bxe, hut It was anorwardu BUp|>Ued with Tisora. Sm 
Mrtyrick, AnUeiit Armour. 

* Thr baaolard wa« of two kinds, straight and curved. By Statute 13 Bic. IX, cap. 6, 
it wax provided that 'null n^rrant de buihandrio ou lal>orer, ne xervant de arttRoer, ne 6a 
rltaillcr jyirte devorc cnavniit haalard, dRtfver, ne^-peu (nor sword) stir forfatture dioelle.* 
la the riougfaman's Tale, priitle^l in Wright's PoUt. Ponm.1, i. 331, we read that erea 
priei^a were in the habit of wearing these anns^ though agua-rt the law : — 

i..^>.i,. muj KWeanln long, Sochfl totca al>mit her nf^cke Ihey hmiBI 

K basrlartif* ki.'nr;. With Antiohrisi mvhe priestM bene, 

- 1 ic-al tvm^ on CVrtttirae, Perey ftudety, p. 50, is a sonf; nf the 1 gtb century 
rn-iiegar>l. prtncjjard, tliM here I in>-u btttdnrtt ' • lUzeUrde ■ rnfU gladiolus* 
lb. 'Aiipn. A short iwerde.' Medulla. See aUo LiWrAlhuM, pp. .155, 554, and 
rof. Skeat's Kotes to P. Plowman, fv. 461-7. 'Ska. A sliott awooido or 
daoger.' Cooper. 
- ^'I'iuutluM. A Uttle aldppe called a galeon.* Cooper. 

• BnrV I 

855. »ttd 



Batho ; jn /i^nrnlt numero. amV>. 
tBathe'; ciuifaif; hat/u>nia^ bathoni- 

ftisin y)awici{iiunu 
+to Bath or bathe; fca?tiAiro. 
a Bath ; baht^m, iHtUftilutn, tetma. 
Bature*; balura, ^Imilwjo. 
lo Bawme'; {Halnian JL) ; vbi to 

*a BawBon* 
Bebyb«ke * ; 
to Be ; conKciaten:-, constore, i?sm, 

existerf-, «xt.nre^ jnanere, fterman- 

ere, «*>fortf, re$tare. 
to Beabowteward * ; Analar^^ AsajA- 

rare, e^rtari, enilt, niti^ pemiHf 

injiiti, molxri^/atagare. 

vhi A broke. 
auh. (A.) B ante B. 

ta Bae * ; armitfa» hr^tiQU^ dex- 
truif, d^JtCrarioium. 

ft Bee ; ajn:4, ajtU, upectUa. 

f to Beoalle * ; ftfo^uxare. 

ft Beohetre ; fnt^UK 

a Bedde (Bede A.) ; Aeeu&ii\iBf ctAi- 
eufum. rru/ra/ortt/Qi, envaltatoriusn^ 
dorniitoriinn^ grahittutiXf proijru- 
iafuni, Uelns, $lratwxi, tUamx, 
ter^uma, /rriw/erniuro, r/inus 
pTcw ; o/(no«uB, leeticulU^ nflo/iw- 

A Bode ; jin^cula. 

a Bedell« ; hrdeUus^ jfTwa. 

ia, Badfelawe * ; Aic Acc oonruAA. 

ta Bsdftite " ; fultram. 

' AlexMiiler Neckam in hU work De Nnturii Renini, RoU» Serioa, ed. Wrishr, p- 4j7, 
Uinfl speaks of Baih ; — * iJalnM ItiUhoniae /rrventia tempore quovia 
QC'jrit Jtstina iaepe mtdentur Oftt* 

* ' Sinilago ; fyna raeale of oume, floara/ Cooper. StUl in CDmmoa aae u in ' JWttn^ 

' ThiH line Is repeats In the MS. 

* 'Orisard. m. A Badger. BoMon. Brocke or Gray. TVomok. m. A Gray, Brodu 
Bftdger, DftUBon-* Cotgrnvo, See a\i>n BroUc. 

' I bftve wit been ^\o to identify tliis Itird. but it hu been suggested that the nftme Ii 
prubably one Kiruti in imitation of'ttie nois« made by some bin! ofthe curlew Idnd. 

' 'Thou art nbotetacard, y tinduratondo. And wynne my do^htyr sbene.' 

To Wynne nlle Artiw of myn honde, Sir ICijIwnmir, I, 65S. 

' In the fiwjie of the Cnt and Lbu Mice, Prologne to P. Plowman, 1. 161, the old rat 
IcIIr hb faoArera ttmt in London he liiui seen people walking nboiit wouinf* ' Ht^t tv\ 
brijte about«n her nekkeit.' In Wydifa version of GeneKii xxxriiJ. iS, we find'JutlM 
seide, What wilt thno th&t hft jo'io" ^^ thee for a wed F Sche answorido, thi ring and tid 
fiy«< of the Barm, and Lhe utalfe wbiche thou holdist in thin honil,' Thi; word alan 
occuni in Le^'eodH of tlie Holy V^mA, pp. 38, 29, 1. 154, antl in the .Story of G<*niw;« 
and £x«Klni. (KE. Text Society, ed. SfrnTia). i. 1.^90. A.R. 6«). htah, O, IceL hawjr, 
n l>nuv-lct. acnliar. Uiuno KHx. Browne in her Will. raNtoa Letterr, iii. 464. b<*queAth(i 
* A \ttt with a grete pearl. A dyaioond, an etnerawdo ... .a nother hee nilh a grete 

?orlo, with an «tn«trawde snl ft imnhiri), weighing ij unceit, tij qnArtAin.* In Sit Degrevant. 
'honitiin RomaoceH, ed. HaUiweU. p. 300, 1. 556, we find ' broche ne hy.' 

* In tlto Anturs of Arthur. Cnuden Society, ed. Jlobaon, xzxii. 7, \.\w knight addreii>ting 
the king says, 

■ Qnethir thon be Caysdle or Kyn?, here I the be-nJUt 
For to f\-ndo me a freke l«» fojto on iny fille.' 

* It WM not an uDti«aaI cudtnm for men. even of the highest rank, to «lei»p together; 
and the term bfi-fel/oio implied grmt intimacy. Dr. Fomum, in hit* .MS. Auiuhiogrnphy, 
mentions one Oiid as baring beeri hiit itnl-friJoK. MS. Aahmol. 308. See nisM Puuin 
Letter*, tit. 335, where, in a letter from Sir John Pa^ton to J«bn PaDUm, w« rend *fUT 
Kobert Chain her Ifi%Ti bathe enlryil the loaner of Soolton uppon yo«r f-'- ■'''-' — ri>iiver»s,* 
It WM considered » uuittor of cmrte-y to oiTiT yonr bedfellow bis oh»'i 1" ofthe 
bed. Thtii in the Ltoke of Curtaxyo. printed in tba Bsbaes Boko, 01 ' II. p. 1S5, 
we are told : — 

' In bt^ildo yf )Kin falle borheret to be |?ou sohalt enquere b« eurtasys 

With feUwc, mayaliir, or her de^n-o, In what {otri nf ]•« lictlde be wylU lye.* 

'• 'Futtfun Iffii, A l»«HUtfj»'le,' 4'.n>[n'r, ' FuUrun «< yK« UkU fpotvia ui txUri^r pur^ 
UcH: Wrighl'sVol. ofVociiU.p. f43. 



% Badgato ' ; eonft'inntum, oonou- 

tft Bedhed* ; eubUaU. 
*B»detryn (Badredyn A.) ' ; dinienn. 
• Bedtftodoj cuixtUjritinif cumbato- 

a BodstolEe ' ; sporula, /uZCrum, Ue- 

ta Bedstrey * ; stratum, stratoriumf 

tBedtymo " ; vhi bedgate. 
tto BetaXle ; acridere^ ooniingere, 

pcrtin^rc, rfj'erre. 
Bete (Beffe A.); bosor^ earms houine. 
Before; Antrt ftit/n^t lonim, Antea 

sttjniU t^Yifms, pre, coram, ptdam, 
to B^ ; mrudii-arc. 
a Begger ; fneuc/icua, nmuticulas 

lo Begyle'; r-n^uirc, ea7iMrc, caut/- 

lare. c'traiiare, chrrvmvenire, <U- 
j)riuttrc, folUuiem, tUci/jcre., clu- 
(/t'r<t, follere't refraudai^, frwt- 
lr» re, idxiqftear^, ilUctare, tUt- 
c*?rr. imjtonere, jteflic^n, prinare^ 
W*w«rv, gujtfilanlarc, aeuorxtrtj 
sopfkismalizara, sithdueare, tcinp' 
tare, tcryiw^rmriy calumfmiari^ 
jrreitan'ean, colhtdere ; fer^'uer- 
sari cat in tofum df»*^erft non 
inpctrettt abolfcione, cnltimpmari 
est /alburn crimen jntendere, pve- 
uaricari tsi verum crimen sa'/m' 
tcr (abitcnnd^re A.), colhuicve cat 
fiium aliq\n» d^^stit ab (Kcu»a- 
trioiip, accpUt jtecunia : versus — 

JJecipitnr facto, soUt & guU 
fallere vcrbo. 

Dido ud facto socium cinmm- 
utfHi'/ ille. 

' Bflfffjte, bed-time, pnin^lo bed : nee Introrlaotlon to Geat HUtorialo of Uio Destruct. 
of Troy I.E. E. Text Society, etl. I'unUm and I>iiiald«on>, p. ix, vrhero themUtake in Hal- 
Uii'eU*» Diet, in oorrectoti. ' C'/utHmum. liedde lime, or Uio finit paxto of the ni^bt, 
when men prepare to tnko resit, &ud ull thinges be iu ■ilenco. After Knuontu it Memoth 
to be the tim» between the Hrrt ciickecrowmg after midDlgfat, and the braake of th« daj. 
CtHKa*hiitrn. The ilillu aad tliepest parte of the ni^lit.' Cucijier. Bee Bedtyms. 

* * BecJdred. one so sicke be cannot riae, clini'ciu.* Baret In the Babees Boke (E E- 
T«xt Sodotjr, e«l. Fumintll), p. 37. L 19, we aro cnj<^ned * pt poon ft >« bttdsnd loke 
Jkmi Dot 1o>(>.' And in the CompUint of Jack Upland, printed in Wrigbt'a PoUtjcal 
iWou, ti. }2f in hu attack on the inant, he iaya : — 
*Wlty Mj not 30 the gospel Ab ya do in rich meo». 

In hot 

loiee of Mred men, 

That mowe ^oe to church and hears the goepel.* 

'CttnicM. A bwllawere." Medulla. Setj Stow'it Snrvey, ed. Strype^ I. bk. ii. p. 13. 

' * Bedctockn. bnlBtvai).* Wliitby Glutwary. Still in camnmn a*e in the Nortii. Mr. Pea* 
•ock'a Gloai. of Manlev, &o., Rives ■ ned»ti:>cke«, the woolen fraiue of a bed.' 'Thre* 
htda(ot$ are meiitioneil in the Inrentory of Hobcrt Abrabam, of Kirton-inLindBey. 1519.' 
Gtni. Mag. 186^. i 501. * Sponda. Kxtenor para leoU.' Medulla. S«e Bodfute,-al>ove. 
* A oerUiin i|t!aiitity of litter (ruahea or •traw] wa« alwayi iucludt*'! tu tbe yearly allow- 
aitoe to Uie uhtef uttioeni of an oitablUbment. lliufl in ths Boke of Curla*ye, printed in 
the Bab«CB Book, ed. FurniTall. anutugst the dutiea of the Orooms of (be Chamber we Sod 
^^ ar» %o 'make litere, 

ix fbte on lengtho without diewere ; 
vij finte y-w_n hit Khalle be bnxte, 
Wele watervd, I-wr>'ltjeri. be craft y-trode, 
W^ivpoM drawen oat at fete and syde, 
Wele wrethyn and tomyd agayne |»at tyde: 
On legh onsonken hit sballe be made, 
To yj gurdyhito<le hefb on leo^thc and brado, Ao. 
In the Houwbnlil nrw.k of Edward II (Chauoer S-icirtv, ed- Kumivall). «. 14. w« »m lold 
that thf Kini,'# C Tifc^wr is to haTo ' literc for his b«de al Ibe ja*.' * //oc timmlum : 
] '^ nyhfft \*...fth , p. j6o. • Y «bal moiate my hrJtttt with my l#ort»; WyeWf, 

;. Sti" aim liytcr. 

,..n, - '^ '■ - * -arte of the nyghte. Cpnliiitfnm.' 155'- JI«loet. 

■ •Caaj' to caiijll : to rea*in aubtilly niid innTthwnrlly upon 

*o«.ft},*, ■ ft iKJunlor: acauiUar, ocaubtill wreatur.' CoopBT. 



frans jititlicxo^ JrnsXracxo^ jmjfO»- 

evra,teTtjineTKac\o,^eftvra; vbi 

fftUbwio. (A.) 
tBegylows ; vbi fatse. (A.) 
fa Begyler; ti^ejiVyf, /nMmlor, 
Jraudator^ aupftfuntat^ir, inj/oS' 

iorj xrAuctor^ scujcatot, iUiisvr, 

tBegylyd; dfirjttas, JruslTotn^t/rau- 

itocat\X9, ilhtsiLt. 

to Begyf ; jtticinrr, crpio, crj>i, inim, 
enctrnniarft crAtrdtri, incejtrre, 

a Begynnyngi? ; cajtvl, tletMntum, 
exordium, oriffo naiure^ inidum 
Tfi. jmmordtum, pnncipittm 
ojferiii, incf]>c\o, tnc)toado ; ro- 
fhoatiuMB, ori</inali9, prtJfKyrdialis 

ft BegTnner ; t^enrmanus, jnefptor. 

tBeg^mne ; tijcortun, jncfptus, JnitviB. 

to Bohalde ; astpie^rc ca»u, anpec- 

ceiw, eonspicari, coutempiari, con- 
Kpiecre, conitidexare, inspiccre, 
iudieando intueri, eum eaiua 
eontueri, iniueri, suitjiic^re que 
supra vol rftto sunt, rw/nVwr*! tpte 
tHi'o sunt, de8piccr« Jnferlits, per- 

g^tfccTt, prdijfice^Tr tjut Itmgtmt 
vidrre natum, mirari, ptm 
rari, tjymdari^ ^otprctorA, 

a Behaldynge ; aai/mt/us, oA(n<tis. 
*a Boheato; jtoticita^jiot protnUfkon, 

pronti^ni), vofntn. 
•to B«hCEte' ; d^Jtiinar^, vov^rc, dt- 

v&itere, pn>iniUer*^ 

t«re, ivprovulter«, »p 

dis-^ pvllicitan, jHtllicefi ro»ji*nU: 

vitro jfTontiHn quid polltcear- 
Yiie rotfonti. 
A Behyvo ; Apiarinm. 
+u Beehyrd : AjriMt«r, 
tu Bohovo ; oporM, cnnu^ntt. 
tBohovef^iUc'; oporiunu^, UmpeaMh 

VHy t^mj)fistu», vt'dh. 
BehowefUlIy; enM/n«a<0, fte 

ftportune, r(i/»7er. 
+to Beko hiuidtr^ ' ; Arpl/>rare. 
to Bekyti* ; Annuerf, nv»Te, innu 

nvfum far^rf, nntare. 
a Bekenynge; Tiwrnrn, Jiuftis, nvtado,_ 
a Bolsyn or a atondard * ; «tat^a. 
*a Bok*j i'trr^ni, riuilaa, rimtt. 
fA Beka' ; /foffrn/m, di eeten; vbi 

ncbe. (A.) 
Beldfi (or Balde A.)"; caluus, ealu- 

astet, Mluilhfi,0Uihdixi», fjlabrr. 

• •Piillieror. To lioheat^n." MfiloIU. See P. Hntyn. 

' ' Konumuche u . . . . the kin;; .... liotli lio ^IupmI by summe fmni Ilia Ivrnynj^ ud 
■pnkea to of diverse matUn not befunv/uU.* riAtoii I^ttvn, ed. Guirdnrr, i. 34. 800 dm 
Pticock's Uepre$tor, cd. BAbingt^m. p. 47. 'Bchoumble. 0}>orlantt*.' Buloet. 

' MS, to Beka «r*zidtta. Tli« Ortiu Vocnb. give* 'exphram: to ipye, or to Rke. or 
open, or inuB. nr to beoke handi^.' 

' ' ^anwo. To af^rcti with s bcvke Ui will one ttt doe a thing, yuto. To bf^kten. or ithak* 
tba hiaule.' Cooper. ' Jt«olccn wyth the rtri^r or bovJo. Ahnftn, Ahmtto.' Htil>«t. 

'*AB«KOan. sitfOHh^ »jftt.ilaritiui, fiharug.' Bsrot. Sw* 'Ilic I>t'»ttruutiini ((fTroy, td. 
I)onaldBoii and Pnnt<ia, 1. Co,);. ' Bokin, » l^enctin ; a xigml ' J ant (••••on. A,ii. fvnm. 

• Id the Guraor Mniidi (K, K. Tt-rt Siiei«ty. ed. Morriji, Uattintfcn MS.), p. 515, L 8946, 
wero«i— ' f»i drow it fa tree] ^-dir and nutle a brig. 

Outfr a litlc] tirA* to It^;' 
and in Harrinon'B Desmpt, of KngUiul. 1 587. p. 50a. tbo rivnr • Wnie or Wato* ti datcriWd 
ae runuing towards ' tJo-Iniuiuiij. (in«l tlu-ii townnl .S't—- ' - ' t.rt ycr it come tbiro it 
oroeueth Crniilie 6<rA«, wbii li rwetb Mifiiewbi<r« nlioot ' Sussex short of llttlK*- 

weiu.' Slc. ' JJic ncw/i/*. a bck.' Wnylit's Vol. of Yin ' 

' Ilarrienn, «p«»akini; of the fiwIiiniiN „l' wearing tbv Unir lu iiM time. "Ajt : — ' if [* man] 
b« wlwvI l>rekr*i, lltun uiuctie hearv Itrfl 00 lbt> clic^ki*! vrill make the owuer IiHik« ui)j Iika 
a bowdttKl hvn. and »t> i;rim a« h goo«i«.' ed. Kiirnivall, i. 1&9. 

• ' Glattn; nmnoth \rithont bcore ; |>ildu.' Cooper, ' DolUt adjj- bald, withoat hi^ on 
tha head. Bddneaa, BtiJthnoi^ i. baliloM*.* Jaminon, 

CATnoucoN AXOLicrar. 


*a Beldame : Auia. 

+to iimke Belde (BeUyd/? A); rfi*- 

tBelde (Bellyde A.) be hynde; rtea- 
/liiis, rfctduahtKr, r«caliLatu». 

B Belfd]nea; caluicifs, cu/utcium. 

•fa B^houBS ; cnmjianiU. 

to Belche (Balks or Bolke A.) ' ; 
ru^t^trc, ructunre, rurtari. 

ft Bely; Vfn/^r, tt ceteru; vbi a 

B BOU0; vnmjMfui, eamfmnila^ r^ni- 
pandla, -tiola, cinUtalum, tintiii' 
nahutata, tonabilum. 

a Belle In J>« water ^; htUU, tumor 

"a BoU« maker; «nn;'€iHariiw. 

+B Bells zaa7i ' ; poifctor, 

a Bellowe (Belowys or belioe A.); 

a Bellssrre * ; A uu9, 

tA Bolfltringe. (A.) 

a Belte: baffj^iB, cinctortum, cingu- 

?um, tiiropheura» sona, tontUta, 

tondhi, fif-mifn^uvtu 
1'a B«lte maker ; zonai-iwt. 
ta Bella of lechery " ; ceshifi. {In- 

tejftHH A.) 
+to Belte; cinycw, a#-, eireum-» eir- 

tto i*D Balta; discitif^ere, t*iMfi»- 

tBeltyd; Jinya/a/UB, aotwftM, «*««- 

/Ufi-, An-, ynt?-, 
ft Bemo (Boym A.) of p^ aoH ; 

a Beme of a wob9t«r * (weffere A) ; 

iit'tvtu, Uciatofnim. 
A Beym of y« plwgh ; Buris^ A 

cetera ; vhi plwglie beme. (A.) 
u Bond^ ; victa, emiculutu. 
to Bend ; Ar<:uare, extendere, Un- 

dvTf, Ar cetera ; vhi to Iwwe, 
tto vn Bend ; laxar^, relaxare, 
a Bene; /aba, fabeUa oftminutiu* 


* Sea ftlfo to Byite. ' To bcalke, or fareAtcc winUc ^Tiu-nrfl, raeto ; % bealkin>;, ruetua ; to 
tKlks, riuio: * bululiii. ruWujt.* Boret. In P. Plnirman, II. v. 597, Aeci<iia (Sloth) we an 
toM, ' byL'nn hcnzdicHe with a Ittlke. nnd hii brat kaokked. 

And Ttt\of\ anil rored, and rutte atto Ijut;' 
■ad ID Uu Tuwiiclcy My«lcri(». p 314: — 

* In fllewthc then x.\i%\ sjn, Gnddot workcs thai not wjrke. 
To hdke thai begyn, »ii«l «pcw tlial u irke.' 
* Burint, t'> rotpyn : r«d<*»(J. a jyttkyng.' Mediilhi. 

" >v-e BarbTllc in tho water, and P. BurlmUc. ' Bnlla. a bubble nf water when it 
reynplh, nr ik |x)tte ce-tht-'lh.' Lemper. 'A bubble nf w»trr, hitUn' IJaret. ' DhUq. A 
borbyl, fiiinnr Inticit : h-"'-:- ^' '" ynt[ of waterv. Satire. To brckyn vp or barbiiJyn.' 
M<h1uIIa. ' Hult'i, A b< in the wat«r when it ntvneth.' Withrtl*. 

* A vf^tchnwn. CP ' t 1 * drowsy charm.' Milton. H Prnttntm. 83. 

* In tha Satirical Poein on tiuihop Iloothe, printed in Wrght'ji Political Poem*, n. 379, 
w« raftd ' Brid<,<II« yow bysaboppe and be not to buMe, 

And biddelh yonre htavrperet k to the uune: 
Coat Awny coretyw now b« ye bolde. 
Tbtn la aHd emoit that ye call game : 
Thu hedtrtrt ye be the tavrv in youre bbune.* 
Bte aim P. Plnwmnn, C. x\. i^ji, and compare Beldam in P. 

' DucMl^<^ pivi;* 'Ctston. Zt'iiu Venorin . . . Latin! ditcnjiit Ctafv*. Coda. Vincwlum. 
lagatnen . . . liritrcr Ktar^t miiliebre cin^lum e«t, pmeoipue ilb rma. qua nova n'lptft 
nuptinrum die pmcolngcbatur a aponvo anlrunda.' Cooper rt-ndors Cctt'u by 'a mnria^ra 
gTTtllf- fat of Mtuddea, whtfrwith th-* hiubaode gyrddd hin wyfa at bir fyrst weddyn^e.' 


Mt^lllllA ' 

irhyhfty ' Molulhk. 

u-f^vcr'A sliitu^II, or n ailke wnmin's ta«<teU, wherenn mike or thrt^adfl 

mime or a wnrpr.' 

. J'i'jnm.* Flitloet. 

'•V 'A bendcp or a 
AmicUium fiieifttr 

■iiatU. Anutuiutti. 

lur or a fqiftlol.' To 
<Ic or a fyltct: id f*f 

A I'oti-lc ur A kcrclK'i * .lU'l Hit niine explanntiatl b given by itai'ct. 

liirrr rrr - 




t4V Bones aiwUied ' ; /tthtfru^. 

*a Benot ' ; exoreUta. 

Bonat; nomcn pvopnt»m^b€nediciaa, 

ft Bene^* ; bcrwficium. 

ft Benke ' (or A stole A.); tcaniwinif 

4s cetera; vbt a stole (stuylle A«X 

<{: hatitroA rtxf\& ^Icitur. 
tBent as a bowe ; cxlfiuxxs^. 
■f-Bant * ; lutrha «bt. 
+vn Bont ; laxus, rdaxus* 
tBerande'; haiulns. 
ft Berde ; barba, barbula, genorho- 

dum ' Mli f»t ; barhatui, barba- 

tBerdoles ^ ; d^pithU, jtnpubU^ in- 
X'est'ia, inverbis. 

tto Berde ; j/uberare, pubaiarQ. 

tto Bere; baivXart, df, porlarej 
de-^ where, tle~, con-, ad-j 
ferre, con-, </<-, aliena gerere, tios- 
tra fftstare, geatitarCj anportarej 

titarv, guffttreinare «a£ lat^^tier 

aliqn \d sith vejttibiis ferre vl, * itt4 

Muffamnat Ubrot.* 
Beer • ; qitidaxn pnt\i» rjtt <fr f/icitor 

bfptUttitn Kemndnm qnOMiam, 
a Beer; vrsttBfVr»a, cr$inxiB, arch[i\ot, 


A Bearrt* 


qurtd, fapit ffn-yn 
tal>yriujn, f- 

to Bereaway ; twrpvriatv, it/jsintart^ 
anjcrre-, lUyortnre, rtnutuerm, a- 

to Berea^iayn ; rtfferre, reportart, 

f to Bere a dode man ; e^rrt. 

to Bare jn ; importarej iijArpB, lo- 

tlo Bere vp ; exetpere, ejffrre^ «uKr- 


* * Preutt /aha, Plin. A b«vne broken or ljni3nied.' Cooper. 1586. 'Pain* frma. 
GroTmdyn ben^i.* Medulla. P«gtfe pives * SpeleA, to braiM u iti ■'^uiurtar. to ■plit, a» 
•pei/cAcd peso, beaoA.' &C. 'Bemwcoke. Falacta. Besne meole. /^ih4>»i/u w.* Buli>ct. 

' From a pauukge io the Futon Letten, iii. 319, tt)U teroi would wem tn bav« bean is 
common tue. WiUiam Pykenham writing lo Mariraret Paaton, aays, * Vour >on Watra 
ya n»tt tonscwrytl. in moilre tunge c&Uyd Jirjirtt.' 'Exurottta. A. benel, ctmiurator. 
ISzorri*mu».. A (KmiurntioD lijeus ^ (l«uyL' Meilallft. 

' A. 8. bene. O. Icel. M-Arr, it bench. 'Beoche. Cathtdra, Plnitea, JSmmnvM* Hukwt 

* *Bcnt.yrcimffl.* Wright'* Yol-ofVocab^ p. 191. Any coane wiry gram anoh aa pmrs 
on > hent, a oommon or other neglected ground. Under this niuuu Hre included >li>iutdk> 
arvnun'ft. rufrontig ttU^aris, tritieum junceuta. Sic. By 15 and 16 Gnorge II. <' Wig 
up or cftrryio^ away Starr or Ssnt within j mile* of the Lanoutilre ootut ' ^ 1 a« 
punuhnble bv fine, unpriaoDOKint, and whipping. Qer. friak, &jm. a ruah. .i... ^,-^'» 
OloM. of 8ul&ilk WonU 

* * Batuhu. A porter or cariu' of boardeni.' Coopex*. * Baiulu9, A partoure.* MtdoUa* 
Sea aV) a Berer, ' Dearc. Baiuio, Fero, Otro." Holoet. 

* * Oetwrbtjdum. A berde.' MedulU. P. rendj ' gmebardum* and Ortot, * f/eiuibnidtan.* 

* ' ImpubeM. A man chilile befonr the nge of xiiij, and a woman before tha age of xEj 
yerca.* Coop«r. 'PiArr. A chyhl lytvl tkoryd. Pabcro. To gjiino to beeryn. Ptibti*. 

A chyldys ikor«. a chyldyR age.' Medulla. The MeduUa ourinutly render* - : '" by 

' unjong/ and impubtv by * vniyn^rt. ' Beordlea. or hauing- do bcnrle. <7u -t. 

* Darirt Nayi 'Beer or ratber Bero ; ab Italioo Bere. I.e. bfbt-m qood << t* 
2)t la bi«re. See Mr. Rlloy'a gMlmirable nutu m Glnnary to Liber Cusluiuukmu, a.*-, 
Ctrvtise, where }w iwinta out the f^^t that hopn (hoppj/M) am frequently mentKtnM in iha 
Nurthumbcrlond Houaehold Book. 1513, aA lacing iiei^ fur btvwiu^. Hitnae U-'i '"re 
the allogad date of their introduction accunltng to Ktowo. Cogan, in his Ha\ - h, 
1611. p. aso, talJj VM that beer was ' inuentcd hy thai wortliiv Prince Gambi<<> !...■• . ^ -no 
1786. yeana before tha incarnation of our Z^ord Jema Chmt, as Lnnguett« writctb 
In hi* Chronicle.' On p. ai? be givM a hint how to know where ths b«it ale it to b* 
found — ' If you come as a stranger to MiyTowue^and wudUI faiuo know wLorv the boftAia 
is, you nee«Ie do no more but marke whrrc tltu gRAt«AL nuiho i« of good iiaUDweB. aa thay 
call Uuin, and the grflatent repairs of Beggen.* 

* • Libttina. Deeth or the b«ufo whnwon daitd bodies wears caried.' Cooper. See aot« 
In P. R. T. Foertyr. *Beare to emry a dead oorpi tn burial Capnlutu' Huloet. 







to Bero wytnea; teatari, at-, d; 

cv\vra ; vbi to wvttiiea. 
fA Beror of wytnes; tesC'ih, d: cetera; 

vhi a wyimie. 
in Berer*; baiulxxR, fferulua^ porta- 

^^r, vretor. 
ta B«rer of wod ; cnlifpuarius^ ealo. 
Bery ; bacatt ctiituHhet fructu9 ail- 

to Bery ' ; trilurure, ^ cetera ; vhi 
tu tlirescbe. 

ttoBery"; huntarct cotaponertt /une- 
rare, huniare, sepelin, tumUiare, 

*a Berylltf atone ; herilUta. 

iryzige ; Jerax, vt, ' isttid soluxn 
At yc/'O.B /ruf/um ; jnta aqtia eni 
farax nautum ; * /eraculus, yesta- 

tBeryng« come ; fru^er. 

a Beryn^e ; vcctura. 

*a Berewurd * ; vrtrlaritui. 

a BBsande ° ; bcza naUH, aurras, 

drar/ma, mna, talentum. 
fio Beaeke ; supijlicare^ ^ cetera ; 

vbi to pray. 
Besy ; orf/u ;n«n^o«UB, armug, o^tt- 

rfwus, a/^/ifuH, prw:liH}X^, ^ro- 

cii'iif, rftfi^ww, /requ«[ii\9, in- 

ffo/ZtViYus. solidtiKiinarius *, «/u- 
dlosua, soitrs, tifficaxt vi'jilans, 
aniiitit, pare^uerans^ oecupatu*, 
officioiXks, scduluB '', mstpengua. 

tto be Boay; astidere, asaiduar%, 

tto make Beay ; aolicitare. 

■ See nbu Berftnde. *Be*rer. tutor, Portitor.' 1591. Huli>et. Abetdariuut. 

* ' Btiny, V. To throsti, i.e. Co beat niil tlio Wrry or grvin of thu com. Hence k 
Iwrrier. » thre>b«r ; anJ the heriyinij'Mend-, the threshing-floor.' il»j't GIo(«ary of Nurth 
OouD!ry Wordii,' 1691. Soe abw JiuuiutHJu, «. v. lotJ. berja, 

* * Diuto, To b«ryn or graivyn.' Medulla. 

* Sv« nliio Barrewudfl. llnrriKUi. id hin Description of England, cd. FunuTalL k 3]0j 
^1lk~•lr^ l*rur«)i<arrl( amnogct tbs roffucs of the time, for he i«ys ' From omodg which ooin- 
\ui-un: [mgt'H and idle purwona] uur heareward* i-jre nut excepted, and tost caiiK : for I hnvo 
r>ik<l thai they liane either Tuluntarilie, or from wnnt of power to nuwit'r thctr Baungo 
bciwld. beone oocasiou of the death atid deuonitiua of mania children in bundriu countrieti 
..... And fiir that cause there U and haue hceuo manie sharpe lawei mtide for fmtr- 
Kvjrt^ iu (icnuaiiit;, wlieruf you may read in other.* By the Act 39 Eliz. cap. iv, entitled 
* Ad Act f<)r puiiifthment of Ito^es, Vsgabondi >nd Sturdy Bt-ggam,' § II, ' All Fenceni, 

Jttanfiinht t'uniinitu Playcn uf £ut«rludc(i and Miastrch wandering abroad all 

luffWra, Tlnktsrs, l'«dlurB,&c Bh/dl be »<ljud|^od loid dn^med ilogucti, Vafpiboiida. 

ana Sturdy Bcg^;ara.' See also Shakapearu, 2 Huniy VI, 1. 2 and t. i ; Much Ado nbout 
Koihinfi:, ii. 1 : and j Btnry IV. i. i. In the SatiricaJ Poem on the Mlnisctm of Kkhanl 
IX, jiriutod in Wright** Politit-al Poenii, i. 364, wc read ; — 

' A bcrcicard [the Karl of Warwick] fimd a ng ; 
Of thtt mg he wade a bag ; 
He dada in gode eut«nt. 
niorwe the ba^ the berevarde is taken ; 
AUe hi> beres nan hyni funutktm ; 
Thus in Ihu hcmcardt scbcut.' 
A hnnnt was an auncieiit piece of golden coyna, vorth 15 ponndo. 13 whereof the 
French kimrii were ftccu^tijiac*) tu uBer at the Maaae of tht-ir corunatiuu In Itht:ini-< : tv 

^v'-' ' ' >i— ■'^- II caU)to<l the Raine number of them to bo made, nnd callad thuiu 

) I y wwe nut worth a double duck at the peecu.' Cot|{mve. See Gkiw. 

1 i.fkrum, a.v. Buantiia. * Ijntchez and 6«9aajf<es, and other brygbta 

tU'U^% Murtu A^UlU^•^ cil. Brock, 3156. In P.PUfwmaa,B. vt 241, anafenmce la mado 
tu tlu- pAmble of Ujc Blutlifiil Strrrunt, who 

* had a nam [minal and fur he woldo noajte cbafTare, 
He hai) maagre of Ida Duu^tre for eucmtorc aft^-r,' 
iw* In th'^^ • - ■ ' ^'~^ nam is Klo«N»d by ' ab^tautit/ iind in the Venion MS. by ialmtum* 
TycUri V'.i j'^rahlehaa ftflMuni; Luke xix. iG. Set> also Onnulum, ed. White, 

and 'I J of the Holy Grail. E. K. Tuxt .Society, ed. FumivaU. xr. s,^;. In 

ir Mundl, p. i^6, ).4i93. we read that Jowph wna auld to the mmiaeliten 'fur 
UtMtwJt tan & taJd.* 
\A. Siitidtuii^ KtlieitOitinariUB. ' M.S. ii«dndu». 



Besyly; assidue, vs^e, euriou, vigi' 
lanteVf maffnopere, nummopere, 
d; cetera a nommib\XB. 

fBesyde ; iuxta, para ^recc, «cur. 

a Besynea*; asaiduitas, cura, dili- 
ffencia, anxietaSf inJttatria, aoler- 

eia. atudium. 



eonatuB, conamen, ntsuB, tiataii' 
cia^ occupacio, goUeittulo, 

Best; optimuify prtmuB. 

A Beste ; animal, bestia, hestiola, 
fera, belua riutrina, jumeutum, 
pecaa-Qns, peena-dia, versus : 

Est pecxiB hoc quod erat pecua 
Aec quod nou iwja seruat. 
Animalis, bestialis^ best iari us, 
jumeutariiis, peeorosuay pec&rius, 

tA Beste of dyuerse kyndt's' ; burdo, 

*a Bestynge ' ; colustrum. 

a Beeumme; Mop(i,«0rrie«Ztan,«oo6& 

*Betaii * ; harba ; bettmiea, 

A bete of lyne * ; Unaioriuvsk. 

to Bete ; ha€ular% cedent JiagtUan, 
Justigare, gladiare, perctUere, 
verberare, eon-, de-, «-, re-, wmJ' 
tare, vexare. 

to be Bette ; vapulare. 

tA Beter; verbero, verberator, gladia- 
tor , bacuiator. 

jt Betides (Betydls or happyns A.); 
accidU, contingit, eu^nit. 


A Betynge ; ver6^, v&cberaeio, ver- 
beramea, verberans. 

tBetyn ^ gold ; bro/ceea, braeueeOf 
bracceoia, (erisea grcce A.) 

to Betray; prodere, trndere, tndu- 
cere, dh cetera; i/bt to begyle. 

fa Betraynge"; delaiuraj proditM, 

' In the Boke of CurtaNye, printed in Babees Boke, e<l. Furnivall, p. 187, L 331, wou* 
told 'Whil any man pjiekea witti grete besenes, 

Herkeri liiti wordiu mth-uut«n distrestte,' 
and in the Dentruction of Troy, cd. Donaldiion and Fanton, 1. 10336, we read 
'To pull hvm of preso paynit hym fast 
With all b€/*enea aboute and liiti brest naked ;* 
and Chancer says of the Panun that 

* To drawe folk to heven by fairneflse 
By good ensnmplo, this was hit) busytienM.' C. T., Prologne, jio. 

A. S. hineg, bifff; himfuuff, hisfjamj, occupation, employment; Fr. hesoigiu. 

* ' Bunh ; a mulette/ Cooper, 1584. ' A mule ingendred betweeue a horse and a shee 
aase, himtiu^ burdo.* Baret. 

' * Voliutrum. Tlie first milke that commeth in tuaten after the byrth of yon|re, be it in 
voinnn or beaut ; Beestynges.* Cooper. Tlie word itt not uncommon. Cotgfrave gives 
*Heton, m. Beent ; the firnt niiiko a female gives after the birth of hfr young one. £e 
laid nonreau. Bec«t or BteHtiiigri.' Originally applied to the milk of women, it is now 
in conmion use in the Nortliem uud Eastern counties for the first milk of a cow or other 
animiil. See Peacock's Glwsary of Mauley, &c. * Coluetrium : primum lae post nxrtum 
vUuU: MedullH. 

* Of Botouy Neckam. in his work De Xaturis Rerum (RoIU Series, ed. Wright), p. 47a, 
■ays, ' Bttotiiatt vires numiuatim tanrftrt ditjnum 

Duxit subsuiiitm dat ccphalaca tibi. 
Aurihus et gftlaii conffrt, ociditqut medetuTt 
£t Mioinacham laxat, hijdropicoi<que jurat, 
Lim/ hatid mnat luorsnm rania, atfiu trementi 
Qtien mate rexat, lux tertia prtithit opfin.' 
■ A sheaf or bundle of flax a-i prepared ready for the miU. ' To bfet lint. To tie up 
flax in ulicaveR. Hertinbniid. Tlio strap wliich biiidfl a bundle of flux.* Jamieson. At the 
top of the iuii?e, in a later band, m written * A btrte as of hempe or lyne ; fiuci*.* 

* Occa is properly a hamiw. In the McdulU it is explained as * A clerybetel* (t dfly- 
betelV See to Olotte. 'Belle or malle fur calk'-n^. Mallfua tttHjmHifn.' Huloet. 

^ MS. betynge. Corrected fmni A. ' lirtictra. Gold foyle ; thinne leaues or rayei 
of golde, eilucr or other niettall.' Coo|>cr. * Jtracna. A pLite.* Medulla. 

* 'i^rodicio, A trayment. Tmdo, To trayen.' Medulla. 



■Ho Bett^ ; melioram. 

fto be Bott/r; pristare, jtvi^nafrrc. 

Bett^^BottyrerA.l; ni'lin-, tvi'i/yu- 
u«, "Aid rfimi- 

nut, -,/itt.'W«i*- 

fi'.if- ii- -<L-iUb. ■ r «f • 'Vt» 

Botwone ; Jri(i:t. u'iuttg, jn- 


^Bererage (Berrase A.) ; hiheray 

A Bewetye * ; euprtpia. 

B an/o I. 
By ; per, <«nu«. 
to By ' ; ettu>, 
tByabylLf ; etnj<ticitt». 
ttu By and sellt? ; auccivnari, mer- 

cart, jiitndirutre, 
A BybylL* ; biblia, bihliotfteca. 
to By Agayu ; rt^lnnrn:, twi-e. 
tpe Byohdoghter * (^Byclidowght«r 

A.); epiKU'iSt epiaUaj noxa, 
A By oh; U'-iyta, 
to Bydde ; (n/m-mere, ffu>Mew, /XTot- 

;*r^, <& wU'ni : t'W to ««/mmiirMle. 
to Bydft'; er/eciaro, prcittolari, <fr 

fetera ; i^i to a-byde. 

A Byddyngtt; preceptuta, manda- 
2um, (C* c«tcra; vbi a commawn- 

tA Bydyngfi; e:rpectacio, ;>crwMer- 
flftnu, <£• cetent; rbi iibidyngtf. 

to Byde haiydayes ** ; jndiflere* 

+Lo Byd to mete; jnvitare, 

to Bye ; (fnn-re, a-li-ifMA, coni; arare, 
/ucre, rtdimerffyprtrat'^t toiUre. 

*A Bygirdyllr* ;" »fwir*«/rtum, r#- 

•to Byge'; Fundare, bonder*, erft- 
^Citrt, tiruere, con-, sx-, jeaht«r& 

tto Bygge agayn ; ivc(/ty[ic]ar«. 
A Bygynge ; comlntcvioj struetura, 

+Bygynge vndtr erthe ; w^ttu'ra- 

a Byyng* ; fmnculn», empao, 
Bihynde ; deorsutu, jxtnif. ptssrtm. 
+Bi lytyllfl and lytylle; tffTUinii 

a BiU« of a byrdo ; rosfn/ni. 
& BlUe (A ByU or A pyoofls A.)*; 

foasorium, ligo. 

* ' JHtrr*rnlari: Botwyn stylu.' SleJalla, 

' In Ii liiUT band, At i\\v tup of t)ie page. ' ftee alao to By*, 

* '" ' lunrv. E/MnUtf u liiu Gret^li {<KtAr7f, tho nigliUnAre ^LaI. ^eu&tu), lit^ 
ti^ fnjiu iifraXXofim, to leap. HaUiwell cive* ' Bttah-dAOghter. Tlie ni|^tiiiar«, 

\i.r,- ;^t. I bavu Lucn uuiible to fun) the woru in u^Glonuy. ' Epialu*. The nyth 

marv,' MmIdUa, .Vara U rUo given hereafter aa tb« Latin T«nd«ring of ^ Talland 
eoylla, q. v. Coopur renders Ephinltft by * the diMaw called the maare, proeeedioff of 
gnM)>« aod tfiTi^i flcume m the moath uf the stomache, throagfa continuAll lurffetyni; and 
onuUtic, whicli rA^U^ii vp <iold vKpotirs to the bead. Btoppyog the hiuder oeiloa uf the 
brajuo, whicii '' ' '. nnd mi letteih the ]imBiing« of th).' »pirit and vertue 

animaU to tl" - bodie, whtrby tlie {Mrtv thinkclL lii hnth a great 

wr ■■ ' ( ,.„ .,,„,. , i...i..' SwBoorde. E. E. T. Sue. eiL Furaivali, |ip. jS-g. 

rnwJa t" A byde, plainly an error. A. reads corrocily tu Byde. 
111*:*! tjy pf'-K'lumation. ' Periat indiccrf, Livy. To pnx;laiiiio au holy day to 
be kept- Cuii>er'. The US. reoda to Bydde alle days, and ha» been corrected aa abbre 
in aoounlanca with A . 

\ S. vutviou of Matt, i, 9: 'Niebbe go gold, no aeolfor. 

i.' hiTb iiut gold, oor lilTer, nor luoooy in your punMM. 

I v<-;»gue, 35S, where wo read that the 'gip«er (or ptirae) 

. .' Sen alto Ancreu BHrle, p. 114. The word alao occun in 

' p9 baggie and ^e inijurd€it», he hath to-bruken hem alte.' S«o 

' Thia word ooc 
BO feob on e<jwruii 
Cecii>are Ch.^- 
huug at or ' . 

P. ri'i^*)ii-iii. J 

aJ Mte. 

- ,'j build, ia Mill in u«e in the North. A 8- hj/gyan ; O. Jcel. hjftjQjii, 
•Th* Favlc.'nei Reyth. & hath nn rent. 
I'illu he witto wherv to hiogt his nntt.* 

Wr-ght't. Pollliop.! r '' in. 

* Our m<iJirrn pii^-axu is a corruption frnn the 0. Kr. lomi picvi*. \ I'vl 

m a |»y)('>-« ' M 'luili^ ■ PiaiavU, m. X Pickax.* Cut^fmvv la iIk I ' is, ciL 



t A Bylld' ; hoe Brette^ A ceten ; vbi 

Ictttff (A.) 

to Bynde; aUigaret eol-i r»-, la- 
queare, Ulaqutiore, ptrligatHf 06- 
neetere, an-, nexure, anc&raret 
aner«t ea^ienare,Jirmare, vincire, 
d«-t 7W-, nodare^ per-, jn-, an-, 
cecupare, W, 'occupat ora hrist 
i. e. Uifat, Hrinffeiv, an-, ooiT-. 

+Bynder ; an/or, lujaior. 

tByxKl&ndo; litjant^ laqutans^ allir 

A Byrde ; aAV/^r, aJfis, auis, auieuia, 
/?rc/W5, V'iliicnSy volatile. 

a Byrdyn : scrcina, gttrcini(Ja, pon- 
d\is, clittUa, fassig, _/<ijfjfiVu/uf*, 
globus, aceruus, moltut, pojulixB, 
Qnu9, 07iugculum, ponJerisUns. 

tA Byr^we'; agrttnoj ptthitci- 

Byrks*; Umti»cwi, UrUt'jTinut jmr- 

+to Byrle * ; profdnare^ muosf*. 

* A Bymaole " ; ramus. 

*A BymakiUfl ; Auis (A.) 

to Byrne; a</o/tfre, ardere, 
cer«, «*[ar]</«tfaM» rfl[ar]( 
oere, binUare, ertmare, »f<«v 
eombiirere^perurfirt, ad-, «>-, m-, 
Jtatjrare, con-, jiummarc, -tMcen, 

tto .Bime mth yme ; caut€naft, 

tABimyiig^ yme' (BymeyronA); 

eara[c \tvT,cauOfnum,eaut€riolum 


Qairdner, L 106, we find menironed * long cronos to drftwo downe btmaa, Uilder^ ptkojft,* 

Bob«rt of Bnum«, in Handling Synne, ed- Kumiv&II, 1. 940, uk^i 

* Mattok 18 a jtyktys 

Or a pyke, ab sum men says.* 

' A BilU geiicrnUj mchnt ft nelitioo, and (o * put up a billc' wiu tho Tcgular phnoo for 

prcMotinp a {wtitiuu. Su« P. Plowni&n, o. v. ^s„ PaMt»n Lotierv, 1. 151, ij}, See. With 

the ni«MUDg of a letter it occtun in Piuiton Lettcnt, 1. 31, 'closed [eticlij«ed] ia xhU iniU 

I Bend yow m copio of un fi-endly lettre,' &g. * Uyll of complaynta. Pn^ulacio* Hulc^t. 

' Colea'Dict., 1676, (;ive» 'BjUw, BurUworByiiaw.l.iwsdutcrioineU by pursuiu eU-chMl 
by oomtnoii cunBent of Deighboun.' and BuniU SRys, ' BirUvr, n Uw nude by huiibAndiiuni 
reRMcLing rami Kifiitra.* O. loel. byar-loj/, Dah. If/lvvr. Acooniiug to Mr. Robiiwon 
(OloM. of Miil. Yorkxhire) the term is still used tli'^re for a * Puiah-mecnng.' Juuionm 
givci ' Burlaw, Byrlaw, ByrUiw court, a court t>f [icii;bl>oura, Trndiog iu tbt» cuiinLfy, 
whl<:h doterminea as to local coiiconu.* ' Plebiirituta: atatuluok populi; mylitt a byr»> 
lawc* Orti». &e« iDslancea in the AUicnaum, A%'. 1871). 

' Jiirk, atUl in use in Lancashire for a hirch-tr«*e. A. 8. Ainx, IceL ^}9tiu 
'Than byrkit on aytliir sydv Uie way 
That youtifj: imd thik wes growaud her 

lie knyt tojj'ddcr.' Barbour's Bruc«, ©d. Skcak xvi, 3^ 

* Ho bode tho rede knyght lyggand. Off byrlct and of okke. 

Slayne of PercyvuUe hoade^ Tlicr lin.*nL of hirkt and of ak« 

Be«yd« a fyru Urynnande Gnt brandet and kUke.* 

Sir PensovftI, TlioraUiD Rouianccs, wL Ualliwen, i*. y>, 

* Thitt word ia itOl In aw in lAncaxhiru. See NixiM'i Olos^nr)- (K. Dial. Soo.). In tiM 
accoant of the nurrioge at Caua, ^w-n in Kuk' Mrtrioal Humilica, ed. timtUl, p. 130. 1 18| 
wo arc told that ' Seruiiun wur nt tfiitt bridnln, 

ThnL hirUd wiu In cuppe and aohn],* 
and in liie Avowynifo of Kinj; Artliur. Camden Soc, ed. ItoUion, xM. 14, at Arthnr'df«aat, 
• In ImUjb birliUte liay thfl wino." Mantp. Vocab. yivea' lo birlo. jrrotitrre, hnurire.' Tito 
word also ofoun in the Aoa-t^u Riwlu. pp. 114 luul jifi, and In Wydi^ Jtift:miah xxv, 
15, 17. and Amoa ii. 12. Icvl h^rla, A.S. byilian, tu give tu drink. 

* ' Catnit*. A bittt) ; n MiaJlIo ' Cou|>er. 8c« aIao BaziiakyUo. 
' * C'uu/^rtttui, a nitvrkyiig yron j a anaryng ynn , n iK.'iul«ri inilmnieot* Coofier. 

Buraatni. An imn iiidtnmimt ii»«l, rr-'-^' 

liortiH of Hhir4:p.* JaniicMin. 
\iic Komtfium Jcrv fcrruin.' 

Medulla. ' 

letters, or olh«r ntarka. on tlio 
•ti/fui/ur. Qyo loCrn /{fuMt^ 
luirrxu.' nwlo*l- 



a Bimyngc ; ineenJiunif vtttira, at' 

a Byrth ; fttn% terre est, »iniiii», jtav 
lus /u>miiiitm, or^ua, oi-ii/o, ita- 
tiuitfut, nataliitf -^rineipimu, na' 
taiicias : vcrsuB : — 
% 'Satalis vc/ U cum g\i'i$ terria 
Tratuitna a mando naialiciutn 
repittatnr '.* 
+BirthAUlf ; fvtom%. 
tA Biitylle* (Byriyltr* A.); malo- 

"fa Birty]l£ tro ; 7nalovieV\x&, 

a Bisobope ; antestes, e^iscopUA ; 

tjnhco\>alU |«irticipiura; ptetul, 

jmnttj'rr^ po/tt^jicaUt. 
fa Byschope e«ta ; orcfiettra. 
tA ^schope hede ; fin[ti]tliciumt 

prt-3ufat\XB, potutjlcatus. 
a Biachoporykd ; rp\sn:o]tat\iB. 
tBlachope Bchoyu ; samluia. 
to be a Bischox>e ; pontijican. 

to Bit« ; m(w/«re, A-, r*-, d«jUil>a» 
Acinci^re vtU comprir/wre, momarCf 
mar si tart, 

+Biteabyll<; vwrsalh. 

Bytynge \ VKirdenSt nwrdax. 

Bitter ; ater^ aeerbua, actduB, ama- 
rus, ttrnarieosust amaruletUmt 
/ellittxB, saMrroauB, inirratui. 

tto be nmile Bittor (to be or niake 
Byttir A.); atnarere; passiue 
amarMcete; amarieare. 

a Bitternaa ; oeer&claB, atritas, ama- 
ntiulot thamtr, 

a B itty r a wata; omarimeQuin. 

BittyrBwetre ; nmun'me/Ius. 

Bljonde ; vltra, <£' com/>aratur. 
B naif It. 

Bla * ; UuuluB, A tfet«ra ; vbi pale. 

•tto he Bla ; liuire, Uuescere. 

ttt Blabory •. 

to Blabyr * ; Uaterarc. 

tBlabyrlyppyd * ; broecu»t tabrotnt* 

a Blade ; sindolu. 

' Se« Dacaoge. s. v. \atut4t. 

' 'Binle. A junmier ap|ile. Yorkithin.' HaOiwell. 'Matoneflum. Geaas pom! melll- 
flui et dulcU.* l>uc»iige. Cooper aUu fpvoe ' SftUinelam. A kutde of iwvete apples ; poni« 
pftr»HiiM.* • MiilimrUon : est gvDiut dulcie pnmi. a»glk<t a bryt^-I. Malomtilitt ; a brylyl 
tre.* Urtua Vocab. They an inentioned in PUuy. Cotgrave, a. v. Paradis, aaj*, 'Pomuu as 
PmrwUs. Ad totcellenL sweet apple ibal ooroes of a Peariim}'n (phfiitl on the stocks of • 
Qninc* ; vome alw cnll aa our Hctnnyroeale, ra- S. John's applo.' * Malomeltvm : j/miu 
dnlciM f.omi* Me<hiUa. Lat. m<f, liuutty. and malua^ applo. * maloiMUu$. The Sweet- 
fepple or Sweo ting- tree.* Goalilfiian. 

* ILunpolo, Fht:k« of CoiucJcnco. 5260, tolls us that oor Lord 

*hengcd on (•« njJc ire AUe bla ami blody i* 

and in the Komanoc of !Sir Uunihrax, 1 ,^ii, wo are u-Ul bow the Sarmc«iu seized th« 
knight, 'And bett hym tillc hU rybbiu bnwiU;, Ami niado his 8c6cbu fxiWv blaa.' 
Tb« Manip. Vocab. givoi • Bio, blackUew. iividui.' and Boret fcrmnsUtes ' liridiu ' by ' be 
tbat halh ma flescbe well beaten and inado blacke and blewo.' * Iatot. Blulivdo' Me* 
dulU. Se« Jamiesoi], a. v. Bl*. 0. U.Ocr. htao, blaw, blue, O. Fria. bla, bl6, loeL btar. 
Pakf^ve gives ' Bio, Uewe and grene c^iloured as ones bo4lie ia alter a drie stroke. 
jotiMOMtn,' ' Liwtr. The colour ii|>pt.'aryD^ aflor strokes, uommooly L-alled blncke and blue, 
ft ^ '' ' '.r. Llveo. To t>o bUcic and blewe/ Cooper. 'Beaten blacke and bloo, m«;* 
yi; : ut. See Blixi in P. 

.1 billMirry. 8UU OHlIed In the North a blatierry from the oolour. But the 
w 'V perhaps bo oonuectod with the follo^iDg verb. 

^ires * Bahoffir. To blabbt-r with the tips ; to &mblc : to falter,' and the 
UvJuiU. ' bltittro. To utotyn. atalte tt nite cauta Ut'fut* ' Praiis .... blahint oat 
nwtynyi and maoua.' Wjolif, English Works, E. K. Text Soc.. ed. Matthew, p. 168. 1. 6, 
* Biatero, to bable in vayne ; to clatter out uf uicasuru ; to make a noyse lykc a oamnML 
SlaUro, m. a babler: a ian^lcr ; a pmtler.' Cooper. Jandeitin gives 'To Blether^ 
ItUci^-r 'r'> talk indi>tinL-tly ; to stAuiiucr, &o. *And so 1 Naheni* on my beodea.* 
}' \. V. 8. ■ JittU'iu, qui uult lu^tti et noK poteti, wUpa viel awetwerda. Bai* 

i'.i r M.S. Harl. 3376. 

* in r, I'lowmou B. V. 190. 'Co^'otyie* is doecrjlKrd as 

■tdt#tl»row«d and f'tibtrliiiimd also, With two btered e>'gben, M B tdjnde bagge.* 
ISee Flurio, a. v. C/*Uvttr, and Du«angu. s. r. Balbas. Huloet tnutalates blabberdipped by 




a Blayne ' ; pustuJa. marisea. 

to umke Blak ; ni'jrare, J*-, e-, m- 
y[r]#jcere, de,- &-, iucandere, -dea- 

to mnko Blak ; Jiucare, 6s cetera ; 
v\ii to blck. 

BIa3c ; Aquileus, Aier, suhnlcr, Ab- 
ftomitiahilis colon$ titt qui dich 
tur funereus, Juseus, neque al- 
bum netpie mi/nitn wd nutiij 
co/oris ^, niger est alba confra- 
rtum, nigeUu», teter, jjui/usi cC* 
cctora ; rU myrke. 

A Bl&mo ; crimen, cidpa, culpametii 
incrcpanun, re^irdtenaio, vUupe' 

to Blame ; A ccusare, eulpare, cvfpi- 
tare, criminart, increparf, imj/ro- 
perari, inhonorare, TAdartfuere, 
repreftendere, prvbaret vitupet- 

f Blamelea ; jnculpabilis, 

*a BlanXyt * ; todix. 

a Blast of wynd ; Jt/tbmm^ ^oK^ 

ytmpnj ; f[l]tUilU /iixticipium. 
fBlawemanger ' ; pepttnus. (A.) 
to Blawe ; Jlarv, "iZ-i coniart td 

+t(» Bliiwe belowB ; foOertt fo Rem t S9 » 
to Blawe owto ; cjlare. 
to Blede ; cnieiU-am, sanffuinart. 
u Bleddyr; vMica, wincMla diminO' 

to Blek ; attramenlan, enenhta% 

fuii'/inate, futicfirc, nb; in-, ger- 

sare*, in-, nnjrare, rle-. 
*Blek; atir&ftMUt aUranuutHm, ptna, 

-fa Blek x>otte " ; attxnrnentijrinm. 
tto Blend ; mwcffPB, cwn*. 
•to Blerc ; {lippire^ liiqntcdT^, A.) 
to !)(' Blerld " ; lipinre, Ujrj)^f»coTU 
Blere eode (Blerod A.); Ujypu». 
a Blerednee ; lepjntudo, api/ora, 
tto Bleeaum ^ ; Ari4Uir4, htir$, Mtt 


AchiUt*, antlBaret luui'blAb«r-lipp«fl, dimimit labii* homo, tabro.' * Nonift»*huMercbak« 
Anil RCiime a hierejrwl nuin or (foglvyod or tuQgutjrijd ... or fumbWr ur blaberljpped 
{chiloitsm) or bounche barked.* liumuui. See fllfo P. Plowman. 13, xvii. 5:4. ' lllul>tMi^ 
Uppedf Ufpu.' Sburwood. Cooper renders JBrooktu by otte ' tbgt bftUi the Dothtir Uve 
kmger tban tbe other, with teetlw bleodyogo oute ; tutle-uwuUted.* * I^ibromM. B*b^ 
Ijrpped.' Medulla. 

^ A.S, biSffen, Dan. blfffii. See WycUC Exndui ix. 9. ' />(» fw2a. A l.vtyl bleync. 
Marwa. A bleyne.* Medulla. ' Blayne or whettlke. PapnUi' Hiiloec. 

* Ij)dix, According to Cooper, u % threie. Soo G1omu7 to Liber Cuatanmrum, Kslli 
Series, fl. T. BlAoket. * BUnckettM. Lulicen. PUcip.' Uiiloet. 

■ ■ BlatHanper i* m Capon roast or boilu, mincea atnall, pUncbed (Wc) almoDds beaten to 
paate, cream, egga. gratwl bread, Kagu' and spfoei boiled to a pap.* Randlo Uoltno. Sea 
• Blanmaugcr to Potagc/ p. 430. of lIouukiAd Ordinancet ; ' Blawman^re,* p. 455 ; 
BIoDO Manger, Liber Curt Coct/rum, p. 9, and Bluto Maungere of fynhe, p. 19. .See auo 
Babeea Boke, ed. Fumtvall, p. ^9. ' Peponug, blowmanger.' Ortua. 

' 'Uerso: fueare faeiem.^ Medulla. 

' ' AtrameniariuiH. An inkc borno.' Cnoppr. In the Medulla It U expUtnfd u * An 
Tnkhornr, ur A blekpot.* ' AttramentoHum. £laocbe-pot. Aiiramenta. Blacuhc' Wrigbt'e 
Vol. of Vocab,. p. 181. 

' ' Lippio, to 1)8 porvblind, sauda-bltDd, or dimme of ilfflii. ZAppttudo, blenMlnuwe of 
the eyes. lAppuM, blear* eyed : baning dropping ei«A.' (looper. ' MppUtuio. Blerynee 
off tbe eye. lAppu'. To waCcrrn with tbe eycw' Medulla. In the Poem of KicbnnI the 
Rvdelee (K. E. Text Soo., ed. Skeat), u. 164. we have U«mynf = bloar^eyed. Tu blere 
I'l «tfe H a conuDon expren^on ia tiarly Eiij^lisb for to deoejre one ; thus Patflgrave 

Ten * I bUar€, I b^tryle by diMimulacyrin ; ' nnd iht Manip. Vocab. haw ' to blirre, Jnllrr^ 

Sagw, " 

Romaunt or the R<»«, I. 39i],&c.; Ly Beau4 I>i»ooDo« (in Wrb^T'f» Met. llom 


or butancoi of this use of the wonl see Wright's Sev^-o 

J. 1433 ■ Wright's Political I'oems, 11, 173 ; Sir Fcrumbrns, ed ' 

pp. 4A, 77, and 100 1 tbe 
"" voLU.) 


rn bUtr, a ram. 
"■.!,< new.' Litdoion. 
To bliiiKnue ns a rmia doth (he ewe. Cvmprtmo. To go a bliMoraing, or to dc«nre the ram. 
Cofuito.* Gouldman. 

' ^ AriftQ. To blonnyn.* Mtxlulla. loel. W^nnm. bi Ikj «iaW* 
See aleo Turre, below. ' To bUsmjui ur tup, ns a nun doth tbo un 



to Blate (Bleyte A.); ba(an,halaiKtrt. 

ta Blyndxna» ; paijto. 

BlTzidft ; r/ruji, orbut ; venus : — 

% * Xuuiifw pnuiUM^ viol^nttT 
didiur orhu4, 
Ceotts imrtifitcT fftrit inatrvi' 
mffufa vid^ndi V 
« Byndnea ; cecitag, 
to make or wax Blynde; cah^arey 

pro-, cecare, ex-. 06-, ofc^atrare, 

o6(etM6mre, «« iJta re, cecatire^ 

o6Ii/eivir0 uf Jn fihrig. 
toBlyndfbyld' ( ElyndfoU'^ A.); w2ar«. 
t* Blyndo wormo . cecnla. 
to BlyBse ; 6(Kirtf, beatijuart, ben»di~ 

Blyaayd ; h^fatiis^ beAi^^ficatnn, beaiu- 

to make Blyaoyd ; heart, hMtificare, 
felicitarv, Jeliunb, furtufiare, ylo- 

'Ho make vn Blyaoyd; jn/dicitaref 

Blyth ; vbi gUd. 

ta Blossom' ; coflaqMrntida, ^uinCttfttf. 
Blude; craor, sattguu^ eat fiku.* 

versus :— 
H * Sanijuu alit corjJUB, eruor eti 
A {tU A.) eorpore fiuiis.' 
n Blude hunde ; itH^hnB, 
a Bluderyne * (Blodeyren A.) ; JUt^ 

hotontUTD. Imiciota. 
ta Blude lattynge ' ; JUuhotomia, 

minwxo mngnxnit. 
to latt Blude; ^/leubotoniare, mi'nu- 

ere tauffxiinem. 
Bludy ; eruffHUUuSf CTfuntOB, ian- 

a Blomo ; Jlof. 
to Blume ; fiorare^fl'>re»ctrt. 
tto Blundir* ; hafandior, (To Blun- 

dyr; Blaiulior A.) 
to make Blunte ; ebetarCt obtund&re, 

Blunte; ehes. 
to be Blunt; Jiibere^ heheaoer^, A«5tf- 

*are, ftebeteseare. {A.) 
a Bluntnes ; ebitudo. 
Blew ^ (Blowe A.) ; blodius. 

* A dtffcreiit venion of tlie sMODtl of these two lineg b given by WithiU« in bis Di> 
ttooJiTy, whoro it miu * Dicitur orfnUua ecteatuM, rel viduatut. 

* Tti lb*'- AncreD Blwlu, y. 100, we read tbat our Lord * t^'eale &I )>uIdeUcbfl )ei me 
h)' ' fe, hwoD hij eirn woren tnu ine achendlac i-bliH/elltd. vor to jtucii ^ ancrt 
bn 1 htouent.' ' Tt/o. To hyllyn or bij-ndfcllyn.' MoilulU. ■ Of ^um that «r 
hlynjr-iii^ uiil er na blynde ]k>u achkUe wit ^t thny or tuhteh foiko tbftt leucs but in ^er 
kjnne .... the foUwa niftkai bam blynd/eid«, 8cc.' De D^uileriUft's Pilgrimage, MS. 
JuLb't ColL Oaiub., letjf 117. *I blyndofeltl* oiur, I cover his lyghi. Jt vcmU ^ yeute.' 

* Ducanus ^^f» ' CoUoquinttda. Colocynthis ; eoloquinth^' and Cotgrave renders 
* OftaattiHtAt* by 'the wUds and fiegmo- purging Cilrull Coloquinttdtu' Coo|ter hna 'Cofo- 
ejfntht*. A kynde of wytijr gourdes purgeyngfl^ume.c&Ileid Coloqiintida.* 'CuUoqnitUidar 
jfenua hrrht amarUinme, i. e. »Hairbita. Quinttcie. 61otau»i.* MtxluUa. 

* • PhUhotoMon. The irmtruniMit to lot blouJ ; a fl<sum«.* Cooper. • FleuMomo ; «»»- 
gn^'"-'" '•■:""frt. FlcahQiitmiiim : imtrnmtntum cam *juo eimgui* min\xitur.* MvduUa, 

It A. : the Laiia «<)iiivalt n'.^ l>c-int; givun to BlodftyreiL ' VodatstoadeO^ 
hw - dioU) fivt dtri. iCcu ilko blodUttift'jt." Aocron KiwLe, pp. IIJ. 1I4. Sc« 

also iUii., \t. ido. 

* TTie Lalhi e<|uivalent worild lead os to conakler this word to be die same as ' Blander' 
in Jamiflson. which bo explains bj ' to babble, io diffuae any reikort, such eq>ecially as 
tends to injorv the cbArnctvi ol another.* Ualliwell laya tbnt ' Tu blundinr Mvater, to Htir or 
paddle, to make it thick and uiuddy,* iti (jiven as a Yurkttldro word in the Keuoett MS. 
Lhssdown, 1053, and the »i<rd dotre nppuar wiUi that lUt-Aoing in Mr. C. C. Robinsaa's 
Whitby Glosea^. On the uUier bnnd. the word occurs twiL* in the Man of Lawe'sTala, 
U. 670 and 1414, with n[i|>»rfntJy niiieti the same meanini; as the modem to b/untirr. In 
cither ciii^ huwevBTj the word i^ cvidvnUy oouneoted with A. S. A/enian, to mix, ounfuM, 

(ci. '. *'latid, mixture, conf onion. ' t bloDd«r»/« ptriwht.* PahigTave. 
'* r-ayi ' BioftruM. C'ol'ir xangninetu, a Baxooioo btod, sau^is ; inteUigunt atu 

Ifal tium.' 
■■ D 2 




ta Bob of grapys ' ; botros, huboM- 

ftxs, nui. 
A Bockelere ; pelta, anteU, d: <%tera : 
verms : — 

%* Die permaSf fUpio$, anteU 
re/ effida, sru/um, 
Pefta; rotundata clepei fxa 
uittba vocatur* 

i-a BockfelJeK maker ; peitarius. 

fa Bode^ ; pota. 

+to Bodo ; poTtfudere, preoHenden, 

pTxmoitietire ; prono^icatiuia. 
a Body; corpus, corpiucidum, cor- 

jMTatiSy corjtoreaa. 
Bodyly ; cor/K>ra?i/er. corporee. 
a Boke; farto, eariula, eodex, co- 

dteiSus, li5«r, ft&effiu, whaten, 

pagina, pagdla, aeeda, 
a Boka bynderor aaller; 6t&/topo£a', 

ta Bole of & txe * ; «a<{aa, ^ cetera; 

rbi a stolke. (Stoke A.) 
A BoUe * ; tea/a. 
*to Bolne*; j/Zueen, tii/lare, fa- 

mere, ob-^ wn-, per-, fufiwfoere, 

con-, ftir^K, «m-, A-, ob-. 
a Bolnyngts ; fwmor, in^aeio. 
Bolnyd ; tumidaB, (iMMc/iJaa. 
a Bolster^ ; ceruieal, eubilaUt pni*- 

inar, puluiOiu. 
a Bolto ' ; pettlium. 
ta Bolto hede ; capiteHunL 
+to Bolt up ; emergere. 
Bonde*; natiuu*, urrnitM. 
A Bonet of * aaiUe '* ; supenu. 

* • A bnbhe of Ieaiiea./ron(fWiiiii ,- A bob of flowei*. Jlorttum ;' Blaiup. Vocabt 'They 
•»w alw tbare \ynta growe «-ith wonJere (prete bolAis of gnpeSr C^r a nume niyjt nnneUMf 
bere »oe of th:iine.' Thornton MS., leaf 42. * A fro6 of cherii.* Townelef Myvtaritti, 
p. 118. See Jamieson. i.t. Bob. * Jtunt$. A duiter of gnpM.* Coopor. *Botrmt, 
cljitra.' MS. H»rl. 3376. 

' Ducanife gives ' Pota ; ptrtiea, rrf aliu* modu$ offti* Tfiii b of ooontt our pirtk 
The word bode is derived l^ Dirz fi\>in a radical kxf. which is still found ia tlia Eng. 
tound. Dies rejects a derivHtiun ftDin the Celtic, but Webster, B.T. Bomnd, refer* iuler 
af!a to O.Fr. bonde. todae, L. Lat. boc/isn, and savB. *cf. Ann. hoHn, boundair. limits aad 
hdflm. bSd. a tuft or cluster of trees by which a bonndnxy could be well marked.* Cumpan 
als'i O. Icel. butr, a limit. Cooper renders Lime* by 'a bouade or bmtti/ng in fieldas.* In 
Huloet we find ' B itte of a lande. Jiiffu*, eru ;' and in the Manip. Vocab. * BuUa of 
land. Jnyeram' e\'tdrntly the fame word ; cf. to abvi. Compare P^ Bat, 

' MS. hihiiappn, corrected br A. 

* * Bole of a tree, corp'it, ttemma* Manip. Vocab. Hence we hare *a boHinff. A tree 
from whifrh the branches have been cut, a pollard.* The compound bofeiu oucun in the 
Boinance of Octavian, 1039. and bulajce in Ormulum 92S1. 

' Defined by Halliwell as ' a small boat able to endure a rough sol* Eridently oon* 
nected with the preceding. * Seapha. A sbippe boate : a boate made of an whoUe tnie.* 
Cooper. *Scaf.ha. A boUe.* Medulla. Cf. the nuneiy rhyme — 

' Three wise men of Gotham ' Went to sea in a ioirl,* ftc. 

* In P. Plowman, B Text, t. 118, Envy says : — 

• l^us I lyue tonelees. lyke a luther dofrge, 
That af my body bdiieth for bitter of my galley* 
Lord Surry In his Translation of the JEneid, ii. 615. s}ieaks of 

' the aflder with Teninious herbes fed. 
Whom co'd winter all boltie bid umler )*ruund.* 
' Botilne, tumere, f ar^ucere.' Manip. Vocab. Danish 6o/n<, O. Icel. holffita. * 7%ismo. To 
boln^-n.* Me'lulla. 

1 William Pastnn in his Will, dated August 1% I479. bequeaths to Master Robert 
HoUere, '«Bi/mpM/riiiarro«i(u«leboUtar.' ' PuUiUw. Ab»istere.* Medulla. 'Bolster 
of a bedde. Ceruieal. BoUters whyche bearers of burdens, as purteri) &c. do weare Car 
freatynge. Tkomieet.* Huloet. A. S. boUter. 
■ A. interts * A betilium^ after Bole of a tre. 

* The status of a bondman t,Low Lut. bon/t^mnnntu) was that of serfdom, but the name 
is not properly rra'lered by natiuHS. which mams a ^e^f by birth. 

» ' Bonnet {boniutte. Ft.), an adOitional part made to fasten with Utchinga to the foot of 



Borage'; Aarba, horago r verjus : — 
T ' Pielt borcufo ^audia semjifir 

-tBorace ; Bortix (A.). 

ft Bordylltf houso * ; crepid^f cwm- 
ionum, ephebianimaU, /oniir, 
ftTTUs, ffftifthfCft^ lupanar, ptejtti- 
huhtm, prosenta, tr^fH, lustrum, 
stupratorium, teatrum ; UtnUty 
tta'.ricns ^larficipium. 

to Boro * ; cabiar«, jtevforare, forar^j 
t^rabrare, eon-. 

A Bore ; forajitent & cetera ; vhi 
n hole. 

fiv Borer ; fyratitr, ficrfarator. 

•a Borgh ; Jideiussor^ va», pres, spon- 
sor, obsf*. 

♦to be Borghe; Fidduberet Spon- 

Bord; nntxxs, rrfns, nnunr/ns lO 
comrrruiVwr cam yt^nitiuo, vt, 
* 9M\\ oritmdas jJhTciwn tminxm*. 

to be Borne ; iiafci, de rfero onVii, 
«jt(»rin, rtnasci, rnaxei de terrtt 
wi aqiM, rrnnsn stent Jn hnptixmo. 

+]3ome in wedlayke ; Ifjittimns. 

Borne be-fore |)« t^-me; nfiortiuaB. 

tBome aSter hys ttkAer dcdo ' ; /xw- 
th f/mui4, opit^r, -ria tW opitiris in 
genithio ea»u. 

Borne vp ; apporttia. 

to Borowe ; muiuari, 

aBorowyng)*: mu^KitftV 

a Bo&e (Bosta A.) of a buclere"; 
I'm 60. 

a Boete; ampvUa, iactanfia, 2>f>tnp^ 
viagnifuxncia ; amptdhsub j»ar(i- 


tSe •ailpi of ktiulII vpiut(>lM with nne nust. In mnderaUi winrla. It in exarilT vitnilnr to tlie foot 
of ihe aail it is inlendeil for. Tliuy Arc oiiiuiuuuly ont*-t)iinl of tbt* ilopth of tlie Hailii they 
belong to.* FAtomer's Mnrinc DiL-t., ed. Bumcy, In the Mi>ne Anhure, £. E. Tvxt Soc., 
ed- Bntck, I. 3(^56. tbo eailura in t;i;ttin^ rtwdy for 8e» * llet bonrtii^ nne brerle, bi^ttrcdo 
luicbea.' * SuperitoM. Saptrnn. A boiict of a Miyle or a ibete. ^^M/>«ra relor pcrilurfia 
it attroM.' Meilulbk. ' IhrnnirtU, (. the btinnet of » aall. Uonnttle tmintrtut, a draWer. 
added unto tlie bcmnet when thera i« netxl of moro aaiW Cotj^TO. In. Bichard 
Bedelas, R E.TtfXt Sue., ed. Sk«Bt, ir. 7a, we rend — 

'Arid Honimo wefe w> ffers at )>e ffint oomo, 
t*at tbey beiitr; on a 5oit<f, aod ban a topio latle.* 
x\»n Loiieltcli'i History of tJic Uoly Grail, ed. FumiTall. xlu. 119. ' Bonei ofa tajle, 
honettr dunif tttf* PaU^mve. 

* TUe i'roiiipl. (jlves the complete couplet, of whit-h only the last line U found here — 
'6ttttlis ieproatB, $rnhUii9, tvmitli-, jfuriogi*, 
DicU bonigo, ijnndin temper fiija' 
* Bcrarage, herbc^ bmxuka ; Biurage, berbe, booracAv.' PaLgnir 

' 'BirdeL Abrothel/ Jamieson. ' Bordell houfw, tuyrrdfav." VtHnrrvn. * Jfrx fornix, 
a bor«l_vl-how».' Wrif^iht's Vol. of Vocab., 335. ' Bordean, a brotbuTl, or bawdie bou<(e ; 
tho Steven. HoviItLt^t, UrotheUing wenolUng, whore-huntin;. Bordelier, in. n wvncbcr, 
«hore-nioni;er, wliore-huDt«r, bannterof baudy-housM.' Cott^vc, It Be«mn miMt curioua 
that frtpidtt nhuold be inserted aa Iho equiviJetit uf bordyUe bouse ; erepulo U n brim 
or h<frder ; lU-vurlat^ to the Me<luUa, 'the Kbyte off an ICotT, or o(f an hyt, or b«<;^|{Rrei 
fcooa . * whtftber tlie ixiuipiter of ttie Jictinnary ft.*!! into tbe mij<tako from the aimiiarity of 
lufniyUe wiJ border, I do not know, but it •cctua bo. In Wynkyn de Worle's ed of tho 

Banragv or bDgk 

G«bU Kiimanoram (rrprinted in my ed. for the K. I^Text Sucicty). Tale Nn. 1;. it 1* told 
ef otie uf tite itoU4 of an. emjieror that ' au:ayuit his fadent wyll, he bad wedded briii»elte, to 
a oatnuiM woman of tlia hordell' 8<m abm Karly Bnglish Foanu, ed. Fumivall, p. 104, 
Lg*. nn*! Wyclif, Levit. xix. 39. 

' • Citinar«, Cavarw, fodoro ; erevter, fomUtr' Ducacge. 

• Cooficr expliinH' OpUtr' m 'one whoee fattier died before bii granndcfather.* A. add* 

* TdiIm - mcJiuj «ruri.* MHiilbL. * f'ro/to. Tbe t'O^e ofa buckler oribielde.' Cooper. 
dcNcribiiig Aliton in tbe Miller's T^le, »ayB — 

* A broch acbo bar upon hir looe coleer 
Ai brod aa is tlie ho* oi % boclaer.' C. T. L 3J65. 

^ ^ 



to BoBte ' ; amfmliat% awnfmre^ toc- 

to?*c, iactitare. 
a Boater ; ampullator, iactariutf 

pompator, iactator. 
B Bosom ; gremium, n'rtUB. 
Bot ; ni*i, ted, qmn . verjraa : — 

' ^t nut rton tsisat j«i;/!ktu8 

+Bot If (Botyff» A.); Stnant^m, wvf «*, 
R Bott«Ue; o6&<i, dt* cetera; tfln a 

•a Bottellf of hay '. 
a Bothotne ; /undtm, /utt/fn/rm. 
•a Bothome of threde ' ; y»7flr?«m. 
tBothomleB ; j>eWiutu6, r<«cfceua;>ei'> 

a Bowe ; aivhua, arcnhis diminvi' 

+« Bowe of a bryg<? * ; vbt a wawte. 

(Volte A.) 
fa Bowe of a char« ; /vUnim. 
to Bowe ; Jlectcn^ de-, ^V^ctore, Ao- 

miliare, ouruare, ctinan:, de-. 

tBowabylle ; r/«' pliabyH^. 
to Bowe doune ; Ac--' 

Clinart.\ fn-^ c/[injr,. i;j- 

bere, (A.) 
tBowod ; chmitti^ deuextts, dedinor 

ftifl, <(* n>t«ra. 
a Bowell«; iiUtuctinumf tueiu^ ^ 

fetora ; v\n a tlmrme. 
tto drawp oot« BowaUs*; 

are, <rwi»remr^, exvnterare. 
a Bower ; nrcHrtn'tis. 
ta Bowge " ; f/r'Mus, irfrKma. 

jrt/an, gtnim'initnti ; rjibhomu, if nt- 

m'>itiifi /mrticljtia, 
tBowyn(f»'; acdmix, areHvuH, cHium^ 

rhnrttxts, ohtitijnis, iltnujrua, 
to Bowyugc ; jiic/innc'w, niclisU* 
aBowliynKo'; H.nuarinm. 
a Bowkynstoke (Bowkynatols A.); 

^ijifMiforium, 6oa:inunuiu. 
*a Bowrde ' ; locas. 
•to Bowrdo ; vtcari, 
'a Bowrder; mifm/anuB, mimiZo^ff, 

' (Compare Horace, *Prctjirit ampttUaM ft ttaqviptdalia irrfw.' An Poet. g?. 

' 'A iK^ttls of hay. mamimllnJi.' Manip. Vocnb. Fr. Ixtttt. n btiii<Ile, buiv^k ; tttoiia. 
hfitd,, A wiap, Mnidl bundle ; Gaol, haiteal, hoiteau, a bundle of atniw or hajr. 
BarriBua UiUh um tlutt CrnDEuer, from bftring been a Bttwlent »t • Hall (&!•» cilUmI m 
Huatel) at Ozford, wu popuUrly nippDMd to have been an wtlttr, * and therefor* is 
devpitoj ditjcne hnn^jed up bottle* of haie at hit gftte.' Deaoript. uf Eoi,'laiid, ed. Furnfval^ 
i. 87. ' Bolder. To boUe or bundle up, Co luaka uilo botlcs or bondlea.' Cotgiave. 
' Mnnlpttftu. A gavel.' MedulU. 

' ' IJotom of yame, glamtiM.' Manip. Vocab. See aIro Olawe, below. 

* ' Bow, «. (I ) An arcK a gateway. (>> The arch of a bridge. Bow-brijf, «. An ardlad 
Mdffe ; as distin^ uiabed from one fijrmnl of planks, or of lon^ atovm laid aoroa Uu watar.' 
Jamie«on. A. S. bo^a. Compare Brace of a bryge, ftc. below. 

* ' Huitdero. To bowellyn. Ejcmiero. To bowaylyn.' Medulla. 

' * Othhtt*. A ^eak« btinche or dwelling, titmma. A dwcllyn^ in Ihit thHtCe,'tbe klu^** 
euill : a bnncbe on the backo. £^rutn<Miu>. TUut hnlb the i 1 ' 
kiny*! ouiU.* Cooper. Barct haa 'A great hunch or aw^i: 
oroolced badie, nr a banch In any place of the bodic ; i).;.. ■, 
a thing embo«r«], gihbuM.^ 'Gaiber. That hath a bunrJi on hix bi 
Gi/bttM. A broke bak- In tiorm ifibbui. in peetorf ^ihbtr Ani -u 

jitetoris, or bohiyng uf the brtwi.* Me«Iutla. 

' In Pittra IM.iwman. BText, xiv. 19, we read ' Dobot «biil baton It and honkm It;' <m 
which lee Prof. Skeat'v noU^, in which run cited tJbe following: * 1 book '••ihM ta 

•eoure off tbefr Qrlfch« and make th^-in whytc.Je but.' Palftgravo. * H .% Uau- 

drcno or bnck-waaher.' dt^ravy. In tlio LdUki luTcnturioi. p. :^. .- ^loiml a 

limicifriti, or wiuhing tub,' In the St. .Iuhn'« 0(>!le(^ Cainbrtdgp, MS. t.( Dp iK^tle- 
Tillt!*!! Pil^Timagc uf tbe Life of tbti Miuih<ide. IcAf i t back, we find. * 01 itiuyin I injtk« a 
hotrki/nijt for to piittu In an*! tutH-kr nnd wawbc alio rylthcH.' See atiK) Ut-li4. Anttt{. L 108. 
* Liririnm. Lye mailfl <»f usho*.' Coopvr. St-e WwI^wm^mI •«'! ,fMfii)>Mi<ri 

' ' Iloiiril, dcttmnui.' Manip. Vocab. 'To be:: ' -rv 

JmU* IWrt. * Bourde. 01 ppOTt.' fltihitjL ■/ r 

' Boitrdf, ■ itAAt, lib . rale of a tub.* Cotgrave. -v i ..... ■« ..-. ... ... 

tlio iLrt'le, ur tbi 
Ho il).-tt hathv a 

....,,,.1,. r,,r .... „f 




tftwr, ioettkUoT, & cetera ; v&i a 

•» Bowrdewopde' (Bowdwx>rd A.); 

di'-Kriuin, dictorium. 
a Bowre * (Bowo A.) ; couo/sua, 

eonclauig, Qonefaue. 
a Bowectryv^ ; eordievda,/ttnicuitts. 
a Box * ; pun>, 2(vAt£Qa o/«t at. 
a Box tz« ; bttoeua, bnamm ; fruMUs 


B Uk/« B. 
ta Bra * ; ripa^ ct cetera ; vbt a 


A Brace"; (Uftngorium, hraehiaU. 

ta Braoe of a bryge or of a wata * 

(Vowl© A.); 5tnus, arcus, 
a Braohett ^ (Brache A.) ; oderensi- 

rus ve/ oderiitsiquws, 

Brads ; Ai/ns, amp^ius. 
*aBrftdearpowe'; ciitnjtnf/a,teorjno. 
a Bi*ade axe ; (i(»/f(ArMtn, 
tto ninke Brada ; atn^tliare, amj^ijl' 

care, it cetera ; vln to spreJo 


' In RfturCoiljcor. K. E Text Soch ed. Murray, 1. 905, Magog ia mming RMif of Lhs 
^pruacli of the Sitnu:i!a«, nys — 

* We iKU Bpuilju 10W (litfpittouxly at the next N[triD|;ii, 
Mak ]oa btggriDi^n full bur, liodwoid hjkuo I brocht.* 
Id the Curaor Mandi. ed. Muirts, p. 6.14> ^ 1 > 04 7> EUMbelh, addraadng the Virgin "hXujt 
«ty^- 'Bliwed be txni )«t routrnd m>gbt ps hali boduorvl tet )« wm bn^ht.* 
Are 4lio p. 76, 1. I19>. Otniulutn 11. 7 uid 11495, Deetntotion of Truy. U. 63O:, 6315, 
kx. A- 8. 6<W, m measKire, btoden, to bode, offer ; loeL bodord, » oominand, mrBBag^. 

" • Boore, wsc/aw.' Mimip. Vocmb. * ConWauif. A prevy ehambyr.' McIhIU. 'Bowre, 
•ail*.* Paiflgrmve. * Cmidavt. An Snner pttriour for chAtuber; & bonkett^ng houae.' 
Cooper. A. B. btlr. 

* ' L€cyihu». A potte of earth that somed only for o/le ; an ojle gloue ; n Tiole.' 
Cooper. * Z.«dUlU ; ampufta old' Medulla^ 

* * Bra, Brte. Brajr. t. The aide of a hill, nn acclivity. The bank of a rivor.* JamieMW. 

* ' Brackialiitm. PropagnActtluin ; braie un«lo /aiutt-braie.' Ducaiige. * Urooaf*, 
BrMBQi, or VatDbmawM : armour for the amu.' CotgtUTe. See aiao Brascurs. 

* B«e Bova of a bryge, alMire. 

^ *0dimncv4, A ipanycl.' MtduIU. 'CatcHui, a very littell hoande. or hraehe, a 
aAelpe.* ElyoL * Odormcteus, canaa veiuticun, qai minre fcru sequitur . cAkh ife ehtuae,* 
JDocMige. See al«o ibid., a. t. Bmeco. ' Theru are in Englaod and Scotland two kindi of 
hoBtiDg dogs, aod no wbera else in thi? world : th« flrBt kind ia called fine roMe (Scotch), 
Ksd thta In a foot-aoentinff creature. b<>(b of wild bcaats, lirda, Mtd 6ahea aim, which Ua 
kid amoog l)ie rooka : tho fetniile tlitireof in England ia called a hratht. A hraeh if a 
mannerly nanie for all hDund-bittihos.* Gentleman's KtwruatioD. p. 37. A.K. r^M, 
M.ILO. tiracke. 'There be mnny maner of dogges or hoondeN to unwke and hunt, aa 
irmj'bnuitalM, hrarhft, njianyelliit, or sucbo other, to hunt hert aiid hynde Sc other be«tM ^ 
ohace aod renery &o. aod sucfae be named geiityll houndea.' LnuretiH Andrewea, The Noble 
Lgrfe. obap. xxiiij, 'of the dogg«,' quoted in BabeeB Book, ed. Pumivall, p. roc). SraehM 
oecun aeveral limea in Shakopeare ; itee Ring licar, i. 4- 108 uid iii. 6. 72; 1 Henry IV, 
Si. 1. 140, &C. * A bniehf^, tauieula.' Manip. Vocab. Paligrave gives ' Bniche, a kynde 
eS boande. brnrhtt,' and Bartt had ' A bmclie or bicho. canicnla,' wliilo BuloeC menlioni 
'ahrnche or lytic Uounde.' • tirncra,^ bntcle, orabitt'h, nra bftigle.* Florio. ' Rrnckrt, m. 
II kind uf little buurid. Braijuf, m. a kind of vhurt-tayled wetting dug; onliiuuily spotted, 
or (lartio^oloared.' Cot^^ravo. * BrachtU, t. a dog ; properly, one euiploy^d lo dteoover 
or ptiraue game by tho K«al.* Jaaieaon. See Sir Qawayne and the Green Knifrbt, ed. 
Mania, 1 14]. On the derivation aea Prof. Skeat'a Ktym^ Dict^ and of. OabrioU racha 

' ISee BraMRiro nnd Braoe. 

* Jutlgirtg fnim the LaUn eqnivalenta given for this word th« meftning aeoiM to be a 
tntapult or engine of war for shooting' Btonea or arrown. CoofKir rcuden* ^ttaj'ufdi by ■ An 
fa)-,-tTTri« iif wnrre to nhnote dario^ »nrl nunrela : a kynde of fllyng.* an<l fcorfito br ' an 
l>i t warre Uke a ncurpiun that ftboototh amall lurowa or qtiarcik^.' ' Cutiipulta, 
A ipwe, ScvrjtittJi. A venym arw«,* Medalla. ' Jita eataputta. A brooarw.* 
y* n^ui N > '>i. of Vocab., p. J78, 



'Bragott * ; jttiy)meUiim. 

■to Bray"; pitarvt, cnm yw7a (ii»- 

diire vet terere, tfr cetera ; vhi 

to 8tam|K!. 
a Brayii ; cerefrrum, oerehcRum vti 

*a Brakau*; filix ; Jilioeua parti i- 

j>iam : wor»ua : — 

%*Ardrntes jilicrjt homiius di- 
cuntur esse felieeM.' 

*n BrakanbuBlco ; JUuMrium, /eliM- 

n Brake * ; pimfVa, vibr^, ratUlWm, 
a Brandryth " ; iv\pnit, 
tu Brandryth to aet beeynnyg* 

(byggyng A.) on*; hrumtVL-' 

A Brando ; /az, /ac%da^ ticioj l^citt, 

*Bran; eantahrutnfjurjvr. 

' In the MiUoTH Tftlo, Clniui^er dedcrilMtig Altsoa ^ty*— 

' IIJH month WM HweeLfl h hnigal i» or hcth, 
Or Imortl iir ftpplea, Uyrt Sn liny or nelU*.* C. T- 3261. 

*ItiromeUum. Mode.' MtnlulU. 'A Braggvt, drink, promtt/nN.* M»nip. VucKb. Tbefi^I- 
lovring rrcipo for nutking Bro^get ii glveu in Cognn'n Haven nf Htutlth, p. aj^o : * T*fco 
three or fouri; ^lluii* of good ale, or mnre, aa you pIcatK', two d»ieM ur inrve after h w 
cliMUiMd, And put it ia m potte by it ecUc, then draw fortb a pottd thereof, uid put to it » 
quart of good KngliAh Uony. and set thcni oner the fire in a vesMll. and lei them Itoylf 
fair and softly, nn<l alwaiest M any froth arixeth, Hcumtne it aw»y niul -k) tli" ' <i<I 

w)i<-n it in wL-llclnriBrd, take it ofTtlits Hrc, and let itcfM>le,an(l put tiii^rvto nF ) ' 

worth, Ciovw, Maoe, Gin[;er. NutmcgH, Cinoiuan, of Mch two pvutiy wurl.. uj 

powder, stir them well together, and Kt tfaum oner the flro to bo^e a^aiue s wlul% 
then heln^ MilUe-WArme, put it to th« reiit, and iitirr« all tngethrr, St lot it Htand two 
or three lUicii, nnd put bftniic upon it. n-nd drinke it nt your pleasure.* In Lancaahfra 
Brag'^al in drunk on Mitl*Lent tiumlay, which is hence R>dl^d liavjfjut Sunday. 
' Spifted cakea aud wfifura worthily Withe hragitt and RiL'th'*.* 

John RumeH's Boke of Nurture, in ihe Babeea Book, ed. Funiivall, p. t,t^, I, 8(6. 
Another reoi|>o for Brniiget in as follows : ' Take to x galnns of ale, iij ^totcll of fi>ie wort, 
and iij qunrtii of hony, and putt thereto canell j, iiij, pcper vchort or longo ), iiij, gmlia- 
ptle 1, j. and clowys ), j, and gingiver ], ij.' MS. 14th C'oDtury. Tayl'T, tn Drink and 
Welcome. 1637. A '3. batk, Mtya of Braggot, * This driiike is of a mn«t bot nature, na bciiif 
onmpoc'd of Spices, and if it nnce kaIo the scunce, and enter within the eircuinclusion 01 
the Perrici^nion, it dnth much arcBlermte nature, by whitse forcible attraction, and opera- 
tion, tho drinker (by way of distribution) is easily cnnbloul to Rffi.Td blowcs lo hia Imtber.* 

' In Trfvisaa's vendon of Ulanrile, De PropricL iCeniui, lib. xvii. c. 97. Flax, we ara 
told, nftcr t>uing steeped and driud, ia ' bouude in praiy aytcfaos and Injimdels, aud aiWr* 
ward knocked, beaten, and hraytti. and carfled, roddad and gnodded, hbtxMi and lLekled« 
and at the losto •poniie.' O, Fr. frrfirr, brtkier. 

* * Brakt or liraehen appeare to have been Ufed for many pnrpoaea, fur Tusaer saya— ■ 

* Get home with the bruke, to brue with and bake. To lie Tndir cow, to rut vndur mo«r. 
To oouor the shed drie ouer head. To «eruc to hum?, for oumy a tuma.* 

Five Hundred Pohita, K. Dial. Society, ed. Herrt.\i:e, p. 33. «t. 53, 
Bfle a^ao ibid^ p. 41, st. 33. ' FiUjc. A brak.' Medulla. A. fe. braccc, pi- /'ra«:tfa. 

* Palsgrave givos 'Biiike. aa initrunit-nt. brnye,' and Hatuct hatt ■ Itmkr, for tn w^-rkn 
dowgh or jtaffti maftra' The Manip. Vucab. and Barat hIso give ' Brakv. ,1, 
martra.* In Jamieum wo find ' Braik, break. An inotrunient oFud in drt-. >r 
flax, for loneening it from the core.* Cf. Dutch ifraai:, a brake ; vlnAhrnok, a (kh tu ■^^ ra 
brake, nn<l A . S. brrcan. ' Brioeht. A brake for bcnipe. Braiiuer tit rhamrre. To brake 
bflinpe.* Cutgmve. 

' In the Inventory of Thomiu Rob\iuon of Apploby, J54>. qiiotud in Mr. Peacock'e 
Gloea. of ManleyiSt CVminghani,WQ Itnd 'One bnus pott. iij |tanne«, Itrtntiryi, cTva»,yl.\lii' i' 
and in the Lina. Mfc4l. M^ , loaf 263, tit a recipe qiioUrd by llalliwoll, jn widcb wn ajn told 
to 'Take grone jtrrdis of eeche, and laye thaina over a hrandrrthf.. and nuike a fire nndor 
thaino Ac' ' Brandlmn, nndfnn.' Manip. Vocitb. 'A brntuDron or posiiet, e/iytm' 
Baivt. In thrt list of artioIcB tflli."n by the Duk-- of Suffolk friiiu John I'astuo in i^fif w« 
find 'ijrakka of jri>n, 1) htfndtlrttf, a almary to kepe in ntctc,' 4c. Pwiion Leitun, iiL 
43<<. Se« Bmndelede in P. 

* I) wanga randan Z^oiamencam by ' Coacaleaatio Itgnorum qiw folat Seri ia fuadainmiM 





+to BranyoH ' ; erhpare^ vibrarc^ 

tBranit (Brante A.)'; abrugatnM, 
Braaen ; en&ia. 

Bratse; ts ; «reuB, par^cipium. 
fi Br&eae pot; twnum. 
tftBraeauro'; hr(\cinle wl hrojchiiUt. 
U) Bmwdo ' ; ejiigrmnarfi. 
tft BrawdGStere ; ej.igrnviatort epi- 

tto Brawnche; Frondere, -dtscKre^ 

a Brawnche; antes, frons,frimdic\iIa^ 

propntjo, mwnis, #?*rf w/us ; /rond- 

tus^frontloaus, ratnalig ;?nWicipia. 
fa Brawnche gederer; Jrondator, 
*pe Brawns of a man" ; mu^cu/us, 

•Brawno'; aprinaj pulj)a ; aprinus, 

CilUScionim : airnnhlagf de bot* n v^afft ponr mainfvnir ha p*ntiri<\nx dni\» It* fondtmati 
rf*i«« rtJif.ff.' Tlif description seemi to oiwwer t»j our wi>rd jiU(4. Ilalliwell give* 
* Bnuidritti. A fence of watllesi or boArdff. &<:/ We hAve »lreuH_v limJ lortimentum t» the 
I^ttii «<|i)ivAleQt iif ft Bmsde of a howM». The CntkoUoon explains toramn\tum to meMi 
b«>knliiigorfrmme work coinpMt«d togetber. ' toramfuhtm (concat«iifttio1ign<tnim\ gniDt- 
futuDge. gruotueat tod hulU geachJiigett.' Diet Compart) Key, or kuyttyn^ of ij wail^ 
& Pjie in P. 

' Appart ntlj an error for Bnindych : I know of no instance of the BpeHiof; Dmnycli ; 
bul UiD Medulla hu * ribro. To onunohyu, or ibakyn.* Cf. alao P. firawndoflchyn 
{fmitTHrht/n a<s man K). 

■ ' Brent. High, utraight, npHght. nmootb. not wrinkled.' It most frequently oocum la 
one peculiar appDcaliou, in cMimtKtion wjtb hrotr, aa denoting a high fonrbewl, as distin* 
guijD&J from one tliat is flat' Jamieion. In tbii letue it ia u»Bd by Bums in ' John 
Anderwn, my Jn,' where we fiml ' Vour boniue brovr vru bra^.' A. S, braia, O. luel 
brattr. See Halliwell, a. v. £nu>t. 

• Annnur f'lr the arma. In Awhnm'*, Toxnpliilii« (Arbor'n reprint, pp. 107, roS), wa 
find the following paitftage : ' Pni. Which ba intitrunienUti [of Hliotyxgw] t Tox, Bracer^ 
•botynffe^giore, vtryngo, bowe and sbafio .... A brartr semeth for two caiue*. one to 
•uie bu ana from the iitr}'pe of the strya^. and hU doublet from wenrynge, ami the other 
i$t Ihai the mryoge glydynge sbarpalye and quicklye of tlio braeer may make the iharper 
■booto.' Ubaucvr, Prolof^te to CanV.Talet*, ill, demcribing the YeoDUUi, eaya— 

' Upon biit arm he bar a ifmy brarcr. 
And by his iido a iwerd and a bokeler/ 
In the Morte Arthurc (£. E Tcxl Soc.. cd. Brock). 1. 1S59, in the fight with the king of 
Syria, we ara told that * BrnurM bumynte briatei in aondyre;* aoe aLao I. 4147. Buttt 
givcd 'a bracer. brachinU.' and in the Manip. Vocab. we find 'a bracher. braehiatt.' 
' Itiaihii/f. A varbra*.* Mi-dulla. ' Uraf^tttct, a bcaoelet, wrifitband. or bracer.' Cotgrava. 
H*?« »]#*« Fli-rio, !«. V. iini(Kial«. ' Brnchiatt. Torquee In brachio, dextrale ; hraerlet' 
lfu«j3Ui)j^. ' BracAiaie. A bracellette ; nlso a brmccr.' Cooper. 800 abo Brace, above, and 
P. Warbnu». 

• • Alle bin L'tulhcs 6rcwrfc'f up and down.' Cbaocor, Mnnke'a Tide, s'ljQ. In the Inven- 
tory or!>ir J. FaatoU'fl good-«. ainoDgiit the clothe and dKoa occun ' j pec« of r*;de K&tyne, 
Itrntuttm with fAtfatPl/tre.' Fnstoo LetttT*. ed. Gardner, i. 477. ' Browdyn. Em braid c red. 
BnifnUter. An enibroiderrr/ Jani{«>Rnn. Bee also Brotheiter. In L'otgriWe we find 
' firtHifT. To imiimvder. Brotlt. Inibr-ydered.' See also Barbour's Bnice, ed. Skeat, xi. 
4'''4. ^ "■ ' '-' ■ '-"' -■ ' '■■'•< brodm. 

of the bodie oompftpte of flnuh, vcinet, dnewea 

-, ■ , '- j'tion of Rome [laria of the bodit.' by lUL-aiiiiof the 

111 It. .Mu»<-iiloniM. llardei and .ttilff with uiBny tntiscleii or brawn>>(i ofharde and 

ir<aute fl«aah ' Cno|H?r. Clmucer, in the Prolo^it' to the Canterbiiiy Talew, 546, t«lU 

Of tut ' The Mt-Ilere was a stoot carl for the none«, 

Kul big be was of frrnwR, and e«k of booDON.' 
and in the Lcgendo of GuuOu Women, IHdo, I. 145, Enfsa is ilekcnbcd at of 

* a nnbto TUAgK for U10 noonee. 
And fomu'd ael of brrnmai and uf buou«a.' 

• f'Kipcr glriM ' Pulpa, The wi«>lde of aU tree* that may bp nfpcrated or clefte by tha 
gv&j he vf it, and ta the nme ia timber that miMfitliM U in a mane bodle. A niaide or 

• • ?, 
•1 a" 


*Brodo ; artf>ropris, artocria^ arto- 
ftwiQS, lib*tm, pauis, ;«J!(/<r//ii8, 
pauictt!ii3, 2>lai'ent<ii timita, simi- 
hifjo, tiliijOf Scd hec tria /wr 

mrtibalh / braccataa //artici- 

*Bir6ke of women; feminaUa. 
tft Broko bolte ' ; brachiafe, hraeeaU, 

braccarium, Ivmbart^ lumbaU)- 

to Breko ; frang^rc, coVhhr^, con- 

di/'t dt; cantunderc, /rutttww. 



car; ab-f pro-t Urere, ton; MMrf, 

dtM', ruptar^^ ruptiiare. 

Broke or tryBpaa; jf\/nnytT$, 

prcuancart, ir^nM/rwii. 

Broker or tryvpaaer; prett^ri- 

rator, tmrwffrfvtor. 
tto Brek© garth ' ; dmfefir*. 
tto Breke as a man brekwr Ms &*t; 

a Brekynge; /racoiotfractvkra^jraf' 

meiit niptwa. 
a Brome * ; bremnB, 
t))e Bredo* (Brerda A.) of a WMsUU; 

labmuif abntt absidia, ripa. 

flauhiQ puio In the bix)i« 6f man or beute. A peec« of fltjuh.* * Pidpa, BmwfMr.* 
Medulla. O.Fr. bnton. 

^ ' Periu»aa. A breeobe : * owlpeeoe.* Cooper. *FeininaHs, -It. A wontMiu brweli.* 

' See Byffirdle, above, and Fawnoherdft, h«Iow. In Uie Ramanee of Hir Fernmbm^ 
•d. Hairtngv. 1. 344S, Guy of But;Kun<Iy cuU duwD M«ubyii ih« tbief, w) Lbnt 

* porw in heued, ciiyn St b«ra Aud into )>e br^ff»rdei bim g«nl, 

t^t awfinl aduunward fiedde, pan (al he adoaa and blvUdn ; * 

and again, 1, 3008. Roland oleavM King Conyfisr. and 

' At ya hrtffg'irtlte I»t «werd R-«tod.' 
Jlrtahgerdel oooun in the Arenbite of Inwyt, ed. Morrtit, 205, and Sir J.HaunderillB tetU 
tn in hia Voiage and Travaile * that li^Uam (bftwme) )-oaiotbn out 00 amal<* tree*, tbat ben 
son hTcrs thu a manoea brmk^irdille,' ' Periiani'i. A brekejj;yrdyL RenaU. A bmka 
gyidvl or a paunce, liracco. To br^yn. SamtHitta : ontru, bruoes.' MvdollA. Sm 
Mr. Way's note, b. v. ErygyrdyU. 
■ Oonipare Tuswr, p. 53. «t. 36— 

' Keep iinfe thy fimoei Scare (rmJI'ftn/yc theocn.* 

Bee Oarthe, below. 

* Chaucer. Prologue to Cant Talot. 35a. t«tla m of the Frukelsyn. that 

' Ful many a fat patri«b had ha in mew«k 
And many » bran and ninny * luc« In fltewe.' 
KecVham, De Naturia Rerum, RuUs Seriea. e«l. Wrif^bt. 'Wy«. p. T4S. * i/rrnna mro iaMli 
dfy^imint m»ii1ia»,(id looa orwMa fuffU aquamm Uiu]>itlitatcrn ^atu a lenjo/mbtt p«rfwH&aiu, 
tiot/ue delaaa lyntnni Mpr, ad alim puro ix tramfert* 

* In th« Ancren Riwle. p. 334, wu arv tubl that ' He ^at napptrft upon hcUe (Wrnffv h« 
(ople9 oftc al in er he le«t wene.' Comjukre P. ' Berdu, or br^'ukti of a reetMiUe. Ufaryo* 
Cotgrave baa 'AG^ a wing; alao the brimme or brercw>M»ir of a hnt' CWtr fd*** 
Brtufard as ttill in uao in toe aame sense. ' Tiie comya croftpiii aiul the h«ria new hrvrfi.' 
Gawin Duuttlaa, Prol. .^neid xi, I. 77. ' Brrird. The stnTu^. ihe uppvTDioet part, tho 
iop of anything, m of liquids.' Jauiieaon. In Ckaucer'a deecription of the Paidonar, 
Cant. Taltn, Pr.doi.nie, 687. we are told tbat — 

* Hia wnlet Uy h\'forn bim in hi« laitpei, Bret-ful of pardonn come from Borne al hoot ;* 
And in the Knigbt'a Tale, 1305. ' Kniutreus. the kyng of Yode,' ia doeoribed aa having 
* A mnntiik't upon hii« sohuldrv haof^D:;e. 
Brcnt-Jul of rubiM rwde. m fir ajiorluynj^e.' 
80 also HoQi of Fame, 1032, * lirft/ui of Inacyn^a,' ami In P. Plnwman. C, Pajsui T, 4), 
we read. ' Hure bafigo and hure Iwly wore IrrJj'ul y cnoutuyd.' t'ornpAro Sued. bratit(fiU, 
brimfuU. Sc-e aW Omjobim. i^fi^, Seven Sogva, «*!. Wricbt, p. .13. 1. Q^^ and 
Wrighl'n Politioal Poema, k. 69. A. 8. brtnlt brim, top. ' Crniido,ur^ vd ofer* 'Wrlgbl'a 
VaLofVocb..p,54. ^ 



A Brere^ (Breyr A.) ; carduus^ tn- 

fiL Breroerulce * ) /akattnaih 

*& BreM*; attlabua, biveua veZ 

a Breerto ; peetna, Cora», peetuseU' 

turn ; pKiortiHtk 
B Broete plate ; torax^ 
*a Bretooyiitftf ' ; projtvgnacuJauu 
a Broth ; vbi ande. 
to Brethe ; tu«#;/irore, spirare, spi- 

ritnmtnhtre,^ cetera; vbitoAiide. 
A Brethynge ; 8f'iraeulutn,»pira7na\. 
to BreWe ; jxindiixor. 
Brewer ; pandoxator -trir, braaia- 

tor 'trix. 

+a Brewhowee ; panititxfi^rium. 
•ft Bribur ; <;ircuin/ora)ms, ItuCro, 

a Bridiuif * ; nu])cif.. 
a Bride ; apormti^ ttpmunifi vir «tUB. 
a Brldyllf ; lorum, aurta, aansaj, 

iiurias, J'rrnum, ora^ baiv^um, 

lupuium C6t jrtnum AcuiUn- 

lo BrydeUd ; Jrmar^^ infrmare. 
fyriih owtynBrldyll/; fffi-enh, rffr^- 

nMB, jnf renin, Jn/ren\in. 
ta BridyUtf reno ; A«i6mwi, habenulat 

a Bryge ' ; ;»»«. ptmticulM ; ponti- 

eus ^wrdcipium. 

Now [u tb« eroppe, now doun in tha 

' • Canfuiw. A brytnTiyl,' McJuQa. A. 8. Irif. 
hrrra.* ChAUcer, Knig^ht's TmJo, 674. 

* Tho /ttl^ittrutn <vM • sicldfi at thn end of k long pole uied fbr oiiUing brufthwood. 
^fioldien •rmcd wiUi wcftpoui resembtiDg it (nee Cbaucer, Legrnde of Good WonMto, 

L 68, 'He rent the wyte with hok«$ Ktct a tiiAt') wera culled in Old FiwDch 
(Boqnefart). Tuaer, in nl« list of tools, Aco. noeeanmy for • fumer, raeotiona n 
* Brush rithe,* which b the umo ioBtrument. 

* ' A Briue or G«dbcc. Tah'm, tauit, mwicht otur hftiif»' Sherwood. CotgntTe giree 
' TaJum. nu A brizze, Briniseo, Gadbee, Dunflie, Oxuflie. Tahtm marin. The aea brizse; 
» kind of wiinn fiitintl nboot ftome fuhcs. TVifdn de mtr. The win ISrizxe : rescinbles « hig 
Clie*lQp, And hath nxtetuie feet, each whereof is nmcrl with m book, or crouLed nnile: 

"^ lie rermin ]otl^nf; hinuelfe uad«!r the fiunei of the Dolpbin. and Tuony &c. ftfflicti them 
much u tho Innd Brizze doth an oxe. Beur, A oow to ruone up and downe holdiag 
ber tJUle when the brUxc doth sting her. Hr^. AUer A Hatiui BesH. To trot, gui, 
le, or wander up and downe, like une that hnth a briue iu hb tnlle. OeHre lupontgite. 
gmd-bee, horee-me. dunfly. brinuey, hniwe.' H&lliwell (who luw the word miBsjtelt 
ft) g^vet n qnotation ham Elyot. Coopor has ' Bmchu*. A gnwee wonoc or loutute 
hurtcrth oorao, Speeiet Mt loruai*M parvum nota.' AtUus, which if gireo in the 
Prootpl. ae the Latin oquivaleiit. ix rendered by Coopnr, * A greate flio Utynge heast^s; 
»n horwe-flie or breeae.* In the Beply of Friar Daw Topiae (Wrights I'uhti'ad Toenia, ii. 
$i) we read— 

* Whtka the fintt angel blew. Alle thd weren llch bonea 

Tber waa a pit opcml. Araied into habule, 

Tb«r raae unothoryng nnok»» Tlhei ninngen ae aourpioim, 

And breu tlierinne. And hadden mantds &oe 

Tuthed af a Huua.' 
**Brwiu. A ihort wonn or a brese 2/Ot$uta. A breM, or asukkyl.* Mednlln. 

' ' ItffUtqae. A port, or portAll of defence, in the rmmplre. or widl of a tvwno.* Cotormve. 

It proitta-ly meftua wooden towent or caAtlea u appears from Duoange, a. T. Jtretaehia. 

' And pe brytatqct on [« tour an be^c 

DoUuly a-dnnn wer naflte,* Hir Fenunbnu, e<l. HerTtage. 3315. 

• OriffinaUy » hriilftUc or wedding fewt. An aU ht iluiply a fraat of any kind ; thu< 

we ftnd iMt-alee, aoot-alee, cburcb-aleB, &o. See Brand's Popular Autiquitioa, ed. Hoxlitt, 

* *|^i droa it t>Qn and mnd n brig 
Ooar ft Ulei bum to Ug, — 

A.& e>ryy. • .Pom. A hrygg*.' MeduUa. 

p* bom of Syl<w. and said, 
Qnen JmI >)8 hH'j )nuMiaer laid,* &c. 
Cursor Mundi, od. Morrie, p. 514, 1. 8945. 



+ft Brygff of a hobo ; jtUerfinium. 

Bryght ; vln clere. 

•flo Brymo ' ; mbar^, 

Eryne; $cU^tgo; aul$^tginos\x^ jwrd- 

to Bryngi? jn or to ; adarftert*, affatr^, 
jnferre, aunuiieiarti, ailduccre ad 
rem /ur;»cm, apjMrtar^, «u-, def- 
/erre, jnmittere, </««rc, con-, j>j-, 
jniroduceT0, r*-, perduex^re ad 
ntuilta. addueere ad Aonorem, i7- 
luminaiv, jtujertre, irrotjare, i'ti- 
<itfrt^ redii/ere, «ri6ere, «uM«- 
cer0 n<iue« a(2 ^errom, dedueere a 

to BrynfffVirth ; jrrodtieere, proferrt. 

•Bry»ill'^ ; fmoHi^, ./^'''J, fractUi- 

•to Brysa ' ; gaatert, qtutssare. 

Bryaed ; TtuaMata?, ftiffjuniiA 

to Bri8t« ; cr<yior<% ereperey erryniartf 

+tn BryMt wp ; ervmperf^ irrumfictt, 
i\o BryHtyllf ; tviUUare. 
*u Brocho ; veru. 
a Brocho for gam * (geme A.) ; yu- 

to Broche ; verudaro. 
ftu Brod ^ ; atimidaret iti^rt^ insti- 

a Brod ' ; arcJius (Aetu A.), acu/<uB, 

a/H)ria, nhmtUtit, Mt^a. 
•a Brokk ' ; caitar, hewr, fcber, 

lota, taxwt; taxinuf, cagtQMOa^ 
tBrokyU**; vhi br>>i!l*f. 
Brokyn ; rttptn^, al-,frartii9, 
tBrokyn mete ; fra<jmcutttm,Jrt 


• Still in onramon im. A mw n raid to 'go to britnioe,* whc^ tih»» {<> '^nt u* th« b«ar. 
8ee Rny'i Glu(R>Kr)r. Cooper {^ves * fr'u^. Tu ({ruiite ui the tow'j t" luue 
the bonre to doo their kymle, Huhaiio. The appetite or fitoeryo^ wvue.' 
*8ubo. To brymnij-n na » boore.* Medulla. *A brymm>-ng «a a ...^ .-. ^ ^..r... uoCu. ai 
flHijfr.' PaLBgrsve. 

' Su« iiot« to Brolcyns. 

' Jatnieaon givee 'To bir«e, birre, brine. To bniiee: to pu»h or <lrivo: to pnm, to 
•quc^M.* 'Srvfr. To btiPit, hr«»k, bray in piecei ; »Im> to pl'iclc?, rend, or tMre ol^ or 
tip ; aJjto to crush or bniiio Qxtroftmly.* Cotgravo. Tho MS. bu qvMnan. 

• ' PvsuM. A BpiodelL' Conper. •/frocA^. A wooden pin on which th« yam h wound.* 
JjuniesnD. 'Fasrelitts. A lytyl Rpyndyl' MedulU. Sou note to Fire yrenc Muw. 

' liir womanly ^landis nowthir rok ni tre. Qutiilk in the cnifl of lialtli mahyng 

No spyndil v»dp(, uor broe^iit of Minervo, doii tt-na.* 

Bee alio ibuL, p. )95, Bk. Ix. 1. 40. Oitvrin [>nu^la<^ Ennidiu, vit. 1. 1S7I, 

• ' Bnx], to prick or poke.* Peacock'* OloBiary of Maiily aud Ci»iyni(liani {E. D. &«:.). 
Gompare o\xt pmd. Florin, p. 63, ed. 161 1, moiitionfi u kind nf uail ko cjtHaal, turw known 
Ai broftB. Bee also Janiiefxin, «. t, Icel. Orottdr, a irike ; cf. Swed. hrvdii, a frvBt-iiail. 

• ' /Jrri(/. A goad U)wd to drive oien forward.' Jamtwn. 

^ In P. Plowman* II. vi, 31. Fters oomphuuf df the 'Sorei and brvfltn )>at b^^ke(b 
adowu mynoe hcp{e»' The nmaw aMina to bara been also applied to a bearer, a* in i2ia 
Mvinlla we find it rendered t^ Cartnr. Barot gives * Broche. a gnUt. a baiuon. or badgKri 
mflU,' and Huloet ' Brocfau or badger, or grmye bca»t, taxo.' In tho R^liq. Aiitiq. L 7« 
taxv m trnnaUited broH-t, In the Mnrte Aithure, Cfl. Itrock, 1. tOQf, we tind the cx- 
preMion JtroytrtMtde, haiiog a broait v»ricKnt«d, iijoitod, im* atruikcd with bUuk anil 
whit* like a badj;cr. Cotnpnre Dro'kfaetd \n Brockutc. • Tfrxn '> ~ " . \ biuljper ; a 
broohe.' Cooper. Icel. htfikkr, a hnd^ftr; Wi-?Uh hifch. ttryrh. brin i d. 

• In the JuigUsL Mutrical HvUkili«ja. od. Small, on p lio, I. *;. " ' , _ , t- i :. I it, 
we have the word hrokrl, and {ti each caAo thu Cariibridtt) MS. r«»dii brytrii. u 
Kiwlft, p. 164, «yi. ' N* trrue^tU uctles, |>ot U WMwnvir.r vN'H'.-h*. Of Y^-:tc '- » 
Wo ajHtnLle RciS : ** Hahetnuii thrsnunini in UxXb 1 ■■\ 
brUfkeiHrr ]»cue beo eni git*.' &o. Harriwiu, in }i 1 

Society, m\. FurnivaU^, i. 340-1. 8\yR that 'of ali <•;<,■ ;,-im« nt^ in i i-.-ivm!. ;iu: imtti i>k» 
ia tljy wtfle-it. and far uioro Bpall and tn-t'-Ktr than Uw htdgi* nki%' tlyot. «. r. Ali»c, gtT4 
•ft.,iJ,. t.riil.. ' ,.i,.l Kiiloet bfu ' ffioivtl. nibbinh. In the Manip. V.Kinb. we Hod 
*I U form Btiil «ur\iv« in the north. T^* M.^uIU ttivtm ' FtvC' 

ii<: . _ . . Frcel. or biekyL' See Jainic«>o, a v. B'^'^^yU lirickU. 



tBro^yn lendM* (Broken lendyde 
A.) ; iumh\frartMs ; lumbifra- 
ffium estfratcio lutnhorum, 

Broatyn'; htmionas. 

A Brostynes ; /ttmitt. 

a Broth; brodiutn^rnuna esi jfifcittm. 

t» Brotho8t<T ' (Broudster A.); 
anaglafanM^, iiruvj^afaria, 

a Browe ; ct7t«m, #t/;>en)t7iMin, jn- 
tiivciltum M( ffiaciumjnter cilia. 

*Browes * ; Adij/atum ; AUijHit\x» 

Browyn;/««c"Us, rf'ft'tem ; vln'lilake. 
•» SrochQ t Jirmaculmn, mnniU, jh- 
arium, f/nnkT, gjnntwcuium ; 
t«rjiii8 ; — 

%^ Pwtorit est itpinteT projirte, 
jtanter que moniU, 
OrnatuB colli Bit UrnpuSj & 

avrit inaurisy 
Toripus coiTTUfl /labef, Au7n«ro8 

armiUa^ monile 
CoUa, peric/iilidea braehiOf 
ffemma manuB, 

Anulxa in di^ito ajtlendet, «ed 
inaurix in aur6 '. 

A Brodor ; fratv^r kt eodam ^mtffl «ed 
ftr dinortris mntrt/jiia ; /ro/ci^us, 
j/cr^/MX-nua &r ^aJem mat re, vUri- 
MUB, coDf^nuB fx vno vtero. 

B Brod>?r in Uw (Brodtfr elawe A) ; 

a Broder son ; /ralrttuK. 

fa Brodifrdoghtcr ; fratrta. 

tto folow BrodtfT in manrru ; ^m- 

fa Brodtfrelaer; fratricida, 

ta Brodir hede ; fratvmiCas. 

■fa Brod*rwyfe; fratrijua^ ylo8,/rth 

to Brue * ; j}fX7iiIo.Tari. 
a Bruer; jxtndoxator^ pandoxaix'xx, 
ta Bruhows ; /;tin</uxat</rium. 
to Brule ' ; aimire. 
Brume ' ; ffunesla^ meriea, trama^ 

to Brunne ; ardsre, enmare, tido- 

lerc, ar(/«*cer«, iffnire. 

' ' Itunbrt/raciui. Brokju in the [l]cn(iy«.' Medulla. See lioude. For /niccio tba 
MS. hu tfHtcio. 

* ' JJrrnitHiu. He tliat In bunta or hnth hi* bonrslb &I1ea (o hi* coddo. Hernia. Tha 
dhauc oall«d biintiiit;.' Lyte, in )iU edition of Dodnea*. 1578, t«llB us. p. 87, tluU ' Um 
Deoodfon of tho leaues and roote [of t)i« Common MoaM earej dronkoa, doth core and 
heala all woun<les both inward and outward, and aliM Hemie*, Uufiiura, or huritinffM ;* 
afid agnin, p. 707, thai ' tUt' Wrke [uf Pumegraoatnl ui f^ood to be put into tbe plnrttefl 
that arr tnadea^iovt burttinfftt, that come b^rthe falling downe nf dio gutt«4.' * fftvnxa. 
B»ln;ng of the bowayllee, Hrrniotru. Brovtyn.* Medulla. Coticmve in'-ntiont a ptanl 
*MoiUotiwr, Baptora-irurt, Bunt-wort.* *IItmia, broke balloohyd.' Wiigbt'a VoL of 
Vorab.. p, 177. 

' JaniicMD giToi ' Brouditer, an embroiderer; Browdyn, embroidered.' See alw 

* [Unit haa ' Brewii. bruisse, or eoppen ; onuZtr adipata ; wnpe.' See Kicbard Cceur 
do Lion. L 3077, and Uavelnk. ed. Sk«at, 934. Srujf4 occurs in the Liber Cure Cocorum, 
ed. Morrii, p. 19. See also Juuieaon, b. v. Brote. 

* The fbllowing fixnlnnations of the various ornament* bers mentioned an* fmm Cooper: 
* S/^ntrr. A Ucke ; a boucfclc ; a claepe. MoniU. A c<jlar or lewvll that woiui-n raed to wean 
atwut lb«ir ovcket ; an nuclie Torque*. A oolar, or chayne, be it of goldo or alluer, to wi<«rtt 
abuuC <>tu»'» necke. InntrU. A ryn«e or other lyke tbiuge hangyu^f in Che eare. ArtnUlm, 
A bnicciletts, ArmJiu. A num.' Tbe MeduUa renden them ad foUowi : * Spinter. A pyn 
or a brocbo. Torrjuft. A gylt «itcri?. InaurU, t?e Aryng in the ore. PerithtH* . oraa- 
menlttm mul!rn« ri'irii brackia tt evum.' 

'Siuilk N^ ("iii hfue now ha J>ui dronken,* CurBur Mundi, ed. Morr^, p. 170, 1. 2848. 

al*f.> to Brewe. above. 
M C^ucer, in du-cribing the Cook, naya 'He cowde roete, and lethe, and hroitU, and 
Km.' IViUyne. C. T. 3S3. O. Fr. (.rKiV^cr. 

* Lyie. lk>dovni. p. 666. tell^ ub thnt the juice of the broom 'taken in quantitieofa 
pi„t ,.- i;*i, -1 , .. v.. I furtjiij* in gtKid against llio Sqirwns'ie [qiiiitaey] a kind of twelltng' 
V Itie ihrote, putting the Hickc tmly in dsii^'-T of choking ; alao it ia 
i* -'. ' ixv Wjclif, Jtreiuiah xvii. 6, A. S. bi-i>M. 




ft Bruristcme * *, 8vf/ur ; sul/tivBViB. 
tft BniBfeet''; jfectn^cufum, 
ft BruBoh for paynt<rrya ; celepa. 
a Bru8tyll£; sWa^ jieiula (^imluotiu- 

B KXte V. 
A Buoher; oamifsx, ^ eet«r»i vbi 

a fleschour (fleKhener A). 
+BBuchery"; carnijicium. 
ft Budere ; antUf, ciepixiv, effida, 

e^i»,^rtt¥i, peiiOy vrnfrw, <t cetera; 

vbt a boclere, 
ta Buclor plaer ' ; ghiiiafor. 
fa Buoler playnge ; gktiiiiUitra. 

a Bultat ' ; AtafHt, Aporia, eolaphia»,\ 

ictm, ir>ci4>, jmrcMsio. 
to Buffet; Ahtj/tu'^ J^;A«ar>, co- 

a BuffetUr ; j^ /a;m«, versus ; — 
Y * Qui dat 1/ui rf<eiji\t ato/fiat 
(Uapuii vocitatur.* 

a Buke i liber, & cetera ; oU * 

•a Bugylle (Bogyll* A.)*; fru^oftia, 

tBugiUe ^ ; 6ii^£i»8a, Ungm howM^ 

herba ost. 
a Buk ; danuii damula. 

' In the Prioke of Conscience we au-e told thut at the dflrtruction ai SihIuiu uid 
Ootoomh * It rayncd firu (ru faevea mad Orun$taM.' I. 4853. Aud in \ho Ctintur MumU 
aocouaU ed. Mfrritf, p. 170, 1. 3S41 — 

' Our Ltucrd nuuJ o ^m o-tiAn Dun o lift, fire and brinstan^' 

Cf. led. brtoni'iitfi}*, nulphur, from brrHna, to burn, and $tt{an, a iitone. 

' ' Jtfichrt. Thy Liinkist, or bnui-pe^cv.' Cuigiuve. ' UrUkot, Uw brenat.' Jamfcvm. 

* A Blaughtor-liouso, ihamblea. In Uie Pyl^yuuigv orthe Lyf of the Manbodfi, ed. AJt: 
Wright p. 1 39, Wralh laTs, ' neuere nuutyf nc bicche iu bxrrhfryf po ^Indlirlm wiilde 
TAW fieflh and 1 ete ik* * Moctltmn. A bochery. JUtuxria. A t*i>vh>:^rv otr[nr] tflEMfafllJ 
HeduU&. ' JioHcJterit. A butcher's khAiubU.Bt»llurakup.* GoL^'ravo. AnMingut tlw ul 
of the Larder in thu Buiki«hold Ordinances of Ed. II- are lucnti^nod 'two vaUtita da 
nteattVr, [MirLem (mv the lu-ilere, whu nhai rcoeTs the Qosb in the bulihcrtf of tlic Kcliatuur, 
&c.' Chauctir Boc. od Fiiruivall, p. 34. * Booheije or bt>cli«T« idiAuiblea, wfatire fleabe ia 
•otde. Carnarium, Jtiacdlum.' Huloet ' Rochcrj, botifJteriei.' i'al*gf^To. 

* ' Oludtator. One plftiyngo witli a KWuoitdu. OUnliatureM. Swugrdo playen in 
•et together in mAtchm cu fight before the people in common gaines tbmiby to ncci 
thein not to be nfrayde of luU^n^o in watrc. Cooper, * Olaaiatura. A. bokeler pl< 
Medulla. Fencing with the buckler, or buckler-play, is alluded to in the Liber Cuitai*' 
luaruoi, ed. Riley, pp. 383-3, For an aocuunt of Lhis play, itee Gentltdaaa'a Maganiw, 
Deoeoiber, 1858, p. 560, ai;^ Brand's Pop. Antiq. ed. HaxUtt, iL 299. 

' Opon the mora after, if I luib sajr, 
A uery man, sir Robard out of Morlaj, 
A hidf «b in thu Swin soght ho tlio n-ar; 
Thare lered men the Nommndea at bukltr to piay* 
Song on King E^lward'e War*, printed tu Wrigbt'e Political Poetnt, !. 
' Onnpare NofcherynKo, bvluw, and P. BobdU 

* ' Bewgle, or bugle, a buli, Uanu.' Grove. "The btt^ill dmn-er by hie homla greaL^ 
Hie Klnge'i Quhoir. cd. CLalni«n, p. 87. * Buffv, buglo or wyldc oce. Imhali*,' HuloeV 
* A bugle, butaltui.' Manip. Vooab. In Dunbar, The lliiHil and the Uoi«, we read 

* And lat no bowyU with hiH buMeouk burxda The nieik pluck-ox oppreaR,' 8l. xr\. L 5. 
' Bugle* ur bufiea. Vrit? Withrda. O.Yt. Ituglt-, IaX.. hacnlu*. See kIno .lamimdu, a. v. 
Bowgle. Aiulrew Boorde, in his aooount of Bobemin, sayi 'In th« woda bu luauy wyld« 
beaitei : amongea al other bcaates th^rc be bugle*, that be aa bigge m an axe : and 

{■ a beait oalled^a Ik)uy, l>ke a JtugU, whyoho ii a vongeable buaat.* Introdnotioo 
' ' livall, pp. 166, 167. Id bis note on thia paMaffe Mr. Pumirall que 

apft»<af^ frumTopeMillV llistory or Fimr footed Boasta: 'Of the Vulgar DugiL A Bui 

Knowledge, ed. Fumi 

!■ called in Latins, Hab'ilut, and liuj^alut; in French, Be\tfi« ; in ypwinib. Bufano; u 
Otmaa, JSufftl^ ke. Seu Mauixlevillu. p. 959, and Hittinahed, Uist. SooUand, p. 17. 
* Of thia plant Kccklmm {Vm Naturin Kerum'i oByc. p. 477— 

* lAHjfvu hitvii iiurtjiU ttinln-am rubtufiKiue hif/ftUnqUtf 

£t rr i- •>. <!ntt\i<r hcHltt duttlT. 

Vint ■■■ tiin tmiiita diffeH, 

Bee Oxetonse, Ih>1ow. 



a Buk«t ; ntvZa, eiM/rum, haurito- 

A BukyUu ; 6uMniZa, ^duieula, 

a BukyUe zn&ker ; ptrnmUaa^ pluiett- 

fiitor, -tnx. 
tto Bokylla; piwculo/ pliucuktM, 

"A B\il»«'; jtfptt/um. 

*ft Bulas tre : /wy/w/ua. 

to Bule ; (/(tiim, i£r ctitera ; vbi to 

« Bulyngf; bttHor^ huJiic, 
tnBulhede^; fndbas,oapito,}naei»«ek. 

a BuUe; teurus; taHr»nup;ArHcipiuin. 
a Bulle (BwUe A.) of lode ; buUa. 
tu BuJiU (Bwyllo A.) of a doro'; 

to Bulto ; poientridutai^ 
i» Bultyng^ oloth (Bult clothe A.)*; 

j'oi^utriduum ; poleninduaHs. 
a Bune; prec^iria, poglulaoio, A 

cetera ; obi a aakjiige. 
A Buutynge ; praUUau 
•a Burbylle in y* Wat<?r* ; bulla, 
ta Burde dermande (dormande A.)'; 



^ ' HuiUiee, % wmtiW hlitclc uiil tartish plinn* H&Uiwall. They are niention«H In 
Titner'i Five Hunilml Puiats, chnp. 34. 4. Bullooo plums are in Canilirittj^-flhire called 
cne:kfie*. ' litdtictt uiil blAckc-Wriea hit on breres grovren.' William of Paleme, ed. Skeftt, 
1809. fUw alf..* KnniAant of the lUnw*. 1377- Iriib hutot^ » pnjue ; Breton jHtfrn, a bul- 
licn; <~ ■ ' /,flr, n sloe ' BtUocier. A boUace-troe or wilde plum-treo,' Cotgrave. 
* A bull /*n*Hf'iliim' Manip. VoohI>. 

' 'iJn'oou't, t.K B(t)i, KlilU'r'n UiiimW Cotgrnre giv^t ' Aanei, m. ma asie; aUo a little 
with A great hc&fl. called a Bull-bead, or MiUer'n thumbo.* According to Cooper 

pito U a *oodd«fishtf.' The tcnu ii tiiQ io common aw iti the North for a tud-poU, in 
which ianw it also ocean in Cotg^rare : ' CavtMt., A Pole-head, or Bull head ; the IttUs 
varttinc. whereof toodfl and frogs do come.' See al«o tftui^ 1. v. T«*tarxi. * Hie rnuituB, 
jj**. a bulhyd.* Wrijfhfi Vol. of Vucab., p. Jp.^. 

* A.p|inretitly this means either lli» handlt or a »tvd of h door. In Mr. Nodal*a Olowary 
of Lanowbire, E. Dialect Society, ii giv«t ' Bule. The handle of a pot, pan. or oUhs 
ut^tiiil. At U-LDL'aater tbe flat wooden handle of an oeler market- basket.' Halliwell also 
hae •SoU*. The nruunautal knoba on a bedstead. See Howell, sect. I3.* A.S. MIo. 
Sec note to Burdtin of a Bake, below. The Medidla explains * Grappa' bj */orfimfn,' but 
grapa in the prvaonl itiBtance appears to bu a iuRd»*ap word, sug^^ted hy the kuob-UIce 
or g7»p«-like form of th*- thing meant. 

» In lb-.' Treatise ofWaltrr dc Biblcsworth (i^th century'), Wright's Volume ofYooaba- 
laries, u. 155. it loentioned *a buUafjt* or hnUhift-cXot, the ^loasaxy oontinning — 

•per itoifuijrr {l/uUi)Hffoe) eat oever^ La flur e le ftirfre (of brcn) demor*.* 

Aud in KeuneLt's Autiijuities of Ambrosdan, a ' Ktiiter-fhth.* The medbeval Latin name 
for the Intptement wsa ' toratnntara* (see ^^fric'i A.S. GloMaiy), from the peculiar 
noise made by it when at work ; a word borrowed from Bnnius, as signifying the sound 
of a Inimpet, tn Hriscian, bk. vHi. A portable Itoaftrr was called a 'tiffany. /iulttHnt 
ocean in the Liber CustutuATum. p. 106. ' BuUiwj Chth, a cluth used lur idfling uienl in 
n>iUs. In 1534. the Guild of the Bleswd Vir^n Hiu-y uf Boston poeaeaied *a buityn'j* 
pi)*.- Fi'iVLTC^i with a ycanle of canvesn.* and also 'ij buHyngt dolhea." Peacock, Englitib 
Church Ktimitiire, p. 1S9, quotc«l in Psaoock's Glossary of Manl^^ &c., E. D. Soc. In the 
Untoa Inveotoriee, p. 29, noeun, ' in the BouUtjnge house, one dough trough. Ij bolting 
wiUtkn * (hutcbae), i.e. vessels into which mcsJ is nftod. * BottinQi, the coarse men] 
aeparated from the fl<iar/ Peacock's Glossary. See abm PASton Lottera. iii. .^19. The 
ward came to be used mctaplturically aa in the phrase ' to boult out the truth,' 1. e. to sift 
tita matt«r thoroughly and aaoertaln the truth. Ttius in Tusser, Five Hundred Points of 
Oood Httsbandrie {E. Dial. Soc., ed. Henlage, p- 151^ — 

'If tnidi were Cruely boltud oot, As touching thrift. I stand fn doubt 

If mou were bust to wiue.' 
'Boallyngclotbe orbulter, Mrtofw. Boultyngtublw. AusrAe a 6/ufrr.' Patsgtmve. 'PlHorea 
hal>r[ii wirvna cjut politniduaut ftwinam groesam oum pojentrudio dttltcato . . . Potitnidlant, 
iA «»t btUdmi. et dicitur a imllfitn quod est fiunna et tnido. PuUitrudium Gallice dicitur 
W£^ {hnUtt).' Di- tiuiiarian r>f John do GwUnde, in Wright'* Vol, of Vocab., p. 1*7. 

* *itu/fA. A burbyL OcatM. To brokyn vp, or burbclyu.* Medulla, doe alio Betle 
to tha Wat«r. 

* In Chaacec's Prulogue to tfae Canterbury Tales, we are ttJd of the Frankelyn tliat 

::_ c -nil. -.ciji: 

~^:zi. sc ^jfr^zj 

^:.' j» u 

.- f» — ..'rC jv.-r V^t 7« 

i. -.1- T i" :j/r rcin. 

•.ran* ■ k j'.-r-iVffflT.i af 
>•£:: i: 7^ lis ir.»M." 

r - T-. -. :-.i : r..: !*:.=;.'# Kjx. 
_ ■ ■:. -4 -:r .' T_-T»"- Hirri*:*!, 
-■• : - -^ r: .- ii: *dJc :' a •-.>jC. a 
- -: 1 Nt-.:!! ".-'.*■"" i'-.vri; c-f the 

T r. : -^- z. .c i-.rjTTi/ >I*i^ Iv 
_'r^ .T-;- r ii-i. jj. -^ :*.'J.^' cI-.--a. for- 
;.■ : -:. . '».- ■■ -. ::: Frir.-.v u ^k'vuii. 

2: 1 _ -T :, >- zitr* Til* Ac, v«rs 

T, T I r;L-r< *!*•■ *i-;=i ic h.»Te |tne- 

,--.... ---..:: *::. ii.;. H?:jv III 

:.,,^-'.- - * •:■ j:.^ .; : kIt '.wtf-* or 
ii:. ■:• -: '.- : : ."tj'.. ir. ""^si Lsiie inan 

:„ A •.'J.-'s.-i *:.■ ^-. jrse c^vtih, of » 
■*.."•--. r^-';. . ■ r .\'..y k.Li vt s-.-tf,- thnta 
:»- .. j^. .^ .i s :^.-;<-.i. «> tune cloche.* 

■ -• ' ■/:.••- I'l-i/ I't, /ri ' }',h.::i. ' h .m. '.r ,-i. ■_.'.. t' M.i-.ij-. V\xa'j. Frisian torre^ 
1.,'t' J,.- ,-, /,-,/,. ' Jyi^fi^i. A L-rre. Zij-;-:-.-*. A L-^irrv j'Lfcc*.' MeiiulLw See 



la Bur tre^; $ambuc\ia, $atnbuee- 

tuxu vhi crencunt. 
a Buflchfllf! ; fHttulue, U^idorum <«t, 

bacus, modiiiif baiiUua, modio- 

/us, tessera. 
ft BuB« for a noxe * ; hacetuta. 
fa BuBserd * ; arpja^ picun, 
•a Buaks • ; arbiistum, dumas, fnt' 

tejp,/ru tectum, j'nUiceium J rubus, 

*a Buyste* (Bust A.); ahhoMtnua, 

alaboMtratum, j'ijci$j hMtiartum 

/*ro ho»tiJ9. 
*Bustu< ; rudx8, rigidxxs. 
to Iiv BustMf ; rttdtre. 
a Bute (Buyt A.) of ledir or wan- 

dt>*; ctepidoy er^pidulOt (/tminu- 

tlaavi, ocria. 
'Bute (Buyt A.); Auctorium, ctug- 

rwii/uiii Ab in oOBynge. 
•to Bute (Buytt A.) ; Au^^men- 

to Bute (Buyyt A.); ocr«are, ocrtfiV 

a Butew© ' ; ocreola. 
a Buthe ; emptfiriuva, ca</«rcuiii, 

tentorium , meritoruim, opelia, 

Btiytinse vhi Buytt (A.), 
a Butler' ; aeatic\i», indecMnaihile, 

actUanus, pincema,pnim\iB, pro- 


' 'Bur-tree, or Bort-lrtr, tbe el<ii.'r tree. From tKe grent pith In tlie youngtw bniiicliai 
vhicb chiUren c<iinnt»iily bore out Uf iiiAke pot-guiiB {fir) ol tliun.' KAy's Glosury of 
J;,,r*v> (-....fry Witftlrt. lu Lancftiliire eWerbtrry wine iji cmllcd Bwtrtt-Joan : fee 
^* -:<rv cif Ldnnn«liire, E. I>. Sod., and Jimie«on, «.v. IlnurtrL<e. *Satnbuea, 

Su tlifyr.' M>.tlu)l.-u Lyte. Dodoctu, heads h)i ubnptor x.Uiij, p. 377, 'OfBliler 

or BtrorU^.' ' Saothutttn. Jlurtre or hydol tre.* Ortu* Vue*b. 

' ' Boom, an vx ut cow-stall. Ab. A.S. bonA, pneeepe, a ■tall.* lUy'a 01oM.,e(1.8knL 
' A Ukhw, Ktall, hntilt/ Maiiip. Vooab. See aUo Booo, mud Cribhe, in P. ; luid NtxUr* 
GloMary of IjuiowUin, E. I». Soc.. ■. t. Booie. • floe ft(Mr<r, a Iwie.' Wrijibt't* Vol, of 
Vocab., p. 33.f. * hu^e, Buue, BotMe. A oowa stall. To Biue. To trncloM cattle in a 
■UU' Jaini«*oD. ' Bvia. A booo.' Medulla. 

' ' Picut. A hyrde makyng an hole in treeN to breetle tn : of it be three eortea, the firat 
a Speolit, the soconJe hh mcwaw, tbv ihjnlti which Aristotle maketh as bigge at aa 
benne it not with iia. PHiiie uldecii the fourih, wli)cb« may be onr witWTUl.' Coiner. 

* ' Bittke,itiimttvn.' Maaip.Vocab. £t«rN4 - woodland, occurs m Liber Cuatuniaruin* 
pp.44. 670. ' Abod t*nder a 6it«ft.* Will, of Pideme. ed. Skoat, 1. 3069. 

* In Eniilifth Motncal Hoinllice. p. 148, the devil Li deeeribed ae pauing a certain 
hermit** ccU, and we are told that 

' lioyttt* on liimBc)« he bare. And ampoKes ale Icche ware.' 

8m abo P. Pluwumii. A. xii. 68, und the History of thu Holy Gmil, bd. Furuivall, xr. 463, 
479, XTii. 151. t37,&a. 'Buist, BuHtti, Bout. A box ur chest. Men! btiiat, cheitt for con- 
Uinini,' meal.' Jainleenn. * JtfHtt*, A box, pU. little caaket.* Cotgrave. "■ A Booiite, boxe, 
pirU.' Maiiip, Vocab. 

* I know of no in«tance of boots made of twigs (iraiif/u\ which appears to be the meen* 
in^ \\T*:. beiui; 8jK>keii uC but the Medulla giv(« 'Carahm. A boot tnade ofwekoryi,' mkI 
reoden oerca by * a boot or a ookyr.' * Oerta. To botyn.' ' Crtpido. Cakteamenti geuua 
cujue taboUie ligneic sup]>«d»Ie«pluribiucUviicoo)puiijvbantur ; dtauatartitMrntHtdcboU 
{^AetA Sanelorum'i* D'Amia, 

* ' BatfiK, a kioil i.>f larjje boot, covering the whole leg, aod eometiinefl reaching above 
the knee. 8L-«\Vu.rdrobe AocoiinUiof Edward IV, p. 119; Howard Romiehntd Rooks, p. 139, 

* H^« liis ilutJen &c deeeribetl in the Boke of Curtasye, printod in the Babeca B<>ko, 
«d. Fumiratl, p. 190. and alio at p. 153. The Middle EngUah fonn wa* froMcr, hotUr, 
a« In Wyclif. Geiie«l» xU i, 2. Duouige gives the form bmUclariJU as occurring in the 
Iawv of Malciilui II of Scotland, 0. 6, ( 5. This word ii derived from the Norm. (V. 
but-ii}'-'- fiMiii L. Lut &<ifn. ur buffo, a butt, or birge vuasel of wine, of which the huticu- 
t*} < :ir, or buiifr) ol the t^orly French kinga bad charge. So tlie botittr of tha 
£" - tiKik priNftge of tli« wiu^a injpurted, one ctiuk fmrii bcfure tl^e iiuui, and one 
fr ' Huit in Ut^r Uniefl roennt a meiAUre of 1 j6 gallonn. but urigtnally it wiia 
fS ' >(^h d>Aitm or (t*». JfoittnlU ia a diutiriutivu from batUt ; and tbc ' buttrry* 




a Buttok : nnfiiiy natiea^ natUuIa, 

a Button' ; fibula, nodulQa, hutla, 

to Button; Jibuhre, eon/ibulare. 

e, Butry ; Aptttfteca, ceilarium.^ jtin- 
e^maculuTCL, promptuarium, pro-' 
pina,p^nu9f -i, p^.nus -nus, penas, 
-oris, penum, pfmu indecMuahiU* 

•ft Butte ; mf(a, 

ButtjT ; biifirum, 

Buttir marke. (A.) 

fa Buttyr floej pupiViO. 

a Buttyr " ; ftcalpi-uxa, $calprm, sca- 
hej\ scabr unx. 

aButtJr*; vii myrtdromylU j Aw 

*Buxnm ; cfrauiK, prapi&iwi, ,/lai* 

bUiK,)l/rxu9mb, jfactm4i, obiduJif^ 

■t-Buxumlj ; c/*m*uter, pacieAttr, 

/>ron*', ohidientvr. 
a Biixumiiea ; ci^menda, cohihenaa, 

coUibfmoifttJ^^biliUUt /wcienc 

+VU Buxun>; iHobUiim$, 

tmpiici«u9, Oftinag, pi-. 

Utlia^ ino2«wtftw. 

Ca/V/u/um Toreium O. 

O an/c A. 

ta Caban of cuke (coke A.) * ; ca- 

a Cablll«; ivtdsnSt <fr cetera; vli a 

ta Oade"; d4>m^s\tiea vei dontuH- 

«U8, vt 0}JM vel auia dorneatica, * 

* Compare Knoppo of ft BCho. 

* ThU appejuv to meikn a pruning- knifo. C^t^rrAve g^vM'^o^r.lo pnm* tfr oatafTdiv 
■iiperfliiouM brancbeH uFa tn'e.' ScalprHin, nccnnltng tu Coi>|ieT, u 'ft dinttytige knib; a 
kuifo to ciitt« vin«e,* and according to the Mediitln ' ft pentia knyf.' 

* ' Myrdrumnyl. ona lnd\trt.' OrluH. Tbo bittern in bUII Icuown ru a • Buttri^lmmp.' <*r 
ft * miro-dnim.' in the north of England. In ttm Nominale (Wnglifs Vol. of VwAb. 
p. 330) it is cuUmI * butturre,' other foriiiB uf wLich wt-rv bitter, bittor, and hUtonr. In iba 
Liber CuHtnmftrum we find. pp. 304-6, the fonn Imtor. and on p, 83. b<ttort iUtOr 
occun in Middleton'a Wurlia, v. 389, nml in Uio Babew Bimk. p. 37, amoDgst other MnU 
ftrft mentioned the * biuitard, brtoiere and ohoTeltTC,' a fiinn of tlie namt} which also occtira 
on p. 49, L 696. and p. 37, 1. 421, In the Buke of Kcmi>DKe, prinl^rd in tho haukt volnmat 
p. 162, an pvBa directions fur tlra carving of a'bjrtturre.* Five heron* and biton art 
BiK'ntionAd anioQgst the poultry ooosuinoil at ft feftst. temp. Riobard II, Antin. R«port, t 
p. 73. 'Berfittkes and hoturfj in batrrde dyncbea.' Morto Artlmre, od. itruck, iftp. 
■ TIcaron, Hj/lloitr, Shoueliur. bcinn v<'n^ and fat, bo liKhtUta- digusted than the crane, aim 
Jie bUloar touner then the Hear..n'' SirT. Eljot, <.'a«toU of HMltb, leaf 31. • Oalentitd, 
the fowU tfftmied a blltor. Jtufor, a bittor.' Coti;rave. The bittam U said to mak< lu 
pecntiar noito, which ia called bumbling, and fmin which it derives {ba looond nama, hf 
thni>ttifig tt« bill mtu tbo mnd and blowing. To this Chanoer rofen in the F^logno to 
the W^fof fiatho, ti6— 

' An ft bjtoure bumblith in the mvre, 
b'hc layde tiir mauthe unUt tlio wat«r doiin.* 
Sm aira Mlre-dsombylla. * Onorrotuttui, bjttnri!.* Wright'* Vol. of Vocah. p. 176, 
* ' CttM/*""". A tauemc or Tiotayl}*ng houw;-* Cooper. 

" 'CatUlamh. a pet lamb "reared by hand."' Peacock'H Olooi. of Manlejr Ao. *Car*si 
lamb or oolt &o,, ft «</« Unib. ft Umb or oolt brought tin by the h»nd.' Ray't Suuth 
Country OlMwry, E. D. 800,, ed. Skeat. In the Noinimde I'WnVht'a Vol. of Vocab., 
319) the woid danaria (probably for «mr7r(Vi = a six-yuar-'itd ihtrpl ia rxplainvd aa 


'AngUcc, acaiL* 'AcMdoInmb. Aif^uM iMmratieuM, Jotnt tdttetn*' 
UN, Me Mi«« Jaoknon** Sliruitaliire Gt'«Miy, 1879. 

Littleton. StiJl la 


cATttouco;; angmctv. 


CsiTa * ; acua^ paka, paUoia, foUi- 

hk C&ffo howi ; pafiare^ paliarium. 
A Oa^ : cal<j4Ui, volucn'eiuia. 
• Oako'; tort^i, Uirtula. (2(intnutiuufii. 
Odde ; frij^us. fritjiditat, U'petiitas^ 

gtltditn^i, aUj^r, ahjtria. 
tC&lde of ^ axes ^ ; jri'jnr. 
Caldo ; <diji'l*ut, /ritji<lii», tejiidus, 

ff^iilus, /riijirrt}Hi\}i, f/ahitlfts. 
to be Oalde, or make oallde ; Algere^ 

-f^cere, /n.'/er*t, re-, frujeafGrc, 

T*~, fri'jiihtn:, r<f-, in-, tepefacore. 
f& Caida plaae : /rigidarium. 
Caldrekyn * ; fngorosu*^ <fr cetora ; 

rhi calde (A,). 
a Colderon (Coldrone A.)'; caU 

dria, Uhet, tntola, cocufuxa 

(coatium A.), enium, envium 

{euiolum A.), fetucnum, (ant- 

tOale ' ; o^ub, otuscuium, dimina* 

iiuUDi, cau/tj, olt^reuB. 
fa dale lefb (Colofe A.) ; caulU, 
ta Oale BoUer; alitor, -trix, 
•n Cale etok ' ,* matpnlrfix. 
+a Cale worme ' ; wtica, attttxx^, tur- 

culio, cuenr/iuneitluB. vria, vriea. 
a Oalfe ; viVu/uh; vituUtttis, p&ri\o\' 

tto Oalfe; fetare. 
twTtA Calf© ; fetosus. 
]» Calfe of ^ lege ; cn«, tfrujini/wro, 

ta Cole garth ; or/ns, i' cetera ; vbi 

a gonlyiige. 
CaUce ' ; ereta^ calx, 
iCalke ; cretofus. 

* A.8. ttaf, cluiff. HxmpolB, Prlck« of Cmudence, 3148. anjw-^ 

'•U fyre (iftt <»tffl son m»y biyn, 
gold mny melt )>at eji long )nr-in.* 
Cli&Qoer, Man of Ltwe's Tale, I. 701, Iim — 

* Me lull not of llie eaf ne of the Rtree, 
Hftketi %o Iimge % uJe us of t\w nvtn* 
Se« Barlye&flb. above. 

* * TiMfle. A greftt loafr! of botulinlfi nr hrowno htftid (c«tltwl no Jn Linnnnis And 
DftQfilini^). Tourteau. A cmke (.conimonljr aiaile in hn«t«, aud uf le»« ouiuiuwwe ibnn tbe 
pa«rvviii^ : aJm a titde lonfe of liouftebold or bnxAiie brMul ; aleoa Pancake.' Cotgrave. 

' PaliH^ve gives ' Cbyuvrjiitf a« o&o duthu for oulde. In an aiei or othenriBo. friUaue* 
A^e. axea« /ynart* SO0 also Alxes. vItw or Jxca is from Lat. acrruiim, tbnmgh Pr, 
orrae. add u in do wny connected witb A.S. ircv- Originally meaning an a]>pru«ch or 
cmntag no of anytbiog. it at an early pariod cama to be ■pedaUy applied to an approach or 
mtdilan Gt of Ulncas : thtu Chancer baa, * opoo him be bad an bote a<er**f' lUacl Kniyht, 
I. 12,6^ and CASt'.n. ' fvi into a Kkeaea of feoret or aeetue.'' Paris dr Vicnne. p. i^. 

* Veryniu -Id, or very (Wd. 't'oldrycke. or full of cold. Algomi*.' Huloet. 
Jamicwio giv--- ■■ mlj. uK<i as Bj-nonymon* with Caidrij't. P(.Tba|M uf Teut. un^n, 
6va koHoc, cold, Aitd tijck, added to many wonls, aa tncreaaing their ngriidcation ; Uimd^ 
f^^rifih ID bliiblncBt. ttot>j-rijck, \ory deaf, &c.* 

* * Ltba. A caudrun U> Iwyle in ; a kettla.' Cooper. Emium b of ooane far nhfaeum or 
OMCiMk, a TMBsl of brBaK, 

* *CA4K. The htrbc Cole, or Colifworte.' Cotgrave. Re« Jamteson. i. t. Kaii. 

* QoiU b« ma \nB oaU gaduraod, And itangts] J oni in )« baud.* 

A nedder cfcert Tte of ]m> Muid Canor Muodi, p. 71S. L 12536. 

* Obit. A cmizte.' Mednlla. 

* 'JfoyWa^ Acoleti>ok.* ModoUa. ' Magudarit. A kiode of the hearbe £ajrr7n'i«« / 
after olber onely the stalks of it ; after tome the roote.' Cooper. la Skehoa'a Why Cum« 
Je Naft to Courtf 350, we read — 

' Nat tt^tih a Bh)>ttel<cocke, Nut worth a lowre mMoeb^* 

* • Efmea. A coolwjnn or a oarlok.' MeduHa. ' Entcti. A ooleworm or a oariok.' Orl. 
Vocak '^Bruca, The wonne called a canker, commonly opon ibe cnlowourtc*.' Cooper. 
' Quikcr wumi which creapeth moit comooly on L-oteworta, eome do call them the deuyle 
(Dldmce A notne thu oulewort wonne. Sritca* Huluet. 

* JLeL ocWc. 

X 9 



*to Calkyll^'; ealmfai^, 
to Call*; ; ct>r»^, ex-, Jcdrt, Aocerttr^t 
coueirf, «>*, Acei^rt, adxirt, tO' 

pTopeUare, aypellare^ com-, ae- 
ees^re, calarv, cetufre, ctanre^ 
e-oQU4Hire, voctlar^ Vitct/erare, 

to Callif in ; jnvfieare. 

to Calls owtte ; euorare. 

to CaU« agana ; reuoeare, 

f to CaIIit m ha'wke ' ; »tHftar^, 

» CaUyng? ; rpCddOi v^}c%ferw^o ; w- 

*» CaUe tntppe'; %atiw9, pfdica 
medio rorrepto. 

a Cambe (Ouue A.) ; jom^h*. 

tn Cambake (Comboke A.) * ; 

huca. . 
tCa^nbrige; c*irit'f'fi "'^ **i7M «rt. 
a CamelU ; oar- 'to, 

a Camerellc * ; 
CamomeUc ; airi: ■•■■ mh 
fu Can; area, • 'unatiut 

it rt?teni; v' 
a CandeUe ; ca.-. './"' .'ti. 

"u Candeler ; r./;; < j. r.i. 
tOaifdylmes (Condilmeadajr A.^'f 

jpojianii, tml«cliiuiL>i/e, yeituiii 

j7«rfA"<'«cifnjt* Aeate ituinr. 
a Oandylatyka ; camMo^rvm, oan- 

ta Gandyl Behan * ; nna«iie(oninn. 

* *Or)«twura2«u2«fof)«ol3niuU,t^oaatmye|«]rfyiidet]i.* P.PluwmAn, Cttui. to6, 
• lU tixUUi^ \i»XaalaX] uid acouale^ \k •(«• of ]W w«dil by )N)ire«i)Ic»,' Trerua* Ht^en, 
vo]. u. p. >37. RoIU dories. 

' 'rii&b u Lo emit Kiick ft hawk fnm his prey by shovhig him Ibpd. Tlw Qrtus Vocalh 
gtvee *St»po : to onll » havke with meat.' It appean to b* a word coiaed to reprwcnt 
the Eoj^-h tioop, for the only moaaiug aeigned to ttupart is the djotionarte* u * to «h«t 
up in ■ bath ;' uul so Cotgrmve. ' £itfo«i/icr. To ilop, toclcwe: toBhatorraake up.^ Tlite 
iDMuiinfr alao a|:^)eara in the Ortos, for it oontinuei. * tW aiiqiUd itupm vAfMrarc' To tt»«p 
or «toiip was thv ref^ular term in falconry for a liawk svoopinit: lUnrn on it* |>rvy ; thus B«« 
Jonaoo, AlfA4miMt, r. 3, has, * Here artaii4« my dore ; thnp at b^re, if you iJanC tiee abo 
SpOQier. F«*rg Qwme, I. li. 18. 

' *OtiJtr^tpm tMed in warra, to prioke h<nwB feete ; they be made ao with toan pridta 
of yroo* thai which way •oeoer thcry be cael, cHie pike atMnleth up. Tnhitii.* Biuvt. S^m 
abo Florio, a t. Trfbuli>, kod Pnif. iikeat*e exhaustJTe naC« on the wont in Fiere Plownuo, 
C xxi. 196. * Bamiu. An hook, or an hxlo of % uct, or k n>»vt uf an halwrion. ur a 
eftltra)ipe. Polica. A fritere, or a snare.' Medulla. 'A for vt i'i>^ of J't'^uos no cf 
cnikrtrrpptm.* Ayunbite of Inwrt, ed. Murri*, p. 131. C^kxtnn, /■- "h, 

xir. p. 119, meutiuDA Mai.>ng«t the impkment» of wnr 'slmrp i : <n 

that mvB alia mltrapf/ti.' ' Caltrppoa, CBginee of warrc eowen iu<r»*]c %o m^ rKie Uun>c A 
nao bytha lep;ea Spitra.^ Iluloci. 'Hie falda wae rtro wcd ftUl ol cmltropiKa. Loam 
j>mjf»a murieihma trai iH$tnUita.' Horman. * MB-pe aOw /^.rr>.iiL- <ti i 

* dumhaea li de6n«d in iha Medulla m ' a bmahoppya croa or a l.h 
u probably the moaidai; hera. In llie Urius Voeab. «c find * C-t V 
and henafit-r will he fotind * A Craohe. (JtmSaen, nmlum.' TIm! »uiU 1* tl»ul(Lle«e 
dertved fmm Uil Celtic cam, crooked. Gaelic camny. Th» KCTrt-lunvw I'thnrt ftvr wtv*^ 
karroit). aleo called L^mnalir, or Caanaet (mww mrttui*) dtrivK frvu tlhe 
»ne Muroe from it* roots bejnf tong^ ■ad omaked. See I*. Plcrwmi* 1 «. 

* *OiBifrafa Farra tmmank, edhum ad oelkiqiMailam, tkavJttrtte, r^ ^^afa. 

(beam PariAcatiouie Iteatw Mart* ; «a /b< 
Dooani^-. * If(-<i ipmpmML 0>ntlyliiii— .* 

Wright's V*il. i.f Vocah. p/it^. The OrtiteeiplaiTi '5 *ob«i«IA> erf o^vmrmi 

etonraii aA i/vt yw*, f«i»y UUirn^ difii»r nir, i< oala, . «»7(ks. the fcir*t of 

cabdabiuH. or nakyen irf Gudelka.' 

* ' Candel •hears. SaafSen,* Jaaicacn. * Atwufo^Htm. A nnffynge yroiL.' Ortua Vooib. 
In ibe 'IVke of Cunatye' (Sloaae MR i^> pr. la th* BaUm UMha^ «t ruiaivaU. pw 
105. the iblluwio); dcKriptiua uf eaaUm i»ipnai — 

• p9 iBof [the CbADtleter] d««a away f"* •«#»^ur» H-n srhnrt A po^-mW r- 

Wiib diuw aaMOT* m I )ow s^ ; 
* Emma^ufimm . ftrrum enm pm nmit4m fa»j u'^jS. 

rcfiden caiiHufvrni by ' (quidwti|uenchCfai' Hal em.m *i- t* l*^ -dtuiUe ' |.i:».jILu ui. i'urfwy\. 


lit U PfmtmttiHom a« UmgiU, U s >Wvte.^ 



ta O&ndylweko; Uehina^Jiahinum. 

fa C&ndylBnytynge * ; Uciuus, Vei- 

-tOoned; Acidus. 

I'Cftnyngw of ale ' ; A cor. 

CftnyUc?"; ciitoniomum, Amomum. 

a Canlcyr ; canter, -is nc'Mndam 
antitpMn, fed niodn e&t xccuuti^ 
dKVinniionu, eane^T, -cri. 

a Canon : cunon. 

*Canope; cano^um; cano/^aiti, par- 

•b Cantelli- * ; mtnutaS. 
■tCantebery (Canlyrbery A.) ; f^in- 

tuaria; cauttuiricusis. 
ft Canvas; canalmA, cnretuiuilfutn. 
*a Cape; cajxi, cupuhi^carncaHatC^i' 

racaliuui, d'tlmtitica cantoris est. 
*aCapyUe'; rafuillus. 
a Capon'; capo; AUilijiyfjalUnaciMs, 



* There »ppe«rB to be sf^nie error here. tJie sfribe having ftppArentlr Lopied tlio Mine 
I^tra t^nirKlents for C«n'tyliinytynge m for CAndylweke, to which /iV^in<u or lit'JtitiHm 
prytpvrly apply. Ciui(lyl6Qyt\nge ia tht> act of vnufliri); » ouidle, or, if wo unilurMADil the 

itutruinent, a frair of auuRen. 'Soite. To suutf, applied to a CAndle.* .lamie^o. 
Atniur. CAnduU weyke.' Ortti4. ' Pumole Tho woyke or [of] A CRodyl. Licfinnu. A 
yk'j otF a caodyl. LicAinum. The ktuut off a caodyL* Medulla. See to Bayte and 

SjuiI nf rinegar when containing mould, or tamed eoor. Similarly m the veraion of 

Bew'a Sum of the Chritliaa Faith, by U. Fyll, Load. 157a, I I.U» *« find— ' It is 

menufle that they [the Prieit«] doo not merue the wine u well ma the breadc, for the 

i* tM prectuafi m the otlmr. It were out of order to nye they feare the wine will eger, 

or waxu [Milled, for they bold that it ii no more wine;.* See P. £gyr. ^Aoor: cuiyngo a( 

> ' i>ri,,- \\*eab. 

onr modeme Cannell or Cinnamon.* Cotgrave. ' And the Lonl tpak to 
j ii'ze, T>Ut to thee iwete sniellynge thinip* .... the half of the eatitl iriuna- 
m<jmi].' Wyt'Uf, ExrKlutt xxz. 33. ' I h& BproDffd my ligjpng place with myrre. and aloca. 
awi canell ;' ibid. Pmverba vli. 17. See oliwi Jtmniiuul- of Me JtatP, p. 5H, * cantlU, and 
eetowale of pryB.' In TnrvUa'i Htg>li-n, 1. 99. wo are told that 'in Ambia m store mir 
and oontl.' In Jobn KoflBttU'e Boke nf Nurture (pr. in the Babeei Book, ed. Fumivall>, 
p. 1 1 . • Syiinroonc. CanfJUf red wyne boot k drye in J>eir doynge,' are moiitiune*! mnoiigut 
the int^ilient.a of Y[McrM. Ia the name derived frum itii tube-like etaJk? Cantt also 
oocun in the Kecipe fur Chaudon sau) of Swannca, given in Harl. MS. 1735, 1. iK. See 
iH*ia to CbawdewayH. ' Cioomonuim. Cjtneh' Medidla. See aliw Cinamom«. * Canel, 
•pyce,orUeBucaLled.^inoMitrn&.' Uuloet. ' (7<iiw2« A ^ugiuere&lloori|/ Lojaatun, 1. 17,744. 

* Oiauoer, in the Knighte'a Tale. 1. 3150. sa^a that — 

* S'ature hath nat take his bygynnyng 
Of no partye ne canUl of a tbiug*. 
But of a thing that jtarfyt is and vtahle.* 
ShalctpeATfl alio nm the word — 

'See, how thia Biver onmMi me cranking In, 
And cut! me from the beat of all my lanil. 
▲ boge halfa moone, a monatroiu eanilt out.* 

lit Hen. rV., m. i, 98. 
And aUn in AntJc Cleop. Ill- x. 4. According to Rennett MB. 38, Cantftlf means ' any 
indelhiite number or dimencion:' thoflinM&CauUb.Fi'.iJ. 33,1. 133 (4Uot«dbyUalUwell) 
vonad — 

* And a eanfell of hyi schylde Flewe fro hytn ynto tbo fyldo.* 

Bnrvny i^ve« 'Cbantol cantel. rofM, qvartitr, moreftiu, rhanteaiiJ' ' iHnntal. A oanbyl of 
breX* MtxlulU. Camptiie P. * Partyn, cantyn. or delyn, /xiretor.' 

* "Capyl, Onpul, «. A horfteor niare.' Jamiwon. • VaitaUtu. A bone; aeitple.* Cooper, 
Proa a [iaa«»go in lUitf Cuilj-ar, E E. Text Society, od. Murray, a • C-ttpyde ' appears to 
be (mperly appUfsl tn ikcart-Aiyr^r. aodiatingnL-hed frum a 'ooUTBOur,* a uhargor or saddle^ 
hwnie. iCauf on his arrival h.ime iinlcni ' twa knnifui' 

* llie ane of ytw my Cupili ta. 

The viber hU [Kiui; Charles'J CoarjWMr alawa.' P. 6. L II4. 
See Oarto hors b«:)ow. ' Thanne Conttcic-noe vpon his C*u/>fc kalrotb forth &ste.* P- Pluwmaa, 
B. W. ty 'CiibaUus. A stot-' Medulla. 

* AMit is rcndotvd by Cooper, ' &miked tv (edde to be made fatto.* 




*a Cappe of a flayllfl * i eajfpa. 
tCappyd; cnppatuB. 
tto Cappe; cajipo -an, -aui, -re. 
a Captan; AtcAilenfnt, MpitoN«ui, 

casttilaHXiB, eaaUUarius, 
•a CaraUf* ; eorea, cAotub, peetm. 
a Carde ' ; cardnn, carptanum. . 
a Corde ma3cer ; carptaritu. 
"t» Carder; carptrix. 
a CardSakyUfl or cardlake * ; cardia^ 

4a Cardyngc; rarpt^irium, 
a CnrdinaU/'; catdinaliit; cardltMUs 


a C!irta0B ; twtra. ear 'a-rftrm 

•ft Carton ; fn*/ii»/er. />/ •* 

<u/um, m'ThV-tiitim, r ; , r- 

aCorkaa; camicvcimn, 
*aOaito(Cary]e A,)*; rwHca^, A 

cetera; v6i a cliurlc*. 
a Carre ; $ar»ttvm, oorms, narrHin. 
tCareay ' ; L^tijr. 

a Carte ; feii/a, btiwjny rtmcta, eamt^ 
ta Cart« band (C&rbond A.)*; 

CTiista, rnt$luLj timiiiiuliiium. 
a CarC<r; Ji/rii;«, rrr«</us, ifrtda' 

rtt«#, iftiftdri'jnriuj!, car»:tarius> 
ta Carte hows ; eareelania. 

» ' GalrrttM, Aa hatta : a pirwik*." ' Pi/rtg, A 

or bfliMrt.' CMper. '^J^nii. A 

coyfe of t'other.' MeOulIa. A- S. t^rypt. which appflaii a> the gloH lo pt^tmla in .d&ic** 
g\ot»ry. ' GnUm: rrl pitnu. r> lien het.' Wrist's Vol. of Vocab. p. ti. 

' 'Tho band of leather or wnorl thmut.'h nhioh the middlc^baotl pauses IfKMely. Tbflt* 
ii one rap at the end (W the hnu(l-^«ff', Ktrocrnlly mMJt< uf wood, aud wiuUicr *i the and of 
the Kwin^^el. niaile of Ittathrr.' Hatliwirll in v. See Flayl*. below. 

* In tlitt Curvor MunJi, p. 4^ff, 1. 7600. we %ps tuM tliat after Dkvid had ilain GolUih 

* per caroled wiaes bi >b wfty. Of pur afr\>t anche- wu {"e Mn(r«, &o.' 
Cnmpar« tbu ftccotint of the mudv event iu WjcUf. I Kingti, ru. 1 1 . Ptttm U uanl hort- 
nflvT vm the ecjairatent fnr a Wnwt * Fain U cnroU ofmalile gent.' AliMkundsr. iS^v 

* ' Cftntes or wool conibw Hani ctl Hami. ;>fWinu/ BiireL * dirda. Cards for wooQ. 
ftc , wtjrking CArdti. Cnnlifr. A card-maker* Culy^rnve. 

* ^ CardinqHt. A con<umptioi). &nd ix>ntiituaU twcat, by the indltjNMitinD of the heart, 
knd |i&rbi about iL* O'ltj^ve. *Citr(/»j(»Li. Ttiat hntb the wrin^ng at the hearte.' Coi>p«r. 
BAti>»aii vppun Bartbultmi^, lib. vit. cap. 32, * Of heart-quaking and the dlMttae mnlftdrfr. 
Miyn, ' hL-art-c|naknig or CartlutrU ia an eiiil that IB eo CttlltKl bcroauaa it oommetb often nf 
dv'ault of the b'-urt,' &c. ' ConWocm, ( qui patitur mnrbnm con)i« ; (2> inpHmii ipne,* 
Diic&nge. * Cardiactt ; <juifia«t moftnts. A carrljaki^.' Meiiulla. See Pier* Plowman, C. 
Yii. 78 and ixiii. 8j. The wirnl also ocoutb m Chaucer's Psrdont-'r'a Proh>gue, 1 17, 
aird in the Prolni/up to the Tate of B**ryn, ed. KunUTaU. L 49J, where wo an told that 
the Parddnerc ' cauit ft carriiatriH, & awld sol.* 

* ' litutK-ajt. An' Wri^ltt'n Vol. Vocab. p. 181. ' JltutiemM. A chatle.* lla- 
diilla- *A caile. ituntiaiM.' Mauip. Vucnb. 

' C*»oiK!r render* hiiix by * A bri.'antine, or roale of f^noe dou'iT - «--- • .-.r iloultte 
Hiayhtd. I'AlHgrave aivca 'Carti-y cli'th, crcfy,' and C'otgravo • f'.i kfrBio.' 

HfrriMju in bin Dt-flcriptiun of Eiig. o<). Fumivall, t. 1^3, siiya that .->iiii warn 

ci^iit'^t.Ml ' at home with )iia 6ne carnf hueun atid a ineane slup,* * 1 Hen 

vt'ifT adicd Kerrey.* Janiio-on. The Medulla expUiiiti ht/U hM '%i.i . 1I Ij 

thrcdra woumlyn.' For the origin of tho wuH ace SVcal, Etyin. IMet, «. v. Kvibcy. 

* A plate uf iruD. Cotgrave }pyt» ' Hamtt. f. A chupv, or thn honlcM of ■ claat)« ; nr m 
liooke to claspe with; aJao the clowt. Or blind of tnin tlii'i " ' ii'.nrimd 
of an axle-tree, nnd keeps it front Wtiig womi' by th« 1 . ■^v (of a 

whccley This anpoarn from tho defmitiou of rrvi^'f i*i^ - "r oma- 

niontcs that iiuy Iki l.iken off.' to bo llip meaning in :'■ ■: ituct', but » curt fntnd 

a1«ii «i^r«iHe« ihv lirtt a/ a tchert C'olgnivo ban ' iin..d. 1 1 1 Mit nke of a whi-cle,' Mid 
Klytit. iJict. I$<i9, )|pv>;a 'A^uit. Tlio xtrake of a out whpl«, Hh<^iiii tlie ii|Hikni bee sett* . 
Tf'efua A boofte or >trake of n uart« * W. d*^ ntiKwwnth in nnuiinjf the luu-tH of a e«ft 
■Maks ot Ira hetuifs tit if* rofji. which ii reiidt-red In Uif< 7l«ii ' tbr a»rt«-tK>naffA.* Wright'* 
VoL of Vm-Hh, [., 167. ' Bnwle A wrii or yard ; the streak uf a cart whoaL' Cot^rave. 
Bee aUu Clowte of yren, adiI ot Oopbaode. 



fa Carte hors ; tfMwfu«, caballixa. 

i% Oarte spurro * ; orbiia. 

•fn Oortewright ; carecUiTtQA, 

i-a Carta aadiU^ ' ; sella txndariOf 

a Coae ; casus. 
ta Case for BponyB or oder ihyngis ; 

to Ca«t« ; Jacere, emitlvrt, fffunttere, 

torquerey con-, jacttlan, balein 

ffX^4. exi^ve, jttctare ; wrmis — 
%Si Hou CM jacere, Ui^idem 
to Cast agayn ; reicvrt. 
to Caste away: ahk^rt, proicere, obi- 

ei'muft voluntatCf /vrotaffkUB iussu 

to Caste a dorte; jacuUri, toi^juere, 

ib> Oaate be hlnde; d^iactar^^dek^tt. 

to Castin ; juionv.JmmiUete. 

to Caste down ; ttarnerc, ab-, eon-, 

pro; tHntfre^ demoHri, gubuertert, 

obrueri; penifunJare. 
Caste down ; stratus, p)*o-> dirutilBt 

to Caste owte ; noere, etactare, tlirni- 

tto Caste ouirr ; fo-nicere. 
tft Castellc; ca»/riiin, ramiflfura, ca9- 

i^HiiIujii, de/smio, mnnimfn, trm- 

nicijtiuin, o/tjnjum, ojyjffdulum, 

o/jus, {q}»9. in^fif<t A,), 
tto wti in Castellr; juca^trare. 
tCsetyng?; jacitns, tmittnis, iactaQS. 
tCMtynge as a bowe ; Jlixibilia, W, 

^rmtB RMas wt JUxUfiiU, an** ve- 

lecastynge ". 
aCastyngdowfl; prostraeio,gubueTeio. 
a Catte; eatm, murel'njua, munia, 

ta Cottyle (Catalle A.)*; tanuijUf 

herba eal. 
ta Cature ' ; tsettritis. 

' Ctroptir^-m'OrhU^i.'Virg.C'tc A CArt« wheelo : the trftcke of a carte-wlicde lUftJe in 

lli<i ^niUDile.* 'The tracke, or CArt-whi?elt; Rut. Orbila.' Wittuda. llic MedulU hu 

^' '•iin. A (ottim or ciirt Kptins. OrhiLt. A cart upore.* &nil The Ortut explaius orkAitt aa 

, I'lm rnrrx rrl mte : ub vriit et rvta dicta : et iticUur orhita ^ima orbii Her vd Wo.' 

o. *i-or, a tn^.l£ ; whioli we nill retain Id the teriii tpoor, a)>pliM to the tz«ok of deer. 

Compare ' Fofpcr. Vefdi/ium,' Manip. Vocab. and P. Wbele Spore. 

r* *CW>ad')le. Tlt« sinnll saddle put on Uie bnck of a caning borne, for fdpporting the 

'fronu or abaftsof the carrutge.' JamitMoo. 'Tbe BodJle pla^d on the Ahafl-borae in a 

cart, carnage, or wa(jgon.' Peacock's GIom. of Manley, Ac Coinpnr« P. Plowman, B. it 

1- ■mdel, |reoc«au«arie, owro carte thai be UTvc' ' Cartfiaddle. dorviui/f.' Huloet. 

i I'.i)kcoF HuKbaadiy,ir.B5, ipeakaof 'a carfMu/pl^hakbiuidusaiid belvlututiea.* 

1 iik: 14 • weU-ra»iing.' 

* 'Cat- tails. Ttie beads of the great balmih/ Peaeodc'i doaarr of Maoley, ke, 

* Ijinud/o. The aofte hearea or mnmXDes^e in frujtca and hertwa. m in uarie. Ac* Coopiir. 
.)at[jit«»a aaya, ' Cat*- Tails, «. p/. Hares tailrnsh.iPriopAorvmrti^inn^urN Linn, alaoonlled 
L^riua. down. Cat-tails.' Lyte, Dodoens, p. 51 J. says that the 'dowtie or cuttmi of this 
l>'.&ni i« ao fine, that in some oountriea ihey nil qDiAoions and beddcs with it.' He adds* 

* Tiirner cnlletb it in EngUabe, Reed Maoe. and Catto taj^ : to the which we may ioyne 
ochen, as Water Torche, Marcbe fJtitill. nr I'eatill, and Dimchb 'lowiie. bycauAo tba 

dowoa of this berbc will cause one to be deafe, if It happen to UkW m to tbo cures 

liie Icare* arv called Matte reede, byoauxe they make matter therewith Men 

haoc ahio ciperiitiimted and prouod tbnt this ootien ia ?ery proBlable Uj heale brukon or 
holim« kibe.4. if it b« layde vpon.' See aUo tbe quotation fmm Gerarde in Mr. War's not* 
a r. Mt>MU. 'C^tVtail ; iyi>ha' Willials. ■ Cnttea tayle, berbe, wbidio stune cal bocBe- 
taile, Ciiwia equina' Uulod. 

* ' E§eunvJi : a cater.' Ortus Vocab. Baret gives *mOiter: a steward : a manciple : a 
prouider of catea. opjrma/or, itn d^xftrivitr : yui ackft* tetvttmdet' and Palngrare 'Provider 

fmatrr '' "''■ CVtour of a geotybwuuj house, (/opmnrr.* Tuaaer, in his Five Uun- 

;'. 30, saya— 
i*Mas •■nirolcr.tfoodonler thycUrlu. ProuisJoD Cnf^r, and skil to be ouoke.* 

tCklow. Ml of vitiyles. OptoriUor' Hul<?ot. 'The Cater buyetb wry d^re 

Ohaoj. . r<ro rmit vb^outa.' Humiab. from a Fr. hmacalour from ocuif, 

"a Ira^iag, oaeU by t^UAuoer, Prol. 573. 



♦a Oawoion ' ; caucio. 

*A CawdUlo*; eaidariwa, 

a Caule ' ; c^ula, 

aOause; cauM, erga, deffinnhitxir 

«ed oa^(^a muUas Aab«( «peciM, 

racio pa[u]ciitsimas, 4; causa rem 

antseidit, rado ^rfieit ; jiA8, occa- 

aiOf res. 
be Cause ; cauta^ pnUjvtu^ con/rm- 

placwuCf gratia, iiUuitu, obtctUu, 


O Vile E. 
a Oedir tre ; Mdnu, cedra ; oe- 

tOele * ; vbi bappj (<& vbi b1y8sed« 

CelydoS. * ; celidonia, herha est 
a CelU; cella, cellula, conchue. 
a Oeller; ceUarimn {Ajtotacay ceUa- 

pr7ii, i«*i«oltnol)i/r, p(f»u*,-ert#, A-), 
rfr cricni; p6) tt hutry. 

A CeUerer ; eellariux, cellarariua* 

a Cenmre; t'cV^e in 8. littvra. 

Oentary " ; cmtauria, fei tcm. 

aOepture; r^ntm, 

•tt CerkyU« ; Amf>atjo, Amhaijft, 
anibicio^ ambitw, cijtiiu, ciV- 
ouius, eiclva ', viculvs, e'lreui- 
fus, yiVus, /«<rfr«in, IvttrBno, 
/iMfmrrMn, ^ro, 9^pfruJ4i^ cfiuii- 

half u CerkyUe ; »n»iarcu/uA. 

Certan; ctfrf us, verua. 

tto be Certan ; constore, ref^arv. 

Certonly ; arte, ^ u(7quc, porro, quin, 
vfi'quc ; versus : 
^it'jf 42u/(u8 porro gut nacit 
viuere porro. 

* 'Tlie king 8Ur»r vpe the boc, ami cavcion vuuj god, 

Tb&t be &1 cljuiUcho to tbe popci Inking stod.' 

Kobcrt of GIftuowttr. ed. Heanw. p. 506. 
60 aUo in King Ali<«un(ler, 1. aSii, in Weber Metr. R^tui. j.110— 

* And thtjy weor« proude of thtt cita ; And ful of evericlie iulquyto : 
Kaucifon ibey nokle gevt, ne bidtle.* 
The word frequently orcun in uis hqss of ' hoetages, seooHtj ;* see HoUntfaed. HI, 1584. 
* hoitagw that ahould bo given for cavtiona in tliat bvhaUe.* It u eIUI in um ia Sootlaiid 
for ' h&il, Mcarity.* 

' In tlid Prologue to the Tale of B«ryn. Ch&tiOGr Soo. ed. FamiToU, p. I4. L 431, wo 
are told how Kil, the tApRter, her Parunonr, and the ORtler 

' Sit dc ele ^ eavdtU, fur thu Ponloncro Kt wms m&Je 
With ciigir St frith sweto «nme, ri)t u hynuelfffl hade.' 
'A evils. Potiuneula o'lucta ; oiMirruui. A caudel. Fullo. An ole cnadol. Avtnactnm* 
Miuiip. VrMMib. 'Of Kweet AlmondeflinniiulebyBkilleoroookes , . . . caH^/ei of Alnionds, 
both cnmfortftble to tJie principiJt ytaXn of the body and pnniaring ilrcpu. .... Ahuuad 
tawtlcU Are mftde with ue vtrainetl with alnrandB blanched uid bmye^l .... thra lightly 
boyleil and B(^ced with nutmeg and sugar — . aa plea^eth tbe party.' Cogan. Qnven of 
Health, 161 j, pp. 98, 99. Seo also Rob. of Glouoeet^r. p. 561. 

■ 'C<iHla- A ehoepe home; a foldo.* Cooper. ' (.'iiu/<r. mmitnirnta ovium ; barriirm 
pour rm/ermer t*$ motU<m$, pare* Ducange. * Caula. A itabyl, a Jolde. or a Hhop ootai.* 
Madiilla. 'AOaiile, pon ; anultt.' Manip Vooab. 

* A.3.talig. ' Ftlir, vcly or bliiiful : FelJao, to make aely.' MeduIU Grammatlca. 

'Then is tdy endelea beyng and emldee blya.' 

MS.Aildit. 10053. 

■ 'ChdidoRut. niehearbeSolandinc [Celandine].* Coiiper, Of this plant Neckbaxn 

* Jftra chetitUmur, virtuM ^rfMnima rtttdit 
ZMmJfW. docta libi rmrM himndo fidem* 

De Naturii Kerum. p. 478 (Bolla Serios). 
See ftl«o Lyle't Dodocns. p ,^i. 

* 'Centaury. A h«rb of ftlani.' Cole*' DioL 1676. 'PA Urrtt. C-enlaunum.* Cooiier. 
Tbe plant is mentiunvd in the Proiuptoriuin, p. 154, under the uanie ' Fettrykej berbe, on 
which lee Mr. Way's note. 

' MS. aicM. 



tto 0«rt«^ ; certi/kare^ cerd&rare, 

fto Oeruyllf * ; txcenbrare. 

i% OeruyUer ; exeerehraior. 

to Oew); ce»*ir«, rfannere, dcJici*- 
t&vty dimittcre^ dejtare, omitteve 
est Qrtiinvm jnterrumpeTt, pn- 
mittert ar toto reiifiqaere^ svpar- 


» CesaTXige ; cwmccto, d^w, JHtev- 

Uka to Cesse ; CM$abundH$ (A.). 

*Ch«fir (Ch«fkr« A.) ' ; commctcium. 

to Ohaflr ; eommorcari, 

a Chaflrynge; cdiamercmra, commu- 

•a Chafto'; marilta, mih, faux^ 
mmvltU>iiafnwndula,mola; maxU- 
laris, j^aWieinium. 

A Chofte ; vh\i\ Arowe (A.). 

A Chafle ; cti spei e, Ac. (A.) 

Choftzuonde *. (A.) 

a Clmyorc ; catheiira, orivstra. 

ta Chare bowe ^ ; fnHrum, 

*to Chalange ' ; vendicare^ ca/iunp- 

' • Ex^ertbro^ To be»t« out ll*e bmjnes of a Uiyng.' Cooper. ' CcrwiU^ f. The brkJiie.* 

' 'And wnne clioBen cAa/brr, ifaey cheqen tlie bettare.' P. Plownuui, 6 Prologue 31. 
*Gre«i pree at market nu^Ui d«er «Aii|^arc' ChaoDor. Wyf of BaAb#, Pxok^ue, I, 533. 
A. S. rra/f. ehep. 

■ In Lbe Antura i.f Artliur (Camdea 80c. ed. Rob#onV xi. 1, we read— 
*Allt- tlie benliis mj^tun here, the bymit-st of aUe, 
Otf the tehiift aad the I'bol. sbaturt to the skiiu' 
H«Qiw«n quotes from MS. CotC Vesp&a. A. iii. leftf 7 — 

* With the f^afifhan of a ded bu Men uia that tberwit ilan he waa.* 
See aUo E. E. Allit«r&Ufe Foems, ed. Morris p. 100. 1. 26S. 

• With tliia charyl bon I xal ale the.' Cov. Mj-bU Cain fit Abel, p. 37. 
Gawin Dougtua deiorihrne th« Tmjaiu oa their first landing in Italy, t^lts how th«y 

* With ttiare baadis brek and eAa/(M gnaw Th« oniftu, and tbo coHinL'is all un raw.* 

Knrndtik, Bk. vii. I. 350. 
la tbe CurMir Mundi. David, when stsling how he hnd killed a litm and a bear, gays— 
' I l>»l HA h^Ip bat me alLan . . . And iw»)k {nun bo )>e berdeft sua 
And I Uid hand on (*ud belouo pat I (nir chaft<$ rauo in taa/ D. 7505 7510. 
where thfi Fiurfax MS. reads ehaiLdU^ and the Gottingon and Trinity M8S. chnutU. 

* Be vtraku the dia^n in at the ekavyl^ That it come out at the iiavyl.' 

Ywaine & Gawin, IQ91. 
See alao Chawyll* and Cheko-boiie. 'Chaftis, ChafU, the chops. ChnfL-blad^ the jaw- 
bone. CliAft-toolb, a jaw-tooth.' Jamieson. A. S. e^mjl. S. Saxon. cAcucfe. 

* This wwrd does not appear again either under C or S. It wa« a roeftsnre taken ^m 
the top (if the exiendeti thninb tn the ntmost part of the palm, generally can<ndered as 
half a fwit. Ray in hin GlnsA. of North Country Words gives ' Sbaftnan. Shafinet, Shafl' 
u - ' ' -trt! of thu fisl with tbtf thuiiibaet op; ab A.S. sar/^-uinW, i.e. x^mipra.* 
.V <i, p. 4)4, it nw*ns 'acertainerateof cloth© that iiigirpn nhovenie&fiunf, 

\ii>.- ., i--- ."Ji a handfull or tha/tmam,' Ja the Morte Arlhurc, £.E.Text Soc. ed. 

Brvck, ia the acodont of the Bght bc-twuen Sir (i.'knaine, nnd Sir Priamus, we are told — 

' Poth<? tclit-re tb'jmwr oclMuMorB a trfm/i-motnit Iwige!' 1. 3456. 
Bte also ti ^^A5 »iid 42,1J. In the Antarv of Arthur, Camd. Sod. ed. RobMm, xli. J, wa 
W*d, •'Him hi* altilc] ami his sbildur, a dcAfl/r-mww hv nharv.' ' Not excecdlna a ft»ot in 
Xeafflh ■■ 'i> sbortaceB.' BamnbyGoo;^ Husbandry. yBa. In the Liter Niger 

iHiau- I lotuwhold OrdinAnc^a. i ^ao, p. 49. it id fttntcd thtt the iHan of the 

ClhafMd ....V..'- ^>. -IJcringBof waxLhat is inoue in the kin>;'a chnppelloii Caiid)rluinj»e< 

day. WEtb the in>Mlvn*t«< fees of the beama, in the festea of the yere. wlien thft ta[K-n be 
oonxtmed into a <W/fuouA/.' * Sc« also Bowe of a obaLre. 

' U.^. Cbanlange. This word occurs with thfl meaning of /t/aiiir . act-y** )ti th<! Aucreo 
Biwl" p. 54. *hwnrufi'u/(-Mvr4 tu met' and in P. Plowman, B. Text, v. 174, Wrath tells 
bow the monks piir<t'>h«l him — 

'And do roe 6wte frydayen, to hreil and to water, 
And am ckatanged in |w chnpitelhous. as I a chtlde were.* 



« Chalange ; eahitapnia. 

ta ChslangT ; eaJutuptiuUor. 

a Chalioe : cafJx, rri/inJiis. 

•a Chaloh ' ; A jitphitajnitum, 

B Cha[m]pl(m; At/tlcta, pugnator, 

*a Chandeler; cerareus, 
a Chanon ; oan^ntcns. 


of a knyfb * ; v^mel- 

a ChapeUtf : capilfa, capeUvJot 

a CKnpiture ; capih^tan. 

a Chaplett. 

*a Chapman ' ; n^gwnator, d' ceien\ 

vhi u wiTC'liaiide. 
II Chapmafiry ; 7i«gncinrio. 
*B Chapmanware; rendibili$, 
'to Chappe * ; ffwrcari, com-, nuiuil- 

nnii, tufifftciari, 
a CharbunkylU " ; r-ar6unru/us. 

In the Pricke of CoiiKience we ar« told bow the devH denumJed ttvm St. Beniard 
' Hy what -fkitU* h*- watde. aihI l>i wIiAt I'^t^lil 
C/(»/an{/e )nj kittgiloiii uf licvt-u bn^'ht.* t ii^2. 
Thu claim of Henry IV. to the crown of KngLnml ta sittteil m fullntta in tho IloDi* nf Par* 
liunmt, 'la the natiiti of the Futhcr, Son, «od H'>ljr Ghost, I, Heury of lAoautvTt 
cfinlUwjt tbe realm of EnglADd.* &,o. (AniiAliiaf Eag. p. aio). jn Mortt Artbure, Artfaar 
in h'm drcnin wxw two kiugB climbing to the chiiir ot*p')wer, 

•ThU chairs of chuckle, Ihey «aid, we rhatamgf here-«flyp?.' 1. 3316. 

* Chalongnr .... denuMidcr, oont«vter. provoquer, ktUiiiicr, dcfL-ndre, refuner, prultlbor* 
blamer ; de oalumniis, &uBBe iwcuntton, diican^' Biuvuy, s. v. rAuyoHt/^. 'ChiJlHmftr. 
To cliuiiio, challenge, ttiAko title UDto, not in ru>>t for ; nIho t-o accttHe uf, charge niOi call 
in qutrMtion fur %jx offence.' Cotgrara. S«o oliui Ouaui^*, %. v. Calrmjinti. ' T iiAli-rtigv 
a tbyiif! of dut^'o or to bw niyne owue. jc eatenijr.' P»bi^'r»vy. ' To cjUMig*. Viiuiitnrr.* 
Muiip. yiK:ab. * Wu ben brajt in for tha mnnu) whiche *-a Lnren )i)en lirfort! in mtr a«ieki<. 
t)>at DC putte ehnltmjf. into iin [ut tttA-altHtt in nm ealrnHniamY Wyvljf. GeniMi xliii. 18. 
RooUo in Jubxxxv. 9: 'Fur the ui\i\uixt<Atso( challcHtjerrt [calHmniatnnnn^, thmahal crt^.' 
'I caintfjt to rvglit witli the. haiide to hiuule. JSx prowimiiunc tecum dimicaho.* Buruan. 
8m alKo'Wjofif, Select Work*. E. B. Text 80c. ml. MuUii-w, p. 161, I. 7. 

* Coujier ({ivea ' Amfifnlitfia, idem quod ADlphlmidliini,' which Ultcr be rvnd>T« hy ' A 
clnntb or garment frvsed on both aydes,' and in MS. Lambeth, 4S1. it in expl&intsl •• 

* tapHa ex utntque parte uOfosn /acta.' In the directioiiB lor fuminhtug a room giitn in 
Meokhiim's Trcatiie fit UtfmtUibiut, we tind — 

dvl piler chalun idem 

*AUitiM, lire epdtiiti eolumpne, tapftum tin tapae drpendttuU' Wright's Vol of Vooaib. 
p. 100. 

* Intho Tnvvntory of UiRpoodfof Sir J. Faxtolf, of CatsUv, tnkenin i4-^9,areni«aittanad, 
'Item, j bolUtk b&Ayd dA^r. barucKyd wyth aylver, and j vhape therbfo. Item, j Ijtytl 
aobort armyny dager. withe j gilt Khapt.' Paston Lettent, 1. 478. * Chnpjte, t. The chape, 
or locket of a scabbard.' Cotgrave. 'Here koyfea wen i-ehajMd nat with braa.* Chauoari 
C. T. Prol. 366. 

* Cbauoer, C. T. Prologue, 396, in defloribiog the Shfpman iays — 

' Ful many a dmu^hte of wyn ha-ldt* he ytunwe 
Fratii lUirdeux-wiu-d, wbil thitt the chtipmnn «laep.' 
'Chapatao. A ptidler, a hawker, a merchaiit.* Jamiesuu. See LA^iunon, voL Qi. p. S31. 

* * And wbo m fJtrytd tuy chaffare, cbideo I wuldi^ 

Itut br pnifred to |utye a [leny or twevue 
Mont Jan it waa worth.* P. Plowman, B. riil- 380. 
A. 8- crn/mm. 'Cbcope the pryce or valewo of a tbynge. ticUarc." Huloet. 

* Tbe Carbuncle waa sijp|i4>iitHi to have ligbt^ving powcra, ItiiM in the GoCa 
ifomanm'um, p. 7. we ktv told in tbe accoaut of the KnchauLed ChaiTiU'r that tbim> wai 
tliere ' aUindinc a charliuHflr r-ton. tbe wbichi> jaf Ii)t ouer all the boua.' Aletandor 
Nockham in his wurk iJe Naturt* Itcrum. U'dla ScHe». ed. Wright, p. 469, refem to Uiia 
■uppoaed quality aa (otlow« — 

' IfluMrni tenehra* mifftrnt OrftwwrwVM* 9uri 
PtiUjortm rincit 
Tbe inme *iippn«ed property of the »toi.' "lyniureof Our 1 ady. E- R. 

Task Soui«ty, «d* Blunt, p 173, where ^^v r>.^<i - • <« >v <?» |<roryoui atone timt in callnS 



to Charge'; o/iu^rare, mrciiiare, 

oncvaro, gnwtrt. 
ft Charge ; eiira. orut^, grauanun. 
tto discharge; eaoonrrare. (to rn- 

oharge ; vbi to disclmrge A.) 
Charged; onttittm, onerxUuSf ontut- 


+a Charger«; onerator, tanrinato^, 
*A Charyooure ; vbi a. cliarc. 
■tCharlB; Kurolug, «onu*n pvoprium. 
tCharolwayn ) Charlowayn A.) ' j 

artAurui, piauMntin. 
to Channe; m{.'arUurc,/d«cinarc,car- 


A Oharmer; iticantator, -trix, car- 

tnitiator, -trix. 
Ch&noyngfl; tTieautanf, enrminatiit, 

ft Chare * ; vhi to chnae. 
A Chortyr; carta, mtmimmtcirognk' 

;>/(iau, «ciipfutu, «ctxia. 
+A Choae; /uj/a. 
tlo Chase; /«j?o, «-, ew-, rfi/-, 

Cliaiito ; caitws cm^ynre, jjudiena ani- 

ino, ni'jftuti, anuineuit. 
vu Chaste ; injnuiicUM, Jnamtinrwi. 
ttu lyf Chaate ; eunuc'/iteiarc, cou- 

titieriit easU vtuere. 

e Aar^vniile. wb^be •tiynotb bryght4 w fyre, of bjni Awn« kyu'le. so thkt no iJikrkeiieitMQ 
mAy Uvmytwlie jrt do no mojriture queudic yt. Aitd to tbys atone ye lyken ouro lorde 
goil, when >e wye, i^^f w /yimu, Tlie carboiiole alijuyn^e hy itMcUt: naJetb noiw other 

' See aI<4o Carre. * ^e&ne seyiln the KinpoYinrfi, wh«n the victory of the hiUxiU wftr 
ooni« hitiuo, he iiliulde havu lu tho fint ihiy iiij, wunihtpts ; uT iLo wbicfae tbbi \t )h; firpt* 
lie fthMIe be Mtto in » ehnrr. Sc iiij- wl>ite hnrti sbuUe drawa hit tn ttu* |ialyfie of ibe Kiii- 
pffrpur; Tb« sc-counrlo u. tut nit tiift tn-HiNitwouni k A'luffKanjs sbililc fi>l'iw« luu c/t<trA 
pehywle him, witbt; bounden hnntlia It fut«. (Jctti Hnatanttram, oil. HerTlHgo. p. I ^6 * Ami 
[Fhanu)] putte ahoute his [JuiK'pb'ii] uooke » gulduu l>ct;}u, and made hiiu nityi vpon bi< 
•ecvuod cAnor.' Wjdif, Geiiesig x\\. 43, 

* In the Roruance of Str Faniiubnu. 1. 3136, Ujq French knights wben on ft fora^ng 
expedition disoover 

'Two and )fjTiy grcte •omcrs! ^^^^ Wr flour, y-m«ked of whete! 

Y-rhirQt<i alle Mc) urime Ami wyt> hn^l and fiecbs and wyn.' 

* Aed (' ' MaUA. Jngitm 6hi»t meum auAut at, ft onai utetim Uue, trltt i« to Htvo, 

My jok' iiunce, ia Bwat«, an7. for it turnitbo to iwetneaae, tt my ehargt or uiy 

bnniyn, **:ii cujuuittiindement, it U)t.* (into ItomnHorunt. p. lyj-. * Charger. To chnrye, 
baftoe&. oneriiie. lirad ; lye heavy up<Jii, lay uo, or hiy Iuau ou, he.' CVttgrave. * Vondu*. 
A ehante ' Mt^hill*. 

■ Tb-c Ci'n^VlUtiuo lTr»a Mt^ar. Bootee waa called either "Wagoner to Chnrles' Wain 
or Kc^pur to tlic <!ri-ftt Bear {nrefopkyfttx), acctirdtng Ut the name i:iv«n to the chief 
nortiiem croup of Hxe«) ntan. (SeeBarrewardennf^.) Coopergivea * /'/flmfniin. Charles 
Wftytie. nigh tbc North Pole.' The nord oocurti also in ftnwiu Dott^tna, and iu the 
Mrdulla we find 'Aixu},hilaxt («c). Tbec^rlc wen-tterre. Arturuw: qvtoddam mgnum ctUat* : 
nHfiUcr. A cATwnvntiiti'rre-' Withnia mentioua ' tl barley Wnine. i'r« tmnrtr. Cynotum,* 
AAd ' A etorre that followeth Chnrlra waino. Itootce.* Jauiicaun givea ' Chartewan ' and 
'Charlcwnitjiie.' C'tiiiniire .S|M]i.n«r, Vjwry Qut-ene, 1, ij. i, A,.S- corlrmrjin. Seo aI«o 
.(*,.»..-..- . .. ti..,.f^_ Tl.c idea tliat Cbarlcn' VVaio bi a comiptton of C'hnrlea or Cliurla 
■ error, Th« Cliailes i» not tn rtuy way oonuevted witli the A. S. (tort 
■ :<~>rm9, htit rcfor»to the Einpen>rt barU-a. the Cliailt^rna^o of romnDce, 
»bi». iM .>i«-u»*;f tclU ii*", in ih'i Tfitre' of thf Mi'fft. was pbieo-l hy CaUioitv • ami*ng>4t the 
atarri- ■^iiven,' and wbu waa addie«»ed by the pritwla of Aii bi-Cliaj.olle aa ' Ret inimdi 
In ■ J«ii Chrixti citntv-gnator.' The Wudco'a Wain of the North t>cciane the 

I ' 111 of tht; TuiitimH. Holland, in hia trAna of Su- toniiia, p. 74, tppak.* uf the 

• . - . ■ li. r-L !. vHivl N IT. ' t'u • ■'-' ' f ' -ng • CharUvntitte hi» waine,' and in 

Iff,: — 'm' - i 1 /ifrnm. viii. 35, we are told that 

' A. H. orrron. c* toturn.drit-e. In tlic Coventry Myalenea. p. :iJ;, we find ■ Chare 
§mfiy tli«i eriitfu.' ' KuUt nw etier to gode and eMr me from •innrt«,' EL Eng. Uoniilioi, ed. 
Murti«v i< J 1 5. UtHi otluir cxatuplca ia SlmiiuanD. Compare P. ' Cburyu o-wiky.' p. 70. 



fto ChsBty * ; casli^re, eorripere. 
A Chastyser ; ctutitjator, -tnx. 
A CtuMtynyns^; ra.ttitjacxo,eorrtceio, 
ChoBtlte ; cowtinencia, proprie ^vidu- 

aruin, caslitas eorporU jrcillcot 

propne v\rginum pu<Iicicia,inono- 

ffamia, inUtjntaSf eelibatviB, easti- 

motita ril{(/ioittt. 
fvu Ohaatite ; irKODlifteneia / inpa- 

•fa Chaterer ' ; fuitUn^ rjanilns, i/er- 

bosus, iofjttax, lotptatul\i^ mag- 

niTo^uuS) polilofpiMn. 

lo Chatir OS byrdur ■ ; eomicany «*r- 

nicn/ari^ ijttrrire, 
to Chattr oa a nia» ; garrufari, rcr- 

tA Chataryng'); ffarrulita$, vcrbtm- 

tn/i, Ivquoicitas. 
+R Chatoryri^f of byrdi* ; ^mftifl. 
tChatoiyng^ oa birdu; tfamtlaus, 

ttoOhatto*; Garruhre. 
*uChawyll'!(CliavyUe^ r/n' Aehafl*). 
Chuwdepysaa^; tlratujuriti, 
i Chawdewayn. \ 

' ' \U \o gude •on tholea tnekelj pe failer, wbeo he wiUt; hjm rAiu/jr* Pricte of 
0)nscienc6, 35^9. 'To vhoMty J-aini j«ul hnld |«ini in awe.' IWrJ. 5547. 
■Bot luke DOW (or charitw thuw chntl-f/ thy lrpp«B-' Morte ArUiiire, nl. Brock, 1019, 
O. Fr. eiuiitnier, ekattUr: Lat ca*iiff:irc. Stie'aiW) Barbour'i Bnioo, e<i. Ski-nt« i. 13a, jx. 
743, &c., and P. I'lowmaii, A. xi. 1 95. * See alao Blaberyn. 

' S*f<! also to Chiter an byrdi« doae. * Crrrnicari. To chntte or nu'kle like a rJinugh. 
Gnrrnhr ara. Chuttvryiih' liyrdts, Hinn'ng birdcB. Oarrio. To bjtbhle or cbftttti ; to Xalkn 
BUioy woordtMi folislilye ; jiroperly to ohirpo or duttter m a liinle.' CVtoper. 

' ' OarruIUtu, Chftttyiig; janglyng; iMbbliog ; busie talkyng. Hauca ffarrultla$ at- 
eontm. OviU. ChAttyng of ^lies.* Cooper. * BaUlUtrtit, f. A tiUletatUe; a|)ratii|^ goanp; 
ft babling hu><wife ; n ehntttug or olmitcring minx.* Cotf^ve. ' Oarruh. To Jai^:e]ya. 
MedulU. 'Som vm^ dlraunge vi]AVf erynuie cfiitert/nQt.' Trcvifia's Higdt-ii, ii, 159, 

• See note to Ch&fte. In Wriglit's Political P^'Cius (Cnindtn Soc.) p. ^40. we fin'l, 'to 
ehttvle ne to obydo,' i.e. to jnw, ftml fault. In Slnnno MS. 1571, Inaf 4(4**. in given m 
curious prMcriptiuu ' (or bubij'Qgc vndur l>e rJifUe,^ Hin pnnL-i|>al ingredient uf vrhiob U • bl 
cat, ' Jiranctu. A gole or m chairld.' Vocabuliwy, MS, HaiI. icx)3. In the Mokut of 
G«mo. MS. Vespafl. B. xit. leaf 54^ mention is tnmle vf thu ' iaivle-irone' of a wild boar. 
' Bucca, mala in/rrior. 'l''Iia clieekt:, iawe or iowll.' .Inniutt. 

' Col'^r^vts ^ivtM ' Ptxte-rhaaiie. AburntPiue; alw) ibeVcnGrian flux ; the Gonorrbtraa, 
or contAgiooB rijiiDini;.* Tlie Ortus curiously exphiLiiii 'tSfmN^urMt: 'K' pyme; 

dt^cuilOB m'fif ^Hiim ;tn(tatim micturiuni' 'A recipe for the cure ofCAip '■»ivpi'7. 

Isgiv«nin !hIS. Unit'ln. Mc<L fo. 398.' HalliwoU. 'Strunguria.othurt^*-^ - > " ' ^*'n« 

ttiUieiduim, & uf our old farriers (nocording to the Frcncu uAint!) chvwriefi lie 

hone ti provoked to stale often, 8c voidnth nothiog but a fewdi-o[Mt — which the 

ptiysitUas tay, either throogh the Bharpnem of the urine, or by lome exulcuntiion of the 
bladder, or elae byiiUHuifiof»nineikpoMttinie in the liver or ktdnitw.* Topwll, f/ui. of Pour- 
footed Betutw, t-d. Rowland, 1673, p. 304. I know of no olhitr ioRlanue of ihe word except 
in the uurioufi O. Fr. piHim ' Den xxiil Maniferm de VtlaioK,' Paris, 1833, ed. Franc 
Jklitihfil, p. 13, wlicrc wo r«adi — 

* Si »it:ut plenty de gmme, Mai ki lea fiuche rechiin«v 

Flent/ He ft\i>m et de gaunlml £t plate kj ne puiil naer.' 

£t u aient Ic chQd^-piut, 
Junieaon glveji * Cluiudpetae : (iunori^flea,* and rdfors to Polwart. F^. ^aude^pitH,. 8ea 
P. Cowepvi. 

* A recipe for ' Chaudewjme do boyce ' u li^wi It given in liber Oan Coooniia, ad. 
Morris, p. 25- 

*Tako amallr Dotea. sohale out kumolo. 

Am )ioa d(>BO of almondcs, fa^TO and wolo 

Frye horn in oyle, Jwn •cthe hora ryjt 

In almonde mylke |«t in bryjt ; 

|?en Jh»u ff''ha]|e do in fiourc of ryc« 
8eo iiIm> ibid. p. 9. for nnnthcr reoipn for 'Ch^iudim ; for wy 
oumpOMd of oho[iped liver ami eittmils boiled with blood, bro»L-,J. i^ lov. vinc-^'ur. p^ripor. 01 

And also ofwr pouilor of *py<M ; 
Fry o|i«r curDOK-* lM?»yi!e alio, 
Coloiire Jwu h(l with nalron or (-ou fer gori. 
To diven \^i invto hnt wIkiH \M nrt. 

Willi |k. 




to Ohftufb ^ ; ealt/a^xcM. 

A Chafer '; m/<f/(irtonum, ttutra, co- 

& Chaumbertf (Chanitfr A.); «amora, 
thafamuHy tr'tKUi^aif zeta, cou- 
eluue' versna — 
^EH aponsi thaJamttE, eameram 

die «B« xcoJaris, 
Ac BetTcta toca temjpli penetralia 


u ChaumberlayxV " ; fainfrarh^, rrc- 
ditan}t4, cnbicuhiriiis, p&ranim' 
/>Aufi, funu/thna. (alamuta. 

Ohaumpe * ; jrUcvcupcdo^ jnterstt- 

a Chawnae ; ea$ns aduersus «st, 
aujipicium prosjiei'um eai, for- 
luitus aduertma e^t vel pros- 
per, tfueutus, fainm, fors aAlh- 
tivo -to, tfCCdtfiOj 5«cc«Mtw proaper 

& Ohawnceler; ranceltariv*, Metif- 

tanttji, apocripfiarins. 
aChawncery; eauceUaria, 
to ChawDge ; o/ioraro, a?/cmare, 

t-antinj, Jieet^tSy muiartij cauimu- 

1 Chawngoabyl ; mulahilis, commutft- 

ffi^is. ^fff'jrililis. 
a Chawngixige ; mulaciOfComnmiano. 
ta Chawnginge dath"; inutafvriutn. 
*a Chawnt/T ; pamphoninta-, raniorf 

precentor, guccmlor, faf/artus. 
a Chawntry ; t-anUtria, 
a Chawntury ; prccKrUura, 
a Cheftane ; Arrhi(fn<:\\9f capit^nmu, 
a Cheke ; ffena, Itucca, buccella,faux, 

via fa, majnlia. 
K Chekebone ; i^i a clutfte, 
a Chekyfi ; pt^lws, ptdliculus <Jtmin- 

tChokyn mete • ; ipia. 

and gtniifer. iVnother fur ^Chamthm furSwnntiea* UKiven }n Houxcliold OrdinauccB. p.441. 
Sm »Uo .SI'VUW MS, I30t, leaf 63. M.S. Harl. 1735. Itdtf 18, ^■<it» the fntlowing recipe — 
'Chiitidon Fau} of SMiuitx-fl. Tnk \*> Iaau of )« twfkimeit. h. wiuiclie hem wel, akoure |»e 
guttyi with *alt, Bcth) ftl to-^dre. Tak of |w flenohe; hcw» It iin&l, & \c g-uttja with 
aJLe. Tak bred, g^ngerc & Eatlng^e, Canel, gi^nd U & t'l-mpre it vp with hred ; uoluur 
it with blood opB with brent bred, smod it vp with % lytyl viotfCTB : wello it ai to-gyderw.* 
'Bcvffj motun, stewed feywund, Swan with \ii(i Chawdvyn* J. Ruwcirs Bukeof Norture 
la Babew Book. ed. Farairall, p. 48, 1 688. 

' 'Cbarconl to chav^ftn tbe knv)te.* Auturs of Arthur, it. 35. *Hc8ctbedu poti^ and 
ti fild; and ta ekavfid [wilf/actuM e»t], Kod seidu, Vali, or vttl, I am hut.* Wydif, Iwijih 
aliv. 16. SecaUo Eatbcr i. 10. 

> A e»ucc{.An. Dame Eliz. Browne in her wilt, Puton Ijettors, iU. 4661. beqacaths 
*zn^-' • - '-TLT cAc^er uf lattui with a tyou upuii tUe Ijrdde, ij ciba/ert of brasae, Mid ^ 

)iui; ■.«; 

■ iJi ;^ ofn Chamberlain toe Bnbecu B^^ok, od. Fumivall. pp sg*^ uid iGS'Qi 

• ' JattrcapeHo, Cio. A ii)tace or panae: a Rjtaoe of time or plaoe hetwene.' Cooper, 
*Ckaump€' U the word always uM.-d in the uiar^^rinnl dirfi-tiuos for the JUundimtor of th« 
Curpus(Oifor\l) MS- of thv Canterbury Tales, when a small ioitifO Li to be iiinde. *VjfHel* 
(vur ' vignette ') i» u*al for the large letters. Ad exAinplc niay be seen at the hegiuriing 
of M-Tend uf the Itltnm in thi: pn-nAit work. The wcribu hn* left 11 mihuw to be filled in by 
the {Uauiinatur «il)i the proper L-upilul letter, which fur the guiuunce uf tho lutler in 
written Hmall. It is not an uniuaual thing Ui find theiie rhaupipta in MSS. uu&lled in. Tbe 
Ortus eipUins infciyvi/>f<M n« * riUtuntia Ivmtis H inter dvcu pariftca. See an oxaniple Id 
AddJt 3»,556in Mr. Way's Introd. p. xl. 

• * MtUatoriHfn. Pmh uiiilicruni vustimentoruin ; fuirf(e tin i^UmfHt d*'femnti>,f>rte tie 
fAriiu.' iS. Hior) DAmia. ' Mutatorium. A chatingj'ng cloih.' M«<lulla. Wydi^ 
T ■ ■ '" iks of •ic'iiinifts in ilu' frount liaiiyedd nod rA(iuM^fi«</ fJ"'A<#.' Thr Ortua 

I'lir/i as ' tfjfu prift-liMa ftro r/aa titmrnilit aim tantiUar : awjlicc, a prccyoua 

V ^-nL^u cloLbe, ur a holy dayi- clothe. r( hnhritu quorlo liltnt rttfuOL, V, 

cap in ihti Vulgate, Tfjitrif mulaiorian dnpUrn^. 

• '■'■i'/mi- cliykwe«le.' Ortus. In N<»rfv'!k, aecording to Forby, the 
'hickfnt mfoi. A. S. einna mcttt olsine. Aelfric. Tbe name is also 

endive, and dross com. ' Cliikne-mete, intiba.' Wright's VoL of 

^'iKj(b p. 14Q. 



Chokery ; pammn gaxccarinttif: 

a Chekyr ' ; aeacenrium, 

•to Chepe ; (tuunt (metYan, com- 

m^rcan, nfiudiwtn, n«j/o(-wri,A.)- 
*Chepe ; j;i-enum ((fc cetera ; tbi 

prK-e A.), 
a Chepyng« ; tawaeio, 
a Chore ; vnttaB. 
a Chery ; c^rraMutn, 
ft Cherytre ; Mra^ug. 
a Cheryatone j efrra}>eti'a, 
to Cheriachi! or dawnte (Cherya or 

to daunt A.)' ; hlaiuHlnicUtre. 
*a CheaabyU« ^ ; casula^jnfula,}*lar 

*A Cheaae boUif (Che«bowIl< A.)*; 

to Cheae ; eh'f/ere, deetrper*, ckKg^trt, 

legtre, se-'itjcra. 
Cheoo ; C(ijf«u.*, cantolui, fomUUa. 
ft Chea&tt^; e<Xjwwt/iin,jnnuoi,AlrZ/d, 
a Chealep ' ; la<th. 
a Cheeyng<* ; f^eci'o, dil«etu», 
Chessa ' ; «caccuit A, 
A Oheatafi * \ , , , . 

A Cheatan tre ) ' 

a Cheualry ; lailioia. 
to Chew; mtufticart. 
tu Chaw cud (Chewe ]>e ouyde A); 

' ' TbeDtip tlid Kyng abkei h ehthhertt 

And calii a dAniBnrl bene,* Avowynge of Artlmr. eil, BotMon, Iv. i. 
In tlie Romance of ^r FunimbrBA, p. 74. I. J 214, NnymM in d^scribiug ihe amnsemtoti* 
of tb« French knights sfty^ — 

' t^Q ^nt willie^ to leiic at hauie plft^ep to !« nrhekirre* 
On tho HiRinr^-, Ac, of the tiiuiie of CliesM, see nula to uiy ediliuu of iJie &e«(it Rvmanorwmt 
oluiptur xxi. ]]p. 45<), 460. 

* In Piers iMowinau, ed. Rktf\t, B. it. 117. wg have 'oWMryn ekeHu'inpJ' in the mom 
of thi.' pBin[Htriug ur t>|K>ilin}; of cIuKtreo. Uotgrave gives ' Mignoltf. Tu iIaiiiIIc, fedJl*, 
oocker. chcriidi, handlo getitlv.'cntortaine kindly, tiee tendoily, niiike n wnnUm ot.' CL 
aliw DawBta. 8eu CbauixT, Tn>ylufi, Bk.iv. at- jjo.anil AUil. Puem*, ed. Murrt«, B. ia8. 

' DHme KItz. niMwiie in Iut Will, Pak^um L«ttor8, ill, 464, iiieiiUoiiv *an awho ; j 
ckeny)tfiiU, with a »to\c, and all that buhingcth ih>rl4».' 

* Lyte, Dodoeiu. p. 200, tMyn that the roote of Ihi^cs-tooth in * long' \ c1«ndor lylce to 
a Chrhol.' ' Ptjuot, in. Puppie, Chi-esbowls. OUclJc, t. Poppie, ChuMballM. ot <;'hi''?9o, 
bowles.' Cot^rare. ' Popart r. Popie or l^caboull.' Cooiter. £>ee oIm I' <>. 
Cht-M!bi)II«. 'A Chcseboulo. Ta/iarcr.' WiUial*. ' CheiiboUu. Aw/Ki/HJrer. 1 -a 
aepula.' Wriglit'a Vol. of V«>cah. pp. 190-1. In the Ct'ittiilai/nt a/ tiiiAtnnii . t-i. itiuirwy, 
p. 94, whuii Sextus Titrquiniuti ml-tiL tu enquire Irmu Iiih fathi^r wiml t.-(Minit! he iihuuM pnrstie 
in iinler U\ Iwtmy Gnliii, * AM Tarqujne guf lut iLn>iiiur tu tht! niBaf:ii)t,'vr, \*^'l tuik« his 
Btaf, and MOio \\wi thrtjclit his gnrdin, ■»>! quhgur that he gni <'tiy chrmfiolH* that ^cnsa bio. 
he vtraik Uie bddia fra thrni vitht his tttS. nnd did no thyng to the lltil ehanbUti:' 

^ ' ChttMr/al, CkeKt'ttt. The mould in which ohveatM &10 maile.' Pu-icuck'ti OIom. <yf 
Manley, &o. Hoc note to Frala. ' CoMearium. A day houae whcra ch«eM is made/ 
Cooi>«r. ' /Jai/lmt. Any muJl hur>]Io or any utenull of wattcil i>xii-r. or wicker. Sx., hc»v«. 
a (.'boeAO-fat. or Cheeiifuunl theroof. C'tf^otlt. A Che«fi>rd. orChoetfatt ^of wiokor).' 
Cotj{T»ve. • Multratt. A cheafiitt or a dt^ye* payW. FivcrlUi. A leep or a oheafatt.* 
Medulla. * A obeevD-falte lo prena the cb»Bo in. Fivcdla ret Jitnaa tvuMtn'a.' Wiihala. 

* ' Ck<f$elcp. A ba^ aaa4 to keep i.he rtmiiet for injtking die««>,' auconlici^ lo ICay. 
but Petcork'n CJliVM. givt-fl ' (.1iee&e-l»p. CheiJup, tba iJriuil stomach of a cnlf u«cd for 
curdling milk fur cLtraw-.* a« a I.imx>]njihin' wmd, .vid witli tliier th** Oritu* ajfrfwa : ' Itietit 
ett iiiiilile ft tfueni fitlticu-lti in i/nn liie coagnUttur in vtmtrt /<!■ ' ' '■» 
LoHrthy 'the Hinall (,1111011.' In Wright's Vni. of Vooali. aia. w K 

,Thf wnrti in cnrnpoiindtii] of A.S, U'Hh a b-iikol; aoo P. Bw^ii^ji ,.y'. , i. , - ... .i.^p. 

Cf. * C'be* wlyp womif , otherwyno called Robyo Goodfclowo bia Iowm, 7'yf m.* liulook 
'* Sec Chokyr aUtve. 

* ' BalanttoM. Akindeof roandechewtetii.' Ocxi(>er. * CVjmiur. Admlony tre. ^Aa/unw, 
idmC Medulla, * Chuittni'/nf- A clxranut. ('haMni'jnitr, A cheweu ur vhesniit trec^' 
Co^nvo. Ital. rwUttjnit, from Cartanta in TheMuUy, iu native ptiwie. In Aclfrtc'j Gloat. 
iM giv»n ' Ctutnne.a, cjrstel. rel cy*l-bc-Am,* whence Mr. Wright mplaina cAa>/au< u the nul 
of tb« ey«^trt■e. 



to Chyde * ; titiijare, eertare, dt cetera; 

wbi to fivic (il\'1t A.), 
tto ly irt ChUbed; d^ctimbertf de- 

** Ohllbed ; pwcrpfnitm, (Ucuhu. 
a Ohllde ; /Jrtrww/ua, jnmo, yiwr. jn- 

/a«s, infantiUM», piuiHiis, pwrw 

Ais, pttflhlus, sobolfjf; pueriJis, 

par^clpium ; pi^nua, prol^ / in 

fantilis, jn/aaluosuB. 
to be Childeyslu ; puerare^re-tpuer- 

ancere, rt-. 
•to Chnde* ; pArturife, eniti, fitare, 

parere, profiiudare; uewus — 
^^etainit vnU- parere «ed non 
unit Via payfre. 

h Childo berer ; ptt^rpera. 

tto make w»tA Childe ; grnutdarf, 

prrgnarv, jnfjrc^/nnre. 
a Ohilde hede ; itt/aneia, jntvrieia* 
tOiildely; puerilitt^r. 
a Chymnoy ■■ ; caminus, ej/it^astenum, 

fuiittriuin, fumfvalfj^ 
*ft Chinche (Chynahe A.)*; tenax, 

<fr cct4!ra; tfl»t rnwaliu. 
Chinchery ; UnaeiiiM, <£* cetera ; vbi 

a Chine; eatliena, cathinuUt, eaitUa, 

catJiendia; eathonatUB participi- 

a Chyn ; moifutn • mentutns ^rfici- 


' ' I lykfD the to * lowe, frr tbou arte svercAyrf/njr At mete.* Palagmva, p. 6l I, ool. }. 
In the UhLici;! Uukr. ed. Furnlvall. p. 35^. I. 101. w« »rv L<.<1()— 

' Letia my jnur cher« be Inwty. blylbe aiid haJe^ 
Witbout« obi<Iynf;e ae tliat yee wolde fyhte.' 
WjcHr, in on«of hm diMribts agiunat the fmra, says that they 'chidm Sl Btttenumwdfl 
bountln. 9l flwotvD hcrte & booy^.' Engl'uh Work*, ed. Matthew, p. 216. 

' ' J*ueqteriuat, Plin. The Ume of a woman*! tniiaylevith childo or lyingfin. Saeton. Ilia 
bftbooriiifiuit deUvere«l. rarfurfo. To labour or trauayle with childo.' CVwptr. Fr ei\fi$ntcr~ 
In W'yclifs vereion of Genans xix, 27, 38, we reatl; 'The more doujtir ehiMMe aootie, 
acid ultpide bii uKuie Moab .... and ibe lesoe doujtir thftdUU a aooe, and ckpido bit 
name Amon, that i«. the mmn of my poplo.' Sco nlno Luko i. 57 ; Romauco of Partetiay, 
1157 ; Ormiilnm, 156 ; Otita Homanorum, p. 30t), ko. In the Cursor Mundl we rrad— 
* par dw«liid or lauedi wit hii ik««, Aud at hir oAtii/i'ny waa helpand.* 

Til ion waB bom, a wcl godd peoe, Ed. Morns, p. 634. 1. 1 1057, 

•Pario. Tochyldyn. Vir general mHUerqut parit ted ffimitttaynif. Partttrio. To ympyn, 
betyn, or chyldyn,^ Medulla. Compare * A woman hade vij chUdt:r at oun cbildunge,' 
Thrriva'i Rtgdcn. 1. 20$. 

* The ori^nal meaning of *f:himDey' waa • 'fireplace,* aa in (he following—- 

* Damcrflele, loku tber b«, Fagattuj of fyre ire 

A &yTe in the ehymeney That fetchyd wae ^are.' 

Sir Degrevant, Tlioraton Kom. p. 234* 
So alao— ' His fete er like latoan brijjht 

Ala Id a ehifmut; brynnand light.* PrickeofConndcnco, 4368. 
Saa alio Morte Arthurv, ed. Brock. 168. 3041. Jainieiton aayi, 'ami-ug "mo\-eaUU heir- 
kcdiip,' we 6nd ra«nt)<^ned, "ane bag to put money in, ane etdcruik, kne ettimnry, nne 
mirr-pot.'' Barrow Lawcs, c i J5, ( i.' Iu the Romance of Sir Ftcrumbras, E. £. Text 
Soe. L 3077. we read — 

* Tan waa ^er on a eAymmay A ^yt fyr ]nt brente red.' 

And [n the B<ike of Curta^t* ^Babet^A [k)k«, ed. Knmivali), p. 192, 1. 460, we find amongut 
Ike dutiw of the Oroom of tlie Chiunlvr, that 

' Fuel to rhi/mne hyra fallo to gvte.* 
'CktWHiUt, f. A chimney." rotgr.ivr, 'Citt'iinti*. A ohimney : a fiiniAyMx' Cooper, 
Qdnmiev. in the modem %enau of the word, werv not common until the reign of Elizabeth. 
Thua Harn*nn, in bin Dc»cr^t. 0/ Enylnntl, ed FomivuU. L 33S, say*. "Now have we 
vunie <hip>ni<* : and yet our tendcrliitgd comploine of rheumes, catArrha, and poeea [co/cii 
in tiU Aou/] ; ib^n had no non« but reredonoa [oj>m A«aWA«] ; and oor heaaH did neYar 
ak*.* Beealan t^-ii/ y\\, 139 40. 

* In HiTtl'^k 'K K. Text Soc. ed. Skeat). 1. 3941. we are told that he hegnn 

■ lilt il. ii-li'- Mitn tti fcatc wel So t«t bo wcrcn alle richo ; 
\S lib ri'-'tit; inudea and cattti, For he waa lai;ge and uoutb cAiiieAe.' 





a Chippe ' ; as«u7a, ^piinquUie. 

toOhlppejc/oAire.ft cetera; vbitohew. 

a Chire ' ; ije.nimen, 

a Chyme ; vhi a kyrne. 

a Chesellr ; rW/is, c^/rum, acalprtaat 

ecafpuliim, acaJprujr. 
to Chiter os byrdid doee ' : garrire, 

•a Chit«rlyiig4 * ; hiUa, 
Ohooyn; tlectaSf aei^ctus, comparan- 


ta ChoUar (Ohul1er« A.) • ; qwmt$r, 

& Churle'; hutittus, Cftlcttfo, ruiUiaaa, 

Oanlf I. 
t)>* Ciotiea ; tdatica. 
a CimbeUfl^; ^imbdUij -lum, 
Ciment ; cimeututn. 
Cinomome " ; mtatnom rnn. 
tft Ciplrtro * ; <M';>r«««iu ; cfpr$»' 

#i'tiur« ; cenus, pro arbort it 


Otiwer alito asen the word tn tho Confi.-as{o Am^inlio, vol. Ji. p. aR8. bikI Skdtoo fau 
* CMjfnclierde* Aw.'ordiug to Halliwfll the iiubetantiva u founJ m Ocolcve— 
*AntJ aiDimge utlkur tltingin tknt jowre vUne, 
JJe infeclu with iti> wreocJiiJ ckinrherU ;' 
Ktvl alao {d Chaucw, Mdihrua, p. i6j. * A clniuhe; parrrw.* Mftnlp. VocaJi. 'TVwur: 
■pftryng, nigipuh.' Qjoper. Sea Colfiravo ». v. Chicht. and St.'\ v ! 1 344. 

' Pakgrftve^vea '1 ohyppe btenl, j>rArt/>/>f//^ rfi« /wyn .... '/m ;«rirt .... 

and^'r /Ntvrc <iM ;>aiM -- chtp|>tui^of brca<]. Mu/i;W^rf.* * /iMJi/a. /. ■ ii>i- '■< >ittbri ; b iUb« of 
iinvthin({. CViper. *C'h>ptiingB nnd purines of brewl, quUqHttia.' Bitr«t. See ll«be«i 
BQke (E.E.TuAl Soc ed. FumivRll),!.. 84. 

' A bl&do ofgrus, or uijplADt. 'Chytr of gnuue.' I>ravU>n'a IJarmantt. 1591. 

* * Sparuwo u a eheaterinde binl ; c/i«i/frffi tjuor uni rliinueO.' Aiicmn liiwie, p. 151. 
• A« euy nwftlwe ehiicrymj on a heme,' Cliauoer, Millf,reH TjUb, 73, C T. JJfS. * Tliay 
may wul rhnteren mm dun tbue iayes.' ChnnoniiB YeoicAiiii) Talo, .)S(S. ' ] rhifttfr, a* a 
yontfo bjTde dnihu bt'foro ehe can BMige her tune. I fhyttrr. 1 make aob'i-^ ■ - "■■'ke 
vf auiall byrduA du wtiun ttivy bu tuguthur. ./« fa/^uwTi<.-.' Palsf^vu. In xm- 
lation of Hk'-lau'ti I'olychnjiikot), i. i,i<), the ward in u»cd uf Lhe iLarUD^ : .:_- ..uHltli 
tlian ehetcrctk the at&rv.' 8e« alsu i7;iW. u. 159. 

'Hhti mthall no wurde msy souue But cAt/re and «■ a hrid jar][(oune.* 

Oowor. od. Paidi. n. 5»8. 
See alao Chancer, C. Talei, 33 18. Wydtf say« that a confticed ooIm ia ' aa )jrr inyca and 
pye» ckaUriden* Works, lii. 479, and in hi» trwwlalion of Deutenmotiiy, xviii. 10, Seo 
ftUo I*. Plomnan, U. xH. 153. ' Garrio, Toohyteryn aa bypdys. Ourritut. A ohyt«yng.' 
Me^lulla. Sec alto to Clialer. 

* In the Nom«nt-lnti)r, 15H5, we find *a hacgifw ; name call it a ohittnrlini^. flomea hojf's 
tiarslet :' and Barvl ^nvm *a cliitlerlin(f, omtuuin ; R gut ur chitlerlin^ hanjp-d in tUi* 
■nidkc, hilla infumaia' ' Ililln ; a miialla (^tte or ctiitlcrlynj; aalt^Kl.* Cooper. E»e« 
Burteos Soo, Trana. ix. 57. * FriqumMa. Hlcndur and suiiUl cbittcrlinga or liukn.* 
CbtffmTM. In Ncckaiu** Treatiiie De l'te»*'ilibtui in ^Vn^'bt'■ Vol. of Vooab. p. 104, KyUa 
it gloBWKl by ' aundulyes.* See nlso Cot^ravo j. r. A ndontUe. 

* A btffgar. Lat. quitittor. See FerdoDeT«, bolow. 1 know of on!v 1- 
word. rix.. in an iinpublihhi.-0 tract nf Wvclir. in a M.S. of Trinity ۥ 
htiipealuof 'freriaand cAM^/rrix.* Prok-ilily rmni French *rwoV/rar. /' ^ 
ft picker, chuRor, or culler.' Col|,'rave. 

* (?WZo and Gilio art' apparently fWmi tbfl Gaclio giU-a, ffioita, a boy, a nerraat, wbcaoa 
the Scotch (jitlif^ OUhn, exactly anawunt to our cUnlfinpprr. ' ftiliQ : A oherlo. 6tt6o .• 
rtuticua.' MeJuUa. Coti^uvo giTt?* ' t'tt ffroa viattoujtt. A bt^ lout ; aUo an nuifly luaha 
or du«terfi«i; also a Hebe eharlc or fat diulfe.' '1 NayarArr^ bath dun a chef let dwdo.* 
Ohaiioer, Sompnouret Tale, 3 J06. • Ctiurle or oarle of Die oounlroy. i'</rM Ittuitcanu$^ 
Buloet. Sue aloo Curio. 

' Compare P. Chyimue B«lle. " Seo nUo Canylle, a^<0Te. 

* *CipfysMu». A cypyr tre.' Wrijjht'a VoL of Vooab. p. 191. In Sir Ej^'lamotu, od. 
BalUwellt L 335, «rc road — 

' Cy/nrr (rvyw tliaro gnwe nwt« longs, 
C!n<le hertya thar« walko them amoogv' Sea alau I. 177. 

■Tico at the 

lU. wlitff« 
r , » rea|Mrr, 



a Fare of cysora^- forpex,fojyecuia. 

tt Clateme ; cisterna. 

a Cito; ciwt4U^ ciuitacttla ; eiuilis 

jmrticipium; vrbt; vrhanus. 
a ClC«ayii ; tiuis. 

Can/« I», 
Clay'; arrfiUa, ttr^//«j»u% ctnvm; 
etnotut, ijixtoini&j CfnoUntu» ; y/i>, 
gliUua, Umu-i, lutuin ; luUiuSf 
/ufujrUH, liUufentxi» ; ver«rua ! 
U/uiuya lulo Mnnm, quibyxA add4 

volutibra finvm, 
Gtaria vcl fjU^ait, glit tti Of'jiVa 
ta Clapltto (Cloy pltt< A.)'; ar^il- 


A Clappe ; vhi bufTet (A.), 

to Clappe handle ; coutjdoderet tx-, 

plaudere^ cod-. 
a Clappe of a mylno " ; taratatUa- 

to Claryfie ' ; darifware. 
Claryfied; clarijicatxxs. 
tft Claspe ' ; offcndiXf ntpiacuJuvn, 
ttoClaape; sujttarv. 
a Oathe; ^iinus, dt cetera; vbi 

ta Clathe maker; Janifex* 
a Clawe * ; ^ano/o/uB. 
to Clawe ; ftieare, tcalpere, 
a Clawae ; elatuaj clausula diminn' 

)i° Cley(Clfl A.)of abesta*; vn</uZa. 


CiflwxH. Forfeeula' Muiip. Vocab. 


>i-'«n.> witb, farftx^ Baret, 
Sec V. Cynowre. 
irmHM. 5fjrriti And (lurtia.* Coopor. The MrdulU dulinguuhe* 
luiiii^, |{emlt!ni, Slc, uf tlie tliree Ijit.m wunl^ ijl\4 a« fuUowM : 
' CiX'tA nnim'il, t}IU terra tmaXt tjli* Inpptt rtuvi/wr; 
J/ic auinuit, he terra tenajc, hrt Inpptt roMlw*/ 
-Jiia nuimiil, 'tis terra tenax, -tit Upp^t rocatur.* 

• 'A elaypit, a place whert- cla^ is dijrffcd ; ar^llttum.' Baret. * Arf/tUUre, f. A day* 
jiit ; or R plot wliero-in i'nttpm-clav u i;ott«n.' ' Ultiire. A whitUh »nd Hliiuie aoylc : 
gUtirtHX. Sliinio.' (.'vt^r^ve. Coniporo Glayro, b«low. 

* I'rrhApc tbc tame a* CIapp« of a mjrlnft. 

" 'A mil cUcke. CrcpilartUnm.' Barct. ' Claqiut de mouHn. Tho dnppOT «r clack of a 
I r,' Cot^raTe. ' Tarotantara. A §evp, or the tre that l^-th vndrr the seve. 

m .- tnba dnnifere^ Tel/nriHnm colore.' McdolLa. See alwi MUno Clappo. Tn 
iiii- .wriiriiti* of Inwyt ^K. UText Soa ed. MorriH), j8, we Hnd it ott ' [)e elepyer of |»e 
melle.' See Cl'nuccr. PurtoneK Tale, p. 406. 'CUp uf a mill. A pit-cu of wood that 
■ukMaawse in t)iv liineofgr'mdiug.' Jaiaieeoa. h.iinTuwu, klapptr^kleppet. * JiatiUumt 
ft clakke.* Wright 'e VotwK p. 180. 

' lT«ed her^ flouhtlcM In the aenRe of making clear or fining tiquMs ; cf, Otere aa ala 
Off vyne. beluw. The Anthar of the CBtbnltcun nowhere times Ctanu in th*> seiiie of nob)o> 
fflonJu. but WycUf, Juha xti. 33, huA, • l^Vlir, cltrijlt ihl name,' and HalUwcU quotw 
bom HS. Catiib. Fi: v. 48, luaf 90— 

*A TOloa coma fro hevene thorc I haf clnr^td the, be uide.* 

♦ * dfmdix. A knnl iiff byndynir of botjn/ Metlulla. 

* 'QaryQphilH The apifw rAUal chttut. (inrt/ophiUu^. The clone gitoeflower,* Oooper, 
1984. Bee alio Clowe of sarleke, nod Clowe, j^trio/oJM. 

' * Vnymhi. A dee.' Mnlulla. Wlibftla ^ree ' the deyee of a fi)ah, na of Lopst«ni, or 
mchfilber. Ch«UtS ' La bras iTum Scorjfion, TbecleyeeorelaweaofaBOorpioa.' Cot^nive. 
' ilnwhi4 Mnfre. The cleea." Coftper. C'Uew U found in Gower, ii. 39 — 

*A« a cat wutde ete nicblt Withoute wetynjf of Uh cleet •' 

acd in F. Plnwmaa, 0. L 17 a, * to his e^ee* clawoo uo.' See tbo dlrecttoos for * pjggei 
ftuiyd ' in the tibtr Can docarum, ed. Morrii, p. 36, 

• po«l4tit pyg^ «hall* b« Fctti>n<!d in )« cb<«ke, aa mot Mi >«•* 

V ■« tiuj Hurtn in Exwlut x. 36, where Muotn addr>:aiiof{ Fbanuih tayfl — * There 

' -Bfr ft ei^r of the tMnii^ thnt ben n<cenarie.* See also Gmatt xlix. 17 and 

'" bi toohowaCud, luid Miui')eviUu'iTnivt:Li. ed. Halliwell, p. 198. 

"< J ii -itill k-'pt up in £Mt Anglia ; «e Nalt'n Glow-ry of Varmouth, 

a*; > nj'iift. A'.iLo. Moduila. A. 3. el4, dca, eieo, pL cMw. 



a Clog*'. 

•a Clekett * ; efauis. 

•Clone; jntemeratQS,jncorrvpta»,jn- 
coutamiiuUils. Jntactxis, huufi^tus. 
ilUbfilua, imJit/teulatah, illimis, tn- 
pttliiluSj iiH7iiolalu», miiuJuh, pu- 
T\w, Mfrenua, Mint-eruH *. 

vu Olene; jnejcpiatiilisj inmundaSfjn' 

Cleoie rynyxig« * ; «/iV/uus. 

a Clennea ' ; hon«9tas, mutulicta,p%4- 

rkas, nitbCeriius. 
vn Clonaea ; jmmnodicia, jmpudt- 

cicift, jmj'uriUts. 
tOleimesaabyUd ; expiabii'tat p\irga- 

tvu Clenceabyllfi ; jtiexpiahilUt jn- 

to Cleuse ; ac^rare, prodUicitur] ce, 

2^Kr](U'erai'c, colan.\ JeAptiutafe, 

illimarv, il'uerc, Hmarc, U</'iarey 
luert, ah-, liuitrare, mvutlare, <-, 
7».uttfff.rt, (/<-, «-, palare, parare, 
pcracerare, piare, ex-, purijicare. 

purare, pvr^m, «a>, ttryertf cfc-, 

A Cl«n0yng« ; eol<teio» defecaeia, A- 
li^acio, d^litjuameu, rrpiacia, 
ejrpiameu, «g:'ur(/acio, lustrmcio, 
iMtnm^a, lustrum, pittflfj, piacu- 
ittm, purgadoj purifameu^ piiriji- 

Clensynfc^ ; 6olaTii^defecan9tii<JHOt\n\i, 
it cetera. 

Olere; c/arus, jfrK%fuhjiii}xa\ pn-, 
j)*^rxptcuM6 ' ; rersus : 
^^'sf aqmt j>vi«pieua \ sunt wlU 
ephibus, /rtcu/pn/U8, iiwpidaM, 

liKukntMB, nxlidia, politio, 
fAiiMB, pvrtfat{i% isiditt4n%, 
8ei-enM9, aiw.emh, stilus, apleu- 
didns. d'. octera ; v\>i cicne. 
Olere as aXe or wyaa * ; d^iftcatas^ 

pitryatw^, perspuims. 
to Clore ; ciarerv, -rcsccrr, -rar*, dt-^ 

elarijicaret cincidurVj iUuminare^ 

punfirare, serenart. 
*a Clorge '"; clerun, cUrlmonia. 

' A deg in Uk> Nortfaeni tenn forn (fad-Bj. Baret gives * A doggv-flie, HtUpHffa,* and 
Cooper biu * isotifjunga. Pijuuivn, tliatla ttieiaiiiie ■f.ageiUMtrektriDeittt}'.* 'Ji.c\^ggm, 
flee. Soiiptittga.' Manip. Yocab. 'He^. glog. A gadfly, a horae-fly.' Jaiuieaon. Daaiab, 
ktaeg, tnhnnun. 'The uiilalit woman .... wily tliati a Tdx, niinKif* a^ the c/fy.* 
F«<ntun, ScotichronicoD, ii. 276. cd. l^f,^. J. H. iu tiifl trana. of Moulft;l'a 7'hnitrr 0/ 
ittwKfvv, 1638, p. 9j6, BnyA chat thti fly 'Citlled !n Lntine rafWinNj .... iauf the Eit^luh 
callod 11 Jturrtl'/lt/, •Sr/ir/, and Brieif* : ami also of sticking nsd clintftng, City nti'f i'tinger* 

' ' i!l€cX\ ClifJc. A mriall calcb, dmiipied to fall Intn the notch of a wheel ; ohio a donr* 
lalvh.' Nudal's Gl'WKnry of L&no. In a dooumejit of the date 1416, quoted by Ducautfo, 
a. V. Clitfuetns, it \» ordered that * Btftftonititu semper (tnrai hai-tittui rf/fctorii elau4ttm 
eum cliquelo,' Seo P. Plowmau. B. v. 613. ' CliuUa. A clykt-t." McdtUla. 

* MS. aihceriias. 

* Th*' MS. aeeius to read ryuynge, but tlie third letter ii mtlier bloltod, 

* In RvUg. Ptocw In ProH and Vvnta i^Thurntun MS. ed. Ptrry), p. 4K, I. ii, we rtwd, 

' the Uoly Gwttt sail acndo two niaydyas .... the one is callede Rightwyuuea and >•_ 
toLher at called LufPa of i'lmne»,' Chaucer, C. T. Prolo^c, £05, says— 
' W'el ouglile a pre&t enaample for to liva. 
By bis ritnnfMe, how that liis schcep »chul<le lyte.' 
'Pitriiat. Clonnes.* McduUa> Sec aliK. Tim Myrourt; ol Our Ijuiy. cd. Blunt, p. 10^ mad 
Louellcb'a Uoly Unul, ad. Fumivall, xxxvi. 416. iit^c aUo Sir Gawayne. I. 653. 

* MS, /uiymtH*. * MS. jtrotjrinm$, * MS. pro»fti£mu 
' ' riwHtii mtnumm, Oloero. deem w^rne witlimit water mixed.' Coopvr 

"'CTrrr/y. A nombroofclerkos.' Pain^rnve, r^r[;fr li common in the scnte of lenming. 
Sea P. Plnwniau. A. xi. 104, 286, &c. TbU meaniiiij wo «tiU tvUiiu m the phmae ' Benefit 
of clergy.' 



a Gierke ; c^ricus, chiim^nius, chrC- 

ft Clerenes * ; dartdo^ ctaritag, ctari- 
tilth. faaUejicitt, fiUyor, titlntr, 
limjfiditas ; lux oritur, lumtti 
aeceixdilur ; iucuieiicia. fneritan / 
versna '. 
% LtiX a neUura «ed Iuttuu ma- 
IvriaU : 
arrenitcu, n'mceritas, splendor. 
tott ( Cleyt A.) ^ ; glis, htppa. 
j^ct Clothe In zoanhode; humaiuxre. 
Clothe * ; jnduere, o^rcrirt, vMfire, 
Ufj&re, «t cetera ; rectus : 
% Induii aa oporit, amicit, vetitt^ 
IfjiC at(\ne 
rWtif , pTvdic^ seruum d«dii vsus 

Occulatj ohnuhit ^ obuntbrat*, 
rrlat ti' aMit. 
a Clothyng<; amictJXB, vtstituB^ vestis^ 

Clathyngr ; ir8ti«»9, amie^uSf Jr^- 

dufiiM, A rettni. 
ClettM of qweta \ (A.), 
to Oleve to ; /i€ri>7v ; ad'. 
to CloTO ; $arulert,Ji7uitr€,con-f dif-, 
a Clever« ; Jusor '. 
*aCIewe^; givbus, <flomu% glomera- 


A OlifTe ; elivus. 

A Clifte ; Jlssnra, 

to Clymbo ; arandere, axcfttdere, eoh-, 

trtint; supKiare ; vt, iste auperat 

to Clippe ; tondere, de-, tcjhsitare. 
[vn] CUppyd ; jnt07i$ii^ 
a Clipper ; tonsor, <<?«[ii](iir, tonttri- 

•ft Clippynge; to»»nra, tojuno. 
to Clippyn^ howse * ; (ojaonum, 

•J)« Olippys of y^ son &. moyn * ; 

erli/ppiriif eelipficiiB. 


' In the Gesta Stmanorum, p. la. we read, * Otier nur bedis jr« pMMkg* *od (oyng of 
peple. and fen Hh^'neth tho mnne in hc-rc derentne.' 

' Cotgr»ve giroi ' Sapotiar. m. The Burre ducke, clote burre, (rrtut burre : Lanpotrdef 
t. tJ.. (lienor ^reatBiure : ^'iotitfroijini. iheClot*. Bum: Docke or great Burre : Hanlame, 
i Ijurrc-dnck, or i^eftt Burre.' In V'er^Hl, (*t-orgica, i. 15,1, we read, ' OtpptK^He 

f ' ' -iid A note in tlie Delphiu ed. iSi j, sayti ' Lappti. gloaUTon. bardaoe, hurdoek; 

hbthi, CA{i'ii\xln fercDv hamia wpera, qOB vostibua pnrtereiintium&dluFrent.* Mr. Cxkftjma 
in hit GiuaBaT7 to * Lecchdnmi.' ko., Mplaina ClaU ah arctiam lappa, with ntimi'roua 
tvtermws. Rnyin hisGluMar^-ifivca 'ClutJ^c]ot«,petMiieB; nttlier bunlt>ck-«.' HMlliwell 
■"gg**** ***■'• (.U^tt U th? vellow wnter>lily ; buisee Prof. Skent'tt notion C*lia*icer, Chftnoun 
Temuinea Tula, 577. ohd hyUi. DKxUman, pp. 15, 16. 8oe Cluto. herbe in ?. aui] Bom, 
above. * MS. ohathe. * MS. obuttbrat. 

' Probablj tlie iifune a« Cln<U. which Jmuiesun explains aa ' imall ntiited ]oavc*. h*ked 
of octarktf wteaten Boar, uf which thrae were wild for five farlbin^.* HernhMigivoa 'Bulora* 
Clt>da, a kind of ooame brown wheateo bread, uaed lu Selkirk, leavened and nirroimded 
wHU » Utiik cnut, like lumps of enrth.* * MS. /o«*ur. 

* In the LegtitiHeof (l.Kide Women, Ariadne, Li3i,'nie8eaiisgiTena *clew 'of thread— 
•That by a dyvt of twyne, a« he hath gmn. 

The (tacDo WAT bu ii^ay rctnnie nn^xn, Folwyon alway the tbredef 

And in the I'd*.- in iWiUtUi 7^'fflllKo^H7n.cbap. 51, p. ii.ii, foundou on thefeamo legend, the 
Lftd/ of Sulncc AdilreMtea thr- knight who u about to r>nter tho enchanted garden — ' Take 
tH nw here a rir^t "f Uir^'d-', * whut tyine that thuwc tlialt enlrv the jf^'^y'* "^ *'>* 
r . ' ' u of the ^rdyn the begjnnjnge of the eUtee, & holde 

^ <- ill tliin Imuilc, ft *u so furthu intit tlie gardyn by 

:■ L- , . ,. ...1. dloMtui.' Httri-t, 'AcTewe, dhmai* Uanip Vocab. 

/ . t.i WyndoClowoa, The MS. reads. AiVy/v6u», /joeg/«Mu«,Aii:j//vintM. 

' Hasler Howse. 

* lo f . liifwniaii, li. xvtti- 1 35, we read — 
' And H^ i* cKuso of t>iH eiipt, fat oloeeth bow the lonne-* 

la De tWlailevUlrt'i. rilifnm.^^t of lIi- l,yf of the Manhode. MS. Johu'a Coll. Camb. leaf 
I Jibv wc iind ' Ad<»'i:iy''. kyi.'i' "'' n^litwynne*. whilkc haa power in th» eUyse, the greta 
ICaaptfbur of nntiire/ £0. ' A Uo t.)i<- > ime seoaone there fell a great rayne and a ciypu 

Y 2 




tto nrnke CUppys ; fidiptieare, 

tn Cliflter ; clhtire^ elisUi'iuntt clistro, 

& Clak6 ; ArmilauMt, 

• Glokke ' ; orohi^ium, Itoref-ium. 

a Close; 9cp(wa, con-, dawfura, clau- 

to Olose; vaU(tro,»effire,eirvftm;oh'. 
to vnCIose ; dwepire, di^eludtn. 
a Clostor " ; clav4truuit clanMlum ; 

tto Oloyko * ; {vt galina A.) ; gractdari. 
•toClotte*; occare. 
•A Clottyng malic ■ ; wieatoriuva. 

•a Clotte * ; cestjns, oceanum^ 
a Clowe of gorlske * ; cowtula. 
*a Clowde; nuA^jr, nu/^ocu/a, tvhuta^ 
tyuhUognSf nu^u/iut, rvuhutum ,' 

6t> onfratf ; 
litihila dat ^d8, ncfuJ^M vtare, 
tid^ra nuhes. 
ft Olowe ' ; </ario/oliu, 9;)pc)m eri^ 
•n Clowe of flode^ete (A Clowre or 
flodjatoA.)'; sia'jh-citoriutWtynr- 

with»terrybletboii<J*r.' Bermerri'«. 'Hj-ti« butt1i«c/yppu ol tfaerawi.* 
Anton of Artbur, od. Robtfou, viii. 3. ' Ciipi ' for eoUptte is still in ase iu Ltaon)a«btfv. 
In ihe Rnmaant ot the- Ro^c. 5349. uccim tbo adjective cUpty, that k, »■ if ecUpaed. 8w 
also tl)6 Ct»nftlatfnt 0/ •SiMfAmJ. e<l. Muttaj, p. 56. 

* Seo P. Orlftj^. ' Iloralofjium. An orlago.* Medullji. 

• * CiaMsfntm. A cloyater or other pUoe where auio Uueing thing ia endowed.* Caopcr. 

* MS. ctoyki>. A hen wheu rondy to ait i^ blUI m iiuiny dialects sftid to be etoeiinff, n 
word derived from Uie pccnliAr nol-^ lUAdo by t)]<°i fowl. I3;ihrct give« * to rlocltt tike * 
honne, yipo; a henuo cb>ckio)j, sinfftilltcns gatlina.^ In Cott, M -• J-'-.i-f , B. vi. leaf 91* 
wo find — ' Leof honne wen ho loith, liooth won n- 

* i*DN/r ffhtutantf. A CiocUing Hcnne.' Cotgnva. Jamicaon i^ \ ■ lock. To hstdi. 
Clrckin-time. The time of ht\tchJQ^. Clock. The cry or rtoit*: ut'^tv by b.-Mis wtum ihcy 
with to tiit on ejign for the purpose of liAtcldng them.' Grose expUiiip * ' l1>x.-Win>;-hen * 
iw one 'desirous nf.sittinif to hxteh tier eg^^* 'A clucke henne. GuHi' 'Una 
glnritn$, ret gnltina mitn'T. (Hocito, tjtorio, tinfftittin, pipto. Tf '<»,' 
Wiihiils. ' A I'lockynge ht-noe. Shi^riltletti' gftlUna.' Huloet. See .m— i- ii,.»«/i.^>, 

• ' Oeeo. To harrow: to breake cloddt.-§ in the fielde eftred.' Cr.o|>er. *Toclo»lde. or 
clottf* land. Occu* llnloet. Seo Hjirri>«on's DciwrTip. of Eug- ed. FurnivftU, fi. 54, 'Admit 

that the triple tillage of kn acre dooih cofit thirt«en i>htllinf>4 rmire pence tlie 

Elding sixteene pence.' * Occo. To chxldyn.' Medulla. Latiioer in his Sermon on rA» 
i'/nii'^ArrsKavs 'tt^e ploughman .... tiUeth hjrs Undo nnd brcaketh it In furrouehrs, and 
sometime ridgcth it I'p sgayue. And At slo ottier tyme harrowc-th it, and cloUtth it :' ed. 
Arber. p. 19. 

' 'CJot'tTKll. A mallet for cniithing clodd.* Peacock's Glownry. 'Clod-meU. A larga 
nuiUet for breaking the cJoHs of the lield espeoially on clayey ground, before harrowing 
it' JamieMn. 'Mail. A mall, mallet, or BcoUb.' Colirrava. ' t>cca, A clery (t cley) 
betel.' MfMlalla. * A cloddynge betyU or m&lle. Ocat. Otvtttorium.' Huloet. i^ee MeUe, f«t«C 

• In the Ancren Hiwio. p. 754. woreail, '|>r lilt li"K in one clottf ueati- ilimetl trnjfj%i«rw.' 
Seealno Hitrrison, Di'scrip. of Kng. ed. Fumirall, i. 353, * con^-falcd into WfJ^ofluird «tnae,' 
Caxton apeakina: of the hot wolbt of Eottlaad Miya— ' Tb'^ 1 --f thilke w*?!!*"* 1* the 
grete splrlte of Mtnerua. In her hoos the lyre e-ndureUj . iiouLTctianni^eth into 
Msh«, bat there the fyre alakcth bit chnungeth in to lU... - . ''' '-^rljA. of ifrtfouit 
1480. p. 6. GouMman has ' to dotler or clutter together. CVr fuAo^* 

' See also Clswe. 

* * Clough. A iJiultIc fixed in the gates or DiABomy of a lock which ia t ' < >-ing 
raised to admit or diifchan^e water so aa to allow towwU to paaa.' Peaci* ^ f of 
Manley, &c., E. I>inl. 3oe. * CI hum. A sluice/ JaiDiefon. Seo Dugda)'- !> il i<^ it In- 
bMikiiig, \fi(f2, p. 376. The statute 33 Uenrj- VIII, cap. 33, prmnta certain diilie.» tii \m 
lericd on imiKirted fiah. in order to provide fur the n*[mT "'■ ' '"•.i-f-.'.t.-.. .( rv.. v^Hi, 
ditches and banks of Hall, as al>o to (irnride 'other el nnd 
other fortressM there * for the defence of ihi* town. ' ' > 'ti 
flurio an-bktiui, aeu ad ootintrueiulum tiiolrndinuni, seu ad uipicyjun piT-'i^.' 

* Kirluft, Srlnae. A iluice, Fhfud-gate, urAVat4.'r'gaLe; aI»o a tuiU dnjnnie, &c.* < 
Bee aim Tladejaie. pofU 



[owte ' ; ntttimentuxa, r«p€cittm. 
•a Clowte of yme ' ; cru»ta, crusta 

fnreat <fc cetera ; cbi plat«. 
to Clowte'; ^nctadari, reyedare^ 

h Clowte of ledd«r ; pktaciuucula, 

pictacium, rfywriKin, 
dowtyd ; pictariatuB, rtf/wKio/^s. 
B Clowter; pictaciator, pictaciartiu. 

A Club ; fitxtis, 

tClumeyd * ; cHerwo/ns, tutratns. 
a Cluster of nutti'-ff ' ; comjtltialrum. 
A Clowe; vt sujira (A.). 
*to wj'wde Clowys • ; ffhmerare, 

C ante O, 
a Cobyller ; t?bi a clowter. 
+a Cobyllff nutt ^ ; moracia, 
a. Cooatn'ce ' ; basilUcu^, cooodriUiiS. 

* The nuthuT of thv Aucren Riwlo tolls M*. p. 256. that 'a lute [4inntI1 ehit xd)*] lod- 
llchfin twutfe A muobel ibol p»he ;* and again, ou p. 360, our lord U dt^cribed as ' mid diita 
biwnhU'A,' wr»p\tn\ !n clouU or r»|^i. la HAvelok. (juiu fint binds UuVflok and then 
g»es bim with a ' keue) iu^j o( cJuies* and in Sir Ferumbnu, L 3747, Gujf of Burgundy 
b hlimir-UJed with a * e/uu^«. A. 8. eiut. 

* An iron pUte. Auic>n^'*t tbc JinpIeiuvnU, &o^ neoemary to the fkmker. Tuner mum6- 
nlea » • Bti-on:? eieltn.^ c*rt, tliAt U clotted and shud ;' and — 

' Tn-u ptouglis and a ploagh chcin, y cnlt«re. iij ihanat 
With ground douUs and «ido etottCM. for ftoild Umt so tore*.* 

Five Hundred Fointa, Sx.p. 36. 
In tba Pacion Lett«rB, ed. Gairdner. ii. 125, we liave 'clot shon,' i.e. ahoee lipped with 
irtin. Ctop^r renders Crusta by ' buUioas or omanmnt«a of plate that may bo taken olf.' 
tM!i9 aim Carlo bande and Cop bande. 

' See WiUiain of Falema. 1. 14. where the cowherd whose dog discnverfl WilUnm is 
described a* nttJng 'cJouj/andkyndt'Iy hifteohon.* A.S. ctnUan. Wyclif, >Vk»i. ed. Arnold, 
!. p. 4, says * Anticri«ti» Uwc. doHtid of many, U full of errore ;' and he renders Mark L 
19 by * he say Junen .... and Joon .... in tho buou makyngc, wthtr chut j/n^e nettia.' 

' la WycliritranivlAtiiittof I»aial) xxxy. 3, tbb word itiuKd — 'Conifort yooluDuiW, ether 
OAmtiUd hondU, and make yc strong fooblo knees,' and again in Jeremiah vi. 34, ' onra 
boodia ben ur/unuirf/ [diMgotuUr imtu maniw nofffrie.] wLun: uppiotrDily it hns the meaning 
of nart^>rd, and heooe uteiat, leeuk. So again in Purv^y'n version of Kepbaniah iii. 16, 
* JeruMdeui, nylo thou drodo; Sion thin bondii be notWurrMid' [non duwlraii(»rin/jnuj 
Cacr '] where other vertdoni read 'aelunuid' and ' acumhltd." Holland In his trani). of 
Uvy, Hk. x\i. c 56, p. 435, reuden torptntca g*lu by * so cltiinsie Be fnuen :' and id tho 
Go^wl of Nichodcniua, If, 313, we read 'we er etonued grot and Bninlle.' See also R. 
Ei^;. Poenu, ed. 1S63, p. 133. Bay In hit GloHvary of North Country Wurda give* 
'Oluinpe, clnmp«t, idle, lazy, nnh;inijy ; inxfitut,' and reftov U* Skinner, who, ia hia Ety- 
BKdogicon nays it in a won! * a^tn Liuculuiensi uaitatintinia.' C'/uiM«o/ue or Clattoitte is 
■mi in use about Whitby. In P. I'lriwiuan. B. xiv. 50, we read — 

'Wlinn t»ou domttM for cold» or clyngr«t for drye;' 
cm vbtch see Pmf Skeat'a note. * £nlombi. Htunieil, oenummed, oluropee, asleep, ffttvi 
de/roid. Stiff, chunp'^:, benuuuned.' Colgrave. See olio ibid. Jie^tomJti. 

* Crtrnpfirf- Bob of ffrapJa. * See Clowe. 

*' ' -. or waluuttc. Jtforaoa.' Barot. Tho Medulla explains mora«a as ' hard 

not; 11.' 

* ;.. .t.t.,.>,..l^r And IHridimui, £.£.TexlSoc.ed.Skeat, 1. 158. weread how Alexander,^ 
when he bad arrivtul at the river PiKm, wu anable to omtui ti on account of the 

' Aditrue ft ypjutamus & othure ille wonnus, 

& careful cocoiiriU\i» that the king lettd.' 

'OodEktryoe, whych'? h a K..-r;x*ni'?, called tlie kyngcof scrpentea. whose nature U to kyll wylh 

bnijiige ooalyt- '.' Hah'>et. SolVevina, in hiiitnins.of Higdent. i59,cays 

* BmUmcui ia k; .t v.'\\ sniyl and ti3t slee); brceto* and fonlea.' - J/iflfwco- 

iMfai, AoocadrvKv. 'ti ngn-- ^ Vol. of Vocab p. 32o. Tbc Low Latin eQcodHUws, itselfa 

Ciirruptiun 5um aroc>&di7iu. wa« j^till rurtht--r cnrrnpted mXtcicocntris, wbenfw our ootkutrift, 

'i'*i.- \-...ih'\ WM suppotied to hnvt* the pmpu-iy of infecting Ihtt »ir with its venom mthat 

: -Atura oould live near it, and '-U-io of killing men by a mere look. InLbeffriTa 

•'Up- 57. is ■& account of one which in this way dostnyed a lof^e namber of tho 

owlUitrt wf Alexander, and of the moons adopted to deetroy the monster. See a full 



fa Cod '; e^rutcal, ^miuitiar, ({'cetera; 

vbi a qvyssliyn. 
« Cofyr^ ; ciitella, cisUUa, cistufa ', 

ta Coriyrled (Cofbr leyd A.) ; Ar- 

8 Cogge ' ; srarinhallnm. 
Coghe ' ; t»I>i h««U3 (A.), 
•a Coyfe " ; pilh'un, piUeoiiiS, ajtex, 

gaUfas ; werjus : 

f PHliiis ait mu«niiin, j>tr«ffnH^ 
utitfur tfahruM. 
ta Coker " ; autumpnftrtuM. 
n Cok; 5/a//ii8, t/fi/Zufu^i/iininuliuuflt. 
a Cok cambe (Cok« oajooe A.) ; ya'/d 
1 J>^ Cok crawB ' ; (fttUi<^Jit\iJa, yai/i- 

dtiiumt ya//i',vi«uft. 
1 Cokett ' ; ijfantjht {"ff'tngia A,), ui 

qmd\am\ panU. 
a OokyU0j /nVtSj coc7ia. 

de9cri|itton in Swnn'ti Sper-ulum Mnndi, 16S5, olmp. Ix. p.486. Alfi^i ■ , f}^ 

NatHritilierttm. ed. Wright. (>. lyS, qiiotet tn •comnt of Ibe creatuic *•■ i-t. 

cap. xxvii. 50. in which it i« sniil to retain iu fatal qunUtics «vcn Rln r n-i'u. 
invulnerable to the att-ick of any animal i-xcept the woud. C'u'o<iriltn ko'h 
WycliKtevendon of Leviticus xi. J9. and Trevisa in \m Inina. of Uitplt^ L 151, tiaj. . ^ .. . 
het\> ctKodrilly aiul lii|i|H>t.-viin [mouiriUi et hijitiotauii.y See oUd K. AUMurwtet-. «i, 
Veber, i. 371, ' dolfyiwi and rolirtirill,' 

' In the InvenWry of Thomas Ri-iliyn«jn, nf Appleby, 1543. *|uot«l In Mr Pi*ioock'i 
Glou. of Manley & Oorringham, are included, ' iij ro^rf", on*? p-yre of ftnihyll ^beyttcs. 
on© lynnyn sh. yt & a Imlfe, iiij».' ' CcmtML id r»( , ' "- , nn^lict, » pyUowev 

oraeoddH.' Ortu«. The Manip.Vucab i^dvw "acud mtr;' and JanUMoa 

LoH ' Cotl, B yitiow ) Cod crune. » curtiiin lecture; t. ■.■.-.■-. - , ;.. \* oiwiT or alip.* *I 
noid one cod of one gray Htane.' Corcplaynt of ScoUand, ed. Murray, p. 68. In Sir 
Degrevant, Thornton llomancfft, eA. Hnlliwell. p. ty), 1. 1405. we find ' Coddtf* of 
■endnl).' S«e nlno Towneley MyBtcrien, p. 84. loel. ktuldi, » pillow. 

' MS. aituta, correctod by A. ; but pertups we uliould iwmI areula. 

' In the Owle and Nightmgalo, ed. Stratmann, 96. we Bud ' Fro^irv (■»( «t at mulna 
under cn^jjft* It appcnn to mean a wbeul. Cf. SwediHb kivjgt, on iudividuKl pruiuUienw 
in an indented wheol, 

' Chaucer. Miller's Tolc, jfi^-j,i^\i» "» how ANwloni when he went toaeranadnAltMb^ 
• Softu ho coKhilh with a fimyo'in." 
Bee alio P, Plowman, B. v. 361. ' 7'iunV The ctiwhe.' MeduIlA. 

* 'Oaierium. An hatt« ; a pirwike. GtiUriculum. An vnder bonel or ridyngcopM; 
■ cIoHc cappe Diucb lik« a mi;lit cippfl.* Cooper. ' 6Werit*. A coy(» otf lelhor* MnlnUo. 

* *Atitumn>t*. A b«rT)'«t' Mevlnllo. 

' Canntow fc*ruoD, h<* Kdr, oKt (tyngen 10 a ehtircho, 

O^or tote for my ookfn. o)>or to ^ carte pjeclic P P. Plowman, C. vi, la, I3. 
'Coleer, A rooper (Warwickl. OrijfinoUy achonxwl maker who coniesoulat lii.iv.--i nrne/ 
HalliHtfll. It fl(.*emit rather to mean a hatve«t labourer, ooewho put* hny 1 ^o« 

Cok of bay) Kichofilsunquotus thu fuUuwing: — ' Bee it also prouidcl tl. i u<je 

anything therein ccintaincicl doe in any wine extunile to xny c*>ckfrt> or haruenb folkcK Uiat 
trauoiU* iuto onio oounlrie of this reulme for hnru'--»t worke, either eiiin« liitniMit or hay 
Lamest, if they doeworke and lat»ouraoc(irdin;.'ly.' Pliu-totl, Stattit«ff, VttgstM>ndii,4c„p.474. 
' See Harrison, DfHCfipt. of EDglan-l, ed, Fumivftll, ii. R9. for an oer" nut of ttio di»i- 
■ioiu of thu bnunof the ni^ht nmoiigiit the AncientH, Chancer, IWIetneittuf Foules, 350. 
■peaks of— 'The kok, ttiat orlogo is of tborpys lyte.' 

8m alan Ookerella. 

* Poais dc Cokot io mentioned in a MS. of Jcsnn Coll., I Areb. i. 39, leaf }68, 
V being idtyhtlv infmor to wiwtf:! broad. ' A cockel waa n kind of maI (w \A\>*r Albus, 

K. 45. and Mtuiox. Htat. Exclieq. i. p. 783), and as hrund in Limdun wu 
>\kcr't s«al. nfWr itiRpMUun by the Aldercnan. it js n<^C improbable that tl 
ha<l its luini ' ; tlioui^n at P-nuw p«rio«U certainly, otlitr kutd** • ' ' 

naiitf^ frnin Cockrt'bitrnil vera seated 08 well Coekct-hrf 

by Uie midrllu clasHca ; that of inferior quality being irttt: or ton-. 
wera finer In rjiial'tv and higher in prio«t.* LiWr Cuntumartun. ed. iiilvy, li 
also Liber AlbtiH. Glovary i.v Cck-Aw and Bftnd : Aruuld'a CUroauJe ^ed. 
49-56 ; and HorriaoD's DeocHption of EQ]j[land. I. 154. 




*CokyU/*; fwadom aborigQ, {herba 

*a Coknay '; amhro^ fnammofrojnu, 
drlieitu; pcr«us : 
% IftlictMi ipii diUcijs a matrt nu- 
ta Cok of hay or of come ' j ilrcv- 

a CokereUe; ffiUina^us, 
tColai ; colonia, At yn«<]l4Tn eiuttaf, 
a Cole (Coylle A.) ; calcuh'*, «irbo, 
jtruTut Oil ^uiu ifftu ; tvr^us : 
(Zhim calor est pruna, CaHtO 
"dum dfjicit i/jnU ; A.) 

*aOolar: coHnrivm. AntAoladivm. 
'aCoIarof silxirror goldt^; mitrenula, 
■ Colar of a hund * ', milint, eolla- 

rium, cnpufarivt. 
a Colar of a hora ; coUarium. 
ta Coler of yren ; coiumber, ccGare, 
tColeryke' ; coUra ; co/mcuB. 
IColiandyr'; d'iia, 
^ Colike ^ ; coUfa jtatgio^ yii<i$ffTeie«, 

y'ion. iu(/«ctiiitttiie. 
ta Coike ' ; eruiat {iutenQr par$ 

poitii, K.) 

' Tbe corn cockle. Acro^t&Hwui yithago. GaeUc MffoIL Ti 
uaed byT' 

huiki, tbe oaRi-«oakta. 
CookU or Catjfl WM uaed by Wjrciif niul utber old writers in the eenM of a woed gtneniXjt 
but tn l*trr woritN tuu been confiatHl tn the gHh or com-jfink. * Coquiol. A dcganente 
Luriej ur wet^ cuuunuuly ^ruwin); nrnon^ iNLrley, mnd atllcd Hsvur-^^nune.' Coi^r&ve. 
* Z*MmfUa. Dr&vko, or dArnol, or ooklrt'L' MtNinlU. * CoekoU h&tb a Lkrye enuU rKi«] leafs 
■ldcI wjll beaxe v or vi dourefl punil«- <iiUoiire u brodc tia a i:rolc. utd the lode it ttiailda 
ftnd blauke.* FiUbi rbiiri, Boke ff Uudbandiy. See abo Darnells. 

* TaasBrio hu Five Hoadred Potiites, &c., 91. 4, >aj»— 

'Sams cocJcnrifM with cvx^-fej; nre nude Tetia fbolee, 
fit neither fur prtfutiie, fur plough, nor fbr eeboohit^ 
■ad i«UB 95. s— 

' Corling Manu end ihifttng Dads from tcboolea, 
Mako pregnant wits to {inxiue vnleamcd fbnlee.' 
' A (Of^aqr, a childe tenderly brought up ; a d*-arling. Coi kering. vuitlU itla ^^iieaHo 
fame •ndtc/f^ra'ittw roeoaiiw. A feihor to much cockering, Pater nt'mtf ntdtilgm*.' Daret** 
Altrflkris. Cooper gives 'MojnmotUrepttu ■ after & Augusdne a chUJe Ut*t sucketh L'>nge, 
bat Eraemai toketh Ifc for a ohSde waotuuly brou^t vp. JUiieia : a miuion boje ; a 
eookney ; a waotoo.' 

■ 'Jrckomu* : acrrnu mamipvlorum. Manipuliu. A gavel (ibeaf of 00m).* MeduQa. 
■A hay cocks. Xrtafrrri.' Withtla. See aLm Mugha. 

* 'JJiliHot. A ouutiae'ft colar umIc of leather with usylee.' Oooper. * iiUiu. An boasdyi 
aolere.' UedalU. 

' Men were dlvid*^ into four dauei, sceurdmg to their hamonra. Lauren* Andrews 
■ay^ in hb A'oUe ^v^'i. * And the bodij of man is made of mtiny dinero «ort«s of lymoici 
a* senevea, TayMM, Iktta^ flceebe Sl itkynnQ. And nlao of tliir funre niniKtmiTii, u aiagnyna, 
SMnaiyke, ac4ei7ke ft uieluicoly.' i,(ul a iv. back. coL 3). Men die, be wye, in three 
ways: I. by one of the foor elemcints of which t<>ey are nude, oreroonung the othen; 
a, by humidum radicaU, or * natumll nwyftUnir.' forsaking them; 3. by wounda — 'the 
cvleryke commetb ufUtntymes to dethe be eccrdmtftll m&ner through lii* ha«tuM», for ha 
u tif luUuj* hoc and iiTy^.' So shto John BuMell in hi« ItoJct 0/ A'eriure ^Uaboas Boks, 
p. 5}>. «ays^ ' The «econd conne eoJerfnu by caUynij:e 

Kulle of Fyglitynge bkinfrmynge, & brsUyngs, 
Foilyuge at ?eryaunce with ftduw and fers. 
And bs adds tbeae lines — Colnrious. 

Jiirtuttu, FaUax, irfuteent, prodiyuM, aaiit audtix, 

Attutui. ffraeiiU, tietiu, crofri'^tte eoloru. 
Bat also Dan Michel's Ajenbite of Inwyt. ed. Murri*, p. 15;. 

* 8m alsu Coriaudre. ' MS- which res'li Cokylle. oorrected by A. 

* tLuujMlt! ill tile I'ricke of Cnnseience, 644. 3* tdle "s that 

*AUe crtli>; !iv -ki;I« lujtr likned be The whicbe in uiyddea haa a toUn, 

llUc A : - 1 of A tree. As hfts an aye [egg] in inyddsa a yolke ;* 

A«4 la li. ' . MyMlerie«. p. jSi. we read- 

It fa fuUe rotan Inwardly At the eoOu within.' 



to Coike ' ; tanJrre, (Idondcrn. 
*a CoUfonaae ' ; Alcfdn. 
taCoUokM*; kaasttlhim, vel hav- 

a CoUop * : cnrbonelia, frixa, 
a ColowTQ and to ooloitr; vhi coloure. 
•a Oolrake * ; truila^ verrunlinxi. 
a Oolte ' ; jmUus. 
til Colte brydyll* ; htjmtuvcL 
Columbine ; columhijut. 
a Coliare (Colser© A.) '; carhonaHus, 

to Come agayd; retunirt, it ceXerik ; 

vhi to turue agayo. 
to Commaundo ; femtere *, eenAvr, 

Jiortari, nwndatt, iuberr-., fftcei- 

Commatidyngo ; tm/}(>n<Mii3, rni/«r- 

a CommAundment ; manda^m, pn- 
cejttum, diaotimptitiumt AiiWant, 
jndictum, iuAanui, ruMUSf /ifact^ 
<U8, Aortonun. 

Cd<'< u iitlU in nn in l..anauh{r« witb mmuiinj^ of pith, oore. ' Erula : iUwl tjuod Mrt in 
medio prntU, a6 truo didtur : an^ficc. r coro.* MeduLU. ' Cuuk vf an applo. cor.' Maoip. 
Vooah. Datch kotk, & pit, boUow : compAre Gaelic eaock, empty, hollow. 

> Jamivwa ^ive« * to Coil, v. a. To cut, to clip. To ooll the liiur. t» |>oll ft R Com. 
To poU the head; to clip abort in g^uend; to cut, to prune; to lop olf. To 1>u *^mrt. io 
be bald. It occurs m Aiguif^iiig shuveD ; applied to the Booum toiinare. LIcImiJ. IcbL 
iiulir, tODHum caput.' 

' Spelt Calmatt by Ljdgate. *AIoedo: qnedam wu, A w-mowe.' H««1uUa. 'JTee 
attain: a colmuw.' Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 7^3. CAxtoD, Dewr. llrit. 14R0, p. 54< 
uyfl. vpeftking of Irelniut, ' Ic Ugcnui ib a punde \Mvt bo •««& eo/maiur binlc:!, the byrdoi 
b«n cteppd ccrtellea and come homlv tn inatiutj« hnnde.* 

» • Collnck: A l«rw pail Cf. Icol.' KolUi « a i>ot or bowl without feet.' NddjJV GXcmmrj. 
Is the Will of Tbemad Dautrcti, 1483, jir. in Testame*)*'- KK..rT.--.-...ii r,» ? ,. K| sttr*..^ 
80C. vol. 30, tbo foHowiui; item occun*: ' itgo unam . "k 

eedaitr oiete parocJiitili, ltd imi« j'acieitdHm HHiim evtij' ■!!.' 

SeeiUaiithu Kicbiuondabire Wilis, &c., publijthed l>y Uiesuuu Su«:iety. vul ^6, j>. i<<y, when 
nro ni«iitli>n«d in aii Inventury datod 1563, *a kuea<liugts Lube, iij coUtd:*, f^ wynuock*. '^ 
•tiiDds, a chume, a floihi: evlUci'€, &c,' 

* ' Frixa. A colop, or a mcc olf flench.* MeHuIla. The OrtuB explains carhoneUa at 
*caro ujMu/a »-u}teT carbones, and add±i the lines — 

' Est carbontUa oiro : prttnit attata ttntlla ■ 
djrhvnem /deiais : hie earbonariua exttat." 
T.Uhip. Aslice; a rasher of bacon.' Xodal's Glossary. Wedgwood deriven it frrm ^ofop 
or ciUp, rera'esentin}: the sound of something soft thrown on n flat sarface.' The word 
oecufK ii) old SwodiBh. Dire says — 'Kutlops. edulii genus, conft^tum exv&rnis fr^mentii^ 
tuditc lignea probe ooutnsb et maoeratis.' In Fiera PlowniAn. B. vi. 386, Plcn sayt^ 

' 1 have no salt baoonn Ne no kokuoey, bt cryst, ooioppes for to ntaken.* 

'Slices of tbis kind of ueat (salted and dried) lire to this day tinned cotl<rp» in the 
north, whereas they are callcil steaks when cut off from fresh or unsatted fiosh.* Brand. 
Pop. Autii). i. 6a. ' JiUfUttc, a coU^p or slico of bacon. Dt» au/t A hj ribUlU, K^v and 
o«)ll<i)<ft ; or an omelet or j>aiicAke of eggcs and slioot of bsux>n iiiiDgl<-d, and Mird to^eihcf ■' 
Cotgrave. 'The coloppes cloaued faste to the fryenifc pannes iMttom for tncke of oylct 
droppytiire or buttur. (fg'e /undo tatUiginU heteruMt olli liUHUationU dondtrin' Hornian. 
Sec ^l^o Andrt'W Boorilo'H Introduction of Knowledj^c, wl, Kuruivull, p. 175. P. Flowmsa, 
C. Tent, ivi. 67, and Harrisnn. i. fn, ' CuUopj<(j riicutc, w«/ on Umt.' Pjilt^mvo. 

' 'Cotuiake, or makron. Jiut'tfjulum.' Ilaryt. "■ F'Minjim a roal-nikij or ^r ■■'■■" '■■rk.* 
Boyer's Diet. 1^52. See also Frugon. Stanthuntt. i>c*cr, :>f Irtlaml, in H 'I. 

vl. p. 27. spt-ak* of tbo ' co/c*^Xr swwrping of a pufloafb baker.' *Coi«n»l'. ■ . ■'■.' 

Pals^ravo. 'Colerake. Rutahulum.' Uuloci. 

* *J*uJtiui. The yonge of evervthlog ; a oolte; afbale; a chiokon.* Ooopar. 'Puinlua, 
or P-UuM. A dioken ora ffVile.' Mtxtulta. *A ohiok^n, eolt, or yoong blrdOj ^mAm.* Umfc. 
' Poit/iihu. A fol« or colt.' C»t|j^rav«. Roo also Voyle. 

' In Wdtiam of Pftlerne, ed. Ske.-il. 2530. wo rrad — 

*Cltoi\trn [wit ooyrixlt-n onl con»« fcrs 1n-«ide . . . . , 
X^ huiicr*B iM-koniBcd l<i Viu-r-f Loin'Iy f-fwrs.* 
fioo ■!«} tbo ■ Taill of Rauf 0,ll\ear.' ' R'Tfi**^ <n MS. 



to Como ; ventre, ;»or-, ad-, aduen- 

to Como togedyr ; conutfnire, ectre, 

cotiuentare, -W. 
& Comtbrtfa ; gotamea, $olacium, cod- 

sotae'io, pnrnclisU '. 
Ut Comforth ; cxtuf*yrtare, gUari, con-'. 
a Comforthther ; cou/T>r<a'ar, uiiuxo- 

laXor, jKitaelittu. 
+to Come to rojnnde ; oecurrertt. 
ComeTUge agajrn; v6i turuyngs 

■toCowimyTigP to*; aeressus, afluejitus. 
Commyag'; to ; acoet/etis, aduenieiut. 
Co/»memlabyU<s; oomff»«uc/u6t/u/au- 

a Commontye ' ; vul</u», p<^mluSj 

ffenSf j4ebs ; vulyaru, f4«hius, 

efrfffariuBf vuiyosuBf popularise 

tjentUis ; cammunitag, 
a Common * ; emnmunia, 
to Common; communieare^ commu- 

Coffimon; Mmwwrtw, ;)ti6/rfU8. w//- 

(aAlB, caiJwlicu9, cation * ^ectf. 


eommuniKT, vntucrsa- 

fa Commonalaghtflr " ; dalitaria. 

fa Coi/iiaon woman; Alicaria^ oa- 
rina ', ctf/t<ru> lenn, gartea^ mere- 
frix, KortMtn, thai/A, tujm, cajiera^ 
cimera, efttmera, ixoiinria, tnca^ 
{m£rttricrulti A.), sc&Hulum, mot- 

sue : 
HAVi mcr^^rix, scnrtttm, thayB, 
lupa, Cftpra, rAimera. 
n Company: a*jmew, cctyi% (fitrtuftu 
coug t'^i/atas) nodus pediltim est, 
concilium * {conuocata multitudn) 
conyentna,ex diuenns luc'iapojmlwB 
jn vrtum couffrrffatus Boeietas^ 
c^vuKtrcinva, eomitina,falanx, tuv' 
ma eqwituxn, iurmella, lin-ba,tur' 
beiia, eatertut, cetua, ixtntubernium, 
lf(/io, cohors, mantiB ala est mUi- 
tuvo^ cuneug ; vcr^na : 
%M}iU tauit cuneoA «ed eenium 

. Collegiumf calerxtarius p&rA- 
a CompoA ; <Arcum/crencia, gims, 

circMB, eireuitu$, 
to Compas*; tjirart, ««inarc, A 
cetera ; vhi to go a-bowte. 

* MS 7«rofAim. ilre^-k •apox^^Tft. ' MS. coQUiTXlgtt to. 

■ 'PUtm, tUi^knly off tfotk. Vnlgm, Ruknly.' MeduUa. In the Lib«l of EnglUh Pnlloy, 
Political Poema, ed. Wri^'bt, U. i8ti, the writer reoominenils the doee tuuoa of EuglAoid 
Ubl Irdiuid M> * Th^t none entnjre shulde harte ne offsnde 

Yrloode ne a», bat ma ose comon/c 
Sliulile hel|K} to kepe welle kUiut^) the see.* 
Tra^'iM in Ma tram, oi Higilen anyi that ' Julius Cesar hu bond wu aa able tn \e penne 
M to ^ Mwvnl ; hilt no ituui govflmada )ie oomonnfa bettre l>an he.* Vol. iv. p. 315, gee 
■Ipo \Vyclif. Extnltn xix. 33. 

' Hrtb the itcribq boD m'uiplnced a number of wonb. The mUtake U corrected by the 
S9lL>«iiig note %i tliu top of thu (Hif^ : — 

* /Va iafiii (nbuM aonsru, oonsraly, oo'ismyte; n'lie poit<a ^n 30 ybllo jeguenle good 
lie icrip<or eiraui/.' 

* Ap|iaf«aUy for Koiyn9. 

* I aupiKMe Uiiii inaaua ' geuenil Blaiighttfr.* Duc&nge givee ' Dalian. Fatcart : 
fOMthf. /"»rw la /uuehaiion: oL IlaWer.' *FaucUfr, to mow, to ett-eepe, or cnt cleana 

' ' ir boro or a ffaU aerTaaiit.' Medulliu * MS. renrilium, 

* iiiut - r >m1 ^a;* in the Acta, * From thenov we fetched a cornpa** nnd mme to 
BfaBgluai.' X \ , 1.1 I ',. la the earlier WioUHite Torsian, Eseohiel, xlt 7 u thus rtinrlcrod : 
*Mid a Bir . ' ". .-< ju round, nnd etit-du iipwRxd by a vic«. and bftr in tu )>c Milcr of tho 
boti;: <:j;' and in Muk iit. ,1(4, wo find, ' B'ihold>-n|;e bum aboute )«t saten in 
^ f > J. ui, he tvt]', &c.' i>ee alio Matt. U. 35. * dffnu. A ciroulte or oompasM.' 



Ooone A.) ' ; affendimt- 
depacuci, dtfi- 

^Oome (A 

i-to breke Conaxide : 

tto make Con&nda ; pa>uc\y eompa- 

ct$ei, ^wnjferr, conufniro. 
ta Gonande • ; cowhYvh pactum . pae- 

do, conuencio, coa'fictum, Um>r ; 

pactorivs par^icipiiiin. 
+to Conclude; coni*iwtier«, circum- 

*tCo»cludyd; conc^wna. 
taCoHcubyne; comrufriiia, tC* cetera; 

v\ii A lemman. 
a Condicion ; couc/icto, itnor. 
Condicionaly ; coudUchnaliteT, Ad- 

uevO ium. 
•fCongru. ; eoD^mus. 
tCongruly; ctiii^ue^ Aduerbium. 
+a ConpTTuyto ; coiujrmtas. 
^[iu] Co'igru; jncowjruUB, 

t[in] Oongruly ; incon^nui^ aduct* 

OonguTti ; pitcia ai. Conger wl eon* 

f/niiu (A.). 
u Conyngf* ; runieu/iu; cunrcu/tnus 

//ur/icipium, uxrntf cttaiictUhi-!. 
*a Co»nyng« ; «ci0naa, faeuU^$ ; 

vu Co"nyng<!; i'jnorawcia ; ignorant, 
qui rt/iVyuit/ «C(V ,* i/tT*u» ; 
H/Tttrf UP «t* H/JwrtuB '/iw' ofiini (yau 

CKni A.) nntiria caret, 
Jtfnorana Atiquid seitf qui fieseii 

caret omni 
Rernm noticiaj sic tullius appro- 
bat esse, 
a CoHnynge-hale(CanyDighollsA.); 

to Coniure •; adiuro,con;«-xforei:iarA 
fa Ooniurer ; adiurtitor, coo-, ftror- 

* UidltweU gives ' Con. A clog. Ifnrth," which U evidenUy the rneiuiiiu,; ben*. Init I havo 
not been nble to find any Inxbinca oT tbo wurd iu tliat iiriu«e, nor U it givoo lu lUiy af U)« 
E- Dialiict SiK:ULy'(i OlMiuHefl. ' OfpfitlicuIatH : utttueulam* Ktedulla. 

' ' Hti Field tliixrno ftiU weill all hi» iNinnditd.' Burbuitr's Ilriice, ed. Skrat, xT, 36a. 
Befl kltio t'^ifi. i. 561. iii. 759. &o. In Kauf C^bwr, £. KToxt iJoctctj, ed. Murrmy, Banf 
h«viug jjromiscd tn mtx^t ('harlea nt l*anii, starta 

' With Ktiii (|ubip in bis bond To fulfill his cunnnnd.' 

Cantlie nil cnUjhKnd 1. 387. 

' Vp (pm kJDjt thorv fonlwarti« nod cunnand Of atnylo and pcrpettml ally.* 

Gavin Donglaa, Untadot, x- 1 385. 

* A rabbit. 'He went and fett eonffn^r* thre 

Alle bnkeo welle In a jiMty.' MS.CanUb. Ff. r. ^SJraf 50. 
Wytlif hftsrtminff In Lovtticiwxi. 5. where tho A. V. road* coney. In William of Pidomo, 
ed. Skeat, 1 8 j, we nuul, ' (Ic oom him-fwlf y-charged wi)i eMijfnt; & liaron.' Stowe men- 
tiuoH a lucalily (refuired to id the Liber Cuniuuiarum, p. 2i9>, in thu vicinity of tho 
Poultry, in tboaity of I^ndon, called C')nfAi9p, froniasi^pof tbreo rabbitt oVLTBitoaUtmsr'* 
stall nC th<? end of the lanu. In iho Liber p. 344, iif also mcntione-l a ' Cnmchrpynget* 
orrnbbit-uiArket, in tbo nt^tghbotirhoodof .St. ]*Aalfi. ' Connin. counii. A cnnuy, a rabltet,* 
Oit^ave. ' V'tnic'du*. A ciinnio.' Cooper. See a'w Liber Albua. pp 713, 717, »nd syj. 
ITiig ward wait enjployrd in rarioiu forma in Early Kngltah; 'conj-ng ro^rted,* 'mpnli 
conyng' occur in Piirrc}fanc< mtut« for King UieltArd II, Antii]. U.i-rt 1 -1 In Sir 
DegTQvant (Tliomton Itouiunce^. cd. Halliwell), 1. 140.8, we find " FCin 1 nywo.' 

* ' This abbot, wbiub that wm an boly man Thi» yon^o ohildr ' r btgnn.'* 

Aa nioiikes bven, or ellaH oughten be, Cliaiitrvr, I'liui <..>*> Tale, i^jtit 

■I ixnUour* pee U ('ii>d, p.^t pan tounn-'nte me not.' Wyclif. Mark v. 7. In Lonclich'a 
History (if the Uuly Grail, xvl 306, ed. Fumivall, we read how Joseph drove thv derU 
out of tlw i lol»— 

'To an yniage there f{an he to gon And the devel Uiere anon f-'i. "bt 

Th.itxt'MK) in tho temple vppoD the ohiofawtcr Outof tboymngeiuwed 'L.* 

And biiu nnou caitiotettd thure, "^ J.^7* 

' £xorciaa. An ludiurouror ootiiuronr.* Cooper. *C*tHjuMT. Tocottjnre; adiiiru; . . - . 
to conjara ur exorcue (a spirit).* Colf^t^ve. ' Envroumn*. A ooninrysoB. keorcita*. A 
benet; eoniurator, £jmrcw: ocrv'ttrtMY.* Medulla. Saa Janiltwuu 



tu Conluryaon; adiurae'io, con-^exdr' 

tto OofOwwB ; connpertit percfpere, 

cimc>f]ttare, jiittUitjert. 
a Co/i8cion8 ; coiiwM-ncitt. 
to Consent: roiif^n^Ve. Asaentir^ cfe 

rflera; rlu' tn Afferme. 
a Co/isentyng^ ; Aliibf.ncia, <£* cetera ; 

i*t*i AfftTinyiiiri?. 
Omtsentynge ; ^ton-tr^iciiiw. 
to Co/iaydyr ; coumdernrt, 
ft Conaederyngf! ; coiiMV^omiio. 
Cotfayd^ryngif ; coTi«frifrart«. 
to Conatrene ; vbi to gurre (or to 

conip^lle) *, 
to Constra ; nrpontrn^ consirurre, 

+a Conattrrere ifxpo9itor^ -trix, con- 

t!tnirt>r, -tnx, k: cetora. 
ta Conatruccion ; oonftritocio, «.rpo- 

Conatruyngs; coQffru^iw, «zpon«ntf. 


+a Contok '■ ; »'»! stryfe. 

to Coritlnew ; eoud'nuare. 

Contyneand; coii^inuus. co\Minti<ins. 

ft Cknityneuyng^ ; conftnuacio. 

Contra[r|y ; amtrartit^ loco, aduar- 

Mnritts, ammo, ajtogtatwi, pvejtQB- 

l«rU8, (ra»«r(errfus. 

aCoiitrarynes ; contrarifit/ui, 

m Conti-tcion ; contr'ic'io, doh^f com- 

Contrite ; cm^nVna. 
*a Cop " ; P»rruB, m*Ufa esC auium, vt 

gain vel alawU, 
a Coppe; cijjhtig^ ooudue, ffuUns^ 

cnntams ; versus : 
TCrtM/ems <fr jyateray eatiota & 

pocida, cra/cr, 
f f/'/ms, rtjw*/ vWcrex cot/ii/an<ur 

c^vmwa. conca, 
Cimbra vel cia/ua, cnrcheaia * 
fa Copbande ^ ; cri([«](a, oru«(ii/a c/i- 

•aCopburde; ^fiams. 
+a CJopberer ; ciphiif*ndnB. 
ttt Copmaker ; djifiariua. 
A Copy ; c/fjna. 
Copir ; cupntm, Auriadcum. 
Coproa (OoproBsa A.)"; vitrwlum. 
Corde ; co}'da, ff txtcm ; vht n rope. 
t& Cordement "* ; eoucordia, concor- 

+CordyTigf In a&ng ; conomftia. 
tto Oorde; coneardare; vbi to Ac- 
con le (A.). 
Cordyngip; eoneordaris, conu«ntffn«r 


' In & later hand. 

■ UiitlTtlie vwioijBformBnf •cuntek,' 'eontek,* Tonttrke,' 'cont^pk.' and 'contakc,' thia 
vardoecar8fn?>]UfDtIy in^arly Kugliili. In Langtoft'sC'hr'nkle. p. 318, wefintl 'omtcknur.' 
a qu&rreUanie prntnn, whrnci* pmhahly our wnnl nfiii/nnA'frouj. *Tho kcnoito iu cunirk 
tlat vniHp Crirt* I'-nift**.' Marie Artlnira. 3711. 'Tiiore wm coxfrAe fu]le konu. and 
etAckyng* of chippy*.' ihui. 361^9. 'Aim itryueSi etinUkit &. tlulAtis ben ned in our« 
l'>n<l. f>.)r lurdU ^itrytien wi(> liere t«iiauuti« to brynife hom in thrftlduu.* WycHf, Select 
W.irki". E. K T-fTt Moc. «1, Miithew, p. 334. 

' * Acrfft^. Created, u«if>pe').' Cotffrave. A. 8. cop* Chancer uses tlie word iiliuplj m 
a tof wb' o lift flays of the Miller that 

'Upin tliu C'v right uf bis ihik he bade n werte.' C.T. PrtJuigue, 554. 

• * C'ttrht'ium : » «tanclyng cuppe with hanfil« ' Cooper. 

• In Uber AJhus, p. 6oij. art' iiitiTiUoricd Cttpiit^'Ondt. wluch Mr. Rfley. !n hl« Oln«"»ry, 
•xpl«infl lui * Cup-hondK or (^ip-bafi(h> ; l>rsc n mode of ntrtal on which niucn nod hnndlc-d 
ettp* were tttruo^.' C»uip*ro Carte bande, ftitil the dufinitian of 0rv«(<i and crdWutu in 
n-iT ' "' igofyren. 

. _'tt M8. tiiiH ' Cnprose, nopprra!i, vitrlnl ;' and the Manlp. Vocab. 'Coperoule, 
rA l^rnt ii^pvei '0(ip«nM or vilrint, chaicantkuai.' 

' iiidt-r A. 

^Ij . . . . LoUtt properly a iMng Hio word mot eorde witli ibe thing werkynft-' 

Chaucer, M&UDctple't Tale, 106. 



•a Cordewayii(CorwenA,) ' ; Aluta, 
a Cordwayn(^r ; atutanxu^ ^ cetera ; 

vhi a sowter. 
Corlandro"; coriandrvm. 
Caryay ". 

a Cormirande * ; cortniranda. 
Corn ; ifranum^Unfiumj'atiTunuijSeges, 
<fc cetfra ; feraus : 
^Uladtim dum viride^ dum in 

gnvuirio i/ranunt, 
£^8t Sff/es, a^IUe gcres susU/ruges 
d; {ac ««im A.) gata viesties ; 
Cam (dum A.) neritur se^jes est, 

sata eum radidhm furerU, 

Frugea cum {ditm A.) /ruimnr, 

ni«ue» suat quuta metuuiur. 

De creajido c«rt» fertur cum rat 
CTMt omsis9, 
+to CortCorme ; con/imwrC, cathssi' 

3<iiro, dicaret alUgare ; vt, 1II0 

AUegat literae m^at. 
a Comer; a^iyu^ua, t^' cetera; vW a 

• a Corparax (Corporas A.) *; ot?r- 

tA Corrusoni* (Corrieure A.) of 

ledder ; • carrtsatifr. 
a Corrupcion ; corrvw;io, 
tto Corrupe ; ci>rrv[m]fM;re, 
to Corry a hora ' ; strigihre. 
a Corse; cadaucr, morttcimim. 
•Coray (Coray man, or woman, or 

beat A.)*; eorpuUtttns. 

' 'Aluia, Soft* Ictlior tawed.' Cooper. It wu probttblyriiunar tothe mo<1'-'<» -".>!-'--fo 
lentlier. The duty is stated iu the Liber Albas, p. 3.>l, an *la tlnaaui do r | 

denier.* See abo tbe ' OrdiuattoD«« Alutariaruiu,' ur Ordimuivce of Tiuincn, : 
Tbe word HtiU aorvireH la ' Cordwaimtr'a Word,' near St. Paul's, tho uune ■ ' .-> 

derivM fi*om tbe Cordwaiofrn or Shoe-m&keni nettled in that difttrict. ' A tuta ^ 
JlulariitM. A conlwaiiere.' Medulla. In the Libel of Eogtuib Policy, Wrii^ltt x I'oLitiLial 
Foeuu, RolU Series, ii. 163, amongst tho oommoditied of'Portyiigiilo' uru lucaCiunml 
' Ffyguef, reysyna, hony, and cordewyne." 
' Alcxnnder Neokbam. De Naiuri» Btrutn, p. 476. aarigns tbe foUowIng rirtue* to 
Coriander — ' £t triduaHU /tbris ryd attscUio coriandri, 

£t fftmini teMtei dum tumor amhic cot. 
Z,umMco$ ftetlit, tineat ddrt, taerr igniti, 
QuatH peMtem metuU Qatlia, calit ei.* 
See also CoUandrr. 

' This aeenis to be ao error for Carnay or Comy, which are tiiserled !n thdr proper 

* Chancer, Parlement of Foult>«, 363 , spoakj of ' tho bote €ormeraurU of glotonya.* 

* In Uttveluk |,E. E.Ttxt Soc. ed. Skeat). 1 188, are mentioned 

' !>!> call) and ]>t pateyn ok. po corporatu, )>e messe^gere :' 

and in Guy of Warwick, MeL liomanoei, ed. Klliii, ii. p. 77, we read— 

'After the rnlicH they aond Tho (Strpoms, and the niau-gear.* 

* Cf>r})orail. Thu LNjryMintU : the Bdc Uaatm wfaftftan the Saoraiueut in put.^ Cotp^are. Iq 
iiw IMh-t Alhiw, pp. I 35, I jfi, ocpiini the phrase — ' oorpomliter /unnr/ to Uke an oatb 
wbilu lonching tbo airftoruic or cloth which covered tbe sacred elcjoonts. It also occiin 
in the Act 35 Blis. c. i, % 3. Daina Ktit. Hnmrie In her Will. Paston Lettera. iii. 4^5. 
xuentions * ij corpora* cneya of doth of ti^old [ j uLdo veetment/ See. * After |mi pasKiouu nt 
Alisaundre Jw pofw, SixtuM wan potw almost ulovene ]ere : he ordeynMl Jut trUat^lum, |»ihi 
is, "Sanotus, saactus, Minolutt," HDulde bo souge at ruasee, and |«t ^e corperas scbulde 
noujt be of sUk no^ sendcl, but i.t<ne lynnon clo]) nou;t i-tlyed.' Tr«^ isa's Uigden. v. II. 
' Oorponw for a chales. corptu'env' I'lilagmve. Svo a\ao Shureham, p. 50. 

* • Co»rrf'j«ttr. A enrrier of leather. Courrotfer. To currey ; t«w, or dresse, leather.* 
Cotgravo. Id the LilH;r Albua, 73S, ia mentioned t)ie ' Ordinniio niistc-nc do Correoora/ or 
Ouild of Curriers. *Conaritu. A unaar.' Cooper. WyL-Uf, in Acta iic, 10, Bpeak* of 
'8imou thu eoHour' tbe Viilgmle reading being ourMUiiHS* 'Be isa 09fV<r of czafta. PtlU/tx 
ett vtt euriariu» f/ro/euione.' Uurman. 

^ ^istrifjUu. All hoi-9 coiti.' MeduUft. 

' * Cor^a. Gnimo, fleshy, unrpuUmt, bi^-bodied.' Cotgniva. * Qoruy, B!g<bodt«d ; tw 
putcftt,* Jaaiiwou. 'Cunyfe, to full of ^toeiKe, corpuUni, cvr*«.* Palsgrave. 



K Oortyn * ; eortinaf ^ cetera ; vhi a 

•to CkiyBo ' ; o^orars, <fc cetera ; vhi 

to diawn*^. 
•a Oo y ae yr of hors ' ; manyo. 
m Oosyn ; coymifaf, coffnata eiusJeTa 

onj/inw est, iwjtog^ propint/unB 

Kuu/wntt vei ajftniiii te^ neplxb, 

comfdn^HtnewA, onxttamjuiufa. 
ft Coete * ; vhi a kyuiXotne ; ciima vcl 

to Coftte ; e(ma{ar«. 
CdBt ; SHinjituB, sumptuosua {«x}>enM 


Costerd*; qitfrarium, 

Coflty"; ftxtmptuosM^ 

•a Costrelltf ' ; oiiefemm, <fc cetera ; 

vbt a Hakett. 
fa Cottago; contctffium, domuncu' 

*a Cotearxno«r (Coyturmur A.) ; jn- 

A Cote; tuniMt, tunicella, tuniciUa 

*a Cote (Coyt A.); c*i-pana, rtt ^Jraua 

d»^fn\\ii ca«rt, ca9u/a (tcularaim 

CotuJl; hwnhacinum. 

*0n ntdiks wywa Uiu ilk clufluno Trpyanc The coTvy pwoRnil Otdriii be faas iilnn«.' 

G. Ouii^'Ik8, £mftdvt xii. p. 416. 
'The king Im^IicIiI this gntliclus. Btmn^ or nnture, witie and coi«g«uui.' Stewnrt, ChmmcOfl 
of ScoU. 1535. i. 7. 'Cor^c or fiittp. A'nyuiV Uuloet. 

' One of the duties of ihv Monilial of the Hall, SN ^'iren !n the Boke of Curtaqre. Babeoi 
hitke. p. 11*9. wft« — ' po dcMum cortinoi to henge in holle.' 

" 'To copa or coftw, cninlnn.' Ilnret. 'Tooot*. tfumWrt.' Mnntp. Vocab. Co4$fniTe 
bat ' TrufHtr. To truck, chop, Jiwiib, seorHe. Iwrtcr, change, &c. linrtiter. To truck«t 
wo line . bmrLer, exchiiii;;e.* ' The truist Alctliee wiLh him uah bttluuM cotH, nnd guf him 
Ul' O, DoU|;1u. Knttiiioa iz. p. 3H6. 

' 'Affingo. A bnudc thnt payiiUith »nil p&rapcreUi vp boyea, vomen. or ■ervnuntea Co 
make them eeeme the triramer. therby to sell th«m tike deerer. An hanw ooaraer that 
pMoperethand trimmeth hie hnn«« for the iHune purpoML' Coop«r. *Manffo. Acunoure 
off hors.' MednlU. See abtn WycUf, Select Works ». B. Text Soc. ed. Matthew, p. 1 73, 
wbere he- inveighs a^itii^t the priests for inixiii(c theiDBeWes up with tnuting: * pel ben 
eoTnetU & niFLken of malt. & bien schep Sc neet & eellen hem for wymirnge, & beten 
niMkotla, kc^ 'P. Of whom biubt Uioq him * T. Of one. I knowo not whether he« bee 
a horse cocser. • hnckney man, a borw rider, » honte driuer, a carioor, or a carter.' 
Tlano'M SeeQRd Pi-ytif*, p. 43. Sir A. FUzherbert layi, 'A contr it be that byeth all 
lydden honae, and ecUeth tb'm agayne.' £oke 9/ StUbattdry, idgn. H. 3. 

' 'Ctt'nia. A clyme or portion of the linnamente bt^iwecn South And North, varying in 
one day balfe an howres space.* Coojter. Cotte meant a reipon or difltrict, not neceaarily 
the Mfr*board. fTliis bethe the wordei of criiitiemoge 

Bi tbyae Englisecbe coBlen.' Shoreham, p. lo. 
Id 8ir Fenmbras. Charles ehoosea lUchard of Normandy to be guide to the uessengen Bent 

the SarMen Emir, because be 'knew alle the rorie.' la the Otxta Aomanotnim, p. 187, 
ronathaa, when xcated on the magic cloth, * a-noon thoTte. lorde ! yi we wer now iu fcr 
'OonlrerK. wher oetuir man come afure this! And Lbenne withe the anme thorte ^y wer 
both* Beynd vp to-gedir, in to the ferre«t eo$U of the wnrlde, wttA the dothe wftA hem.' 
'Coacte nf a eonntrey. CoTi/faeKm, ^na. ora. Coaxt or rcgiou. ether of the ayre, earth or 
•ea, a* of the ayre. east we^t north & nouthj &c. Rojio.' Hnloet- 

* ^ Pmielier. *. A fruiterer, frutttfeller. ct»»leniioiiifer.' D^lf^rave. 'A cmtanl. Pamiat 
Appie.' Sheru'ood, * Pomnrius. A ooBtardemonijer. or seller of fruit»?,' Gwper. 'ACoe- 
Urdraini^vr. /'omaniux.* Baret. 'Coatardmongar./ruycdVr,' PaU.'raTo. 

' "' ' ', in hi< tract on Feigniyi Contemplative hifo (Sclt-ct Workn. e»l, Mathew, p, 
.iiM that the trlergyof hii time waited all their 'itudje A tntiicile . . . nbowte 
> >. wi[) mulUtiidi! of nowe tvmi^ portoa, antifeners, gralelie, Ac.' and tbnt rich 

r w «> mocfau ui grvte Bcbnpplia and cottij bokift of manniiH orilynannco for fiune 

^•. of the world.' Again, p- no, he a^ys, ' pe fenit Ac hifl tecfaen to ttiake OHiy 

luti* aiid wit5te mntty gfw>diK on I'lnli* kuiI ricbe men.' See abio pp. ill, 313, At-. 

' In the Rniitance of Sir Fertimlna<(, E. E.Text Sac, Pemmbms perceiving thnt Olivar 
!■ woundjMl u9cn liijn some ointment which, he itays, will mire any wound, It being made 


cathoucon aajouccm. 

a CotiAtyso ; Auaricia, ^ ettera ; vbi 

*a Couent * ; conuentae, convcatiet^ 

to Couow; vtlar^, ad', tegtrt, e>in-, 
ob-t operirc cum &percu(o, aJoper- 
ttrtua fijrat; Jfivjievimus, cum 
iacfuti aliqiiid $Hj)poiiimiis, oo- 
eptriret otwuhrare, adumbrare, 
Un»rt, ni^tnt obdncen. 

Ho vu Oouertf; rfiVcoy/xjn'rt?. dcUg&n, 
^ cetera ; cbi to scliuwe. 

a Oouerakyll^ * ; o;x.Tf u/teu, op^- 

a Coiwclyt ; UctUtdTmuin^ coop^v- 
forntiii, torale, HUptlUx, yeuiliuo 

+» Cou^fryng* of a buke ; tfooperto- 
rium, U'jmcUt tfjununtunif vtln' 
vun, tixtMs. 

to Couat ; Appetere, optare, orf-, 
Aniere, ex-, ArdfSce.rn, eX', cu^mt*, 
ctw*-, concM//w«re, tjUseere, A itere, 
capture, <(• ce/t-ra ; cbt to tles-yr*. 

a Cowehe ; ctibil4t, cu^tortum, ^ 

Mtem ; I'bi n bede. 
to Cowehe ' ; rufrofV. 
ft Cowe ; vacort, rdccilJiii. 
a Cowhird ; vaerariujt. 
A Coword ; vecorg, pwdilanimU, ax^ 

for4, ticeora. 
a CowardneB : pu^llaniiniUUt Meor- 

dia, vteordia. 
*ft Oow1«; cucuUa^ c%da, crdtut^^ 

e^^nlna-'. cut>alu2> (cucuUatus JL). 
to aake CownaeUf ; cuimtdere ; cer- 

^ Consu/Of to roffito / dhi cion/u/o^ 
coiuiiium ^u. 
to OowiUflUf; coanliare, coaa-ultf^ 

tuad^rt^ iiidicare, £ ttiati cou- 

gtruitur cum r/afiuo (Ujw. 
a Cownselb* ; eonW/fum, oint'i/iiim, 

oPD«u/to«io. C'!)o#i^u(cio ; eoutili- 

a Cownselour ; f u» //«/if ciiiut^i'wni. 

coiww//vr (7«( t/a/ con^iViMiu A.), 

coti«H^tu>, cuu^^i tiiUicuiitriuM, 

of thfi tMJm with vhicb onr Lord'fl tMvdr wm utmnLcd at bin bttriaL Ue ai^cIraeaeB OUtcz 
Ihuj — *Ac by tuydilc-l )ror hong«> her, Utrycb ys ful uf |iat bikuie cler. 

A etMirtt lu ^u iiiijt w> pftt precvoui yi aud fr«.' P. zo, L 51a 

Tfae word oocun agiun at p. .w, I. 743, when Oliver with oil «word 

' th* eattrd ^nX wan with yre y-lxmnrie, perwitb a^two He carf.' 

*OnttpAonm A costrel. Atcapa. A coslrel.' Medulla. Wyclif alan tutu the won) ta 
Ktith ii. 9 ; 'if nlw> tliuu tbruiidNt, fo to the licU mtthU, had Arynk watru' 'Co4tr»U to 
curve wyne in. Oenvphorvm. Custrt-U or battel) for wyne. I'tcr.' UuJoet, '/Tie wt^ 
teraJit, a oontriUc' Wright'n Vol. of Vo«ib, p. 131. 

* Conretttm. A oouent.' MeduUa. ' Tbcy abw IIiAt rede in the ConeuU ought bo by*ely 
to ouene theyr )ecion Ix'fore.' Myroon of Our Lady, ed Blunt, p. 67. 

* Sich as ben gaderid In fot-attis tAgiderc' Wright'.s I'uliiioil Pocma. IL 64. 
See alao ibM. I 225. A 'couveiit * of munka. with their Supcrioi, pr<){KTly conaiittcd of 
thirteen, in imitatiim of our lAml aud the- twelve Apoetlat. Thus we r<su) in ih« Soin|^ 
Dooree Tnie. 1359^ 

* Bring mo twetve freree, wit yn why f Tonr nnhl? confMso'ir, her Ood him bleae f 
For thrtrtme i* « tm-ent *» I g«8ie ; Scbnl parfoiiru up tbe iwm^r* of Ibis rot^rml.' 

On the aaiue point Mr. Wtight qiiotAn frrnti 'HiijnL, tirtrm Sc'>< < ' 1H07 : ' Anm^ 

X)orHitti it.c XLVt. ittc IJuif* rffinirit nntii/uuni muincrnm mpfir ■ •■ t muinm^fit^ 

el eramt Ix. ntonnelii yrnffiui prtrltr nMttiifiu, r\wj\f\\iv cmiventiiti *•• ..>... r.^., 

* lu the Invent^irv of Sir J. FiMtolfd pn-iwrty, laken in f^sg, wo find — ' vj boiler with 
oon ctfTtncit of Hilvfr ..... Itcrn. vj t>oIlrs with oon eortratle gilt.* l*a»ton letter*, 1. 
pp. 4^8 -9. 'Cwrtrde, A eo%'cr nr lid.' Colgrave. ' Tviiie Aoooeriyt*.*' M«dulla. 

* Wyclif in his tract on TI»e Order of PriMthood (SclwH Work- fl Minh^w. p t6K), 
My« — * Preictii alMt (•claumlrvn Jv f>e|il« bi enHAttmple of yiteliios-' f'lr 
w.mynly J>ei fAowoAfu (cowcAfW AA.1 in iiofte l>oddiB, whimoe' n* 
)>)jni:re, Ac' ami ai*aiti. p. Hi. be 9p4i%lLM uf * pore men ^tt \mi ■■•> Ktwimf <^. m^njun ia 
miikorrliiMt ' - K(i>-hiti Liiu under* kr-igge.' Will, of PaJerne, I. Ji40. S«e alao .Iniar* 
bf Artkur i\. y\i I. 1^. 



hife, oooeiliator, in/awlor ma/u& 

to Cowate ; calculare, eotinnmerciref 

cvmjJtUare,numerare^ df^errtr*;. 
a Cownte ; Tttciocinium, eomjiotas, 
a Cownter ' ; compotiita, calcvdator. 
+B CoWDty; onnitatMA. 
ft Cowntyngm ; libramen, Ubr&mca- 

fuin, /lAfHr**, /itmn'uni. 
a Cowntyn^ place ; iibiii,torium, 
p Cownter; Anticopa. 
u Cowntyse ; eomissa. {Coniitissa 

Cowpe ; *«;«!. 
« Cowper ; cnjiarius^ 
m Cowro&e ; careuB, deourma aqn&- 

niiQ est. 
ft Cowmsor ' ; admmarius, cursa- 

a Oowrte ; euria, ouriola^ eurie& ffci 

ru*-;i?, ctirialis, citriosus. 
A Cowrthouse (A.) 

■fa Cowrbo (Cowrtby A.); rtnale^ 

a Cowrtemftrt. or a cowrtyovire; 

c«nt», aulicuH, curiahi jf^rti- 

cipium ; ^o/uturus di jnilacio 

tfro?»t CowTte to cuwrte ; curiatim. 
"ta Cowachot© ' ; jtaluuibtts. 
aCowBlope*; ityuxtrum, vacciniura. 

C aait B. 
a Crab ; jnstna est, cancer. 
a Crab ; A rhiium ve/ A rbota. 
ta Crab of |i* wod (A wode Craba 

A.)**; Acroma (Acramti A.) a& 

acfitucliuc dictum, 
a Crab tre; arbitns {Arbuta A.), 

maeianua, mucianuta et>t /ructug 


a Crafte*; Ars liberalis, e^ienda, 
arlicula, arlicuiarh yjorddpium, 
artijiiium manuum eat ; arti- 
ficialix, ariiJieiatuM /tarcicipia ; 

' 'Thar is no eonniere nor clerkc con hem kIccq alle.* MS. Cott. Calig. A ii loaf ito, 
in Hftllinell. H«u ulso PuHtioAl Poem^, mI. Wright, i. 328. The Ctfurtiur wan so called 
from Ui« LyuDtiii^ ouuntM, or, in otbur wunls. arguing pl«AB, Oi^nccr, C. T. Prolugu«^ 
J. 339, ftajTB of U«o Franketyn that 

' A ocUiirc'vo haJde he ben, and a connUmr* • 
Tlie Constora an in Wri^'ht's VtA. Songs (Caiiitleo Soc.)i p> i>7< denomlaated relatoref, 
and do ooi ap|;rear to havo l>oni« a very high character : — 
' Diountor relatortt ; 
CautcriB pfJoroB, 
Utraque manu cApiimt, 
£t sic eoa decipiont 
Quoniin Hiint tutored.' 
'RolatorctqniqTKrelain ad judices refvruDt.' Dncange. Soe also Liber Cn8tumarum,p 180. 
' 'AdmiManiu. A counhxire.' Medulla. 

' The aoe uf }ow my CapUI ta ; To tha stalntl >wjitb je ga.' 

Tli» vtber his Courtour ukwa, RaufC(nl}eHr.6d.Murray,Lii4. 

* The VMid jiigeot) u ittiU known in many parts aa the Cuskat. Gawin I>ouglat( in hia 
rr>l<>gi)e to the I jtli Btc. of the >Gnetd, J37, Kpeakrt of * tho kotntchot ' that * croudii and 
nykkiA on tlie rym).' ' CouIuh, a Quteat, CuwHhut, Hitig-dove, Btook-dov«, wood-C'nlvar.* 
CvtvMave. S«»o alw* «. r. JlnmUr. ' Aringduve. a wood oulrcr, or coMkot." Nomcinlator. 
A.S. catewtr. *Tbo turtil be^nin fur Uj {jreit, quhcn the euschet joulit.* L'ontplaynt of 
u. .1 . 1 .. ,Q^ ^n aUo Palladiuaon Uuabondrie, p. 38, 1. 758. ' Cu6C«otc, jKi/umAa/ 
^^ i.ub. |). a.yo. 

'<m. Tho rioure of the bearbe Hyaetntkat or Crowtoea. Liffmtmm. By tha 
f alltj wen il it priaet, or primprint.* Coopsr. 'Ligiutrum, a oowiileppe, or 

fpte tr«c. * Pommt rf< boitottde loetjMt. A crab, or wDdmir.* Cotgravti. 

Crabb« ; ami dnm^Mire Wyolir* eipr««ion. * h« e«t lociwtug and Aony 

I 6, ' J/a/a Rtuciaita. Woods utabbi«.' MS. Hnrl. 3388. 'Crabbe 

frut«, I Vdiigmve. 

* In : l^.lZj wv art- told uf the 'prvnUoe that 'Of acn^rcuf vilaiUein waa bo.' 



tA man or Crafto ; artiftx fui awxm, 
arteui ejxereat, artificictixs qui 
atienam nut jtiffenio estptamit, 
autor, opifrx ; t»r«U9 : 
^Artijicis nomen oyifrx aatutntt 
<fr avtor; 
Inaenil autor, Agit aetor, res 
amjdial anctor. 
tvB Crafty; itt^xniJiciomH^ jnfaher^ 
jwffuber^ solirs, omnis generis 
Crafty ; ArtificiosuB, /aber, q^*6er, 

a Crag of stone ; vhi a Rocli«. 
•ft Crakan ' ; rrCTni'um. 
a Crake ; ct^mix, coruus, eomievlaris, 
A Crakke. (A.) 
toOrakknuttes; wicliare,enucliare. 

a Crakkyng« ; nuc/tocio, cnudi- 

tCram kake 'j cMrida, laganuoL 
y^ Crampe ; itjtatmntu 
a Crane; grui, t/rucula ; grttiwu 

*OrappeB ' ; Aetu, 
tu Orawe ; caniare, 
a, Crawa of a fowle ; vesieula. 
a Orede ; cimholum. 
a Credylli* ; cuuo, eunf, cunabutum, 

a Credilbonde * ; fasciat fcudolttf 

fa Credlll^ aange ' ; faicennine. 
a Crekett ' ; f/rilbu, stUarttandra. 
fa Crekethole; griilariumy gi-iUcinm 

fflt locMA vhi habundant. 

* 'Crnnium. Brush, or dn> 8tick<rH to k«udle lirt) vitb.' Cooper. 'Cnmium. Onuikn 
(Icraken).' MeJnnA. See Crappes 1m>1ow. 

' Aitimrundy crram'Cftke, butB«o(>rdjng to HatliweU tbettsnie an INincAka. ' LaymtmL 
A thinne cake niAde wit-h flouru, water, fattc bnvchd, pepper, Aafron, fto. ; a fritter; » 
piumecnko.* Cooper. *Cvllyrida: p&niH «ptM!i(!ii ; iortetivgalttte/ Uucimifu. 'La^matn: 
A paucako or & flAwne.* Ortiis. The foUuwing ia tbe only itutsnoa of the word whiub I 
h»ve been able to meet with :— 

£xoft. cftp. xx\%. 
.... tak a col ffrom the droue, and two 
whethcris with outon wcmme, %ud therf 
loouex, mnd n cake with outvn wMir ilowj. 
tlie whicho ban the! apreynde with oylo, 
and iherf cramcaj.-es wett wirh oyle : and 
of purr whete meele thow Hbalt make alle 

JSr^L cap- xxEx. 
.... take thou a calf of the drotie^ and 
tvrci ramtnes with out w«n>, and thorf 
U>oues. and a cake with out tuur duw, 
n-hiuhe bo upreyni to (ridere with oil« and 
Ifatrf pnart Nodun in watir, bawincd, etlicrr 
fried with oiln: Lhnu tchalt make alio 
thing'w of whete Rnure. 

}V;ic!ijitr Ytrtftmg, I. 361 

' Rjiy in hti ColleotioD of S. & E. Conntrr Wordi girft ' Craind^™*'- In WoroeBtenhira 
and other counties th«y call burk-wheat crap.' tjee Peacock's Glowiary a. v. CYap^, anil 
Crakan, above, 

* ' Ftutui. A irwaUielt or awathyng banda, or other lyke thin? of linnen.* Cbopor. 
' frc;.>u//i'«nt. A crtxl^l Kinde.' IntiUa, A roket or a cre'Iylbuudc* MtnluUa. *Cnid«U 
bande, (friutt de htrManv* pAlugmve. 

" Pci'cmninc locnni o{. or belonging to, the town of Feacennia in Etnirin ; from which 
place e^rtnin apt^rtive. but ooaT«t aongi which, MJth the Romaiur. werv sung at woldin^. 
toi.>k thrir naine. Henct- the tonn became an epithet rarotwuvc) and rude jc^«t«uf any kind. 
In the nre«eot imtnnoo U 8»emB to be etjuivmUnt In unrBcry rhyntea, Cf. Lulay, ;«irf, 
and F. Lullynge Sorge. See Liber Custamarum, p. 6. ' feseftmintr, Songn that women 
UM! when they rock the cradle.' Gouldman. 

* • Kiaich to lyoe in ^ Bode, and tn |hj fyre p6 erykat.' P. Plowman, B. T«xt, lir. 4J. 
Tliere waa a popuUr belief that the cricket lived in the fire, ari^in!* probaWy fnsm two 
CAuaea. ftratly, ita partiality for the hearth ; and lecondlyi a oi^iiriintmi UttVL-^it it and ttie 
nlainander. the Latin name of the fonoer being /^ry//rt«, and of the latter //f^f>n, $«« 
Philip do Tltann'ft BeMtiary, a, r. CryUo ; Wrigbt'K Pnpidar Tt>?ati>*t» on Sclt»tice, p. y^, 
and UiK Aycnbite uF Inwyt, vl. Morrit, ji. 167. ' OriH\u. A wunn which livrth tn tbo 
fire, an bii; aa a fly. Satnmimdra. A brant in shape liko a Lixard, full of ipobt ; being 
in the fire It qnenchetb it, and ia not burnt.' Gutddinao. ' ^almnatidra. A crrket? 



Creme ' ; crijmta. 

to Orepe; rcfmre, «>-, oh-, rejttare, 

-U'tare. »ery«re, &urnjteTe. 
• Crepyllc*; tantiilui. 
ft Cpopyng* ; rejftilis, 
ta Crepyngc beate ; rt^iife* 
•» CreHeut a bowto Y" nek * ; iw- 

fpX6S, icrifXiix, (una, tumUa. 
Cresae • ; nar/ttucimn. 
*ft Creaaett": batiihBt erucUtuium, 

s Create; mhus, criiiia,iitha; eri^Utt- 

ua, juhalMn, & iu&o«ua ^larficipia. 

a Creueeae; finunx^ rifna, rimuia/ 

*a Crib ; prctepe indecMnabUe, ;jre- 

to Cry • ; cilanwrc, Ae-, con-, re-, 
eiamit4xre, clangere; eanum est 
baithire de lazaret bourn muffin, 
raitamm cooxare ', oonwrum eru' 
care ^ eroeiiar% eajfraryim whare^ 
anatum vMtUMwej Accipitritm * 
pijna/'e *, ilfiMrlUu dinyeve, apro- 
ram /rendM^jOjtum bombizarc vel 
Lojr^iUire, aquiiarura c/u/iyore. 

* la MvTo't IniitnictionM to Poriiib Friesls, £, E. Text •Soc. «d. Peacock, 1. 582, amun^ 
tlie direoUoD* iw to iMjittinu it ii ordered that the prieit ihall 

* Creme and cryinu aad alle ^jnge diei 
Vv to pe chylile >■ ^ bok talln.' 
'TtiTM kindi oF oil were need iii tht) C-atliolio Cbunih — oUura $anetum, ofeum ehtrhmatls, 
and oieum injimurum. With the first, called in tbu above exlrAut £rotu Myrc, c/vmc, the 
obiU wta anointed on tlie bruuft and between tbe sliouMcni, Ut:(or*i it was plunged in Che 
font or iprinkled with water. Aftertbe baptism piMper it w&a aimiiitud on the u^'ad with 
tlie w'n^ uf a cmw with tbu oleum chrUmatis or orism. The o/nini infirmnrum was thnt 
u»'(l fur ttie purpuMvof ezLrmnc unction. Th« three oils were kept in iie)>nrate butllee tu 
a box called a efiritmatorf/, which waa in ihope soincwbat like tho No&h'e arku given to 
chil.Ifeti U> play H-ith." ' Cri*nia. Creein.' Medulla. ' Creamo holy oylc, irMmr.' PftUgrave/ 
See B. do Bninne'A Chronielt*, ed. FumlvAll. p. 530. 1 15,368. See alfo OryonatorTi »"•! 
CrTsome. 'The Mownto of OMxit^to, ihohiHu ut crane {monji chruiwuU.)' Uigilen, i. 1 13. 

* The Mine l^tin eqaivalcni is givdu for a Dwarf (see Dwarghe). 

* 'Lunttln. A hoMpe, and ryngoofgoldotoputonthv finger, Tor^iwv. Aoolarorohayne, 
be it of i^i'tde or ailuer, to weare about ones necke.* Cooper. 

■ *yiiaim>ci*m. Wstyre creeeya.' Medull*. •Nastuiiium. The henrbe called Creme*, 
which atnunge tbe Pendans woa eo much eatemed that yoiiee men goeyng huntynge did 
«M« none other meate to relieuo tbetr «piriu.'s.' C<iupcr. * NatUort. No«e-unHrt, garden- 
ecMBP. town Kat*, town craaaea.* Cetera ve. ' Sututiciitm, water kyra.' AVright's Vol. d 
Vocab. p. 190. 'CEeaaee berbea, cmcon.' Pid<«gmve. lu F. Plowman. B. x. 1 7, wo have 
' nuji wui {1 a herwet' from whence comes the vulgar ' not worth a curse-' A. S. ertste. cerK. 
_ * Jn tbe Poem on tlie Sie^ of Calais^ Wright'ii Political PoeoUi ii. 153. the Krencb are 
to have had 'ix m^ cokkes to crow at nyjth. 

And vitj itP erewrief to brene Ujth ; Grct wonder to here and ■• ;* 
"■ad «4 p. ai8 of tbe i^me volume wo re^d — 

*Tho owgly b&kko wyX gladly fleen be njght 
Dirk ertuHifM and Ltnmpyii that l>cen ly^bL' 
* BatiUum. A cresaiint, or a aen^er.* Medulhi. 'A light brenniug In a cnmef .* Gower, 
iJL J (7. Hee Croaaer. 

* la the Curaor Munilt, p, 645, 1 1 1 235. we read that when Jeatia wu born, hli mother 
' Suilk claim a* iicho ba<l title honde, 

Wid Builk ttcho swathbled him lutd bund 
Bituik twA erihhU »cho him laid:' 
m Fairfax and Trinity MSS rend eraecJua. See also Pricke of Conaoienoe, fsoo. 
hllaaitl to have Iwen Lud ' In a enbbe, bytwen an ox and aaae.* 
Tm* «f tht- vwba given under thi;* wonl are umimatopeiaf, and eome are probaUy 
-liv occsaion. A'ori.riiu]«ed by Ari"t*>pliance m 'The Frog*,' 109, to represent 
•■i ^ «r rrogi. See alai> Mr. WAy'a noie *. r. Otwken. ' Crayawl tvcuUc^ tadde 

cr.>uk^>.' tJa'tlt. dc BiI«lBBWortb, in CImpt. • tie naiurd* noym d^s btrta.' ' Cooup. t era, 
uvjc ntiMnvei «W ccruorum.' iAUy*. MS. Harl. 3376. * MS. A nipitfum, 

* 'I^pian. To piepc lyke a chicke.' Ctwper. 'Tu trycn aa a fikwkon.' UmIuIU. 




Anttuva Uteetam, oAinamm m- 

ni^ere, cieadarum firmitart ', ft- 
ooniamm enx^iare, curu/(>ruiD 
cu^tdar^, eJejihantnm harrirv *, 
grabariar\3nx * fritif/ulare, ftpto- 
rum hinnirt, tjallinftrnui cHm- 

ffrufrmjietiofnuivrbare \ hircoruin 
TntUire, hirttntlinutn mimurrire «t 
miincrire t»t omnium minulisn- 
marum • Auiculai'utny letynutn ru' 
girt, luporum vltdat'e^ Uftvroi'ttm 
^•pucroniva vaijirejincma aucuro 
vd natare, miluomm pi/lire^ 
muriiiTa pijxire vcl yipitare^ 
Ttvulvrum ztTViaare, muitt^tarwn 
dnuorare, nocfuamm ctihir«^ ole- 
rum denture, onagrorura mugert' 
fore, ouium baiar^j paiita'arnm 
canrirt^ /«irrforum /viirCy ;hi«- 
wrura (( iicmre, pa uoi-um j*''^' 
jjeilare^ /jort'orum fjruunirCj aer- 

Tigndum rachawirit turd&rani 
t^ucilare vel noMitate^ t»rrrw ^«»- 
W/cire, vr$or\iJQ veroarc t?«i/ «euin% 
vulpiuin ganuire, vuUurum fat' 
pttre. veitpvrtilitmuia blatcrart *. 

to Cry in l^" merketh; pvwonitan, 

A Orisr in the Kerkett; ymeo, jtro- 
conizatar (A.). 

a Cryer; tUamator. 

Criyngrt{A Cry A.); damor^raciona- 
bUium esivt finminum,Areiamaciaf 
6ai*rH/us d^phantam <rst, cfangor 
anicmm vel tnharavn^ coojc rana* 
rum. Cra it cfocUatMs Mnioruin, 
gernitiis vtdj'ium, ntgituB leonuva, 

Crlyng(* ; dartiaus, <ic-, a'U-, r«-, 
clttmilauay f/unf/rD«, a^i«vrw]i[n}l, 
a/h>onus, t;/u/7w<U9, rtigiens. 

a Criynge owto ; eaxtantacio ; tvdi*' 
vtaua ;jar/ici{}iuin. 

to Cry owte ; exdamarv. 

a Ci-yamatory " ; aynmaU {crUma- 
turium A,). 

GryBome '"; {Crismatc A,), 

' Reiul /ritinin. ' Frittnin die^iUur eitadce." Ccwpcr. * FriHnio. To ajrn^b Ujk* 
■valowyfl or bynlya.* Medulla. 

* * Barrirt. Tm tiniye.* Couik-f, 'To cnen lu ui olybuut.* ModuUft. 
' Truid iJabalUtmm. ' OahaUtt, eqau,juwrnf/ Dacange. 

* Durjuiztt givm ' Crinpirr. do oliimut*! gtUliiMnim dicitur.* 

* Soe al>uvc, Caprnnua rrhare. 

* ' MiuHrio, irn'nMftimcutitaff, topy|H!»aBm&tl b}Tdi>«.* Ortus. 'jtffnurio. Tooym 
w Hiuall byrd>'B.* ModiiDn. 

* V'^rrjT. Ik r»ttc ; iv field oiooM.' Cooper, lluloet hai ' Mmuwcilloil »Tftniiey,blmdTiiou(Hj. 
or field mouHc. Mua arenem, viyjata. whose nature in Hiiitpocvd to Iwue j\\ fbriunr, for 
if it runne ouft n bo^te, tlie taitie b«iute Bfaall be liuii« in tbe vbyne, nnd if it bjte may 
thyngu Uiva (be tiiyngo bjfttcti th«ll bwUI uud dye, it is &Ua cidk-d Borex.' 

* llie Following cnnotu lintuioti thccrieiiuf luutunlpi OL-cuni in MS. Hurl, looa, Ifl 7> •"" 

He uiui L-rucun am a frcj^. 

He ctMi liJirkuu as a, dogg^. 

He UAH ctietirtm lUi u wrt^f|n0, 

Ho can c-ikolyn ai a hc-nne. 

He cao iieye a4 a t>ledc, 

8Qcho a byrds wen wode to fe<le ^ 

At my liuwHu 1 Imue a Jayi 

Hu can make niooy dluente Itiye; 

Ha o&n barkyng at a fuxo, 

He can lowc a« a noxe. 

He can orecun aa a g<«. 

Ho caa n>uiy as n tuuw in hla ereoobe, 
tbuN rendered into LAtin :— * Habeo domi gmculum euim liitgUA nouit mtdtii-tierrtd nf>tulam ; 
ganuit vt vulpeK, niuge«cit vt boe, ^i|iiiit vt mien, rudil vt lutiuiu in pri-tii^iiu. cuaxat vt 
rautt, latratvt otnifi, pjpiat vt eestui, gracilUt vt galliluv, hiiuiit vt dext«iriu«; tolii pulJiif 
eat nihil cibo coadigntt*.* 

' 111 the Inventory of Sir J. Piutton'« Plntc wo 6u>l 'one polto uallid a rrintuittttin (a 
put in holy crnnc and oyle, of silver nod ^ilt, wcying j''.* Panum Ltiiu<r*<, Ui. 453. So« 
Halliwelt V V. ChrUoiM : and nuti* Ut Oreme, «buvp. * Chrttmariam. \ht in ipiu ^dnua 
chrijuua re|»uuitur. Ckrirmal. Vas eocleaiaKticuui in quu ekriwma, MU nacnitn oltnun wer 
vatur. quinl uiHt"tlla ekruiftatt* ctiaiii dicitur.' Pucangt*. 

** I'AriJti/Mf. according tu HulliucU. ai^milies pruperlv Lbe white olulh which IsmI brtho 
mlniiteruf Ijaptlua upunt)»e hetblvf auhllJ newly anuuited «iUj ohrUmaftM- his bapuiiB] 

cATfloucos isaucvu. 


OrTBUUtf ; critfoAiB ; «ri«taiZsi»u for- 

Oriste: Cirurv'; crtMtianHi. (A.) 
*H Cryvtandun' : baptismuSf ihxptit- 

ma, chruFtuuit^ajf clirUtianifnuia. 
to Cryvtsa ; bajttizarc, 
to lie Crestefid ; renasc', baptisari, 
» CrTBtaam&n ; cbn&tt<iHu«^ cbruti- 

ta Oryitynar ; baptitita. 
A Cryme : dtlictum, cnmea A cetera; 
vbi tin.*!ipafl or e^a. 

to Crow« (Orobe A.); erodtart rd 

crocare, carMoram fsL 
ft Crowyn^i (Orobbyng« A.) of r«- 

uens ; cra^ iiuZfcluiabUe, vc^ tfro> 

■ Crochet * ; timpfa. 

tft Crofte * ; eo^Hium, cruthtm, to/* 

turn, fund j^ 
ft CTonykyll#; rrom'ca. 
'b Croppe'; cima. 
to Croppe ' ; d^mare, proJuc[ifur] 
d ; wTtua : 
%Peelmo enuitB /ronJa, «od 
</«climi* ijarhan" ; 

now it i ■ -tten (or Ihe whit* cloth put a'wut or upna a ohilil npwijr cliri»'icnv»l. 

In Uikttr' m. whorenitli Vic woniitn i:»o to shroud the ohihl if dyin^ witliiii th« 

muatlL Till i1 WM &Uo cAtlod ulirisom. TIiuh in Morie Arihun, 1. 343(1 Ui 

Uio inteiTireu: iog'^ dreaut we rend— 

• i\u<-i ~viit<c be curownde kynge, with krynonm tnayntUtAo* 
See ftlto U. I43 fttid J447. In the ume Rumuice we find the word uiied •• » Tiirb : thus 
L lOjr, we reiul uf ' A cowleftiUecmDedeof cryrmei/fchiUyre.' SeeahmU. 1065*11(1 3'^5* 
'Oiatnut and criMumtt .... Foliit in n ronteittoue.* Antiira of Arthur, tviii.4.. AUbi»iuh 
llie mtte LjtUn equivalent is given fur this word M lur the preceding, it ia prolwMe th»t 
tn Uite caee tbe ABdntingoil ii> meant, 'rrrsoroe for ».vong onvlde.erMiMaNr.* l^ds^n^vo. 
8e« OreoiA, above, and cf Oud Ciymtehild oceurs io An Old (Ciig. Miac. «!. Morrt». p.yo. 
' * fataaiiMtrufH. A Pinni; uf wotidile ur juory, to triuuiie aud criipti bean.* Cooper. 

' *CAnW«j: criamate (iii.t'f*.' Medulla. 

' In the Komftnce of Sir Ferundinw, K. G. Text Soc. ed. IlurrU'^e, p. 65, 1. 1916, 
ObuUsDsgne Modfl • meaaaife to the Sanircu kin^. Balnn, tlmt he «liuul(l rvitore tlie 
^Bpfctre kni^Uv dec. 'And eri^Undom iicholdc«l fonge.* Sen aUa Lout?lich'n HiAt (»f the 
Holjr Qrai), ed. Fnnuvall. xlvii. 10 ; Iv. 191, Stc. W^clif, Woriu iii. 185, ipeaks of ilu> 

*■'■■' \ ..ver. In muric* Cotgrave. ' Simpla : antjlirt, a Croche.* Ort«u. * A 
CT' ..lutiinima.* Goalfhiian. 'WtvunacrochtU wrung.' ToMfiUcy Myit. 1 16. 

' iu i . ...■>.ii..i.. B. Text. V. jSj. Pitjn, tu describing thts way U) Truth. iiay»^ 
* pxniie shaltow couia by a ero/te, but eoiue ^w noti}t*) }wnvliuie. 
That eroj'tt hat coimyto-nouite-inennee-catcl-ne-her-wyuM — 
The word It not uncotomoa now. Jainiwon gives ' Craft. ». a oroft : a piece of ground 
adjoining a bouse. Crafter. Crofter, i. Ooa who reuti a flmall piece of hud * A S. cn*/t. 

' * Cimu. II1C toppe of an hearbc' Cooper. Tho phruc > oroppe and roote.' which wa 
■till retain in the inverted order, or u * niot and bnu»ch.* occur* frequently : iiee for 
fakHanoe Loneticb's III)iC. of the Hfly Grail, xvi. 493; xviii. :4i ; Wright's Folitical 
Poena,!. 3<if, ^ Lyte. I^olocna, p. 270, says that 'the decootiuus *<( th» toiipri and 

OrvpfTt of IHU caueeth wemen to hnuo plentie of inilke.' Haai|Htle, Prii^kti of 

Cotikdenctf. 663. cooipares man to a trea ■ of whilk \v ervp ob turned donward.' S«-e alio 
P. FU)«rcnan, K. xvi. 69, .\nd Ctinmr Muudi, ed. Morris, pp. 464, 1. 8638 and 486, 1. B438. 
Conmre aiioj Top of a tree. A. 3. crop, 

* la P. Plownuiu. B, vi. 3.1. Ili-ti aay«~ 

■ Sucliw [fuule*] coinelh to my crufle, and crupptih my whete ;' 
and in the Ancren Riwle. p. B6. the author nayM thnt a churl 'is a«e ^ wiM |>ot 
nnttled Qt ^* bvtt«rv )>ct tnv hine ufie ctupi^f^.' Sec «hu> Myrc'H Dutlpt of i I'ahtth 
PricMt. IC07. O. IceL irof/Nj, to pluck. 'Croppe of. Curint, ExcUo* Huloet. 

■ -of. 

-|>tcarumTnanipiildi: fftrhe. tA.parh*. Gartm Hecimn, pamdeeinua ' Duranga. 
*(/'■', .\ nii.fcke, luUfothrave, or h'ape uf ibeavca; also a handle uf strnw.' Colj^ave, 

u a 



Deelmo floret, seA d^lmo rea 

a Cropper ; d-ccimator, de^^tTnatrix. 
a Crosse ; crux, crucicuht. 
tto Croese ; canceUare, 
*& Croser ; ctucifefariux, oru^fer* 
to do on Croese ' ; erucifycre. 
aCroaeer''; erucib%dian,h/cnbrvm. 
*ft Crowde * ; coru4 sine A Utera {»ine 

asj^racione A.), corieta, qiii vd 

que cttnit ut eo, 
*a Orowett (Cruet A.) * ; AmpiUta, 

baeJaum, fwla^ vrwua. 

u Crowne ; bwM, crinala, terhim^ 
diodrma, eoronat avriola, apex, 

caraUa, coranuia. 
to Crowne; Jur«otorfl,«»roiwro,/a»- 

ft Crowncr ; coro-iuxtor^ lavvtiUyr. 
*a Cruche (Crowolie A.) "; ca^nhuca, 

♦ft Crudde (Cruyde A.)*; 6tfA/M(r/a, 

to Cruddo (Cruydo A.); cooffufttte. 
"tCruddiV (Crudya A.) ^ ; c/omus tub- 

ter[ra]*wa, cripla, ipofjevm. 

' • Cruerfgo. Tocradfien or to ffe«t to cms.' MMtiiUa. The ptirwo to *do im Iha otom' 
for crucifying, patting to dcacii on tho crosa, ia very cumniun in early £ii^Ub. Sttt for 
insUnoe Mvrc'* InHtruotions to Pariah Prie-<ts, p. 14. 1. 437, where in 11 metrical rvreirm 
of the Croed, we Bnil — 'SoffVwJu peyne &ud pa»svonc, And on J>f eroi wot /-rfwitf :' 
ft&d in Lonolich'a Uirt. of the Hnly Gmil, ed. Furnivall, xlix. 313 — 

'Of 5 rirsinti to bo bom wntb-owten offuoH, And B«then on crttyM t-dan,* 

*pey did him vpon thi crMir,uid ipftte on hisfoM, and buHelid bim.' Gf*ta Ilvm., p. 179. 

* ' Lueubmm, Modicum lumen; potitu lunuL-n.-. Cru<.-ilulniit. Luot.<niB lul Doctem ; 
lumpe ttf n'lit. witfeiut, ol. cnniet.'' Ducnnge. Sso »lw;< Cresaett, ftbovc. 

' In WjpHrti venion of the Piirablc of the Proliifnl Sou, Luke xv. 25. the elder son 
vh^n rcturuing home * heida a aymfonye and a eroude* Vroicd U stilt in UM in tlie ««nw 
of %fiddU. Se6 NudiU'x llti>iiftiiry of LftncitfJiire. 

*The pipe, the tabor, and the trembllag crotMf, 
That well agree witlioutun brrMch or jar.' Spenser, EpEtliAl 119. 
•Acroud (fiddle). FiW/*.' Shi-rwowl. In tho HnrteUn MS. tmiiB. of Higden, vol. li. p. 379. 
wo find, * » iuitruniuttUt calledo cbonu, other a chore, wm foundo in Grecc, of fbwc cofdoa 
and atryngee, whtohe is callede now n croicihr. or n crovste.' WycHf, Worku, t!d. AmoliU 
it. 73* *>ya ' tymphunyii and enude w«nrn hunl whanne apiwlUii knuwcn alle wittU.^ 8ee 
Wedgwood ». v. 'Uic tta^litator. A** crowde. £im&oJMr«. to crowde or acotnyg. Hie 
torailiUf A*^ crowderc. JlcfeoraJUt. A**" crowdo.' MS. R«g. 17, cxvii. If. 43* back. See 
LybeauB Diac. L 137. and Lyrio Poetry. e*i. Wright, p. 53. It will be m*u that Mr. Way 
haa misread the present MS. in bisi note to thia word in the Prnrnptorium. 

* ' Pioln. A LTuttt. Amtda. A Fyoluracrubt.' Medulla. 'Acruet.a holie water itoofctv 
Amala,* Baret. tn the Invortlory of Sir John Fastolfs goods at Caitlor. I4F'9> amc<ng«l 
the onntcnti of tlie rhapd are mt^ntionctl ' j. haly water atop with j. apreiikiU. and ij> 
crwrf/ex, wriynp xij. uucee.' Pacttfui Lclttn-n, ed. Gainluer, i. 470. See al»i ib%d. \\\. jJO. 

'And lonatbaa Uaddt< )>eracr«rtref<e,and fillid hltof tliat wat^r Afitr this be Kaft^ 

4k yede, and aawe the eecoundo water ;..... And he fiUle a aruel Jw wJtA/ Q«tl^ 
JtOmanorHm, p. 1S9. 

* * Pedum. A abfvpo crodce.* Cooper. ' CatnmoA. 1. A crooked itiok.* JamfesoD. 9e* 
•lao note to Oombake, above. 

■ *Ceo'id4. Curdii. Ot'ond^ A rtam. Carda and cream.' Jauiieaon. In P.PIowman^B. 
vi. 984, Pien aaya he haa only 

* A fewe crudda and creem k and an haucr cake.* 
Bar«tgiveB 'To Crud ur growe toguthtr, eaat/atitrti j tidlke middU-*!, ijflitum laA* *To 
omd.curd orciirdle. Caiilet. (^nida orcnnl*. VuiiU.CailUit.' Sherwood. Lv*« pndrteni^ 
p, ^46, anVM that Garden Mint ' in very ;;ood to Iw npj>lifd vrito the brf.i '' - *>re 

Rtretchfd fourth and ftwoHeu aud full of uulkc, for it alakelh auil softKneth . iid 

ke<fp^tb thouiylke (nym ".pinrr'ng and erudding in tJie brc-t;' an ! 'U 

tm that Miv juiuti *jfii\:n ■ tarnr-th mllke and oati*c:iL it t^t cmd't, . 'h, 

oriliwolurth. or melteth tho t^lutttered cmdiir, or miike that > eu 

Titiei;er doth,' 

^ Cff/ptoparttem. PUn- Jan. Porticua rabterranea. nai looo doprBariora poritn, onjue 
modi atructum Mt portieaum is antiqoi o|»Qrb oionuteriia, uptfwnt. A tocrel wnlk* «r 


a Cnike ; numata, Ramus, vnms. 
ts Cruko of a dore * ; yur/i^U9 ; 
reri'us : 
Ohlirpio $xno curuo nmui arcuo 
lino. (A.) 
to Cnike ; ruruore, adunatre^ artu- 
are, cameTare^>fiuaricare,^tcteTe, 

qn&m, repaitihrf^funmrf^vncare: 
twde in lihfo cin<^nimor\xrt\ '. 
Cniked (Crocked A.) ; aiimxcw?, 
cnmuT\tA, camura^ua, Gt(ri<a/u?, 
earvus, dorcwit, foltatxis, obiignxi?, 
o6umrQ9. pauduf^ re-,peroUimmB, 
pertorttwrnm, rfoiruxin, re/fexMB, 
rfnuus, tortuBj tortuosus, varus, 

ft Crukyiig»» ; camur j/rec«, ninntas, 
fnnuUvra^ jtisinuacio, nnas, va- 

n Crukyng)* of p« wat^r; Wfftndir. 

a Cruzne; vtica. 

to Crtune ; r6> to mye. 

a Crovpon (Cruppon A.) ' ; chmis 

{inciuTvi-» A.), 
ft Oropure (Cruppur« A.) * ; postda 

ijfosleilum A.). 
a Croste of brede ; eruala, cruticuia^ 

enuttis, cruntutn, crustulum de 

cruMtelfum, fruntuin^ fruslulum. 
to make Crustes ; cruJtUire,frusiare, 

O ante V. 
H Cubit; IwertMs.cuhitus; CHhitalts, 


6i>u6iVus, IricuhitUB, 
a Cud ' ; eri»ma^. 
ACotoofaBtiate; Jimiia, ]itimen{X.y 
to chowo Cud ; rwtnnare* 
a Cuke ; Arehimaeherus, arehicoen^, 

eocns, ooculus, ctUtJUiriitt^ fuli' 

ritiM, jHtpi lUlriug. 

a Cukewalde (Cwowalde A.) ' j <Ht- 

ruca^ rmiiruf^f zeio(ijiu9. 

vmjU itiu)«r tlie ^roundu. lui the rmicdes ur uhniwde:! of Paulus, called St. FaitliesChunili.' 
NoraenrlAbir. ' CyyptoporiieuB. A pUice under the groundc U> hUxa in the lioate dimuner: 
a OQwJw : aLw » clooe plnce compiwsed with a w«llo like tlie other voder th<> gnmude.* 
Cooper. Ifiogeum iaof cuuntctbeGreek truYfiov. Tbe Parish of St. Faith fn Cryptis, Le. 
in tlieCrvpt niuU-r the Choir of St. PaoI'b, wa« commonly calU-fl 'St. Ffuth in the Crotuflt.' 
8*a Litwr Albu-t, r-I. Kilev, p. 556, Withob nmdem ' Cri/iitoin/rtia*^ by 'a vault or 
•hKiiids u under a church, or other pluoe.' In thu Pyl^o-vum^o of SyT R. Giiylfortle* 
OuEidrn Soc p. 34, the Temple of the Uoly Stipolobro ia de»cribed u having * wooUtsr 
111U17 yloi. eratrtlts, nod vaateo.' ' Yjiogaim, tresory." Wright's Voi-ab. p. 175. 

* (iumpkut ^Gr. •ja/uf^*) u a wtxideu pin. Ualliwetl explains ' Crook of a door* a* the 
hia^e, but inoorrectly. It in properly the iron hook fixed in etone or In a wooden door- 
pott on whidi the hingw tunifl. Sea Jamieion ». r. Crook. ' Croc. A gmpple or hook.* 
Ool^rave. !%£! Ort ub Vocab. hfu ' iiumi^h lur ; e*t quUihet cVtutt: A ht-agc of a dore or a iiaylc.* 

' ITiftt ■■* **•■■ •>''„..A,..,,j„x' by John dc Garlandia, of which an aeootiul is given by Mr. 
W»T ill U) the rmriiptorium, |.p. »vii. and Ixviii. 

' '('I ri. or hanche.' Coup«r. ^ Crvpion. The rump or cruppi-r. LemuU 

(fc r .' 1 lie r>iinpe-evi]J or ompper^eviU ; a dlaeiuw wherewith email (ca^) birds are 

nil I. :: ■ m-:.:,J,' Cotgrave. 

• '(.voii'iifodeefatal. A horw* cnippor.* Cotgravo. * PottiUiui. A eiup|>orof ii horse.* 
Cooper. ' Jloe postela. A croi»er.' Wrijjht'i ToL of Vocab. 334. In Sir GuwayiiQ, the 
Grwen Kjiight b described as har]ng 

■ fo pendauntes of hia pAyttmre, |w prfflOe cropure, 
Uiii moIa\nec, & alle ^e mctail anamayld.' 1, 16K. 
■ 'Code, Code «. A ChriiMim. or face-cloth for a child at baptism. WelA cudStn, to 
ovrrer.' Jmnitrstm, Sue Cryiionie, above, Jamieson quotes from Sir Gawan and Sir 
Oolagnaa, i. 18, 'you wna crixt?ned, xnd creiomod, with cnndle and ccx/e,* and from the 
OttMbimo. fol. 132; M^t ofall the liamethatis baptiijt, uidcd with luiequhite lyiming 
d r ' "'' ' ^% quhilk betaktna that Lo ia dene wctchin fm nl his pynni».' 

'jm uui'i. A mgg«. [The faodgB-Bp&iTofr is still calloil a /oiy-fiK^ in 
lb-. - -L _ il.] Zciiiii/jitu. A Cucold or a Jeloufl man.' ModuUa. ' Carrueti cU 

MA/«m OMu >ftu (litVno-ii pull;* tdurit vtl educat, et htr. UHomi *t ilicitur eadrm aui*.' MS. 
Hart. i357.1«<ari4. *A<:<iuk<Mih|. rir tumuu; a cuckuuld mak^. machu*.' ItarvC's Alvuariu. 
'Cv/ruooo. Thobirde that batchuth the ouokouesegges. Atitlyng.* Cooper. 



^to make Cukewalde (Cwkwalde 

A.) ; rurucare, zehtipart, 
*A Ouiice * ; inorticiuai, 
A Culme ^ 
•n CtUpon. 

a Culture * ; cuftrum. 
a Culoiu©; coirr,fHi^\ises\fa^ftKe'ihr. 
tnOuloure; colmxtre, fucar«. 
+of diuifrse Color ; liUcofor, 
tft Oulyur*; c lUeetor, 
ttoCumbyT«(CummereA.); irritarc, 

Cumbyrd (Cummerd A.) ; vbi 

to Oume ; venirCt ad*, & cetera ; pW 

to 4^ome. 
•a Cumlyngfi"; AHuena. 
tCur^tmynge (Cummyn A.) aa 

malte ' ; jjferm»;wj(us, 
Curnmyn; ciVn/num. 

a Cundyth ' ; A qusductiU, <fr cetera ; 

rliT A (gutter, 
t* Oune of y^* money ; n^immimta, 
to Cunnf ; scire, dt c-elcra ; rbt to con- 
aCu»nyiLg«; teUncia,ik cetera; vbi 

a OunstabylLe ; conatahufariuM^ iri- 

a Oimtrye ; patria ; patriu$ part'icU 

a Cuntreznari ; -pntriota, cow^jtatriola. 
ta Ouppyllr) of a horse (howso A.) ; 

tA Cwpyiifl of hundys ; Copula (A.\ 
to CupplU? ; coT)iw\ffcr«, foffuiare, 

rfi>«re, vutri/are ; -tor, -trix. 
Cwpyllyng ; r-o/nv-Zafus, eoniunetna 

a Ourage. 
Curalle': rom/^ofl. 

* 'Collii, a very fine and stmni; bmtb, well Rtr&hied, trmch aied for mvjkltda, enicoiallT 
for oim-iiimptivu pt*r*niiB ' HalliMcll. Andrew Bounlo, in Uw D_yeUry, \E E. Text Soc. ed. 
Kumivull), p. 364, 8{)e:tk8 of ' CAuduleB nmde with hetiipe wide, and roiieMia mad« of 
■hrj'inpM/ vkich. he any*, *dotb comforto blode and nntiiro.' See aLki ihid- p. 50a. 
Directiorui for '■ ealdte of a eocke for a weake body that is in • ixmramptian,' aro ^iren 
hj C'ujipkn, Uavcii of Heallit, l6l3, p. 131. 'Brvth or eolljrse, puhnentariam.' Huloot. 
* C"ulin, m. A collii or bnith of boiled ment ■trminad, fit for a nclie or weake bodjr.' 

■ Pcrhapfithe»ni'iaB 'Cnlnieofanmeko. Fa//sfo." Prompt. SeeP.Flowiaaa, B.xiu.35(S. 

■ • Coultrr. Tbe Culter. or knife of a Plough.' Colgrave. 

* Fr. eutfllfur. 

* HiUQpulo, Pricko of Conwience, S384, gives 

' Be nught dtille, Ix>Terd. aavR he. 
Fur 1 am a c*immdimg Uiwanlu |)e. 
And pilgrjm, all) allt> my fnders was,* 
•• thv Irannlatlon nf * AV tiltat tjHoniam advena ego eutn apml t€ et pengrinut, ttcni omntw 
patfts met.' In the CurnriT Mundl, p. jqi. I. 67S11. we are i'>M — 
•To rumiymjfM do yee riKht na tuike, 
For r|ui]uin wnx yu> aettien tJike.' 
See al»o Wyclif, Jm'tnh lii. 4, where it ii lined v> a translation nf the Vnl^t*- i^<//imw, aa 
al>o in llAiriHonn Detrripliun nf Enyland. 15H7, p. 6, col. 3. where we raid tluit »h<*ti th« 
S<\xonH came to Hnjfluid * n-ilhin a while Uiew newe'tm/tnjftbotfan U^nioluat Iti^humolingii.* 
' Aef^a. A coinelynp.* Medulla. 

" Barri»on, i. 15G. ^nve« a very full account of the procefu t>f Dinliiog tn hiK time : Uie 
b:trley, he nays, after having been iteeped three dayn and throo nighta u tnketi out 
and laid ' vjkiq tfao cleano floor« on a round hea|i«, [where] it rtsstevb en vntiU U be 
readie to 6h<'<>t« at the mote onde, whieh xnalUten oUl commin^j. When it be^nnetfa 
thecwfore to xhoot in Uim maner, they «aie it is ei^me. and Utcn fortb^vith they sjiread 
H abroad, firct tlucke and afterward thinner nnd thinuvr vpun ihu kaid floorv (m It 
eomauth)' Ac. 

' ' A cundJte pipe. rannJlt.' Baret. 'With rondftfua fille oimcnx mUc .if i-I.-u" -ilnvpe.' 
Horte Artbnre^ioi. ' Afjuadutuitilt : A ^u-tv At/umlttttiff. A-f > "■*» 

* 'CoraU, which in the nea groweih lUu a »hrub, or brudh. nt<'i ' d 
a* a atoDe; while it !■ la tbe wat«r, it i» of aJour freeaiab and uvk'«i«4 wllh iqomv. &c- 



ta Cur dog ; Aggregarita. 
aOnra; euro. 

tft Oaroheir; vbi a kerchiffe. 
*0urfiir(CiiTfew8 A.) *; ignitegium* 
^OariooB (CuiloBae A.) ; o^)erosuB. 
Ourlewe'; eotumixy oriix grtcum 

est, ortigometa. 
ti Ourrour ' ; ealeulat cureor. 
toCoTBe; Anathemare, Anathemati- 

zare, chuotare*, deuoiiere, detes- 

tarOf exeommtmiciiret eaxcreLri, 

nuUedieeref prophanare. 
Coned; AnathematizatuB, €xecnbUi$, 

detetiabiltB, execrAtus, eaxommnni- 

catuBf malidictus, nejandnaj ^jro- 

phanoBf deualwi. 
a Cujvyziga ; Anathema, deuonOy de- 

teiiaeio, aeeoinmvaiieacio,exeemrio, 

malidiedOt maledictumf propha- 

Cortaa; curiaI{s,euriotu8,comii,fa-' 

eeftu, l^ndus, vrbanna ; verms : 
%Sit verbis l^dva Aliquiafactis- 

tvn Curtaa; iHepiduByjn 'VrhanuB. 
a Ourtasy; euriaHtaSf factcia, vr- 

a Otirtyn; Anal)at\r\uTtt, Ansa, eur' 

iitia, CI 

tto Custome or to make Custome ; 

guadiare, ritarfi, jnguadiare (A.), 
aCuBtome; conBitetudo,gaudiafmoaf 

ritus; versus: 
%Afor€9,mTtiUes,mo8, conaueludo 
Customably (Customabylle A.); riu, 

solito, solite. 
+to breke Custom ; dttgnudiare *. 
fa Cute (Cuytt A.) *)fnlica, nwrgMMf 

etUa, morgtis -tK, medio ^rrepto. 
to Cutt ; Abseindere, Absculsre, Am- 

j/uUtrej cedere, concidere, ex-y d«-, 

sciwJfTf., re-, aecare, con-, «-, 

;>reactrwiere, dissecare, j'**^^* 

tto Cutt betwefi; jntercidere, 
to Cutt down ; mccidere. 

CormUwm.' Bant, Neckluun, De SatmriM Serum, p. 469. gire* ft limilftr aoconn^^ 
* CoraIim$ noeti* arcet faniaMmaia, pugnanM 

Ejus tutda tmiuM in arma ruil. 
Serba tendla n'mM, d»m eraeit Tethjfot undi$. 

In lapidem trannt »uh diti'M* Jt^U* 
HarriaoB nMBtiaui wbtte 'oormir mbdngfoundontbeoowtHof En^lftnd ' nothing fnferioiir 
to tluit which is fbimde berond tbe nea in the ftlbe, oeere to the &11 of Tnugm, or to Um 
nd iind Uadcfc* Deaeript. of England, iL 80. 

1 In die Liber Alba*, p. 600. we read of the meftt of some foreii^n batcher* being 
tatUAttA, beoKue they hftd exposed it t'tr sale %htr the curfew-t^ll had struck — ^M 
igmHegimm pmUatum ; and again, p. 641, are (pv^n certain or'len f'^r i^i« Prewrvati^m of 
UM Pc*oe,ODeof whiebis 'qn^dnvHoMentrtj^anM pott iyniUjjinnrp«i»atttm, apud Sanctum 
JforCinHM MmfpuaC In Notes and Qamtn. fth Htr. v. i<o (t'et/ruaiy 19th, '^7^^ it w 
■tntodtbat '"Hie Laonoeston Town C^tuncH have r^ijolved to 'Jl-contiriue tl'is old custom 
[of ringing the Carfew beU~, for which two gaiL^a^ aijri>jAlly dih^ to \j^ (j«id.* 

* Botfa Catmrmix and Ortiz properlj mean a qoaiL and f>^>pfrr render* Oriyy<fme/ra bj 
*TW eapitnine or leader amongv qiiaTl*:8, b-';(g^r and bla'.ker than the nvidtje.' See the 

in Wynkyn de Wr^de'* B^.ke '4 Kenijng 'ka^j««>t Boke. ed. Foriiivall. p- iOm), 
ntncke rcarre] a cnrlewe." *Oniix. A F«a-:nt.' Medblla. 

The wcvd oocnrs in thin f->nn in the * FiJ;frTndge of Xiit Lrf of tf^e Man- 
%odt^ «d. W. A. Wright, p. 300. where we rE»i — 'Of Lire we r^«o nc'-Man^ertM ar*') Kp^ciallr 
g nw oTSi ;* and in P. Ilow3<an, A x.l 79, we har^ — ' A rvrr^/trtA oar h-^iK In Caxt^yn s 
6lBac^l4e OU«se. the bewlin^ of cbapt. viij '/f tbe tfa^i * traitve' ift 'Of m«v*'^*rrw cwrr'/«rv, 
SjbaoLiesand plajo^ at tLe djK.' * 3!^. '/^^orare, 

' ' ffaff in - dihUa^j'iksrU'vvi. GtnA'o: ym.adiamvynfiit'itTt.'j'M/lUimfifai'in..' Mf^'^Un. 

• IW baU-OMt, cntied is WaJ*.*T dt fc-'vlftTwonb. Wri^r.t'- V'4. V^^ab. p. i C*. » * bUrye,' 
AT Mani ijimI, from the ptmiliar *fip**nc.oe of ibe fux. A . ad/l* 

Vcnoi : Est ooer/ts toIvitu n iLer^u« rlt ^efiiurns. 
Sii sK vx/^eiis ta^tc ffkrm 6\ti*wr esse. 



fto Catt yn ]^ myddu; sinco- 1 

tft Cutter ; teissor, cesor. 
a Cttttyn^^; Abscisia^ampiUacio, eon- 

eino, pulado, jnttameB^ reseeacio, 

% Cutte ^ ; $or8j aorticiUa dimiun- 

fto drawe Cutte ; sorliri. 
ta Cutler (Cultelere A.) ; euftel- 

Corattu; AmbieiosuE, AuaruB, Aui- 

dus, A uiduius^ cujnduB qui A liena 

eupitf eupidtluB, cupidiosua, emax 

in emeadoy jnsaciabilis, tenax, 
parau; verms: 

% Stt A uiduB eujfidiiBj A A tun-as, 
<^ Ambieioga^'. 
Diuicias eujidtts eupitt Ambi- 
ciosus htmore$. 
a CawutU; Ambitus, am&fcio honoris 
est, an^naone ineho[a]tuT crimen 
«ed anUntu cooxtf mmotur, avari^ 
da, cupedia, cupide oEiutmiarum 
0st, emacitaa in empdoiM est, 
jHirdtas, tenaa'Uu, philargia- 
to CuwBt (Corett A.) ; cupcre, <£r 
cetera ; vbi to desyre. 

CsLpitvluTO. 4™ D. 

A dA; dama, damula eft'mmutiuum. 

ta Dactyll/! ftite (firuytt A.); 

dactilU; dacttHcua psirtici^iMm. 

*to Dadir * ; Frigudo, d: cetera ; 

vbt to wliake (qwake A,). 

a I>aggar ; gettrum ', pugio, $paurum. 

tDaghe*; pasta. 

a "Db^ ; dieSj dieculaj diumvMt tax, 

emera grece. 
to Day " ; diere, dieacere. 
tfrom Day to day ; die in diem, in 

dies, dietim. 
ta Day iomay * ; dieta. 

' See note to Drawe catte. 

' DUher u still in use in the Northern Cotintiet with the meuun^ of 'to ahake with 
cold, to tremble :' see Peacock's Gloss, of Manley & Comngh&m, KodjJ's Glossarf of 
lAncashire, ftc. Dithert is the Line, name for the shaking palsy, parahftit agitcait. The 
Manip. Vocab. gives ** to dadder. trepidare.' Cotgrave hu * Claquer la detUi. To gnsih 
the teeth, or to cbatter, or didder, like an Ape, tbat'a afraid of blowes. Fmson. A 
shivering, quaking, diddering, through cold or feare ; a trembling or hoxrcw.' See also 
Friller, Friaaoner, and Grdotter. 

' Boyea, gyrle^i, and luskyth strong knaves, 
Dydderyng and dadderyng leaning on ten staves.* 

The Hye way to the Spyttel Eons, ed. Hazlitt, p. 38. 
The word is met with several times in Three Met. Romances (Camden Soc. ed. Bobson). 
H in the Avowynge of Kyng Arthur, xvi. \i — 

* He began to dotur and dote Os he hade keghet scathe :' 

and in xxv. 7 — 

'3>f Menealfe was the more myjtie ^ette dyntus gemt him to dedur.' 

See also Sir Degrevant. 1 109 ; and note to Dayse, below. 

* Query ' Oaum. A kinde of weapon for the warre ; a swoorde or wood knife.* Cooper. . 
The same author gives ' Pugianctdtts, A small dagger ; a poyneadow.' 'Pugio vel dona- 
bulum, lytel sweord, vel hype-sex.' Aelfric's Vocab. in Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 35. 

* 'Thy bred schal be of whete flour, I-made of dogk that ys not sour.* 

Myrc, Instructions to Parish Ptiest-i, I. 1881. 
* Ptutum. Dowh. Medulla. A. S. rfajr. O. led. deigr. Gothic, dat^«, dough. 'Daw or 
T>AUjihf, ferina fermenlafa.'' Manip. Vocab. 'Dome or paste,' Baret. 'HeeptutOtA* 
di^h.* Wright, Vol. of Vocabularies, p. 201. See also Jamieson s. v. />aigh. 
" 'And in the dayng of day then dojty were dyjte, 

Herd matyns [&] mas, myldelik on morun.' Antura of Arther, st. xxxvii. L 5. 
See also to Daw, below. 

* * Jhtta. Iter quod una die conficitur, vel quodvia iter; ^tap«, route.' Ducange. See 
Chaucer, Knightet Tale, 1880, and Mr. Way's note*, r. Juraey. 



a X>ayntye ' ; JilicM^ laulieia. ktuticie, 
fyuh; defictiiua^ dolicio«\xt, hatMB 

i-Daysardawe (A Dayserth A.)*; 

JMyrr, iufftrum, Ju'ja:^. 
•f» Daysteme ; tuci/er v^/ jihonpho- 
Tw*f vt iiieit virgUiiiS eapitulu 

WM/iUrtf, (t) 

» Daysy ; cotntoh'-lam. 

A Dayllir ' ; tlistriOucio, TOga (A,), 

a Dale : wnllis. 

t A Dalko (or a tache) * ; Jiniiaeulmn, 

JimuUoriuin, monil^^ 
a Dame ; vbi a htibw^-fe. 
a DameesellT ; domicelloy dommella, 


a Damysyfi tro; (f/rmiMnuB» nun 
^TTo arftorc «& /*u<ittt, eonju^ 

to Da?nme ; hanihlnare {homhinare 

J^\ cir<?tfui»crii*r«, dainjtnare^ 

Dampned; acZt/tc^QB, ciTcumscnptuSf 

dain/matua, eoudempnaiua, iudi- 

a Dafrmynge ; (f«myjMafio jwblici 

iudicijy condfmpuac'w jmuati. 
fa Dan ; Jarnts ^w'(//:in jtupulna. 
taDan*. «cu< luoiuichi vocanlur; 

fDazunarke ^ ; dacia. 
+to Dare ; audere^ presitmere, 

vsurparcj dc cetera ; «bi to 


' The «ftrUi<st Noitlicni farm of tbia won! u d^ij/uttlh (see Ge/ta Jiomunorftm, pp. 368, 
317 j\ PimC SlieAt derives it fmm O. Fr. dnintu, Lftt. diffnitatein. Id be«voii wo ue 
iaM fay Hampole, Pticke of Conacience, 7850 — 

* t!*Are es ptpnte of ddjfnlet »nd delicof).' 
j_. J ,|_ • Jriaro «« alkyn delyces nnd een'?.' Ilnd. 7S."tI. 

Adj*int)*/ Jamiesiin. * /^i/i<v4/«=:^. Dftintetliiiytwe.nrHeliciide.* ThoniM, lul. 
1 -.-. i : -.-. 'SwM caWris thoir daynttig, qq duii dicbt du^atciiti.* Raof CoUjcar. ed. 
Mum;, i))i. 

* A day's work *t ploU|j|hing : cf. anlai/h. fallnwing, ploughing — *on ardaffh wiae^m 
|it»u^Umnn fiMliion.' The l)eKtruLtioD ofTro^, £. fi. Text Soo. L J 73. Tusser, io bis /Vm 
timmdrtd PuUU9, Sk., p. 84, 8ny« — 

* Buch l&nd as jo bre&ko ap for hnrlie to Bowe 
Two earihfji at the IcokI cr ye (towo it Iwstowe.* 
■ Daamgv dMarium in «xpluinc<] as * Opn* difi : jonni/t dt travaU-^/ugrrum ; jornaU ; 
JoitnaX de terrt,' aod Cooper ivudorv Juj/trurn ' At niitcb« ifnmnde a* odv yoke of vx^n 
Vfl aar« la a daya. It coDtevoLth in i«-n^th .a^o. foolo. iu bmidth .lao. footr, which 
IttulU|dic«l rueth to .288DO. It niny ht vwmI for our acre which conleyueth tnorv. a-n in 
l»r**filh frtwer p«rch»i, that ia .66. foot^, and in lenirth .40. perches that is .Mo. foote, 
wliieh rict-th iu thu whole to ■43560. f>x>to ' Sec Tlnliiwvl) «. r- Ardors. 
' MS. iot/ihi/roa. ' Itirjichiier. A (inynteiTo.* Wriglit'n Vocali. p. aja. 

* ' Jiojfo. A doolo.' Medulla. 'A dole, c/cfrnwya'P distribiucU/. Maidp. V4wab, The 
wiiH ia still in nse. See to Dele, below. In Wright's Political Poome. u. aao, we find 
eumptaiot* of how thp jMor wen; defrauded of their dcU* : 

*Th« awinenoer iiuyth lie cnm to late, Of pnnre mm diMtUjn \» no sekir dat«.' 
' A. S. fin'c, dolcf 0. Icvl. dalkr, a thorn ; boncv it came to uicau as alxive a ' pin.' or 
■br<KKih,* ' Pihuln. A boton, orhroche, prykke. orapynne, or a tace. Mtmilc: omanttntHin 
wtt qnod §olet rx ffmimtrum p<nd^e eolio, quod alio noniinc didttir firmacuiitm : a brodie.' 
'OvtiM Vocab. See aUo to Taohe. 

^ ' * Analifanviatvd foroi of the L-tttn domtmtr, wbich appears aluo in French dan, Spanuh 
, Pm1u^W!M ^fom. Th« O. Fr. form t/urM, was i^trodu(^ed intu English in the fourcotoitb 
«raltity. 8e«: hd aeo<jiint of the word in ' Leaves from a WonMiunttr'n Note-boolt.' A, S, 
}*aJiubr, p. I jO- in the Motik'n Prolopie the Host a.'^kini; bim hi* name Hay»— 
• Whrther nhrtll I oall«* ynit my lanl dan Johan, • 

Or dttun Tiiomo*. or ellea dan Alltonf 
' '^ ' M->r hrre c'-mmitted— 'Pun'rt. A roontrfv bevotiile Hoijgary. 

1 :\ of Europe : on the west the Jazigiaus of MvtaiK-ht ; on the 

»»-— .'-.jr,.;.... .,(.,.0,-..,.. 0^ Uuiiaw : on the caia, the lower ifysian, Sc l>tmaw: they 



Darnells '; sitanwa ; {verma: 

if Est zizaania, sunt ciAxnnta, 
plaraXi -«(> q^jisqne. A.). 
A Dttrto ; iaculum, jnhtm, ^piculam ; 

vf/i a arow. 
to Gtst a Dorta; jaeitiarit Spiculari, 

to Dayso (OnBe A.) •; vli to he cuIUe. 
*a Daysyberd (Dasyberdf A) * ; 

a Data ; dfictuiuSy dnrtilicua. 
* to Danr *■ fiiwe, e/teiccre, diet,di8~ 

bat, in^rsuna^. 

caB it now rrfrmrf^/ufNiAm : tliej doe not woll, which cnU Penmarkc l>y this name, wliiobe 
is Dantn.' See Andrew Bwrrlt-'K * Introduction nf KuowIcHp',' «!- Fum!v»!I, pp. l6i~3. 
iJatia nnri />ari are uxed for Denmark ami the DaneH renpevtively in tJie Liber Ciutu- 
ninrutn. Rolls Seriw. ed. Riley, pp. fu;., 63.^, &e. 

^ 'Darnell ; luraie or Raie. a vcrie vicious graine that anuoioth come, it ia hot in the 
third dogree. and dn'ein the second ; loUnm. zhartia' IW«t. In the Eirly Eng. Metrical 
Homiliw, ed. Smallf p. 145, we have the p^irable of the man who aowed good seed oa liia 
land, but ' Quen ol folc on ilep ware. 

Than cutD his fa, and neu richt ihut 
Darntf, that ea an iael wede ;' 
and again, p. 145. thg mas'.er ordeni hU men— 

'Gaderea the riurnnl firet in l<*nde And brfinnM U opnn the land.' 

On the derivation of thu word ma Wedgwood «. e. *^ Zisannia. Cockle, or aaj other 
eomipte and naoghtie wewle growyng aniongf oome/ Cooper. ' Xiiannia Dravke. yt 
damci], or cokhyl.' Medulla. See ak<) Gokylle, and Drake o<r DamxUe. ' The name 
apfieam to hav? h«cn varimialy applied, but uflunlly tak^n Ut mean LiAium Umuteniunt L, 
It ifi lilted in thii hcokv by Turner ( ffatuf b), who says — " Darnel srowf th aniimg« the cmne, 
and the come goeth out of kynde into fJamd :" and aJfW by FitzherbeH. (lloke of Hua- 
bandry), who say* — " DtrvoUh RToweth up rtreye'itft lyke an bye jjraw#e, and hath l'»n^ 
Mdet on cather syde the dterte," ' Britt«-n, Bug. PUtutNamf*. E. I>. Hoc. 1X7K. p. 14^, 

' loci. d*mir, faint. tirt>l ; da*, a, fiviut, exhaiiiiUon. To date, to feel cold, to *hiv«r. 
occnn in the Townley M^-Bteri&i, p. 18 — 

' I wotu never wbedir For ferd of ^at taylta.* 

1 dtiH and I dwtlr 
Compare also— 'And ror-)>i )>at hni. omafi^ o*.b€r vice. 

Itrynned ay here in )« cahle of maUce, 
Atid ay wa« dated in charite.' Pricke of Cotudcnce, 6645. 
8e« alio G. Donglaa, Pr<do)^e to jCneld, Bk. vii. p. 10^ (ed. 17^7). and Chaucer, Honi 
of Fanip, Bk. ii. 150. Mi«r/«rt - coldness, oocore in Prioke of Con«ci«Dee in 1. 4906 : 
' Agayn the tia^eHneM nf charite.* where the l^nwlowne MS. 348, haa euUlnem. It alaa 
oocura in Cotton MS. Tib. E viii. leaf 24 — 

' pnafiluea of bert aU elerkeo pnive And Blaxrly hti lufle In gud Mttes.' 

Ei when a man i/iW/y luvea, 
Jamiewin fayi *To Do^ie. Damt-. (I) To ntupify.S. (i^To benumb. The part, b frt*f]uent1y 
HMJtl to ev|irtt« the dulnok^, fctujKir. or inwaiibility produced by r ■ ' *■ '••■ ".■ ! tn bo 
diiUed who ia luperannuatud.' * I Btod u atylla w ilat^i ijuaylc.' ' /S «. 

• ' Vtrihuetta. Qui nun^uarn vull opnire oh. I.'fid'in' in glaH.ti- 1 1 mh\ 

qui Barlia tUrtli, itenleB harha, quia cutnm hucc» eoruui non potert Uariaa pQCrtunper«.' 
Dooattge. 'Hio dunbucev^ ; a da«yheni.' Wri^btV Vol. of Voo»h. 31 J. 
'Thr-r ia a Hoatiherd 1 woulde dere 
Tlmt walkea aljrodo wjlde were.' Cliester FUya, Sb &>a i. »r. 
' S3n)e other iiWighto I musto wpje 
Tbii dtmrtbfirde for to deatrpyo. lUd. \. 304. 

Cr. atM !i. 34, 'We mnat nertle* thit dtmeUird* desiroye.* In 'The Sowdono of 

Babyluiob/ Koxboxgh Olob. L 1707. when eerUnt of the French Knighti prot^t a|;ain«t 
being sent u menengefB to Balan ( Tjabau), Chariei addreeriui; one 4if them u^i — 
'TnuAe the furlh eko, i«r Ihxvihrrth, Or 1 -halle tho iono nuik*.* 

' Dmribuectig, Ifardticdo.' Medulla Probahly connected with the IikJ. tJatfr. * laJty felloW : 
itw Prof. Skont* Kti/m. Itief ■ *. DniriArd. 

' Thii word oooara Mveral tinioi in Barbonr'i SruM. od. 8kMt — thui Insvn. lOlweliDil 
* Ale coyn ale it dttteit day,' and L 634—* On (tie rude-eryu Ui the datryng' 



fa Dawe 

to Dawbe ' 

tk Dawbor ; tinitor. 

; monaduloy nodus, nodu- 

*Dawno {vcl Dowce A.) " ; lanvgo, 
B Bftwng^* * ; domitiemm, ritftium, 
tBawngeroBy ; ritjnoauB. 
a Dawnce; chorea, chorus, tr'ijmdium. 

Sm k1*o it. 377, Tii. 315. Id lUuf CuUjear, E. E Teat 8nc. I. 385, Uie Collier wo an 
told •tvted (or pAfi* — 

* Ovir the Dailti!! sa diTf. he the day was dainit;* 
Htd Qwooer, Knight'n Tale, S18. luui — 

'III bin bede ther rlnteelh him no dny, 
n»ftt he n^n uUd mid redy for to rydo 
With boDle And horn, knd houudea bym bjiidc' 
The {MMi tcDM occtir^ in Sir Dcn'revant. 1. 1793 — 

* Tyl the jorlu" ciirt«l he iprdo, Bv the day dnn.* 

8e« ilio Ij^moD. ii. 494. ttenrjtiB niii] Exodus. 16. Early Eng Allit. PoMm, ed- Morriti, 
p. 105. 1-4^5, ftc. CnxUm iii htit Ue-vriptiou of nHtAin. 1480, p. 3, nvi that tliia Mand 
* tor it lyetfa vnder the north h«de of the wnrldt- butli Ivk'ht and briffbl ny(;h(ei< in ibe 
w>mer tjme. 8n that oft tyme at mydnyght men haae queetioofi and doubu wethir it be 
•ueo tyde or dawyng.* 

* ' Dawe ; n cadi^ftfe. monffluht, A dave, or jonng orowe. oomtciila^ ]}arei. ' A dawe, 
eomtr.' ^lanip. Vocab. * ilonetlula. A chou^ ; a daw ; n eadesse/ Cnoper. 

' The tenu daubours ocean in the IA\ht fustumaruin. », 99, in the aenM of layen 
on. to a fram-'Work, of a tniiture of Btmw an'] uind emplnyeil in the oonalrudion of 
F>nceii and hoaaft-walls. In Chi«hire, accardiag to Mr Riley, the prucea^ts ttrmed vogijituj 
(we Clieriliire Glcmuary by GjI, Lei^b, p 143). In Franco the composition in known as 
tofckU, and in Devonohim oh coh. The procMn of lUmhing ir alludeil to more than 
once ID otir Trau-idatiuri of the Old Teatament. 80c for inntance WycliTs vomion of 
£a«kiel lui. 10. 11. The wort), ftcrnrHing to Mr. IT. Nicol. in from O. Fr. d*j«?MT— to 
plKater, frcim Latin dtalbitrr " trj whiten. We<i(fwncid derivB* dawb from </«A. * an 
iinitation of the Kound made by throwing Aown a luiitp of aometltin^ n»iUt/ ' ftitugt, 
Dkwbing or mortar mado of day and straw/ Cot^rmve. In Liber AU>iif>i p. iftg, ure 
mentioned •carpetitem, muon«, pOittrem.rfo'f'wTB, tcntem' Ac, ajid in n. 338. pennna who 
Mid ^maaona, carjjcnten, ttauUn, tiellerea,' at higher ratea than tho^v settled by the 
Corporation of London, were Hfe-Iared ^> be gnilty of ' maintenance or champetry." See 
l^nleriD Glouary to Liter Albiis, p. 309. *A Dawber, a pHrgetter.<rirmen/aMU<i.* Baret. 
' Ccmtntnrinjt, dawltfr.' \Vriy;ht'n Vol. of Vooab. p. l8l. ' Pl-utrier. A plaisterer, a 
dawber.' Cotf^rave- See iiLm> to Dobe, Sober, Slc. 

' Compare F. Heer fynte growynee yn matinys berde. Lanugo. 'Lnnuginr, the ien- 
denewe or downe of a yongo bennie. Thomaa, Ital. Oiot. ii50- 

• Thif hi the original meaning of th*» wor*l dnnnfr. Thaiw.* rend In r>G Degiiil*'ville'i 
Pil^frima^ of tlie Lyf uf the Mnnltode, ed. \Vrii;ht, p. 83, ' SufBviL'nt be was anil uiihty 
tn dt^liurin* them phmtiTowahcbe al that hem needeile. withniite beein'^e in any ontbere^ 
dnaitgrr' and agidn pp. 2 and 63 See DOcaii^e 0. v X*a*t<ifrinm. ' )e )>uUt:0 ofte Janmjer of 
•fttir-IiM ofterwhule ^et nnihte beon eower j-rel.' Aticren Uiwie, p. 356. William L>ininer 
writing to Sir J. i*a«t"n in 1461, »ayr, 'I lua gnUy yn your dnn^'jer and dcttu for rny 
peiwion,* Pa«ton Letters, ii. 35. jAmiewn <iuote« from Wyntown 'in hit dun-ngtr,' 
which he reO'ler* ' in hi» power ai a captire.' See aliw Barbour'a Bruce, etl. SkeAt, 
%ix 709. ' Qiihill w? hf out of thair danger,* and »ee alwi ii. 435, iii. 43. Honnan 
tmyn, 'I haue the ntan in my daunircr. Hahro hnminem mihi obntunum.' Cbaueer, 
l*nt|(igne to *'»»it- TmIch, I. 663, wys of the S'lmpnoar. that — 

' In fii: '']<-■ he at hia owtie gise, The y<ni(^' i^iirles of the dioei->*o. 

O. Fr. rf<i. ii'on. Biibjpctinii : from Low I«at. rfo»ttNHirt«m, power. Compare 

£2iakipeanj, .^.■,. .....i.t of VrB.ic>;, iv. I — 

•yo\i mand within his dnnntr, do Ton not f 
* Dtmigtriitn. Vtnrulum .- datujn; dijmmttujf — Sahdomijfcrin alivujin'tiilmana ease, alicul 
nboMe, ewe sub UIids potr-state : iire »atui la puiMtinrr. f»it la d-r-rvHinrr df tpirtijtt'nn' 
P'Amii. See aliio K. de Brunne'i Chruuicle, ed. FunuvoU, 1. iiS34, and the Townlcy 
&IfH«ri«a.p> 60. 



Darnell*'; zizannia; (wrras: 

H £st zh/rmtia, sunt zizannta, 
plar&M -nie yuis<^uc. A.). 
B Darte ; iaculuia, /n'/uoif spieulum ; 

rhi & a row. 
to cast a Darto ; jaeulari, Sjneulari. 

to Dayse (Das© A.) *; t»&i to be caIUc. 
*a Baysyberd (Daayberda A.) * ; 

a Data ; dariulu^ d-ictifteaft. 
* to Dawr*; dirre, dieicere, dtet,die' 
bat, in^r&ouKle, 

csll it now Trtinnyhmniam : they doe not welt, which cnll Denmark^} by thU uune, whi«bft 
is Dania? See Andrew BooriI»-'B ' li)troduclioD of Kiiowledgp,' e«l- Fiimivii!I, j>|i. i6j-][. 
Jiacin nnd Dan Are useH for DfTimnrk Aod the DADes re«pectively in the Libsr Ctuto* 
warum. Roll* Series, ed. Riley, pp. 6j.f , 6.^0, 633, &c. 

' ' Darnell ; luraie or Raie, m verie vidoun (frainc that annoleth cnme. it la hot in llip 
third d«9gree. nnd drie in tht* seconil ; IoUuhi, ri:<tiiia ' Bnret. In the K>trty Eng. Metncnl 
Homilrea, cd. Bmalt, p. l.f 5, we hnvo the pnralile of the man who roacU good aced on lila 
laod, but ' Queo al folu on slop ware, 

Than cum bi» fa, and Heu richt tbaro 

JJamrf, that w au iuel Wfide , 
and AgAtn, p. 145. the maotcr nrden hia men— 

'Oadcre* the finrnet fint in bando And brvnnci it opnn thn land.* 

On the durivation ut the word Me Wedgwood $.f*. * Ziranttin. C*>ckle. or oiiy other 
comipte and nftughtii* weed* growyn^ anuiiige comtj.* Coo[K*r ' Zijuunia. Dravko, or 
darool, or cokkyl.' Modulla. Sec al»i Cokylle, and Drake or Damylle. * Tho name 
appeora ii> havQ h^en vnriouitly applicl, but uHaally tak^n tu tnfian L<ilitu» (emulrntum L. 
It ia uiie<I in thit tteiii*e by Turner (, NameiV who imyB— '* Damei Krnweth niuonfi^ the cronr, 
and the como gnelh out of kynde into darnrl .-** and alw by Fttzberfaert (Boke of Uii»- 
bnndryV who «ay« — *' Oemoffie growtith op stroyehte Ivke nn hyc gnu»e, and hntb Imig 
wkIm on eather ayde tht *t-erte," ' Brittvn, SniJ. PUtnt-Xame*. E, D. Soo. 1878, p. i^i. 

* IceL du*<ir, fnint, tire'l : daf. a faint, oxhauxtion. To daw, to fool cold, to siiiver, 
occurs in the Townlcy Mynteries. p. aS— 

' I wote never whedir For fenl of ]>al taylle.* 

I doM nnd I de<Ur 
Compare also— 'And for-Jn >at ^m, omang o>her viM, 

Brynned ay here in })« oude of ntiiHcs, 
And ay wm dated in ohnrito.' Pricks of ConMnence, 6645. 
See aUo O, Donglafl, Pr>l"gne to .+;ndd, Bk. vH. p. lo^i (e»l. 1 787), and Clinucer, HmM 
of Fame, Bk. ii. 150. />njv'/iir»-coldnoa*, occurs in Prii-ko of C<'n»oi<tntfo in 1,4906: 
* Agayn the da^e^nai of oharit«,' whf-re the lAmwliiwnii MS. 348, luu toldtum. It also 
ocoura in CnlUm MS. I^b. E viti. leaf 24 — 

* l>atfil»es of hert alii cl«rke« prure And alawly hta luffa In god seltes.* 

K» when a nuui daHiUji luvea, 
Jamienon KayB 'To DaM), Daiae. (i)To ititpify.S. (i^To hennmb. The part- U (rMiaentljr 
Heed to expre* the dnlm-jp, stupor, or inBensibility produced by ■"- ' *■ ' is Mud to be 
dai*ed wh'.i i>4 "uper-inrHiatt;!).' ■ I ntod aa stylte ah dtw^l qimvle.' >». t loSi. 

■ • i>ort7-if(Vii#. 4^111 numjiiain volt operirtj OS. lB'td!>ro in glo«i«) - ■ iidem eiuit 

qui /{urfta Mterili, iit«rileii hiu-lia, quia ctit^m hnccse eorum non pote»t barba pentimpere.* 
Ihiouige. ' Uio duHlfHocuM ; a dn#yUjrd.' Wright's Vol. of Vocnb. 217. 
* Th<r ifl a dufiberd I wonlde dere 
Thikt wnlkei abmde witdo wero.* Chester PUys,ShSoo.3. 40T. 
' Srtme other »lt;i^hte I murte emiyv 
This datHbcird* fur to destroye. Ihid, L 904. 

Cf. a!«t ti, 34, 'We mnxt nwde* ttii- dfuiefuird^ d«ifroy« ' In "Tha Sowdono of 

Bal)yloiii«.' Itoxlorgh Club, 1 1707, when certain of tJio French ' tMt against 

being sent lui niriii«eni;:>!rH to HaTan (Lidtan'i, Cliivles aiMnwdmr on' -*>'*— 

•TiUiA? tlic furth rkp, sir Vamhcnle. Or I •halle tin-. «.nc niaka.* 

' DmrOmtvu*. Hardbede.' ModiiUa. Probably oonnecicd wit)) the I«vl '/oil. a laxyfelhiw: 
ec« Fitrf. Skcat'i Ktym. DUt. s v. Dutard. 

* Thi« word oocurs several times in Barbour's Bruet, ed. £lkcat— tbon in xvii. 103 we RnA 
*Ab aoyn ab It datrii day.' and L 634 — *Ou ilie rude-evyn in the HaiC/fHff.' 


^ Bawo * ; monedula, nodaa, nodu- 

to Dawb« ^ ; h'ncre, 
ft Ddwber ; linitin: 

*DawTie (i-o? Downe A.) '; lanuffo. 
a Dawngrr*; dtniuifentrnt riipium. 
fBawn^erosy ; riijnogws. 
a Dawnoe; cliorm, c/«»iu», itri/nwfmTn, 

8oe »l«o iv. 377. vii. 315, In Rnnf Coflsoar, E, E Text Snc. I. 385. th* Collier wo u« 
ti>ld sUrl^d fnr riu-is— 

* Orlr the BailU-t Mb dtirf, be the day wu dawm:* 
■od Cbnaoer, Knigbt'd Tale, 818. \u\f — 

• In bin bifdi' ther dfiKfth him no d»y, 

Tliftt he n_r)t clnd ami redjr rm* to i^de 

With honte nnd horn, mid liouiides hyta byiltle.* 
The pAM teme ocmin in Sir Daijrevant, 1. 1 791— 

•Tyl ilio jor'upi r^itol )ie tpedc. By the day dnee* 
Bft ftlao LMftmon, li. 404< l*^n<-«rin Artrl Rvxluft, t6, Eiirly Kng AlliL Poprm. «L MnrHn, 
p- 105, L 445, &c. CixUiTi in bis l)e>criptioii uf Ijritain. I480, p. 3, Kiyi thai this tidand 
' for it lyt-tlt vnder the north hede of the worhle hath lyght anft bright nyghtao In ihe 
KDier tvine. So that afl tyiue »t mydnyglit fti«n hauo queBlioris and double wcthir it be 
euea tyde or dawyng.* 

* * Dawc ; s cadene. movedHln, A dava, or yonng crowe, Mmieuht,* Bant. ' A dawe, 
tomir.' Manip. Vocab. ' Mnnniuia. A uhintgh ; a daw ; a earlpMC.' Cooi»er. 

' The tenu damioun ocean in the Lilier t'uBtiunarum, {>. 99, in the srnM of Itiycn 
on. to a fruii''Wc»rl(. of a niixturu of straw and iimd ptu|>l<>ye4l in the oonBtractinn of 
fences and houM-wallA. In Cheshire, according to Mr Riluy, the proceK-? i« termed nngging 
(fWM) CThcHhiro GloiMary by Col. [jeigh, p i^z). In Krancti the ciiin|>o<i)tion is known as 
tarchis, an<l in Dtrvnnshlr*' at rn^t. The proceu of finuhinp !* alluded to more than 
onoe in our Tninidation of the Old Testament. See for in«t»nw Wyclirn Tentinn of 
lUekiel liii. ro, 11. The wurd, accDprlin^ to Mr. H. Nicol, in from 0. Fr. r/uwfcrr-to 
phuter, from Latin liftlfmrt ^to whiten. W'ed(rwood derive* itatth from da6. 'an 
imitation of the icound nude by throwing down a lump of lonicthing- nuii«t.' * Hauyt. 
Dawbiiig or mortar made of ^r anti ittraw.' CutgrnTe. In Liher Albun, p. 389, ara 
mentianfld 'carpantem, nutaonn, plnittreni.f/a"^rrit. tenters* Ac, and in p. 3.^8. [•mtous who 
paid ' maMiu, oarpenterv. daitben, tiellerea,* at hi^ltiT mV« than lho<iu iiettleil liy tha 
Corporation of London, were decUred to be guilty of ' maintenance or ohnmitetry.' 8ca 
Datiber in Glossary to Liber Albua. p. 309. * A Pawber. a pargetter, ftrmpntariitK.' Baret. 
*C«mentnriiu, dawlwr.' Wrif^ht's Vol. of Vocab. p. i8i. ' Phstrier. A plaisterer, » 
dawber.* Cot^rave. See aWt to Dobe, Dober. &c. 

■ Compare P. Heer fyr«te growynge yn mjmnya berde. Zanii{fO, 'Zanuj^'ne. th« ttn- 
deracMe or downe of a yonge benrde.' Thomaa. Ital. Diet. i«50. 

• Thii is the original meaning of the word dfjngrr, Thoi wp read 10 Dc IDecuy«^vil]e'f 
Filgrimago of the Lyf of the .MAnhode, ed Wright, p. 83, • Siifflciput he waa and mihty 
to dt-Iiu«r» them plentivonaliohe al thnt lieui needeile. withoato bcciu^'e in any «iotbero« 
d/ianff'^r,' and aK^iu pp. 3 and 63 SeeDOL-nfig« e. t Vaitfftntm. ' Je J«lii-a nftp rfaM?r*;fr of 
twnche oAerwhule Nt utuhte boon eower Jrel.' Ancren liiwle, p. 356. Williani L-'mner 
writing lo Sir J. I**Htrm in I461, nays. 'I lun grotly yn ynvir dunp^^r and dctte for my 
praaion.* Pa«ton Ijettert. ii. 35. Jatniemn quolen fmrn Wynlown ' in hi* tUitrnifrr,' 
which he r^'nder» * in bin power a* a captiTe.' Sec ahto Bjirboitr's Brtirr, ed. Sk'-at, 
xii- 709. ' Quhill we be out of ttair dangor.* and see alan ii. 435, iii. 43. Honnan 
Bays, 'I haao lh<.> man in my danotzor. Habro hnnnnem iniM obaoriMm.* Cbaaoer, 
Prul'>gue to Caat. Tnle*, 1. 663, saya of the Bout|mour. tluit — 

'In dntini}*T htulde he at Ins owne gine. The yongn i;iir1iiK of the dioci«e* 

O. Yt. (Uin{tif>\ dtiminion, subjection : from Lnw 1*1. dominiariiin, power. Compare 
flhaiupearu, Murvhant of V^enice, iv. i — 

' Vou gtaod within Ms dnnrirr, do you nnt'* 
'Jkmigrrimn. Pfriculum • dan'/rr, rfirmtnai/f— Suhdomigerioaltcniutnulmann e*ao. alicni 

■ulH-Me. »«■« Klib illiiiB jK.t«'st.'\tP : e/re *«!« la pia»»itncr, tout la dff-mdanrt de qyttlqu'tm.* 

D'Araia. 8ev aUo B. d« Bmuae'ti Clirotiicle, ed. Furnivall, I. 1:834, »od the Townluy 
Uysteriea, p 60. 


DaraeUe ^ ; sdzannia ; (verras : 

% Est zizannia, sunt zizannia, 
jplnrvXi •nie ^is^e. A.), 
a Daite ; iaculum, jnluuij spiculum ; 

vhi a arow. 
to cast a Darte ; jacularij Spiculart. 

to Dayse (Daae A.) *; vhi to be callde. 
*a Daysyberd (Dasyberdd A.) ^ ; 

a Date ; dacttUas, dactilienB. 
* to Daw * ; diere, dtescere, diet, die- 

batj inpermnsde. 

call it now Tran«ylitnniam : they doe not well, whicli call Denmarke by this nmme, yrhidhe 
is Dania* See Andrew Bonrde's ' Introduction of Knowledge,' ed. FumivBll, pp. 163-3. 
Datia and Dad are used for Denmark and the Duiee respectively in the Liber Custu- 
marum, Rolls Seriee, ed. Riley, pp. 635, 630, 633, &g. 

* ' Darnell ; luraie or Raie, a verie vicious graine that annoieth come, it is hot in the 
third degree, and drie In the second ; lolium, zizania' Buret. In the Early Eng. Metrical 
Homilies, ed. Small, p. 145, we have the parable of the man who sowed good seed on his 
land, but * Quen al fblc on slep ware. 

Than com his &, and seu richt thara 
Darnel, that es an iuel wede ;' 
and again, p. T45, the master orders his men— 

' Gaderes the darnel first in bande And brennes it opon the land.* 

On the derivation of the word see Wedgwood s. v. * Zizannia. Cockle, or any other 
oomipte and naughtie weede growyng amonge come.* Cooper. ' Zizannia. Dravke, ur 
darnel, or ookkyl.' Medulla. See also Cokylle, and Drake or Damylle. 'The name 
appears to have been variously applied, but usually taken to mean Loliwn temvlmtum L. 
It IB used in this sense by Turner (Names), who says — "Darnel groweth amonge the crone, 
and the oorae goeth out of kynde into damd :" and also by Fitzherbert (Boke of Hus- 
bandry), who says—** Demofae groweth up streyghte tyke an hye grasse, and hath long 
■adea on eather syde the sterte." Britten, £ng. Plant-Names, £. D. Soc. 1878, p. 14:1. 

' loel. d<t$dr, faint, tired ; dot, a Mnt, uchaustion. To date, to feel cold, to shiver, 
ocean in the Townley Mysteries, p. aS— 

' I wote never whedir For ferd of >at taylle.* 

I daw and X dedir 
Conpare also^ 'And for-Jn Ht ^ra, omang ofher vice, 

Brynned ay here in )ie cidde of malice, 
And ay was dated in ofaarite.' Pricke of Consdence, 6645. 
See also G. Donglas, P^tI(^e to iflneid, Bk. vii. p. 10^ (ed. 1787), and Cliauoer, Hons 
of Faroe, Bk. ii, 150. Da*rtfnf$^on\&aes\ occurs in Pricke of Conscience in L. 4906 : 

* Agayn the doKedmet of oharite,* when the lAudowne MS. 348, has eoldnes. It also 
ooours in Cotton MS. Tib. E viti. leaf 24— 

* iMmfaei of hert als clerkes pruve And slawly his luffe in god settea.' 

Ea when a man dittedly luves, 
JamieAon says ' l^) Dase, Daise. (i)To stnpifV.S. (a)To bennrab. The part, is frequently 
niwHl to fxpn>)» the dulnras stupor, or insensibility produced by ag«. One is said to be 
dnitd who is superanniiatiHl.' ' I stod as stylle an dated quayle. Allit. Boema. i 10S4. 

* * DmnhnccH*. Qui nunquam v«H operire oe. Isidore in gloesis duri bucd iidem sunt 
qui AiWn ttrriK stente* hartta. quia cat«'m bocoe eorum non potwt barba pemunpere.* 
Ikuoange. ' llic duHbmce^ : a «U*y benl.' AVri|^t'a Vol of Vocab. 2 1 7. 

* TluT is a domibtrd X wonlde dere 
That walkes attrvtde wilde were.' Chettar Plays, Sh Soa L »i. 
'Stinie other sletghte X must* *fj* 
This tlt4WMrrff (or to dMiroy*. Ibid, i 304. 
Cf. alwv 1{. 34. • W* ..... must nevdee thin dmthrirde dMtrove* In * Tha Sowdmie of 
Babyloino^' Kt\xbiir(rh CtuK 1. i;o;, whan rartun of th« Frencii Knighta prolest against 
b«i&)[ mnt a* mi<««en^>ni to Hatan iLalomV lluirln addrecdi^; one of them s^ya — 
'Tnii** tK<> l\«rtl) <>ki\ ulr Ihtmhenit, Or I iJudle tb» sone make.* 

* rtNt-fNif^vM, Hanth*«W MvtluUa. I^bahly oonMcted with the Icel. cIibm, a laiy feOow : 
■«» IVUl Skoat** Ktpm, />tW. a v. Daatard. 

* T^i« wx«rit ^«tf«^)r» vawral Um«a la Baibmir^ Awv^ ed. Sk«al-4kiia ia xvii. loa we bud 

* AU »iyn al* U rftiinl day.* aad L 6^4—' Ob IW nKle^vy a ia Ui* ilairyaf.* 

CATnor.icoy AN*r.t.TcrM. 


taDawe'; motteduh, nodufi. iiotln- i *Dawne (rr/ Downs A.)'; lanuyo. 


*to Cftwbe ' ; /I'ncrs. 
a Bawbor ; Unitor, 

n DawTig^er*; dtyrniiftrrftia, H^uia, 

+DawngeroBy ; rii/Mrt^us. 

a Dawnoe; choreoy choniB, tnpwiiwm. 

Bw aLv !▼. 377. vii. 31$. In Jlnaf Coilsear* E. K Tavt Soo. I. 385. tlie Collier we an 
tuld ttArtvd for Pnria — 

* Ovir the DaQU" sa dcrt be tlie dky wm dawiii:* 
Mid Ghjuioer, Knight'* Tale, 8tS. has— 

'In bu bede (her dntctth hita no dfty. 

Tbftt he n^s (^lad antl re^ly fnr to ryde 

Witb honte nnd bum, »id hoiimln hyiu byildo.* 
Tbe pMfc tense occur* in Sir I>ft;,Tfirant. I. 179J — 

*Tyl llie jnrliis ciwU'l he iij»edt', By tlie day dnrv* 
Sve iitiH} L.tinmon, !>. 1494. G«npiiifi ftiul KxtxIuR, 16, Early Kng Allit. Popms, ed. Mnrrl*. 
p 105. 1. 44<;, &c. Oixton in bin L><:«criritioii of Jtritain, 1480. p 3, «y« tltnt tliu iiluid 
* for ik lyeLb viuler th*» mirth hi^lo nf the wnrUle bath lygbt and bright nygbtes in the 
eomor tyma. So that uft tyme at mydnyijbv ueii Iiaue questions and double wethu- it be 
eueu tydft or dawrng.' 

^ ' Dawe ; a caoeitae, mtmf/fitht. A dawe. or young orowe. eomifttla.'' BareL • A daTTo, 
MrMKC* Manip. Vocmb. ' Moncltita. A clmu^h ; h daw ; 11 oadetweL* Cooper. 

■ The terra liauhourM occurs in the Lil*r CaBtumarum, p. 99, in the iienae of lnyor« 
on. to » rnvm'woik. of a uiixtur-: of utraw and rand eniploved in the conatruciion of 
fwioeii Ami huuM-waltii. In Cheabire, according to Mr.nilt/.tne prootas is U-rmrd nogt/ing 
(aoe Cbealiire Glitwary by Ctil. LeiKb, p J42). In Fram:« the com|>o«iti'ni in known aa 
loniiU, and in Dcvonihirs as cah. The procew of duubinrf is alluded to more than 
once in our Tran/tlation of the Old Te«laiufnt, See for ini'tjuict* Wyclifs vprsion of 
EuJciel «iii. 10, 11. The word» according to Mr. H. Nicol, is from O. Fr. ^inhtfUi 
pUater, from Latin dtulliorr^ta whitcD< Wedgwood derive^ dnirh from dab. 'an 
iniiUtion oftheftonnd made bv throwing down n lump of aomothiug inoiflt.' • Itautf^ 
Dawbiiiji; or mortar inwie of cW and atntw.* Ciit^^ve. In I.iher Albit% p. 3R9, are 
mentioned *carpenten, njaaoni^ pliutrera.'failierx, tenlera' tc., and in p 3.^8, i>»'nM)ni who 
paid 'mamata, caq»ent«ra. daiihert, tioU**re8,* at hi^hvr mt«ii than Ihote aettlod by the 
CorporvCioD of I>ofidon. were rletiUred ta be guilty of ' maintenance or chainpetTy.' See 
Dtiuher in Gloflsary to Liber Albui. p. 309. * A Dawber, a piugetter, rrmwii/aWu*.' Baret. 
'Ctnu^lnriiu. dawber.* Wriybt's Vol. of Vocab. p. 181. 'Plastrirr. A plaUtteter. • 
dawber.* Cotgrsve Sre also to Dobe, Dober. Ike. 

'Compare!*. Ifpfr fyrale growynge jrn mannv* berde. Lanugo. ' tnntigine, the ten- 
diraeMe or downc of a yonge beude. Tlionias. /tal. Diet. 1550. 

• Thia III the originnl nifaninjr of tb* word danger. Tbut w^ rf^ad in Do D^juilo^illc't 
Pilgnmage of the Lyf of Uie M.inhody, ed Wriifht, p. 8 J, 'Snfli.-it-nt he ww and mihty 
todriiuer« them pleDtivi)WBlicbe al th.-it hem netdwlo. n-ithonte becin'jt; in any o*itberw 
dnuwjrr' and af-iiin pp. 3 and 63 Sf.-o Docango m. v Itaufrtrium- ' }» holieft ofle danwjer of 
•w«r he o6«rwhidn fet miihto heon eower \rt\.' Ancr-^n Riwle, p, ,^56. William L-imncr 
writing to Sir J. Pftst'.m in 1461, wiyc, 't wu ^Tv\^y yt\ yo\ir dnn»frr and dette for my 
pciiftioti.' Pwton Letters, ii. jj. J.tmieAm quot«« from Wyntiwn ' ia Ai'a dntpiifrr,' 
which he rendera 'in hia power %•* a c«iiti»o.' Sm> ahio lUrlrtor'a prtire, ed. Ske»t, 
lix 709, •Qiihill we be out of tbatr danger,' and aee aliin ii. 435. iii. 43. Uonnaa 
•ayB, 'I h*n(i th»? man in my dauniror. Jlah^o Jiomwfm mfW olmonum.' Cbauoer, 
Fmlngue to C<iut. Talen, 1. 663, say* <if the S'lmpnour. thiit — 

■In dann^rr bH'Ide he at. his <jwne ^nw. The yonge eurlo* of iJie dioci«e.' 

0- P^. dan/i*rrt <h<niin)on, wtbjfcUon : from Low Ijit. aotn$uJarinm, p<jWOT. CumpANi 
fihakspc^fe, Klcrchaiit of Venice, iv, i — 

'Yon ("tand within hii dftn/frr, do ynu not f 
' Dimigtrium. Pcrieuhitn : d'liPitr. t/f/HPiioyc— Suhdomigerin jilieil)u«nutm»nu e«e, alicul 
iuhr««, suic noli Ilti JH pot'-atAto : ftrf. moo la puitmftrt. «o«» h di^f^ndtinr^ df quftqH'HH.* 
D'Ami*. 8»«f aim R. d« Brunue'a GliruliicU. cd. FuTBi^-all* I 11814. and the Townloy 
Uywtcciesi p. 60. 



DamoUfl ' ; zizannia ; (wrraa : 

ID £it ziztinnia, stmt zizannia, 
pluraM -tii'fl (fuL-'(/ue. A.). 
a Dnrta ; iarufumy jtilum, spiculum ; 

vhi s arow. 
to cast a Sarte ; jaculari, Spiculari. 

to DayBO (Dase A.) '-; vhi to be caIMo. 
'a Daysyberd (Dasyberde A.) ' ; 

a Date ; fiaefulus, dfirtihens. 
• to Daw*; dure^ disscere, diei,di^ 

batj inpersoukle. 

call It nnw 7'rrf»4j|//iwii»nm .* tliey doe not well, wb>ch caII Deiim&rk<i by thu name, whioho 
u Dttnin* See Aiitlruw BoopJp'b ' Introductioo of Knowledge,' ed. Kurnivall, p|>. 162-3. 
Itocia nn<) /Mri are iimmI fctr Denmikrk anrl the Diukm nupeativfily in the Liber Custu- 
niltrum. Folia Seritw. ud. Riley, pp. 6^5, 6,^o, 63,1, ic. 

' * I)ttm»ll : lurnia or lt*ie, a ven'e vieidun grnint! that Annolflth oome. it 11 hnt in Ihe 
third degre*}, niid driL in tho svcuod ; lolium, zizania ' Buret. In the Rtrly Eng. MetrlciU 
}(utniliii8, »L. Small, p. 145, we have Uic parjtbte of the man vbo lOMcd jfood aeoil on liia 
laud, bat * l^ueu ul fulc un s\ti\t whto, 

Tbiin com his fa, and mou ricbt tliara 

Ihrnrl, tbal t-a an iucl wcdi' ;' 
and again, p. 145, the mai'-cr nrdorB bi.t men— 

' Oaderea the dnruel firat in banda And braniies U opnn t1i« land* 

On the derivation 4if Uif word see Wedgwood *.*. • ZiMRHia. Cockle, or any other 
comipte and iiAiiifbtic wi-tMle growyjig aitionge c«rii«.' CVioper * Zi:<tnnia Dravke. or 
dnmol, or cokkyl.* Medulla. Seo aim Cokylle, and Drake or Damylle. 'The nam* 
Eppeani tu havi* been vnriiiufily nppllL-'l, but usually takot to mean Lolium lemidrftum L. 
It ifl used in this aenoc by Turner (NaQiM), who snys — " Pamet (rrowtstb amonge thecrone^ 
and the oorao goetb out of kyndc into damtl :" and aIko by Fitxh«rbert (Bnke of Hat- 
bnndry). who snya — " Dentoldt growpth up iitrcy^hte Ivke an hyu grawe, and hath long 
weAe» ou mtbtr «yde the sttu-tu." ' Britten, En^. PlaHt-yamen. E. D. Soo. 1878, p. 14). 

* loel. dn*dr, faint, tired ; da*, a fidnt, exhaustion. To da«e, to feel oold, to fthiver, 
occun in the Townluy Mystcrio*, p. 38 — 

■ 1 vote never wbedir For ferd of ^t taylLe,* 

I daae and I dfldir 
Comjiare alfo— 'And for^i tut ))»!, omang olher tioo, 

Bt^-nnod ay here in t« caldo of mntioie, 
And ay waa daiud In duuite.' Trlcke of Conscience, 6645. 
See alao O. Donglaa. Pr>b>^e'to .lEaeid, Bk. vii. p. JO*; (©.I, 17S7), and Chancer, Hon* 
of PWmi>, Bk. ii. 150. Piuf/iiMe^caldnos*, oocum in I'rirke »f CoiiMcience in 1. 4906 : 
* Agayn tlie darvdna of cbiirile.' whore the Laiufdowne MS. 34S, baa cjUaea. It oJao 
ooouiB in Cntton MS. Tib. E viii. leaf 34 — 

' liateilnfa of bert aU ckrkes pruve And alamrly hi» liiffo fai god aettca.* 

Ea vben a man daftity luvee, 
Jamieacm loya • To Daae, Dainf . u ) To •tiipify. S. (a^ To benumb. The part. Is frequently 
need to exf^res the dulnea^, stupor, or in<ten<iibiliiy produf-i ^-^ ■■ — *^'- -^ »«d to bo 
Anitfd who in fiuperannuattMl/ ' I stod m atylle a* dat^i qn ■ 1. i. 10^4- 

* ' Itur^uccun. Qui nunquara mil operiro oe. iBtduro in l iid- m kunl 

Jui Biirtta Mterili, aterilen haiba, qoia cut'^m bnctn corum nun pulo^t l>- ['Crc' 

'uou^. ' Hie ditribucciu ; a daaybvnl.' Wright'* Vul. of Vocab. 2 I 7 
' Tlii^ is a doatihtrd I wuiilde dora 
That wnlkea abrade wildo nure.' Ch«t«r Flays. Sh Soibl. tot. 
'S-imc other filfight*' I miirto ospyo 
Tbii dum-Abfirdf for to dt;atroye.' Ihid. \. 304. 

Cf. also U. J4, 'We unst ucedu^ tliit duuln'n-d*' dffltroye.' In 'The Sowdena of 

Babyloine.* Koxburgh Clob, 1. 1707, when certain of the French KiiiKbts [irpteat i^Unt 
bdog lent ne mcnenjj^^rs to llnlan (Lnl^an^. Charlus addrcs*inv; one of itteni aaipk — 
'Tnitfe tho f<.<rth ck?. tdr £f<i§oha-de. Or 1 <.bjdle the aone make.' 

' T>iirihiK»iu. Ilardbeflr.' MeclulU l^vtiablyoonnected with the tvel (fort, 4 laiy fallow : 
•M Prof. Skeafa Ktym. Diet. » r. Divtartl. 

* Thia w.>^^ tKWurs eev«ral time* in Barliour's Pruf'f, od. Skpat— thua In x»ii. loa we Bnd 
•All toyu all it dami day,' and L 634 — ' Ou the riid--«'vvn in tlie rfnirvty.* 



^ ]Oaw« ' ; moiMdula, nof/uB, wot/ie- 

*to I>awbe ' ; /r iwr<. 
a Dawlwr: iitiitor. 

*Dawne (re? Downo A.)"; /(IMw</o. 

tDawngerosy ; n'f/notfus. 

a Dawnco ; chorta, cAorus, fripittlmra. 

8m kbn iv. 377. vii. 315. Iq Rnuf CoUsetir, E. E Text Sno. 1, 3S5. the Collier we an 
tiuld itarted for Pim« — 

*Qvir the Diilll^ la derf. be tlie day wiu daimti.' 
»od CbAQcer, Kntght'a Tale. R18. hnn— 

' I» biti bedt! ther datcrfh him no dny. 

That he bvp cM »nj redy fur to ryde 

W{Ui honUi Mid horn, And houndai bym bjnlde** 
The pMt tenie occur" in Sip r>eTT«*rant, I. 1793^ 

' Tyl ihe jorlun tsKtel he uprde. By thf^ day tiruv.* 
IVaaUo La^anion, ii, 'f94. GenMniM ami Ktixhis. 16, E«rl>- Eng AUit. Porrtw. ed. Morri», 
P 105, 1. 44J. ftc. C'nxtim in hiH neK:ripti"o of lirJtkin. I480. p. $, taiyn thai tliiH UUud 
• for it lyelli vnder th* nnrth hede of the worhlc batit h'gbl and bright uj-yhtea io iha 
•omer tyme, Sc> tliat oft tyiue at tDydnyi^ht men haue 4UtfltiotM and double wethir it bo 
vuen tyde or davvng.' 

* * Dawe : n cadrKse, monft^ula. A dawe, or yonng emwe. oonttcila.* Barei. * A dawa, 
COmir.* Manip. Vocab. * iloncitttia. A oboujjh ; a daw ; n caduDBc.' C"Ojwr. 

' The tenn fiauboun occura in the Lil»er Cnstumarum, p. ^), in the senae of Uyeni 
(m. to a framework, of a niixturu of ntmw and mud vmpiuyed in the construction of 
fences and hoUK-wnlts. In Cheahtm. acomling to Mr-Ul]«^y,tlie procpania termed nor^toy 
(•ee CheMhire Glnwary by C«il. Leiuh, p 14J). In France the compositiou in known as 
foroAif, and in Devonabire a8 ctift. The proceu of riautiinft ia alluded to more than 
<moe in onr Tratulation of the Old Teslanitrnt. See for in^itance TVyclifs vcmion of 
Ksekiel xtii. lo. 11. The word, acconlinK to Mr. H. Nicol, is from O.Fr. daittjtr'la 
plftRtvr, tnnm lAttn Hrafhnrf^to whitt-n- Wedgwood derive-< doKh from tfah, 'an 
imitation of the nound made by thro«'in^ down a lamp of somothiag muUt.' ' llaugt, 
Pawbin^ or taortar ma«lfl of day and stmw.* C<>t>rmve. In Liber Albnii, p. a8g, ^re 
nwmtioDed *carpent«nt, miuonH, p\iwtrerB,d(t'ifKrs, t^ntere' &.a., and in p. 5.^8. peisnos who 
paid 'ma*oo«, nAr))enl«r8. dnthert, lielh'res.' at hi^^htu' mt^a than tbo^b Mettled by ihe 
CorpoisLinn of Londfm, were declared to be gnjity of ' maintenance or eliampetry.* Bee 
DnHber hi Gloeaary to Uber Albiis, p. 309. ' A Dawbcr. a par^'ttor, r<rmenta ri$ui.' Barct. 
* Canentaritu. dawber* Wriyht's Vol. of Vocab. p. 181. * PUttrier. A plai«terer. * 
dawber.' Cotgrave. Si-e also to Dobe. Dober, &c. 

' Compare P. Heer fynle growyngo vn mannyH berde. /,att»go. ' Lanugtntt the tan- 
J oniew e or downe of a yonge btiimie.' Thoioaa. Ilal. Diet, l.^fo. 

* ThiB Is the oriffinat meaning of thf word dfiufjrr. Tbnaw*? read in De Degnil'? Wile's 
PilcrimagB of the Lyf of the Mnuliode, ed Wriifht. p. 8a, ' SuflBcicnt he was and mihty 
to di'liucre them plentiTowplicho al that liem neede^le. withoute hc<.'in>,'e in any ootberen 
dnii«f}fr^ and agidn pp. 2 and 63 Kt-o Diieango n. v Iiatt'jrrintn. ' Ji' holitft dfte dnnugrr of 
■wuche ofltrwhule \ci muhte bcon eower |Tel.' Ancren Kiwie, p. },tX). William Lomner 
Writing to Sir .1. Pa«ton in 1461, aaye, 'I nui grtitly yn your i/fln^/pr and ijette for ray 
penition.* Pavton Leitcn, 11. J5. Jainteson ijuoteo from Wyntown ' \n hit dnirmjcr,' 
whioh hr rrn-liTH 'in his power a^ a canliTo.' Sc« al^u Bnrbour's Brvce, ed. Skrst, 
miK 700. • QiihiU wc Im) oat of thair danaror." and see also ii. 435. iii. 43. Honnan 
•aya, 'I haim th^ man In my dminvcr. flahro hominem niikt otmoxium.' Chauoer, 
Fs^ilogue to Cant. TaIw, 1. 663. iays of the Sompnour that — 

•In i'' ■ ' ' ' ' ' <twne (Ttue, Tlie ynn^t inirles of the diopl»«.' 

O. Fr. l/.i -.ion: from Low Lat, domiuiari>tin, power. Compani 

Siakapcart , .... ..-..- . '. .... , iv. i — 

• You "tanil within his dangrr, do yoa not T 
' Dcmtgrriutn- PeHcHjum < daji'jfr, i^^iwoioflr— SubdonuirerioalicnjnsBtitmanaeMe, alicnl 
nh'-aM, ewe tub tUlMS pot'-f^tate ; ftre tout In puit^tiucr, f^^» la d^' tndnnrr d* i/MfliH'uM.* 
D'Arnit. Se^ also R. d« Ilruntifl's Chromule, «d. FumivaU, L 11S34. and the Townlcj 
Idyvtarlea, p. 60. 



BamelleV: eizannia; (ver^ns: 

il ICst sizminia, sttnt zi^annia, 
pluraU -nie (faii^que. A.), 
a Darte ; iarulum, pilum, tpiculum ; 

t^ti a nrow. 
to cast » Darte ; jacvlari, Spicvlari, 

lo DayBO (Dase A.) *; vhi to lie calldo. 
*a Daysyberd (Dasybsrda A.) ' ; 

n Date ; {iacttduR, d'lctilicnfi. 
• to Daw • ; rfi^re, diescere, diet, die- 

6a<, injpenonikie. 

eaM it now Trnnttiltinniam : they doe not well, wh'cb caU l>nmRrke l>v tins nwne, wliicho 
i> Vania* Soe Andrew BiK»ixte'H * IntroductioD of Knowledge' d- FurnivBlI, pp. i6j-ji. 
Dacui And Iiari ftre tisocl for Di^nni&rk &nd the Diuio* m^Mtctively in th« Lilwr Ciutu- 
nnrum, TtoIU Sone«. er). Riley, pp. (1)5, 6.10, 6^^, See. 

' ' Dorutfll ; luraie or Role, it verie vici<iu4 grikine thkt nnnoleth onme. it is hot bi the 
third d«(pw!, nod drieln thtt second ; loUntn, zizania' Bftrel. In tbi- Birly Eiig. Afotricat 
Hnmiiici. e<l. Small, p. 1^^, wn hftve the pnruhlc of the nt&n who aowtnl gctod imad on hi« 
land, but ' Q'lL-n al folc on vlep ware, 

Tliiui cum his ia, and mq rirlit Uura 
iHxrnci, that i-H au iucj wede ;' 
and igaln. p. 145, the mazier ordum his men— 

■Oadereii the t^jmel 6n(t in bande And brenncs U npnn the land.* 

On the derivation of the word «ee Wedj^ood 4. e. ^ Zi^tHuia. Coeldtf, or any other 
oorrupte and naughtie weede growyni; anioufcn come.* Coopur ' Xizannia l)nivke, or 
danwl, or rokkyl.* Medulla. 8c« aim Colcylle. and Drake or DarnyU*. 'Thtt noma 
•ppean to have bueu varioualy applied, but uxualty tak^u tu itteari Lt/linm lemutentum L.. 
It is uset) io thla tense by Turner { Nanii'e), who s^ys — " /)antW eroweth tunon^ tiie crone, 
and the oomo goetli out of kyndu int^i thmd ;" and alito by Fiticliert>ert (Ilokt- of Hub- 
bandryV who luys — " OtmoftU groweth up irtrcy^hte tvko an bye gra*u»«, and hath long 
wdM on eatlur syde tbt* atcrtu." ' Brilton. J?«7- PUintNamn, E. D. Soc. 1878, p. l+i- 

' loel. dtitdr, faint, tiro*! ; da', a fitlnt, exhaustion. To otcwe, to feel cold, to ihirer, 
ocoura in the TownI>?y Mystcnos, p. 28 — 

' I vote never whedir For ferd of )>at taylla.* 

I dose and I dodir 
Compare also— 'And for^ t>at ^ai, omang other vios, 

Brynnud ay hen in |ie eiJdo of malice, 
And ar wae d^ued in ohaiite.' Pricke of ConMncnce. 6645. 
Bee al«i G Dorglaa, Pr-dnyue'to Mavhi, Ml. vii. p. lol (*n\. 17S7), and t'hftucer, Hnoi 
of Fame, Bk. ii. 1^0. l)(isc'i»rf< ■= cnyldtxeit, oocunt in Pricke cif CoiifKrieoou in 1. 4yo6 ; 
*Agayn the d*tJ'td»a of oliarito,' whf-ru the Lnnsduwne MS. 348. haa eotiiua. It alao 
ooottrs in Cntton MS. Tib. R viii. leaf 34 — 

' Jtatfdvts of hart als clcrkoi pruve And alawly his luffo in god «eltrfl.' 

Ea when a man <fii»(vf/y luvee, 
Jaroieeon says ' T« Iiaw, I>ai(ii-. 1.1 ) To stnpify. S. (a) To benumb. The part. Is frw|Uf ntly 
ntMwl lo ezproM Ihi* duln*-*'*, stupor, or iiiiiea«ibiUiy proiiuL'«il hy age. One i» auid lo wi 
datteit who is ftupemnfiiiatotL' ' I utod ai> stylle &« itiifol ijnnylt^ ' .^llic I'orim. 1. 10H4. 

■ ' Ihtrif/ucciiM. Ijui nunquam vult operiri* OB. iHid'iro in glosais */ur«' huc^i iiiUm sunt 
qni ItHrha lUerili, iiti^riles lukrha, qnia cut''ni hurcte eortiin non potest harba pomunpere,* 
Dlicnui^e, ' Hie durUiurnu* : a daaybord.* Wright'* Vol. of Vocub. 317. 
* Th'T is a <J(ttfifjtrd I woulde dere 
That walkea abrodo wilde wore.' Cheeter PUya,Eh Socl. aot, 
•S«.mc other ffU-iyhtc I inurto cspyn 
TUia dtmttbfirdf lor to dMtn>ya. Iffid. L 204. 

Cf. also ii, 34, 'We inoiit uecdes tliLi tioabthtU tlfmtrr.vo' In *Tho Sowdorve o^ 

Babyldne,' Koxbiirgh Club, 1. 1707, when certain of the Fn-no^i KniKhttf protect agauut 
beinj; sent aa mpsFenii«-nt t« Itninn ( lyiban), f liarb-s a^ldrrft-ing one of tb^nt sayi* — 
• Tmeiv tht? f^iTtb ck", nir Ihtinbmle. Or I -halle the sone inabe.' 

* Dtirihu<tna Hardliedc' Medulla Probably oonnicted with ilie led. '/ajri.aUxyreltuw : 
see Prof. Skeat** fJtffin, Diet, s v. Dftstjwil. 

* This word oocuiimeTeral liniesin Barbi>iir*s /frr/iv, nd. Skoat — ^thosinxvii. to9wefin<l 
•All sojm als It dnwii day,* and L 6^ — 'On the rudc-evjn in Die dotrt/ruj.' 



+a 33awo ^ ; moMdulUt nodoB, nodu- 

•io Dawba *; linen, 
B Dawbor ; linitor. 

*Dawne (tW Downe A.) '; Innufjo. 
a Hawngfr ' ; (Ifjrjitiit^nim, ritfiitim. 
tDawngeroay ; rh/noiUB. 
a Dawnce; c?torfa. choniB, irlpudium. 

Be« al*o ir. 377, vii. 315, In "Rnuf CoQjear, £. R Text Sne. 1 .1(85. tiie Collier we are 
lold ■Url«d for Farlii— 

' Ovir tho Dn{lli-> m derf, be ttw day waa cbiwte:' 
aod Cbaacer. Kni^t's Title, R18. luw — 

' In his bedc tbur ditwfth him no day. 
That be nya clad and r«ly fur to rj'de 
'With honte imd hum, aiid liuuudeti bjru byalde.' 
Tha past tense occur* in Sir De^revant. I. i/qa — 

' Tyl lUe jorlu" I'twitol he •pedc. By tho day rf'-iw,' 
See alpo Li^aninn, ii. 494, Genesis *iifl Exndiw. 16, Ki»rly Kng Allit. Pipirw, ciL Morria, 
p, 105, L 445, &c. Ctxt'in in hi« lle-tTiption of liritnin. 14S0, p. 3, wiya that tliiti laUnd 
* for it Ijtfth viider the nnrlh he'lc of the n'orl-te hath lyght and bright nyghta* in tba 
eomisr tymc. So that oft tyme hi niydoyght men haue quuationa aiid aoubte wetUtr it be 
•ueo tyf\e or dawrns.* 

* ' Dawe ; a uadenee. monetJuVt. A Hawe, rr yoangf orrtwe. eamiaiXa,* Baret. • A dnwe. 
tornix- M&ntp. Vooab. ' ^fom^tul^l. A ohiiiigh ; a daw ; n oadeMe.' Crtojter. 

' The temi dauboun occurs in tha Liber CuBtuimunim, ji. 99. in Lbo sense of Inycm 
oa. to n ff-.>n> ■■«... <t of a mixture of Btmw wnl mud euipiuyed iu the construction of 
lences K!i' Ms. In Cbetihirc. Bcc<Trding to Mr-Riloy,the prooefi'^is termed nu^f^tnj^ 

(sea die : M-y by t*ol. Lei^h, p 14^)- In Franou tht^ wmivwition is known aa 

tonjAM. and in I>L-Vi»n8h]r>- a« coh. The proeaiw of tinufnnij in alluded to more tlian 
<inoe in oar Translation of the Old Testament. See for luKtance Wyclir.t vRnitoa of 
Esekicl vlii. 10, n. The wuni, acconHnj; to Mr. H. Kicol, in from O.Fr. (/tfriW«to 
plutvr, 5^1m Latin tiealUirf^t io whttfn. We<)|irw(XKl derive* tiatett from dah, 'an 
imitation of the lound madu by thnjwinir down a lump of something' moiitt.' ' Bawjc 
Dawbin^ or mnrtAr niaile of ciay nnil strnw.' Cot^^ve. In IJher Albup, p. 3S9, Am 
meulioned 'carpenters, inuscimt, plnHlrem, (/a'lberf, tenteni' &.n., anil in p. ^38. iktsoiui who 
paid 'masona, uarjientent, dauheri, tiellffes.* at hi^rber raten tlian tbo«e settled by the 
Corpomtim of London, were declared to be guilty of ' roaintenanco or champetry.' 8o« 
Danber In Gloasary to Liber Albus. p. 309. * A Dawber, a pnr^tter. ffrm^ntariim.' Buret. 
' CfoifntitriuM, ilawber.* Wri^ht'« Vot. of Vocab. p. 181. ' J'liutrier. A plaisterer, a 
dawber.' Cotp-are. St*e «!**> to Dobe, Dober, &o. 

' Compare P. Heer fynite pmwyni,'e yn matinys Iwrde. Lanugo. 'Lnnugine, tha ten- 
demeMH! or d-m'nR of a yonge bniinle." Thomas. Ital. iJiri. 155O. 

' This i* the original tneaninff of the word dovfjcr. Thus w read in De PejifuileviUe'a 
Pilerima^ of the Lyf of the M.\nhodo, ed. Wright, p. Hr, 'Hiiftiricnt he was and mihty 
to deliuere tliem pk-ntivowaliche nl that licm iieeile<1e. withoute breiu'ju in nuy rmtfaere^ 
dnita^er,^ and agnin pp. a and 63 See Docango ». t Daniftritim. ' Je ))olif& ofle dannger of 
0wnc)ie oderwhule ^et mtdite bcon eower |*rel.* Aiicri--ti Kiwie, p. .^56. WiUiam L>mner 
irriLing to Sir J. I'a>tt>n tn I461. nayf, 'I am ^retly yn your (/nny/'v and dette for my 
penMon.* Paaton Lettertt. ii. 35. JamiewTii <pjute8 from Wyntowu * in Ais daicH;/fr,' 
which lie p-n-lfrt 'in his power a^ a i-aptire.* Sr« alw Btirlwur's Bruce, etl. i^kent, 
lix 709. • QuhilJ we h« out of thair danger,' and lee also ji. ^i^c,, m. 43, Hnnnan 
•ay«, *I haue tht* man in my dalll^;e^. lifihro homivevn mihi obnaWum.* Chaucer, 
Pruhigua to Cant. Tale*. I. 66.^ sayi of the 8<jnipuour. thnt" — 

' In doti*><jrr hailiie he at hiii own** yi*w, The yonge curle>* of the dioei'^.* 

0. Tr. datujier, dominion, subjeoti'in : from Low Lat. domiuKinim, power. Compare 
fibakfpearv. Merchant of Vtsvioe, iv. i— 

' You utand wiihin bis Hnnrfer, do you not f 
*Donigerinm. Virirnlow : dnrufcr, d'unwiAjii— Subdomigwrin aliciijusnutmanu owe, tkVu'Ui 
lub^fae, esae nub illiun pi^i^tnti.' : ifre »ou* la jmitMtner. m»* In dri-mAinrr df ipidi/a'un.' 
D'Amit. See abto II. de Urunne't Chrontcla. «d. b'unilvaUj t 11834, and Iha Tuwnlcy 
Mysfaeriea, p. 60. 



^ Ksl n'wiimfo, Ktnii zizannia, 
p/urali -n»> |/uiw/«o. A.), 
a Darte ; iarulum, jtilumf s^iciilam ; 

vhi a a row, 
to c*»t. a Darte; Jaeularij Spicuiari, 

to Dayso (Daae A.) ^- vbi io Ije cnlldn. 
*a Dayayberd (DasyberdA A.) ' ; 

a Data ; rf«c(uhis, dartilienR. 
• to Daw * ; rfiVre, dieKere, diet, di€- 

call it now Travtj/f'Mninm : they d(»e not- well, whirli rail I^ nmftrk** hy this nMne, wbiche 
in Dunui.* 8m Andrew Bo'>rdc*» ' Introduction of Kn-jwlcdtfe.' od Kiimi**!!, pp. 16J-3. 
Daeia nnt) //^W are URod for Drimmrk an>l the j>iuicb re*cpectively in tho UlMr CaiUi< 
narum, RqUh Series, ej. Riley, pp. 6i5., 635, ficc, 

^ * DftmiU ; li)r*ie or Kjiie, a verip vidMUK gnunu that annoteth rnme. it is hot Id ilie 
third dejfree, nnrt ilriv in the second ; hiliitm, zizania ' BatqC. In tin- K vrly Eng. >fotnaU 
llnrmiliev, e4. Stn&ii, p. l^^, we fajkve the parntile of the niAn vho Anwed good muhI on hia 
land, but ' t^uen tU fnic on «lep ware, 

Tlian com his fib, and oeu rirht than 
Darnel, that €» an iuel wodo ;* 
and a^n. p. 141;, the ma^inr (vders hi» men— 

* Gaderea the ti»rnel dni iu bands And brenncx U npon the land.* 

On the df^rivntion of the word nee Wedgwood c. «. *ZiuihMia. Cockle, or any nther 
oomipte and naughtie wrtrde growyitg anioii^re come.' Cooper ' Xizannia Dravke. or 
dftmel. or cokkyl.* Medtilla. See alari CoVyllo, aitd DraJce or Damylle. 'The name 
appeftm to bnrc bven vArimtwly a.pplie<), but UHually tnk^n to mean Lnliitm /(inuteHtHja L. 
Ilia used in thlaaenuehy Turner (Namce), who Mya—" Dame/ crrowdth atnonje the, 
and tho cone goeth out of kynde into damd :" and alw by FttzlierWrt l.nnk'* nf Hus- 
bandry), who aay* — " ifrmolde growpth up Rtrcvt;;tite Ivke nn hye griMse, and hath long 
aedas on eakher syde tb« stcrte.' Brittt-n, £«v. Plant-yameB, E. D. Soc. 1S78. p. 14^. 

" lc«l. d4udr, r'»int, tirerl ; daf, a ^Unt, exbauotion. To date, to feet cold, to shiver, 
occoni in the TownI«y Mysterictf, p. aS— 

' I woto never wbedir For feed of PaA taylle.' 

I dose and I dcdir 
Compare bIko— 'And for-|ii }>At M* omang oUiar vio^ 

Bryiined ay hcrv in >o calde of inatico, 
And ay waa itajfd in charite.' Pricke of Conactence. 6645. 
Bee nlsii O Dunglas, Frdogne to Mueid, Bk. vii. p. 10^ (ed. 17S7), and Chxucer, Hnai 
of Faini*, Bk. ii. 150. /^uMtf »<■« « coldnt^e", occurs in Pricke of Conacwnee in L 4906 : 

* Agayn tho diff^met of cbarite.' whrro tbo lABidowne MS. 348, has eoMnc*. It also 
oocun in Cotton MS. Tib. E >*iu. leaf 24 — 

' Datednea of h«rt als clcrkv« pruve And alawly hia laffu In god icltes/ 

Ea when a man datedt^ luves, 
Jamieaon aaya 'To Dase, X>Mtiif. (t)Tostupify.R. (2) To licainmh. Th«part. in frequently 
naed to exprexH the dulneii. »tu|>ar. or inMcnxihility produced by age. One Ih tud to b« 
daised who ti MHpenuinuatvd.* ' I atod na atylle a>* r/uxr/ ijuayle.' Allit. Poemn, {. io8y. 
' ' Vuribucciu. Qui nnnquam vnlt operire oa. lBtdi^>ro in gloa?b duri buea iidtsm aunt 

Jni Barba $terili, sterilea barfoa, qnia cot^nn bucae eonini nnn piite»t harba [Mrrumpero,* 
luuange. ' Hia dwribttavit ; a dnayberd.* Wright ■ Vol. of Vocab. 317. 
'TluT iM a do0wilfttd 1 woulde dero 

That wnlkea abrode wilde were.' Cheater Flays, Sh. S0C1.1, lOf* 
'Stnif -1 - I -I'- 1 ^. .....fl espye 

Tliia r Jhid. i. JO4. 

Cr. also K. 34, 'We un -<lf desir->ye * Id 'Tlie Sowdono of 

Babyioine.* Hoxhurgh Club, 1. 1707, when certain ol the French Knii^hts protert against 
being sent aa tDesiientc<^rft to itnUn (Lnhan^ (^tiariea vldrftMng one uf them usyt — 
' Trna<e the forth eko. air VasnUrde, t!)r I --huUc the wine ninkc.* 

* Dura>utauji. Hardhedc' Medulla IVohahly connected with the Iwd. f/o^'. a laiyfeltaw : 
see Prof. Skoat's Kfj/tn. Jjirt. s v. PKtlard. 

' This w'lni occuni tievoral times in lUrbotir's ffru/v, ed. Kkeat — Uioa in xvit. 102 wc find 
*AU loyn als ft dnteil day,* and L 634 — *0u ibc rude-cvya in tlit.' thnnjng.' 



fa Oawo ^ ; monedula, 

•to Dawbe ' ; fin^m, 
a Dawbor ; linitor. 

ftoiifuB, nodu- 

*Dawna fiW Downe A.)'; lanugo. 
aDawng*!*; iioinifjtfnfm, rignum, 
tDawngeroey ; Wynysus. 
a Dawnoe; cAj»c«, cAaruB, ft-ipt«f(Mm, 

8ee al*o W. 377. vti. 315, In Unuf Coiljear, E. E Text 80c L ,^85. the Coflior we ore 
toM itarted (or Viunu — 

'Ovir the Dailllt aa dert be the djiy wu damn:' 
•nd Ohiiuc«r, Ka<ght*« Tale, BiK. hw— 

*In hk bedi* tlivr dnntlh him no iIat. 

Thftt he nvB cbtd ftiid redy fur to ryde 

With hnnte nnd horn, una hoandes hym byitide.* 
Tb« pMt tenw occur* in Sir Dc^ftvant, I, 1791 — 

' Tyl the lorlui cn.'ttol ho Bjwde, By the d»y drtet." 
8<*e »I»o LajumoTi, ii. 494, tiene«« (lud Evoiitw. 16. E^rly Kng AUit. Pofrtra, ol. Morrit, 
p. 105, I. 445, Ac. Caxt-jii in hiB De^riptiou of Britain. 1480, p ^, hhvh that this ihland 
* for it ly«ch vnder the north bode of the worMo hath lyght nnd bright ny^dtte-H in ihs 
aoinar tynif>. 8«t ttiat oft tyme at mydnyglit men haiio quc«tioiiA and dotiLto wuthir it b« 

^de or dawmg;.' 

A dnwe, 

* • Dnwti ; n uiu^eiwe. vuntMuli. A d«wQ, or yonng emwe. eomicHla.' Bixct. 
tfomir.' Manip. VrK»b. ' NonafHJa. A ohoiif»h ; a daw ; » c«deMB.' Cooper. 

' The tenii iIau6oari Dccare in the LiLilt Custumarum, p. 99. in tho sense of Inyon 
on. to a fmni*!work. of a mtxturo of Htm^v nnd lutid cinpiMved iu the oonAtrnction of 
tenoa and houie-wallK. In Chenhirc, according to Mr. Itiluy, the process iff tenner! noffffing 
(•ee GlieHhire Gloasar; by dA. tjcig^h, p 14a). In Kmni-c thi* cumpoaiUon i» known aa 
foroftu*. and in Devoiwhir^ a« eoh. Tlie procem of ritmhing \m alluded to tiinre than 
Ofioe in our Traiudation of the Old Tesr^iiuent. See for in*taiioe Wvclif" virrvion of 
BmIucI xiii. 10, II. The wnnl, aot'onling to Mr. H. Nicni. in from O. Fr. dnuhemio 
plaater, from Latin doilbare -^xo whtifn. Wedgwood derive'^ tiatrit from tiah, 'an 
imitation of the Aoaiid mado by throw^ing down a lump of something mo'uit.' * Bautft. 
Dawbing' or mortar maiie of clay am) Ntrnw.' Cnt^arr;. In l.ihn- AlbilP, p. 389, are 
menlJuned 'carpenterM, muomi, phutrerB,<fa"'ter«, tin)t«ni' ftc^ and In p- 33^. pentonfi who 
paid *ma*nnB, car|ienter8, dni^rs, Uelleroi,' at higher ratt** tlian thow uttlwl by the 
Corponlion of Iiondon. were declared to bo (^ilty of * maintenance or chnmiwtry.' 8eo 
Dnuba in Glonury to IJlxtr Alhui, n. 309. ' A Dawlwr. a pargijtter, cmnfjtiaritut.' BareL 
*CemeHtariM, dawlwr.' Wrii(ht'» Vol. of Vocal), p. 181. ' Platlritr A plairtcrer, • 
dawher.' Cotgrave. St>e alio to Dobe, Dober, &c. 

■ Compare F. Herr fyrwi* cT(>wynu'e yn mann^B Iwrde. Lanugo. 'Lttttt^nt, tba tWi- 
derneMc or doime of a yonge benrde.' Thomn*. Itid. Diet, I550. 

• Thii w the original mfanintf o£ the word dnntfrr. Thof we n?ad In Tie Deguili^ville'ii 
I^Igrima^fe of the Lyf of the MAnho<le, ed Wright, p. Bt, 'Sufficient he wan and mihty 
todfliuere (hem plentivon-nlicho al that h«sn needede. wjUiuute becinvo in any onthcro* 
rf/iunycr,' ttn<l ag.iin pp. a and 63 See DOcang« n. v Ifafifffrinm. ' Je )">lie6 oAe tia\tngrr of 
BwuL-hti oA^Twhide ^et niuhte Won eower frvX.* Aiicr^n Ktwie. p. 356. William L-mmer 
writintr t-i:) Sir J. I'aoton in 1461, ujf, ' I am grrtly yn your dnn^/er and dctte for my 
ponsion.' Pa^ton Letter*, ii. 3}. Jnmiesmi nuote>* from Wynt^twn ' in hit davntjtr' 
which he reo'lera 'in hi* power a^ a cajiiiro.' Sr« alito Bnrbotir'a flmce, ed. .Sknat, 
xix 709, 'Quhill we be out of thair danger,' and eeo also ii. 435, iii. 43. Horman 
•ayi, ' 1 haue the man in my dnun^r. Ilubfo hmniMm miM ofrnoxjum.' C3iaucer, 
PraloKne to Cant. Tale*. I. 663. sayi of the Sompnour. tlmt — 

•in danntjcr hmlde he at his owns gi<*e. The yoiige gtirl»i of the dioci-a.' 

O. Kr. dunfjirr, <)f.roin'un, Hobjection : fr*vnj L'»w Lat, domittinri'itn, poww. Compare 
fihaikapearf. Mtwcbant of Venice, Iv, i — 

' Vou (itand within hix rfrtnfjrr, do yoq not T 
* Demifferium. Ptrifuliitn ; diinner, (/Ammiij/c— {Suhd->mlgrnnallet)juaAutmanne«*e. alicui 
•ub^Mc. emw nuh IlH-m pot-ittate . ilrr tout ht puiMfuntr, «*"* /" d'-'rndiiTtre rff yvW^o'mt.' 
D'Ami«. See aJao It, de lirunue'« Oltronlcla, ed. FuniiraU, L ii*i34. atid the Townley 
MjrHteriea, p. 60. 



% £H :ciznnni(t, »uut zizannia, 
^urali -fli'e guis^e. A.). 
a Borte ; iaculum, /«/«ni, apiculum ; 

r'/i' a arow. 
to catrt a Oarte ; jtiadanj Spieulari. 

to DayBe (Dase A.) '; thl to he cn\h\e. 
•ft Daysyberd (Baayberds A.) ' ; 

a Date ; daehUxis, dactilteits. 
• to Daw • ; diera, liimcere, diet, die* 
bat, inpenoDtde. 

cmll H now TVavnnhutvinm : they Hoe not well, which c»D Deniuftrke hy lUii iimm», whicfae 
h Danui* S«c Addrew n»«irilt'» ' Iriti^luc-tiMn nf Kuuwledge,* ed. Ftimivall, p|». 162-3. 
J}ana And I>aei nro unoH for DunmLrk an'l the Danos roepvctively in tlu Ub«r Ctuta- 
ntftrum. KolUKericA, cil. Kiloy, pp. 635. 630, 63.^, &e. 

* * I^rnell ; lumie or Itftie, a rerie vidaua gr&ioe that unnoletli coriM. it u bot b Uie 
third doijree, «nil rtrie In the leuonil ; lolium, Hutniu ' Buret. In the Enrly Eny. Matrieol 
Botoiliefl, ed. Smali. p. 145, wo have the parable of the tuan who >owtd good taod ou hi* 
land, bot * l^um al fnir on i!ep wore, 

Thitn com bin fa, and »eu ricbt thtn 

I^iirntt, that eft an luel vrede i 
and again, p. r^f , the m&tivr ordors his men — 

*Gailere» tb? ti'irari fintt in hande And brfnnea U opon th« lut'L* 

On the derivatiim of thv word fitie Wedgwood t.v. * ZiAinnia. Cockle, or any other 
onrrapte and nnughtie wv^le ^rnvryag anionge cume.* Cooper 'ZieantHA i>ravke, or 
darnel, or cukkyl.' Mc<lullu. See al»n Cokylle. and Drake or Damyllo. ' Tho nnme 
Atipffars bi b*v<} ht*w\ vxnnu»lj npnliecl, hot iiHn.alIj tak"!! t-i ineAn jMlinm temaUrttum L. 
It i« iiBcI in thiasenMfby Tiirnt-r (S'nmPii\ who Bvyii — *' Duntfl ifn*w(.'lh nnioni'e the crutie, 
and the ci>me g>^elb out of kynde into dnnd:" and alxo by Fitxhorbcrt (Boke of Hos- 
bntidryV who wyi — " OemoUU growcth up ■troyKhln Iyk« nii hye (jramc, ftnd hath long 
nde:4 on eath(3- nyde the atorto." ' Jtritten, Knfj. Plant- Same*, E. D. Soc. l8;8, p. 14?. 

* Jcel. diudr, faint, tired ; dtu, a fnint, exhauHtion. To date, to feel cold, to ihivvr, 
occura in the Townley Mysterie*. p. 38— 

' I wote never wbodir For ferd of )>at taylle.* 

I daae and I dedir 
Compare also— 'And for)n |>at hai. otnang o*her rice, 

Br^-nnod ay here in )w caJdo of mntice, 
And ay wai dand in chnn'te.* Pricke of CoofoteDce, <^45. 
Bee alio O. Donglaa. Pr-dogDe to .^Uneid, Bk. vii, p. lo'i («l. 1787). and Chnuccr. Hoiu 
of Fiun», Bk. ii. 150. Dnsetlnen '^coXAsvat*, o^xrura in Prirke of Conarienoo in 1. 4906 : 
* Agayn the dtufdnn of charite,' whore the lAnsdowne MS. 54S, haa Cfifina. Jl alio 
occurs in Cotton MS. Tib. E viii. leaf 14— 

' Dnrettna of hert aU ck-rkea pruve And Blavly bi« lufla in god — tt— .* 

E« when a man dastdly luves, 

JamioivoD aayi * To DaM. Dni»?. (i)To stopify.S, (a)To bonaroh. The part, ii ftw]nwitJy 

nwif in exprcw the dalnea*, ttupor. or inst^njiibility pro<Iucerl by mco. (tue in nud lo l« 

daiied who \a •upcrannual^.'d.' ' 1 rtod oji ntyUe a* (/u*«i quayle.' Alllt. Pocin*. 1. loS*. 

* ' Uuribucru*. Qui num|iiam Tult ujierir^ 08. iHidoro in glotuni duri Imcn iid«m munt 
<|m Airtm Bterili, itcriles biirba. quia <:at<'m bncca; tonrin non po(«!*t l«rba pciturop«r».' 
DU0AB2<a. * Hie dunUuermt ,- n thuybenl.' Wrigbt'H Vul. of Vonitb. 917. 

' Tlii'r in a dinmihtrd 1 wotilde dere 
Timt w.Alk<H abnvln wilde were.' Oieiitcr Phkys, Sh Soo.i. Ml. 
*S.»nie other sltfi^hte I murt? espye 
Tliia d*»Mlbordf f'W to deatroy*. Ihid. i. 304. 

Of. alto H. 34, 'We uust needM thtx domthtii^ defliroye * In 'The Sowdane of 

Bab^-luiuu,' Ruxborgh Club. I. 1707, whoa reruin of tha Frtncli Kntghbi protot againat 
being Bent an in»8»*nstfni to Biil»n iLnbanl. fhftri«« athtrcw-in^ otie of them tiays — 
'Triinit^ |.h(< f'irth ekr*. >dr DatnU^sU, Or I •bidle the aune uiako.' 

'DNn7>iiorM. Hnrdhwhj.* Mcdulht Probably oonoected witti the I«el. (^uV, a UayfeUnw: 
■M Prof Sk<?«t*ii Etym. IHrt. • t. Onstard, 

* This word occunmeToral timain Borbour'i ZlfMn-. od.Sko-at— lho« loxvil. foa wedtid 
*jUa aajn bl* it daunt day,* aad L 634 — 'On ibc rude-«vyn in tho datrjfnff.' 



ta Dawe ' ; monfidnla, wk/ub, iMdu- 

•to Dawbe ' ; Jinn-e, 
a Dawbor ; Uniior, 

•Dawno (iW Dowue A.) '; lanugo. 
a Diiwngrr * ; dcnnitjentm, rignvta. 
fBawngeroay ; rifjnosua. 
a Dawnce; chorea, cAorue, ft-i/mrf/wtn. 

Bee *l«o W. 377. vii. 315. In Rnuf Colt^anr. E. IS Text Sno. 1. 385. the Collier we ikre 
told eUrtad (or I'aria — 

' Ovir the D»nii<( n derf, be the day ww f£ainpi.-' 
Mid Chancer, Knight's T&le, Rttt. h-ia — 

'III hi« be<1c thcr daicfth him no dajr, 

That he nyo cliut ami ri^lv for to rvde 

With bont« nnd honi, mm houodee byni bysltle.* 
The past tenw occur" in Sir l>eqT^vAtJt. 1. 1793 — 

*Tyl iho jorius va^UA he upcdc. By the day dnce.' 
Bee al*> Lajamon, ii. 494, flenr«K and Kxoliis. 16, lOtriy ling Allit. Pocnw. etL Mornn, 
p 105, L 445, Jtc. CaxUin in hi« De^fcrifitton of Britain, 1480, p. 3, vnys that thii iiJand 
' for it tyf ch vnder the north bede of the wurMe hath ly^ht and bright njghtea in the 
•oincr tyme. So that o^ tyroc at mydnj^ht uien batie qtivationa and doabte wethir H be 
eooo tyiie or dawyng." 

* • Dawe ; n cadeiiM, moneiluht. A dawe, or young cmwe. eomirula.' Baret. • A dawe, 
comu-.' Manip. Vooab. ' H'lnaltila. A chough ; a daw : a cadesae.' Cnnper, 

■ The tenii daxibuurt oocur* in the Ljl^r t'lmtum&nim, p. 99. in the seuM of Inyern 
on. to a fram'^worlc, of a miittire of stntw anJ luud cm[)U»y<.*'J in the oonptriicUon of 
fintcee and bouse-wnlls. In Cheshire, according to MrTUley, the proc'N is termed nor^ffing 
(■ee Clio«ihJr« Oloatiary by Coh Loigh. p 14JI. In Krsnw the tNjniixwition w known aa 
tarchisi. and in Devuiishirrt a* cob. The proceim of tiituliing in alluded to more than 
onoe in our Tr»n*Ution of the Old Testament. Sac fur tn«Lanc>e WyHifji version of 
Eiekiel xiii. jo, u. Tlie word, according to Mr. H. Nh-ol, i« from O.Fr. dmiiitr^to 
tdaater, from Latin dwMfiiY — to wbittfo. We<lgTTood derive-^ rfnW; from rfoft. 'an 
ImitaUon of the nound made by throwing down a Jump of somotlilng inotHt.' * Banue. 
Dawbing or mortar marie of clay and «traw.' Cotgrave. In Libm* Albnn, p. 3S9. are 
mentioned 'corpenten, maaonx, plnKtrermrfotherji, tenters* &c., an<] in p. 3,^8, person* who 
paid 'masooB, carjienten. dnHbcrt, tiellt^ree.' at higher mten than tnn4« nettled by the 
Corporetjon of Ixmdon. were declared to be guilty of ' maintenanfe or champciry.* See 
iMuber Id Oloviary to Liber Albus. p. 309. ' A I^wber. a pnrgetr-ar, cirmentariuM.' Baret. 
* CewmiarSuM, dawber.' Wright'ii Vol. of Vocab, p. iSi. • Pliftrirr. A ploisteror, a 
dairber.* Ootgraire- See aUo to Dobe. Dober, &o. 

' Compare P. Herr fyrste growynge yn maunye berde. Lanugo. 'Lannjfine, the ten- 
deniBMa or di>wne of a yonge beairdc' Thoniaii. Ital. Diet. 1550- 

* Tills in the nriginal meaning of th<> word dnnQtr. 'Vhiit wf read in Do DegQilcrille'x 
pilgrimage of the Lyf of Ihe Miinhf»dc. ed Wright, p. 8j, •Snttinimt he waa and mihty 
to di-tiufro tht'jii iilentivoHflliche 111 that hem needwle. withouta iM.tin'.'e in any f>f>lhere« 
rf-Kinvcr.' aii'l n.^.'iii pp. l and 63 SeeDOcange A. v DatH^vtiHtn. ' 3»» t>olie0 oOr f/rtunyrr uf 
■wQchc odfTwIiulc f-cl muhte bcon eower l^rel.' AncrL^n Riwle, p. ."^f^. William Lxmner 
writing to Sir J. Pa^ton in 1461, saye, 'I am grctly yn your rftin<7^r and dette for my 
penitian.' Pawton Lctten. ii. 25. Jiunieson quotcx from Wyrit<iwn ' in Am daicvfjer,' 
trhich he reuden "in fau powor a^ a caiitive.' Soe ahto Bwrliour'a Brvet, e«I. Skeat, 
six 709, ' QuLill we Ix) out of thair daogttr,' and see also ii. 435, iii. 43- Honnan 
my*. 'I hauo tht^ man in my daunircr, ilnhen hominem. mihi o^monum.' Chauoer. 
Prtdogiio to Cant. Tiilec. 1. 663, Kaya o? the Somjinour that— 

•In da'ivffcr hjuld*- h« at hi» own» giw. The yonge gurlex of tlm diiH*I«e.' 

O.Fr. danffiffi dominion, ituhjection: fnjm L^w Lat. dominiarittm, power. Compare 
Smkapeare, Mtn-hant of Veaice, ic. i — 

'You utaiid within his dnti^er. do yon notf 
* DomigeriHin- PeHcvlun.- daji'jrr, dommtiJjt — Huhditmigeriitalimiiuanntminn e"se. alirai 
■ob*«M, Kmte mb llli-iii pot''«tale - ftrr *')ut lit ^MinwinT. #o«* la rf*r<nrf/imv dfqvtlqu'un' 
D'Anda. See aliw a de Bnjoue'a Chronicle, ed. Furnlvall, l- 11824. »"<* ^^ Townley 
Mjhteriea. p. 6a. 



•to Dawnte (or to cher^ A.)*; 

bla nditractare. 
to Dawnce ; tjvMcularif tripudiwn. 

J> oafeB, 
a Debate ; conteneio, eontumrlia, Ma- 

cordia, dincQwformitas, di^fcrepan- 

cia, ili^lanciat iciuma antiuon/m 

est, <fr <retprn ; vhl a Btryfo. 
to nrnke Debate (to Debatt A.); 

cmtendcTf, diicordate, <t cetera ; 

vhi to stryfe. 
^Debatouse ; amt^usiogw, con/v;yu- 

lioms, di.icidii}$wt. 
ia Debyll? ' ; pastinacum, tubUrra' 

•fto Deolaro ; decJarare, deUieiJiire.y 

disterare, (i* cetera ; vhi to achew, 
+lo Deolyno ; dedinare^JUctet^, 
a Decree ; deertUasL ; decvetUta^ qui 

legxt decrfla, 


t A Deorotallea ' ; dt'cteialla, 

Dede*; antroj>os {AUraj>ot A.), de- 

MJSUB, <i?j/)Vtfio {deporicio A.), 

exi'ctum, excidium, cxi/u*, extvr- 

rninum, fatum, fnnus, t'ntcricit}, 

ijUeTitna, intcmicio vci htternfcio, 

jter e d: nnn }>cr t, secundum 

lirifonum i* ptUcianum, in/cr- 

fifcium, Utum jivv u venit, morg 

tle/ertur {injertia- A.), vunialiUii^ 

nfcis, o6i7u8, orca^iw, pvmicifAt 

macula (iDtemecium A,), tt cetera ; 

i'bi' de[d]j'ly; i>er«u«: 

% Funxxa <£■ ftrcici'uin, UiuTa,mfir8^ 

txeidiv^mq}!^ \ 

Adde nfcem, vet perniciwn, 

ahuuf, rfr fihUitiam. 
Hija obituTu, atmul itUeritum, 

comumjito fatum. 
Quod miniine libeal tie t^ U^ 

bitina vocata. 
Ifijn f-xtar minium, WmuZ OCCa- 
#um aoeia/nvMA. 

* Hftinpole, Pricke of Conndent'*;, 1078. f^y — 

* AUe fiw man >at ^ irorid maat daufiitfi, Miut bUljr >» world here haantci.' 
WjcUf, Mark T. 4. BpeftVing of the man poaaeaacd with devils, msh. 'tift Uinca h« 
bouuleti in KtockU and chnynes, hJidde broken ^ chArnes, and hadde brottun Jw fituckU to 
nsall gobetiB, and uu mui mijW danntt (or muko tAcue) li>-m.' '8udi [begnu] Ui dttnt 
bejatiii.' Gamplaiiit of ScoUiuid, ed Murtny, p. 145. 8ir T. Elyot ah>o uww tbia word iti 
the fjrrate boke of Tbo Gotiemoitr, chnp. 17— 'sboua the oouudou ooune of other men, 
dauntgng & fierce luid oruull bcMte,* 

• Mao ne nuue for do dauntinff Make a vperbauko of » boeanle.' 

Romaunl of the Kcio, 4034. 
CctgrvngivtM' VomptfT. To tAine, recbdme : daonU fte. I^'ym^idtrr; fttaming, roolaiming: 
dauDture, brenkini:. stiUduinf;.' See also ibid, b- v. Jhntirr and cf. CberUae, aboveu 
^nf/atml DccMirfl with ibe nieaaiug of chonuiug* bewllcbiiiij, in Uio Lny Folk'n Ma« Book, 
£. £. Text Soc. ed. Canon SininiouB, p. 140, 1. 445. In WycUfii vormun Isiiuli Ixvi. li la 
thus rendered — ' to the t^tteH jee flhul be born, and vp on tlie kne^ ir.en Html dauntt y«Mi,* 
[et §iip*r ffmua hUtridientur rubit], whwc anme &1SS. have ' daonte or oheriitcbu,' ' daunlo 
or chiriahe,* and 'dniineen or chtndie.* In thin inttnnce the word appean tniitivaleiit to 
dajidif. C%itoa in his Myrnmr nf the WorUe, 1481. pt. it ch. tL p. jO, laja thai 

* AlexAndpr in auche wyae dompttd tholyfauntM that ibtry darat doo nomore 

hfiniio viiUi the men/ 

* 'Through cunning with dibtf, rake, mattock, and epade, 

fiy libo and by leanell, trim g-^nlen ii* made/ 

TmukfT, i^ire IJundrrd Puivtn, ch. 4^, rt. 34. 
'DebvUe, or setlyng Btjcko. A dibble to set hearbes in a ;;anlfii, pattinvm-' P>aret. See 
alio DibbiUo b(.|.^w. 

> • DerrelalcM. Kpistolfr KoDianorum PuntiBcum decreta oompleotentca aea raaponaa ii% 
qui aliqua do re Uloa conaulont : dJcretalrs. lieerrtalii mtmaehitM UtihuB pivfectus proiw- 
qncaxU^ ut videiur, v«l jnria canontci pmr'nsor.* Pu(.-angc. * DcrrrtnUs. Ttif ItcLTvlabi ; 
Bookes oontainiDGf the Decreei of aundry Popca.' Coi^rnifc, Bee I'ecock'a HtprtuQr, al. 
Babington. pp. 407, 40S, 

' Tbe oomnion f irtii for rfra/A in Middle English. 

* To dtda I draw alt ya may »e.' Early En^liah HomiUei, p. 30. 



D«de; mor^mp, ehtus {df/unrtui A.), 
A ceicTA partieipia a verbis/ vbi 

to <Ij'C. 

tDedeliome (Deydboros A.) ; qhor- 

tiuuf, ah'jrlii». 
ttoI>flsdcn (Dedane A.)*; deJitjnari, 

delra/tenty diitrn.ctare ; vhi in dis- 

I>edy ly (Dedly A .) ; faraliti.fu n^ra ^>, 


Uti/er, nvyrtiffur^ TnortalU. 
fa Dddloaoion : d^iietuxo, /mcennia. 
tDodyl^o"; di^^arc, d/dicarc, «aoct$- 

Jirttre; vbt to Imlowe. 
tto Defaylo * ; dfjiccTe.fatisccTe. 
» De&ate ; defectas, defeccio^ ecUpsia 

meiie yrec?. 
I>efkuty ; d*fecfuoKu^, maidieoB. 
*I>eto (Deyffe A.) ; surdua, ob-, tur- 

"Ko be Defe ; w^vforv, 06-, surdes- 

to Defenda ; df/tudare, clu\i£^r«t 
COnitlijMsre, voiUeycre^ con/«#r», 

patronizare^ rfTnunire, ttnsare^ 
prote^fere^ lutare, tuHflor9, tutelare, 
Uitari^ tufri ; ve»U8 : 
%Est tHor JtuipicU/t (•ueor dt^en- 
rfcre </ici) ; 
DiU UUum tuMr, tuitura tuor, 
ambo tuffi. 
a Defender ; defensor, munitor^ pro- 

tector, patromis. 
a Defence ; vhi defcndyngs. 
a Defendyng)^ ; br^chimnj cuidodi^ 
defettsio^ defejisaculum, munini^n, 
ohseruaacia, pcUiimataH {palroci' 
natus A.), proteecio, tuieioj tttUi' 
men, tutela, vallado. 
f Defensabylk ' ; fennlia, 
Defbnofl ; vhi defendyQgtf. 
tto Defbrre ; vbi to delay. 
to Def^e ° ; despicere. 

^ * Jhadai^fr To iliiiHaiDe, ilmpiiut, oontemne, scome, lodith, tint to voacluafe, to nwlce 
vile notxmul of.' C<>(gT»va. lu Uic Ronuuic« of Sir FurtituljraH. p. 11, 1. A49. wo are uAd 
th«t tfa« Smncen who troH lyiog on the ^ram when OliTor nxje up to challoiigo hiin, 

' Him dtdn/'pirde to him an>« pvi, ao ful be wu of pride.' 

lu th* Poecm on 8t. John the KvangeUst. ]>r. in Religioui Pieoee in I^ose and Vene from 

Ihc Thonitun MS. i E E. Text Six-ieiy, wL Ptrry), p. 90, 1. 3J, we read — 

* Dotnycjaiie, )«t (]«uyla lynime, driiryneti nt }! diMle :* 

■od Wydif, Bfalt xxi. 15. huB— ' Fonotho Lhe priiidti of prestia and acnbis aeeynge the 

raaraeillouiw things that he dide dedeyntdm ; ' where the Later venion glvei 

•had'Ien in«lii;uacioiin-' 

' ' Tim w hich tokeo, whan Dagobert and hiB binhnppea vpon y* mome after behelde ft 
■awe, tht^v bt-ynge greatly amcmayllotl laflof any furtler buiyoeiw loacbyng y* dfdjffying 
of j*Bayd Churche.' Fabron, Pt.'v. 0. ijia. p. 115. 

* * VtfaiUtr. To decay, lau<£ui8h, pine, fnint, wax feeble, weare, or wither away ; also 
to wmnLe, lacke. fiule ; to be away, or wootiiig ; to make a default.' CotifniTo. JamitBon 
givee 'To dbiftill. i-. n. To wax fet-ble.* 

* In Bauf Coil}ear, I. 3J9, we read how Roland and OUver riding out to fleorch fhr 
Chorlea, took 'wJtb tbome aue thousand, and ma, of /ai$abUi men,' and in De Ou^tulle- 
inUe's Pilgrimagv, MS. John's CoU, Comb, leaf 136, we find — ' Alle er dtfauabU and 
ittraa^ forto k«pe bath body and Mule.* ' V. tbouaande menne of y* North .... come 
▼p enell afipondled and worae bameyiaed, in ruatie bameya, neylher dtfnuaUt nor 
awmred to the sole/ Grafton'a Continuation of Uardyng'a Chrcot., 1470, )>. 516, L 14. 
In the Boko of Nobleaaa 1475. p. 76, instractions ore ^ven that the sons of prinoee are to 
be tan^ht to ' renne witbe ipeer, handle withe ax. cvrorde, dagger, and alle oUier d*ftH$ibU 
vepyn.' See ahio the Cotnplaynt of Sootlande, ed. Murray, p. 165. 

* In ilhtOtita^rmanorAtn,^. 113, when a poor man olmllcnct^d tbf> Rmppmr's daughter 
lo • race, we are told that ' \v da!ni«e' loke<l oute nt n wyudnw fur tn ne him ; A: when 
■Im hod ecn him. th^drjitd bin* in hir herlo.'whflrctli^ — tw mrr!f drwpfj-U. 
*Ceftca, liroUior. thou Jcuan-lcHt thatwtiycbuthmiufi^hteetlo drf»tt' C'axti^n. Curiol. If. 5. 

* Fy* on Ihia inaner, racha aervice 1 dt-ftf, I M>e that in court in unclcanc penury.' 

Alex. BardayVC^iatt»<t?'/)/oiM/yrtmrtn. IVrcy Soc. p. 37, 
8bUttpefv appear* to aue the vonl in this BenMc in 1 Henry IV. Act I, ao. iii. Ji8. 



Deflyngtf ; despeccio^ «& cetera ; vbt a 

*to Deft?^ * ; degere, degfirere. 

*a Defiyngc ; dvjestio ; digestilis (de- 
yestibilis A.) ^^ar^icipium. 

to iDefoulle; cUtaminare, attarere, 
austrinarCy coinquinarQ, calcare, 
mactilare, com-, concuJcare, con- 
taminare, corrumpave^ decalcare^ 
dfflorare, de^tnmere, detendere, de- 
turpare, deuiciare, fedare, illueref 
itihonestare, injicere, inquinat^, 
Jahifacere, linere, ob-, polluere, 
pTOsternere, sordidare, subarare 
{corpora A.), stupYB.ri,>tup2>editare, 

Defowled; Maculatus, pollutas, etcet- 
era partic'iiiia de ^reJictuf vaibis. 

vn Defowled; inmaetUata&j ^ cetera; 
rbt dene. 

a Defowlynge ; couddcacio, poUucio, 
ijh cetera verbalia ds pTedicUs 

tto Degrade ; degradare. 

tDegradid; degradatua, 

ta Degree ; gradus, status, 

a Deide (Dede A.); Accio^ aetUBy 
facinua, factnSt faetumy nomen, 
opus, opusctdum, patraeio, 

ta DtMle (Deyde A.) ; cartUt Js cet- 
era ; vhi a charter & tTbi a 

*a Deye (Dere, deirc A.)*; An- 
drocJtius, Androcftea, genatarius, 
genetharia {genethariaj a dej 
woman. A.). 

* In P. Plowman, B. rv. 63, we are told that— 

' Hony is yuel to defye, and eDgleymeth pe mawe,' 
and in the Reliq. Antiq. i. 6, we read — ' Difjtre paulitpcr vinum quo mada, defye the wjd 
of the whiche thou art dronken, and wexist Kobre.' Wyclif, in the earlier Teraion of I 
Kings rxv. 37, has — 'Forsofe in \>e morewtid whanne Nabal had d^^ed ^ wijn {diget- 
ti$$et Vulg.) his wijf scKewide to bym all piee wordis, uid his herte was almest deed 
wi|)ynne ;' and agnin, ' wntur iu drawen in to ]>e vine tree, and bj tyme d^yed til )>at it be 
wyn.' Select Works, i. 88. See also P. Plowman, C. vii. 430, 439. 'It is seyde thatjf 
blood is wel sode and dejied, t>erof men make)> wel taluw.* {Si tanguit bene faerit eodtu tt 
dittestus.) Trevisa, Bartholoiii. de Propridalibus Iterum, iv. 7. (1398.) 

' D'Amia gives ' Genetearim, vide Gynaceum^ and under the latter * Locus aeu sedei 
ubi mulier^ Innificio operam dabant ; partie da palai$ des empervurt de ConxtatUinopU tt 
det roU barbares, oit lea femmea de condition aervile, et d'axUret de ixmdiiioti lihrey fa- 
briquaieni let etoffei n^cewaires pour les heaoin$ de la maison. Ces ouvriires portent dans 
les titrea les nom de genidarim pennies, pensiUa ancilla.' Jamieson has ' Dee, Dey. *. A 
dairy-maid.' ^Caseariva. A day house, where cheese is made. Gywxeeu.m. A Dourcecym 
place where only women abyde.' Cooper. ' Multrale. A ches&t or a deyes payle.' Medulla. 
* Ajtdrochea. A deye.* ibid. See alao Wright's Political Songs, Camden Society, p. 337, 
1. 79, where we read — 

* He taketh al that he may, and maketh the chiirche pore. 

And leveth thare behinde a theef and an bore, 

A serjaunt and a dcie that leden a sory lif.* 
In the Early English Sermons, from the MS. Tr in. Coll. Camb. B. 14. 5a fabont 1230 
A.D.), printed in lieliq. Antiq. i. 129, the same charge is brought against the clergy— 
' pe leweil man wurSelS his spnue mid clones more fmn him Kclven ; Jt pr^t naht hia 
chireche, J>e is his «puae. ac his date Jie is his hore, awleneS hire mid cloSes. more )>an him 
selven.* The duties of the deye are thus Hummed up by Alexander Neckham in hii 
Treatise de UtensHihm pr. in Wright's Vol. of Vocab. pp. ioi-» — 

[unebact^se] ofs i. pullos faciencia a^ars ouraylas 

^Aasiieixam androtjia, que gallinis ova aupponat pullljicancia, et an*eHbH* ocera 
Bgraventet ayneua parvos \im\is auni nutriat 

aubdemat, que aijuelloa morbidot, nondico annicatoa in $ua teneriiatelacte fo^twt alienor 

feblementdentez deiseverez parroc fenerye 

vituloa aittem et aubrttinoa ablactatoa incluaoa t^neat in pargulo jtixta fenile, Cif/w 

d dames pelyscuns sineroket idem. 
indumenta in/eativia diebua aint matronalea aerapeiline, reemium, teriatrvm. 



•tt Depjre (Deyry A.)^; Amlrochi- 

arwva, hestiurinm, geuethemw. 
a Dekjra ; diaoonus, diacona^ diacun, 

tft Dekoury ; diatonatat. 
tto Delay ; dfffrm, jirolonffare. 
+u Dolay ; dtlacio, ^ro/^Hj/«<?m. 
-H)elet!LabyUc; dtUcU^bUU, Aji/'Tiens 

vel ApruciiB. 
•to Dels'; t^Miiiftiwra, dispeTyexe, 

•ft Delib«rftCfon ; deliheracio. 
Delicate ; driir.ntus. 
Deljciouse ; dflu-.ioatis. 
1» Delite J tijiTycittUt delectacio^ de- 

ItcMUMilam, leiutmctif oblecta- 

Ttwutum, sofrmnm, 
to Dellta (Delytt A.) ; deUctare, & 

-ri.obledai-e, (t -n', estt ercU,Juuat, 

toDolyufr; Adimere jtissionet cen- 

sere, ctntire ', m/fK viuJe/Uer, 

*rusre, liberare, de tiuinu miltGie, 


Delyuerd; liLrratU9,ereptn3, ct'Oeiora 

jmrt'iv'i[t'm dn vi^rhit. 
a Dolyueryuge ; liberacio, d: cetera 

*to Delve.(Delife A.); vhi to dyke. 
ti> Deme; AdMceve. iiidicare, ad-, 

di', arbitrari, coudtcere, Mrwn-e, 

eriwiVe, CfTiMte, dt-. dia-, videre. 
a Detn^r ; Addtattor, -trix , deceievA 

de pred'u-ti$ vevha. 
a Deyne ; drcamat. 
•fa Deynrye ; dMania. 
to Hen^B \ AduvT$ari, dedicar^^ d^Jir- 

ten\ dijfiteri ; verjrus ; 
^Ah^licat «con(m, 7i«ya{, a6n«i^ 

Obuiut & r«nuk, hijt mum 

fiijniJK^tur ; 
Et contmdicit / hija uhnegat 
a Deniynge; Abdicaeio, AhdieatiunSt 
Abnegacio, abniyativas, tiA^atio, 
negaciuixctila, neyatiuMS. 
'tDonyous (Den^ousA.) *; v^iproudc. 

aadrogie porch«ra m^ge h bovun k vacbers 

Bt^m autan utuf nt nUtulcU cvtMtrum et hut/ulci* et armnttariU, fJumine aitem tt mu 
■npers lur trjt idem, vel crtrm in iDAgriitt ducb du&er 

eoOmUralibut in oUoniis oxigaUuM tivc ifuaetuin in dmbiia mMtisirurt, ti catulU 
in MorHo lirco Lg^iu] [o pain] do br«n [dcMiner.] 

^n abiUtttrio rfpotitia pinj/tte jcrum turn pane fur/utto ftorriffrrt.' Fntm Icul. 
dcifi/a, a miud, «:!rpt.-ci»Uy & Jjtiry-maid. Sm Pru£ Skcat'^ ElyinU. Diet. a. r. t>niry. 

' Aoflruw Booruti iii lus JJftlary, wltuD (tiscushiug tbo iiulijt:ct of tlie siluatiuu, plui. 
&a., of » houwi, racotDiutindH tluit tha ' dytry {dery P.\ yf any b« kept, ahulde Iw elonj^at^d 
ibaanacoof » quarter of a tuylefmiu tli« place,' p. 339. ' Dtyrie house, m^erk' Palsgrave. 

' In tb« CoNtel off Loue. ed. WeyioouLfa. 139, wa ate tola that Gk>d gave Adiun 
* Wvttes fyue To ddcn ^At vuel from )>» goud.* 

And in tJtfrstofy of G«aiHis»nd Exodui, E. £. Tvxt Soc. ed. Morris, 151, we find 'on four 
doles dtim 'Se gcr. So in Barbour* Bruce, ed. Skeat, xv. 516, 

'I'he ])ray iiuyac eiunnif hia meiijtio EiUr thor meritiK detit be.* 

A. S. dirlan, Ui ilivido, ili»tri)iute : di'tt, a sliare, porUou. * Entrjo. To jeuyn Alinea. ^oga, 
A ilotile.' Modullo. Seu Daylle, anff. ' MB, center f,ceiviert,Cfiutrc. 

* K«Ad 'dofii'fu* :' tliu misUko hn« prfiba)>ly arivon Irom the acribo'i eye being aftut[bfc 
by the preottfliiifl weird *dnti}/nge' witli wbiib the preiient word is wholly unconnected, 
being from the French ' daiai'jnttM. DUdainufull, scomfull, coy. iqueajniAh.' Cutt^ravo. 
Compare also ' Dmh. l>aintVi fine, quaint, curious ; (an old word)' ittid. The Rcore in 
hi» Toll- U-IU UK tbiit Uic Milli-r of Tiumptngton * won hoot« dcynwi* Syutek^n.' being, us 
bf> ha.1 alrcvuly iiaiil, ' an c^tiy pecok ptuwu and gay.' Cant. Talcs, 594I. and uC 1. 3964, his 
f^f 1^ .1. ..-r^i ■•.! AH Wiii^' ' A» dtfijae on wiUir In a dyoh.* So too in tbo Prologue, 517, 
we .■• I'j Pimtou tlutt — 

* J J ' itful man iiuugbt de(t|titus, Ne of his iipeche ilaungeroui ne diffite.'' 
In P. Plowuiau, C. xi. 81 and xvii. 327, wo arc told tbst koowledgti 

'Swelled in a Diaiintn tmitle, 
And doK bjm to be de/fHOus, and detuc fst bvlb nat lorede.* 



a Denne ; A ntrum, ajtOfftum '. eait-ea, 
camera {Onuema A.), criut-Tiiu/ci, 
erepita, cripta *, cuhiculum, la- 
Uhra~, lustrum, j(/>«JUfl, Bjtefunca^ 
(t- oetf^ni; vhi a <like. 

•to Daparta'; Abroffure, Abi'^Te^ 
abii/cve^ exhjevcy Uirimerf^ dizco- 

disiuuijmre, disftert/^re, dispernart, 
dUj>escere, dittsicere, dhsociare, 
piirtiri , jntcrcf^dfrr, pnuare, secer- 
iiere, ntffjrtgnrfi, seiuyare, separare, 
8piciJi^arCy spnrijcvf, uuiuare. 

fto Depart© mombros ; drmetubraTre, 

tDepartiabyllc-; divitnOHUt diuidu' 
u^, diuiMtiins. 

frn Departiabylk*; tw/iKi«'fri7[t]ji, 
indiuiUuua, d: ci-tera. 

tl>ep'»rtyd (orAbrogute); Abrotfataa, 
displotius, phariMeua *, eciamaticuH. 

ttu Departe hetytage ; Itereteatere. 

a "Departyixge ; Abimo, Abrogaa/^ 
duerfiiuna^ di/fiunccio, distunc- 
diuiduu»j pkarv9, thomos ', (jrvce, 
ylnilitts^ heruMfS, rrcMsiii, scinsnra, 
actjoivi, itciitTTUttuius, KejAtacio^ A 
wtera varbalia verborum pndie- 

Dep« (Deype A.); AUa^, profuadua, 
gurffitiutiF' ; rcrffua : 
% Est A hum sublime 6onutn, sub- 
tite pntjuudum. 

n Depnes; Abisnus, Altiutdo^ jm^/un- 
(/litn, profanditMS, pvolixitaf. 

Dere ; cnruB, diltctiis, yrKcwfas, 
Anuibilisy & cetera. 

+to bo Z>ere. 

+to wox I>er&. 

tio Deryue j Deriuam (A.), 

I>erko : vfci myrke (A.), 

a Derth ; cariHia. 

to nmku Derth^: carUtio. 

* AppaMQtW P>r ' hvpoijeun (Greek Irriyfiop), u nhrovdm or place umlrr the (froand,' 
Cooper. See Cruddis, above. ' ' Cripla. A trove.* Mctlitllft. 

* In King Solomon's Book of WUdom, E. E. Text Soc. ett. Funiivull. p. 86. 1. 13S, tra 
r«w]— ' pe kyngiloiQO [of Israel & Judali] departed [divided] is )ut U> JnaiUye.' 
Intlio Kni|j;hteH Tale. 376, occiin the phnM, * Ttl tliat tbe ileeth (/r7>4rrf ttdtat ostwayne;* 
which Id sliLl retained in the Marriage Service, though now corrupted to ' till death tu 
do pari.' See aldo to Donjrde, below. Orpart oociini with the iDtMUiitii; of Ke/uiraiin^ 
onaelft partimj from, in William of PiJin-iio. 3894, ' proitili lirpartetU he f>at pre»,* 
*It y» vnK'fiil to beletie Ibnt the wonle, tliat y« the Mimie i>f yudiio, vtan ttfjuirttd firom 
Ilia ftither, and from the holy ti"^*-'- hy l»k.vng« of his mauh'Mlc.' Mynxin* of Our Ijidy, 
ed. DliiTit, 104. With tht- meaning o\ ditiriltutt, ihart. we find it in W^rcUf, Luke xv. i r, 
where, in the porublcuf the Pitnli^n) S<n, wo read — 'the )ouger s«de lo tbo Fadtr, Fa4lir, 
lyuo me the [inrcioun of c*t«l, that fUUith to mo. And he de,>artulc tu hem the oiitel,' 

* ' Yf eny of them were drfiurtahU from »»tiicr The thru purwrnca ar« Tcnjyly 

vndrvartiMe.' Tlio Myniure nf t)nr Lsuly, p, 104. 

* lo Early Eofg. &[utrii.-al Homilict!. eil. Siuall, p. 48, we ore told of tb« meaaei&gQrB who 
were aent to John saying * An thuu ha thai aboiud come ! ' Sui,, thnt — 

'Hiir meaNkgtn waa P/*nrur^rj<, Tit&i war sunderod of ocanoan lif.' 

That tfintierrd men on Kui^lyn raimi!*, 
The Muno idea ia expres^i'd in the Onuulum, 16862 — 

* Fariaew, hitAcne))^ o^ Stittdlnn^ onit Enngliaah speche. 
And futrtri wtm ^att nuite hunmi iwit, I'orr fnU tej) wtcrenn aUadda. 
8ws summ hemm )>iihhte. fni \>e folic purrb hnli) lif and Lire.' 
St. Anj^tine in his S'-nno ad I*nji»fum, elxix, i/c rrfhi* Ajiunt Phill|). 3, eaya — ' Fhnriisid, 

(tcitur hix viTbmn quasi stgrt-'^'aiiuuem inttritrtitari. quomodo in Latii:^ ti:ib:ii.'i 

dicitur egre(fiua. i^ii-vii > K'TtV'* ••?p»''at'"'.' '''*l»*y «oiilJ itiuiie ilif l*htirx*t* ■■ 
\he fJehrtip.Sundtr holy rcHginuEmeD which had lundure.l and «e)<» 
•elvi-a from uthcr.' Ciuiiden, Itrmitihe^. 1605, p. iB. So also Wyclif^ Workiii 1. j;, 
■ Phariseis brn seid as dtf^arlid fh>ro o^lr pupla.' 
' Tu/iut, from Ti'/irw, to uuU 



<In'«V veraus : 
f Aec frin tuu^/os {coniunffoi A.) 
vturjtatt pttsumil <& aiu/tf^ 

A Desate ; cA)/uh, fraim, /itcw {4' 
reteraA.); vbi faJshmlu; vt^mus : 
^|J?rt t/o/us «n liwjua male di' 
cent'va maaifesta, 
traits at /alle?it[s sub Unf^ua 
bianda hquen^ 
I)«satQftiU« ; t'bt itilso. 
to ]>esftve ; vhi to bo-gyllo. 
to Desese ' ; ted^m, ^ cvtcra ; vbt to 

a Beaai ; vbt noye. 
tBesesy ; nocuitf, £ oetera; v&i 

to Dasyre ; ac/mirart, adojttara, af- 
ftcUir^ ajfu'vte^ amare.-, Amhirt 

d^M-vm, ex-j auare^ captarf, cupcia, 
diuiciris, con-, concujTwcere, de- 
jxacvtet ftrrt, yettire, glUcere, 
inhiartt mirari, o/)tt*re, vtU^ ; 
verffQB : 
^AJeclo, vel amo, ctijno, desidero, 
Opto vel eidmiror, aueo, vel 

tfesUo^ caplo, 
Avibeo *jiwd facxi ambieio si- 
mnl Amhiciovus, 

a Deeyre ; Adopcio, ocjo^jftuus, affix' 
tio, a^ctus^ ajfeitiuu&f iwtbiclo, 
QtitbiciomiSt apjtttUus, ardor, cap' 
tac'io, fxiucu^ficenciat destderiuta, 
detndfratiuMB^ intencio, o^kio, 02i- 
tatiiMB, velle, volum, votiuua, 

a Deske ' ; fdutcttt. 

flu make DeaoUte; desolarij dU' 

tDesolate ; deftolatuB, destHutUB. 

fto Despare ; (/r-jf;j«rare *, desperado. 

Dispare ; Digpcracio (A.). 

I>espyBabiUe ; contemplii/itijr, dexj/i" 
cab t Us. 

to Dessplce; AbicBre,Abnuere,Anpci' 
ari, .4«;)ern«re, As])eTnari, Autirti, 
bruUiccr«, i^ntemjni&Te,dedig7uiri, 
dtipKciari, d^sjtectare, d^spictsTtf 
dMjneari, detraclarej df4fectaret 
fiiBlidere, Jlaui/acere, flocci pea- 
ders, hoTTtsrt, Aorrwoere, h&rrir- 
/acere, improperarc, neclty^T^ 
pcrinjiendcre, rcctaortf, refutarVf 
re7iuerCf sjtcmari, spcrnere, temp- 
ncrv, vifijifuderfi ; I'craua : 

que, re/uUU, 
Cutiletnjmit, r^tiuit aimul, o^- 

nttitipie {aunuU atquti AJ), 

Sic parvij)endit d: vilipend'U in 


■ Daring, bold. In the Ormalum, I. 16780, Nicodemus u described aa coming to our 
lioni by oigbt— 

* KoTT whatt htt tiAcfc nobht (iirrf inoh, Al o[>eiLU) to tckonn 
l^e Laferrd Crist biforr ]« fuUc, To lufBnn hiinra & wuiT(«nn.* 
lu Barbour** Bruce, E. E. Text Soc. ed. Sk«it, xriit. 307, the friw, who is seat by Dotrglu 
Co watch tho Engliah. u d«Kiribed ai *derf, noiit, and ek hnrdy.' Icel djarjL A.H. dtar/.{\) 
Hee »l*u Murte Arthure, ed. Brock, 11. 31 j, 33a, Sii, Ormuluui, 16195, &0. ^Darfa, 
fetubbtini. j/ertinax^ otidurtUus.^ Mauip. VucHb. 

■ ' Xfetaitt^ f. A sickenowe, a being lU at ease. DaaUi, out of temper, ill at eww.* 
Cotgrare. In the Verrion oF the History of Lear and hw daugbtom given in the G^ta 
JBoManornm, p. 50. we are told how the ^dutib daugbtor. nfttu* k<;«piii(: her fjkthrT for leas 
than a year. * wm «o anoyed and disttsed of hym aud uf bi» mtsaiidii ' that iihu reduco-l tho 
nnmbcrof his attetidants ; and in chap. 45 we read of a law that the victor lo battle should 
Koeiva on the Ant day four honoun. * But the seoo&d day he Hhall Bof&o iiij dianiara, 
ihat U. he ahaU b« taken a« a tbeof. and NhamftiUy lodde lo the priaoo. and be diitpuylcd 
of lubiUtT elothyne, and aa a fole he shall be holden of all men ; and ■» be ahull bavo, that 
wwil tu the batjuie, and had the vicu>rie.' E- E. Text Soc. ed, Ik-rrtage. p. 176. 

» * PlaUuA. A little bnlowo desko like a cotTtr wberon m«i doe write." Oo<^r. See 
•ku Xaralle, ui writing burde. ' MS. rq>eatA tbiit word. 




a Desplt* ; AuejvM, coat^mptua, dt- 

ditjnac'ut, df.ip^tn^, 
to DesplesQ ; dis!qi\J]ieeref ^/r&uars, 

a Desplesance ; (/rRuar/i«n, a^^raua- 

men, <iisp[f\iceueia, 
a, Destony; fatttm, f farce. 
tto DsBtan^ ; fain re. 
to Beetroy ; dtBtruerCf ^ cetera ; vb» 

to wusle. 
a DestToyoingtf or a dlstrucdon; vhi 

ft Destroer; flii* a waster. 
R Dett ; (fthituta. 
ito pny Dett; jiafat*e^, reiiiicT*. 
jtu Dot^rmyn ; f/Wcn«t'win?, dijl- 

nire, (iiK/Vriy'fcrc.ytfuV*. 
fa Det^rmynacion ; i/efenmnacio, 

ta Doty"; caTrn^n. 
a Dettur ; debitor. 
to Dsuyde ; deuidere^ & cetera ; vbi 

to dcpurte (parto A.). 

a Deuyllf ; Belial, d!nnon, diahotuSt 
duciua, Iriuathan, lurua, iuci/er, 
tiuimojiat nojc, Btithan, sataneUf 
zabuhm *, zahdwi ; zd&u/tnuSj dd- 
monincws, diid}oiicu9, 

+a Devylry (Dewylry A.) • ; demo* 
mum ; deuioniaenB. 

fa Devoroo; c^euonnum. 

to Devoure ; deuorare, tfe cetera; vbi 
to swalowe. 

a Dewe; ros; ronrfus, rorulerUMB. 

to Dewe * ; rorare. 

aDewlappe'^; cart-Uago,paUare,jta- 
iiiirium, tfuyriis. 

ta Dowry*; dos, j>ara/erMim ; aed 
parafenxuva nt if/ud quod daiur 
sjHiUse ah amVcis, jrostiiitftem. 
D &n(« I. 
I a Diamant ; diamans, 

tlo Dlbbe"; jntinffcts (to Dlbe ; 
miji'jcre A.). 

ta Dlbblllc '" ; paatinatum, tnbtotra- 
I tonnm. 

* In Siorte Artlnire, ed. Brock. 664, we read— 

* If me b« dataifnede to dye nt DryghtyoB wjlle* 
I olwrge the my »vktour, &c. 
8e« alio n. 4090. 4153. &a> ' iJatiner. To d<;«tinAt«. ordftine, Kiipolnt unto : purpoie for.* 
Cotfrraive. ' &1S. pa mm : corrected by A, 

* 'Tbo diltie, or matter of a mtag. canlieum.' Buret. *A diUie of a eung, argujnentamt 
maitriii* Mftriip. \'o«ib. ' Cannen. Adtfte." Medulla. 

* 'XabuluH: t*i/mcH fjropriam diaboti. Zabulut: Uiem^ Medulla. *ZahtiiuM. DUboliia. 
8iQ feultiui Dortce iduut uppclliui. PoricA quippe lingua (ajSaXAtiv idum Mt quod 
tta06XX»ir; ut ^ajtopot, iJuni quud Biixopot,* &c. i>uc.'%nt;e. 

* 'Devilry. Deovilry, n. Cumin uniivttinn wHU the devil/ Jamienon. It ocoun with ibe 
moaning of * dtnl>olic»1 ai;«»ey ' Id Bftibour't Bruce, ed. S<keAt, ri. 690. 

* 'Todewf, roTo.' VVitbkls. * Itoro. To denwc, or dmppe da*'ne lyke deawE, itorat. 
The deawe faUetb.* C(K»per. Jamicaoa Rivee 'To deaw, v.n, Tu min i{cntl>- ; to drtjxie.* 
A. S. drnwha (?), • Jioro. To dewen.* Medulla. Wydif, [wwinb ilv. 8, h-ts— ^rfmn-iA ye 
hftiettuii fro niHitie.* The verh occurv with a tmnsiUvc tueat>iiig id the Oiniulum* 13848 : 
' To WAtlrenQ & to JtnctfCBN Kwa t>urrh Iwj^Hke ft; uiHte tterew )»ktt herrttt.' 

' * The dewlap of a rodder beast, hanging; down vnder the neckf, jmU'ir ■ the hollow 
pMt of the Ibrote : a part in the bellit*. m N oniue tuLlth, tlie paiich ; rumtn.' Barut. ' Bm 
foJiare, ft de4rlAp|*e/ Wright'* Vol. of Vocub. p. J31. 

* * }*ttrtifiherji>a. Groeci paripbcrna dicuat, qn» italli pccuKum appellant. All thynget 
Uiat the woman bringfith to hir liu^iband btntde hir dowry.' Ct>upc-r. Hence "ur /tar*- 
vhtrnatia. ' Dvuntro, A dowt>r; al^. ber inarrift^' (foud, or the portioiu she liatb, or 
DilrtgB. to ber marriage.' Cot^Tftve. For rfMiue thv MS. r«Ad4 fftOHSn. 

' 'To (liblc, or dlppe. tiW>fi</rre.* Barct. In tbo Alliteratire Poem on Joeeph or 
Anjnatboa, ed. Hkeat, 5.14, wn havtr — 

' With po dL>|i 111 hui ludu dounwani he duppai ;' 
ami in the accnunt of tb« clinngin^ of the watsr into wine at Tana, given in Early Eiig. 
Melrtual Huiuitie^i, ed Huialt. p. 1 Ji, wc read (hat our Lord 'bad fchaim </i& tbair cuppce 
nllc. add ber lille bt-m bent in halle,* See abo to Dippe. 

** See abo Sebytla, aboro. 


^^^H m IHce; UueiUuB, Aka, tUiola, dedut^ 

fyiiritua mm fvf<u»mk^ arya- ^^M 

^^^H talui, uiimeruis ttMsera. 

tiUttUo', wU »ic '. — uu iina reso- ^^H 

^^^H a IHce ployor; AleatQt, Alio, taxU- 

luta «H ab anjashUtt camU : ^^M 


cum simiHOuBi ; mori /wtiuni- ^^| 

^^H to Die; nwri, obir^ «xalare, comrMtri, 

6tr« «/ antina^t^tia commuue ' ^^H 

^^^H d: ceterti ; vcrnu : 

At, «ed tfj^iri' coti»rni< fantuni ^^H 

^^^^^H mui«nt, exjfirat, monturj dc- 

homiaibuB bonis; est emv% ^^H 

^^^^^H fuHifitur afque 

obirti (piaci obuiamjn '. ^^| 

^^^^^^B Oiicuiufii[i] vtil obityilUsoluUur^ 

tUke to IMa ; mort^uutius. ^^H 

^^^^^^^B Amnir/iu/</uo 

la I>iet ; dieta. ^^| 

^^^^^^^1 Inttrit, acatuibit, mor/em eig- 

tto Diet ; dirtare. ^^M 

^^^^^HV vivLiulaia. 

to Defame ; dijamare, inoonimartj ^^M 

^^^^^^^ JCrciilit, fxatat (jrciliret spirx- 

in/amare, trssiIucGte. ^^M 

^^^^^^^ turn), (/ciWiV, citt Kociatur, 

a Diffiuner; diffnnator, -frux ^^| 

^^^^^^^B jjt/ natiirafem concordant cete- 

ft Dlffamacton; drfanutcxo. ^^| 

^^^^^^^M ra 

tto Differ ; dijerre, proJont/artt & ^^^k 

^^^^^^m Et poles illud idem coxnpUjea 

ceteiu ; vbt tu dm uu luuge. ^^H 

^^^^^^P r/tceni voce : 

tto Digeate ^ ; JiV/erere. ^^^ 

^^^^Hp Toliitur e mediotnature *d«lUa 

ta Degestloa ; detfestio. ^^H 

^^H^^ «o/u»/ 

a Dignity ; (/scub, digniias (dxgMa, ^^| 

^^^F NaiHtt wjtin «oluU generaU 

?mi/M<tf« ji.}, «C* c<ileru; vl» ^^| 

^^^^^^ tri/jutum 

werecliepe. ^^| 

^^^^H^ Cta»«%t mppremo prt««nlem 

to Dike ' ; fodere^ 0^-, fossare, tf-. ^^M 

^^^^^^^b fuiwte vitam; 

a Dike ; forica, lacuna *, lacus^rjhssa, ^^H 

^^^^^^m Carcere corpureo resolvUuB 8pi- 

sjxcns, & est scrofts ^roprie scro- ^^H 


^idrum '" ; uersus : ^^H 

^^^^^^^T Mortitus est muntio vicfurus 

^Fosm, «2'»xu3, /ou«t, apduuca^ ^^H 

^^^F postal Clir'isto. 

c<it«er»a vcl Antrum ; «^^| 

^^M to Dye. 

Scrobs 9cr(ihia est j'ouea »ed ^^^| 

^^H H velpTomice jric — 7>re««i(ift vi'<« 

tcdtt ", -fri« tfrtum (?) jit U\a, ^^^k 

^^H «ur«um /$liciter coasvmma- 

Triico t^el Am/racl\xa,cau\i6, kio ^^H 

^^H «i/; ro^ $10:— de corjtoreo 

addatur abUtus^ ^^H 

^V ' MS. es^mifuU, Tlw words fOtHcet tpiritum below ve wriUen in » Uter hand m » ^^H 

^H glow MVor anihtt. ' tAH. niitara. ^^^M 

^H * Oixttmin hUArt And Craft How to THfl, 1491, p. 1, hoii'It [detfa] u the pftymont of ^^M 

^H Ut* diitt« cS lutttuu,' firubaUj llii- 6nt iiiritacce of ttiis pbiue in Eotjluh. ^^^| 

^^^^_ * Ms, eommiiu. ^^^^^H 

^^^K * (Mr^aoi irr. m«ftna to go lo metit »ome one ; b«oce our ftuthor Mya it om only be aaed ^^^^1 

^^^^H of the youd, who ^ fmin thin life to meet Htxi, ^^^^^H 

^^H • Cluiuc«r, Prulagau Caul.THlnf. 435. mjh of the ' Doctuur of PhiKUt.* tUt 'of hifi ditt* ^^H 

^^^^ mennblo was be.' Re« also Ancren Kiwiti. p. 11 3. Gbibtrally <l«hveU from Mul, LaL ^^H 

^^^^ ditta. fnim iUe», a day : 0. Kni^. diet, an appjiatod ilny ; bui It ia more probably from Ur. ^^M 

^^M itojTa, mode of life, upecially with reference to food. ^^^B 

^^^_^ ' Bee ab)0 to Defy, atiuvc. ^^H 

^^^H * • Di^ or doluen. or dyngen rppon sbeuea.' P. Plowmaa, B rl. 143. 'Futdlchiag ^^M 

^^H «Dil hfKgiBg and deWynge «f tounoB.' WyoUf. Works, i. 38. A. 8. didatf. ^H 
^^^^1 * 3&. Imntt'i. ^^H 

^^^V * MB. 6coHt4 ftnprfe «»rpianim. ' Scrofa, A mw that bath bad plggts fflore Chao onae.' ^^M 

^^^ Cooptrr. ^m 

^M " • AinJl* .- /nwa wwiTO «<rro/r Dwiefm* /oWunf, 5m;/a ■ Por«. TVuea ; tMolu*. etl via ^^M 
^^^ ru^r.ancq.' Medulia. ' iftc ktvIm . a fwyn-wrolyiig.' WrtgUt'a Vol. of Vooab., p. 271. ^H 

kl 1 



Vmh fluunt ynthrei celi d^ia- 
racta {cathnracta A.) mMUttS. 
+tt Dilcer ; fuasor, fosgatof, 
a Dlkyngfl ; fussatMa. 
*Ui DindylU * ; cotidijUre (err(Aare 

ttti I>yiie * ; tfcntacwari, xantart & 

~ri, iantacufarti & -ri. 
fl Dyner ; ffentaeulum, iantacnlum. 
tto Cinge ' ; vcrbararCt d: oetcru ; 

I'W to l>ete. 
tDynya (Dyniae A.) ; dionisius, no- 

raca jirojix-ium. 
f Diones ; (Hnni^ia. 
a BInne (Dyn A.) ; sonns, annituB, 

tumuHuH. i{* i-etera ; vhi snwnde. 
to make DInne (Dyn A.); 907tare, 

re; tumulluari, freJntae, perstre- 


ADioou; dioctm$, 

to Dippe ' ; timjeve, intiw^VB, 

ta Diptonge (A Dypton A.) ; dtp* 

tto Deryve (Dyryvo A-) ; deriuan, 

•tor, -trix, 
tto Discharge ; c»07M»rore, -tor, -(rijr, 

£& -CIO. 

t Diachftrgod; «j«»ieraftiB. 

tu Dirsyngf knyfo (Dyreyng-lmyflb 

A.)'*; »pata. 
tto Disaray (Diaray or disglae A.) ; 

a Dlsohe berer (A Dysbynko or A 

dyachberor A.) ; illyi'o/orus. 
ta Diache benke (Dyachbynke A.) *; 

u Dische ; discus, tctiUHiariua. 
A Dlacorde ; vbi to debate (A.). 

' In Jnmtcflon we find ' To itinlc. dynlo. ( i ) To tremble. (3 ) To mftke a great nabe, 
(5> To ihHll : to tingle. * IHnle. b. {\\ Vibration, (a) A slight anii temporary sen«Ation 
of 1-41111. fiiiiiilsr to that caiiHtMl by a strokti im tbe elbuw.' Cot|;rave givua * T^Mtillanl. 
Tinging; ringing; tliigliiig. 7Vn/on«r. To tlug or t<>wle often; to glow, tinglo, dhiffle.* 
* Uir imfurtunat buibaiid hnd no roooiv noticn giveo hiin npon bin rvCurne of tbti»a nor- 
rowfull nowm, ihun liii fliigttni bt^n to itibltle .... his eui to diudU, his bend to doMll, 
inBoniucfau his btart boim; scared wilbgslousie .... he became oa oia-i sva March hara.' 
StAuibaivt. Doflcrip. nf In-buid in lloIii»h«l*H Chronicles (If/ft), vol. vj. p. 3J, }J. 
* Tlie biriiaml towriit d4iun rolli!* wilii aue ruache, 
(Juhil all tbe hetiynoyB difnlit with tlic dusclie.* 

Oawin Dou^lon. Enmdo*, Bk. U. p. 196. 1. 35. 

* thicftnga nsndcn 'Iantacnlum' by'CibuB quo Bulvitur jejunium ante praudiiini ; 
diJtuHer.' • lentaealitm, a brcakofasie. ioitore. To oate meatc aTora diimer.' Cooper. 
*Jantacnlutft. A dynera.' Medulla. 

* Haiupolo (ella at that m a nnitb haininen on an anvil 

* Right swn pe der^ aaU« ay djpig On ^e hynfidle, with*onteii atjntyng.* 

Pricke of Coiwcieuire. 7015, 
The past tr>nse ii (band as dnnff In Iwalne ft Gawaine, 3167, as donff in HHvvlok, 1147. 
and tM dantj in the Dcxtruotion of Troy, in which wo ohio find dfOngtn, diin^yn Ua the paot 
participle. O. Icol. d^ngja. 

' Se« at»o to Dibb«. Trcvlan in his versioo of Hlfcden, i. 217, Bpoaking of the Dead 
Sea, RojB that * what quik ^ting )>at it bo fnt dnpfte]> ^erynne anon it lepet) vp a]en.' In 
Wyrlifn vemion of Lovitii^is xi. 1 7. amougvt uncleau fuwls are uietitioiiod the ' uwle and 
the dtutdop* Imer^mluui], in uthcr MSS. dewtdojtjtr. 

' This appean to mean n ' drusiuu}; knift,' Ta Jurte in the NurUiern Dialect meaafl to 
'spread ordreaB.* SeeDryssynKfl knytTe, below, ' ^';wliJia. An iniitnuueat lo tume fryed 
nieatu; aaklise; alsou like i<h)I>j tlnttapoUieonries um:.' Cooper * 5/>u<a> A broad aweid. 
S/inttUa. A spaude. Mmtviada. A dn.'uyng kDyff.' Medulla. 

* '^V'l/«'//al^Ml». Locua \^\$c^4Ua njponuntur: raUadier, lien oft Vimterrf taraJMriSs^ 
ol etcaeiUiiii:' Duoangv. Now called a dreaer. A. S. hate, O. Iccl. Mkr, a bsneb* 
* SctdeltiirturH. A dyosttborde.* Medulla. ' FtrcMla, brer-dtsc. hUcifrr, rrl du^/arnt, 
dim: \'vu.' Aelfric's Glow. pr. in NVri«bt'a Vol. of V^icab. p. :6. 'Idvciitariuni 1 2ih ApiU 
1576 .... Item a oubburd. ar/iVifx-fu-I. niij', a niAfike fat. a gili^ tat, awort« troutrbv, a 
diMi^li Lrnuj;h, a stand, tj* viti''.' Inveuit»ry of John C^ase I576, litfhtH&tuUhiti ftVus uimI 
Jnitnt. (Sorteas Hue vol. a6). p. 2O0. Sec Dressoura, In-low. 




to IHseord* ; AhBonan, ctistare, dts- 
MOnarv^ lielii-are, discor^ttrG, diS' 
$eruind -ri, digcrepare, def*acisci, 
d/jiiUere, diffidere^ variarOf dijjeirrc, 
diuersare, diticTsiJicare. 

a Discordance ; discordancin^ dao- 
iiaucia, 'fi.icrepdncia, variiteio. 

I>lBcordande (Dyscordyng A.) ; f/«- 
tirut, m«[(/to] co[rT^/)to], dincors, 
incoQtienie/*8,iu«pta8, disconneni- 

a Discord jng'! of vooes ; diaphonia, 

-fit Di8cordyng« of wylli! ; dias(a9is. 

DiBcenoi'on ; dUcejisio, 

a Dlacreeion ; dUerffch, rfM[c]ert»- 
tudo, <fc cetera ; vhi wysdome. 

DiBcrott ; dUci'eiut, dUertus ; t/bt 

-f t<) XHaousM ^ ; diicutere. 

+to Dlsfiffure ; dw(tIora}'e. 

to Diaherett (Dyahery A.) ' ; cxherc 
dare, ex/tereditat'e. 

t*o Dishonor ; vbi dUwyrschippe. 

tto Disspare ' ; dfsperare. 

fA Difli>are ; d^peracio. 

to Diapende * ; vhi to exBpcndc. 

to Dlspence ; dhsrpentiart^, 

to Disspioe ; confcirtjwter«, <fc cetera; 

vbi despysc. 
Disspysyngis ' ; ajiemoj!, spemeas^ 

B Dispita, or a diBspisynge ; diu^ 

pf.ccio, cuii/i;r/7>fus. 
fo Dispose ; r^ to onlane (A.). 
Disprayslnge ; deprtiuac'xo, vituper- 

acio, ^* coU*ra ; vhi blimiyiige 

tto Diaproyse ; rf<"/jmuaro, it cetera; 

vhi to MatDo (A.), 
to Dispule ; vbi to robbc (A.), 
a DiBpixtAoion ,di3putac\o,aIitreaciOt 

to Dispute ; dtdpularet aUcreari^ dtt- 

-tDiasate ; v6i dcBsale. 
tDiaaave ; deeipen, ^ cetera ; vhi to 

be -gyle. 
^Diaaauabylle ; decejUonus^ pkiloQiS' 

ta Dissau^ ; decej/tor, ^ cetera ; vbi 

a be|?yler. 
fto Desseise ' ; disseiaire. 
ta Disseiaer ; disgeisitor. 

' * Ditentio. To owtor ah*ke of or donroe ; toreraone; to ex&tnlne or diMuso.' Gouper. 
fl^cauwr lued the word diteuu io iU primnrv iteoM of tkaking of. 

* ' H.wa.t I wenden lie to ditherit'e me T HavoIoIc. ud. Skoat. 2547. 

* There comi-n into his limd With horn ftnd h&meje, iw I vndynton<l. 

FortodUherile Iirmof hugood.' Loatdiub'H Holy Gr^ ed. Furnivall, Ivi. 117. 
SeeftlMih4 Lfty Fulku Mus Book, ed. Canon SIminonB, p. 278. •ToA\9h<*ritc,f^fi{rrrtto.* 
Bant. • ExhtTtdcr, to dliherit, or disinherit.' Cotgrave. Tlio funn liU-hrr^M oceunt id 
Sarboor's -firu'W, ii. 107. 'Ofte )>er byefi men and wyfiuen and children davrittd and 
jniled.* Ayenliile of Inwyt, p. 30. 
' Sm also Deapere. * DeMpero. To mynhopyn.^ MeduHa. 

• *To di»petulo. ditpnvln-e,' Maiiip. Vocab. ' DcMpen*. Expense, ooat, charge: or ex- 
penam, diftbursemrnU. Uyingw out, coste and chwgoa. Detnfrutr, to diKpend, «p«nd, 
expend.* CotKiuvc. In tho Cook's Tale, the ' prcntji * ia described aa * free of liU di^pcnce* 
Cant. Talea, 4387 ; and In the L^ende of Goods Women, Fhillis, 1. 97, 

' Mtt lysle nat vouchcsafe on byro to swyake, 
IH'j'ewfen vn hym 11 penne ful of ynke/ 
8m also P. Ptnwmnn, B, z. 3J5. * hUytiiaor. To dyapeadyD.' Medulla. 

* MS. a DiaspyajrDge. 

• In linn Jon (lay'rjx*'* Softnon, pr. in Religious Heoea ta ProM and Verae from the 
Ti 'IS. (,E. li. Text Soo. ed. I'crry), we ore told that it ii a violation of the loth 
t III if we have •wetaatlly or willfully ^j. rte nure cuano cri«yn'» Ifflse ^ra 
jv»,, , , . . or (lain; heritage, or fiilwly be rfyM''>We of Unde or of lythe.* piiemgs 
givea * bifnaixiart, pOMCsaoDfl dalurbaro. de/xi>iillcr t/utl'itt.'tiH d'u»e c^o**. _ Ditiajtit^u; 
qui dtjicit a piMWMdonc, ¥*Hrpatntr :' and Baret aaya, ' DiMeaoiuc, d^tetio vet ^Ktiot 
to diMOxe, 9K0V, detrtifUrr, ddmrbare ptmaMumc' See abo Bobert of Bruune, ed. Heaine, 



A'-bUtanceM (fwtoncw, *(r cetera; 
vhi debate. 

to Dlatomper ; disfrmpcrare. 

Distincly (Distinctly A.) ; dUtincUi, 
jtrolU-e, aduirrb'm. 

tto Distreyn ' ; vhi to stroyna (A.), 

+to DiBtresso: vhi to Btresse (A.). 

+to Disworschippo ; d^hmorare, 

+ft Diaworechepp ; drh^moracio. 

THufrae ; diucrtnis, varius. 

tto Dyuerce; diitcrsijicare, <t rotera ; 
the to cliscorde {difiire, dUiare, 
digtal, im/>cnonaIi, referi^ diuer- 
mrp-, vnriart A.). 

Dyucrayly ; diuerse, differmtcr, di- 
uQTinnu)dt, dvtcordanteT, miiUi- 
modf, miiUiformiteT, multifarif. 

a Dyue/'syte ; diacrsiias, ditiancia, 
lirin i/rece. 

tin Divine; afw;«V/n,f/»ii/»wro,r'ora- 
vi^Uari, coiiimiHiwct, f«iici/wr», 
tfipMivjari, t/ifioftHjicarc. 

+a Divine ; tJt^oittgaB, theoht/tAta, 

ta Dyu[ln]yngrt ; AimfnctHin ta vo- 
latu au)»tn, Awfurimn in $imo 
voc'iB rfficitur. nvrispicium vUro 
fWtUl; auffuatus, Autpieatau, aiis- 
fncaciOf diuina^o, prcsagium. 

t A Diuinyng afar/! ; pr^mancin^ \ A.), 
tft Dyuyny<ig«!befyre; /^{rwwidtitf. 
ta Diuinynge bewatrfT^j^MWMiu- 
tft Diulne (Dyuynowr A.)*; au*' 
jKe, ai/jjur, atittj/icntttr, diuinator^ 
diuinainnH9 /wircicipiimi, carTiii- 
nat/jr, oii/^/vj*. »rrtiitffu». artohis^ 
mathtmat.i(n9,,JiAm!fsn, ma- 
'j\x9, ext\»/>fx {theolnrpts. Ut^ot^ista 
A.) : <i* rctcra ; r6i a wychc 
ta Diuiaion ; diuicio, ditlincdo, tun- 
dua, thomoM. 

D aa'r O. 

to Doo ; R.ri'7er#*, offere, per-, /firt>M, 
^jfftcere, perficere^ operari, pntmrf, 
eomphrv, imjticre, coinntfmsrt, foo' 
equi, c^atidere-, conrhiderc, termi- 
nare, dacid^'e^ Jinir«^ perpftmre, 
deducere in m^dios, actMB cviiwtit- 
tcrSt ftny^cfv^, J'actaret yerera, 
fa,mint j'articare. 

to Do a way ; ahofere, delere, ascxi- 
brrc, descrif^fTe^ demtxrey Uwr^f 
anfi^rTe, ademere. 

to Dobe (Doybe A,) ■; Un^re, iUinen, 
€Orrij»e lu 

p. 150 : • Our Kvnif Sir Edw&nl lield bnn wele pnyed .... Diuehed hlDl of «]!«, iaIi] it 
to Bit Jon :' »inJ Konminit of the K«mw, 1. 1077, 

*8o Mfe it loftitti yoij U> pitsc, "So tnfiD therof nuy you di»e»t' 

Even tK> Uto m 17^7 C«rt». Hist, of Kngtund, toL i. p. 501, N|K4kft itf incuiuWnbi iMfinr 
* deprived itnd dioeiild iif tbvir iivia^' * Dtjacio. Tu diawiue, ar put i>ut« of (xiMvaniiHi, 
Cooper. * Deuuiti. I>iaiewe<t. digpOMCMcd, deprived, bereaved, put oat of, DamtUina. 
A (liKtnmn. diitpcisti-ssioD, Ac' Cotgravo. 

* In th<i (ttAta Aiinanoruin, p. 134, we roatd * when the Empf>rour .... taw iwielie a 
dUiannrr aiuonge tlio eyKtures.' &o., and egnin. p. 168. nflor tbcfr {nt1ter*B death 'fij 
ohildi'rin made tlittaunM for a Rin^, and tluit long time.' la lb« CmnpUyiit of the 
Ploiiffhiiikti. pr. in Wrif^ht'e PntiticaJ Poouu. i 339. we find— 

* l^iM comineth in by fendcm. For th«j would thnt no men were Iresdea.* 

To lirin^ the christen In JIntiiiHCf-, 
Aad again, p. 83 — 'Sir Duviil the BruM Whnn Eiw^rd lite R«lj\ilf<i 

Wm At dukwet, Radu with hid lanoo.' 

* * Who feletii doable eorwe uid hevyncMe But PiUAm<rn } thnt )ove dalrrr/^rf^ ve.* 

Chaucer, Knifjhl- 5 

' ' /rffOmAnma. 80th »eying in wat«re/ MeduUa. A. md<\§. iKouKTm-ia /it ; 1 

r^ f*-rpam. •StVorntiNCia {Ch<ifvnnuieitt] ait pn Injipr- '- -.^ 

* 'A tliuiaer, a oonieoturer of things to come, t ., or eooth'-- 
mnn'icc.' Uoix't. * Anone ae the uii^bt poMt tbv iii>i .- .:.^ _.... 

For Dtrtinoun fiill duly ic of depe wiu* 
Bee abtn an Ouerloker. Dtielnictioa of Troy (E. fiLText Boc.), ijSjs* 

* See alM) Dawba and Sawbar. 



tk Oober ; finitor. 

Dobyd ; 2initxi» vcl ft/iin. 

a Dobyngit; fitara, guperduce'io. 

tDodir ' ; eu$irutu. 

tto Doffa ' ; exu^re, dep^nera, depart 
nare, dttiuiiare. 

Doff^; caiiia, canicutus 4: eula, eani- 
cuIitr'iB (£ re, caniVus, c<iniiins 
/Xkrfu-ipta, eatiittiR, catdluB, catel- 
IvluSt catulujiti'v, cainlay eatettufa. 

A Doghter ; Jilia, nata^Jiliola, gcnita. 

+* DoghtAT husbande ; (jmer. 

m DoyngT away * ; rfi^Airio, litura, 

tft Doyngi? well^ ; benejit-e.ncia, h^ie- 

t» Dokan *; puntdilla, cmufa, fa- 

A redi Dok ; fappaeium, AeiUum 

{fajipacium, Acutum, a rede doke 


•DoUyd"; tlrfruhiB, 

Dollyd as wyne or ale " ; /''^in'^fua, 
vajtidti^ ; vapt'ditof, vappa, dol- 
lyng (A.). 

Dolour ; dolar^ d; cetera ; vhi 60rowe 

A Domo; coma \ etnsura, arhitrium, 
dixcrfccio, dfarimn, t^ramen, iu- 
dicium, wtiteTtcia, crisis (/reo<, 
crngorinn&, creiicus, judicvxriut, 

A Domesman ; arbiteTj voluniate, ry- 
d^xieyeJU, r'jnsor, *T<r/icus, presea, 
prt^tor, 2jrc/<f(u9, 7>roconx«/, /ri- 
bitnne^ i udiciarius, preiorius <fc 
prefectarius j/artwl^ia (trilfunalj 
irihunale aunt aedea ludidaf 
ertpae Judex A.), 

ta Domesma?! aete; trilunal <£ lit- 
bunalc re/ i/wc index- 

' Coljj^re givei 'Potf'iype (2« If'n. llit! wea<] Dodder ;* of which Ii7t«. DodAens. p. 398. 
my», ' It is a Btronge berbe, vrilhout leauM. It without mote, lyke vnt<i a tltreeil, mnobo 
•nirled Kod wrapped togithor. coDTvLiely winduig ittieir about hedges nnd bfuIicB nnd oth-r 

bcrbea. TliU herbe is c&ltcd iu Latin« dttrytha, in shoppea Cmeuta ; of 

9tttaa Podaffra lini, aod ^nj^t'iia fint.' 'There be oither wedt^a not itpitken of, a»dee, 
p^d.i... ■f-.liUr, and ^aclie other, that doo rooche hamifl." Sir A. Fitxherherl, Bukt of 
J '5.14" '«*f I^' '>*■ Turner, iu Iiis Ilvhal, 1551. says, ' Jimifr ^-aweth o«t of 

i-r ■ ' -itifill biiKbefi, as mi»ce!to i^rowetb out of trees, and notherof botbe (fruw uot of 

. 111*? i;ivuude :' aad Bg&in, p. qo, ' Dodtr is lyke a great red harpe etryng : and it wyndeth 
'about hfrbes .... and bath floures and knoppes, oao from another a ^ooil )ip:we.' 

To dbffe. for do of. exutrt' Manlp. Vocab, ' And Ibou my ooacelle doo. thow di^ 
Cff thy clothw.' Morte Artbure, 1023. 

■ MS. 

* Barek gives the naj^iDg 'in docke, ont nottle,' which he rendem by 'rrtnt urtlcit, pari' 
ettia Jii intva amioa.' 'A docke, herbe, Inpn^hnm.' Mnnip. Vovab. Ducaujje definea 
paradtUa u 'anethi sOTesCrii ipecios. torte (fantth tn'irttffe.^ 

' Ai l)ke je bene as day is to the nigbt. Or dvkrn to the fresohe dayeRje.* 
Or Kk-cloth is unto fyno cremcBye. The King's Qunlt, Bk. iti. it. 36. 

A.S. docct. ' Doooc, Upaduin.' Wright'ii Vftcab. p. 67 : *eii-d»wca, nimpA^a,* iltid.^.y, 

* ' Of new proieed wine is uiide the wine called Cate, in Latin Lapa ; and it u by 
boiling the new pressed nine so long as lill tbut there reinalue but one of three {larbi. 
or new pressed wine is ahn mnde another Vale, called of the Ijitinee Dc/m/um, and tliis 
ii by tmiliug of the new wine onely so long, as till the halfe part be conitnTneil, and the 
tvst btjcuuie uf the tbickuewe of honey.' Maitoti R%>t'.qve, p. 633. ' De/ruto- Tn bo;Ia 
aewe wine.' Cooper. ' I'fr/nu-tHt. Bed.' Medulla ' De/ru<urn nnnm, ^'e«>Kl©n win vU 
jNUfvnt.' Alfric'fl Vocnb. in Wright's Vul. of Vocab. p. 37. See hIiio raUalius nn Hue- 
boDdrie. p. 304, 1 4^4< where we nro told that three sorts of wine * fit/rut, caD>uo St sHpe in 
Don loanere Of iniut ia made.* the Bnt bt:iiiginade 'of defcrvjni; til [tlip muata w] tlucke.' 

' • Vnppn. Wine tliat liath Ift*te the vertue: naugbtie dead wine' (.'"opor. Cttuipure 
oaf azprestiioa ' dead ' ait applied lo ale. In W. dc Wvnle'* Doke of Krruj nge. pr, in tbe 
Babeea Boke, ed. Ftimirall, p, li;^. L 20, wo are wameil to 'gyuc no per«nie mm doiefcii 
rnkfl fur it wyll brtkt' yv scsbbe.* ' Dovild, or DalVd, Dispirited, abated, dull.' Wbitby 

Inmuy. Bee also Palde as Ale, below. 

* * G/ma. A Jugvuieut.' Medulla. 



Doyn; /actns. 

vn Doyi; jn/rctus. 

*a Donett ^ ; dotuttw. 

+a Donett lemffr(leniyiig A.); dona- 

to Do on newe ' ; encfiitniare. 

to Do pdi-fytly ; per/ycfire. 

tDorame (Dorem A.)'; dunelina, 
duHfhttenjtia ^rficipium. 

a Doro (Doyre A.) ; fumiium, J- cete- 
ra ; vb» A )ate. 

a Donnowse ; ^/w. 

•a Dorsur * ; rf<ir*>rium. 

a Dorture ' ; d'^rmUoritica. 

a Doead ; duodena* 

to Dote (Doyt A.) • ; detipere, da- 

•a Dottrelltf ' ; denpa. 
ttoDoto; adderetadJierert,adh%ben»t 

adicert, adiung&re, 
DowbylU; duplcxt duplus^ bmuR, 


' In p. P!owm*n, B. v. 109, Anurice «ftya— 

'Thiinne drowe I me Kmon^ dntpem my rZ/mef to leme;* 
that 19, u Prof. Skeat ramArkt, * my primer.* I/otiH is properly a rriunmar, from I><iBatiu 
(lie j;raji)mAri»n. * Doitatiu. AdoDtit, tt compositor iUttuUbri. Doaatiatn. A don&trice : 
aut<tam hertsit' MeiluU*. 'Tli© IXmet into Crirten lEeliy;ioun,' mad 'ITio folew«r tn tlie 
Donet * are'%tloa of two works of Pecook, often quoted in kii JUprtnor- In the Iiitm- 
duclion he mp^ — * Aj the common donet Iterith himsilfe towaru the f^ll kimnyng of 
Lntyn, m> tmii bouke for Ooddiii Ihws : therufuro tbiB booke may bo oonvuoleDUy called 
tlic Donct, or Key to Oit«ton KeH(;k»un.' 

* MS. Do on now: cwrrwicd by A. * Enccnnia. Newe halowyni^ off cherofaU.* 
Mfrdulta. ' Enfifvnia. Renouation ; amonge Che Je«eii the fe-'urte of dedication.' Coopi-r. 
Wyclifj Wnrkt^ ed. Anioltl, U. 105, My* * Encennia in as myeh« u renowin^ in oar 
fip(<cho.* 'Ilie word ii ntill raiained at Oxford. Grtwk f^muVta, from coirot, new. 

* The cily of Durhura. 

* Ainongiit the duttos of iho Manhil of tbo Hnll u givon fn Tlie BoV« of CurUsyv 
(Sloaoe 31S. 198C), pr. in BaU-cs Buku. ud. Furuivall. p. 189. we find ho i« 

' |7u dotun, cortinea to hcnge in fcalle,* 
and in the description of the houM from the Forkingtoa MS. pr. by Mr. Wright ka the 
W&rtonClub, 1855, p. 4, w« Qndr 

'The d*y»en alle of onmiu». The bankers sUe of taffaoat 
The quyaauhyxu alle of rdueU* 
See KlMHaUjnco. 

■ In the Abbey of the Holy Ghont. pr. in Relicr. IHoce* m Prc«e rad Veiw (E. B, Tfxt 
Boo. od. Perry>. p. 50, t 10, w« rend — ' Scrifte sail [make] thi oba)<itIr, Predioneione wU 
make thi fratour. Orocjore nil maku thi chapelle. ContemplAcione sail make Ihi d'/rttmr^ 
Baret givee *A Dortour or ulceping place, a hfil-chambcr, dormitariam* In Mr. Aldia 
Wright'n ed. of De De^ileviUe'e PUi;rimjijfH of the Lyf of the Manbode. p. 160, occurs the 
word Dnrtotrrfrt. that in the ciuperintendent of a dormitoiy. See alnn ihld, p. 193 ; and 
idjo the Myrouro of Our I^ly. ed. Btunt. p. 1 17. ami Intnjtluction, p. xxtiii. 

* ' To doCti, drlinire ; a dottcl, itrliruM* Manip. Voaib. ' Me )>uiich«4 Jw aide mon wole 
dotic' TjJi^auKin, i. 140. In the Pricko of Cuumciuuuo amongtit other nii^iui uf a man'e 
derayiug old age it in said that 

* Hi» mouth alavftni. his ttttho rotea, His wyttos bylesi and be ofle doie** 1. 'J^S' 

The word ahto oooucb in P. Plowman, A. i. 1 19, 

' t'ou dotrM daffe, f{ua)> fabo, duUo are ^ wittff.* 
* A dnter or old doting fbole, a raoer,* Bartit. Sooioh dnit, to be confiusd ; I ' > 

■lunilitT; Ihiich dottn, dtut^ doHrare. dtnperc. * Jtetriiiio. Todotc ; to wa^ 
play the foole.' C'ooimet. See Jamieaon, i. v. Doit, Doytt. ' Ilndnlt. An i<\ i 

doUuK iool. Itadoter. To doU', rave, play tha cokuR, erro gn>rtily In vn ' 

Cotjifrave. * Hu ii an old d<Aard, era iocliaui ; deth han^vtli in his nose^ or h'- 
dore. SitkrntHiKtt' Horman. ' Wlwt t*e deuel lial^ >ou dou,rio/f«^ wrech!* Ailii, i 
iii. 196; see alio ibid, ii 186. iii 135, and Wydif. A'rcftu. txv. 4. 

* 'Why then .... do yon inmike me, vo dotrAU, K\ylng like ohHdren 1 will not_ I 
will. I will, I will not.' Bernard'ii Terence,' ' 
)'atbBmy)t,* AUit, PocniR, ii. 1517. 

1629, p. 433. ' peune \^ dotd on doce dionk 



to Dowbjlltf ; dupiare, duppHcare^ 

hi flare. 
DowVyUr; cZupZaCus, dupUcatas, hi- 

tDowbyl tongod * ; hilinguin, 
tto Do welltf ; bcrtcfaccve. 
A Dowlb; co/umtus, oo/um&a, <;o/tim- 

a Dowfb oote"; colwnhar^ column 

tto Dowke * ; imevjirc. 
ta Dowker; etnerfjat'yr. 
ta Dowle of a whele* ; sttUio. 
Downe ; deorsiaa, tWum. 

tloDowe*; dotare^ tuare (Doiare, 
f«l dotem dare, dfe cetera ; M 
Dewry A.). 

a Dowry ; dos^ dottxtieimn ; do- 

to Dowto; cfinetartj dvhinri, -tare, 
herere, hesare, mussttre, itiiLisitare, 
horrerej tutibaret t'aeWart:-, ver- 
%J mbifjit, d- dubilat, ^ fluctuate 
hr/iiUit^ heret. 

aDowte; AiiJ*itfuiias, dubietat, duht' 
taeio, dubiuui, dubitanda, cunrta, 
et/nr/-acio. Kerw*^ huntaeiOf fistt' 
lacium, JiesitactUa, 

' Sm alio Dabjrllo tongod. 

* AmangBt Ui*; ' cfimotl> ty* off the pftmonnge .... off the beiwfyce off Oxne<l ' we find 
mentiuoeil ' A. tlo^huioie worth a yere xiiij* iiij^.' Puton Lottera, iii. a.^a. And in the 
Will of John Baret, of St. Kdmuiid'a Bury, in liuty Wills. *o. (Camden Soc. p, 14), aw 
iu«Dtianed a ' bcme ftnd duWouti! » form iittemtitiK aa iibowing the pronunciation. 

* PaL^ftavfl gives ' I flouke under the wftter. Je ptottgt tn leans. Hiu booude can 
dottJbe under the water lyke a ducke ;' and Sfaiirwood hu * tu douke. plongtr,^ ' To doiike, 
•nnarc' Muiip. Voc&b. * Mergo, To drown e in water; to deep*;.' Cooper. JAiuiedoo 
bM 'DowkAT, <. A diver. S.G. dokarf, IMg. duycktr.' The participle f/oiti-and oocura 
io the AUitcntive Romance of Alexander, ed. Stevenaoo, 4091. ' Hie mergulus, a 
dokareJ' Wright's Vol. of Vocnb. 253. • Menjo. To diynkfl>li ' Medulla. Witliale 
coeations unciDgst h'w list of water-birds * A Dobohio, or Dutrkw, oar water-hen. W. 
de Bibleeworth, in Wright'e VoL of Vocub. p. 165, Bpeaka of * (a errcet* (a tele) H ty 
ploHnjoitn (a doko, doukore).' 

' HalUwell gire* ' Douh, A nail sharpened at each end : a wooilen pin nr plucf to fatflon 
pLuika with.' In Ducauge we hud 'titetxo. Vox Italica, spina, fertuca, palui : e/jinii, 
pailU, pieii. * From this the meaning would api>ear to 1*0 * W(<oden pine u«e<l to fa-^ttiii the 
parts of the fblloe of a whed together ;' and not, as rendered by Sir F. Mnddua, 
'ioUieB of a wheel.' But in the di^wriptinn of Solomon's Temple we renA in I'lirvey's 
TCIvion, J Kings vii. 33 ■ 'SotlifU t)ia whtvlis weren irche, whiche nianvr wli(.x'ti)i btsn 
wont to be maad in a chare ; and the extrees, and the naae stockiij, and the H|H>k)ii, and 
dtntlu of tho wheelifl, allc thin^HH werun )oii;n :* wbcrs Wyclirs and the other MS8 read 
* felijs.' In the Vulyate the venie runs as follows : ' Tales autem rotas erant, qualae snlent 
In cnrro li«n : et axes earum, et radii, et oanthl, ot modioli, omnia fueilia.* Keokham, in 
hi* description of the several parts of a cart says — 

spokei jauntes feleyca radii dieo radionim 

* in vwdiolo ttptari dthent radii m oaafos inuumiltvndi, quot-um erirfmitate* 

i- rote ortneulftte. 
i.I'i n« dieitntiir, ridtlicrt orl-itr.* De Ufentifihiu, in Wright'n Vol. of Vooab. p. 108. 
I' ii/h< rt>ert in bin liiti-e of Uiuftandry, 1534, fol. B. 4 bk. aays that ' ithotes .... be mado 
of nathaa, [naveii] epokeM^ fullym, and dotrifx,' and in the Howard Hcniaehold Books 
(Kaxb. CIuM. p. 311, we find—* Item for ij hopu to the exiltre, and for Ij dwleffts to tho 
trendoll, viij'". xij*'.' 

* • Doner, To indue, endow, or give adowiy unto.* Cot«r»ve. * Doto. To ^euedowary.* 
Moduli*. In a tractt.<n 'Clcrkw Poisesekracru* (English Works of WycUf. £. E. Text Soo. 
•d. Mathrw. I'p. 1 J3-.0. Wyctif write* 'for >eB skfllis and many mo Jw angel seyd ful soJ« 
whaiine })u cliirohe ffa« dotrid ]mt Jits day is venym schmi into \>c chirohc;* and again, p. 
134. ' prr-etiit \taM doirid Iwn i»o nccupiixl aboute )>e worlde ami ncwe srruyce and Mmg. . . 
ftiny not ftudie and prevhu ^otldiii lawe in wutrc tvcristin peple.* See also p. 191, 'dowid 
wilJi temperal and worldly loidiaohlppis ;' and Exodus xxiL 17, 



«M, avibU/mui qtxod in wnha*, 
^wtesd pfuvtta, dubiiitn quod in 
qiujm partem veutnrttm sit iff- 
n&ramus, htc fst anc^a, c«;{cr]ua, 
diJimus^ ditbitans, duhitafiuus, 
Itesitatiuna, hetitubuudast meticu- 
lojnip.^ verendua. 

Dowtfully; Ambiffuet euxietattm, du- 
/<u?, dubitautcr. 

Sowtles ; vhi with owte dowte. 
D tkute B. 

*I>raf ' ; e^'r/interium, Acinaeium, 

+» Dros * ; A rpax, /iz/jpus, trudet. 

*H Drftgio ' ; dfogetnm. 

•Drogonca ot nedd/fr gTyeae 
(gresBO A,)*; dragimeifi, haxl- 
iisca, hf.rba »ti'j)enlaria vvf "''r- 

a Draghte ; haustnE. 

a J>TtLgon ; dratco, draconOt draconi- 

tft Bragofi hole. 


a Drum me ; dragma. 

a Draper ; jyawnari^tti, (rapttata. 

ta Drapyry ° ; ;>«i*HanMm- 

' Prttffe i»ppe»rn tn liave been » general term for refuM. Colgrmre givea ' ManpfallU 
pour I<« ;?o((rc«iu.T. Bvriliingit, wnnWrn^s, draff, hog^wn*h.' nnd in thft Msnip. Vocah Hniffe 
u tnm'ilftted by ejemmenia. In the Utcr vcreion of WjcUf, >ruin1>erB vi. 4 U tliiw rao- 
dered : *tlt<ii shuIcD not ete wliat euer thing mfty be of the vj ncr, fro * gmpe driR-l til 
t() the dm/.' where the margiaal note is ' lu Ebreu it is. fro the ryu<lc til to the litil 
greyoei tbftt ben in the luydilin of tha gn.yeJ' Otfavr MSS. read : ' Uraf, «thpr CTutin^ 
oul After the pnaring.' Sec ubo Ecclun. xxxiii. 16 and Hoticn iil. T : 'Tlifi byln-tilvn t<> 
ftlyen gAdilts, wnd louen the darttit \dra^4 P. ri'naeJd. Vulg.] that loubth in hem aJiir 
pnuuyng,* In P. Plowmmi, B. z. g, wc> read — 

• Noli mittere, man, marge rye periin 
Aitioujjca ))o^Kea, |«t han nawei at wille, 
pfi don but ilryuole per-on, draff* wenj hem leaere/ 
And Helton in Elinor Ruiurovng, I. 171, snyt 

*Get me n tttaffe The ewyne oato mj drafft* 

80 also in Wrighfn Political Fuctns, it. 84, 

* Irf, Dave, with thi draffe Thon liMt on the gwpel.' 

' Nd mnre nlujl iwich men and wumun come to the loye of panuliiie, that louyn more 
dmfff. nnd dratlm, that ia, laetei and IjkyngEa nf the flmnhn, tint tbejr atncmi? lieni or 
they deye.' Otjftn HomanotHm, p. 569. Jaiuinun gives ' DmfT, t. Grains. Dr»Uy. 0( 
iaft^rior quallij. DrafT-pock. A tack for carrying grains.* In tlie Keeve's lUe Jofaao 
exctatuiv— • I lye a* a draf-anlt in my b©d.' C. Tnlet, 4 J06. 

O. Dtitoh draf. The term U itiU used in Yorkshire for brvwer*« enUn*. and alko more 
generally for wnele matter, from which the food elomeDt hae boon extncted, oi jfifj-drvff, 
the ecrap-food of pigs. 

■ 'That daye dnoheryet he ddtc. and duiibbydo knvghtteA, 

Drcaeei dramuwudei and dratfyt*, and ilrawi>ne vjw iiumy^.* 

Morte Arihqre. ed. Bmk. Jt6i4. 
' A dr«g to draw things out of a well or like pUce, Uarj^atjo,' Baret. * Lupm. An hi>ik« 
io drHwt* Uitn|;« nut of a pitto.' Coiiprr. 

" lu Liber AlbuB. p. 58S, wd finUanortlcr — 'Item, qfnul neTendegmecriA, ne effpiofr^, 
poudrm, dra'jtffK, confiture*i. iiauirca chi»w, f«ra jjor le livres qi continent »v.unt>s-,' 
* A dnffv of tlie yoIkcB of luinJe oyrun.' Ord. and ^^?gul. p. 454. Palnymve ban • CVmr- 
way«, •mall cnnfftt«, rfrot/re." an^l Cotgravc 'Dmyrt.f. Anyjink^ta, comftta or -wwt 
■ueata, ien'ed in at the last ooune (or otherwiae) for itLnniackiNclaitere, fJntffevir. A 

• * Drawntinm. Drngon wort or dragena,' Cooper. Cogan, Hawn 'f '* '' '' 
7ii rroomiuendj the use of I'rn^H'it as a spcoiBo for thir phkj^ue. Qiti 

England, it 34. My* Uiat tliL- vUng of an Mdor brio^ death, 'except tin. .j 

(in L«ttno oaUed Dramnnilus minor) be vpeedilie ininistrcd and drank': in ttron^ ale/ 

• Cooper define* panuarium tie a ' puntrie.' but here the meariii j; app(.-kri> fo hr a 
draper** ihop. In i^r Kfrumbrv, ). .f4f 7. it means fliinply dotli ; ' Of drttin- 

grei fuynouu. And wttlleli ^•ur-wyp to Agrvmouu. to |>* Aitijral of Jiin land. 
m a wh a n i wi)» )ur grot paokes of dmjterU.' Karly £ng. Poems, ed. Famivall, p 13 1 



+» Drawe of nowte (A Draflfe of 
Nowt6 A.)^; Anneuttiiu^ -tari- 
win, 'tanolum, 

toBniwe; traheire,at-fenxi-.trtwmre^ 
at-, eon-, dtthtrere, fftlraftere, w* 
htire, f '»n-, ad-, *•. re-, vfcturVy cm-. 

to Draw to ; illicer«, atlpctarv, attra- 
htm, attractaref aduahere, addu- 

tto Draw outta*; 9QrUr^^ eontortiri. 

-fto Draw a achlpo ' ; rtmultare (rt- 
mulcan A.). 

a Drawe brigs ; pQn$tfaclieu8 {ponS' 
/racticitv A.). 

to i>raw« on longe or on lenght * ; 
erwtinare, pnu, lotiffare, ifijfei're, 
ftrote/are, prorotjai-A, proira/iere^ 
proUntirre ; ver4un : 
^iPi'i^roffo, proft'lo, proerrutino, 
»Hnt nolti gfinsua 
EiutiUm : inins hijt prohnffo 

to Draw oute or vp ; edueove^ dieere^ 
extv^iKr^, euagitutre, nuelUre, ex- 
ctrjtere, rxiuiere, velfere, rf-, e-, 
eoa-, wUicare, cradieare^ fxptari' 
/OfS, GXiirpare. 

tto Draw vp hares ; exfilare^ rf«- 

to Draws watn* ; A tuUarif ex-, Aot^ 

rir», ex-. 
a Drawer ; vector. 
a Drawyng*^ ; haustas, hanrilorius 

fa Drawynge whale (qweyll* A.) *; 

A ncfa. 
*Drake or damyll^ (Drawle or dar-- 

noU«A.)'; zizatmia. 
A Dreffyll*'. 
to Drede ; coatrcnwre, exjxiture, ex- 

pausteen ; tTrxufl : 
^horrtOt formido, metuo, Itmeo 
qae treme^eo {itmeseo A.), 
I5i trttmo, cum }>atif.o, trejiidOf 

fntuidof/ue fMitust^o. 
p/im't/ire, turijrrK, mreri, 
a Drede ; formido, horror, »itf/U6 r»- 

Ugiotiis est, pawtr </iuitur tnot^s 

iucerlus, tivior, trentor. 
DrefiiUe ; Attonitas, amhiyuiiB, du- 

bius, formidolosus Aomtiit /«r- 

tinet, formidhwgus jtertinet fvco, 

/ormidol%t9, meiiculosuB, nutiiftn- 

<2uB, Umorattis, timorosuSf trenw- 

' A team nf oxen. JnmieRon has * Dravo, «. A droTs of cfttUe.' A . S. driif, a iIrot*e. 
vad nfat, hnm'*d cattle. ' Armfniarium. A flmvo nf reeL' Medulla. 'Hoc armeatvvi ; 
adrt'ftfl ' \Vrit(hi'B Vol. of Vooab- p 179. Comj>*« Nowlhyrde, below. 

• In tbe f'ireta Homanorum, p. 35. 1. 4, wo roaJ, ' t'crloro. Serw, tat vg dratee eu/. and 

drawe nut UU yen on wbiim tbe cut wol falle And )>oi c/roMv cut ,- and it foU« 

vpoD bitn }>st jnfe tbe coruwil,* la drawiog Into a naiober of strawM were held by soma 
one of tbe ctnnpany 1 tbi* otbers <trew one apiece, and ih*t lot wax cuiHidt^red to bavo fnllon 
on hiui wlio draw the ttliorteiit, i- e. tbe oue rut sburt : rf Welitb crlati, to Kborlrn: acta, 
nhort; cirtiD, u. lot. Tba Frencb practice was that tbt* Int whoiild fall on him who drew 
tbe I'mf;r-*t ; lience their plimse, * (I'rw h lon'jut pailie." Pmf Sk-at's note to Chaucer, 
PardonerH Tale. 793. Spo al-to T'rologuf , S35, 8.i8, A S45 ' To draw cuts or lote. iortior.' 
Oonldmaa. ' Dra*-* cutte or Inttea. Sortio. Moiiior' Huloet. 

' * RetKalto, Ablatiu^ est. mde Siibraer8.-im naaun rrmiilco r«ijuc«re, G«ssr, &o. . « « ■ 
By tvdinc cables about an whnU* Atid ei'imde ship, to di-awo rp a ibip that is broken and 
innke. Hfi»ulrm. A litUt^ bo(tt« or bar^ Acniing to drawc, rir to tiula«lc i^at veamtla. 
Hemnlm. T" draw with an o^htr ve-s-fll a K"*^* nhippo that i« vnwiMie.* Cooper. ' Re- 
miiltiim. fitniii, quo uanA tielujnia IxthUur lic-e remi ; uu>1r Ifrmullaft. nanm traA€re, 9(1 
«/(..',vi ii.';niiUe trah<rt.' Dncnnjie. * /EcfnidL^M, toh-lin£.* Wri^jUt'a Vol. of Vocab. p. S?- 

'n Ij-te : eorroctoii from A. 

-I. A pooiiipo. or lyke thinff to draw up water.' Cooper. ■ Andta. A whcle off 
a drauth wuUo.' MnluUa. .^e al»o Wliele of a draire whele. 

* 8(m: aJ«o Cokylle, and DarneUo. nltove. ■ DnwUo or Danielt wliicb caii'M^itli giddi- 
r ■ ■ "' '. m\, as If 'M»B vcktk dninfcpn Lntimn.'' \Vitb.\l*, In the Hup|ilemeDl to 

ric's tllfim, pr. io Wn^Iit**i Vol. of V(n-ab. p. 55. zisnnux \» gluMcd bjT 

I- . .u« by ' b<jferi.* which \* generally iuppoaed to be raaemary. 

' Fertiap* the aamo aa ' Drifile. A driialiDg miii.' jamieaon. 



BUS, prntidu9 qui assidiia timet, 
pttueas qni ud (em/jus timet, Irfjti- 
dujf, (eiT»Vyi7i>, terriOulosuSfVcttn- 
(fu8, 4ttuj/idaB, iimidus, toruHB, 
id Oregbaly ^ ; AqualiculuA, porei «Bt 

t/Tcce, muria olet est, 

B Dreme ; oracuium, A>mj)ntum, vi- 

to Dreme ; ttompniam, 

aDremer; SQ^npniator, 

to Dresse ; por}'vj[ftr}e^ jntendere / 
vt ill« jntendit (iH[ifn]«m jmuni ; 
jixtemare, dirignre, -tor \ -tiiar, (fc 
cetera verhidia. 

a Bryssyng^ knyffo * ; «;xiia, /arcu- 
^ It urn. 

Dressouro '. 

to Dry; A rifacere^ ticearCt ex-, kau- 

to be or wex Dry; Arerey ftr-, oTMcer*^ 

fir-, Tnorrara, «-. 
Dry; ^n'lius, aiccus, tna«jfUoras,aKfo*» 

Te^ arcrrw gr&ie, 
ta Dry orth ; Arida. 
fA Dryfte of enawo. (A.), 
ta Dry feste (Dryfiaat A,)"; xcro- 

aDrynes; Aridilas, &xcfita9. 
a Dryiike ; jmcio, pocuhtm. jMlaB. 
to Drynke ; bibms, con-, jtolarif con-, 
e-, luturire ; vernia : 
^Poto, do jmtum; poto, tUtM 
m'lchi jMCnm. 
Cniicare ; bihit qu-i aUquid r**- 
ii-nquit, ebiHi qui toium hibit. 
hibimna ex nee^nUUe, Pnta- 
moa ex voluntaU, Sobibera 
est aeortum hihere, 
tto yif a Drynke ; poture^ poeuXare, 
^tocionarCt im-. 

' * Aij%talifuIuM, VentrieuluM, ird propria poreorwn pinffvedo luper Hnhiliettin* Ducui^. 
'Vetttricuhut. The atoniiuke. AqMalicuUu. A parte of tlia belly; a iMkasche.* Cooper. 
B&rct jUw bu 'ft Pfttiub. Jtitmnt Aguaitcttlut. A pftncti, or gurliellie guta. m tunlieUie. 
Ve*ftro9H*, vrntriei)««4.* * A^uaticutu* : ventrictdasporci,* Modulln. PerbHj* the tui>ftnmg 
here Ubha dish 'hftpgii.' Tbo Ortus Vocubulorumgivoi ' 9fiMMU. i<> tnpav<lpoitricnfii4 
qui tvntinei alia ruecra. A ti7{>o. or n podjrngc. or n wesnunt, or bi^ggfa :* And Cotgrara 
luu ' Oogue. A iheepei pnuncb, and thence a bnggu nude of ifood oerbes, cbopt UH, 
BpicNKi, eggs, ftnd cheese, the wbloh incorpoTiitod and moiHteDod with tbe wanne blood of 
tho (new-killed) beast, nre put into her pauxich. and ftuditc-a with other meal.' Withala 
eays ' JUn vort^rrum bona trrin/. m/da rrlujtiarum. 'Vhc intralii of Hnggoii are igood (I tUlnka 
be meaneto that which tree oomaioaly <:^ Hufj^^s-Hiualet).' See Hagaa. hvlovr. 

* ' VrtggU and ilr&Se ' are inenttontMi in P. Plowman, B. x\x. 397. ' Mnrin, The oaerent 
droHt off ojrie. Ptx. Dreetjra. Amurca. Drntysoffoyle.' Medulla. ' Tbe drcgffcs or droit 
of wine. Faea. ertutamenta.' WitbaU. 0. Icel. Hrtqg. • MS. foe 

' ' ilec m€Haiicula, a dreaijTig-knyfe.' John de Qanande in Wrifibt'i Vol. of Vocab. J5(f» 
*A dreaByn-knyrttonl. Scamdlua :^ ibUi. p. 300. Sir J. FMttolf'ft kttcbini, according to 
tbe Inventory taken in 1459, ooulaiued 'j dretsffnif Jntyfe, j fyrv iK-howlc, ij Irtrvu. j fltrcynour. 
Ac' pAMlon LetUini. i. 490, Again ibid. iii. 466, in DAme Kli?,. lirownft'* Will are men- 
tioned * u\ drtstivg lenjifif$, ij lechyni^ knyfy*. ij cboppyng knyfyK.' * A drvwlii^r kniTe. 
CuJUr diirreortM rel pouinarim.' Wittuvts. Honnangiree: * Tbe dreasjnge koyfe iaduUe. 
Caller popinnrin* ftfhU. See aUo SirajrHKO koyfe. 

* See DiAobe b«nke, ahovo. ' [)rertsi<iure or bourde wbempon the oooke letteth forth 
2^ diiiliee in order. Ahaj^.' HulucU * Drtaar where melo ii lerved at.' Pala((rave. * A 
divuing boonte. Tabulu cuiinaria,* Withala. *Ai drata^r aUo be itiAUe ■toode.* liooh 
tff Curtatye, 557. 

* Tbe pbUn diet adopteil by men in tndning. * X^rttphagiot Or. (ifpoipayia, Aridu* 
Tiotni, rvrida cnnKstto. Gloiw. Lat, Gall. Snogemi. Xomrn^a, triche cumma-tnm, Hito 
ttnm athlctin nd rohur corporia, tarn Ohrutiank ad vivendi auhrirUtrm et i-:idiinion{am In 

nn full. Torlull. de JtrjunJi« onp. i : **.\jyuont nosqu. ' v ^ - . \ ... 1 

•iooMitcd cibum ah omni carne. et omni junilentin, ot u\ . 

cap. ult. : "Sayiuciitur pugik-a ct pyctiB Olympici : illi^ j . ', , - . 

et vlrea nec»iwin».', ot tamen iUi qiioqiie Xeropha^iM invRkscuni.' ' liucnnge. * Xer%^^ 
phfu/ia. Dr7 met«.* filedoUa. XrrifpAuyus ib will be wen ia u*ed hereafter for Frot* 



A Drynkier ; bibax, &t6to, hUH>, bibu- 


fa Dtyster * ; difsiceator ds •4rvc, & 

cfltera a vcrUtt, 
•to Ihyta (Drytt A.)'; cacare, tgt- 

to Drywo (Dryffb A.) ; Aff^re^ 

Aijitarey t/uctTa, «-, /wjara^ 

fiiinart^ impeilere vi verUuB in- 

peliit nawnn. 
to I>iTwe (Dryffe A.) away; AU- 

a Drywer; A'tttatort minaior, & 

Cftera a verbis, 
tft Drywer (Dryfer A.) of nawte '; 

A bactor, A mieuUtriu«. 
m Dromydary * ; dr&inedus, drome' 

dariuB est ctittos dromedoram d: 
p(mit\ir ;jro ijj^o ammaU. 

ta Dron« * ; A aUus, fucus. 

ft I>rop«; ffitUa eal gvauioris Aw- 
Wifti* ui vielliH ; guUtila At 
t/iiutnutiuum, guUosuR /jar/ici- 
pium ; atiUa cut UiiiorU ut 
aque : vel dk'xtur gulta dntn 
pendet vel stat^ ttiila cuva 
t'lla cadit ; stUUcUHum, mito$, 

tfroni Drope to drope"; giUtatim, 

to Droppe ; $UUar^ dis-y guUare, 

I>e Dropeye ; idrojtia ; jdroj>u;u& yui 

fxxtit-wr iujinnitatem. 

' 'Drvpter. (i) The person who hju the charge of turaiog and drying tht gnia in a 
Icila. (3) Oou whose bui<inoi»itu to <if-y doth at a blench-^ld/ J*mic«oa. 

* *To dn-te, for [or] shyte. Caeart: Manip. VocAb. lu Havelok, ed. SkMt. L 683, 
Godvd Addrewes Grim oa * fule drit cherl 

Go bc})OQ ; and be eucre-moro t?ra1 and cherl, als ^a er wore.' 

In the Gloimr7 to Havelok. the follu^ini; instance ii given of thia word, fram aa aaaeat 
mctriokl Invectire a^inat Gruoiuti uid Pages, written about 1310, 

'Than be )eue heio cattas dryi to huere oanpnnafi^ 
3et hjm ihulde arewen of the ururage.^ MS. ilarL 2253, leaf uj. 
Is P. Plowman, A. vii. 178, we ruAd — 

' An hep of Hunnytct* bcntem boom opadai. 
And doltion Aril and ilong», to datia hanger oate.* 
Bee abo WycUf, S^^lect Wurks, E. E. Text Sue. ed. Mathews, p. 166, where. inveiL'bing 
a^imfiut tlie abuMe amongst tho priests, ho says — ' pel siU^'n in manere ya spiiitiial lif of 
oistu apcvtilis and dufcipUa for a liuil drit and wunibe lok ;' a pbnum woicb, slightly 
altoredj appoara also at the IamI lino of the same pag«, 'BiUyngQ beni nuusia & if% 
aacmneat vi cristis body fur wurldly ntvk & wombe iulo.' See alito Uiid. pp. ]6C and 182. 
O. Icel. dryta. 
' Sco a Drawe of nowte- 

• • A DrumbtMlarie. J/romedariii*, Blrphnt, Sfephnntu*.' Withals. In the linmanoe of 
Sir Fenimbnu, BaUn when Bending a uieeseujiier to Mantrible to worn the Bridge-warden 
of tlM escap« of Richard of Normandy, * C'le|x>i]« til liym Mutyugras, )»at was ys Meamger, 
And audo tu hym, "beo wys and unci, And tali )•» dromudarye jnt gi>|) wel AiidgTay)« 
)• on )»y ger."' '' 1. 3815. 

* Quyk was dun his ODonaaile ; I>romedaries, aaseo. and oxen.' 

And charged oUbna and camailea. A'lno wl'iMun^r, c<l. Weber, 3407. 

* Dronuniarye, a beast not vulike a Cauel, besides that ho hath .ii. Utwncbes on hb backe 
and ia VKryts swyfto, and can abst^yne fmm drinckinge thre daye* when he worketh. 
Xiramtdiiritta, Vrumfda, wht-rcoftho one in the male, Uie othtr the feiuale.' Huloet. 

• In Kicn;*.' tho I'lim^lmiairH Crwie (ed. Skwvt), I. 736, we read — 
' .\ud right 00 diufice doth n«ught l^ut dryiiketh up tbo huny.' 

[oloet tn^yii ' i>rant) or durra, whyxdiu is the vnproiitable bee banyngo no stynge : 
?«pAr*ei, JHCW, enuin taki; it to be a wiupc. or dume bee, or humble be«.' * Dnine or 
luiblo \»M, U/unlon.' PaUgmve. ' Drane Lee,/uc«».' Mauip.Vocab. *Jiourdon. Adrone 
dofT»-boc.' CotgTTiTo. A. S. (/rail, drtPu. 

* ' Qaiuuim. Druitelyn." Medulla. Harrison, ix. 58. usvs 'drvpueales,* cue of a 
nnmeruutf daai of auvurbs compounded with A.S. tRif/, a bit, portion, of which pUccmtal 
atone survives. 



to niuko Drovy ; turitare. 

to Drowno ; mcrtferv, com-, rf«-, e-, 

di-, im-j meirare, ?Her«/are. 
Dronkyn ; ebrius^ ad diem muUura 

bibisse figiisU ebrim-uB, ei aaitjHsv 

bibcre giffuaX temu/^ntas. 
tto be Dronkyn ; rf«/Aitare, madcrtji 

per-, re-, madescvtc, nuidr/io, j>er-, 

tto make Dronkyn ; d4^rriare, «6W- 

arVy inebriars. 
a DronkynnoB ; bibaciitUf ebrielast 


D Anil V. 
Dubylltf; frtnus, &inari'irjT, hipl€X,du' 

^/ftCj j;i*inmu8, bifarius. 
to DubylL» ; b\nuit% 6imire, dupfarCt 

duplicarCt getninartij cou-, ♦»-. 

fa Dubylues ; bijtKcittu. dupitctttu, 
HubyUetonged ; .4r/(6(7o9utL8, 6i/a- 

n"«jr, blUtufuig. 
tPubyUe-jatea * ; bifores. 
*u Dublar ' ; dualist A cetera j vbt 

a dische. 
A Dublet * ; dt/ffoit. 
tft Duchery ; ducatil3> 
uDuohes; duciaOt duciUa ffiminu* 

Doghty ' ; vhi worthy, 
u Duke ; dux ; versus : 

%Jiio duic (wt miUsy Ale Aec dwi 
sit t\{ii ductor, 
aDukke; Anatt amitinna,anati7iuUst 

id «st |>u//u8 anatis ; AnatinuA. 
DuUe ; «6«, o&/u«ue. 
to be 0uUo; tuiniiiarej eb^eteUsoen, 


' In ihe Pricke of Conscieooe, 1^43, we read in the TH-ui<ii. MS. 348 — 

' Nuw i» weilir brjrght and Mchuiuude Nuw ia dyiu drouftelotuU ;' 

ftod in Paatnu iii. a — 

' Luwrd, how fele-foMed are \n{, put Hrore me, to do me wa.* 

' par fiuire cities wem set, nov ii & sm c&lled, 
pat ay iit druuy and dyiit. & <loU in bit kynd<^.* 

Early Kn^. Allit. Poeitii, td. Morrb. I. I0l5. 
Cbuiton. Dtfcr. of Enijlnnd, I480, p. 14, vjieaka of Uie water uf a tiutli m ' trobl[/ nnd iiourar 
of Muoar.' Maunilf vUle, in iJieBcnbinff viiHour melhtMlB of testing tlie purity of tMUm, nay*. 
* Put a dropc in clerc watni. in a cuppo of tylv<ir, or in » dure b^cyn. aiid itcre it we\ with 
tbe rlere watni ; nnd pf tlie hawtne be fyn and of bin onua kyndo. the walre Hdiallu D<;uoro 
trxmble ; and )if tbe bawm« b«>ophiflticatc, tb»t 10 t-j seyniscountrefttcd. tbe wAlirBcliatla 
becomo anon troiihk.' In Lontflicb's liialory of the Holy Orail, E. E. Text Soc. ed. 
Fumivoll, xxjiix. 33]. the utnth dcdocndnDl uf Nuvifan U likcnod in )d« vLtion to 
* A flood that in bc^^nnen^,' woa Troulle and thikko in every pliti.' 

Se« »l»o U. 343, 353 and 537, and xTui. 95. Batnpule, P. of t^.nfcriencc, 1318, sayi — 
* Anjp-oi monii lyf otenstti, and provea. And w«ltb<B hit lif tmhU» and </rul^c■:* 
and ha also u»t» tho wonl dtovyng, tribulatiftn. Uiitcb drtttf, droert, tr(>uh\ed ; rf nviva, 
to IrouUf, (tiittiirb. Sow Skcit'a MoraoGotbic Diet. :v. Drohjitn. ' Tnrt>iJiui. IVubly Of 
thrrkfi.' Afedulia. ' TuiQHillcr. To tr<.'iibie. or make foul, by nHrriiig.' r^otu'iavw. Tbo 
word ■till uurvivcB in the Korth. Wyclif, Sfle^i n'orts, U- 333. nay* ; • }« wynd of Utiddb 
laws shuMe b« cloc-r, for ttirhUurs io ^'19 wyndo niiiU neediA tarhU menniM lyf :' and agan 
i. if^ninilu wi> nianiiij bwc }»at u (fuAiy wattfr/ 

* The MeduUa ^St. John't MS.) expUiua bt/on» by *a trelia wyndow*/ and M& Elari. 
3270, by 'duble wyket.' 

' * A dyieh* o}wf a ditliUf J>aC dry^tyn onftj Kcrucd.* E. Knsf. AlUt. Pi>em*, cd. Morrti^ U, 
1146. See al*o ihid. ii. H^q. InP/Plowraan, B, Talt, xiii. So, we read - 

' And wiwheil witt*Tly ^^ ''' ■■ " ':tl eyre. Were iiioltvu Laad in biji nuw.* 

put di-iihut & doblert* d(-otour. 

lUy giie* ■ JhuUer, a i>Un " . bo railed also in the SowlJL' Toiidiimon (in Ray) 

my — • A VulUr ur Dmiblcr, a diiih ;" mid Lloyi) (»Im» in Ray) Bav*— ' Otrtilrr in CaiOi"' 
guuhire tdijinUies tim «ainc.* The Kreitcb JoublUr nit^ant (1) ft cloth or rapktfi ; (J) a 
pufMj or bag ; (3) a pbttler. &« BotiueforL Jaiuieooti tuw 'Diblor. A large wwdim 

* • tJijH,ti4 [nad DifloUy A doUU.* MsOuIU. * A.S. X>oA/iV. 



to make DuUe ; fhetortt ohtwulere. 

ft Dullnee ; tUtudo^ dtcJiuitas. 

Dumma ; fTiu£ue>, flinr/uafxis sine 
linrjua esi^ etinrptis h&het lin*j%uiiii 
Met etas caret vau. 

to be Duma; A/ufer$jmut«4CQ\ejmu- 
tirf^ He- oh-. (A.) 

I>umme ; vbi dom. 

tDurme * ; vbi a duke. 

■fto make Dumme ; cUtvjuvre. 

DuDgo ; ritder, tf* Cfttmi ; vhi muk. 

a Diinoko (Diuie not A.) ' ; curttca^ 
Auia <jue duc'U euoutuiit, linauM 
idem secaiidavi tfuo^am. 

ft !Dure (Duyr A.) ; hosiium, d: cet- 
era ; rbi a jute. 

tfrum Dure to Duroj hosliatim. 

H Duaone ; duodena. 
*a Duaelle'; c/ipttrdra (A.), 
a Duate ; jjw/uor vel -in ; jnUwriml 

a Dwnrgha * ; tantitluB. 

to Dwollfl ; cofere, ac-t »n-, hahitai% 

in-, her^rc, in-. nufwr&, ;*r-, 

mansare, nuinsitaro, morari,com- 

morari, conwcMdW. 
a Dweller ; Accahi, Jn^^ola. 
a Dwellyng^ ; ciUt\\9. hahitncU.jnco- 

iatuB, vian/no, mantilla, numsi' 

vncula; T/«in«on'>nM*. 
a ]>weUyBKe place ; vhi a mauer (trbt 

Piuce A,). 

CujnfWfun 6°i B. 

Y B ULtt B. 
to e bbo ; fvjlutre, redundare, 
an ISbliyngs'; rr^ujus, malina. 

TE anJitfO, 
t|>e Eclypse (EcUpifl A.); eclipsig, 

* Bairtfion, Dncr. fitjr. n. 1 3, menliunn omuRCvt other waterfowl. Uie ifun&Jnl, which n 
perliapa what is here intoii'Ietl.aiid may puMibly uetheDuiiUD, Trhtga vutijaru,n. speoleaof 
m&tlpiper. Thogoouoiler. Mer-jua OKnjam€r,i» alwo known u the Duu -diver, aadaNorUi 
Amcricftn ipedea of duok still KUinii the nmmti of Dunbtrd. 

' Cotf^vt! t^vm t, V. Martj ' JUari corn. An hedge-»p«rrow, Dibe-imowler, DuDiiecker : 
eall0(] 10 becmoae she hAtcbee auid feodo the cuokues yonng one*. eet«eintng them bc^r own.* 
Cooper oxpluus Cumieca u 'the birde that bntcboUi the cuckowes cgges; atiUyng' 
Duuiuick, h-om (/un, the colour, lu* rurfrfm?^- — re«)broMt, from rtd. HMriaon, D«$eript. iff 
^Mitg.n. 17. meiitiuiuamoogDt thebinlsuf En^rtaud the 'd*inoch or redMjhri.* WithaUgivei 
~*iinuN;kfl, or Hodge-sporrow, whioh bringuth u|> the CuckoeV birdes in Bteade of her owne. 
Ciirrucd.* • Hcc lon^n. Anj^h'ce, donek.' Wright'* Vol. of Vocab. p. J5 a. 

* The faucet uf a bjurel. In KoUxt nf Glouoevtcr wa reftd, ' HU carte aw« the doniU 
)>at will orii abruJ.' p. 54J. It is alyo uwil in the Xorlh for ' a plug, a ruee at the eiid of 
a water pipe, or a wisp of irtraw or hay to atop up an aperture In a bam.' See Mr. F. K. 
Bobinson'i Whitby Glosaary. Thus iu Trralon of the Seuya Sagea in MS. Cantab. Ff. ii. 
36, leaf 1,^^, quoted by HalliwcU, wo have— 

' And when be had made holtim bo fell Aad stoppyd every oon of them with a doteVe.^ 
* Ia]irimli, n boly water tynncll of silver and gylte, and a diu*h<i to the same, iQver and 
(fjrlte." Inventory of Plato of Worwato- I'l-iorj. in Ciu-enc'i Hist, of Waicett«r, Tol. ii- p. 
V. appcniiix. * A di>sylle ; kic duceituir.' Wri^ht'ii Vol. of Vocab, p. 1^8. StM alau 
BpxKOtt. ' Cltpaiiim. A tappe or a KpyKot.* Medulla. 

* A.^. dtetonj, diHorh. ' 7(inrif/uj. A dwerwh.' Medulla. * Ja xty €^ir un p€t}f ntfm 
(a dwftn*, dweruf).' W. de IliUcMworth. in Wrighl'a VoL of Vocab. p. 167. *A dwtr^ 
jcnIl- (>{i the tother Hyde.* YwHint: ft. Gawin, 2^90. 

' • M'dinit. iI«Mi-S(xI.' Wri^'lii'^ VoL of Vocfiti, p. 57. ' JfaliW. Ooeani tncrwinanltim. 
lude urlii Mnclilinaiini in I'Titliaut-ia, ()uaui vetcrt's aliquut scripttiree efc Galli MaUnat 
vocaiit, nuuiiiti inditiiii) (|i]i>laii) iirbitnntur: Quaai Man* tineam. to y*M>U aceatui rv 
euawj^Nti tiMtitiiHi hit tttttio fit. in(|U)t tVni. Vatt Gtatei In Hi»t, eacr, «l prof, archiep, 
''Mev-hlirt, Unn. 1 p. i.* Carpeotier'a Supp. to Ducaag*. *I ebbe. a* the et-o dotlw. Jt 
rt/attt. It bcgyDn«th to ebbe, lettc u« gu bonco betyuw.' Fak^^ve. 



1 E UL/e T. 
Efter (Eft or An o)^r tyme A.) ; 
Alias, ddnUgro, ilevum^ denuo, 
dtnouo, rursus, nt/raunXi «ot'UQ<io. 

T B Ante Q. 
Bu Ege (IBgge A.) ' ; Acies, acumen, 
au Eg (Egge A.) ; ouum, ouiculum, 
ouuJnm ; versos : 
%JCst vilu ouis q[ut now valet 
tribxxvi ouis. 
+8n Eg0 sohell« ; jmlanum*, 
an Eghe ' ; ocu/ub, fa/r/tus \ octf.iu», 
pupiUa, Acies eJit visus ocuU ; 
(versus : 
%Eit Aa.€Js hdli, cuitdii, visus 
ocelli A.). 
tone Sghyd ; monoculnBt monotal- 

//I us *. 
anEghdlyd; ciVium, pdlpehra, pal- 


an £g7lU ; aqniJa ; aquilMvaa ; ver- 

sua : 
^Stint aqviU doeumeata tihi 
preclara, docet U 
£ttx aujum ^a sia hgt reffen- 
d\is homo. 

To$ alii kio Aui* eceaminat 

aittra vtdatu, 
VU-itat d; vim, lcng\U4 t7wi 

£stu tui judex, viuas sublimi- 

ter, esto 
ProuidiU (C* laudtt o/i^is Aut'iU 

Tictu tuhliTnit, vi*« Siibtilis^ 

Exetnplia a^uiU roe «rtV t^iM 
tEglpta (EgyppA.); etjipta^; effip- 

EgrymoD ; Agrimoma (A.). 

tto Eke ; vH to hepe, 
aoEkname^; Agrunneii, ^icitur a 

specie vel acetone, affnominae'io. 
tan Ekar; A uctor, AugmeatatOTt -trix. 
ton Ekyngd * ; adajifftna, au^meu- 

(um, auccioj autpneHtadf^ 
fEkyngc of a worde. 

B an/e £i. 
an Blbowe ; Uictrrixx^. 
tAu Eland'; Uediampnitf m^di- 

amjma (A.). 

' In the Inventory of the goods of Sir J. Faitolfe, T4f;9, FiutoQ Letters, ed. OAmlner, 
i. 46S, we find ' Item, vj boUeH niib oon coverecle of tiilvor, the etjffa gilt ;' and in tlia 
FroUigud U} the ToJu of Beryu, 587, tb« PuOonor in the dork ruiu ikgainit a pan when 
'The Cf/ffe of the panne met with his shyn And karf a-two a vej-ii, •& the nexie STii.* 

' ' J'utamcn. A shale ; a pjiryiigo,' Cooper. ' Putamm. A »hcll, {lariug, the rind, 
cap.' Cole*. * He fondiih to creope ageyn la to the ai/»c/i<Ue.' K. Aluanndrr, ,^76. 

* ' t>at night he nl ae with ffeany ^he With {tayn of d&Hc ^ac he mo^te drcghe.* 
A.S. titge, U. Icel. auffa. Piicka of Cuiuclenco, 1134. 

* B«praMnting apparently the Oreok AjvAiX/mi and /i^ifi^OaXfiot re^peoCiTely. 

' 'Agnomhto. Tu calle nekcnnmH, Jf/nfmnt, anekeoame, or aminuxQe.' MednUa. Tho 
wonl oocun in tho Handling Synne. etl. KumivalU 1531, 'jetie)! a man a vyle ekfntinu^ 
Bee P. Nekeiuune. A. S. coca, an adtUtion, incmaMi. IceL auka'tuffttt a uckuame. 

' 'Attff*o. To morvn. AuffmentHnu An ekyng ' Medulla. 

* Jiff pu tutewt twijjeii an pu finndewt, batt a wunnderr be. 

And elr*st itt till fnwwre, pt> fiille tale offwie.' Onntiliim.ll. 16351-5. 

* He a^htd lua folk with mikul on an.* Early Eug. Paaltur, civ. 14. A.D. 1315 
* I etchu, i increaai? a thynge. Je autptuttit, I eke, I increaae or augment. My guwue hi to 
■burlv for toe. but I wyU fX« it,* Palagmve. 

'' 'Etttimd, an iidaad.' Craven OlMsary. ' Mtdiampnit «t lUalutmpna est inml* In 
medio unpuii vvl a<]ue dulois.' Onus. Loland oonRtanlly nttoi iVf^/mmni? in the Mvn«e of 
an ialand, thuii we fre<juMiUy ti»<i Miich «(>n(orice« as, *it dtandeth n» a .\ffHrtmnit yn ihi 
Poole/ JUntrary, cd. Hefinic!. vii. 2*,. F-tr tlie plural he imca tlio Lutiii furm. as, ' the 
riror of Taua maketh two MtdinmHa butwUt Taiuworth Towne and Hopvaia Bridgv.* 
Jlinenuy, riiL 1 1 5. 



iIMb * ; senectOf tfen«c/ua, Mntnin, 

annontaatanti^uilaa,etaaf e(acuta, 

tongmUtoi, vetuatajij auita* ; vcr- 

nx» : 

KEuum die totuiUt pars tefnporis 

dkiiur «(ag* 

*ftD Eldfadfr"; $ocer (socrua uaN>r 
eitiB A.); tocerinua jaarcicipi- 

*&Q BLdmoder ; socrtu. 

ftQ Xna (Byle A.); Anguilla; AnguU- 

tbU £le b6d ; AnguilJarium. 

an Blefkimte'; elijthast tUpfiaru/ 

el iphanti tins, eltiii/tantan. 
•an Elfe* ; /amfa,0ri»hfnf Jt.</icta ^6tfU| 

Q'lW eHt 6<»uuni, ct fn«Tt«, def^xtn&. 
t£Ue limde. 
^c £leme»t€ ; ehiM\itu\\\\ elemenUjr- 

Slles: Alias, AHoquin. 
EUeuen ; vndecim; vTuUciniMBfimden- 

us, vndetMnus, vndec^s. 
fan Elleuen eythes ; vnd^rieg. 
'aJJ Bllyrtro'^; Ahi\ia; alnicetum est 

locua vhi cracuut. 

* ^« primuy tueanitig of elde fa «ge simply, as in 1a)iitiioq. 7591 3, 

' Aelde biofd* htta lu mara Buten Gbterie yerv.' 

ConpATC ' AJl be he ooair m young off eitd.' BArbour'a Druc«, xij. 51} ; uu) a^in >Md. 
XX. 43, where we rend how Robert'iioo David, who wubut6vc yean of Ago, was betrottied 
to Joan of the Tower ' that than of eild had «evin )er.* Cf. Loiielicli'i Holy Orail, xxii. 
iiS, 'So 6ne a child & of so ]ODg eide.' But sufaeequently theword waa reslrictvd tu the 
•enie of 4tid age, a* in ' And if I now begyne Iq U> myne rid.' Lancelot of the Lalt, ed. 
Sktat, 3235. and in the MilU'r'b Tale, C. T. 3329, where we are told 

* Men Rchnlde wetl<ie aftir liore .letAnt, Fur eeid and youtbe ben often at dehaat.* 
A. S. mfd, atd. Compare Eueneldea. 

' UiedinbothBeiueiior^r<iN(//(i//i<i'and/af/i«r-Jn-/atr.' weJAmiefloa Rat in hti Glossary 
of Korth C'juntry Wordagivoi * Elmoiher. a itepmother. Cumberland.' In Darbour't Brnee, 
•d. tSkrAt, xtiL m)4, we are told th.-vt tJ)i> king married bin daughter to Walter 8to»-art, 
* Aiul thai Weill myne gat of thar IhhI Callit Robtrt. and ayne wu king 

Ans knaifr child, thron our Lordis gnoe And bad the land in gouemyng.* 

That efUr hit gudo tld-fadir wiui 
* Eldfatber. avtu ; eldmoder, aria.' Wright's Vol. of Yocab. 305. Lloyd derivcB it from 
Wi'Ub atl>6eoond. In the Cursor Mun<Ii, c-d. Morris, p. 76, L 1189, it is said of Adam 
that he * was bom He had nis eidmodfr maiden-hede, 

Bath his &tber and moder bo-foni ; AnJ at liis erthing all lede/ 

Wyclif. Works, L 181, says, 'a child is ofte lyk to his fadiror to bis modtr, or ellis to hia 
tcUU/adir.' aod again in the Prol to Eccles. p. 1 23, he speaks of ' myu ddffadtr Jhe»i».* 
Lajamon also uses the word : ' He wea M^erwale's fader, Miblbin'se iitdEvader,' iti. 
246. See also Chaucer, Boahua, p. 40, and E. Eng. Mttriail IJumilia, ed- Hoiidl, p. 1 3 j. 
Cf. alio G. Doaglas, Eneados, Bk. vi, p. 195, 1. 36, ed. 1710, where it is nsed to transUle 
•OMr. and at p. 55, 1. 43, be speaks of Ueouba as *ddinoder to ane hnnder.' ' Aviu. An 
aid mtxlere. Svcrus- An e[l]de modere.* Medolla. ' See also Oljrfiaunte. 

* 'lamia. A beoste that bath a woman's face, and feete of an horse-' C-ooper. •tiiUiru*, 
An elfe or a mysshapjrn man.' Medulla. In the Man of Lawo'sTale. 754. the forged 
letter is repre^enteal as statii^ that 

* the queen deUuered was The moder was an «//, by aneRlam 

Of so horrible a foendly creature .... Ycome, by charmes or by sorcerye f 
Mid In the Cbanoun'a Yeuiannea Tale, 841. Aldiumy is tinned an ' elttiih lore.* Horman 
aays : ■ The fayre hath chaiingod my chyhle. Stri^, rd lamia pro mco tuam paruiUum, 
nppotuit' In Aelfric's Gloasary, Wright's Vol. of Vocnb, p. 60, wo have elf used as 
■citdvalfnt to the claMJcai njfmph : thus we ftnd * Oretulte, nmnt-n-lfen ; l>rvati(a, wudu- 
elfen ; //unioi/ryiufei.wylde-elfen : ^«w</«, eee-elfen; Cu^faiiiiM. dun*olftin. *PamHM, 
An elfe or dwarfe.' Stanbridge, Vocabuta. 

* * Aufiif, Aune. An aller.orAldiT-tree,' Cotgrave. 'Eller. Thealder,* Jamleeon. In 
P. Flownian. B. i.68, wearv told that Judas 'on an etlerhoaged hrm.' where other readinga 
are ' elrenu, heldenie. eln«\'ne. hiller-tre.' *Hillortre. SamOueut.* Wright's VoL of Vocab, 
V. 101. * Ellume. Sftmlucta.* ihid. p. 140. In tbo same vol. p. 171. the Ifloss on W. do 
Biblesworth rendure dt arjnne by * allemc.* Thu translator uf I'alladius On I/utt<nuirit 
•j>eaks of ' hulgh ellcrilicku,' iv. 57, whuru the meaning is evidently eldtr. 




an Eloquence \ deiKrtitiulo, ^orpien- 

Eloquent ; el&tpuns, desertvs. 
'ftnfUsyii*; ileus, aubula (fibtUa 


S BnU M. 

%Palruujf a ptiir«pefid'^ (tit A.). 
Auunettlu-» «x (/enitriee, 
■fan Sme son or doghtcr ' ; pairu* 

elis, ex parte patris, coninil/rlnns 

ex parte ntairin. 
)>G Euieraud^s (Emoraude A.) * ; 

cnurroidcy enwrnis ; einfjroi^svLS gui 

patitur tainn iujirjititatem. 
Jjc ^my^n*ane ^ ; eTni'jraneua. 
»D £mp[er]our ; eesar; cesareviBy c«- 

sarianuH, cexfirienns, augustVA ; 

impera^or ; impervilia jmrtictpi- 

um ; accionatoTj indiAperat&r. 

tan Bmprioe; imperairix. 
tail Bmpyre ; imperium. 
tau Brnplaat^T*; ca(a/»^(Mi/MI,emjjZa*- 

E tknit V. 

tto £tnohete ; Jucar^ is -W, con-, in-^ 

tan Bnchettfr; Jiscator, eaa-yJUean* 

«s, con-, eschaUirius, escKeutor. 
to Encreoe ; jncre^ere, 
an Encreayngd; cfvmtiUtim, tfi«r»- 

an £ndo ; <^rfUB, eu^n/nn, ^Jui^ 
/nt.i;^«tfittDs;iarticipium; dmIOi 
f/ux^us, (<Twnnua. 

to £nde ; amjicerf.^ per-, cooijs^^re, 
oonjiutnmartf, Jittire^ t/e-, (/(At «!- 
/frre, ien/ie/iare, avpirt*, Jtnilari, 
dHarvitnare (t -W, ac/ effcctunx de- 

tEndlee ; ef-f^mxu, t>0',j»rhennis,p&C' 
jfftwiBt p^vjmi, <fr cc'tcni ; fKi eucr- 

^ ' Ulna. An tfllyn.' MtKlulla. ' EIne i>r die, H^na.* Hulopt. Bau also JunUesott, & r. 
Elite. A. 8. elHt 0, Icel. Ofn, o/fit, Lat. ulna. In the Oata Romanorttm, p. 1 2% we have 
* I iltalle 3«v« to tlie ij tHent of l^-nune clothe for to lappe iu )»y bodjr when that thou art« 

* ' /iUcn, an aulc, a iilueinAkcT'i) aiile.* Hetham, NeUierduytch Diet. 1660. * StibtUtt. An 
awie that oonlinera tlcw u»c for a iNtflkin.' Cooper. ' A fr»ne, an awlc ; ur ahoe a mlwr^a 
IxMlkin.* CotcraTa. The MeduUa give» ' SuhuUt. An eUyu. Eri inntrumfiitumtahuia »• 
torig aeiUum. ' Balloiu great ami nnale, iiij>. A box of combua ij*. rj ooetm of aaadan 
y)'. In cUrm hlayilji and packtirille*, ix**. In brimtAtane. trcncln, ami cotoin. xiU}^.* 
InvenUirj of l^o*. Pasmore, iu UichmtHirUhire WUU and Inventt>h**, Burteea 80c. vol. 
xivl. ». 369. 

* * Ptrtnirtti. CooMtw gensainaa ; tfae ohildrca of two brothenn.' Obopor. 

* ' SmfroHrtft or pyllnt, a rioknoMe.* Palagrave. 'An emorade. ramra^ut,* Manlp. 
Vocab. 'A wild or vmcauono figge; alio it Li a diaenM in !))•.• fumUnirtit callnl the 
kanoroidft or tbo Pilo<f.' Baret. ' HttmorrSuu. Called ordiniuily tha KnirMJU or PUix.* 
Cotgravo. 8ee WycUf. DeutfroHcmj/ xxviii. a?. In thti CnmpUivnt 0/ Scolhindt. od. 
Murray, p. 67, thu author K[Knkii of * ane erb calltt barba aarun, quuiUt vai ^'udo muoid 
fur rmoroynJa of the fuiuUment.* In a Porin un Blood-luting pr. in Keiiq. A tituj. i. J9Q, 
it 18 said, ' A man icttal l>U><i« ther [in tho arui] aUo, Tba tmrraivli* for to undo.' 
8e« al>u^> )>c Figos herr&il<r. 

* Cotjfnive ^nvee " Mvjrainr.t. The mctfriio, o> headadl. Ilrmieraine, m. The Mw^jfturn, 
Of b«ulnche by fit*.' ' Emigrunta, dolor capitta, mryramt^' Utican^ri*. • Migrvtu, a vlck*^ 
naaae, cAnynri. muw^.' PalasrraTe- 'MigTim, Awnefttnw' Manip. Vocab, 'Tbo mi^i/nm, 
a paino la m« nido of th« \\ei!u\.' Ilan-t. * kvwrvff*. Fljrx off bUxle. or the •norowdya.* 
Medulla. ' Migr}-uuuo. IItmtcrat%ea' Huloot. Sat P. Myicrcyme, andooinpare Hygraiia^ 

* We are told in Lyto'a Dodoeas, p fl^p, that th>- ' ' ' ^ 'yll la ' good atfalnM 
n«tm'ellln(^andiinpoateiDealhatdii bulboj^. beu. miTuf Nnrjn/:il(iy<ier 
with |iftruli'"< I »> 1"! ii..«ii.. ' s.^. 1,1-,, ii,.,/ I. ,.j ..> , I r!..> i ir .-.I th« 
Bf Nnbtnlc, ' ' .'re 
alle the \y\ .,,.,.. ■ . ,, 1 ■ i .-.n,* 



tit is Badit ; £xp!icU {vt eaitlidt 
iste liber A-). ra^iciuut. 

to Bndlte ' ; liicfcfre, in-. 

iU} £zidit«r ^ ; dictator, indictalor. 

ftu Sndityngtf; diciurti, dtctamen. 

+U> Bnfbrae ' ; v6i to [be] a-bovrt^ 

tBnga * ; vbi a nicdew. 

an Bnglne ; aritu, rnj/«ntum. ma- 

an Enmy; A^vxirmriun in yuyun, 
rmului: in»tuJio^ inirnicMyi tnvnl'a, 
fuist'ta; fionfitiSf i«*m(Va/ift. 

tto miikc Biuoy ; inifnicart. 

fan Enmy alaer ; hoaHciila. 

an £amyte ; Aducrgit(U, emulacio, 

iuunicicia, haetilitas, 
Enoghe ; aal'iB, eibfficien»» 
tEntyrly " ; xntiinA, 
to EntTGinott (Eutermet A.) • ; /n- 

to Entyce ; tiAt to jntyce. 
to Enter; in/jredi, ingnicre. Mitre, 

intrare, intrtfire, irruere : wrtnifi : 
H/nfraff] homo, itnima nc in- 
ffruit, irruit hoat'iA. 
an Eula? ; Aceen^us^ AditUB^ Ag- 


' Bee also Indite. ' I i-nj^le, I make a writyng or n m.iU>r, nr p«Tin«' it. Jr rllrtie. lie 
VTil«ih no -veryo fiiyre luMiJt-, but ha endytelh as well u any uuiu. Write thuu jiml I 
•rjfll eiidyt* : /u ucri^rxu et Jt eo/HtMKrOf/, or je dietaai/ or jt ontchvfay U tttt^f^t.' 

* 'Aiiit wItAT) the dyterin and writeru of the Icyng weren depjd.* Wyolif, K«thor viii. 9. 
WliAtti 5c)ud) )»it] ttDwIteaJfuu snlialle goo thy wiiyeviiann(.il.fvDil when thynueamyi^i 

le MKaylti tliu and cf\fitret tmin to ecLi thel' Pilgrimagfe of Uie Life of tbu M&iihijite, 
LS St, Jobii'a ColL Ciimlj. leaf 46*"- In WycUf b vcnioii of GeneiiM xixtH. ji. we .ire 
VtW l))»t wbt'U Jiiflvpb'flbrvthrvn wiiihed U» put liiui tod(.-atb Ituuben 'cnfornile ia delyuere 
hyin of the hondyn of hym ;' And in inr Feniivtlnt*, tbu Sanicvu, nftor bw duul witU OlWur, 
tbou^h Bowly wounded, 'enfontde hym (wr to arise vpon ya fete.' L 78a- ' I enTorce my 
fleUb, I ^ther .ill my fotve and my ttrengtli to nm, it} do a thjuj^r, or npplyu iiiq UDto Uio 
uiienuokto X way to do a Ibyug. Jc eauertuf- He mfurcod hym tolfu »o sore to lyflo thk 
great way^'bt that he dyd bumb bytn wdfo.* PaUgrarc. * Haaman cn/oreid bym ]>at bo 
«chu]d haue take |>o giftin.' Wyclif, Selucl Wks. ed. Mattb«w, p. 378. See alw Haundu- 
Wile, p. 1.^7, and Chnuccr, Hottfihu, p. 11. Compare Fande. below. 

* * tofpt. Low pnnture Und*.' Whitby GltNHary. ' Tbi: tcnii ia tuoally applied to laod 
by a rivar«ide. and rarely umtl but in tbe plural, though ths reference be only to one field. 
Witb some people, however, it ia 0>>afuUDilLxl n-ith fnuture itavlf, and ts then uaed in tho 
•ili^uUr. At Uibte times the word acoommiKUt<'B itit'lf with a rn(^anin^. being a flubatitute 
for rinr-tijt.' Mr. C. BobinBuu'i Glosfuuy of MiiL YorkBhira, E. Dial . Soo. ' Jiu/t, Low- 
IvLof; graM lands.' Pijaouck's Glotis. of Mnnley, &c. See also Ray's Glosaaty. A. H. I'lif/ ; 
Xnel. rtti/, a loondinr. Lye gives ' Itvj-vryrt^ mJeadow-wort.' In the FarmiHij nnd A t^nnt 
BookM of Hvnry Buit of Khiiswell, Y<.>rk, iTi^i , published by the Surtees 800. vol. xzxiii. 
y, 3>. we nta<l, ' In a moist yr^ro hiknllnnde-grasse proretli better then carrcH, or vng^ 
growodes, and rid^fs of landu bcttur then futrcs, for water stAudiiige lougu in tbo furrca 
■fwyleth thti growtli for that yeare.' 

* la the Qatti Itvi/Mnorum. p. 171, we read, 'He praytbe the enierly, jnU ^on make fur 
bin of this litlb quaittite a shirte.' Oxiper rendun iaUmvn by 'lutierly beloued . a hi^h 
ft vSMCial fritndti : intimc, retry iawanily ; f i-oiii the bottome uf the b>-artu.' lu Polit- R«l. 
aiul Love Pucms, ed. l*DrntvaI], p. 41 , the word b used as an atljentivo ; ' bt^aochhige you 
vuer with myn mtcrt^ bert.' 

' ' ^entrtvuttn de, to nteddle, nr deal with, to thrust himself into.' Ootgrave. 'Who 
eaer sohewith him luwiil .... he t» worttii to bo forbodo fro eTUermeting with the Uible 
in eny patio ibcr-uf,* Pecock's ItepreMor, 1. 145. * Of fblys that Todentonde tiat game, 
mod oan no thM^'i- take in vporl, aud yet itUcrmyt them with Kolys." BanJay'tt Ship of 
FooU, od. Jainicaon, li. ^5. See also P. Plowman, C. Text, xiv. i]6, and King Alimnwicr, 
«d. SVebor. 4035. In th«) Efig Translation of the Charter of Uich. Ill toUie l-lxlmnmifvnt 
Company, in Herbert's Uii»t of Twelve Livtry C«>mpa&ini,iv, ja. is aii onJer thiit ' Noforryn 
gt-il" . . -. - ^' hym in the Tonuud Cite.' Cf. Liber Albus, pp. 77. 397, whore tin; pliraw 
'» " "'iuuseil in tlie luiuiu iwnae. ' Prt>/or. To tiitennedtyn.' Medulla. See 

aJ.. , beluw. 

t 2 



+U> Bntyrdyt© ' ; jnietriiVere. 
•fHii Entlrdytyng^; jnterdictum. 
an Bntrellr ; i^i A tliarme. 
to Entyrchaimgc ; Altemor (A.), 
flntirchawngoably; AUeriuUim(A.). 

H antt F. 
+|ic ISpyphany ; epiphania. 
tan EpisteUti ; epistola, litera ; epis' 

tEquivooe ; tf^uf foous, otnonimn^ '. 
tStluinoocion ; ef^ainocciuin, c^uic/t- 

E tailt B. 
•au Erone (a apyd/rr or an Attfr- 
copp) * i Aranfu, Aranioia ; 

an Erande ; negochan. 

•to Ere (Eyr A.); vU to plnghe 

(plowglie A.). 
ui Bre of oome " ; aptoi, jlruta, 

au Ere: Auriji Aomirium rat, jfttn- 
cif/a &ru/f'ruin, j4 lura est olif*, 
Anstila (ftminutiuum ,' ^ut-ick- 
lun9, A-uricuA. 

tan Erepyke (Eyrpyke A.) * ; Auri^ 
fn'ciumt Auri/oilium. 

an Erie ; comes, comictllu8. 

an Erie dome ; comitota^. 

fau Krlo wyfe (or a counteea); 

+ErlB (Erelye A.) * ; Arabo, Arra, <£ 
cetera; vhi hanfielU. 

* 'Thisbiawpea .... entrtditedt a) IttU Lond,' Rob. of GImice«ter, p. 495. 

' UiuQ & bU fontoun be cursed auerilkun And enleiyiUr>t \<\n loml.' 

R de UrunueWhraniele, p. 105. 
■ MS. OttOMimiur. ComiiiUT EvyQ of vooe, below. 

' * ^ffitidiate. The leuell of tbe yure.' (.^por, ' Bqnidiim, Uevynlieed o(T d*^ Mid 
d^IIl' Medulla. 

* 'Ao yntti etmta, that iha ne llje, Bute aCferoD/J'pr an fu1<* vlijol* 

Owi and h^yghtiwjttlt, 600. 
' i^ircorurapip A (>in^ vioon.aBitHbew)^ we^ by genenwdoan of fliea miid u/viiu,iuul mdi« 
oiUure.' The Dtnik ofQuinte £ttfi«uctf, ed. Furuivall, p. 2. ' His <»rd««er but rr-aviu (hredek.* 
l>eDepiacville"flPilgrimage, MS.JohnH Coll. Carob. leaf 117''*. 'lu thetowneof Scbn)»j»- 
biiry sfUui lii* men togediir. and an tbuy svtou talltyng, oii ottureopfK com owl* uf lh« wow), 
iind bate hem by the nekkag alio ^re.* Lyf of St. Wenofiiilw in Uoh*'rt de Bmnnv, 
p. cc. C-axton In IdH edition of Trovuo, Hpoaking of IrcUnd, nyt, *ther beu attfrcoppa, 
blodeMoken and vefte« th&t doon none hArme.' p. 48 ; ntid in the Oanif of tAc CkoH, p, 
so. be MyH that * the lawea of mtramf: beu like vntu tliu iiullU uf spifncopyh.' See dr»wjngi 
of an atter-coppa of tbe period in MS. Cott<in. Vitell, C. iii., which by no meunii agree wilh 
the notion of Its tieinu a spldur. ' Lopipt, Qeoodc-nieddtw cri attor-cuppe-' Alfrir's(.!loii», In 
Wriglit'i Vol. of Vocaib. p. 34. *AraneM, anaderoop, oraipynntf.* Staiibrid(fe'B rficjfralu, 
«i£rn. d it. Jamienon gives ' Attcrcap. ALtir-rop, and EttercAp. A spider.' ' Atttrcep, a 
Tennmtiiu spider.' Pog^e, ' Arain, ■ flpider, ^ Lat. artiRHi. U is u»*r*l only for the birg«»i 
kind of apiders. Nottinghatiubire.* Hny's (tloaaary. 'Jfroync. a spider.* Noinliiale. 
' Aranin, An crnjiy.' MvduUa. Hee kIbo MLtc'b lutructioiu for Farish Ptieati, p. $9, 
1- >937' "o*! PaliadiiwOn IIudHmdrie^f. 138, L 945. A. 8. afor, o^or, trtcr ; O. Icel. cftf, 
polion, venotti. * See alio Awne. ftbova 

* ' AvrUeaipium, An can pti^er.* Cooper. In tbe InvMttoty of tbe Jewell. &a. of 
James III. of Scotland, taken in I488, arc mentioned 'twa tutbpikiii uf ^Id wilh acheyne. 
aperlcnnd errpikc.' Tytler, flht. ^ Hcotlaad, il. 39]. 'Id thifi cnitibe i:ace ate ymiryui>rie 
& Ikuc oombea, your djora, with your am picX-eri, k al your other koackji.* llorio. Sicimd 
Fruta, p. Q. 

* See abo to Hacdfeate. In HijH Mtideuhad. ed. Oickayno. 7, wo find *»• urv 
larerd jivvfi ham bur a^ «u cHet.' See alwi Mails Artbun. ctl. I-lrnck, ihHj, and G. 
]>oti{^laH, Entnd. xl. Prol. I. i8t. Honuan aara, ' 1 nhatl gyuo the a pciiy in cme«t or an 
ore^t puny. Arrahoncm ddbo.* 'Atla or Sarit*. an eartiuit penny.* Bay'a GLoMtary. 
* Arlei-pntny, earncct money given to scrvanta.* K*tr*ey. *Ta oW*, to ei<;« a y40oe of 
money to coii6nn a bar^jaiii. Arleg, crlh, aWi« pmnir, «r.' j'vun 
to confirm A bnrvain.' JainicKDn. ' Arra. Amr-<fl or b.ti Vu, 
fruiii tarttl, pDviition, caution. The following' rurioua eiLi....i .r ;i .'-..' ..,:..... 660, 



to Srre ; dMvrarfi, drntiare, MorbUare, 

tto yife £rla (Brlys A.); Arrare, 

♦V, *u6-. 
■fan BnyngQ; erralMB, ^rror; Arrati- 
fus forpore <£ ?oco, ^rrrtiicma 
ant'mo, crro7«ua. 
an Brao ; ^nujf, cii/as. poateriora. 
ftxi £rse wyspe * ; mfmperiiim. 
^ £rthe ; (crru, /iumus, wiru^a ^ 
/as; itermis: 

%0p», Aumus affile jro/um, rea, 
terra ve/ ari'da, teUas : 
terrw«us,(ffrpeufl,(err««rt'i»/ i-CKUS : 
TAwmor humum reddity Cerram 
teri^ v«U9 aratri, 

lUl\x» loUit to a/fum. 

*an Unhe dyu, or an Srth^ qvoko '; 

ton Xhrthe veeaelle ; fiistilU (A>). 

B anftf 8. 

tan Baohate " ; ^xchtttea, 
tto Beohete ; e^JineUire. 
an Bsohe ' ; frax-inua ; yroximw, 
yrrta-ciV«u8 ; /roJidnetum m$ /ocus 

AS Sse (Syae A.) ; fitfia, ocmm. 
Stay : ct^/'i^uF. wfuni/up, Matni/a^uSf 

tXlsy of gate ; gmcifu, 

to make Bay; finmiUarc^ hnirey jvoa- 

perare, etcund^re. 
*an Eayngti " ; r/>mi(;t7turo, rfcfuin. 
aoBspo'; tremulus. 

I«af 19 : — '£r ^f^rn Itotitlonim Cttritr ifitnertt ttr. /JalMtid, juxta iHndtl[tm\ cte AxKiAme, im 

f'...^ !•).-., ■ ''■■'"' ^ *"'ti apvd Hal/teld tiig Mrrntni jtrorimn jwgt fcxtitm AntM 

''<*de ttotierhnm qai optulit m rrrs\u ./MfniHcw dr Uhm ih eo qnnd 
1 .. inter ^n /actan <t m\de tfHerUur quod rrrto dif tt anno apwi 

'J'hormt (Vr«T«i( inter prttiirtHm Itobrrinra A Johavnem, qvnd prtdictut JnhttnnfJ* rmduiit 
prtjicio Jioberto diahi^um Ivjatum in quodam litfamine f/ro Hj ob. et tHptr prttlietttM Hxt^rtiig 
tratlidii predirto Jvhaftni qutjihhita obnltim eikrle«, ptr quod jrro^riefan dictt dtubuU mm' 
nnrat'tr in prrfma dirti lioherti ad hnftmd'im dclVnruciitnem dirti diitbuli, infra quartam 
/I---' - ■ '■ m. Ad quitm. dim idem RnbcrtH/i vtnil nd pt'tfatum Jofianucm rf 

tU ti 1 diitholi serunditm runrenrionetn inter e*M facAmu, idem Juh-inneJi' 

"Mredict' l^rraif nnlMit,tifr adh-'C ruit,d-c.,tid grave dnmimum ijudm h'oberti 

wtotitti, ft ind'' jirodiKit Bfcfam, A'c. £t pttdictua Johanna* ptnit, dx. Et non drdirit row 
tatcioncm prcdi'-fam ; et quia vtdetttr curitr quod taU placitum non jactt inter .ChrvtHanmt 
ideo partts prrdii-:ti adifiuruatu» usqut in Mi/irmum, nd aiuJiVrti/«rn judiHum «uut», et utraque 
par$ in mlfericttrdia, d-c' t^ooUd in Mr. Peacocik'i GUiu. of M&otey, Ac. 

' * I wutde bia eyu wer iu Im em.' P. Plowman, B. z. 1 33, See also under A. 

' * Terttmota*. An erdyn.* MotlulU. In the A^SaxoD Clironicleii. under tho year 1060, 
it U mentiAned that, 'On ffiuin gvre wn;8 micel eur^ynt^' ed. Karle. p. I93. AmongBt 
Uic ngu» at tb« day of Judgment Hnmpolo tells an 

* PwtUenceft and hun^fen hJ be And trthedj/nii in many contre.' PHeht of CotacienC€,^%*f. 
And ii^in— * pe ncgfacud day, grot erlhedyn ul be/ Jhiti. 4790. 

A. S. eoj-d dyne, ' Bren it Shunder, sane Q er^tJine.' (jenaU & ExoduM. ed. Marria, 1 108* 
anJ fte« alsol. 3196. 

' Fr. achoir, to fnll ; that i« landA fnllen or mvertinj; into the hands of th« lord ur 
ori^nal owner, by ftirfuituru ur for want of hvin of the teuanl. Se» Liber Cufrttimarunt. 
GloMary, i. v. Evngta, Thun in Wnn^ CoUiear, E. E. Text Soo. ed. Murray, 761, Charlra 
proiniaefl to give Raul • The nixt vacant .... 

That hapnU in Franre, fjiihitir §i\ euer it fnll, ForGkltonr or fre walrd.* 

• Fallen ifi Etchtai for Incko uf an heir, cadnca hirrrditai* Baret. ' I fall, aa an nfiyce, or 
landea^ or goudea falleth in to tho kynge* haiidee by reaton of furfiiyture. Je achojf*.' 
Palagrave. * • Kick. The aali. a tree.* Jamitrson. A. S. n»r. 

' In P. Plowman, C. Test, xx. 93. wa road of * I^ykcUa in tiutj/ngu* Birtl giva« 
*Eaue8ing(if ad \>itXiae.$HgurwKdatio, and Huloet ' Eveayng«orevuMrttyngeoTlriinm>iige. 
Jmbricium, Sidfjrundvtio. Jnmieson baa ' EtiMn^.^ad ttump-drap, lliu cAvetf of a houM,* 
In the Anorm /UkU, p. 14]. we arc told that * ^e idfat fuel if^cm taaiauji bitocneO reclurcit, 
jnil wutiiu|> furVi, under chinibe nutunfft,' ' Evece mi cop. mou» top.' Wright's Vc>cab. 
p. 144. * * Z>e»N«. An atbe or aapon U«,* Colgmra, 



tftn EsBoyn of courte ' ; esutAttium, 
t&D Bsquier; vbi A imuier(EaqwyGr; 

116* Siiwyere A.). 
he Bate ; ojtctw ; eou», orienUdiB. 
J?r Bstowynde ; ewrus. 
Est North© (A.). 

B ftn/«T. 

Bthroglott (Ethroclett A.) ' ; ethrn- 

toSta; Kjiuhri, cou-, conudcre, co- 
mes»ftrCj V6*«, eon-, tv/trre, 00a-, 
ex-, fngin .'/rew, vvt\uhtr«^ maw- 
dttcan^ jtapare, pTfkndere, jtr&ti- 
fftre, jtrangitare. 

fEteahyhe; comessilility ^UU. 

Iftn Eter; comctitor. 

afi Etynge; commestio, commftitaeio. 

Etyngfl ; fflnx, ed*iculas, fd*.\\s. 

ail Etyngf! plaoo; jpranaorium. 

Etyn; oomniMftiB, M<Da^«9ns,niaDffU9, 

thaUB Bttyn ; iS«mMi£« (A.). 

Xaii/< V. 
tdu Bv tre (Bwetre A.) ' ; loanu ; 

fan Ev atok ; Uixmm. 

+Bvo * ; eKU, viriu/o. 

au £7yU« ; vAi' gekiies. 

Even ; e^wud. co-, ^mlit, equahilU, 

to be Evyn ; w/Mij/nileret ttqiliuaivre, 
tEvyn Agajn ; e contra, 
tlo make Evyn * ; cffliytrw, ije^uitf- 
rare, wyiiare. con-, ««-, jKxn/i*^artt, 
an Svyn-heda ; «7uaii'<M, (Tf/iMfitMic- 

tBvyn of voce ; e^»ttO«UB, onwwi- 


' The oHtdn of this word » dotibtfiil. Ducnn^e coitslden it ta have the mne root mm 
toin, cAre. froui Lai. tnmitinm, itnplving tltoiit^htfnlifRn, niixirty. UickeB (Diwerl. EpiA. 
p. 8) derives it from Mffito-Gothic fUHf'a, tmUi, u meuuDg a plcx bucd od truth ; m« 
DDcftnge, H.Tv. toniarf luid «tti»iti«. The words oMo^rne, t*»fujnf in Ivirlr En^^wrrv nsM 
IIS deifying' an exouie or impedttnent of any kind ; thus in Curmir ^luutLi, £. E. Test 
8uv. ed. Morris, p. 159, 1. 37f>6, 'Tliftt ehvmi Cbiu^ U withnuten attottne.' 
' £M<mta. oxcnaatio CMisarin, ojuratio rndimonii propter impodi men tarn ■■ trnp^f^ftneni S* 
0$pri»tnter; e^euM don^f par un plaideiir qui nr pfui comjiaraUrr^' I>noAni;ft Jmufatno 
glTM * ENPinyie. An exciue (iffered fur Dnu-appcKmncein a coartof low. ^tmyifr. One 
who legally oflWrs an bxoub« for tlio abieiiee of another.'' O- Fr. tnoisM'. ' T)i«r avayleUi 
non eMoj/n« no eiciuaciouD.* Cliauoer, Fenones Tate^ p. 171. Bee iil«o Gowor. Omf. 
Amantit, i. 101. 

' Tbia cannot but \m ^txtrruptiauof heftroclitiu = iTtp6*\iTot,9rWcihoxmei[ycornmon6M 
in meaning with the Latin dirtTricIitiium. Cf. 8ete of Ancellia hereafter, ^dneh b 
rendered by dtRdJeiM, 'notntn ettcr*yjlitum' =hetervclilu»i, on account of it« plunl behig 
lUndima. Ducange vivee * TleUfoclitum, Divormcllnium : lieu ok ptiuf'enn fAemimM m 
rru-HttMcnl. liirrrricUnium, Locus qU diverHw viic oonjangumtur : Rtrr^uMr.* See alea 
OateschadyUo, below. 

■ Tliia word is injwrtfd again in the MS. after BhterlftstTnse. 

' Thb ia Uluitrat«d by a piuaage in the Cunor Mtadi, ed. Morrii, U. 631, 634, mhen 
we are told that Khen Eve was brought to Adam, 
* rirooo caf be hir to nam ; 
t:*Ar for night aoo nroga, Ffor inakdd >e man was «oo.* 

And similarly Lyndemy in his H/imnr^- says — 

* And Virrujo be ceilJL bir than, Qahilk Eua efierwart wqs Dftmyt 

Quhilk is. Interpreit, maid of man : K. E. T. Soo. ed. Hall. 1 865, Bk. >. i. 7 75 . 
80 also in the Chester Play*. P. '5-* 

' Therefore ibec uiall be celled. I wine Viroffoo, nothing AiniaMi, 

For out of man tacken shec is. And to man shce shall tlr*w.' 

Andrew Boorde in bis Brtuiar^ td I/talth, p. ijtt. nays ' when a woman was made of Ood 

she was named Virnffo because she dyd come of a man.* * Viraffo, A woman of etont and 

manly carriage.* Cooper. 

* 'Cofyfo. To waxen ovyn.' HedoUa. 




*£T7iieldeB * ; eoetajieaB, coeuus, eo- 

leetaneaa, apieunB. 
iSoenly ; £qu6, e^wiUer^ equaatimi- 

tor (A.), 
tto wax Euflii ; rwjwrare, adue»- 

;«?rare (A). 
tBuen sang'i vf^jtere, jmfmt^nr 

vm;wt, p9alm i qti i c « lUa ulur 

tthe Euenetern ; iwperu^^ wtper dh 

%rsj>eit*yo, el idem plamta <2icitur 

xyntiis (A). 
iY^ Suea tydo ; CrufMCuJuvoL, tm- 

jMnum, rffir/«ro, i«*pw/ i*«- 

ucrtinofl, vespQvta dea noctis 

EufrUstyngtf ; flfcmus, <^ (Vetera; vbt 


Buyrmarir ; jnpcrpeluum, imtcmum, 

<fc rctern ; vhi Atway (A.). 
lEvury (Evouw A.)*; elmr; 6bur- 

Banff X. 
RD Example ; exemplunif exemplar, 

alicuiMS autmUice peT90M mutaci^ 
000 di^um^ wd exemplar est ad 
ettiiiB ^m'liitudinem ad JU simUe, 
jdea, p&Toboiaf paradiogma. 

to}^Exampille; ejeemplifieare, scan- 

to Ezamyn ; examtnam, eribarBj ven- 
tulare *, -tor. 

tan EzempUr ; examphr, Sxemplo' 

rium (A.). 
aa Examyiuiclon ; examinaeio, 
"Examyad; examinatua, cri6a^ua, wit/- 

an Excusacfon ; exeuaacio. 
to ExDUoe ; exvuMirc, disetUparo. 
Excusyd ; exriunUua, 
tail Execucion ; execucio. 
tto Execute ; cxfffvi, 
an Executor ; ex<cxUor, -trix. 
to Exile ; rcJeyare, projcritcre, «6 

cetera ; vhi to outcliiwe. 
an Exile ; exi/ium, acttru/a. 
tto Bxpende; diipenwtn:, disjxndere, 

diff^iOMire, az; , eyapexidvie. 
tfto Bxpenae ; inperua, exjteasa vel 

tto Bxpo[w]ndG ; commentari, mm- 

mmtwrt, rt^wnV*, c^eutore, (i«- 

wrcre, ediseerere, editteriare^ ex- 

ciUcxty t\cpfanare, eajptmen, inter- 

an Expow[n]dyng6 ; eommeiitvm, 

an Ezpownder ; expositor, inter- 

an Extorcio& ; diitoreio ex trtniriai 

rapinay s&tcclo. 
to do Extordon ; oontorjuara, d«-i 

«r-, exiffere. 
an Bxtoroion^ ; exactor , d: ceierttda 

verbid! pnd'ictis. 

* And sw» wui Crut ao)> OodtMs witt All wt)>t> him FtAerr eftnnatd 

All mn hiMM F»derr berrte. Inn echo Qodounadnene.* 

Ormulum, U. 18603-6. 
Eftnt h* wnkenede of him ^ jot Ja ha we* in houtMic, for neh wi-R bim ntmhaltl.' Hali 
Meidaihad, p. 4I. Wyulif in hia voniiou uf GalAtiani i. I4 hiu, ' Ami I pmKtide m Jurye 
aboue roftnj myn nuiw ee/d^^ [eueiit elrlrU P. ctxr/unMu, Vu]g.] in tay kyn,' and in 1 Puter 
V. I, 'Therforo I, eumtddre, [eon*mior] bisacbo the tildra mea that bdo in |ow. Sec* 
See al«o Daniel i. 10. 

" ' VtMpero. To evyn. Vc»ptre at tcmpuM circa horam nonam €< horam pultaudi.* 
MeduiU. la tbo Myruure of our Lady, E. E. Tuxt Soo.ed. Blunt, p. 13, Vetperr, tt man0 
ti mcridU narrtstti tt nnnnndabo it nadored 'by tbe loorow, tA piyme lymd, Sc mi doov, 
uid »t vnenmagii tyme, fito.* 

■ To Sir Jobii Fostoir* IMtrt, 1 459. won 'iij knejvoi ia k tcliathe, luftys of nc«ry, 
wiLbo uylya (•dt.' Puton LetUni, L 4SH. 
* HS. dcMtalare. 



Capitulum 6^ V. 

F mxdt A, 


t FoBjneia of lokSii ' (A.),- 

A Faoon * ; faho (A.). 

t Pacitt ; facitida (A.). 

to Fade ; vhi to welowe. 

Fad^r; <jei\itor. 

a Fod^r ; ;;ftter, potercu/ap, parenif 

j^etu'^w, propaffat&r, oWia yrecf, 

o/rt'ii ; patertuti-iii, ^>a(re?tU8, patri- 

UB, pfUrtifilia, ;Mrficipia. 
to Fadyr; gtnitare (A.), 
a Fadi!i'leB ohylde; jntpillaSt orphan- 

IH, orlniH. 
fa Fadirles ohilde hotM ; or{>Aano- 

a Fader slaer ; pairicida. 

•toFago"; Adularx, As^tmtari^ As- 
tcndftrc, Assentiri, blattdiri, de-, 
ht^ndijicare, dcHnpre, jxiffxtre. 

a Fa^er ; Adtdator, blatulitor, hlan- 
diceUuSy bfandxis, pftfj>o, 

t» Faayngc ; hlavdicia, IfiandiceUa, 
blandicies, adulacio, aduIntuB, 
hlandimcntum, delinic'w^ dclimen- 
tum {d'^Hnimevduxti A.), ofmiin, 
W tn psalmo : ol^um autem 

peccskiorit non inpinffuet, ^ 

cetpra *. 
Fagynge ; blaTuIuSf hlanduhs, htan^ 

a Fagott ; ftueindxiB (maPioluM A.), 

rfr fietera ; vhi A byrilco. 
Fayno ; vH mery. 
Fare; prdcittrt rfworuB, */ieci(wni8, 

9p€ci*x.li9, /crmn^tnB, 6«Wu8, »wn«.«- 

<UB. aprtcuB. dei^ctabili^ ; versus : 
•Ivlrf c</r decora tmm j^rrftw, twr^ 
pa decora. 


rfoB, fi«ou9a/ui, elujans. politus, 

ornatns^ t>ultitosnH. 
Fayrly * ; ortuUe, v^nutie, formose, 

^ cetera, 
tto make Fare ; e<Aer^^ coDi/wvnCM, 

tn-ihar^ ad-, «•-, enmare, u«Rta- 

tnre, con-, de-, tUctaare, redimcre, 

d^cornre, tiUllar^ 
a Faymea; ptdcritudfl, d^cutaeio, 

decor, e«/jrepia» fortna^ tptdUt 

Fayro of speolifl ; effaf/tlia^ efo^ue?**, 

faeuiidxi% lefmlua, 
a Fayer ; Mtudin«, Jeria, 

' Bftlliwdl give* ' FnatiHijf, Any Iianglnij fibre* of rtxita of |)lanl«. &c..' and Jnmi«nn 
* PauinM. Tbt9 Btriiijjy [^luta of cintb, resottibling th(> liiit (k. cadtlU) applied to a wouiid. 
Ffnsiruj», Koxtdintb.' ' Comd. feai.' Glow. MB.Cott.Cleop. A. iii. If. 76. * Hia/uf Ubl 
bonle w»8 fsdlt quluu-e be atuda.' Gawin DotigUa, Ktuadoa, Rk. ii. p. 46, L 1 3 . A . H. /mjt, 
O.Ioel./or, hair, • See Fawotm. 

' 'To fage. Advlari^ ^nffere,' Manlp. Voeab, «]}o pat moft /uf^nt and ple««B |«e 
■oooeBt goon nwey and dcyaceiien [>oo.* Xil Chnpitrce of Hu-hard, Uorefnito dc Hutu- 
pool, Oamb. Univ. Litr. MS. Ff. v. ^o, Itnf 144. Wycttf bu in Jucl^>tti xiv. 15, * And 
whaniMthe MUenthfi day wa« uv), thci seidon tij Ibu wijf nf Sninpifm, Pno'jt to thi auin, and 
meue hym. tliat be tihewe to thee what bitok«fieth ibu probleme ;* wbor« Purvey V vcnlun 
Em, •UlfMie Uiin hosebonde.' .Sc» ngniii Wydif sayn ' Ii U nianeroof jivocritin und of QopbisU 
to/flff/ and to (ijiokc pttMantll l« men but for yvel ont«nt.' Wk*i. etl. Ani'ilfJ. i 44, 

• Tbfl referenw) i* to PsAbtis ctli. 5. Tho word vil L» the sens© of fl.-ittMy i>ccuni, k> 
fara^ I knr>w, only in tho phrsK * to betro up ' or * bold np oil :' tbae in ItickardtKe R^ile!e», 
iii. 186, we bare *for bra^^n^A nnd for bostyngo, and berin^e vppon oiUtM,' aud Ui Ciuwbr. 
iii. f 7 2, whure the false prophets tell Ahab to go and pnMp«r — 

' Anone they wer* of hia acconle T.) brre up tnle, and alio tho 

Prophi:t«s false mony mo Atfi^rmen that, wlitoh he hath told.* 

Bee tl0o ifiift. p- 1591 nnd TnivisA'it HIgden, iVu 447 : * Aliutindre gnu to U>«te and mako 
him M-lf more worJ>y )nui bin fadtT, and a i^nei deel of hem H^t w*>tt tit fw f^t^ ktlite up 
fe kjmgOA *y/,' LiiM(r»M conrivnitlium parte a*»«ntieHti.] Compui> < lms ' to 

butter a poraon up,* and Pialma U. >if and Proverb* v. 3. See .^ li, $iir, 

1.303. ' .•A'T, «■»!"} ly. 



ft Fayre apeche : effttffilii^ tlO' 

qMsucia, j'teuntliat Upos, lejiar; 

wrtiii : 
^RHt4 fuga leporesy in ttvhu 
quero U^yrea ; 
yam l^'us fjut aixiinal, Upore^ 
facundla fandi. 
\\o hcTA fro Fayera ; denuadinare. 
a Faythe ; Jidca. 
a Faythe breker ; Jule/raffas. 
Faythfully ; Juiucialit^r, 
to Falde ; jiicar^., in-, doni-, pl^Uen, 

t'o/«.rr«% con-, njffafe. 
To vnfiUde ; ex^ilicai'e, exi^ndt^n, 

rf/iWKCM, t$- cetera; vbi tosbcwc. 
a Falde ; cania, ouik. 
A Falde of clothe ; j>Uca (A.). 
■a Faldyng* ^ ; ^1 mphiltaJtis. 
a Faldyng* ; pUcacio, jUecht, conuo- 

ludo, 4- cetera de vvvbiv. 
tan vtx Foldynge ; eu^lido, detMltuio, 

^ tetera. 
+a Fayle ; deft^MS^ de/e^o. 
tn Fayle ; dr/tcerti, fatiscexe. 
Falgho ' (Falowe A.) ; terra saeion- 

ah's, semiualis, fumaJet n&tMlis. 
to Falowe (A.), 
a Fallir ; inpfniv, cagn», 
*pe Falland Buylle " ; epilencia^ co- 

TOt>»ttB Vi:l cominalis, fnor6us co- 
(/■«ruR, iioTrt, t/ereno.ta, rpilenais ; 
^}'ilrnticn» t/tii paHinr iUnm in- 
to Fallf ; c/tdere, coDCiV^re, fte-, dt; 
ruens, ear-, fnbit pi*Ofi(ier«, ruiti' 
are ; ver^nis : 
%Oecidn dam labor ^ occido rf«m 
tto Fall« bo-twno (tn Foylle be- 
tweyna A-); inttrcedere eontm 


+to FaUa in ; incidere, trrtter^ in- 


-Hyke to Polio ; ruinotu^t vt, domna 
est rtiiiMga. 

tFallyngrt ; cadutna, eadabundnSf 
cfuUns, deciduuB, occiduua. 

i& Fallynge ; I'uina, 

False ; /alms, /aUnx, meudase, faX- 
sidtcns, faisariu», decfptoriuSt 
dtdasuSf subdoIu&tSedicioBUB, frau- 
duUutus^ cafhduaf wer*M(U8, o»- 
tvtuSf verxij/^JliSy injhius, ;»r-, 
altrijjiext •pfllax, oinuis genevjs^ 
in verbis eat maUJidua, vafar^ 
psetidolns, pxeiufo. 

ta False Acousere ; caJumpnialor, 

I Amoni^tliaooniinoJittM of Ireland inention<>Ml in the Lib«lof Engliiih Policy, Wright'ii 
Political Pooiui, ii. 186, wu BnJ — ' Irish woUun, lynyn cluLli. j'aldj/ttffe.' 
TravtMi in Mm tnuu. of Higden bath of tho Iriah that thoy wear ' blak /aldynget iiiBtade of 
mantels and of clokw ivice jHtUiarum pfmlanr/is niffrin tUilur].' Vol. i. p. ,153. ' Alau I 
gyff to Alioo Lechmydoyhtor niyrluiniltrCt kyrtill and mj wolatwi kyrtiU, my beat typett, 
my ftil^ii/»*j. Ac. Will of Mar^ret Siarkey, 1526, CbcLham Soc. vol. xxxiii. p. 13. Fit*- 
lierbvrt in hit) Boht of HugLandn/, 1 5.^4, ho* * waahe your Bbepe tlitire-nilli. with a aposigtt 
or a peoe of an oUle m;iritell. or o( falrii/nge. or «uohe a aoft« doth or woll.' fo. E*- 

* * Favfih-Uind, &Uow land.* Kvimott, MS, Laoa. 1033, 8«o e1«i Thoresby'a Letter to 
Bny, IS iVSoc In Havtlok, tA. Skoat, 3509, QodArd, when senteooed to death, ia bouikd 
Mid dravrn ' un-to |ni gnlwea, 

Nonth bl )ie ^te, but uucr \e ftdwcg * 

* ta the mecoant of tbs death of Herod given in the Cmrror JVwutf, p.678, 1. 11831, we 
an told tliat *)-« falland end he hod.' where the Oottoa and Gottini^n MSS. read ■>o 
iUland ffote.' ' J^aUinde iruel ich cleupie licoinea «Sonea»e/ Aimrm Riu4e, p. 1 76. * Apo- 
ptexia. Uie (kUinff evil.' R. Perttyuall, Simniah IHct. 1591. ' Spilenda. Th« fallyng «yyl.' 
UviIiiUa. Bee Andrew Boorde's *dyi>t« fr>r th>;iD tho whirhe haue any of ibe kyndrs of 

jU>t/o/'y«? tycl'fa^,' in hijt ■ Dyetary,' ed. Furnivoll, p. tg^. The iame autlior nny iibhl. 
p. I37> Umt 'tilt foiilo ruyll, whyclic ii \\\t ftiUytt^ rt^kfnr;' if the C"iuinnn vath of 
iBooUilmicn. ilarriiiou, Oavirittt. u/ Kng. n. 13, Kayct that quail 'onvUi* with uutn ore 
ibject to the /fi//iny wirl-rni». 'The falling ill. CowitiitJtt mnritH*. moc'*i»« eailiintM* 
Itl&aUi. ' Hi'i'fi"'*", rrl nuhtcn, rd htrvatif), rti cuinnti'"i'U(l>nDC-coSu, fyllc-aeifc.' Allrio*! 
''Qloaa. pr. in Wrigbt'a Vol of Vocab, p. 19, 



a Palaed (Palshede A.) ; fal:tito8, 
frauK aTUjU,/rattdiUettcia, dolaa, 
doJotitag, Jttcns,/ailacia, deCt^jKiOj 
<ittU8, m^andfry trica,pTcstit/hLTn, 
ver6um, pellaciOf peilic'io, rer- 

tn False sayer ; fahidicas. 

to do Fftlaely ; faUificare, falmn^ 
faUerCf faUUarc. 

Falsely; frtniduletiter, dolose, d«c^ 
iuost, it<»tera. 

tto Fame ' ; famare, 

a Fame ; fatrta {nonun A.). 

Fame^; »puma ; epumaus (A.). 

tFamuB ; fatnoea9>. 

*a Fan * ; cojfMterium, pala, voflnufii 

"lio Van ; teiittdare. 

Ito Fande (Faynda A.)*; e<tnari, 

nitij con-, ^ cetera ; vW to bo 

*D Fayne of a aohipa'; cheruchutf 

tj* (Vetera; uln* A wetlrr coke. 
*a Fanon * ; fanula^ manipiUas. 
a Fantaey ; fantasia, jantcumui, 

fauma, I^}\ur, faiff¥}9 grtce / 

A Fun turn ' ; fanta»ma (A,), 

' * Famo. To ffnmjm.' Medulla. The compouDd verb to di/amt U now ii»ed. ' Fiimn. 
The uoyw or bruto of a tLyuge.' Coojier. Id Ihe GunipUiul of the rioughiaao, |ir. in 
W'rigbt'a Political Poeme, i 31.1. wo aro tuld, that 

' If A man b« faUely/(ini«r/, Than woll the offioen be agramed, 

And wol make purgncioun. And oMigne htm Tro touiie to totme.* 

' Falie Rnd rekyllo was that wyght« That lady for to /a me.' Sir Tryoniouro, ao. 

And »>aliio, 'Belpmetbii tyde, Ageyn thu p«py' ^'^^ mcdoth/'ime/ Cuv. Myit. p. 139. 
See alao Snuyr of Low« Dccto, 1. 391 . ' DefaiM. To mklaae/ Medulla. 

' A. S. /din, Ger. faum, fgam. froth. 

■ • Citjtittrrtitm. A ffi»nB. ymliintnrum, A wyndyl or a ffan.' Moflnlla. A. S. f^nn. 
' Vtntiin. To wytidyn ur «|H;rs]yn.* Medulla. See id«> to Wyndowe, bulow. 

* Hunpole t«lh( u« that doviL surround a dying man and 

* p»i lal /and< at hU hut ondyng Uym in-to wnnhope for to bryng.' 

A. B. fandian. Pricke of CoasoienM. a saS. 

' * CherHchut. A top off a mast or a Vcyne.* Medulla. In the Romance o( Sir EtS^*°^'>''« 
ed. HalUwell, t [93, where a ship form* part of a coat of anua, we read— 

' Hyi maRte of sjdvyr and of golde, And of nuld guide was by* fimst 

The chylde was but of ooa nygbt dde, Hys gabuUo and bye r<*py* erareduM 
And ovyr in poynte to dye : Waa portrayed verify.* 

'Upon biM firvt heed, in his helmet creet. There aloue a J^n* of Uia «i1ko so fine.* 

Hawee, Ptmd^fM ^f Pteaturt, xxxill. 8. 
'Cktraehv*. The fane of the moat or of a vayle (f knylo), quia aetundum vmtum moreiur.'' 
Ortna Vocab. ' Kano of a uteple. niVaW. vanicre.' PaU^'rare, 

* '1566. WiDt«rt4}une .... odo old vcitmcmt, one amy*, one oorparaxe, one /auntt 
.... ^Vrought in the Isle of Axhntmc .... unn amis, ime idbe, a Alote, n ImiU. a ffimnttl, 
a ooroorai. Liuculnsbire Cb. Goods, pp. 164, 169. ^ M'lnijfil tut : ijutHitm vatif victr- 
dotait*.' Medulla. In Myrc's InBtruciiona fur Parfidi Pritiot-i, |i. 59, 1, 1917, we read—- 

' 3^ I*!! wuute stole or/anoun, Pane forth wyihowt«a tumoi* 

When |m>u art in ^ oanoun. 

See alto the Lay Folks Maw-Book, pp. 167-8. where it U spelt pAoHMi. Tu tb^' Fnnlh of 

Facion*. 15J5, pL ii. ch. riii. aiirn. Lii. the author writing of tho Imli ' -f. 'for 

tbei eette mudie by besutie, thd cary aboole with thcin phanrltes to << 1 fmm 

thesonoo,* where the meaning seeme to be a 'k* n Oucan^c %. \. !',■ '• 

Morlay in his Will dated 1540. bequeathed 'ti m of anl annoir 1 f 

the qweni of Saynt Katryne in McUyng chuixin *j m jJ. with a veEttutjitb "> <-u»*,k* 
ohamlett, albe^ stole, and fantull therto belongyng.' likkmirmUhira WUU, <te., SarteM 
Soo. voL txvi. p. 31. 

* * Woriinche tiohea. how-«wa >ai oomo, I bald noghl oll«« but (Utb and fnnt&ta*,* 

Hampole, IMcka of Con»cirTirr. t f^J. 
Wvdif rcnden P»ialms cxriii. 37 by 'ttim mJn eghtu JkiI ^ fantom* [mm' . 
' Hit Dui but /itntutn nnd f^iri.' ICarly Kng. Poems and I^ivus of Sattite, cd. ' j>. 

1 34. In the WycUfite voniun uf St. Mark vi. 49, the diteiplee aeeii^ our Lorti waixing 



ftFsrdeU*'; inonfuentm. 

t» FarnttkyU* 'j hnficula, Untujo, 

tFamtykyldo; Untiginemn. 

to Faroe'; /mrins in-, «-, con-, 
ffw/-, di/; fointHjtarv. rf/*/j?r«, far- 
tare, re-, eon-tforcinare, re-, di/- 

ft I^irByng*'; farrimttt, farchnentum. 
ftFarto; httnifjumt tumha, ^dtcio, 

to Farto ; f^drre, ryn-, turpiler *>»- 

ere, ojfpniere, id «6t confra i>fd4*re, 
to Fare wole ; t'o/cr'e, t^a/t;, vaieU. 
to Faate ; ti^iunorv, a^Arinfrre, 
■ Faate ; i^uni-um, tihniitieucia. 
Faate; JinnuBy & cetera; I'bi ackjT. 

a Faatnea; yTr/ncMff, mir»n/a«, cou- 

titancia, Btahifitag. 
*Faatynganga(FAat7nffeayiig A.) *; 

*a Fatte " ; cujta, cupula, c\tui%, 


fa Fattmaker ; cnjMirius. 

rrawus. crtfwtffua, cnMetdentus, 

tto make Fatte ; craMf*r©. con-, d^-, 
id «8t r(i/</« erasure, inp[(]ntjH' 
are, inpiwjutre, inevcare, Iwrdare, 

tto btf Fatte ; crasaere, crescere, eres- 
sari, jdngussccre, in-, gliecert, 
pinguere, in-, pinffuifieri. 

I ' ' o>«>'lf^n lilm (or lo bea^mfuni.* ' FurBo)K- ili»\mifntittme )i*t )« forc-tclle.' 

t'alrme. 3jI5. See Also Gower, iii. 173. ' Pantantiui, a i<boat, ik hmg, A nibin 

b ..-_..^.^, rt hobgolitin, A sprite, a bide, the riding tiit^;gu or iiuire.' Floriu. 

^ 'A furdcll, or jiAcko that a mAn benrcth with him in tha wny, stntTu or uarHAg«, MTcina, 
A little lAgot, orfanltill, /iwciV"*yii«.' Borul. • A fArrlet. ^irciMi.' MAnip. Vockb. 'Who 
woold fnrdrlA beAfF* Hinnlet iii. I. Low Lat. fariieJiua. 

* la the ThnrntiJo MS. l«tf sSfi. i« » receipt * to tlo A>mye f^^iikUU*.* CbAuoor in 
the Knigbte's Tale, 1311, In dettcriblng 'the grctc Emetroua, tho Kyu^fo of Ytide/ ta,y% 
there were 'A fewo/rnA-Nu in his bee y*«prent, 

Bvtffixcn ycttvc A4iii blakc fti>niili-t y -ment.* 
'Piimatirktr*, frecklM.* Tour to the Cnvea, E. l>ial. Soc. O. ImI. ,fVefi-HA, A. 8. /ram. 

* tnttiffo, PUn. A «|K;cke or piinplt.'. rvdde ur wauuu, appearing In the face or other part.* 
Cbopor. 'A*«ufui.' pujeula que uoMtitur, Angliee, n urrete. l/erUiirula. A flVnkyo. ttnti- 
pinoMs. F^nkcnyorcpoUy. Medulla. Turnertnbis Hcrb&l, 1551. p. 169. sayit: 'Rocket 

hcftlttb a1 the fiuilet m the fnce biyd to with hony, »nd it tiucetb away frekloe or 

fatfmtiUr* with vtn«gTe.' See aIm 7emtykyllo, below. 

* 'To iarce. to ttnff* or porre in. dtjfercio* Baret, 

• Of oUe ^0 ibyngei |>ou EDako/vftira, Aad/onK \o *kyn. And porboyle hit wde.' 

lAhfT Cart Coeorum, ed. Morrin. p. afi. 

* nie fbmi Ptutffnf/ontf occun «evenil timei tti the Pa^too Lett«nj, thu« — ' Ab fur the 
otillgKCyon that ye shald hare of the parson of CresHynghaia, bo Bcth he cum never at 
CVeasyngbam syth be tipake with you, oud that bo behosta it too not till Fa*tyt\^*fng' L 
194. ed. Cairdner. See aLwi i. 1 10, 378, ii. 70, 83 and 3 1 1. 'ifhouuu Orcmt^on wjff . . . 
wUi oocapied swne ester zix. ytje, unto /aitynffoti'j, the xjt yere of the king.' Howard 
Bonsebold Books, 14,81-90, p. 117. * V[>oun the zix dAy tboirof, bein;; /aitritua^n, at 
toa boiiris eftcr none, dw^ritf Ion! Seytoun come to the castell of Ediobur^jb.' Diuraal 
of Ooourrenta, i5i3-t,i>75, Ilannatyne C'lab, 183.1, \y. 259. 

• Abd oil the Pnainjng9-ewjf% rychl To the c-wtell thai tak thair way.* 

Id the beirinninj uf the nycht, Biirboiir'B firuet^ Bk. x, 1. 371. 

8ee aIao ihc- ()r.lm?tnfiwi of tho ' (.iild of St. Jamce. Lcnnc,' pr, in Mr Toulmin Kiuitli's 
Sn*jl'' '. ^' • ' it ii Appointed that four gent'rul nitftitig^ are t'j be heM in 

each )i is fixvd f'lr 'yu SuuneJny ni*.it ftfl^-r /''jVyjt^pjjtf/^.' Langby 

moitr-u., i ,„.u.^. ...... . .j.^lay. ' FaktrrtP-nen or trtu, Slirovc TutwdHV.' Ray'« GloWAry. 

* S^xapttima. The Sunday before Faetgoog. Qi^iitfuf^rtWrna, TfaoSiinuAyooFaatyagoag. 

* * A fat or A taX Ortttlbt* MAiilp. VooAh, ' Ctpa. A cappc or a Sal.* Medulla. ' A fat. 
Fiu.' Withala.' * FaILc, a vawiU. qvtvH*. Fatta. U> dyi; iu. ruuirr a Miwliv.' pAl>^<;Tav«. 

'Wbeone ikou ha«k- fyllyil op thy Me. b«re hltovore bit» a /aU^ Aud Uitt hit stand l). 



H Fattnes ; aruina, aruintUa, enssi- 
tas, erojtm'tiulo, crufluNtfff, sofjina, 
mginula, jAiujuedo, 

a Pftwcon ' ; /tercxHu^, faUo, 

s Falconer ; falcoixanua. 

to Fauer; f avert, Aq^iMoen^ Aspi- 

ta Faueror ; favtor^ dupiicariu9, qui 
fauet vinqMia /tftrfi. 

tFaixCT-abyUa, or faueryngd ; favantt 

a Fauour ; fauor, aura, ffraiXa* 

fa Fawne ; /linnutns. 

fa Fa-wchon ' ; rwnphea, framea, 
jtptUa, xpatula. 

tFawthietell* * ; Inhrum veaeru. 
F htUe E. 

Febylls; imbfciUus; «6i wayke. 

to iimkc FebyU* (to PebyU« A,) ; 
AtUnvare, dcbilitare, injimiare, 
dihierf, ejfeminare, enerttare, eui- 
rare,^- cetera; vbt to make wajke. 

a Febyllnes ; MQita*; inb€ci7litat, 

4' «t<ra ; v\n Wfiyknea. 
Fobylly ; debiittcr, imhenJUtptr, ^ 

Fedd ; jiwinhis, cihatim. 
to Pode (Peydo A.) ; oibaret curare^ 
pagcfre, J^ ; Y?Qr«u8 : 

^hec ttta si'/nat curo^ tttedlor, 
volfi, ftaaco, 
a Fodyr; jfertna, ptuma, plumeHa* 
fto Pedyr; jiennaro, phttruire. 
tto VII Fedyr; apcnnam, expiumare^ 
ta Fodyr bed; /u&rum, plumalef 

lectiXB pluvmlm. 
fFedyrlea or wiVi o wtyu feden; 

tto be Fodyrdo ; plunun^. 
tFedtrid or ftiU« of fedyra ; p/unw- 


a Pee * ; feodum. 

to Fee (Feeffe A.) ^; fcfffure. 

a Fe&nevit ; feoffametitum. 

dayi or iij.* Porkinpton MS. In Wright's Carols and Sonpx, Percy Soc. p. 87. ' Apon thul 
rocke |>er wm an ^lie ]iac v/aa alway droppande ilropm of wftter. and be ncthc it ^mr wa« 
a/a//« that rtwsayfcd aUotbo drupjws.' Do Dog^uUcvillo'e PilgriaiA^, John's ColL MS. leaf 
iisbk. 'Quyl I fete lum quftt/zC. F^u be ^t be(«.' Ailii. Poemii, B. 627. 

' J scIiaI fvU you a fatte V>ur fetto for to wasche ;* ibid. So>. 
*H1 bare]) a wal precious tra«or ina a wel fyebble uW.' AyenttiU 0/ Invyt, p. J31. See 
also SL MarAarettt p. 18, St. JuUnna. p. 31 > &c. 

* * HerortinM. A gerfalorm.* M«luUa. ' Ifrroditu. ArdeolA: kiron." Duoan^ Hi* 
MedulU furtber deacribeit it aa a bird ' tpte Hncit at/uilam.^ 

'Made tUe ^fatprom to ffloter and fflauhe flbr anger.' Wrigltt'n PoIitic&I Poemt, i, 389, 
*Tbu8 foalyd tiu9ffa»k^ oa ffjldis aboujt'-''.' I^'>d. i. 3S8. 

■ ' Palekont a wood Itiufe or sword.' B.*iret. • ffec vpata, A ' fawchon ' Writflit'a Vooah. 
p. 195. * Gy« hath bym a stroke r&ghte With hya/atriAf'n at n drs^'bte. 

MS I'antab. Ff. ii. 38, laaf 157. 

' According to Lyte, Dodoeni. p. 53a, thig is the ' Card tluntcl or T« a^vl ' {Itipmcut 
/uftoNum). wli'H.-b hti Myi ia odled ' to Latiuo Dip»acum and Lahrum IVn^ru.' euuI in 
Engii«he Full«ni Travel. Cnrde Tbtctall. and Venus bath or Bunn.' He addft that Oio 
rout ' buyled in frine and afterwarde potuide antiU it ciim« to the flubstancc or thiokncBM 
of anointment, healeth the chappeH, riften, and fututaaof tbc fuiideniont. Hut to prcacrua 
this oyitliix-nt. ye muBt kcvpe it in a biixe of copper. Tbe smxli wunuiti that nrc luuiida 
witliin tbtf knopptM or headeii of Teaiielleg, do cure and bentg the (junrutynn ii^ue, to l>« 
wnrno ur tyed alwut the uecke or anau.' Paicthistdlc woiilj be /*aA ^Uttl ^oulovred 
thiiitlfl) in A. SAxori, but the word does not nppaar in Boaworth. 

* See Ducauire, ».r, Pemdum. 

* ' Feo/mtni Higntfias donaUonaK feudt. any gift or gmnt of any hnnoDn, caatlex, maiion, 
xneuuaifea, tundsi ur other oorporoal or iiniuovcable tbini,rB of like nature, to another in fee ; 
that ia, to him and hid heirs for evRr.' Blount'a U-iw Dictioiuiry. 

• Tbannt* Svinonye and Cyuil** atondt-u forth botbo, 
AndvnfoMetb Y^ /([ftment, |iat faU hat-b yniakeiL' P-Plowmnn, B,{i.73. 
'Panel vith his fik<^l Bjieohe /f^>^A bi this chartre T« be prk'nceain prj-dc, Sic' Hnd, I, 78, 
*]n caai of thia iij" nianur ben tlio that b(*n /t^d in othtin* in'^nnyii londis.' Pccock'f Rv 
preaaor, ed. Babiiigtou, p. 398. ' Wbaiine ttm ttaid /tjfen and excou(4iuhii esprnsNU or 
liriucU gmunten and ooaaeofcea as bi oouenantf Ao.* ibid. p. 399. 



to Feghte ; jm^nare, ^ cetera ; vbi 

to fyghte. 
ta Feehouse ' ; Votftar, -oris, medio 

lo Tayae ; ommentari, comminUd, 
toiijiru/ere, fingcre, dif-, di$»imi- 
lare es-tjin'jcie a« nMcire, aimidar« 
est cum quia non vuli/acttiqucd 

F«Cnied ; fict\i», JUliciitg, 

» Feyner« ; couxnuutAtor^Jiclor, tttmu- 

ft P«yiiyng« ; faceio, Jtccio^ fymca- 
tuin, ^fi'jiiifin, cmatiientum, 

Feynynge ; /''iXw/o^us, faceiosiM. 

u Felay (Felowe A.) " ; con8or$ in 
premto, eotties in via, sodatt^ in 
measa, e^llega in oJiHo^ sncixxs 
in lahore («/ pocixx^ in peviculo, 
complex, soa'us id maio ; ver- 

%Bst comorg, soeioagne, oomex, 
eoUfiija, sodatia. 
Dat aors conaortem, comit^m 
via^ niBusa aodaUm, 

Misalo cotlegam^ soduixi lahor 

cfficU idenx. 
£ft complex \ aociuA'hic 6cmus, 
t7/-fl maixks, 
a Fold© ; eampua, AgelluSf Agar, ^ 
cetera ; vcmub : 
%Campn», AtjeJlu^, Agcr, rt«, 
ortuB 4' ortuJuB, A ruum. 
Aruum, camous, Agett r*u aie 

diuf:T$ijicantttr : 
McssibuBtk/tAruutaUtlum euta 

fior^ vcl herha, 
Dum aeritnr ait Ager, ^ aemtxi 

cuuJi'mr illo ; 
Campus dicatur cum fruetibua 

Inctdtum ms eat vdutt autit 
paacuti filue. 
ieTritorium ; frugifw^ Arualia, 
eampeator, ruralia. 
aFele£ure(Fel<l&reA.)*; ruriacua, 

fto Feele*; AhacoTideTtt ^ eotera; 

vhi to hyde. 
to Folo * ; aeiUirtf pre-, ra*. 

* A-S. feoit, O.JcelfS. cattle. ' Bugtar. An oxca nUdV Medulla. 'Gaf hjm land* 
ftnd n^litc Aii'l /«.' (Jenena & Exwlu*, 7S3. See alw Oxestalle. below. 

' O.lotil./elufri- ' ^Vlth patruLTkes &D(1 prophets to Paradiae lobe /iriaircf.' P. Plownuu, 
B. vii. 1 a. In the Story of tlie Three (.>»cki*, Oata Somarufmmt p. 175, we rtrml — * Aiiat 
that, the uecuDd txikke wmge. the Udy anid to her iiiiud«, "what •yngetb tlua cokke 1" 
** thifl cokk« v«it.h, my/etaie for hu wth luw, hath lout hli tyf, and lietb fuU lawe." ' 

* MS. comjdcxM^ 

* WOliaiii of Pidcme, we are told, tiled to come home 

* Ychwged wi^ cunyng 3c barva, Vfip temuoB and frldfaru^ & ot>er fimlea grete.* L. iSl. 
8m also RoauituU 0/ tht Ro$t, 5510, aitd the Babees Book, ed. Furaivall, p. 160, I. 3, aod 
HwTMon. DcMripC. of Eoglaud. ii. 17. A. 8. fwlu/ur, ftal^fv>r. 'Feldfure or Ihniih, 
fctfWiH.* Barct. Cluiucrr, Varlfvneni of Ponle*, 364, mentionK * tliethrustil olde, the frosty 
^feld^arc' an t-pitbut which he ffivey tu the bird from it# only appearinj^ in thia country 
in the winter. The true (ieldforti, titrdus piJttru, is, however, a rare vinitant in EngUno. 
iho name being oommou^ ^ven u> the Miwel-lhnuh, turdua riacirorua, alao known u 
the folttiiriiKh. *6o. hn wel fddfare* Homauitt 0/ the Jiote^ 553. ' i7lo eavtpetter, 
fpldfare.' WHghtsYocab. p. 189. * Hie runiactu, a feldfare: hcc campeater, aCeldfkre:' 

AkZ. Jl. 3 31. 

* Thi. ntithor of the Early £ng. Metrical HoanlieB, t4ib cent., tells U3 that 

' Hi- fbriat'ii] godhed xu fleiji wim ffJid The fead, that lelid oiir fxdir Adam.' 
AS li'pk in bait, quare thurw be Lelid £;d.SiaNU,p. 13,1. 16. 

In the jKcount of hiii dream in iforfe Arthnre ArthiU' uya — 

•Tliurgh that forestc I, lliare fluuret wenheglie, 
For tv fete me for ferde of tha foule thynge^.' od. Brock, 3336. 
'Tofmt, to hide.* Kemy. 'Tofeolo, vdiftt, nUiCviuUre.' Mioiip. Vocab. A. 8. feotan^ 
O. loeL /fla of. Lat. ttiurf. 

' Tn feel uri^iAlly menut f > perrelve by the senHes, not seoeisarily that of tdach. Thus 
"^ lou uyn, ' \\'hj.» lie [the panthere} awakeib, he gyurtb outo of hii muuUi «o twete a 



Feylabylls ; aen^ihilig i.e. qui aeniit 
^- qiwd seutihiT[X,). 

a felischippe ' ; consorcium, tocie^ 
tttg, 4' cetera ; vhi a company. 

+to FoUschippe ; sociare, As-, ctm-, 
man tare. 

aFelle for myse'-' ; mutcipula, d6- 

tA FoILt ■ ; A mowntane, A hylle, 
AJle L8 otio^ Aipi$, 4r •etoni; vhi 
Montane (A.). 

to FeUe ; indJ^re, siucidere. 

a Fellar ; BuccitBor. 

•FelU- ' ; Acer, Acerhns, a^«r, atroa:, 
auJiteruSy auM^rts, harttarxxB, bar- 
iancus, ^jfius, heBtiarivs,cruJu^ 
crudeliSf diriUy ^erus, farulis, 
ferose, fitrua, m;/tani>, immitiH, 
fmyyiu&, I'm^iT^UB, imfomitMS, lu- 
AM/nd»U8j initptuaj moUneuii, prO' 

teruoE, riffidns^ jrfunt, f«K«ro% 

trux, trucuUtitus, iirannMB.U/ninat 

vioIentUB ; vnd^ versos : 

TlCncius, crMcWiB, Autt$niM ^ 

improhu*, Alf'rx, 

Est JvrnB, a/que ffr<w, vioUf*^ 

(vs, Ac4:TiiUS ^i^ Acer: 
ImpinB, iMt»i(M, Beutuiqfxe, m4- 

AitpcTt itJtumanxiBqati tirat^ 

fUiB, mutf pToterutti. 
Toruns^ iitd4>t/Utxi&,h*J4 iutiffi- 

tur aU{ae M««rrua, 
Predtctis diraa sttctahitur, ^ 
•to be Pelle ; barbarham^ eruJtare, 
crndrsci;rc,«^ertirt, tiisanirv^ inva- 
to make Pell*; ; f^rarv. 
•Feily ; A critcr, A trocitisr, crwUUier, 

nmur &nd mtclle. thAt anon the be«tes thkl fth It iteeke hym.* Mt/mtir of tJU Warlde, 
pk. it. cb. vj. p. 75. 8ee also OtDU» Romanorum. [>■ 313. In the Kurijf Bug. AUiUrutitu 
poems, ed. Morris, B. 107, oar lard ia reproaentod u Myin^; — 
* Ctria ^BC ilk renke) put nie rr'iwjeil Imbbe 
& (teDoui)c«d ma, nojt now at {^iii tynie, Sehiil oeneruttc id mynltimjr wiper to /itik.* 

' Wc fwie comcoly in Engliflli tliot we feel A man's tnitid when wo undrratand hia cmtaat 
or meaning and cootrariwiiio whun the same in tu ua von^ darke imd hard to be p«rroe^v^(l 
we ilu ciiiiitfQiy Wf ** I vanaot fe«l his mind,*' or " I have no nianer fteling in tbo matt«r." * 
Udall. Traiut. of ^po/>JUA^«ut of Knuaaue. od. 1878, p. i^S. 

' ' KeloAchqw * occurs troqumtljr in the I'aaton Letters both hi the unlinary meaning 
oT eoTnjtaMtf, cvtnjinHiuHAhip. and aiao iu Lfae wnse uf a Uody u/ hicti ; thUK in vul. i. ji. Mjt, 
we find both muaniii^>4 iii the wuue pamgraph. ' Furry tvWts in Jd>\i---h. i^^ v>i'J> Wiltyuui 

Hnaard at QuotIm, aod tuld him, &o And Mnrioth aacj hi- olio 

grrttfl LtDgagts, fte.^ Agniii, p. 1 80, wo rea/l. ' Her wjw un eryU r«wl}'u n)»y 

ftl the BcBeie. and firrd ryth fuwlu with the Utidvr Scboryfo. &c.' ( iikutr, r»le of 
MalibouB ha»— 'tnako no ^tlatckipe with thine olde rn^myos.' S«o also Pricks "f Cotv- 
•duico, 4400. ' Site ttid. " Yo |jo ofW aithea iu diuiri-iv /rlUhij-pc ; ba|>t>t>ly yv my^ht 
leats the Ityu^re, and tt wen greto pite to leie mch a prtic-ioiu lewcll. tli>.-rf><rx). my gtxNl 

■Ir, tuktr lue the Byug, and 1 shall kepe it na nty lyf." ' Uttit'i Uumn -hmi. [> iSj. 

•.Aiilfaor .... fltiiiii^ with hia/ie/ofH idifppe [curn ruuprfi/uf/tial.' Hi ' ' MS. 

traiu. llcilU Srne«, v(4. i, p. 37^, ^/tM^^a Ancrttt KtteU, p. 1 60, and f>ir />'' .:i.v 

' ' Pueicila i. e. miuoifmla. A mouKfalle. IttdpuJa. A lrafi)>e ur u p> 1 i-iUa. 

A.S. mtm-ffidU. See alao MowMfaUc'i b«low. J/'iri/'u/'i in g1o>uMl b}' kii' 

by J. do GnHaoiio, iu Wright's Vol. o£ Vooab. p. 13a, and by ratiKrs, th^c <* cHi.rt, by 

' 111 the Antnrt qf Arthur, ed. Robaoii (Comdon 8oeie*y\ i. 8, we And Arthur daH^rilKxl 
M hunting 'by ianneaooaa. by fiyihya and/eV/«a;* and in the .MorU Arthure, 24^^^' 

'Tliow aalle Cl>oik1v to tiie/iiU, and furrmyc (be muuntuK/ 
See alto Sir DeirrtraM, ed. Halliwell. II49. 'Ftdliidi. wtmtQMtn.' Monip. VomK O. 
Icel. Jiall, A. S. fd. . . ' . . 

• ■ Titer nyi. I win, no serpent » ontel. 
When mm treble ouhia tail, ueludfito/tJ, 

That ever AnUi-rinl found. Jiu.1 

* FiUitJu ylaujte, and tu^; 


1 1. . i V, .... .1.. 

■I. !«,• 



I'.L.^ii Iivnt l>ri>':_ 


M^ Wpfe'lil 

« J'olifimi i'iienw 


..• Jbi,l. i 




*a Fallmes; Atrocitoji, Acerhitag, 
A )tjK'Hta», Acrilnn, AusterUaM,bar- 
haritits, artuUHtas^ cnuUtas, rujoTf 
wuicia, ««*)(i'm. 

m Felony ; /acinne, flarficinm \ fa- 
eineroni9y _y?n//(>ii).nis j>.tr(icipia, 
fcionta. 9C(^lus. xcffirMiia «t sciler- 
urn cofjitator, atAleratxu qwi fac\i 
MelvLS^ sc^ff/'osttJi qui acduB pati- 
tur ; 4* *i<' aitcT cogiUU, aUer oyi^ 
^ altvr jatittuT. 

to Felow l&iade ; hartctare. 

•[(0 relon. ' ; Antrax, ettrbuncuIxiB. 

to Feno ; Jtuyergj ^ ect«rn ; vhi to 

'FeaeUd or fbnkeUa * ; ,/«wcu2um, 
•nara/rum («fus eemen A.). 

fa Fenix, -ci« (Fenix A.); ms^o 

corrcpto, ^w»> PHira in Arabia. 
•a Fen; ;>a/us, ^-fetoro; vdrt a mjiraa 

(mairee A.). 
+to be Ferde ; otfriyere ; (vhi dred- 

fuUe A.). 
+vn Ferde; Mt hardy (A.). 
+a Forot * ; fitrOy fiirecloB^ 
+a Fcry ma/i ; trniisfrniator, remex. 
a Forme * ; firma. 
Ferm ; jlrtnuA, JiatiiA, 
a Permer ; JirmarixM qxxi dat Jtr^ 

+a Fermerer ; jnjimuirtua. 
a Fermory*; jnjirtfiarium, jnjirma* 

iorium, viisocorniuui, vatitudin- 


* *FIgKe> KKldeT) (l>ru»p<l) nnd Iniil to, rlriue awup bardDa«« : thojr •nfl«n mntllmg* 
behind the eorao, u»l utber angrie ftwellitiK^ called PAIohh or CnttM hkirea.* Borot. 

* Avtrtui ■ (Mir6uN«M/«tf lapiM. or a fTelon,' MmIuIU, ' Kiles, feimtM. and poetymea.' MS. 
I Jk«hmol. 4i,leai'ji7. ■ /*Hr«»<^/«. a fdim, wliitlaw.* CotjjraTe. * IferantrtLt.m fclun bleyn.' 

Wri^it'a VtfO&b. p. 367. ' Fi-lon, a (viro, mtratq.' PaUgrare. 'CjittAi huere, olIiconriM 
oaUed a fdlon. PnrnnculuM.^ Huloct. Turucr iii hu BerhnI, I55I, If. 64, aays: CreMMS 

driaeth fiirth angri liyteo and utbu- sores euch as ont> it caUod C<iUi» hart;' mud 

L>t«. IVtiloeoa, p. 747. says that ' the loavtw aail fruitv of mianlto . , . , uure the /b&m« 
«r iioughttt; •orcn wbiob Hue about the toppen of toon nud fingen.* 

* Cocaporc Htuidd fenkrUe. 

' In the HuuHehoM and Wanlmba Ordioanoe* of Edward IT. (Chauoer Soctotsr. ed. 
Famfroll). p. 45, it was directed that there aboold be att*ohed to the Ooort 'a f«rr«H«r, 
irtio thai bare ij ftrtdita aod a boy to betp him to take oouee when bo ihal be eo ohargod 
\A the Ktevard or thresnrrr. He wbal trtko for hii owne wages ij* a day ; for hi« boy j* 
oh.; and fur tbt: puture [f>K>d, &o.] of tbe /erretet j^; & one rahc yerely in clotb. or * 
surke in inony ; h iiij" viij* by the vera for sbnee.' 

* A- S. ffom, wbnt ^oee to tho support of U/o ; feormian, to rmpply with ft»od» entertain. 
'The modem Ecn»eof ^rtn aroee bjaecreefi. Id the first plnoe lands were let on canditt'm 
of tfupplviug Uiu lord witli to many mi^bts* untcrtamiuont for bti bouMbnld, I'huN the 
Bainn Chnon, ad 775, mcntionj* land let by the abbot of Peterbnnugh, onconditioD that 
tbe teiMut nbould aunuidly (lay £50, aod ohm nihtu /torme, one ni{(bt'fl tuteitaiDinent. 

k91iie mode of reckoning cooNtacitly appejin la Domaiday Book : — " Iti^det jinnnm trium 
nootiam : i. e. 100 libr. ' TIm) InoonTeutenceof payneat in kind utu\y mule ornvvnAi tlie 
■ubtititutioaofamoDty payment, which waacalled^nna a/&a, ar blanehg /ann<, from bein^f 
pA)d in Kilrer or white nioor^y initead of victuale, Sometimes the rent was oalled simply 

'Arma, and the sante name wat given to the /arm, or Innd ^m whence tbe reot accrued. 

k^roo) A.a. the wotd seems to have been adopted irt Fr. ferme, a fann. or anytliinu held 
in &rTn. a leaee.* Wedgwood, s. r. Farm. SeealsoIiberCustumannu.Glou. s. v. Firmn. 
In the I'affton Letters* iii. 431, in a loUer&om Margaret Pafttm to her hinluuid, we bare 
tbe word /cttju used in iu two meanings of rtmt paid, and land raUed. She writes— 

* Plaaeo yon to wet tliat Will. Jenoy and Debham came to Calcote .... and ther they 
spskc with Ry»ynj< and John Smythe, and bsalnrd hem rente and ferme ..... "Sir,** 
- ;iij, " 1 tuke the frrmt of my raa«ter. tkc* So in vol. L p. 181, we find incu- 
I lis at Boytoa wecho Obesemanbad in his /fmu fur v. mark' 8ee aUo Morte 
Ar^hiirc, ii. 425. ioo(. Oixton, in the CArffn. 0/ EnffUmd, p. 2B1, <^ 3h^3, i»j«; *iil} 
koTcbtes haddrm tnkpti englnnd la/rnnr of tliu kvnyif.' 

•la William Du lX-i;iiilevill«'« Pil;;riraage of the Lyf of the Manhode. «d. Wright, p. 205. 
«« imm1« * Hoerfore bath OnMxslipu uxaad me B|ftp»flww of Uiii place ;' that in KUf<crin< 
idsiii of tho Lofirmary. See also 1 3J of the eune page, and p- 193. lu the Abbey of 



tFeme(olceFemB A.); polipodium, 

^ cetera; vbi bntkau. 
ta Femtykylltf * ; cetria ; cesius par- 

ticipium; lentiffojenticula, neuus, 

7»«UK/ua cii'ininutiuiim. 
tFomtykylde ; lentiginosuBj lenlicv 

lO€U9, 7teWiSUB, CMIM*. 

Poire; emmus, procvl^ longt (Ion' 
gi7iqu\x&i remotw A.)i 4t ce^^^i 
rbi ferre (ofere A.). 

Ferrtf a-boute; mu/lum dUtans a via 

a Ferthyns? ' ; tjuadrana. 

•• Posande ' ; fananuSt omix, 

aFosician*; pAiVcus, ^ c«tera ; vbt 

a iiMciau. 
a Feerte ; eonuiuhtm. 
•a Feste of holy kyrk ; fiatum, re- 

Ugioni* ttt^ feaiuluin, /estiuitaa, 

o^ebnta$, iotennitas/ {fe»tiuu$, 

feaiiualU A.), 
to make Feste ; /atare, /esdnare. 
to FeatQ ; coa.uiuar« ^- couuiuari. 
aFeatbouaa; coiiuiuariuta, coiiui- 

to Feat * ; Attigare^ Aticorat^^ Annte- 

(erif, Jujere, con-, in-, ^«r-, 9uf-, 
Jibularef cou-, Jirmart^ ligare, 

ta Fwityllo ' ; Jtrmatortum. 
aFeatynga; jfUmaturOy JhurOt /i- 

tFestivall« ; celeber^ f«/«6«, featatit, 

•tFeatyuaUy; festiiu, Bolcnuiiiir, Sf 

ta Fester ; dcatrw, eicalriculan JU- 


the H(Jy Gbort. pr. to Relig. Piaoee in ProM and Vene, from the Thornton MS. (E. E. 
Teti Soc. ed. Perrjr), p. 50, 1. 19, we read — ' B«wfuliie« a*Ue tn&ko ttio fa-monjt. : Devocloae 
bile make the ccUere. &c. S«e abo tha Myroure of Onr Lady. ed. Blunt, p. 30 and 
IntxurJ. p, xxvili. 'A fermarye : talHudinofriiLm* WithnU. • Cum hMir. qa«xl •elm. lo 
the Fffrmrry, far fow ertu ooujt welle bore-' De Deguilevitle'B PUffruxuiigc, MS. John'* 
Coll. C«nb., leaf 134. *The monko aiione n,-^Iiti} weau into the /emteryt and then dyed 
aaone.' Caxtoo, Chrvniclc* vf England, ed. ijaa p. 87. 

■ See Varsiikille. above. 

■ A. S. feorthmg, the fourth part of » com. not neoMBarily of a penny. ITma we read, 
•lW»yere the Iwige — . made anewequyae as the nohyllc, half uobi" ' ' rKytuj' 
Dobyllo.' Grey Frian' Chroiucle. Camden 800. Caxtoo in hu Ckron. q; ;^o. p- 
331, ch, sag, mentiouB 'the floreyno that was calliil the noble priaof vj ^L .._...„ .ij i>«ue 
of kterliiigo*, and the halfc noble of the Talue of Uire fthyllyngea four \*cub, ftnd Uio jn'thlnj 
of value of n peno.' Bo alio in Ubur Allua, p. 574, there Is an order of the Kinnj that 
*Hoiicta auri, videlicet If obte, Demi Noble et FeriMftg cttirant.* Chau<»r, Prologue, I j4« 
uim the word in the aetiae of a very mmll iwrtion : — 

* Id hire ooppe was nojtrtkinij lene Of grcece when K^e drnnkeo hadde hire drangbte.* 
' See directions fw earring a feytanntt in the Baheea Book, n. 37. ^Kawcons ud 
/EMni<Mof fcriychshewes.' Morte Arthure, 935. From a ptasage in tie Liber Cuatumarum, 
BoUs Series, ed. Riley, p. 83, it would seem that tlie pheasant was oocntnon in England to 
early aa the beginning of the nii^m of Edward I.; a point on which Mr. Way »»enu to 
imply a doubt in his note. A itiU earlier referenoe to pbeMants (as enten in (Aw country 
prohikbly) will l>c found in the Mtirical piece. Golmg di qaodum Abbnt^, In Wright's I^Un 
Poems of Walter Mapos (Camden Sodety), Inlrod. p. xUi. ' The fetannde, skurnero of the 
oak by nygbte.' t'liauc^-, Parlemmt 0/ Fvtdef, 357. 

* In Lonelich's Hist, of the Holy Gnil, ed. Fumlvall. xxxvi. 3. we are lobl tbat 
* Ypoflr«s was the worthiest ftcyteian that was evero oocvnipted in ony phu ;' and sgatn, 
L 7J. be is termed ' the wurUijesl/uyscyaa levnnge.' See aUo Aj/mtftU <>/ Inttj/t, p. i ;>. 

• la Havelok. I. 8 j, we find ' in felOTWi ful liiiitu /r*tat ;' and ugain, L 144, 

' In harde bondes, oictb and day. He was so fiutc wil yuel/oct.' 

Bee also Hanip -le. P. of Cfmtcifnee, 1907, 1909. and f,i<)S- 

' Al hi« clathni frm him ^ai kctt. And scourges kene |)ni ordatid \mit% 

And tUle a pclor fast hlm/uf, To beta rpon tus body htav.' 

A. 3. faaUin. IIS lUrl 496. ! 

' '^/Maforliiin. ittvd chtr qito aliifuiJ jinnalttr.' Medulla. Compare Dalko, » 



» Pettyr ' ; toia, compea, nemua, 

yediea, maitica est nutnuum ; 

versus : 
1t(?iwy»es sit funs, »&\. «7Uoruui 
dico ttomeiiain, 
lioiatjfuccolla lii/aty sed monUB 
«5t rnanica. 
to Pettyr ; compcdire. 
FMtyrd; <^fmpedit\\&. 
^ Fev*rriB ; J«i/ns, fibrioula, tipua. 
Feverfew; /ibn/u<fa, liarha eat. 
iyt Feverqiiartayn * ; quartana ; 

tWev«r3ere* ; februariua. 
a Pewler (or Fowler A.) ; attcfips, 

A iicupator, Auiculariuat Aucu^ 

to Fewle ; Auoupari. 
A Pewyll* * ; t^i byrde (A.), 
a Fewlynge; Aucupado, Aueupatua, 
Fewa ; ^aucus, ixtruB. 

tto be Fewe ; rarcre, 
tto tt'cx Fewo ; rareaecre. 
a Fownes ; j>auciV<i«, j^aucedo, rari' 

T uxu I. 
a Fiallti * ; Ampulla, fuJa, 
+* Ftche * ; orolu3, vicia / ( Veraus : 

/orf seinen A.). 

a FidyUc ' ; vidula, ctdella, vieSa. 

A Fidiller ; JiduUtita, vtduliata (A.). 

to Fldyllc j vi<iul(irc, v'it^/aro. 

tu Fidyllt' Btik ; J/x,>u/us. 

|a dry Plge ; Jicus, -i, /cus, -us.Jtcu- 
iMb, Jketum, ficulneuta e&t locua 
vhi crescuni JicexiB; Jlcelas j^arii- 
cipium. (A dry Fi«e ; C'um'a» 
hmjMitcf, A.), 

A Fige tre\ftc\i»tjiculnea yJiculMMBt 
fioosMut (A,). 

tA Fige celler ; ficuriua (A.), 

' *NttmtUa. Asliukyl. Humdltu. Sliakcyld. Boia: torrjvet damnatorHm quaai t«^m, 
a fc**rf : ftititatiM, ut in vita S'lncti Pctn, ptMHerunt fivioji circa Mllum eiut.' Mwlullft. 
' * (^iuu'f«na< Ffi;vur qvunuyu. i^ufirUtnttv. Be that batii iiij dtsym fcucr.' UvJullo. 
' 'I t&llo bo fuuudeno in Fniuoce, fnUto whene liym l^kei. 

The tynto dnye of /cKcrjn'c in tluu fftira moivlica.' 

Morie Arthurr, 435. 
* Infiiuirier WftUu wait to him send.' WaJinM, 363. 
Tbfl iftmc spelling occun* £r«|tietiUy ia Uio Paaton Lutl^ra and Kuburt uf Gloucottw. 

* A.S. fut/ei, ft fowl, fiifftitiXt a fuwler. ' 

•TbuB/wM/yf/ Uiid ffaukyu ou Hyldb aboujlc' WnKlit'ii PnHUc«l Pueuu, i. 388. 
' J''f»rk«z in with iiie/ewle in hiK fiure ha.ndeK.' M«>rt€> Arthuro, 1071. 
' 'A violl. a little bottdl or flitgv""*' Bu-et. '^mu/n 1. r. >*o/u. A fl>vl or A oruet* 
Hcdallm. Wycllf in hin vemioD of yumbcn riL 13, 8{feuk« of '& ailuorfln yio/< [a rtol of 
mluere. Purvey,^ . . . . ful of tryeil flonro Bpreynt with oyle ;' and afftun, v. 37, he aaya, 
' Sfthunyol .... oflrede a idJiieren /yoit.' VrevvM in hiji tnuiK. of Hiinten bwi 'a py'er 
>aC bare a rt'o/ of gold,' [phUtUtfik atdream.] Vol. v. p. 131 ; and in the E. E. Allit. Poenu^ 
£. 1476. at the fcMt of Bolbbiuaar there aro said to have bccu '/j/vltM fretted with flore« & 
flee) of tji'ldy.* 

" 'Ajitche, vkaa.' Miuiip. Vocal>. FitehtM ii the oommon pronunciattoa of vetcheM In 
many d^bota at the pretent day. * A nOte fi>r to bale vp the ^c/im that Ue.' Tuwer, 
«il. Uerrtage. p. 37. The MedulU readera *Ma by *a tfctcbc,' and add« the Une — 
' Kit vieium trhnen viciarfue dicile *rmr/i.' 

* He ihal sowe the aed gith, aud the comyii dprvntfeti. ai<d mtU: the wbeie U order, and 
barly and inyle, and jieche in thor otwittOB.* Wyclif, IkUiUi xxviii. 35. 'Fctche, a lyletl 
pcac; ut»*t, (citH//<; itfchc' Pali^raru. 'llic author uf Uit tntus. of Palladiuii on lIuelKindrie 
tella Hi tJiat ' Wliuti this Janui xxv daien ia olde. For accda, but uut for fodder.' 

Is best thi fitfkes furto sowe, Bk. ii. nL 6. 

* *Medie!>hekoutb<}ofmenBtrGldcOlharpe,of//Ac{0,afnutri.' Gugo/ Warwiclr,^.^i^. 

* X Mdle or rplK-cko, ftnwfura.' Baret's Alvearie. 

' Httr WM jil^diti'/c nnd toiig. Her wo* harpinge tnwog/ Lajamon, ii. 5^. 

* I cnti noitbcr tnbre no trompc, ne teUo wme ^aitea, 
Fartvii no MUlcn at featos m barpcn.' P. Ptowmau. B. xiu. 23a 



ipe Figea'; quidam morbua, fiiua; 
verMUB : 
%/Iic Jicus 0st morbus, Aec Jtcus 
fnu'.tws. ^- arhor (A.). 
to Fyghte ; bdfme, j/u//iiare, »ai7i- 

igratyd (Arnyd A.) to Fighta ; pre- 

fa IHghte of giandu ' ; ffiijantimtm- 

a Fighter ; helfator, 6/rff»f/cr. 
a Figure ; caracter, Jujnra, ynuigo, 

ecrmti, iipus ; ti//ictX9, tropieas, 

a Filbert ' ; JtUutm vefjllhi.m, 
H Filbert tre ; ^Ifun n^ljU^iu^. 
to File(Fille A.) * ; tiefntpui-e^ ditpti- 

ran:, 4' cetera ; vhi to tltifuultj 

Ojefowle A.), 
to FylleA veBselle; iTifunden {K,). 
to File ; hmartif -tot'^ -inas, ij* cettra ; 

verbalis -aiie, -iftu. • 
a File : lima. 

tFUed ; detwpatuB, ^ cetera; vbi de- 


VB Fylod ; vhi Clene (A.). 

♦u Pilott ; eoralta. 

tu Felett of |.>« bakke * ; pala. 

to PUle ; impUre, -ad. eibare, ccaffi- 
iaelriare, in/arctre, ojfjtlere, p:r- 
Jiccrct jilcre, re-,8aiurnrc, aaeiare; 
satu.amxis cilfo, tfaciamuT animo ; 

tFyllabyllf! ; sacf(iAi7M*tfe!era(A.). 

+vn-Pylabyllft ; insncialnlia (A.). 

FiloBophi ; jtJiHosopfua *, 

ft Pilosophur : philu8t>pJ»H%. 

•toFiloarB(Philowr A.)'j AJttarA. 

*a Filoure; Affiiatorium. 

a Filth© ; car%n, carles njf/fi.'linaln/« 
felor, fediiaft, /ex, ftailcncia, \l- 
Ivuie^f, inmuudefia, inmuiidicits, 
iiuio, luuio, lues, flvtcii/a, putrrdoy 
sordes, jma^ indecilaahiU; vcrsuil 

* 8ee note to BmeraodU. Andrew Boorde in hia Prenlnry of Haalth, rd. t ;57, chftpt. 
1 59. frtl. U!i., fl[>eitlu of ' A kyokne^ Diiin»*il Fiatu in ano," c<infer»itii; whuh he *ny^ : ' Ficut 
in an'i bo the Utm wunJus, In Ettglytiho it Ib nnuiud a ijjy^ in n uiaua fuunilen)«nLflL 
for it \» K [MwtuiuAUon lykn n fyggo^ i>r a liiinpc of flfcJi in th« longadon lyk* a fjglf* i 
tbc cauMs * uf tliifl itnpLiliiuunt ' is. hv nnyw, ' a niuliuiL'<ily biunoar. tin: whiclie doth iliBCondo 
In-t the longscyon nr fouQ(lc>u(>nt.' Ai a rtnnedy he recomuemlft, first, *t1ie oon/eoUoQ of 
Untn<.-I<c, nr p,vl«i of LapidiB lozule, vr Vcm ruffini, than tak« uf the paaiJ«r of a doggca 
hvil burnt, awl rnlxo it with tha iayc« of Pimpernel. & make tenUM and pnt Into the 
foiindt'iuenL' \Vitbnl snyB, 'PicoM^ a %ge : it »iiuadelh aUo t/> a diactuc- in llit* fuutlArocnt, 
bub then it nficaji, -ci in tbo maw. gvnder, the others be of tlie fem, t^'enilcr, whervof iliiu 
of ti]d. riz. ; " //la .;?'•«*, mof-ftiM; ^re^fciu/ruffM <i* or&dr." ' 

' See aJaa OiandAB fyghte, below. 

' AlexanJerXockliuii. lU Xiie»n§ Rentni. p. 4^^, calls the filbert, tntr P/ii7'' " "V Aj. 
wood sayr, 't/ua*i '' fiU-lHiJtnl," a kind of nut which jiiA Hlla the cup nuuiti U 

of the calyx.' But may not Lbfl name be dnrivt'd Irooi the Latin 1 Gower in i..^ ^ .-;.,..^w 
Jmatttlg. i) 50, vavB. * After l'}a\l'i<t pHilltiHrti Tbii tree wai cleped.' 

*fffe moriia, a 1yll»crt! tre. Hie full h*, a fylberd tre.' Wrist's Vocab. pp. 5>8, 339. 

* III William of NB«i>TiK'lnn'i Poem no the Triiaty and Unity (pr. in Relig. Pieoei io 
FnMe and Verae from the Thornton MS.) [>. 60, 1. iSo, we read that in our Lord 

■Ni-uer WAS fuiKb-nc i,*>-l« Ne natbynge fwt a^y Mole myglii/^U' 

And in Pricke of Conscirticu, I. i jio: 

* B'- Kwa cleni.' and wf^hi vile, . \>tA ^ou nld oerer more mQjIle* 

See aliio Urid. 11. iX^K if59. &<-'. A.S. /j/fan. 

' In the MiM-te Arthure. cd. Bnick, 1 158, wc rcAil how Arthur** kutghUaltor hitooikftffil 
with the ^^ant find him lyin^' ttxlmiuited. and proceml to cxnuiiue 

' His iljkwuke nud hii frhicz and hi^ fairu «ydee :* 
■nrl Hgnin, 1. 'i74> Hir C-ayouaen([Uf[m Artbur, but ixwirely wuundod by aoDWanlly knight, 
w)i<j jtiiit^ biui ' In thuniwe the jtUUu, and in the flawnke aAyr* See alio I. 4)37. 

* ' Phkliitvphiu. a ffylosofcr.* Medulla. 

* In Sir GawavftA, i7 35, mrnUon ii made of ' a d«ne3 ax nwu dyat ..... Fylttd in a 
flftor, fowre fote larjfe,' 



%Pus pro ptUr«do indeciinabiU 
Pu4 diitiinaiureiMtodia<pi&Hdo 

yanetino tabi.itatiao taUo; t'erxus: 
f Tabi dat tato de tjixv non pt\ia 
to Pynde ; comperin, jn\t£tuTe ali- 

tna. repvrire yiw nostra 9uut. 
a Fynd«»r ; jntaitor, rrjurtor, -ttix, 
tPyndc (Plnyd A.) ; de/WatM», me- 

"tto Fyue *; d^ecare, qMod est purgare 

a feci. 
& Fine ' ; fnh. 

to Fine ; finire, 

a Pyngyr^*; t/afiu/ufl, degU\3A, digi- 

%Pullex,jjniex, media»t rtudicuB, 
A uficularis. 
to Finger ; digitate. 
fa Pyngyr Btalli! (A Fyngyll* stalle 

or tliymbyllc A.) * ; dujilale. 
& FynneofaPyaohe; /nnnaj/mnWo. 
H Pire ; camimm, /ocuOj foculu9, for- 

nax, fornacititt, i^jnis, iffniciilnSf 

lar.pir gTHiiie^ pira,rogMS) focari' 

US, lyfwuB, ^mrticipia. 
to make Pire ; fontJare. 
R Fire yron ' ; fut/iUus, piricudiumf 

{fu'jilluriSf imrcuswr ifjni's A.). 

' Hunpole. Pricke of Contctenee, 4911, my» that at the end of tlic world, 

* Ffnt pe &te at txi bygjnnyng, pal ^e ende men sal ban cWdacd and Jine^ 
Bal cum byfor C^Uu-b couinyng. And fv wikk«d mem hard punnys atid pyae.* 

Id tlie Libel of Engliah Policy (Wri^ht'a Political roenrn, ii. 187), wo rend^ 
* If we had there paa* and gode wyllo, An in Lundane reyth u juoUere, 

'rumynoiuid/yne, nndmctAUe for to pure. Whych brought from the&f)goldoor« torn here. 
In wyldtfVmhe tny^'htwof\'nde thccure. U'heruof wtu/j/HCt/ uieU'tllc gudeand clene.' 
O. IceL Jtna, to ]x)liah, cleatiw. See Wyelif, Uai<ilt xxv. 6 ; Maunilerilte, p. 15!^ ftc. 

* * Gladly be ch«vith what so ho l*ogyune, Tlic/i/n«- tbrroof bertth witncMmg.' 

Svsyn^ Liut tylle he Xiia purpo*e wyone, Wright's Political Poem«,ii. J 33. 

'Alio onre trouble to euden and to fifitf..' Ihid. il. i,)4. 

* CofDpar« the foUowiug ocoounl of the fingori in tbo CarnbridoQ MS. Ff. t. 48. leaf 81 : 

* like a fyiigii* has a name. &[« men thoire tyngora oille, 
The Ic«t fyngir hnt hiy! muv^ for hit in lust uf alle ; 
The next fynger hut Uche man, for quen a lecha doa ojl. 
With that ^ger he tasteti ull ihyng howe that hit is wrojt; 
LoH'jman hat the mydilnumt, for longeitt iyngir it ia ; 
The ft-nhc! men cuilen tonxlicr, thenvith lucn touches i>wia; 
The (ifte lyn^er is the tAoiemhc, nnd hit lia« moat myjt. 
And fjutteat lialdes of oUe the tother. forth! men calles hit rijt.* 
In Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 179, the naniei are given ae followi ; — 
Sohvnyjt thombe schewyt fortf-Bnger 

• Polltt enim polUx, rta vifon imiicat index ; 

medylld-^ngur leohe-fyngur .aoordyt 
BUU Mtdivm ineJio, ntalicuM jam contcnti rgrCf 

we lytJIfj-ngnr.* 

Quat tua Jtri aurU tarda trahit annVtt/arii.' 
And in the A.S. Gtotoary In MS. Cott. Cleop. A iii. le.if 76, we have them u aoder^— 
'Pofliir, )nnna, Indaa, becuend. Salalariua, halett'cud midcmcBta finger. Jnpudicua, 
vwicubt-reiid midnieata finger. AHtilnri$, hringtinger. A tirioiUaria, earchenicnd.* The 
ibrt<fingi>r li hereafter also called Xtykpott«. 

* ' VivfitaU. A themyl' Medulla. ' iHgitalia, Fyng«r italles; tbymblot; fyngers ol 

f1oue«.' Ooofier. 'A thimble, or anything covcriag Uie fingers, as finger Btallus, &c 
>tV'f ' ■ ^' " Lyte,l>>docnji, p. 175, writing of Foxglove, says thivt it has 'long round 
bull" ihioaed WVt finger titalUf' Scu iJko Themella, below. A.S. iHtalU 

* 1 1 J ijiit« of Sir Peroeviil, ed. Halltwell. 1. 753, WO rtrad— 

* Now he getL« jiyio flynt. And theniie mthowtcue any stynl 

His/yix-iVfTK bo bent, He kyndlit a gle<le.' 

8m Uio Gi9lu BoiMtnorutH, p. 3 18, where we road ' the Eniperouro toke on yrcn aad smot« 

K a 



+to atryke Fire ; fugUlare, 

ta Ptre atryker ; fu^jiUoAor, eat ^r- 

cunaor if/nts. 
+a Piro spewer ; ly/iiMomua. 
ffi firniameftt ; Jirfnamaituxa, celum, 

aet, mundua ; dvntmditnus, tj' ar- 


ft Firre ; Af/ies^ 

u/i/iV/ur^UB, iiicfioatiuuti, inicialia^ 
oriffiualist priinns,prirna rius,pi'i- 
miiMSt pvimiliuuH, priinorcuius, 
pnm</rdius^ primuluB, primeuus, 
vt prtTneua etiu, pi\>tkojilaH\is, 
prirnorditdis, prid^n^ pi^$lin\i»f 
jTinr, jiriwff/u&m. 

t)>e Firate martyr ; profhomartir. 

i^ Pirate Fruto ' ; primicm, 

a Fische; pUds, //wctcu/us (/tmiuu- 

to Piache ; jHScari. 

tpleuty of Piaohe ; piscdencia ; pis- 
ColetUUB jmWiuipiutn. 

ftPisclior; jfiscator,pi8carius ; versus; 
XPtHefttor prendU 7U01I piiKari- 
mt bene vttviU. 
phcatoritti piriiciinum, ui piaco' 
t'tria ara. 

ft Plachyngi! ; piaeaexo, pidtatura ; 
puacaug jNU'^ictptum. 

ta Pischa house; pUcarhan. 

a Flaician "* ; /lAmVus, phi4olog\X% qxii 

Ivipiitnr th iV/<i arU. 
tFisike ' ; pfiitfica. 
ft Fiate * ; liruia. 
Five (Fiffe A.); gntn^ne; futnus, 

qwhiariuSf q\iiniupl\iB ; penta 

Fyve oomard ; perUafjonum (A.). 
Five hundreth; tpthvjaUi; fpiiutjen- 

tejfimuBj qui/tt/niietiita. 
tPive Bithe ; tpiinquieji. 
tPive tone; fiwindtcim ; <pnndeiimw%, 

q\ihu\x& dccimus, f/utTuicrtUfl, va- 

tFive tene sithe ; quindmes, 
IFyfty; (pxinquatjinta ; qntn/ptagesi- 

mus, quinquafjenMSf -genarius. 
tFifte BlUie ; tpiinquagtsiea. 
tFive score ; c«ti(um, ^- oet«r» ; trbi 

tFive jere ; ^uin^lMrmium ; jUiV 

tof Five jere ; quir^wnU, 

F anfe L. 

to Flee (to Fla A.) • ; dtcoriam. 
ta Fla^lite " ; {de t&rra, gl^M, tir/us 
A,) ; vhi a turfe. 

fVre of ft stnne.* * Fu^to. To mnyto tyn. J'Sifftttator. A fyro imjrtar.* MeduOa, Oompara 
W. da BiUnwortb, m Wright's Vol. of Voi^'b. p. 157— 
• De troyn grrriees sert /usil ; 
Fil eit filet \iar ftuil, . 

E fu dt kut/litun (Qini) /ert /tail (a fer-hyr«n, Yir-hirne, Cmdd. MS.) 
JFfcWe e motupar/ugit (a mUla-ipiudtile).' 
Be9 aUo Flint >tono. 

> • Frimieif. The fftrste ffriijt*' Medulla, » Sco Feaioian, abo»e. 

* ' Fisica. Ffysyk.' ModuUa. 

* * Py«it with the ane. waae.* PaligraTe. * I fymt, I Btjnnke. Je tMW«. Bewara Dowa 
tboD fysUie nat. for thou vhalte •mail tuwer than/ ifrui. ' Fim, lirida* Nomlnale MS. iu 
HalltwcD. M'rMc A ^te. F<uwur. A fyster, a stinking fellow. Vcsnf. To f/it«h to 
Idt a fyite.' Cot^v**. 

* ' In )>e kec)if>ne wel i knowa, am crsfU mem tnttnya, 

l^al rant ruudi-D iddny to^en wUde be<tct.' HVtfwim (>/ Pa/rrnr, i<»82. 
Hampola tells ui thst if auy miui knew iho bliaa of h^avan. lie would, rather than loae iti 
be willintf ' Ilk day anus alle qwUt to boj(ay?*e.' F, of CVruci^Mv, 9510, 
A R.^MM. O.Icel./d. 

* Jamiaaon glvea Ui ' Flattehttr. «. a. To pare turf from the gMMind. FlaucMttr, Flan^h^, 
a. A luan whocaata turf writh n FlanelU*r-^f*ade. FUg. A [^m» of tfreen award, oartwith 
a ^mde,' * C«»pa. A tnrfe or flmge." Uadulla. 'Die furiti ,rf/i)f ooooraTn Allttemtlva Poaou^ 
i. 57' So« K Fla<{)^ uf ^ artba. loeL jla^j. aalab, lucf; /ubio, tofthka^ iptit. 



"fa Flaghtd of snawe ' ; JIoccmb. 
tA Flawe of tyre ' ; ftamma, 

ffUboy ^' cetera ; vhi sporke 

tto PUy"; eoUidem, icrrerc, rfe-, 

«»•, ^erare, terriiare, torri- 

Jiear6, ttrri/acisre, timorem in- 

fFlayde; tem^tw, d*-, «av, ierrtji- 

*ft Flayle ; JlagfiUum, ^rtSu/us, fri7>u- 
Uaa ^ ttibula, 8ecm\dnm /t«- 
p[miCTn], «cd «ecun<2ai» alios dif- 

%Quo frtt^fs /?>-imU9 iVu/rumoi* 
turn tiibuhimjU, 
Est tribula (tribiiluf A.) wpna, 

pnrgat Aras trihula, 
Tres tribidi porter manuUt^ 
turn, capj>a,JJageflum. 
a cape, Jtagelluxa, A BwewiUe *. 

A echou^rjle A.). 
ft Flanke ; jlium. 
•ftFlakot*; Jiacin, ohha, Wer, ^ 

cetorft ; vbi A potto* 
"a Flftwne * ; 02Mcum. 

' * Fiag. A flnke of •now/ Jamieson. ' A Jfaiee </ mowe* oooun in the Allitermtiva 
BonuuMo of Alexander, ed. StflTenion. [. 1756. a flag of mow 

' La hourhe me entra la auf\f de net/f* 
Vmn.Jtn^f. WiilturdeBibbleeworth. In Wright'* Vol. of Vi«*h. p. 160. 

HalUwcU quotcA from tbe Tbornton MS. leaf 31, 'Thare bogane for to fallc grtite/citrjyAtei 
of nuLwe^ sw thny hiul bene grcte tukktm of wollc' Sen aUo Tlyghte of snawe* b«Low. 
' In tbe Murte ArUiure, 1. J556, we rend tbnt FriamiM and Six Gawayne 
* F^ghitcne and Soresche vntbe flairauuide swerde) 
T\\\e \ho Jlatcru of fjTe tlawmn one theirc hclniCM.* 
Bee aliKt L 773 ; the ward in wrongly tMnlained in the Glomiay. ' Fells flannke* of fyr 
■od/ait«f of soufre.' E. E. Altit. Puems, B. 954. ' Flnu^ht of fire. A flaeb uf lightniog.* ' 
JubUxiil Sir Dnrid Lyudway, in bu deKription of tbo Day of Judgment, aaye— 
'AM/yreJIaae^t baittely gbuuyng, Dtscend uU ))e most honiuly kyng.* 

TV Monatvhe. Bk. iv.L 5556. 
BeeftlM Bk.ii. 11. X417.3663; ConorMnndi. p. 110.L 1769; and GAwin Douglas, iWlklof* 
Tii. ProL 1. 54. 

* In tbe Pricke of Coiucience, 2342, Hampolc sayii — 

* Ka Tomler ee if pe derela com |)an When pe devel com io Snynt Hartjn 
In \>Q ende obout « nynful man. In fe tyme of dede at hU ImI day 
Kor tojla^ hym and tempte and nyn, Hym for to lempto and flor lajUtff* 

In Metrical Homilies, cd. Biuall, p. 09, we are told of St. Aolbuny that 

' 8wa m«ke and myld waa be, Flaytd he fendeti fell fra byme :* 

That thurghC meknci, many tymo 
and again, p. 27, it la said that at the end of the world — 

* Pe erthe be acht&mlu day SaI stir and quae and al f olc fiay* (printed fncometly 4lay.) 
See aho AlliteiHtivo Poems, ii. 960. A. S. jf^rtm, O. loeL jfesf'a* 
*Ceia not for to pertmbU all and sum. And with thy fetkuind reddonr thame Vo/ley* 

Ci«win Douglna, EntadtH^ xi. 1. 970, 
'Fenjiee hxaxfin/il or abasit to be.' Jhid, li. p. 377, 1. 13, ed. 1710. 
'Nlmeff Du gofle leme bu alio \^ seouen doalSUche tunnen mawt-n beon a-eM«i ^unb 
trvowe bileAae.' Ancrcn HivU, p. 14$ ; ic« also ibid. p. 136. 

* See Haiida-staffe, Cappe of & flayle, and SwoTylle. * The bucket la of fro tiw 
awepe or flayle. VrtRtia ctconit nue ttloni cxciditj" Hormaa. 

' ' ffoo onnfrum^ a flaget. lire lum, a mowth of a flaget. Wright'* Voenb p, 357. In 
WiUiamo/ Paltme a man who !b on hU way to Rome ' wif' twu/u/cr/cf ful of ful fin wyne«,* 
U H frightened at the light of the werwolf that ' for care and drcde, ^ jfoyrfc br \vi fMv,' 
i. 1893. ' FlaeoH (aa FtaAcon). A great Icortberne bottle.' Cotgnve. • Romygiua took 
hym ^Jhltt ful of holy wyne.' Trevtia*e Higdcfi, v. 393. 

* •FUuu. Flawnea, Coitarda. Egge-piea.* Cotgrave. * Jfturm. A fflawne. AtSatita. A 
Bawne.' Medulla. 'Fill ouen fuU o( Jlawiei' Tuaer. p. i8ir 'A flauno. euaUrd; 
ffitlotjfrium.'' Manip. Yocnb. 

* Brede an ehe>ie. butere and milk Faateoi wad Jlawnta ' Barrlok, 643. 

*fUtme or euatjml.' Bar<rt. A kind of pancako wim also ao oalled. Netdebau feaai at 


CATfloi.icoN Axaucrv. 

a Flee * ; mu9Ca, muxcula, mu»M, 
(eincwim A.), ciuijrg, *n*icclinft- 
bi/fl; mtwc«/Mm, mtmcariuiu, mtts- 
cu/ari«ni. muscrltium, sunt loat 
vbi fioliunciant mnsce ; miMComs. 

to Fie© i vi)lart, con-, e/e-, a-, voitiare. 

to Flee (or wtA Bohewe A.) '; eauere, 
dechnar(>, fu'jvxf, cnn-, di/-j e/-, 
rr-, /Jfo-, fiii/itarii, i.'tVart», li/^, A'-. 

IFlekJced ' ;' S'cutulatun (A.). 

in. Fletcher * ; Jtcctanus, pleeiariua. 

a Flee flape'* Jlttheilum, JJahritm, 

miiscttrinmj viuseuiartum, 
a Fleyngo ; fttffa ; fugitiuut, pi-o/u- 

Fleyng of fowlys ; volatus ; volatili$ 

•a Fleke " ; crath, mticul^. 
a Fley ** ; pulcji, J' cetera ; vbft A 

fFlande*; rrcitfilufi, qui rtilr&uertaxxk 

Aabtf/ pellem viritis men^rt. 

EMtor IN cttlled (h« Ploicn, pcssiMy froni /nuitJ havlo^ be«n fonncrljr eat«D at that period 
of tho yeftr. 8oe Batwu Book, p. 1 73. when Flawnts are BMt«d to be ' ChetMtaxkta nude of 
groutid oliMM be*ten up with tig^ nntt aagar, coloured with saflroD. and baked is " coi^riu " 
or crihtn.' * nicJUUo, A*, flawne.' Wrigtt'* Vocab. p. aoo. 

» 'A flee. Uutfii.' Mftuin. VocaK A.S. JUoffB. 

■ • Tliity weiiilti the rolo kii vghte it wu«. And tete gone thay jUt^ 

Tluit wnlilu Uiam« aUo fur-ian>. Sir Ptrcteal, R74. 

'Vor H J^^^f* "^^ Jobnu ^e fetiUuttchipe of flile men.' Anerm RiieU, p. 160. A.Sj. /omu 

* 8poU*d J etreaked. In P. Ptowuino, B. xi. 531, we meet with 

* Wytilc wiirniM in wodes. Mikl wonderful foiilM, 
"Witli.rftttiY'i fethtrcs, and of felc oolooKH :' 
and ChauPOT. Pnilfigue to ("hufinn Yemannus Txle, 5G5. cftvs vh&t 
* The bun eck tlmt tbi<i jcmnn nxxl vpuu Aboute the peytrd etood the foon (bI hj^ 
80 iwaite, that vunetlic uygbte it gon. He ww of fotuo iXjUkhd ag a pya,* 

Trevlm in hit trmitNlAUnn of HiKilcn, i. 159, uys tlint the 'cametion in * IMch*d bMt.* 
O. Frie«ic, Jttlhiu to spot : c£ leal JlJika. to stain, fid-kr. a 8i>ot. Ftain. t ' ^cht 

* firittulntai, nfJor- tqui* i* quoted In Klotz'n Ijttin Dioti-imn-. Tlie ^ il^-rt 

Scvf--':f'-' y paudervf), netU rqun*,' wliiie Cooper KftVB, ' Sc4didatu* ou,*^. . .^ I ...^ukv. 

wnt ' Mid Giuildtn-in, * teutulntm color, 6»api»-gn,y or watohet colour,* 

* I "tr wiia projwrly tho man who tnade ana Kt the fsathen on the arrowt : tho 
arrow* UivintrUw wortt luiuAe by the Arrowvinith. The pwlijunent of Jaxoca H, [ol 
SootlkfKl] which Mt in 1 457 tnucted, * ihftt there be a bower (s bowmoker) aad aJlen^pMr 
in Ilk hwid town of (he echirv * See the Dwtrtutiom 0/ Tng, £. K. Text Soo. 1 593, ruid 
Liber Albus. pp. 5.13, 731. Fr.^cA*. an arrow. 

" ' Jitrrntoii, n f-m. flip-Hap. fiie-flap or flftbeL' CTotgran. ' A flappe to kill fliee, fllM«l^a- 
rinm.' lliirct ■ Alvuario. ' PUtkUmm. A (Bapp* or a ecorga. Afw>oariv*. Aweruroffuf 
flyot,' MciliilU. 

' 'KUlk, tiako. Flnto. 1. (t) A bunll*. (3> In pluial, temooiMy fold* or paw.' 
JamtoMHi. Sew IloUothcd. Clirouiclo uf Ireland, p. 178. O.le^/akifJUki. *Cralta. A 
hynly).' Moiliilta. * A Hoke : rraKx." Wright's Vol. of Vooab, p. tot, U««iun Ouuglu 
In hu tmns. of Vir>,nl, ^f!»ttirio9, xi. p. ^62, eO. 1710, haa — 

' Kuiti of KiiMUi f«rU ttemdy fJitSii to plet thuTiB predais bj and bj. 
And i^auial wikkciitfortobdlJrpaae bare:' 
and W. Htowart, OnmJWit iff Seutlamd, ii. 146— 

* Thie IVtn^liM ileuysil at the Uot, 
Ttml eiieri* man ane Jimk KXtld mak at tre, .... 
ivcht, with mony itaik aad Ktoiir. 
' hng ^uhair tba paaab all ouir.* 

' '•■ -irtf, L 117, rf. 1721, ha* 'Thi« mtmitlotia 

-ilk ma mai't tiv Oiaim with j<«fiK<, cclMrottu and 

i; < 
Ro nian TtolloiideiMi In •- 
biul na out pavan bni ni i 
trvk* See alao Hookitr'n ( • 

' A. S. 4m. 

Mtilbt midnw nrNlilwf by ' ha M hadi a Uorya^ i«d.' while the Orttn i^rrM 
wl't. ienned. Metf rf/TiMf^MM.' •ialaoHiU'Vt. 'Flrnxl 

ttr I ' ; togiiifll<e ;* aad agaia. ' CVnsBDeijML Btt^itMM 

in !■>■ I <>.-T'j' w, M.-.iiii-> t> aa 'laartk^ ■Hinain'iil. out ehon^ extdcente.* K<ui«i;^ijj n 



TlMclu; eameeuUst eameus, earo; 

^Cimus eamifieeSj camem ven- 

duaif mentrices. 

crtos grece, aarcos grece ; eamalia 

/nrticipiam : caro secundum ^fot;- 

tom ttusuMt Jragiliaj aitauia sua- 

tUttConeupiacit aduermiB spiritMm, 

pnuoa motas gignitj qimnio plva 

eolitur Umto fiua aordet; versus : 

f VUior eat humana qu&m peUia 

ouina / 

Si moriatur ouia cUiquid valet 

ilia ruina. 
SxtnJtitur pellta 4' acribUur 

itUas ^ extTfk : 
Si moriatur homo moriiMr earo 

pallia ^- oaaaj 
Quid tarn curate nutritur invti- 

liaA te? 
Stercoria ^ Fellia ftllia iam 
mortua 2>eilia 

Eoqyallct., h'uet, fetet, eaJet, at- 

que liqnatur ; 
Hija gradibns corjmB vcTmeaeit 
^* incineratur. 
a Fleshe cruke ^ ; creagra, /uacina, 

fuaeinula, truh.718. ^- cetera, 
ta Fleschour ; camiftx, bubnlua, la- 


A Fleschewrye ' ; Carnificium, Car- 

imnnxiiy lajiiatorium (A.). 
+a Flesche achamyllc ' ; maceUum. 
a IFlese ; wcZ/us ; reMeroftuB. 
Flewme^ ; ^fle-/mn,J!pttma, reiima, 
Flewmatykke ^ \ Jlen.matic\xSyJte()ma' 

licw^, revmaticns. 
ta Plyghte of anawe " ; floccuB niite- 

a Plyke of bacon ^ ; perna. 
a Flint stone ; fugVlum, aifex ; aiH- 

rius pirticipiuin (fufjiltare, est ig- 

nem ^)ercHtere A.). 

ii (ierived from A. S. flmii, to skin, flay. See Jew, t>elow. Ttic author of the Cursor 
Handi speaking of circuuicuiun says — 
* Abrom tok forth his men 
And did als drightin can him ken ; 
Him self and Iranael he $care. 

And 8iI»on air ]ii!j ]jat car-men were. 
O thritti yeir fra be was born 
"Was yama*;! wen he was schorn.' 

11. 3693-2698. 
Ftiscina. A ffysh hook or a tflessh hook.' 

' 'Creagra. A fflesshook or an aundyryn. 
Medulla. Honnan has : * Felte the flesehe hoke. Da crea^ram.^ 

' Fleihewrye, apparently is a place where flenh is cut or haced. Tlie word Jlc*ehhcierre, 
• batcher, occurB in Octovian, 750, 'To sello motoun, bakoun, and lM,-cf. as/cA(^-Arwpre;* 
andjCeiteAourappearstobea coiitnurtion oE this. * LanUiforian. A tHa^h Ktal. Maedlum. 
A bochery off [or] a fflessh stnl.' Medulla. 

' In the Liber Albus, p. 400, we find the old site of Newgnte Afarket mentioned under 
the name of ' Saint Nicholas Flessli-shamvlcs ;' and in the Inqtmitiontn fiost Mortem Rnbi-rt 
L*ngelye is said to have owned four aiiops in * Lra Flnntftninhfra in PfirtH-hia t>ancti 
Niehotai' Andrew Bourde in his Introduction of KnotrU:it;/e, ed. Funtivall, p. 151, says 
that at Antwerp 'is the (ayroat Jl€$k ehnmblet that is in Criiitcndomu.' A. S. tcamd, a 
■tool or bench. 

• 'Kleame,,;2<^ma.' Huloet. 'Fle^c or aniuell, phU;/ma' Barct. 

* * I seme of Tinei,'re and of vergeous and of greynes tliat ben Hourc and j^prceno, and give 
hem to hem that ben coleryk rather than to hem that tun fnrmatijh' Tie Do^miloville's 
POgrymi^fe of the Lyf of the llanhtide, ed. Wright, p. 134. In the Itnhecs Book, ed. 
FomiTall, p. 170, the fuUowini^ description is given of a Pleumntick peitton :— 

•Fleumaticus i ^}^ sompn-dentus/ piger, in Bputaiuin.^ n.idius. 
I iiibcs hmc st^nsuB / pingui:*, facitt color aibuH. 
See also ibid. pp. a 30-1. ' See Flaghte of snawe, above. 

' 'Pema, a flyk.' Xorninale. 'Flick, it^tKtdla, lanhtm.^ Manip. Vocah. 'Tak the 
latde of a swyno jlyk, and anoynto the manncs foto tltt-rwith undrrncth.' Thornton M.S, 
leaf 304, ^ Flick, the outer part of the hng cure^I for bacon, wink- the n-st of the carcase 
is called the bones.' Forby. See P. Plowinan, B. ix. 169. where we road of the ccU-brated 
*Jtieehe of Danmowe.* Fr. *J!lcfir, ffique de lard, a flitch, or tide, of bacon.* Icel.^iX-jb^ 
A.&/iMe. * Perna. Aflykke.* Medulla. 



Plytyng; t»lit Btrj'fit? (A.). 

•to Flytto ' ; alUrcnri, eertare, liti- 

gatft obiurgare, catazizar«. 
pe Flix' ; diaria^ di»eentana, Ue^ 

tarut, Jluxuit. 
& Floko of gese (goyso A.) " ; poJpa. 
B FLoke of aohepo ; grex. 
to Floke ; grffjan\ ng- , am-, 
to FloTtBoho ■, Jl^rare, wu-, e/-, r^-, 

Jfwescare, Jiora re. 
a Plorischorf ; Jforator. 
n Floto of a pipe * : jtinmUi. 
n Plouro; flon. /Joe:ulu^,/h!nUi\s 
fa PlouTB hille; Jl<frc(ma, Jlorari- 

Ploure; J(ior,iWetlinabi&j, aimilago, 

simila, amolum. 
tPIory ; Adoreas, ^oruientas, fior* 

-fFluanda : Rutins, «/*-. 

a Plud© (Fluydo A.) ; eathartisnwn, 
infer^mlU r'st. diluuiu-m^ FluetaSf 

JluuiixB ; fluuMlUt Jtwtu>sa% dU 

minutitium ; JlfLvns. 
a Flude^ate (Fluydftace A.) * ; eino- 

tFludy ; AmjmicuSt JluuuUi^ fiuui' 


to Pluo (Flwy A.) ; Jlutrc, «/"-, 
con-, (ir-, «-, jfUer-t mih-, iru- 
^r-, ra-t Jluci uare, Jluclar% 
Jlwdara, gupQTujidarGf iarrer^ 

aFluyngif; •ecun£/acio,j7uxUB, t'nun- 
dae\o^ Itdo, 

Pluynge ; dc/tmif. 

i& Fluko " ; /Hxtenj ^ rctera ; wbt A 

ft FLure (Flwyr A.) ; Area. 

' ' Conienliotta. gcflitrul' Alfric's Gloflaory. 

• Wijilv *-noI»cr wcrkman, pAl wm fct be'«idii, 
GvdiJitK wi^ l^it ft:lt%. tmLformestWldeKiMike.* ^VilIin^l of ralcrne. 3JI45. 
Wc fin«l the pt. t«n«! in Sir AmndAc«, eH. Unlwon, xxxvi. 6, ' pttn^rtnlr ^y^ AmtkUoe.* Iii 
fiemanl's Terotice.yg, we bave tbo Lntui junfavit enm toreudewd by 'he ilitl /ifr or chide 
with him.' * Litiffo. To iitryiio or flyto.' o'rLas. Sec rIw the Ihiok 0/ CurUiinfe, pr. In 
the Babeos Book, e*l. FiiruivjtU. p. 178, 1. 54, where we are wwiieil 

' in pGGM %o ete. and eoer ascbewe To Jlytt At horde ; f^t niny \>e rewe.* 
See also Curjnr MmuU, p. 386, I. WiSi. A.S. JIUan. In Truvuui's'UigtJen. ». 97 U 
mentioned 'JHUun/te, amendes \-^x>r' for chyHynge,' \emmdn provenicn* pro eomi«n<ion«.] 
' * By Utend of Octolier go gntber vp iloes, 

Hftoo tliaQ in a reodinea plentie of Lhoea, 
And kcApe them in beditraw, or Mtill on the bow. 
To itiiie both Uie^fizc €jf tbyselfe and Uiy cow.' Tu*ser. p. 5 : . 
* Licnttria. The fflrto.' Medulln. 
■ 'Polia. A mokoffbotya.' Medulln. 

* In Pegn:leriUe'ii Pilgryma^ of the Lyf of the Manhodo, ed. Wrifrbt. p- 1 1 7, wp read 
of 'roodon Kndjtoyte* and filmlmusee.* Sea aW ifml. p. 113. * A fniict*i,or tajiffe, a Hute, 
ft whistle, a pipe, »« wtdl to conueii;h water, as an in«itruinente of musicke. /rftc/i*, tHhutnM," 
Baret. * Thoy jCoutad, and tbny t-ttM^nt ; they y<-ltvd, and they cayed. ioyjnge in tlieyr 
maaer. as semyd, by theyr Heuiljlaiint.* Lyd'gn'te, Pyfgrfmage t^f tkt SuvU^ Ui. U. p. 50, 
ed. 1859. 

* See also Clowe of flodeiote, nbove. 'A flnde-}ate: ttnorflotitorinm.* Wri^t't VnL 
of Vocab. p. 180. 'Si U v)!! trove qe aHcana llolz. goroet, flsh^rtlicx, molyna, mills' 
dammes. eatankez dc oiotyns, lokkrx, hrhbynf^eres, eatakex. kidous, hekkox, nn ifoi/A/fifM 
sont faitz lovoz, etiliauncez. estreiez, ou enlaii^ enoountre mesne l««Utuii/ 1472, slaL 
I a Ed. IV. cap. 7. 

* ' Flook, tinh, fnicinneuliu* Manip. Vocab. ' Flook, 6oupdBr.' Jnniaa. ' Flookes or 
flnDDders, ptetimea.' Baret. CiMifMr rendcn jxfA'nAi by 'wallnpii.* *Flowndflraor Kloukei^ 
bee of like nature tn a I'laic*', tbnriifh not «n good.' ('ognn, Hittvn nf f/raJlh, (61 3, p. I4I, 
BarriMn, Dr*n-ifil. t}/ ^n/jtnnii. ii. 30, menlioiiB the ' /Ittht or f^a flounder.* In Morta 
Arthurs, 1088, the (Itnnt, witS whom Arthur enpa(^. ia described vt 

' Ifliit-iiiMwthiile at* a /tnkfj with fluryande lyppy.' 
See aUo 1. 2779, und Hnrriwnn'B IJwcript. of EngUnd, tnl. FunuvnLt, ti. >o. The word ta 
Biill in cnmmnn iis«. A S rf.-;. 



F an/e O. 
Todyr ; foraffo {/urrarfo A.), pahn- 

ium, paMtn (farna/arrngo pan- 

nornm ffito Jorfigo A.), 
to Fodyr * ; pahtlitre. 
tPoge; Kc^tmih »V4<7?m< (A.). 
a Foyle ' ; ^hhWub. 
a Polko*; gen9. jtlehs, f>of>iiiw, iwba. 
to Folowe ; Astitqni. wqui, cmi-. ex-, 

K^Utrl, ah-, dfmuinre, Ertmltri. 

JSrefinimur inoriHikvn^ coufequi- 

m\n ad Jidexw, perKfixxinmr J\t<fi- 

eniem, ^ pTOBeipvmur cum offiexo 
fungimnr^ ivtUaitwiv nwrxh\xs ; 

eucctdere (A,), 
a Folowor ; imitator^ geeittor, tt^nax. 
a Folowynge ; imitacio, seqvfia, «*• 

ffTi/tcitat, ttltig. 
Folowynge; dimitlus, emul»&, tmi- 

Uttorinn^ ttequax, wquacufus. 
tto Folove y« fkder In maiurB; 

tto Folowe * 7^ mo(W in manors ; 

+PoIowyngly ; contiequfnteTy porro, 

•a Folte * ; hlitg^ hahnmif, hiatu% 
6«n/us, garro, irieptwA, nutjator^ 

-tFonde; Areplicins, Aarosnfi, hain- 
gety bahilus, bahurras, brutn^, rfc- 
fn«i*, d^pifns, erensia, /oftcuB, 
Ffjlins, ignaruB, vpMuxiB, trn/jeri- 
<nit, tDcircumfpectuB, inditjnans. 

in^piiia, indi^retvia^ infrunitn^ 
insrnsia,instUmp,,lunatumB, n^tci^ 
TIB, pTestimptuf>/n\B, nmplrpr, ttoli^ 
d\is,MuUwt, tr^nvraritm ; ignorans 
rpii filtqui'/ sri(, jnsnus yu» n]h\l 
«jc]i<, jnjnj'ietia fpii iwu atUrulU 
2tericuln futura [mtnUus A.) ywi^ 
« aitrmfit, non cauet. 

tto l)e or Fonde ; frrwiera, hrttte^ 
wax or cprtf. (/ffmeiitore, <£• -W, 
to make faltMre, Follere, /olks- 
cerf, stuUizare. 

ta Fondnes ; 6a6«rm, detnencia. de- 
iimnKatum, fatuitas, ifpumia^ 
inqKxa, inercia, nmj>ticikt9, Hul- 
tida, Umeritfis. 

tFondoly ; ^uhe, insepienter, /atu«i 
in^pte, iyiiane. 

ta Foudeapeohe ; »Ui[l]tiloquitim ; 
8tvUilofpi\\& />nrricij)inm. 

For " ; 7>rfi, jrro, pmjitcv, quia, si. 

to Forbere ; d*rfrrrf., 

to Forbed ; Alhiicare, ahnuere, argu- 
ere, ui : argua ie ne mtiii/iros imi- 
teris; Jiihebrre Jmpfrio, profiiftere 
iurfi^ interdicertf vetare, euetare, 

A Forbidd*??" ; prohibit^ ohdirator^ 
jnJiibitor^ int^rdxrtor. 

•ft Forfeit ' ; forisfaclumt fainsfad' 

to Forfeit ; foris/twere, 

A Porbott '. 

' • ^*lth her muitlo tacked vp Rhee foltttred her flocko.* Percy Folio. Looie Sonj^, 58. 
*Fniitotbe that woraui hwlde » fofMrvi calF in the howii.* Wyotif. I KingK xxriii. 24. 
O. loel. /Wr«. 

' ' A fole, puUu4 equimu.' BJiret. ' PuUit$. A obeken or a fible.* Mednlla. See also 
Colte. Ahove. ■ MS. Fokke. 

' MS. fowlo. ' .Vntri'to. To fulowyn (* moflpT.' MeduIU. 

* ' Jilnx. Stffte: dt-licate: wad ton ; tbnt auioot discfime ihuiift ; blunt; foolEflh : he 
ihaX nynoty boutetb bim ulfe. Aforio. A fo«>le.' Cooper. The MednlU givea * Haburra. 
FoWheed or socbfMLiie*,* and reailen baniai hy ' ifuJtut. tht«, intjUu*. taniiu,' * FoUt. 
A prvtty foole. » litlla fop, % yong coxe, none of tlia wiaatt.' Cotgrave. In the Cursor 
Mimdi, p. 141, 1. 3303, we read — 

■ Feiidw i-rvpuj Jjo ymAgri wlt*-mn« Anfl l»d /olttd men to synne.' 

See nlfo HoIruC fie Itrunne'a hIbI. of Cd^ImkI, Rolls 8ehf«, ed. FurDivoll, 4537 and 7*2% 

• MS. u For. 

' • F&ntio Ktt f«lt« that fipckr and farfrfit hi« landPi.* ^fnrif A Hhitrt, 5-;7. 
' A probihition nr tliiai- rxrbMiltin. ThuMiu ihcCwwr Muwli, p. 41. L CilJ, wearc told 
that God );»ve to Ailntn Panulue 

'als in limitag^i. Rot for to bald it wA rvhmkfn 

To yeild l^erfor na war knuulA^o, p« /or^ot }mi wim b«tiiix )iam fpukaa.* 



a Foroeto ; frrnMa. 

% Ajtrrr^^tar^^ at /(fff^aUim /accrc. 
W^ Deajf'oreslare tti Jorcslam tie- 

to Forgpe ; vbi to smethe (A.), 
to rorgote ; descirtj tledh^re, ob' 
liuifci, oUiuiimi trfuUrej igno- 
r[ar]e / vfulaveraan: 
\lloc iffnoramus quod nt4um 
non m<rmr»rHmu8, 
JUu'i ni'erimwfi quod nuaqxus,m 

wwnffl svbimua, 
OlfliuiscemuT pviitjt hoc quod in 
Arte doc^mur. 
a ForgetC^r ; ininemor. 
Porgetyll ' ; fcMr^wns, obliuiomis, 
a Porgottyng'! ; Aniwjfcia, obliuio. 
to ForgilTe ; donai-e, co»-, dimiUcr«, 
iffnorare, iffnoKtvt, jndutgere, re- 
niittern, vtniam dare. 
n Forge[ue]nes (Forg;iffiiea A.) ; 
Jndulgeucia, remiinnOf mtnedtum, 
a Porliode ; frona. 
a Forks ; furca, /urcella, fureida, 
truUriH futnti-ibu^ tUniilfiisipid'Cnji 
ct/m rfuo}i\j!\ dentibuA A.). 
Formabylld ; vbi ordinate, 
a Forme ; forma, formuki, formeUa, 
duca, idea. 

to Forzno ; /nrmarHy tn/ormarc. 

a Fomaa ' ; caminvt&t epicaustoriumt 

a Forome(A Formeor Aatii1» A.)'; 
sjitnula, Hponduhi cfiniiiHitiuum 
{fiUtru\i\ Kcamnum A.), cC*eot«rn; 
rltt A stule. 

|>e Porparte of y« heda ; cxneipui. 

to Forsake ; Abrcnuucinm, eaihr^- 
znre, lUflcvre, dernfitupin^, rfrw- 
r«/*e, jnvite refin/pien:, voluntaie 
deserlare, dcnijierc, desoian,d*mit- 
fere, Hnqueret renuuciarct rcs' 

Porsokyn (Forsaking A.); detotatn^^ 

Forsothe ; A man, A tUem, eeri«t enim, 
ent^n, fn-<im. e^uidem, nem^ ni- 
fnirum, jiroffcfOj quippe, veuffa^ 
aiquidcm^ f^t^ue* wtfro. wrr*, ffii- 
dem^quofpxBy parro^veracitcr,^iiint 
tpiinreifim ', f/uinimmo, quiuith 

*to Forapeke * ; foicinarc, hugo ; 
versus : 
% Seifriorfwi* /eneroaotni/ua mich* 
faitcinai .If/nrt*, 
ft fa,s<-iuare. i.e. incnfetrfi. 

a PorflFi>ekyrigr ; fascinacio, facinM% 
fad num. 

The won! »x!cars not infrpquenUy in oonJQnctioa wiili God'ii ; tliuB wo h*Te in a chjinn for 
tbe tooth-Ache from Tbc>rntun MS. iinnUid in Rtiiq.Anliq, i. i jdv— 

•U. lyniw OtHiUU /ortHjtt, Ihou wikltyde worme, Thci ever Ihoa nuike tuiy ry^tynge.* 

lu Uio I'nroy Folio MS, wi. Fiimivjill anrj Uales. Itohin Hood, Jkc, p. iR. I. 59, vt»L t. ire 
pewl — • "Now. Marry, gnd* fvrbott," mid the Shcriffc. -thftt trner tUiit tlwld bco." ' 
In iSIr FerittnbrsM when Al<^ryii i)rn{>n«cji to Gam-Ion Ui lonve rlmrlcs to liiii Ute — 
' ''Hwifm for-inxlr." (iwtytif* s«dt', " |"»t \v\i iMM-titodc to iiuch ■ dedo." * 
Tbo cxpreadon abin occur* twice in Slafford'e Keaminatio* of Abutn^ ifSi, Now Shalcspera 
Soc ed. Furtiit-AlL p. 73. wherv it in Bpelt ' Ood tvorbotf* 

' " God forbot,*' he aitid, " my thnnk war mc tiling 

To hiui that BHccduril my lyfe in tt euiJl uae uioht,'* ' Sm^f Coilfmr, 746. 
A. B- ftrt^tod. Cfta\mTn P. Parbod«. 

' *Forijrtc\itt*M, niiU'lneivi', n>c1)cle9, s! : ■" ' * ' "^ [ TrcwfloI^M-Truit, 

wilfiilnoanti' juid ' Mitletiw,' ure in Kir/v , ii.;i-,i. told to ba 

the ten tiling' npiKUK-i to duo a.>iifu«iun. .<-,,,:•,.;.......,. ■ •.^...^ .iv Gower, ed. Pjuili« 

iii. 98 : ' FofirM, dlnw, ivnd w*ry none of t*very tiling.' A. S. fwjytd. 

' ' Pttniax, A ffnniryti' MoIiiIIa. 'A Fomaoo. Forntu:! Mwiip. Vor»b. 

■ 'Afurnin. bench, (MMMUffl.' Maiitp. Vocmb. *A foume toidton.AHttla, «nf//t).' BaraL 

• MS. (/UHlMTlum, 

■ */''(M<M»<ire. Ti'fompcake. I t * ' * " - er, 'To fnr«<tj«fltil. ■ -r, 
ineantatr, thitrmrr. A forw]" ■. i-Artruio*iV Utji .»- 
Rulnjf ma/AmreKx' Barot. ' '1' i-nnart.' Mauip. ^kium. .^',i.<i<ii i--ri ii>« 



a Porst/r ' ; foreataiius, Ju^anuB, 

toFonwere'; Ahittrara, pcr-t de- 
i&rare, deUttari, pcitrart, 4s 

a For|B|woryngtf; Abi/urveio, dfUr- 
ao\o. dfU:»(ne\o, poierado, poriur' 

XVvBweryngtf ; abiurans, pfniuraaa, 

& (retera. 
a Torswerer ; poritmtn. 
Tor y^ naynsbe ; Ah intento^ 
•lo Forthynka"; jteniftre, A: -ri, 

tlfpo\iif}iii\, Gatn^tungere.. 
•a Forthynkyngff ; com/HUiccio, con- 

ft'iL'tj, pcniUucLta, 
an m Forthyukyng^ ; jn^yeniten- 

Forthynkynge ; peniteng, 
vn ForthynkyBgc ; Jtqjejdfrn^. 

Ho Forthirra * ; pn/orrf, prero- 

Forthil•m^J• ; vtUrius. 

ft Fortune ; /ortuFia, ife cetera; vhi 
a hnppe. 

to Fortune ; Foriunatn, rf; aeteni ; 
vhi to Iinpprug''. 

t)>e Forworde of a bateylU * ; 

Forqwhy ; qttiay juoniam, qyuxm- 
(J u idem. 

+A Fostallr? ; vestigium (A.). 

a Fotestepe ; UtalasMUmy pcda, um- 

FoiUe ; .! erra/uH. dffnrmi^ in cnrparf, 
turjtiji in ani'iim, enormui, f«dna, 
fudosu^ fttidns, inviundvif, </wr- 
c^nos\x», maculatas, moftdoniat 
obttc^uw, pi>Uul\i9t yiUriduB^ 

* oLerk thnt he vtbm fornpchtfn? Tnttnley My*t. p. 1 1 5. Fon} nloo ami the word iq lib Witeh 
vf Edmonton, It. i : * My Iwul tongue Port*i>ntht their cnttla, doth berwiUih tlidir ooni.' 

' ' Uic firratarina ; u ftistcr.' Wriglit'ii Vul. of VocaL. p. 178. 

' \it I T&1(* tiint thou famle As arow for to drawe.' 

Tlian any /./•iffr iit this jande JIS. Cantnb, Ff. v. 48, leaf 50. in Hnlliwel). 

In the (7f0ta Itoma/titruni, p. 306, we read—' I am tbo Empcitntri Pontrr, that dwella 
hoT, ntid have the kep^iigof thiH Toreat;' and ag:ain, p. 207, 'lie cnllid to him tho furtter* 

* ' As ofbre God tLiey ben /oraicon. Of olle our ByttD\», Gud. lunkv n Jvl^vuiTHunce.* 

Wright's Political Pocnu, H. 141. 
'Pertmiu. Fomwem. Periuriitm. Foraweryng.' McdtilU. 

* 'Ptfiteo. To f.)rthyT>kyD/ M»ltilla. 

' lliat the lotdtonJia Porthiidxn (iil konre.* "WrighCa Political Fo«nu, iL 73. 
In Mwtt Arthurt, 4152, the king »}»— 

'In 6ty? Bore me /or-f AynH'u That ener stclio a falsa Uioefe so fkire on end bauee ;* 
*nd in Aluaandtr, od. Shcat. 446, tho Spartans and PhodanB in the bottle 

* forihimghten beni alle )?at ouer |»fi farJa to fight wi|i Philip \ic keene.' 

* Dicinifi came in to (lalile-'. prerhlnge .... and sciynge, For t^tne i^ fulfUlid, and |<e kyngdnm 
ofOod 8hal conjo ni): /"rlti«te3w. (.or do|copenounotOnnd l*plcue3outo|<egAiipel.' WycHf. 
8t. Mark i. 14. 15. On the coimtructrimaand u««a of tliii verb eee Prof. ZupillH'M note to 
Gay uf WurfHcl^ L QS4. ' I furtliynlie, I refiente me. Je me rtpetu. I have forthought 
me u hundred tyiiieR that I epake bo ronghly to him. I forthyuke, I bye the bari^yn«» 
tir suffer unertt- fur a thyng.' Palsgrave. 

' 'Stioul'l hnlyrhtirch haveDohe<MeT Wbaahouh) her rule, irha should berreiMef 

Who should \i*s her gor«maile ! WhoKhoidd her/W/Amt, who^hniildAvailar 

The OomitUint of tho PIouKhroan, in Wn-.'hl's Pnlitienl Fiwiub, i. .136. 

In Iho Ancren Riwio. p. 156, wi'> aro t«ild th.nt nolitude ami eonttrnpUtivL' life »i* the ffieot 

Itidjn U} gT/vro; 'swuflt-et aiiaurnx'S A:/ur5rc'5 hit.' A.S. /yrfin'ort. *I fonier uue, I set 

hyin fnrwnrrlc. Jc fiManf.t' Palsgrave. 

' 'Tlio fuTworrl nr vantganl, primut ordoS Boret. 
'la the kjngee /onrurdt the pryooe did tide Wlih noljtll IoMIh nf prett rfinowne.' 

Wright'f Politioil Pucnui,ii. a8o. 
n . , ^. ■ . ^1^^ ,^^ Gallos did >oriilinic> bu,v fp nil our inaiHtilTe* 

t [LttcU, irhordn they ro«etnblcd the Colnphoniaas, &&.* 

XL.»...j;..y i^.■^,..;..^<. L.J. .. ..< ui.iiU, ii. 4I. 



$<tr<Iidiu, spureaBt sqttaHdus, vi- 

to moke Voxde ; vbi to dcfoule (fyle 

to be Foulo ; federf, putrerct sordere^ 

-descere, th-^ aqtmlere^ tur2>ere, 

'petcere, de-j vilert, dc, viltsceret 

a Foulnes ; dsformitas, tmormitas, 
feditas, inmu\\dieu8, maaUa^ 
oh«€9nUa9t taniea, poUtte'io, pit- 
trodot toditot, spurckia, aq^t/ilor, 
tahes, tain, taho, iurpiiudo, %yilU^s. 

fa Foule Bpeohe ' ; e^lota (£gioga 
A.), tujyiioqiiium* 

t& Foulo Bpel»r " ; tpuridican, iur- 

a Foule wynnyngfl ; tvrjyilucrrim. 

Fouly ; (ra'/zi/er, enormitcr, vilitcr, 
dfformitcr, <t cetera. 

Fouro; tjuAtwir; ^uarMs, qutUemriB, 
/j\intc,rnantL3, quadrupius, tetra*, 

Foure comarde ; tpjadrntt^duB, qnar 

dratufi, qnsulran'/ulatnB. 
+Foure days ; tpi^triditanns. 
Foure Falde; q\iadni2)lex. 

Foure foted (Fowre ftite A.) ; 711a- 

dnijifs, qundrujtediwi. 
Foure hundretbe ; q^Mufriftgenti / 

tpiadringenfesimxiSy quadringeTmSf 
^unrfjt'f w^^Twirt ua. 
tPoure hundrithfsytheB; qtxvuIHn- 

Four© Bchore ; vbi a^lity. 

Foure tene; qu&ttior d«*xm\ q\Mrin% 

fi«rci7/»u9, qMOier (itfnu8, 9«w/er- 

</enj»Wu?, tfscrr^cedeMd^ (t^sitere- 

deaidfs A.) '. 
Foure tene sythye ; qf.Uitardecw8, 

Forty; qu^dragiitUi; qttadr<ifffsimus, 

qua/iragtmna, quadroffrntariue. 
tFourejere; quadriennium; q\it^ri- 

enJMB, ^aarfrwnnM. 
a Fox ; vitJpfB, x^dpectilft; mJ/nnus. 
tFox Fire * ; gJon, 'jlotHs. 
tFox gloue ' ; ajtium, branca vui- 



Pra ; A, Ahg, Ab, d«, E^ tx. 
Pra abowne ; de^ijyer. 

* * Sglota. A werd ofiTgoote.* Mcdnlla. See Oayte Speohe. Foaihlj thare were mme 
tndeci'nt eclogue* in Laliu. Cf- Theocritni. 

* MH. Fouke iipeker. ' Sptiridioug .• Sordidn dtetnt.^ Medulla. 

■ That i« T4aoapaMatbtKATi}t, fnurt«en yean old. 

' This ftppeara to be that phtxtphorin liglit which in ooca<;iona]|y Mfin in rotti<Q trMN 
or wood. See Brand's Pup. Autiif. cd. Hoxlitt. iii. 345-57. nnd Wrig-bt'H Suffrmtitlima, Arc 
0/ tAe MiddU AgtM, whore be Bpeaks of the Jif<Alet» or jeux'folUt*, a fiort of vjnU /ofutu. 
Pax here !■ probablT O.Fr. fox^/ol or faU, fatuu*, applied to things having a AhlBo 
appearaooe of aomething else, an avoine /olle, biuren oaU. 

'Glna, gloMJs; Uguutti rntui) ent de nocte Mranum : 
•Ri< tibi dttt florem, -^u lif^um, -iia mulierem.' Ortm. 
* Gltm, -ttU, m. iiyff^a. at lifptum putridnm. Rotten wood, 
(Jlot gloria jIom eel : gins glntis /tnttitui fratrh, 
OkiM aloHii liffHHm putre (wt, de uucte ntlucens, 
Ria tibt datjlortm, Riit lianum, tis viuliertm.' Uoiildman. 
* Dieoite quid tiii );1os, liffuum, vel reminiL. v«I 601. 
Gloi, gloBRfl, lignum vetua ettt de node aersnum ; 
Gba, gloMM, ImgUA illius fUios glosin ; 
Olda, glorii. floB iUii gluria dra est; 
GIm Miam gloriii diuetor femina fratru : 
Hoo gV>a eat Ugtmm, beo gloa eat femina frattia* 

MiHinlla. narl. MS. Hgy. 

■ 'Sntiinea, gauDteUe, foxeaglora.* MS. Harl. 9711, tf, >4bk. '/Von. flamtflata. Tuse*- 
glove,* ibid. Coignve givea ' OtuO^H, The lierbo called Foxgloraaf oar l^oa^VM 
aad London buttona.* 



I*ra be jonde ; dtultrti. 
tFradora to dore; fw^ttafim. 
TraghUt of a schippo ^Fraght or 

lastago of A ahipe A.) ' ; sa- 

Fra hyne forward*; Ajnodo, de 

cetero, deiacaps, inpostet^tn. 
Fra hyziae ; hinc, j:itiuc, indtt U- 

It lie-. 
'a Praia (PraoUa A.) of fygia*; 


a PratovT© * ; refectorium. 

A Pray '' ; vb[i] stiiffe (A,). 

til Prayturer ; refectorarius. 

Fra thonao ; jlltu:, jtuU, 

tPra mavi to ma/< ; virilim, 

•a Pranchemolo (Prawnchmulle 

A.) "; Ituianica. 
)j« Pranay ' ; frettJtU ; frmsticua qui 

patitur inJirmiUtUwx. 
tPra Oder atede; AUuixde^ de Alio 


■ 'To froitc A. ithipiv;, impltre narim. lA^ge, or baUit. wherewUb shljia are euen 
peiicd to go upn^lit. Stiimrra' Bansl'ii Alvearic. Set! Ijastftg*, b«low. 

' ' Smodo. Ffio beiu trorwiurde.' MudulU. 

' * Aiut fhknno «bkl h« tOHtifyo of a thnitce, nod take his fclnwo to witneMe. 

Whikt ho funde in ufrrytl, fcrtur a frereH lyujixye.' P. PluwuiBti. B. xm. 94. 
'Pragle, a banket iuv>hicb figs are brought froiu Spain and other parta.' Kennett's Parooh. 
Antiquitiea. 'Baro out the duato in thia fy^gu fraylo. Atporta cinerent in Koe fyritc^/ 
Homian- Frail is itUl used in R^scx to mean a runb-biuiket. Baret in hu AlviAria givaa, 

* A frailo of Rggea, /Ucina Jiconim : Cuban plciu de Jiguea, A littlt.> wiulii^r boaket, a fhule, 
a cbtMMe fat, jC*«Wo, yttil panier d'o*icr.' 'Threw fraiU of aprata carried from mart to 
nart.* B«aam. H. Fletcher. Que«D of Corinth, ii. 4. Low Lht. fr-tiun, a inshbnaket or 
wat-buket. 'J^firlum, fiacina ; panier d4 jonc, Mhos: O. Fr./raiau*, frojiei' Dm:aDge. 

* CahtUL A &mi1e (for raiidiu or figi).* Cot^ravo. See aLki GlrMuary to Libur Albus, «. v. 
FrcelU. Lyte, ]>odoaiui» p. 511, in treating of the varioun kiiidH uf Ruiih. iiientianM 'Tha 
fraijU Uuibe or pauler Ruaho/ aud a JJn ' ihey vse to make 6gge fraylu and panien ther 
with all.' 

* In Be Do^uUuvillu'fl Pilgiimagt, MS. John's Coll. Camb. leaf 137, the Pilgrim toUa 
Ui that in the Lluitle (nf Religion) at which ho at laiit arrived, 'Ther wan ffcrin dortour 
and clouiter, kirke, ohap«ter, and /raitour .* and ngaut. L I aS, ' The ladj with tho gorgere 
waa tw frujfturrcr ]^tnM.* Bomuui says, * Monkea shulde vytta in the frayter. Monachl 
tomederaU in emaeulo nam rtftdorio.^ ' Atemperance aervedo in the fratvur. that loho 
to ylkone ao Inkes that meflure bo over alio, that none over mekiUe neru over lyttillo ota 
UK drynke.' Uia. Line. A. i. 17, leaf J75, quoted by Halliwedl. 

* If a pora man come to a frerc for to aako shrifte, 
Anil ther oi<ine a ricohere and brings bim a lifle ; 
Ho iihal into the/rvi£ur and ben imad ful glad.' 

Wright's Pol. Songs, Camden 80a p. 33?. 

* Harriaoo In Kb Deaoription of Eng. i. 277, t«lU u» tbat if any * happen to smite witK 
atatfiff, dagger^ or anie manor of weapon, Sc the aame be suftiaienUie found by the verdict 
at Iwalve man .... ho ii aura tu looae one of his earee, without all hope of rck-awi. But 
if be «iob a one as hath beene twice oondemned and exacutod, whereby he hath now non 
aareo, then is he marked witli an hot iron vpon thu cbeeke, and by the letter F, wldoh la 
•eared deepe into bis flesh ; he is from thenceforth noted as a barratour and fruie maiur, 
and therevntu reDiaiooth ezconiinunicatc till by roi>ontanoa hu doaorue to bo abaoluod ;* 
and again, p. us. he mencions * fruintakert, |wtie robbont, Jta' ' («(uu-ro|r*ur, a warrior, 
a fray-maker.* UoUybaud. 

* * Lvajnim. A puddyng ma<la of porke, a sausage.' Cooiwir. Juniae, ». v. lfoi2, says, 
<A French muile Cnauooru Odt dbus dvlicatlor. a di»h made of marrow aud grated bnad* 
In the Lilifr Cart Cocorwn, p. 50, directions are given that lanay-cake shall bo served 

* with /rauRcAf mde or o^r metis with alle.' 

' • Dawe. I do thee wel to wite /mUike am I not.' Wright's Political Poems. U. 85. 
*FrentfU. Thotfrenesy.' Medulla. 'J'hrtnitia. An inflamnmtinnof tbu brayneurikinoea 
>ul it. ryaynt! of yu|>crnuoiiH bloud or clwler wberby s-mie |(«i«t*r aniinall i" hurted and 
irrupted. C>/(i^.er. * Uo telle tu a /ransjft t^v fcnvuciwe of herlu-' Jdvrit Atlkitrt, 



Frawarde ' ; i^lwnun, a^luerm^, con- 
tnriii^i, tfiitcorif, disf-repunji, di-s- 
cortlftrm , inpa lienSymntfsnriv.pfarH- 
09M, rehedif, lans. remnrmuran^, 
Ktmns, auxurratia, lumultnonnSj 
<£■ cetera ; vbi pronde. 

aFmwardaes; Aditevfitaa, oon^ra- 
ri7rtJ», ducordia, A cetera. 

Fra whynae (Fra hense A.} ; vnde, 

Frauaco ; frati ia, tjtliia. 

A tuiiii uf Fraunue (A Franche 
man A.): /ru;*ruf, frunci'jena, 
ffatiun, tjttUa t&t tnulier iiliait jta- 
tru; tfuUiia. 

+Fp©a ; lartjiw^^ relera ; uM loi'ge. 

Pre ; lififir, iibaralU. 

a Fredomo ; libertaa, vttu/idu, vl : 
conmeittns tst pienam vifuliclaui 
i.e, hbtrtati;m, 

to Frese ; 'jel'tr^^ con-, congrlatCQrt, 

Freee clothe (tu Freyse clothe A.)". 

Frely ; j/rMiis, f/mtuil^ «ponie, gjtOU' 
taneUB, vUrv,vt(roH€\iA, vvluiUari';, 

•Premmyd ' ; ar^rc, exlemns. 

to make Frernmyd ; exterminare. 

ftFrenachip ; Amicicia* ,AmicMlita*t 

humnuifus,; arnim9,ne'4KS8anus,pTox-» 
imuB. filter eijn ; reraus : 
% Alter ego niHt «u, nou. «9 mihi 
twniH AmicMB \ 
^I'ou eru Alter eyo, m* mlhi m 

Vt prfO. 

tto make Frende; Amicare, A micum 
faccrOf A mican esse Amicus, fed*:' 
rare, ooncmaj*e, »*«- ; versus : 
^^t 9ut3 Amicatxkv nofrcs, tii 
nosier ^micUB } 
Cautna A »iu'a< eum qftem mu- 
ntrt raddit Amuttm. 
fto be Freude ; A micar*! ^^ -n. 
Prendly; AmicalU, AmuubUU. hv^ 
manw», Amu'xiB, d: cumpam^ur 
Ainiciory A inici-mimiifL 
Prendly; Amutat/Uitar, AmlcaUbtr. 
VD Frendly , t/i/tuMuiMus, uitmtcua; 

iuhituuiti^^ itJiu/itti niter. 
a Frenge " ; Jimbria, tj- cetera ; ©l» a 

be mine. 
a Frere ; fralmr ; /rafciviuspar^icipi- 


* H&iitpolc, PHcJic of C'mscmtrf, 87, t<llfl un that tli« fnte of man xh 

* if he /raKitvi be to woiule Til p/oe of belle }>ut hiui na ends/ 
Anil al»o that Vauity 

*Maa his hcrt fiil hawtayne And (u\ fravird til bU wuempte.* /6J</. 956. 

* ' Fri»rT, to frixzle. curl, criHp,' Ci.ljjmvc. Frieae clotb was ouam and iiamw. aa 
opposed to tho broad oloth ; thin )• clearly shown in the following pn5«ag« from the Pa»(un 
LclU-TB. wi. GairJucr, i. 83 : — ' I jiray jow that )e wUI« do hyeii suiuf fraif t« makcii of 
30ur child i§ ffwnyi .... and that 30 wyM bye a jeid ul'br>>de clttlieof bloc for an hiMid 
for mo of xUij** or iitj* a )cn]. for ther is neibLT gLwIe cluth net {:ixl /n/«e in tliik twn.* 
^riaerx, or makeni of friexeclotli, arc mentioned in l>i)if?r AIIkiii, pP'7i3(735t Baret aays, 
* JViz«, or rough (rnruii^nt tlml tKiuIdJera v»ed, a mntitle tft cnst nn .-» Ik.-*!, a carpet to laic QO 
a table,adag)iwatne. limt-apr. Uumivnlua tltnt batie luMfr wooll, nr W Frixed, /x-jrt7 tttitM, 
A winter garment, a friio or fi^rrvtl garineut. Cfieimatlrum. ' Tbau Gcruaur. and a turtlae 
other with hyui. arrayed them lyko rude v>llayn« marohauntejt in cote* of /ri^«.' Il<ni««r% 
FrvifMtrt, vol. ii. p. 340. Caxton. in his 'fnuu. of Guelfivi de la Tour I'AoiJr)-, *iit;. e. ij., 
■peaks of ' burcU or /lyat* By thtt Ktatnte 5 & 6 Kdw. VI,, o. vi. it »m eiia«:t«il Uiat 
' All Welrh Frizes .... ffball Ci^mtviiie in Ien>ftk at Uit: water six and tliirty yanta at the 
mukt. yard and lucli of tlitt rulir, and in breodUi thr«e quartera of a ynriL ami twing fio fully 
wrought, Hhali wei^'h euery whule puece i-'vAw .iiid forty pound at tiiu Il'oaV* 

* PrrwK ia still ill ues in the Northern ' r *a 9tr.\n^T.' \.ii./mntdf, 

' 1 bafo bcno frendcly frckc and /i ■ ■ otherr.* JUorle A rtAdrr, SMS. 

Bm ftlpo ibid. IL lifO. 37.^8. Ac Tlie f.hitL;*^ jicmid aiid nibbe,' occtirB in Wrighfa FoL 
SoDM^ ao}, and in Rob. of Glouc«siar, p. 346. vith tho meaning of ' not related Maid kliu* 

•MS. Amicicia. 

' • A frong^p, timbritde,' Manip. Vocab. 'A frini,**. a htinmef a ([ard vt afftrrnvnl co(» 
fonanj. A frin^'t-, l.cmmc, nkitt, or welte, Jtn^tria.' Baro-. 

CATH0UCO5 AllPGUCm. l43 

; iaumUm*, rcneiu. ' s Tryj-f%fpuBit» : /rfcr'fri nm, /Vir- 

to Tretm ^ ; fnatrsj «»-, J- ceten : oW»m.«r:a/',5a;ftVa,/rtii«'^j-ij, 

*W to rabbc "lo Friste - : i i^KoAj/^. 

ftFre wilk ; tAiimm, fiStftzs. licenan -^FrisselV ' ; ,>w:sk.:. 

^rMieniim. ** FriUi«d felde ylVrtheftad* AA *: 

to Vrr; Fri^tr*, friran. c?n-. rtr,-»p«iD. 

)^ Vyydav- ; diet mmv, rVria itesrfa, ' *a Froke ' : <"(trW*u^ 

«TV77ac;,^iritni.ynia!iira. mn^t7a. rw^^M. 

' In tltt Xfrie Artkmrt, vb-m Prumiu is «<c>aiid«d tli^K U an a<xxiuui of « * Kovl« vt 
fya^gaUe* eamtaimng a liqoid. tlie rirtaes of which w«re ^uoh ihas 

* Be it freite on faU fleocfae. share «ynu<e« an entaui«vlt* 
Tike freke Kfaalle be fiache halle wishin (oitn hownM.' L 270$. 
Fr fnUer, to mb ; vm Frot«. 

* Haliiveli qootei from the Tbornton MS. leaf 1 24— 

' Thorowe prareir of tho«e gvniille m«iw. 
Twelve Teked be gaffe hTta thaue. 
No langere wold be freM' 
'The tbrpfe teaikdie es to fraytt and lene To tbaTm that nede baa ami b« poniv mvna.* 

UarLMS. Ji6o.U^ 71. 
O. led. fntta. Cf Dan. fritt, a trace. 

* A flute. * Witb tranpes, pipes and with friMelt* TmineJb (7aina, i^g^. In llttA^n^t 
Uet. Bom. i. 59- 'Fistula. A prpe. a melodj. Fittuta ductor aqut fie ji>tttla niita #>Hvr\u 
Fitlidor. To sjoern with pype.'' Medulla. 

* Fritked » fenced in or inclwed, as in P. Plowman. B. t. 590 : '/rithtti in with 
doreines.' From the O. H. G. /n't/tf, peac«. protection, or inclo*urt». wo h.iv«» ibo A.H. 
/rip, naed in composition in the sense of indosed ; se« Booworth, «. r. /^l^-yAlrll. lii M. 
Kngliih /riik is frequent!/ used for a wood, but properly only lor one inotiw«<d an dla- 
thurotsbed from the open forest: cf. 'yri> or. forest, toun or lild.* ^'lr .'tmin^i*. Ixxi ; 
WUHam of Paltne, 3316, 'Out of forest and fnt>es. and alle fairo woiltw.' aiul I'olit,, R«l, 
Jk Love Poeau, ed. FunuTall, p. 56, * both bj frith or foreste.' La)aiuon. tii. iS7, i«\U ua 
of Atbelftan, *ha he sette ticiren, and makede friH of dei^r^n,' whero tho weaning; U 
* deer-parks ;* as also in i. 61 — ')e hunti<9^ i J>es kinges /riiSf * [later Vcxt parf], Stnt also 
Thomas <^ Eroeldoane, 319, where Pr. Murray expl^ns 'frgtht or f«llo* by 'encloaod 
field or open hill.^ Hie word is still preserved in many dialects ; see Pe^^'s KrHtM*m$t 
E. Dial. Soc ed. Skeat, &o. 

' In the Faston Letters, ed. Gairdner, ii. 370, in the acoount of oxpenRes at the funeml 
of Sir J. Paston we find — 'For a cope called nfropqe of worsted fur the IMor of llronihnhu, 
xrri" viij*".' In the Treatise de VtensilibMs of Alexander Neckhain, in Wriglit's Vol. »»f 
Vocab. p. loi, we have eollobium glossed by ' frogs * and ' roket,' ' Frooko or cauivk, 
«aj7t(iR.* Baret. 'Cucullut: vatiscapieiata. JAedaXUk. See Ducange, «. v. Ouru/iM. In 
AUit. PoemSf ii. 136, in the parable of the man without a wedding gannont he is mid to 
have been 'A J>ral . . . un>ryaandely clo)>ed, Ne no festiual /ro^, but fylod with worrkei.* 

* In the Description of the Giant in Morte Arthure, loKo, we an luld thai 

* His frount and his forheuedo, alle was it ouor, 
As the felle of a/roattf, and fraknede it seinode.* 

In DeguilevilWs Pilgrymage, &e., ^ready quoted, p. 1,1^9, we reatl — 'I am thllko that 
the /'or.'ed. Arber, p. 37. ' AgredtUa. A lytyl ffrosch. Rana. A flWisoh. JtuHunruhit. A 

make my subgis dwelle and enhabite in fennes as jr<mha' Bee nixo Caxtuii's Ufwnrd 


lytyl ffivsch.' Medulla. See ^reA(«o/(i^i«, xxx. 373, where it is staU*(I tliat U111 herb 
vervain is called froitit because its leaves are * lyke the fronyt fet.* Wyi'llf uses frttth in 
Psalms Ixxvii. 45, and cv. 30, and froikt» occurs in the Story of Utneth ami /i.wtluii, ed< 
Morris, ap77, where we read— 

' PoUieuedes, and froskex, & podes spile Bond barde ej^pts fulu In slle.* 
See P. Crowken. A. S. fmr, 0. Icel. /roi*r. 
' MS. agruula. 



a Froste ; gelti indedinahilef pruina 

alba eat. 
ProBty; tjviiiluif pruinosvji, pr[u]iji- 

to Frote * ; vhi to Rnbe (A.). 
+u Fronte ' ; froiuiitpicium, vt fron- 

titipicium eccit's'iai'uia. 
to Frublsche * ; elimare, enntinare, 

erubigitiare, expoUre^ rubitfinare. 
a Frubiacher ; eruyinator. 
*a Frugon * ; ixrliiiuluuij pala,farca 


iFnunjrto ' ; frunuxiticium. 

ft Pnmto ; frana. 

•ft PnuitoHo * ; fr&/Uaie. 

ft Frute ; //ikj^ub, xitoii yrea. 

t4i Frute ot«r ' ; ir»i*i»/d</ua, tfo/ afir- 

Frut«full«; yruoft*wu»,/rw(t/tfr, fn^ 

tFruteurs (Frutuye A.) * ; coH\rx*la. 

P ajxtt V. 
a Fude ; AlciOf MitxiA, pastus. 

^ John Ru»rll in liu Boko uf Nurture (Babe«e Book, ed. FarnivaU, p. 19). unoagtt hit 
'■jrmplti ooodicionB * of guod beh&vfour At UUe sayi — 

• Yonr hnndnfro/e ne rub. brydelynjio with IxKat vpoo cnw.' 
Be« who Lonelioh's Buly Gniil. cd, FumiviUl, xxiil. 503, wlituv we niad of 'a procioua 
otoue ufmerveil^oufl k^nde,' wblcb wu naturally so hot, 

' ihAt QOTi man tbt-rwith him selfdAr frot.* 

* I r thoo cntrijit in to thi! com of thi (rcDil. thou Bch&Lt breke eeria of com, and /rote togiAtn 
witb tbi houd.' Wyclif. Dcut. xxili- 15. ' Frolinyc of iren anij wb4rt«^>rles t>oti wluUt hln 
[ffofM /i^/W /Wcawi«u].' Truviaa'i U^en, i. 417. See abto Ancteu liiwle, p. 284. Com- 
|iA» Frete. ' See Oavelle. 

* ' Sxpolio. To nnliyn, gravyn, or fFtirbjrahyn.' MeduIU. ' PtturUr. To furbish. polMh. 
burnish, niAkfl bright.' Cotjfrave. ' liic cragituUor ; tnglictf forhujiUeru.' W'nght » VoL 
of V*»CEb. p. 195. 

' ' VertUntlum, A threnhnid or & ffargonB,* Medolla. * Fouryon, An oven forks 
(ifliinad in Uiicoliialuro a fruggin) whL<rewiUi fuel] u Itoth pnc mbo U) oren, and ACirred 
when it is (on firs) to it.* Cut^nive. See abu> Golrake, alfuve. 

' ' i-loBch flariKtc uf formywimM vith /rumaitec noble' Mort€ Arihurt, 1 80. 
Tht: foUuwini; rvcipes fur tbe inaDufiMrtutx* of Funoeuty nre given in Prgge's Fonne of 
Ciiry.pp. 91 nod lai : ' 1. >'or tomake Fumienty, Nymdeoo wete, and bray it ina mortar 
wcl that th« bolyi gon al of and teyt yt cU it broite and nym yt up, and Ut It kt>le and 
nym fayre freftch broth and swettj mylk of AlnuuidyB or awute luylk of kyno and temper 
yt al, and nym the yolkyn <pf «yryn. boyl yt a Utyl anft aet yt adoun and mesae yt fortlm 
wytb fast vetijiKJu and fracb uiotou. 2. For to make ForiDcnty oil a Fisobeday — Tak 
th** mylk of tli« Huol NoU«, bovl th« wete wytb the afternielk til it be dryyd, and tak 
and cvlcHLT yt wyth SafEruuu, au<l ttic> fer»t mylk caal tbtirto and boyle wel and aerre yt 
forth.' In Mf. Peacock'a Glouary of Maaley. A:o., wo have, ' Fnimoriy, a preparation of 
cnad-wbcat with milk, curranta, ndiins aifl apices in it.' See alao Ltbtr Cart Cocontwt, 
ed. Morri*. p. 7. 

' * (Vitninyle for a woinan*a bead, aome call it a frutitlot, /rontaU.^ Haloei. In tka 
Paaton Lottcra, i. 4S9, wu find tn the IiiveiiU^iry of Sir J. FaatolfA effocla. 1459—* Item j 
autcr dotbti^ witha a fmntell of wbitc damaake. the Trynete tn tlie myddya .... Ittun 
Ij ourtayiies of wblto aylke. witbe a /roiUdt of the same, wHbe fauchouna of golds.* See 
aliK> fb^d. ill, 470. * Comriare Dryfeate, above. 

* Tlie followio^ Todpe for tbe uauuboiure of FrUttn Ii (^vezi in Liber Curt Coeonmt, 
p. 30 :— 

* With oggaand floure in batere \>ou make, Taka {mwder nf puper and csat ^er to, 
Fut bemiti ^er to, I undurtakc : Ker\u apjioU uvurtwert nod oaat two, 
Coloore hit witli aafronti ur )m)u nioro do; Frye hum in greoa, no mora ne mynne.* 

See also p. 55, wUorti in a * inaner of acrvioe on fleaxKe day,* occur ' ryaahime uid pome- 
dorrea and /rufitr in fure.' In Hoaschoid Ordinance*, p. 450, ia given the foUowtog recipe 
for 'TundJytes of FnUurt. Take fyggea, and giind bom nnall, and do therto pouder uf 
clowea, and uf pupur. and augar. aiid aafn-nn. nnd cloa» bom in fuylea of dit^h, and frie horn, 
and Hawme hmu with boner, and nerve bit furtbe.' Sec alau p. 449. ' Fritter, -ir pancake, 
fricia. loffanum. A kiitd of bread fcr»:hildr«?n, aa fritters and wafer% coUyrn.' Darot. AjIi- 
WedneaiUy ia in Yorkaldre known aa /"ruttoce- Wediieadny, from friUn-K beinj; eaten on 
that d^iy. CvHiridii haa alxvady occurred aa the latin equif altnt for a Ofjunooko, 



tPuell/) ' ; focaU. 

Fnellfir (Peweller A.) : fo^ahiis. 

truik/(Fuyke A.) ^ ; taniyo {latiut/0 

Pall but (FulbtiTt A.) ' ; ftj^iai. 
B Fule (PuyUa A-) ; */«/(us {labvr- 

ru8 A.), <£r cctfiru ; vbi foIt« &. vht 

Fulhardo * ; temf raring. 
toFullVllti; sulfjfiiirc vicefnAltetim, 

d' tt'tfra ; vhi to fillff. 
iL Fulfilyng ; Additumeutum, nijipli- 

FuUe ; Affluftitf copioguB, ftcuudxia, 

tfis yrece, ajiimus, /i/rnus, JtaciatuSj 
»tiffinAns, vlmr, vhertuosus. 
Fully; Affntim^ AJJliierUvTy coptoMj 

•ft Fulemerd * ; faontrun {/etolnu 

•\-[^ Fulle moyne; pienilunitim. 
aFullnes; Aj/limneia, Ahuiuiancia, 

pUniiudo corporis vel anttud irBt, 

picrtitag euiuBcuiuiue rei, ■£* cetura. 
f Fulaomly * ; fatim. 
tFune (Fnma A.) ^ ; paueas, pania^ 

*C* cetera; vbt fuwe. 

' O. Fr. /oiMii/lc, from L. LaI. /omU. 

' ' Fuitit. lock« of hAir.* Ray's North Country wonli. Bwley's DIci. gives 'fax. the 
luiir.* A.S. feax^ the hair. In th« Mortt Arthure, 1071$, In tbo doBcriptioD of th4 GiMnt 
wiUt whntu Arthur hiui an encntmt^r, we mn ^~>M tliftt 

' Hij/uj- ihkI hia foiKUiyiMs wjw fitler«de to-Kwler*.' 
la the C*ir»or Manfii, p. 418, 1. 7i44, wo hice An Accouut uf hw D»HUih with » ••ohere* 
cut uff Soiupaon's hjur — 

* And till his foos tea him be-kflnd ; For thura hia/oje liu fonw waa fcinL* 

Al mo^ht tiki ^an dn qunt ^ uttnt 
Cooper Jefiutss Lamuju m ' tliu iiofl« haar«ii or moMdneniie in the viniige* at cliildrva or 
women: ui"" >t> fruiu^fl ur h^irbu^, an in daH*-, JLc. ; the dount* fentheni in Hniluii, &c.* 
Janiie«oD j^vw ' ftuj. MtMti, Fn'tfjy- Mn«y * 

* Wji'lif in liw Tnn't, • H<tw .S»uwi dt hin childron tumcn werki* of mercy upmxlitua, 
&c.,' Kngtish Wi.irkii, vl- Mather-, p. iti. uses tbii word ; he mya * worldly cicrfcie ful of 
pride, symonyv. coupitiso. A a)wrfr vynov^ )nuen /nlimt conMil ajcnrt l>e holy gi«t, Ac' 
llonniin »ay». ' 1 ithnl byt tlipniArki>/K/ Ual al the D*>xt tvme. Co^'utm^o $oopum projnnto 
wiWm / nnd a^'ivtn, 'It standeth /'«//>»( a^'yost Caleys. tkt^i/riatam t rtfjionr t'ontiittur.' 
In U"lall'« Ai>oj>htl.C{iiitrt of EraemuK, od, 1 877, p. tg, wo read, ' Socrat'.ii met full but with 
Xeniipliao in a narrow hack lane.* S(m aiao U. dc Tlnione'R Chrunido, ed. Fumivall, 

P- 473. 1 13*^57- 

' 'Nt*i bL-utumucbe oan^, o8er iafaOurdi, |^t tialt iiireheanad baldeliche uorS vtijrsn 
open keru(>l, Pvo hwih> (lat me luit qunrreauv wiOutcn nKailc'S (lene caalel V* ^nernt Eiwlt, 
p. 63. ' raiif«iriui. Koolbardie. raah, unadviHed.' Cooper. Temerarius. Foolhardy. 
TemtritoM. Kiv.lhx«\lyn«i.' MedoIU. 

* * A titoh ur fulluiart.' Cotjcraw, s, v. BdxiU. ' K fnUner or polcntte, morfcr.' Baret. 
* And whan they have brou^ita fortho thcyr byrdeA to ■«« that they be well kepte from 
the gleyd, CTuwert, inUy-marfttt ami othur vt-finyuc* Fitzherborl'a Husbandry. Sm 
Jamieaon, a. r. Fownmrif. and Rny'i Glam. b. v. Fttumart. 

' Tox avti ^tillmartl, to^idn- wluui tbey atoode, 
Sange, b«i ttill, the cok hath low« ali^'otn.' 

Wright's Pidit Poema. ii. no. 
» /Veirfrt. A Fulmore.' Medulla. * Hm /cfwrUnM .- * fblmanl.* Wright'* Vol.of Vocab. p. jjo. 

* Puitttm, in thf> sniiiie of plfnteoua, oocnrs in t}i« Story 0/ tlentn* ami BjmIus, 3K3, 
where th« seven 'yenm of plcJily ' in I&tfypt are termed * fie vij. /uitum yeres.* The 
•ubvtiintive /uttiatnhni, abundiinue, pluiity, oooun In thu aame poemj. IS4S. In WUliam 
0/ Paltmr, 4^34, wo n'««l— 

* F'aan wcrv oimcli t^Ww <tponded Mnbnute, Fnltumli at {w ful. to t(^e freke }wr>inDC.' 

* Thv rurm/i/notioGurBnorDral tiinm in Hie Prirlt uf Ctiuicim^ ; thus at I. 76 J are rtsad : 

' Xo*, bo MTB. my fan da^-n acre, Fon m«i may now fuurty yh*To jmm, 

Hivl "i u short tyme hero. And/nwr fifty aI< in immtym wiw:* 

and igMii 

- ^i.:... . . ,. and In buka redea Of purgatory, hut/un It Jredeit* 




Funelli!'; Infiigorium (A.). 

s Punte ; fojts, bnpfititerium. 

a Furlande ' ; studiuut ; sladitUis 

a Purre (Puyr A.) ' ; Urat porca^ 

siticus; (rer«ua : 
% PoUt'ce taritjo liram, fado cum 
vomers Uram A.). 
tto Purre ; suJcare, stUcuTa faeere. 
a PurPB ; furraturOt furrura, pen- 

O M,nte A. 
to Oa arly; manitare, 
to Oa; Amfjulfire, per-f pre-, ati-, 
dedinarCy demit/rnrr^ dujrndi, 
tncMiere, m&xre, mtV/rare, vt- 
are^ ippe grrec« ; ver«0B : 

to Pmra ; Furrare, jmtulare. 

a Piirrer ; furrator, ftfnulator, 

til Forth* * J witaOtriuw. 

Pustiait^; fu*C4)tinctu\\\. 

a Put« ; ftif ; ^f^JitJix /tfir/iciinuni. 

Futa be fUte ; ]}€ditentim. 

tPutalee ; tn/>««. 

ta Fute haXits " ; pita jwfaHii. 

u Fute man ; jtejes, jnftlanler. 

ta Fute of a bript' ; pila. 

A Puta atepe; vbi futestepe (A.). 

7^ O. 

%Amhulo vgZ gr&dioft to, vada, 
d«'afnJndt>, jH^rtjo. 
Addittir hiJH Kpficior, tw/ jtin- 

ero, ve/ pti^ciseor. 
Predictis iuuye tendoeuxa cur- 
ro, jnouere. 

^ * In/»ndihuli»m, ft funnell." SUiibriilgo. 

* Thia aeenu to be only ma siror oF tbt* icHbo tnr furlantjr, ami not anotber rorru of tbe 
Vord. *T1m fouitodele a furtatif/e b«tweue thus bo wulketi.* Jlforfc j^WAint, 946. 
•St^tdium. A FurIong«.' M«dulU. 

■ 'Suictu. A Pors. Sulcotttt. Ful of foT7>.* MeduUft. Thorubv in hU l^ttf^r tn TUy. 
B. DiAlect 80c., pvn * a furro or foot. » furrow/ A. 8. fnrh. ' Ac ■onfj atortc he vp of 
the /or), And CitArliii stedo a Kcrde Ixtr), pat «-iu so fiLir of Mi|t«.' iSlfr Ffrumhnu. 5593. 

* In P. Plowman, B. v. 576, Piera in directinK Ibe Pi%riiu« in Ui« vny to IVuOi, tnyt — 

* And ao boweib forth bi a broke, both-buxiim-of-sjtecha, 

Tjl |o fyndcn mforih, looro-fadrcaboDouretb.' 
Wyclif. (roneni xxidt. as, hu — 'Andwbnnno J^acob haddaariMiUfweU.betoolchiMtwet 
wyum, and m) maiiy •eruauntewia with cnleum aoneN, uid paadde ib« forth* of Jabcrth.' 
A.S./ord. *Tn fynde a fvr^e, £uie con I fond^ 

Put w<i)«t-3 mo I-WTMa J»er ware.' ■dfft*. Potm». 1 150, 
B Keokham, * Do TTtenKOibtu ' (^'ri^ht's VoL of Vocab.). idaAidm ftiitaiae with dotfaa 
fiiteUineti, t\ytd tawny or hrtiwn. Ilcginald of Ourhnm in hia work, I>e Admir, Be&ii 
Cnthboti Virtatibua, mentiona cbitfa ftucotindum, dy«l with (young) fiutie (which waa 
of a yellow ooloar and tha produce of Venetian HDmaob, and waa employed for dyeing 
befiire it waa alnioat wholly titiifiUnied by the " old fuitic " of America). From Uua mode 
of dyuing, the original foatUn, which waa aometiinea made of «Ik. may bare had ita name ; 
or poeaibly hrom St Fuscieo, a vlllaeo near the cloth mamifacitiring vity of Amiena. Be* 
Liber Albua, p. 674, where it is onknd that fonogn marchanti> nru not to kU leaa than 
'^1 fuJontinftiM,* ac, /nimam. In an Inventory in the Paatoo LetCvni, Ui. pp. 407, 409, 
we find — 'Item, a dowblci of/Mtton, xl' .... Item, a payr of rtokea of /lufwn. nij*.* 
* For V yerd«a /lufyoa for a cote at vii^ the yard, ti* xi".' NicoIaftV Klizabcth of York, 
p. 105. 'Culeyne threde, futtiant, and canvKae' ar« anianf; 'the vumaK>dilie« . . . . frv 
Prau ibroughto Into Ftumdrea,* aooording in the Lii»dU, pr. in Wright'a PoL Song*, i. 1 71, 
Aiidrair Borde, b hia TntrodvuAiim, maka> one of the Janoayea (Oenoese) say — 

* I make good trwde, and alao ftutian, 
With taoh thynra I oiwifl with many a pore man.^ 

* In the Imtnctiona to the Sheriflni of Countiee, in rvferenoe to tlie practice of Arehery, 
baaed 37 KtiwnnI III., we find piLx bacutaHM, oorreepoadiBg pnibab^ with oar ' hookey, 
ftSa momia/ti. hand-ball, and pila pedira. fout-ball. 

' * Piib : pe* poniis.' MerlaUa. Hee P. ' Pyie of a btyggya fot«, or o>er byggynge. PHa.* 
Cooper haa 'Pila. Vitruviuit. A jitle, a heape, or damme made in the water to break 
or itay tbeooane.' We attll use tl>e term /ooftfn^a for tha first oounaa of briekwirk. 



to Oa a-bowte ; ^m^ire, drvuiVe, 
ci'nj/err, areutnMcriifere, rireuni* 
dttre, circularej /ujfrare, co/-, 
yirart, ffiriyttat/ari, ohint^ pcro- 
(/rare, peranifjulnrr^ tfc c«len. 

*to Oabo ' ; Mentiri. d' cotera ; vbi 
to ]yc (A.). 

to Oa away ; Abctdent, dincedtrt, 
«*«-, Mcedert. 

ftoGhi'bakwsrdA; rttrogndi; retro- 

iU> Oa be-twne ; mediare. 

to Oa b«-ibre ; A nUtfdere, Anteffradi, 
preeederc, prtyrtdi^ j>rciV«, preui- 

Qabriell^; gabrirl. 

tGabrleUd rache (Gabriel rachea 

A.) *; eamalion, 
a Gad ' ; gerufa. 
to Oa downe ; dis€«nder«. 
to Oa forCha ; mmJbk, egrtdif «v»re, 

jjTVotdere, prodir«, 
*Qftylfi (Oayll^ A.) * ; mtrhis ; Jf tr- 

ce/wm eat /ocus vln cr«scuul. 
tn Oay horae '^; mauducus. 
a Oaynge; AdUxiOf tucawus, {/u% 

itura, mfitUoB, tn-naituB. 
a Gayng« away ; abcesgoB, diseesmB*, 

decessus, rr-. 
Ooynge before ; jpreutus. 

* la p. Flowman, B, iii. 179, Mwd Addrewing Con8ci«Dc« Kys— 

' Wei tiow wMt, weniftrd. but jif bow trolt ^tibbe, 

Povr but hftoged on niyne kairt-il«ueiie tvrae«.' 

8es kIso xIx. 451. Wjclif in 3 Ooriotlusni xi. 31, bas ' I ffahbe not,* See also Jii«f¥n 

JKirfe. p. 200 ; H'ti/ktm of PaUnef 1 994, &o. * T» Gab. lye. Alentiri, wmmtnMci.' Maoip. 

VocaK * f7d'jrr. To mocke. flout, rida, Ac* CutgnTc. 

* &a6A(Tyi gloaoa eiiy wharo And gode feyih oom^ alle byhyoda.* 

Wright's Political Poems, a 337. 
In the ttma work, vol. L p. 369, in a Poem aeainrt th« Minnrito FriuB, we read — 
* fint thai gabben on God, that alle men may se, 
When thai hangen him cd begh 00 a grene tro..' 
' A Rache ia a poenting hound, ai dintiDgaished nrom a greyhound, 

* I salle neaer lyrays. db rocrAci vn-cowpyUe.' }Swit A r/Aure, 3999. 
See Braobett, above ; Diieaage. 1. v. Bmeco ; and P. Ratohe. Cahridlt raeht tbu ia 
equiraifcat to UubrvA Houndt^ an expnaion which 19 explained from the KennetC MS. 
Liinvl. to33, *" fi^Uo^* : — 'At Wednesbary in StafHirdnbirc, the colliers going to their 
pita early in tbe momitiK h<-ar tha noi«u of a pack of boaada in the air, to which ihey giv« 
the name of GnbrUVa iloHwlf. though the mora aober and judioiotu take them only to be 
wild geeae, making this iiu<sc- in their flight.' The exprecnonappean to be atitl in ose in 
Vnrkahire: Mje Mr. Hobinaon'ii Whitby OUmr. E. Dial. Soo. The MedatUdcfinea Cftmoto* 
a* ^gttoddam iptodvivit lit cure.* See Air. Way^l Intniductioti, p. Ixt, note b. 

* ' AI engelood waa of bis adrad, 80 his J»e beste fro ^ gad.' Uavelok, 379, 
See also Utid. 1016. 

* Take a gad of stale. I wot in dedeu* lAhtr Cure CocoTHm, ed. Morris, p. 6. 
'Oadtle for oxen— c^MiU(>n.' Pa]8^'THve. 'Gadde, g»le, or rudde wiUi a pricke at the 
ende to dryre oxen. StimulumJ' Uoloet. Compare Brod, abore. 

* Tbe ftagrant bog>myrtie, ofien called sweet-gal^, Tbo Medulla gives ' Mirim : 
gtudam arhar, ga«de, que in lUtore marit Kabuodal. MirUvus, gavly. ilireelutn: loeus 
tUd ert*cil.* Harrison in his Descript. of England, i. 73, says that the 'chiefe want tosaoh 
as stadio there [at Cambridge] is wood, wherefore this kind of pronision is broQght 
them either from Essex .... or otherwise the Decessitie thereof is supplied with ffoU (m 
hesiard kind of Miriua aa I take it) and aeacole.* See abw ihi'il. p. 343. Lyte, Dodoens, 
p. 673. nys that the .Vtrtuj Umhantirn is called ' by the Brabanders ffMeJ.* In the Saxon 
itteAdoau, &.C. KoUi Series, ed. Cockayne, voL li. pp. 316-17, the following redpe i» 

given :_ * Wi^ tonjen adi, genim .... Moo^aa, wyl on wntre do of pa wyrte 

drinoe ua monnme weannea soeno fnlne. eitr lung disease ; take .... wfti gale ; bolt 
them in water . . . . ; 1st (the man) drink in the morning of (this) warm a cup full.* 

' A buffoon, clown. Cooper renden Mandueu* by ' Images cnrricd in pngeantes wilh 
gnat oheekea, wyde monthes, ft makyng a greatc ^oyw^ with their iawes,' and the Ortua 

t. 3 



tOayng^ owte of way j rftfitrUB, 

dfui as. 
a Oayngn owt ; earilua. 
*to Oayne ' ; oKsitare. 
to Oa in ; {»»»-«, (t-rflera; rlit to eiit yr, 
fto Oaynsay " ; ahtatran, rt-, ofrm, 

rfr cetera ; vbi to deny, 
tto Gaynstand '; cfi/n7rur«, ro-, ««*- 

Cer«, 0&-, obluetari, obstare, rtper- 

a Oayte * ; ca^r, caj>ra, caj)flla, ra- 
privlas, cttjmela ; caprtnnSy w- 
priiis p&rticiiua ; dor, ijrcce, dor- 
ca» tffloieron, ^- e'jloeeroa, fieduB, 
zedulus (^niinutiuum/ hedinui, 
Ar>L*us, hireioiaSy ft trcin us, A» r- 
eosDB ; ibex. 

*a Oayta speche ^ ; e^loija. 

\ty 'ft gaye hofM, ^oej/afor, oiv turpHa' mandueaiu, txl on kiaHM* with whicb tho Medulla 
agrees, ' ilandueut, m Plnnt. A dlsguited or u^ty piotnro, atich lu wiw tiKd id Mny 
g&iiiM ami abaws, •eeniing U-rrible, by reanDn of hm broiwj moucli aad the great cr»*hiii^ 
of his teeth, and mtuie to caii^e tho }Mx>pW to ^*ve ronm, n anAfxIra^nn ; nisn agreateaUr, 
^yot, K Mttutlo. MoinlHrcuf, In. Jix^Litiir tur)>ib<.-r liiiutdcftK.* C>ou1iIuiau. ' ilandtteua. 
A batfbeftr or hob^^iLtin, dttuiL up in u terrilile cliajM*. with wide jawh utd ureal tnCLh 
fPYiuuiiit);, im if btf wouM eat people, and varrJtfd abuut nt idays Mid public ibow». LitlletOD. 
Bee aUo Uarlott, b«low. 

* Boret i^vcH ' ftUM, vide yaune and gape;' and in the Monip. Vucab, we hod 'gano, 
yane, titcUarr.' 

' He bc^an lit mmy ontl rowte, Anri );pipus and gone*.' 

jivQU-ynyf 11/ ArlKitrr, Coiod. Soo, xU. 4. 

That ^ncfl M he vr<-n: woodc.* 

He gunvtti on Hh had iiat«lcpte ynnogfae: 

In lii^ard drur de Lion, J76, we reoH — 
* Upon bin orext a raven ittoodo. 
*I gano. or gap©, j< ocaufv la bouc/u or je haille. 
tl baiilt comme tit nentt pat owe rftiniiy.' pQlsirnivc, A- S. ganian. See al»«> to Gone. 

* ' Lompadius rci^^Qcd io tbo dtoe of Rome, that wiw right mercifuU ; wherforc of greto 
meKy he tirdeyntid a laws, tliat who that were a innn-^leer, 11 ntvciioiir, ku evoll doer, or a 
thevf. Olid wtTt' take, and brought before the dotnb^nnan, yf he mycht ear Uj. troutlic*, h> 
truly thivt no nmn myght ttffayHtrt/ hetn, he nhiiliJ liave hi* 1^-f.' UcAta fiomanoriLrn, p. lOl. 
Pa!«grave bo*. 'I gaynt^aaye. I coolrxryt! tmos imyeni;, nr I Mye cooLniryu to the Lhyng 
that 1 have wvyde heture. Jt rnliB. Say what sltall pleate tlie, 1 wytl never gayneiiay the.* 

■ * " A ' "ir, uicrcy," (jmHl she, *' for iwthely yf thow widte bryngi? nie oymie to tho cittte, 
I ■hallo yevo to the t>i Rtogc and tht bruche, with outan nnvt; atfent'ttondynfffi ; and but 
yf Ido in dede |»at I soyo, I wolle bynde me to the fui! - ' m ' ■ ' :„ HDimtnomm, (». 
187. •Togaynertand or wythrtand. o6W#(o.' Hoh»et ixiffuarc' Monip. 

Vocab. • I gaynestande or am agiiinrt ones purpoee^^ j — ..... ^.t^ve. 

* Haropole in describing the T>ny of Judgment wiys— 

' Hy* AngcU |<«n aflir hia wille. Ala )>e bini ^ shepe dm fra |>e ffajftt.' 

8."u Br«t ile|>art« l*e guHt* fra J-e ille, Priei-t vf CuHteitnee^ ^'5>- 

Cotnpare LyndeMv'a Mnnnrfttf, I. $o7Q — * An bird the nhelp dotth from the i;nlf.* 

' Tho MMuIla rcn'ler» Eijhiln by ' a woni of gt-vt.' and the Ortuv give?. ' k''jl'><fi r»f fin 
bwoiici ertrminu.' ' .f'ytiH/a. ('.^pranirn »cu r»:riiin paAtoroliuni -tenuu, quuni atyiZv \.uyo», 
A paitloral sjwcb, n spvcx'li v( the yonthunl.' Guulduiuu. Coiupari- SpvHiwrr'i i?xpl»fi'ititin 
of the word : ' Aeuloc.ub. They wvru 6rat of the Greekc:*. the inventoiin of thL>m, chJUhI 
Af^hffni, Ol it were Aft/nu, or ArQinonum fftji, thai i«, (tulrbcTitrdni titled. Kiir nithniigh 
in Virgil ami utbrm thu HpeakcTH bn mora 8hepht;-vnl>* tlion (>n.'\thtinrd«, yt>t Ilit^Hxrituii, in 
whom is more grotinil of authoritie then in Virgil, Tlil» nwcirJIy fr«in That rlrriving, a* 
from the fir^t hende nnd wi;U>prinLr. tlie whole invention of the^i A<- . ' <Ueth Ouatv* 

beorda tlie pereooa and authors <ir hiii IjUca. TIiIk beinjT. who ttc t xtmnMHe of 

■och Off by eoloor of Icftmmi; wcmlil make ub bolooro, that thL-y ar - ;..■.■. ^ . ,..t^ly teartnod 
Edogni, tuk they would icvy, cxtraordinarie disooursce of unncccaenrio mutter I which 
dofinJtioQ albe m suh.-tianre and uieaiiing it agree with the nature of \}w thing, >' t rrM 
whit aniwcntb with tlie una1ypi/> an<l intri-prcUti'iri of the worde. Fur thtFV be not t* r 
Sdoyiuv, inii Af*iloQHt» ; which wfit«<nr>' this Aiithour verie well ohofr^ing. up<iii 
iudgement. though imlni^di' ftrv^c Goiktlti'indr^ lutvo b) doe herein, uevertheh-wc donhi-tn 
BOt to call thfiii by tht uxed Add boat ku<'>vm naine.' Kbtiphfardi Catendvt. iSt-oetmU 
Arguiueut, 106. C<iiu|i;in.' Foale Spcche, »buve. 




a Qaly ; ^nlfn, nauis est. 

Oalyla ; i/aiilea. 

'Oalynga' ; hcc ffoiirifja. 

tnOal Iff ;/(!«. 

+Qall« fbr ynke ; fjtdia. 

A OaJowfl ; fitrm, /urceila, furcula, 

fniT.illts {CfUofurca A,). 
o ChkXto '; rw/remlls^ ne/rendns, m<it- 

n Qalon ; lafjena,, 

a Q&me ; huHcrum, /«(ia8, «t cetera ; 

vbt a play. 
tOamoeoa (Gamsome A.)'; 'u(/i> 

bund\i», ludiwr. 

•to Oano (OayziiS A.)*; fatitcer^, 

hinrc, itiAiscm-e, otcilare. 
*a Oanyngf ; /tiufUB, ojrcifdcio, OMJ- 

tto GojiK (Qaxuie A.) ' ; irtf, ilm^u- 

^ttrd, <t* celvni ; vbi to ga. 
tn Ganger bo'twene; ttUKliator^^txiXy 

tto Ga owte of xnynde; dmnt^utare. 
\io Oa on mowntayns; Cra7([ff]a/- 

to Oa owte of way ; rieuiare, exorhi* 

tore, rf" ^t'tcrii ; eb» to crre, 
to Gape ; Aware. 
aQApyngfi, hiatus; Aia»«y>aWicipiuui. 

* Perhiipe the swiw u P. GrUlyd. 

* HunnnD (ed. Suoibur. 1 73 7) notlow threa TKrietlta, Cffptna rotitndH$, round gftUn^Al : 
Oalanga nqjor, gnlingal ; Galanga minor, lesacr gftlinj^aL Aeconting to Dr. IVnry it b 
'tb« not or* gnu7' leaved i^Ant brought fromttM But fadim, of au ftrouiAtiL-uiieri. ui'l 
hot Mtfns Uttariah t4it«, andeutly used unong other ■pifw, hut now alnKwt Uiil luide.' 
L«wi]i, Mftter. Mad. 386. Tamer in his IJerM, p. 152. nayi: * Alihotjgle thyii coninn 
Ctilttti'/uU of oon be » kyndtf of cypiruii yet it ntian-tmili niiC in h1 poytites vrito tha 
de«crii>tiun.* Qalinffah in aliio mentioDcd m tbe Liber Cure CtMorum^ enj. MvrrU, p. S— 

* KorsHit with 'rnlpn^iaU and go«)o gyngere.* 
A recipe for the 11! r^c, whicb waAadwIi prD)Ared froni9a/*n£r(iff. Ualso 

given at p. 30. '-r any kind of nvv^t Fowl, iiia<1c of grated Itruad, 

beaten Cinnaniuii ^\ >"i>-<-i. -u:.:>i. 1 ixfct-winv, und Vinocrar, ntmJc a« thick a« Grcwi-U.* 
Ruidle Hohne. Ilk. iii. di iii. p. S3, col. U. Sec also B«cip«< in Markbaxo'd Rounei/t, 
pji. 70 tuad 77. 'CSini'iver and ifalitujtite' are also mentioned in Gujf of Wancihe, p. 
^jr. HulootgivM 'giilyngAUs«pyre, tjalnit(}a,' The following rwcipe is given in Warner's 
Autiq. Culin. p. 64. ' lo make ^raloniyne. Take cruktea of brt-d. »nd titepe bom id hvtten 
wyn or vnmegar, and ^iode hit ainal, mnd drawe hit op witb vynegur thiirgh a vtreynour, 
and do therto pouder of ^aJ'jnrjnle, and nf cancl, and of ginger, and twrire hit forth.' See 
Sir Dtffmant, Tfaamton Kotnancca, L 1399. Cogan, Hnren qf JleaUh, tOlt, pu 74, givaa 
a vonr ouriotia nmcdy for dropcy, one ingrvdient ui which is g»lfD^e. 

* u the Uorte Arthure the giant whom Arthur enconntert ia dciKrihed aa 

'Gr ccw Bo growene as a gtUte, fiille cT^'lycho be lukc).* 1. 1 101. 
The Uanip. Vocab. baa 'goltc, pig, raret,' and in Uuloet 19 j^vcn 'giUi, or yooge hogg* 
or sow. Poreetra/ WiltiiUM gixeM ' A Iior« that i^ gelt. Nf/midu* , 

Outlor nfKT ncmorum Ubt til, r^rmque (ftMiWrwwt ; 

Alipif, nffrmifu4: tt hir- currt mn tfxtieulitntt'^'' 
' ffic frrndi* ; Anj'Hoe, gait,* Wrigbl'-* Vol, uf Vocab. p. ^04. ' Hfnutfit : vomu dvmet' 
ticw earmt tt*tir»i\A,' Mi'^lulln. *<Vn^/4,tii-lt», young' vown tN-fonstliey have nod their first 
Earu of figs: Hiokoo. In the South they arc rJtIled Ydtt' S«c Pre&ce to B«y'B QIom. 
p. 4, 1. 18. O. loel. ,?a/ft, a bonr. Seo alio Ollte and BogKo, 

* 'And «che ^inntim and glad goji hein a-)c-na.' WifUam t»f PaJtrnr, 4193. 

' £ttd^0rui. OatDfily. Zudi6u>w/u«. liAnteful.' Medulla. ' LudicTUfn. Ag&iueorpastyine; 
an interlode.' Cooper. 

' Sm to Oayne, ttbove, and cnnipare to Oape^ hdow. * FatUco. To ^enyn fuUe«h.* 
MadoJla. John Rurtftull amungwt his * Syuiplo Condkioni * of pood behaviour aayi — 'Be 
not gapyngu nor yaiijmr^.' BaWm Book. od. Furuivall, p. i<>. Sec P, 3*fyn. 

* 'Mymonye and cyuile shulde on hire fete yanffc' P. Plowiniui, B. ii. 167. 
A. S. SfttwfQH. 

* At tbd had of thike it&ng, Th«v fbnnden a v««el »■ tboy gonae ifanff.* 

Luaellch't Holy Grail, ed. Futniv&ll, afviii. 336. 



ft a«rdyfi ; ortue, ortulnB^ gardinvtm. 
a Oardynsr; ortolannbi orticula, or- 

a Gor&a ' ; profutum. 
A Oariaon ; municipium. 
A Qarlande ; serfum, dt'adema, Co- 
r&na, & cetera ; rerruii : 
^Xaurea, crinaU, 8«r^um, dtU' 
dmna, corona ; 
A ddtu A ureolum foia sic pacts 

{ait pattcis A.) data dicta 
Et duo 7U(h1 dejwit credo dia' 

dema vocatum, 
Fineva ettm medio aicut fttcxi 
omD« rotundum, 
AliJ veT8H9 ; brauium * ; verms : 
^ ViTginis est seitum, elerique 
corona, poeU 
Laurea, rex' ffeittU diadema 
vel hidu^terator. 
Oarleke; AV^tmi, AHiata est eoxxdi- 
fnentam «e Alleo factum. 

ta O&rleka seller.; AfUarius. 
GhLnie (Gome siue 3am A.) ' ; pert' 

tto wynd Game ; jurgHUtre. 
|-a Oamar; ApoUi&Mf yrafianum, 

. Oi^a. 
a Qarwyndslls (A Qame qweylltf or 
A 3aniwyndyll« A.) • ; (Z^iw/'rt- 
toriKVx, ffirfjiU\i». 
tto Oar ' ; com/««cotv, cdjere, d: cet- 
«m ; verjruB : 
^ Arret, comjjeseitjjihibtt, cohibet* 
qua, coarcat; 
/iK/renaf, rejrrimitf Attyustiat 

a/que coartai ; 
Coffitf eanstriwjitj Angariatf 

Artat ds A ngit ; 
Vrget, compellitt h^a tentun 
conttcnit idmi. 
*to Qarse''; $caryicare. 
*A Oarae ; seara wst nearxa 

» EiitmUn or garbage. ' Pro/ectum : m sow gyblet.' Ortua. Compihre P. Garbage ; 
Me aim OebyUott ud Olblott. ^ See OUyfe, below. * MS. rts. 

* ' Gain or frani, woollen yam or wnrded .... Gatn-iciunlfa. the old fMnhhmtd nuiduiui 
for winding wonted, a circular shaped tinua of laths round nhicli the skeia !• fixed.' F. 
K. Robinsun, Wliitby Glou. B. D. 80c. Raj la bis Gloaury of North Country Word* 
(E. D. Soc.) alw givw * gam-wuvJlo. harpedow, rAondu*. A.S. pfam'^ndd : quod a 
pcami prtaa (jani)* «t tdrndan, lorqutre.' * A par garawyn. jp-iffilltm.' Noniinala MS. 
in Hftlliwrll. ' GngiUu«. A roelo to wind threde. Coo|>er. * GriffiUu$. A cnmke.' 
MoJuUa. A.S. gmrn. See P. }ame. 

' 'Blades or yame wyudlvt. an iDstrumcuto of huswj'fety. GrigiHia, Volvtonum* 
Huloet. *Jvrffillum: jame wyne." Wrigbt'« Vol. of Vocab. p. 180. ' Conduct am, gcm- 
winde.' MS. Glow. Cokt. a«op. A. iii. If. 76. Coupare W. do Bibleswortk. ia Wii^t'a 
VoL of Vooab. p. 157— 

• ' A wttdrtM (a w-wyadel) on? atet : 

£ Witrtfioe lA tnuta (wynde thi yamV 

Ke/eei on dame Nude f 

Vn titnel de trvdrt* (a klew« of yam) tnudt (wiadoa). 

S di*t art jo twjL 

Ma jittt monstre m trarayl (do my ynm on the reel)/ 

• 'MalM or garre to do, m the Scottiuli men Bay." Florio. 

* Fn dedo of synns to life of grace That ^rm ui fle the fendes trace.* 

Sarly MftriaU IJomitta, td. Small, p. 77. 
' He gert tben rit down.' Ibid. p. go. 
^ * A gane, or giwb, incuura.' Maaip. Vooab. ' A cutte, game or inxitiim. C'rjnifu. 
/ncinra. (te.* HoloeL Halliwcll qiioCea — 'Tber ia ou luaner of purgaoiuun of Uie body 
tbat isy-maiwl (n tfx> macen, WinedecynouthBr bv bledyngc; btodyoge, 1 aay. either by 
veyne or by gartyng* US. Bodt. ^a^, leaf 20H. in Sir Ptrwnbnu, when Kiog Clarioa 
outa throogh ItichArd of Noruiaitdy'a •Ideld, grauag hi* vide, tbela(t«r 

' Gan gropo to >at ^mt, God be )ttnkede twi** 

And wan he rt;Iede bit wn» no werae, I. .^Qj- 

The nuthor of the Ancraii Riwie ipoakn of * peo like rcouBfuUe yamm {gnr»fM m a vocnnd 
MS.) of )>« lufi^re skurgun, nuut nne on \\\m aeboakea, auh sound al hia liHiflidiK !«t.' 



to Oftrvufnme (Qertome A.) ' ; gr€9- 

Oaraelltf *. 

a G-artoiv ; li^iila, tvbivjare; rersuB : 
%ikUfliffar Mt iigitia cali'jas jua 
tniblit^at alu. 

a Oarte of a bora (Oortho for A 
here A.) ' ; stiM/u/a. vtntrcUe ; 
(wMUS : 
% Ciiigula cingit ^num, eiiu/uia 
9util Aomiuum A.), 
tft Oartlie '; sepes, garr« gunt sepes 
ferret circa du>ro8 ^- altaria. 

Mo Oarth© ; sepir^^ if oot«ra ; wbi to 

tto Ghirthe wesaelld ' ; ctKuAirv. 
ta Oarthe for weaseUtf ; cinc^ortumi 

Oaacoyn (Oascnne A.) * ; aquitania, 

v(ueonia, nomtnpatrie. 
Oate ^ ; gradnA est natur« tjressiXB 


*& QatesohadyUd 

A.) " ; biuium, 

to Oa to gedtfr ; eoire. 
ta Oawbert * ; jpepuryiura» 



p. J56. * Oaruhc \a wode or in a luijrfti, hochc' Pali>grftve, 'A canare, A(c $eariJttnJtor,' 
Wri^bl^s VqL of Vocab. p 195. ' Chigntiurt. A cutting ; » &J^i out, g«rw ; a Uimuiiig, 
■bniddiiL;, ■littin;.* Cotgnve. 

' In PeaoookiGlou. of Mwiley ftCorringham Is ^ven * OreuoHmy; finus. Lat, (;<riiinM. 
Dafreano, GIom. Mtd. tat., Spclman, Olou. Arehc^og. Cowel Law Diet. A. S. garaunOt 
a IHMiiiri a fitie. ** Thu «ayd Abbott and OonueiU^ have by theyi prwaeoto graimtyd — . 
^oodea of outlnwyd penKmea. fynys, or ^rtuuvmyt lor landea and t«uem«ut«i}, lettyn or to 
be lettyn." Leaae of Soolter Bfiuior, 1537. ** Chu-eeable beudea with a certain rout ciutom 
otffrtuam, cfiHed the knowing ront." Lotten Patent, 1640, in Stockdalo'a .4Rn/i£« of 
C^rimtl, 66. Of. Palmer, Verltat. Yarmouth, iiL 33.' ' Gartum, a "ganutn," a foregifl at 
rutrinK a form, a Gud«iHuuiy.' Thurvsby's Letter to Ray, 1703. In tha venlonof tha 
Jeviib law given in the Cunur Mundi. p. 390, 1. 6753, it ii laid down that 
' If theif na gentwi has uv gtfte He m1 be saald.* 

)>al he may ytiild ngnin hia thift, 

* Gartil, thorn* or bruahwood fur making dotul hedges, and for bumltig' with tnrvec in 
hearth firea ; vtiU in use in Yorkfthirv. See Miunliall'ii Rural Ecooomy, K. DiaL Soo. p. 28. 

' * Ctngtila. A gerth off .in tiora.' Medulla. A. S. gyrd, 

* Still in use in the Xonb for nu enckwurc or a yard. ' £«/>ei. An hedge.* Medulla, 
A. S. fftant. Compikre Appelle garth and to Brake gartlis, abore, and Uese^ hereafter. 
WydiT, John iviii, has ' a ierd oragardin,' ' Garth, omhard, jtowtarium.' Manip. Vocab. 
* f7arrFe. " Dam levarerunt earn da curru. ponente* super j^arrOJ atrii. BUUim auxillu B. 
Amalbergae rt^umpmt ibidem omnium membroram niutatcu" (A. SS.). An acamna, an 
repoaitaria, Jnquiunt aditorea eruditi : orediderim eeie rapagula, et f^arrat dictai fuiaie pro 
iktrms. Non una hieo esact bin t/ nintatio/ Ducange. 

* Tbia I suppose to mean 'io put bandi round veoseU.* Compau^ Copbande, and 
Ojrrthe of a Teasalle. Gerraoe Markbam in hi.t Cheajtf anH Good Ji'ubanitnj, 1613, 
p. 1 70, uaci the n«jun in a aomewhat similar meaning : ' taking a Rye sbeafc, or Wheale- 
aheafe that \» new tbraah't, and binding the earea toirctber in one 1um|>e, put it ouer tha 
Bive, and aa it war« thatch it nil uvvr. and tixe it clo«e to the Hiue with an old hoops, 
cv garth.' Card ia common with the meaning of a band, or hem on a gmnneni. 

* • Hany a aoder rycbo TcwcUe. With wjno otgasfo^ite and rooheUe.* 

Life 0/ St. A lexiuM, E. B. Text Society. «d. Funiivalt. p. 28. 

* In Haralok. L B09, we read how he upaet 

' wel sixtana lades gode, t^t in his gatt 3od«n and ttode.* 

' C in iWM . A pai.' MedoUa. 

' • CompUum. A gadeiyug off many weyea. BiuiHin : ubi tiuo riar cfmevrrunt. DittfrtC- 
efuiiim. per many weyea am : tt Hhroglitaia.' Medulla. ' //oc (>iFiuin, a ga>t-ftcbttdyla.* 
Wright'i VoL of Vocab. 138. Compare Ethroglett, above. 

■ *Gaichrri. An iron rack for a chimney. L'he«hire.' HalUwell. • /ptfpurgium. An 
aandyryn.' Medulla. A later band baa added at the end of Ibe line, '.inglicc. A Gawbert.* 
'A ndeh. ml AntUna, ai /arum lupra qttod opfouuntar ligna in u/ntp fued alio nomint 
dicitur kifperpjfrgium.' Ducange. 



*fl &avellr (Oauylle A.) of a howse ' ; 

+a Oaveloke (OaTylloke A.) K 
*OavxiBaUe'; AjijAauda. 


A O^byllott • ; pvofectum. 

a Ooboti " ; yatibulum, 4' cetera ; vhi 
a gibctttf. 

to Oedyr ; Aduitare, eo-t counare, 
coa^ire, cQagregare^ coQirahere, 
atUuinimare, coxif/erere, couuen- 
iM. t,'oiuuu<;er«, ad-, corrotjara^ 
cire, ciere, coacire, eonciere, cohere, 
lefjere, cvlliifcre^ vnirey & cetera ; 
vhi to JDiie. 

d- cetera. 

tto Godir handfula (h&nfulift A.) * ; 

Qederyngtf ; Adunans, colUetiixm. 
^aOeste; carmen Uricum^ rjestMS. 
to Oelde ; c<nttrarv, etiM^cidat'c, eU«- 

a Oolder ; Ustuator, ea$tralor, 
a Oaldor of best'< ; Atnuttla, 
a 0«ldynge(Aaeldy A.) ^; eunucAw; 
versus : 
^Dicimua eunwJwa eastratoa at- 
quu spadones ; 
•Sif/ue vietnnn jtrVierce, emeatu'- 

tatUB iue^geL 
Ctutratoit naliira facU, wofento 

bpHtloues : 
£Jicilj/iproiita8, etmwhoB tola 

* 'OaStdum. FraattApicmm, frnns ledifiuJi : /nmliipiae^ /npidf. pnrrmfnt ifuM. uimr.' 
Doouigfl. Cotp^ve gWfw ' Fntnlitiiicc. Tbv fruntiiipice. or forefroutof a hniua, &c.' In. 
Sir Dtfjrevuytl. i ^61, thw Duke's hiiu>w i'h ilBScribeJ nn having ' gt^yo fi(ibMtu4 mkJ fTvt4%.* 
'GrMvle (in tlie Middle dioltct va*'/'')- A ^ble of n building.' Manhjul'ti Riind Eoooumjr, 
1788, 3iiltou, i'anuliM Lot$, iii. 506, uuai fiwiUtinece lor the frr»nt of a iKmao — 

* A HL]-uctiir« bigh, T\tv work as of a Kiuf,dy P.iIim.*? Guta . 

At ton whereof^ but farr uioru rich appeerd With Prmttinpirc of Diamond and Gold.' 

* 'rhin (lepoiier and Gdwanl Syiiiouit lay in the litill giUlery that wt-ut diruct tu wuth uiit of 
the Kingis chalmer, liav:Lntl ane window id thr i/urW throw tlio Lowa wall,' btfj»c>«itiun of 
Tbcw. Nvh«on. 15O8, pr. in GauipbbU'M Lovo Letttrn orMtu-y Quwa or ScoU to BothweU, 
p. 4a. Appendix. 

* A spear or javdin. Tims in Arthouro & Mwlin, p. }^^f>, 

* Oax-thkrt ftl-o tbicko flowe So ^nuttos, Ichil auowo,' 

%CK^o AyttJbilt of Intnji, 107, and ^^w«iufWr<<. 16 jo. The word U itfll in um in thtt 
Noith for a crow-bar. or bar fur [dauting Btakua in the ground ; lee Ray'e <jhtu. of North 
Gountry Woidii. A. S, ytifrluCy U loci, gitjlak. * Jlatiilia, gafctlucad.' AU'ric'a Vocab. in 
Wrlght'i Vol. of Vocab. p. 35. *0»veluck. Ihutlh" LitU.-iou. 

* * AjJufiu rcl eantntna, hwieto t^tun.' Aelfric'a Vmvib. in Wright'* Vol. ot Vocsl>. p. 
34. ' AppUtadtt : /ur/ttr, bron.' MeduUn. Thu following rocifw for ibo uuinufiu.-tur9 (if 
tluN aauce is* given in the Lifter Curt t'oeomin, ed. MnrriM, p. J9 — 

Oftt^Tfti fur pv {a»u. 

• Take garlck and grynde bit wela for|*y, t?ciluur hit nitb futfrm I wi»l f»im Mchall ; 
Tomjwr hit with «»(tT « lytcl, \icn\y ; Tiuiijer hit up wiUi ouw-niylkb J«o, 

Put tldurc ^rto nad nl-o Malt, And *Pt]\e hit nnd d-rv-o hit forllin a1*o.' 

* S«o Oarfra and Oiblott. Wcbtter derive* the Eu^rli*h ' ^filJel ' frvm O. Fr. yitdet, 
Wedgwood conai'kn it a dLoiinutivo of Fr. golMau, a bit, monwt. * Pro/ctlum. A goa« 
gyhltit.' OrtiiB. 

> • PatHfuf-tsn. A j&bet.* HtKluUa. 'For the lovo ihnt hath i-bc botwene vi Iwoa. t 
ghalle go with the to the irbrt.' (ietta Rowanontm,}!. 130. * OUict. A gibbet.' Co^J^a*e. 

* * C'u/umiu. A r«ede ; a whcateu or uteu straw ; a Utile twinge or grwev. Sic* Cooper. 
Ucaoa calauut, Uy gnituir Huntlt biinillcA of griMi, etr.i w. A.e. 

' 'JifMtLt. A geldiu^'tf. Iw it niMi or bea-t<-.* Cooper. ' EitHHcho. To geeldya. 8paii'' 
Agcltnun. AhfjffiA. A gcldniv of ht«ty-.' Medulla. 'Ati- ' t>u doim Itothe lubo 

t1i«i waiir. Fl)iti|i atnl the 'JkUIIhij. ivnd ht.' Iiagitinvde hit' ,^8. In TrtniBa'a 

Uigdan, vol. r. p. 1 19. wo r«ad. * t'c nmyne of {ki \>n\y% hf i . , , . , -■. Inini, that i« gihint 
Bim.' *6dded luaD, or luperfwt toMi. Apoeojpiu; ia the i'anian tongno, £ttiiiuAMi.* 



•ft a«mow ^ ; v&Ttituiia. 
to Q«ndyr; tjenttnre, con-, /<-, ^i^- 
nere, slijMirc, cou- ; wr^ua : 
%iir gi-nc/at, mulUr'^vie pai'it, 
set! giguit tf/ci'f u«. 
B G^ead^ryiig< ; gcnitura (Cciiut 

fft Oenology ; ^anoloyia. 
OentyU^ ^ ; ingenuuB, illustrit, ^ cet- 
era ; ivr-ciifl : 
%Strenua9JngeHUQa, illuttnsvvl 

/5(w patriciua, prccfarus, m>- 

fci7i* Jjunnt. 
Debea jyreil'tetis Adhihere jue 

5! ProcentSt ciitu», liberaUti ; iter- 
^18 : 
^.EAt jiroMrum ivrutn [1 vtrum] 
I>rocorf«ii coryiuB /mwfo. 
VII QentyU*- ; ujnoUIiv. 
Oentyll*^ tao/* ; procerus, mud'io eor- 

fa Oeatyllnes or gsntii (Oentilnes 
or goatryce A.) -^ ffeneroiim^ 

tB Oeomettr?* (Odinitriolan A.) ; g&' 

Geometry (Gemltry A.) ; gtotM- 

George ; fff-onjitui, nomen proprium, 
fa Oerarohy • ; fferaixhiu, i. sacer 

a Gerfia.uooA * : KeroiHus. 

* * A Gemow. auch as Aegyptiana m to hang at their enres, ttntiffninm. A little ring 
gemow, (inneUiM. Giincv ur Iit-nge of a door.' Barttt. la tlie jS^or^ Artkan we Rsad— > 

* Jornttir and gtmnKs^ he jtiggea iu eondyrr.' I. 3S9 j ; 
whore tho uiMuiiuit eviJeiiLly is jcJutd and fastvnin^rti. Howdl. t66o. iipeak«ortbo 'Gim- 
mewg or joynta of a fpurr,' 'Ginunow or ringo to haitge at ones e&n ae ihe E^yptiaiu 
hntw. iiftnlfj</ihutii, Innuru. Oyiiunow r.f a doce. yrrtef'f'i. Vcrtibulutn' Huli-et. 'Jnndei 
^u'lm met tut dro'ujt, aunouuuw. JicllytMud. Seo H.-dliwcll s. w. iie.nd an<l Oiinmaec. 

* Very conuium \n tho iterise of noble, banouraltlc ; thus Chniicer ilDacriben the kiitybiiui 
* A Yem.y pvrfiKht ycntil knight ;* and in the Ptvlogue to tho Wyf uf Bathe, 357, thua 
define* a yavtit man— 

* Lok who that is moot Tertuoua alway. To do the gentil dodea that ho aau 
Prive and pert, and movt tmtendith ay Tak him fnr the gntLnmi gaDtil twui,' 

Cbtgrmve givev ' OchtU. Gentle ; aflnblr ; cotirtvous ; ^albint ; ui>lile; &c. 

" Gentrit i« gpntleneas or nobibty of birth or diK["-«iitiun : tbu* in tbo A ucren JtivU, p. 
)68, we read — 'Louerd. scifl Setnte Put«r .... wv wnIlcS folcwt-o K i&L muckcle yen- 
terUe of ]iin« lArgtaae :* and in Sir Dajrteant, ed. Ualliwell, 1. 481, 

• Y lette ffor my pentriii'c To do swych roberyae.' 

.&M also Boberl uf Oloutwater^p. 66. ' Oencronitiu. Gi-ntyllnes.' MadiiUiL. ' Gftfrmna. 
~Toble : oouijnue of a noble nutt; ; & gentilmon bom«»; cxcetii-nt ; courugiutu; of a gentio 
■ good* kynde.* CoopL-r. In P. Plnwinim. B. xiv. iSi. w« find — 
' ConnerlimtMi wl me ft Miltti er{tU : 
|?lM {n TjKn^r uf bi« yaitrtce Hietau cryBt woyde.' 
Rw altto Uit) Dtstrurtum 0/ Tt-ny. ed. fJouuUldon & PanU>n, i.^ — 

'This Jowin. fur \\m 'jrnt ri«, «»> ioyfull till all :' 
and Bully English Pocntu, ed. Fumivnll, p. 60, 1. 136. where we read— < 
' fe prinw bir* nom ft bin.' biket ; to lelc Jure go idyue* 
4 for 1 i , r habbe liire to wyue.' 

Cbaurer. Prolo^e to ^' . uses tbu form iftnltryf — 

' Hct may ye m wlI, ]..y„ ^ ■,■ ..^f.ijr. In uougbt luitiexid to pQMe»ctoun.' 

* ' (ttfiir^ha : lacer jtriiK-eju.' MkiIuIU. KvIJtiitly i/rnirrha l» for htrmri'fi'i, which 
Duoange defines by • Archie|nsco[Htfl ; kifnin^ttr, «n-A<(>'7<«.' \V. Duiit^r in the 
rThritsU and ihe JUh» ums Uib £.>rni Cktrarehjft which more nearly approaches ,Uia 


' S. 7- [ , : • , ■ V ■ " RolU Series, ed. Wri«!it. p. 77, 

aaya — m mU. GiiuCalconca a giro ditU 


6r«utartum, libeUna 

a Oerinalld ' ; 

+8 ©erundyfe ' ; geruTidium ; g&rvn 

•» Oesame ; ffejia. 
Oeserzu of A gose ' (A.). 

a Gtealynge (0«seeliiig A.) ' ; An' 

a Oeat ; fM«}>e»^ ho»pUa, coQuiuo. 
ta Qestjnyngtf * ; hospitalitas. 
*Qete " ; yaijaUs. 
to Qott ' ; vbiio gendyr (A-). 

' A JoQrnat or Diaiy. ' Diitmium - litKir continetu acU dieniio ringulonim ; iottmal* 
Docmitj^. ' DittmuiH. A bonke or rrgcster in note thynges di(jr|y doD6 ; a tmtmall. Cooper. 
P. bAs' JnniAUe, lytyl lioke. IHvmaU.* 'A CalwinUr or Jay-oook. j)iariiim, Ep&ctnmii.' 
LitUoton. See fliso luryoftUa. 

* * GtruHdiuum. A ^rundylf.' Medulla. 

* The ^zzanL Paljif^vp ^ves ' Gj/teme nf % foale, jeveier* aud CotgnTo * J«gier, Tho 
giflcrUBofbird*.' 'TbeGiaardorQuanitiaf abJnl. Oaier, jester, JH4icr,mon. TboGueme 
of ahcnne. P trier d* pouU.' Sherwood. HalliwctI quotMi from the Thornton M8. If.joj; : 
*T&k the gttantc of n hare, and fltampe it, and temper it with water, and gyfit to the seke 
man or womane at drynke.' Herr the uteauing appean to be (;rLrbage. 

* * AiuenUat. A goeilvng.* Cor^per. *A goMlyng.' Medulla. *J7ic ^iKtru/M.' a 
gealynge>' Wright'i vooau. p. aio. 'Goalyngc jinoeru/tu. ' Huluet. 

' * (^nwHia. AgMtenere. Conufufum. A geit«nyng. ConiUuo. To geatenyn.' HeduUa. 
Sea also JamieiOD, «. v. * Ne makie je none ai*tntn<fta.* Ancrcn Itiiele, p. 414. In Rau/ 
CvUiear, ed. Murray, 973-5. we am told how Itaaf fnimdcrl a hrj]tpir« 

' Euer mare perpetually Tbut all that wuutia barbery 

In the namo of Sanct July, Suld hare gatnitu/' 

And in th« (lerta Rotnanurum, p. 19, we read — 'in ]iis w^yu wc-ra iij. knystys, for to re- 

fretthei, and oaile to gaien^ng or to oatery. all thut went by that way.' 60 tu the Cnrwr 

Mundit ed. Honia, p. 6c;6, 1. 1 1 456, when the Wiao Mou of the East name to Bethlehem — 

* Word oum til berod J>e kyng And in )>at tun gutating had nummun.' 

|>at ^ wai soilke kyngod cnmmua, 

'Hragott com to jkn ktnge. & bad him gittninfit* tA^amon. iL 173. 
Beealiio Almiunder, 1779; ^^ Curwr Mundi, p. 166, 1. 3770, and 674, 1. 11750. A.S, 
ftmi. rjcMt. ijwt, a guest. 

* 111 thn <->de to Sayne John (pr. in Relig. Pisoaa, fto,, from the Thornton MS. B. E. 
T«xt Soe. ed. Ferry), p. 87, tbo Haiut is addrened •• 

' the gdt or germaodir gent«. As iasper, the iowatle of gentiUe perry ;' 

and in the deaoription of the I>uke's honao in /jir Vegrrvant we are tijld that it had 

' Alle ^ walluii otgeete. With gaye gablettus and greto.' !■ 1461. 

Bae Hairiaon's Descript. of Entrlaud, ed. Fumivall. li. 77, wbero ne refen to the use of 
powdered jaC as a tost of vtrarinity, and nddt — ' thoro is some pJentie of this commoditie in 
Darbtslttre and abont Barwiko whereof rin]{«. Halts, small cops, and snndric triflmg toiea 
are mailt}.' He derires the name Qagait$ from ' Qogas a dtie and riuer in Silicia, wbera 
it grovretb in pluntifuU manner. Cbnrles tha fourth emperour of that natue glased iha 
church withall that stondoth at the fall of Taiigra, but I cntmut iiuag-inc what light sLuald 
enter therby. The writen also dimde thb stone into fine kinds, uf which the oHo is in 
colour like vnio Hon tawnle, another straked with wbit« veiuea. the tbml with yollow 
lims. the fourth is garlod with lUucne colonra, among which aouie like drojM of biniid (bat 
iboeo come oat of Inda) and the fift Hhining biarke as anie rauon's feather.' Soe also A^ 
Boordo, od. Purnivall, p. 80, wheru. iittrr alia, he recommends geU. stono powdered as a 
wacific for stone in the bladder. MalliweJI quotas the following ourioois recipe from the 
Tliurnton MS. l«af J04 : — * For t^) garo a woman say what thou aaltas hir. Tok a ataiM 
that is called a gagaU, snd lay it on hir li^fta n^ vbene soho ilcpis. that acbo wiet not, 
and if ttw stana be gode. alio that thou oskos hir salle soho sny whstcvor wiho ha* dona.* 
A simiUr ooa is printad in Retiq. Aniiq. i. 53. * A itona that is oaltid ^jupattM . . , . U 

is bl.vJc as gemmea hen hit brenti«th in water & nueiichilh in o>le, and as to Ins 

uyghl, yf tbastooebefratudand chaufftxlhit holdelth (rojj huldttth) what hym neygUeih.* 
Caxton, DMcript, of Britain, 14S0. p. 5. 

' ' Pefur {At be was gdtn and furlh broj^t,* Prioko of CoosdeDOe. 443. 

O.IoqL gtia, to produce. 



to 0«tt ; vbi to parchcesc (A.). 
O an/<I. 

Glands ; gigans. 

tfi Q-landea fy^hta * ; giganiimaucia. 

a Qibett ' i AevUxxa, <cu/eU8, jtatuOi- 
Qiblott (Gyblfttt A.) ' ; profeelum. 
Gide ; iwlrx. 

\o Oyde ; indUare 

to Glfls; comwiiWoftf, (iortare, con-, 
ferret cou-, d«r^, duputnrc, du«rc, 
exhiberej in^pemlere, inpensare, 
largirif nuwierart, r«-, preherc, 
nddergj rependrre^ 8»tuere^ delar- 
giri, trwlere^ trihuerc. 

to Oife a-gayne ; Tedonare, 

tto Qlfe a drynke ; potare. 

tto Oiffe abowtte * ; ctrcuxadarej ctr- 

f to Qlffe to kopo j Mmnwiir/are, com- 
fniifere,deponcrej tradf^re. 

tto Oiffe stede * ; cedetv^ he^tm dan, 

& Qiffor ; dator, donator^ largitoTf 

tbyngu* Oyffen to kepe (A Gyffinge 
to kep« A.) ; dnponituw^. 

a Gyfta ; coUuclo ; coUafiuus yjarri- 
cipium ; cordana * r^ecif, datum^ 
dado, donum est dantis, munxia 
aceipientis^niunera deo o^runtWf 
danacio,daiMrium, yr'utia, munua, 
tnunuKulum ; datiuuSfdonatiuxa 

taOiftberer; donifems, mvni/er, 

ta GUde ' ; <jifda. 

+a Gilder * ; laqveaBj pedvx jtedura 

tto Glider ; laquearCy iJlngueare, ir- 

aOile; fratui, A cetera; vhi fktse- 

ta GUefiitte ' ; ^cnnfi«Uartum. 

■ See »lw> FisHt« of OluideB. ' Se« also 0«bett, ahon. ■ See Oebyllott. above. 

* A literal traoslatiim of ibc Latin eircumdaret to ■urrouu'l. 

' Again a Utertii trnriilatiim of lorutn dure. lu Uio Mymur« of Our Lady, ed. Bltmt, 
p. 40, we are UAd that In faying uf pmyvra a priesl must not *gyue iicde wyltu]ly withuot 
Dode by hwynge or l>y ■oynjjo, or In uny other wyno to eny Uiyiij,'* wherby bo is dutrscte 
fro rajTixle aad ailoisrttsticc- of Uic ^ruyce that be Mutb.' 

* Bead eorbami: aee Mark vii. 11. 

^ A Guilt] or aaeooiatioa uf penons oltber following the aame trade or profeMion. or 
a»ucUt«d for eocleidAstical purpoMH. See ' Eng-tiab {rilHa. their Statutes and Ciutoma/ 
K. B. Text Hoc. «1. Tuulmin-&mth. * Ouilda : vox AsigUca vetua.' Ducaogv. 

* In Stiff. Hct. UvmUm, ed. Small, p. 69, we read — 
■ Be tiaw bow all the ertb wai tprtxlo. Man'e sauU, ab a foalcr 

Wyt pantre bandaa, and ^Iden blake, Tae fbolM wyt tjiflder and panter.* 

That Satanas had layd to take 
O. loel. fftUtra, Wyclif, Wka. ed. Amold, H, 331, says, • po fond {wnki}! him nun* of sinfel 
locm ))at he ba^ giUind.' In the GtMCa RomuHiinim, p. 308, we find ' in liujttmm I^inbtdi' 
rendered by ' in tbv (fildcr of the dtivel.' Tbc vurb uccun tu the Cursor JtfHfti/i, p. 546* 

1- 9479— 

*Kow es man ^ildrtd In iucla all. His aun atn baa mad him tbralL' 

' In hia tjildnrt ni jht iiuil dai Meke Mm telven hJ be ai.' JC. £nff. PtaiUr, Pi. ix. 31. 
In Mr. Robiu«jii*s Wbitly GLoia. (£. D. Hoc.) la given—* OUdertt, nooaea of hurMibair upon 
Unta HLn;tched within a hoop, for catching hlrda on the eaow. Tbe brca<l-bait u attempted 
tbruugh the loop*, which entangle the birils by the l^i when tboy riiie up U) fly.' Aluo 
givpn in i;ay*t CoUwrtion. 'TbegUtler of diKpAraoiooe.' Thornton MM. Itsaf ai. See alao 
to Trapp with a gylder. hereafter. 

■ S«o 1'. Gyyidt'. In thf? Inventnry nf Roland Sl*vrfy of Galnnburgh, ispi, we find 
*B lead, a nuwhcfalt, a •ji}!fritt Mith a touc xv*.' S(.h> nhto Mr. C. KobniituirH Gluoiary of 
Mid-Y'»rkjihire, a. v. (lutltvat, and Kay'i North (Country Word*, a. v. haif/tU. In the 
bnrwbuUis*." of Sir J KiMl<ilf at Ciiintur, nooording to tbi* inventory taken in 14S9< ''■"'b 
wore ■ aij lodya, j m— ynfiiti (m»«h-tub), and j yd/nfe.' Tlionuu Uarpbain uf Vark In 
t,\4t boqoeaihnl - \iihiim, anam eannm, qua wmtar niaAbefat, et du<u i>artiui 
ciLnoA ffua rcMMnr . dtta* kytnclyna. tt duo$ parnM barcUos.' TeetCJntml. Kbor. 
i. 3. See nlao now ." Uin-^kie benke, above. • 



+a Oille * ; vallut, 

a Glllri of a fisohe ; brafichia. 

GUlty ; rftfjdis, tt cetern ; vhi A tris- 

ta Qillry (Oylery A.) * ; prMtitjiurti. 
*a Qilte ' ; tnuUa. 
to Oilte ; Aurarct dt-^ crimre, tvhe- 

Ollty ; confcine, cviminomn, cufjta- 

fiitiif, incr^jHibilix, re.prehvniihilig, 

vityjKirabilix, reus. 

iiOiItyng«; Apocri$is, deAuraclo. 

Oimlott *. 

Qinger ^ ; zimiber, zinzebrum. 

U} Oingelk*. 

ttt Oinner of y* C^aehe ^ ; branchia, 

to Oirde ; A cctn^ei-t, <£r cetera ; vhi 

to Iwlle. 
a OirdeU« ; zona, <£r cet«ra ; v1>t a 

ta Oirdillbr ; zonarivs, eorrigiartttM, 
tto Olrn ' ; rlw' to mowe. 

* 'An IwJ glode thur|»li the j;t7(< by a j{nt« iiyJe,' Deslriiction of Troy, ijtfig. 'The 
grsttua 'f\ Gulway. of grvaya anil nf ijUluji.' A ntun of A rthur, xniii. j, * Gilt, a Iir^Ach, 
or kuUowdciHrtiiitiii uhiU.' Ktimutt MS. Ln&ihl. iox\- Tbc wurU ia slitl io iiiw in Vorksfaira 
for « glen or detl, And in Sawex i* ftpplicd tu b rivulet ar book. fi«e BAy'i Cilcus. ' 6'i7/, 
A BDwll HlniL (,'1>.'U. G3. A nk-i-p, uarruw glun ; a raviue. It is generally npjiUed tii a 
ffully whvM ridus bare rcaumed 3 \ erd&nt appoamoce in consoqacnce of the gnst growing,' 
Iccl. ffil, » ravine, h f/ully. Gawaio Douglas in his Prologue to the 8tli book of the J?iKitf, 
p. 339 bk. L iK. hat»— 

' A^ I gnmwjbit at tLat grume, and gUeayt about, Bot I mycht pike tfaare my fil* 
1 |JT>'ppit graithlie the ffii. Or penny come out.' 

And every niodywart liil ; 
And Stewart, in his ttiuvi. of Boeoe, iii. 98, haa— 

'Onto the numlxir often tbnmand nion, Dalte he led ouir mony gill and glen.* 
' In 6artholomow'» Dtwuriptjou of the WurLl, nniongii tho otbcr prevjiient evils are 
mentioned 'gilry and Cdalicd?.* Pricke oj Cottteience. 1 176. 

* Mony a itbrt^w Hilt iii Ami pntvea ofb with thnir« ffilrj/ 

Od oyjt ftud ola on day, iluw Uuu myjt men lietny.* 

MS.CantAb. Ff.v.48tleaf8f. 
In Mctrieai UowiUeg, ed. Small, p. 131, we are told how Gehnn 

' in hifl houft hid ful ratho, Bot hi« miuflter, thorn propbecye 

The lilaer and the robes bitthe. Wist al faia dede and hii ffUrjfe.' 

' Prtatiffio. To trcgetyn or gvlyn.' Medulla. 

'A spayed tow. A word t^iil! io utie. In the Line. Medical US. leaf 31a, ia a re«:ip6 
In which we are told — 'TaW iint^t the rnxuc tlio ^Ue of tit- '■■''•■ -md U^ the womnne 
the gallti of tlio ^It,' ' I/lc He/rcndif. Antrlice, A f;ylt.' ^^ </f Voc-»b. p. 1O4. 

A.S. ffi^f- Hve al«o O&lte, atiore. ' Libbcm hnuc for liblilu.. ; .^' ^; jkcnniet. a poece 

for the gitUt, and hair ]ieact! a peece fur the gowlea or bore piggee.' Henry Best, Fanning 
iuhI Aa'oiint IV>ok(s 1641. Sortees Soc. VoL 53, p. 141. 
boro pygKo Kwyne sow jclto euw-pij^ 
* Aprr, porcdliUf poreiu, ttts^ mrophii, KuillaJ' Wrighri Vol. of Vooab. p. 177. 

• Tliu ditiiinutire of Wimble. ' QMb«tH. A glmlut or pienwr.* Ootgrare. See Wym- 
byllo. below. 

• • Ne niakeden beo neuer fltrenoffe of gi*igititre no of gvdewal, no of olou d^tlofre.* 
Ancrtiy RiicU, p. 370. Gin^rbtend ia meutiunjod in the Libttr Aihui. p. 334, m one of 
the most important im|K>rta of England In the 13th conlury. 

'To jingle. In his PruUigue to the Cant. Talcx, Chaucer vayi) of the Monk. 
* And whan he rood, men mighte bia bridel hncre 
Gwoltn in whisUyng aa clccre, 

AjuT eke lUk lowde aa doth the chapel belle.' I. 170. 
*Toginirll, fmiuW.' Manlp. Vouab. 

* See Oille of a flacha, above. Jamleaoa givee * Oynnertt The «ame with gtnnltt, 
Oiitulr*. II1C gitlH nfm liAh.' 

• 'ifim, vitk j;rinno.' Caret. 'To geme. riniftre.' Manip. Vocab, Oomfiare "An J 
gaped like a gulfe wh«i be (hd gtme' .Spen»er. Faerie Queene, v. xii, 15. A S. grrnninn. 
See Janiieeon, i- e. Gim. 

* With ilo thrawing and sio thrlnting. Sic tjyrft^np, granyng, and so gret a noyti/ 

Barbour'H Bruce, ed. Skcal, xiii. 15(1. tvee also UhU, iv. 391. 



t A Oyser ; Oc^a^ v\>i geserne (A.). 

a GirateUe ' ; cartila<jo, 

t A Oyrthe of a vesaeUe * ; InviaUf, 

tto Oiflte ' ; Ayhlare. 
■ta OisUi' * ; AgUtator. 

Q autt Ii. 

Olada ; v6t mery. 

to OUd*; €xfiiUrare, fularare, imi- 

to l»c Olada ; eaJiitsrare, t^ cetera ; vbt 

to joy. 
*01ndyn * ; fffadiolus, (/urv/tim fiarba. 
InOluyfe''; brauium [bravefa yui 

dai, vd qui *tedi)it hrmiinux A.), 
fa Olayfe wjrmer ; Oraueta. 
Gladly ' ; gratM. 
'Olayro " ; AibuttKU, it cetera (A.). 

' The MecIuUa give* • CartU'tf;fi. A gryrtyl, or a cmsMhed bone.' In tlie Tile of Berjm, 
Ch&acerSoc. ed. Furiiirall, 1, (177, Ibu Pardoner hits tbc TapHturV |iarauiour * willi Iw 
Indill i>u tha grustell 00 {w none.* A.H, ffri9t<l- 8ee aIbv OrUtelle, below. 

* Scv Oartha for weweUot »Urvu. Cooper tvitilera inMtUa liy ' A ptir0e ; a ganle ; a 

• To taktj in catttle to gmw. See Cowed, Lav Diet. t. v. Agist, and Ducange, Ohm. 
iitd. Lat. a V. Affirlarc. In tbo Scottcr Manor Records (Line.) we reoil, uniler Uie year 
1558, ' Kichwle HiiUaQile Iiathc taken of rtmitngorH vi Iwon gjftet m ye I^rtlee «)ninieoo, 
and therefore ho is in yo niercie of ye lordc Uj* iitj' ; and aj^ii in 15(^8, ' Dv> Thnni* 
EnsUiii fpiift cepit lo •/urfe-hnrices in commune pantura, iij' uij*.' * 6fW money' ur paymeut 
f»r p5u<Liini^f uf cnttlL*. iji Htill uiwd in Yurkobire. 

• MS. luQiBUr. 

' WycUf.Jolin viii 56, hiw. ' AbrabniDjour bdir gtadidt t>ni heachulde Be midu*; and 
In WiUittm 0/ PuUme^ 600, we reatl — 

' Solie was grotly jfladed of hire gode be-hevt ;* 
and ngmin, I. 850 — 

* pAnne was ^t menikful nM^ion mucliel y-jrW«?.' 
With tbe active forco it iKourn in th« same volume. I. 817, whtre we Gnd-^ 

' per naa gle vnder ^od, ^t liire gUttle mijt.' 
See alflo P. Plo»'man, B. x. 43, and the Book of Qninte EsKmcc, ed. Fumh-all. p. 18. 
A. S. gltidion. ' I gUdde. Jc etJoMi/9. It ia a good thing of him, for be gladdelb ,erery 
coiitpanyu that lie oometh in.' PaUgrave. 

* ' Lingvtla. Gell. The bcarbci called eegges or ghuim* Cooper. * Ghtt/eul d« rtmrc 
Badge, water flags, sword-mutae, GUden. Gltuen, wild flagH ; ycUow. bastard, or water. 
FIuwordeluL-e. Lauos. and Leucn.' Cotgrave. See aim CflaU. Id Sloane MS. 73. leaf 
1 25. is a prwaription for driving away elf es from any seized by tbem . ' take ^e roote of 
$iade» aui make poudrv (wraf, and jene |>ea{ke bo\>e in lu8 metvs and in btse drynkis, and 
lie Mthal be hool wljiinne ix dayes and ix nyjtis, or be deed, for certoyn.* 1'be aame virtue 
is attributed to it by Lanxbain, Gurden 0/ JJnilth, 1579- Sew aUo Lyt«, pp. igi;-0, and 
Coclcayne, LeetAdnm*, ii. 388. 'SciUa, glaMieno.' Gloss. MS. Colt. Cleop. A. iii. If. 76. 

Turner m hiA Hcrhnl, pi. ii. If. >3. saj-s : ' Iris bath loaucs Uke vnto Che bcrbe 

called GladioluH. that is to saye, the Gladdttn ur swentynge.* 

' A nVize. The Modulla nmdore brauinm by ' the prysc [of] a game. Bratuta. He 
tmt bath the maystry/ Ducange gives 'Brarinta. Victoria prsmium, qood in publicij 
ludiHWaUatur, a (tr.^^Q^fti':' and .lamieflon has *Gle,g1ew. (i)Gamc, si^ort; (a)mctAph. 
the fato of bntUc* ' Itmuiumeiri prtmium reJ victoria: the pryce of a game : or a glayuo.' 
Ortn'f. A. S fflf.ow. Sec Oarlande, above. 
'' - F:la11r> <^>rrectcd by A. 
I !■ Vocah. gives * )7e glorye of an eg. nlbtniKn.' Uoccnrsalsoin Hel- Antiq.i.53; 
inci ii' 1 oifw' Diet. 1676, ifl given ■ dUm-c olan «vo. the white of an egj;' I" Ih* recipos 
for •IvKiDjTUfe of b<ikya' from the Piirkinjrtnn M^., pr. in IIidliwell'H Karly Englljih 
MifccUruituF (WirtonClal), i^5J>, this word friMjutiitly.iccurB ; thus, p. 73, we find — 'To 
teiiiprc re^lp k-dt- ; inMyllc liyt wyth nlr^ffc of anis ejfje. owl temper hit in a •chelle with 
thy fi'Tip^rr." Cot^mvc givw 'La yhitrt tCun iwtf. The white of an eggo. iilaire. A 
whM me aoyle ' ghtinHx - ■limio.' iComitare Olay^ above.) Ctw L«t. gUtn%. 

'Gi' Alfric's OI«»«. in Wiii^bt's Vol. >.tX Vocnb. p. 47. See also Mirror for 

lAagwLmi'H, |v lit, aitd Atlitrr^ditf Poant, od. MnrriA. t. 1015. 



+a Olafiae of ringynga or trum- 

pynge ' ; classictaiu ' 
ta Qlaaler ; vitrnriutt. 
+to Olaysse a knyffe ; jJoNn, Eni- 

6iV?iuarf, ^- cetera , vlrt to polycbe 

or cleiua (A. ). 
Oloese ; hialmu, sapKirua, nwdio cor- 

repto, vitruui ; rtirrut*, AtWicua 

^- AiacUB ^r sineopani ; (perjriui : 
1i5oi|Mni(ra/ vitnnn, whites pttr- 
gat bojw niti'um A.). 

tA Olede ' ; tnt'Vuia. 

ttfi Olea ' ; Itnutre. 

fa Olebe ; ^/e6a. 

*aQleer; limua {olliquMs A.), ii6iaio; 

ftoOIene*; AHatare^ conapicam jr 

-n, devpicari. 
*fl Olene; Ariata, ArisUdoy eonapiea. 
a Olener ; ArUlator, cotupieaior* 
faiett": viteoaitas. 

' Thia u Bpparently a eomiptlon of the Latia CI'iMiettia. Dacange gives * Ctaxttm* 
Pulaaiiu tyinpAn&ruin pro mortuU ; glaa funebre ; oL cla$ :' aad Cotgrave has * CIom : «• 
{7fu«. Oliu. Noise, crying, howling ; al»o « koeU for tbo tlesd.' See Feel- 

' ' GIed« a bynle, tMoi^fle.' PalagraTe. OotgniTe has ' Mitnn royal. The ordituuy kite 
orgl«a(). A'KVK/fe. Akite, pnttooke or dead. Still incominon une in iho Nortli. A.K 
jr^icU, O. IwL (p^)0i». Sec Tbonias of Erceldoune, ed. Mamy. 260. 'Jtfjltiiu. A 
puttock; Medulla. 

' QUda and buzznrdu wercn bcra b3', White mulct, and pUttockes token hvr place.* 

Tho CoiDpliuQl of the Ploughnmn. pr. in Wrijjht'h Political Poema, i. 344. 
' Ljko »« quboii tliot the gTviy ffk'Jc 011 hyvht 
Skumnuind rp in the ai« o(l tunii« hvv tlycht.' 

G. DouifliiB. Enmttm. Bk, %UL p. 455, I. 4}, 
• Mihiiu, g-lidn.' Glow. MS. Cott Cleop. A. id. It 76. • FiUliorliert in his Bohr of JThs- 
bandry, If. 49**, cAiiiiiiru* rvArera of fuwln ' whan ttiey hau« brou^'ht furth llieir bvnlM U> 
M that they bo troll kcpte from the gteyd^ crowes, fully mnrte& & othar vemiin. * Heo 
Milvitt A'*-, glfrdo.' Wright'n Vol of Vocab. p, 188. • Mttuiu, glidn.' Adfiio'i GIom. 
ibid. p. 39. 

• ' (''y. if'w. To look uqutnt. Lincoln. Limia wu eontorti» ocnlU tnntar S&affontM 
eonlueri, d-c. Skinntir.* Rav'* Collection of North Count/y Words, 1691. Ban-t io hi* 
Alvnarie ha« ' to fflif. or looke aakuo otierthwarL' * Tn glee or glya, lipjiirf.' Manip. Vocab. 
'Glaycor lake askofie: Inttigiurierr. hirtftn^.' HuloeL Junitmnhaa 'Tngley, glye, r. ». 
To «quint. Glcy, ». A sqaint. Gloyd, nlfid, glyd, jijk Siinint-eye*!.* ' Limtu: Mi'/Hut, 
dviiiirtu4. ^tmbo. A nmmglokore.' Medulla. iSlroba U rendered in tlt« Nomiitale ' a 
wouHD glynnde.' and Btra^ by 'a gliere.' Sco Wriglit'a Vol. of Vt>cab. p. 325. In the 
CuT9or iStundi. ]>. 318, wo Are told that Jacob wuhcd to have It'u-^hol for hiii wife, and 

* ^u nltJir aiift«r he for-sok. For aeo gltitd, aU wm the ht>k.' Cotton MS. L3861 ; 
where the Fairfax MS. reads, 

■ po elder loiter he far-«»ke Oltande ho waa for-aol> of loke.' 

Tlia word ti wrongly explained In IlAlliwell ; nee s. v /I'/ijei. Gomparv to GlTiner, btrlow. 

* 'Giean, a afaiaf of beinp.' Pvncock'it Glnaa. of M'tnley, dec. 'Arista. An avvne of 
ooro or a glene. Cotupieo. To glenyn.' Medulla. Cotgrave gtvea ' Olane. A gleaning ; 
alao the come thata glenned or left for thu gleaner. {Itarttr, To gleaoe ; U^ pi<^ki? up eaf«a 
of ooruf after tlie reapera.* * A glen: coMptea.' Xomiualo. Compare Gloy, below. 

' Probably a «lip (or gUut, a glnnoe or a stroke. See Morte Arihurt, 1. 3863 : ' For 
glent of glt>i'pynyng slado be they nener* Or the word may be for gleiU, the p.p. of to 
gUan, etill in uae in Linoolnahlre. 3ifr. Peaoook, in hia Gloaaary of Manley, Ao„ alao ^v«t 
' To !//*«/. To glimmer.' 

• In Hampole's Pridu ofdmadeaety L 456, we read — 

' t^ar dweUid man in n mjrrk duogeoo, Whar he had na oiher foda 
And in a fnul stetl of cornpdon, Bot wlataom glet and loper faloda.* 

Dm Addit, MS. J 1 305. roadi the la»t line aa foUowa— 

' Bot lobhflom glHtt and 6]tbede of Uoda.' 
See alao A tiiaundrt, 44QI. ami Alh(rrat{t* Poetiii, <kI. Morrit, i. lOjg, U. 306, and ill. i6<^ 
O. Niirae ffhrta, w«t. hr. glelte. Sct>tch ylit, piw. O. Eng. y/u(, inuiat, atif^iery, Wydi4 
Wka ad. Arnold, iiL 3>, apeaka of ' vilv yUtt )iKt atoppiti breeji.* 



iOletty; viscofue. 
to Olymer ' ; stthlucarc, Inathrare- 
+A Olyinyr ' ; luscus, /mu8, ^' (Vet- 
era; vhi to glee (A.), 
R Glym«ynge ; lucubra^ lucubrum, 
tGIoy * ; »ptcamentitvo. 

tto OIOM '. 

to Oloii^e ; glorijlcanr. 
•to Olosse * ; rbi to fuyo. 
to Olose •; glosart, glosulam. 
A Oloyeo ; ghsa, yhavJa (A.). 
tto Glome ^ ; superciiiare, 
Glew^ ; yluien, ^liUinum, ylulituiri- 

^ Amongst tbe 'aeiierall diMrdera nnd HegToai amnn^ nur Idle vogkbondfl,' Harjmd 
euamonitea * Dtfuiftoden for glimmar or Bre.* Daeript. of Enrj. i. jiq. Tor s full ncconut 
of this clus of beggar* Me Harraan od VagaboodeK, eil. Furoivnll, p. 6i. ' Olynirinj; of 

mer. To blink, to wink. (ilim. Blind, Glivimie. The jierson who Ib Uindfolded in Ifau 
fport of Blindmntra Buff.' Jauiie?K)ii. 

' *To glime. To look o^knnce or lutquint.* .fnmieeon. The MedulU reu'lt?™ tutrut liy 
one *J*t h»th but on eye, or |iiirblyad.' 'Lufpui, rurvblyndo.' Cooper. Cf. ' K^A'jMtr Ua 
yews: to glimmer the ei«s, to d*zuU.* HoUybajid. See to Olea, and oomiiarv to OlomQ, 

' *Qlo}f. (0 The withered bUdca stripped off from straw. (3) Oaten stnw. toglnjf. 
To give at&ti a riju^h thr^Fihing.' Junfeaon. ' Oin defnarrt. A bundle of itraw.' Col- 
grave. CocDparv Olene, alrave. * the chvumiys c&ltoular, 
Quhai» rtiftifl laitlj fal roueh thekit war 
WiUi litni or glo^ [euimo] by Rotnulus tbc wi^t.' 

G. DoDgliis, ,£iim'/of. viii. p. 504. I. 39. 

* To ttara^ to leer. Palipravo. ArolattHg. hna ' Why itlort thyn eyea in thy hendc ] 
Why wa gg e rt thoa thy heed a« though Uiou were very angry Y In iforte A riknrt, 1074, 
we find — * Tbane ^opnede the- ^dotone and glortde vn-fiur.' In Allit. Poena, B. 849, the 
mrd occun in the M^nst of looking terrified, etaring in fright : * pe god inan glyfic with 
jtatglam &gloped for noyse,* and the noun ia ummI iu the sante wnie in tho Totrttflfy 
Mjftt. p. 140: 'O, my hart ia rvvand in a ylopr.* Coupare aim Cunor Mundi^ 11611 : 
*Qiieii [eoia ua {lalni ghpend be.' Q. Icel. gUipa, io Btare. In the Northern Countiea 
we atiU find lo gloft, or gtoppm uied fur to be amazed. 

' ' Hys wyfe came to hyiii yn bye, And began to kyase hym and to giofye* 

MS. CnoUb. Ff. ti. 38, leaf 131. 
'So fiUre !» oherl gtoud, |?at {w child com of (>e caue, & his criyngo stint.' 

WUliam ^ PdUrnt, 60. 
' Adutor. To gloffyn.* Medulla. See also note to Face. 

* Hampolc tolla ua — 

' Some clerkea eayi, ala ^e gh»e tdlea, Bot ^ hcxtt nf onticriHt' 

pat Oog and Magog em ooght ellea Pride 0/ Conxcicncr, 4473. 

In the Sompnonre'H Tale, the Friar Baya he baa jurt preached a rnnnon 

* Nought aJ after the teit of holy vrryt, Gtonyng i« a ful gloriouB thing certayti. 
Fur It in hard for ]ow aa I sappoac, For lutter aleth, so aa we ule^oa aayn,* 
And therfor wil I toche )ow ay tho gtcM, 

* OloKi, A glove of a book. Glouuh. To fflosyn.' Medulla. 

* To look gittomy or eourly. Kennett ha» * to glooin, to (rown, to be angry, to look 
Bourly and soverely.' Compare Glj^nTT, above. Still in uae iu Yorkithire ; nee CapC. 
Uarland*! (tloas. of Swaiedale, «, v. Glime. ' To gltictn, glovm. To look mon»c or ■ullrn j 
to frown ; to have a vloud on ooe's aapect.* Jamieflon. In the Rornnunt 0/ the Hoee, 4356, 
«e find jr/Ma6f. and Halliwell qiiotdftfmni the Thomt^m MS. 'Ol^mntefh als be warwra)>e.* 
'Toglonme, fnnute^ eapemre /nrntrm." ]MaDip. Vtxrab. 

*Klr, I trow tlial be dom iiom tyme were fuUe melland, 
Welle ye ae how thai gUtm,'' Towneloy MyBieriea, p 320. 

* I glome, I loke under the browea or make a Inuryng oountenaunoe. Je rtxhUjnt. It ia a 
Mower wyft, ahe b over glomyng : eevC «« #«re. or avu:rc Jctnme, tlh urhigut inujcurt. 
Glumme a aowerloko, rakignt' Palagrave. In CoTordnle'i Bible. Matth. xvi. 3 ib rendered 
■• followi : ' In y* rnnmynhfe ye saye, * It wil be foule wodder to daye for the ^kye ia reed 
and (Fioome/A.* Surrvy iu his Prxtiito/ Mean and CoMiani BMatt apeakt of * n dm unclean 
whereat diailain may fflovu.' In the form glum the word ii still tsi^* common. 



tot^lew; glutinare, eon-, i/e- 

a Olewer ; fjfuttnariu$. 


n Oluibr : drotftfrariiM. 

ta Qluibry ; einitfucfirittfa, 

in Qlew pott '; ghUmarium. 

aOIuton'; Amhnt, vatiiio, cofrro- 
medoy degwlntor, fteuoratQr, dtJt, 
dmco, epiUo, e/mUtCicu» tjxii tola 
die epitii* mUndit, (•/Mi/tmuB, ento^, 
-/rtJ", ffluto^ ffuio, f/ntftOf lurro*; 
lurconiuB piirtWip'miu ; uehido, 
nepoSf paraaitaftar, parajfitus, 

B Olutony; Ampieatria^castrimarffia, 
eommtuacio, commejiiiar'w, crapu- 
iari ffuJOf gtUosiias, /lunia. 

+to do Olutony ; erapulari, aa-y iur- 
can ^, vorare, de-. 

"tOlutenia "; AmhrnninuBj eastrinuir- 
gioswA,comniestuQSUit *vlax, gulo- 

a ante K. 

•to Onaflte ^ ; /t^enwre ««t fnrorem 
mr.wi'x^ t'sque ad voeii tumulJum 
e;Kitare, con-, in-, /i^vr/uwww, con-, 
jri; frffudere «*t proprte dmtet 
concntore, tfon-, in-, /r^ndfsccr^., 
ih'idere, de7ttib\i% conattere, ve/ 
votnpTetneir., vvt eolUd^rt. 

-tlikn to OnoBte ; /mm€btrnd\\%. 

a Onofltyngv \ frtmor «Ht /romirmm, 
/reinifw*, h^jfiiarum. 

-tOnastyngo; /remeiin, fi-endeaif »(«'- 

fti Onatte ; ottJex, zintaia, 

fa Onatte nett ; canopeum, zinialid' 

to Onaw ; d^molin, axdere, rwier&, 
cor-, £-. 

tn Onawor ; roftw. 

a mntt O. 

Ood: mesiias, sother^ emanvdf m- 
fiaoth, otionai/t vnii/KjiifuB, via. 
Hita, wmnus, lymounmi', prin- 

*Froin Swedish dUI. tjtomma, to stAre.' SkcAt, Rtyniol. Diet. 'GlitraniD, or be nowra of 
ooanlenftiKW. Vide in frowne iin'l »cowIe. Gtuniuiinf^u, or »owre of countenuioe. Super- 
elKtuMM.* llaloet. * Owm ayre syttee .... & fyfomn'fs fill lytnl.' A Hit . Porau, C ^ 

* See LiUa- Albufl, p. 600. whore directioiw are glvcu for hurnini; all 'fnUte eirolear* 
(0ovm). At p, 7.^7 of ttie »Mno work is nietitioDe«) a fjlnild of UIoveniAken. In llie 
I^cUonariiu of John de (Jnrlan<le, pr. in AVrigtitV Vol. of Vocnb. p. 134, the following 
onnoiii derirktion is givun ' cirothrotrii .- dicuntur k uirothsuftt «( ilbxl a dro». nuod t»i 
numuB, et tw*M. <|uxl cut thtHititm. quia attrihtittttr mnniii,' tbetroe denvati<m.of cnunw, 
bstng &Qcn x'*V<i^^'>^ '"'^ ^'i*V>^*^^^^*^''*^^*^°K- ' Jlie ttfotiairiiu. A" glowL-re. ibid. 
p. 194. 

* At tbt) top of ibo pa^ in a later hnnd it written : A^e gluthum. A\ gUwe. 
' •CaiitloneM. LicktAlUhea i glutton*. Lttrco. A guUigtittc.' Cooper. 

* MS. barcv. 

* ' To lurch, devoare, or oata greedtly : iuffurgito.' Buret. See Tuver, p. 1 ;8, itania 7, 
and Bacon's Amohx, xW. 

* Perliapi a mutakeuf the scribe for gfutenua. But gltilerrHtine occnn in Ormuloro 
frf>()it«ntlj, and Wyclif lian, ' Po »\xte Kjnne of )>eM; Mren in cullrd jficaoryt .... QUitoryt 
fnllcM fieri Ui moD, when he takes indo or drink ruun- f^eii pmfttva Lu hiM auttle.* Works, ed. 
Arnold. HI. 155. lud. tilair, extnTa^nce. Wydif, //rr-t'. xi. 30, Mpeaks of the ' mjga], 
ttint in n In-vstc horn trtMiherowA to M^l«, and \nw*\ ijlitlrrnn*,' 

' In Metrical Hnmiliw. ed. Small, p. 138, we are told that 

* Qdmi S.^iritAH sal lowet qoenen Sol mier be, with telh tpuiiMttng,' 

III ouer mirkencs, ihar aare (T'^ttng 
See alto P. of Oonarience. 73.^8. ' FiYndfo. To gnartyn ' M'^ulla. Wyclif. Iwtiahv. 39, 
ban ' he eha] {jntuten ' as the trantUitioD oi/rr»d<t. ' I antutl witli (be tetbo I makn a iiityM 
by rt!iUK>ii I tlinifltc one tothe tiponBn«>thcr. Jt iirintf dm dtni. Hegnaited «*ithtb«t4>tha 
Ibnt a timn rnvght hare herde bim a stones ciuite. GiiAAtyng of the lelbe. ttridevf, grincth 
mm/.* J'dligmve. 

* ijr,iffooiivt09. fmin ^^At, lh«)Muni-, Mid »&aia, ej«t>nee. I't-iriff : oppo>r^t tci ii^iOriM^ini, nrof 
Uktf being or natuiv, a duBuition applied tuour Lonl Uyoertaui hontk* in t)t« ^iltcenlury. 



virtixH, alpha, cajfiit, jiuif, oo *, 
/(m«, orvjo boni, jhtinc/t^us, metli- 
ator, utptKia, ouitt, ritttiutt sorjfcns, 
orient, Uo, vvrtni*, ot, vcr6utu, 
gpltndor, Mol, iux, t^otia, ymayo, 
paniej fioa, t-*ifid, nuiTLB, jauua, 
lujHs, prtm, anyfius, ajtoaenis, 
toUy l:t/r[i]o.i,tJit'>a ptttilaii,ertttoni/- 
wuf, a/toruji^ attinsimuH, olttHMtniu, 
aitiMKffjiaugt altitronuSy altitonaiis^ 
c/eus, f/ci/Tcu!*, f/iui7iua, tlomiaus, 
creator, cuiictipotcns, c/ci-niis, nu- 
TOCTi, omuijxdeim^ plntmutf^Tt Te- 
demptnr. valuator, VGxb%*jciui deus, 
laiiii* Oliristus. 

fa Ood of batyUe ; marSt ^ cetera ; 
vhi A liatylle. 

+to make God ; dfijicar^. 

a Ood dog;ht<*r ' ; fil'nAa. 

A Ood sod ; JiUolit^f. 

m Ood fiMlrr ; compater, pat&mMa. 

m Ood moder ; wmmater, mairuia, 

*K>oddd8 modyr; maler dr.i, theoti- 


y^ Oodhede ; tteitas, diuita$, nvmea, 

ta Ooffa * ; rbc a godefad«r. 
n Goioun * ; 'jvbio. 
ta Ooka (A Goke. A Gotoo A.) * ; 

cticiUaa ; vuruca e^t A uis <^Utf 

nulrit eucuium. 
Oolde ; A unim, crigis yrece, etUropi- 

um, ohriintm. 
of Oolde; Aumu^, Aurulentuu, pieri' 

a Oolde flncha ; A credula, carduetit, 

lacina^ (/etiUiuo -0. 
A Oolde smythe ; Aw^faher^ Aurifer. 
tA OoldemyBC (A,). 
Oolde wyra : ^Uim Aureum, 
tOolde Pynera (A). 
+a Oolde worme • ; nociituea, 
ta Gome '' ; vhi A godmoder, 
a Ooehauke ' ; An<~ipitcr re/ Aceipi- 

ter^falco, /teroiluts, gruarius, 
aOoepelltr; eui\nydium\ ruan{^e]/(- 

CW& ymrficipium. 
ta GoepeUor * ; etmnffdista. 
a Oowne ; toija^ epiUHjiuva ; togatxx^ 


^ Bepnceuting Gr««U m. ^ * ' FiUola. % ^oddoaten. FiUol*u. A godMue.* Medulla. 

* *Thew thin^es h«^n<x that, wbeii bo Uketh hymaelfa wdl. and wenetb be jesteth Aa 
prop^rlj hm n cornel ilauDsetli. m caUiiig it m; Ikiib, Aud tlie P(ip« futU, ftud iiie diuel* 
Aitb, etieri man 1 wuiie that wel roar^etb the miitter, wj'll be likely to cal bin proper 
•coSb but a verv oiM conw^iil of my 'jvft. that be fuand and tooko Tp nt tott<* hoff.' j 533. 
girT.Moro. 't'cmfutJtcion of Tyndalo.' Works, 1557. fol. 711.C0L.I. 

* ' Goujou. A gudgvuu-tiiih ; aUu tbu pin which Ui« trucklti of a pnlly niooelb on ; also 
th« gudgeon of the spiitdle of a wbeela ; any Gad^fooa.' Cotgrave. * A GtMigcD. f?o6iiu, 
(johin. Princii/ittm etma gobin§ att tolH. GotygvonM are wont to bo tbe he>;UuiiD^ of 
•uppor. Inkio. To |^po Goo^oea-like, which i» a« wtdo as hia chappos will let hiin.* 
M'ltbals. * A gogeoQ-liah, yobio.' Manip. Vucab. * Gobto : a ^jan.' Wright's VoL of 
Vocab. p. 97. 

* A Go^ok in still the common name for the Cuckoo in the North. S«e Jamieson, a, v, 

'Thara giilt^t^ the yoir£r one greuej fulle luwde.* Mort« Arthurc, 937. 
A S. >Mi£, O.ltxl. gntdr. 

* The glow-w<trm, i>arel|,nvM 'Globerd or glowonne. ticindila. noetilyca* and Huloei 
* j^obenlo or glowonne, lamjiyri*.' ' Noctilticn f*t rtrntU lufctm /wr nMtfiH,* MeduU*. 
' Cicinitfia, He ^liai^cnda wibUL' Aelfnc'a Gluu. in Wright '« Vocal), p. 3^. * HtC indduia, 
^M jrtvde-woniiti.' (Ifiil. p. 190. 

^ 'C'ommrrr, f. A eha-gowip. or godoxithar; a gomme.' Cotgrave. In Dean Millea' 
GkMHnr oocnr 'Gomntan. pater/timiluit . gomoMr, maler/amitlam' Oatomtr u nol o( 
unuauaf oooorrcnce. * Qoaeype a uuin. omfere. Gesejrpe a woaian, eomtnert.* Falagxave< 

* Ohaaoor. Pariemcnl 0/ f.-ufr* 1 ■' . thiu ^peaki of the Gothawk — 

*Tbeni waa the Tirnnt with ' ioune To bjnlye for his outrageous Rauyne.* 

And g'ey. 1 mena tlit! ijoiJi .-■th fiyno 

* ' WJi-- , li , . ffiitb the same, 

£r»i. ':'>>>-: ~ ' >< '. vir was of peef>' Wn(tfat's Folitknti Poetni, U> 'll> 

8«e alfto £aiiy .Uftncui il<mUm, od. btoall, p. 47. Wydif, iuiiak xlL 37. 8cc. 


+a Oowrde ; mewn^ ve/ cummin. 
J)« Gowte ' ; giitlit, yvU^ifa dimmn- 

tiuuf/i, ciragra jnanuum eal. jjv- 

dagn pedum est. 

O aiii< B. 

a Grace ; ffmtia, cariama nianus, 

carta 'jXQQf-. 
Orocioua ; graXwnuSf ffrasiunitas. 
a Orofte ' ; gurculua. 
to Qrafte ; itiserere, aurculara. 
a Qraftynge ; iiufieinm, 
+a Qraftyngtyme : uiaicio, 
A Grahounda {A Oranrhond A.)'; 

Gray ; albidMS {f/diduB A.), i/iiuua, 


Qray hared ; eanua. 

tto be Gray hared ; oanergy m-. can- 

efteave, in-. 
n Oralle (Orayle A.) • ; tfradaie, 
u Graynea of hare ; canicies vel cani- 

tGrayna ^; ffrajuUumfqucdamaj^dAM 

Qrom&iy (GraixLOfcr A.); ffTAtnatUt; 
^ammaticxis ^* ffvavutticalia pax- 

tto lurn Oramar« ; fframmatisare. 
a Oramarien ; t/fammuiioia, 
to Gran (Gmne A.) * ; inttpiran. 
fa Grapaa ' ; /oca, piic'iH cut. 
•to Grape * ; AUractarQ, Attroctare^ 
con-, patpare^ palpitare. 

* Thia illsuuc in monlioDcil by Hfttupole, who *»yi th»t In Purgatory — 

•Som R»1 haf in mUk Jxur tyimniM aUtub, h'or sloulhe, nU (>e p<)bi|rre Ami 1>e j^otfl/ 

In the Cwfior Mitndit ed. Morris, p. 678, 1. 1 1831, epilepsy la called ' th« folUnd gnte.' Vf. 
Snotty, betnw, > bcc Mho Oriltc nnd Impe. 

* A. H. yri'f^hund, from Icel. frrry&uiKlr. 

' Pnynymes, turkes, ihad sttrjena. And hnre fro grofto^ind d> for tber diffeuce.* 

Tliat M a Urke fro a hauke dotb flo, Rotuantx of Pavtrmay, cl. Sk<eAt« t J89. 

*Tri«tr6 is |>er mo Kit aid ft ffreahunde* forte kepoo pe heardo.* ^Ror^H Jtitri^, p. 33a. 

* ' t^rfffufl- A Mnwc-bookc, or partof theMoMv, inruatodby Pupo CuloiUiw m thoy«ar 
430.* Cotmve. See Naree. a. v. 

' ' Grains de Ptwadit: Gminea of Parwilse; or. Ibe ipice wliich we coll Orainci' Cutgrave. 
'Graynsa, a|ttceti; cardimonium.' Manip. Vocab. 

' ' Crya and bray Mid t/rant I mygfat welo.* De DoguileriUc'i Piigrimagt, MS. Joliu'e 
OoH. Oiuab. Lei^ 134. ' Here my trowthe or I be tane. 

MaTiy of }our gusti» «alle graw? Tbornton MS, leaf 133. 
• He U ofte eeke and ay granand.' Frickc 0/ Com. 799. ' Orantn ij'e eche gmre of belle.' 
Ilidt Meidenhad, 47. A.S. ^ani'an. 

* The grampuf. In the Paaton Letten, ed. GoirdDer, til. 347, we find — * whalle, aaloi, 
iturginn, porpayfl or grapeyt* See alio the lAher Care Coconttn, ed. Morris, p. 45, 

* Witn loyntfud onyont and no uure. To aerve on fysBhe dity with yrappayt^ 
*Pltioea. VirgU. A Ma-calfe; aa aume tbynke a Seale, whidie U tiah and breeJeth on 
Unde.' Cooper. 

' 'To ffrape, palpare. Mnnip. Vrxmh. Amonynt the pnint of Hell, fourteen in number, 
^lecdfied by HaiDt>ol(\ PricJce of Cumcifftct, 65<56, the sixth il 

'Swa mykel myrkniM, |^at it may be graptd, twa thlk It eo.' 

See alio ifriW, 1. 6S04, 'He I'^uke is (iriano )'v |>o«tenMMe ^iii me hire mel ynn/'f**.' O.S. 
ffomitiet.t 35J. See alsu Wyclif^ Exodus. K. a: ; and of. Mtlton'e 'palpabU darkness.* 
Par. LoH,Tiu 188. 

* Tan answord to him Pefer and Jon, pat oure lord tboiui raain waa, 
And BAid, " parof es wonder noQo. Unlillc puti saw hts blody side. 
Forwhi )k>u trowed nogbt, Thomas, And ijxQped within his wondc* wide.*** 

MS. Harl. 4196. leaf 173. 
It wkfl also used in the srnse of ejuuninintf ioto^ testing ; thus the .SdUinnuur, Cliauucr tclU 
OS, having picked up a ' fewe termea ' tif Latin, made a great show of his I'^vniinu', 
'But who ao couthc in other thing hloi fffi/pt, Tbanno hndde bo vpcnl «1 hi*t |<hil<iiK>phio,* 

Cant Taiwn, Pn>tL^in\ d 1. 
In !lTyri<'a IiMttnirtinns fnr Pariiih Prieids, 913, the CDoftaiiior when with a [H'tiiuif 
' (rvyue h^-m ^u« and (p-y|K by* sore^ ^.' A, S, yropiuM. Compare also J ncrrn '> 



tft Orape * ; Apiana^ hntnts^ paasa, 

fa Qrape kymelht; AcinxiB, ArAn- 

+A Orape - ; vbi forke ; tridans (A.). 
*A grat»t * ; Micatorium, 
a Qravo ; huMlnlum ; vvrtfus ; 

%£»t inaitsoieum, yMandrum, 
tumfta, rfejrti/crum, 
SarcofmjxiB, bustum, (umu/us 

Vans monimenta mccis, con- 
lunyiVur hijs monwnvutum. 
%bustum vhi cudawira $unteom- 
i>H4tat monwMDiuai juod 
mmtes tnoiwat, fumWus art 
terre comj^ria tupot mor- 
tuum, &puloruta «st in quo 
reiiquie dcfuaetoruai npvni 

•to Graue * ; vbi to bory. 

•to Qrave ; cMtpitam, fodtre, pet', 

eolarc, fotJiiarv, pastinart, 
to Grave {in materia A.)*; edare, 

cuilercy soUptre. 
ta Orave maJcer ; IrtViUinnuB. 
tu Oraver; cespUaUn't etUlOTt /m~ 

ttt Oravero (Graver of wode or 

meteU« A.) ; tflator^ scuipior. 
a Qravyiig« ; cuUura. 
a Oravyiise(GravmKe of woda A.); 

Kulfliira, ctiatmrUt cidatnea. 
GraveUe: Arvna^AreiuUa; Airenonia 

<L AretiuriitiH fmtt{\:\inii , glongnxe^ 

plaria, ^af'ulum, iiahul>aus, aaU- 

bra : ttalebrosMa ;/ar<icipiam. 
a Orawnedame " ; A tiia. 
*tt Qrawngo (Grangys A,) "* ; gran- 


p. ;ti4 — * unne*?le, tmmh ^ abtioJefl propun^c, be hit seule & doide soae )>erefter.* 
TinviiK in hi* tnu. ol BarUiot dt Propntt, Jiirmm, iu. i6, nya tbaC of oar senaai ']ra 
UiiUt And bo mootu toyitoiis of M in ffrop^titfe' [•fnnii taetm» !/n§tior tat omntbifirl ; ui<l 
•C^". xvii. 51, ha >ptHik> uf nboDy lu ' amufw In ympyruje' [^haheiui (fwtuin leuem^. Hw 
tiLht Sir Frnimbrat, 1388 ; • fun ttrvi>tiU he *sMvry wouiidu ;* aud ChauctfT, C. T. G. 1 136. 

* • Vua. wintief^s. Btntrm trerwi />ii(n«), p^clyntre.' OIow. MS. Cott. Clt-op. A. iii. If. 
76. S«w Bob of srap^. ' Ayiumr Hva. Mititco'l'i'I or muacadiiHj gmpoK.' Guuldninn. 

' 'Gnifi,Grmpe. Adungfurk.athrcc-pronj^-d fork.' JamiMon. In VViLU A InvQiitoriea 
of the Northern Counties (SurtACd Society) vol. n. p. I7i. ore eoumeratod 'two mA% cX 
ytn*f \iij*, two Ung warne bUjds, » bow])*. a rarr of old whoUi, llire tenia*, n tkekkil, & 
kowter, ft take, a mule fv>we, a grajme, 2 yarne Ibnu, 9 aahUHrew e ^ aud a (dowe, zxv*.* 

* In auulhrr hand at th« top of tae natfo. 

* In P. Plowiiuin, B. xi. 67. we read — 

' ^erv a man w«re cryiteaed, by kyadc hu thuldo be buryed. 

Or where he were pftrimhone, rijt ]Hixv he ehulile be gratten.' 

' There lunyddu hii brtrtheria twelve They hiui U-givwH. u hedeeurod hhn-ietre.* 

tiee also Sir Perumirra; 1. 513. LoneUob't Holy Graii. ed. Famivall. li. 1 3 1. 

* ' I grare in stone or in any metall ae a workcanaa doihe. Je graue. He grawih ae weU 
ai any man dotho in all tortcs of meUH-' Palsgrare. 

* 'A i^rardam. Avia.] Withaia. 'A grandame. Auia. A grander, Auua.' Manlp. 
Voeab. Bee also Oudame and OadejTe. 

' See P. Plowman, B. x<rli, 71, and Chauo«r, MiUrru Tale, 3668, where the Carpenter 
we am told waa ' Wont for tymber for to goo 

Aivl dweltcn at the Urnnuffe a day or two ;' 
OD which the editor notc« — * Gmn'jc ia a French word, meaning properly a bam, aud wu 
ftjijilUiri tn outlying famm bvlon^nt; to the abbeyi*. The mitnual labour on theea farme 
WB . i by on inferior cUh ot mooka, colled tay-brolhtrt, wbo were exciued from 

tu: -^utretuente of the monaetlo ruU (ue Fleury, hccUs. Hut.), but tbey were 

•u)' ; '. by the inoiikv thenuelve*. who wen allowed oocAdootttly to •[lend eume 

day* at tlie(rnuigo fur that purpoee. See Schipnusnma Tale.' At th<.- Kefuruuitiou many 
of the Miiiuu^tflriut wure tururJ into Granges : thut In Skukon'M Colin Clout we Kad — 
*H<iwc }c brake thedodet wjrllci. Of an abbaye )e make ayrouayc' 

Turnc numuttorit^ intu water-mdl% 
Tlie aniue utprcMion u(x;un iti Rtu-ly Rutt, MuaM.j '■ . ' ^he PoHington M% ed. 
Bntllwcil. p. j6. 1. 11 — ' Nuwe that alibay u tuinL-d 1 < 
' Kufbar bu ncj Uiti Inn, uu j^rvt^^ That be uv u> \^-.. ...... ..'u ware.' Uavtlv/t, 764. 

K 2 



a Gr&vmeBire (Oransyr A.) ; 

A UU4. 

to Qraunte; concttfcre, <fr (jetera; 

v\>i tu ftffornie, if vhi to pyffe. 
+a Qrawnt'r ; lanjUor vel 'tviz, 
Qreoe ' ; Anxun^iia^ vel Axvwjia, vd 

auxun^a; dieta ab Au*jo ; vhi 

fat toes. 
*a Orece * ; gradMBt gnidar$ i. e. 

j^ratius facerc x*U jfvof/radiib dU' 

tOreco (Orako A.); grteia est i;ue- 

dam terra ; j/reois, tjreitduB. 
Orane ; verid'm, smara^jdinu^ ^-gma- 

Qredy } tdux, edacutuSj auidus, gu- 

A Oredyztes ; haiismnB, tdaoiias. 

+Qredily ; Auidc^ yidom. 

to Iw Qrene ; vircn^ tuVflUcew. 

a Orene ; virtiumy Jtor^uva, vifidi- 

tto Oreaa (Oreysao A,) ; ftn/TW/iar*, 

4', svcuadun* Au^oucLU, ^Uicunj^i' 

*to Grease * ; herbere, kcriesrcre. 
a Oresse ; ffvtimen^ herhut herhvda : 

a Qrossope (A Oreeohoppflr A.) * ; 


* M8. Avxunffia, re/ A^tw^ia, ml AuTuni/ia, vel avjrunga. »W aujuit^a. 

* In De Deguilaville's PUyrmntif, MS. Juhu's Coll. C&iub. Icnf ia;bk. we read — Hw» 
I Awe Uukt d&nibo the greet of the doi-tour, and tbi' tnne nf thnin baU on & lanibisAn. 
aud lite tut>^re Imu-c & vlAfTe, Scliu with Ike iunbia4m wan att« llit; {^fcM snil ftbnile ine.' 
}IarriBim, Dt^wcript. of EiigUnd, l 5S7, p. j,). luw ' aMcciidiit^ by utepn and ijr*tcf» wastwArd-* 
*GouuJ duwQo by nyrett thurgli tliu gray Uiumf«.' DeMtrnctutn of Troy, E. K. Text fioc, 
13643 ; *eo aUo i'>irf. 11.369. iri64,&c,. and Sir Drrjrvrtint.l. 1359. In the CtrrMir .Vwndfi, 
p. 609, 1. IO5S4, we aru told tluvt the Vir^u Mary, when a child, climbed wilbout aaaiBt* 
auoe the 8te|H of the teiuple, and that 

' At )ns temple that I of niene Agntu ^er was of tteppei fifteoe.' 

' Ori*f' or ct«p« mvlo to go vp to the entris. Bant. * GradnB. A. greue.' UMulla, 
* EKhctitite, a littlo lailder, or akale, a iioall ttcp i>r grMoe.' CotgrHvu 'A ^rMOt^ 
ffrtiitat. Stayre greece, gradiu, oxcoutM.' Manip. Vocab. 'Otveae. grico, HUjppa or 
■tair, ffraduM.' lluloet. * Viigradans. To dntrende fnitn mie «tep ur gT«M» to another/ 
lliomaH, Italian I>iut. 1550, Orer oomm id Poi. Jitt. and Lore Fvcm9, p. 114, and Wydif, 
a Kndraa, viii. 4 '. ' Kadra'M acribe atood upon a ire«ne grtt.' 

' *JIerbidiu. Grefly. Beritotiiaa. Qr^ng. Urrba. An erbe or a grm.' MedvIIak 
* Aa gretti grovra in a mede.' Chaucer, J/oiu of Famt, ii. 363. * 1 had my horue wHh 
bym at lyrury. and amonipa alle one of tiieni wwi putLe to ^/tum.' Pa«tuu Lelten, ilL 
aSo. See also Sir P<frc«val, ed. llidllwuU, 1. 1 191, where (he h«ro 

' Made the .S*ra;enae li«le bonea AI>owtt« uoo the^M.' 

Iloppe, aJa doMohaylc Bt4)m» 
The Medulla definea {iramrn aa hrr^Mt qvr nata'tur es Unmni\o Mnffufi**. * I gnuQ^ wa 
bone dothe. Jf m/ 7N1|i« a Iherb*. 1 grvnue, an a hnnie d<>th'\' I'jdngrMTe. 

* 'Cietitla. A gnne hnppe.' MeduIU. ' Lttcusta, ipenUo\i\w.' MS. Colt. Cloop. A. UL 
IC 76. * Ciatda. a t/tympe.' Nominolo M.S. In lUlJg. Antir^. il. 83, it i» optdt rfn»hop^ 
and the Maiiip, Vocib. has '^luihup, mcada." A. 8. 'jirrrhvppa.' la the (.innulutn, 
1. 9Zi4, wo are told of 3t. John thai * Uiae claf> waaa off oUfeimiaH hme, Blm mut« waaa 

The RufiUworth MS. of the QoKpclii hoj* ijrtrthnppa in tlio same pAsaaga, Matth. iii. 4. 
' Mo}a«N liffen and aanm. Suiduii blforvn ptiaraon. 
"To-moitea lulun ^rcueojtfiet cumen, And 0at ait 8a bOttaf. wvl al ben ntimpn." ' 

Omttti* A ExoduM, cd. Monia. L 3065. 
In the Earfy Sng. P$altrr, Pii. Ixxrii. 46, we have— 

*Tii lt?fo wunn Ji*r fruit ijraf ho. And ))ar iwynVw to ffr§»»-hofif to be.' 

Dame Jfiliana Rimr^ m^'ntion* «<■ h.iit^ ■.^* The bayte on the hawthorn and the eudworma 

tO'p" ' vU : and 1* pTel*.' fTTfAA^^. Itl Juyll llie^'TnrjAyjB 

anM yi'ge wyUi an Anglo, p. JJ- ' GrU^itl-iun, a 

gri.-».U..[Fii-. f;,u-i. \'iit nf Vocdi p. 165. • Wfp Wro Al. it** (jrj-a- 

•oppv.' ttti. I p 1^. .IM'^i. Orocbopa which bo aioall. VVU^aaiflw 



ta Oresae apredor ; hrbamts, 
+to bo Orate (or worth A.) ; vn^re, 
vt : ' fl]« est vnUiu homo,* i.e. vo- 
iutxxahoTDO ; gmndere, tfraiuU^eve, 

tto make Orett« ; ffnt^are^ magnifi- 
ean, maiorare. 

Orate; grandis ad eorpos fcrftnef, 
graniiH^cuhxB, graruiinnmlim, 
grcame, inmaniH ad animcim 
pprtinrt, iniiuiUSUH^ ittyms, nuty- 
nalUf matptammus, maf/nljifaSf 
vsAtfnwiur, 7nn{pi\ia ad autmaj per- 

't'Orete loggyd ; orurntyxs. 

a Qrete man ; magnns, magnatwt. 

a Oretnes ; fpmuilas, r/rossitat, gros- 

tUiidOf inmanitas, iimitmaitas, 

maynanimitasy magnititdo, mag- 

nljiceiifia, veJi^nencia. 
Orete witA ohilde ' ; f/r&uidas, 

ffrauis, }rre(piavi8. 
*to Orete (Greyt A.)"; ^orarey & 

cetera ; -cbi to wepe. 
tOrete hippyd ; dtji^ja (A ). 

a Oretyng welo ; aalutacio, d: cet- 
era ; wbi tt hailaj'tige, 

to Orote welo ; salvUtre. 

a Orevanco ; moUstia, nffrtinti, offen- 
siailum, ojJenciuneiUum, ojfrn^do. 

to Grove; A'jffravare, (Ton/ur/wre, 
ooutristarc, if tj^j^iccrfl, tu^atcTltare, 
exa«j}crare, grauaTe, aggvRuare 
propria sarcina, re ali'Tia, 
irrilnre. offendcre, offensaro, m«s- 
tl/tatre^ molatatt, pvouoear^ ad 

Orevos ; gmuia, 4r cetera ; vhi nojiis. 

*OrewoU<!'; puh. 

t A Gryfto * ; vhi graftc (A.). 

tto Orime ; fuscare^ fuHginare^ ^ 
cetera ; rbi to blek. 

tOrlmed; /oscatnBy fuiiginatas. 

Oryme ; vi homo eat ; torluoaus 

to Ozinde ooru or ogelome ' ; mol- 
ere (3" conjugationw) coU', de-. 

A Grinder; moHtor. 

a Grindstone ; mnla. 

*a Gripe * ; griphes^ vrUtHT. 

* It teemVcurioni to fiul the T*nlin eqmra1>mfc for this term !n tbe matcniine gender, 

* In /Javflokt tf»4, wlieii Atholwulii is mi hU destbebed— 

* He tp-eten and ^roululon, and ^ueu tieiu iUo^ And HTde, " pA% greting bdpetb nou^t :" ' 

And he had hem aUb ben itillo ; 
And in the Varror ilHHdi, p. 8ojt. 1- ^4007, We Kre told of Mary Mftgdnlpne that 

' iWforvi ihoeni* feet alie Telle t?at with the Uirea aha weculm bis fvio^ 

P^rv ibo fel in lucho a tprie, 
'To grete, werpe, huArymari.' Manip. Vocah. 'Satan was fnllen leroaelmge grttyivj and 
ciycnt^e wilh k lalhel^ TOji.' Ljdgate, Pgljrfnutgt of Vic SoicU. lilt. ii. oh. 4;^. 

' ' GreweU iut.' Manip. Vocab. RondlQ Hubna says, ' Ortwtl im a kind ol Bmth tnade 
(ni\j of Water, Grotca bniied and Curmas ; Ktme add Mace, swe«t Herbe, Batt«r and 
Kgrcrx and Sugar : aome call it Pottage GrueL' Soo J> Buaioll'a fiokoof Norturo in Dabeei 
Bokv, L $19. See aUo Orowell*. 

* Tbb Medulla giTW * Imsero. To plantTn togeder; to bnuyn togeder; or to giySyn. 
Inntu*. riantrd or ffryffiid. Insitio. Impyin; or cuttyng.* 

* * Kgelonui ii ' edge loom.' c-Iged-ttxd : eee P. * Limtoo. or instnun«nt, (/tensile, (luTru- 
mnfMra.* The Manip. Vnrab. ho* ' Kdgelome, t^ultrr.' 

* HarriMn, Dwcript. o( Enghnd, ii. 3a. «av», ' Neither haue we the py^rpw or ffHpe, 

wherefore I have no oooasion to treat further, 
ed. Wright, p. 488, write*— 
' Effodiunt anrum grtfph*".*. <■' 
' Ter icli i«th ; 
The Aotbnr of tbe i'lttxor .Wi.... - 

• Bi ]wj tleff I»AI now it wiMe, 

A» IduiI' b«y (v ly<Mio myldf 

8m »1ho Sir Hytttmimf, ed. Hidl.*.dl, 84 1, Sjl. 870. Ali*'tHtt(i*r, 5667. iJarrtM; 571. *c. 

* Oripm. A tiry\>v.' Me-lulla.* A >crypc.yi>/3l.' M'in«p- V*jcab. •Ont/tt. \ignp*} ut griff i*n* 

OoMper. TntviM in hie trans, of Btvthol. de Prop, ttentm give* tbe foUowing account of 

Nttckam, De La^Uius JJicine Sapienttat 

. ..; :... i..:l, 

r« W^l'^ *^*" iMdiitu pe hero 

N<> l>e««t woble U> operts dcin.' p. 49. 1. 689. 



•• Orlae ' ; poreelhs^ 4f ostein : vbi 

ft Bwyne. 
A Orl8teIl« ' ; wrrtUago. 
to Orote J /fflw, Uuiirnia. 
fi Orote of ByloffT*; orfuMiV jro*- 

to OrowB ; ArUAer^ eoalare {3* 

conjii^tionis), txalrre (,'?•' con- 

jugHtionij), eoattucere, ntbofere, 

creacert, at-, in-, 5f/«*ctTe, jmlu- 

/are, rc;iii/u[/]are. 
•Orowellfl • : «bi |Jotage. 
*Orowte * ; iHnymFUum^ arp-omrl- 

ium, AcTOtHelliim, granomrl- 


♦to Omche (Qroehe A,) * ; Miy- 

marmamf«, miM<or«i, mumtarOf 

mutire, (nisurratyt. 
tUko to Grucli© ; /rejnuoHnB^ 
t4 Orucher iQrochero A.)^; mur- 

mvrat->:tr. tu^utro, 
ft Qruchyng (Qrochyngo A.) " ; 

/ftrmt/us, ftemor, uajiacicnci'A, 

imimiur, inurmMrracio, $u*urr\in, 

•Orufelyng*- (Orowflyng A.) * ; tu- 
pinua ; werffua : 
%f)efiet Jiahom virmn mulier r*- 
tupina aupinum. 


this bird ; * Tho grfpe U ftmre fotid, lycke ^ egle in heed, and in wyngos. aad is Ueke lo 
e Ijon in t* **P^ "*>' •'f I"' body ; and wone)) in ^e hille* (wit beji cle|»id V'|t«Tl>oroy. »»»i 
^ inont eni'Tnj and greuet* ban luid man ; ind lye}> in bii iieB(<; a fltuutt |iat ii taldo 
" iniBnigcliu." a3«iLi veniuious b«sk«M of jw moanteyne.' ' Gryp«, rulier.* Wright's Vul. vf 
VooKb. p. 177. 

' In the Romnnce of Si> Ptrumhras Ihe ennroy of provi«ir>ni for tbo SiirMenii i» vfti'l to 
bitve included • (3ry» and gcev and c^potmii ;' 1. 5oiS»> : and in P. Plowman. Prologue, 
B. aj6, tbe London Cookit are described as inviting ptmengGn with cries of 
' Hote picti, bot« ; QodvgrU anu gees, gowe, dyne, gowo.* 
See ab» Pamus, vi. 3S3. and Aneren Jtiwle, p. 204. 

According tr> HalUwtill tbe word il atiU in uw in CumWrlftnd, fte. Soe Mr. Robinson's 
Whitby Glnw. K. D. Soc. ' I'owUm. A gryse. Succul'u. A lylyl gry.' MedoQ*. 
O. looL ffrU*. ' liic porciUia. Ar^/Uce gryw.' Wright's Vol. of Voc»t>. p. 204^ Henoa 
oar grMin. 

* Soe also OrfsteUe. above. ' OaHiUigo, gristle.* Gloss. MS. Cott. Cleop. A. Ui If 476. 
' 8m also Afthte lulpeiu. * Soe also OreweUe. 

* According to Ray groictt is wort of the last running, and Pegge Adds lliftt thii is drunk 
only by [uiur people, who are on tlut account called }ffoiUers> la I>ean MUles' OIom. tlis 
foilowinic account of groat-ale is g:iven :— *a kind of ala different from while ale, known 
only U) ibi! r>cople atxiut NowUm iSiiseel. who ke^cp tbe method of pr<(<pAriniL{ it n secret ; 
it i« uf a bmwnith odour. However, 1 am infaruuHl by a phyfdciAii, n native u( that plara, 
that the prepartlioo i» made of malt alino«t burnt in an iruu poL, niiked wi.h suiiie uf the 
bami which rises on the first workia^ in the keeve, a small iiuuntity of which InTitfonites 
tlio wluile inaM, and makes ft veij bowly.' * Hoe ydromeUum, A** growte.' Wright's 
VoL of Vocab. p. aoo. 

■ O. Fr. ^ffWic/jiVr, whence nur grudg€. 
*■ Qrucehe dou|1 };er-a-gayD, but godli, I rede. Gnunt« \n» &ire forward fulfilVn in baste.* 

WiUinm-iif PalfTHt, I450. 
In tbe Priekf ofConffimcf^ 300. tho line 'non cndMeruHt H murmiir'tirrtttit ' is rundorvd 

* pM tnm-e'l noght Aad ffjvokadt and was angrod in tbotrht." 

* WI)r grate des'ire A {oie Sc Ukyage, & not wi> heaynesse ft gruecftyHSc^ Wydlf. Scsleet 
Works, ed, H»ibiiw, p. 199. 

* MS. niannHmMio. ttumtro ; corrected by A. 

* MB. gntdher ; corrected by A. 

* Boret give* * 1 Hleepe groaeliDg, or rpon my face, Hornio pronua.' &oc aln> Ogrufe, 
beresfter. In the Curvor Mundit p. 674. 1. 1 1 7w>, wo are bild Utat when our l^ml vnienxj 
a certain town, where the inhnbitauts were about to Macndco iii thuir ldul«, 

' Al pair iduU In a atund, Or%>uiUHy» M vubi H i^rnnd.* 

Andrew Boorde Bays in hifi Vyriary. ed. Furnivall. p. 347. tliut ' ui hTi:|w [/roor' 1 

the Atomockc and holly is not ^>od, uuulos the nt4iiimikt.* tie -Inw uii>l tAnla <>' 
but bettor it b to lay yuur liHnde, or your txfd-firJuwuB tmuUu, oucr yiturstotuocl.-. ... 



Ho ro&ke Oruiblynee (Orowfljng 

A.) ; mijnnnrci. 
*Orum«U4 (OromeU^A.); miVsum, 

*A Orunda (Orownds A.) ' ; /nnr^ 

meutJim, /miJiiti,/imiiuius, grun- 
tiarium vtU grun'latorivm. 

to tak*» fir iiett Onmde ; r/rnTidare. 

fto OruntyU< as swyne ' ; ^runnirt. 

+« Orune ; ru/jpa, 4' retorn ; rbi A 

"ft Orune aa a awyno ". 
•ft Orupe * ; mtfi^tftrium. 
*ft Onipynge yren " ; f-undno. 

ta Oudome (Oude Dome A.) ; Avia. 
ta Oodsyre; A wit. 
Qude ; AcefjttnB, AcMptahilit, Attust 
hcniffnuBf ben^/iena, (xniuolviB, bo- 

\yn ffroudyng.' Sm aim Antnr* nf Arthur, «!- HhUtwell, xlvii. 9. 'Gmtuiling [rmd 
Groafling'), proniu.* Mmup. Vocab. Uormnu luyy, 'Sum pmyetli to |iud lyuogv on tho 
grouDiIe §:ruutiUngc : Qitittitm ad cntMjMrfum Mumini« prtcet /undmnl prottrati' 
' He lilivid oail stummuriton tlivsliddr}* ground. And feU atenl grt^/«lin;/i* amid tbe fin.* 

G. Douglu, ^€nfid, p. 138. 
Bm alio Bk. viti. Prol. 1, 41. * t»tr^oeckt»ola, fijlyns groudyn^iv.* TliomM, luL 
Diet. 1 550. la UdoJl't lpophthaQia*» 0/ Bnuaum, p. Qt, it u nairatod of Diogenca that 
on being uk«d by Xenindc* ' bowe hii dedre wan to b«e hurled, *' O'mudt/Hfr.'* quoih liu, 
" with my fiioo toward tli« ^luiid*.'" Turner in hU //n-/nii, pLiL U- 75. advuc* any whu 
will ftow lMte« to * lay tb«^ut all <}rfiielynt/tt toward Uie groondo.* * Tberfur groji^nga ihou 
■hall be laydo.' Tovndey Mffnt. p. 40. 

' Aooording hi the da*oription of tbe Tower of Babel given Id the Cunor Jfinidi, p. 
1 j6, 1. 1340. 

*Tua and oextl fathum brad, Waa ]te ffrundwaU J«t )mi made,* 

Hampole. PnelM nf CoiudtnoCf 307, laya that he wbu deeirai to Uvc well muat b«gln by 
Uarmng *to knaw what hymieu at, 

Swa may he tytl«st come to mekenee, 
pnt OM ffrund ofal vertiis to laat* Bee aUo {Md. \, 7113. 
'LokeO t«t to boouonlich laourd be<j t^rundval of nl |>at 30 wurebet!.* Jutiamt, p. 71. 
In the Karty Enij. PaaU<r, P>. Ixxxvi. i. ia rendered — ' ffroitntie-vaUa hla in hall hiUee,* 
[/untlutiunUi, Vul^'- etea^cloM A.S.] 

* Scm be wan Benrik, a caRtelle he >ouht to raw. 

He oaat |>e yrowaWwa/le >ik. bia folk be }<4uht )>er elM.' R de Brunne, p. 2 la 
' ffoc /tt»dtim. 2 npf te groond-walle.* Wright'* VoL of Vocab. p. 103. 'The ground of a 
buildinfT, tolam, /itndamaitum.* Manip. Vocab. ' Grunda. A ground off a hoas. Medulla. 
' The Wliitbr Gluwary haa ' gruntte, to grunt as swine di>.' Tbe word appears to be 
■tni In aae in Yorkahlre ; aee Mr. C. Rt>biDw)n'B Glon. E. I>. Soc. A young pig Is known 
in ibeNoribaeaj^uiiC/iRp. 'Gnintill, Grunllc The imout. To Gruntlo. lV> grunt on a 
lower k«y, aa denoting the eoonil emitted by pig*-' .lamienon. ' (fruincr. To grantle nr 
grunt like a hog. Faire U yratn. To powt, lowre, (frunllo, or grow iiullen.' Cotgnive. 
In TopseH'e Uist. 0/ Fonr-foUtd Beatlj, p, 533, we are told that ' there lb a fi«h in tbe 
rirar Aehdtnu which gmntleilt like a hi>g. wbrtvof Juvtnal epoakotb, Bnying : Ht ijuam 
rtmioibui grumniiv Klpenora poreis. And thte rokie of Swiao (• by ttrciliuM attributed to 
drunaen men.* ' To grun^ or ffruntio, ffrondtr, ^rottgner, &c.' Sherwood. 

' 'The groon of a ewjn, pr^f*»f*.' Manip. Vooab. *t)ry«tla or gronnyv of a nryna, 
gtroho*e\t. 'Oronny or mowtc of a )iw)-ne. ProbviMU* Bal<wt. 

* ' Gnine, grnop. A hollow behind the stallsofhorBoi or cattle, fur receiring their dung 
or urino. Jamiceon. Soe aUo ibid. b. t. Grip. See ffaixUJi, 11. 19J4. JI02. The word 
k vtitl in cotnmon uie in the form yrt/). 

* * R^mcM. A wedareor a groparo. Bvmeo. To wedyn or gropyn.* Mednlla. HalUweU 
quotca from MS. Aibmole, 61, 

'The groping-irm then &f>ake he, " Compaa. who hath grvvyd tboe T * 

Cboper deSnea Rwuntut oa * A wbijieaw wherwitb t>-uibcr ie cawed. A buah dethfi or bill 
to <«t boBboa.* * X gmvrpe iLydgnte), aculpe or euche ae oooldi: grave, groupe, or oarre ; 
UiIb worda b oat ua»d ia ooiuen e(<etolii-.' Paligrave. 


t.KTAf,%4ff,1l \1Sf,'..l^: . ,t. 

fffttf^f, ///#*i'V*'i«, U%ffff4rtn, in- 

iffuHMt^, /hft*tt-lun, htatftiA, iatifVi^ 
/*///•, UfiHnfit4, ^ith^tfiM, j*rtiffUtf 
MttHf'ff*', 4 wJiirB • 

\H IfMflf* ft#*flH I fthiU'Jhinm, tmtnium, 

MllMHljyt /ifiWi/fif, f>iiri»//iii-. 

H MmiIhhhni h»ht*tif>tii, tmti'Jhhtm, 

«4((*t^l(f«, ftHiHit4ht0, fiiii/i/if'iVtM, 

-t Otimm'M ; ^ngiua ; gimgiuanHS 

A Oiimme ; fUeirum, rucvm, ^rvmint 

*A Oiuina '' ; fundihalum, munueul- 

n Ounnar ; fuTtdilabaritiSf fuadiba- 

ft OtMO ; Aruter, An8erul\v&^ AnatUaj 
Aitea ; AnmtnnnH jr&rt'icipmni. 

n Oiuw herde ; Aucarius. 

A Qutt ; coluiif extunit tVi^/tnum, jtx?- 
ilfjp, cetum, sirbus. 

nOiittor'; AUuuio, Alhmies, AUu- 
piHin, Affitciiit AllueeSyAqitayiumf 
Ai/utilii ittm, AquaditctiU, Aque- 
ilfiWuis cataracta, colluuioy col- 
fu»i*s, C\Muuium, eatadujypa. 

MS. KjlH ^Zi^^A'tal lOS. 

•i, t.-A^v^-^-^ \V ''s-i ■■ . — * .*»'- \ V ,s-sv\ xv^V* t^iiwfr :i i»y"*w Htaoirsc F.-iasi^ 
^v ♦^ > ^-^V--^ ■.'» V,',v...»x ^\> »>v ««%>«^ *»* >v'»ii*^"«' *k* Jwaaw I Itu.* See 

\... .». V, ..*\-..^ u •*, -\v« ■♦ ^•>«**t%A *»•• v*fc'iv ^w»^N> 'fc. i*m tvd y-*,: iw*T lani 

^% »V ^^'w^v *-. * ** V<-x^* :■ >.4i '-^MiMitM** ,<■ »}>*w^ "^Hinx.* v^^urtf. "~JU.i 

^^ ^'ks.*-'. *% i. W -V ' «\ «« -»!«. *V *>"*x V^i r »', :x ^. ^ ^.,-_.. ^^ 
vv , ■• ^^ S X*«. ».^ ^ ; - T.K-V. »...«. 

>• s-^-**- V»v.*..*.»^>..» V ^ «!...*., r^ , . ,. J, ,. -». ^ ^ ■».■% 

■»■'•.' •"■■ -^ -...■* - -•.. --.*,-» ^. .^^ K*^*** ■■»' ■»*.::'^-» e 

X*v> •» 


s v..^. - ■j'*» H 



imbn^Hm, imbrtv, stiUicidium : 

jjtaqMo ' tcrre. 


fan h abett * ; hahitua. 
*au HaberiouTi; lancn; hricattLB, 
triUx est /orica ex tn'bnfi 

ittciis] cojiftcta ; loricare 
est A.) ItrricdTQ infiutre. 
an H&chet; Ascia, Aaciola, Aids, 

A tici'uius. 
an Eaddoke ' ; viotnt*. 
*au Hagaa * ; twetuva, 
*au Haffaa maker; Uteetarius, 
tan Ha^:uday ' ; ivctes. 

a Ouu«manoe ; ^uhrmnnn. 
toOuui!Ten(GovemeA.); i/tthernarej 

a OuuiTiier ; ffuhemtUor, ffubcmio, 


CapUulnm 81" H. 

* A H&gwonne ' ; jaculus (A.). 

Bay ; fmnm. 

+nn Hajr bowse ' ; fenerium. 

+A Hage(A.)'. 

t A Haoc ; bidenf, ^- cetera; vhi hake 

tto Haile ; chert \ j/rec;, aalue, latine, 
to Hayle ; grantiinare, 
Hoyle ; g^randn, z^ilafa; ffrandeneniSf 

tV gratifiiuo/rHg pttTt'\cAp\a. 
+nn Hayle etone ; z<titita, 
*to Huilse (Haylsae A.)*" ; talu(ar0. 

Pantii, GottTfL, et getn mny^ni ny hantz, qu ET""** pulaivnt cliiviich«r deaniK, At a morn^ ix 
peas lisut.' See abo tba Statute 33 Henry VIII., o»|i. ^:t3. t)ui>Ui(1 In note to Clowe of 

flodejote, above. ' fe rjnrr Danobiiu U i-]eUi in to dyuerae placM or tw cite 

(Cotutantiii'.>i)lt9] by golera uoder or^o {omnIIi* «u& f<rra ran<ifi7Mu].* TrevM's nigden, 
i p. iBi, * Aji ffotfs out ctffultart in gotonand (I) wodon.' K. Attjnjuirr. p. 163. * Gutter. 
A'fualitium. Guttur betwene two wnUcd. Attdron. Gutter of a huiue. Cvmpluuiam,* 
Huloet. See Wyrlif, OenrMi tiL 1 1 ; Tiii j, &c 

* MS. mtadnppln. ' Se« alto Abbott. 

' ■ M<jria. An bound fTrsch.' MeduTlA. ' A Iwddockc, Sah. actfJu$.' 31)uup. Vocab. 

* 'Tuetliim. A niidiljrn^' oran haltcys. Tuceiaritu. A puddyng makcrtL* Medulla. *A 
banaaBB:, tvetimm. Miuiip. Vocab. 

*A latoh to a door or gnte. A hagf/aday i» freqarativ put upon a cottage door, on kb» 
hiFrido. without aaytbing projecting outwai^ by which it may be Uftod. A little ilit U 
made in the door, and iho latch can only be raiaed hy iniwrtJng therein a nail or »Up of 
metal. In tho Louth (Line.') Church Accountfl, 1610, iii. 196. we rood: * To John Flower 
for h»<:poa .... a mack, A Aayvo4^y>*catvhfcaRin^forth(>weft gate, ^* vj*'.* The word 
I7 AtUl in uikj in Lincolnaliini, ^« AI(^dulIn randeri ttcUt by ' a barro of jryn or an hcngyL' 
* IfffC manuimtum. An"^ a hn^day.' Wright'* Vocah. p. j6i. 

* ITie ctjmmon viper. A S. ha^a, hedge and ryrni. a creeping; thing. Not nnconunon in 
the North, but becoming obsolete. 'Jaeulnt: qitirlain n-r/^m*.' MtKluUn. Cooper ^ves 
' /a^uim. A Kerpente thAt Ueth Tnder tree*, and aodenlv iipryngyng out with a niania^lou* 
Tiokuce, penttfth any hvn-i whiche h»p(>ety paiseth by. 

^ Biuret gives ' an haJe house, or loft ; an hale mowe, or rjotce ; a plww where bale lieth, 

* * ling in the North mfnas soft brokan ground, as in the description of the Outle of 
Lora. Ounor Mtatdi, p. i;68. 1. q886 — 

' It e« bei «ett apon pe cmg, Grai and hard, wit-vten Aug.* 

* Xa-V- 
" 'He rmklt till the kyng all richt, And hal*if hym apon hU kne.' 

TUtBrHix. ctl. Skcat, Ziii. 5I4. 
In the Cnrmtr JUuneli, p. fiij. 1, 10S4R, Mary, we are tnlH, • wa« in vrttn-,' afttrr {inbriel Imd 
■p ken to her, tuid 'To-<iuilii aco liir vnitii-tlio^'ht Qoat waa ^a haiUing he hlr hr«ght.' 
8eo also P. Plowman. C. x. 309. nwl B. vii. 160 — 

* .loMtph laette TncriioilloUKly how Jm mone and \9 Bonne 
And )>r ellfiK'ne «terre<i Aa{V««r{ hym nil.' 
A. S. haUittk : O. tcel. htiUa ; Swedinh htUa. to uhite. It is quite n difibrent word frocn 
the verb to KaUr, euibrace; A.S. Aeofnan, from heaU, the neck, which aee. 



•an Hailajmgff; mhitacxo. 

tan Hay coke '; ^rcmiiu8(/Vn*7«A.). 

•nil Hoire '; ri/iVmm ; cilicius^cili- 

ciniis /mncicipia. 
an Hay Btftke ; ffiiiU. 
tan Hay moghte^; ^rontus. 
tan Hak (Hake A.)'; bidena^ fo$- 

soriuxu. fiffo, marra, 
an Uaknay (Haykenay A.) * ; hadC- 

uf. niannxtfi. 
tHaldande ; tenax^ tenm$. 
to Halde ; timers, tentnre, rHinere^ 

rettmtare, repulare. 
to Halde be hynde: dptiner^^deientam. 
Hale (Hayle A.) ; Acfv, JiT^rmis, in- 

columis, integer, integraJis, sanuB, 

sospes ; versus : 
^Nou est infirmum quod con- 
rintit fibt iranum, 

Intrgm. naraqne rTainr rf$ qu^ 
nou fracia /erntur. 
to mnke Hale; int^'attfiutef/rawere, 

red ijUetf rare. 
Ha]y (Haily A.) • ; tnUfgrt, Jlrm^ 

tHteffrafUer, ftmdt'Cns, mfdnHUnK 

reilici(us, omaino, jMmilUA, pnr- 

tUB, tutaittiiT, 
Haleaome ; aaluher. 
an HaleaomneB ; ttalvhrilnt. 
tlo Halft ; m&iiare, dimidinrA. 
Halfe ; <iim[»]«f mip. h^mh. g^mii (om- 

nis (/enenB) iW''clinabi^ 
tHalfe A fute ; 8tinii*tdalis. 
tHalfe dede ; stmiivRcis. 
tHalfePulle; aemijthnuB. 
tHalfe a fia.rdyBg« (terthyng« 

A.) ' ; caicus, calculus, mnni- 


' See also Ook of hay* «ti(l Maghe. ' An hey mowe, fvui aoemus,' Barat. 

* 'A doftth or ^MTiienl made of hearc, a btMre-clutb. a rtniiuer, eiliriitm.' Barei. 
Barruon in bu Description nf En;, t 156. in giving nn account of tbe manner of breMHn? 
of beer in hia time, sttAet tbat tbe malt, afUr boinK 'turned no long vpon the H'lrt-. 

do eerie to a kill couered with hairt cloth ;* aiul TaaMr, In hU Pivf Hnwhrd J 
&Q.. $7. ^t. fipeftking nf tbe tnatment of hnpa. savi tbat tbey arp to K> covcre.! ^w.,. 
'•outai^e or liaire* Wyclif,0«DeRUxxxvii. 34, dMcribingtliaDT-ierof Jacob at tlieDUi'iKisud 
death of Jrf34*ph, Baya: 'And tbe dotbia torent, wm clotbid with ati heyr, weilyug<j hi« 
■one my cbc tyina.* Haircloth is mentioned ft«queDt]? in the^nmw Jiivit: for ineiance, 
on pp. 1 26 and 1 50 we are told tlua J udith ' ledde nwu^c herd lif, vest« [^faitcd] and wtrcde 
htare ;' atnJ at(niu nn p. 10 that St. Sara, Bincletica and many nthera wore ' benle brren ' 

' BberwocI b^ut 'biioh, hacttol, haohct;' nod tlie Manip, Vocab. glyea, 'anback, niattoolr» 
bidrn*.* * A^olafro ciiu fiirj* wi[i jb haefit,' Sir FenimbroM, L 4516. 

•For-wpoght witlii«*rtJl- nnd npiid OF bimadf be wo» al ««(].' MS.Cott. VoBpa«.A.iii.lf.8, 
StiU in tuo. O. Fr. tiachr, M. Jl.Oer. hnde, A. B. harcian, to bew, back. * Fostoriuvk* 
A byl or a pykoyR.* Medulla. Treviaa in btatrftnslationof Higden, v. 9. eayiof I^ntins, 
bi«1iop of Antiocfa. that hv waa ' [-prowe to wylde be«t«e .... |«ntie ndcr bie dctb lua 
berte wu t-hakled to nmall golmttes [mimu/nfim divisum Ml].* See also Hnoo. 

* 'An faockuie faunie, ei/uat m^ritoriuv.' Barrt In ibo Morte ArtJiure we read tbat 
Artbnr took with him to France * Hukei and kaknayti and hors^) of arincs.* 1. 734 ; aee 
aUo U. 484 and 3184. In P. Plowman, B.TexV v. 318, we find ' llikkc the halimtuman,* 
thai is one who let out hnrgea on hire, Fr. haquntiet Hpan. hacarua. In the roaton 
l>«tterK, ii. 97, John Ruwe writoi — • I sohal Rcve my maiftcr youre tone v marke toward 
an Aaui^mry. In the Hooaehold and Wardrobe Onlinancee of Edward 11. ^Cbaacer 
Soc. eft. Purnlvall), p. 19, we arc told that 'the kinge aball have xix iteriante at armea 
Bufflcientli anued and mounted, that is tn ny eache of tbem one horve fur annus, one 
Aefteay ft womter ;' and. on p. 43,--* la tbo same [tbe king's] staUo ehal be an hadntff 
man. who akal keepe tbe hakene of the huuae, k shal fetch every day at the garner the 
liTeree of oales for the horses of tbo stablo, Jt shal nairy tbe bouMS of the honws Cba( 
travel In the kiugea compani for tbe same hak^nry. He «b;tl bavu j*'. ob. a day wagea, 
one robe yereli in citith, or half a mark in tmmy; ft liij* viij'* for ithofts.' Probably we 
should road baiuhu, aa tn P., instead of hadim, wbJoh only mcana * a hon off a bi^ 
coloure.' Mndulla. 

* 'And halfly rufi tbo men llialr lifT.* Barbour's Bni < ' '^' 
' For at that tyme lie thoacht all hair Fiir uV nd.* UM. 

xviii. 338. 

• 'Calcm 




+Halfe a ncrltyU« ; em'>circuhn, 
■tH&lfe cursyd * ; imnijui'janua, 
"tHalfe bars ; Aemmtu/ue. 
tan Halfe naked ' ; semij>omh, indt- 

cliunbi?*-, qnndraw*. 
+«n Hftlfe a vnce ; ae.miimeia. 
tHalfe a man j semo, gemivir. 
f HaUb a tone ; ni>imtoHn^. 
"Ho Halfb tone ; wmi'/r'»firc. 
"VHalfe a tonyng^ ; scTntVonMim. 
tHalfb a wounde ; itentijtffitjtiiti. 
Haly; Agyng, ^/raus, ^/m*/fcus, c«/«- 

«xnc/as ; verms : 
%Ad CQrp\i6 mnctuB, Ad menUoi 
peuinet Almus: 

vfr aacer e.^t ilU tp;\i mem (diuina 

A.) eolct seUhrart, 
an Halyday ; ceUhritag, /ejiti%titas, 

fettum ; /estiuuB, festttiaHs ; jwift- 

baiiiTn, foUiinitas, (/u» festiuna. 
to hold Halyday; cefehrare, ftitar^ 

fesdtiare, feriara, Bctbhatizare, »o- 

Ji* HalygOBte; conto/aMr.para/'/iVnR. 
an Halynea ; sanctif<u, «aneti<tu^, 

Haly wftt^r ; j4i^i<i 6cne<2ie/a. 
an Hftly wat*r clerke ' ; Aiputriuf, 

"an Halle* ; Aida, Atrium, castntrnj 

jnlaciuxsi, r^ia. 

' * ^emipagannn. Half k rustick or clown.' GooMman. 

' * Ttiere In ev1<Ientl<r ivinie confusion hen : appftcently the ierib« hw r«poat«d half bara 
in aootber fijrm knd mnittcfl tlio Kngl^h cwfMividont for tnnipoiuto uid quadfaut, wbicb 
woald bo ' h&ir a halpvtmjr :* oooipare a Halpeny, below, when ptmdo it given, ni the 
lAtin eqaivaleut. 

* I>r. Oliver, m Mi tfowutfcM X>£Gaaeiii £nNifmt(«. p. a6o. uya — 'j^^u^M/ufi were 
penoo* who carried tlia vtmm\ of the hcAy wxter in procemiona, and b*tnedictioiu. Scholar* 
in the minor urdera were alwav* to be prvrorud for thin nffice {vide Sjnod. Esonieni. A.n. 
1287, cap. 39^ In imall pnriaops the tijuflnijtilMM ocvutiauuliy acted oa Kacriiitan and rang 
the bell.' liy a decnre of Archbuhcip Boniface, the aqnchnjulu* wt\9 to h« a poor clerk, 
Api>oint«d to his office by the curate of the churoh, and mnlntAined by the alnu of tbe 
pariehiMniTs in all parities in hia prorinoe within ten milesof a city or cnnUe. Hia dutiM 
were to aervc the priest at tlie altar, to road the epistle, sing th« graduai and the respotuwa 
rend the lecUona, carry the holy-water fesael, and aasist at the canonical houre and the 
niinintration of the Mcramenta (we Lyndwode, lib. lii. pp. t^i-jV He was in fact a poor 
scholar, and the office was given Lum to awist lum io bU studies — ' «/ ibifiem projteettt tU 
apUor tt wtagi* idcmKuM Jleret ad miyora.' After the RefomiKtinn tht* office merged into 
that of parish clerk- Thus, in 1615, WiQiam Cutton. Bishnp of Exetrr, licensed JoKn 
Randolpn to the 'q/ffrium aqiuslmjuli wire eicriti pnrwihtaliM apud Ovinnap, tt dnetnHi 
arttm trnbfndi rt ityendi.' (Hi.Ht. C'oniwnU, U. p. IJ15), From the Uttor \mH of this 
extnct bo would »eeoi to have officiated also as village scboolmaater. ' AquariuM : aerviatH 
9ut porUti aouam.' Medolla. ' Iltc tvjHeltnjufii$. A lioli water clerke.* Wright's Vol. of 
Vooab, p. ai8. Robert of Briinne cmaplAini that any 

' Boitf vntyr eUrh of a toanne 
pat lytyl hat> lemede yn hya lyue 
He ys ordeynede a prcst to shn-ue.* 

SandlvnQ of ^y»n<", ed. "Fumivnll, p. 360, II. 1 1 591 -4. 
From this office being tiiually psrfornifid by Kome piKir scholAr, the term Hcdy-watcr clt^rk 
oventaaUy came to he ajiplie*! to Hur-h I'xcluiively. T)ia« in Die State Paperx. ii. 141. we 
rebd — * Anthony Knovet hath ohte^-iied the Huuihnprik of Kildare to a synipla Irinh priuta, 
a vagkboonde, wittioiit Itruyn;;, niau«ra. or ^oud qealitye, not worthy to be a Aol/y-wafsr 
efert.* The tenn aluo occurs in Lydgale. 

* In Miekard the Sitd^lrt, iii- ai8, we 6nd knJa nocd in the sf'nw of tents — 

' He wondnd in his wittis. as be wel my^the, 

rr\t t* hie houflir . ' ' -.vis ne my^:hte 

HttlMcU ^ h'»u-' .V» hfin lic-lpo-l* 

*Tahtmnailum. A pavilion, tpntf>, or 1.- ;..,'i.. See aUo Uawle. In a Ictltrrfrom 
Cecily. Marehinnws of Dnrnni. li.i ThrinuM CTomwell, pr. in Elli»' Orvjiunt Ltilm, iScr. I. 
vdI. i. p. 119, she doairvs him to * dalyv«r all snch t«nt», pnvylyono, and h'tU* as yon hau0 
of myne tm to my soune hunwA,* wbsre the meaning is plainly tents. 



tftn HoUyngA * ; Auleum^ Atiabalrum 
(^cor^irui^ rrlttm A.); versus : 
% Vefa vei auka c&rline mut 
Hawlowe (Holowa A.) ; eeli^rare, 
coiiMCTflre, iJetlicatt^dictire^ iniei- 
ftahlj'itisnirtf aa«c(ire, xaucii^are, 
an Halowyngrt ; comecfario, dedica- 

eio, saarxi/irne'io 4' '^eteni. 
■fan Halowyng*! of hundM ' ; hoema. 
an Halpeny ; As, obuJ\x& ; «wr«ua ; 
%Stipg 8tipU, Aft, obuluA, indfl* 
cliaabi/e ;j(>m2o. 
«D HaUe ' ; ^ttta. 

to Halse *; Amjjlectij Amplexarif 

nn Halsyngi^; AmpUxits. 

•to Halte; claudicare^ clautlerej (3* 

conjagationi>,) varieare. 
'Halte ; cadax, cJauduB. 
au Halter; claudkarius, dnplirariuj 

qui ex vtn\q\it ftari/: daiuiieaL 
*Haltande ; chutlicaM, varicans, 
a Hame; mansio. 
t» Hamo of a horue ". 
ta Hamolott ; villula. 
Homely; domfsficuB,/amitJans. 
+to make Hamely ; domesticarQ. 
tan Homelynos; familiaritas, 
an Hamme'^; poplei {popiiX A.) 

Aominum, sufftxtgin^ amm<di- 

an Hamere ; maUcxis, mftiHolnBf mer- 

cus. merculus, merceUus. 

* Among the cloths of ama and tapestry work belon^ng to Sir John FMtnlfe, at Cautar, 
enumeratod in thomiriou< inventarie« taken about the year 1459, we lluil — * Item, j blew* 
haltffnff .... Itviii, j kitUyng of Uewe worvted, oontaynyng m loncith xiij yer<ia ood in 
brediha iiij yerdi. Item, j halting wiih men drawen in darke grene worsted.' Faaton 
Letten, i. 479. See /fury }VtU», Ac, p. 115. and Peacock, Eng. C'A. FunUurt^ p. 94. 

' Oaer the liye dctne . . . the bent kattffntj hanged. a« reason wa«, 
Wherein waB nrrotight the ix ord[T]ea angelioale.' Lift 0/ Si. Wcrhnrgt, 6t. 
* AultHin. A cnrtoyn in on hallo.' Medulla. Se« aiso Dorsur anil Hnwlynge. 

' ' To huntcrc* pny haulm by hurstea and by ho^ ' ArUttn 0/ AiiAut, Ht. v.l. 5. 
In Sir Jtwrfviintt ed. UAlUwell, p. 187, 1. 333, we read — 

* He uDcuupltde his houndui Bothe the grcene and the groundni 
With hine the knygbtui boandos They fuuowedt an liyyhc ;' 

and in Cbauoor, Bok« of the Duche*«e, 378— 

* Withynne » while tbe berte founde ys. f'kallovfd and recbaatd faate.' 

' He depid tu hyin the Sompnoure }>nt wa« bir own ducipiU And itt<»leii no holofrinij.' 

Tbe reninn tt the Heve A ckp (w mauncipill; TuU f^f -Beryn^, 1, 417. 

Sec abo 7?ieAarYi Ike Hnltlfa, i\\. ia8— 

' He wiu haloxcid and y-hontid, and j-hot« fanme.* 
'I hftlowe hnundes with n kry-c. Jt hite. Halowe the houiideit if yoo fortune to ^ye the 
deere.' Falsgrnve. *JIalltr. To hollow or enooungs hoaudd with hAlbwin^'^; alio to 
hound or Mt tbem lit.' Cu^^frnve. 

' In P. Plowniiin. C. i. 1S5. tbe rat propowa to tbe mice tbat they ahuald buy a htJX 
' and htmge [h ) abontc )>e cattyfi haU,' aiul in thedesoriptloD of thedra^n which appeared 
in a dreain tu Arthur wc rvnd — 

' Bothe bis lieile and hyi A/i/j were haloW alle oner, 
Oundydo of anurc, enaroclde fullo fairo. Morte Arthurf, 7<i4. 

* ' I haUe ono, I take hjrm abouto the necke. Je aeeoUt. UaUe mt aboiito the necka 
and kjMc mc.' Palngnve. 'Amplexor. To kysRyn or hnl^vn. AmjJrjruA. Mislnyd. fn- 
etunpUjcuM. Vnhaltfyd.' Medulla. See also to HaUae. MVhmine \<e Enipfrimr hodde 
knowlicb of hir«, ho ran IbrgUilneue, and hal^M hire, anii ki«t hire, and wepte right aoom 
an a cliildM fur gladbcne, anl aaide, " nowe bleaud be gud. Sv I hnue founde J>nt 1 hau4 
hiely dtMiirid 1'^ OeHn RamanvrKtik, p. 319. A. S. Afti/j, Aa/«. 

' Pianee of tvooiI .»n ihu o..llar of the liorw 1*» which the tracM are atticbed. .See 
Bai^eama. ' A ttrUes, ihe hAomPs of a drauglit hor^^'a collar ; the two flat »ticka Ihni 
■aoompafvit'Cotgrsve. • Hameof a htinw. Au/nnm.' M«nip. VopaIp. ' fja com dt chivan 
poritint attJn (hiuncB).' W. da Bibktnrorth, in Wright'* Vol. of Vocab, p. 16S, 

* 'Puples, hAmma.' GIom. MS. Cott. Clrap. A l>i. It 76. 



un Hands ; eirot, yrecf, manus ; 
rnanicalis ^larficipium ; pafma^ 

pu-ficipium ; tV \ %ndec\mahiie ; 
verfUB : 
%Si pir po»i» in i>, perit ir si 

tan Hand ball*! ^ ; 7>i7u vtanwilu* 
fan Hand oraite ; mechania. 
tto Hondefeste ' ; /edare, sttbanrare. 
un HandefUlle ; manipulKiB. 
tu Hondyllo ; tanffcre, ^ cetera ; vhi 
to tuche. 

an HandylU of a swerde ; capu/ui, 

an Handelyngc ; tactMa ; (anffmt. 
tHandles ; manai% muncatUM, 
an Handemayden ; AbrOj Aneit^ 

fan Hande stafTe V; manul^Uum. 
tan HangQ ma/» ; lictor, pvlidor. 
tan Hank \ 
+to Hank. 
•a Hanaelle '; A raho, Hrena, strenufa 

titiiiiiiutiiium / gtreniauA 4' ''''c**' 

oatui, jmr(icii>iu. 

' ' It pro Ifir, CoDcavitJM miknua, idem ert ft volft, mediotiui pklmm, ncotr. indeoUn.* 
Dooangtt. Pir m of ooune ilie Greek wvp. 'Voiu, vtl tour, vei ir, mtildeweurU luuid, 
yugUluM, ae gripe >Kn: hand.' Aolfiric'a Gton. in WrlgKt's VoL of Vocab. p. xx. * Handft. 
/r.' Huloet. 

* In SUiwe'a Survej-of London, ed. 1730. p. s^l.isinentionedaoQiitrimnf playiogatAaiHf- 
tfx/i oil £a.-it«r'Klaj (or a tiinBy>cake, tlio M-iuaiu^ of wbicU tli'pcrudeil cUiuQy upim HWiftuett 
of foot- Hnlliwell qaotea from the Thornton >I8. leaf 7 — * And b^Iyfti lie gurte write a 
K-Lire, Mul »crite it tiUe AJeianHer, and thorwiUi he neni byin a han*ihnlU Mid other 
cerUne \*V^ i^ Hcorne.' Baret baa ' to play at teonyt or at the balle, pUa ladtrc' Mai' 
fUttife, ur baJJ-play, U meDtioned in the Aneren Riwltf p. ai8, 

' In the Orniuluiu we are told of the Virgin that 

* 3h(> waaB Sannd/axtt an god mann l^att Joscep wan |chntenn :' I. 23^9. 
* llandCut, dtspotuatuM . to baodfiut, darpontare.^ Manip. Vocab. Caxtun, in The ChetUf 
p. 1^. ttpcaku of ' A right txyt tnayde which wan owured ami hdtiuJffut vnio a nohlo yonga 
gtmtiUnun of carta^.* Ihrs, GiotUKir. Suio-Gothieum,iprK» ' Hand/'rxttiint^.\}n'wimioniae 
fit BtipuLata manu, unt civei ftdein 4uam principi ipondeant, sive mutuani inter se, matri- 
mcoium inituri, a phnnjtxsfu hand, quip uotnt clvxtram di'Xtrx jiingorc.' The following 
paflHig» ocean in 'The Christian Hutt of Matrimony,' 1543, p. 43 back — 'Every man 
mujft efltcme the panon to whom he is hand/asted, none othera-ycfe tlian fur hia owne gpoUHv 
tboogh Ri yet it be not done in the Church iter in the itreate — After tlio JJand/aMyngt 
and makyng of the oontnot« y* cfaurchgoyng and weddjng ahuld nut be differrvd to longa, 
Ir-Mt the wicktrdde Howe hya anpracioua aede in the meaoe aeaaon — At the Handeftulwg 
ther va made a great« feaate and superflaoai Bancket.* See also Brand 'e Autit/uitiet, ii. 
20,46-54, Robertaon'a i/ufon'ea^ Jimtj^, 1871. p. 1 7a, and Prot Ward's note to hu editioo 
of Greetie'B Friar Bacon, vi. 140. • Fa* foituaytet [Jtaneajfta], an OMuryng or hand- 
faxtynge, of foUcB to be maryed.* Pal«gnive. ' I handliute, I trouthe plygbt. Je ^ne«, 
WbAn iiUaU tht'y be niaiyed, they be hondfiuted all rodye.' lOid. 'Contnuit or hand/tuting.' 
WithaLs. * Ac^'ordtr unt JilU, to handout, affiance, betroth hinuclfe onto a maidsn,* 
Cot^rave. ' Vfspotuo, To weddyfi.' Medulla. Siiharratt, aa will be Men below, is alao 
njubd for to hanaalla. Soa alau to yifa Hrla. 

* See FUyle. 

' A itkein of thnad or worsted. To Aanit, to make up thread, ftc.. in sVobis. 8tUl in 
oommon us«. Bee Gawin Dougtaa. Entadoi, Bk. it. p. 46, 1. 5* where in the aoooont of 
the death of Laocuon. the aerpeot having 
' Twia drcullt his myddiU round about . . . HL* hedu beadis and gartandis nil war hlaw 

Ab he etlis thare AariHi to haue rent, I*al of veiiDtuu and rank poj-souu attaoii.* 

And vrith hiit handii thaym away hane draw 

* Bee Halliwell. s. t. Hatuel. and Bnuid'a Popular Antiq. iii. 26*. ' Arm. Ameet or 
Je. Strena, HanwJe/ Medulla. Sm alao Brla. *ln the way of good bauBul, de 

' PalHi{mvc>. 

St">ilitli uwB togode Knn* An n. tbouannd beaani.' AUtaundrr, 3935- 

In Sir ' p. 59. L ticS, wo find the pbraae 'Uier by-gynnftli lutlnrr /mhiuc/.' 

wherv : .; i« ' thw is a Ind begianing.' ' I bantieU oo«, I gyve liiiu Mwouy in a 

momyng Uir lucDo wans a* be Bolloth. Jt attent.' PaL'^frave. 



^toHanaelU; atrenare, ArrarUt in^, 

an fiappo ; /anstUudo, felieitas, for- 
(una, furtimittm, fortuitas, ofneti ; 
omefVfaaa jAuCicipium. 

fvnHappe; tnfoftunium, infdidtas, 

Happy; htatxiA, ^fatiatus, j'alix, ^ 
nctcra; vhi blissed. 

to niMk Happy ; vbi blisaeU (A.). 

VD Happy ; AeharU, infaustiis, in- 
fftix, in viut rtt, J/i/ortunatUB, 
v^iser, m omnt nf. 

tuHappyn; AcciUere piahnim re- 
rum est, con/iuf/erc boiutrum re- 
n/m est, citc/iire bonamm ^ 
mo/arum rerum est, /ortunarej 
ait, eral {fuit A.) vtrlmm jnper- 
sonale (vt eat m\hi i. t. coixtintfit 

*ui Haraa of horse 


*&ii Earbar ; fatsyicium, ds'uertfon* 

wm ; ftogpUalig. 
*to Harber ' ; f^osfnturi, hospituart. 
*BLU Harblriou/- ; hospes, koitpita ; 

hospitalU (J- iiOspitahilU poxti- 

•an Horboryng*; hospitaiitas. 
Horde ; tHjicax, dfjicilif, Grautg vt 

lecc'io canticris, ditxxs, tluruB, Jir- 

jfius, salchrosiia ; verms : 
%Lecc\Q Jit facUU vd difficili$^ 
Iftu: jxrttdnB, 
Lapis $U </un]s tibt «tc diuet^i- 
to mftke Hards ; rlumre, cod-, in-, 

o6-, demoUire, durijirare. 
+to be Harde ■ ; caUcre, caffesecre, 

occulferv, -l^sccve, durtrt, -ractrt ', 

^ cetera, 
au Hardnea ; diJJiciUtaa, gr&uitat, (2w- 

' * Squieinm, a bnre^.' Notniiude MS. In Guy of Wonrike, p. 105, we ivad— 
'llun lo[ioii nbotit hem th^ Lombars An wicked Collea out of hnrai.* 
Ill HuuJtuM, Jtc. Or'liaivaccH, E<lwar<l J L , p. 4 J, it iii Jirectuil llidl ttiwru atiull hv 'a Mfjanti 
who thai be a nutticic^nt mam«'hiil giu-tlein uf the ytmgn luirHCH drawnc out uf the kinf{M 
nio«,' wbure tlm« Insl wi>rii» una iu tliH nriiHuAl * hum tie karaz Its Ruy.' In the curiout 
poeiu on ' The LkqiI uf C'oukjiygue,' pi-iotml in EarUj Eng. Poetiu, e*i. FumivatI, p. 157, 
we MTV told that there 

* per n'in •ohepe^ no 8Wtn«, no got«j No non horwv-U. god it wot, 
Nothvr haraU. nother itodo. po loud is ful of o^r gode.' 
* fonder if a houa of Aanu that Btant be ths way, Among the baitM berboryd ihaj je be.* 

Coventry Myst. p. 1.^7, 
A hara* wbb the technical tena for « stud of italliooa m appean frijm Lydgnte'i ffvrt, 
8h*f« ({■ Ghooa, Roxb. Club, repr, y. ji, where amongxt other ii|io«iAl pltrwKM arc ^tveo 
thd fuMowing: *A Aarcyi of kor», A itodc of miurfi, A ra^^n at oollea' See tdao Sirutt, 
8}>orU tb lUiiUinM, 1810, p. 19. In a * linLkle ' l>y Chauuer, printed la the Atlunnwit, 
Iblh Feb., iSylf p. aio, the fullowiiif^ liutw occur— 

* 1 vol me venge on loii« m ilt>)>e a breeae On wylde bonae |iKt reimen in harrat.* 
Sir T. Elyut in hut Image of Oocfrnuuncf, 1 541;, p. 1*7, say* ' ' Who wtt^th by a ragged, 
a restifl or ill fiLVoorsd uolte, bt-oauMi th.\t the harrti»r, wimrof thai kinJt* U oomev, two 
han<ir«<l yeru paraed wanno tbo (>ric« uf rcanyiig at the game of Olyiupua t* ' Eqttiiri^a. 
A fflok otf hore.' Medulla. 

* So nor Lord aayd— *I wie A^fromvle*, and ye ktrboridca me-' Matthew ixr. 36, 
Wyclifi Veiaion. 

' If Crist leie aoUi To rcaUn in bii own« need 

Him Bilf ne badUe nooa karhorott. And atcken uut the •lomips.' 

Wright! I'ul. Poeroo. tL 97, 
In De DegtuleTlIIe'i Pngriniat:«. M8. Juhn'e CuU. Camb. leaf HO. wu raul— ' to the urtxy 
] weDt« Bnto Lhjuknttil^ to hrrtitrnf inu \nr : tharti I tawr Charifceo thai heriMrde pilgruiivk 
and oflc wniile to the ^ate lu ftsie |K>ucr I'utkv.' 

' llarnt In btit Alve^rie giviM ■ to tpvttier a hrawne : to w&ze hard, ait the haodi or \*Mi^ 
do with InUiiir, c*mcalUo.' • Cntlu: The hardiica off hand or Kout. Vtii'ieU m cm w i m 
uUitu, eilUt Pin Mrieta.' MeduJJa. 



Rii H&rdnes of handu or fbte; 

Hardy; Aiiimnt\}»,AtiimoBM9^Afi^aXt 
qui pariculum non timet, Au«u4, 

nuf^nancmuB, femcrarmv, qui sine 

counilio agit, 
tto umktf Hnrdy ; Anvmare, «n-. 
tto be Hardy ; ^w2ere, Awim^ -nt 

an Hardynes; AwkiciajA%u\XA,Anu 

*HardeB (Hardys A.) * ; atnpjxi ; 
juifiam dicvtiU stujnt. 

tto do Hardea a way ' ; exstujHire. 

an Hare (Hayr A.) ; h/m», Ujmvct^ 
^U8(/tminutiuum, Uuijms ; lejurc 
U9 A hpofinxa />aiYici[)ia. 

an Raro; cn'nw, crimcWuB, ^- cetera ; 
vbi a baire. 

"Harlfo ■; nihixim minor, herba est, 

•an HarXott*; balairo^ {hifirio A.) 
•nislicyx^, yerro, mima (pnlpo A.) 
iocuialor, -trio:, jxintomima, j/ara- 
tritasivT, histrix, nugatort tfourru- 
/us ; vfule wr«im : 
^ I/iHtrio vvl jiafpo, mtmus rei 

' SdU {n use in LIoooId, ftc., in tlie gvuae of ' ouwu flux ; the tvruse of flue or bemp.* 
Cotgr^Tc frivts ' tjrttif de tin, the hjuda or towe of fl&x,* anil Barct hs« ' Hurdee or HorJci 
of keaip. dec, n^i/'O, tittoHjte de eiutn»re.' Mr. Ii/>bint»ti in hia Wtiittiy (Jlotia., K. D. Soc., 
■lao givf« ' Hardrn, a ooATMly spun fabric of Bax fur wrajiptog puqKwra/ ' Stupa. towe 
or hirdM : the ttwme porta of Hax«.' Cooper- In the A»cr<M JUwU. p. 368, BUiungsi 
other wajTi of mortiryiug the flenh is rocommended ' fierd weriungc,' thnt u woaring uf 
gwnicniA maiie of coarBe inotcml ; nnd sgain, on p. 41B, peiiitenu are bidden to wear 
next their llcsb 'no linene cUp. bote jlf hit beo of herde, snd of greate heordcn* ' And 
|ouf« •trvD^rthe Khivl be as a deed sparcle of bonyi. ether 0/ berdit qfJUx, and )oure wcrk 
■dwl lie ai ■ qu>k Bp.-ircle ; ami ever either ichAl oe brent toeidere. atra noon schiO be ttiat 
•efasl quenche.' laaiah L 31, Purvev'a VeRdoo. A.S. heordan, Juordas, cloth niAde uf 
Ww. * BardjfH ootis.* conte made (tf coarae flax, aro meutioucd in the Cinnfihiynt of 8<ot~ 
land, p. 150. The Medulla gives ' StujMi, HjTdys off heinpe. StupotuM. Ful off byrdys. 
StHfio. Togtoppyn with hynlyn. Slupula. Lytyl hyrdys.' 'i/^drfu/io, a hardes.' Wrights 
VoLof Vocab. p. 317. ' ^'f u/o, bunly. ' ibid. p.iBo. * ^Cuppa, lecuinbe [oakum],' AelMc's 
Glowary, itU. p. 40. ' See also to Borle olotha and to Shyfe. 

* In the Thornton MS. lenf ^83, wo find the fQlIowing redpe for pain in the ear — ' tak 
wonn<wl, or karofe, or wodcbynde, nnd Htampo it. and wryn^e out the jeuso, and do it 
lewk« in thyne ere.' See Sairruayh, in Mr. Robiuvin'A 'A'liitby Glojia. E. D. Soc Graina 
of htiltjtri/t (hayreve, w IkayrefT), A.S. hrt/eri/an corn, are prescribed In Ci>ckayne*B Lecch- 
dnm», ii. 345, for ' a udve sgaioHt the eUiu race & uoctomal visitors, &. for the wuman with 
whom thu devil hath carnal cnmmrrce :' see alio p. 79. It was formerlv conaiderctl ^ixid 
fiir scorbutic diseases, when applied externally, and uf late, in France, has been aduunts- 
tend intenudly for epilepsy. ' Madyr, berbe : t^mlix^ ruhia vu\}or, ft minor dirirur 
haynrf.* P. ' Kubia minor, Hayreff oper aron [T Hftyrenn] is like to woodruff, and the seJ 
tochid will faongB in ooein clopiB.' MS. Sloane, 5, lesf 19. * Jiulna minor, deuer heyrene.' 
MS. Hart 33S8. In the Babees Book, p. 68, we find it mentioned as one of the herbs to 
ba aaad in prepAring a hot bath. 

* Chauoor mji of the Sompnour, PmL £49— 

' He was a geatil karlol and a kynde A bettre felaw sohulde men nowher fyndtf.* 
Anaag som* dfd gluaes in the Reliq. Antiq. i. 7, we find 'svurra, a harlutte.' In the 
Coventry Myvtery of the Woman taken in AdulUiry (p. 217), it is the yoong man who is 
lostight with tilt) woman, and not the woman beraelf. whu in nti^atised as a harlot. We ^ 
6li<l ill W'tUh. AcrVditxf bA youth, and herloda^m boydifn (/W«i*a girl, lasH). In the 
(icidit U<jnunuiram,p. 81, the fnlse KtiipfiTor, (tpeakaof Jovinian as ' ar lutrlotie,' sud ai^sin, 
[). I J4, the Euipcrur « daughter while ruiming a race addresses her mnle oompetitor — * \Vhat, 
h'jrlut, trowixi Uiou tu overoome me V 'The % . day of DesMmber, Sattenlay, wus M. Cowl- 
Ippppur. and M. iJaron, drmwn frotheUjw'toTibum. Cowlpep|»Qr was heddid. and OiUBn 
wnfihaiiirgidiind quart"- ■■' '-'•'• •' — •"•" ;■' ■■;<ng £Ae Aor/offei w* with (rtc) queen Kataryn 
that then wiia.' L<irulin< r-isii of Hunry VUI^ CarndMn MisccUauy, 

ir. 16. See also Eni'jh: 1-. 81, 1. 6. * MS. Koiolor. 



Eat Epulo, nebttlo, paraaitua, 

ycurra, UcatoT, 
JJijs panUnnimus^ corwdus {co- 

vieJo A.) viil ioculator. 


*HU Harlottry*; Uraciuni,invrbanita3^ 

iiwjacitas, rastlcitas, scurrititat, 

•to ilo Horlottry ; scurrari. 

HU Harme ; damfmuin, dampnulum, 

cittinpnonHaSy dixpendinm, detti- 

fnfixtiim leue daiaimum est, 

Dampnum ntHKientihna 4' ^^i<* 
Jit, iacturam sdenUs ^- vttto pall- 
mur; t/am/^nusuM/mr/icipinm. 
to Harme ; dampnijicare, dampnum 

Hamea * ; falera, falere, 
to Hamea ; epiphiare, falcrare, or- 
nare,- -tor, -tvix. 

tHamesMd; faleroUta, 

|j« Hames * ; cerebrum. 

*an Hame panne ^ ; cmntMm. 

an Harow ; erpica, tnJia, 

to Harow ; erptcare '. 

an Harow or a harow maker (a 

HarowrerA.); erpicnriui. 
ton Harow tothe ; paciihis. 
BD Harpe ; ciUuirn, hn'cMS ^ ; versus ; 
% TtJttudo, cU?tnra, ehelit <J- lira 
<ficitur vniim. 
to Harpe ; citharizare, 
nn Harper ; dtharedo^ cithanttfa, 

riVAarta/uK, jiJecfn, ^.dicina,Juii' 

ci«(ra, IfTUcn, liricinoj liritUx, Ix' 

fau Harpe stryu^; JidiSf lira, Ji- 

*au Harre of a dore " ; cardo^ medio 

carrepto in oUiquvt. 

' Hut ii nlao givun m the Lnt. equivklcat of ft Qtjhonti, q. v. 

* ^IV»vim In his tmrui. of Higden, toL v. p. 37, haji of tli« Kuiperar ConnDodd*. ' |ii 
CommuduB wiw unpruiitaUe to ol pintjMi. auj jaf hyu al to leocbeiiu and HarioUric,' iha 
on'^Dul refttlin^ being ItJuuria «( ti>tcenitatt dtdttut, 

* *Kp\phutt uniAtUH titiuoriiin ; the wry ing off au horn. FaJlera. Hanioys.* MlhIuHa. The 
word wim commuuly used in iha Ren-^ of anuuur, anus. Titos PalegraTe haw ' liiLniffe-man, 
armiijert ;* adO tti M'iltittin 0/ i'aUrutt 1. 15(^3. \Villiaiti U dencribed na coming tii court. 
*gayii iu clo))e.<) of grilil. Si. o\kt gtxh horveu,' In the Prompt, it id uited an kynoaymoui 
with houi>rko)d furniture. ' JJarnoU, arniotiri hanK^Me; aloo a teama, cxrte, or citiiiagB. 
Ac' ('ot^rave. * HamoM. Jnna. To hAmciise. Armart.' Manip. Vocab. 

* When Havelok wa« attacked by the thicvos we am told that with a ' dore tre ' 

' at • dint h« alow Jwm {rre ; Ne lay jM:r-ut« agcyu Jie tu^mcM,' 

Was Bon ofhein ^t hb herne§ U 1S07. 

*Tha hame. Certbrum.* Manip. Vocab. Bm a1«o Herns. In tho dcacHption of the 
orueltir* practino] in Stephen *b rei^ iim ^von in tha A.S. Chroniclb, p. 16a, one item ia 
thai pIveQ : ' Mt) didc cuiittcd stru-nguB abutou hcru La;u«:d &. uurylliun to flat it fftnba 
to Jn; Kitrtif*.* For rerrbrum the MS. ha« cfld/ruta. 

* HaiDi^tulc, dcMtribing Lbe woundti of Chiul, speaka of 

' pe croun of thoruea t<ut vnut thrvstod Whun )•« thomea hym prikkcd til ^e hnmjtnnf,' 
On hia hi'Vod fast, )mt )w hlod« out rane. J'riciie of Contttrno!, 5 196 ; 

and iu Cawaia Douslas, p 291, I, 25, we read— 

* And with A liownd itniaie T»giin hut ivuiede, In the hamtpan tho echaft he liot affii^ 
Tlinjw athur {»arc vf UinpIW uf his hodo ; Quhil Lludo «ud biaiie all U>|{iddir mixt.' 

O. Icol. itiami. A.S. hamai. ' Hrrne-pon' occun in the iJentrvetioH of 2W»y, S775 ! ■** 

ali<o Moite Arthurt, 1. 33 jp, and Uavtlok, 1991- *Cruniam. The kovd pann<>.' Medulla. 

* MS. ff^itart. ' MS. UrilMA. 

* A liiiiL;u. K-cI. hjarri. It u dednM incorreclty in the KoiutfacLit'>r, 1580. u, ' The 
back uprigKt timber of a door or gate, by which it ia liiiiii; to Iu jHikL' Jamictian define* 
Ic as * the pivul itu Mliiob a door or gate tuma.' IXiutftait uuva tbv pbnue * out u( har' 
that i* • out of order : ' 

* The pypiug wynd bUw vp the dure on char. IntiU Ihv eutre of the catie at^in/ 
And liriuo the leota. and bbtw lliaym out ofhar ^ncado*, p. 8j. L J I ; 

ami the eame exprearion ocnun in (iowrr, ii. 139 — 

* 80 may men kaowo. how t^e florcin And brintfer la of allc wnro 

Waa moder fint of lualt^ifia WUeruf thla woi td AUmt out of hn-tt," 



ft Harte ; Cor, Cordialte, CorctUum 

ui Hart ; ceruus, eerunluSt certta, 

tHartly ' ; eordioliter. 
an Harott of hanuea * ; beUin^in, 
tan Hartstringe ; precordia. 
tan Hart home " ; brumh, j/rpc*. 

coriin c^^rt*l, Int'ine. 
inn Hartakyn (A HartBhyne A.) ; 

an Harthe ; focut, foeitlns dim'mi- 

tiuum, forarium ; forariim ;«r- 

ficipium ; v/nearium^ ticionitri- 


Harvest; Autumpnmj fMsttia. 
"Haas (Hayso A.)*j racciu, ravci- 

d\xa, ravcidulus. 
to bo or make Haae ; ra7irer«. 

Base; raveio, 

ait Haaenea ; ravc^, ravcitas* 

(o Haate; Acctlerare, wlerare, Ar- 
dAre, Ardtstere^ exardtrej exar- 
ditgcere, cierfy citare, /Mtiuare, 
mauicare, TTuzfurare, properan. 

Haaty ; AcceUrosnSj Aoceterau0y Ar-^ 
dens, citatas, cit\x», am-, ffstinun, 
impetuiuvs, propenw, yreprp^wr- 
iw, preceps, tentcrarine, repfHtin- 
vm, Jnprouiitxts, ^ cetera ; vhi 
wyght (wjjth A.). 

Haatyly ; ApjiYtme, euxricvlo, eua$- 
ligio. extemjiln, indHate, qunlocivtt 
vtiocius, inpetjione, ^irwi/ntanter, 
temcTarie, acoileranteT, ^xiHjfTO^ 
uuio ; ucwua: 
^ConcitOf confeHim^ mox, pro- 
tinnSj illicot ttattm. 

* The tfodee of this line that ia named Axit, be called Cardinalt$ ecrli, and be pight in the 
foreuid jmjIm, and an called Cnrdinalc*, because they muuc about y* hollowni^sftc of the 
PoIm, aK the iliairie ooroen of a doom mono in the htrte! Ilatman npnn IJartbol. rir Prapr. 
Jtemmj IT. 1 33, col. I. Chaucer. Probgue Cant. TaleM, 1150. deticnbiiig the Miller, «ayi — 
* He waa schart iohuldred. bnMd, a ihikke knarre, 
I'her riaa nu <lor« that he nolde heve of karre* 
Saaidio lidtq. Anliq, i. 39a, and Wnglit*8 PoUUcal Bongi, p. 318 : 

' vV'er never doggea there Fro coyltbe ne ootte :* 

Hurled outof A«rre 
■■dflkdioa^ Jfo^jz/ycene^, 9JI : 'All 11 out of Aarre, and out of tmoe.* 

* ■Go^nrMam hum, we pray Arrf/y. Keptui Uic pcan iu lixjwliet and advenlte.' 

And Londoan, for thei ful diliyentty Wriglu'i falit. Pofma. u. 355. 

* Barvl haa ' Haraulil, \uit UrrknttU ; Herkattlt msenwiix to l>o coDipoumled of thit 
dutch word, hrrnult, Hcrii«, i.e. Maater, and of tie M^-nch word i/auf/, Attua. i.t, Bijfb. 
For the berautt of annee wna an high officer aiooni; the Botnauei. and of ifreat aathoritie.' 
In the Lansdowne MS. 308, we tind — 

* Ryght sonc were thay reddy on erory syde. 

For the harroift betwyxte thame fiute dyde ryde.' leaf zo. 
' ' JJmmida : grtet. The hcrty* horn.' Medulla. 

* Kay in hi* Oluaa. of N. Country Wordi givea * Hcai^, raueut ,- III. htrte. rauoitaa.* 
See Prdaco to £. D, Society'^ cdiL p. 4, L 47, and note m P. a. t, Hoo«e, p. 348. In P. 
Plowman, B. xvii. 3x4, occurs the ivoverb that * three thingt then are whicb drive a man 
out of his house, cm., a bad wife, a leaky roof, and smoke. 

For amoks and amolder amyteth in hU eyen. 

TU he be blere-oyed or biynde and hon fn fm throte,* 
where aorae MSS. Twd kooa and hoi. See alao Townley MyHleriw, p. 109, and the Owl 
and Nightingale, ^04. wbercwe 6nd ' mid etefine )(«itf.' A-S. has, O. Icel. Aom. * Raucus, 
Hoofl. ilauCBdo. Hoamen). KaitcetUUr. Kunidel boos. Itaticv. To makyn houa.* Medulla. 
Lq the Mauip. Vucab. wc fmd tlie funti korty, oa well as Aorar. 

* Quha can not bald tbare pcce ar fre to fltt«, 
Otide qukill thare hadia riflv, and hal» worthe hac«.' 

See alao ihid. p. 178. 1. 38. ti. DougUa, .Sntatlot, p. 66, 1. ag. 

TrevtM in liia trans, of }Iigden. i. li, aays tliat after preovedtng 'noble fpeker^ pat 
•ownwie aa tmmpeii ' hu fifared to put fttrth his * ban'vn sjieoba, AoMM [Amm lU QulOO> 
vditlou] aa snodchvnge.' * Sche was wesyn alle Aorixr.' Eylnmour, 917. 




CffUi/fUe, ynpar«, volocUvr iU- 

Cunim, festiM, /atinautcrj 

Afculim, ctJere, cito, nui(ui% 

an HA«lynM ; -lxnM/fti«, »m;)rfus; tm- 
jmtuoHun /mr/ici[iium ; impetitnsi- 

mmmam con\jtrvhcndU celfnta- 

fciii, ^re}Mtrac\tt rtjtcliU uJicr- 

BaUi (Hatt A.); cu/u/us, ettu^tu^ 

/nrui<l\xit, tn^o/wuit, vjniiuSi tor* 

to bet Uato (Hiitt A.); ealarc, -htcertt 

«m-, flW", «u-, eafe/Uri, eHtttare, 

ferimec, «/•, ferneiQ, cow, f/-, 

JIammetii, -nvicvre. 
to Hat* ; odi'c, luU, odinti, simullart. 
natfitlU' ; (ulinBUK, pnruww*. 
iaii Ilatoredyn ' ; fauoninmy inimv- 

OMM, iuvidca, mufrum, oi2ium, 

odiofum <&*fiuAuUuain, timid' 

-tiLU Hater«U«*; eeruC^c, Mv-wiciiia, 

{2tuiLuutiuu»i, perc&c 
to Have ; haber^y olftintre^ pas»ul«ffL 
mi Havyng in mynde ; comiwtMw 

rat'iof ivc-oidacio. 
+Havo done ; Ai/c, A^te, Athterhia 

ItorUintli ; rt-rjua ; 
fP/unAufi tal AtfUt </m*«u<2iuii, 
die Ag€ aoH. 
tnn Havyng ; hatituti, fto$*etgio, 
tpride of HavTTige; httlnliuto. 
Huvynge ; fuihms^ pojttrvJroM. 
+an Haver ; ;*ojirttwior, hUntor. 
to Have i/i mynde ; rfiCTm/rare ^' -rj^ 

cou- ^- com-, roco/(Te ^ recorvlare, 

^ cetera ; vhi to thyok. 
ao HavyE ; nnurile, jwrtus, portulu* • 

tan Havyn towne ' ; baia [lata A.). 
Havyr * ; Auena, Awnula. 

* In Daii John Otyirygo** S(ntDuii« pr. in Rvli|^uuit Pieces in Pros« Rml Vctm troai iho 
T)i"Mi(«ii MH, K. K. Toxt Soc. ml. I'vii^, in iht! list of the aeren deadly bou, we are* told 
tliut ' Alto i» h'tlt^rtiljfnt tu N[)vk(f, tir bura i*ghlv bo ipokeiic, th&l luay auwiM unto gvde to 
Uikyiii tlmt ttuk/ Imln,' |i. I J, I. 3, £to lii Prkkt 0/ Cfrntcience^ AS*^}* ""* f>^ * Pridu, 
hixtyrtl-n and unvy.' '(hlium ••« . . . . aU inekillM fttU; aayt) lilt I/atmlaK, by «'hotu «• 
ili«UiyiiiM| tiifi Anohiidtf of tirctlictho<1« ftutl Ui« tivwtlie of unit** os ii»wpii« in auuilir* Do 
])i-'Oi)lvvltlo'ii I'll^'Hnia^o of ilie Lyf of the MauliuJo. MS. Jolm'a Culi. Cniub. Wtt H9. 
' I'liwiKHia ttioii wttt Inccde )i'u nii hUr miro rice >at jio AirCmfe and wiil<'rwnrtlii« 
it)<'iit.-t iiiu )o win wiinld)!.' K/irly Kng. HotBilica, i. ^33. Sev ako U. du Diunoe, ttd. 
Fiiriilvnil, K<^()j. ' Wjc Aulr^</rn>« wicked batrml.' Pb. xxiv. ig, -reden ww a coiunKin 
tttrniliiMtluii lu Nttrllit*rti Ulvruture: lu/rcdai, lovo ; /damtvdtn, fellowkliip; iAVfu-ti/<r«i, 
hoiUAjftt, itro itiNlAncMn. 

' IIniii|iMlo. I'Hi-ko iir (%niNeien(«, *^0** h»M— 

• Ala fiM (hi hilrrrl olmvuii )■« crown Bk sme ty| Iw eola of >o fot dnun ;" 

and In Ui(tHt..K)hii'ii C.ill, MS, of i)n t>«{|;tiil»vilU>*iiPilgrinutt^of tlie Lyf of tUe Maiitiode, 
lokf 4M*'. W0AM7 told of MoiiiMrv Unit ' hyr wyon wiu-u«etto betiynd* hire An/iy/Zr, i»nd l>yfi>rB 
Mwo 1 iiailiy II (,>••.* Hov nUo I/inrliob'ii Jhat. nj tht Holy Omil, ed. Furnivall. iJdii.'sjo, 
III iliu Mu<IiiI1k wn (inil ' halimi' a*t the Kntdinh equivalent of ccrfcz, osi^ipwi and ipieon,* 
Ahd 111 thu ' :' i Wfclt, de I' iii, pr. in Wright'ii Vol. of Vr>c*lmUhe«, w« 

h^w—'Ati-' ■YUi\\¥t)oh .''(i (lilt thimrwon . , . .).' Keo Heda. In 

Wyrlif'd v> r ;i ;. . .---.nfcle* svili .s.i .r ;.■-.- ivadorod: ' It folk' fnrvoUie, tlut uoo oftbe 
pii|'l>' in t>> iMit ortttyii kaxt nn nruwe, ninl tiuutu ttjc k>ng of Ysrui-t I>fitwt)«ii the hatrml 
AiLiI lh4 *cli\il'l<>ni,' wbtrro tbo ViilgAlc fua<l« r>«rt<«rciii. tic« kUo j/n'r/, I Miw-caltoiia. i. 63, 
Kiid PnrtoHOfH 0/ HloU, 3493. tJot((r»iV« glctw • llatntint, itatfrcau. Tbis Ibront-pieoe ur 
fore-part of tbn nock.' Hee P. HatcniUe. ' i/Je vtjtt^, a nuLro11<^.* Wright's Vnaih. 244. 

" * /faja. An h»vun ttjun.' Mvdidla. Son note on tliU wurd In N . A (X 5th S- is. 455. 

' In J'ien Plown;Hn, Pirn luiyN — 

• I tuhue no jMjiiy .... polote* fnrto tllgt^^ 
Nu noylbor (foce no ^Ty* but Iwu grvne uUeu*. 
A fewe rruddM and crt-eni and Mi AaiMr cake * B. Text, v. >8a. 
Andrew II<Mir>)i>, In KU InlriMlm'tltiri i>f Kiiowte<1|,'e. ed. Fiiruiv»ll. p. Jfy, nayi. ' Yf ■ man 
lukuti a lu«i ur a MtuiuJI appot^d i,«ic^ ^ *^^' '^'^ drjiike of a tk'^yne b;iyd« maliu «v 




an Hawe tra * ; f I'niu, ramjmuB. 

ail Hawgho; cjnum* 

au Hawka ; AketuB, af;>eruan'iw, 


tan Hawker; Ah'etor, 

inn Hawkebage'; cagtidiJc, 

an Hawkynge ; AuntfHttxtn. 

•(ill Hawle "; Atrium, A triolumf Au^a^ 

Atilula ; Aularig, Aulatws ^;ur<i- 

cipin ; rer.rus : 
%A ufa vel Atria, cattraj pcUacia, 
rejia Tegum. 
+an Ha-wlyngc; AuJeum. 
W Eawnt« * ; exercere, «xerct<a''e, ^ 

cbttra ; obi to vse. 

an Hawntyngtf ; ^feiriVtiAto, exerctci- 

wm, 4' «tcra. 
Bawntyuge ; exere^ug, exeitUant. 

He'; ilU, i;Hf, wi«, w, ^ cetera. 

Hebrewe ; hebnua. 

an Hede; Jfcz/tum e*<t ^iinima ji«t» 
cnjtitiB, eaj/ut; capitaUs ^MT/icipi- 
um ; ctjiha9y jrrece, ^roia, /«tine, 
etnci;mf ««< interior ;>ar« «<t;n<is, 
JiUercijiUt media /mrtf, occiput pog- 
terior jnxt, vertex, ceruix. 

to be Hede (to Hede A.) ' ; dfcapi- 
tare, dtcoilare, detruncare, ob-, 

anHefte'; manubrium, manuteiUum, 

bfirlye. let hym eate %nA drynko of ft tbe whicbe nuiye 1m nude of otet ; for ha*er'Coke» 
in ScolUtiidii iit oi&ny & good .... lordei dynnhe ; and jrf it wy]l iiinke gouH Aai(r/--<>U'C«, 
oonMhiueody it vryu make goode drynkt}. &c.* Gcraide kUtea UuU Auter i« the cuinaioa 
nomtj for oatfl In Xancashire, und ndda UiAt it ia * tbelr ohiefeit bread corna for Jumudia, 
Jlatter-cairt, TliArfio-oakc*. &0-' Hiti/ufuou ifui/ea ha«, he myi, cunimonly the untna of 

* H*u«i>gnMae.' * Arena. Ootea.' Medulla. Cotgntve haa MveNoron, wild oalii. bavertiront 
graaB ;' and the Manip. Vocab. ' ITavtn-, arena.' Sea Ray's Olowoury of North Country 
Wofdn, and Otya, hereafter. ' Pttnit attnacitu, A'^ hafyp-bred.* Wrighl'a VociA. p. n>*t, 

^ 'Alt>a npina, hag-Jrirn.* AelMo'a Vocab. in Wiwht'a Vot, of Vocab. p. ^. 'An 
hawe tre, teutif.' Manip. Vocab. In Pien Ptuwinan Wit laya — 

• Noii mittere, man, majgeiye p«rU0 Amangea hoggiw, Jiat ban haice* at wflle.' 

H. Text, X. lo. 
W. dtt Bibleiworth. in Wrighfi VoL of Vocab. p. i6j, speak, of Uie ' CcmUr (awe-tre or 
bawetbeo) kt la orMr (aw«n) fmrte.' ■Ci»it». An tiawt^tre. Cometmn. A place ^ 
(wwyi grawyn.* Medulla. ' Hawc4. hcpua and bttkcriiu*.' Wiiliam o/ Palemt, iSil. 
AS. h^a. *Ilec taxui, A"^ linw-tre, bew>tifl.* Wrigbt's Vocab. p. 19a. 
' 'CamidnU: genus rttAi*. reticufe Aucupii. A ffoulare net.' Medulla. 

* Sm Halle and Halljmge, above. 

' In the Coraor Mundi, 1. 15,743, we are told that 

* Ju'laa wel ho know the stude That Iheaiu vraa kaunto»dej* 

and Uampolo siieaks of * Uwilk degUea and auilk uiaftcn, 

AU yhong ineu now haunies and It-n.' P. of Cow. )524> 
AmongHt the chnr^^ brotyjbt by the King of Fnutoe agaiuit i'ope Bouiface VIII.. one 
waa that bo * hawiUd mauiuetric.* Langt^^ift. Cbrouicle, p. jio. Caxton, m bis Myrrout of 
the Wartd, Pt. I. cb. xiv. p. 47. nays ' it ia giKid fur to huHntt auiuuge the vurtuoiu men.* 

* IJautrr. To haunt, frequent, rsnort unto ; to lie fBrnilior witb ; Ui c«>nvenie or coinmetve 
^vilb.' Cutgrave. is^n aUo Lonelich'i Hut. of the Holy Grail, ed. Furiiivall, xx. 7S, and 

Auto AMMNonua, p. 191. 'Seorttt/, to haunt wbortia.' iStAnbrid^ VuaJjula. 

* ' DteUh. To hedvn or hcuedyn.' Medulla. See Cartor Muadi, p. 19, where the 
author aayv he will tell ' of Jotiu baptizyug. 

And bow him kcfdid bi^ioud king.' 
; In the extract from the London (."hrdaicle, &c., pr. in the note to Harlotte, the paat part. 
\tk«tklid iicciira. *1 hedde a inan, I cut of blM bee<L it dectijute. Ua waa heeded at 
iTotin-hylL' Pabigrave. 'To beade. dccuUare' Manip. Vocab. See also Wrij^'bt'o Polit. 
'Poenia, ii. 85. 'Headed or chopped of Truncaiiu. HtHulynge ur cbuppyuj^o of, or 
[«lyppynge of any tbynge. Truncatiit.^ HulueL. In a letter to hl^ fatber, priutcsd in 
jtlw Faaton Letter*, it. 120, John Pa«ion writea, 'Syr Wyltiom Tuturtall la tak with tbe 
garyion of BanihtirowUi, and is lyko to b« Aniyd.' 

' ' Tbe bitfb, hilt or luuidlu of fuiy toole or weapon. mamiittfiiHH.' lUret, ' An beftk 
MonH^nuu.' Maiiip. Vocab. In tbu Saven Sogaa, ed. Wuber, i^g, wd icad — 
' Under kefl and uuiler bond ^ 

M 1 



to Hefte or to make heftt5 ; rnanu- 

tnii Hedfl landa; AnUtrjiu^ Artifini- 

ttm, i/ijiitimn. 
*}>• Hede warke * ; eejthalia, cepka- 

b^'-Heded (Hedet A.) : ttemllainSi de- 

cn/iitaluB. detruacatiiB ', 06-. 
an Hegs ; vbi a i^rlhe ', 
to Heg^ ; vhi tn close 
au Heg^hte ; aublimitait, AUiiudo, 

Arduitas, ArXy Ap&r, eammen, 

cdsitudo, eapnt, mlmen. fa-ttuji^ 

vm, agt^maf^i scdfs alfn, tf/^f/in, 

SupeTcilium mnnl'in. 
He^he ; suhUmus aim exi<juilfife.sub- 
ieuatwti, jneWo^us, ArcmiuB, jjrvcd' 

t'er«ii9 : 
^ArduM^j exceUwi, 9MbUmi$^ c«l- 
aus 4' fdlas, 

tpie leinftifi. 
on HeillA*; caloitieus, calx, tolas, 

anHelri;; pi/as. cap[i]WuF, cn'ntr, 
cmiiVu'tH (2tiniuutiuum; vfrms', 
^ AV coma, retaries, cxines, j/ilwt, 
ati]\\e capilha : 
Cenaries, hon\,\nirm^eoma mult- 
tfrum. A lij rewus : 
%Eii cotnn tpstuirupedum, eoUt- 
bri iuhn sine Icmin, 
Ctanries /(inaitiu, «eU ctinex die 
*to Helde ' : vffi to liowo. 

BTid in tlie Poem on the Tims'* of Edwnrd II. (Wnj:;ht'R Pol, Bongi, p. 339) we Are told 

tlut * Unnetlie is nu eny muiy thul oJtu eny cT%(t, 

That he nie a party loi in the hnft [of bad principles]. 
For fftlimt4»e U h> fer forth over al tlio lutiilc 1 n|inin^.' 

*MttnuhHum. An hefto. MnHuhrian. To heftyn.* Mi-dulU. A.S. htrfi, O. ln«l. UtpH. 

* Tht* author of the CoinpUyiit of Scotland B^ya, * til enchmip the yuyl ncci'lvnli* that 
inccedU fra the nnnjitural HaiH iileip. %» cat«rrK hrdf rrrkit, und indi^tione, t thwht it 
necMMir til excerseiue vitht buiii ootyuH recjf>ationt3 :' p. .^7 : and Gawiii Doui,'Iim in Kiag 
Hart, ed Small, i. 11 7.1. 1 1, ppcakc of '/tddictik, Hoiat, and Parlasy.* *C<phaiia. Anh««a 
wBtk.* McdoUa. * Crjihalia at humor capith. A ntjlire. the hcddKV^rk^.* OrtiiH. ' I}olto, 
Tosurovryn, to werkyn-* McduUn. Comparo * TtUh-vark, the ti>uth-nA->he,* Capt. Hartand'a 
G]o<«>«nr of Swaledale, * KLS. aeirnrcntat. 

' MS. garghe. A. S. hoff. Chaucer uses ehirekehay In Ihc »enae of f/mrthyitrd. 

* A.8. A</a.a heel. 

* The Teivei ran rnther dilTerenUy In A. Tbey are ns follnw : — 

* Eni roina ct^carioa criain pihi* atqur cnpiUui, 
SesarioM bomtnis wt cWdpi die mulicris: 
HdJm at lUltM bmr dieitHt eM<« Cnpillua: 
£at coma qwtHlripedin Colnbri juha triuc leomi : ' 
part of which it will be wen also occiin under Horse mayne. 

In Medisval I^tin wo fivqucntly find the penuliimatu of atHlirr in the oblique caaea 
made long. Ouniiiare 

• Vento quid levins T fulgur. Quid fulgnro t flnmma. 
Fhuunid qaidT malier. Quid mnltrire ' nthd ;' 
and again— * Fallere, Acre, ii*Te, dcdil I>eu» in lotiliere.* 

' • Aure hi« mdalle gttui him to hrhl." Armri/mfr 0/ Arthur, isi. Robaon. mi. I4. 
Aniontfll the ligns of a man'ii nppn>Aotdtig- death Hainpolf) UilU iia that 

' when t« ded OB ner». And hi<« unnrua AfMra doon tvyth*aUe.* 

p%a bygynneshin fronntdnunward falli*. P. of (?oni. 815. 

■ Than they htlttede to hir hr*ti.' fdio bolly at onea' McrU Arthurr^ 3.^^**. 
* AUd heMfd ^i samen. omn/« dtelinarerunt rimul' Vn. x\\\ Jt ; and again ' Htlde (in eere 
to me.' pR. ivi. 6. * And with an- twak, b« that tlie •ehip lean heild, 
Ouer burd him kcot amyd tlie flowand »ee.* 

Gawin I>oaftaa» ^mfadat, Bk. v. p. ia7. 
SoinMS. Ilarl. 4t96,leaf 207— *l?« beradai baldy i^ui A^Mf. And did htm lionourv alie.* 
' I hytde, I Imno i^nt thn one lyde »a a botaor hhyp. S^lte fast, 1 rede ^'oo. tot Uw boU 
brgynneih b> hyfdf' PaU^fiVu. 



*&a Hftkfl (Hekk^ A.) ' ; A tUica, 
tan Hokbott (Holcebeyt A.) *; t«riV- 

eulum, est <;0nus narw. 
♦an HokyUd ' ; matojun. 
*an HekyUor ; mataxarius, mataxo- 

*to HekyUt' ; maUixtire. 
*an Hekyllor maker (A Hekylk 

makorti A.) ; mata^rarin^, 
'an Hole; £o/u/Mtfciir, €dia,/ifCHuditas, 

cw, saniUiBf vahtudo. 
to Hele ; curare, mederi. medu'ar^ 4* 

-ri, i'/ ; meJior i7Yiu» rtr» re/ iV^m 

ntni ; sanare. 
fan Halcte * ; trama. 

tHelefulUa (HelftUU A.) ; aahber, 

fahttaria naluti/cr. ^irox^wr. 
Helle; xtix^ iecuudum (jrcasdmum 
«jt /eniinini yencrif, Aiden *, 
0rece ; verms : 
% TttrieniBt in/emuB, A cliertm, 
etix ^, oroiB, aueniua, 
Uijs herebrum '',baratrum con- 
xHUffos at<\\ie gehenfiam. 
Ainm^H qm\#i tine Ittimn, eata- 
elismue, cochiiaa *, erinia «*< furia 
jnfemi, Jifijfiton est ^uutU8 iiiftr- 
mtligj megera eai furia in/erni; 
jn/rrmi3S, jn/emaiis, geheam^'iSt 
urchiueus, tartarcaa jTarUcipia ; 
ptoterpina «9t dea jnfer^ni. 

'OfboiMho gnrt \\jm htUU.' HiAand ^ Ota«l. $3*; Boehlttaibid. 499, 549. A.S. htidanf 
kj/ldttn. Wl' iitill keep u]) tlio word when we Hpcnk of a ship hATing ke^id over. 

* 'Aulieck, hutche, ftottellaJ' Manip. VucAb. * i/w mIiu/uw ; ft heV, JJec tintica ; m 
hek.' Wriijht'i VoL of Vocal), p. 136, The word, wbich la not very common in this aonse^ 
oecun in the Townley Mysleriei^ [k 106—' GoikI wytf, op«n the h^ aeya tfaoa not whftt I 

* ' rcncu^um. A net or n Nxyt. I #/Ttc«/«w, A be«um : vei 'jenu* retU ei nauis.' Medullft. 
A Aral* wu ftii inHtrumeiit or entwine forcntchingfuh, nude in the form of Uttico-work, or 
a ^ftling. It ai^wtn to hnve W-en peoQii&r 10 or principally UKe<l in iha river Unse id 
York«hiro. So Duuftnge, 'Heck, Ketin gontu. quo ututitor pUcttU>rti>, fluvii I-iil)« Eborft- 
eentus mccolip.' Tlieao engine appear to haveincrraa'.-d to iuch an txteat as to become a 
source of dani,'er aiid ititerruptioo to the traffic un tho rirer. ^e Miityor nnd Curponitinn 
of York action tmgly preMinted n petitian on the mbject, l)ie rosnlt being tliat by the Btat. 
33 Henry VIIL ay, tH, the Mugixtnthm haWug juriudiciion over the river Oute wore 
Ampowered to cause 'as much of tbe said (ishg&rtbe«i, piles. ittakea,A«d^ef and ottier engines, 

whicli thc-n by their diacretiani shall be thought expedient tu Iw palled up, that 

the KTd ihifM. keyles, coggea, boats and other venels nia; liave direct, liberall, 

and Crsnke pasiage.' A he^boat, or hdchrttt woaM therefore appear to btr a 6tihlng l)oat 
unng tliia partiL-ular sogine fur cAtching fish. In Ad. Smyth'd Stilo/n Word- ikn^ 1867. 
a lUckhoat b defined as *tho old term for pinks. LntteHy » clim-ber-buni bout with 
ouvered fore^heets and one mast with a Iryiiail ;' and a PUtk in its turn is described as 'a 
•hip with A -rvxy narruw stem, harliig a sinKll square p;trt nbove.' 

' * Ad heckle, jtcetf». To heckle, nectcre' Munip. Vocab. ' Brout. A flue oombe or 
beichell.' Cotfp^re. 'A hatohell or hesch for flsx. Smnt, hro*a«.^ ShcrwiMicl. ' Mctaxa. 
An bekyL BJHtuco. To hekelyn.* MedulU. ' Uec mctam, a ht-kvllo." Writjht's Vol. of 
Tocab. p. 117. 'And yet the same niuit be better ketubed with htUhtt-tfrth of iron 
(tMOfifwr/rrreM hamia) until it be ctenacd fhxu all tho gnMse bnrk and hod.' Uullaud's 
Pliny, Bk. xix. u. 4. In an Inventory dttoil i^m^ is mentioned ' j hekyll j^.' See also 
note to to Bray. W.tlter 'Ic Uiblwworth. in Wiight's Vol. of Vocab. p. 144, has — 
' Eh la rue jurefz a toup (a top of tre). 
Etrrencc rbt'keic) da It/ii U toup (a top of flax).* 
'To hatch flnx. ^ gal huchcr, i.e. afoiiire, to hacks into nttaU jietfc^s. A Uatcbell. tha 
iron codibn wbi>rewith the tlax \» (Ire>.>e<l, T. Hivjht'I ri£ linukulifU, 11& i\xt1f, i e. Iraliere, 
TfitUU linutH hiK inttrnmmttim.' Miiuhoii. 'I ticAiflU the towe, I kavc aiid I kcylle. 
JUti'i. A»tii-ii. 197. 'It [flax] mhold be eowen, wedod, hulled, beten, braked, tawe^ 
ktkUd.' Fitsbrrl'ert. Ifuihuadty, fa. xlix. 

* * Trama. Tha woufu in weaving.* Cooper. The Medulla ei;pUini It as 'Alum ptrrurras 
per tefam,' ' AIS. /(X, ' Apparently for "Aifc/t. A. rea>ls <4rfm. 

* Srtbnaa A. : read Enbnm. * Cocytm and Phltgdhvn, riven of Uades. 



ftn Helme; ca9itiji, ffnka.correpto «. 
an Helms of a Gohlpp ; clauusj gtt- 

Ho HeUfi jn ' ; pifundcrc, 
tto Hell'' oute ; fundnre, fff-. 
tHellynge in ; jnfuwhiis, ]i\fngio. 
ton Hellyngd oute ; J'umUns, «/"-, 

fufio, cf'. 
an Helpe ; A uxilittm Krtrantin ilahir, 
»rei»iVi!'m w( n locn rtHi jtotittum, 
iubti'lium est tjuo'f xujtevueitit, 
beno/icium equalibu» ; wr*iis : 
^Aitseilium v*U ajwiii, aitjfrajit 
die, ^' Agi'um, 
Presidium vvl aubsidiuta, qiti- 

6us A ddfi iuntmeu ; 
Nijs Adiunvitttum simul Ad- 

iutoria iuar/n^, 
Hija Adminiculvm simul Ad- 
das op'tulamea, 
Et de propicior sit j>TOpieiacio 
Opem jnferiorihuH rfamns ; drx- 
tray/a vo r.fufcim^n, fidcimeu tu\w, 
minindum, opc^ra, patrocinium, 
refuyiumt suceu.ra}i3i, relemimeu \ 

tvn Helpe; irrrfugium, patr^iniuau 

to Helpe; Adminicuiari, dtienderKf 

f(UurQ,fidcir«; weMua : 

llCum sxtjfi'agatttr, iuuat, Adiu* 

rtat, AuxiiiatWj 

Sidyufnit, Addatur atiocnm'i, 

projnciafur : 
Si pcrmiUdtur A m^ris opitU' 
fa fur. 
o;)©rflW, opfim firr^ vel prt*tnr^ 
Sftppfl(^T«, AiU'jare, vl : AUtfjuOo 
nffffffisegitnteiu tunm l. iuwibo ; 
rtf^wtiv, siipptftitare, palrocinari 
^ cum dai'inn casu coixtttntitur. 
nn Helper ; A diutor, -d/x, fifsn'a*.. 
Helpyng4 ; A ttxilians, AnxiliariSf 

AuxHratoriHS, sMJfrafjmtews, 
»n Helter ' ; cap^Htrum, cnp^dum.^ 
Hem (Hetnmes A . ) ; fimbria^ litnbuF, 

iimbul\iF, /.rri'jii'a, ora \ 
to Hem ; Jimhrini^^ limhatr. 
an llemmtir; limbMor ^' -tvia^ 
Hempe ; cannhtrs^ canahum. 
Hen-ban©'; Tusquiinaimn, 
an Henno; gaUina,ffaHinuladixa\a\i' 

' In Pccock'e Ropre^tor, Bolls SaiiM. U. 323. wb are UM that 'll^Tiann« greet Con- 
stuityne the Emiicroiir vras haptiKid of Silueiter Pvpe, anil hadde endewiiJ Siluarter Pope 
with greet plente of londis of Ui^ empiro. » voice of an nmipel wnui honi in the «r wijmg 
thus : " In tbi« dai venom is hihUtl iulu the chirche of God " {k/>die tvuenum eccUtiU Dei 
ii^tifum ftt).' In the Anrrcn Kivi-le, p. 418. wo rvad — 'Mn k)ui1 hdtJen eoU and irin 
boofEe ine wundcD :' and a^ain, p. 346 — * Hwi>n me aviilcC buruhwes cSer cmtllen J>«o ^ 
boott wi^inen fuMtS Khaldinde water at.' Set* alM> P. Plownmn, A. x. 60. O. Icel. 
hdla, to |>our. ' Ko maa •oodi)>n''we wyn in toor>Me Wtclif, (or w^nc vcw^lis), eUlo Ui« 
wyu fllial txinte pa wyn vesfialia, and pe w]m Ethol b« htld out, and pc w^no vesMlu fthulen 
pctiihe.* Wyclif, Mark ii. a] ; soe also i/n't/. xiv. 3. 

' I toke the bacyn sone oiiane. And hdt waper opon the eUaa.* 

T^cninr:, in Rltaon, Ilarly Eng. ll^^mnncet. i. 1&. 
Treriu in bin trana. of Hlgdeu. U. 347, taya— ' loaus, tir he dcide, hdu wntrr on (v ertw 
[^fftidU aqmim in terram'l ;' aitd a^rt 'niy«ibjlen(>d men vteda Lo MeMe oute, Mid ecttodtt 
bl'-od of n flowe (ott is i-Hiawe in tukcnv of couenant i-made.' 

' MS. reii</iimeQ. 

• Barot baa • an halttir, anylliing ihal. ono {« mnrlpd nr H-d wiO'aU. a gtnno, a Knar«.* 
'Capuitrum. A cullnm ; abutter; n inorwcU ; a batido tot'o vinoN.* L'i>op«r. ' Ctptrfrintiu 
An h«ttyre.' MeiluHa. • Hie enfi'^tri'i». A^ hclt^rer.' WriijbL'n VoU of Vocab. p. 194. 

* A. add» the verwi — Aspirani bontm tcmpiu tibi Hinfi^'tC'ibic^ 

S) noH a^pirvs UinbuiH iiufut aul n-giooom. 
'•Henbane, herbe, Ajfowv'ijjiik * H»i*L ' lluubane, aiHttliunrO.* Munfp. Voo»b. 
' fv»fjuinme~ The weed TIogynHue op Uftn'mnn.' TVitKravo, tiurfuimttHHa Hbnidil Im /«j- 
fjuinmua from the (fn-ck hoaniiatui; lit. hog't hoan. but gradually cxmii'tt'd inti lii*nl>iuio, 
%Nbidi Cotgrave also gtree at ' mort ati:r ointut. Hennuie, alf« Ilniiltxkp' Ncckhniu 
nxonimenda the lue of Henbane f>>t the jjout, Infliinfiaa, tootharho. «nd iwollun loi- 
klclei. :^ alio Lyte. Dudotrns. p. 450. AnuUiot lUluo wii Aran* htU«, from the 

cATnoLicox AxnncTM. 


an ^p« (Heypo A.) ; Arentxi», 
A Mruu/us, Atj(/ejttxis,cumuiuf,eon- 
fferiet, ttrms, A^'j^^r^ (jloin\\% -i, 
p2omU8, nX ffhint^rac'io, gfomicei* 
/iiin. glomicffliis ; rcrnis : 
{Stt fflomus atipiG »tr*ie» Cumu- 
lus vel AccrttuM et Aggtr. £$t 
glomus, kine ghmenut A.). 
%Cont}erie* laj'idum ribi Ht, 
glomerano fit ; 
i#5r»oruro j/rnpTte fficitur esse 
toHepp«; A<xvtmtlnT^.,Ae'fTurrf,cO', 
Adi/f^re^ Adi'-erf, Atfitirt^crti, mire, 
a<l'-,Atjger(tTv,fX-tA(jijrfyrrrr,A in- 
pliaref AmjtltficarCt Ajjjioncre^ 

Augen, CO-, Atttjesc[tir]f^Avft^rtf 
A nctUarp^ Aiigmnutare ^' -rt, 
cQijitaret eongfrere, congrstare^ 
eongfohare, couffr^garff globarCf 
gfoniArarp, greijare. 

+An H«pp« • ; ci>mit\n. 

tun Hopp« tre (Hep« tre A.) ; cor- 
mis, -i, rf/ -u« mi .rymiitiiw, 

an Herbe ; he.rha ; hrrhidua, herbo* 

+Herbe ion ' ; herha johannii, fvga 

tHerbe Robert ' ; h^rfja Roberti. 
ftuHerber'; herbarium. 
Herde ; A wlitns. 
vn Herde ; Inauditua (A.). 

beU'AlikpAd upmilafl, ftwD which U aIbo derired its A.8. nnrne 6«2nu; ht*iimt.i.t, fumUhed 
vhh belli. Ijio modem n&nie nt ktuhnnt U derived from the |x>i(tou»ui {jroptfrties uf the 
plaofe. H is alsn Aeitnnro/, uiother name with tho mne meaning. 

' A hip or fruit of the do{;-roM, ' VonMt*. A htfjte tre,' Wri^fht's Vnl. of VocAb. p. 181. 
In the Itoir»1 MS. xii. B i. lettf 40, occurs ' cornv*. a hcpe tre.* Se« Robin Hooil i. 37, and 
Kyng Ali*aundtr, cd. Weber, 49'*3. (Totgrare giTea ' ts'ntellfM. Hepn or hawthorn berrUm, 
Orttte-cui. A hep ; the fruit uf the wild bri»r, &c.* Ccx>per identificH tho eomuM with the 
eornet, and Bays it is a 'tree whereof \a the male and the fema1f>; the male is not in 
England*, ana may be called longe chcrie tree. Tlio female of Mnoe ia called dogge tree^ 
Uiat hoachcTs makers pricJcea of. Conuvi. The fruit of cothua which is not in Kngland ; 
the french men call it Comoilee. Comeoliu. A little oomoile tree.' The MeiluHa, on the 
other hand, haa 'Comti«. A chciiony tre.' Lyte, T)o<lne^l^ p. 655, tsontionii ah the HeventH 
kind of rose ' the Pryer bimhe, the wilde lUiae, nr Ilejhtree.' CockAynv, Leeob<l••In^ Ac.« 
iii. p. 531. givee ' IItop< ; a Hip, Hop, ieedveHel of the rosa ainina ; in French En<Ii«li« 
A button. ButunuM gmllic« butun. anglioe heappe, GIom. Sloanc, x^f*,' and Withab * A 
bryer tree, or n hippe tree. Rvh\a eaniM.' Turner in hie JierAo/, 1551, p. 131, Myi-> 

* I heare lay thai tner is a eonul Irtt at Hampton courte here In Englande.' Nekham 
odb (lie eomuM tho Iwitis apri: p. 483. 

' On cace thare dtnde ane lityl mote nere by, 
Quhare AfpCAomc bu*hla uit the tup grow h!e/ 

Gawin Douglas. Rtuadot, P- 'i?. I- S«. 
See also Sohowrra tare. ' Hawe*. A«pu« and hakomos ' are roentionod in William of 
Palorae, iKit. * Eglenter (brero), ^ U piptrminga (hepcn, hepes) portc' W. de Biblo^ 
worth in Wright'i Vooab. p. 163. 

* Of tUs lOant Andrew Boorde tn bis Breuiary, dwpt, 119. on the Nightmare, says— 

* I hane red. as many more hath done, that can tell yf I do wryte true or AUm, there is a>a 
herbe named fupa iJtmanttm, or an the Grecians do name it Iperieon. In Englysahe it [is] 
named snyut Juhne worie. the whicbe herbe is of that vertue that it doth repell suehe 
malyfycyousness or spirilea.* ' ffvpeHon, An hearlxi called sainct John's wort.' Cooper. 
The litUn equivalent which tn P. is giren to this j-Iant (sro p. 140). vis, prr/orftta, 
doubtleas refrirs to m peealiarity of the laavea to which Lyte, p. 63, refers : he says * the 

leauea be loo^ ami iiarrow. or small the whiohe if a man do faolili) )>etwixl the 

liriit and him they will shewe as though they were pricked thorough with the pnyntes 
ofiieedela.' ' Ypi*, herbe .fohan. vclde-rnilc.' Wri^rhtH Vf«ab. p. 140. 

■ Aooordtng to Lyte. p. 48. Herb H-Jbert. Gcrauitm Jiobfrtumum, a kind ef Crowfootr 
*dnlh etancfae the Mood of greene woundea, to be bmsed and layde Iherrto. as JMoteotidu 

• III Thomas of Erceldonne, ed. Murray, p, 10, is a de*OTiption of a hfrberr in which 
(fTBW pear*, applea. dates, dauiMms and fij;*, where the inuaning i» evi'lcutlj a ;^r'len of 
froit traea. See Dr. Murray's note on L 177. In Sir Ftrumhntt the French knighu who 



•tHerdforth (Herfortho A.)*; her- 

to Here; AntHre^Acciit^te^Ai^xderc^ 

haurire, mderc. 
Here ; jutic, hie, 
'tBereabylle; Audiiiliit. 
+vn-HereabyU* ; in Axulihilii. 
tHeraway (Hereaway A.) ; Adfl, 

Heraftyr; «n/)o»t#rum, AmtAo, d&- 

cetvTO, deincips, infuluro. 
A Heyr; Crinis, ^ ceteia; vU 

he\T (A.). 
an Horebande ' ; trica, crinaUj nat- 

us, eiiitia, {discntnen ; ducv\inii*r 

aliff A ). 
tto pulltf Horre (Heyre A.) ; depilare, 

corrcpto -pi. 
tto be Hetyd; Cringe ^ Crineteew 

an Heresy ; fteregis. 
au Heretage'; AHodium^ hertditat^ 


yaiita ; htr»iilali*, hereditariuJt 
/«»rtici]iiu; htreditano. 
tto put fro Heritage ; vbi to Defcherjr 

uu Heretyke * ; eiTcumtUiOy htrthew, 

merhte dieuntur htrtitici ^uia 

aep&ratU icxipturas. 
an Herynge ; A uditas, ilu(/f«iu»a, 

Audi men. 
tHerynge ; videns, Audiexu. 
an Herynge ^ ; Aflcc. 
to Herkyn ; via to lystcS. 
•an Hermett "; A mtcftorita, hereinitat 

/teremicuia, {fiei'einij ftUt /ufttmUi- 

CUJf, rechuus A.), 
tan Hermytage; hercmitorium. 
Hema ' ; W*!* brayne (A). 
tHerode; furodes/ tut'odianus jnirti' 

tHerode vryffe ; herodias. 
tHerode Bon« ; hfroiUades. 
an Heron ; Ardea^ Ardtola. 
tttu Heron sewe • ; A rdioia. 

aremnlbyCliAttea toBinlan tind htm 'Stttyngeotiagnneerbci-.* 'HesAweB^tt^'tL^rnder 
nn ynip« in ui htrhcr, a wuadi^r tuyn daitiuvwl, orpaasyilge beaute.' Lvili;Atc, Pil^r«iiiii^ 
of the Sov?!**, p. 63, rejiriDt of 1859. • Virti'tw, Ivras ptueuaJie nVoui, a cri»)t'nl or an 
herbor* Mi'iImUe. ' Itcrburium, an hcrbcr, %thi cretcunt hrrtte, vel ubi habuniltxni, or a 
garden.' Ortus. lu the l-lmctr nntl thr Lea/, herbcrc or herbir in diBtiuctly uaed in the 
■eiLMi of an arbour, a buwcr uf clipjied fulio^ — 

* And abnpin waji tbii; heilAr, rofe and nil Aji ii a pretty parlour.' 

At the arbour woufd coiuiiioidy be an a>ijunut of a berfxrf, or plcasurt-garden, the wordi 

might eaiiily have t^oi confouudttl. Italian, 'arburata, an arbor or bowra uf bnu(,'hfl or 

treei.* Florio. O. Fr. 'arboret, nrbri^tt, at'brtux, pLic« planted with tree*.' l{o((uefort. 

* Gnwen broghte (lAt fie, (lat ({odd ^ett in hit aw«nn ktrivrr.' lioland A OtueU 994* 

* Hereford. 

• ' 7V»irt. An herbond.' Medulla. 

' 'AVvlium. Heryuge; quod ^poUddaH tivcndx. TMcUur afimlium /nntlw, fundua^ 
mnri* j/mnm' McdaUa. 

• ' Meritta. An heretykft.* Medulla. Gr. ^<(>f«7r»^# from ittfiitt, a part, portion. 

* • A herring. Aairc ret ftuttx. haranf/ ; a rtid herrin;^. fiotcx ij^fHhtata, Aiuany tvri* BareL 
A.S, htrrtng. ' Htrintf taxA Jw uiakorvl.* llavi'Iok, 758, 

' In the Reply of Friar Daw TttpioN. pr. in Wrighi'i FoliUcal Poonu, M. 64, the following 
dAfinition of a hcniiit Lt given : — 

' In ctiutvniplodon By <■>'!■'■ • * ind frtiytt lyven, 

There ben many otbur For !:• ■ -j ; 

That dmweo hem to diierl And i ■■ •ft t'>\k 

And drye niyche peyne ; Mvn r.iliun htrrmtfitt,' 

* See altfo Uarnei. * Sum hiy ftarcand on the at«mm. 

And turn lay knoked out thairo htrnet* 

wHfht'tfpont r.Mm>,i.fi4. 

• His tami AtfnMafif Ii itill known in fiwaIetI(dc.York»hirc, *■ ■ '* • ,1 
t« found an JLcmWiatr '-r h'trnm, Ilalliwvlt luvo, Htruthaw, ^ 

an hearauMw,' from Klyot'a Diet. 1^59: and alio nuUa th. ., ^ ... i.^..^. 



an Heaell^ ^ ; rorw/us. 

tau Heeelltf buake ; corui«ium. 

•ati Hesfw ' ; ftfttjfa. 

to Hete ; raZrfacer*. 

lui Hete (Heyte A.) ; A(liutjo,Ai^}or, 

calor, cauma, voiiihinslio, hu^tura, 

eita9, jiayrum, iffHtt, iTiCtftutcuiUt 

Hett; calr/actns. 
Heuen; ceium,tther,ethera,olimp\x9, 

■polu<^, paradUiu, i^ranus, 
Heuenly ; cele^tiA, celicw, ceUbs, w- 

Uber, olintjiicyxs, poUcuA, tfraniVue. 
Heuy ; gmnig, moltitUB, oneroMUs, 

to nwke Hevy ' ; grauare, moUstare, 

stijutlari, nofidtari. 
tu bo Hevy ; (/rauere, (/rauMoertf, gvd,' 

vttre, ffntititlare. 
"Hevyd; u^i grevyj. 
au Hevynea ; Aporia, rjrHuitas, grti' 

uitudo, ffrtiitedi), inoUs, mnlestia, 

acrupMA, scrupulut, acrupula est 


to Haw; AbMciiuIere^ AhtcidtrttUMcU 

are, mj-, dolare. 
ao Hewyng« ; dotaiwa. 

n an/c I. 

to Hyde ; Ahdere, .-iWiVare, Ah9Ct>n- 

(Ivro, Al>g/ruderti, celare, eiancu' 

tare, conder<ft re-, tDe/w/«re, occu- 

Hidde (Hide A,); Ab»'ontlitii& ra- 

e'wiiis, A bscoiisum couBu^stiulin' 

an Hydyng« plaoo ; latehrOj latUm- 

an Hydynge : Abtcontiof Abdicaino, 

celac'wy ocntltftcio. 
tHidynge ; occiUians, A bscondeue, ^- 

Hidur ; hue, ishic. 
Hydirwarde ; utror^itm. 
+Hydirtoward (Hyddrrtowordo 

A.); Ackti\i», /(ucff-v^ue, I'^yue 


Antiq. i. S8. Sptmncr, Fwric Quccno, vi. 7, g, l>&» fumsfM*i>, w»'l Co(gr»ve gives — • Ifairon, 
A heioD, herac, herne«hawe.' Cbnocer in Una 3qutert» Tols. 67-8, sny* — 

' I wo] nat tcllen of livr atniti^ kowm, Ne of her iwuiacs. ne of licr Acri^n/eKe*.* 
Tb« I^Vesich Tonn hironncd appe&re In Liber Ctutunmrum, p. 304. ' A» Unij and Unity am 
» herrlng$nt ' i» » Yorkubiru proverb, //wwiiww ii geiK-rally tlnmglit to be Xiia true read- 
ine tn Hamlet, 11. ii. 307 : ' 1 knowe & H»wke from a llnwlintf.' 

^ In the aooouDt of tfio ' blMynge at^m ' of 1471 in W&rkn-orth'ii Chronicle, CftmcLSoa 
p, S2, we are told that 'it kept bis ooarao ryBtn^^e WE-irt. in Lbe nnrilitr, imd ao erery nyt;^^ 
It aotTKle lane and Usee tyUo it wm Ijrtelle m a furyde styke.' * Uec conlus. A**- \\m^ Ue- 
tra. Wright's Vocab. p. 193. 

' lioltia and tare woddea, with htttyru achawes.* ifortt Arthurt, 3504. 
A. S. kdti. * An haiil or hulo or hatile, Corylat.' Manip. V<jcnb. 

* ' An hapie, liasn or ciktcb. t^a' Gouldinan. 1 n the DtfltruoUoa of Troy, 1 1 103. we 
read that in the fi^bt between Prrrfau* and FenLhtiijilaft, 

* t e kwf}>i» of hir helme burlit in wonder/ 
See aUo U. 1 270, 5354, 8>i9^. ' An luupo, verlibulum ; to hospe, o6«mrre,' Manip. Vocab. 
' Affraph^T. Tu buckle, grapple, ha«p. claap.' Cotgrave. ' ** Re not aferdo, nono." the aaide, 
"for I ahalle haape thu Ui>r«. tkUtl pyiuiu it with a pynne.' " GcMta IIomUMurum. p. 4O9. 
See alao Ooelere, fM Hnj. Principnm, n 40 — ' op is broke lok, fuiapc^ hnm awi pynn*- :* 
and P. PtownulQ. U, i, 195 — * 80 hart|«> iiaUi auarice yhaeped Item tai<idercs * ' Um grnnda, 
iUM pMtt/un, a heetpij.* Wri^fhl's Vtd. of Voiab. p. j6i. ' PenAKm. An b<*[>o.' Mt> lulU. 
* And undtimejie la nu ft<Ufir Slict wi^ a «tjipil and a claipb.' Jiicfiitni Cutur lU Linn. 408,). 

' In tlie Avcrrn RiwU, p. 494, directions aro given, 'luwtd )w wiinaa lia luiiha werio 
•eapeloria bwui munfel Imra h'Htget.' A S. ht^i^fiun, to oppreaK, weigh upon. • MoUsto. 
To iimkvu btfvy. Afo'tdtia, }\evyn€<^ or greTiiiimt.' Modnlla. ' I am in (.Tvlc /i^wyiie«>e 
h iMxiBrtv, fi>r I Jiauf loit ull tbftt I had.' 0<»ta /iumanurum, p. 89. ' TIik- Eiiiprnmr was 
A^ry witA. tbii Auewerv, &, »eid, "Sitli my ivo tlo'i-iUU i-a hmin t)iU" j/hcri<l mc, wtltcly I 
•hal prvve the thrid." ' /Wrf. p, yi. Wv'.lif u!*« tl-e wupI in .St .Murk xiv 35. 'heuk'> 
Potre and Jamea nml John viip btiii and bi^'»n fur to ilruUe, and to Aeu^r,' where the A. V. 
retains the exprwaeion. 



Hidua (HydwB A.) ' ; Jborridut^ 

homjicud, Sf <»tera; tfbi hug- 

to Hyght ; vhi to beUeitt (A.), 
an Hilte ; ca/iu/us. 
an Hill*;'; Aijxa, colli f, (findimus^f 

mon^, monticu/us, mnntattat pTO- 

montorium^ inoutanns. 
an Hympne ; i^in^mua. himpnulus 

+an Himpne maker ; hympniHa. 
+aii HympByng^r or sayer; hymj>- 

an Hympner; hympnart^himpnari' 

tto eyng« Hympnes ; himjmvsart. 
■fan Hyne*; vhi A wrvautle. 
an Hynde ; cerva^ cervtda dim'mn- 

tinnvit huia. 
to Hynd*r ; Hmroffare, incommodare, 

^•cetera; rbi warre. 
an Hynd*ryng«; dctrimentutn. dero- 

gacia, pexorado, 
to Hyngo ; penderey de-, jmiderc, df-, 

com-, pensare, i}€n»itare, j'tdwl- 

Uire, suspendere ; «er«U8 : 

^PewUre trull jwtfxtf, «et! uuit 
pendere. malifpum. 
to Hyng downe ; dejtemf^fn. 
HyngyTiK" ; ;*n/j'/u/ns, xus/fju^idmnit, 
an Hyngynge ; jwji.^/wii/twni, Mu^fen- 

tan Hlng3mg0 aa a hyUvt ; <2ec/iuuii, 

an Hippe ; ffimur. 

an Hirde , Anjus, ArcJ^tmendrita mat 
ov [i] wm *, Affaso, bnhulcxw «H 
&oum, m/mf/ra, Tncrt-enaWa^ y«» 
/iro mercede conduritar, mulio 
mWorum m£, opiloouium, paefior, 
pastorc\du4i ; paatoritts, jtastori- 
cuBpnrdcipia; pecudiarius, 

anHyre; i7ij>endium,mer[e]es,mer' 
cfdtUa (iiminutiuum, wZanum, 

to Hire ; cnndurere, 

tto let to Hire ; !o€ar€, 

an Hired man; slipettdiariut ; $ii- 

tau Hire payer ; mercedariut, 

•an Hyrn "; Angufus', AnffuJanapa.r- 
Hcipium i ^onu8. 

' Hfimpole tellB oa th*t 'HeHe « hal<Iea a full hidot ttetle 

tNi wbiike aa full of e(>d-I<?B dode.* Pride <ifCon»cience* 1744* 
And Kgiiiii he gires ns nno nf the 15 signs before DofitiiRdny, 

* pe mut wondreful fwhet of (« se pn% it nil be hyduM til maiui bervng.* 

Sal cum to<gyder aud mak nvitk romynff ih'd. 477V> 

'Btubbea Kbupe and Ktdous to byhold«.* Chaacer, Kntgfat*a Tale, iiao. 
Ajul irt MS Hurl. 1701, leaf 83, we read — 

' y vjwt myself Ayr/nf and bUk, And nothyng faalh an rnoclie lak.* 

O, Fr. hUf. hitJe. htJonr. hitiionr^drend ; AtWou«e«dreadl\i1. Hogsum; does not oocrar 
in iu proper place : pn-babl^ UuKSomo U tueaot. See note Ui Hyrx)* below. 
' Compare pe Walde. ' See Ai>a«11Ii nU- 

* In the Prologue to Pien Plowman, 1. 31}, B. Text. Langluid inyt— 

' l^ui turpilo«)iiiuin tiHjuitnr, i« Incifem hj/»f' 
In ' Sinnen Beware/ pr. in An Old En;:;. MLiceU. ed. Morris p. 8j, L 307, w« are Lold that 
our lord will nay at the day of Jud^intrnt to the wicked — 

.... * Myne For ebeU by gtinne hwyne, 

Poure TO-liolfl Ayi»« For himgi-r hi hcnMe pyno ; 

To ««ro Hnro come. Ye noldeii byme gotiie.* 

'An hine. VUlicut. An bnyne. Vemn.' Manip. Vficab. 

* Thiit id ' ArfXimnndrita, AbbM gcncralis. ku Printept Y«iMM&orun pnter 

tpirirwititiin atiutn.' Ducangv. 

■ •Angnltu. An heroe or a coraere. Qtinijtta^gnlnM Off v. hymM.* MednUa. In 
Wntiiuii nf Pnleme. I. 688. William «tJtrting up in Hi^ ■' Udv Mdinr luvetl him, 

' Loked afUir tmt ladi. fur lelli he wende, 1') bed in itiiii Unrm :' 

and xt 1. jiJOi, he and Melior li]iviu>; ukcn uff their ■ ui'i'.uit uiiiu* .... in a Kimt hem 
omt,' Sw alto P. Plowmfxn. R it. i}.\— 

'Allfl flowen fvr fere, and fleddon into htmt*' 



to Hisse ; tnfnlarf. 

All Hysajngi! ; xibulnn • vcrsua : 

turn tibifa dieai. 
^ Hitte ; vbi to Atryke. 

Hyiro; Aliuart^ Alu^aHnm {Api- 
art, A^Hannm, Apiaria A.). 

H ante O. 

an Hoby'; Afmiffarhts. 
tHoge; RnyeniP, nomf^n prnfrrivm. 
an Hogg0 * ; maiali», etl onim jwiCUfl 
earena l^tieulU. 

an Hold; lAUhra, latihuhim. rf>fumbar 
eit tuivu ve/ oolumbe ; versus : 
%Canet>V\\i^ ponm, foru% atq\ie 
/eite»tta foramsn. 

•to Hole '; cnvay, ^terforare, ^ cet- 
era ; rbi to tnyrle. 

fan Hole in a mannsrs jerde ; din- 
c/imufi. • 

+an Hole In jr® nek ; /rontinfHa. 

•an Holynge (A Holyn A.) ; Atuiua 

•ftti Holyn bery * ; husmta, 
ttft Holke *; palire. 
tan Holleke " ; hinuJa. 

TrevisA iu liii trani. of HikJ'^u. L 313, vKy*, 'Lnborintns Is ah bouH wnnilerlicbe i-biilil 
wi^ hftlkes anil heniu' Diiugliut. ^Uteatioii, p. 357, 1. 9, reutlum catiu tatthrttr, l>y ' hiJ 
Jkii-ttMi.* ' Vwrere wyll'-'n nought he hyglitjly renooierl of theyr craft ne cryi-n it in the 
niHrkutt, but pryoely iu htm-s thoy a|ioylBn the ptsople by litd and by Ijtel,' LyiljjAte, 
Pjfttprm/uie oftht Sow/e, Bk. iil U c,j^. A. S. hyme. 

' *A Uolne, a Hobylinako. AlautinriuM [m'vpnnted AlandaHiu].' Mnnip. Vftcnb, 
'Bobyhaaka, Ahuid'inu*.' Huloet. Tbe Hnbbie is meotiouHl by Uartiioii AinongiL the 
"hawkea aarf raDcnoiu foules' of England, if. 30. 

* Baret gives 'a barrowe bog, a gilt or gelded hog. ma<alii* * Hog-pign, castrates or 
barrow pi|r8.' Mr. Rnbinson's Wbitby GloMary. SceMsoOalte. 'Afa^u, bear;g.* GIoa. 
MS. 0>tt; Cleop. A. iii. If. 76. 

' ' Caro, To nolyti or deluyo.' MeflnHa. In the Anern RitrJi-. p. 130, we ' ^ briddM 
pet an L/uurnI spekefi of .... ne holiep noiit luluncward. c«e doS pe uoxea.* 8m alaa 
ilandlynrf Synntj 10736, 'To bole, perfitrare.^ Manip. Vocab. 

* * The ivirk thai tok, WnlUoe a place haA seyn 

Off gret ho'^nt, ttwt grew batlie beych and groyn.' 'Wallace xi. 378. 
The giom an W. do Biblesworth. io Wright's Vol. of Vocab. p. 163, explalnn A/iwj by 
'holya.' and Kourr by 'bidin>lovcs' or ' bolin-tru.' In tb» Anerm Kiteit, ]>. ^iS, wu find 
*uud Atitie, ne mid brer^s. Sic,' wbere otw MS. readii hoUa. A. S. hoftn. 
* Lynric 0* ane olJc honw, and mny ooght wuU ilraire. 

He saUe be putt into the parke luJi/Ht for to gnawe.' Reliij. Antiq. it. 3S0. 
'In bis on bonde he hade a fvtlyR bobbc.* Sir Gairnynf, 206. 

* * Palo, To hedge or pa\e in : to proppe up with stakos,* Coopc(r. Htratmann connectt 
hoikat with Swcdtxh Ao»a, ttxeavaro. wbich U p^•bfflbl7 tbo meaning hero, Tbii« in the 
Ahtara 0/ Arthur, Cainden See. ed. Rob«ioit, ix. 12, in tiie deiicriptiutt of tbo ajiparitino wa 

told — * Hyr enyn were Aofl-rf nnd boUe, And ylnct aa the RltslM.' 
,8. hole, bollow, which occurs in I-!arly Eng. HnnnliiB. ud. Mornii, i. 251. In thrt A.-S. 
inn of the Gi^^p^lit. St, Mittt)>pw v. 39 i» thus ri.*tidered : ' Gyf I'm ewiCre eage ^ 
Mwilcit. ahofehc bit ttt ['ni(\ 4. ^wtTp hit frsm («•.' 

Dia iilrjdy VKiwilltx t'iriiig with huge pane, Vnder hie coiit hotkand in wellt Uwe.* 
Furth renting all bi< fude to (ang full &00, G. DonglaA, Satadoa, Bk. ti. p. i B5. 1. 13. 
alM ihid. p. 26. 1. 2f. 
With gautjy eeobb behold our bstdu ibre, 


* 'IToUnw wort,* fumniirt f,uP>n.'^ ■' ' - 

irwrivl. G'-rm., i/'nWrorrf. Pan,, // 

Didionnritif nf Jolm di' GarUn-iy i,^' '. ' 

fetui oenr«i ; <nvla GnltiM dicitur nKhtUournt^ unde venus- 

queniiilur m borlis.* Tunior in his Ihrhal, i5<(i. p. 97. tukj* 

Onrft Ao/Zril eine. oare p^ilit powia bair.' 

t)iihniit«in, 7'A( Tkradful I'mtuM, w\t. tsflo. 

■ (Mrn of til" old hor!>aIi!»lii- liuwh Ifohl* 

See Kni;;liiib Ilotnay. I471. In the 

/. 0/ Vo^h. p. 136) w« fiud — ' //(nnulut. 

-Unnuluii in rilrU, inule 

'llio onyons that sro enll 

AoUilwt, ar of thin nnture, that if nne tie iH al'ine tliat th<!ir wd a grtat ihttU- within a 
nhorteapac*: growi'of that 'Otnio roote ' ' ItituHln. CvpoU; itehalntt« (chive, cbalnc) Vt*i, 
GV D'AnU. Cotgnive gimi • CSbmiid (. achibuU or boUow Loek.' Iu Wrigbfc'i Vol. 

„„; ».//'■ ''/ '/''•'/*/« ""/*<. /^- Hwr=*l: K'-i.v-ia. 

ir (' 

, I II '■' ■• ''■' ' •'" '■'''(' A " if ^'f^ 

,,^_), (( (,, It, I '-(■■I'.iu A '•. A"/ I *-,,{. i.-.i:..*:\P^?^ma?t.XS .'um.* 

J J , ,1 (f'i.|ii. ■■■ »■■■( ■ '*1ii»i^ « *i-l'/*'- n :'Mii*i «iTt ijrt >t^ "Uiia « iuf 

„, ,, ', (i.ii I "/- '•*' .1 ', 0'.'<«l«, i' jy^. J. 14. 'CamalU. B..Z* mt =ftt^< 

tt I n , , . 

I, It il'it'i' ■•/ /'-''•»' "* '■' » J41. Ml*! ».<»«rf(;t'T««'.IJL:n 

I' ) |r . •.■!. I <l' i'lr. 'ill I"- ' I"/". IfiAlik'lt'J*: V> WI4^ 

I' 11* l.'f'l- >i"i>'i. y fii'/'r, 'it vi hur'l A i:iiu]/x ^ 

^ _ ( _ ,1 ( , ..■ I'll -'J.. Ul*- M'*M|I. »*(/!( f /i'l/K-.' 

,, ',' ( I, I i.,j,..^i|,. ,11,,, i.r iIm- w'im) li'»(H- ii! (-//.ftrf, Wiere. So ■^^ £=. ibc 

,, , . ,. .1 (. '■■■'" Ai>/"'/i«. -ftwi l(p<- f' ii'l "f IkII;' 

. , I ., I If !■ |..i «■ :.<,• A<. 'I'll*. UM<i'<r tli'i Monl in tbiif'&.K La&.BiTT 3Cr. 

fl (li II I I „ i„, Ml "'•»*( i'Ui>.t.. iiiii. iH«My ni-iitiiK'i Miiiifkni. S« Nao-e* •. r.* fi"f .«>, 

( , 1 1, , I , ( , , |(, I ..( He 'Imhim » '<» 'r.iii(W'iMli tU'Hit f'litu-nhfem** vl rt< 0/ jHceru. "ii. 

, J , , I 1 ,1,. I |. •'• I r -I rtl'l ' I A"/" ' "'"•" ••" *»i""K*='i UitiitiTruwJ' 'It ff?£sJ5es 

II ,,. , . ... .1,(11 1 •■ foiiM' ■•^■■itl, mIii'Om'I ff'""! >ir ':vil, M i\w!(ot in Greek, sod 

., , II, I „ii, Ill •'(i«l"-t"it, Ai>( /t'(|'»|( II t jH.* Tyrwliitt'ii Note to duocer, 

' ' I ' , . . 

I I- III,, ..„., ^, fii()i>*f<'i i'« ■riiifotiii/. It «' i|iji<|(i< «r M )i(i(icr'\ M-S, (ihnK. pr. la Reliq, 

>>ii>i I f ll-<|( I •' Miill lnhi*ii>*f*"f"iit' Miiiil|i Vik-aIi. In tilt* IUeTc*a Tale^ 

I If 1 1 .1 I 111 . i.iMii< ' li iI'M M • iiti I'-i.iiMK I,, |,iiivi III lif'lii|{ Hwiiidlinl ili-clart'ii, 

(' ,1 -I Hi. Ill I. r ill •• tiiif'it wil I <iI>iii>Im, V' I aiiw I tii'.vm:, hy my fa'ler kyn, 

■iM'J ..<■ l(-i- I lull »((». I'll It |,H.i III Ifow |Nit iliii/,f,/jfr wnti'^i-H til ami fr».' 

' t .. I i|.. h, ,...|,,)i |,lrli> Miiil III iiHiili ii,riiitiril t Ji<-ii|ii I III! urlmjf. of tli*! Ki>\\f:ui that 

< II 11), I I "••■ n,'it . t II itHH »fciiiil ' 1 1,1 |iti|Mii|i<villi-'N l*llf{i-!iiiiijri<, Ai!. *«1. Wrifjlit, p. 207, 

) ( "■ -il't H-t'tlni"!.!" Ill-Hi, K. /'rn/iwHn/.*/ /■'.,^l^•, _(;sra, liTiiiM th»!(-fit:k ' tlieor//jye 

1. 1 Mii.i)il<> I, t' ," II ml I.^iIh"*" In 111" I't/fi/irmuf/r, Hit. v.«-li. xiv. p. Hi, of rcpriiit 1853. hjui, 

ti, llii'i 1 1 III- I III- //iii-i/ii/fi Idnt liiltv pi rtiiiifiirl IminiiM uy^UUtH Mtunt.' Si-i-uliiuii. ]Joii;;1aa^ 

/tiiiiif.iii lip i-iH I II, tiMil 4M.|, t H III Mr /''//rrt<fri(f, 1. 145,1, MyMofL-'rt chamber in de- 

ni illii il •Ml li-i> lii|i III M 'hm i''if/(|/f/"< L" rV'iK" l-lin tmrH at iiyiilt.' 

' I iiiliHl>ly iiiir will, iiiHili. Ill liti'W li'iriiH. I 'dltfiuvii ^ivi'H 'fArTHfHr. A lltinicr, a wioder 

•if « IIi'mik/ iiimI lliilltltiiiiij, t'liinnir, a li'iriiiT.* In till) pn-aniblo Ui tlid Stat, i Kich. 

til •• all iMti«ii|(iil Dill Htlllli'i-rH wliM i-Miiiplniiinj of )N-iii({ iujureil by tlio iiii[xirtatiun of 

|i*itluti WNtH« am iiMiiiMiiiinil 'WiiaiKrni, llumtra, UotUo inakan, Mul Cuppen>iiiitL«.' Iq 



Horribyll^; Aom'rfuB, horrihUig, 
an Horse ; flo^O} cantJterus «8t eqitMS 
co4ttT»tuSt A»/>piiB, jpoe, grece; 
6qwinn9 /jaiticipium ; versus : 
%E«t «ot»ipw vtl equ\x^ feraB, 
«?ui/eruf^e, cabtUlns, 
I»tia ciympeJea nmu/ tmittari- 

Est manue vianw^ drxttt dtx- 

tnriui Aj^mb. 
Jiede * veetons not cUdnmB mm 

QiifHlrupefies diet'ta poteritt oon- 
tuu^LMfl (potes hys adjungere 
A.) *t vis, 
an Horse eambe * ; 9triffifu, 
fan Horse hyrde ; tiiuiciarius, equf^r 

An Horse znayne ; calfjitra^ iuba ; 
{verx\i9 : 
%Sasaries homiaU Mi cnnes $uni 

Ett juha q\uidrup«dU eoiuhri 
juba *iue l^onis A.). 
an Horse man; fquci ; a/uesler. 
tHorseU*!'; Acvboy Enula campana 

iau Horse ele (eylle A.) * ; aarvjuvi' 
9Vf/a, \rud'> ; (wMus : 
%CrfiscitAntnilo, capta [\contJx(\ 
jnindo, au'jit jnvdo A,), 
tan Horso bowyae " ; xandaliuui^ m- 

tan Horse lade ; clUflUi* 
ail Horse sohowe ; Jemut, 
an Horse stallo (tayle A.) ' ; 

fan Horse turde ; donarium. 
*an Hose (Hoyse A.) ' ; caHga, 
cali'pila, c/i'minutinum/ t^rirus : 
1-6'«uf ocrie, calige jiiOf tibia 
jiorint A mictuM. 
*to Hose ; calciare, caitf/are. 
*au Hosyrer ; caleiatw, califfator. 

thfl Loseley MSB. p. 53 Ib an Item 4ated 1551. of the '/fwrwr for blowin^e homea, tamor 
for daggers, xlv. tuj''.' But in Cadet LortV't Bote, p. 10, we firtil tntintiuned together: 
*R«pen fkoen and homeri,' wh^re it twoau to refer to fann-lnbonrrn of vonie kind. 
'HortMV n mnkcr of homes, eomdlier. HomeresM a woniim, comciticre.' I'aijigravo. 
■ Rewl JiJuda or Reda. 

* 'tSlfiijUit. An hnrM conibe, Sco.' Cooper. 'CalamMrutn. A honkftme.' Nominale. 
*Strigilig. An hon com.' MedulLi. 

* Thfi plHnt C'tmpannla, olicuinpsae. li U menlioned in the Lioc. Med. MS. lenf iSi. 
Cooper ex|ilMiui Campanula am * th« 6oircfr called Cuitarbury b«lle«.' Lyte, Dtidueua, p. 
336. recoitimendBtbe use of Elocampuicfor * inwiud buntingri,' or ruptures, 'touijb flflrae* 
which it mflkei * euis to be abot out," uul * bbutingca of the inworde partes.^ 

* *An hora^laAcbe, wonna, •oMffuutiya.' Manip. Vocnb. ' Au bonie-leaah, or blood- 
sucker wonne, kimda.'' B&rat. ' SangiUttuga. A w»tere lechc-' MetiullR. 

* In the Houiebold & Wardrobe Oidinanccs of Edward II. (UbaucerSrw. ed. Fnrnivall). 
p. 4$. it ]■ direcUxl that the hakn^mum [mec note ■. v. Haknay, p. 170), ' ithal c-arry tha 
hoiue* of ihn boraea that travel In the khigeti ooinpaid.' * Budaria. StragiilDm, nno Kqaut 
iiutemitnr, ne lijoF ludor equitcm inficiat: e<mtertiiT€ de cjieeal' DacaagD. * Nomk. A 

mantle of cor«e cli-th (and all of a pOf«c') wnmc in ill weather by ooiintrey women 
3at their licnd and ali'ddera ; nliio, a foot cloth for a horvo ; abtu, a coverlet, or vouuler 
lint for A bed (in which a«nce it ih moat ujcd amun;; Lc-fwrv, or In Dpittleit for Lcpera).* 
itgrava. In t«e Treatise dr rfmirilihiu by Alexander Neckham. pr. iu Wiight'it Vol. of 
kb. p. 99, amoogst nthor borso fumituni we find dircctioiu that 

cattQvas lion ouTflrt buco idem panel 

' carrnHri/h lerffum tit wo/frtaw, j)Ottm>dam tudario. rei *Harv>, M panelto.* 
■e alov Howse of a horse. 

* MS. which rfa>(n Horse atalle, oorrM^t«d by A. ' Peni» : eauda e^Hina,' MuduUa. 

' 'CoUmm, An hoM. ColUmtun, Ho»yd. Cattfjo. To bosyn.* Medulla- 'Cntiija. An 
hmM ; a legice haruoHe : Rrr aue nr buMktn. that ihouldioun («i'e) usod, Adl of nikytts^ in th« 
botom. Caiiga apicuUttoria. A stortap.* (.VK>|ier. Juhn Pacton writing to hiH mother in 
1465 Biyi — • AUn, m«Klyr, I bntecho )ow. that ther msty bo purveyd (Knno mtrane that I 
myth hare vmt me home by llie «ame mesrager ij. peyir hote, j. peyir blak and nii uthyr 
payir rotet, whyche be rvdy made for ma at the hoten with the erokyd bak, next to the 



Oil Hospitall^i cenodochium wf x^.nO' 
ii^chiuiWy xenndoclofuxn, Attifum, 
dittetsorium, IwttpUal^Jinsjticmxw, 
yeroni'ieoitium, roj/a/un'uiu, aoeno- 
ti'ophium '. 

tanHofispituller; amodochiariafCeHO- 

'"an Hoflt ; lte:tsiit, tttssieula. 

•to Host * ; tussive. 

ou Hoste"; Iiontia. 

an Hosta ; /uM.y*ca. 

an Hoate of men; Jeiet, examea^ 

an Hosteler ; vbi A oatoler. 

Howe ; qmililGr^ ^fiu^modrt, iju&m ; 
«/, MMCiji^uftm male lo^jnitur uU 
dete; vvi sic, quam bene dUiy%» 
me, cnm ahni(ibu8. 

+HowB Aide • ; quotennx$, 

Howe lange ; qx^mdiut vtq\vtq%to. 

Howe many ; qnot, iWucliuabi/e, 


How mekyll«; quaxitv,m vefqimntia, 
quautulm]cuutiuet qtuxuliajwi:. 

tHowe otto } qnoeitn$. 

an Howaa ; domuf, -mi vet -rnns, 

d\imi<?iUa t2iminutiuu«i «^t ; ver- 

^ Tolh -nui, -fni\ -ffiaa, in tart- 
ando dariiMH. 
laTj jtenat^ ; veijfus : 
*I &'st dommaf<iMedoma, pret^fe, 
f/omrtncu/a, tectum, 
Eda». edicuias, hahituada die 

»fu:totie* : 
Hijn ptMlo/i/rium, mayaU, iu* 

tfufrio^ iutujas, 
A ^|iie mappaf«,Cttta sit ^'opi*, 
mansio •iuucta. 
to mnko au Howse ; domtficare, edi- 

fmirc , fumUiT«, 
tail Howae braker ; A perCT*/antt*. 
au Howse keprr ; tdilis, edituu^ 
tA Howse of A horse " ; «ajiJa/um, 

sudaria (A.). 
*tu Howsylls ' ; eommuaioare. 
*aii Howfe ; tma. 
*au Howselyngfl ; communicano. 

BUk Fryen Gate, within Lnd^te .... I brwche you Ihut this gvr tw uot fur^nt, fiir I 
have uot Mn bole A/jw fur to duou ; I trowu they nchiiU cost irath pAyr viij*.* Pik^-toti Latttin, 
ii- i32'3, * 1 hose. Jt cAaiue. It oostelh me mouAye in the yoro t^t boM aikI hIkw ay 

M8. icvuftu/:iAi 

■ervAUotflt.' Palifrave. 

' ' RIh eue waa how, hia voce wei htra koatan/i' ncnrymne, l^niiatyue roenw, ]>. IJt, 
In JatuicAon, who also ifuoteB from Dunlinr, Miiitli«ri>l Pueiim, p. 75. 
'And wiLh that wounl he gavo aiie Aotof aiiaiw.* 

* The conMcraitttl wafer iu the •lacranji'nt. 

* Quotannu is of couno properly an advorb, * year by year/ or * jrearly ;* bat ;ho< aanw 
naitu WM uoed fur * how old ia ho T' 

* Suo alw Hone howyae. In this cam the MS. nm^ /andalum, /ndaria. 

* * Thus I nwAkiKt A wDto what I had dnsned. 

And dist^ nif durvly A dede roe to cberche. 

To here huly pc iuiumc & to be hoiutled after.' P. riuwrann. B. Ttrxt. xix. i. 
I>r. Morria, Old Kng. Huimlief*, so') serial, p. ix, notice* an odd fi«|iii]Ar elyntolH^ry of the 
wnrl. riz. Au fcfxhow guod (U u). See sJso Narva' GloMnry and Puncook's uJidoa of 
Myro's I>uti<-'s nfn Parub Priest, p. 69. The author of the AnereH HiteU (p. 411) reci>m- 
mco'la that the laity sltould not receive the Hnly (.^iinmunuin ofU-tK-r than 1 5 times a year 
at iho must. Ue uicntiuu:* a«» |>riiprr ocukdons Mid-wiiiU^r, Caiidlt^nuu, Ttvt^lfUi-day, the 
StiiutKy half-way botwncn thnt anil Kostor 1 ur [jiidy day, if near the Siiodny). Easier day, 
thu 3rd Sunday alW. tivly Tliur«iiay. Whil-»uiKlay, ^li-lsMQuner-day, St. Mary Mat.'da- 
IcDc's lUy. the A>amtipuun. Hw Nativity id ttie Vir^n, MIchoclmaA day, All Saints' day, 
au>l SU Audrew'i) tiay. Cliauct-r *^yf■ vute a year at Icaat — * and oertea uun a ytira at tiitt 
lifsU* it IN lawrnl til W }tnnadtil, for sollibly imns a yvTo all« tltinj^'M in the erihe reonuelen.' 
Panon's Tale, at the rml of UrmttliMm l/fxvrice, liobfrt uf Hrunno says the saute— 
* COtnaandeiDifnt in the tiLdf litwe was p%t newe Imw yn of more onoiir. 

Onet yn )*o jere to shvwe t'y tivapas ; Onw to rccvvuv ^y (Teatuure.* 

SondJ. Sytme. 11. i02i;3'i030i. 
Oonscien^^ in P. Plowtrtan. B. xix. 3S6, hids men to coiuc 'oiiy* tu a muneth.' See aba 
Hyrc, InMiuet.lo P. Prietts, p. 8. 



a ua/c V. 
tHuchon; Hugo, nomen proytium 

au Huds * ; capiHum. 
i&u Hude'; re/Hwicu/um (rv^io/'oetV*- 

wwi A.), 
mi Hufe (Huyfb A.) ' ; vngtUa. 
tHugely; Aiieo, AdriMiuui, porro, 
oppido, valde, m uit uni , ^uri- 

tu Hugtf (Hu^fce A.) * ; Abhomirutri, 
tleUaiari, </in</er«, fiyere, rig&t- 
cew, cao6CT»riy fa^tulinif horrere, 
Ab-, horreaciiiet honijicart. 

BwgBome: Ahhominahilis, drtesla- 

reiidua rijru, horribiliSf /torndu4 

am' mo (A-). 
Hug8ome[neB] (HwgsoouiM A.) ; 

Affhoiuixuuio, <Ze<«#£a«io, eseecracitf, 

an HiUce; hamM, laqueui. 
ito Huke ; hamare, 
*Au HukBt«r'; Aucciortarius, Auc- 

an Humlok * ; eiVuia, harha 6ene- 

dicla, mtuftMh. 
au Hundo ; v\n a dogtf. 

' 'Capitiamt a hoo<I« for Ihe beade.' Cooper, 15^4- Cluuoer, Prologue Cant. Tales. 
195, deetcribei tlto Monk m woftrini; a Aoal, to fMluii which iimlor hiti <rhiti, ' he had<le of 
^Iuid j'-wmu^hl a curioiu pyuuti :* and in the Anturs of ArtbuTf ed. iCulwuD, ii. 5, Dante 
Uaynour'ft had is dewribcd ut 

* Of a li»a huw, |>at Imr bede hidai. Of purpure and palle worke. and perra to ffty.' 
In Myrc'fe Iiutnictioo-i fitr Parifh Priorts, I. 883. Lho priL-«t when about to hoar a confeasioo 
is told, ' ouer pyo /en piiUe |>)n fiud.' A. S. koti, 

' Hepo/ocilititu, /letfo/oeiliuin eti JUtrojM^tjicUium., rtl Ecpo/oeintam. Ulwi tjutxl tcgU 
ff/NCfH i« nodt, i<l t/uwi rtiro lamitur : qmui eilium fodt *vp*r qmtd u pttsteriori pttrU 
Juci ItijHA jtttnantur^ 'futxi rul'jtt Lauder Jicitur^ et dieUur a rcjiotw rf /octu. tl eilium, 
(•loM. Lai. OuU. Hqtiifacilinin, oe qui txmvre U feu J* »nit. ou ct ijai fat mia itetriere.' 
Duuaoga. ' hmditrr. An A«dirua.' Cutgrave. See Halliw«ll #. r. Audiroo. ' J{fpo/t>- 
citium, vl ai quod teaii i^ntm iu ttoett (a bodde or a steme).' Oriua. See P. Hcrihu tUok. 

■ 'Tho liouf** of a none, unffida.' Maiilp. Vooab. 

* " pv Dau." ho »yt, "ial ^ neddfr bo And aal byte the hore bv >c knfe harxlo, 

Sitand in {-v iray ala mcu may ao ; Aad mak )ie vyeiieuhv-T fiU brikvrarde." ' 

A. 8. ho/. Phcke uj i-unaeien^, 4 1 77. 

* PaJMgrave givm * I Au{7^, I ahrltiki* me in my bed. It ia roode ^xute to see this liiLltf 
boy hayt/e it) U« bod for cold;' and in Manip. Vocab. w« oavo *U> faufcge. horrucerr.' 
Janueaao ako givm ' to hufff/er, to shudder.* Skeltoo u«ce the fonn * hoicffij, ii 24. Wyclif 
•{ttsaka of a uian ' ug'jtftujt for dredo and wo.' Select Edjj. Worktf, ill. 34. Boo also to T7g, 
flto-, bflow, and P. V|r|ronr, or haae horronTo, 

' 'Tvi3 lurrudenii Godow bus Inuiill huc/ttcrtM bo|>e.' Ominlum, 15817. Trei^ia 
hiatraDK. of Higden, ii. i7i,sayH of thu Kn^Uidi that they are 'iii et^ge and indrynkynge 
glottfuoa, in gaderyngn ofcftttl hnk»trr$ [iu qumtu eampimew].^ * Autionariiu. A howstare 
{tie)' Medulla. In the Lther Alliue, p. 690, ia an ordinance, > Qe not Hak«t«r eatoise en 
cttteia liftt^ maia wonU formy ta Viuii* ttoai vrhkh it i« clcftr that tbey were wandering 
metrhatitM, ur pedlan. Bee alio tbe ordituincea ' de Jirtuiatoribu* et Hnkaten cerrUiam 
TtwUuiihuM' at p. 69S of the same volume, amongvt which we read thai no I/ttlater wna 
to bu allowed tu sell alu. The oftth to be taken by offioera of tbe City of Lundoo ia aLw 
ptven at pp. 53^-7 — )>y which they- were forbidden to be ' rtfftalourf tw hiiktitL'n dr ntUU 
wtantre ciUtt/l«.' ' M'lquigHOit. A hucalor. bn>k<.-r, Lunw-fuuntLT.' C'Otj^tave. * Huusior 
which ■(•Urtb by rotnile. Houkentor. CauffO, urvpola . caufKmor, to wil m they do. 
Houktfi^K cra^', emi^tunaria' Huloet. 'A huckwtvr. or houckster. a f^ueld.* Minhhvu. 
According to Prof. Skuat tlie word is projMirly tb^ ftuninine f»rm of haiaktr, and in tbe 
Liber Albu« is genendly appiic-d to fcinnlrft, but ««e Wedgwood, a. w. Hawkor and 
Uucikitter. ' 1 buck* aa one dothe that woUe bye a thing good cbbApe. /« harctlU. I 
lore uat tu uJl tuy ware to you, yuu hucke do mo^ Palagnva. ' DardanUr, an bockatar. 
he thai kcpelh curnc- till it be il>;-4i<>.* HollylKkud. 

" * OictUa. An hoiuelok.' Medulbi. lii Wngfat's Songa & Carohi bxHn a MS. in the 
Slodhne collection, i5l.h Ctutory, p. 10, we find — 

* Whan brome «a;1I apiiUo Wro, And kstmlc^t boni in fverv. Ttian seek ml in lond.' 
* Huiulok, UouiflA. CVcHlu,' Wrijfht's Vol. of Vocab. pp.a65and 191. ' i/ci &u ^cnAKoto, 



£11 Hundeflee ' ; cinoona. 

fnii Htuide colar ; eojmlariutf col' 

lariuin, mithis, 
tHunde fenkylls " ; frrula. 
Hundreth; Cf.ntMn in^iiclina1)U0,«m- 

ffeuton tjmce. 
on Hundreth sythys ; cnncie«, 
■ii Hungyr ; eiuriejf, fwna, 
to Hungyr ; 09urir«, famere, -€$• 

Hungry : fam*iliciX9. 
Huny ; vitl ; nvAle\\9. 
an Hunycambe; />risca,/uvuft,/auf2- 

+to make Huny ; m^Ui/acere, vieUi' 

tan Huny pot or hony weeselle; 

to Hunte ; vtixari. 

au Huntynge ; venaoio. 

an Huntar; wnator^ vtnatit^is, vm- 
alicuvi can<in ' (/u<i'mui>, vena- 
toriuxw JerraMiOtum. 

tail Huntirr epere ; irnoAufum. 

Bii Hurde; mpoMitum. 

an Hurda howse; AUlicatoriunk, r^ 

inn Hurdome • ; nir.rf.tririunu 

+to do Hurdome; meralriasri. 

an Hure ; vhi n common womai*. 

au HureaoQ ; i/an^r, %, /tUuJi «e>r* 

an Hurro bone (A Honv A.) ' ; yt- 

racitlmn ; ivrsus : 
^\Ossa qniftua luduiU jwwre gi- 
randa diea$. 
Hurte ; coUCbub, elUns, Ulisa% animo, 

to Hurte ; AUi<Urc, eol-, elidrre, it- 
h'lUre^ leii*r«, <j^w:er«, ^tcvUdfttt^ 

herbn bonert. tHnnelDa. Rdiq. Antiq. L 37. A. S. hrmffnc. Cooper hmt ' fntubtu. Dki*- 
ooridet maketli uf H two ki&d«t, Bortnttm luid StylueiUrrm, uf thut U of tbe i^iiLrdao ho 
nuhkeih hIbo two aortoB, twie with a broAd leafe, which ia the common Endiue, lui otb«r 
Willi > nnrrower l^e. Of tbnt he calltrUi wildo he also two eortes. Ono u the onmiiioa 
Biioooriu, and the other Dent de lyon.' Sw. kund-lolti ^dug*leek). wild chtmril, » plant uf 
the Mune family ns iibr/i-(»i'a (bcar-le^ik), ODw»-fMml«y. 

' 'Ciitomin. An hoaiul flytj.' Modulla. ' CVnbMifi, /Ftrtni'«, hundeaflvoge.* AMric^ 
Vocftb. ill Wriiiht'8 Vul. of Vocnb. p. 23. ' RicinvM, hundcs-wyna.' il'vt. p. 34. Corapar* 
P. ' Hownde Klyp. Cihomia, tel rini/rjr, vrl ^ini/rA.' ' Aad he ntuite in tn titem An AouMi 
^rje [fleiMch flic P. cfmomyiatn Vulg.}, and it txl hem ; and ft Ir*>g^ and it doittrajeile 
than.' Wyclif, I'uUms Uxvti. 45 ; sea also civ. 3?, 

' * Pervta' ncconlttifj to Coo|>fr. is 'jm bcsrhe lyko by^e fraell, and niAy b« raHod 
fenell piant, or hearbv B&gkpone.' Mr. F. K. I{»)tin«»n, in bin GUiMory of Whtiby. E. D. 
Soa, eivDH * Dog finkil. nuttthe weed. AfUh(mi»cotvia? Lyte, DihIocui, ]>. 1K6, idealiGc* 
it with the wild Camoniile, 'culled in Eogliidi M«lh»^rH, Maywerde, Do^fyei CftTnotnlU, 
Htin(!kii>t.' I'Amomill, and Dtiggi* Fenfll.' For FmiytU »i * ftmii uf /Vi«<J/c, ■«« VoaaU* 
or Fonholle. ' liec HmmcU, bund fynkjUe.' Wiijht'* Vd. of Voc«b. p, aa6. 

' MS. ranrtnj- 

* Hnii*iK>]u tvlU US that afier tba Rasnrroclion, the rig^htooos will nadcretand aU 

* Win wm or ryche h(>re, moA som nonv Er bftptiied, and hm crlntendom.' 

And «hi M>nt chtlder grten in \ordom, P. vf Cotitc<ence, 8359. 

And in u treAtlMtAi the Commanduionts, Su., in MS. Hiri. 1701, leaf 11. we r«iul — 

• The syxte oomftuD'lyth us alto Tlml wo shnl nr.nni- AinArm do." 

* And the wominatt w(v« grcuyd to the 30D)^c man. Hnd tie rufuuile Uh* htrrttitm [fonHiok 
aotiutrio I'.].' Wyclif, GenMi* xxxix. 10. In Ix-vil xxl. 7 it iit used fnr n priititute : * A 
strorntK't, and fuulo kordam je shuleu not Ijdic to wijf,' ^ 

* '(»'*>•! rw/tfin. Uliidrnni quo jiiiiri Itidnnt.ijtKMl in mnimltate cm»n« vel biwnili Tolritiir, 
ct contra ventuni cutn itnpetu d«f<rrtur; it'r.) mosfViK* que tn tnfnntt mrrtm/ av &oul 
d'uubulon pour toumer cotttrt ie rmt.' (Vet. Ulos.). II'Ami>. ' (Jirai^ntuM qnliiam 
Ih-I'h f/inronim. A »pil(|iicrcnc.' Iteliq. Antii]. t. 9. • f»\'rnirii/«im. A ohyMya whyrlo.* 
Ml" i 111 1a. ' <_iini'^itl'iiu, Au'j'iiy ftolivldf'" wlivrlc. .ir » hurrti. futn ijtio putiri hidunt.' Ortua« 
(.Vmi^rr F', Sjjylkuk, i\ud \Vhyrlttx>ue, afid set Wborlebooa. twiow. 



an Hurte; coUUio^ fww, U«ura, tiuari 

*«n Husband : «/u(uu8, ieonmns, 
Jncola, jHiliirfniitiiifii ; tN?r«UB: 
% h'ustifun, agxfcofa, rwiit 6f vU- 

El cam ruricula Moci^itrvilli- 

CU8 ittt'lA. 

an HusbandB ; coniux, marUiia, ma- 
riloluBf marieeUus, «/wnmis, vtr ; 
maritatU, aponnalU^ virUi«. 

tau Huabondry; AtjricuUurat icott' 

tan Husytige of a nulla (nott A.) ; 

foUxcuiMik, m<tci (natici A.) tmZtf- 

cUuabile, Oitca. 
*au Bustylmentt ' ; supeUtx, tUjuU 

lectUe, vtensile. 
an Huswjrfe; matmna.fAatetfamili- 

as, *pjnM / vnde vevum : 
%£!iit hera tw/ ffoToittci, mulivr, 
matronaj virafjo. 

Cdpi^Wum 0°* X 

Zatt(« A. 
I ; Ego, etjonut. 
'u lagge * ; fractilt\y& ; fractiUm- 

» I*y; ifurrufuB, ^tmh/ub {gat'guiu4 

alayler; carctranua. 
•to langylk ; t-bt to chatcr. 

* In the Libor Albn», pp. 667 and 719. u an ordinnDce, *qae nul Muche des pots, 
paielx, et *atr«i hmiHetnentz ue tfot( tenus fun » ComhuUc* 8«« aIbo the GIotMry to 
Xiiber Cijitunuu-um, VritUmciu and Iloilel. In tho Inveatory of John Birnuid 
Uken in 1565, are mentiontd 'j ol>l dcike. j lit)o coffer, j litle bell. »nd j old chairo vj", 
j Alnum revet [Almuin-rivet aiuiuur], ij satlettJ, ij BCtulcji, j [>aire vplitiU, j «ltal« of 
arrowe*, and otiier /ta»tfemeHU. xxv* viiH.' Jiichmmi<itfiire WHU, &c., Surteoi 80c. vol. 
xxvi, p. 179. John BaruL in hia Will, 1463, liQ<)uonthvd to hu nieco ' cert^-yne iituffe uf 
estitmenl.' Buty WUh, kc, Camden ^>oo. p. 22. In th« Piuton LaltorH. ed. (inirdoer, iii. 
418, wtf read— *Heo aunt hwtilmaUa «t uteoailia duuiiu, buDA ct cat-nlU. que ^'illieliuus 
Pa«ton, in indentura prc^cotibus anneaa nominatun, tradidiC et dimivit WtlUelmo Joye.* 
Wyctif iu bifi venion nt Exodiu xxx. 37 vpeaki* of * the bprd witb hU retaeli, and ibe 
caiidelntik. and tha aecMsaijea* (in auuie MSS. haiiilmealii, %ttH»\Ha, Vulg.). Sw kIm 

* Jn the Viaion of Wm. Slauntnn, 1409 (MS. R*g. 17 B, iliii. leaf 133, qaated in 
Wright's edition of St. Patrick's Purgatory, p. 145) the author dearribet iupd and women 
in hell, and observe! that be mw Bome thero * witb ow jugg^ on here ctothis than bole 
cloth;' and again in a Uter pmego, p. 148, he ubsL^rves that, instead of curiooaly out 
clothe*, many ore mrrounded by twining makes and reptiles, and * tliUk serpentes, xnakce, 
todei. and utber wormet ben Itrre jag'ji» an<l ifn-jdit.' Soo P. Plowman. D. xx. 143 — 
'let daff^ lui clotbea ;* Richard the Redtlea, e*l. Skrat. iii. 193. Chaucur's Partona Tultt, 
kc; &e. Amongtt the articles of diTB:«enumerat«d in the iuventuriea of the goods of >ir 
J. Faalolf. taken in 1459, we find ' Item, j jagged huke of Idakko sengle, and di. of the 
•ama. Item, j bnde of blakke felwct, with a typist, balfe damask and halfe felwet, y- 
Jttffgyd. Item, j hfHle of depe grene felwet, jah/ffd ufipoo tlw role. Item, a covcryng of 
a bedde of araH, witb« liontv'tg uf the bore, a mnn In blewe, with a jagtftd boode, white 
and rode.* Paston Letters, i. 476-480. For a full acoount of the practice toe Fairholt, 
J/fci(orjro/C6«<Mine.pp. 106. 434. * Jaggo of a garmentc. Latiuia. JaggpA. iMcinSofU.' 
HtdoeL * A Jagf gi^nw or out. Inciittra, Larinia. To ia^ige, paunne or cuL Ineido. 
Laaaea orompelod atid i;i^(ed In the odgea.' BareL. Harri»on Id his De^ertfttu/n c^f £mj. L 
372, siya — 'Niiithar woa it merrier In England than when an Englishmnn woa knuwn by 

hie owne cloth without such ciita ami gawri^b coloun a« are worn in tbeite dai<*fl, 

and never bniught in but by tbo ronucut of th<.- French, who thinke IhemBelvec the tfuiest 
men when they have hin«t diversities of in^grA, and change of ooloun about them.' Ttiruer 
IB Ilia Hrrbftl. pt. U. 1£ 43. «ay» thxt ' Lupine hittb one long Rtalko and a Icfe. with v. or 
woea ioQiftrt. wliich altogethtT, when a^ they an gnjwen out, liaue the lykenei of a ruel 
of a fpor or of a itcrr.* £eo Byveu chate, heluw. 




*alakke '; bombicinium{diplos,idem 
or Bublett A.). 

laiuM ; jaeobuBy nomen ^ro^num. 

langiller ; fictilis^ jwUloquvtB, ^ cet- 
era; vhi chaterynge. 

langUlyng * ; loquax, 6f cetera ; vhi 
chateryng (A.). 

tianver (lanuari A.) ; januarius. 

*to-Iape; nugari, con-. 

*Iapanl7; nugaeitev, 

lawnes ^ ; vhi gulsoghte. 

*a Iai>e ; nuga^ nugacio, nugadtas. 

*a laper ; nugatory nugax, nugato- 

*Iapande * ; nugana, nugacuhx^. 

■\a> lavellf * ; gaola ; vhi a presone. 

I anfe D. 

Idylls ; fcnftis, odosv^ •. 

to be Idylle ; ociari, 

au Idiote ^ ; idiota. 

au Idylnea; ociumfOcio8itas,octolum. 

lerusalem * ; iernsalem indefMnahiU, 
ierosolomia indeclinahilef ierosoU- 
a lewe ; jttdeua, verpaa ; iudeicw 

ta lewes mancr ; iudaiamua. 
^ Iudai2ar6 est monun [?] iudwram 

I ante F. 
If; Si. 
If xLott ; tin AtUem, Sinon. 

X asite O. 
tan Ignorance ; ignorancia^ vox, 
tignorantt; ignorcms. 
I ojoie li. 
tnkaday ; cotidie, eotidianus. 
an He ; jnsula. 
+Ilkane ; gni?t6et, yueZt6et, qwidUbei, 

singidns, ^' cetera; vbtalle. 
tBle ; mahis, malignitSt ^ cetera ; 
vin wekvd. 

* ' Thus the devil fuith mth men and wommen : first he Btirith him to pappe and pampe 
her fleiBche, desyrynge delicious metis and diynkis, and so hoppe on the piler with her 
hornea, lockis, garlondia of gold and of ricbe perlis, callis, filettis and wjmpUa, and rjdelid 
[tryuelid] gownes, and rokettis, colera, lexia, jacket, pattokia [Ipaltokis], with her longe 
crakowia. &o' Sermon on the Temptation in the Desert, Reliq. Antiq. i. 41. In the Paston 
Letters, No. 408, vol. ii. p. 36, John Paston, writing to Margaret Paston, aiya — 'The last 
eleccion was not peasibill, but the peple was jakhyd and saletted, and riotously disposed.' 

' * Sum men in kirke slomera and atapea Som tentes to iangiHyng and iapea.' 

MS. Harl. 4196. leaf 185. 
* Hit is a foule Jiing for a kyng to iangle moche at )>e feste [dieaceni fore] .' Trevisa's Higden, 
vi. 4^9. 'Thou jaiigelist as a jay.' Vf rjght'a PoUt. Poem*, ii. 104. 

* Baret gives * the laundia, morbus rcffius : a birde, which if a man aee, being sicke of the 
iauwlit, the man shall waxe hole, and the bird shall die. iderue, it is also called galgulai.' 
Sue Pliny, xix. 28. This bird appenrs to be the Yellow Thrush. In the Uandlyng Syrnie, 
Harl. MS. 1701, leaf 7^. we are told that 

* EnvyuB man mny lyknyd be That men mow ae yn mennys yne ;* 

To t^e invmet, the whyche is a pyna 
and amongst the various diseaaea to which men are subject Hampole enumerates ' fevyr, 
dropsy and launyt* Pricke of Conscience. 700. Brockett givea 'Jaunia, the jaundice.' 
Trevisa in his arersion of Higden 'a Polyckronioon, ii. 113, speaka of 'a pestilence of ]>e 
lelowe yuel pai is i-cleped J>e jaundya [tcten'ctam].* ' Jaundise sicknra. Arqnatus morhut. 
Jeteroa, morbut areuatua. Jaundiae called the yelow iaundise, morbus rrgius.' Uuloet. 
Fr. jatmiam fr. jaune, yellow. See several recipes for the cure of the jaunts iti Rtliq. Aniiq. 
i. 5 1 . * A wrvgo : the Ky nke or the Jaundyi.' Medulla. 

* MS. lapnade. 

' * A sargant sent he to laioie. And iohan hefd oomanded to cole.* Cursor Mandi, t 3 1 74. 
' In helle is a deop gayhfd, )>ar-vnder is a f ul hot poL.* Old Eng. Miacell. ed. Murria, p. 1 53, 
1. 319. O.Fr. gaole, geoU. 

* MS. odioaus. 

* See Prof. Skeat's note on P. Plowman, G. x. 118. 

* MS. Ireiwolem. 



tnio ; male, pemieiow, maligne. 
tto do nifl ; maliijitari vci -i% vuiU- 

tAu His &me ; jtr/nmia. 
tnif^ &mfld ; jn/timnfnB, 
•fIH« wylled (nil? willtf A.) ; fnaHvo- 

tlUe wyn ; vifium *. 

I matt M. 
an Image ; Jmaijo, caracteirj rfflyiw, 

Jitjurat tcuifttiU, sif^num ; ri : 

viili tignvxa «aucti joAannw ; 

{tpeoimen A.). 
to ImasyA ; excogitart^ moliri, ds-, 

Jmaginari, madiiimri^ 4' ^tcinu 
an Imoffijiaoiofi ; jmayhuieio, 
an Imae^or; rnolitor, tjccoyitatOf* 
ImaKinynga ; tiiotietu, mmjihau$t 

an Imbaaltoi/r (Inbaaitur A.) ; Am- 

tfuiator. A**, an Imbaaylour. 
time As A ooppe (os a Cup A.) ' j 

•an Impe " ; vbi A grafte. 
*to Impe ; vU' to gi*afle. 
*a& Impyng< ; fhi A grAhynge. 
full ImpoBtame * ; Ajn*aleiiui. 

I anfcN. 
tin aay plaoe ; mjtiaaij vsTuam, in 

ftii'jxio io-Q. 
In; jn. 
tto Incense ; titoeniKire« tuj^re^ suf- 

fiimiyare, thurificarv. 
tlncanse ; JHC^t4tutii^ thnmanta. 
tinceat ; pt'Ceneu^ \ JHcuhtoeus. 
tto do Incest ; inctstarv. 
au Inohe ; jHtVicitiXn. 
tto Inchete ; jUcarv, 4r cuien ; vhi 

to eiiclietv. 
tan Inchet«r ; fiacator^ JUcarixiBj 4" 

(ret«ni ; vhi a eooheter. 
flnde ; Inda^ eth'opia ; ethiojts 9sl 

alif/uU Ue eiftiapia {vita palria 

to Indowe ; oppign[or]are, mbar- 

to Indyte * ; dictare^ jndxcxare. 
an Indytcr ; dir.tator^ indte-tatOt. 
au Indyter of lettirs ; dictator. 
to make au Ingyne; fAochinari. 
au Ingyne ; fundihaluxa, ntachina, 

ttuirJiinoia, inachinamtatum't ma- 

chitialis, tiuxckino6\}Bm 
tinglamua*; vUeo9ua {vuico$\taA K.). 

' VUlma for vtKuJwn, tllmln. of Wnum. 

* I can make nothing of this. PannotM is of coune ragged, or, as th« MedutU rendon 
it, ' caraapannU* 

' In the TnabiM on planting and grafting from the Porklngton MS. pr. by Mr. Hnlli- 
weU in £ju-ly Eng. MucuUauies (for the Wartou Cluti, 1855), wc nm bold— 'Iff thou wylt 
thnt thy appyliyt be rede, take a graff of an App3*ltT¥, aud ytnpe hit opinie a itoke of &n 
elfoe or an eldre, and Ut Kbalbe reJe npp^Uua.' ' Springe or }fmpe that coniueib out of 
the n>te.* H uloeL Baret give* ' Impe, ix a y ong «lip uf a tree, lurcWiu/ In Pion Plowmao, 
B. V. 137, Wrath aays — 

' I waa auiD tyni« a firm. And >e ooucDtea gudyaer for to graffa ympca.* 
*He sawe lyttrng voder an vmpe in an herber. a wonder fa/re daraoyspl, of pawynM 
beaate. that ful bitterij wept. Lydgate, Pjflgrtmage of the SotcU. 14^^, h*. 
*I «haU telle the fro wheob thla appel tree crjine unl huw [who] bit ymitd.' Ibid. b'. ir. 
oh. ii. The word waa ahto applied to a child or ofikpring ; thiu Cotgrave gives ' prion, the 
alender atalk of a leaf or fruit ; won peJ^tn, my preCty Rpringall, my gentle imp.' ' Trnpa. 
Sureutut. Imped ur gmtfed, iiutrlaa.' Huloet. oeeAneren Atwl^ pp. ^60. 378. Cf 'Wehth. 
imp, fmpifit, a nhnot, k{od : Ger. imp/en, to graft. * Aae land guod, atid a gray^wd, and 
worjii .... ;x«t mid gnode ymp€rt^ A tfmbtie, p. r ^ . 

' Of feble treat ther oometh feble ympe$, Chau<!er, Monket TtUe, 15442- 
'JnMkio: Impyng ot uuttyfig.* Medulla- 

* See Aposteme, ' Seti Xndyte, fto., above. 

* ' Baoaa )« bollofv . . • • tnglavmtd waa In glotenye & ^lad to be drounke.* A trJnnder 
dt-f^nv/imiu, I. 675. ' Hony w yuel to defye & mglaytiuih toe niawe.* P. Plciwm&n. B iv 
63. ' Vucu*. gleme «>r lytne- Ortua- ' Vu^umx, clammy, cleaving, bird-lime like.' 
Cotgravfh CampAiw abo lb the Protuptcirium 'Gleymow* ur lymowa, Umanu, rtfcmrHx, 




to Inhabett ; ^pJmhUaret ^ cetera ; 
vbi todwtille. 

tto Inheghe ; AlUvare, AuoIUrCj ea- 
cuminare, cuJmhuirCy rfferve, txal- 
tat'ty cxtufferv-, fa^tiifiaTi!,jualtare, 
mapiificare^ tmhlirnare, sustoiUre. 

to Inherett ; hfrfUtafe. 

un Inhereditance ; hfrt^ttas. 

Inke ; AUrimn\tuxi\, enchatistum, jiv- 
caunfuin {Allramen A.). 

ftDlnkehorne^; Atri\nu\\tanvm,cala' 
vtarium, incattstenum. 

to Inioyne (lune A.) ; iniunt/ere. 

Inloyned ; jjiiunetus. 

+to ItUawe. 

tin no place ; nusquum ; {vcrsns : 
%Ad temjnit nunqnam, awl ;>er- 
tinet ad loca nuaquam A.), 

tto In or to In (to Ine aa oom« or 

hay & ol»erthyn«« A./ ; ji^erre, 

Jnpjrtare, Jnwfurre. 
an lane ; ho^tuplctHta. 
un Innocent ; innoc^ns, innoxian, 
an Inuoceucy(ZnnooenMA.)';tftii^ 

tin odyr place ; Alibi, AHo. 
i In quarte * ; vbi tiule. (la whart ; 

vbi alle A.), 
an Xnqwest ; jnqttestHo, duodtntL 
to Inquire; jnquerrfe, 
tolnsohete^; JnvesUffare. to Xn- 

tlnaerchynge ; jnveatigaeio, tfifvs*- 

In ao mekyUe ; Ad€Ot eatenui, jvk^ 


glutino9H» : gleymyn oryngleyoiyn, vttco, invitco* In Troviwi'* tmo*. of Bftrtlinlontviu 
tie Prnyrittutthm Iterum. l.^yS, b*. iv. ch. ii. occur* tlic fullowing: ' Nothiugt] «ADCe]> uor 
coiiiet> oiit« tif ftewiiie for j^t ijtni/mneste Jhsrof.' [de Jit*irniUe nihii rf*'itiitt mc dttcendU 
propter viMCtMiUtuui c/t»}, when? the udltiutiH of 1535 nmJ 1582 read, 'ft>r the eiammiiuatt 
tliertKif/ A- 8. cWwi^day, probably je/.iift. from ttim — clay i,Ske»t). 

* ' And loo ! tlio miui that wits c-loUiid with lyunoii, tli»t hndde nii aii;har% id his rigg*. 
[fc pflniiere in his bac, Z'urr^t/.] answcrdo a worde wiyngf, Y htwie don. as thou cocumAiiii- 
iiliMt. to me-' Wyclif. Ezfi-id ix. 1 1. See Penner and a nTnkehomn, hereafter. "An 
lokehome or any other tliyng thai bnt'letli iuke. AtiaiucHtitrium' ilarcl. 'AUmtuen- 
tarium An yukhumi: or a blekjii't.' Mudulla. 

' 'Thure he tar>-ed tyll tlicy liail inncit all tUetroomo and Tyntnifc.' Bttncn Pi'<ji*gart, 
vol. ii. cb. xiii. p. 5f . * Those that are exijenenced d^ire tbnt thcire rye bauL.'« blackc out 
of the pare, and that theire wbeate 1>% iudifTerunt wtrl) har^leueil; for tht-n thi-y «my thnt 
H* Rooae OK it ]» innetif it will ^nnde on a mill.' FaTtnlng d- Account IiwJ:a M H. U491L, of 
Ebiiflwell, York. 1641 ^Surtee^ S<ic. vol. xxxiii. y. 45). PalHgrave ban *I inne, I |iut in 
to till- bume. Jt mttii en fjtraneht. Have yuu inned your ooruc yet f' In R4>bvrt of 
(i]ntiLt:iiter, |i. 336, tlio word i» ased in the maae uf jtrondiii^ with an inn at Kidt^ing : ' p9 
Pv dny wii* yconie, au louche fblo )>er OOID, Jiat nie tnutc witit? hem inwy ,-* and ftu aUu in 
Wiltiaiu 0/ FaUme, 1638 : ' Wban {leae pepul wan inntd, wel at here hese ;' and Wydif, 
I KiDi,'s X. 33. Sec l:3bAki{>ere, Cvriolatttu, V. vl. 37 aiid Tu^er, JiiuA>andry, p. 64, 

* MS. Innoeonly. 

* In the York Uiddiii^ Praynr tii. pr. in thn Tm*/ Folk* Afau'Iiool:, erl. Simniona, p. 69, 
isapeticiou fur frlKiw-futrlfllduiieix travi^lUng liy Und or eea * )>at i,ij<l aliiiytrhly bbuv f<iuu« 
fx% oU maner of pand» & briui; twin wbar {xii waldu 1*9 tni/iuirr am] heill both of b^xly and 
of nauto :' and a^in. p. 70, ' fiir all |waue Tarand ^at god allmygbtty saiie (>auie Cr.k all luancr 
of parol* & br)tigti pitne aitd jwr uudot <ii ^udrf wli&ra \ku« walde Uj.' 

* A, Lav«rd. oaaf uuulu )>ou ui* , A, lAverd, in qwrt fo b«.* 

Early Eng. Paaltfr. ed. Stcvunsou, IV oxvli, 35. 
Id the Cttrti/r Mundi, ed. Morria, p. 113. 1. 1803, we r*ad — 

* But thou3« that No« wao in qiprrt. Ue waA Dot ol in o>4o of hert ;* 

and in Laud MS.4i6,l'iaf 76. wo arc udd. ' RuiD'inhyr IhyQud while thou art r^ufrt.' la 
the Df*ttMction of Truji, I. 6(^1. wu lutv« 'in boll ^wtri' — in perfect health. .Sco olao 
Mtorte Arthur€, 583 and 3S10. aod I'ridlt oj Cofudflitf, 336; and compare Quart«, 
LcIuW. Fr. t^wur, tjufar; ^. ' lUirfy,' * in g««>d AfUrf.' 

* Prubably a nierr ern^r of the wribe, intended to be oorrected by * t^ InMrobe ' boiog 
written Ui the aaue band at the cud uf Uic Hue a* aUrvo, 

^^^^^^^^^^^^™ 197 ^^^^B 

^V to Inspyre ; jnsjnntrc. 

Inwardly; nu:dutJitan,J7Utri7is^ce,jn- ^H 

^^ an Inspyreuilon ; jmtfifa&o. 


^^^m ftQ Inatrum«nt ; jru/runuoeuin, Ar- 

aofr ^H 

^^^ tan Iii«trutne«tof howyao; WmW/*". 

lob ; ffomen prnjtrium. A joli. ^^H 

^H iA plnce of Instrume'it ; /orus vIh 

Ion (lohan A.) i jft/tanacit, ul tat ^^M 

^1 re}>onuwt>ir Arma^ Armamtntum, 

grsxt fi dfi. ^^^| 

^H Armarium. 

loy; Adoria, Amenitas, ApncUiu, ^^H 

^m tnn Intente ; InUncio, opera. 

Alacyimoniat aJacrUas, beniitudo^ ^^H 

^M 1 1n fi'* mene tyms ; jtitrrivu jntere. 

colUciacio, delectac'io, dtt^cUrmett, ^^H 

^H jntHTeiit iQ^eruf/i. rcinfijr^cr. 

rfMKi, doxula, exiiUacw numfmh- ^^M 

^H to Intyoe ; jrtcitar€,jtuiti^are^jnih'in- 

rum «Bt d* t>er6oruin, felicitas, ^^H 

^H JTci^i jw'ouiware, ^'rjr«a(/<'re, ffwa- 

guttdium eat nvfntis, gloria, gla- ^^| 

^H defe, mtfftjerere in bono tjl' iu maio, 

rivnti, gftmanteiu gttudimotiiujxit ^^M 

^H Boiieitarv, ^' rotcra a^'u. 

ftr/aramea, ftelaritaa, iocimditaat ^^H 

^H t^tyayngf ; jncUtms,jinttif/ans, tmj- 

iuhifac'w^ iu/ji7uB, (u^i74J|7|<!d, iu- ^^H 

^H j/ereiu. 

hiium, iiticia t~td(\ia, ou-u<rio, ouale, ^^H 

^H tan Intyayng^ ; Jnc.itnno, jnventicfa- 

o^/rfr/am^Tiifum. j/lau»u9, risuB, 90- ^^H 

^M e\o, imtigitclo, jn^itinctua, inrila- 

ki^ium, solumeiif ItiacXo. ^^H 

^M nuntum, ji^rmagio, tugge^itio ; 

to loy ; Appiandm, Arridere, carit' ^^H 

^m gu'jgi'iititinh. 

ImfV, c/rre, ct)Utari^ grstin'., f-etd- ^^H 

^H In vnne ; /riistv&, incassmn, vane, 

toro. tn membrifi ^ in vtrhia vel ^^H 

^H invanum ; vanxis, 5u^r/Zuua, 4' 

«x£onVu8, yaMf/creaatnict/^'V'fd r<. ^^H 

^H cetera ; vbt vayne. 

gnttdare de alienia, congautUre, ^^H 

^B an Inwye ; JHVuHa^ invideneia, Huor, 

gratnri, gloiiari, hiUrere, eat-^ ^^H 

^M cWus. 

exliiiferascere, /a'W«we, er-, luftt- ^^B 

^M to Invye (to liaue Invy A.) ; rmw/ari, 

/artf, fe^fin /wr omnia jntertna ^ ^^H 

^H jnitid^re. 

cftf nostn'jf, ouare, jtlaut^re, peaU ^^H 

^M Invyous ; emuhi», ilia, /<'«tWu^ /«- 

/««. re$idtaif~, trijtudiare, exilere, ^^H 

^M vidi'uus qxii xinit jnvitHam, jnvx- 

Ioyfyll<« ; ouana, ^- (!ctern ; vhi inery, ^^H 

^H rfus fjui jttvidrt ; rer<-U8 : 

loyfuUy i gvahihttfcr^ ouanter. ^^H 

^^^^ % i nvidusjnvuUt,jnvidiam stnU 

-t A inaii lolyce (loyluae A.) ' ; phifo- ^^M 

^^^K ynvi'i/iosua ; 

captuv, zrl'-tipus. ^^^H 

^^^V JnvidioauB ego non jnvidns eise 

loylitt (loylice A.) ' ; iMciuia. ;Wu- ^^H 

^V lafmro. 

lancia^zflotipia fst aturgjncw adul^ ^^H 

^M Xnnltory ' ; /nvUat^rium, Inuentari- 

tcrij cum eruciaiu mmtva. ^^H 

^1 uni (A.). 

loly ; hucimiR, prtufatu ; (wrras : ^^M 

^1 Inwardo ; jnecTinetjn(cTior,Jnte9lin' 

%Eat homo ^uriuus, tied ejuum ^^H 

m ue (A.). 

die em pttulcum * A.). ^^B 

^H * The acribe Has evidoody ntixat up lQvit»torv util Inventory. ^^^H 

^H ' * Zrlntf/ftHM, n injOutu uukD ; ono iti a icAluusiu.' Couper. ' Zelotojtut : > cooolJ or a ^^^H 

^^^ JcIouH niHu.' Mtfluliu. ^^^1 

^^^_ "See f'ocock't Htjtxmor, p, i «i. wliorr r>AHt \\M the in'rAfliiig of nui»y mirth or dUrf- ^^H 

^^^^Hpatioo. ]t ocGurn with tint uioaning of pUvtaure in the Hni'jht of J^a l^iar-Lttmlry, td. ^^^| 
^^^^TlVricht, p. 41 : 'tbouu'hl iimrc un her wt^res and tlie wurUi-a ililito ttiaiine thet ^^H 

^ dorlc nu tliOKniiveof G\k1.' la Sir FfrumbiOM.L 33(9. itappoftra ntUer (otDcaa pride or H 

^^L fotly, bfimg ummI to tiikn»lat» the French »iett^: fl 

^^^^B * r«r-f«r in hit* i'Ji/tt iw cam tu make iiiAViitrye.' ^^^M 

^^^^LThf «iune appe&Dt tn bi the m^Diu^* in ChuucerV prulogue, i. 6.S0. where he nyt of th« ^^H 

^^^^^ PknliMier lant ' hovA. {urj'tlitn, ue wi>r.iU he nmm.' * Juliliv. A»mmit<Uf Ifuciitia.' Huloet, ^^^| 

^V * ' P*tnlcH$, W»uUia, iMcaviotu^ biitth)|f.* Cuopir. ^^H 



to be loly ; laiifiiuai% lasciuir«, 
til lonkett for f^sche ' ; naitwi. 
*a lord&n ''; mf'tln/ti^fnadeUum^min' 

MaCorium, vriiMUt vrinaria, vrin- 

lordan ; jordanun, nonien proprium. 
a lomsy ; jUr, i^ncriA 
to lomay ; jtentrare. 
*Iowtes; lappates. 

t an/« F. 
Ipooryso ; j/wmVw. 
au Ipoarite ; ipocrita. 

/ I an/i! B. 

Ire; jV/i, ^ cetcm; vhi wrntlie. 
tIrofVillc ; iilii wrjithcfulle. 
Irelande; Aiierwta; hihttrnuSihifjW' 

Iren ; /»TrMm / farexis. 

tlrongray ' ; fflaueuB. 

to Irke ' ; faMi'iiff, iedere, piyer^ 

Irkesome; fasti liwsus^ 

tfti) Irrejfulivrite ; irrt-gul^ritas, 

tlrregulere ; irre^lexris. 

I Ul/f 8. 

taaae ; novnen proftrium. 
IflaboUtf ; ImhtVa^ Wim6«<A. 
Isacar ; nomeii. prt^prinm. 
an lae (isseA.); ytac\«s^ 'jlarUrufa, 
*Kn l2ekeU« (laejokillr A.) ' ; stii 
«m, stirieMs • (wtTmifl ; 
^ T'huc hvnuB irat i*7Tt(> ct<m 
cf«n< stiria U(jni» A.). 
*a laellf (IsyUe A.) " ; /avi7/a / or a 
Bperke ; (for^fus : 
^Ardet ni\UUla jfriuatar ah igne 
fauiUa A.). 

' * A long wicker iMqlcAt or w«el for catching fi«h/ Tboreshy'n L«tl«r to Rjit, E. T) Ror. 
•d. Skent. Ill WycliTu venrion of Kxmliis ii. 4, we read huw iho ftithw of Mlm«« ' wlmutie 
he myjte htilo hym no l«!a((er, he tok h ionlti of ra»heu, and £^enide it withe glewUhe 
cley, And with picclio, and putt*' the Util fftunt with ynne.' wherv Purvty** venion re*d* 
' a Imp uf WKKu.' Wydif use^ the won! n^n in his eccond prolo^ua to Job, p. 671 ; * If 
fonwlhfl A iunkft with rMnhe I HhuldR mnko. &c.* Mniindeville dcvcribin^ the trrown «f 
tbonu, ■»>■: 'And jif alle it be pn t\^i men seyn thiit Lhia CYoune 1* of Tbonwa, 399 
•chulle umlii'flt^mle that it wm of Jonl-n of the See. that la to lay, Rushes of the See, 
that prykkon ain vchAfpety u Thomes.' p. 13. 

' 'I ahftl innijltt to fiw /urrfdTt.' I', PInwmon. B. Tott, xiii.Rs; on which nee Prof. Rk^ftt' 11 
note. 'Jlec twitiuia ; anglico, jurtiaa.' Wriglit'* Vol. of Voc»b. p. 199. Seeabn Piasepot, 
hareafter. ' I'ot H jtifittr. A JurdKn, Oi«nil*r-pi>t, PiBse-[>ot.* Cot({Tmve. 

' Cooper under QUtvru* t«yi), ' It ia commonly tnkcn far hlewo or gray like the skie 
with spM-kon u (JirifiuM is, but I thinke It mthcr rcdrlic with a hrt^itneiwe, jw in Iht* eyee 
of A Lion, nnd n( aq Owie, or ynne wheelhie brauiiches, and ho is Alto Ctrniu caUir. In 
horvce It is a tmye. (Jlnnei orufi. Ey** witli flriw niddinMtse, or, a« *oine will, (.tiv<* «'«^,' 
Thia defitiiiidn in eopird word for won 1 by Oouldinan. Ba»t render* j^Mi'-- '•y\ 

' Aiture oolotir, nr like the w»ter,' though he al«o ^ives ' Gmie r.f colour. Cor • 
i/eucojJurut.' Tli« ModulU renden fflaucag by 's^ow.' 'Ol--- -= ,' ' AlIiu^ > t.l' 
* With ttborne beyr, ariipynf for thicknene. Witli even gt- ^iv\te. and 

LydgAte, '_ , / V>M, li*. ii. en- 15, 

' ' I yrko, I WAR6 wtrye, or diffpIcAMAiinte of a tlivn^j. Jt mr. ennuyM. I yrki* mtt more 
wth hl» wrvyoe than of nnythyu^ th»t t;ver I dyj. t yrke, I wAxe worye by o«ni|iyenif of 
my mynde abiiute a thyn^ that diHpluaneth ni«. i( m« f«nnc. It yrkuth m« to bere hym 
hoftto thus/ I'nlfl^.iVe. 

* * Icklw, utirttr' Manip. Tooth. ' A drop of I«n. or Im> hAnvIng at the eauet of hotiM%i 
StiHa.' Daret * Dropjie of ysw called ah i«iklo, whych hAn^EcUi oa a bouw eauo« or _ 
time iitiria,' Huloet. /(woin'/u (ice-candltfi), Unculnahin.an4/w-«Aefv/<Aj7«. Whttliy*' 
Are iithet |iroTinclAl forms. 

* • Seyrtftmilo me et tvjo pailtnctrtm in fauUln €t etMdTt. Ich hftuB tvnefftd and gal>be ina 
■ulucn Jivruffo, and ptoa nK' HtJuen oit a«bon and im iaelm.* OUl Kng. Homilies, mi. 
Moirii, ii. 65 Gawni'i I>oii(j1m in hi* tnitiH. of Virgil. Enradii*, %. 1 55, Las — 
•Tnj'onia Ima wwht tyll !■ ' -t Haoe aittin atvU AJiumi; the aoia caIA 

New Tri'vifl WAllys, to In > b.'t. An^t Itttir itiltU of ihatv kynd uuutref 

Had not bci)(> better Ibftiii- ..I .i.h.^ luttyile hald 



laope ; f/aopus ; vctms : 

IT Yftfffua «9t Aer6a,yio/ms(f]citur 

X mute T. 
Italy; itatiat i talis «st aliquU cU 

italia ; UalieQa. 
tlttbefallys ; jnterest, -erat, re/o't. 
i~Itbebon'ua(It be'hoTee A,) ; ojjor- 

tet, -Ubat, rt4UU, -Ubat. 
I mnlr V. 
+to he a lewe ; judaizare, 
ludas ; noToen jiropnum, 
u lewo; iiui€n9i tW«ca8, recutiem*; 

rffif/iVus, verptta. 
"tft lews diBUnno ; iu(Jaiifmn9. 
a luelLe (lowell; A.); iocale, 
•to lugiUtf ' ; ioculari. 
*a luguler ; gegticuiator, ^* Mtera ; 

vbi a liarlott. 
*a Iagii1yxis« ; gestictUacio, ioeamta. 
ten Iven ' ; edera, 
ian Iven bery; comubue. 
tZtUy (lule A.) ; ju/iiu, fuic/am men- 

au / juliaiioua. 

+Iuna ; junius, TiiMiam ffHiuLs, <fi<M- 

fto lungff (luno A.) ; Adiungere, Ap- 
jionerc, Afcirty Atn'toere incJiortti' 
titim, atli'jare. comjx'g* iKirc^ coin- 
midere. iMu/fderart; iiingere^ con-, 
com-^ srrerUf Crtn-, maritare. 

luneabyllfT ; jungihUin. 

luned ; coniuneUui, Argitt\\», con- 
einoiiiH, coni/TacfQA, contigiiatoB, 
inpaetas^ \unetuti,/t'ftratxis^ con-. 

a lonour ; junctor, jtaginator, COD- 
federator, ^* fpt*ra. 

a Iimyngtf (A lunyng or a Itznte 
A.); compagtif,compago,iuncturat 
scindcri^f. cohfedtracio. 

lunynge ; cou iu nyeas, atf I'lm^cnjr, 

a lunyper ; /f/niperua, herha «it, 

lurynallfi (lumalla A.) * ; brmi- 

*Zurye ' ; Tuda, iudaismnn est ritaa 

8m Ut0 ftoconnt of lb* dwtmodon of Sodom «nd Qomomh in ABiL Poeau, B. loio, wbora 
,m uo toU— ' A«ke) vpB in )m> ayra ft rM//«3 >er fiuwen. 

As ft foraes ful of flot ^•l ypaa fyr bojlea.* 
At L 747 Abrahftm while plcfttling for the two cities sajs — 

' I tun boC ert>e fal eael A v^tl so hUke-* 
^JoMpbui wu ifounde j-bid auioDg UK<e» [/utif^].' Treviu'a Higden. fr. 431. O. 
Ie«l. uWi. - ' Soo Flende, nbova. 

In tbe Harleian MS. venion of Higden'i PoXyehromtMn^ U. 42$ in a curious Account of 
how OCTtfiin women of It&Iy used to give * chese tnt vnma bywicchod * to tTmrellere, which 
bftd tba property of tuminjj alt who ale it into bea«it« of btirxlen : ' Wbiche women turned 
^Sa a iNWoa a iocnirr otber mynstrelle [qvemdam hUtrionem] in to tho Biuilttado of a ryallo 
wbom thei Bolde tor a ^Rtn iumine nf money.' The wime writer iiayi of the Englijdi 
that ' tb«i be a* ioeuUrt io behauor [in s/ewlu eunt hirtrionrM] ;* ii. i ;i. 

* Thi« form is «tiU in use in iho North ; see rearock'nGlciM. of Manley & CoTTingham; 
Bofauuon'a GlcM. nf Whitby, Ac. In the Setvn Stuje*, ed. Wii^'ht, 1. 181, the 'clerks* 

[■n teproMolcd as pUdng under the bed of uie Em{w)ror'« non * four men lovet togydir 
koyt,' in order to test his wonderful learning. The boy however on waking at once delects 
aniua nltorotion in his bed, anti declares that * tiM rofe hya sonkon to nyght, or tbe flora bli 
na(jn on bye.' O. Dutcb, iVrm. 

* ' JouruaU, a boko wbiclip may bo cowdy caried iu tourney. Ilofforpnnrum. Itenerary 
books wherein is wrylten the dystAonoo from pUoe t<» |<hw:o, or wbtrin tln-'xiienMse in 
i ' ^iritten, or callwl otlier wy»e a ioomali. UoHaporicnm, vel iine oainrttiiunt ut 
ti I ', tic Odu-poncuM, Vuuitn/tui tamtn iiupU, mom JIo^trpvrtiurH rrnius ncrihru- 

(/..... vt. This, it wiU be nuticoil, mggesta a difftrcoit derivation fur the word 

'joumal* to thnt gtfiierally accepted. 

* * ^is honger wui strung in every pTaca of Slria, and io the leverit moste.* Trorisa'a 
[igden, Tol. iv. p. 37.;. 'Nerv eende tliat tyme a noble man to tbe irmrjf, Vesparian by 

lame, to make tbe iewea subiecte.' ihid. p. 413. Mr. Kiley in bis edition of the ttbtr 
Albu», Introd. p. L, <^uott« from ibe LUmt Horn an ordinanoo by which previous to tb« 



to Btreiie luse ; txittic^'are. 

to luste ; hastihuhte, hastiludan. 

n luster ; hastUwior. 

ft luatyngA * : haitiinJium, hanSmi- 


a lustya (loatloa A.) ; xudex, utHid- 

Gam<ij/um 10"* 

K taxie A. 
•a Ka (Kae A.)*; moru^itla [no- 

du{a A.). 
a Kay ; davit, ctnuieula. 
a Kay 1>erer ; c/oui^er, claviger- 

n/ue (/iminntinum, 
fa Kay znakar ; c/auicu/anW, c/a- 

•tto Kaykylld (Kakyllo A.) " ; gracil- 

Kalendu; kalende. 

a Kaleader ; kaUndart, kaUmdari- 

^Karlele (Karlill/ A.); karliota : 

harHofenxix /mrtioipinm, 
A Karallf! or a wryting buz^e * : 

ptu/^iui (A.). 
A Karallc; Charta, Chom*{A.), 

K onr'- S. 
to Kelo ' ; /riffitiarv, tepifaeen^ ^ 

cHtT^\ vhi to niake calde. 
1Kelyng6 ; frigviang, 4' cetoro. 

expuUinn nf tlic Jews from Eiiglwid in 1 390 it wu decUrftd ill'«r»l for *nj Iftii'Jliwd In Id 
}nti houitc lo a Jew, uhlt»» it were 'within Jevrry'[ipfraJudaij>mutn]. Wyclif in lilji 
Prologue to ^t. IfUlcH. p. 141, mijrs, Uint 'the 6(M[)elK wereii writnn, by M&theu fur- 
tinthe \n Jetreri'^ l>y Ma'k Hothli in Ytatie. &c.* /cirry — JutUisni, i.e. the i^tj of a 
diHciple of ttie J ewUli fuitU, occura in Pe«ock*R Represaor. p. 69. See Lil>er Cuatumarnm. 
pp. 3i<) and 330 and Glomary, and also Stow'a Survey, oil. Thome, pp. 104-106. 

' lusting, at thv tilt or nuidouDt?,/iM/iM A(t>/ic»«.' Uaret ' Jiutes or ioAtyngvsuat Uia 
ranrlcm or tilt. Decurrio, ffippomachia. Tvmiamen,tndi, JiUXlt^^iaiae. Ampkitheatrtiin.* 

■ In Wright' Vocab. p. 188. we 6nd ■ Koa. nion«fu7(i.* Tlic chough or jnckdtw 
waa called In the ea-ntem oountin, a catOiov. ' Koo, a bynio." Palsgrave. ' A'cdvliu. a 
Imft.' Oriu» Voo. 'ATwiKrfaia, coo.' lUrl. MS. 1587. 800 al-w P. t:ad*w, A-S. «», 
ifirntx : O. Pntch in. *o«; O. H, Ger. kafta. * Mmiftiula, a Koo.' Medulla. Gawaia 
Dou){la« in hi« trmailation of Virgil. if)neid, bk. rit. Frol. 1. 13. has — 

* Ka (aat dcolynnys Cynthia the mono. And kajfin keklya on the ntfo abone:* 

and Stciwart. Ci'onidia 0/ Sfotland ^Holla SericitV vol, iii, p. 398, uiya that acconling to aofna 
Ibe 'grtfii kirk' of St. Andraw waa burnt 'witli ane fyr« brand anc ka buir till bir nesi.' 
Tbii word i>n>liably eiplaiiw lyite in Chaucer, C. T. 5Br4. 

' ' An A (ivno ilmt hiu loyde anu eggo Orion and mJI-iV« onane. bo, ftc* De De^Bevllle'a 
P%rituiiuo of thii Lif or the MaaJiode, MS. John'a Coll. Cautab. leaf 79. Horman utyn, 
*%Vlie*i ihu IipmIc b'lina bath laved an egife, or w>ll oytto, or hath hatched, the cakellk. 
MatriTCumovttJneilidU, vet oai» tncubaiumr* rxdutit, tflocii title tjlontat.' • I kakell, 
a4 a henuo d-<the afure alie layetb eji^ea. Jt Mifiiff/e. This licnnv kakyUvth fast. J wene 
ahe wyll Uyo ; ct^rff jjtHnf cnofHette /mi, je trop t^tuUt tenll fiontlrt.' Va-Ugmve. linnitajit 
Deechpt. of Kng- ii. 15, U9«!« the furtu 'gagling.' * p>e bun bwun heo haucO ikid ne oon 
buton knlxlfn.' Annra R'xuU, p. 66. In the lame pa^^ the author ajiuxk^ of *h^ttUnd* 
axkcrcQ,' where the tneaning u evJdi nt*.y ohattcring. Sc« abo Ui Cloyke as a hett. 
Dou^laH ukca litklit fur ' laughed * in ^'ICiieid, r. p. 1 33. 

* Amofig4t the vanouM article* necvwary lor a wrnbe Kcckham in his TrcntUi r/ 
tilibn*. nr. in Wright's VoL of Vooab, p. 1 16, incntionn jtluUum *irt. oMrrfni, Ui»' 1 
being clnsMnl * ramie' In the finit quotation givrn by IiuraoKe «. v, Cnnjin tho ii> 
afipeara to bo lu liere a dcuk : ' Pom in dau^iro <.'ar»U> rtl hujvrmndi Kriptoria n- ' 
turn (^tuiltat in d&fuiilor!o, nut dt AhhUu Uf^^ntltt nulUittn'i* k*tbmntnr. btatuwi ih 1. 
Pr^i'ioiiHtmt. dtat, i. cap. 9.' Hee aljo Daske* above. 

* ' h" fouwer I wulnioa) wt-ren idelni a tweluc- for t>a twolf linnm>Un nulHen t^armi-le 
beore fumt kelfn.' OI<l Kn'^. Hoindion. ed. Morrin. i. 141. In Wyolit'* venum of the 
parable of Divea and Lataru*, the former b defcinbed as stj in« ' Fadir Atraltam, hav* 



+« Kelyngtf'; morw ; fn^e'ia^. 
tKelkyi {KeUys A.) of tysohiB^ 

*aKell«'; retintJumtreticintUum. 

•a Kell? WnytUr ; r*/i*Pu?apiiM, «- 

to Kambfl *; romw*. />//rf<My, «fc-, /wc- 

(inare, ^xaYiM, ;}«nTei ^ cetera. 

mercy on roe. uu! wn.1 lATAnu, that be (Uppo tb« Iwto part of hii fyngor in walir, and 
ieif my tung«> ; 1 niu ttirraciitid in tdi* ftawmc' Luke ivl. J4. * Dot oft^vrwarde when 
it ceiwfl. and tbu berta XWia of love of Ihi-MU, lliaunc eniym in vayne ^orie.' Thumloa 
MS. iMf 921. lath^AiUurto/Arthvr.ed. RoLmq, iv. 6 we rviul— 
' T)i»y kfst of bor cowptillus. in cllffts lo coUl, 
Cunifordun bor kenetiot. to kel< buoi of cfvro ;* aot alao xri. 6. 
In Uie Mofit Arihvrt, L iS.iS. Sir Cador. after billing the Kin^ of Ldibe, iayi — 
' AW tbA Dowr in tbt< claye, u»J coiiifurLbe thi «elf<-ne.' 

'Qainta eaacnciA is not boot mid driti on Her for hcot pini^s it krli^, and boot 

■Ijknfrjdi it doi)> awey.' Tbe Bouk of l^uiiita eaaenoe. ed. FuniiviUl. p. a. ^ita/«»cold 
oconrs to tbe Smn Satjn, ed. Weljer. 1. 1513 — 

'That night he nt wel mre akate And his wiriai warroe a-beilde;' 

Bee also P. I'lnwman. B.xviti. 39J, uid Cunor ^Zl/unWi, L 13541. A. 6. ace/un, originally 
transitive* nco/i«« beina tbe intransttivo ftirm. O. Kris, ktla. 

* Cotgnvfi gives • MerluM, a Mt^woU or keeling, a kind of umall pcmI, whereof stockfixh 
b mado.' Tlic Ixijptg appeara in tbe fiirt coone of Archb. Xcvil'* Feast, 6th Edw. IV. 
See Warner 'm Antin, CuL In Ilavelok, amongst tbe fish caoKht by Qnm are mentioned, 

' Ktiinff .... luul tiimberel Hortnj*, and^o tnakerol.*.]. 757. 

'TbeMjrn^and thethombAke, and tbe^retwhalle.' Utliq Aniiq.i.S^. Handle Kolm«, 
xstv. p. 334. ool. I, has, 'He bearotb Oules a Cod Fish argent, by the name of Codlin;;. 
Of others termed a Stockfish or nn llaberdine ; in the Norlb part of this kiugdome it ia 
callmj a Keling. In tbe Southeme parts a Cod, and in the Weetem parts a Wt-lwelL' 
MyVncelle occurs in J. RasseU's Boke of Nurture, in Babeea Boke, p. 38. 1. 555. See 
Jamiemn f. v. Kding, ' Kelyng a fywbe. aunon:' Palsfrrare. 
' Hie roc or milt. In tbe l^r Care Cocorvm, ed. Morn«, p. 19, we have a recipe (or 

* Mortrewe of fyKhe.' which rnns as fallows — 

* Take )>o AcU-r* of fy««he aiiun. And temper ^ biothe fuUe welle >ou schalle. 
And )u lyrerof )>o f>-wtbe. seUie horn alon; And welle bit together and ser^'o hit jKoma 
|iun take bretle aod peper and ale And set in snle before (;ood mene.* 

Moffet & Beanct in their ffettUh'a /mprovrmmt, 1655, p. 238. my, 'Cods liave a B'addar 
in them full of Kgex or N]iawn. which the uortbern men call the KeUi, and eeteetn it a very 
dainty meal.' Btill in one in tbe North. 

* Elyot translates retiettJum by * a ooyfe ar ea//e, which men or women osed to weare on 
tboyr heada.* In Aithor's dreun. recorded in the ilforrr Arthurr, wo an told. L 3358» 
that a dtiahoM dettcended from tlui clouds 'with keJU and with corenalie denlicho amyede :* 
and in Wright's PoL Songs, p. 158, we read ' unoomely under calU." Bnrt't give^i * a caale 
to couer tho boare as maydens doe, rttuttlum, unr. e*>tjft ; a caulo for the head, erohyloH, 
rtU dt •oj/e, unt efrije' Herman sa^n, ' Maydena wa« sylken eallit, with the whiche tljey 
kepe in ordre tht^vr bean made jeluwe with lye. Puetlat rdicalia boaJiaHniM utantur, drc.* 
'Cenwdl/o. kalle' Neckam, J)e Vtati. in Wright's Voeab, p. toi. 

'The bare wm of this damyceU Knit with ane butt«iun in ane goldyn Mt* 

G. I>ouglaA, Krtfadtti, vd. p. 137^, 1. 41. 
tQHton. Bait f(rr TmrtUfn, sayi : * MauMe tbe buure or c\tUt maker {Auif<4icr) mayo- 
her wl-ely ; aboieneth ilere her enUet or himes, she Miwetb them with two stunim.' 
'8m alao Kcti>|. Antiq i. 4I. By tbe Statute ig Henry VII.. c. ai, it was forbidden to 
iiDp<wt into Kii^'IhikI ' a[<y iiianer sllke wrought by it a^lfe. or with any other staffe in any 

fltoe out of tbi« Br-dm in Uibband». Lsc^to, Girdles, Corses, t'aiU*, Comeft of TiMUefl, or 
'oititfi. vpon pain of forfoituro.' Altbougb the caol or helU was L-hicfly used with rvferv 
ence to the umainenUl network worn by lailles over their hair, we Hud it occasionally u>cd 
for a laMin, skull-cap. Tims in Y. Tlowuiau, B xv. 233, Charity \t deaoribed as • yfalltxt 
and ycrioiilod. and his crowne sbaue ;' and in TroiloM A- CrtmiUlit, iU. 727 : • tnaken liym a 
hoWlifl Ml;oue UCiiilt,' 

* ' Kembe yuur hear that U may tytte backwanle. Come tihi capeUmm ft gU re/tci'iM.' 



vn Kembyd (KemmydA A.) ; jm' 

compln^, impfiTUSj nudua. 
Kembyd (Kemmyd^ A.); eom]UQa, 

*& Kempo ' ; vhi a ginnde. 

A Komator *; jifctiruttrix (A.). 

A Kenellif ; canictUarium^ 

'ftKenIt'; (uhicn/ub. 

tKeutt ; enncia. 

tuKepe ; autodiretSeniare,Jih.rare, 

obHuruare, r9-,cfistodimw inclit^of 

vcl mncioSf seruamaB atpcotUt 4t 

eotcru <dia, 
ttoyiftoKepe; eoixime9idurc,dep<m- 

f thytige yifcn to Kepe (a giffinge to 

Kepe A.) ; commendatum, d«' 

a Keper ; custoe, ctutoditor, samari- 


^ doctriite 4' <*rt^9 «Mt, oh*eruat>ds 
ven cuUus, ^nts ; vnde (hominrs 
in fmri meo i. ia eusfoJ' ' '< ) 
i7/m^, o/y.t in put^e y ,.' 

solas f%iasi pure, id cat ou*/Ww. 

*a Kerchlfe ; Jtammeum, JtanuMoi- 
um, mamora, vUta, 

to Kerv© • ; tculpen. 

ft Kerrer ; tteuljUor^ hpidum vet liy- 
nof-nni. ciVoTMWMn ctiurtun est 
eotam <2oniitM «tto. 


a Kychyn ; coquina^ cfn^paliuva, eu- 

/*7i«,/tt7uirt, focait'a, pojnna. 
•ft Kiddo • ; vhi fagott. 
a Kyddo of a erayto ; hedtUan, 
ta Kylo • ; vtcnn ; t'/wronia. 
to Kylle ; vhi to Blaa. 

^ 'Beinto Tlcnelt. uid Setnto Antonie, ftnd to ofira irel je wuten hu boo wenni itonbdL 
Mid |>iirii)i t^tcnrAi'liiiuipreoued to trenwecliampiun*: and bo mid nlit«ofiienMKl«DitMM/i«ii« 
eruna.' Aucren Jiiide, \i. 1^6 : Bet; aiuo iind. p. 196, ]>an Miclid'a ^ymiiV* 0/ /Mfy(, pp. 
45i 5<>t ^< DouglM, tiHtadm, Pk. v. p. i^q. iriV/iVinto/ Palfrtu, 11. 37.46, 4039. &0. 

* He Beduer cleopedo, b&Ide hii kemye.' LajJUttiAi. iii. 37. 
In Ifavtitti, 1. 1036, wA are told chat * be wiui for n kempti told.* ComtMira 

* Tber« u no k^nga vndira Crist« maj kfmpe with biriu one.' Morte Arihnrt, 2633. 

' 1 alae ten thoweuid upon « daj Of kempes in their best luny.' 

A.R. 4vmpa. loci 4r#iHf>a. C3ieiter FUyi. i. 759. 

' ' Iltc tHvtrix, Renuler.* Wright** Vol. nfVncftb. p. 194. ' A Molding of itwin^uf^r^, » 

fighting of b«gg<m.' Ljdgate, ^orv, 5Ar;w<t 6'Aooi, p. 33. ' Kempttor, liHiirs.* I'al^grmrct. 

' In Mortc Arthurt, 1. lai, we are tuld that the Komiuia 

• Cowohido M tentiti before the kyngo selayne ;• 
uul in the £«eyn ftage$, ed. Wright, 1. 1 763, we read — 

■ Mi Ionic hvlde s /rMrt M Tliat be loverl nwyth wcl.' 

'KenHta qneattnU to <|uellit,' Uftiq. Antiq. ii. 7. Bee alto Antun 0/ Arihur, at It., fto. 
■JViccnnicu/ia. a h«net.' Wright'* Vocftlf. p. 319. 

* PabigTKTngivea'I kerveajtiilurvardothean 7mNge,^(ai7f«/ and theMaolp.Yoeab. 
*to konie, graao, fciilprrr.' 

' SjfdM are mentioned in the Whitby Abbey RoHb, 1396. 'Kydde, a fagotte, fatonrHf* 
Falsgrave. ' Fouaee .... a great kid, Dauen, or 64;goi of sinall ntick^. I'OiJ^t*,/. Tbe 
■nuUlest lorl of BauMis, Kid*." I.V>tgTave. Fitih«'l»urt in bii Uoktof Hnthandiy, fa xlUi'*, 
reoommenrls the fantifr • to sell ibo toppM an tbcy lyo a ^rcnt, or oU drwn© theiu »nd mU 
the grvnt woode by it wlfo, and tbe K\fdd§ woode by it atlfc;' and O. Mitrkhnm in h'ui 
Coitntry ContmtmmU, 1649, p. 99, eays, ' for u mnoh a* tlun fowlo [the lloron) ia a great 
deelraction uutu the youiig spavna or frio of fish, it thall be ^uod for tlm prescrvitt'^m 
thereof to stake down into the bottome of your ponds good long IriitM or rR4;g<»tJ of I 
wooil,' Still in uBt! in the Xortli : (>eu Mr. Peacock '1 Gluauiry of Manluy Sc Currir.^ 
and Mr. Itobirmott'* (tIc«H«Ary of Whitby. 

* In the I'rieke 0/ Conicimet wo aie told that amongRt the other patni of Purgatory 
*Ron». ft-r Kti\y, nal hnf in |wir Ijrtnii, Al« kf/Uf Mid fcloium ^n■l ii(io«t>*tnB.' I ... 

HalUuvll (jiioioN n reci|>e from Linr. Med. MS. } iSj„ fur ttic curr< n( ^ k(lr» in th< 
* Mak it ri|;lite liate. ftnd bynde U on a clatbe, and bvii<ti> u tn the rare, and it xal ■..■ .. 
away or gwre It logedir to a kiU' Ihid. lent' 300. 'A kyle, hiiU' Maidp. Voeab, C»e« 
t^ JUU<i, Anitq. i. $3.uid Wright** Vot. of V ocab. pp. w;, it^. O.i&il.kgU. 



ft Kyllno ; certiaUum, vftrina, toraUi. 
*ft Kjipe (Kelpe A.) of a caldron ' ; 

tto Kylto * ; tfuAftfreittare t>cZ niffhr- 

cinarCt suceingeM. 
A KymnoUtf * ; Amula (A.). 
Kynde ; 911U08, fTvatuitut, ^ cetera ; 

vhi large. 

fvn Kynde ; AJuUerinna, jnffnUM, 
non naturafis, vjiiobtlU, dcffencr 
correpio -(/**-, f/cy|fi]nus. 

tto be vn Kynde, or to go oute of 
Icynde ; '/*?yr«cr<iJ**, th'j6rni.inare. 

towt of Kynde ; cUjiner, degentu 

a Kynde : ffenun, geiimxa, JUU ^rectf 
natura cat, tpecias. A*cl de^r- 
tint gejtvs 4' «;J^cie«, gma omiita 
aninia/ta «un< finndem g«nt:ri«, 
ted non eiuhdem 9j>eeiei, quia 
dijpmixst in sjHxU ; nam alia «st 
speciarAwmana, alia Uoniaa^ alia 

tKyndly ; naturalis; nainrraiitet 

to BIyndelli* ; Aee*nd«rejnjiatt\mare. 
ta Kyndyller; incensorjueendiariun, 
Kyndyllynge ; iTtfetuienM, jftctntiuM» 

a Kynge ; basifioa grec«, AoxiYtus, 

lar, 77iag\t&, rcx^ rc^ifullufi t/tmiau- 

tmu/n; mjalin^ rfgius ; ChiiaU. 
a Kyngdome ; retjio^ regnuva^ ^i*^t 

ora, rfigionarius ; {tH»rsi« : 
^Asjrirami fu>ram Unipus (\hi 

Si "on mjtiras lirMn notal ac 
rfijionem A.). 

tA KynghouBo ; baxiUea, rrgia. 

ta Kynffiff crye ; edictum. 

tft Kyng^t4 orowne. 

a Kyngix pime ; Jiscus iJUcalit par- 

a Kynredyne* (Eynderyng A.)*; 
cognacio, coTisa7>guertita», contri- 
huiatan, contriim/ifi, penns, gtmeo- 
logia, genivnen,genetn»^ geueracio^ 
indoles, parenteia, progenies, pro- 
Hnpia^ »t\i\rp9t aanguM, <k>6o/m, 

* Rfty'« (rltMRiiry (jIt« ' "Rilpe, pot-hooke/ nnd also 'potfl^pf. pot-hooka.' • Onft brup* 
pot with kiipfa' is mflntioned in the Inventor/ of John Nevil at rnlilin^worth, 1590 ; and 
in Rtpon. Fab. Rull, i4)«,>6, we Gml ' Iteni, pro ano kjflfte ile fetro j'*.' A. 5. clffpfan. to 
chcp, gn<p. In the Will of &Utt. WlthAm. 1545, pr. in ItUAmondtkin WUU, Ac, 8ur< 
teei Soc. xxtL p. 56. tbo t««tati>r bequoMb* ' to th« said bam of BretNoby on challct, 
bnkcB, and veatymenti. anil aU othar ornaraenta b^ongjng to tha ebapoQ, ailao a oiollay 
pott with a Jeplp, a chaiTc^r, a hrewyug layyd. with all veaKll belonging to the aamc ; and 
my wyffa to ha,ve the cliAft'er during her lyflit.' 8«a also p. 31, where arv roenkioned * tij 
rekyngn, Ij pare of pnt Jryt/wa, and a pare of tangea ;* and p. 249 : * iron frt7/w,<*.* 

' To tack ap clotbea, ike. DAniKh KiiU, to tniai, tuck up. Gawain Duuglaa givea tha 
fononrin? rendering of Viryil, MtitA<\ i. iio — > 

' Wim wind waffing hir hBrij> \ovfit of tmee, Hir ddrt hiltU tQl btr bare knee/ 
p. >3i od. 1710, the ori^nal I^tin l>ein;r — 'jVudd j?e»i«, HMloquit mhus ^lUffn finentti. 

' The aame an P. Kyml>ne, A larjfc tub mada of opri^'ht RtnVtti htio|*i!*I t^^ietlier in the 
manner of a oajik. Tht^y are oaed for nUUui; meat in. fur brunluK, and auoh like purposes. 
Littleton in his Lak l>ict. 1 735, baa ' Kinding in I Jncotnfllure, or a Idmnel, aa they term 
it in WorcMtenihirfl, rat foqmmdtt ceret^ici-r.' ' Otm iiiAAhfAtt, tow wort Tcaaolb, one longe 
k^MPtfll. onu round kymntU. uue iit«ep&itt, one clenainjc uvu i>i,* occur in Inventory of 
Rltunml WArini: ^f WolvflrhampUui, in Procoed. Soc. Antlq., April in, iK"? : and in the 
luvenUtry of Richard AUtdo of Sodtborp, 1551, wo find, 'on le<l mad l-rmntl k a pair of 
mu^iAnl wemH, vj' v\'\y*,' ' Kymneii, fjurvut, fjHrntetle.' Palatrrave. Holland in hi» train, 
of Plior, Bk. tv. 0- 6. »p«vk» of * pann anj i>auehion» of v^nh, or eU tosmjU or liimnei$ of 
law].* and tke worl nl-*> ■•ci-iin in iWnuii'ont Jt Flotcber. The CaTcomh, Aoi iv. n. H — 

'Sbe't •otnciwhAt iiiiniilo. Indeed ; itbe knew not whit a Jrimmtl was.* 

* A kmntl or k«mU» : a poudenng Tub.' Ray 'a North Country Worda. Tha term U atOl 
in un. 

* Sae DoCa to Batredao, abova. 

.« .s^i ■• -^T 2if<in^ "=^=-.^1 

-M. t.-r=fc 

- ^ — ■ ■- i;-. 


; '/... - ■ 

- 1. . <=acaL J* 

- .1.- 


5. -• ' '..-^ .- ^ .-, V 

,-. .- ■- . ■»/•■ ■'. I ZLU 

.^ .-•' f;..- ' .'..f'l ./.. H'lri'-'"'..'!!. 
, « .. ,- I* : »■. ._: ■'i.". . i- 

i^ -*. J*- 

»■. - r' 



to Kiiawlege ; faUri, conjitfri, mani- 
/esiare ; rerjUB : 
%CotiJiteor tporUe, fateor ffiwi 
/arta coactuh *. 
a Knawlegynse ; wi^eiaio, fastio ; 
versus : 
% Si cor non ori eoncordei fasaia 
a Kna ; ymu, genicuUtm liimmutia- 

to Eneda ; Jnlerere, pindere, pinaore, 

pinsare, pirnnUtre, 
ta Knadyngif trotha (trowo A.) ' ; 

maff'ia, pinsa. 
to Knalle (Knela A.); genicufari, 
Oil-, tn-j re-, geutiari, jlecltre, 
sujfraginari, genujUctere. 
a Kneler ; genicidarius, in-. 
a Knelyng? ; tttffraginacio, genvflec- 

ao, prostrac'io. 
a Knyffe (KnyCs A.) ; cuIuUub ; oer- 
%Artauo8^, Xin/m/ot, adiunge 
ftouacufa, cuUroa, 

CufteSoaqaej 8p<Uai, rasoria 
UKugimViB iVfis. 
ta Knyche ' ; fascicular ^- cetera ; 

I'bi u Imrdyn. 
•ftKnyghto; milet, quiris ; versus: 
%Miies, eques, tiro, tiruaciUvB 
atqne gmritrs^ 
A(*\ue lUopfolomviB nouus est 
rcgruUor in jstiB, 
mititaris partidpiam ; miliio, co- 
mi file. 
a Knygh[t]ede ; mtlicxa, or A cheve* 

f& Knyghto wyflte ; mtliiisBa. 
to Knytte; nfctere, cul-, c<m-, auh-, 
Ailigare, ^cetera; rbt to bynde. 
to Knoke ; p%tUare^ puUUaret tun- 

a Knokylle ; conduits; cotxdilomali- 

•a Knoppe of a Icne ; jntemodium. 
*a Knoppe of a sclio '' ; bvlla. 
"to Knoppe ; buUare. 
*Knoppyd; builatus. 

and in Lc Bone Fhrmet, I. 1795 — 

' Tdce hers the i(ulJ« in » httgg, At the gchyj^ borUe ends.* 

1 Kbnll hyt hyoge ft tniuj^, 
K»agtd with the meaning of itudded oooura in Sir Qatoayn€, 1. 577—* Pnlayne) tmafftd 
WTih knote) of g>^liltt.' Soo aim> Dettntction 0/ Trotf, 4973. Buloet hu * Kji^jgffs, Hoopuiut. 
lUMugye, or fbll of knaggM. Seopuio§tu. ' 

^ BM P. Be Aknowfl a-^yno wyUe, or b« conatroyayiigv, whero the muiw dUtiactiau is 
dnvn bctvaea /aUor and eo^fiteor. 

' Baret ffivci * a kneading-Crou^h, also a randte, or rolling pinno, that they T«e to knead 
with&U, moyb, poZ/ux, A:o. um mujt d patrir pain, e^ai auiti wne table rounds^ oh ra< 
n>ntf«iit de pn*t%M*ier* 

' ' ^IWarw. CullcUus acuontlii c&Luais Kriploriifl.* Ducange. ' A Barbar's Raaer. 
Ifouaeula.' Bftret. 

* 'Faseieuiat. A gripe, or hunrlfiilt boiinde together. Libromn ftueieulut Uor. Afiudell 
or liltU packe of bookei.' CoQper. 

' Dymle(> hem in htacchtMui for^i To brcnne lyk to liechl/ 
The XI Pauu of Ueilu. printed in An Old £ny. Miidl. ed. Morria. p. 335. 1. 77. 
O. £Dg- inicelu-, kntfhcht {jm Wyclif ), knodu, knuedu^ mufdU. The A. S. (which would 
prubftltly h&ve beoo cnyacc) iloias nut occur su fax u I am vmnns^ ihuuirh we find other 
wordi of the eama stem. Id Middle Geroun it is itnvdl-e, Unoekt; Mod. Gar, knock*. 
In the Rotnnnce of R^€hard Coer de Lion. pr. in Weber'a Metr. Roan. ii. L 1983, lb« 
Saraoena, in order to cron » dyke to get at liie Clirliti*ne. 

* Kurt in hwticlirt off hay, To moke hnramen n redy wnv.* 
Wyali£ Worka, ed- Arnold. {. 97. haa, 'Oidere je fimt J>ee laree tugidere and bynde ^om In 

kHftckIt ^ea ^ood auj^els sbal bynde Cristea anemyM in iraytcAw.' 8a too (d bia 

Tenlon of St Matthew xiii. 30 : ' Fmt gedre }*« to g< dre domela (or cockilii) and byndoth 
faem togidro in knytchii (or ainoll bundelie,) for to ^ hrvot.' 

* In the Coreotry ftlyateries, p. 245. 'tj dnctorya* are n.'pre»ented a* wearing* on here 
hedys a furryd c&ppe, with a gret knap in the crowne,* and in a recipe for 'Ciutanea,' giren 
in the LUnrCurt Cocorttm, p. 39, u a direction lo lay ou the toji a ' yolke of t^gv . . . • 



A Knotte ; liijamea, tio^us, nodutxiB, 
Mams, oculuB ; (vcr«Ufl : 

certitmus omn49 : 

£t iiuplex pT\mOf ted aimpt^ 
tKribitiu- j/mo A. )- 

Oaftfu/um 11^ li. 

If autt A. 

to lAbor ; vUi to wjTke. 

a liAbur ; vhi tniwelle. 

K lAoe ' ; 6a/</ufUfl {la/jucus, iaqueare 

a Ladda ; vbi a knofiis. 
B liayde ' ; pb> a Ijiirdyn. 
to I»ayd ; aarcirMre. 
a Iiaddyr ; Knl<h 4c ^^t^^a ; win a 

ta Ijayd aadylltf * ; geatitt<»-iutQ, gu- 

a Iiadylld ^ ; /lai/jtortKin 
ta Ladyllfi tor yettyngo '; /uaonuta. 
Iitidy ; (ioniitw, A«i*o, Xarw, »$• tfetenn ; 
vcr«U8 : 
^E«i JkfifiX vel Nomina, vMilisr, 
tnaitona, tnrago. 
a Itafe ; Ace j^KtnU, panicuioB ; pano' 

iTUS, 7Ja/IiU^8Uil. 

to Itaghe ^ ; ri(/«re, arrtd«re, torrid- 

Ziaghande(I«awghande A); rtn'^ia. 
a La^hyngs ; rurus ; ri<i«iur. 

ilMt bard la Kt]mn .... As hit were n gjUene Jlrnop,' See a1io P. Plowman. C ix. »93, 
£ir Dtrfrerant, L 1494, Wyclif, EzoduB ixri. 1 1, &c. In Piercf the Ploitf/ltman* Crrdt, 1. 
414. thti rK>u|;hmAn la dencnbed ac wearing * knopjted nchon, doated full t^kke.' * Hue 
tHtcmodium, ilio knope ortbu kne.* Wright^ Vocab. p. jo8. 

* Tbat in, nlflictod with tho gout. DucaAge give* * Comiilus, Papue in MS. Biturio. eai 
Nodiu. Inile Coruiilvi/muiiai pauio. id erf. nodotUtu jaanuum, & Condilo, at, Pvgmi» 
eado : CondHomata, ideiU,fjlanflHltr. HiNagmco KuvivXof, r>if;iti aniculus et junctura.' 
Coop«r reuderi Condylna by 'The raoodnetM or knots of the bonu in the kuee, aacl*^ 
elbow, knnoklca, &o.. with vhich Uaret agreei. ' Condilomatiea pasMto, i. nodositatf iit' 
Jbrmitat. Conditoinattcut, a Unokky}. Nodi>4itat. Kaoltyht^n* Medulla. 

' Chauoer in the CanoH'g i'tonuin't Pntltij/ue, 574, has — ' His hat hcng nt hia bak doun 
by a laat.' Sco %\miKni;/htea TuU, io95anil 1646. Tbo word wnc alao unod fur tlic ciird 
which held a mantle. Thus in /jtoMydon, 316, Iho kuigUl U reprmented a^i luuMtrtiin^ Ula 
mantlb by drawing the cord— - 

' Hti tokti tho ouppo of the boielere, And dnw a lace of vylke full clere, 
Adownu thnn ftille hyi mautylla by,* 
In the Bomanco of Sir Fcmml'rat, 1. 9163. wc road of Gwencton — 

' Ys buhii on is bed tfone he caate, Ajid let hiiu lac^ wul and fasle.* 
* A lace, Jibula' Manip. Vooab. 0. ». hu. Uu frnra Lac laqueup, a nouse. From the 
Spaniftb form nf the same word cornea our lotto. Sue Iiaw. In the Inventury of the 
property of Sir J. Fantulf, nirendy refemKl in, we Hnil — ' Itmn. j clothe arran, with a 
gentlewoman holding j iace of bUko. and j KcotJi^woiuan a hauke.' Paetoa LetUn. L 479 ; 
and again, 'j hode of dainaBke rujiaet, «iLh j typpet &tftyd with a UiK of mikn.' &«• tha 
quotaODu fi-om Tnivifta'a Htgdoa, «. v. Lcuijer, below. 

* * A lade, oniw.' Manip. Vooab. Hainpole, Prtckc t^ Corunimct, 3418, hiui — 

' Dts minimiii granie fit AIb of many Hmale oornM ea mado 

Maxima aomma oahallo. HI a hon bok a niyknl lad** 

A S. kttui, hlndant to load. O. Icol. MaHa. to htnp. 

* A Huldle &r a horte carrying a load or burthen on Its back. 

* A.S. hladel (t), the handle of a wimllan fin* drawing water ; IK>m hladan, t<j h^ntl, 
draw. In the Prologue to th« MancipU't TaU, Oiauctx aays, * Aliia! he itaiMe hohh) bim 
by his ladti \ \. e, way did he not ictick i^^ hie buuiieaa t ' Jtfatonitiin, ladylW.* >Vn){ht''a 
Vocab. p. 1 7S. * Liffula. A aoummi^r or litdtdL* Cooper. * Sm fttt, below. 

* In tne Prick« 0/ Coiuaienoe^ 1. 1 09a. we ara told tliat U ia dAngoroni for a man to love 
tho world—' For {le world loffhtM im man and nmylea. But at ^ last It htm bygylai.* 
For other examples see Sttatiuauii. A. S. hUhiMiit Oolhio A^aA/aa. 


tto Iioyne * ; Abteondere, cehre 

{occultarc A.), ^ «eterft; vbi to 

*to Iiakk (I«Ad6 A.) * ; dfij/rauar^^ ^ 

cetera ; thi to Manic. 
a Iiombe (Lamo A.) ; A^ub^ Ag- 

nellMAf A^na, A^fiiUa ; A'jmnut. 
fa Ijampe ; iamj/aM^ lamjmda. 

ta Lampray » ; mvfWd, 

a Xiampron ; viunntula. 
a l*anda ; turra ; tvrrenuB, ^- retera ; 

v\ti erthe. 
ta ZiandB lepar * ; jnqttiUn\XB. 
a I«angage ; Unt/ua, idiomata (i(2i- 

vriiu A.). 

' Id Uie Jforr< ^rMun, L 419, Arthur bids the msBsenper 

'Cirttt velo LuciuH, tbi lonle, koA lajfne nojutice thlee worda :' 
ntul AgiUn, L 3593. Sir Gawkynu n^k* the atrmnge kni^cbt U> t«11 hii nniue, und 'tnynt 
noghte tlio MJtlie.* See also WiUiaH^ t,/ pittrme, U- gofi. gi8, aD«l 1309. &c, Tbe p.p. 
uocure in th« Prick< iff CoH*eifnc€, 5999 — ' Whar Dtttliyng^ ml be hid ne laj^i//.' O. led. 
/^yna. Ray (Glo«. of North C-oanUr Words) givefl ' Ltan. vb. *' to lean uolhintf," to coq. 
cw nothijig ;* and 'Zannw^.^b. " they will give it no ^nan^," i.e. they will dirulf^o it.' 
A ctiuimon expression in the old roinAuoes is * the MOtho is not to Utyut,' i, c. ' the truth in 
hut tobvhid.' In the Avoicjfnff* of Kyng Arthnr. ai. In. appeiira the proverbial exprewion, 
•mtrie latfttett mouy lakkc' ' Wil i noght Iryne mi prinite.' Cursor Afundi, J 738. 

* Amuuf^t (ht; other sitpiii of Hppruacliin^^ death Uampole says Uutt a man 

■ Lovee moo ))at in aid time ban benu, Ue IdJckts }» men (ttt now are aene.* 

Pno^ 1^ Coiueumet, 797 ; 
and Robert of Bntnne tays that 

• Ever bvhyndu a manya bake With illo thai ^de to hym a lake' 

Dutch Uie^fH^ to bo wantinjc, blame, accuse, from luck, laeek«, want, fuult, blama. Swedish 
faJb. blAtne, vice. In the * Lytylle Chilitreo'ii lytil boke* (Hari. MB. 541 ) pr. in tlie Bab««a 
Soke, ed. Fumivall, p. 369, childirn am told to 

' Dryuk b(.>hyude no maunee hakke, Fpr yf ^u du, tliow art to laiilit* 

*In the Lihcr Curt Coeorum, p. 35, will be fonn*! rooeipLa for ' tainpra^ in browet«* 
and * lampraiftt in galcniinc ;' tlic firvX of which ia n« ((Jluni — 
* Take lamprayct and scolde hoin Ly kvnde, Peper and Mfrono ; wello hit with alia, 
SiiLh^'u, ruttt Lum on gn--cl>l, and gr;vl:ii]e Do |ro iamprcj/tti »iid aer^o hit in sale ;* 

and on p. 38 is knother receipt for ' Uuaprttjfca bakun.' In the Uent^Tave Houaehnld 
Aocnuntu i« this vntry, ' fur prtsenting a Utwprty pye vj^.' ' It«ui, the xilij day of .Tanu- 
aiy [1503^ to a servant of the Pryour of LAnthony in reward far l>ryngvng of two bak_>-n 
laumffTtgM to tht) Quene, v'.* Nicholiui' EUa. of V