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Full text of "Cemetaries [sic] of Campbell county, Kentucky"

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1 St. Johns Church 

2 St. Joseph Church 

3 Robert Shaw 

4 James Shaw 

5 Jeremiah White 

6 Schertz Family 

7 Carmack Family 

8 Island Creek 

9 James G. Lindsey 

10 Rardin Family 

11 Tarvin Family 

12 Bartlow Family 

13 Ball Family 

14 Flagg Spring Church 

15 Heal Family 

16 Grandview Cemetary 

17 Peach Grove Cemetary 

18 Immaculate Conception 

19 St. Peter & Paul Cemetary 

20 Persimmon Grove Baptist 

21 John Armstrong Tarvin 

22 James Rardin Family 

23 Richard Tarvin 

24 Plum Creel Church 

25 Holmes Yelton Cemetary 

26 Oakland Cemetary 

27 Hornbeck Family 

28 Bowling Family 

29 Vandiver Family 

30 Unknown 

31 Unknown 

32 Daniel Family 

33 Gosney Family 

34 Lumis - Casson Famlies 

35 Bryan Family 

3 1 833 1 752 7 1 25 GENEALOGY 

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Tug Fork Road Camp Springs, Kentucky 

Four Mile Pike @ Church Camp Springs, Kentucky 

Lick Branch & Grandview Roads, Behind Red Barn 

Stephens Farm Grandview Road 

@ Ridge Above Barrs Branch 6 Persimmon Grove Roads 

10 Mile Road West Of Truesdale Road 

@ Ridge Above Four 6< Twelve Mile Roads @ Creek 

Q Creek West Four 6< Twelve Mile Roads 

Ridge Above Rt . /• 8 Off Carthage Road 

West Side Carthage Road Between Rt . // 8 & Carthage 

Dead Timber // I East Of Washington Trace 

@ Ridge South East Of Lick Hill Road 

North Side Of Washington Trace 

Rt. //lO South East Of Smith Road 

@ Ridge Above Smith Road (^ 12 Mile Creek 

North West Side Of Smith Road Toward Mentor, Kentucky 

Adjoins 2nd. 12 Mile Church On Rt . #154 

(3 Stepstone & Rt . //lO North Of Peach Grove 

North Side Persimmon Grove Pike @ Gubser Mill 

@ Persimmon Grove & Dead Timber Roads 

(3 West Side Burns Road Passing Tibbitts Cross Roads Near Rt . 154 

Joins John Tarvin On South Side Toward Rt . //154 

North Side Rt . #154 East Of Burns Road 

@ Plum Creek Church Road & Rt . #27 

(3 Phillip Smith's Plum Creek Church Road 

Clay Ridge Road & Smith Heitman Roads @ Grants Lick Baptist Ch . 

On Fairlane Road & Hornbeck Road East Hissam Avenue 

North Side Of Demossville Road Near The Bottom. 

On Lane Off North Side Of Demossville Road 

Off North Side Of Demossville Road Toward The River 

Large Number Of Field Stones No Legible Markers 

West Side Of Clay Ridge (? Hoyt Bakers No Legible Markers 

South East Side Of Griffin Ford @ Clay Ridge Roads 

North Side Of Clay Ridge Road Howard Bryan's 

At End Of Morning View Road On Casson Farm 

Steven Cull's Farm Wolf Road 

/;\^0;u;.-!ary Public l.ibtitiy 

900 n'.b3f?r Street 
PO Box r;270 

Fc't Wayne, IN 46801-2P70 

36 James Baker Family 

37 Unknown (Field Stones) 

38 Weinel Family 

39 Plesant Ridge Baptist 

40 St Mary's Church 

41 St Paul Church 

42 Alexandria Cemetary 

43 Alexandria Baptist 

44 Thatcher Family 

45 Murnan Family 

46 ISt Baptist Church 

47 Asbury Methodist Church 

48 Johns Hill Cemetary 

49 Old Catholic Cemetary 

50 St. Joseph 

51 St. John's Luthern 

52 Evergreen Cemetary 

53 Dunlap Tomb. 

54 Corbin Family 

55 Wesley Chapel 

56 Cliff Family 

57 Mt. Gilead 

58 St. Francis 

59 St. Stevens 

60 St. Joseph 

61 Brush Creek MEC 

62 Littleford Farm 

West Side Pond Creek Road - North Of Kenton Station Road 

Weet Side Of Pond Creek Road Visalia Road 

Miller Road Off Pond Creek Road 

Lee's Road Near Pleasant Ridge Road 

Jefferson Street Alexandria, Kentucky 

Jefferson Street Alexandria, Kentucky 

Spilman Drive Alexandria, Kentucky 

Washington Street Rt . #27 @ Baptist Church (Spilman Family Cm.) 

Trapp Court £< Rt . //27 Alexandria, Kentucky 

North Side Murnan Road g Radio Tower 

Rt. #27 ISt. Pool's Creek Road 

Rt. //27 @ Johns Hill Road 

Off Johns Hill Road Near Rt . //275 Bridge 

North East Side Johns Hill Road Near Langview 

Licking Pike g Johns Hill Road 

Joins St. Joseph Cemetary 

Rt. #27 e Moock Road Southgate, Kentucky 

On S.W. Ridge @ Rt . #8 & California Cross Roads 

On Lot #4 Of Dudley B. Ellis Estate 

On South Hillside Of California Cross Road 

@ Washington Trace 

(a Rt. #10 & Wesley Chapel Roads 

(3 Red Cedar On California Pike 

Carthage Road West Of Washington Trace 

Rt. #8 Dayton, Kentucky - Above The Railroad Tracks 

Rt. #27 6. Three Mile Road Fort Thomas, Kentucky 

U.S. #27 And Winters Lane Cold Spring, Kentucky 

Located of Lickert Road 50 yds west of the first 
bend in Lickert north of the Old State Road # 4 

Shagbark Farm on Schmudde-Phillips Road which is off 
Losey Road. The cemetery site is located 200 yards 
S.W. of the second tenent house. 

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3 1 N D E R V, 1 M L. 

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