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Id acconlaiuM with >□ Act of the L«clalktura, approred Hay 31, 189S ^__ 



. ■ • • . - - 

r • • • • ♦ . • • 




1 899. 

tt • • * 



Tablb 1. The United States soldiers of the civil war distin^aished as natiTe and foreign-bom by agee 
and civil condition. 

Table 2. The United States soldiers of the civil war distinguished as native and foreign-bom by agea 
in periods of years. 

Table 3. The United States soldiers of the civil war distinguished as native and foreign-bom by civil 

Table 4. The Confederate soldiers by ages. 

Table 5. The Confederate soldiers distingnished as native and foreign-bom and by civil condition. 

Table 6. The United States soldiers of the Mexican war distinguished as native and foreign-bom 
and by civil condition. 

Table 7. The United States marines distinguished as native and foreign-bom and by civil condition . 

Table 8. By nativity and by ages in periods of years, the U. S. soldiers, saUort and marines who were 
sick or temporarily disabled on the day of the enumerator's visit, together with the nature 
of the sickness or disability. 

List of names of the U. S. soldiers of the civil war. 


Department of State, y 
Lansing, June 13, 1896. 

Hon. John T. Bich, Oovemor of the State of Michigan: 

Sib — I present herewith Volume III of the State censas of June 1, 1894, 
containing the Btatistios of soldiers, sailors and marines. 

Very respectfully, 


Secretary of State, 







The aggregate Dumber of United States soldiers of the oivil war 
returned is 42,B44, of whom 34,946 are native and 7,598 foreign-bom. Of 
the native, 1,525 are single men; 30,178 married; 2,871 widowed; 363 
divorced, and for 9 the civil conditioo is not reported. Of the foreign- 
bom, 456 are single; 6,267 married; 803 widowed; 69 divorced, and for 4 
tlie civil condition is not report:ed. 

The ages range from 40 to 95 years. There are 33 reported 40 years 
old, and 1 at 91, 1 at 92. 2 at 93, and 1 at 95. There are 249 who are 80 
years old or over, and 2,464 who are 70 years old or over. The largest 
number reported at any one age is 3,137 at 50 years, and the largest nom- 
ber at any ten year period is 22,065, more than one-half the whole Dumber, 
at the period 50 to 60. The ages of 33 are not reported. 

The average age of all returned Is 56.07 years. The average age of the 
native is 55.71 years, and of the foreign-born 57.70 years. The average 
age of the single is 65.85 years; of the married, 55.6G; of the widowed, 
60.19, and of the divorced, 56,16 years. 

The population schedule required a return of the diseases or temporary 
disabilities of all persons who were, by reason of disease or disability, 
unable "o attend to ordinary business or duties, on the day of the enumer- 

ior'e visit in June, 1894. The diseases and disabilities of the United 
Ltes tioldierfi, sailors and marines of the civil war are shown io table 
The total number returned as sick or disabled is 6,105, which is 14,23 
t. or about ooe in seven of the whole number. The number of the 
native is 4,964. and of the foreign-born 1,141. The native are 14.11 per 
cent of the native soldiers, sailors and marines, and the foreign-bora 14,75 
per cent of the foreign-born soldiers, sailors and marines. 


\ The number of Confederate soldiers in the State is 148, of whom 102 
i native and 46 foreignbom. The number who are single is 11; mar- 
I, 124; widowed, 12, and divorced. 1. The ages range from 43 to 82, 
B largest number reported at any one age is 13 at 52. The average age 
5.41 years. 





The nnmber of United States sailors and marines in the State is 359, 
of whom 223 are native and 136 foreign-bom. The number single is 24; 
married, 291 ; widowed, 43, and divorced, 1. 


No report of soldiers of the Mexican war was required, yet enumerators 
have reported 41 in the State at the date of the census. Their nativity 
and civil condition are shown in table 6. The number native is 30, and 
foreign-born 11. Tlie number single is 1; married, 27; widowed, 9, and 
divorced, 4*. The youngest reported is 61, and the oldest 102. The num- 
ber by ages, is as follows: 61 years, 1; 64, 3; 65, 2; 67, 3; 68, 2; 69, 7; 70, 1; 
71, 2; 72, 6; 73, 2; 74, 2; 75, 2; 76, 3; 77, 1 ; 79, 1; 84, 2, and 102, 1. The aver- 
age age is 72.34 years. 


The total number of soldiers as compiled may doubtless be taken as 
substantially accurate, but it has been found impossible to make the ages, 
civil condition, and list of names entirely satisfactory. 

The census return of each inhabitant was made on a single schedule 
page, but in two successive divisions of the page; that is, on the upper 
part of the page were entered the name and a portion of the statistics 
relating to each person, and on the corresponding line on the lower part 
of the page the statistics were completed. The question whether or not 
the person was a soldier in the late war was on the lower part of the 
schedule page. Many of the enumerators failed to make any answer to 
this question except in the case of persons who were soldiers, that is they 
did not write the word ''no," as sliould have been done, in the case of per- 
sons who were not soldiers, with tlie result that in enumerating a soldier, 
the entry "United States soldier" was quite likely to be made on the 
wrong line. To illustrate, suppose the entry "United States soldier" be 
found in the proper column on line 4 in the lower part of the schedule 
page, and that it is the only entry in the column, there being no other sol- 
dier reported on the page. Referring to line 4 in the upper part of the 
page, where the name, age, civil condition and birthplace of the soldier 
should be reported, the name of a woman, perhaps a child, or of a person 
too young to have served in the civil war, is found. The explanation is, 
the enumerator having failed to make an entry on every line could and 
did make the entry "United States soldier" on the wrong line. In such 
cases it was often very diflScult, sometimes impossible, to determine 
which of the persons enumerated on the page was the soldier. If a male 
old enough to have been a soldier was enumerated in the family, one of 
whose members was enumerated on line 4, and there was no other male 
of suitable age enumerated near by, then he was accepted and compiled 
as a United States soldier. If, however, there were others enumerated 
near by, a letter was written the enumerator requesting correction. Let- 
ters, however, were not always answered, and all answers did not contain 
desired corrections, and a choice between two or more persons became 
necessary. Of course it is not presumed such choices could be made in 


T CMiBiderable number ot casos withuuf some mietakes. Mistakes in 
X, ages, civil condition, and in the number of native and foreign- 
I respectively, liuve undoubtedly bpen made, yel, except those in 
, the mistakes are not to be regarded as si'rious, as they do not 
set either to increase or decivase Ihe total number. 
|^'3^he list of names will be found to contain many errors doe to illegible 
riting: as well as errors referred to above. It was simply impossible to 
fctennine with certainty a large number of names. It will be exasper- 
nng to wiiinh tin- list for one's own name or that of a neighbor and not 
■d it, but the work in this office has been done with the utmost care, 
■d greater accuracy wan out of the question. 

■ The foregoing is the text as published in bulletin foim December 26, 

TB5. In March, 1886, after the complete list of soldiers was in tj-pe, a 

Her was addressed to each enumerator, in which he was requested to 

frise the list for his enumeration district, and correct mistakes in spell- 

' and liny other errors he might discover. The list of names was 

enclosed with the letter, and the enumerator reminded that it was to be 

of date June 1, 1891. In addition a list of the soldiers in each county was 

Bent the several G. A. R. Posts in the county with the request that the 

peers and memt>ers correct it so far as able, and General DaboU, Com- 

nnder of the Department of Michigan O. A. R., by general order, 

eted that snch revision and correction be made. 

toth the census enumerators and the ofBcers of the G. A. R. Posts have 
j^S generally responded, and the list of soldiers herein published is as 
tally corrected by their letters. The original list, however, has not 

iea changed except in the spelling of names. Names of persons not 

returned as soldiers in the census and therefore omitted from the original 
list, but now so returned in letters, are printed in brackets immediately 
following the list for the township or ward where they are said to have 
Resided June 1, 1894. It will doubtless occasion surprise that so many 
Hpiaes appear within the brackets. To some it may perhaps suggest 
^^^ous deficiency in the census returns. This is not necessarily the 
^H^ A more probable explanation is that a large proportion of the men, 
^H^ogli DOW residents of the townships or wards from which retni*ned 
^KU^ev, were not residents of snch localities June 1, 1894. Many of these 
^HtBOQH may be and doubtless are reported in the census from other local- 
^■Sfl where they were living June 1, 1894. 

^KAccording to the letters 172 persons whose names are printed in the 
^Rginal list were not soldiers. The names of these have not been 
^^elnded from the list het^in published, or in any way designated, for the 
^KflOD that to exclude or so designate, even by mistake, a person who 
^^u a soldier, would be a great injustice. It is remarkable that in this 
^Be ot more than forty thousand names no more thun 172 have been found 
^^m> are claimed not to have biM?n soldiers. 

^■Ae list contains only the names of V. 8. soldiers of the civil war. Cer- 
^^n facts respecting Mexican soldiers, V. 8. Marines, and Confederate 
^Bdters residing in the State June 1, 1894, are shown in the tables, but 
^■JiatB of their names are published. 

^Hftie complications that have arisen and the difllculties exiterienced in 
^W attempt to make a special compilation of surviving soldiers, sailors 
^^n marines, abundantly prove that if Ihey are to be thus separated at 



the next and subsequent censuses, some better method of enumeration 
should be devised. It is probable that a schedule upon which they may 
be exclusively enumerated would answer the purpose. The enumerator 
is alone competent, and he only at the time of making the house to house 
canvass, to ascertain who are soldiers and make a report concerning 
them. After having enumerated a family upon the population schedule 
he can, and should be required to make on such separate schedule a sec- 
ond enumeration of the soldiers, sailors and marines in the family. This 
second enumeration will make it possible to collect, besides the facts 
enumerated respecting every citizen, information as to the company, regi- 
ment, or battery, date of enlistment and discharge of every soldier; 
the date of entering and discharge, and the vessel upon which service 
was rendered of every sailor or marine; whether wounded, if so in what 
action and the nature of the wound; if a prisoner of war, 
where and when taken, and how long in prison; whether suffering from 
any disease or disability contracted in the service, and if so its nature, 
and such other data as may be deemed interesting or valuable. A sepa- 
rate enumeration thus made ought to be as free from errors as any por- 
tion of the census. 

Wldowsd. DiToreBd. Oakoowd. 

TABLE I. -Concluded. 































































90 nan ud) 


















10 to 





TO to 

80 to 

90 ta 






























































































































































































TABLE 2.— Ooncluded. 


40 to 





80 to 

BO to 


































































































































































































































































fe- -■■ 












ar-- :: 































TABLB 3.—ameluded. 













































































































































TABLE 4.~The Con/ederatt noldien rubUng in Ou State June 1, 1894, bg age*. 







.11 „™. 




«- _ 




Tl _ 




CiTll conditiOD 




Ci>il oODditloD. 




































































Btrrien. _ 


















' tt" 

Ciiil tonditloQ. 













































































CivU condition. 

■ d eountiM. 

























































































Oraud TrKTone. 

St. joMph.';;."; 

Van Bnren'";". 







TikBIiE 8.—8hiMiiing for the Slate, by itaUvit]/ and by age» in period* of fMrt, the 
number of U. 8. eoldiert, tailovB and marinee viho toer* ttok or umporarUp dieabied 
on the dot of the enumerator'e vieit in June, 1894, together with the nature of the 
ttekneu or dieabilitf. 





Akob in perlodg of rcan. 

Ages In iwriodB of yoara. 























s s 



























AbBo«as bod rbtumatuiii^ 




AbscBM in root 












imputatioa of arm 



Amputat on of flngen 

Ampntal onoffopl 






















.„rt .i.:»™. 


















Blood TMul, niptare of.. 
Bowels. dbBBsanf^ 




Brain, pBralrBiiot 




Brain, aortooing of. ud 


Btain, BorteninB of, and 







^^^^^^^^^^ SUMMARY. ^^^^^1 
^^^^^P TABLE 8.-C07itiRued. ^H 



DiaoaBU and disabiUties. 


PoreigD. ^^1 

Agaa In perloda of Toara. ^^| 








4 ^ 







































H' ' 

CaUfih and diwass of *f M 












■- ^ 



Cheat. diaaaaB of 

Cheat, diaeue ot. and pllaa. 











8 1 














.... ; 


. i 









" "i 









^^B 1 







D errbeaaadthnntdlaeue 
















13 1 











DiopiiT and p«ttiajf bUiid- 












1 . 






TABLE 8.— OonMnwed. 





Agsa in parioda of reus. 

Asm Id p(>rioda of fears. 




























Dwpopsi*, catarrh and deal- 






BoHBiaud dMfneM __. 

















„ , 























Head, diseua of, and ampnM- 























































ffliy" :::::::::::::::;::::_: 






Sidneja, BHgbU dbbaae of 

^^^^^P S.— Continued. ^H 

1 < 





Ages in pariods of jea 








8 S^ 

^ DiwamaoddiBBbilitiea. 

















I '"' 

.- i Grippo__ 

2 2.. 
8 2.. 



Lama hack, and dlseaH of 




.. _ 










6 2 3 




1 a 







5 I .. 







1211 B 




1 I.. 

Liuige, bemOTTbai* o( 





4.. 2 
3 1 _. 

1 - - Nerre,, dimaBa of __ ^ 











32 18 18 

Nenralgid and pwtUl Wtod- 







3 ; 

■S 2 

















2 :i 

.. J 







.... 1 - 




L ^ 


TABLE &— Ooneluded. 




Ages io periodB of tbbti. 
















































IS 6 


















































Tmn 1 to h 






















1 2 









« reporled Id letters. Sm pa 


Alcona Township. — Sam'l Sayers, Wm. Clearwater, Wm. Spoon, Jas. 
Mooi-e, Dan'I Hecox, Win. Bickford, CMS. H. Stafford, Jas. H. Harrison. 

Caledouiu Township. — Nathan H. Gorsuch, Jno. Nelson, Jno. Bougie. 

Curtis Township, — Wni. H. Deacon, Elijah Deacon, Jno, C. Pelton, Jos- 
Bell, Wm. P. Blake, Peter Simons, Hobt. Goodfellow. 

Greenbusli Township.— Geo. A. Joalyn, Geo. H. Stevens, Silas Coon, 
Darid A. Monroe, Sam'l L. Govro, Wesley Hess, Hiram Delano, Jno. 
McArthur, Geo. Beruoizer. 

Onstin Township. — Alhin S. Vincent, Aaron Marcellus, TboB. H. O'Con- 
nor, Caleb White, [Hugh Buyers]. 

■isville Township, — Cbas. Claton, Lyman Dunn, Jno. Carrolle, Job. 
Bavey, [Jos, Van Buskirk. Frank La Chapelle, Nathan Byce]. 
lllage of Harrisvilie. — Howard C. Kibble, B. P. Cowley, Nathan Emer- 
son, Wilder B. Hogue, Sherman Hale, Wm. Mitchell, Guy 0. X«wis, 
[Patrick McGrath]. 

Hnwes Township. — Geo. Rifenbart, Henry Loux, Josiah M. Donalson, 
Alva Treat, Chaa. Beach, Geo, H. Lee. 

Haynes Township. — Jas. H. Johnston, Wm. Smith, Geo. W. Balcb, Owen 
Pox, Epbraim Waldron, David Mulholland. 

Mikado Township. — Wm. L. Dolson, Pool Mills, Jas. M. Johnson. 

Millen Township.— Dan'l Lavier, Geo. Buttei-fleld, Herbert M. Lyman, 
Dan'I H. Noyee. 

Mitchell Township. — Asahel Atherton. 


II nor 



Qtrain Township. — Casper Knhn, Jas, S. Knowlton, Wm. Greenwood, 
Edw. Piirrett, E. Reffrushinni. 
iJurt Township. — Jas. Jones, Sam'l Martin, Jas. Rountree, Peter P. Pine. 
Math ias Township. — Hubert Webe'-, Peter Kiser, Jno. C. Carney, Fran- 

Ids O. Donghertj'. 
^teiug Township, — W. J. Hammond. Julius Gogarn, Joeiab Clark, 
Earl D. Pattee, J. M. Carr. 
|ota Township. — Andrew Dickinson. 





Allegan Township. — Edward Amsdon, Fred Lichti, Lewis Blitisdelt^ 
Albert W'etmore, Charles T, WiUon, D. H. Semon, CLnries Valiue, ^ 
Joseph Biitrick, Robert Mabbs, Henry W. Durand, F. M. Hiird, David 
BellinBcr, Lyndon Pope, Win. A. Cheney, Thomas Mitchell, John Lfi- 
ter, Elihu Smith, Joseph Shaw, Henry Udell. Orrin Clark, Robert 
Foster. Jacob Weick, Julins Spafiford, Isaac Willett, Albert WilaoiUj; 
Dixon Chronister, Emerson Allen, Martin Baldwin, Lambert Rutgenfl 
Joseph W, Ely, Brown Wynne, Isaac Stillwill. Angus Fraser, Icfl 
Agnn, O. P. Priest, Jeremiah Banner, Willis Foote, Joseph 0retfi|9 
George W. .Cady, Silas J. Barnes. jB 

Village of Allegan. — Alexander Hurd, L. Y. Cady, Henry F. Tbomaflfl 
William Metzger. Frank Davis, Samuel F. Murphy, Stephen HngheiM 
G. L. Huntley, Charles E. Bidlack, Lewis Brown, Herbert Howe, MaOM 
tin T, Ryan, Elizur Andrus, Stewart L. Boom, Hannibal Hart, Jobfl 
Quirk, Calvert C. Cummins. Theodore Flitcroft, Blizure Fouch, WI^| 
liam B. WiUi,ims, Samuel Underwood, Geo. W. Jones, John H. KellcMH 
John Sherburne, Orlando Heselton, William Symon, Andrew J. Prit<jH 
ard, Albert Kenick, Leonard F. Solendine, Benjamin B. Butpbi^B 
Channcy M, Goodrich, William Flannagan, Geo. W. Bailey, Charl^l 
Leiale, Gilea A. Piper, George Cook, Washington Randall, Otis L. Hd^| 
ton, Nelson W. Eastman, Alvin B. Seery, Wilts H, Williams, Gilbe qB 
Peek, Calvin Doi-win. Willard Moore, Elisha Mix, Benjamin D. Prite8| 
ard. Solomon Ostronder, David Silence, Wra. H. Pardee, William WeH^ 
"Wallaco H. Perry, John G. Harris, Luther S. Burton, William Fn^H 
Hiram Coykendall, Jacob J, Bailey, Albert C. Esterbrook, William 1|H 
W^arner. Charies F. Tubah. Malcolm H. Wing, Alonzo Chaffee. CharfflB 
T. Smith, John H. Burr, Horace H. Pope, Charles K. Tyler, David ^M 
Frazier, Samuel S. Baldwin, John W. Hurlburt, Stephen Lampma^l 
Lyman Reed, Albert Wilson, E. O. Perkins, Daniel W. Smith, WUlUfl 
H. Jones, Robert Dyer, Joseph Harrington, Julius M. Ward, Fra^H 
Maity, Edwin L. Booth. Charles E. Reynolds, John H. Morris, P hliB 
Arnold, Charles A. Bentley, Frank L. Hickok, Lewis A. Smith, Geo, raH 
Lonsbnry. Lewis Bellinger, Rossel Dyer, William Skinner, Seth I^T^I 
Henry L. Green, [Donald C. Henderson, Jas, B, Lancaster]. V 

Gasco Township. — R, T. Ockford, James Marshall, Lewis C. CadJM 
Anthony Tnimbley, George McCarty, Zacbary Foster, E. G. Ljmi ^ B 
Reuben Thomas^ Charles Rice, Shadrach H. Hamlin, William H. HenH 
Cyrus Emery, Cornelius Buys, Joel L. Jerue, Asa B. Culver, JaJiies>^H 
Fitch, Norman D. Fitch, W. N, Bredenstein. Henry B. Symonds, J<^H 
K. Plummer, John J. Huber, Daniel Eaton, Isaac Coppock, Zeno^J^f 
Woody, Allen Palmer, David Brown, Thomes J. Daily, Freeman B<^^H 
Charles Prentice, Sidney Bennett, Daniel Dolan, John W. Slocuin^J^| 
A. Spencer, Ira W. Wade, Edwai-d Hagger, John H, BartbolomffH 
Reuben Hodson, Henry Shoemaker, Thomas Biddle. Alexander ^^| 
Hotchkisa. Hiram Whitaker, James Johnson, William Cronk, MaraUi^l 
Bugden. Martin Woodruff, John Bensinjipr. William I). Hall, WlIIIuH 
Skinner, Jackson Valleau, David Stephenson, James M. Beedle, Da'^Q^I 
Norwood, Jay Cady, John Stilson, Abram Vanness. Freeman Min^f 



John Combs, Warren Pratt, t^imon Reed, James H. Cook, [Geo. Cook, > 
H. Pattison, Caleb Thomas, C. A. Snow, G. W. Rockwell, G. \V. 
Chealiire Township. — David Giles, William G. Torry, George Brannen, 
Alexander McNiitt, Abel Stearns. Eraatua Warner, Stephen S, Stout, 
A. W. Sprague, Andrew Baza, Foster H. Maxwell, J. Perdue, William 
P. Hanson, Samuel Smith, Daniel Ketcham, William G, Rowe, George 
Pierce, William Kidgley, Enimet Ward, Elijah Hawes, Edward Mine- 
gar, William HaJIorau, William French, Edmund Rogers, George 
Meyers. A. P. Sharp, Horate C. Reloher, Jerry I'anniff, William Bar- 
nett, Samuel Porter, James C. Robinson, Benjamin Stearns, Abner 

^Hi]lmau, Justice Fox, James Griffith, Charles M./fyler, John Richard- 
son, Harmon Cooley, Riley Robinson, C. OIney, John Honian, Joseph 
Ceosb, George W. Lewis, R. C. Harmon, William Quiek.'Robert Quick, 
Peter Bow. James Van Hill, Robert Gould, James Winchell, William 
H. Stout. Heman H. Parmer, T. C. Hodges, George Myers, Warner 
Spencer. John B. Moore, John Kizer, John Ferris, Charles Lawrence, 
James Edwards, Minor Cheesman, Zenas Patterson, Frank F. Russell, 
Xeonard Webster, John Hemiline, Francis IMerson, Charles Brown, A. 
Walker, John P. Case, Alfred White, Orrin Church, Charles V.Nash, 
['[John Hamilton]. 

de Township. — Elias Sull, Benjamin Brock, John W. Sherman, John 
J. Orr, William Rice. Eugene D. Nash, Paul Reynolds, Robert Rouse, > 
George Bond, William Green, Edward Daggett, Robert Whittemeyer, 
David Barington, Charles E. McCarty, Beujamin Stedman, Silas Bai- 
liff, Elijah P. James, George Watts, William H. McCormiek, Almond 

Village of Fennville. — Elmer Sweet, Chester D. Berry, John McGuite, 
Daniel Lee. Charles Ewing, William Woodward, George Hiar, George 
Duel. [Horace Duel. W. T.Knox. F. Lines]. 

rxirr Township.— Joseph Gobs, William Richards, Robert Emery, Cyrus 
C, Babbit, Charles K. Averill, David Emmons, Charles L. Johnson, 
Robert R. Null. Charles Wademan, Ira H. Johnson, Bradley Gilbert, 
Jacob Bishop. Edwin Barber, Edward Averill, Hugh Johnson, Benja- 
min Ehie, James Riley, David McCune, Ransom J. Barris, Elijah 
Ewing. Nicholas Bastian, Charles H. Daugherty, Gus McConney, Clark 
fWjTnau, James Thompson, Samuel Todd. George P. Thomas, John Ster- 
Benjamin Lamphere. Erastus W. Bates, Robert Jones, Joel Bow- 
m, Charles Bowers, James V. Orton. Henry Franks, Lewis P. Smith, 
^i^unuel Franks, Edward Cole, Lyman W. Ehle, David B. Averill, Henry 
Bkelclier, Arjametito Skelcher, Oscar J. Chesbro. A. G. McCoaonghey, 
Bof>ert Blain, George W. Staler. 

Fillmore Township. — Gerrit Lohuis, Henry Zoerman. Theodore Bataen, 
Samuel B. Grover, Fredrick Bos, Klaas Dvkhnis, Peter Moes, Francis 
M. Haney. 

Ganges Township. — Wm. H. Dunn, George Harper, F, A. Bixler, J. H. 
Bennett. N. E. Ellis, Thomas G. Wnrren, Luther Sisson, Ephraim Qlea- 

BsoD, William Orr, John Baker, Benjamin Fry, Adam Miller, Alexander 

^fcy, O. P. Carmen. Walter BillingH. Sr.. Edward Penfold, Walter A. 

^Basbaetl. Simeon Staring, I)nvid L. Davis, Geo. H, Xewcombe, Geo. D. 

^Bean, John McDjiuald, Scolt W. Eddy, Fm) Hitihcock. Alanson 

It f Ewini 





Hooper. S. K. Bpafford, George T. Clapp, Timothy Galliuiore, George^ 
Himingloa, Jackson Barnes, John Garrison, John H. Baldwin, George 
A. Randal], Geo. W. Hampton, Albert Eaton, M. D. Loomie, James 
Scrini{;cr, L. H, Howard, Charles Corwin, Edwin J. King, Bobert Mul- 
drum, Howard Ketchum, Joseph Miller, C, H. Chase, David Hyatt, 
Wm. J. Bailey; Geo. E. Dunn, C. Lewis, J. P. Eddy, Geo. W. Dailej, A. 
C. Bisk, L. B. Davis, Israel Benainger, Geo. P. Wanier, Martin J. Dar- 
ling, H. H. Goodrich, Jeremiah C. Hitter, [Henry H. Allen, Beth W. 
Loveridge, Edward Margeson]. 

Gun Plain Township.^ Robert Nelson, Edward Nelson, Donald McLeod, 
William Herbert, Benjamin F. Kahler, Aaron Thomas, Thomas Howe, 
William Pittenger, Bazsle Viers, Elias Anway, Lewis Braiuard, [Jas. 
Slate, Julius C. Otto, Frank Acker, Elias A. Wentworth, Giles Cole.] 

Village of Plaiinwell. — Hamilton W. Wright, John W. Truitt, Lyman A, 
Reed, Stephen H. Penner, De Alva Van Aken, Kobt. Q. Donivan, Henry 
R. Sherman, Lewis Ferris, Chery De I^efevere, Justus E. Van Aken, 
John H. Madden, James E. Smith, John Fletcher, Harrison L. Laine, 
John T. Curtie, Henry S. Stratton, W. D. Talbot, Carlos A. Philips, 
Timothy Depew, John B. Hurlburt, George Carvetli, Charles S. Mason, 
W. F. Pinuey, Alexander Purdy, Frank Hibbard, Henry H. Higgin^ 
John Crispe, Curtis J. Blanchard, William E. Forbes, Orlando C. Mai^ 
son, John B. Swan, Jacob Musselman, Edwin E. Whitney, CharleftV 
Adams, William Dean, Chauncey J. Poore, William B. Neece, Samuel Q^ 
Smith, George W. Shaw, Frank Storms, William J. Storms, Reece HiS 
Stratton, John P. Slover, Milo D. Cooper, Charles Brooks, Charles £9 
Whitney, Lewis E. Irland, John S. Havens, Perry Macbemer, Williaau 
M. Bronson, Francis Z. Rossitcr, A. Burr Beebe, John H. McMicha^l 
John Tedoes, Orson D, Dunham, William Cox, Henry D. Shaffer, WS 
Cartright, Charles P. Terry, Joy S. Terry, IMmothy Ingraham, John 'SUM 
Crandall, Barney Nolf, Charles Dunton, Sylvester Anway, [Norton P3 
KellogR, Ogden Tomlinson, Darwin E. White]. J 

Heath Township. — Orson W. Davis, Jeremiah Amdt, A. C. Parkhura^Jfl 
William Patterson, W. J. Shack, C. M. Dunham, Charles Kaylo^ 
George Hapeman, Ezra Barlow, A. L. Kelley, L. Durand, Harvey Ba>>fl 
ber, John N. Barlow, O. Hoard, O. W, Davis, Henry Whitman, Geo. WJ 
Edgelar, H. L. Beach, Cornelius Ackeraook, Henry Elmer, Williai^d 
Mohn, A. Blank, George Smith, Jacob Mosher, William W. Burnettd 
Calvin Cummins, Hiram K. Wells, A. Rockwell, Benjamin P. WMtefl 
David Rice, J. L. Quick, Alfred Hopkins, John Blanchard, H. F. SpeaKl 
Isaac Botruff, K. Martin, John McCreery, Geo. W. Plotts, Daniel ITa:^ 
rell, A. Dunton, B. La Barge, William Lowrey, H. A. Sears. ■ 

Hopkins Township. — Myron Finch, James McQuay, Harry Overtuw^l 
Henry Smith, William Frue, Pliny Tooker, Alanson Lewis, Cbas. ^t^ 
fenthal, Walter Bennett, Henry K. Yeakey. Lucius Kenfield, Robt. ^1 
Baird, Mathew Nolan, Samuel Pressley, Pembroke Hazon, James Pm^J 
Henry D. Thompson, Frank B, Watkina, J. H. Holdsworth, Royal £3 
Taylor. John McBride. Milo Baker. Thomas Carrell, Gilbert M, StoaCJfl 
Martin Palmer, Chas. Gurney, S. W. McBride, John Smalla. Parker ^M 
Truax, Erastus Purdy, Asariah Telford, Marion Huff, Fredrick HodgeM 
Horatio H. Hodge, Edwin Baker, A. R. Johnson, Anthony Thompsens 
Lewis Vouug, John Hoffmaster, John W. Linsley, Oscar Packer, Wndfl 

TTNITED states soldiers op the CTVn. WAR. 

J, Bturd, [Wm. Ross, Andrew Bates, Bradley Bates, Jos, Con-ell, Henry 
"H. Leighton, Henry Green, Geo. W. Edsou, Eli H. Paye, Wm. W. Clark, 
Frederick Ellinger, John G. Ellinger, Arnold Brockway, Orvilie Grom- 
more, John Pierson]. 

Loketown Township. — Watson P. Heed. B. Docking, Charles Hoadley. 

Lee TowQBhip.— Geo. F. Heath, Alford Kennedy, Charles Fei-dun, Samuel 
Palnietor, Jamt-s Rohinson, James Smith. Henry H. Steel, Anthony 
Bixler, Emerson Deming, Bentley Cook, Lewis Schaffer, Edward F. 
Boren, John Trumble, William S, Brown, James Lee, Geo. W, Baugb- 
man, Frank Austin, John Foster, Alfred Bordine, I. Beames, William 
Chadderdon, Geoi^e Tufft, Orvilie Perry, Isaac D, HarriBon, Byron 
Wooden, Henry Austin, Archelaus D. Parker, Lorin Dalrymple, Jameti 
H. Burkhead, Jsaac K, Evens, Silas Reames, William T. Gilpin, Henry 
Gillasple, Charles Potter, Wm. P. Hall, Thomas Q. Pickett, Jamee 
Lowver, William Laraway, William Osbom, Adelbert Heath. 

Leighton Township. — Lewis Herbert, Willard Gates, Almon Bisbee, 
Charles Lods, Charles T. Wiggins, John Pomeroy, M. C. Hayward, Cor- 
nelias Van Devenwater, Geo. Willard, Miles Murry, George Coming, 
Charles Watts, Henry Humphrey, Geo. H. Wademan, S. C. Stanton, 
Conrad Schad, Rufus Hall, J, H, Sargent, John Standish, Erastus Jor- 
dan, Thomas Brooks. Francis Furt}er, Albert Bragg, Robert Williams, 
Frank Barrell, Varaal P. Fales, James Clark. Edward Manehester, 
Joseph M. C. Moore, Albert Jones, William Heydenberk, Stiles Wat- 
kins, Abner Skiff, [Aaron Hackett, Francis R. Watkins. Geo. Jeffers, 
Barrett Francisco, Chaa. Marry]. 

Maalins Township,— Jacob Heeringa, Edward Stow, John Zewerlnk, Mar- 
tin Bnnce. William Beerbower, Amber Doan, Walter Cutting, S. B. 
Barker, Lyman Lamoreaux, Amasa Lyon. Daniel Reynold8,Jno. Hering- 
ton, Milo Barker, Eli Butler, James Fosdiek. William Truax, A. Tur- 
rell, Henry Smeed, Isaac Lamoreaux, Newton Meeker, Edward Slocum, 
Jerome Boyles. Charles Dunn, Ebenezer Marks, M. Connell, Edward J, 
Bryan, [Jos. Bav, Chas. Ewing, Wm. D. Woodward, Jack Lewis, Peter 

Martin Township. — James Cloney. Charles Hogeboom, Burr Ipgham, 
Eugene Jacobs, Andrew Bee, Thomas McCormick, Henry Smith, A. 
Bartholomew, Caleb Fleming, Aurora Ackley, Wm. Anderson, Thos. 
Elsworth, Enos Burt, Samuel Andrews, Reuben Tenny, James Lindsay, 
Wm. Stiiyman, William Simmons. Earl Scofield, David Brown, 0. 
McCloud, M. W. Jeffords, Oscar Wilson, Joseph Deal, B. G. King, 
Henry Sherwood, Justus Bearup, William Pratt, M. D. Campbell, 
[Henry G. Noble]. 

Monterey Township. — John H. Sweezy, James Searls, A. T. Felts. B. Mor- 
ris, Zopher Cornell, Friend Reed. M. A. Powell, Squire Bishop, A. B. 
Town, Edgar Wilcor, George Rhuele. David Beck, Isaac Bradshaw, 
Willard Vaughn, B, 8. Dalrymple, William GrifQth, John M. Zimmer- 
man, Samuel Hewitt, David Comwell, Walter Kibby, Frank Hewitt, 
r Geo. W. Frank, Samuel Clark, N. Belden, A. 0. Reed, John Knowlton, 
K-Andrew Phillip, A. Dngget, [Geo. W. Deamer, Jas. Evans. Harrison 
"Ulller, Noah Biggs, Wm. Mines, Sam'l Lay, Wallace Goodell, Jno. M. 
IWilson, J, J, Johnson, Thos. Armatage], 




ton, JanU^nH 

OtefRo Townsliiii. — James D. Heudersou. FninciB H. Norton, 

Hunt, James Mcrriaiii, Charles Stratton, Elislia Pratt, Stephen Pratt, 
Thoman GillmoD, Edwin F. mnkaon, Henrj J. Knowicw. T. V. blaiglit, 
Jacob 8ebring, Walter C, Wood, John J, Bice, Deloa \V. Hare, William 
J, Carroll, Moses Plotte, Addison B. LongPnnecker, Ralph Pariah, 
Chri»tian Young, James Gordon, Williani M. Decker, CorneliUH Kugelw, 
Jeremiah Dugan, Joseph Mastison, Mathcw Rodgers, A, J. Mveis, 
Oliver Wine, Geo. Randall, Parley' 8. Eaton, William Munn, Geo, S, 
Miinn, Alexander Grable, W^illiam Glynn, Joseph Lindsay, Jesse Bradl- 
gan, Charles D. Otto, John A. Henry, Edgar B, Hannibal, Williiun " 
Pnllen, Fred Sechrist. 

Village of Otsego, — Chas. O. Cole, George R. Doxie, J, B. Martin, MelTia 
Van Derberg, Neil Livingston, Alexander Rrjana, Horatio Emery. 
James O. Shedd, Silas Short, E. K. Lent, John Henry, Charles M. 
Edmonds, John Chambers, Thomas E. French, Albert 1). Carpenter, 
Stephen L. Green, William Sloan, James Sevems. Martin Barter, W. 
J. Bear, C. B. Brewster, L. A. Putnam, N. B. Bryant, G. W. Taylor, 
David Brainard, H. C. fitoughton, J. L. tstratton, George Engles, Josiah 
Crocker, G. W. Leopard, George L. Baird, George Mason, William 
Aikins, David Y. Cook, William J. Monteith, John T. Ethridge, Heart 
D. Mills, John McLaughlin, James Wason. Daniel H. Slocum, Sidneffl 
M. Brundage, Sidney Rouse, Milton Chase, Perry W. Foote, JamM 
Brown, Charles Rabn. Ebenezer, G. Muma, Warren Enston. Edwanfj 
Finch, Edward A. Baird, John Evans, Homer E. Baiighman, R. If3 
Suthard, Levi C. Cleveland. Edwin R. Wells. Frank Cbureh. KeaaJM 
M. Davis, Wm. Staley, Chauncey W. Can-ier. Alford A. Blakemun, S. ^ 
Barney, Andrew Yerrick, Ephraim Bonner, Alford B. Finch, Williaaj 
Blair, Charles Prentiss, James Roll, Henry Slurry. Henry Dymon, Su 
mon C, Webster, John D. Kellej. Jerry Smith, [Orange C, JohasoU 
Franklin J. Church, Lewis D. Williams, Jos. Maaterson, Adelbert Ta 
Shears]. ~i 

Overieal Township,— Robert W. Waterman, Jacob Bnltman. Sej-mour ftl 
Butler, John H. Slotman, Bert Vander Hoop, Henry A. Willsie, Oerrig 
H. Slotman. J 

Pine Plains Township. — William Bowman, John J. Young, BaoBOH 
Kingsley, Abner Estabrooks, Harvey A. Bills, Brazil VandesBod 
Harry R. Wilson, Mortimer Culver, Porter Wait, Samuel Cieben 
Joseph Himes, Joseph Smith, James M. Kidd, SeveliuH J. Bush, LaOM 
son Wright. Michael Sullivan, Benjamin Vanpatten, Frank B. More^ 
Horace C. Beverly, Caleb Montgomery, Cyrus Klapp, Colonel HicbM 
William H. Ely, James Maxom, Joseph Helael, [ Volney S. Clark]. j| 

Salem Township. — Francis Goodman. Joseph Pettingall, Geot^e "Vra 
Smith, Charles Cartright, Theodore Snyder. Jacob Hay, John DuDOn 
Ira Putraan, Rodolphus Perry, Clement Chamberlin, Jesse Mesifdfl 
Geoi^e Ritz, William Clark, Christian Sutter, William Roblyre, Jaccdfl 
SMpp, Daniel Halstead, Alexander Bailey. Enos B. Headley, JoshOfl 
Myers, Asahel Walker, John Bacon, John Ounn, [John Teed, Wra. OoM 
tie, Chas. Sebright. Ellas Shuck, Thos. Burt, Ferdinand Sebright, Peta 
Bbeit, John Wycoflf, Jno, W. Jonea, Joseph Alflen, Josepli Filley, Jc4lM 
Smith, Job Gilpin, Geo. Fauble, Henry Bird, Jr.]. V 

Tut fl 


ngntuck Townaliip. — Warren Prentice, Henry Werner. A. Benedict. 
William Oliver, Henry Brodocli, John Wynu, H. B. Oliver, Alexander 
FUher, H. H. Snyder, Asahel Sprague, Chai'les Brandt, John Grangel, 
William White, James Perry, George W. Waldo, Theodore Kleeman, 
Philander Jacobs, Calvin Whitney, John LaD({gren, George W. Pierce, 
George H. Baker, Perry Goshorn. Darius C. Baker, Jacob Haub, John 
W. De Wolf, John Lajiiour, Alexander Hayden, John Utton. 
lllage of Saugatnck. — William H. Brown. Joshua J. Brown, James M. 
Fond, Oscar D. Itobiuson, Timothy Daggett, James E, Avery, Frank A. 
Ingleston, Perry A. Dunton, Samuel Shaver, Isaac Wilson. Charles C. 
Billings, James K. Dole, John Hirner, John Barnett, Peter Hammer, J. 
Hice Taylor, John Priest, Lorenzo W. Grant, Frank Winslow, William 
T, Hoy, Benjamin K. Coif, Clark Gillespie, Richard Baker, Josiab Bit- 
ter, Stephen Powers, Levi Tuttle, Judson Doud, Alvin H. Stilson, Wil- 
liam F. Metzgar, I. F. Geer, Henry Holt, [Alexander Shriver, Wm. G. 

Village of Douglas. — Charles Powers, A. W. Walker, W'. G. Tiadale, 
Joseph Slagel, J. B. Farman, Henry Bird, Jr.. Nicholas Fisch, James 
McMann, S, M, Hamlin, Samuel Lightner, George N. Dutoher, A. Slack, 
Oliver Gleason, David Lynd, [A, C. Chambers, Sam'l Reid, Henry 

Trowbridge Township. — Hugh Orr, Wm. L. Blair, Amasa Jones, William 
Reed, Balph Towner, William White, Thomas Kincade, Lorin Daggett, 
William Goodland, William Emmons, AlbeH: Nichols, John Cnrtie, 
Jadson L. Austin, Aaron Baker, Jacob Killianis, James Cramer, 
Lorin Montague, Charles Emmons, Sofh Orr, Stephen O'Dell, Horace 
Brown, Charles Odeli, Henry Emmons, Joseph Brest, Martin Manzer, 
Boatwick Lockheart, Harrv Ross, Reuben Hewitt, William E. Johnson, 
William H. Sharpless, Milo W. Maloy, Andrew Johnston, James H. 
Martin. John A. Annahle. Charles H. Harper, Rollin G. Wood. Harry 
Brodock, James Kent, Isaac Foster, Joseph Burke, James Rich, Charles 
"Wells, Archie M. Teal, Elisha Hammon, Jeremiah G. McCarthy, Otis C. 
Cackler, John Y, Winings, Dallas M. Dean, George H. Smith, Robert 
D. Ames, Lewis A. Houseworth, Peter W. Stace, Sheldon D. Spery. 
Eldridge Wilson, Albert Emmons, Irwin Fritz, [Henry Merchant, 
Lafayette Lee]. 

'atson Township. — H. C. Bowe, Horace Eldred, John Simpson, Julian 
*" ilsipher,. Seymour Stace, James Kitson, Charles H. Roblyn, Samuel 
ik, Samuel Martin, Jeremiah Walters, Sylvester Skinner. Alonzo 
iQmbem, John Anderson, Job Gilpin, G. B. Myers, George Goucher, 
William Witheraii, Oliver Cruthers, Gilbert Dunning, Chancy Palmer, 
John L. Simkins, N. W. Hauser, John Behee. Henry D. Edgertin, Wil- 
liam Hall, [Jas. Leggett]. 

ayland Township. — Jonathan Russell, Levi Everhart, M. Blom. Noel 

^germap, Nathaniel A. Hilliard. Bamhart Oberley, Jacob E. Echtnaw. 

lllam Chase, Fredrick A, Stewart, Geo. H. Heydenburgh, William 

'cLeod, James H. Lane, Monroe A. Dnrkee, Melvin A. Wells. Robert 

Williamson, Job K. Kimball. John W. Knowles, William H, Wallace, 

Joseph Wheaton, John M. Dean, Henry W. Parjcer, Joseph CuiTen, 

Cliarle;! B. Brown, Hobt. C. Jackson, John Hartwell, Ransford Com- 

Haywood, Truman B. Garrett, Ortemus Wyman, John C. 




Cha .. 
[^^Jng, John Ha; 



es H. Bol^l^l 

iH. WilHflm ■ 



Jordan, Elias Leonard. Jacob Saot?., JoLn Mclntyre, James 
bins, EHBba Welsh, Wiiliam L, Gunton, Henry A, Germond, William 
R. Carpenter, Abram Sager, Lewis Sager, John W. Moore, Harvey B, 
Xaah, Daniel J. Sigler, Samuel P. Howard, Thomas H, Griswold, Lean- 
der Depuy, William Mawhorter, Ezra Whitney, Ephriam P. Norton, 
Sylvenus Snell, David Bier, James Hiittlestou, Frank D. Rogers, VavU' 
Knowles, Peter Hines, Friend Tifft, Benjamin Burlington, S. S. Ft 
Warren Bkutt, Geo. D. Damon, John J. Williams. 
Village of Wayland, — James M. Potts, Thomas A. Tisdale, Cyrus R. Hol- 
lister, James W. Humphrey, James H. Avery, Hiram P, Edwards, Sam- 
uel Boxer, Frank E. Pickett, Albert W. Nash, Albert W. Powers, 
Hiram T. Stringham, Peter Ross, John H. Peck, William V. Hoyt, 
Edgar S. Linsley, Kewton Harrington, Asa E. Ingraham. Thomas A. 
Barnes, David L. Shay. Daniel J. Lyon, Isaac N. Hoyt, Jerome B. Man- 
ley, Harvey A. Prindle, Elias Rogers, William Isham, Dan Ball, Lam- 
bert Van Volkenburgh, Dewitt C. Sbattuck, Levi Presley, William H. 
Harris, Charles W. Andrews. 


Alpena Township. — A. Trakey, David Kitterick, William Hamiltoi 
Charlea H. Beneway, James Talmie, John D. Sheahy, Joseph Basiclu 
Louis Van Sipe, Sen,, C. R, Taylor, Edward H. Sine, Charles H. DaTi£j 
L, .Bradbury, William H, White, Conrad Wessel, James Trodden. 

Green Township. — Horatio A. Green, Warner Welsworth, Charles I" 
ball, James Kimball, Thomas McDowell, John P. Wintworth, Geori^ 
W. Rose, James Nouland, Samuel T, Nichols, Cornelius Spain, Job! 
McKenzie, James Shears. 

Long Rapids Township, — David R,Martindale, Elijah Rockwood, Benj. ]__ 
Atwood, John Bnider, John Sanborn, Daniel Hibner, James McCom^ 
John H. Chappell, George Brown, Gilbert A. Smith. 

Maple Bidge Township. — L. D, Wyman, H, S, Friest, Solomon EveaJ 
John Blaekmore, James Morten, 

Ossineke Township, — Peter Gooley, Hiram H. Kinney, John Elswort 
Simeon Noble, Martin Benjamin. 

Sanborn Township. — Charles Bellemore. 

Wilson Township, — .Joseph Bartrow, Oliver Hines, Jacob Neusiiafei^ 
Oliver Roberts, William Egle, Anthony Kizer, 

Alpena City, First Ward, — Joseph F. Ames, George English, Albert ( 
Bice, John J. Clark, John A. Smith, Renwick Brown, George T 
Broeffle, Augustus Johnrow, John Willis, James D. Tumbull, Colin E 
McKinzie, Rudolph Clinton Weistersbiem, Denton Sellick, [Bobt. ' 
Kelley, Frank Emerick, Chas. B. Greely, Wm. H. Johnson, ThOB. ( 
Lester, Frederick S. Steele, Thomas G, Spratt, Edward R. Wyi 
Henry Ousterhout, Josiah H. Hatch, Edward A, Buell, Albert ] 
Power] . 

Alpena City, Second Ward.— Erastus Harrington, Charles Neff, James J 
Potter, B. W. Northrop, Douglas Scott, Irwin E. Scott, Martin 8. Tfl<^ 
Charles Howell, Cephus C. Miller, Samuel Metcalf, James Plaoki 
James M. Rice, Prank White, B. H. Brabant. John L, Cook, WillUl 
Kicholi^on, Robert Gallaway, Amasa M. Chaffee, John H. Kellej 


pCharles B. Warren, Alexander Carr, John McCosh, Patrick Gibbons, 

^ John D. Potter, William Schrier. 
Alpena City. Third Ward. — John Berrihill, William H. Eroadwoll. PettT 
Murphy, Joseph Genrow, Thomae L. Belknap, Amos Wiggins, Albert 
Stout, Charles Gove, Richard Benniway, Hendrick Tigchon, Warren 
St. Johns, C. B. Payfer, Joseph Ayotte, John Charbonneau, D, Gauth- 
ier, Chester Demmons, L. J. Partridge, Alexander McKae. Theodore 

KBown, E. G. Elliott, George Motley. 
Ipena City, Fourth Ward.-^Edward McDonald, James Whalen, Andrew 
Simmons, William Demmons, Thomas Hardy, Daniel G. Aber, Arthur 
Im~in, James Munro, John M. Seibert. 
Ipena City, Sixth Ward. — Moses Sherbeueau, Charles Paul, George W. 
John J. McFaul, William Hoey, Z. M. Knight. Frank Northrop, George 
Plude, Warren Brown, Edward O. Avery, William Kennedy. John Mil- 
ler, Thomas White. 
Ipena City. Sixth Ward. — Moses Sherbeueau. Charles Paul, George W. 
Johnson, Paschal P. Coy, Ira J. Nichols, Henry Mason, Lewis Lednke, 
Herman Buchoist, Florence Crowley, William Isaacs, Joseph Rich- 




inks Township. — Wm. H. Blow, Daniel Flanagan, Sylvester Brown, 
George O. Glazier, John Sprick. Amasa Hartwelt, John Levene, Wm. 
Greenman, James Arnold, Oscar M. Whitney, Harvey P. Wing. Joseph 
Washer, Amos Richardson, Burr Lewis. Charles Flanagan. Edw. Skin- 
ner, Gilbert M. Randall, William Blissett, Fred Ladue, William Bums, 
Predric L. Church, Lewis Deline, Russell T. Sleeper, [Gilbert Bently, 
Geo. EuUer] . 

Ge&tral Lake Township. — Jesse Lambert, Nelson W. Doty, Cyrenius 
Chamberlain, Jerome S. Campbell, Silas B. Anway, William B. Cook. 
Andrew J, Cook, Monroe Hughs, Andrew J. Coburn, John Keffe, Wil- 
liam Wardrop, John H. McPherson, John Jackson, Daniel C. Morrison, 
William Mohrmann, William Roberts, Joslah E. Easton, Norman Lara- 
bee, Jackson Waffle, James K. Child, Hiram Blakely, John O. McEwan, 
Henry H. Chamberlin, L. W. Bratt. George W. McDonald. Hiram 
Sweet, Luther G. Evans, Robert R. Wilkinson, William H. Easton, 
Andrew J. Drake, Charles L. Hamilton, John A. Stephens. William H. 
Adams, Jeremiah Atherton, Daniel W. Sage, Cyrua R. Capen, Henry C. 
McFarlan, Ezekiel C. Walter, Harkness Green, Jesse A. Cary. George 
W. Thomas, James Butler, John W. Jackson. John Green. 

Chest'onia Township.— Henry R. Becker. William A. Bates, William E. 
Stephens, Charles E. Harris, Emanuel A. Dunson. John B. Evering- 
ham, Peter T. Baldwin, John A. Steiner, Warren M. Tobey, John Val- 
lance, Walter A. Taylor, Josiah E. Pierce, Frank Snyder, Erasmus D. 
, Abbott. Edmond Matthews. 

iostar Township.— Peter S. Weaver, Watson W. Wait, Robert A. Brown, 
Thfts. A. Monroe,' August Lndwig, Andrew J. Hiirlburt, Henry C. Hop- 
kins. Ashley C. Elder, Daniel Nichols, Zephaniah T. Swan. William 
Halbedel, Clark E. Mills. James S. Mills. John M. Brown, James Lively, 

' MICHIGAN— JUNE 1. 1884. 



Peter 8. Dubois, Watson Patternoii. George Tbomas, Johu W 
Montville K. Carr. 

Echo Township.— Beading Wolverton, Israel Ferguson. John Murphy, 
John Thomas, Jas. Cox, Dewit Henderson, Chaa. W, Fuller. Andrew 
Muckle. William McKay, German Button, Joseph H. Edgerton, NorvU 
Churchill, Eugene Bowen, Eber Dingman, Robert Somerville, Ji 
B. Mooi'G, Thomas Dunemore, [Moses Cavanaugh, John McKuBkaer].< 

Elk Rapids Township. — David J. Dokey, James J. McLaughlin, AC 
Reid, Milton B. Lang, Albert J. Morse, John W. Rippej, Wra. H. Mool 
William Dingman, Andrew La Forge, Charles Deveruey, Charles Loi 
Patrick Sweeny, Wilson Cole, Hamlin Carpenter, Amos Wood, Fi 
cis G. Bourasaw, Charles D. ^Vebster, 

Forest Home Township. — William E. Hickox. Tilton W. Howard, Jacol 
Friend, Charles J. Sprague, Charles J. Owen, Geo. E. Cabanis, George 
8. Wallace, Charles Mathews, [Wm. E. Thomas, Wm. W. Johnson, 
John H. Saekett, Girdon E. Grannis, George Vandemark, David Beei 
, Samuel Brockway, I^eemau Underbill], 

Village of Be^iaire. — Francis W, Bohnankamp, George E. SampsoD, Wl 
L. Cleveland, Charles L. Cleveland, Melancthon D. Kittle, Willf 
Higgs, Stephen Badgiey, .\lfred A, Hickox, James C. Abbott, Sil 
York, Oscar W. Kibby, Alex M. Bennett, Leveret Hersey. James 
Shults, Mumford E. Shellmon. Orin Tucker, Heni7 W. Stewart, 
well Leavitt, John B. Hartwell, Philip Seeger, Andrew W. Y 
Harvey P. Houaler, Colemau W. Doolittle, Harvey T, Allcott, Artlii 
Watkins, George Humdston, Charles K. Zang. John Kodgers, [Cai 
B. Granger, James C ejTnonds. John A. Harriman, Robt. Richai 
Frederick W. Bechtold, John W. Willis, James H. Seward] 

Helena Township. — Reuben W. Coy, James McKiuley, Walter Yoo] 
William Messer, George F. Finch, William Green, George Sewai 
John Winters, Peter S. Smalley, John P. Smith, Elias Alspaugh, Hei 
Beelman, Ransom Holibert, Charles P. Hawley, Bedford Valleau 
omon Dewey, Abraham Slingerlend, Orsemus Green. 

Jordan Township. — James M. Davis, John F. Chaddewlon, Benedict Wi 
mer, John Touchstone, Christopher Mayhew, John Bolkcom, Sr. 
Ham D. Wylie, Benjamin F. Bolser, Curtis S. Pinney, Jonas H, Kocbi 
Wm. H. Jaiiuaya, Albertus W. Brown, Robert M. Webster, William 
Gibbs, Sr., Lewis Williams, Lemuel Brewer. Chas. N, Blanchard, Ji 
Scott, David Tower, [David Rainey]. 

Kearney Township. — Charles S. Smith, Reuben J. Martin, Samuel 
Large, James T. Batchelder, Elgar W. Rose. William J. May, Geo. 
Montgomery, Daniel Kent, Simon Plewelling, John Bush, Step! 
Eldred, Roswell Jacobs, Melvin J. Scott, Jacob T. Watrous. 

Mancelona Township. — Samuel Lesher. David Davis, Frank Haywt 
Eugene Chapman, James Argo, David Herrington, George Kello] 
George Dewy, David Francis, Frank Besaw, Andrew Taylor. WilU 
Pixley, Jacob Young, Charles Tibbitte, George Sessons, Darius 
McGuirk, Edmund E. Burrell, Christopher C. Young. Will Perry, J) 
H. Perry. 

Village of Mancelona. — Henry C. Murden, Euos Murdeu, Edward 
Ames, Geo. W. Pbimmer, William Smitli. John H. Caldwell. Bo8W( 
W. Donaldson, Andrew Young, Leander C. Handy, Willard T. Hai 


IZachariali Jolinson, James BackiT, Edward J. Holleubeck. Josepli L. 
iBobb, Elijah Baker, Daniel Las-.ell, Nicholas Brown, Martin Ligniaii, 
■TboiuaH Catliu, Oeo. L. Williams, Theodore Mead, Geo. S. Ricker, Amoa 
ICorey, Ucjiry Pollev, Edwin Elliott, Hai-vey Harveu, Joseph Holcombe. 
yPhares Weeks, Andrew La.vnian, Thomas Keed, John Wm. Wallace, A. 

Symonds, Tlios. Hnzen, Abram G- Jackson, John Plummer, Uriah Hoff- 

maater, David Fish, Hazeo B. Brown, Winchester R. Rice. Charles 

Hecox, James I. Ayers, Ohas. Pickell, Joel O. Lyon, Elmer E. fipeicher, 

Hiram B. Hudson, Frank Bradley, 
Milton Township.— Hiram Oddl, Henry Peck, James U Lovejoy, Justus 

Bebe^^ Thomas J, Mitchell, Allen E. Warner, John McCrady, Alfred 

Miinson, George H. Lawrauce, [John Parkinson, Peter Turcott], 
Star Township. — Bradford E. Gates, Ira Noyse. James Corwin, Andrew 

J. Harvey, Burton Baker, Delois M. Korton, George Heaton, Frank D. 

Zimmerman, Nathan Childs. 
Torch Lake Township. — Daniel Blakely, Nelson Todd, Charles Hulls, A. 

Cameron, Aaron Stocker, Charles G. Randall, Coruelius Acker, Bamuel 

W. Oberholtzer, Sylvester H. Palmer. 
Warner Township. — Adelbert Cooper, David L. Buell, Gilbert Gnbrion, 
■ Daniel Hicks. Wm. H. Buell, William T. Munn. 


Adams Township.— John N. Skinner. 

Arenac Township. — Joseph X. Decker, Albert Cummings, Albert B, Brad- 
ley.. Eustache De Mara, John L. Hart. John Crothers, Philo C. Perkins, 
Wiieoa West, John D. McKenzie, John J. Caton, Isaac Cummings, Wm. 
T. Williams, Morris Norton, Frederick L. Vincent, James W. Tyler, 
Robert Gamer, James D. Butler, William McKenzie. 

Ao Grea Township. — Mortimer Himtly. Freeman Reuslow, Frederick 
Crockett, Charles Harrington, Jesse Umstead, Hiram Bherman, Law- 

M pence Ritchster, Isaac L. Personeus, 
ayton Township. — Wm. H. Lewis, Edwin M. Loveland, Wm, H. Whit- 
tovA, George E. Fish, Philip Marvin, Lyman Hutton, S. L, Owens, 
Albert C. Russell, John Jones, Luman S. Harris, William Carson, 
iDeorge Lemmer, Augustin Bourgeois, Robert Pake, Orlando R, Derry, 
John Baker, Samuel Mai-tin, Luther P. Daniels, William W. Haley, 
Chas. W. Hamlin. 
Deep River Township. — William H. Taylor, James Beechem, James 

■Pomeroy, Lewis Ingersoll, George Williams, George W. Day. Benja- 
min B. Bice, George M. Horton, Wallace Levanway, Moses Cole, Wal- 
fer Emerson, Chester Van Wormer, William Lutze, Lyman Fritclier, B. 
Srasker. E, D. Blatkman, Laurison Marsh. 
Lincoln Township. — Ephraim Logan. Charles Davis, Marion Lincoln, 

James Lace, Charles Richards, Rockwell Demond, Hiram Jones. 
Village of Standish. — Isaac Harris, George Robinson. Charles Cross, 
_n'illiam Kerlin, James Austin, Willard Kelly, John Elwell, Nelson 
Uller, Jerome Davis, [Geo. N. Shillinger]. 

lOD Township. — Zeno Whiting, Eli D. Marvin, James Stalker, Morry 

■own, George Roberts, William D, Eymer, Ira Willia, George Morse, 

benry M, Smilh. Augustus Tice, 


Moffltt Towuship. — Henry Walker. Eli Mann, George Depiing, Richai 
Bonnallie, John Kiieterer, Richard A. Swackbamer. 

Standiah Township. — E. H. Chamberlain, H. R. Bennett, B. F. Bonrassa. 
C.yrus Gawn, Henrv Hibner, Trefley Hicboy, Bart Kightenburgh, 
Michael Mahoney, Win. \V, Allen, James Allen, George Hibler, Rich- 
ard Rye, Chaa. Chovin, Enatace Demarse, Richai'd Swamston, Wm, V^ 
Keef, Wm, Filmore. 

Whitney Townahip. — George 8. Smith, G. C. Doane, Henry Deforei 
Archibald Shotwell, Alex. Campau, James E. Moore, Thomas '. 
Dygart, Garry Kavanaugh. 


Arvon Township. — Charles Heden, Elon Moyer. 

Baraga Township. — John Mathes, Alexander Trudeau, Solomon Mfflj 

tinger, William Davis, Amasa C. Culver, Frank Lafrenierre, Henry 

Village ot Baraga. — Jeremiah Crowley, Daniel Ford, Andrew Duchaine, 

Sylvester San ford. 
L'Anse Township. — Joseph Decoteau, Wm. K. Haviland, John R. 

mack, John Bird, Andrew McGraw, George W. Moore, James Collins^ 
Village of L'Anse. — John D. Rowland, Allen Johnston, Michael Cree^fl 

Henry G. Eothwell. John Orr. 
Spurr Township,— Michael Heath. 


Assyria Township. — Charles Wertz, Henry Mayo, Charles Mensc 
Thomas Craig, Edwin Rodgei's, Cassius Gould, Wm. Burgess, Aloi^d 
Park, Oscar Crofoot, John Tuckerman, Flavins J. Wilbur, Clark D^ 
ham, Wm. Pratt, Hiram V. Munger, George Bennett, Addison W. I 
sell, John D. Chrisler, Frank Austin, Chauncey Briggs, Edward Qn 
W^illiam Moore, Bartemus Smith, Norman Clark, Eli Houghtl 
Chancy Mapes, John Bloomer, Lorenzo Dean, A. M. Smith, Joel i 
ford. Thomas H. Bartram, Daniel H. Chase, Frank Clemence, Ge< 
Tuckerman, James F. Cook, Francis O. Leonard, Daniel E. Keyes, ] 

Baltimore Township. — Hoyal G. Rice, George Powell. Nathaniel F. Cle( 
ence, Augustus Held, Wm. B. Warner, Frank Osgood, George t 
Thatcher, Edward S. Mowrj, Levi Fry. E. L. Fiaher, Isaac J. Bro< 
Morris Pilgrim, Alexander Edmonds, George Garrison, Jacob Rho< 
John S. Caswell, Potter C. Strobridge, Heubeu H, Larrabee, J. " ~ 
jamin. Duncan McDonald, James D. Miller. John H. Day, David Leni 
e. C. Warren, Calvin H. Palmer, D. H. Crittenden, Delos B. Freem 
Geo. E. Bryant, Aaron E. Durfee, Peter Kemerling, Russell K. 8td 
ton, Calvin Stanton, James Phillips, C. G. Valentine, Andrew Rogi 
James Endsley. Norman N. Latham, C. M. Hendershot, George T 
Solomon Prichard, Robert R, Haynes, Chaa. H. Gaskill, James R. DJ 
John Foley. Henry Houghtaliu, Dewit Gregory, George Hoaghti 




^^Rbeodore Mattison, Wm. H. Eaton, Albert H, Eaton, John Smith, 
David Searles. 
Barry Township. — Geo. W. NorwcKid. Aimer Moon, R. K. Norwood, Sam- 
uel E. Baird, Fitz Allen Blacknmn, W. J, ReynoIdB, Allen Watson, 
Aaron King, Albert Bradley, Thomas J, Pennock, Albert Adams, Benj. 
H. Alien, John Lepper, Edwin Blssell, M, F. Morgan, Peter Bottner, 
Mathew Baird. Thomas J. Kelley, Samuel R. Willifiou, Stephen P. Rus- 
sell, Nathaniel L, Hearles, Tliomae J. Jordan, Almon S. Bryan, Samuel 
Phillips, Martin H. Post, Seth Crosby, Duncan McBain, Leonard C. 
Boach, Ceylon Van Valkenbnrgh, Cyrus S. Watson, Benjamin Haas, 
Thomas Mortliland, Alexander McMile, Charles Robertson, John Brun- 
ney, George McGlockliu, J. W, Corwiu, George H. Winslow, Robert M. 
Bellenger, Amos C. Sisco. 
Carlton Township. — Jacob Odell, Oliver Cheney, William Mallison, Lewis 
Decker, Wm, Williams, Kufus W. Vester, Phillip Ragla, Cornelius 
Stricklin, Alexander Crawford, George A. Myres, John Hall, William 
H. Maloy, Wm. Scoby, Watson W. McEibben, Fred F. Williams, Sey- 
mour Burton, Nicholas 0. Allerding, Tobias Gam, Wm. J. Washburn, 
John Burd. John Donley, Seth Smith, George C. Nichols, Wm. McCau- 
ley, Bennett Fisher, Jno. Carpenter, Hiram Amespangh, James A. Cain, 
Perry Abbott, Wm. H. Hill, Joseph S. Keeler, Jasper Warner, William 
Barry, A. G. Hunt, John D. Lewis, Henry C. Bronson, James M. Leach, 
Andrew S. Blakenoy, Solomon Sliively, Wm. C. Savacool, Philo Fuller, 
Isaac C. Connett, Wm. H. Sissoo, Andrew J. Cain, Milo Bunn, Joseph 
D. Feheley, Simon Hefflebower, Morris Bowler, Daniel Rice, John H. 
Draper, [John Bronson, Frank Bronson, Lewis Barber, Mahlon Seuter, 
Geo. W. Greenfield]. 
Caatletou Township. — John Connett, Richard Elliston, John C. Krieger, 
Fred M. Noyes, William L. Hull, Wm. D. Jeffrey, M. H. Bloom, Gideon 
Kennedy, J. D. Dickinson, Oscar Warren, Myron Sutherland, Newton 
V. Whitlock, Henry A. Lathrop, Seymour B. Preston, Solomon Troxel, 
Joel Kocher, S. m'. Kidder. Henry H. Sparks, F. W. Wright, Jared 
Palmer, Marlin Blancard, Joseph Asholder, Webster K. Cole, James 
Miller, Joseph Messinger, George Vamey, Benjamin Hewitt, Frank 
Mead, Jacob Heater, Israel Rousb. Milton Bradley, B. W. Austin, Sam- 
nel Robinson, F. D. Soules, D. C. Howell, Hiram P. Fegles, Lewis Sco- 
tliom. W. H. Williams, W. T. Lowder, Cord Wallace, Jonathan Rule. 
Jno. W. Willsou, Elijah J. Hale, James Nesbet, James M. Smith, 
George J. Long, Abraham Guntrip, William Varney, William Messi- 
mer. George W, Bump, Walter Keagle, Joseph O'Dell, Lester Mead, 
Benjamin Coolbaugh, Charles Vanepps, A. D. Hopkins, George Enda- 
ley, Adin C. Wait, [Warren Everett]. 
Village of Nashville. — Lorenzo Hart, Alfred Denton, C. H. Reynolds, 
Albert Selleck, John Roberts, Levi West, Fi-ank Gokay, Jacob Young, 
G. W, Wilson, Lewis Wellman, Henry Heath, Frank Hecox. Merrit 
Everett, F. M. Smith, John C. Neace, Bernard Schulze, Edwin H. Mai- 
lory, Emery Parady, James Beard, Dealton Durham, W. S. Hecox. 
James M. Roush, John Perryman, Charles Furuiss, Lewis M. Burgess, 
Atvab J. Beebe, J. Edward Surene, C. A. Hough, George W, Perry, 
in Bichard Townsend, Alexander Brown, Jacob Letz, George Wellman, 
^^tf. E. Barry, A. P. Baraum, H. P. Haves. Daniel Hobbs, M. B. Brooks, 


Edward Siuitli, Hiram Webster, Harve.y J. Benuett, J. S. Pprrv, ^V^^H 
Hummel, Samnel Hartford, Milton Moore, Reuben Kuhlmau, R. E. Wi^ 
Hants, L. McKinnis, Daniel Clever. William Boston, Wm. G. Brooks, 
[Wm. Everett]. 

Hastings Township.— Jolin ghawmon, Josepb Pittinger, Philander Dur- 
kee, Harvey Spencer, Geoi^e Huling, Theodore Demott, Francis M. 
Roberta, Albert Sponable, Ferdinand Thomas. James W. Cutler, War- 
ren Seeley, Washington Sponable, Edgar D. Reid, Alfred B. Lowell, 
Alexander Mcintosh, Charles L. Carr, Edwin Chaffee, Abram Harsh- 
berger, Jas. D, Benham, Patrick McPbarlin, Colhuni Osgood. John E. 
Packard, Benjamin Gibbons, William H. Barker, Lafayette McKnigtat. 
Charles Waters, George Durkee, Charles Horton, Royal H. Brown, H. 
H. Culler, Michael B. Todd, Daniel Birdsall, Philander Rose, William 
Boorom, John Lichty, Joseph H. Fails, Hiram Blake, Joseph Golden, 
B. F. Onskill, Julius N. Parker. Eli Burkhardt, Richard Freer, Joshua 
Boorom, George P. Packard, Sidney P. Smith, Robert Gamble. 

Hope Township.— Charles F. Cock, John 8. Hinds, Chas. ' ' 
Jacob Albertson, Henry W. Newman. John Flannery, James McD 
aid, John R. Hinkley, Philip Arthur, James C. IlHck.NatbaB E. Haj 
son, William Tuttlc, Franklin Pierce, John Ashby, Felix Cliamberl^ 
Abraham Replogle, Stephen A. Stanley, Lewis H .Barnes, 
Chamberlain, Charles J. French, Daniel Brant. John McGym, Sana 
Owen, Cyrufi P. Larabee, Sr., Eugene Corwin, Lewis C. Gesler, 
Onllaspie, James P. Hine, William Andres, Erwin Field. Palmer Kai 
Conrad Kahler, William H. Carpenter, Wiilard Payne, Louis H. j 
Fountain, Alexander McCallum, A. Kingsberry, Jonathan H, 
tine, [D. L. Morthland]. 

Irving Township. — Leonard Whitney, AIox, McNaughton. James Mclj 
aid, John McXee, Israel Beck, George Ingram, O. L. Johnson, Patd 
Dooley, Robert McXee. Bryan Walker, Sr., William Bedford, SJ 
Chambers, W. H. Jordan, Hiram Norton, Jacob Wolf, David W. Ma 
ton. -Vlvin H, Bates, Abraham Arnold, Thomas BettR. John Roffl 
Anson Ward, Charles V. Reigler, Samuel Roush, Henry C, Peck] 
Wm. H. Godfrey, Horace Ludlow. Rufus Whitford. Wm. P. ~' 
John G. Renter, Jacob Strouse, Chas. H. Williams, George L. Chl| 
ler, Gilbert Russell. Charles MeCann, Michael S. Roueb, James BJ 
Ransom Wolcott, Michael Roush, Bnel Wolcott, David 6. Ward. 

Johnstown Township.^Harvey Harper, Robt. C. Pickworth. Sidnej 
Fisk. Edward Tungate, Hiram Webster, Chas. Depnar, WlHiam Ti 
son, James Wall, Stephen E. Gaskill. Andrew S, Bresee, Geo. W. '._ 
ing, Joseph Haugh. Levi J. Bresee, Cyrus Pettengill, Caleb W. Mdl 
Donald Swanson, Dexter Hunt, Wm. B. Van Wickle, Levi N. Moi 
Philip E. Darling, Chas. J. Shumaker, William Tnnpate, Levi P«l 
tier, Clark A. Hunt, Erwin Harmon. Ezra Packer. David W. 
James Noud, Wesley A. Clark, Henr*- 0. Stevens, Peter Houghti 
Peter Darling, Oscar Deo, William H. Holden, Ramiro Mapes. 

Maple Grove Township.— C. R. Palmer. John C. Dillin. William GraN 
William Martin. William Bivins, Eli F. Evans. Elbridge G. Poq 
James Davis, Stephen H. Dawns, David H. Brice, Allen T. Row 
John Gibson, John Wilkinson, Charles W. Taylor, J. H. Wilcox. C 
O. Dean, Frederick T. Bhoup, Samuel Hill. Isaac J. Brooks. Willi 


pacoby, JJ. H. Downs, Edward Craney. R. Siieperd. Reuben Suiitli, M. 
Sweeney, Philip Ayres, M. Dic-kersou, EmtTson Hyde, Thomas J. Ford, 
L. B. Potter. .Tames Hall, Oliver F. Long, Elmer Reae, John Hinkley, 
Gilbert Litphani, Charles Stephenson. Tunis Gordon, David Ronsh, 
David Brown, John Kobr. Wm. C. Meek, [Andrew L. Eno, Wm. 

Orangeville Townsliip.-^Ira D. Brooks, Rodney Flower, Robert Count, 
Ambrose Alien, John Hart, David Jones, G. H, Chatman, William 
Johncox, Wallace Bidgood, ilathias Priest, Samuel Carlisle, Rolden 
Xorton, Charles Thurston, Timothy Ellsworth, Artemus Conklin, 
Archibald Murdock, James Reed. George Merleau, Henry McLeod, 
George Saddler, John Youngs, James Japhet, T, A. Woodman, Charles 
Woodman, W. A. Miller, William Ludlow, Samuel Harper, John Col- 
man, John Osgood. George Coon, James Talford, Lorenzo Livingston, 
Levi Cross. 

Prairievilk- Township. — Ai-semus Roacb, E. E. Knight, S. Lynes. D. W, 
McSIartin. Conrad Merleau. John T, Shelp, H. H. Honeywell, Wyman , 
Hall. Charles U. Ruggles. Robert Cosgrove. C. L. BrigDall, Daniel Mer- 
leau. Nelson H. Orr, BInin L, Ray, Joseph Wilson, E. H, Coldwell, John 
Freeman, Mark Norris, Aurelius Payne. 

Rutland Township. — Thomas Heney. Edwin Green, Henry Parks, D. C. 
Smith, Alvin E. Phillips, Madison Ransom, Dennis Dunham, Charles 
H. Stone, Alvah Powell, Herman Bronson, Luther Root, William 
Oakes, Nathaniel G. Bruss. James Whittemore, A. S, Moore, Charles 
F, Francisco. Thomas C. Williams. Riohanl Wells, Cyrus Casterline, 
John Hendrick, Moses Seeber. E, C. Hathaway, Jason R, Powell, W^il- 
liam England, L. McCarty, George Bronson, Charles Collins, Jacob 
Barghderf, Alchana Strimback, Paul M. Blake, Robt, Dean, Benson 
Bare. C. H. Rogers. Chester M. Chatfleld. Hannibal Marble, Henry F. 
Karble, Warren Calkins, George W. Ailing. 

iornapple Township. — Joseph D. Kenyou. Henry Long, Earie P. Car- 
■nter. John W, Willard. William B. Carpenter. Henry W'. Morgan, 
»rge N. Cook. John J. Wadd. William S. Bundy, John S. Johnson, 
rorge Bassett, Edgar A. Stevens, Robt. E. Pryor, George W, Adgate, 
'homas Soden, William R. Manchester, Daniel D. Brown, James D. C. 
_Hubbard, Stephen P. Barnum. A. K. Concklin, Oscar White, 
Hamilton Carveth. Joseph C. Rouse, Elishn H. Skillman, Henry Marsh, 
Ebenezer Garrett. 

Village of Middleville. — Charles M. Bixk-r, Franklin Terry, Richard Ben- 
jamin, William 8, Gibbe, Thomas R. Allen, Cyrus A. Morse, Samuel C. 
~ich, George C. Smith, Anderson D. Bennett, Norris Roach, William 
B. Severance. Marcus M. Hodge, Edward P. Whitmore, Dwight W. 
kobnaon, Desmon C. Jordan. John Beach, Elbridge W. Carr, Chae. W. 
planchard. Joseph H. Shaw, Orlando Thomas, Alonzo E. Bouthwick, 
"jidrew Sherman, Lorenzo W. Payne. Conrad Clever, Roswell W. Pin- 
, Marshal Himes, Samuel F, Gould. Fred Teadt. Solomon Lee. Jo- 

■«cph D. Wood, Jay W. Marsh, Wilbur Cutler. Jonathan R. Russell, 

.lames Williams, Samuel Gibbs. James Beneway, Theodore H. Wood, 

David W. Webb, Asahel A. Tewksbury. Isaac Gibbs, Homer P. Fuller, 

Reuben B. Barton. Edward Sumner, William W. McConnelt, Frank 

KiRmoreanx. [Fordice L. Blake, A, Vanguilder]. 




Woodland TowDBhip. — John W. Smitli, -Judge R. Barniim, George W. 
Coats, Albert W. Dillenbeck, John Bulling, Ara J. Barnum, Joel St. 
Joltn, Andrew J, Miller, Cornelius Center, Alson Hill, James Spencer, 
John M, Reiser, JobUur Dillenbeck, Asaliel Oler, George Tyler, Levi 
Chase, Michael Broadbeck, Harrison Long, Jacob Deeg, James H. Dnr- 
kee, William H. Koons, Archibald Emery, Andrew Smith, George 
Bayha, Christopher Grozinger, James Curtis, Marcus G. Corset, John 
Hynes, James H. Sawdy, Abraham Geiser, Jacob Funk, Albert P. Re- 
tan, Abram Farley, T. Chaffee, [Jno. W, Boocher, Alanson Keuyon], 

Village of Woodland. — Jesse Jordan, Charles Collins, James G. Jordan, 
Nathaniel Whiting. William McArthur, Zebulon A. Cornell, Douglas 

B. Cooper, George Treese, Alfred Bolton, John Landis, Daniel A. Mil- 
ler, David B, Kilpatrick, 

Yankee Springs Township. — Asher Turner, Libref S. Butler, John IBM 
King, James W. Pearce. John L. White, George H. Ford, John N. StCTM 
art, John Everhart, Aaahel Luther, Elsworth Kennedy, William Sfl 
Streeter, John E. Murphy, Frank Hawley, George W. Park, Thomafl 
Hawe, Charles W, Armstrong, George W. Ward. John Hall, BenjamtM 
P. Norris, Amos Barrett, Leander B. Pryor, M. Harrington, Oliver Ei^fl 
land, Thomas K. Filds, Isaac N. Hubbard, William B. Elsworth, Dav^f 
Baird, Lewis W. Smith. Cortland B, Chapman, Henry Kashoac^| 
Steven Sensiba, Milo N. Carniug, James B. Chilsou, Thomas McQefl 
[Jacob H. Milbourn]. S 

Hastings City, First Ward. — Spary E. Phillips, Edwin Scidmore, Oeoi||H 
E. Hollister. William M, Wood, Hiram Jones, Frank Btandley, John WM 
Bessmer, Wright H. Garrison, Frederick Hart, Willard D. Sage, RalfljH 
S, Jordan, Henry H, Bailey, Jas, L. Wilkins, Geo. C. Hutchinson, Ke<^| 
ton J. Bronson, Aionzo D. Still, Thomas M. BIjnston, Merrick D. Be^H 
David B. Trego, Cornelius Whitcomb, Henry M, Merritt, Wm. ReM^| 
Leonard Stedge, Jas. F. Russell, Estes Rork, Jas. H. Sutton. S 

Hastings City, Second Ward, — Chas. B, Benham, Frederick Rickel, Hani 
vey M. Smith. George T. Johnson, P. W. Burgess, John P. Phelps, Jim 
seph C. Warden, Fred J. Bergman, Charles C. Jenson, Adam H. Iclc(||n 
E. M. Hinman, Milo Smith, Henry Close, John S. William, Andr^B 
Jewell, C. W. H. Casaday, George Frisby, William Paustle, Samuelflfl 
Garrison, Martin V. Gillespie, William Campbell, Chas. Beckwl^H 
Henry W, Sentz. Addison A. Eggleston, James Hnllett, Kzekiel Fiernl 
Daniel H. Manee, Marion Mead, Augustus J. Newton, Miles Woodmufl 
see, David A. Bowker, James Quackinbush, Wm. H. Huffman, Geo. ^M 
Heath, Harrison H. Trask, Alford S. Gregg. jH 

Hastings City, Third Ward. — Charles Dickinson, Orange McCIuer, DaJ^^| 
Baker, Dr. A. P. Drake, Wallace C. Kelley, William H. Goodyear, FriUH 
cis Witbey, Marcus W- Riker. Wm. H. Mvers. Dwight T. Fitch, DaiflH 

C. Heath, Ebenezer Schiebe, Wra. H. H. Heath, C. H. Barkhuff. Sid^H 
J. Wiley, James C. Woodruff, Albert Kent. Baker Sbriner, BUram jfl 
Barker, Frank Brodesser, Edward A. Rider, Benjamin R. Rose, CytfJ 
Tuttle, James Murphy, Norman Bailey, Jacob Maus, M. C. Woodini^| 
see, Geo. W, Osborn, James C. House. ^| 

Hastings City, Fourth Wai-d. — Albert H, Keith, Fabiiis J. Deplante, J dJM 
C. Lampman, G«o. M. Reed, John Michael, James F. Mead, Wm. ^^H 
Hicks, Oscar Young, Frederick F, McNair, Geo. H. Brooks, AatJB 


Leonard. Feraando K. Hawkins, Ira M. B. Gillaspie, Wm. Proesei-, 
Bmona A. Cotant, John W. Babcock, Michael McPharlin, Oliver H. 
ftreenfit-ld, Alexander J. Christie, T. L. Phillips, Jas. N. ColHster, 
PbarleG Bishop, Nelson S, Parker, Henry Reprogle, Egbert H, Lathrop, 
phiio K, Dnnning. Abraham Davenport, John H. Dennis, James W. 
Benfle.v, AMjah H. Loveland, Hiram Palmatier, Langby Dickenson, 
;. Mellen, John H. Burke, John ItoiiBe, Adam M. Bock, Lester W. 
fi-eston, James L. Reed, James Fisher, Isaac W. Vroonian, Wm. O. 


Sangor Township. — John Reiehle, Levi N. Kimmerley, George Howell, 
Lewis Howell. Miles Flowers, Charles Cross, Albert Frederick, Benson 
Conklin, Henry Borden, Jerry Preston, Richard Hanscomb, William D. 
Evens, Leonard sfeno, [Sam'l Donaldson]. 

Beaver Township. — Charles Warner, John Cherry, Lather L, Duel, Wil- 
liam C. Smith, Alfred Lixey, Orrin Dodge, [Lorenzo B. Lindsay, Benj. 
Laga, Thomas Kukler]. 

Frankenlust Townsbip.—Clemens Lefzgiis, Daniel Carey, John Arman. 

Fraser Township. — John M. Pitcher, Eli Dutton, Joseph Lambert, John 
Paro, Jolin Dewilt. Herman Evans, Benj. Miller, Alfred Bellor, P. Bel- 
lor. Thomas Bellor, Andrew Shepard, Lewis Beson, [Francis 
Gallagher]. ' 

Garfield Township. — William Lewis, John P. Allen, [J, D. W. Braman]. 

Gibson Township.— Abner Posey. Robert Pettel, Frank McGitlam, Oscar 
F. Ben'.lej, Clarence Dutcher, Frank M. Gillam, [Henry Rose]. 

Hampton Township. — Adolphus Fritz, Stephen Hyan, W. H. Wilcock, 
F. L. Wilson, John H. Sharpe, Henry R. Eddy. William Maxson, Ed- 
ward A. Eddy. 

Village of Essexville. — George Parker. S. A. Hall, Edward M. Tackle, 
David Bender, William H. Pusey. John B. Dawson. George Brown, 
James Barney, Robert Alexander, George Van I'elt, L. F. Warfleld, 
Jacob Coon, Charles Ely, Henry F. Emery, John W. Taylor. Louis B. 
Trembly, Artemas Gibbs, George J. Youngs. 

' iwKawlin Townsbip.^Israel Limineur, William Duso, George A. 
Schaltz, Randall Elliott, Henry Schoch, Vitel Lapoint, A, Buntlar, 
Alfred Bond, Charles Paul, Paul Fortin, Martin Lacey. M. Micholo, An- 
tolne Lapan, H. Stremple, William Daty. L. H. Smith, N. Shray. 

Merritt Township. — Adam Schabel, Lucius Bell, James Gordon, W. T. 
Histed, James Hustles, [Nicholas Thaver, John Dillon, Cbatford A. 

Monitor Township. — Simon H. Moritz, John C. Forster, James Chase, 
Joel Vincent. George A. Staudaoher, Samuel Woods, Henry Sitterding, 
Andrew D. Adcock, Patrick Murphy, G. H. Van Voorhees. 

Mt. Foreer Township. — Solomon Smith, Christopher House, John T. Wil- 
liams, Robert Grant. 

Pbiconning Township. — Geo. FU-tcher, Joseph Schinivar, Jonas Green- 

WMrd, Daniel Covert. Seth H. Ballard, Ira Crawford. Richard H. Cliff, 

BjJohn Tnimble, Joseph A. .\daras, William Hawkins, William Foster, 

^fcbarles E. Dunn, John Wall, Wilber E. Dolph, John Compo. 




I 1. 1894. 

Villiigo of Piueouning. — Theodore Bowen, Uriah D. Burlew, Beunl 
Whitney, JtU'ob Gower, Tuchent Ladrood, Levis T. Houk, EH PeirrP 
Jacob Kdoiuurts, Henry Gardner. Andrew P. Sunimerfleld, James F 
OleaBon, John Cain, Michael McCormicli, Edwin B. Chaniberlin, Artbm 
T. Smith, Edwin B. Chamberlin. Heniy MausHeld. James E. Hiclif 
William Ne.v, Frederielt Etheridge. 

PortBmontli TowjiBhip, — Robert Graham, Samuel SpauuBeller, Josei 
Fox, John E. Brown. Charles Rausch, Henry Malone, Louis Clemeu< 

Williams Township. — Daniel Hutcheson, John Kent, Edwin Buekai 
James Davis, David Dalrjniple, John Wilber, John Rowden, Aiigustn = 
Home, Caleb Richardson, Henry Hopler. Jonas Lewis, [Eli Lefevr. 
Patrick Boyle, John Seymore, Louis Bnggs]. 

Bay City, First Ward. — John Morrison, Frank Waller, John CortwrigliT, 

' Emanuel Burket. Edward Germain, Harold Hulst. Edwin Potter, Al 
bert M, Sock, John Hennard, Samuel Boutiette, William Powers. Wil 
liam H. Piatt, Alexander Boncher, Ira Odell, Ttiomas Howie, William 
Pickley, Joseph OallaRan, Stephen Wheeler, M. Boisvert, Peter An 
drew, William McWilliam, R, Knigbt, Charies Hill, Xaviei- Geudreau. 
John Sehncker, Herman Gudscbinsky. James Gerety, David Rogers, 
Benj, Hanson, John Boyle, 

Bay City, Second Ward. — .John Wesley Knaggs, George H. Keating, Soln 
noon C. Wilson, Charles B. Williams, Matliew L. Maxon, John Savn;:' 
Charles E. Smith, Henry W. Sims, Horace Tapper, Timothy Bauii> 
Benj. Smith, Eugene'W'. Light, Rollo Glover, William McBride, Chari.- 
Phelps, Norman Johnson, Thomas E. Webster, John Gregg. 

Bay City, Third Ward, — Frederick Hampton. Tlionias Vernon, Joshua ' 
Pusey, George P. Cobb, John F, Berdan, Frank Denio, John G. Nestl. 
Charted H. Denio, John W. Shearer, Lyman G. Wilcox, John A. Matli.-r 
Ira A, Lount, O. W. Lawrence, Chancey J. Picket, f Israel Voungti. C. I 

Bay City, Fourth Ward.— John W, Snyder, Francis Volk, John Wanlff- 
John Frebe, Henry Russell, Robert Calhoun, James Stratlon. Frank ' 
Miller, E. J. Reikcr, A. J. Cook, Isaac Scheurman, William A. Simon- 
August Miesel, George Niblach, Frederick Taschner, James F, Mi 
Comb. Otto Feyerabend, William Clark, Daniel A. Maxon, John Wil 
son. Patrick Gibbons, Peter Pinnard. Pitts O, Hudson, Leonard H 
Griffin, Lafayette N. Brown, Peter Bishop, Charles H. Leonard, John <> 
Woolson, Daniel R. Delaney, Thos. H. Warriner, Wm. Weiley, Michael 
Dugan, Gabriel Widmer, John H. Chase, John F. Graham, Andrew J 
Wiltiama, John Gorman, William Gelnnw, Daniel Hughs. George W 
Egglesion, James A. Wells, Nathaniel Murphy, Edward Williams. 
John M. Sermyer, James M. Wells. 

Bay City, Fifth Ward.— Frederick Hotchkiss, William Argyle, William 
E. Webster. George H. Palmer, Owen Cnnningham, George W. Tabor, 
Stephen Meeka, Moses Cousiuo, Walter M. Bens. Joseph Wnckerlv 
William E. Teles. Frank B. Steward, Sanford Carroll, Martin M. Oak 
ley, William Grandy, John Mulholland, B. Kathlne, Martin Lacy 
James McCaffery. Warren Allen. 

Bay City. Sixth Ward. — James B. Barber, George Trauh. J, K. Hart, Geo, 
Quackenbush, Edward Barber, George Lawton, David Strub, Maltby 
Carter Jamea F. Inscho, Richard Armstrong, Robert B. Hough. J(^L 


^^HlalDBvpber, Noah Moore, George C. Beelte, Tboiuas Riley, Fletcher 
^^Keynotds, William Calimder, I'aul Goff, Peter King, Frantis Shawl, 
('hades GoBler. William Teall, William Perkine. 
Itji.v City. Hevt^ntii Wjir.I.-^lamea N. Wier, Peter Valade, George F. Boi- 

Ifii, Samuel SI. t'.'itJiu. Fred Woolfe, Antoine Deano, Jacob Bradley, 
larvey Barker, Joseph R. Hitchrock. Charles Moore, B. 8. Trombley, 
'nnies \'an Kleek, Heur.v West, William Streeter, John Beetch, JobD 
^sKiii. WilMaiii Jcmes, Walter Williams, William H. Hubbard. James 
!. Catlin. 
r ("ity. Eighth Ward.— Patrick Oiillette, David Fical, George Eseltin, 
Ifiir.v Waters, John Keys, Stephen Mastin, John Lawrence, Thomae 
"boruron, rbiiilee Harrison, Walter Hoagel, Lewis Brechtel, Abraham 
('ariierburgher, Luther M. AllisoD. 
I '.iiy < iiy. Ninth Ward. — George Turner, H. E. Carpenter, M. M. Andrews, 
riiiirles C. Mengel, Robert W. Erwin. L. A. L. Gilbert, John MoDur- 
met, Lawrence McHugh, Griffln Lewis, George Snngle, S. B. Hamilton, 
M. Garlin, A. G. Mi-t'oy, Henry J. Stork, Joshua Markee. Wallace 
Evfius. Alonzo Pliippen, G. Lampman. Thomae Boyle, James Kinney, 
Villiam Money. W. H. Whittemore, M. J. Borland. 
f City, Tenth Ward. — Frederick Haseley, I^wie Parent, Charles Tefft, 
w, Stciue, Albert Clack, Mai'tiu Conningham. John Fangerty, James 
HTetch, Jas. ComanB, Jas. Doe, Henry Koth, Joseph 8mith. Michael Wil- 
, Mathew Marpby, Francis Jackaon, Henry Lockwood, Francis 
iieroy, Alexander Welch. Charles Brigga. George H. Wateon, John Gib- 
k11, Pbiltip Sparr. John Demars. Jolm Wovlsky, John Bracey. Thomas 
tonng. Joseph Parent. 

T City. Eleventh Ward. — Solomon Wilhelm. Ales, Tarsearey, Henry 
. Bill. Henry Banibnrd, David Ingalls, Theo. G. Metcalf, Hiram Rua- 
»11, Stephen T. Thorne, Heni-y K. Raymond, Horace H. Culver, James 
~, Stephens, George A. Wilson, Frederick Trempler, Winfield 8. Fisk, 
George Sypher, James H. Grover, Henry Fenton, Hanford E. Meeker, 
William Keith, Alex. Hovey, Hiram Weed, Merritt M. Smart, William 
H. Ferris, George M. Rood, Michael Lyons, Henry Scbindehette, Orrin 
Bnnip. Freeman L. Pierce, George W. Bntterfleld, James Manley. 
West Bay City. First Ward.— John R. Leroy, Edward Coin. Williard 
HufFnmn, Reuben Smith, George Barber, James Green, Alonzo Kim- 
bail, John B. Day, Joseph Bradshaw, Andrew Kitchen, George W. 
Muacey, Joseph H. M'hitehonse, Moaes B. King, John B. Peters, 
Charles Rafferty, Albert J. Mix. Paul Fourtain. John Hare, David Pet- 
^^ee, William Morin. Noah Farrington. Benj. Bush. 

^|kt Bay City, Second Ward. — Jeremiah Bagon, John R. Gray, Charles 
^^KlltoiDa, Benj. Merich. William Smalldon, Thomas J. Hawes, Amos 
^^Beary, .tames R. Benuetr. Thomas J. Reynolds, George Bursch, James 
^^Basey. Benj. Grooms, A. R. Terry. Reuben Hamley. Joshua J. Royce, 
^^Bhomns Donahue, Charles Pineo. James E, Smith. Thomas Welch, 
^^nianey Smith. Alexander King, William Durand. Lorenzo Brainard, 
^^Bbomas M. Brown, Ed. T. Carringtou, t^'ander Rivard, Samael 
^^Bilnpiles. Silas J. Sloat, M. Baxinam, Julius M. Dean. Moses Yaks, 
^^Hlinefl McDonough. Frank Pileon. Jesse Rosebush. Daniel Lockwood, 
^^Heorfce Dunn, Fred Lacomb. 



West Baj City, Tliird Ward.— Henry Stahley, Henry Mann, Luther 1 
Edinborougb, Lticins W, Chapman, Isaac E. Randall, Henry 8. Inger- 
Boll, James W. Bellinger, David H. Ford, John Gates, Henry C. Green. 
George Bauer, Henry W. Green, James C. Danforth. William H. Mnn- 
shaw, William Morrison, John Bums, George Picardat, D. B. DaviR, 
John M. Chambers, John A. Gregg, Sylvester C. Smith, Henry H. Nor- 
rington, Ijeonard Simons, (Henry H. Aplin, James Wells], 

West Bay City. Fourth Ward.— William H. H. Tilghman. W. 8. Corwin. 
John B. Shaw, P. H. Wllber, Josiah Hoover, J. J. Cameron. M. M. Ed- 
munds, Henry Hiefield, Alexander Woods, Charles Martin, James Gra- 
ham, Robert Boyer, Eugene Burr, George Walker, P. W. Pniden, 
Alonzo Florence, George W. Boeder, J. E. Owen, Frank King. James 
R, Bruce, Nelson B. Squires, Obid Calif, Lorenzo Davis, R. L. Richard- 
son, Hiram Florence, Seymour Durkee, Alonzo Dorland, Joseph 
Mathews. R. W. Campbell, Miles Fletcher, James Kennedy, Oscar 
Woodruff, John Fletcher, Edw. Noonan, Charles Florence, [Jas. B. 

West Bay City. Fifth Ward. — Charles Zimmerman, John Fred Veit, John 
Tapper, Budolphson Zeder, Isaac McDowell, William ^'anness, George 
Licsey, Conrad Weideman, John B. Palmer, Isaac. King, 

West Bay City, Sixth Ward.- Adam C. Clark, George S. Osborn, William 
Innia, Charles F. Peters, James S. Wyncoop, Henry C. Willis, Henry H. 
Burdick, Lake H. Cooper, Ezra E. Phelps, James L. Davenport. Mon- 
son A. Hovey, Worthy Perry, Henry J. Dolson, Andrew Neat, Ran- 
dolph M. Sherwood, David E. Erb, Henry T. Williams. Michael A. 
Sheay, James A. McKnight, E. W. Oakt'S. George W. Chamberlai^,_ 
James J. Sweeney, George A. Allen, [Chas. F. Soutlinm]. 


Almira Township. — Alfred G. Warner, Charles F. Severance, J^dj 
Tucker. Samuel Ward, Alfred J. Pratt, Oliver N. Seager, Charlesil 
Beamon, Robert Wilson, Harmon Stowe, Henry Polesome, Eliho I " 
letter, John Hooker, Daniel Shorter, Lewis Leinar, Theodore P. Be 

Village of Lake Ann. — Edwin Lake, Robert Crawford, George W, 
Charles Thomas, Reuben Stetson, Napoleon Baker. 

Benzonia Township. — Joseph P. Redding, George L. Brown, LewiB|_ 
Ingersoll, Newton Mathews, Emery M. Wellman. Albert N. GooU 
Samuel H. Long, L. D. Sann, Warner Law, James C, Sawyer, Willi* 
Wilson, John A, Morrow. Avery Thomas, E. A, St. Clair, A. W. F 
kins, George F. Barker, George A. Sinclair, Amaziah Thorp. T. C. ! 
sell, Chester C. Collins, [Chas. H. Bilderback, David Phelps, Hearj| 
Johnson, Geo. W. Reed, Wm. H. Reynolds, Geo. Greenwood]. 

Village of Benzonia. — William F. Hannaford, James Montgomery, J^ 
Link, L. P. Judson, Lot Nevins, [John W, Van Demau]. 

Blaine Township.— F. R. Axtell, Orrin Blood, C. C. Judson, Jesse Bnol^ 
Ira W. Mead, Stephen N. Cornell. Solomon R. Powers, Leonard 'T 
rington, George O. Butler, William F. Downing, Jacob Weaver, He) 
D. Hurlburt, W'illiam H. Stubbs. Robert Emery, George L. Cole. 

Colfax Township. — Jacob Long, James Castler, John Bisbe, O. H. 
2K>ns, Oscar Amy, Daniel McAley, Edmund Barker, George Shi 


«el P. CoTy, CliarleB Dobson, David Davis, Atmun Wilkinaoa, Heary 
I, Charles Permer, O. M. \ortIirup, Robert Engle, C. L. Marri- 

;ge of Thompson villi;. — Mathew Hiney, Justus B. Johnaou. James E. 
rl^ot, JeSeTBon Wood, Delos Covert, Albert Watters, James Moriarity, 
A. J- Irwin, Horace Hill, Anthony Rouse, M. Ghasten, Oliver Dyer, 
John Crotty, Charles Buckingham, William Jones, Charles Hamner, 
Franklin Van Hyning, Richard Gadbaro. Homer Doud, Ezra E. 
Sj)encer, George Wright, James Van Atten, Edwin C. Davis, Hiram H. 
Crystal Lake Township. — Christian C. Forney. John Smith, Charles W, 
B utler. George W. Phillips, John Fultz, Charles C. Dodge, David Tay- 
^^^tr, George Smith, Joseph A. Oonklin. 

^^^Bage of Frankfort.^ — William H. Chambers, Frank O, Wickham, 
^^Hkathew Gallager, Henry M. Smith, Charles A. Voorheis, John B. 
^^"ft'ickoff, Albert Voree, Henry Kemple, William Pendleton, John Holla- 
baugh, Albert Benton, Charles W. Storrs, Clark A. Edgecomb, Myron 
E. Barber, Samuel F. Dickenson, Adam J. Rose, Justin B. Doane, N. 
^^ Augustus Parker, Joseph S. Hall, Charles H. Crittenden. Edward G. 
^F Chambers, [Adam J. Scheuster. Eber A. Springstein, Thos. Whitte, 
^H A. A. Smith. Wm, A, Joy. Edw, G, Chambers, A. A. Doty, James 
Bp Williams, Clias. H. Crittenden. Balm Skinner]. 

^^llmore Township. — Peter Matheson. Peter Mick, John Higgins, John 
Chandler. Frederick Hall, Phillip Ehman. 
Village of South Frankfort. — John S. Perry, Charles A. Kibby, Hazen 

G. Duntly, Roland Reed, Wright Bunting, Lyman Dow. 
Homestead Township. — Isaac J. Meade, Homer J. Kentner, John W. 
Brown. Nathan Thomas, David Peckins, William G. Knight, J. C. Van 
Blaiicom. Lewis H. Gokey, John L. Walkley, Thomas Rayner. 
Inland Township. — William H. Sherman, John H. Bradshaw, Henry Her- 
roD. O. S. Williams, George W. Anues, Corwin Roxbury. A. A. Brun- 
dage. William E, Wilson. Robert Carpenter. Dewitt Blaisdetl. David 
Plamon, John Hogle, Hiram Hollts. Charles Barton, John M. Potter. 
Joyfield Township. — Samuel A. Davidson, John D. Evans. Marcellus Pul- 
ler, John W. Worden. Robert 8. G. Carbart, James E, Arner, Alonzo 
Jaquays, Edward Ayres, Roswell J. Reed, William A. Joy. Charles 
H Raymond, Armlnius Springsteen, Hiram Stanley, Horace Raymond. 
Bttake Township. — -Toel E. Clarke. 

Hfrlatte Township.— Isaac Huff, Roselle C. Sbreeves, George W. Getchell, 
Ui Leroy Morgan. [Sam'l Berry]. 

Weldou Township. — Zimri Bush, George Hollenberg. Frank Johnson, 
Frank Anderson. 


Bainbridge Township. — Gus Dorsterwetz, Edward E. DIx. James R. 

IfClark, George W. Closson, George Bridgford. George F. Stewart, 
Charles tloadley, Henry Thompson, John D. Hill, William Goodrich, 
^heodore Morelock, Ephraim Lewis, Isaac Seller, Zachariah Langley, 
porgan M. Matrau, George W. Yerrington, Asa G. Von Blackbura 
'Ilchael Van Dusen, Wesley Brant, David Reed, Calvm Hm.\i?,<;'Aot:^^ 


'alv iu 

Mathia!) Flelcher, Johu Krause. HarHs Uuight, Williuui 
Adam Shultz. Jacob D. Kreiger, Orrin Denuieon, Sejinour Aiken. 

Benton Township. — John Buttei-fleld, Homer W. King, William Desiii 
Haunders Van Camp, Harmon Schmool, Huuiphrey M. Stark, Lewis \\" 
Pearl, William H. Olds, Francis A. McKindley, Hiram Tiibbs, Taivi^ 
Higbee, Emery D. Stili, John H. Chivvis, William Van \amee, I' 
Monnier, Moees JackBon, J. Safloi-d, Chester M. Brown. John Cai 
Philo Frnnlilin, Jo.y Wetmore, Eli M. Crabbe, Ira Enoe, William 
ardson, Dustin Wooden, Briggs Gonld, William Mathews, Theodore 
Barrj', Henrv L. King, Isaac Craigo, Lewis Valentine, Edward L. 
Smith, Albert Ostrom, James J. Waters, Theodore Bamum, Augiisi 
Baushke,Johu Baushke, Phillip Culver, Sydney Pierce, Franklin Rip 
ley, George Dyer, A, M. Bird, Horace L. Atkins, George S. Drake, John 
Campbell, Francis M. Martin. James Stewart, William T. Withey, My- 
ron Toms,, Henry J. Monk, Clinton Wilkinson, John F. Sterling, Lewis 
Monty, William Stringer, Oscar Wescott, John H. Lee, Byron Taylnr. 
John Spink, John B. Staffer, Benj. Green, John H. Fiker, Orlando V 

Bradley, Donaldson, William Price, Timothy Harman, Robnt 

C. Thayer, Michael Moore, George Eikles, H. 0. Eastman. P. J. Greiii, 
Walter F. Kimball, William H. Havens, John W. Doty, B. Ayer, M 
McCane. Luther T, Rowe, Wilson A. Clyborne, Wilberforce Scott. 1' 
Pordns, Lacey Vagen, W'illiam Hamilton. William J. WoodrnlT. M. B. 
Lander, Jesse T. Rice, Avery White, J. Turner, Joaeph Downing, Dari^ 
Goodrich, John E. Defields, Albert Smith, Hiram D. Eastman. ^| 

Berrien Township. — Henry Edwards, John Laberdy, Elisha Reed, Nie^| 
las Michael, William Mashon, Jas. K. Wolfgang, Patrick E. O'B^H 
Calvin Hover, James Miller, John W. Hill, S. S. Suavely, Jnstie^^l 
Allison, Ai Freeman, Wilson G. Smith, George Barleon. John P. B^| 
fer, Benj. H. Butter, Urias Shaffer, James Fifer, J. K. P. McCntlo^| 
Henry Hess, I. H. Mitchell. Melviu J. Nelson, Nathaniel fibaffstall.^H 
bert Hayes, William H. Miller, Michael Bowerman, David McK^H 
George S, C-ooper. Leonard Simmons, Volney S. Carpenter, Angu^f 
Mathews, Edward Benliardt, Charles D. Wright, Levi Brown, Vao^H 
slear Tenbroeck, John H. Booth. ^H 

Village of Eau Claire.— Andrew J. Tibbs. Thomas B. Wynn, Samne^H 
Becker, John Havener, Nathan V. Lovell. Thomas Jones, Tko^f 
Evens, Nathan Herrington. William Gray. Homer B. Smith. ^H 

Bertrand Township.^David Salisbury, John A. Sheldon, John Keit^H 
Christopher Dittmer, Charles Anderson, Hugh G. Savage, Ervii^H 
Van Lew, Allan J. Frame, Henry Alspaugh, Benj. Alnpaugh, Ja^H 
Tallman, Francis M. Hamilton, S. P. Phillips. J^| 

Buchanan Township. — Clark McKinxie. Peter Estes. John Taylor, ^H 
erty Dragoo, Aaron Porter, E. P. Spaulding, Orson Bronson, Qei^H 
Hanley, A. G. Conradt, George W. Dunbar, William Inglewrlj^H 
George Markley, John Perrott, Henry Rundell, Raymond Brocius, ^H 
vey H. Haskins, Christopher Herman, Charl(« McCracken, Otto W^^| 
Robert Graham, George W. Hayward, [Francis W. W^ade, Wm. J. ^H 
radt, Sidney R. W'olcott, John E. Coveuy, Isaac C. Shafer. John Pfi^H 

Village of Buchanan. — Henry R. Hobart, Frederick Ferrich, Robe^^| 
Covell. Samuel S. Bunker, Leman W. Bristol, Daniel Martin, Ja^H 
Godfrey, John M. Stetler, Joseph Steele, John Hanover. Wallace I^^| 


folin i^hook, John W. Beistle, James P. DeViDnej, Monroe iDgersoll. 
iijab E. Koona, TlK-odore \V. Tbomas, Eli Hclmiub, Stephen Scott, 

lulomoD Weirich, John Aliger, Joseph Shook, James M. Rose, Albert 
Griswold, Saiifocd Yaumeter, Francis H. Goodcnougli, James 

Idgen, Oscar F, Richmond. Henry 2n, Dakin, George W. Colviu, George 
F. Siles, John Graham, Scott Whitman, Andrew J. Carothers, J. New- 
Ion Bntchelor, Mathew B. Gardner, George Merrill, H. P. McEwen, 
Thomas Good, Israel Dalrymple, Christopher Hahn, John P. Carr, 
Leander Bunker, Leonard Hayes, John Shurburg, Henry Rozell, Ashley 
Carlisle, Aaron Miller, James K. Woods, Jacob Baker, Marvin Cath- 
cart, ("hades Snyder, John F, Peck, John E. Barmore, A. P. Evans, 
John C Dick, George B. Miller, H. A. Richardson, William Hurlbert, 
John W. Jackson, Morris Lyon, Emery Atwood, Frank Munaon, Wil- 
liam Powers. Dewitt C. Nash, Waldemar Wood, Charles E, Sabio, 
Samuel P. High. H. F. Smith. Robert Kundell. Jacob B. Head, Amoa 
Stoner, N, H. Culver, Lorenzo Drake, [Clarke Day, Jas. F. Bowers.^ 
<i«'o. A. Sickafoose, Gideon Bouse, Mathew Uiilinger]. 
hickaming Township. — J. W". Rice, Henry L. Beeraan, John David, Peter 
Garland, Alvin H. Canlield, Daniel McGee, Charles Hisner. William A. 
Keith. Alexander Hall, Jerome Garner, Samuel Hinchman, Isaac Bone, 
James Hudson, A. E. Taylor, William H. Fox, Charles Avery, Samuel 
Si'honiiver, Johu Akin, Haney Dolph, Seneca Wire, Henry Sbreve, 
Edward Bennett, William R. Claypool, A. K. Clark, Thomas Hagner, 
Charles Hutchinuon. John L, Clark, Charles King. 
lalien Township. — William H. McMaster, William A. Robe, William 
Redden, James M. Weidner, Stephen A. Dennison, Samuel Fincb, 
George Bryant, William Jackson, Wiliiam F. Swem, Benj. F. Yaw, 
Isaac Haroff, Levi Wiseman, George W. Lee, Frank Jerue, John Allen, 
Jotiepii Rramhall. Henry Keefer. Lycnrgus Jeffrie, Nathaniel Chilson. 
Charles W. Moore, O. W. Brockway, Alonzo Goodenough. [Wm. B. 
Crooker] . 
Village ot Galien. — Melvin J. Lyon, David Stoner, Ebenezer Harris, F. B. 
Ciltahnw, Isaac Harner. B. W. Montrose, Francis Hanover. Abraham 
~ le, David Buck, Robert Alcott, Francis Burrus, J. D. White, Samuel 

'flckeon, George W. Chase, Charlea Wooley, Josiah Britton, John 

"'ooley. William H. Beach, [Alexander Babcock, Thos. McComber]. 

igar Township. — -Alva Russell, George Benson. Frank Hardenbrook. 
Dewitt Guy, Harrison H. Cole, Abner Brevard, Samuel HarriH, Reuben 
Kiidney, Isaac K. Sbimer, Abram Rosa. Peter P. Clapaaddle. Theodore 
". Perry, Ebenezer Ewers, James F. Russell, John J. Burrous Hiram 
Oage, John Weber, Chauncey Miller, Henry Farnum, Wilford 
;ker, John Hickey. James H, Mosher, Norman Nichols, Martin 

> Township. — Samuel Washburn, Isaac Dilton, Harrison Newton, 
Bfoel Stfirr. Samuel Terry, James W, Locky, Emery Hull, Jno. D. Hull, 
Hacob Steele, John Keiley, L. Lewis, Gotlieb Kramer, D, Lym-li, 
Deorge Hovsington, George Britlianpt, Horace Cflsselman, Phiio Nor- 
ItoQ, James H- Kill, William S. Meade, G. W. Sabers, J. H. Lynch, Sam- 
lel Sbong. E. R. Baldwin. 8. A. Manion, Bradford Camfield, John M. 
britbaupt. Lafayette Hutt, James Bayo, Amariah Plumly, James Bos- 
fcell, Ransler Hendrix, M. B. Houser. Charles Rouse, Solomon Madlin. 


TSOll, ^^U 



Miller, JobJM 

Isaac Voorhies, Bui-ett Bednrtha, Ephraim BobiDfloa, O. P. Miller, 
Wibert, Peter Hendrix, George Bush. 

Lincoln Townehip. — Willie Littleton, Henry Kentfrow, AujtuRt 
good, J. W. Robb, W. L. Clark, Milo Hyde, Edwin Bailey, Frank Mclu 
tosli, Leroy Lamunion, Artemas Maxoor, Jolin Hatrn, James Lamunion, 
William Jeffries, Alfred O. Frencli, Lorenzo Smith. 

Village of Steveneville.— James Olmstead, William Parrish, A. G. Keen, 
Charles Hollis, John Templar, Charles Hart, Joseph Watts, Peter 
Livengood, Conrad Scherer, 

New Buffalo Township. — Joseph J. Deuel, George Nash, Charles H. Bean. 
August Veterly, Mark Harmon, John Murray, B. H. Wood, John P. 
Raw, Henry Hager, Edward C, Hans, George Slater, Charles Inman, 
Henry Devinie, Irving Paddock, Ambrose Dockham, Tartullus Wal- 
daw, Washington G. Lake, John Bradley, Josiah B. Crosby, C. W. 
Whipple, George Markle, [T. J. Whipple, Fritz Bliss, Jno. 0. Horn]. 

Village of New Buffalo. — Robert Vantassell, Sidney Verbeck, Abram 
Markle,Carl Ebeling.ConradA. Walters, CharlesLohman,Le8lie R.Ben 
dick, David Terwilliger, Henry Merike, David Knight, Joseph Moos- 
brogger, Thomas Moore, Cyrus C. Hodges, Fred Gerdea, Isaao Teets, 
Martin Bick, [Chas. H. Schultz, Jno. W. Jones]. 

Niles Township. — James Delong. John Davis, Frank Dickey, Robert 
Young. George Timothy, John Eckler, Frank Higbee, Peter Brothers, 
Theodore Swain, William Boyd, Thomas Roach, Samuel Horner, Israel 
Cimer, Theodore Metzger, Jacob Webber, Mark Bartholomew, Thomas 
Binns, Henry Gephart, Lucas Beyrer, Morgan Wynn, Orange Blake, 
Robert Walton, William Graham, E. Restraw. 

Oronoko Township. — William Kinney, Reinhart Sehriver, Orlando Nel- 
son, William Light, John Hollenbeck, C. H. Ford, Albert Palmiter, 
Maitland Wilson, Abraham Long, Samuel F, Somers, B. Stinebeck. 
William Shunkwiler, Albert W. Haskins, Barret Sleight, Perry Hum- 
miston, Henry J, Moyer, David Pontius, Alfred Bowles. 

Village of Berrien Springs. — Sylvester Cory, Mandel Wells. Eli Robin- 
son. Geoi^e W. Smith, John Hankins. A. Pantious, Fred MeOmber, J. 
H. Perkiils, Joseph 0. Wicoff, John Fisher, Lawrence H. Dilley, Burton 
Prettyman, Washington P. Harmon, David Monroe, Martin L. Stubbs, 
William Dester, James C. Wollam, Nelson J. Davis, Charles Beshens, 
James A ckennan, Thomas T. Elliott, George Claar, Almon Ayers, Jonai- 
Potts, Roscoe D. Dix, Luther St. Johp, George H, Murdock, Samuel L 
Johnson, Daniel G. W. Gaugler, Daniel Morgan, Jacob Lauer. James 
F. Skinner, Samuel E. Hadloek, Darius Brown, John E. Eidson, Nathan 
S. Price. 

Pipestone Township. — Andrew Talbert, Dennis Murphy, William 
Nitches. William R. Tustison, Charles S. Hunt, William Lavanway. 
Theodore Clark, John Clark, M. A. Jennings, William H. Doane, Dan 
lei Lapham, John F. Brant, Lewis Runlon, Zary Moore, Rufus King, 
Merrit Nichols, William Burton, Peter Vanhoesen, Wesley Runion, W 
F. Pruvn. Adam Michael, George Sharp, G. B. Reese, William Lavan 
way, C. H. Burbank. William Sides, W. M. Sides, 8. C. Reams, J. ■] 
Puterbiiugh, Anaon Lewis, Jacob TIbbs, George Williams, 8. ' 
Momany, William Collins, J. H. Noatrant, Charles Hartlerode, Cbarlt. 
H. Farrow. Sullivan 51. Clnwaon, Chaney Shaul, Myron C. Tice, Alex 


Pander Shaul, George Munjoy, Slartiu Harris, Jacob Aumack, A. Til- 
strum, Lafayette Round, [David W. Lake]. 

Royalton TowDship. — Harvey Porter, Charles Brunke, Adrian Corteville, 
Cliarles Luse, Joba Williame, John Wright, James Brant, Jonas Zerby, 
John Brunke, William A. Brunke, John Eagan, Adam Roush, Simon 
Rousb. James Ludy, Eii Briney, Edward Rickersoo, Elias Minix, John 
Fruend, Edward L, Cromer, Carlton Bunker, William Haskins, Bar- 
uart Zebell, Fred Eisenhart, [Asa Hazzard, Geo. Fox.] 

8odU8 Township, — James Versaw, Frederick Gardner, Burrei Cannicbael, 
Joseph S^trome, Faber Walker, Rot-k Edwards, Charles Fitzpatrick, 
Frank Kimball, Orrin Brown, Royal Clark, Andrew Fisher, William 
^ Burdick, Albert Brooks, Jacob Likes, George Price, John King, Albert 
Bbell, Dewit Aldrich, Joshua IHff, William Simons, 
i Josephs Township. — John E. Cowles, James M. Ball, John Egbert, 
fGeorge R. Jones, John Lane, William B. Smith, Lewis C. Judson, 
Samuel E- Carpenter. Charley Bertrem, Peter Gordan, Jr., Robert K. 
Hale, William H. Wightman. 

Three Oaks Township. — Charles Wooley, John Wooley, Charles Kruger, 
Morgan L. Butler, James O. Smith, H. G. Lloyd, Thomas B. Stana^e, 
Peter Huibregtse, Garman Portenga, 8. M, Copeland, Harvey A. DakiB, 
George W. Hatfield, Godfrey Sheely. 

Village of Three Oaks.— Fred L. Thaldorf, Simon Conradt, M. D. Bram- 
hall, Charles Sebring, Fred F. Sovereign, Clarence Lee, George W." 
Sbead, Isaiah Rynearsoo, Charles H. Davis, William F. Reiber, Owen 
D. Churchill, Dwfgbt Warren, Thomas H, Martin, George W. Tio. 
Charles H. Weed, Joseph Chevrie, Benj. Piatt, John M. Paxson, Hiram 
W. Bays, Erwin Brown, Jacob Mutcheler, Joshua Chatterson, Samuel 
Gable, Emanuel Potts, Leander Ballard, George Collins, [Geo, L. 
Stevens] . 

Wiitervliet Township.— Albert Newton, James Hodges, Joseph Lamott, 
John Donahoe, David Mutb, Henry Dobbyn, G. P. Williams, Draper 
Fish, George W. Hale, Luke Lavanway, James Stratton, A. F. Puidy, 
John Helm, John J. Wilson, Russell B, Gregg, Ira 8. Bailey, Christian 

PBecht, George A. Brown, Orin Carter, Israel Kremer, E. C. Clay, Hem^ 
WllliB, Wilson Bridges, Charles B. Graham, Bartlett Huntoon, Prosper 
O. Bowe, John Stevens, Frank Stainbrook, Charles J. Spencer. Joel 9, 
Turner, Trueman P. Green, George A. Doolittle, Charles G. Seabury, 
Frank V. Nelson, William Becker, Philip Hughes. Alonzo Baxter, 
Wallace Smith, Samuel Clauaer, H. E. Morrell, Charles A. Kennicott, 
John W. Padgett. L. N. Clark, Charles Padgett, Henry 0, DeField, Levi 

F. Ear!, John Miller, August Morlock, John Waer, Riley H. Stratton, 
J, M. Hamilton, [John Piper, Gilbert Seaburi]. 

Village of Coloma. — Harrison Branch. Henry M. Marvin, Jeremiah Hart- 
man, William A. Baker, Thomas B. Worden, George W. Cooley, George 

G. DuVall, Peter Muth, .Tohn A, Schriner, Ambrose McCuen, Alva L. 
Pierce, John Nichols, William Mattice, Edwin Barlow, Nathan E. 
Kelley, Henry B. Pegg, Smllev W. Hamilton, Lysander Vincent. David 
H. Holliday.' 

Village of ■Watervliet. — John F. Berringer, -Jeremiah Whalen. Oscar 

Pitcher, S. H. Randall, S. A. PoIraent.T. William Clark. William Van 

■ Wormer, James Burgess, Richard N. Van Natter, George H. Stillwell, 




'. Uarreq^l 

William L. Gsrrett, Uriah Wood, Hiram Pierce. George W 
J. H. Baiter, Williajn T. CoeBelmau. 

\V\f8aw Township. — Hoel Wright, Emery F. Ferry, Egidius D'lsay, 
David Weatherwax, William McDaniel. Oonstantine Schlappi, Willtam 
J. HaDover, Zachariah Plummer, Thomas Boud, William Flowers. Dan- 
ifl W. Swen, -John Barber. William Van Liew, John P. Spearing, Thad- 
deiis Anetin, Milton J. Morley, Charles S. Pearson, Christopher Price, 
Diistin Washburn, Jobo W, Stoner, Silas C. Mynard, John A. Ponwell, 
Lewis Hoberts, Henry E. Smith, George O. Roberts, Homer A. Wagner, 
Isaiah J. Doxsee, George B. Hillar, John A. Cox, Martin Kimball, War- 
ner D. Bhaw, Isaiah Williams, Joseph Crawford, John Swem, Lewis B, 
Sanford, David W. Kean, John W, Bevilhymer. 

Benton Harbor City. First Ward. — James W. Curry, James ArmstPong, 
P. 8. Davis, Benj. Woodruff, Wiliard Story, Aaron D. Cheney, L, D. 
Bragg, Arthur Allen, Joseph W. Lamphear, George M, Bartor, Martin 
V. Buchanan, Charles Roome, Thomas J. Ritche, H. C. Rockwell, Will- 
iam Stevens, Abner D. Brooks. John M. McCormick, Foderick O. Kropp, 
Charles J, Wadswortb, Frands Coon, John F, Banyan, Henry Swan- 
sou, Wesley C. Noe. Henry J. Rowe, M. A. Bronson, Peter H. Fonger. 

Benton Harbor City, Second Ward. — Montgomery S, Woodruff, Joeej 
York, Richard G. Sinsabaugb. Selah J. Evans, Perry Hatfield, Herl 
Wilson, Simon Srackangast. Oscar Mott, Daniel Moore, John W. Qua* 
enbnsb, John F. Wenman, William J. Burnett, Oscar V. Runion. Jol 
M. Jenkins, Samuel A. Lester. Isaac W. Lucas, Edgar Cartwright. Will- 
iam J. Clanser, George W, Lytle, Fletcher Lewis, Ezra H, Kelley, Henry 

B. Johnson, W'illiam Freestone, William P. Prescott, Niel McQuarie, 
Egbert B. Scofleld, Oscar D. Lason, Isaac W. Dow, Austin L. Smith, 
Lewis B. Tryon, Ambrose H. Rowe, George Miller, Luther Hemingway, 
Jesse R. Johnson, James P. Maxon. George E. Hull, William H, Tryon, 
Cornelius Sparks. John A. Mays, Daniel W. Frank, George B. Simons, 
Matrin J. Vincent, Warren Boyle. WMIliam T. Mills, Henry 

C. Rowe. Alexia D. Finch, Benton R, Stearns, Edward Wagner, 
Charles W. Whitehead,Saniuel F. Curtis.Marion W.Jennings, William 
A. BoBwell, Ova O. Nutting, Jilyron C. Watson, Amos Fisher. Albert N, 
Shanafelt, Samuel R. Wallace, Albert Nichols, Lorenzo T. Bradford. 
Charies A, Warner. 

Benton Harbor City, Third Ward. — Benj. Bishop. Miram Fish, AlooM 
Plummer, Albert H. Elwood. George Fales, Isaac H. Maddux, Georil 
W. Babeock, Henry J. Bernard, Harmon L. Nelson, Lewis p. MadaB 
Robert Busby. George A. Brown, John Col petzer, William C. Bn<^i^| 
an, Samuel Boughtner, W'ilHam A. Babeock, Brace Knapp, Robert Gifl 
Geoi^e L. Fremyer, Lewis W, Earle, John Seel, Jasper Burrell, Tales 
A. Shaver, Charles A. Knight, Russell M. Jones. Ansel Knowles, Edwfl 
K. Pulsiver, Henry R. Skinner, George F, Sonner, Rhenaldo H. Hon 
ard, Samuel M. Hull, Henry Skelly, Jerome N. Osborne. Sylvester Tsmt 
pen. Charles K. Hendrix, Charles H. Godfrey, Rodman M. WordcH 
George H. Mott, Lyman M. Ward, Alphonso A. Covell. Hezeblldl 
Madry. George B. Tatman, Perry W. Roome, William Robinson, Ad^l 
O. White, William W. Dean, Frederick Monnich, [Nelson Plum, Aosfl 
Lewis] . ■ 



_ atoo Harber City, Fourth Wnrd.— ,Tuan M. Guy, Samuel Kiti-on, Wil- 
liam Smith, Clirietopber Milter. Judsou L. Shears, Stephen A. Crane, 
Jubn E IJavncs. Charles P. Tibbits. Franklin R. Pherman. Lewis I. Put- 
nam, Silas Sinli. Riisaell Luton. Geoi^e Collins, Jnmee Troy. John W. 
Neal, John S. Curtis, B. M. Wells. Christophfr C. Williams. Martin M. 
Pnlver, Adam Roush, Samuel Xeal. Charles L. Wisner, Robert Mc- 
Clure. E. D. Jennings. S. B. Kimball, Josephus Aumock. Daniel D. 
Planigan, Lafayette Church, Alonzo Vincent, Russell Pikel. [Beni, 

Niles City, First Ward. — Samuel W. StrouiJ, Henry D. Austin, Charles 
Harris, William H. Davis, James Coker. Frederick Young, William 
Morris, Andrew J, Davie, H. L. Putnam. Edwin Drew, Franklin Grand, 
Stewart C. Burt, Lewis Bchreck, John A. Montague, A, J. Abbott, 
Alexander Winborn, Thomas Dean, Lewis Hahn, Edgar L. Morse, Qus 
Bannister, William Powers, Benj. Cousins. Joseph Wilson, John L. 
Allen, W. W. Serris, George Winborn, Patrick Dolin, [Henry Guide- 

Niles City, Second Ward. — Spoucer Lausiog. Laweon A, Duncan, John D, 
Schiller, Edwin S. Williams. James W. McOniber. John Hildebrand, 
Joseph K. P. McClary, David Bacon, Charles Hinderer. Edward Bacon, 
Anton Wohlrab. William Bullard. Julius Caesar, Preston Parmenter, 
James F. Bnllard. Dewitt C. Vpdyke, William Evick. William Gris- 
wold, Henry Maley, Lewis Homer. 

Xiles City, Third Ward.— William Blakie. Edward C. Earle, Lawrence 
Earle, B. P. Hudson. Willitini Brown, William McDonald, Fred Eagles- 
field, James Grimes. Kobert C. Cragin. Henry Burge, H. B. W' illiams, P. 
Bond, Nathan Meredith, William Forrest. W. H. Drew, S. J. Weaver. 
Kathan Williams. Edw. Taylor, William Studley, G. W. Morris, Wil- 
liam Lakey. E. F. Armstrong, C. Young. S. Scheme], William Murphy, 
J. H. Stead. James Manney, Eli Gage, J. B. Perkins, John Deam, James 
E. Harder. F. C. Webb, P. K, Sampson. James D. Dawson, Barney For- 
mb&y. H. Smith, Johu L. Crowfoot, James Borden. Robert Allen, Wil- 
liam Reedy, W. S. Millard. 

N'iies City, Fourth Ward. — Theron W, Letcher, John H. Letcher, William 
Hindman, Bot>ert Barron. Benj. Swartz. James W. Webber, Emil Bach- 
man, Richard Dobson, H. C. Keswick. John W. Stone, Harvey Gordan, 
John W. Hatfield. Hosea Bedunah, William L. Moody, C. S. Barrett, 
Lawrence Hand. Thomas O'Callaghan, William Magee. Isaac Weaver, 
William Kane, Collins M. Steriing, John J. Sutter, H. B. Scribner, Eu- 
gene Cook. John A. Weaver, Lewis Van Riper, William J. Edwards. 

Ht. Joseph City, First Ward.— Benj, F. Flint, Milo A. Clock, Thomas H._ 
Botham, Ariel Pooler, Charles E. Bort. George Adams. Hiram Liberty* 
Brown. W'illiam Hayes, Aninah A. Velie, Richard H. Burke, Charles 
M. Russell, Thomas F. Daker. Jacob Fikes. John H. Cbivvis, Leonard 
J. Merchant. Martin Van B. Sherman, Darius J. Wells, R. Gates Rice, 
Charles H. Moulton, John P. Wartz, Isaac B. Edick. John W. Frazer, 
Stephen H. DowUng, Stewart J. Myers, Thomas C. Burrows, Elisha S. 
Sullivan. George E. Smith. Luke Versaw, James C. Bougbton, William 
P. Ward. John F. Barmore, Rotw^rt S. Hudson, Curran 8. Stuckey, 
Frank C. Horton. George W. Mnlliken. Ira C. Travis. Alex. H. Scott. 
I Jr., Alfred She|iard, John G. Mansfield, Charles Bellman. Richard 





' MICHIGAN— JUNE 1. 1894. 

Stinee, Cbristiau Xt-ider, Benj. Howard. Andrew Backer, Ttioiuas A,,_ 
Walker. George Cherry, Heory M. Brown. Harry McKee, AVilliam E^, 
Murray^ [J. E. L. Miller, W. s! Vavy]. 
St. Joseph City, Second Ward. — K. F. Stratton, Henry Cougdon, E. Vi 
Armstrong, Arthur N, Napier, Robert London, Andrew Kuhn, Frank 
Mopelock, Joseph Kramer, Fred E. Minnes, Perry W. Stuhbs, George 
W. Riley, Aaron Koser, R. H. Kewton, George A, Bennett, William H. 
Marston, David L. Taylor, W, S, Smith, Charles H. Camahan, David 
Abbe, Francis H. Taylor, Samuel Hatfield. W. K. Wheeler, G. W. 
Doane, Martin Flaig, Henry Cole, George Forbes, Charles Keeler, Phil- 
lip Russell, C. B. Potter, Burton E. Miller, Charles Konkrite, Andrew 
Miller, W. H. H. Skinner, D. H. Whipple, Needham Miller, Cyrus Rit- 
tenhouse, W. D. Cree. Zekil Howard, William Porter, Joel Benson, 
John Goodall, Louis Bell, Louis B. Force, J. C. Caldwell, George L. 
Wheeler, William B, Wheeler, W. H. McKinney. Edwin Benedict, 
James Johnson, William Husted, A. J. Beers, Robert Van Brunt, Har- 
rison Jones, Charles Lucker, Andrew J. Mansfield, Charles W; 
Springer. George L. Calpoys. 


Algansee Township. — Henry W. Hungerford, Alexander Purdy, George 
W. Stewart, William Thompson, Isaac G. Quimby. Stephen Kyser, 
James 8. Hughey, Russel J. Ellis, Peter P. Tyndall, Frank Roundy, 
Jerome B. Tift, Josephua Clark, L. D. Reynolds, Ira Stockwell, William 
Herrick, George W. Deye, Hazelton Saunders, William M. Cory, Wil- 
liam J. McKee, George L. Rice, Anson W. Merrit, George Baits, Sylveo-u 
ter W. McNitt, Arnold Goodman. Albert A. Dodge, George Winter, F. 

D. Burlingham, Fred Goodwin, William Emmons, Samuel P. Wan 

E. J. Smith, T. A. Smith, C. E. Brainard, Christian Webber, Roswell 
Tift, Edwin W. AIcNitt.George K. Purdy, Stephen V. Braman, Olni 
W. Draper, John Flaherty, John H. Corey, William H. Woodard, 81 
ney Haight, J. H. Adair, Charles Beckwith, William Goodwin, Comi 
ius Myers, W. M. Sage, Albert J. Tift, [Henry Emmons, Orlando Nai.. 
Corlan E. Brainard, T. J. Nixon, Emmett J. Smith, Sam'l Warren, We^^ 

•ley Merritt,A!ti8on Tift, David M. Draper, Edw. W. McNitt, Heni ' 
Waterberry, Lafayette Burleson]. 

Batavia Township — Edwin Lewis, George Cleveland, Lewis Hawl 
William H. Fonda, Seymour Pox, Jerome B. Hawley, George Phel 
John W. Mendham, George Davis, A. R. Grove, Wilbur R, Crawfi 
Henry P. Miller, Samuel Fairbanks, John F. Button, Admiral Bni 
Austin Burch, Edward Frederick, Phillip Pitcher, George W. Blai 
well, Ttyron L. Mitchell, Henry Hennings, Julius Herriff, George MIlli 
Charles Webb, William Tyler. Albert E. Beard, David Lorrow, John 
T. Stryker. Henry Simpson, Henry Ide, Ezra Bair, Gabriel Robinson. 
Charles Simmons, Levi R. Tuttle, Luther Bosserman, Samuel Bate, A. 
P. Drake, Hubbard Buffhan, Lewis E. Pierce, William R. Card, Jerome 
O. Bates, Mortimer Roberts, Harvey Davis. John De Foe, Fred Gi 
ling, Fred Klose, James Rickard. [Jacob B. Long], 

Bethel Township — William Lilley. Hiram Byers. Chester N. Canfii 
Vanraensler Sherman, Samuel B. McCourtie, Amos Sherman, Will) 



'. Leslie, Heory Wbitten, Calvin C. Weaver, Williairi Bronson, John 
Heckman, Peter Nagle, A. H. Wiser, John F. Tozier. nenr.v Rickard, 
Wiiliani H. Layman, Lewis Shaw, Charles E. Wallace. John B. Allen, 
William H. Gillett, John E. Strong, Squire Beard, M. W. Maybee, Riia- 
eell Banders, Josiah Walker. Washington McDougall, William Ooidau, 
Isaac Place, Peleg Carmer, Adrian Burleson, Clark Mosher, Peter War- 
ner. [Hartmon Place.] 
Bronson Townahip. — William H. Hart, Daniel A. Himebaugh, Daniel 
P. Tiee. Homer C. Hart. Andrew J. Ksiiser, John Purdy, Mike Dunn, 
Isaac Pinney, Orrin Smith, Alonzo E. Sutler, Samuel Betz. William 
Johnson, John Taggart, Charles Hamilton, William T. Paul, Thomas 
A. Eberhard, Jacob Kara, FTOdorick Wymer, Samuel Holmes, Ljmaii 
Carpenter, Joseph E, Pullman, Elijah E. Howard, Joseph Thurlby, 
Andrew Lockwood, Joseph Farrand, Timothy Mathews. William 
George. Daniel Clouse, George Carpenter, David Blanchard, Amos 
Village of Bronson, — Stephen Brooks, George Bolton, Alfred Reynoldd, 
Henry Alderman, John Hiighee, William Brown, John Akers, Egbert 
Price, Richard Coward, Chaimcey Carpenter. William Randall, Na- 
thaniel Hopkins, Justice Hoiightaiing, George Roeenbrook, Frederick 
P, Ellis, Sylvester D. Biiiley, Wells Knapp, Theodore D. Fellows, Carl- 
ton W. Albertson. William Binkley. Charles Darrow, Lnciue M. Leet, 
Abraham S, Van Fleet, Rothmer N. Hoakins, William H. Filson, Isaac 
Btickley, Theodore R. Jupp, Asa Dennison, Walter Purvee, [Darins 
Monroe] . 
Butler Township. — George Fenno, Edmund Mooto, H. R. Simmons, 
Leslie Haokett, William H. Pettitt. John Davis, Chaimcey W. Wade, 
James Pendill, Chandler Lindsey, Jacot Bowersox, John Eastman, Am- 
brose Dickinson, Charles Demarest, Jesse H. Meade, Andrew J. Sawyer, 
Enos Hinkley, Seth King. Charles Hill8,John B. Lucas, Stewart Wil- 
cox, O. 8. Ely, Hiram Barber. William Baker. William H. Keller, Peter 
^ Bargin, John Bupgin, Bradley O. Moore, Henry Burnes. Permeno Ca- 
^^■Ae,r. Dwight BiirbanU, George Van Gieson, William C. Taylor, Elias 
^^■Rose. Joseph McKinney. Elinshib Howland, Adelbert Lockwood, An- 
^^^Urew Jackson, Peter Snyder, Ambrose David, Frank Pemberton, Jack- 
^^■BOD L. Vicory, Harry Ayres, Henry Fidler, Horace G. Mcintosh. 
Thomas Ryan, Alphonso CrandaH. William Spragne, Harrison Taylor, 
John McGinness, Loman Blodgett. 
California Township. — .Tames E. Haight. Solomon Kricer. Wilson Wood- 
ward, Albert D. Noble, Abraham S, Kirkland, Daniel D. Steele, Walter 
Morrow, Frederick J. Staley, Oliver L. Teall. Robert Kelso, William P. 
Goodrich. John G. Billman, William R. Wolf. William McNichol. Wil- 
■»oii Lytle. John Paul. Daniel Lint. David Morgan, Alexander Thomp 
m, Aognstus .V. Cleveland. Willinm Orosser. Samuel B. Reppert, 
lltliel Peemer. John W. Decker, John Miller. Joseph L. Hagerman. 
baolel J, Gibson. William L. Palterson, Oliver Filley, Charles M. Doty, 
I'iOeorge W. Jelfers. Andrew Hlnebaugh, David Steele, Joseph Craige, 
f Peter V. Gibson. 

[gid water Township,— Smith Woodward, Burger Vanderwater. Harvey 
in. R, D. Parker, B. O. Cox. George I>. Barrows. Thomas Rhodei ' 



I OF mCHIQAN-^nniB l, USI. 

p. \V. Hillar. Henry Kale. Solomon Good. George \V. Clark. Bensfllai 
Brown, Wiliiani S. JohuRoii. Cliarles Norton. Orsemus P. Unles, .lohn 
A. Gregg. William H. Sauford, WilUaiii J. Davis, Maitiu Burlesou. 
Adelphiis Buck, William B. Lauftwell, .hinies RarneH. Henry Buti-lier, 
L. M, Kye. Solon Bertram, Hai'mou Timinerson, William H. Wimer, 
Edgar E, Sears, Milau Wheeler. Asaliel J. Potter, Homer H. Bensoi 
Jolin R. Morford, Cliarlea S. Braytou, 

Qilead Towusliip. — George O. Bixler. Jaoksou Kniiause. William Nevel 
Chauncey H, Brooke, Charles navin. Jerry Shenetield. Samuel ItuI 
George Zull, Henry F- Depue. Samuel Oeramn. .Tnoob Snltr,. Charles N. 
Carpenter, James Bower. Henry A. Kinsey, Ephriam Wordeii, Eli»li;t 
Bailev, Nathan McKiustrj, Jiidson W. Parker, Weslev Harris. John 
Smith, John W. Arnold. ]David C. May. Frank E. Hadley]. 

Girard Townsliip.—David Fox, James Bailey, Martin Vanblarcom, Al 
Wood, Leander Manchester, Jasper E. Eldred. John Gross, Stepl 
A. Carpenter. James U. Tiickey, George A. Russell. Jarvis Fetch, 
Samuel Lutes, Wiliiani Hunt. J. B. Morford, H. G. Wadsworth, Jaiin'? 
M, Sillick, Keulien i"orne!l, George Dingnian, Eli Taylor, Andrew I'o 
marest, Willard Whitney, Gratton Wagoner, Thomas J. I^sstng. Joliu 
S. Bowers, WHIiani M. !'rii;e, Alfred D. Sargent. 

Kinderhook Township. — Samuel Kinsey, Aaron S, Tombangh, Willi 
H. Kelso. Morris B, Counett. Dana Perriue. Lyman L. Joues. Hii 
Weeden, Samuel Sprague, Luke Stelllng, .lames Knau«<s, Wynian P. 
Ogden. Powell Powelson, Andrew Potter. Eiisha J. Brown, Lncill^ 
Waterhonse, James Ricliey. James H. Nye, John W, Wagoner. Daviii 
Fox. Nathaniel D. Lampbaar. 

Mattison Township, — John Lydie, Jacob Vannuys. William Chamberlain 
Jonathan Shook, Daniel F. Rich. Joel Price. David Shook. Henry Lill<> 
David Gibbs, Joseph Nichols, Moses Crawford. Adrian Osborn, Sili- 
Stevens, Burnley Foote, James Allen, George \'orce,Levi Curtis, Dani'^ 
Lawson. Don Cuahman, James Cushman, William Keutfield, Pnmi 
Buckley, Alexander Mclntyre, Cyrus Allen. Corueliiis Hogobonu; 
Aaron E. Wood. James Porter. Elislia Philo. Edward Sands, Hem.j 
Hawn, Andrew Hogoboom, Enmnuel Smith. Charles Thompson, OtiM^_ 
Smith, William Trumble, William Farrand, Peter Vanderhoof, Cbaita^| 
Shelhart. Reuben Lyter. John Boyer. Joseph Webb. g 

Noble Township.— Alfred Lilly, Isaac N. Blosser. Frederick Sutter, An 
drew Hoard, Gibson Stewart, Alexander L. Finney. William Swart/,. 
Miles N, Whipple, Roman L. Whipple. John Swain, Sr.. Edwin R. Cum 
mins. William W. Milliman. 

Ovid Township. — Samuel Dubendorf. Charles Bender, Phillip F.Knowli- 
Benj. P. Lyon. George Searpasn, John Broughton, Darius Otis. Mili^i 
A. Strobec. Charles Wilson. Benj. F. Gay, diaries Smith, James li 
Wilson. .Vlfred Cheney. Simon Mathews, lanthias D. Miner. George W. 
Lobdell, Ezra Stahl, A. Canfleld Fisk, Jesse Trump, .Adam Ilower. 
Edward F. Davis, Lewellyu Daniels, Andrew Bums, ReulH-n Cole, Wil 
Ham Parker. Reuben Colman, L. A. Towaley, Clark Sherman, Michael 
Nagle, Addison Tompkins. James Sorter. Lewis C, Waldreu, WashinR 
ton Forrister, Jesse Mann, John C, Burrows. Henry Stahl. 

Quincy Township. — K. B. Etheredge, Albert B. Dean, Daniel Strang, Z. G. 
Trimm, Asa S. Jenue, George Sherman, John F. Corey, Timothy Talant. 

tnnrED states soldiers of the civil war. 

Alfred E. Aldrit-li. Linua H. Ktevt-iifi, Wan! H. Xoble, Jeremiah Becker, 
'George E, Bennett, H. J. Wood, Dexter Etiioridge, William Cnrtiu. 
Henry Bender, Thomas J. Baker. Oilbert Xorton, Augustus J. Bai'je- 
pow, Peter E. Page, Levi Fi»li, William t^rapo, Edward Whiteliead, 
Charles T. Nichols, Peter Cogan, William ^^'ood, L. B, Brown, Marcus 
^KSewitt, Albert J. Warner, Charles Parkinson, Cliarles Vangelder, 
^l^bn Allen, Charles C. Caley, William F. Youngs, Alonzo L. Moore, 
^^^artin Lipe, Christopher Conly, Lewis Failor, John R, Morey. 
^Village of Quinc.v. — Robert Churchill, O. D. Curtis, Cyrus A. George, 
Alex. Lnshnuy, Mathew Heers, Henry J. Gregory, Ezra C. Chase, M. M, 
IHokerson, Benj. Safford, Alonzo Dicker»oD, Abel Coon, William H. 
Thurber, Storrs ttillic-r, Eli T. Hoyt. Riihard Price, Hiram Wiser, Ami 
Whitney, Sprague I)e Wolf, R. Collingwortli, D. G. Harding, Thomas 
LennoD, Henry L. Sellifk. A. ('ummings, S. S. Leland, Lawrence C. 
Wright, Joseph C. Rogers, C, McKay, Hawkins A, King, John R, Robin- 
■Aon, H. C. Burwell, George Rathbnrn, Charles W. Lake, Joseph O. El- 
Ired, Elisba Mason, Charles L. Truesdell, John N. Rankin, Albert A. 
X, Charles D. Skinner, George N, Ruuynu, Labeus P. Batchel- 
lor, N. M. Mcllroy, Lewis Martin, Jamea S. Cleveland, Charles S. Car- 
«1, Jesse Culver, Peter Tindall, Daniel J. Massey, Ora B. Stevens, Jos- 
jpph D. Hadden, Crocker Busley, Horace H, Hunt, David C, Myers, Bar- 
'ler N. Sheldon. Edwin B. Church, Alva J. Belote, James H. Haynes, 
""Mosea Lampman, Henry H, Nichols, Frank B. Henry, Alfred 8. Hanks, 
Orange J, Bailey, Whitfield Lampman. William N. Eld red. Monroe C, 
Dayton. Joseph H. Barker, Charles Riimes. Daniel Sanders. James H. 
Thompson, Franklin Ingalls, Sanford E. Wood, Edwin E. Herrick, 
Frank Rivets, Sidney Conley, George W. Woodworth, Isaac A, Barje- 
row, Augustus Chapel, Lafayette Gosper. Joseph H. Tindall, Solomon 
Haynes, [Francis E, Marsh, Leroy Holcomb, Michael Schmonder]. 
Sherwood Township. — Charles A. Crocker, Daniel McCarty, Mead Rob- 
erts, Robert Kimber. Chester Thornton, Henry J. Jones. Lneian Love- 
joy, George B. Hass, George P. Hyde, James Beard, Jamea T. O'Bryan, 
Lafayette Libhart, Anson Gilbert. Snniuel Fisher. Rngeoe Woodworth. 
T^fayette Barton, E. B. Howard, Almon H. Griawold, Porter Olmstead, 
Vincent Watkins. 
Village of Sherwood.— Henry W. Locke, Lorenzo Zimmerman. Edwin V. 
Nnsh, Martin Barllefte, Henry Runyan, Julius Henry, J. H. Watkine, 
B. C. Wiloos. William H. Hicka, James M. Locke, Albert J. Snyder, 
Jnatiee Stowe, Arthur K. Bartlett. John Studley, Samuel Johnson, John 
A. Banker. William Rider, Daniel S. Robinson. 
I'lilon Township, — David W. Moore. Adam Miller. Josiah Kimball. 
George Filson, Parley W. Piah, Eber L. Dodge. James McQueen, George 
OiUen. Eugene Wilson, Patrick O'Konrk, Jeremiah Fisher, Charlea 
Peterson, Abraham Cuyler, John Carr. Jamea Price, Charles L. Bur- 
nett, Dennia S. Cosier, Leander 8. Burnett. William H. Borden. Myron 
H. Hopkins, Oscar L Davis, Edgar T. Ormsby. Sam'l J. Osborn. Melvin 
E. Blair, Marvin M. Dennison, John Chivvis. Solomon Seward. William 
Foster, Oscar, N. Dennison. George W. Thayer, Franklin E. Thayer, 
Charles W. Stafford. C. F. Crawford. John M. Wells. Robert Fox. Jamea 
D. Studley, James M. Palmer. William A. Hanken. Irn B. Baell, George 
^■jTrear, James Carr, George W. Palmer, 


. TlionitM^H 

Village of Union Citv.— MarshiUl T. I)e NoyelleB, William E. ' 

William R. Fisher, L. L. Olmetead, Eugene S. Monger, William L, Vaii 
Tasse], Charles T. Stuart, William W. Fenno, Jonathan H. Olney, Ed 
ward M. Carpenter, David J. Eaeton, Alfred R. Barrett, Charles Zim 
merman, Jerry J, Banford, George W. Waffle, R. Sbradley, C, H. Kindig. 
Samuel Ashmore, William W. Swain, Alva H, Wilder, A. K. Rider, 
George W. Stratton, George F. Eberhard. Henry Leilous, Mathew Ryon, 
Martin F. Buell, Stephen S. TJrake, Joseph Harris, Robert M. Merritt, 
William E. Smith, Josiah Guiwits, M. A. Merrifield, Lorenzo Williams, 
Ansel J. Davis, Samuel Kilboiirn, John A. Sharp, Reuben SimmoDs. 
Cornelius D. Leach, Henry B. Corbin, Clark M. Hall, Edward S. Brou- 
son, Dwight E. Youngs, George Haymaker, Joel C. White, A. J. Ack- 
ley, Milon Bruso, C. B. Knight, Henry Seymour, Sydney D. Buell, Mar- 
cellus Morrell, John A. Olrastead, William Dubendorf, Charles Cobb, 
Jesse Mathews, Robert Raney, William Wyrill, John P. Kidney. 

Coldwater City, First Ward.— William H. Wjeand, David W. Weldy, 
Thomas 8. Osborn, David Hugenin. Hezekiah Sweet, Daniel Cook, Wil- 
liam N. Conover, George M, White, Spencer Birdsail, Byron X). Pad- 
dock, Ransom W. Nichols, Daniel H. Conklin. John F. Hyatt, Bradley 
Crippen, N, E, Hurley, Horace Holcomb, James Odren, John M. 
Crocker, David Fuller, Lnman B. Gibbs, William H. Ward, Jert-miah 
Depne, James M, Anderson, George W. BoUes, Henry Hudson, Lester 
D. Belknap. Joseph A. Conklin. Samuel W. Stewart, James H. Burgess, 
Alonzo B. Cleveland, John C, Dubendorf, David F. Needham. Nelson 
G. Terhune, Peter Stinson, Rue! Vanschoick, Andrew Nachbaner, Ir- 
win Hurst, Andrew Pender. Albert H, Cook, John D. Maynard, Zacha- 
rias T. Herendecn, Charles Thompson, Richmond F, Parker, Benson K. 
Bobbins, Rufus B. Amsden, Edward Stone, Duncan Stewart, Joseph 
W. Caton, Miles E. Wattles. Frank Fairbanks, Wilson B. Warford, 
David S, Harris, Ransom A, Harris, Willitts F. Lombard, Aneel' 
Thompson, Lucius M. Wing, William Thompson, Joseph H. Jagge; 
William Swartout, Henry V. Whitehead, Cornelius V. R. Pond. David! 
H. Wood, Lucius A. Dillingham. George W. Nichols, Charles E. GrifB 
Christopher Perkins, Jefferson Bums, Edgar P. Moser. 

Coldwater City. Second Ward.— Dwight A. Dewey, James M. 
Stephen H. Whitney, William Brooks, Charles A. Smith, Willlta 
Hurst, Hiram Avery, John S. Andrews, Jacob Nodell. Ebenezer Post, 
John L. Jordan, Franklin Eaton, David Pitcher, Elijah C. Branch, John 
Parker. A. E. Akenhead. John E. Butler, D. L. Butler. A. Phillip Un- 
angst, Warren A. Blye. Henry Simons, William ButHngton. Cassius H. 
Brown, Howard Broadhead. Alfred Milnes, Harvey A. Lane. Benj. 
Hutchings, George H. Eggleston. James Rawson, N. A. Reynolds, John 
Benedict, Solomon Smith, Aaron Bagley, James L. Hickey, John An- 
derson, Isaac W, Pierce, Andrew J. Hawes, George S. Allen. Charles 
W. Owen, David Merrill, George W. Jackson, John Patterson. George 
B. Phinney, Sylvanus Titus, John Richards, Charles A. Locke, William 
R, Hoover, Melvin T. Edmonds, James C. Clarke, Andrew J. Hanna. 
George Whitehead. Edwin Fox. George F. Nivison. Clarence L. Linden, 
William W. Niverson, Thomas Dooley, Wiley Putnam, C. W. Cluff, 
George Morley. Ora J. Doty, Timothy H. Smith, Daniel Bradley. Joseph 
Brasdle, George F. Conger, Daniel Smith, Ciiarles E. Furgeson, Alvft j 
McCone, James A. Ferguson, William Bacbman. ^ 


water City, Third Ward. — Thomas B. PnrliB. William I. Simallej, ^H 
Biinon B. Kitchol, David B. Piirinton, Orlando G. Koyee, Charles W. 
Bennett, John N. Crist, Charles Bowler. Eli W. Frenk. Daniel E. De- 
CJnte, John F. Turner, John Holt, Oeorye H. Turner, Charles Keyea, 
^^^Benj. Wilcox, William L. Andrews, Calvin J. Dart, Henry N. Yonng, ' 

^^Kh W. Vicory. M. O. Vangilder, Jefferson S. Conover, William H. Comp- 
^^■pu. Samuel M. Williams, RufuB C, Wheeler, Cornelios H. Woodcox. 
^^^Beorge F. Lipps, C. D. Warner, Thomas Fegles, Horace V. Eldredge, 
^^Binieon D, Long, Daniel (J. Parker, Stephen R.Teaohont, Nelson Plumb, 
John Omara, Htuben Filkins. William K, Myers, Jacob C. Andrews. 
Charles W. Johnson, Almon Kinney, Perry Wilson, Charles H. Sevey, 
Samuel Misener, William 8, Joles, William TfeClute, John Babb, Elisha 
Chapman, J. Wilcox, David Bender, Charles Moore, Jesse C. Under- 
hill, Henry Firth, John Fitzpatrick, Thomas Phibbe, Leander Nichols, 
James H, McCray, John G. Parkhurst, William H, Adams, Dwight 
Coldwater City. Fourth Ward, — Andrew Bair, Luther P. Hale. Benj. 
Davenport, Barton 8. Tibbitts. Robert G. Chandler. Charles F. Sum- 
^^^ner. William Cook. Thomas C. Whitelock. Samuel 1. Treat, Henry A. 
^^^SVolcott, William Cromwell, James Doris, Frank D. "Newbury, John R. 
^^^Dhampion, Phillip Knapp, Thomas Cloonan, Henry Woodmaster, John 
^^n>awson. Alfred J. Teactiout, Charles E. Messich. Allen L. Morse, Royal 
St. Dunham, Theodoi-e Sheldon, Orlando Weller. William H, Harris, 
Gforge W. Bowker, Robert Rattery. Aaron Van Antwerp, Martin H. 
Thornton, John S. Delaney. George W, Waite. .Mphonzo A. McLaugh- 
lin, Isaac C Bair, George Jackson, John G. Stepper. James I^Roj. 


ion Township. — Charles H. Peek. George Minard. William Delbridge, 
Newton V. Gregory, William Cowden, 
Athens Township. — Rial Carpenter, George Hutchins, Noah Kindig, 
James Packard, Alonzo Watkins, Reuben Snyder. Charles Hampton, 
Hiram Watkins. Thomas Wezo. William Wilson. William Field. Frank 
Pratt, Joel Lee. John Libhart, Nathaniel Outman, George Mellen, 
Hampton Tnnison, Richard Mason. Henry Kahler. Benj. Browneil, 
Henry Carpenter, Charles Fullmer. Stephen Huxley, John Bushong, 
FJoett King, Henry Thomas, David Nottawa, .ilbert Riley. Daniel Wil- 
cox, Judson Hunt, Stephen Bauer, Charles Isbani. Benj. Taylor, Calvin 
White, George Outman. Hugh Outman. Albert White. John Jackson, 
Jasper Shaw, David Outman. 
Village of Athens, — George Brokaw. Charles Mason, James Cole. George 
Wallace. James Mason, Alonzo Bruce, Edwajd Ashton, James Oldacre, 
Ezra Webb. Daniel Ware, Daniel Bissell, Hiram Wilson, James Crofot, 
John Inscho. Mellville Wood, William Onesn. Edward Twiss. Benj. 
Blodgett. Elisha Johnson. John Blodgeft, John McGeniney. Eugene 

tie Creek Township, — Hiram N. Robinson. Mathew H. Alden, James 

hce, Wesley G. Clapp, Ephraim Rebell, William H. Hodges, Benj. 

Hppteoian. John T. Richards, Wesley C. Williams, Frederick D. Wil- 

Jlamn, Isaac C. Williams, R. W. Surby, Alanson Fairchild, Joseph 


Obambers, Jasper L. Gregory. John Alexander, Eugene Perry, WlUiiflH 

B. Williams, Hiram O. Stewart, Andrew M. Kane, Henry C. OldfleJfl,''" 
George P. Williams, Francis G. Woodwortb. 

Bedford Township. ^Wm. Barnes, Milton Prine, Wm. Warner, Hiram 
Cole, Alexander Foster, Lorenzo Craft, Albert Hoag, Wm. Dougherty. 
Selden Converse, George Saxton, John E. Kingsbury, Nelson Farmer. 
Wm, Varnum, John Manard, Lafayette Hume. Lewis Drew, Allen 
Kocber, Edwin Stringham, Wm. Vandresser, Henry Starr, C. Halliday. 
Henry Clark, Cbas. Champney, Henry J, EUiston. Albert Edwards, 
Chas. Billington, Wm. Hunt, Corell Brown, John Kennedy, Peter 
Davis, Albert Kingsley, Chas. B, Furner, Ales, dayman, John F. Wil- 
kins, Christian Hobenicht, Allen W. Avery. John Templeton, Wm. H. 
Clevenger, Christopher Kleindinst, Merritt Perkins. Philo Shaff, Henry 
Mantel, R. Wright, [Geo. F. Hodges], 

Burlington Township. — Jewett Baker. Calvin Brown, Aquila Mains, Wm. 
Language, John Weller, John M, Wheeler, Ira Crandell, John 8. San- 
ders, Bichard Watkins, Arba Schoolmaker, Chas, D. Parson, Joseph A. 
Lucas, Chas. Trumbull, Oliver E, Byington, Samuel Lazerus, Lewis L. 
Harsh, John 8. Benham, James P. Collins, Henry O, Wood, Wm. Bur 
lingame, JacobH. Hamma, Joseph Krieble, Wm. H. Lucas, George 
Chaffee, John D. Parks, Peter Burget, Cbas. Champenois, John W. 
Hulse, Robert B. Wallace, Robert Buchanan, Hiram Soule, David 
Gardner, Chas. L. Yarrlngtoa, James Eddy. 

Village of Burlington. — Edison Treadwell, Ezra A. Leonard, Wm. How- 
land, Watson Bushman, Seymour N. Hall. Amos Murfln, Daniel Smith, 
Christopher C. Hyatt, Leavitt C. Page. Augustus Randall, Timothy H. 
Hines, Edward 8. Pangborn, Jalius E. Gifford. 

Clarence Township. — Alex, Courtright, Randall Courtright, Wm. ButM 
Daniel Starks, Martin H. Miller, James B. Nichols. John Smith. Net" 

C. Sweet, German Miller, Benj. Evens, David Lightner, George Lintt-* 
ger, Wm. E. Delbridge, Nelson F. Dyer, Abraham Ringler, Chas, H, Qil- 
let, Isaac M. Lamb, Frank B. Spring, James W. Smith. Chas. A. Car 
rier, Silas W. Carrier, Wm. A. Snyder, John H. Dacous, John Sine, 
Lacey T. Millard, 8. W. Thompson^ Curtis H. Chappel, Wm. V. Giles, 
Wm. H. Gifford, Fred M. Hendrickson. 

Clarendon Townshii).^Samuel A. Flint, Chas. .C. Brooks, B. H. Foote. 
Hezekiah Cumminge, Henry G. Mitchell, Peter J. Bently, Reuben 
Drinkwater, Wm. H. Rossetter, A. E. Peek. David E. Foley,' Walter P, 
Marsh, George A. Cook, Robert Moore. Wm, Patton, John Eldred, Eli 
Moore, Alfred H. Dickinson, Wm. Burns. Roland Wood, Henry Beards- 
ley, John O. F. Warner, Henry M. Billings, Wm. B. Blashfleld. E. G- 
Roaecrantz, Peter Thornton. Wm. H. Stebbins, Daniel Patch, John H. 
Brainard, Henry Bilson, Edwin Schoonmaker. 

Convis Township. — Seneca Palmer. James Huggett. John M. Callender 
Henry Walkinshaw, Zebulon L, Doty. Daniel Snyder, Elijah Vreil' ' 
bnrg, E. D. Bitgood, George W. Ackley, Henry Dilno, Uritih Roam- 
John A, Harrington, George Harrington. Samuel M. Durand, Jomt" 
Paxton, ^^ 

Eckford Township. — Chas. Vnnbruthusan, George Gibbs. Patrick Tal^H 
Anson V. Rilcbey. John Miinbrne, J. F. Blodgett. John H, Murrey, ^9^^| 
C. Hunt, Stephen Buskirk, Noi-lon Hornberk. D. McJessie. ^^H 

thy H. 




met Township. — George Holland. Edwin Lowell, Chas, Wood, Julius 
larlow. Win. Wetberill, Stephen Travis. Peter Stevene, Joseph MufBey, 
lohn Burner. Wni. ItnsBell, Edward H. II.ill, Samuel B. Lewis, Ransom 
1, John Osterlioudt, Robert Miller, Luther .Vshley, James H. 
'iHarper, E. F. Alvord, Andrew J. Whitmore. Wm. H. Ogdea, Job Boyce, 
Erastufi 8. Marah, Wm. E. Griggs, Oilman Voung, Hei-man Andre, A. 
Ii. OoUmaii. 

Ionia Township. — Win. Crtise. Woi. Tadman, George Baker, Conrad 
Brookner, G. Assenheimer, Lewis Hoj-t, Wm. Lafever, Wra. Foster. U. 
E. Babcoek, E. A. Burch. James Baty, R. H. Watson, O. G. Rhodes, 
James Harrington, James S. Bacon, Wm. Henrv, H. P. Boagland, 
James Cafery, Chastian Kidney. Benj. Brand, Orange Acker, Myron 
Wright- Samuel Hoyt, James Tilton, Wm. Kidney, John Vanblaricum, 
Tllomas Sweet, Duke Howe. 

imer Township. — Jacob L. Nerber, John A. Doty, David Walker, Jo- 
iaeph Ruff, Wesley W. McCIyntle. George H. BatteVshiiw. Wm, H. Whit- 
leomb, John Brewer, George W. Bailey. John Gidley. Paul Collyer. 
wis Waterman, John Smitli, John B. Anderson. Henry H. King, 
taeorge Wilby, Chas. Grosebeck, Wm. H, Larkins, Laurel Findley, Al- 
rt J. Juckett, Joseph S. Keeler. 
Ilage of Homer, — Nathan D, Beedon, Chas. D. Burt, Robert Warren, 
'Pavid H. Janes, Luke M. Thayer, Reuben F. O'Siel, George Shepard, 
James B. Thornton. Joseph M. Bennett, James Mclntyre, George 
Fishel, Morris M. Ford, Abraham Bennett, Henry F. Stebbins, James 
I. Vandeburg. James A, Clark, James E. Odell, John T. Pollock, Edgar 
M. Goodrich. Charles Gardner, Perry W. Bates, Chas. H. Barnes, Harry 
Stone, Albert McOmber, Joseph Carey, Henry 8. Green, Enoch Decker, 
Samuel Berger, Wm. W. Clark, John'Hoffma'n, Wm. O. Wells, Wm. B. 
Larabee, Hazy E. Barker, George D. Cleveland, Robert Wixson, Isaac 
Bobinson, Stephen D. Brnndage, David B. Kirby, Jay Hill, George 
'"'Tury, Jesse Whitmore, Perry A. Wyant. Asher Rossiter. 

Township. — Clark H. Short, James Bosworth. Henry J. Wilbor. Chas, 
"F. Walker, John Wiekard, Gideon T. Hitchcock, John Morris. Harvey 
Walker, George W. Fry, Wm. Pettibone. Samuel Weaver, John Ded- 
rick. Wm. H. Kibler, Seth Stultz, Charles Finch, Alonzo Barrett, Henry 
Sine, Luther Van Orman, Wm. H. Long, Saibuel Garrison. Horatio 
Nelson, James Clark, George Oushman, John M. Wahl, Arthur Phil- 
lips, Ransom Patchin, Daniel Baker. R. H. McWitliy, Daniel Sullivan, 
Abraham Dubois. Kiuzie Kimmel, Mathew Thomas, Albert Gibson, 
Wm. Malcom, Geoi^e Raymond. Wm. Stevens, Robert Williams, Moses 
Ewens, L, E. Dahlem, Adelbert Kimble, Wm. Ford. Randall Z. Case. 
Le Roy Township. ^ — George W. Hoag. James Kissinger. Jay Cole, Chas. 
Barber. Ephraim Allen, Jerome Canright, Wm. O. Holmes, Benj, Rich- 
ardson, Jami'H Frey, S. D. Whitaker. Charles 8. Andrews. Wm. Christy, 
John K. Fisher. Adam Clark, Nicholas Schott. Peter Wrightraan. Wm. 
Wrightman, Jacob Schultz, Luman Case, JameN Howard, Daniel W. 
Card. Reuben Hart, Peter Perkins. Joseph C. Lewis, Michael Hannan, 
~ iah Wise, James Lewis, Squire Lapham, Abijah Welton, Finley Mc- 
itoflh, Alonzo Chesebrongh, George A. Weltoo, Peter Putnam, Frank 
Rockwell. Chas. G. Morris. Delos Hutchins, Chas. E. Foster. Alex, 




MnifUgo Towiisbiji. — Edwaid R, Lord, John H. Van Arman, Kline Gn 
George \V. Hodgeman. Win. Dicer. Henry Baker, Ruggles Rothric'S? 
Lucille Aipy. Nathan Freenberger. Reuben Ott. William 0. Bariiiti 
Hiram F. Bangbam. Martin Linebaiigh, Chaa. E, Miller, George \\ 
Brownell, Wm. P. Welles. Warron Newton, Charles Bougbton, Thonjii 
.\, Butler, Chas, L. Fish, Frank Winsor, Chas. W. Robinson, Henry 
Simniors, Chas. E. Fountain, James H. Juckett, Alonzo S, Moore. 01 
diah Johnson, James Ward, John W. Pierce. Harvey M. Evans, Abni 
■1. Butler, Eli R. Rood, George L. Gildersleve. 

Marshall Township, — John Marsh. Perry Mayo. Chas. Langridge. John 
Stout, Mark Martin, Abram Habrands, Chag. B. Moore, Jacob Mengel. 
Wm. W. Mickle, 'George Bennett. Chas Rayven, S, Phelpes, Alvin Deve- 
rough. Joseph Mitchell. 

Newton Township. — Clark B. Lowell. John H. Cotton, Amos F. Jobnsi 
Zenus Brott, Otis F. Kimball. Wm. B. Chadsey. Sheldon Whee!«apj 
Chas. Haider, Eugene K. Adsitt. John Spooner Jr., Sylvester J 

Pennfleld Township. — Samuel Bloom, Frederick Schwartz, Eugene D. 
Gibbs, James E. Cleveland. Edgar D. Davidson, Peter Bolo. Seth T. 
Davis. Dewitt C. Abell. Draper S. Greene, George M. Knowles, Wilson 
Traut. Chas. E. Jackson, John Harass, John N. King, James M. Parks, 
Alphonso Sharpsteen, Amos Cashmore. Elijah Curtis, Albert Jenks, 
Edwin P. Holt. John W. Tuttle. Jerome V. Lucas, Thomas D. Smith. 
Bernard O'Rork, Michael Miller, Dennis McAllister. Wm. Edgar, Zad- 
dock K. dough, George C. Hicks, Ovid M. Thompson, Wm. Badger, 

Bberidan Township. — Wm. H. Bliss, Joseph E. Ott. James Fentou. Fran- 
cis Putnam. Chas. Steinkrauss. Ferdinand Steinkrnuss, Amos Weaver. 
Job Brownell, Benj, W'beat, John Aitkiu, Chas. U. Williams. John A. 
Miller, G. W. Camp. Michael Keck, Henry Johnson, James Gillespie, 
Jeremiah Tibbitts, .Albert Young, Se,vmour Gay, L. T. Clark. 

Tekonsha Township. — Sanford Robbing. Jerome Mackey, George W. M^ 
ley, Alonzo Mackey, Peter E. Herron, Daniel Sanders. Albert Ei Thi ^ 
er. James J, Witherel. Samuel Lawton, Daniel S. Miller, John 8. C 
don, L'riah Owens, Daniel B. Hoyt. Edwin M. Amy, Irving SbeldM 
Craton D. Eldred. Lewis R. Estes: R. E. Eldred, Wm". McDoeul, Oeoil 
Blashfleld. Isaac L. Case, Wm. J. McFadden. Wm. Gribbens. 
Fisk, Benj. F. Rolfe. Martin Bradsbaw. Elmer Cooper, H. M. Blodgett. 
Henry P. Bliss, Aaron G. Parsons, Wm. H. Gordon, Wm. Norton, Wni. 
H. Davis. 

Village of Tekonsha, — George W. Brott, John C. Failing. Wni. 
B. Van Orman. Chas. H. Miller. C. G. McCarty, Harrison G. Sebrinp, 
Joseph 8. Murray. John B. Van Orman, Henry West, Monroe DooHttlf. 
Heni-^- J. Sykes. F. R. Randall. Theodore P. Phillips. James W. Cobb, 
Enoch F, Newell. George T. Pratt, George P. Smith, Ithamer Grangir 
Daniel S. Van Blarcum, Edward Carr, John Earley, Christopher (.' 
Jnckett, Archibald M. Miller, Melanthon Bennett. George Granger. 

Albion City. First Ward. — Thomas O'Hara, Samuel Johnson. Wallace B 
Green. H. S. Austin, Ezra E. Florence, John N. Tower, George A. Wil 
liams. Sanford D. Wiley. Nathan Davis, Ansel Smith. Rufus A. Stoii 
dard. Wm. P. Morgan, John Watson. Martin Bullock, Moses F. Me^-ks. 
Walter Cointright. Henry F. Gilbert. Benson Manchester. Alexander 



iDmoat, Jackson Reynolds, Chas, J*. Daskani, .Vlliert U. (/iilkins, K. 
Load, Mathew Kinnver, Mason W. Southwortli, [L. Parmalee, Fred 
Kimmer, Henry RoetLer. Clarence X'arker, E. Lamb. Jno, S, Kikendall, 
James Florence, C. E. Piiket]. 

.Ibion City, Second Wnrd. — Rnndall F. Ball, Evandeu Caldwell, George 
W, Bopai'dus. James H. Ott, Washington tiardner, Colby B. Wisner, 
Henry D. Hmirh, Alnion (f. Bruce. Frank D, Ludlow, Chaa. C, Aiken, 
Henry D. Jordan. Charles L, Toner, Bradley Wateiinan, Ezra G. Lowns- 
bpry, Cornelius Wbeatou, Caener Pike, Manley Diirkey, Cvrus Toles, 
Frank N, Austin. Edgar J. Scherinerhorn, Iwiac L. Sibley, John Cow- 
I!n, E. B. Miller, Chas. R. Pickett, James Peachy. Reuben" Page, David 

B. Alger, CaJvin T. Smith. Franklin Paine, Jacob H. Perrine, Oscar 
Hubbard. Edgar Earl, [F. I>. Roiidenbush, J. L. Tboraas, Frank Barber, 
8. S. Bi-rry, Garrot Carr. W. H. Husted]. 

Albion City' Third Ward.— Enos Palmer, L. M, Garlicb. Newton T. Kirk, 
^', O'Donoughue, Phiueaa Graves, George H. Graves, Benj. B. Bissell, 
^homas E, Coffin. Jacob Mays, Willard C. Durkee, Sylvanus E. Hull, 
'rank E. Palmer, Nelson B. Gardner, John Hains, George E. Lovett, 
anies Xincaid. Levi S. Warren, Hiram Herrick, Cyrus B, Huugerford, 
;Robt. J. Fi-oat, Jno. Gaebelien, J. O. Banks] . 

lion City, Fourth Ward. — Emery E. Goodenow. Edward M. Leacb, 
[enry A. Deck. Andrew J. Mills, Richard Corcoran. R, W. Van 
Schoick. Atonzo Traver, Benj. B. Cook, Joseph C Sampson. Ortes C, 
Eaton, Roswell F. Davis, Wm. M. Loder, Ira Ross, Smith L. Chattield, 
Warren E. Brezette, Warren Card, John Green, Wm. H. Luce, John 
Noble, fL. G, Rafter. A. K. Fraout. R. R. King, U. H, Muffley, O. M. 
Richarrts, James E, Bevier]. 
Itnttle Cn-eb City, First Ward.— Wm. Karcher, Chas. E. Manchester, W. 
Barden, Philetus Lapham, Wm. R. Wickham, Howard Beardsley. 
Robert Payne, James H. Lake, L W. Taylor. Le Roy D. Fish, A. 
ihme.Chas. Miller, L.M. Hardeuburg, Myron Hill, Wn'i. Flagg, Chas. 
Burch, David Smaltz, John Blakelee. Edwin Carnes, Peter Walker, 
'rank C'tnfleld, George Forker, Henry Miller. Robert N, Percy, Warren 

C. Hanes, Albert D. Herrick," Edgar D. Lewis, Walter Grant. John F. 
Miller. Lemuel Mathews, Wm. Roders, Joseph J. Kleindinst, Augustus 
F. Taylor. Wm. Sherman, Walter Decker, Martin Perkins, Levi M. 

latou, Alexander. Dixon, Richard Forker, James Landreth, John Es- 
rell, Jolm Harney, Sr., Joseph H. Leary, Cyrus Hewitt, John E. Hick- 
lan, Wm. Tompkins, George M. Hodges, Putnam M. Fish, Winfield 
Faith. James W. White, George Stone, Orrin P. McAllester, Allen S. 
Russell, Daniel D. Strain, Elihu Farrington. Wm. Ruggles, Dewitt C. 
Hurl, MarcelluK Morrell, Thomas Weaver. 
Battle Creek City. Second Ward. — Sanford Bonthe, Luther Fanning, 
brabam Fiero, H. Rerdan, John Housel. Harry Finuister, Geo. Bailey, 
eorge Bell, C, H, Ward. James D. Irwius, .\. P. Willard, J, Snyder, 
'amea C. Hall. Jacob Harling. H. J. Huff, .James A. Howes, Amos Stev- 
pneon. George Alton. George Badger, James Reed, Miles Fushor. Pers- 
ley Thomas. Oscar Latton, Harry Chadayne. George R. McCreary, Chas. 
Reynolds, H. R. Hays, Joseph Hewitt, Amos Lattn, Stephen L. Cooper, 
Cbas. B. Erard. C. J. Mason, Wm. Striugham, W. Nichols, Chas. B. Roe. 
[Wm. White. John Periil, Wm. Barnhart. L. Sykes. James Carr, Miles E. 

C. Bo 






DlsdeD, Wi^l 

Cook, John Flint, J. H. WilliamB, J. A. Bafisman, Jared AniBden, 
H, Mason, Chas. L. Hogue, O. C. Botsford, S. Van Leon, Samuel Aeliolt, 
Robert Davidson, A. J. Becklev, Matliew Shinner, Joseph J. Stewart, 
John L. Store.T, Thomas Cook, [0. F, McCutcbeon, Hiram Staples, B. 
W. Davidson. S. N. Yau Horn, G. B. Kocher, Luther Vanarmon, Henry 
Battle Creek City, Third Ward.— Luman C. Roberts, V. 0. Wattles, 
George H. Rowell, James Drumgole, Andrew Knight, 8. 8. French, 
Hiram J. Johnson, Arthur D. Smith, George Robinson, John B. ShaTer, 
Jolin H- Tuckerman, Joseph H. Stall, Charles D. Brewer, Allen T. 
Orton, George D. Stover, George 8, Stone, Henry B. Wilder, Otia G. 
Ashley, Robert T. Clark, Morris Reese, Albert Dailey, Charles W. 
Whited, James R. Coo[>er, Charles Fordham, Wm. Barrett, Joseph Nor- 
ria, Wm. A, Lewis. Wm. P. Eddy, Joseph A. Goodioe, John Q. Foy, 
8. P. Bronson, Wm. H. Kyuett, Charles Hauk, C. W. Waite, George H. 
Rogers, Theron Mason, Dadd G. Otis, Wm. J. Miller, Wm. J. Pox, 
George Benton, Charles G. Parker, Joshua E. Dill, James W. Hender- 
son, James Galbraith, Byron R. Purdy, Wm. Sawyer, Fred W. Beck- 
worth, Francis Houghtaling, Paul E. Gross. Henry Clark. Henry Wine- 
brenon. Henry Tucker, Rodger Long, Marshall Faircbild. Jerome E. 
Angell. Emerson Bordo, David M(;Nee, B. H, Melendy, John S. Hughs, 
Wm. J. McFarland, Malcomb DufRe, J. C. Bauer, Wm. H. Hall, John W. 
Walter. Thomas J. Martin, Jacob Black, Louis Chubb, Wm. H. Foster, 
Reece Patterson, Henry M. Baker, [Roswell O. Doty, Alexander Finley, 
A. McKinzie, Jno. R. Robinson, L. McCoy, Wm. Barnes, Chas. Fumer, 
C. C. Klamdiuct. Harvey Latten, Roger Long, Reuben S. Halai' 
Loumis W, Busbell, Erastus Warrell]. 

Battle Creek City, Fourth Ward. — Jesse Sanford, Edgar W. Fran] 
Jacob Dyan. Frank A. Howe, George Eskridge, Andrew Rome, Wi 
R. Burch, Edwin Richards, Joseph M, Fish, Conrad Hulscher, All 
Evans, Cordon D. Crossett, Robert B. Talbott, Spencer Oldlield. Alei. 
E. Cook, John L. Gould, Hiram Lobdell, Warren G. Morehouse. Henry 
L. Locke, Charles Parker, James H. Paul, Richard Curl. Willet W. 
Briggs, Henry Price. Reuben B. Parks* James O'Riley, Milo Forbush, 
Artemas Coombs, Thomas H. Jennings, Albert B. Simpson, Austin S. 
Parker. George W. Chase, Wm. Smith, Nathaniel A. Osgood, Wm. H. 
Gifford. Peter Horsch, Samuel M. Holton, Charles. H, Ackley, Job 
Callender. Richard Barringer, Charles W, Robinson, George Dai 
Wm. Ashley, Homer J. Paul, Darwin D. Buck, Jacob Osterhoudt, 
Pitman, Joseph H. Herrick, Julius P. King, Nelson A. Hicks, Sylvi 
Avery, Wm. K. Jackson, Wm. Perry, Wm. H. Hall, Henry Pi 
George H. Lamb, Robert Raynor, Caleb Manchester. Thomas 8. 
son, Harmon Demarest, Marcena Burt, Eliphalet Barber, James 
Perry. Charles C. Poorman. Henry Hill, Charles Hitchcock, John ~ 
John Loomis, Henry A, Littlejohn, Jacob Stross, Thomas 0. Di 
Patrick Keeley, Samuel C. Bradley, Charles Stevens, Samuel C. ~~ 
Cornelius Van Valkenburg, Wm. Dutton," Wm. J. Louis, [A. W. 
vord, Chas. W. .\ckley]. 

Battle Creek City, Fifth Ward.— Nelson King. John G, Bohnett, Ed- 
J. Wood, Wm. Horn, Edward Crandall. Frederick Carr, Mi 
•"olvin. George Stringham, George W. Green, John Coon. 



tritzer, Wm. D. Rogers, Wm. HoleniaD, Henry Hubbard, Daniel S. 
Baker, I'rank D. Ki'llog, WVadon Gleason. Henry K. Stout, JoBCpb N. 
Weeks, George B. Kulp, John S. Brown, John Dolan, Henry C. Hall, 
Chas. Hnll. Joseph tjmith, Henry Ingham, Ghas. BtearneB, John Hen- 
derson, Wm. Forward, Jabez Davis, John Counterman, Albert Hen- 
derson. Amos Ejwanegan, Robert Collins, Eben Butterfleid, Russell J. 
Wello, Johnson Walt, John R. Bryant, Wm. A. Vickory, James B. New- 
man, James D. Kellog, Reuben Cook, John L. Easton, Chas. T. Strinp- 
ham, Alonzo Brininstool, Chauncey P. Woodworth, Clinton Stevens, 
Reuben H. Boyce, Hugh Mathews, Wm. Hendershot, Frank MeGoven, 
Frank A. Wright, Charles A. Jimerson. Benjamin F. Chase, Josiah M. 
Coldwell, Calvin Root, J. H. Stone, Wm. S. Woodhead, Abner Bonner, 
John H. Jackson, Sylvester Youngs, Wm. Stntler, [Albert Griswold, 
John Pursel]. 

Marshal] City, First Ward. — Warren Fenton, George Collins, Stuart 
Parks. Harrison H, Benjamin. Frank Billings, Henry A. Clute, Wat- 
son B. Mead, Aaron Oberlin, Emmet McNutt, James Short, Stephen 
Riley. AVilliam Walz, Jjiiiit-s Leland, Stanley Brooks, Heman Newton, 
Jacob VanNess, George S. Smith, John Roe, Robert Scheley, Theodore 
Townsend. [Charles W. Robinson, George F. Hunting, John Van 
Arnien, John Jlowi rs, Thtonac N. Wright, Conrad Noverj. 

Marshall City. Second W^ard. — Richard Town, Oscar P. Soules. George 

F. Hodges, L, Albert Juckett, Frank Sweeney, Silas H. Lynn, Sylves- 
ter Considine, Seneca B. Smith, Henry H. Miller, Nathaniel Smith, 
Henry G. Hemstreet, George Seymour, Peter Kocher, John T. Cuzzins, 
Selden H. Gorham, Newell J. Kelsey, Josiah S. Wilson, John J. Binder, 
James W. Wood, [Marcus C. Morton, Cyrus Wilber, Wm. McFadden, 
Jas. S. Bacon]. 

Marsahll City, Third Ward. — Sylvester Constendine, Chas, W'. Darling, 
John Scholer, Frank Hinkle, Chas. Uosenbark, John Lodholtz, Chas. E. 
Shnroway, John W. lister, Wm. Shipley, Clarke Selle, Fred W. Mason, 

G. Schneider. Jacob Showers, Edward Upham, [S. H. Edgerton. 
Ephraim Marble. Enos Short. Martin Link, F. W. Dickey. David Wal- 
kinsbaw, Geo. Goodwin, Jas. F. Smiley, Henry Bodine, L. W. Swine- 
ford, John Hyser], 

Marshall City, Fourth Ward. — Cyrus Wilber, Daniel Shellenberger, 

Thomas W. Wells, Daniel Ross, Wm. Grandall, Geo. W, Robinson, 

George W. Howe, Wm. Ryan, Peleg Y, Roberts. Edw. Crawford, B. 

Palmeter, Albert Molutyre, James D. Wicks, Chancy Wicks, Arnold 

P helps. Leonard Engleter, Reuben Waggoner, Jeremiah Jeff- 

^|Mts. Chas. I'ryor. Thomas Jlerey, Borut Vanzant, Samuel Bailey, E. A. 

^^braan, John Waltz, Eugene Stone. Horace Ethrith, Ephraim MarbU*. 

^^bmes Q. Hartwell, John G, Waltz, Vitgil Marsh. Edward Hutson, 

^^ViQ. H. Ets, Cbas. Lincoln, Chas. A. Eastman, James H. Bailey, 

^^■nmea D. Wicks, Chiiuncey Wicks. Joseph P. King, Leonard Engleter, 

^^ped Waltz, Jas. H. Juckett. Noble Palmeter, Rudolph Rhore. Howard 

^^EStberidge, Joseph HpiI wU. John Armstrong, A. C. Btelle, Edwin 

^^nyse, M. V. Kellnjag]. 



Celvin Township. — Henrj Matbfiws, Andrew J. Anderson, John Brown, 
Little B. Stewart, Giles B. Wilson, Wm. Owen, Henry Grouse. Jamee 
Monroe, George T. Bbafer, J. F- Bulhand, Ezra Pearson, Bennef Allen, 
Alexander Akin, Franklin Burnett, Jacob Harrig, Abner R. Byrd, 
James M, Hlewart,Pei'ryAi;en8, Caswell Oxendine, Wm. Hall, Henry H. 
Brown, Stewart Brown, George Scott, Andrew Gillam, Levi J. Gar- 
wood. Wm. 8. Copley, James H. Ford, Edwin Bulhand, Thomas Stew- 
art, James R. Hale, Henry C. Walker, Calvin GrifBn, Philo Brown, 
John A. Harris, Jordan Hunt, John Copley. Thomas S. Parker, George 
Artis, Solomon Grifan. A. H. Jessup, Hugh M. Gibson. Samuel Jewel, 
Bishop E. Curtis, [Jacob Setyler, Geo, H. Curtis, Hiram Smith, Jona- 
than IL Itm-d). 

Howard Townsbip.^Hagerty Hampton, Dennis Hill, Chas. L. Piircell, 
Frank H. Hice. Wm. H. Lamberton, Henry E. Connor, John Marx. John 
Wright, George D. Schell, Kelson K. Allen, Loren A. Allen, Daniel Els- 
wortb, George O. Bates, Wm, Gager, Roger Bums. 

Jefferson Township. — Marvin F. Westfall, Cliaa. Hedger, Abraham Hea- 
lofa, Ira Gorham, Oscar llisliop, Covington Way, James Corwin, Uriah 
Arnold, Warren Almstead, James M. Roberts, David Norris, Cbae. R. 
Sevems, John Hame, S. C Coyler, Samuel Williams. Edmond Landor, 
Harley R. Cooper, Win. F. Waltman. Michael Foreman. Daniel Clos- 
son, Edward Kegans, Taylor Dills, Asbury Cooper. 

LaOrunge Township.— Geo. W. Kline, Isaac Shaffer, Nathaniel Pember- 
ton, Henry Gordon. Joseph Foresnian, David G. Bailey. James Reeves, 
Jacob Groves, Thomas M. Sears, James Martin, James Eagan, Allen 
Munson. Marion Reighard, John McMiebael. Wm. Cady, Wm. Austin. 
George Crawford. Harry Barrows. Barak L. Rudd. 

Village of Cassopolis. — Michael E. Enright, James Byrd, Anthony Hill, 
Benj. Byrd, Stephen Guess. Martin Fall, James Dnngy, Charles E. 
Deal, Marcellus Whetsel, Jesse Harrison. Joel CowgiU, Joshua Berki 
Nathan Marsh, Wm. Berkey, Wm. A. Emmons. Frank Savage, 361 
Pangborn, James N. Noble, Thomas Bailey, James Patterson, Jd 
Bronner. Maro A. Abbott. Benj, F. Marsh. Fairfield Goodwin, Alod 
Garwoud, James M. Shepard, Leander D. Tompkins, James Haine, 
John B. Boyd, Wyman Dietzell, Samuel Kline, Mathew Gordon, Henry 
M. Bishop. James Vaughn, Joseph Harper, Wm. Rucker, Elam Dacy, 
Edward P. Boyd, James H. Farnuni. Wm. W. Marr, Edward R. Gra 
ham, [Asa P. Daniels]. 

Marcellus Township. — ('liriNlopher Mottor, Bruce Beebe. Henry J. Old 
J. W. Poorman. Asa Shelden, W. McKibby, Benj. Clark. Richard I 
veil, Erander Mack. Henry Ickes. Addison Burnam, Harrison ' 
marth, Wm. W. Kelley. Orrin Holden, Wm. Herbert, Cornelius Batch 
eldor, Levi Cosselman, Warren Labnrre. .John Little, Isaac W. Stein 
inger, Samuel H. Kidney, Carr Finch, Noah Kuns, Joseph Thompsc 
John W. Ferreli, Chas. Holiday, Wm. H. Waugh, Wm. H. Hart 
John M. Hoisington. Julius Waterstratt, Samuel Mottor. Samuel S 
maker. R^>hert Smith. Clark H. Benrdsley. Daniel Emery, Horace C 
deninp. James B. Fortner. Wm. Riley, Simeon J, Brown, Wm. ' 

les E. 

:. Gi^^ 

. Oli^l 

I Wil I 



, Wm. Walters, Jolm 1). Acton, Peter Schall, [Joa. Morlan, H. M. 

"^age of Marcellus. — Jolm Manning, George EgglestoD, Samuel Vought, 
Joseph Boniig, Henry Cooper, Joel Spaulding, Chas, H. Kidney, Mar- 
I tin Shears, Judson Nottingham, John f^mith, Chas. E. Davis, Jolm 
Loreridge, Henry Sheldon. Hugh 8. Anderson, Benj. F. Groner, Benj. 
Adame. John Sliermau. Byron Kidney, James Bonnar, Lewis C. Har- 
rington, George I. Kash, George Soott, Miles D, Thatcher, \Vm. Mikle. 
Reaben Snyder, Isaac Long. Robert Milliman, Wm. Dailey. George 
MuBger, Edward Tanner, Benj. Van Valkenburg, Wm. J. Kellogg, Nor- 
man J. Davie, John Crockett, Clarence Lomison, I'hares Blett. Zenas 
^Kidney. Tyler Van Sickle, Joseph Gearhart, Nelson N. Nichols, Jooa- 
^uhan Wbitaker, Emanuel Schugg, V. W. Speglemyer, Henry Ham, 
^^^ames Newonib, Samuel Mottor, Harvey Lambf-rt, [Wallace B. Sni- 
^Rer, Edw. Arnold, Peter Bowers, Jeremiah Stage, Bichard Ward, Rease 
Davis, Harry Bartlet,^ Levi Dennis, Epbralm Weaver, Henry McKay, 
Thomas Vincent, Jos, Bro«n]. 
MnsoD Township.— .Jonathan Bishop, Henry Sheterly, George Mann, 
Thomas Meiser. Sr., Michael Long, M. D, Mealoy, Robs C. Foster,' 
Ephraim Wonner. Samuel Stevens, Andrew Keeley, George C. Eggle- 
«ton, H. E. Wooilbridge, Wm. Wyant, CbriBtian Xusbaum, Daniel Ort, 
Henry Garman, Adam Ort, Levi Smith, Chas. Ouderkirk, Porter Ly- 
barker. Anion Anderson, Snmuel Snure, James McCraner, Wm. Still- 
son, Sidney J. Graham, Henry Born. 
Milton Township, — Herbert Nield, Elias Liech, John Markle, Samnel 
- Sboop. Alfred Sbockley, George W. Williams, John Jones. 

vrberg Township. — George Barks, Luther Kinney, Hiram C. Knight. 
ijRckson Youngs. Henry D. Arnolds, Samuel Shery, Joseph Weather- 
David Houser, Alonzo P. Beeman, Nathan Harwood, Wm. B. 
Sickels, Jacob Appleman. Samuel King, Lorenzo H, Scott, Steven A. 
Gardner, Chas. Tutton, Lingly B. Moore, Henry D. Long, Daniel Trat- 
'ies, John Forbes, A. D. Congdon, Orson Bahcock, John D. Williams, 
Stlas Harwood, Calvin M. Copley, Norman J, Lynch. Isaac Pound. Enoa 
~. ITnderwood, Benj. H, Hodges, Joseph W. McKee, Anthony Dennis. 
Korman I. Williams, Ray P. Streeter, Samuel Lucas, George S. Drake. 
^Pearson D. Kahler. David Gearhart, E. E. Elliott. Myron F. Burney, 
Giles Wright, Gaylord Brown. Edson Davis, Orange H. Barber. Wm. 
M. Harwood, Samuel P. Hartshorn, John T. Bullock. 
Ontwa Township, — Henry C. Shanafelt, Samuel D. Swigart, D^vis 8. 
Minier, John S. Martin, B. F. Thompson, Wm. W. Sweetland, John 
James. Rodney R. Hill, John Jacks, Emanuel Rhinehart, John Van- 
toyi, Theodore Manchow, Edwin Case, James H. Andrus, Chas. Hog- 
mlre. Horace Sampson, Chas. Gardner, Solomon G. Higley, Jonas A. 
Sassaman. Chas. R. Kingsley, George Bement, Harrison Brouse, Henry 
P. Manuel, Johd J, Conklin, Nelson T. Dyer. 
Penn Township.— Jesse Madry, Jacob Mcintosh, Henry C Graham, Jo- 
seph Ramsey, G, B, Crandell, John L. Tharp. Daniel Stevens. Peter 
^^^ager. Isaac T, Decou. Robert Wright, Stephen Underwood. Orville 
^^bood. Glbridge Elliot, Jonas Ruple, Robert Toaz, Benjamin Higgins, 
^EugnBtus R. Williams. Frank T, Wolf, Elmer E. Lewis. Daniel A, Glas- 
^Bow, I^wis M. Crnndtill. Philander W. Hall. 


Village of Vandalia. — Wm. Fanlkner, Francis M. Dodge, 

Henry Siegel, John Jefferson, Horace H. PbillipB, YoungB Evans, Cbai^ 
W. KhsI. Jobn r. LenioL, Edwin G, Loux, Thomas J. Kirk, I.ewia Van 
Dyke, John Jackson, Andrew J. Boyd, James Ryan. 

Fokagon Township. — Wm, Morris, Wm. Newton, Grant E. Williams, 
Wm. McAllister, George Broidy, Jacob C, Becker, Wm. Webb, Joel 
Sink, Lloyd Thomas, Leander Tutman, Wm. R. Holloway, Seneca W. 
Winchell, Jacob Dillman, James M. Franklin, Louis C Winget, ^Nelson 
O. Caryl, Gamael G. Hili, Washington Harris, Bela Ames, Duane With- 
erall, Cyrns Tonngs. Ghas. C. McKinatry, George W. McCormick, Jo- 
seph H, Mitchem, Frederick A. Myers, James R. Leander, Clark W. 
Sweet, John Myers, Michael A. Hand, Isaiah Inman, Nathaniel H. Bar- 
rett, Wra. H. Parker, Chas. A. Morgan, John H. Phillips, Sr., Francis 
H. Frame, Wm. J. Raiza. 

Porter Township, — Benjamin Probst, Warren Simpson, Jobn W, Bellows, 
Thomari S. Evans, Oliver Meacbam, Hiram Hilton. Henry Calkins, Job 
8. Bellows, Frank Lawyer, Wm. Heaton, Jacob Latshaw, Henry M. 
Fox, Joseph Kyle, Cornelius Fuller, Wm. Mosier, Cephas Parker, Cyrus 
8. Bnlband, Calvin Sherman, Wm. Speese, Lucius Hitchcock, Nero Ar- 
hogast, John H. Hutton, Hiram Meacbam, George Lecbner, Andrew 
Jackson, Frank East, John Draper, Milton Henderson, George Deitb- 
rich, Milton Storey, Windsor Root, Elisha Cbilaon, Hovt Bowen, Jacob 
Mills, T. Kennedy, Phillip Bullion, Warren Steams, Eben O'Deli. Wm. 
Mabus, Wm. Storey, Frank Coleman, Henry Hunt, Norris Richardson, 
Jason Sanders, flicbard Franklin. Lewis Stover, M. Fred Merritt, B. 
HaJthcox, Thomas Ayers, Elijah Sanders, [N, S, Stanard]. 

Silver Creek Township. — W, H. Barnum, fifcirtin McCluskey, John Bonpf^ 
Dewitt Curtis, John Freshonr, Christopher Sherman, Tberon Phel^u 
Richard Hedges, S. M. Qrennell, James Momany, Jonathan Bradflel^ 
Henry L. Beckwitb, John Bilderback. Wm. Yaw, jj 

Volinia Township. — Thomas Ham, Chas. Wood. Joel Smith. Joseph 81oi» 
ker, Siunv.m Huff. Joseph SUeline, Daniel B. Knight, Thos. A. Voagbn 
Wm. Speingett, Newton A. Huff. Frederick Smith, Christian Haetnen 
Robert C. Marrow, Davis W. Ball, Abram Cary, Horatio Haigbt, JanUH 
P. Higgina, John H. Hunt, E. C. Goodspeed, Walter Pemberton, Ghau 
Blood, Joseph Pyies, Lewis James, George McNincb. George Reynol^^ 
Wm. Clelland. J. M. Goodspeed, G- V. Bland. Richard Emmons, W. ^^ 
McMillan, Henry Ellsworth. Chas. W. Thorp, Wm. Birch, Robe^ 
Lundy, James Riley, David O. Harris, John N. Root, Wm. WhefttDM 
John H. Mathews, Wm. H. Goff, Thomas Clelland, || 

Wayne Township. — Alfred H. Turner. Edwin Pearsc. Barney Bprinn 
steen, Chas. L. Healey. Jerome J, Cables, Wm. Powers, James W. M^J 
comb, Robert Shideler, Albert Holloway, John Darrah, Moses Casejg 
Ira C. Lundy. Ethan A. Huff, Charles Grayson, Halbert R. Taylor, Dsaa 
iel Hartsell, Thomas Kirkwood, William Gordan, [Horace Cram. MilaM 
Flanders]. ^ 

Dowagiac City, First Ward. — Lafavette Murray, J. R. Edwards, Job^M 
Keene, H. S. McMastor. Rilae H. Doolittle. James J. Weir. Jacob Snltig 
Willis M. Farr, Joel H. Smith, Stanley Stewart. Edward HenwoO«| 
Wm, C. Acton. John Melvin, Lntber J, Pray. T. J. Rice, Charles MathM 


_Th oma8 W. Clyborne, George Whitmore, Ira T. Cross, John D. Siseoi 
TSenry H. Harrison, Isaac Mosher, Littleton Reynolds, Josepli Gardner, 
lac Hnnkins. James W, Fraser, A. M. Fisb, Lumaii Andrews, Amos 
iginc City, Second Ward. — Judson Smitb, Henry Edmonds, Samuel 
■own, Joshua Ward, B. F. Buck, George Genung, John A. Root, Levi 
Sonpe, John Mater. Arnold Benson, F, J. Atwell, George Rapp, Theo- 
iore Wilbcr, ThomaB Rix, B. Sbattuek. John G. Neville, A. I. Hardy, 
. G. Beach. S. W. Baldwin, Thomas Jenkins, J. D. Dawes. Lewis 
mith, Alanson Benedict, Chaa. H. Dawes, Aaron Kilby, E. R. Hpencer, 
lobert Burling. Henry Loomis, J, F. Bluckmond. 
wwa^ar City. Third Ward. — Daniel Keene, James Casey, Leander Car- 
Hb, James Clospy, F. C. Martin. Enoch Dewey, William H, Brookins. S. 
8. RoBcoe, Oscar Peck, Ned Mahoney, Charles Donnally, Jacob Stott, 
William Hannon, John Chadderdon, Eugene King, John .\. Long, John 
Sheline. J. }i. Southworth, Lewis J. Carr, Daniel Reummell, T. i. 
Edwards, John Crush, Henry Farwell, Wm. H, Brown, John N. Nash, 
Ximrod Moncey, Daniel Bmith, James A. T.oshbough, James H. Rankin, 

Kunael Ingling. [Geo. Tinkler. Wni. H. Lake, Palmer Amesden. Henry 

S8on, ^H 


Township. — Jacob Kahler, Benj. West, Henry U. Dyer, Warren 

illis, Alonzo J. Stroud, Albert Olds, Wm. Hervin, Thomas Stroud, 

Edward Starmer, Wm. Weller, John B. Taylor, [Chaa. M. Smith, Wm. 

H, Smith, James Feamside]. 

Hear Lake Township. — Chas Hankins, Jr., August Krouse, David James, 

^Sylvester Taylor, John D. Covel, Henry Wooden, Smith Forsjthe, 

Kihuiiel Herrington, Almou Bernard, Philip E. Peiseb, Chas. Hankins, 

^nroe Valley Township.— Walter 8. Searles, Benj. F. Biee, Marshall Ma- 
^Kee, Qeoi^e C. LeddJck, Enoch K. Robinson, Josiab F, May, John F. 
^Dtaber, Robert Findley, Jacob Deitz, Jetouie J. Kobbins, Michael Heag- 
^ney, Benj. W. Ellison, Peter Osborne. [Henry Moore]. 
^Hlage of BoiTie Falls. — Seymour Howe, B. F. Smith, Andrew A. Now- 
^Eiud, Chas. H. Johnson, John McKeman, Lewis Meaker, Edward Bar- 
^Bonie, David Baker, Frank P. Myers, George W. Van Bnren, Wm. P. 
^fcaroll, George R. Ijeclear, Hiram Wright, Wm- Mears, Simon Barrio- 
^ner, iMelTin G. Wakeman]. 

^Eindler Township. — Andrew Boothe, Wm. A. Wetherbee, John W. How- 
^nrd. Albert R. Howard, .\ndrew Martin, Thomas Stradling. James W. 
^Bfall, Alliert Tousley. 

^Etrleroix Township. — Sam'l Poller, [Jan. Arwonogezice, David M. Col- 
^wr»Bniiisom Cram. Henry Cunningham, Marriii HobbH,Andrew HolmeB, 
^^loraax Kelley. Henry Moore, Austin Newman. Chas. L. Peaslee]. 
Huage of Charlevoix. — Morrit^ J. Sioi-kman. Pelig S.Brown, Edward H. 
^^Brecti. John Z. Linton, Oliver T. Booth. Kglfert Carpenter, John Litzan. 
^Bf'tn. H. McCartney. A1k*1 H. Lobdell. \ II«-rt C Jarvis. Jnnie« A. Haw 
^Biimi. Chester Denton, Clmf. Xewnian. .-Mton B. Brlnli. Robt. Miller. Al- 
^Bert Brown. Thomas K. Palmer. Miirshnll Praitintf. l«GT»tt«l\«TO,Vs«"''"- 



Horace Van Norman, J. Carter, Louis Guard, Henrj- Newnum, Tbomaa 
Kelley, Jacob Steed, Marshall J. Bartlett, David C. Nettleton, Nelson 
Ainslie, Robert Donoelly, Henry Ctinningiiam, David M. Colby, Uorrls 
HobbB, James Wasegesik, [George W. Bailey, Harrison Bei-dan, 
Thomas Boake, William H. Collins, Bonald M. Corey, John 
J. Fagan, William S. Johnson, John Laut. Stephen K. Moore. 
Marcus S, Moulton, Melvin Montey, Wtn. C. Xewman, Hiram C 
Bifenburg, Sam'l M. Set-, Adolphus Simiuow, James Melvin Thomp- 
Bon, Jno. H. Williamsl- 

Evangeline Township. — D. E. E. Hall, Wm. A. North, Henry G. Curken- 
dnll, L. G. Chase. Ira SaEford, Wra. B. Wilder, John V. Pickering, 
George C. Boice, Wm. C. Fordham, Wm. H. Rogers, Daniel A, Tainter, 
Horace D. North, Wm. Childs, Abraham Sbafer, [Wm. J. Hayward, 
Woodward, Henry Howard, Albert Howard]. 

\"illage of Boyne City. — Frank Thompson, Jamea T. Brown. Francis 
Gates, James Stackus, Ashbel Herron. James L. Handy, Chas. Lost, 
(Jilbert D. Ward, David 8. Euhna, H. C. Sargant, Chas. P. Call, Arthur 
K, Martin, Alex. Carmicliael, Hiram A. Thompson, Gilbert W. White, 
Daniel Stevenson, Alfred Delacey, [Wayup E. Morris]. 

Eveline Township. — Richard Williams, Thomas Bird, Andrew Hoskins. 
George Luther, Henry Crowl, John Loose. Fowler Steele, David Snyder. 
Chas. Heller, John Shyrock. Albert Steele, David Willis, James King. 
James McKee, Elmore Ferris, Edmond Jackson, L. Otasquabona, Henry 

Hayes Townshij). — Henry A, Ward, George O. Scott, o. J, Maynard, 
Henry Ostruui, Leroy Hamlin. Frank White, John Jackio, Ransom 
Cram, Isaiah W. Austin, John Cook, Enoch Medsker, Wm. C. Grandy. 
Wm. Compton, [John Fineout, Horace S. Newson, Frederick Smith. 
Sylvester Minier, George Everls]. 

Hudson Township-^George S, Crakes. Etias W. Caldwell, Wesley R 
McCave, Joseph Cook, Wm. H. Claitpill, Timothy Castor, Ansoo L. 
Simons, James A, Waggoner, Aaron J. Waggoner. 

Marion Township. — Leonard Whitmoyer, Wm. P. Edson, Wm. C- Lenox, 
Joseph G, Reed, Newton A. Balch, Lorenzo D. Porler, John H, 0'Ni<' 
Frank Thompson, [Daniel Himebooch, Myron Geer.] 

Melrose Township. — Chas. A. Pease, Lewis Margerum, Malcolm HIi 
Samuel P. Lord. John Vansaw. Orson V, Holly, Frank W. Jones, RnftiS 
a. Carley, Freling H. Potter, James R. Hass. William Jones, Wm. C 
Nilts. John F. Sheatsley, Benj. Bncher. Joseph B. Jordan, Stephen I' 
Stone, John E, Pritchard, Harmon A. Bisby, Thomas J. Baughman, 
John Jonet!, Charles Duell, John E, Darrah. 

Norwood Township. — W'm, Richardson, John M, C. Runyan, Wm. W^ 
lace, [Hiram Wilson, Nicholas A. Shores]. ^ 

Resort Township.— William Brown. Silas Wright. Gilbert Torrey, CorBii 
lina J. Wooden, Henry L. Dickerson. ^B 

South Arm Township. — George W. Hayner, Solomon Lee. Wm, Herri^| 
ton, Chester Peck, Peter K. Winters. John St, John. Edward wiuifl 
Jacob D. Wagley. Stephen Bashaw. John H. Carney, Alexander Bbl^| 
hart, Marshall Swenor. Frederick Kowalski, D. M, Loud, Hlran^fl 
Hipp. Michael Kowalski. ^^H 





Ilage of East Jordan. — David L. Porter, Ira M. Miles, Henry Hagfr- 

Inan, Harrison Mitchell, Elias Hummond, John B. Webster, Jacob W. 

Rogers, George J. Bowen, L. M. Foote. Aldrich Townsend, Howard W, 

Weikel, Loren C. Madison, Reason Renard, John EgaL, Jacob Bissnett, 

\] , Joseph H. Lanway, Alexander Bnsb, Soiomon G. Isaman, John Cum- 

l^^fatiogs, L. D. Cole, Edward Smats, Christopher Cook, Joseph A. King, 

^^KlOBeph Biisluty, James A. J^hnj, Samuel Boitel. Gforge I'rinirle, 

^^nFranklio L. Smith, Frank ThompBon, Alonson C. Baldwin]. 

^^^ringvale Township. — Martin Wheeler, Clark M. Riddle, Warren W, 

\^'"hitman, Cornelius J. Annable, Chauncey W. Barbt-r, Wm. Bright, 

Alfred G. Blain, John B. Gokee, Samuel P. Woodwortb. 

Wilson Township. — Arthur L. Eaton, Xelson L. Barber, Ira Brooks, 

Albert Buckingham, Alexander Mayville, John H. Bills, Franklin L. 

Smith, George W. Bailey, Wm. G. Novinger, Samuel M. Richardson, 

Van E. Newville, John A. Xewville, Spencer W, Haynes, Leonard W. 

I Hall, Daniel Delong. [X. J. De Bar. Sani'l McClyment. Harvey P. 
Wing, James Cole]. 


Dgrand ToHnship.^-John B. Vincent, Adolph Gersher, Frederick 
_ 'orester, 
Benton Township. — Frank H. Stiuchfield, Frank Grant, Ithamar Has- 

kinB. John Marshall, Atitoine Sova, Charles Williams, Isaiah Parish, 

Henry D. Cobb. 
Burt Township.— Samuel J. Murphy, Frederick Kleckner, Thomas 

Cmmp, F. M. Train, Scott Greenman, Dan'l Davenport, Wm. Mclaury, 

John Dawson, Fred W. Butler, Moses Hanlim. 
Ellis Township. — Moses Miller, Edwin G, Beebe, Thomas R. Hungerford, 

Ransom Helmer, John Ford, Michael E. Roanev, Wm. H. Tuft, Chester 

Forest Township. — Warren H. Crego, Daniel McDonald, Chas E. Gregg, 

Cyrus C. Gregg, S. P. Hayes, James Irwin, Thomas Rock, Isaac Van 

Grant Township, — Arthur Byrons, Chas. H. Westbrook, Anthony Bondie, 

Peter F. Deitz, Alvin Rice, Wm. >'oPth. 
Hebron Township. — Wm. S. Jacobs, John A. Dow, E. D. McKay. Thomas 

'fong, LeRoy Bowen, Theodore Myers, Asa Bowen. 
Inverness Township. — Thomas W. Henning, D, W. Strohn, Stephen Wil- 
liams, Wm. Maloy, George Leavitt. Wm. Hurst, Orange Ball, Joseph 

Jcrue, John Penman, John Baker, Alonz-o Shattock, Albert Legault, 

Hsriand Lefflngwell. 
Village of Mackinaw City. — Henry H. Taylor, James Converse, Albert 

H. Buhler, D. L. Kinnie, John E. Vickery, John H. Andrews, E. H. 

Blackmer, James Ball. Alonxo Jacobs, Joseph C. Barnum, George W. 

Marshall, Andrew R. Clapp, Martin Burroughs, [Geo. H. Todd]. 
Mentor Township. — -Frank Benson, Henry Benson, Chauncey D. Wllit- 

raan, Darius H. Owens, Erastus Wheeler, Thomas Lafave, Sidney J. 

Pike, Phillip Cunningham, Albert Turk, Horace B. Stokes, David W. 

Botsford, Edwin C. Haner, James A. Pangborn, Joshua Berry, John X. 

Franklin, Joseph M. Bowser, (.'has. H. Hoffman, John M, Treo.d'K^V., 

Wm. H. Webb. 



Munro Township. — Daniel S. Wheelock, Anthony Streibich, Edward W. 

Tracy, George Loce, Newell T. Cooley, John 0. Young, Martin Horan, 

Ithamar Rosegrand, George Shepard, James Myers, James Rutherford, 

George V. Brill. 
Nunda Township. — Samuel Frear, Joseph Cough, Albert Jones, Harry 

W. Baxter, Samuel Briggs, Wm. Briggs, Oscar F. Smith, Wm. Isaac, 

Jacob Shook, Orson A. Bradley, Fred Lantz, Orin M. Corey, Leonard 

Bong, [Dan'l Goodrich]. 
Tuscarora Township. — Blaze Barney, Harry Sweet, Edward Hallabaugh, 

Joseph S. Allen, Joseph Poquette, Edward O. Wilber, David F. Miller, 

T. Q. Shaffer, Mathew W. King, John Parke, Wm. J. Bowman, Wm. C. 

Wilbur, John Carter, John W. Bell, Mathew A. McHenry, Henry M. 

Cole, Thomas J. Clements, Rockwell D. Corwin, Almond G. B. Pennell, 

Henry B. Lanterman, John Dorrance, Silas Fry, James J. Donnelly, A. 

H. Field, [Seth Lovewell]. 
Waverly Township. — Andrew Metheany, Isaac J. Stewart, Orrin Doo- 

little, Thomas Sayers, Robert Sayers. 
Wilmot Township.— Francis B. Howard, Wm. H. McCall, [Almon W. 

Eck, Alvin Eck] . 
Cheboygan City, First Ward. — [E. A. Burchard, Jno. Briggs, Henry W. 

Fisher] . 
Cheboygan City, Second Ward.— Hiram W. Fisher, Philip O'Brien, Chas. 

W. Rose, Antoine Dumaus, Charles Duffiney, Henry Hudson, Paul 

Faucett, Nelson Burdo, Samuel Pierson, Joseph Tebo, Aiken Capstraw, 

James P. Carney, Philip Terry, John Vanyea, Angus Schram, Glotus 

Vanyea, John Briggs, David Bertrand, Theodore S. Currier, Joseph 

Luckey, [Alphonse Gokie, Fred Premo]. 
Cheboygan City, Third Ward. — James Wylie, Ivory Littlefield, Joseph 

Fomier, Silas B. Smith, Chas. H. Geyer, George P. Humphrey, Gteorge 

C. Barnes, Melvin L. Cooley, Nelson Wheeler, Jacob Smith, Nelson 

Vaulin, Antoine Blank, Edward Kellogg, Antoine Donor, Chas. Eddy, 

John M. Dwyer, Amos Galbraith. 
Cheboygan City, Fourth Ward.- A. B. Witham, Colin Stewart, H. C. 

J^arber, Edward Davies, Albert L. Norton, Anson M. Benton, Chas. H. 

Buchanan, George H. Harmon, Wm. N. Cross, Alvin Quay, Chas. 

Kreideman, Jr., Chas. Kreideman, Sr., Henry A. Blake, John R. Clarke, 

John Lynch, J. W. Loucks, John H. Colvin, John P. Davidson, M. B. 

Champion, V. S. Bier, Frank H. Clough. 
Cheboygan City, Fifth Ward. — J. C. Wooster, George Cummings, George 

Mann,, Robert Braham, Luke Burdo, Jacob Wilson, [Chas. S. Ramsey, 

Jno. Creland]. 


Bruce Township. — James Lynch. 

Dafter Township. — Chas. Squires. 

Detour Township. — Cass Newell, Robert Hartley, Wm. Hartson, Lean- 

der McGinley, George Thurston, Richard Olmstead, Fred Keno, 

Thomas Butler, Peter Clockey, Antoine Panguine. 
Drummond Township. — Wm. T. Strickland, Isaac Cadotte, George D. 

Strickland, James Cloudman. 



Kuclyard Towuship. — Henry Wyatt, [Hugh McTaviali]. 

Tault Ste, Marie Township. — Wm. Collins. 

r Island Township. — Moses Greenbird, Wm. K. Kiuney 
_ierior Townahip. — Chas. W. Hiles, John Caley, Franklin Weymouth, 
FRobert Warke, Stepht'ii Lawless, Stephen DeWitt, Willoughby 
Scribner, John Keegan. 

White Fish Township. — George Rubey, Fraulc Sboller, Wm. Lee, 

Saalt Ste Marie City. — Burton Reid, Chas. Templeton, Thomas Kolau, 
Peter Medlin, Earl Deremo, Lewis Reineville, Wm, H. Smith, Elon 0. 
Hall, James A, Trout, John G. Stradley, David Sebastian, Louis 
Metzger, FranciB Lessard. James Joyce, James F. Mackin, Stephen 
O'Neill, Chas. Hempsted, Martin Scbacht, James M. Marcellua, Henry 
Thorn, Henry H. Floyd, Wra. P. Spalding, H.W. Hodge, Edward White, 
Dominique Hamel, [Thos. Stafford, Francis Sobraro, Frank La Londe. 

kA. E. BacoD, John Mattern, Wm. Meyers, T. A, Burdick, Andrew Jack- 
BOD, Peter C. Kelliher, Fred Smith, Wm. H. Sweet Frank Grosse]. 


nouth, ^H 
iby L. ■ 

Adam ^H 

Kolau, ^H 


hur Township. — Henry C. Brlggs, Jolin C Heatherington, John 
"hiting, Wm. D. Wallace, Harvey M. Wright, Wm, McKinley, Wm. 
' Mickle. David Hill, Samuel Bessey. 

Franklin Township, — Henry Brown, Benj. Bosworth, Frank L. MintUne, 
Thomas Hornby. 

Frost Township. — Chas. Scott, Jeremiah O'Neal, Evans-P, Buckley, Benj. 
Decker, John Hosier. 

Grant Township. — Jefferson C. Arnold, Samuel Gilman, Samuel Doud, 
D. P. Allen. Louis Becker, Gilbert Howard, Wm. G. Garrison, Levi 
Montney, Chas. E. Sherman, Albert Whitlock, Elias Priegel, M. E. 
Whitney, Horace Harvey, Wm. Crawford, James M. Saul, Wm. Grear, 
Lyman Leach, Mathew Kubler. 

Greenwood Township.— Arthur E. Doty, Nathan Hilts, Wm. H. H. 
Sprague, Thomas Budd, Dennis M. Doran, James Earle, Warren 
Sprague, Benj. Wiggins, Wm, Frost, Byron Cnppernull, Lory Brezee, 
Wm. F. Lane. John Van Buskirk. Chas. W. Sargent, Israel Garrow, 
Wm. Budd, James Marshall. 

Hamilton Township. — Wm. Decker, John Lyons, S, Plews, James West, 
Ohauncey Biaddock, James Norman, Albert Beaty. Sheldon Wood. 

Hatton Township. — Nathan Pettibone, Amos Spigelmire, Wm. Sham- 
way, Hiram J. Jenkins, John Frizzell. 

Hayes Township. — Orange Hadley. George K. Tucker, David Taylor, 
Edmond Bailey, Chas. S. Harding, Joseph F. Saunders, [Geo. Pad- 

Bedding Township, — W. L. Bought, W. M, Temple, Scott Hathaway, 
penj. Holley, Alfonzo Skinner, B. F. Richardson. 

Sheridan Township. — Christopher Chute, Le Roy Emmone. Cyi'us Apple- 
bee. Henry Hanes, Wm. Anderson. Justin Colburn, Horace Oles, 
David Wood, Wm. A. Thompson, Wm. Runyan, Alvin Root, Frank B. 
UcLellan. -John W. Hampton, Wrighi Brown, David Smalley, Joseph 
(chunk. Jiuit'S Hnmptun. 

Sammerfleld Townsliip. — BeEJ. F. LauJfis, (joorge M. Tnjior. 

Surrey Township. — Henry H. Antcliff, Henry H. Corey, Henry C. Cof^_ 
John Bywater, John Osterout, Titus Andrews, Abraham Margo, 
Orpheus J. Graham, Carlos B. Bellows, Julius H. Borst, [Richard 

Village of Farwell. — Alonzo Shekell. Nathaniel D. Watklns, Chancy 
Breed. Asa Leonard, Morris W. Tucker. John G. Brown, John Cooper, 
John M. Honeywell, Chas. H. Clark. James McGinnes, Philander 
Daviii, Randolph Malisoo. Elisba White. John S. Kilboume. Wm. 
Qnance, Alfred L, Seeley, [Sylvester Coon]. 

Winterfleld Township.— Chaa. A. Freeman, Napoleon B. Collins, A)fr| 
8. Millard. Morris WoodruEF, Egbert W, Chapin. Andrew F " 
John H. Fleming, Clark Harrington. 

Clare City, First Ward. — Harvey M. Hinman, Kalph Muscatt, Alex. ^ 
Norton, Frank Forbes, Malcom D. Davis. Samuel Harger, Albert ] 
Shaver, Calvin Haight, Harvey Tillitaon. BenJ. Doherty, Joseph [ 
Carpenter. [Jas. L. Welch]. 

Clare City, Second Ward. — Porter Kandall. Chas. H, Fishley, Henry] 
Brown, Chas. N. Goodenow, Horatio N. Goodenow, G. T, Coavef 
Isaac Harris, Jacob Mason. ZachariahKump, Wm. L. Parish, Milo i 
Smith, Samuel A. Sutherland. Orlando B, Davis, Uriah Redner, Jamea 
O'Conner, Philo N, Smith, David Frost. John Belcher, Edwin Whitney, 
Henry Alger, Joseph B. Ward, Chas. A. Buell, Wni. Lomani-. 

Clare City, Third Ward.— Alex. C. Hanchett. Gregory Martell, Samuel 
W. Cooley, Melvin O. Austin, Heniy C. Stevens, Geo. W^. Lee, Albert 
J. Kane, Joseph W. Reed, Byron G. Alger, Willis Lamb, Chas. A. 
Frledebom, Albert Van Brunt, Samuel Gray. 

Earrieon City. First Ward.^Silas Varney, Amos B. Toman, Henry War- 
burton, Hiram W. Hughes, George H. Hatch, Ell Halladay. Wm. H. 
Richardson, Henry H. Bogue, Clark Wright, Edwin O. Hatch, Stephen 
B. Robins. Henry Page, 

Hanson City. Second Ward, — C. E. Lewis, John Dowd, [Cliae. Mavis]. 

Harrison City, Third Ward. — Andrew Murphy, George Stahl, John Mitch* 
ell, Lyman Van Wnrmer. Sabin E. Pierce, Grin N, Hoisington. ^m 


Bath Township.^Alonzo Kitson, James Miller, Russell Wood. George 
Carter, Wm. Pierce, Chas, Phelps, W. H. Rose, Wm. A, Abels, Thomas 
Price, Hiram L. Tooker. Tunis Cronkite, -lames A. Newman, John 
Woodman, Sylvanus Bachelder, James Sweeney, Robert Christie, Brad- 
ley Whitney. John Debar, John Evans. Alfred Stoughton, Wm. H. 
Goodrich. Edward Clark, Albert J. Webb, Henry Wolfrom, Chas. E. 
Haviland, Chester B. Church, Warren Wilson. Chas. Marsh. Wilbert 
Thompson. Noble K, Green, Allen Dryer, Joseph Evans, O. McGonigal, 
Alfred E. Smith, Dennis McGonigal, [Newell A. Dyer]. 

Bengal Township. — Henry Mankey, 0. C. Whitaker, John Theill, Gottleib 
Karcher, War.'en Jennings, Wm. A. Sutton, Wm. W. Hummerston. 
Henry Gire, Delwyn Queen, Benj, Acker, Munroe D, Cole, Reuben T. 
Brown, Jeffrey W. Perry, Chas. Travis. Francis Brown, Chas. E, 
Blakeslee. Reuben R. Risl'ey. Jesse T. Everts, Hiram Murphy, Wm. W. 


^KLfiwton, Smith A. Hunt, John O. Kiesling, Hinim Nestell, Samuel Sher- 
^* man, Benj. F. Young, Chas. Rassow, Amos S. JoDes, Boyce P. Owen. 
Bfngham Township. — Chas. Sehneiderwind, Coruelius G. Barnes, TbomaB 
H. SaiiUburj-, Chas, Eckhait, Francis A. Downing, Martin Steves. De- 
volson Smith, Elias H. Myers, James Larkins, Amos Armstrong, John 
Sly, Adelbert Kentfleld, Jacob Hettinger, Emanuel Scott, Elbutt A. 
Jackwny, Jncob B. Mock. Wm. K. Sage. Chas. S. Williams, Wm. P. Hu- 
gos. John A. Stoner, Chas. E. Stephens, [Dewitt M. Merrill, Sinn'on H. 
Oage. Jacob Hettinger]. 
Village of St. Johns.— James C. Fish, Valentine Fish, Samuel Elaworth, 
Nehtiiiiah Peetnl, Carlos Cams, Orrin Blanchiird, Myron Higbee, Wm. 
B. Lyon, James U. Bailey, Hamilton Lyon, Chas. C. Vreedenburg, 
Bicliard C. Lewis, Andrew J. Miller, Wm. E. Hamilton, Justus W. 
Bage, Gilbert i'arrish, George Mann, Benj. P. Belding, Rolston A, Buck, 
Wm. F. Tromp, Horace Tucker, Nathan E. Jonea, Henry A. Alward, 
A^^Ujron N. Dunt-an, E. Darwin Tripp, John Flynn, Robert G. Morriaon, 
^^EenuBn Ford, James Davis, L. D. Lusk, Joseph Lathrop, Julius G. 
^^P'iBe. David Miller. Andrew Fell, Wm. J. Mull, Arnold L. Lake, Albert 
Hpiomas, Harmon Edington, Chas. Cohen, Eli S. Adams, Theodore Pack, 
l^llmery B. Smith, Chas. K. Rider, Samuel A. Sperry, Thomas H. Green, 
Allen S. Smith. George B. Blinn, Addison Reed, Andrew B, Balcom, 
Henr.v Walbridge, Alexis DeClare, John Patterson, Alraarion M. Stow- 
ell, Wm. H. H. Smith. Joseph Bersette, Tompkins D. .\bbey, George W, 
Shultus. Silas E. Losey, Owen Stephens, Jacob J. Williams, Henry J. 
Pfttterson, Wra. N. Stocker, Orrin E. Wilson. Daniel W. Rose. Stephen 
J. Wright, Wm. H. Hoffman, Reuben G. Pepple, Hulse L. Pruden, 
Thomas Gilaon, Alonzo La Barren, John Kelly. George T. Ballinger, 
Pembroke S. Buck, Chas. H. Walters, Solomon Ricliards, Henry Put- 
nam, George W. Reynolds, Wm. Farrier, Andrew Granger, James H. 
Killing, Wm. H. Castele, Jerry Dooling, Homer Watson, Henry D. 
ansell, Wm. Al. Leiand, Chas, Keeler, Lyman K. Patterson, Alouzo O. 
ant, Murdo McDonald, John W. Fitzgerald, John W. Bradner, Sylves- 
r Moore, Porter K. Perrin, Daniel H. Mosher, Frederick R. Butler, 
yron A. Kniflin, Eli Fields. Oliver L. Spaulding, Daniel Baughn, 
John H. McCloud, [H. S. Hart, Michael Weiraer.Theo.H. Price, Newton 
A. OJcBon, Benj. F. t^r'cofleld, Horace M. Crull, Geo. P. Mattoon, M'm. 
H. H. Curtis, Jeremiah F. Stephens, Hiram A. Sage. Orin W. Vreeland, 
Geo. Wells, Jos. O. Selden, Huten D. McCabe, S. B. Daball. Chas. Fow^ 
ler, Herb. Estes. Wm. Gilson, Eugene King. Jas. Osgood, A.J. Bald' 
win, M. Hamilton, C, E. Cartright, H. W. Holenbeck, Jno. Scriven. 
Frank Butler, Benj. F, Gray, Wm. R. Howland. Jas. H. Hathaway, 
Jacob L. Ring], 
Dallas Township, — Chnstian Schultz, James Salshury, Peter Moore, Le 
Roy Patterson. Allen Freeman, Wm. H. Sage, Chas. Mankey, Fredrick 
A. Stowe, Fredrick Miller. Robert Clark, Stephen Shafer, Frank Proc- 
tor, John P. Miller, Alfred B. Benjamin, Sidney D. Park, David B. 
Christlieb, Christian Willyoung. 
Village of Fowler.— Morris B. Drake, Walter L. Mundell. Wm. M. 
Youngs, Chas. H. Van Amburg, Wm H, Buck, Riley Rice, Anthony 
Martin, James Dundon, 




De Witt Township. — Chas. A. Sloan, Daniel Bhively, Chas. S. Hubbard, 
John B, Morgan, Alfred P. Harrison, James M. Hath, Wm. H. Sweeney, 
Chas. King, Marion Case, James Gibson, Le Boy B. Stowell, Robert 
Mugen. Chas. E. Howe, John Melvin, Felix Foreback, George Sever- 
ance, Ashbel Tyler, Hiram Ballard, Edward Gundennan, James Cort- 
right, Henry P. Clark, Philander Christian, Jacob Geisenhefer, Peter 
V. Rodman, Peter Clark, John Bolton, Frank Darling, Andrew J. 
Chapman, Joel Davidson, Thomas W. Baldwin, John C. Marshall, Rich- 
ard Thorp, Ira A. Miller, Jamea W. Bronson, Munroe Cole, George W. 
Howe, Smith Hall, Wm. Emery, Daniel Miller, Artemas G. Newman. 
Joseph R. Stickles, George D. Wells, Edmund Hewitt, Thomas Pittam, 
Hiram E. Howell, Wm. H. Rouse. 

Du Plain Township.— William A. Unman. Omar M. Bisby, William W. 
Smith, James Jarvis, Joseph E. Moore, Robert Burnett, Henry Hamp- 
ton, Noble S. Parmalee, Andrew Jackson Page, Isaac B. Willitts, 
James J. Holbrook, Lester C. Wright, Francis A. Brown, William H. 
Davidson, Hamilton R. Craven, Erastus Walter, William Bensinger, 
('harles Daley, Jesse E. Stone, Delos Worden. Benj. Warren, Nelson 
Beebe, John C. Colby, Adam A. Love, Abram Schenek, Charles Dodge, 
William J. Havens, William B. Everest, Lafayette Lewis, Charles I* 
Wise, Winfleld 8. Starkweather, Milon Emmons, Benj. B. Tucker, Ira 
Scott, [W. J. Graham]. 

Village of Elsie. — Eugene V. Chase, Sherman G. Eddy, William Deal, 
Frank H, Hungerford, Charley Clement, Gideon Durfee, Jerry Baker, 
Rufus Lampson, Thomas E. Brown, Luther Eddy, Bufus Sheldon, 
Alfred B. Way, Andrew Call, Abner M. Letts, Edward Tweale. Wil- 
liam H. Payne, Lucian A. Chase, John O. Wooll, Sr., Samuel Pncking- 
ham, Stephen W. B. Temple, William H. Sheldon, William A. Stefifee, 
Henry M. Young, Lewis F, Hayes, Joseph Tabor, Orin O. Perrin, [Chas. 
H. Preston]. 

Eagle Township. — Warren Morris, Wilson Lee, William Murtou, Wil- 
liam Sutherland. Paul Volk, Cheater C. Hildreth. James Frazee, 
Wiilaim C. Patrick, John Q. A, Swiler. Henry W. Newson, Rufus O. 
Allen, George B. Briggs, James Kelley, Jackson Kelley, Jackson Per- 
deu, Elias Morris. Perry Bhepard, Martin C. Frost, Nathaniel Cobin, 
Lewis Barclay, John T. Woodard. 

Village of Eagle. — Walter E. Buckley, Rodney B. Buckley, William H. 
Pennington, IraO, Fletcher, Alfred M. Bennett, John M. Marietta. 

Essex Township. — D. H. Payne. Casper White, Charles Chilson. Marcus 
B. Face, Hiram Brown, Andrew J. Annis, John Wells, Amos Sawyer, 
Thomas Anderson, Levi Haas, Samuel Rowley, James Lambie, Rary 
Schroyer, William Mesler, George Davidson, Gabriel Anderson. James 
Campbell, Oscar Bristol, John Akiens. Lester H, Pease, F. W. Redfem, 
Isaac Danielson, Edward Mack, Jacob Treester, David Seolt, John 
Underbill, Horace Sowie, Daniel Breneman. Richard Caniss, Harvoy 
Lyon, James A. Knickerbocker, E. J. Ladd, Joseph Stead, L. A. Math 
ews, Alanson Mathews, James Anderson. 

Village of Maple Rapids. — Dennis W'right, Jr.. P. L. Ryker, Bobt. Ander 
son, George A. Archer, John Onnderman, William McBain, NicIioIm'^ 
B. Fulton, James R. Fulton, George E. Bliss, Robert Temple. SimnH 
Hewitt. George W. Fox, S. M. Boyle. Charles Hooker. Plary Be<-l- 
John Reed. Henry Downs, George Hooker, Daniel Graham, Daniel 



^^Wleshman, Thomas Terwilliger, John W. Drake, Martin Weaver, Qem- 
^^^lia Oroom, A. L. Casterline, Martin Allor, Perry 8. Percy, Carlos 
' Webster, Hiram HelmB, Lyman Crowley, J. Eli Jcnes, Albert Parker, 
James L, Payne, Thomas T. Newton, Wilmer Miller, Jonathan Moyer, 
Eamey Norton, James H. Joaea, 
Oreeobuah Township. — DeGifford Ellenwood, Hees Gilson, William H. 
Morrison, Seldon J, Patterson, James R. Jeffreys, George Cordraj, An- 
drew F. Jolley, Seymour Burrows, Leonard Q. Loomis, John Heibeck, 
James Barrett, Joseph J. Strouse, John F. Couter, James O'Dell, Wil- 
liam Coverstone, Bishop Miller. Bigdon P. Teetes, Johc Price, Theo- 
dore J. Wagner, Ben Finkle, Silas Turner, William P. Griffith, Adam 
Rnasell, Oliver P. Ingersoll, Joseph H. Walker, William H. Smith, Ed- 
win Knight, Chauncey Stevens, William Ingersoll, David L. Eagle, 
Abram Eagle, John C. Sevey, Andrew Silvemail, Edward A. Sitts, 
Lewis Alvors, Virgil Walling, David S, French, Harvey W. Carring- 
l^^^on, John Krepps, James Maddon, George W. Thomas, William Bates, 
^^Bohn J. Keiser, Edward C. Stevens, Peter Fleagle, Cyrenius Knowles, 
^^Baniel Gower, Fred Drews, George Jackway, Uriah Goddard, Clark 8. 
^^Breen, Andrew Robb, John A. Walters, Solomon D. Koons, [Stephen 
^^pttnrdevant, George Perry]. 
Lebanon Township. — N. E. Catlin, Harvey Silvemail, Charles Clark, 
George Kilts, D. McGraw, William Kemp, Warren Hunday, Ralph 
Hoag, William Burke, F. H. Hall, Alva Harris, William Brown, 8. P. 
CrBQBon, E. P. Harris. William Hasted, Amos Moore, O. Cunningham, 
Bamael Kinney, Henry Nash, Samuel A. Brook, Albert Gnrensey, C. 
H. Phillips, J. D. Bird, C. M. Sheldon, John Bennet, Benj. McNincb, 
John Kinner, Jesse Catlin, Martin Doyle, [Wm. Handy, John Harden]. 
Olive Township. — Ezra P. Nelson, George W. Kimble, Mones W. Baker, 
Arthur Mead, Alson Hamilton, John Otitcalt, Victor Sonier, Nathaniel 
Ansthi, O. T. Smith, John Delp, Joseph Smith Tucker, A. L. Winslow, 
Ezra Cornell, Reuben T. Brink, Leonard J, Wilkina, William White, 
John Wetherell, Christopher Beeler, DeWitt C. Butterfleld, Levi W. 
Sibley, William F. Reed, John H. Brink, William R. Newman,William 
H. Signs, Edward H. Bedell, Andrew Wager, Ralph Hawley, Edward 
Case, John T. Lang, Romulus B. Barnes, Mathew Black, L. D. Chad- 
wick, Silas W. Newman, Vanrensiler Lemm, Andrew Scott, John 
Trimble, Zephcniah Sexton, Edward Black. 
Ovid Township. — Jesse Hadley, Joseph M. English, Bfnj. Keener, John 
W. Potnam, George Marvin, Thomas Murrell, James Miller, Reuben 
Grove, Isaac Yerrick, George McCreary, Samuel Taylor, John Ayers, 
Prank Aldrich. Robert Cunningham, Nelson Lounebury, Anson Doyen, 
Dennis Birmingham, William Warren, Ransom Lewis, John Dalley, 
Mathew Myers, Charles Case, Worden Cronk, Lnther Stone, Pearlie 
Wllber, Mine; Hicks, Daniel Jamison, Bradley Bennett, Aaron Brown, 
George H. West, Henry Keys, Daniel Hay, William Parker, Jaco'. Hay, 
George Simpson, William Hay, Thomas Serrels, Edward Strickland, 
William G. Hunter, Harvey Wilson, Cyrus Sherman, Samuel Reeder, 
"William Graham, John C, Flischer, Martin Gitchel, James Covert, 
James G. Edwards. John Dally. 
Village of Ovid. — Orange Rowe, Oliver Cross, William Piper, John Gil- 
b ert, William Lane. James Price. Albert J. Webster, Andrew J. Ham- 
^^toond, Theodore Taylor. Charles Cowan, Oscar Cowan, Hiram D. Trea.t^ 



George KiDgsley, John A. Hubbell, Morris Dilts, Abram M. Eato^l 
Luke B. Hicks, Henry Vanganda, Daniel Morelionse, James CroB8,~ 
Jamee Lowell, JoBeph Cornell, Reuben Davis, Isaac Drake, James A, 
Harding, Darid Tliomae, L. H. Allen, John H. Vanaice, Ruasel N. Bag- 
ley, Willard Ryan, John B. Crosa, Henry A. Potter, John D. Parker, 
Dexter B. Proper, Joseph H. Hathaway, Oscar Moriison. John Brom- 
ley, Martin Deroe, Jay L. Mudge, William McCarty, James Walters, 
Arthur Giinn, John W. Newtou, Elbridge E. Levan, [L. C. Mead]. 

Biley Township. — Thomas Barton, George Passmore, Jame's Chapman, 
Martin A. Hill, Fred Oding, Randall Beadle, CalTin Ingram, Jonathan 
Miller, Augustas Robinson, Alex. Dnnlap, Lester K. Bond, Samuel Rea- 
son, Morgan Signs, William VanDyke, Horatio Bliss, Charles Cole, 
Chancy D. Webster. John Q. Brooks, Charles Land, Freeman West, 
GuatavuB Moeller, AIohko Bennet, William Morgan, David Welle, Sr., 
Ampter Otto, Dennis Vanfleet, Thomas Shurts, John D. Holmes, Mar- 
tin V. Reed, Timothy H. Furl. James Warren, Albert Jones, Corey 
Owens, John Biedersteadt, Peter Pung, Henry M. Bums, Stebin Bliss, 
Jacob Miller, 

Victor Township. — W, C, Wilkins, D. Simpson, John A. Bixby, John Aid- 
rich, Bertram Giffels, James D. Sleight, Alpheus Martindale, Frank W. 
Warren, W. G. Vanburger, Jacob Gibbard, Hart L. Upton, Theodore 
W, Curtis, Ezra Latimer, Hivilla Haynes, J. D. Vanburger, Samuel 
Foster, O. 8. Sheldon, Charles H. Pierce, Willard D. Jennison, Daniel 
Vail, Joseph Y, Perkins, Anton Smidlian, E. 6. Vanburger, Job W, Sex- 
ton. James Barrett, James Worden, Wm. L. Norton, Loyal Starr, Wm. 
H. Aldrich, Daniel Muzzy, Henry Cuddebach, Joseph Morton, Charlee 
E, HoUister, Henry Hibbard, Andrew J. Brink. 

Watertown Township,— George W. Watson, Joseph Stewart, Wm. Mc- 
Roberts, John C. Clark, Rufus Demoss, Thomas Davis, Henry Loomis, 
Luther F. Conrad, N. S. Wells, John Guller, Ezra Badger, Mortimer 
Vanauken, Wm, Miller, Henry Williams, John W. Miller, Joel E, Parks, 
Francis M. Jones, Julian Townsend, Edward Somers, Henry P. Cut- 
ler, Lesley Jewel, Wm. Bloom, John H. Lowel, Robert Mason, Hiram V. 
Manzer, Abel Hill, Alonzo Waldron, Francis Ingler, Asa A. Durfee, A 
J. Smith, John Avery, Charles Andrus. 

Westphalia Township. — Anthony Arens, Peter Pohl, Jacob Snow, Ray- 
mond Bauer, John Koster, Sr.. [Jno. P. Gross, Jno. Miller, Ferdinand 

Village of Westphalia. — Sempert Hehl, Nicholas Schomisch. Jacob Arm- 
bruster, Frank Paul, Mathias Weber, Joseph Nuerenberg, Peter Thome, 
[Jno. Baker]. 


Ball Township. — Wm. Edwards, Peter Rohleder, Daniel L. Whipple, Wil- 
son Hickey. 

Beaver Creek Township. — Avery A, Smith, A. Annis, Lewis Parker, [Jno 

Blaine Township.— Wm. O. Bradford, George Fauble. Jacob Ligbtnt:, 
Myron B. Dyei; Andrew C. Cruzon, Beth B. Smith, Oliver Dlshaw. 


nter Plains Township. — Charles D. Vincout, Peter Valadd, James Bur- 
ton, Henry T. Sbafer, Alfred H. Wisner, Lowell Fox, John B. Carter, 
Wm. Fuller, James C. Neff. [S. H. Johnson]. 

Frederick Township. — John W. Wallace, Henry Davenport, Wm. Put- 
unm, Wellington Batteison. 

Grayling Township, — Alexander Wilcox, Joseph Lee, Andrew Rine, 
John Ballard, Amos Corwin, Lewis Parker, Charles Frantz, Hiram 
RobisoQ. Daniel Bowlt, Dell Smith, Asa J. Rose, Philip J. Mosbier, 
Edgar M. Wainwright, Uriah J. Shirts, Charles Eickhoff, Daniel 8. 
Waldron, John Wilcox, Orville Bell, Charles Ingerson, Reuben P. 
Forbes, Jacob Fox, Henry Trumley. John Hanna. Joseph Jones, Wm. 
Cbalker, John C. Hanson, Collins W. Wight, Thomas Wakeley, David 
McCormick, Perry Phelps, Mike Hartwick, Samuel Hempstead, John 
Staley, Adelbert Pond, Adelbert Taylor, Wright Havens, Oscar Pal- 
mer, Wm. Woodburn, Henry Holbrook, Daniel Squires, F. W. Worden, 
Robert McElroy, Edwin Alger, Henry Mansir, Charles H. Turner, 
[W. H. Mayharter, Chas. Ferguson, A. H. Mianer, C. K. Chitago, Geo. 

Grove Township, — Jiidson M. Francis, Jacob Knecht, Wm. Peacock, 
James Carr, [Thos. Makeley], 

Maple Forest Township. — M. W. Gaynor, Dolphus Shuart, John J. Coven- 
try, James E. Weeks, Henry Graff, C. B. Johnson. Thomas Jones, 
Charles A. Ingerson. 

Soath Branch Township. — David E. Clark, Wm. Ostermann, Henry 
Funck. Julius Richardson, Hubbard Head, Dyer Youngs. 



HBaJdwin Township. — Charles Besaw, John W. Heppe, Wm. E. Shay, Wm. 

Bark River Township. — Richard Roberts. 

Bay De Noc Township. — August Greenoch. 

Escanaba Township. — William Kelley. 

Ford River Township.— Perrie Allard, Archibald McKenzie, Thomas A. 
Higging, [Hiram WeKman]. 

Garden Township, — John Wilson, Robert R. Campbell, Wm. Wilson, 
Jerome Desbrovre. 

Village of Garden. — Hiram G. Squires, John Dotsch, John Smith, Nel- 
son Bushford, Levi W. Olmsted, Thomas H. Ward, George Wood, Ed- 
ward Bureau. 

Maple Ridge Township. — Chauncy F. Haskell, John Donohue, Owen Cur- 
ran, [Mathew Britz], 

Maaonville Township. — Linus D. Burt, Augustus Gould, George W. 
Heals, Lewis C. Wolf. Lemuel Darrow, George W. Fenlason, Charles T. 
Bennett, Benjamin Belonge, Edw, Rabbidean, Michael Shea. Alex. La- 
humbard, Wm. W. Ford, Myron O. Whipples, John Laraby, Adam Rice. 
Alex Lucier. 

Nahma TowuHhip.— Louis Welch. John C. Van Dyke. Edward Buckley. 
Thomas Patchel. Wm. Chew. Michael Rushford. Thomas O'Niel. 

Sack Bav Township.— Albert Bartman. John Wilber. Benj. F. Cain. 




Welle Township.— John Conto, C. H. Brown, CharlCB Oould, Qeo^H 
Blinkam, W. H. Harrison, George T. Burns. j^| 

Escanaba City, First Ward.— John G. Walters, Carl J. Embs, Paul ^^| 
ker, Emil Glaser, [Wm. Golden]. ^^H 

Escanaba City, Second Ward.— Asa S. Warn, H. W. Van Dyke, J^H 
Lyon, Albert H. Rolpli, Prank L. Dayton, J. C. Van Dnzer, Aidob>^H 
Parkhurst, Prank Sheedlo, John Power. '^H 

Escanaba City, Third Ward. — John T. Beecher, John Dean. ^H 

Escanaba City, Fourth Ward. — James Blake. Charles P. Bouton, Samoel 
Wason, Samuel Atkins, John G. Gibbs, Jacob Carrow, [H. P. Young, 
Levi Heminger]. 

Escanaba City, Fifth Ward. — David N. Robinson, Maurice Boyle. Ber- 
nard Snow, Thofels Virma, [Wm. McKeefer]. 

Escanaba City, Sixth Ward. — Peter Van Valkenbei^, Thomas Farrel. 
Norman Eddy, Jesse F. Wright, James Fuller, John Oliver, [Jno. Bus- 

Escanaba City, Seventh Ward.--J- W. King, David Wiltsle, Edward 

Gladstone City, First Ward. — John Beattie, Gasper Lacomb. 

Gladstone City, Second Ward. — William P. lierry, Wilson Bhej 
Aaron Miller, J. Walton Pennock, Augustus Mathews. [Rufus H. B 
Wm Aitkin]. 

Gladstone City, Third Ward. — Micliael Bellaire, Joseph W. Call, JosepT 
N. Collins, John R. Green. Giles J. Sheldon, Edward Lafave, Charles 
Moodj-, Martin Powell, [W. A. Fobs, Jno. R. Green]. 

Gladstone City, Fourth Ward.— David Danforth, John 8. Craig, [Sw 


Breen Township.- William Allen, William H. Morris, George Fugal, 
Thomas Reiley. 

Breitnng Township. — Philip Schell, James Durand. John L. Buell, Je- 
rome Dakota, George P. Shaver, 

Pelch Township. — Moses Brisk. Henry Duffy, Thomas Reiley, Thomas 

Norway Township. — Robert Fislier, Michael Mullen. 

Sagola Township. — John Paranto, Richard Cleveland. 

Waucedah Township. — (Salmon P. Saxtoo, Enos Renier, Henry G, Roth- 

Iron Mountain City, Second Ward. — W. T. Carpenter, Samuel BasBett. 

Iron Mountain City, Third Ward.- — Patrick McCrystal. 

Iron Mountain City, Fourth Ward. — Joseph W. Burbank, Richard G, 
Thomas, William W. Pelch, James Dewees, George H. Johnson, Ed 
ward S. Raymond, [Jos. French]. 

Iron Mountain City, Fifth Ward. — A. J. Hunting, W. E. Herrington, Rob- 
ert P. Tuten, Peter Lavarer, Reuben A. fimlth, Hiram H. Bradford, 0. 
3. Derache, [Wm. H. Bweet]. 

Norway City, First Ward. — JameB B. Lyon. Joseph Coutware, John H- 

Norway City, Second Ward. — James E. McDonald. John Gatherer. 
Tbnmas P. Hayes. 







Devae Townsbip. — Eliae Stewart, Frank F. Hughes, Edwin J. Wood, 
^mael Van Orraan, John D. Conklin, Martin V. Moon.Mitchell Droll- 
:, Levi Evans, William Fisher, William E. Pixley. Wm. Heiir>- Lna- 
bmb, George Carroll, Collins S. Lewis, Darid Crowell, Aaron Skeggs, 
uomas Bailey, Andrew Day, L. G. Showerman. Halbert Parmer, 
Petcher Campbell, Lorenzo D, Fail, William Farliu, Francis BeecraXt, 
Villlam Caton, Servitua Tucker, William Shipp, Theodore Davie. 
lageof Bellevue.— William H. Latta. Thomas B. Williams, Hngh Mc- 
iinn, Samuel Davis, William Reid, Charles B. Wood, Marion J. Willi- 
I, Herbert Dilno, -Jerry Davidson, Edward Campbell, John Markham, 
Etsoc B, Johnson, Josiah A. Birchard, Richard S, Briggs. John Ewing, 
leo. Crowell, Henry I#gge, James W. Johnston, Luther Tubbs, Oscar 
Knnroe, John W. Manzer, Henry E. Hart. I..ean<ler B. Cook, Cyrus L. 
1ggio8, Martin Avery, John M. Anson, Washington Wade, George P. 
fteveng, James Driscoll, Alex. A. Clark, .\ntoine Edwards, George 
_tocher, Charles W. Beers, Lester C. 8pauldiDg,George Martin, Griffen 
Wilson, Sr., Amos W. Bowen, Josiah G. Stocking, Charles A. Turner, 
Levi O. Johnson, Sullivan W. Gibson, Alonzo Chittenden. 
Benton Township. — Oliver P. Edmao, Charles T. Ford, Emanuel Ream, 
Samuel Bradenberry, Isaac Mosher, Ezra W. Griffith, Joshna Wright, 
Uicbael Lynn, Mitchell Chalender, Luther Johnson, George A. Gods- 
mark, George Wigent, Daniel Place, John J. DeWitt, Jay Henderson. 
William H. Barr, Josephus Sanborn, John C. Thomas, Michael Hamitl, 
William Mitchell, Henry Thrall, William Motter, George Upright, 
Thomas J, Hitchcock. Asa Goodrich, Charles Albright, Oi^rge Hoag, 
David Wise, Daniel Fuller, Henry Browse, Andrew J. Holchins, Henry 
Hayes, Harvev Davidson, Jacob Upright, Robert Willis. George Mank, 
William B. Otto, Orlo P. Holett, Alford Shance, O. C. Shance. John F. 
Burkhead. John W. Small, C. V. Pierce, Paul Tranger. 
Village of Potterville. — Amos Gillett, Roswell Squire, Edward Clem- 
ence, Jacob Winters. H. L. Carpenter, Jacob Haner, George W. Croop, 
Frank Rossman, Uriah H. Fairchild, .\sa P. Goodwin, Theron 8pon^, 
John H. RejTiolds, Christopher Christian. James H. Smalley. Wm. H. 
Howe, Jonas F. Croop. Isaac Osterhout, Nelson O, Merritt, Edward 
jpnse, Jacob Decan, Henry Johnson, Walter Rozell, Hugh McDivitt, 
^OCis Bay, Simeon Olmetead. 

bkfield Township. — Samuel Ellison, Jared 8. Tliomas, Jacob SowleB, 

|<J. Estele, Martin WiiBon. James Hpear. M. H. Trontner, Wm. M. 

isderbof. Robert P. Ellison. John Nichols. George Scofield. Wm. Aa- 

I, Peter J. Movers, H. L. Carrier, John W. Taylor, Ix-wis 8. Ga*boni, 

^renzo Xovis, John ColBon, Charles Reese. James Buskirk, John 

>ete, Tbomatf Favorite, John Favorite, Itowlnnd Mitchell, Himeoo L. 

huma, rharl.-« Sonle. T. Smith Sowle. George W. Bufkland, Charles 

ris. Wm. H. Post. Bcnj. W. I'ost. Uenry Post, Wm. W. Swan, Geo. 

V. Wilder, H. A. Liriiigston, Jow-phiis Post, (:har\M> P. Heath. A. Hol- 

hrook. Jaoies Vanaaben. GcfirKe W. Ycager. Charles Magoon, Henry 

Steffy. Jamet^ T'mbarger. Ri-iiihart VV'yIir, Truman G. Figger, C. N. 

^^iddlc, Picton H. PettltK^ne, Henry Hawley, Alfonzo Rush, Henry Ma- 

Hnji, JnbD Hall. Joseph Bajiler, [John Mumbersl. 



Cannel Towoship. — G. H. Wade, Jacob Follick, ManagseB Snyder, Daniel 
Wile, John Sbavei", C. M. Young, Jacob Miller, Marcus Rodgers, Amos 
Sprinkle, E. D. Smith, David Faiisey, Charles Tanner, A. H. Allen, By- 
ron Babin, Samuel Sweet, Henry Hoot, J. D. Hendricks, Jno. Henry 
Axtell, David Home, Henry Stine, William H. Pollard, E. Dunning, 
J. H. Sherman, Lewis Hall, Michael Kunkle, Russell Davia, Giles 
Hutchings, Ezra Snyder, J. C. Stemiierg, Eiias Xander, S. H. Griffin, 
M. B. Ripley, C. W. Wood. 

Oliester Township. — Paul King, Menly White, Judiah PerkinB, John Tow, 
Willaim Blair, John Blair, Seth Robine, Orrin S. Ervay, Joseph 
Hounds, John Andrews, Lewis Strickland, Elijah Pope, Harrison Wad- 
dell, James Johnson, Albert Ford, Charles Quarantelle, William 
Hicks, Origeu Loomis, Wesley D. Miller, Daniel Haigh, George 
Fletcher, Reuben L. Waite, Eugene Olin, George Root, Lyman Moshier, 
James Bottomly, James Bates, Daniel Bissell, James E. Stall, James 
W. Lyon, Charles Shaw, William Whitaker, John Rich, William Ames, 
Abram Pierce, Henry R. Prindte, James A. Lords, Austin Ash, Jere- 
miah McCormick. Frank Jordan, Morris Williams, William Phelps, 
Jasper Braden, Noble Bradley, Asa Schronty, Asa Smart, Sidney 
Harmon, William Kellogg, Thomas Thompson, Wheat Greiat, Daniel 

Delta Township. — Boswell Farnsworth, Charles Knapp, J. H. Smith, 
Geoi^e Graham, Hovey Campbell, James A. Hadley, George Sawyer, 
Benj. Smith, Michael Fishell, Elijah P. Sanders, Henry Chadwick, Al- 
bert Crosby, David M. Phillips, Augustus Fox, John Bhepler, William 
Welch, Zenus Hamilton, George Parker, Nathaniel Space, Orrilie C. 
IngersoU, O. T. Moore, James Harpster, A, McJielvey. Henry Fuller, 
John A. Wardell, James R. McGee, Marvin Woodward, George Per 
kins, Orrin Flanders, Augustus Fox, Thomas Fields, Delancy V. Kell, 
James Coven, John Rouse, Byron D. Hicks, William B. Wedge, Hei 
Clements, David R, Gunson, Homer Peck, Thomas GrifSth, Leoi 
Q. Pry, James Slocnm, Arthur Buck. 

Eaton Township. — Frank Milboum, Thomas Fay, TUonias R. Hart, 
liam Reed, Edward A. Marshall, Benj. Stewart, Frederick BishopJ 
George Miers, Merrick Hall. Almon Hall, Hiram Gasler, John Wick- 
wire, Michael Tolbert, John Edgington, Michael Merkel, William 
Shaver, Thomas J. Snow, Benj. Cooley, John Pollock, Eli Cook, James 
Murray, Peter Sherman, Henry Gardner, Ceylon Whitmore, David C, 
Upright, Allen A. Smith, James Harned, Isaac Shaull, Jacob Smith, 
Adolphiis L. Bennett, John Casler, Abram Smoke. Melvin S. llice. 

Eaton Rapids Township.— William Somerex, Henry H, Sherman. David 
Teryell, Daniel Holbrook, Simon Darling, H. W. Tiffany, Jonathan 
Henderson, Timothy Kelly, Almond Green. John Galvin, W. W. Smith. 
Harmon Grossbeck, George W. Sheldon. B. K. Crandall. James R. Nor- 
ton, P. K. Bromeling, Chas. H. Wilbur, Philip C. Copp, Erwin Welch. 
A. M. Wellman. James Van Norsdell, George Norton, Gilbert Van 
Norsdell. John Thompson, C, E. Williams, Thomas Pickworth, Samuel 
Hunt, H. F. Hoyt, T. A. Canfleld. Robert Milier,Lewi8 H. Cole, JanM 
H. Griffin, Alouzo White, Wesley Ferris, Geoi^e W. Gates, S, V. Pdfl 
ley. Thomas McCullough. Edward Roe,Harrison Oro93,Hiram Sprai^| 
LoalB FoIIer, Ross W. Lamb, Seymour Long. James P. Seagraves,^^! 
liam Dunn, Edwin P. Knight, William Spear, Michael Casler, Daj^l 
Spotta. ^H 





nlln Township Townsliip.— Darius B. Pierce, George \V. Uowoa, Mar- 
■Us Benson, Jamee Price. Charles Colestot-k, Charles L, Evans, John 
. Sayre, Henry Husted, Oscar A. iMug, Charles Bastedo, Nicholati 
■der, John WUitehousc, lamel Liudle.v, James Reese, Koberl Rock- 
nrood, Charles E, Collins, E. L. Fitzsimmona, Henry ItowerB, George 
McMauus, Ira Keeler. Henry B. Olmsted^ Gamer A. Hose, Hiram 
Grant, Samuel Walter, George E. Phillips, William .Benton, John J, 
Holmes, Schuyler 8. Boorne, Charles H. Root, John D. Norris, CaWln 
C.Cabbott, Archibald Nisbet, V. M. Smith, George B. Noble. Wm. F. 
Kfllnmo Township. — Samuel Williamaon, James Swift, William H. Har- 
wood, John H. Leonard. Charles Hinkley, Charles Lyon, Oscar Bcott, 
William Lron, Levi Sweet, Joseph Dobson, Andrew J. 8anford, Boyal 
Hire, Edw. Hall, William Wright, John McCarty, Daniel W. DriBColI, 
George Henry, W'illiam Fisher, William Darrow, Koberl B. Mont- 
gomery, John Treiber, Fred Ellis, George Wyble, Warren H. King, 
Leander Wack, Solomon Trowbridge, Henry J. Webber, Andrew J. 
Kossell, Charles Wilson, Joel Clemens, George Hyden, Barwtck John- 
BOn, Chas. Herring, Franklin L. Snell, Theodore C. Barnes, N. P. Stock- 
well, Robert P. Means. Oliver Gould, John Martin, Audrew Amefl, 
Caleb H. Conklin, Oliver Dye, John Armstrong, 8. P. Robart, John 
Barlcer, George Herring, John Mix. Jnckson Tomliu, Aiha^sou Mix, 

rJofliab J, Reynolds, Darius Fitch, Emanuel Teach, Cheater Merpett, 
Tohn Eliret, William Brundige, Albert Ackley, Cyrus Slo«son, Frank 
Hartwell, John Dodgson, James Collins, Clark 8. Tarbell. 
eida Township. — Rufus Worden, Joseph Moss, Jacob Britton, Elijah 
Baldwin, Byron Cole, EUhu Sutherland, James E. Johnson, Hiram O. 
Chappell, Ralph Disbrow. George II. Brace, CharlcH B. Rleharditon, 
Frank Lnnore, Edwin Hatch, Wm. L. Hitchcock. Jauies M. Clark, Wil- 
liam L. Bailey, Tally Wilkinson, Enos Reynolds, George W, Bnyder, 
ThcMnaa Rogers, Chancy S. Maltby, John H. Althouse, (^eo. W. Gates, 
Henry K. Munn. Sanmel L. Parsons, (Ihiirles L. Preston, Edwin Nixon, 
John Lester. [Lewis Barton], 
Roxand Township. — Horatio A. Moody, Charles W. Strong. Edward 
D. Calkins, Jesse Ruff, Augustus W. I^iralx-e. .Munxo Alsbro, Ferd. 
Whelpley, Cyrus Bennett, H. H. C. Ewlng. David Lllchfleld, Jacob 
LoQCks, Johannas Boyer, Jesne J. Willcutl, Byron (ioodrich, William 
H. BoBworth. William Root. George Variorlhwk'k, Jemse C. fltall, 
Christopher Pickle. Henry J. Boyer, Ahniham Savage, Ezra Mead, 
Albert Hunt, Northrup Rtarki. Caleb WooliM-rt. Frederick Woolixfrt, 
John 8. Cole. Alexander Oviatt. John E. Sh.vts, John V. O'Neill. Wm. 
P. BHms. John Depew, Spencer (;. Moon. George W. Sullivan. Wallacf 
Eddy, Wm. Christ. Lafayette Mill<T. Wllli.-r J. Scliott, SlhiB II, Smith, 
r W. Thompson. David Stokew, Chauiicey R. Wellman, Lawrence 
i. Mttttice. Lewis B. Granger, EUfin'tA-r Williams. 0. Howell, 
B Crape. Henry C. 8[M?ncer. lU-u\. F. Sanborn, Philander Davtd, 
rAnflrew J. Morris. *Wm. P. SIvlea. .lolm K. Hovey I»erry Trimm, 
Frank M. Vlall, J. W. Triphagcn, I'oni.-roy <^:nnlteld, CbeHi^ M. Can- 
fii-ld, LuciiJB H. WiI<ox. LmiuK l>. I'IhIi-t. 
Snnfield Township.— Alonxo L. Dl-'kinson. Edward Mclulyre, Aaron 
"VtMKl. Wm. Rowley. ThomaH WnUh. Ji<bii W. Gllmore, Sfdomon C. 
pittb, Myron B. Fox. Daniel H. FfcrtB, Anson J. Dowtiin*, N.Uv^ Vax- 

^B Josi 




-Ob A. Fafl^V 


den, Wm. A. Lyons, Warren Gorham, Wesley C, Fay, Jacob 
Robert Barry, John H. Rogers, Wm. A. White, Solomon C. Dond, 
Francis Coy, John Washbuni, Henry S. Hunter, Spencer M. Leigh, 
John F. Hyde, Martin W. Westcott, Ueloe Bishop, D. W. Litchfield, 
John E. Day, Josiah Perliins, Nathan J, Smith, Wm. R. Eager, 
Thomas B. Vanburen, Wm. Roland, James T, Case, Wm. H. Bishop, 
Hairy Baughman, George W. Lusli. Joseph Fleethan, Clark Richard, 
John Boyington, Thomas B. Caener, Edward W. Taylor, Lyman M. 
Peck, Daniel Meyrs, Geo. Richard, John A. Eldred, John D. B'rman, 
John N. Town, James B. Peabody. Frank J. Linhart. Jerome B. 
Hi'nton, JameB H. Darrow, Albert W. Oqser, Wm. L. Reed, Alvin 
Williams, Ransler Peling, Jabez Liimbiirt. Charles W, Leigh, Anthony 
Kramer, David E. West, Daniel Beckhom, O. G, Bpragne, Joseph L. 
Shaver, Wm. Edwins. John W. Travers, Fred Miller, Wm. A. Cooley, 
George V. Hillinger, Henry Gross, Martin Meddaugh, Joseph P. Tnim- 
power, [Chas. Wells, Hiram Neff, R. J. York, Myram Stever]. 

Vertmontville Township. — Wm, C. Baker, Alonzo Qrensbeck, Nelson 
House, Charles F. Fuller, Oliver McConnell, Israel Dilly, Henry W. 
Dodge, Newt'll R. Barnes, Frazier Sprague, William Moore, Alfred Wil- 
liams, Elias D, Williams, lea T. Crapo,Wm. Thomas, Eugene Weaver, 
Eli Fashbangh, Joseph Parmeter, Wm. E. Surrine, Harrison Freemier, 
Amos Snyder, Israel Boyer, John Schroder. Henry H. Brown, Albert 
Haight, Calvin Marble, John Remalie, Ephriara L, Kidder, Orlando 
Gunn, Steven E. Bowen, George Dunbar, Jerry Diehl, Isaac Norton, 
Pandora Sprague, W, J, Parker, Mahlon J. Herrick, Duane Hawkins, 
Jesse Remalie, Edward Sibbrel, Wm, Zempke, C. A. Hallenbeck. 

Village of Vermontville.— John Brooks, N. C. Ohilson, S, Atwood Fuller, 
David Young, Jonathan V. Hawkins, A, J, Brown, Henry Irving, John 
A, Lackey, Michael Cunningham, George Patrick, Emery Beav- 
ard, Edwin Tyler, Asahel G. Hawkins, Nicholas Yates, Joseph Stone, 
Josiah Clough, David M. Purchis, George J, Lamb, G. B. Morey, Charles 
Bale, James Sackett, Eber Weed, Samuel Hall, Charles E. Hammond, 
John York, David N. Barnard, Lewis Andrews, Wm. G. Johnson, OUn 
P. Fay, [Chas. S. Snell]. 

Walton Township, — John Lecbler, George W. Sweet, Charles H. WUb) 
Willard Finch, E. W. Prosser, Sr., Franklin Donaldson, Seth O 
pentev, K. E. A\hitbeck, W. H. Smith, Daniel C. Roscoe, Freman V^ 
ham, Cliarles Woodbury, Thomas Gearity, Bayles K. May, Hiram Hes 
sions, P. O. Bryant, Geoi^e H. Church, Wm, Green, George H. Heddon. 
Edwin R. Movan, Charles Martin. Fred Myers, Caleb M. Bdson, John 
C, Decker, \\ m. Hattis, John Savory, Geoi^e Campbell, Isaiah Stump, 
Christian F. Krebes, [Lester B. Taggart, Archibald Campbell, Gideon 
Hichcock, Edw, Watterson, Merrit 8. Hoskin]. 

Village of Olivet. — Clark C. Keyes, Eben K, French, Jesse Edwards. S, 
A. Moses, Htiury McDonald, Garret 8. Tubbs, Milo H. Cone, Henry 
Remalie, Dudley M. Hart, Myram A. Hance, George Galuska, B. A. 
Qriswold, Henry Patterson, Henry E. Knox, C. A. Kenny, Randolph 
Davis, [Adelhert Sloan, Geo. Garfield, Wm. H. Walker. Elijah Epley. 
Jas, F. Htrrington, Prank A. Howe, Wm. H. Migrants, W, E, C. 
Wright. Byron Kelsey, Wm. Rogers. Wm. Locket]. 

Winsor Township.— Oscar H. Barber, John R. Sadler, Daniel Byron, Wm. 
O. liobei-ts. John M. F. Spitler, John Vanosdall, Gideon Garber, Frank 



Vv ■ 


f Kimball, HeniT ClafBin, N. P. Bateman, John D. Howard, 
Sogers, Ezra Itoot, Oacar Lereenrng, Andrew Pray, Brooklin Carlton, 
SamQf^l Martin, Jat^ob Reigles, Wm. H. Sythe, George Carniney, Mar- 
cus Sabin, Albert Sliotwell, H. Wilson, — — -Paggle, Abram Aibro, 
Tfaoraas McQuown, Sylveater Rumeey, Lyman H. Warren, Win. Ella, 
Allen Cook, Alex. Heacock, John French, Fernando Beers, A. D. 
Oarltoti. Isaac Smith, John W. Clark, Charles W. Fry, John P. Miller, 
Clark H. Tuttle, Rudolph Troxell, John A, Vanderbeck, John Hetrick, 
Henry Rinkle, Henry J. Smith, Lee Hillard, Beoj. H. Skinner, Loren 
Bement, Edward D. Butler, David Morrison, George McClintock, James 
Rami, Henry Bottsford, Charles Holeomb, Aaron Franklin, Lucas 
Schemerhom, Sr., Wm. H. Miller, Charles Ferris, J. B. Gr^oi^, James 
W. Hyde, Orlando J. Andrews, Sylvester F. R. Sage, John K. Holt, Ed- 
ward Creieher, Isaac C. Stanton, John Gandermann, Benj. Brigbam, 
Ghauncy Morrison, John Robbins, Isaac Hess, Aaron Franklin, Jr., 
Seneca Beebe, Darius Parsons, James A, Bell, Deforest Marvin, [J. B. 
Gregory, Jacob Rager, Jno. Rinkle, A. L. Stinard]. 
Charlotte City, First Ward. — Joseph Shaw, Edward Horn, A. J. Finery, 
Peter Elock, Cyrenus Warner, George W. Rowley, Alexander Parish, 
Jodiua Solomon, George A. Porter, Charles Barrett, Isaac P. Diek, 
Wm. Finch, Charles H. LigUtner, George W. Jessop, Wm. A. Power, 
James E. Jones, Samuel Pollock, Ezekiel Conley, Lafayette Rowley, 
P. D. Patterson, Wm. Rath, George Huggett, Samuel D. Morrill, Wm. 
Hock, Washington Faulkner, Cyrus Carpenter, J. U. Campbell, Charles 
Wilcox, Charles Hull, Wm. Beekman, Adelbert Baughman, Watson 
Seward, Theodore C. Pierce. 
Charlotte City, Second Ward. — Louis O. Smith, Peter Foumia, John 
Rauser, Alfred G. Frost, Daniel R. Davis, Ezra Whaley, Wm. Barhyte, 
Jacob L. Heller, Charles W. Pangler, Edson Bacon. George W. Hauser, 
Jeremiah Kilmeer, Joseph Granger, Nathan H. Buss, John H. Squier, 
Jobn D. Parkhurst, George Wooley, Wm. Resch, Robert Bishop, James 
H. Baker, Washington Rodle, Samuel Kopp, U. M. Rfunett, Christopher 
Barringer, Eugene D. Youngs, Joseph Richardson, Charles S. Johnson, 
Eli Wright, Andrew Cnlp. H. Mulholland. Luther Cleveland, Wm. De- 
land, Amos L. Bingham. Wm. Jipson, Christopher Kleinhamer. 
Charlotte City, Third Ward. — Freeman Parmeter, 8. C. Phares, John 
McCourt, Cornelius Barrett, Omn Markham, Harvey Cole, George 
Hubbard, Henry Alton, Phillip Bennett, Wm. Anderson, John Prank, 
Peter McNaughton,Charles Chappell, Daniel Richardson, Lyman Hoi- 
brook, James Gillingham, Leonard Allis, Charles Crosier, Samuel Gar- 
ber, Levi Loree, Nicholas S. Pairchilds, E. A. Preston, L. N. Lane, 
Francis M. Overmyer, John Kennedy, Charles Bennett, James T. Cur- 
tlB, George Gardner, Leonard C. Hall, Wm. Pierce, Charles Stocking, 
^ I^iel Huber, L. AM. Henry Elliott, John B. May. George FoiY-man, 
^B^. 8. Beardsley, Wm. McConanghy, James Mclutyre, John M. Collins, 
^BVFm. Storr, John Bigby, Orrin Miller, Almond C. Walters, Kathan Win- 
^B^iell, Charles Rowe. Henry R. Warren, Philip Polhomus, James W 
^H^lls, Bufus P. Merrick, George L. Dell, Abel Livermore, Judson P. Sny- 
^^Her, Oliver L. Van Tassell, Jonathan Knller. 

^^urlotte City, Fourth Ward. — Oeorco D. Bishop, Snmuel B. Caraon, 
^Hpeorge Woodbury, Oninr F. Campbell, Jonns Kiplinger, Wm. Miller. 
^^Benry Millard. Charles Johnson. Joseph WhUwve, C-jri?,'^, S'e^'AV, 

Jacob ^H 
irlton, ^^ 

9i CBN8US or MICHIOAN— JUNB 1, 1B94. ■ 

George Sattler, Peter Kaufman, Tbaddt'us C. Rulison, Thomas Conalfl 
Clement Bliss, Wm. Milbourn, John IJ. yraitli, A. B. Myers, SamtrtP 
Stall, Wm. Joi-dan, Frank Conaly, Fred G. Warren, John M. Hite, 
Giles B. Allen, Edward Pieree, Isaac Ames, Lewis Snc-ll, Wesley C. 
Ells, Aloazo C. Whitcomb, Levi Coniey, Isaac Bottomly, Joel My- 
graDts, Charles P. Fryer, Marcellus Lohr, Jason Bryan. Harvey Ben- 
nett, James Biyan, Peter R. Johnson, Curtis G. Lambert, Daniel Vick- 
erj, Enos F. Curtis, Frank Thomas, J. Hawkins, Frederick W. Herbst, 
Elisha P. Clark, Charles Butler, Davifi L. Tremaine, Bynm Hill. 

Eaton Rapids City, First Ward. — Charles M. Loree, Alfred Stone, 
Henry S. McNutt. Henry Perrine. Nathaniel Davis, John Y. Hatlield, 
George H. Lincoln, Oscar K. Rogers, Orrin J. Peterson, Stephen 
Decker. Henry Chapman, Anson Sabin, Samuel B. Spencer, Louis A. 
Russell. Hector E Bentley, Henry F. Miller, David H. Long, Samuel M. 
Wilkins, Wm. L. Hall, Albert E, Lackey, Charles T. Hartson, James 
Williams, James F. Harris, S, A. Whitehead, B. J. Rhead, Frederick 
B. Reynolds. 

Eaton Rapids City, Second Waiil. — Henry H. Widger. Moses W. Conk- 
lin, Thomas J. Burch, Samuel D. Webber, Samuel Willoughby, A. 
Champlain, Ebenezer D, Speer, Barringer Cooper, Oeorge V, Meser- 
oll, James W. Rich, Hiram M. Griffln, Amos Miller, Charles T. Hender- 
son, Qeoi^e C. Perrine, John Whittnm. Stephen R. Harrington, Oren 
P. Rose, L. B. Willis, Joseph C. Shaw, Henry B. Mattice, Ira Murdock, 
Wm. A. Smalley, Charles J, Smith, Henry Wells, Henry J. Milbourn, 
Daniel Walter, Roswell West, John Henderson, Richard H. Blodgett. 
Erwin Brewer, Birney E. Shaw, Wm, D. Brainerd, Frank M. Brainerd. 
James H. Stringham. Wm. Hawley, Hoyt O. Swift, Charles A. Bennett, 
Edward S. Hall, Charles N. Bacon, Frank Reynolds. Henry W. Ramsey, 
John Rank, Josiab H, Milbourn, Charles B. Fowler, Hjtnaii C. Know!- 
ton, Gorham B, Blair, Albert D. Goodridge, Samuel J. Williams. Geo. 
Siebenher, Hiram Shaver, Hiram Coe, Thomas Williams. 

Eaton Rapids City, Third Ward. — John 8. Jones, Wm. Anderson, Nelson 
Boody, Jefferson Sillick, Wm. H. Reeves, 0. H. P. Springer, Charles E. 
Gifford, Richard Talbot, M. Balkslee, Michael Cronan, Orlando Mar- 
kam, John M. Jarbo, Uriah Miller, Cornelius Seger, Seymour Porter, 
Arthur M. Neleon, Peter S, Mulerna, Henry L. Field, Liberiry B. Hicks, 
-fohn Sillick, Phineas L. Disbro, Lacey T. lIHsbro. Wm. Vivian, Charlea 
D. Claffiin, Spencer J. Welch, Wm. Lcggett, Clifford H, Montgomery, 
David S. Milbourn, Joseph W. Rolph, John P. Manning, Lafayette 
Dodd, George W, Hicks, Albert G. Dorrance, Edwin G. Wellman, War- 
ren W. Pickett, Cornelius M. Letts, Marcus Crannell. Amos. Koig] 
Alex. Montgomery, Wm. Smith, Denois M. Beman, Joseph S. Prei 
Henry Hawkins. 

Grand I^dge City, First Ward.— Edwin O. Russell. S. W. Kimmel, 
met M. Cole. Charles P. Wing, Jacob C. Rosenberger. George H, Bi 
Peter Vandervolgen, James B, Chamberlain, George A. Mascho, 
raim Wallace. George W. Shane, DeWitt C. Foreman, Ambrose Bro' 
Thomas Bobier. Milford Johnston. Charles B. Xewsom, Martin H, 
liains, Samuel S. White. Benj. Hulse. Edw. E. Hemngton, Ambrose 8. 
Ford, Luther S. Holmes, Hugh RoBsman. Joseph Brunger. Wolcott 
Rowlee. Andrew S. Reid, P. A. King. Seba D. Murphy. J. Carligle 
Bolmes. James H. Spring, W. R. Billings. Simon Spears. William |l 


[ayes, Sainutl Cliadwick, Jonathan S. Holmes, Joseph Maraball. Jos- 
1>h D. SiimiiHT6, Oiscar Heynolda, Andrew J. Taber, John Nostrant, 
James Long, Chrisiopher Glenn, Merwin Blancbard. Henr7 ^vregles, 
Robert Newton, Uirani K. Ooodal , Orlando 8. Pearw'. Andrt-w Bar- 
num. D. Guernsey Kennedy, Henry C. Porter, Simon D. McLaaghlln, 
Wni. T. Wythe, Willard Wickizer, James Chilson, James W. >'oBl«mt, 
Girorpe Fricliert 
Grand Ledge City, Second Ward. — Stewart L. Morley, Charles W. Flem- 
ing, Lewie WiilkiT, John M. Goodnle. Seth P. Campbell, Xntban W. 
Traty, Emri J. Wells, John James Pike, Fred W, Meyer, Cyrus Dean, 
Edwin R. Whitney, George W. Yoiin);, G. Henry Mattoou, Henry L. 
Bigelow, Richard E. Dillingham, Jason A. Kimball, Orlando Wheelock, 
Henry S, CUapmaii. Frank Swift, Oliver Wright, George A. Yoong, 
Loren D. Chapman, .\lonzo H. Walfrum. Abram Van Wie, John H. 

IKflly, Everett M. Quale, Benj. Wallace. Wm, A. Whitnoy, Peter Vau 
Houten. Wm. Rossmau, James Anstin, Edmnnd D. Bement, Wm. H. 
feield, JameB Wionie, Russell W. Keeney, Jeremiah J. Brown, Leonard 
p. Gates, Whitman D. Southworth, John Bissell, John Boroughf, 
Bamt'S DeMuss. John Largess, Washburn D. Blrickland, Isaac Bower-f. 


r Creek Township. — Amos W. Abbey, John W. Howard, August Hen- 
dricb, George Payne. Orrin Babcock, Richard I>eraond. John Engle, 
Wm. 8. Batt, Eber A. Stanley, Donat Fettig, Elijah Angus, John Mc-. 
Lean. Samuel Burbank, John H. Thompson, Jacob Konle, George S. 

IBichmond, Jacob Leveck, Thomas B. Hamilton, Daniel A. Upson, Silaa 
Bones, Wm, Drumm. J. W. Crydeniian, Eugene R, RIy, Axnos W, Deitz, 
Eindrew Homes, Frank X. SchlottenhoEfer, Robert Anton. Wm. E. 
Cochran, Elijah Tuttle, Michael Hannen, Elmer Gage, Wm. J. Chase, 
[A. C. Barnard, Angns Krau8e,Robt. P. Reed, Christopher Pennington, 
Christopher Stowe, Darius R, Shearer, Albert Pasharba], 
Village of Petoakey. — Samuel Knecht, Lewis 8. Daris, John W. Cook, 
Adin R. Easton, John Devemey, David I. Webb, Iiemnel S. Beman, 
Alson Beaman, George Van Dusen, Timothy W. McDowell, John M. 
Martin, James Taylor, Enoch P. Teachout, Milo Crawford, Samuel J. 
Davis, MeMn Burch, J. Seeley, Robert P. Reed, Philip D. Banghart, 
— forge S. ^N'illiams, Cass Van Lueven, Frank H. Hull, James Rocb, 
ialvUi Washburn, James A. Washburn, Albert F. Ruch, Doogall 
IKcCeDxie, Eli Grimes, Geo. E. Gridley, Emery R. Struble, Andrew 
Prenner, Lewis A. Labadif, Wm. M. Lockwood. L. L. L, Rockey, Nathan 
mall, John E. Rankin, Flavel J. Smith, Royal Cole, Joseph A. C. 
towan, James Buckley. Davis R. Shearer, Charles N. Shaw, Charles 
,. NefT. Robert T. Plilllips. Henry T, Calkins. Levi B. Rogers. David 
Cushman, John H. Gillman, John Keep, Allen C. Litchfield, Peter 
Blow, James H. Wells. Mutliow M. Hughes, Henry Hallocb, 
mes M.Bradley, Ora E. Clark, Edwin Annable. Lyman Townsend, 
^ohn Fell, George H. Smith, George W. Covell, D. R. Tripp, Horace 
Pardee. Wm. J. Orser, (ieorge U. CuHhrnao. Edward J. 
Crandall, Judson R. Smith, Jerome J. Robbies, Edwin A. 
Dnnton, Alex. Worden. Austin F. Collins, Christian P. Myers, 
Icbard Jones. Martin KIrwin, George Markle, Qpot^ft QVai., 



Eenj. W. PoBOick, George 8. Bames, Wm, H. 8tone, Theodore Prirat 

Henry A. Ratbborn, Frank D. Wilmarth, Amara J. Bachelder, Peter' 
Jackson, George W. Hancock, Horace M. Wilcox, Joseph C. Bontecon, 
Charles P. Wilson, Alvin Wilcox, James Wright, Richard H. Uussell, 
John R. Davis, Philip E. Peisch, Jacob Van Zollenberg, Henry C. Plum, 
Charlee B. Herseka, Allen J. Bamsby, George W. Baniea, Warren Finn, 
Ezra A. Fauoce, Tiiomas Keyes, Wilbur F. Lawton, Melvin Houghtalin, 
Wm. H. Ohle, Lewis B. Perrine, Albert B. Richmond, Christopher P. 
Hankey, David Smith, [Wm. Converse, Jos. Cook. Sylvester A. Fell, 
George W. Bump, Henry Gates. David T. Webb, John W, Cook, 
Lavant Van Alstine, Isaac M. Lusk,John R. Pieree, J, W. Hunt, Ma]- 
com Rice, Thomas Lundridge, Jno. Pleiphart, F, E. Herrymun, Geoi^ 
W. Segar, Jerry Wertz, Jno. Atkins, Orleans H. Smith, Joseph Jordan, 
W. E. Cochran, Michael Hannah, Samuel E. Woodwurth, Frank Gar- 
senhski, Ori-iu Babcock]. 

Bliss Township. — James Kilpatrick, Jerome Keiser, Franklin Keiser, 
Martin Overholt, Jacob Goble, Charles P. Carpenter, Frederick Bayha. 
Edwin D. Mathews. 

Carp Lake Township. — Ernest Walther, Charles Harvey, Frederick C. 
Roth, William O'Niel, Samuel E. Grant, Hugh Kilpatrick, Thomas M. 
Joslin. Amandia Derhamer, [Oliver Cleope] . 

Center Township.^ — ^Herman E. Wood, Frederick Cook, Robert B. 
Garner, John Canam, Hiram Buck, Euos M. Warble, Charles Cook, 
Daniel Marcej. 8r., William H, Turner, Alfronso Brooks, Nelson Ben- 

Cross Village Township. — Joseph Ashkonac, Francis Tabash, FaBSOD 
Wolfe, William Kimball, Daniel W. Root, Edwin B, Brown, Zina D. 

Egleston Township. — Allen C. Wright Benj. Hankins, Isaac Palmer, 
Geoi^e H, Earl. 

Friendship Township. — John O. Shomin, John Bachee, Alden J. Wheeler, 
Isaiah Smith. Romanus Kaylor, Samuel Shaw, Francis M. Goltry. 
Michael E. Mcintosh, ElburtuB Campfleld, Horace Eastman, Samnel 
E. Scalf, Jesse F, Carmine, Henry Radle, Peter Pace, [Francis Shaw]. 

Littlefield Township. — Foster B. Crossman, George W. Dart, Gilbert 
L. Hicks, Sr., Daniel Crump, Orson K. Kingman, Frederick W. Worden, 
Oliver C, Cope, Norman Ruggles, James Hoats, William H. Pope, 
Melvin P. Sahins, Lemuel H. Williams, Philip Patterson, Isaac H. 
Banghart, August G. Bonz, Frank M. Joslin, Eliphalet Pemberton, 
Lawrence Cornell, Nelson Cook. William C. Edgar, Mitchell M. San- 
ford. Charles K. Mitchell, Abel S. Ingraham, Joel E. Gray. Fred A. 
Sheldon, John S. Wormell, James E. Hyatt, David B. Williams, 
Joseph M. Cramer, Hiram Elsworth, Orlando Cnrtis, Hortou Elsworth. 
William Blanchard, Chauncey A. Haeset, Jeremiah J. Shatto, Ezra 
Schlappi, [Thos. M. McCabe. Charles W. Shaw], 

Little Traverse Township. — Joseph Noginoshe, C. Alphonzo Ingalts, 
Orrin A. Blackman, Isaac Colburn, Edward 8. Hall, Daniel G. Smith. 
John M. Quick, Nathan Lamson, William W. Munn, Charles Cook, 
Hiram Wood, Adam Innis, .\lbert L. Hathaway, Alonzo Lawrason, 
Jacob Jacobs, Benj. F. Cooper. James Rose, Levi Wiser, Jonas Cl'clt- 
ner, Richard F. Austin, Henry C. Hitehings, John D. Clickner, John J. 
Cook, M. H, Blackmer, E. D. Babcock, Edmund W. Gleason, [Reuben 



. Gleasou, Horace Eastman, Horace Hulison, Harmon E. RuUsoo, 

'Uartin E. Semour]. 

Village of Harbor Springe. — Charles A. Tanner, Stephen Manchester, 
Frank A. Judd, Irving H, Lane, Gideon A. Moss, John H. Coleman, 
Fred F. Main, Augustus Courtrigbt, Comodore P. Clark, Martin V. 
Barnes, Sjlvester Losinger, Wm. Thurston, James M. Bouse, Charles 
Ball, Joseph L, Plaack, Asbury T. Long, John F. Simson, Charles H. 
Eaton, Stephen M, Rogers, Charles H. Soper, Nicholas Thery. Wm. H, 
Lee, Ephraim Shay, Moses Bennett, Brazali B. Bradley, Israel Canby, 
George W. Dickinson, Daniel G. Harrison, C<inrad Zoll, Daniel Fore- 
man, James M. Davis, George A. IngallB, Charles C. Newkirk, George 
O. RicbardsoD, Abram R. Stutsman, Wm. Eansom, Heni-y Dulver, 
Samuel L. Barber, Charles E. Judd, Lorenzo A, Clark, John S. Brub- 
ecker, Charles S. Barton, [Joseph Juillert, Elburtus Campfleld, Horace 
Eastman, Joseph N. Bradley], 

Maple River Township. — John Nicholas, Cyrus Hurd, John S. Case, John 
C, Mummert, Isaac M. Lusk, Heman W. Morford, John P. Dimling, 
Geot^e Duncan, Benj. Patterson, Jesse Sanford, Samuel Cupp, Henry 
Pier, Henry C. Goodrich, Leonard L. Stanton, Geoi^e S. Main, Jacob 
Lelimer, [George Chambers]. 

Pleasant View Township. — George Congdon, George W, Lucas, Br,, 
Renben A. Gleason, D. S. Kuiesley, Joahua Winney, John Warren, 
Robert White, George Barter. James M. Hunt, 
^ idmond Township. — H. A. Brown, Lyman Miller. John P. Sigsby, 
^ames B. Ellsworth, Thales Chapin, [Ward J. DuBois]. 


Sgentine . Township. — John Wvkes, Egbert B. Nolton, Lyman UcDon- 
bell, 8. e. Hill, PhiletuB Henry, Griffin Ladne, Henry Coykendall, Ira 
niDunings, Amos Graves, Henry Bishop, Henry Croft, Alex. Gillespie, 
' forge Chase, John King, Sr., Wm. Jewell. Lewis Case, S, Montgomery, 
IParren Luce, Larius Cronan, Wm. Brooks, Isaac Healey, George W, 
Kelly, Alfred Jones. Levi W'ashburn, David Galloway, James Page, 
Boson Carmer, [Albert Ervy, John Wriggles worth, A. Pollock]. 
Bas Town Hhip.— Thomas Nicholson. Wm, W- Carmer. Alvin T. CrMby, 
3'm. Hobart, Charles E. Lason, Wm. H. Mackny, Joseph Hobart, 
ParovB R. Kipp, Samuel Scrace, Samuel Spicer, Edward Cummings, 
»rge Wilson, Moses Walker, Andrew Hegel, Harry H, Enders, 
irles Hull, Robert Trollope, Henry Haskell. George A. Nye, David 
. Bcriver, John Oakley, Ixirenzo Johnson, Augustus Allen, John 
^rnot, George Campbell, Peter Lash, Jacob D. Cramer, Wm, Hard, 
mniel Sayre, James Campbell, Howard McCIellan, [Eli J. Jennings, 
'err^' Ries, Frank Langdon]. 
Burlon Township. — Milo Sweers, Elias B. Johnson, William S. Hfrrick, 
Cainii Scott, John Murray, Nathaniel Rex, Otto Webber, Henry Tricky, 
Thomas B. Fouch, Hiram O. Wood, Adelbert Johnson, Charles E, Huff, 
Charles Horton, Neliemiah Dennis, Thomas Handy, James Sickles, La- 
rue Schram. Emery J. How, Barret Pierson, Jas. W. Bradley. Jacob D. 
Carpenter, Calvin Wakefield, Orange Thomas, George Bentley, George 
HndBon, William R, Pratt, Thomas Cox, Frank Martin, Frank Chaffee. 




Clayton Township. — George E. Hougbtoo, Louia Payne, 
Mitchell, B. G. Wright, Wallace Caldwell, Edmund Calkins, 
Crapser, Abraham Harrison, Samuel Bentley. John Burleson, Wm.H. 
Wilbur. Luke Boyce, Charles H. Penoyer, George W, Darling, A. B. 
Snell, William H, Stranahan, Ezra Johnson, Paul Traynor, Thomas 
Barnett, William S. Brown, Abraham Youells, Charles Freeman, 
Henry D. Howes. Alex. McMillan, John Parker, Charles Millhisler. 
George Burleson, George D. Carrier, Josiab Rock. 

Davison Township. — Henj. F. Sauford, Lewis M. Henry, Ooui-ad Got 
termier, Christopher Waggoner, Edward Dickey, Nicholas Feniiei 
Cornelias C. Fenner, Franli Hill, Israel Hill, Ambrose M. Thoma- 
John H. Jacobs, Michael A. Noblet, Aloazo H, Williams, Lester 8, M. 
AUiater, 8, G. Chamberlain, Alexander Campbell, John K. Gati'> 
Hiram Clapsaddle, James L. Perkins, Isaac Hanson, D.avid Relgle, Hor 
atio M. Flint, George W. Tharrett, Robert Ashfon. 

Village of Davison.— .\ndrew J. Seelye, Asa M. Davis, Milo H. Hewili, 
Charles S. White, William N. Monroe, Adniram Conger, Leonard G. 
Adams, Daniel D. Parkhurst, William M. Knapp, Aaron J. Grossman, 
John F, Cartwright, Mortimer M. Olds, Sylvester Haynes, Joseph E. 
Bearight, William H. Clark, Albert A. Elmore, E. B. Harvey, William 
M. Bagley, William H. Smith, Lewis C. Raison. {Eugene A. Wallin]. 

Penton Township. — Henry Meaker, Benj. Tuttle, Wm. Stuart, Nelson 
Stone. Daniel Emery, Noel Harris, Henry Pollock, James Pinckney, 
Douglass Eddy, John Sluyter, Franklin Potter. James McGunigal, Har- 
rison Williams, Merrill D. Herrington, George White. Warren Ripley. 
Joseph Groom. Horace Husted. 

Village of Fentoa.— Joseph W. Moore, Joel Dibble, Jonathan Terry, Wm. 
Meginnes, Thomas Holland, Joseph W, Cole, Palmer Eldridge, Geot^e 
Hopkins, Cash M. Jones, George Ludlow. Charles S, Johnson, Ernest T. 
Winters, Jeremiah S. Knapp, F. Warren McComber, Clarlc T. Dibble, 
Charles Totten, Amsey Rogers. Daniel Varnum, Henry Osgood, Ed- 
ward A. Morey, Edgar Durfee, John C. Thorpe, Charles T. Conrad, Ed- 
win J. Hewitt, Henry C, Van Attn, John Owen, David 8. Rich, Chaun- 
cey P. Ryno, Calvin L. Mann, Benj. i\ Marsh, Theodore Grimson. Henrv 
O. Clark, Wm. H. Giles, Clayton Taylor, James W. Perry, Wm. E. 
Aldricb, Abner D. Swett, Isaac H. Lawrence, Ebin Remington, Alberr 
E. Herrington, Ezra Rt. John. Marcello Barnum, George W, Case, 
Eliafl B. Wightman, Elbert A. Young, Andrew W. Holliday, Edw. H. 
Dickerman, Moses Carr, Philander Linley, Newton B. Morris, Lemon B, 
Chappell, Charles F, Barber, George W. Barbour, George Adams, 
Benj. Botsford, Asher E. Mather, John M. Wright, James Giles, Thos. 
G. Skelton, Charles F. Wortman, John Ganson, Enos Golden, Allreii 
Ganson, Amos K. Clark, Alvah H. Marsh, Lewis C. Ackerman, Joseph 
Cathcart, John W. Banks, Daniel C, Parker, Carpenter Kimball. Bj'roii 
Vosburg, Frank Hanmer, Asa H. Fields. Laban Conuur, Wilson P. Don 
nldson, James S. Robinson, Andrew Bly, Milo Crawford. Marion Muc- 
son, James W, Ripley. Charles Feekenscher. Edwin M. Hovey. Edward 
S. Hirst, Edward N, Bennett, Anson Morehouse. Lewis V. Curry, Thos. 
Clark, Wm. Butcher, Edward F. Fanuim, Seymour Thompson, Lake .1. 
Tryon, Edwin Rogers. James A. Dunlap, [Dexter Horton], 

Village of Linden. — Franklin McCollum. Franklin Winslow, AngBstns 
Chandler, Russell Bradley, Alonzo Hyatt, Wm. B, Pratt, Burton Perrj, 
OaJeb Powell. 



Int Township. — Elins Banks, Edward P. Oliver, Jaines Rose, Chester 
V&Bb, David Osborne, Channcej Eggleston. Leonard Dye, Charles Dye, 
Salter Maxwrli, Melvin Van Burea, Benj. Bradshuw. Ira Fales, Ed- 
irard Slocnm, WaUtin Burdick, Loomis Remington. David 8. Staoard, 
7. B. Stwuard, .John McGlincby, Samuel Kimmerer, John H. Carey, 
ICharles Cndney, Edward Leavitt. S. S. Miles, George Havers, John Hoi- 
"IngawoPth, Mortimer Carter. J. G. Majhaver, Wm, Johnstone, 
ishing Township, — Atwell Cooper, Horace Torrence, Andrew Lamb, 
^ Charles Lake, Jesse Vansickles, Spencer Torrence, Henry H. Kahl. Ed- 
win D, Baylie, Daniel W. Turner, Edward Roberts, Ralph Salvage, 
Alonzo Packard. David Hnbbard, Enoch ^'emon, Theodore Tottle, 
Anthony Caffee. William E. Hicks, Speliman Loop, George F. Leland, 
Wncer C. Stout, James Kane, George W. LadsoD, Isaac Wheeler, 
0bhn M. Caldwell, Phineas O. Hodgkins, George W, Button, James E. 
P&smes, EnoB Delong, Jacob IluBseU. 

Tlllnge of Flushing.— Arza M. Xiles. Levi Allen. Alfred Call, Cyrus 
Lewis, George Munn, Edgar J. Waite, JuBtis Stephens, Isaac T. Shalts, 
John F. Gilman, Lyman E. Davie, Oscar W. Locke, Isaac E. Riggs, Wil- 
liam H. Loorais. James M. Greenfield. William Pryor. Homer D. Pen- 
noyer, Erastus R. Stevens, Morris M. Bliss. John W, Heath, Edwin 
Wing, George Jeffers, James B. Gallup, Ranslaer Ransom, Mortimer N. 
Parke, Thomas B. Howard, Gayne H. Taylor. Stewart Curb, Ahner F. 
■■Bennett. Jeremiah McLain, Simeon L. Moou. Francis L. Babcock, Henry 
"lasady. James Armstrong, Cyrus Phelps, James H. Crane, William H. 
9- Martin, Albert A. Ingham, John Wheeler, William Stone, John H. 
"~ te, Walter V, Ranning, Alonsso H. Lacy, Oliver H. Perry. Albert Cros- 
^fj. Sidney Stoot. 

rest Township. — Abram Frick, William E. Sherwood, Horace S. War- 
l,Willard Ridley, Charles M. Brown, Abel C. Smith. Daniel Porter, 
a D. Felton. John Cogger, George Cotrell, Lansing Serius, James 
I. Petitt. Myron Petitt. William Wright, Albert H. Leonard, Levi Metz, 
nnel J. Denning. Joseph Doliver, Henry Benton, Wiltard Ranney, 
iries Moon, William Ranney, Wewtei Mudgc. Joseph Everts, Jamea 
E. Price. Christopher F. Nash, Richard Herrington, Joel Herrington, 
Walter Jones, .Tos. Hamill, Daniel E. Adams, Peter Hughs. Orrin Mc- 
Comb. James W. Averill. Benj. F. Taylor. I'liiiT-les Bc-bt-. I'lVKtoo O. 
Miles. Robert HamilJ. [Wm. A. Taylor. Wm. H. Robinson. tJeo. Schie- 
bel.Jfis. H. Vanlue, James Keel ey. Timothy Fuller, R. D. Bell, Thos. 
Kagan, Andrew Ferris, Dexter Adams]. 
Village of Otisville, — Amherst W. Mathews. John S. Decker. Rafus Ran- 
ney. Milon J, Gillett. Lorenzo Fromweller. Augustus Herrick, Freder- 
ick Harris, Wm. Alexander. Homer B, Lanios. Erastns E. R. Barrett, 
Wm. Milehani, Lyman Thresher, Wm. Taylor. Wm. Teachont, Wm, 
^0ill, Denman Moody. 

^■tfnes Township. — George W. Gilbert, Norman Herrick. Elnm P. Bailey, 
^^uaac Morse, Merrit N. Cole, Wm. E. Short, Job B. Case, Edward 8, 
^■bart. Madison Fisher, Henry C. Parks. George Stonim, Chester Court, 
^^^ooard Shaw, Alfred J. Skinner, ,Tohn H, Covert, Albert B. Van Vleet, 
^^Vrancie M'hitmore. Anthony Marshall. .Itrome f'lark, Francis Kenyon, 
^■pharles Derby, Jotham S, Stevens, .\lbert L. Smedley. James Burton, 
^Eevls B. Hopkins. Charles A. Baxter. Wm. H. Borst. Frederick Wolfe, 


^beck, Ji^^l 

Jesse B. Jewell, [Jno. Gilbert, Milton Wliitmore, Wni. Groesbeck, ■ 
Kelch, Robt. Montonye] . 

Village of Gaines. — Lymau Bristol, Henry Allen, Henry Slmonson, OjrriW 
C, Atherton, Barker W. Hibbard, Lambert 8. Foster, Geo. W. Brown, 
Peter Stetzler, John Wrigglesworth, James A. Moore, Rufus Atbertmi, 
Asa Shepard. 

Genesee Townsbip. — George W. Cooley, Pbilo D. PblllipB, Leonard Wood, 
John C, C. Stephens. John Emery. Mynm C. Collins, Harvey C. Cline, 
John H Kelch, Ira L. Falrbank, Joseph Depoire, Homer J. Andrews, 
John N. Welch, John Sevener, John Murphy, Philip S, Marshall, Darid 
Rimes, Lorenzo Colby, Harvey Stevens, Joseph Barber, David O, Seott, 
Jacob Leopard. John N. Chapman, George G. Marshall, Taimon C. 
Owens. Merton W. Fairbank, Keozie H. Grandy, Gabriel Demoreet, Gil- 
lK?rt Townsend, Perry Oaks, Henry Nichols, John A. Edwards, Jeffer- 
son H. Lewis, James H. Bement, Ephraitn Back, Wni. Ellis, John Balch, 
Wm. Barber, Henry A. Wisner, Lewis Burch, [Nathan Taylor]. 

Grand Blanc Township. — Samuel C. Jerome. Charles Baker, Jr., Silas 
Collins, John D. Russell, Henry Mortimore, Hiram A. Hodges, Philip 
Pickett, Charles W, Sadden. Moses Frazier, Ralph Vosburg, Wm. S. 
MeCracken, Wm. H. Reed, Wesley B. Coon, Levi Collins, Collins M. 
Topper, Emory Denton, Edgar Randall, George W. Hood, Almon B, 
Wood, Joseph Tanner, Henry Buchanan, Geoi^e F. Phelps, Wm. H. 
Wood, Henry M. Graff, John Q. Adams, James B. Seymour. James 

Montrose Township. — Joseph Pine, LeRoy Bronson, Salmon Powell, 
Nathan Richardson, David Skinner. Lawsoo Hicky, James B. 
BrewiT, Albert Moshier, Elijah Eldred, Henry Banks, Charles Miller, 
F, L, Sraedley, Samuel Lake. Wm. J. Spear, Samuel Nelson, Stephen 
Wiles, Wm. K. Hisecock, Wallace Guild, Augustus Mahiie, Geoi^e 
Brownell, P. LeRoy Smedley, Frederick Danker, David Kinyon, Barlow 
Smith. E. J. Short, Joseph Cole, Harvey Davis. Joseph Bai^a, Arthur 
Kilpatrick, E, Haskins, Erwin Stafford, Patrick O'Donold, Wm. Jen- 
kins, T^ewis Mallett, Walter Wilcox, James McKay. Thomas Ramsey, 
Frank Mosey, Jacob Russell, Benj. Smith, John W, Barber, Wm. Par- 
ker. Charles Moeman, Eugene E. Burton, Francis Brown, Nathaniel 
Bailey. David' Cross, James Pollock, Lewis P. Compton, Seymour En 
sign, Calvin Stafford, Augustus Fent, Wm. F. Richards. Benj. Fisher, 
James Marion. 

Mt, Morris Township. — John W. Hickey. Shubal H. Thomas, Walter John 
son, Patrick Flanagan, George Dibble, Jay Stadler, Warren Gustin. 
Amos r>. Olmstead. I>orson Beckwith. Wm. Cooper, J.irvis E. Albro, 
Charles Gnflith. Samuel Troop. Charles E. Quick, [Sidney Stout. Chaw 
Morris, William EHisl. 

Village of Mt. Morris. — Joseph Chapman. John R. Benson. Henry Rey 
nolds, Wm. Hamner, Austin Herrick, Lester C. Eaton, Dexter Doug 
las, Frederick S, Taylor, [Eugene E. Burton. Henry Nichols, Jeffersou 
H. Lewis, James H. Bement, Jno. Balch, Ephraim Buck] . 

Mundy Township. — J. H. Sheldon, Dudley Reid, .'Vugustus Derby, .4nB0D 
Bigelow. Grill Mathewsou. Marion Wittnni, Martin Cooper, John M 
Reed, Stephen Wanier, Charles Raubenger, Wro. Coy, Lewis Close, 
Barnabus Greenfield. John Hill. George Post, Frank Taylor, Henry 
Lighthall. Wm. Hubbell. Thomas Shaw. Ira Remington, George A. 


^^^entt^yi Frank Storms, Simeon Simou. Eugene Ostrantler. Reitben 

^^Bage, Channcj Badglej, Jacob Switz, Isaac Kimball, Chas. H. Knight. 

Richfield Township. — W. demons, Kathan Root, S. D. Newcomb. O. W. 

Warrvn, John W. Hale, John Reigle. Elliott Miller, Charles Cobb, Milo 

A. Loraa, Munroe Wooley, Austin Blai-kmor<?, Leonard Sjtragne. 

Rrank Stimetz, Riley Vantine, David Center, George O. Lozee, George 
^elch. Spencer Fisher, John Reeser, James Roberts. David Hinkle, 
hum^H Derwin, Clark Chapman, Wm. Hawley, Asa Crossman, Tbos. 
lark, Abram Van Bnskirk, George Wertman, John Cotrell, James 
Coolpr, Chester B. Smith, John O'Harrow, Jehial Moore. 
Thotfortl Township. — Jacob Kurtz. Thomas C. Kiddle, Jonathan Lods- 
be rrj. John Anthony, Wm. C. Weatherwai, Chester H. Bettg, George 
^^1^. Clute, Clarence L, Case, George Buell, Jno. H. Henderahott. John 
^■eiter, Ezra S. Cleveland. Joseph Camminge. Henry H. Lowell, Beoj. 
^V. Long, R. Mitchel, P. H. Flint, Washington W. Davis. Joseph H. Wor- 
^^en, Lewis Spickler, Parker L. Scott. Jacob W. White. Martin L. Hoof- 
' man, Jonas Bellinger. Abram Miller. Thomas McCumsey, Hosea B. Our- 
tiB, Anstin Boyer. Wm. O. Boughton, Brooks Servan, [Wm. Barber, 
Jerome Whaley], 
Vienna Township. — Albert Owen, .\^lbert M. Blaekmar. I'ortt-r Gi-een- 
lield, Wm, Bone, Bradford M. Beeman, Tabor Davis, Charles W, Don- 
ham, Henry Montney, Edwin C. Bingham, G. G, Gray. Thomas Ben- 
Iiell, Joseph W. Sedlow, Cable Knight, James Buell, Frederick Bel- 
lB|{er, George Pailthorp. Wm, S. Pailthorp, Hiram W. Harris, Philip 
|o«hier, Lucian L. Daris, Wm. Donaldson, .\lexander W. Dees, Eras- 
US M. Fuller, David S, Anderson, Henry J. Darling, Orville Reed, 
Jnsiah Conquest, Thomas Thursby, Charles W. Wier, Robert H. Cronk, 
Hiram Chase. James Anstin, Rnfus Hathley, John Sloan, Andrew Shel- 
ly. Chester Farrer, Charles P. Day, Wm. Sargent, George W. Smith, 
^igiehard W. Lanser, Peter McNally, Rily Covell, J. A. Peck. Charles 
^^Hoolson, Thurston Hickey, Henry Van Buren, Edward Eckles, Wm, 
^Barson. Wm. H, Parker, Horace A. Miller, HartDon Van Buskirk, Wm, 
^Bftlmer. Andrew J, Stevens, David Case, Rufus R. Wait, .\lexander E. 
^^ox. Samuel D. Stevens, Edwin Ormsby. Henry C. Helms. 
Village of Clio. — Henry Jont'^. C. C. Harvey. George H. Dexter. L. W. WU- 
le«, Henry Baker. Stephen W. Mauk. Joahua Wetherald. Ira H. Phil- 
ips, Christopher Shaw. J. M. Crandall, Sliannon W, Scott, Jesse W. 
Bell, J. M. Gorham, Slocom P. Bean. Joseph W, Buffiim. L. R. Willard, 
Robert R, Warn, Alfred D. Rnndlet, L. L. Fuller, Wni. H. Russell. Ja». 
L. Carry, Seth N. Beden. 
Flint City, First Ward.— Hanford Todd. James Failing, Wm. Tibbits, 
James Hempstead, Frank W. Deunisoo, Oscar Johnson, George W. 
Sweet. Andrew B. Chapin, Andrew H. Oillies, Richard Morrish, Lester 
^^, Barton, Charles Pomeroy, Wm. EI. Miller, Damon Stewart, Hiram 
^B. Derrick, Mathew Small, Ira Ormsby. Henry Brownell. Edward Call, 
^Htorge Tyler. Samnel Randall. David McConnell. Allen B. Clark, Cbas. 
^^■Btra, Charles Conover, Abram Cook, Calvin L. Green, Julius S. Allen, 
^H^ McOrudt_T, .\lei;ander O'llourke. Unvin*' Flemings, Xeldon Ripley, 
^Benry Hellener. Thoinfi» Jfities. Fn-eling Rich, I/'wJh DnHnmel, Geo. 
^K^mer. Warren Irvin. Hiram Rice, .Foseph Ruah. .^ITred Martin. Ira C. 
^Hftrd. Wm. Blanchnrd, Abram Rickey. Charles Hall, .\lonzo Lace, 
^^nij. Bralnard. Myron Horton. HnrrUon Brownell, Edward (lctX!X&^ 


Wm. Eobfoson, Meniso Swart, JoLn Parka, Samuel Allen, Jamea Bl 
ers, Abram Van Aerman, George Rhinevault, Jolia W, Begg, NeWi 
Gay, Wm, Hilton, Wm, WlieeJer, Robert Norget, John Gay, David 
busli. JameB Dancer, George W. Waite, David Brooke, Andrew B( 
witli, Charles Miller, Carlton Whitney. Wm. Burleeon, George BT 
Flint <."ity, Second Wai-d.— Leroy Is. Ellis, C. T. Daly, Joliu H. Hartford, 
Charles A. Ward, Charles W. Austin. Andrew D. Hofford, John Tal- 
bert, Wilbur A, Wilcox, Mart. Bobinson. Nicholas Ruasell, Asa Wat- 
kins. H. K. VauKleek, Josiah Vick, Albert Palmer, Andrew R. Marion, 
Jami^s M. Williams, George W. Buckingham, Thomas Clayton, John D. 
Proctor, George Passmore, Harlow Clother, David DickiuBon, Edw. E. 
Hedglen, Joseph Bush, Luther H. Alexander, Thomas Donoher, Wm. E, 
Decker, George W. Washburn, Theodore M. Tupper, Samuel Howard, 
Charles Cartright, Thomas W. Gilbey, Willard B. Allen. Wm. D. Bai- 
ley, D. A. Adams. Oecar F. Miller. Joseph Remington, Nehemiah 
Mowers. Jacob Waggner, Charles Bentley. Robert Monlonge, Andrew 
McCorkell, Walter Debar, Thomas Pangborn. Benj. B. Sprawl. Henry 
0. Hardy. Wm. H- France. Charles Curie. Henry W. Linderbeek. Isaau 
Hynex, John F. Wright, George W. Foote, Robert F. Alexander, Henry 
Barter, Merton S. Stewart, Ira H. Wilder, George H. Turner, James H. 
Whiting, Frank C. Bumham, C, E. Foote, James K. Bidleman, Wm. 
O'Dell, H. J. Soop, Adam Griffith, Wm. Morris, Welcome L. Farnum, 
Edward W. Kelley. Mortimore W. Cole, George C. Palmer, Hiram H. 
Bardwell, Edwin Hudson, Amos N. Webster, Amander Rugby. Frank 
E. Willitt. Wm. .\. Miller. Amos N. Webster, George W. Bi-own. John 
S. Youngs, Selnh Cook. James F. Cook, John R. Benjamin, Belden Rob- 
inson. James C. Wilson. Charles 8. Brown, Wm. T. Bef raft. Charles L. 
Sopor. Hiram J. Barhlel, Robert A. Van Tifflin. David S. Bardo. George 

A. Pettit. Reuben Warner, Edward C. Marsh. Edward E, Hennes. 
Jacob H. Procter, Andrew J. Ward, George Stockbridge, Ira T. Rood, 
James F, Sanders. 

Flint City. Third Ward.— Timothy Way. Albert J. Hirst, George Stewart. 
James E. Holly. Oliver Dye. Henry Delongjay. Ira M. Camp, Milo .■\. 
Foster, Wm. R. Slorse. Simeon B. Cumings, George F. Lewis. George 
H. Stewart. Joseph Brush Fenton, C. W. Bumhnm, Wni, B. McCreery, 
Morris J. Haynen. George F. Hunting, Henry XeEE. Wm. Benedict, Os- 
car F. Loekhead, Miles M. Caleb, Ambrose A. Link. Wm, J, Simpson. 
Edmund H. Beebe. Wm. Snyder. Wm. Trumbull, Wm. W. La Flam- 
boy, James Sweet. Edwin C. Roberts, John Siaman. Ira Ingalls, David 
Patterson, Wm. Tracy, Charles McAllister. Washington L, Todd. Jullns 
U. Piper. Chauncy L.' Howell. Rolla Waite, Egbert H. Parscll. Zola 
Beebe, Norwin C. Johnson, George W. Burbank. James Nicholson. Rus- 
sell M. Barker, .Tobn Aigoe, Orville McWilliams, Leonard P. Allport. 
Charles A. Ross. Wm. H. Crawford. Jefferson Powell. Walter M. Blm I, 
mer, Rufus Stacey, John W. Cleveland. Edwin F. Lamb. Stephen K 
Hall, Ezra Ransom. John H. Soper, Wallace L. Parker, Wm. A 
Bloomer, Jarius W. .\bbey. Marvin C Barney, Enos Sullivan, Byron 
Mclntyre. Dwight Babcock, Thomas Warren. Miles P. Cook, Clarencf 
P. rimer, Samuel Cassimer. Elijah H. Lamb. John Chapman. Jeromi/ 

B. ('arpi'nter, Frank F. Breede. Peter Fisher, Abram D. Cndnev, John 


Int City, Fourth Ward.— Conrad Hoffman, H. D. Hathaway, Ly 
Bucklnifbam, Wm, Turver, George Bnab, John Gridley, John McKer- 

iher, Jacob Pliilipa, Frank D. Swartbout, Charles PattersoQ, George 
iludd, Hiram H. Willey, Joseph E. Jobngon, Charles Duell, Tbomas 
Bergio. Gilbert V. Chamberlain, Philip Smith, Albert Billings, Irving 
VcConiiell, Edward Fiineheon, James Daniels, Wm. H. Utiey, James 
Davis, Wm. B. Itedfield. Wm, M, Wheeler, John K, Buchanan. H^iry 
. Mbbod, George B. Lawrence. John Hoose. 


Beaverton Township. — Henry B. Pawley, David Mutton, George Kent, 

Andrew Winchell, John Hamlin, Solomon O. Hunt, Isaac Fisher, 

Ueui-y L. Taylor, Thomas J. Lough, Nathaniel Diitz, Albert McLouth, 

Prank Sprague, Calvin Fullmer, Martin Cherry. 
Bentley Townaliip.^Cbandier Scott, John Marshall, George Parker, 

[Orange G, Emerson]. ' , 

Billin^H Township. — Huston Mayhew. Levi Eldridge. William Kent. 
Buckeye Township. — C. W, Sinclair, Obediah Smith, John Arance. Henry 

C. Arance, Roderick Burk, James R. Itandle, William Stout. Cyrus 

Osborn, Jflmes A. Miller. 
Butraan Township. — Reeves Small, C. P. Brown, Robert H. Louthan, 

Fred Sidensticker, Wm. Westover. 
Clement Township. — Giles Campbell- 
Gladwin Township. — George Kingsbury, Jerome Bnrley, Charles Van 

Valkenburg, Lee Swift, Andrew Hozlocher. Henry Thomas, Hubert 

Wheeler, [Ephriam C. Diffen]. 
ut Township. — Robert A, Byron, Alvin A. Bradley, Anthony Bnum- 

(tardner, Robert C. Mathews, Benj, Teeple. Henry Madill. Nelson 

Pliide, James Flood. Joseph H. Barker, .\aron Biiger, John Lewellen, 

John O. Smith, Henry Ammon, 
Sage Township. — Isaac C. Smallwood, Benj. Thornton, John Middleton, 

Wm, Kellogg, John Chapman, John Waers, Wilson Haynes, Patrick 

Shenuau Township.— Peter Tresler, Simon P. Sheels. Daniel McLargin, 

George Cassady, Walton L. Hyman, 

"iBCCO Township. — Francis Cooledge, Daniel W. Fairchild, David S. 

Pairchild, Job Yonng, Joseph H. Prim, Robert 1. McKibben, Gamett 


■ idwin City, First Ward. — James T. Flemming, Samuel 8. Clark, 
idwio City, Second Ward. — Edgar L. Chidsey, Calvin Smith. Aaron C, 

Beremer. Christopher C. Foutcb. John Stewart, George McCoy, Enoch 
^Bobbins, Ransom F. Simmons, Wm. J. Parker. 

[win City, Third Ward. — George W. Rowley, John H. Robinson, 

Oliver C. Rouse, David D. Foutch. Napoleon B. Davis, 
idwin City, Fourth Ward.— Daniel R. Smith. 

yman ^ 



' Tronwood Township. — C P, Stewart. 
Marenisco Township. — Richard D. En»-wt>rt\i,\,o\ 

h "? , WoAito^wv , ^^^esis^t 



Wakefield Township.— Wm. A. Carpaiter. 

Watersmeet Township. — G. A. Boaghton, John Beatby, Benj. B! 

Bessemer City, First Ward. — Charles 1). Fournier, Frank Aap, Joe 

Pecard, Lewis W. Munthe. 
BeSflonierCitj, Second Wjii'd.— James Hamilton, George L. Loope. 
Bessemer City, Third Ward. — Herman Langhoff. 
IrODwood City, First Wai-d. — Felix Millett, John Blanchard, Wall 

Maloney, Allen yowell, Philip W. Smith, Michael Sncbero, P. 

IroQWOod City, Second Ward. — Alexander Green, E. M. Monroe, Patrick 

Tague, Wm, L, Watson, J. B. Newton. 
Iroawood City, Third Ward.— Octave Tettro, Samuel Reid, 

Iroawood City, Fourth Ward. — J. F. Lyon, Peter Lamielle, Samuel 8c< 
Ironwood City, Fifth Ward. — Lewis Brandt, Almon Goodwin, 



Acme Township. — A. D, Carpenter, William R. Dui^a, J. Rank, Horace 
Philips, Harvey Langworthy, Francis Hopper, Philip Hart, Josiah H. 
Fife, Joseph Place, James R, Merrill, Amasa Gillett, Joseph Taylor. 

Blair Township. — Silas E. Call, Asa Squires, Edward Newberry, William 
Chalender, John M. Bonnell, Charles L. French, John V. Fisher, Philip 
Dobm, Wiliam Brakel, R. N. Byers, Joseph I. Roberts, Robert Razzey, 
Morris B, Jennings, James E. Takiss, Theobauld J. Umlor, Charles 

East Bay Township. — Charles J. Sullivan, Charles L. Domine, Frank 
Willsey, William B. Xeuman, James P. Hogan, John Schlosser, Cyren- 
nius M, Potter, Charles Weed, 

Fife Lake Township, — ^Daniel Kent, Reuben Learn, Mathew Van Am- 
bui%, Robert Pierce, Eugene Senster, Abraham Philips, Truman Pro- 
per, Levi Emmons, George N. Campbell, Jacob M. Anderson, Dennis 
Thralls, Bichey Thralls, Henry Davis, David Bence, Herman York, 
Edward Stamburg, Samuel D. Mills, Israel Prindle, Henry D. Tabor, 
Lyndon S, Walker, Lucius A. Knight, Hiram Gay. 

Village of Fife Lake. — Robert Hughs, Byron Rodgera, John Mack. 
Charles T. Kimball. Varlissa Bocdeau, George Kimball, William Bracr 
Owen 0. Clark, Miles Bryant, Hazel Terrill, William Hicklln, Willi.Tit: 
Wells, Alonzo J. Albright, Joseph O. Hutchins, William A. Wright 
George Green, Arthur L. Haight, George Rader, Elnathan Belt. 

Garfield Township. — Levi Muncy. Caleb Bennett, Elias A. Stevens, John 
Hozie, Andrew J. Eldred, Albert Elmendorf, Jonathan Jameson, 
Joseph D, Emerson, Felix E. Bare, Harvey Avery, Samuel Stover, Sam- 
uel E. West, Peter W. Blaksley, P. Beebe, David Paden. Courtiand 
Brownell. William 0. Emerson, John W. Martin, James Stevens, Levi 
Acker. John C. Cook, F. J. Stover. 

Grant Township.— Harry C. Galbraith, Lyman D. Wesfcott, R. A, Earl, 
(Seorge E. Aldrich, John Lemington, Levi M. Johnson, John P. Paul 
James Haines, Don A. Rickett, James Skinner. Patrick Mitchell. 
Alonzo Hopkins, William P. Cook. Erastus Howard. James N. Howard. 
Lrman Stevens. John J. Carl, George E, Aldrich, R. A. Ear!. 
Green Lake To wash ip.— William il, H.eaB,U.'B.'a\\\aT&,'aeOT^ ^(aiA« 


ion, George Phelps, Frank Payraant, Dedrick Kos^, Thomas Duffy, 

■John Shealds, T. C. Barr, H. H. Ferguson, Horace E. Wightman. 

Long Lake Township. — Warren Neal, Wiley A. Corbit, Jolin J. Atkinson, 
Frederick Luplow, Marshall Hallett, Daniel O. Page, Ilirani A. Hall, 
Calvin Conklin, Isaiah Skiver, John Fish, Ebenezer Fillmore, James 
Wilson, Ira Chase, Elias Wyckoff, Henry D. Howard, Harrison R 
Johnson, Ashley 8. Dobson. 

Mayfield Township. — James Wheat. George Gieger, Alonzo Van Tassell, 
David W. Cousins, Morgan L. Leach, Peter Sbufelt, Carley W, Fraser, 
Henry Sanford, Henderson Smith. 

Paradise Township. — Charles Enapp, George Hanshew, Henry Marsh, 
Uonroo Baldwin, James A. Davidson. William L. Wilson, Albert Stin- 
son, Peter N. Manigold, Julius Manigold, Benj. Jackson, Benj, F. 
Chorch, Jacob Wolfe, Joy H. Chase, John P. Tillotson. [Horley Hoia- 

Village of Eingsley. — James L. Green. Sylvester Clarke, Nelson W. 
Clarke. Timothy' R. Hill, George Reaves, James H. Arnold. John T. 
Calboon, Alford Bowers, William Spaulding, Alfred L. Thurston, 
Myron S, Brownson, Harry Sawyer, Philander C. Perry. James Put- 
man, Jacob A. Fewlis, Jerome Spalding, [Andrew Murphy]. 

Peninsula Township. — Rila Dnmbolton, Joseph Cooper, Cyros N. Jar- 
rett, Amos Sweet, Henry K. Brinkman, Henry Dobm, Sr., Joseph B. 
Eiman, F. Johnson, 8r.. Fred F. Greer, James Miller, Cyras A. Davis, 
John I. Commings. Lewis Miller, Horace B. Connine, George Kitchen, 
Charles Eraupa, Homer Gore, Thomas D. Combs, Benj. Wilson, Augos- 
tns Leighton, William J. C, Davis, Oliver L. Hill, James Finch, Wil- 
liam NauB, Edwin Kidder. Henry Zigler, Robert Edgecomb, David Carl- 
isle, Curtis Fowler, Joseph Dobm, John Wright, George Newcomb, 
Mark M. Curtis. 

Traverse Township.— John J. Staggs, L. K. Cleveland, Wm. M. Smith, 
J. R. Hamlin. 

Village of Traverse City. — George W. Raff, George Hall, Fieebom Gard- 
ner, George W. Hargraves, Robert H. Monroe, John Barber, Lewis Van 
Hyning, Mortimore Van Hyning, Charles C. Knowlton, Murray Wood- 
ard, Levi Boole. Walter W. Dean, Fletcher D. Marvin. Edwin Martin, 
George T. Tranchell. John Helm, Barney Hodge, Daniel Matteson, Har- 
vey J. Curtis, Asa Hall, Samuel Anderson, Horace M. Morse, Benj. F. 
Newhouee, Lorenzo M. Tompkins, Samuel Dewey, George Pairiab, Asa 
Boynton, Francis Smith, William A. Newton, Solomon Franklin, Henry 
Benham. James Hilliker. Frank A. Wright, William C. Stewart, 
William B. Stewart. Horace Waters, Wilson J. Koch, Carr Reed, 
Adelbert D. Clary, James B, Lancaster, Duncan J, McDonald. David 
E. Wright, M. E. Ellis. B. B. Knapp, Z. C. Fairbanks, J. P. C. Oharch, 
John C Devendorf. Elias E. Baker, John J. Sbepard, Jame« L. Marraj. 
Obarles Irish, William Sager, NelKoc C. Sherman, Jeremiah Becker, 
Inrwase Ch.^!^e, Peter (;nrwick, M. V. B. Clark, Anthony Clark, 
Lewis M. Qibbs. Benjamin Adsit. Elijah Statn, Edmund Beariii, 
M. Mclntowh. D. M. Walt, Uriah Hoffmantir, Mark D. 
n, Lawrence I 'ean, J. F. Powers, I. O. Winnie, Joseph 
water, Wilbor ("mro, Frank Piilman, rollins Shilling, 
"•■rt, J. R, Greenman, E. H. Saulsbory, Edgar r 
D. WSItiamii, J. C. Richards, Oeor«« W. BsA^tt, K. t."* 



F. GitchfllE^H 

tell, Gilbe^^ 


orge H. 


palrick, Girdon Fish, Hiram X. Kinney, Samuel Brown, C. F. 
Jolius Koeuig. D. A, Woodwoith, Jamea Ejigleton, Peter Bell, 
Bmith, J. B. Harvey, William J. Moody, Oeoi^e Smith, Medad Vinton, 
B, H. Koee, Edwin Vanvalkenberg, William B. Tbacker, George H. 
Edgar, Burlin O. Oillett. William U. Earlea, William H. Hooke) 
GbarleB Dipley, Loren Roberts, James H. Shrigley, F. D. Sti 
Nelson Cbatterdon. [E. Ormsby, O. P. Carver, M. M. Keitb. Geo. 
Steams, Josiab Pennington, John Verly, C. S. Vader] 

Union Township- — Seth H. Johnson, Charles Barker, Joeiab D. Hilto^ 
Joseph M- Myers, John Eager, James H, McAley, Byron 8. Shepard, 
Warren Howe, Martin A. Elliott, John M. Bafford, Sr., Edgar F. Xew- 
ell, Robert McAley. Albert L. Bnynton, [David McAley]. 

Whitewater Township. — Hiram R. Leonard, David E. Rolfe, John A. 
Landon. Edward E. Cross. Andrew J. Swartbout, George E. King. 
Richard Wood, John Smedley, Albert Davey, John F. Beebe, Milo Mo- 
Cnne, Lafayette C. Rickard, Edward D. McCune, Mathew N. Giendi 
ing, Leonard B. Hickard, James S. Follett, Theron E, Carpenter, Ji 
K. Dean, Elisha Martindale. Adolphus Bowman. 



Arcada Township.— Francis Hawley, John W, Snyder, Wm. W. Rogi 
Milton Fisber, Kathan Orwig, Jacob 8. Rogers, George G. Holliday, 
Nathan Church. Alexander Wiley, John Currens, Thompson Kress. 
David Brown, John B, Marolf, Edward Blakesley, James Nichols. 
Darius Shaw, Rodney Pm-vis, Samuel K. Vandercarr, John Phalea. 
Christian Barter, Samuel Helms, James W, Clark, Alfred Roberts, 
Orrin A. Isham, Wm. Converse, Peter Q, Clow, Leonard Simmone, 
Rudolph Richard, Jease Burton, Charles Sebreff, Wm. Clark, Isaac 
Havlin, Calvin Austin, Herbert Hyde, Darius Reid, Charles Purvis, 
John G. Chase, Coridon Rogers, Benj. Park, Wm. Forrester, George 
Demory, Geoi-ge Nestle. Asa Losej, Justice Dayman, Alexander Parks, 
Azum Roberts. Reuben Finch, Marcus Bancroft. [Philetue Kuhn. 
Jno. N. Day, Sr., J. B. Wolf]. 

Village of Alma.— Joseph Van Valkenburg. Gardner Clark, Luman Gee. 
Joel Reed, Charles Hiitcbings, Wm. A. Thomas, Wm. R. Cooper, .TaraeR 
J. Trott, Garctt S. Ward. Nathan Boyer, George Willard, William Han- 
nah. Wm. W. Fraker. Aaron O. Davis, George W. Myers, Warren W. 
Rollin, Stephen W. Griffith, Wm. W. Roberts, Lafayette Church, Isaac 
Russell, Edwin R. Griffith, Adolph Ziesse, Jerome Delong, John W. 
Holmes, John Gregg, Albert M. Hudson, Geoi^e McClellan, James L. 
Haskell, Titus Z. .Andrews, V. M. Wilson, Sylvester L. Merritt, Adam 
M. CasKett. John W. Wilson, Francis Palmer, Edwin Griffin, Wm. S. 
Turck. Charles M. Scott, Warren P. Sigsby, Wm. J. Gargett, Henry 
Bassett. Daniel V, B. Hubbell, Charles Pangbom, Albon Pickett, 
Enoch Wimple, Orlando A. Sharpe, Eugene F, Owen, George Bablke, 
James B. Tubbs, Eugene Brant, Edwin N. Chodwick, John B. Fnller 
ton, T. A. Ely, Samnel A. Vliet. Jackson Taley, Ezra Decker, S. H 
Loveland, Wm. Boltz, Chester A. Walker, Ancel Farr, Wm. A. Bars 
ger, Jared C. Stone, Harvey C. Button, Henry Wise, Emannel Emsley, 
Darling Wilson. Ezra G. Robinson. Benjamin L. Ward, Lyman R. Slev 

^PenB, M. 1 


. F. BurkliPad, CharlcB H, Lane, Edward Hasward, [M. Bogar- 

Betlianv Township, — Henry Davidson. Janips H. Gould. Henry Gidley, 
James Javine. Thomas Holton. Joseph E. Holton. Lewis Wheelock, 
Olareui-e K. Fox, J. B. Salsbury, Gilbert E. Hall. Martin Kidder, Chas. 
U. S, Hicks, Lewie Hawkins, Caleb L. Giles, Albert B. Fields, Frank 
Herling, Walter Crittenden, Daniel M. Moore, Charles Kellogg. Henry 
Bodflsh. E. G. Sechler, Erastns Husted, Aden T. Aldridge, Joseph How- 
ley, Peter Shook, Henry W, Martin, George C, Titus, Thomas Raplee, 
Allen Giles, Milton ^hook, James Morrow, [Joseph Morrow, Albert B. 
Hill, Chas. Rooks, Win. Reunelle, Sam'I Gillen. Adison A. Root, Lev- 
eret H. Town, Jerome B. Halbert. Asa Selinger, Wm. Priest, John Bus- 
well, Walter H. Chittenden, Edw. Lake] . 

Elba Township. — Hezekiah Gilman, Adam Dennis, Daniel B. Wooley, 
Aaron Martin. Andrew Steadman, George W, Harris, Anthony Pad- 
dock, Daniel French, Hiram Manning, Reinhold Rhodes, Alonzo Uat- 
tiflOD, Milton J. Moore. Jacob Bishop, David Keck, James Ledyard, 
Wm. Wooley, Daniel W. Zacharius. John Reily, Horace Olds. Joshua 
Davidson. Jaraes Lambert, Isaac Crippin, Edward Bennsinger, Daniel 
Kelsey, Nathaniel Myers, Nehemiah Lamb, Elijah Carmen, [W. H, 
Davidson, Geo. G. Wooley, Andrew C. Burgess. Reuben R. Smith]. 

Village of Aehley. — James Callahan. Wm. M. Gale, John M. Miller, May- 
Ion J. Baesett, Mont. G. Looniis. John Van Lesler, Beth Munsel. Thomp- 
son Kirby, Lester Briggs, Maylon L. Angell, Jonas Daily, Benj. F. 
Pease, Peter LeClear, James H. Roe. .Joseph Robinson, John Collins, 
Simon Hawes, Benj. Garrett, Darius Pecktil, Benj. Aekmoody, Nathan 
Roof, Ebenezer Z, Fuller, Henry Murphy, .-Albert Shaw, Jaraes E. Rhy- 
nord, [Hiram Hopkins], 

Emerson Township. — Waldo Curtis, David Sommerville, Andrew 
Mitchell, Albro Curtis, Patrick Brewer, Charles H. Wagner, Xathan M. 
Showers, John L. Staaey, Jeffries J. Walter. David Kostenbader, Hal- 
lett Barber. Charles T. Eno, Joseph O. Cook, George W, Healey, James 
Griffith, Lebious Hunt, Jacob Adams, Thomas J. Simmons, George W. 
Presbr. John J. Shook, Ira Livingston, Theodore W. Muscott, John B. 
Tyler, Ira H. Beard, Wm. Jackson. Jonathan Gidley, Silas Augustine. 
Frederick Kinimnns, Isaac Mullin, Moses G. Pendall, Hiram Utter. 
Jann's Hawkins, Loir-nzo Dailey, William J. Bariitt. George W. Skin- 
ner. John T. Lazarus. Hugh Daily, Charles H. Webster, Charles Traver. 
Albert Smith, Charles N. Towner, Daniel T. Carathers, Matthew Toles. 
James Moore. Benj. Van Deventer. Josiah B. Whiton, Wm. Ching. 
Ohiirles M. D-ivis. Gaylord Helms, Launcelot Treat, Henry S. Towner, 
Benj. F. Stocnm. Wm. W, Hendershott, Horatio D. Parks, Thomas Foi, 
Dean S. I'arker, Henry S. Knapp, George Shroyer, Jesse Lincoln. 
"^tOD Township.— L. M. White, W. W. Dalgleish, Jno. S. Wright, Edwin 
"lerce. Aui,'usfns Eri>:idlieck, Benton Musser. Rudolph Luacher, Jerry 
Broadbeck. A. H. Evans, Simeon Howe, J. E. Densraore, E. S. Brazee, 
iJohn Burch. Lyman Crasley, A. P. Kinney. Mann Treester, E. P. Par- 

l<ftoD8, Philemon ]5u<1rirk, George P. Steadman, W. P. Thatcher, Lewis 

^Buliftead, John S. Kiniiiiel, Mortimore D. Wiusor, George Newton, John 

nSpown. Samuel Picrc", James Miller, H. W- Shaffer, David White, Wm. 
SPrask. Hi-nry MiLnin. Wm. B. Harris, George Haslett, Thomas Payne, 


Bogar- ^H 


98 CBNSOS OP jncmaAN-^juNH i, im*. 

Chai-lL'B H. Boots, \Vm, H, Lacock, Peter Greenawicke, Wm. M. Stead- 
man, [Jno. T. Bwigart, Michael S. Howell, R. S. Cushman, Wallace 
Grace, Robt. Winiger, Dwight Pane]. 

Village of Perrington. — George Rail, Wm. McBain, Sylvester fiebring, 
John Guyton, Perry C. Older, David HelniB, J. 1. Pettibone, Joseph Sid- 
dell, Wm. Price, H. D. Curtise, J. L. Richards, L. C. Gardner, Lester A. 
Babcock, Addis Giilett, Bamuel Porterfleld, [Geo. Groom]. 

Hamilton Township. — Benj. F. Austin, Jamea D. Smith, Andrew J. Mar- 
tin, Sheldon Wight, David Flegel, James McKinley, Eugenp Webber, 
Samuel Barton, Henry Simmons, Frank A. Coats, Cyrenus Bennett, 
Abraham Weaver, Carroll 8. Betts, Godfrey Aumangher, George W. 
Morse, Francis B. White. Edward McKinley, Hazen Sinclair. Samnel 
Lambright, Wm. Stahl, Prank Randall, John B. Williams, Authi ^ 
Street, Wm. H. Ball, Jacob J. Mnffley, [David Maffley], 

Ithaca Township. — John Gibson, Wm. Sell, Sr, 

Village of Ithaca. — Seneca Curtis, John Barnes, Augustus M. Voorh) 
Samuel R. Stephens, Philip Brown, Wm. F. Wood. David C. Douglas^ 
Lafayette Sherman, Abiah S. Loomis, James L. Foote, Oscar F, JackaoOi 
JnliUB C. Peck, Israel Sayles, Milo White, Eugene A. Briggs, Bradford 
Carter, Isaac N. Coleman, Leonard G. Perry, Lucus B. Sweet, George 8. 
Warren, Marcus D. Baker, Thomas Crafford, James Loeey, lumac N. 
Cowdry, Tilley E. Traver, Daniel W. Altenburg, Simon Wlllard, Wm. 
M. Bar'stow, B. Frank Smith, Wm. J. Marshal!, Wm. Thompson, Alfred 
J. Brooke, John HiffneT*, Henry T. Nooney, Ira W. Mootagne. NathiUi G. 
SutlilT, Napoleon B. Bradley, Wm. L, Philips, Joseph F. Mellinger, John 
Carpenter, Benj. F. Myers, Horace W. Forney, Alanscn J. Brown, Sliea 
L. Van, Wm. E. Preston, Herbert N. Robinson, Hugh Packer, Wm, B. 
Whitman, Wm. A. Carr, Edward Scattergood, Wiilard D. Tucker Theo- 
dore S. Barnes, Wm. H. Beasley, Seth B. Cole, George W. Aldricfa, 
Wilber Kelson, James Donaldson, Thomas Hunt, Jacob Ebright, James 
D. Vallance, Theodore Daniels, John M. Trask, George Swartzmiller, 
Perry D. Pettitt. Jamea D. Vance, M. J. Brown, James W. Howd, Gilea 
T. Brown, Chae. F. Churchill, John Ward. Wm. D. Scott, George Rich- 
ardson, Abel Cook, K. P. Feet, Norman M. Bowen, James Fei^nsoa, 
Byron Guiwits, John A. Hart, Wm. L. Loi-d, James Whittme, Alva T. 
Howes, Absalom L. Ward, Joel Snyder, Samnel L. Miller, Stephen H. 

Lafayette Townsliip.-Jatob Hoovler, Randolph Root, David A. Barber, 
John Zimmennaji, James Ostrander, George 8. Morrison, Napoleon B. 
Grant, John McCollum, Albert Snow, Edwnrd Harris, Newbury Laun- 
dry, James Austin, Thomas Hopkins, Robert Bfttner. Wm. Derry, 
James Foote. John Beemer, Lon Peet, John W. Slater, Asa D. Babcock, 
Abram B. Porter, Wm. Bartley, Thomas Vandenburg, Wm. Gillis. Cyre- 
nus E. Lane, George W. Bpeer, Sr., John Brown, Simeon Spauldlng, 
Myron Sherman, Wm. Easlick, Wm. H. Sutton, Fred Moore, Charles Til- 
lotson, Delos Hoard, Peter Lennox. Lorenzo Wiley, Jacob Gribbling, 
Charles Lanagan, 

Newark Township. — Wm. J. Tracy, Maurice 8. Marquette. Edwin H. 
Stowe, Edmund Wheeler, PhiloTaylor, Jno. W. Monser, Geo. W. Weide- 
man, Jno. H. Jesaup, Jeremiah McPberson, Stephen Cunningham, Jobs 
W. Lepley. Henry J. Fell, Robert Ackerson,8nmuel F.Merwin.Chas.W. 
Marvin, Wm. H. Coi, John Mikeaell, Edward Drayer. Samnel MoCol- 

nn el 



I, Daniel Brigg3, Jsebastian M. Sjke», Harlow P. Sage, Samuel 

~ti'ou8e, Joseph H. Diller, John Hubbard, Isaac L, Altenbarg, 
George Crooks, Thomas Parrish, Mathiaa Strouse, Edmund Cole, Johu 
F. MuDBon, Albert D. Perkins, Henry Wood, John J. S. Vaghn, Levi 
Parker, David Johnson, Frederick Strouse, Jacob Martin, Robert 
Beid, Francis J. Corey, Edgar Williams, Henry Otto, Perry Putnam, 
Henry Wiseman, George W. McKinney, Morgan Snyder, Oscar C.'Bates, 
Wm. Lepley, Anthony C. Urown, Isaac Smalley, Frederick Boyer, Luke 
Woods, Samuel H. Wood. 

New Haven Township. — John L. Eastman, George Bamum, David 
Ploughfleld, Charles Roberta, Francis J. Miller, Eli Orat, Wm. Foster, 
David Thuma, Albert Payne, John Callahan, Samuel Ludwick, Charles 
H. Morae, George W. l.over, George Alfred, Aaron J. Chambers, Joseph 
C. Johnson, Emanuel Wiles, Jacob Siefert, John Seelye, Geo. W. Ued- 
ding, George A. Wells, Wm. Everest, Frank Manecke, Joseph A 
Plank, James B, Parker, Isaac Gabrlon, Henry Oakley, Wm. J. Pendall, 
Wm. Drew, George W. Morris, Alfred E. Voorhees, Theodore L, Ever- 
est, Cornelius Bigelow, Oliver Hopkins, Alexander Alfred, Martin Der- 
rick, Benson W, Smith, Wm. Seifried, Wm. Manning, James Teed, Wm. 
Blandish, Enoch Heistand, Daniel L. Wiles. 

Xorth Shade Townsliip. — John McCuaig. Peter Sliong, Samuel Wort, 
Aaron B. Guernsey, Valentine Knight. Peter Duflo, Andrew J. Ward- 
well, John O. Clark, George Van Dueson, John C. Caskey, Samuel Dti- 
weee, Joseph Reynolds, Thomas Thompson, W. A. Glazier, Waahington 
Smitn, James Harlow, George Tounker, Orrin Joles, Charles P. Procter, 
Andrew Keck, George Whitman, Frederick B, Scott, Spencer Walker, 
Mark Knowles, John Montgomery, Curtis B. Willoughby, John Carr, 
Br,, Samuel E. Sower, Tn.ylor D. Cushman, Christian Mertz, Edward Mc- 
Clow, James Howell, David W. Gardner, Ebenezer R. Root, George 
Hull, Philip A. West, John Pattoo. Gt-orge Gamer, Benton Smith, Benj. 
Wineland, J. S. Rosecrantz, Wm. Wright, Prosper Crary, Austin Shonp, 
Alexander McCuaig, James Evans, Robert Patrick, Elliott M, Norton, 
James Rummer, John Dickinson. 

Nortii Star Township. — Emerson Cortright, Chas. E. McBride, Charles 
Manchester, Franklin Woodman, Henry H. Smith, James Riley, Henry 
L. Wood, George W. Biddinger, B. M. Earl, George W. Carmany, F. L. 
Cobs, Charies Bryant. Wm. M. Dillon, Silas J. Harper, Reed Larue, 
Peter Huffman, Wm. E. Robertson, E. A. Walter, Joeiiab Kinney, Am- 
brose Brown, Elbridge Franklin. Calvin Kryder, Francis H. Howes, Wil- 
lett Raynolds. Joaepb Stafford, Nelson G. Fox, George Hawkins, Ell 
W. Brown, Wm, H. Steadman. Geo. G. Robertson. Wm. S. Bharpe, John 
B. Voorhies, David Bowser, Lafayette Swetland. M. A. Coss. John L. 
Hainea, Robert S. Bartiett. Ira Walbridge, Joseph D. Aldeffer, Jackson 
Cortright, Christopher Wonders. Mortimore Belding, Stephen H. John- 
son, Clark Whitmore, Reuben V. T>ott, Charles E. Hawley. Eldgar 
Hatchings, George Witham, Philip Gwinner, Reuben D. Maxwell, 
Thornton Shrodes. Jas. Lewis, Charies M. Easterly. Jno. B, Zarbaugh, 
Jacob H. Millinger, Charles Hayes. Joseph Hass, Henry P. Jenner, 
Hamilton Bovee. Daniel -T. Wilkinson. fLorenzo C, Clark. Berd Eldrid, 
Clark Vedder. J. E. Proctor. Wm. U. Smith, Michael Reichard, Fred 

Fraz- V 
bnrg, ^ 



Pine River Townbliip. — Joshua Walters, Vim. Brooks, James Wallai 
Joseph Montaron, James Longwell, Zealous Sperrj, Heurj- Shippy, Jut 
son CummingB. Wm, R, MoBier, Mase Lewie, Ira A. Nichols, Lyman H. 
Mapes, John G. Thompson, Seldon Caldwell, Joshua Aldricb. Benj. 
Nestle, Wallace Nestle, Harry S. Parsons, Daniel MilU, Joseph Os- 
worth, John Ham, GiM)rge Sias, L. B. Longwell, Daniel Kenuey, Willard 
Gay, Peter Egan, Alford Pickens, Klliott Dailey, Samuel B. Corbus, 
Caleb Ijee, Frederick Thenon, Frank Frear, Zadock Bigelow, Jumes 
Buck, Albert NcBtle, Andrew Fechting, Charles T. Robertson, Samuel 
Brady, Albert W, Bock, Samuel Hubbs, Elmer Packard. Robert Corey, 
John Lanshaw, 8r,, John Wilk, John Foglesoag, Edward Creech, Daniel 
Harpst. Wm. Miller, Datus Wright, Eleaser Wiley, Thomas Post, David 
Wood, J, W. Donne, Cyrus Mills. " 

Seville Toi\Ti8hip. — Charles E. Wright, Lorenzo Carter, Joseph M. Fol 
John Rood, William Wells, Jacob R. Strayer, Mathew Lippert, Chi 
topher Porter, Henry Carl, Soloioon Wilber, Joseph P. t>nyder. Dani 
Boyer, George Sheldon, Thomas J. Elarton, Hubbard Biggs, Merritt J, 
Woodward, Walter Wyeth. Beth M. Walter, John W. Hagemian, Jamee 
R. Erret, Eber Loomis, John B. Wright, Joseph Bay, Andrew Holmes, 
Charles Hildreth, Myers Shofleld, James Workman, Jacob Beeson, 
Jf>hn Campbell. Geoi^e J. Tann, Henry C. Roberts, George Chesnul, 
Nathaniel Strayer, MyronP. Halsted, Enos H. Kimmell, Richard Fuller, 
Daniel Hammond, Peter Nestle, Joel Hudson, Addison B. Knons, 
Rhinard Schnepp, Edward Ferris, Georpe Seeley, James Welch, Moses 
McMurphy. William Nestle, Henry Smith, George W. Saunders, James 
Vandermark, John Benner, William A. Bradley. 

Sumner Township. — -Michael K. Strayer, Orlando H. Sly. Calvin A. Ball, 
William Anderson, Ephraim Metralf. J. W, Fullerlon, William J. 
Parks, Theron Kress, Lafayette Peters, Geo. Lott. William A. Alvord, 
William Tomlin, David Fratcher, Solomon Witherell, Edwin M. Batli 
Cephas Lampson, Charles Masted. Samuel Grant. Alonzo J. Have 
M. T. Rice. George Rockefellow, George A. Davis, Joseph I, Loi 

Cornelius Rexford, George H. Gantz, Peter Ostrander, John E' 

John E. Booth, William Graham, Edwin A. Hesler. Elisha Hu-ited, 
Charles Stafford, Joseph E. Seaver. C. E. Prine, Job C. Wolford. Isaac 
Swain, Christopher W. Gee, Geo. W. Phillips, Benri- A. Clow, Cbarlea 
A. Button, Benj. B. Peck, Thomas J. Blair, Mitchell Kremer, Wiir 
Joseph. Henry C. Bomine, Frank Sanderson, Francis J. Shaler, Mon: 
M. Copp, Joseph E. Cooley, Onnan Armstrong, Andrew Ellis, Wai 
Lott, .John Forquer, A. A. Thompson. Solomon Mangus, John B, Wi 
Willis H. Flanders, Edward Wilson, William H. Pratt, .lames A. Toy^ 
William Wyeth. Manin B. Clapper, James A. Clarke. Seneca Sir. 

Washington Township, — ho Boy Langhead, N. B. Bowker. Richard Fos- 
ter, Isaac Rosegrant, Jacob Hummey. Amasa Turner. Timothy Smith, 
Albert Bovee, William J. Dougherty, Mosea Johnson. Fred Kochen- 
sparger. Dwight Z. Payne, Samuel Leddick, Elisha Hoag. T. N. Geary, 
William Haner. Thomas E. Whitaker. George Daggert. Orrin ^ 
Sprngue. Henry Edden, Samuel Reiser, George Hibbard, Jacob Bp, 
baker. David Stevenson, John PickUt. Wayne Smothers, Jamee Da' 
William H. Brown. Don A. Doty. Edwin D. W'illett. William Pitzgec 
Thomas Hefty, Lyman Collier. Daniel C. Cronk. Henry Landis. Hli 
fitranh. .Tames Randolph, Hurr Dexter. Samuel Stormfeltz. John 


ivoro, . 

u-ited, ' 


brd, Thomas Killbanj. George Koe, Jacob Griihaiigb. Danit-l S. CiiDip. 

Daniel Mt-Anhnr, ^^'illiaIU Cook, fHampson Oveiideii, David Duoran. 

^e<-ler Township. — •James MoBhimer, Ja». Kime&, Lewis Zimmennan, 

t)wen EntrakiD, -Josepb Allen, John Tuttle, Monroe Howlaud, ^miiel 

"^bley, H. H. Williams, George Entrakin, X. A. t^imoos. Elijah A. 

" 'cket', Justin Breckenridge, Clark B. Phelps, Joshua Amone, Barney 

jBwope, David Minnick, John B. Sabin. Frederick Wierman. J. F. 

lOper, Jacob Ward, Edwin Sexton, L. E. Hackett, William Clarke, 

0OBepb Bi-umdy, SI. B. Myers, Enos Parrish, Isaac L. Ittcb, Geo. Wood, 

»bert Fletclier, Henry Histed, Lorenzo Blackman, Hiram SextMi, H. 

1. Norton. James W. Lewis, John Street, Frank Hc^le. W. S. Ervey, 

boho Bchmidi, A. J. Ervey, Charles Wolverton, Sryron Odell, Jacob 

Clarke, John \V. Smi.h. John Woodcock, Spencer S. Phelps, Henry 

Bittenour, Jacob Wolfgang. Philip Fostman, Michael Slough, W. H. 

nVeed, Addison Hoot. Henry Livermore, Henry Allen. B. H. Selle<-k. 

tOustavns Sweet, R. S. Merritt, Philip Vanarman, Joseph Cross. 

St. Louis City, First Ward.^Nelfion Barcume, Peter Dunnevant, Nelson 

Kennedy, George Wood, Abram S, Cantield, E. H. Ewell, James V. 

VJeet. Lncius W. Beach, Charles H. Bard, Martin Dilman. George W. 

Whitaker, Donald N. Wilcox, Philetus A. Waldron, Stephen Ostrander, 

John C. Sias, Edward Wood, Luther W. Hawkins, John Hall, Henry 

SchauB, Carl C. Hart. Jacob Welch, Robert Gladstone. 

Jt, Louis City, Second Ward.— Wm. H. Green. E. A. Clark. Charles F. 

^Hpirardin, David Doan, Aaron Wang. Isaac Morgan, Henry A. Weiss, 

^^nndrew J. UpdergrafF, James B. Kelley, Josiah N. Robinson, Michael 

^^n. Starry, David Morrow, Charles Morrow. Henry C. Hayes, L, J. 

S^iBriEgs. Alford O. Paj-ne. Israel B. Tyler, Jacob H. Helt, John K. Bevels, 

Eli 8, Brook. George W. Hale, George W. Feaster. Nelson H. Wilsfm, 

James Bovier, Joseph R. Weaver. Charles G. Alexander. Sidney D. 

Frost, James Knowles. James H. Clow. Frank Briggs. Newell Leonard, 

Increase B, Canfleld. John Palmer. Adolphus Hoffman, Samuel E. 

Shnuk. H. C. Davie, Channcy C. Porter. David Wnrden, Jesse C, 


St. LouiB City, Third Ward. — Hilem E. Branch, Lorenzo L. Cornell, John 

W, Parks. Willis T, Andrews. Charles H. Crandall, Jefferson Mannehan, 

Wm. H. Bartholomew. Archibald Darragh, Geo. M. Clark. George W. 

P etty. Wm. Wartz, Lemuel Savies, Edw. A. Strobeck, L. O. Rowland, 

^^ffitephen Parks, David Zimmerman, John Wallace, Jeremiah Marks. 

^^Deoi^e Green, Daniel O. Cuff, Simon Vogt, -lohn Slater. Wm. Brooks, 

^BCbarles W. Weaver. Wallace W. Fiwk. Truman W. Whitnev, John Huff- 

^"mnn, Wm. H. Horton. Lowi-ll Minor. ()rriii ,1. Moon. Newell M. Cook, 

Arthur L. BuclianRn. James A. Templer. James L. Holmes. William B. 

Smith, John Shelts. D. C. Rogers. James \\'. Iliniard. 

at Louis City, Fourth Witrd.— David Twiligfr. (Jeorge S. Wilcox, Joel 

er. George D. Reeves, Isaac <:. l.iicUnr. George R. Nichols, Albert 

I, John Waldron, Frederick Holy, ]^-v\ Finhbeek. Jeremiah Smith, 

1 Tyroler, Silas I'hiccwii.v, Albert H. Olmstend, Jacob Foglesong, 

, Holiday, John A. Clark. Wm. H. Elayes. Theodore Hughson, 

^«l80n Herrick. I-ewis Itilltngs, .Aaron .\. Van Riper, Peter Robinson, 

I L, Thedgar. George L. Kemp. Andrew J. Harrington, Edwin P. 

fcoeler. Elias Sntpliiu, John A. Klwcll, .Joxinh B. Loeke. George Smith, 

e Nichols. Adolj.h Engel. 

CBNffCra OF UlCHHIAK— JUNE 1, 1S81. 


Adams Township. — (Jyriis Wilcox, Ira Harrington, Wheiler 
bowes, George M. Gunn, John Lewis, Eli Winchell, George W 
fall, Emery Caskey, Thomas Daley. Nathan J. Randall, George Laflatb, 
Bastoa Stevens, Lewis Lyons, ComeliUB M. Gregory, Oscar Hart, Wm. 
BasBelJ, Edward Williams, Newman Cnrtis, Wm. L. Lowell, Stephen 
Kane, John Toner. 

Village of North Adams.^ — Joseph Harwood, Isaac Van Akin, Gabriel 
MorehouBe, Stephen Playford, George E. Gates, Edwin Back, Frank 
Fessenden, John S. Blackmer, George A. Lynch, George Taylor, Rnssell 
Kinney, Orange C Smith, John Haviland, George H. Jordan, Levi H. 
Rickerd, Millard F. Lamb, Reuben Vickery, Otto Harvey, Stephen 
Babiti, Hiram Coles, Justin Litchnlt, Orrin V, Nickloy, Henry Taylor, 
Wm. West, John P. Sawin, Henrj- Stewart, Lucius E. Corbet. Andrew 
P. Fuller, George Kinney. 

Allen Townsbip.^Miles Jones, A. L. Thomas, A. F. Brown, Harry 
Wickert, Orrin J. Ford, John Downea, Alonzo Fox, G, W. Thompson, 
Frank Rastin, Michael Schnoader, Thomas E. Bishop. John 0. lies, T. 
M. Southworth, G. L. Clai-k, Warren Clemens, Joseph Mathews, D. E. 
Beebe, George B. Brovjn. James Brewer, Lymon Sylvester. Ward Ham- 
flin, Daniel L. Weber. George Hornby, Frank Ray, B. C. Ellis, Horace 
Eldred, George Downes, Jas. Appleton, Charles Patter. A. F. Barber, 
Jacob Beck, Simeon Widrig, Wm. Whitney, Norman Ayers, Chauncy 
Goodrich, Thomas Nash, B. L. Brooks, A. B. Whitmore. Wm. Forman, 
Wm. Berg, Philip Fox, Ralph Joiner, [A. S. Thomas, Frank BuBtine, 
Ohas. Potter, Ward Hamblin]. 

Amboy Township. — E, C, Davis, George Baker, Henry Converse, James 
W.Pease, A. C. Hart, Robert M. Cellers, Jno. Harmon, Eugene Stafford, 
Lewis A. Rose, George W, Dnrling, Philip Knecht, Stephen Olda, B. F. 
Farrell. John P. Vans, Hiram Miller, Samuel A. Oldflelds, Cyrus W. El- 
liot, Albert B. Kellogg, Conrad Franks, Wm. Bryant, D. M. Ware, 
Stephen Raiseley, Ellis W, Cope, Freman Britton, Solomon Rutlage, J. 
W. Wirick, Alfred R. Knowles, L. Bounds, George A. Converse. E. 
Towers, Frederick Wolf, Jno. Metcalf, Henry Robenstine, Wm. Brown, 
Joseph Hess, Oliver Blair, Lemuel Stanley, Charles Salmon, John 

Cambria Township.^Timothy Rowe, Wm. G, Marble, Newton Gregg, 
Wm. H. Jones, Cornelius Viele, Wm. Hagerty, Alfred Scovill, -John 
Sipe, Oliver A. Olney, Henry Zupp, John Van Tyle. Joseph St. Clair, 
David Watkins, Israel H. Gregg, James P. Young, Walter B. Harrison. 
ThaddeuB Huff, George Schrutt, Sr., Luther B. Wolcott, James L. 
Moore, Wm. Washburn, James Barber, George N. Richardson, Roder- 
ick D, Lane, George Warren, John D. Burgess, Gilbert Ellis, Nathan 
Rogers, Milo Wilkinson, Lawrence Meiner, Wm. Henry. L. Jay Wood, 
Andrew A. Ewing, Milo Titus. Stephen Burleson, Martin J. English, 
Francis Jackson, Samuel Carlisle, John Craig, Frederick Hanning, 
Albert Arnold, John McCarty, Philip B. Spencer, Simeon Bliss, Joseph 
L. Divine, Hugh Van Wert, Thomas Radabaugh. Charles 8. Marsh, 
Richard Lambert, Joseph Terry, Washington Whitney. ^^ 



^■DDd^D Township. — Thomas E. A. Cooney, Charles L. Harper, Charles 
^■A, Davis, Orrin Stansbi-o, Christopher Myers. John Swartz, Geoi^e N. 
Mead, Andrew A. Baxter, Albert Smith, jamee Person, David M. Slay- 
baugh, Wm, Lindley, Walter Myers, Peter Seeley, VVm. JohnaoD, 
Alfred Deuel, Michael Overly, Richard Aniold, Thomas C. Snyder, 
Jndiih Iteed, Daniel Hoofman, John Tucker, Charles ColemaB, Wm. 
Barroughs, Sherman Brown, Lulie Hubbard, Henry Mathias. Chas. B. 
Dillon, John L, Bice, Zelotes McKinley, Ira Hewes, Shannon Blair, 
Jerome Frost, Everett Monroe, Wm, Hagermaa, James Benham, James 
0. Ellison, Wm. Ramsey, Thomas D. Butler, John Botes, Wm. Bichey. 
Wtn. Arch, Jacob Widler, Charles E. Nichols, Augustus Brown, John 
Arch, Lewis H. Storer, Albert A. Abbey, Samuel Kinsey, James Brad- 
ley, Lewis Worden, Bobert Masters, Wm. Gavett, George B. Hewitt. 
Henry Behey.Albert Finn.roliimbns Kimmel, [Jno. Linderman, Edwin 
Small, Elkana S. Becker. Samuel Lash, Abraham Porter, Edwin B. 
Fitzsimmons, Hnlbert Hutching, Cheney W. Hal!. John Beed, Jno. 
Beam, Wm. Hoolihan, Elmer A. Cahow, Jonathan Fast, Wm. A. 
Brown, Chas. E. Davis, Simon M. Sines], 
Fayette Township. — •John D. Hunt, Edward Camp, Liberty Day, Daniel 

C. Van Allen, George Davis. 
Village of Jonesville. — Wm. Keongh. Hugh Maeomber, George W. Baker, 
Wesley A. Barber, Albert D. Gillman, Warren Van Allen, John J. 
Teal, Archibald Storms. Wesley A. Culver, Dan Darling, Thomas R. 
Fowler, Wm. H. Guy, John Blatchly, James H. Sturgeon, Thomas 
Spencer. Wm. R. McCormicfc, Silas B. Gaaiard, James Sala, Wm. Wil- 
son, John Fackey, Joseph Warwick, Warren Hopkins, Christopher 
Porchase, Henry J. Wright. Michael Phinney, Charles A. Bacon, 
Hirara G. McDaniel, Samuel J. Monsell. Charles Millard. Wm. H. Wil- 
liams, Alanson S. Teed, Henry O. Clark, Juason Hall. Almon B. Dan- 
iels, Jeremiah E. Williams, Martin Bliss, Chauncy V. Burnett, John 
Herechaot, Ephraim A. Kelley, Charles B. Fisk, Henry M. Bird, Wel- 
lington Morris, Seley Snook, Wra. Lee, John Myers. George W, White- 
head, James Conway, Alexander E. Merrill. John P. Sinclair, Wm, W. 
Wade, George W. Coffin, John M. Gayner, Walter B. Straw, Ezra Tur- 
ner, Wm. A. Herring. 
Hillsdale Township.— Robert McDougal, Geo. Forbes. John OBborne, 

Wilson Lathrop, John Mansberger, Albert GouIH, J. E. Stump. 
Jefferson Township. — Abraham Walters, Richard Oathoudt, George P, 
Tuttle, Sidney Blakeman, Franklin B. Ford. Jolm Clegg, Barney Boyte, 
Thomas T, Cox, James Newell, Charles Zoheff, N. E, Gregory, Edson 
W. Blakeman, Chauncy B. Button, Nelson Hinkley, Henry Scheick, 
Peter Richman, Aaron Bush, Michael Btantz, Charles E. Nichols, Mar- 
cos Cole. G. McDowell, ThoniaR Powell. Abraham Kelley, Wm. Atkins, 
A. H. Whitaker, James Dnryea. Benj. L. Kingsley, Oscar B. Holden, 
Dorr Phillips. Birdsey Renimelee, Guy Kingsley, John Snyder. Albert 
Spangle, George R, Finch, Wells G. Hickox, Mark Sharp, Benj. Morton, 
I James J. Deshler, Debairs Miller, Walter Weatherwax, Newton Cav- 
L^lee, Henry A, Piper. James P. Turner, Levi V. Crockett. George Kel- 
^Htj, George E, Porter. Charles Hannibal, Joseph R. Skinner, Enos Mc- 
^^Dowell, Charles Fowli'r, James O'Neil, Jamen Long, .Ttihn L. Campen, 
^^Bliarlee G. Barter. Charles N. Spear. Joseph H. Gill. Daniel Hawes, 


Willard D. SpringLT, Wm. H, Barnes, Orlando L. Miner, Andrew i^ 
Cook, Frank D. Snyder, W. M. Morebouse, 

Litchfield Townehip.- — Abraham Friesbie, 8. W. Rogers, Frank Barber, 
Moses 8. Ramej. Ananias Deabler. Lawrence Carr, Richard Morriaon, 
Samuel R. Burgen, C. D. James. H, D. Hmitb, George W. Dob&on, 
David T. Cobb, Briggs Lindsley, Wm. itadglev. O. H. Chapman, M. P. 
Herring, Simon B, Hadley, Edgar Shnttuck, George Anderson, Clark 
Blair, Jacob Eager, Ljndes Gary, Harvej Gihba, Wm. Van Gesen, J. 
Vanvalkenburg, A. S. Knowles, E. C. Estes, Jarcd Moore, [Robt. Cox]. 

Village of Litchfield. — Frank Vandenbe.rg. Laban A, Howard, James M. 
Spake, Wan-en TompkinB, Edward Ryon, Horatio N. Townsend. Fred- 
erick Olds, Allen P. Herring, Peter Hinebauch, Wm. R. Rhepard, John 
B- Kelley. Edward C. Gibson. James Drinkwater, Orel C. Wariner, 
Samuel Clay, Gwrge Mabee, Charles Anderson, Peleg Swan. Orvil 
Avery, John E. Lewis, Morris M. Graves. Justin Worth, Henry Hous- 
ton, John Dean, George M. OuWer, AogustuH (jibbs, W m. H. Wilsc 
Charles P. White, George H. Hayner. J. W. Mains, Alden Whiti 
[C Hadley, F. Bisley, W. E. Springsteen, Chas. Truester]. 

Moscow Township. — A. R. Gary, George Harwood, Ira Smith, 

Bucknell, John Havens, George Ackles, Benj. Morris. C. M. Trari^ 
Charles St. John, Edward St. John. Henry 'I'^ylor, Daniel W. Arnold, 
Charles W. Harris, George E. Carter, On'ille Orasted, Oliver Hitt, John 
Howe. Nathan Vanfossen. 

Pittsford Township.^Ephraim E. Benson, Wm. A. Barnard, Alford P. 
Nye, James E. Nlckloy, Joseph Sage. Lewis Butts, Ira Bryant, Judab 
P. Cornell, Norman Purdy, Wallace F. Ball, Augustus Blurton, Ralph 
E. Bridge, Lyman J. Buck, Myron Butts, George D. Swift, Morris P. 
Severance. Stephen Turner, Daniel D. Sanford, Richard Silvernail, 
Myron H. Vanclake, Isaac S. young. Wm. Tushingbam, Azel B. Wil- 
son, Chauncy Knnpp, Sylvester Q. Foster, Orlando M. Cole, Edward 
Rhodes, J. Watson Cooley, Daniel Morehouse. James H. Salmon, James 
Quilhot, Russell H. Brooks, Nathan J. Kidder, Lyman Carr, John 

Ransom Township. — Edwin Camp. Nathan Halleck. Porter Raymond, 
George W. Hile, Richard S. Smith, Hollia Raymond, Byron Derthick. 
Franklin Russell, Simon Snyder. Hiram Youngs, Samuel Preston. lUeli- 
ard Smith. Michael Hibbart, Wm. L. Mapes, Richard Hart, Ernest 
Anson, Andrew Booth, Wm. Eggteston, Isaiah Libey, Martin Simonds, 
Wm. H. Armstrong, Lumen Dillon, Jonathan Blurton, George F. 
Touse, Henry Lathrop, Jackson Barnes, Charles Peek. Sylvanns Hlle, 
Jacob Gen-er, John Dennis. W, B, Green, Martin Stuck. Gilbert Rar- 
ick, Elward Burt, Charles H. Baker. Crate Green, Edward Avery, 
Hngh Loughrey, Emery Yost, Frank Hoover. Wm. H. Palmer, War- 
ren Edinger. Levi Alleger, Adam Miller. Michael Young. James Cor- 
nell. Frank Bobbins, Hiram L. Hartson. Tlioma» Loeier, George Affler 
back, Wm. B. Britton, Wm. Donley. George Weaver, Thomas Avery, 
Chauncy Parhan, Wm. H. H, Pettit. James Cooper. John )!reenbo,\ 
Lewis B. GroHvenor. James Hoover, Wm. Manning. John P. Cook, 
Pliilo W. Humiston, Lyman McNall, (Jacob Snider, Wm. Thorp. Tni- 
man C. Baker], 



^Biding Township. — H. M. Holcomb, KaDiael Davis, Daniel A. Kelley, 
^Ti". Fowler, Albert G. Fuller, J. G. Swab, Benj. F. Barber, H. G. Brown- 
ing. HiiiTison Yates, Henry Coy, [Juo. Cahow]. 

Village of Reading.— H. W. Waterbury, W. H. Petrie. Zebadee G. Cnl- 
ver, Sylvester H. Kellogg, John Eyer, Lawrence Burton, Gabriel See, 
W. E. Austin, M. E. Cartright, J. W. Niblac, Wm. Holabaugh, J. M, 
Waldorf, Dan'l Doney, E. P. Kidder, Jno. Q. Mirkle, Frank Emery, Geo. 
Keiiselring, Hilaud H. Weaver, D. Webster Mickle, Wm. Rogers, Wal- 
ter 0. Browning, Henry H. George, Henry Frick, J. C, Cunningham, 
Henry C. Petrie, Alfonzo Shafer, A, R. Chapman, Ambroee Roate, Mab- 
Ion Allison, Simon Degraff, Orrin E. Nichols, John H. Boyden, George 
H. Johnson, Henry W. Barre, Ely R. Forquer, John R. Hoskin, .Vndrew 
Bailey, Wallace Betts, Layertua Mickle, [Sylvester Henry]. 

Sdpio Township. — Paul Reed, James H. Giddley, John J. Higge, Jamee 
K. Thompson, Wm. Beard, C. P. McEnally, Wm. Feaster, Oliver H. 
Perry, Martin W. Decker. 

Somerset Township. — Andrew Wescott, Wm. Graham, Sanford Miller, 
Bt&phen McClerry, Wm. Rutun, Tilden Russell, Merritt Clark, John 
Bowslter, Elmer Fniry, Henry Rynex. Perry Smith, John Dingy, Solo- 
mon Armstrong, John Chaffee, Andrew Walters. John Piersou, Oliver 
Lovejoy, Wm. Carlton. Aaa Sprague, Richard Traver, Coleman Dakin, 
Joseph LarlUns, John Totten, Chester Yawger, James Carpenter, Wm. 
Miner, [Thus. I-owry, Jno. Vanallen, Chas. McClerry], 

Wheatland Township. — Howard Hand, Jacob Van Etten, E. K. Eastman, 
Prank A. Greening, Quincy R, Farmer, Philetus Sackett, Myron E. 
Comt-tock, Wm. Potter, Frank Lewis, Alonzo Lewis, Homer Gillett, 
Philo Stafford, Ira Willonghby, Frederick Small, W. 8. Showier, Jod- 
son H. Lewis, Lorenzo StalJford, Henry Donihn. Forrest Choate, Robert 
Bartlet, Benj. Itrisbin, Elbert Starr, W. H. Carpenter, Levi Lee, Maricoi 
Dillon, Levi Weatherwax, O. W, HajTies. 

Woodbridge Township. — Henry McEwmg, Abraham Newell, James Mo- 
Dougall, t>. A. Vonng, John H. Spencer, Wm. Siddall, John A. Dickey, 
Orrin Howard, Joseph Sturdevant, Samuel Kingsiey, Benj. J. Rochelle, 
Charles Lockwood. Lyraan Osterout, Alonzo Vanvlack, Wm. Crabbe, 
Wm, Felix, J. Frank Nevins, John B. Lown, Martin S. Garwood, Hamil- 
ton Warren, V\m. Tanner, Jackson Algire, Scott Rngg. Albert W. 
Bates, George H. Young, Peter West, Ransom Seoville, Frank Puller, 
.Tames D. Smith, Michael Mosher, Alfred Lindsley, James Shank, Jaa- 
jwr Bryan, John Young, Jonathan Sherman, [Jas. H. Wheeler]. 

Wright Township.— -John Gibson, Eleazer Johns, Michael Wyrick, Jer- 
ome Worden, Wm. Fisher. Siuiniel Jones, Joseph Moore. Levi For- 
rister, C Vanarsdalen, Abner Stevic, Charles Gorsuch, Samuel Stob- 
berfield, John Osman, Wm, Moore, Wm. Youngs, Henry Hicks, Geoi^e 
Coraer, David Ritter, Thomas Culver. Orrin Kelly, John J. Dunscomb, 
Martin W. Guy, Reuben P, Wilson, Jacob H. Weaver. Albert Gibbs, 
Edward Dilyard, Jacob Gipe, John Wezel, Wm. Manning. R. E. Darl- 
ing, Albert Morrison, C. W. Abbadnska, S. W. Yeagley, John Crisher, 
Horace Weaver. Peter Netcher, Mason Fay, Jacob Rhodes, Aaron 
Schroy, Nelson R. Masters. Henry Beagle, Albert W. Vaness, Joseph 
Piiniluim. Piiilip Wolff. Henry Coleman, John Townsend, Paul 


H. Breed, ^^1 


HillBdale City, First Ward. — -Joseph Delaney, Jon3.thaa H. 
vester F. Dwight, Horui-o Hall, Orlando C, Nash, Jno. S. Copp, ) 
Garrison, James 8, Ra.yner, John E. Porter, Samuel G. Rossiter, Wm. 
Plum, AuguBtns Ford, Harper V. D. Baker. Levi White, George A. 
Hiker, James Dilley, Wm. H. Lohneas, George H, Higbee. Geoi^e O. 
Nimocks, Gotlieb Swartz, Moses B. Hershey, Frank H. Bailey, Isaac 6. 
Toley,FranciB E. Bnrd,Darius H. Austin, Geo. S. Bradley, Wm. Taylor, 
Lyniiin H. Van Allen, Andrew J. Cole, Christopher H. Porter. Geoi^e 
W. .'Vyers, Wm. J. Stone, Charles S. ^'eeder, Wm. Parker, Benj. F. 
Caiiiphell, Alonzo Parmalee, Henrv Shoemaker, John M. Wood, Gieorge 
W. Hentley. 

HilUdale City, Second Ward, — James M. Stowell, Samuel J. PuUifer, 
Mark W. Taylor, E. B. Bell, Samuel A. Comstock, Jno. O. McNair, Qeo- 
D. Harding, Wm. T. Buchanan, Edwin J. March, R. E. Whipple, Enos 
S. Nobles, Wm. L. Gordon, James D. Palmer, Charles Hayes, Ambrofie 
Tyler, Samuel H. Fellows, Valentine Biggs, John T. Aulsbro, Comellns 
M. Dadley, Simon S. Woodruff, Francis E. Hill, David Haynes, Wm. 
H. Burdick, George W. Myers, Edward Eaaling. Theodore Allen, 
Michael E. Sellus, John Cole, Robert Seeley. 

Hillsdale City, Third Ward. — John S. Parker, Allen Agnew, Lafayette H. 
Green, Oscar Hancock. Henry Jones, Joel B. Haynes, Silas Morehonse. 
Edwin Scott, Asber B, LaJleur, Zepbania Moore, Joseph H. Ellis. L. L, 
LockUn, H. H. Fankinfleld, Jno. A. Chandler, Albert Wolvin, John L 
Friable, John Partridge, James H. French, Darins Briggs, Nathan J 
BoyI in, Wm, H. Tallman, Edgar D. Culver. Immanuel Brown. Oscar A 
Janes, George W. Jennings. 

Hillsdile City, Fourth Ward.— George Lambert, Francis Nelson, Gei>rv' 
W. Mosher, Addison D. Bishop. Ferdinand Skiff, John Petyt. Audrcv 
TrumaJns, Charles Fairbanks. George W. Foote, John P. Kenned 
Robert A. Everett, Gilman B, Shaffer, Morgan Lancaster, Ira Abbod 
John H. Smith, Charles W, Adams, George C. Stone, John W. SmiHi 
John Werner, Henry Burton, John EIco, Paul Slashing, John B. Wil 
liama, Charles VanNess, H. A. Fields. Eli A. Fuller. Ezariah ParraaJo-, 
M. Mclutyre, Frank K. Prnctnr, C H. Chapman, Peter Platter, [Gen 
A. Knickerbocker]. 


Calumet Township. — James N, Cox. Charles W. Niles. Casper SbellmaD. 

[Henry Kempper, Chas. T. Carlson, Joseph H. I-nthro]i, Jncob Renthfr 

Peter Knechgles, Thos. Merter, Anioine Gipp] . 
Village of Calumet.— Clefls Terrian. Wm. A. Childs, Jos. Manser. Hcd; 

Colton, Chas, Grimmer. 
Village of Red Jacket.— W^ H. Hull, Harry Storms. Jno. A. Low. 
Oh-issell Township. — Wm. Allen. James Bodie. 
Duncan Township. — Patrick R.van. .\lanson Hnndlin. John H. Went?.. 

Wm. W. Fraiharty, D. Snyder, Wm. Nesbitt. Charles Brown. Edwanl 

Teets, A. J. Kimes, James C. Corbin, George H. Houser. 
Franklin Township. — Frank Richards. Chrislinn Miller, [Amo Jaehint:. 

Horace B. Rogers, Christian Broemer. Jno. Bogan]. 


^to ncock Township.— Josepli Butd^. August Hartman. Chae. H. Beatty. 
-Joseph Perkins, John A. Ureu. Edw. K. Lord. Wm. Sliandrew. 
nia^e of Hancock. — Peter J. WaRner. Thomas D. Mason, Wm, H. 
uason, Chiis. Stramlorr. A. J. Scott. Juiues iti>9s, Sydney Bate*. 
lird Township. — ^Ch ristophiir C. Wonders. J. O. Ludlo. [Wm. M. Peter- 

Osceola Townehip. — Wm. Klink, Josepli Frances, Francis Wayne. 
Po rtage TownBhip. — Henry Bockshecker, Joseph Haase. 
^^RUta^ of Houghton.^ — Graham Pope, 0. D. Sheldon, Francis DesRoche, 
^Hbohn Hummel, Hamuel Cannon, F. Demas. Q«orge C. Sheldon. John 
^^Ka. Cameron, Theodore Day. 

^^(iriiicy Township.— James Moore, Geo, Johnson. Henrr Bruteao. Peter 
" Windall. 

Schoolcraft Township.— Wm. J. Smith. John D. Friska, Wm. Green, 

Samuel T, Gr^ory. 
Torch Lake Township. — Chas. Smith, Peter Kirtchen. Sylvester Hollister, 
.Jamefl W. Wyckoff, Edward Grauae, Henry Pearce, Fred Prince, 
Philip G. Baumgartner. 



igham Township.— Alexander McKenzie. James Gilson. Horace P. 
Shaver, Cyrns T. Hathaway, Michael Murphy, .\ndrew Patrick. 

Brookflcld Township. — Geoi^e Cross, Wm. Wilson. Sidney Walker, Laa 
der Gokej, Frederick Ketchmer. 

Caseville Township.— 0. Richmond, John Smith, August Strorm, John 
Anderson. Luke S. Johnson, Albert Frank. M. C. Smalley, John R. Pass, 
Anthony Golden, Henry Leroy. John W. Wood. Simon Btockmeyer, 
John Glosser, George Smith. Wm. Graham, Frederick Steiman, Wm. 
Anderson, Wm. Meyer. Henry Gairman, E. M. Stevens, James U. Wil- 
son. Henry Johnson. John Gunkle. Robert T. Lambert, Joseph L. Hath- 
erlay, John M. Stortr.. 

Chandler Township. — Lewis Pochett, Mathew Fogle. James F. Wager, 
Channcy Galloway, James Casson, Thomas Farver, Voley Peters, Ja«, 
Bedford, Stephen A. Mosher, Adon S. Taft, Stepheu Sedore, 

Colfax Township. — Wm. Tahash, Richard Jackman. Wm. Laird, Joseph 
Mayes. Samuel Bell, Wm. L. Barr, Hall Davis, D. H. Williams. George 
ScUebel, Robert Fulton, John Henidon. David Bordner. 

Dwight Township. — .L F. Weatherhad, Homer Fillon. Thomas White- 
churc'.i, Wm. H. Hall, Henry Filley, Spencer Case, .Vngus W. Kennedy, 
Wm. .N'olan. Henry B. Hellems. 

Fair Haven Township. — Daniel M. Frasier, Frederick G. Waterman, 8. Fluette, (Lenord J. Sylvtitter. Martin McGaw, Jno. Tack]. 

Gore Township. — Wm. Poehert, K\iaft Spencer. 

vJi-ant Township. — Frands Buruliam, Benj. F. Pinker. Francis Stockes. 
Henry L. Knight, Reuben Body, Alexander Flnkle. David Quant. James 
Shoefolt. Jacob HartiM-ll, Thomas Huncruft. W. J. Williamson. Rick 
Ryan, Wm. Prondfoot. Chas. nirlj;, John IL Mare, [Lafavette Mathews, 
B. Robertson. A. B. Randolph. John K. Body}. 

ime Township. —Wm. Etilcr. Wm. IL Huiith, Lftren W. Lincoln. Inrin 
" ■ I. Philip Carroll. Edward fJritzIer. Chas, WrtlW. SoVax 'fews^*. 




Antuine Etzler, John C. Witherspoon, Wm. Carty, James Campl 
Wm. Storbeck, Daniel Abeam. Elieha Smith, 

Horon Township.— Evan Wade, Darius Dowoing, [Wm. H. Benett, Jno. 

Lake Township. — George McKay, George Jtettrage, Nathaniel 
Frank Tax, [George Henery]. 

Lincoln Townehir. — Arthur C, Loaks. 

Meade Townahijr. — Jaines Gillesble. Martin Nelson, Konald McDonal 
Wellington rurnesa, James Pincombe, Julius Souva, John Dnnn, Jam^ 
Fulkner, Louie A. Mosey. 

Oliver Township. — Dwight Hewitt, Wm. Hollingshead, Orsemus W. 
Howe, EHsha W. Parks, B. F. Eastman, George W. Stott, Albert 
Brown. Robert Walker, 

Palis Township. — Francis Talagar, Frank Manure. 

Port Austin Towuwhip. — Wm. Jewell, Newell Burrows, James 0'N4 
Churles Peck. 

Village of Port Austin —Chandler Heath, Moses Sturtevant, James Bi 
ner, Tn^ndwell OaUes, Wm. HntchinBon, Jacob Long. 

Huhii'on Township.— Anthony Gibler. Wm. Connor. Robert Hunter, 
J. Moon-, Amos Hoffman, Horace Hand, Herman Dickinson. 

Village of Port Hope.— F, Leese. 

Band Beach Townwhip. — Wm, Wbalen, Michael Reynolds, John Gei] 
Wm, Lamb, Major Cowper, John Manson, John Key, John OallenL 
David H. Atman, Jacob Layer, George Wengert, Isaac Anderson, Fred 
Brock way. 

Village of Hand Jtt-ach, — August Pittsley, Austin Corbet, G. 8. Hackett, 
Lafayette Connor. Samiu-l J. Miller, A. Patrick Finley, Philip Ingles. 
Richard Lamb, Peter B, Foulks, B. F, Herman, Henry Gilbert, George 
W. Jeuks, James M. I'arker, Wm. McMilien. Samuel A.. Puller. 

Sebewaing Township. — Frt-drick Bauer, Henry Neuman, Valentine Wag- 
ner, Wm. Bolzman, George Hall, Jacob Mammel, Frank Titz. 

Village of Hebewaing. — Franklin H. Gauze, Amos Debolt, Antoine B(mi- 
dey, Olin Pengra, Gottlieb Glassor. Elon C. Colles. John C. Sautt^ 
George W. Siglin, Peter Surine, Christian Flickinger, Frederick 
Oeterly, Wallace W. Hibhert, Andrew J. St, John. 

Sheridan Township. — John McClellan, Walter Bowman. 

Sherman Township. — Henry Smith. Thomas J. Baker, Wm. R( _ 
Francis A. Snyder, Samuel Hanna, Wm. Bell. Peter Kirsch. Samuel 
Basler, Charles Clark, John Lowe. 

Bigel Township. — Charles Marshall, Edwin H. Emery, Joseph Buck, Wal; 
lacL' Borden, Charles Fuller. 

Verona Township.— John Clark, Dean T. Cutler, John G. Collins, lUi 
M. Braden. 

Village of Bad Axe.— Rudolph Haller, Samuel T. Cantelon, Solomon-' 
Smith, Chas. E. Brown. Hiram L. Chipman, Calvin H. Foster, Roawell 
N. Hilton, Wm. Tounglove, Spencer H, Blakeiy, Byron Hosseter, Alex- 
ander Perry, George W. Hilton, James Cummings, Harrison Living- 
ston, Joseph Watson, Wm. H. Merrick, Wm. Mclntyre, Theodore 

Winsor Township,- Jordon Barr. Martin Xoon, Michael Schoh, Philip 
Proper. Adam H. Harder. Henry Mueller, Wm. Gage. 


jaot tcr. 

k, Wa^ 



Medoo Township.— George G. Morton, James A. Allen, C. Burgess, 
Sphraitn Cook, Stafford Armstrong, Benj. Guile, Omn J, Lewis, Hac- 
low V. Tallmau, Edwin Potter, Christopher Eohrbacher, Rowland Bell, 
Wm. Francisco, Frank Keealer, Thomas L. Gilbert, Jerome H. Loomis, 
Birdseje McCollougli, Austin Kiggs, Charles 8, May, Stephen Collar, 
fioyal Jones, Joel Smith, Harvey Felton, Adam Dell. Henry Blckert, 
Jamt'B Merrick, Wm. H. Gould, Jerome Haight, Frederick Hines, Thos. 
Wade, Wm. J. Stevens, David M. Strickland, Hezekiah Smith, Daniel 
Hale, Benj. Fritz. Hezekiah Swaim.Leri Watkins, T'rhih Gress, John F. 
Wheaton, David Almond, Joseph Beaumont. 

Aun-lius Township, — James Graham, Lester E. Jewett, Samael Eckhart, 
James Hamond, Amos Totliff, Samuel Handshey, Oliver H. P. Ranney, 
Christian V. Miller, Milo Thompson, George W, Hunt, James B. Hunter, 
Wm. H.Mills, Frank Perrin, Freman Bunker, Melvin L. Bailey, Wm. M. 
Webb. Wm. Wamer, Alonzo Cheney, Wm. Coueh, Daniel Reed. Dudley 
Bnteman, J. R. Kingman, Wra. Hurtzburg, Lumnn Fowler, Orestes 
Bnckinghani, George Hazelton, Thomas Bateman, George Rusch. Fred- 
erick W. Turner, Joseph Lake, James Parks, Levi B. Sibley, Joseph 
Stofer, Gerrgp Ohlinger, Solomon Shesley, Wm. Randall, Ward Moore, 
Edw. Lock, Augustus Baumer. 

Bunker Hill Township. — George C. Morehouse, Lyman Brown, Elliott H. 
Augt'l. Wm. H. Whallon, James H, Whallon, Alfred F. Aldrich, Hiram 
Sli.nt, Zaclianah Clark, John A. Curtis, Warren H. Smith. D. M. Blais- 
dell, Christopher Clinton, Wm. Perry, L. H. MeCreery. H. A. Lauber- 
teaas, Asa Waterhouse, S. W. Dunham. Alou/.o D. Beers, Obed E. 
Hodges, Menry Leland, John Raymond, James Mitchell. Hugh Blakely, 
John L. Clark, Hiram D. Lee, Wm. Galbraith, Willard 8. Preston, Ed- 
ward O. Humes, Dewitt C. Meech, James KnauS, Martin Chrispell, 
[Albert TravisJ. 

Delhi Township. — Theodore Burgess, George Fishel. Lyman W. Elwood, 
Christian Binkley, Willis Shaw, Wm. Wait, Samuel Leseney, Charles 
Buckingham, Jno. L. Hunt, Wm. Franklin, Wm. Chandler, George Mal- 
lory, Lewis Ruppert, John Surato, Wm. H. Allen, Stephen J. Pratt, 
Henry North, John T. Olds, Henry Exner, Adolph Helmker, Edward 
Norris, David Dodd, Wm. Battenfleld, W. Irving Holmes. Abraham 
Hoser, Lawson H, Lee, Charles A. Gunn, Addison Stone, L, Nathan 
Lyndon, Abraham Black, Sr,, John West, Samuel Myers. John Keeler, 
James P. Cillev, Norman Brooks, Benj. Ohlinger. Geo. Alberts, Frank 
Bond, [Wm. a'. Bolter]. 

Ingham Township.— Homer C. Everett. Edwin D. Field, V. Marthi Otia, 
Frank Lester, Walden W. Raymond, Byron Holt, Washington C. 
Wheeler, Wm. H. Rose, Abraham Nichols, John H, Allen, George W. 
Baker, August Hanu. 

Village of Daneville. — Wm. E. Manning. Theodore Hoffman, Andrew J. 

Miller, John W. Warfel, Wm. B. Rowe, Andrew Beers. Otis F. BrotLer- 

ton, Charles Paddock, Horace L. .Vseltine, W. D. Warner, Urial B. 

Walker, Isaiah Dakin, Dewitt C. Corwin, Charles M. Richison, .\lamson 

w J>. Beardsley. Merritt Hicks. Josiah Wolcott. 


lylor, N. B^l 
own, M. ^^^ 

Laoalng Township. — Wm, Sbaffer. \Vm. H. Forbes, Ralph Tayli 
Cooley, Fred Shipp, Thomas Elliott, J. J. Palmer, W. L. BrowUj 
Edson, E. H. Lewis, Joseph K. Dunlap, C. D. Brown, J. L. Petty, Henry 
Manly, Richard L. Darrah, Eenj. B. Baker, John F, Mayer, S. B. Bcam- 
mon, George C. Preeley. Smith Gulelt, Charles Gloaser, Charles P. Mil- 
ler, C. G. Russell, W. Hoeford, Harrison Moore, E. D. Allen. 

Le Roy Township.— -Chauncy Wilcox, Hiram Rix, Henry K. Goodrich, 
Horatio Litchfield, Thomas J, Bond, Monroe Putnam, John Purcell, 
Robert E. Monroe, Henry Wilber, James Monroe, Albert F. Horton. 
Timothy Hubbard. Almon A. Huston, Charles F. Grieb, Seneca Rhodes, 
Warren Haskell, Joseph C. Loree, Cheater D. Barber, Josiah Risden, 
Hiram N. Fellows, Oliver Meech, GeorgeVoPce, Alpheos Bixby, Thomas 
Baker, Uriah Bearse, Norton M. Monroe, Alfred P. Haskill, Robert Cole, 
Wm. Leach, Charles Turrell, Cornelius Cadwell, [Martin L. Chapin]. 

Village of Webberville. — Norman Beraent, George H. Kellogg, Ruthvan 
White. John A. Riker, David Stoddard, Wm. 0. Horton, Jacob Steel, 
Daniel D. Kingsburj-, Jacob Bowers, Alpha A. Carr, Marion Hart, 
Alfred Darling, John W, Boardman. Benj, Crossley, Charles W, Smith, 
Beni. W. Brown, John Van Houten. N. R. Scott. Wm. C. Wert, James B. 

Leslie Township.— Wm. Covert, Urban Dauchy, Amos Gibba, Joaeph Wil- 
lianiB. Christian Fisher, Wm. Heale, George W. Raymond, Freeman 
HarknesB, Charles H. Wood, More Blakely, Samuel Cochran, Rudolph 
Howery, George B. Talmadge, Lewis Coon, Wm. Bennet, Stephen Wy- 
mtm. Samuel Bailey, James W. Jones, James 8. Coon, Lafayette Miller, 
Carl Hei^ath, Wm. Burch, George C. Randolph, George Galloway, Wm. 
H. Hendershott, George W. A. Morgan, Obediah B. Laycock, Heory 
Hardee, Alfred D. T;(-8on, Jetferson Hill. Irving Knapp. Charles A. Pen- 
dleton, Leonard M. Isbell, Frederick Crocker, Charles A. Brusk, Sov- 
man P. Haines, Joaeph S. Wilson, Martin L. Ackley. 

Village of Leslie. — Harmon Van Slyke, John H. Coger, Richard B. Hnn- 
toon, Wm. May, George Town, Stephen C. Upham, Aaron J. Raynor, 
James McDanif-ls, Wm. Hutchinga, Jacob W. Ripley. Delos Hopkins, 
John A. Ward. Erastua H, Carter, Wm. Godfrey, Nathaniel Marston, 
Chaa. F. Granger, Lamerd Dewitt, Edwin G. Eaton, George A, Daven- 
port, John C. Shaw, Alford A. Leech, John Oakea, Lewis Courtright, 
Wm. Johnston, Henry Stockwell, Daniel Lincoln, Horatio E. Andrews. 
George ytandley, Abner Barlow, Eli C. Barden, Joseph Graham, Thos. 
lawr'in, Wm. Longyear, Jerome Scoville, Dewitt C Niras, John H. 
Michael. Franklin C. Randolph, Stephen E. Flansburgh, Wm. F. Ben- 
nett, Horace Hodge, Edwin Lindsey, Uriah L. Prine, Samuel Lawrence, 
Henry H. Small, Horatio Herrington, Jerry Bolton, Henry C. Yerby, Al 
bert A. Lumbard, Leonard C. Rice, John F. Grossman, Edward E. Stone, 
Freotfan Evans, John Hughes. Edwin E. Baker. Alonzo B. Kimball, 
Mark Phillips. Emery Hahn, Peter Earl. Wm. D. Hainea, Richard C. 

Locke Township. — John B. Thomas. John O'Donnell, Archibald Clark, 
David M. .\rnoId, George Guthrie. George H. Collins. Samuel Daines, 
Wm. R. Ludden, Joseph S. Fuller, Peter V. Fisher, John Nichols, James 
P. Larowe, Nicholas Crahan. Henry Lewis, Chas, W. Mann, John 
Kirk. Hiram J. Tx)vejoy. .Tames Anderson, John Lynn. James A. Ann 


David JoDes, Hubert Miller, Thomas P. Eiker, Burwt-ll Bockwell, JobD 
M. Placeway, Jerome Fairbanks, Cheater D. Burch, George Chamber- 
lain, Wm. Bennett, Joseph Spears, Moses Hill, Gardner Rice, Albert 
Bpinkit. Bert Young, Lyman Pickard, Le Boy Satterlee, Cbas. P. Lake, 
Leander Wrigbt, George B, Haskill, James H. Wilson, Isaac Bossa, 
Georpe Johnson. 

Meridian Township. — Conrad Helwig, Henry Milkins, Joseph Buahrey, 
John Dyer, Thomas Stayley, Francis King, W. L. Mosher, J. A, Covert, 
Harlan P. Towner, George Northrup, Amasa D. Place, Harvey Lapham, 
Beuben Cook, Charles Fay Wheeler, John Strayer, John M. Bearse, 
Joseph Kilboiimc, James Woodworth, D. W. Duncha, Jolin QIassbrook, 
Elijah Kibbe, H. B. Parker, Augustus Ayers, Joseph I. Burtraw, Arthur 
Kline, Nelson Peterson, David Palmer, Calvin H. Torrance, Wm, F, 
Allen, Thomafi Walker, Ilenry B. Etderkin, John W. Clark, Almarion 
Daniels, John F. Saltmaah. 

Onondaga Township. — Wm. M. Carroll, J. A. Stocking, James "nilotBon, 
Winfield Myers, Nelson Lapoint, Edward Rossman, Thomas Drohan, 
Henry Laycock, Robert Lyon, J. P. Bond, Daniel M. Wood, L, N. Fom- 
ham, Monro Annise, Wm. Vorce. Wm. Mudge, George Terry, John 
McAllister, Samuel Van VIearah, A. A. Dortater, Isaac Gower, John 
Lewis. Ephraim Clark, E. E, Sherd, Joel Dunn, Gardner Buck, C, J, 
Streeter. Wm. Giddings, Robert Maynard, Hiram Godfrey, Stephen 
Hawkins, Oliver Swart, C. C. Patrick, Nelson Rossman, Wilson Torney, 
Wm. Rossman, Chauncy Carpenter, 8eth Jones, A. H, Waller, H. D, 
Albro, H. D. Johnston, Edward B. Trefey, George Goodnoe, A. J. H. 
Brewer, John A. Monroe. Christopher Medsker, John Webster. F. Aos- 
tin, Parker Orr, David Gould, Albert Taylor. 

Stockbridge Township. — I'ri Isbell, Edward G. Pierce, Chas. Beeman, 

Frederick Reason, Alfred Cobb, James Cavender, Robert Reed, Harmon 

^.Jesse, Andrew Richmond, John Blaisdell, Robert Simpson, John Par- 

^^plAffe of Stockbridge.— George McArthur, Hiram Haire, Mark I'pthe- 
^^vrove, Lorenzo Bice, Jonathan Cook, Orrin K. Brownell, Eugene 8. 
Bose, Thomas Bain, Asher G. Miller, Clark A. Norton, Alonzo McCour- 
tle. Wm. Simpson, Wm. Collinge, Lewis Morgan, David N. Rogers, Ther- 
on A. Stephen, Henry Dwight, Christopher C. Johnson, Charles West. 
John Russman. 
Vevay Township. — Oscar B. Blakesley, Lorenzo Bartlett, J. B. Worden, 
J&mes H. Irish, Solomon Van Etten. Henry Stevens, George Garrison, 
George Judson, Edward Cochran, Shelson McCormick, Jamee E. Nox- 
80B. Samuel Howes, Ira Nelson. Charles Hollis. Wm. W. Miller. James 
C. Mclntyre, Wm. 8. Chnlker, Henry I. Northrup, Francis Petrie, Geo. 
Cotton. George W. Corey. Lovewell L. Irish, George .lames, John 
Bishop, Wm. H. Overholt. Cbas. E. Moi^an. Joseph Jewett, Henry Big- 
nal, Wm. A. Perrin, Frial Combctock. Royal Corey, Joseph M. McComb. 
Lucius H. Ives, Nelson DeCamp. 
Wheatfield Township.— Chas. E. West, Aaron G. Tobias. George E. Gard- 
ner, Boswell L, Boutwell. George J, Price. Chas. Miller, Wm. Wood. 
George Earn, Peter Linn. James Lockwood, Orlando Porter, George 
Warner. John Bolt, George Traver, George Every, Aaron H. Vail. John 
rehall, Davis R. Lane, Frank Warner, Augustine Moore, Geoi^e 
(yers, George Pratt. William Hill, 



WWte Oak Township. — Ljman Ruesell, Clias. Young, Aloazo Will 
Henry Bosecrance, Henry B, Dibble, Wm. Cooper, John Hynes, PatricK 
Callan, Albert Qala, George Pullen, John Wolverton, Darins Cojer. 
Wm. Haywood, James W, Woicott, Abraham Anderson, Godfrey OanSB. 
Daniel McKenzie, Zina Carter, Christopher Patrick, O. L. Latbrop, Dan- 
iel J. Grimes, John Moran, Wm. Pope. 

Williamstown Township. — Aniaziah J. Stoughton, Cbas. E. Lockwi 
Theron P. Bristow, Washington McCave, Wm. Farrell, George Arn* 
Asa M. Foote, Wm. W. Byera, David Harkness. 

Village of Williamston. — George W, Langford, Sibley U. Case, Cbas. D. 
Grossman, George W. Sturdeyant, Robert Hewlett, Albert Van Fleet. 
Wm. L. Robson, Chas. Thoms, Wm. R. Hauae, Judson O. Bigelow, Jas. 
J. Dana, Patten M. Brown, Fred Burdick, Chas. E. Paddock, Eli P. Lor- 
anger, Stephen A. Bigelow, George E. W^alker, Wm. Hodge, Lewis Wil 
ber, John Dixson, Wm. H. McEnally, Wm. Corey, Amos B. Bliss, Isra^'l 
King, Mathias Coad, James C. Horton, Calvin Amy, Cbauncy Blakesley, 
Henry Crandall, Hubbard H. Dakin, Hamilton M. Bigelow, John 
Burkley, Murray S. Baker, Samuel Eberly, Richard H. Wiggins, Eliott 

B. Kinne, Zady Butler, Milo Vannetter, George Spade, Wm. J. Bates, 
Edward N. Morrison, Daniel G. Wade, Herbert Whipple, Stephen P. 
Leighton, Monroe McGowen, Johu V. Wilkins, John McCormick, James 

Lansing City, First Ward. — Charles O. Palmer, Chas. Strong, Henry Koh- 
ler, George A. Dubeck, Silas McDougal, David Schaible, Edwin N. 
Wood. Albert F. Crane, Chas. M. Stickles, John T. Dunn. Wm. Kiock, 
Lawrence W. Croy, J. C. Bushong, Joseph H, Norris, Willard Q. Ten 
Eyck, Chas. A. Wallace, Martin Edwards, Chas. E. Johnson, Eliaha 
Watson, Emery W. Benson, D. W. Cowley, Horace Holcomb, J. R. Price, 
Richard Reynolds, Alexander C, Woicott, John Morris, David Rapple- 
yea, Lyman Benjamin, Chas. H. Rulison, Gilbert Fowler, Benj. W. 
Thompson, Alexander Petrie. Geoi^e W. Christopher, Wm. Loewer, 
James M. Lett, Ellas M- Elder. Sr., Wm. W. Davis, Alonzo J. Handy, 
James E. Buck, Wm. W. Corwin, Wm. A. Deits. G. H. Sherman, N. H. 
Winans, Solomon C. Perry, Daniel L. Case, John H. Mevis, Thomas Bar- 
ry, J. Truman Terrill. Wm. E. Clark, Lyman Rich. Edwin S. Perry. Benj. 

C. Goodhue. 

Lansing City, Second Ward. — Orson A. Chandler, James Foley, John H. 
Roberts, George Longstreet, James M. Cook, Peter Rebeno, Henry 
Green, John Wall, Jacob Stroble, Henry B. Carpenter, Egbert Perry, 
Sidney J. Bliss, Robert L. Warren, Charles H. Adams, Frederick Alex- 
ander, Luke Madden, Henry Summereaur, Thomas Taylor, Bela P. Rich- 
mond. Ransom Dingman, James Crawford, George W, Freeman, ThoB. 
H, Wilcox, Christopher Johnson, Jacob P. Sleight, Henry B. Baker. 
George A. Dyer, Charles M. Norton, Stephen L. George, Clinton J. Bur- 
nett, Edward P. Gibbs, James H. Baker, Le Roy Williams, Gilbert W. 
Hasty, Frank McLellan, F, B. Lee, Daniel Brainard Ainger, Julins Val- 
entine, George E. Ranney, Theodore S. Holmes, George E. Lawrence. 
Julius N. Baker, Daniel J. Bower, John C. Kennedy, Winfleld S. Sly. 
Wm. W. Cook, Richard H. Marsh, Stephen N. Chilton. Watson A. Hoyt. 
Reuben B. Larzelere, John W. Chadwick. John McKinley, John L. Van 
Pelt, Wra. S. Wright, John C. Baker, Asa Smith, James Richmond. 
Charles E. Dermont, Charles I. Pope, Andrew Bentley, Cyrns Aledorf, 




^^V Samnel Brucb, C. B. Grant, Charles D. Long, Seymour Foster, Henry S. 
^^^ Beage, Oliver M. Hill, John E. Neary, Garden L, Wight, James KicholB, 
Joseph Reuffer, Uriah Lazelle, George H. Saiton, Wm. L. Kice, George 
U. Kilmer, John Oatley, George Bugsbee, Ulyssea D. Ward, Gideon 
Acker, Charles A. Webb, [J. Free Smith, Edwin R. Havens, Horace 
Decker, John F. Piper, Caleb T. Smith, Lester Z. Kenney], 
tianeing City, Third Ward. — E. Woodard, G. K. Moore, G. W. Johnson, 
St., Edward Cahill, Wm. O. Sherwood. Turner Byrd, Eara Holden, 
Kicholas Welch, John Ewing, Nathan Miles, Ithamer H. Baker, L, A. 
Miller, Francis T. Rowley, Charles H. Munson, Benj, H. Dewer, Oscar 
Cowles Leggett, Victor O. Loomis, Stephen Morehouse, George ^. Bent- 
ley, J. W. McGrath, Seneca Hontley, John Decamp, A. M. Dobbleaire, 
H. E. Bowell, George B. Morgan, John B. Cook, C. B. Dillingham, O. 
Amos Gunn, Henry G. Lewis, Samuel Armstrong. Wm. E. Newell, F. L. 
Henderson, G. W. Stone, Henry Spaulding, E. A. Baird, Albert Porter, 
George Scranton, Wm. 8. Moses, W. 8. Cooper, Theodore Booth, E. K. 
Bennett, J. G. Helmic, S. H. Reynolds, Samuel Hunter, Alfred H. Fow- 
ler, Frank T. Allbright, George Wilcox, Charles Minuis, Dorman K, Ful- 
ler, Charles H. Holmes, David Armstrong, Robert M. Montgomery, 
Wm. Longstreet, John D. Woodbury, S. C. Oatman, W. D. Sabin, J. H. 
Sayers.A.O. Taylor. Julius A. Post, Andrew F. Bott, M. L. Schirtz, J. A. 
Rix, Sp,, Henrv H. Crone, Wm. M. Ferree. W. H. Pluinmer. G. J. Foster, 

■ R. M. Fillmore, Addison Childa, Harvey H. Sheppard, C. C. Stafford, 
Wm. W. Welcher, Alexander Cameron, Joseph S. Buck, Philip Q. 
Stoner, Thomas S. Clark, G. D. White, George Randall, J. H. Hatch, 
L. B. Baker. T. E. Potter, M. V. Montgomery, Steven H. Avery, Stanley 
W. Turner, D. H. McComas, John J. Hail, George W. Tults, J. A. Bowen, 
Napoleon Hamilton, W. H. Decke. 

Lansing City, Fourth Ward.— Albert Gregory, James Campbell, John 
Billedeau, A. Landon, Horatio Pettis, Lawrence Price, Charles Stewart, 
Edgar W. Clark, James W. Tobin, L. C. Storrs, Sydney Edson, Warren 
F. HooghtOQ, John Chamberlain, Frederick Schneider, Lyman Russell, 
Timothy L. P. Miles, George W. Smally, Lucius Sears. Addison Bojce, 
Jabes B. Elkina, Eugene Umphrey, John Q. Parks, Nelson Madden, 
Wtn. E. Slight, George Lambert. James H. Wellings, George Marshall. 
George W. Henderson, Thomas Henderson, John Taylor, Rodney W. 
Ohoate, Orrin P. Frary, Henry Leonard, John Main, Perry J. Davis, E. 
H. Maxwell, Homer L. Thayer, John C. Porter, Thomas McKemon, Hor- 
ace Burdick, Francis L, Strong, Edward P. Church. Francis Dancer, 
Reason Watts, Wm. Ellis, Jasper W. Garlick, Joseph Huil, Thomas 
Barnes, Stephen P. Choate. Hibbard Clawson, Arthur West, Henry D. 
Warner, Myron Kibby. Lyman Cooper, Henry M. Crill, John McCoslin, 
Martin V. Crill, George Richards, Lorenzo Partlow, John H. Banghart, 
Henry H. White, Rufus Proctor. Martin Gashemire. Thomas Blosser, 
John Christopher, Wm. Ellia, Jacob Born, Henry Wilson, I^evi Hatt, 
Richard Hollis. Joseph H. Ssivage. 

Lansing City, Fifth Ward. — Peter Brink. John Cotirliss, Henry Hum- 
phry, W. W. Mintarn, John Spears. H. B. Faxon. D. E. Payne. John 
Eavetsky, S. Ackerman, James M. Phelps. C. C. Richardson. W. P. 
Cbristancv. Joseph N. Smith. Chnrles M. W. Blnkeslee. H. B. Curtis, 
, Charles Graham. Michael Kane, P. F. Blake, Daniel Hutts, E. A. Stead- 



man, Gardner Conn, Alfred Bonner, George W. Perkins, D. Palmeter. 
(Jeorge G. Laitgen, Abram Cady, L. D. Smith, S. H. Crowl, John Wil- 
liams, Adam Amsbaugh, T. G, King, Gharles Foster, G. P. Lesber, Wm. 
H. Parker, Jolin .Anderson, D. B. Baldwin, A, E. Andrews. A, B, Pixlej, 
J. M. Bice, Frank Wheeler, Frank McGlucus, John Reed, C. L. Knee- 
land, A. U. Updjke, J. J. Smith, L. B. Uiles. Joseph A. Lemond, Chas. 
Kohler, A. A. Kennedy, J. B. Smith, Gharlee Ghittenden, T. Barton, A. 
T. Scott, Aaron R, Biirchard, A. P. Loomis, A. C. Gongwcr, Martin L. 
Harper, IsaAC N. Ashley, Henry D. Humphry, George Rumer, Fay 
Strickland, Egbert Ingersoll, A. Gotti-ell, C. T. Kittle, W. S. Holmes, 
John A. Marvin, Reuben Eury, L, Anderson, John Broad, H. 0. Bri^s, 
H, B. Alderson, L. J. Merritt.Frank Dnnn, Horace Lapham, Wm. Wood, 
Freeman Pierce, J. H. Cowley. Charles J. Alderson, 

Lansing City, Sixth Ward. — C. W. Ayera, George Fowler, Hiram C. 
Beemer, John W. Kincaid, A. H. Whitehead, Frank M. Howe, George 
G. Van Alstine, G. H. Taylor, Simon G. Webster, Elisha H. Hudson, 
Mathew F. Merritt, Wm. Babpock, Jesse Sebring, Wm, Peterson, 
Thomafi Ellis, Chas. E. Whipp, George J. Cheney, Chas. Hilliard, John 
Austin, Allen 8. Shattuck, Wm. Mishler, Nelson Shattuck, Franklin 
Goodrich, H. C. Andrus, D. D. Sherman, Enoch Chappell, B. F. WllBon, 
John T. Page. Rush J. Shank, George A. Caine, Chas. H. Willis, Elihne 
P. Chadwiek, James A. Nute. Samuel H. Row, Chas Loe, John Vin^ar, 
Millard Olmstead, Grover Chapman, E. A. Scutt, 8. J. Southwoi 
Clark Fineout, John Davidson, Andrew Whitney, Chas. D. Cowli 
Nicholas Ikenberg, L. A. Triskett, Samuel Whitehurst, George Wi 

Mason City, First Ward, — Josiah Pilbeam, Lucius E. Haley, Enos 
Baldwin, John A. Shannon, John C. Kimmel, Sr., Lncius W. Mills, Wm. 
W, Root, Harry O. Call, Henry C. Freeland, Amos Saulspaugli, Thomas 
M. Saraw. David Foote, Solon D. Neely, Stephen Dorman, George W. 
Swiggett, Wm. Spach, Stillman Davenport, Reuben R. Huntington. 
John Harmon. James Keliey, Harvey Hawkins, Levi Darrah. G. L. 
Bamaby, Clem Shulte, Albert E. Cowlea, David Southwick, Alonzo J. 
Barden, Nicholas Tenipler, Daniel B. L. Thorn, Henry J. Peters, Harvey 
Acker, S. W. Hammond. Horatio J. Bond. John D. Light, Edwin D. 
Stone, Thomas Bush, Thomas Jones, Wm. H, Ferguson, Philo Patrick, 
Wm. A. Petty, Isaiah P. Rathbnn, Enos Steffy, Geoi^e W. Brown, Mon- 
roe Olin, Asa .1, Fenn, Joseph Batch, Chas. M. Sanderson, Watson B. 
Weeks, Alfred Tichurst, Luther C. Adkins, Nathaniel G. Saxton. Chas, 
E. Eaton, Chas. E. Ball, Joseph Garrison, Harrison Breed. 

Mason City, Second Ward.— Chas. A. Monroe, Geo. H. Paddock, Samuel 
C. Parker, Wm. J. Adams, James Howard, Lindley J. Ford, John C. 
Squires, James Van Camp, Lewis J. Lincoln, Alfred J. Shurger, Dayton 
P. Whiting, Wm Gregg, G, A. Sayre. Jared B. Smith, Oliver P. Osbom, 
Riley Dunham, Edwin Cowdrey, James W. Edick. Christopher Brott. 
Wm. Daniels, Wm. H. Clark, Sidney Preston, James A. Sherwood, 
Myron A. Randall, C. W. Van Slyke. Edwin E. Curry. Andrew Farren, 
Nelson Hnxley, J. K. Elmer. G. J. Franklin. James TTpdyke, Aarcoii^ 
Bennett, John G. Snook. al 



krlin Township. — Gilbert J. Crane, Jno. H. MiIIb, David Aungst, Jon. W. 
_ '~loIe, Edgar Nasb, Orrin Hunter, Alanson Mimn, Mark D, Day, Uenry 
Bonseman, Miles Bennett, Wm. Vandicar, Jerry Signs, Hauiuel E. 
Pickens, Joseph A. Locher, Sheldon E. Curtis, Robert H. Miner, Wm. 
Hicking, John G. Snyder, Alfred Wheclock, Marshall Tanner, William 
Hinderlelder, John R. Patrick, Darius Erwin, Birney Carter, Levi Ilalr. 
A. J, Coantryman, Tracy B. Lowrey, Freeman T. Haskins, George 
Hoaaeman, Joseph Fields, Abraham Ketchum, I.«wis Tanner, TbomaH 
Parsons, Wm. Coot, Herbert Hines, Niles Bennett, Jerome P. BeoDOtl, 
Wm. O. Bible. John P. Miller, Wm. Pickins, Richard H. Hines, Wm. W. 
Woodard, Edward S. Atkins, Levi J. Barnard. John Chappie, Prank 
Hart, Ebenezer N. Lowry, Edwin Smith, Chas. Hinderleider, Charle* 
Oranger, Jacob M. Walter, Nicholas Hall, Oliver Smith. 

Boston Township. — Samuel E. Bevier, Pierce Bedell. Frank Murtou, Sam- 
uel E. Tncker, Robert Hnnter, John Grieves, John T. Gould, Newell 
Hotchkise, Charles Conklin, Wm. Cbeetham, Jay P. Livermore, O. H, 
Btower, Alexander Fountain, Samuel G. Martin, Rnfus Traiu, Jacob 
Duffey, Frank P. Grommand. Richard Vosper, CorneliuH Rhodes, .Vlan 
son Youngs, James Woodruff, Peter Oberson, Euatis E. Church. Jere- 
miah Lusk, David H. English, Daniel J. Hill, Devilo Bishop, David 
Hook. James A. Aldricb, Joseph Tallant, John Carey, Charleu Webber, 
Samuel L. Hulliberger, John McArfhur, Jacob Hinderleider. laaac 
•Toaeph, Jefferson Dailey, Wesley Gates, John P. .^nderaon, Henry GIok- 
ter. Harrison H. Power, Sheperd S.Wheeler, Alfred Moon. Edson P. 

Village of Saranac. — Wm. H. Renwick, Charles W. Chipman, .1. Iitaac 
Abbott. Wm- H. Davenport, Philip Taylor. Wra. FitKgiblM,nM. Hiram A. 
Horton, Erastus Hall, John Steele, George A. Potts, Henry O. CrMbers, 
Americas Perham, Joseph J. Granger, Nathan T. Habbeil, AndriTW 
Lane. Merritt Prindle, -Xaron D. McConnncll, Samuel Day, Joiiepb Bol- 
ster, Kin^ R. Olmstead, Wm. W. Oibwon. John Taylor, 

Campbell Township.— .James Murphy. Warri-n Hoo[M*r, Anion 8. Bar- 
teigh, James Trowbridge, Oliver Norris, Jameii Snyder. Henry Hahn. 
Samuel H. Kart. John Norcntt, Wm. C. Cook. Wm. O. White, John Ot>- 
born, Alva McTaggart, Stephen Gonn, Hew-kiab Draper. J. P. Osborne, 
Wm. Coster. Wm. Wait, George W. Archer, M. B. Tobias. Israel Uer 
ron, Jared E. Burton. Thomaa J. Justice, Ranford While, Nathan Bofw. 
.Tulius Feratv, John Mick. Porman Rudson, John Dnel, A. <i. Buab, 
l.«onard Scbrock. Wm. O. Haxeo. U. F. Knyder, Mostit Femey, AnoM 
Dildine, B. E. He«8, Le Roy B^rovllle, fGeoriie Chipman). 

Danby Townsltip. — Isaac Sheets, John VansU-kle, Ezra Fisfa, Oeorfce 
Gr^t. Hiram Pierw, Perrin H. Lingo. Jamen P. Arms. David Hpantdlog, 
Alfred Towner, Hiram Hal), Wm. Towner, James P. Hogbes. John 
Kirtland. Rolland O. AM>ev, l,amb*-rl Cramer, Cha.. HUr. J. Wesley 
Reader. f;.-..rKf Tavlor, Irvin BainL Da«I<I K. Hailoo, Edward Mallelt. 
Nelson Atwr-ii. o'lai.. Palmer. Hora..- It.«.-ll. W. H. Hradlo, Jaaiiw 
Fomer, Mnr^.ien MillM". Lyman J, Clark. H»iir. Kal*?, Irs Palmfter, 
nklin R^^dL-r. .\iidr*-w Hanbom. Mar<-ijs I„ .M<-''romb. Amo* V 




den, Ezra Dinsmore, Chas. Holbrook, George W. Snyder, Simeoa De- 
camp, Rolland Derby, Alfred A. Oarlock, Obas. W. Overly, [Uanley 
Conkrite] . 

EaBton Township. — Wm. H. Connor, Cornelius T. Webber, Bradley C3ol^ 
Edmond J. Vandoren, Joe, Shaffer, Geo. Pettit, Wm. 8. Cowan, Ean- 
Bom Laduke, John Roberts, Alfred Trumbull, Simeon Rector, Charles 
Bennett, Noah Bishop, Wm, Dumper, George Davis, Myron Currier, 
Nathan Winalow, James Brown, James Heald, George Bradford, Tho». 
Allen, Corneliua Densmore, Augustus Savage, Anthony Weaver, 
Handy Pinkerton, Samuel C, Briggs, Louis Hermann, George Forshee, 
Andrew Little, John Scott, George Corey, Warren Mason, Ramson 
Stambro, Wm. H. Watson, James B. Drake, George T. Bell, Darwin 
DennisoD. George Kipp, William Coney, John R. Grover, John Brad- 
ford, George C, Nummer, Virgil G, Conner, Alexander Sprague, Bur- 
dette Mason, Chas. Macomber, Andrew Ross, Hiram Gibson, Wm. 
Eidd, Chas. V. Collins, Andrew Lyle, August Sorge, Wm, Just, Frank 
Dennison, John Anderson, John Perry, Samuel Stowell, Thomas W. 
Thorp, Daniel Temple, Samuel S. Thomas, Edwin S. Bates, Starr Al- 
vord, Martin Cook, Clark Hawiey, John Voorhees, Wm. Mills, Horace 

Ionia Township. — George Hull. Horace Shates, Wm. Grieves, James 
Mlckel, Lester F. Jones, PMlo D. Cutler, John Harrington, Henry 
Panstle, David S, Lane, Peter J. Shiveley, Hiram Bishop, Thomas 
Eager, Henry Ude, Jacob Lason, Henry Steel, George Holcomb, Har 
rison Hackett, Wm. Younger, Martin Bryant, Phineas Williams, 
Stephen Brooks, Samuel Kelley, Francis Canouse, George Cahoon, 
Theodore Angle, Samuel Roberts, Henry Goodhew, Elwood NewhooBe, 
James Laden, Alvin Giimesaey, Hiram Roberts, Geot^e Gumessey, 
Chas. Chetterly, Ezra Gurnessey, Gyrus W, Clark, Wm. Adgate, Silas 
Garnessey, Thomas Kenney, John Bice, John Terry, Merritt Monger, 
Jonathan Smith, J, McClintock, Horace Gurnessey, Wm. Croel, Asa 
Randall, John Scott, Almon Tuttle, [Jacob La Dow, James B. 

Keene Township. — Jonathan Thompson, James Renwick, Charles Frost, 
Dennis Waland, R, C, Adams. Henry Pinkney. George Butts, William 
Priese, Arba Benson, Anson J. Ring, Wilber H. Moon, John Folka, 

Nelson N. Marble, Kasper Feuersteen, Serabelow, Merrit Sayle* 

Charles W. Hale, Amos H. Abbott, Allison W. Knee, George H. Hart, 
Eber Compter. [Wm, Blough]. 

Lyons Township. — N. D. Millard, Frederick S. Dunn, Ezra B. Deits, 
Alonzo F. Steadman. John Williams, Wm. H. Vunk, H. Gard- 
ner, George Sherman. John Abraham, Henry Jones. John Truesdale, 
George Sykes, F. Conner, W. H. Gladding, Joseph Randolph, William 
E, Seaver, George Buchanan, W. H. Canfleld, Aaron B. Chapman, Wal- 
ter Cornwall, Edward Worden, John Cunningham, Ira Strubble. John 
Gardner, Henry Sadler, John Birkett, [Andrew J. Grav, Wm. E, Sea- 
ver, Wm. Warfield]. 

Village of Lyons. — Frank Manning, Joseph 8, Preston, Wallace Hal 
stead. Orville B. Willey, Moses Johnson, Chas. S. Marsh. Lorenzo Sut- 
ton, Frank Scott, Julius May. Daniel Boyden. Leonard E. Morse, Mar- 
tin Striker, Enoch Watkins, Wilbur Etson, John B. Dougherty, ThomM 


, Hecox, William Pennington, John Ashiej, Ransom Howe, William 
'H. Fisher. David C, Spaulding, Edward Johnson, Ezra Thayer, Nathan 
B- Sherwood, Aaron Striker, Charles H. Tifloson, E/.ra Prouty, John 
Bowman, Wm. Judd, Henry Hitchcock, Francis T. Oleason, William 
Fadham, John Mason, Alonzo Carter, James R. Bowen, Edmoad L. 
Goram, Thomas Matthews, Frederick Isham, George Baldwin, Henry 
Bradley, [Leroy Spencer. Stephen Denny]. 

Village of Muir. — George French, Leonard Newhouse, J. B. Van Ant- 
werp, Silas Husted, Henry Terhune, Anthony Sitser, Charles Austin, 
John Dennis, Almon Rodgers, Russell Phillip. Isaac Farrer, El>enezer 
Van Baren, Clark Days, William Gearhart, John Douglass. William 
Gardner, J. O. Probasco, L. H. Blancher, Enoch Tubbs, Geoi^e Bell, 
Parria Rathburn, Adelbert Sherman, Charles W. Thomae, John M. 
Nichols, Ambrose Harris, Clarence Clough, Charles D. Smith. 

Village of Pewamo. — W. M. Irish, John Pennington, James H. Robert- 
son, David Knster, Emerson Vance, P. B. Millard, Charles Cook, 
Nathan F. Compton, William Dexter, Christian Tbiede, Amos W. Sher- 
wood, Thomas Shoemaker, George L. Foot, [Wick McGowen]. 

North Plains Township. — YonDgs Delong, William Toynton, Oscar 
Knight, William Charles, James Herald, Byron Borden, Edward C. 
Beed, William Ryan, Henry Shoen, M. Graham, Charles Williams, Wil- 
liam Gage, Joseph Fletcher, James Scott, John Dazell, Adephine Moss, 
Edward Reed, Simon Newhouse, John Manning. Jacob Jessup, George 
Tracy, Benj. Reece, Cyrus Mather, [Warren Wood, Andrew Jessup]. 

Village of Hubbardston. — Richard Ryan, Charles Stuck, John Lewis, 
Bichard Johnson, John A, Churchill, Hobert Hawks. John Shoemi, 
George Jones, Charles Bennett, William Nestle. Henry Barrone. Wil- 
liam Avery, William H. Marlett, Walter Tobor. Charles Harris, Henry 
Grove, H. W. Brown, B, K. Smith, George Jones. Archibald Houston, 
Henry Hitchcock. Charles W. Doremus, Charles Honk, O. C. Town- 
Bend, Erastns Smith, Wellington Graham, [A. Freeman, Geo. W. 

Odessa Township. — Edwin Furman, Henry Hinderieider. James Buxton, 
Charles E. Bretz, Amos Simmons, Francis fiheUman, Vemor C Wat- 
Uds, Frank A. Bliss, William Banker, James H. Van Houten, Daniel 
Shellenbarger, Albert Bird, Jacob Beard. Israel Cave, John C. Hub- 
bard, John L. Frantz, Andrew A. Walter. Abel Bywatcr. I^eonard 
Knapp, John DeMarenviile. David I.. Muoiu'V. .lobn Schueiilfr, Robert 
Musgrove, James A. Ervav, John S. .Vugust. Miirtin BeaviT. William 
Hougb. Sr., Christian Hiller, .John E. Shell. William H. tHark, Ashley 
J, Russell, Henry Shire, Augnstus E. EUlott, James McAlister, Joliu 
D. Bishop, John Green, John E. Davis. Lemuel W. Moe, .lacob Hum- 
mel, Thomas Little, Seymour Baglev, Chnrle« Sickles, cieorgc Herring- 
ton. John Lunger, Henry E. Earl, Martin V. Cnrr. 

Village of Lake Odessa.— Samuel R. Unidcii. ('hiirles O'Neal, Robert *'. 
Blair, Quincy S. Taylor. Roh'-rt ('alt, r. w. noughtalin, Kdwin A. 
Busb. Charles McCoy. Marlon Crane, Hfiiry Foshurgh, .Inmes N. Olni- 
stead, George Cover, Thotnan Leak, (leorg'- I'l-tltiiglll. George D. Bar- 
den. Daniel Filkins. Gi-orge Hinsdale. Oeorge Ferguson. Andrew M. 
Martin, Wiiliam H. Howard. William Mathews. John Stair, George B. 
Torb. Homer Morgan, Ira Tapper, Edison Oates. Wallace Lovewell, 

117 H 

Jliam H 




deon J^ 

Emanuel Cramer, Francis Demming, Millon JaqueB. Peter J. FellowH 
James Wandell, William H. Knickerbocker, Wesley Balyeat, Willia^ 
Fink, Charles Pelton. Thomas Waddell, Joseph Marvin, Stephen Mai- 
lery, John Lowery, Martin Cox, Joseph W. Braden. 

Orange Township. — C. L. Houseman, John W. Klotz, Judson Clark^ 
Hiram Slocum, William Kneale, Wjatt B. Thorp, George W. 
William X. White, Abram Hunt, Robert Rowe, Charles W. 
Albert White, Matbias Miller. Benj. Bowers, Eli A. Coleman, Geoi 
H. Leonard, William Case, Harry Caldwell, Jacob Seller, Edson 1 
Miner, J. S. Barrett, T. B. Burtch, William W. Crane, L. B. Benedict, 
James Jordan, George W. Adgate, Jacob Bessey, William O, Miner. 

Orleans Township.^-Jaraes Bright, George W. Brown, Daniel Dow, John 
Pratt, William B. Clifford, Andrew M. Canovan. John Terrill, William 
Brown, Edmon Snow, Leander Berry, Stowell J. Smith, Lemoel Ting- 
ley, Joseph Howard, Justus Beadle, Thomas Murry, John Collier, Orrin 
H. York, Perrin S. Cole, Abraham Emery, Levi Heth, Francis Maynard, 
Henry Leach, George W. Conner, Charles B. Ashby, Charles H. Lynch, 
Horace Dickerson, A, Root, Edward Trainer, Hiilan Mcintosh, James 
A. Goff, Peter Holland, Charles Leach, Thomas Nodding, Robert John 
son, Andrew J. Town. 

Otisco Township.— Frank C. Antcliff, C. M. Smith, William C. Thornton, 
tiiram Jenks, Henry Sthlin, Joseph Cobb. Lyman W, Lnscomb, John 
Wandell, William Stanton, J. W. Cooper, William L. Barker, W. R. 
Olds, James Granger, Peter Readcpsdorf, Roswell Bliss, Samuel Skel- 
lenger, H. S. Forman, Edwin H. Berry, Benj. Tower, Aaron Button, 
George Readersdorf, .Tohn Sherman, Lafayette Reeves, Frederick 
rx)wndee, Joseph Piatt, W. H. Hanks, Hawley McCotter. C. C. McCros 
sen, Frank R. Chase. Cyrus Beedy, William Short. George Hank> 
Wilber H. Locke. Wilson Phillips, Joseph Morse, Samuel Davis, Bern' 
diet Tower, Fred J. Richmond. Daniel B. Benton, Mathias Kohii, 
Osborn Degraw, Jasper Gage, R. Bradish, Alonzo Brown, George F. 
Brown, E. Pyrda, John H. Woodard, George Pyrda, William Bell, 
[Henry Antcliffe], 

Portland Township.— Vincent Taylor, George Yoongs, David Hillis, \\i\ 
liam Falkner. Henry McVeigh, Benj. Bolderson, William Sayers, Har 
rison Outwater, Justin Scott. Stephen Denney, J. D. Woodbury. Wil- 
liam Jones, O. Smith, B. H. Stevens, Charles Hastings, Washington 
Manderville, Oscar P. Hendee, Nathan Way, J. W. Nichols, George 
Alma, Adelbert Saylers. 

Village of Portland. — Samuel S. Jolly. Warren Dailey, Henry C. Mat- 
thews, Edwin Bullard, Joseph Bice, Samuel McVeigh, David F. Dor- 
man, Charles Pierce. William P. Shay. William H. Darken. Seth M. 
Munger, David Trail, Peter A. Cramer, P. N. Chapel, James Commis- 
key, John W. Ward. George Van Wagner, Charles H. Gilden, Unas W. 
Snyder. A. B. Hixon, William R. Bubb. Hozial Horner, Loren F, Jen- 
kins, Alfred P. Derby. William H. Reed. Dell Wade. George W. Sey- 
mour, A. D. Southard. David Rogers. E. K, Hill, B. F. Iceland. Emery 
C. Fox, H. W. Holcombe. Horace C. Glines. Henry Griffin. O. H. Reed. 
George W. Fenner, John Hanby, George R. Smith, John H. Peterson. 
Henry H. Coppuhaver, E, M. Allen. John Horner, J. C. Blarkstone, 
Amanda S. Yates. Miles J. Whitney. Alonzo Fiero, S. S. Ramsey, ^^^ 

f' ^ 

Decker, Eugene P. Fish, Lpmon Barnes, Charles C. Hogmire, Allen ^| 
a. Moore, Abel Sturdevant, Lewis Jolly, Williaro Urie, George Whit- ^^ 
ney, Alfred Stevenson. John Van Horn, James F. linker, John A. 
White, Hiram Lewis, C. A. Partello. Norman T. Sandbom, Silas C. 
Afann, Henry Binebolt, R. P. Baldwin, Robert B. Moe. Wallace R. Nor- ^— 
wood, Frank B. Roe, CharleH Smith. D. H. Stringham, Joseph H. ^H 
Saagbders, Heni-y C. Mol>eod, Perry N. Moore, William Boyden, Jacob ^H 
Hair, AmasaLampmnn, .1. Tillppaiigh. James Van Riper, Isaac Phelps, ^H 
Joseph Hazelfon. J. W. Hair. >'. B. Aldrieh, Chariee A. Davis. Frank ^H 
Mnnger, Aionzo Barret, Francis N. Friend. ^H 

Ronald Township. — James H. Burnes, Stillman Liiingston, Robert F. ^| 
Williams, Reuben Crossett, Benj. Everest, Anthony Palmer. Darius ^^ 
Holdeu, Henry Barrows, William Hayamer. David M. Gould, Henry 
Tift, Chauncy Evens, Ira S. Jeffers, Aaron Dalrymple. Thomas Wilker- 
»on, Hiram Westfall, William Beach. Simon Danuer. James Malone, 
Walter Philips. Benj. Comstock, Charles F. Joslin. Henry Owen, Wat- ^M 
lace Smith. Jerry Brieker, Alvin B. Eaves, Chauncy Talcott, Martin ^M 
Greeawalt. Charles €. Eppley, James Hancock. Barnabas Galloway, ^M 
John A. Olmstead, John Gauss, George Prankard, George Adam's, ^* 
William Normington. David Steere. William Mitchell, [Smith C. Bell]. 
Sebewa Township. — iTamea H. McClelland, William A. Norris. Elisba 
Braley, Allen B. l.ippinrott, Wilson Mann. Jonali H. Carponler, Wil- 
Ham Frazier, William Lumbert, Harrison Evans. Durs Wirt, Benj. D. 
Travis, Heman 8, Brown. Sr., Aionzo N. Evans, William Torpy, George 
E. Friend, 1- A. Brown, Cyrus S. Lawrence. Zalmon Slater, O. W. Dan- 
leie, Hosea Bates, M, E. Kenyon. Thomas J. Adamy, John Hoffman, Cn- 
lambuB Sanborn. Rufus Goddard, John M. Bradley, O. V. Showermau, 
Charles Deatsman. Adam Fender. .losias Clark. Eli T. Simons, John 
Cross, Jacob W. Evans, James O, Smith, Frpderick W. Bnrhams. Jacob 
Callinghnm. [S. Bigham, Jno. S. M. Peabody, E. L. Carpenter, C. J. 
Yagar, Jno. R, Petrie]. 
BeMing City, First Ward. — Horatio X. Bush, George M. Wingar. George 
Wood, John L. Lloyd, James W. Minier, George W. Slevenson, On'iu 
Vangilder, Charles A. Crosby, William C. Clay, Peter View, William 
H, Stewart, Joseph Market, Charles Eddy, Charirs Brown. J. H. God- 
^^frey, Andrew C. Cook, Ira Wilson, Robert L. Whitton, Jno. E. Leonard, 
^^Uteymour Underwood, .lames H. Kenney, Leonard Black. 
^^Hding City, Second Ward.— William T. Garver. William Barlow, A. E. 
^^nrenks, Samuel A. Walker. Palmer Coville. Alanson B. Carter, N. 
^^ Brown. George W. Bannen. Marvin Filfcins. Oscar A. Day, Edwin 
Ormsby. Zephaniah Gooding. Alexander Russell. Charles E. Brooks, 
Melvin A. Severence. David Delehanty. 
Belding City. Third Ward.— M. H. Canfleld. Lewis B. Tiiayer, William 
Unger. Enoch S. Moulton, Edward Butler. George R. Gleason, William 
Hough. Edward D. Bliss. John Coles, Hanley A. Walderon, Lewis H. 
Stone, Harry J. Pierce. William E. Choate, George B. Fish, Royal J. 
I HIar. A. H. Moore, Hiram Minier, Charles Hopkins. Daniel King, 
■honias Cannon. Edw. W. Stall. 

lia City. First Ward, ^William Shaw. Edwin D, Harmon, Francis M. 

loteman. Thomas H. Keys. Charles .\niba. Julius F. Taubert. William 

, Charles S. Cook, Oscar Dean. Theodore Palen, George ChilAa, 

CBNSUB OF mcmOAN— JUNB 1. 1894. 

Robert M. Pickett. B. B. Hall. C. 0. Klafeld, Paul Rotb, Lewis C. Beg 
hold, E. H. Scotford, Harmond Bmitli, John W. Dye. M. H. Amphelet. 
Alexander Goodall, FraDcis Farr, Edwin W, Merrett, John J. Defen- 
dorf, George H. Rector, Edwin W. Barnes, L. F. Gemuend, William K. 
Cooper, Osmund S. Tower, EraBtus T, Yeomane, William B. Wright, 
JameB Greeman, F. S. Hutchinson, Edwin Short, Henry J. Canfleld, 
Joseph J. Phelps, Nelson Hinds, N. I. Brooken, Isaac D. Allbright, P. 
H, Chapman, William Sanderson, Muri-y Pike. 

Ionia City, Second Ward.— Eugene Burtt, William Kavanaugh, Myron 
Morse; John C Taylor, James C, Jennings, Joseph M. Hathaway, 
George E. Williams, George W, Handshy, John Hinderson, Orvilie 
North, W. H. Wilson, Alonzo Goff. Daniel E. Wilson, Asa Hoag, Milea 
Burr. Milo B. Bordner, Nelson T. Burt, Emery S. Griswold, George F. 
Whitney, Edwin R. Dunham, George Beehler, C. A. Cornell, Sinney M. 
Smith. James Brogan. George H. Rowley, Samuel Osborn, Fred 
Thomas, James L. Sweeney, George A. Mains. Charles Parkinson, Wil- 
liam C. Fuller. 

Ionia City, Third Ward.— Benj. R. Covert, William Meade, Charles C. 
Eyster, Benj. Vosper, James M. Fink, William Milligan, James Pan- 
ning, John D. Bryant, Albert J. Clark, James W. Nichols, Soloman 
Sible, Lucius F. Mills, Ebenezer Warn. A. Milan Willett, Clark A. Pres 
ton. Thomas G. Stevenson, E. T. Montgomery. Andrew Green, William 
T. Aniba, Charles Chase. James Lantis, James O. Jackson, Amos Stil 
son. Francis M. Hecoi, Addison O. Darrow, Henry Van Horn. Rnsaell 
M. Kellogg. Jas. G. Conner. Andrew J. -Jackson. A. E. Tower. William 
Knowles. Edward M. Pelzer, [Wm. B. Thomas]. 

Ionia City, Fourth Ward. — Albert J. Hills. Jarvis C. Cooper, Jacob KloR. 
Alonzo Parmenter. Theodore 8. Bloomer. Steven Z. Everest. Alonzo 
Willard. George H. Dye. Zenas A. Estabrook, David C. Crawford, Wil- 
liam Teaker, Augustus B. Simmons. James H. Kidd, William M. Sloan. 
William Kavanaugh, James Kelly. H. B. Grovesteen, Lorenzo John 
son, William Flanders, B. Crowley, Silas Hince, Allen Conklin, Albert 
C. Shafer, Joseph B. Snyder, Joseph A. Rogers, Charles H. Evereffl. 
Allen B, Morse, Egbert Lyons, David A. Jewell, Marvin Guernsey. 
James L. Fowle, Scott Williston, Charles Quigley, Daniel T. Fargo, 
Robert Patterson, -Tames M. Chapman. Edgar S. Shattuck, Thomas 
Sherry, Harmon Stevens. Charles Laws. Alvin J. Cook. Alfred P, 
Avery, Charles Loverin. Ichnbod Buck, William E. Root, James A. 
Sage. John Williamson, W. R. Marsh. Samuel Kelly. [W. Lafayette 
Carpenter, Seth Porter, Wm. A. Woods. James M. Sherman. Hampl 



Alabaster Township. — John Bresnaham. Thomas A, Murphy. Wm, 

Casey. Edward Gates. [John H. White]. 
An Sable Township. ^ — .lames Craig. Alpheus Lamb. 
Baldwin Township.— Moses Woods, Francis H. Frazier. Edward A. Pan 

rand, Horace Benedict. 
Village of East Tawas. — Thomas Bagster. George 8. Braidwood, Geoge_ 

D. French. Benj. F. Oakee. Samuel E. Irwin, C. T. .Tack. George 


131 V 
ip 8ll7' 1 


Stevens, Calvin Wiion, Heman E. Ney, Cbas. P. A^ms, PbiUp Snj- 
der, John Gallagher, James Tapp, Wm. Legacy, Hugh McDonald, Cal- 
rJn Catoz, A. J. Urquhart, Samuel E. Galloway, Jamea B. Austin, 
Thomas McConnell, Robert Splann, Reuben W. Piatt, S. A. Flannigan, 
John Nlsbet, Newell Stevens, H. A, Goodale, Robblns E, Babcock, Milo 
Eastman, Joseph E. Hill, Thomas Jameson, Antoine Cariueaux, [Ja- 
cob E. Fmk]. 

Burleigh Township. — Chas. F. Gordon, Paul Crego, Harrie Stone, May- 
ntird Butts, Jesse D. Dillenbeck, John Mango, Whitmer 8. Hall, Oscar 
Read, Joel P. Colvin, [Adelbert Chase, Jason Dillenbeck, John 

Grant Township. — Frederick W. Latham, V. H. Rodman, Myron E. 
Fields, E. M. Raymond, John Gbinu. 

Oscoda Township.— Joseph Bayard. 

Village of Oscoda.— Samuel Ottley, Quance William, Granger Hill, Jo- 
seph Charbooneau, Theodore Hiltz, George Beem, Daniel Schaltz, 
Muhall Resco, Horace Forbes, Joseph A. Cheverier. 

Plainlield Township. — Francis Baker, Amos B. Lobdell, Hiram Cole- 
grove, Wm, Henderson, Cbas. Gilbert, W. J. Ayrhart, Edward V. Es- 
mond. Isaac B. Nunn, Andrew Ferrister, [Clark Esmond]. 

Reno Township. — Pitt G. Vanostram, Chas. Hartley, Chas. P. Harring- 
ton. Squire M, DiUabangh, Ethan H. Thompson, Seth F. Horton, Eman- 
uel Price. 

Sherman Township. — Timothy Hine, John Am. 

Tawas Township.^Prancis E. Hayes, Wm. E. Tonngs, James Menery, 
Ephraim Wright, Martin V. Saunders, J. A. P. Scheffler. Wardwell 
Chase. Thomas E, Conners, Daniel M. Goodroe. Willard R. Hauthem, 
Amos Lake, James W. Turner, Wm. Ayres, Reuben Wade. 

Village of Tawas City.— George G. King, 8. C. Williams, Edward Uver- 
more, Jamea M. Walker. Wm. Wood, C. E. Wilcox, Lyman B. Smith, 
Jno. C. Canfleld. Abraham L. Harding, Thomas Hollen, [Jno. Brown, 
Louis Amiot, Michael Laguee, Martin Heath, Francis King). 

Wilber Township.— John H. Clute, George Dawes. Gilbert L. Stickles, 
.-Vlouzo Kirkendall, Orrin Goodale. Chas. H. Cross. H. X. Otis. 

Au Pable Citv, First Ward.- Wm. Wagner, I^evant Meade. Thos. P. Mo- 
Kenzie. Jno. J. Donlan. James McCoy. [Jamea Cieve, Frank Maynard], 

An Sable City. Second Ward.— Murdock McLean, Wm. Woods. Job. Fox, 
Thos. Ritchie. Herman Ziem, James Qnlnn, Peter B. Craft. Jno. A. 
Worth, James Dakin. Levi Joles. 

An Sable Citv. Third Ward.— Robt. Richards, Wra. H. Simpson, Chas. 
Gearing. Jno. B. Thomas. John Wyatt. Thos. Wing. W. P. Bisbee, Wil- 
liam Phillip. Jos. Peter Hillmnn. [Thos, Green. Wm. A. Bln- 


Atkinson Township.— George Pbalf-n. Peter Pniil. Joel W. Hubbard. 

Crratal Falls Township.- Robert Siiiiderland. Wm. Trnmbla. John Bo- 
iiow. Patrick Brown. Patrick Bradh-y. Mlinn Ptowell. Hlrnm G. Prib- 
Jev.-Wro. S. ChafTee. Wm. E. Eagan. [Meade La Plant. Geo. Oafees]. 





red, Geo^H 

Village of Ci-yetal Falls. — Wm. Whipple, Reuben Eldred, 

Oakes, John 11. Parks, A. B. Plait, Henry Baker, V. Carr, John Morri- 
Bon, Cliae. Campbell, Julius Missler, Frank miand, W, J, Osborne, 
[Martin Baeh, Julius Missler, James Moiairet.y. James Osborne]. 

Hematite Township. — .John M. Keliy. John C. Donahae, James Fowler. 
George Cowen, Orlandii Peterson. 

Village of Iron Kiver.^ — Kobeit J. Fry, John Allen, Seymour Eggleslon, 
ICIartnce McDermitt. Andrew Boyington]. 

Mansflfld Township. — [Peter Hicks. Robt. Klein], 

Mastodon Township, — Martin Bach. 

HitHiubaiigh Townslnp, — Oeorge^ease, John Madden. 



Broomfield Township.^ — William A. Burneide, William H. Johnson, Qeot^ 
W. Steel, Hiram Eggleston, Matthew Dopp, Lewis C. Griffith, Daniel 
M. Ivoomis, Giles G. Sheldon. Sylvester Quinn, Isaiah Miller, Alfred T. 
Ford, Josiah ^Joggle, Edwin A. Dopp. Andrew J. Acker, Joseph A. 

Chippewa Township. — William Woodbury, Levi Erick, B, H. Hause, Eli- 
hne Arman. Henry Totton, James Vining, Jacob Eice, Stephen J. Mul- 
let. Jeremiah Vining, Jacob Armstrong. Jesse Little, Solomon Wolf. 
James Utiey, David Keith, Gilbert Suzar, John D. Levanewa, John 
White, George Wliitsall, John E. Watson, Henry W. Urick, Orrin John- 
son, Philip Vanwie, Thomas Durfee, Sherman Allen, William Lewie, 
Michael McMahon, Ephraim Salsbury, 

Coe Township. — John C. Church, Cornelius Woodruff, Joseph Northup. 
Henry L. Gould, Silas Leonard, Austin Campbell, Joseph Byers, Alex- 
ander Robhins, William Thomas, Robert Haire, Julias Conklin, Richard 
Wonch, George "V'oung, Daniel Brickiey, Levi B. Quick, Jacob Stilgen- 
haiier, Joseph Miser, Monroe Kinter, Joseph Myers, Andrew J. Conden, 
Sylvester P. Bailey, Wm. J. Moore, Philip Ream, John Casner, James 
H. Osborn. Emanias Stahl, John Jackson, Peter Van Vranken, John 
J. Cronk, George Gruber, John McClelland, Albert Ellis, Barrett E. 
Conklin, Charles Vredenburg, Henry Canute, Benj. A. Cahoon, John G. 
Ziegler, Calvin Bigelow, William H. Kinter, Reuben Wellman, Jamea 
Fifield, Levi C. Alguyre, Joseph M, Moore. 

Village of Shepherd.— Thomas Picket, George W. Fouts, 'John Q. Wall 
ing, Frank E. Hibbard. Solomon H. Fordyce, Sidney Clark, William H. 
Joslin, Alonzo F. Choate, Simeon C. Brown, Jesse Huson, Patrick 
Monaghan. Royal B. Teachort, 'John Ritchie, Levi Nichols, John B. 
Struble, John E. Gruber, Solomon P. Cooley, Charles H. Wood, Anson 
W. Day, Francis M, McCiintic, Squire Wessela, Maxwell G. Shappie, 
Isaac N. Fordyce. John Lyons. 

Coldwater Township. — William B. Forbes, Solomon Schilling, Trnmao 
S. Halstead, Solomon F. Frye, Nelson W. Crook, John W. McKibbcD, 
John D. Moyers, David Stanford, Hiram Slcho, L. H. Van Kaughnett, 
James Johnson, Reuben A. Corey, Thomas Walker, Spencer P. Hill, 



rank Bone. John B. Hess, 8- Andrew Letson, Edward Granger, 8r., 
Levi Smitb, George H, Lawrence, Alvin 8. Calson, John Herald, Mahloa 
Malcom, Jame» H. Fields, William Crieger, George W. Brown, Bobert 
HiUiker, Martin M, Byeraon, Edward Delaney, Jackson Alexander, H. 
Hayes, Elijah Wagoner. Benj. Harper, Lafayette W. Williams, William 
Jones, James W. Thompson, Samuel C Collez, Joseph Sisco, E, A. Pow- 
ers, William W. Parmenter, Wesley Ellis, William Johnson, John J. 
Deerfleld Township. — William B. Hollaway, Hiram N.Clark, John Quinn, 
William McDole, Truman B. Bozer. Daniel Edmunds, Ora C. Wyman, 
Oliarles W, Bichardson, Harrison Briggs, Henry G. Bacon, Joseph 
Grove, George A. Lncos, Edward Hiiiuilton, Lyman Jones, George D. 
Edmunds, Samuel Z. Wicks, John W. PetTer, David A. James, Ja,meB 
Quabaway, William H. Salisbury, William H. Wineburg, Thompson 
Shnnnou, John A. Drew, William Austin, Daniel Nichols, Jacob L. 
Smith, John L. Williams, Orrin Olds, John Carey, Henry O. Whelan. 
Denver Township.^ — Thomas Tygart, Frank Rose, George W. Thorpe, 
George Corbin, William Campbell, Horace Canfleld, Jasper N. Drake, 
Absalom 0- Halliwill, Amos Chamberlin, James Beinder, Anlden Vei- 
lae. J. C.McBlain. Andrew J. Olmstead, [James B. Louinis. i '. E. Sniion, 
Jas. J. Kellogg]. 

Fremont Township. — George Kemerer, Theodore Beach, Warren Wing, 
Marshall Bactielder, Jolin H. McNutt, Henry H. Stutting, Abram 
Smith, Joseph Allen, William Harrison, Sylvester E. Johnson, Charles 
E. Howe, William Manly, Charles Delo, John I'llam, James Moore, 
Elzy Dush, Aaron Davis, John H. Casler, George P. Cullimore, Jere- 
miah O'Neil, L. W. Cranfleld, Francis Williams, Henry Lamunyoa, 
Jason A. Hnnt, John V. Little, N. S. Hulse, H. B.Hapner, David Klinga- 
roan. Lewis Schrader, James Simons, G. W. Dougherty, William H. Mc- 
Laughlin, Joseph Manley, Conrad Hass, Henry Wyant, Edgar A. Bench- 
ley. Stephen A. Smith, William F. Clark, Thomas G. Williamson. M. H. 
Hillard, Leonard Vickery. Henry A. Brayton, McCartney Todd, George 
E. Osbome, Prescott Varnum, Thomas Spicer, Jas. Cfum, Allen Keen, 
Oeorge AV. Layman, Mathew Fitield. George W. Badgley. 

Gilmore Township. — Benj. P. Mount, Leonard T. Clark, Seymour Brazing- 
ton, Wm. H. Ford, Nelson Wellman, Ezra Bnskard, Albert Seaman, 
George Conklin, William Hatfield. Richard 8. Standley, Lewis Bich- 
nrds, John M. Ford, Herbert Glass, John Byroads, David M. Phippa, 
Bobert Chapman, Jesse H. Wood, George W. Mclntyre, Salmon Naron, 
Silas L. Pires, [Mortimer L. Clark]. 

Isnttella Township. — Frederick Hnnel, Simon S. Pemberton, James Gillin, 
George Priest, Benj. B. .\llen, Thomas Smith, Cornelius Bogau, William 
Vandeventar, William Clark, Benj. B. Priest, William Cowden, Clark 
A, Roup. James Marsh. Albert Miller, Peter Bennett, Henry Adams, 
Jolins Jonrdain. Supren Depor. Daniel Buckley, Marshall Dingman, 
Jacob Cretzlnger, Richard Vincen, William Biley, Peter Bntab. George 
Weller, Daniel A. Ellingwood, Joseph Fisher. 

Lincoln Township.— David P. Shoe. Webster S. Gray. George H. Stock- 
ham. Andrew J. Gould, Robert MitcheB, Henry Austin, Frank Dignan, 
Cla rk McMilJan, Andrew Coszatt. George Thuyer, David Black, Urial 
^^nilooghby. Lafayette P, Deming, William Deming. Daniel Rurdick, 


Oharlea T, Puchert, George Bellinger, Thomas Campbell, Melrin 
Beach, Thompson Miser, Jos. Kndlor, Silas B. Bement, Albert Adams, 
Albert C. Vredenburg. Samuel I>. Brown, Jacob Kempher, Perry Guth- 
rie, Monroe Loomis, William D. Everden, Benj. Cranfleld, Jacob Hnnn, 
Willard McQueen, Samuel W, Titus, Johu Mull, William C. Decker. 
Ilaniel W. Robinson, Leonard T. Jacokes, P. J. Jaqua. Lorenzo D. Ford, 
Peter Hawley, James Avling, George Schooley, Melvin Baker. 

Aottawa Township.— Robert Lock, Orlando Manchester, Lyman F. Mead, 
Samuel Fish, John Itlock, John Wabana. Francis Borden, Mark Neome, 
Joseph H. Williams, [Joseph F, Gatcher]. 

IColIand Township. — James H. Murray, John Sherwood, John Scheese, 
Sr., Isaac M. Packer, Lncius L. Jndson, Richard T. Lund, William Tay- 
lor, George Plowman, Peter Burkholder, Dallas Jenks, Frederick John- 
son. William H.' Moody, Spencer Beard, Stephen Pumfrey, Ivan C. 
Powers, Gilman E. Stuart, Irving Breen, Joseph Perkins, Myron Bruce, 
Conard Buhrer, James Pumfrfy, Sr. 

Vilhige of Blanchard. — Robert Boyer, Chas. Mallery, Franklin W. Hyde, 
Robert Sanders, Jacob Brenner, Sr.. Loren A. Houghton, Peter L. 
Swart, Samuel Baker, David T. Benjamin, John Linnell, Cassius M. 
Burt, [Homer Morgan, Jacob Booth, W. R. Ludio]. 

Sherman Township.— Peter F. Bradley. Seneca Dehart, Channcy E. Rog- 
ers, John A. Case, Benj. Harper, David C. Archey, Stephen Loeey, 
Elijah M. Hoisted, Samuel Pridgeon. Winfleld BIy, Silas 0. WrigLi, 
Henry C. Mongar, James Holton, George Waight. 

Union Township. — Thomas J. Root, Byron Ackerman, Edwin Stearns, 
Michael Bronstetter, A. F. Drew, Charles Elliott, David Loomis, Prank 
Carpenter, M. B. Dimon, Frank Burrell, Daniel Nunemaker, John Mar?., 
Stephen W. Griffith, Frank Francisco, Allen M. Hobbs, Myron M. Huu 
gerford, Joseph Bronstetter, A, H. Belknap, Timothy Bartlett. Jami.s 
W. Harvey, Richard Van Norton. D. L. Richardson, Martin Bulter. M. 
Otto. St. Chiir Loomis, James J, Griffith, Heman Hulse, Reuben Grata 
ley, Charles Coddington, Martin Holmes, H. S. Bouton, Frank W. 
Dibble, D. J. Cohoon, Louis Bourgeois, Jno. 1'. Lyons, J. H, Crurame!. 

Vernon Township. — Leander Carpenter. Horace Stevens. Levi Priest. 
William Rudolph. Charles D. Bogue, David Dawson, Albert C. Allen. 
Edward Slnnott. John Galbreith. John Cassady. Fred Fishley, Loren 
Bumham, Alfred A. Melvin, Nathan J. Conrad, Benj. Parish, Jas. Ger 
ren. Richard Hornby, William Turbush, John Mary, Wilson Shaq), 
Robert Malcom. Thomas Converse, E. Roderick Bmalley, George W 
Sttne, John H. G.nrdner, William Hodkinson (?), James Warren, Henr\ 
P Siel. 

Wise Township.^Asa Valentine, Calvin Keyes, William Downer, Richard 
Raymond, Henry Durling, Harmon Sneer, Samuel Fine, Edwaril 
Makin, Franklin Lackey, Silas E. Wood, John F. Skyring, Samnel Zei- 
ter, Peter Rassett, Silas May, WMIliam Cooper, Orville Bennett. 

Mt. Pleasant City, First Ward. — J. G. Rhodes. Harvey D. Wardwell. Iru 
Watson, Cyrus E. Russell, John B. Fish, Victor Coulogiie. Charles 
Jeffords, Douglas H. Nelson, Warner Churchill, William H. Siraonds. 
Peter Buctah. Joseph Wheeler, Edgar Isbell, Anthony W. Porter, Jf.(iTi 
Manchester, William Leonard, James Hoag, John B. Campbell, Saniurl 
Morrison. George W. Porter. John A, Harris. Thomas Tracy, Joliu 
Doobv, AJexandcr Mosher. 


'. Pleasant City. Second Ward. — Thomas Bandei-e, Henry T. Watah, 
*E. F. Wood, T. J. Maucbester. C. H. Houk, Henry Bun-. DeloBs Ervin, 
David Mopee, Newton K. Wright, J. 0. Smith, W. T. Whitney, Joseph 
Brnzee, G. W. Francisco, W. H. Carpenter, Amos Woodin, Mnthias 
Lowpp, A, A. Loveland, A, W, Hance, Fred Pferdesteller, Charles 
Bandy, Hirnra Barrett, W. L. Bwan, G. L. Granger. P. W. Ellis, J. E. 
"liatterton. Ben. Hill, H. A. Wright, F. M. Dean, Joseph Smith, I. B. 
ffnoieBon, John Richmond. James Armstrong, William Richmond, Q. W. 
B.vere, Samuel A. Foster, [Stephen Potter]. 

'. Pleasant City, Third Ward. — Edward N. Case, Sherman r>. Hinds, 
faetUB C. Perry, Geo. A. Hicks, William A. Osborne, Zopher Sirnx'^ODi 
torter Loomis, Nelson W. Crippen, William C. Carnahan, Chester J. 
iHarray, Horace E. Duel, Edwin R. Coburn, Mosea Brown. George G. 
"Vliitney, Henry \'anborn, Robert P. Bellard, J. Elias Fessenden, 
RAIonzo Pickinson, Eugene 8. Howen, James Collier, Dennis White, 
Tjafayette F. Hall, Levi D. Newton. Hiram D.Hnff, John Neebes, Joseph 
'~'. Klitz, 8, G. Levington, Joel Cooley. 


^^ Ami 


lackman Townsliip.^ — Q. Shieglesy, C, Goodall. J. Wilson, J. Ward, B. 0. 
"'Guyer, E. Cook, J. Watterman, P. Rumbarger. H. L. Burch, E. Hollo- 
way, C. Carpenter, P. O, Heron, N. C. Snyder, B. Coleman, H. Gates, 
E. Dyrbishire, C. Boyce. G. Burcher, I. Bradbury, H. Courser, T. Phil- 

fjps, G. Gose. G. W- Smith, H. Crouch, J. Enssell, T. Harden, D. Kellogg, 
D. Manchester, J. Hanson, 
Hambia Township. — Murry W. Hess, Charles F. Hess, Rogers Lawton, 
©bed. Tompkins, Wight A. Delamater, James Johnson, Sunderland 
iewis. Evan Richards, William Keebler, B. E. Gallup, Cornelius Has- 
brouck. Frank Joslin, Milo M. Alger, Amos White, James O. Hess, 
Frank Siegfried, Richmond W. French, George Stacey, Jacob Wesh, 
.[Brayton W. Wright, George E. Conant. L. Freeman Thompson, George 
JKnowles. Thom.i8 Johnson, Jr.. John B. Cobb, Oscar Hess]. 
Blage of Brooklyn. — William T. Severence, Cyrus V. French, Daniel 
tV. Beardsley. George L. Worthington, Dewi'tt C. Cobb. Timothy E. 
■ Ambler, James S. Reed, Thomas P. Brown. John Feller, Prank B. Clark, 
Henry Hasbrouck, Oscar M. Foster, Henry Boneman, Jos. B. Whitney, 
John W. Worden, George B. Frost, Daniel Fitzgerald, Jas. McKinney, 
^^^ Nathan G. King, Fletcher W. Phillips, Harvey Mott. 
^^Ktacord Township. — Everett G. Knapp, J. Henry Rowe, Nelson L. Slo- 
^^^Bom, Lewis D. Straw, Myers W. Brodock, W. H. Hutchisson, Alanson 
^^Pir. Dean, William C Lyman, Philip Weitzell, Charles Overy, William 
^^^ Birmingham, .J. B. Stoddard. William H. Reynolds, Telandius King, 
Lewis P. Hitter, Charles S. Rose, James Clifton, Melvin W. Coykendnll, 
Wallace Skutt, Samuel Calhoon, Daniel Wraight. 
Village of Concord. — Frederick McGee, Henry FT. Tucker, Jacob L. Find- 
ley. Reuben Parshall. A. B. Van Scoter. .Mbert -Vdams. Leonard Cas- 
well, John H, T,each. George W.Sharp, Benj. F. Hands. John McGough, 
William L. M. Reynolds. Oscar E. Tefft. Orville Hamblin. Michael Burk, 
^^Bichnrd H. Halsted, John Brown, '\\'il1iam Hands. Prank B. Seymour, ^A 


William M. Bell, William L. Glbbe, Joseph J. Wiflbur, Ambroael 

Oraes Lake Township. — Martin W. Keeler. Everett Dennis, Thomas 
Knickerbocker, George Henderson, John Homing, Alexander Capron, 
Michael E. Fraer, Samuel Wolflnger, Charles Avery, Samuel Miller, 
Frank B, Knickerbocker, Duncan McGregor, George P. Dorr, Henry 
Buflh, Edward Wheeler, Martin V. Smith. 

Village of Grass Lake.— M. G, Carlton, Cyrus B. Raymond, Edwin Hines, 
David Shelley, Harmon H. Ford, Hiram H. Capron, George Thornton, 
Joseph Hawkins, Martin Hoofnickler, Edward Striker, Edmond L. 
Cooper, Henry Hines, John Smoke, Anson Patchen, Gilbert H, Putnam, 
John F. Seager, John C. Havens, Frank Mallon, Patrick Collins, Chea- 
ter R. Smith, Edward W. Rogers, William E. Warner, John Simpson, 
John W. Ford, Mahlon H. Raymond, Edw. P. Crafts, 8. Sackrider. 

Hanover Township. — Warren D. Ford, Neal Carey, Dennis Sullivan, Wil- 
liam Dean, Erastus Robinson. Melvin Dodge, John N. Lyons, George 
W. Hodge, Hi'ury Young, Lyman Sparks, C. D. Herris, B. F. Crispell, 
Patrick H. Brady, Charles A. Smcad, Samuel Cowel, William Ridge- 
way, Jerome Cooper, Joseph Morgan, OriflSth Lot, Archibald Weir, 
Henry II- Loper, William Courtney, Nicholas G. Masker, Henry T. 
Jackson, George Carris, LeRoy Brown, Lewis G. Griffin, Lucius Green, 
Lewis C. Rpink. 

Village of Hnnover.^ — Benj. F. Lair, Thomas Van Dusen, Philip J. Bristol. 
Martin Countryman, Jolm Peabody, Allen L. Hubbard, Luther J. Bar- 
ber, Norman W. Latham, [L. M. Jones] . 

Henrietta Township. — Austin Ripley, Thomas Whitney. Alfred H. Rip- 
ley, Daniel Hanes, Benj. P. Wilcox, Lewis Randolph, Squire Holt, Wil- 
liam Chapman, Charles Bunker, George N. Tvee, Henry Gee. Orrin A. 
Carley, George Raver, Artemas Wetherbe, William Jump, James Peek, 
Daniel S. Garrison. Dewitt C. Nims, Edgar F. Dickinson, Truman 
Southwell. Henry Bunker. Henry S. Hurd, W. James Jordan, Joseph 
Kilpatrick. William H. Williams, Ozro Wetherbe, John Clark. Jerome 
Den i son. 

Leoni Township. — Alfred y. Sova, David Lane, Edmond K. Webb, Mer- 
ritt Putnam, Jeffei'son Snell. Andrew J. Froeland, Charles A. Norton, 
Eli Martin, Beverly W. Snow. Henry H. Milliird, James H. Pierce. Mor- 
ris W. Kimball, John R. Maybee, Dennison Hollenbeck, David McDon- 
ald, Benj. Conklin. Franklin Everet, James Miller. William Seekel. I)*^ 
witt C. Pierce, Charles Pritchard. Lewis L. Holmes. William Pifer, 
John S. Scheffel. Julius Krumsey, William Green, Thomas Shaffer. 
Henry Decker. C. C Hutenlocker, Elen G. Mills. Chester Brockway, 
Martin Sawdy. John S. Wessel. Edward M. Briggs, Charles H. Haskina, 
Harrison P. Took, Albert M. Barber. Adam Cramer, Abram M. Craw- 
ford. James R. Johnson. [Jacob S, Pickell]. 

Liberty Township. — Daniel W. Moore. William McGraw. Gaines Finch. 
Monroe Wetherwax. .\bram Vandermark. William A. Touog. L. .\. 
Culver. Edwin L. Ballard. William Traveler, Henry Savage, Jamea B. 
Jackson. Charles H, Whitney. 

Napoleon Township. — James B. Henderson, .\lbert B. Beaman, Jehtel 
Lloyd. Thomas G. Rushtnn, George T. Sanford. William F. Drew. Isaac 
Hounson. John L. Keeling. .Tames T. Van Aernnm. William Meeka. Ed- 


win B. Price, Venony Watson, Oscar Colegrove, James S. Deland, 
Elias Kedner, John (iarlinghouse, John Marshall. William H. Graham, 
Thomas Rhead, Hartwell ChiirchiU, Oscar C. Ayres, Calhoun M. Burch, 
James L. Hawlej, F. R. Crosby, Henrj- H. Hudson, George W. Bootbe, 
Isaac Kilburn, Samuel Holford, A. P. Morris, Chariee Hoyer, Henry 
Van Slyke, Lyman J. Goodall, John Hasbrook, Bennet R. Tracy. 
Korvell Township. — William F. Bahcock, Henry Mellenkamp, Joseph W. 
Wheaton, Levi Otl, Lewis H. Brower, A. F. Norton, John Green, Sam- 
uel Autclitf, Edwin hi. Gilbert, George W. Green, Charles W. Griffith, 
Daniel Beckworth, Erastua Fei'guson, E. U. Maine, Anthonen Holmes, 
William H. Hay, Henry Beckworth, [ Wm. Beech] . 
Parma Township.— A lonzo Pickett, Emery Miller, Elijah Soule, William 
H. Cox, Geoi^e Herrick, D. Liringston, Charles Davie, George Schwab, 
Oliver Pennell, Merritt Peckham, Frank Hoag, Tenant Mills, Martin 
Village of Parma. — Oriando Streator, James B. Robinson. Albert M. Hel- 
mcr, William Hammell, Charles Bashford. Richard Wilson. Jasper R. 
Godfrey, Clark Spinnings. 
Pulaski Township. — George Wiselogel, Fred Storms. Jason Clark, John 
Stoner, Joseph Fisher, O. E. Hamlin, Eugene Dresser. John Fritz, 
Frank Weston, Burdett Waldo, Walcott Teaehout, John Dawson, Al- 
bert Tuttle, Samuel Center, Daniel Fisher, Jackson Penoyar. Charles 
IFIngger, William Piper, Henry Webb, 
ives Township.— James Mills, Porter P. Whitney, William B. Miner, Or- 
son A. Albro, Frank H. Rice, Jacob Hammer. Melchoir H. Smith, 
Dwight Stringham, Wesley D. Smith, Joseph Christie, Peter Ryan, 
George R. Elms, Andrew Finney, James Mulvaney, Pardon Fisher, Ad- 
dison Hill, Elisha A, Perkins, Jno. A. Seymour. Orville O. Draper, Em- 
erson Trumbull, Jacob C. Tingley, Edward Bannister. Leander Lybolt, 
Alva C. Henry, William M. Rankin. 
Baudstone Township. — William H, Lake. O. A. Rogers, Ellis D. Snow, 
John E. Gardner, Roswell Reardon, Cyrus Pierce, Joseph G. Fielding, 
George L. Harrington, Warren A. Matson, F. W. Sedgwick, Henry An- 

Iderson, William E. Horton, Dennis V. Lincoln. Thomas Crosby, Seneca 
Moffltt, Michael Blanchard, Henry Osborn, John P. Baker, William 
Evans, George F. A. Miller, J. V. Carrier, Gilbert B. Hogle, Charles 
Adams. James A, Comstock, James Burgin, Michael Metcalf. Levi C. 
Alton, A. D. Ackles, James W. Holmes. W. W. Rogers. Ralph B. Clark, 
John Broots, Frederick Coms, Henry Munroe, Ellas F. Pierce, Alleo 
Pillis, Samuel C. Mosier. 
pring Arbor Township. — Edwin Hotchkin. John N". Lewis, Albert S. 
Wildey, Orrin V. Matteson. Miles A. Jones, John A. Whitney, Jeese 
Larell, Lathram E. Roberts. Jeremiah M. Sidwell, Thomas Sheridan, 
Erwin A. Harrington, John W. Bmdford. Moses Terpening. Joshua H, 
Jackson. Henry N. Tefft. William B. Smith. George D, Fish. Daniel B. 
Brown, Andrew M. West, Relden Woodworfh. John W. Currier, James 
Brown, Geo. L. Gavett. Lawrence Richey. EbeneRer Hillard, Angnstus 
C. McGee. Samuel D. Humphrey. Wlson (i. Tnpper. 
Springpori Township. — Warren C Fuller. Caleb Miner. Joseph H. Lind- 
sey. John Mock, .\brain M. Campbell. Adam Craver. John 8. Miller, 




i c. Saxtjj^ 

John D. Helmer, Heuben Miller, James McAllister, Thomas C. ; 
William J, Burgess, John Orrison. 

Village of Springport.— Lafayette Seaverj, Hiram McConkey, H. B. Yoi- 
himer, Samuel Oartis, Edman H. Mathiaa, Henry G. Pelton, Darius Car- 
son, William H. Broas, Jerome Burns, Eli A. Hale, James M. Gifford, 
Darid Trine, James B. Judson. 

Summit Township.— Franklin Terry, Amos Naughton, Robert Blair, 
James Spencer, Charles E. Loud, Samuel Stower, Henry CnmmingB, 
Truman Boldry, F. T. Schofield, James D. Hinckley, James D. Berry, 
James W. Hunt, Marshall Isbell, Frank Mills, William O. Hazen. Mil- 
ton Van Antwerp, Philip Hartman, Byron Pulver, Isaac Mills, Samuel 
Raven, Burgin Christopher. Nelson Drake, Allen Pulver, Charles V. 
inliiud. James Riley, Reuben E, Gallup, Wellington D. Moulton, Jo- 
seph Spt'Dcer, Francis D. Mason, Nathan Barton, William Allton. 

Tompkins Township. — Daniel Gordon, Charles D. Clough, George L. Fisb, 
Lewis L. Leggett, Ernest Peters, Dennis Connor, George W, Bbines, 
George Gould, Benj. G. Lewis. William Gordon, John H. Whitmore, 
Eli Fisk. Bobb Godfrey, Alexander Yenor, Mortimer E. Bartlett, C. P. 
Goodrich, Oscar McLouth, Leonard J. Reynolds, Arthur Joslin, Jerome 
Stevens, Joel D. Boardman, James M. Ewing, Lewis Gordon, Alvah 

Waterloo Township.— Hobart P. Sweet. David A. Snylandt, L. B. Sack- 
rider, Jacob Sayers, H. M, Miller, Edwin B. Parks, Norman B. Shep 
man, Anson Croman, Hiram Button, John G. Heydlauff, William Per^ 
ris, C. M. Schwargraeir, Jacob Realy, Nathan E. Hatt. [Q«o. Breit- 
mayer. Mathias Moenech]. 

Jackson City, First Ward. — Jonathan P. Hinshaw, Peter M. Etchelli, 
Edmond Champion, William W. Bennett, Reuben E. Strong, WilHaJn 
K. Brown, John L. Dennison, Charles Simpson, Ira L. Evans, Thomas 
D. Bailey, Levi Decker, John E. Woodruff, W. W. Hitchcock, Henry J. 
Campbell, Robert Stevenson, Talbert Slenon, Albert E. Wing, Andrew 
Whalon, Edgar Sanford, Edwin Buck, William Gibbs, Robert E. Mona- 
ghan. Robert B. Bessey, Edward Price, Orrin W. Giles, Henry W. 
etambridge, James Pixler, Adelbert Smith, A. D. Willing, Frank Stan- 
dish, Gus Bullard, George Grindell, Harry D. Howard, Samuel Martin, 
Onol Cass, Levant Bangs. 

Jackson City, Second Ward.— Homer Blair, Walter S. Webb, F. M. 
Michael. Foster W. Eggleston, Daniel Long, John Whitlam, George D. 
Hoag, Amasa H. Dorrell, John C. Howe, Eleazer B. Sotton, Washing- 
ton M. Skinner, David C. Wing, Calvin West, James A. Button. John 
W. Stevens, William T. Searles, William H. Quivey, George N. Howe, 
James W. Cassady, Harvey W. Johnson, Chas. L. Clarke, Reuben J. 
Austin, Henry Wyatt, Charles H. Tarbell. George W. Briggs, John W. 
Robinson, Frank M. Hooker, Ambroslah J. Derby. Lewis Pelton, Josiah 
Creque, Putnam L. Welling. Dewitt C. Faxon, Gardner D. Green. Wil- 
liam J. Cook, Edw. H, Beebe, Orrin Mvers, Thomas H. Beamish, Henry 
H. Alien, B. B. Mettler, Melvin S. Redfleld. O. J. R. Hannah. Edward 
W. Chapin, Joseph Bwartout, Charles H. Gates, George H. Contrell, 
Daniel B. Parshall, Philip Boyle, John T. Main, John Jones, Sidney 
8. He^Tvood, Joseph Holgate.'john H. Smith. William West. Delos 
Jewell, Burton H. Spear, Simeon D. Gregg, Cyrus Smith, Carnett C. 



Lathrop, John B. Timberlake, Charles E. Bartlett, Harvey L. Way, 
John H. Fraser, John Scott, Byron Winchester, William H- Withing- 
ton. James O'Donnell, Michael Shoemaker, [John D. Clark]. 

Jackson City, Third Ward.—Thaddeua C. Brooks, William A. Gibson, 
James E. Quirk, William Abbott. William Squires, Edward W. How- 
ard, Chester McGraw, Asel B. Richardson. Thomas Maloney, Philander 
A]den, George W. Ransom, William Hayes, Patrick O'Connell. George 
S. White, John H- King, John Steele. Van Bearing, Edward D. Hoising- 
ton, Daniel J, Willson, Shuler Smedley, Samuel H. Sliaser, Christo- 
pher Fitzmier, Thomas Courtney, Edward F. Millard, Charles H. 
Smith, Thomas Conley. Austin W. Green, Lyman C. Case, Lewis Gilles- 
pie, Jacob Jennings. 

Jackson City, Fourth Ward.— Henry MoRoberts, Alfred B. Bolton, Levi 
Taylor, Adolph Paradise. Eugene R. Wright, Charles B. Wood, Charles 
Baker, John C. Thomas, W. S. Coulson, Henry Curtis, Nelson Burk- 
hardt, William J. Crawford. Fred W. Kerner, John F, Jackson, George 
Thompson, Cyrus J, Van Ettan, George Peppett, James H. Kilmer, 
John L. Sample, Edwin B. Biglow, John Boyle, James H. Russell, Ruse- 
Tett H. Davia, John Crandell, Daniel Griffith, Greenville Coleman, 
George Stone, Bradley B, Anderson, David E. Haskins, Ezekial Gee, 
Orlando W. Pierce, William W. Rowan, George Stevenson, John W. 
Solomon, George S, Wilson, Henry Lyon, Edwin Hanford, Edwin E. 

» Patterson, Edgar C. Edsill, Joseph R, Durlara, Salathiel Reaves, Frank 
,A. Palmer, Otis Reed, William A. Gregg, Joseph Supple, James Cook, 
Christopher Meyfaith. Josiah T. Hammond, Sardius E. Swain, Ephraim 
B. Cooper, John McDonald, James B, Smith, Charles E, Shults, Lewis 
W. Crocker, John A. Alden. Daniel W. Goins, John E. Smith, Addison 
B. Smith, Edward A, Angevine, Robert B. Coltrin, Charles W. Fowler, 
James W. Dow, James H. Wickwire, Cyrus N. Christie, David Irish, 
Samuel B. Robinson. Orville M. Morse, H. Dorr Blakeman, James K. 
Bogart, William N. Means, George W. Town, David B. Southwiik, 
George T. Dorrance, William Brown. Albert Dunham, James C. Meser- 
all, Sylvester R. Holden, Chester H. Bangs, George Bumham, Charles 
8, Loomis, Curtis B. Simmons, Geoi^e H. Gough, John H. Purvis, Ansel 
J. Noble, George S. Trumbull. Calvin W. Osborne, Oliver Wells, Wil- 
liam W. Miller, Leigh S. Lynch, James M. Thomas, Orrin F. Kaywnod, 
^_ BuftiB T. Jndd, William H. Likins. Thomas Daniels, Moses Pretz, 
^K [laaac Mills, Caleb E. Brown, Perry W. Averill]. 

^^Mckson City, Fifth Ward, — Lee Anderson, James Cresson, Orrin Bates, 
^^3. O. Taylor, Edward Nobles, John Riley, James R. White, Walter Sla- 
ter, John C. Gaskin, William Dickey. James Nowlan, Eb. M. Holcomb, 
George Brink, George Knirkerhocker, Mattias Schrah, Isaac Flowi-rs, 
James N, Moore, George T. S\ arks, James O'Brien, James Carson, John 
^^Gibbs. A. W. Norton. Thomas Wade, Henry Nesbitt. G. H. Fairbanks, 
^^te. demons. William Grant, Henry Roberts, John Killeen, William 
^^^berers.John Derby, Orlando Grant, Christian Rath, Delos Ellf.Tiurion 
^^^obble, John P. Miller, Benj. Soya, William Harland. Henry Shattuck, 
I^THenry H. Larkin. Luther C. Britton, John W. Williams, Charles Ha- 
vens, George Knapp, Albert E, Bulson, Wm. E. Buddington. Richard 
T. Piatt, Thomas J. Fraustend, Elias F. Duncan. John McNett. Jerome 
, E. Harrington, Alfred Williams, James E. Bradley, T. T. Blashfleld, 



Charles Itensoo, Henry A. Sanford, Charles Smith, [Wm. Nesbitt, 
ton H. Hawley], 

Jackeon City, Sixth Ward. — James A. Jackson, Benj. C. Barnes, Sydney 
W. Phelan, Adolpha I). Dunkirk, T. VV. Scovell, Edwin Craft. Albert 
Coon, Eugene Cottrell, Hiram Bailey, John W. Parr, John Ulch, Sam- 
uel D. Bailey, Abraham Masson, Silas Warner, Loren L. Fitch, Wil- 
liam H. Amos, Amos Avery, Oliver Storm, Nathan C. Aldrich, Patrick 
Tynan, William Peak, James Niel, Theodore Conklin, Fred W. Kemer, 
Oliver A. Hulett, Charles Everett, Rol>ert E. Beebe. Joseph W. Hoyt, 
Charles W. Cooper, Henry I*". Upthegrove, John D. Cottrel, Warren A. 
Sanford. Charles M. Morris, Luther J. Curtis, Asa N. Sprague, John 
Bhultz, Richard Wilson. David Cook. Charles N, Shick, Andrew Mc- 
pherson, Frederick Fagle, Levi W. Mann, John Wilber, Henry Smith, 
Edward Coy, Abram Schneider, Micliael R. Biirkc. GeoiRe H. Miller, 
M. McLaughlin, Ellis Pierce, Jerome B. Palmer, [Chas. E. Mix]. 

Jackson City, Seventh Ward.— .Tolm Hyland, Benj. Winings, Handle Hib- 
bard, Frank Pease. Henry Huntley. John H, McColl, John Mahan, EnoB 
E. Brown, William K, Lovell, Charles L. Chapin. Le Roy Dancer, 
George W. Galloway, F. P. L. Shurragur, Mathew Maddox, Daniel J. 
Beebe, John Brewster, Herbert A. Weston, John Betts, William E. 
O'Neil, James M. Weatherwax, William Martin, Frank W. Blackman, 
Oscar B. Driscoll. Wm, C. Nesen, Henry O. Jewell, Amon R, StevenB, 
Michael Cross, F. I. Harzeman. Levi French. Cliarles H. Dean, Daniel 
Remington, Clayton Van Orman, William H, Palmer, William F. Hahn, 
John Qaebeiien. Harvey Brown, Tliomas H, Williams. William H. 
Brooks, Lyman Payne, Milo J. Gregg, Edwin Brumfield. Joseph Hen- 
son, Samuel Jason. Peter Rogers, John Bedford. Elton K. Chapman, 
Henry Beard, Edwin E. Passage, Peter Levengood, George H. Bigelow, 
Albert Lightcap, William R. Brown, On'ille W. Mumbrue. Frank 
bee, Robert Taylor, Hiram King. Chelsea E. Rhodes, Civileon S. Le^ 
Hamilton Blgham. Goodrich Ferguson, Charles C. Emerson, Jay 
Calkins, Peter Faling, Norman A. Seaman. William H. Luce, Joi 
Gifford, Albert Hill, M. C. Knickeiborker. David Cornell. Hugh S. " 
ford, James R. Barlow. Whitman D. Ford, Thomas E. Alien. 

Jackson City, Eighth Ward. — -lohn Kelley, Elmer E. Cooper, Benj. Dar- 
ling. William Geer. George Patterson, Thomas J. Williams, Isaac Har- 
ris. Thomas Coulson, Moses P. Tuttle, George Cistman, Job M. Shar- 
gant, Benj. F. Welden. Michael Barrett, John Alfred, Charles F. Wick- 
wire. Horace M. Cole. Henry Small, Angus J. Townsend. Solomon Coy, 
Daniel F. Ellsworth, Willison Ferris, -loel Smith. L\-man Kyes, James 
Dagget. Duane Chajjman, Hadden Sanford. -John Connor, Hamilton 
W. Force, James Bartholomew, Jerome Pitcher, V. H. Worden, Myron 
F(^lesong, E. C. Warner. Benson Gray, Samuel Champlain, Oscar 
Weatherwax, George C. Steams, B. D. Seaman, John B, Pratt, Samuel 
8. Seaman, Fleming Van Wess. James N. Bartlett, Norman H. Brown, 
Charles W. Cook, Michael G. Miller, John Suhri, Howell T. Howells, 
Stephen Woodhurst, Jacob West, .John H. Thomas. William H. Lan- 
gridge, Sylvester Cease. Samuel H. Case, Charles Waterman, Heman 
B. Preston, Caleb Tompkins, Henry Jacobs. Fred CofBn, William C. 
Adams, William Highland. Casimer Willgus, Charles Parks. Morgan 
Hills, James Gidings, William A, Gilbert, John Swartout. John Small, 
[Cicero Weathers, Henry Edding]. 



iamo Township.— Hiram Hpangler, Ervin Jotinaon, Archibald Matti- 
Bon, William Robinnon, Henry P. Shtitt, George iSliter, James Shepard, 
Edwin Corbin. Joseph Coshun, William Manuel, Frederick Blackbam, 
Joseph Hipp, Mjron Sherwood, William Green, Oliver Blockway, John 
Q. Adams, George Wolf, tJeorge Hondlett, Alfred Williams, Alford 
Peck, Harmon Brower, Horatio Mortbridge, Billings Odell. 

Brady Township. — Gideon Mattison, George Bond, James Murray, Wil- 
liam Louden, Christian Henry, Fletcher Alvord, A, O, Tiffany, 8. E. 
Brockway, John Harrager, Henry Prosser, Wellington Shook, John 
Meade, Lewis Kapp, Albert White, J. M. Lummon, Sidney Murray, 
Charles Canavan, Barney S. Robords, Webster J. Grain, Michael Staf- 
fln, Locius V, Lyon, George Burdick, Henry Beebe, Daniel Strougb, 
Daniel Moyer, John Moyer, Charles H. Haines, Richard Smith, John 
Canavan, P. W. Preaton, Charlen W. Llewellyn, William S. Briggs, Rns- 
Bell S, Rice, E. Grinder, A. McCulIough. Eden Yates, Seth Vroman, 
Jonathan Hanes, A. V, Cropsey, Nelson V. Jones, William E. Niblett, 
Prank Uattison, James Kctchum, P. E. Flanders, Riley Slater. Charles 

rleston Township.— William Coville. J. Davidson Stafford, Geot^ 
Grousbeck, John Marshall, Timothy Hodges, Seth Henton, William 
Crittenden, William Diirer, Washington Pierce, Geo. W. Whiting, Wil 
liam Brooks, Daniel McXaughton, William Demond, John D, Dowd, 
Snmner Chaple, Albert Teaohoul. Henry H. Percy, Joseph Harrison. 
Wilson Bradley, Marion Blodgett. William H. Eaton, Albert E. Staf- 
ford, George Struble, Edwin Brown, Thos, H. Randall. Wesley W. Gay. 
Julius A. Anderson, Chas. K. Smith. 

Climax Township. — David (jutcheus, James Powers, Abraham Powers, 
Robert Sowle, Hubbard H, Stedman. John Fenwick. Levi Isaac, Frank- 
lin Peck, Edwin Chiids. Robert Boles, Benj. F. Travee. Homer Elwell. 
Michael Hadley, Oliver S, Billlngtoo. William S. McGee, Jerry Kis- 
singer, Samuel Dumdinger, Roland Osgood, Harvey Beals, Joseph D. 
Bncklin, Freeman M. Waters, Charles Paree, Herbert Willett, William 
Hart, Stephen Averill, CharlpB M. Strong, Morritt Miller. Jefferson 
Pike, Thomas Ryan. Sylvester Munger, Albert Hawkins. Ezra Dewey, 
Hector Nicholson. Levi Taylor. Henry C. Barker, Charles Shook. Eliaa 
Wopden, Lewis S. Eldred. Jonas D, Schraniling, Isaac Arnold. Joel 
Willis, Clement B. Gutcheus, Charles Weed. 

Comstock Township. — John Payne, Milo Freeman, Henry Babcock. C. A. 
Evans, Joseph H, Gault. Henry Schroder. Edgar Huggett. O. M. Hale, 
Henry Luttenton. Edward Roe. Dwight B. Anderson, James L. Mon- 
tague, Lee A. Mason. Frederick Carter, I. D. L, Schram. P.irley H. Rice, 
John T. Ives. G, M. Gates. Z. Park, M. T,. Milhani. Albert H. Freeman, 
Henry Morrison, Terry Files, Daniel McLain. Henry H. Hale. Ira 
Parker. W. W. Baldwin. S. H. Carlton, Richard Taylor, Lafayette 
Wheeler. D. I. Russell. Charles Davenport. Charles H. DeVall, 

Village of Galesburg.— John S, Hiester. Eberle B. Underwood, Glisba 
Dawley. Wm. H. Whitcomb. lypwis 0. Miner. Avery A. Stratton, Wil- 

■ liam C. Rogers. William Lee, Nathan E. Nichols. Jason H.Sowles. Isaaa 



toward B^H 
Ik P. MuhaH 
ft W. Unn- 1 


8. Knapp, John L. Allen, Isaac B. Rogers, MaxoD F. Lewis, Howard 
Glover, Bradley Mills, Dornian D. \'o8e. Barney Griffith, Frank P. Mi ._ 
lenberg, Charles Chase, Havens Thomas. C. J. Corey, Wallace W. Man- 
ger, Andrew Boyer, Charles W. Merrill, Andrew E. Tenbrook, Corydon 
Beach, Harry Fletcher. 

Cooper Township. — Ashur O. Huntley, Elijah P. De Yoe, E. J. Everett, 
Warren F. Sherman, Charles Miller, David Norton, Flavins Harrison, 
F. N. Sutherland, Edson J. Weed, James Wenhnm, Edward Sbepard, 
OiTille Finch, Joel M. Newton, William Mason, Ellas Breese, Eichi " 

Kalamazoo Township. — John J. Misner, George Clarlt, Lewis A) 
Thomas Westnedge, Simeon Leroy, August Henscbel, C. T. Wilbi 
William A. Keyset, William Bain, David H. Gault, KlaAs Wagon- 
maker, Charles H. Doxtater, Frank B. Forbes, Royal D. Dayton, Alva 
J, Cowles. 

Oshtemo Township. — Abram Garrison, Bradley Randall, Henry Greene, 
Conrad C. Gunn, Daniel Brewer, Rocklin Shaw, Edward Flynn, Rich- 
ard F. Samson, Andrew Cross, Alson Lusk, Joseph Brown, Albert 
Karker, Van R. Kayner, John Engel, William Cady, Thomas R. Page, 
Gilbert Wright, James Abbott, Peter E. Deal, David O. Coleman, Levi 
Drnmmond, Joseph Edmonds, Gilbert Wood, Nathan 8. Kinney, 
George S. Smith, Allen S. Bixby, George Coltum, David R. Bright, Ben], 
Resh, Woodruff McMurray, Charles Bolles. 

Pavilion Township. — .Justus Bullard, Jesse H. Kisinger, William M. 
Himt, Calvin Nash, John M. Terwilleger, George Ebersteln, Samuel 
Miller, C. T. 8. Cook, Henry Hawkins, Nathan Allen, William J. Whit- 
comb. Charles A, McCanssey. Martin Maher, Chester M. Briggs, John 
W, Maloy, John Powers, Holland 8immons, Edward Courtney, Albert 
Boyce, Darius Van Hyning. Eugene Wibber, Cyrus G. Wheaton, 

Portage Township, — George W. Freeman, James 06eld, Peter Prosewj 
Daniel 8. Osterout, James A. Rockwell, John S. Chubb, Edwin Clai' 
Howard B. Merritt, Albert J. Train. Jacob H. Canfleld, L. B. Wei 
George T. Hall, Henry E. Thompson, William Zink. 

Prairie Ronde Township. — Lorenzo Dolby. E. W. Monroe, John Gilchris^ 
Leverltt Crooks. Cornelius Howard, Simon Stuck, R. H. Phillips, 8ila» 
H. Gonld, Thomas P. Carr, James F. Bright, Reuben Van Cnren, Fran- 
(■i'< .\ltie, John Hartman, Albert Wagar, [Chas. B. SimondsJ. 

Richland Township. — Albert W. Steetman, Charles Barker, John Col 
Frederick Shay, Lloyd Nichols, Patrick Keeley. John Bogardus, A. 
Burrell, Daniel Reniff, Silas Bowen. 

Village of Richland.— Samuel M. Tripp, Alexander Shaffer, Anthony 
Williams, Abraham J. Butler, Asahel M. Abbey, Joseph W. Hanna, 
George M. Evers, John M. Rankin. 

Robs Township.— Abraham Earle, Luther G. Tyler. Cornelius L. Young, 
Edward Cunningham. William H. Granger, Andrew J. Irving. Ira 
Morey, Oscar Caldwell. Philip M. Graham, Francis Whipple. Henry 
Alton, Samuel Barr. Andrew O- Williamson. Henry Allen, Chancy B. 
Day, Melville Bassett, Perry G. Fisher. Orrin Case, Charles S. May. M. 
H. Corey. A. A. Russell. Alonzo C. Ide, Horace Gott. [Ansel Kaner]. 

Village of Augusta.— Nathan F. Pool, Samuel Peer. Sidney Terry, Henry 
Myers, John Armstrong, John A. Eddy, Gustus Pinkey, Royal JenI " 





I Andrew M. Allen, Henry W. Fay, Charles Billington, Warren Warner, 
Richard DouglasB, Almond Pierce, William A. Griffin, Frederick A. 
Bounds, Charles Benge, C. M. Bradish, John Wbitmore, Isaac B. Good- 
rich, Josiab C. Bevier, Loomis Russell, Eugene D. Day. 
Schoolcraft Township. — Newell Lewis, John D. Follmer, Milton 8. Bur- 
Bon. Albert Burson, C. M. Brainard, Charles H. Allen, William Reid, ' 
Joseph Fulton, Mark Worthington, Evan Erwine, James F. Allen, R, 

^^ M. Armstrong. Richard Worthington, Frances Mercer, Levi Harper, 

■. [Jas. M. Burson]. 

^Hillage of Schoolcraft. — .\. H. Cornell, George B. Harshman, Robert E. 

^V John»on, George Hilton, William Snyder, R. D. Norton, William Mar- 
ing. Darid Munger, Ferdinand L. Shutes, Jacob Baner, Alexander Em- 
mons, George Weaver, Timothy Btedman, Charles Vradenbarg, 
William Delidle. William Maud, Jacob N, Etote, Elihue J. Vreeland, 
Samuel F. Bowling. Thomas D. Smeed, Philip D. Miller, Thomas R. 
King, Julius Hilton, Paul R. Baldy, Wesley Batchellor, Michael Stranb, 
Kimble Tyler, John Isanhart, 
Village of Vicksburg. — Martin V. Adams, Meivin Dalrj-mple. George C. 
Minnis, Jno. H. McMaster, Pwight I. Corwin, Orson D. Ramsdell, Wil- 
liam H, Barker. John H. Lawrence, George Newton, William W. Scott, 
John Van Antwerp, Horace A, Baker, Andrew J. Mohney, Charles H. 
Vroman, Richard Tea, Josiab Allen, Charles B. Ward, Robert Baker, 
Adam G. Seas, Fred Fairchild, S. C. Van Antwerp. 
Tesa» Township. — Albert Newkirk, James Gibbs. William Alford. Alex- 
ander Ross, William Gest, Joseph Hannar. Theodore Worthington, 
Charles Hope, Albert Roberts, James McGinn, James Steele, John 
Hending. William H. Rogner, George Middleton, Charles Cronk, Julius 
M. Welch, Eugene Waters, Moses Wright, Jesse Grover, George Can- 
nom, Alfred Douglass. Bugb McPherson, John A. Welch, J. M, David- 
son. John Harvev, C. D. Griffith, A. M. Van Patten, [Geo. Bradley, Jno. 
Wakeshma Township. — Henry Shyer, Peter Dir, U. C. Case, S. M. 
Vickers, Samuel C. Rosenberry, James Taylor, .\bram Lance, Addison 
Brasted, Charles Burnham, Edwin Bowman, James B. Hawks, Joshua 
C, Buckmaster, William Eshlaman, Sherman Lane, H. A. Poster, 
George S. Lovell, Zaphna Welton, David L Fritz, Harrison H. Kindig, 
Calvin Snell. William Gulp. Alexander Ritter, Daniel V. Hazard. T. A. 
Murray, Edward Ashton, A. H. Notlirup, Arthur Longman. Stephen 
Mash."William J. Guthrie, Thomas Carr, Leroy Vaughn, John Dean, 
Abntm Cramer. Oweu Bnughmau, Charles Bailey, James G. Weeks. 
Thomas Hope, Jonas Barker, Samuel Cramer, Warren Mullen, Jacob 
Hampton. Henry Yoder, Daiiifl B. Covey, William Glass. Alonzo 

I, Schoolmaker. Ira Tillotson, Orvin M. Gates. John Silbum. Thomas G. 

^ft Carr, Jonathan Weaver, [Edwin Hunt!. 

^Kalamazoo City. First Ward.— Davi.1 Oaks, George W. Ollvitt, J. A. 

^Hchflpin, W. B. Steinbergp. Oenrge W. Downey, Stephen G. Chilson, Wil- 

^H.l!nni G. Gerry. Warren C. Bingham. D. M. Keepe, Thomas Woodford. 

^Hjolin Beck, Martin HinKinn, P. O. Chapman. James N. Harris. Charles 

^HdUnjcert. George W. Keyea. 'ici.rgc A. Way. Warren Baker. Henry G. 

^KT>aniei8, Henrv J. Howard. Ejrlii'rt Mayo. Albert D. Skinner. Wilbur E. 

^■Teoner. Kpubtii L nail. Frank L. Pease. A.J. Yeaglfy. John Calder, 




Gtorge P. McGineHs, John P. Riley, Myron G. Heath, James Bawlin,' 
Samuel Hartman, John Rychel, Jamts Kay, Peter Ballhonse, Samuel C. 
Hall, Lester Hungerford, Charles Hall, Jease A. Miller, Samuel Wheat- 
ley, Luke R. Haughy, Willuim H. Buck, Albert Shafer. Frank Meflsany, 
Tsicholas Conklin, Charles A. Conner, Oliver GrilBn, Wallace Gifford, 
John 6. Kaufman, HaiTison H, Tillman, John R. Cross, Frank Wagner, 
Michael Ryan, William F. Kennedy, John W. Bollea, Benj. Steward, 
Aaron G. Armstrong, Berry Ash, George W, Keyes, Alexander Trindle, 
William A, Petry, Joseph Roy, C. R. Van Voorhees, W. H. Whieson, 
Daniel Puppels, Joel M. Tbomae, John D. Groves, Solomon Dill, Morrli 
Hayes, William H. Nichols, Frank C. Tapper, Charles W. Morse, 
Thomas Wootten, John T, Goins, Fred L. Toles, James Bowlin, Reaben 
E. Rounds, John H. Askins, Joseph W. Allen, John Johnson, Daniel 
Croes, Ellis McGreary, Charles Craig, Jeremiah McCiiliough, Henry 
Ifilry. Spencer Hedges, Solomon R. Smith, Leander Lambertson, Hiram 
Haddon, Frederick J. Wolff, Warren Johnson, Abram Heaton, AlanBOD 
Piper, Charles 8, Sharron, James E. Weller. 

Kiiinmazoo City, Second Ward. — John W. Allen, Charles O. Packer, John 
W. Fnlford, Jacob Shellenburg, Julius Ceasar, George Mallory, Morrli 
Kent. Samuel R. Bell, Granger F. Anson, Francis Downey, James Mo- 
Keunn, Thomas Simmons, George Seibert, William H, McCormick, 
Of'Ofge Nichols, Charles M. Cook, John J. Wright, Anthony Grisvoi, 
.\braham De Clark, Edward Hawley, John H. Richards, Stephen H. 
Wattles, D. Van Vranken, Albert Whitefield. .\lbert D. Vosbnrg, An- 
drew M. Wead, Adoniram J. Eastman, Jno. T. Brander. Geo. Shannon, 
.lacob Mowrer, Daniel Peoples, George H. Henshaw, Albert .A.Holcomb, 
Robert P. James, George W. Stafford, John P. Walker, Amos B. Bow- 
man, Ulysses D. Wheaton, C. L. Hackley, A. C. Batch. Jackson Chnrch- 
111, David Earl, Hiram Wyatt, George Davis, George W. Knigbt, 
Henry H. Houghton, Benj. F. Bayles, A. D. Donbleday, Abner Gre«i, 
William Kelley, Enoch Shafer. John D. Sumner. William M, Woodard, 
Georffc F. Lamed, Edgar A. Crane. Asa Clark, Frank Phillips. Abel B, 
Powlor, John P. Y. Rhodes, Ezra Carpenter, Sylvester Becker, Thomas 
Miiliin. Samuel Minor, Frank Shipman, Burt. C. Gaines, Lewis Thwing, 
William Nye, Thomas B. Close, William Wallace, Monroe Bamea, A. 
M. Bennett, CJeorge Denner, Prank D. Warren, Warren G. Wright, 
Francis E. Church, Warren P. Hodgkins, Alfred C. Wortley, Jnlina 0. 
Burrows, William F. Parsons, A, B, Huntley, Samnel HannoD, Grant 
W, Tuttle, Alexander Bobbins, Nelson Cooper, O. P. Smith, John Sage, 
Ebcr Hart. Charles W. Barnes, William E. Hooker, John Fisher, Jesse 
f'rry, Wellington Wright. John Wheeler. 

Kalamazoo City, Third Ward. — Hector M. Dodge, Charles Forbes, Benj. 
Roe, Jesse Chapman. .Mvin Dcnniaon. Jt-ffei-son J. Wilder. Alva J. Car- 
Bton, John W. Nason, Jonathan Wilson, Elijah S. Bissell, Albert U. 
Noble. Ashley Clapp, John Ward, Henry J. Brownell, Wm. P. Btddle- 
come, Chester Stephens, Sidney Barber, Solon T, Wheaton, Harvey 8^- 
monr, Albert H. Shelmire, George F. Kidder, Frederick D. Hoot, Wil- 
liam Shakespeare, Adoriam J. Curtiss. John H. Borst. Nelson P. 
Itowen. Freeman Hall, John O. Galligan. Joel E. Parmenter, Martin W. 
Roberts, Charles A. Black. Henry Fletter, Lawrence FIvnn, Rnfas B. 
Hardj. CharlBB H. Adams, Charles McGinn, Charles B. Allen, Bobeitl 


L Tripp, ApolliB Austin, J. A. Sprague, O. N. Giddings, Myron W. Sey- 
mour, Frank Little, Ltwis Sargent, Geo. H. Hunt, S, W. Sidnam, J. J. 
Morse, Henry Passage, Leroy Cabill, Gilbert E. Dunbar, Oliver B. 
Klagg, Jesse S, Boyden, George D. B. Hall, Prank M. Caldwell, Martin 
V. Aldrich, Thos. Maxwell, Ira H. Curtis, Cullen C. Packard, Garland 
St. JnhB; Delevan Arnold, Charles C. Prang, Benj. Cleenewerck, Seth J. 
Axtell, Chester Dunbar, Robert J, Williamson, Jamvs E. Vane. 
Kulauiaiiou City, FonrtL Ward. — tflamuel Hines, Daniel Jones, John Dom- 
ino, Hies Pattison, Jerry Hector, Adrian Verhage, John L. Dunbar, 
('harles Long, William C, Shook, Gerrit Reminse, Willaim Bennett, 
John Abrahams, Frederick Woodhams, John Van Male, Warren W. 
Pratt, Samuel S. Henderson, Chas. H. Dodge, Albert Whaling, Jno. N. 
8haw, Henry Whitmore, Jacob Verhage, Frederick A, Atterbury, John 
W.Johnson, Jno. Robbins, Reuben Robbing, Cornelius Christian, Edwin 
Woodhams. George M. Buck, John O. fJlover. Edwin G. 8mith, Edwin 
A. Thompson, John Field. Theodore Merrill, Ira Rogers, John Hentz, 
Reni. Bollinger, M. H. Evits, H. B. Osborne, H. N. French, A. L. Lakey, 
Sdwin Pursell, John R. Leavens, Martin McKinney, Charles E. Smith, 

I.lbert H. Lillie, Daniel Tolles, Michael Blaney, James Henshaw, John 
.ppletoQ, Thomas Griffin, Stephen Alwood, William Jelley, Hiram 
'nderwood. Homer Manvel. C. E. Foote, Horace Prentice, [Nathan 
ainasoo City, Fifth Ward. — John W. Knickerbocker, Francis M. 
'orbes, Thomas Owens, Harrison S. Rice, Edgar Marsh, Thomas War- 
in, John P. Barker. Nathan Jeffers, William Dustin, John Kidder, 
ohn Grotemut, B. R, Dewey, Milford V'osberg, Stephen Crandall, 
Benj. Shotts, George W. McFee, William A. Butzes, John W. Fitch, 
Cread Calloway, Gabriel Green, Herbert Barendreght, Prosper W. 
Lawrence, Levi Wilhelm. Nicholas Jenks, Charles Jennings, Merritt 
Cleveland, Gustave E. E. Stein, Peter W. Rose, Charles H. Goodrich, 
George W. Knapp, Julius Ward, Aaron A. Miller. William Wylie, Mar- 
fin Justice, Patrick Burke. Almond Harris, George Dickinson, Eugene 
Donate. Benj, Dutfon, Henry C. Morgan, Patrick Foley. Ludbell Noug- 
gles, Ira Taft, William Pike, George H. Giover, Alfred Keyser. Aaron 
Knight, Joseph Toung. 



lardman Township. — Stephen Heller, John H. Dewitt, Josiab J. Cole, 
Wesley H. Leach, Jacob McCaslin, B. M. Hudson, Mark B. Wonsey, 
George W. Hart, Abram Darling, George W. McLean, Isaac Hall, Alvin 
E. Hank. James N. Risk. John D. Daple, A. E. White, George Holland, 
William H. Blanchard, Baaila Holstine. William H. Thompson, Edwin 
Lnce, Porter R. Sherman, William H. Vanetten. Jacob McCrory, Addi- 
son McCoy. Allen D. Lile, George Ives, Henry Molins, 8. J. Grandy, 
Michael Murphy, Edwin F. Mills, W. J. Comwell. H. E. Hogan. P. H. 
Sharron, .Aaron C. Magoon, Isaac Waste, Hiram Swick, B, F. Pierson, 
Henry Very. 

larwater Township. — Andrew J. Stover, William H. Bockes. John P. 
lipfaart, Job Harris. .Tohn Hendrickson. Charles Van Bwc<^o., ^4wwe*- 


Smith, JoliE W. Ohoney, Peter P. Desmond, Charles Brookmayer, 
Heiiry Wright, William Gray, Robert R. Campbell, Henry Mathews, 
John A. Peck, John P. Austin, Allen F. Little, John Mentzor, Peter 
Smith, George W. Persons, Hiram M. Blodgett, Harry ISniith. 

■Cold Springs Township.— Elijah Goodwin, Samuel B. Phelps, John U. 
Spies, William H. Stoddard, Christopher C, Greenman, Charlee O. 

Excelsior Townslflp.- — Napoleon B. Groves, George W. Rickard, Leander 
P. Johnson, C. E. Bartholomew, William Lewis, Andrew J. Speere, 
James M. Potes, Jerry Hyatt, M. 8. Weed, Albert H. Sidnum, William 
Grow, Samuel D. JaeUson, John M. Merrill, William H, Cole, Happen 
W. Bickford, Artemae H. Clark, Frank Hotelling, Allison Webb. 

'Garfield Township. — Charles Carpenter, George W. Abbott, Emanuel 
Mochei-man, John Westbrook, John Senninger, Henry M. Foas, John F. 
Abbott, John M. Calkins, Horace S. Calkins, William Williams. 
Glade Township. — John J. Hagerman, Charles Ferguson. 

Kalkaska Township. — Emerson J. Corpe, Austin Corpe, George L. Car 
lisle, Albert Mann, Lewis Beebe, Henry M. Hickox, William F. Camp- 
bell, George A. Morse, James M. Steele, Wilson Pontious, George A. 
Rit^'hards, George A.. Myers, Charles H. Metzgar, Hewitt E. Tyler, Smith 

Village of Kalkaska. — James Greacen, William J. Getty, Mason C. Kid- 
der, William Adams, David M. White, William C. McFerren, James W. 
Mosher, Willard B. Parker, Manuel Beelman, Frederick McT^rgin, 
Isaiah Allen, Jacob M. Shafer, Joseph F. Mowbray, Henry Loomis, 
John E. Rainbow, William M. Mover, William W. Bowen, Charles 
Miles, W. J. Wilson, A. D. Fessenden. Nathan Y. Sherwood, John 
Lewis, William B. Fei^uson, Stephen M. Cowdry, Nathan P. Munyon, 
PhiletuB Wheeler, Jas. M. Flagg. Amos C. Beebe, Charles M. Thatcher, 
Cyrenous Rice, Henry U. Hill, Ambrose O. Burt, Reuben H. West, 
Arthur A. Bleazby, James A. Harriatt, Alfred Fredenberg, James B, 
Lincoln. Joel Cross. David P. Beebe, Jesse Decker, Albert G. Barber, 
Charles Hulin, Nathaniel Woodfield, William H. Eckler, Henry Swof- 
ford, .^masa Probasco, I>afayette D. Curtis, Charles H. DePuy, John 
Sheldon, Charles Woolpert, William Magee, Absalom Brown, Benj. 
Wooden. George F. Johnson, Reuben D. Ford, Lewis Woodruff, Wal- 
lace W, Whipple, Rolando F. Rugg, Oscar Magee. [Wm. F. Stewart], 

■Oliver Township. — Tliaddeus Tanner, Charles D. Ayers, James J. Peter- 
son, Charles W. Pierson. 

Orange Township. — William Richardson, Moses Sheperd, Hiram B. Beacb, 
Benj. -Jackson, Isaac Carroll. Benj. H. Johnson, Joseph Ely, John H. 
Gilninn, Frank Burnham, Jonathan Dunham, Bradford Gragg, Jamee 
D. Long. Amos J. Drake, Clinton D. Knowles, Lewis Deuel, Henry Glea- 

Rapid River Township.— William Martin. William H. Potter. 
Weils, Orange 8. Dewey, Aaron Riffby. George W. Canithers, John 1 
Porter. A lanson H. Borden. -John W. Morley, Asa H. Bamaby. DonnS 
Pnrtia. Joseph A. Annis. Charles T. Bahoock. John Smith. William K 
Marshall, Edwin L, Taylor. Samuel Innian. Hiram Annis. Andrew W. 
McGee, Banford R. Briggs. Francis Snmnep, Richard Jones. Qicbl 
*'. Bunkfr. John Smith. Bemiis A. Baldwin. David Stratton, I 


am K 
■w W. 


^^Bttiog, David BriokB, Loi'eu A. Rice, Robert Wheeler, Isaac Kimball, 
l^ftalter Turk, William M. Cole, Hemj Akey, Henry Dorman, William 
'■' C. Woodham. 

Springfield Township. — Ira J. White, Peter W. McCrea, Peter Cole. Al- 
bert T. Breed, Daniel S. ingersoll, laaac F. Bish, Israel D. Blake, Milo 
Furniim, Alexander R, Harpe, AriBta O. Clark, David H. Holbrook, 
John H. Codd, John H. Dennis, William E. Clark. John A. Battenfleld, 
.loliii A. Ilaskius, John Lei^htliiser. .John Lane. John Battenlield. Jobo 
Clark. Robert MeDoiiald, Milo Harciill. 
jUflon Township. — Charles W. Barnard, James C. Mitchell. 


t Township.— Elijah Swan, George Crow, K. D. Herington. William 
Brant, Patrick Hogan. Thomas Doyle. Casey Shepard, Lucius C- War- 
TtT, Washington L. Stinson, Joseph C. Sillaway, William Schenck, Lu- 
Vs C. Burt, Oscar F. Wieuer. William A. Weller, Albert J. Sisson, 
inthony Cook. Edwin R. Chaffee, Steven Lebarge, Eleser Fairchild, 
1 Robinson, David M. Winters, Thomas Reville, Charles L. Kem, 

A. D. Lamoreaus, Samuel Bench. James Finn, Alfred H, Turner, John 
Morris, James Lawrence, Thomas Purple, John A. Waunsch, Joseph 
W. Carpenter, Charles Cramton, Sidney Haskins, William 8, Archi- 
bald, Charles P. McEvoy. Anderson Wride, Charles M. Wheeler, Josiab 
Ferris, Charles P. Miller, Earl Gardiner. 

AlfCOtna Township. — Edward W. Paine, A. L. Toms, William Byera, 

Ejrge Denton, Wm. H. Bennett, John Helsel, James F. Hall. West- 
ok Norton, Ezra M. Chaffee, Francis Walton, Jonathan McFail, 
vid C. McLain, William Post, Seymour C. Cogshall, Isaac Burgett, 
iah Ipes, John E. Spicer, Henry C. Rounds, George W, Palmer, W. 
M. Speaker, John Whipple. John F. Peterson, Reuben S, Austin, L, D. 
Stanton, James A, Stewart, Orville Hoadley, Ebenezer Cnddington, 
Charles A, Bolin, Peter Risch, Henry C. Rector. William Smith, Bnel 

B. Blakely. William D. Kilgour, Charles E. Bemus, Edwin Btoppard, 
Harley G. Rawson, Horace Snow, Gersham Williams. Eli Burleson, 
Henry Magoon. John H, Armstrong, Andrew Norman, Charles Parker, 
•^^.inuel Davis. Lafayette Bradley. James W. Elkins. Robert Harrison, 
rii rin D. Beach, Stephen Hicks, James Van Wormer, T. H. Burch, De- 
vclln Stedman. 

Village of Rockford. — Peleg K. Perry. Charles F. Sears, Charles A. Blan- 
kavd. Christopher Skinner. Allen M. Carr, Edwin A, Morris. C, Le- 
jore,-WilIiara B. Welch. Albert L. Pickett, Theodore D. Inman. Harri- 
in Wilcox. A. W. Toms, William Grose. John J. Ely, John Myers, 
>0PBe A. Sage, Wilber F. Long. Francis M. W^oodniff. Louis Girodet, 
teloe V. Wait, Charles H. Cowdin. John J. Keinshagan, Thomas Fen- 
,. Henry D. Lovelace. D. W. C. Burch, Chauncy Veeder. William H. 
. Davis. Alonzo Davis, Sherman Goodrich. Martin Vanloo. Daniel 
fonin. Seth E. Wells. George Mosher. Phineas H. Waston. Erwin C. 
Vatkins. David L. Revnolds. Theodore Acker. Alvin C. Hyde, Ralph 
iPpew. William CoakVley. Daniel Goldwood, Charles A. t'nderhill. 
pfilliam Wall, Alvah H. Clark. 


Alpine Town sliip.— Francis Breww, Audiew Clark, L. D. lirowu, J 
leham, ChnrluH UoldBmitb, Chiirles Ishiim, Anditw Piigti, Edwai 
Wheeler, Elias Langdon, George Bates, Lewis Williams, Reuben Wil- 
liams, Robert Haumhuff, J. August Saur, JameB Huron, James Halpin, 
William Wiieeler, Krastus Fox, Frederick Kleiik, UuuHon Rogers, 
James K. Cramner, Charles Baur, William La liarge, Lyman Kirtland, 
Frank Chamberlain, LeTette Harris, Gardner Hattus, Philip Williaios. 

Bowne Township. — Isaac C. Colby, Duncan Ross, G. W- Winalow, Wil- 
liam H. HTone, Isaac 8. Wilson, William Perkins, Joseph Ltwis, Gilbert 
Foster, Charles A, Jordan, John W. Kline, Henry Mishler. William V. 
Van Order, Amos Fox, Martin A. Holcomb, Fayette Huuk, Peter K, 
Thomas, Levi D. Fry, Joseph Yoder. Jeremiah Stahl, Albert Vau Dyke. 
Charles B. Peet, William R, Andrews, Lewis Warner, Edwin A. Bi 
ker, Thomas F. Burns, William H. Lee, Benj. J. Lee, Henry H. Thoi 
son, George J. Geiger, William Glosgow, Thomas Evans, John W. 
tiiuu. John W, Houk, John Leere. Daniel D. Blough, Christopher Hoi 
man. William E. Davis, [Jnstns Case. Isaac A. Keeler]. 

Byron Township. — C. A- McClenathan, Reuben Haines, Charles R, Stew- 
art, John H, Parr, David Irwin, John R. Drinkall, John Allen, William 
T. Morman, Harvey V. Taylor, Fred G. Pysher, Calvin W. Winchester, 
James J. Winchester, David B, Hartman, E. G, Kenyon, Atanson Beebe, 
K. Landis. George Ziiiimer, James E. Johnson, Edward B. Seeley, Amos 
H. Hamilton, Geoi^e Lilly, James 0. Bailey. Charles W. Westcott, 
George W, Kuight, William D. Westcott, Sidney O. Williams, Riggs 
Whitcomb, Charles W. Dutcher, Nelson F. Cooper. JanieR 8. Toland, 
George W. Hall, Robert Smith. Nathan Burr. Alonzo Green. Watson 
Colley, Henry Tucker. Lyman Havens, Alex, A. Palmer, David S. Ii^ 
win, E. Sadler, Samuel S. Towner, Nathan S. Thomas. George W. 
Blain, Gideon F. Corey, John B. Morse, James J. Carpenter, Joalah 
Kilburn, Moses Rosenberg. William F. Herman, Lucius L. Hickt 
[Wm. T. Quackenboss, Jno. .Vuder»on. Wm. tJ. Allen, Mai' 
Reidema ] . 

Caledonia Township. — Alvah Marsh, Mortimer Welton, Patrick Bmb 
George Page, William St'hrader, David Dutcher, Austin Dibble. Jacob 
Liebler, Horace Fairchild, Everett Beckly. Abram McNeil, Alphens 
Hill, Jeremiah Kilmartin, William Pennell, James Gay, Ezra F. Mc- 
Intj-re, John W. Forbes, Solomon Wood, William Hutcliinson. Lester 
MofBt. Edwin Mead. Mead H. Crandall. Albert Tobey, l^evi Rathbun. 
Henry Winks, .John furriu. Peter A. Bale, George P. Sweet, Alfred W. 
Stow. Chas. Dunham, Amos W. Palmer, Benj. Fulton, Geo. W. Wjl; 

Village of Caledonia. — George W. Barbour, William Dickens, Oi 
Rathbim, Lester Stimpson. Samuel Lymanstall. 

Cannon Township. — Harry Wightman. Valentine Beach, Wesli 
Fred Armstrong. Thomas It. Young. Henry Leslie, Henr 
Edwin G. Patrick. Barnelt Bragg. Richai'd W. Barker, Emery Whi-ekr. 
James Bookey, George Ktilz, Murzo Weller. Alex. Wilkinson. Uenj. 
Oules. Horace Emery. Truman Colby. Myron Hoag, Nelson Jul 
Timothv Farrell. James Holcomb. James A. Mericle. Sidney W( 
Minor E. Coat. Amaziah Thomas, I. L. Sargent, Homer A. Burch, 



W. Wi^^ 


, Farr. 


CftflCUtle Township. — luauii Aublf, Tbuiuaid yuigiej, .John II. Todd, Seneca 
Teeple, John 11. I'atteinon, Curtis Washburn, Elias Palmer, Uarrett J. 
Kobei-le, Sjlvesttar K. Cook, Kansom B, (iarapsoQ, Martin I'arkes, Bob- 
coe Philbrick, Horace Johnson, Byron D. Winner, Lorenzo TbompsoD, 
Prank Hajiies, tianford Fish, Elbert B. Teeple, Uodmau Uart, iienrj' 
Wood, Lewis U. tjtark, John Hulbert, Frank S. Bates, Kdwin H. Qua;, 
i'eier Fiunegan, William U. Marr, Charles F. Holt, William A. Uuker, 
David Clai'k, James Lewis, Corydon A. Bariows, John Wooding, 
Thomas ^'ippreas, Charles Buttrick. 

Courtland Township. — William R. Foot, Robert X. Grawbarger, Albert 
Genuug. Manley Rounds, Thomas Gage, William Swift, William H. 
Morris, Theodore W. Schraper, D. W. D. Schouten, Patrick Garity, 
John C'arlyle, William Johnson, Orliu Spanlding, Andrew Stout, Jamea 
Tate. Coryd«n Wallace, William Myei-8, Walter D. Blanibard, Ira A. 
Cutler, George Hbaddock, James Fitch, George L. Cathey, James Pen- 
nington. Nicholas Cbilds, Charles Orlosa, Ezra Stoner, Slephen Lock- 
wood, Daniel B. Smith, George E. Paine, J, K. Morris, William J. 
Adams, Charles Jaque, William Walters, Edward Sumner, Norman 
Bpaulding, Hai-mon Burch, Robert Hickok. John Magee, JuHuh Lewis, 
a. W. Zimmerman, Horton Shaddock, S. N. Raymer, William Jones, 
Millard Blackly. 

Giiines Township. — Timothy Riley, Lewis Hendrlck, Wesley Bloss, John 
T. Walton, Joseph Martin, Reuben Huff, Harland Hendrick, Edward 
Hooker, John Clingitian, John 1. Cutler, Alfred Joles, Charles H. Fin- 
ton, Joseph Johnson. Charles Anderson, Orlando H. Holly, Edward 
Mead. George C. Graves, Andrew J. Pelton, William H. Wells, Martin 
iMgroat, Joseph Biaio, Henry Davis, Hiram Wilber, Amos Brearley, 
l>ee Kellfv. 

Grand Rapids Township. — George M. Murry, Chas. H. Elliott, Wni. Gl- 
uey, Daniel Aicumbraek, Samuel J. Spanlding, John Backmann, John 
M. Thomas. Oscar Moon. John l.araberton, Stocie Weatherby. Edward 
P. Everett. James L. Eldred. Holland Rickard, Wm. H. Gihbs. Wm. O. 
Westfall. Earl A, Hoag, John E. Spaulding, Chas. A. Maynnrd. Squire 
M. Armstead, Abraham Hawker. Wm. H. Hillard. Henry James. M. D. 
Ilevdenherg. Wm. J. Wlllson. Patrick Kelley, Leonard Kamerlink, 
Tlji.mas Frawley. Pitt M. Clark, John MeClillen. Edgar B. Smith. Rob- 
HiT M. Orser. Wm. H. Woolworth. Joseph Gier. James IT. Mmlin. 

Soldiers' Home.— Benj. F. Graves. Chester B. Hinsdell. Edward Carolin, 
Edward Went, Chas. Wright. David M. Wilder. James Walton. Jay 
Whayling, Emery Wheeler, John Wood, George Wooden. George 
Woodward, George Walter. Chas, Verlautz, Samuel VanTafwII. James 
Thrush. Ramnel Thurston. Philip Traver. Eugene Teho. Philip Tnmer, 
George Tower. John Olds. Edgar O. Newman. Chas. MeTooI. Wm. Mc- 
Gregor, Thomas MrKee, John M<"Doer. James W. Long. Henry Gibnon, 
Lotan r. Reid. Zachariah Wizitier. Chao. Wilkinson, Thomas Welker, 
Curtis Whwler. D. Watkins. Panie! AA'ard. Franklin L. WiU-ox, Peter 
Wamhrodt. Benj. Williams. Samuel ^Aorden. Gii.rge S. Vim Wert, 
Esdres Van Zeva. Amos Thornjison, Peter Trossel. Daniel Thompkins. 
.Tames Thompson. Jones Thomas. ,\ndrew Xickerson. Daniel W. Nich- 
ols. T.. J. Neil. Andrew MeOovern. Ronald McDonald. Alex. MeLeauter, 
■blin McNeal, Marh*-w M.Fadden. E.lwnrd M- Williams. Sllrhael Mc- 


Ewan, Thomas Moor, Urnutje H. MaHOD. I^lacy J, Miller, John MiillLol- 
Uind, I'aliiuk Mullanj, Uuiiib K. Marriott, John Moouey, Chae, H. 
Adauis, Wiu. H. Allen, \Vm. Anderson, Johu C AlexiiuUt^r, Uenrj O. 
Itaker, Uarvey S. Brigga, John Bortz, Thomas UiiruB, Chas, (i. Brigge, 
Isuat Burbauk, John Bi-ow, George T. Batchelder, .lobu Bruce, Win. 
Barry. Benj. E, Barnes, August Belm, \Vm. Buek, Edward McUugan, 
MiL'hael MthoLuough, Joseph Moorlenger. Edward K. Mead, John 
Myer, Janies JIuou, Johu Conrad Myers, Win, Miiiray, Joseph Moon. 
JauicH Malloy, Wni. Alniy, Win. Austin, John L. Ackeruian, Oscar 
Utrgman, Hudson Bacon, Hiram Iteardsley, Gilbert F. Brundage, 
Jacob F. Burkhart. John Briggs, Andrew J. Benson. John Boomhower, 
Reuben H. Bradley. Peter BumeK, David Barney, Hugh Bailey, Chas, 
Burch, Lewie M. Bnrk, ^Vndrew M. Bradley. Jacob Billings, John M. 
Heard. James Clark, Lewia E. Collins, Patrick G. Crosfcy, Wm. Coc, 
Caleb Silvers, John Shuler, John V. Sayler, Andrew Hhnltz, HerculcH 
Htannard, Wm, Sherbourn, Erastus Snow, Fritz Sehnider. Ludwii; 
Schmidt, Chas. Secle. John M. W. Smith, Edward Stenman, Thomas R. 
Bhockley, Andrew Shaffer, Sowen Summers. Josepli Sleiger, Robert 
Spencer, 8, S. Shoemaker, George Shutters, Henry Rogers, l^ester A. 
Babcock, Henry Banks, Patrick Conley, Wm. Craig, Vanness V. Cook, 
Wni. V. Cooper, Orrin Treat, Chas. D. Smith, John J. Switz. Jacob Ii, 
Smith. Fred A. Stuart, Harding Smith, Chas. Stewart, Philip Schn<'i 
der, Julius E. Sipp, John W. Smith, George O. Severance, Daniel Stone- 
bourn, George W, Smith, John V, Soles, James Stonemau, Frederick 
Sherver. John Schmidt, Truman Stuart, ThoiuaH A. Sprague, Thomas 
Kedgrave, John C. Boabl. Numn P, Rose, Wm. Raub. Joseph Binehart, 
August Rokal, Peter Rooney, Robert T. Ramsey, Julius Riihy, Edward 
Rosier, Wm, Russell, Wm, L. Ryan, Joseph Qulaski, Saniufl Portens, 
' itcnezer Partridge, Cyrus C, Paj-ne, Daniel Pari-gie, Chas. E, Presslev, 
John Oliver, Dennis O'Brine. John Orth, Hiram Chadwick, (;has. Chiip 
mau. Henry S. Calkins, Christian H, Castler. David R. Campbell, T' 
bias M. Coon. Isaac W. Combstock, Edward Collins, Julius Kcynohi- 
John Rast. James Rachford, John Raper, Wm. H. Rowley, James i 
Rogers, Jaiob Reihl, Hugh Riley, Henry Reynolds. Liictus S. Re.-d. 
John Pendall, Wm, Proper, Allen Parker, Peter Pruss, Lewis I'etiti, 
Jacob E. Post, Adam Orth. Frank O'Donni-ll, Edmond Ockney. Adol- 
phus Cruger, Madison W', Cook, David M, Colby. Win. H. Oliandler, 
Lumau Cooley, James W'. Curry, Edward Carey, Ezra t'uitis, Thomns 
Cooper. T. L. G. Conant, Jno. H.' Griswall. Calvin A. C:u|»nter, Kamael 
Dole, Wm. Drenden, Wm. E. Downer. Rowan P. Davidson, ,loei Douhle- 
day, John H, Dickinson, George S. Dean, Loren W. Dextfr, Win. Dixon, 
George R. Earsley, James Esmond. Gottlieb Fear. Jacob Ford. Wui 
Foster. Henry Fitting. Bailey K, Flagg, Joseph Fish, Paliirk Graf^'^ 
James Gerrely. John A. Hall, Philander Hill. Alonzo Hovey. Da^il 
Higgins, Henry Clay, Aiien Campbell, Geo. Chambers, James 8. Vi-fH' 
Timothy W. Doyle, Francis Donley, Joseph Denite. James Dewi:' 
Chas. D. Dean. Daniel Donahne. Thomas W. Dongherty. T>ennis Doyle. 
John Eccard, John Eisenzmier, Chas. Fry. P.itrick Fall'-ii. James ]^M 
ter. Wm. W. Fowler. Peter Foemir. Daniel Ferguson, Corneliiia I^H 
gantv, George Griftis, Alex. Greenbnsh. Andrew Hohomli, Johid^H 
Hovev, Abraham Tt.nwki-r. John Hannerd, Richard R. Hurley, l^H 



[clmt*, WaiTen Hunt, Chas. H. Hall, John Hill, David Howd, Michael 
, John C. Ingalls, Wm. JackHou, John Jordan, Wm, Jones, Jacob 
link, James Kelley, Wui. Kubj, Elvoy C Knij^ht, Lewis D. Lee, John 
ArkiuB, Arthui- Lavery, Isaac Lake, Hobert H. Love, Joseph Lasner, 
^ohn Lardie, Henry A. Lewmings, John Little, l^enniH Haskins, Jebiel 
Helms, Martin V. Hines, Otto Herman, George Hart, Samuel Harlt, 
IScnj. A. Hey, Chaa. Johnson, Wm. Jaeker, Wm. Jones, John P. Knapp, 
i'ctep Kraus, Wm. Kerwin, John Klindurst, Thomas Kemps, David 
Lawn, Lewis N. Logro, Joseph Loeser, Homer Leach, James Lyons, 
tinstave Lange, Ansil Lewis, John B. Leiby, Baptiste Ladusa. 
\'illage of East Grand Rapids. — M. Dewitt, Gastave Lange, Cyrue Mai- 
lory, Thomas Reed, George Bower, Wiley Sanford, A. A. Stevens, Page 
' '. Norlan, George Moore, George Yoiingh, 
Grattan Township, — Clark Wakeman, William Wynn, Allen J. Spicer, 
Suiomun Ramsdell, Silas W. Ward, Richard Bookej, Joshua Freeman, 
I>avid Alma, Max William Gaise, Chester M. Slayton, John Pender- 
•irass. Ennis M. Owen, Henry O. Gi-een, Eli Rogers, Edwin Howard, 
(Jeiirpe Howard, Rufus Tower, Henry West, Gibson Reid, Da»i^ B. 
Welch, Orrin Ford. Pardon D. Cornell, Charles Cowles, George 
Lowell Township, — Theodore B. Carter, Joseph Kinyon, Joseph C. Ball, 
Peter Penning, Christopher Stinchcomb, Edson H. Train, James M. 
Hulbert, Simon Pettit, James L. Hart, Francis M. Godfrey, Salmon 
\V. Cooper, John Hillaker, John Eaton, Alexander N, Hudson, Samuel 
8. Hudson, John B. Hawk, John F, Hatch, William Millen, Levi Barras, 
( Ji-orgf Blakeslee. Daniel Fletcher, Charles Winks, Simon Kiel, dem- 
ent Parrott, John Oherley, Harry Courtrit.'ht, Orville Reynolds. T. P^ 
Iti;.'ithoII, Marcus Court. Fred J. Yeiter. D. L. Sterling, L. L. Fairchilds, 
H H. Tidd. Abram Wood. Isaac Brannau. Thomas J. Uurlbert, Alva R. 
Rolf, John Shook, [Jno. Hartley. Jacob Ranch, Anthony Newman]. 
\ ill age of Lowell. — Frank G. Hoffman. John J. McXaughton, Wayne P. 
Pardee. Earl W. Avery, Martin J. Painter. Norton 0. Rnnsford. WiL 
liam n. Thayer, Thomas Charles, James H. Godfrey, Frastus Scott, 
Elias 8. Taylor, Daniel B. Ranuey, Theodore Mason, Sylvester P. Hicks., 
•lames Chambers, Andi'ew J. Howk, Theodore Mueller, Benj. Morse, 
Freeman Winters, Moses A. Hewitt, Willis S. Bailey. Arvine P. Hun- 
ti-r, Reuben Quick, John Crawford. Ira 8. Herriman, Angnsius M. 
Ttanies. Collosian Kniffin, Leonard H. Hunt, William H. Eddy. William 
H. Eddx,rt5yilli^ffi,H Fop,, Atikion George B. Avery, Hiram 
ta l|n*<^i^'dJ^ft?llW'". i>K,lgW>.lrf'npiW< /fpMvlJ.miill. RobortT-WiiJloylan, 
Martin Barl.ti . CinviiijF ^lKQ«iit>j ;»f*il'li |M>iRinidal)»/L'Wtlt,T(iyJ<irj(WiI 
lutllPn trtAiti<'i-i«!wft.R;i'ttMii(il8q'H«.n-fMonre,.iRwdfl(^R.i'ftwJkKd, 
nflT8w>!tt^>ftii1i'¥wmliH?(;iw'^Mf!6r^w»*ni'jB'?«¥i¥-.*l>'jil(>iv<M«rlw Al- 
a AhflWlW'i'rfsw'f i"iftHi>ioilt»tn,piakfti/b,m7 5.nT#Jl* li^nmn.^i'Paw- 
aiOum- ■>Vbtei*UlOU>l,Tblrf"«»«MF?')'WtT't^'VW.Vi BifVim^i«iJiJtiiMiW*fc:ht. 

ji'Tiiftk 'fifi^oa W^yiiPfi p..t),»,ifiOlw>,»U.WittWATJf>P>(flfi'jW9#W«Ctaner 
CUiAdanifr^piitfifti.Ifilb .Jaijt*m|-*.'-*¥ifft*-df^T.,<irtnflfVhH4WrfrthiHtt H. 
. .,;;[ItBl*n#ftb'V.,[T .inn nd-.T. .-i-v'.iU ux'.m'f/ .nnfii*=ii'^ .'fr M .!«niIR 
fliiaoaoU nRbio:> .iiotaoniO -i-iiifi-iuO .^ail^Liia bi/oO .Milnfl ^:\«^W 



Kelson Towiiship.^AddUon Dt-au, Heur.v Hoyle, James S. Akrea. Albert 
E. Jacobs, Pliilo Borst, Simoa Towns, Oharlee Root, Henry 
fijiBQlding. John J. Eai-I, Mllee Milford, Mathew Gillett, Jason fi. 
Squires. Henry Hoyie, Pllnnej Smith. Cornelius Kryger, Rush Harding, 
Henry J. Fletcher, Frani; Whitaker, Edmund ISrayford, James B. Hilla, 
Thomas Parker, James Scott, David B. Phillijis, E. P. Palmer, John 
^ an Wagner, Charles B, Moon, Orville W. Cool. Nelson Tindall, Martin 
Heath, Isaiah Spaulding, M. Porter, Mathias Easter, John Plumb, 
UaTid B. Trill, David Cargill. Martin Davis, John S. Tisdell, Samuel B. 
Pmith, Waldo Palmer, Willis H. Brooks, Warren Lawton, James Davis, 
John Childs, Porter Scott, Merrill Growenor, Reuben Farnham, John 
W. McClure, Geo. Davis, Albert McEwan, [Joe. Tresell, Jacob Oblus, 
Thomas Parker, Charles Kusseli, Alexander Runnell, Andrew FioaDt, 
John Howe, Jerome H. Corry]. 

Village of Sand Lake. — Joseph Meyera. Henry W. Bennett, Charles A. 
Green, Thomas Parker, John E. Campbell, William A. Zent, 8. H. Kel- 
lo^, Hamilton W. Johnson. Wellington Basco, Thomas W. BriggB, 
George W. Curtis. William B. Whitney, James P. WTiitnej, 
Jerome H. Carey, Mickel W. Campbell, Peter Hibler, William Parker, 
Albeit R. Hicks, John Kelley. Madison V. Wilson, Francis G. Pierce, 
George W. Crabbe. James Thorp, Benj. F. Whitbeck, John Shick, 
Franklin F. Allen, Dexter M. Tuttle. Stephen S. Riisco. 

Oaklield Township. — Samuel Brown, Charles Chase. James Hough, Mer- 
ritt A. Foote, Benj. Shingler, Leonard Howe, John Banks, Jeremiah P, 
Craig. Loren L. Stults, Solomon O. Strecker, Hugh S. Hill, Louis Got- 
ting, James Clifford, Nathaniel Havens, Isaac Anderson, David Sif^™' 
fuss, Thomas Crawford. Lemuel E. Brooks, Worthy Williamn. John B. 
Ransley, .Vndrew Opple, George Crawford, William Duffey, P. T.Stock- 
ing. John W. Finch, H. E. Rowley. William Thorn, Edwin W. Blanch- 
ard. Abram Johnson. William H. Dennis. Edward Cooper, Edward H. 
Jones. Daniel West, Nelson H. Rich, Joniah Mastin, Amos W. Btev^ig, 
Peter Shoemaker, Daniel li. Miller, Amassa L. Hull. 

Paris Township. — Marcus Teeple, D. J. Benedict, A. J. Van Dee, WUliam 
Lawyer, George Prescott, Manser Peck, James Finney, Robert HayoM, , 
Everett Beckiey, Horace Rockwell, Charles McCrath, .Joseph Carroll, 
Hugo Rathbum, Isaac De Long. Andrew Impson, John Shine, Thomaa 
Hynman, Benj. Bright. John Hennl, William Walt. Harvey Smitli, 
Miner D. Davis, Henry Ten Brock. Horace Rich.irds, James .\uble, Gil 
man Warner, Hiram Ha,vnes. Richard Wykes, James Oppenier, L;i'niaii 
J. McCrath, W. B. Hoover. Rvan Hendershott. Joseph Stoddard, Eli 
Buck. Walter Ames, M. K. Deming. Horace Keyea. 

Plainfleld Township.— John Post. Phillip Post, George P. Butts. William 
Wilson. John H. Bemis. William M. Parkes, Ephrnim E. Brown, Abram 
Fredenburp, Samuel Van Antwerp. Solomon V. Cook, William R 
Davis, Louis Merritt, Henry Pissett, Jesse Mapes, .Joseph W. Babka, 
Truman Young, Adelbert W. Lampson. Solomon Sullivan, Frederiik 
Obets, Irving Moe. Martin De Glopper, Amos Crissman, Frank Knoor, 
George Warner, James Brooks, William C. Hoxie. Edwin N. Davie, 
Martin Casady. Henry Maynard. Channcy B. Van Deusen, Oharlee M. 
Shawl. P. W. Crissman, William Hvaer. John Hill. Theodore Williams, 
Henry Baker, David De Vree. Gardner Cranston. Gordan Hannahs 


^■■Jauif'H A. Tinner. Ht-nry D. Pliimli. Tliomas I't-el. Joliii O'Douald, 
^" James Brisland, Samuel S. Stout. Daniel Ha.vea. Arthur E. Perry, K. 
S. Davis, William Forest, Jacob W. Kiser, Charles J. Andrews, James 
K. Duvie, 
Solon Township.— T. Stickles, fl'eslej Stowers. Wilber Cook, PhineaB 
RodRe, Wm. Simmons, Hiram Sawyer, Jolin Cook, Matsoti J. Miller, 
Andrew J. Ipe, George Daris. Joseph Dines, Eliaa Gardner. Chas. 
Sneatlieii. Abner Harding, Daniel Albright. George Fullington. Fran- 
cis Phillips. Edwin Refers, Wm. Dines, Xathan Hubbard. Simeon Sim- 
mons, John Towns. Gilbert Smith, James Eadie, Chas. Ford. Edwin 
Mabie, Xelsou Gary. Elmer S. K-ise, Jaraos P. nysell. Henry N. Weller. 
David Turck. Edwin Blair, Abram Race, [Oscnr'stont, Jeremiah Good- 
will. Henry Whitney, J. A. Bowersox. Henry Bloouifletd. A. W. 
Dumpily. Wm. Hanover, David Huff. Thomas Hall, Solomon Ipe. Mat- 
son J. Miller. Jno. O'Dell. Jas. H. Qiiaif, (ieo. RiiMsell]. 
Village of f'edar Springs. — Freeman H. Dart. Irving W. Crissey. Wm. 
Fowler, Samuel E. Andrns. Hemion Spauldiug, Moses M. Bnwks. Wm. ■ 
H. Jones. OrsoH B. O'Dell. Waltare J. Rnweu. Frank MrKi-.-, .bniies D. 

Jackson. Hiram Alberts, John Philbrooks. John Pollock. Wm. Walter. 

Riley Smith, Albert T, Sisson. Joseph Felnople. Joseph Bullock, Jacob 

BA. Swartz. John Swank. Wm. Worthington, Wesley P. Andriis, John 

¥<J. Richardson, Samuel Greenwood, Robt. W, Parkinson, Delbert Dor- 

Fman. Stephen F. Smith. I>arius T. Wilkinson. Austin P. Wnterhouse, 

■TDavid E. Mench, Daniel G. Dove. Joshua W. Pillars. I.onis Beck. John 

|P. Mackey. James M. Cannan. Siinford E. Biirronglis, T^'vi Bears, f Jno. 

. Risinger. Andrew J. Provin. Orville Hoadley, Franklin 0, Stone, 

Vesley Slower. Warivn Lawton. Jno. Towne, Waller Tiitlle, Peter 

Vione, Henry N, Weller. Peter K. Hmilh]. 

orta Township. — Fred M. Cummings. Henry D. nop<-. Albert S. 

^Bracket, J. E. Hinman. Alfred Dutton, Clinton I,. Baiiiluirl. James S. 

Hanford. Benj. Rhodes, Jeremiah Crowley, John Saur, Win. Itoowem- 

bark. Christian J. Mann, Henry F. Orser, Jnme« M. Ilupe, Pi-r r\ Brown, 

k Jonathan Hazzard, Arthur C. Prince, Chauncy B. Fii-ld, W. H. Simons, 
Paniel McConnell, Wm. Chapman, Hollls Hilton, ('has. Bliickall. Avon- 
ley E. Roberts. Andrew T. Myern, Wm. ('. Vond. Johu Miller. Wm. B. 
&ass, James Sbangles, Ira H. Thompson. Martin Lockard, Edgar 
Bprague, Harmon S. Taylor. Geo. II. Howard, John Fry. Abraham Tiif- 
fiemire. Abner K. Beebe, Wm. Hughes. Traiey Itonia|i. |Joseph Fry, 
AngustUB Grawn, Elisha Clark, Henry Clark]. 
lUage of Lisbon. — Orpheus Smith. Jacob F, King. HenrA- EI nil. Franklin 
MeXitt. Emanuel King. [Jacob F. Mjinii]. 
Village of Sparta. — Chas. B. Hllli>ii. -Iinnes S. Barkman, Andrew J. Co- 
Tert, Norton Fitch, Wm. Gruriwell. Amherat B.Cheney. I>'vi H. Tanner, 
I Mnrlin M. Murry, Wm. Van Anlwi-r|i. Wi-lcom Evans. Isaac J. Spink, 
1 Brown. Leander A. Raymond, f'hesler I). Walch, Howard M. 
|.Freeman. Wm. E. Kinsman, James S. TtMdhiiker. Wellington Fitch, 
■phens Church. Geo. N. Thayer. Isaiah Stout, ('nlvln C. Crain, Henry 
. Powers, Joseph Hope, John H. *'ole. Julius Ganlner. [Andrew J. 
IS, Jno. Brown. Newell J. Rice. Jno. W, IlallfM-k. J. E. Matthew*, 
n Chilson. Andrew J, Bllllnger. Walter Ryness. l-evi W. 




Hbcpard j^| 

Plieiii'tv Townshiji. — Juhn H. Rhodi'S, Kichard Albertson, Hbepard 
fowk'S, James U. Medler, Moses Ht-mingway, Gfo. H. Fetters, Pliilip 
v.. Fifleld, Win. Lumbertson, Harvey Lockwood, Andrew Howard, A, 
Lambert son. L. S. Ellis, Chns. 8. Mi^dler. James S. Xewhmd, Andrew 
McDonald, Gabrael Hemingway, Sidney E. Petters, Jolin W. Curch, 
TliL-ron I.ambertson, Geo. Tourtelett, Alvin Watson, Jacob Ford, Orrin 
Bowen,Warren Shepard, Ely Bowen, Edward Brad&ba'w, Jnsiah P. Van 
Brocklin, Jolin Wolverton, Geo. W. Church, Leonard Enrich. Cbas. 
Stang, James B. Lesley, Seeley Clark, Hummer Joles, Wm. F. Parshell, 
Ebenezer Boyngton, Lemnel Holland, Victor Leland, Stephen K. Irish, 
John L. Enrich, James H. Roberts, Robert Douglass, Comfort Slawson, 
Nelson D. Gross, Hutson Jackmao, Judsou 8. Spittler, Lorenzo Mead^. 
Jason Graham, John W. Westbrook, [Sidney S, Thomas], 

Tyrone Township. — Elijah Helsal, James W. Barber, Harmon Cobtli 
Edward Chubb, Lorenzo Chapmau, John Miller. Xewtou T. Ton: __ 
Chas, R. Barrett, Washington Brott, James Stennett, Wm. T. McCnI- 
liek,Wm.W. Fenton, Hiram Carr, John H. Newland, James Haramonil, 
Geo. F. Brown, Chas, Afton, John H. Binehower. James R, Baker, 
Geo. K. Playter. Samuel B, Miller. Perry Allen, Geo. Crispin, Channcy 
H. Bailey, Edgar B. Chase, Hugh J. Kelly, Philander A. Thompson, 
Peter Nelson, Joseph W. Gould, Abram L' Power. Elijah A. Bowea. 
Jerome Biteiy, Oscar Post, Harmon Aldrich, Lyman S. Clark, Chas. C, 
Jewell, John Thomas, Henry H. Wylie, John Thompson. Amos I. Jack 
son, John 8. Ross. Samuel Orcntt, Birdsley Green. Benj. Holben, Ed- 
mond Wilson, Chas. Peterson, Henry Season, Robt. Ferguson, Joseph 
Holben. Geo. S. Soles, Martin D. Gardner. [Jos. O'Hara. Francis 
Walton], 1 

Village of Casnovia. — James Van Oi-den, Horace Heath. Stephen Bitdfj 
Mortimer J. Bonner, Emerson D. Smith. 

VergenneB Township. — 1. J. Batchelor, G. W. Crosby. C. Barney, John 
L. Selover. W. L. Merriman. E. L. Bennett, C. D. Pratt. Daniel W. Wat- 
son, Henry W. Booth, Olonzo Wilcox, Ira S. Gardner. Wm. H. Reach. 
James H. Andrews, Jamea A. Lyon, Fred L. Rodgers, John G. Hapman. 
Eugene Campbell. Wm. B. Aldrich. 

Walker Township, — Geo. W. .Mhertson, Geo. Wiley. Rarauel Pennell 
Christopher C. Norton. R. Lamphire. Henry A. Barnes. Silas Withey. 
Frank Gross, James Hagerty, Daniel Willis. P. T. Peck. Rohl. Kelly. 
C. W. Rising. Rehring Vnnnortwiok, Benj. Kellogg. John H. Egbert, 
James R. Neal. John C, Winchester. Chas. Cliapinan. John Crane, 
Stephen D. Maynard. Theodore Springstead, Edwin E- SUaw. James E. 

Wyoming Township. — Geo. Birdsell. Oliver Putt. Alex. Callaway. Wm. 
J. Withpy. John R. Warner. Geo. W. Crosby, Wm. G. Allen. Hias. 
Scoby, David Evarts. Reuben Elwell, Lewis G. Farrand. Holmes Roys, 
Isaar I^rny. Henry T. Clark, Talbert L. Owen. Adrian Yates. Harrv 
Lince. Samuel A. Crouch. Chilllon B, Rnnnells. Myron W. Gibbs. .\! 
fred Hnnimnnd. James Hynes. Milton Velzy. Byron Russell, Earl Gor 
ham. Zimri W, Bnmham. Owen Madden. Edwin H. Morse. Wilson On? 
sett. .John H. Srhlamb. .Tohn F. Connell. John R. Moore. Andrew V. 
Retnn. James D. Williams. .Tohn W. Smith, Hamilton H. Hendprsnu. 
[Chas. F. Ferrand. .Tno. J. Brndi]. 



Bage of Grandville. — Jobn C Graham, Tzar Caldwell, Jui^epL Blake, 
Henrj- H. Masten, \Vm. C. Hildretb, I. B. Hamilton, Edwin M. Talcott, 
Sylveeter Edson, John X. Jackman. \\m. H. Galloway. \Vm. Brown, 
Hamilton Couiboh, Alvin Cox, Cyrus C. Hiidreth. John'w. Rose. CyruB 

I[, Bargeas, Jobn Ellis, Nicholas M. Elsworth, Loren Day, Mai-cns H. 
IcCoy, Ora C. Taylor, Philo P. Henderson, Adelbert H. Weston, John 
V. Thomas. John Shultz. 
,nd Eapids City, First Ward.— Lyman A. Stickles, Wm/ Smith, Hich- 
rd J. Thompson, Albert Phelps, James D. Runions, Gottlieb fioiitter, 
has, Fox, Dorr Skeels, Horace W, Miller, Orange W. \'an Dyne, James 
hoemaker, Jasper Henderson, Peter W. 8. Runions, Henry Houghtal- 
«ig, Jan Hendrick Vos, Chaa. Edmonds, John Stathey, Wm. Catherd, 
Orrin P. Huntley, Harvey Johnson, Alexander L. Rose, Edward Cane, 
Thomas Clinton, Geo. V. French, Luther S. Wright, Robert L. Mann, 
Tliomas Mnroney. Wallace S. Hunt, Peter W. Scott. Melville Hall, By- 

Pron RuHliD, Wm. Woughton, Fred Gill. Helas Hendrews, Bentou C. 
Lewis, John W. Wood, Franklin Beebe, James Richmond, Zimri Brow- 
nell. Edward Park, James Stewart, Arthur Furner. Lorenzo Hitchcock, 
Louis Lacey. Bradley Cole, Chas. Herbstreith, Byron Pierce. Francis 
Balono. John Richards, Geo. McDonnand, Win. Harper. Alma Bennett, 
Hermanns Gezon, John A. Rumsema, Freeland Gray. Oliver Pratt. 
Chas. A. Kendrick, Elisha A. White, Geo. Mitchell, Thomas Doethey, 
Chas. Howard, Wm. Hart, Geo. W. Stoler, Almon V. Carpenter. Henry 
Goodyear, Henry Everts, Joseph Jenkins, Isaac Plass, Elias GriggEi, 
Henry Oally. Ephrnim Prindle, Joel Countryman, Wilson Leet. Cor- 
nelius Wright, Levi M. Van Ocker. Cornelius Gast, Joseph Lardie, 
Wm. Hines, Wm. H. Townsend, John W. Ricker, Granger Van Vleck, 
P7.ra J. Bigelow, John Holmes, James Howden. Michael Burns. James 
Steward, John Ronke, David Lamoens, Henry H. Allen, Chas. S. Smith. 
John D. Snyder, Jeremiah Miller. Chas. Reeves. Wm. I.Jicey, Wilbur 
Dickinson, Barnum Franklin. Jnmea Ester. John H. McCellnn. Arthur 
l>rew8haw. Damon Bennett. Daniel Parnyen. Patrick Doherty. Geo. L. 

^H Kayape. Wn. J. DripgK. Jackson Ricker. Joseph Crocker. Louis H. 

^H Hines. Wm. McGraw. Geo. F. Anderson, James Higgins. Wm. Bc>dford. 

^B John M. Lvnch. Joseph Boobn^y, Richard Brunner, W. C. Scott, John 

^Bt. Young, [Alex Bumsma, Leonard Semyn]. 

^^tesind Rnpidfi Citv. Second Ward.— Joseph W. Welton, Henry Daley, 

^HGeo. E. Jndd, .\lfred D. Rathbone. John P, Creqne. Rugene Boise. 

^B'T/anrens W. Wolcott. Philip L. Jewett. Daniel Hawk, Joseph Jenkins. 

^^ Horace W. .\bbotf. Frederick Hock. Chas. Rath. Edgar Warrenton, 
Matthew Slattery. Chas. Willsey. Wm. Bordman. Alex. Innes, Erastus 
Onraminga. Gilbert M. Steese. Heman Pansh, Geo. D. Herrick. Thomas 

t K Perrv. Samuel A. Kennedy. Jnmes W. York. Gaylord B. Miller, 

j^fc Trederirlc A. Thiebenud, Elliott E. Jndd. Geo. A. Smith. Wm. Hnynes. 

^Hchus. Sfldin. Wm. Beera. Alban B. Botsford. James H. Woodworth. 

^HFrnnk Riselev, Thomns D. Adams. James R. Miller. Ocfavns Dietrich, 

^Bohas. W, T\".nlkins. Lawrence Tnlford. Cyrns Dickinson. Benj. Meeker. 

^Rjohn Widdicomb. Wm. T. I,amoraiix. Jas. H. Rosemim. Geo. L. Crosby, 

^HFrank H. Graves. Geo. N. Wiigne:-, Rjimnel J. Chase, Gilbert F. Bailey. 

^Boeo D Crolhers. L. D. Lanniliere. Wnsbinirton Pound. Wm. H. Clem- 

^Bent Flijah Fi<iher. Geo. C Kimball. Oliver S. Waters, Geo. H. Newell. 


.mes Coop^H 

C, Campbei^* 

\Vm. H. Culvur, Horace D. Tucker, Edwin J. Brooks, James < 
Wdi. S. Wikox, Edward Priddey, Geo. C. Shepard. Peter C. < 
Geo. A. Gould, Thomas P. Smith. 

Grand KaiiidM City, Third Ward.— James L. Manning, Geo. K. Johnson, 
John Brady, Wm, Tanner, Geo. W. Chambers, L. H. Hascall, Edwin S. 
Pierce, Solon W. Baxter, S, I, Vanderbeck, Wm. Gelock, Geo. H. Long, 
Frank Johnson, Archie McAUen, Wm. Winegar, John C. Buchanan, 
James J, Weir, Wm, B. Smith, Abram G. Amaden, Hiram T. Gay, 
-Monzo h! Fowie, Frederick Shriver, Wm. Dunham, James J. Smith, 
Chas, D. Lyon, Joseph M, Mnrray, Chas. W. Eaton, Cornelius Verstay, 
Joseph C, Herkner, Isaac P. Powell, Edgar B, Powers, Hubert Pratt, 
ThoB, Forbes, John Wickham, Albert Peckham, Andrew B. Coffinberry. 
TTinim B. Pierson, Peter Steketee, Wm. Vander Strahlen, G. A. Cole 
Frambes. John C. Stainton, Abraham B. Ellis, Chas. C. Barber, James 
M. Wood, Rosweli H. Lee. Wm. Xesbitt, Albert Clement, Henry E. 
■Innoun, Wm. H. Jones, Lewis Heath. Fred F. Taylor, Geo. C. Nelson, 
I vman C. Patten, E. B. Dikeman. Wm. T. IleHs" Daniel E. Stearns, 
Adelbert E, Worden, Christian Schnidt, Herman Vinnegaarts, Isaac 
Quirk, John W. McGowen, John Bolya, Wm. B. Bostock, Geo. B. Love- 
land, Komer Eaveld, John B. Fortier. Joseph Morris, Ora Pierson, Alex, 
ZachariatJ, P. Sherman, Benj. C. Titiey, Albert Babcock, Levi S. Boyn- 
ton, Edward G, Raymond, Calvin Ainsworth, James M. Dudley. Joseph 
H. Wonderly, James Ireland, Edward H. Hont, Horace Lamos, Clark 
A. Adsit, Albert Southwick, Bimey Hoyt, Wm, H. Raiguel. Timothy 
G. Turner, James C. MrBride. C C. Morton. Geo. W. Hamilton, Lycur 
gas J. Wheoler, Alplieaa M. Beebe. Gideon Rutherford, Harry R. Mar 
tin, Chas. Searlea. Chas. Foster, I. C. Smith, Heman N. Moore. Jacob 
Geelboed. Wm. R. Pnrsell. Harry Widdicomb. Wth. B. Croninger. Geo. 
F. Sinclair, Byron M, Cutchcon. Geo. S. Thompson, Isaac F, Griffith, 
Chas. B. Field", Wm. Stewart. Nelson B. Clark, L. C. Remington, Luther 
Densmore, David C Powers. Colonel Rnssell. Clinton D. Woodruff, 
Chas. Jocoy, [Rnht. Carltonl. 

Grand Rapids City, Fourth Ward.— Geo, Anthony, Wm. Scott. John M. 
Hurst, Uriah L. Hayes, .\lvin F. Stevens, Wm. Oliphant, Gardner B, 
Clark, Geo. Curtis, Benj. Whitman, Albert S. Smith, Eben Snydpr, 
Michael Reinhardt, Martin McXamara. Wm. H. Banks. Louis D. Lnck- 
liu. Johannes Grnotemaat, Thomas Lowden, Daniel R. Corbitt, Wm. H- 
T><-ramp, Edgar D. Highee, August Schmidt. Ralph Ja-q. Edwin Went. 
Peter Broschardt, B. W. Fnller. .Toseph P. Bernard Allen, 
David C. Knim. Wm. F. Parish, Nicholas Johnson, Darius L. .Vruold, 
Peter G. Stacy. Wm. J. Stehhins, John F. Alcott. Samuel Orcutt. De- 
najah Ames, Daniel E. Marvin. John Sanr. Edwin ■!. Codner, Geo. 
Blakesley, Adelbert Halioday. Cyrus Crnff, Prances E, Seymour, An 
drew J. Stebbins. Hiram Ellis. Robt. Hughes. Dennis Hodskey, Ira 
Vanstinsel, Orville D, Carlisle. Geo. Iti'u Lnno. Julius G. Faenger, Pnnl 
Waltz,. Wm. H. Cline. Walter Ryncss. Geo. Gildersleeve. EM Link, Ju 
'ius Rathraan. -James Lampman, Leonidns E. Burt, Joseph Downs, Gf<-: 
Holmes. Thomas Gaines. James M. Travis, Darwin E. Slawson, Geo, O 
Britigs, Geo. W, Rodgers, John R. Daniels, -Tohn A, S. Verdier. Pani'l 
Powers, Perren V. Fox, Zach. Aldrit-h, Wm, Rirhardaon, Wm. D. Frost. 
Marvin Osborne. Chauncy Carpenter. Le Grand Rathbone, Joseph Sq^H 


der, Elijah H. Footu, Chas. II, MtOomber. Aaron L. Foote. Milea H. 
Winans, Harry Hubbard, Syliester Lindley, Jowmiah W. Boyntoa, 
Ford Whitch, Byron Soales, Wm. G- Beckwitli, Capt. Both. Chas. C. 
Wallroff. Geo. \V. Powers. .lolin Hall. Herbei-t M. Reynolds. Godfrey 
Kalnibach, Theo. Click, Wallace Dickenson, Theo. Putnam, CIiaB. W. 
Calkins. Hjirvey Galbraith, Merritt Maniey, Henrj" J. Long, Wm. J. 
Bailey, Francis Tindall, Marion A. Shafer, Henry Van Dyke. Albert A. 
Lord, John H. Immon. Anson B. Bartlett, Frederick Hirth, Albert A, 
Lord, Geo. B. Pbelps, Artlinr W. Currier, Eugene Sawtoll, Samuel 
Alley, Stephen J. Coffyn, Walter Scott, Harrison Bostwick, Judson E. 
Rice, Chas. E. Flint, Joseph B. Griswold, Cha8. K. Gibson, John How- 
ard, Albert Driggs, Alonsou Woodworth, M. J. Kolts, David H. Bren- 
ner. James Vander Slnis, Chas. W. Todd. James P. Tipton, .\ntoine 
Boet, Peter Boyer, Edwin Vinter, Isaac S. Little. Gustavo A. Landaner, 
rhas. McCool, Geo. S. Nelson, Chaa. H. Robertson, John S. Glidden, 
Hrairy D. Van Assen. C. Cheney. Ansen T. Driggs. Wm. H, Bonse. Eber 
Rice, Moses D. Emerson, S. E. Kiefer. Wm. W. Roberson, [Zcrah V. 
Cheney ) . 
Grand Rapids City, Fifth Ward.— Asa W. Slayton. Ward P, Smith. E. V. 
Carr. Austin A. Stiliwel, C. W. Hulbert. Joseph Fox. Henry C. Ramsey, 
Joseph F. Bay, Esber Child, Henry Knapp, John G, Rfeineke, Edwin 
Pallas, Rnssell Godfrey, Tjeonard Nye, Joseph French, Hezekiab Smith, 
Hiram .Mdridgo. Geo. A. Davis, Wm. H. Harris, Hiram Carlin, Sltchael 
Quirk. J. B. Woodard. Thomas Comfort, John H. Call, John Klemd- 
bans, Hirnni Miller. \. M. Parmenter, Patrick McEwen. Chas. H. Rich- 
ardson, John Barrett, Antoine Verway, Enos Page, Wm. H. Miller, 
Chaa. Verstay, John C. Waters. Chas. T. Stewart. Samnel Stem. Dennis 
Sullivan, Wm. Coryell, Seymore J, Pickert, Jesse B. Williams. Joseph 
Gothila. Franklin 'WTiitbeck, Renben Fnller. Eli Kahler, Henry H, 
LeflSngwell. Theo. Cole, Chas. D. Blakeslee, Chas. H. Griffin. John Mar- 
tin. John S. Daniels. Alex. Gunn, Joseph Price. Geo. 8. Van Wert, 
Francis McGinnes. Calvin Smith, .Joseph C. Potter. Roz-eile Rose, 
Archibald Walker. G. Verhoek, Thomas Bnma, Jones E. Davis. Hiram 
Weeks. Roht. E. Martin, Geo. Bematz. John Prindlc, Nathan P. 
Bachus, Gen. E. Gibbs. Mills B. Hinsdale, Edwin Wade. Michael Finn, 
Thompson Wisner. Olis Smith. Chas. Clinton, Geo. Wells. Iwan W. 
Thomas, H. W. Cummings, Geo. Schulties. Bennett Bartletl, Ransom 
G. Parker, .rnbn E. Jildes. Adolph T. Campau. Samuel D. Collins. John 
Dardy, Wm. H. Watts. Fred Snyder. James Larkins. Andrew S. Tx)ven, 
R. Ovfnden. Lucius Collins, Thomas Gorman. Thomas C. Price, John 
Dale. Edgar P. Mills, John H. Tranger. Wm. M. Briggs. Moses .\lHe, 
James O. Whitney, .\ndrew Spenrer. Oscar Harrington. Benj. Chap- 

Iman. Chns. Hnneman. Tmman Smith. Wm. H. Harris. Wm. Proper, 
Franklin Konkle, Michael O'Donahue. James Reed, Roswell Rexford, 
Geo. W. Cole, Joseph G. Fisher. Wra. C. Balbach, Harvey Hntcheson, 
James McConnell, Richard Cothiman. John P. Berry. Martin Hnizingn, 
Bernard Dolan. Frank Gardafee, Gideon Chilson, John Haskell. Henry 
L. Spicer. Wilson Wood. Daniel Fisher. Wm. A. Brown, Daniel Grib- 
hen. John Beard, .Tacob TT. Hazen, Henry G. Hill, Aaron P. Thompson, 
Alonzo Clark, Alvin Cofton, Raniuel J. Dean. John Mclver. Mangns L 
Slack, James D. Ester. John Wicltham. Chas. W. Dipple. Oliver P. 
Earl. I 





Grand RupidB City, Sixth Ward. 
Haniuel White, Wm. W, Artliu 
Wdj. L. Bailey, Elias 
B. Seals, JanieB II. \Vcnt.-iv.-ll 
Sallow, Ain«s KtmUlc. llt'iir; 

W. LyoDJ^I 

-Harm. W. Stevens, Henry W. 
Harvey H. Wolven. Adam A. Hyilom™ 
Will. SI. Dii lioiB, Sake Boonstra, Alfred 
Fletiher i). Williams, Geo. Salton, Otto 
.\. I'arkei', I'eter Weber, Jamea A. 

I. An 



Walter, John Hadden, Andrew Mt-ym-on, Benj, Fiimuiff, Stephen T. 
Wileox, Luman Cooley, James K, Watson, Alvin D. Porter, John Mc- 
Gowen, Henry W. Diamond, Daniel C. Dodge, Henry Albertson, Sidney 
W. Davy, Michael Keppler, Monroe Coffin, John Yonngblnod, ("has. L. 
Shattuck, Peter J, Alflen, George W, Wynkoop, George Bates. Edward 
Duffy, Wm. H. Stokes, Jaoob Hock, Eliphalett Walcott, Martin H. An- 
drew, Charles C. Mareh, William D. Thayer, Joseph Demel, Xathaniel 
A. Hopkins, Wm. H. Sayles, Samuel H. Piillen, Chas. Scott, Oregoii 
Hamilton. Charles H. Poet, John Lamb, Geo. E. Carter, Robert McG 
Warren H. Congdon, John S. Mankin, James Ward, Franklin Tayei__ 
James B. Page, Byron J. Bnllard, Frank L. Tubba, Orlow HopMns, 
Winfleld S. Anderson, John H. Jones, Chas. B. Calkins, Calvin E. Hull, 
Jobu W. Emmons, John Schmidt, Francis Richards, Alonzo J. Crippen, 
Lester Hildreth, Harry Crosson, George W. Buggies, Aaron C. Frost 
Almon Oldp, Jared Chapman, Safford White, Allen D. Linn, Andrew J 
Swan, Chas. A. Bissonette, [I-emont H. Dewey. Lucus Cole, .\lyin f 
Porter]. _ 

Grand Rapids City. Seventh ^Va^d.— W. P. Irwin, John B. Hudson, A. 8. 
Damskey, Hiram Madden, John Wheeler, Oscar Whitney, Joseph Kir»- 
ter, Louis Pettit, David Heileman, Chas. O. Wade, J. W. Prentice. Cor- 
nelius Masteubrook, Conrad Fey, John Gardner, Abraham Jones, Johi 
Challender, Chas. Lonnon, Riley L. Sizer, Geo. J. Barr, Antoine Ne» 
man, S. H. Aldrich, Squire C Phillips, Mortimer McKinney, Carltoi' 
Neal, John Dunlap, F. M. Walworth, J. P. Simmons, Isaiah Irwin, C 
R. Philip, Wm. E. Pnllin, Joseph Copeland, L. M. Blackwell, Jamej 
Crumrine, Elijah A. Stevens, John Williamson, Geo. Turner, Charlcj 
Wines, Wm. E. Wiley, Squire Taylor, Wm. Miller, Timothy Rose, (J«' 
Bean, Elisha O. Stevens, Harvey C- Taft, Levi Young, Joseph O. 
laire. Lewis Wheeler, James Broderick, H. Charles Sprague. Wm, '. 
Adams, .\lex Thompson, George Nichols, Alfred Sininions. John T 
borger, Roger Fryer. .Vugnst Hayer, Henry M. Cntrell, G. Hatlmw 
Jacob Barth, Hiram Lanigton, Slaloney Reed, Gustave Giroldot, Wm, 
Kaepke, Delos Palmer, Joseph Dove, .\ndrew Price, Baker Borden, 
Isaac Sigler. Frederick Spraker, Charles Ellet, Steven Winterhalter, 
Thaddeus Foote, Frederick Day. Aurelius Welster. Wm. J. Kirkpatrick, 
F. H. Belinger. John Parker, .\ugii8t Wissman, G. R. Spencer. Jacob 
Osterle, .\lbert Kelley. Bitter A. Bail, Gerret Cole, Oscar Hall. Martin 
Ziudel, Anton Bott, David C. I.^-ach. D. D. Cook, Wm. A. Snyder, 
Henry Rice, Franklin B. Chapman, Charles Wynei-t, Wm, .HtiiuhlJ 
John A. Hagens, Carlton Neal, [Andrew Doyle]. ' '/7 ...i 

Grand Rapids City, Eighth Ward.— .Tames L. Scribiiert'tlituWrf.^feiilnvi 
Wm. F. Ryder. Ferris Rose, .\ndrew Welton. Gi.nfE^i^.'GHtWwrai.Benj 
Bright. Aaron H. Wood. Georpe W. Canfieitf, (^tiitf- S«llOH. ©avi 
Werner. James B. Beadle, Peter Schickel, W.'Sl'rtll^ei*, JVihh E. Bero 
James Graham, Carl Schweitzer. John G.''*5tiWrliy, ■t<^(>{>h''\:'iVbKei 
Jndson Garnsev. Wm. Bierhower, Wm. '^oreflVk, Xnim tlMA-krHi^'a. 


'. C(K>k, Elishn Matiun. O, M. FwrlK^, fjwu^e A. Love, Ed^ar Wy- 
jt. AJbt-rt Xottiiic W. H. Slielljir. .(uhn Uwtli. Fn-<Uri<k Maier. L. I„ 

ou S. IVck, 8mitli G. Ketcliam, Heurr J. Wheeler. 

I Eapids Cii.v, Ninth Ward.— Aaron C. Ketler. U. E. Derrin, Geo. 

niiL-t'lt-r. Tiiiiotby Clark, Ileiuricli Sojinable, Gidt-un S. Member, 

Beitj. Cuui>er, J. Elem Lefebre, Tboiuas Hurdi^iy. Jerome II. Haolljr, 

Jolia ZiniDioniiMa, Marslitill Keouou, Ja<-i»li K. Itunu. <'<>rt*rt Ko«e^T%at. 

John Pendletou. Mii'bael Fitzgibbons, Aiiron Kcii-ttiuan. Ge<>. Tabor, 

^U.vrou Myers, Clia». Scowell, James Rii-e. Elliott Covt-ll. Georjrt' Vand- 

BToort, Thomas McCait.v, John Carpt-nier, Wm. Lace, James 8U4.-rmiui, 

Chaa. W. Hooker. Merritt Hmitl.v. lx>reDzo Willworiii, OrwHI H. Wi-lls, 

IrGardner Mathews, Henry Grebel. Dennis Moylau. Ituutc Coon, Qeory 

. WiUiam», Francis Ragan. D. H. Kvllrtgg. Hiram Welling. Darid Mc- 

■DoQuld, Latham Averili, John Martin, John Emperor, Daniel Ueebe, 

Jumes Greenwood. John Wright, Richard iicott, Geo. Chapel, Hiren 

kifiaden. Frank Muehlberg, Amos Steame, Isaac Hkitlmaa. Marson Kao- 

ftDtiltou. Wni. Forbes, Wm. Raad, Deloiee Henrj, Wm. Tate, ComeliaB 

mOflock, Slepben Hartswell, Theo. Weed. Samuel .-Vnders, Jtweph Wick- 

iBtu, Joseph Bnrch, George Wilwtek, IVtt^r Lewis. Frank Xvc, Frxil 

jidall, [Alfred M. Apted]. 
lend Rapids City. Tenth Ward. — Alfred B. Nichols, John J. JoIidmo, 
Geo. Cook, Geo. Rosen era ns, Dan. C. Snyder.Mallhew Brii.e.D. C Will- 
"" lams. Lnther David, Daniel C. Kline, Nat. D. Bmitb, Geo, Stuck. Chas. 
A. Hepbiim, James E. Virgil, Cbaa. R. Stewart, John H- Thomas, 
Joseph Penney, .VIbert Headly, Horace W. Stewart, Allen D. Peaae, 
MaKin Vander Lnyster, James Conway, Thomas Wright, Frank J. 
Lemb. Chas. E. Allen, Jacob Hann, Orson B. Gibson. Michael Jahra- 
dorper, John T. Gould, Francis Steady, George Pringle. Geoi^e \L Ben- 
nett, Stephen M. Kent, Thomas F. SoftiiB, Horion H. Dewey, Cha«. E. 
Tasburr. Chas. E. Belknap. Benj. F. McReynolds, Geo. M. Crane, Teye 
Bnrma. John Wanderon, John Hansard. Aaron P. Drake. Byron D. 
West, Thomas Farmer, James A. Wilson, Itobt. Hyman, Alex. Thomp- 
. Edward Watson, Aliel Blood, Martin flelock, Garland Jack»oii. 
£bcrt Blakely. Chas. S. Wilson, James L. I«ewi8, James Jillet, F. W. 
;. Geoi^e T, Wickers, John Richards. John K, Carrntbers, 
Thomas E. Reed, Wm. Hewitt, John Bagley, Felix Baniville, Frank 
"^Chicfceting. .\ndrew McRcvnolds, George F. Potter. J. Johnannes Cor- 
nelisse. Martin R. Parkbarst, Wm. H. Gallnp, Edward J. Keate, Alva L. 
Holmes. W. A. Wilson. I^omis K. Bishop, Henry B. Fiiircblld. Itun'el 
_Paddon. John McXab. Hugh O. Watroiis, .Vrlbur M, Chnrch. James H. 
"Jones. Geuive L. jVntisdel, \. Lanium K Imball, Elijah Dan, Tbomjis C. 
Vinter, rri J. Baiter. Ueun' F. Higgins. llenrv Williams, Geo. F. Pal- 
ber. Benj. F. Gildi-n. John C. Klyn. Eliax Hall. Hilas .1. Powell. T^wis 
^. Bchranun. Hiram P. Kpringslead, tUmm H. Ki-llogg, M. Andrews, 
|,mos S. WhiU: Alex. Mo(^-onnell. Wm. A. J. Ryau, Wm. H. ['nderhill, 
n-oy Riddle. Marion J. Wrisley, Andrew Fergus<>n, Royal A. Ide. Dan- 
iel W. spring. Wm. N. Baker. Kenneth V. ilorse. 8ainue! A. Holt, Benj. 
. Thuut|u«oti. Nelson H. Walhridge. 

nd Haplds City. Elereulh Ward.— Emll A. Dapper, Geo. W. MUler, 
llanin Miner. Geo. W. JeaklnH. Ih^nslow HallUlay, John Hlasls. Isaac 
iioDloDye. Crawford Hmllh, Alex, Jonim, Jeremiah C Ri^MniMfn, Cbaa. 

son. Ed 




A. EastoD. Join M. ThjIoi-, Edwiini P. Nijiiiiand, Miles K. Nortw 
Heury C. Paliaer, Heur_y Fost. R. t*troiig, Juiuch Kic-e, Jeffrey P. Baraefl^ 
Edward Vinnegai". Andrew Gallowa.v. C'haB. Seymour, Luke Hyman, 
Daniel 0. t^raitli, Edward S. Honon. Chas. C. Bunting, Manning F. 
Drake, Henrj- E. Thomjmon. Jobn D. Nellist. \Vm. B. Griffith, Peter W. 
Simmons, Elias Baliiii, Joseph H. Bat-helor. Oliver BuL'kin;;:ham, Jooa- 
than B. Worley, Frank H. Gill, Rufos Robinson, Alariou Wilder, James 
M. Carver. Henry Searer, Wm, T, CmnmiUKs. Harvey J. Anwa^, 
Nathaniel Welluian, Daniel E. Stonebiuner. Elliott Norton. James N. 
Aniba, Albert M. Orniabce. Benj. B. Davis, Wm. U. Harris, Reuben E. 
Huff, Joel MeLenitLau, Albert L. T. Bush, Wm. H. MiiIiL-k, Chas. G. 
Loomis, Austin T. Htone, Wan-en L. Marks, Cynis Brown. Thomas J. 
Nixon, John M. Sadler, Jobn X. Race, Melvin J. Lint-oln. John Q. Patter- 
son, Reuben W. Brainard, Jefferson M. Brown, Horace Wilder. Frank 

E. Drew, Myron S. Creaper, Wright W. Smith, James Hanna, Frank B. 
Woolston, Wesley Hawkins, Geo. B. Wilson, Newton h. Chamberlain, 
8. R. Chamberlain, Chas. D. Harrington, Isaiah Skinner, Chas. H. Scrib- 
ner, Wm. 8. McCormick, Joseph E. Gillis, Thomas R. Van Wert, Edwin 
L. Cole, Bobt. W. Andrus, Geo. L. Freeman, Tsaac R. Church, Geo. W. 
I^awton, J. L. Fost, Joseph Kerr, Jas. A. Curry. <ieo. W. nsitiorne. Geo. 
Johnson, James Butler, Edwin P. Dana, Wm. T. Menitt. Wilber 0. 
Booth. Frank 1. Mayburv. Stephen Parr. Flnvius J. Sinilh. Chas. H. 
Brown, Wallace Bryant, Spencer T. Redford. Hiram L. Gildersleve, 
James Davis, Aaron Frans. Wm. A. Clark, Wm. H. Wood, Lewis Beed, 
Jerome L. Winchester, Oscar D. Markham, Gt-o. K. Mosliier. James 8. 
French, Obediab P. Coleman. F. C. Church, Edgar A. Freeman, PMlo 
Collins, Nathan J. Arnold, James Johnson, Chas. R. Lewis, Calrio J. 
Root, Chas. A. Pinckney, deo. W. Eby. James G. Scott, tiiles Gregory, 
Chas. Devall, Chas. A. Beebe. Eustace W, Tower, John F. Failing, 
Thomas Ludden. Philander Drake. Geo. W. Simpson, Edmoud P. Galer, 
John H. Bower, Leonard Hurlburt, Lucien B. Brewer, Calvin C. Barnes, 
Ezra T. Kirkbride. Dwight S. Drake. 

Grand Rapids City. Twelfth Ward.— Rosalva W. Graham. Wm. H. Bar- 
bey, Jeremiah Fitzpatrick. Peter K. Smith. Geo. Blain, Edward Mabin, 
Henry C. Hendershot, Henry Hicks, Elias G. Young, G. \V. Dillenbacfc 
Wm. Ostrander, Shad. F. Rouse. James P. Gossett, Isaac Watts. Daniel 
Dwelling. Andrew K. Miller. Benj. F. Kewaga. Col. Sniislmry. Jacob G. 
Gaiz. Fred S. Wileman, Isaac Lanioreaux, Ezra Cole, John De Faye, 
John Davjs. Henry Preston. John Wood, Chas. Mowres, WinfleH B. 
Pratt. Robl. D. Sees. Chas. Runyon. J. B. Arnold, Edward Scofleld, Ken- 
nedy Hanna, .\lbert F. Wiley. Ransom Johnson. Isaac J, Bear. Geo. H. 
Smith. John Knowlen, Cash. M, Wise, Miles R. Sherwood. Jerome 
Brownell, James H. Morgan, Byron J. Dart, Wm. T. Johnston, Edward 
Howard, John Stonelmrner. Louis P. <iil!i.-rt. Uohin.l l>. Heed. Robert 
Wliinery. Joseph Besancon, Wm. H. Smith. Seth Ellis, Frank Henricl^ 
James T. Hood. Thomas H. Ellis. J. Harvey ISeil. .Malviii 'Jr^^ory. Ed- 
ward Racine. George \^'. Lyons. John \\'lii!iery. Edward H. Stein. C 

F. Daniels, Henry L. Smith, Frank W. Goodspeed. John Oppeneer, Nfll 
son Patterson. John N. Itlxby, F. E. Rosenkrans. 



looez Township. — Ernest Koch. 

igle Harbor Township. — John Crow, Norman \V. Hmiih. 
Grant Township. — Norman Smith. 
Hotighion Township.— A biahaui Koberis. W in. K. Wiijihi. John W. 

■rniaa Township. — Jarob Croninworlh. 



Chase Township.— Robert E. Bigbc-e, Eraetus Haines, Geo. M. Short, 
I>aviil J. Handall, Hpencer Fradenberg, Benj. ]>. Johnson, Jesse Acker- 
man. \Vm. Young, Edward rommeray, Henry Hissong, Elias Griffiths, 
Jeremiah C. Allen, Chas, A. Randall, Philip Dillingham, Wm. B. Laugh- 
lin. John Pente, Thomas A. Ball, Jesse Ball, Wni. H. Remington, Ed- 
ward Stevens, IJavid J. Zook. Wui. Berzley, Frank King, Joseph G. 
Rogers, Thomas McCraney, Frank Berzley, Geo. Priceler, Miii-tin F. 
Hostella. J. J. Tanner. 

Village of Chase. — Geo. Varguson, J. H. Kneveia, W. H. Williamson, La- 
ciua W. Torrey, .\lvinza Buck, J. C. Dressander, O. J. Caldwell, Wesley 
H. Knee. S. P. Vanderhoof. Daniel Cook. Franklin Torrence, Anson H. 
Back, fieo, Barnhart, ISamuel Higgius, John F, I'ju-e, Wm. Nickloy. 

Cherry ^'aIley Township. — Htober Wilson, Chas, Dibble. 

Dover Townshii).— Geo, W. Hines, Isaac ymith, Samuel Shafer. LiuigdoD 
Hovey. Webster B, Ewing, Thomas Borroughs, Charles R, WlUiama, 
James H. Sutton, tiiylvester H. Clark, Willnrd E. Waldrou, Francis M. 
Colby, David Robertson. 

Eden Township. — Edward P. Hohbins, Frank Kloruni, Peter J. Hammer, 
-John Duncan. 

Elk Township. — Wm. Fisher, John Welsh. Alonto Culver, N, H. Ryan, 
Enofi Futrell, Edwin Goodrich, Stephen Beebe, Geo, Curamons, Wm. 

Ellsworth Township. — Sihis W, Cramer, Eugene !„ Nirhoson, Ernest R. 
Nichoson. Wm. Rockwell. SiuiiiTel Fiiiten, Wm. Tilswilh, John 
McLaughlin. Giles Tompkins. Adolphiis Berry. Wm. Nlble. M. Dough- 
ertr. Charles W. Blakt-r. .\ii<i.-rM<.n .\. .Miner. Wm. G, Kvnder, Hnmuel 
Hayes. Alonzo Woodintf. Ilnnice S. Hawyer, John Ti1»witli, Wm. A. 
Crowell. Cornelins O'Neil. John \. Nelson. .\lex. Hoover. Edwanl 
McCInskev. Oliver Sisi-o, George W. Alwood. I-Vlfred Ferris). 

Village of Luther.— .Inh. R. Brewer, Gt-o. A. OHlmrne. Ramnel E. Cralne, 
Edward Tibbilt-. Henrv E. GlddlngH, JMin M.'nrv Muma, 
Fames Uiwrence.DiwiK C WalM.m, fhiis. W. Il.-e.l..i-, .lol.n W . Ni.lio- 
Nathan R. .M<-ri.>l<l. Peter It. Ibimhill.CluiN. II. It. KiibinsoD. 
Wni. Morgan. JosliiJii Silmel, Win. W. Kvai-t", Daniel llnrdiitg. Kdward 
Ha!I,Wm. Irwin. EuyeneP, WlllanH'liauiicy W, Itickerd. Asn P, Pom- 
ery. John Sawey. Nelwm Hlinrp, Elijah .\ny.-ll, Walter Nlchwls. Orvllle 
wlstringer. Chas. H. Howe, Arthur. I, Mnlhew. LeanderT, Coh; Edgar 
I Grimn. -John W. Goodur. G, A. WlU-.ri. .(nliu Tilswlth. Geo. Shiyl.ii.igh, 



Benj. Tripp, Dilln 

StoughtoD, Araericue V. Covey, Edwin 

Wm. B. Stober, Clias. B. Slreeler. Win. H. Nicliols. [Geo. W. Han 
Peter Church, James Bessie, Chas. A. Xichols, Sylvester L. Clark, 
Heni-j Cntler, Samuel Hays, O, W. Cooper, Elijah AnKell], 

■Glencoe Townsliip. — Jacob Baymen, Duncan McQiiaig, Richard M. Hiller, 
Wilson Wise, John Nick, [Brainerd A. Ricker, Wm. Smith, Gieo. 

Lake Townfihip. — Austin Reed. 

Newkirk Township. — Oau. Williams, James Moore, Geo. W. Tem] 
Jfunes Craft, Isaac M. Gray, Oliver Sieco, [Wm. Almy]. 

Pinora Township. — Peter Theal, S. N. Hibbets, Don H. Fuller, Jacob Pep- 
per, Jeremiah Mann, Henry Stowe, Clark Crane, Daniel Donovan, 
Samuel Reynolds, Andrew McLaughlin, Francis Smith, James Gilles- 
pie, Frederick Gillet, Samuel W'olfe, Henry St. Croix, Steven Fuller, 
Reuben Wihert, Wesley Ingalls, Geo. Collier, John Dyer, Anthony Rit- 
ter, John Bigboe, Michael Dershel. 

"Village of Baldwin. — Alexander McFish, George W. Towtisend, Kdward 
E. Decker. Henry Cutler, Porter Yates, Heni'y H. Isbell, Joseph H. 
Cobb, Rawiin N. Blackmer, John A, Updegraff, Patrick O'Bryan, John 
Carpenter, Snniuel Trumpower, Henry Eowe, Scott Voorheis, Frank 
Casbion, J. E, Baker, John W. Romine. 

Webber Township.— Harlow A. Nichols, Ralph H. Hollister, Am 
Randall, Abram Bush, [Leonidas Lines]. 

Yates Township. — James Armstrong, David Cosaart, Geo. 
Steven D. Brockway. Wm. Hanover. Jodson North, James 
Albert A. Blancbard. 




sepb H. 
m, John 


Almont Township. — David Patou, Jacob Clark, David P. Ross, Jacob 
Shumar, Abram Van Antwerp, John Rattray, Wm. W. Paton, John Sul- 
livan, Beth J. Hall, John B. Robinson, James Seaton, W'm, Murdock, 
[Henry Hull]. 

Village of Almont.^ — John Paton, W'ni. W. Taylor, Porter Conger, A, V. 
Ammerman, O. D. Black, Benj. F. Johnson, Lewis M. Rutherford- Elea- 
zer Hathaway. Stephen Taylor, Wm. Colcrick, Leonard L. Bruce, Zery 
Carter, Cyrus Carpenter, James J. Swain, Alex. Klock, Seneca Hartsell, 
John Murdock, Leming J. Eckler. 

Arcada Township.— Edward Hustead, James Huntley, Lary Smith, AUea 
Timbrooke, Albert Middleditch, Milden Dillenbeck, Wm. Livermore, 
Leverett Lyon, Geo. Roney, Chas. Swain, Miles Wait, Isaac Blackmore, 
Henry Vincent, Daniel Carpenter, Isaac Adams, Reuben Read, Samuel 
Cooley, Washington Judd, Timothy Shepperd. Samuel Lewis. Dariiia 
Covey, John Barrett, L. A. Flansbiiry, Porter Lamphier. Fred Voglcr. 
Moses Bonney, Wm. E. Mann. 

Attica Township. — Alson Webster, C. J. Manning, Francis M. West, Wm. 
Rogers, Samuel St. John, Baker McNiel, Wm. Elliott, Ueman Walker, 
Chas. M. Moon, Adnm Horsington, Harr>- Miiier. Nathaniel Campbell, 
Patrick Burke, Ira C. McClellen, Truman Hartwell. 



^R^tUage of Attica.— Daniel Kindier, Daniel West, Wm. Harris, Wm. Har- 
sen, James Browu, Johu Hubert, David York, Pbilo M. Hutton, Smith 
Boss, ('has. BuddingtoD, Clarence Wilber, Geo. W, Williams. Robert 

BnrliDgtnn Township. — Stephen F. Spencer, Harrison Bradshaw, David 

, M. Taylor, Henry Hathaway, Lester J. Weston, Elijah B. Evans, Martin 
L. Blackmore, Samnel Haight, [Harrison 8. Castle]. 

pillage of Clifford. — Wm. Eveland, Stephen Hutchins, NormaD Burton, 
I. W. Petrie, Thomas Kiilney, Geo. Niles, Thomas Atkins. Henry A. 

kosher, Nelson T. Hendricks, Edwin Curtis, [Jas. Corafoot] . 

jarnside Township.— Wm. A. Montgomery, David Hillis, John Sinclair, 

■ John Henn, Wm. Howton, Epenetus Howe, Judge B. Kniffen, Pern- 
brook Vandewalker, John Hagner, Philip Vokey, Michael Youngs, 
Thomas Hoffman, [Francis A. Jones, Manin Miller. Mirhael Wingert]. 

Deerfield Township. — Geo. R. Newb(^in. Henry Watson, Daniel Herren, 
Richard Robbins, John W. Anetin, Michael King, Walter Johnson, 
Chas, Watson, Wm. Foskitt, James Littell, Andrew Warren. John Al 
Bard, Abram Burch. Chas. McArthur, Amos Smith. Moses Swadling. 
John B. Selders. Edward Bullock. John H. Hill, Frederick Cook, Eli G. 
Smith, Chas. O'Brien. James Deline, David C. Weaver, Rlnalda Man- 
cbester, Heman Dockham, Henry M. Hudson. 

Dryden Township. — Wm. Baird, Gilbert Fisher, Augustus Ditman, John 
Burch, Merritt Lamb, Merritt Zavitz, Elisha Whittier. Waldren Clark, 
Leander Brown, Sylvester Hall, John Cade, Wm. Reynolds. 

Village of Dryden. — Wesley Herrington, Daniel Craft, Ridgeway Emons, 
Edw. Kelsey, C. Hoberson, Albert Buch, Thomas Williams. Edwin 
Hodson, Romaine Vankeek, W. Churchill, C. Hoberson. 

Elba Township. — James Hervey, Wm. Beckett, Charles Croff, Geo. Crank- 
shaw. Warner Butts. Horace Lamford, John Van Etten, Isaac Lane, 
Warren S. Beebe, Seymour A. Lewis, S. H. De Beaulieu, John R. Ham- 
mond, Geo. Baldwin, Lewis Allis. John Beckett, Daniel Compton, Con- 
rad Minick. 

Goodland Township. — W'illard Horwood, Lyman Rutherford, Melvin 
Mnnger, James Sexton, Thomas Meeker, John Lothrop, S. 3. Godden, 
Giles Flansburg, Barney Trainor, Everett Toiry, John Williams, V. 
Mathews, Leon Diokerson, F. Q. Erity, Horace Reid, Nelson Cheney, 
Chas. Churchill. 

Hadley Township. — D. 8. Henderson, Frederick Smith, John H. Kile, 
Samuel S. Clemens. Marvin Davidson. Johu T. Pasleau,Geo. H. Lnngan, 
Wm. S. Van Bnren. Andrew W. Davidson, Geo. S. Hemingway, Geo. 
Davenport, David Riley, Frank Bowles, C. G. H. Hartwig. Wra. P. Ran- 
dall, John Fiffleld, Lucius Sanborn, Geo. Thompson, Gottlieb S. Rie- 
man, Octavus Townsend, Delos Adams, Wm. M. Trumbull, Nathaniel 
N. Greene. 

Village of Hadley.— J. P. Kore, Adelbert N. Trumbull, Wm. B. Hewitt, 
Andrew J. Snook, Peter Slimmer, Wm. A. Henderson, Franklin Lang- 
don, A, L. Haywood, V. A. Bailey, Spencer D. Gleason, James 8. Miller, 
Jacob Beadtelyon. 

Imlay Township. — Robt. F. Allen, John Leach. Henry Harvey, Oscar 
Spencer, Theodore Shores, Bimey M. Snyder. Wm. Seabnry, Alpheas 

[0. Widger. Wm. Haggadone, Harrison Lewis, Alei. Bevins, Ebenezer 

^■0. y 



Trimm, Levi C. Clark, Elijah Codj, Cbae. Rosb, Wm, Nettnay, Henry 
Harder, Almon J. Young, Woi. Kirkland, Nathaniel C. HayeB, Sama^ 

Village of Imlay City. — Thomas H. Sheppard, Lyman Carlow, D. ] 
Washer, Sylvester Fox, Henry F. Foster, James M. Mann, John W" 
GhriBt, Jeptba Tucker, Lawrence D, Burke, Geo. F. Guatln, Benj. F. 
Goddard, Geo. H. Bowen. E. A. Buzzell, Hiram C. Wells, W. T. Dodge, 
Daniel 8. Malsbury, Thomas B. Keywortb, Mylon Hull, Wallace 
Huntly, Chas. H. Hyde, D. H. O'Dell, A. C. Funston, John G. Sparling, 
Wm. Smith, James Scb^amlin, Patrick Delany, Thomas D. Gostin, John 
Hlnks, P. J. Enright, D. S. Helmer, A. A. Lord, Albert Gark. Harry H. 
Miller, Stephen Harvey, James T. LeGear, Robt. Burghardt. 

Lapeer Township. — David Carr, Wm. Rice, Anson Shafer, Daniel Beck- 
with, Edward O. Morey, Marcus H, Beardsley, Winfield Tripp, Marvin 
Bolton, Edward Speas, Peter C. Bessett, Clement Waldron, Isaao 
Robinson, Geo. A. Downing, Geo. Barber, Wm. H. Brayman, Henry 
Wizon. ^m 

Marathon Township. — ^Harris Edgerton, Wm. W. Broadwell, James lt^| 
Monroe, James H. Vanleu, David A. Thatcher, Wm. A. Monroe. Abrau i 
Maxfleld, Henry M. Johnson, Ellis E. June, Levi Lawrence, Robt. Field- 
ing, Bradford Johnson,, Daniel D. King, Gideon Burnt, Oliver W. 
Levalley, Wesley Robinson, Eugene Reed, John Lawrence, AUea 
Swayze, Wm. W. Whipple, John D. Brown, Harrison Hayne, John W. 
Blakely, Alonzo Bradley, Wallace A. Coe, Theopbilus P. Mitchell, 
David F. Whipple, Edwin Crittenden. 

Village of Columbiaville. — Henry Tibbies, John Shaver, Wm. Cline, John 
Jones, Jr., Chas. Warner, Wm. A. Shafer, V. M. Miller, Wm. J. Buck, 
Dan Bowles. 

Village of Otter Lake. — Edgar C. Balcom, Benj. Woodworth. Elisha 
Hoard, Chas. H. Ijockwood, Menzo Hoard, L. Bathrick, Freeman 
Decker. Joseph Hart, [Wm. H. Howe]. 

Mayfleld Township. — Wia. Slater, Asa Evans, Henry McGunaegle, Carl- 
ton Peck, David Poss, Chas. W. Cox, Smith Young, Jay Taylor. Ander- 
son Cain. Geo. Holmau, Wm. McComac, Geo. Farquharson, Francis 
Skinner, Wm. White, Henry H. Smith, Geo. Gibbs, Nathan Wadsworth, 
James Converse, Wm, J. Doe, Abner Chaffee, Wm. Hunt, James Niles. 
Edward Evans, Geo. Hill, John W. Moore, James Jones, Sheldon 
Thomas, Geo. .\Icott, Sylvanus I^athrop, I-evi Oviatt, John Mills. Henry 
E. Skinner. 

Metamora Township. — Elias Martin, Pliny Bigler, Isaac Newton, Wm. 
Hardwick, Albert Porter, John H. Phipps, Jeremiah M. Goodman, 
Abram D. Smith, James M. Chorch, James 8, French, Francis W. Good- 
ale. Thomas J. Merritt, Cyrus Harris, Cama N. Thomas. 

Village of Metamora. — Abram V. G, Lundy, Lewis Y. Struble, Geo. H. 
Willobee, Isaac H. Lewis. Orrin C. Thompson, Alex, J. Holmes, Jona- 
than RoBsman, James H. Taylor, Wm. W. Post. 

North Branch Township. — James Smith, Geo. Arris, John Bwoish, Eobt. 
Dowling, Abel W. Haines, Dwight Faulkenburg, Henry Galllnger, 
Justin Harmon, Asel Armstrong, Qeo. Griffith, Thomas Haskell, Ma^ 
tin Kambf. James Snover, Chriatopher Stine, Alvin Cooley, Henry 
Ward, Edward Irons, Frank Klauka, Peter Laman, Martin Oage. 


Illage of North Branch. — Rilej G. \araoou, A. Labon, Aaroo B. Grant, 
Wm- E. Be8t, Geo. Sbari, [David C. Brigge, Asael B. Weston, Albert 
& Sholes]. 

Or^on Township. — Fred Alber, David Lambert Ljman GoodaJe, Wm. 
O. Fowler. Alfred Taylor, Wm. McClellan, Simeon X. Cayrl, Daniel 
Newcomb, Patrick Dugan, Peter Williams. Geo. W. Moore, Wm. Haw- 
kiDB, Geo. Grant, Joseph Bohnsack, Ghas. T. Oliver, A. O. Bacon, John 
Martin. Chas. H. Ward, Wm. Ohatlield, Henr,v Everson. Levant May, 
A. 8. Henry, J. F, Bradshaw, Andrew Shepard, A. P. SJhepard, Geo. 
W. Hosner, James Bothwell, Wm. Jewell, Joel T. Smith. Ezra Bittza. 

Bicb Township. — Byron A. McTaggart, Richard Welch. Montgomery 
Vanderpool, Wesley G. Wilber, Orlando J. Smith, Perry A. Crandall, 
Wm. Waldie, Samuel Masten, Joseph Tnbbs, Lncius Bueh. Jonas Van- 
derpool, Henry S. Calkins, Geo. Robineon, M. W. Wadsworth, Geo. W. 
Cnrtis, John Donovan, Jas. 8. Peterson, Chas. Dickerson, John Rogers, 
Wm. Kelch, Joshna J. Baker, Geo. W. Miles, Comelins Donovan. 

Lapeer City, First Ward.— Edward H. Kilbourne, Edwin A. Weston, 
Crawford V. Austin, Gad. Norton, Oscar A. Williams, Victor Willey, 
Thomas McCarthy, Wm. M. Henderson, Geo. W. Cramton, Geo. F. 
Demorest, Chaa. W. Willey, Samuel 8. Shelley. 

Itftpeer City. Second Ward. — Geo. W. Barlow. John H. Cunningham, 
Cornelius D. Croley, Fred L. Henderson, Jacob Piper, Geo. Elliott, 

■ Orange 8. Church, Reuben Bradshaw. Albert Morey. Royal H. Wat- 
son, Geo. H. Henderson, Elisba Hayes. David Pardee, Robt. King, John 
K, Hough, Geo. Lisk. Henry Compton, John Sheldon, John Adams, 
(3eo. B, Grain, Wheeler Oviatt, John O. Smith. L. W. Hinuian, James 
W. Fenn. Floyd McClaekie, Robt. A. White, [Prancie F. Cramton^ 
James W. Briggs], 
Lapeer City. Third Ward. — Morris Voice, Samuel P. Spaulding, L. Miller, 
Wm. L. O'Bryan, A. J. Basaett, Moses D. Crawford, Henry K, White, 
Jonathan Houghton, Elias B. Van Marter. 
Lapeer City, Fourth Wani. — John Randolph, F. L. Wilcox, Clarence 
Houghton. Darius Cooley, James A. Hungerford. Francis McElroy, 
Wm. P. Grover, S. J. Martin, Simmons Thomas, Thomas Curriston, 
Silas Bradshaw, Chas. T. Hinman, Stephen Gates, Dewitt C. Lake, 

k James Sherman, Leonard Fitch, E. P. Sperry, James T. Clark, Chas. 
Uarfelins, Henry C. Rankin, Marago Estell. Wm. Reese, Ira Green, Joel 
E. Hapes. Stephen Henry, L. Briggfl Eldredge, Reuben 8. Miller. 


tngbam Township. — .John W. Eckman. Solomon H, Trnde, S. H. Boosa, 

Emmet Whitney. John Becker, John M. Akers, Wm. Core, Henry 

Thompson . 
Oenterville Township. — Samuel Hoisted, .loseph Lavanture, Benj. Min- 

Bker, Jacob Jarsciiensky, Oliver Neddo, Chas. Manns. 
Cleveland Township.^Henry Kercherf. Peter lAiucha, Daniel B, Swtt, 

John Dago. 8r.. Vencel Hayek. Wm. Amidon, 8r. 
Elmwood Townfibip. — Lovt-ll H. Gage. Harlan P. Weller, ("'has. Norria, 

Prank Whitney, Fred M. Jewett, Mathlns Snyder, Vincent Nee«on, 


ilole, Enua^l 


Wallace W. Weller, Wm. Hozie, Lyman B. 8now, Chas. A. Cole, 
Grain, John Dalzell. 

Empire Townehip. — John Dorsey, Robt. J. Mlddaugb, John Helm, James 
Anton, Edwin G-ould, J. W. Van NoBtnind, Randall La Core, Nathan 
Sargent, Chas. Lackor. James McCormiok, B. K. Boynton, Hiram Hal- 
lett, Marvin La Core. 

Glen Harbor Township. — S, D, H. Daniels, Sidney Benjamin, Chester 
Mclntyre, Frank J. Smith, A. W. Bandall, Isaac Raimow, W. H. Dan- 
iels, Henry Decker, JJ. B. Sheridan, P. P. Smith, LanBinf; Miller, Geo. 

KasBOD Township. — Morris D. Spafford, James S. Stricklin, Wm. F. Kel- 
logg, Frank B. Chatsey, David McLaughlin, Wm. L. Bickle, Lafayette 
Henderson, Nathaniel W, Harrington, John B. Nash, James M. Tilton, 
Abner S. Fritz, Joseph Price, Roswell W. Bnrke, Lewis Donner, Arnold 
Freeman, Chas. Webb, Wm. H. Crowell. 

I^eelanau Township. — Fred Baombarger, Edward Rodgers, John Scott, 
AlphoQBO Emery, lahmael Comstock, Byron Leslie, Andrew Scott, 
Edmund P. Taylor, Joshua Middleton, John Howell, Cornelius Budd, 
Daniel B. Roberts, John Kehl, Daniel Leslie, W. H. Porter, Willard 
Heath, Alex. Fall, John Blanchard, Aaron Peqnongay, Joseph Prickett, 
Edmund Stebbins, Joseph Ritter, Edgar Charter, Rolit, Degolier, Wm. 
Green, Geo. Dame, Jacob Van Natter, S. J. Hutchinson, Thomas Mo- 
Lean, John Thomas, Chas. Williams. Philip Eastemight, Simeon Wil- 
liams, Chas. Bamea. 

Leland Township. — John Bremer, Herman Dnnkelow, David Holinger, 
Claus Kahrs, Henry Alpers, Wm. Bochstahler, Clans Warner, Napo- 
leon Paulus, Hiram M. Oilman, Fred Cook, [Jas. Mason, Wm. Buck- 
ingham, Nathan Guthrie, Diedrick White, James Marion]. 

Solon Township. — Chas. A. Hannatord, John lilee. James Nolan, David 
Bussey, John M. Benjamin, Steven H. McQueer, Moses C. Gate, Joseph 
W. Dickerman, Leonard Stevenson, Lonis Ruthardt. 

Sutton's Bay Township. — Samuel Boston, Melville Palmer, Geo. 
Leaney, John Litney, Smith A. Whitfield. 


Adrian Township. — Chas. Eggleston, Geo. Curtis, Geo. Bascom, WJB. 
Spear, Henry H. Howes. Wm. Calkius, -Ambrose Ideating, Hollis Arm- 
alrong,Geo.A. Dibble, Thomas J. Harris, C.J. P. Howes. Wm. H.Smith. 
Chas. Henderson, Darius Bice, Chas. Dutcher, James Hartman, John 
Batoeef, Tilton Penn, Joseph W. Burton, David Crocket, Murray L. 

Blissfleid Township.— Wm. Ten Eyek, Porter M. Wiley, Peter Mominee, 
Chauncy Labonnty, Peter Miller, Luther Smith, Joseph PaDgbanit 
Edwin Olmstead. D. C. Fairbanks, Geo. W. Bains, Samuel Aokley, G. 
Banarla, Geo. W, Brockway, Frederick Schwlngbamer, Isaac Stark, 
Noah Petee, Eli Druvor, Caliston Fall, Jotham Wimes, Edw. 8. Philow, 
Martin H. Kellogg, Frank Jones. Philander K. Qofl, Cariton M. EIUl, 
J. Oalvin Corey, James L. Drake, Henrv Colyer. Wm. Brown, John 
Bnyder, (B. C. Miller] . 



lage of Blissfleld. — Kdward £. HhajB, Isaac Davis, Wm. M. Leach- 
Geo. Waltz. Chas. Hawes, Aaron Seabring, E, M. Bailej, Nathaniel 
Btoner, Perry Walker, John Bentz, Mason F, Rowe, James Hillis, Adbod 
Dickinson, J. S. Saxton, Eli Woodbury, A. D. Hawos, Wm. Watson, H. 
H. Wilber, David Reynolds, W. G. Donaldson, Geo, Smith, Peter Fisher, 
Wesley Grice, David Lamley, Abe. Elsworth, John W. Pratt, Joseph 
Robinson, Samnel 8. Smith, Patrick Hayes, H. D. Ellis, H. 8. Heath, 
John Wilson, Frank Sperry, Marvin Darrow, James L. Carpenter, 
Chas. Stickels, Chas, J. Miller, Herbert Hathaway, David Gillam, Wm. 
D. McCann, Adelbert Smead, David A. Savage, Rollin Carpenter, Hor- 
ace Wood, Thomas Haveas, James R. Handee, Geo. Miller, Sylvester 
Miller. Wm, P. Rogers. L. E. Herrington, David Wright, John Smead, 
Heurj Rouse, Frank Bartholomew, 

Cambridge Township. — Eari Eggleston, Chas, Griffin, Silas P. Aldrich, 
Henry Brimley, Levant D. Palmer, Benj, Hines, Grandville Lyman, 
Eugene Teachout, Israel Mapea, Jefferson Louden, John Vanderpool, 
Stephen Olds, James White, James Brighton, James Wright, David 
Aldrich, Melvin Phelps, John W, Seeor, Henry Christman, Orpheus 
Cole, Larkins P. tJole, Wm. Jones, Lyman Granvill, Grosvenor Vander- 
pool, Peter Bouton, Henry Deroso, John Brimley. John Monaghan. 

Clinton Township. — Wm. Kelley, Robt. Smith, Alonzo S. Welch. 

Village of Clinton. — M. F. McClure, Edward Van Demark, James Hon- 
lej, Chas. Wing, Wm. A. Millspaugh, Augustos Middlebrnok. Byron 
O. Randall, Straud F. Marsteller. Ephraim Ogden, M. A, Blakeman, D. 
M. Bainbridge, Wm. L. Waterhonse, David S. Alvord, James H. Breese, 
Peter McMahon, Wm. R. Muir, [Sam'l Morey, Orson .Austin, Nathan 
Aurtin, S. Alvord, Albert Vandewalker, Edw, Ludlow]. 

Deerfleld Township. — Danford Tennett, Byron Stanbury, Chas, Harris, 
Daniel Hanea, Lewis Plumb, James Gifford, Wm. Gifford, Wm, F. 
Beighard, Wm. Jackson, Joseph Stull, Oscar Bliss, Maurice Long, Dan- 
iel Koe, Francis Kingsbury. Chas. Brockway, James K. Crane, James 
F, Dowell, Benj, Pool, Gilbert Ackley. IsaRC MiKinnev, [Adam H, 
Christ, Albert B. Coffin]. 

Village of Deerfleld. — Nathan Bragg, Chas. Delesdenier, Jabez Steames, 
John Barth, Wm. Rusling, Webster Bliss, Geo. Hemengway, Geo. A, 
Keller. Hillery Bobt'rts. Jehiel T. Axtell. Samuel T. McNair. Aaron 
Rnlapaugh, Melvin H. Bemis, Nathan D. Yale, Cyme Y. Beach, Mosle; 
Grames, Amos W. Stout, Michael Jacobs, Heman A. Pool, Daniel Gris- 
wold. [Edward E. Biirnham, Jos. Kegan, Martin H. Kellogg]. 

Dover Township. — L. P. Baker, Judson Winters, Mathew L. Davis, John 
M. Cheever, Godfrey Mutchler, H. F, Yarick, Ovid M. Howe. M, H. 
Townsend, Geo. W. Carroll, D. H. Warren, Milo Bovee, Jacob Gambee, 
George Fuller, T. W. Bryan. 

Village of Clayton.— John G. Robb, Nelson Rice, Silas 0. Williams, Chas. 
Collier. Sanford Spencer, Elias E. Hinds. Leander Fish, John R. Wirts, 
Ralph Taylor, Michael H. McMahon, Ezra Bovee, Silas A. Lawton, Dan- 
iel B. Wisner, John B. Kessler, Josephus H. Badgley, [Wm. L, Lane] . 

Fairfield Township, — Monroe Holloway, James C. Kell<^g, Geo. Wil- 
liams. Erzelon Mason, John W. Partridge. J, W, Southworth. .\aroo 
Hindee, A, S. Wilson, Chas. Gascoigne, David 8, Carvin, Watson 
Abbott, Frank Davenport, Francis McKiunney. Ludluni C. Drake, 







t, B. F. B^l 

JW J; 


Henry C Ketan, Calvin Gibbs, Geo. Jamerson, Edwin Hatt, 
ver, Benj. Jurden. Edward Service, Myron Blaine, Edwin Fletcbe^ 
James H. Fi>ote. W. H. Drake, John Carpenter, Louis Monroe, F. W. 
Norris, Jasper J. Brock, John 0. Mabee, Frederick Tuttle, H. August 
Free, Albert Deming, Bobt, Service, Wm. Smith, Heman B. Robb, Chas. 
Gaddy, Elias Wraight, Horace E. Starks, E. D. Drake, Rodney Lane, 
Wm. Brock, S. W. Thompson, Edwin Bastram, Frank Hinckley, Geo. 
Leslie, Wm. Thayer, Martin Rhodes. 

Franklin Township. — Samuel M. Glasgow, Albert Cambum, Baker J. 
Cole, Riley P. Butrick, Daniel J. Preston, Edward L. Clapp, Wm. C, 
Holmes, Burt E. Crittenden, John A. Dunn, Benj, Laoikin, Theo, Pen- 
tecost, Rufus H. Flak, Lorenzo Daniels, Harrison C. Daniels, Willard 
M. Crittenden, Ransom Mills, Runy Witherell, Chas. Davis, Lawrence 
Herbison, Patrick Blair, Albert L. Horseman, Amenzo Van Valken- 
burg, Wm. Lanning, Linus Van Deusen, Edwin P. Pierce, Andrew J. 
Bouck. Thomas Langton, David L. Gould, Elmer A. Wilson, Simeon 
Whelan, Wm. H. Jay, [Geo. Bwartz, Davidson Burroughs]. 

Hudson Township. — Spencer Russell, Matliew Burt, Noah 

Dwight H. Kingsley, Geo. W. Spencer, Edward B. "Hopkins, David 
Chatfleld, Hiram Covell, Nathan Blaokman, Horace H. CoppinB, 
Nathaniel Pittenger, Albert E. TerwiUiger, Ralph Z. Phelps, Albert 8. 
Jewell, John A. Dillon, Smith Hawley, Calvin C. Colwell, Wright Mc- 
Kibbeu, Wm. H. Hinds, James H. Inman. Hiram McCreary, Amos 
Howes, Wm. Rooney. 

Macon Township. — Milan Sage, Geo. F. Harmon, Enoch Carter, Jacob 
E. Harring, Warren B. Miller. Alfred Lewis, John W. Hendersbott, 
Geo. East, Jeremiah Burleson. John L. Jackson, Parker H. Allen, 
Elwin Gamburn, Wilder D. Easlick, Cyrus F. Montoyne, Geo. R. Fuker- 
son, James F. Gilmore, Alex. Peters, James McCarbery, [Steward Bal- 
lon, Wm. Me.\rbery. Byron A. Beal, Ira Gray, John Mooney. Jas. Pat- 
terson. B. J. Bond]. 

Hadison Township. — Robt, W. Bluff, Orrin H, Bradish, Benj. Baughey, 
Wm. L. Parkhurst, Jas. L. Covell. C. Wriker, Edward C. Gilbert, Wm. 
Wolverton, [Chas. D. West, James Ingleharf]. 

Medina Township. — Chas. A. Jewell. Erwin Perry. David Ritter, Andrew 
T. Jewell, Robert Sutton, Jas. Austin. Ira Wilson, Harvey TTpton. Mar- 
tin Ray, Chas. Mumford, Chas. Deyo. Clarkson Warne, Peter Gust, 
John Huffman, Webster Marshall, Lucine Whaley, Chas. Baker. Ghae. 
Guss. Eugene Smith, John Kniseley, Perry Matron, John Weaver, John 
G. Miner, Chas. Townsend, Geo. J. Johnson, Edwin Haff, James Both- 
well, Geo. Hoisington, Moses Jay, Wm. Barron, Nathaniel Jones, 
Lewis Converse, Sterling Cliatfield, John Baggerly, John Copps, Mun- 
son E. Lyons, Almon J. Goodale, Edward Famsworth, Thomas McGib- 
bon, Henry G. Miller, John Graves, Thomas Heminway, Stephen MC' 
(lumber, Benj. P. Heydenberk, Wm, Mitchell, 

Ogden Township. — Archelans Hall, Asa A. Barnes, John Beagle, Andrew 
Traufler, Wm. H. Hendrick, James Bolton, Cornelius Vanetten, Isainh 
W, Robertson. Geo. W. Heckert, Eli Lewis. Frederick Bay, Mathew 
Brockway, Wm. B. Myers, Samuel Bailey, Addison J. Hodges, Orvllle 
Wood. Jervis C. Pierce. Luther Fry, Andrew Metty, Wm, Angel, Adain 
M. Haiiaer. Ananias Rnckwood, Ira Bacon, Geo. W. Dickerson. Lewis 


teo. W. f 


iWerner, Chas. L. Blake, Robt. G. Bailey, Samuel G. Wotring, Geo. ' 
Scott, Luther C. Lathrop, Daniel Bay, Jesse J. Foglesoog, Horace Hoi- 
loway, John Pentelow, Richard J. Bailey, Edwin YouDga, Chas. D, 
Howe, Wm. EmmonB. Wm- Jenkins, Frank Wotring, John W. Heck- 
ert, John M. Robb, Bartley Marshall. John E, Loekey, Wm. R. Hibbard, 
Amos Wilt, Wm. G. Patterson, Judson Vanmarter, John Henderson, 
Geo. W. Wilt, Warren Barnes, Wm. T. Reed, Norman B. Sebring, 
David Pifer, Cullen Cheney, Jacob Baser, Beoj. F. Young, Jehu F. Wot- 
ring, Geo. Rohrback, Wm. H. H. Rinehart, James M. Carney, Eugene 
C. Wotring, Francis M. White. 

Palmyra Township. — James Hummel, Henry Gray, Pliny O. Vanfleet, 
Geo. W, HogerB, Wm. S, Brown, Christopher Frye, Geo. Bolton, Darina 
C, Calkins, Henry Covell, Henry O. Willey, Wm. H, Marshall, Rens- 
selaer S. Moore, Lucius J. Bolton, Franklin Craig, Fred Ikle, Harvey 
M. Parker, Henry T. Turner, Nelson Day, Edwin R. Aylesworth, Lucius 
Alexander, A. C. Wilson, Wayne 8. Roberts, Edgar Hopper, Lines Van- 
■wey, Wm. J. Patterson, Julius Hutchineon, Peter C. DeQrafF, Henry A. 
Conner, Wm. Wood, Laben B. Wood, Robt, Powers, David Butler, Benj. 
McKiramey, Geo. Soutbwick, Wm. H. McDowell, Daniel Bateman, 
Lnais Lafavra, Walter B, Fuller, Squire Johnson, Oaial H, Kelley, Wm. 
Wbitemarah, Harvey Pixley, Miner T. Cole, Julius Keeber. Emery Ran- 
dall. Jared Bailey, Levi H. Gates, Henry Angel, Geo, Jennings, Edmond 
Howard, (Henry Floyd, James Toms, Elihn Parker, Wm. H. Colrln, 
John Hayford, Wm, Calkins, Henry Cavell]. 

Raisin Township.— iTames A. Wood, Solomon Munch, James Mclntyre, 

»Wni. Cox, John Wright, Chas. Wildey, Warren WooSter, James H. 
Btarin, Robt. Brewer, Orlando Westgate, Almon B. West, Geo. West- 
gate, Ch»a. Bidwell, Geo. E. Carlton, James Lane, John Corey, Orlando 
Carpenter, Wm. C. Heydenberk, John A. Lewis, Abram Whitbeck, Wm. 
L. Craft, Nelson Westgate, John Maston, John O'Leary, Geo. LauDing, 
Geo. Tilton, Wm, Montgomery, 
Bidgeway Township. — Thomas V. Hoagland, Geo. W, Underwood, Silas 
. Danlay, John R. Winsley, John Britton, Joseph Thackery, John Pock- 
Jington, Lewis Miller, Frank M. Link, Peter F. Brown, Chas. 8. Winer- 
iton. John W. Gifford, John Grady, Nelson Savage, John Ousterhout, 
_ ~i. A. Bannister, Warren Covell, Demmon Cowen, Wm. H. Prindle, 
James P. Underwood, Geo. Allison, Norman H. Ackley, John B. Hech- 
told, Mllo J. Ousterhout, Chester A. Linn, Henry Reynolds, Lyman E. 
Hause, Philip Strong, Enos Palmer, Chas. G. Sutton, E. W. Rappalee, 
S. D. Rhodes, Daniel Allen, Edmund Smith, Wm. H. Allen. Chas. Pock- 
lington, [L. 8. Palmer, I. N. Pilbean, Jno. Exelby, Jno. Lentze]. 
Riga Township. — Henry Rhodesiller, Jacob Rosenstile. Henry Bettla, 
Edwin Watson, Ezekie! Wolverton, Nelson Mallory, John Baser, Geo. 
Schneider, Geo. Ford. J. A. Bartholomew, Geo. W. Swift, Henry Bay, 
Frank Berlin, Porter A. Belman, Bony Brockway, Amos Albring, Adel- 
bert Lewis, Geo. F. Chandler, Geo. W. Tagsold, August Glaser, 
Augustus Smith, Conrad Hiser, Frank Siminerson, Christopher Holtz, 
Henry Manwaring. Edward Albring, Henry K. Davis, Pbilo Seager, 
E. B. Cantleberry, Henry Gasner. Aaron Baser, Geo. C. Tagsold, Man- 
nel McCormick. E. F. Tord, Wm, Reinbart. Win. Hunt, Henry Chulip, 
WE. Leonardson, Cbae N. Belman, Andrew Fisher, Jamea Brennon, 





Thomas Chandler, HeDr; Hasenpflugh, \Vm. Brandenburg, Adam Dre- 
her, Geo. N. Duncan, Samuel Herr.v, Christopher Rboswinkle, Peed 
Knecbemeister, John Wyman. 

Bollin Township. — Chas. Reynolds, Hiram Fellows, Chae. Pitman, War^ 
ren Beard, Geo. Eundell, Chaa. Odell. Lyman Croat, Samuel Lockwood, 
Wm. Henry Finn, David H. Allen, Geo. J. Kealer, John M. Bruen, Robt 
H. GibbB. Henry G. Hardy, B. F. Bush, C. Ephraim Sloan, Geo. Vo* 
burgh, Wui. H. Belcher, Amoe R. Cole, H. E. Hodge, Jerome Tripp, 
Edgar S. Brown. Chas. Brooks, Chas. K. 8paftord, Bliss Wordcs, Jeff 
Blain, N. G. Strong, Henry V. Field, John Sanders, Marshall Giltner, 
Geo. T. Rice, Samuel Lydamore, Silas Miller, Robt. Monier, Cbauncj 
Davis, John Carman, Luman A. Sweezy, John Sines. 

Village of Addison. — O. B. Bowen, Chas. A. Parker, Andrew L. Dewey, 
James Tuttle, John H. Underwood, Chas. W. Lane, Milton C. Boss, 
Joshua Beamau, James Lewis, Chas. Randolph, Chas. Morton, Eugene 
Hoag, Theron J. Hill, Mathew Lewis, Willis H. Bertram, Wm. E. ~ 
rington, Stillman W. Green, James M. Crownover, Wm. H. Terpei 
John W. Jackson. John Games, Wm. R. Fuller, Benj. F. Green, [Wl 
P. Young]. 

Rome Township. — Aaron Spangle,Alvin Kimble, Geo. Rigdon, Levi Haw- 
ley, Richard Hornby, Michael Briggs, Boman Seager, Joseph Bell, Dan- 
iel Smoke, Howard Hopkins, Ezra Bertram, Harvey Dudley, Fred 
Banks, Albert Fox, John Eaton, Alphonzo Stoddard, Thomas Curtis, 
J. <\ Robinson, Samuel Schureman, Wm. Southard. Fred Maltman, 
Enoch Dowling, Albert Cornell, Nathaniel Hollaway, Hiram Core, 
John ShultB, Benj. Rockwell, Wallace Wright, Byron Beach, Wm. 

Seneca Township.— T. J. Carter, Wm. H. Earick, Henry C. Smith, Louis 
Wilcox. Abraham Gardner, Samuel Turbett, Martin W. Davis, Eugene 
Webber, Deloe A. Spaulding, James J. Phipps, Seymour Tredwell, 
Andrew J. Sutton, Henry H. Paine, James Heckman, Henry Wilber, 
Henry Rock, Levi Stokey, Alex. Watroua, Mathew M. Bennett, James 
H. Culver, Francisco D. Ely, Warren Spencer, Wm. Walker, Geo, Don- 
avan, Wm. H. Atkinson, Geo. W. Riley, Wm, Greasmer, Geo. Brackle- 
bank, Jerome B. Sawyer, Henry Spencer, Amos N. Metcalf, John Fox, 
Daniel H. H. Ross. Walter J. Deshler, Henry Clark. 

Village of Morenci. — Martin Everett, Jacob Wolf, John B. Osborn, John 
D. Hanna, Geo. B. Oldfield. John Palmer, John S. Paul, Jesse Mnsson, 
Franklin Smith, Isaac Hamm, J. C. McKames, Geo. W. Negpis, 
Fletcher Bishop, Calvin Smith, Loren W. Chapin, Horace R. Stone, 
John Saulsb;iry, James N. Chappell, Oliver Converse, Geo. D.Cjuupbell, 
Henry S. Wyman. -John Allen, Benj. F. Robinson, Vinson L. Garrett, 
Louis O. Smith, Wellington Armstrong, Martin V. B. Palmer, Abnllvert 
V. Overton, Gardner P. Van Alstine, James Haynes, Wm. Price, Vinson 
Smith. Wm. Martin, Theo. F. Drake, Calvin M. Shaw. Francis M. Rice, 
fBordyce E. Benjamin, Jos. G. Rice, Geo, Vanentine, Albert Deyo. 
Daniel Staninger, Jas. Eldridge, Wm. Chappie. Joseph Uorton, Abnim 
Babcock. Perry Hamlin. John M. Rothrock. Roswell R. Walker, Cyrus 

Tecumseh Township.— Elliott Gray, Ransom S. Bates. Lawrence Baur, 
Wesley Seutt, Wm. B. Scofield, Ansel P. Coddington. Chas. WF 
PattersoD Hendershott. 


Jblage of Teen mseh.— Daniel Frost, M. H. Taylor, Frederick Cbiverall, 
TVm. McKinnej, S. Perry Hosmer, Joel M. Clark, James M. iDgeraoll, 
HiraDiH. WeBtcottjEdmond WilliamBon, Lemon Barnes, Ohas. L, Gray, 
Wm. Smith, Henry W. Stevens, Jolin B Fowler, Simpson Clark, Wm. S. 
Morse, George W, Marsden, Theo. H. Crane, Henry Wagner, Adelbert 
W, Mills, James W. Wightman, Geo. W, Burroughs, Fred Deuel, Thofi. 
Hanley. Arthur L. Brazee, Thomas S. Langridge, Jacob Woodbeck, 
Geo. O. Vau Tyne, Henry J, Sweet, Cbas. McNeil, Lorenzo Youngs, 
Ohas. 8. Aten, Jehiel Davidson, Geo. C. Foster, Geo. D. Chaplin, John 
W. Hngbes, Alva Spayde, Miles E. Baldwin, Henry L. Jones, Wm. P, 
Snalledge, Wm. Henrick, John W. Cook, Levi B. Thompson, Chas. E. 
Barry, Francis Harrtng, John Mesler, Sylvester Erakins, John Johnson, 
Geo. Saell, Frank Fox, Geo. Chidester, Wm. Cannon, Peter Marsh, 
Herbert E. Stout, Delos Love, John J. Hubbard, Albert D. Lawrence, 
Chas. M. Woodward, Wm. Demott, Geo. E. Adamson, Harvey Doty, 
Silas M. Smith, Augustus W. Slayton, Wm. Jordan, Peleg J. Welling, 
H. D. Cutting. Jaa. I'ocklington, Chas. Wilson, Harry S. Lee, John D. 
fthull, John E. Smith, L. D. Jolley, Alonzo B. Pennock, Vanrensler 
Vandercoob. Frank L. C. Rising, Homer L. Stewart, Thomas Wyrill, 
Geo. Beneway, [John Cannon, Hendrick Haeeen, Geo, J. Keyser, J. G. 
Eccles. Wm. H. Waring, Wm. Cullen, Chas. Bidwell, John Thorlby, 
Edward L. Hubbard, Henry H. Halleck]. 
Woodstock Township.— B. C. Baker, Henry Muck, Amos B. Pratt, Marion 
E. Cole, Henrj- C. Griffet, Elisha Moyer, Robt. Horton, Edward T. John- 
cox, Martin Ruoff, Joseph Swartont, Wm. A. Whitney, C. E. Riker, Hor- 
ace Wilcox, Geo. A. Aldrich, Lafayette A. Tillapaw, James R. Turpen- 
ing, Lnther Parkus, Henry Motley, Hope Welch, Jeremiah Wilsey, Mar- 
tin G. Senisky, Hobort H, Greenleaf, Geo. Bowen, Andrew J. Cheesbro. 
Adrian City, First Ward. — James H. Kelley, Miles Geary, Samuel Jay, 
Frank E. Fortress, Chas. H. Hack, Chas. M. Pratt, Samuel M.Hamilton, 
Geo, R. Cochrane, Anson B. Dawes, James F, Smith, Sidney Palmer, 
Wm. J. Bitley, Jacob Snyder, Geo. W. Walker, Edwin L. Ryder, Hollin 
Woodward, Geo. A. Fuller, Chas. H. Storey. Oliver Basett. James 
Sutherland, Eli B. Mofflt, Cornelius P. McFall. Eugene D. Ross, Wm. A. 
Lord, Edwin H. Dill, Daniel Bush, Jerome Webster, Wm, Tidswell, 
Eugene L. Conklin. James G. Perkins, Harry J. Chapman, Louis S. 
Bobs, Grin J. Avery, Alanson Bennett, Thomas Wooten, John F. Hoag, 
Francis J, Leas, John C. Miller, Almon G. Craft, James R. Winney, 
Benj. Rumberger, Thomas Simmons, Benj. Lysher, Martin Young, 
Adolph Breunig, Chas. R. Miller, James R. Vosbnrgh, Joseph B. Har- 
^L ens, Alonzo H. Peavey, Wm. E. Jewett, John Hornung. 
^Kdrian City, Second Ward. — John Hines, Daniel C. Burr. Chas. T. Lord, 
^Daniel e'. Horton, John W. Baker, Wilkins Scott. Theo. Watson, Melvin 
D. Wood. Joseph C. Warner, Willard Steams, Chas. M. Cone, Edgar 
Christian. Miles A. Wheeler, Geo. R. Saul, Alfred A. Miller, Albert 
Hildehrand. Lindley R. Harkness, John H. Purdy, Chas. Willard Rice, 
Abram Wing, Samuel P. Draa, Martin Brooks, Martin Recklan, John J. 
Allen, Horace Palmer, James A. Pratt, Thomas Moore. Reuben Power, 
Geo. W. Rogers. Orville W. Heath, Thomas Bee. John Baap, Dayton B. 
Morgan, Mathew McConnell, Joseph Printup, Henry M. King, Leonard 
Beck. Laben Pennock. Martin Barley, Lester H. Salshury, James D. Ed- 

erall, f 




wards, Arthar H. Worth, Henry Sinclair, Chas. M. Conklin, Albert H. 
Smart, 0. F. Rayner, Wm. Scott, Patrick Stanton, CLas. Payne, Geo. E. 
WeBton, Jerome H. Fee, C, A, Carpenter, John Weatherwai, James H. 
Reynolds, Horace C. Sloan, Ricliard Hinkle, Richard B. Bobbins, Henry 
Bowen, Sr., Orlando H. Church, Jacob Schneider, Anton Bauer, Lewis 
Bemil, John A. Bemis, Benj. F, Stanley, Bntler Winship, Joel S. Fesaen- 
den, Aaron Goodrich, Wm. C. Street, Chas. G. Drake, Joseph K. Jonea, 
Pliny H. Bai-nes, Isaac M. Chase, [Geo. H. Fleming]. 

Adrian City, Third Ward. — Chas. Johnston, James Gilliland, Michael C. 
Iriflh, Peter B. Reasoner, JoHepb W, Willits, Warren Emmons. Haskel 
M, Cole, Thomas Witkinsou, Louis L. Cushing, Walter B. Wilber, Geo. 
W. Westerman, Oscar Wilber, John H. Light, Levi O. Saulsbury, Geo. 
Borden, Wm, B. Wild, Geo. D. Griswold, Wm. Gueren, Nelson Frasoe, 
Francis Barter, John P. Perkins. Lndwig Ljiy, John W. Davis, Silaa 
Terry, Jno, Storey, Warren J. Parker, Jas. H, Cole, Harlow R. Decker, 
Wm. Sawdy, Chas. Walker, Richard D. Hatch, Geo. D. Austin, Wm. 
Green, Louis Consaul, Wesley Spear, Richard A. Watts, Geo. Hilla- 
brant. James H. Morrow, Alex. Miller, Joseph Laing, Peter Russell, 
Chas. B. Kimball, Juliua C. Cross, Willard D. Lawson, Thomas Biggens, 
David L. Morris, August Ravenscraft, Francis Brainard, Frederick J. 
Buck. A. M. Allen, Edward A. Milliken, Benj. T. Mattem, Clark W. 
Decker, John Gregory, O. D, Fairbanks, Scott Crowell, Edwin Older, 
Chas. T. Fnrse, John Simmons. 

Adrian City, Fourth Ward. — Thomas Gonnan, R. H, Baker, John Lelb- 
frled, Levi Pauling, Hiram Camhurn, Jonatkau B. Davis, Seyrooar 
Howell, Wilson Whitney, C. E. Carmon. Trisdil B. Jones, Foster W. 
Bradley.HenryHabbell,Wm. Kedzie, O. C. McClellan, Edwin B. Steele, 
Lewis W. Cole, Chas H. Price, Wm. J. Champion, Sylvester Cornell, 
Ghanning H. Whitney, Chas. W. Rose, Alford Dobbins, Wm. Breedon, 
Alfred B. Howes. Simeon B. Babcock, Frank M. Roote, Marian Reniff, 
Howard Fisher, Chas. E. Rogers, Seymour Criehell, Henry C. Cooper, 
Budolphus Lagore. Simeon B. Hice, L. R. Burr, Alanson Farleman, 
Chas. R. Lamson, John B. Allen, Geo. C. North, Josiah D. Alverson, 
Christopher Huff, Mortimer J. Dean, Wm. H. Humphrey, S. Edson 
Graves, Alpheus R. Wadsworth, Lyman Champanoia, Chas. J. Richard- 
son, Alonzo C. Clark. Oliver A. Beach, Daniel Wright, Andrew 
Schrader, Francis Wright, Geo. W. Bartram, Thomas Crelley, Prank C. 
Arkley, Chas. F. Barker. John Farnham, Melville VanAuker, Chas. W. 
West, Daniel Stockwell. John W. Page, John Smallshaw, Thomaa 
Howes, Edmund W. Hunt, Chas. L. Ackley, Orlando Austin, Russell 
Cole. Lucius Q. Mason, Geo. W. Eddy, John L. Biitler. Frank O. Bord- 
man. Lora L. Davis, Selah Baxter, John P. Walker. 

Hudson City, First Ward. — A. D. Armstronp, J. Wm. Brown, Wm. B. 
Thompson, Albert H. Boies, James Hodges, Henry C. Hanford, John J. 
Kerfos, Thomas Delanej, Addison N. Bidder, I. B. Turner, B. A. Beach, 
John Westfall. 

Hudson City, Second Ward.— Frank H. Cobh, James Beach, Chas. Vosfl, 
Stephen M. Pettit, Edw. Hyatt, Luther C. French, David H. Patterson, 
Thomas E. Power, Ithlmer T. Smith, Adrian O. .\bbott, Wm. B. Thomp- 
son. Ed. J. Southworth, Wm. B. Ames, Wm. Beach. Frederick Barkway, 
Henry Carlisle, Chas. H, Stroud, Geo. E. Beach, Abram M. Pett^fl 


^P Jamee C. Morley, John Rooney, Chas. Brown, Jediab J, Gray, Lyman J. 

Lyon, Lyman Knapp, Lafayette Tillapaw, Edward Hazard, Geo. H. 

Brewster, Henry Weaver, Joseph Welch, John Kane, Wm. Howe, JaB. 

B. Dickerson, Henry Alford, James H. Dwyer, Phillip Seewald, Manson 

E. Squire, Wm. Q. Roherts. 
Hadson City, Third Ward. — Martin Connors, Archibald Lament, Rupert 

Cooley, Ulysses Gerry, Wm. Hurd, Newton Piper, Lester Laversa, 

Elisha Kinp, Enos Caniff, Theo. Stnrgis, Erwin Stocker, Malanthon 
H Bourst, James Peck, Teple Purcell, Geo. Steuben, Elisha Swain, James 
^b W. Salisbury, Lemuel Boone, Marshall Seamans, Wm. Pomeroy, New- 
^B ton Perkins, Joseph Robinson, James Deems, Henry Pomeroy, S. A. 
^B Bennett, Benj. Westfall, John P. Castler, Orville Buck, Rufua Dens- 
^H more, Bnmuel Church, Joseph R. Phillips, Cbas. Eastman, Alex. 
^B Holmes. 


V Or 


righton Township. — Aaron A. Newman, Amos W. Rogers, W. Harrison 
' Crippen, Henry Davis, Thomas Gaffney, John Grierson, John Sawyer, 
Henry L. Crippen, Ernest M. Crippen, John Shaw, Joseph T. Van Am- 
burg, Martin L. Blackman, Tranklin Paddock, Louis C. Bitten, Chas. 
Durfee, James R. Mowry, James McDonald, Henry G. Thompson, Asa 
Prior, Henry S. Crout, Chas. Jacobs, John H. Gilbert, Geo. A. Bidwell, 
Thomas Graham, John Duckering, Richard R. Root, Henry G. Paddock, 
Granville Mowry, [J. Wesley Fulton]. 
Village of Brighton. — Joseph W. Francis, Gliver W. Beger, Chas. H. Rice, 
Hl Cyrus L. Carpenter. John W. Hutehinga, James Shanks, Wm, H. H. 
^H Halleck, Oliver Billson, Edwin Rogers, Wallace L. Long, Wm. H. H. 
^B Seger, Wm. W. Pentlin, David Smith, Wm. Bobbins, Chas. E. Gushing, 
Lenford Rose, Chas. Neeley, Gustave J. Baetcke, Ballemus Losey, 
Henry Becker, Frederick Miller, Chas. A. Kelley, Joseph E. Placeway, 
Wm. H. Haver, Daniel L, Smith, Claude Williams, Benj. T. 0. Clark, 
Lewis H. Westphal, Eugene Hicks, Lawrence C. Underwood, Thomas 
Cohoctah Township. — Elias Durfee, Thomas Lound, James Walsh, Henry 
Knoop, Elias C. Sprague, Henry Lott, David Burton, Daniel Neeley, 
Geo. Kleckler, John Beader, Wm. Vandereook, John P. Johnson, John 
D. Slider, Benj. E. Crandell, Wm. O. Hendryx, Chas. A. White. Reu- 
ben Borrows, John Q. Faulk. Geo. Markle, Amos Pratt, Edward 
Downer. Geo. Sehrepfer, Bobt. Fawcett, Chas. E. Dunston, John Jor- 
dan, Henry Snell, Nicholas Myers, John J. Barlow, Wm. J. Johnson, 
Wm. Kells, Everett Hadsall, .Abel B. Macy, James M. Stone, Alva P. 
Ellis, Daniel Lott, James Houghton, Israel Ellsworth, Henry W. Kelly, 
Lnther C. Kanouse, Peter Rohrabacher, Silas Sperry. 
Conway Township. — O. J. Sawyer. E. cj. Ney. J. J. Brown, W. V. Stow, 
Daniel D. Kelly, Jeremiah Casady, John A. Brown, Peter R. Miller, 
John R. Ostrom, G. H. Phillips, T. J. Pettpys, James B, Grant, James 
L Coleman, C. D. Parsons, Jr., J. P. Bradfleld, Daniel Sabin, Chas. Wll- 
KldDSOn, Wm. E. Bradley, David Burner, Isaac Crippen, Wm. Palmer- 
Iton. Michael McMullon, Geo. M. Keeler. Wm. Rose, John Lyon, Arthur 
iBempstead, Micliael Boardway, Chas, Whited, David Lord, Gilbert 





1, Lncius m^M 

Abel, Edgar Ratbburn, Loren C Busb, John G. Copeland, 
Puller, Adam Nicholos, Henry Jackeon, Lewis Fredenberg, Geo. Con- 
verge, Canfleld Coie, Edward M. Grego. M. B. Child, [Henry Haiyley, 
Sampson Cappcnlfi]. 

Deerfield Townehip.— R. H. Abbey, C. H. GibbH. J. G. Pollock, A. E. Hall, 
Nelson Lamb, W. W. Henderson, J, 8, Walsb. Mamball Borden, Wm. 
Tntfle, John Crosby, W. A. Close, W. Joslyn, Almerion Holcomb, B. F. 
Patterson, Richard Hunt. Joseph Huff. S. K. Mack, [R. McKinley, 
Marion Gould]. 

Genoa TownBhiiJ.^Filmori; Crippen, Joel H, Dykes, James D. Boylftn, 
Paul H. Hallex, .\ndrew J. Rounds, Chas. Lounabery, Alden G. Carpai- 
ter, Peter May, Deloa Martin, Chao. Cook, Perry Fenton, Chas. Waah- 
burn, Mark Barnhart, John Earnsadale, Samuel Carpenter. 

Green Oak Township.— Harrison Olsaver, Francis M, T.umbard, Samnel 
Avis, Oscar O. Douglass, Edward T. HolliKter. Seymour Van Sickle, 
Lucas H. Cogswell, Asahel C. Washburn, Oscar M. Bentley, Jobo J. 
Gala tain, Sylvanus A. Smith, Samuel Shannoa, Elbert Chase, Philip P. 
Furuhara, Thomas Stokam, Richard Peer. 

Hamburg Township. — Eastman G. Carpenter, John W. Sweeny, Alfred 
A. Haynes. Peter Brust, .\lbert S. Petteys, Willard W. Hendrick, 
Thomas Carroll, Henry M. Olsaver, Wm. D. Rogers, Reuben Beeley, 
Wni. Peters, Mark T. Featherly, Henry B. Appleton, Orson Toncraj, 
Hiram J. DeWolf, Frederick O. Warner, Eugene W. Olsaver, Henry L. 
Hetchler, Valdimar Grisson, Abram C. Cady. 

Handv Township. — Wm. M. Horton,Chas.Murdock. Heurv Pope, Ransom 
C. Hackett, Joseph B. Ellis, J. Burdick Abbott, Wm. Wrenn, Pierce W. 
Dey, Robt. Worthington, James A. Worthington, Andrew Wall, Wm. 
Gott, 8. Orrin Barber, Alonzo E. Ferrin, Allen C. Steames, Jobo M. 
Buggies, PeterCameron, Richard Gott, Eugene Cheney, Elijah C. Dunn, 
Joseph Bowers, Derick Slater, Daniel R. Newman. Hiland Beach, 
Franklin B. Abbott, Levi L. Manning, John D. Williams, Marvin Ban- 
jamin. Fielder L. Deming. Geo. W. Saiock, .\lfre<i H. Smith, [Henry 
W. White, Samuel T. Glover.] 

Village of Fowlerville. — M. HoUey Pullen, Justus Colbom, Dewitt C. 
Carr, Edwin A, Metcalf, Thomas Diamond, Richard Maltby, Hiram 0. 
Elliott, Isaac Page, Lewis K. Dickinson, Robt. M. Davis, David W. 
Adams, Geo. E. Crandall, Daniel W, Fisber, Calvin Lockwood, Abel 8. 
Austin, Zenus M. Palmerton, Jude Bouche, Geo. D. Hamilton, Uriah D. 
Streeter, Alvin Stage, Nelson H. Curtis, Geo. W- Mower, Justin 8. 
Rose, Albert Nichols, Henry Wert, Geo. L. Fisher, Oliver P. Shower*, 
James Donigan, Richard G. Bristol, Aaron W. Cooper, C. D. Cogsdell, 
Jfimes H, Reese, Joseph M. Britton, Lewis Cobley, Wm. Denson, John 
V;m Verst, Wm. H. Pullen, James A. Lockwood, Ellis S. Hate, James 
1.. Collins, John A. Tanner, .Andrew J. Wickman, Ward Teachworth, 
Jacob Dingman, Jared L. Cook, John Graham, James F. Stage, Benj. 
Hoag, Chas F. Williams, Geo. W. Chaplin, Wm. A. Benjamin. 

Hartland Township. — Frank Lindsley, Chas. Mercer, Samuel Lyons, Sam- 
uel Wallace, Squire Vescelius, Hubbard Franklin. Jameii S\'. Mryaat, 
John Maudlin, A. Roswell Lamb, Alfred Johnson, Wm. Brock. Wm. B. 
Gannon, Richard Kirk, John Woods, Robt. Graham, Henry W. NichoU, 
Primrose W. Grubb, Wm. Kershner, Geo. R. Collins. Amos J. Bee^H 
Ezra M. Martin. Robt. Griswold, Alonzo Gobs, Lyman Parshall. |fl 


^^■bvell Township. — Henry LaRowe, Theo. R. Stalej, David Bobinson, 

^"^Xeonard Huck, Klisba H. Smith, Orrin J. Wells, Nicholas J. Holt. 

John ^Vilkias, N. B. Kirk, Henry W. White, Chas. Hildebraadt, James 

Caofleld, Niuholab Lake, Henry Lake, Godfrey WeBtfall, Elijah MuBson. 

Village of Howell. — Azel Carpenter, Frank E. Lansiag. Frank Frennd, 
Chae. H. Harrington, Martin V, Aldrich, Henrj- Kirkland, Elisha O. 
Wright, Eichard E. Parshall, Thomas W. Brewer, Lyman W. Mills, 
Wnj. W, Kenyon, Noah Boothby, Jnlius Hesse, Cyrus Snyder, John V. 
Gilbert, James A. Cavell, Warner Newell, Hudson B, Blackman. Miles 
W. Bnllock, Adelbert F. Peavy, James L. Pettibone, Henry 8. Kent, 
Chas. R, Giant, Chas. Dean, Thomas Mathews, Richard Woodworth, 
Chauncy L. Cook, Cyrus B. Palmer, Marcellas W. Dickinson, Geo. P. 
Dndlcy, Martin X. Brayton, Crandle Britton, Arthur Keyte, Henry 
Chapman, Geo. W. Axtell, Lewis Tupper, Chas. A. Wing, John G. Fer- 
guson, Cbaa. H. Butts, Chas. F. Farrer, Donald Mclntyre, Chas. Brig- 
bam, Lather Frinb, Daniel E. Purkey, Alfred Papsworth, Andrew J. 
McKenn, David G. Youngs, Geo. Barnes, Robt. Fateraon, Frank W. 
Watkins, Julius D. Smith, Everett I>. Sargent, Philander Meritliew, 
Calvin Wilcox. Mark Brown, Geo. F. Brockway, Asa Parshall, Free- 
man Rohrabacher, Wm. Saunders, Lyman B. Whitaker, Wm. Murray, 
Geo, Hoyt, Edgar Noble, John McDaniels, Luther B. Clough, Wm. E. 
Bennett, Chas. Johnson, Amos Smith. Henry H. Collins, Wm. L. 
Knapp. Philo B. Wines, Franklin Jordan. John R. Burdick, Mathew A. 
DowIinR, [Elias Brockway]. 

Iosco Township. — A. M. Messenger, Jacob Stephans, Warron Baker, Nel- 
son Lewis, Albert Ward. Isaac Losee, David Hoyett, R. J, Gardiner, Z. 
L. Armstrong, Robt. Bird, Sanford House, Joseph Vanhusen, R. W. Cas- 
key, Horace Bliss. W. M. Hart. W. H. Smith, Alonzo Hariland, Milo U. 

Marion Township. — Franklin O. Beach, Stephen C. Miles, Calvin P. Jew- 
ell, Panl C. Itsell, Mark H. Chamberlain, John F. Coimeell, Edwin M. 
Davis, Arlliur M. Wimble, Ira E. Holt, Alva W. Scofleld, Asahel L. 
Harrington, Mark S. Smock, James C. Parsons, Abram F. Burden, 
Henry H. Hall. Braokett J. Allen. Eli P. Famsworth. Chas. W. Allen, 
Moses T. Lyon. 

Oceola Township.^ — Benj. F. Batcheler. Jno. McGivney, Henry W. Allen, 
John Bradley. Wm. Ducharme, Chauncy Parshall, Wm. G. Smith, Ed- 
win R. Meritbew, Jerome Bussey, Hiram Merrill, Danford Parker. 

Patnaiii Township.— Erast us W. Kennedy, 8. W. Chapin, Henry Meade, 
Chas H. Stickle, Byron Kelsey, Silas K. Hause, Adam M. Francis, 
Llewellyn W. Chalker, Almon H. Isham. 

Village of Pinckney. — Jefferson J. Parker, Daniel J. Howan, Alex. Mcln- 
tire, Patrick Welch, Reuben E. Finch, Perry Blunt, Jerome Drown, 
John G. Chalker, Chas. E. Henry, Almond Green. 

Tyrone Township. — Jasper Shattock, Hiram Hibl>ard, Daniel Harring- 
ton, Geo. Wass, Geo. Gates, Israel Buzzard, Philip Dormire, S. P. Har- 
vey, Frank Cranstbn, Frank Merow, Geo. Warner. Adam Andrews, H. 
T. Miller, Mulford Billings, Lucius Cleveland, B. P. Wood, Levi Bark- 
man, Chas. W.Tyler, [Geo. W. Barns]. 

l^uadilla Township, ^tT. C. Langfeit, James Moore, Wm. Pyper, Wm. Wil- 
I lard, Augustus Jaratopher. [Geo. Clinton, M. Vankeuran]. 

^H lara 



GchimbUB Township.— John Hatch. W. H. Wilson. 

Lbkefield Township. — Joseph H. Denny, Frederick Boat, Enoch W, i 

derlin, Gaylord Helnier, Geo. Livingston. 
McMillan Township. — Andrew Pairchild, Horace Mix, John McKiniiey.| 
Village of Newberry. — Uobt. MoVettf r, Cyrus W. Metcalf, Royal T 

Jeaney, Alex. Beaushaw. 
Pentlend Towuehip. — Luther C. Pratt, David McGraw, O. D. Brocks 


Brevort Township. — Chas. Cowden, Jobn D. Rivard, Geo. W. Jones. 
Cedar Township. — A. Wbeaton, Wm. A. Comwell, Frank Peck, " 

Garfield Township. — Nicholas O'Donald, William Bogers, Thomas E 

field, Patrick Collins, John Kahar. 

Village of Naubinway. — Tennis S. Harder, Robert Moore, Geo. Williams, 

Henry Black, Frank La Londe, Myron Bruoe, Dean Williams, James 

Hendricks Township. — Francis Mellan, Wm. N. Caffey, Ronald M. Corey, 

Albert Randall, Warren 8truble. 
Village of Mackinac. — L. O, Holden, John B. Shoman, Andrew J. Chap- 
man, Jobn R. Bailey, Wm. Marshall, Louis J, Metirer, Wm. P. Preston, 

Benoni Lachance, Patrick McConnick, Patrick Kerriegan, Geo. C 

Ketchum, Theo. Hammond. Adulphus St. Andre. 
Marquette Township. — George Rogers, Noah Bergy, Wm. Stowell. 
Moran Township. — Chauncy Clouse, Artis McAllister, Neal McGallongh. 
Newton Township. — John Blanchard, Joseph La Belle, George Harr, 

Chas. St. Andrew, Eli May, Samuel Rivers. 
Portage Township. — ^Tacob Snyder, .John A. Whitcomb, Jacob StevM 

John Fawcett, John Riley, Jeremiah W. Smith, James Dueton, Lyi 

Smith, Henry J. Burrows, [ThoB. Duaton], 
St, Ignace Township. — John H. Andrews. 
St. Ignace City, First Ward. — James B. Tamblyn, Joseph A. Julllere 

[8. W. Spencer, Jos. St. Petre]. 
St, Ignace City, Second Ward. — J. H. Warren, Michael Lennon. Louis J. 

Monteith. Bvron E. Cubley, Louis Veeder, A. J. Gennell, [P. 8. 

Walker]. "^ 

St. Ignace City, Third Ward.— Daniel Knnter, Hugh McLaughlin, i 

BaVaque, Radolph Burgess, Ariel W. Burrows. 
St. Ignace City, Fourth Ward.— Chester A. Carr. Frank L. Walker, I^iHi 

D. BiRsel, Andrew Wheaton, James A. Maloney, Simeon A.Snyder, 

Chas. Rousseau. Michael M. McElroy, Chas. H, Wilson, Henry B. 

Cornell, Geoi^e Marr, John O'Connor, Chas. Tibbels. 

teyfe M, 

ouis J. 

[P. a 



Annada Towns hip.^Albert Peabody, Thomas Proctor, Truman Dusettr 
John ChurchiJl, Horace A. Lathrop, Sheldon Hathaway, Aaron Dayia, 
Lewis Shaw, Amos Finch, John J, Harrington, Daniel Lewis, Spencer 
Mosher, Reuben Flowers, Daniel Clark. 

Village of Armada- — Ljman Fillmore, Colby Short, Chaa. Van Atter, 
Henry J. Clark, Ezra F. Sibley, Elton P. Cook, Frederick Kipp, Alfred 
Frost, Oscar Cook, Edward Collard, James D. Quick, Elias North, 
[Alonzo Aldrich, Reuben Ormsby]. 

Bmce Township. — Robt. Austin, Benson McNall, Jacob H. Hosner, Hart- 
man Cornell, Geo. Hines, Archie Davis, Jamee D. Watson, Jesse G. 
Hosner, Thomas Kanier, Robt. Robinson, G«o. McCrossen, [Geo. A. 

Village of Romeo. — John Butterfield, Albert R. Embury, Wm. W. Mellen, 
O.D. Thompson. Wm.A.Frazer. Einchen Artis, J. Predmore, Chas. Fill- 
more, Emmet Hopkins, M. C. Crawford, Ed. R. Sanderson, Hiron J. 
Hathaway, J, S, Joslyn, James Miller, Daniel Egbert, Mortimer Hilll- 
ker, Sidney C. Hicks. Henry W. Bradley, Nathan H. Lee, Enos H. 
Partch, H. 8. White, Chas. P. Warren, I. Newton Owen, Joseph F. 
Smith, Dighten Voorheis, Chas. W. Yates, Jesse Gray, Elias T. Lock- 
wood, Harold Tubbs, Chapman Bullis, Daniel Benjamin, A. A. Hicks, J. 
Wesley Brooks, John A. Tinaman, Thomas Weightman, Homer Gass, 
Geo. P. Hipp, Calvin P. Glaspie, Gilbert L. Hodaon. Merritt A. Hop- 
kins, Maris Brooks, Cornelius Viigil, Alonzo D. Lee, Wm. A. Olds, 
Joseph A. Durham, Leonard A. Dudley, Wm. R. Bartlette, Frederick 
Engle, Joseph Kimball. Isaac Crawford, John W. Gass, Thomas R. 
Crawford, Scuyler Vandecar, Philip P. Jersey, Jacob Schramlin, Julius 
Buzzell. Peter H. Ebo. James R. Morland, [Wm. Rolls, Frank Sage, N. 
B. Phelps, John J. Casey, Warren O. Cooley, Osni Perry, F. H. Price, 
Robt. Rood, S. D. Lee]. 

Chesterfield Township. — Robt. Douglass, James Crandell, Chas. Hoar- 
tieane, Romanso C. Quiggle, Wm. Dubay, Aldia R. Knight, Gilbert J. 
Uoran, John K. Stuart, Thomas Tenant, Fortescue Waite, James C. 
Herriman, Henry L. Grandy, Joseph Fuller, Jay F. Cotton, Abram 

Village of New Baltimore. — David Blay, John Trombley, Frank Bethay, 
Wm. Banmgarden, Adolph NoUett, Robt. H. Morton, Davis W. Jones, 
Leander Rose, John Laparle. 

Clinton Township. — John Destross, James Wolven, Henry H. Stevens, 
Wm. H. Rowley, Isaac Williams. Chas. Fuller, John Gooley, Chas. B. 
Peltier, Louis Dubay, Nicholas Lacroix, John Beutel, Chas. Colby, Wm. 
Jeney, Benj. Alband, Geo, Kling. 

Erin Township. — August Prell, Alwin Stamm, Henry Hanstein, Jr., Benj. 
Coucbez, Joseph Duprey, Bcrnhard Reh, Isaac L. Hendrickson, Casper 
Hoisl, Frederick Lefferiss, Alex. Snay, Henry C. Barton, Henry Trom- 
bley. Daniel Hartman, Ludwig Hintz, John Beh, Herman Geinitz. 

Harrison Township. — .\ntoine Peltier. Copley Cntlrcll, Chas. Hayward. 

Lenoz Township.— A ugnat Fennert, M. W. Packard, John Wise, Geo. D. 
Flint, Chas. Lee, Jesse Cudworth. 



0HN8U8 OP laCHIOAN— JUNE 1. 188*. ^^^^ 

Village of New Haven. — Geo. W. Dingraan, Ohas. H. Seara, John D, 
Freligh, John Pemberton, Hugh Sutherland, Warren P. Bpink, Wm. 
Bethuy, Dennis C. Rowley, Isaac N. Cook, Orson Slocum, Joseph La- 
erox, John Lemmon, Daniel Sutherland, Wm. H. Suthpin, Jarvia E. 
Carl, Henry H. Quick, Henry W, Lathrop, Lawrence Luttenbacher, 
Edgar B. HarriH, Porter L. Harris, Roswell Green, 

Uacomh Township. — John A. Crandall, Jacob Bliss, John Nathen, Chas. 
Cleff, Eugene Giddings, Fayette Oiddings, Horace Miers, Chas. Hintz, 
John H. C. Klokow, Isaac Hall, Adon Card. Geo. C, Whitney, Patrick 
Kolan, Austin E, Rowley, John Harmon, Nelson H. Miller, Wm. Hir- 
sbok, Christopher Ohms, Almanzo Mathews. 

Raj Towns hip.— James Rurddock, Linderman J. Compton, Peter B. Cade, 
Fred Klusendorf, Alonzo Gibson, Geo. Nunneley, Henry Degroff, Tru- 
man Gass, Frank Apling, Wm. E, Corby, Jamew J, Beutley. Oscar 
Chamberlain, James Smith, Eldridge Lyons, Edwin C. Chubb, Thomas 
Gibson, Martin V. Loucks, Wm. Campbell, Bristol Houghton, Antoine 
Kirkey, Rodney D. Robinson, Harrison Stone. [Wm. N. Woodman. 
Albert S. Snover, Edgar Johnson, Jacob P. Goodell, Isaac Fillmore]. 

Richmond Township. — Geo. Mabee, Porter Beebe, Harrison Carl, Mar- 
ion P. Bates, Cyrus Hicks, Chas. Gilbert. Culver Patterson, David 
Curtis, Andrew Emerson, Lewis Turner, Wm. H. McCaulley, [James 

E. Curtis, Moses Jayee]. 

Village of Memphis. — Alex. Gathers, Merritt Sperry, Joseph Montaey, 
Henry Hand, Joseph Stephenson, James Dnshane, James Shepard. 

Village of Richmond.^Kowland Crandell, Simon H, Heath, Wm. W. Col- 
lins, Josiah Hulbert. T. A. Poole. Henry Johns, Norman Vroman, Dan- 
iel L. Rapeljie, David Harris, James Hathaway, A. M. Keeler, James 
H. Quick, Edward S. Hunt, Edwin J. Walton, Edwin L. Howe, Dayton 
J. Lewis, Wra. H. Halsey, John E. Davis, Chas. B. Clark, William 
Allington, [Anthony Beach], 

Shelby Township, — Joseph Johnson. Jefferson Foglesonger, Josiah 
Swortz, Samuel W. Phillips, Wm. Lounds, Edward Tucker, Ransom 
Rowley, Chas. Leroy, Geo. Wolvin, John J. Baker, Geo. W. Stokes, 
Geo. W. Bracy, Levi H. Cannon. 

Village of Utioa, — Isaac C. Cross, Horace N. Orcutt, James J. Nolan, 
Renben P. St. John, Edwin Newth, Samuel P. St. John, Andrew J. 
Runyan, Gardner H. Runyan, Lyman Wentworth, Daniel W. Lewis, 
Wm. Baker. 

Sterling Township. — August Koth, Clias. Bittner, John Dunn, Wm. H- 
Wright, Nathan L. Mott, Jacob Heiple. August Fohrland, Francis 0- 

Warren Township. — Wm. Moore, Ernst Lorenz, Henry Gies, John Smitz, 
Nicholas Berger, Wm. L. Cole. Mathias Kaltz, Huronymus Engelmao. 
Frederick Opfer, Manvel J. Pereira, John Hartman, Chas. R. Ridd, Ira 

F. Binson. David Wolf, Fred Heidt, [Frank Kaltz. Lewis Conrad] . 
Village of Warren. — Benj. Gamble, James M, Crawford, James M. 

Washington Township. — Archibald McLeod, Thaddeus Hazelton, 
Stephen Cannon, Jacob Tetter. Byron Norton, Ijeslie L. Miller, Lemiw 
L. Hosner, Daniel Gulick. Hugh Smith, Henry Holstine, Edwin 


Audrewe, Homer Darvis, Wm. t^niith. Wiodsor Norton, [Ji 
"imbell, Joaiali Bmootz]. 
Clemens City, First Ward. — Henry E. Bugsell, Jesse E. H. Hatchins, 
lavid R, Miller, Arthur W, Eastman, Geo. W. Widrig, Frederick 
usby, Philip Bellor. Edwin Tharrett, Franlilin B. Conner, Frederick 
lastman, James M. Widrig, Godfrey Sahr, John H. Wilkinson, Andrew 
Cbapin, Solomon Uoty, Kosel Widrig, Edward Moser, Geo, Alband, 
Butsler, Henry T. Mitchell, John P. Wilson, Wm. Marquarett, 
'^Ohas. Roediger, Judson S. Farrar, Joseph Bellor, Oliver Weybern, 
Edward W. Clawson, Wm, Hosner, Aloason Humphrey, Geo. K. Law, 
Hartin L. Skillman, Nelson Blay, Chas. Foster, [Jos. Cluky, Adolph 
Eckert. Henry Thede, Louis A. Allor, Jonathan Widrig, Edgar Weeks, 
Wm. B. Hubbard, Sara'l Trew. Jno. Dusso, Craton Stocton, Job. 
Mt. Clemens City, Second Ward, — Henry W. Babcock, Louis Knnnea, 
Edwin J. West, Geo. Wilson Fox, Allen S. Tripp, Chester G. Roy, 
Joseph Immen, Thomas P. Blaisdell, Wm. Hart, Levi Willett, Wm. 
H. Robinson. Joseph S. Taylor, Darius H. Conner, Wm. E. Horton, 
Henry Bollensen, Peter P. Peltier, Frank Laturno, Mathias Hallar, 
Sylvester Widrig, Chas. C. Lamb. Thomas Foster, Gilbert Lacroix, 
Webster J. Morris, James A. Price, Walter T. Lee, Calvin Bush, Henry 
Jahnke, [Geo. W. Rol>ert8on, Winfleld S. Hatheway]. 
Mt. Clemens City, Third Ward. — John Tuscany, Thomas Hallar, Lonis 
Grant, Joseph Barney. James Wade. Edward Page, Joseph Boyer, 
James Broderick, Ferdinand Zuhn, Samuel Fuller. Wm. Hine, Elias 
Stockwell, Wm. S. Tucker, Harvey ("hapeton. NarzisH Litturneau, 
Edward Willetts. Joseph Peltier, Louis Quiettee, August Stietzer, 
' Ifred S, Williams. 





«dja Township. — Henry Fargo, Geo. W. .\nnts, Henry Conklin, 
Joshua L. Bradford, Michael OrRoke. Onnissen Goodin, Chas. Wall, 
Benj. F. Bowen, Stephen D. Hotchkiss, L Martin Conklin, Bijah H. 
Oilmore. Chas. J. Crosby, James W. Gear, Dean A. Hull, Emery Has- 
kins, Jeremiah Conklin. 

Bear Lake Township. — James Whedden, N. F. Wood, Robt. Tunwell, 
Orlando F. Sadoris. John Porter, [Edw. F. McGill, 8. L. .\iner, T. A. 
Barr, Lake Chamberlain. O. A. Larm, Stephen C. Corey. Wm. Keltner, 
M. J. Fanble, Josiah Reed. Wm. W. Middaugh. Jesse Thompson, Wm. 
Sloan, Robt. Courtwright], 

Village of Bear Lake. — .Joseph Sanders, Chas. W. Tomlin, Geo. S. Cow- 
gill, Martin D. Swain. Thomas Saiindri.H, Alex. H. Cook, Chas. B. Bun- 
ton. Ueo. E. Hill, Thomas Simpson. Todawa Sythoff. 

Brown Township. — .Vdam Shiria. Thomas Christy, Wm. Barry, Henry 
B. Brown, Colin Leitch. 

GleoD Township. — Jeremiah B. Gilbert, Henry Harris, Jacob Conrad, 
Albert J. Bennett, Benj. F. Courson. Geo. W. Bungling, Byron L. Dean, 

k Martin Miller. Wm. McDonald, Geo. CasseJman, Wm. Killim, Geo. H. 
Henderson, Corydon T. Gregg, Robt. Carpenter, Geo. Seabrook, John 






J. StnntOD, Jacob Sears, Geo. Clifton. Geo. W. Hall, Daniel Holnu 

Alex. Pratt. 
Village of Copemish. — Robt. Lewis, Lewis Rogers, Levi J. Atwell, Jol 

M. Taggart, Alonzo Hunt, Albert Handy, Cliae. M. Barber, Geo. 

Estebrook, Alonzo Chabb, Solomon Skinner, Abram Armstrong, L( 

Mitchell. [Jacob Spire]. 
Filer Township.— Z. E. Clark, Eugene Sullivan, Niel D. Ford, Seth ^ 

Chirch, John McBride, Golden Filer, Cbas. Baker, Louie Tabor, [Loal 

Strinkej, Antoine Morris]. 
Manistee Township. — Frank L. Bay, Benj. Mattis, Paul Busban, Geo. E. 

Fowler, Chits, Ross, Casper W. Bryant. Chas. Peck. John Ucriz, 

Samtiel C. Swank, Cbas. Arnold, John Borg, Ambrose Antoine, Mosefl 

B. Loomis, Augustus Randall. 
Maple Grove Township. — Geo. J. Milks, Cyrus Haines, Abram Poff, Ji 

Myers. John B. Miller, Stepheu McCumber. Zimariah Dalle;, Jai 

Ames, Chas. Rockwell, Geo. Singleton, Wm. W. Tanner. 
Morilla Township. — Addison Colwell, Wm. W. Bell, Jacob Snowden, 

Sylvester Chesebro, S. M. Evens, Emerson Snyder, Geo. F. Rinard, 

John T. Holly. John Stanton, Charles W. Babcock, Jacob Rinard, 

Josiah F. Cook, Andrew Britton. 
Onekama Township. — Asa J, Patch, Josiah Hilliard, Geo. Schaefer, C. 

W. Perry, Geo. Mallisoa, P. M. Smith, Henry Fowler, John Heckel- 

rath, Samuel Wilson, Henry C. Mattison, Wallace Hollenbeok, Geo. W. 

Village of Onekama.— John C. Scbroeder, John Schaab, C. A. W. Swift, 

Aaron Bemis, E. A. Solomon, S. H, Gilbert, Bobt. Williama, Joseph 

Greenwood, R. W. Dickinson. 
PleasautOD Townsbip.^Benj. F. Pope, Lafayette C. Long, Wm. H, 

Wood, Michael Dunke, Wm. Foltz, Chas. A. Churchill, Edward P. 

Alkire, Hiram B. Hicke, Duncan Miller, Bruce Girven, C. P. A. Nurn- 

better, David Green, Abner D. Burdick, Leonard Reed, John W. MyerB, 

Ezra Ingersoll, Edward Wallace, Sylvester Maginity, Dennis Clapp, 

Thomas C. Snyder. 
Springdale Township. — Henry Baumler, Lewis E. Hale, James Howard, 

John W. Green, Wm. D. Green. 
Stronacb Township.— Michael Oury, Adam Kolb, Joseph Cooper, Jehial 

Chalker, Andrew Duemler, Samuel Wertz, Geo. W. Jones, Nicholas 

C. Welbee. 

Manistee City, First Ward. — Allen McKey, Levi Solomon, Edward How- 
ard, Robt. Jillson. Wm. J. Cole, J. R. Lee, Michael Burns, Geo. Poskitt. 

Manistee City, Second Ward. — Willis Van Buren, Wm. Nungesser, R. T. 
Mead, Geo. A. Hart, H. C. Talman, Thomas Steadman, C. H. Hodskin, 
Amos Sedgwick. E. G. Cnrtis, 8. W. Fowler, N. W. Nelson, 8. Bab- 
cock. R. G. Peters, E. R. Welsh, C. D. Gardner, James Henderson, Wm. 
H. Herbert, J. J. Wallace, Jacob Shetim, Wm. E. Coates, Joseph 

Fields, Joseph Carltin, Henry Wiswell, Perley L, Fifike, Jolin W i, 

Geo. Fowler, H. B. Lewis, Martin Fleming, Daniel Dake, S. Bedford, 
C. D. Grannis. John Baxter, E, W. Muenscher, Cyrus Baker, Henry 
Belding, Mark Cox, Wm. H. Derbey. 

Manistee City. Third Ward.— Daniel Hornkohl, Augtist Pfeifter, Bearley 
FiBk. Wm. T. Braine. Gottlieb Kaufman. Daniel McCormick. K. Han- 





len, John D. Kingsle.v, Peter Smith. Jobu W. Robiosoo, W. F. Lott, 

A. H. Duolap, John James. 
Manistee City, Fourth Ward. — A, H. Sedgewig, Joachim Maw. 
Manistee City, Fifth Ward.— Geo. B. Owens. Franklin M. Derby, E. W. 

Hall, Cbas. W, Robinson, Henry Hall, James McLary, Wm. J. Leitch, 

Bernhard Wergin, David Hofer. Geo. Allen, Frank Conrow, John B. 

Malted, A. S. Bass, J. C. Reynolds, Wm. Windle, Wm. Wieder, John 

Donaldson, Henry Chambers, Philander McKey, Chaa. Hoffman. Wm. 
■'Kealey, Jamea H. Hnnt, David Shira, Wm. Gallagher. W. S. Wana- 
Aker, E. Engalt, W. H. McKey, Robt. Allen, [J. F. Albro, Timothy 

Kelly, Chas. Bish]. 

inistee City, gixth Ward.— Robt. Bolston, Fred Tesch, John B. Mo- 


inistee City, Seventh Ward.^Timothy Keely, Chas. Risch. John Dun- 
»n, Herman Winkler, Julias Nims, John L. Stagg, Wesley A. Bmtth, 

tlHaac Johnson. John Elliott, Alonzo Waite. 



Chandler Township.^ — Benj. Fisher. John Floyd. 
Galilee Township. — Edward Lastlee. 

uth Manitou Township. — George Haae, Thomas Price. 


Champion Township. — Edward H. Gibbons, Wm. Pheeley, John Bbea, 

Albert Krause, [R. R. Thomas]. 
Choeolay Townabip. — Jerome N. White, George T. JosHn, Covil C. Jan^ 
Ely Township. — Robt. Mahaffay. 
Forsyth Township, — Emerson Hoagh, John 8. Biggs. 
Humboldt Township. — James Laird. 
Ishpeming Township, — Wm. F. Lehmann, Geo. Clark, Geo. Bheldon, 

Christopher Clinge. 
Michigamme Township.^ — Mathias D. Kirk, Heber Myers, Louis BackeB, 

Geo, Hora. 
Xegaunee Township. — Geo. Dobbs, Thomas Larmonr. 
Republic Township. — Miles Seeley, Geo. Bennett, Christopher Grnppie, 

Wm. Jaqnies. 
Sands Township. — Arthur Wilson, -Vlbert Wead. John MahaSey. 
Skandia Township. — Barney McGraw, [Gustave Bahman]. 
Turin Township. — Geo. Grimes, .\ugiist Gogam, Edward Millston, John 

T. Brown, Nicholas Oswald. 
Ishpeming City, Second Ward. — Patrick Hughes. 
Ishpeming City, Third Ward. — Orsemus Robinson, Chas, L, Sheldon, 

Robt. Maxwell, John Sanson, Chas, E. Whitney, 
Ishpeming City, Sixth Ward.^Joseph Douglass, Eben W. Fieke, Theo. 

M. Day, John Scott. 
Ishpeming City, Seventh Ward. — Thomas Welch. 
" jbpeming City, Eighth Ward. — Wm. Hall. 



iBhpeming Cit;, Ninth Ward. — Geo. Q. JoimstoD, Clias. Merryweatli 

[Thomas Gaynor]. 
Isbpeiuiog City, Tenth Ward. — Richard Carey. 
Marqnette City, First Ward. — Manrice Sacbett, Henry W. CnrtU, Oha«. 

Brail, John Hognu, Joseph Luciis, .Vlfred Kaiifmnii. Joseph Kuapp, 

[Pat Connors, James H. Wright]. 
Marquette City, Second Ward, — John O'Hare. John Howder, John 

Mahaffey, Patrick Breen, Geo. B. Sihlor. 
Marquette' City, Third Ward.— Virgil E. David, Gerhard H. Tapktns, 

Allen Cowden. Wm. H. Volk, Wm. A. Mahan, [Chas. D. Blanchard, 

Henry C. Russell, Jno. H. Gillett, Ed. B. Palmer, I. D. Honscom]. 
Marquette Citj-, Fourth Ward. — Leroy M. Spencer, Hiram Busbnell, Geo. 

W. Reed, Edward M, Watson. Gad. N, Smith. Wm. Boi(-e. Courtland 

E. Moore, Geo. J. Northrup, Robt. B. French, Wm. W. Walker, Samoel 

M. Billings. 
Marquette City, Fifth Ward. — Jeese Hapgood, John Gray, Edward M. 

Shepard, Wm. A, Jellison, Jeffrey Coles, John Grant, Geo. M. Saok- 

rider, John G. Homeier, John Ralph, John C. Fisher, [Isadore 

Marquette City, Sixth Ward.— Alfred Thnrlhy, Addison A. Cole, . 

Dooley, Louis P. Mailhot, Robt. P. Byrne.- 
Marquette City, Seventh Ward.^ — John R. Charlton, John Frazier. 
Marqnette City, Eighth Ward. — Julius E. Richardson. 
Negaunee City, First Ward.— James Cavanangh, Lunsford H. Stanley, 

James McNiel. 
Negaunee City, Second Ward.^Patriek McQrain, Donald McDonald, 

Edw. C. Anthony, Samuel H. Steele, John Richardson, [Joe. i 

Richardson] . 
Negaunee City, Third Ward. — Henry W, Fuller. 
Negaunee City, Fourth Ward. — John Poisson, John Reeder, 

Carey. Martin Hieser. Edward Raincoiirt, [Edw. Ranco], 
Negaunee City, Fifth Ward. — Francis V. Saner. Geo. Korton, James 

O'Brien, Augustus C. McKenzie, Pierre Trudelle, [James McNeil]. ^^ 




Amber Township,— Geo, W, Genson, Elislia B. Perkins, Andrew Nell, 
Jas. J. Smith, Newell H, Rowlingson, Gottlieb Ewald. Wm. R. Qonder, 
Wm. White, Geo. 0. Slaughter, James L. Cooper, James Jameson. 
Frederick Techloff, Chas. Wolfe, Josephua Mustard, John H. Van 
sickle, Silas H. Wood, Geo. W. Clark, Chas. W. Jones, Henry Brookl, 
James Y. Law. Joseph S. Adams, Edward B, Arthur, Albert Oliver, 
Luther Holly, Chaa. Boy, Jesse L. Town, Geo. Sartorioua, James Hath' 
away, Michael Moore. John Ruber, Wiirren W. Robinson, Geo. Ains- 
worth, Thomas Ridley. Allen F. Glfford. Oscar M. Toms. Andrew Van- 
sickle, Chas. W. Hull. Lucius O. Bates, Henry Billings, Gilbert A. 
Andrews, Wm. H. Dillingham, [L. P. Spaulding]. 

Branch Township. — Eli Miller, C. E. Comstock, O. J. Brown, Henry John- 
son, A. W. Johnson, B. F. Barnett, D. F, Shoup, Levi Schoumake. 
John Klein, Lawrence Shaddock, Peter Miller. 


_ Mter Township. — Henry Shivelj, Win. W. Leach, Wm. Monro«, New- 
tOQ Kinne, Chae. J. Smith, Henry W. Brown, Joseph Me-She-Ka-Eaok, 
Anetin D. Kibbie, Geo. W. Gordon, John C. Tracy, Isaac Ives, Seward 
8. Lampman, Beth Kelsey, K. S. McClain, Edgar A. Green, James F. 
Handy, Geo. H. Barretl. John E. Phillips. Auf;nwtuK ML^niuger, Leun- 
der W. Sanborn, John MoKinstry. L, T. Southworth, Jacob L, Gebbart, 
[Henry S. Jenks]. 

Village of ScottviUe.— Harvey Tifft, Wm. Tifft, Wm. W. Pringle, A. M. 
Haddiz, Geo. Andree. Lomanzo Smart. James Tifft, Chaa. W. Aldrich, 
W. H- Waters, E. P. Thomas, Nathan Holmes, E. W. Loomis, [Chas. 
D. Coddington, Ira Lynch]. 

Eden Township. — Alex, DePiel, John Marrison, John Z. Hall, W. D. 
Cowan, Anstin D. Bates, Joseph Kirby, Joseph Ordway, John B. 
Marsb, 8r-, John Benson, Henry J. Shelly, Walter W. Waite, John W. 
Griswold, Samuel Noyes, Chas. E. Ordway, Horatio N. Jenks, M. B. 
Payne, John Mench, [Fernando Rinney, Joshua Payne]. 

Free Soil Township. — Chas. Mills, Robt. D, Irish, Wm. Nlppress, John 
B. Weaver, Wm. Davis, Samuel Baker, Edward Mecham, Wm. S. Hyde, 
Joseph Hill, Abel A. Doty, Samuel Eokles, Calvin C. Goodenough, 
Bichard Baxter. Theo, Porter, Nathan Toby, Samuel Sterling, Ephraim 
Teeples, Wm. J. Martin, Chas, J. Steinke. Levi B. Whittonib. Henrv 
Howell, Robt. Claperton, Benj. F. Rozelle, Hezekiah Porter, Chas. W. 
Hartwell, [Wm. Darr], 

Grant Township. — Edward Rowley. 

Hamlin Township. — A. H. Nordhouse, 

Pere Marqhette. — Milton Holly, Ross A. Griffin, David Landon, Wm. H. 
Kimball, Abram Snllivan, Ethan Taylor, John Lamb, Jacob DanteH, 
Jeremiah Ward, Daniel C. Young. 

Riverton Township, — Henry M. Rutty, Wm. Harley, John Mathews, Sam- 
uel CobJ), Barney McDonner, Rufas Pardj, Albert Bigsby, Stephen 
Allison, Wm. Myers, Samuel Porter, Duane GrifBs. Nelson Gregware, 
Lemuel Wiley, Samnel H. Jones, James A. Mead, Conrad Shaffer, 
Isaac B. Whetstone, Godfried Erne, Joseph E. Scott, Isaac Harley, 
Alex. Morton, Cary Mills, .\bner Pierce, Albert M, Cole, James H. 
McCauley, Thomas J. Cowgill, Wm. H. White. 

Bheridan Township. — Geo. Brisbin, Albert Cromwell, Alfred Ferris, 
Chas. O. Holmes, John W. Nickerson. 

Sherman Township. — William James. C A, Horton, John Wesley, Chas. 
P. Gensen, Edgar Sehofield, David Knapp. David Sly, Manley Ml Mills, 
Frank Nash, Moses Parker, Chas. Genson, Jas. Parmeter. Melancthon 
Bozell, Burton S. Mills, Enos Taylor, Ezra B. Bogue, Emery Archer, 
Barton Ransey, Wm, Bagsley, B, Ricker. 

Summit Township.— Wm. Bush, Jacob Meisenheimer, Frank Shappee, 
James Graham, Martin Hitchcock, Wilson M. Holmes. Geo. W. Mills, 
Geo. F. Piper, Henry Warren. Wm. Warner, Henry Cole, Wm, Beatty, 
Chas. W. King. 

Victory Township.— J. N. Clark, Alfred Dow, F. H. Cook, Lnke Aldrich, 
Chas. Reynolds, Sylvester Marsells, C. C. Fisher, Simon Warner, H, 
H. Jagger, John Hagerty, Wm, Loper, Geo. Sinclair, M. McDonell, 
Thomas Barnes, Jacob A. Clark, [Peter M. Heyse, Sr.. William Court- 


^L land, L. Nlcboln]. ^M 


LudingtoD City, First Ward. — Andrew J, Smith, Singleton L. Adame, 
JameB Miller, T. A. Cook, Wm. M. Case, Wm. Buchanan, Hiram E. 
Freeman, Eobt. Patterson, Fred J. Dowlaod, T. A. Dewitt, James P. 
Depew, [Geo. Weimer]. 

Ludington City, Second Ward. — Wm. H. Crawford, Edgar B. Caswell, 
Frederick Ohland, Henry E, Norman, Marquis L. Fowler, Geo. W. 
Weatherwax, Calvin P. Stanton, Locas M. Wilson, Philip Rohwig, R 
P. Bishop. Peleg Ewing, Wm. R. Campbell, Fayette Johnson, Albert C. 
Hawley, Henry P. Wood, Geo. R. Wright, Luman E. Mosber, Silas J. 
Herrington, Seth S. Phillips, Eenhardt Buenning, Wm. P. Kennedy, 
John N. Foster, Ancel C. Etsworth. Chas. C. Olson, Henry C. Ransom, 
Jeremiah Sbackelton, John L. Green, Wm. H. Coon, John Woods, John 
S. Danks, Orvell V. Percy, Clias. F. Chapman, Wm. O. Albright, Dan- 
iel Whalen, Chas. T. Sawyer, Wm. Corser, Benj. F. Smith, Henry New- 
mann, Willard C. Starr, Philip H. Manning, Abram P. McConnell, 
Edward Keets, Hollin R. Wheeler, Alonzo A. HincUey, Wm. M. Gar- 
lock, John E. Smith, John C. Hadler, John W. Duddleson, Henry B. 
Smith, [Geo. Goodsel!]. 

Ludington City, Third Ward. — Edward Huehner, Otto Horn, Solomon H^^ 
Gleason, Alvin T. Carpenter, Chaa. Meyers, Jehiel Stone, BaptiBt V^^ 
son, Adam Logan, Eienzi Gleason, Vinal E. Keene, Stephen Bice, ~ 
ette Thorn. 

Ludington City, Fourth Ward. — Wait Wright, August Miller, Nels. Hen- 
drekson, John Riddle, Robt. Carr, Wm. Dawson, Geo. S. Holton, EH 
Halbertsraa, H. J. McClatchie, M. J. Norman, Theophilua Delano, Geo, 
Woods, Wm. H, Snell, A. G. Spencer. 

Lndington City, Fifth Ward. — W, G. Dunham, Hannibal Lindsley. Peter 
B. Godley. Gardner M. Chase, Geo. P. Johnson, Archie B. Hunter, 
David Swarthout, Cornelius L. Carroll, Lorenzo 8. Van Noodt, Gea 
W. Rice, Joseph Dallenburg, Geo. Cogswell, James A, Armstrong, El 
Bemister, John George, Thomas Dexter. 



Aetna Township. — A. C. McConnell, Thomas Byers, Byron Lewis, W. 
Waters, J. B. Peck, Henry Munn, Daniel Reals, Nathan H. Green, John"' 
G. Hamm, D- D. Shannon, Henry 8. Cota, Michael McHugh, John 
Weber, Eugene Croff, T. C. Barr, Byron Anson, Chancey E. Blossoni. 
John Blossom, Chas. Van Curen, Geo. P. Vorre, Sylvanus Stilson, Wm 
Segar, Geo. W. Fuller, McKinzie C. Mapes. Edwin Buchanan, Wm. IT 
Tift, John Waters, Francis Vanderhoof, Nathaniel Mitchell. 

Village of Morley. — Dexter M. Hulaart, Allen Chapin, Darwin King. 
Chas. North, b! F. Brown. 

Austin Township. — Geo. Crandall, Isaac Robinson, John Olin, Joel 
Smith, Hiram Carson, Geo. Becker, Franklin Wright, Hiram Hopkins, 
John Potter, David Little. Nelson Austin, Thomas Shanafelt, Geo. 
Quigley, Wm. Lee. Hazard Bennett, Reuben Tinkom. 

Big Rapids Township. — Alonzo Van Gilder, Norman Van Alatlne, John 
R. Brower, Abner Newton. Henry H. Waldo. James Bradley, Oha»- 
H. Holly, David Dunn, Walter L. Whipple, Rudolph Seaman. John H. 


Uppewa Township. — Warren M. Williama, Albert Cowden, Cbas. H. 
■ DickinaoD, Levi H, Sears, Andrew J. Sears, Horace B. Buss, Geo. 
Ooodsell, Samuel Dancer, John Eaton, Simon L. Nott, Silas Smith, 
Chas. Cleveland, H, Kammond, Wm. Wilson. Ebenezer Withers, Keu- 
ben Buss, Wm. Dunsmore. 
Colfax Township, — Geo. Thompson, Henry Watkins, E, J. Brackney, W. 

A. Ford, Warden H. Gary, John Cole, Simon Foster, Albert Farrier, 
Ormel Valentine, Carl Jenzen, G. A. Richardson, Geo. Waldo, (Fred 

Deerfield Township. — Hiram C. Barber, Geo. Thurstin, E. M. Lewis, 
James Watterson, Andrew Swartout, Chas. Hyde, Martin E. Wilson, 
Orrin J. Hill, Daniel L. Welch, Franklin Russell, Wm. Allison, Henry 
Smith, Geo. Gilmore, Ozro J. Smith, Lonie Barthele, Ira Purdy, Wm. 
E. Weaver, Wm. T. Oden, James Harden, .\dani Heraiper, Michael 
Farley, Cheney 0. Pemberton, Wm. Knapp, Lemuel Chipman, Henry 
M. Clark, Geo. Kimball, Wm. J. Dishong, Samuel Billings, Wm. A. 
Eddie, Edward Gensman, Samuel Gould, Daniel Boreland, John P. 
Runyan, Gilmore Todd, Joseph Gage, Wm. Hill, Geo. E. Bristol, 
AlpLronus Bean. 

Fork Township, — Russell Lee, James H- Groom, John H. Gibbs, Chas. 

B. Thompson, Seymour E. Lee, Perry Dixon, Levi White, Wm. Hall, 
Alfred Wilson, Wm. A. Jackson, Eugene Belden, Hiram Pitts, E, A. 
Bounting, .-\lmon Mott, Henry Dimou, Festus Phenix, Wm. Creevy, 
B. Frank Belden, Christopher Young, Cornelius Haney, Alfred Stni^le, 
Lewis H. Moon, Sylvester Mott, Elijah Wheeler, Greenbury Kinney. 

-Grant Township. — Geo. W. Osbom, Hugh Maguire, Joseph E. James, 
Lyman W. June, Daniel L. Hale, Geo. I. Hale, Willis Morse, B. F. Cory, 
BOBSel Davis, Richard Calhoun. Noah B. Goldman, Horatio N. Hall, 
Wm. B. C. Pitts, Wm. Miller, Geo. W. Downs, Lansin F. Corey, Ansel 
Rowley, James S. Canaan, [Gardner Terry, Abel B. Knapp], 

■Green Township. — Isaac Midgley, John O. Hooper, James W. Dearkln, 
Edgar M. Brown, Thomas K. Hurley, Jacob M. Dubois, Alden Camp- 
bell, John W. Brown, Peter K. Hall, Wm. P. Dean. John M. Sims, 
Prank G. Bice, John W. Walker, David H. Sanford, Hiram Seeley, 
James ParkiU, Wm. Lowe, Robt. Mahoney, Edward Haalem, Daniel 
A. Kern, James Judkins, Alfred H. Warren, Elias Dietderick. Geo. H. 
Bennett, John Jones, Wm. H. Putt. John M. Gibson, Geo. H. Dewey, 
Marion Davis. Henry C. Evarts, I. N. Owens, Erastus H. Carver, Isaac 
W. CliftoD. Adelbert Kent, John F. Reed. Daniel C. Hicks, Orville Ball, 
Henry Snyder. Elias Hogle, John Halpin, James Johnson. 

Hinton Township.— Hiram Steven. Richard B. Wells, Gabriel G. Pal- 
mer, Lewis Robinson, Nelson Spurrier, Geo. Spurrier, Edmund Swett, 
Joseph Johnson, Harvey Cooper, Alfred Vining, Marvin Butler, John 
Covert, Wm. Baird, Samuel Hoisenton, Martin Shaver, Reuben Tink- 
ham. Frank Martin. Alonzo D. Morey, Edw. E. Everitt, Orlando Har- 
ris, Thomas Harris, Francis Graff, Hiram Whitney, James E. Clark, 
Leonard Moffit, Geo. B. Simpson. Calvin Cartwright, Elijah Carr, Irwin 
Lindsley, Henry Scott, Geo. Kibby, Chas. Martin, James Slater, Ash- 
ley Wilson, Alonzo Davis, Wilston Kempton. 

JCartiny Township. — Geo. Ranshaw. John Smith, Orlando Haney. Geo. B. 
iLouckB, Miner Buck. Geo. W. Bugbee, Conrad Kirachner, Wm. Lord, 



onroe, D>^^| 

Gilbert Kane, Keubfru Cory, Nathaniel Percy, Augustus Uonroe, 
iel Henderson, Andrew Blum, Henry C. Lord, Geo. 8. Stoddard. 

MecoBla Township.^ — Jacob Liglitfoot, Joseph Mapes, Wm. Aruislrong, 
Hiram Derby, Wm. Aldrich, Noah Curtis, Sylvester Kilboume. John 
P. Short, Jacob Hoffman, John Baird, Edward Fitzgerald, Wm, Parks, 
BamabuB Mother, Wlnfleld McCabe. Alonzo Randolph, Job Besae, 
James Beyer, Henry Houston. 

Millbrook Township.— Chas. F. Fitzgerald, John Clark, Wm. H. Renn, 
EH W. Foglesong, Truman ShaCFer, Jacob H. Reed, Lewis W. Smith, 
SimoD Riley, Samuel Crum, Edward Harmon, Alex, Dibbion, Albert 
A. Richmond, Chauncy E. Brink, Nathan M. Barnes, Adam Gilbert, 
John H. Breeken, Francis A. Bishop, Edmund B. Trucker, Joseph 
Kimmel, Solomon R. Snyder, Elbridge Flowers, Robt. Young, Harrey 
O. Williams, Wm. J. Nadean, James E. Royce, Darius C, Fonts, John 

Morton Township, — Eli May, Ivan Ijaylin, Chaa. Truman. Henry Fii-at, 
Chas. Gould, Wm. Bates, Geo, Morton, Jacob Brenner, Muis Urch, 
Jerome Hiimmes, Horace Wade. 

Village of Mecosta. — Paul Wilson, James R. Canithera, Louis Deforest, 
Samson Voemaua, O. D. Leach, James H. Miller, John Heuning, 
Franklin Hailey. Leland W. Roe, Robt. D. McGreagor, James P. Proper, 
Chas. Hinman, Elijah Cole, Malon Courtney, Horace P. Dean, Chas. 
Martimer. Johnson M. Reed, Thomas G, Horton, Jerome B. Wilcox, 
Hii-am Green, Chas. C. Allen, Granvillp S. German, James Murphy, 
James M, Jackson, Daniel Gague, Aling Berry, Elisba C. Alford, 
Joseph P. Linebaugh, Wm. K. Ameigh, Wm. H. Critchel, Mathias W. 
Van Tasaell, Hezekiah Stewart. 

Sheridan Township. — W. A. MeCombs, A. B. Martin, J, M, Inmait, 
bom Caryl, Wm. Bowen, Edwin Meeker, G. W. Dutcher, Stepb< 
Todd, E. P. Strong, Tliomas Holies, Geo, W. Grove, O, E. Mu^rave, 
Henry J. Green, Hiram Devoe, Riley J. Dye. 

Wheatland Township. — John White, Wm, Lowrey, Lewis Ockert, John 
Hauk, Geo. M. Wernett, Harrison Harding, Thomas Harris, Harvey 
Hutvhinson, Chas. Rice, Samuel Barnard, Chas. M. Denslow, Eli Lett, 
Riley Heminger, Sydney A. Dnrfee, Geo, Kloeb, Chas. R, Lett, Jamee 
M. Meeker, Sanford Utley, Edwin P. Williams, Comodore Smith, 
Franklin M. WMIIiams, James M. Van Antwerp, Thomas H. Denney, 
John Ferris. Frederick Hanss, 8r., Robt. Scott, Alvin Reed, John 
Moorp, Thomas Cross. Lewis Gross, Jerome H. Denslow, John Wheeler, 
Geo. Minkle, Joseph Moore, Wm. Bump, Wm. Kidd, John Lett, Thad- 
dens Firman. Elijah L. Brown, Arthur M. Chapel. Nathan Swisher.Lor- 
enzo D. Burdick. [Solomon Lowrey]. 

Big Rapids City, First Ward. — Geo, W. Jefferson. John Penning, Geo. H. 
Lincoln. Chas. P. Bigelow, Andrew Curtis, Geo. W. Crawford, Loren 
T. Loveless, Michael Morriseey, Daniel W. Parsons, Thomas Shaw. Sr., 
Alfred S. Mason. Michael Brown, Warren G, Hill, Edmund A. Cross, 
V. W. Bruce. Miles W. Coe, Duncan McClellan, Frank Howig, Lewis 
G. Palmer, Wm. E. Dockry. Thomas Shaw. Jr., Frank Dumon, Daniel 
E. Steams. WMIIard Whitney, John F. Byers, John 8. Evans. Watson D. 

IS W. 




J Kapids City, Setoml Ward. — James Carson, Lewis Brown, D. P. 
Brackett, Henry Welle, Timothy Boyer, Jared P. Huting, Steven T, 
Leggett, E. Mon-is, Jolin H, Palmer, John Lightfoot, Wm. M. Furgeaon, 
Abraham Tule, Lafayette Johnson, Louis Eimon, Stephen Bronson, B, 
Priest, Lewis E. Benware, George Bracisett, Biram E, Hardy, Rossel 
B. Ilughes, Daniel B, Moore, William Fribley, Edson M. Clark, Oeorg« 
Brown, Eli Frederick, Jost Stengel, [William Barton]. 

Big Rapids City, Third Ward. — Wm. Decker, Alex. Baonels, Geo. W, 
Jones, Lewis Kowe, Peter Wynkoop, J. B. Upton, Donglas Robeo, D, 
Nichols, John Fribley, Gilbert Carpenter, Charlie Vosberg, John B. 
Clark, Henry Price, Geo. W, Kirkbride, Alpheas Peirce, August Bei^e, 
Geo, Stengel, Stephen St. Clair, Austin Walker, Theodore Tomlinson, 
Theodore Gray, Almon G. Lee, Washington Miller, David L Griffen, 
Isaac Hembling, Harvey T. Chase, John Wilcox, Jotham Hall, Sereno 
Howe, Purcel C. Hilbert, Jesse Williams, Christopher Britton, Isaiah 
Dickerson, Andrew D. Hoover, Joshua H. Taylor, Wm. T. Bliss, Thoa. 
I. Langworthy, David Cmwford, Thomas Glossier. Allen H. Baker, 
George Davison, Richard H. Randall, Lucius L. Osgood, Ira Thrall, 
George Webster, Mallory Mc Gill, Patrick McNurney, Robert Palmer, 
Phillip Berkley, James Blakely, William C. Bliss, John Wadswortb, 
Franklin Belford, [John Giddy, Albert Ferrier. Jnhn Taylor. Leiand 
W. Roe, Robt. D. McGregor. James P. Proper, Henry Harlem, Audy 
Haver] . 

Big Rapids City, Fourth Ward. — Wm. P. Nisbett, Joseph Davey, Robert 
A. Moon, Wm. H. Conklin, Nelson H. Beehe, Hiram Harpster, Horace 
A. Lovejoy, Richard Clifford, Chas. King, Chas. E. Stephens, Lawrence 
Moodlock, Amos R. Morelionse, Wm. H. Hicks, Francis O. Vanderslais, 
Wm. Hulsart, Geo. H. Menard, Eugene Oliver, Wm. C. Norcrosa, 
Anthony P. Farmer, Jehu Caanen. Alvio Madison, Mathias Malory, 
Flavins Baldwin, E. Van Brockelin, Martin V. Taylor, Benj. R. Cole, 
Edgar W. Ford, [David Sums, Edgar Peirce, John W. Brown, Samuel 
O. Brigham, Geo. H. Deming, Wm. Dougherty, James Ely, R. H. Fos- 
ter, Geo. Lindsay, Perry Montoney. H. F, Richardson, S. G. Webster, 
W. P. Montoney]. 

Big Rapids City, Fifth Ward. — Colonel E. Allen, Norton Nelson, Uriah J. 
Wakeroan, Wm. H. Smith, John Butler, Henry Bennett, Wm. T, Upton, 
Jerome B. MeWain, Unas 8. Cook, Henry T. Albro, Richard Vande- 
water, Wallace A. Wood, Wm. Hungerford, Eliphalet Cortwright, 
Frank Z. Campbell, W. Steward, [Floyd N. Lindsley, Jacob W. Haist, 
^^eveD E. Bigelow]. 


Cedariille Tow nsbip.-— John Cox, J. B. Rood. John W. Wallsworth. Jas. 

Marttnugli, Geo. H. Clifford. Alex. Durow, [Henry Harkins, Jas. P. 8. 

Holmes Township. — Chas. Stenhans, Thomas McCarty, Geo. Lord, John 

Orando, John Davis, Warren Buette, Joseph Rosenen. 
Ingallston Township.— Benj. T. Braley, Frank Lavine, Matthias Bailey, 

Samuel C.Hayward. 




Uellen Township. — Geo. W. Longhurst, Frank Forvilly, Gilbert i 

C. T. Morbeck, Wm. Carlej, Michael Lervier, John Miller, Wm. Aliett^ 
John Mannering, Theo. Champien, Janiea Parent, 6. A. Benjamin, Ira 
Boise, Michael Garrigan, Lonis Preckett, Ira Carley. 

Menominee Township. — \V. J. M. Hall, Frederick Haekeiuiiu. James Bur- 

Nadeau Towneliip. — Daniel Peppenger, Baichio Snow, John Stoddard, 
Louie Liebman, B. O. Hall, E, Houle, Wm. Thompson, Elijah Pllnn, 
Barney Nadeau, Sr. 

Spalding Township. — Emery Wells, Narcius Codotte, Benj. J. Nickles, 
Geo. N. Suley. 

Stephenson Township. — F. D. Crane, Floriman Depas, E, M. Breanette, 
Josiab Wilson, John Bhepard, Henry Marquette, Norwood Boweil, 
Boyd M. Bodel, John Roth, August Van Dervest, Louis Gil'met, Sol- 
omon Jonvin, Olonzo Richardson, Meriam F. White, John Schoenstine, 
Hiram Corey, 8. A. Benjamin, John S. Dean, James Johnson, John S. 
Watliins, John Brnsso, [Phillip Bruette]. 

Menominee City. First Ward. — Patrick McMann, Robt. Cheater, Jesse 
Hurbbard, Robt, Stevens, Frank Olive, S. P. Gibbs, Moreau Caoghey, 
Jamea C. Sherman, Andrew Gram, Henry Schrader, Michael Tyier, 
[Jacob Primrose, David Kerainglion, G. A. Chandler, C. H, Jones]. 

Menominee City, Second Ward. — John Lawr, Joseph Scheppert, Benj. T. 
Phillips, Henry O. Fifleld, John McArthy. Wm. Lanndrie, Michael 
Durocher, Nelson A. Babcock, Joseph Lamieux, Harlan P. Bird, John 
E, Miller, Geo. Bottkol, Edward Nieland, Joseph Mercier, [Adelbert A. 
SpalTord, Louis Rouse, Daniel McKenzie, John McCarty]. 

Menominee City, Third Ward, — Louis \'anskyhawk, Jolm T. Boucher, 
Frank Moercheii, Owen P. Duffy, Alonzo Dunning, Geo. F. Peaks, Caulia 
C. Elliott. Chas. Vincent, Geo. Doty, Geo. Corbin, Chaa. Sehrier, Robt. P. 
House, Allen B. Bedell, Sylvester C. King, Nicholas Hamm, [Frank 
Griffen, Jacob Leisen, Patrick Ludding, Peter Badamy, Martin Hayes]. 

Menominee City, Fourth Ward.— .Tames K. Pangbom, Alex. B. Wells, 
Wra, N, Goodrich, Daniel B. Grant, Wm. White, Wm, Armstrong, 
Thomas Breen, Geo, Powells, Cornelius T. Emmes, S. Beaudry, Louie 
Forcier, Louie Bruette, [A. Whitehorn, S. A, Beman, Danie! E. Kowe], 

Menominee City, Fifth Ward, — Louis Hardwick, John Kagnetosh, Reu- 
ben Tradewell, Daniel McDonald. J. G. Moreau, Daniel Naaon, David 
Kaguetosb, Henry Lavine, Frank I^Plante, Fred Myers, Geo. A 
Tweedie, Mathlas Wolff, [Isaac Pishon, Peter Rock]. 

Menominee City, Sixth Ward. — Gust Laret. Stafford Oatman, John Des- 
enaf. Robt. Scofield, G. N. Taylor, D. A. Gibson, Henry Bangennan, 
Chas. Aebermnn, E. W. Lucia, Wm. Curtis. Adolphus Page. 

Menominee City, Seventh Ward. — Moses Lamereaux, James A. Steven 
son, Edwin R. Martin, Joseph F. Hill, Jamea A, Crozier, Claude E^ 
Ludwig. Beverly Shields. Chas. E. Jenkins. 



lenrille Township. — Ralph Dunton, Chas. J. Ennis, Calvin Riob, John 

^Orandon, Geo. Wells, Walter P. Jones, John Mahany, John Verity, 
Lewis D. Crosby, Thomas L. Burt, John Swanton, Edwin N. Burton, 
Israel Shaw, Leland H. Gregory, Marshall Smith, Andrew J. Sbepard, 
Cbas. W. Loomis, [Wm. Laudpbird]. 

Geneva Township. — Frederick Rose, Harrison Sampson, John McFar- 
land, James Long, Benj. C. Jnne, Add. Rogers, Paddock Etihue, Royce 
L. I'fasall, Chas. H, Hpencer, Elijah Sands, Henry Oshorn, Edward N. 
Carky, Peter Parker, Silas H. Catlin, John Burnham, Wm. H. H. Smith, 
Isaac Peild, [Jos, Morrison], 
•Greendale Township. — Truman G, Glbbs, Henry L, Voorheee, Walter 
Briggs, Abram Brokaw, Joseph Martin, Patrick Moran, 

Homer Township. — -Toel A. Brewer, A. L. Bellinger, Wm. Preston, Archi- 
bald W. Stewart, Moses Unger, Wm. H- Lowell, Andrew M. Allen, Syl- 
vanua Borch, Louis H. Wesson, Geo. Mountain, Phineaa Swift, Geo. 
Freeland, James Rivers. Gustavus Stevenson, Levi Fulmer, James Car- 
roll, Ixirin Lambert, Jacob Coon, Geo. Prato, 

Hope Township. — David L. West, John P. Raymond, Wm. J, Mason, John 
Lewis Quain, David M. Wilcoi, Albert N. Williams, Washington Uo- 
Millen, James W. Eaton, Cyrus Knowlton, Wro, H. Rosebaum, Wm, El- 
more, John W. Partridge, Wm. W. Williams, Albert Warner, Wm. 
Chambers, [Ashel Ducher, Alex. Raymond], 

Ingersoll Township.— James A. Chamberlin, Wm. S. Warner, Uriah 
Fritta, Edwin Goodspeed, Geo, Moore, Thomas C. Fisher, Joseph Lee, 
Cbas. Crampton, Sylvester Boyce, Edward Putnam, .John P. Casey, 
Samuel D. Bhaffner. Bradley Osborne, James Francisco, Walter A. Fin- 
ny, Joseph J. Winslow, John T. Leonard, James C. McAdams, Decatur 
A. Hare, Frederick W. Farr, Chas. Town, Chauncy W. Annible, Benj. 
Magoon, Geo. Winegardner, Edward Bliss, Horace Fales, Geo. Hanks, 
Cbas. M. Parmalee, Alanson Marcey, James O. Robinson, John R. 

Jasper Township. — Robt. C, Martin, Geo. Roberson, Eli Whitmore, David 
Stevenson, Orlin D. Richmond. Stephen Tanner. Gilbert L. Goodyear, 
Joho Brook, Calvin Herrington, Wm. T. Depue, N. S. Baldwin, Alonzo 
Converse, Geo. W. Morse, Morgan Farr, John Raymond, Simon Lettick, 
James W. Fuller, Alex. Ervin, Sylvester Vibber. 

Jerome Township. — Frank Leflame, Augustine Bishop, Amos Shirts, 
Hiram Thornton, John M. Howe, Warren Winters, John Bartenbacker, 
Joseph L. Campbell, John Linsley, Edward Randall, Chas. Carpenter, 
John W. Brooks, James Stone, Lewis J. Utter, Edward Francis, [Joel 
Thurber, Chas. H. Jeffers, Norton W, Ellsworth, Geo. Sharlow. Jno. 

Larkin Township. — Roswell B. Gatham, Christopher Born, Chas. A. Kin- 
Dey, James Quigley, Edward Huntley, Henry B. Cleveland, L. Shauger, 
[Peter Dornn]. 

Lee Township. — Geo. W. England. James Xaus, A. J. Davis. John A. 
Uallury. Able Brightman, [Miles Flower], 






Lincoln TowoBbip. — Geo. Allswede, John F. Brigga, Daniel Stratton, 
Leonard Pawling, Eobt. Clark, Albert K. Light, L. W. Goemej, Thomai 
L. Darling, Patrick Morris, Ijewia Ciark, [Jas. Hall.] 

Midland Township.— Thomas Blake, A. J. Fosdick, J. T. Barrett, John 
Swartout, Joseph C. Stafford, J. N. Brimmer, Chas. Habbell, Jamei 
Giluian. Hiram Reffner, Geo. W. Frost, Wm. Morgan, John H. lotte, 8. 

D. Stevenson, Peter L. Tremper, Joseph McGill, W. W. Allen, Charlea 
Randall, Wm. J. Letts, Casper Dohra, S. W. Murphy, Evens Cole, Sim- 
eon Kent, Cornelias Howard, Andrew J. Bate--), Wru. Simmons, Geo. A, 
Conwaj, John M. Hall, Wm. E. Famham, B. E. Stockwell, Wm. New- 
berj, Frederick Barth. James B. Bartlen, Gamer Aldrich, Paul Lingl^ 
Erza Inman, Chas. Count, Henry Arutz, James Carity, Ethan T^t 
Cbas. Martindale, James Wait, Henry Erway, [Frank Bentley, Jami 

E. Bnrtless]. 
Mt. Haylcy Township.— Octave Denoniie, John Kaue, Elijah 

speed, Oliver Rose, Adolpb Limose, Walter Kellogg. 

Porter Townstiip. — Geo, Keefer, Geo, J, Corwin, John V. Parsons, Geo. 
Castello. Mosea Hackett, Geo. Kime, Benj. Tanner, Wm. Dosson, Lor- 
enzo Finch, John Deeter. Dudley Dorr, Andrew Van Epps, Samael Mo- 
Niel, Pranl{ Sandy, Merritt White, Deioa Cunningham, Jacob 8. Rich* 
arde, Chas. Hojt, Ryan Robison, Michael Ryan, Chas. Green. 

Warren Township. — Geo. Gillett, John 1. Howard, Wm. H. Howe, Hiram 
Braley, Henry Boyce, John B. Evens, Abram Van Valtenburg, Abra- 
ham Clapper, Ira Ward, [M. J. Tanner, Wm. Foster]. 

Village of Coleman. — Samuel 6. Tower, David P. Corey, Nathan N. Smith, 
Adam Benadum, Judson Coon, David A. Curtis, John Post, Wm. H. 
Saxton, Harvey S. Duell, Seth Bowdish, Wm. Ingler, Leonard RobiBon, 
James Maaon,.John J. Bailey, Wm. J. Tower, Elias Yager, W. S, Stone, 
Josiah W. Smith, Theo. Williams, Harry Elliott, John Hanea, Frank 
Nelson, Edwin J. Spring, Riley Webster, James Stultz, 0. C. Robins, 
Lorren A. Harrison. Geo. Hartshorn, Gould H. Perry, John Tumejr, 
[ Wm. Cooper, Jonathan Pierce. Wm. Wilson. Wm. Milea] . 

Midland City, First Ward. — Wm. L. Stearns, Daniel Weed. John H. Cur- 
tis, Truman Aldrich, Edmund W. Short, Thomas C. Pond, Thomas 
BMurier, Henrv White, Thomaa Sherman, Mvron Howard, Z. 8. God- 
fry, Benj. F. Freeland, Henry F. Hall, C. Franklin Smith, Benj. Carter, 
James Hughes, Taylor Brown, Chas. Gunn, Chas. Foumie, James Hen- 
derson, Wm. Strong, Eldridge Gotham, Austin Swayze. John 8. Smith, 
Michael Hance, Washington Dutcher. 

Midland City, Second Ward. — John W. Snell, James Eils, Allen Coon, 
Alfred See, Henry Brink, Francis E. Buttars, James V. Loanabary, Al- 
ton P. Beardsley, Oscar Gotham, Chas. Thoma, Henry D. Northway, 
Edward Corseliua, True Hart. Justuf Gark. Milea Munger, Frank 
Elliott, John Hanrahan, Perley Ervans, Wm. Davidson, Hiram Hamil- 
ton, Hubert Barber, Thomas J. Secor, Wm. Rogers, Horace Ellawortb, 
Edwin Withiam. John Kelty, Robt. Stebbina. Harvey Lyon, Geo. O. 
Rockwell, Brock Holden, Elias D. Davis, [John Conklinj. 

Midland City, Third W^ard. — Lewis L. Eastman, Thomas B. Main, Mal- 
colm Dunning, Chas. Beckwith. Heni-y Munsell. Henry Hollihan, R J. 
Waldron, Peter Letts, Chas. L. Jenny, Richard Richardson, Wm. 
Kingsland, Wm. A. Greenleaf, Daniel H. Coon, Thomas Gardner, Je^ 

Faf t. 




e W. Blackman, M. P. Anderson, Geo. Richarsoa, Dayton PatterBOn, 
' James Boot, Thomas Shaw, Wm. Wilson, Henry Lewis, €bae. A. Har- 
per, Chas. B. Hollinghead, Wm. Patterson, ■John Lover, Stephen Hill, 
[Israel Richardson]. 
Midland City, Fourth Ward. — Wilhelm Asmas, James Phettiplace, Oynis 
F. Coon, Parley H. Smith, Alexis Makom, Ceo. Hall, [William Gillman, 
Peter Campbell]. 


._ a Township.^Michael Whalen, Wm. J. Barnev, Dewitt C. Church, 

Ketli B. St. John. 
Bloomfleld Township. — A. M. Hodges, Martin Babcook, Eli Falkinbupgh, 

Milton H. Moore. 
Caldwell Township. — Sabine Porter, Jacob Snyder, Russell Wbitlook, 

Francis A. Swan, Joseph Has'den, Eugene Tibbitts. Isaac Lamphear, 

John H. Hall, James Dyer, John Seeley. 
Clam nnion Township.^ Roelf Veen. 
Forest Township. — Wm. H. Miller, Jolin Lonnsbury, Geo. W. Cook, H. A. 

Corwin, E. Johnson, James McGinnes, James Byroads, Kobt. Van 

Lake Township. — Joseph Harper, James McConnell, Van H. OlmBted, 

Robt. Buddy, Joshua J, Trickey, Alfred Brundage, Chas. Waltz, Alvin 

C, Finn, Michael Enright, Lewis Slater, James Hangleton. 
Norwich Township. — Wra. G. Bigelow, Francis M. Belknap, Jamee G. 

Tuttle, Rue. P. Lamb, Joseph Burroughs. Geo. 8omers, Walter W, 

Gorthey, Louis J. Baebenroth, Benj. F. Roosa, Hiram Bunce, Wm. H, 

Sutherland, Geo. Green, Calvin H. French. 
Pioneer Township. — Hiram S, Lamb. CUas. Johnson. Seneca H. Gluuee, 

Isaac J. Letts, Wm. Bartholomew, Alanson Sackett, Harvey Bartholo- 
mew, Marion D. Richardson, Joseph E. King. 
Reeder Township. — Samuel .\. Gray, James Proctor, Geo. W. Hall, ArooB 

Garter, John Gummings, Wm. Hayes. Michael Decker. Joseph E. Roas, 

Alfred Hardy, Henry H. Long. 
Village of Lake City — John E. Ransom, Delos Spencer, Hugh Tamey, 

Thomas O'Grady, Chas. H. Davis. James Allen, Richard Shultz, Samuel 

McCbesney, T*vi Klinginsmith, Arlington C. Lewis, Wavne E. Morrii, 

Geo. Hart, Paul Smith. 
Richland Township. — Haas Franklin. Wm. R. Lajip, ('has Reod. Geo. P. 

Wilson, Daniel McDowell, iVmmers H. Rounds, -Tames Callenfels, Geo. 
John Sinnotl. 

_ 'eraide Township. — Dennis Cotter, John Cowen, Jepthah Stewart, 

Simeon E. Martin. Leaader B. Treadwell, Chalkly McCann, David Tate, 

Jonas L. Pearf, Wilson S. Marks, John Ryan, John Kline, S. F. Tbomae, 

Daniel P. Ferenbaugh, Lafayette Cbnrtef. John Bnwen. K. C. Smith. 

Ensley Gray, Isaac Duncan, John Braggins. 
West Branch Township. — Benj. Frasier, Chas. A. Miller. Chas. A. Gerard, 
""phauncy Brace, Wm. Gerard. Cornelius W. Hall. 


^^" .TnnflR Tj. 



Ash Township. — Russell JohnsoQ, Wm. Laura, Samuel Brown, John 
Trosell, Edwin Baker, Han'ey B. Perkins, Chester Clark, Henry Baker, 
Orman Reynolds, Bernard Parish, Samuel Lautenschlager, Alfred Ido- 
Oollom, Joljn P. Wallace, Edwurd Warner. Horace Graves, Silas Gar- 
retson, Oscar Newcomb, Chas. Kentz, Peter Bransliaw, Hulbert Spicer, 
Uicliae] Eckhoff, John Discher, Francis Hawley, Wm. Watson, Joseph 
Bale, Eugene Gesley, John Neid, John Baker, Warren Bamum, Enoch 
F. Langs, Leander Greenwood, Solomon Baker, Marcus L. Baker, John 
Parish, Martin Stiner, Wm. Southwick, Joseph B. Crane, Joseph L. 
Sherman, Peter Catcher, Levi Clark, Robert Woodward, Cyrine Haf*^ 
away, Walter Viles, Joseph Branabaw, Wesley Maxwell, Joei 

Bedford Township.— Ruf us Spotts, Chas. Steffan, Philander Carr, Wl 
Haywood, Henry C. Grant, Benj. P. Harrington, John Shettleroe, Geo. 
Spalding, Stephen Rabideau, Raymond DeShetler, Jacob Hartz, Casper 
Capaul, T. F. Fenstermaker, Jacob L. Slick, Edward Keller, Aaron Van 
Wormer, John Griner, Robt. E, Ivewis, Clovis Bookey, Julius Roe, Bur- 
ton Pettit, Asa F. Osborne, Albert Legg, Edward Farrell, Henry Mar- 
tin Slick, Addison Richardson, Wilson 8. Crumb, Sorrel Petee, Ephraim 
Ranch, Benj. Frost, Elon G. Hungerford, Nelson Salter, John A. Butler, 
Wm. S. Holt, Joseph Blair, Rosel Weaver, Geo. Whitmill, Porter T. 
Southworth, F. E. Todd, Henry Boice, Jasper N. Smith, Nathaniel Ben- 
ton, Obed Smith, Levi Drigget, Jackson Charter, D. Webster Thorn, 
Phllando Pomery, A. J. Rhepard, Jacob Rose, Geo, W. Lewis, Archi- 
bald Binnie, David Duseau, John C. Hall, Wm. H. DeLaughter. 

Berlin Township. — Eli Lamerand, Edwin M, Crook, Daniel Lamerand, 
John Jackson, Reuben Bachman, Sam. Pupore, Sr., Benj. Guire, Honice 
Aseltyne, Geo. Sheppe, Wm. Black, Benj. Bulger, Joseph Boudenmiller, 

' John Sigler. Jacob M. Van Riper, Nathan Holmes, Isaiah Soleau, Moses 
Sancraint, Timothy Creedon, Henry Brancheau, Geo. Buhl, Charles 
Harris, [Athn Egan, Jos. Barrow, Moses Dubey, James Hamilton, 
David Larabell, Enos Smith], 

Dundee Township.— G. M. Packard, Orrin Rankin, R. Prayer, Martin 
Taffln, Michael Leib, Joseph Totten, Chas. Bunkleman, James F, CiscO) 
K. P. IngersoU, Isaac Morse, John T. Vanderventer, Chas, Johnson, Nel- 
son, J. Carney, Levi Bowman, Philamou Brewer, Erij Fiillf-r, Richiird 
Taffln, Henry Vandercook, Jamea Oustero'ut, John Judit, John Q. Spald- 
ing, Chauncy Saxton, Ferdinand Vanpelt, John E. Smith, James T. 
Chase, Henry Burroitz, Simon Knobles, Lutkeric Kreiman, Harrison 
Veits, Christian Shultz, Justus P. Wilkerson, Warren B. Lafler, James 
8. Zeluff, Geo. Irish. A.J. Swinerton. Cornelius Smith. Frjini-ip H, 
Miller, Peter Charland, Marshall Warner, Ebenezer Sla.yton, Josi-iih 
Miller, Geo. Francisco. Leonard Frost, Harvey P. Morse, Thomas Soles, 
Louis Gardner, Ward Chapman, Isaac Lloyd, Joseph Brown, E. W. 
Rogers, Ira Weatherby, Sylvester Mills, .\belbert Lane, Geo. Merrilt, 
Thomas Dnmphrey. Sylvenue Soles. John Owen, Francis Fox. Walir?r 
Mason, Normand G, Pomeroy, John Rod, Bryce Hughes, J. B. Gallowayi 
Thomas Barr, J. B, Squires, C. C. Stebbins, Sumner Harthorn, Heng 

1 li 


BukiB, Pblaster Pherdon, Albert Eatoo, Geo. Case^, John Collins, 
ella Marels, John Wilson, J. S. Collins. Enos Austin. 

Village of Dundee. — Abraham Johnson, Theo. W. Harlow, Wm. Drew, 
your, Valours Ford, Hartwell W, Smith, Warreu B. Peck, Geo. H. 
Mugg, Addison Siiydcr, James P. Sparks, Miles B. Johusou. Jacob W'il- 
cox, Ramus B. Davis, Erastus A. Amej, Truman B. Gee, James Owens, 
Edward Harwood, Nathaniel Newell, Vernon D. Foster, Milton W. Da^ 
row, Joseph S. Dickerson, Christian Byer, Joseph Hilton, Alfred Hunt, 
Madison V. Pox, Anthony A. Glean, Horace Pulver, Wm. F. Latler, 
Tonis VanZant, Benj. W. t^mitb, Elbert Pickett, James Jackson, Ebin 
Lockwood, Chas. M. Dustin, Warren Dutton, Oliver Libbie, Wesley 
Lewis, James Vanness, C, H. McBride, W. J. Newberry, Daniel Smith, 
Lorenzo Rogers, Wm. Cowell, Henry Spaulding, W. H, Parmenter, 
Joseph Dniton, S. M. Heath, Henry Ball, G. W. Hurd, L. L. Flint, Wm. 
Miller, Norton P. Spalding, Rawson Steven. Nelson Dutton, J, B. 
Haynes, Edmund Miirger, Henry A. Stewart, Nelson Curtise, Wm. H. 
Pnlver, D. C. Howe, J. P. Rankin, L. B. Smith, J. D. Bingham, J. H. 
Spalding, J. C. Drew, B. F. Hendrick, Edwin Bristol, C. F. E. Long, H. 
T. Roach, Fred Lapstaff, James Casady, John Dnnmore, E. P. Gee, G. 
W. Jackson, Peter Clark, Chas. Brown, Peter H, Babcock, Jason Gee, 
Alonzo Winchell, John Pocklington. 

Erie Township. — Philip LaJiness, Joseph 8, Lewis, David Cluckey, Joseph 
Getner, Francis B. Reau, Edward Robideau, Noah L. Dreinor, Cyrial 
Mettey, W, W. Foster, Henry Bourdeau. Israel Walter, James ChalTpy, 
AngUBtne Fette, Geo. Curson, Ezekial Barron, Isadora Ballalr, E. W. 
Hilton, Joseph A. Remele, Samuel Manard, David Boyse, Taylor Teall, 
H^iry Nisewenter, [Eli Jacob, Abraham Bunno, John Kline. Josepti 
Drew, K. K. Harrason, Francis C. Lavoy. Christian Holster, TJpton Mo- 
Olaln, Alexis Duval]. 

Exeter Township. — Henry Gillett, Bennett Mettler, Daniel Knaggs, R. C. 
Herkimer, Daniel Hoffman, Geo. W. Pruden, Lewis Richards, Moses 
Dubry, Frank Trombly, Henry Schock, Henry Wright, Owen McMauns, 
John Hoffman, Chas. Bordine, Michael Conlisk, Barnard Lucke, George 
Finzel. Joseph Walters, Morris O'Connel, Wm. Fiilcher. Wm. Jibb, 
Wm. Nevins, Wm. Labo, A, Bonina, Philip Miller, Wm. Livermau. Br., 
Henry Moses, Jacob Hammer, Jonas Wheeler, Colnmbus Dnrbin, Silas 
CarmeD, Joel Williams, James Wilson, Peter Batway, Thomas Arnold, 
Geo. Carpenter. Frederick Ballen, Thomas O'Donnell, James Horen, 
James Calf, Geo, Post, H. Johnson, Jefferson Duchane, Joseph Boodry, 
Wm. Stewart, Frederick Bernore. 

Frenchtown Township. — Wm, Barkley, Simon Miller, Adam Michael. Ed- 
ward Overmeyer. Julius Navarre, John Peltier, Joseph Anteaii, S. B. 
Hippard, Baxter Johnson, Christian Spnnn, Meric Gould. Chas, Mally, 
Alden Bice, Peter Sype, Rollin Webb, Philip Labeau, Columbus San- 
crant, Joseph Zimmerman, Safrien Ruff, Daniel Herr, John Keiner, P. 
Petts, Henry R. Austin, Daniel Campbell, Peter Jondron, Isadore Duro- 
Cher, Martin Lanpton, Wm. E. Rise, Godfried Yoas (?), Frank Solean, 
Christopher Albett, Tjonis SchultK. Henry Shovar, Joaexih Labi-;m. 

Ida Township.— Chas. Albright, Ernest Soldwich, Adin Hill, Edward 
Deighan. Joseph Kieffer, Herman Sims, Lonenzo D. Darrow. Jarob 
Wagner, Andrew J, Teal, Chas. Berg, Daniel R. Bolton, David Yarger, 


Philip Eshenrader, Clias. Coinell, Geo. W, Waitz, JnliL Algei- 
Bradlej Richardson, Michael Slump, Samuel McFetridge, CbriHto]^ 
Hauserman, Peter Hemenover, JiiUK'ti MrKsiy, Wni. V. Shaffer. Wm. 
Miller, Nelson Davis, Edwin Moses, Alfred C. Bates, Wm. Kleopple, 
BimeoD VanaJvin. 

LaBallc Township. — Peter Ranch, Dominic Dniillard, Dominic Shetteroe, 
Leander Druillard, Geo. Winnes, Louis Pierce, Philip Mareh. John Rot- 
terdam, John G. Lasaey. Oliver J, Harris, kelson Fiak, Alex. Rassean, 
Joseph Walters, James Crt^po, Thomas Kelly, Asahel Hamlin, Panl 

London Township, — Richard Ingraham, Wm, H, Swick, Burton H. Snell, 
Wm. Hearl, Arthur T. Strickland, Hiram Fisk, Wm. Moyer. Green B, 
Rush, John Bommiller, Abram O. Masten, Horatio H. Smith, John J. 
Devee, Jr., Daniel B. Shipman. John Oavanaugb, James S. Miller, Jae. 
C. Critchett, Frank Brandt, Michael Gramlich, Albert Liedel, Henry 
Lohr, Reluhard Liedel, Milton W. Snell. Chester Daniels, Robt. Royal. 
Isaac Wilson, O. C. Lamkin, G. A. Scott, Richard H. Millage, Horace N. 
Allison, J. J. Baker, Levi E. White, Reuben Sanford, Elijah M. Lamkin, 
Louis Beverly. J. A. Blackmer, Edward C Green, Jacob Payne, ChaB. 
W. T-eale, Chaa. Fomia, Louis Cheeaman, Geo. 0. Haight, Sylvester 
Croiiae, H. H. Herkimer. John Beverly, [Abraham Millage]. 

Milan Township. — Theodore Jacoba, John G. Sherman, John Potter, Ell 
H. Einear, Joseph Bliea, Alonzo V. Draper, Frank Vanschoik, Andrew 
Becker, Amoa Lamkin, Jacob T. Hafford, Fred Burnham, Thomas Fol- 
cher. Nathan Austin, Alonzo Hitchcock, Orson Austin, Henry Smith, 
John Bruckner, John E. Hobba, John Nixon, John Smith, James Mc- 
Mannea, Nelson Taylor, Wm, Woodward, James Galloway, Silas W. 
Leet, Harry W. Wilcox, Martin Denniaon, Homer I. Sherwood, Benj. 
W. Ellis, Samuel Sample, Benj, Caswell, Willett Ellia, David C. Spears. 
Geo. Critchett, Fred Wendham, Wm. Bond, Andrew Shaler, Minor 
Engle, John Randall, Robt. Johnson, Wm. C. Reeves, Geo. D. Austin, 
Geo. Johnson, Carloa Allen, Orson Sanders, John Miller, Selah G. 
Southwick. Jamea D. Teirney, Nelson D. Beard. Wm. H. Tirrell. Syl 
Tester Stebbins, Daniel McFall, Chas. Crittenden, Francis W. Buck, 
Reuben Howard, Wm. Collins, Myron Lloyd, Thomas J. Auten, Alonzo 
Alston, J. S. Knowlea, Paden Marshall. Thomas C'lswell, Jehial Auten. 
M, L, Winters. 

Village of Milan.— DeWitt C, Slever. Richard W, Johnson. Frank W. 
Btevena, Elbert W. Drury. Morris Vincent, L. Barnea. Hiram Jacoba, 
John Pool, Chas. W, Davis, Jolin McNabh, Ira F. Bortles, Daniel Case, 
rriah Stoffev, John M. Steidle, Chas. W. Pulton. G. W. Pence 

Monroe Township.— Alexander T. Navarre. Jan. Cully, John l^eltier. J) 
than Stillwell, Amos Boyer, Isaac Duby. Anthony Poupard, Eii| 

Raisinvilte Township, — Wm. Lamkin, Joseph W. Morris, Louis Godfrey, 
John Faulhaver, Chas. Jackaon, -John Mclntyre, Stores McAldowney, 
John Goetz, Christopher Rapps. Frank Jackson. Wm. H. Gibson. John 
Dickinson. Lewis Ruacher, A. F. Jourdian, Eli Hausberger. Frederick 
Knapp, Hiram C. Jones, John C. Smutz, Wm. Brightbill, Alex. Bnr 
deaux, Lewia W. Bond, Chriatopher Miller. Barnard Bartlett, Wj 




^Raachie, James C. Reeves, Justus Sorter, Stephen V. Teal, Henry 
^Tloses, John F. Dusing, John Aibig, John Kemerling. 
Samnier&eld Township.— Jay Towner, Daniel Bolster, Lewis W. Pierce, 
Nicholas Gregory, Jacob M. Byhei-s, Daniel Delants, Isaac Fauoce, 
^^horber Breningstall, Daniel Clock, Jacob Collins, Dewitt D. McQia- 
Bbes, David S. Hull, Chas. G. Bacon, John W. Filmore, Justus Bolster, 
^Vrank Bates, Hamilton Payton, Wallace Johnson, Thomas Petty, 
^^Braest Cook, Elihue \VadBworth, PL'ter Burdenean, Adam Crist, Wil- 
^Der Greenfield, Wm. Carrick, Moses Upell, Isadore Roberts, Albert 
C. Johnson, James Lloyd, Wm. Brackett, Silas Hunter, James Dusaeau, 
Louis Plumadore, Pascal Roe, Eli MeCarty, Louis K. Trombly, James 
E. French, [Bcnj. F. Bates, Chas. Breningstall, James Gifford, Wm. P. 
Souder, M. McCrackin, C. Fairbanks, Tlieo. Miller, Martin Brockway, 
Cbas. Hurst]. 
Village of Petersburg. — David A. Curtis, Kescom R. Kirby, Samuel h, 
Jones, Josiah M. Elder. Heury Lutz. Wm. Bentschueider. Geo. C. 
Bayer, Frank Felbe!, Wilson Vreeland, Daniel Fisher, Jr., Job Brown, 
Benj, Pickens, Ferdinand Reinheart, Michael G. Tyler, Geo. Bennett, 
John H. Dunbar. Nazareth Faqnette, Charles Brenington, Hosea Rog- 
ers, Isaac P. Mears, Ira D. Boardman, Corydan Reynolds, Jacob Friedt, 
Geo. I. Gore, Horace Breningstall, Mortimer Burton, Morgan Bren- 
ingstall. Abram Breningstall, Nelson H. Counterman. Benj. H. Thayer, 
Jacob W. McCarty, (Wm. Carrick, Geo. S. Firrette, Calvin Palmer]. 
Whiteford Township. — Lewis Ostrander, Fowler McDowell, MarouB 
Crapo, Ezra Daniels, Henry Lamb, John Bidle, Nathan Murphy, Irvine 
Barker, Nathan Carpenter, Samuel Beck, Silas Clary, Francis Little, 
Harrison Williams. David Dolby, Elmer Clark, John Jeffs, Arthur 
Hotchkiss, Louis Perry, Prank Burnham, Sr., Smith Griffin, Frank 
Nobles, Frederick Jacobs, Orris F. Tubbs, Charles Craig, Peter Breid- 
ling, Charles Tabbott, Harmon Murphy, Ara Bordeaux, Albert 
Wheeler. Arthur Emerson, Samuel McMeekins, Luther Roberts, 
Mathew Elk, Geo. Powsland, .\lvin Halloway, Wm. McCluskey, Emery 
Sawyer, Cbarles Bemis, Marcus Hadley, Alfred Tucker, Judson Tyrel, 
Jared Ward. [Edward Montgomery]. 
Monroe City, First Ward.— Frank Roberts, James H. Burds, John Sedel- 
baur, Frederick Grotb, Richard D. Wende, Marvin Albright, Geo, 
Kirschner, Herman Meisner, Adolph Rapp, Geo. Rapp, Adam Lehr, 
Wm. Brown. Leonard Mitchell, Joseph Wickliff. Philip W. Godfrey, 
Leander Wade. Job C. Eaton, Andrew Mitchell, Wm. Giehrke, Tbeo. 
Kirchmaier, G. Fleischmann, Frank J. Cane, Gilbert Manore, Sr., 
Aaron Bromley. Jason P. Root. 
Monroe City. Second Ward. — Geo. Spalding. Constant Luce, Jacob Col- 
Inm, Geo. Blodgett, Wilburn Sherman, Fred Miller, Wm, Haigbt, Ira 
Grosvenor, Charles Peck, Arthur Wilcox, James Hubble. 
Monroe City, Third Ward.— Sherman R. Haskill, Philip Fountain, Bt. 
Clair Durocher. Louis Arponteny, James Duval, Octave Jarvis, Adol- 
phus, Charles F. Gruner. Fred J. Wagner. Louis J. Town- 
send, Frank B. Nelson, James M. Thompson. Joseph Duval, Alonzo 
Bowen, Wm. Hagens, Geo. Haag, Leonard Schaefer, Wm. Eronbacb, 
Fred Godfrey, Wro. Carpenter, Lambert Pousha, Moses Cooley, Burr 
~ ii 




Clark. Andrew Gujor, Levi Wagner, Win. W. Tbompaon, Geo. ; 
Egbert Webb, Cbarles B. Wheeler, John F. Beck, Charles 
Frank Shinevare, Perry A. Warthen, Cyril Lazette, Thomas Arponteny, 
John B. Robert. Cornelius McDermott. 
Monroe City, Fourth Wai-d. — Joseph Huber, Isaiah Wilson, H. Lee Stod- 
dard, Fred A. Boyer. John K, Wilder, Wm. C. Brown, F. A. Nima, 
Peter Spataller, Wm. H. Bissell, Peter Dumont, Samuel Murphy, Geo. 
M. Landon, BeuBelaer Fuller, Frank D. Soleau, J. Frank Benrider, 
James I. Roberts, Burton Parker, Sylvauue S. Curtis. ^_ 


Belvidere Township. — Martin Gray, Darid Perkins, Lemuel Reed, Joho 
Vannorthwick, W'm. Wakely, Isaac Underwood, Charles G. Washburn, 
BoBwell Fleck, Harmon Cole, Riley Dean, Aaron Kolben, James S. Sim- 
mons, John Duhioy (?), Erastua Wall, Wm. Crandall, James D, Dunn. 
Benj. Parker, Geo. Kellaey, James Rogers, Charles Hunt, John Richard- 
son. Jefferson Reed,E. Plumb. Walter S. Merritt. Albert Smith, Stephen 
A. Cole, John Corey, Judson Pond, Chas Delaney, Wm. Burnes, Thomas 
P. Headley, John Fonts, Aaron Grosh. 

Bloomer Township,— Seymour S. White, Irvin McCall, Albert Thompson, 
Stephen W. Perry, James White, Debricks Miller, Thomas D. Darts, 
Daniel Argersinger, Abraham S. De Hart, Peter Huffman, Calvin 
Buckley, Samuel Lett, Albert A. Richardson, Jerome Heliker, Bicbard 
Bogart, Charles R. Dickinson, Thomas Mclntyre, Newton E. Blackmer, 
Charles Cross, Abner A. Bellinger, Henry Loucks, Alfred H. Baldwin, 
Edward Ralph, Thomas H. Coles, Robt. Helrker. Robt. S. Stewart, Wm. 
W. St. Clair. Norman L. Otis, John W. Howarth, Noah Rich, Uriah 
Miner, Wm, H. McCracken, Sylvester A. Stone, .\lfred R. laham, 
Stei>hen Hall, Alvero Curtis, Wm. Cottrell, [Norman L. Lockwood, Al- 
meron Knapp. Jamee M. Evans, John H. Savige]. 

Village of Carson City.— Wm. C. Smith, Edwin K. Ellis. Wm. D. Vroo- 
man, Thomas Bennett, Seville W. Northnip, John W. TapHn, Oliver 
C. Blanchard, Vinal B. Luce, Geo. R. Gibbs, Charles E. Combs, James 
H. Maxwell, Jacob Souders, Lorenzo M. Lyons, Cyrus W. Churchill, 
Fletcher Reasoner, Geo. W. Cowles, Patrick Martin, Jonas K. Ackley. 
John W. Hallett. Wm. C. Hubbard, Edw. C. Cummings. B. Frank 
Sweet, Jared W. Davis, Darius E. Dean, Cebra Leonard, John A. 
White, Martin V. Moore, Samuel J, Smith, Nathan S. Spooner. John 
Kipp. David Phillips, Erastus M. Howell, Jerome B. Hawes, Geo. M. 
Loomia, Delbert Meloy, Chester C. Dennis. Geo. H. Cagwin. David 
Kelley, Geo, Knickerbocker, Joseph A. Wolf, Geo. M. Thomas, Emmett 
H. Brower, Wm. Ediin, Francis A. Rockafellow, Alpheua W. Jobneon, 
Harvey E. Barden, Henry J. Hire, Lemuel W. .Mien, James F. Fill 
more, Alvin G. Campbell, Calvin C. Johnson, Reuben Place, Charles W 
Owen, Hiram Turrill, Caleb Wench, Ensign Long, Geo. W. Akins, Wm 
A. Sweet, Jr., [Wm. W. Ferris]. 

Bushnell Township. — Henry H. Amtz, Mathew Callaian, Henry Low, 
Daniel Fero, Aaron Esaej. Tobias Reume. Daniel Jason, Schnylar Wet 
more, Geo. Sboop, John F. Hiberly, Stephen G. Wheaton, Dewitt ~ 




^Hnter, Wni. O. lie Hart, Egbert Conklin, Jwl If. .Millc Fiauklin Leet, 
^TuJBeph Hanchett, J, S. Fifleld, Austin Gallup, D. Pood, Asa Sinclair, 
John Wm. Lnnn, Robt. W. Hoy, Wm. J. Hall, Ab. Rauch, Win. H. Ben- 
nett, Lorenzo Allen, Jiime» Ila.vBnier, Wm. H. Devine, Robt. Sauber- 
lich, Solomou S. Sherwood, Chas. W. Xorth, I. M. Hendricks, Levi Tift, 
Henry H. Webster, Wm. F. Bennett, Geo. B, Tyler, J. 8. AoU, Joseph 
Bacon, John Kimball, C. D, Lonn, Wm, Lochwood, Wm. M, Youngs, 
Edgar Wnldron, Martin Hayee, Bamett Hopkins, Edward Allchin, 
Nathan S. Wood, Wm. Greenboe, [Noah Bennett, George Brown, 
Stephen Haysmer, W. H. Comstock, C. D. Loren] 
Cato Township.— N. H. Losey, Jacob Eaeenger, S. O. Manly, Martin Fred- 
erickson, A. C. Ellsworth, Wm. Long, Wm. Snyder, Geo. Hollenbeek, 
Alfred Almy, David Hart, C. W. Rose, Rady Omara, Samuel Hart, 
Andrew Nellis, Drias Stout, Alonzo Kennedy, W. H. Kennedy, Hiram 
Cornell. Benj. Culey, James Bryant, Wm. Almy, Conrad Hereog, John 
Joslyn, John Prederickson, Lewis Ward, Eben Elllnwood, Elijah 
Greenfleld, Ezra Tower, [Albertus Wilcox, George Frederiekson, 
Albert Weeks, W. O. Bidelack, Francis Schnltz]. 
Village of Lakeview. — H. C. Thompson, D. J. Brown, Calvin S. Vining, 
H. G. Johnson, John Brimmer, Henry Beckler, John Seat, Leonard 
Kossman, Chas. Webster, R, P. Everett, M. Y. Gebhart, C. G. Dickin- 
son, Oliver Parmenter, 0, A. Adams, Geo. W. Perkins, G. C. Tousey, 
Walter Ward, John La Rue, A. T. Call, Geo, Reed, John Batler, Nathan 
Osborn, B. 8. Vest, Samuel Shoaff, Chas. A. Brink, O. A. Cory, Edwin 
Potter, J. J. Davidson, A. P. Fnrman, Nicholas O'Neal, Wm. Perry, 
B. F. Lovejoy, David Burris, Lewis Swartout, Asahel Rust, J, D, Gar- 
land, Augustus Wilcox, Wm. Tracy, A. R. Covey, Francis Thomas, 8] 
E. Furman, John Turk, O. E. Mitchell, Wm. Truman. Chas. Moon, Free- 
man Brown. 
Crystal Township. — Chas. E. York, Geo. C. I 'haiupliii, Wm, S, Tuck, 
Green L. Pingstan, Chas. Bwartout, Edward Lockai'd, John Wilson, 
John Drom, Homer Hart, Geo. Hart, Wm. G. Shennan, John J. Garri- 
son, Ralph Devereaux, Henry C. Clark, Thomas P. Hazzard, Gilbert 
Ingersoll, Geo. G. Brail, Lawson Isham, Nelson W. Millard, Martin 
. Kickland, Wm. H. Fry, DwigbtL, Spalding, James Beck, John Daven- 
port, David L. Barger. Emanuel Hissong, John W. Long, Wm. Rogers, 
Samuel Rhodes, Samuel Harman, John B. Strait, Geo. Fisher, John 
Groom, Jacob D. Struble, Alfred Fuller, Benson C, Bobbins, Thomaa 
N- Smith, Jonah Deremer, Harmou Cooper, Charles P. Williams, James 
McCrachen, Homer Terwittiger, James 8. Eldridge, Warren G. Gria- 
wold. Joseph 8. Carey, Daniel D. Kidder, Alex. B. Swam, John Bnrk, 
Simon Topper, Geo. W. Davison, Walter Mayes, Abram Vanhom, 
Thomas B. Wallace, Robt, McFarland, Gregory Blackriuk, Andrew J. 
Reader, Amos Shafer, John Shaw, James P. Robinson, Hiram Roup, 
John Yaner, W. John Thompson, Ezra Stewart, Benj. Shafer, Oaoar 
Sanders, Eli Mull, David Hively, Daniel M. Shelly, Elias Shafer. John 
Blgoumey, Milton A. Laacelle, E. Chaa. Rogers, Albert WUIiamB, 
Thomas Franklin, Hiram Race, [Daniel W, Shaw, Ira Stewart, Allison 
Mnnn, David Ekleberry, L. Burgess, Daniel Stmble]. 

S)wn8bip. — Levi Edson, Albert Buah, Amos B. Kinney, Wm. Wag- 
Wm. Ammon, James Alberts, Joseph A. Brooks, Jared Wrlgbt, 

188 CBNSDB OF MICHtGAN— JUNE 1. 189*. ^H 

Riley Kern, Heztkiab Lac.v, Eb. W. SimoDB, John Hatton, Joh4j| 
Fisher, Ciias H. Marvin. Allau W. Smitli, Ricbaid Esterling. Harry 
Timmons, Chas. K. Eggfeston. Jacob Stevens, Jacob Roth, Maliclii 
Bums, Aimer Kelly, David C. Reed, Francia M. Warnei-, Theo. Crapsjf, 
Chas. Smith, Geo. W. Pulsivei-, Mathew Greenhoe, Jamea K. Fred- 
erick, Alanson Eastman, Fletcher Lincoln, John Nelson. 

Village of McBride. — Roht. Forester, Lewis Perkins, Geo. N. Ball, Spaf- 
ford Brown, Norman Jones, Frank D, Hyde, Luther J. Bennett, tier- 
man F. Griswold, James Spatcb, Samuel Ward, Wm. L. Stanard, Geo. 
Carpenter, R, Greenmau, Wm. Valentine. Otis Lamuasion, Parkw 
Harrington, Frederick Neff. 

Douglass Township. — Myron Porter, Andrew J. Persons, Corut-liiis 
Humes, Darias P. Blood, Henry W. House, Seman G. Tompkinu, 
Albert L. Entrican, Geo. \V. Evans, John Wright, Daniel J. Shute, 
Arnold A. Wooley, Isaac H. Clymer, Geo. W. Parks, Joseph Chapln, 
Wm. T. Bond, David Packard, Geo. W. Entrican, Samuel Steele. Jolm 
Steele, Franklin C. Knapp, S. B. Cummings, Edwin Porter, John F. Siiv 
age, Eli Hunt, Wm. E. Taylor, James Sharkey, Wm. H. McClellaiKi, 
Joseph 8, Vaughn, Josiah Decker, Wm, H. Logan, Jamt-K Curk-i. 
Columbus D. Britton, Jerome Pintler, John M. Close, Elindsley \\ 
Murray, Timothy Scidmore, Prank Lester, Joseph Ellsworth, Wui. 
Kahler, Robt, H. Disbrow, Leveivtte Lee, Geo. Drake, Orrin Ingraii], 
James A. Crocker, Chas. W. Blumberg. 

Eureka Township.— James E. Harris, Wm. T. Drake, Peter C. Scadin, 
Henry Credit, Fred M. Bennett, Leman Westover, James Weeks. Jus 
eph Johnson, Lorendus B. Conant, John H. Peck, John C. Burgess, 
John A. House, Wm. J, Murray, Daniel E. Sakes, David J. Bennett, 
Geo. O. Homlden, Henry Hamper, Wm. G, Crosby. 

Evergreen Township. — Wm. Wilcox, Geo. M. Gates, Ransom L. Tanner, 
John T. Piekard. James H. Lake, Henry J. Evans, Wm. R. Webb^ 
Almon Cass, Chauncy Pickell, Samuel Crawford, Wm. M. Jeffrey, Wm. 
Cooley, Robt. Campbell, Thomas Rawson, James M. Patrick, John ff. 
Taylor, Amasa Salyer, Andrew Greonhoe, Abraham Miller, Henry 8, 
Piatt, Uriah Gates, Wm, Trussell, Albert L, Erridge, James Hul?' 
John Frost, John Kellogg, John Gideon, Wm. M. Steere, Reuben Can > : 
John H. Tope, Orrin Sebring, Hopton H. Haynes, John W. Austin 
Ephraim Quinly, Jesse Shank, Sheldon Daniels, Robt. Greenhoe, Alfrtd 
C. Mitchell, Geo. M. Greenhoe, Henry G. Greenhoe, Arnold P. R. I>aiieB. 

Pairplain Township. ^ — Barney Race, Wm. Parker, Russell G. Clark. Wm. 
P. Lunn. Arnold Terry, Thomas Patterson, David Ingram. Henry Jenks, 
James Lent, James Powell. Eiisha Reed, Nathaniel Brown, James B. 
W'alker, Hebron H. Diliey, Christian C. Johnson. Thomas Crandall, 
Joseph Frankeuberger, Geo. W. Brown, Geo. W. Broknw, Clark W- 
Enely, John Coyle, Ira P. Parker. David Goodman, Geo. W. Smith. 'Jil 
bert Jenks, Josiah Jenks, Willis Wood. David Clark. Wm. Ricks. Al ■ 
Hanselman. Chas. Loper, Wesley D. Taylor, Ransom Owen, Lock I 
MoBher, Thomas Parks, B. B. Goodsell, Simeon Collins. Wm. H. Brow; 
David Grislwood, Chas. Harris. .Andrew Swift, Henry Kent, Cal' 
Barnes, Harvey Hamiiton, Andrew Myers, Samuel Gilmore, Edgar v 
Mnlr, Wm, Sweet. L. Lawrence, Wm. F. Hall, Thomas M. Gri'i 
AJbert H. Britton, .James Tntten, Jeremiah Yeomans. [Alvin R'": 

Jamea Breece] . 


is Township. — Arihie Waehburn, Geo, H, Oliver, L. Stevens, Eph- 
Baker, Albert WaKhlmru, Sylvestei- VVwMlaid, Utti. Bi-ooka, W. 
S. Pangburn. J. O. Bush, F. L. Jolly, David Minser, Chester Narragao, 
Oeo. Husted, \V. 0. Fialier, Calvin Terwilliger, J, H. Tisbue, Laforest 
DftllolT, Ambioae Wa.vman, James Harvey, J, Z. Laughlin, Wm, Striue, 
"■ ihn Rnpart, Solomon Miller, Joseph Frankhauser, Franklin D. Norola, 
'red Graham. P. A. Throop, David K. Mangle, Nathan Pangbnm, 
Griffin, Wm, J. McNutt, J. F. Tulford, W. C. Mallery, Better Klees, 
ic Uangus, John S. Barger, Allen Winters, Richard Hancock, Geo. 
Steffey, Harrison Wheeler, Janit^H Sullivan, G. B. Caatou, Oscar D. 
Iden. Henry N. Wallace, Warren Keller, I. J. Reynolds, James N. 
lley, Jeremiah Blackraer, John H. Martin, Enoch James King, 
Jflfion Church, Myron L. Dean, Urban J. Dver, Henrv K. Martin, Chas. 
X. Hunt. 
Home Township. — Leroj Park, Peter Stoddard, Wm. B. Hogle, John 

Bnay, Joseph Wymer, Chas. Fox, Reuben Jacobs, Nelson Gates, Beoj. 
Unn, Moses Bennett, Homer H. Perkins, Leander J. Ferris, Joseph N, 
Tans, Michael Ehart, John Edwards, Hiram J. Rich, Wilson G, Rich- 
rdsoD, James K. Ives, Peter Parmenter, Lafayette Sheppardsoo, 
Thomas Taylor, Sidney Phippeny, John Rowland, Joseph Parker, Aza- 
riah Soule, Ira O. Hunt, John J. Burk, Sidney H. Shelly, Hollis A. 
Village of Edmore. — .1. Plarvey Hope, M. W. Quackenbush, Henry D. 
Blair. Henry A. Maley, Warner Young, C. C. Teachout, Lewis D. Walt, 
Pt-rry Holmes, John H. ('hesley, Amon W'ilson, Plinn L. McAdams, 
^^9eo. W, Reed. Solomon S. Cronn, Oilman J. Wright. John Traynor, 
HSobt. Morebead, James Ovenhouse, Eugene Ellsworth, Albert F. Nor- 
^^fa, Henry Aldrich, L. R. Fitzgerald. A. J. Barrett, Geo. Tanner, Elam 
^RQi"' Jr., Hiram Sackett, Wm. W. Blair, Miles C. Dexter. W. 1. Thorp, 
^Tfames K. Train, John Scoby, Patrick McNamara, Chas. Tichenor, 
Byron Drake, H. D. Parker, Ezra Cook, J. H. Gibbs, James C. Hay- 
ward, Frederick Cole, Albert Jennings, John C. Dugan, John Arnold, 
Henry W. Hewes. 
Mnple Valley Township. — Janu-s Mown\v. M. B. Me»li-s, Andrew New- 
land, Da^id Hickock, Chas. Blanding, Wm. I^tterlob, John J. Riley, 
Wm. P. Crissman, Lyman C. Jaquays. Oliver La Du, James N. Fergn- 
son, Geo. Galloway, Henry Cowden, John H, GifTord, Richard Britton, 
James L. Miller. -John T. Morgan, Ephraim C. Hanson, Win. H. Cnlver, 
Wm. E. Clark. Robt. L. Buchanan, Norman Kelley, Ira J. Knicker- 
bocker, Wm. Lewis, Elijah H. Cooper, Oliver Miles, John Hines, Wm. 
Mfldes, Harvey J. House, Henry Blackburn, Elias Ferguson, Henry Mil- 
ler, Horace Mochermao, Benj. Neve, Sylvester Belgrave, Oliver P. 
Hale, Aaron Ingraham, Alvin Davis, Wm. S. Lee, Luther R. Smith, 
Ellsworth H. Stryker, Marquis D. Somner, Emery J. BInnding, Samuel 
n. Stewart, Isaac Terwilliger, Joseph A. Dockery, Wm. J. Burger, 
Manuel Pike, Jason D, Van Tassell, Josiab Kilbum, Amos T. Hnyck, 
[John Corwin. L. Davro. Wm. H. Pierce]. 
Montcalm Township.— Geo. C. Bradish, Alex. Brown, Geo. F. Brown, 
Richard Vanness, Noble H. Gilmore, John Devendorf. Ai Wyckoff, 
Peter Nielson, Benj. B. Hoxter, Philip Smith. Andrew Sieber, Wm. 
Roan, Wm. Dryer, Morris Osmun, Chas. D. Hubbs, Orville Fuller, Rich- 


ard H. Gibson, Lucius E. Griffith, Jacob Wise, Jr., Fritz Paul, Chafl. F. 
Kogera, Frank Canfield, Leonard Fleck, Isaac F. Dodge, B, F. Harring- 
ton, Joseph W, Partridge, Cbas. Peaslej, Geo. W. Harris, Cbas. 6bep- 
ard, Michael Canty, M. H. Harrington, Peter Goosman. 

Pierson Town8Uip.---Jo8eph Hughes, Jiinies K. Smith, Conrad Kimel, 
Bolander Manley, John Field, Alva Weeks, Chas. Lord, Geo. Hlce, 
Warren Misner, Richard Roebuck. Johnson B. Reed, Jacob Howland, 
Amzi Grant, James Carpenter, Randolph Dimrick, David Herren, Chaa. 
8. Dalley. Oliver Allen. Geo. Rank. Thomas H tickle berry. John Banfill, 
Benj. TituB, Chas. Robinson, Robt. Holmes, Benj. Brown, Joseph Brad- 
ley, Chas, Tooley, Nathan Stevens, John P. Dozenberry, Alonzo B, 
Long, Geo. H. Godfrey, Joseph Elder, [Uahlon Miller], 

Village of Pierson. — Geo. Bryant, Horatio Webster, Abram Tuttle, IsahUi 
Alley. Aiei. Gordau. Geo. L. Smith, James A. Gordan. Chandler Tillif- 
son, Myron White. 

Pine Township. — Thomas C. LeClair, Wm. Trail. Abner C. Whitlum, 
Thomas M. Smith, John Clark, Chas. Hicks, Wm. Henry Clark, Andrew 
Ellsworth, Samuel Caldwell, Daniel Aplebee, Sanford Moore, George 
Elkins, Daniel Bonesteel, Benj. F. Roush, Allen G. Rousb, Henry T. 
Clark, Lewis Buckley, Geo. Forman. Cyrenius C. Savles, Asa Pike, 
Isaac D. Clark, Geo. L. Packard, Asa Smith, Wm. Smith, Benj. Whit- 
low, [Elymas Wm. Prall, Benj. F. Whitton, Frank Rousb]. 

Reynolds Township. — Volney Weeks, Chas. Pinch, Geo. W. Hellner, 
Christopher McManus, Leroy Stack. Geo. A. Allingtnn. Geo. W. Tea- 
key, Almond Spencer, Robt. Vftn Devort, Jesse W, Sherman, Carbart 
Waling, Adalbert Makley, Alex. Lucas. Jnmes 1*. Tyler. Geo, T. Whit 
ney, Thomas Gordan, Chester Conant, Thomas Hill, Wm. Dosenberry, 
Jacob Hiday, Marcus A. Lowrey. Vine Sked, James Bpunott, Henry 
H. Hiuldey,*Cltanncey Hess, Wm. H, Werts, Barton Thurber, Albert 0. 
Fry, David M. Collson. Daniel Aspinwall. Madison Shaul. Christian K. 
Acker, Philip E. Sipperley. Harry Prosser. Geo. Leathers. James M. 
Losinger, Wm. Alverson, John B. Nichols, Patrick McGrade. 

Villatre of Howard City.— Valda L. Kellogg. Wm. Pillio, John L. Fist 
Geo. M, Doty, Jolm J. Langdon, Albert C. White. Lafayette Foskett. 
Curtis Rinnels. Henry Grow. Julius W. Bragg, John W. Bollock, Or- 
lando J. Knapp. Zachary Phillips, .Myron Lamphiere. John J. AnatiD. 
Herman W. Perkins, Augustus I«ibenn, Wm. R. Page, -John H. Keith, 
Henry vrillinms. Samuel S. Evans. Henry Perrine, Geo. H. Mead, Lee 
E. .Morgan, Geo. W. Zehner, Joseph Mosher. John G. Carpenter, Thos. 
C Borden. Jacob E. Reagan, Thomas M. Lander, Truman Sawdy, 
Jfmes Totlcn. Geo. R. Baker, Geo. T. Underhill. Thomas C. Fonts, 
Thomas Yeakey. Geo. W. Mason, David Swnrthotit. Joseph N. Clark, 
Brigham Barnes. I-eonard Church. Wan-en J. Bronaon. Sylvester West 
brook, Adelbert W. Messenger, Lewis W. Wilbur. 

Richland Township. — Cyrus M. Guild. Augustus Wiser, Andrew -I 
Evans, Reuben C. Huntly, Geo. W. Wolfgang. Solomon Schnepp, .Tess^ 
J. Erakin, Lenuder .\. Van Dnsen, Thomas H. Fitzgerald, Isaac M 
Freeman. John Jacobs. Eugene Barrett. Thomas S. Post. WilliB H 
Crowiiover, Lorenzo Nlckerson. James K. Ferguson. Jeremiah Har 
rington, Wm. H. Griffith. Rudolph Davis, Henry W. Bancroft, Lonia 
Priest. Justin Higbee, Amos Smith, James M. Wilking. Job Priest. 




Philip S. Siiaffer, Geo. F. Dnrkee, Hiram H. Hopkins, Friend Evana, 
Clar'i Evans, Wm. A. Marsli, Tunis S. Danford, Henry L. JobBaon, 
David 8. Carr, Ilaron Blaochard, Jolin E. Evans, Michael J. Hamilton, 
Jerome Trowbridge, Wm. H, Uajward, Levi A. Cartner, Benj. F. Mil- 
ler, Arthur McCoy, Francis M. Davenport, Ozro Richardson, Hiram 
Belcher, Chas. A. Hamlin, Benj. M. Winchell, John D. Hbiiman, Abra- 
ham Durfee, Jsaac A. Estel, Wm. J. Low, VVm, W, Carroll, Jeremiah 
Bams, James B. Woodward, [Cnlwell Martin, Chad Harrington] . 
lidney Township. — Kirk Lewallen, Jesse McBane, Joshua Noah, Wm. 
Noah, Sylvester Ketchiim. Judson Tanner, Martin Minnard, Richard 
Corl, Geo. W. Williams, John W. Craft, Ha^eal D. Bartlett, Edeon 
Plckell, Alfred Wright, Henry Butterworth, James Sibley, Andrew 
Mulnix. Chas. Woodruff, John Stewart, Henry Minnard, James Corl, 
Mijor Wheeler, Geo. Lanntog, Hiram Waters, Ira W. Barlow. 

^'illa(te of Sheridan. — Erastiis Fowler, Chas. Kreeger, Franklin Forbea, 
Chas. Kidder, Edward Denham, Qeo. Bolster. Chas. S. Oakes, AlaoBon 
McComb. Cifton Clement. John Hathaway, Ahner Hall, Ephraim 
Pollett. David J. Owen. Socrates I.«wis. Stephen Crnndall. Geo. Wool- 
ever. Myron M. Tryon, Geo. T. Snapp, Geo. Saur, Dell McNiei, Solomon 
Zimmerman. Mabee Hiram. John W, Preetel. Luther M. Hill. [Wm. H. 

Winfleld Township. — John Henry, David Baird, Geo. Turner, James 
Briggs, Cornelius Vansirkle, James Hutton, Otis Palmer, M. W. Kel- 
sey, J. H. Raymond, Rufus Keilhaltz, Henry Strope, Silas J. Loveless. 
John Corwiu. Andrew Heminger, Silas E. Durham, Wm. Maine, Frank- 
lin Shaw, FlixtfH Liiddingtoa, Harmon Roasraan. J. H. Rogers. Franois 
Strang, Otis Wilson, Daniel Oallegan, John B. Weatherby, Lucius L. 
Church, Gto. necVer. John Dowell. 

Greenville City, First Ward.^Joseph P. Keserling. John Avery. Rufua 

■ F. Sprague. Wm. Deary, Henry 8. Sanford, Henry M. Caukin, Henry 
N. Andersou, John Swartz, Theo. Wakeman, Henry M. Fuller, John E, 
Oralinm, Olias. M. Tnttle. James E. Newton. W. D. Gleason, Chas. W. 
Johnson, Eugene L. Clark. Orrin B. Green. John D. Myers, James A. 
EdBR), Henry A. Dollis, Geo. Loader. David Delehanty, James J. Free- 
niar.. Elliott F. Grabil, Chas. O. JenniRon. Angel W. GrilQth, Octavus 
Skey, Alon^o Murray, Royal H. Steven, Chas. Parker. Alfred V. Rosa, 
Geo. II. Miles, Anrel C. House. Isaac Bracy. Chas. E. Henry. Orville W, 
Green, Andrew J. Cdmp, Gillman M. Shaw. Solomon W, Philips, Al- 
bert Mnx. Wm. H. Gibson. 
Greenville City, Second Ward. — Dwight Devendorph. Henry Baragar. A. 
David Swift, G. Hoiton Banister, Mathew Bailey. G. G. Douglass, Levi 
S[>alding, H P. Sanderson, S. Lewis Roell. H. Arthur Tibbets. Wesley 
Sprague. Chas. Youngs, Roswell Mathews. A. H. Rowley, J. Thomas 
Potter, Wm. Horning, A. Cole. H. Edson Pond. M. Chas. Wesjnd, 
Barnum. E. Thomas Gibbs, W. Geo. Raub. F. M. .\ckermnn. R. W. 
Grifflth, A. C. Merrill, C. D. Blake, John Sigler, James Spatch, T. 
Nalhiiii Bsrlow, Wm. Livingston, Daniel Judd. C, Daniel Moors. Henry 
Kent. L. Chiis, Morgan, Jophia Vanwormer, J. David Albro, D. Clark 
Gould, [Francis M. Skinner, Jas. O. Palmer]. 
Greenville City. Third Ward. — Ritner W. Skinner. Geo. .\. T'nderhill, 
^^_ Geo. M. Chandler, Lilburn Spanlding, Seth Moon, James Carpenter, ^_ 


Henry O. Carroll, Gilbert Hadley, Wm. P. Hamilton, John McNeij 
Gcu, W. Brown, Orrin J, Carry, Wm. fihaffer, Frederick Roenlgl^ 
Chnoncy Herriman, Horner Fisher, Simeon Hale, Chae. C ElUwortli, 
Henry Htan-, Henry F. Strong, P. Dennison, Martin Bebee, Alex. A. 
McBseiiger, Isaac L. Tower, Elias Jacott, .loaeph L. Moffet, Geo. Scott, 
Alfred Earl, Albert P. Bates, Charles K. Fullerton, Wm. Hopkins, 
Alfred Kemp, O. Hubbard, -lamee Gault, Benj. Wilbur, Wm. Bradley, 
Loremo Hitchcock, A. C. Huff, Edward B. Edwards, A. H. Bennett, L. 
Wells Spragoe, Allen B. Silvers, Louis Tyler, James 8. Whiting. 

Stanton City, First Ward. — Alfred Courtright, Thomas G. Burns, Henry 
H. Gale, Thomas S. Converse. Benj. F. Stocking, John J. Miller, James 
W. Caruthers, David H. Hopkins, Abram Bigelow. Horace T. Perkina, 
John H. Bueaanaing, Joseph P. Baker, Allen A. Kellogg, Hosea B. 
Young. Nelson Smith, Thomas N. Stevens, Lyniau C. Moore, Elijah S. 
Bichardson, Henry M. Hempstead, Martin Joy. Asa Morse, James 
W. Willett, Simon Valentine, Harrison Butler, Franklin Fox, Ryland 
W. Shuck, Chas. H. Miner, John W. Dunn, Thomas E. Dunn, James K. 
Brooks, Michael Holler, Richard B. Howk, Wm. Wood, Wm. A, Borton, 
Geo. W. Markee, D. A. Briant, Jedediah D. Waldo, Hiram H. Lowe, 
Norman E. Bachman, Wm. D. Fay. Barnwell B. Clark, Henry H. Hinds, 
flebroD V, Eallett, Morgan James, Dewitt Parish, Cornelius Jordan. 

Stanton City, Second Ward. — Albert Bickard, John W. Dillon, Thomas 
Lowe, James B. Graham, J. P. Shauman, Charles Cuykendall, Loyal 
Doddridge, Henry Hyatt, Frank B. Stiles, Daniel m". Steere, David 
Miller, Geo, Douglass, John Brown, Joshua Krebbs, Geo. Barber, 
Porter Lathrop, Henry Borden, Chas. 0. Branson, Frank J. Segar, 
Julius Weed, John Grooms, James Percival, Hallett G. Bentley, Cbas. 
Hammond, John Cole, Thomas Finch, Jesse Holcomb, Wm. Chiles, 
Joshua Minard, John D. Sutherland, Harran Worlon. Edwin D, Childs. 


Albert Township. — Geo. Staubrough, Frank Wright, Amos Cole, Geo. 

Everts, E. W. Cole, Jacob Frank. Edward Ryno, Robt. Pyyet, Barney 

Carie, Washington Alger, Fred L. Barker, Wm. Smith, John Miller. 
Briley Township. — Corbin D. Sauls, Mosee Beltz, Owen Otto. Alonso 

B. Valentine, John Van Helen, James Remington, Levi H. Decker, W. 

Lawrence Leach, Wm. Gordier, Peter Boner. 
Village of Atlanta.— John T. Irwin, Alfred J. West, James B. McClain. 
Htllman Township. — Geo. W, Barrett, Joseph A. Eichron, Thomaa f 

Johnston, Geo. A, Gove, 
Village of Hillman. — Murdoch McLeod. 
Montmorency Township.^Henry C. Godfrey. John Kennedy. 
Rust Township, — David Sands, Daniel High, Adam Sneider. 
Vienna Township. — Eli Smith. Joseph E. Staniger, Jeremiah McKo 

Geo. Martin. 
Wheatfield Township. — Peter Dickman, Chas. F. Gibbs. Lorenzo N. 1 

yard, Albert Miller, Wm. McMurphy, Lemnel Plumley. 



Blue Lake Township, — John Wiegand, David J. Kendall, Francis C. HlB- 

^^cutt, Samuel Baker. DaDiel Hosier, Levi Woodring, A. O. Campbell. 

^^psinora Township. — Edwin Walkley, JudBon Miller, Geo. Loomis, 

^^KAWali Smith. Nelson Kriger, John Cramner, Edwin Westcott, Henry 

^^VTansickles, John Steebe. John 8hute, John A. Sherwood, Nathan Mil- 

^^Ber, J. H. Lobdell, Sylvester Moore, Harmon Campbell, Chas. Hutcb- 

^^bneoQ, Perrv H. Ferguson, Joseph Lee, Nelson Pausley, Asa Davis, 

^^pJohn Cleveland. Peter Kelley, Theo. Collins, Henry Hutchinson, 

^Bjerome Hutchinson, Smith Fulkinson, Walter Stinson, Cornelius 

I Loomis, Henry Cuykendall, Edwin Smith, Frank Cole, Abram Webb, 

Thomas Bettis, Miles Chubb, Silas Miller, Washington Coker. Wm. B. 

Slafter, John Ruth, Jesse Van Camp, [Oscar Thomas, Hiram Hull, 

Hermas Gilbert, Thomas Stinson, Theo. Milos, Lewis Smith. Philip 

Afton, C. Parmenter}. 

Village of Casnovia. — Sanford Barnes, John E. Johnson, C. E. Koon, 

Frank Howes, Albert Scott, John C. Stearnes, Geo. Bale, [Horace 

Heath, John Orlap. Orrin D. Blanohard, Albert E. Bolt, 8, N. Edie, 

M. J, Bonner. E. D. Smith, Stephen Biteiy]. 

Cedar Creek Township. — Isaac F. Huntoon. Frank Woodringj M. H. 

Jngold, Warren F. Odion. Arthur Sevrey, Solomon Henry. 
Dalton Township. — Henry Lyman, Geo. H. Bnzzell, Fred Jasper 
Clark, Chas. L. Bnzzell, James E. Gardner, Henry C. Wilk. Jacob 
Whiting, Geo. Albert Steams, Ira O. Trumbull, Levi Petrie, Biley 
Thompson, John Balkey. James Armstrong, Albert S. True. 
Egglfston Township, — Madison Shimell, Henry Edsell, Jerome Smith, 
Wm, H. Watson, Geo. Dill, John W. Barr, Frederick Delano, 

fruitland Township. — Wm. Baker. Francis M. Leonard, Horatio B. Dyer, 
Paul H. Long, R. N. Poulson, Geo. W. White, Thomas Holverson, 
Michael M, Depne, Jerome Baker, Jacob Oyler, Geo. E. Bush, E, H. 
Pettit, Ezra Steams, H. Anderson. Chas. E. Califf. 
Fruitport Township. — Chas. B. Bowen, Geo. D. Digman, Geo. Akins, 
Wm. Tripp, Nathan Cummings. Samuel K. White, Samuel Giffln, Wm, 
Sfiing, Levi Bigelow, Simeon L. Briggs, Seneca M. Burgess, Daniel 
Blackmer, Calvin O. Seeley, Edson Amidon, Silas Osborn, Wm. Payne. 
Village of Fruitport, — Geo. Ayres, Alanson T, Peters. W'm. H. Steven- 
son, Chas. Genie, Silas H. Hendrix, Henry C. Barnes. 
Holtou Township. — Edward Rainouard, W. L. Buckley, Emery Dokey, 

tBnssell B. Mason, Aaron Kitchen, Ole C- Olson, Sylvester Wiser, 
James M. Walton, Milton Thompson, John Crampton, Geo. Lilley, Jno. 
A. Slater, James T, Henry. Stephen L. Skeels, Oliver Lewis, James 
Cregg, Isaac Smith, Daniel D. Church, Jacob Lothschutz. D. M.* Dar- 
ling. Alex. Syera, Peter Simot, Rufns W. Skeels. Almlron H, Van Ant- 
werp. Joseph Bernier, Geo, W, .\dy, Edward Reilly, Samuel Smith, 
Wm. A. Thomas, Dorr Conley, Chas. Robinson. Wm..Jones. [Thomas 
J. Williams]. 
Lakolou Townahip.^ — Wm. J. Erart. Joseph Houston, Isaac McCrea, 
John Fenner, S. W. Thompson, Geo, Eakright, Braden L, Andrews, 


Freeborn G. Close, Joseph Avery, Joseph Wiiaon, Saniue! 
John Lynder, James E, Sovacool. 

Montague TowDBhij). — Geo. Burdick, Lewis Phelps, Thomas 
Elias Z. Green, Bobt. Nesbit, Wm. L. Miller. 

Village of Montague. — Allen F. Casaelman. Wm, A. Lisco, . 
Crosby, James Morrison, Joseph Fike, Ivers S. Calkins. Wm. SanderaJ" 
Frank Baker, Henry Hulbert, Josiah Martain, Wm. H. Fitch, Isaac 
Hulbert, James McDonald, Albert Huber, Edward Armstrong, Alfred 
Partridge, James M. Young, Silas Bolster, David Gilbert, Sanford 
Wentworth, James Boardwell, James Dillabaugh, Geo. Sqnires, Bow- 
land i. Brown, Daniel Calkins, Henry A. Wilcox, Chas. Waitman, Geo. 
Klett, Lawrence Drohan, John E. Fetterly, John Briesce. Hennan 
Boyd. Job E. Kinniston, Paul Barman, Wm. L. Van Lear, Lafayette 
Biplen, Edwin Buchanan, Frederick Folker, Henry Sanvis, Geo. Smith. 
Frank Weilor, Frank Schirra, Madore Gerard. 

Moorland Township. — Chas. Saddler, Alex. Stewart, Isaac R. Franks, 
Samuel Harrison, John A. Armstrong Selea Cochran, John Kinne, 
Greene Bentley, John H. Cook. James \obic, Christopher McSorley, 
Wm. Dolph, Victor Vikers, John Thomas, Joseph Zeron, Wai, Mc- 
Manns, Chas. W, Beers, John Egleston. Wm. Bowen. Francis Lapreze, 
Eugene Kepler, John B. Combs, Ares D. Ames, Bobt. J. Compton. 
Chas. Lavulette, Warren Fields, Isaiah Jackson, Wesley Barry. John 
E. Hodgis, Allen Bardwell. 

Muskegon Township. — Chas. J. Sleygh. John W, Grandfleld, Chas. 
Priebe, A. Holman, Ferdinand Meurer, James A. Robinson, Thomas 
Edgar, Warren T. Martin, Lester Cogswell, Augustus C. Perry, [John 

Village of Muskegon Heights.^Samuel Maffett, Geo. W. Kelley, 
A. White, Hugh Kerr, Samuel L. Trevett. Michael Mason, Chas. 
Bramble, Amos K. WTiite, James F. Shaffer. 

Norton Township. — Cornelius Short, Lafayette R. Coston, Wm. Kalb. 
Geo, N. Williams, Joseph Hughes, Joseph Atkins, Chas. B. Webster, 
Chas. C. Flint, Joseph Brow, Wm. Jones. Ebenezer Martin. Chas 
Allen, Jacob Sternburgh, Wm. F. Moss, Geo. W, Fisher, Reuben J. 
Davis. Chas. Bosenhauer, Henry E. Kingsbury, Wm. Hile. Wm. Mc- 
Donald, Wm. P. Poland. James Dean. 

Bavenna Township. — Valentine Plate. Joel Witlierell, Sylvester Stod- 
dard, James JJeal. Sidney Neiver, .\ndrew Sigoumey, Edward Clark, 
Massie Nuttell, Chas. Carpenter. Jamw* Foster, Geo. W. Bradford. 
John Cryderman, Herman Kustg, Edwin Thatcher. Samuel J. Booth, 
Isaac W. Stanley, Fred D. Hoogstraat, .John Wiley, Wm. Watson, 
Bobt. Johnson, Joseph Manning, Horace Sturtevant, Fred Henning, 
Daniel Twogood, Arvin Billings, Miles M. Bradford. Homer XortoD. 
Henry Hull, Fred Plunhoof. Wm. N. Booth. Harvey Benjamin. Orange 
Daggett. Henry Walker., Mathias Sipps. BenJ. Sipps, Wra. Morey, 
Albert Van Syke. Albro Enos. Ezra Benjamin, Wilson Hoamer. 
Lyman B. Nelson, Wm. Batson. Wm, B. Kelly. N. B, Harrison, Lewie 
W. Gannon. 

Sullivan Township. — Henry H. Munroe. Edward P. Davison. Lati 
Cooper, Frank Chapin, James Fairfield, Chas. Osteront. John Howr 
Thomas Hollan. Geo. S. Martin. 





Whitehall Township. — Buel W. Norris, John Gibson, Edwin IJ. Eata- 
brook, Cfaas. H. Wood. 

Village of Whitehall. — Fredericli Norman, Nathaniel Keyser, Andrew 
Gasbal, Jay K. Hiclis, August Johnson, Franklin A. Scott, Henry M. 
Kenfield, Joseph T. Snow, Martin Demass, Jeremiah Lamorieus, Wm. 
Veach, Chaa. H. Ocobock, James R. Stewart. Ignatius G. Evans, 
Theo. Johnson, Ross Sandford. Chas. H. Littlefield, Ariel Bliss, Eli M. 
Rugglee, Washington Dewitt, Thomas Hart, Alherton H, Towne, Nich- 
olas Pemer, Geo. J. Moog, Dallas Johnson, Geo, Bartholeraew, Hiram 
E. Staples, John C. Dean, Wm. Long, Wm. N. Boell, Earl S. Law, 
Edwin Will, Andrew J. Rawls. 

White River Township. — Geo. Armstrong. Wm. Gillard, Wm. Batchel- 
der. Christian Butzer. Fred Smith. John Dennis. Wm, Bruce, Edwin 
Grow. Boss Veradenberg. 

Muskegon City, Flr8t Ward. — John C. Baskin, Erastus W. Downing, 
Ryerson Simmons, Leroy W. Hunt, Benj. P. Dow, Wm. A. Langley, 
Wm. Rosenhauer, Dennis N. McComber, Ivewis Sutton, Thomas Arkin, 
0. A Doane, Geoi^e C. Thompson, Albert B. Stark, Chaa. Marks, Henry 

B. McClore, John Pattiuger. Chas. L, Munson, Clark McComber, Abra- 
ham Eddy, John D. Smith, Narzis Steiner, Geo. W. Childs, Wm. Wells, 
Bamuel Durom, Benj. Thomas, Mathow Rontin. John Salter. Clarence 
Ward. William Harris, August Uartman, John Erickson, Fred Figge, 

C. H. Qalezio, [Chas. Larson]. 

Musk^on City, Second Ward. — Chas. Wilkins, John Boukamp, Geo. 

Bradford. Horace D. Hazen, Wm. F. Morell, Wm. Walker, J. Robinson, 

Edward Nichols, Mathias Bolman. Wm. U. Maynard, Frank Merrill. 

John H. Stokes. Peter Veeneklaasen, Egbert Eastway, Geo. Adkins, 

Thomas V. Van Balkenburg, John Panyard, Alford Diirfee, John 

Pease, Horace Bnrnett, John Jones. James G. McCormick, Steven A 

Aldrich, Joseph W. Anderson, Zeph JefFers, Chas. Kneale, James M. 

W, Jones. Bobt. Osborn, Alonzo Kramer. Patrick Monger. Geo. H. Wil 

son, Joseph Williams, Albert A. McMaster, Friend Hanild, Wm. Ren- 

icfc, John F. StonPfer. James Sherman, C. B. Slocam, Tyle Lawson, 

Thomas Howard, John H. Backenstors, Philip Blake, Wm. V. Irwlne, 

[Alfred Welles] . 

. Jtaskegon City, Third Ward.— Hobbv Brown. Benj. Rainney, David M. 

^_ Roy, Nehemiah Wiley. Oo. Hanville. Geo. W. Hobart, L. J. Weath- 

^^L erbee, Wm. Swartout, August Winters. Orville Morton, John H. Bon- 

^H nett, Sarsfleld Crotty. John Folsgrof, John Bail. -Tohn Kingahott. John 

^B ^- Thatcher. Henry Bronkest, Ira W. Lucas. Milep B. Eaton, Marvin 

r spencer, Geo. fi. Gordon. Robt. E. Crotty, L. W. Sovereign, Alfred A, 

Freeman. Henry Hedrick. Abel Palmer. Chris Bauerumn. Alexander 

A. H. Eckermann, [.Tno. W. Tayer. Geo. Bradford. Aodrow Bradford]. 
Moakegon City. Fourth Ward.— Wm. Dixon. Gilbert Chaddock, Walter 

B. Morrison. Lewis W. Shattiick, Wm. Leahey, Alex. Shaw, Chas. But- 
terworth, Alex. McHalc, James M. Bradley. Geo. Hanford. John W. 
Wright, Daniel Carr. Christian Hill. John Le Clere. James M. Cook, 
Wm. H. Stevens, .\lbert Towl, John Selkirk, Mortimer G. Averill. Chaa. 

. Brundage. Hugh Ferguson. Geo. Brueno. Henry Elends. John C. 
I McCann. Benj. Priost. Wm. D. Stark. Michael H. Powers. Ransom S. 





I, John English, John R. Bennett, O. C. Williams, CLas. it. Muqb, 
I>eimi8 Rafert.v, Sydufj' S. JUorris, Win. Averili, Edw, Sweeney, Samuel _ 
Johnston. J 

Maskegon City, Fifth Ward.— John Kay, Robt. Smith, Elijah GalushaJ 
Thomas Cady, Henry Friday. John Watson. James Cavanaugh, Randalff 
Van Valkenburg. Robt. Kirkpatrick, Hiram Hoyt, James I. Mather, 
Jlerritt M. Goodapeod, Buniot Ripley, Wm, Reynolds. Clark Prazier. 
Abraham Bruegeifr, liobt. W. D.ivis. lolin Htnr^eon, Henry W. Lowea, 
Cf. P. Kingsbury. Wm. W. Squires, Edward P. Watson, Joseph H. Par- 
sons, Ezra E. Tyler, Theo. Dean, I. EdRiir Jones. John Messersmitb, 
Chas. J. Sweet, James J. Grimes, Henry D. Baker. Lathrop Kingsbury, 
Wm, R. Kniiiions. Lewis C. St-nll. Martin J. Crahen, Ellis S. Shaner, 
John W, Eddy, Christopher C. Jacks, Wm. G. Johnson, Frank Joalyn, 
Louis Kanitz, Sr., Wm, M. Williams. Daniel G. Crotty, Daniel Williama, 
Wm, R. Jones, John Thornton, Howard C. Bond, Henry G. Bigelow, 
Barney H. Ivrebs, Achel Hopkins, Alonzo W. Chamberlin, Geo. 
Ward, Uiinh J. O'Neal, John M. Carr, Thomas W. Lee, Wm, Fay. Ge< 
H. (iillett, John A. Miller, Almond W. Truesdall. Wm. F. Wiselogel^J 
Willard H. Ashley, John W. Brnkeman. Leonard 0. Lyons, [Benj. 
Newhouse, John Kay]. 

Muskegon City, Sixth Ward. — Lawrence Flary, Chas. Rainbow. Richard 
Sonnenberg, Emanuel Stamp, Watson A. Sibley, Wm. J. Manning, 
Samuel S. Watson, J. Henry CumminES, Edson W. Stickney, Rosell 8. . 
Miner, John B. McCracken, Isaac R, Hinds. Frederick A. Nims, Wm. G^ 
Watson, Lyman E. Patton, John Kuppenheimer, Adam Drumra, Johitl 
Powers, John G. Allport, George fi. Gillett, Fred L. Reynolds, Wm." 
Lang, Robt. H. McCrarken, Robt. Cowan, A, Schuyler Montgomery, 
Stewart C. Moon, Robt. Abbott, Daniel Davis. Jacob Bauknecht. 

Muskegon City, Seventh Ward. — Howard Stanton, Geo. Farley, Wra. H. 
H, Himes, Andrew Lawson, John Betree, Ansel F. Temple. Lorenzo 
W, Pierce, Chas. Elmore, John Harper. Michael Sullivan, Wm. Smith, 
Henry Hughson, Moses Huddleston. Frank Lilly, Andrew Langworthy, 
Newel Brough. German Dewitt. Benj. Guy, John Butler. Daniel Myers. 
John W. Sprague. Eugene Clapper, Gottlieb Ninneniann, Christopher 
Johnson. W'ni. H, Whidden, Geo. McCarthy. Michael Riordon. Geo. H. 
Cook. Thomas Ostrander, Mathins Shaffer, James Sprague, Geo. Q. 
Ruddiman. Wm. H. Jones. 

Muskegon City. Eighth Ward.— Edwin Ri<'h, David W. Lemon, Wm. 
Wood, Edward A. Olassford. Robt. H. Oidfield. Geo. Bamler. John E. 
Robinson, Joseph A. ,Moyep, Henry H. Himelberger. Albert Kelley. 
Robt. Dennison, Harry F. Dewitt, Ezra David. Wm. Houston. Harvey 
Stover, Nelson Secord. Joseph Bopree. David R. Lewis, Milton R. Ram- 
sey. Isaac S. Clark. Wm, H, Taylor, Seth D. Estes. Wm. O, Lee. John 

C. Lake. Porter P. Misner, Cyrus McConnell, Herbert Brown, Tliomas 

D. Hatch, 

North Muskegon City. First Ward,— .\dani Shank, Wm. Porter, Samuel 
Crnft, Harvey Chilson, Simeon K. Wright. Thomas Horton. David Kim- 
met, Hamilton Shores. 

North Muakejron City, Second Ward. — Ambrose Loier, Ephraim Irwin, 
.Jacob Lobdell, Erastus Noble, Chas. Storrs, Roderick .\ckley, Donald 
McRea. Chas. H. Leslie, Chas. Gunu, Wm. R. Adams. Deloss L. Hart-^ 
B^D, Zoar Bates. 




B^ortb Uuskegou City, Third Ward. — Tlieo. Atkins, Henry F. Cook, 
Heui-y \Y. Jackson. 


A.Blilaad Township. — Emei-y Euton, Jasper Morley, Henry J. Clark, Geo. 
. McLain, Alonzo 8. Hildrelh, Urban Baruum, Clarence L. Perkins, 
Daniel W. Ciough, Francis M. Jackaon, Andrew Reed, David Grandy, 
Joseph McCune, Snniuel B. Gibe. John Shippy, Norman T. Tryou, Jas. 
E. Sharp, Conrad G. Smith, Geo. Rupp, Hiram Wheat, Oliver C. More, 
Renben Wilson, Wm, M. I'iersou, Barnard Clark, Ritihard Wheat, La- 
fayette Pickett, Amos Woodard, Chaa. S. Smith, Asa W. Ballon, Geo. 
H. Brown, Levi Bockman, Oscar T, Blood, James \, O'Neal, John C. 
Rosewame, Conrad Kritzer, Asa Dibble, Milo Sharp, Albert L. Wlieat, 
Jackson Leonard, Wm. W. Carter, Geo. Lucas, Wm. B. Thomas, Albert 
N. Judd, Louis Crawford, James George, Clayton L. Hurd, James L. 
Wells. Jacob F. Trieber, Geo. Lewis. Abner Hammond, Sidney Showers, 
John Donley, Wm. H. Hall, Henry H. Fellows, Thomas Saunders, Robt. 
C Hughes, Thomas Cash, Alfred Armstrong. John W. Morgan. 
f Village of Grant. — Wm. H. Downing, Geo. E. Harris, Wm. H, Jackson, 
I Orsemus Seward, Geo. W. Price, A, W. Jenkins, James A. Tyler, Wat- 
f son's. Williams, John Raynier, Svlvester Hicks. Lucius E, Mills, [Geo. 

■ Tiedy, Earl Scofleld]. 

Barton Township. — John Arnold, W^m. Hiliker, Benj. Dutclier, David 
Rolstone, Joseph E. Cline, Amasa D. Stimson, Wm. Vanderwater, Wm. 
Wiggins, Fred Westerberg, James Aldrich, Geo. B. Jones. David Can- 
tine, Joseph Williams, Andrew Forsyth, Asa Cook, Martin Pegg, Wm. 
Northup, Albert Wightmnn, Martin Davis, Sidney Jackson, Chas. Par- 
ker, David Whalen, Wm. Myers, [Cornelius Cook, Dwifiht Mcrill, 
. Robt, Anderson]. 

LSearer Township. — Lyman S. Sweet, James S. North, Samuel Lewis, An- 
I drew J, Painter, Solomon Brooks, Alburtus .\ndrus, Benj. Candee. Ira 
I B. Cross, Louis McChirg, Heman Bell, Allen Sweet. John McClary, 
I Wa}'ne B. Delong, Jesse P. Delong, Frank B. Seymour, John Owen, 
1 [Alford Knowles, Elkeny Stewart]. 

I.Sig Prairie Township. — Henry Barton, James M. Scaddon, John Buck, 
K Chas. P. Dnstin, Mark Barton, James Rikart, .\lden H. Westgate, Hnr- 
K ace lieckwith, -Joseph Franklin, Orville Thompson. Simon Grote, John 
W B. Parahall. Thomas W. Franklin. Zebedee H. Wilcox. Henry E. Evans, 
B Alva Rikart, Mathew Cochran, Wm. Smith, Lewis S. .Myers, 
^^ridgeton Township. — Augustus Flint. Geo. Powles. Wm. Ostrander, 
k .Tnhn Hnrrie. Cornelius Vanderburgh, James Tnimhull, Hamilton 
I Storms. John Heinol, Alfred H. Lewis. Harvey Dehois. Frank Smith, 
m -Joseph Zerlaut. Henrv Zerlant, I. H. Prichard. Edgar O. Whitman, 
I Amos Sharp. Alonzo Hill. Simon Bane. Wm. Bilkey. Robt. S. Shlflfert, 
B Amos W, Warner, Wm. SIncum, Daniel Ousterhout. Samuel A. Fry, 
B James Mclienzie. Michael Orcutt. James FitKiintriik. 
fcrookft Township. — Abram Mayville. Michael Cudihv. Philip R. Dickin- 

■ son. Wm. H. Ostrom. Benj. F. Wood. Peres. M. Pickett. Wm. .Anderson. 
m Chas. P, Tinker. Orlando Cook. Royal Taylor. Wm. H. Kellev. Peter 
I Race, Francis E, Thompson. [Frank Hoag, Elijah J. Wing, Theo. W. 
I Bement, Dewitt C, Traver]. 







Village of Newaygo.— Samuel U. IliLiJiog, John T. ThompBon, John 0.'% 
Tajlor, Nelson G. StiUwell, Wm. J. Smith, Daniel Welch, Lnoina a ' 
Lockerj, Geo. King, Henry D. Woodard, Geo. W, Morse, Robt. H. Hei^ 
Diance, Jamee McDowell, Wm. H. Cantwell, Wm, Graham, James E. 
Callender, Hiram L. Brace, Chas. W. Gardner, Lucius \V. Pickett, Wea- 
ley 0, Dancer, James H. Edwards, John G. Van Lieuven, Geo. B. Tay- 
lor, John Pittwood, Stephen D. Thompeon, Wm. H. Bennett, Edgar I. 
Hewes, Orville L. Howard, Thomas Sedgwick, Stillmuu H. Porter, 
Peter Robinson, David Beach, Edward Kyan, John Morey, D. W. Flora, 
Lyman K. Meeker, H. B. Cameron, Henry Overholt, Cephas W. Hervey, 
Lucius Gates, Wm, U. Balt-om, Chauncy Keynolds, Ira J, Poats, Edwin 
O, Shaw, Seth S, Watrous, [James H. Merrill. Samuel B. Gibe, Danid 
Lavery] . 

Croton Township. — Joseph Ryan, Benj. C. Moore, Noah J. Bowker, Henry 
Pettit, I<ewiB E. Wright, Alfred E. Hall, James C. Vanlieu. Geo. W. 
Dancer, Lewis Warren, Joseph 8. Abdell, Geo. A. Dosenberry, Orrin 
L, Parrish, Geo. M. Mowat, David Colliiia, Josepli Calar. Wm. E. Mc- 
Call, Restore Douglass, Joseph F. Crawford, Cyrus A. Croff, Benj. L. 
Carpenter, C. W. McAU-y. 

Village of Croton. — Asa G. Phelps, Lewis J. Hart, Leonard W. Weaton, 
Geo. Merritt, Peter Smith. 

Dayton Township. — Edwin Lore, Horace Jennie. Henry Warren, Michael 
Donahoe. Geo. Leonard, John Bamhard, Geo. Hosier, Elisha E. Gld- 
dings, John Delamater, John Sherman. John UmcoHter. Shlnar Pres- 
ton, Daniel Wilcox, Madison McLaughlin. Geo. Bigelow, Silas Yoong, 
Henry Lever, John Canavan, Richard Wachter. Benj. lah, John Barks, 
Daniel W. Johnston, Geo. R. Nellia, Legrand Lamb, Thomas Hopkins, 
Solomon Walker, Washington Lewis, John Douglass, John Dean, Henry 
Becker, Geo. Martin, Ethan Westbrook, Hiram How, Daniel Bqnires, 
Irwin 0. Fox, James Mianer, Thomas H. Smith, Abram Fought, Cor- 
nelius Bowman, Henry Mack, Geo. G. Webber, Walter F. Pumfrey, 
Wm. McEwan, Sterry Packard, Geo. H. Martin, Frank B. Preston, 
Hiratn Pri'ston. Henry Vandenbeldt, Julius P. Cook. 

Village of Fremont— Geo. B. Miner, Daniel E. Warren, Geo. Seymour, 
Nelson T>. Holt, Jesse S. Brown, Samuel W. Dnnham, Mark Alton, 
Hiram Place, Joseph O'Hara, John Williams, Daniel L. Barnes, Ohas. 
S. Adams, Jewel A. Hilliman, Wm. A. Rounds, Paleman Castle, Dan- 
forth Barton, John T, Place, Chas. W. Barton, Chas, Wilson, Frederick 
M. Nay. Walter S. Piatt, Franklin A. Merchant, Geo. 8. Brown, Ransom 
Piper, Loomis A. Miller, A. Hiram Northaway, Solomon P. Odell, Jo- 
seph Harringdean, Chas. I. Rathlium, A. W. Hungerford, Ephralm 
Echtinaw. Germane J. Williams. EdRar E. Guilley, James R. O'Dell, 
Wm, Harman. Wm. Smith, David W. Baiter, Willard N. Briggs, WoBter 
C. Bryant, Alonzo Bierce, Daniel Lavery, Sylvester, G. Allen. Mathew 
Mnllen, Henry V. Gates, Archie Schoonover, G. W. Humphry, L, D. 

Denver Township. — Wm. Fleming, Benson Robblns, Washington I. Bnl- 
son, Henry Angell, A. J. Shook. Cheater A. Stone. Chas. Warren, Bllaa 
Millis, James McConnell, Samuel W. Carpenter. H. Edward Waterman, 
Alonzo Mnlliken. Wm. Fee, Finson R. MoKeen. Geo. Osbom, Alphoneo 



Oowell, EliaB Nelson, Israel Clark, Frank B. Craudall, Francis M. GU- 
lett, Sjlvester flowell, Wm. Gilbert, John Gowell, Woi. R. Keeter. 

Village of Heeperia. — Amasa H- Deits, Andrew J. Spencer. Jobu B. 
Smith, Samuel Wilbur, Cbas. Robbins, Henry Snook, Willis W.Wright, 
Geo. Overly, Kobt. Darlington, Paul Dodge, Clark B. Keynuids, Uiltou 
M. Uansfield, Amos Bigelow, Edwin R. Haight, Cbas, Wilcox, James 
Wright, [Cbas. P. Utleyj. 

Ensley Township. — John 11. Keeney, Fred Cook, Daniel Decker, John 
Anthony, John J. Mathews, Benj. F. Carpenter, Elijah Williams, Geo. 
Harvey, James Kinney, Levi Mills, Alanson Dickerson, Ethan B. RobUt- 
aon, John Osborne, Levi Rickard, Setb 8. Stacy, James Clellaud, Henry 
Isham, David Heucy, Geo. Hutsigger, Gerald WhiilwcU, Mt^rritt Hal- 
lock, B. P. Tracy, Smith Thompson, Edward Lewis, Austiu Uuudale, 
Albert G. Carroll, Stephen Thompson, Ambrose Dickerson, L. F. May- 
nard, Luke Oook, Ira Kingsley, Sylvester Norman Kingsley, Wm. 
Slaigbt, Edwin Gould. Cyrus Stilweli. Urias Kowe, Wm. H. MiDouald, 
Andrew Flynn. D. D. Delano, Frank Castor, C. 6. Terwilliger, Harrey 
G. Peterson, James Carr, Joel A. Delano, Abram North, Geo. Parker, 
[James H. Haskins, John Heiss]. 

Everett Township. — Nathan Ijovell, John Cheney, Seth Hubbard, Bene- 
dick Riesen, John A. Riley, Eli J. Cool, John W, Ohrenberger, Marvin 
HiUiker. Samuel B. Eagan, Hiram Cook, Jacob A. Terwilliger, Geo. W. 
Bennett, Sanford Lanworthy. Chas. Newell, Geo. Flinton. Bartimens 
Dnaham, Jacob J. Johnson, Joshua F. Erwin, Green B. Lines, Ashley 
P. Stowers, John Gilvars. Franklin B. Shaw, John Angevine, Samuel 
Barton, Horace W. Warren. Nathan J. Pierce, Frederick T. Baker, Jo- 
seph Jones. 

Garfield Township. — Sylvester Sprague, Peter Fox, Albert Piatt, Horace 
Holler, James P. Daniels, Warren Stone, John H. Vanness, John B. 
Vile, Harvey Bumes, Daniel M. Faunce, Francis F. Hall, .Tames T. 
Battles, Benj. Edmonds, Henry Laham, Jasper Mundy, [Jno, H. 

Goodwell Township.— Robt. Shannon, Warren F. Armstrong. John Ball- 
man. Geo. De Thompson. Chas. Hastings, John M. Backus, Ira Fair 
childs, James H. Simpson, John W. Galentlne. Nathan McDonald. 

Grant Township.— .Jeremiah Green, Wm. Rodgers, Benj. F. Stroud, La- 
fayette Allen, Daniel D. Tompkins, David Bushor, Wm, Britton, Daniel 
Bhippy, W'm. Flanigan. M. Wheeler. Jacob Hyatt. John Kvits. Stephen 
L. Marvin, Chester McClain, John Brackett. 

Home Township. — P. Chas. Woodruff, Geo. Mapes, Chas. Maaon, W. Geo. 
Lewis. D. Fifleld, Jos. Conninftham, John Gudey. Morris James, Alfred 
Plant, D. Krisb. Silas Spaulding, John Reding. Samuel Root, Patrick 

Lincoln Township.— Martin J. Cole. Seth L. Dnsenberry. Edmond Pratt, 
Joel Dehaven. Bufne K. Barlow, Wm. F, Tennant. Eli Best. Wm. C. 
Penland. Joseph W^hitehead. Willard Boss, Jacob HuiTer. Samuel J. 
Winton, Lawrence T, .Tacqnay, Harmon B. Smith. .\mos Craft, Harry 


Monroe Township, — Daniel Demster, Cegasmer Stratton, John Bhi 
Geo. Abbott, Wm. J. (iray, John H. Murrj,* Alfred H. Lewis, Austin De ' 
Groat, Wm. H. Horning, Alouzo Keunv. 

Norwich Towuahip. — Dennis Andtrs, Fiank Bedell, Luther Carpenter, 
Bert Thompson, James Irwin, Wesley Jewell, Nelson Ganouog, Walter 
G. Smith, Horace Chaffee, David Spaulding, John B. Patterson, Chas. 
Prichard, B. F. Vaughn, Chas. A. Althouse, David Guiher, Edward 
Mudgett, Mason Norton, Joseph Couklin. John I'nwer, Noah Hurley. 

Sheridan Township. — Frank A. Bacon, Julius Castle, Gideon Lancaster, 
James M. Dean, Geo. W. Hall, Chauncy F. Gobn, John Hill, Wm. Pear- 
son, Jonathan Tindatl, Holly Crawford, Wm. H. Norton, John F. Prye, 
Samuel Crawford, John B. Ruggles, Chas. Eldridge, Brady McClung, 
Wm. J. Bacon, A. J. McQueen, Wm. Vandywerker, [Manuel Isb, Albert 

Sherman Township. — Andrew Cope, Jonas P. Jewett, David Dodge, Jo- 
slab Carpenter, Geo, Hopkins, Robt. Fields, Daniel Davis, Byron Ste- 
vens, Robt. Hill, Geo. Rockell, Geo. Tait, Geo. Mills, Edward Eldred, 
Geo. Briggs. 

Troy Township.— Chas. Freeman, Henry W. Whelpley, Ezeriah Woodruff, 
Frank A. Basford, E. J. King, Nathaniel Birdzell, Wm, Syers, Albert 
H. Freeman, Wm. Rumsey, Geo. B. Freeman, Jostab Luke, Levi Vaughn, 
Wm. ^ViUon, Chas. Cross, James Shattuck. 

Wilcox Township. — Edward M. Romans, Gilbert Cranmer, James L. Har- 
riger, Wm. T^elds, Augustus Richards, James McKehon, Newell 
Thomas, Wm, Deeds, Leonard Goodrich, Wm. Griffith, John Hamblio, 
Jonathan Hull. 

Village of White Cloud.— Jno. J. Williauis. n.-nry Nii^holw. Oalu» >Vrighi, 
Levi B. Wantz. Frank Noble, Hugh McClure. Wm. Noble, .\lex. Har- 
desty. Smith D. Witherell, Pirving A, Merrill, Simon P. Barnard, Jaa. 
H. Merrill, Enos Weed, Henry Babcock, Reuben Root, Sr., James D. 
Champion, Zebulon Caswell, Theo. Btorman. Wm. J. Harris, Archibald 
James, James FInnsburg, Geo. C. Williams. Wm. J. Champion, Wm. 


Addison Township. — John W. Prince. Elijah C. Kelly, Harmon L. Curl 
Geo. Nash, Andrew J. Close. Milton Fox, Jabez G. Angle, 

Village of Leonard.— Wm. Yakely. Wm. F. McMullen, Stephen B. HfcA 
lin. Abbott Taylor. Henry Lapham. John Kipp. .\ndrew J. Biclc' 
Wm. H. H. Eldred. Geo. B. Nowlin, Jacob F. Bradt, Bradford I 
oi\v. Elijah B. Dodge. [Spencer Eaton]. 

Avon Township.— Burdick Fuller. Anthony O'Brien, E. H. Sipperijff 
Jolin J. Snook, E. A. Jennings. Elisha Cady. John Powell. John Casey, 
Chas. Johnson, Robt. Patterson. Joseph Hawiey. Chas. Hottelliug. 
Henry H. Pennington. Edwin R. Frank. Lucius L. Frank. Orrin 
Arnold, Geo. Maston. Peter Thise, John Mason, Wm. .\rnold. Henrv 
W. Fero. [H. H. Cole]. 

Village of Rochester. — -James C. Vorhees. Wallace Camber. Daniel 
Cowell, Geo. Adams, John R. Worthley, Joseph H. Holmnn, Z. J. Oof- 


ffln, Henry P. Randall, Jeff. W. Eastman, J. Nathan Rightmire, Eze- 
kial Dewey, Henry Hill, Samuel Fowler, Isaac A. Wright, Geo, Stru- 
ble, Napoleon B. Taylor, Melvin E. Mann, Chriatian Z, Horton, Henry 
W. Leroy, Arthur E. Collina, Thomas Cooper, Julian S. Peters, Frank 
Spencer. Wm. Robertson, Frank Ruasell, Alex. A, Monroe, Abraham 
Wager, Chas. Nichols, Chas. Wing, Joaepb J. Boss, Joseph Reimer, 
[Jas. Powell, W. H. Le Roy. John K. Housel], 

Bloomfield Township. — Wallace Adama, A. C. Tibbils, David Turo, 
Edward Allen, Ira Reed, O. B. Moore, Samuel Alexander, A. H. Pra- 
gep, Austin Michard, Andrew McBride, Philip Durkee, 

Village of Birmingham. — Thomas Ward, Wni. N. Fall, Nelson B. Rey- 
nolds, Henry Randall, Hiram Daniels, Henry O. Buckley, John A. 
Bigelow, Harrison H. Wheeler, R. W. Farrand, Eugene Carr, Henry 
Benedict, J. Wilkes Fester, Henry Fall. 

Brandon Township. — A. Losey, Geo. Viin Wagoner, Stephen Scott, Wal- 
ter J. Barrett, Daniel Rohme, Henry R. Jones, Wm- Guiles. Christian 
Keff, Robt. Martin, Loren Torrance, Andrew J. Smith, Wm. Siebenhar, 
Wm. Watson, Wm. Burras, John L. Roli&on, John Burt, Thomas 
Tucker, James Yantine, John D. Mclntire, .Marion Jones, Dewitt Ben- 
jamin, Chas, Rogers, Nathan B. Wolverton, Henry Fifleld, John Bas- 
tedo, Benj. P. Guiles, Alex. Stoliker, Joseph Moore. .Albert Wilson, 
Wm. Black, Alonzo Flagler, Martin Woolman, James Mcllveen, Geo. 
Hnff, Wm, Wilbur, Uriah Irish, Chauncy Green, Fred Wilders, Peter 
L. Mclntire, Hugh Watson, [Philip Hummer, Matt. Wilbur. Elmer 
Torrance, Eraetua Bachelor]. 

Commerce Township. — Chas. Beebeheiser. John Elenwood, Harry Kim- 
ble. Oliver Cronk, Joseph J. Tuttle, John Church, Geo. Ingersoll, Jos- 
eph W. Long,John Haines, David Morrison, Robt. Noe, Chas.King, Geo. 
Ormsbee, Wm. T. Horton, Mark Day, Marshall Johnson, Stephen M. 
Gage, Chas. Miller, Orlando J. McKnight, James Van Epps, James 
Carey, Robt. Harpen. John Leary. Bela Ormsbee, John Sharp, Silas 

Parmington Township, — Joseph L. Lamb, Levi Jackway, Ansley B. 
Beach, John Williams, Stillman D. Lockwood, Joseph Gilbo. Francis 
Hubert, Geo. Lee, [Butler W. Seward, Thomas J. Davis]. 

Village of Farmington. — Edwin Parker. Wm. Thomas, Lewis C, Phil- 
brick, James Allen, L. D. Owen, Wm. Smith, [John P. Hiles, James M. 
Edwards, Wm. H. Gibbs, Wm. T. Daines, Chauncy Wolcott, Theo. 
Bockman, George H. Wood, John Power, Lyman W. Sowle, Hudson 

GroveJand Township.— Joseph Halstead, Frank F. Downey, Almon Bar- 
ron, G. Washington Evans, Mex. A, Worth, Francis Shanghnesay, 
Wm. H. Moore, Jacob Maumee, Wm. T. Pliipps, Lott Tobey. Franklin 
W. Thayer, Allen Campbell, Chas. M, Perry. Henry Honert, James L. 
Horton. Geo. Bowren, -Jr., Elisha S. Bird, Wm. A. Narrin. Harmon 

Highland Townsbip.^Arthur Forehee, Wm. Lee, Wm, E. Seaver, Wm. 
Beaumont. Norman L, Clark. Wm, Cook, Chas. Ward, Windham 
Hewitt, Wm. Martin. Wm. E. Lockwood. Frank Ball. James Gordon, 

kJohn H. Predmore, Peter Copp, Chas. Openo. Cyrus Wheeler, Piatt H, 
Lockwood, Frank Eaton, Horace N, Alexander, James Rowe. Spencer 
I 26 


ill», Wm.^l 

Lee. Lewie Ott, Ohas. E, Burne, Wm. G. St. Jobns. Abnim Milli 
Miles, Marcus D. L. Claj, Theo. Artbor. Darwin Beaumont, Jamra 
Smitti, Thomas D. Bartholomew. James F. Tajlor, Chae. W. Haynea, 
Geo. Taylor, Wm. Stiles, Chas. Porter, John F. Beaumont, N, B, i>otj, 
Lorenzo D. Lockwood, Wm. B, Downs, Larkin Baker, Samuel McCi " 
Andrew J. Baker. Wm, E. Burns, Asa E, Waterman, Geo. 
Alonzo Dean, Orlando Mills, James Ferrigan. John H, Davis, Bobt. 
Taylor, Friend llorton. 

Holly Township. — Henry DaTis, Gilbert Angus, Chas. Tinsman, Pei 
I. Quick, Wm, Stewart, David Crittle, James Trimer, Thomas Smith, 
John J. Thorpe, Geo. W. Marsb, Wm. A. Austin, Chas, H. Spalding, 
John Dains, Chas. lugersoll, Wm. Barrett, Wm. H. Hall, Peter Bake;^ 
Lott Smith, Elijah Clark, Martin Eager, Edwin Huntley, Oscar 
Husted, Hiram H. Austin, Wm. P. Holdridge. 

Village of Holly. — Lewis M. Kewell, Sylvester "Mosher, Geo. PettJs, J( 
Tucker. Chas. P. Xash, Dwight Hathaway, Luke McDonald, Geo, 
mage, Silas Fletcher. Geo. W. Marshall. Wm, D. Thompson, Michael 
J. Clark, Wm. M. Voorhees, W'm, G. Newton, Henry C. Johnson. 8. 
Benchley, Orrin Wakeley, Simeon B. Patterson, Dewitt Austin, Edw. 
Joslin, W'm. H. Phillips, James W. Mothersill. Reuben C. Smith. John 
Tucker. Henry Smagg. Le Grand A. Buell, L. H. Ripley, Wm. Edwards, 
James H. Cummins, Edwin A. Botsford. Edwin .T. Eisenbrey, Andrew 
Bentley. Wm. H. Smith, John Heam, M. D. Elliott, Cleveland Vi 
Dom. [Burt Requa]. 

Independence Township. — John Clark, Henry Norman, Hance E. 
gan. Joseph B. Roe, Joseph Lawrence. Joseph Norton, Geo. H. Sibl 
Wm. R, Scarce, [Jno. B. Sutton. Francis Tully, John M. Sloat]. 

Village of Clarkston, — James Richardson. Francis A. Follett, Joseph C. 
Bird, Vanrancelor C. Vliet, Wm. Urch, Chas. G. Robertson, Henry 
Brown, [Wilson R. Vliet. Jedediab Yeager, Robt. Beardsley]. 

Lyon Township. — Thomas Underbill, Henry C, Dennis, Richard Butler, 
John D. Powell, John A, Weeks, Homer Parker, Timothy G. Robertson. 
Abram T. Wood. Elias L. Ferguson, David Mumber, Wm. S. Gri%wold, 
Mortimer L. Smith, Wm. J. Osbom, David R. Page. 

Village of South Lyon. — I. H. Riddick, Hiram Jones, David Baird. Lewis 
8. Alien. Philip Hamilton, Milan J. Griswold, John W. O'Dell, Cholett 
Calkins, Marcena Goodel, Wm. H. Wade, Hannibal C. English. L; 
A. Sayles, John R. Bruce, John T. Hodgeman. Urban Gyde. 

Milford Township.— Alex. J. McCall, James McCurdy, Wm. S 

Henry Holmes, Geo. W. Carey, John Roberts, Lorenzo E. Baj 
Andrew Muir, Wni. IS. Kingsley, Alfred Sonlsby, F. M. Benham, 
man T. Holmes. [Decatur Cbilds]. 

Village of Milford. — Martin Ott, John Minchan, Del. Van Leuvan. J( 
son Robert, Thomas McCall, James Hennesy. Dennis Boyer, H( 
Sebring, Samuel Bell, David Stevens, Thomas Russell, O. H. Worden. 
Orrin Richardson, Silas Bullard, Fred Tower, Wm. Skank, John Han- 
nah, Geo, Osborne, Judson Fielden, John W. Stepbens, John Luce. 
Joseph Vowles, Alvy T. Philips, Harry Dingman, Lyman Gate, HenrT 
A. Stevens, Jerome Armstrong, Andrew Austin, Oscar Percy. Fred 
Prior, Robt. Potts, Chas. Teeter, Earl H. Childs, Newton B. Babcock. 
Thomas Cole, Willis Smith, W. W. Crippen. 





n. S. 


Novi Towuahip. — Geo. F. Goodel!, Geo. E, Hills, Geo. Hicks. Calvin L. 
Graves, John W. Robinson, Geo. Parks. ThomaB Kicbards, James 
Elder, Martin L. Crane. Alanson Gilbert, Marvin Kiiftft. Henry Moore, 
Walter Abbey. Seth Xoble, Abiam Van l>,Tne, Loren Hujnes. Wen- 
dell Willis, Daniel Johnson, Daniel C. Doyle, Daniel MeGuire, Daniel 
C Dnnhani, Lester Lyke. Geo. Smitberman, Madisun E. Wade. 

Oakland Township. — Geo. B. Whitner, Judson Dains. James Godison, 
H. Cole. M. I.. McClure. Warren CoU.v. A. A. Anstin, Frank Snider, 
Wm. Lowerj, [Ira Perry]. 

Orion Township. — Jeette Kueaell, Spencer Soper, Leonard Huffman, 
Peter Van Riper, Wni. C. Clark, Barney J. Hathaway, Jeremiah 
Wehb, Geo. Van Riper, Silas Casimere, Wm, H, Lake, Frederick Casi- 
mere, Chas. Benjamin, [Wm. Stockman, Hiram .\lberts, Jamea D. 

llage of Orion.— Wm. E. Lettell. Bicliard L. Cramer. Stephen Seeley, 
"Vincent Brown, Richmond Bootlie, Amain Predmore. Esley Redfield, 
Deloa Carpenter. Solomon Pratt, Rev. Gage, Myron H. Skinner. Rye. 
Crosby, Daniel McKindrick. Caleb Eldred, J. C. Predmore. Wm. A. 
McCoy, Michael Cribbens, Wm, H. Blanchard. Alex. Pittenger, Wm. 
8hick, Chester Willis. 

f»xford Township. — Ezra Gardner, James A. Gardner. Enos J. Pitcher, 
Samuel C Adams, Seth Francis. Wm. Spear. John B. Pittenger, Israel 
Lose)', Oliver 8. Bailey, Thomas Green, Samuel Brown, Simon P. Dern- 
berger, James K. Burt. J, P. Suiter, Eliphilat Elsworth, John Waiter, 
Erastus Vanwagoner, Wm. O, Davis, Nathan Parkhurst, Jesse Bang- 
hart. Myron A. Johnson, Adam Hihier, [Oliver Millspaugh, Amasa 
LoBey, Thos, Morrison, W, H. Brokenshaw, Uriah Crosby], 

Village of Oxfoid, — .\mos Strong, Jay Garvin. Nelson H. Crawford, 
Andrew J. Fox. Robt. C. Worts, Henry E. Nichols. Geo. Tuttle. Isaao 
Olive, Elisha R. Clark. John T. Reid. Sylvester Hazelton, Anson W. 
Tanner. Clarence H. Crawford. Samuel E. Parker. Philip Haddrill, 
Albert Robinson, Cornelius Loeey, Chauncy C. Torrey. .\braham Ritter, 
Lewis L. Parker, Barak Parker, Andrew P. Olaspie, Wm. A. Sage, 
Geo. Nelson, Geo. M. Bassett, Samuel .\ghk'y. Walter H. Wilson, .\lden 
M. Vamey, Geo. W. Torrey. Adanijah Foote. Orville Sage. 

Pontine Township.— Wm. H. Carey, James H. Churchill, Henry W. 
Carey, Ira Perrv, John Broderic, Geo. W. Hill. James A. Sutton. Frank 
Phillips. Thomas W. Smith, John M. Nichols. Otis Wilson. John B. 

Rose Township.— John M, Gardiner, Silas .-V. Howe. Gideon L. Smith, 
Edward D. Russy, Chas. Miller. Geo. Perry, Butler S. Tubba. Wm. E. 
Clark, Chas. A. Johnson. Lyman Case, .\lonzo Walls, Geo. Maxfieid, 
Francis M. Brown, Peter D, Rail, B. F. Bump, H, J. Montgomery. John 
H.Brown, Geo. Lewis, La wton S. Babcock, Robt. Brabim. Benj. Kenaga, 
Wm. L. Bush. Geo. Hatfield. Wm. W. Highfield. .\aron L. Johnson. 

Royal Oak Township. — Peter McDowell. J. B. Grow. Nicholas Sellner, 
Stephen Nenman. ,T:if-oh Hcilis:, \ndrew Gerd Jaiii<-i Hill. G. H. 
Barnes. Wakefield Bradley, Alfred F, Wilcox. Geo. Dewey, Wm, Mo- 
Qnire, John Lamore, .John Wright, T. Form?,, Henry .\ddis, Geo. W. 
Blackman. X. E. Springsteen, Joseph Chase. [John Benjamin]. 



Village of Koyal Oak. — S. J. Wilson, Ira Barnum, Franklin Alfopd, i 
bert Newton, Joseph Keibel, Chae. Van Walkenburg, Carlos Glaj 
Geo. ClOBSer, 

Soothfield Township. — John Wilson, Richard Smithermon, Geo, H. 
nard, Jos. M. Bowden, Clark S. Powell, Samuel E. Green, Alex. ] 
Cannon, Geo. Sherman, Joseph Ferguson, Otto A. Berger, Henry-i 
Cox, David M. Doty. 

Springfield Township. — Chas. 0. Murry, Cbas. Van Horn, Jesse Davel ^ 
port, Wm. Chestnut. Bdtit. W^vekoff, Alhert L. Gregory, John Rork, 
James Frisbie, J. K. I'indall, Alvin 0. Hnbburd, John Thompson, 
Nathaniel Thomae, Cornelius Roberts, John E. Norton, Irving Hub- 
bard, Jerome B. Trim, Edmund Ely, Evert Bergen, Isaac Philips, Chas. 
Dilley, Squire G. Waters, Andrew Mosher, Chas. Starkweather, Chae. 
Woodworth, James Lowrej, W'm. H. liuit. 

Troy Township. — Chaa. Wilson. Chas. Brace, .Arthur Patch, Daniel Clem- 
ens. Duffield Dangrow, Wm. Harris, Frank Pearsall, Lewis Bookham, 
Geo. Hunt. Wm. Tniesdale, Levi Wilson, Chaa. Schultz, Nicholas Kins- 
man, Wm. Hawthorne, Robt. Hawthorne, Edward Dangrow, Wm. 
flturgis, Belden Hill, Ira Carmen, Eli Philips, Chas. Sturgis, John Dan- 
iels, Lewis Smith, Jason Scott, Frank Cutting, Clark Harris, Peter 
Edwards, John Clemens, [James N. Smith]. 

Waterford Township. — John B. Northrop, Wm. Tnller, Wm, CUeal, 
Martin S. Goit, 8r., James Boggs, Geo. M, Richmond, John Wesley 
Stevens. John Cooper, John Burke, Collins A, Kelly, [Wm. Carter, 
Josiah Emery, James G. Voorheis] . 

West Bloomfleld Township.^Ezra Bastedo, Edward Coats, Wm. Nich- 
olson. H. Clay Hartwell, L, Duncan, Philip BnrnUam, Edward Hoi- 
lingshead, Joel Smith, Thomas Wyckoff, Wm. A. Grove, Henry Grin- 
nell, J. Sumner Rogers, John A. Roat, Robt, W. Malcolm, Henry 
Newman, [Jacob A. Clyckman, Thomas Crook, Theo, Pack]. 

White I..ake Township. — Wm. Van Gordan, John J. Jeffrey, Wm. Teg- 
gardine, Wesley C. Bump, Merrick Cooley, Chas. E. Evarts, John 
Adams, Henry McWithey, Alonzo Hasted, Lucas Wilber, Lewis Gar- 
ner, Banister Howlnnd, Richard Skarritt, John Barrett, Joseph C 
Skarritt, Wm. I. Allen, James G. Voorheis, W. C. Tarbell, D, W. Van- 
tassel 1. 

Pontiac City, First Ward.— Sylvan Ter Bush, Gilbert L. Pierce, C. Wes- 
ley Horton, Wm. H. Morgans, John P. Wilson, Joseph Stanley, Nur- 
ton Hilton, Geo. Hogan, Thompson C. Sebring, Wm. H. HarrisoD, 
Andrew Efforts, James Simpson, Nathan Carter. 

Pontiac City, Second Ward. — Geo. Reed, Henry C. Northrop, Eli Bauf 
man, James D. Tinney, James Abbott, Chas. Butler, John C,iaL\ 
Thomas Durfee, Thomas Grinstoin, Wm. Hankinson, Geo. O. Coli', 
Geo. W, Alexander, Howard Burgo, Harmon W. Brown, Nelson C, 
Thomas, Hezekiah Montross, Adam Markle, John Gilboe. John .lack- 
son. Geo. Hopkins, Chas. P, Martin, Chas. A. Nisbitt, Ernest Sprague, 
Wm. F, Hollister, Henry Stroud, Lafayette Bostwick, Joseph Gilbert, 
Albert Gilboe. 

Pontiac City. Third Ward.— Wm. Jackson, Daniel C Nale, C. L. Blair, 
Ohauncy Brace. Carl D. Seiver. Henry A. ReynoldR. Wm. H. Polliti, 
Frank Boyd, Walter Morgan, -loseph Hotehkins, James Nealtey, Lean- 


Bder Van Kleek, Gleasoo F, Perry, Win. Osmou, \Vm, Beal, 

' Axford, JudBon Hammond, Willis G. Deuton, John C. Reeves, James 
Bails, D. Siber Howard, Edward Ogle, John Burke, Orrin Sitts, John 
Fortner, Frank B. Galbraith, Francis Simoions, [James Buchanan]. 

Pontiac City, Fourth Ward. — H. A. Otto. Liician Loree, Burt Smalley, 
A. 8. Mathews, 8. A. Palmer. W. P. Burt, Edward Dawson, James 
Button, Joseph Vanc-very, Walter Knox. Solomon Mathews, David 
Horner, Jacob Shug, Miles W, Bragg. Irving Stevens, Marshall Gage, 
Geo. Segraves, Conrad A. Hoffman, Myron Fuller, Wm. Holman, Wm. 
Qunderman, Morgan Sitts, James Pattou, Robt. Collins, EnoB Whit- 
comb, David Sickner, Edward Pierson, Roswell Go£E, 

Pontiac City. Fifth Ward.— Geo. Washington Elliott. Robt. Colby, Phil- 
ander G. West, Mathew King, James F. Bobbins, Daniel Liuabui^, 
Joseph D. Pai^ello. Frederick S. Stewart. Wm. D. Petty, Chaa. B. Ford, 
John W. Smith, Geo. Eaton, Stephen J. Cloonan, Archibald H. Spriug- 
stine, Joseph Johnson, Wm. Blair, Robt. I,e Baron, Mark Elwell, 
'Ephraim P. Harris. 


mona Township. — Philo H. Beardsley, Ahira Worden, A. L. Cobb. Jere- 

Etniah Carpenter. Wm. Satterly, Wm. H. Fleming, Frank Shafer, Jay 

'~': Dorraneej W'm. A. Olinder, Henry Koster, Alanson Beckwith. Aub- 

tin D. Niles. Frederick Stier, Wm. Worth. Geo. Kelly, Thomas Fow- 

Jler, Josiah Coolidge, Edward Kinney, Chas. Gilbert, Timothy Tracy, 

fcoel Morse. Wm. Sutherland. A. B. Wood, JoBejih Fannaff, F. D. 

Hayes, K. Pei^uson, Cribbean McDaniels, James Marvin, Samnel E. 

Lewis, Jacob Koster, Christopher Ooodenrath, Joseph Ely, Walter 

Manning. L. P. Hazon, Wm. Johnson. Levi L. Gardner, James Gibbs, 

' E, O. Graves, CourtJand Davis, M. A. Beman, Beer Pittenger, [Wm. 

tP. Shafer. Chas. E. Morse. Robt. Fleming, Wm. B. Sours. Chas. 
lay Banks Township. — Eli B. Hawkins, Geo. P. Allen, John Dili, Geo. 
M. Orahara, David Dill. Andrew W. Bratton. Jesse Walker, John 
Downey, Fretierick E. Deymann, Biirchfield G. Perrin, [Levi Baker, 
Edwin Clemens. Orin Huston, D. Nickles. John Fordham], 
Colfax Township. — James E. Carter, Joseph Btair. 

Crystal Township.— Silas W. Stedman, Nathan Lowth, Jay Whitaker, 

D. F, Cunimings, C. 8. Sidler, John H. Beckwith, Henry Zagers, Smith 

Welsh. D. Demorest, James D. Gay, Alva Hickock, John W. Perkins, 

C. W. Burdick, Stephen Manley, Wilson Cole, Israel Roberson, David 

Beadle, Alva Darling, David Richardson, David TTnger, A. O. Aldrich. 

Josiah H- Beach, Daniel P. Kelley, Owen T. Fisher. H. Kimball, Alei. 

Amely. David E. Yaple. Timothy Jones, Edw. F. .ivery ,Wm. H. Foe. 

Elbridge Township. — Joseph H. Blades, Patrick Corcoran, Chas. 8. 

Smith. Geo. Tate. Sr., Wales N. Miller, Henry H. Feight, Wm. J. Cole, 

L. A. Hanniim. Tra Green, Gustavus May. John J, Moore, Abraham 

I Erans, Geo. McCarty, Lucius Slocum, .Taeob Y. Miller. Harry E. Fay, 

UOrrin L. Rummer, ReJa Vanbrocklin, Richmond L. Shaw, Comelins 

BrOwneller, Isaac Timmons, Otis W. Stafford, John Beach, Samuel 

Kyarson. Henry V. Darling, Edmond M. Fessenden, Solomon A, Hill, 

1, Wm. ^M 
, James ^P 



Reuben Strayer, Mathew Itoutley, Alplieus W, Hardy, Henry L. 
Hodges, Monroe D. Thomas, Harvey L. Kinney, Andrew Wolf, Boel 
Gill, Alexander Fletcher, Chas. Ferguson, Theo. G. Honk, Miner Mead, 
Noah Hoyt, Joseph Poneshing, James C. Bedinger, 

Ferry Township. — M. L. Manley, P. H. McOhan, Vanness Jordan, Levi 
Joslin, D. W. Mathews, Joseph Loomis, David S. Hindes, Anstin Cal- 
houn, Peter SaUbury, Joseph G. Mallison, John Alexander, John M. 
Heim, B. F. Archer, Sylvanus Hightower, Ransler P. Ferris, Orlo Jor- 
dan, Moses S. Hindes, Orrin Wiswell, J. H. Critchett, Henry Dodge, 
A. B. Decker, John Archer, Asa W. Parish. Wm, Seagar, James Mend- 
ham, Albertus Sparks, 8r., Thomas T. Green, O. T. H. Scoville, James 
Oshorne, Philetus W. Parish, O. B. Fogg, Thomas V. Gushing, Alfred 
T. Stevens. F. M. Barnes. Sjumiel Freesc. [Ora M. Grt-fii. Theo, P. 

Golden Township. — Robt. K. Erans, Oliver P. Cobb, Allen O. Divine, 
Chas. W. Weeks. Edward V. Seals, Isaac Staples, Edson W, Hoyt, Geo. 
F, Benouf, Geo. B. .\8hcraft. Samuel Mayhew. Orange H. Powers, Chas. 

A. Gampbeli, Allan H. Lanard, Elijah Mvers, Jndson Chamberland, B. 
F. Colton. John Aulthouse. W. H. Flory,' John Wilher, Wm. Wolf, Sr., 
Hiram Wilson, Sidney S. Branch, John Day, Spencer Kelley, Horace 
Woodhouse, Edward E. Allen. Thomas Lanard, Willard Watson. 

Grant Township.— Joseph Moore, Edgar E. Long, Henry Westfelt, Le- 
ander B. Godfrey, Edmond S. Randall, Joseph Wheeler, Frederick Bnt- 
zer, Joseph Moss, Henry Kennady, Andrew Wagoner, Warren Sim- 
mons. John Delamater, Wm. W. Coon. 

Greenwood Township. — Lyman T. Brown, Franklin Palmer, B. P. Her- 
mance, Jacob Staples, HaiTV Hamilton, John Royston, John Barnard, 
E. G. Walker. Peter Fox, John Donahue. A. G. Martin, A. M. Phelps, 
Chas, Perry, Alex. Bell. -Manson Wheeler. Hurdes Morton, Francis 
Needham. Lafayette Vanfleet, David Carter, Lorenzo Rose, Josepii 
Badger. Harrison Tharp, Tobia Haynor, Gamaliel Carlisle, Wallace 

Hart Township. — Edwin Cross. Casper Richter. .\. H. Wasson, Oswald 
Essner. J. H. Davis, L. G. Sutherland. Daniel Thurston, Kelson Bene 
diet. Frank Beach, Wm. H. H. Turner, John Bloom, .Joseph Giroiix, 
Hiram Francis, Gilbert L. Crumb. Wm. Horton, Jesse Mills, Frank ,4. 
Morton, Wm. Hobbs. Samuel McEwen. Geo. Chriner, Newell J. KellogE, 
Almond A. Skinner. Wm. Hale, Chas. Carlton, Timothy G. Turn-r 
Jesse Howe. Bebury Thorp. James A. Weyant. Ia.Tiah Inmau. Abraham 
Pelton, Geo. Lacey, Marquis Sage. Nelson Glover, Tyler Carmer, Rich 
ard Crocket. Geo. Rollins. Melvin A. Luther, Eli Johnson. -Jacob WeU 
ing, [David Savage, Kenyon Mead], 

Village of Hart. — Joseph Wood, Alvah Palmer, James H. Slater, Geo. F 
Dennison, John Knickerbocker, Edward Scott. James K. Hntchins, P 

B. Hntchins, John Akins. C. W. Slayton. John Westbrook, A. W, Pp''^ 
Wm. J. McRae. Jeremiah R. Thompson, W. R, Collier. Simon D. Yoni>- 
Peter Walsh, John G. Gary. Geo. Hill. Richard Ridell. .\lbert BootI 
Eugene A. Garvin, J. V. Oahill. Benj. F. Campbell. H. J. Holmes, J. A. 
Collier. Wm. Billings. Phlneas Garteij. Wm. H. Summers, W. E. Thorp. 
Wm. Fuller, Frank H. Edwards. Philo H. Chappell, .Mva Smith. Aneon . 
Fanner. Felix Besenson, Channcy Griswold, Jefferson W. Gilbert 1 


, [Harlon P. Parsons, Henry Sample. Ot-o. Rhudes. Peter Daniel: 

I Cocklington]. 

leaTitt Township.— David Mainb, Etijali E. Barbiiik. Edwaid Stafford, 

[ Albert C. Gowdy, Wm. McDonald, Jay Hinds, A. C. Lowe. V. E. Olark, 

" Wm. Spoon, Ira Vanakt-n, Wm. Sartwell, J. B. Smith, Hiram Webb, 
Thomas Koowlea, Geo. North, Itobt. L. Bunting. David Stafford, Hi- 
ram Mack, Peter Jones, John Cline, Royal Chase. A- M. Hovey, Uaao 
D. Adams, Richard Sorter, Byron Fairchild, Andrew Knowles, Lewis 
Hammond, Eliaa Doty. Mathe'w Caffrey, Alex G. Shultz, L. G. Cornell, 
Alfred Knowles. 

New Field Township. — Giles Townaend, Sylvester Stanley, Joshua J. 
Howell, Joel S. Frink. Joseph J. Bobbins, Richard Bobbins, Geo. E. 
Inman. James E. Philo, Jonathan P. Harley, John Morrow, Jonathan 
Pheaster, John H. Lewis, Theron Winters, Alex. Rash, Abraham Elt- 
niear, Chits, Hess, John R. Wyman, John C. Baker, Geo. .\. Robbine, 
G. W. Kenyon, James Kollar, Marion Bessegnie, Henry Coy.Wm. Hay- 
ward, Edmund Cram, Chas. A. Cook, Ezra Doud, Horace Lattin, Wal- 
lace Davis, Archie Bullis, Solomon Rash. Allen Whaling. 

Village of Hesperia. — Sylvanua Kemfield, John C. Kings, Wm. Wintera, 
Ellis M. Frink, Myron Stark, Henry Decker, Silas W, Ostrander, Alvah 
Bell, John F. Anderson, Thomas Lockard. David A. Dodge. 

Otto Township. — Hiram Keech. Chas. Royle. Jacob Williamson. Frank 

Pentwater Township. — Llewellyn Pollard, Samuel Goodrich, John Rud- 
dy, [Wm. Goodrich]. 

Village of Pentwater. — -Tohn McDonald, Henry C. Hart, Ebenezer W. 
Chadwick. Frank O. Gardner, Franklin J. Gaines, Edwin Nickerson. 
Herbert Reeves, Philo Barnard, Wm. Venn, Ira Puffer. Dewitt C. 
Wickham, Wm. S. Dnmont, Hnbert H. Bunyea, Julius S. Valentine, 

I3rloe Inman, Geo. A. McDaniels, James T. Greer, Martin Hnftile, Wm. 
i^oppell, John W. Hurley, Eric Hnftile, Thomas Terwilliger, Henry 
Krohn, Wm. B. O. Sands, Chas. O. Bishop, Martin S. Perkins. Abra- 
lam K. Fisher, Egbert N. Briggs, Chas. H. Smith, Chester F. Bnllou, 
D. B. Gardner, Peter B. Spanogle, Wm, F. Eahler. Peter Labonta. 
Walter A, Clark. Sidney E. Morse. Albert Mathews, Job C, Harrison, 
Vndrew Tuttle. John Pearson, Edward A. Wright. Frank Browning. 
Edward Brooker. Geo. Warrington, Christopher O'Brien. Almon Sav- 
ige. Wm. H. Ryekman, Lorin Palmer, Augustus Jacobs. Barney Evers, 
Fames Higgins, [Horace L. Perkins], 
elby Township. — Wm. W. Davey. Eugene Musselman. Arnold Wor- 
3en. Geo. M. Chamberlain, James E. Durham, Hiram C. Morris. Sam'l 
Wright. Parker H. Hitchcock. Ingram Willett. Ralph F. Ames, Wm. 
R. Larrabee. Andrew U. Bronson, Wm. J. Haughi'j, M. Almon Spauld- 

ing. Frank Vincent. C. Samuel Johns, John Eaton, Christian Kerr, 

John 0- Bobbins, G. John Weixler. Nathan Adams, Peter Passenger, 
B. A, Withenbury, Edwin Thompson, Samnel J. Clark, Geo. W. David- 
eon. Geo. H. Eddy, Philo A. Penfield, Wm. Swingle, Wm. H. Barry. 
[ Warren Vradcnburg, Ernest Hayes, John Kern. Gilbert Weldon,Oficar 
I A. Brown, Stephen I.. Stonehouse, David Davis. Henry S, Lewis, H. 
BHorace Hinds. H, Ezra Whelan. Augustus Fleming, E. Freeman Bulk 
>Iey, John M. Logan. Thomas Twining. N. John Inman. E. .Tames Stark. 
I Wm. Compton. 



Village of Shelby.— Jeptba Wright, Jobn D. Randall, Lucas D. WUdey, 
Francis Conroy, Alfred Pierce, Theron D. Waters. Edward M. Moody, 
Frederick Rathbone, Colwell Majors, Geo. W. Morehouse^ Harpy J. 
Melville, Adam Seger, N. B. Farnsworth, Wm. H. H. Reamer, Jose- 
phus Blake, Wm. H. Dudd, John A. Lyttle, Geo. B, Getty, John M. 
Morse, Kieliard Bisliop, Geo. W. Woodward, Stephen Burleson, Ohas. 
P. Sweet, Wm, F. Mitchell, Frank A. Pitts, Menzo Youngs, Porter 
Jenkins, Chas. W. Fisher, Ezra D. Elliott, Alex. Pittenger, Martin 
Flesher. Thomas Kelley, James H. Sparks, David G. Scroggs, Benj. S. 
Wade, Lewis C. Sraithi Walter H. Churchill, Reuben Shafer. 

Weare Township. — Wm. Brown, Lewis Tank, Edward Matliers, Henry 
Sage, Chas. Schooty. Richard Reid, laaac Fuller, Geo. Downing, Peter 
Cramer, Edw. P. Gregorj', David C. Reed, Andrew Ell, Frank C. Belb] 
Roht. Thorington, [Abraham Fleher]. 


Beaver Lake Township. — Wasbiugtou Foot, Geo. N. Forbi-s. 

Churchill Township. — Franklin Austin, Pizarro Perkins, Fraucis An 
Walter W. Smith, Edmund Soper. 

Gumming Township.— Ephraim Myers. A. L. Cuming. Job Allen Shiter. 

Edwards Township. — Lester Harrington, Thomas Martin. Geo. L, Lamb. 

Poster Township. — Burnham P. Barber, Geo. Peasley, Henry 0. Phelpfc 
Fred Wilke, Oliver Hickey. 1 

Goodar Township. — Christian Irrer, Albert H. Caster, Levi Sperliiu 
[John Hopkins]. ^ 

Hill Township. — Benj. McElroy. I 

Horton Township. — Luther Miller, 9 

Elackiug Township.^Wm. H. Geroy, Wesley foe\ ;an, James B. Smi^| 
Frederick J. Earle, Chas. W. Morse, Luther L. Mills. ■ 

I>ogan Township. — Wm. H. Gordon, Simon Shirts. H 

Mills Township. — David Short, Mathins M. Pj^erson. Abram J. Boveejfl 

Ogemaw Township.^ — Isaac Harrington, Geo, Dings, Hiram Dewitt- ^ 

Bicbland Township.— John Hall. Henry Craner, Emery I*. Blackman^ 
Wm. Wilson, Peter Hnnlon, Abram Scott. Cornelius O. Best, Anthow- 
Stone. Samuel A. Blodgett, John Stone, Thomas F. King, Thomas F.' 
Galvin, Chas. E. Canan. ] 

Rose Township. — Allan S. Cook, Henry O. Morrison. Hiram Bordeo,- 
Richard C. Dimock, Allan S. Rose, Hiram E. Rose, Orrin Graham, Pat-j 
rick Butteriy. Sr.. Andrew N. MoVeay, Hemy T. Rice. Seth B. RoaeJ 
John Mahoney, Wm. Baker. Henry Thielecke, Leonard Tucker, HanT'i 
P. Eggleston, Wm. C. Shepley, James K. Dobson, Wm. A. Bates, CheSA 
ter Cochran. 1 

West Branch TowDshi|i. — Luke Bosom, Ellis BuckiuEham. Thomas Hfrj 
ren, James Campbell. Albert Zimmer. Wm. Butts. Thomas Davla, Le*j 
anderF. Merrill. Alvin B. Dunbar. David Bigelow, Hugh Striker. Chau 
Goebel. Wm. Cook. Albert Haskell, John Crapo. I 

Village of West Branch. — Geo. Stocken, Hiram Kennedy, D. Eng«lH 
Marsh. Peter Bowtzell, Erastus N. Clark. Robt. A. Babcock, Anstln 
Abbott, Cornelius Rowe, Wm. H. Gard, Levi Deford, John Boshand 


Ellas HuttOD, Ralph R. Cook, Frederick Lapoint, Cass L. Kaumao, 
Orlando lugals, Jaj M. Warren, Geo, Alexander, Andrew McMurraj, 
Jobial Crabtree, James Atherton, Alexander L'ameron, Daniel J, Wil- 
cox, £ze. D. Largent, Darias Conntrjman, James K. Valley, Stephen 
V. Tbomae, Keman Jones, John A. Bitters, Alexander Brigbam, James 
filugles, Geo. HoUenbeck, James E. Ilorton. 



Greenland Township.— J. Wesley Griffith, Geo. Keith, Wm. PhilllpB. 
iDterioi- Township, — Wm. Elswick, Alfred Hicks, Thomas Stanwood, 

James Beed. Edward Page, Kobt. M. Giudiifr, Cbaunc.v Gibbs, 

ward Wilson, John Marcoe, Enoch E. Teft. 
McMillan Township.— C. O. Trumbull, James Hamilton, Wm. Finch, 

Thomas Wilson, Ghas. McLaughlin, Edgar Moss, Ephraim Francis, 

Henry S. Paine, A. Dunahan, Chas. Udell, Henry Higglns, John Mor- 

oran (?}, Oscar Cams, James Haley, Wm. McDonald, Wm. Dnncan, 

Abraham Gister, John McDonald. 
Ontonagon Township. — Louis Vasseur, Stephen Loranger, Theo, Ham, 

John W. Clark, Geo. Miles, Serena Chandler, John O'Connor. 
Rockland Township. — Paul D. Reichman. 

^^rdell Townsiiip.— Wm. F. Edgett, T. Rogers, John Byers, Unas Wit- 
mer, Geo. W. Averill, Henry Dyer. Albert Adams. Eben Grover, A. 
Holbrook, M. B. Houghton, John Stansell, Eric Anderson, David H. 
Rervis, W. H. Ball, N. B. Henry, John Waters, W. B. Irwin, L. L. One, 
J. D. Smith. 
Village of Tustin.— W. M. Degoit, J. F. Emery, Sr., Harlon Cole, 
Compton, N. S. Spencer, Ira Hopkins, Ptark Lampman, Geo. Schlappi, 
C. H, Forbes, Daniel McGovfm, A. J. Morgan. 
Cedar Township. — Robt. M, Blakny, Godfrey Kalt, Nelson Vickery, Var- 

anes B. Havens. 
Evart Township. — Bronson Wing, Horace Peck, Solomon Fennick, 
James Sims, Homer Riehman, Isaac Coeman, Aaron Minier, James G. 
Ugbt. David H, Huron(?), Edmond T'nderwood, Jas. L. Green, Lucius 
A. Bisbee. Joseph L. Wixom, John Hillis, Wm. Hungerford, Joseph 
Smith, Wni. H. Stryker, Loren D. Cooper, Henry Head. [Isaac Corman. 
Deborah Stillwell]. 
Hartwick Township. — Nelson Hall, Silsby E. Rowe, Andrew J, Pence, 
Albert A. Havens, Reuben B. Gibbs. John Horsfall, Martin Vander- 
hoof. David W. Welch, Silas D. Davis, John H. King, Cbas. Peel, Geo. 
H. Pope. John E. Vreeland. Joseph B. Sawyer, David H. Simons, Jos- 
eph H. Thompson, Alva Vanderboof. 

tersey Township.— Alex. Hilts. Welles Berdic. Philip Wagner. Adam 
Alles. John B. Huff, Franklin B. Koapp. Andrew L. Bibbing, A. B. 
Peas. Benj. Dusler. John W. Hartford. Marshall Butts. James Coak- 
ky. John Morris, Cbas. E. Johnson, Jacob Penning, Nelson H. Faulk- 



ner, Oirin M, Lewie, Wm, M. Smith, Win. E, Bicbarda. John W. 
RoBwell D. Wood, Kichard B. Neil. 

Village of Hersey.— Josiah Booth, Marcua F, Lafler, Benj. F. Qooch, 
H. Jonee. Wm. L. Beardeley, Geo. Rose, A. C. Barclay, Alfred O. Ti 
pie, Oliver L. Millnrd, John 0. Maghtr, Heiipy IJosi-. 

Highland Township. — Chae. S. Lewis, Warren Nedry, Geo. Frantz, Geo. 
KitBon, Jeremiah Miller, Meivin Arnold, Daniel T. Spicer, Daniel W 
Gould, Edward O. Cole. 

LeKoy Township. — James Bradley, .\lfred Starks, Peter Bekher, Chris 
tian Qugle, Wm. Wickman, Jacob W. MyerB, Jamee J. McCarda, Chas. 
A. Nichols, Samuel Donnely, Levi French, John Biggs, Robt. Bell, 
Hugh M. Lamb, Geo. Chapmau, Milea G. Predmore. Wm. McKenzie. 
Wm. Craik, C. E. Mrbod, Wellington Stark. 

Village of Le Boy. — Henry Worden, AnguBtna CortriRht. Solomon Hay- 
barker, Henry M. Everett, Jamea E. Scribner, Ervin .\iistin, Godfrey 
Gundrum, Geo, Noyes, Isaac D. Scouten, Jacob Swarthont, Josepii 
Hagerman. W. H. Barnes. Wm. Kinney, Alaneon Mclntyre, Geo. B^ 
Merrill, Geo. U. Carlow, 1 

Lincoln Township. — John A. Simons, John J. Moraman, Jesse Genaif^ 
John J. Keams, Aaron Bowman, Frank J. Clark, Daniel Stedman, 
Martin Sims, G. M. Yoanga, Geo. J. Austin, Nathaniel B. Seeley, Alli- 
son P. Varney, Joseph Mulholland, Eliaa B. Brown, John W. Sampson, 
Wilber C. Herrington, John C. Stuck, B. F, Adams, David Eggleston, 
Andrew J. Bratt, Elisha Poland, Wm. McDonald, John C. Horn, Henry 
J. Collins, Harvey Powers, Joaeph Chrialer, John Freeland, Oscar 
SchafEer, Clarence .\. Warren. James B. Deland. James D. Bratt, Peter 
Schause, Thomas Hollister, John H. Jewett, Albert J. Lintz. John Col- 
lerd, Geo. H. Morris, Ambrose Norton. 

Marion Township. — Chas. A, Bntler, Isaac Hall, Aston B. Price, Wm. 
Ceasar, John Crown{?), Delansou Chapin. Mathias Botmau, A. Dickin 
son, Jerome Johnson, Geo. Harden. D. A. Myers, Michael Ryan, Bami 
Terrell, Nt^ckles Rack, Isaac Brenner, W. H. Wilson, Anthony Jernio;^ 

Village of Marion. — John Kincaid, A. 0. Cummings, Albert Rofoini 
Wm. H. Linsley, Wm. Hall, John H. Wheaner, Hiram Creamer, Solo- 
mon Olea, Abram Regie, Oliver Gibbons, David Johns, .\ndrew Jonef. 

Middle Branch Township. — Jason Mershon. Oliver Clark, James Beck- 
ham, Joseph Roe, Alvalma DickiuBon. Israel G. Elton. 

Orient Township. — fieo. B. Johnson. Wm. J. Manley. .\l!en W. Whei^Wr 
Cornelius Dyer. Geo. B. Pine, John A. F, Seeley, Henry Hoffmyer. 
Eobt. 8. Covert, Loren Fink, Andrew Haling, John A. Calhonn, Geo. .\ 
Trafton, [Joa. H. Powell, Geo. W. Delemarter, C.rrns Davie, Isaac A. 

Osceola Township. — Absalom Butler. Gahishea Turner. Peter Minor. 
Albert E. Wait, Darwin Wait, Wm. Fletcher, Sanford Skutt. Stanley 
E. Kirby. Wm. Stanneger, Daniel Farrington, David W. Parker. Alben 
Adams. Jos. W. Finch. Horace Keith. Hiram Blood, Tbeo. Wait, John 
Johnson, Osro Morton. Benj. Fry, Hemnth Rathbuni. Ransom Coon. 
Jacob Parker, Benj. PeLong, Wm. Churchill, Caleb Gifford, Josepli 
Wigglesworth. [-John Rowley]. 

Village of Evart.— Henry .\.IIen, Chas. C. Mills, Nathan Vliet, Wm. Leg 
gett, Reil Mapes. Reuben Dunn, Geo. B. Miller. Wm. Rogers, Wilsou 
Stickney, Orville M. Bush. Wm. I^wia, Ellery Cannon, Simeon Martin. 


An\n- ■■ 



Wm. Woodford, Geo. Gilbert, \Vm. H. Lewis, Fred Slant, Wellington ^M 
Postal. Edward J. Cox. Chas. Mixpr. Riohnrd ^icklpn. Wm. PhilinH. Fd- ^ 


Postal, Edward J. Cox, Ghas. Mixer, Riobard Sickles, Wm. Philips, Ed- 
gar M.Beemaii,Joiin Hughes. John Mixer, Wm. Vroman, John Q. Bone- 
Bteel, Harvey Darwin, Jobii Q. Fleming, Thomas J. Hoover, John J. 
Deasler, Wm, H. Bougbton, Norman Wormoth. Gideon Bowley, Lather 
Russell, Orrin Button, David B. AndruH. 

t Bichmond Township. — Warren F. Stone, Frederick RoggE, Rausom Kua- 
sell, Daniel E. Cole, John Knupenburg, Wm. J. Anderson, Edgar Her-' 
ry, Herman Stephen, John Thiel, Homer Spencer, 

I Village of Reed City, — John Moriart, Chas. W. Beecher. Xatbaniel 
Clark, Christian Voelker. Obas. Groger. Adam Buppert, Riohard A. 
Berry, Aretus Corwin. Lewis Itarrett. Lorenzo A, Bflrker. Robt, H. 
Allan, James Sturdevant. Chas. Rood, Israel K. Smith, James L. 
Oliver, Isaac Watkins, Alpbeus Flarida, Chas. B. Williams, Monroe 
Dickinson, Josiah S. Pierce, liivingston Hall, Samuel Stickney, Amos 
Rosenberg, Geo. H. Baasett, John Mitchell, Geo. H. Gilbert, Ecles Hail, 
John R. Youngs, Thomas H. Peacock. Joseph Ernest, Asa G, Back, 
Simeon Van Alfin, A. Gilbert, Martin Miller, Anthony Wise, Uriah O. 
Chase, Geo. Thomas, Duane Hubert, Benj, F, Edwards, Isaac Grant, 
James Welch, John McCormick, Oliver Barrett, Alvin C. Loomis, 
Henry C. Stoddard, Benj. F. Cooper, [Philo M. Lonsbury]. 
Eioae Lake Township, — Belah G. Moulton. Geo. W. Archbald, Chaa. 
A. Johnson, Martin W, Westfall, Orville Myers. Wm, A. Boyer, Geo. L. 
Hinkley, Chauncey M. Lathrnp, John Bobbins. Edmund Burr, Wm. 
Pigeon, Joseph V. Highland, Samuel A. Wells, Franklin Cusick, Reu- 
ben H. Bishop, Wm. Runyon, K I. Archbald, John N. Westfall, Joseph 
Stevens, Henry D. Francisco, Chas, H, Peake, Albert P, Bailey, John 
Williams, Almon E, Collison, Wm. O, Brink, Joseph W. Flint. Edwin 
Chapman, Chas. W. Williams. 
Sherman Township.— Daniel Duvall, Geo. F. Noggle, Joseph D. Berry, 
Oliver Plotts, Irvin Miner, Joseph E. Jones, David K. Smith, David T. 
Jacques, Nathaniel S. Graham, Samuel C. Jones, Geo, W, Dalton, 
Mauley Maxin, E, H. Louglin, Orrin C. Taylor, Amoe Bell. Uriah Burk, 
Olin Brink, Gabriel Cole, Chas, E, Redner, Delorma W. Wisner, Chas. 
P. Greeman, Geo. Demereat, Wm, A, Waller, Hobart B. Chapman, 
Henry E, Mead. Samuel Davie, Joel Loomis. 

I Sylvan Township. — Bennett Gregg, James E. Martin, Wm. Criger. Chas. 
Coppins, Gravener B. Bailey, Luther T. Elmore, James S. Johnson, 
Joseph R. Foster. Nathan A. Washburn, Geo. Cornelius, Eliae H. 
Minier. Wm. P. Leggett. Lemuel P. Jones. Thaddeus L. Manley, Foster 
Edwards, AIouko J. McCam. James Osmer, Wm D. Pier, Geo, W. 


Atherton Township.— Thomas E. Cook, Chas. E. Clover, Washingttm 

Ferguson, Wm. R. Lewis, Napoleon B. Hughes. 
Big Creek Township.— Stewart Gorton, .\Iexander Gubbins, Wm. Hunt. 
Milo A. Thompson. Samuel H, HagarraaB. Carlos M. Tyrrell, Warren 
D. Bclden, Nelson N. Delile. 
Y Comins Township.— Wm. Randolph, r>orenzo Hopkins. Simon V. Durkee, 
Jefferson Newi-omb. Geo. H. Helmer. C. J. Rich, Geo. Biggs. Robt. 




Dexterj Emeraon Anuis, Jolin C. Winton, Geo. A, Ward, Cbas. Laymaj 
MyroB Sherwood, Jamce G. Brady, Jacob Ervin. _ 

Elmer TowDBliip.— H. K. Kockafellow, Albeit A. Xorton, Burnett 
Parks, C. W. Van Antwerp, John Masterson, \Vm, R. Scott. 

Greenwood Township. — John M, Brown, Daniel C. CalkinB, Aeabel Craw- 
ford, Marcus J. Wood, Levi RandaJ. 

Harmon Township. — Hiram S. Rice, Ciiaa. W. Bennett, John W. Fined! 
Wm. H. Baker, Benj. F. Eckley. 

Mentor Township. — Kobt, Maddon, Ghas. Gabriel, Wm. Winton, Olivtij 
Church, James Carr, Wm. Tomtineon, Wm. Gates. 

Mount Pindus Township. — Stephen Richardsoi^, Wm H. Rogers, H. 1 
Wilkinson, ^ohn W. Hollowell. 



Bagley Township, — Chas. W. Graham, A. G. Stuiverant, E. S. Dickinson^ 
John G. Ketler, Eugene Van Buren, Henry Lee, Geo. Stott, [W. H. 
Bowers, James Hanes]. 

Village of Gaylord. — Joseph Coatta, Geo. H, Smith, John Elliott, Davl 
M. Werts, Wm. H. Smith. Gilbert W. Smith, C. C. Mitchell, J 

Charlton Township.— Ha ron B. Waters, Michael Galiger, Biruey DuttW 

James Dowker, Wm. H. Corlein, Geo. L. Welch- 
Cheater Township. — John A. Covert, Nelson K. King, Stephen H. Wai 
ren. Silas S. Laird, John Klingensmith, Frank Perkins, Wm. 

Corwith Township. — John H. Warner, Wm. Karslake, Daniel S. M«_ 
Chas^ Jeffery, Thompson Smith, Wm. E. Lounsbury. Nathan C. Gil 
Ashley, Jr., Chas. S. Caryl, Thomas C. Wooden, Royal Stone, John G.^ 
Berry, Chas, Ziekgraff, Henry B. Standard, Geo. D. Moharter, C 
Snow, Ira Murdock, Marsha!! H. Chapin, Benj. F. Marlett, Wm. 
Smith, Joseph Banks, Daniel Brado. M. L Btickney, Otis Bettis, Martlnll 
J. Sehl, Abram Van Auken, [Wm. Allen, Henry Staley]. 

Dover Township.— Wm. Wilkinson, C. L. Sherman. 

Elmira Township. — Leraan J. Coats, Clinton E. Mosbier, Chas. P. DavfajKl 
Harvey E. Wheeler, Chas. Gochn, Marcus S. Miles, Horace Bellinge^ 
Judson Palmer, Sumner W. Howard, Wm. Parmater, Hiram Oilsoi^J 
Edgar J. Harris, Cuiwell Martin, Wm. W. Middaugb. 

Hayes Township.— Charles H. Tuthill, Isaac F. Vantyle, Eliae H.J 
Merithew, Jesse Robbins. George O. Rabin, David C. Bala, Edwin Riclh J 
ardson, John N. Rohryner, [John H. Wamer]. 

Livingston Township. — J, W. Rinkor, B. F. Ordway. Wm, J. Jubb, IM'J 
dore Williams, Hosea Birdaell, Wm. Wines, Jonathan W. F. New^ 
some, Lewis Sweet, Silas Griffin, Wm. Allen, Hiram Winters, EdwarJ 
Goslow, Robt. Davis, James Walker, N. L. Parmater, Daniel P, flfofer, 
Stephen H. Warren. D. W. Stewart. Melvin Starke, Geo. Taplin. Wm. 
Chapman, Geo. Crissey, Joseph Jessup, Orson Higley, A. M. Hilton, 
Geo. B. Congdon. Samuel E. Qua, Harvpy Durfee. Chas. B. Brown, 
[Charles Gocha, Lyman W. Bratt. James L. Hodges]. "" 

Otsego Lake Township.- W. S. Martin, Michael Stofford. T. C. 8b« 
wood. James Davis. P. L. Tillespi. Thomas Tracv. Frederick Sni 
./. P. Fluent, C. Q. Wright, Frank Dillespi, Prank Duprty. 



Ptllaodale Township. — W'm. Rittenburg, Horace L. Hill, Chas. 0. Biiwru, 
Wm. Comstoek, Frank J. Utter, Jolin A. Williams, Albert Perkins. 
Enoa Parish, Benj. Sherman, Nathaniel B. Abey. Isaac Taylor, John 
Jenkins, Harvej Simmons, Emmons T. Gray, Harley C. Bement, Henry 
C. Cooley, James W. Cole, Hiram Knowlton, Elijah R. Smead, Asa L, 
Porter, [John Rogers, Wm, Bennett]. 

BlendoD Township, — Darius H. Grow, Joseph Snay, Geo. Nightengale, 
Chas. A. Seydell, Oscar M. Sherburn, Geo. Oblman, Samuel B. Benton, 
Samuel Thompson, Peter Snider, Norman Kunzi, Ralph Steffens. 

■Chester Township. ^Geo. Biott. Wm, McCune, Daniel F. Thomas. Wm. 
Hauterstock, Joseph Gilbert, John Fluhrer, Gordan Sinclair, Geo. A. 
Zlmmermann, Harrison T. Barrett, Samuel MeCune, Walter S. AverlU, 
John Gilbert, Christian Laubach, Thomas Gillhespy, S, L. W. Knepper, 

; Peter Wagner, Daniel Alt, Edward Wagner, Valentine Schafer, Isaac 
J. Isenhart, Matbew Mines, Geo. W. Harris, Burnett Hoard, Lorenzo F. 
Chubb, Wm. Fryback, Benton D. Thurston, Peter Krey, John Oralor, 
Adelbert Hatton, Erastus Shafer, Wm. H. Davenport. 

P'illage of Lisbon. — Christian Brown. 

Prockery Township. — John Majbie, Edward F. Barden, Frederick 
Douck, Peter C. Hunt, Henry E. Plant, John Eckhoff, Thomas Somer- 
I sett, James H. Schuyler, Lemuel J. Ward, Merwin W. Richmond, Wm. 
Humphrey, Erastus Cornwell, Orange A. Jubb, Frank Jones, Geo. P, 
Moore, Edmund R. Porter, Hiram Cornell, Hamilton V. Mason, Bilas 
Hnnter. Thomas Dandy, Albert Jones, Francis M, Green, Louis Mer- 
kina, Joos Verplanke, Wm. J. Bly, John N, Nelthrop. James Withey, 
Joseph Brown, Chas. Ensley, John D. Pickett, James A. Wildey, Allen 
0. Floyd, Joel A. Bond, AMn G. Hayward, John W. Kinney. 
"■ wrgetown. — John Graham, Thomas M. Waitp, James W. Chilson, Soitse 
Decker, Bena Wierinper, Jacob Vanderveen, Benton Green, John Hall, 
John M. Pay, Wm. Whipple, Jr., Chaa. Barnaby, Nicholas Zuidema, 
Roswell Gilbert, Albertus Kronem.rer, Hiram S. Surdtim, Wm. Len- 
acre, Isaac N. Lowing. Wm. Mathews, Henry Dailey, Geo. Thompson, 
Sherley Bigma, Chas. L. Moody, Louis Marsac, Almon Wadsworth, 
Abraham Lobdell, James DeCater, John Tibbitts, Alfred Tate, Law- 
rence C. Dahm, David Doig, Eber B. Crandell, James B. Yeomane, 
John N. Wait, Chas. Rosegrant. 

I^rand Haven Township. — Leonard Stickney, Alle Reendera, Lueien J. 
Bragg, A. M. Cole. Abraham Mastenbroek, James White, John C. 
Bishop, Orrin B. Ryder, Benj. F. Borns, Irvin A, Daniels. Chaa. A, 
Constantine, Peter Dnshane, John M. Crow, Geo. W, Harris, Wm. T, 
Ryder. Daniel S. Suits. Asa D. Roik. Philip Weaver. 

Holland Township. — Henry Koninsberg, Melger Van Regenmorter. G. A. 
Wilterdink, John Naber. Dur Schikme, William De Fouw, Adrian 
Wageaaar, C. F. Pose, William McFnnl. Darwin C. Huff. Wm. nhap- 
man. Nelson W. Ogden, Wm. Van Nette, D. H. Clark, Martin W. 
Kremer. G. J. Heselink, D. B. K. Van Raalte, John Riemprama. Broer 
Van Dyk, Arend Brouwer, Saninel Smith, Wm. Sherman, G. S. Wede- 
mad. George Campbell. John Van Dyk. [Dirk Miedema, Frank Hatha- 
way, .Tacob Vjin Dyk. Theron Metcalf, Louie De Kcakev, S^.,ft'e>^\Ms^<a. 
I Vao Baalfe]. 




Census of Michigan— june i, i8»4. 

Homer ^^^| 


Jamestown Townshiji. — Abram Hvubniml, H. L. Haijlibarger. Homer 
Clark. Daniel T. Bennett, Heni-j- Hikey, Luther M. OJark, Albert 
nej, Natbao Sadler, WiiHliington Weltou, Hodney Golden, Martin Bleb- 
mond, Xieholas Matzen, Joseph Sehiieider, Pet*?r Steffes, Henuao 
Bneeden, Geo. H.vman. Gardner Avt-rv, Chester H, Dean, Hiram Tib- 
bitt. Geo. Moorman, John Browu, Thomae Brown, Roelof Strick, Ji " 
L. Whipple. 

Olive Township. — Andrew Mondav, ,\braham H. Van Goabeck, Enoch 
Khodes. \Vm. Roberta, Ma«on K. Merritt, Chas. Tuttle. Rufus Beera,' 
Bartold Van Derzwnag, John Rosenberger, Micbael Paxaon, John 
Anjf. Peter A. PeteraoD, Frank Miles, Patterson Sankey, Samtiel 
Monntford. Abraham Bo.ver, Joel M. Fellows, John Brown, Chas L. 
Waffle, Wm, M. Jacques, Jan Vork, Cornelius Glaus, Thomas D. Atkin- 
son, Chas. Miles, Bailey K. Flagg, John Sehroeder, Armon Waite, An- 
drew Seboumaker. Wm. Sankey, John W. Xorrington, Alfred S, Baker, 
Daniel S. Morehoose. 

Folkton Township, — John Jackson, Ozias Noble, John W. Downs, Tbeo. 
Rosegrants. Wm. Porter, Stephen G. Owen, Chas. Washburn, Chas. 
Durham, Levi Stamp, Eli Kearney, S. D. UutchinK. Wm. R. Barrett, 
Albert Harvey. Wesley J. Beers, Levi H. Chase, James Seekins, Alfred 
C. Muitzall, Chas. Bliss, John S. Palmer, Wm. Xellis, Robt. .Archibald, 
Thomas J, Troogood, R. E. Arthur, John Cooney, Ezekiel Jewell, 8. B. 
Shotwell, Joseph Stevens, Edward Jackson, E. Elgersma. 

Village of Coopersviile. — Benj. F. Norton. Chas. J. Hovey, Wesley J. 
Miller, Wm. E. Sherman, Roswell Tootbaere, Paul R. Averill, F. M. 
Dillon, Virgil O. Wood, John W. Hopkins, James Cilley, B. Frank Ter 
den, Walter S. Cole, Joseph Bowers, Joseph C. Mead. John Brillhart, 
Biiey Davenport, Solomon Dunkelburger, Luther E. Moore, Bobt. 
Graham, Wm. H. Salter. Geo. F. Upton, Gideon S. Davis, Orrin Q. Max- 
field. Guildford D. Taylor. Julius M. King. Benj. F. Treat, John Sickli 
John SiH-ucer, Squire C. Oordan, Frank Newton, Geo. Laubach, Ed^ 
L. Washburn, Daniel W, Mills, Geo. T. Peck, Cornelius Mend, BenJ. ' 
Haas, Blinn Dumas, Hiram Ames. James H. White, Reuben Wampol 
[S. C. McLellan], 

Robinson Township.^Samuel G. Tripp. Rudsodi Robinson. Merinua 
Bullis, Ernest Gennricb. John R. NieholG. Andrew Logan, Wm. 
Walter, Henry Lewis. B, F. Robinson, .Alex. Keeler, James Richard- 
son, Asa G. Darbee. Milo O. Hatch. [Isaac Haonon, Fred Willita] 

Spring Lake Township.— Merriman Wiliams, Geo. Volmer, James ' 
David R. W'atere. John Langlan, Asa Joy. Eugene Gardner, Geo. 
ton, John Thomas, Wm. Lyttle. Albert B. Ashley. Horaoe Howe. 

Village of Spring Ijike. — Lucius Lyman. Chas. Marshall. Cyrcl P, Brown, 
Dewitt C Ainsworth. Judson Farmer. Frederick Zaph. Hessel Oster- 
hoff. David P. Sanford. Jay McClure, Sylvester Rideout. Uriah Sport, 
Orrin D. White, Jeremiah Holcomb, John Castle, Geo. W. Dixon, Geo. 
Schwab, Dan. W. Smith. Herman Reynolds, Enno J. Piuim. Michael 
Cooney, -John Vandermade, Peter Ross, Ephraim Molson. Ozro A. 
Markham, Merritt F. Reed. Martin Walsh, Robt. Clark, OotneKi 
Klauwe. Daniel W. Smith. 

Tallmage Township.^Chae. Lord. Alonzo Patterson. Patrick Falfcni 
James Dome. Edward Hydorn, David Crysler. Wm. Williams, Wall 
Lynn. Geo. Fuller, Peter Vandercingle, Reuben Randall, Henry 





Lird- ' 

a]. JH 
0. Qntnl^H 



^^Calklbs, Betliuel Hice, Edward i'yiird, Henry I{ubbl>11, Peter ilaia, 
Jamee Uleadell, Wm. Millard, John Betts, David Fuller, Dexter M. 
Wheeler, Wm. Clierry, Eli W. Marble, CLas. E. Gregg, Joseph Robin- 
8on, Horace Woodiuau. 

Wright Township.— Joseph Baranoweki, Andrew J. Martin, John Bau- 
man, Orlando M. B. McCann, Dudley Tinker, Frank EUcey, Wm. Faller, 
Henry Brittian, A. D. Sickles, Geo. Lane, Geo. P. Taylor, Cbaa. B. 
Nobles, John WasBon, Thomas J. McCulloch, Norman Cleveland, Ar- 
lington Wells, Paul Hamilton, E. D. Park, Martin V, Taylor, Stephen 
8chwalier, Henry Thomas, Isarc C. Walker, Amos Wolvertoa, Joseph 
Zuber, Richard Carlisle, Henry Spore, John H. Hanford, Geo. W, Haas, 
Elijah H. Wolcott, Daniel C. Wells, Benuel Baumau, Henry E. Shuster, 
Albert E, McCullocb, Isaac Roseberry, Wm. Graham, .\llen J. Collar, 
Frederick Mohns, John M. Parke, John W. Kelley, Geo. H. Burlingame. 

Zeeland Township. — Geert Heyboer, Koelof Dalman, John Dewit, Henry 
Koning, Rinke DeVree, Henry Dalman, Henry Farma, Jan De Vree, 
A. DeVree. Albert Eding, MarinuB KoBBen. 

Village of Zeeland. — John D. Everhard, Reinder Meijering, John 
Goosen, Henrj- B, Van Dyk, CorneliuB Van Loo, Alfred Rindgc, Peter 

Grand Haven City, First Ward. — Adelbert M. Van Wormer, John 
Streug, John Luikens, Newton E. Glazier, Wiltshire C. Bennett, Jaar 
rien Woltman, Edmund L. Van Wormer, Gerret Verhoeks, Joseph De- 
Denny, Francis M. Sprague, Lyman S. Allen, Joseph Palmer, Philander 
Palmer, John Mastenbroek, [John De Jongb]. 

Grand Haven City, Second Ward, — Cornelius Crimmins, James O'Con- 
nell, LewlB W. Bon, Chaa. N. Dickinson, Mathias Thomas, Myron 
Scott, Peter Wild, John V. B. Goodrich, Geo. C. Soles, E. B. Holmes, 
Geo, W. McBride, Jacob B. McNett, Joseph W. Kibler, Isaac SwartouT. 
John Neil, [Comelius Nesser. Orlando J. Parker, Francis E. Murray]. 

Grand Haven City. Third Ward.— Wm. Vanden Berg. Edwin L. Milli- 
man, Samuel Eames, James W. Orr, Joseph Douglass. Arend Vander 
Veen, Robt. Finch, Chas. E. Soule. Richard C. Duryea, O. F. Glidden, 
Geo. A. Farr, G. H. Seymour. 

Grand Haven City, Fourth Ward.^Miner J, Emlaw, John DeSpelder, 
Frederick Schmidt, [John >I, Ijockie. Peter Van Raalte, Joseph L. 
Jackson. Mark Doddington. Henry F, Dake]. 

Holland City, First Ward.— Geo. M. Pond, Wallace H, Chapman. Nathan- 
iel Erskine. John Dowma, Geo. H. Chandler, Jacob O. Doesburg, 
Gerrit S. Doesburg. Theron Metcalf, Peter Vork, John P. Oggel, John 
Zwaner, Wm. Baumgartel, Hendrik, Toren. John Nies, Henry C. Far- 
ley. John Grootenhuis. 

Holland City. Second Ward. — Wm. B. .\very, John G. Dykema, Henry 
Lindemeir, Geo. Eccels, C. Allison. 

[plland City, Third Ward. — Roelof Ostema, Henry J. Slagter. Jacob 
emits. Johannes Van Lentf. Peter Giinst. Peter H. Wilms. Hendrlkns 
'Van Lente. Louis De Kraker. Peter Van Leuwen. John Van .\nroy, 
■ Peter De Feyter, Martin De Boe. John Kramer. [Gerrit Van Schelven, 
Mathew Notier. Peter De Vries. Uleke De Vries. Simon Reidsema, 
Patrick H. McBride, Peter Moes. Boelof Dalman. G. F. MerriUl. 

Holland City. Fourth Ward. — James Reeves, Germ W. Mokma. Wm. H. 
HjPinch, Grant B. Scott. Isaac H. Lamerejiux. John G. ,\lberB,Q«<s.'S»»fe.. 

^— till 


Holland City, Fifth Ward.— James M. Conkright, [J, 
Anderson, Chas. Jobnaon]. 


Allis Township. — Hiram J. Hodges, Levi Randall, Isaac VanHom, Jolu 

M. 0. Smith, Royal J. Taylor, Joseph P. WickerBham, Jarvis Smith. 
Bearioger Township. — Henry C. Fnller. 
Belknap To w-nahip.— Michael Kerr, Chas. Friedlander, Wilhelm Schlaga, 

Thomas Tucker. 
Bismarck Township. — Wm. D. Rose. 
Case Township. — ^Wm. W. Hunter, Ernest B. Schmidt. John Caldwel 

Smith Brown, Wm, Godin, Henry L. Heath, Patrick Bond. 
Metz Township. — Chas. Meyers. 
Poaen Township. — Louis White. 
Presque Isle Township. — David Rowell, John H. Fnlton, Henry Lee, Jol 

Rogers Township. — Wm. Dueltgen, John Mullholland, Harvey L. 
Village of Rogers. — Christopher Adrian, James Devine, Geo. Bnmlag. 


Denton Township. — Albert Ferguson, 

Gerrish Township. — Ezra Pritchnrd, [Dudley Betta, John B. DaTtB, 0!H 

A. Brown]. 

Higgina Township. — F. L. Bobbins. A. H. Jennings, Martin V. Weldon, 

Hugh A. Hamilton, W. C. Carpenter, Edwin P. Harris, Jtfichael Now- 

lin, Chas. A. Brown, Harvey Deuplan, Ira Hunt, H. H. Woodruff, Benj. 

8. Gifford, Henry Shook, Chas. Nima (?), L. Z. Billman, [Geo. NowUj 

J. C. NefF, Fred Packard], 
Markey Township, — Thomas Traeey, [Dyer Youngs, Aimer H. Sargt 

James Sutherland]. 
Nestor Township. — W. H. Weaver, Wm, Brooks. Patrick Ryan, Edwa| 

Russell, Wm. Morrison, Chas. Perkins, Joseph C. Cumon. 
Richfield Township.— Daniel Randall, Robt. Burke, [J. W. Hollowein.J 
Roscommon Township. — .John Nestle, Patrick Kinney. 
St. Helens Township. — .Andrew Scott, James A. Walker. James C. ( 

Jacob E. Troup. [John Troup]. 


Albee Township.— John N. Slocum, Leonard W. Perry, Carlos E. 
Chas. Gilder, Fianklin Hicks, AndrcwJ.Showers.A.M.Boncher.Phllip 
Sheffield, Wm. H. Bathburn. Francis .Jennings, James Jrvine, BenJ. J. 
Brownell, Howard J. -\lbee, Joseph Pollock, Napoleon Whittier, Orrin* 
F. Ervine, James ,\. Gould, John Davis, Chas. J. Sutton, Stephen Jones, 
Seymour Bortle. 

Birch Run Township. — .losiah T. Grant, Hartford M. Harding, Allen B. 
Brown, Wm. H. H. Douglass, Jay Morse, John Cook. Geo, PattersOB, 
JaciiaoD Powell, Warren L. Preston, Chas. Beeman, Marcua CleTelai 



^■Blcbard Dewey, Wm. Ferguaon, Auetin Sheley, Z, T, Graham, John B. 

^^ustin. Jastm Morse. Rile.v Hadstatc. Fniuk Cha-st-. \'. li. Kutiiec i?), 
Henry KichardBoa, Geo. Edwards, Wm. Rouse, John Dobson, Chas. 8. 
Newman, Richard M. Jobnsoo, Wm. Lampson, Beth Devoe, James Lar- 
comh, Frederick Service, Wm. Matter, August Otto, John M. Smitzer, 
L. J. Beers, Ransom Biitltr. Isaac Totten, M. O. Trempei, Warren 
Caiiipliell. Chas. Hustler, Barae.v Butler. Chas. Rank. Edward Kitten- 
mier, .Samuel Cam, Milton Hadsall, David Alger. 
Blumfield Township. — Urban Keichel. Adam Krick, Chaa. Goodman, 
Franz Scbnettler, John Bluemlein, Daniel Cole, John Weaver, Mose* 
D. Kicb, Chas. Zilk, James Higgins, Chas. Scbnettler, J. J. Oliver, Geo. 
Wismueller, Henry A. Llsk, Henry Scbnettler, [JoJin Rietbmeierj. 
Brady Township. — Nelson Phy, John Hillis, Wm. Fiudley. F. D. Rundell, 
Peter Ostrander, Henry J. Coon, Sherman Bandfoid, Peter Zink, Wm. 
H. Chase, James Hlllis, Arnold W. Miller, Wm, Vau Qorder, Wm. Her- 
eld. Jonathan W. Bennett, Simeon S. Hiiian, Wm. Van Meyer. Aaron 
Walker, Joseph J. Lonabury, David Runyan, Wm. Coppemall, Mon- 
mouth Chandler. Abel A. Goss, Wm. C. Morrison, AIoi. R. Harris, Jas. 
Shoemaker, Edwin Finney. Joel Thurber, Taylor Hillis, Wm. Emana, 
John Sherburne, .A.bel C. Coy, Asa Griffiths, Wm. B. Owens, John Har- 
baiigh, Michael Holman. 
Village of Oakley. — Lewis Chapel, Alfred Beers, Stephen W, Wickham, 
Silas Johnston, Peter Sells. Paul Teachout. John Douglas, A. P. Downa. 
int TownBhip. — Jacob N. Bnrtch. Porter Boughton. T^natius Luten- 
lacher. Elliott Cole. Alvah Nichols, James B. Gray. Thomas L. Carl, 
lenj. Colvin, Chas. L. Nunn. David J. Webb, David Ingraham, Geo. 
Blvenbupg, Wesley Goodfellow, Geo. Trumble, Michael Shick, Plum P. 
Miner, Jas. W. I'ense, Levi W. Berry, Jolin Boone. Columbus L. Luther, 
Lawrence Fletcher, Elliott Hoagland, Joel Glover, Whitman Spencer, 
Geo. W. Short, Henry D. Allen, Henrj- Frasier, Michael Cummiuge, 
Lawrence F. Sheperd, Franklin Berry, Wm. J. Bayne, Wm, Wood, Wal- 
dron De Clarenze, Chas, H, Conklin, Sylvester Vanocker. Chas. H. 
Cogswell, Willis U. Dibble, Daniel ThompsoD. Geo. Aldricb. Henry 
Bader, Robt. Mothersill, John Yost, Jacob P. Npy. John Gitchell, 
Chas. L. Hontly, Monroe Hines. Chaa. Calkins, Ellis L, Lather, Perry 
Crane, John C. Lyman, Alson Whitmore, Oliver W. Stevens, [Milo 
Bridgeport Township. — Christopher Hartner, James Brady, KichaM 
Chcnnell. Thomas Hege.Ieam C.Simons. Jamcf Butier. Thomas Suylor, 
Fred Server, Wm. L. Morse, Wm. Gove, E. W. Morey. Chas. Clark, Sey- 
mour Hill, John Leidelein, Daniel Snyder, James Richmond. Henry 
Woodruff, Geo. Mitchell. Henry Howe. Chas. D. Pattee, Freeman J. 
Cook. John H. Shreve. Joseph Clark. Worden D. Smith. John R, Craw- 
ford. Wm.R. Mend, Wm. n. Benjamin, -lohu Burpoyne, Hcrhirt Meyers, 
Esam Cole. Peter Debold. Thomas Millipan, Stephen B. Hoyt, Geo. 
Romaine, [Francis Shreve]. 
Buena Vista Township. — John Q. .\dams. Henry Greve, John Smith. An- 
son Dodge. Jasper C. Englehart, Hiram Morgan. Gottlieb Ewald, Her- 
man Mabn, Justus B. Webster, Anthon Beloram. Geo. B. Smith. J. B. 
Spaiildine. Henry Bnder. Herman Weidcmniller. Bemhard Berghoff, 
F erdinand Lt-bscb, .\mold Bei«lyr. Geo. Juno, Eli Lorw(, Chas. Wol- 

^Kdge, Thomas Randall. [Isaiah Smith]. 





Carrollton Township. — Authonj' Premo, Anson Collison, Ctias. Uai 
>Viij. Gollisou, Martin Stoker, [Clias. Mjirtin]. 

Village of Carrollton. — Henrj Glasby. Samuel Andruss, Wm. H. Hall, 0. 
Beaiichamp, John Finruelt, David Bierd, Itenj. IIubLard, John Val- 
entine, Henry Hean, John Ashley, Ueo. G. Corbin, John Lavigne, Theo. 
L. Gardner, John Lonsway. 

Chapin Township, — Thomas Waltz, Caleb Hall, Henry Holbrook, Gen. C. 
Hanee, Henry A. Holt, Elijah Holden, Baxter Bennett, Alonzo Braley, 
Franklin Letts, John McQuiston, Elijah Glea8on,Frankliii Wolfe, Wra. 
Murliu, David V. Bell, Darwin Reed, Emery Wanvel, Adam Ruuibaiigh. 
Wni. Hartwick, Theo. Sanford, Louis Neil, James McQuiaton, Gilbert 
Rhodes, [Wm. F. Letts, Abel A. Brailey]. 

Gbesaning Township. — Homer B. Weir, Wm. Smith, Jr., ficley Hedgien, 
Washington Kinch, Sylvester Dyer, Almeron Wilson, HarrisoD Hed- 
gien, Ellas York, James V. Judd, Geo. W. Bentley, Samuel McGann, 
Newton H. Wliite, Chas. Conklin, Cbas. Snow, Edward Hopper, Benj. 
Badgley, Frank Sterner, A. Davis Agnew, Francis Vangorder, Chas. E. 
Bouteiller, James Stewart. Herman Smithgall, Nelson Adams, Natb&n 
W. Findley, Elmer B. Frink, Geo. Gotwald, Wm. H. Bower, Marion 
Hall. Anson Baker. Geo. B. AA'bite, Wm. Vangorder, Wra. O. Blanch- 
ard. Edwin R. Scott, John Stacey. 

Village of Ohesaning. — H. J. Hopkins, David O. Quigley. Martin V. Dye, 
L. W. Evarts. John Chandler, Albert Watson, Theron E. W. Adams, 
Wm. H. Pulling, Geo. Piper, Geo. G. Tuttle, Andrew J. Wilson, Thomas 
Miller, Joseph Bellenger, Alonzo W, Austin, John Nason. David Camp. 
"Wm, F. Egbert. Harvey G. Downing, Cbas. Smith, Samuel Carson, Sr., 
Orly Vansicklea, Wra. L. Blakeslee, Chas. Wm. Steames, Edgar Moore. 
Sherman Rhodes, Thomas Varney, Geo. L. Dutcher. Geo. T. Swimm. 
Jacob Haist. Ford Keeler, Andrew G. Heath. Michael Bcbancel, Albert 
A. Gilbert, Warren Lewis, Cbas. Masters, Wm. H. Allen, L. L. Homer. 
Hyman Lee, Philip Volkmer, Nathan R. Jersey, Henry Stewart, EHhn 
WeBtfall, Edwin Baldwin, Ellas Wellingham. Jacob Smith, Jacob Kes- 
selring. Lyman O. Ford, Hector McKenzie, James Smith. 

Frankenmuth Township. — Adam Wendelein, John G. Roedel, Wm. Hoe- 
rauf, Geo, Ranzenherger. Fred Rodammer. Casper Weiss. John 

Fremont Township. — John Hoard. Ashley West, .Albert Ford. Erastus 
Phinney, Wm. Reed. Frank Shovan. Wm. Whiston. Lyman Babcock. 
Dennis Marsh, Geo. Vanderhaden, James Goatemont, Joseph Bnckley, 
John Millen, Samuel Andrews, Frank Hnlien. Gtni. Bunting, L 
Babcock, Brazil Foor. Brainard Nelson. 

James Township. — Wm. Rlover. Sr., Fletcher Andrews. Anso 
Spooner. Adolphiis Tvfer. [Edward .\. Greene]. 

Jonesfleld Township. — Calvin Sylvester. John Russell, Gyrenius Thoi 
John Vausshaw, Chas. Bumham, Hiram Whitmore. 

Village of Merrill. — Alex. Fry. Wm. Delong, Engene Hillyer, Leroy Lob- 
den. [Morris Gates, Edward Franklin. Edward Gazette, Nathaniel 

Kocbville Township. — -John Plowdery. Andrew Haenlein. Oscar Jc 
Wm. Krapohl. 



ikefield Township.— 1>. W, SpCDcer, Tyler D. Mason, Joha D. Downing, 
' Jamea Rector, Wni. Yiile, Edward Conklin, Albert Cooper, Elina 
HolmfB, Richard Downing, John 8. Huggelt, Wui. fihason, [Chaa. 
Haple Grove Township. — Henry James, L. Creg, John Torrance, August 
Luke. James Massy. Adam Wendling, John Carmer, Algid Albert (?), 
Harrison McGoffln, Wm. Welkenwine, Joseph Martin, Andi-L'W Jones, 
Jamttd Austin. S. Fred, Melviu Holey, James Fall, Joseph \ oilh, 
James Gill, James Smith. Peter Gross, Erastus Confer, John AVfiruer, 
James Persson, Geo. Shalter, Henrv lies. David Lewis, Thomas 
Dredtje. Andrew Smith, Wm. Babcock, T^eouard Zental, Mariin Hnl- 
bert, Hiram Austin, Ix-wis Walsar (?), Honice Young, Wui. WilliHlou, 
Chas. Fall, John Xorthwood, Wm. Rolph, John Waldy. Fred Walker. 
Wm, Gillman. 
Marion Township. — Henry Mathews, Wm. E. Van Patten, Edmnnd Van- 
sickle, Francilo Crego, Cynis Fawble, John Laker, Wm. Crites. Xelson 
Bichland Township. — Daniel D. Haller, Thomas M. Champlin, Fred Edi 
ker, Benj. Smith, Loren W. Pangbom, Nathaniel Perkins, Paul Premo, 
^L Henry Pratzer, Wm. H. Zueller, Nathau Hall, RobL F. Wagner, Joseph 
^M Lewis, Geo. W. Carsons, Argaleous F. Cooper, Stratton Cleveland, Jo- 
^B Beph French, Henry Burch, Frank Cornier, Jackson Wilhelm. Leroy 
^B Boas, Eliaha Whitney, Levi G. Whitney, Amos Abbey, John Henry, 
^M Judd Bennett, Geo. Abbott, Geo. Brown, Erastus Erskins, Walter D. 
■ Pettit. Alfred Badgero, [Cevilliou Phelps, John R. Wendt, Wm. Eay- 
^F mond. Edwin Goodapeed]. 

Saginaw Township. ^ — Michael Messenger, John Gregg. Thomas Radigan, 
Isaac Neff, Daniel Martin, Martin Van Buren, -John Winterstein. Wm. 
N. Stugart, [Henry Congdon, Richard Oslram. Sani'l Fry. Jamcri Carr. 
Wm. Wells, Tobias Hensler. Frank MarMann. Edward Gn-.-n]. 
Spaaldtng Township.^Samuel Shepard, August Brenner, Hobt. HafT, Eu- 
gene Qusien. Silas E. Miller. Peter Miller. Hugh Shannali. Epliraiui 
St. Charles Township. — Harvey Weaver, Henry Frasier, Albert Rhoades, 
B. Frank Gage, Watson Holiday, Wm. Jones, Frank Rosencrana, 
Alonzo B. Prior, Uriah Cronavet, Chas. Cooley, Albert Brackett, Am 

Ibrose Alexander, Daniel Rowley, John Reynolds. E. H. Jnui-s. Frank 
Bentley. J. B. Mathewson, John Graves, EHsha Hunt, Thomas Cham- 
lierlain, John C Price, Adam Hickman. Edward Newberry, 
illage of St. Charles. — Chas. Sherwood, Solomon Rosecrans, John A. 
Griffin, Sylvester Crandel. Jason T. Eldridge. Wm. Sanger, I-onis Allen, 
Geo. G. Goodrich, Edwin A. Sfimson, Chas. M. Bradt, Joseph Barden, 
Joseph Smith. Joel James, Franklin Truar. RuHsell Rynuss, Merrit 
Andrew. Chas. Butterfield, Daniel Williams. Wm. McBeth, John H. 
Conway, Alex. Van Riper, Alonzo Adams, James Richardson. 
Swan Creek Townsliip.— .Tolin Clark, Geo. Craven, Ezra C. Burr, Thomas 
Lucas, Isaac Philips, Chas. B. Tefft, Nathan B. Cranston. Wm. Lncaa. 
Wm. Doran, Andrew J. Parker. 
Taymouth Township. — Wm. Barnes. Frank David. James Harrington, 
Wm. W. Webster. Thomas Lazier, Joseph S. Philips, Abram P. Berdill, 
JefTerson Woodward. James MoParland, Nathan Morse. Thomas Bood- 
ger, John Long, Benj. R. Miller, Edward Davis, John Jackson. TKo^ii.* 




CathbertsoD, James H. Fitzpatrick, James E. Mosher, Benj. Hanti 
David Kime, AlmoDd Hastings, C. V. D. Blackmar, Cordell B. Gpeeni" 
David Rosa, David ilcNaliey, Henry Lester, James M. Woodward, Wm. 
McGregor, Jeremiah S. Mead, Clias. Kelley, Daniel Mann, James W. 
King, Wm. Lonaby, Jesse B, MiUer, Dexter B. Crosby, Joseph Eyerlj, 
Pliilip Crowfoot. 

Thoinaatown Township. — John Jaker, Andrew Alma, Chas. McClaJ 
Harvey WUtse, Chaa, Bass, Francis Gralt, John Hall, Wm. Jewel 
[Burton H, Bass, Chas. Brenion, Henry Cimprdon]. 

Tittabawaasee Township, — Joel S. Davidson, Wm. Jewell, Geo, Havilaod, 
Peter Davis, Wm. H. Wright, Henry Manwell, Harry VanDiiesen, Geo. 
Stodard, Alonzo Crampton, Seth Munger, fioyd Davis, Wm. B. Miles, 
J. C, Munger. Henry F. Pierce, E. G. Allen, Alexander Jesmore, Eph- 
raim Braley, Wm. Pluss, Ira C. Stevens, A. D. McGuire, Peter Doran, 
Ambrose Purchase, JeBferson Chapman, Nelson Munger, John Lewis, 
Wm. L. McNitt, Alfred O. Bush, Edwin Hasbrook, O. A. Purchase. ~ 
W. Hankin. [David Thomson, E. O. Loukes]. 

Zilwankie Township. — John Brown. James Sheffer. Lucene Buck. Jol 
G. Wacker, Peter McQuade. Wm. Storm, Leonard E, Gensiver, Theo. 
Oasamer, Hermann Hubs, Wm. Boyer. 

Saginaw City, First Ward.— J. B. Eldred, H. O. Beynolde, J. W. Can 
Bernard Bradley, Daniel Chapman, Geo. T. Gay, P. H. Warren, V. 
Starr, John Morea, Chas. Dosliam, Nalhan Killan. Opo. Smith. Johi 
H. G. Wolke, Moses T. Robinson, James F. Clark. Geo. B. Abbott, S. D. 
Pines, John J. Sherwood, Thomas O. Fraser, Roht. Sproul, Wm. Kay, 
J. M. Kellar, Harvey Rathbun, Alphonse Chapleau, G. Seymour, Daniel 
W. Osbom, Wm. R. Farnsworth, James MoCavony. Martin Tuhy. Thos. 
Stoltz, Thomas E. Fisher. Edward S, Cooper. Willard C. Williams, O. B. 
Moore. Hugh McLean, Robt. W. Tolle, Wm. 8. Perkins, Thomas Devine, 
Geo. W. Qoulding, John Lyons, Prank E. Higglns, Robt. B. Tubbs, 
Chas. Llscum, Sidney Carleton, Duane Osbom, Augustus Bishop, Jolui 
Still, C. Holzheimer, James Hendricks. Daniel Gibson, IK'Stcr D. 
Kct'ler, A. E. Moore, Frank E. Lewis. Rjilph T. Piiinon, Ross KobU', 
Joseph Wiggins. [John Turner], 

Saginaw City, Second Ward. — Oscar E. Wells, Francis M. Woodruff, Ly- 
man H. Plues, Eugene Wilber. Joseph Stringham. Joseph J. Harvey. 
John Weller, Wni. .T. Drigtis, Jmnts K. Pcrrine, Alonzo A. Jordnn. Gfo. 
C. Jacobs, James H. Moore. Daniel H. Brown. Fred Nefeneggcr. Mon^ 
roe J. Jordan. Chas. A. Spaulding. Frank D. Keeler, Richard Laster, 
Robt. P. McKnight. James Clark, Benj. F. Westcott. Emil Heller. .las. 
P. Adams, Chas. E. Still. Chas. J. Finch. Emil Moores, Ehen R. Ayres. 
Henry 8. Fish, James D. Mattison, .Joseph W. Perrin, Joseph H. Cowell, 
John J. Winsor, John G. McKnight, David Robertson, Christian Jen- 
son, Frederick Rohl, Malcolm McLeod. James A. Hubbard, Wm. H. 
Cambrey, Daniel Jeffers. Gilbert W. Ledlie. Geo. M. Brown, N. East- 
man, Geo. Hemer. Jamea T. Hale. Sylvester W. Egieson, Fred E. Rath, 
Benj. A. Osborne. James McGrarv. Wm. H. Wallen. Sylvester M. Chase, 
Henry Gerhaber. Geo. W. Briningstahl. Lafayette Davis. Henry H. 
Burner. Augustus Winston. Leuis Kurtzman. James P^isev. [E. H- 

Saginaw City. Third Ward. — Martin Kraemer. Jacob Rheeder. Warren. 
Baekett, Edward Reed, Henry Neagley. Louis Quinnln. Robt. DederLt 




rjaoies Tibliits, FnmciB McNally. John Childers. Louis Kreis, Joseph 
. Douglaa, Edward Heath, Geo. Carper, Oliver G. Bamford, Fred 3. Wal- 
len. Frank Bennett, Edward Bloeden, Aiigast WilliamB, Edward B. 
White, Louis Darmstatter. Thomae Lotlse, A. \V. runfli'ld. J. H. 
Faniiir, John F. Monteath, Heni-y PiiTry, Auytist Wickel. Thomas 
Pitrhi i\ W, F. Mann, Geo. Morse, Patrick Bean. J. F. Slonleatli, Jnmes 
Sheau, Jedidiah Grigware, Fanihnra Lyon, [W. J. Cantwell]. 
Saginaw City, Fourth Ward. — Gustavus M. Washburn, James A, Dorbee, 
J. Walter Elliott, Barney Bow, John Rank. Lorenz Schmidt, Theo. 
Krieg, Stephen Cota, Chae. G. Meyer. RoBwell Hickey, Frederick Wol- 
pert, Fulmer McFadden, Vincent Kindler, Wm. Leeks, Geo. B. Brook- 
ins. Ira Alger, Henry Shorey, Eli McLaughlin, Andrew McAfertj, 
Tinidthy Bnnpp, Wm. Honsmith, UnatHvim Guy, Ferdinand Stoert, 
Newton J. Cuiey, Chns. H. Peters, Jamoe P. Glover, Clias. W. 
Latham, Fredr. Schwartz, Richard Doraey, Wm. E. Leach, Albert O. 
Woodruff, Henry Feige, John Kanzler, Francis Otto, Thomas Bay, 
Matthew Holmes, Geo. Watson, John K. Alcorn, Thomas Goodman, 
Bnnifnciiis Geistman. Geo. Bauer. Stephen Perkine. Adam Hnebener, 
Herman Trombley. 
Baginaw Cltv, Fifth Ward.— Edward Grigware, Leon Dezeles, Alfred Q, 
G.'lho. M. 1>. Foley, Tlioniat^ Al.hotr. Myron A. Griffin. Theo. S. Hill. 
Wm. E. Shonyo, Henrv Osfrander. 8eth Davis. Edwin Saunders. James 
A. Alverson, Robt. Abliotl. K. F. Guild, R. F, Rlieldon. .Inlin Gnines. 
Bamnel Kitchen, Watts 8. Humphrey, James H. Booth. Joseph Arm- 
strong, ErastuB W. Haskiiis, Hiram Straight. Albert Myei-s, Hiram 
li BJPdsall, Engnotz Kenzler, Joseph Aslin, W, C. McClnre, Prank B. P»r- 
jHtentine, Frank Burroughs. George Young. A. E. Wilson. Henry Mel- 
^Bcbern, John Nerreter. Benj. Oppenheimer, Alex. S. Smith, A, G. Bruce, 
^Vw. C. Ransom. Martin V. Helms. Edward W. Marsh. R. F. Pobson, L. 
^* P, Porter, Edward 8. Pease, Henry J. Yntes. John A, Dapper, Christian 
Waaserman, Geo. Byer, Peter J. Montgomery. (John Wagner. J. N. Mc- 
Cutcheon. Geo, fiweetwood, Jas. H. Boolliwas. C. H. Newell]. 
Baginaw City. Sixth Ward.— Theo. Cre^pie, T. Dailey Mower, Wm. H. 
Pressf-r, Chas. Ziem. Geo, Howell. Wm. O. Gage. Edgar R, Knapp, Tm- 
man J. Hubbard. Dan. W. Lamont. Edwin D, Cnwle«. Geo. Olt. Wm. R. 
Miirshall, .lacob F. Oreiner, Geo. B. Hunt, Geo, A. Mitchell. James 8. 
Comwail. Chae. H. Camp, Daniel Hopkins, Fred A. Ashley, Thomas 
F. Thompson. Ohas, F. Koehler, John Mitchell, Oliver J. Hethington, 
Hezekiah B. Miller. Alex. King. Tlennis Shea. Ernest C. Smith. 
Baginaw City. Seventh Ward. — Chas. F. Marskey. Wm. J. Cook. John Bir- 
rell, Francis Pearson, Wm. W. Morgan, Elias J. McCIintock, Delos F. 
Leonard. Lewis L. .indrews. .\ndrew J. Merrill, Dewillioues B. Cook. 
Henry H. A. Smith. Fayette Wyckoff. Edgar J, WhiT-ple. Simeon 
Moyer. John Hulm, Morton E, Kellar. Wm. J. Doxsee, Robt. Palmer, 
Im B. Lincoln. James B. Terry. John L. Abbott. Wm, H. Filkins. John 
Wallace, Theopbile Danrali. Henry J. Reeves, Joseph Salmer, Robt 
Wilson. Jeremiah Mesack, Geo. Haviland. Daniel Hoyt. John Stmck, 
Frederick Hellwede, John W. Vanco. Chas. Feiee. Levi C. Smith. An^-as 
C. Clarke, Titns Duncan. Robt. Jacobs. John Kempter. Wm. H, Perry. 
Pred Geo. U. Stolz. Michael W, McCann. Joseph Linsey. Wm. 
Lewis, Philip Schroeder. Oeo. Williams. Henry B. Peacock, Aaron 
Cflaselton. E«ra D. Biggam. John L. Glazier, Moses Kemgood, G«(i.'*iR . 


. H. LeatdH 

Brouks, Robt. Bredner, HoBea A. Pratt, Peter N. Stover, Geo. H. 

ers, Edward Walker, Chas. Velie, David ThonipBOQ, Thomas W. McKee,* 

[ Wm. Fone, Chas. A. DickinBon ] . 

Saginaw City, Eighth Ward.— John H. fiimpsuD, Richard HockweU, Job. 
Deport, Adam H. Starriag, Thomas McAllister, James Moore, Geo. h. 
Inglehart, David R. Nichols, Hngh Patterson, Chas. Richardson, John 
MoKenne.v, Jonathan S. Rouse, John T. Roue, Dennis Shovar, Henry 
B, WatsoQ, Leonard Nerreter, Chaa. M. Austin, Chas. Robinson, Wm. 
Lees, John E. Granvell, Lorenzo D. Frost, Frederick Sisinger, John J. 
Weale. Frank Stebbins, Albert Camp, Peter Stine, Arad G. Vande- 
mark, Geo. h*. Woodhull, John Bullard, Henry Bird, Wm. H. Spinningr, 
Eugene McCready, Chas. Martin, Edward Hollev, Wm. F. Willii 
Albert Schaffer, Wm. H. Skilien, Chas. N. Holden, Albert J. Linb 
Louson Wilcox, Chas. S, Cook, Theron T. Hubbard. John Ground! 
Bobt. H. Dent. 

Saginaw City, Ninth Ward. — Geo. Ellis, Anthony Blankerts, Oliver 
Tracy, Thomas P. Kloek, Banford B. Teed, Clark B. Sager, Franklin 
Hayden. Daniel Chestnut, John Wallace, Slathew GraniUch, Wm, 8. 
Little, David Strong, John Houghtaling, Chas. P. Colvin, Anson Brown, 
Grander Bradley, James Qnonce, John Dupuis, Avery Horgan, Gott- 
fried Fritz, James T. Cox. Patrick Gleason, Daniel H, Edwards, Jacob 
Rteckel, Anrick C. Bmith, Edgar Christ, Rend W. Bickford. Daniel 
Chriscaden, Henry Cole, Stephen Hosmer. Wm. Hiller, Chas. D. Allen, 
Rnos Rexford. D. K. Halsey, Wm. H. Warner, Albert W, Alma, Ciirtis 
K. Wellman, James Higgins, David Tempteton, Elijah C. Inglehart. Al- 
vin Horgan, John McArthur, Wm. J. Brewster, Isaac Holden, Henry 
Heist. Victor Cromwell, Joseph Prato, Gilbert Storms. Wm. Harrison, 
Norman Rnssell, Lucuis W. Lyon. Frederick G. Clifton, Frank H. Goa- 
lin, Wm. Carl, Wm. Brown. -Vnson W. Bntts, Malcolm Gilmorc. Wm. 
Brown, David 8. Arnold, Benj. Kinney, Anthony Studor, [John 
Mitchell, .Mbert Morgan]. 

Baginaw City. Tenth Ward. — Geo. M. Rtowcll. J. H. Overton, Galnshu 
E. r^mb, Wm. P. Warren, James H. Dunn, Henry J. Traher, Ltmis J. 
Geweniger, Wm. Krause, John Paul. Julius Jarvey. Wm. W. Roberts, 
Daniel H. Leathers. John R. Whitney. .\, Judson Barber, Jacob FTay- 
done, M. Obrien, Louis Labrake, Alex. B. Kelly, David Kimble, .\ndrew 
Cady, Nathan Brockway, Chas. Ferrah, Nicholas Myers. Curtis F, SI 
don, Seymour Green, Isaac Powlus (?), Riley L. Jones, James 
Meader, Wheeler Hancock. Ansel E. Johnson. I'helas Dimery. Wm. 
Aldrich, Edward Barry, Michael McDonald, Harlow S. Mann, Phi 
LightB, Chaa. Waters, Albert Gasimirp, David H. Fesler, Jowph Gi 
bert. Wm. H. Kirk, Carl F. Warner. James Gleason, Martin Mann, 
Philip H. Sipe. Norris W. M.cHerd, James E. Pieraon, John Hyer. .\lei. 
G. Hunt. Alonzo H. Crawford. John Arman. Paskel Tebo, Jonat' 
Brigga, Baptiste Ladousa, Joseph A. Harvey, John H. Edmoni 
James L. Robinson, Wm. A. Qninby, Aaron T. Bliss, .Xrvis B, Si 
Wm, O. McMurphy, Wm. Densmore, Henry Craw. David Sutherlai 
Andrew Sweinheart. Reuben A. Howe. Edward L. Mott. Wm. Dol 
Richard Hodges. .John C. McMillen, Willis W. Owen. Rudolph Nem( 
Wm. S. Bvrnes. Ira Case, [Wm. O. Cook, Jno. C. Hicks. F. A. R( 




>erliQ, ^H 

igtoaw City, Elevenlli Ward,^Fred Wellingtou, 8imun Cbamberlin, 
Bichard Noatelle, Augustus Crownover. Joseph Buquette, Frauklin 
C. Crowell, Hugo Cruger, Harriaon VVhitleD, Samuel J. BeiT^', Theloa 
Dimery, Gregwa Dube, Albert E. Newman, Otto Ditlmar, Matbias 

bHerold, Albert M. Fellows, Oliver T. Mosier, Benj. Hull, Almond Love, 
Ira J. Ward, Henry Waiuwrigbt, Henry W. Whitten, (liles Fellows, 
John W. Bictiardson, E. Allen, Jobn B. Allen, Milo H. Dakin. James 
Collins, Jobn Witz, Philip Lucia, John Henry, [Augustua Demond, 
Daniel Crane]. 
Baginaw City, Twelfth Ward.— Emund Voyer, Gardner K. Oi-out, 
Lewis A, Miller, Seabury T. Davidson, Albert D. Bechtell, John Byrne, 
Henry J. Wright, Cbae. Dickinson, Fred Sager, Mathew Brush, B. 
Griffin, Theo. DuBois, David J. Newman, Metvin O. Bobinsou, Harmon 
S. Averill, Kdwin Andrew, Solomon Oillett, Henry A. Passmore. Hugh 
Hawkins, Wm, H. McPhee, John Brick, James Smith, James W'elling- 
ton, [SylvanuB Davis, Lyman W. Bliss, Lenard lHaehleder, Henry J. 
Northrop. Edward A. Sanders. Wm. Poyfair, J. P. Scbwan, Oscar C. 
Davis, Wm.O.McMurpby,A.B. Simpson, S. C. Smith, Jerome Wtlbelm], 
Saginaw City, Thirteenth Wai-d.— Eugene Ringler, Elijah St. John, 

I John F. Brand, Reuben Wilkinson, Geo. W, Bell, Bichard Roberts, 
L. H, Brotkway, John Hansen, Geo. W. Young, Henry H. Harvey, N. 8. 
Wood, Andrew Oliver, C. L. Parks, Wheaton 0. Oarjieuter, Conrad 
Kreurhauf, Christian Eggers, Henry Hartwick, Chas. P. Burdick, 
Kansom Walker, Henry Schrwimck, Henry Hammond, Horace I, 
Parks, Jacob Hagador, Qennain Sutherland. Jobn Dutcber, Oeo. 
Washington, Alex. Butcher, Reuben Sutherland, (John W. Love, 
Henry Vance, Kasper Zeigeu]. 
Saginavv City, Fourteenth W'ard. — Wm. P. Putnam, Chaa. Jackson, John 
Cavanaugb, James Wileey, Chas. Bobbins, John McCarreu. Wm. Reins, 
Joseph Riser, Joseph Stickney, Geo. C. Spencer, Chas. H. Bobbins, 
Messer B. Beelman, .\lex. Fee, Jacob B. Gould, Samuel Uycks, John 
Balentine, N. B. Kinsey, James Parker, Louis Stolze, Thomas Green, 
L. D. Honeywell, DeFerria Graham, Lyman Bortle, Wm. Fiah, [Horace 
Parks, Henry Hartwiok. Julius Aherns, Elijah Huff, Benjamin Simons, 
August V. Cribley, Mathias Becker]. 
Saginaw City, Fifteenth Ward.— Peter E. .\ran, John U. Revard. David 
^^ H. Weatherby, Chas. C. Gosselin, John Moroe, John M. Steele. Warren 
^ft W. Wade, Fw-'derick Duffett. Chas. Foster, Wm. E. Sanford, Frank 
^m Frisette. John G. Wardell, W. H. Brown, L. B. Chamberlain, L. Shar- 
if row, C. D. Little. Wm. Waferson, J. H. Traket, Wm. Graham, John G. 
Wetzel. David Hart, Frank McCullough, Henry Kiilbui'n, Albert 
Trask, Wm. C. Ott, [Nelson J. Dunn, Chas. Helenbeck, Frank Mc- 
Phillips. Fred Porath, Adelbert Wilcox]. 


Argyle Township. — Paul Weitzel, Amos Jury, Frederick Kritzman, Al- 
bert .\. Wheeler, Vincent Chase, Frederick B, Richards, Guatavus 
Langinbtirg, David Painter, Bradford Reed. 

Austin Township. — Geo. Marray. H. A. Mende, Robt. Cleland. Geo. Mo- 
Dougall. Wm. Winters. John McNiel. J. T. Herriman. Thoifta*. Vii\ws*v- 


■IP ^ 

^^p 9» CBNSUS OP MICHIGAN— JUNE 1. 1894. ^^1 

^V BridgehamptOD Township. — Jnuies Lane, Lyman Swartz, Tbouiaa Qotf^^l 
^™ all, Isaac MilU, E. M. Miller, John McFarline, Thomas Nichols, 0. K^^ 




Miller, John McFarline, Thomas Nichols, ( 

Kerr, Wm. Sweet, [Peter Counter, Joseph Contois]. 
Buel Township. — Jacob Watson. James Dimon, Silas W. Stone, Artema* 

E. Hicks, Wm. Hiclis, John C. Calhoun. Thomaa Bennett, John Bodd;, 

George W. Hicka. 
CuBter Township. — David Valentine, Henry Rightenburg, Morman B. 

Cole, John Lakin, Joseph Harrison, Henry Fye, Levi H. Walker, Geo. 

N, Hosack, James Fye. 
Delaware Township. — Silas Merrill, John Broadbeck, Cfaaa. Ginther, 

Dennis Clary, Frederick Yehriog, Joseph Daw, Valentine Roth, 

Gabriel Schwelghart, Henry Breidenbacb, Thomas Ward, Wm. Whitft 
Elk Township. — Chaa. Margroff, James Guest, Henry Youngs, Russell D, 

Reagan, Wm. Hale, Frank D. Davis, Jacob Barker, Alfred P. Hilllker, 

Joseph Schell, John Vanconant. Wm. Ferguson, Lewis Presley, Natb- 

ajiiel Henry, [Aaron Ferguson, Christian Heberlie]. 
Elmer Township.— John B. Temple, 
Evergreen Township. — L. Babcock, Edward Linderman, Carlton Ha^ 

rington. Ogden Atwell, Ralph Washburn, Leonard R. Marsh, 8r., John 

C. WTieeler, Moses Matiirean, Michael Grace. 
Flvnn Township. — Peter H. Beam, Alonzo Justin, Barney Donghertj, 

Clark O. Justin. 
Forester Township. — Lewis Essler. .\rchie WilUs, Joseph Tate, Henry 

Fremont Township. — Richard Olmetead, Donald Mclnnls, Thomas Rabb, 

Richard Clyne, Elbridge G, Tennant, Jamea Green, Stepben O, Coon, 

Oliver J. Gordon, Geo. W. Haynes, Geo. Gillett, James Rolls, Nathan 

Greenleaf Township. — .Joseph Tanner, Wm. Curwell, John Sommervflle, 

W. J. M. Jones, Philip Wright, Cbas. Sackett, Henry B. Bnrt, 1. H. 

Bailey, Anthony K. Hower, John T. Jones, Robt. Byers, John R. Btt^ 

wick, Joseph Darling, James G. Read, Orlando White. 
Lamotte Township. — Henry C. Green, Wm. H. Wilson, Cbas, H, Shaw, 

W. W. Montgomery, Jeremiah A, Sutton, Pbiletus Gage, Orson R 

Clark, Isaac James, [Seth Thomas]. 
Lexington Township. — Samuel Crone, Wm. Stevens, Walter Niles, Ezra 

J. Baum, Jacob Hilborn, Wm. Ellis, Wm, Murray, Geo. Edwards, Geo. 

Gardner, Wm. H. Dawson, Harvey Baker, James A. Campbell, Simon 

Mark, Henry Wideman, Stephen Gardner, [Paul Laviolet]. 
Village of Croswell. — Chas. E, Pettys, Loren T. Richardson, John B. 

Maskell. John Allen, Benj. Moore, Daniel Kennedy, David Paton, Levi 

Welch, Robt. Jolly. Walter Allen, Thomas Byrne. [Wm. H. Wheeler]. 
Village of Lexington.- — Frederick Hvkes. John Walker, Wm. \\'olfel, 

Israel Hntcbins, Jacob W. Snider, Hiram B, Morrison, Frank B. Rich- 
ards, James J. Boyd. Ralph Potts, John Papst, Michael O'Brien, Ba*a 

dolpb Papst, James Brown, Geo. Henry, Watson Beach. M 

Maple Valley Township, — John Earls, Albert Gordineer. I. R. Wadf 

worth, Lemuel House, James Meban, Bibins Clark, Allan H. Church. 
Village of Brown City. — Aionzo Prestaege, Herman H. Hoffman, Chas. 

Thomas, Robt. G. Brown, Burdette Delong, John Shearsmith. Looil 

Bennett, Wm. Bonfoy. 


[erion Township, — Leander M. Peters, Wm. H. Smith, Daniel Living- 
way, Francis Carman, Lester M. Taylor, Theo. Putnam, Frank Rob- | 
bury, Wright Famsworth, Orrin Stringham, Matbew Pealie, Sumner ] 
Stark, Thomas Reid, Peter McDonald, John Rosbury, Joseph Alesan- 
_ der, [Alfred Henry, Albert Clark]. 

Uarlette Township. — Darius Aselstine, Samuel Rogers, Martin Ahem, 
John Welch, Amos Hurd. 

Village of Marlette, — Robt. Moore, Geo. Ervin. John W. Bland, Alonzo ' 
Cline, Jamea Rogers, Myron W. Smith, Lanson PhillipSj Lyman Hee- 
man, John Eager, David Pierce, [Geo. Wever]. 

Minden Township. — Weisenberg Bennett, David Murdock, John Map- 
dock, Dennis Donovan, Chas. Smith. 

Village of Minden. — John Donnelson, John M. Cole, Geo. Stipe, Mathew ■ 
Spouts, Wesley Ogden. 

Moore Township.— Terance L. Denton, Felix Morell, Henry Sheldon, 
John Dingman, Alfred A. Denton, Eugene Blj, Truman Hendershot. 

Banilac Township. — Edward McKenzie, Monroe C. Peek, John Proctor, ' 
James Maskell, Jacob Baslei". Jonathan Hubbell, John L. Gould, Pat- 
rick Finn, Peter Coomer. Nelson Cameron, John M. Basler, John P. 
Bingle. Fergus McCnloogh, [Joshua Lewis]. 

Village of Port Sanilac. — Henry A. Cunningham, Eugene L, Bamliart, 
Joseph Thompson, Archibald McGregor, Henry C. Smith, Wm. Hen- 
derson, James W. Smith. 

Speaker Township. — Wm. B. Lardlaw, Patrick Kinney, John Fitzgerald, 
Martin Vansiokles, Andrew Moore, Samuel Geister, John Clayton, A. 
W. Simmon, Elmore Putney, James Grandy, Richard Ross, John H. 
King, Geo. T. Smith, [Jas. Murphy, Adam Waltenburg]. 

Washington Township.— -Geo. R. Mi-Ninch, Chas. Cornwall, [John 
Jones, Joseph Morell, Bartlett Lynch, Ellis Lynch, W, L. Benedict, Al- 
^_ bion S. Vincent]. 

^K^atertown Township. — Garrit Newkirk, Joseph Lambert, Wm. BeD* ' 
^B nett, James Derr, Adam Waltenburg, Wm. T. Smith, Geo. M. Denio, 
^^N. D. Hoag. 

^TPheatland Township. — John Farnsworth, Ira G. Cooley, Henry North, 
Henry J. Tmpp. 

Worth Township. — John A. Douglas, Henry Fockles, Nathan Clark, 

I Oliver Take, Josiah Reynolds, Joseph Thibodeau, [Wm. Cummins, 
Fred Kuhner, Miles Simmons, Michael J. Dowling, Chas. Hall, Rich- 
ard Sherman. Austin Wright, Lewis W. Brown, James Stewart, Sam'l 
Utlej, Mathew Tyson], 


►oyle Township. — Patrick Curran, Geo. W. Sorter, Portus H. Brown, 
Chas. Brown, Philip DeGray, Patrick Mahan, Edwin Lashbrook. Geo. 
W. Rice, Alvin Wood, John S. Coy, Geo. D. Tucker, Samuel Wood- 
man, Judge Sweet, Geo. Miner. Thomas Codd, Wm. H. Wood. 

Germfask Township. — Lloyds Cimonds, Wm. H. Stone, Chas. Wilson. 

Harrison Township. — Samuel W. Brown, John Landry, Patrick King, 
Chas Dumond, Joseph M. Rousier, Thomas Robinson. John McCrud- 
den, Wm. T. Turpln. 


Hiawatha Township. — John Giiyar, Frank Crittendon, ThomaB Helm) 

Eli Huej, James XortoD, Jacob Miller, John Farweil, F. G. Doi" 

[Wm. B. Oliver, Alva C. Kepler. John D. Kepler' 
Inwood Township. — John H. Tliompson, John Pfaenes, Cbas. Docbhai 

Ardeu W. LymaB, Melbourn Lymau, John C, Messenger. 
Manietique TowDship.—Henry Brassel. John K. Sellers, Bafus Olent 

oub, James A. Byers, [Amos L. Hill, Eli Bailey, W. A. Airowood, Oren 

Cline, Perry Tepcl, - -■ ■ Highston]. 
Village of Manistique.—Geo. Orr, Norbert Multhaupt, Chas. Girrin, 

Constant Ruggles, Chas. Weaver, Fmncis E. Herriman, Wm. E, Smitll, 

Augustus C. Carpenter, Wright E. Clark, Geo. Tucker, John McCantiaf 

Chas. Chapman, Lewis Worth. 
Beney Township. — Andrew Daley, John Dains, Henry Stockford, Jotm 

Thompson Township. — Daniel Wilson, Abraham Brown. tSamuel Jotm- 

son. Amo8 E. Coon, John W. Kelley, David Hursh, David Blair, 

lard Duel. 


Antrim Township. — John Q. A. Cook, Thomae W, Clay, Cbas. Bogei^ 
Ramiiel Miles, Geo. G. Harris, John C. Adams, Wm. H. Adams, Lor* 
enzo Buck, Wm. nutington, Frank B. McCiimber, Jauic)^ Norton, Vf. 
S. Jarobs, Austin Trowbridge. 

Bennington Township. — C. L. Dean, Edwin Pasco, Harrison Bailey, E. 
Townsend, Eli McClain, J. 8. Lewis, Jerome Markham, J. Kenney, M. 
H, f^eeley, Edward Haekett, Geo. H. Brock, Gideon Whiting, Jerome 
B. Hath, Wm. Brooks, Anson Howe, Edwin Hoard, Leonard Crouae, 
Henry Hutchins, John Millsman, Chas. H. Deseness, Wm. Spangler, 
G. Rness, John W. Shippe, Henry Lackey, Chas. Drake, James Joaea, 
O. C. Waugh, E. R. Hall, Jeremiah Coif, C. H. Thomas, Joseph L. 
Olcott, Horace Stocking, Henry Fisher, Byron Blank, Albert Blood, 
Banford Beniss, David Sawyer. 

Burns Township. — Edward J. Patterson, Geo. W. Keyes, Wm. Z^k- 
hart, James Smith, John Shouts, John Nichols, Seymour Judd, Jacob 
Seller, Uriah Croope, John W. Barnes, Wm. Ireland, Henry Wimble^ 
Abner Sears, Wm. Burgdurf, Martin McDonald, C. H. Fleury, Albert 
Ervy, John S. Johnson. David M. Campbell, Chas. Miller, Geo. Miner, 
[8. S. Hill, Mark Boyc*, Josepb Rchweikert, Sylvester Bates]. 

Village of Byron. — M. D. Comstock, Harmon Newman, James G. B. 
Lamb, Chas. McQueen, John D. Williams. Enoch Allen, Frank B. 
Green, James Sleeth. James Brown. A. J. Williams, David M. Tillman, 
James Goff, Albert W. Campbell, Edward A. Sheldon. Wm. F. Cloae, 
Edgar Welch, [Wm. Rust, A. Whitney, David Campbell]. 

<3aledonia Township.^ James Baldwin, Chauncey Heatli, Vernon John- 
son, Jacob Sellinger, Wm. Richey, Wm. Beckwith. M. T. Richey. Ell- 
sha Gleason, Daniel Munger. Joel H. Watson, John Kelly, Edgar M. 
Conley, Andrew Porter. Melvin Eldred. Chas. B. Youngs, Wm. B. War- 
rener. Geo. Eldridge, Seth Rice, Joseph Ledbeater, Dennis Crickmore, 
Caleb Mead. Marvin Bishop, Chas. Foster, Oliver Hobert, Chas. Thorn- 
ton. Edgar Sweatland, Richard Goward, Ira Angus, Ira Huntly, Cad. 
B. Pelton, Simon H. Odell. Joseph Leavitt, Wm, Mojeses. Chas. ~ 


1. »^J 



Fairfield Township. — James Kiinblc, Harrison W. Paller, Oscar F. Eat- 
h inger, Devillo Warner, Lewis Beacli, Wm. L. Aniold, Frank B. 
I Batchelor, Oscar Laclear, Frederick Buchele, Andrew Van Deasen, 
1 Geo. F, Hoisington. Clark P. Taber, Frederick Streeter, David Mo- 
Carty, John White, Ira B. Loynee, Henry C. Ferris. Byron W. GateB, 
David M. Austin, John Burns, John D. Richmond, [Joel Leavitt]. 
Hazelton Township.— Julius H. Bush, Dcwitt O. Hallock, Ghas. Bullen, 
Geo. Jacobs, Leroy Chapin, Wm. Rolfe, Batus Snyder. David W. Gil- 
lett, Willard P. Petty, Henry Bedford, Wm. Ash. \\m. Shaw, Thomas 
Lampeer, Wm. J. Krouse, Lansing Quackenbush, John Judd, Jr., Asa 
B. ftheldon. Geo. Valentine, Chas. C. Twitchell. John Bowman, Pat- 
rick Murphy, Nathaniel Call, Sanduska Kellogg, Edward Birdsall, A. 
Adams, Wm. Hart, Reuben Holmes, Andrew J. Amidon, W. 8. Car- 
penter, Salem 8. Pnffer. Cbas. Petty. Samuel Odell. Sylvaniis O. Wil- 
son. John Delbridge, Joy Douglass, Horace Sherman. I/cvi Morse, 
^^ Joseph Meseraull, Alex. S. Fair, David Basaell, Edwin Jndd, Joseph 
^K McOahon, Geo. W. Urch, Benj. Hess, Enos B. Munaon, John H. 
^H Perry, Wm. Hubbell, Darius O. Reynolds. David H. Cutler, Robt. Lap- 
^V worth, O. Brown, Chester Felton. 

f^Tliddlebury Township.— Geo. W. Hubbell, Silas B. Southworth, Harvey 
Sumner, .A.lvin Wansey. N. J. Clark, Chas. Valentine, Newton Felton, 
James C. Scott, Wm. Mitchell, Peter Skutt, M. C. Danforih, John Den- 
^^ nison. Andrew Kenney, Geo. 8. Bartlett, Jacob Hamp, David Green, 
^K Frederick Alchin. Walter C. Dewitt. Nioodemus Harris, Wm. G. Stiff, 
^H Geo. Gibson. Harmond Goodrich, Peter Smith, John Stanton, [Theo. 
■P Dewitt]. 

^^Tew Haven Township. — Alonzo Wallace, Chas. Harris, Wm. Getohell, 

John Spencer, Abraham Spitler, Karan Brophy, Wallace NetE, John 

Slater, John Mi'Intyre. Abraham Allen, Alfred Knight. Orange Will- 

^^ iams, Fred Stewart, .\ilen Williams. Melvin Keith, Pierce Punches, 

^^L Orrin Stewart, Chas. Bussell. Thomas Murray, Jacob Alliton. Peter 

^^B M. Dumond, Chas. Linzey, Wm. Edgar, H. U. Linzey, Michael Punches, 

^VChaa. Turnieliff, John Schauta, John Galhingher, Smith Kingsbury, 

J^^ Benj. Walker, Thomas Rosa, Andrew Cowell, Wm. Austin. Ashley 

Clark, Peter Dumond, Wm. Dumond, Hiram Freman, Stephen Austin, 

Myron Nye. Ellis Oft, Frank Pari;hurst, Samuel Conklin, Geo. Davis, 

Emery Pearsall, [Wm. H. Reams. Daniel Conklin]. 

Ownsso Township. — Norman F. Payne. Judson Clough, Alvin Owen, 

Sidney McCredy. Jacob Ream, Edward B. Simson, David L. Winkler, 

Michael Strahle, Oscar Halstead, M, B. Halstead, Frederick E. Fow- 

^^er. Chas. Sherman. Robt, Bowles, Geo. T. Mason, Frank Barton. Geo. 
A. Dailey, Geo, P. Guilford. Leonard Bowles, Chas, J, Wimple, 
rry Township.— C. T. Wing. Henry H. Vreland. Edward McCarn. Sim- 
eon B. Kendall, Austin Wing. .James Pierce, Wm. Starka, Michel Hill, 
Almond Stevens, Van Ranslaer Perry, [Geo. Johnson. Christian Koch, 
Frank Miiispnw, Jaw. L. Dowd]. 
, Village of Perry.— H. H, Hawiey. Reuben C. Hntchins, R, M. Stitchler, 
, Carton Reel. R. F. Banbourn. N. A. Halstead, T. S. Wright. Henry 
^Cleeae, Elisba Rathgibbs, Marion W, Scutt, [E. J. Ewing]. 

Jlage of Morrice. — Frank E. Purdy. Israel G. Atkins. I^eonard Ferris, 
BDavld Johnson, Perry Treatway. [Robt. B, Cr^g. Willis E. Brown, 
r^3. 0. Austin, Ciias. Gollwool. 8. J. Vanever], 



I BD8h Township. — James Lotridge, M. F. Goodliiie, Wm. Caldwell, J»m(| 
Wood, Wm. H. Smith, .James A. Hayt, Seth Porter, Henry W. Jouei. 
Geo. J. Spitler, J. J. Huffman, John H. Oormlej, Ctaas. Freeman, Wm. 
F. Spaulding, John A. Ellsworth, Ambrose C. Peters, Michael McPhil- 
ipB, James G. Sanderson, John Harehbarger, Benj. Hook, Geo. How^ 
Albert M. Dnimm, Allen A, Porter, Seymour H. Shaw, Ijewie Ball, 
John Skelton, Nathan Willoughbj, Levi Waters. Christopher Cook, 
Philip Schnabel, Hiram Laclear, Wm. McCarthy, David Mallory, Wal- 
ter UarriBon, John H, Collier, Chas. H. Allen, Melvin W, Drake, John 
Crane, Robt. Clapsnddle, Samuel Piddington, Alfred B. Crane, 

Sciota Township. — Chas. Ford, James Look, H. J. Moore, W. C. Balcom, 
S. N. Pierce, Geo. Green, Daniel Johnson, Wm. Asher, Edward Leiand, 
N. Beib, V. D. Grennell. 

Village of Laingsburg.— *iJ. E, Bamea, Jacob De Forest, Albert Vioing, 
Morgan Hough, Wm. S. Parker, F. B. Alberts. J. E. Sweet, Wm. H. 
Piper, P. J. Putnam, John B. Jakway, A. H. Terryberry, H. H. Pulver, 
F. B. McCIintock, John Crum, H. R. Lowrey, I. D. Parshall, Geo. B. 
Culver, C. M. Whitney, ChaB. Cole, Wm. Simpson, Edward Pope, 

David E. Wherry, Pierce, W. F. ShefQeld, H. B. Sharpe, Daniel 

Rittenberg, Geo. M. Whitney, Q. J. McCIintock, W. F. Potter, Law- 
rence Hooter, A. G. Blood, Daniel Shoe. Wilson L, Smith, James Ack- 
ley. L. A. Skinner. 

Shiawassee Township. — Warren Judd, Hiram Spear. Geo. Casselman, 
John A. Wallace, James St. John, Henry Goodrich, Wm. Skinner, 
Aaron Herrick. J, Q, A, Adams, Chas. E. Savage, Geo. A. Parker, Geo. 
Call. John Underwood, Joseph W. Morris, Wm. W. Hunt, Seth 0. 
Cole, Piatt Pelton, Ambrose T, Spencer, John L. Banks, Geo. W. Mc- 
Curdy. Moses L. Bedell. Chas. F. Cole, John J. Gnemey, G. R. Matoon, 
Truman See, John Hutton. Watterman Johnson, Wm. B. Heodee, 
Chas. P. Spencer. Geo. P. Seal, Lambert Johnson, John DeFreeae, 
Abner Taylor, John H. Wilcos, Wm. R. Crook, Thomas E. Clary, 
Theron Gladden. Wm. H. Phelps, Richard C. Hamilton, Jefferson 
Kent, Frederick A. Adelberg, Evan Bowles, Chas. H. Stone. 

Village of Bancroft, — John J, Atherton, Gilbert H. Fellows, Wm. J. 
Knight, H. H. Williams, Henry M. Billings, August Guyknecht, David 
Kittle, John 8. Babcock, Wm, F. Simonson. Frank Greenman, Tru- 
man Heminway, Wm. H. C, Hall, Chas. W, Kiltridge. Geo. E. Millt^ 
Martin Wall, Alfred S. Bradley, Hennan fitannard, Geo. Babcodr 
Willis Skinner, Elijah Barns, Benj. DeFreeae, Peter Woolovei 
Orlando H. Le Fever. 

Venice Township. — Wm. Brooks. J. C. Bentley, A. H. Winters, Sim 
Anthony, Michael Wolston, W. H. Monday, John Chase, Parnel L 
cook. J. B. Prasier, G. A. Frasier, Ciias. Blonden, James Goodfelloi 
James Bulemore, Mark King, Elislia Harrington, John H. Moy» 
Alfred Frasier, H. L. Hollister, R. D. Lee. Nelson Calkins, Geo. PiersoIT 
Wm. Caldwell, M. S. Harding, Edward Leonard. 

Vernon Township. — John Jones, Ira Rogers, Reuben Griffin, Jeremiah 
Cook, Wm. Davis, Robt. Denison, Geo. K. Harris, Orrin Lamb. John 
Kelley, Andrew Hovey, Philip Kline. I^emuel Latin, Peter Huff, L. B. 
Ellis, Alex. Vanwormer, Wm. Brown. Frank Pnlman. H. L. Monrop, 
Joseph Guest, Geo. McLain. Henry Alchin, W. H. Cole. Lafaye tte 
Brigham, Sumner Clark. James Redson. Asel Stark, John Gilbef^ 



^VC!yriiB Eenyon, [Wni. H. Vanoller. CIiaB. Denison, Utnry Clark, Dan- 
iel Post, Aldcn Keys, Lemuel Smedley, Wm. J. Parks, Sylvester Bates, 
Lee Smedley]. 

Village of VerooD. — Alfred Dickey. Henry Angus, Philip Albeck, L. 
Emmons, Robt. McKenley, Harlow Jonee, Geo. Prior, W. H. TicUnor, 
Geo, Jewell, Joliu Hazelton, H. P. Martin, Samuel Reed. 

Village of Durand. — JIatliew Crofts, Wm. Parks, Abrnliani Vanwormer, 
Ohaun^y Rouse, Jasper Keyes, Geo. Simpson, Hiram Leonard, Thomas 
Craig, Wm. Pitcher, Ezra Barnes, Henry Dodge, Wm. Case, Norman 
P. Leiand, Wm. Shattuck, Josepb Marshall, Daniel Harrington, 
James VincenI, Geo. Hopkins, Elias K. Gustin, A. J. Morehouse, 
David Thompson, Wm. Chapel, Edwin Ware, John C. Haynes, Clias. 
Dennisou, J. R. Jones. A. G. Cowles, Levi Clark, Hiram Leonard, 
[Henry M. Van Burger]. 

Woodhnll Township. — Geo. Carlton, Paisley Laing, Geo. W, Clement, 
Chas. M. Chadwick, John N. Lutz, W. l! M. Smith, Wm. H. Roark, 
Wm. H. Shaft, Edward Harvey, Samuel Carl, Chas. W. Hewitt, Marsh 
Crawford, T. L. Baldwin, I. N. Harvey, David Benson, Geo. W. Crouch. 

Corunna City, First Ward. — Frederick Stickney, Ambler W. Weedon, 
Isaac T. Gould, Philip P. Thomas, James Fisher, Giles C. Decker, C. 
H. Mulligan, Peter N. Cook. J. B. F. Curtis, James W. Grant, Samuel 
A. Fish. Albert A. Frain, Jonathan Chapman, Cady C, Smith, Walter 
Payne, Daniel Wait. 

Corunna City, Second Ward. — Thomas Linsley, Wm. J. Tanner, Lorin 
Wairiner, Wm. Linsley, Albert Himes. Alfred Derham, Richard Kirk- 
patrick, 0. F. Wilkinson, Thomas A. Kennedy, Thomas Lawcock, Wm. 

■Ely, Warren Robinson, Chas. Prindle, Clark M. Harris, Morris Jack- 
son. Leroy Requa, Artemas Angell, Wm. E. Cumins, Seymour St. 
Johns. Selector Gage, Edward Thompson, Israel Converse, Wm. E, 
Jacobs. Able Williams. Selden E. Griffith. 

Corunna City, Third Ward. — David R. Currier, Lucien Stowell, Henry 
Haden, Patrick Carby. James -J. Peacock, Benj. Dutcher, Jared 
Thomas. Frederick Weipreeht, Oscar F. Card. 

OwosBO City, First Ward.— James R. Sayers, Eugene H. Jacobs, J. M, 
Curwood. Gilbert Osbom, Henry D. Clough, Edward P. Gilbert, Silas 
H. Alliton. Herman C. Frieseke, David Dwight, .\rthur E. Ferry. Syl- 
vester J. Rouse, Chas. D. Hughs, David Shanafelt, Major A. Smith, 
Milbum G. Whited, Oscar Bailey, James B. Willoughby, Geo. W. Fow- 
ler, John H. Faxon. Korman P. Lelaud, Geo. W, Darling, Epbraim 
Dnnfaam, Allen M. Hurlburt, Wm. Baker, Dennis .\. Barnum, Simon 
Crawford, Wm. K, Tillotsoii, Ephraim Roberts, Chas. F. Parker, Chas. 
C. Howell, Chas. O. Lapman, Lyman P. Roberts, Julian Dotcher, Wm. 
Halstead, Stephen .-V. Crane, Chas. H. Cossitt, Edgar P. Byerly, Deloa 
Hannah, John Reynolds, John E. Comstock, Silas E. Halsey, Bobt. R. 
Marsh. David F. Collins, Geo. L. Bennett, John Doney, Chas. A. 
Osbom, Henry Robbins, Frank L. Comstock. Chas. Tuthill, Alei, 
Johnson, Geo. W. Wilber, Harrison H. Frain, Chas. L. Paris. Abner I. 
Novess. Geo. W. Livingston. Eugene R. Holmes, Lewis C. Cheney, 
Edwin R. Snyder. Chas. D. Hunt, Francis Beebler. David Henderson, 
Josinh Thompson, John W. Angell. Thomas M. Wiley. Jabez Perkins. 
JCornelans Boream, Edmun Halsey]. 



OW0880 City, Secoud Word.— JoUu S. FisU*T, C. S. Gilbert, Geo. 
Loring, H, L, Osbom. H. Philip Trask, Abrani JoQes, Samuel Lam- 
from, Otis Gould, Beiij. F. Thomas, W. A, Richiirdson, O. F. Webster, 
Joseph AruoB. Neil McCoItiiu, Wni. R. Smith. J. Call Albro, Nicholas 
JohuBon, Chas. X. Raci-. David F. Blair, Jamt'B W. Miles, Joseph Ens- 
sell, Emory L. Brewer, Martin C. Dawes, Joseph DavidsoD, John 
Wood, Patrick A. Watters. Geo. W. Oweu, Luther Bradley, Henrj 
King. Heiirv Uortea, James L. Topping. Harris Burke, Daniel 
Eldridge, Wm. Guijie. James Smith, John Bowers, [Geo. McClintoe, 
David M. Estf.v, C. M. Young, Lloyde Lewis, Martin E. Miller, J, A. 
Cummins, Allen X. Cowan. Chas. C, Duff]. 

Owosso City. Third Ward. — Morris Holmes, James Deal, Ernest Mon- 
rean, Silas W. Sadler, Nflson Baker, Morris A. Parks, Lewis H. 
Leiand, Jacob Kobter. Frederick Tick, Geo. W. Allen, Lymaa W. 
Clough, Reuben Harvey, Gilbert Card, John J. Mackey, Richard 
Haley, Samuel Forsyth. David Hood, Jolm C. Keagle, Henry Hall, 
Bartlett Johnson, Chas, E. Wright, Allen Q, Cole, Jacob F. WUder- 
mnth. Geo, W. Nicholson, Julius Frieseke, Albert Amsi)oker, Geo. F. 
Robinson, Joseph D. Callaghan, Hugh Alexander, Geo. L, Van Djne, 
Orson Nichols, Fred H. Peterson, Edwin A. Stedman, Harrison Bai- 
ley, [Thomas Neland. Nelson Bnnghart]. 

Owosso City. Fourth Ward.— G. W. Smith, Chas. L. Beach, Richard 
Welch, L. H. McDowell, Enoch Hann, Max Coif, Wm. P. Btedman, 
A. B. Pulver, J. W. Turner, Frederick Gute, Eugene D. Young. Chas. 
Collamer, Jacob B. Hathaway, F. N. Hopkins. Wm. Harris, John 
Brooks, A. T. Fowler, Robt. Gray. Granville F. North, Frank Wells. 
Wellington White, John Van Doran,Andrew J, Patterson, Wm. Bevens, 
Wm. Rainey, Simon L. Watson, Geo. Drain, Geo, Coif. Oliver B. Vao 
Doran, Hiram Monroe, Willard Knapp, J. A. Rhodes-F. C. Field. Henry 
Stevenson, M. H. Ridley, Chas, Dunham, Fred Nenman, Chester 
Thayer, WillistoD Stewart, Chas. Hume, Hugo Wesner, Samuel Gard- 
ner, Joshua Dodge. D. L. Densmore, Samuel Ausboog, [Andrew J. 
Patterson, Chas. Norcross, .Vlex. McDonald, Lauranc^ Pluck, Eph- 
raim Beebe, Daniel Owen. Merabean F. Richey, Henry Schmidt. Fret 
N. Harris. Wm. H. Beatle]. 


Berlin Township.— Francis White, Wm. Hugett, Nathan Hurd, John 
Morehouse, BenJ. F, Frost. Stephen B. Rice, John M. Thompson. Daa'' 
lei M. Jones. Joshua Hill. David Grant, Austin Finch, Chas. H. Whit. 
Wm. Clock, Benj. L. Aldrieh, Homer C. Sperry, Wm, Philo. Daniel 
Butler, Schuyler Jones. Wm. B. Hamilton, Frank 0. Jordan, Elijah P. 
Draper, [Abel Brown]. 

Brockway Township. — S. N. Blaksley, Alex. Telfer, Theo. Packer, John 
W. Lewis. Hugh Moore, Lewis Myers, Chas. Montney, Wm. Johnfl<m, 
Thomas Thody. Wm. Patterson. Michael Sheehy. W.J. Moore. 

Village of Yale.^Ezra Freeman, John Hicks, Chas, Disbrow, John 
StPcmberg, Prank Robinson, Wm, Strong, .Vlfonzo Gray. Lnwl 
Butler, Ira Blllman, Wm. Perkins, Isaac Robinson, 

BnrtchTillp Township.^ — Allen Worden. Geo, Vromnn, B. I 
James Witbey. John Cornish, Daniel Hanver, Henry Rhodes. 



tfico Township. — .John Lasperance, Alex. Vanbrochlin, Frederick Mug- 
gelberg, Henry Schnett, John Draves, Alfred Leviogton, Carl Pritzeon, 
Peter A. Visger, Peter Vermeulen, Chae. Schultz. Timothy Meldram, 
Nathan B. Clark. Christian Lubahn, John W. Schindler, Jos. Qrajner, 
rCottfried Fritz]. 

China Township.— .John Graham, Gottlieb (irossmeier, Alvin B. Marks. 
Wanlon A, Tripp, Fred "Schreiner, Jr., Win. A. Tnimble, Andrew 
HiiBel, Paniel H. Harris, Austin Abbey, Joseph Diichane, Christian 
Hchroeder, fJohn Richlie, Wm. Jackson]. 

Clay Townfihip. — Isaac Colby, Louis Bell, John Taft, Joseph Phelps, 
Wm. Benson. Thomaft Cobbledick, Anthony Brabban, Joseph Brab- 
ban, Geo. A. Phelps, [Leander Shoevan, Wm. H. Warner, Jacob E. 

Village of Alpouac— Solomon Droiiillard, Sylvester Moore, James 
Baki^r. Chas. Skinner, Geo, A. Jones, John M. Robertson, Wallace 
Harsen, Joseph Bpaids, Wm. A. Jackson, Albert L. Hatch, Hiram 
Moore, [Joel Phillips, Stephen A. Warner, .J. M. Johnson]. 

Clyde Township.— A lien W. Canipfleld, Wm. Mnthews. Adam Sum- 
merer. Edwin Philips, John Vandalinder, Henry KinRsley, Uriah Shew- 
feldt, Theopolis Lavere, Robt. Balnier, Orrin T. Webster, Wm. Gonid, 
Wm. Baldock, Ashael Kingsley, Alfred Powers, Daniel Bobbins. 

Columbus TowDRhip. — ^Godfrey Fritz, James Porter, Henry Hunt, John^ 
Alter, Edward Williams, Wm. Bunker, Dennis Ward, Silas Withey, 
Chas. Conat, Fletcher Wright, Wm. Van Norstrand. Wm. Thomas^ 
Michael Foils, Wm. Marvin, Orrin Cole, Louis Fisher, Lyman Bement, 
Wm. Stevens, Geo. Hall. James Haviland. John Wagner, 

Cottrellville Township. — Chas. Basney, Daniel Boshaw, Chas. Shorkey, 
Louis Cohrs, Wm. Kiddle, Robt. Broadbridge. Ira E. Marks, Frank 
Orashaw, John Basney, Wm. H. Courliss, John Johnson, Nelson 
Tliompson, George R. Keeler. 

East China Township. — Chaa. Spademan, Myron P. Parsons, [A. B, 
Caswell, John Denney]. 

Emmet Township. — .Jeremiah J. Foley, Mathew Craven, Geo. Vanor- 
mon, John B. Waltz, Chas. Garling, Thomas McLeod, Michael Cuttle, 
[K, H. Cochrane, Henry A. Cope]. 

Village of Emmet.— John B. Wallace, Edward St. Clair, Edward Mc- 
Hugh, Isaac Butterfield, Ketly Cogley, Edward Wetmore, Patrick 
Ryan, [Michael Kelly]. 

Port Gratiot Township. — Lnman Burtch, Wm. Streeter, James Payne, 
Ricliard Carney, John Demater, Wesley Streeter, .James Teeple, Geo, 
Hall. Michael Araold, Alex. Derosia. Harvey Hall, John Gamer. 

Grant Township. — Wm. J. Gardner, Joseph Tacie, John W. Mai'klem, -Jos- 
eph Cari. liobt. Hall, John Balkwill, Alex. McDonald. Lemuel BeaJ, 
Wm. Elliott. Alex. Young, John Carraichael, John Hickey, Peter 
Reaves, Rudolph F. Workmeister, Nelson Smith, Norman Strevel, F, 
M. Ketcham. Clark F. lirown. Myion Thomas. 

Greenwood Township. — Chas. A. Jjapien, Rudolph Engel, Jotham A. 
Vinrent, Reuben Palmer. Jeremiah Braj-man, Orlando Brown. Geo. E. 
Dodge, Jacob Palmateor, Chas. Way. John Engel. Calvin Russell, Jos- 
eph Wilt. Terrence Martin. Chas-McVuley, Iiiaac Roberts, Adam Gotts- 
^^leben, [Levi Tonng]. 



Smith, Tbl^H 

Ira Township, — Peter Maictrow, Jgliu Trumbly, aimon 
Meldram, James Baker, Frank Lipscomb, Jobn 31. Laney, 
Latour, Kdward Randolph, Godfrey Newmann, Felix Bouchard, [Pred 
Schmid, Antoine Rose], 

Kenockee Township.— Martin V. Westbrook, Egbert W, Cribbin, Amos 
A. Haskell, Patrick Davey, Geo. Crawford, Geo. E. Thomas. Samuel 
E. Martin, Edward Fry, Robt. H, Edmison, John F. Gooding. Eben< 
ezer Smith. Walter Shields, Wm. H. Schram, Thomas Ramsey, Sam- 
uel Ramsey, Joseph Rankin, Henry Bumham, Samuel Jacobs, Lewii 
O'Dett, Hiram Winas, Joseph Scliattler, Moses Moore, Joseph Mark, 
[Olando Brown]. 

Kitnbatl Township. — Oliver L. Frazier, Geo. Pike, Wm. Barden, 
Anthony Shattler, Geo. H. Tomiinson. Alvah L. Peck, Heni7 Cox, 
Jerome Conrad, J. Mitchell, Enos Sumner, Augustus Searls, August 
Peters, Richard S. Tuttle, Thomas Gracy, Royal G. Piatt, Geo. W. 
Main, Wm. E, Brown, Anthony Jemmefield, Geo. Worth, John Hook- 
with, Bariza Kcnyon, Nelson Harvey, Wm. Wolvin, Patrick Gafifney, 
Thomas Moore, Wm, Havens, John Terney. 

Lynn Township. — Fred Hall, Robt. Meikle, Andrew Curry, Jonathan 
Tice, Wm. Esty, Henry McKinatry, Wm. H. Morgan. 

Mussey Townsiiip,— ^Henry Sprotsbury, David Lamphere, Chas. S. Warn, 
James Lynch, Erastiis Hathaway, Barton J. Wade, Wm. R. Cade, 
Henry Cannis, Robt. M, Curtis, Peter Brennan, Nelson Churchill, G. 
Schoneman, Robt. G. McNaught, Augustus A. Smith, Eri Watson, 
John A. Glassford, Chas. Burtcb. Nathan Rowley, Ivary D. Cook, 
James Turnbull, A. C, Fairbrother, Wm. Wendt. 

Village of Capac. — W. F. Praker, Arcibald J. McNaught, Martin Con- 
ley, Wm. D. Stormaut, John Burt. Dewitt Walker. Alex. Glassford, 
John Deleree, Fred Ross, John T. Brink, Julius A. Jonas, Chester 
Williams, Samuel L. Smith, Sidney S. Brooker, James Glassford, 

, James H. Banfill, Benard Walker. Geo. W. Curtis, Alonzo Wright, 
Walter Tenant, Reuben Banflll, John Hewitt, Obadiah King, [Benj. 
Goldin, Joe. Locke]. 

Port Huron Township, — Lyman Whitford. Moses Bolio, Martin L. Halm, 
John C, Young, Jesse Van Camp, Wm. H, Ellsworth, Wm. Edmunds, 
Frederick A. Smith, Fred F. Vertican, Edmund Flanagan, Allen Bar- 
ton, Michael F. Wolpert, Joel D. Kenney. Harmon Davis. 
Riley Township. — Alonzo Blynn, Chas. MuUoy, Jacob Bumeli, J. F, Olf- 
ford, Samuel Van Camp, Wm. Marble, James Davis. Chas. Lefever, 
Albert J. Raymond, Joseph Cobbeldick, Wra, Stephens, Robt. Muttart, 
Edwy Kimble, Daniel Moran, Peter L. Shook, Albert Gillett, Geo. 
Loomis, Wm. H. Smith, Langdon Case, Aaron Blake, John C. Bix, 
Artemus Cook, John Kerky. 

Village of Memphis. — Lorenzo L. Gregory, Wm. Rudock, J. T. Williams, 
John McLoughlin, Geo. Shirky, Leonard Woods. 

St. Clair Township. — Isaac Justin, Elzathan Jackson. John Adamson, 
Reuben Daniels, B. R. Mallory, Henry Luck, H. C. Peasley, Henry 
Parker. John Derr, Thomas Snay, Gilbert Teboe. Philip A, Chaffee, 
Henry Palmer, David Johnson, Josiah Langley. Hnlcy Surline, Fred 
Meiaelbacb, Thomas L. Kemp, Oliver Rock. Enoch Faux. Robt. H. 
Ellsworth, Benj. Potter. [Peter Sterling. Israel Blarsh]. 


mship. — Galloway Fraleigh, Jamea Valentine, Wm. Layem, ^M 
UCTF. L.. Nestle, Henry Maurer, Frank Layem, Aagustus Nilea, Wm. ^ 

Laehbrook, Horace C. Mudge, Geo. Wonch, Solomon Benway, Jolm 
Crowley, Chas. Kendall, Ebenezer Cowlee, Nathan Green, Cyrus Hink- 
ley, Henry Bowen, Raselaue Lawrence, Orvel Cowlee, JoBeph Beach, 
Welcome Lashbrook, Henry Reish, Hirajn B. Laehbrook, Wm. Apley, 
Byron F. Park, John McGarey, Joseph Nestle, Chae. W. Fitz, Wm. 
Grunwell. Harvey L. Laalibrook, Sylvester Apley, Calvin Curler, 
Hines Grover, Cbas. Layem, Etibn Ackerman, Byron Jennie, Newei 
Bowen. Frank Wilcox, Geo. White, Leonard Tigchon, Wm. Smith, 
Chas. Belaw, Wm. W, Hartson, Lafayette Persel, Henry Huffman, 
Robt. Cameron, [John L. King]. 

Marine City, First Ward.— John W. Ackley, Peter Lacroix, Chas. F. Far- 
man. Harrison Vroman, Joel Phillips, Wm. Wells, Geo. D. Rogers, 
Thomas McDonougb, 8. W. Hadden, John Denney, Geo. Hornbustle, 
Anthony Thompson, [John Thompson, Jacob C, Knlm, Wm. Campbell, 
Stepb^i Rose, Nathan C. May, Nelson Thompson, Julins A. Ward, 
Wm. H. Scott, Henry Balfour, James Robertson, Edw. Thompson]. 

Marine City, Second Ward. — Edward Hill, John Densmore, John Hatb- 
orn, John Minnie, Henry Colby, Geo. A. Shaw. ,\bram Perrin, John 
Hint, John Young, Oliver Harrington, Daniel Lovejoy, Emulous 
Adams, [Newel Morton, Samuel L. Smith, Dan'l Blanchard, S. N. 

Marine City, Third Ward. — Michael Crowley, Wm. Baird, Jacob Diem, 
Chas. Miller, Mam Bates, James Barney, Alex. Stern, Fred Scbriner.Sr., 
Wm. McNiff, Henry S. Manchester, Joseph Phillips, Wm. Yax, Fred- 
erick Snay, [Geo. B. Cobbledick, Oliver Dumais. Frank Rose. E. 8. 
JaraeaoQ, Stephen Rose, Alfred Levlngton, Wm. McQueen]. 

Port Huron City, First Ward. — John W. Benson, Isaac Haymaker, Na- 
poleon Morey, Thomas F. Purkiss, Martin Murray, Chas. O, Sisman, 
Thomas Hannah, 8r., Lafayette Robinson, Alonzo A. Dsuiiels, Benj. J. 
Karer, Thomas Hannah, [Alfred Morree]. 

Port Huron City, Second Ward. — Albert McCoilum, John R. Goodier, 
Isaac Springer. Thurston Hall. Wm. Thompson, Henry Couden, Chas 
Blank, Edgar G. Spaulding, Frank Whipple. Wm. Hartsuff, Charles 
Thompson, Cyrus B. Stockwell, James K Parnham, John S. Beach, E. S. 
Post, Chester Ashley. 

Port Huron City, Third Ward. — Wm. H. Brown, Bobt. Diogman, Abner 
Palmer, James Hall, John Forbes, John Finn, Jacob Denlar, Jacob 
Bern at z, Valentine Baker. 

Port Huron City, Fourth Ward, — G. B. Windover, Geo. W. Beagle, 
Isaac Horton, Adam Stine, John B. Gough, Henry W, Cooley, Chas. 
Dailey, Elihu Mills, H. B. Mills. Patrick Ryan, A. G. Kenway. S. B. 
Carie, H. C. Gould, James M. White, Henry Seabury, Chas. K. Wella, 
[Elijah Campbell, Wm. F. Earnst, David White, Jeremiah Moss, Eli- 
jah Ruseeil, Wm. H. Lavan, Adam Flasher, Frank A. Bailey, James 

Port Huron City, Fifth Ward. — Kenneth McDonald, Myron Northap, 
Alpbonso A. Carieton, James H. Baker, Geo. B. Mann, Frank Hubert, 
Geo. Chambers, Geo. O. Harder, Moses F. Carieton, John Billingstine, 

284 CENSUS OF MICmOAN— JUNB 1, 1894. 

Wm. O'Connor, N. S. Boynton, John Ivers, Paul Ooogeon, Chauncey 
Whitney, H. N. Stoddard, W. W. Campfield. 

Port Huron City, Sixth Ward.— Philip Berg, Wm. Sterling, Geo. Du£f, 
Elijah Rowley, Noah T. Farr, John Dukek, Horace Plai&ted, James 
L. Coe, Wellington McSparren, Lorring E. Cady, James E. Tucker, 
Loren A. Sherman, Frank Ufford, Joseph S. Kite, John Chambers^ 
Madoe Isabell, Wm. Gilbey, John Hill, James B. Burgess, Wm. E. 
Buckridge, Edwin S. Pettit, Samuel Kemp, Stephen Hunt, Joel Rose. 

Port Huron City, Seventh Ward. — Martin R. Armstrong, John Kapple, 
Walter Stone, Thomas Dwyer, Benj. Barton, Hugh Higgins, Stephen 
V. Jones, John W. Bums, James McBride, Lewis B. Rice, Hiram 
Cusick, Alva Stevens, Wm. Anderson, Wm. McKenzie, Wm. Schofield. 

Port Huron City, Eighth Ward. — Hiram Lyons, August Gilmer, Wm. T* 
Hamlin, Alanson Welsher, L. W. Esselstins, Geo. W. Howe, Valentine 
Harrison, David Henry, Wm. A. Woodward, Chas. J. Mook, Peter 

Port Huron City, Ninth Ward. — Joseph Davis, John McFarland, Phillip 

Port Huron City, Tenth Ward. — Richard Lavere, John Vanelstine, Wm. 
C. Brown, Ransom S. Holand, Geo, Bentley, Henry Johnston, John 
Clark, James A. Penney, Geo. Gardner, Chas. Brown, Thomas B. Hum- 
phrey, Thomas R. Bentley, Lewis Richards, Chas. Page, Michael Cal- 
lannn, Geo. Hyde. 

St. Clair City, First Ward.— Josiah Boyle, Chas. E. Soils, John O'Con- 
ner, Adam Burkart, Peter Woods, Chas. La Gue, John M. Hart, 
O^okett McElroy, Wm. F. Leach, Benj. Stuart, David Murphy, Wm. 
Ash, Geo. Akred, Henry A. Cope, Alex. H. Brown, James H. Cady, 
Wm. Black, [Wm. E. Burtley]. 

St. Clair City^ Second Ward. — Wm. H. Smith, Andrew Hartman, Wm. 
F. Carleton, John Sawher, James Scott, Edwin M. O'Brien, Henry P. 
Lawson, Michael R. Howard, John Fink, Peter Patterson, Elias Jones, 
David P. Inles, James D. Smith, Joshua Harrington, Wm. S. Balfour, 
Wm. B. Morse, Chas. H. Carleton, Orson M. Earl, Joseph Ducatt, Wm. 
Kane, Leander Shovan, Thomas Preston. 


Burr Oak Township. — Roswell Wilcox, Orrin M. Brooks, Stephen Gilker- 
son, Henry Kiser, Wm. H. Wells, Alfred Sargent, James Billman, Geo. 
Hackman, John J. Van Vorst, Leonard C. Green, John Botzner, Henry 
W. Fretter, Harlow C. Gilson, Abner G. Van Vorst, John W. Green, 
Philip Rusher, Erwin Tisdal, Geo, Shimp, James Prouty. 

Village of Burr Oak.— Geo. Sheffield, David H. Carter, Anton Miller, 
Jobu O. Rollman, James Downs, Seymour H. Hogle, Albert Slinger- 
land, Geo. Robinson, Leander B. Shaw, Leonard C. Cross, Andrew 
Pepper. Daniel Fry, Davis M. Wait, Edward A. Cross, Philetus Sig- 
gins, Andrew M. Graham, David T. Lowe, Chas. B. Galloway, Joseph 
Watson, Marshall Marvin, Byron Churchill, O. French, James A. Todd, 
John B. Keeler. 


toiun Tuwusiiip, — KIHb ('. Kiimsey, Geo. Eiuiuel, Frnuli M, 
James Kiiumepliiig, Fnink Hiirlcy, Henry C Thomvsou, A, 
Wyaiit, Wni. L. Thornton, Jolin Stamp, Jonathtiii Eticrhaid, Amos J. 
Waguer, Cjilvin O. Mai-vin, Nelson H. Way, Emei-y Blossom, Henry 
Hall, Kdgar Hennett. Chas. Clement, Samuel Wilber. Lilbum Mellen, 
C. A. Lamberson. Jonathan Savory, JoBi^ph echoonover, Barney B. 
Powers, Heni-y A. Peters, James Chapman, Joseph B. Dean, Wm. T. 
Renner, Chas. Gano, Edward Kimnierling, CLas. Eggleston, Hii-am H. 
Ward, Wilson Freeman, Lewis Belote. James Smitley, Peter F. Bower, 
John W. Hall, Wyman H. A. Godfrey, Edbert Schermerhorn, Edwin P. 
Weltesley, Wm. Haymaker, John Anderson, Wesley J. West, Clias. R. 
Monroe, Corning L. I*ach, [Henry Warren, Geo. Davis, Rowden KeyeH, 
John Larkins]. 
lonstantine Township. — John Hoak, James P. Cole, James Brower, 
Chas. C. Frank, Geo. Garth, James Marshall, Stilraon Preston, John 
Dickerson, Daniel Paul, Wm. J. Doty, Reuben Miller, Asa F. Roe, John 
W. Lamb, James Young, Jacob Lintz, Wm. Bechtel, Geo. W. Jones, 
Peter Howser, Daniel t^liannon. 

rVillage of Constantine. — John Radman, James I. Stilwell, John Adams, 
David Hate, E. E. Bittenbender, Edwin S. Newton, I^ambert Melvin, 
Franklin Crossett, Robt. M. Flack, Joseph A. Russell, Carter H. James, 
James W. Kelley, Herman G. Wolf, Chas. A, Watt, Geo. W. Davis, 
John R. Hess, John R. Byrd, Ambrose C. Sheffer, Wm. Eckart, Geo. 
Stout, Elias Engleman, Homer H. Throop, Chas, Hate, Henry L, Root, 
Isaac N, Lash, John Seller. Tbeo. Rumbaugh. Bela P. Scoville, Jolm 
King, Wm. S, Harntan, John K. Stark, David H. Vanness, Samuel 
Whitmore, Wni. Duff I?), EliRha Straub, Silas Ballinger, James J. 
flasainger, Thomas J. Lnvake, Sumnel Davis. 

[• FabJns Township. — Stephen M. Suyder, Thos. Butler. John Myers, Geo. 
H. Mohney, Samuel Spighiager, Harry Peters, .Vbraliam Sniitli, Lem- 
ae! Pierre, Stephen Parker, D. A. Babcock, 8r., Samuel Christman, 
Sylvester Pierce, Benj. Stell, Geo. Roe. Benj. F. Artley, Josiah M. Hop- 
kins, Isaac Parker, Oalvin E, Dock, Jesee Nearhood, Wm. H. Mohney, 
J. M. Wetherby, James Avery, Isaac Wing. F. C Shoemaker, Jonathan 
Smith, Wm. B. Eddy, Simeon Dunn, Ellas Jacobs. Henry Fetteroff, 
Geo. Darlison. John A. Mills, J. W. King. 

I Pawn River Township.— John Butz. Lemuel S. Miller, Wm. B. Ledyard, 
Benj. F. Bordner, I^ewis Carls, Geo, Sullick, Martin E, Sanborn. Adam 
J, Shaffer, Geo. N. Thomson, John Ballue. Henry Seals. Derick 8. 
Buck, Wm. H. Walker, 
Florence Township,- — Wm. R. Miller, Joseph D. Wolf, Wilson Renncr, 
Robt. Eisenhower, 5Iilo Freeman. Philip Lang. Warren Daniels. Geo, 

IFlowerfield Township. — William Parker, Marion .\ndreas, Wm. Brad- 
ford, Burr Stowell. Alonzo Chamberlain, Wm. Sampell, Peter Ryan, 
Henry Parker, Jesse Kline, Henry Kramb. Eli Houts, Eben Rich, Wi!- 
B011 Rossman, Wm. Jones. Lovenski Beers, Frank W. Carlton, Isaafl 
j K. Barney. Chas. Kepler, Marcus Daniels, John Hill. Peter T. Yonells, 
[ Hobl. Chapman. Solomon Eberhart, .\saph Walters. Pharos Harken- 
I berg, Jeremiah Stage, Samuel Riger, Erastus Hicks, J. Sheffield, Rich- 
■ ard Brayman, Samuel Holben, David Gemberling, Pomeroy Castle, 
Geo. Roi'uh. David Reish, Solomon Reish. Levi Emig. [S. Beers]. 

Neddo, ^M 




Leonidas Township.— Win. Miller. 8. Tutewiler, W. H. Russell. W. 
Etheridge, John Hobday, Wm. McCoy, John Heath, Robt. RennwJ" 
Henry Benner, Wm. Robinson, A. Lamport, J. V. Birch, G. Oickiason, 
Harvey Bates, H. Swonk, Henry C. Damon, C R. Kingsley, P. Seace, 
C. W. Carr, Royal Taylor, Felix Dingman, Wm. BiimB, D. Oilpin, 
Henry Lance. Wm. Lighthieer, J. Carpenter, M. R. Spealman, Stats. 
M. McCoy, James Adams, E. N. King, M. H. Barker, B. V. Barker, 
('haa. Damon, D. H. Gilbert, H. E. Spalsbury, J. Richardson, J, M. 
iienedict, Wm. H. Watkins. N. H. Merrit, F. C. Baldery. J. Booher, [P. 
V, Lyon, A. E, Dickenson, Henry Warren, Geo. Davis, Rowden Keyes, 
John Larkens]. 

Lockport Township. — Benj. F. Zeek, Edward Fulton, Wilkinson C. Porter, 
Edward Borger, Edward Waltz, Chaa. Henry Carter, Wui, Lovejoy, 
Henry M. Snyder, Nerval D. Tuniball, Henry S. Arthur. Adam H. 
(ileiisou, John P. Graham, David R. Johnson, Chaiincey Baird, Lyman 
A. Power, Geo. W. Mowrer, Wm. Ferry. 

Village of Three Rivers. — John B. Handy. Francis M. Boyer, Addison A, 
Udell, Geo. E, Grout, Jeremiah Strickland, Samuel Pugh, Fred A. 
Bellman. Aahbel M. Snyder, James W. Seekell, Chae. L. Seekell, Al- 
bert C, Sheldon, James A. Lockwood, Daniel W. Feas, Henry M. Croot, 
Albert G. Griffith, Chas. F. Jndson, Russell R. Pealer, John Bamhart, 
David J. Engleman, Jefferson P. McKey, Chaa. Rice. Albert G. Barton, 
Washington Sprague, Lewis Fry, Geo. Houts, Anthony B. Griffin, Geo. 
A. B. Cook, Lester C. Kennedy, John Lewis Thoms, James Hooser, 8. 
M. Constantine. Hosea Burch, Ransom N. Francis, John Houts, John 
H. McMurtrie, David H. Haines, Wesley W. Van Horn, Winslow H. 
Hatch, Jonathan I. Specht, Giles Calaway. Jacob Cunkle, John G. 
Quake. Bishop E. Andrews, John Carrior. Benj. E. Arnold, Josiati 
Wallet, Josiah Ranck, Jacob Sheats, Milton Greenwood, Reuben Q. 
Weinberg, Wm. E. Owens, M. H. Bumphrey, Victor Wagner, H. H. 
Whipple, Andrew Coyle. -Joseph Stamp, Chas. Bechtel, Stephen Wa- 
ger, Alonzo Smith, Almon Backus, David Mapes, Stephen Corwin, 
Thomas Berry, Elisha Doane, Geo. Barton, Daniel Gam, John Harv^, 
John Houser, Frank Bowersox, James Bouton, Hiram R. Marehall, 
Albert Lamphere, N. D. Hagerman, I. C. Loomis, Noah Driskel, John 
McClymont, J. W. Hemden, W. N. Hodge, Erastus Sanders, Albert A. 
Jonea, W. G. Thompson, Bradley L. Lane, Chas. Jackson, A. E, Stowell 
Geo. Buck, Hiram Richardson, Isaac Stell, Andrew Garrison, Ppm 
Baker, Wm, Chestnut, B. F. Haymaker, Manasses Klingerman, Jamd 
L, Hovey, John Patten, Isiiac H. Himea, Alonzo F. Westcott, JoW 
Pickard, Byron W. Moore, L. B. Place, Wm. A. Knapp, James Hai " 
grove, Frank Teft, Henry L. Kemberling. John L. Garrison, Erastni 
E. Eaton. R. M, Snook, Peter Salsbury, Wm. Thomas, Peter White, 
Silas Beekwith, Anson Spencer, Alex. Detwiler, Henry Btegman, Ghet 
ter O. Hill, Geo. A. Seetlold, Jacob Lenhart, [James L. Haines. B. ~ 

Mendon Township.— Geo. Oemst, Chas, Scott, Wm. Gaunt. 
Wheeler, Mahlon Huff, Eaton Slayton, Bozeal Neddo, Daniel Oriinne^ 
Andrew J. Hinkle, Geo. W. Wing. John Hughey, Robt. Wing. Jason B. 
Baylor. Reuben Kloae. Abraham G. Leiaer. Oliver M. Wilcox, John E. 
Hall. John C. Jones, Wm. Crawford, Robt. Day, Geo, Wing, Chauoffl 
a Co}o. Henry Shaffner. Amos Butler. 


Qlage of Mendon,— Nicholas Cartword, Henry Ueebe, Jamea HuEf, 
ward Wagner, Oliver White, KaQSom Pntnaiu, Paul Heiney. Almon 
Woodworth, Wm. Webbie, Boderick Young, David 8h!ifer, Chas. 
Duhette, Edward W'liite, Joseph Poeth, Wm. Clifford, Henry Cunniug- 

»hain, Geo. Root, Wm. Heiney, Orra Alexander, Wm. Patterson, James 
Embley, Theodore Kiiey, Noah Parker, Puter Cool, Henry Greeu, 
Aaron White, Alfred Butler, Henry Huff, Thomas Hatch, Geo. Spen- 
cer, Geo. Hart, Ceboume Alvord, John Bearra, John Langdon, Samuel 
Bennett, James Rockwell, Daniel Eveland, Chas. Welch, Daniel Payne, 
[Geo. A. Stevens]. 
[>ttville Township. — David B, Perry, D. R. Stutesman, Jonathan Wal- 
tbam, Adam Huttenstine, Alonzo Noel, Joseph Fees. Geo. Leinbach, 
John Bmith, Albert Knor, Jesse Brooks, Marble Howe, Mark Orcott, 
Salatiel Parks. Philip Hall, M. M. Packard, Joshua M. Rough, Herbert 
Barry, David Earley, T. H. B. Ferguson, Jacob W. B. Fort. 
Nottawa Township,— John D. Billings, Cornelius Weaver, John Obrien, 
Byron Q. Goodrich, Geo. Clark, Francisco Klady, Solomon Shumaker, 
Cfaaa. Clark, Edward Morvin, Wm. Boughton, Solomon Spillman, Fred 
Knox, Helmuth Timm, Justus St. Clair, Willard Smith, Michael John- 
son, David C. Bhoudy, James Dailey, James Zimmerman, Edward 
Thrasher, James VanMeter, Henry Bowersox, Pembroke S. Beckwith, 
Theo. Gregory, James Ennis, John H. Olosop, David D. Gray. 
Village of Centreville. — Myron Ingerson, Franklin Freeman, Chii«. 
Gregory, Jacob Stuck, Edward Lehr, Samuel Cross, Lott Woodworth, 
Thouiai Woodhouse, Wm. Kirby, Jerome Morehouse, Alfred Akey, 
Henry Faus, James Belote, James H. Manbeck, James Isbell, David 
Hazzard, John Salmon, Mardin Sabin, Joseph Dunworth, Whitley 
Denton, Chas, Caswell, Hiram Wescott, Wm. Frankish, Solomon Dill, 
Bolomon Bowersox. Enos Twitchel, Wm. Smith, Levi Sanderson, 
James P. Taylor. 
Park Township. — John B, Creasey, Seth T, Hunt, Samuel R. Burnes, 
Lewis Marvill, Horace Cothennan, Daniel Clingiman. John J. Bloom, 
John G. K. Ayrea, Wm. H. Carter, Jonathan Miller, Jonathan L. Day, 
Vintroy Greene, Joseph W. Freese, Aaron Hackenberg, Geo. Copen- 
haver, Peter W. Bowers, Daniel Sidler. 
Sherman Townabip.— Alex. Sharp, John M. Littlefleld, C. C. Cole, Har- 
^^ mon Oarl, J. R, Backnel, John Burke. Jonathan Mosher, Isaac Hodgt^ 
^K man. Geo. Rommel. 

^^Btorgis Township. — C. G. Merchant. Reuben Weston, Joseph D. Andei- 
^H^eon, H. D. Lester. 

^^T^IHage of Sturgis.— Josiah Bowser. Almon W. Thorpe, Patrick H, Phil- 
lips. John W. Kennedy, Samuel Sommers, Richard Dye, John Rapp. 
Francis A. Eagle, Isaac S, Provost, Samnel Borgette, N. G. Cooper, 
Emanuel Zeigler, James Griffith, James Ryan, Edmund S. Amidon. 
Henry S. Fister, Frank Stevens, IjCwIs J. Twichell, Henry C. Raw 
son, Wm. A. Culver, Horace Hinkley, Henry C. Gawthrop, Gaston 
Ererett. Chas. Rtowe, Isaac J. Rpaulding. Fred Shaffer, John H. Whit- 
mer, Monroe Evans. Wm. H. Howard, Sewell Foster, James Houtz, 
Abraham B. Allen, Wm. A. Young, W'm. S. Bunn, Leslie Cummins, L. 
B. Putney, M. Mease. Philip H. Van VIeck, Asahel B. Hill, John H. 
Poppino, Hart E. Pierson, Andrew J, Lamb, Caleb J. Brown, Robt. 
O'Brien, Chas. Patchin, Daniel Robinson, Henry L, Anthony, Fiwnk 

Ed- ' ^M 

ilmon ^^ 




238 CBN8U8 OF MICHIGAN— JUNE 1, 1894. 

H. Church, Geo. Kershaw, Henry Rupright, Asher M. Miller^ Benj. 
F. Hart, Samuel McDonald, John C. Drake, Ephraim Williams, Daniel 
L. Hibbard, Adam Wagner, Wm Kohlar, John Kelly, Anthony A. 
'Wilber, Geo. W. Harris, James Ryan, Adam Gates, James A. Shoe- 
craft, Noah Horner, Parker I. Rhodes, H. M. Sloan, Daniel Laclear, 
Welcome Merchant, J. D. Pierson, Ghas E. Landon, E. B. Cook, Wm. 
Vandevanter, Joseph Harris, Firm Miller, Geo. Wetmore, E. B. Wil- 
son, B. Phillips, Thomas Collar, Daniel Berger, A. C. Edwards, J. M. 
Alexander, John F. Porter, O. D. Russell, Nelson I. Packard, Sydney 
A. Munger, A. B. Culver, Geo. B. Tompkins, [H. B. Sprister, Dan'l 
Decker, Jonathan Mosher, Wm. McLaughlin, Jos. Schroeder, Alonzo 
Dart, Henry W. Fretler, S. C. Phillips, John H. Ellis, C. C. Cole, D. F. 
Needham, J. J. Phelps, D. D. Gray, John Butts, Philip Schlachter, 

. Evans Williams, Geo. A. Blood]. 

White Pigeon Township. — Lewis Lagro, Francis M. Skirvin, Elisha D. 
Ellis, Chas. E. Stevenson, David S. Kidd, Martin Luther, A. J. Weath- 
erwax, A. J. Rownsky. 
Tillage of White Pigeon. — Geo. W. Moak, Frank Sixbey, Cornelius Line, 
Miles J. Gragg, John W. Swartz, Henry H. Hackenburg, Seth T. Marcy, 
Chas. Gardner, Geo. A. Schoettler, Wm. Hallett, John Bisbey, John 
Carlin, Lucius Clarjj, Lee T. Fisher, Wilford Scutt, H. Raif snider, John 
Foster, Henry M. Ellis, Alfred Wickett, Chas. Farnham, Justin Miller, 
Calvin Mack, Adam Kline, Samuel Speese, Alva Mott, Henry Van 
Gilder, Daniel Saunter, Chas. M. Cross, John Raifsnider, Lewis Kelley, 
Jefferson Parmeter, Geo. Hartson, Lorenzo C. Cooper, [Geo. H. Van 
Antwerp, Daniel Weston]. 


/Lkron Township. — Stephen Frent, Wm. Partlow, Elijah G. Mathews, 
Samuel Woodman, Joseph E. Dairy, John Smith, David Butrick, John 
Rothermel, Byron Adams, Daniel Vaughn, Martin Kline, Ira P. Ran- 
dall, Isaac Bolster, Wm. Jewell, Conrad Beatenhead, Uriah G. Hover, 
Robt. Wilson, Geo. J. Dart, John Westphal, Jacob Woodman, Corne- 
lius Hayes, Wm. Hess, Francis Achenbach, Eli Woodman, Wm. Wood- 
man, Geo. G. Manin, L. A. Houghteling, Lewis S. Lee, Chas. R. 
Gotham, Henry H. Gilbert, Peter Lagrow, Isaac M. Loomis, James S. 
Parks, Edward A. Dickey, Albert T. Cook, Peter G. Gross, Geo. S. 
Clark, Amos E. Butterfleld. Jacob Eckfeldt, Peter S. Beck, Christian 
R. Bauer. 

A^lmer Township. — Dexter M. Macomber, Chas. C. Vaughn, Elias Hive- 
ley, Benj. Loomis, Freeman Smith, Eben Brock, John Daugherty, Chas. 
Bills, Amandrus Hein, Nicholas Vandecar, Orville Barden, Zachariah 
T. Hess, Augustus Greenfield, Henry H. Bush, Elisha P. Randall, 
Aaron Burgess, Sanderson P. Stacy, Elias Zinn, Emanuel Hess, 
Edward Goyer, Wm. Vandervoort, John Graham, Louis C. Becker, 
Josiah P. Hackett, Alton Knowles, Geo. W. Leman, Wm. E. Trader, 
James R. Shaver. 

Arbela Township. — Samuel S. Bird. Math^w Tuman, J. C. Silsbee, R. H. 
Pierce, Jeremiah Hunter, Geo. Klock, Ira Reed, J. B. Wood, Shelton 
French, James Camp, Tice Perigo, Michell Gilligan, Chauncey 


'■Wplght, Hirnm Mead, l^andei' Allen, Peter Williamwon, Uichard 
Place. Leander Kloek, Stewai-r Kristler, G. F. Tracy, David A. Beers, 

D. <J. Diamond. Truman French, Ambrose Haines, A. D. Gurney, Ham- 
uel Hoemer, Josepli Carl, Edwin Liirve.v. -loseph Gravel, Jtimes Buab, 
John I'alkin. Syiveeter Leach, S. H. Baldwin, Geo. Mathewa, H. W. 
Wrifrht, Robt. Lutze, Geo. Van Nest, Jei-ome C'urrier. Enard LeaOh, 
Hiram E. Monroe, Ferdinand Olds, Francis M. Beebe, Jobn R. Tracy, 
CbaH. O, Currier. \V. P. GiitUrie. 

Columbia TownBliip. — Anpnst Werlb, David Hensel. Jacob Gould, Geo. 

Ziegler, Erastne Dickinson. H. H, Addis, Henry Htiner. Henry Hess, 

Inaac Wilson. 
Villagi* of Unionville.^ — Nurman Murford, Elijah Fnrver, H. W. Wallace, 

James O, Oakley. Alaon Greenfield, Hosea H. Vming, Geo. J. Hill, 

Stephen C. Hayes. \\m. A. Hayes, James F. Wilson. 
Dayton Township. — Chauncey Woodard. Richard Teller, Wm. Webb, 

» Nathan Goodfellow, G. D. Hannah, Ohas. Stanley, Bphraim Whit- 
comb, Thomas Lynch, Edwin Chaffee, Wm. Mead, Henry Stokes, Robt. 
A. Foit, Henry a'. Clark. James Patrick. Frederick Almas. Jabez Rich- 
ene, ('has. 0'l>ell. James R. Perry, Mansfield Martin, R. D. McNinch, 

A. R. Roberts. 

Denmark Township. — C. C. J. Schultz, Christian Birtow. T<. J. Withlni?- 
ton. Albert Landin, J. W. Ridgeman. Square Hanes. Wm. Buck. Ezra 

tTilBWorth. Simon Alexander, Philo Morse, Jacob Titsworth, Wm. 
Leanris, Ezra Leonard. Paul Gueal. Julius Kummer.Jno. Webber. Mar- 
tin Adams. Peter Ivoranger. Jr.. Byron Sutliff, Theo. Reinbold. Henry 
Dailey, Carlton Langdon, Geo. Newton, L. H. McCollnm, Cyrus Leon- 
ard, Abel Finch. [Henry Adams]. 
lUiige of Beese.— Wm, Parks, John Nollett. Henry Crampton. Geo. 
Wood, Geo. M. Rose. W. G, Webber. Thomas (Julliver. John Akins, 
Bamuel P. Morgan. Frank Wilcox, David A. Person, Geo, Smith, Geo. 

B. White, D. L. Spencer. 

Elkland Township,— Samuel M. Wells, John G. Erans, James Ward, 
Oscar C. Wood. Geo. Martin. Theo. Burden. Lemuel O'Camb. Samuel 

»Seekins. Henry M. Marshall, Ezra W. Thomas, 
lllage of Cass City. — Orrin West, Daniel P. Deminfr. James B. La- 
Croix. Lafayette A. Dewitt. Albert E. Remie. Edmund Brolherton, 
John Atwefl, David M. Houghton. Geo. E. Perkins. Philetus Weyde- 
meyer. Hiram Baxter. .Tohn Ridgeway, Elliott Metcalf. 
£tlington Township. — Henry B. Dunn. Geo, S. Earl. -Tulius Oesteple. 
Chas. ■!. King. .Ijn-ob H. Mosher. Mordicn Goodman, .John Deitz, Chas. 
Alexander, Levi ^^'bipple, .Tohn C Draehmer, Jncoh Mosber. Sr,. Fran- 
cis Sackner. Henj. Loud. Travis T^eacb. John D. Hayes. Peter Bell. Wm. 

E. Coone. Wesley W. Peck. .John Hoy. Cyrenus Gould, .\bsalom V. 
Hatch. James S, Wilson, Ephraim D. Hollister, Henrv .-\. Bailev. Chas. 
McCu.:, Sr. I?). 

Tllmwnod Township. — Wm. R. Ware. Ismel Mawhorter, Dwight Chapel, 
John Wells, Benj, Sonthworth. Simeon Bnum. Ariel Spaulding, Edwin 
Aibertson. John Borroughs. Gilbert Touchette. Thomas N. Ware. Sam- 
uel Dalby, Joseph Adams. Loander Morse, Robt, Sackner. Hiram You- 
mans, Antnlne Touchette. Wm, J, Brown, [Warren S, Beebe, Benj. .SI. 
Burroughs. Henrv A. Burroughs. James B. Nickelaon. Henry Pres- 



Village of Gagetown, — Geo. S. Gage, Reuben Hopkins, Wm. Moody, Cfl^| 
ton F. Btearns, Joshua B. Moe, Kobt, S, Brown, James McGinn. ^* 

Fair Grove Township. — John C. Davis, Lafayette M. Carpenter, J. 8. Van- 
dermark, Nelson Sherman, Gilbert Hartwick, L. C. Wilbur, R. J. Jami- 
son, Jacob Layer, Orlando Levaley, Jesse Cutts, Levi Klinger, John 
Scarlette, Albert E. Coe, John W. Selumteer(?), Henry Shanon, Wm. 
Irish, Warren Bills, Wm. Gardner, Jr., David BasBing, Geo. E. Eddy, 
James Bradley, David E. Cranston, West E. Johnson, Edgar A. Wood, 
Charles Pnffer, Wm. J. Ingei-soll, L. F. Hinson, Peter Maiwell, Peter 
Dennis, John E. Evans, Edgar E. Anibel, Jas. L. Tibbetts, T. H. Town- 
send, Thomas McLean (?), Benj. F. Reed, E. N. Jarvis, Isaac B. Coler, 
Wm. Boss, Leiand Davis, Geo. W. Dutcher. Nathan Tuttle, Abram 
Gower, Isaac Everett, Alfred Hasen, Wm. Oakley, Walter Rifenbni^h, 
W. E. H. Gaylord, Geo. Smalling, GifTord Benton. 

Fremont Township. — Jonas H. McCarthy, Frederick Michael, Jno. Beach, 
Levi Cole, Byron Montney, Chas. R. Whitney, Lyman B. Hardy, Wm. 
Graubner, Chauncy Armstrong, Eli Brooks, Byron McCart:ney, John 
W. Elliott, William Turner, Daniel Ferguson, Nathaniel Berry, Abel 
Bntterfleld, Guatavus Frenzel, Almon Munaon, John Wagner, Jacob 
Craoksbaw, Ezra Rundel. 

Village of Mayville. — N. K. Lawpenoe, N, R. Shermerhom, Geo. Poo), L. 
H. Van Antwerp, Moses Vanderpool, Fred Dearlove. I/eonard Fox, 8p., 
A. B. Markham, Franklin B. Annis. J. R. Keefe, Andrew Bellas, 
Cyrus Tit8W0rt:h, Allison Bryant, Wm. A. Robinson, A. L. McNinch, 
Arthur P. Randall, Hiram Burget, Hezekiah Whetstone, John J. 
James, Wm. Siver, Homer Holland. 

Gilford Township. — John Q. Van Buren, Joseph W. Spencer, Warren W. 
Dawley, Wm. H. Lindsey, John I. Warren, John Koapka, Abner John- 
son, Chas. Martin, Nelson Sylvester, John Oberirine, Nathaniel Btreefer, 
Franklin M. French, Stephen Lacko, James D. Lane. John Paul, Isaac 
Dove, Eugene Shook, Wm. Sherwood, Wm. L. Whipple, Andrew 
Tahash, Alonzo V. Barden. 

Indian Fields Township. — Henry G. Sherman, Oscar M. Welis, Samuel 
Woodbury, James H. Conner, Lafayette Randall, Reuben Palmerton, 
Alfred H. Brown, James Hose, Philetus Brusiee, Cornelius Van Buren, 
John E. Wright, Lyman C. Grady, Walter 8. McBain. Ebenezer Bearda- 
ley, Newell Cady, Jacob Fisher, Gleo. N. Loose. 

Village of Caro. — Wm. Warner, David S. Stevens, Isaac Blake, Chas. M. 
Amsden. Brunello Wescott, Lorenzo D. Welch, Richard M. Ross, Henry 
L. Hopkins, Geo. K. James, Nathan M. Richardson, Wm. Prisbe, Alex. 
Reynick, Amos Parker, Jesse Mclntyre, Marcus M. Cross, David 0. 
Dickinsheets, Freeman H. Kitchen, Warren E. Stowe, Nicholas Chris- 
ler. James S. Gillespie, Nehemiah Bonker, Wm. H. Hall, Geo. H. Lloyd, 
Daniel T. Randall, Henry E. Russell, Lyman W. Russell. Chas. H. 
Allen, Aaron B. Parmelee, Geo. W. Howell, Andrew S. Richards. Chas. 
W. Husted, Edward Belmer, Aaron Middaugh, Nelson Reed, James W. 
Barnes. Chns. T. Jnrvis, Qeo. Boxbury, John Wagner. Wm. Singleton, 
Christian Baumann, Chas. L. Norton, Thomas H. Heggie. Nelson J. 
Kendall, Daniel 8. Cole, Isaiah Smith. Edward D. Shader, Nathaniel 
Gallup, Wm. Hawley. B. Wadsworth. Wm. Havens, Wm. Westbroob, 
L. L. Rice, James L. McBride, Wm, H. Bates. Ohaa. Montague, Philip 


W. Welch, Chaa. Lafey, Richard Rone, CharleB W. 
Juniata TowDahip, — Philip H. HoDBinger, Henrj A. Van Guilder, Wm. 

D. Wilson, HfDry B. Thayer, L, H. Bennett, Deidrick Gerstein, Joseph 
Stratton, Edward Hardy, Luman Larrabec, Wm, Hurlburt, Willard 
Qreenfleld, Elijah Gibbs, David B. Boae, Joshua Parks, Jeremiah Fox, 
Wm. Near. John H. Kanouse, Wm. H. Hamilton, Henry Fisk, Jamee 

EingstoD ToTvnahip. — Valonie Graves, John B. Poole, Alex. Roberts, W. 
0. Lookwood, Tbos. 8. Elliott, John Fifer, Henry B. Synder, Geo. Lee, 

F Joseph A. Maule, [John Cunningham, Kussel B. King]. 

■Village of Kingston. — Arthur Payne, Wallace B. King, James 0. Patton, 
John K. Thomas, John S. Booth, Harlow Pelton. 

Eoylton Township. — John G. Ball, David H. Stickle, Cyrus HendrickSf 
Aurenzo Moyer, Wm. Van Etten, Lewis Lanway, Hiram S. Young. 

Millington Township. — H. V. Draper.Oscar L. Hosmer, Geo. E. Newberry, 
Geo. W. Gififord, Luther L. Dean, Clark Reynolds, Christian Kist, John 
Dunbar, Harlow E. Husted, Wm. McEwen, Wm. King, Alfred Bing- 
ham, Robt, Tubbs, Edward Caine, Aaron Wildfong, James Tremper, 
Wm. Bowles, Sheldon Webster, W. J. Haines, Ira A. Sprague, James 
Lenox, Daniel Sprague, W. A, Lenox, B. F. Crampton, [Cyrus P. Hed- 
den, Jos. Wing]. 

Village of Millington. — Reuben Wilbur, A. Robinson, Samuel Atwood, 
Geo. Crow, John Q. A. Hossler, Jolm Richards, Welton Vanwagnew,, 
Anthony Dewitt, John A. Case, Isaac T. Damon, Wm. H. Roe, Chas. 

E. Kingsbury, Benj. B. Ream, John Williams, Stephen B. Lane, Daniel 
Storms. Wm. E. Vanness, Peter E. Alger, Amariah P. Ireland, Wm. H. 
Glynn. Oliver C. Loomis, M. E. Greenough, Wm. I. Marks, Daniel San- 
ford, John W. Cooper, Chas. G. Chaple. 

Novesta Township. — Wm. Justin, Robt. H. Warner, Edward Buel, Geo. 
Aplin, Abraham Houghton, Harvey Matoon, Henry B. Warner, Rich- 
ard Norris, John C. Goodrich, Joeiah R. Lewis, Wm. H. Crawford, Fran- 
cis P. Barber, Hezekiah Snell, Geo. Houghton, H. C. Downing, Thomas 
McQuillin, Chas. Henderson, Peter Churchill, Arthur L. Powers, Wm. 
McCracken, Franklin Curtis. James Brace, Edward Deneen. 

Tuscola Township. — Wm. Johnson, Wm. Hoover, Henry Vancleve, Jacob- 
Hooverj Geo. Laker, Stephen Robinson, John Guest, Wm. Gillespie, 
Luther Cnlver, Munroe Van Wormer. Chas. Barker, Geo. Andrua, John 
Henderson, Jno. Jex, Ethemer Van Wormer, Jno. Koppendorfer, Miles 
Van Luven, Sylvester Ridgeway. Allen Rogers, John T. Hull, Isaac F. 
Leonard. Frederick Johnson, Ezra Dean, Seth Markham, Byron Wil- 
cox, Alonzo Slafter, John H. Richardson, Christian Rchnltz, Orson 
Orms, Peter Shelter, John Nelson. Clark Appleby, John Carr. Chas. 
Rogers. Chas. Hewes. Reuben Hinckley, Frederick demons, John L. 
Richardson, Andrew J. Haines. 

Vassnr Township. — Lewis Coffeen. Lewis Brewster, Benj. W, Kilbum. 
Irving George. Robt. Phillip, Henry C. Fuller. Melvin S. Cobb, Benj. 
Bldwell. Irwin Van Wagner, Austin L. Dumaw. Chirk Joslin, Newbury 
Reynoldf. riK^ster S. Dymond. Fi-anklin M. Garvey. Freeman W. Tita- 
worth. Frank Whitconib. A. W. Campbell, Jonathan Rockwell, Wm. 
Queer. Wm. Hill, Chas. Thompson. 





, Village of Vasaar. — Jared Downer, \oi-mau Morse, Urville Bennel 
David A. SniitL, Lafayette Jones, Chas. 8. Warner, Samuel 8. Martini" 
Eobt, M, Blacknier, Lewie E. Moore, Watson Caryl, Geo. Burgess, John 
H, Bourns, Auizi Nelson, Ira L. Forbes, Russell B. Ross, Wm. J. Ben- 
nett, L. W'illitt, Morgan A, Jones, Wm. Warner, Dayid 8. Holstead, 
Wm. Gunnel!, Robt. G. Lyon, Oliver H. Irons. Amos Vescelina, Geo. 
K. Fairman, Edward H. Taylor, James M. Jones, Wm, S, Elliott, Orson 
B. Randall, Edwin A. Bullard, Micliael C. timith. Elisha A. Hoffman, 
John Lewis, Edward Potter, John H. Monroe. Wm. H. Stillson, ThomaB 
.L, Smith, S. H. Camp, Luman Healey, Richard Goodall, Chas. G. 
Sprague, Munroe Pickle, James Taylor, John Bogart, Robt. Preston, 
Nehemiah Harris, Horace J. Morgan, August Mayres. James H, Simp- 
son, Joseph Shook, John Reynolds, Cyrus Perkins, Judson C. Sage, 
John H. Burgess, Chauncy W. Irons, James Leonard, Geo. W. Laklng, 
Wm. H. Hocknell, Joseph R. Vergerson, Allen Grover, Wm. B. OrmB- 
bee, Adney L. Forbes, Sr., John Kibbie, Joel Dean, Edward Tivy. John 
W. Taylor, Arthur Vescelius. Wm, Phillips. T. Cleaveland, B. W. Hus- 
ton, Wm. B. Stark, Michael D. Grossell, [Edwin Pickle. Chas. E. Mur- 
ray, Wm. H. Hoffman]. 

Watertown Township. — James Carr, Wallace Powelson. Edward O'Nefll, 
Joslah Tompkins, John Comstock, Chas. Dalrymple. Sylvaniis H. Dwel- 
ley. Geo. W. Jewell, Dorman Finehout, Geo. Kinney, James Farrar, 
Jasper Johnson. Nelson Streeter, Orrin Gooch, Abner Beck, .Io(*l H. 
Grover, Loretto Dawson. Edward Haver, Geo. Richards. Geo. F, Hues- 
ted, Noah Tompkins, Henry Kineade. Stillman Goff, Ebenezer Castle, 
John H. Lindsay, Elijah Howard, Henry Collier. Isaac Clock, Josepli 
Roy. Ransom Myers, 8. Stiirges. Josinh L. Wellington, OorneliuB Smith, 
Mnthew Spencer, John Ingersoll. 

Wells Township. — Abraham Vandemark. David Van Guilder. 

Cleveland, L. D. Snyder. Wm. T. Myers, Martiu Markham. .Tohn Gordoi 
Robt. Wilson. Robt. Plane. Benj. Goodwin. Harvey C. Palmer, 
Morse. Wm. C. Smith, Leander Allen, John L. Myers. James Critti 
den. Valoris Bump, James B, HIckie. 

Wisner Township.— Geo. W. Meyers. Warren \. Thomas. James P. 

J. P. Philips, Richard Riley, Daniel Chapman, .Tohn R. Ball, Benj. 
Beebe, James Neal, Sylvester Brague. Marshall Moore, Albert .Vdama, 
Daniel Woodruff. 


<. The^H 

. Jones.^^ 


Almenn Township. — Wm. Hnllnrday, Daniel Vantnssel. Geo. Monroe. 
David F. Cixco. -Tohn B. riam. Walter H. Campbell. Elijah E. Strong. 
Peter Bangher, Richard Lewis. -Tohn L. Stanton. -Tpsse V, Stevens, 
Ohaa. Blanchnrd. Walter -T. Tracy. Chas, Goodwin, Horace Dyer, Zenas 
Rhodes. Thos. Thompson. Joseph S. Wnitf. .\lhert Oronrke. Oliver P. 
Ketcham. .Tames A. Clark. .Tames H. Bass. Adam DeHnven, Jefferson 
-Tohnston. Edward Gear. .Andrew J. Harrison. Wm. A. Hill. John W. 
Tiramons. Nathan H. Evans. Homer H. Hill, Henrv W. Palmanteer, 
[H. B. Wnrdl. 

Antwerp Township. — Wm. H. Stainton. David M. Ward. Hnrlans P. 
Waters, Daniel Miller, Philemon R. Payne. Shortls Mitchelaon, .Mfi ' 



f O. Doolittle, Henry W, Harvey, .lacob Horning, Perry Clark, Bamuel 
I*ari'utT, James W. Clark, Wni. Brace, Wm. 0. Miller, James Palmer, 
Horatio Sampson, Peter Benwire, John Varniim, Joseph Mather, Law- 
rence Martin, Marcus O. Joiner, Henry D. Kipp, Cbaa, E. Wheeler, Ran- 
som Bt-ardeley, U. J. Van V.ilkeDbiirgli, John Dowser. [Henr.i Jen- 
nings, Wm, H. Glidden, llfuj. F. Morris, Lafayette Nichols, Aniizia 
Kellogg, Henry Freeman]. 
Village of Lawton. — 8. N, Van Fleet, Joseph Booth, Robert Conklln, 
Chiiiintey J, Drury, Geo, Irwin, Ohas. Bradshaw, Edward George, 
Nathan V. Finch, Harrej Harper, James Wood, Wm. Sternburg, Har- 
rison Kimble, Wm. Kelley, Geo. Brooks, Andrew J. Shaft, Wm. Hall, 
y^^ Wm. Knead, Geo. H. Prentice, Ernest Gieser, Geo. W. Belden, Nelson 
j^^t Baldwin, t'bas. Hitchcock, Levi S. Beech, Chas. A. Van Riper, Melvin 
^^B Hayes, Benj. Streeter, Smith Miller, Lewis Dine, Nathan Page, Jesse 
^^V Jones, Samuel Masam, Isaac F. Parish, Levi Wilson, J. Will Scott, 
^" Israel Hall, Philo Pritchard, [Robt. Wilson, Jas. H. Hall]. 

Arlington Township.— John \'aiisickle. Hem-;!- Harris, Merrill Baroes, 
John Blaisdell, H. N. Truesdell, A. M. Cochran, George Kinney, Wil- 
liam Uroadwell, Charles Burrell, James Kidder, William Wallace, 
tr. M. Drake. David Cornell, Cyrus Hopkins, George Bridges, George 
Silk worth, Wm. Cotton, Andrew Marcellus, Frank Martin, W. W. 
Gnrnsey, B. F. Ewing, G. W. Monroe, John (Jarrett, Fernando C, 
Rhodec, E. R. Nicherson, Alvlo Chapman, Frank Lee, Adam Steinman, 
J. B. Grandy, Judson J. Moses, Geo. Worthey, Simeon Bobbins, Robt. 
Scott. Andrew Owen, Oscar Reynolds, Wm. Ray. James Potter, Abel 
Lewis. L. B. Crawford, Green West, L. C. Jacobs, B. K. Howell. S. D. 
Allen, Mitchell H. Hogmire. 
Bangor Townsliip.-rWelcome Austin, Thomas Horton, Andrew Donivan, 
Oliver .\. Converse, Geo. Casselman, Joseph Miller, Daniel Quain, Mel- 
molh D. Trim, Edward C. Smith. James Pancaoet, Wm. H. Hubbard, 
John .\bbott, PblletUB Baird, Henry Albright. James Hughes, Matbias 
Michell, Lodowick Disbrow, Horace Leslie, Wm. Sternaman, N.ithau 
1^^ Adams, Daniel W. Sias, Chapin Keynolds, Oscar G. Reynolds, Aaron 
^B Jackson. John L. Van Auken, Chas. W, Strong, Emery A. Wood. Benj. 
^^B F. Potter, Wm. C. Thayer, Andrew J. Dyer, Abraham Teitsworth, 
^^V James Kent, Burse Merriman, Samuel Shrcves. Clark Challans. John 
^^ Hari)er. Matthew Finch, Geo. Britton, Perry Harvey, John P. Goas, 
Orrin P. Cooper, Austin Whitmore. Albert Nutting, Chas. McNeal. Jef 
ferson Herrington, Henry E. Gibney, Wm. Cook, John Van Ostram, 
Daniel Dean. John 01k, Hezeklah Diltz. Henry Garman. .\nania8 Scott, 
Solomon Mishler. Henry Folk. Wm. Stoeum. 
Village of Bangor. — Elias Joy, Geo. W. Sams, Daniel D. Krcbhs, Zacha- 
riali Taylor, Peter Ackerson, Allen Ward. Nicholas Bame, Edward 
RuthrufT, A. Lett, Wm. Gray. Adolphus Whorwell. James Raymond, 
Wm. S. Charles, James J. Penoyar, Wm. L. 7ook, Nelson Horton, Geo, 
Gregory, Chns. W. Peters, John H. Nelson, James Gilbert. Jacob H, 
I-ewis, John H. Britton, Wm. R. Helms. Edison Root, Thomas M. Har- [I 

kvpy. Alex. M. Harrison, John Bucklev. Richard Cook. Henry Sherrick, ^M 
Cornelius C. Perry (?). Wm. Littrick, Roht. R. Bowls. Geo. W. Marshall, ]^M 
Edward Jelley. R. C. Nyman. Henry Fanning. Chas. Stamp. Heni-y ^H 
PeLnnp, Lester Northrop, Noah Goodrich. John N. Burch. David W. ^H 


Hall, Fulton Waite, R. V. Hughnine, Henry F. Holdridge, Watson H. 
Beaver, Fred N. Overton, Danford Daggett, Cliaa. C. Phillips, Daniel 
Wheaton, John Ray, Barton Bameey, Aaron Chase, Otis Rider, Chas. 
H. Hodges, Daniel Masters. 

Bloomingdale Township,— Lewis Langdon, John U. Cleland, Robt. Smith,. 
Fhiletus L. Marsh, Geo. \V. Smith, Patrick Sage, Oeo. F, Crocker, Jacob 
D. Houaeknecht, Geo, Forster, Jacob P. Banks, Isam Ampey, John Bil- 
liugton, Edwin A.Upson, J. H. Haring, Elijah Bulhaud,A8ael P,Mape8, 
Wm. H. Sage, Christopher Parsons, Jeremiah Kealer, Harvey H. Aus- 
tin, Geo. Klien, Sylvester Famsworth, John Mocklencate, G, H. Hud- 
son, K. C. Austin, Samuel FaroBWorth, D. MeCullough, J. E, Culver, 
Wm. Cornell, U, A. Btardsley, A. A. Holderman, M. S. Mower, Stephen 
Martin, Milo Seeley, Franklin Cooley, C. B. Clai-k, Chas. Euga, James 
McDowell, A, Brotberton, Jno. Decker, David TwitcLel, J. W. Mower, 
Orrin Culver, F. W. Kingsley, M. E. Bagley, Wm. H. S. Banks, Chas. 
Wraight, Calvin Hall, [C. P. Case, Weetley Wehrley]. 

Village of Gobleville. — Henry Fry, N. W. Lewis, Shepard H. Baldwin, 

C. B, Hart, B. B. Schuester, David H. Smith, John Palmer, Henry Boot, 
Geo. L. Darby, Chas. A. Myers, Wm. H. Jones, Geo. W. Blyth, Bertrand 

D. Jessup, Philemon Bush, Julius Kimble, Samuel Lockard, Samuel B. 
Hyatt. Myron Sherwood, M. J. Buckner, Eli Bush, John McLaugblin. 
Orra S, Brown, Martin A. Wcstcott, Marcus T. Clark. 

Village of Bloomingdale.— N. Goldsmith, Samuel Fields, L. W. Vaogbn, 
Wm. H. Perkins, Geo. Brewster, Forbes Allen, Eli C. Holmes, Henty 
Goldsmith, J, T. Robinson, Allen W. Ames, Geo. Lackey, Chauncy 
Bnllen, Wm. T. Knox, B. G. Saxton. 

Columbia Township. — Louis Bright, Robt. Martin, Abraham Helms, 
Andrew Almy, Chas. Ort. Jonathan P. Bewley, John Kridler, Calendar 
McFadden, Henry C. Leedy, Reason Messer, Joslah Loehr, Jerome 
Nilea, David Anderson, Robt. H. Carlisle, Henry Phillips, Edwin Flan- 
ders, John W. Smith, Thomas Jackson, Rnfus N, Rowe, Edwin R. Fer- 
gnson, Geo. Patterson, Frank Randall, John P. Page, Bobt. Douglass, 
Nicholas Pugh, Warren Wright, Albert R, Nash, Lemuel Lowe. Eri 
Summey, Geo. S, Bidwell. Jacob Becker, Andrew J. Ross, Benj. F. Pot- 
ter, D. 0. Cherrington, Chas. L. Leathers, John M. Kidder, John E, 
Banta. Wm. Allen, Chas. Purbs, Dennis Patterson, Almond Sheckles, 
Jobn W. yiles. Albert D. Hurlbut, Daniel S. Warner, Squire Watson, 
Thomas Sprague, Joseph E. Smith. Nathan Barton, Jonathan Otis, Al' 
W. Pearl, Wm. M. Chambers, James W. Clark, Myron Rooker, 
Johnson. Willard E. Fields, Alex. Lafiferty, Wm. Young, Wellingtoar' 
Smith, Wm. Misel, Chas. Pease, Levi Ackley, [Daniel G.Sherwood, 
Wm. Keen]. 

Village of Breedsville. — Edwin Hogmire, John Beam, Jerome Rockwell, 
Bariow Bridge, Isaac Garver, Job Johnson, Geo. W. Meacham. Henrr 
P. Sibole. 

Covert Township. — .4dam Bowman, Wm. Adams, Stephen Gowens. 
Henry Teachout. Washington Pompey, James Lockwood, Reuben Lw, 
Francis Shivers, Lorenzo Pompey, Ephralra Bard. Daniel Moore. Rapli 
ael Ross, Seth Wyman, Edmond Harrington. Richard Merrill, Tiraotliy 
Randall, John Conner. Francis Harris, Valentine Hardy, Wm. Donepan 
Wm, Gibbons, Isaac Bunnell. H. Tyler. John A, Hunt. Geo. Stanley, 





^^Renj. Smith, Otriu Hutchms, Fraak Comes, Chester CborpeniDg, CjTUB ^| 
^^LewiB, M. Peters, Wm. Seaton, Joseph Kosa, Luther Moore, EdwanJ ^^ 
Harrmgton, Ohas. Lockwood, Tbos. Bagent, ThoB. Randall, Solomon 
■Bnits, Samuel Struble, Geo, Loomis, Geo. Gayton, Chaancy Wheeler, 
Henry Hartman, Eli&ha Corwin, Marvin Frary, Osmer Letson, Rod- 
ney Holston, Vine Branch, Jacob GaQsaal, Walter Buys, Levi Friend, 
Nelson Staines, Geo. Morgan, John McCreary, Asabel Chatfleld, Phil- 
ander Delano, Wm. Traphagan, Nelson Wright, [Theo. B. Randall, 
Wm. F. Conner, James Rnssell, Geo. Mason, Henry Ripley, Franklin 
Beele, Ira W. Wade, Frank Masters, Adolphua Hale]. 

Decatur Township. — Geo. W. Lnsk, Wm. Fee, Enoch Howe, Albert Dua- 
tin, John Bamnm, Reuben Calbetzor, S. J, Delamater, Jared Van Hise, 
David Q. Cniry, Wm. A. Miner, Simeon L. Francis, John Graham, Levi 
Caldwell, Michael Gates, Zephaniah Wells, Joseph Nichols, Benj. Kim- 
ble, Geo. R. Worden, Wm. K. Van Hiae, Mortimer Redmond, James S. 
True, [A. Norwood, Wm. H. Baldwin, Sylvester Redmond, Montgom- 
ery Vorce]. 

Village of Decatur. — Jacob Ekenburger, Chas. W. Dennis, Oliver W. 
Chamberlin, Henry Graham, Robt. McCann, Alfred Myers, Orange 
Hayes, Edwin Coon, Chas, Welcher, Chas. Laporte, Reuben Fox, Daniel 
W. Brodhead. Henry High, Evan P. Williams, Geo. H. Hubbard, M. B. 
Fletcher, Johnson Parsons, I-ewis D. Roberts, Silas M. Rawson, John 
<5rotzinger, Henry B. Myers, John H. Fry, Reuben J. Rawson, Aaron 
^iflweet, Edward Carney, Jeremiah Vonght, James H. Hammond, Floyd 
iBlsbee, Geo. A. Steele, EMrs J. Teitsort, Francis A. Butler, Wm. H. 
Clark, Legrant Piaher, Jeremiah Pate, Carl W. Willison, Wm. H. 
White, Daniel E. Pool, Geo. Smith. Chas. W. Brezee, Benj. F. Dine, 
Henry H, Van Camp, Chas. A. Geer. Eli G. Hincher. Merritt C. Steele, 
Orville M. Pritchard, Wm. H. DeBolt. Wm. H. Stoddard, Alva H. 
Huyck, Wm. Laherteaox, Geo. H. Rix, Lewis Carpenter, Cbaa. Steele, 
[Adam Dine]. 

Geneva Township. — Darius A. Beebe, Ransom Chappie, Orrin Hoag, John 
Eitel, Geo. Bliss. Samuel Johnson, James Martin, W. P. Proctor, Riley 
Wilson, Wm. Heath, Joseph Hamblin. Gilbert Mitchell. Sylvester Hos- 
ner, C. H. Gillette, Robt. Humphrey. John 8. Hicks, Anson Matthews, 
Abraham Johnson, Herrick Hodgea. James Cooper. John E. Wilcox, 
Chas. Brott, Reason Combs, A. R. Nash, Arthur Van Pelt, Thomas 
Homer, Geo. Terrel, Harlow S. Sherwood. Samuel Doherty. James 
Smith. Granville Harbin. B. W. Paddock. Geo, Roe. Alonzo Cogswell, 
B. M, Trowbridge, Henry S. Bennett, Cornell Dusenbury, Chas. Frost, 
John P. Mead, Irving Pearce, Geo. Williams. [Kale Reama, Chas. Tabs, 
W. P. Piper, E. Gillespie. Henry Piper. J. W. Spencer] . 

Hamilton Township.— Lewis Long, Peter Goodrich. Geo. W. Owen, Geo. 
L. Skinner, John Bennett, Newton Mclntyre. Robt. P. Rose, Andrew J. 
Johnson. Stephen Bullard. David Cheney. John M. Johnson. Miles Har- 
ris, C. W. Richmond, John Code. S. S. Parmater. Stacy Marks, Gilbert 
E. Mead, Peter Bullard. Daniel M. Cook. Joseph Rexstrew. Henry Utter, 
Henry Manuel. Amos Dopp, Jacob Knoll. 

Hartford Township. — Sterling Coleman. Newcomb T. Dyer. John Sraek- 
nnfrnBt. Addison M. Gnstin. Jefferson S. Dowd. Robt. Thompson, Geo. 
Williams. John Todd. Marcus Tnttle, Chas. Rawson. Frank Knapp, 






Mortimer Cantield, David Conkliii, I'ulaski Eastera, James X 
Barney Scanlin, Trumaa Lampson, S. W. Lobdell, John B. Ray, And 
J. Bartlett, Eugene Richaidaon, A, C. Spaudiing, Jacob Hoover. L,vman 
Nutting. Hiram L. Stratton, Alonzo H. Chandler, Jobn H. Hammel, 
Lyman Bridges, John James, James Weston, Jamfs Cusliing, Chae. W. 
Brown, John Martin, James D. Robinsoo. 

Village of Hartford. — Daniel Pool, John F. Cole, Wm. Horton, \Vm. Uar- 
ley, John St. John, Geo. Delong, Chaa. Doty, Andrew J. Murdick, Chas. 
W. Billiard, Wm. B. Ear!, Israel H. Murdick, Wm. Betallick. Francis 
Cooper, Nathan Downey.AUeu Olds, Jno. S. Heald, Wm. Bennett. Prail- 
cls M. Bart'lay, C. L, Ingraham, Freeman Stowe, Sullivan Cooh, Anael 
E. Reynolds. B. Q. Bnrlingame, Fitzalan Boynton, Chas. L. Reed, Manly 
C. White, James H. Bovier, John Bamum, Luther Sutton, Wm. B. Mills, 
Moses Baldwin, Job Whipple, Frank Frost, Edwin Crandall, Franklin 
Beal, Sheldon P. Straub, Nathan Stanley. Geo. F. Collett, Seth Pal- 
manter, James McQinnia, Eber Hart, Harrison H. Woods. SIIbb D. 
Webb, Wm. H. Brott, Wm. N. Worth, Marlon F. Hoover, Samuel John- 
son, Wm. Peacock, Jesse Thomas, Wm. Palmer. Kellogg Stanley, Isaac 
Long, [Henry G. Conklin]. 

Keeler Township. — August Fernham, John F. Klett. Wm. Mnynard, John 
McMillan, Wm. Gleason, James E. Durden. Wm. Robinson. Chas, Yer- 
rington, Hiram Palmer. Samuel Culver, John Philips, Bedient Tim- 
mons, Aaron Neff, Henry H.Cook, Solomon Stewart, Martin Klett, 
Andrew Slpnkpr, John F. Taylor. James Decker, Geo, T^ee, Geo. Pome- 
roy. Perry McKinzie, Martin Wolf. Jonathan Clark. Joseph Henderson, 
Nelson Taylor. Simeon Lay, Reuben Shockney, John McAlpin, John 
Austin. Edwin Dietrick, August Schleich, 

Lawrence Township. — Clark Huff, Francis Smith, Geo. Staley, John Huff, 
Zimri Warner, Geo, .\rapey. r,evi Furlnman. James Monroe Rama, Wm. 
Btdwell, Geo, Hilliard. Edw. J. I«iiie, Barney Erdnian, Newell Hirlts, 
Nathan Taplin, Boyce Kelley, Asa Baird, Edson Lamphere. Ezra Mc- 
Alliater. Wm. Bhaw, James Abrams, Wm, Wilson, Albert Hurlbni, 
Chas, Crippen, Wm. Younglove. O. P. Lamphere, James Copeland, 
Clark Parks. Truman Lamphere, Gen. .T. Curtis. H. G. Barnes, Harrlfl 
Hilliard. Reuben Root, Jasper Pitcher. Howland Place. E. D, Mfr 
Gowan, Hiram Sheldon, Geo. McGowan. 

Village of Lawrence. — Chas. McColium, Wm. H. Clay. John Shoemakov 
Horace Nelson. Wm. W. Poole. John M. Ridlon. Geo. W. Penbody. 
McFem. Philo Cady. Geo. A. Cross, .lacoh Phillips, .\nflon H. Carriv' 
Julius H, Kelly, M. H. Plopper. Harrison Martin. Henry A. Wells, 0*y- 
lord Corey. Joseph O. Cook, Dnniel Tliintins. Lyman J. Dane. S. H, 
Cash, David H. Everett. Frank Kelly. Francis Branch. Zelora Lawton, 
Nicholas Gnyton. A. H. Draper, Wm, Mercer. Jerome R. Marshall, 
Houston Weaver, Wm. Sweet, Geo. King, Jacob Ausman, Edward Cttm- 
nell, Bartley Crawford. Ctias. Cook. Thomas O. Sweet, Hiram Simmoi 
[Chas. Acker. O. D. Martin. Henry Hendricks, Calvin Wright. JaiBt 
Widner. Geo. Davey. -Tohn Ryan. Levi Benchl. 

Paw Paw Township. — Spencer A. Francis. Hiram Gnss. Chaa. R. Jordan, 
Geo. L. Tattle. Joseph G. Giles. John Reed. Thomas Cotton. .X/.allah 
Herrick. Bruce Lewis. Samuel Counterman. Oscar Vanderveer, Nnthfis 
Hurlburt, James Bennett. Harvey Clark. Elisha Tyler. Zelon CleTeland, 


^RWesley M. Hall, Silas A. Smitb, Coleman P. Bawson, Edson Woodman, 

^* Daniel Coj, Joseph Kay, Joshua Cotton. Uenvy Folsoin, Isaat Doughty, 

John WilBon, Milton Tweed, Hudson Harria, Elijah G. Burt. Ferdinand 

Rider. Fred Litchard, C. W. Graham, [Eli Dougiaa. Simeon Buvse, Job- 


Village of Paw Paw.— Onm W. Rowland, Wm. M. Kirkwood, Thomas 

C. Tyuer, Hiram K. Wells, Leonard Crandail, Kiriie W. Noyes. Jerome 

0. Warner. Wm. Sexton, Wm. Kelley, Luther W. Whitbeck, Milan U. 

Richardson, James L. Burk, Ira W. Hulbert. Henry W. McCabe. Benj. 

F. Heckert, Rufus C. Nash, David Dillon, Eli Wise. Anson T. Foote, 

Nathan Thomas, Wm. Killefer, Henry Mull, Samuel E. Munger, Geo. 

Fye. John Robb. John Wilkinson, Martin V. B. Morgan, Averill J, 

Round J, "Hiram A. Chapin, Daniel Spicer, James A. Leech, Fitz E. 

Stevens, Romanzo M. Buck, Adelbert W. Camings, Lorenzo C Hard, 

Frank Van Dyke, Alonzo Libbe. Amos H. Drake, James Hasileton, 

Joseph L. Saisbury, Geo. W. Hicks, Wm. Signor, Chas. L. Eaton, Eras- 

tns J.Miller. Marshall B. Burk, Arthur Sirrine, James F, Bullard, Oscar 

Lamphere, Jason B. Foote, Jesse M. Brown, Henry C. Drown, Wm. R. 

Birrine, James M. Longwell. Orville A. Rice, John J. Paige. Harry H, 

Dopp, Wm. C. Bliss, John Rickard. Imac B. Conner, Joshua Bishop, 

Geo, P. Linderman, Benj. Holt, Archibald Bilbo. Marcus J. Litchard, 

Martin C. Gage, Andrew Enapp, Lewis Sweidler, Jared Lnveliind, [Jno. 

. Eeed, D. B. Wait, James M. Place, E. H. Harvey. Barnabas O'Dell]. 

Bne Grove Township. — Alexander Pelong, John W. Emery, John Durfey, 

|J. D. Edmonds. Nelson Newman. L. D. Story, F. P. Backett, W' m. Veley, 

Samuel WTielpley, Marcus Phelps, James T^nderhill, Nelson Woodruff, 

Bee Mason, Isaac Cofflnger. Evelin Earl, Alex. Smith, Joseph Shepard, 

Miles Morse, Chas, Veley, Frank Freeman. Daniel McGregor. Joseph 

Snssell, James Kennison, Wm. R, Story, Alson Lnsk. Alex. Hill. Sam- 

■"■nel Pifer. Warren Scott. Vin. Fitch. W. H. Randall. Thomas Welch. E. 

M. Brown, Chester Cobb, Allen Odell, Abner O. Green, Smith McGuire, 

John Van I^ent, Aaron Fleig. Timothy Ruf, David Dolhee, Lewis Rash, 

^^ John Deuel, Arthur Williams. Orrin Powell, Chas. Garlock, Michael 

^^K,B.van. Henry Vnndecnr, Elias Nash, Myron Lemunyon. 

^^■orter Township. — Jno. Hotop. Henry J. Kellogg. Jno. D. Clemens, Jaa. 

^^Pp. Rynn, Harry Bartlett. Noah W. Holcomb, James McDaniels, Jona- 

^^ thnn'oiover. Wm. Pitts. Bradford Brooks, Geo. B. Rediker, Wesley T. 

Barker, Timothy Hawkins. Edmund Irvin, Joseph W'hite. Daniel T. 

Root. Theo. A. Palmer, Thomas S. Nesbit, Henrj- Corey. Minard McNeil, 

Isaiah fftilwell. Richard E. Shaver. Andrew J. Maxam. Jeremiah Day, 

Peter Silvemail, James Yonnps, Renssalear Riggs. Sanford Harris, 

Simeon Sampson, David M. T>niley. Severt Bergh. Chas. Hooper, Wm. 

Baldwin. John Mahard. Warren C. W^ood. Peter Barker. Fernando 

Brown. John C. Barker, James W. Burlington. Ellis Butler. Wesley N, 

LoDgcor, [Geo. Hooper, Daniel Rnrgess], 

Bonth Haven Towrship.— Malcolm McGregor. Henry R. Parish. Tm 

Drake. Henry Chatfield. Gilbert L. Green. Wm. H. Miller. .Tohn Pelong, 

Martin P. Miner. James L. Stafford. Isaac Dickinson. Wm. Cleveland, 

Geo. n. Smith. Ford Murch. Geo. Pnvis. Robt. Bonham. Elknn Sfed- 

I man. Solomon Wiar. L. La Fountain. G. 0. Chapman. Geo. LaBarr. L. K. 

^H Jilson, Peter Faux, Geo. Slater, Rexford West. Abraham Newton^ 





Alonzo F. Haynes, Sanford 8. Borr, Wm. H. Wiicox, Orrin P. Dean, 
Richard Hill, James Smith, Amos Pratt, Chas. Qibson, Lewis Merwin, 
John Orford, Daniel Bay tesB, Alden JillBon, ComeliuB Weatgate, G. W. 
Bquirefl, H. J- Dodge. 

"Village of South Haven. — James B. Wheeler, Malcom C. Mott, Henry B. 
Brower, Horace E. Griffin, Benj. Ketzbeck, Jerome D. Hale, Henry B. 
Campbell, Wm. S. Bradley, Alfred H. Cook, John H. Dimock, Mathew 
C. Craig, Albert W. Earl, Thomas L. Cooper, Augustus Voorhees, Har- 
vey Shearer, I^urin Fletcher, Geo, Mason, James T. Avery, Wm. 8. 
Triece, Benj. T. Merrill, Augustine B. Chase, G. W. C. Smith, Chas. Lud- 
wigt Cyrus M. Balch, Wm. E. Stewart, John Heart, Rutherford Beetley, 
Cbas. Delamere, W. D. Fuller, L. A. Leigbton, Edward Donahue, Wm. 
Linsmyer, Myron Powers, A. W. Heald, Washington Potter, 8. F. HUi, 
J. H. Bowerman, J. O. Strong, Geo. Williams, James Ostrander, Bobt. 
Campbell, Samuel Q, Peekham, Orrin A. Dean, Edwin Dobbs, Jofan 
Withey, Ohaa. Helmet, Henry S. Parish, Anson R, Hotchkiss, Chas. Bat- 
terfleld, James 8. Donahue, Dewitt Bennett, Freeman Kelley, Edwin 
H. Rice, G, W. Brown, A. A. Rockwell, Delos Feeglea, Abner Oroaa, 
Geo. Spicer, David Laffer, Jr., Warren Burdick. 

"Waverly Township. — Thos. Travis, John Buck, John (i. Milliman, Geo. 
Naftzger, Jerome Bucknum, Jewett Cleveland, Milo Hoskins, Eugene 
Trim, Wm. H, Adriance, Jerome Blakeman, Francis Dibble, Marvin 
Anton, Jesse Olmstead, Jacob Carr, Alex. J. Austin, James HUI, 
Thomas J. Chaffee, Clinton Owen, Eliphalet Colburn, Abram G. Lowe, 
Daild Dillon, Philip Smith, Joseph North, Levi P. Beardsley, John 
Zolman, John Woodhonse, Nathan Rockwell, H. P. McParlin, John 
Deal. John Gephart, Jacob Hoffman. James Deal, Giles A. Spencer, 
Leroy Lyons, Chas. W. Baker, Hiram Balch, Henry Easton, Payette 
Rawson," Wm. H. Carr, E. Mathias, John Rose, Seth Frisbie, Henry 
Valentine, Miles Whitford, Robt. Ryder. Andrew J. Rich, Walt« 
Robinson, John Q. Burdick, Geo. 8. Wilson. Abner Dolbee, [Charli 
Ort. John A. Welch]. 


Ann Arbor Township. — Geo. E. Bull, Frederick J. Kalmbach, Wm. Foni, 
Wm. Hoose, Jacob P. Katz, Truman B. Albro, Alanson B. Cole, Michael 
Fitzgerald, [Chas. R. Gardner, Lorenzo Gross] . 

Augusta Township. — Marion Burgess, Daniel W. Losse, Martin Alford, 
Henry Thompson, John N. Gregg, Henry Haslett, Willis Sheldon, Wm. 
H. Newton, Isaac Welbome, Merritt B. Heath, Galen Markham, Ches- 
ter Rose, R. F. Ainsley, Chas. H. Greenman, James W. Jnckeon, M»- 
Tin Poole, Thomas Tallady, John Post, Amos Cooley, J. M. Breinning, 
John Tllson. Albert Moore, Henry Snowball. David Kelts, Adam Fnl- 
lerton, Ezekiai Johnson, Arthur Whipple, Chas. Betd, Schuylar McFall, 
Sidney Ashton, Paul Warboy, Wm. A. Russell. Edwin S. Butts. Henry 
Fuleington. James Albright,' Ellas B. Stone. Victory Sanford. D. Bn( ' 
Wm. A. Heath, Geo. Kimball. [Isaac Wilson]. 


.ol ■ 


Bridgewater Townshi p.— Nelson Gardoer, James K. Quick, Chas. A^ry, 

Joseph McCoIIum, Joseph Linden, Sylvester Green, Elbridge C, Feno, 

Peter Socks, Cyrus Sprawl. 
Dexter Township.— Leonard C. Rodman, M. E. McNeil, Richard S. Whal- 

ian. Matthew Koch, Geo. M. Sly, Orange P. Noah, Wm. Connors, David 

H. Mowers. 
Freedom Township. — John Niebllng, John F. Essig. 
Lima Township.— Squire S. Covert, John F. Wheelock, Orrin J. Eaton, 

Wm. Eaton, [Geo. B. Perry]. 
Lodi Township.— Michael Greening, David Snyder, Michael O'Hara, Job 

A. Marshall, Gideon Hoyt. 

Lyndon Township. — Thomas Welburn, Wellington W. Bowdish, Luke 
Reilly. John G. Smith, Edward Gorman. Geo. Sellers. Thomas R. 

Manchester Township.^Thomas F. Bushton, Frank English, Joseph 
Hoiie, Luther Benedict, Albert Vandmarker, John Nelson, Richard 
Decker, Milo T. Carpenter, Wm. Walters, Levi June, Philander Mil- 
lard, Virgil A. Vanwinkle, Alfred Stringham. John Brighton. John 
P. Tracy, Erasmus W. Logan, Franklin Hall, I«aac B. Hall, Henry 
Richmond, David Partlow. 

Village of Manchester. — Lafayette Hollis, Normnn Ide. Geo. W. Kief, 
Geo. W. Bailey, John Braun, Samuel H. McCord, Harvey L. Rose, 

t Jacob Zimmerman, James Kelley, Samuel R. Sherwood, Benjamin 
Franklin Blaisdell, Henry Kirchhofer, John D. Merithcw, Thomas J. 
Farrell, Spencer M. Case, Wm. Henson, Geo. J. Nisle, John Jibb, Wm. 
Neebling, Chas. W. Wing, Geo. B, Sherwood, Merrick N. Hough, 
Joseph E. Teeter. Noah W. Holt, Stephen Perrin. John Tripp, Martin 

B. Wallace. Robt. M. Teeter. Philo Silkworth. [Nicholos Whitmore]. 
Northfleld Township. — Patrick Gibney, James Kane, James Brokaw, 

» Thomas Carroll, Thomas Featherly, Michael Trainor, Chas. Dalkey, 
John Trainor, Daniel Donovan, Columbus Van Horn, Martin Kapp, 
Patrick Kelley, Geo. Maulbetsch, Chas. Hewitt, Thomas McMahon, 
Wtn. Rane, Wm. Shaffer, Ferdinand Dalkey, AIoozo J. Mitchell, 
Thomas McMahon. 
Pittsfleld Township.— John C. Chalmers. John H. Johnson, Stephen 
Adams, Samuel Sedore, Thomas J. Smurthwait, Wm. Lindsley, Hiram 
H. Webb. Christopher C. Sherwood, John Cobble, James H. Webb, 
t Samuel H. Moore, [John Heininger, Edward Pardon]. 
Balem Township. — Ambrose Rose, Philo Chubb, John L. Banenger, John 
W L. Martin. James Q. Bullock. Isaac S. Savory, Newell A. Withee, John 
D. Haywood, John W. Lewis, Harvey Smith. Stephen C. Wheeler, 
Thomas W. Hammond. Marceua Holmes, Geo. P. Allen, D. Walter 
Scott. Harvey C. Packard. James E. Bullock. Mordant WilliamB, 
Walter P. Holmes. John A. Fre. 
Saline Township.— Mathew Seeger. -Tames McGuire. Chas. Kleversaat, 
Bobt. Crnig. Nelson Hendershot. Eli Ward. Abraham Parker, Law- 
rence Buland. Edward Robinson, Wm. H. Crittendon. 
Village of Saline. — Henry Ganmer. Joseph H. Fish. Wm. D. Simmons, 
Jacob F. Weissenger. Lucius S. Pierce. Chas. H. How. Samuel Parsons, 
Prank Hotchkln. Henry Collum. Lorenzo Haight. Henry .\. Jewett, 
Wm. O. Warner. Aaron H, Howard, Isaac B. Godfrey. Oscar BriggB, 






01. Gordon, Jabei^^l 
Andrews. Arthnr I 




[Orin Parsons, Wm. F. Larzelere, John G. Dell, Wm. 
Snitb, Christian Marian]. 

Scio Township. — Zerah Burr, Sidney Francisco, Wm. Andrews, Arthur 
Lyon, Jonas Marsh, Chas. P. Bates, Augost Sholts, Richard Loan, 
Levi 8. Miles, H- B. Casterline, [Eugene Vanorsdale, Wm. H. Bailey, 
Wm. Foran, Geo. H. Hond]. 

Village of Dexter. — Henry O. Smith, Edwin R. Dean, Chas. B. Pierce, M. 
L. Vanburen. Leonard O. Thompson, Wm. Drew, Frank Sharpey, Geo. 
W. Pratt, Wm. Vanfleet, Henry Ide, James Hannah, John Sptoor, Bj- 
ron McCauley, Wm. Vannatter, Valencourt Northrup, Deforest "" 
Litchfield, Geo. W. Sackett, W. J. Venoradale, John Tuffs, Em< 
Butler, Morrell Goodrich. Alex. Hannah. Chas. S. Hewitt. Alfred 

Bharon Township. — Jacob F. Rothfus, Frederick Lehman. Couch C. Dorr, 
Geo. C. Raymond, John P. Mount, Richard DuBois. John W. Andrews, 
Cornelius Kendall, Daniel M. Burch, John E. Erwin, Hebron H. 

Superior Township. — Artemas D. Snidecor, Edward Spence, Morris J. 
O'Connor, Jacob J. Mayer, Milo Gage, Jesse Cheeseman, Wm. H. Hor- 
ton, Oliver H. Twist, John Ross, Robt. Reinhart, Frank Collins, Henry 
Avery, Chas. Downer, Thomas Quackenbush, Crawford Farwell, Geo. 
R. Johnston, Henry J. Pinckney, James Spawn, John Winkleroan, 
John A. McDougall. 

Sylvan Township. — Augustus Neuberger, August Stager. Jamea B, 
Holder, Edward L. Negus, James N. DeDiemar, James P. Wood, 
Patrick McCover, Wm. Yocum, Henry Gilbert, Henry Speer, Daniel 
H. Fuller, Andrew N. Morton, Theo. Wood, Mortimer M. Campbell, 
Arthur Congdon. Daniel Schnaitman, Elijah Hammond, Lehman E. 
Sparks, Richard W. Hall, James S. Richards, Thomas M. Straw, John 
Greening, Lewis L. Conk, Irving Storms, Lincoln Wood, John G. 
Schmidt. Geo. W. TumbuU, John Strehle, Arthur W. Chapman, Hugh 
McNally.Wra. Hunt, Geo. J. Crowell. Theo. Swarthout, Perry D. 
Haner.'Chas. M. Van Orden, Chas. Kellogg, John Bnumer. Elisha 
Congdon. Cyrus Ward, Wesley Canfleld. John A. Palmer. James 
Harrington, Rush Green. John Maerer, John F. Kilmer. 

Webster Township.— Francis Draper, Henry Wilson, Chas. M. Hicl 
Wooster Blodgett. Robt. B. Scadin. John A. Gushing, Andrew J. Sai 
yer. Joseph Todd, Wm. H. Weston, James Kettleton, Wm, W. Boyle. 

York Township. — John Rawson, Peter Swick. Harvey Jacobs. Henry 
Hill. Wm. Collar, Samuel Hale, Monmouth Miller. William H. Culver, 
Stephen H. Evens, Azel Woodmansee. J. E. Delaforce. Frank Sweet, 
Sr., Alfred Acton, 8r.. Chas. Buxton, Oscar Van Valkenberg. Stephen 
Moore. Otbniel E. Gooding. Nicholas Miller. Wro. Bush. Stephen V. 
Hitchcock, Edward Henderson, Joseph H. Brownell, John Ropaon, 
Milton M. Dillon. Wm. O. Loveland. B. F. Gooding. C. M. Thompaon, 
Weslev Ouderkirk. 

Village "of Milnn.-^Iohn W. Stoddard. Vernon Powell. Robt. Brown, 
Jacob A. Hause. Henry Doty. Geo. R. Williams, Dixon Bnrchard, 
James MaRt^rs. Wm. Torrence, Thomas Trabelcox. Harrison Way, 
Albert Lewis. Church Austin. Amos Wisdom, Wesley Robison, Lyman 
Bumham. Herbert A. Taylor, John M. Putnam, Andrew D. Jackson, 
John C. Harper. Theo. Shoulters, John Lynn, Joseph Gaunflett. Wi 




H. Whaley, Samuel Bortles, John A. Jacksou, Ales. Sn-itb, Daniel B. 
Seelej, Wm. B. Needhani, Allen B. Haiisou, Addison E. Gardner, Wal- 
ter Draper, 

Tpsilanti TownBhip. — Nelson B. Tuttle, David H. Campbell, John 
Graves, Joseph L. Pearsons, Marion N. Burgess, J. Allen, John J. 
Hinchey, Geo. E. Sherwood, F. E. Spencer, Warren E. Pierce, James C. 
Moore, Frederick Kamthuni, Wm. Boyce, John C. TutOe, Henry C. 
Curtis, T^vi S. Freeman. Chas. Miller, Kobt. Davis, Edward H. Payne, 
[Moses Marks, Charles Calhoon]. 

Ann Arbor City, First Ward. — Wm. K. Childs. Cbaa. O. Dennen, Willard 
B, Smith, Wm. Denman. Martin W. Willoughby, John O. Reule, 
Henry S. Dean, Smith Stehbins, Edward W. Hatch, Seth C. Randall, 
Preston B. Rose, Geo. Holbrook. Hiram P. Lamb, Smith Motley, Sam- 
uel A. Jones, J. H. KiraeS, Henry Fischer, A. H. Gage, E. Sears, Robt. 
Campbell, Joseph T. Jacobs, William F, Breakey, Wm. J. Herdman, 
John J. Ashton, Edward O'Neil, Walter H. Jackson, Marian Goodale, 
Chas. E. Greene, John Q. A. Sessions, Arthur Marshall, Dean C. 
Wright, James M. Orr, Joseph M. Van Tasle, Richard Krapf, Abram C. 
Voorheis, J. F. Sykes, Frederick Markley, Wm. W. Derby, Joel Ken- 
nedy, Frederick Pistoriua. E. R. EggJeston, Peter Hines, [Geo. A.' 
Donglas, Jerome Minnis]. 

Ann Arbor City, Second Ward. — Herman H. Danaer. Chas. Heath, Wro. 
Haubennestel, Converse G. Cook, Albert N. Fnlford, Conrad Noll, 
Aaron P. Olds, Montville Benjamin, John J. Schanz, John Wild, Jamea 
Linnen, Samuel R. Gregory, John G. Schleh, Adna D. Markham, Geo. 
B. Schwab, Byron B. Butler, Uriah H. Eshbaugh. Lewis Schleicher. 

Ann Arbor City, Third Ward. — Edward S. Carr, Wesley E. Howe, John 
Doig, Peter Gome. Samuel Pike, Joseph Tucker, Aaron Long, Eli Cuda- 
back, Orville W. Sage, Josiah Jacobus. Chas. B. Davison. Wm. A. Clark, 
James B. Saunders, Isaac Perrine, Wm. H. Campion, Chas. H. Frftn- 
cisco, Jacob W. Clark, Patrick Kennedy, Christopher Comisfeie, John 
A. Gates, Henry C. Clark, I.«renzo Young, Peter Paqnett, Warren E. 
Walker, Gilbert M. Monroe. Franklin Benham, Simon Meyers, Noble 0. 
Tice, Patrick Irwin. Wm. H. Fisher. Hiram A. Sweet, John J. Fischer, 
Michael Donahue, Samuel B. Thompson. Abraham W. Cochran, Josepb 
Blackburn, [Henry J. Fries, Chas. J. DuEDn, Myron Collums]. 

Ana Arbor City, Fourth Ward. — Edward Hanser, Michael Clark. Dan- 
iel Forbes. John Flynn, Reuben Rockwell. [Herman Krapf. John Kim- 
ball. Wm. Walsh, John LaughlJn, J. T. Sunderland, Wm. F. Russell, 
Lyman K. Patterson, Quincy A. Turner. Geo. M. Hawes, George Roehm, 
Wm. F. Stevens]. 

Ann Arbor City. Fifth Ward.— Elliott Williams. John Christian AII- 
mendinger. Henry Keedle, John W. Maroney, Norman D. Gates. Chas, 
Dunn, Chas. H. Manly, Thomas B. McCollum. Mortimer Bowen, Nelson 
Garlinghouse, J. Milton Perkins, Isaac Greenman. John L. Cox. Eli 8. 
Manly, [Ira Aldrich, Wm. .A.cton]. 

Ann Arbor City. Sixth Ward.— Burnett Harris. Isaac N. Demmon. Chaa 
A. Muma. Arthur B. Edwards. Otis C. Johnson. Martin Anspnch. Mor- 
timer E. Crandall. Geo. A. Walker. Wm. W. Nichols. Allen A. Kent, 
Wallace Welch. John Taylor, Geo. W. Bullis. Harrison Sonle. Wm, .J. 
Ottaway. Thomas L. Hewitt, Wm. H. Dorrance. Jacob Anepach. War- 
Vnn B. Stickney, Nathan Woodmansee, John Hall. James E. Sumner, 


b^en E 


Horace P. Danforth, Henry Marsh, Azariah F, Martiii, Augustus 
Fellows, Zura S. Vosburgb. 

TpBilanti City, First Ward.^Jeremiah Snively. Geo. Morris, Levi Ctiam- 
berlin, John W. Babbitt, Chas. H, Travis, Mead Worboys. Elnathan 
Doaue, Wni. Washington, John Anderson, Lafayette Crosby, Henry J. 
Kietiiann, John Sanford, Robt. Wilson, Nicholas D, Brown, Elied A. 
Bovee, David A. Wise, Thomas Jones, Philip Wells, Henry R. Hardy, 
Edward Batwell, Sanford Travis. Edward D. Clark, Joseph Elwefl, 
Grove Sevey. Dudley Fox, James D. Green, James P. Kimball, John 8, 
Lang,Robt. Uallion,Elmer W^. Bowen. Chas. W. Ford, James H, Eattm, 
[Reuben Cole, Clark 8. Wortley, Chas. H. Anderson. Wm. H. Miller]. 

Tpsilanti City, Second Ward. — 8. Josepbus Remington, David W. Rogers, 
Anthony W. Kinny, Henry Bontell, A. L. Knisley, James H. Hodgttin, 
Luciis Bowdish, Alex. M. Knisley, Hamlet B. Adams, Geo. N, Flowers, 
Albert Stuck, Seth B. Mereness. Wm. R. Shier, Morris S. Hall. 
Jacob T. Wise, John W. Wise, Ethan E. Trim, John R. Ketchum. Cha«._ 

D. Marvin, [Eugene Holbrook, Jay Worden, Frank X. Obrenst, "S 
Embrose, P. H. Devoe, Geo. C. Smith. H. R. Scoville, George 
Loughridge] . 

Tpsilanti City, Third Ward.~Don C. Batchelder. Nelson T. Hazen. Phili 
Woolver, Edward P. Allen, John J. Lowery, Horace M. Gallup. 8qulre 

B. I^ppius, Lorenzo D. Coombs, John Puller, Josiah G. Morgan. Lucem 

C. Haight, Geo. H. Jackson, John FuUerton, Jerome Allen, Stanton A. 
Fer^son. Wm. Henderson. James M. Moore, James Anderson, Alfred 
A. Van Cleve, Oscar E, Pratt, Elias 8. Rouse. Chas, H, Fisk. Wm. E. 
Bell, [Geo. S. Barnes, Chas. C. Carr, Lemuel E. Biasoll. Henry T. Le 

Tpsilanti Cily, Fourth Ward. — Henry P. Ralston, Edward Lowe, John 
Cosgrove. Edmund Hendrick, Milo B. Schaffer. Philander G. Perry, S. 
S. Draper, DeGrove Shipman, Thomas M, Thompson. Aaron C. Culver, 
Lester Vandercook, Henry J. Morey, Elijah E. R^no, Wm. Jackson, 
Rice Barker, Ward Conklin, Edward P. Summers, Chas Root, Orlandn 

E. Pattee, John O. Chapman, B. M. Damon. James B. Ams, Walter P. 
Beech, [A. A. Bedell. Wm. Court]. 

Tpsilanti City, Fifth Ward.— .\ndrew J. Butler. Philip F. Vealey. A. 
Beitel, DeWitt C. Mathews, A. L. Tenny. Patrick Riley, Joseph ' 
Eaton, James W. Smith. Hirnm B. Boutel, Geo. Fuller, Spencer 
Bhaw, David L. Carpenter. Geo. Sutton. Ezra D. Hathaway. Le' 
Miller, James Hill. Sr,. Daniel D. Schofield. Jotham White. Alfred W. 
Hanmer. John F. Woodard. Halsy B. Jenks, Alex. Brown. Wm, W. 
Philips, Wm. Barr. [Peter Van Etten. Garrett Cross, Edwin W 
Thomas J. Davis, J. N. Wallace]. 



er ^^^1 

d W. 
I. W. 

rd C^H 

Brownstown Township. — David Sanderson, Wm. Carson, Edward i 
son, Wm. J, Vreeland. Wm. S. Vreeland. Albert W. Wegar. Roderf 
Brouffhton, Frederick Closser, John Buserahark, John Washer, Frank 
Ferstel. Wm. Knight. John R, Brown, Wm. H. Blanchard. Chas, Strew- 
ing, John Shavanaw. Thomas Ravmond. H, A. M. Jones. H. Ahnim 
Frank. Wm. Antenii, Samuel W. Vanpelt, Henry M. Smith. Samuel I 


Bmitb, Henry La uteosch lager, Wesley B, Littlefleld. Cliandler D. 
Wells, David Smtth, LoreDzo Ferstel, Edmund Beech, Cbaa. Simpaon, 
Lucius Lobdell. Geo. W. Hicox, George Broiightou, John King, L, W. 
Mix, Sylvester Miller, Chas. Bryant. Wm. Brown, Wni. Eckliff, Qiiincy 
A. Woodruff, Wm. H. Btoddard, John Weliie, John B. Lezotte, Frank 
T. Bondy, Chaa. Taylor, David Valrance, J. P. Heed. Joseph Laura. W. 
J. Porter, Ciaus Plath, [Spencer Dorenius, Heury P. Irving. Ahram 
Frankhouse, John D. Gudeth, Langdon A. Spencer, Henry W. Mosefl^ 
James McCorter, Perry]. 

Canton Township. — Th.iddeua J. Ti-eat, Chaa. H. Newltirk, John McGraw, 
Wallace Dicks. Wm. Holmes, Steven Newton, Ephraim Truesdel, Robt. 
Robinson, Geo. Eldred, Orsen Westfall, Geo. C. Cotuer, Wm. Gardner, 
[Nelson Pooler], 

Dearborn Township. — Wm. Kelley, Jacob Fox, Victor Rivenette. John D. 
Heberstreet, John Cosbey. Alfred H. Kator, Henry G. Frank, Chas. H. 
Tucker. James Forsyth, John Smelter, Alva Lemen. John M. Farland, 
Stephen De Lorme. Chas. E. Westervelt, Shepard L. Howard, Francia 
M, Rose, Chas. W. Heberstreet, Anthony Wietboff, Geo, E, Moore. Wm. 
H. Crouch, Samuel Reed, Stephen DeLorme, Jr., Mathew Assemacber, 
Daniel Manclian. Lemuel Marvin, John A. Steiniien, [Joho 
McMahon. William Wallace. Eli Brock, Charles Coyne], 

Ecorce Township. — -Alex. Bondie, Joachim Sheeck, Moses Reneaud, Gil- 
bert Salllotte, Elijah J, Goodell, Thomas H. Somers. Geo. S. Ftssette, 
Joseph Schweiss, Oscar D. Chapman, David fi. Dumaw, John H. Bortle, 
Frank Picard, Bartholomew Polk. Oliver Mannansau, Frank Mett.y, 
Augostine Rivard, Alex. Lamerand. Geo. H. Miller, Geo. .\. Clarkaon, 
Wm. McCane, L. Lawrence, Peter Reneaud, John Shoemaker, Silas W. 
Mapes. Peter W. Beves, Frederick Lafluer, .John Connid, Gabriel R. 
Ooodell. Louis L. Beaubien. Richard Borrow. Joseph Hyatt, Louis 
Patieneaud, Julius Chenevert, Edw. Lynch, Geo, H. Eckles, Jeston R. 
Warner, Israel Abbott, Moses Borrow, Anthony Reneaud, Geo. W. 
Hnrlbuit, Robt, B. Shook, D. Haight, John Person, Chas. Weagbel, 
Gloud Campau, [A, W, Duncan. Iiouis Moultrie, Leon Cadienx, 
Antoine Balliotte, Theron E. Haskins, Oliver Delisle], 

Greenfield Township, — John Langdon, John W. Simcock, Wm. Balow, 
Wm. H. Shannon, Alvin Wakefield, Frederick Freeman, John Wil- 

Wm, Raeder, John Black, Francis M. Phelps, 
llflge of Highland Park. — Fred, Gericke, Wm, H, Streeter, Davis M. 
Woodward. Wm. Radford, Jacob Lee, John Engle, John Winn, Daniel 
Tates, .\mmi Collins, [Wm. Mosher]. 

Orosse Point Township. — Oscar Loewe, Tousant LafTerfy, John BoltK, 
Adolph Payp, John Cook. Frederick Hanstein. Louis LaBean, S. Huff, 
Herman Stehfest, Joseph Trombley, Victor Vernier, Moses Du Lae, 
[Albert Contuve, Tousant Trombly, Moses Contuve, Joseph Rivard,] 

Village of Grosse Pointe Farms. — Paul Ti-ombly. 

Village of Grosse Point.— Joseph Rpifzley. John B. Vntes. 

Hamtramck Township. — David Brown. Daniel Millspaugh. John War- 
rington, R. Chas. Dimick, Emanuel Nidling, Edward Cartey, Wni. FioD, 
Geo. W. Voorhes. 

Huron Township.^Geo. Burke. Frank Hamelton, Hiram P. Smith, Chas. 
D. Dnrfee, Benj, H, Sruitb. Nelson Parret, Henrv L, Stoft^l. '^'?.«5TO»» 
"" Sherman. Wni. Hendricks. David C\me. Wm, Tiewa.'^ -*.'^'wj««^ I 



James Kewiugton, Daniel DugaD, Horace H. Lobdel, Chas. Brow, SuH 
ue\ Smith, Julius Baule;, Jacob Brining, Herman Braudea, Henr;^^H 
Moses, Isaac Biddeleome, Levi Harris, Sherman Rice, Alex. Hem^n 
Joseph Ferstel, Chas. Bennett. " 

Village of New Boaton.— Robt. Outhwait, Geo. Kipp, S. C. Felt, Chafc 
E. LaForge, J. W. Maes, Myron H. Ellis, Chas W. Mathews, Norman 
Colburn, Martin Harris. 
■Livonia Township. — Chas. Teagan, John Creigor, Antoine Rivard, Thoa. 
Daves, Sylvester Ostrander, David Jenney, Peter Wagor, Wm. Coats, 
Reddy Stabler, Edwiu Maynard, Oscar More, Geo. Hawkins, David 
Wolfrom, John Vanhoughton, Wm. Johnson. Wm. Ellis, Russel 8. 
Peck, Geo. P. Smith, Henry Bassett, Edwin Basaett. M. King, Christian 
Stockfleth, Abram RaUiborn, Clifford Rohde, Samuel Johnson, Morton 
McGragery, Abnei- Austin, Chas. Draves. 

MonguagoD Township. — Geo. W. Alexander, Wm. A. Bury, James T. Ster- 
ling. Horace Gray, Frederick Ross, Joseph Brow, Samuel T. Hendricks, 
John C. Alvord, Henry Bayers, David E. Johnson, Henry Johnson, Jas. 
J. Lister. Oscar F. Heyerman, David Sample, James Black, Eli Sau 
Grant, Thomas Pitzpatrick, John Western, Geo. Spavin. 

Village of Trenton. — Wm. O. Morse, Richard A. Foy, Peter Campau, 
Antoine Oampau, James Hall, Peter Brown, John A. Todd, Amos 
Abbott. Oscar H. Snell. Mark W. Jaqnith. E. Cady, John L. Stringham. 
Byron E. Kimball, Chas. Ausher, R. A. McCarty. Cady Neff. Orville 
Pierce, Francis Lura. 

Nankin Township. — Henry M. Winsor, Wm. Colman, Andrew Magee, 
Albert W. Thompson, Chauneey Bunyea, James Simons. Wm. King. 
Chauncey G. Brown, Geo. J. Bunyea. James Gillespie, Wm. Beryamine, 
Wm. English, Henry Helmig, Peter Stack, Frank Fluril (?), Wm, 
Edwards, Joseph Pickett, Chas. Steinhauer, Nevin Nugent, Willard 
Sherman, John 8. Edwards, Thomas C. Fox, James Avery, Philip Han- 
cock, John Magee, Horace A. Rexford. James G. Marsh, Arden Sackett. 

' James King. Edwin J. Norris. Wm. D. Toles, Chas. Westfall, Henry 
Lewis, James Egan, Edward Best, Wm. Stockwell, Hugh Curler. James 
Sheppard, Fi'ank E. Coleman, Alfred Reynolds. Louis Miller. Wm. 
Cooper, James 8. Innis, August Srhnltz, Joseph Smith. John SchultE. 
Andrew Bow, Kathan Williams. Ebenezer O. Bennett, Horace Phelps, 
[Henry Mathews]. 

■ Village of Wayne. — Edward S. Jameson, Timothy Fuller. John Swegles, 

'■ Chas. M. Crane, James Doyle, Henry W. Barnard. Henry Loss, Willard 
W. Bailey. Oscar N. Baker, Philip Schambers, John T. Scarrow, Othi 
Collier, .\lvah Reynolds, Absalom Howe. Chas. Tuttle. Chas. H. Scott, 
Zenas S. Gunn, .\.'f. Smith, Oscar J. Turk, Caleb Simons, Daniel Tyler, 
Thomas H. Harris, EbencKer M. Isham, Jehiel D. Felt, Henry Oakps. 
Joe! Brace. Geo. H. Stellwagen, Uriah L. Hilts. Wm. Keys, Chas T 
Pitcher, Geo. J. Fisher. Solomon Jacott, Frederick Post, Harvey S. II r 
wood. Geo, Sbipton. Curtis G. Pratt. Adrian Van Riper. 

Plymouth Township. — J. C. Peterhans. Robt. Burch. Wra. Grant, ftfhf 

■ Fairman. Hopkins Williams, E. H, Partridge. Henry .\tchinBon, John 
Hudson. Jerome Pierce, John Earlinbuah. Elisha Kelley, Arthur 0. 
Stevens, James Purdy, David Barber, James Thomas. 

Village of Nopthville.— Braton G. Webster. Duaue Cook. Wra. Cole. Wm. 

■ J. Little, D, C. Brocket, John Qnthrie, Augustus Pomeroy, Harrisfm 


r YerkeB, Joha Nixoa, Chae. E. Clarkson, Humphrey Burdick, Morris S. 
Nichols, NeUon Wakefield, James H. Taylor, Bobt. F. Gardner, Thomas 
P. Banks, Leonard H. Cornwell, Dan. Cave, Webster A. Wood, Walter 
Arlington, Jan. K. Lowden, Alex. Gilmore, Alonzo W. Hosiuer, Duane 
L. White, Henry E. Hilborn, L. M. Palmer, Henry M. White, Thomaa 
Baunders, David W. Dunham, Andrew Honk, Geo. Moghn, E. 8. Hor- 
ton, Andrew S, ParsoQB, Calvin C, Kingsbury, Frederick L. West, 
Albert Weisgarver, Franklin W. Payne, Morris Lancaster, Henry L. 
Nichols, Jasper N. Elliott, Cbas. H. Seaton, Leonard Charter, John T. 
Murdock, Jr., Biohard J. Darlington, James Hamilton, Eli K. Simondn, 
E. K. Starkweather, Joseph Nichodemns, Corneliiia Stewart, Myron P. 
White, John W. Dolph, Edward S. Hastings, Isaac M. Colvin, Wm. H. 
Brigham, [Ephraim M. Brigham, Clarence L. Brigham, Hiram Lonnt, 
B. A. Parmenter, Andrew Basch, Geo. Dennis, Henry O. Waid, Stephen 
E. Taylor, Elijah Vradenburg]. 

Village of Plymouth.— Albert N. Stevens, Melville Weeks, Thomas 
Magill, Henry Sprague, Joaiah Cochrane, Aiken Holloway. Abram 
Pelham, Wm. Stewart, Luther Lyon, Chauncey E. Baker, Wm. D. Bur- 
well. Halsey Bovee, Joseph Tessman, Daniel T. Baker, Morria J. Smith, 
Daniel Smith, Jonathan Burden, Willard Roe, Henry Bobinson, Van- 
ransler Willett, Albert Lyon, Koswell L. Boot, Ralph Terry, Edward 
Larkins, Elias H. Briggs, Davis Wildey, Calvin B. Crosby, Balph H. 
Rea, Mark B, Speare, Walter F. Kensler, James J. Manzer, John Hood, 
John Steele, Jacob Lyon, John H. JoHe.v, Jay Huntington, Ciias. Millen, 
Geo. C. Peterhana, Conrad Springer, Jefferson Hetsler, Wm. Smither- 
man, Leonard Herrick, [Alfred Steers, G. Henry Barker, Alfred N, 
Brown, Frank Corkins}. 

Bedford Township. — Louis Gautheret, Samuel A, Ctomer, Luther D. 
Carr, Hiram L, Burns, Wm, Franklin, Loren M, Hoyt. Almon Wil- 
marth, Stephen DuBoia, Mark Hearn, Martin Sackett, Geo. Godfrey, 
John Kirby, Lewis Yupe, Thomas O'Brien. Oscar Smith, Alfred Reed, 
David I^arabelle, Henry Beckwith, Wm. Ruby, Wm. Lawrence, Josiah 
G. Morgan. 

Bomulus Township. — S. R. Kingsley, Jr., Wm. Griffin, Henry Arnold, 
Jerome V. Cady, Joshua Ganong, Thomas Downing, Paddy Mclntrye, 
Wm. Cronogue, John Austin, Daniel S. Huntley, Zurial Monroe, Peter 
B. Bird, Timothy O'Leary, Nathan Davis, E. D. 7.. Schoolcraft, John 
Clark, J. M. Orr, Miller Kearney. Robt. P. Bird. Joseph Baltz, [John 
Horen ] . 

Springwelle Township.^ — D. L. Adams, Geo. Weller, Brazial Snay, James 

t Elliott, Thomas Adams, Jeremiah O'Neal, Emery RaMdeau, Frederick 
W. A. Kurth, Christopher EngeJ, Patrick Weldon, Richard Walker, 
Wm. Wood, Henry Fox. Myers C Livingston. Frank Eaton. Chas. 
Meyers, Joseph Shaffer. Thomas Jarvis, John Harrington, Peter Lag- 
oesa, Geo. F. Dunn. Miles B. Sackett, Henry Walters, Wm. Burbank, 
F. W. Martin, Amander G. Barnes, August Guenther, Louis Dana, 
Henry Fritz, Gilbert La Prade, Louis Chase, Peter Burbank, Mino T. 
Tower, .John Seeley, Daniel O'Brien, Eli Teeters. John Fler, Wm. Lap- 
kins, [Frederick W, Hawes]. 
flnmpter Township. — Geo. Dunbar, Philander Hodgman, John McVay, 
^H, Wm. Gunning, M. Wm. Seeley, John Benton. J. Peter Otter, R. Solo- 
^Bunon NileB, C. Daniels Voorfaeis. 0. Wm. Curtis, John Wheaton, H. Jobn 




Waltz, John Hicks, David Farr, Geo. Horn, leaac Minor, H, JoseplS 
Bird, Geo. Willcox. 

Tajlor Township. — Richard H. Sutliff. Joseph Bragenzer, Fred A. Schu- 
maoQ, Daniel Loring, Hiram Barranger, Warren Trowbridge, Emanuel 
Braat, John H. Wells, John Perry, John Brast, Jacob Stansbro, Peter 
Conden, Joseph Haag, Sidney Kudduck, Edmond Bills, Henry Putnam, 
David Hoagland. 

Van Buren Township. — William F, Begole, John Clay, Geo. Ward. \Vm. 
Thayer, Henry B, Johnson, Henry Hooker, Amos Vanderpool, Oscar L. 
Austin, Milton Vantassel, Nelson H. Quick, Moses C. Green, Fernando 
W. Moon, Joseph Tucker, Salem K. Cole, Artemas Ward, Nicholas D. 
Kittle, Oliver Duquette, Henry M. Babcock, Orville Carr. Geo. T. Smith, 
Ohas. Dennis, Perry Vorce, Owen Owens, Henry A. Genet, Wm. H. 
Heywood, Alvah B. Hill, Washington Grinnage, Elijah P. Burns, Wm. 
Deyo, Samuel Curtis, James H. Call, Geo. Person, Fielder C. Barnes, 
Wm. W. Guest. Steiriien Lewis, Wm. H. Filkins, Joshua Smith, John 
Mead, Geo. W. Quirk, John Pressler, Geo, W. Smith, Josephus C. Pal- 
mer, Hiel S. Leonard. 

Detroit City, First Ward. — Warham S. Brown, Adolph Hoffman. John 
Johnson, Joseph Butler, Joseph P. Anderson, Geo. R. Richards, Alex. 
Abar. James S. Henderson, Geo. Kniffin, J. Nelson Pellon, Thomas 
Simonds, Elias Chase, Chas. Welch, Oscar E. Botsford, Lewis H. Miller, 
Thomas Quinn, Adolph La Rieviere, John Meyen, Wm. Wood, Jacob 
Smith. Chas. R. Evarts. Lewis B. Clark, Augustus R. Sink, Joseph 
Kreraer, Frank Lloyd, Thomas Higgins, John Exelby, Anthony White, 
Frederick R. Ackerman, Edward Kersey, John Campbell, Henry L. 
Small. Chas. McDonald, .\braham Borden, Bobt. McKinney, Edwin O. 
Bricker, Horace W. Sweet, Peter Hess, Orletus P. Eaton. Ni.-lson 
Strang, Louis G. Hutchinson. Wm. Webb. Mason 8. Safford. John .4. 
Moore, John Pennel, Marvin Preston, James Edwards, Chancey U. 
Estabrook. Thomas Edmunds, John Wilson. Peter Uberoth, Alex. Bar- 
rett, Geo. Brown, Chas. J. Smith, Henry P. Baldwin. Joseph T. Patton. 
Wm. H. Mitchell, Ezra J. Bartlett, Wm. G. HaKelrigg, Alex. T. Wise- 
man, 8. John Kenyon, John Robertson, Manzo Halsey, W. Schwickarde, 
Thomas C. Hogle, E. C. Moore, Silas Austin. Thomas Hodgman, Ama- 
zla Sawtell, Martians Christopher, Samuel Gard, Chas. Lindsay. Mar 
tin Daly. Wm. B. Stewart, Chas. Wisenstein, Washington Ayres, Alex. 
Eddy, Philip Frese, John Mallow, John Conklin. Martin Campbell, 
Heber L. Bassett, Chas. Van Dusan. Prank J. Hecker, Abraham 
Anspach, Geo. H. Hopkins. Wm. Ellsworth, Mnllery Emmons. Anthony 
Pnrrent. Alonzo Bryan, Lemuel D. Teal. Thomas F. Manning, James 
Mulcahy, Wm. Campbell. Chauncey Dana, Thomas J. Myler. Adolph 
Robinson, Horace Leftredge, Robt. McGee, Frank Granger. Dennis J. 
Curtin. Wm. Lambert, John F. Ruhl. Henry B. Jones, Chas Hack. Pas- 
cal Palmier!. R. G. Butler. J. S. Wormer. W. Niles Stevens. Hf my M. 
Wright, Z. Selling. Herman Rohns, Tony Miller. James Culleu. Itavid 
Bronson. Michael P. Lynch. Patrick Dee. Chas. F. Kuffman. Henry 
CoquiJlard. Wm. L. Andrews. Alphonso A. Ballow. Chas F. Ballard. 
John Buchler. Walter A. Wood, Christopher Chrysler, Stephen Titus, 
L. H. Chamberlain. Martin V. B. Lake. F. C. Trowbridge, Henry B. 
Mizner, Horace Turner. W. H. Gridley. John W. Booth. Horace W. X^^ 
bals. Chas. W. Maynard, Henry E. Downer, John D. Ross, Wnu^H 


^[ HaueB, Ezra P. Barnard, Geo. H. Thomas, Eroeet F. Metzger, Eugene ■ 
^^ Bobiuson, Geo, W. Lockhart, Gilbert Sedlow, Jolm Hedges, Jamee B. 


Bobiuson, Geo, W. Lockliart, Gilbert Sedlow, Jolm Hedges, Jamee B. 

UcOonald, Frank Scbulte, Ernest Nevreneier, Benj. Lawrence, Jared 

W, Finney, Herman Kallman, John L. Kalbfus, Martin 1. Whitman, 

^_ Geo. Edaon, Samuel B. Dixon, Wm. W. McEwan, Frank P. Byrne, 

^L Newel S. Wright, Chas. C. Chadwick, John K. Hempsted. Itobt. U. Huff, 

^M Thomas R. Roberts, Wm. H. Clark, Patrick Dualy (?), Howard H. Par- 

^M sons, David Holridge, Chas, R. Brand, Hazen S. Pingree, Oscar A. 

^m Mather, Jeptha Sutton, Benj. Smith, John Thompson, John Henry 

^B Beyer. Theo. H. Cornell, Thomas S. McGraw, Richard Macauley. Alviu 

^H S, Clark, Harry Knowlton, John McKay, Arvis Culver, Edward B. 

^^ Davis, James H. Potts, Chas. A. Devendorf, Wm. T. Reynolds, Frank 

Crandell, Chaa. G. Hampton, Chas. Snedeker, Wm. T. Gage, Nathaniel 

N. Webber, Albert T. Putnam. Sidney B. Dixon, E. O. Durfee, Eugene 

F. Bates, Arthur .Vdams, Edward E. .Vndrews, Btilea Stevens, Wm. 

Ross. Geo. W. Hill, Wm. H, Curtis, Joseph S. Green, Jasper Winchell, 

John A. Foster. Hiram Hinsdale. Chas. E. Sanborn, Chas. Banner, 

Albert Field, James Folsom, James Keligher, Geo. W. Harmon, Robt. 

Wagner. John T. Nott. Wm. F. Lyon, C. H. Noble, Geo. Brown. Geo. 

Jones, Gillis Drown, Wm. Ford. Norman 8. Hemenway, John E. Long, 

Ephraim H. E. Jameson, Geo. W, Weaver. John Atkinson, Harvey H. 


Detroit City, Second Ward. — Hugh Murray. Wra. G. A. Bicker, August 

Rising, Chas. Smith, Edward Jeuks, John A. Lane. Daniel C. Van 

Dusen, James Smith, Wm. G. Thompson, Wm. Kelley, Edgar Hine, 

Thomas J. Riddle. Chas. Sullivan. Seth W. Hoag. Chas. F. Bennett, 

Louis B. Moon. Geo. Minaham. Edwin Rogers, Robt. Collins, Arthur 

W. Phelps, Robt. Gushing, Alfred J. Houston, James Vernor. Wm. H. 

Goodspeed, Ephraim K. Roberts. Wm. H. Shaw. Wiufleld S. Plum, 

John Burke, Geo. J. Smith, Henry H. Keller. Wm. H. Devine, Hamilton 

E. Smith, Fred H. Jones, Cox. Stephen M. Douglass. Theo. A. 

McGraw, Wm. H. Fulford. James Gilboy. Quintus Hummel. .■Mien 
Holmes, Chas. Ford, Wm. H. Thurston, James Ernst, .\ndrew Morton, 
Claude Graul. Joseph Barton. Myron H. Andrews, Dorsett D. Case, 
Thomas Griffin, Oscar R. Looker. Oscar D. Caldwell, John E. Stowers, 
James W. Sabine, John C. Haines, Almorin A. Latham. Joseph B. 
Little. Wm. Malloy. Stephen W. Itsell. John Merritt. Herbert L. Ege. 
Frank Hachen, Chas. F. Livermore, Herman F. Eberts. Edwin C. Bige- 
low, John Moody, Samuel McKay. Edward F. Tjee. Wm. W. Kittleman, 
John P. Cook, Seymour Brownell. James Collar, Fred W. Bwift, Rollin 
Olin. Levi T. Oriffln. Geo. T. Schooley. Freeman O. Gullifcr. Geo. E. 
Hallidav, David B. Tracv. Silas P. Warner. Thatcher W. Root, Amos 
H. White. John Pulford. James 0. Kuhn. Eben B. Fenton. Ceo. W, 
Fowle, Stephen A. Buchanan. Ziba B. Graham. Chas. C. Yemans. Chas. 
H. Thompson. Reed Stuart. Chas, J. Fox. Alex. L. Patrick, David C. 
Obnmberlin, Warren G. Vinton. .\Ibert F. R. Arndt. Wm. H. Tiittle, 
Francis Clark. Joel H. Cranson, RoswpII H. Holms, Br.. Christian H. 
Meday. Geo. H. Chandler, Fordyce Rogers, Geo. A. Sheley. Egbert J. 
Davis, Elijah E. Myers. Thomas R. L. Keith. Alva V. Wood. Julius 
Hess. Wm. R. Harmount. Robt. Miller. Theophile Francois, David 8. 
^_ Munroe, Geo. W. Fisher. Mortimer J, T-awrence, Frederick 8. Calhoun, _ 



Jnlian G. Dickinson, Ebenezer Ward, Edward T. Peck, Wm. R. Dot 
ley, Albert Wilford, Reuben Manning, CLas. J. Heath, Chas. T. All* 
Geo. H. ScrippB, R. A. Parker, Gilbert F. D. Wilson, John W. Fay, Geo! 
W. Tower, Jr., Claude W. Thomas, Geo. C. Uopper, John Bourk, Byron 
See, Richard Vaughan, Robt. McKinstry, Henry D. Ludden, Geo. C. 
Wetherbee, Geo. A. Stevenson, Jalius C. Dickinson, Wm. Stagg, Alfred 
I. Brush, Edward F. Kay, Joseph M. Hunt, Geo. H. Waido, Joseph 

Detroit City, Third Ward. — John McCurdy, Christian Serenberg, Doug- 
las Wilkine, Robt. Johnson. Jeremiah Brooks, Perry Wiley, Jacob Gut- 
hard, John Bockheim, Theodore Hoeningbausen, August Goebel, 
Philip O. Welz, Robt. Thomas, August F. Rirsten. Philip Groll, Wm, H. 
McClellan, Austin Allen, Aaron G. Sanders, James Nerille, John 
Campbell, John V. Leonard, Theodore Houser, John H. Henkel, Joseph 
M. Barber, John Meyers, Jaais Williams, Wm, Heuber, Anthony 
Duoharine, O. M. Poe, Isaac Langar, Daniel Goodman, Fred Clark, 
Samuel D. Craig, Geo. Peterson, Julius Keagle, Julius Roebm, Joseph 
Spitzley, Chas. Ritter, Jas. Golden, Gabriel Lorcb, Edward Walker, 
Richard Christian, Othello Crosby. Henry C. Clark, John White, Jos- 
eph Hepperly, Heniy Neuaei, W. H. Connor, Richard Tasco, Wm, H, 
Wood, Mathew Finch, Thomas Simpson, John Johnson. Wm. H. Smith, 
Robt. Mitchell, J. Verdier, James C. Hines, Barnard Wortman, Chas. 
LaTour, Wm. H. Johnson, James Gray, John Malcho, Chas. Schowarte, 
Peter H. Wright. Benj. Williams, Alfred J. Adams, Robt. Spaunbarg, 
Isaac Levy, Isaac H. West, John C. Cummings, Thomas T. Tinte, 
Edward Byeroft, Raymond Metzgar, Frank Roberson, John A. Waits, 
[Chas. Golden, Henry Mincel, Henry Lennard, James Dulan, John 
Crosbey, J. W. Hood, Ucled Hines, Lloyd Shorter, J. M. Toler, John 
Jackson, Thomas C, Graham, John Williams, Aaron Johnson, James N. 
Buckner, F. E. Bowman, W. N. Coins, Green Taylor]. 

Detroit City, Fourth Ward. — Patrick Sands. Henry D. Prosser, Robt, 11. 
Hawes, Anson Davenport, Alonzo T, Lyon, Austin Ladeau, Henry L. 
Chipman, Geo. S. Woodruff, David W. Fox. James T. Kelley, Jamea 
Devreaux, W. Riley Denman, Stephen A. Law, Marshall B. Tniax, 
Hugh Bryant, Thomas H. Grant, James T. Bernard, Leonard P. Hodges, 
Peter F. Karpp, Geo. H. Carson, Jacob Baker, Samuel J. Dempsey, 
Wm. Davey, Chas. A. Ayres, John Clark, James A. Mayer, Gm. 
Clements, Thomas Grant, Chas. Miller, Fred Kelley, Wm. Hnlme, 
Courtney Babcock, Wm. Wiggins, Dayton Parker, Miles W. Snyder, 
Chester H. Clapp. Frederick A. Cummins, Patrick Donley. Wm. B. 
Jackiin, John Kennedy, Sanford A. Smith, Albert Polh-mus. Wm. J. 
Epperson, Chas. I-oenger, Francis McCormick, Henry A. W. Black- 
burn, Albert B. Champlin, John Myers, John Gibson, Albert Hanlon, 
Jacob Baker, Andrew Brown, Milton R. Shaffer. John R. Brown, John 
B. K. Mignault. McCaager Root, Peter Moore. Edward Connor. Wm. 
Warren, Chas. Reed. Daniel Dean. John L. Morton, James H. Cuddy, 
Frank Depyster (?). Lucius Hill, Wm. McGregor. P. W. Bertram. J. A. 
McGregor.'D. A. Pierson. Wm. C. Claxton. W. H. Churchill. L. P. 
Davies. Chas. Fatvoye (?). A. G. Bailey, Henry LagranRe. Thomas 
Main, Harrison Frnncisco, Williard F, Hemenway. Geo. F. Jack, 
Edmund Mulligan. Philip Hall. Wm. Snail. Chas. Dupnnt. Hiram Bun- 



'rentis, ^M 
Albert ~ 



D. L. Dakin, A. A. Boutell, C. D. Whitcomb, Geo. Towar, Geo. PrentiB, 
C. C. Colbpath, John Sullivan, J. D. McCauiej, Robt. McClane, 
V. Phieter, James M. Gardner, Eugene C. Skinner, Gilbert A, Wat- 
kiaH, Horatio Barr, Thomas H. Carmody, Moses Harriman, Clarkson 
Snedieor, Fred B. Smith, Firman B. Clawson, Gilbert Vandeppool, 
Walter Crawford, James Crimmins, Aaron Bryant, Daniel P. ICelleher, 
Arthur Marks, Philip T. Van Zile, Geo. W. Boby, Henry A. Cleland, 
Joseph P. Armstrong, Chas. Emerson, Albert O. Smith, Wm. J. White, 
Loren H. Crofoot, Walter Watton, Wm. Yate, A. H. Elliott. Edward 
J, McKendree, Geo. B. Field, Wm. J. Montgomery, Geo. L. Maltz, 
Lyman S. Lowell, Wm. H. Kelley, Wm. H. Harris, Hiram Parker, 
Edward F. Chapman, William E. Springsteen, Silas W. Goodale, John 
G. Gascon, Samuel Moore, Geo. Willard. James W. Briggs, James C. 
Wheeler, ChaB. E. HuJbert, James W. Falee, Levi W. Emmons, Leverett 
N. Case, Richard Du Ran, Edward A. Burkert (?), Geo. W. Church, 
James D. Manchester, Harrison Francisco, Homer B. Joselyn, Geo. B. 
Ballard, James Cory, John J. Keavy, Alex. Grant, Henry C. Christi- 
ancy, Geo. D. Jewett, Edwin G. Miles. Samuel S. Babcock, John 
Conline. Wm. B. Conely, Nicholas Kittle, Edgar H. Shook. Emanuel 

^ Wodie, Cavert Coleman, Eugene Smith, Isaac Van Vleit, Uilea 

( Heyrtte, Andrew Smith. Emery C. Morris, James S. Sav- 
age, Robert Morris, Jr., James Rhines, Albern K. Sweet, 
Wesley R. Miller, Charles Anringer, William J. Young, Frank T. 
Schwinden, Albert Snover, Thomas J. Sherk, Rollin .\. Jenney, Wm. N. 
Carlisle, Wilbur Howard, Spencer J. Mather, Ransom B. Clark, Henry 
B. Hudson, Edward Harrison, Francis Bethel, Janips W. Thompson, 
Lafayette Ford, Wm. A. Dillon, Henry L. Bedell, Isadore Cbem. Finney 

t Tucker, Eugene Sullivan, Horatio T. Clifif, James Renton, Frederick 
B. Harrison, Henry A. Robinson, Geo. W. Kinne, Geo. Gourlay, Amos 
H. Bacon, Putnam H. Child, Reuben C. Webb. Edwin A. Caudler, 
Henry C. Seeley, Richard A. Shipman, Anthony Rinshed, Oliver C. 
Bloom, Frederick R. Bruner. Garret Rourke, Wm. R. Ostler, Wm. 8. 
Green. Marcus A. Markham, Stephen S. Russell, Geo. W. Bailey, 
Christian J. Page, James W. Cheney, Peter McDuff. Geo. M. Lane, 
[Chas. De Witt Paddock. Isaac M. Colvin. Daniel O'Shea, Rnfus W. 

Detroit City. Fifth M'ard. — Chas. Newman. Frank Kolb. John Moulton, 
Geary C. Eisenach. Thomas McGough, Wm, P. Knap. Casper Funke, 
Peter Klein. James Pitman, Wm. H. Smith. Geo. W. Duncan. Joseph 
Bassett, James H. Moore, Nich. Bensfleld, Frank K, Pemmings, Frank 
Giddey. Lyman E. Stowe. Wm. Coleman. Fred Freeman. David Henry, 
Frederick W, Dennert, Sr.. John Allemand. Timothy Davern. Peter 
Staffln, Bernard Heller. James Bonney. John May, Henry Eggeraan, 
Gustav Warner, Abraham Mutersbaugb. James Burns. John Stork. 
Geo. W. Dufune. John P. Hill. Chas. W. Peacock. Joseph Long, Fred 
Karr, Thomas Godfrey, Christian Hatie, James Lewis. Frederick 
Schwarm. Oshorn Cole. Isaac Marshall, L. Wesley Beals. Fred Mnssehl, 
Wm. Falk, John Dealer. Christian Dressier. Peter Smith, .John Schuck, 
Joseph Henrion. fir.. Alex. Comrie. Herman WeiUert. John Gilbo, 
Andrew Vogt, John Schw.irfz. Jacob Becker, Chas: M, Gulden, Henry 
Conrad. John E- Yales. John Knib. Rodney Beech, Michael Burns, 
Henry Miller, Wm. Dorsey. Wm. Hess. Bmh^-v V.tow\\\%- >v'^'«. ^^^'^ 



Henry HeiBig, Henry Klein, Wni. G. Lang, Wra, JtimeB, Wm. Ziesn, T 
Edmund Rohning, Stephen Fnhnei-, Joseph Enstin, Caaaius L. Jenkins, 
Edward H. Harvey, E. H. Crowell, Pierce Hanrahan. John Kalleen, 
Valentine Koiisb, Samuel Brown, Wm. F. T. Robs. Newell WillianiB, 
Almon H, Wells, James Pierce, Edwin Mathews, Wm. Peabody, Geo. 
W. Coaley, Chas. Harlock, Renard Vogler, Bernhardt Brady. John 
Crosby, Jacob Klein, E. C, Chatterdon, Ghas. Emmons, John B. Kick, 
Casimer Buschkonsky, Israel Jones, Wm. O. Lee, Washington F. Wat- 
kins, Wm. M. Heazlit, John D. Falkner, Thomas A. Hendricks. Geo. ■ 
Geddes, Paddock L. Tucker, Robt. H. CuUeD. Lucian Fiske, Edwin tJ 
Fuller, Francis X. Van Deyen (?), Timothy Fallon, Wm. L. Pierce. Wni.l 
Johnson, Edward Harlock, Isaac Fielder, Chas. Kaufmann, John Fear-l 
son, Henry Brejer, John Alber, [Ludwig Turko], 
Detroit City. Kiith Ward. — John Peel, Thomas Kerns, John McSorley, 
Richard F. Brown, John V. Rich, Geo. W. Walters. Robt. J. Hoffman, 
John Hutton. Francis Crough. John Hospital. Eugene Vail. 8. 0. 
Schrum. John B. Mohr, Chas. Stewart, Robert Thayer, John J. Crowley, 
Wm. O'brien, Aion^o Warren, Patrick Britt, Edwin Hellen, John . 
Shuell. James Larkins. Wm, C. Taylor, Chas. E. Wilcos. Albert Lam- 
bert, David B. Forster. Julian David, Wm. Rourke, Chas. W. Patt«- 
8on, Edw. B. Harris, Daniel D. Tomkins, Michael Fitzpatrick. Angna- 
tus D. Wyckoff, Frank Bucklin, James Gallager, Wm. H. Fisher, Jame» 
Robenson, A. Farr, John Graham, Hugh Gamble. Joseph Graham, 
Peter Ives, Henry M. Armstrong, Albert Smith, Mathew B. Finn, Sam- 
uel Marsh, Henry C. Lanckton, Thomas Williams, John Saffell, Jame« 
Linn, John Ijeonard, Henry Myers. Patrick Coffey. Jacob Clark. John 
Daley, Mark Wilde, Harvey J. Brown. Edward Raels. Francis A. Wil- 
liams, Martin Kelley. Horace H. Conner. Thomas J. Shears, I^wis 
Ayers. Theodore Helmer, Geo. W. White, Wm. B. Parks. Jerome Stoll, 
David D. Post, Wm. Langley, Walter B. Crane, Dennis McCarty, 
Francis Porter, Wm. Rogers. Hiram O'Dell. John Considine, Wm. C. 
Bates, James Daker. Lewis M. Webster, John Austin, Harry \. Spry, 
Thos. M. Wood. John Gibson. Ebenezer Macomber. Thomas Gregg, 
Daniel Bennett, Ralph Hogarth, HuRh M. Wilson, W. H. Acherson, 
Elisha D. Wallace. James Clark, Wm. Burnie, Lyman H. Dean, 
James McHenry, John Gill, Harry Schrum. Geo. B. Coogan. John B. 
Gunning. Seth E. Engle, James Lount. John G. White. John Qnigley, 
John R. Eggeman. Hamilton B. Rankin. Smith C. Egbert. Horatio N. 
Graves. Hannibal B. Harvey, Cassins Havens, John Martin, John B. 
Eldert. Massie W. Seovel. Wm. Craig. Horace P. Baker. Isaac Cline, 
August Bachman, Wm. Collar, Jr.. John Q. A. Thome. Wm. C. Pord,_ 
F. Griffin, Alex. Todd. Wm. H. Sherman. James Baxter. Owen Winn,* 
Eugene MufFat. Arthur Robinson, Oliver W. Baker. John Bilger, Ed- 
ward T. Woods. Wm. Graham. Christian Seidel. Arha O. Thurston, 
John Martin, Edward S. Moore, Bernard Trainor, John Kinney. Jbb. J. 
Martin, Jonathan S. Pierce, Benj. E. Brisco. Chas. J. Hunt. Thomas J. 
McCormick, Chas. Waltz. Wm. A. Hines. Wm. B. Duhr. John Forbes, 
Richard E. Corwin. Wm. F. Hughes. John L. McCloiid. James W. Hlne, 
Edward A. Fowler. Chas. H. Cnrtiss, Silas H. Comfort. Albert A. 
Trfi Clare, Samuel W. Burroughs, John P. English. John Myers. Homer 
Belanger, David O. Darling. Samuel Smalley. John O. Stone. Chaj.^ 
W. Perrine. Joseph Demotte, Frank Bird, Carleton B. Hutchins, """ 


pic M. Wright, Hamtui.C. Mead, ChaB. E. LyoD, Edward Shanley, 

lIpheuB S. Starin, Herbert A. Backus, Benj. C. Brainard, Ales. Nichol- 

wn, August Menke, Xolton F. Stoddard, Geo. \V. Witherspoon, Clem- 

nis A. Schaurouth, Geo. L. Xadollack, Albert E. Stewart, Thomas A. 

POiIchriHt7FrederTek H. Dyer, Geo. M. Taylor, EobtT^'. Morris, Geo. M. 

Jaynes, Thomas Dudley, John F. Berry, John H. Niles, Edward M. 

Hitchcock. Geo. R. Holmes. Albert F. Sellers. [Geo. McCullagh, Wm. 

C. Stillwell]. 

^etroit City, Seventh Ward. — Gallus Nuessle, John Thompson, Geo. 8. 

LLaugley, Irving Carrier, Luther Trowbridge, P. H. Geo. Cooke. Alfred 

wOrant, Wm. Moxcey, Henry Green, Thomas Holmes, Henry Chap- 

^tnan, H. O. Wills, Conrad Bettenger, Wm. H. Condo, Frank Fleury, 

Geo, Bardell, Leroy Caraway, Alfred Johnson, Samuel Provost, Wm. 

Sehultz, James Mahoney, John Tisler, James Atherton, Patrick 

Clarey. Peter J. Canto, Chas. Lungcrshausen, Hugo C. Beck, Eugene 

»8oTanger, James Jeffreys, Timothy Gorman, Samuel Hewitt, Henry 
B. Ledyard, Demming Jarves, Jaraes Kelley, James Burns, Joseph 
Thompson. Czar Jones, J. H. Whiting, Peter L. Tatreum, Thomas Har- 
rison. Augustine Bare. John Dridame. Anthony Orth, John Hare, John 
Dorman, John Johnston, Michael Beyer, Wm. Wauderkabben, August 
Behrens, John Bradley, Richard Bolton. Albert F. Demis, Frederick 
Rooks, Henry Schaefer, Chas. W. Jarrait, Sr., Geo. Devery, Geo. Welz, 
Homer L. Love, Chas. Hess, Wm. Ziesse, Franz Kulm, Francis X, Ber- 
LiS^^r, Chas. .\. Gordon, Jacob Schneider, Chas. Siler, Edward Irwin, 
Bchristian Kefer, Matbias Roth, H. Leonard Hinle, Emil Kellermann, 
^Fred. Moser. Beraard Broquet, Lewis Russa, Alfred Little, Adam Notb- 
" Wang, Peter Shaaf, Wm. Beekman, James Van Voorhis, Earl W. 
Thorp, Joseph Foisie, August Werbath. Feb. Lappar, Eugene Tim- 
mons, .August L. Miller, Josiah Lamme, Maro Robinson. 
Detroit City. Eighth Ward.— Michael Tabin, Chas. B. Warrin, Edwin P. 
T^Corbinser. Silas Patten. Alonzo E. Ford, John Nagel, John Qilday, 
frames O'Conner. James A. Ingram, Wm. Durken, Geo. Wall, Walter 
Calhoun, John James, Harvey N. Shary, Allison De Kay, Geo. V. Wil- 
■on, Frank H. Danis. David C. Lockerbie, E. Edwards, David P. Hey- 
wood. Chas. Cameron, Wm. Smith. Benj. W. Davis, Frank T. Shier, 
David Welch, Henry 8. Bullock, Albert M. Pasco, Jacques Ruhlman, 
Prank Wetherall. Jesse C. T^ee, James Haumes. Geo. J. Holmes. Chris- 
|laD Doelker, Wm. G. Robinson, Henry M. Crittenden, James E. Mc- 
lann, Henry C. Bradley, Barney Baker. Thomas G. Dunn, Joshua 
.jBsey, Frank B. Mason.'Wm. N. Siggins. Edward 8. Cooper, Peter C. 
bird." James D. Burgess. Geo. Gordon. Wm. D. Piatt. Thomas Moloney, 
"Tm. J. Hildreth. Augustus R. Sewell, Chas. F. Brown, John C. Beck, 
»aniel Buckley. Alfred H. Heath, Ludwick E. Wagner. EH A, Willard, 
|5ames Benton, Horace H. Hammond. Robt. E. Bolger, Herman Bower, 
John M. Spaulding. Peter Eiden, Michael Lally. W. H. Cross, .\mbrose 
Mallery, Wm. Miller. Edgar H. Durnnd. Joseph A. Humphrey, Anthony 
TJodle. Christian Michel. Chas. Perkins. Chas. Boyer, Frank T. Del-a- 
Vergue. Wm. H. Bandall. John E. Smith. James M. Barhou, John L. 
Lewis. Andrew C. Merrill. Wm. H. Wilber. Theo. Davenport. Sheldon 
J. Benedict. John F. Everhnrt. John J. Downey. Edward Timmony, 
L Hnbt. McLaughlin, Geo. H. Todd. Henry Burbank. Barney J, Gagnier. 
jBPni. J. Giddey. C. H. P. Stevens. John L. Hinmau. 3a.w\«a%'^.'^'»^««.- 


Henry G. Hoag, JoLu W. Smalley, James A. Mclntosli. \Vm. J. Tieii 
bout, Wm. P. Prindle, James Hughes, Chas. H. Browa, John M. Savage, 
Albert O. Mann, Louis E. Johnson, Harvey S. Millard, Martin Maier, 
Erastus N. Gilbert, Harlen G. Newcomb. Jerome T. Daniels, John Q. 
Owen, Albert M. Edwards, John F. McMillan, Wm. Van Zandt, Henry 
Gray, Wm. H. Cole, Edgar C. Wheeler, John Fisher, John Doherty, 
Geo. Gilbert, Crosby John Eyan, Geo, Hickox, John Dudley, Bobt. M. 
McBeth, Wm. H. Druery, Andrew Boss, Philip Kershner, Geo. Taylor, 
James O. Merrill, Gilbert M. Holbrook, Valentine L. Greenwald, Ber- 
nard Fisher, Edward C, Kursheer, Henry O. Nightingale, Alpboiiso 
Smith, Alex. Quinnin, Purdy H. Green, Henry Booham, Thomas 0. 
Gould, James W, Walsh, James Culhan, Perry A. Tietsort, Arthur L. 
Stanley, Cbas, Mooreland, Wm. A. Soper, James Purdue, John Devlin, 
John J. Potter, James E. Lutts. Alfred B. Lozee, Henry L. Bristol, 
Henry B. Stubenaky, Wm. A. Trebein, Geo. W. Brooks, Hobt. W. 

Detroit City, Ninth Ward. — Samuel Wilson, David A. Thayer, Henry 
Toe, Philip Shaw, Edward W. Corley, Geo. M. Knox, Peter Van 
Houten, John Doner. Henry Young, Leader Lootens, Julius Fromao, 
Joseph Dion, Moses Bell, Chas. Barkley, Henry M. DuflSeld, Henry F. 
Lyster, Frank Bernier, Joseph Mott, Geo. Kopp, Thomas Wallace, 
Geo. Pfeil, John E. Gleason, Peter L. Garrity, Henry Awe, John 
Goedeke, Chas. Schlag, Leonard Weitzel, Wm. H. Kennell, James P. 
Scranton, Henry Palmer, Freeman BroKell, Frank Wirtz. Nicholas 
White. Thomas Kennedy, Thomas J. Wilkinson, Louis Smith. Timothy 
Pendergast, Anthony H. Nettle. Lawrent Brokeman. Ignace Halter, 
Frank Shaw, Chas. B, Haell, James Biddle, Lemuel Merchant, Ezra P. 
Foster, Jesse Voce, Geo. E. Merritt, Henry Bartling, G. Thiemer, Her- 
man G. Petzold. Ferdinand Schoeder, Joseph Goedeke, Philip H. 
Brown, Geo. Glaeser, John Anger, Martin Langgutb, Chas. Declaire, 
John Ashley, Frank Bolkenstein. Peter Ebetreg, Louis Tromble.?. 
Randolph Hert, Max Couture, John Blockwell, Alex. A. Butler, Isaac 
Knapp, Walter A. Newberry, John A. Brown, Frank Richards. Dewitt 
C. Overton. August Jost. Paul Gies, James Mollison, Jefferson Miller, 
John M. Caldwell, John Moran, Henry McCurley, John Welsh, Chas. 
Marvall. Peter Boucher, Chas. A. Lyon. John Fries, John E. Ebert, 
Benj. Fischer. Walter E. LaMontague, [Peter Billman, Adolpb Weil], 

Detroit City, Tenth Ward. — Mordaunt L. Stearns. Samuel Salliotte, 
John Clancy, Alonzo Denton, Alva Sawyer. Philip Jasnowski, Geo. 
Smith. Darwin Dunning, Geo. Downs, Arthur Yeomans, Benj. F. Car- 
penter, Wm. Holmes, Elias O. Hodge, Richard Smith. James Wilson, 
Washington Stevens, Henry A. Genet, Isaac Young, Clens C. Lorange, 
Saturnin Jasnowski. Geo. F. Osborne, H. McMachen, Wm. B. Scott, 
John Mea, Frank Wise, Stewart W. Perry, Robt. Weston. John Clancy, 
John Brown, John J. Scanlon. Andrew Snodgrass, John Higgs. Edward 
Thomas, Henry A. Sheldon, Sidney Case, Wm. Henderson, Jacob 
Enderlin, Carey Conklin, James Carney, Fernando Garr, John Martin. 
Geo. Graves. Wm. Devine. Fayette Jones, James Diinoven, David 
Morgan, Henry H. Ladd, Geo. A. Winslow, Wm. Salisbury. A. G. Cr« 
bry. Prank Schwab. Alvin H. Medo. C. Rallabank. Wm. E. Morg« 
John Rteysknl. Chas. B. Crawford, James Diamond, Daniel Chambi 
lain, Henry F. Sirrine, Anthony Maas, Nehemiah Peavy, Albert G 


Barr, Fred Kraft, Jamc-a U White, Alex. W ithei-spooo, Lewis A. Alleo- 
ger, Anson Badger, Garrett C Wyncoop, James Barney, Ansel B. Gra- 
hajn, John McArthur, Orrin D. Kiugsley, James Buckner, Fred Spegel, 
John Hail, Henry Austin, \Vm, Wilson, Reuben Merriman, John 
Frank, Herbert M. Bullard, Harry Lee. Fernando Shackelford, Isaiah 
Btepbenaon, Jeremiah Mui-pby,Leo Greffly,John De Foe,Nel8on M. Far- 
rar, Henry Austin, Daniel D. Ingalls, Wni. D. Curtis, Wm. Leib, Geo. 
Keyea, Thomas Payette, Francis Rourke, Bobt. Emhoff, Joaepb Foun- 
tain, Joseph Perry, J. C. Edwards, John Bayel, Alfred Hardy, Henry 
Figge, Dexter J. Briggs, John Daker, John Needham, Wm. D. Lyon, 
Charles D. Minckler, Christian Scbmalzriedt, Jacob Kaiser, Ezekiel 
Backett, Herman Schultz, John B. Malony, Geo. Greenville, August 
Peterson, Chae. G. Chapin, John M. Gordan, Felix Lemkie, Frederick 
Pille, Emil Pfeiffer. Albert G. Bandy, Wesley Tookabury (?), Benj. 
Ayera, Joseph Crout, Orrin Bromley, Eber C. De Con, Geo. 8. HoSman, 
Wm. Cox, Horson C, Holcomb, Alfred E, Andrus, Chae. H. Atkins, 
James M. Philips, James Deering, Chas. M. Brand, Isaac H. Dewey, 
Win. H. Spell, Jahez G. Cowell, Louis B. Littlefleld, Allen W. Hub- 
bard, Geo. Morris, Alonzo Anscomb, Frank A. Van Antwerp, John 
Millen, Albert McDermott, Louis Hefner, Chas. E. Pasco, Chas. P. 
Sanscrainte, John L. Wild, C. C. Starkweather, David Bissel, Perry A. 
Ball, Thomas Casterdon, Cassias A. Eichenberg, Jay B. Peters, John 
CopprlngB, James Egan, Henry T. Thayer, Julias 8. Blackburn, Warren 
P. Charter, David E. Maybury, Lyman Allen, John J. Martin, Israel 
Disbrow, Clark V. Hinckle, Lafayette Richards. Wm, J. Rea, Fred 
Newmann, Henry Keiler, Geo. D. Dunlap, Dewitt C. Spaulding, Henry 
May, Jerome McWetly, Dean Newcomb, James E. Gibson, Cliaa. H. 
Webster, Rufus Crane, Theo. W. Nye, Thomas J. West, Wm. D. 
Withington, Max W. Hachgraff, [Frank Clark], 

Detroit City, Eleventh Ward. — Thomas A. Wadsworth, Alfred Kentz, 
Walter D. Marks, Francis M. Reid. Henry Wheeler, Wm. H. Baxter, 
Theo. Loewe. Chas. M. Payment, Herman Utech, David J. Cadieux, 
Bichard Connor, Frank Odien, Frederick Weikert, Richard Gauntlett, 
Peter Ericson. Casper Ichreger, Henry Heimiller, Frederick Stephen, 
Gleo, MacDonald, Frederick Greiger, Wm. Hageman, John Ebbins, 
Theo. DeClair, 8r.. Anthony C. Chapoton. Henry G. L. Jonas, Peter 
Orfwein, Henry R. Crump, Wm. E. Delling. Oliver A. Olney, Martin P. 
Beach, Chas. Wipfler, Wm. J. Brandt, .\ndrew Marx, Joel M. Reid, 
Lorenzo Lutes, Bernard Tbellberg, John B. Wolf. August Kaiser, 
John R. Scringer, Geo. Musser (?). Adolph Hempel, August Buggert, 
Geo. Rinke. Albert Hug, Joachim Henning, Joaepb Myers, John Diech- 
man, Wm. Dover, Geo. Hnentelmann, John Posse, John Weber, W. W. 
Groover. Chas. Chiconne (?1. Fred Uebelhoer, John Burke, Russell 
Doan. Geo. B. Green, David Lo7.a, John Schnlder. Wm. DeBeauClair, 
Frederick Brown, Chas. Buelow. James Merzes. Garrett J. I>ydecker. 

Detroit Oitv, Twelfth Ward.— Wm. R. McCam. Dennis W. Lynch, John 
G. Wood^ Joseph Tallut. Augustus Chappell. Lafayette French. Elan- 
son Murgitfroyd, Wright D. Smith, Orson B. Curtis. John Wedlock, 
Joseph Collins. Robt. H. Murphy, James Oransbaw. James M. Logan, 
Fred Math. Chas. Nve. Henrv T.oreiiKPn. James Cradmk. Walter Os- 
bom, Geo. W. Blancliard, Alex. H. M. Taylor, Paul Bchrnesinger, Lonia 
Fames, Horace Geo. Crum. Geo. W. Biirrhell. Sidney N. Farrell, John 




Winn, Theo. Tromblej', Geo. U. DeaniB, Edwin H. Bichmond, Lewi* 
Abar, Alzaphin B. Reeves, Joseph Drewjour, Chas. Wiieaton, Natban 
F. Brown, Geo. B. Lee, John Suieaton, Louis Baur, James M. Miller, 
Daniel F. King, John Griswold, Alfred May, John Crawford, John 
Charles Coolej, James Kearney, Levi Carrel, John Morehorst, James 
Fred Snow, Geo. Butler, Alpheus Hendricks, James Crouch, Amasa 
Bollie, Raswell liaymond, Chas. K. Radcliffe, Casaius M. Holversoo, 
James Osman, John W. Gregg, Henry M. Bailey, Calvin Newton, John 
Bojlan, Benj. A. Briggs, Wm. C. Shaw. Geo. W. Bider, John Bos^ 
August Nacker, James A. Kimey, John Huston, Albert Dellea, H. H. 
Coiner, Calahan McCarty, James A. Johnson, Wm. Thomson, Paul 
Becherer, Alex. Bell, Wm. Sickles. James Paddock, Chas. Becht, 
Cornelius Burrows, Wm. Vincent. Chas, Chope, 8. Lane, David Robs, 
Martin Schiling, Sidney Granger, H. L. Davenport, Hanley E. Peters, 
Chas. E. Lange, Chas. Schnitt, .\bner Phelps, Geo. Gillespie, Thomas 
Hood, John D. Walker, Isaac May, Arthur M. Edwards. Lyman Biggs, 
Frank Loosemore, John Wilkinson, Hobt. Aull, W. R. Shanks, John 
Sweeney, Andrew J. Kinne, Paul Staub. 

Detroit City, Thirteenth Ward. — Henry Allfeltis, Frederick Smoots, 
Hugh Traynor, Martin V. Borgman, Bernard Magoouaugh, Calvin K. 
Brandon, John M- Appel. Henry Welkenbach, John Denstaedt, Adam 
Littlejohn, Joseph Bushey, Chas. B. .\ndrew8, Geo. Mills, Wm. Chase, 
Chas. L. Ferguson, John Stork, John Wier, Richard Avery, Jacob 
Bauschlein, Isaac Kemberling, John E. Morse, Fritz Sallender, John 
Webster, John Hartman. John Holmes. Holden B. White, John Stange, 
Lawrence Benick, Wm. H. H. Hutton, G. Edward Girard, Chas. Hoosa, 
Joseph Honse, Wm. Patterson. Thomas Jackson, Frer! Gehrkin, Robert 
Anderson, Patrick J. Culhan, Sylvanus Beman. •. atrick Casserly, Gean 
Schneider. John Boardman, John Rohde. John Porten, Geo. He—iJ 
P. Mayer, Chas. Hewitt, [Sylvanus Beman, John Webster], 

Detroit City, Fourteenth Ward. — Gerhardt Lammers. Frank Kurth. Nel- 
son S. Whipple, Chas. Henderson, John Hawley, Robt. McKay. Geo. 
C. White, Albert I,a.minger, Robt. McDonald. Geo. W. Buell, Jamea 
McDonnell, Hamilton Chandler. Marvin Lennox, Wm. Spikerman, 
Andrew Glendenning. Orvitle B. Eaton, Joseph Freund, Richard Lara, 
Wm. Fletcher, A. S. Holdon, Alex. Charland. John McCredie, Chas. 
F. Stewart, John McKerchey. John G. Fox. John Bertram, Benj. F. 
Read, Wm. A. Kurth, John Jones, David Henderson. John Lunger, 
Peter W. Arthur. Wm. C. Atwell. Alex. Bondy, Wm. R. Gray, Thoma* 
R. Bowen, John W. Fletcher, Anatin B. Leonard, Elisha Davia, Q«o. 
Humrich, Julius Kellogg, Robt. Peppers. Spencer Eaton, Wm. 
Metzger, Henry T. Johnson. S. Stroh, Donald McEachran, Geo. W. 
Leach, Edward H. Benedict, Alonzo W. Haynes, Geo. H. Cheney, Chas. 
H. Tucker, Wm. Frayne. Joseph B. Lashine. August Vonder Heide, 
Edward N. Hastings, L. H. Gray, Geo. C. Hass, I. N. Grenael, {Leopold 
C. Koesner]. 

Detroit City, Fifteenth Ward.— Frederick Kent, Eugene Vallat. Fred 
Massmick. Thomas Coughlin, .John Braden. Mathew Davison. Fred 
Wagner. Peter F. Rice, Frank Grifford. Gustnve Deunert. Patrick 
Cleary. Jesse Burke, Emil Deront, Moses .\mo. Allan Mc.\nphrpw. 
Peter H. Mascott. Dennis Driscoll, Louis Piske, .Joseph Palmer. John 
W. Southwick, David L. Campnu. Joseph Luttenbergcr. Joseph ~ 


bliields, Samuel W, Nichols, Martin Bertram, John V, Bueh'.e, Peter 
I Kier, Owen Caffry, Davis Wooda, Chae. Gamble, Ghaa. R. Saville, 
Hjacintb Clark, Wm. Green, Oliver Beauregard, Alfred Rouland, 
Geo, L. Carry, Wm. StocklLg, Michael Brabean, Uriah Gould, Gilbert 
HaM, JuHuB F. Renard, H. R. Navin, E. B. Learned, Anthony San, 
John Scheibeck, Frederick Bider, Henry Baldwin, James P. South- 
wick, Chaa. J. Taft, James Fuller, Geo. W. Charuplain, August Martin, 
Fred Holzhauer, Chas. H. Voaburgh, Chas. Bryce, James E. Richard- 
son, Louie H. Amsden, Albert J. Lilly, Harlan Strong, Joseph L. Bond, 
Joseph Doherty, Edwin Barkley, John Kehl. 
Detriot City, Sixteenth Ward. — Moses C. Miner, Chas, A. W. Steglich, 
Moses H. Hunter, Thomas Flannigan, David Taylor, Harlon Winches- 
ter. John Belford, Joseph Ladue. James O'Hare, Chas. Hillibrand, 
Wm. Lorenz, Felix Fettig, Zachary Reidell, Frank Ranson. Joseph 
Sharlon, James A. Potter, Theo. H. Stow, Andrew J, Scott, Augnstuii 
PhelpLs, Wm. Degg, Patrick Crimmins, Patrick O'Malley, Chas. Bar- 
rows, Andrew Timens, Edward I. Rano, Louis Sherman, Casper Kan- 
ner, Sylvester Miner, Orson Wooden, J. Wm. Gill, John Bryant, 

» Jacob Metzger, Philip Wilklng, Thomas Devine, Patrick O'Brien, 
John Mupphy. Patriok Evers, Ferdinand Purmann, John J. Bowman, 
T. James Wendall, Wm. Coleman, Amison Delanoy, Wm. Chapman, 
James Kempton, Horace Forsdick, James W. McCann, Chas. Baker, 
John J, G. Miller. Jacob Karcher, Robt. Whitley, Christian Goebel, 
Robt. Everson. John Leonard, Thomas Straden, Napoleon Pepin, 
Mairon Khune, Joseph Bent, Andrew Strong, D. G. Williams, Joseph 
E. Bell. Joseph Forster, John Brosow (?), Joseph W. Seeley, Joseph 
Manuel, Adam Minard. Harvey B. Herrick, Thomas Nichols, Albert 
Borchman. [Aug. Mieseler], 

Wyandotte City, First Ward. — Geo. Bryan, Morris Trout, Wm. W. 
Bishop, John Wolcott, John Bryan. Thomas D. Evans, Chas. Lacabou, 
Joseph Valaier, Wm. W. Colfax, Ashber Wilson, John Hilla, James 
Heritage, Geo. Moore, Wm. Maiheine, James T. Hiirat, James R. Haven, 
Phineas E. Atchinaon, Wm. Webb, 

Wyandotte City, Second Ward. — Wm, Donaldson, James Murphy, James 
Brophy, Louis Zeiss, [Wm. Henry, Wm. H. Goodwin], 

Wyandotte City, Third Ward.— Ira Abbott, James C. McKnight, Henry 
kirkland. Wm. Bellville. James H. Farnsworth, Geo, Sahain, Wm. 
Dingman. Edward H. Doyle, Frank "Manor. [Henry A. Pocock]. 


itioch Township. — Henry T. Smith, Ira S. Miller, Michael Smith, Enos 
Jones, Clark Spidle. De'los W. Rider, Jerome Gr^ory, Harvey Bart, 
James L. Dexter. Chas. A, Clark, Robt. S. Cook, John Redner, Peter B. 
Polnanteer, John P. Sprague, Wm. H. Stone, Jacob Bullion, Elijah 

Village of Sherman, — Henry Hitchcock. John H. Wheeler, Geo. Hooper, 
SamneJ Allman, Nathan L. Hanna, Alonzo Belcher, Leroy P. Cham- 
penois. Edgar W. Wheeler, Wesley J, Austin, Heman B. Sturtevant. 

■ Henrv W. Fast. 


Boon Township. — Bailey J, Stanley, Morgan D. Mercer, John E. Hizon, 
Albert Hale, Christopher McGlain,. Eugene Blakeslee, Jra Hayes, Jos- 
eph W. Orins, Wm, McNitt, James Mansfield, Armeness McClain, (Jeo. 

B. Beckwith. 

Village of Harrietta. — Ghas. W. Mathena, Albert L. Mosher, Harmon S. 
Chase, Elias K. Bortz, Geo. P. Rowe, James Z. Stanley, Levi N. .West, 
Henry Razek, Frederick A. Hackstead, Alex. Graham, Jacob Weldoa, 
John C. Stone, Chauncey Eaton, Thomas H. Jackson, Geo. Esler, Alex. 
H. Snyder, John H. Sage, Geo. Miller. 

Cedar Creek Township. — Robert S. Long, John Carroll, Henry J. Cook, 
Martin Russell, Nelson Woodworth, John P. Waltz, Augustus A. Claw- 
son, Zara W. Ellsworth, Ghas. E. Bradbum, Wm. H. Dingman, 
Matthew H. Harris, Geo. Salmon, Henry L. Bertholf , James W. Ding- 
man, Joel Seaton, David M. Henderson, John J. Sackett, Felix White, 
Cyrus S. Dewey, Benj. F. Tifft, Malcolm Spencer, Edward J. Freeman, 
Edward Baxter, Andrew J. Stull, John F. Henderson, Ira L. Rollins, 
Edgar Bla^edell, Daniel W. Keyser, [Newel S. Lewis, James A. Ashbey, 
Jos. D. Berry], 

Village of Manton. — Andrew J. Bennett, Samuel Faulkinburgh, Nathan 
Delong, John B. Wiles, Hiram B. Hill, Alex. P. McMananny, John H. 
Engle, John C. Rust, David Hutzler, Stephen G. Bayes, Wm. A. Miller, 
Cyril H. Tyler, Frank Weaver, Frank Sackett,*Jarvis Inman, Nicholas 

F. Hartford, Caleb Falkinburgh, John C. Hill, Jas. A. Stewart, Lucius 
W. Gates, Orlando Hayes, Joshua D. Triplett, Frederick M. Huntley, 
John Wolford, Edward Morgan, Joseph C. Divers, Wm. H. Northrup, 
Nathaniel T. Hunt, Abram Woodward, Andrew J. Webster, Geo. S. 
Moore, Henry H. Thomas, Sewel D. Walker, Henry J. Solley, Isaac 
Byers, Albert J. Disbrow, Pajmer Hinman, Peter Carpenter, Thomas 

C. Solley. 

Cherry Grove Township. — Calvin Austin, James Taylor, Thomas Luckey, 
John B. Smith, Geo. Linn, Samuel J. Rose, Porter Wheeler, Ira 
Parcher, Wm. Stewart, Walter Coats, Wm. East, Amos Nixon. 

Clam Lake Township. — Christopher Lutes, C. C. Berry, John Dunbar, 
Sylvester Brown, Amos Holcomb, Henry O. Shirts, Allan Ash, S. L. 
McNutt, Ezra Abbott, Henry Heringa, Thomas Fitzgerald, Samuel 
W. Benge. 

Colfax Township. — Elijah J. Minges, Geo. B. Taylor, James F. Ferris, 
Jacob Brott, James W. Houghtalin, Peter Will, John H. McClain, 
Henry L. Foster, Enoch Olney, John R. Hogue, Elias Deter, Elijah 
Smith, Chas. L. Wright, Alfred Lavere, Ira Jenkins, Stephen Dassance, 
Owen D. Ivins, Eugene B. Ketchum, Joseph L. Whitney, [John 
Goldsmith] . 

Greenwood Township.— Benj. H. Kimbell Benj. F. Waite, Wm. T. West- 
brook, Edward Cox, Asa W. Sadler, Jesse Spaith, Elisha M. Boynton, 
Wm. W. Lewis. 

Hanover Township. — Dennis TTsowiek, Hiram Coffman, Chas. Beard, 
Andrew L. Pringle, Orson Elya, Mathew Dougherty, Samuel Jones. 

Harring Township. — Wm. Lamphere, Lester C. Macy, Arthur Wallaston, 
Thomas Thornton, Wm. Nichols, Geo. Morgan, Thomas W. Crosby. 

Henderson Township. — Wm. Bulger, Job Hoxie, Francis O. Wait. Hiram 

G. Owen, Joseph M. Bossell, Lawrence Sours. 


I Liberty Township. — Taylor W. Gray, Jesse W. Wilson, David B. Averil, 
James Morris, Daniel M. Rngar, Henry Brennemann, Edgar W. 

Belma Townsliip. — John W. Thibos, Elmer Bragg, Tyrus J, Nichols, John 
Haskins. Geo. W, Reed, Frank L. Goodyear. BenJ. Troumbley, Geo. 
Hcmeiiway, Guy Streeter, Joseph B. Weathers, Geo. Altman, Jasper N. 
McClain, Richard C. Norris. Joseph H. Ballard, Geo. H. Otis. 

Slagle Township, — Thomas Little, John Groat, Thomas Weston, John H.i 

South Branch Township. — Asa C. Pomeroy, Francis H. Cayford, Geo. W. 
Stephenson, Samuel Smith, Freeman H. Bostwick, Geo. W. Smith. 

epringville Township.— Eli L. Gates, J. C. Baker, Nelson Sinkler, Geo. 
W. Hawk, Daniel Carl, Henry Messer, James Nichols, Chaa. F. Graves, 
Silas Hnffman, Wm. H. Fitzpatrick, Cyrenua Hanover, Thomas Tuft. 

Wexford Township. — Leman A. Crittenden, Joseph S. Walling, Henry I. 
Devoe, Edward 8. Corey, Geo. Cook, Hazel I^ewis, Chas. H. May, Wm. 
Orr, Chas. Cnmmings, Ransom L. Butler, Walter R. Furgeson, Enoa 
Love. Nicholas Furney, R. W^ Updike, Harrison Skinner, Wm. Mc* 
Arthur, Eugene Carpenter, Geo. 9. Edget, Fred D. Sherriff, [R, W. 
. Cadillac City. First Ward. — Wm. Dowley, James Curtey, John Kelley, 
David A. Cook, James B. Cutler, Chas. Davis, Chas. Jewell, Thomas 
Sterling. John Henry, Richard L. Daizell, Goodsell Stewart, Dwella 
A. Turner. David Dodson, Martin V. Heath, Alva Foster, James D. 
Beach, David Green. Francis C. Armstrong, Daniel E. Schoonover. 
I Cadillac City, Second Ward. — Cyrus W. Alden, Wm. L, Yale, Nathan 
Rogers, Enos Clark, Frank Pearo, Chas. H. Sinclair, C C. Dunham, 
Geo. W. Wheeler, Samuel H. Hecox, Zadock Gillett, Alfred Peterson, 
Alfred L. Gifford, Lnther F. Todd. 
1 Cadillac City. Third Ward.— James Lauther. Chas. J. Miller, Giles Coon, 
Ezra Harger. Norman Badger, David M. W'ray, Wm. B. VanBuskirk, 
Johnston K. Gardner, David E. Bice, Louis Fuller, Orange Webster, 
John Mnnsfleld, Herman Spencer, R. B, Jennings. John Vosberg. 

Cadillac City, Fourth Ward. — James N, Stokes, Alvin N, Albro, Geo. F. 
Ix>ng, Allen Calhoun, Henry Chronister, Elnathnn George, Horace H, 
Hnntley, Fred Stowell, Paul Obershaw, Samuel F. Long, Michael Fury. 
IsRHQNall, John Carr, Henry Ropers. .John L. Peaw, Setb Sbattuck.