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Full text of "The centennial of the settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884; the celebrations at Adolphustown, Toronto and Niagara, with an appendix, containing a copy of the U.E. List, preserved in the Crown Lands Department at Toronto"

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" Stern was the test, 
And sorely pressed 

That proved their blood best of the best, 
And when for Canada you pray 
Implore kind Heaven 
That, like a leaven, 
The hero-blood which then was given 
May quicken in her veins alway." 

Le Roy Hooker. 



Entered according to Act of the Par- 
iament of Canada, in the year one 
thousand eLht hundred and eighty- 
in the office of the Minister of Agri- 






- QC 


WHEN the American Colonies revolted in 1776, and 
declared their Independence, there was a very 
large number of the Colonists who vehemently opposed 
the movement, and aided the Imperial troops in the war 
that ensued. Those who took up arms for the Crown, 
fought for a United Empire, that was their rallying cry, 
they wished to see the English race united under a com- 
mon flag and under the same sovereign. They deplored 
the dismemberment of the Empire, and during the long 
struggle maintained a sturdy adherence to their princi- 
ples. They were known as the United Empire Loyalists 
or as has become a familiar phrase on this continent, the 
U. E. Loyalists. 

On the conclusion of the war, and the severance of the 
old Colonies from the Mother Country, these U. E. Loyal- 
ists abandoning all they possessed, moved into what is 
now New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, in 1783, and in 
1784 a large number of them moved up the St. Lawrence 
and settled in the then unbroken wilderness of Upper 
Canada. Many also moved from the United States 
through the wilderness, to the Niagara River, where 
they crossed into British Territory and made the first 
settlement in that district in the same year. A very large 


proportion of the present population of Upper Canada can 
trace their descent from these early pioneers, who settled 
this Province by reason of their unyielding loyalty to a 
great principle. This volume records the Celebration of 
the Centennial of the arrival of the U. E. Loyalists in 
Ontario. The demonstrations originated in the following 
manner : 

Some time in the summer of 1876, at a meeting of the 
York Pioneers, held in Toronto, the late Mr. Richard H. 
Gates suggested that as the United States were celebra- 
ting the centennial of their Declaration of Independence, 
it would be but right for the descendants of the United 
Empire Loyalists to hold a celebration in honour of the 
gallant efforts of their fathers to maintain the unity of 
the Empire, and in grateful recognition of the sacrifice 
made by them in founding this Province, as a British com- 

Dr. Win. Canniff pointed out to the society that the 
settlement of Upper Canada began in 1784, by the arri- 
val of the Loyalists, and that 1884 would be the proper 
date for holding the centennial celebration in Ontario. 
Mr. Oates coincided with the view, and was looking for- 
ward to taking part in it with much anticipation, when 
death overtook him. This seems to have been the incep- 
tion of the idea of a U. E. Loyalist demonstration. 

On the twenty-ninth of October, 1880, Mr. Canniff 
Haight, in the Toronto Daily Mail, suggested " an Exhi- 
bition, or some other demonstration in honour of the men 


who, through privation and toil, laid the foundation of 
this free and prosperous Province." This suggestion was 
noticed by the Picton, Belleville and Kingston papers. 

Nothing further was done in the matter until 1882, 
when the following letter was addressed to the Mayor of 
Toronto, by Dr. Wm. Canniff 

"TORONTO, 14th Dec., 1882. 
*' To His Worship the Mayor : 

* * DEAR SIR, I am greatly interested in the proposed semi-cen- 
tennial celebration of the Incorporation of Toronto, and beg to con- 
gratulate you on having conceived the idea of such a demonstration. 
But my object in addressing you is to call your attention to the fact 
that 1884 will be the centennial of the first settlement of Upper 
Canada, when the pioneers U. E. Loyalists, took possession of 
their lands along the St. Lawrence, from Kingston westward along 
the shores of the Bay of Quinte, and on the Niagara frontier. It 
has occurred to my mind that perhaps it might be possible, and 
deemed advisable to widen the basis of the commemoration and 
celebrate at the same time the centennial of the settlement of the 
Province. Of course, to do this it would be necessary to procure 
the co-operation of the other cities and the towns of the Province. 
There has been something said in the eastern papers about observ- 
ing the centennial, and Kingston was mentioned as the place most 
suitable for the purpose. But as there is some doubt about the 
matter, perhaps the centennial of the Province, and the semi-cen- 
tennial of the capital might be appropriately held in Toronto. This 
proposition may not be deemed feasible, but it seems to be a ques- 
tion not unworthy of consideration, and is, therefore, respectfully 
submitted to you for consideration^ 

" I am, respectfully yours, 



In accordance with the above suggestion, the Toronto 
. Semi-Centennial Committee set apart one day for the U. 
E. Loyalist demonstration, and Mr. Wm. B. McMurrich 
chairman of the Committee, placed the whole matter of 
the Toronto celebration in the hands of Dr. Canniff. A 
meeting was called by Dr. Canniff, and a U. E. Loyalist 
Centennial Committee was appointed, and circulars were 
sent to all the Wardens of counties and Mayors of cities, 
asking their co-operation. These circulars, which were 
also sent to the newspapers of the Province, attracted 
public attention to the matter, and at Adolphustown and 
Niagara, where the early settlements actually took place, 
the descendants of the U. E. Loyalists decided to hold 
local celebrations. The Adolphustown celebration was 
fixed for the sixteenth of June, 1884. The first landing 
of the Loyalists at that point having taken place on .the 
sixteenth of June 1784. The Toronto celebration was 
fixed for the third of July, and the Niagara one for the 
fourteenth of August. 

The Appendix contains a copy of the Order-in-Council 
of the 9th November, 1789, ordering a record to be pre- 
served of the U. E. Loyalist settlers, and also a copy of 
the U. E. List preserved in the Crown Lands Department, 
at Toronto, with all the notes and remarks in it complete. 
This list, which has never been published before, contains 
the names of the many thousands of U. E. Loyalist set- 
tlers who founded the Province of Upper Canada. 

The following pages contain accounts of the three cele- 
brations in the order in which they came off. 




Address by Lewis L. Bogart, Esq 11 

A. L. Morden, Esq 12 

" Dr. Wm. Canniff 14 

Sir Richard Cartwright . . 24 

" Rev. D. V. Lucas 29 

Address to the Lieutenant Governor.. 35 

Address by Chief Sampson Green 38 

" Capt. Grace 40 

Address by G.E Henderson Esq.,Q.C. 41 
" S. S. McCuaig, Esq., and 

Parker Allen, Esq 42 

" Rev. C. E. Thompson 42 

" Lieut. Gov. J. H. Robinson 43 
D. W. Allison, Esq., M.P. 45 

Address by Wm. Anderson 47 

" Robert Clapp 48 



Toronto Celebration 49 

Addi ess by Dr. Wm Canniff, Chairman. 63 

" Hon. George W. Allan 54 

Poem by Rev. Le Roy Hooker 62 

Address by Chief Green 65 

Address by Lt. Col. George T. Denison. 67 

Poem ' Loyalist Days," by Mrs. Kittson 74 

Address by the Bishop of Niagara .... 75 

Reception at Government House 76 



Niagara Celebration 79 

Address by R. N. Ball, Esq. , Chairman. 82 
Prayer by the Rt Rev. Thomas Brock 

Fuller, Bishop of Niagara 84 

Address by the Lieutenant Governor . . 84 

" The Lord Bishop of N iagara 85 

" Hon. J. B. Plumb 87 

" Lt Col. George T. Denison 95 


Address by Wm. Kirby, Esq 104 

Chief Hill 116 

" Chief A. G. Smith 117 

" James Hiscott Esq 119 

W. H. Merritt.Esq 120 

Poem " U. E. Loyalists," by William 

Kirby, Esq 122 


Appendix A., copy of Order-in-Council 
9th November, 1789 127 

Appendix B., copy of old U. E. List 
preserved in the Crown Lands De- 
partment at Toronto 129 





Cor. Secretary. 



L. L. Bogart, 
Parker AUen, 
A. L. Morden, 

D. W. Allison, 
J. J. Watson, 
J. B. Allison, 
A. C. Davis, 
P. D. Davis, 

L. W. Trumpour, 
Thos. Trumpour. 
Paul Trumpour, 
H. H. Allison, 
S. W. Ruttan, 

E. Ruttan, 

J. W. Dorland, 
Redford Dorland, 
G-eo. German, 
J. H. Trumpour, 
E. Cla 


Dr. Ruttan, 

Dr. Canniff, 

W. R. H. Allison, 

S. S. McCuaig, 

Sampson Green, 

Robert Clapp, 

S. M. Conger, 

John Prinyer, 

Hy. Huff, 

J. B. Diamond, 

S. Wright, 

W. H. Ingersoll, 

N. W. Mallory, 

C. A. Roblin, 
Jno. H. Roblin, 
Jacob Roblin, 
Wm. Peterson, 

D. Griffifth, 
Geo. Harrison, 
H. Rikely. 




June, i6th, lyth and i8th, 1884. 

IN connection with the celebration, and as preliminary 
thereto, the corner stone of the Methodist U. E. L. 
Memorial church was laid on Saturday 14th June with pecu- 
liarly interesting ceremonies. There were present, Rev. D. 
V. Lucas, B. A., of Montreal ; Rev. J. J. Leach, of Odessa ; 
Rev. M. L. Pearson, of Napanee ; Rev. Adams, of Bath ; 
Rev. Briden, of Newburgh; Rev. M. I. Bates, of Tarn worth; 
and Rev. Mr. Gibson. All these participated in the pro- 
ings. The ceremony of laying the corner stone was 
performed by Mrs. Joseph Allison, one of the few remain- 
ing ones of the first generation succeeding the U. E. 
Loyalists. This lady having been for nearly three-fourths 
of a century a faithful and consistent member of the 
Methodist church, and being the daughter of one of the 
Loyalist Pioneers, it was peculiarly fitting that she should 
perform this office. The stone having been laid, refresh- 
ents were served, when an adjournment was had to the 
pel tent, which had been erected across the road, where 




Rev. Mr. Lucas delivered an admirable address appro- 
priate to the occasion. He predicted a brilliant future for 
Canada so long as she continues her loyalty to Methodism 
and Great Britain. A few brief words from Revs. Leach 
and Gibson, and the proceedings were brought to a close 
by singing " God save the Queen." On Sabbath, Rev. Mr. 
Lucas preached three sermons in the tent to large audi- 
ences, his addresses being marked by power, force and a 
practical application to present circumstances and require- 
ments. Seldom has it been the privilege of the people of 
this section to listen to three such effective discourses in 
one day. The financial outlook for this undertaking is 
most encouraging, as indeed it should be, located as it is 
in the heart of a large Methodist community and in the 
richest section of this fair country. 

On Sunday, 15th June, a sermon was preached at St. 
Paul's church, Adolphustown, and St. Paul's church, 
Fredericksburg, by the Rev. C. E. Thompson, M. A. In- 
cumbent of Carlton, Diocese of Toronto, from Ezekiel, 
xxxvi, 28, " And ye sha\l dwell in the land that I gave to 
your fathers; and ye shall be my people, and I will be 
your God. 

The preacher is a grandson of the late Sheriff Ruttan, 
one of the United Empire Loyalists. The sermon was re- 
plete with historical facts in relation to the Loyalists. A 
highly eloquent discourse terminated with a reference to 
the wild idea of independence. He gave six months as 
the time the independence craze would continue. 

The usual Sunday quietude of the front was much 
changed by the presence of the 15th battalion, which 
arrived from Belleville in the morning at daybreak. 
The battalion, under the command of Col. Lazier, was 
camped near by the place of celebration on the shores of 
the bay, and the red coats gave an additional amount of 
beauty to the scene. 

The regiment had Divine service on the United Em- 
pire Loyalists burying ground in the afternoon. Rev. Mr. 


Forneri preached an eloquent sermon. He held up the 
Christian loyalty of the sires of Canada as a pattern to 
modern Canadians. 

On Monday, the 16th of June, the celebration com- 
menced. From early dawn carriages began to arrive ; all 
Adolphustown and adjacent places were well represented. 
The day was most auspicious. By noon a number of 
boats from Belleville on the west and Kingston on the 
east arrived with decks crowded from all the intervening 
oints. The Picton troop of cavalry under Major Fred 
White was among the arrivals. Three bands discoursed 
sweet music at frequent intervals, the fine band of the 
15th battalion, the band from Picton, and the band of 
Kingston. The military display was very fine. 

The proceedings were opened by the playing of the 
National Anthem and a public invocation of Divine 
blessing on the day's festivities and those taking part in 
them. In the afternoon the people were summoned about 
the speakers' stand, and addresses were delivered. Above 
the speakers' heads floated the handsome flag of the 
Native Canadian Society, of Belleville. The programme 
was opened by the playing of the National Anthem, and 
the invocation of the Divine blessing and returning 
thanks for the prosperity which has attended the U. E. 
Loyalists and their descendants, and the nation which 
they founded. 

The President, LEWIS L. BOGART, who is over eighty 
years of age, and who was selected for the position 
because he is the oldest living male representative of the 
TJ. E. Loyalist band, came forward and delivered the 
following brief but pointed address : 

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I can assure you that it 
affords me very great pleasure to see so many present to 
do honour to our fathers and forefathers who landed at 
this place a century ago to-day. If we go back in our 
imagination to that time when the little company who 
had left their all for the love of king and country, and 


came here to hew out for themselves new homes in this 
vast primeval forest, and then as we look around us to-day, 
contrasting the past with the present, and behold a beau- 
tiful land, beautiful homes, a country free from famine and 
pestilence, where the pure bright sunlight of God's love 
shines down upon a prosperous, contented and happy peo- 
ple, who enjoy the blessings of peace on every hand and 
good will toward man, we would be very ungrateful indeed 
did we not appreciate the sacrifices and labours of our 
pioneer ancestors in procuring for us so goodly a heritage. 
I can only say that my father and grandfather were among 
that company; and I rejoice that I have been spared to 
see this grand centennial celebration in their homes. 
Although I feel incompetent for the duty assigned me, I de- 
sire to thank you for the honour you have conferred upon 
me in choosing me to preside on this occasion. 

A. L. MORDEN, Esq., vice-president, was then introduced, 
and delivered an admirable address, of which the follow- 
ing is a brief synopsis : 

The present is an occasion of no ordinary interest. 
The people of Adolphustown and those associated with 
them in the enterprise have put on foot this celebration 
in order, to use the words of that grand old man, Dr. 
Ryerson, "to do at least a modicum of justice to the 
memory of a Canadian ancestry, whose heroic deeds and 
unswerving Christian patriotism form a patent of nobility, 
more to be valued by their descendants than the coronets 
of many a modern nobleman." To-day the people of 
Adolphustown witness the beginning of that for which 
many of them for some time past have ardently toiled and 
hoped. To-day, Adolphustown extends a cordial welcome 
to the descendants of every U. E. Loyalist, and every 
loyal citizen of Canada, on these beautiful grounds. If 
Adolphustown be a small township, it is small only in its 
acreage, but it has standing ground enough for every 
Loyalist descendant in the Province of Ontario, and the 
people have hearts large enough to give them a hospita- 


ble welcome to this historic ground. When the Roman 
dominion was at its best, when the city sitting upon her 
seven hills from her throne of beauty ruled the world, 
when the Romans from their lofty civilization and cul- 
ure dictated laws for all succeedingjages, Civis Romanus 
sum, was the proud boast in which the citizens claimed 
participation in all the greatness, the glory and the pro- 
tection of Roman citizenship. It is ours to-day to be able 
in saying, ' I am a British subject." to utter a prouder 
boast than the Romans. It is largely due to the effort of 
those pioneers who, one hundred years ago to-day landed 
upon this spot, that this fair and fertile Province, and we 
who live in it, are British territory and British subjects. 
We do well to-day to take thought, for a little time, and 
congratulate ourselves upon our heritage, one which the 
lamented General Brock called upon our fathers in 1812, 
" Not to give their children cause to reproach them for 
having too easily parted with the richest inheritance on 
this earth a participation in the name, character and 
freedom of Britons." It is said we are a young country 
and have no history, but I have not read of any country 
which, during the last one hundred years, has a more 
glorious history. If our forefathers for their fervent 
loyalty to Britain, lost every thing but their honour, and 
bravely bore the hardships and privations of first settlers, 
what feelings should animate our breasts to-day, when 
with our attachment to British laws, institutions, tradi- 
tions, rights and liberties, there is added the intensity 
of our attachment to the sovereign. Never had British 
subjects such reason for inviolable attachment to the ruler 
as have we to-day for Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen 
Victoria. Thirty years ago the poet Laureate prophesied 
that our children's children would say of Her : 

" She wrought her people lasting good, 
Her court was pure, her life serene, 
God gave her peace, her land reposed, 
A thousand claims to reverence closed 
In her as mother, wife and queen." 


To-day this forecast is abundantly verified. But, ladies 
and gentlemen, it is not proper for me to further occupy 
your time. I am only here to extend to you a cordial 
welcome to our celebration, to break the ice, as it were ; 
the orator of the day is our cherished friend, the historian 
of the Bay Quinte Loyalists, Dr. Canniff. Thanking you 
for the kind hearing you have given me, I will conclude 
with some words of Dr. Ryerson, uttered at a meeting of 
Loyalists at Brock's monument : " May Loyalty ever be 
the characteristic trait of Canadians, may freedom ever 
be our possession, and may we ever have cause and heart 
to say God Save the Queen." 

DR. CANNIFF then delivered the following address. 

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Two hundred years ago or 
more, at a seaport town in Holland, was to be seen on a 
certain day, a sea-going vessel, around which was the 
usual activity and bustle incident to the final preparation 
for a voyage. As the work of taking in supplies and 
putting the ship in sailing order was going on, a some- 
what motley crowd of on-lookers regarded the scene with 
a lazy, listless air of indifference. Suddenly the atten- 
tion of all was quickened by a remarkable occurrence. 
The doleful tolling of a church bell, heard now and again 
above the din of numerous voices, had passed unheeded 
by those collected on the shore. Now, however, as there 
appears a procession slowly wending its way toward the 
place, the solemn peals suggest the thought of death. 
Leading the procession walks a venerable looking man, 
whose garb and mien betoken a dominie or minister of 
the Gospel. After him came a young couple in the first 
years of vigorous manhood, and the fresh bloom of woman- 
hood, walking hand-in-hand. They are clothed in holi- 
day attire, and have the appearance of a newly wedded 
husband and wife. Following them are a man and woman, 
whose grey heads and bent forms speak of advanced years. 
Next is another couple, also in the decline of life, Then 


walk two and two men, and women, boys and girls of all 
ages. They all wear the habiliments of woe, and the pro- 
cession moves with a slow and solemn tread, as if follow- 
ing a loved one to his grave. All that is wanting to 
complete a funeral train is the hearse with its nodding 
plumes, or coffin containing the body of one dead. The 
spectators, hushed to silence, gaze on the line of mourn- 
ers, and wonder and watch to see its course and destina- 
tion. With measured steps the dominie is followed to 
the vessel, and over its side. Then they gather in a group 
upon the deck around the young man and wife. A 
silence falls upon the assembled mourners as the man of 
God opens the Bible and reads from the inspired Book 
such words as give comfort and support to those who are 
bereaved. Now his voice is raised in prayer to God, and 
his prayer reveals to all who hear, the cause and reason 
of this strange scene. First, he prays that the aged 
parents may have Divine help in this their hour of trial 
in losing their dear children, and that they might still be 
happy in their earthly pilgrimage,be received hereafter into 
God's kingdom, and finally re-united to their children. 
He then commits to Him, who controls the winds and the 
waves, the young couple. He implores that they may be 
in His gracious care and keeping these dear ones, who 
to-day set out at once on the journey of married life, and 
to cross the wide ocean, parting forever in this life from 
their parents and friends, and who are, as it were, to be 
buried in the far away New World. Words of counsel 
follow to the young pair, sympathy to the parents of 
each is duly given. Finally, amid emotions which can- 
not be depicted, the mourners at last tear themselves from 
the voyageurs, who cling to each other in this hour of 
sore trial. The stricken parents have looked upon their 
children for the last time; they, in turn, shall see their 
parents' faces no more in this world. 

This is a picture from real life presented at the period 
of time I have mentioned. Having determined to seek 


new homes in America, this young man and woman knew, 
in making this choice, they would leave parents and 
homes, with no possibility of seeing them again. Cross- 
ing the Atlantic then was a far different matter from 
what it is to-day, with rapid steam navigation. The 
name these young emigrants bore is one well known in 
Adolphustown. It was found among those who accompa- 
nied Major VanAlstine when he landed on this spot one 
hundred years ago to-day. And, pardon me for adding, 
I can claim to be, on my mother's side, one of the descen- 
dants of that pair, and there are not a few present who 
can make the same claim, and whom I am proud to 
know as kinsmen. The story was often told me by my 
venerated mother many years ago. I have presented 
it to you to-day, not merely for personal gratification, 
but to show the stern courage which characterized the 
first settlers in America. Many nations of Europe con- 
tributed equally bold and intrepid men and women to 
people the Atlantic coast of this continent. England, 
Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, and Holland gave 
their most vigorous sons, and the Huguenots of France 
formed a rich quota to lay the foundation of the United 
States and Canada. 

It was mainly the descendants of these hardy pioneers 
of the seventeenth century, who a century later became 
exiles from their fathers' homes, and who penetrated to 
the wilderness of Upper Canada to plant the noble Pro- 
vince of Ontario. Why was it they left the comfortable 
homes their fathers had made, and the place which by 
their labour, energy, and enterprise had from a wilderness 
blossomed into a goodly fruitful land ? This is not the 
time to fully discuss the events attending the great Ameri- 
can rebellion of 1776. This is not the place to weigh the 
controlling motives which caused a portion of the British 
Americans at that time to take up arms against the 
Mother Country, nor the abiding principles which im- 
pelled another portion of the same people to stand true 


to the flag under which they had been born, under which 
they had prospered, and under which they had fought 
and conquered French Canada. They were willing to 
sacrifice and did sacrifice everything to uphold British 
power in America. But, while I may not to-day, place in 
the balance the motives which influenced the two parties 
the Whigs and the Tories of that day, I do maintain 
whatever reason the Whigs may have had for the course 
they took, the Tories, the Loyalists were actuated by a 
noble sense of duty, of patriotism, of Christian fidelity to 
the Crown. They could not discover a sufficient reason 
for raising the standard of revolt and engaging in civil 

Neither is this the time to consider the reasons why 
the rebellion commenced in 1776 became a revolution, 
why rebels became heroes, and the British empire became 
dismembered. At the commencement of the hostilities 
the rebels were in a minority throughout the thirteen colo- 
nies. In New England they predominated, but many 
of the other colonies, especially New York, from which 
so many of the Bay of Quinte* settlers came, were largely 
against the rebellion. I know exception may be taken to 
this statement on the ground that the war terminated in 
a revolution. But it must be remembered that the war 
continued for seven years, during which time the loyalists 
were continually leaving the country. Then there was a 
large number who were indifferent as to the result, and 
stood ready to embrace the cause which succeeded. There 
were even a considerable number of Whigs who, at first 
were averse to independence, and who were forced into 
accepting it. England was already engaged with Euro- 
pean complications. Then the mistakes and ignorance of 
the country on the part of the British officers in command 
in America, led to disaster and discouragement among the 
Loyalists. Finally, and which turned the scale, France 
gave substantial assistance, and at last the surrender of 
Cornwallis practically terminated the struggle. The end 


had come. England recognized the independence of the 
Colonies, and the loyal Americans found themselves with- 
out homes, and aliens to the land of their birth. They 
were not only homeless and aliens, but they were subjects 
of persecution. Many would have accepted the changed 
condition and have become reconciled, but they were de- 
prived of their property and their lands were confiscated. 
How the Loyalists departed some driven away, and 
some because they would not live under any but the 
British Flag, and how they found their way into the 
wildernesses of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Canada, 
is a sad and touching story, a story which has never been 
fully told. Says an American writer, speaking of his 
countrymen : " Our writers of history have been almost 
silent upon this topic, and it is not impossible that some 
persons have read books devoted exclusively to an account 
of the revolution without so much as imagining that a 
considerable part of the force employed to suppress the 
rebellion was composed of our countrymen." But why 
has not the story been told by the U. E. Loyalists them- 
selves ? The words of the same writer gives the answer. 
He says : " Of the reasons which influenced, of the hopes 
and fears which agitated, and of the miseries and rewards 
which awaited the Loyalists of the American revolution 
but little is known. The most intelligent, the best in- 
formed among us confess the deficiency of their know- 
ledge. The reason is obvious. They, who like the Loyal- 
ists separate themselves from their friends and kindred, 
who are driven from their homes, who surrender the hopes 
and expectations of life, and who become outlaws, wander- 
ers and exiles such men leave few memorials behind 
them. Their papers are scattered and lost and their very 
names pass from human recollection." To this may be 
added the statement that the pioneers of any country, 
struggling to create a home and procure the necessaries 
of life, have no time to devote to writing history or re- 
cording events. The consequences have been that while 


the Americans for a century have been engaged in writ- 
ing up the Revolution from their point of view, the history 
of the American Loyalists has received but little atten- 
tion, and many of the facts relating to their history have 
been irretrievably lost. 

No wonder then that the U. E. Loyalists are not only 
mostly forgotten, but have had their conduct, their mo- 
tives, and their character misrepresented by partisans. The 
efforts made by that noble and patriotic Canadian, that 
grand descendant of the U. E. Loyalists I refer to the 
late Rev. Dr. Ryerson to place before the world a more 
accurate estimate of the Loyalists, and the attempts by 
others, in later years, to rescue from oblivion facts honour- 
able and praiseworthy relating to them, have been received, 
even by the Canadian public, with almost incredulity, when 
not with cold indifference. During the hundred years 
that the Loyalists have been engaged in converting the 
wilderness into comfortable homes, the press of the United 
States has occupied itself, the thousands of Americans 
abroad have been assiduously at work educating the world 
to the effect that the American Tories of 1776 were the 
offscourings of the land, the vilest of the vile, worthy only 
of being execrated by mankind. Not only the daily and 
weekly press has been thus engaged, but the school books 
used by the young in the United States, and sometimes 
in Canada, have contained the most outrageously partial 
accounts of the struggle and the participants on either 
side. Never was history so perverted, never did misre- 
presentations so effectually deceive. Not only have the 
children of the United States been imbued with hatred 
towards the Loyalists, but the modern Englishman, Scotch- 
man, not to say Irishman, has accepted the teachings of 
partisan American writers. Even Canadians may be 
found who have nothing but praise for the rebels of 1776, 
and nothing but obloquy for those who did not think re- 
bellion was a justifiable act. British statesmen and the 
press of Great Britain have seemingly vied to see which 


could offer to the screaming goddess the most profound 
adulation. It would be amusing were it not humiliating 
to see Canadians so-called, shall I say bastard Canadians, 
especially those by adoption, endeavouring in a feeble 
way to cast discredit upon the TJ. E. Loyalists. "\Vith the 
most superficial knowledge of the subject, they under- 
take to instruct native Canadians respecting their fathers. 
They mostly set out on the supposition that the Loyalists 
had no love of liberty, that they were willing to be al- 
most, or quite, serfs or slaves, and to pay taxes to the 
Imperial treasury without Parliamentary representation. 
But nothing could be more at variance with the truth. In 
the first place, a vast number of those who ultimately 
sided with the rebels were indifferent about the question 
of liberty. A great many joined the insurrectionists sim- 
ply to advance their personal interests, and could their 
interests have been equally served they would have been 
found on the side of the Loyalists. "With not a few it was 
only a struggle for office and power. On the other hand 
there were a very large number of Loyalists who recog- 
nized all the evils which really did exist in the relation- 
ship between England and America. They were not blind 
to the injustice which, in many ways, was evinced by the 
Crown toward the colonies. But they did not and could 
not see a sufficient grievance to justify rebellion ; at least 
they desired to seek redress by peaceful means. And those 
acquainted with the conflict of opinion among British 
statesmen at that time as to the rights of America know 
that, had peaceful means been pursued, all the complaints 
would, in time, have been removed. Then it must not be 
forgotten that Britain had given money and blood to con- 
quer French Canada in the interests of the colonies. 

It is submitted, as adequate proof of the statement, 
that the U. E. Loyalists were not without a love of liberty, 
that the subsequent history of the British provinces, set- 
tled by them, presents a steady and healthy development 
in -liberal government ; and to-day Canada has more 


liberty and the government of the people is really more 
democratic than the United States. The sapient writers 
I have referred to, are wont to assert that the contest for 
responsible government in Canada was between the 
Loyalists, joined together in a family compact, and some- 
body else ; but whom has never been made quite clear. 
But as a matter of fact it was the general mass of the 
tL E. Loyalists who obtained the benefits of responsible 
government. The " Family Compact" represented only 
a fragment of the U. E. Loyalist element, and was by no 
means composed exclusively of that class. The love of 
liberty was manifested by the Loyalist settlers of Upper 
Canada in many ways. In the Declaration of Independence 
of the colonies it is stated that " all men are born free and 
equal" How far this principle was carried out by the 
United States, history tells us in words no one can mis- 
understand. As a matter of fact it was not until 1865, 
and after a bloody war in which hundreds of thousands 
of lives were sacrificed, that slavery was abolished, and 
the words I have quoted really stated the condition of the 
people of the United States. The proclamation of Presi- 
dent Lincoln, made necessary by the exigencies of the 
war, was made 70 years after the U. E. Parliament of Upper 
Canada had passed an " Act to prevent the further intro- 
duction of slaves, and to limit the time of contract for 
servitude within this province." And during this period 
Canada was the asylum of the down-trodden of the 
United States. Again, in the treatment of the native 
Indians, how differently they have fared in Canada than 
they have in the United States ! While cruelty and in- 
justice have attended the footsteps of the frontier 
men in the latter, in the former, the aboriginal owner 
of the soil has been, like the African, treated as a 
man and a brother. His rights have been respected ; and 
treaty obligations with them, faithfully observed ; with 
the result, that, while bloody Indian wars have marked 
the history of our neighbours, we have had peace in our 


borders. There is, therefore, abundant reason for main- 
taining that the U. E. Loyalists were not wanting in the 
essential principles of liberty; liberty broad and deep, 
which embraces all mankind, irrespective of race, or 

But ladies and gentlemen, in drawing a comparison be- 
tween our U. E. Loyalists' fathers and the fathers of the 
republic, I have no desire to belittle people of that gene- 
ration. Any such attempt on my part would be puny 
indeed. While 1 honestly endeavour to eulogize the 
U. E. Loyalists, I do not desire to ignore all that is good 
and noble in our kinsmen over the border. The bitter- 
ness of last century is all buried. As Canadians to-day, 
we entertain toward them no feeling but that of good will, 
and we wish them God-speed. We even hope that their 
destiny may be as great as we believe ours is sure to be. 
As an elder offspring of Old England we cannot avoid 
being influenced by her examples. But while that nation 
and the Canadian nation are advancing on parallel 
lines in growth and development, the lines cannot come 

I am tempted to draw a comparison between the des- 
cendants of the rebels and Loyalists of 1776 as we find 
them to-day, but time will not permit. However, I hesi- 
tate not to say that the sons of Canada children of the 
Loyalists, have physical and mental qualities which will 
bear any comparison. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are assembled to-day to cele- 
brate the settlement of this province the Province of 
Ontario. But we do so with no narrow feeling of sec- 
tionalism. We are here as Canadians above all. No 
pent-up Utica contracts our power and feelings of patriot- 
ism for the whole Dominion. The whole breadth of the 
continent from Newfoundland to Vancouver's Island 
is ours to hold and to cultivate. We take in our mari- 
time brethren, who also are descendants of the Loyalists. 
We do not exclude the French of Lower Canada, notwith- 


standing their disposition to keep isolated, for we remem- 
ber how they stood firmly by the side of our fathers in 
the fight for Old England" in 1776 and 1812* We embrace 
the vigorous sons of Manitoba and the North- West, 
many of whom have the U. E. Loyalist blood in their 
veins; and we extend a brother's hand to the loyal Can- 
adians of the Pacific coast. Looking east, west, and north 
over our rich heritage, we say Canada one and indivisible 
for ever Canada for the Canadians, and Canadians only. 
As Dr. CannifF concluded his address, the 15th Battalion 
headed by their band, came down from the camp and made 
their way towards the spot where one of the genial events 
of the day was to take place, the laying with Masonic 
honours of the corner-stone of the new monument to 
the U.E. Loyalists. Thither the people filed. The Masons 
also formed in line and proceeded to the spot in a body. 
The stone, which was lying on the ground, just at the 
edge of the plot used for the burial ground, was soon sur- 
rounded twenty deep by people anxious to witness the 
ceremony. All being ready, R. W. Bro. Arthur McGuin- 
ness, D. D. G. M., acting as G. M., made a brief address, in 
the course of which he eulogized the Loyalists, and said 
that the only reason why such men had not already had 
some such tribute as was now proposed to be erected to 
their memory, must be found in the fact that such acknow- 
ledgments of the people's love and gratitude must come 
when there was time for the cultivation of the arts and 
wealth to accumulate. He and his brethren deemed it 
an honour to lay this corner-stone, as a monument to the 
memory of men who had sacrificed so much for their 
allegiance to the British flag. The mystic rites having 
been duly solemnized, a prayer was offered by Worship- 
ful Bro. Rev. R. J. Craig, as Grand Chaplain, and the stone 
was duly declared laid. The conclusion of the ceremony 
was announced by the National Anthem by the band, 
followed by a grand salute by the loth Battalion, "B" 
Band, Kingston, and the Picton Silver Cornet Band, 


which had arrived on the grounds early in the afternoon, 
played some lively selections near the speaker's stand. 

The addresses from the grand stand were then re- 

Mr. D. W. ALLISON, M. P. for Lennox, was called to 
the chair. He announced as first speaker, 

SIR RICHARD CARTWRIGHT, who came forward amid 
applause. After greeting the audience, among whom 
he j recognized many old friends, he proceeded : I do 
not believe you could be assembled for a more laud- 
able or patriotic purpose than that which has brought 
you together to-day. We are here for the purpose 
of doing what honour we can to the memory of men 
to whom we owe it that not merely Ontario, but one- 
half the continent of North America, remains to-day 
under British rule. It is desirable, too, that we should 
endeavour to understand the magnitude of the sacri 
fice made by the noble band who a hundred years ago 
drew up their batteaux on the shores of Adolphus- 
town. These men were not inconsiderate youths ; they 
were men, most of them of mature years, and some ad- 
vanced in life, who won for themselves comfortable inde- 
pendence in a country south of us. At what they con- 
ceived to be the call of duty, they were ready to sacrifice 
everything that men commonly hold dear; resign the 
wealth they had accumulated, forfeit their prospects 
their own and their children's for sake of their loyalty to 
the flag under which they had served, and under which 
many of them had fought and bled. That was not an 
ordinary act, and men who performed it were cast in 
no ordinary mould. Nowadays it is far too common to 
judge a man's acts by the standard of mere material suc- 
cess. These men had something nobler and loftier before 
them. Had it been worldly prosperity they looked for 
they would have cast their lot in with the Republic to 
the south of us ; had they blenched from the trials before 


them ; had they been frightened away from their task of 
carving a home in the wilderness a very few years would 
have passed before the Amercan flag would have waved 
over the whole of this continent. Here the men who did 
these things possessed the courage of their convictions. 
Where they thought they were right, they were not 
afraid of being in the minority. They were prepared to 
fight, and if need be to suffer and die for their convictions. 
It is of such men the salt of the earth is made, and we in 
Canada have good right to be proud that we can look 
back to such ancestors. You may deem these men fool- 
ish in their enthusiasm, but if you are worthy to be their 
descendants, you will agree with me in saying that they 
dared greatly, and succeeded greatly, and they have left 
behind lessons which we will do well to follow. We 
ought, on an occasion like this, to understand what in- 
duced our grandfathers to make the sacrifice they did. 
You must look back a little to see America during the 
course of the eighteenth century. Beginning in 1700 
and ending in 1775, a great struggle was going on, waged 
in different parts of America between tbe two greatest 
nations of Europe. In that struggle these men had many 
of them borne a part, The struggle was to decide 
whether England or France was to rule this great conti- 
nent. Those who look back and consider how far the 
French pioneers had advanced, what their exertions were, 
how much blood and treasure England and France had 
spilled in the struggle, will understand in some degree 
why it was our forefathers desired not to show them- 
selves ungrateful for the great sacrifice which the parent 
country had made. The other day I came across a strange 
letter from the distinguished French General Montcalm, 
who fell in the great battle which finally decided the fate 
of North America. I find that Montcalm, who was not 
only a great general but a very able statesman, put on re- 
cord a prediction of his own fall, declaring he would be 
defeated, and that he would not survive the loss of North 


America. He predicted also that ten years after Canada 
was conquered, the other colonies would assert their inde- 
pendence. As you know, who have paid attention to 
history, that was fulfilled almost to the hour and day. 
Canada was ceded to Great Britain in 1768, and within 
twelve years thereafter the first blood was drawn in the 
struggle which resulted in the independence of the 
United States of America. The letter first predicts that if 
General Wolfe understands his trade that Montcalm 
must be defeated ; and declares that as this defeat means 
the total loss of North America, he will not survive. 

" I console myself, nevertheless, for the prospect of my 
own defeat, and of the loss of the colony, by my firm 
conviction that this defeat will prove in the long run 
better than a victory for France, and that the conqueror, 
England, will find a tomb in her own conquest. This 
may appear a paradox, but a little reflection and a glance 
at the political situation in North America will prove the 
correctness of my opinion. A large portion of the Eng- 
lish colonists are the children of men who left England 
during the period of the civil war, and betook themselves 
to America to find a country where they might live and 
die in freedom and independence. I know them thor- 
oughly, not by hear-say, but by means of sure information 
and correspondence which I have arranged myself, and 
which if my life had been prolonged, I had meant to 
turn to the advantage of France. In fact all the English 
colonists would have shaken off the yoke long ago, and 
every one of them would have become a little indepen- 
dent republic had it not been for the fear of France at 
their doors. As between two masters they preferred 
their own fellow countrymen to foreigners, taking care, 
meanwhile, to render no more obedience than they could 
help ; but if Canada is conquered, and if the Canadians 
and the English Colonies become one people the very first 
occasion on which England will appear and interfere with 
their interests, do you suppose the Colonists will obey 


her ? What have they to fear if they do revolt ? I am 
so perfectly certain -of the truth of what I have written 
that I will only allow ten years after the conquest of 
Canada to see my predictions accomplished. Now you 
see the reason which consoles me as a Frenchman for the 
imminent danger France is incurring of seeing Canada 
lost forever." 

Most of the Loyalists whom we honour to-day had 
fought for the supremacy of Great Britain and of the 
British race in North America, and they thought after 
such great sacrifices that had been made they were bound 
to see that the English race was not robbed of the price 
of the sovereignty of this continent. Remember when 
in 1775, the Colonies decided to break off their allegiance 
this struggle was of very recent date; that many of the 
men served under British generals in the armies which 
conquered Canada and took Quebec. There were men of 
different classes among the Loyalists. Some were im- 
pelled simply by honest and laudable instinct of loyalty to 
the flag to which they had owed allegiance, and they were 
prepared to make sacrifices for that loyalty. I would 
have you all to make sacrifices where necessary for your 
convictions; but besides these there were others among 
that band. These men, as their name United Empire 
Loyalists showed, thoroughly appreciated the enormous 
future which awaited the English race in North America. 
It would be a mistake to suppose that they wholly 
approved of the course of the British Government. As 
their correspondence shows, they objected, as Burke and 
Chatham objected, but they felt it would be a thousand 
pities and a disgrace to the race, that after all that had 
passed, the English race should allow itself to be split 
into fragments, and we have numerous proofs of how 
powerfully these men's acts and feelings affected the 
whole destiny of this country. Gentlemen, the Loyalists 
builded better than they knew. They came a handful 
of men, perhaps four or five thousand souls, to the Pro- 


vince of Ontario, and yet they have given to a very great 
extent impulse and direction to the feelings and destiny 
of four or five millions who now inhabit the Dominion. 
But for the effect of the example and traditions they left 
behind them, I believe you would not see yonder flag float 
from this ground to-day. If there be here, as possibly 
there may be, a few of those veterans who recollect the 
war of 1812 and 1815, they will tell you how powerfully 
the example of the Loyalists strengthened their hands for 
the desperate struggle to preserve Canada to the British 

Look to history and you will not find a case in the 
whole range in which a handful of men maintained 
themselves successfully against desperate odds, which 
reflects more lustre on the people who did it, than the 
struggle of our fathers in that war. America placed 
along the frontier 20,000 men, a greater number than the 
whole male population of the Province capable of bear- 
ing arms at that time. All the aid the British Govern- 
ment could send during the first year was four companies 
of regulars. She sent us also Brock, who alone was 
worth an army. Brock with eighteen hundred men 
reduced three thousand Americans to capitulation. In 
the face of the great European wars, the deeds of heroism 
on the frontier of Canada were lost sight of, but it is not 
for any patriotic Canadian to forget them. I have said 
elsewhere and I now repeat that the colony of Ontario 
has a proud pre-eminence among the colonies of Britain 
for this reason. All the other colonies have been founded 
by men who sought to better their condition, or were 
founded by the Government of Britain, or obtained by 
conquest, but Ontario stands alone as the colony founded 
by men making great sacrifices to maintain their alle- 
giance to Great Britain. I know of but one com- 
munity m America, or elsewhere perhaps that founded 
by the Puritan fathers in New England. I arn not going to 
make a political harangue, but I have ventured in an- 


other place to point out how I thought we, descendants 
of the U. E. Loyalists, might best act in the spirit of our 
forefathers. Bear in mind that what these men sought 
to prevent was a division which France sought to foster 
between the great portions of the English race. I believe 
the Loyalists, and the people of Canada who derive their 
inspiration from them, can best do justice to the spirit of 
their forefathers by doing what they can to bring together 
in a union all the English-speaking races in the world. I 
state as a man loyal to Britain and to British institutions. 
I believe I know whereof I speak when I say no such 
service can be rendered to the people of Great Britain and 
of the whole world than to remove all chance of hostility 
between the two great branches of the English race. As 
a descendant of a loyalist, I say it would be a work to 
which any man might be proud to consecrate his life. It 
is the part of wisdom for us to do what we can to fulfil 
the object for which our forefathers sacrificed so much ; 
to bring together as a united people, if not under one 
Sovereign, at any rate in one alliance offensive and de- 
fensive, two great nations, which, to the misfortune of 
the world, have been severed and alienated. You may 
call this a dream Cavour was called a dreamer when he 
hoped for a united Italy ; Bismarck was condemned as a 
visionary when he saw in the future a German Confed- 
eration. The English speaking people are not inferior to 
the Italians and Germans, when the real welfare of their 
race is at stake. In closing, he urged upon the Canadians 
to imitate the heroism of their ancestors, because the 
nation could never become great, unless some citizens were 
willing to sacrifice themselves for the general good, and 
Canada at the time needed such men. 

The REV. D. V. LUCAS, Montreal, then addressed the 
meeting as follows : 

a very great privilege indeed to be permitted to join with 
the distinguished statesman who has just addressed you, 


and with you all in doing honour to those worthy people 
who, one hundred years ago, landed upon the spot where 
we are now assembled, to lay in this Province the founda- 
tions of civilization. We are carried back in our thoughts 
to those days. Few of us know anything of the hard- 
ships through which these " pilgrim fathers " of Canada 
had to pass. Pushing one's way into a new country to- 
day, by means of our railways and other modern facilities 
is not what it was a century ago. 

However much we may admire their courage and forti- 
tude in braving the rigours of Canadian winters, and the 
difficulties of making homes for themselves and their 
posterity in the Canadian forests, we have met to-day 
more particularly to admire the spirit which brought them 
hither, and if possible to catch something of their devo- 
tion to principles which through the medium of the 
British Constitution, Heaven itself, in their estimation, 
had bestowed upon them. 

We go back in thought a little farther, to those days 
when the older Colonies of Britain on this continent, de- 
cided to dishonour the flag, under whose aegis they had 
received all that is excellent in their present political sys- 
tem. I do not stop now to question the motives of those 
who excited the colonists to rebellion. It is enough for 
the present to say that, the men whom Canada delights 
to honour, regarded the course of the insurgents as a most 
unrighteous one, and rather than give it their consent and 
aid, chose to begin anew in this northern part of our 
great continent, where even amid cold and poverty and 
hardships of various kinds they might still live under the 
free flag of Britain, and enjoy the blessings of which that 
flag is the emblem. 

When we consider the present progress of our native 
land to which our honoured fathers directed their steps, 
and the excellence of our political institutions, and the 
grand future which is evidently before our beloved Do- 
minion, we feel that these noble men of a hundred years 


ago, built " better than they knew." They honoured the 
Hag of England and the principles which that flag repre- 
sented, and we have met to honour them. I trust, Sir, 
that while we are less worthy than they, those who come 
after us will at least respect us for assembling on this, the 
first centennial anniversary, to do honour to those noble 
and devoted fathers of our Canadian Dominion. 

It might not be unprofitable, Mr. Chairman, to go still 
farther back and remind ourselves of the growth of lib- 
erty in England, and of the British Constitution. Some- 
how, more than among other nations of Europe, there 
seems to have been in the English Isle, from the earliest 
ages, an intense desire for liberty. The great Alfred had 
said that it was his desire that the people of England 
should be as free as the air they breathed. Through cen- 
turies, most of those wars, aside from those associated with 
the conquests, were simply a long struggle between the 
despotism of kings on the one hand, and the inherent love 
of liberty on the other. 

The constitution of England as we now know it, was of 
slow growth, but each century found it more in accord 
with the will of the people. The last great element of 
liberty may be said to have been introduced into the con- 
stitution when William III. and his queen signed the 
memorable Bill of Rights on their accession to the throne, 
after the abdication of James II. America had by this 
time been brought more fully to the notice of the people 
of the old world, and it was hoped that those grand prin- 
ciples, for which the English people had so long struggled, 
would find scope and development on this continent, such 
as might not be accorded them where there still lingered 
considerable sympathy with royal ambition and ecclesias- 
tical conservatism. Though it is hard to find excuse for 
the arbitrary spirit of George III. and his advisers, and a 
majority of his parliament, yet as has been clearly shown 
by Dr. Ryerson, the difficulty between the Home Govern- 
ment and the Colonies might have been adjusted without 


secession on the part of the latter, and, as the same distin- 
guished writer has shown, would have been in harmony 
with the general wish of the Americans, if it had not been 
for a few ambitious leaders urging the people on to, as 
our fathers thought, an unjustifiable rebellion, and some- 
how we cannot divest our minds of the thought that our 
fathers were right. 

The long history of the struggle on the part of their 
ancestors for constitutional freedom was deeply engraven 
on their minds. They loved that history and were proud 
of it. Their fathers had fought to make the grand old 
flag of England the emblem of all that was good politi- 
cally. If it could have been shown that there was still 
lacking some element of pure constitutional liberty, they 
were willing to labour to secure it, but to tread both flag 
and constitution in the dust, looked to them not only as 
an insult to Him who had so helped their fathers, but an 
insult to the cherished memory of their fathers as well. 

Be that as it may, we rejoice when we remember their 
loyalty, not merely because we admire the principle itself, 
but because of the blessings which their loyalty has 
brought to us. 

Look at our widely-extended country, with its great 
fertility, its salubrious atmosphere, its broad acreage of 
arable land, its lofty mountains, magnificent rivers, rich 
minerals almost incalculable in extent, with its valuable 
forests and fisheries a country almost as large as the 
whole of Europe and remember that because of the de- 
votion and loyalty and self-sacrifice of those men whom 
we to-day commemmorate, all the principles of British 
constitutional liberty are ours by birthright. 

The British Constitution, modified in some of its de- 
tails to meet our colonial requirements, without in any 
sense changing any of its general principles, becomes to 
us the highest type of political freedom, and offers us the 
easiest political yoke borne by any people under Heaven. 

lalk of annexation to the United States. That is im- 


possible. The institutions of the two peoples are too 
diverse to admit of a political amalgamation. Our ideas 
of sovereignty differ so widely from those of our neigh- 
bours that we could never, even for one hour, consent to 
surrender the power which constitutes us the sovereign 
people. With our education and experience, politically, 
we never could give up our rights in this matter to the 
head of the nation and his chosen advisers. 

Talk of independence in the sense of separation from 
the old land ! This is quite as impossible with the Cana- 
dian people. For this is our pride and our boast, we are 
a part of the great British Empire. Like that angel which 
John saw standing in the sun, I see standing in the earth 
a mighty giant, made mighty by the King of Heaven. 
Upon his head are those wonderful and glorious British 
Isles, his feet resting on the golden sands of Australia ; 
his left arm, India, now being redeemed from the wheels 
of the Juggernaut and the superstitions of past ages ; his 
right arm, Canada, now being redeemed from the growl 
of the wild beast and the war whoop of the savage. 
When I think, sir, of the vast millions who may, and who 
surely will, yet dwell in our "great dominion, all educated 
under the great influence of British political institutions, 
and lovers of the flag which to-day waves over us, and of 
those principles which that flag represents, I think of the 
future of this vast empire, exercising in the earth its in- 
fluence for the elevation of mankind, as the mighty power 
of God making itself felt through the instrumentality of 
human government. 

As Canadians, this is our boast, we are a part, and we 
hope no insignificant part, of the British Empire, and our 
prayer is that nothing may ever occur, to the end of time, 
to sever those ties which bind our favoured and happy 
country to the motherland. Our loyalty is too strong, and 
we trast our children's loyalty will be equally so, to ad- 
mit of any action which implies and involves dismember- 
ment of that mighty empire of which we are justly 



ADOLPHUSTOWN, June 17. The second day of the U. E. 
Loyalist celebration was marked by fine weather and a 
very large attendance of visitors. All the steamers ply- 
ing on the Bay of Quints' brought crowds of people. The 
first event this morning, though not down as a part of 
the celebration under the auspices of the Committee, was 
an interesting and important one, no less than the laying 
of the corner-stone of the Memorial Church by Lieutenant- 
Go vernor Robinson. The Rev. R. S. Forneri, B.A., Pastor 
of the Anglican Church, here, has since he took this 
charge worked earnestly in promoting this object, and 
the present celebration gave him the best opportunity of 
having the work of the actual building inaugurated with 
becoming ceremonies. 

The Lieutenant-Governor arrived from Napanee this 
morning by private yacht, about eleven o'clock. He was 
met at the wharf by 9, guard of honour of the 15th Bat- 
talion, Argyle Light Infantry, under command of Adjt.- 
Captain T. C. Lazier, and conducted to St. Paul's Church, 
the present Anglican Church of Adolphustown. 

Rev. R. S. Forneri, rector of Adolphustown, has every 
reason to feel gratified by the marked success attending 
his indefatigable efforts to bring this enterprise to a suc- 
cessful issue. The new church edifice, which has been 
named St. Alban's, is to be a handsome structure of the 
modern Gothic style, capable of seating about 250 people. 
It will have a neat bell tower seventy-two feet high. The 
mam entrance will be at the side of the building and will 
have an open porch with doors of iron work. The nave 
is 32 * 50 feet and the chancel 26 H 24 feet. The interior 
i to be decorated with a number of memorial tablets to 
leading members of the pioneer band who landed on the 
shores of Quinte* 100 years ago. The site is one of the 
most commanding along the bay front and was liberally 
donated for the purpose by J. J. Watson, Esq. After a 
short service at the church by the Archdeacon, the pro* 


cession was re-formed, and singing an appropriate hymn 
marched to the site of the new edifice. The ceremony 
throughout was most impressive, the Ven. Archdeacon 
leading and the people joining heartily in the responses. 
At the proper time a beautiful silver trowel, suitably en- 
graved, was handed to the Lieutenant-Governor, with 
which he laid on the cement, saying : 

" We lay this stone of foundation to the honour and glory of God, 
and in memory of the United Empire Loyalists, who one hundred 
years ago laid the corner-stone of our Province in peace and righte- 
ousness and in loyalty to the British Crown and Empire." 

Among the clergymen present were the following : 
Dean Lyster, of St. George's Cathedral, Kingston ; Rural 
Dean Kirkpatrick, of Kingston; Rev. J. W. Burke, of 
Belleville ; Revs. C. E. Cartwright, of Kingston ; Cook, 
Kingston ; R. S. Forneri, Incumbent of Adolphustown ; 
Rural Dean Baker, Tyendinaga ; Rev. Mr. Cook, Oshawa ; 
Revs. Carey, Roberts, Stanton, D. F. Bogert, and Thomp- 

The Lieutenant-Governor was presented with an ad- 
dress which was gorgeously illuminated, and of which the 
following is a copy : 

To His Honour John Beverley Robinson, Lieut. -Gover- 
nor of the Province of Ontario. 


On behalf the Rector and members of the Church of 
England in the Parish of Adolphustown and Fredericks- 
burg, and sundry other persons interested in commemo- 
rating the important historical event of the arrival there 
of British subjects known as UNITED EMPIRE LOYALISTS, 
by the erection of a new church near the spot on which 
landed the "worthy band of refugees" in 1784, this ad- 
dress is respectfully presented. 

Most cordially and gratefully we bid your Honour wel- 
come to Adolphustown on this occasion, when after the 
lapse of one hundred years, we would raise a sacred edi- 


fice in memory of many brave men, who not only sacri- 
ficed everything in obedience to the divine command, 
" Honour the King," but who were equally ready to re- 
cognize the paramount duty to " Fear God." 

The U. E. Loyalists were, we believe, religious as well 
as loyal men, and wherever they settled in Canada 
they laid the foundation not alone of patriotism but 
also of piety. Therefore we, their descendants and de- 
voted admirers, have deemed the erection of a HOUSE OF 
PRAYER a significant and appropriate memorial embody- 
ing these two great principles, which the sons of the 
ancient Church of England have been ever foremost and 
steadfast in upholding principles we would endeavour 
to inculcate in our children, and transmit to future gene- 
rations in this country, viz. : that along with the duty 
we owe to ourselves in maintaining civil and religious 
freedom, we are no less bound to be faithful in discharg- 
ing what is due by loyal men to their Sovereign, and by 
Christian men to their God. 

It is an auspicious coincidence that on this day, 17th 
June, the Church of England commemorates in her calen- 
dar England's Proto-Martyr, St. Alban, the first man who 
on Britsh soil sealed with his life-blood his testimony as a 
loyal subject of his Heavenly King, our Lord Jesus Christ. 
May his name, under which the memorial church is to be 
dedicated to God, ever unite our affections to the dear 
old mother land, and inspire us all to follow the example 
of one who held not his life dear for the cause of Christ. 
^ Animated by such sentiments, we have undertaken this 
pious work, which, we rejoice to know, has received the 
warm approval of your Honour as Lieutenant-Governor 
of the Province, and as yourself, an illustrious member of 

famous U. E. L. family. We have asked you, Sir, to 
put to it the first hand in laying the corner stone, and we 
tender our very grateful acknowledgements for your kind 
compliance with our request. We beg to assure you that 
it is to us a matter of the most lively satisfaction and 
congratulation that the Chief Magistrate of our Province 


of Ontario, representing Her Gracious Majesty, should 
honour us with his presence and co-operation on this occa- 
sion. For in whatever other respects we may have de- 
generated from the noble U. E. Loyalists of 1784, we may 
fain hope we may justly claim to be their rivals in firm 
attachment both to the THRONE under which it is our 
happiness to live, and to that great EMPIRE of which we 
fervently pray that the Dominion of Canada may long 
constitute an integral portion. 

As we conclude this address, we cannot forget the fact 
that the honour of being a descendant of U . E. Loyalists 
is shared by your own gracious and accomplished lady, a 
daughter of the distinguished house of Hagerman, and we 
venture to join her name with that of your Honour as we 
most sincerely wish you both the enjoyment of many years 
of happiness and prosperity in your public and private 

Signed on behalf of the General and Local Building 


Rector of Adolphustown. 


Chairman of Committee. 

ADOLPHUSTOWN, June 17th, 1884. 

The Lieut-Governor replied briefly, expressing his 
cordial thanks to the clergy and building committee for 
their invitation to take part in the proceedings of this 
memorable occasion, and re-echoing all the sentiments 
contained in the address. Brief speeches were made by 
a number of the clergy, that of Dean Lyster being par- 
ticularly appropriate. 

The ceremony completed, the Lieut-Governor and a 
large party were invited to the residence of J. J. Watson, 
Esq., where lunch was served. 


The Lieut. -Governor paid a visit to the camp of the 
15th Battalion, and was right royally entertained at the 
officers' mess. Chief Sampson Green was the first intro- 
duced to deliver an address, on " The Union of the Six 
Nations." He appeared in full Indian costume and was 
accompanied by other members of his band in full war 
paint and feathers. He first expressed the great pleasure 
it afforded him to take part in this important gathering, 
in honour of that patiotic and heroic band of refugees, 
who freely gave up their all as a sacrifice to their loyalty. 
He reviewed the traditional history of the Indians of 
America and especially of the Six Nations, of which he is 
a representative. He claimed that the Indians are the 
original Americans, and he felt proud of being a descen- 
dant of the aboriginal inhabitant of this continent. He 
also felt a pride in the fact that, in the day of trial, when 
the majority rebelled against British rule, his people re- 
mained firm in their allegiance, and fought, bled and died 
beside the pale face in defence of the Union Jack, to up- 
hold its sway on this continent. He explained how the 
Six Nations came into existence by an alliance of six 
smaller tribes against the oppression of the doughty, 
powerful and bloodthirsty Iroquois. He explained their 
system of government, by which all legislation originated 
with the Mohawks; after being approved it was then 
sent to another tribe and considered, adopted or amended 
as the case might be, until at last it reached Onondagas, 
or firekeepers, but the Mohawks were possessed of the 
power of veto. The Onondagas were called the fire- 
keepers because they always started the fire at the Great 
Council, kept it burning, and finally extinguished it when 
the Council was completed. At the present day, instead 
of lighting and extinguishing the fire, they make the 
opening and closing speeches. Finally the Iroquois 
themselves sued for admittance to the confederation, but 
their application was rejected. The tribe to which he 
belonged came from the Mohawk flats, remained at 


Lachine a short time and then came on to Tyendinaga, 
which spot was selected by Captain John. The reserve 
was named after the great Chief Tyendinaga, who led 
the Mohawks to Canada. When Christianity was proposed 
to the Six Nations it was considered, and four accepted, 
but two rejected the Christian faith, and to this day two 
of the tribes are Pagans. Although these tribes are 
Pagans, they may be fairly termed religious. They be- 
lieve in the existence of a Supreme Being, but instead of 
worshipping God in solemn exercises, they return thanks 
to the Great Spirit for pure water, an abundance of 
berries, the full corn in the ear, and all the blessings of 
peace and plenty, by dancing and other rejoicings. Their 
religion does not permit of stealing or lying, but they 
have no scruples in regard to Sunday work. He stated 
his conviction that the only way in which these tribes 
could be Christianized would be first to educate them and 
then place the Bible in their hands. What they can read 
they will accept, but what is told them by missionaries is 
received with diffidence or suspicion. He again referred 
to the loyalty of the Indians on many occasions when 
their adherence was severely tested. In 1812 many of 
the Indians fought with the British troops, and in 1837 
the speaker's father went to the front with his band, and 
returned with one scalp which was erected on a staff 
opposite the church, and a tree planted in honour of the 
event which is to be seen to this day. In 1866, with 17 
others, the speaker went to the front to assist in driving 
back the Fenian invaders, and in the future, as in the 
past, he was assured that his band would be found ever 
faithful to the old flag, and ever ready to shed their blood 
in its defence. The Mohawks, when they landed, con- 
sisted of fifteen families; they now number over 1,000 
souls. They at first owned the whole township of Tyen- 
dinaga, but they had sold a portion, and the money, 
$127,000, is invested with the government to provide 
schools and religious instructors. They have now four good 


schools and two churches. He thanked the committee 
for the invitation to participate in this gathering, which 
he considered a great honour to himself and his people. 
The next speaker was CAPT. GRACE of Lindsay. He 

a matter of good fortune for me that the Lieut.-Governor 
is not here at present, and thus an opportunity is afforded 
me of expressing to you all my feelings, which I think 
are those of all gathered here, and in this my endeavour I 
crave your indulgence. The deeds which were the first 
causes of this settlement about us were those of men to 
whom principles and loyalty were nature's inspiration ; 
were men, who to us have shown examples worthy of 
imitation ; were men who by the sacrifice of home com- 
forts and luxuries have left their images of force of will 
and self denial. This morning's ceremony was a matter 
of gratification to all, and to us it was a bounden duty to 
commemorate the memory of those dear ones of old, with 
fitting tribute as far as the outward world is concerned; 
but one cannot help thinking of those brave men, who, 
one hundred years ago, landed here to the right, leaving 
happy homes, wealth and comforts, to seek out a new 
home for themselves in nature's forest, apart from monu- 
ments of stone and mortar, and appreciating them* by 
those feelings which emanate from the inspiration of our 
mothers, and we cannot help thinking of those good 
old men ofj yore, as Shakespeare did when he sug- 
gested by words, which in substance meant the folly of 
endeavouring to commemorate intrinsic worth in stone 
and mortar. Our country, a rich branch of the mother 
tree which springs from the Atlantic and casts her sha- 
dows to all quarters of the globe, it should be our 
bounden duty to sustain in proper relation to that mother 
tree, defending her interests by all in our power, which 
defence is but what we owe. 

It was with pleasure I listened to the various speeches 
of yesterday, and however dampened the love of our 


country might have been by the suggestion of one 
speaker, that dampening must have been removed by the 
next speaker, who in feeling terms related the story of 
the good old woman who said " We shall go and leave 
everything, and go to that country where we can breathe 
easily beneath that flag wlych is floating on our left." 

And as often as any defence of the country has been 
required, so often have the good men of the U. E. Loyal- 
ist blood and connection been ready and shared their 
parts, and it is no small pleasure for me to be the great 
grandson of the man who had the first Militia Battalion 
along these shores, and that zeal and that ardour, which 
seem at least intuitive, have not yet died out, as the 
young man who is now addressing you has the honour 
of a Captain's Commission in the Militia at present. 

It is an extreme satisfaction to me to be able to under- 
go a trip of even a hundred miles to meet so many 
friends, all of whom must necessarily feel the common 
tie which links us all ; and before closing, I must to Dr. 
Canniff, express my feeling of thankfulness and sym- 
pathy for his untiring efforts in the U. E. Loyalist cause. 
I am sure it was not without a very great deal of trouble 
he wrote his book, in which are pictured many proper 
examples for the youngest of us to bear well in mind. 

And now Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, being 
under an obligation to you for your indulgence I beg to 

MR. G. E. HENDERSON, Q: C., Belleville, County Crown 
Attorney, said that while they must not forget men who 
had come from over the sea and their descendants, surely 
they had the right to honour the memory of their Loyalist 
fathers. These men had chosen a magnificent country, 
and had put its prosperity upon a grand foundation. 
He had had the opportunity of viewing the greater 
part of Europe, and he could assure them that nowhere 
was there a grander country than this. This Bay of 
Quint^ was as beautiful a sheet of water as any of the 


famed lakes of Switzerland. Canadians had a right to be 
proud of their land, and by no other means than by lov- 
ing it and honouring it could they make it a great coun- 
try. Without patriotism people were a mere collection of 
individuals, but if joined by a common bond of love of 
country, they became an irresistible power. Here every 
man was free ; here every man has the opportunity to 
carry on the great responsibilities that rested upon him 
in building up this country. They did not want to be 
joined to the United States. Canadians were anxious to 
live at peace with them. Glad of their successes and 
proud of their advance, but Canadians could show a coun- 
try whose prosperity was greater than that of the States. 
They had here a magnificent country, with schools and 
every advantage and luxury. In Europe he found people 
called farmers who worked day and night for their lords, 
who lived in walled cities.- They lacked in education and 
almost every form of enlightenment, and he himself had 
seen women harnessed along with cows drawirg a load 
on the public highway near Rome. He advised them to 
remain loyal to this grand country, and to the Empire 
under whose fostering care it had grown to its present 

MR. J. S. McCiJAiG, ex-M.P. for Prince Edward County, 
congratulated the people upon the large assembly, and 
made a brief speech dwelling upon the great work which 
the Loyalists had accomplished. 

MR. PARKER ALLEN dwelt upon the hardships suffered 
by the U. E. Loyalists as contrasted with the comfort en- 
joyed by the people he represented. It was necessary 
that the Committee should have money to proceed with 
the monument, and he asked that liberal subscriptions be 

The REV. C. E. THOMSON, M. A., Incumbent of St. 
Mark's Church, Carlton West, added a few words. He 
said in substance, that it gave him great pleasure, as the 
grandson of William Ruttan, one of the U. E. Loyalist 


settlers in Adolphustown, to be here on this occasion, and 
to help in doing honour to the memory of these noble 
men. He could not say much beyond what had been al- 
ready said, but would exhort them to be true to the tra- 
ditions of their forefathers, and to maintain, unuroken, 
their connection with the great and glorious empire for 
whose integrity their ancestors had so greatly suffered. 
He would remind them that on this day they were pass- 
ing through the anniversary of that great final struggle, 
whereby, on the field of Waterloo, the valour and endur- 
ance of the British army were so gloriously shown. 
Surely to have a share in such a magnificent achievement 
as this ought to make us most highly value the privilege 
of being British subjects. The time for speaking was 
short and he would now call on them to welcome him who 
was about to address them himself a Canadian born the 
grandson of a United Empire Loyalist, the son of one 
whom Canada was proud to number among her brilliant 
array of lawyers and judges, and the husband of a lady 
whose grandfather shared in the privations and toils of 
the first settlers in this very neighbourhood a gentleman, 
who had come here as 'the Lieu tenant-Governor of the 
Province to do honour to their celebration, to join with 
them in paying respect to the Loyalists of 1784 and to 
inaugurate the erection of well deserved monuments to 
their memory. 

LiEUT.-GovERNOR ROBINSON having arrived, was now 
introduced. He expressed regret at the delay that had oc- 
curred, but claimed that he was hardly responsible as the 
hospitality of the clergy and citizens, and afterward that 
of the militia had prevented him from appearing sooner. 
He considered it a duty for the Lieut.-Governor to show 
on every occasion his appreciation of the volunteer mili- 
tia and acknowledge the great things they had done for 
Canada. In 177() when the militia was 'tampered with 
they stood staunch to the old flag. In 1812 they had 
been equally brave in manifesting their allegiance, and on 


other occasions they had given proof of their valour and 
loyalty, and it was therefore a plain duty he should ex- 
press his appreciation of their organization and their 
services. While he was pleased to meet and receive the 
hospitality of the militia, he was equally well pleased to 
meet such a large gathering on an occasion so important to 
all Canadians. An American once discussing the various 
forms of government claimed that the Canadian was the 
best in existence, for while the people paid all the expenses 
the Governor had all the fun. Part of his fun was to re- 
ceive the hospitalities of to-day, to see so many good look- 
ing ladies and gentlemen, and to know they were all intent 
on one laudable purpose doing honour to the memory of 
those who had suffered everything for their loyalty. Up 
to a certain point the acts of the English Government in 
reference to the thirteen colonies were oppressive. U. E. 
Loyalists did not uphold that oppression, but when it 
came to revolt, and they saw something more than redress 
of the grievances was to be demanded, they, through years 
of war, showed heroism and devotion to their convictions 
seldom equalled in the history of any country. He recog- 
nised old names, having heard them from his youth. They 
were the names first known here by the arrival of the 
heroic band who landed on this point one hundred years 
ago. If we had a grand country we owed it to them. 
He had heard the question discussed as to whether the 
time has come when our political status should be 
changed ; it was not for him, as Lieut. -Governor, to dis- 
cuss these matters, but he would say to Loyalists that 
while others, be they gentlemen of the press or politicians, 
discuss that question the descendants of Loyalists can 
afford, knowing what they knew of old times, to mark 
time and listen to the discussions. They must recollect 
that if the medicine is given hurriedly, the physician 
must take good care that the death of the patient does' 
not follow. He hoped that the young people would mark 
this day, and that when fifty, or sixty, or seventy years 


hence they went over memory's records, they would think 
that this great celebration took place in the regime of 
Governor Robinson. Knowing the blessings we have re- 
ceived under the British Constitution we can afford to 
remain some time longer at any rate without changing 
our position. He regretted that he had not before visited 
the lovely scenes through which he passed to-day. He 
regretted that he had not before had the opportunity of 
making the acquaintance of the peopJe of this district, 
but he hoped this would not be his last visit. He hoped 
they would make this day a grand and permanent suc- 
cess. He hoped they would testify in a substantial way 
their regard for the Loyalists by subscribing liberally to 
the monument to be raised to their memory. 

Mr. D. W. ALLISON, M.P., though suffering from tempo- 
rary illness, consented, at the earnest request of many, to 
address the meeting. He dwelt with feeling on the scene 
which this point had witnessed a hundred years ago yes- 
terday, when the pilgrim band of Loyalists landed at the 
outskirts of an unbroken" wilderness, which Ontario was, 
and contrasted that with the scene of life and luxury 
which the place presented to-day. He dwelt also upon 
the strong contrast between the condition of the Loyalists 
and of their descendants of to-day. The first were vic- 
tims of persecution, leaving all for the sake of their loyalty 
to their country and to duty, braving hardships and pri- 
vations that they might have the flag they loved float 
over them. Their descendants possess the land which 
they had redeemed from the encumbering forests, and in 
that land peace and plenty reigned, so that even the poor- 
est enjoy advantages which the best of their fore- 
fathers could not hope to secure. The colonists of these 
days, instead of coming in the face of all hardships, had 
colonial roads and railways provided in advance of them 
in the wilderness. The first apples grown here were from 
seed brought over by the first party when they came. When 
the first crop was ripe the man who grew them called all 


the people of the settlement men, women and children 
together, and the apples were shared equally. Had that 
been in this day, the man who had the apples would have 
been governed by the law of supply and demand, and 
would have sold the apples to his neighbours at the high- 
est price. It had been stated that there was settlement 
at Kingston before here, but those people did not leave 
the States till after Independence was declared, and the 
date given for the Kingston settlement was too early for 
that. He contended this was the first settlement, and 
that the first line of this township of Adolphustown was 
the first line ever run by a surveyor in Ontario. He 
closed by expressing pleasure at the large turn out to do 
honour to the memory of Loyalists. 

Mr. J. J. Watson, Secretary of the Celebration Com- 
mittee read a letter of regret from the Hon. G. A. Kirk- 
patrick, Mr. A. F. Wood, M. P.P., and others, who had ex- 
pected to be present, but were unable to do so. He ex- 
plained also Sir John Macdonald's absence by stating that 
he had a letter from the Premie* stating that owing to 
ill health and press of work at home he would be unable 
to attend. This concluded the afternoon proceedings. 


The main feature of to-day's proceedings were speeches 
under the shade of the trees, and over the graves where 
the U. E. Loyalists lie buried. 

Mr. D. W. Allison, M.P., first occupied the chair, but 
he afterwards gaver pla,ce to Mr. Parker Allen. Both are 
Vice-Presidents of the Celebration Association, but Mr. 
Allison claimed priority for Mr. Allen. The principal 
speaker of the day was Dr. J. H. Sangster, of Port 
Perry. Dr. Sangster followed in the footsteps of the 
former speakers in contrasting the prosperity and com- 
fort of to-day with what the Loyalists found when they 
landed, and what they obtained for years after. He ela- 
borated the idea far more, however, and caused not a lit- 


tie amusement by going into the details of daily life, con- 
trasting, for instance, the young lady of to-day at her 
organ or piano, with her grandmother whose humble art 
was confined to the music of the wash-board. He" drew 
a brilliant picture of the future of Canada, the result of 
her mighty extent of fertile soils. The aristocracy of Eng- 
land proudly traced their lineage back to the uncultured 
invaders who came with William <ff Normandy. Much 
more proudly could the descendants of the Loyalists boast 
of their ancestry. He recognized the fact that Canada- 
would some day be independent ; but separation from the 
mother country could not come except in the natural way 
without straining or undue haste. Canada had not only 
a soil-bracing climate, but God-fearing earnest men and 
women, and he urged all Canadians to do what they 
could to make the future of the country commensurate 
with its possibilities. Above all, he spoke to the de- 
scendants of the Loyalists to show their zeal in Canada's 
cause. He called upon them because there was an intel- 
ligent pride of birth, of ancestry, which ennobled those 
who were moved by it and had a mission to promote the 
arts of peace, and to give to the world the highest stand- 
ard of national honour. He recognized the difficulties in 
the way, and the most pressing and important of these 
was the bitterness of party spirit. He urged upon the 
politicians of both parties to devote more attention to 
national, andf less to party advantages. 

MR. WM. ANDERSON, Warden of Prince Edward county, 
was then called upon. He stated that some of those who 
were here yesterday found fault with the carrying out of 
the arrangements. He thought that the committee had 
done all that men could do, and they deserved the thanks 
of the community for having given so many the opportunity 
to celebrate the noble deeds of the U. E. Loyalists. He com- 
mended the people here for having begun these cere- 
monies by the laying of the corner-stone of the church. 
He did not agree with Dr. Sangster in the fear that party 


rancour would ultimately wreck the ship of State. He 
believed very strongly that party feeling was less bitter 
now than it formerly was, and with the ameliorating 
Christian influences everywhere at work this improve- 
ment must continue. He dwelt upon the great work begun 
by the Loyalists, and contended that the Dominion, which 
they had founded, was^the first country in the world to- 
day. An American speaking with him had boasted of the 
fact that the States had gained their independence, that 
they were free, but their liberty was based upon the prin- 
ciples recognized in Britain, the benefit of which the peo- 
ple in Canada enjoyed, and their system of government, 
like that of Canada, was almost a copy of the British 

MR. ROBT. CLAPP, of Prince Edward county, spoke on 
behalf of that county, assuring the people of Adolphus- 
town that they had the sympathy of all in their com- 
memoration of the U. E. Loyalist centenary. 

Mr. J. J. WATSON, secretary of the committee, presented 
an excuse from Mr. W. A. Reeve, Toronto, who was to 
have addressed the meeting. 

The people soon after began to leave the grounds, and 
the Adolphustown U. E. Loyalist Centennial Celebration 
was over. 




3rd. JiUy, 1SM-1. 


His Honour, Lt.-Gov. JOHN BEVBE-Hon S. C. Wood. 


Lt.-Col. George T. Denison 
Hon. Alex. Morris, M.P.P. 
Hon. George W. Allan 
A. McLeaa Howard 
Rev. Dr. Withrow 
D. B. Read, Q.C. 
Salter J . Vankoughnet 
J. F. Byan 
Dr. James Baldwin 
Dr. J. H. Richardson 
W. H. Merritt 
His Honour Mr. Justice Rose 
Dr. Geo. S. Ryerson 
Alderman Fred Denison 
James H. Morris 
Rev. Dr. Rose 

Dr. Daniel Wilson 
Rev. Prof. Gregg 
Dr. J. S. King 
Rev. S. S. Rice, D. D. 
Rev. E. H. Dewart, D. D. 
John Playter 
John J. Withrow 
His Honour Judge Macdougall 
Chas. F. McDonald 
D' Alton McCarthy, Q.C. 
Mayor Boswell 
Dr. S. D. Hagel 
Rodney Moore 
Rev. Septimus Jones 
Rev. D. J. Macdonnell, B.D. 
J. 0. Dent 
A. N. Gamble 
W. A. Foster 

Canniff Haight 

Rev. Hugh Johnston, M. A., B. D. Wm. Roaf 

Rev. Dr. Caven J. R. Roaf 

Rev. Canon Scadding, D.D. D. W. Clendennan 




The Right Rev. T. B. Fuller, D.D., 

D.C.L., Lord Bishop of Niagara 

Hon. George Kirkpatrick, Speaker 

of the House of Commons 
Sir Alexander Campbell, Ottawa 
Hon. A. S. Hardy, Provincial Trea- 

Major Robert Z. Rogers, Graf ton 
Rev. Bishop Carman, D. D., Belle- 

His Honour Judge Jones, Brantford 
His Honour Judge Dean, Lindsay 
Rev. S. S. Nelles, D.D., LL.D., 

President Victoria University 
Rev. Dr. Me Nab, Bowmanville 
Robert D. Roger*, Ashburnham 
J, G. Pense, Waterdown 
Rev. Le Roy Hooker, Kingston 

Captain Moberly, Collingwood 
Rev. Dr. Williams, St Catharines 
Rev. Dr. Grant, Principal of Queen's 

University, Kingston 
Rev. Dr. Jeffers, Belleville 
D. W. Allison, M.P., Adolphustown 
Dr. C. E. Hickey, M.P., Morrisburg 
Rev. Dr. Ryckman, London 
Wm. Kirby, Niagara 
G. D. Hawley. M.P.P., Bath 
Rev. W, R. Parker, M. A., Chatham 
J. J. Watson, Adolphustown 
Dr. W. Harris, Brantford 
Rev. R. S. Forneri, B.D., Adolphus- 

C. H. Ross, Barrie 
Henry Thompson, Penetanguishene 
Samuel Chrysler, Penetanguishene 



Rev. J. Langford, Hamilton 

G. H. Hale, Orillia 

W. F. Casey, Napanee 

Parker Allen, Adolphustown 

J. W. Nelles, Guelph 

T. Merritt, Cayuga 

Frank Ball, Q.U., Woodstock 

Rev. John Geuiley, Simcoe 

E. Clapp, Adolphustown 

Rev. S. A. Anderson, Penetangui- 


Alex. Robertson, M.P., BeUeviUe 
Dr. Playter, Ottawa 
CoL Macpherson, Ottawa 
Alex. Servos, Niagara 
R. N. Ball, Niagara 
Col. Duncan Macfarlane, Niagara 
Angus Kilburn, Beamsville 
James Hiscott (Warden of Lincoln) 


Col. F. A, B. Clinch, St. Catharines 
Dr. Willoughby, Colborne 
Sheriff Burk, Bowtnanville 
Levi Van Camp, Bowmanville 
Arthur Craig, Ciaighurst 
William Switzer, New Lowell 
Dr. Bogart, Whitby 
Dr P. H. Spohn, Penetanguishene 
J. E. Robson. Newcastle 
W. Cuthbertson, Deseronto 
P. S. Van Wagner, Stony Creek 
Dr. Hillier, Bowmanville 
His Hoiiour Judge Carman, Cornwall 
Thos. Cowan, Ingersoll 
Col. Bantam, Cookstown 
Dr. Robertson, Ex-M.P.P., Peel 
D. B. Solmes, Northport 
William Lount, Barrie 
George Walker, Beamsville 
John Miller, Brougham 
John Dryden, Booklard 
L. D. Raymond, Welland 
Rev. (J. E. Thompson, Weston 
R. R. Loscoinbe, Bowmanville 
Philip Secord, St. David's 
Johnston Butler, St. David's 
Dr. Burdette, Belleville 
Joseph Rymal, Waterloo 
Moses Springer, Waterloo 
Dr. McUaiumon, Kingston 
Dr. Shaver, Stratford 
David Dunn, Warden of Simcoe 
Rev. Dr. Hodgson 
W. Hill, Colborne 

John Monro, Ex-M.P., Aultsville 

J. J. B. Flint, Belleville 

Hon. Billa Flint, Belleville 

Henry Jeffrey, Whitby 

F. F. Me Arthur, Bowmanville 

Walter Kerr, Drumoiondville 

Irarn Bender, Niagara Falls 

I. 'Bender, Niagara Falls 

J. P. Wilson, Welland 

John Allen, Hcton 

S. M. Conger, Picton 

Captain Cook, Cookstown 

D. L. Sanson, Orillia 

O. J. Phelps, Phelpston 

Noah Assauce (Chief of Mohawk In- 
dians), Penetanguishene 

V. S. Wikon, Picton 

J. Jordon, Rosseau 

Wm. Buchner, Fort Erie 

Wm. Cryderman, Hampton 

Jesse Truli, Oshawa 

Wm. J. Hill, Shannonville 

James Cryderman. Darlington 

Rev. E. Loucks, Picton 

Thomas Glaus, Tyendenaga 

T. S. McCuaig, Picton 

Rev. E. H. M. Baker, Rector of Chip- 
pewa Indians, Ueseronto 

Grant Powell, Ottawa 

Alex Burritt, Ottawa 

A Keefer, Ottawa 

Deputy-Sheriff E. D. Sherwood, Ot- 

T. H. Kirley, Ottawa 

Wm. Pennock, Ottawa 

J. F. Pennock, Ottawa 

John Pennock, Ottawa 

Wm. Sherwood, Brockville 

Samuel Keefer, Brockville 

Dr. Hurlburt, Ottawa 

Hon. Wm. Macdou^all, Ottawa 

Frank Macdougall, Ottawa 

J. Cuppage, Orillia 

John \V". Ryerson, Simcoe 

P. F. Tanniff, London 

Dr. Oronhyatekha, London 

Dr. A. S. Bristol, Napanee 

Dr. H. S. Griffin, Hamilton 

H. Ouderkirk, Uxbridge 

Henry Belcher, Uxbridge 

C. S. Grace, Lindsay 

M. K. Lockwood, Brighton 

Rev. A. L. Gee, Brantford . 

Duncan Chishohn, Oakville 





Thursday, July 3rd, 1884. 

THE United Empire Loyalist Centennial Celebration 
in Toronto was commenced on the morning of Thurs- 
day, July 3rd, 1884, in the Horticultural pavilion, the 
gathering taking the form of a public meeting, interspersed 
with musical selections. For a morning meeting the at- 
tendance was exceptionably good, the hall being about 
filled. There were a few Indians present, descendants of 
those who accompanied the Loyalists to Canada in 1784. 
In the rear of the platform hung the old flag presented in 
1813 to the 3rd regiment of York Militia, by the ladies of 
the county. Dr. Canniff, City Medical Health Officer, 
presided, and with him on the platform were His Worship 
the Mayor, the Lord Bishop of Niagara, Hon. Senator 
Allan, Lieut.-Col. G. T. Denison, Rev. Dr. McNab (Bow- 
manville), Rev. Leroy Hooker (Kingston), Rev. Dr. Scad- 
ding, Rev. Dr. Rose, Rev. Arthur Baldwin, Rev. Dr. Dew- 
art, Rev. S. A. Anderson (Penetang.), Rev. R. S. Forneri 
(Adolphustown), Rev. Dr. Withrow, Chief Green (Tyen- 
dinaga), Aid. F. C. Denison, Messrs. W. Kirby (Niagara), 
A. McLean Howard, D. B. Read, S. J. Vankoughnet, J. H, 


Morris, C. Haight, C. Egerton Ryerson, S. A. Denison, 
John Playter, Rodney Moore, J. Graham, A. N. Gamble, 
E. W. Clendenan, Chiefs Hill and Cross (Tyendinaga), Dr. 
Hillier (Bowmanville), and others. 

The Chairman said: Ladies and Gentlemen One hun- 
dred years ago the foundation of this province, the Pro- 
vince of Ontario, was laid by a band of pioneers known 
as the United Empire Loyalists. We meet to-day to com- 
memorate the event. In appearing before you as chair- 
man of this representative and brilliant gathering, it is 
only appropriate that I should briefly state why it is that 
I, so poorly qualified for the duties, should occupy so.dis- 
tinguished a position. It so happens that the Semi-Cen- 
tennial of the incorporation of the city of Toronto is the 
centennial of the settlement of the province. When my 
friend, Mr. W. B. McMurrich, while mayor of the city, in- 
augurated the scheme for the celebration of the Semi-Cen- 
tennial of Toronto, it occurred to my mind that it would 
be a fitting thing to combine with the Semi-Centennial of 
the capital of the province a celebration of the centennial 
of the province itself. The idea having been suggested 
to the Semi-Centennial Committee, it was decided to set 
apart Thursday of the Semi-Centennial week as the U. E. 
Loyalists' day. Mr. McMurrich having intimated to me 
that I should take the initiative in making the necessary 
arrangements for this day, I took steps to convene a meet- 
ing of those living in Toronto interested in the matter. 
Among those present at that meeting was His Honour the 
Lieu tenant-Governor, a distinguished descendant of a dis- 
tinguished United Empire Loyalist. The Lieutenant- 
Governor did me the honour to nominate me as perma- 
nent chairman of the committee, and I was consequently 
elected to the position. The next step in the matter was 
a convention of delegates from different parts of the pro- 
vince. At this convention my appointment as chairman 
was unanimously confirmed. I need not say that I esteem 
it a great honour to fill the position. The first duty rest- 


ing upon me is on behalf of the committee to welcome the 
representatives of the U. E. Loyalists who are assembled 
here, and the gentlemen who have honoured us, and the 
ladies who grace the occasion. Our celebration differs 
from the city's in this respect that it is held under the 
auspices of the Provincial Government. While the sub- 
stantial aid afforded by a Government grant is thankfully 
recognized, the great gratification is that the worthy U. 
E. Loyalist pioneers of the province were officially recog- 
'nized. In so doing the Government honours itself no less 
than the pioneers of the province. I am heartily glad to 
inform you that I do not feel called upon to occupy your 
time in speaking upon the subject which is foremost in 
our thoughts. I have already, on another occasion and at 
another place, said all I might have wished to say on the 
subject relating to the U. E. Loyalists, but in any case I 
should prefer to leave the matter in the hands of the gen- 
tlemen who are to speak gentlemen well known for their 
eloquence who will do ample justice to the occasion. 
The pleasing duty now devolves upon ine of carrying out 
the programme placed in your hands. 

Mr. Sims Richards sang "Rule Britannia" in a man- 
ner which evoked great enthusiasm, each verse being 
greeted with a round of applause. 

HON. G. W. ALLAN next addressed the meeting. He said : 
Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen This is surely 
a week which will long live in the memories of the citi- 
zens of Toronto. It has been devoted to rejoicing, 
such as may most fittingly commemorate the fiftieth anni- 
versary of the it. corporation of our city, and he must surely 
possess but a dull and inimpressible soul, who has not 
caught something of the spirit and enthusiasm which have 
characterized the proceedings of the last few days. This 
morning, however, we are met here to commemorate an 
event which concerns more or less not only the citizens of 
Toronto, not only the people of Ontario, but all Cana- 
dians from the Atlantic to the Pacific, for in every part of 


this wide Dominion may still be found some of the de- 
scendants of that noble band of whom a Canadian poet 
has so worthily sung, that they 

" Loved the cause 

That had been lost ; and scorned an alien name, 
Passed into exile, leaving all behind 
Except their honour and the conscious pride 
Of duty done to country and to King." 

As the chairman has reminded us, just one hundred years 
ago did the Loyalists of America, abandoning home, pro- 
perty, every worldly gain and advantage, rather than 
forego their allegiance to the British Crown, and in the 
face of hardships and trials, such as might have daunted 
less brave and resolute hearts, come to what was then a 
wilderness, and become fathers and founders of what we 
now so proudly call the Dominion of Canada. It concerns 
us not, upon this occasion, to inquire into the merits of 
that unhappy quarrel which cost Great Britain the Ame- 
rican colonies. Ample justice has been done by the writ- 
ers and historians of that day, and down to the present 
time, to the motives and actions of the successful revolu- 
tionists. More than justice, in fact, for too many of the 
chroniclers of these events have not been satisfied with 
exalting the actors on the one side, and ascribing to them 
every virtue, but have most unjustly and ingeniously de- 
preciated and misrepresented those whose greatest crime 
was that they were ' loyal and true to their sovereign, and 
willingly sacrificed every worldly possession rather than 
sever their connection with the Empire." The United 
Empire Loyalists of one hundred years ago valued liberty 
as much as the revolutionists, but they would have secured 
the redress of their grievances by other means than by 
severing the tie which bound them to Great Britain, and 
when the party of revolution became the stronger and the 
die was cast, and the ultimate appeal made to the sword, 
then they drew it for the king, and never sheathed it 
until the struggle was over, when, rather than preserve 


land or possessions, or secure an immunity from persecu- 
tion and ill-treatment by the abandonment of their princi- 
ples, they determined upon that grand exodus which we 
commemorate this day, and manfully set their faces to- 
ward the wilds of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and 
Canada, to become the first founders of what is yet, thank 
God, an integral part of the Empire, the fairest jewel in 
Britain's Crown. The history of the cruel persecution 
and unjust legislation of which the loyalists were made 
the subjects in most of the States of the American Union 
after the close of the struggle and the establishment of the 
Republic, were it only more generally known, would as- 
tonish those even among our own countrymen who have 
so much admiration to bestow upon the successful revolu- 
tionists, and but little sympathy for the heroism and 
endurance of those who remained faithful to the cause, as 
they believed it to be, of loyalty and honour. Undoubt- 
edly the revolution, owing to the bitter animosities 
engendered by the struggle, frequently led to cruel repri- 
sals and deeds of bloodshed on both sides ; but that could 
not justify the cruelty and persecution with which hun- 
dreds were visited who had taken no active part in the 
strife, or the expatriation of the many thousands whose 
only crime had been their refusal to renounce their alle- 
giance to their king. In a work called " Loyalists of 
America and their Times," written by that distinguished 
man, the late Rev. Egerton Ryerson, himself the son of a 
U. E. Loyalist, there occurs the following passage : " At 
the close of the war, instead of witnessing, as in the case 
of all other civilized nations at the termination of a civil 
war, however rancorous and cruel, a general amnesty, and 
the restoration of all parties to the rights and property 
which they enjoyed at the commencement of the strife, 
the Loyalists found themselves exiled and impoverished, 
and their enemies in possession of their homes and do- 
mains. It is true about three thousand of the Loyalists 
were able to employ agents, or appear personally to apply 


to the English Government and Parliament for compen- 
sation for their losses and suffering in maintaining their 
fidelity to .the Mother Country ; but these three thousand 
constituted not one-tenth of the Loyalists who had suf- 
fered losses and hardships during the civil war. Upwards 
of thirty thousand of them were driven from the home of 
their birth into what was then an almost untrodden wil- 
derness." Of these latter who found their way to Upper 
Canada and the sister provinces, many had fought stoutly 
for the royal cause all through the war, and many were 
the hairbreadth escapes, many the hardships they endured 
before they reached British ground in safety. Others had 
taken no active part in the contest, but were proscribed 
and banished because their sympathies were known to have 
been with the losing side. Others there were who, while 
the struggle lasted, had taken what they considered the 
side of duty and loyalty, but when hostilities were over 
and England had recognized the Independence of the 
States, were prepared to submit to the inevitable, and 
take their place as citizens of the Republic. But the 
cruel and vindictive treatment to which they were sub- 
jected, and the penal legislation enacted against them, 
drove them forth also to swell the ranks of those who 
were to become the founders of a Io3 r al British American 
Confederation, side by side with the Republic which had 
cast them out. The hardships which the Loyalists en- 
dured in making their way to Canada, and the suffering 
and privations experienced by many of them for years 
after their first settlement in the country, were far more 
severe than anything experienced by the Pilgrim Fathers 
during the first years of their settlement in Massachu- 
setts. From whatever point they came, long and weary 
was the journey which the refugees had to perform before 
they reached British territory. The majority of them 
travelled on foot ; others who were better off carried their 
little effects and young children on pack-horses, some- 
times bringing their cattle with them. Many bands made 


their way to Canada by Whitehall, Lake Champlain, Ti- 
conderoga, and Plattsburg, and then, turning southward, 
proceeded .to Cornwall, thence ascending the St. Law- 
rence, along the north shore of which many of them 
settled. Some among the earliest of the refugees had 
sailed round the coast of New Brunswick and Nova Sco- 
tia, and up the St. Lawrence to Sorel, wintering there, 
and the following spring prosecuting their voyage in boats, 
until they reached their destination at Kingston, then 
called Cataraqui. But the most common route from New 
York and that part of the States taken by the Loyalists 
was on the Hudson River to Albany, then up a branch 
of the Hudson called the Mohawk, and by a branch 
of that river, called Wood creek, to Oneida lake, and 
from Oneida lake to Lake Ontario by the Oswego River. 
Flat-bottomed boats, built or purchased by the Loyalists 
for the purpose, were used for their journey, and some idea 
may be formed of the arduous nature of that journey when 
we remember that the boats themselves had to be hauled 
and all their contents carried over the various portages, 
which are stated to have amounted altogether, on the whole 
journey, to more than thirty miles in extent. From Os- 
wego some of the Loyalists coasted along the eastern 
shore of Lake Ontario to Kingston, and then up the Bay 
of Quint^ ; others went westward along the south shore 
of the lake to Niagara and Queenston ; some pursued 
their course to the head of the lake at Burlington ; others 
made their way up the Niagara river to Queenston, con- 
veyed their boats over the portage of 10 or 12 miles to 
Chippewa, thence up the river and into lake Erie, and 
settled in what was called the Long Point country, now 
the County of Norfolk. As you all know, in order to re- 
ward the loyalty and to relieve the present necessities of 
the Loyalists and their families, as well as to provide for 
their future subsistence, the British Government made 
liberal grants of land in Upper Canada. The Bay of 
Quinte* was, I believe, among the first to be surveyed and 


settled, and the settlement of what was then called the 
Midland District commenced in the summer of 1783. 
The new settlers were provided with farming implements, 
building materials, and provisions, and some clothing for 
the first two years. And to quote from Dr. Ryerson's 
admirable work again " In order to put a mark of 
honour, as the Order in Council expressed, ' upon the 
families who had adhered to the unity of the Empire, and 
joined the Royal standard in America, before the treaty 
of separation in 1783,' a list of such persons was directed 
in 1789 to be made out and returned, to the end that their 
posterity might be discriminated from future settlers. 
From these emphatic words, the Unity of the Empire, it 
was styled the United Empire List, and they whose 
names were entered upon it were distinguished as United 
Empire Loyalists." And now one hundred years have 
passed away since that honour roll was drawn up the 
Loyalists of that day have passed to their rest, but far 
and wide throughout the Dominion their descendants 
may still be found glorying in the name and the traditions 
they have inherited, and by our gathering here to-day we 
desire to show that, as did our fathers in those days of old 
so do we desire to preserve the unity of the Empire, 
and shall ever honour the memory of those who cheer- 
fully risked every worldly gain or advantage, aye, even 
life and liberty, to preserve unbroken the ties which 
bound them to the Motherland. Nor can we forget, on 
an occasion like the present, how nobly the old Loyalist 
spirit showed itself when Canada subsequently became 
the battlefield during the war between Great Britain and 
the United States. It has been well remarked that the 
true spirit of the Loyalists of America was never shown 
with greater force than in the conduct of their descen- 
dants during the war of 1812-14*. As their fathers 
willingly risked life and fortune to maintain their con- 
nection with the Empire, so the sons were ready at the 
first trumpet call to leave wives and little ones' come 


forth from their homesteads, and acquit themselves like 
men in resisting the invaders who strove to wrest their 
adopted country from the British Crown. Sir, it is a just 
subject of pride to us Canadians that, thanks to the 
loyalty and the pluck of the militia and volunteers of 
those days, without distinction of class or nationality, the 
Canadas, with a frontier of more than 1,000 miles, and 
aided only by a few regiments of regular soldiers, resisted 
the whole military power of the United States for two 
years, at the end of which not one inch of Canadian soil 
was in possession of the invaders. Behind us hangs a 
flag [here the speaker turned and pointed to it] which I 
thought would not be an uninteresting relic to be dis- 
played on the present occasion. That flag was presented 
by the ladies of York in 1813 to the third regiment of 
York Militia. In some old manuscripts now deposited 
in the library of the Dominion Parliament, called the 
Coventry papers, and relating to the early history of 
Canada, and especially to the war of 1812, there is con- 
tained an account of the presentation of this flag, on be- 
half of the ladies of York, by Miss Powell, daughter of 
Chief Justice Powell, its consecration by Dr. Strachan, 
afterwards so well known as the venerable Bishop of 
Toronto, the reception of the colours by Major Allan, 
commanding the regiment on that day, and who after- 
wards became its colonel, and the committal of the colours 
to the charge of Ensigns Charles Denison and Edward 
Thompson. The records of those days show what good 
service the flank companies of this regiment did at the 
capture of Detroit and the glorious battle of Queenston 
Heights. And the old chronicler in the papers I have 
referred to goes on to speak of "the devotion and 
gallantry of those who had been so lately called away 
from the enjoyment of every peaceful blessing to defend 
their property and rights, and the safety and glory of 
this highly favoured portion of the British Empire." Mr. 
Chairman, I am persuaded that the same spirit that 


characterized the Canadian militiamen and volunteers in 
1812 and the Loyalists of 1784, breathes in their descen- 
dants now, and that my countrymen would be ready and 
prepared now, as then, if occasion should unhappily require, 
to defend not only " their rights and property," but the 
" safety and glory of this Dominion, as one of the most 
highly favoured portions of the British Empire." True, 
we do find a certain class of writers in our midst attempt- 
ing to decry loyalty to the Crown and attachment to Im- 
perial connection as inconsistent with true patriotism and 
pride in our country as Canadians. /I yield to no one 
in my love for my native country. The very soil of 
Canada is dear to me. I love her lakes and forests, her 
mighty rivers, her broad and fertile fields. I am proud 
of the past history of my country, of the wonderful pro- 
gress it has made not only in material prosperity, but in 
all that contributes to the higher life ot a nation ; its ad- 
vancement in education and culture, the fitness our peo- 
ple have displayed for free and constitutional government, 
and that observance of law and order which is the noblest 
characteristic of the Anglo-Saxon race. But all this is 
entirely consistent with a deep and abiding love and 
attachment to the Motherland, whose glorious traditions 
we inherit, and which are the common property 
ol every subject of the empire. Is there anything servile 
or unpatriotic in the feeling which makes the pulse beat 
more quickly and the heart swell, as we recall the glorious 
deeds of Britain's heroes on land and sea whether in the 
old days of Wellington and Nelson, Waterloo and the 
Nile, or, coming down to our time, to Balaklava or Inker- 
man ; or but yesterday, as we read of the rush of the 
Highlanders upon the foe at Tel-El-Kebir ? Is there 
anything servile or unpatriotic in that feeling of rever- 
ence and affection for all that is great and noble in the 
lives and characters and works of the long array of states- 
men, philosophers and poets, of men of mark in Church and 
State, that have made Britain's history the proud and 



glorious one that it is ? Is there anything servile or un- 
patriotic in that sentiment of deep and chivalrous loyalty 
to the sovereign which takes out of self and makes men 
dare to do and die from the highest motives of faith and 
duty ? Sir, are not all those feelings which elevate and 
ennoble a people ? And if it is good for us to recall to-day 
the loyalty and patriotism, the bravery and endurance of 
our Loyalist forefathers, shall we abandon the rich heri- 
tage of centuries, and cut ourselves and our children 
adrift from the glorious memories and associations which 
now belong to us Canadians as members of the one great 
United Empire ?/I am persuaded of better things of my 
countrymen. The old Loyalist spirit is not extinct. It 
may not babble as loudly of its loyalty as some do of 
their independence, but the stream runs deep, though 
noiselessly, and that time, I trust, will never come when 
Canada will cease to be a part of the Empire, and when 
we shall cease to bear the proud name of British Canadians. 
"Home, Sweet Home" was then sung by Miss K. C. 
Strong, after which Mrs. Charlotte Morrison recited the 
following original poem, specially written for the occasion 
by the Rev. LeRoy Hooker, ^of Kingston: 


In the brave old Revolution days, 

So by our sires 'tis told, 
Kiug's-men and Rebels all ablaze 
With wrath and wrong, 
Strove hard and long ; 

And, fearsome to behold, 
O'er town and wilderness afar, 
O'er quaking land and sea and air, 
All dark and stern the cloud of war 

In bursting thunder rolled. 

Men of one blood- of British blood, 
Rushed to the mortal strife ; 
Men, brothers born, 
In hate and scorn 
Shed each the other's life. 
"Which had the right and which the wrong 
It boots not now to say : 


But when at last 
The war-cloud passed, 
Cornwallis sailed away ; 
He sailed away, and left the field 
To those who knew right well to wield 
The powers of war, but not to yield, 
Though Britons fought the day. 

Cornwallis sailed away, but left 
Full many a loyal man, 
Who wore the red, 
And fought and bled 
Till Royal George's banner fled 
Not to return again. 

What did they then, those loyal men, 
When Britain's cause was lost ? 
Did they consent, 
And dwell content 

Where Crown, and Law, and Parliament 
Were trampled in the dust. 

Dear were their homes where they were born ; 

Where slept their honoured dead : 
Aoid rich and wide 
On every side 

The fruitful acres spread ; 
But dearer to their faithful hearts 

Than home, or gold, or lands, 
Were Britain's laws, and Britain's crown, 
And Britain's flag of long renown, 

And grip of British hands. 

They would not spurn the glorious old 

To grasp the gaudy new. 
Of, yesterday's rebellion born 
They held the upstart power in scorn 

To Britain they stood true. 

With high resolve they looked their last 
On home and native land ; 
And sore they wept, 
O'er those that slept 
In honoured graves that must be kept 
By grace of stranger's hand. 

They looked their last and got them out 
Into the wilderness, 
The stern old wilderness ! 
All dark and rude 
And unsubdued ; 
The savage wilderness ! 


Where wild beasts howled 
And Indians prowled ; 
The lonely wilderness ! 
Where social joys must be forgot, 
And budding childhood grow untaught ; 
Where hopeless hunger might assail 
Should Autumn's promised f i uitage fail 
Where sickness, unrestrained by skill, 
Might slay their dear ones at its will ; 
Where they iimst lay 
Their dead away 
Without the man of God to say 
The sad sweet words, how dear to men, 
Of resurrection hope. But then 
'Twas British wilderness ! 
Where they might sing, 
God save the King ! 
And live protected by his laws, 
And loyally upheld his cause. 
'Twas welcome wilderness ! 
Though dark and rude 
And unsubdued ; 
Though wild beasts howled 
And Indians prowled ; 
For there their sturdy hands, 
By hated treason undenled, 
Might win from th Canadian wild 
A home on British Lnds. 

These be thy heroes, Canada? 

These men of proof, whose test 
Was in the fevered pulse of strife 
When foeman thrusts at foeman's life ; 

And in that stern behest, 
When right must toil for scanty bread, 
While wrong on sumptuous fare is fed, 

And men must choose between ; 
When fight must shelter 'neath the skies, 
While wrong in lordly mansion lies, 

And men must choose between ; 
When right is cursed and crucified, 
While wrong is cheered and glorified, 

And men must choose between. 

Stern was the test, 

And sorely pressed, 

That proved their blood best of the best. 
And when for Canada you pray, 

Implore kind Heaven 

That, like a leaven, 
The hero-blood which then was given 
May quicken in her veins alway ; 
That from those worthy sires may spring, 

In number as the stars, 


Strong-hearted BODS, whose glorying 

Shall be in Right, 

Though recreant Might 
Be strong against her in the fight, 

And many be her scars ; 
So, like the sun, her honoured name 
Shall shine to latest years the same. 


The Chairman then announced that Judge Dean, of 
Lindsay, who was to have delivered an address, was un- 
able to be present. His place would be taken by Chief 
Green, one of the descendants of the well-known warrior 
Brant who had fought side by side with the U. E. Loy- 
alists who came into the wilderness a hundred years ago. 

CHIEF GREEN, a Mohawk Indian of Tyendinaga, then 
came forward, and was received with loud applause. He 
said it gave him great pleasure to meet there the descen 
dants of the U. E. Loyalists, assembled to commemorate 
one of the greatest events in the history of the country. 
The old Loyalists had chosen to sacrifice everything in a 
country where they were prospering, and came out to the 
Canadian wilderness rather than be untrue to their king. 
He felt that they had chosen in favour of the right. 
There was a time when the whole continent .of North 
America was occupied by the race he represented. They 
often fought among themselves. One day a very wise 
head among the Mohawks suggested a scheme for the 
consolidation of several tribes for mutual protection a 
scheme which was adopted, and led to the organization 
of the Six Nation Indians, whom he now represented. 
In the course of time England and his nation made a 
treaty, which his tribes had since loyally observed. In 
fact, when the rebellion took place, his nation removed 
from New York State, and sacrificed their territory, in 
order to accompany their white Loyalist brethren to this 
country. They did more than this; for they took up 
arms and fought and died for England. The United 
States gained their independence, but his forefathers re- 


mained under British connection. The Six Nation Indi- 
ans were all Christians, belonging to the Church of Eng- 
land, which they loved. They formed a settlement on the 
shores of the Bay of Quintl, and built a church there. 
He here remarked that a communion service on the plat- 
form had been presented to his forefathers by Queen Anne. 
He proceeded to say that of late years his people had 
made much progress in civilization and Christianity. 
They had to-day two churches, one of which had cost 
$7,000, and the other $3,500. They had four good schools 
in the reservation, and two white lady teachers. In 1879 
he went to England and made an appeal to the people 
there on behalf of one of the schools. He succeeded in 
his mission, and found the English the kindest people 
under the sun. He found them as his forefathers had 
represented them to be ladies and gentlemen of the first 
rank. He obtained a grant in England to carry on the 
work for twenty years. He was proud to be there to 
associate with the descendants of the U. E. Loyalists, even 
as his forefathers had associated with their forefathers. 
He believed Canada ranked with any nation on the globe 
acccording to its age. 

Mr. Warrington then sang in splendid style the well- 
known patriotic song, " If England to Herself be True," 
and in answer to an enthusiastic encore, sang " Who's 
for the Queen ? " with equal spirit. 

The Chairman here exhibited the Communion set pre- 
sented to the Mohawk Indians in 1711. During the re- 
bellion the Indians buried them to preserve them, and dug 
them up again after the war. He then, in introducing Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel G. T. Denison, said the Denison family in 
old times had done good service on the borders. In the war 
of 1812 and 1837 they were found at their post of duty. 
They took an active part in securing the country to the 
Canadians. The Denison family were not only soldiers, 
but descendants of the U. E. Loyalists, and the United 
States Jost a good deal when they lost this famliy. 



Chairman, ladies, and gentlemen, we meet to-day in honour 
of the U. E* Loyalists who a hundred years ago came here 
and founded this province. Their coming was the result 
of their loyal adherence to a great principle. It was not 
so much a question of what is called loyalty as devotion 
to a particular type of government. 

The great question fought out in the United States, in 
1776, was whether they should be ruled by a republic or a 
monarchy, and when the U. E. Loyalists were defeated in 
the States they came here, and established this province 
upon monarchical institutions. Tn 1812, an attempt was 
made to annex this country by the people of the United 
States, and to make us a republican people. This was a re- 
petition of the struggle between the two forms of govern- 
ment. At that time Upper Canada was a sparsely settled 
community, and we had about 80,000 of a population, al- 
most altogether consisting of U. E. Loyalists and their de- 
scendants, while the United Sates had a population of 
something like ten millions. The odds were enormous, in- 
finitely greater than they would be to-day. Fortunately 
we had at that time the right kind of a man at the head of 
affairs, General Brock. He was one of the great men of 
all history. He called together the volunteers of this city, 
told them what they would have to encounter ; told them 
what odds were against them, and asked them to follow 
him to the front. Every one of them responded. Invasion 
followed invasion, and although the odds were always 
against us, the fortune of war was with us. Of the vic- 
tories over the invaders we all know. At the end of the 
fight we had not lost a single inch of Canadian territory 
while we had the State of Michigan, and had burned the 
capital city of our enemies. 

This was the lesson we should teach our children, 
and keep it ever freshly remembered as a ground of 
hope for us, to give us confidence in the future. The 
U. E. Loyalists deserved the greatest credit for the 


gallant stand they made in 1776 for monarchical in- 
stitutions, but they deserve ten thousand times more 
credit because, when the odds were against them, they 
maintained their rights, and handed them down unim- 
paired to us. The people of Canada live in the freest coun- 
try on the face of the globe, and must appreciate what the 
U. E. Loyalists have done for them in preserving it for 
their descendants. 

Let us compare the position of Canada to-day with 
that of the United States. We have every liberty to 
do what is right, but we have no license to do what is 
wrong. Our laws are honestly administered. Life 
and property are safe in this country. In everything 
which affects the individual, this is the freest and the 
best country. In the State of Kentucky, in ten years, 
there have been 700 murders, and yet there has been 
in that time only one hanging by process of law. There 
were 1,500 convictions for murder across the line in 1883, 
and only 93 hangings, while 118 people were lynched. 
The chances of a murderer escaping after he is convicted 
in the United States are sixteen to one. The number of 
murders in England amount to 237 per annum in each 
ten millions ; in the United States they are 820, or 
three times as many. Are we not better off than the peo- 
ple of a country where they carry deadly weapons with 
impunity ; where lax divorce laws have shaken the sanc- 
tity of the marriage tie ; where the principal, if not the 
sole test^of respectability is wealth, and where lynch law 
spasmodically attempts to remedy the lax administration 
of justice by the regular courts, and for the fact that we 
are living under a better and freer system, we have to 
thank the U. E. Loyalists, who saved us from annexation. 

Again, our system of government is simpler, cheaper and 
more dignified. Our neighbours have never considered 
what it costs them to elect the head of the State every 
four years. I was told by a prominent gentleman con- 
nected with one of the party organizations in one of 


the States, that the expenses of his party in that State 
alone amounted to $600,000 for the Presidential election. 
Counting the expenditure for all the States and for both 
parties, it would seem that the cost of an election was 
$40,000,000, or at the rate of $10,000,000 a year. That 
sum would pay the whole expense of maintaining the 
Royal houses of England, Austria and Germany. And 
with all the expense, they had at the head of the 
States simply the representative of a faction, and very 
often only of the wire-pullers and tricksters of that fac- 
tion. Without expense, without labor, worry or anxiety, 
we Canadians have a sovereign respected by all political 
parties, and by all the world. For this we have to thank 
the United Empire Loyalists. 

In talking of loyalty to the Queen, I speak of her as the 
Queen of Canada. I am as loyal to Canada as any man 
upon its soil, and it is because of that loyalty to Canada, 
and Canada alone, that I am loyal to the Queen, believing 
that living under the institutions of which the Queen is 
the representative, Canadians will become a better and a 
greater race of people. 

There is another point to be considered in refer- 
ence to this great question of republicanism and mon- 
archy. The great objection to a republican form of 
government is that it is very uncertain and unreliable. 
If we look at the republics of the world we shall find that 
these republics have rarely, if ever, been a success, except 
among poor, sparsely settled countries. The republican 
form of government is liable to lead to constant civil war. 
That is the experience of history. The republics of South 
America and of Mexico have had civil wars and blood- 
shed every few years. Ever since they destroyed the legi- 
timate monarchy in France, they have had revolution and 
bloodshed about every fifteen years. But it might be 
said that that is not the case in the United States. I 
think that the same thing is beginning there. In 1830 
before which date they did not have the same time to 


give to politics when General Jackson was elected Presi- 
dent, there was a narrow chance of parties breaking out 
in civil war ; but a vigorous man being at the head of 
affairs that was prevented. In 1860, when the Demo- 
cratic party was defeated, the county was visited by 
one of the most terrible civil wars known in history, one 
which loaded their country with debt, and drenched their 
fields with blood. In 1876 there was another great risk 
of war, which certainly would have taken place had the 
late war not occurred so recently. Twenty years will not 
pass without civil war again breaking out in that country, 
and if Canadians know what is good for them they will have 
nothing to do with them, or their form of government. 
I wish to say a few words about independence. This is 
the same old question under another form. It is the 
Republican idea, as opposed to the Monarchical, and 
it is nob the first time it has come up in this country. 
It came up in 1776, when Arnold and Montgomery came 
here and tried to annex the country. But the lately-con- 
quered French stood by the Crown, and the scheme was 
defeated. In 1812 the same question was up, and by the 
lavish shedding of Canadian blood our rights and liberties 
were preserved. In 1837 a rebellion was begun, headed 
by a stranger, a new-comer, but the loyalists of that day 
came out in defence of the constitution. It is true there 
were then many grievances to be remedied. The gov- 
ernment was by an irresponsible executive. There really 
'were grievances, but the descendants of the Loyal- 
ists knew that no matter what the grievances were 
they were nothing compared with what they would 
have had to submit to in a republic. The Loyalists 
turned out en masse and the rebellion was put down. 
In 1849, a few prominent politicians, a little annoyed 
about some political matter, signed an annexation mani- 
festo, but instantly the feeling of the Canadians was 
shown to be so strongly against them that it dropped at 
once. In 1871, the Canada First movement began. I 


was a member of that party, and had a good deal to do 
with it, because I consider Canada before any other coun- 
try in the world. But one gentleman made the mistake 
of believing that some of the members were in favour of 
independence, and speaking in that spirit killed the thing 
with a breath. Many gentlemen left it, feeling that their ac- 
tion was likely to be misunderstood. 

From whom comes this cry for independence ? Not 
from the real Canadians, but from a few hangers on 
of the newspaper press a few wanderers and Bohe- 
mians men who have lived indifferently in Canada and 
the States, and have never been satisfied anywhere 
men without an atom of stake in the country. And 
do you think that the people of Canada are goi^g to 
submit themselves to the guidance of such men ? Never. 
The independence party in Canada can almost be counted 
on one's fingers and toes. The movement did not amount 
to anything, and the moment the people of Canada thought 
it did, the real feeling of the country would manifest it- 
self. I would like to ask these gentlemen whether they 
thought it fair and honest of strangers to come here to air 
their theories, trying to interfere with a prosperous, happy, 
and contented people a people who have no griev- 
ances they cannot easily remedy themselves. What these 
men want, goodness only knows. If Canadians are not an 
independent people, I do not know where such a people 
can be found. 

I have read their arguments, and they do not amount 
to anything. They say," If we were independent we 
could have an officer of our force in command of our 
militia." The law which requires an officer of the 
British Army was passed by the representatives of the 
Canadian people, and can be repealed by the same power. 
They find fault because we have the Privy Council as a 
Court of final appeal. I look upon it as a great blessing 
that Canadians have a tribunal so learned and impartial, 
so free from all bias through party squabbles, to adjudi- 


cate on points of difference. Independent nations often 
refer questions of difference to foreign tribunals, yet 
they do not forfeit their freedom by so doing. 

There is not a single point in which we are not as well off 
as our neighbours. But we have this also, we belong to the 
greatest empire the world has ever seen. We have all 
the credit and respectability attached to being connected 
with so great an empire, and our ambition should be to 
become the most powerful part of that empire. They say 
a Canadian cannot hold his head up because he does not 
belong to an independent nation that if he did he would 
be a great fellow. They try to appeal to our vanity. If 
we were independent, would we be any greater a people 
than we are to-day. Take Brazil, an independent empire, 
with about the same territory, twice the population, and 
three times the revenue of Canada, and who would not 
rather be called a Canadian than a Brazilian? Who would 
not rather be a Canadian than a Mexican ? The whole of 
their arguments were fallacies. The reason we are 
proud of being Canadians is that Canada is not only 
one of the finest countries on the face of the globe, and 
going to have as fine a population as can be found 
anywhere, but also that it is a part of the great em- 
pire to which we are proud to belong. 

I have endeavoured to show that every attempt to bring 
about independence in the past had been put down by the 
Canadian people by bloodshed, and there could not be any 
attempt to bring Republican institutions into this country 
without bloodshed. I ask these wanderers, these Bohe- 
mians, therefore, whether it is right of them to come here 
and interfere with us, when they have the opportunity of 
going to the United States, where they can get a Gov- 
ernment exactly as they want it where they can 
find a similar climate, and a people speaking the 
same language. They have no excuse to remain here, 
for when they can so easily get what they want 
they should go to the United States, and leave us alone. 


We do not want them, and we can get on very well with- 
out them. 

It must not be forgotten that all the advantages 
we have to-day we owe to our ancestors, the U. E. 
Loyalists, and the sacred trusts handed down by them 
should be passed on intact and unimpaired to our child- 
ren. That is the duty of this generation, and it is to the 
descendants of the Loyalists that we must look to see that 
this is done. I wish to quote to you some words writ- 
ten by Mr. Haliburton, of Nova Scotia, son of the cele- 
brated author of " Sam Slick " : " Whenever we lower 
those we love into the grave, we entrust them to the bosom 
of our country as sacred pledges that the soil that is thus 
consecrated by their dust shall never be violated by 
a foreign flag or the foot of a foe, and whenever the 
voice of disloyalty whispers in our ear, or passing discon- 
tent tempts us to forget those who are to come after us, 
or those who have gone before us, the leal, the true, and 
the good, who cleared our forests, and made the land they 
loved a heritage of plenty and peace to us and to our 
children, a stern voice comes echoing on through thirty 
centuries ; a voice from the old sleepers of the pyramids ; 
a voice from a mighty nation of the past that long ages 
has slumbered on the banks of the Nile. ' Accursed be 
he who holds not the ashes of his fathers sacred, and for- 
gets what is due from the living to the dead.' " 

Let our energies be devoted to building up our country, 
improving our commerce, strengthening our defences, in- 
creasing our confidence in oursel ves and in each other, and 
it will not be many years or generations before Canada will 
hold a place in the British Empire as the most import- 
ant and principal part of it. To the United Empire Loy- 
alists and their descendants we must look to see that this 
is done. I can not sit down without quoting those ad- 
mirable words of the Rev. Mr. Leroy Hooker : 

" Stern was the test, 
And sorely pressed, 
That proved their blood best of the best, 


And when for Canada you pray 

Jiuplore kind Heaven 

That, like a leaven, 
The hero-blood which then was given 
May quicken in her veins alway ; 
That from those worthy sires may spring, 

In number as the stars, 
Strong-hearted sons, whose glorying 

Shall be in Right, 

Though recreant Might 
Be strong against her in the fight, 

A nd many be her scars ; 
So like the sun, her honoured name 
Shall shine to latest years the same.." 

Miss Foster, of Guelph, then sang a " A Loyalist Song," a 
beautiful production, the beauties of which were fully 
brought out by Miss Foster. She was loudly applauded, 
and the people insisting on a recall. She came back and 
repeated the first verse. Mrs. Morrison then gave another 
reading, " Loyalist Days," commemorative of the traits 
and deeds of the United Empire Loyalists, which was 
loudly applauded. The author is Mrs. Kittson, of Sorel, 
P. Q. Thus it runs : 


In Memory of the United Empire. Loyalists. Dedicated to their deicendant$. 

The earliest ages claim immortal heroes. 

Among the stars great conquerors' names are found. 
The hosts of Israel sing, " Arise, Jehovah," 

The dust they trod is con>ecrated ground. 
Greece is one shrine of earth's anointrd warriors, 

Our souls are with their self devotion thrilled ; 
A thought of Regulus lights up the grandeur 

Which lingers round the city seven hilled. 

The last " Adieu" of Fowland's silvery bugle 

Is heard amid the snowy Pyrenees ; 
A voice floats from the rugged slopes of Sempach 

On every waft of mountain-hallowed breeze. 
The heavens bow with majesty of triumph, 

The ocean winds those sounds of victory keep, 
The muffled drums of armaments are rolling, 

The sea-kings hear the clarions of the deep. 

O'er pathless cliffs and storm -emblazoned ramparts, 
Above the flow of an impetuous tide, 


The banners of rich sunset cloud saluted 
Thefleur de-Hg, the New World's virgin bride. 

The dawn mist hung around the plains o Abraham, 
The tears of war dropped swiftly, brightly red ; 

When conquest left the death r< >11 on the altar 
The morning light its purest halo shed. 

The river gleams with monumental marble, 

W'hile, foaming round the battle cresttd rock, 
The regal waves, beneath the heights of Queenston, 

In every ripple write the name of Brock. 
Has Laura Secord any living homage ? 

When strife's tornado burst upon our shores, 
Through lines of sentry and through Indian forests 

That soldier's wife her timely warning bore. 

Has history crowned the staunchly bold defenders, 

Who nobly braved the conflict's darkest hour 
The men wtto for the heritage of Britons 

Left bri-fhtning spheres of stately wealth and power ? 
They fought, to live beneath the Old Flag's shadow, 

The sceptr'd lion's foremost sons were they, 
Who halted not at breastworks formed of bayonets, 

Through gates of fire they held their onward way. 

The U. E. Loyalists were never vanquished, 
Though many sleep in their blood-sprinkled ground, 

As true as steel by battle lightnings tempered, 
As true as steel, they " unto death were found." 
Their swords were in their own brave keeping buried. 

Else from their scabbards they would leap in flame 
To hear the words by recreant statesmen uttered, 

Who would defile the Royalty of Fame. 

The vast Dominion from each frontier summons 

A mighty host with memories of the past ; 
The U. E. Loyalists unfold their banners, 

And rouse the echoes with a trumpet blast. 
Sons of the brave, remember your forefathers, 

Shine kindly words f r< >m every warrior grave, 
Shreds of the Union Jack, in battle cloven, 

O'er hero dust your glorious records wave. 

Mr. E. W. Schuch sang in splendid style, and with 
great feeling, the well-known Canadian patriotic song, 
" The Maple Leaf for Ever." 

THE BISHOP OF NIAGARA said he had felt that they 
had not recognized, as fully as they ought to have done on 
that occasion, that the Loyalists were as a body imbued 
with a true religious spirit, and they had been told that 
more by their red brother that morning than by their 


white brethren. He could not help feeling deeply that 
what Chief Green had said was perfectly true, and there- 
fore he asked the privilege of concluding the service by 
giving them, with God's permission, the apostolic bene- 
diction. His Lordship pronounced the benediction, after 
which the gathering dispersed. 

His Honour Lieutenant-Governor Robinson gave a re- 
ception at Government house during the afternoon be- 
tween the hours of three and five o'clock. There was a 
large and representative gathering of descendants of U. E. 
Loyalists from all over the Province. Captain Merritt, 
G.G.B.G., acted as A.D.C. in plage of Capt. Geddes, who 
was unavoidably absent from the city. Following is a 
list of those present : 

Col. R. B. Denison, Deputy- Adjutant General ; Col. G. 
T. Denison, Col. Alger, Col. Shaw, Col. Acton, Col. 
Graveley, Major F. Denison, Bishop and Mrs. Fuller, Nia- 
gara, Rev. Dr. Scadding, Rev. Foreman, Rev. Johnston, 
Rev. Dobies, Rev. Thomas Cullen and wife, Rev. Leroy 
Hooker, Dr. and Mrs. Hogart, Hon. Mr. Allan, S. Denison, 
A. Denison, Mrs. E. Ryerson, F. Wooten, A. W. Smith, J. 
Playter, N. A Gamble and wife, S. Secord, T. Horner, E. 
Field, Dr. and Mrs. Beatty, Cobourg ; Judge McDougall, 
C. B. Stephens, H. J..Medaw, Mrs. H. Frazer, G. Gamble, 
Mr. and Mrs. Brynes, Mrs. J. S. Ryerson, E. J. Beaty, 
Mrs. Boldins, K. and H. Chisholm, T. H. Condill, C. E. Mac- 
donald, Canniff Haight and wife, Mrs. J. Cormock jr. and 
Miss Fanny Harding, Mr. Racey, Mr. Leach and wife, Mr. 
Sutherland and wife, and Mr. McDonald, of Philadelphia ; 
Aid. Brandon, Aid. Walker, J. Osborne, P. Peterson, J. N. 
Stephenson and wife, R. Moore, Mr. Meek, R. T. Watson, 
Miss Beard, Mr. Birmington, wife and daughter, Miss 
Thomas, T. H. Drink water, J, Pearson and wife, Mrs. 
Stephenson, S. Jarvis, J. A. Hunter, Mr. Pettit, Mr. Biggar, 
Mr. Haskitt, S. M. Sanford, Mr. Grainger, H. Burns, W. 
Greeve, Mr. and Mrs. Vaudusen, sr., Mr. and Miss Davis, 
Mr. Peter, A. A. Davis, Mr. Coppige, R. Holmes, the 


Misses Cornish and Miss Armstrong, W. Medland, W. An- 
derson, T. W. Elliott, Mr. Raymond, Mrs. Vanwagner, 
J. C. Campbell, Mr. Wallace, J. F. Day. 

The band of the 10th Royal Grenadiers was present 
and played for some time in the beautiful grounds, 
outside the conservatory. Several interesting addresses 
were delivered, his Honour being the first to speak. He 
began by saying that he had just returned from hearing 
speeches that did justice to heroic men. He was glad to 
welcome the descendants of those heroes at Government 
House, and would like the people of Ontario to know that 
there is at least one place in this Province where politics 
do not intrude, and where all were welcome. He referred 
to his being a descendant of a U. E. Loyalist, and was 
only sorry that he could not do full justice to their 
memory. No words could adequately describe the loyalty 
and devotion of the heroes who shed their blood to defend 
the grand old flag that now floated above Government 
House. Sons of such sires could not forget their deeds, 
and looking back through the long vista of a hundred 
years we see them forsaking the land that had been 
theirs, to carve their way through the forests of Ontario. 
They left their broad acres and the graves of their 
fathers through their love for Britain and British insti- 
tutions. It gave him pleasure, he said, to welcome the 
American gentlemen present. He had smoked the pipe 
of peace with them, and hoped that none but the most 
friendly relations would ever exist between Canada and 
the American Republic. He had been in New York 
when they were celebrating Evacuation Day. At the re- 
ception which he attended the health of the Queen was 
drunk with the greatest enthusiasm, and he would never 
forget the remarks made by the chairman on that occasion. 
Said he : " When I look around and see with what enthus- 
iasm the health of the Queen of England has been received, 
I cannot but think that after all the evacuation so far as we 
are concerned was not a thorough success. It was really a 
dismal failure, for although we succeeded in getting rid of 


a few Englishmen then, they have come back in over- 
whelming numbers, and thousands of English vessels 
carry our commerce round the world, and we could but ill 
afford to lose them." Although a reverse was sustained 
by England in that desperate struggle of a century ago 
it has not been without lasting benefit. It has founded 
the supremacy of the English race, and it was his prayer 
that it might ever continue. The labour demonstration 
of the previous day had shown what Canadians were 
doing. They have a great heritage, thanks to their noble 
ancestors, and he was glad that all classes were trying to 
appreciate it. Numbers do not make a country, but the 
enterprise, intelligence, and loyalty of its inhabitants. 

His Honour then called upon Mr. Leroy Hooker, who 
commenced by saying that though not a descendant of a 
U. E. Loyalist he was as every Canadian should be, a 
United Empire Loyalist, one who believed in Canada, and 
in the great bright future that is opening for it. Mr. 
Hooker was followed by Mr. Kirby, of Niagara, a gentle- 
man widely known in Western Ontario. He spoke of the 
settlement in Upper Canada by the U. E. Loyalists, and 
gave a short account of some -of the stirring incidents that 
occurred during the war. 

Lieutenant-Governor Aikins, of Manitoba, was the next 
speaker. He paid a glowing tribute to the U. E. Loyalists, 
who gave up everything for king and country, and said 
that but for them the map would not show such a large 
extent of country on this continent under the flag of 
Britain as it does. 

The Rev. Mr. Anderson, who has been among the Cana- 
dian Indians almost from childhood, followed. Of the In- 
dian Loyalists who fought side by side with their white 
brothers, he spoke in the most favourable terms. But for 
them the tide of battle would often have turned against 
us, and a debt that can never be fully paid is due to the 
aborigines who fought for us. 

His Honour Lieutenant-Governor Robinson then made 
a few additional remarks, and the visitors withdrew, 



A.TJOTJST 1 4= t >i , 1884,. 


His Honor J. B. Robinson, Lieut. - 
Governor of Ontario. 

The Warden, Reeves and Deputy- 
Reeves of the County of Lincoln. 

R. H. Smith, Mayor of St. Catha- 

H. S. Garrett, Mayor of Niagara. 

Rt. Rev. T. B. Fuller, Bishop of 

Hon. W. H. Dickson, ex-Senator. 

Hon. J. B. Plumb, Senator. 

Hon. J. R. Benson, Senator. 

J. C. Rykert, M.P. 

S. Neelon, M.P. P. 

Dr. Ferguson, M.P. 

Col. Moran, M.P.P. 

L. McCallum, M.P. 

R. Harcourt, M.P.P. 

D. Thompson, M.P. 

J. Baxter, M.P.P. 

T. R. Merritt, St. Catharines. 

J. P. Merritt, do 

Col. Macdonald, do 

R. Lawrie, do 

Thos. Keyes, do 

Jas. Seymour, do 

J. A. Woodruff, do 

W. Kirby, Niagara. 

J. G. Dickson, do 

R. Dickson, do 

Col. Clench, do 

Dr. Anderson,| do 

Dr. Canniff, Toronto. 

C. E. Ryerson, do 

Col. G. T. Denison, Toronto. 

D. B. Reed, do 
J. Playter, do 
R. B. Miller, do 
J. C. Kirby, do 
Rev. Dr. Withrow, do 

G. A. Clement, Toronto. 

Ven. Archdeacon McMurray, Nia- 

A. Hill, Chief of Mohawks, Bay of 

S. Green, Chief of Mohawks, Bay 
of Quints'. 

H. Paffard, Niagara. 

J. W. Ball, Niagara Township. 

W. A. Thompson, do 

J. Cooper, do 

Joe Clement, do 

J. Butler, do 

R. N. Ball, do 

Alex. Servos, do 

Peter Whitmore, do 

Rev. Dr. Scadding, Toronto. 

Dr. Ruttan, Napanee. 

D. W. Allison, M.P. 

Rev. R. S, Forneri, Adolphustown. 
Archdeacon Dixon, Guelph. 
Rev. W. S. Ball, Elderton. 
W. A. Campbell, Chatham. 
Jag. Ingersoll, Woodstock. 
Jas. Davis, sr., Hamilton. 

E. Servos, Hamilton. 
T. Davis, Winona. 
John D. Servos, Niagara. 
J. B. Secord, Niagara. 

S. Secord, Louth. 

Rev. J. A. Anderson, Penetangui- 


I. P. Wilson, Welland. 
Rev. W. Walsh, Fonthill. 
Richd. Miller, St. Catharines. 
P. H. Ball, Thorold. 

F. L. Walsh, Simcoe. 

G. Whitmore, Niagara Township. 
Rev. LeRoy Hooker, Kingston. 




August 14th, 1884. 

ON the 14th of August, 1884, at Niagara, on historic 
ground, in a glade of the Oak Grove, a short dis- 
tance from the ruins of Fort George, on the scene of the 
first Parliament of Upper Canada, and in a neighbourhood 
watered by the blood of their forefathers, the descendants 
of the United Empire Loyalists, assembled to hold the 
final centennial celebration of the arrival of the Loyal- 
ists in this country. A large platform, thirty-six by 
twenty-four feet square, was erected for the committee 
and speakers. A tall flag-staff, in the centre of the plat- 
form, displayed the Union Jack, and at each of the four 
corners rose tall flag-staffs supporting British ensigns. 

In front was a large painting of the Royal arms, and 
around the platform were hung graceful festoons of oak 
and maple. Some tablets were on the sides and front 
containing the names of men and officers of the Lincoln 
militia who fell during the war. 

Shortly after one o'clock there assembled representa- 
tives from all parts of the Province interested in the 


day's proceedings, Among them were His Honour the 
Lieutenant-Governor, the Lord Bishop of Niagara, the 
Archdeacons of Niagara and Guelph, Rev. Dr. Barclay, 
Toronto, Rev. Dr. McNab, Bowmanville, Hon. J. Burr 
Plumb, Colonel Denison, D. A. G , Colonel G. T. Denison, 
Major F. C. Denison, Chief Green and Chief Hill, Bay of 
Quintd Reserve, Chief Johnson, Colonel McFarland, Mr. 
Garrett, Mayor of Niagara, Rev. Charles Campbell, Mr. S. 
Neelon, M. P. P., Hon. J. G. Dickson, Niagara, Mr. J. His- 
cott, Warden of Lincoln, Mr. J. H. Morris, Toronto, Mr. 
A. Whitmore, Niagara, Lieutenant W. H. Meriitt, Toronto, 
who was acting aide-de-camp to the Lieutenant-Governor, 
Mr. Wm. Keys, Grantham, Mr. F. Lefroy, Mr. D. B. Read, 
Mr. W. Kirby, Niagara, Rev. Mr. Anderson, Penetangui- 
shene, Mr. W. H. Doel, J. P., Toronto, Mr. C. N. Ball, 
Judge Senkler, St. Catharines, Dr. Clark, Messrs. John 
Elliott, J. T. Gilkison, A. Cleghorn and W. Griffin, Brant- 
ford, Dr. Rolls, Sheriff Woodruff, Mr W. R. Pattison, St. 
Catharines. Mr. I. P. Wilson, County Clerk of Lincoln, 
Mr. L. D. Raymond, County Attorney, Mr. J. M. Dunn, 
and many others. The York Pioneers were well repre- 
sented, and there was also in attendance a delegation of 
48 Chiefs and Warriors from the Grand River reserve, 
headed by Chief A. G. Smith, official interpreter. Of 
this delegation two of the Chiefs were survivors of the 
war of 1812. They were Captain John Smoke Johnson, 
in his 93rd year, who was present at the battles of 
Queenston, Lundy's Lane, Black Rock, and other engage- 
ments on the Niagara frontier, and Chief John Tutelle, 
in his 9 1st year. The Tuscarora Indian band was also 
present and played some delightful selections during the 
afternoon. Around the platform about 2,000 persons 
were assembled. 

R. N. BALL, Esq., of Niagara, occupied the chair, and 
opened the proceedings. He said : 

MY FRIENDS, The time has arrived when we should 
begin the proceedings of the day. I am much pleased to 


see so large a gathering of the descendants of the IT. E. 
Loyalists on this classic ground, to do honour to the mem- 
ory of those noble men and women who, rather than live 
under an alien rule, left all the comforts and luxuries of 
their well filled homes that they might found in the then 
wilderness of Canada a new home, where the British flag 
might still wave over, and British laws still govern them. 
This decision, on their part, brought with it many hard- 
ships and disadvantages. But the result has fully justified 
the wisdom of their choice, and we, their descendants, now 
reap the benefits of their sacrifices in the possession of 
this noble Canada of ours, whose fertile acres reach 
from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and containing within 
its bounds all the elements of a great and prosperous 
nation. A country of lakes and rivers, of noble forests 
and almost boundless prairies. A country that every de- 
scendant of the U. E. Loyalists will be proud to acknow- 
ledge as the land of his birth, and be willing to defend 
to the best of his power. Many a time, in my early 
youth, I have listened with wrapt attention as my grand- 
mother told me the story of the capture of Fort Wyoming 
by Butler and Brant (in which she was detained as be- 
longing to a loyal family), of the long journey from the 
Mohawk river to Oswego, through the then almost un- 
broken forest, traversed only by an Indian trail ; how, 
on arriving at Oswego, she and others embarked in an 
open boat for Fort Niagara ; how they were nine days 
on the lake and five days without food except the hips of 
the wild rose which they gathered on shore, and how an 
Indian woman was sent ahead for supplies, which came 
in the form of hard cakes, strung on a pole, and carried 
by two swift Indians, but which came none too soon. 
These and many incidents of savage cruelty, and una- 
voidable hardships, made me luok with wonder at the 
kindly old face, as she told me the tales of olden times. 
As Chairman, it is out of place for me to make a long 
speech, especially as our time is limited, and there are 


many present, who are better qualified than I am to do 
justice to the occasion. I will, therefore, now call upon 
the Lord Bishop of Niagara to open the proceedings with 

Bishop of Niagara, then made the following prayer : 

" O Almighty everliving God ! who in the inscrutable 
ways of Thy providence didst permit the early settlers of 
this fair land to be driven from their comfortable proper- 
ties in the revolted colonies ; from their farms, their mills 
and their stores, out of pure attachment to the British 
throne ; and after enduring many and grievous hardships 
and sufferings Thou didst bring them to this glorious land 
to hew out for themselves new homes in the wilderness ; 
grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, that the descendants of 
those noble parents may ever carry out the principles by 
which those who settled here an hundred years ago were 
guided ; may be loyal and devoted servants of the Crown ; 
faithful servants of God ; honest and industrious members 
of society and good neighbours ; continually striving to 
adorn the doctrine of God, their Saviour, in all things, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." 

the first speaker. He thanked the chairman and the 
audience for their kind reception of him. This was the 
third time he had been called upon to greet the descend- 
ants of the U. E. Loyalists gathered together to celebrate 
the deeds of their ancestors. At Adolphustown, on the 
shores of the beautiful Bay of Quinte*, thousands had 
gathered to do honour to the noble dead, and but a few 
weeks ago he had had the pleasure of meeting represent- 
atives of the U. E. Loyalists from all parts of the Prov- 
ince, at Government House. The spot where they now 
stood was historic ground. Here in this old town of 
Niagara the first Parliament of Canada assembled, and 
they then passed the jury law, and an act declaring that 
from that time there should be no slavery in Upper Can- 


ada. Those were great and good laws, and the fact that 
they were so early passed was a just cause of pride to 
Canadians. Col. Littlehales, one of the staff of Governor 
Simcoe, made the first trip through the interior of thia 
Province, of which there was any record. Part of that rec- 
ord was to the effect that before going to rest at a station 
near the site of the present city of London they sang " God 
Save the King," and now a hundred years after, at every 
public meeting held in any of the fine halls in which the 
people assemble they hear the strains of " God Save the 
Queen." He dwelt upon the heroism of the men of the 
Revolutionary War, and of the war of 1812, as an incen- 
tive to the people to cultivate the same spirit. He eulo- 
gized the Indians, representatives of whom he saw present. 
If above our heads floated the British flag to-day, they 
had to thank the Six Nation Indians in large measure 
for it. Some undertook to sneer at the feeling of loyalty, 
of which they were proud. But those men could not 
understand this feeling, but they, who were moved by it, 
felt that the spread of it among all people would be to 
the benefit of the country. The current literature of Eng- 
land showed that the fact was being recognized that the 
colonies were almost of as much value to the empire as 
was the empire to the colonies. If this feeling was car- 
ried to its' final outcome the result would be largely due 
to the bravery and loyalty of the United Empire Loyalists, 
who have saved to the British Crown this finest unoccu- 
pied part of the world. 

The Venerable BISHOP OF NIAGARA next spoke. He 
said : I am not the son of an U. E. Loyalist, in the strictest 
sense of the term, though my mother's father, Oapt. Eng- 
land, of the 47th Regiment British army, lost blood at 
Bunker's-hill, on the right side, (laughter) ; and after the 
war settled at Kingston, Upper Canada. I have ever ad- 
mired the noble body of men who sacrificed their all 
their comfortable farms and every thing they had accu- 
mulated for a principle, that of loyalty to the British 


Crown. There are other colonies in the British Empire 
whose first settlers were convicts, viz., Botany Bay and 
Van Dieman's Land ; but such was not the case with our 
country. It was settled by men of high principle by 
men of education. There are men, little removed from 
the beast that perishes who have no principle, who are 
satisfied to live under any government so long as their 
bodily wants are satisfied. Such were not the early 
settlers of Upper Canada such were not the men who 
settled in the Niagara district the Butlers, the Balls, 
the Swayzes, the Scroopes, the Whitmores, the Woodruffs, 
the Stalls, the Lampmans, the Bykerts, the Merritts, the 
Dureetes, the Gregories, the Nelleses, the Petti ts, the 
lamely s, the Kerbys, the Warrens, the Macklems, the Ryk- 
mans, the Ryersons, and the thousands of U. E. Loyalists. 
He felt that many now enjoying the glorious privileges 
of British subjects in Ontario, did not realize what they 
owe to these men and women, who landed on these 
shores a hundred years ago. Many of them here had 
heard but little of what the first settlers had sacrificed 
out of principle, what they had endured in coming here, 
to prepare the Province for their occupation, and there- 
fore they do not appreciate this noble band of men as 
they deserve. Man}' of the settlers, who had fought 
valiantly in the revolutionary war as young men, fought 
again as men well advanced in years under Generals 
Brock and Riall and under Colonels Harvey and Bishopp, 
and other noble soldiers, who led them to victory, when 
this peaceful Province was invaded in 1812 by a body of 
men who thought that they had only to show themselves 
on our shores to pluck this glorious Colony from the 
British Crown. But they were mistaken they found 
that those who had endured hardships in the revolution- 
ary war, were ready to endure the same in defence of 
their wives and children and their new homes in the wil- 
derness. After doing their best to conquer Canada, the 
invaders were glad, in 1815, to sue for an inglorious 


peace, without having secured an acre of our soil ! The 
Bishop said, that he was thankful to have been spared 
by a gracious God to have seen that day. He was. an 
old man had thankfully watched the growth of this 
country for nearly seventy years. He said that he was 
" an old man," but Canadians often lived to be very old 
men. He had then living an uncle, who had entered on 
his 97th year on the 13th January last. He was, at last 
accounts, in the enjoyment of good bodily health, a full 
General of the Royal Artillery, and the oldest officer in 
the British army, and, like the speaker, he was a native 
Canadian. In conclusion, the Bishop remarked, that 
he hoped that his fellow-countrymen, with such glori- 
ous examples before them, would emulate the virtues 
of their fathers, improve the laws of the land, love God 
and honour the Queen. 


The chairman then called upon the Hon. J. B. Plumb, 
Senator of the Dominion, who was received with applause. 

MR. PLUMB said that as a resident of the Town of Niag- 
ara and a member of the Reception Committee, he desired 
to unite with the chairman in extending a cordial and 
hearty welcome to all who were here on this memorable 
occasion. He was deeply gratified to find so large an 
assemblage, and to know that a great proportion of those 
who composed it were descendants of the early settlers of 
the country, and that they were here to do honour to the 
memory of their loyal and brave forefathers. The chair- 
man himself was a representative descendant of a worthy 
U. E. Loyalist family, an inheritor of the lands granted 
by the Crown to his ancestors, who cleared them from the 
primeval forest, lands which are now teeming with the 
products of the field, of the orchard, and of the vineyard 
under the practical and successful cultivation which has 
made the name of their present owner widely and favor- 
ably known as an agriculturist and fruit-grower. 


He (Mr. Plumb) could not claim to be here by virtue of 
such a descent. It was well known that his earlier life 
had been passed in the neighbouring Republic of which 
he was a native, but his forefathers had held positions of 
trust and honour under the Crown prior to the Revolution 
both in civil and military life, and when, upon mature 
reflection, he decided to take the oath of allegiance, he 
resolved to the best of his ability to do his duty as a loyal 

Conspicuous among those who were with us to-day are 
deputations of chiefs of the Iroquois, who come from their 
reservations on the Grand River and the Bay of Quinte* 
to join in this celebration. They were entitled to special 
greeting and honour. The alliance of the Six Nations 
strengthened the British power in its struggle with the 
French for the mastery of this continent and largely con- 
tributed to its triumph. 

When the Revolution began, they refused to break the 
covenant chain and at the hazard of their homes and 
their hunting grounds in the State of New York, at the 
risk of the destruction of their ancient league of the 
Long House, they joined the forces of the King, led by 
Brant, whose grandson, chief of the Mohawks of the Bay 
of Quinte", is with us to-day. They served the Royal 
cause with unswerving fidelity and indomitable courage 
until the war was ended, and by its fortunes their great 
possessions were lost to them forever. The treaty of 1784 
left them homeless and unprotected exiles, " To dig unable 
and to beg ashamed," but the British Government soon 
made them amends by large grants of territory on the 
Bay of Quinte* and on the Grand River. While the 
sons may look back with regret to the days when 
their fathers held supremacy over the greater part of 
the continent, east of the Mississippi and north of the 
Gulf States, they may compare their position with that 
of such of their brethren as stood neutral or took part 
with the colonists and depended on their promises. They 


were driven before the white settlers, the Oneidas and the 
Cayugas were utterly dispossessed, and the Onondagas, 
Senecas and Tuscaroras were confined within the narrow 
limits of reservations that have been sacrificed piece-meal 
to the greed of land-jobbers till scarcely a foothold re- 

Three dim-eyed feeble old warriors who are now upon 
this platform, one of them a chief of high rank, have 
passed four score and ten, and were perhaps among the 
firstborn of those who took possession of their new home 
on the Grand River. The eldest of the three, Chief John- 
son, whose Indian name is Sakayondagwaraton, or the 
" Dissolving Mist,' : is ninety three years of age. He held 
the important office of Speaker of the Council and his 
familiarity with the mnemonic language of the wampum 
records, by which all the transactions of the League are 
preserved, enabled him last year to perform a prodigious 
feat of memory in reading the belts several hours each 
day tor three days in succession. 

Mr. Horatio Hale, whose " Book of Rites" is a late and 
important contribution to Indian history says of him 
" His eloquence was noted even among a race of orators, 
I can well believe what I have heard of its effect, as, 
even in his old age, when an occasion has for a moment 
aroused his spirit, I have not known whether most to 
admire the nobleness and force of his sentiments and 
reasoning, or the grace and flowing ease, with which he 
delivered the stately periods of his sonorous language." 
All these veterans served with distinction and bravery 
in the war of Ibl2, and their spirit survives in the young 
men of the League, many of whom form companies in the 
volunteer battalions of Haldimand and Brant, and are 
praiseworthy for soldierly appearance, discipline and drill. 

Our Iroquois are to be greatly commended for improve- 
ment in agriculture, for peaceful conduct, for absence of 
crime, and for the progress of education and growth of 
Christianity among them. They are the remnant of the 


noblest type of the red races in North America. It is 
not easy to conceive the sacrifice of liberty which their 
present mode of life involves. They have conformed to 
it in a manner that justifies the highest expectations of 
their future achievements in civilized life, and in the cul- 
tivation of the arts of peace. The British Government 
has always kept faith with the Redmen. To the Iroquois 
they were bound by obligations that would never be 

It may be asked why we are met here ? Why, after 
the lapse of a century every loyal man's heart beats with 
the same feeling that animated their ancestors who aban- 
doned their homesteads and all their earthly possessions 
and made a painful and perilous journey through the 
wilderness in order to remain under the old flag ? The 
brave loyalist brought with him his honest convictions 
and his love of constitutional liberty, and his children and 
his children's children, by their presence here to-day, tes- 
tify to the endurance and strength of the principles they 
have inherited, and to their desire to bequeath them un- 
impaired to those who are to come after them. 

An essential difference exists between the political in- 
stincts of the people of Canada and those who reside 
across the borders. Our neighbours have largely extended 
the bounds of constitutional liberty, but he (Mr. Plumb) 
believed that in the end adhesion to the Crown had 
secured for this Dominion a still larger constitutional 
freedom than that of the United States in our parliamen- 
tary government and direct ministerial responsibility, 
which involved the immediate appeal to the people, at 
any moment when the Ministers of the Crown failed to 
be supported by a majority of the representatives of the 
people in the House of Commons. Many thoughtful 
citizens of the Republic clearly saw the advantages of our 
system, but it could not be adopted there without radical 
changes, which seem impossible. He hoped that, by God's 
grace, Canadians might preserve it unchanged, and that 


it would be sacredly cherished by future generations. He 
believed that it was in the best interests of themselves, 
and of the world at large that each of the two great 
peoples who inhabited North America should be per- 
mitted to evolve their own separate and several methods 
without let or hindrance. While Canadians did not 
intend to be grasping or meddlesome or aggressive, they 
would never be cringing, or servile or submissive. They 
intended to maintain their position here, and to defend 
British institutions on this continent in a manly, straight- 
forward manner. They had the courage of their convic- 
tions, and would work out their salvation in their own 
way, and they desired that their great brotherhood of 
friends on the other side of the frontier should take the 
same course, and enjoy the same privilege. 

He did not believe in Canadian independence. It was 
certain to result in annexation, and in neither independ- 
ence or annexation could he see anything but disaster. 
We desired to cultivate the most cordial relations with 
our neighbours, to buy of them, to sell to them, to inter- 
marry with them he was an example of that, but they 
wanted to show that they proceeded on parallel lines, 
which could not meet and coalesce, however closely they 
might approximate. He scorned those who urged that 
there would be certain advantages in dollars and cents to 
be gained by a change in our political allegiance. He 
believed the sentiment of loyalty in Canadian bosoms 
could not be brought down to a money standard. There 
was no sordid taint in the blood of those who served the 
Crown in two great struggles. They have transmitted 
that blood to a large portion of the best men and women 
of this fair Province. Fealty to the monarch is deeply 
implanted in Canadian hearts, it cannot be weighed, 
measured or appraised, it is strengthened by a personal 
love for the Queen, and its foundations are respect for 
law and order, and its forms are an enduring basis on 


which our cherished institutions securely rest, and he be- 
lieved it to be ineradicable. 

It was not a principle which was incommensurate with 
progress and development as its opponents have asserted, 
and it seemed to harmonize especially with colonization, 
as might be seen in the vast extent through both hemi- 
spheres of a Greater Britain of powerful and prosperous 
colonies, acknowledging a willing and not a compulsory 
allegiance to the Throne, adhering to British traditions, 
and governed by British laws. It is less than three 
hundred years since the first permanent settlement of 
white men was made upon this continent. Sir Walter 
Raleigh, and his half-brother, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, 
under favour of Queen Elizabeth, fitted out an expedi- 
tion for America in 1583, which failed disastrously, and 
Gilbert lost his life by shipwreck on the return voyage. 
Another expedition of Raleigh's landed at Roanoke, in 
Virginia, at the end of August, 1584;, and had friendly 
intercourse with the natives. The next year a fleet of 
seven vessels under command of Raleigh's kinsman, the 
celebrated Sir Richard Grenville, immortalized in Ten- 
nyson's ballad of " The Revenge," settled a small body 
of colonists at Roanoke. After extreme hardship and 
suffering, they were taken back to England by Sir Francis 
Drake in 1586. The same year, fifty settlers were landed 
by Sir Richard Grenville, and a hundred and fifteen were 
sent out under Governor White in 1587, all of whom had 
perished or disappeared when White returned with sup- 
plies and recruits in 1590. At the death of Queen Eliza- 
beth, there probably was not an Englishman on this con- 
tinent. The colony of Jamestown was established three 
years afterwards in 1606, and the following year Cham- 
plain landed on the site of Quebec. 

"From small beginnings we date our winnings." 

We are celebrating to-day the Centennial Anniversary 
of the first settlement of the U. E. Loyalists in this Pro- 


vince. There were then, including those hardy pioneers, 
certainly not more than 20,000 white people within its 
borders, and in 1790 not more than 25,000, and yet, in 
1791, the British Parliament passed the Act separating 
the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, by virtue of 
which Act Governor Simcoe, in the summer of 1792, or- 
dered an election for the first Parliament of this Province, 
which met in September of that year, at a point nsar 
that on which we are standing, and almost within the 
sound of the voices of the speakers on this platform. In 
the eloquent address with which he opened the Session, 
he said that in consideration of the sacrifices the Loyalists 
of the Province had made for the Crown, and the evi- 
dence they had given of their capacity for self-govern- 
ment, the largest measure of liberty ever granted by the 
British Parliament to a colony had been given to Upper 
Canada. He said that the confidence reposed in the 
colonists had been well earned, and that he was sure that 
they would never betray the sacred trust. 

Among the first acts of the Upper Canadian Parliament 
was the adoption of the laws of England and the abolition 
of Slavery. We have been told (said Mr. Plumb) that we 
are lagging behind our Republican neighbours in the race 
of development and improvement; but he thought we 
had reason 'to be proud of our advancement. He had said 
that in 1790 the population of Upper Canada did not 
exceed by the highest estimate 25,000. It was probably 
far short of that number. That of the State of New York 
was then 340,120. If the growth of this Province had 
been on the same ratio of that of the Empire State, which 
has the greatest sea-port on the continent, we should 
have had in 1881 a population of but 375,000. The State 
of New York in 1880 had a population of 5,082,871, or 
an increase of fifteen fold. This Province had a popula- 
tion in 1881 of 1,923, -28, an increase of sixty-four fold. 

It was a mistake to suppose that the political organi- 
zation, under which we have attained this wonderful re- 


suit, could be compared unfavourably with any which 
exists. We had a system under which the people, through 
their representatives, could at any moment compel the 
Ministry to change their course, to dissolve Parliament, 
or to resign their offices. The purse-strings being held 
by a responsible Government, if there was any misman- 
agement, the elected representative of the people could 
immediately interfere. All the Cabinet Ministers sat in 
Parliament, and those in the Commons, after their ap- 
pointment to office, must go back to the people for re- 
election and confirmation. The Executive was not a four 
years tyranny, with a Cabinet that could not be reached 
except by impeachment. It was a rule that could be 
changed when it could no longer hold the public confi- 
dence, as was exemplified by the dissolution in the autumn 
of 1873 of the Parliament elected in 1872, it having been 
claimed by the majority that the Ministry no longer re- 
presented public sentiment. The public expenditure is 
controlled by the Commons. Every item can be fully 
examined and discussed in Committee of Supply. The 
estimates for the expenditure are before the Commons in 
detail from the beginning of the Session, and separate 
votes are taken on each item. We know nothing of a 
log-rolling, omnibus supply bill, forced through on the last 
night of the session when clamour and intimidation burk 
discussion. Not only has every item to be voted on in 
committee, but the vote must be afterwards affirmed by the 
concurrence of the majority, with the Speaker in the 

There was, he said, no prescriptive or exclusive spirit 
here. Every man was welcome among us no matter of 
what nationality. There was room for all. The natur- 
alization laws were liberal, the franchise was governed by 
a trifling property qualification, the main object of which 
was, through scrutinized registration, to prevent fraud. 
There was no Elective Judiciary dependent upon popular 
suffrage. The supremacy of Parliament could only be 
appealed from to the Throne itself. 


It was a matter of pride to him to say that he was an 
exemplification of the liberality with which the Canadian 
people treated those of foreign birth who became subser- 
vient to the laws. He had been honoured by the people 
far beyond his deserts in this old borough of Niagara, 
and now he held from the Queen, one of the highest com- 
missions that could be held by any subject in Canada a 
seat for life in the Senate. He had endeavoured faith- 
fully since he entered public life to promote the welfare 
of his adopted country, and he believed that he would 
never be found recreant to the trust placed upon him. It 
might be that there were people in Canada who were en- 
deavouring to sow seeds of dissension between the loyal 
people and the throne. He said of such, that they could 
not do it, that while he was willing to discuss most mat- 
ters with them, that that question was not one which 
could be entertained, because the hearts of the people 
were so securely fixed in their allegiance that they did 
not want any argument on the subject. He trusted that 
every manand woman before him would never forget that 
it was their bounden duty to transmit with religious 
care the noble principles which they inherited from their 
parents, and to let their children know that there was no 
uncertain sound in Canada in respect to adhesion to the 
British Crown. He would conclude by quoting Tenny- 
son's words, which he trusted would sink deep into their 
hearts : 

Oh, save the one true seed of freedom sown 
Betwixt a people and their ancient throne, 
That sober freedom out of which there springs 
Our loyal passion for our temperate Kings ; 
For, saving that, ye help to save mankind, 
Till public wrong be crumbled into dust, 
And drill the raw world for the march of mind, 
Till crowds at length be sane and crowns be just. 


The arrival of the U. E. Loyalists in this Province one 
hundred years ago, was an event which has had a lasting 
effect upon the history of this country, and was, to a 


great extent, the cause of our being to-day a portion of 
the greatest Empire in the world. I need not say here on 
this historic ground, teeming with recollections of hard 
fought fights, or to the descendants of those who pre- 
served our liberties in 1812, that to the U. E. Loyalists 
we owe the fact that we enjoy to-day the true liberty 
that is to be found under a limited monarchy. Those 
early settlers who came here one hundred years ago 
were the very best of the old colonists. They were the 
law-abiding, God-fearing classes, and this was remarkably 
shown by the fact that in the early years of this coun- 
try crime was almost unkown, the settlers being an 
orderly, peaceable, \vell-behaved people. They gave a 
start to this country, the benefits of which we are con- 
tinually feeling year after year. Ever since the pro- 
vince was established, the fringe of settlement, as it 
moved slowly into the forest has been almost free from 
crime, this, strange to say, has continued to this day, and 
is a remarkable feature of the settlement of the North- 

How different it has been in the Republic to the south 
of us lawlessness and crimes of violence have been ram- 
pant for one hundred years back, and life is now more 
unsafe in the United States than in .any civilized or 
semi-civilized country in the world. It is not the cli- 
mate that has done this, for in many sections it is very 
similar to our own. It is not the physical character of 
the country, for that also is alike. I attribute it entirely 
to the form of government. 

The Republican form of government attracts all those 
who love license rather than liberty ; while those who 
desire to see liberty given only to do what is right, are 
much more likely to seek a monarchical form of govern- 
ment. From this reason, while the American Republic 
has, as one of their own prominent men has well said, 
been for one hundred years the " cess-pool " of Europe, 
and has attracted the worst classes from the old world, 


thanks to our form of government, we have had the best 
and choicest settlers come to us. I do not pretend to say 
that immense numbers of estimable men have not gone 
to the States, but I will saythat we have been singularly 
and fortunately free from getting the bad classes which 
have had such an evil influence upon the neighbouring 
country. One of their own writers in the Nortk Ameri- 
can Review, for this month, one of their own Magazines, 
laments the want of public honesty in the people and 
rulers of the United States, and entitles his article " Are 
We a Nation of Rascals ? " It is painful to read the 
article, and to feel that any English speaking people could 
have so bad a record. Even in the treatment of the In- 
dians, the contrast between us and our neighbours is as 
remarkably striking, and the reason is, that there is some 
honour with us in our treatment of them, while across the 
border they have been treated by the agents most un- 
fairly, and by all classes most cruelly. 

From British Columbia to Cape Breton we, Canadians, 
can proudly point to one of the largest and finest countries 
in the world, with as well-behaved and law-abiding a 
population as can be found anywhere, while south of us, 
the lawlessness is wide-spread, and the crimes of violence 
almost without number. Can any one say that the arrival 
of the U. E. Loyalists here in 1784 did not start this Pro- 
vince well, and that their maintenance of our freedom in 
1812 did not preserve a system of government which is 
a great boon and blessing to us to-day. 

Sometimes it is said by strangers and aliens amongst 
us, that we, Canadians, have no national sentiment, that if 
we were independent we would have more of it, and it is 
the fashion to speak loudly of the national spirit of the 
citizens of the United States. I take issue on this point, 
and on behalf of our people, I say that the pride of 
the native Canadian in his country is quite equal to the 
pride of the Yankee in his, while the willingness to de- 
fend it in case of need is far greater in the Canadian. 


The strongest national sentiment that has yet been ex- 
hibited in the States was shown by the Southern people 
h^ their gallant struggle to destroy the Union. The 
national spirit shown by the Northerners where the boun- 
ties rose to about $1800 a man, where patriotism con- 
sisted in hiring a man to go and fight while the citizen 
took a contract to supply the soldiers, as has been well 
said by their celebrated divine Dr. Talmage, " With rice 
that was worm eaten, with biscuits that were mouldy, 
with garments that were shoddy, with meat that was rank, 
with horses that stumbled in the charge, and with tents 
that sifted the rain into the faces of the exhausted." 
The patriotism shown by 3,000 Yankee Militia almost in 
sight of this spot, in 1812, when they refused to cross at 
Queenston, to aid their comrades, whom our volunteers 
shortly afterwards cut to pieces under their eyes, was 
very different from the patriotism of the Canadians who 
crossed the river and captured Detroit, or those who 
fought at Chrysler's farm, or those who drove back Hamp- 
ton at Chateauguay. 

In 1812 every ablebodied man went to the frontier to 
fight leaving the old men, the boys and the women to till 
the fields. One might travel a day's journey in this Pro- 
vince during that war without meeting an ablebodied 
man, as they were all on the frontier. That kind of 
national sentiment was very different from that of the 
bountied mercenaries of the Northern armies, or of the 
three months' men, who left the army of the Potomac in 
1861 on the eve of a great battle. What a striking con- 
trast also was this latter incident to the calling out of 
10,000 Canadian Militia at the time of the Fenian trou- 
bles of 1866. Only sufficient regiments were ordered 
out to make with their full strength 10,000. In less 
than eighteen hours after the order was issued the regi- 
ments were all at their posts, and the returns showed 
over 14,000 on parade. The extra 4,000 consisted of vol- 
unteers who had served their term and been discharged, 


but who, on the call of danger put on their old uniforms, 
rallied around the standards, and fell into the ranks 
without bounty of any kind, or other obligation save the 
national sentiment which is the characteristic of our 

In the Oregon difficulty, in the Trent affair the feel- 
ing was admirable. Can we call to mind the conduct 
of the Nova Scotia Legislature at the time of the Maine 
boundary difficulty, when the members standing in their 
places, unanimously passed with three cheers for the 
Queen, a vote placing at the disposal of the Government 
every dollar of their revenue, and every ablebodied man 
in their province to be used in defence of their sister 
province of New Brunswick that was threatened with 
attack can we call to mind the Canadians who came 
back to Canada from every state in the Union to aid in 
defending her from the Fenians, without feeling that we 
have in our people a strong national sentiment ? 

Canada has never had to call upon her sons to defend 
her, that they have not cheerfully responded to the call, 
and there is no doubt that we Canadians have a national 
sentiment. We have a pride in our country and a confi- 
dence in it and in its future. Wanderers and Bohemians, 
strangers and tramps may, because we are not traitors to 
our government and our country, say that we have no 
national sentiment ; they may not see, or feel or appreciate 
the patriotic feeling of the Canadians ; but we Canadians 
know that it is there. The militia force is one proof of it, 
a finger post to point out to all that we intend to be a free 
people on this continent, and that our liberties can only 
be taken from us after a desperate struggle. This loyalty 
of Canadians to Canada makes them loyal to the Queen, 
because she is the embodiment of the principles of the 
government of our country, not because she is the Queen 
of England, but because she is the Queen of Canada, and 
they are loyal to our monarchical institutions, because 
they feel that true patriotism to Canada lies in that direc- 


We absolutely govern ourselves, the tie which binds us 
to England is one in which all the advantages are on 
our side. There is nothing in it that presses on any of 
our people, and there is no matter of detail in our system 
that we have not the power of regulating for ourselves. 
Unfortunately, however, there are a few who are not sat- 
isfied, and who agitate for change for the sake of agitat- 
ing. This is, and always has been, a difficulty with every 
form of government in all ages. No form of government 
could possibly be devised in which there would be no 
malcontents, no conspirators, no agitators. The grandest 
poem in our language describes a rebellion against Heaven 
itself, and in all countries, and in all governments, there 
have been agitators of the same type. Rome, a republic 
with the highest national sentiment, had in it the elements 
of discord in the broken down classes, who rallied around 
Cataline and formed the famous conspiracy which bears his 
name; and to-day in most countries the same type of agi- 
tators and malcontents abandon useful labour to conspire 
against lawful authority. In Russia they have the Nihil- 
ists, in Germany the Socialists, in France the Communists, 
in Ireland the Fenians, in England the Dynamiters, in 
the United States they have all these classes mixed up 
together, and in addition they have their politicians, while 
in Canada we have only a few Independence writers, the 
weakest and most harmless of all these troublesome classes. 

These wanderers and Bohemians, with the charming 
impudence of the three tailors of Tooley Street, speak of 
themselves as the people of Canada. It is the fashion of 
men of their type always to talk loudly of the people, as 
if they were the people. But who are the people ? The 
people of this country are the farmers who own the soil, 
who have cleared the fields, who till them, and who pro- 
duce the food that feeds us. The people of Canada are 
the workers who work in her factories, who carry on her 
trade, who sail her ships, and spread her commerce, the 
artizans who build her cities and work in them. These 


are the people of Canada, not the few agitators who 
serve no good purpose, and whose absence would be a 
relief, if they went back to the neighbouring Republic, 
from which many of them have drifted in to us. 

The real Canadians are a unit against change in our Con- 
stitution. The farmers do not want it the Militia, re- 
presenting all shades of political and religious feeling, are 
sworn to be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Ma- 
jesty, and they will stand by the Constitution to the last. 
The Roman Catholic church is loyal to the core, for it 
knows that under our government we have absolute re- 
ligious freedom. The Orange order owes its existence to 
a desire to maintain the British Constitution. The Eng- 
lish, Irish, and Scotch, who have come here to settle, have 
come here in preference to the States, because they de- 
sired to remain under the old flag, and under the system 
of government of their fathers. They are true as steel to 
the Constitution, and are U. E. Loyalists at heart. 
Both political parties are loyal. There is no class that is 
not loyal. The vast majority of the newspaper press are 
loyal to Canada and its institutions, and have no sym- 
pathy with the black sheep that hang on the skirts of 
their profession, any more than the Medical profession 
have for the empirics and quacks that cling to them, or 
the lawyers for the pettifoggers who bring discredit upon 

If we were independent to-morrow we would be more 
dependent upon the United States than we are to-day 
upon England. Annexation would only be avoided, if at 
all, by a tremendous struggle and enormous sacrifices, and 
if annexed, where would our independence be ? Gone 
for ever ! and we would be governed by the wire-pullers 
of the factions at Washington,our manufactures sacrificed 
to the interests of New England, and our own affairs ad- 
ministered by carpet-baggers. The paltry few who argue 
independence cannot foresee what the result would be, or 
if they do, having no stake in the country, they do not 


care. They might ruin us politically and morally and 
commercially, and then wander off to some other coun- 
try, and be as well off as they ever were or ever will be. 

Why should we dismember the Empire ? When the 
German people have united to make a great State : when 
the Italians have been consolidated into a powerful king- 
dom, are the British to divide and weaken ? Are the 
Anglo Saxons to be .the only race to do this ? and are we 
Canadians, without reason or motive, to be the cause ? I 
don't call the United States an Anglo-Saxon community 
now. Once it was, but since the revolution it has been the 
dumpingground of Europe,and they are forming a commu- 
nity there entirely different in its characteristics from ours. 

I have watched the writings of these independence 
men, and have at last discovered what their real griev- 
ance is, and it is that there are certain people who hold 
public offices. They do not object to there being public 
offices, but the real trouble is that they do not hold 
these offices themselves. Envy and jealousy is at the 
bottom of ail their patriotism. They advocate elective 
offices. They forget that the people indirectly make the 
appointments, for they elect representatives who hold 
office at their will, and who are responsible to them for 
all they do. They agitate for the election to nearly all 
public offices by the popular vote as in the States, where 
the system has produced an office-holding class, where 
strict integrity is the exception, and where peculation is 
the rule. These agitators and Bohemians wish to become 
themselves an office-holding class of this Yankee type. 
They think that by agitating for a change, by creating 
anarchy and confusion, they might temporarily come to 
the top. They know that when the pot is boiling the 
dregs are forced upwards, but they forget that when the 
pot stops boiling the dregs go to the bottom. But there is 
no reason why we should be governed by strangers or 
tramps, and the people of this country, who have made 
it what it is, intend to govern it their own way. 


The worst feature of this agitation is, that a revolution 
such as these malcontents ask for, can only be brought 
about by bloodshed. I cannot call to mind an instance of 
a revolution being carried out without bloodshed. Iri fact 
no system of government recognizes any constitutional 
method of destroying its fundamental principles. The 
United States could not establish a despotism under their 
constitution except by a revolution. The Southern 
States seceded, not constitutionally, but by conventions of 
the people in the same way in which their constitution 
was originally formed, and it was an attempted revolu- 
tion, and was put down by force of arms. Every attempt 
from without, or within, in the past to change our system 
of government has been put down by bloodshed. In fact, 
the fundamental principle of our government, the Mon- 
archy, cannot be changed constitutionally. The members 
of Parliament before they can vote, must swear to be 
faithful to the constitution, and would be foresworn per- 
jurers if they afterward betrayed their country. For 
this reason I appealed on a former occasion to the good 
feeling and honesty of the independence agitators, as to 
whether it was fair or right in them to agitate for a 
change of government, that can only be brought about 
by war. And I ask you here again to-day, if it is fair 
or right for these Bohemians to try to create trouble 
among a peaceful, happy and contented people, who have 
no grievances that they cannot easily remedy them- 
selves, when they can so readily find in the neigh- 
bouring country the republican institutions they admire ? 
When I say this I say it in a kindly spirit for I would 
be the last to prevent them writing and talking and 
advocating their views so long as they do not break out 
into open treason. Thank God this is a free country, 
where people can hold what opinions they like and express 
them freely, so they may go on if they wish and write 
their little editorials, and air their little theories, and abuse 
all who disagree with them, it pleases them and hurts no 


one, and the very freedom that enables them to do this 
is what makes our institutions so stable and these men 
so powerless for evil. 

It would not be worth while to notice this movement 
at all, were it not that we are celebrating the centennial 
of the settlement of this country, on principles diametri- 
cally opposed to those advocated now by these few, and 
under \vhich we have nourished, and increased, and en- 
joyed so many advantages for one hundred years. I hope 
that at the next centennial our descendants may have as 
many causes of congratulation, and as many blessings for 
which to be thankful as we have, and that the agitators 
of their day may be as weak and uninfluential, and as. 
powerless as ours are to-day. If so about once every 
one hundred years will be often enough for our side of 
the case to be laid down. 

WILLIAM KIRBY ESQ., of Niagara, said " Mr. Chairman, 
Ladies and Gentlemen. Upon an occasion like this the 
heart as well as the intellect is stirred up with deep emo- 
tions. All that is noble, all that is patriotic in us, the pride 
we have in the loyal and indomitable men who founded 
Upper Canada, affurd a theme that ought to warm the 
coldest and make the dullest man eloquent in their praise. 
The United Empire Loyalists of America only need the 
truth to be told of them, to make them stand out promi- 
nently upon the page of history as ranking with the 
noblest of our race in any land. 

I am glad and proud of the fact that celebrations similar 
to this have already been held in Toronto and the Bay of 
Quinte*, yet we of the Niagara district did not think 
that those were enough. This spot consecrated by so 
many honourable memories of the fathers and defenders 
of our country, is after all the true historical and proper 
place for the centennial celebration of the settlement of 
Upper Canada. Here was the principal landing place of 
the expatriated loyalists, here came the loyal fighting 
men of the Revolutionary War, and here they planted 


their war torn but glorious flag ancl said to the waves of 
revolution : " Come not here ! this is our Canadian home, 
and our portion of the British Empire for ever ! " 

When I look upon the multitude of faces before me, 
and around me, and recognize, as I do, so many of them as 
belonging to both of the great political parties which 
contend for the administration of our goverment ; when 
I see these usually bitter partizans of both sides of politics, 
laying aside, upon an occasion like this, their party strife 
and uniting as brothers and true Canadians, to show 
their common pride in the unity of the Empire, and 
to pay honour to the memories of the U. E. Loyalists, 
who have left us this great country as our common heri- 
tage when I see this, I rejoice to know that above all 
our party noise and confusion, there exists a great firma- 
ment where peace reigns, where a common sentiment of 
Canadian loyalty and patriotism brings us all into accord, 
and shows that Canadians of all creeds and parties can 
unite to defend our country in danger ; and maintain, as 
our forefathers did, the unity of the Empire to which we 

This meeting is a proof that, after the lapse of a hun- 
dred years, the spirit which animated the U. E. Loyalists 
is still alive, slumbering perhaps, in quiet leonine strength 
in the hearts of our people, but ready to wake up as of 
old, whenever called upon. Superficial onlookers and 
frivolous scribes may say, that the old spirit is no longer 
a living principle in us. I say that they who make that 
assertion know nothing of the U. E. Loyalist stock of this 
country, and this great loyal meeting is a striking dis- 
proof of the base charge. 

Who, it may be asked, were those U. E. Loyalists whom 
we praise so highly, and whose memory we are celebrat- 
ing to-day ? 

I reply, they were that vast number of loyal, law-abid- 
ing men, who in the American revolution, formed fully 
one half of the people of the thirteen colonies, when 


mainly through the machinations and aid of France, 
those colonies were led into the great rebellion against 
the Empire. 

They were, if I may use the AMERICAN language, 
which we all understand very well, the party of Union 
in 1776, as opposed to the party of Secession of that 
time. They were the men who were loyal to the crown, 
and to the political unity of the English speaking race. 
They owed a national allegiance as born British subjects 
to the Crown and Empire, and felt bound by every tie 
of duty, honour and religion, to resist rebellion, and 
preserve intact the unity of the Empire to which they 
belonged. The crime of dividing the English race was 
none of theirs ! 

The great civil war which broke out in the United 
States twenty-three years ago, has to the American mind 
greatly modified the meaning of the word loyalty. 
Instead of being used in a bad and vituperative sense as 
it had been prior to their own late rebellion, loyalty has 
since then been discovered to be one of the cardinal vir- 
tues,* while rebellion that was previously looked upon as 
an honourable thing in itself, has come to be denounced 
as the blackest of crimes ! especially against themselves. 

I will read an extract from the letter of a distinguished 
American General with reference to this loyal celebra- 
tion of ours. He saj^s : 

" I wish I could be there to unite with you in sym- 
pathy and feeling, as I do here. Success to the loyal 
blood ! May its memories be ever green, and the recollec- 
tion of its unparalleled and unrewarded devotion, bravery 
and sacrifice endure and wax stronger Avith time ! We 
loyalists lost the game, but we did not in the slightest de- 
gree tarnish our record of honour." 

I may mention that the general who writes this, is 
himself a descendant of a distinguished Loyalist family 
.of the old Province of New York, 

The declaration of Independence, which passed by a 
majority of one only, came like a thunder clap upon the 


people of the colonies. Up to that day, the most une- 
quivocal public expressions of loyalty to the King and 
Empire had been made, and reiterated by the general 
Congress as by all the provincial congresses in the colo- 
nies. M ay, long after fighting began nothing but a re- 
dress of grievances was professed to be demanded. The 
army which besieged Boston, under Washington, and that 
which invaded Canada, under Arnold and Montgomery, 
fought under British colours. It was known that outside 
of Sew England a majority of the people were opposed to 
secession, and that it was necessary to lead them by de- 
grees, and blindfold, as it were, into the pit of revolution 
and so it was done. 

It is unnecessary for me to discuss, in your presence, 
the political issues of the revolution. We are all of one 
mind on that subject. We know that the loyalists were 
right in the course they pursued, and that for us is 

The revolution was not necessary for the redress of 
such theoretical grievances as formed the subject of dif- 
ferences with the mother country. The Stamp Act, the 
greatest offence of all, was never put in force, and was 
promptly repealed in compliance with the general remon- 
strance against it. The other minor Acts of no account in 
themselves, might likewise have been left to be repealed, 
and the old harmony restored, had not pride and temper 
on both sides, taken the place of reason and moderation 
and rendered a good understanding impossible. 

The loyalists of America felt all this, and refused to be 
hurried into the crime of rebellion ; and when the Dec- 
laration of Independence was launched upon the country 
they denied the truth of the indictments it contained 
against the King and the people of Great Britain while 
the very offensive language in which it was couched, 
added fuel to their resentment, and perpetuates the bit- 
terness of it to this day. 


Their opposition to the revolution was met by the en- 
actment of the most vindictive penal laws against men, 
whose only offence was a determination to keep their al- 
legiance, and abide by the flag under which they were 
born. The persons of the loyalists were seized and im- 
prisoned their property and in property they were the 
wealthiest men in the community was everywhere con- 
fiscated persecutions begat fierce retaliations. Swords 
were drawn, and the civil war began which devastated 
America for eight years and only ended when the 
powers of France, Spain and Holland intervened, and by 
their help the thirteen colonies were severed from the 

An able and candid American author has written : 
" The loyalists had position and property, the Indians had 
fertile lands ; both were coveted, and both were wrenched 
from their rightful possessors." 

The atrocious penal laws, the proscriptions, the confis- 
cations, and the personal outrages to which aged and re- 
spectable loyalists were subjected, even in the presence 
and with the sanction of some of the highest heads of the 
rebellion, has left a deep stain upon " the course that was 
pursued" in establishing the revolution. They added bit- 
terness and animosity to the struggle, for they called forth 
keen reprisals, and sent into the royal ranks upwards of 
25,000 native Americans ; and it is a fact that, the contin- 
ental army, which was largely made up of the foreign 
element and needy emigrants, had fewer Americans in it 
than the Royal army. But I need not recount the events 
of the war. 

It is estimated that at the close of the war, a hundred 
thousand loyalist Americans left the Port of New York 
alone. The world had not seen such a flight of the best 
elements of the population of any country, since the exile 
of the Huguenots from France over a century before. 
The fugitive loyalists who left their native country were 
dispersed all over the Empire many went to Great Bri- 


tain, many to the West Indies, many to the wilds of 
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and thousands came 
to Canada. 

Upwards of ten thousand of the best people of New 
York and Pennsylvania found their way through the 
wilderness to the very place where we stand, and amid 
privations, toils and sufferings the story of which is 
not yet forgotten here set up their new homes in the 
forest and courageously and cheerfully started life anew, 
and began that career of honour and felicity which is 
our inheritance in Canada to this day may it last foi* 

As an instance of the privations endured in this coun- 
try, which was at that time wholly uncultivated, I will 
read an original, unpublished letter of the period from 
General Haldimand to Colonel Claus, Indian Superintend- 
ent, at Niagara, in reference to supplies of food needed 
here for the Indians. General Haldimand writes in May, 
1780, " they should consider the trouble, expense and time 
it takes to transport provisions not only to Niagara but 
all the way to Detroit and Michilimacinac. Every ounce 
of provisions, they and we have been living upon for 
these eighteen months past, was brought from England." 

When we reflect upon these words, and consider the 
length of the ocean voyage to Quebec, and the difficulty 
and time it required to transport all those provisions in 
canoes and boats from Quebec to the upper country, all 
the way to Detroit and Michilimacinac, we may form an 
idea of the scarcity and suffering that must have pre- 
vailed in this wild country, at that time, when the sud- 
den influx of so many people took place. 

But Providence had great ends in view, when it settled 
Canada with men of such heroic strain, and of the purest 
blood of America. 

It has been cast as a reproach upon the U. E. Loyalists, 
that they were largely the gentry, and not the populace 
of American society. They formed undoubtedly the best 


and wealthiest class in the old colonies. But all classes 
were present among them, judges, lawyers, legislators, 
clergymen, soldiers, merchants, yeomen and handicraft- 
men all filled the ranks of that great emigration. Chris- 
tian men of all the churches were there, but not one 
infidel of the type of that arch traitor Tom Paine ! He 
belonged emphatically to the Rebellion ! The Loyalists 
came with their Penates and household gods, their bibles, 
the sacred communion vessels of their altars, the tables 
of the ten commandments from the chancels of their 
churches, these sacred objects they brought with them 
out of their abandoned temples. 

It seemed as if the voice of Christ was heard by them, 
as he spake to his disciples upon that last day at Jerusa- 
lem, " Arise ! let us go hence ! " And these ten command- 
ments they set up anew in the rude churches which they 
built to the worship of God in Canada. 

The whole congregation of Trinity Church, .New York, 
with their venerable Rector at their head, transported 
themselves to St. John, New Brunswick, and there set up 
the old Tables of the Commandments, and the royal arms 
that had previously adorned their native church in the 
City of New York. Upon the table beside me, stands one 
of the grand silver communion flagons and plates given 
by Queen Anne to the Mohawk Christians in 1711. They 
were brought here during the revolution, and are still 
used by the loyal Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte*, of 
whom Chief Hill, a great grandson of the renowned 
.Captain Joseph Brant, sits here in your presence to-day, 
the last hereditary chief of that great tribe. 

There is an immense significance in the fact, Mr. Chair- 
man, and it is worthy of our deep study, that the 
U. E. Loyalists, leaving all other possessions behind 
them, brought with them the ten commandments, the 
Bible, and the sacred vessels of the communion, as the 
most precious relics of their old homes in the thirteen 
colonies. What was left to fill the blank of that great re- 


ligious and loyal exodus American history is now daily 
recording, and it is a point I need not dwell upon ; but 
discerning men can see the blank places left by the removal 
of those sacred emblems from that country. 

Here came the great body of the adherents of the 
Church of England, mainly under the lead of that good 
man, the Rev. Dr. John Stewart, who founded the first 
Episcopal churches in Upper Canada. 

Here came also the pious and zealous John Ash bury, 
and that godly woman, Barbara Heck, who, after found- 
ing Methodism in the City of New York, led a band of 
loyal Methodists to the Bay of Quinte*, and there laid the 
foundation of the Methodist church in Canada. The old 
Wesleyans, like their founder, John Wesley, were ever 
loyal to king and country, and, perhaps, because they 
were Methodists, were also U. E. Loyalists, when the day 
of trial came that proved the spirit of men to the utter- 
most, whether they were faithful, or whether they were 
untrue, to the sacred precept of Scripture " Fear God 
and honour the king." 

Here came also a numerous and a gallant band of loyal 
Roman Catholics, led by their priests, the MacDonalds, 
from North Carolina and other Southern States, Scot- 
tish Highlanders, for the most part, who settled our dis- 
trict of Glengarry, and formed the nucleus of that High- 
land community, so distinguished for its loyalty and 
valour in the subsequent history of Upper Canada. 

Here, too, somewhat later, came a great number of the 
peaceful Quakers and Menonists, of Pennsylvania. The 
fidelity of the Quakers to their lawful government, drew 
upon them a cruel persecution from the rebels, who 
stained their record by trying for high treason, and hang- 
ing two of the most respectable Quaker gentlemen of 
Philadelphia, guilty of no offence in the world but loyal 
adherence to their king and country. This persecution 
drove some of the Quakers into the army, and the Quaker 
ancestors of a gentleman present on this platform, were 


among the hardest fighters in our army during the revo- 
lutionary war. 

The Quakers bore with characteristic patience the per- 
secution of their enemies, but they flocked into Canada 
after the peace, to enjoy the protection of English law, and 
live in allegiance to their native sovereign. 

And here, too, came, as I am forcibly reminded by the 
presence before me of the thirty chiefs of the renowned 
Six Nations, the successors of a people once the mightiest 
on this continent. Very different from the Quakers 
in all respects except in their invincible loyalty, were 
the native warlike tribes of Central New York, which 
had been their home and heritage from the earliest times. 
The Six Nations were largely Christianized and civi- 
lized at the outbreak of the revolution. Their villages, 
castles, cornfields, orchards and pastures abounding in 
cattle, formed a long line of settlement from the Hudson 
to the Genessee. 

Congress, which so loudly in public denounced the in r 
terfercnce of the Indians in the war, had at the very in- 
ception of hostilities, sent special commissioners to engage 
them on their side against the king. A great war belt, 
with a red axe worked in the middle of it, was presented 
by the commissioners to the Six Nations , who rejected 
it with contempt, and instead took up arms to support 
the king, and under their great chiefs Brant, and John 
Deseronto, whose descendants are here present to-day, and 
the distingished Seneca Chief Sakoyenwaraton, " Vanish- 
ing Smoke," my friend, Chief Hill, tells me it means, 
fought bravely throughout the war in maintenance of the 
old treaties, solemnly made with the king. 

Their grand and beautiful country was destroyed and 
confiscated. The Six Nations were the first who took up 
the path of exile and settled in Upper Canada where 
they form to-day a thriving, loyal, and happy people, 
proud of the gallant deeds of their fore-fathers, and proud 
of their loyalty and attachment to the Empire. The 


great Union Jack, which they have brought with them 
from the Grand River, has been their rallying flag for 
almost two hundred years. 

Such were the sort of men whose memories we are met 
to celebrate to-day. A nobler ancestry than the IT. E. 
Loyalists of America no country on earth can boast of. 
In war they proved themselves to be of the truest mettle. 
In peace, industrious, law-abiding and honourable and, 
it may be recorded, that while during the course of the 
revolutionary struggle, not a few of the eminent men of, 
the rebellion drew off and returned to their allegiance. 
It cannot be recorded, that a single U. E. Loyalist, either 
for family, for property, or any consideration what- 
ever, went over to the enemy, or returned to them after 
the war. 

The advent of the Pilgrim Fathers at Plymouth, so 
praised in prose and verse, was a holiday excursion com- 
pared with the arrival of the ten thousand expatriated 
Loyalists who landed at Niagara in 1783-4, a few stone 
throws only from where we stand. The Pilgrim Fathers, 
a few in number came to America leisurely, bringing 
with them all their goods and the price of all their pos- 
sessions, at peace and secure under charters, granted by 
their Sovereign. The U. E. Loyalists, unlike them, came 
bleeding with the wounds of seven years of war, stripped 
.of every earthly possession, and exiled from their native 
land. This country was then a savage region of forests 
and swamps. The trees had to be cut down before a seed 
could be dropped in the ground, and in fact for two years 
the brave, suffering exiles had to be fed from the military 
stores of Fort Niagara, before they were in any condition 
to support their devoted wives and children. 

History, written by party prejudice and blind admira- 
tion of mere success as a test of right, has pleased itself 
by maligning the character and principles of the U. E. 
Loyalists. But the course they pursued, after their set- 
tlement in Canada, was honourable to their humanity, 


wisdom and generosity. In less than seven years after 
their arrival in this country they established, with the 
aid and under the direction of that great statesman and 
soldier, Governor Simcoe, a Constitution and Goverment 
for Upper Canada which, they were proud to say, was the 
very image and transcript of that of Great Britain, and 
was the model of our Dominion Constitution of to-day. 

The first Parliament of this Province met in September, 
1792, on the spot now covered by the ruined mounds of 
Fort George, which we see before us ; and there the first 
representatives of the people of Upper Canada, few in 
number, but worthy and capable of sharing in the delib- 
erations of any assembly in the world ; met, and estab- 
lished the old English principles of law, order, and govern- 
ment in this country. 

Contrast their acts with that of the Constitutional 
Congress of the United States, which had established 
their new republican system of government in -that coun- 
try, only four years before ! 

The States which had rebelled in the name of Liberty 
and had declared all men to be free and equal, did, in 
their new constitution, solemnly sanction the institution 
of human slavery, and perpetuate it, seemingly, for ever ! 
While the U. E. Loyalists of Upper Canada, in their first 
parliament, and on this spot, made sacred by that Act of 
eternal justice, did without a dissenting voice, and without 
a claim for compensation, declare slavery to be for ever 
abolished in this Province ! All honour to the true free- 
men and their noble governor Simcoe, who won for Can- 
ada the glory of being the first country in the world 
which abolished slavery by an Act of the Legislature ! 
and they not only set free their slaves, but placed them 
on a civil and political equality with themselves. We 
are not a boastful people, < or we might justly boast of 
having taken the lead of all the world in -that great act 
of justice to humanity. So far was Upper Canada in 
advance of all other people at that time, on this momen- 
tous question. 


This fact strikes us more forcibly, when we recollect, 
that England herself did not abolish slavery in her Colo- 
nies until 1838, while the United States only did so 
twenty years ago, and that at the cost of the most fright- 
ful and destructive civil war on record ; and Spain, ano- 
ther of the liberators of America, has not freed her slaves 
to this day ! 

These acts prove better than any words, the noble and 
generous character of the men who founded this Pro- 
vince. The maintenance of the Imperial connection, of 
the " Unity of the Empire," as we call it in our Canadian 
speech, was the moving principle of duty in the hearts of 
our forefathers. Let it be so in ours also, now and for 

If evil days should ever befall us, and we have no 
right to suppose that, as a people, we shall always be safe 
from the storms of fate, or the malice of enemies, inter- 
nal or external, and you Indians will understand me if I 
say, that', " bad birds are now singing here and there in 
the trees." I say, if times of trouble and adversity should 
ever come upon this fair land, we have the noblest ex- 
ample in the deeds and principles of our forefathers, how 
to meet them. And I have perfect faith in you, brother 
Canadians,- that you, like them, will be found equal to 
every demand upon your honour and loyalty, in a word 
your duty. 

I am proud, Mr. Chairman, to see so many of the U. E. 
Loyalist ladies of our district present, and wearing upon 
their breasts the honoured loyal badges of this Centennial 
celebration. But, the time never was and I believe 
never will be when, be our men loyal and patriotic as 
they will, the women of Ontario will not outshine them 
in ardent love to their Queen and Country ! Among 
them are preserved the honourable traditions of our peo- 
ple, and so long as they teach them to their sons and 
daughters, Canada will stand in honour for ever, as the 
right arm of the British Empire. 


I will conclude, Mr. Chairman by repeating a few 
words spoken by me on another occasion : 

All honour to the Loyalists ! The brave self sacrificing 
exertions of these men in defence of the unity of the 
Empire, brought ruin upon themselves in their old homes, 
but was the making of Canada by settling it with men 
of such chosen virtue. If, as a Puritan divine once 
boasted, " England was winnowed of her choice grain for 
the sowing of America." We can truly say that " America 
was reaped and winnowed afresh at the Eevolution, and 
its very choicest men selected by Providence for the peo- 
pling of this Dominion ! By the loss of these Loyalists 
the United States were drained of their noblest elements, 
and suffered a moral loss, which they have never made 
up for to this day. 

Some of the best and wisest men in the United States 
have brushed aside the covering of prejudice and obloquy 
cast over the memories of the U. E. Loyalists in popular 
American history, and boldly express their admiration for 
the courage and devotion to high principles which actuated 
them. Truth will have its revenge in justice at last ! 
And I venture to say that in another century America will 
be more proud of her exiled Loyalists than of the vaunted 
patriots who banished and despoiled them ! 

CHIEF HILL of the Mohawks, Bay of Quintd, great 
grandson of the late Captain Joseph Brant, said: Mr. 
Chairman, I did not expect to be asked to address an audi- 
ence like this, but since you have honoured me, I must not 
shirk the call. 

We are here to celebrate the centennial of the one hun- 
dredth anniversary of the landing upon Canadian soil of 
our forefathers, whites and Indians. Red and white fought 
side by side in the Revolutionary war. The blood of the 
red man and that of his white brother mixed together to 
uphold the Loyalists' cause. My ancestors and yours, my 
white friends, left all their property to come here, where 
they could hoist the British flag. They sacrificed all to 
hew out of the Canadian bush new homes. 


My great grandfather, the late Captain Joseph Brant, was 
one of Britain's strongest allies a hundred years ago and in 
the late American war the white and red blood was again 
spilled together some of it on the very ground on which 
we stand for the cause of Britain. Now after a hundred 
years of friendship and many changes, we are still broth- 
ers, and I feel happy, as the descendant of one who proved 
himself a loyal man, to meet so many white Loyalists. 

We have been well treated by the British Government, 
and, should occasion demand, Indians throughout Canada 
are ready to do as our forefathers did fight for the dear 
old flag we love so well. 

CHIEF A. G. SMITH said : 

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, I did not come 
to make a speech, and consequently am not prepared to 
do so. But as I have been so honoured as to be called 
upon to address you, I shall endeavour to do so in a few 
words. I shall commence by saying that I am very 
much pleased to see such a large gathering on this very 
important occasion, and I am also very much gratified in 
being able to tell you that there is a very large represen- 
tation of my people, the Six Nation Indians, of Grand 
River, who are to-day as anxious to be identified with the 
descendants of the U. E. Loyalists of Canada, as their 
forefathers were one hundred years ago. And I am grat- 
ified in being able to stand before you to-day, to speak to 
you on behalf of my people, and to remind you that 
the Six Nation Indians have always been, and are still 
ready and willing to come to your assistance in every un- 
dertaking which is calculated to be for the good or honour 
of our common country. 

It will scarcely be necessary for me to remind you of 
the historical fact that the Six Nations did not hesitate 
to leave their beautiful home in the Valley of the Mo- 
hawk, in the State of New York ; and to sacrifice every- 
thing that was dear to .them, in order to maintain the 
honour of the British flag, by fighting side by side with 


those brave U. E. Loyalists, who counted not their lives 
dear, so that they might win for their posterity a name, 
and the many blessings which we, their descendants, en- 
joy as fruits of the unswerving allegiance of the U. E. 
Loyalists and the Six Nation Indians to the British Crown. 
And, although the time may forever have gone by, when 
the tomahawks of the Six Nations were needed to assist 
in maintaining the honour and dignity of the British 
Crown in this Dominion, yet you can not but admit that 
their assistance and co-operation is still desirable, though 
in another direction, namely, in doing what they can to 
aid the loyal and peaceable citizens of this fair Dominion 
in developing it into a great and prosperous country, and 
of which I am proud as chief, and one of the many repre- 
sentatives of my people among you to-day, to be able to 
say they are willing and are endeavouring so to do. And 
that our relations with the government of the country 
have always been attended with the happiest results ; and 
that the government of Canada has in general kept faith 
with us, and, therefore, we have very few reasons to com- 
plain in that respect. 

But there is one thing that I must not omit to mention, 
it is a sad circumstance which "has not only grieved me, 
but one and all of the many of my people, who are among 
you to-day, when in going about the historic plains of 
Niagara to visit, as we thought, the different places of 
interest, we came to Fort Messissauga, and lo ! we could 
scarcely believe our own eyes, but when we came to 
realize that what we beheld was a melancholy fact, that 
the old fort was allowed to go to rack and ruin, by the 
sons of the U. E. Loyalists, we were not only grieved, 
but we blushed for the descendants of the U. E, Loyal- 
ists, and for every true Canadian for allowing the dear 
old historical landmarks to become a heap of rubbish. 
Why, the Six Nations would set them an example in 
that respect. A church, though a frame one, that was 
built for them a hundred years ago, is to-day in good re- 


pair, although they have a good brick one for present use. 
A set of communion plate that was given by the good 
Queen Anne, is to-day in a perfect state of preservation ; 
a church bell, Bible and other historical relics equally 
as old, are almost religiously venerated and taken care of. 
And we are of opinion that every true and loyal Cana- 
dian, and the government itself, should see to it that 
these historical landmarks be restored, and kept in repair 
as monuments to the memory of those who were not only 
willing to undergo hardships, but to die, if necessary, in 
defending their country. 

In conclusion, I desire to say that I am glad that the 
time seems to have arrived when the Indian is looked 
upon as being as capable of being educated, and to have 
his mind cultivated, when his disadvantages are taken 
into consideration, as any other race of people, and we 
have undeniable proofs of the same from the fact of our 
having already quite a number in the different learned 
professions, as well as many good mechanics and farmers. 
And, on the whole, the Indians are prospering under 
the good government in which they live, and I firmly be- 
lieve, that the day is not far distant, when the Indians will 
be able to take their stand among the whites on equal 
footing, when I am quite certain that the white popula- 
tion of the Dominion will be forced by their sense of 
justice to accord the Indian that right which is their just 
due, namely, a representation on the floor of the House 
of Commons by one of their own people, who ought to 
know what is best for his people better than any one 
else. And now with these few remarks I beg to be al- 
lowed to resume my seat, thanking you, Mr. Chairman, 
and all for your attention. 

JAMES HISCOTT, ESQ., Warden of the County 'of Lin- 
coln, said : 

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen. It almost seems 
presumptions in me saying anything, having heard so 
many eloquent speakers. But I would not deserve the 


name of a Canadian, nor would I deserve to represent the 
County of Lincoln, as its warden, if I did not try to do 
all honour to the memory of the noble men and women, 
who sacrificed so much for their country, and who calmly 
endured hunger, destitution and all the privations of a 
howling wilderness for the sake of their country. Not only 
did they give their fortunes and homes, but in many 
cases their lives, for the love and honour of their country. 
The memory of these people, we are commemorating to- 
day, whose last resting place of many is in this and the ad- 
joining county, and whose descendants fought so nobly 
in the war of 1812, and, had it not been for their bravery, 
--Canada would not be a part of that great Empire, which 
we all love so well. 

MR. WM. HAMILTON MERRITT, was next called upon, 
and said : 

Here, in this historic town, in the old County of Lin- 
coln, represented so long a time by his grandfather, he 
would indeed be unworthy of the heritage of the name he 
bore, did he not testify to the same loyalty still existing 
in his family, as was manifested by his forefathers in 
fighting for Canada. 

He was confident that this feeling of loyalty to Canada, 
and therefore at this present, to the Crown, existed as a 
strong under-current through the whole Dominion. He 
would mention an instance which took place in a section 
of the country, where he had resided a great deal during 
the past few years, as a case in point. It occurred on the 
Grand River, in the County of Haldimand, near to where 
the descendants of our brave allies the Six Nation In- 
dians come from, and who, to-day, are so well repre- 
sented at this gathering. At a convention of one of our 
great parties in 1882, called to nominate a candidate to 
represent it, when the name of a candidate for nomination, 
who was not personally well known to many of the dele- 
gates, was brought before the convention, one of the lead- 
ing men in the county rose and said : " Before a nomina- 
tion could be made unanimous in this conv3ntion, they 


must first know the feelings of the candidate on British 
Connection." His answer was, that, " If severance from 
the British Empire took place, and there followed the in- 
evitable annexation to the United States, his inclinations 
would lead him to sell all that he possessed in this his 
native land, and leave it for ever." The reply satisfied 
the convention. This spirit of loyalty as shown there, in 
Haldimand, Mr. Merritt was confident not only existed 
strongly in that county, but would be found to be the 
key-note of the national feelings in every county in 

Being of a younger generation than the previous 
speakers, he believed he could vouch for by far the largest 
number of the young men of Canada, when he said the 
sentiments of loyalty that had been so ably expressed by 
the Lieutenant-Governor, Col. George T. Denison and 
Senator Plumb, would sink deep into their hearts and 
bear fruit of a sterling quality, and that, in spite of the 
" Bohemian " agitation in the press, the young men of 
Canada would be found the strongest advocates and 
warmest supporters of the grand scheme of Federation, 
and that following in the footsteps of their fathers, they 
would be found ready, if unfortunately it were ever 
necessary, to shed their blood for the defence and liberty 
of their country. 

MAYOR GARRETT, of Niagara, I. P. Willson, of Welland, 
Mr. Kilburn, reeve of Beamsville, Lieut.-Col. Denison, 
D.A.G., and other gentlemen delivered brief addresses. 

Five aged and principal chiefs of the Cayuga and 
Onondaga tribes, dressed in the ancient costume of the 
Iroquois, representing the still pagan portion of the Six 
Nations, then came forward, led by the venerable Captain 
Buck, head chief of the Onondagas, and Fire keeper of 
the Confederacy, and performed a ceremonial war dance, 
semi-religious in its character, expressive of the gladness 
of the Six Nations in taking part in this U. E. Loyalist 


The proceedings then closed with three hearty cheers 
for the Queen. 

The following extract from " The Hungry Year," a poem 
by William Kirby of Niagara, was republished in connec- 
tion with the Centennial. 


THE war was over, seven red years of blood 
Had scourged the land from mountain top to sea ; 
(So long it took to rend the mighty frame 
Of England's empire in the western world) 
Rebellion won at last, and they who loved 
The cause that had lost, and kept their faith 
To England's crown, and scorned an alien name, 
Passed into exile, leaving all behind 
Except their honour, and the conscious pride 
Of duty done to country and to king. 

Broad lands, ancestral homes, the gathered wealth 

Of patient toil and self-denying years, 

Were confiscate and lost ; for they had been 

The salt and savour of the land ; trained up 

In honour, loyalty, and fear of God. 

The wine upon the lees, decanted, when 

They left their native soil with sword belts drawn 

The tighter ; while the women only wept 

At thought of old firesides no longer theirs, 

At household treasures reft, and all the land 

Upset, and ruled by rebels to the king. 

Not drooping like poor fugitives they came 

In exodus to our Canadian wilds, 

But full of heart and hope, with heads erect 

And fearless eyes victorious in defeat. 

With thousand toils they forced their devious way 

Through the great wilderness of silent woods, 

That gloomed o'er lake and stream, till higher rose 

The northern star above the broad domain 

Of half a continent, still theirs to hold, 

Defend and keep for ever as their own, 

Their own and England's to the end of time. 


The virgin forests, carpeted with leaves 

Of many autumns fallen, crisp and sear, 

Put on their woodland state ; while overhead 

Green seas of foliage roared a welcome home 

To the proud exiles, who for empire fought 

And kept, though losing much, this northern land 

A refuge and defence for all who love 

The broader freedom of a commonwealth 

That wears upon its head a kingly crown. 

Our great Canadian woods of mighty trees, 

Proud oaks and pines that grew for centuries, 

King's gifts upon the exiles were bestowed. 

Ten thousand homes were planted ; and each one 

With axe, and fire, and mutual help made war 

Against the wilderness and smote it down. 

Into the opened glades, unlit before 

Since forests grew and rivers ran, there leaped 

The sun's bright rays, creative light and heat, 

Waking to life the buried seeds that slept, 

Since time's beginning, in the earth's dark womb. 

The tender grass sprang up, no man knew how, 
The daisies eyes unclosed, wild strawberries 
Lay white as hoar frost on the slopes, and sweet 
The violets perfumed the evening air, 
The nodding clover grew up everywhere, 
The trailing rasp, the trefoil's yellow cup 
Sparkled with dew drops, while the humming bees 
And birds and butterflies, unseen before, 
Found out the sunny spots and came in throngs. 

But earth is man's own shadow, say the wise ; 
As wisdom's secrets are twofold, and each 
Responds to other both in good and ill, 
A crescent thought will one day orb to full, 
And on the earth reflect true light of Heaven. 

But long and arduous were their labours ere 
The rugged fields produced enough for all, 
For thousands came ere hundreds could be fed ; 
The scanty harvests gleaned to their last ear 
Sufficed not yet, men hungered for their bread 
Before it grew, yet cheerful bore the hard 
Coarse fare and russet garb of pioneers, 


In these great woods, content to build a home 
And commonwealth, where they could live secure, 
A life of honour, loyalty and peace. 

* * The world goes rushing by, 

The ancient landmarks of a nobler time, 
When men bore deep the imprint of the law 
Of duty, truth and loyalty unstained. 
Amid the quaking of a continent 
Torn by the passions of an evil time, 
They counted neither cost nor danger, spurned 
Defections, treasons, spoils ; but feared God, 
Nor shamed of tneir allegiance to the king. 

To keep the empire one in unity 

And brotherhood of its imperial race, 

For that they nobly fought and all but won, 

Where losing was to win a higher fame 

In building up our northern land, to be 

A vast dominion stretched from sea to sea ; 

A land of labour but of sure reward, 

A land of corn to feed the world withal, 

A land of life's best treasures, plenty, peace, 

Content and freedom, both to speak and do, 

A land of men to rule, with sober law, 

This Christian commonwealth, God's gift, to keep 

This part of Britain's empire next the heart, 

Loyal as were their fathers, and as free. 



A. A copy of the Order in Council of the 9th November, 1789, 
. ordering a record to be kept of the U. E. Loyalists. 

B. A copy of the old " U. E. List," preserved in the Crown Lands 
Department at Toronto. 



Monday, 9th November, 1789. 



The HONOURABLE WILLIAM SMITH, Esquire, Chief Justice. 







His Lordship intimated to the Council, that it remained a ques- 
tion, upon the late Regulation for the disposition of the Waste 
Lands of the Crown, whether the Boards constituted for that pur- 
pose were authorised to make Locations to the Sons of Loyalists, 
on their coming to full Age and that it was his wish to put a 
Marke of Honor upon the families who had adhered to the Unity 
of the Empire, and joined the Royal Standard in America before 
the Treaty of Separation in the year 1783. 

The Council concurring with his Lordship, it is accordingly 
Ordered : 

That the several Land Boards take course for preserving a Regis- 
try of the names of all persons falling under the description afore- 


mentioned to the end that their posterity may be discriminated, 
from future settlers, in the Parish Registers and Rolls of the 
Militia of their respective Districts, and other Public Remem- 
brancers of the Province, as proper objects, by their persevering in 
the Fidelity and Conduct so honourable to their ancestors, for dis- 
tinguished Benefits and Privileges. 

And it is also ordered, that the said Land Boards may in every 
such case provide not only for the Sons of those Loyalists, as they 
arrive to full age, but for their Daughters also of that age, or on 
their Marriage, assigning to each a Lot of Two Hundred Acres, 
more or less, provided nevertheless that they respectively comply 
with the general Regulations, and that it shall satisfactorily appear 
that there has been no Default in the due Cultivation and Improve- 
ment of the Lands already assigned to the head of the family of 
which they are members. 

(Signed) J. WILLIAMS, C.C. 


Copy of the ** Old U. E. List," preserved in the Crown Lands 
Department at Toronto. 


S.B.R Soldier in Butler's Rangers 
K.R.R. or R.R. Is Royl. Regt. N. York. 

F. P. Is p. their Petition. 
.R. Is Loj'al Rangers. 
Q.R. Queen's Rangers. 
L.Bd.L. The Land Board of Lunenburg. 
R.L.B.S. Return Land Board Stormont. 
L.B.M.-Land Board Mecklenburg. 

L.B.A. Land Board Adolphustown. 

L.B.K. Land Board of Kingston. 

P.L. Provision List Kingston. 

P.L.N. J. Provision List New Johnstowne, 

P.L 2d. Provision List Eastern District. 

P.L.N. Provision List Niagara. 

B.M.A. Capt. Barnes' Muster Absentees. 


Abbott, Joseph 

Abney, Jonas 

Abraham, Christian . 
Abraham, Daniel ... 

Aby or Haby, George 

Adair, John 

Adams, Andrew 

Adams, Elijah Curtis 
Adams, Erray 

Adams, Lt. Gideon 

Adams, James 

Adams, Joel.. 


W. District. 

Ernest Town.. 



E. District 
H. District 


E. District 



Sergeant, disched. from the 
26th Regmt., his own Peti- 
tion in C.O. 

No person of this name on 
the roll. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Called 
Loyalist P. L. 1786. 

Discharged Soldier, German 
Troops. Provision List 
1786. (Stamped book.) 

A Soldier 44th Regt., L.B.L. 
200 acres only, how U. E. 

Petition, Soldier Jersey Vol- 

Soldier p. Petition, K. 

Soldier p. Petition and 

L.B.L. a Loyalist. 

(Que. if Ezra) Soldier p. Petition L.B.L. 
Came in at the commence- 
ment of the War. 
Do. S. G Jessup's Corps, L. B. L. 

i Loyal Rangers. 

Do. Soldier K. Rangers, S.G. 

200 acres L.B.A., 1794. 

Soldier 1C Rangers. 







Adams Samuel 

E District 

Capt. under G-enl Burgoyne 

Adams Sam ^Vllliam 


p. Petition. 
Sergeant p. Petition. Vol- 

Adcock, John 


unteer P., 1789. King's 
British Soldier (P.L. 1786). 

Ainsley Johannah 

H. District 

S. stamped book. 
Wife of Sergt Henry Boug- 


Soldier Loyal Rangers 

Aker Lambert 

H. District 

Que. if Aior * Yes. Butler's 

Albertson Richard 


Rangers. Had a wife, 
P.L.N., 1786. 

Albrant, Francis 

E. District 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, A. 

Albrant Henry 


Had a wife. P.L.N. 1786. 
R. R. N. Y Muster Roll 

Alexander, Hugh 

H. District 

Has a wife and 2 children. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
In 1782, when a boy 

Algire, Junior Jacob 

E. District 

Son of Jacob Senr not 

Algire, Senior, Jacob 


U.E. in his own right, p. 
Petition, 1798. 
R.R.N.Y., P.L. 2d 1786. 

Algire, Elisha 

New Castle District , . . 


O. C. 28th Feb. , 1805, ordered 

Algire, Martin 

E. District 

to be inscribed on U.E. 
Soldier.Royal Yorkers Mus- 

Alindelph, Mary 

ter Roll, P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Allan, Western . . 

E. District 

Came in after the War, about 

Allen, John . 


1786, M.S. Sherwood. 
}Que. if Sons of Joseph 

Allen, Jonathan 


Allen Petition? Yes. 

Allen, Joseph 


S.G. apt. Loyalists Captain 

Allen, Joseph 


No 1. M.R. No. 4. 

Allison, Joseph . . 

Adolphus Town 

A private in Col. Delaney's 

Alpin, James 

Marysburgh .... 

Corps. L.B.M. 
Sero-t. British Regt. 

Alt, Nicholas 

E. District . . 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, A, 

Aman, John 


a wife. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Or Amon, John, Soldier, 

Aman, Jacob 


R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Soldier, R.R.N.Y. Muster 

Amey, John Jonas 

Ernest Town 

Roll, A. 
With Genl. Burgoyne. Jes- 

sups P.L. 1786. L.B.C. 






Amon Lawrence 

E District 

R R.N Y died before the 

Amor, Peter 


A Grenadier Royl. Yorkers 

Amor, Philip . . 


J.B. say Philip. 
Royal Regt. , New York. 

Amsbury, \Villiam 

Ernest Town . 

Soldier, Loyal Rangers call- 

Amy, Nicholas . 


ed Loyalist P.L., 1786. 
Soldier, Loyal Rangers, L. 

Anderson, Alexander 

Home District 

B.M., 1790. 600 ac. (P.L. 

Niagara, Stamped Book. 

Anderson, Alexander. . 
Anderson, Benjamin 

Discharged Soldier. . . . 
E. District 

Kingston, Soldier 31st Regt. 
p. Petition. (Stamped 

Not in the Province J.B, 

Anderson, Cyrus 

Do. expunged 

(P.L. 2d, 1786). 
Son of Samuel J.B. (P.L. 

Anderson, Ebenezer. . . 

Do. expunged .... 

2d, 1786). 
Son of Samuel, R.R.N. York 

Anderson, Elias 

Home District . . . 

Soldier p. Muster Roll. 
(P.L. 2d, 1786). 
Inserted by O.C., 8th July, 

Anderson, Elisha., 

Do. expunged 

Son of Samuel, Soldier R.R. 

Anderson, George . 

E. District, expunged 

N.Y. Ld.Bd. Muster Roll. 
(P.L. 2d, 1786). 
Son of Samuel, J.B. P.L. 

Anderson, IJenry... . 

E. District . . 

2d, 1786. 
Loyal Rangers. J.F. 

Anderson, John 


Que. If he did not belong to 

Anderson, Jacob 

E. District 

Royal Artillery. 

Anderson, James.. 

Do. expunged 

Son of Samuel and a Soldier 

Anderson, Senior, John 


R.R.N.Y..M.ROII. single 

man. P.L. 1786. 
Son of Benjamin J B. Dis- 

Anderson, Junior, John 


charged British Soldier. 
Expunged, Son of Samuel, 

Anderson, John; 


J.B, (Single man. P.L. 
2d, 1786). 
If from Nova Scotia (Soldier 

Anderson, Joseph 


BritishRegiment A.Mc.L. ) 
Expunged Capt. P.L. 2d, 

Anderson, Joseph . . . 

E. District, M.C 

Lt. Sir J. Johnson's or R. 

Anderson, Peter 

Markham .... 

Inserted by O. Council, 2d 

Anderson, Richard 

E. District 

Dec., 1806. 
Que. If not Son of Benja- 

min ? Yes. J.B. 






Anderson, Capt. .. . 

E. District 

S. G. R. R. N . York. P. L. 


H. District 

2d, 1786. 
S. B. Rangers. (Niagara 

Anderson, Thomas G 

E District 

Stamped Book). S. P.L. 
N, 1786. 
Expunged, Son of Samuel, 

Andrews, Benjamin . . 
Anderson, Walter .... 

Elizabeth Town 
Charlotte ville 

J.B. ' Single man, P.L. 
2d, 1786. 
Joined the Royal Army at 
Verplank's Point from 
Order in Council 24th Feb- 

Andrew, William 


ruary, 1807. Served in 
Ward's Block House. 
British Soldier, P.L., 1786. 

Angle George . ... 

Sophiasburgh and 

Stamped Book. 
German Soldier, Engle. 

Angrish Henry 

H District 

S Genl. Soldier, B. Rangers 

Angrish, Jacob. , 
Anker, August 


H District") 

a wife and one child. 
P. L. N, 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier, Butler's Rangers. 
S,G. B.R. A wife. P.L.N. 

Anker (Ager), Charles.. 
Anker, Simon Fredk. . 

Anker, Junr., Fredk, . . 
Annable, John 

&fc ... 
*o- [II -. 

do. |l 

do. Js ::; 

E District 

S.G. B.R., Niagara Stamped 
Book, S.P.L.N. 1786. 
S.G. B.R. A wife & two sons. 
P.L.N. 1786. 
S.G. B.R. S.P.L.N. 1785. 
Sergt. R.R. N.Y., Muster 

Ainslie Amos 


Roll E. 
At St. Vincent, Gov. Ham- 

Ansley, Amos 

Cataraqui Township 

ilton, 100 (P.L. 1786.) 
(Stamped Book). 
No. 1, M.R. No. 4. 

Ainslie, Samuel 

Kingston . 

Sergeant Kind's Royal Regt. 

Appleby, William .... 


N. York. P.L. 1786.^ 
An artificer in the King's 

Arkenbrack, John .... 

E District... 

service 7 years. P. 1794. 
A soldier in Jessup's corps, 

Armstrong, Senr., 

of Elizabethtown 

L. Bd. L. 

Deceased. Suffered imprison- 

Armstrong, John 

E District 

ment in Albany gaol from 
1777 to 1783. O.C. 12th 
May, 1808. 
Suffered imprisonment in Al- 

Armstrong al Welch, . . 

Edwardsburg . . 

bany gaol. Loyal Rangers. 
Came into the Province as 


Mrs. Ruderbach with her 



Armstrong, Junr. , 

Armstrong, Thomas ... 

Arnold, Genl. Benedict 

Arnold, Lt. Henry 

Arnold, Lt. Richard . . 
Ashford, Nathaniel . . . 

Ashley, William 

Asseltine, John 

Asseltine, Isaac 

Asseltine, Peter 

Atkinson, William 

Atkinson, William.... 
Averall, Robert 

Avery, Joseph 

A very, Joseph . 
Ault, Everhart 

Ault, Michael . 

Cataraqui Township 
E District.. 

Austin, Widow Chrisp E District. 

Ault, John 

Austin, Joel H District. 

Austin, Solomon. 
Ackler, William . 

Babcock, Benjamin 


E District. 

Ernest Town 


Kingston . . . 

E District. 





Son of Thomas. 

do. Edwardsburgh Served under General Bur- 

goyne, J.F. 
Struck off. 

Home District Expunged. M.C. 

do. Son of. M.C. 

Inserted by O. Council, 6th 
July, 1798. 

Kingston Soldier 34th Regt. p. petition. 

Not U.E. 200 acres. L. B. 
M., 1791. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B. 
M. 1790350. P.L., 1786. 
L. B. M., 1790 only 200. . 

Loyalist (Stamped Book). 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B. 
M. 1790300. P.L. 1786. 
S.G-. Lieut. N. York militia 
(Stamped Book), P.L. 1786. 
No. M.R. No. 4. 
Drummer R.R.N.Y. Muster 


do. . . Fif er Loyal Rangers,or R. R. 


Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.L., 
Single, P.L. 2d, 1786. 

R.R.N.Y. M. Roll, A has 
a wife and one child, P.L. 
2d, 1786. 

At Montreal, B.M.A., J.F. 
widow of Dr. Austin. 

On original Roll. Soldier 

Butler's Rangers, S.G.S., 
P. L. N. 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 

From North Carolina. 

B.R., Soldier Butler's Ran- 
gers a wife and two chil- 
dren. P.L.N. 1786,Niagara 
Stamped Book. 

A single man, a settler from 
State N. York, L.B,K. 
1792200. His children in 
1804,aged Rachel,] 4; Da- 
vid, 12 ; Peter, 10 ; Sarah, 
7 ; Jacob, 5 ; John, 3 ; El- 
izabeth, 1 year ; joined at 
New York and in Ward's 






Babcock David 

Kingston . 

Emigrant settler, L. B. K., 
1793, from New York State 
200acres,Kingston; once 
served in the Blockhouse ; 
600 acres. 
Who joined the Royal army 
at New York, order-in - 
Council 30thJanuary,1808. 
Butler's Ran. (Niagara 
Stamped Book, S.P.L.N. 
Discharged British Soldier. 
If the widow of Samuel or 
Anthony late of Kinder- 
brook wife of William 
Son of Levi J.B.; ship car- 
penter in the service. 
A volunteer in Delaney's 
Regt.; L. Bd. L. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y.,L.Bd,L. 
a wife and 6 children, 
P. L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Adam, Senr. 
R.R-N.Y.-had a wife and 
3 children; P. L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.L., 
Muster Roll : had a wife, 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Eas beeen five years in the 
Province ; asks 200 acres. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, L. B. 
M., 1790300, P.L. 1786. 
Pioneer B. Rangers (Niagara 
Stamped Book, S.P.L.N., 
Son of Adam, Senr., U.E., 
(single, P.L. 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., Muster 
Roll (single, P. L.2d, 1786, 
Stamped Book. 
Son of Adam ; a soldier in 
Que., if not son of Adam, 
Cataraqui, B. M. A., 
Stamped Book. 
A settler did not join before 
1783. KJ. D.G. 
lit. B. Rangers a wife and 
four children, P. L. N. 1786, 
Niagara Stamped Book. 

Babcock, Rachel, 

Home District 

widow of Samuel 
Backer John 

Badderly, Michael 
Badgley, now At- 
kinson, Margt. 

Baily, John . 


M District 

E District . . 

Baily, Levy 


Baker, Senr., Adam . . 

Baker, Junr., Adam . . 
Baker, Benjamin 




Baker, Conradt ... . 

( E District 

Baker, Elisha 

\ Williams burg 
Augusta. . 

Baker, Frederick . . . 

Ernest Town 

Baker, Jack 
(Blackman) James 

Baker John 

H District '.. 

E District 

Baker, Henry 

E District 

Baker, Martin 

E District. . . 

Baker, WiUiam 

Baldwin, PMneas 
Ball, Senr., Lt. Jacob 


H District... . 






Ball, Jacob 

H District 

Que. , if not son of Peter a 

Ball, Lt. Peter 


wife and one child, P.L.N. 
Lt. B.R., Niagara Stamped 

Ball, Shadrack 

Ernest Town 

Book a wife & 2 children, 
P.L.N. 1786. 
A soldier Loyal Rangers, L. 

Ball, Solomon 


B. M. ,1791,400 acres-drew 
land in Charlottenburg,100 
acres relinquished this 
land, P.L.N. J., 1786. 
P States M D soldier in 

Banta, Capt, Weart . . 

H District 

Jessup's, also L. B. M. 
1790, P.L.N. J. 1786. 
His heirs. 

Barnhart, Charles .... 
Barnhart, George . 

E District 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.M. 
1760. P.L. 1786. 
Sergeant K.R R N Y IF 

Barnhart, John . 

H District 

P.L. 2d, 1786. 
R R N Y Muster Roll A 

Barnhart, Jacob . ... 

E District 

Stamped Book. M.D. 
}SoldierR.R N Y. L Bd.L 

Barnhart, Nicholas.. . . 


Sons of George, J.B. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. L. Bd. 

Barnum, Nathaniel . 

H District 

Dead a Lieut 

Barnum, Nathan 

London District . . 

Formerly soldier in 3rd Bat- 

Barthol, Keepart 

H District .. 

talion of Delaney's. O.C. 
26th January, 1808. 
B Rangers. 

Bartley, Isaiah . . 

Fred ericksburgh 

Soldier King's R Regt N. 

/ t * i \ 

Bartley, Michael 


York 700 acres (Stamped 
Book), P.L. 1786. 
P.L 1786 -had drawn 100 

Barton, John 


acres L.B.A. 1794, grant 
200. Soldier R.R.N.Y., 
G.H. 1784. 
1789 Land Board Certificate 

Barton, Joseph 


no description. Son of 
1789 Land Board Certificate 

Barton, Thomas 

E District. 

no description. 
Stated U E by Land Board 

Barton, William 

Elizabeth Town 

of Luneberg. Soldier Loy- 
al Rangers. 
1789. No description in Land 

Bassey, Jacob 

Home District 

Board Certificate; a settler 
E. Jessup. 
S. B. Rs. 

Bassey, Junr., Robert.. 


B,K, the senr. a settler. 






Basteder David 

Home District 

Nephew to Capt. Tice how 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, Sam- 
uel Beekman, M. Roll. 
Sergeant Queen's Rangers 
by order-in -Council 2d De- 
cember, 1806. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. pr. Mus- 
ter Roll L. Bd. L. (single), 
P.L. 2d. 
Custom House Officer, New 
p. P. Served three years in 
Marine Department in 
1797 how Tf,E. 

Loyal Rangers. Order-in- 
Council, 28th February, 
Son of Sergt. John Beach. 
ELis Father was never in this 
A Loyalist. 

Batman Samuel 

E District 

Bates William 

Niagara District 
E District. . 

Baxter, William . 
Bayeux Thomas 

H District 

Bayman James ..... 


Beach, Serg. John 
Beach, Samuel 

Beach, Stephen Tod . 
Beardsley, Crannel B.. 

Beasley, Richard.. . 

Johnstown District .... 
Ernest Town .*. 

E District 

H District 


Beavins, James 

Beebe, Sergt. Edin.... 
Beebe, Joshua 

Ernest Town. 

L.B.M. 1793,State Loyalist, 
was shot in Ernest Town. 
Bounty 200. Soldier Loyal 
N. C. O. B. R. a Sergeant, 
had a wife P.L.N. 1786, 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
Son's Petition. 
Came to Lower Canada be- 
fore 1783. Sarah Buck his 
See George Buck. 
Inserted by O.C. 24th Aug., 
1802, Engineer Dept. 
Discharged British soldier, 
from 53rd Regt. (Stamped 
Book) p. Sergt. Mcln- 
tosh's certificate. 
S. G. Corpl. Becraft, Indian 
Dept. single, P.L.N, 1786, 
Niagara stamped book. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y.P.L.1786. 
S. G. No. 2, Soldier Butler's 
Rangers, O.C. 13th Oct., 
1796, S.,P.L.N., 1786. 

H District 

Beach, John 

E District 

Buck, Bercia 
Beack, George 

E District 


Bedford, Jonathan, sr.. 
Bedford, Edward. 

New Castle 

H District 

Begraft, Benjamin 

Behn, John . . 


Bell, Derick...^ 

H District 






Bell Duncan 

Fredericksburgh ... 

S.G. Sergeant King's Ran- 

Bell Thomas . 


gers, P.L. 1786. 
1785, Gov. Hamilton 100 

Bell William 

Kingston . . 

Loyalist Soldier, R.R.N, 
Y., P.L. 1786. 

Treasury Loyalist 

Bell William 


Sergt. King's Rangers R 

Bell William 


Roll (Stamped Book) P.L. 
Sergt. 31st Regt R 

Belton George 

E District 

Geo. Boulton ioined in 1777 

Bender Dennis . . 


0. E. 

Bender George 

E District . . 

Soldier R Regt N York 

Painter, J. F 

Muster Roll A. 

Bender Philip 

Home District 

B. R. a wife and four chil- 

Bender Tunis 

E District 

dren, P. L. N. 1786, Nia- 
gara Stamped Book. 
Son of George States p Pe- 

Benedict, John 

Do Matilda 

tition, in 1798, to be of age. 
R.R.N.Y , Muster Roll (A) 

Benedict, Joseph 
Benegar John 

Do G.G 


single, P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Corpl. R. R. N. Y., Muster 
Boll, P.L. 2d, 1786, a wife 
and two children. 
Issuer of Provisions and 

Bennet, Corporal 

E District 

afterwards clerk in Com- 
missary Dept. L. B. M., 
1791, 200, and L. B. A., 
1794, 300 acres more. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers 

Bennet, if Charls, Jas.. 

H District 

S. G. List 2 Corpl Indian 

Benson, Albert . 

Adolphus Town 

Dept., one of this name, 
H. D. states to have come 
here in 1791. 
Loyalist 1786 P L from 

Benson, Cornelius . . . 


New York, Mc.'L.' 
Son of Mathew 

Benson, Garret 

Adolphus Town . . . 

Loyalist L B M 1790 and 

Benson Mathew 


P.L. 1786, from New York 
TJ E Soldier Orange Ran 

Benth, John 

gers,L. B. M. and P. L., 
1786. Bounty by his heirs, 
200 L.B.M., 1791. 
Discharged German soldier 

Berdan, Albert . 

H District 

p. Provision List, 1786. 
Sergeant 2nd Batln New 

Jersey Volunteers. 






Berkley, Averhart . . . 
Berrard, Alexander . 

Williamsburgh . 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Dead. J.B. R.R.N.Y., M. 
Roll, P.L.N. J., 1786. 
S. G. Chaplain, 84th Regt. 
States the loss of property 
for his loyalty. In 1795 
came with a wife and 9 
children. John Silver- 
thorn says that he drove a 
continental waggon ; no 
Was taken prisoner by the 
Indians and afterwards 
served in R.R.N.Y. 
Que, If not Biringer who 
came in 1737. P. states 
no service. 
Discharged British Soldier. 
Que. what Brit. Regt. 29th 
per Sergeant Mclntosh's 
Discharged Brit. Sol. Que. 
what British Regt. 53rd 
Regt. L.B.M. 1791, 350, 
and P.L. 1786 (Stamped 
Book), a wife. 
R. R. N. Y, A. McL. 
(Stamped Book), S. P. L, 

Discharged Brit. Sol. Que. 
what Regt. 29th Regt. per 
Land Board Certificate, 
450 L.B.M., 1791, and 
Provision List, 1786. 
Son of Thomas. 
Served in Quarter Master 
Son of Thomas Boyd, senr. 
Emigrant from U. S. , L. B. L. 
Died in 1789, O. C. 4th May, 
1802. Reed, from C.O. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll- 
gone into the States, B. 

789, Resident three years 
drawn 100 acres. 

E District 


Bethune, Angus 

Bethune, Revd. John.. 
Betron, David 


H District 

Bettersworth, James. 
Beygar, Christopher. . 
Bibby, Richard 

E District. . 

E District 

Marysburgh . . 

Binker, William 


Birch, Jacob 


Bird, Henry., ... 


Boid, James 

E District 

Boid, Senr, Thomas. . . 

Boid, Junr, Thomas . . 
Birdsall, Jeremiah 

Birdsall, Samuel 

Do Edwardsburgh 

Elizabeth Town 

Of Stamford 

Bishop, John 

E District Matilda.... 
4iugusta . 

Bissle, David 

Bissle, Joseph 







Bistedo, Jacob 

Incorporated Loyalists. One 

Black Jonathan . 

Augusta . . 

son, P.L., 1786. 
p P. Sergeant in Col. Brev- 

Blackburn, John . . . 


ington's Regiment. 
O.C. 5th Jan., 1808. Soldier 

Blakeley, James .... 

Marysburgh and 

in Capt. Suman's Compy. , 
M. C. Commissary, O. C., 

Sophiasbur cr h 

30th August, 1797 (P. L. 

Blakeley al Flvnn, 

E District, Lancaster.. 

Had three children, P.L. 
2d, 1786. 

Blacher, John 

Maryaburgh and 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. L.B. 

Blanchard William 


M., 1790, 300, King's 
Rangers, P.L., 1786. 
44th Regt., Genl. Haldi- 

Bland William 

E District 

mand, 100 and P.L., 1786. 
(Stamped Book). 
Wan-anted artificer from the 

Bogart Abraham 


Tower, not U. E., had a 
wife and one child, P. L. 
2d, 1786. 
Loyalist L.B.M. 1793, 300, 

Bogart, Christopher . . 
Bogart, Gilbert or 


Loyalist from New York, 
McL., P.L., 1786. 
O.C.,16th June, 1807. 
Soldier Loyal Refugees, L. 


B.M., 1789, 450 in all. P. 

Boice, Senior/ John.. 

H District 

L. 1786. 
Soldier B. R., p. P. a wife 

Boice, Junior, John. 


and four children, P. L. 
2d, 1786. Soldier R.R.N. 
Y. Muster Roll. 
Son of John, senr. 

Bond, George . . 

York .. .. .. 

O. C. 7th March, 1808. 

Bonistal Jacob 

E District 

Served as Captain in Col. 
Richd. King's Regiment., 
South Carolina. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Bolton, Richard .... 


On original Roll. 

Booth, Abner. 

E District, late of 

1789. P. States as settler. 

Born, John Senr 

Elizabeth Town 
Home District 

A settler, R.J., D.G. 
On original Roll. 

Booth Benjamin 

Ernest Town . 

Born, John, Junr 

Home District 

On original Roll. 

Booth Bethea 

E District 

Booth, Charles 

Do . . 

Son of John Booth, a Pen- 

Booth, John . . 

Auerusta . . . 

sioner, Ld. Bd. L. 
Son of John Booth, senr. 






Booth, Senior, John. . . 
Booth, Joshua 

Booth, Isaac 

E District 

U. E. Pensioner during the 
S. G. Sergeant and for his 
father who died in New 
York (P.L. 1786.) 
Son of John Booth; a pen- 
sioner, Ld. Bd. L. 
Now Campbell, daughter of 
John Booth, a pensioner, 
Son of John Booth, a pen- 
sioner, L. Bd. L. 
Son of John Booth, p. Pe- 
tition J. J, a pensioner. 
Joined the Royal Standard 
at New York in 1776, and 
was in the King's service, 
Dischd. Soldier German 
troops p. Provision List 
A single woman not enti- 
Employed in the Lumber 
Service for Government. 
S.G.-Jessups-Ensign Loyal 
Rangers, B.M.A. 

Expunged by order of C. 
Not U.E. 
(if Bouks) a soldier R. R. 
R.R. N. York, Muster Roll. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll (A). 
Single. P. L. 2d, 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll P. 
L. 2d, 1786 had a wife & 
four children. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier K. R. Regt. N. Y. 
L.Bd.L. 200,P.L.2d,1786. 
R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
Son of William Bowen of 
Soldier Butler's Rangers, S. 
Genl. A wife & four chil- 
dren, P. L. N. 1786; Ni- 
agara Stamped Book. 

Ernest Town 

E District 

Booth, Phabe 


Booth Samuel 

Do Elizabethtown 

Booth Vincent 

E District 

Booth, Zeaks . ... 

Borman, Sigismund . . 
Boss, Elizabeth 


H District 

Bostwick, Joshua 
Bostwick, Joshua 
Bottom, Ensn. Elijah. . 

Bottom, Richard 
Bouchette, Commodore 

Bough, John 

E District, Augusta ) 
Augusta ) 

E District 

do. ..*... 

M District . . 

E District 

Bough, Senr., Frederick 
Bough, Junr. , Frederick 

Bouk, Adam 




Bouk, Senr., Christian 
Bouk, Frederick 



Bo wen, Abraham 
Bowen, Cornelius 

H District 






Bowen Henry 

"Richmond . . 

L.B.M. 1790550. Loyalist 
from N. Y. Provision list 
1786-a wife. 
Son of William Bowen of 
Soldier King's Royal Regt. 
N. York, Muster Roll. 

ACorporal Butler's Rangers, 
L.B.M. 1790. 
Son of Wm. Bowen of R.R. 
N. Y. 
Son of Wm. Bowen of Fred- 
ericksburgh, L.B.M. 1790. 
B. Rangers. A soldier. 
Lieut. Indian Department, 
L.B.M. 1791. 
Soldier Royal Yorkers. L. 
B. M. 1790650. P. L. 
1786, Muster Roll, A. 
(Stamped Book). 
Same person-soldier in R.R. 
N. Y. , P.L. 1786-has land 
in Matilda, N.M.L. 
Corporal R.R N.Y. P. L. 
1786. Stamped Book. 
Son of William Bowen of 
of R.R.N.Y. 
Bucks County Volunteers. 
Volunteer in Capt.Thomas's 
Company P. 
Drummer Royal Regiment 
New York Muster Roll 
Niagara Stamped Book a 
wife & 7 children P. L.N. 
Que., Butler's Rangers, Ni- 
agara Stamped Book S. 
P. L.N. 1786. 
Butler's Rangers, S.G. O.C. 
13th Oct., 1796. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
B. Rangers a wife and five 
children, P. L.N. 1786. Ni- 
agara Stamped Book. 
B. Rangers, S. P. L.N. 1786 
(Niagara Stamped Book). 

Bowen, John 

E District, Matilda . . 
H District "\ 

Bowen Luke 

Bowen, Corporal Peter 
Bowen, Peter 

Fredericksburgh f 

Bowen Peter 

Bowen } Victor . . 

H District 

Bowen, William 

Bowen, William R.... 
Bowen William 


Frederick sburgh 

Bower Adam 

Ernest Town "S 

Bower Adam 

Fredericksburgh ) 
do. (Kaspar) . . 

Kingston .... 

Bower, Gaspar 

Bower William 

Boulsby, Richard 
Boulsby, Thomas 

Bowman, Abraham . . 

Bowman, Senior, 
George Adam 

Bowman, Junior, Adam 
Bowman, Henry . . 

H District 






Bowman, Jacob 
Bowman, Peter 


H District 






Boyce, Andrew 

Ernest Town 
E District, Matilda . . 

Elizabeth Town 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 
R.R.N.Y. had a wife and 
4 children, P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Joseph Griffin says in Al- 
bany Gaol; afterwards en- 
listed with the Rebels ; 
deserted in two days ; for 
7 years lived after on Con- 
necticut River. 
Was a soldier in the Conti- 
tinental service. Not U.E. 
Soldier in Jessup's Corps, p. 
M. (P.L. 1786). 
S. G. Ensign Rogers say 
Loyal Rangers, L.B.L. 
S.G. Captain, Rogers, say 
Loyal Rangers, L.B.L. 
Joined Genl. Burgoyne; was 
taken prisoner; came to 
Canada in 1786 ; drew 200 
acres, and returned imme- 
diately to the States. In- 
formation of Col. James 
S.G. King's Rangers, a sol- 
dier, L.B.M. 1790. P.L. 
Engineer Department arti- 
ficer. Son of Jas. Brad- 
shaw, Senr. Restored to 
U.E. List O.C. 14th Jan- 
uary, 1808, p. Certificate 
P.L 1786. 
Corporal R. R. N. Y. M. Roll, 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier Delaney's Brigade, 
L. B. M. 1790300 P. S. 
1786, K. R.'s, 1784, by 
Genl. Haldimands one of 
this name Lieut, unin 
corpd. Loyalists. 
King's Rangers, son of James 
Bradshaw, Senr. P.L. 1785. 
B. Rangers. A wife & one 
child, P. L. N. 1786. Ni- 
agara Stamped Book. 

Boyce, John 

de Boyce, Jehdda 
Boyce, Stephen 

Ernest Town 

Brackenridge, David... 
Brackenridge, James . . 
Brackenridge, Francis. 

Bradshaw, Asal . 

E District 


H District 

F re d eri ck sburgh 

Bradshaw, David 
Bradshaw, John 


E District, Oynaburgh 
Frederick sburgh 

M District. Que. . . ^ 

Fredericksburgh. Que j 
H District 

Bradshaw,Senr. , James 

Bradshaw, Junr. , James 

Bradshaw, Junr. , Jame s 
Bradt, Capt. Andrew. . 






Bradt, Arent 

H District 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., M. Roll, 

Bradt, Lt. John 


Niagara Stamped Book. 
A wife and five children. 
P.L.N. 1786. 
2000 B. Rangers. Niagara 

Bradt, John . . 


Stamped Book. 
Sergt. B. Rangers S.G. 

Bradt, Minar 


Butler's Rangers (P.L.1786). 

Brannan, William . . . 

E District . . . 

Soldier 84th, p. P (P.L. 2d, 

Brant, Capt. Joseph . . 

Home District 

By order-in-Council, 9th Ju- 

Brant, Mary 


ly, 1806. 
A principal Indian woman, 

Brant, Henry 


Soldier 34th Regt.p.P.(R.R. 

Brant, Capt. Joseph 

Home District 

N.Y., P.L. 1786). 
By order-in-Council of 1806. 

Brass, David 

Kingston .... 

M C Lt B.R. p. P. P.L. 

Bready, James 


Incorporated Loyalist N.Y. 

Bready, Luke 

E District 

P.L.1786 (Stamped Book). 
Soldier R R. N. Y, J. W. 

Brewer, Aaron 


P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Associated Loyalist. (P.L. 

Brewer, Lazarus 


No description. Ld. Bd. 

Brewort. Elias 

H District 

Certificate of 1794. Emi- 
grant settler from Mon- 
mouth, N.Jersey. L.B.K. 
1794. 200. 
A settler in 1787. 

Bridge, William 

Marysburgh . 

Corpl 53d Regt. GenL Hal- 

Briscoe, Isaac 

Ernest Town 

dimand 1784100 (P. L. 
1786, Stamped Book). A 
wife & six children. 
S.G. Sergeant K.Rangers or 

Briscoe, Nathan 


Loyal Rangers (P.L.1786). 
Restored O.C. 15th Deer., 

Brooks, John 

Sophiasburgh & 

1807 son of Isaac 200 
acres L.B.M. 1791 (sol- 
dier in Jessup's), P. L. 

Browce, George 

E District 

Royal Yorkers L. Bd. L. 

Brown, Abraham 


Soldier Loyal Rangers 200 

Brouse, Joseph .... 

Matilda . 

R R N.Y. 

Brouse, Peter . , 

E District.. 







Brouse, Peter 
Brown Edward 

E District 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Son of Abraham. 
Joined Royal Standard in 
1777 had a warrant to 
raise a company affidavit 
of J. Scovell, 1808. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers, L. 
B. Nassau 1791, and one 
of same name in B.R. a 
wife& 5 children P.L.N. 
1786, Niagara Stamped 
Discharged soldier. 
Sergeant in Delaney's. 
If not son of Nathaniel, to 
Eliz. Town (Single). P. 
L. 1786. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
B. Rangers, S. G. (Niagara 
Stamped Book) Stamped 
Book, M.D. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, one 
in Jessup's. 
Soldier from Vermont, L.B. 
G., reserved, 1793, O.C., 
28th April, 1807, rein- 
stated, one belonged to 
Jessups, B.M.A, 
Had a wife and one child, 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, T.F. 
Soldier 10th Regiment. A 
soldier Butler's Rangers, 
a wife and two children, 
P. L. N., 1786, Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
A soldier, Glengarry, J.B., 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Alexander, J.B. 
iVidow of Alexander, J.B. 
low. Daughter of late 
Alexander, J.B. 
low. Daughter of late 
Alexander, J.B. 
Son of a soldier, 200 acres, 


Brown, Kzekiah 

E District Yonge . . . 
H District 

Brown, John . . 

Brown, John 


Brown, James 

H District 

Brown, James 

E District 

Brown, Jesse 
Brown, Senr. , Jesse . . 
Brown, Junr. , Jesse. . . 
Brown, Joseph 

E District 



H District 

Brown, Nathan 
Brown, Nathaniel . 

Brown, Samuel 


Brown, Thomas .... 


Brown, William 

H District of Stamford 
E District . 

Bruce, Alexander 
Bruce, David 


Bruce, Margaret 


Bruce, Junior, Margt , . 
Bruce, Sally 



Bruce, William... ,.. 

do Cornwall . . . 






Broundage, John . . . 

E District 

Soldier in Delaney's Regt. 
of Refugees, L.B.L., his 
widow Mary. 
Firm Loyalist, joined the 
troops in 1777. 
Que. if of WilJiamsburg, son 
of Peter Bruner, a soidier 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
Regt. Roll, Corpl., p. L. 
B.M., 1790, 600. 
King's Rangers. K. Ran- 
gers, P.L., 1786. 
S.G. Revd. Jessups Corps. 
E. J., Stamped Book- 
One of this name a British 
soldier, P.L., 1786. 
Her husband was a soldier 
in the Loyal Rangers and 
died at Sorell in 1791. 
Samuel, reinstated on the 
U. E. list, order in Coun- 
cil, 7th March, 1807. 
On original Roll, Sarah his 
Original Roll, John Buck. 
O.C.,7th April 1807. Em- 

Broundage, James .... 
Brunner Peter . 

H District 

Adolphus Town. 

Brounson, Sr., Samuel. 

Brounson, Samuel J.S. 
Bryan, John 

Buck, Mechitable . . . 

Fredericksburg . 


E District 


Buck, Berecu 

Elizabeth Town 

Buck, Jonathan 

H District 

Buck, George 

Kingston . 

Buck, Philip 

do . 

ployed in assisting and 
directing persons on secret 
Soldier B. R., p. P. Fred- 
erick Buck, his son, p. 
affidavit of P. Terry, 24th 
Aug., 1806. A wife and 
seven children, P. L. N.. 
1785, (Niagara Stamped 
On original Roll, 
p. P. Sergeant in Delaney's 
Brigade, 550 and 6. 
Joined the Royal Standard 
at New York, R.C. 
States to have joined the 
Royal Army in the Jer- 
seys in 1777. Came to 
this country with his 
family in 1795. 
Was in before 1789. King's 
Rangers, J.F. 

Buck, George 

Elizabeth Town. 

Buckner, Sergt. Henry 
Buckner, Henry 


H District 

Buckner, Mathias 
Bemsley, Buel 

E District 






Buel, Jonathan . . 

E District 

Son of Timothy. 
Son of Timothy. 
Joined the Royal Standard 
before the Treaty of Separ- 
ation, was in during the 
Ensign Loyal Rangers, by 
order in Council, 2d Dec.. 
Joined the Royal Standard 
in 1779 at New York. 
Widow of Aaron Bull, Sol- 
dier Loyal Rangers, by 
Order in Council, 19th 
November, 1807. 
Que. If Bryer Bull who 
came from Sorel in 1795 
or 6. His father did not 
come into this Province, 
but died at Sorel. 
Dead, J.B. A drummer R. 
R.N.Y., M,R.M.A. (P.L. 
2nd, 1786. 
Soldier German Troops, TJ. 
E. list. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 
Roll. B.MA. 
R.R.N. Y. Muster Roll. 

Loyalist. Niagara Stamped 
By order in Council, 2d 
December, 1806. 
Wife to John Burcli. 
If not one of a Stevens set- 
tlers, he is a settler. 
M. C., King's Loyal Ran- 
gers, L. B. M. in Ld. Bd. 
Certificate (P.L., 1786.) 
Stepson of Mathias Rose, L. 
B.M., 1790. 
Loyalist from New York, 
son of Thomas, P.L., 1786 
S.G., soldier, p P. in Indian 
Dept., (S., P.L.N., 1786. 
Joined the army under Gen, 
Rurgoyne. J. F. order in 
Council, llth March,1807. 
Loyalist froir New York. 
Son of Thomas, P.L. 1786 

Buel, Samuel. . 


Buel, Timothy 


Btiell, William . 


Buckner, Senr., John. . 
Bull, Margaret 

Bull, Berar 

H District 

M District 

Bulson, Cornelius 
Bungar, Conrad 



Bunker, Bethuel .-. 

E District 


Bunker, Henry 


Burch, Esq., 'John 
Burch, Nathan 

H District 


Burch, Mrs. Martha . . 
Burges, Dennis 

H District 

E District . . 

Burley, Freeman 

Ernest Town 

do ) 
do . } 
Kingston .... 

Burley, John 

Burley, John 

Burnet, John 
Burns, James 

H District.. 

Burrit, Adoniram 
Burnet, Mathew 








Unmet Thomas 


Incorporated Loyalist, P.L. 
Land Board Certificate of 
1792, not stated U. E., 
only a settler, L.B. 1790, 
Loyalist from Vermont, 4 
article. Restored O. C., 
9th March, 1808. 
S.G. , drew land as Corporal. 
Petition states Sergeant, 
1799, 200 to CorpL N.RK. 
Delaney's Corps of Refugees 
12th July, 1800. Lot on 
Dundas street, p. M. 
N"ever was in the Province. 
J.F., says son of a Loyalist, 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., L. Bd. 
L., O.C., 20th July, 1797. 
son of, J.F. 
B. Rangers, Niagara 
Stamped Book. 

Soldier in Jessups, p. son's 
Petition Truelove. 
Son of Freelove, Senior, 
should not be on U.E. list 
B. Rangers. 
Soldier in the last French 
war from 1755 to 60. 
Where from ? 

B. Rangers. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier 47th Regt. P. 
S.G., Capt. R.R.N.Y. 
On original Roll. See But- 
terworth, James. 
Son of William, 200 acres. 
Son of William Cadman 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., Muster 
Roll, P.L. 2d, 1786. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll, 
young man, P.L. 2, 1786. 
Soldier K. R. Regiment. 
N.Y., L.B.M., 1790., 700 
(Stamped Book) P.L.1786. 

Burnt, Daniel 


Burrit, Stephen . . . 

E District 

Burtch, Charles 

H District 

Burtch, Edse. 

do Grand River 
E District 

Busby, Thomas .... 

Bush, Charles 

M District... 

Bush, Julius. . 

Bush, Henry 


Butler, Lt. Andrew . . 
Butler, Elias 

H District 

E District 

Butler, Senr., Freelove 
Butler, Junr., Freelove 

Butler, Liu-Col. John.. 
Butler, James 

Elizabeth Town 


H District 

Elizabeth Town 

Butler Philip 

H District 

Butler, Lt. Thomas.... 
Byrnes, John 



Byrnes, Esq., William. 
Buttersworth, James . . 

Cadman, Alpheus 
Cadman, Asa 

Ch arlottenbu rgh 


Fredericksburgh . 

Cadman, Senr., John. . 
Cadman, Junr., John. 
Cadman, William 

E District 


Fredericks burg 






Cain, Barnabas 
Cain, John 

H District 

Sergeant Indian Depart- 
ment, S.G. 
John Cain, senr., a soldier 
Butler's Hangers, O.C.,21 
July, 3796. 
1789, P. States, no service, 
only a wish to emigrate 
from U.S. B.M.A. 
P. within the British lines 
in 1779. 
A settler, R. J.D.G. 
Soldier R.R. N.Y. Muster 
From Nova Scotia in 1796. 

Came in 1786. Soldier R.R. 
N.Y. Muster Roll- P. L. 
N.J. 1786. 
Loyalist, Govr. Hamilton's 
Certificate. P. 850 acres. 
L.B.M. 1790 P. L. 1786. 
Lieutenant Loyal Rangers. 
Had a wife and four children 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of a Soldier 250, Ld. 


Cain, John 

E District 

Cain, Josiah 



Cain, Isaiah 


Calder, William 
Caldwell, John 

E. D 

Home District,Charlot- 
E District 

Caldwell, John 

Campbell, Alexr 

Adolphus Town 

E District 
do. of Johnstown 


Campbell, Esq., Alexr. 
Campbell, Alexr. 

Campbell, Jimr., Alexr. 

Campbell, Alexander. . 
Campbell, Allan; 

Campbell, Allan 

do. Lancaster.. 
Elizabeth Town 


Soldier Loyal Rangers J. F. 
P.L. 2d, 3786. 
Son to Moses Campbell, sin- 
gle. P.L. 2d, 1786-who 
was Store Keeper to Indian 
Department and joined in 
1777, N.M.L. 

P. only says Loyalist. L. 
B.M. 1793. 300. P.L. 
1786 Son of Alexander 
Sergeant Roxboro' and Wil- 
liamsburg, R. R. N. Y. 
Muster Roll. 
Soldier R. R. N.Y. Muster 
Roll a wife and child, 
P.L. N.J. 1786 and P.L. 
2d, 1786. 

E District, Lancaster 

Campbell, Allan.. . 

Campbell, Ami.. , 
Campbell, Archibald . . 

Campbell, Daniel 

Campbell, Senr., 

Campbell, Junr., . 


Adolphus Town 

E District 

do. Charlotten 







Campbell Duncan 

E District 

One of this name asks land 

Campbell, Widow .... 

Campbell, Sergt. George 

do. Lancaster.. 
H District 

as a settler from N. Y. 
State. L.B.L. 1793, and 
one joined the Standard 
under Genl. Burgoyne in 
1777, O.E. 
Widow of the late Moses 
Campbell Soldier. Restored 
to U. E. by Order in 
Council, 2d June, 1808. 

Campbell George 

E District 

S G.K. Rangers 

Campbell George .... 


Campbell, Hugh. 


Corpl. late 38th Regt., p. P. 

Campbell, John Law. . 
Campbell, James .... 

Sophias and Amelias- 
H District 

His name is John Law, came 
in as a youth. P L. 1786. 
From Nova Scotia, served in 

Campbell, James 

Campbell, James 
Campbell, Oliver 

E District, Augusta . . 

do. Osnabruck 
Adolphus Town 

Refugee Corps. 
Lieutenant Loyal Rangers 
L.B.L (Ensign.) 
R.R.N.Y. -Mr. Crysler. 
Soldier Associated Loyalists 

Campbell, Richard 


three sons John, William 
and Stephen. Land in 
(Stamped Book). A Serge- 

Campbell Sergt 

H District 

ant in British Regt., 84th, 
Gov. Hamilton's Certe. 
200 a wife and 2 children 
and P.L. 1786. 
B Rangers P Had a wife 

Campbell, William . 

Adolphus Town 

and two children, P.L.N. 
1786. Niagara Stamped 
Sergeant New York Volun- 

Campbell, William 
Cameron, Alexr. 

E District, Elizabeth 
do. Lancaster 

teers. L.B.M. 1792 400. 
A Settler Came in 1788. 
L.B.L. 1790. 
R R N Y M Roll. R R. 

Cameron, Senr., Alexr. 
Cameron, Junr., Alexr. 

do. Cornwall 

N.Y. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. M. Roll-Had a 
wife and four children, 
P.L.N. J. 1786. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Son of 

Cameron, Alexander... 


John Cameron, R.R.N.Y. 
Single man, P.L. 2d, 1786. 
On Original Roll 

Cameron, Allan. . . 

E District 


Cameron, Angus 

do. Charlotten- 

Soldier R. Regt., N. Y. 
(P.L. N.J. 1786). 






Cameron, Archd 

E District 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Ld. Bd. 
(P.L.N.J. 1786). 
S.G. Soldier K. Rangers 
Ld. Bd. L. A wife, one 
child-P. L. N. J. 1786. 
One son of Wm. Buy 
84th Regt., S.GT. One on 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
Son of a Soldier, Ld Bd. L. 
of John Cameron, R. R. 
Jessup's Corps R.J.D.Gr. 

Son of 
R.R.N.Y. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Son of John Cameron of 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
States Service as a Subaltern 
under General Burgoyne 
and afterwards as a Mill- 
wright and Master Car- 
penter in the P. Works, 
L.B.Iv. - Came in early in 
the War. Mr. McD. 
I. Battn. R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll, P.L.N.J. 1786. 
One a Soldier 54th Regt. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
Ld.Bd. (a wife and 3 
children. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of John Cameron of 
Son of Alexr. Cameron of 
Indian Dept. 
Son of John Cameron of 
Royl. R.N.Y. 
1st Battn. R.R.N.Y. N. 
McL.-P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Soldier 84th Regt. Ld. Bd. 
L. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of EnsignDuncan Came- 
ron, R.Y. 
By Order in Council, 23rd 
Novr., 1802. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers. 
S. P.L.N., 1786. 

Cameron, Daniel 

Cameron, Donald 
Cameron, Donald 

Cameron, Duncan 
Cameron, Duncan 
Cameron, Duncan .... 
Cameron, Senr., Hugh 
Cameron, Junr., Hugh 

Cameron, Hugh. . 


E District, Charlotten- 
do. 15.5 Con. Corn- 

do. Edwardsburg 
do. Lancaster . . 
do. do. 
do. Cornwall . . 
do. do. 

Cameron John . 

E District, Charlotten- 

do. Lancaster . . 
do. Cornwall . . 

do. Charlotten- 
do. Lancaster. . 

do. Cornwall . . 

do. Charlotten- 
do. Cornwall . . 

Kingston .... 

Cameron, John 

Cameron, Senr., John 

Cameron, Junr., John 
dameron, Junr., John 
Cameron, Junr. , John 
Cameron, William Buy 
Cameron, William 
Cameron, John 

Canon, John 


Carll, ) John 

H District . . 

Carroll, j" 




Oarll, Jonas 

Carey, Bernard 

Carley, Barthow 

Carley, Abraham 

Carman, George. 
Carman, Jacob . 

Carman, Senr., Michael 

Carman, Junr., Michael 

Carnahan, Joseph 

Cams, Christian. .. 
Cams, Senr., Jacob 

Carpenter, John, 

Carpenter, Peter . . . 
Carr, Senr., Daniel 

Carr, Junr., Daniel 

Carr, Norrice 


Carrigan, Peter 

Carr, William 

Carrscallon, Edward 


H District, 

E District, Augusta 
New Castle Dist. . 

E District, Matilda 
do. do 



M District 



E District, Matilda . 

W District 

E District, Cornwall . 
Ernest Town . 

Adolphus Town 


E District 

do. Cornwall 

Fredericksburgh, M.C. 

Served under CoL James 
Delaney, P. 

19th December, 1806. Re- 
sided in Virginia and join- 
ed Royal Standard at 
York Town. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. Jes- 
sup's Corps. E.J. 

Served in Cap.Saml. Adam's 
Company. Order in Coun- 
cil, 30th June, 1807. 

1st Bat. R.R.N.Y. 

Son of Michael Carman, 
U.E., Ld.Bd.L. 200. 

Soldier Royal Yorkers, R.R. 
N.Y. M. Roll.-A wife 
and 5 children. P.L. 2d, 

Son of Michael Carman, 
Senr., U.E. 200. Ld.Bd. 
L. (has a wife P.L. 2d, 

Had drawn 200 acres, L.B. 
A. 1794 : grant 200 more 
P.L. 1786-Genl. Haldi- 
mand Certe. 100. Loyalist 
from New York. A.Mc.L. 

Son of Jacob Cams. 

Soldier Royal Yorkers. P 
has a wife and 2 children. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Served at Miamis during 
Waynes' aggression be- 
longed to the Royal Navy. 

A Soldier Loyal Rangers 
J.B. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
olunteer Loyal Rangers 
500 acres. L.B.M. 1790 ; 
family land included. 

Son of Daniel Senr. 

] Served in the Engineers' 
Department was at York 

Sergeant Loyal Rangers 

R.R. N. Y. Muster Roll. P . 
L. 2d, 1786. 

Lieut. (Stamped Book) R.R. 
N.Y. P.L. 1786, 




Carscallon, George . . 
Carscallin, John 

Carscallon, James. . . 

Carscallen, Luke 

Carson, William 

Carter Thadeus . 

Case, Josiah . . 

Case, Joseph Pomroy . 

Case, Peter 

Chase, Walter, Senr.. 


Fredericksburgh, M.C 


Cartwright, Senr., . 

Cartwright. Junr., ... 

Carty, Thomas 

Casey, William 

Marysburgh . 




H District. 

E District 

Grand River 

E District. 


Adolphus Town 


P. States Soldier, Royl. 

Yorkers - L. B. M. 1790. 

R.R.N.Y. P.L. 1786. 
Sergt. K. R. Regt., N. Y. 

(Genl. Haldimand 100). 

Stamped Book. O.C. 18th 

Novr., 1797. P.L. 1786* 
500. Sergt. M.C. K.R. Regt. 

N.Y. O.C. 18th Novr., 

1797, P.L. 1786-1784 G. 

Haldimand, 100. 
M.C. Sergeant R. R. N. Y. 

Genl. Haldimand 200. 

(Stamped Book). P. L. 


Sergeant 29th Regt. P. Pro- 
vision list (Stamped Book). 
Emigrant from Connecticut, 

L.B.L., about 1793. 
Joined the Royal Standard 

before 1783. 
Son of Richard, Senr. 

200 acres N.R'. -his father 
stated killed at Eutaw 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll- his 
sons, Joseph P, Cass, Eli- 
hu, Daniel. 

Drummer R.R.N.Y. See 
order - in - Council 17th 
March, 1807. 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P. 

A Loyalist in New York ; 
went to New Brunswick 
in 1803, p. Jno. Williams' 
certificate in 1805 (Stamp- 
ed Book) Loyalist P.L. 
1786. Order - in - Council 
llth March, 1807, misno- 
mer rectified his sons, 
Walter and John Chase. 

William Casey was a master 
carpenter in Qr. Mr. Genl. 
Depart, at Yorktown 500 
L.B.M. 1790. Came in 
1786 P.L. 1786 & L.B.M. 
1793, 200. Says no land 
drawn bef ore L. B. A. 1790 
200. Says only 200 be- 






Ca&hin John 

E District 

Soldier in 84th Regt., Ld. 

Cash Josiah 

M District 

Bd. P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Cassady Daniel 

H District 

Soldier in B. R. p. P. Ni- 

Casslemau, Conrad t 

E District 

agara Stamped Book S. 
P.L.N. 1786. 
Soldier in R. Regt. N. York 

Cassleman, Henry .... 
Cassleman, John 


do., Williarasburgh . . 
H District, M. C 

300 Muster Roll (single) 
P. L. 2d, 1786. Son of 
Drummer R.R. N.Y. M. 
Roll-single, P.L.2d,1786. 
Soldier B.R. P. O.C. 18th 

Cassleman Richard 


Novr., 1797, Niagara 
Stamped Book a wife & 
one child P.L. N. 1786, 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. A. 

Cassleman, Suffrenus . . 

E District, Matilda . . 

Had wife & child. P. L. 
2d, 1786. 
R. R. N.Y. Muster Roll one 
child-P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Suffrenus, Senr., 200. 

Cassleman, William . . 

Cassleman, Thomas . . 
C asslem an "Warner 

do. , Williamsburgh 
Williamsburgh ; . . . 

See order - in - Council 17th 
March, 1807. Soldier R.R. 
Drummer R.R.N.Y., Mus- 
ter Roll. Single P. L. 
2d, 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll a 

Castles John 

wife & two children. P.L. 
2d, 1786. 
Single. P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Caswell Lemuel 

E District 

S.G. Sergt. King's Rangers. 

H District 

A. McL. 

Chambers Sergt 


Jersey volunteer. 

Chambers, James 
Chambers James 

E do 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. J.F. 
Son of James. 

Chavasey James 

Discharged British soldier, 

Chester, John 

E District 

84th Regt. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. P. 

Chew, W Johnson 

H District 

Ensn. Orange Rangers. 

Chietsey Baria 

( E Dictrict 

Chisholm, Senr., Alexr. 
Chisholm, Alexander . . 

t Elizabeth Town .... 
E District, Lancaster.. 

do. do. 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll-P. 
L. N. J. 1786. 






Chisholm, Alexander.. 
Chisholm Allan .... 

Thurlow M C. 

At the siege of Quebec in 
1775, commanded acoinpy. 
of Loyalists dischd. B.S. 
Drummer R.R.N.Y. (Mr. 
McDougal), P. L. N. J. 
Sergeant 71 Regt. p. P. 
British soldier, P.L. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. P.L.N.J. 1780. 

Corpl. R.R.N.Y. (Son of 
Donald.) P.L.N.J. 1786. 
p. Revd. Alex.McDonell's 
P. states a carpenter in Genl. 
Burgoyne's army. 
R.R.N.Y. (son of Donald), 
P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Indian Department S.G.- 
had a wife, P.L.N. 1786. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers (W. 
Eraser), P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son to a soldier 200 acres 
L. Bd. Lu. (of Donald). 
Soldier K. R. Regt. N.Y. 
Muster Roll P. L. N. J. 
B.S. discharged British sol- 
dier. P.L. 1786. 
Son of John, Senr. J.B. a 
soldier R.R.N.Y., L. Bd. 
(Stamped Book.) P. L. 

Soldier Royl. Yorkers Mus- 
ter Roll, P.L. 2d., 1786. 
Son of John, Senr., J. B. 
Rept., L.B. Storm on t. 
Indian Department S.G. 
had a wife and 3 children, 
P. L. N. 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier B.R, p. P. 
P. states service as a non 
com. No corps mentioned. 
A sergeant R.R.N.Y. P. 
P.L. 1786. 
S.G. Lieut. R. R. N. Y. 
Stamped Book. P.L.1786. 

S District, Lancaster. . 
^hurlow .... 

Chisholm, Archibald . . 

Chisholm, Donald 
Chisholm, Duncan 

Chisholm, George 
Chisholm Hugh 

E District 
E District 

H District 

3 District, Lancaster. . 
H District.. 

Chisholm John 

Chisholm John 


Chisholm, Lewis 

E District Lancaster., 
do. Charlottenburg 

Ernest Town 

Chisholm, William.... 

Chridmoger, John 
if Christopher 
Christie, Abijah 

E District 

Christie, Senr., John. 
Christie, Junr., John. 
Chrysler, Lt. Adam . 

Chryster, Peter 
Church,Jonathan Mill 

Church, Oliver 



H District 


Elizabeth Town 






Church, Junr., Oliver 
Church, William 

Fredericksburgh . . 

Volunteer 400 acres and 
son of Lt. O. Church, R.R. 
N.Y.,P.L. 1786. 
Soldier in Fanning's Regt. 
L.B.L. 1792. 
British Soldier, P.L.1786. S. 
Stamped Book, 
nnyng Son of James Ran- 
gers S. P.L.N. 1786. Ni. 
agara Stamped Book. 
Restored to U.E. 26th Jan. , 
1808. Jersey Volunteers. 
Soldier B. Rangers. Had a 
wife and three sons. P. L. 
N. 1786. 
Son of James. Soldier B. 
Rangers, S.G, Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier German troops, C. 
Book and Provision List 
S.G. Me Alpine's corps. 
S.G. Sergeant R. Yorkers, 
P.L.B.M. 1790, 550, P.L. 
1786. Stamped Book. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
P. a seaman from the States 
in 1796. 
p. P. Employed on Secret 
Service. Joined 1776. 
Son of Robert. L. B. M. 1792. 
Served in Jessup's corps. P. 
L. 1786. 
Soldier Associated Loyalists. 
L.B.M. 1790. P.L. 1786. 
A sergeant Loyal Rangers. 

By order-in-Council 16th 
April, 1798. 
John Gasper Clawse, a sol- 
dier of Brunswick troops. 
L.B.M. 1791 300 P. L. 
Indian Department S.G. 
had a wife, 3 children & 2 
servants. P.L.N. 1786. 

Issuing Commissary Indian 
Dept. S. G. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 

Yonge . . . 

Chancey, Michael 
or Clancey 
Clandelling, Abraham. 

Clandenning, John .... 

Clandenning, Senr., . . 

Clandenning, Walter. . 

Clapwood, Ernest 

Clarke, Alexander 
Clark, Alexr 


H District 





H District 

Ernest Town 

Clark, Henry 

Clark, Hugh 


Clark, Joseph 
Clark, Mathew 

Adolphus Town ...... 
Ernest Town 

Clark, Robert 


Clark, William 

Adolphus Town . 

Classen, Caleb. 

E District Augusta . . 
H District 

Claus, Col. Daniel .... 
Claws, Capt. William. . 

Claus, Gasper John . . 

Clement, Lt. John 
Clement, John 

Niagara District .... 

Marysburgh . 
H District. . 

Ernest Town 

Clement, James 

H District 






Clement Lt Joseph 

H District 

Indian Department,Niagara 

Clement Sergt Joseph 

H District 

Stamped Book. 
Had a wife, one child and 2 

Clement Senr Lewis. 


servants, P. L. N. 1786. 

Clincli Lt Ralph 

do . ... 

S.G.R. R. N. York, Niagara 

Clinch Benjamin N. . . 


Stamped Book. 
How ? resident in the United 

Clerk Francis 

E District 

States, 2000 acres granted 
him in Mechlinbur^h. 
Sergeant R. R. N. Y. Muster 

Clerk, James 
Clew William 

do Charlottenburgh 

Roll, P. L. N. J. 1786. 
Corporal R. R. Regt. N. Y. 
Muster Roll. 
A Corporal in Jessup's. 

or Clough. 
Cline George 


Son of Michael J. B. 

Cline, John . .. 


do do 

Cline, Adam . .. ..... 

See Order-in-Conncil 17th 

Cloady Henry 


March 1807, Soldier R. R. 
N. Y. 
Soldier 53rd Regt. Genl. 

Clous, Corpr. John .... 


H District 

Haldimand's, 1784(Stamp- 
ed Book). 
B. Rangers, p. P.L. P. S. N. 

Clow, Henry . ... 

E District 

Thomas Sherwood, Esq. , cer- 

Cluny, James 

do late of Augusta 

tines that H.Clow left this 
Province in 1789. 1794 
served as Sergeant R. Mc- 
Lean's P. 
A drummer in Jessups Corps 

Clyne, Michael . . . 


R. J.D. G. 

Gunsmith from Mohawk 

Cockle, George, Junr. . 

of Niagara . 

River, supposed H. R, N. 
Y., P. L. 2d, 1786. 
Restored O. C. 18th March, 

Cork, John . 

Ernest Town 


Cockle, John 


0. C 17 March 1808 Sol- 

Coffin, William . . 


dier Butler's Rangers. 
Lieut R R N Y PL. 

Coffin, Commy. James 

H district. 

1786. N. I. 
Son of resident in 

Coghill, Senr., George 


Deceased soldier Butler'? 

Coghill, Junr., George 


Rangers,L.B.Nassau 1794 . 
Son of George Coghill, Snr. 







Coghill Peter. 

H District 

Came in when a boy, son of 
George Mr. Clinch's in- 
tfov. 1st 1804, discovered on 
the original roll, a soldier 
Butler's Rangers, himself. 
Late of Jessups' Corps, R. J. 
D. G. 
Son of Daniel, U. E., L. B. 
A. 1793. 200 P. L. 1786. 
Soldier Orange Rangers, L. 
B. M., P. L. 1786. 

States Loyalist, P. from New 
York, A. McL. 
Soldier in Corps not stated 
in P. Loyalist from New 
York P. L. 1786. A. McL. 
Loyal Ranger, 
Inserted Calder, Wm. 

P. States a soldier, 100,Corps 
mentioned, New York vol- 
Was a guide to the army at 
N. York & C. P. 
Sergt. 29th Regt. L. B. M. 
1792-in all 600 and Govr. 
Hamilton(Stamped Book). 
Soldier 71st Regt. P. 
Drummer R.R.N. Y. Muster 
Roll I.- -has a wife P. L. 
2d 1786. 
Que.? if not Peter Colrick 
expunged Volunteer I. 
Department S. P. L. N. 
1785. Niagara Stamped 
Soldier King's R.R.N. York 
Muster Roll A. 
Loyal Rangers, A. McL. 
Soldier O. C. L.B.M., 1790. 
(P. L. 1786). 
Que.? if not Comar, soldier 
Loyal Rangers, P. (P. L. 
Had drawn 100 acres. L. B. 
A. 1794. 200. A soldier, 
A. McL. 

Coghill, (above) John. . 
Coll Adam. 


E Dist. ,ElizabethTown 
Sophias & Ameliasb'g.. 
Adolphus Town 

Coll Bernard 

Coll, Daniel 

Cole John 

H District 

Cole* Peter 

Sophias & Ameliasb'g.. 
do do 

E District, Augusta. . . 
do Lancaster.. 
Earnest Town . . . 

Cole, Simon J 
Cole John 


Colhier William 

Colins Alexander 

H District 

Collard John 


Collier, Peter 

Collins, John 
Collison John 


H District 


Colrake Peter . . , 

H District 

Coltman, John 

H District, M. C 

Comber Jacob . 

Ernest Town . 

Comber, Paul 


Comber, Thomas 

Concklin John , 








Concklin, Joseph 
Conklin Robert 

H District 

lioyal Rangers, A. McL. 
P. L. 1786. 
Soldier in B. Rangers. P. 
Soldier 84th L. B. M. 1791. 
(Stamped Book) .P.L. 1786. 
Loyalist, A. McL. 
Son of John Cook. J.C. 
84th Regt. 
Served in the Commissary 
Department. P. 1793. L. 
B. L. 300 acres. 
Que.:howU.E.? discharged 
soldier (British). 34 Regt. 
P. L. 1786. 
From South Carolina Order- 
in-Council 17th Feb. 1807. 
Soldier in 65 Regt. Warrant 
Officer R. Artily. L.B.W. 
Dist. Son of John Cook. 
B. Rangers, had wife and 6 
children. P. L. N. 1786, 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
By Order-in-Council 13th 
January 1807. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll A. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll, A. 
a wife and one child, P.L. 
2d 1786. 
Original settler, soldierR.R. 
N. Y. Muster Roll, A, 
(Single, P. L. 2d 1786. 
Nov.l, 1804, on originalRoll. 
Soldier R. R, N. Y. Muster 
Roll, P. 1794 (Stamped 
Book), a wife, P. L. 1786. 
Nov.l, 1804, on originalRoll. 
A settler from State of New 
York, L. B. L. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
Sergeant K. Regt. N. Y. P. 
had drawn 200 L. B. A; 
1794, 200 (Stamped Book). 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. L.B.M, 
1790, 100 acres and sold, 
1793, 200 Bounty, P. L. 
1786 (Stamped Book). 
Loyalist P. L. 1786, from 
New York, A. McL. 
Son of Albert Cornell. 

Conlon, Michael 
Cook Greoro'e 

Kingston . . . 

3 District, Williamsb'g 
E d wardsburgh 

Cook Michael 

Cook Michael 

E District, Williamsb'g 

3 District, Osnabruck. 
Ernest Town 

Cook Thomas 

Cook John . 

Cook, William 

Coon, Sergt. John 

Connor, John , 
Coons, Conradt . 

H District 


E District, Williamsb'g 
do Matilda 

do Osnabruck. . 
Home District 

Coons, Gasper 

Coons, John 

Cooper, James 

Coons Jacob 

E District, Williamsb'g 

Home District 
Ernest Town 

Cooper, Thomas 
Corban, Daniel 

Corbin, Nathaniel 
Corbman, Jacob 

E District 

Sophias & Ameliasb'g.. 

Cornelius, John 

Cornel, Albert 


Cornell, Joseph . . . 







Cornwall, Senr., John 


His son, U. E. soldier But- 

Corns, Cora 

H District 

ler's Rangers, U. list 1789. 
Niagara Stamped Book, S. 

Corby, George 


P. L. N. 1786. 
Soldier, M. C. in K. R. R. 

Corway, James . 

Ernest Town . 

N. York 0. C. 25th April, 

Cottier, Senr. , James 


M. C. 450 acres R. R. N. Y. 

Cottier, Junr., James.. 


a soldier L.B.M. 1791 and 
Son of James Senr. L. B. A. 

Cottier, Richard . . 

do ...... 

1794, 200. 
S. G. Sergt.Arneliasburgh, a 

Covil, John 

E District, Augusta. 

Sergeant R. R, N. Y., L. 
B. M. 1790, 200 (Stamped 
Book) P.L. 1786, L.B.A. 
1794, 200 acres to the heirs 
of R. Cotter. 
Son of Simon. 

Conville, Simeon 
Cough, John 

do Osnabruck 

S. G. Capt Jessups. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll A. 

Countryman, Conradt 

E District... 

Son of Jacob Senr. J, B 

Countryman, Sr., Jacob 


Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 

Countryman, Jr. , Jacob 


Roll A. Govr. Hamilton's 
Certe. P. L. 2d 1786. 
Son of Jacob Senr. J.B. 

Cox, Samuel 

H District, M.C 

An Artificer P. B. Rangers. 

Crammer, Frederick. 

Marysburgh .... 

J. S. a wife P. L. N. 1786. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
Soldier 53rd Regt. L. B. M. 

Crane, Elisha 


1791 300 (P. L. 1786) S. 
Soldier 44th Regt. L. B. M. 

Cranty, Michael 

H District... 

20th April, 1791, 300 (P.L. 
1786) Stamped Book. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 

Crawford, John 


Sergeant last war p. P. does 

Crawford, James 


not state the corps Treas- 
ury Loyalist one of this 
name a soldier R.R.N.Y. 
Muster Roll, in Col. Em 
ricks lost an arm. 

Crawford, David 


Order-in-Council 13th May, 

Crawford, William . 

Fredericksburgh . ... 

1807. Soldier Loyal Amer- 
ican Regiment. 
Ensign in Sir John's R.R. 

N.Y. P.L. 1786, 






Crippon, Darius 

E District, bastard.... 

do. Cornwall . . 

1793. P. late from N. York 
State wishes to become a 
subject and settler. . 
R.R.N. Y. Muster Roll. 

Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
Regl. Roll. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. L. Bd. 
L. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. McDougal. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B.L. 
1790. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Loyalist. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R. Regt. N. York. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Land Board Certificate 
states U. E. P. L. N. J. 
(P.L.N.J. 1786.) 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Que., if the same as Benja- 
min. B.R. S.G. S. P.L. 
N. 1786. 
p. P. a volunteer in the In- 
dian Department. 
O.C. 13th Oct., 1796 -volun- 
teer Indian Department. 
S. P.L.N. 1786. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
A soldier R.R.N.Y. J. T. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Sons of Widow Cryderman. 
J.B. Late from the U. 
States, 1790, 200 acres 
emigt. P.L.2d,1786. One 
of this name a corporal. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
R.R. N.Yk. Michl. Cryder- 
man E.D. Soldier Muster 
Roll. A. (Provision list 
1786. British Regt.) 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. L. 
B. M. 1790. 
Order-in-Council 21st Feb- 
ruary, 1807. R.R.N.Y. 

{ Critus George 

t Crytes 



Crouder, Anthony 
Crouder, John 


do., Charlottenburgh 

Crouder, John 

Crouder James 

E District . . . 

Crouder Isaac 

do. Osnabruck. . 


Crouder, Junr. , William 
Crouder, 3rd, William 
Crouse, John 



do. Matilda .... 

Cruikshank, Widow . . 
Crumb, Benoni 

Crumb, William 

H District 


Crumb, William 


Cryderman, Widow C. 
Cryderman, Hermanns 
Cryderman, John .... 

Cryderman, Joseph . . 
Cryderman, Michael . . 

Chrysler, John 

E District, Cornwall.. 
E District "| 


do . J 


Chrysler, Geronomus . . 

E District 






Chrysler, Senr., John. . 
Chrysler, Junr., John. . 

E District, Matilda 

Crysler, William. 
Chrysler, Philip . 
Culbert, Donald . 

E District, Cornwall 

Oharlottenburgh ... 

Culver, Timothy 

Gumming, William 

H District.. 
E District.. 

Cummings, John 


Cummings, Mrs Jane . . 

Cummings, Thomas . . 

Cuniff , John 


Cuniff,- James 

H District. 


Adolphus Town 


Curry, Ephraim 
Curry, George . . 

Curry, John . . 
Curry, James 

E District 

E District, Lancaster . 


. do. 

Curry, James 

Curry, alias Picard, M. 

do. Lancaster 
do. do. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. 

See order - in - Council 21st 
Feby., 1807. Drummer 
Butler's Rangers. A wife. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 

See order-in- Council 17th 
March, 1807. Soldier But- 
ler's Rangers. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. had a 
wife and 5 children. P.L. 
2d, 1786. 

Soldier K. R. Regt. N. Y. 
P.L.N.J. 1786. 

On Staten Island. 

Soldier 84th Regt. R.L.B.S. 
M. & E. D. Stamped 
Book Niagara Stamped 

Soldier 84th Regt. p. P. 300 
L.B.M. 1791 (P.L. 1786) 
P.L. 2d, 1786 S. Stamped 

Wife of Thomas Cummings. 
Stated daught. of a Loy- 

B. Rangers. Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book. P.L.N. 1786. 

Was within the British lines 
at New York in 1782. P. 
Dorland's afft. 

P. states only Loyalist, and 
not to have had any land 
in 1797. 

A sergeant Loyal Rangers. 

Son to a soldier. L. Bd. L. 

Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
Regt. Roll. 

P. states late of 31st Regt. 
his family not in before 
1798. One of King's Ran- 
gers. N.M.L. 

Soldier Royal Yorkers. Had 
a wife and three children. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Widow of James Curry, a 
soldier King's Rangers. 
(Lt. Col. Green. August, 






Dacksteder George 

Niagara District 

By order - in - Council 4th 

Dacksteder Lt John 

H District 

February, 1807. 

Dacksteder Junr , 

do. .... 

Niagara Stamped Book. S. 
P.L.N. 1786. 
S. G Indian Department 

Corl. John 
Dagherty Anthony 


Niagara Stamped Book. 

Dalhunty, John 


under Lord Cornwallis. 
British soldier. P L 1786. S. 

Dalson Isaac 

W District 

S G- U E Loyalist at Fort 

Dalson, Matthew .... 

S.G. Loyalist. Petition states 

Daly Peter 

Ernest Town 

a volunteer in Butler's 
Rangers. Q. 
Soldier in Jessup's corps 

Damderf John . . 


Danby, Chris 

Kingston . . 

vision List 1786. 
NotU.E Treasury Loyalist 

Dap, Peter 

M ary sburgh 

Ann not U.E. Stamped 

Darby, John 

H District ... . 

Soldier in the war of 1763 S. 

Dauson, John 

E District 

P.L.N. 1786. 

Davey, Henry 

Ernest Town 

Soldier R R N Y L B M 

Davey, John 

Ernest Town 

Soldier R R N Y Muster 

Davey, Michael 


Roll (P.L. 1786). 
States residence since 1784. 

Davey, Peter 


1790 L B M 500 acres 

David, Henry 


G-ov. Hamilton's certificate 
states Loyalist. Two deeds 
issued. 500. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier German troops. C, 

Da vies, Peter 

E District . . 

Book & Provision List of 
Soldier Royal Yorkers 

Davies, Richard 


Muster Roll. 
Soldier 29th Regt t)neR.R. 

Davies, William 

Elizabeth Town. 

N. Y. A drummer. Muster 
States having bore arms on 

Davis, Benjamin 

H District 

Long Island & in N.York. 
M C. Sergt B Rangers, O. 

Davis, Isaac 


C. 24th Jany., 1797. 
Engineer Department Que. , 

Was he resident in the 
States before the war ? 






Davis, Henry . . . 

Adolphus Town 

29th Regt A sergeant. Gov. 

Da/vis, Thadeus .... 


Hamilton, 1785, says sol- 
dier. 100. P. L. 1786. 
Stamped Book. 
Joined at NewYork in 1781 

Davis, Thomas 

H District 

O.C. 22d February, 1808. 
From North Carolina. Not 

Davis, William 


on original Roll. 
From North Carolina his 

Davis, Walter 

E District 

sons, Jonathan, AsaheL 
Reinstated by O. C. 18th 

Dawson, James . . . 

Kingston . . 

February, 1806. 
Sergeant N York Militia P 

Day Barnabas 


( Stam ped Book) Incor- 

Dayton, Nathan 


porated Loyalist from N. 
York. Called Loyalist. P. 
L. 1785. A.M.L. 
States services in Genl. Del- 

Dean, Aaron 

H District 

aney's Brigade as sergeant. 
Is desired to appear in 
person. Joel Stone certi- 
fies loyalty. 
Buck County Volunteers 

Dean, Josiah 

Sophias and Ajnelas- 

was a Guide. 

Dean, Samuel 

do do 

Lieut. -General Haldimand. 

Decker, Thomas.., 

H District 

Certificate P. L. 1786, 
Loyalist from New York. 
S.G. Dyke, Br.'s Rangers, a 

Dyker ..." 


Decori, Jacob . 


Came in 1790 was a soldier 

Dederick, Michael 

Jersey Volunteers, I. S., 
restored to U.E. last, 4th 
May, 1804. 
Stamped Book, Soldier As 

Defoe, Abraham. 


sociated Loyalists, L. B. 
M., 1791, 300, P.L. 1786. 

Defoe, Daniel 

Fredericksburgh . 

Regt. Roll, L.B.M. 1790, 
550, L.B.M. 1792, 100, in 
right of his late brother 
Soldier King's Rangers, L. 

Defoe, John 


B.M. 1790, 200, P.L. 1786 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
Regt. Roll, L.B.M. 1790, 






Deforest, Abraham . . 
Deforest, Rebecca 
Defriest Mary . 

H District 

Son of Mary Defriest, one 
Abraham, a soldier in B. 
R. Niagara Stamped 
Book, B. M.A., R. R.N. 
Y. , a wife and one child, 
P.L,N., 1786. 
On the 8th December, 1791, 
Rebecca McLean alias De- 
forest was refused land, 
her father Simon Deforest 
not having joined the 
Royal Standard, L.B.L. 
Deceased, O.C., 18th March, 
States soldier New Jersey 
Volunteers- Discharge re- 
States service in the Naval 
Department at New York. 
By order in Council, 3rd 
March, 1806. 
Sergeant Orange Rangers. 
Volunteer, 84th Regt. 
Soldier German Troops, p. 
Provision List. 
Stamped Book. 
Employed in the King's 
yard during the war as 
S. G. Gov, Hamilton's Vol- 
unteers to Fort Vinecens, 
Indian Department. 
Soldier New Jersey Volun- 
Soldier Butler's Rangers, a 
wife and one child, P. L. 
N. 1786. 
S. G., Loyalist, Lieut. In- 
dian Dept., S.G., a wife 
and four children, P.L.N. 
1786, Niagara Stamped 
S. G., Loyalist, Niagara 
Stamped Book, S. P.L.N. 
S.G., Loyalist, Son of Lt. 
John Depew, Niagara 
Stamped Book, S. P.L.N. 


Of Niagara 

Dell, Henry 

H District 

DeMills, Isaac 

Sophias and Amelias- 
New Castle 

DeMiUs, Anthony .... 

DeMorest, James 
Denault, Joachim 
Denhart, James 


E District 


Dennis, William 


Dennis, John 

H District 

Deniston, Robert 

Denowe, Joiaham 
Denych, Andrew 

Depew, Charles 


E District 


H District 

Depew, Senr., John . . 

Depew, Junr., John .. 
Depew, William 









Dell Senr Barsnet 

H District 

1788 came into the Prov- 

Derheart John 

E District . . 

ince, no active service 
stated, his sons, William 
Henry, Barsnet, Barrie, 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Derry, London 


Butler's Rangers (single P. 

Detlor George 

Fredericksburgh . . 

L. 2d, 1786). 
Son of Valentine Detlor 

Detlor, John 


Stamped Book, when a boy 

Detlor, Jacob 


drew 100 acres. L.B.M. 
1791100 acres more R. 
R.N.Y. B.M.A.. 
M.C. Sergeant King's R. 

Detlor Peter 


Regt., N. York, O.C. 12th 
July, 1797 1784 Genl. 
Haldimand's, 100 sold to 
Cyrenus Parks.. Stamped 
M.C. Corporal S.B.M. 29th, 

Detlor -Samuel 


400 Says Sergt. R.R.N. 
Y., 25th July, 1796. P.L. 
M.C. Soldier Roy 1. Yorkers. 

Detlor Valentine 


Only 100, as he is still a 
young man, and resides 
with his father. 1790, L. 
B. M. 1791. Bounty 200, 
Soldier K. R. Regt., New 

Devoe, Conradt 

E District 

York, 1784. Genl. Haldi- 
mand. 100. P. L. 1786. 
Sold to Cyrenus Parks. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. A. 

Dewit Gaston 


P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R. R.N.Y. P.L. 2d, 

Dewit, John 


A drummer R.R.N,Y. Ld. 

Diamond John 

Ernest Town .... 

Bd. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Jacob, Senr., P. 1794. 

Diamond, John Senr. . 

Fredericksburo f h 

Say Loyalist, and to have 
drawn 100. King's Ran- 
gers. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier King's Rangers. P. 

Diamond, Jacob 


L.1786. L.B.M. 1791. 350. 
Soldier King's Rangers. L. 

Diamond, Junr. , Jacob 


B.M. 1790. 500. P. L.1786. 
Son of King's Rangers, 

P.L. 1786. 






Dick John 

Marysburg . . . 

Discharged Brit, soldier. P. 

Dickson Francis 

Ernest Town 

L. 1786. 34th Regt. Stamp- 
ed Book. 
84th Regt. soldier (Stamped 

Dicky William 


Book.) (P.L. 1786.) 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 

Dies, John 
Dies, Senr., Mathew 


Roll. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Son of Mathew Dies, Senr. 
Quarter Master R.R.N.Y. 

Dies Junr Mathew 


Stamped Book. P.L. 1786. 
Son of Mathew Dies, Senr. 

Dingman, Garret .... 


Stamped Book R. R. N. Y. 

Dingman Richard 


Muster Roll. R. R. N. Y. 
P.L. 1786. Had drawn 100 
acres, L.B. A. 1794. Grant 
R R.N Y. Muster Roll. Has 

Dingwell, John 

E District Glengarry 

a wife and 5 children. P. 
L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 

Dingwell, James 
Disman, Timothy .... 

W District 

Roll. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Soldier Royal Regt. N.York. 
MusterR'oll P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Soldier 84th Regt. 

Disson, John 

E District 

Dixon, John ... . 


Soldier Royal Yorkers. P.L. 

Dixon, Senr., Robert. . 


2d, 1786. 
With General Burgoyne. 

Dixon, Junr., Robert.. 

do ../... 

Dixon, William 


With General Burgoyne. 

Doan, Joseph 

H District 

States to have joined Royal 

Dockstader, Lt. Fred- 


Standard prior to 1783; 
came to the Province 1787 ; 
was wounded in the face. 
A. Burwell. 
Indian Department. S. G. 

erick ... 

Docksteder, Jr. , John,, 


Son of John. S. P.L.N.1786. 

M District 

States to have served in the 

Donawan, Florence . . . 
Dopp, Peter 


Royal Artillery, and after- 
wards on Lake Ontario as 
a mariner. 
Soldier Royal Regt.N. York. 
Muster Roll. J. P.L. 1786. 
R R N Y Muster Roll A.S. 

Dorin, David 

E District 

Son of John Dorin Single. 

Dorin, John 

Matilda . 

P.L.2d,1786. L.B. A. 1794 
had drawn 90 as. Grant 
200 more. 
Settler N. McL., Esq. 

Mr. Paterson. 






Dorin, J acob 

E District 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 

Dorin Jeremiah 

E District 

Has a wife and one child. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.NY. Muster 

Dorland, Philip 

Adolphus Town 

Roll, single. P. L.2d, 1786. 
S.G. Lieut. Cuylers Loyalist. 

Borland, Thomas 
Dorn Peter 

E District 

P.L. 1786. 
Sergeant. Served in Associ- 
ated Loyalists. L. Bill 
1790600. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 

Dougall William .... 

M District 

Only came to the Province 

Dougharty, James 

E District 

about 1794. States being 
on survey on the coast of 
N. Scotia. Resided in 
Nova Scotia before the 
rebellion. J. W. Myer's 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. 

Dowlar, Robert 

W District 

S.G. U.E. 

Downley Cornelius 


Soldier 84th Ret Stamped 

Doyle, Benjamin 

H District 

Book. B.M.A. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers A 

Doyle Sarah 

wife & two children. P. L. 
N. 1786. Niagara Stamped 
By order-in-Council 30th 

Dorder, Martin . . . 

Marysburgh , . 

June, 1792. 
Soldier German troops _p 

Drummond, Esq., Per. 

E District 

Petition 1797, soldier L. 
B. M. 1793, 300, and Pro- 
vision List of 1786. 
Captn. Jessup's. 

Dneklin, Stephen .... 

Elizabeth Town 

Employed on Secret Service. 

or Duchin 
Dugan, Cornelius 

H District 

Had a wife & 4 children. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier New Jersey Volun- 

Dulmadge, David .... 


Soldier in Jessup's, L B.M 

Dulmage, John 


say N. C. 0. 1 791. 650 acres. 
P.L. 1786. 
Found on original Roll 5th 

Dulmage, Elias 

E District 

November, 1804. Lieut. 
Loyal Rangers. 
Son of Lt John Dulmage 

Dulmage, Philip 


Son of Lt. John Dulmage 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. P. 






( De MiU or 
( Dumel, Anthony 

Dunbar, Alexander 
Duncan, John 


Restored to IT. E. 3rd March, 
1806. Loyalist from New 
.York, A.M.L. 
Artificer during the war. 
Joined in 1776. 
Dischd. fifer. 
Discharged artificer. 
S.G. Captain R.R.N.Y. A 
wife. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
M.C. Lands as a sergeant, 
in Jessup's O.C. 8th Nov., 
1797, 1st April, 1793, 200 
acres for his daughter Ann, 
deceased. Ld.Bd.Grenvill. 
Joined Sir John Johnson in 
1776. Volunteer I. Dept. 
Son of John. 
Son of a soldier. L.B.L.1790. 
(Stamped Book). Discharged 
artificer. Loyalist. A. M.L. 
(P.L. 1786.) 

Son of Peter Dulay. 
P. L. 1786. Loyalist from 
New York, A. M.L. 
P. L. 1786. Loyalist from New 
York. (A.McL. Suspend- 
ed, only a boy ; so says 
Capt. Rattan.) 
Son of Peter Dulay. 
German soldier p. Petition. 
Stamped Book. 
Ensign Loyal Rangers. (P. 
L. 1786.) 
A captain, Cuyler's S. G. 
(Stamped Book.) P. L. 
Son of Captain Barret Dyer. 

O.C. 7th March, 1808. Re- 
stored soldier R.R.N.Y. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers A. 
McL. Single. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier Loval Ranerers. J. F . 

M District 


Duncan John 


Duncan, Esq./ Richard 
Dunham, Daniel 


E District 

Dunham John 


Dunham, James 


Dunn, John 

Lancaster . . 

Dunn, Junr., John 
Dunn, James 

E District... 


Dunn, Terence 

Durolemey, James 
Duylea, Joseph . ... 

Kingston . . 

Adolphus Town 

Dulay, Peter. . .. 


Duylea, Junr., Peter. . 
Duylea, Samuel .... 



Duynes, Martin 

M District, Fred- .... 
Ernest Town 

or Dyhnars 
Dugenberry, John 
Dyer, Barret, Capt. . . 

Dyer, Silas 

Marys & Sophiasburghs 



Dyer, Martin 

Eaman,or Aman,Jacob 
Earhart, Adam . . . 

E District.. 

Earhart, John . . 






Eastman, Benjamin . . 

Soldier L. Rangers. 

Eastman, Nadab 

E District 

Soldier Loy. Rangers, p. 

Hasten, Joseph 

Elizabeth Town 

Regt. Roll (Jessup's) L.B. 
C.L. says King's Rangers. 
This man protested against 

Edgar, John 

by Capt.Fraser from being 
put on U.E. List. 
(Stamped Book. ) A sergeant 

Edge, Widow Mary . . 

E District 

in Col. Connor's Corps. 
One of this name was 
wounded in defence of the 
Block-house. A wife and 
child. P.L, 1786. 
of Samuel Edge, a volunteer 

Edwards, J ames 


at the battle of the Cross 
or Barn, 1775. One child. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier 84th Regt. L.B.M. 

Eldam, Lawrence .... 


1793, 300 (Stamped Book.) 
In America before the war 
listed in 1777. Dond. 
German soldier 

Elderbeck, Eiuanuel . 


(Ellerbeck). Stamped Book. 

Elliot, David 

Elizabeth Town . . . 

Land as a subaltern 
Lieut, of Militia at New 
York. P.L. 1786. 
From Duchess County Set- 

Elliott, Jacob, Senr. . . 
Elliot, Jacob 

do. .... 


tied April, 1785, Provision 
List N. J. , Sivagache,1785. 
Joined the Queen's Ran- 
gers under Col. Robt. Ro- 
gers at New York. 
O.C. 7th April, 1807. Sergt. 
Capt. Barnes Hatfield's 
company, under Col. Del- 
Son or JohnElliott deceased 

Elliot, Esq.,Mathew.. 


Asks land as a settler,1791. 
L. Bd. L. From Duchess 
County. Settled in April, 
Captain Indian Department 

Elliot, Thomas 

Elizabeth Town 

P.L.D. 1786. 
Campbell, Esq.,J.P., cer- 

Ellis, Andrew 


tifies loyalty & first settle- 
Discharged British soldier, 


34th Regt. & P.L. 1786, p. 
Serg. Mclntosh. 






Elsworth, Francis 

Emberry, Samuel .... 
Embrie Andrew 

H District 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. A 
wife. P. L. N. 1786. Ni- 
agara Stamped Book. 
Step-son of John Lawrence. 
Stamped Book. Sergeant 
King's R.Regt. New York. 
L.B.M. 1790-500; 1784, 
G-. Haldimand, 200 his 
wife and daur. of William 
Bell, Senr., not TJ.E. P.L. 
A settler. N.P. 
R.R,N.Y. P.L. 1786. 
Sergt. K. R. Regt. N.York. 
P. Lands as a magistrate. 
L.B.IVL 1791. 600 acres 
P.L.1786. (Stamped Book). 
States a variety of services, 
and to have joined at Bos- 
ton 500 acres. 
Emigrant U.S. L. Bd. Stor- 
mont, 1790. 
R.R.N.Y. Mr. McDougal. 
Emigrant from U.S. 1790 
L,Bd.L. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Emigrant from U.S. 1790. 
L. Bd. L. 
No service stated. (Niagara 
Stamped Book.) S. P.L. 
N. 1786. 
Was a soldier in Prince of 
Wales' Kegiment, by or- 
der-in-Council 19th No- 
vember, 1807. 
Corporl. R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll. A wife & four chil- 
dren. P.L. 2d, 1786. Died 
at the Cedars. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. P. 
L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Son of Philip Empey, Senr. 
Corpl R. R. N. Y. Muster 
Boll B. R. N. Y. P.L. 
2d, 1786. Son of Philip. 
S.G. Corporal R.R.N.Y. 
Muster Roll. A son of 
Philip, Senr. J.B, (P.L. 
2d, 1786.) 


Fredericksburgh . . 

Embrie David 

Vlarysburgh . . . 

Embrie, Junr., David 
Embrie, John 


Emerson, John 

E District, Cornwall . . 

Emery, John 

Emery, Thomas 
Emerv, Senr., William 

Emery, Junr., William 
Emmet, Stephen 



E District 

H District 

Emons, John 



Empey, Junr., Adam . 
Empey, Chrirtr 

E District 


Empey, Henry 


Empey, Senr., John . . 
Empey, Junr., John . . 


E District 






Empey, Jacob 

E District 

Son of Philip, Senr. Soldier 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Son of Philip, Senr. A sol- 
dier R.R. N.Y., supposed. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. A, 
Son of Philip, Senr. J.B. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of William, Senr. B. 
M. A. P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Soldier Royal Yorkers. Mus- 
ter Roll. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of PhilipEmpey,Senr. 
Son of William, Senr. J.B. 
Dead. B. Rangers. 
Was a sergeant Loyal Ran- 
gers by order-in- Council 
19th November, 1807. 
Que., if not a German sol- 
P. 1794 states Loyalist, and 
to have drawn 100 as. Genl. 
Haldimand. 1784, 100. 
Soldier. P.L. 1786. Soldier 
R.R.N.Y. L.B.M. 1794, 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
S.G. R.R.N.Y. 
M.C. Captain from New 
York. S. G. Associated 
Loyalist. (Stamped Book. ) 
A wife and two children. 
P.L. 1786. 

Soldier Royal Regiment, 
New York. See Hannah 
Reynor's petition, 3rd 
March, 1807. 
300 acres. Inspector of Engi- 
neer's accounts, and store- 
keeper Q.M.G. Depart. 
P. 1790 states Loyalist, 
No service stated. Came in 
with his family in 1788, 

Empey Peter 


Empey, Senr., Philip. . 
Empey, Junr., Philip. , 

Empey, Richard 




Empey ^Villiam 


Empey,' Senr., WiUiam 

Empey, Junr. , William 
English, Andrew 
England, William 

Egell, Gasper 

do., Cornwall .. 

H District . . 

Eastern do 

M District 

Evans, Bolton 

Evans Henry 

Fredericks burgh 

Elveston, Edward .... 
Everitt, Lt. Peter .... 
Everitt John 

E District 


Kingston . . 

Everitts, Sealvanus . . . 
Everson, John 

Everts Olirer . ... 

E District 


E District 

Everts, Roawell 


H District 






Evringham, James 

Estman, Benjamin 
Eyres, Ephraim 

H District 

Niagara Stamped Book. Sol- 
dier Jersey Volunteers, by 
his widow Catherine. P.L. 
N. 1786. 
Soldier in Jessup's corps, p. 
affidavit of Alex. Cameron, 
p. March, 1803. 
Deceased. Came in in 1782. 
O.C, SthFebry., 1808. 
R.R.N,Y. A.McL. (Stamp- 
ed Book.) M.D. 
Deceased. Inserted by order- 
in-Council 18th June,1807. 
Son of William Fairfield, 
Ensign King's A Regiment ; 
p. petition. 
O.C. 10th May, 1808. Joined 
the Royal Standard in 
Son of William, Senr. 
Son of William, Senr. P.L. 
Son of William, Senr. 
Loyalist. L.B.M. 1791. Col- 
lins'200. (Loyal Rangers.) 
P.L. 1786. A. McL. 
U.E. Loyalist. A pensioner 
during the war. P.L. 1786. 
A U.E. Loyalist, p. Mr. Col- 
lins' certificate. Has got 
his deed for 590 acres. L. 
B. M. 1790. A sergeant 
Loyal Rangers 600 in all 
or K.Rs. P.L. 1786. 
From Virginia. Served on 
board His Majesty's fleet. 
O.C. 22d Feby., 1808. 
Son of William. J.B. Ld. 
Bd. L. 
Family, four. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Ralph Falkner, Senr. 
Had a wife and 4 children. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. J.F. 
Son to a soldier. L. Bd. L. 
Sons of John, Senr. J.B. 
S.G. Lieut. R.R.N. Y. (P.L. 
2d, 1786.) 

E District 

Farchild, Corpl 

H District 

Fail-child, Benjamin, . . 
Fairfield, Benjamin . . 

Fairehild, Eleazer .... 
Fairchild, Peter 


Ernest Town 



Fairfield, Jonathan . . . 
Fairfield, Stephen 

Fairfield, William .... 
Fairfield, Archibald . . 

Fairfield, William, .... 
Fairman, Senr., John 

Falconer, James 

Ernest Town 


r do. 

Ernest Town 


Adolphus town 

Falkner, Joseph 

E District 

Falkner, Senr., Ralph 
Falkner, Ralph, Junr. 
Falkner,Esqr. ,William 

Farlinger, Senr., John 
Farlinger, Junr., John 

Farlinger, Nicholas . . . 
Farrand, Esqr., Jacob 




E District... 

do I 

do ) 




Fanington, Robert 

Farrington, Samuel . . 
Farrington, Stephen . . 



Feader, Lucis , 

Fearman, John 

Feero, Peter . . . 

Fell, Frederick 

Fennel, Jacob 

Fennel, John 

Ferbust, Nicholas 

Ferguson, Aaron 

Ferguson, Alexr 

Ferguson, Alexr 

Ferguson, Senr., Alexr. 

Ferguson, Junr., Alexr, 
Ferguson, Farrington. 

Ferguson, John 

Ferguson, Israel 

Ferguson, Jacob 

Ferguson, Peter 


E District.. 
H District.. 

Augusta . . . 
B District. 

H District 


E District 

Edwardsburgh , 
E District . . , 



Marys Sophiasburgh 



E District.. 

Stamped Book. Soldier Roy- 
al R.N.Y. L.B.M. 1791. 
400. (British regiment, P. 
L. 1786. Muster Roll. A 

M. C. Soldier 84th Regt.(P.L. 
1786). British soldier. S. 
(Stamped Book.) 

M.C. 300 acs. Soldier Royal 
Yorkers. Muster Roll. 0. C. 
30th August,1797. A Brit- 
ish soldier. P.L. 1786. 2 
children (Stamped Book.) 

Soldier R. R.N.Y. Muster 

Son of John Fairman, Senr., 

M.C. Soldier Butler's Ran- 
gers. A wife & one child. 
P. L. N. 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 

A settler after the war. J.F. 

Found on Original Roll, 5th 
Nov., 1804. Soldier R. R. 

N. Y. 

Que., if not King's Rangers, 

as a P.L. 1786? 

Soldier Royal Regt. New 
York. Muster Roll. P.L. 

Son to a soldier. 200 acres. 
L. Bd. L. 

P. King's Rangers. P. Loy- 
alist, 200. Genl. Haldi- 
mand,1784,100. P.L. 1786. 

(A Commissary & L.B.M. 
1790.) One of this name 
not privileged. 100 acres. 

S.G. Lieut. King's Rangers. 
P.L. 1786. 

Soldier King's Rangers. L. 
B. M. 1790. P.L. 1786. 

Only came into the Province 
in 1793. Soldier R.R.N.Y. 
Muster Roll. N.B. P. L. 
N.J. 1786. Restored 19th 
April, 1808. 






Ferguson, Richard, . . 
Ferguson, Junr., 
Ferguson, Rozel 

Marys & Sophiasburgh 
do. do. 
do. do. 

E District 

A pensioner L.B.M. 1791. 
550 acres. P.L. 1786. 
M. C. Volunteer p. Regl. 
Son of Richard Ferguson, 
U.E. Ld. Board certificate 
1794. 200. 
Soldier R.R.N Y. J.F. P.L. 
2d, 1786. 
Son of Alexander Ferguson. 
Master shipwright in King's 
yard at Quebec, St. John 
A volunteer from New York. 
A wife. P.L. 1786. 
Colonel Delaney's Refugees. 
Had received several 
Original Roll. Soldier R. R. 
N. Y. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers- 
Butler's Rangers. A wife & 
child. P.L. 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 

See order-in-Council,March, 
1807. Soldier R.R.N. Y. 
Corporal Royal Yorkers. O. 
C. 13th Oct., 1796. 
M.C. Corporal Royal Regt. 

Settled with his family in 
1795 ; was settled in Nova 
Scotia before the war ; or- 
iginally settled in Nova 
Scotia ; an Irishman ; his 
own story. N.P. 
Stamped Book. Soldier R. 
R. N.Y. 650 acres Ld. B. 
M. 1791. (P.L, 1786.) 
M.C. Corporal in Jessup's. 
(P.L. 1786.) 
Sons of George Finkle of 
Sergt. B. R., and a magis- 
trate. 1,200. 

Ferguson, William 

Ferguson, William 
Ferrier, John 


Kingston .... . . 

Ferris John 


Ferris, Joshua .... 

H District 

Fetterly, Peter ...... 
Fields, George 


' do. 

Fields, Gilbert 


Fields, Mrs Rebecca, . . 
for Mrs. Johnston 
Fike, Daniel 


File, John 


Files, John 

Finch, James 

Kitley . 

Finkle, George 

Ernest Town 

Finkle, Henry 

Finkle, John 

Fredericksburgh ) 
do ) 
W District 

Finkle, Jacob 

Fields, Daniel 






Fields Nathan 

W District . ... 

Soldier Bro. R. & N. Co. 

Finney, George 

5 District ... ... 

S. G. (Niagara Stamped 
Book.) S. P.L.N. 1786. 
Son of Peter Finney. 

Finney Peter 


Soldier Royal Regt N York. 

Fisher Alexr 

Adolphus Town 

Muster Roll. P. L. N. J. 
Ln assistant Commissary at 

Fisher Daniel 

M District 

Carleton Island. L.B.M. 
L discharged seaman (200). 

Fisher, Frederick 


Soldier Regt. cot U.E. 

Fisher John 

M District.. 

(P. L. 1786.) (Stamped 
Book.) p. Sergt. Mcln- 
tosh's certificate. 
Came into Canada at com- 

Fisher. George , , 

H District 

mencement of the war. 
R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
Soldier Jersey volunteers. 

Fisher, Widow Mary . 

Adolphus Town 

ler husband, John, came in 

Fitchet James 


at commencement of the 
war. L.B.M. 1792. 200 as. 
P. King's Roy R N Y. 

Fitchet "Richard 

do .... 

L. B. S. & G. 200 E.D . 
P.L. 1786.. 
Fitchell}. Soldier 84th Genl. 

Fitchet, Joseph 

E District 

Haldimand. 100. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier R.R. N.Y. Muster 

Fitz Titus 

Kingston ... 

Koll. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
blacksmith Qr. Mr. General's 


Adolphus Town 

Loyalist, P. L. 1786, from 

Fitzpatrick, Peter 

E District 

New York. A.McL. One 
a soldier Loyal Rangers. 
Ld. Bd. in Royal Yorkers. 

Fitzpatrick, William. . 


J. B. This man deserted 
from R. Canadian volun- 
teers. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Peter. J.B. 

Flack Archd 

H District . . . 

With Genl Burgoyne in 

Flaack, Richard . 


McAlpin's corps, &c. 
O.C. 1st August, 1797. 

Flynn, John 

E District 

Soldier 84th Regt. , approved 

Force Philip 

H District 

His father was a soldier, and 

went to New Brunswick. 
Philip did not join the 
Royal Standard; remained 
with his mother. Petition 
O.C. 20th August, 1795. 




Forner, John 

Forrest, Laurania, 

formerly Mrs.Morden 
Forsyth, George 

Forsyth, James 

Forsyth, James 

Fortune, Joseph 

Fortune, William 

Forbish, Nicholas 
Foster, Edward 

Foster, John.. 
Foster, Moses 

Fountain, Richard 

Fowler, John 

Fox, Frederick 

Fox, William 

Fralick, Adam, Esq. . . 

Francis, Mrs. Catherine H District 

Francis, Qr.-Mr. Win. 
Franklin, Senr., Joseph 

Franklin, Junr., Joseph 
Franks William . , 






P. 1794. States Loyalist,and 
to have drawn 100. Soldier 
53rd Regt. Donald Mcln- 
tosh affidavit. (Stamped 

H District Widow of Mathew Forrest, 


do Loyalist U.E., from Schen- 


do Niagara Stamped Book. Had 

a wife and four children. 
P.L. 1786. 

E District Non-com, offir. King's R, R. 

N.Y. A corporal. (P.L. 
2d, 1786.) 

do Son of William, I.E. 

do S.G.Capt.from Southeward; 

Capt. of Guides, South 

Home District 1st Novr., 1804, on Original 


do Eastern Soldier R.R.N. Y. Ld. Bd. 

L. & Muster Roll. A wife, 
2 children. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
do R.R.N. Y. P.L. 1786. Mus- 

ter Roll. 

Fredericksburgh R. R. N. Y. P. L. 1786. 

(Stamped Book.) 

E District Had a wife. P.L. 2d, 1786. 

H District A volunteer in the war ; re- 
sided seven years in New 

Sophias&Ameliasburgh 1786 Provision List says 
Loyalist N.Y. (3 children. ) 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 

Soldier, Associated Loyalist. 
O.C. 21st July, 1807. Cap- 
tain of Militia during the 
American War, 
Que., wife of John Francis, 
late 34th Regt. 

do King's American Dragoons. 

Kingston At Carleton Island, 1782, 

from Lake George. Called 
Loyalist. P.L. 1786. 

do Son of Joseph. 

E District R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll (sin- 
gle, P.L. 2d, 1786. 






Fraser, Angus 

E District 

Son of widow Isabella. J.B. 

Fraser, Senr. Daniel 

Ernest Town 

A magistrate, 1,200. Served 

Fraser, Junr. , Daniel 


during the war ; an artifi- 
cer ; in all 700, L. B. M. 
1791, includes for family 
(wife, 4 children), P. L. 
Son of Daniel,Senr. L.B.A. 

Fraser, David 


1794. 200. 

/ Fifver, Donald 

E District 

Soldier 84th Regt. P.L. 2d, 

Fraser, Hugh 


1786. - 
M.C. 600 as. Foreman Engr. 

Fraser, John 

Ernest Town 

Depart. /. O.C. 22nd June, 
Son of Daniel. Joined at 

Fraser, John . ... 

E District. 

Saratoga; afterwards dis- 
charged from 53rd Regt.; 
was a non-commd. officer ; 
had drawn 140 acres. L. 
B.A. 1794. 200. 
R.R.N.Y M. Roll. States 

Fraser John 

do Edwardsburgh 

to have been employed on 
secret service (P.L.N.J. 
1786.} Jenny Mills his 
Soldier 42d Regt 

Fraser, Widow Isabell 
Fraser, Jeremiah 

do '.'. 

Widow to Simon Fraser, 
U.E. N. McL. March, 
1793. His son, William, 
states that he was Secre- 
tary to the Indian Dept. 
M.C. Soldier in Jessup's 

Fraser, Kenneth 

Ernest Town 

Loyal Rangers. O.C. 12th 
June, 1798. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers by 

Fraser, al. McNeal, . . . 
Fraser, Captain Thomas 

E District, Lancaster. . 

his widow, Elizabeth Fra- 
ser, 350 acres. L. B. M. 
1791. P.L. 1786. 

Captain Jessup's. 

Fraser, Thomas 

E District ... 

Soldier in Jessup's. L B.L. 

Fraser, Thomas 

Ernest Town 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. L. 

Fraser, Thomas . . . 


B.M. 1791. 200. P.L.1786. 
Son of Capt William. J.B. 

Fraser, Thomas 

E District 

A volunteer in Jessup's, P. 







E District 

Son of Kenneth. 
Adjutant R.R. N.Y. P.L. 
1786. Stamped Book. 
S. G. Jessup's Loyal Ran- 
Father of Capts. William and 
Thomas. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Capt. Thomas. 
Volunteer in Jessup's. P. 
A corporal S. G. Soldier 
Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier in Jessup's. 
Son of Widow Isabell ; re- 
sides at Cotteaux de Lac. 
J.B. Lt. R. Regt. New 
York Stamped Book. 
(O.C. 7th April, 1807), R.R. 
N.Y. Muster Roll, Single 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll. Has a wife. P.L. 
2d, 1786. 
Joined the army at New 
York in 1777 ; was taken 
prisoner when recruiting 
for Colonel Buskirk's 
corps. A sergt. Jersey 
Vols. 200 acres. Came in 
1788. Has a son, Martin. 
Came into the Province in 
Sergt. Orange Rangers. 
Restored O. C.12th July,1808. 
Soldier Delaney's Corps. 
By order-in-Council 22d Ju- 
ly, 1806. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. L. 
German soldier. G Book 
Provision List 1786. 
M.C. Butler's Rangers N. 
C.O. S.G. A wife & 4 chil- 
dren. P.L.N. 1786. Ni- 
agara Stamped Book. 
M.C. Stamford, soldier B.R. 
(Niagara Stamped Book.) 
O.C, 17th Novr., 1797. S. 
P.L.N. 1786. Has a son, 
Benjamin. P. Clinch's affi- 
davit, 1807. 

Frasor \Villiam 

E District . . 

Eraser, Capt. William 
Fraser, Senr., WiUiam 

Fraser, Junr., William 
Fraser, William 

Fraser William 




do of Roxborough 

Fraaer, William 
Fraser, Lt. William . . 

Fratts Henry 


E District 

Frederick, Barnet .... 
Frederick, Conrod 

Frederick John 


M District 


Frederick Peter.. 


Freelick, Peter 
Freel, John 

Ernest Town 

Niagara District 

Freeman, Thomas 
Freke, Everhart 

Ernest Town 


Frelick, Corpl. Benjn. 
Frelick, John 

H District 







Freligh Martin 

M District 

Employed in secret service 

Freeman, John 

H District 

Volunteer Sir John John- 

French, Albert 

E District . . . 

son's, and soldier B. R., 
and one of Jessup's. L.B.L. 
Son of Jeremiah J.B. 600. 

French, BenJH 


Son of Jeremiah 600. 

French, Lt. Gersham. . 


S.G. Jessup's. Resides at 

French, Henry . ... 

E District 

Cotteaux on lake. J.B. 
Loyal Rangers Joined in 

Freen, Peter . . . 

Elizabeth Town 

1777. A corporal in Capt. 
Drummond's company. L. 
B.L. (Jessup's). 
On original Roll Yonge 

French, Henry 

E District 

Common settler. 
Son of Jeremiah French 

French, Esq., Jeremiah 


Lieut. R.R.N.Y. P.L. 2d, 

Frees, John 


Inserted by order-in-Council 

Frey, Capt. Bernard.. 

H District 

29th January, 1808 ; taken 
prisoner in 1777 ; confined 
till 1783. 
Butler's Rangers a wife and 

Frey, Ensn. Philip 


3 children. P.L.N. 1786. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
8th Regt. 

( Friermut, JohnAdam 

Ernest Town 

Came from East Florida 

t Freerniouth 
( Frill, Peter . 


known by Cap. Lithbridge. 
L.B.M. 1792. 200, and re- 
commended for an addi- 
L B A 1794 States the 

t Friell 
Froom, David 

E District 

step-son of John Green, 
and granted 200 acres. 
Son of James Froom 

Froom, Senr., James . 


Soldier King's Royal Regt 

Froom, Junr., James. 


N.Y., or corporal. 
Soldier King's Loyal Ran- 

Frost, Edmund 

H District 


( Fryke, John 

E District . 

Son of Francis Fyke J B 

t Vyke 
Frymire, Nicholas .... 


RR.N.Y. Muster Roll A. 

Frymire, PhiHp 
Fulford, Abel . . 


Had a wife and 2 children. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier Royal Yorkers. L. 
B. L. Muster Roll. A. 
(P.L. 2d, 1786.) 






Fulford Senr Jon- 

E District 

Soldier King's Rangers p 

Fulford Junr., Jon- 


Regl. Roll. 
Son of Jonathan 1789 P. 

Fullarton James 


M C Royal Rangers 

Fulton, Ct. James . . . 

H District 

Capt. King's American Dra- 

Furnier Chrisn 

Kingston . ... 

Que Furnyea Sir J J. 

Fykes, Peter 


Soldier in K. R. Regt. N.Y. 

Frederick Lodwick 


L.B.M. 1792. 500 Genl. 
HaldimandlOO. P.L.1786. 
(Stamped Book.) 
(From L ) Soldier R R N Y 

Goffield, Nat A 

Vtarysburgh & So- .... 

Muster Roll. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Gahagan, Oliver 
Galbraith John 

H District 

E District 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. S. 
G. (A wife and one child.) 
P. L. N. 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 

Gale, James 


Loyalist from New York. 

Gallagher, Hugh 


A. McL. Stamped Book. 
Discharged British soldier. 

Gallinger Christian 

E District 

Had drawn 100 as. at L. 
B. A., 1794. 200 and P.L. 
1786. A wife, P.L.N,1786. 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier R R N Y Mus- ^ 02 

G allinger, Christopher 

ter Roll. P.L.2d, 1786. 1 
L B. 

Gallinger, George . . 

E District 

Soldier R R N.Y. P.L. } 

Gallinger, Henry .... 


2d, 1786. 
R R N Y Muster Roll p 

Gallinger, Senr., Mi- . . 


P.L. 2d, 1786. 
R.R N.Y. Muster Roll. P. 

Gallinger, Junr., Mi- . 

do . . 

L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Michael Senr (P.L. 

Galloway, George 


2d, 1786.) 
S. G. Lieut. Associated Loy- 

Gamble, William 
Gants, Chrisn 


alists. L. B. M. 1791. 
Stamped Book. P.L. 1786. 

German soldier C Book and 

Gardiner, John 

E District 

Provision List 1786. 
Soldier R.R. N.Y. Muster 

Roll. P.L. 2d, 1786. S.B, 






Gardiner, George 
f Gardner, John 

E District Yonge 

Served with Genl.Burgoyne, 
B.R. a soldier. S.G. Niagara 
Stamped Book S. P. L. 
N. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. J.F. Had a wife 
& one child. P.L. 2d,1786. 
Corpl. Loyal Rangers. L.B. 
M.1790 400 as. A.McL. 
(P.L. 1786.) 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll a 
wife and child. P.L. 2d, 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll a 
wife P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Peter (single), P. L. 
2d, 1786. 
(Niagara Stamped Book) 
had a wife, P.L.N. 1786. 
R.R.N. Y. Muster Roll 
M.C. Soldier Loyal Rangers 
a boy 100 junr. son of 
John ; no bounty 1790. Ld. 
Bd. certe. P.L. 1786. Gov. 
Hamilton, 150. Senr. bro- 
ther of John. 
Corporal in Jessup's Corps, 
L.B.M. Say soldier, 1790, 
Drummer Loyal Rangers a 
boy, 100, 1790. No bounty 
Soldier Jessup's, A. McL. 
P.L. 1786. 
(Stamped Book) Butler's 
Rangers, 84th Regt. , a sol- 
dier P.L.N. 1786. One of 
the name a British soldier, 
P.L.N. 1786- a wife. 
Stamped Book. Petition 
states sergeant 84th Regt. 
L. B. M. 1790- 400 (P.L. 
Soldier German troops. 

Soldier King's Rangers L. 
Bd.L. P.L. K. Rangers, 

H District of Crowland 
E District 

t Garner 
Garlock, Henry 
( Garlock, John 

Ernest Town 

( Garlough 
Garlough, Jacob 

E District 

Garlough, Senr., Peter 
Garlough, Junr., Peter 
Garner, William 



H District 

E District 

German Chrisn . 

Adolphus Town 

German John 


German, Jacob 


Gerolomey, James .... 
George, John 

Ernest Town . . 


Georgen, Christoph... 

Geoberg, William 
Gibbons, Mary 
( Gibson, John 


E District 

I Gipson 






Gibson, Mathew 

Gichland, Henry. 
Gilbert, Josiah . 

Gilchrist, Archid. 

Gilchrist, Neal.. . 
Gilchrist, Peter . 

Gilchrist, William , 
Gilmore, Benjamin. 
Girty, James 

Girty, Simon 

Glassford, John . . 

Glassford, William. 
Glassford, John . . . 
Glassford, Lyttle . . 

Glassford, Paul ... 

Glassford, Paul . . . 
Glassford, Robert . 

Glover, Jacob 

Goheen, Thomas 

Goldsmith, Thomas 
Goes, Lawrence . . 

W District 

Ernest Town. 
H District . . . 

E District . 

Ernest Town 


H District. 
Maiden ., 


E District, Augusta 

Matilda . . . 
E District. 


do , 

H District, 
Newcastle , 

Marys & Sophiasburgh 

Soldier R. R. N.Y. Muster 
Roll (single man) P. L. 
2d, 1786. 

Corpl. King's American 
Regt. , or Fanning's. 

Emigrant settler. L. B. L. 

Son of Peter Gilchrist. 

M.C. 300 a soldier in Jes- 
sup's Corps, L.B.L. (in all 
500), L.B.M. 1790. O.C. 
21st August, 1797, (P. L. 

Son of Peter Gilchrist. 

Jersey Volunteers. 

Partisan all the war. CJ. list 

Do., do. 

Joined at Niagara in 1779, 
and died in 1792 ; his son's 
affidavit 1805 ; has a wife 
and 4 children. P. L. 2d, 

Son of John, p. P. S. Sher- 
wood's certificate, 1807. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll A. 

Served under Capt. Brant in 
1778 ; went to Quebec in 
1780; O. E., resided in 
Lower and Upper Canada 
since 1798. I. Cronders. 

Son of John. Said to be U. 
E. R.J. D.G. 

Son of Robert. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
A. Single. P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Sergeant under the command 
of Lord Rawdon. 

Was within the British lines 
before 1783 by order-in- 
Council 24th November, 

Loyalist from New York. 
A. M. L. Loyalist P.L. 

By order - in - Council 19th 
January, 1802. 






Goose, Frederick 
Gooseberry, Thomas . . 
Gordon, John . 


Supposed R.R. N.Y. P.L. 
2d, 1786. 
Soldier in Loyal Rangers, 
L.B.L. 1793. 
Loyalists' List Loyalists 
U.D. 1789. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll P. 
L.N.J. 1786; another R. 
Gordon was ensign in mi- 
litia before the war. L. B. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. A. 
M. L. (P.L. 1786.) 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. A. 
M.L. P.L. 1786. 

Sergeant Prince of Wales' 
Soldier B. Rangers. S. G. 
S. P.L.N. 1786. 
Capt. Lieut. Lord Charles 
Montague's Regt. Order- 
in-Council 30th June,1807. 
Son of a soldier 200, Ld. 
Bd. L. One a wife and 2 
children. P.L. 1786. 

Son of Thomas. TJ.E. L. B. 
L. 1790. (P.L.N.J. 1786.) 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
R. Roll. 
S. G. Sergeant. Loyalist 
from New York. A.M.L. 
(Stamped Book.) 
R.R. N.Y. Had a wife and 
4 children. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Sergeant 84th Regt. 
Gone to Scotland. Soldier 
84th Regt., P, L.B.L. P. 
L.N.J. 1786. 
Son of a soldier. Ld. Bd. L. 
(Young man), P. L. 2d, 
1786. Duncan Murchi^on 
says that he died in 1777. 
Isabell Martin his daugh- 
Had a wife and 2 children 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 

E District 

W District 

Gordon Robert 


Gordonier, Henry 
Gordonier, Jacob 
Gorman, Rebecca 
Gosley Mathew 

Ernest Town 


E District, Elizabeth 

Gould, John 

H District 

Graham, William 
Graham, John 

Home District 

E District 

Graham, Isabella, 
alias McDonell 
Graham, Murdoch 

Graham, Oliver 

do Lancaster., 


Graham, Robert 


Graham, Thomas 

Graham, William 
Grant, Alex 

E District 


do of Edwardsburgh 
do, Charlottenburgh 

do do 

Grant, Alexander 
Grant Alexd 






Grant Alexd 

E District, Charlotten- 

A wife and child P. L. N. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Sergt. 84thRegt.U.E. J.F. 
P.L.N.J. 1786. 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. N. 
B. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. M.Roll. (A Brit- 
ish soldier of this name on 
P.L. 1786 Kingston), one 
P.L.N.J. 1786. S. 
British soldier, A. M. L. 
(Stamped Book),P.L.N. J. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Soldier R. Regt. N. York 
P. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Son of Peter Grant, R. R. 
N.Y. Son to a soldier, 
Ld. B. L. 
Son to a soldier, L. Bd. L. 
P.L.N.Y. 1786. 
Was at St. John's in Lower 
Canada in 1782. P.L.N.J. 
1786 Reuben Sherwood's 
One of 76th Regt. joined in 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll- P. 
L. N. J. 1786. 
A Loyalist volunteer in 
King's Rangers, p. petition 
One a soldier in 84th Regt. 
One of this name drew land 
in E.D. as son of a soldier, 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll P. 
L. N. J. 1786. Another 
P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Sergt. 84th Regt. L. B. M. 
1790, 400, and P.L. 1786 
S. Stamped Book. 

Grant, Alexd 

Grant Allan 

E Dist., Elizabeth TVn 



'Grant, Allan 

Grant, Allan 

Grant, Angus 

Grant Archd 

Grant, Donald 

Grant, Senr., Donald. . 
Grant, Junr., Donald. . 

Grant, Duncan 

E Dist.,Charlottenb'gh 
do do 
E District 

Grant, Duncan 
Grant, Duncan 



Grant, Duncan 


Grant, Duncan 

do of New Johnston 

Grant, Duncan 

Grant, Finlay 


Grant, John 

Kingston, Pittsburgh . . 
Marysburgh . 

Grant, John 

Grant, John 

E District 

Grant, John 


Grant, John 


Grant, James 







Grant, James 
Grant, John 

E District 

(P.L.N.J. 1786.) Recruited 
men ; suffered loss of pro- 
perty, and imprisonment ; 
bore arms as an ensign for 
two years, on Majr. McAJ- 
pin's Muster Rolls; 2000. 

Son of a soldier 200 acres, 
Ld. Bd. L. Son of Finlay 
Soldier 84th Regt. L.B.L. 
One a subject and settler 
from L. C. 
Son of a soldier 200 acres 


Grant, Senr., Lewis . . 
Grant, Junr., Lewis . . 

Grant, Peter 




Grant, Peter 


Grant, Peter 


E District 

Ld. Bd. L. One P.L.N.J.' 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll P. 
L.N.J. 1786. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll 
(single) P.L.2d, 1786-one 
Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier 84th Regt. 
Son of Michael Grass, 
taught, of ditto. 

Son of ditto. 

)aught. of Michael Grass. 
S.G. Capt. N.York Militia. 
Stamped Book P. L. 1786. 
Ion of Michael Grass. 

Sergt.84th Regt,, from South 
Carolina wife & two chil- 
dren, 1787 ; Collins, 200 ; 
P.L. 1786. 
Loyal Rangers by order-in- 
Council2d December, 1806. 
l.G. Major R.R.N.Y. 

Grant William 

Grant Wm 


Grass, Daniel 

M District 

Grass Eve now 

do . . 

Grass, John 


Grass, Lewis 


Grass Mary. . . 

Grass, Michael ' 


Grass Peter 


Grass, Peter 

M District. 
E District 

Gray, John 
Gray, James 

Yonge . . 

Gray, Col. James .... 
Gray, Alexander . . . 


Yonge Street . . 

Green, Benjamin 

H District 

by order-in -Council 13th 
Oct. 1807. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
R. Roll. 
0, C. 29th March, 1808 
joined the Royal Standard 
in New Jersey in the year 

Green John 

^'lamborouo'h \Vest 






Green John 

Marysburgh . . 

Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B. 
M. P.L. 1786. 
Stamped Book, Soldier 
Queen's Rangers, L. B. M. 
P.L. 1786, wounded at the 
battle of Brandywine, in- 
valided and discharged at 
his own request after- 
wards in secret service. 
84th Regt. a soldier U. E. 
Stamped Book P. L. 1786. 
Soldier 42d Regt. Ld. Bd. 
Cert, an Artificer this one 
A. M. L. M. C. 0. C. 25th 
July, 1797. 
New Jersey Loyalist. Myrtle. 
Was a soldier in Jessup's is 
resident in Montreal, R. J. 

Joined at New York, 1782. 
Loyalist express in the war. 
Soldier New Jersey Volun- 
teers, L.B.M. 1791, P. L. 
Sergt. Incorporated Loyalist 
N. Y. Stamped Book. 

Early, was at the conquest 
of Canada in 78th Regt. 
had a wife and two child- 
ren, P. L. 2d 1786. Joined 
Royal Standard in 1776, 
served in Capt. Herchmer's 
Company _till 1778 his 
own affidavit. 
Not privileged Solicitor- 
General's information in 
1802. A common settler 
in 1785. F. Smith and J. 

Employed as an Artificer 
L. B. Lunenburg. 
B. Rangers S.P.L. N., 1786, 
not U. E., had previously 
been a German Soldier. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 


Green ' \VUliam 


Greenop, Britain 
alias Gulep. 
Grey John , .... 

Kingston , 

Griffiths John 

M. District 

Griffin, Joseph 
Griffin Isaac 

E. District 


Griffiths, William 
Griag John 


H. District . 

Grooms Elijah 

Kingston , 

Grooms Joseph 


Grout, Ferdinand ..... 
Gunn David . . 

Marys & Sophiasburghs 
Lancaster. , . . 

Hagerinan, John 

Elizabeth Town 

Hagard Peter 

E. District 

Haggart, John 
Hagerman, Sergt. Ar- 

H. District 






Hagernuui, Tunis . . . 

Ernest Town 

Soldier Loyal Rangers L. B. 

Hci rr orman Nicholas 

Adolphus Town . 

M., 1790. 
Gen Haldimand 200 and P 

Haggerty Hu^h 

H. District 

L. 1786, Loyalist, A.M.L. 
Jersey Volunteers. 

Hainer Albert 


M C soldier B Rangers S 

Haiiier John 

H District 

G. O. C. llth March 1797, 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers had 

Hainer, Richard 

do ...... 

a wife and four children, 
P. L. N.. 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier B Rangers S.G. had 

Haines, Senr., Joseph. 


a wife and 2 children, P.L. 
N. 1786, Niagara Stpd.Bk 
Butler's Rangers, IT E. P. 

Hiiiiu's Nathaniel 


Soldier B Rangers S G L 

Haines, Christopher. . . 
1 1 a i M s, John 

E. Dist. Williamsburg. 
do do 

B. Nassau 1794, a wife P. 
L.N". 1786, Niag. Stpd.Bk. 
Soldier R. R. NVY., Muster 
Roll A.single,P.L.2d 1786. 
Emigrant 1790 L. B L. his 

Hains, Joseph 

do do 

brother Michael, a Sergt. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
Soldier R.R N Y. had a son 

Haines, Michael . . 

do do 

named John, p. affidavit 
of Mr. John Chrysler. 
Sergt R R N. Y. L. B L. 

Haley, Abijah . 

do do 

and Muster Roll, had a 
wife P.L. 2d 1786. 

Hall Richard. 


S G Sergt Loyalist from N 

Hall, Samuel 

W. District 

York Stpd. Bk. P.L. 1786 
S G Queen's Rangers L. 

Halley, Abijah 

E. District 

Loyalists U. D. 
See Hawley, Abijah. 

Hollo well, Benjamin . 

H. District 

Halister Elisha 

E District . 

of Cornwall lately of a^e 

Hamblin, David . . 

do Augusta . 

Son of Silas. 

Hamblin, Silas 

do . 

Sol. in Maj. Jessup's L.B.L. 

Hamblyn David 

do Elizabeth T 

Muster Roll. 
Son of Silas 

Hamblyn, Francis 
Hamilton, Andrew . 

do do 
W District 

Butler's Rangers a Corporal 

Hamilton, Thomas .... 


2 U. E. List. 1789. 
by Order-in- Council, 13th 

Hansen, Lt. Richard. . 


Jan. 1807. 
B. Rangers, Niag. Stpd. Bk. 

Hancock, John 


Discharged British Soldier, 

Stamped Book, 






Hans, Edward 


Hand sh aw 

H. District 

Secret service. 

alias Moody, M. 
Hard James 

E. District 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Hard Phili 


do do 

Hardison Benjamin 

H District . 

8th Regt not U E 

Hardy, John, Sergt . 


84th Regt. 

Hare Barny 

E. District 

Son of Ensign John Hare, 

Hare Henry . 

do Lancaster 

Ld. Bd. L. 
Lieut Indian Department 

Hare, John, Senr 

H. District. 

Deceased Capt. Indian Dept. 

Hare, Lt. John, Junr. 


Niagara Stamped Book. 
Capt Indian Department 

Hare John . 

E. District 

S.P.L.N. 1786. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers Ld 

Hare, John 

Osnabruck .... 

Bd. L. 

Hare, James 


Ensign Indian Dept Ld Bd 

Hare, Capt. Peter 

Home District 

L. a wife and six children 
P. L. 2d 1786. 
Indian Dept 2 children, P. 

Hare, Peter. . . 


L.N.1786, Niag. Stpd.Bk. 
Deceased Volunteer Indian 

Hare, Wm 


Department, S. P. L. N. 
1786, Niagara Stpd. Book. 
"Volunteer Indian Dept a 

Hare Wm. 

E. District 

wife and 2 children, P. L. 
N. 1786, Niag. Stpd. Bk. 

Haret, Edward... 

W. District. 

Ld. Bd. L. 

Harley, James 

Kingston . 

Discharged Artificer Loyal* 

Harlowe, William 

Fredericksburg. . 

ist New York, A. McL. 
single, P.L. 1786. 
M C German Royal Artil'ry 

Harn, James 

Ernest Town. 

Harns, Gilbert 

Fredericksb urg 

M C 'Soldier King's Rangers 

Harns, Gilbert 


Ld.' Bd. Certificate, 1784, 
G. Haldimand 100 ditto 
100, a wife, P.L. 1786. 
King's Rangers A McL. 

Harns, Isaiah , 


Soldier Kin^s Rangers p 

Harns, Johnston 


R. Roll, Josiah, P?L.1786. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 

Harns, Thomas 
Harper, Wm 

W. District. . 

R. Roll, 1784, G. Haldi- 
mand 100 sold. 
On Original Roll 1st Nov. 
Butler's Rangers, L.L.U.D. 






Harple, George 

Kingston . 

Harper his name, L. B Meek- 

Harris, Battles . . 

M. District 

lenburgh 1791, 200 acres, a 
Loyalist (P. L. 1786), In- 
corporated Loyalist Stpd. 

Harris, David. 

Ernest Town . 

^^as not in the service did 

Harris, Henry 

H. District 

not come to this country 
till after the Peace, Emi- 
grant Settler, 200 acres 
L.B.M., 1790. 
Soldier B. Rangers, S.G.S. 

Harris, John 


P.L.N., 1786. 
Soldier B.R. S.G. S.P.L.N. 

Harris, Joseph 

M. District . 

Son of Minard Harris 

Harris M in;inl 


Served in Colonel Hurly- 

Harris, Peter . 


hoy's Corps, joined 1777. 
Son of Mind art Harris dead 

Harris Thomas 

H District 

Incorporated Loyalist 

Harrison, Thomas 

Marysburgh . . . 

Soldier British Regiment, A. 

Harrison, Senr. , Wm . . 


McL. Painter, Stpd. Bk. 
Sergt. 53rd Regt., not U. E. 

Harrison, Junr., Wm. . 


{P.L. 1786). 
Son of ditto, not U. E. 200 

Harson, Felix .... 


acres, 1793, L.B.M. 
A soldier in Jersey Volun- 

Hart, Barny 

E District 

R R N Y Muster Roll P 

Hartle, Adam . 


L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 

Hartle, Christian 


Roll, P. L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of a Loyalist. J. F. 

Hartle, Senr., John 


Soldier R.R.N.Y. J.F. Mus- 

Hartle, John 


ter Roll. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of , P.L. 2d, 

Hartman, David 

Ernest Town 

Soldier Loyal Rangers call- 

Hartman, Jacob . . . 


ed Loyalist, P.L., 1786. 
'Son of David. 

Hartman, Ludswick 


) Son of David Hartman 

Hartman, Philip 


Son of David 

Hartman, Wm 

Marvsbursrh ... 

Haskins, Abel .. 

Johnstown District 

'By Order in Council 26th 

Haskin, IVvM 


May, 1801. 
1792 Petition has resided 

several years and is come 
of age. L.B.L., son of 






E District 

Son of Abel 

Hatler Thomas 


Late of Cornwall, deceased, 

Ernest Town 

O.C. 28th April, 1807. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. 
Came in during the War 

Havens Jolm 


with his family several 
sons in Jessup's. 
VL C Soldier in Jessup's 

Havens Robert 


Loyal Rangers. Mr. Cot- 
lin's Certificate. 
Emigrant from the States 

H District 

wishes to become a settler. 
L.B.M. 1793. 200. 
B Rangers by Order in 

Haverland Junr 

H District 

Council, 21st June, 1806. 
Son of Andrew Haverland. 



By Order in Council 30th 

Haver Daniel 

H District 

January, 1808, Engineers' 
Department and Incor- 
porated Loyalists. 

Hawley Abijah 


On Original Roll. 

Hawley, Ichabod . . . 


Rangers, p. R. Roll (P.L. 

Soldier N. C. O. Loyal 

Hawley Jeptha 

do M C 

Rangers, L.B.M. (P. L. 
Lieut of Batteaux L.B.M. 

Hawley Martin . . 


1789 L.Bd. Certe. and 
Quebec plain, P.L. 1786. 
Son of Jeptha, a soldier 

Hawley, Rupell 


Loyal Rangers. L.B.M. 
P.L. 1786. 
Son of Jeptha, L.B.A. 1793. 

Hawley, Sheldon . 


200 acs. 
Son of Jeptha a Loyalist, in 

Hawley Zadock 


all 350 acres. L.B.M., 1789. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers A. 

Hawn, Christian .... 

E District . 

R R N. Y. Muster Roll A. 

Hawn, Henry 

do. ... 

R R N Y. Muster Roll. 

Hawn, Hermanns . . . 


Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.Bd. H. 

Hawn, John 


Grenville. Son of Henry 
Hawn, P.L. 2d, 1786, 
On Original Roll. 

Hawn, Jacob 

E District 

R R N.Y Muster Roll A. 

Hayslip, Corpl.' James 

H District 

B. Rangers, S.G. Niagara 

Stamped Book. 






Hazen, Sergt. Daniel .. 

H District 

Jersey Volunteers, Barlow's 

Hiald, Nathaniel 


Regt., S.G. 
Corporal 29th Regt. L.BM. 

Heck Paul 

E District 

1791-650 acres and P.L. 
S G Corporal with Bur- 

Hedler Adam 


R.R.N.Y. P.L. 1786 and 

Heford, John 


A.Mc.L. Stamped Book. 
Discharged British Soldier. 

Hehn, John 

Hek, Gotlep 


Soldier in the GermanTroops 

Helmer, John 

E District, Cornwall . 

O. U. E. List. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A. 

Helmer, John . . 


24 years. 
A Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.Bd. 

Hendershot Peter 

H District 

L. 1791 and Muster R-.41. 
21 years A. and Hihrer 
John, R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll, 18 years A. 
Soldier Jersey Volunteers 

Henderson Cateb.. 


A Sergeant Loyal Rangers, 

Henderson, David 

Elizabeth Town 


Order in Council 2nd Decem- 

Henn, Michael 

Home District 

ber, 1806, replaced on the 
U. E. List. 
Found 1st Nov., 1804, to be 

Henry James 

H District 

on the Original Roll. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers. 
B. Rangers. S. G. had a 

Herchimer, Catharine. 

M District ' 

wife, P.L.N. 1786, Ni- 
agara Stamped Book. 

now Markland 
Herchimer, Mary, 


now Hamilton. 
Herchmer, Jane now 


, Daughters and Sons of 

Herchmer, Jacob . . . 


Capt. Jost Herkemer. 

Herchmer, Joseph . . 

do. . . . 

Herchmer, Lawrence . . 


Herchmer, Lieu 


Deceased P.L. 1786. 

Herchmer Nicholas 


Son of Capt. Jost Herkeme 

Herman, Valentine .. 


of Batteaux. 
Original Roll, Soldier Loyal 

Heron. Andrew 


Soldier R.R.N.Y. Stamped 


Book. P.L. 1786. 






Hervey, Philip 

H District 

Hesse Andrew 


Soldier 34th Regt. L.B.M. 

Hesse Jacob 

Ernest Town 

1790 and P.L. 1786. 
M.C. Soldier in Jessup's A. 

Hewit Jacob 

Yonge , , . 

Mc.L. P.L. 1786. 
Late from the State of New 

Hewston, .... 

H District 

York, desires to become a 
subject and settler. 200 
as. L. B L., 9th April, 
1783. No privilege. 
Killed when on secret service 

Hick John 

E District 

near Gosham. 
Soldier King's Rangers 

Hick, Samuel 


P.L. 1786. 
Son of Paul Hicks, p. Land 

Hicks, Benjamin 


Board Certificate in C. 
M.C. Soldier Butler's Ran- 

Hicks, Daniel 


gers. Stamped Book. O.C. 
30th Augt., 1797. m 
His Father died in New 

Hicks David 


York Son of the late 
Edward who served in 
Butler's Rangers L. B. 
M, 1793. 200. 
His Father died in New 

Hicks, Edward 


York Son of the late 
Edward who served in 
Butler's Rangers. L. B, 
M. 1793. 200. 
Died at New York in 1779. 

Hicks, Joseph 


Affidavit of Parskel Terry, 
7th March, 1807 Mary 
Cryderman, his daughter. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers, 
L.B.M. (Stamped Book) 
British Soldier, P.L. 1786, 
S. A.McL. 
Son of Edward who died in 

Hicks, Joshua 


New York, L.B.L. 1791. 
Emigrant N. Y. S. 300. 
L. B. M. 1790. British 
Soldier, P. L. 1786 S. 
His Father died in New 

Hicks, Lewis . . 

Ernest Town 

York Brother to Edward 
and Son of Edward. 
Loyal Rangers A McL 

Called Loyalist 1786. 






Hickey John 

R District 

Soldier R R N Y L. B. L. 

Higgins Samuel 


and Muster Roll. 
British Soldier A. Me L. 

Hill Corney 

H District 

53rdRegt. (Weaver Stamp- 
ed Book). 
A Settler. 

Hill, Senr., John 


This one a Loyal Quaker, 

Hill Junr John 


one a Soldier King's 
Rangers, p. R. Roll. 
Son of John Hill Senr., 

Hill, Nazareth 


the Junr. served in N.Y. 
Served as Guide to the Army. 

Hill, Solomon 

M District 

N. C. O. Corporal Loyal 

Hill, Thomas 

H District 

American Regt. 
Loyalist from Nova Scotia. 

Hill, Wm. 


Soldier British Regiment. 

Hilts, Joseph . 

H District 

A.McL. (Stamped Book) 
Came in with his grandfa- 

Hilton, Sergt B Wm 


ther, Joseph Petry. 
Kin " American Dragoons. 

Hitchcock, Miles 


A drayman in New York 

Hitchler Six 

E District 

during the war. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers 

Hodge, Timothy 


Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B. 

Hodogan, Peter ... . 



Hogodoom, soldier, Loyal 

Hodgekinson Wm 

H District . 

B. Rangers, Niagara stamp- 

Hodgkinson, John 


ed book. 
B. Rangers. 

Hoff, Henry 


Indian Department S.G. 

Hoff , John . . . 


one woman, P.L.N., 1786. 
Indian Department, S. G., 

Hoffman, David 

Ernest Town 

Niagara stamped book. 
A soldier in Jessup's (P. L., 

Hoffman, Elias 


Had not been in the service 

Hoffman, Jacob .... 

Ernest Town 

of Government, I. O. C. 
Came in after the peace, 
emigrant settler, 100 acres 
onlyL.B.M., 1790. 
German soldier C. Book. 


Hoffman, Jacob 


Soldier R.R.N.Y L B M 

Hoffman, Ludowick 


1790 (Stamped Book), P. L. 
British soldier P.L. 1786 

A.MC.L. s. 






Hoffman Philip 


Soldier R. R. N. Y., P. L., 

Hofftail, Isaac 

E District . . . 

If Hockdel, a soldier Loyal 

Hogan, David 


M.C. soldier 34th Regt., L. 

Hogan, Major Wm 

B.M., 1792, 300 P. L., 1786 
(Stamped Book). 
S.G. in war of 1759-69. P.L. 

Hoghtelling, James... 

H District 

N.J., 1786. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers O. 

Hogle, Bostian 

Ernest Town 

C. 21st July, 1796. 
His father, Captain Hogle 

Hoffman, Joseph .... 


was killed at Berrington, 
L.B.M., 1790. 
Received compensation for 

Hogle, Francis 


losses Jessup's. 
Son of Capt. Francis Hogle 

)Togle, James 


(Stamped Book), Francis 
his son 200as. L. B. M., 
Loyal Rangers his father, 

Hollingshead, Anthony 

H District . . , 

Captain Hogle killed at 
Berrington, L.B.M., 1790. 
W,E. from N. Brunswick. 

Holmes, Asa .... 


Lives in Yonge. A. Homes, 

Holmes, John 


of Niagara. Joined Genl. 
Burgoyne. A settler, one 
of this name a Loyalist, 
list 1789. 
Loyalist from New York 

Hoople, Henry 

E District Osnabruck 

(P.L., 1786). 
R R N Y Muster Roll 

Hoople, John 

do do 

young man P.L. 2d,1786. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 

Hopkins, Senr., Silas. . 

H District 

Roll, P.L. 2nd., 1786. 
It was said he accepted of a 

Hopper, Abraham 

E District 

pardon from Genl. Wash- 
ington. I. S. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 

Horton, Isaac 

H District 

Roll (Single P. L. 2d., 
Pilot to New York army, S. 

Hoskins, Leda 

E District 


Elizabeth Town. 

Hosteder, Herman .... 

H District 

Served in Bucks County Vol- 

Hovenden, Moore W. . 

M District. 

unteers and Engineer De- 
S.G. Lieut, of Horse, Tarl- 

ton's Legion, P.L., 1786. 






Hover Caspar 


Loyalist P L 1786 

Hover Henry . ... 


Soldier Butler's Rangers, son 

Hover Jacob 


of Casper L.B.M., 1790. 
300. Provision list, 1786, 
p. Discharge. 
Stamped Book), son of Cas- 

Hough Barnabas 

Ernest Town 

par L. B. M. , ] 790,100. No 
bounty land, 1786, P. list. 
Genl. Haldimand 300 Loyal 

Hough Broner 


Rangers, P. L. King's Ran- 
gers, 1786. 
Soldier King's Rangers p 

Hough Elijah . . . 


R. Roll (S. P. L., 1786. 

Hough John 

Fredericksbur^h . 

Soldier R.R.N Y L B M 

Hough, Isaac 

Ernest Town 

1790300, including fami- 
ly P. L., 1786, Stamped 

Son of Barn abas, only of age 

Hou tr h, Samuel .... 


Son of do 

House, Frederick .... 

H District . . . 


House, George 


S.G.B. Rangers, a soldier a 

House, Hermanns .... 

H District 

wife and 5 children, P. L. 
N., 1786, Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book. 
Soldier R. Rangers S G had 

House, James 


a wife and five children, 
P.L.N., 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
A soldier Butler's Rangers, 

House, John 


See O.C. 14th July, 1796. 
S.G., B.R N C O R R N 

House, Joseph 


Y.,P.L., 1786, a wife and 
three childron, P. L. N., 
1786 (Niagara Stamped 
Son of Hermanns House 

House, Philip 


Soldier B. Rangers S G S 

House, Daniel 


P.L.N., 1786. 
Found 1st !N ovember 1804 

Howard, Edward 

Ernest Town 

to be on the original Roll, 
Butler's Rangers(R Nelles) 
R.R.N.Y., son of Lt. John 

Howard, John 

E District 

O.C., 10th Feb'y 1808 had 

Howard, Senr., John.. 

Ernest Town . 

been employed in Public 
Works, L.Bd.L. 
Lieut. R.R.N Y (Stamped 

Book), P.L, 1786. 






Howard, Junr., John.. 
Howard Mathew 

E District 

Soldier 65th Regt., L.B.M. 
Son of Lt. John, P.L., 
Ensign in Genl. Burgoyne's 
Son of Mathew Howard, L. 
Employed in Public Works 
in 1782, L.Bd.L. 
Son of Mathew, employed in 
the King's works, L.B.L. 
Same person O.C 10th Feb., 


Son of Lt. John, R.R.N.Y. 

A.MC.L. B.M.A. 

Stamped Book. 

State Loyalist, L.B.M.,1791 
from New York (P.L. 
1786, Stamped Book). 
M.C., Sergeant-Major R.R. 
N.Y., L.B.M., 1791650 
acres, Stamped Book. 
R.R.N.Y., A.MC.L. 
N"ew Jersey Volunteers. 
1793 late from the State of 
Vermont, L.B. Grenville. 
Labourer Stamped Book), 

Sergeant Jersey Volunteers, 
p. discharge. 
Que : If son of John Senr. 
Soldier German Troops, p. 
Provision list, 1786. 
Loyal Rangers (Niagara 
Stamped Book), S. P.L.N. 
1786, the Senr. not privi- 
leged, only one daughter, 
named Marg. 
Sergt, S.G. andGovr. Ham- 
ilton, 100 (British Regt., 
P.L. 1786), a wife & child 
(Stamped Book), 
lioyal American Regt., in- 
formed by J. Crawford. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, call- 
ed Loyalist, P.L. 1786. 

Howard, Peter 


Howard Dier 


Howard, Stephen 
Howard, Stephen 
Howard, Thomas .... 
Howard, William 
Howe, Wm 


Ernest Town 

E District, Elizabeth 


Howell, John 


H District 

Howell, Warren 

Howey, Robert 

Hubert, Thomas 


Hudson, G, J 


Huen, John 

E District 

Huffman, Christopher. 

Huffman, Christr 
Huffman, Jacob 

H District 



Huffman, Jno. Nicho- 
las, Junr 



Hughes, Keuben 
Hughes, James ....*. 


Huff, Asa . . 







Huff Paul 

Adolphus Town 

Lieutenant Loyalist, P.L. 

Huff, Senr., Solomon. . 
Huff nail, Andrew 
Huff nail Jeptha 


Adolphus Town . . 

1786, from N. York, A.Mc. 

A Settler in 1788, P. 
Drummer Loyal Rangers, 
L.B.M. 1791. 
Soldier Royal Yorkers Jobet 

Humphrey, James 

E District 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Humberstone, Samuel. 
Hunt, Edward 

District Johnstown 
H District . . . 

By order in Council, 13th 
Oct., 1807, Lieut. Associa- 
ted Loyalists. 
M.C Soldier Col. Church's 

Hunter, David,. . 

E District . . 

Connecticut Volunteers, 
O.C. 18th April, 1797. 
S.G. Lands as CorporalL.B. 

Hunter, David, Junr 


L. 1791, Artificer & Loyal 
Son of David. 

Hunter, John 

H District 

A soldier R. Hamilton. 

Huntsinger, John 


M. C. Soldier Royal Yorkers, 

Hurlbert, Moses . 

E District 

Muster Roll A. O.C., 28th 
March, 1807. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier King's Rangers. P. 

Hurley, John 

Mary's & Sophiasburgh 

L. Roll. 
(Stamped Book), P. L. 2d, 

Husley, John 


Discharged B. Soldier. 

Huson, Nathaniel .... 

H. District.. 

Son of Lieut. Huston, of Col. 

Hutchinson, Asa 


Robinson's corps. 
Joined Royal Standard in 

Hurd, Jehiel 


Rhode Island. 
Sergeant R.R N.Y.,L.B.L. 

Huson, Caleb 

1790. G.Haldimand, 1784, 
100. Stamped Book. 
By Order in Council 5th 

Huych, John 

Adolphus Town 

July, 1798. 
Loyalist P L 1786 Lieut 

Hyndmann, Samuel 

H. District . 

by L.B.D. A. McL. 

Heim, Michael 

Butler's Rangers. O.C. llth 

Imendol, Christian 


March, 1797. 
Soldier German Troops p 

Inglehart, Bernard 


Provision list, 1786 (Stp'd 
A Soldier Grerman Troops 

or Barnhart. 
Irish, Peter 

M. District 

p. Provision list, 1786. 

Jackson, Jethro 

of Richmond . . . 

Order in Council 24th Feb. 







Jackson, David 

Ernest Town 

Pt. in Jessup's corps. L.B. 

Jackson, Henry 

E District 

P.L., 1786. 
Volunteer Loyal Rangers, 

Jackson, James . . 

Ernest Town 

One James. A soldier in 

Jackson, James 

E. District, Augusta 

Butler's Rangers. A wife. 
P.L. 1786. Niagara Stp'd 
Book. Do. A. McL. 
Loyal Rangers, A. McL. P. 

Jackson, Peter 

do do . . 

L., 1786. 

Jackson, Thomas. . 


A Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Jacocks, David . 

E. District f 

Drew 100 acres in M.D. 
L.B.M. 1790. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. A wife 

Jacocks, David . . 

do ( 

and daughter. P. L. 2d, 
1786. Muster Roll A. 

Jarvis, Esq., William 

H. District . 

M. C. Queen's Rangers 

Jessup, Esq., Edward. 


M. C. Major Commandant. 

Jessup, Edward 

E. District . 

S. G. Lieutenant Jessup's, 

Jessup, Henry . . . 


son of Edwd. Jessup, Sen. 

Jessup, Joseph, Capt... 


Captain Jessup. 

Jemmison, Wm 

W. District . . 

Johns, Lieut. Solomon. 

H. District . 

S. G. Lieut. L. Rangers. 

Johnston, Adam . 

E. District, Cornwall 

Joined the Royal Standard 

Johnson, Lieut. Brant. 

H. District . 

at Saratoga in 1777. J. 
Anderson, 's certificate. P. 
L. 2d 1786. 
Indian Dept., S.G. Niagara 

Johnson, Coonrad ..... 


Stamped Book. 
Private Indian Dept., But- 

Johnson, Frederick. . . 

Yonere . 

ler's Rangers P. Single. 
P. L. N. 2d, 1786. 
A common settler in 1785. 

Johnson, George 

E. District Cornwall 

R R N Y Muster Roll 

Johnson, George 

do Matilda 

Corporal. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 

Johnson, Sir John . 

H. District 

Roll A. 
Colonel or Lieut - Colone^ 

Johnson, James 
Johnson, Laurence 

E. District, Cornwall.. 
H. District 

A Corporal R.R.N.Y.L.Bd. 
G. & S., M. Roll. P. L. 

2d, 1786. 
Served in Col. Robinson's 





Johnson, Robert 

Johnson, Lieut. Wm . . 
Johnston, Andrew 

Johnston, Daniel 

E. District, Cornwall. 

El. District 

Ernest Town 

Johnston, Mrs.Elizab'h 

Johnston, Elizabeth . . 

Johnston, George 

Johnston, Henry 

Johnston, Capt. John. . 

Johnston, John 


H. District 

Kingston . . 


M. District 
H. District . 

H. District 

Johnston, John ... . 
Johnston, James 

do of Bertie. 
Ernest Town . 

Johnston, Jonas 

Johnston, Margaret . . 
Johnston, Magdalene. 
Johnston, Ralph 

Johnston, Lt. Wm . . 
Johnston, Wm ,. . 

Johnston, Wm. 

Jones, Daniel 

Jones, David 

Jones, Ebenezer 


H. District 
Kingston . 

H. District 

M. District . 
Ernest Town 

M. District . 

E. District, 

H. District 


[ndian Department, S.G. 

Son of Sergt. James John- 

Son of Sergt. .James John- 
son, of Ernest Town. L. 

Widow of Capt. John John- 
ston of Indian Dept. 

Daughter of Mary Brant. 

Son of Mary Brant. 

Farmer. Stamped Book . 

[ndian Department, S.G. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 

3ne of this name,a soldier in 
R.R.N.Y. and got land in 
E.D. One a settler of 1787, 
of Stamford. 

Joined in 1777, Esopus. Had 
a wife and 4 servants. P. 
L.N. 1786. 

O.C. 24th February, 1807 
restored and Johnston, 
James, Fredericksburgh, 
O.C. 14th February, 1807 
suspended. This one, a 
soldier in Jessup's. Fred- 
ericksburgh, James, P.L. 
1786, if from Ireland. 

B. Rangers, S. 

Daughter of Mary Brant. 

Daughter of Mary Brant. 

Niagara Stamped Book. 
Single. P.L.N. 1786. 

Son of Sir John (natural). 

Captain Indian Department. 
P.L. 1786. 

One a soldier from Loyal 
Rangers from Yorkshire, 

1784, G. Haldimand, unin- 
corporated Loyalist, 100. 

One a Lieutenant in Loyal 
Rangers, 1793, wishes to 
become a settler. Lately 
from New York State. L. 
B.M. 200. 

Sergt. in Orange Rangers, 






Jones, Es<|., Ephraim . 

E. District 

S. G. Commissary. 

Jones Esq John . 


S. G. Captain Jessup's. 

Jones James 

H District 

Soldier B. Hangers, S. G. 

Jones Mrs. Jane 


Had a wife and 6 children. 
P.L.N. 1786. 
Who was she ? 

Jones Senr Mary 


Jones, Richard 

do Augusta . . . 

Son of Daniel Jones, R. I. 

Jones, Sarah . 

D. G. 

Jones Solomon 

E District . 

Surgeon's mate, Loyal Rang- 

Jones, Thomas 


Soldier Loyal Rangers. L.B. 

Judson Silas 

Elizabeth Town 

1793. OneR.R.N.Y.,M. 
Roll. One emigrant from 
the States. L.B.M. 1793. 
L. B. L., 1790. Satisfied 

Julian, John 

W. District 

of his good character as 
a Loyalist, Connecticut. 
On the 12th April, 1805, 
Mr. Silas Judson was at 
this office and said that 
he was not within the 
British lines' resident be- 
fore the Treaty of Peace 
in 1783. Came to Canada 
in 1790. His land was not 

Keaning, John 


Soldier German Troops. 

Keefer, Senr., George 

H. District 

Deceased Jersey volunteers. 

Kelhnam, John 


If Killman. Single. P. L. 

or Kilhuan. 
Keller Charles . . . 


2d, 1786. 
Royal Yorkers L.B.M. 1791. 

Keller, Frederick . 


His name Koeller. 350 
acres, A. McL. P. L. 1786. 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier King's Rangers, P. 

Keller, John 

R. Roll. Stamped Book. 
Soldier R. R. N. York, p. 

Keeler, James . 


Stamped Book. 
Soldier Jersey volunteers, p. 

Keller, Philip Martin.. 


Affidavit 14th Jany, 1805. 
German soldier. Collins' 

Kelly, Patrick 


Book and Provision list, 
1786. A. McL. L.B.M. 
1793. 300 acres. 
Soldier 84th Regiment. L. 

B. M. 1790, 300 (& P. L. 
1786) S. 





E. District, Augusta., 
do do 

do Elizab'h Town 


Kelsey, James 

Soldier in Jessup's corps. L. 
B. L. 
Son of Jas. Kelsie. L.B.L. 

Soldier L.B.M. 1790. 300 & 
L.B.M. 1793,200. King's 
Rangers, P. L. 1786. A. 
Son of John Kemp, Senr. 
P. L. 1786. King's Rang- 
Soldier in King's Rangers.p. 
R. Roll, L.B.M. 1793, 300. 
A. McL. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. R 
Roll, L.B.M. 1793, 300. 

Discharged British soldier. 
Corpl. his sons Allan 200, 
Alexander 200, R.R.N.Y. 
Muster Roll, P. L. N. J. 
Soldier 84th Regt. drew 200 
as. in 1793, p. L. B. Adol- 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. has wife 
and five children, P.L. 2d, 
Soldier Butler's Rangers, P. 
S. P. L N. 1786. 
German soldier, C. Book & 
Provision list, 1786, A. 

Did not join the Royal Stan- 
dard, but suffered, impris- 
onment and loss of prop- 
erty,p. 1793, not privileged. 

Soldier R.N.N. Y., L.B.M., 

1790, 100 and bounty 200, 
P. L. 1786, A. McL. 
A soldier in Jessup's Corps, 
R. J. D. G. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
Not privileged. 

or Celsiy. 
Kelsey, Wm 

or Celsey. 
Kelsie, James 

Kemp, Senr., John, . . 

Kemp, Junr., John ... 
Kemp, James 



Kemp Joseph 


Kemp, Mathew 

H District 

Kenard, John 


Kenedy, Alexander . . . 

Kenny, James 
Kintner, George 
Kern, Mattice 

E District 

H District 

E District 

H District . 

Kesler, Michael. 


Kessler, Stephen 

W District . 

Kief, Imamiel 
Kilburn, Benjamin . . . 

Killen, Daniel 


E District 

Marys & Sophiasburgh 

Kimmerly, Andrew . . . 

King, Constant 
King, Ebenezer . 

E. District, Edwards- 

do Elizabeth Town 
M District. . , 

Kirby, Elizabeth.. 







Kitcheson, Willliam . . 
Kilman, Jacob 

H District 

Dragoon in Tarl ton's Legion, 
L. B. M. 1789, 450. 
B. R. a wife and five child- 
ren, P. L. N. 1786, has a 
son named Jacob, Christ- 
ian James, Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book. 
Found 1st Nov. 1804, on or 
ignal Roll. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers. 
Soldier in Butler's Rangers, 
A list 1789. 
S. G. lands as sergeant, L.B. 
L., U. E. Loyal Rangers. 
Son of John Knappin, not 
on U. E. See John Nop- 
ping, on TJ. E. 
Above Leeds, M.D., R. J.D. 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, A. 
Corpl. R. R. N. Y. , Muster 
Roll I, B. M. A. 
A settler in 1784 (a Taylor 
Stamped Book), Loyalist 
P. L., 1786. A. McL. 
Soldier, Royal Yorkers, p. 
P.(Stamped Book) and P. 
Soldier German Troops, p. 
Provision List, 1786, A. 
Soldier R. R.N.York, P. (P. 
L. 1786). 
Soldier K. R. R. N. Y., P. 
Stamped Book, P.L. 1786. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, O. 
C. 17th, Nov. 97 200. 
M. C. 300 Gn out soldier,O. 
C., 8th Nov. 1797. 
Son of 

By order in Council 23rd 
July, 1803, soldier Loyal 
M. C. 750 to close claims, 
soldier in Col. Peters, L. 
B. M. 1790), O. C., llth 
Nov. 1797. 

Kilman, John . . 


Kittle, senr., Jeremiah 
Knapp, Benjamin 

Knapp, Joseph 

W District 

E District 

Knoppin, Trueman 

Knight, Benjamin 
Knight, John 

Sophias & Ameliasb'gh 
E District 

do Cornwall , . . 
do do 


Knight, James 

Knight, Mahaloii . 

Koughnet, William . . . 
Kraigie John 


Kroukheit, Hercules . . 
Kroukheit, John 

Ernest Town 


Lake, Christopher 
Lake Senr John 


Lake, jun., John 
Lake, James ... . 

J. D 

Lake Thomas . 

Lake, Nicholas 
Laird. John . . 

Ernest Town 

E District. Autmsta . 






Lamb, Isaac, senr 

Johnstown District 
H District 

0. C. 6th May, 1806, joined 
General Burgoyne in 1777. 
B, Rangers, S. G. had a wife 
and one child. P. L. N., 
1786. Stamped Book, Ni- 
R. R. N. Y., A.McL , P.L., 
New York, a wife and four 
children, P. L, N., 1786, 
Mathias. his son, I.S. 
In New York, brought 8 
children, P. L. N., 1786, 
says a wife and 2 children, 
Stpd. Book Niagara, I.S. 
A Pensioner, served in 1777, 
under Gen. Burgoyne, self 
and family 600, received 
200 acres at the Bay of 
Shaleure, which sold, L.B. 
L., 10 June, 1791. 
Son of John Lampson. 
Ensign Loyal Rgrs., L.B.L. 

States to have served last 
war, say Indian Depart- 
ment and Engineers' De- 
partment at York Town. 
Indian Department S. G. S. 
P. L. N., 1786, Stamped 
Book Niagara. 
States p. Petition to have 
joined General Burgoyne. 
(Son of Asa) joined in 1777, 
bore arms a part of the war. 
Joined before the treaty of 
separation, E. Jessup. 
Son of Asa Landon, Senr. 

Marine Department.his own 
information. Stamped 
Book Niagara. 

British Soldier, P. L. 1786, 
S. A.McL. 
Soldier Pennsylvania Loyal- 
ists, P.,L.B.M., 1791, 200 
A soldier formerly R. J.D.G. 

Lambert, Corpl. Cor- 
nelii is 


Lambert David 

Lampman, Frederick . . 
Lampraan, Peter 

H District 

do ......... 

Lampson John .... 

E. Dist. Edwardsburgh 

Lampson, James 
Lampson, William 
Lamson, William . . . 
Land, Abel . . 

E. Dist. Edwardsburgh 
do Elizabeth Town 
B. District 

Land, Robert 


Landen, Asa 

E. District 

Landen, Asa, Junr 
Landen, Heman 
Landen, Samuel 


do Augusta.. 

Landers Jabez . 

E. District Yonge 

Lang, John 

do do 

Elizabeth Town ..'.... 
Marysburgh . . 

Landrie, Mitchel 

Lanecty, John 
La Lumette. 
Lap, Jeremiah 

Kingston . 

Lame, Henry . . 

Yonge . . 






Lame, ^^illiam . 

Escott . . . 

Larraway Abraham 

H. District . 

Soldier B. Rangers, Land 

Larraway, Abraham 


completed, S.P.L.N.,1786. 
Stamped Book Niagara. 
Soldier 2d B. Royal Yorkers, 

Larraway Harman 


200 L.B.M. 1791, Bounty 
land refused, Stpd. Book. 

Larraway Jonas 

H District 

M. C. Soldier Butler's Ran- 

Larraway, Senr Isaac 


gers, had a wife and four 
children P. L. N., 1786, 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Stamped 

Larraway, Jun. Isaac . 
Laroway, Jonas 


Book, P.L.N. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y., Stamped Book. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y:, A.McL. 

Larroway, Peter 

H. District 

C.B.R. Soldier, 300 acres sold 

Larroway, Peter 

to Mr. Street, S. P. L. N. 
1786, Stamped Book. 
Soldier 1784, G. Haldimand, 

L awe, Mrs. Elizabeth 

H. District 

100, R.R. N. Y., Stamped 
Book, A.McL. 
Daughter Owen McGrath, 

Laughlin, Alexander 


M.D., Expunged, 
[nserted by Order-in-Council 

Lawer, William 

Fredericksburgh , . . 

12th July, 1798, was 10 
days a soldier in McAl- 
pine's Corps, taken pris- 
oner, &c. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. 

Laurence George 

H. District . 

Soldier B. Rangers CBN 

Laurence, Richard . 


1794, a wife and one child, 
P. L. N., 1786, Stamped 
Book Niagara. 
Loyalist from N.Brunswick. 

Laws, Samuel 

Richmond . . 

Soldier R. R. N. Y., Genl 

Leaky Abraham 

E. District . 

Haldimand, 1784, 100, P. 
L., 1786. 
Son of William Leaky 

Leaky, William 

do ..") 

1789 L. Bd. Montreal 200, 

Leaky, Jun. William . . 
Leaken David 


do WolfordJ 
do Augusta 

came to Canada in 1781 
with his family p. P. one a 
soldier Loyal Rangers is 
dead, R.J.D.G. 

Leech, Catherine, widow 
Lee David 


O.C. 8th February, 1808. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers 

Lehincter, Nicholas ., 

Marysburgh . . 






Leman, John 

E. District, Lancaster. 

Single, P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Lemons sen r, Joseph . . 

H District . 

Leonard John 

Ernest Town 

1789 P dated Eliza Town, 

Lerrock, Senr. Francis. 


states a young man, had 
received 100 acres, 200 
more granted in District 
of Lunenburg, had been in 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Lerrock, Junr. Francis 


Soldier Loyal Rangers 

Lerrock Peter 


Drummer in Loyal Rangers 

Lewis, Bareut 

Adolphus Town. . . 

Loyalist from New York, P. 

Livingston, Daniel 

Livingston, John 
Livingston, John 

Livingston, John . . 

Johnstown District . . 

E Dist., Charlottenb'gh 


L., 1786, soldier Indian 
Department, P. L. B. M. 

Inserted by order-in-Council 
26th July, 1798. 

Sergeant R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll ; who died in 1782 ; 
his son's petition in 1807. 
Late from the State of N. 

Livingston, Mary, .... 
alias Mutchmore 
Livingston, Neil 

Livingston, Wm 
Livingston, Wm 

do Charlottenb'gh 
do do ..,. 

E District Osnabruck 

York. L. B. Grenville, 
Widow of Jonathan Much- 
more, soldier R.R.N.Y. 
Son of a soldier 200 acres. 

Ld. Bd. L: 

Lightheart, Daniel 

M District 

Soldier in Jessup's. 

Lindtsey > John 

Ernest Town 

Lippincott, Richard . . 

H District 

icksburgh. Soldier King's 
Rangers, p. R. Roll. P.L. 
Captain Associated Loyal- 

Little, Senr., John 

W District 

S.Gr. U.E. A wife and two 

Livermore, Moses .... 

Ha wke sbury 

children. P.L.D. 1786. 
O C 29th March 1808 Sol- 

Livingston, John 
Livingston, Neal 

H District, 

dier Loyal Rangers. 

Loldel, Daniel 

M District 

Soldier R R N Y 

Lobedell, Daniel.... 


Lockhart, Wm . . . 


Lockwood, Benjamin . . 

H District. 






Lockwood David 

Ernest Town 

Son of a sergeant, who served 

Lockwood Josiah 

H District 

in Genl. Burgoyne's, but 
died before the peace. Da- 
vid came in to settle in 
1789. L.B.M.200. Bounty 
refused, Augt. 10, 1791. 
Step-son to Jeptha Haw- 
Had two sons in the York 

Lodwick,Frederick ) 


Volunteers, and was him- 
self within the British 
M. C. (Stamped Book) his 

Fredrick, Lodwick j 
Loeney Edward 

E District 

name Lodwick Fredrick 
had a wife and 3 children. 
P.L. 2d, 1786 R.R.N.Y. 
Muster Roll. 
Son of John. J.B* 

Loeney, John 


Dead wife alive. J.B. R.R. 

Loeney, Samuel 

E District ) 

N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Sons of John. J.B. 

Loeney, Wm 
London Barthol'w 

do j 
H District 

A settler in 1789 ; states, p. 

Lorence, John 

E District ... 

petition, to have suffered 
O.C.tth July,1802,corrected. 

Lorimier, Chevalier . . 


HowIJ.E.? Son of Francis, a 

Losce, Cornelius 


subaltern last war. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 

Lossie, Wm 

M District. 

R. Roll, or Jessup's Loyal 

Losee, Joshua, Senr 

See order - in - Council 17th 

Lott, Senr., John 


March,1807. Soldier Loyal 
A settler after the war. G. 

Lotridge. Captn Robt 

H District 

Indian Department. S. G. 

Lotz, John . 


(Five in family), P.L.N. 
1786. Niagara Stamped 
(Stamped Book. ) German 

Lovelass, Archi'd 
Lovelass, Wm 

Grand R., E District., 

soldier had a wife, P. L. 
N. 1786. A. McL. 
Sons'of Lieut. Thomas Love- 
less, Lieut. Loyal Rangers. 
Who was hanged by the 

Rebels. A. McL. 




Lovell, John 

Louck, Abraham . 
Loucks, George . 

Loucks, Nicholas 

Loucks, Richard.. 
Loucks, Abraham 
Loucks, George . . 
Loucks, Henry . . 

Loucks, Jacob. . . 
Louckes, Joseph, 

Loyd, Daniel 

Loyd, John . . 
Loyd, Richard, 

Loyd, Thomas . . . 
Lucas, Amos .... 

Lucas, George . . 
Lutz, Sampson 

Lymburner, John 


E District, Augusta . . 

E District, Augusta . . 


Williamsburgh . 




E District, Osnabruck 




M District.. 

H District. 



Soldier 53rd Regt., 1791 
L.B.M. 350 (& P.L.1786); 
a wife. 

1784, Genl. Haldimand, 100. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B.L. 
Muster Roll a wife and 2 
children, P. L. 2d, 178fi 
(Stamped Book). 

A soldier in Jessup's by his 
widow,Eleanor Fiddler a 
wife & 3 children. B.M.A. 

A wife and 6 children P.L. 
2d, 1786. 

Soldier K.R.R.N.Y. L.B. 
M. 179:3300, P.L. 1786. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B.M. 

Soldier K. R. Regt. N.Y. 
1784, G. Haldimand, 100. 
Stamped Book. 

Soldier II.R.N. Y. (& Cath- 
erine Loucks, his widow) 
Stamped Book. 

Sergeant R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll A P.L. 2d,1786. Re- 
stored before Reduction 
Capt. M. McDonell. 

1785, Govr. Hamilton, 100. 
Loyalist, R. R. N.Y. P. L. 
1786 (Weaver Stamped 

German soldier Que. : Ger- 
man soldier. 

1785, Govr. Hamilton Loy- 
alist 200. R.R.N.Y. P. 
L. 1786 (Laborer Stamped 

Discharged British soldier. 
Stamped Book A. McL. 

P.L. 1786 King's Rangers 
-A. McL. 

Son of Amos (200). 

Indian Department, S. G. 
O.C. 21st July, 1796. 

From New Brunswick his 
father never was in this 
Province; son of Margaret. 






Lymbumer Margaret 

of Caistor 

Deceased, by O. C. 28th 

Lymburaer, Mathew . 

H District 

April, 1807. 
From New Brunswick his 

Lynch, James 
Lynk John . . . . . 

E District, Cornwall . . 
do Cornwall . . 

father never was in this 
Province; son of Margaret. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll. P.L. 2d, 1786; and 
Linch, James, soldier R. 
R. N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 

Lynk, Mathias 
Lyons Benjn 

do Cornwall . . 
H District 

Roll A (single man). P.L. 
2d, 1786. 
Soldier K. R. Regt. N. Y. 
Muster Roll. P.L.2d,1786. 
Son of William Lyons, who 

Lyst Andrew 


was a soldier in the 8th 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B M. 

Lvst Henry . . , 


1791300 acres. 
M.C. Soldier RoyalYorkers, 

Moak, Philip 

E District, Osnabruck 

Ld.Bd.certe.A.McL. P.L. 

Six Nation Indian Depart- 

Maby, Frederick 

H District 

ment, p. discharge of Col- 
onel Danl. Claws. 
States having joined the 

Maby, Lavinia 

Royal Stand'd before 1783. 
Wife of Frederick Maby. 

Maby Sergt. Lewis 

H District . 

M C. B. Rangers a wife & 

Main , James 

E District 

5 children, P.L.N. 1786. 
1792, late from Vermont, 

Main, Senr. , Thomas . 


P. 4th article a settler. 
Soldier 84th Regt. 

Main, Mathew . . . . 


Main, Thomas, Junr 


Lately from "Vermont a 

Major John . 

H District. 


Malcom Finlay 

E District . . . 

From New Brunswick. 

Maliery, Enoch 

of Yonge 

A soldier in Jessup's R. J. 

MaUery, Nathaniel . . 


D. Gr. 

L. B, L. 1790. Emigrated 

Mandeville, Richard . . 
Mandeville, Richard . . 

E District, Cornwall . . 
WilHamsburgh . 

from U. States. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Sergeant R.R.N.Y. M.Roll 

Manhart, David . 

Elizabeth Town 

at Montreal, B.M.A. 
Did not join the Royal Stan- 

dard before the Treaty of 
Peace ; lost part of h s 
property on account of loy- 
alty a settler, S.S. O.E. 






Maracle, Frederick.... 

Maracle, Sergt. John. . 
Maracle, James 

H District 

Soldier B. Rangers, S. G. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
B.R. S. 
Butler's Rangers. P.S. P.L. 
Loyalist from New York 
A. McL. 
Butler's Rangers, L.B. Nas- 
sau, 1794. Stamped Book 
B. Rangers, Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book. S. P.L.N. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. M. Roll-had a 
wife and 7 children P.L. 
2d, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., O.C. 22d 
Feb., 1808. 

P. L. 2d, 1786. 

Soldier 84th Regt. Ld.Bd.L. 
Emigrant from the States, 
1792, his parents here L. 
B.M. 200 acres. 

King's Rangers p. R. Roll, 
Corporal 1784, Gen. Haldi- 
mand, 100. 

Son of Col. Marsh. 

A Pensioner, L.B.M., 1789, 
1,050 acres in all. 
Son of William Senr. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 

Butler's Rangers. 
Says that he aided and as- 
sisted the King's officers 
and subjects during the 
War only came in after 
peace, not U. E. 
New Jersey Volunteers. 
Soldier B. Rangers S. G. 
Niagara Stamped Book, 
S.P.L.N. 1786. 



Marbet, Michael . 

Adolphns Town 

Marcelis, John Bapt. . 

Marcellis, Peter 
Marcellis, John 

H District 


E District, W'msburgh 

deceased, of Osnabruck 

Marcellus, Sevares 
Marier, John . 

Markland, Thomas... . 

do .... 

Marlatt, John 

E. District 

Marlatt, Thomas 


Marsh, Abraham 
or Mash. 
Marsh, Benjamin 

Marsh, Jeremiah 


M. District 


Marsh, Mathias 


Marsh, Joseph . . . 


Marsh, Mathias 

M District 

Marsh, Samuel 


Marsh, Wm 


Marsh, Senr., Wm.... 

Marsh, Junr., Wm . . . 
Marther, John 



H. District . 

or Martin. 
Martin (Negro), Peter. 
Martin, Wm 


Augusta ... 

Mathews, James 

H. District 

Miuhews, Jonathan . . . 







Matlack Caleb ... 


Mattice William . 


Was a soldier Butler's Ran- 

E District . 

gers, by order-in- Council, 
19th November, 1807. 
Son of Nicholas, Soldier 

Mattice Abraham 

H. District . . 

Butler's R.,Ld.Bd.Lunen- 
Soldier B. Rangers, S. G., 

Mattice, John 

E. District 

Niagara Stamped Book, S. 
P. L. N. 1786. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y., Muster 

Mattice, Nicholas 
Mattice, Nicholas 

E. Dis. Elizabeth Tw'n 

Roll A. (P.L. 2d 1786), O. 
C.Restored 29th Jan. 1808. 
Soldier B. Rangers, had a 
wife and four children at 
the Peace of 1783, P.L. 2d 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll A., 

Mattice," John 

Niagara District 

Single man, P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers, 

Mauk, Gasper . . 


Order - in - Council, 7th 
March, 1807. 
German soldier, C. Book and 

Mark, Gaspert. 
Mauk, Gotlip 


Provision list of 1786, L. 
B.A., 1794, 100 and 200, 
Stamped Book. 
German soldier, C. Book and 

May, Win 

H. District. 

Provision list, 1786, A. McL. 
Soldier B. Rangers had a 

Maybe, Abraham 
Maybe, John 

Adolphus Town 
Ernest Town . 

wife and five children P.L/. 
N. 1786. Niagara Stamped 
Capt. Associated Loyalists. 
Butler's Rangers, S.P.L.N. 

Medaugh, James 

H District 

1786. Niagara Stpd. Book. 
Indian Department P.S. P. 

Medaugh, Stephen 
Medaugh, Senr., John. 

Medaugh, Junr., John. 
Meddough, Martin 
Menske, John 

E. District Matilda . . . 

do do 
do Osnabruck . 

L.N. 1786. Niag. Stpd.Bk. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, has 
a wife and 3 children P.L. 
N. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. L. Bd. L. 
Muster Roll, has a wife 
& 3 children P.L. 2d 1786. 
Came to the Province in 
1784, P. from U.S. 
R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll A., 
P.L., 2d, 1786. 
If Meisuke ? German soldier 

C.B. yes. 






Mercle, Christo'r 

E. Dist. Williamsburgh 

Mercle, Henry. . 

do do 

R R N Y Muster Roll A 

Mercle, Henry 

do do 

P.L. 2d 1786. 

Mercle, John 

Williamsburgh. . . . 

Soldier R.R N.Y L B L & 

Mercle, John 

H. District 

M. Roll, Single, P.L. 2d, 
Sergeant Butler's Rangers 

Mercle, Senr., Jacob. . 

E. Dist. Williamsburgh 

S.P.L.N. 1786. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll, R. 
R.N.Y. L.B.L. Stpd. Bk. 

Mercle, Junr., Jacob. . 
Mercle, Michael 

do do 

Single man, P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R R.N Y L B L & 

Mercle, Henry. . 

E District Osnabruck. 

Muster Roll, Single, P.L. 
2d, 1786. 
R R N Y M. Roll a wife 

Merckle, John 


and one child,P.L.2d 1786. 
German soldier p. Provision 

Merkle, Jacob 

E. District Osnabruck 

list of 1786. 
Soldier R R N Y L B.S B 

Meredith, Charles. 

H District . 

G. had a wife and 4 chil- 
dren, P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Merit, Lt. Thomas 


Queen's Rangers Cavalry. 

Metch, Jacob . 

Marysburgh ,. 

Stamped Poolr Genmvn sol- 

Meyers, Christr 


dier, C. B. and Provision 
list 1786. 
Soldier German Troops 

Meyers, George W .... 

M. District 

Stamped Book. 
Son of John W. Meyers, P. 

Meyers, John W 


L. 1786. 
Captain Loyal Rangers, 

Meyers, Tobias W. .. 


Stamped Book. 
L.B.M. State Loyalist,1793. 

Michel Oarlman 

E District 

300, Soldier Loyal Rangers 
A. McL. 

Michel, Hervey 


Middleton, Robert . 

Marysburgh ... . 

Discharged British soldier, 

Millard, CorpL Dan. . . 

H. District 

P. L. 1786, S. Stamped 
Book. A. McL. 
85th Regt. S.G. had a wife, 

Millard Jessee . 


P. L. N. 1786, Stamped 
Book Niagara. 
84th Regt S G had a wife 

Millard Thomas 


and four children, P.L.N. 
1786, Stamped Book Ni- 
Sergt Royal Regt N York 


Muster Roll, S. P. L. N. 
1786, Stpd. Bk. Niagara. 






Miller, Andrew 
Miller Andrew . 

H District 

Niagara Stamped Book, S. 
P.L.N. 1786. 
L.B.M. 1790, R.R.N.Y., P. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, Pro- 
vision list 1786, Stamped 
Soldier German Troops, L. 
B. M. 1793, 300 and Pro- 
vision list 1786. 
Soldier King's Rangers, A. 
McL. Provision list and 
King's Rangers, 1786. 
Soldier or N.C.O. with Bur- 
goyne came to Canada in 
1777, O.C. 20 July 1797. 
Found on original Roll, 1st 
Nov. 1804, S. P.L.N. 1786, 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
Son of Jacob Miller, Adjt. 
Associated Loyalists, &c. 
J. D. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier German Troops, p. 
Provision list 1786. Stamp- 
ed Book. A. McL. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
R.Roll. Adjutant Associ- 
ated Loyalists, 950, Ass. 
L.B.M. 1790, P. L. 1786, 
or Loyal Rangers L.B.M. 
An early settler, refuses a 
description, in General 
Haldimand's certificate 
stated unencorporated 
Soldier King's Rangers p. R. 
Roll L.B.M. 1791, asks for 
land as an officer. 
Volunteer King's Rangers, 
S.G. Soldier King's Ran- 
gers. .A. McL. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll. L.B L. and one a 
soldier Indian Dept., P. 
O.E. Single P. L. 2d, 
Butler's Rangers one son 
P. L. N. 1786. Niagara 

Ernest Town . 

Miller Andrew 


Miller, Andrew 

Marysburgh . 

Miller, Cornelius 

Marys & Sophiasburgh 
M. District 

if not Conrade . . . 

Miller, Garret 
Miller, George 
Miller, George 

Home District 

Ernest Town 

Miller, Gilbert 

M. District . ... 

Miller, John 
Miller, Jacob . 

Marysb'g & Sophiasb'g 
Ernest Town 

Miller, James 

Elizabeth Town 

Miller, Jonathan 


Miller, Jonathan 
Miller, Nicholas 

Marys and Sophias- . . 


Miller, Peter . . 

H District 






Miller Stephen 


"I Muster Roll. Corporal in 

Miller Stephen 

E District 

the Royal Regt. New 
York, Pilot in the Loyal - 
Y ists and private in West 
Chester Refugees. 
Supposed the same person, 

Miller Thomas 

H District . . . 

J has lost an arm. 
Soldier B. Rangers, 300 Gr. 

Miller Zebeda 

E District Lansdown 

out O.C. 28th March, 1797 
a wife and four children. 
P. L. N. 1786. Stamped 
Book Niagara. 
Emigrant, New York State, 

Mills John . 

H District 

L.B.M, 1789. 
Suffered the Pillory, impris- 

Mills John 

Marysburgh . . . . 

onment and loss of pro- 
perty and was upon Staten 
Island, p. Certificate of 
John Petit. 
British Regiment, A.McL. 

Mitchel, Jehiel 

Bastard . ... 

O.C. 7th July, 1796.- 
Stamped Book. 

Mills-Church Jona- 

E District 

Entered as Church, Jona- 

Millross, Andrew 


than Mills See,C. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. P.L. 2d, 

Millross John 



Millross, Thomas 


VSons of Andrew. J.B. 

Millross, Wm. 


Milson, John 

Merkle, Frederick .... 
Mitchel, George . . . 

do., Williamsburg 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B. S. 
and G. 
Son of George, P. L. 2d, 

Mitchell, George 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. A. 

Mitchell, Harvey .... 

E District 

Son of George Mitchell. 

Mitchell, Zalmon . . 


Son of George, late from 

Mills, Henry 

Fredericksburgh . 

Vermont, 1793 a settler, 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B.M. 

Mills, John 

do, . . 

1790, 200. 1793, 100. P.L. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B.M. 

Moak, Mitts 
Monger, Charles 

1790, 200. 1793, 100. P. 
L. 1786. Stamped Book. 
Deceased joined at Detroit 

in 1780. O.C. 17th March, 






Monger, Wm 

W District 

Soldier B. Rangers, W. last 

Montgomery, Archid 

E District . . . 

Master of the Black Snake 

Montross Peter 

H District 

Privateer, L.B. Grenville, 
1793700 acres. 
Loyal American Regt 

Montross Silas 


Son of Peter Montross 

Moody Walter 


Pilot last War 

Moott, Henry 

E District 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Moor, John . . 


A Sergeant Regt. 34th 

Moor, Dodley 

E District, Augusta 

Genl. Haldimand. 100 and 
P.L. 1786-oneinR.R.N. 
Y. Muster Roll, a soldier. 
Late from Vermont, 1793. 

Moor, Mosa (Hosea) . . 
More, Sylvester (see . . 

do. Yonge 


Was a Soldier in Jessup's, 
many years left the Pro- 
vince, R.J.D.G-. 
On Original Roll. 

Moor, Thomas 


Stamped Book Loyalist 

Moor, Wm 

Adolphus Town 

from N. York. B. M. A. 


S G foreman or overseer of 

Morden, John 

H District 

Works,Engineers' Depart- 
ment Loyalist P.L. 1786. 


Soldier R. R. N. Y. P. L. 

Morden, James 

1786. A.M.L. 
M C Royal Yorkshire a 

Morden, Joseph 

M District 

soldier. 300 ac. Ld. Bd. 
Certr. Muster Roll. P.L. 
2d, 1786. 

Morden, Moses 

H District 

N C O Jersey Volunteers 

Morden, Ralph 



Deceased, condemned and 

Morden, Richard 
Mose, Sylvester 

Sophias and Amelias- . . 


executed by the Rebels in 
1780, had 3 sons John, 
Ralph and James. 
Mr. Cotlins, Book Stamped, 
son of Widow Forrest, P. 
L. 1786. A.Mc.L. 

Morrison, David 

E District 

Morrison, Henry 

do. , Augusta 

Morrison, Mary 

E District 

Daut of Capt William 







Morrison, Capt. Win. 
Morrison, Wm 
Mosher Lewis 

E District, Lancaster., 

S.G. R.R.N.Y. 
Son of Capt. W. Morrison. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
S.G. Drew Land as Cor- 
poral Loyal Rangers sol- 
Daur. of Timothy Hodge, 
L. Board, 1793. 
Deceased O.C. 10 May, 1808 
Served as an Artificer. 
S. G. Sergeant p. Muster 
Roll. R.R.N.Y. P.L. 2d, 

do. , Augusta 

Mosher, Nicholas . . . 

Mosher, Rachael 
Mosley, George 
Moss, Samuel 

Moss, John 


Of York 

do., Cornwall 
H District 

Soldier Butler's Rangers, 
W. List. 
L.B.M. Soldier 53rd Regt. 
German Soldier, C. Book. 
Que. which ? P.L. 1786. 
Stamped Book came with 
Capt. Grass from New 
York ; first settler 100. 
P.L. 1786. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
Emigrant from New York 
State 1792. P. Ld.Bd. 
E. D. Deceased inserted on 
the U.E. List by Order 
in Council, 20th June, 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. A.C. 

[Discharged Soldier. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. *W.A.D. 
F.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Capt. John. J. B. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
lit. in Jessup's, 2100 in ad- 
dition, but not under the 
Order in Council of 22nd 
Oct., 1780 Report Com- 
mittee of Council, 16th 
Dec., 1791. 
Lieutenant R. R. New York 
S.G. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
S.G. Captain R.R.N.Y. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Son of Capt. John, soldier 
R.R.N.Y. Muater RolL 

Most, John . . . . 


Monsiire, John . . . 


Mott, Reuben 
Mott, Edward . 

E District, Augusta . . 

Muchraore, Jonathan 

Mugel, Gadless . 

Sophias and Amelias- . . 

Mulloy, Wm. 

Munro, Daniel 

S District, Yonge .... 
Cornwall . . 

Munro, David.. 

Munro, Henry 

E District . . 

Munro, Hugh Lt 
Munro, Hugh . . 



Munro, Hugh 

Munro, Honl. John . . 
Munro, John . 


Matilda . . . 

District, Yonge 

Munro, Junr. John . . 




Munro, Samuel 

Munro, Thomas 
Munsal, Moses 

Munro, Thomas 

Munson, David . . . 
Murchison, Duncan . . 

Murchison, John, Junr 
Murchison, John,Senr. 


E District 

Murchiaon, |Wm. 

Murdoffj Senr. , George 

Murdoff , Junr. , George 

Murdoff John 

Murdotf , [John 

Murdoff, James, Sergt 

Murdoff , Thomas 

Murray, Lt. Duncan.. 


do. Charlotten- 


E. District Charlotten 

do do 







do ) 
do f 

H. District 


S. Sherwood, Esq. deposeth 
that Samuel Munro join- 
ed the Royal Standard 
before the Treaty of Sep- 
aration, in 1783, 12th 
Feby., 1806. 

P.L.N.J. 1786. 

Was killed by the Rebels on 
his way into Canada 
Order in Council, 8th 
March, 1806, placed on 
U.E. List. 

3n Original Roll. 

Was a son of William- 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll had a wife and 2 
children. P.L. 2d, 1786. 

A Soldier R.RN..Y, Muster 
Roll, P.L.,N.J.,1786. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., in Capt. 
Angus McDonell's Com- 
pany, p. Rev. A. McD. 

Son of John Murchison Sr. , 
was a soldier in Capt. An- 
gus McDonell's Compy R. 
R.N.Y., p. Rev. Air. Mc- 

R.R.N.Y., M.R.M. & Son 
of Duncan, 200 acres L. 
Bd. L., one P. L. N. J., 

Sergeant R. R. N. Y., Genl. 
Haldimand 1784, 100, P. 
L. 1786, A. McL. Stamp- 
ed Book. 

Que.R.R.N. Y,. A. McL. ,son 
of Geo. Murdoff, left the 

Son of * George, is come of 
of age. 1793, L.B.M. 200. 

P. K. Royal Regt. N.Y.L. 
B.M. 1790, 300 Genl. Haldi- 
mand 1784,100,P. L. 1786, 
Stamped Book. 

Son of George Murdoff Snr. 

84th Regt., had a wife and 
four children, P.L.N. 17- 
86. Stamped Book. 






Murray Or Mr John 

H District 

84th Regt S P L N 1786 

Mustard John 

E. District 

P.L.N.J. 1786 

or Mutard 
Mutchemson, Ruggles 


Myncher, Fredk. Jno. 
or Moenncke 
Myncker, John 

Marysburgh, Ac 

Soldier German Troops. 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier Riedessel's Dragoons 

Myres John 

Elizabeth Town 

L.B.M. 1790 A Provision 
List, 1786. 
From New York L B L 

Myres, Michael 

E. District . . 

Soldier R.RN.Y, O. E. 

McAlpin, Duncan 
Me Arthur, Archibald . . . 


E. District, Charlot- 
tenburgh . . . 

Sergeant Loyal Rangers, P. 
toL.B.L. 1793. 

McArthur, Charles 
McArthur, Donald .. 

Me Arthur, Duncan. . . 

do Augusta... 
do Charlottenburgh 


Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
R. Roll. 
Rent. L.B. Stormont, stated 
U. E., R.R.N.Y., P.L.N. 
J., 1786. 
Sergt K. RL R"gt. N Y 

McArthur, Duncan ... 

McArthur, Duncan . . 
McArchur, Junr., Jno. 

do Charlottenburgh 

Srd, Charlottenburgh . . 
E. District 

R.R.N.Y., was son to Don- 
Original Roll, 
Son of Donald, single, P L. 

McArthur Senr. , Jno. 


2d. 1786, 0. C. 5th Jan- 
uary 1798, P.L.N.J. 1786. 
From Nova Scotia L B L 

McArthur, John' 


Soldier Loyal Rangers B M 

McArthur, Peter .... 

E. District 


Son of Donald. 

McArtheren, Daniel ) 


McArtheren, Daniel J 

Elizabeth Town 

McAulay, Robert 


Captain of Loyalists Carle - 


E.District,Cornwall .. 

ton Island. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.Bd. & 

Me Bane, Richard 


M. Roll (single, P.L. Hd 
5mirant from Scotland L 

McBane, Isabella, ) 


Supposed wife of Giles 

alias McDonell j ' ' 
McBeane John 


Soldier 34th Regt L B M 


1790, P.L. 1786, from New 
York State, wishes to be- 
come a subject and settler, 
L.B.L. 1792. 






McCaffrey, John 
McCall Senr Donald. 

E. District, Cornwall. 
H. District 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., L. Bd. & 
Muster Roll, P.L.'2d, 1786. 
Of Montgomeries Highlan- 

McCarbin, Benjamin. . 
McCarger, Joseph 

E. District, Edwards- 

ders, former war. 
Discharged soldier B., a 

McCarthy James 


weaver. Stamped Book. 
A Soldier British Regt 84th 

McCarthy, Michael... 
See McKarty for Me- 

Florance .... ' 

S.G. 1789, L.B. Montreal, 
84th Regt. discharged British 
Soldier, P. L. 1786, S. 
Stamped Book. 

Carty .. 

M. District 

From TJ.E. daughter of Kir- 

McClellan, Wm 

H. District 

byof Lake Champlain. 
B. Rangers S.G. had six 

McConnell, Hugh .... 


children, P.L.N. 1786,Ni- 
agara. Stamped Book. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., Muster 

McCool. Archd 

H. District 

Roll, P.L. 1786. 

McCool, Win 


Son of Margaret McCool, 

McCollom, James .... 

McCready, David .... 
McCrimmon, Donald 

Niagara District 

E. District 
Marysburgh . 

from Carolinaj O.C., 21st 
July, 1796. 
Was a soldier in . 
Inserted on U.E. List, O. 
C. 27th January, 1807. 

Soldier 84th Regt. L.B M. 



1790, 350, (& P.L. 1786), a 
wife. Stamped Book. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A. 

McCuin, Senr., David. 

E. District, Cornwall... 

R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll P.L. 
2d 1786 

McCuin Jnr., David 


Son of David, Senr, J B. 

McCullock, Chas 


Discharged Artificer, from 

McCurdy, James ... 

Vlarysburgh .... 

NewYorkA.McL. Stam- 
ped Book. 
British Soldier, P.L. 1786, A. 

McDonald, Allan 


McL. Cordwainer. Stamp- 
ed Book. 
O C 8th March 1808 Ser- 

McDonald, Christn. . . 

H. District 

geant Butler's Rangers. 
B. Rangers S. G., a wife, one 

child, P.L.N. 1786. Stam- 
ped Book. Niagara. 






McDonald, Donald ... 

McDonald, Donald ... 
McDonald, Capt. Jno. . . 
McDonald, Sergt. Peter 

McDonald, Sergt. Ro- 
naldor Tvandull 

Ernest Town . . . 

P. 1794, says Loyalist, P. L. 

B. Rangers S. G. 
S.G., B.R., P. Goreham's 
Butler's Rangers, deceased, 
application by Christian, 
Niagara. Stamped Book, 
a wife and two children, 
P.L.N. 1786. 
Son of Randall, Sergt., B. 
R., Niagara. Stamped 
Discharged British Soldier 
(P.L. 1786), a wife. Stam- 
ped Book, A.McL. 
British Soldier P.L, 1786, A. 
McL. S. Stamped Book. 
Another a British Soldier, 
P.L. 1786, S. 
Captain R.R.N.Y. 
Soldier Queen's Rangers, L. 
Bd., P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.,N. Y. M. Roll, 
P.L.N.Y., 1786. 
N.J. 1786. 
Deceased Captain RoyalYor- 
kers, P.L. 2d, 1786. 
N.I.S.,fromR.R.N.Y Mus- 

Kingston . . . 

H District 



H. District ... 

McDonald Wm 

McDonell Alexr 


McDonell Alexr 


McDonell, Col. Alexr. 
McDonell, Alexr. 

McDonell, Alexr 

Charlottenburgh ' 

E District 



McDonell, Alexr 
McDonell, Alexr 

E District 

do Charlotten- 

McDonell Alexr 

ter Roll. P.L. 2d 1786. 
No. 9, R.R.N Y M RolL 

Charlottenburgh . . . 

McDonell, Alexr 

B. District, Cornwal 

H. District .... 

N.B. P.L.N. J., 1786. 
Knodirt Soldier 84th Regt. 
One a Soldier Loyal Ran- 
gers, one of this name a 
Treasury Loyalist. 
One an emigrant from U.S., 
oneP.L.N.J. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y.,P.L.N.J. 1786, 
Muster Roll. 
R.R.N.Y., Muster RollN. 
B., P.L. N.J. 1786. 
84th Regt. Stamped Book, 
G. Haldimand 1784, 100. 
Captain R. Regiment, N. 
York, S.G.P.L. 1786. 

McDonell, Alexr 
McDonell, Alexr 

McDonell, Alexr 

McDonell, Alexr 
McDonell, Capt. Allan 

McDonell, Allan 
McDonell, Allan 


E. District 






McDonell Allan . . . 

E District 

R.R N.Y. M. Roll, one of 

McDonell Allan 


this name was a Commis- 
sary at Ozwigchie and 
Son of a Soldier L.Bd.L., 

McDonell Allan 


one A.McD., a Loyalist, 
P.L.N.J. 1787, 
Son of a reduced soldier L. 

McDonell Allan 

Matilda . . 

Bd.L., one a British sol- 
dier, P.L. 1786, Kingston. 
Single, P. L.,N.J., 1786. 

McDonell, Andrew 

E District, Edwards- 

McDonell Angus . ... 

12th Con., Cornwall . . 

P.L. 2d, 1786, one of this 

McDonell, Angus 
McDonell, Angus 

McDonell, Angus .... 

4th do do 
5th do do 

E District 

name a soldier 84th Regt . 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
R.R.N.Y., P.L., N.J.,1786, 
one of this name a Corpo- 
ral Jersey Volunteers, L. 
Bd.L., one a son of Dun- 
Captain R.R.N. tf"., S.G.,P. 

McDonell Col. Archd 


L. 2d, 1786. 
Captain R.R.N.Y. 

McDonell, Archd 


84th, a soldier A. McPhee, 

McDonell, Archd 

Marysburgh . . . 

P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Lieut. 84th Regt., disbanded 

McDonell, Daniel .... 

McDonell, Donald 
McDonell, Donald 
McDonell, Donald 
McDonell, Donald 
McDonell, Donald 

McDonell, Donald .... 
McDonell, Donald .... 

McDonell, Donald 
McDonell, Donald .... 
McDonell, Donald 

E District, Augusta . . 

5th Con., Cornwall 
4th do do 
6th do No 12 do .... 
4th do No 22 do .... 
5th do No 4 do .... 

E District of Koxboro'. 

Kingston . 

soldier, Provision list,1786 
(British) S. (Stamped Book 
Corporal R.R.N.Y., Muster 
Roll, P.L.,N. J.,1786,& 
P.L. 2nd, 1786. 
P.L., N.J., 1786. 
P.L., N. J., 1786. 
P.L.,N.J. 1786. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
P.L. 2d, 1786, one a British 
soldier, P.L. 1786, Kings- 
ton, S. 
Corporal 84th Regt. S.G.,P. 
L., N.J., 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.S. 
& G., p Muster Roll, P.L. 
N.J., 1786. 
Soldier 84th Regt. (single), 
P.L., N.J., 1786. 
A Loyalist, L.B. Stormont, 
P.L., N.J.,1786. 




McDonell, Duncan 

McDonell, Duncan 

McDonell, Duncan 

McDonell, Farquer . . . 

McDonell, Finnan do 

McDonell, Mrs. Helena H District 

McDonell, Hugh 

McDonell, Hugh 

McDonell, Hugh .... 

McDonell, Hugh 

McDonell, Capt. John. 
McDonell, Capt. John . 

McDonell, John 

McDonell, John 

McDonell, John 

McDonell, John 

McDonell, John 

McDonell, John 
McDonell, John . . . 




E District of Williams 

Cornwall . . 

E District, No 45. 


4th Con. No. 17, Corn 


4th do No 20 do 

5th do No 7 


5th do No 9 do 

llth do "A" do 

5th do Noll do 

9th do "A" do 


Soldier 84th Regt., P.L., N. 
J., 1786. 

One a sergeant B. Militia, 
Quebec, L.B. Stormont, 
1790, P.L. 2d, 1786. 

One a soldier R.R.N.Y., p. 
Muster Roll, one of this 
name from New York, L. 
Bd.L., 1790 (P.L. 2d,1786) 

L.B. Stormont, soldier 84th 
Regt. , Corporal R.R. N. Y. 
M. Roll, a wife and four 
children, P.L. 2d, 1786, 
7th March, 1805, came to 
America with the 26th 
Regiment, was taken pri- 
soner at Sorel. Joined Sir 
John Johnson at Johnson's 
Bush his own informa- 

Stamped Book, Sergt. 84th 

Her husband took up arms 
at the head of 200 High- 


Lieut. R.R.N.Y., P.L.. N. 
J., 1786. 

North side River au Raisin, 
Charlottenburgh, R.R.N. 
Y., his son John drew No 
10-4 Nepean, P.L., N.J., 

Soldier 84th Regt. 

M.C. Cornwall, R.R.N.Y. 

Son of Captain Alexander, 
R. R. N. Y., P. L. 2d, 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P. 
L., N.J.,1786. 

R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll, P. 
L., N.J., 1786. 

R. R.N.Y., Muster Roll, N. 

P.L., N.J., 1786. 

P.L. 2d, 1786. 

P.L. 2d, 1786. 

P.L. 2d, 1786. 




McDonell, John . . 

McDonell, John 
McDonell, John 

McDonell, John 
McDonell, John 

McDonell, John 

McDonell, John 

McDonell, John 
McDonell, John 

)th Con. No. 10, Corn- 


E District, W^ No 17 



E District. 

McDonell, John 

McDonell, John Bane. 

McDonell, John Due. 
McDonell, James . . . 
.McDonell, James . 

McDonell, Keneth 

McDonell, WidowNelh 




Matilda . . 

E District 

do Charlottenburgh R 

do do 


E District 


E District, Charlotten 


One a soldier R.R.N.Y., P. 
L., 1786, one son of Capt. 
John McDonell of Corn- 

R.R.N.Y., P.L.,N.J.,1786. 

One a soldier late 84th Regt. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 

One of 84th Regt., a soldier 
by his widow, Isabella, P. 
L. 2d, 1786. 

One a wife and six children, 
P.L. 2d, 1786. One of the 
name came in the Myrtle, 

No. 17 South side River aux 
Raisins. Settled in the 
Colonies before the war, 
drew lots 18 in 6th Con., 
10-1, 20-3 and | No 13-3, 
Roxboro', P.L. 3d, 1786. 

Stated to have been an Asso- 
ciated Loyalist (P.L. 1786, 
B. Soldier), S. Stamped 

Book, A.MC.L. 

British soldier (P.L. 1786), 
A.M.L.,S.Stamped Book. 

Stamped Book, has a wife 
and two children, P.L., 
N.J., 1786, came in after 
the war, was well known 
in Albany as a staunch 
Loyalist, N. McLean. 

Sergeant of Roxboro' S.G., 
P.L., N.J., 1786. 
.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P. 
L., N.J., 1786. 

R.R.N.Y.,P.L. 3d, 1786. 

Captain R.R.N.Y. 

Captain R.R.N.Y. (Stamp- 
ed Book), P.L.,N. J.,1786. 
One a sergeant R.R.N.Y. 
Muster Roll. 

R.R.N.Y. M. RoU,P.L.,N. 
J., 1786, a sergeant R.R. 
N.Y. Muster Roll,andone 
P.L. 2d. 1786, and Mc- 
Donell Keneth, E District 






McDonell, Capt. Miles 

McDonell, Esq. Ranald 
McDonell, Ranald 

E Dist., Charlottenb'gh 

E District 

Ensign R.R.N.Y., by order 
in Council, llth Novem- 
ber, 1806. 
Ensign 84th Regt. (P.L. 2d, 
Lieutenant R R N Y PL 

McDonell, Ranald.... 

McDonell, Ranald 4th. 
McDonell, Roderick . . 

do Charlottenburgh 

E District, Charlotten- 

N,J., 1786, one a sergeant 
R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll. 
In pensioner R.R.N.Y., L. - 
Bd. Muster Roll, a wife 
and two children P. L., N. 
J., 1786. 
Original Roll. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.Bd. 
Muster Roll PL N J 

McDonell, Roderick E. 


1786, his son James recom- 
mended for land, 1807, one 
of 84th Regt., P.L., N.J., 
Original Roll. 

McDonell, Wm 


A, drummer in 84thRegiment 

McDouell, Wm 

Cornwall < . . 

only (P.L., 1786), S. 
Son of Capt. John J B 

McDougall John. 

Home York .... 

3y order in Council 4th 

McDougald, John 
McDougald, John 

McDougall, John 
McDougall Peter 

S District, Augusta . . 
Ernest Town 

E District 
Ernest Town.. 

Feb'y., 1807. 
Soldier in Jessup's, P. 1790, 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, L. 
B.M., 1790, 300 (P.L., 
R.R.N.Y., had a wife and 
two children, P. L. 2d 
Soldier Loyal Rangers call- 

McDuff Chas 


ed Loyalist, P.L., 'l786, 
Discharged B Soldier A Me 

McFall, Lt. David . . 

H District: 

L., a carpenter, Stamped 
M.C. not U.E. 

McFall David 

E District Lancaster 

Lieutenant Jessup's single 

McFall, Lt. Neil 

H District 

P,L. 2d, 1786. 

McFerson, Thomas . . . 
McGaw Patrick 

H District 

M C O C 7th Jan'y 1797 

McGilles, Senr. Donald 
McGilles,Junr. Donah 

E Dist., Charlottenb'gh 
do do 

and O.C. 6th Jan'y, 1797. 
Sergeant R.R.N.Y., Muster 
Roll, P.L.,N.J.,1786. 
R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll, N. 
B. (P.L., N.J., 1786). 






McGillies, Donald ... 

McGilles, Hugh 
McGilles, Duncan 

McGin, George 

E Dist., Charlottenb'gh 

do do 
do do 

Ernest Town 

R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll. P. 
L., N.J.,1786. 

Emigrant from Scotland, L. 
B., 1790. 
M.L. Lieut. Indian Depart- 

McGlocklon, David..] 
McGlocklon, Robert, j 

McGowen, Thomas 

E District [ 

ment^. G. .Stamped Book. 
P.L., 1786. 
Sons of William of Cornwall 
who was a soldier R.R.N. 
Y., and on the U.E. list 
by the name of McLaugh- 
Soldier 44th Eegt. L. B. M. 

McGrawth, Owen 


1793, 300, & P. L. 1786. 
(Stamped Book and Sergt. 
Donald Mclntosh's certi- 
M. C. Gt. 300. Soldier (R. 

McGregor, Donald 
McGregor Hugh 

E. Dist., Cornwall 
E Dist., Charlottenb'gh 

R.N.Y. P. L. 1786). O.C. 
8th July, 1797. (Stamped 
KR.N.Y.Muster Roll P.L. 
2d, 1786. 
Artificer L. B. L. Was set 

McGregor, John 


tied on the Mohawk Rive r 
before 17 ; p. affidavit of 
Archibald Me Arthur, 19th 
July, 1806 ; P. L. N. Y. 
1786, and O. C. 7th April, 
Corporal R R N Y Muster 

McGregor James . 

do Cornwall 

Roll. R.R.N.Y. P.L. N. 
J., 1786. 
Sergeant R. R. N. Y. S. P. 

McGregor Mary . . 


L. 2nd, 1786 
Daughter of John McGregor 

McGregor Peter 

do Charlottenb'gh 

J. F. 

R R N Y Muster Roll 

McGruer Alexander.... 

McGruer Christian . . . 
McGruer Donald 
McGruer John 



R. R. N. Y. P. L. N. J., 
Late an Emigrant from 
Scotland; Ld. Bd. L., 

Soldier 84th Regt. 
Corporal R -R N Y. Muster 

Roll. P.L.N.J., 1786. 






McGuin Ann, now 
McGuin, Anthony .... 

McGuin, Daniel.. . 

1 M District j 

Daughter of Capt. Daniel 
McGuin, P.L. 1786. 
Son of Captain Daniel Mc- 



Stamped Book. One of this 
name a Captain R. R. N. 
Y. S. G. L. B. M. 1789 
P. L. 1786. 
S. G. Lands as a Corporal. 
Soldier, 84th Regiment, 
J. F. 
A settler. Not privileged 
R J. D. G. 
S. G. Land as Sergeant Loy- 
al Rangers P. 
Late of Edwardsburgh. Re- 
instated by Order in Coun- 
cil, 26th June, 1807. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
Employed in Secret Service, 
O. C., 16th Feb., 1808. 
Soldier old French War. 
Re-instated U. E. list, 
July llth, 1806. 

Soldier 34th Regt.,P.L.B.L. 

One of this name a soldier's 
son Land in E. D., 1789; 
this one was Sergeant 84th 
Regt. L. B. M., 1789, 
550 P. L., 1786, a wife, 
3 children. Stamped Book. 
1791 only. Came of age and 
an apprentice to Alex. 
Chisholm, 200, L. B. M. 
Son of a soldier, L. B. L. 
(one R R. N. Y., P. L. 
2d, 1786). 
Soldier 84th Regt., L. B. M. 
1791. (P. L. 1786). S. 
Stamped Book, 
R. R. N. Y. (had a wife and 
two children), P. L 2d, 

If Donald, R. R. X. Y. 
Muster Roll. 

McGuire, Patri ck 

Mcllmoyle, Archibald 
Mcllmoyle, Hugh 
Mcllmoyle, John 

Mcllmoyle, James 
Mcllmoyle, Thos 

Mclntyre, Sen. , Daniel 

Mclntosh, Alexander. . 
Mclntosh, Benjamin . . 
Mclntosh, Daniel 
Mclntosh, Donald 

Mclntosh, John 

E District 

do Edwardsburgh ... 
E District 

do Edwardsburgh . . 
do do ... . 

H. District, Grimsby. . 

E. Dist., Edwardsburgh 
E. Dist., Edwardsburgh 


Mclntoah, John 
Mclntosh, Lauchlin. . . 
Mclntosh, Peter 

Mclntosh, Peter 
Mclntosh, Daniel 

E, Dist,,Edwardsburgh 

Lan caster . , 

E. Dist., Lancaster . . . 
do Charlottenburgh. 






Mclntyre, Donald 

Mdntyre,Sen., Duncan 
Mclntyre, Jun.,Dunc'n 

Mclntyre, John 

Mclntyre, John 
Mclntyre, John 

5 Dist., Lancaster 
do do 

R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 
R. R. N. Y. P. L. N. J., 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. (P. L. 
N. J., 1786). 
Sergeant R. R, N. Y. Mus- 
ter Roll P. L. N. J., 
Sergeant R. R. N. Y. Mus- 
ter Roll. 
P. L. N. J., 1786. 
Sergeant Royal R. R. N.Y., 
N. 41, front 300, 200, 200, 
Kenyon, P.L.N.J., 1786. 
1793, late from State of New 
York, L. B. Grenville. 
McCarty, Soldier R.R.N.Y. 

Soldier Royal Yorkers. R. 
R. N.Y. Muster Roll P. 
L. N. J. 1786. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 
Roll, P. L. N. J. 1786. 
Soldier Royal Yorkers. R. 
R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 
From Nova Scotia. P.L.N. 
J. 1786. 
Son of , Supposed R. 
R. N. Y., P. L. 2d.,1786. 
Soldier British Regt., 84th 
Regt., p. Sergeant Mc- 
lntosh, N. J. 1786. Stamp- 
ed Book, 
p. Muster Roll, R.R.N.Y, 
P. L. N. J., 1786. 
Sergeant, R.'R. N. Y., L.B. 
Stepson of Captain William 
Johnson. Soldier Loyal 
Rangers A. McL. 
Soldier 53rd Regt., L.B.L., 
and one a soldier Queen's 
Loyal Rangers, P.L.N. J., 
Sergeant R. R. N. Y. Mus- 
ter Roll, M. B. , P. L. 2d., 
Sergeant Loyal Rangers, 
called Loyalist P. L. 
1786, A. Me. L. 

do do 

do do 

E. Dist.,Charlottenb'gh 

do. Augusta 
E. District, Lancaster. 

do do 
do do 
H District 

Mclntosh, Jesse 

McKarty, Florence. 
McKay, Angus . . 

McKay, Donald 
McKay, Hugh.... 

McKay, Hugh 

McKay, John 

McKay, John . 


McKay, John 

E .Dist. , Charlottenb'gh 
do do 
Ernest Town 

E. District, Lancaster 

McKay, John 
McKay, Samuel . 

McKay, William 

McKee, John. 

McKenzie, Sen., Colin 

Ernest Town 






McKenzie, Jim., Colin 

McKenzie, Duncan 
McKenzie, John 

Ernest Town 

Drummer Loyal Rangers 
son of Colin McKenzie, 
Sen. (P. L., 1786). 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll, 
P L. N. J., 1786. 
R. R. N. Y. M. Roll. P. 
L. N. J., 1786. 
A. Soldier 84th Regt. 
S. G. R. R. N. Y. 
S. G. R. R. N. York. 
Soldier 84th Regt L.B.M., 
1791, 300, Stamped Book 
Sergeant in Jessup's A. Me. 
L. (P. L., 1786). 
Son of James. 
Son of James, Sen. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, L. 
B. M,, 1789.350, A. McL. 
(P. L., 1786). 
By Order in Council, 4th 
Dec., 1806. 
Corporal R. R. N. Y. 
Stepson to John Dennis. 

Soldier R. R. N. Y. L. 
Grant. P. L.N. J., 1786. 
Lieutenant in Jessup's S.G. 

R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 
N. B., P. L. N. G., 1786. 
Served several campaigns 
last war. 
24 years service in 42nd 
Regt. from States, U. E. 
New Jersey. Joined Royal 
Standard at New York. 
R. Clench. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll 
P. L. 2d, 1786. 
P. 1789, states a young 
man. Five years' resi- 
dence and 100 acres. A 
settler. T. Smith. 
From New York. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 
Roll. P.L. N. J.,1786. 
Son of a Soldier. L. B. L. 

E District 


McKenzie, John 
McKeuzie, Lt. Keneth 
McKenzie, Capt. John 
McKenzie, Wm 

3. Dist.,Edwardsburgh 

WHliamsbu rgh 


McKim, James Sen . . . 

McKim, James Jun . . 
McKim, Wm 

Ernest Town 



McKinny, John 


McKinny, Amos . . 

McKitchie, John 
McLaney, John 
McLaren, Archibald.. 
McLaren, Hugh 

E.Dist. .Williamsburgh 
H District ... 

3. District, Augusta . . 
do do 

do do 
do Elizabethtown 
do Charlottenburgh 

H District 

McLaren, Peter 

McLaren, Peter 
McLaughlin, Alexander 

McLaughlin, Edward. 
McLaughlin, James . 
McLaughlin. James . 

McLaughlin, Wm.... 
McLean, Alexander . . 

McLean, Donald 
McLean, Donald 

McLean, Jun., Donal< 
McLean, Duncan . . 

do Ancaster. 

E. District, Cornwall. . 
do Elizabethtown 

H District 

E. Dist. ,OharloUenb'gh 

Auerusta . . . 






McLeane, John 

E. Dist. of Elizabeth 
Town . .... 

T. Sherwood & A. Camp- 
bell certify to him having 
joined during the War. 
Restored 3rd March, 1806. 
W. E. E. Jessup. 
S. G. Loyalist. Suffered im- 
prisonment and loss of pro- 
perty. 600 acres, 1793. 
Sergt. R. R. N. Y. Muster 
Roll. N. B. 
P. 1789, A young man, has 
resided 5 years. A settler, 
son of Alexander. T. 
Discharged artificer. 
Son of a Soldier. L. B. L. 
Soldier 84th Regiment. 

R.R.N.Y.,P.L., N.J., 1786. 

Son of John. 
Soldier Carolina Regiment. 

Is she the widow of Sergeant 
John, late 84th ? Had 3 
children. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of a Soldier. L.B.L. A 
M.C. Sergeant Sir J. John- 
son's S.G., L.B.L. Sergt. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 
P.L.N.J. 1786. 
S.G.Land as sergeant or son 
of a soldier. L.B.L. 
Lieutenant R. R. N. York, 
S G. Single. P.L.2d,1786. 
Father to Lt. McMartin, an 
artificer. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
S.G. Land as Sergt. Served 
in King's works. J. Clark. 
P.L., :N.J., 1786. 
James on the Original Roll. 
Lieutenant Guides & Pion- 
eers, S. G. 

Butler's Rangers, soldier. O. 
C. 25th Feb. 1797. A wife 
and 3 children. P.L.N. 

McLean, John 

McLean, Murdock 
McLean Robert 

W. District 
E. District . 

Elizabeth Town 

McLean, Stephen 
McLean, Wm 

Kingston . 

F, Dist.rint 

McLelan, John i Cornwall 

McLeland, Sen., John 
McLeland, Jun., John 
McLeland, Kenith 

McLeod, Widow Isa- 

E.Dist. Charlottenburg 
do do 
do do 


McLeod, Thomas 
McLeod, Wm. . . 


do Charlottenburg 
do ... 

McLeod, Wm 

McMartin, Malcomb . . 
McMartin, Malcom,Sr. 
McMartin, John . . 


E.Dist. Charlottenburg 
do do 

Adolphus Town 
H. District ... 

McMasters, John .... 
McMichael, Edward . . 

McMichael, Isaac . . 
McMicking, Peter .... 


do M.C. 






McMicking, Thomas . . 

McMillan, Donald 

McMnllen, Daniel.... 
McNabb Alex 

H District 

Indian Department, S.G. A 
wife and one child. P.L. 
N. 1786. Niagara Stamp'd 
1787, Collins' 200. Loyalist. 
Employ 'd onjKing's works. 
Miles McD. 
A wife and child. P.L. 2d, 
1786. A. McL. 
Not privileged, S. P. L. N. 
Joined the Royal army at 
the commencement of the 
war, and served in differ- 
ent capacities. 
Deceased. Not privileged. 
S.G. Land as sergeant. Sup- 
posed R.R.N.Y. P.L. 2d. 
1786. One a private in Cap- 
tain Herchmer's company 
Batteaumen. A. McL. 
R.R.N.Y Muster Roll. P. 
L., N. J. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y Muster Koll. P. 
L., N.J. 1786. 
From Vermont. Lost pro- 
perty to the amount of 
3,000, P. 1794. 
O.C. 1806, Feb. 26th. Re- 
stored to U. E. , soldier in 
McAlpin's corps. A son 
of William. See Chris- 
tian Hossack's petition, 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

5on of John McNeal. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Joined the Royal Standard 
at Fort ; only one. 
Stanwix in 1777, p. certifi- 
cate of Gideon and Samuel 
With General Burgoyne at 
Lachine in 1783. Em- 
ployed on Secret Service 
under the name of Corn 

E. District, Cornwall.. 

H District 

McNabb John 


McNabb, James . . 

H. District 

McNairn, John 

E. District, Corn wall.. 

do Charlottenburg 
do do 
do Elizabeth Town 

do do 

do Edwardsburg . . 
H. District 

McNaughton, Donald. 
McNaughton John 
McNeal, Archibald . . . 

McNeal John 

McNeil, Archibald.... 
McNeil, John .... 

McNeil, Wm 
McNight, Thomas .... 
McNish, James 

Elizabeth Town 

E. District 

do Augusta 
do Elizabeth T'n 

Elizabeth Town 

McNish, James 

McNish, Joseph 






McNut, James 


Came into this Province in 

McPhee, Allan 

E. District . . 

1779 or 1780; his son's 
84th Regiment. 

McPherson, Alexr .... 


R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. P, 

McPherson, John 
McPherson, John .... 

M. District .... M.C. 
Ernest Town 

L., N. J. 1786. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. L. 
B.M. 1789, 500. L.B.Certe. 
A, McL. 
John of E. Town, S. L Rs. 

McPherson, Peter 


P.L. 1786. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. L. 

McPherson, Murdock. 
McPherson, James 

E.Dist. Charlottenburg 
Charlottenburg . . . 

B.M. 1789,300. P.L. 1786. 
Sergeant R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll. P.L., N. J. 1786. 
On Original Roll Sergeant 

McQuin, Senr., Alex. . 

H. District 

2nd Battalion R.R.N.Y. 
18 years in the service ; was 

Mcllobert, Mary . 


in the battle of Fontenoy ; 
had been wounded ; came 
into this Province after the 

McTugget, James 


M C McTagart Corpl S. 


McVee, John 

McWilliams, John 
Napping, John 

Elizabeth Town 

E. District, Osnabruck 

G., L.B.M. 1793, 300. R. 
R.N.Y., P.L. 1786. Stp'd 
1787, J. McDonell, ^ No. 21. 
1789, Chewitt No. 22, 23, 
12 Township. A labourer 
in Forage Department. P. 
L., B.G. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster RoU ; had 
a wife ; P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier King's Rangers. 

Nanghton, Andrew . . . 
Naughton, Philander . . 

Grand River, E. Dist. . 
E District 

S.G. Captain Pioneers. 

JXaulton, Thomas 

Elizabeth Town 

Neil, George 

H District 

Loyal Militia South Caro- 

Nebling, Ernest 

M.C. of Marysburgh 

lina; bore arms at sixty- 
Soldier 53rd Regiment, L.B. 

Neher, John . . 


M. 1790, 100, and in 1792, 
200. L.B. Certe, and P. 
L. 1786 ; Stamped Book. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y..P.L.1786, 

Nellis, Abraham 

H. District 

A. McL. Stamped Book. 
Son of Captain "W". Henry 







Nellis, Warner 

H District 

Son of Captain W. Henry 

Nellis Lieut Robert 


Indian Departme't. Niagara 

Nellis Win 


Stamped Book. 
Son of W. Henry Nelles. 

Nellis Capt W Henry 


Indian Department * a wife 

Nettleton, Amos 


and 5 children , P. L. N. 
1786. Niagara Stamped 
Petition of 1798 ; states no 

Nettleton, Daniel 

E District 

service but eight years' re- 
sidence ; served part of 
the war in the Continental 
service ; a common settler. 
Oliver Evarts. 
Admitted as a settler. 200 L. 

Neville, Edward 

W. District 

B.L. 1791. Soldier in Jes- 
sup's L. Rangers. 
New settlement, Lake Erie, 

Newalt, Frederick 


B.R. ; a Corporal B.Rang- 
ers, W.L. 
Soldier German Troops, p. 

Newberry Sergt. \Vm 

H. District 

provision list, 1736. 
Sergeant Butler's Rangers 

Newkirk, James 


B. Rangers S G. Stamped 

Nicholson, Alex 


Book Niagara, S. P.L.N. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B. 

Nicholson, Archibald 


M. 1789300. 
Loyal Rangers. A. McL 

Nicholson, Robert 

H. District ^ 

Called Loyalist. P. L. 1786. 
Gen. Haldimand's certificate. 

Nicholson, Robert 
Nickerson, Elihud 

E. District, Augusta ( 

1784, 100 acres, No. 4, 1 
con. Augusta ; told so. Si- 
mon Covill. 
O.C. 5th March 1808 ; served 

Noble, Wm 


as sergeant. 
A private in Capt. Herch- 

North James 


mer's Batteaux Company. 
A. McL. A wife. P. L. 
2d, 1786. 
Sergeant ; discharged from 

North, Reeds 


53rd Regiment ; not U.E. 
400 acres ; his widow Win- 
nifred North, 200 bounty. 
L.B.M. 1791. 
British Soldier (P.L. 1786) 

North, Thomas . 

H. District 

A. McL. Stamped Book. 
Soldier New Jersey Volun- 

teers. O.C. 7th July, 1796. 






Nudale, Adam 
O'Brien, John 
O'Conelly James 

E. District 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. T. Wea- 

Soldier 60th Regt. Report 
L.B. Stormont. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers, L. 
B. Nassau, 1794. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll A, 2, gts. 300, all he 
has a claim to see L. B. 
M. ]789; nevertheless on 
the 26th Augt., 1794, he 
again states his desire to 
become a settler, and the 
L. B. A. order him 200 

Soldier Indian Department, 
L.B.M. 1791. 
L. B. Mecklenburgha state 
Loyalist, 1791. Son of 
Soldier Indian Department ; 
L.B.M. 1790, 550 (P.L. 
1786)- -a wife & six chil- 
L.B.M. state Loyalist, 1791. 
Son of Frederick. 
By order - in - Council 13th 
Novr., 1797. 
of Lt. O'Neal, Jessup's or 
Roger's L. B. M. 1790 
1,200 (P.L. 1786). 
Loyalist from New York 
(Stamped Book), P. L. 
Loyalist from New York 
(Stamped Book), P. L. 
Loyalist from New York 
P.L. 1786 Stamped Book. 
Loyalist from New York 
A. McL. M. Collins' 
Book. P.L. 1786. 

German soldier Collins' 
Book. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier B. Rangers, O. C. 
21st July, 1796. S. P.L.N. 


H. District 
Marys & Sophiasburgh 

do do 


Ogden, John . . 

Ogden, Junr. , John . . 
Oliver, Aaron 

Oliver, Cornelius 

Oliver, Frederick 
Oliver, John 



Olker, Elisha 

O'Neale, Widow Eliza. 
Orser, Arthur 



Orser, Gabriel 
Orser. Isaac 

M District 


Orser, Solomon 
Orsier, Wm. 



Ornal, Conrad . . 

Osterhout, Wm 

H District 






Otto Gotlet 

E District 

German soldier Collins' 

Outhouse Nicholas . . . 

H District 

Book. See order-in-Coun- 
cil, reinstated 17th March, 
1807. Soldier Butler's Ran- 
Joined the Royal army at 

Overholt Abraham 


Fort Montgomery was a 
Pilot to New York army 

Overholt, Miss Eliza- 


S. G. 

Overholt Stols 


Stamped Book Niagara 

Ozburn, James . . ... 


O.C.19th April, 1808. Joined 

Page, Joseph 

H District ft 

in 1776 ; raised a volunteer 
Butler's K angers S.G. Ni- 

Painting, Timothy 

agara Stamped Book. P. 
L.N. 1786. 
P. states from Nova Scotia. 

Palmer Caleb 

M District 

Son of David p Petition 

Palmer David 


Corporal King's Rangers p 

Palmer David 

H District 

R.Roll L.B.M. 1790 700. 
A settler from New Jersey 

Palmer John 

M District 

in 1788 ; much persecuted 
34th Regiment S. G B 

Palmer Silas 


M. A. 
Loyalist from New York 

Palper, Gustus 


A. McL. Stamped Book. 
Called Loyalist, P. L. 1786. 

Pannal, Abraham 

E District 

If Parnel, a soldier during 

Papts Adam 


the war. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers p 

Parepoint negro Richd 

H District . 

affidavit R.P, 
Pioneer Butler's Rangers 

Parish, Ezekiel . . 

E District 

Niagara Stamped Book 
P. L.N. 1786. 
L.B.L., a settler 1791 Ser- 

Parish, Wm 

Yonee . . 

geant Peters' militia by 
his widow, Mary. 
Asks to be admitted as a 

Parks, Robert 

E District, Cornwall . 

settler, 1790, L.B.L. Son 
of Ezekiel. . . 
S. G. Land as corporal R R. 

N.Y. P.L. 2d, 1786. 






Parker Robert . . . 

E District 

A settler came to this Pro- 

Parker John . . 

H District 

vince in 1784. O.E. 
A. Loyalist during the war 

Parks Cyrenus 


S.G.; an old soldier, p. P., 
if of E District. Soldier 
R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
Soldier King's Rangers p. 

Parks, James 

do .... 

R. Roll. L.B.M. 1790,400. 
P.L. 1786. 
Sergeant King's Rangers, p 

Parks, Nathaniel .... 
Parks, Senr., Nathan. . 

E District 

R. Roll. L.B.M. 1790,400. 
One Stamped Book, Ni- 
agara I. Depart, one P. 
L. N. 1786. 
Drummer King's Rangers, p. 
R. RoU P.L. 2d, 1786. 
1784, Genl. Haldimand, 100 

Parks, Junr. , Nathan 


as. A soldier King's Ran- 
gers P.L. 1786. 
Son of Nathan Parks Senr. 

Parlow, John 

do at Matilda 

Ld Bd L his father was 

Parrott, James 

Ernest Town 

a pensioner. An artificer 
at Carleton Island. 
Lieutenant Loyal Rangers, 

Parsons, Thomas 

W District 

A. McL, (P.L. 1786.) 
S.Gr. B, Rangers. 

Palter, Philip 


Soldier Butler's Rangers 

Pattingall, Jacob .... 
Pattingall, Samuel.... 



German soldier. C.B. Stamp- 
ed Book. 
R.R.N.Y. B.M.A. 

Pattison, Daniel 


Lame; came in a settler after 

Pawling, Captn. Benjn. 

H District 

the peace W. Chewitt. 
B. Rangers Niagara Stamp- 

Pawling, Qr,-Mr. Jesse 


edBook. (Single.) P.L.N. 
B. Rangers has a wife and 

Peak, James 


servant, P.L.N. 1786. 

Pearse, John 


In petition for land 1792 

Peebles, Charles 

E Dist., Edwardsburgh 

expects an equal right with 
strangers L. B. L. 
) Served in the waggon De 

Peebles, Charles 


) partment. P. 1789 

Peek, Caleb 


Soldier R.R N Y Muster 

Peet, David 


Roll, at Montreal. B. 
M. A. 
Son of David Peet, Senr., 

deceased a loyal man. 






Pierce, Patrick 
Pell, Jonathan.. 
Pell, Joseph.... 

Pell, Joshua 

Pember, Philip 

H District.. 


do .. 
Kingston . . 

Pemberton, James . . . 

Pennick, Samuel 

Pennock, Philimon . . . 

Pepst, Rudolph 
Perrigor, James 

H District 

Elizabeth Town 
E District... 


Perry, Daniel . 
Perry, John . . . 
Percy, John . . . 

Perry, Senr., Robert. 

Perry, Junr., Robert. 
Perry, Senr. s William 

Perry, Junr. , William 

Peters, Bensley 

Peters, John 

Peters, Thomas 

Peterson, Abraham . . 
Peterson, Christian . . 

Peterson, Conrod . . . 
Peterson, Conrodt . . . 

A sawyer, p. Stamped Book. 

Son of Joshua. 

5on of Joshua. 

Son of Joshua. 

M.C. Corprl. R.R.N.Y. L. 
B.M. 1790. 3 Gl. I. O.C. 
25th Jan'y, 1797. 2 June 
does not appear entitled to 
the bounty P. L. 1786 
Stamped Book lived with 
Mr. Steedman before the 

Stamped Book, Niagara 
P.llN. 1786. 

Lieut, in Col. Peters' Militia 

Prays to be admitted as a 
settler, 6th July, 1790 

A sergeant R.R.N.Y. Mus- 
ter Roll. 

Ernest Town Son of Robert Perry. 

do Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

do Soldier Loyal Rangers A. 


do Soldier a sergeant Loyal 

Rangers Ld. Bd. Ce. (P. 
L. 1786.) 

do Son of Robert Perry. 

do Soldier Loyal Rangers L. 

B. M. 1791, 400 acres (P. 
L. 1786). 
Son of William, Senr. 200 

L.B.A. 1793. 

Captain of Associated Loy- 
alists, in the Ann. 
Ensign Loyal Rangers (en- 
sign, P.L, 1786). 
A volunteer, L.B. Grenville, 
1793 did duty in Mon- 
Sophias&Ameliasburgh Loyalist P. L. 1786 from 

New York ; A. McL. 
L.B.M. says Loyalist, 1790 
-400 as. A. McL. P.L. 

E District S.G. land as a sergeant. 

do Sergeant Loyal Rangers 




Marys & Sophiasburgh 
E District.., 







Peterson, Nicholas, 

Adolphus Town 

1790 L.Bd.M. State Loyalist 

Peterson, Nicholas, . . 


400. A.McL., P.L. 1786. 
Servd. 1793, 27 Augt. L. 
B.A. States 100 received 
and Grants 200. 
Loyalist P.L. 1786 Son of 


Peterson Paul 


A soldier in the Refugees. 

Peterson, Nicholas, . . 

Pettit Daniel 

Sophias and Amelias- 

Marys and Sophias- 

L. B. M. 1790-450. P. 
L. 1786. 
Genl. Haldimand ] 00. 
Loyalist from New York. 
P.L. 1786. 
Associated Loyalist a native 

Pettit John 

H District 

of Long Island. 
New Jersey Volunteers 

Pettit Nathaniel 



A.ctive Loyalist 

Petry, John Jost .... 


Niagara Stamped Book. 

Petry Sergt. Joseph 


M.C. B. Rangers. Stamped 

Petty, Margery, .... 


Book Niagara a wife and 
one son. P.L.N. 1786. 

formerly Widow Fos- 
Phelps Elijah 


Butler's Rangers S G Ni- 

Philips, John 


agara Stamped Book. 
Say Kind's Rangers p. R. 

Phifer, Frederick, 
Philer or Pieper. 

Philips, Elisha 


Roll. Stamped Book. 
34th Regt.. a soldier. P.L. 
1786, a smith. Stamped 
Soldier King's Rangers, p 

Philips (now Merrits) 

M District 

R. Roll, 1789. G. Haldi- 
mand, 100 as Sergeant 
100, in right of his father, 
a soldier do. L. B. M., 

Philips, Michael 

Ernest Town 

Genl. Haldimand's Certifi- 

Phillips, William .... 


cate for 200 Called Loy- 
alist. P.L. 1786. 
Joined in 1778. O. C. 22nd 

Philips, Peter .... 


Febry, 1808. 
Soldier R R N Y L B M 

1790. 350. P. L. 1786. 
Stamped Book, 1784. 
Genl. Haldimand, 100. 






Phillips, Ziba 

Formerly of Augusta 

C. 5th January, 1808. 

Pickard, Benjn 

H District 

Sergeant King's Rangers 
Soldier Butler's Rangers. 

Pickard James 


Soldier Butler's Rangers, 

Pickard, Wm 


Soldier B Rangers. Stamp- 

Pickle, Senr. , John . . 
Pickle, Junr. , John . . 


ed Book Niagara. O. C. 
llth March, 1797. 
P.K.R. Regt., N.Y. Soldier 
L.B.M. 1790, 550, 1784. 
Genl. Haldimand, 100. 
J. F. Bickle should be 
Pickle. P.L. 1786. Stamp- 
ed Book. 
Son of John Pickle, Senr., 

Pilchard, Stephen 

Marysburgh .... 

200. Soldier King's Ran- 
gers, p. R. RolL 
Discharged British Soldier. 

Filler, Michael ...... 
Pine, Chase 

E District 

A.McL. Stamped Book. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

Pitman Cary 


A Fifer in Jessup's Corps. 

Pilman, Russell . 


Ld Bd. Certe. Described 

or Pitman. 
Place, Williajn Sim- . . 


Soldier Loyal Rangers, L. 
B.M. 1792. 450. A.Mc.L. 
P.L. 1786. 
O.C. 8th March, 1808. Sol- 

Plate, Christian . 

H District 

dier, King's Rangers. 
B. Rangers. S.G. Niagara 

Plater, George 


Stamped Book. 
( One person. Pilot to the 

Plater, George 


t Philadelphia Army. 

Plato, Peter . . . 


A Discharged Soldier. 

or Plant. 
Platt, John . . 

E District Montreal 

Stamped Book and Ni- 
agara do. 
Employed in Secret Service. 

Papst, Rudolph 


Original Roll. Soldier R.R. 

Porter, Timoth / . 

Marysburo'h and 

N.Y. by I. Chrysler. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers 

Post, Jacob 

H district 

had drawn 100. L. B. A. 
1794. 200. P.L. 1786. 
A Soldier Butler's Rangers.' 

Post, Frederick 


\Vas a Soldier Orange Ran- 

Potreg, Thomas . . 

E District.. 

gers. P. of his son, 1797. 






Potten, Richard 


Discharged British Soldier. 

Pother, John 


P. L. 1786. 
Fifer Loyal Rangers. S. G. 

Powell Abraham. 

London District 

p. Discharge. 
By Order in Council 13th 

Pound Daniel 

H District . 

January, 1807. 

Powell, Capt. iTohn 


Indian Department a wife 

Powell, John 

E District, Lancaster 

and 3 children. P. L. N. 
1785. Niagara Stamped 
Single, P L. 2d, 1786. 

Powell, William Dum- 

H District 

One of the Judges U.E. 

Powiss Edward 

M ary sburgh 

Soldier 84th Regt. L B M. 

Powley Francis 


1791, 450. and P.L. 1786, 
a wife and 2 children. 
Dead B.M.A. 
First Settler called Loyal- 

Powley, Jacob 


ist. P.L. 1786. 
Son of Francis Cotlins Booth 

Prentice, Daniel 

P. L. 1786. Order in 
Council, 28th February, 
1805 replaced on U. E. 
Soldier K.R. Regt., N.Y. 

Prentice, -Richard 


P.L.N.J. 1786. 
17^5 Called Loyalist by G. 

Prescod, Senr., John... 

Prescod, Junr., John. . 

do Prescott, 


Hamilton, 100. A.Mc.L. 
a Blacksmith. Stamped 
S.G. Lands as Sergeant R. 
R.N.Y, P.L. 2d, 1786. 
M. Roll. 
Son of a soldier, 200 acres. 

Price, Christian 

H District . . . 

Ld. Bd. L. Pescod. 
B, Rangers. S.G. Had a 

Price, David 


wife. P. L. N. 1786. Ni- 
agara Stamped Book. 
Indian Interpreter had a 

Price, Thomas 

M ary sbur^h 

wife and one child. P.L. 

N. 1786. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 

R. Roll and one of this 
name 84th Regt. S. 
British soldier. L. B. M. 
1791. P. L. Stamped 






Prindle, Doctor 


Soldier King's Rangers, p. 

Prindle, Joel 


R. Roll L.B.M. 1790 
Soldier King's Rangers. 

Prindle Joseph 

Fred ericksburgh 

Gov. Hamilton, 100. 
King's Rangers by Order in 

Prindle, Timothy 


Council, 13tn January. 
Soldier King's Rangers p. 

Prindle, William 


R. Roll. 
King's Rangers by Order in 

Proctor. Joseph 


Council, 13th January, 
Late from South River. 

Prout, Sherman 

H District 

Butler's Rangers, Niagara 

Pruyn, Matthew 

Mary sburgh 

Stamped Book. S. P.L. 
N. 1786. 
Joined at N. York, O.C. 

Prunner, Senr., Peter 

E District 

22d Febry., 1808. 
Genl. Haldimand, 100. Sol- 

Pruyne Herman 


dier R.R.N.Y. P.L. 2d, 

Order in Council, 17th Feb- 

Prunner, Junr., Peter 

E District ... . 

ruary, 1807. 


Ernest Town 

Sergeant 19th, 400 from 

Newcastle .->.... 

New York. Stamped 
Book. P.L. 1786. A.McL. 
See Order in Council, llth 

Purdy, Gilbert 


March, 1807. Guide to the 
Died with Genl. Howe's 

Purbus, John 

Niagara District 

Army Chesepeake. Left 
a widow. P.L. 1786. 
Order in Council, 21 Febry 

Putman, Cornelius . 

Ernest Town . . . 

1807. Joined Butler's 
Genl. Haldimand, 1784, 100. 

Purdy, Jesse 

Elizabeth Town 

R. R. N. Y. P.L. 1786. 
Stamped Book. 
O.C. 8th March, 1808 Sol- 

Putman, Effron 

E District 

dier Col. Emerick's Cav- 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 

Purdy, Mary 

Roll. B.M.A. 
O.C. 16thJune,1807. Widow 

H District . . . 

of Gilbert Purdy. 
B. Rangers. Niagara Stamp- 

ed Book a wife P.L.N. 






Quant Frederick 

H District 

Quant, Jacob 

W District 

Soldier B. Rangers. W List. 

Quarry (a Negro) 

H District 


Quick, Benjamin 

H District... 

Quick, Solomon 


A soldier, Niagara Stamped 

Quin Michael .... 


Book. A wife and one 
child. P.L.N. 1786. 
R R N Y Muster Koll 

Quinn, Christopher ... 
Quin, John .*.... 

E District, Augusta ... 
do. Cornwall 

Received Genl. Haldimand's 
Certificate for 100 acres. 
Soldier R R N.Y Muster 

Quin Michael 

do. do. 

Roll, P.I/. 2d, 1786. 
R. R N Y supposed J F 

Rambouch, Wm 


P.L. 2d, 1786 
S.G. A private R.R.N.Y. 

Rambough Amos. 

E District 

100. McD. & 200. E.D. 
PL. 1786. 
Soldier R R N Y PL 1786 

Rambough, David 
Rambough, John 

Rambough, Jacob 
Ramsay, Henry 

do. Osnabruck.. 
do. do. 

do. do. 

Son of a soldier, 200 acres, 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Ld. Bd. 
L. P.L. 2H, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. P. 1796. 
Soldier B Rangers dis- 

Ramsay, David 

H District 

charged in 1779. O.C. 13th 
March, 1807. 

Randolph, Benjamin... 


A settler in 1795 0. Everts 

Rankin, James . . 

M District . ... 

If Ranolds, a soldier R. 
R.N.Y. M. Koll. 

Ransier, George . 

H District ; . 

Butler's Rangers S G 

Ransier, William ... 


had a wife and one child. 
P. L. N. 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Bonk. 
M C R R N Y M Roll 

or Ransier 
Rattan, Senr., Peter . . 
Rattan, Junr. , Peter. . 

Adolphus Town 

O. C. 16th Nov. 1797. 
Stamped Book. 
S.G. Captain Jersey Volun- 
teers. P.L. 1786. 
Son of Peter Senr L B 

Rattan, Wm 


M. 1793, 100 and 200 
Bounty. P.L. 1786. 

Reddick, Adam . . 

E District W'msburg 

Loyalists and L. B. M. 
P.L. 1786. 

dick, L.B.M. 1793. 




Reddick, Christor 

Reddick, George 

Redick, John 

Reddie, Philip 

Redins, Francis 

Reide, George 

Reede, Moses 

Reide, Wm. 
Reide, Wm. 

Reely, Sergt. , John . . 

Reynolds, Lt. Caleb. . . 
Reynolds, Benjamin ... 

Riceley, Corpl. Christr. 
Richards, Christr 

Richards, Daniel. 
Richards, John . 

Richards, Junr. , John 


E District, W'msburg 


E District, Osnabruck 

M District . 
Ernest Town 

H District. 

Elizabeth Town 

H District. 

H District. 

Home District. 



Marys & Sophiasburg 
do. do. 




A Loyalist, L.Bd.L. Sol- 
dier R. R. N. Y. J.F. 
Had a wife and 3 children. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A: 
A wife. P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Emigrant settler from U.S. 
1792. L.B.M. 200. 

Discharged soldier R.R.N. 
Y. Ld.Bd. Certe. P.L. 

Butler's Rangers, S. G. 
Has a wife and one child. 
P. L. N. 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 

1789. P. States residence 
since 1788 no service a 
settler. E. Jessup's. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers, was 
taken prisoner (himself). 

Capt. of Militia, South 
Carolina last from Nova 
Scotia, P. 

B. Rangers, Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book. 0. C. 17th 
March, 1797 a wife and 
five children. P. L. N. 

B. Rangers, S.G. Niagara 
Stamped Book. S. P.L. 
N. 1786. 

By Order in Council, 13th 
October, 1807. Soldier R. 

S.G. B. R. Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book, S. P.L.N. 1786. 

B. Rangers, S.G. Niagara 
Stamped Book, S. P.L.N. 

Son of John Richards. 

S. G. Lieutenant Indian 
Department. Interpreter 
L.B.M. 1791. 2000. Stamp- 
ed Book. P.L. 1786. 

Son of John Richardson, P. 
1794. A boy, discharged. 
A Sergeant, but never did 
duty. O.R. 






Richards, Owen 

Marys & Sophiasburg . 

Son of John Richardson a 

Richardson, Asa 


boy, was discharged as a 
Sergeant, 2d Battn. R.R. 
N. Y. never did duty. 
S.G-. Que. ? Loyal Rangers. 

Richardson, Henry. . . . 

do .... 

P.L. 1786. A.McL. 
Son of Asa. 

Richardson, Thomas . . 

M District 

Treasury Loyalist. 

Richardson, Thomas . . 
Richardson, Wm 

Rickerman, Edward . . 
Ryckerman, Tobias ... 
Rickley, Andrew . 


Sophias & Amelias- . . 
do. do. 
Fredericksburgh . 

Son of Asa Richardson, L. 
B.M. 1790. 200 only. 
Son of Asa, Provisional list. 
King's Rangers, 1786. 
Stated Loyalist, L. B. M. 
1793. 300. 

Soldier King's Rangers, p. 

Ridman, Nicholas .... 


R. Roll. P.L. 1786. L.B. 
M. Sergt. 1790500. 

Ridner, Henry 

Adolphus Town now 

L.B.M. 1791 stated Loyal, 

Ridner, Junr., Henry 

of Ameliasburgh 

200. Soldier Jersey Vol- 
unteers. Ordered to be 
reinstated on U.E. List, 
1805, 23rd February. 
Son of Henry Ridner, Senr. 

Rimmerman, Henry ... 


German soldier. C. B. and 


Ernest Town 

Provisional List, 1786. 
Brunswick Troops, L.B. 
M. 1791, 300. Stamped 
This is John Richards, Jnr. 

Roberts, Thomas 

Marysbursrh . . 

son of John Richards, 
Discharged British soldier, 

Robertson, James 

H District . . 

P.L. 1786, E., one a sol- 
dier R. R. N. Y. Muster 
Roll. A.McL. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers. W. 

Robertson, Daniel . . 

E District, Cornwall.. 

List, 1789 one a soldier 
Loyal Rangers a wife P. 
L. N. 1786. Stamped 
Book Niagara. 
Daniel was a soldier 44th 
Regt. P. L. N. J. 1789 
Daughters Jane and Bar- 
bara This a Loyalist who 
joined in 1777 S. A. 






Robertson, Joseph 

Robertson, Joseph 
Robertson Prince 

E Disk, Edwardsburg 

do. do. 
H District 

Stamped Book Niagara a 
wife and two children, P. 
L.N. 1786 one a soldier 
Butler's Rangers, P. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
S G. B R. 

Robertson, Lt. Neil . 

E District 

S. G. R.R.N.Y. 

Robertson Thomas 
Robertson, Wm 

Robins, James . . . 

do. Cornwall 
do. Edwards- 

P,L. 2d, 1786. 
Lieut. Loyal Rangers. P.L. 

Hobins, Richard 

Ernest Town 


Robins, Richard .... 


> Sons of James Robins. 

Robins "Wm. 


Son of James 

Robins, Wm. ... 

E District, Charlotten- 

Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 

Robinson Christopher 


Roll. P. L. N. J. 1786 
one of this name, P. L. 
1786, Kingston. 
Ensign Q Rangers 

Roblin, John 

Adolphus Town 

Son of Philip L.B. A. 1794, 

Roblin Owen P. 


Son of Owen Senr is 21 

Roblin, Senr., Owen ... 


years of age L. B. M. 
1793, 200. 
Loyalist L.B.M. 1793 un- 

Roblin, Junr., Owen. . 
Roblin, Philip . 


assigned S.B. Certificate 
States U.E. P.L. 1786 
A.McL. Genl Haldimand 
200, entitled to 700. 
Son of Philip. 
Govr Hamilton 200 Loyal- 

Roblin, Stephen . . 

Sophias & Amelias- 

ist.' A.McL. P.L. 1786. 
Served in Major "Ward's 

Rodney, Sergt. Geo. . . 

H District 

Block-house information. 
M. Clark. 
Died in New Brunswick 


W District 

S. G. Provincial Navy ; came 

Rogers, David M 
Rogers, John 

Marys & Sophiasburg . 
Ernest Town 

from England in a ship of 
War to Quebec, during the 
American War his son- 
in-law, Ananias Ogden's 
information, 20th Oct. , 
Son of Major James, Bang's 
Rangers. P.L. 1786. 

Rogers, Col. James . . 

Marys & Sophiasburg . 

S. G. Major Commandt. P. 
L. 1786. 






Rogers, James 

Marys & Sophiasburg 

Son of Major James Kind's 

Rogers, Win 

Ernest Town 

Rangers. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers L.B. 

Roice, Senr., Evan . . . 
or Rove 
Roice, Junr., Evan . . 

Rorison, Bazil 

E District, Cornwall., 
Elizabeth Town 

M. 1790. Cotlins, 200 
P. L. 1786. A Hatter 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 
Soldier R. R. N". Y. Muster 
Had been Lieut. Orange Ran 

Rooreback, Capt. 

gers and resigned. W.E. 
Not resident in the Province 

Road, Wm. 

E District Augusta 

Not privileged R I D Gr 

Rose, Aaron 

do Edwardsburg 

Son of Samuel Rose TJ E 

Rose, Alexr 
Rose, Alexr. 

do Charlottenb'g 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B.L. 

& Muster Roll N.B. (P.L. 
Son of a soldier Ld Bd L 

Rose Charles 

Soldier R R N Y Muster 

Rose, William . . 
Rose, David . 

E Dist Edwardsburg 

On Original Roll. 

Rose, Daniel. 

Ernest Town 


:* 9 ; 

Rose, Donald 

H District 

wife, Eleanor, and seven 
children 500 as. (P. L. 

Rose, Ezekiel 

E District. . 

and four children) P. L. 
N.1786-Niag"ara Stamped 

Rose Mathias 

Ernest Town 

ginning of the War L. 
B. L. 
Ld Bd Ce described sol- 

Rose, Junr., Mathias. . 


dier Loyal Rangers P.L. 

Rose, Moses. 


B. M. 1790 500. & (P, L! 
1786. )1 

alive about 26 years old, 
1808. Came in on com- 
mencement of the War 
L. B. L. 






Rose, Samuel 

E Dist. ,Edwardsburg . 
do .... 

Late of Vermont 1792, L. 
B. L is son of Samuel 
Rose, mentioned below : 
was a boy, and not entitled 
to more than as S. U.E. 
Joined General Burgoyne. 
Aaron Rose, David Rose, 
Susannah Morrison, his 
children. J. JFraser, letter. 

Soldier in Jessup's Corps 
P. L.B.L. 
L. B. M. states Loyalist 
1793, 200, and recommend- 
ed for 200 more (Stamped 
Book) one a British sol- 
dier P. L. 1786 ; a wife & 
child. A.McL. 
A Loyalist L. B. report, 
Drummer R.R.N.Y. J.F. 
One an emigrant from Scot- 
land -L. Bd. L. 
Soldier British Regt.-A. 
McL. Gone to Montreal. 
B.M.A. Stamped Book. 
Of Captn. Watts' comp'y 
P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Son of a soldier 200 acres, 
L. Bd. L. 
Came in with Sir J. J. in 
1776 R. R. N. Y. Muster 
Soldier R.R.N.Y.-Ld. Bd. 
Son of a soldier 200 acres, 
Ld. Bd. L. 
P.L.N.J. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A 
P.L. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Onedo.,P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Soldier R.R. N.Y. Muster 
Roll (P.L.N.J. 1786). 

Had a wife & five children 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Had a wife & three children 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Rose, Samuel 
Rose Samuel 

do Yonge. 
do Williamsburg . 


E. Dist., Charlottenb'g 

do Williamsburg 
do Lancaster . . . 


Rosenbarg, Jacob . . ) 
Rosenbourg J 
Ross, Alexr 

Rose Alexr 

Ross, Alexr 

Ross, Colin 

Ross, Donald . 

E Dist., Lancaster 
do do 
do do 

do Charlottenburg 
do Lancaster .... 

do do 
do Osnabruck .... 

do Charlottenburg 
do Cornwall 

do Lancaster, 
do do .... 


Ross, Donald . 

Ross, Donald 
Ross, Finlay 

Ross, George 
Ross, John . 

Ross, Jacob 

Ross, Philip 

Ross, Thomas 

Ross, Thomas 

Ross, Thomas Ben 
Ross, Thomas Taylor.. 






Ross Walter 

Marysburg . 

Sergeant 84th Regt drew 

Ross, Wm 


land in E District. British 
soldier, P.L. 1786 ; a wife 
Stamped Book. 
N.C.O. 84th Regt. L.B.M. 

Ross, Wm .... 


1790 (P.L. 1786) A, McL. 
Stamped Book. 
Soldier British Regt. A. 

Ross, Zenus 

Fredericksburg . , 

McL. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Soldier K Rangers Genl. 

Rowe, Corpl. Fr.derick 

H District 

Haldimand, 1784, 100-his 
Butler's Rangers S.G. Ni- 

Rowe, Sergt. John. . . . 


agara Stamped Book. 
Sergeant Butler's Rangers 

Roweshorn,John. . 


Niagara Stamped Book ; 
O.C. 25th April, 1797. S. 
P.L.N. 1786. 
M C. Sergt Captn. Damar's 

Rudderbuck, John 

Rudderbuck, Simeon . . 
Runnion, Henry 

E Dist.,Edwardsburg. . 

do do 
do Cornwall 

troop (Stamped Ld. Bd. 
Certe.) S. P.L.N. 1786. 
Soldier Jessup's corps of 
Loyal Rangers. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 

Ruport, Podar. . . . ) 

do Osnabruck 

Roll A (P.L. 2d, 1786). 
R R N Y. Muster Roll A., 

Peter f 
Rush, Martin, Senr. . . 

M District 


Engineer Department. O.C. 

Rush, Martin, Junr. . . 
Rush, Andrew . 

Ernest Town 

12th June, 1798. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 

or Rusk 
Russell, James 

H District 

R. Roll L.B.M. 1790,100. 
A settler from England. 

Russell, Michael 

E Dist., Matilda 

(Deceased). Soldier R. R. 

Russell, Rosewell .... 
Russell, Wm 

do Charlottenburg 
do Matilda 

N.Y. N.M.L. Has wife. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
1790, L. B. L. Admitted a 
Corporal R.R N.Y. Muster 

Rutter, Senr., George 

Adolphus Town 

Roll single P. L. 2d, 
1786. One a drummer Loyal 
Rangers Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book. 
Loyalist from New York. A. 

Rutzenstine, G. B. De 


S.G. Captain Prince Freder- 

Ryckman, Lt. John . . 

H District 

ick's Germans. 
Indian Department, S. G. 

Niagara Stamped Book. 






Ryckman, John 

Adolphus Town 

Loyalist, P. L. 1786, from 
New York. A. McL. 
M.C. Lt. Jersey Volunteers 
O.C. 21st Augt., 1797. 
Captain Jersey Volunteers. 
Widow of John Sackerville, 
volunteer, Indian Depart- 

P. L. 1786. One a soldier 
Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier LI. Rangers son of 
Wm. Saunderson R. J. 
D. G. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
R. Roll (Stamped Book) 
53rd one a discharged 
British soldier P. L. 1786. 
S. O.C. 30th Augt., 1797, 
Is dead ; was a soldier in 
Jessup's-E.J. R. J. D.G. 
P., 1794, states Loyalist, and 
wish to become a settler. 
Soldier German troops, Gen. 
Haldimand, 100 P. L. 
1786 A. McL. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

Corporal Butler's Rangers 
Son of Wm. Schamerhorn. 
Provision List 1786 King's 
Rangers A. McL. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers A. 
McL. Called Loyalist P. 
L. 1786. 
L. Bd. M. Soldier Loyal 
Rangers-450 (P.L. 1786), 
A. McL. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B. 
M. 1792, 300 (P.L. 1786) 
A. McL. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers call- 
ed Loyalist P.L. 1786. 
B. Rangers, S.G. (had a wife 
and 3 children), P.L.1786. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 

Ryerse, Lt. Joseph 

Ryerse, Capt. Samuel 
Sacheverell, Mrs. Jane 

Salvester Levy . 

H District 



E Dist.,Elizabeth TVn. 
do Yonge 

Sanders, Henry 

Saunders, Abraham . . . 
Saunders, Henry 

Saunders, Wm. 

do Edwardsburg . 

E Dist., Edwardsburg. . 

Saunderson, Thomas.. 
Saupe, Gotlep 

Saver, John 


Scaret, John 

E District 

Scaffer, Nicholas 

Schermerhorn, John . . 
Schermerhorn, Wm. . . 

Schneeider, Abraham. . 
Schneeider, John 


Ernest Town 


Schneider, Isaac 


Schneeider, Simon 

Schram, Corpl. Fred- . . 

do .... 

H District 






Schram, Frederick 
Schram Jolin 


Soldier Butler's Rangers, 0. 
C. 24th Febr'y, 1808 one 
of Col. Butler's corps p. 
One of Col. Eaton's corps 
a wife and 3 children P. 
L.N. 1786. L.B. Nassau, 
1794. Niagara Stamped 
Butler's Rangers, S. G-. S. 
P. L. N. 1786 Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
B. Rangers, S. G. had a 
wife and one child P.L. 
N.1786. Niagara Stamped 
Drew 200 as. in Matilda 
E. D. & L. B. M 1793. 
States Loyalist-200, boun- 
ty. Single. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
R,R.N.Y.,P.L. 2d, 1786. 
M.C., Yonge, Soldier Loyal 
Rangers, and for Neal 
Scott, his late son, Soldier 
Loyal Rangers, L.B.L. 
Sergeant Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers, W. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers, had 
a wife and four children, 
P. L N., 1786, Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
S.G., B.R., Soldier Butler's 
Rangers, W. list. 
Had a wife and nine children 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Soldier Indian Department, 
L.B.M. 1790, 300, 
R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll A, 
in Canada B.M.A. 
Discharged British Soldier. 
P. L., 1786, S. Stamped 
Sol. Loyal Rangers, L.B.L. 
Original Roll. 


Schram, Jeremiah 
Schram, Valentine 

Schri ver G eorge 




Scott, Arch'd 

H. District 
E. District 

Scott, Senr. , John .... 
Scott, Francis . . 

E. District Augusta . . 

Scott, John 
Scovils, Samuel ....... 


Scratch, Leonard 
Sea, Harrnanns . . 

New Settlement L.Erie 

Ernest Town 
H. District 



Seager, Frederick . 

Seager, Jacob 

Sealye, Augustus 

Sealye, James 
Segar, Adam 

Segar, Staatz, Senr . . . 
Segus, John 

E. District, Lancaster. 


Marysburgh . 

Sealey, Joseph 


Sealey, Joseph 

Elizabeth Town'... 






Sealey, Justus 

Sealey, Justus 

Secord, Daniel 

Secord, Senr., David. . 
Secord, Senr., John . . . 

Secord, Junr., John . . 
Secord, Senr., James... 
Secord, Senr., Peter . . 

Secord, Junr., Peter . . 
Secord, Sergt. Silas. . . 

Secord, Lt. Solomon. . , 
Secord, Sergt. Stephen. 

Sencebaugh, Sergeant 

Scerman, Henry 

Service, John, Junr. . . 

Service, Mary 

Elizabeth Town .... 
E. District Augusta, 
H. District . . 

H. District 





Niagara District 

E. District 

ourg . . . 
, Matilda 

Servos, Christopher . . . 
Servos, Lt. Daniel 

Servos, Lt. Jacob 

E. District, Osnabruck. 

H. District 


Servos, Philip E. District, Matilda . . 


A Drummer Loyal Rangers, 

R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll, one 

a soldier Loyal Rangers. 
Indian Department, S.G., 

had a wife and 5 children, 

P. L. N., 1786, Niagara 

Stamped Book. 
N.C.O., B. Rangers, a wife 

and two children, P.L.N., 

1786, Niagara Stpd. Book. 
Sergeant New York Volun- 
teers, a wife and 2 children 

P.L.N.,Mag. Stpd. Bk. 
Butler's Rangers, S. G., 

Niagara Stamped Book. 
Deceased Lieutenant B. 

Rangers, S. G. 
Volunteer B. Rangers, S.G. 

S.P.L.N., 1786, Niagara 

Stamped Book. 
Son of Peter Senr., Stamped 

B. Rangers, S.G., had a wife 

and one child, P.L.N., 

1786, Niagara Stpd. Book. 
B. Rangers, S.G. S. P.L.N., 

1786, Niagara Stpd. Book. 
B. Rangers, S.G. O.C. 25th 

April, 1797, Niagara Stpd. 

By Order-in-Council, 2nd 

December, 1806. 

John Service, R.R. N. Y., 
Muster Roll, P.L. 2d,1786. 

Widow of Philip Service, 
R.R.N.Y., who died at 
Lachine. O.C., 29th Janu- 
ary, 1808. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., Muster 

Indian Department, S G., 2 
women and 3 children, P. 
L. N. 1786, Niag. Stpd. Bk. 

[ndian Department, S.G.S. 
P. L. N. 1786, Niagara 
Stamped Book. 

Royal Yorkers. 






Servos, Peter, Senr .... 


See Order-in-Council, 17th 
March, 1807, Soldier RR. 
British Soldier, A. McL., 

Shank Capt David 

H District 

Laborer, Stamped Book. 
Queen's Rangers 


O.C. 19th April, 1808, joined 

Adolphus Town 

in 1777, on secret service. 
L. B. M , states Loyalist, 

Ernest Town . 

1793, 300, Loyal Rangers, 
A. McL., P. L, 1786. 
M. C., Soldier, son of Lt. 

do . . 

Guesbard, Loyal Rangers^ 
&his father's certificate 
.0. 17th Nov. 1797, P. L. 
Late of Adolphus Town 

Sharpe Gusbord 

do ... 

Loyalist, L.B.M.300, 1790, 
G. Haldimand, P.L. 1786, 
A. McL, 
Lieutenant Loyal Rangers, 

Sharp, John 

E. Dist. Edwardsburg. 

A. McL., P.L. 1786. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Shatford, Moses 

do Augusta 

L.B.L.,had drawn 100, 1791, 

Shatford, Thomas 

do do 

100 more. 

Shatford, Thomas .... 
Shatford, Thomas 

do do 
do do 

V Settlers. 

Shaver, John 


See Order-in-Council 17th 

Shaver, Adam 

E. District Matilda . . . 

March, 1807, Soldier But- 
ler's Rangers. 
Corporal R. R. N. Y. , Muster 

Shaver, Adam 

do do 

Roll, had a wife and one 
child, P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Philip, single, P. L. 

Shaver, Conradt 
Shaver, John 

do do 

do do 

2d, 1786. 
Son of Philip. 
R.R.N.Y., M.Roll, one with 

Shaver, John 

do do 

a wife and one single, P.L. 
2d, 1786, one a wife and 
4 children, P.L. 2d 1786. 
R R N Y M. Roll, had a 

Shaver, John 


wife and 6 others in family, 
P.L, 2d, 1786. 
R. R, N. Y, M. Roll, had a 

Shaver, Jacob 

E District Matilda 

wife and 3 children, P. L. 
2d, 1786. 
R R N Y Muster Roll, had 

a wife, P.L. 2d, 1786, his 
widow, Esther Shaffer, N. 




Shaver, Senr., Philip. 

Shaver, Junr., Philip. 

Shaw, Col. ^Eneas . . . 

Shaw, Michael 

Shaw, Wm.,Esq 

Shaw, Wm 

Sheck, Christian... 

Sheck, David 

Shehan, Walter B . 
Sheets, George 

Sheets, Senr., Jacob 

Sheets, Samuel 

Sheets, Wm 

Shell, Benjamin 
Shell, Daniel . . 
Shell, John 

Sheriff, Wm 

Sherwood, Abel. 

Sherrard, Wm.. 
Sherman, Simon 

Sherwood, Samuel 

Sherwood, Esq., Justus 
Sherwood, Samuel .... 



Matilda Soldier R.R.N. Y., M. Roll, 

had a wife and 7 children, 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 

E. District, Matilda ... 1793 had drawn 100 acres L. 
B.L., son of Philip. 

H. District Captain Queen's Rangers. 

do Soldier Butler's Rangers. 

W. District 1 gt. 400, Sergeant 5th Regt. 

Fredericksburgh A Corpl. R.R.N.Y., Stamp- 
ed Book, O. C. 8th July, 
1797, P.L. 1786, A.McL. 

E. District Cornwall . . Dead, J.B., supposed R. R. 
N. Y., P. L. 2d 1786, 
Stamped Book. 

do do Son of Christian, as a Magis- 

trate, 1,200 acres, 12 July, 

H. District Lieut. 34th Regt. S.G-. 

E. District Cornwall. . Soldier R. R. N. Y., Muster 

Roll, P.L. 2d. 1786. 

do do Soldier 11. R. N. Y., Muster 

Roll P.L. 2d, 1786. 

E. District Augusta. . . Son of Jacob Sheets, Junr. 
do Cornwall . . R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll A, 
Single man, P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Matilda Son of John. 

Williamsburgh Son of John. 

E. Dist. Williamsburgh R. R. N. Y., Muster Roll, a 
Loyalist, L. B. L., had a 
wife and four children, P. 
L. 2d, 1786. 

Kingston Soldier 29th Regiment. 

Niagara District By Order - in - Council 4th 

February, 1807. 

M. District Soldier Loyal American 

Regt. L.B.M., 1790. 

Hawkesbury See Order-in-Council llth 

March 3807, Soldier Loyal 
Rangers, sons William and 

Thurlow Lieut. Loyal Rangers, P. 

1789, 500 acres L. B. M., 
1791, A.McL. 

E. District S.G. Captain Jessup's. 

do Son of Justus, soldier Loyal 

Rangers, one a Sergeant 
supposed of Butler's Ran- 
gers, P.L., 1786. 






Sherwood, Thomas -. . . 

Sherrwood, Ruben . . . * 
Shew, Junr., Ezekiel. . 

Shibbarn, Charles 
Shebley John 

E District 

M. C., Subaltern Ensign 
Jessup's O.C. 28th Jany., 
By Order-in-Council of llth 
June, 1789. 
Said on U. E. Roll, not en- 
titled U.E. 

G. S. Corporal in Jessup's 
L.B.M. 1790, 650. A.Mc- 
L. P. L. 1786. 
Jfcoyal Rangers. 
A settler ; did not join Loy- 
al standard before 1783. I 
Son of William. 
Son of William ; a soldier 
R.R.N.Y., L.B.M. 1792, 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.M., 

E. District, Augusta. 

do do 
Ernest Town 

Shibley Jacob 

do v - 

Shipman Daniel 

Elizabeth Town 

Shoetnan, Baultis 
Shoeman, Martin 

Shoeman, Win 




Shorey, Sen., David .. 

Shorey, Junr., David. . 
Shorey, Rufus 

Ernest Town . 

1790, 500 ; P. L. 1786, 
Stamped Book. 
M. C. Loyal Rangers. A. 
McL., 2 Certe, 400. P.L. 
Son of David, Sen., P. 1794. 
Son of David Shorey, Sen. 

Deceased ; B. Rangers, sol- 
dier, S. G. A wife and 4 
children. P.L.N. 1786. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, C. 
200, A. McL. P.L. 1786. 
M. C. 1 Gt. 200. Soldier 
34th Regt. ; L.B.M. 1791. 
300 and P.L. 1786. Stm'd 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
R.R.N,Y. A. McL. 1784 ; 
General Haldimand, 100. 
P.L. 1786, of R.R.N.Y. 
Stamped Book. 
Sons of Conrad, R.R.N.Y., 



Adolphus Town 

Shoults, John 
Showers, Sen., Mich'l. 

Shawder, Magnus .... 
Shuther, Andrew 

3 District, Augusta . . 
H District 

Ernest Town 

Shwertfeger. John A. . 
Silk, Daily . . . 

Williamsburg .. 

S. Dist. Edwardsburg. 

Sills, Conrad 

Sills George 







Sills John 

Fredericksbnrg . . 

E. District, Cornwa 





They had been mustered as 
soldiers, though the oldest 
in 1790 was only 22 years 
old, and the youngest 16 
years of age. They resid- 
ed with their father and 
were thought deserving of 
100 acres each only. L.B. 
M. 24th March, 1790 ; but 
L. B. A. 1793, grant 200 
more to Lawrence. 
A soldier in Jessup's corps, 
L.B.L. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Deceased. O.C. 9th April, 
1808; resided in New Jer- 
sey ; joined the Royal 
Son of Martin ; supposed 
R.R.N.Y. P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Original Roll. 
A soldier 53rd Regiment, P. 
P.L. 1786. 

O.C. 30th August, 1797, 300. 
Stamped Book. A wife 
and child. 
See Order in Council 17th 
February, 1807 ; sergeant. 
P.L. 1786. 
Lieutenant Loyal Rangers, 
S.G. A. McL. P.L. 1786. 
Sons of Henry, 200 acres. 
L.B. A. 1794. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. L. 
B.M. 1790. A. McL. 
Son of Lieutenant Hy. Sim- 
mons ; called Loyalist. P. 
L. 1786. 
Emigrant from IT. S. Ld. 
Bd. L. 1790. 
Son of Lieutenant Henry 
Simons ; called Loyalist, 
P.L. 1786. 
Ld.Bd. certe. Loyalist Loy- 
al Rangers, Que. A. Mc- 
L. P.L. 1786. 
L.-B.A. 1794; had drawn 
100 ; grant 200 more. 
S. G. Or. Master, 

Sills Lawrence 

Silmeser Martin. . 

Silverthorn, Sr., Thos. 

Silmeser, Nicholas .... 
Silvester, Levy . ... 

do Cornwall 

Simmerman, Henry . . 

Simmennan, Mathias, 


of Clinton 

Simmonds, Daniel 

Simmonds, Henry 
Simmon, David 

Ernest Town 



Simonds, Henry 


Simonds, John 

Ernest Town 

Simmons, Caleb 
Simmons, Moses 

E.Dist.Elizabe'h Town 
Mary's & Sophiasburg. 

Ernest Town 

Simmonds, Nicholas . . 

Simmonds, Nicholas . . 
Simons, Sen,, Titus... 

M. District . 

H District... 






Simson ^Tilliam 

See Order in Councill llth 

Simpson, John 


March, 1807. Artificer in 
the King's works. 
Son of Israel. L.B.A. 1794, 

Simpson, Alex 

Kingston .... 

Loyalist. A. McL. School- 

Simpson, Alex ... .... 


master. Stamped Book. 
P.L. 1786. 

Simpson Daniel 

Fredericksburg ... 

Sergt. 24th Regt. 2 grants, 

Simpson, Israel 
Simpson, Obadiah 

Adolphus Town 

500. The L. B. A. 1794. 
only granted 200 acres as 
a settler. 
S. G. Sergeant ; discharged 
from British Regiment. 
P. L. 1786. A. McL. 
Stamped Book. 
Joined in North Carolina in 

Sims, Sergt. John 

H District 

1796, and served in De- 
laney's corps ; affidavit, 
Butler's Rangers. Niagara 

Singleton, George .... 


Stamped Book. 
S. G. Captain R. R. N. Y. 

Sipes, Andrew . . . 


Stamped Book. P.L. 1786. 
Butler's Rangers ; has a wife 

Sipes, Jacob . , . ; 

H District 

and one child. P. L. 2d, 
S.G. B.R. Niagara Stamped 

Sipes, Jonas.. 


Book S. P.L.N. 1786. 
B Rangers S G. S.P.,L. 

Sirwall, Christopher . . 


N.J., 1786. 

Skinner, Timothy .... 

H District 

Expunged U. E. list. Order 

Slack Joseph . 

E District Bastard 

in Council 24th May, 1808. 
Children. P. L. N. 1786. 
Did not join the Royal 
Standard before peace. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
Nov 10th 1794 P from 

Slouser, Rudolph 

Sophias & Ameliasb'g 

New York State lately ; 
wishes to become a sub- 
ject and settler. 

Sleaphy, Bartholomew 
Slieneman, Henry .... 


Discharged soldier (British) 

Slighter, John 

H District 

In Barton's regiment. 

Slingerland, Anthony 


Plundered and a prisoner ; a 

wife and 6 children. P.L. 
N. 1786. Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book. 






Slingerland, Garret . . 
Slingerland, Richard. 

Sloot, Michael.. 

Niagara . . . 
H District. 

Slouter, Cornelius 


Slusenburg, Henry 

Schlussenburgh, Hen- 
rick . 

Adolphus Town 


Smades, Joel 

Smith, Col. Samuel 
Smith, Benoni 

Smith, Comfort . . . 
Smith, Daniel 

Smith, Daniel 

Smith, Dennis. 
Smith, Dennis. 
Smith, Elias... 

Smith, Elias, Esq. 
Smith, Encrease. , 
Smith, Frederick , 

Smith, George. 


E District, Wolford . . 

H District 

E District, Augusta. . . 



E District, Cornwall.. 

do Augusta ) 
do Edwardsbgh j 
H District... 

Newcastle District, ) 
Elizabeth Town . . . . J 
E District... 


Elizabeth Town 

Of Butler's Rangers. O.C. 

22nd February, 1808. 
Butler's Rangers, S.G. L.B. 

Nassau, 1794. Niagara 

Stamped Book. 
S. G. officer. Lieutenant 

Associated Loyalists. P. 

L. 1786. 
L. B.A. 1794; had drawn 

100 ; 200 more ordered; an 

emigrant settler. 

Soldier 53rd Regiment. L. 
B. M. 1791, and P.L.1786, 
S.StampedBook.. A.Mc.L. 

Residence since first settle- 
ment ; not privileged. R. 
J.D.G. Petition 1808,states 
a pilot between New York 
and Montreal and Niagara. 

Soldier in McAlpin's corps. 
L. B. L. 

Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
R. Roll, 350 acres. 

p. Regimental Roll. Soldier 
King's Ragrs. ; had drawn 
200 acres ; L. B. A. 1794, 
200 more. Stamped Book. 

Son of a soldier, Ld. Bd. L. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. P. L. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. L. 
B. L. 

Had Governor Tryons' pro- 
tection ; enlisted him for 
the Loyal Americans ; 27 
at one time. 

By Order in Council, 17th 
June, 1 806. 

Settler from Vermont. L. 
B.L. 1790. 

B. Ranger's, S.G.; had four 
children. P. L. N. 1786. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 

A settler from Vermont, 
1790, L. B. L. ; one a sol- 
dier R. R. N. Y Muster 
Roll ; one of this name 
unencorporate Loyalist. 
Genl. Haldimand 200. 






Smith, Hart.. 
Smith, Henry 

Smith, Henry 

Smith, Senr., John 
Smith, John 

H District. 
H District. 


G. River, H District. 
H District... 

Smith, Nicholas . . . 

Smith, John. 
Smith, John , 



Smith, John. 


Smith, John 

Smith, John 

Smith, Senr., John 

Smith, Junr., John 

Smith, John George 
Smith, Senr., Jacob . 

E District, Augusta 
do Cornwall 



H District... 

Smith, Jacob 

Smith, Jacob, Senr 

Smith, Junr., Jacob 
Smith, James 

Smith, James . 

E District, Cornwall . . 

M District. 

EDist., Elizabeth Twn 

New Jersey Volunteers,S.G. 

King's Rangers. P.L. 1786. 
(Stamped Book); had a 
wife ; P.L. 1786. Butler's 
Rangers himself 2oth 
Apl.,1808. Niagara Stp'd 

Soldier Col. Barnet's corps. 
P.L. 1786. Schmitt B. 
soldier, S. Corporal L.B. 
M., 1791700 acres. A. 

Daughters Eleanor, Hannah, 
and Elizabeth, U. E. 

Soldier 78th Regiment at 
taking of Quebec, and in 
84th Regt. TJ.E. Stamped 
Book Niagara. 

Found on original Roll, 1st 
Nov., 1804 ; was a soldier 
Butler's Rangers. 

Who died at Brunswick. 

Head of the lake ; a settler 
in 1788 ; had three sons, 
Benjamin, Stephen and 
John. Magistrate's certe. 
28th September, 1793- 

Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
R. Roll 

(Dead). States B.M. A. 

Sergeant in Jessup's. 

Soldier R. Regt. N. York 
Muster Roll; Collins', 1787 
200. P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Died in Ireland; not mar- 

3on of Jacob Smith, Senr. 

Was a soldier in the Jersey 
Volunteers, J.S. ; his sons 
I^ewis, Amos, Edmund, 
Jacob and Joseph. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., 350 acres 

including family land. L. 

B.M. 1790. Stamped Book. 

P. List 1786. A. McL. 
Son of Jacob Smith, Senr. 
A sailor M. Department. 

O. C. 17th March, 1797. 
P.L., N. J. 1786. 






Smith, James 

E. Dist.,Charlottenb'gh 

84th Regiment; from the 
States. D. Murchison. 
Soldier R. R, N. Y. (dead). 
P.L. 1786. 
Sereeant B. Rangers, S. G. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
R.R.N-Y. P.L.N.J. 1786. 
Smith Stamped Book. 
84th Regt., P.L.N. J. 1786. 
Lieut. King's American 
1787 Collin's200. Loyalist. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Stamp- 
ed Book. 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Mus- 
ter Roll & one soldier 
Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier LoyalRangers. U.E. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. O.E. 

Dead. Son of the late Geo. 
Smith, Esq., late of St- 
500, order-in-Council, 19th 
February, 1807. O.C. 2d, 
August, 1797. 
Came to Niagara in 1776, 
with a plan of Fort Stan- 
Ensign Royal Regt. of York. 
Lieut. L.B.L. 
Son of the late George 
Smith, Esq. Single. P.L. 
2d. 1786. 
Volunteer Loyal Rangers, 
L.B.M. 1790, 350. P.L. 
1786. One of Sidney, a 
common settler in 1787,his 
own information. 
M.C. King's Rangers. A. Me 
L.,L.Bd. Certe. P.L 1786. 
Soldier RR.N.Y. Muster 
Roll A. P.L. 2d. 1786. 
Butler's Rangers P. 
Soldier 53rd Regt (& P. L. 
1786). S. L.Bd. certificate. 
Stamped Book. 

Smith, Michael 

Smith, Peter 


Smith, Senr., Peter... 

Smith, Junr-, Peter . . 
Smith, Peter J. . 

E. District,Charlotten- 

do do 
Mary's & Sophiasburgh 


Smith Philip. 

Smith, Richard 

M. District .... 

Smith, Richard ... 


Smith, Robert . 

E. District, Elizabeth 

Smith, Samuel 


Smith, Col. Samuel . 
Smith, Stephen . . 

E. District, Elizabeth 

Smith, Terence 

do do 


Smith, Thomas 

Smith, Esq., Thomas. . 

Smith, Esq., Thomas.. 
Smith, Esq., Thomas. . 

Smith, Wm 


E. District, Yonge.... 


Smith, Wm 

Mary's & Sophiasburgh 
E. District, Cornwall. . 
H. District . 

Snetsinger,Mathias . . 

Snider, John 
Snider, Tobias 

Marysburgh, M.C 






Snyder Adam 

E. District, Cornwall . . 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll ; 

Snyder, Conradt 
Snyder John 

do do 

had a wife and 3 children. 
P. L. 2d. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. M. Roll ; had a 
wife and 3 children, P. L. 
2d. 1786. 
Settler E. J. 

Snyder, John 

E. District, Lancaster 1 . . 

Soldier Royal Rangers. 

Snyder Jacob 

do do 

S. G. Loyalist, came to Can- 

Snyder, Jeremiah 
Snyder Marcus 

do do 
Ernest Town 

ada in 1780. Had a wife 
and 8 children. P. L. 2d. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A. 
Had a wife and 1 child. 
P.L. 2d. 1786. 
M.C. Loyal Rangers, a sol- 

Snyder, Mathew. ... 

E. District, Elizabeth 

(50 as.) in all. G. Ham- 
. ilton's Certe., P.L. 1786. 

Snyder, Senr., Wm. . . 

Snyder, Junr., "Wm. 
Snyther, Corpl. Jacob. 
Soper, Samuel 

do do 

do do 
H. District 

Ensign Jessup's S .G. L. B, 
L. L.B. Montreal 200, 
A Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Butler's Rangers, P. 

Sowila, John 

E. District Matilda 

Son of "Wm Soules senr p. 

Sowils, Senr.,Wm. 

Matilda . . 

Mr.Paterson's Certe., 27th 
December, 1804. 
W. Soles, 200 acres as a set- 

Souls, Daniel 

H. District 

tler, 1790. L.B.L. Soldier 
Loyal Rangers. 
Joined Royal Standard in 

Sowils, Jnr., Wm .... 
Sparam, Doctor 

E. District, Matilda . . 
do. Augusta 

New York,1778 ; p. Certe. 
of Major Millage. 

Hospital mate reduced had 

Sparam, Thomas 


served in war of 1763. P. 
L. 1786. 
Son of Doctor Sparam. 

Spencer, Andrew. . 
Spencer, Benjamin 

Spencer, Augustus 
Spencer, Hazelton 

Sophias& Ameliasburgh 
do do 

Marys fe Sophiasburgh 

Soldier King's Rangers, ; p. 
R. Roll. 
1787, Atkins, 200, P.L. 1786. 
S. G. Lieut. R.R.N.Y. A. 

Spencer, Henry 

Sophias& Ameliasburgh 

McL., P.L. 1786. Stamp- 
ed Book. 

Spencer, John 

do do 

Emigrant from Vermont, L. 
B.M. 1793, 200. 






Spencer, John 

Marys & Sophiasburgh 

Spencer, Junr., John. . 
Spencer, Robert 

H. District 

Soldier Butler's Rangers * a 

Spicer, Daniel 

E. District 

wife and 5 children. P.L. 
N. 1786, Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book. 
A Soldier L. Rangers ; his 

Spicer, Ezekiel 

do Augusta 

father was of Jessup's 
Corps, R.J.D.G. 

Sporbeck, Jacob 

Niagara District 


Deceased Order-in-Council 

Springer, David . 

H. District 

24th February, 1807. Sol- 
dier Butler's Rangers. 
Deceased if Daniel soldier 

Springer, Richard .... 


B. Rangers, S.G. 
B Rangers S G had a wife 

Springfield, Joseph 

W. District 

and 5 children, P. L. N. 
1786. Niagara Stamped 
B. Rangers, U. List, 1789. 

Springstien, Stoats 

H. District 

B. Rangers, S.G.; had a wife 

Spurgin, Win 


and 2 children. P. L. N. 
From North Carolina. 

Stacey, John 


Artificer S. G Dock yard 

Staker, Elizabeth .... 

Kingston .... 

Detroit p. A wife and 4 
children, P.L.N. 1786. 
C 10th May, 1808 Wi- 

Stanes, Job 


dow of Nathan Staker. 
British Soldier P L 1786 A 

Stains, Joab ' 
Stamp, Giles 

E District, Williams- 

McL. Stamped Book.' 
Private Soldier 44th Regt 


Stamp, Guillies 

Stanford, Wm 

do Matilda 

1793 had drawn 100 acres 

Stansfield, John 


L.B.L. Soldier, R.R.N.Y. 
O C 10th May 1808 from 

Stark, James 

Elizabeth Town 

Pennsylvania; served on 
board a 74 until 1783. 
Suffered imprisonment a 

Starrs, George 

E. District, Yonge 

Baptist Preacher, L.B.L. 
Now of Hawkeabury O C 

Starts, Jacob 

Marysburgh, B . R. . . . 

17th May, 1788. Soldier 
Loyal Rangers. 
B.R. Soldier 53rd Re^t., L. 

Stata, Henry 

E. District Williams- 

B.M. 1790,100 acres only. 
Soldier Royal Reot N York 


burgh . . 

Muster Roll. 






Stater, Philip , 
or Stoats 

Stealy, Martin. 
Steel, Mathew. 

Steel, Win 

Steely, Tobias 

E district, Osnabruck 

do Matilda 


H. District 


Stephens, Abel 


Stephens, Pennuel 

Stephenson, Francis . . 

Sterens (Corny), Aaron 


Niagara District 

H, District . . 

Stevens, Elisha 

Stevens, Senr., John . . 

E. District, Leeds 
H. District . . 

Stevens, Roger 
Stevens, Roger 

Stewart, Lt. Alex. 
Stewart, John 

E. District, Augusta. 
E. District . . 

Stewart, James. 
Stewart, Robert 

H. District . 

W. District 
Marysburg . 

Stewart, Thomas . 

H District. 

Stiles, Selah. 


Stoats, Philip, a soldier in 
Crusty berg's Regt. Sta- 
tay, Philip, R.R.N.Y. 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. Had 
a wife, P.L. 2d. 1786. 

Loyalist from New York, 
A. McL. Loyalist, P. L. 

Soldier Jersey Volunteers, 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B.M* 
1793, 300, P, L. 1786. 
Stamped Book. 

Did not join the Royal Stan- 
dardA settler, R. S. D. 
G. O.C., 4th December, 
1806 ; to be continued on 
the U. E. List. 

A Settler. 

O.C. 6th May, 1806. Captain 
Queen's Rangers. 

M. C. Issuing Commissary, 
Indian Department, O C. 
4th February, 1797. 


B. Rangers S.G., or Forres- 
ter's Interpreter, \ Niagara 
Stamped Book. Had a 
wife and 4 children, P. L. 
N. 1786. 

Came after the Treaty of 

Ensign King's Rangers,L.B. 
L. Dead. 

M.C. Col. Thomson's Regt, 

Soldier 84th Regt. L.B.M.. 
1791, 200 (P. L. 1786), S. 
Stamped Book, A. McL. 

S.G. Loyalist in many Scouts 
Loyalist List, W.D. 

Discharged British Soldier. 
P. L. 1786, A. McL. S. 
Stamped Book. 

M.C. a driver, Royal Artil- 
lery P. O.C. 8th October, 

Genl., Haldimand, 100, Sol- 
dier, R.R.N.Y, Muster 
Roll A. 






Stine, Se'rgt. John 

H. District 

Sergeant New Jersey Volun* 

Stinson, John 
Stinson, Junr., John. . 

Marys & Sophiasburg 

Captain King's Rangers, S. 
G. & L.B.M., 1790-P.L. 
Son of Captain John. 

Stone, John .... 

H District 

M.C. Soldier in B Rangers 

Stone, John 


Niagara Stamped Book, S. 
P.L.N., 1786. 
King's A. Dragoons O C 

Stone, Joel 


17th March, 1797 ; has a 
wife and 3 children P. L. 
N., 1786 ; Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book. 
Original Roll Captain of 

Stoneburner, John 

Stoneburner, Joseph . . 

E District, Osnabruck 
do do 

And Stoneburner, Jacob, 
E District, P.L. 2d, 1786, 
Drumr., R. R. N. Y. M. 
Roll, Soldier, R.R.N.Y. 
Muster Roll A. ' 
A Corporal R R.N.Y Mus- 

Stoneburner, Leonard. 

do do .... 

ter Roll P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier, R R. N. Y Mus- 

Stoneburner, Junr. , . . 


ter Roll P.L. 2d 1786. 
On Original Roll Soldier, R. 

Stoner, John 

H District 

Soldier B. Rangers, S.G. 

Stooks, Edward 


R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A ; 

Stooks, Mrs. Hannah 


has a wife and 5 children ; 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 

formerly widowSykes 
Stockwell, John 

W District 

S,G. Loyalist, CJ. L. 

Storen, Jeremiah 

Vtarysburg . 

British Soldier, P.L ,1786 S 

Storey Simon 

E District Elizabeth 

1794 from Vermont wishes 

Storm, George 


to be -come a subject & set- 
tler, P. 
On Original Roll George 

Storm, John 


Storing, of Midland Dis- 
trict, was a Soldier, R,R. 
N.Y., A.McL., 1805. 
Soldier, R. R, N. Y., a wife 

Storens, Gilbert 

Ernest Town 

two children; P. L., 1786. 
Muster Roll 
Soldier in Jessup's A. Me- 

L., P.L., 1786. 






Storens Henry 

Ernest Town 

Had drawn 200 L.B.M., O. 

C., 17th Nov., 1797, and 
L. B. A., 1794 ; 200 acres 
as son of Gilbert states to 
have drawn none before 
P.L., 1786. 
Son of Gilbert Storens. 
Served during the War S.G. 
Loyal Rangers, A.McL., 
P.L., 1786. 

O.C. 16th June, 1808, Sergt. 
Butler's Rangers. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, has 
a wife and 2 children, P. 
L. 2d., 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, has 
a wife and one child .P.L. 
2d., 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. has a wife and 2 
children. P.L. 2d., 1786. 
R.R.N.Y, has a wife. P.L. 
2d., 1786, 
A Loyalist. 
Discharged British Soldier. 
Petition states Sergeant in 
Delaney's Corps, L.B.M., 
1790; L.B.M. 1793. 400. 
A Soldier in Ool. Barnet's 
Corps GermanChasseurs. 
Soldier in Butler's Rangers, 
P. Niagara Stamped 
Single man, P.L. 2d,"i rr 

do P. L. 2d, 1 
1786. -,3 

do P. L. 2d, "8 

1786. | 

S.G. Surgeon's Mate, R.R. 
N.Y., P.L., 2d, 1786. 
S.G. Chaplain R. R. N. Y. 
Stamped Book. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier, Butler's Rangers p. 
Petition ; and P. McMee- 

Storens, Jacob . . . 


Stover, Martin 
Stowood, John 



Staats, Sylvester 

.Niagara . ... 

Strada, Henry 

E District, Williams- 

do Matilda 

do Matilda 
do Matilda 
H District 

Strader, John 
Strader, Simon 

Strader, William . . 

Street, Senr., Samuel 
Strenth, Peter.. 

Marys & Sophiasburg 

Kingston (yes) 
H District 

Striker, Sampson 

Strope, Gaspe 

Stuart, George 

Stuart, George 

E. District 

Stuart, Gilbert 

do Osnabruck . . 

Stuart, Henry 

Stuart, James 


Kingston . 

Stuart, Rev. John 
Stull, Latham . 

H District 






Summers, Andrew. . . . 

Summers, David 

Summers, Jacob 

Surplet,f Robert 

Sutherland, Alex 

Sutherland, George . . . 
Sutherland, John 

Sutherland, John 


Sutherland, JohnStuart 
Sutherland, Thomas . . 

Sutherland, Esq., Wal- 

Sutherland, Walter . . 

Swan, Esq., Thomas. 
Swart, Simon. . .' 

E District, Charlotten- 
do Osnabruck. 

do Charlottenburg 
W District . . 

Swartfeger, Frederick 

Swayze, Senr., Caleb. 

Swayze, Caleb 

Swayze, Isaac 

Sweet, Charles 

Sweet, Oliver 

Sweet, Philip . 
Swiney, Hugh. 

Switzer, Philip 

E District, Lancaster. . 

do Lancaster . . 


E District, Lancaster. . 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. P. 
L.N.J. 1786. 

Son of a reduced Soldier. 
L,. Bd, Lunenburg. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll A. P.L.N.J., 1786. 

Indian Department, U.E. 
Loyalist ; came in with 
Mr. McKee. 

Soldier Royal Regt. New 
York ; supposed to be son 
of Joseph Sutherland, for- 
merly supposed of 26th 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Ld. Bd. 
L., single. P.L. 2d, 1786. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Stamped 

Son of Lieut. Walter. 

do Charlottenburg Son of Lieut, 
do Lancaster. . , 


Soldier O C. 5th Jan., 1798 ; 
single, P.L. 2d, 1786. 

do do Lieutenant R.R.N.Y.; was 

not settled in America be- 
fore the War ; belonged to 
a British Regt., supposed 
the 26th Regt. 

do Charlottenburg Had a wife and 2 children. 
P.L., 2d, 1786. 

do Cornwall 
Ernest Town . . 

Vfary's & Sophiasburg 

H District 



3 District, Augusta 



Vlarysburg . . 

Ernest Town 

M.C.P., R.RN.Y., MRoll 
and P.L., 1786. 

P.K.R. Regt.,N.Y.-a Sol- 
dier ; Genl. Haldimand's 
Corps, 1784. 100, A.McL. 
Stamped Book. P.L. 1786. 


Son of Caleb Swayze, Senr. 

rilot to the N. York Army. 

S. G. Land, as Corporal, 

Royal Rangers. 
Soldier German Troops. 
44th Regt., Gov. Hamilton, 

1785. 100, and P.L. 1786. 

Stamped Book. 
Corporal Rangers ; Soldier 

Loyal Rangers, L.B.M.. 

1791. 500 P.L. 1786, A. 







Taylor, Christina 

M District 

Taylor, John 


LoyalRangers one A.McL. 

Taylor, Michael 


Corporal King'sAmerican 
Regt.;P. M.C. & F. 500.; 
one of this name a Sergt. 
34th Regt.,L.B.M., 1790, 
P.L., 1786. 
Associated Loyalist. Stamp- 

Taylor, William 


ed Book. Shoemaker, A. 
Called Loyalist, P.L., 1786. 

Taylor, Junr. , Wm . . . 


Stamped Book. 
Son of Sergt. Taylor, 34th 

Tederick, Sergt. Jacob 

H District 


Tederick, Lucas 


Corporal Butler's Rangers. 

Teeple, Peter 



Ten Brceck, Capt. P 


B Rangers S G. Eleven in 

Ten Eyck, Andrew . . . 


family; P.L.N.,1786. Ni- 
agara Stamped Book. 
Soldier Jersey Volunteers. 

Terry, Parshal 


S. G. B. Rangers. A wife 

Terry, Paul 

Elizabeth Town 

and three children, P.LN. 
1786. Niagara Stamped 
Joined at Sotocket on Long 

Teynick, Samuel .... 

E District Lancaster 

Island in 1777, belonged 
to Lieut. -Col. Hulet's Re- 
fugee Corps. Served in 
the King's works. 

Thacker John 

H District 

Soldier Jersey Volunteers. 

Thicle John . 

Ernest Town 

Thomas, Jacob 

H District 

McL. Called Loyalist, P. 
L. 1786. 
Colonel Barton's Niagara 

Thomas, Jacob 

E District Elizabeth 

Stamped Book. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers 

Thomas, Peter 

Ernest Town 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. A. 

Thomas, Peter 

E District Elizabeth 

Called Loyalist P L 1786. 

Thompkins, Israel 
Thompson, Capt: Aw. 

do Augusta . . 

H District... 

Soldier of Jessup's Corps. 
R. A. D. G. 
B. Rangers. S. G. 

Thompson, Archid.... 


Indian Department, a wife 

and two children. P.L.N. 
1786. O. C. 21st July, 
1796. Niagara Stamped 






Thomson Archie! . 

H District 

Employed as a Master Car- 

Thomson Daniel 

E District Augusta 

penter ; Niagara Stamped 
Book ; 1200 acres. L.B.M. 
1790 ; closed his claim with 
500 acres : a wife and 3 
children. P. L. 1786. 
Certified by Lt. Campbell to 

Thompson Mrs Elizth. 

H District 

have been a Guide, and to 
have furnished Provisions. 
P. L. N. J. 1785. 

Thompson, George .... 


Lieutenant King's Rangers. 

Thompson George 


Corporal R. R. N. Y. Mus- 

Thompson John. 

E District Yonge 

Roll A. ; has a wife. P. 
L. 2d, 1786. 
R. R. N. Y. M. Roll, B. M. 

Thompson, Peter 

H District 

A. ; one a soldier Loyal 
B. Ranger's S. G. ; had a 

Thompson, Robert.... 


wife and one chili RL. 
N.1786. Niagara Stamped 
Sergt. 44th Regt. L. B. M. 

Thompson, Samuel. . . . 

H District 

1791. 450, P. L. 1786, a 

Thompson, Timothy 


Ensign R.R.N. Y. Stamped 

Thompson \VIlliam 


Book. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 

Thresser, Ladock . . . 

M District 

Emigrant from U.S., 1790. 

Throop, Daniel 


L. B. M. 200. 
1794 Lately from Connec- 

Tice, Capt. Gilbert 

H District 

ticut ; suffered imrison- 
ment and loss of property, 
as certified by Capt. Joel 
Indian Dept. ; a wife and 

Tillebough, Christian . . 
alias Tilleback. 
Tillebough, Jnr. Chrisn. 

E District, Matilda .. 

4 servants. P.L.N. 1786. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. J. F. 
P. L. 2d, 1786. 

Tillebough, Martin.... 
or Dilleback. 

Tillebough, Peter .... 

E District, Matilda . . 

SoldierRoy al Forresters ; ^ * 
restored toU.E. O.C., 1 
29th January, 3 808. 1 8 
Son of a Soldier, 200 f * 


acres^ L. Bd. L. ; his | 
name Delebough> } & 






Tendall Robert 

Kingston . . . . . 

Discharged Soldier from 

Tipple John 


Regt. not TJ. E., on 31st. 
P.L. 1786. 
Land as Sergeant R.R.N.Y, 

Tuttle Solomon 

E District 

Toosler William 

do Cornwall . . 

or Busier. 
Topp, John . 


A Soldier in Butler's Ran- 

H District 

gers. Q. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers. 

Tracey Timothy 


Trainer John 


S. G. Soldier. 

Tre dwell John 


Turn bull William 


Soldier Royal Forresters. 0. 


W District 

C. 21st July, 1796. 
Came in in 1778 ; two chil- 

Trompeau, John 

Sophias and Amelias- 

dren. P. L. N. 1786. Ni- 
agara Stamped Book. 


A Loyalist within the Bri- 

Trompeau, Paul 
Trumble Peter 

Adolphus Town 
Augusta .... 

tish lines at New York. 
L.B.M. 1790. 
S. G. Lieut. Delany's Bri- 
gade. P.L. 1786. A.M.L. 
An Irishman, 26 years of age 

Tuttle, Jonathan 

E. District, Yonge 

in 1796 ; cannot be U. E. 
Signed P.R. on TLE. List 
P. 1790 ; did not join the 

Tuttle, Nathan 
Tuttle, Peter 

do do .... 
do Augusta. , 

British Standard; suffered 
imprisonment and loss of 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. L. 

Tuttle, Samuel 

do do 

Twohy John 

Deceased O. C., llth Feby., 

Tyler Gerrard 

Fredericksburg ...... 

1808 ; Soldier R.R. N.Y. 
Ld. Bd. Certe. SoldierLoyal 


Urquhart, Alexander. 
Uriuhart, William.... 

Ulleman, Francis 
Vallian Peter 

E District, Lancaster. . 
do do 

Midland District 

Rangers; Kingston Rang- 
ers. P.L. 1786. 

Soldier R.R. N.Y. Ld. Bd., 
a wife 5 children. P. L. 
N. J. 1786. 
See Order in Council, 17th 
March, 1807. Soldier R. 
R. N.Y. 
By Order in Council, 22nd 

June, 1799. 






Valentine, Benjamin . . 
Valentine, Widow C.. 

Valentine, John 


A labourer. Stamped Book. 
Widow of Adjutant John 
Valentine, R.R.N.Y. 
A settler, R.J.D.G. 
British Soldier P.L. 1786. 
Stamped Book. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A.; 
has a wife and one child. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Peter. L.B.M, 1793, 
Son of Peter. 
O.C. 24th Jany., 1797. B. 
Rangers. Niagara Stmpd. 
Book. S.P.L. 2d. 1786. 
1787, Collins 100. Fifer R 
R. N.Y. 1786. Stamped 
R.R.N.Y.; a Soldier R.R. 
N.Y^L.B.M. 1790 ; 200; 
Genl. Haldimand, 100. 
Stamped Book. P.L. 1786. 
Duyler's Captain J.D. 
Deceased Widow of James 
Van Alstine, who died in 
His Majesty's service, O. 
C., 16th Feby., 1808. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
L.B.A. 1791, 200; a wife 
and one child. P.L. 1786. 
Soldier in Jessup's Corps. L. 
B.L., single. P.L. 2d, 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll; 
had a wife and 4 children 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier in Jessup's, P. 
O.C. 10th Feby., 1808; 
joined Royal Standard at 
New York in 1801. 
Van Deberg, L.B M 1790 ; 
Soldier R. R. N. Y., 600, 
Muster Roll A. ; a wife 
3 children. P. L.I 786. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
R. Roll, 300 acres. L.B. 
M. 1791. 
Old Tickets of Draft Soldier 
Loyal Rangers. P.L. 1786. 

E District 


Vallop, John 
Van Allen Jacob . . . 


Van Alstine, Alexander 

VanAlstine, Cornelius 
Van Alstine, Jacob . . 

Van Alstine, Jonas . . 
Van Alstine, Isaac. . . . 

Van Alstine, Peter. . . . 
Van Alstine, Lidia. . . . 

Van Alstine, Lumber. . 

Van Camp, John 
Van Camp, Jacob 

Van Camp, Peter 
Vancleft John 

Adolphus Town 

do do 

H District 



Adolphus Town . . 


E District, Matilda.. 

E District, Matilda. . 


Vandebarrich, Garret. 
Van De berg, or Vande 

Vanderbozart, Francis 
Vanderheyden, Adam 

Fredericksburg . 

Ernest Town 






Vanderlip, MissElizth. 
Vanderlip, Frederick. . 

Vanderlip, Miss Mary 
Vanderlip, William .. 

Vandervart, Michael . . 

Vandresser, Peter 
Vandercar John 

H District 

Daughter of Frederick Van- 
Deceased was a Soldier in 
Butlers Rangers. 
Daughter of Frederick. 
3. G. Soldier. Niagara 
Stamped Book. S.P.L.N. 
S. G. Lieutenant in Guides 
and Pioneers. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers. 
Haldimand, 100. P. L. 
1786, K. R's. A.McL. 
Secret Service, a Pensioner 
with Jessup's Corps. L. 
B.M. 1790, 300. P.L. do. 
Stamped Book. 
L.B.M. 1790, Loyalist, 350, 
from New York A.McL. 
Loyalist P.L. 1786, from 
New York A.McL. 

B. Rangers, S. G. Had a 
wife and 3 children. P.L. 
N.,1786. Niagara Stamp- 
ed Book. 
B. Rangers, P. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
B. Rangers, S. G. 
By Order in Council, 13th 
April, 1802. 
of the Commissary General's 
Department, L. B. M., 
1790350. P. L., 1786. 
Had a wife and 2 servants. 
P. L. N., 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
0. C., 5th March, 1808. Ser- 
ved as an artificer. 
R. R. N. Y. 

By Order in Council, 12th 
July, 1798. 
Loyalist, had drawn a lot 
L.B.A., 1794. 200 more. 
P.L., 1786, A,Mc.L, 



do . ... 

Adolphus Town 
H District 

Ernest Town 


Vanducar, Ralph 
Vandecaf Roelfe. 

Vanduzen, Casparus . . 
Vanduzen, Conrod 

Van Every, Sergeant 

Adolphus Town 

do do 

H District 

Van Every, Samuel . . 
Van Every Wm 



Van Every, McGregor 
Van Home, Corns 

Van Hoosen, Richard.. 

VanKleeck, Sen. ,Simon 
Vankoughnef, Mickle.. 


H District 


E District, Cornwall.. 

Vanorder, Matthew .. 
VanPellen, Arent 
Van Koughnet, John. . 
Vardy Thomas . . 


H District 
E District, Cornwall. . 

Van Skiver, John 

Adolphus Town 






Van Skiver, Peter .... 

Vanoolkenburgh, Chloe 
Vent, Adam 

Vent, Mary 

Marysburgh . 

A Loyalist. L. B. M., 1790 
350. P.L., 1786. A.Mc. 

Gov. Hamilton, 1785. Loy- 
alist 100. A wife and 5 
children. P. L., 1786. Sol- 
dier in Jessup's. A.Mc.L. 
Daughter of AH am Vent ... 
Guides and Pioneers 
German Soldier. P.L., 1786. 
S. Stamped Book. No U. 
E. List. Says German 
Soldier 53rd Regt. L.B.M., 
1791. 350 (P.L., 1786). 
Stamped Book and Sergt. 
Mclntosh's ceifcificate. 
M. C. Soldier, Butler's 
Rangers. Had a wife and 
5 children. P.L.N., 1786. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers. O. 
C., llth March, 1797. 
B. Rangers. S. G. Had 2 
women and 2 children. 
P. L. N., 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
Discharged British soldier. 
P.L., 1786. Stamped Bk. 
R.R.N.Y. A.McL. Soldier 
Loyal Rangers. (100, G. 
Haldimand). P.L., R.R. 
N. Y., 1786. Stamped 
Stamped Bonk. Son of Ever- 
hard. R.R.N.Y. P.L., 
P. L., 1786. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll F, 
has a wife and two chil- 
dren. P. L. 2d., 1786. 
Son of Jacob. J.B. Son of 
a soldier. 300 acres L. B. 
M. C., R. R. N. Y. Muster 
R 11. O. C., 15th Jan., 
1798. P. L. 2d., 1798. 
Son of Jacob J. B. 

E District, Augusta . . 
Ernest Town 

M District 

Vincent, Emign, Elijah 
Viger Gasper 

H District 

Mary sbu rgh 

Vogley, John 

Vollick, Isaac 

do . . 

H District 

Vollick, Sturn 
Vrooinan, Sergt. Adam 

Vullicar Conrad 




Wager, Ever-hard 

Wager, Thomas 


Wager, Wm. 


Waggoner, Henry 

E District, Cornwall. . 

Waggoner, Henry 
Waggoner, Sen., Jacob 
Waggoner, Jun., Jacob 

E. District, Cornwall... 
do do 



Waicoff, John 

Wait, George 

Waite, Joseph 

Walker, Sen., Daniel.. 


Yonge or Elizabeth 


E District, Cornwall... 

do do 

Ernest Town . 

Walker, Jun. , Daniel ... do 

Walker, Jacob H District . 

Walker, James . . 
Walker, Weiden. 

District, Augusta 
Ernest Town 

Walker, Wm 

Walker, Wm 

Waldroff, Martin, Sen. 

Wall, Edward 

Walliser, Anthony.... 

Walliser, Jun . , Anthony 
Walliser, John 

Walliser, Martin, 

Walsh, Samuel 

Walter, Martin 

Walter, Philip 

Wanomaker, Peter . . . 


H District 


E District, Matilda 





Fredericksburgh . . . 
E District, Matilda 

do do 
Adolphustown . 


joyal Rangers, 
failor. Soldier R.R.N.Y., 
Muster Roll. E. 

Corporal R.R.N.Y. Muster 


Gov. Hamilton, 1785100 

1789. Atkins 200. (Loyal 

Rangers). A.Mc.L. P.L. 


Son of Daniel. T.G,, 200. 

L.B.A., 1794. 

Deceased. B. Rangers. Had 
a wife and one child. P. 
L. N., 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 

Surgeon Jessup's S. G. 

From Vermont; did not join 
the Royal Standard, tho' 
stated Loyal. L. B. M., 

Emigrant settler, 1789. L. 
B. M., 200. 

Loyalist from North Caro- 

See Order in Council, 17th 
March, 1807. Widow and 
sons, John and Martin. 

Deceased; Indian Depart- 

Soldier Royal Regt. N. Y., 
L. B. L. Has a wife and 
two children. P. L. 2d, 
1786. R. R. N. Y. Mus- 
ter Roll. 

Son of Anthony. 

R. R. N. Y. and son of 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll. Single. P. L. 2d, 

See Samuel Welch. P. L., 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. A wife. 
P. L. 2d, 1786. 

R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 
Single. P. L. 2d, 1786. 

A Sergeant in Jersey Volun- 
teers. L. B. M., 1791. 






Ward, Charles 

E District, Augusta... 
H District 

Son of Sergeant John Ward, 
Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier 2d B. Jersey Volun- 
M. C. Sergt. New Jersey 
Volunteers. P. O. C., 8th 
Oct., 1796. 
Sergeant B. Rangers. J. S. 
Had a wife and four chil- 
dren. P.L.N. 1786. Nia- 
gara Stamped Book. 

Son of Michael. J.B. 

Soldier King's Rangers or 
Associated Loyalist. A. 
McL. P. L. 1786. 
Royal Yorkers. R.R.N.Y. 
P. L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Michael Warner, 
1785. Called Loyalist by 
Gov. Hamilton. 100 acres. 
A.McL. P. L., 1786. 
Son of Abraham. Loyalist. 
P.L., 1786. 
Son of Abraham. Stated 
Loyalist; L.B.M. 1790 
300, and by Gov. Hamil- 
ton, 1785. 100 (P. L., 
1786). Stamped Book. 
A. McL. 
A. C., 16th Nov., 1807, 
Sergeant Capt. Herck- 
mer's Company. Stamp- 
Book. Loyalist. P. L. 
S. G. Sergeant Loyal Ran- 
gers. A. Me L. P. L., 
Formerly an American sol- 
dier was taken prisoner 
by our Indians, and after- 
wards in the Indian De- 
partment. R. J. D. G. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 
Young man. P. L. 2d, 

Wardle, Cornelius 
Wardle Michael.. . . 


Warner, Sergt. Chris.. 
'Warner Conradt . . . 

E District, Osnabruck 
do do. 
do Cornwall . 

Warner, George 
Warner, Godfrey 

Warner, Sen., Michael 
Warner, Jun., Michael 
Wartman, Abraham . . 

Wartman, Barnabas . . 
Wartman John 

E. District, Cornwall. . 
do do 



Wartman Peter 


E District, Augusta . . 

do Osnabruck 

Washburn, Ebenezer.. 
^V^at^on Major 

(Vide Suspended 

Weart, Conradt 






Weart, George 

E District, Williams 
Sophias and Amelias 

R. R. N. Y. Young man. 
P.L.2d, 1786. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B.S. 
& G. 200 E. D. Young 
man. P.L.2d, 1786. Mus- 
ter Roll. 
Settlement under orders of 
1783. Soldier Loyal 
Soldier in Butler's Rangers. 
O. C. 21st July, 1796. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. L.B.L., 
1791 Muster Roll. Three 
children. P.L.2d, 1786. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll at 
Montreal. B.M.A. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. O.E. 
Sergeant R.R.N.Y. 
Soldier King's Rangers, p. 
R. Roll. 

Maryland Loyalists. 
Naval Department, S. G. 
one had a wife and one 
child. P. L. N, 1786. 
Stamped Book Niagara. 
3n original Roll. 
Quartermaster to Philadel- 
phian Troop of Horse 
raised by J. Galloway. 
O.C., 7th March, 1797 
600 as. 
incorporated Loyalist. A. 
McL. Shipwright. Stamp- 
ed Book. 
Soldier in Col. Guy John son's 
Foresters. Owen Robbin's 
affidavit, 1807, L. B. M., 
1791. G. H., 1785100. 
P.L. saysR.R.N.Y.,1786. 
Stamped Book. 
R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. J.F. 
ndian Department. S. G. 
Foresters. A wife and 
four children. P. L. N., 
1786. Stamped Book, 

Weast, John 

Weatherhead, Samue 

Weaver, Francis . 
Weaver, Frederick... 

Weaver, John . 
Weaver, Peter 

E District, Augusta . 
H District 

E District, Cornwall . 

E District, Cornwall . 

do do 
do Williamsburg] 
Ernest Town 

H District 

Weiger, Jacob . ... 

Welch, Samuel 

Welch, Quartermaster 


Welch, Wm 

E Dist., Edwardsburgh 

Wellery, Henry 
Wellkank, Thomas.... 

Wells Wm 



Wemp, Barnabas 

Wert, Andrew 
Wert, Jun. , John 
Westbrook, Anthony. . 


5 District, Osnabruck 
do do 
H District 






Wesley,- George 


Currier. Stamped Book. 

Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster 
Roll. P.L.2d, 1786. 
R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 
P.L.N.J, 1786. 
McAlpin's Corps. Was an 
artificer in that corps. 
Major McAlpin's Corps 
Joined at Boston. Au- 
gusta R.J.D.G. 
A settler of 1786. L.B.L. 
Volunteer in Jessup's. Alex. 
Campbell, Esq., certifies 
that he joined the Royal 
Was married and at St. 
John's during the war. S. 
Sherwood's cereificate. 
Employed on secret ser- 
vice, Order in Council. 
Restored to U.E.3rd,Mar. 
Discharged soldier, Loyalist 
A.Mc.L. (Stamped Book, 
P.L., 1786. 
1787, Collins 200, R.R.N.Y. 
Muster Roll, E. 
Soldier Jessup's Corps, R. J. 

Emigrant settler, L.B. E.D. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers. 
Soldier Barton's or Jersey 
volunteers S.G. 
Soldier in the Hessian troops 
L.B.M., 1791. 
A tailor, served in Butler's 
Rangers, O.C. 22nd Feb., 

Soldier Loyal Rangers 

.789, Lebins Wickwise was 
a drummer King's Ran- 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
Butler's Rangers, W. list, 

Weaton, George 
or Wenston 
Whaling, Michael . . . 
or Whelane 
Whealer, David .... 
Wheaton, John 

Wheeler, Ephraim... 
White John 

E Dist. , Charlottenb'gh 
W District, S.G. 
H District 


White, Sen., Joseph... 
White, Junr. Joseph.. 

Whiteman, David .... 
Whitley, John 

E District, Augusta . . 
E District, Augusta... 

E Dist. Elizabeth Town 
do do 
H District 

Whitley, John 
Whitmire, John 

Whitney, Elijah 

Elizabeth Town 

Whitner, Henry 
Whitsell, Andrew 

H District . . . 


Whitsell, Nicholas.... 
Whittle Richard 



Wickwise, Jonathan. . . 
Wick wise, Jonathan. . . 
Wickwise, Lewis . . 

E District ) 

do Augusta.. } 
do do .... 

do do 

New Settlement Lake 

Wickwise, Philip... 
Wilcox, Senr. Elisha . . 






Wilcox, Hagned .. 

E District Augusta 

Son of Hazard Senr 

Wilcox, Senr. Hagned. 

Wilcox, Leberry 
Wilders, Daniel 

do do 

do do 
M District 

Certified to have command- 
ed a company in Canada, 
and to have been killed in 
battle at New York, his 
son Wm. O'Hazard apply. 

British soldier P.L. 1786, S. 

Wilkins, Isaac 

H District . . 

Stamped Book. 

Wilkins, Martin.. .. 


Wilkinson, Capt. R. . . 

E District ' 

M.C. 1050, completes Me. C. 

Willard, Levy 
Willkey, Wm.. 

do Cornwall . . . 

and family land grant out, 
P.L. N.J.,1786. 

British soldier (P.L 1786) 

Wollery, Henry 

E District 

S. Stamped Book. 

Williams, Albert 


Soldier R R.N.Y., L.B.M., 

Williams, Armstrong. . 

Ernest Town 

1789, in all 350 (P.L. 1786, 
Stamped Book). 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, L. 

Williams, Senr. David. 


Bd.M. 1791. 350, A. Me. L. 
P.L. 1786. 
L. Bd. certificate, sergeant in 

Williams, David 


Jessup's L.Bd.M. 1790, 
700 P.L. 1780, A.Mc.L. 
Son of David Williams Sr. 

Williams, Elijah 


Son of David Williams Sr., 

Williams, Fredk 

H District 

p. L.Bd. certificate, 200 
L.Bd.M. 1790. 
M.C. a soldier Engineer De- 

Williams, Henry 

Sophias & Ameliasb'gh 

partment, O.C. 25 April, 
1797. L.Bd. Nassau, 1794, 
a wife and five children, 
P.L. N. 1786. 

Williams, Senr. John. . 

Ernest Town 

M.C. soldier Jessup's Loyal 

Williams, Junr. John 


Rangers, A.Mc.L. (P.L., 
Son of John \Villiams Senr. 

Williams, James 


Loyal Rangers, P.L. N., 
1786, A. Me L. 
Son of John Williams, sol- 

Williams, Joshua 


dier Loyal Rangers.L.Bd. 
M., A.Mc.L. 
Son of John Williams Senr. 

a boy. 







Williams, Rachel 

H District 

Widow of Frederick Vander- 

Williams, Robert 
Williams, Robert 

Ernest, Town 

lip, daughter of N. Petitt, 
450, had three children, P. 
L. N., 1786. 
L.Bd. certificate, described 
Loyalist, L.Bd.M., 1793, 
300, P.L. 1786, of Adoi- 
phustown, had drawn 100 
L.Bd.M.19th March,1793, 
200, Loyal Rangers, A. Me. 

A seaman, not U.E., O.C., 

Williams Samuel 

H District 

20th July, 1797. 
Associ'td Loyalist in Ward's 

Williams, Moses . . 


Block House. 
Corporal King's Rangers. 

Williams, Samuel .... 

Ernest Town 

Order in Council, 29th 
January, 1808. 
One of this name Lieutenant 

Williams Thomas 

W District 

of Artillery in Major 
Ward's Loyalists, S.G. 
S.G. blacksmith Indian De- 

Wilson, William.. 
Wilmot, Allan 

E District, Augusta. . . 
H District 

Son to Captain Wilmot of 

Wilsey Benona. 

E District, Augusta ... 

Loyal Rangers, p. L.Bd. 

Wilsie James 


certe. Joseph, nis son, 
Govr. Haldimand's certi- 
ficate says sergeant, a wife 
and two children. 
A soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Wilson.Bathsheba, for- 
merly widow Soper 

H District 

Wilson Benjamin 


Came in as a settler in 1787. 

Wilson, Sergt. John . . 
Wilson Irish John 

do Thorold.... 

See Petition in 1797. 
B.R., a sergeant, a wife and 
six children, P. L.N. 1786, 
Stamped Book, Niagara. 
Aided to recruit men, con- 

Wilson John Senr . . . 


cealed officers and party, 
suffered imprisonment, p. 
certificate of N. Petitt, O. 
C. 13th March, 97, land 
made up 1200 acres. 
From Staten Island. Came 

in a settler in 1878 with 
three sons, one in. Crow- 






Wilson, John Junr 

Wilson, Jacob 
Wilson, Joseph 


Son of John Senr., by Order 
in Counclljllth November 
1806. Associated Loyalist. 
Sergeant in the Jersey Vol- 
unteers, P. 1796. 
Barton's Jersey Volunteers, 
R. Clinch. 
Was in 1777 a soldier Loyal 
Rangers,but owing to sick- 
ness after the capitulation 
of Saratoga, remained and 
came in after the war. 
S.L.R. soldier Loyal Ran- 
gers. Discharge. 
S.G. B. Rangers, a wife and 
four children, P. L. N., 
1786. Niagara Stamped 
1789, P., no service stated. 
A settler R.J. D.G. O.C. 
4th February, 1807. Re- 
instated on W.E. list. 
3. Rangers, Stamped Book 
Niagara, S. P.L. N.,1786. 
Soldier R.R.N. Y.,a wife, P. 
L. 2d., 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.Bd., 
single P.L. 2d, 1786. 
rloyal Artillery and Marine 
Department, Lake Ontario 
S.G. B. Rangers, a wife and 
one child, P.L. N., 1786, 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
A soldier B. Rangers. Nia- 
gara Stamped Book, O.C. 
17th March, 1797. S. P.L. 
N., 1786. 
VI.C.B. Rangers, a wife and 
five children,?. L.N., 1786. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 

VI. C. B. Rangers, a corporal 
L.Bd. certe., a wife and 
four children,?. L. N.1786. 
Niagara Stamped Book. 
.G. B. Rangers. Niagara 
Stamped Book. S. P.L. 
N., 1786. 

H District . , 


Wilsie, John 


E Dist, Elizabeth Town 
H District 

Elizabeth Town 
H District . 

Wiltsey, Junr. Benoni. 
Windecker, Henry 

Wing, Gersham 

Winney, Corpl. Corn'ls 
Winter, Henry 
Winter, Peter 
Winterbottom, Samuel 

Wintermute,CorpL Ab- 

E District, Osnabruck. 
do do 
M District 

H District 

H District... 

Wintermute, Benjn.. . . 

Wintermute,Corpl. Jno 

Wintermute,Mrs. Mary 
Wintermute, Corporal 



do ...... 

Wintermute, Philip . . 






Wist David 

Ernest Town 

Soldier Genl. Haldimand, 

Wist John 


1784, 100, Loyal Rangers, 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., General 

Wist Junr John 


Haldimand, 1784, 100, P. 
L., 1786, and Capt. Myer's 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. Mus- 

Wood, Benjamin 

EDist, Charlottenb'h. 

ter Roll, P.L 1786. 
Son of Jonas Senr., J. B. 

Wood John . . 

do Cornwall . . . 

Soldier Butler's Rangers, 
L.Bd, Lunenburg. 
Son of Jonas Senr., J. B. 

Wood, Jonas 


Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 
Roll, P.L. 2d., 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 

Wood, Junr. Jonas . , 

E District 

RolL P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Son of Jonas Senr. J. B. In- 

Wood, Josiah 

do Oomwall 

dian Department. L. Bd. L. 

Wood, Nathan 


Que. : if not son of Jonas- 

Wood Roger 


Yes, son of Jonas Senr. 
a boy. 
Son of Jonas Senr. J.B. Son 

Wood, Stephen 


of a soldier, 200 acres, L. 
Bd.L. Soldier R.R.N.Y. 
Son of Jonas Senr. J.B. S. 

Wood, Thomas 

do ElizabethTown 

and G., a boy. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers, p.E. 

Wood, Wm 


Jessup's Certificate. 

Wood, Wm. 

do Cornwall 

Son of Jonas. Soldier R.R. 

Woodcock, Abraham. 


N.Y.,L.Bd.L., P.L. 2d., 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.BdM., 

Woodcock, John 

Fredericksburg . 

1791, 300, A.McL., P. L., 
R R. N. Y., P. L. 1786, 

Stamped Book, B.M.1790, 
Loyalist, 350 acres 1784 
G. Haldimand, 100 ; 1785, 
Govr. Hamilton's certifi- 
cate, Loyalist, 1793. He 
did not join the British 
Standard before the Trea- 
ty of Separation in con 
sequence, those of his 
daughr. Katharine's peti- 
tition was rejected, 19th 
March, 1793, A. McLi 






\\Toodley, George . 

H District 

Emigrant settler from U. 
States in 1788. 
Negro soldier in Loyal Ran- 
gers. Muster Roll. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers, R. 
Clinch's certificate. S. P. 
L. N. 1786. Niagara 
Stamped Book. 
Son Richard an iron- 
monger in Montreal R. J. 
Resident in Montreal. 
Joined in 1779. N. McL. 

Original Roll. 
Soldier 84th Regt. Ld. Bd. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Sergt. 53rd Regt. L.B.M. 
1791, 750 acres, and P.L. 
1786. Had nine children 
born before 1789. Stamped 
Book p. certificate of 
Archd. McDonell, J.P, 
Son of a soldier. Ld. Bd. L. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. Joined the 
Royal Standard 1777. S. 
Anderson's certificate. 

Soldier 53rd Regt. L.B.M. 
1791, 300, and P. L. 2d, 
1786. S. Stamped Book. 
Soldier 84th Regt. enlisted 
at Nova Scotia. 
Sergeant R. R. N. Y. M. Roll. 
Has a wife & two children. 
P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Stamped Book. Loyalist, 
tailor, and one of the first 
settlers, p. Collins' book. 
A soldier 84th Regt. L.B. 
M. 1791, 700 acres, and 
P. L. 1786. A wife, five 

Soldier B. Rangers. 
O.C. February, 1805, ordered 
to be inserted on U.E. list 

Woolly, John 

Elizabeth Town 

Work, James 

Ernest Town . . . . 

Wormwood, Mathew . . 

Wragg, John 

H District 

E District 

Wragg, Richard 
Wragg, Thomas 



Wright, Amos 
\Vright, ATROP 


Wright, Asel 

Wright, Daniel 
Wright, Daniel 

Marysburg . 

E District, Cornwall . . 

H District. 


Wright, Gabriel 

Wright, James 

Wright, James 

E Dist., Elizabeth T'wn 
do Matilda 

Marysburg . 

Wright, Jesse . . 

Wright, Robert 
Wright, Samuel 

M District. 
Sophias & Ameliasburg 
Elizabeth Town 

Wright, Samuel, Senr. 






Wright, Samuel, Junr. 
Wright, Sylvester .... 

Wright Waite 

E Dist., Elizabeth T'wn 
do do 

M District 

Son of Samuel, Senr. L.B. 
L. Suspended U.E. list. 
P. states son of a Loyalist ; 
does not state the name of 
his father. L.B.L. 
^^as a soldier King's Ran- 

Wright Widow Mary 


gers. J. Vanyant. Provi- 
vision List King's Rangers 
Loyalist from New York. 

Wright, William 


P.L. 1786. A. McL. 
Discharged from 53rd Regt. 

Wright, Wm 

E Dist., Elizabeth!" wn. 

Not a U.E. 

'Wrong John 

H District . . . 

Belonged the Marine De- 

Wickoff Peter 


partment at Quebec and 
district. P. L. N. 1786. 
Stamped Book Niagara. 
Petition 1797. Was dis- 
charged by Commodore 
Stamped Book Niagara. S 

Yates John 


P.L.N. 1786. 
A settler. Came in after the 

Yoemans Arthur . . 

Kingston . ... 

War, 1788, from Connecti- 
cut. P. 
Mr. Dorlands says that he 

Yorks John 

do . 

saw him at Sorel in 1783. 
A son, David. 
Son of Isaac Yorks . 

Young, Abraham 
Young Senr. , Adam . . 

H District, 

Deceased. S. G. Indian De- 

Young, Sergt. Daniel . . 

partment. Stamped Book 
Niagara. A wife. P.L.N. 
S. G. Indian Department. 

Yo\mg, Daniel 
Young George 

Marys & Sophiasburg . . 
H District 

Stamped Book Niagara. 
A wife and two children. 
P.L.N. 1786. 
R.R.N.Y. L.B.M. 1791. A. 
McL. Stamped Book. P. 
L. 1786. 
In this Province and New- 

Young Henry 

H District 

foundland since 1774. 
Served under Col. Pringle 
of the Engineers. S.G. 
S G. Indian Department 

Rangers, L.B.N. 1784 
Stamped Book Niagara ; 
a wife ; P.L.N. 1786. 






Young Senr Henry 

Fredericksburg . . 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. P.L.1786. 

Young, Junr., Henry.. 
Young Henry 

do ...:... 
Marys & Sophiasburg 

Son of Henry ; 200 acres ; 
L.B.M. 1791. 
Lieutenant Royal Regt. , N. 

Young, Junr. , Henry . . 
Young, Lt. John 

H District 

York. P.L.1786. Stamped 
Son of Henry. 
S.G. Indian Department. S. 

Young, Sergt. John . . . 


P.L.N. 1786. B.R. Six in 
family Stamped Book 
JN iagara. 
B.R. A wife & six children; 

Young, Junr., John . . . 
Young, Sergt. Jacob 


P. L. N. 1786 ; Stamped 
Book JN iagara. 

Deceased Sergt. King's 

Young, Jacob 



Young, James 

E District, Lancaster . . 

Had a wife and six children 

Young Senr., Peter . . 


P.L. 2d, 1786. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Stamped 

Young Junr Peter 


Book. P.L.1786 A. McL. 
F. Thompson. 
Drummer K.R.N.Y. Stamp- 

Youne' Philip 

H District 

ed Book. P.L. 1786. F. 
Sergeant Butler's Rangers. 

Young Stephen 

Fredericksburg . 

Labourer Stamped Book. 

Younglove, JEzekiel 

H District 

Soldier Jersey Volunteers. 

Zufelt Henry 


O.C. 10th February, 1808 

Loyal Rangers. 

Names inserted on U. E. List by order of the Honour- 
able the Executive Council. 



Peter Valeau, Lt.... 

22nd June, 1799, M.C. On Provision List 1786, A. 

McL. Loyalist. Stamped Book. 
Entered on the U.E. list, Pillebug. 
O.C. 27th June, 1798. Wife of Frederick. Not on 

record in C.O. 
O.C. 3rd July, 1798. 
Entered before, in his proper place, O.C. llth June, 


Already entered in his proper place. 
Entered in proper place. 
O.C. 26th May, 1807. See his daughter, Tabatha 

Livingston's petition. 

A true copy from the U.E. list in the Council Office. 


Confidential Clerk. 

Moybe, Lavinha 

Jones, Sarah 

Sherwood, Thomas. . . 

Kintner, George 

Jacocks, David 

Hoskins, Abiel , 

Doyle, Sarah 

Hill, Thomas 

Smith, Col. Samuel 
Sherwood, Reuben. 
Livingston, Daniel. 
dims, Captn. Wm. 

Hils, Joseph , 

Olker, Elisha 

Chryster, Peter. 
Dill, Barsnett, Senr. 
Freeman, John. 

O.C. 20th June, 1798. Not on record in C. Book. 

O.C. 28th Febr'y, 1798. 

O.C. llth June, 1798. 

O.C. llth June, 1798. Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

E.D. O.C. llth June, 1798. 

O.C. llth June, 1798. Lieut. R. R. N.,Y. Son of 

Colonel Daniel Claus. 
O.C. 16th April, 1799. How ? His father was never 

in this Province came in with grandfather. 
O.C. 13th November, 1797. 


Van Every, McGregor O.C. 13th April, 1802. 

Huston, Elijah 

Vardy, Thomas 

Bedford, Jonathan... 
Stephenson, Francis . . 
Flack, Richard 


Son of Lieut. Huston. O.C. 5th July, 1798. 

pended 5th Novr., 1804. 
O.C. 12th July, 1798. 
24th Augt., 1802, page 127. 

Capt. Queen's Rangers. O.C. 31st December, 1805. 
H District. Came to Canada when a boy, with his 

father. O.C. 2nd August, 1797 his name to be 

put on U.E. list. 



Armstrong, Jonathan . . 

Alt, Conrad 

Argassinger, Philip 

Austin, Isaac 

Archer, Edward 

Aston, Jacob 

Arkland, Dedrick 

Aikin, William , 

Aners (or Aneas), Cors. 

Almis, Christian 

Allen, John 

Andrew, John 

Andrew, Jacob 

Ayres, Daniel B 

Allen, Andrew 

Atherton, Phenias 

Algire, Philip 

Algire, John 

Alexander, David 

Atkinson, William 

Anderson, Thomas (and one child) 

Arnold, James 

Avory, William 

Allan, Mrs. (and six children). 
Aspy, William 


I. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M.R. 

A. ' 


Soldier 60th Regt. 
29th Regt. 
An old soldier. L.B. Nassau, 1794. 
German soldier last war. do. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

84th Regt. J. F. 
A captain in the service. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. J ; F. 

" 84th Regt. From Scotland to 


Soldier Butler's Rangers. S. G. 
Provisioned Cataraqui. 
Came in 1785. O. E. See page 04, 

Capt. John Jones list of Loyalists 



Anderson, Jane S. P. at Detroit. 

Acher, Lodwick, 

Abril, Robert 
Austin, John 

Austin, Jonathan 

Able, Henry 

Adams, William 

Allan, Henry 

Alsworth, Ezra (deserted) 

Anthony, John 

Anthony, Richard 

Ash, Peter 

Absent. Johnstown. R.R.N.Y. M. 


Enlisted in 53rd Regt. Absent. 
His father killed in the service at 

Soldier in Captn. Barnes' Holfictos 

Company last war. 
Soldier K. R, 




Allen, Ebenezer 
Austin, Doctor Charles 
Ashburn, John 
Anguish, John 
Arner, Jacob 
Arnold, Frederick 
Arnold, John 
Ashworth, Thomas 

Antonee, Richard 

Aber, John 

Adams, Joseph 

Ainise, Sally 

Ammon, John Godfrey 

Allan, Hugh 

Ayres, Thomas 

Aleuiger, William, 

Arnold, Jacob 

Ashf ord, John 

Arnold, Oliver 

Brook, James 

Bartlemass, Peter. 

Booth, Jesse 

Bevins, James 

Bliss, John 

Barber, Abraham 

Blaw, Robert 

Beebe, Peter 

Barnes, Godlup 

Bone, William 

Baker, John, Senr. 

Baker, John, Junr 

Bangard, Conradt 

Butler, George 

Brien, John 

Ball, Widow (and one child) . 

Bringman, Christopher 

Burk, Patrick 

Ball, Jacob 

Boket, Dallows 

Brownhill, Stephen 
Brownhill, Joseph . . 

Bright, Lewis 

Burton, John 

Sergeant Butler's Rangers. 

Surgeon R.R N.Y. 

Corporal 84th Regt. Matilda. 

Soldier B. Rangers. 

Loyalist -with Mr. McKee. 
Soldier B. Rangers. 
King's, or 8th Regt. 
Soldier R.R. N.Y. Que. 
Served last war. 

Marine Dept. (A d . ) 

A principal Indian woman. 

A reduced soldier. 

Soldier 31st Regt. 

T. Loyalist, 1792. Stepson of Thos. 

Richardson, trader in Lower Canada 

in 1780. 

B. Rangers. 

8th Regt. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. 


Provisioned at Cataraqui. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers (Lt. 

certe. ) 





A wife and two children. 

A wife. Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

A wife and two children. 

Jersey Volunteers. 

A wife and three children. 

British soldier. 
Provisioned at Johnstown. 
S. Provisioned at Johnstown. 
A wife. Soldier R.R. N.Y. Muster 


S. Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
A wife. Soldier Loyal Rangers. 
S. R.R.N.Y. 

Emigrant from the States. J.F. 
S. Soldier. 

Emigrant from Ireland since the 





Benn, Luke 
Bruce, Peter . . 
Bueley, David.. 
Bogart, Martin 
Brant, John 

Bowman, Luke . . 
Beauhart, John . 
Buttsher, EJias . . 
Burhouse, Isaac . . 

Boys, Joseph 

Burhouse, Simon 

Benn, Thomas 

Bowen, Joseph . . . 
Bradt, Christian... 

Bradt, Adrian 

Bellinger, Elijah... 

Buzeer, Jacob 

Brown, Henry 

Berger, Frederick . 

Brown, Elijah 

Brook, Benjamin . 

Boyle, Ann 

Bertlay, Michael.. 
Berry, William . . . 
Bower, Wm., Junr. 
Bode, Christopher. 
Bird, Jonathan . . . 
Breda, Frederick. 

Beberwine, . . . 

Bradford, John . . . 

Brooks . . 

Boukes, John 

Bradley, Price . . . 
Barlow, Abner .. 
Barnhart, Joseph 
Barnum, Levi 
Bennet, Ephraim 
Billings, J oseph . . 
Bristol, Daniel .. 
Brooks, Samuel . . 
Brown, Charles . . 

Brown, David 

Brown Joseph 

Brown, William . . 
Buck, Isaac 


A wife and four children. 

A wife and three children. 

A wife and jihree children. 


S. German soldier J. F. list, 8th 

Deer., 1803. 

A wife and three children. 

S. 30 years "\ Settlers. Came intoCan- 
60 yrs.of age ( ada March, 1785. See 
56 " f Capt. Jones' list 
J date,15th April,1785. 
Provd. at Niagara. Or, Bayne,Thoa. 
A wife. 
A wife. 
A wife. 

And wife. 
3. Fort Erie. Soldier 34th Regt. 



S. Provisioned at Detroit. 

Fredericksburg. Entered 17. E. 

S. Gone to the States. 

Quitted his land. 

Gone to the States. 

S"ever Joined. Soldier Jessup's Loyal 

Widow of John Sorel. Soldier Loyal 

Soldier King's Rangers. 





Boger, Lodwick 

Brown, John 

Burke, Patrick 

Burton. Thomas 

Best, Hannanus 

Blake, Doctor Charles. . . 
Baro (or Barone), Joseph . 

Barrit, P 

Beaubein, C 

Beaubein, J. B 

Bigras, I. B 

Blazens, Laurence 

Bonde, Joseph 

Bonsack, Christopher John 

Boulanger, C . . . . 
Butler Edward.. 
Benville, Francis 

Betton, David 

Baker, William . . 

Earth, Lewis 
Boyne, John 

Bryant, John the late 

Burns, David 

Earnhardt, Widow .. 

Bender, Laurence 

Bunbury, Joseph 

Barbo, John 

Blake, Martin 

Barton, Stephen 

Bewther (orBeuter), John 

Brown, Neil 

Brown, Robert 

Burney, James . . . 

Burton, John 

Benson, Jonas . . . 
Benson, Christina. 

Buker, John 

Brown, Gasper . . . 

Bass, Thomas 

Burns, John 

Bell, Daniel 

Bryan, Pat 


Soldier B. Rangers. 

" " or 60th Regt. 

Surgeon mate B. Rangers. 

8th Regt. 

Lieut. Jessup's, or Rogers', Ensign. 

Surgeon 34th Regt. 

Detroit Volunteers, and Gov. Hamil- 
ton's. (Sergeant.) 

84th Regt. 

Gov. Hamilton. 

Siege of Quebec. 

Corporal Detroit Volunteers. 

B. Rangers. 

Lieut. Indian Department. 

29th Regt. 8 years and a three years' 
man. p. discharge. 

Gov. Hamilton. 

B. Rangers. Irish. 

W. D. Served during the War. 

Commodore Naval Department. 

Marine Department. Served since 

Master-mate, Marine Department, 
Lakes Erie and Huron. 

Storekeeper, Fort St. Phillip, Min- 

Lake Ontario 20 years.lastly a master. 

Surgeon 7 1st- Regiment. 

Que. : If the military lands of Sergt. 
George Barnhart. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. 

5th Regiment. 

Soldier 84th Regiment. W. D. 

Soldier, Cruitzbury. German soldier. 

Loyalist U. E. 

German Soldier. 

Soldier 71st Regiment. 

Treasury Loyalist, 1792. Had been 
in America. 

Treasury Loyalist, 1792. 

t '| from England. 

Brought in a prisoner. N. privileged. 




Buffeland, James 

Bowse, John 

Bradt, Ryan 

Besil, Jabish 

Bruit, Matthew 

Bacchuster, John 

Brozie, Gabriel 

Bacchers (or Brachen), John 

Bouslale, Luke 

Earnhardt, David 

Binsell, John 

Bolson, Evans 

Batty, Michael 

Bradburn, Francis 

Bradley, Abraham 

Baderly, William 

Brinker, Henry 

Burns, Peter 

Beetle, Barnabas 

Burns, Matthew 

Brown, Aaron 

Brenvell, John 

Barnes, Thomas 

Bolton, Abraham 

Brown, William 

Black, Jacob 

Becker, Adam 

Bonk, David 

Blood, John 

Burns, Garret 

Bratt, Elisha 

Black, Cato 

Brooks, Donald 

Baxter, Roger 

Bangell, Henry 

Bangell, Peter 

Bangell, Adam 

Bangell, William 

Bangell, John 

Becker, Conradt 

Brathower, John 

Beverly, David 

Berry, George 

Brahower, Francis 

Benneway, Ezekiel 

Bents, Joseph 

Burke, John 

Bigelow, Jesse 

Baxter, David 


R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 


A soldier in Jessup's Corps. 
Soldier 10th Regiment. 
A. soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll- 

A. Drummer R.R.N.Y. 
A. soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

G. Served in German Corps. U.D. 
Corporal Loyal Rangers. 
Late from Vermont. L.B.L., 1790. 
Discharged from the King's service. 
L.B.N., 1794. 




Best, Conrad 

Balster, William 

Bennit, Charles 

Brownson, John 

Beagle, Daniel 

Bonisteel, Philip 

Bobbit Elkanah 

Brownson, James 

Bull, Aaron 

Bell, Enos 

JBolton, Henry 

Betts, Benjamin 

Burgarr, Alexander 

Blashar, Lozo 

Beaty, David 

Beckman, Samuel 

Bolt wood, John 

Burrows, Thomas 

Bratt, Abraham 

Brisbin, John 

Blockley, John 

Brisbie, Robert 

Brisbin, Samuel 

Brisbin, James 

Bustard, William ...... 

Brown, James 

Earnhardt, Jobest 

Bell, Francis 

Benninger, Isaac 

Baker, Jacob 

Brinkman, Christopher 

Brady, Luke 

Burke, Peter 

Becksted, Alexander . . 

Brougner, Jacob 

Beby, Richard 

Bowen, Wm. C 

Browning, Joseph. 

Bickle, Jacob 

Becket, Peter 

Brown, Rhoda . . 

Boulton, George 
Bedford, Henry. 
Battes, Abigal .. 


Ensign Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

His widow was a U. E. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

died in Dec. 1782. 

German soldier. J.F. 

<( t< 

No description. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Entered before. 

A settler in 1793. 

Son of John, Sen. , Niagara District. 

Soldier 29th Regiment, p. Sergeant 

Macintosh's certificate. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., p. certificate of 

Rev. J. Stuart. 

Common settler. N.McL. 

Negro. No description. O.E. 
Daughter of John Wiltsie ; served 

under Gen. Burgoyne. O.E. 
Joined in 1777. On U.E. O.E. 
Common soldier. O.E. 
Her husband was hanged by the 






Bocker John ... . 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. 2nd Bat. Lieut. 
Soldier 84th Regiment. 
Col. Barton's Corps. Deserted from 
Staten Island ; information of 
Asahel Ward, 6th Dec., 1811. 
S^rgt. Artillery Detroit Volunteers. 
S. Pd. at Cataraqui. 

A wife. 


A wife and child. Corporal. 

A wife, Jannet and child. Soldier 
R.R.N.Y. N.^McL. 

A wife and 6 children. 2ndBatn.R.R. 
N.Y. M. Roll. 

S. British Soldier. 
A wife and child. Provd. at N. Johns- 
3 children. " " 
A wife and 4 children. 
S. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
S. Soldier 60th Regt., S.G. 

A child. 
S. R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. Cottom. 
Provd. at Niagara. 
2 children. 
A wife and 7 children. 
S, Soldier Butler's Rangers. 
S. Soldier B. Rangers. 
A wife and 4 children. Came to this 
Province in 1785. 
S. Soldier B. Rangers. 
A wife and 2 children. Pd. at Detroit 
A wife and child. 

At Montreal. 

Boiseau, Joseph 

Billett Francis 

Coonshoon, Christopher 

Connor Lieutenant 

Crbnkhite Abraham 

Cronkhite Wm 

Cronkhite Widow * . 

Clock Adam 

Christie, Simeon 

Colder John 

Calder Christian 

Coons, Simeon 

Catchbar Christopher 

Conger David .... 

Clark George 

Crank shore Moses 

Caff ard John 

Cameron, Widow 

Christy, George 

Chambers Robert . 

Campbell Robert 

Chitick. Henry 

Castleman Adam 

Cattum William 

Canute Henry . 

Cocket Widow 

Chrysler Henry 

Cassady George 

Campbell Thomas ...... 

Chambers Francis 

Clowes Peter 

Cline Joseph 

Conway, Patrick 
Cummins Peter 

Coldwell William 

Corr Ralph 

Cornish. John . . 




Corney, Alexander. 
Cramer, John 

Cook, John, Senr . . , 

Cramer, Peter 

Croydon, Harmanus. 

Cook, Phillip 

Courtney, Dennis . . . 

Carrier, John 

Campbell, John , 

Campbell, Robert... 

Cam, Nathaniel 

Canis, John 

Cassada, John 

Cam, Mathias 

Collard, Elijah 

Crumb, Jacob 

Cereps, John 

Calder, Frederick 

Campfield, Skim 

Carkner, John 

Catchapaw or Catchfoot, Henry 

Carrigan, Wm 

Chapel, Henry 

Clemmens, John 

Calhonmer, Conrod 

Connolly, John 

Coiner, George 

Colhamer, George 

Codner, Ishmael 

Cross, John 

Crotter, Pe^er 

Curties, Christopher 

Carrigan, Paul 

Clark, Paul 

Clark, Thomas 

Curere, Peter 


Clock, Adam 

Cameron, Duncan 

Cameron, John 

Campeau, R 

Casity, Luke 

Chabert, I. de 


Chesne, P 

Chicot, I. B 

Clearwater, John 

Quitted his land. 

In Canada. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. 

In Canada. 

Sorel, Corporal R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
Canada Soldier 
Of Jessup's Corps. 
60th Regt. 
42nd Regt. 
B. Rangers,. 
8th Regt., John Car r is. 
B. Rangers. 
N. C. off. ? B. Rangers. 
Pilot to the New York Army. S.G. 

No it was his brother John. 
B. Rangers. 
34th Regt. or Corps. 
King's Rangers. 

R'R.N.Y. Soldier, M. R. 
King's Rangers. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 


Sergt., Charlottenburgh. 

~orpl. Matilda. 

Corpl., Fredericksburgh. 

Soldier 84th Regt. (W.D.). 

B. Rangers 
jlovr.. Hamilton. 
. Rangers. 
Grovr., Hamilton. 
W. D. Loyalist. 
Jovr., Hamilton. 
Hinute man Lieut. 
3. Rangers, 




Coffee, Samuel, Ensign. 

Coppas, John 

Comcodle, John 

Crawford, Wm 

Crone, H 

Chatterton, John 

Cozens, Daniel 

Crookshank, Patrick 
Curry, Widow 

Clark, Thomas Alexr. 

Connor, James 

Cowan, David 

Collon, Abraham .... 

Claick, Gasper 

Cushion, James 

Cox, John, 1792 


Clark, Thomas 

Coons, David 

Clark, Adam 

Cock, Henry 

Clavenstine, Hermon 
C as tiller, Lawrence . . 
Coamoner, Frederick 
Cotton, Abraham .... 

Cramp, Benjamin 

Garner, Mattice 

Chuvinil, John 

Carr, James 

Cox, Alexander 

Case, John 

Clement, John P 

Cogdon, John 

Clink, Thomas 

Cummings, Robert . . . 

Gulp, Tulmon 

Coklin, James 

Countryman, John 

Grouse, Peter 

Campbell, Wm 

Cornelius, Henry 

Calder, James 

Callegan, Charles.... 

Carr, Hugh 

Clyne, Jacob 


B. Rangers. 

34th Regt. 

B. Rangers. 

2nd Batln. Delaney's. 

British Navy. 

Soldier Delaney's Refugees ; lost his 
left arm. 

Capt. New Jersey Volunteers. 

Royal Artillery. 

Que. ; if the Military land of Cor- 
poral Ephraim Curry. 

A millwright from England. 

Surgeon (Hospital mate), 

Lieut. , Naval Department. 

German Soldier. 

1792, T.L., wife and 4 children. Served 

in Engineers' Dept. in America, 
T. L. 

84th Regt.,W.D. 
Loyalist, W.D. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

Detroit Vols. (or Joseph D.W.S.). 

F. Corporal R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

A. Soldier 


N.B. " 


I. " 





Crassley, Nathaniel 

Connolly, William 

Cain, Henry 

Crightoof, John 

Cline, Phillip 

Case, Elijah or Elihue . . . 

Cryderman, Thomas 

Crawford, David 

Claw, Francis 

Carrier, Martin 

Crabtree, John 

Cousins. John 

Caldwell, Thomas 

Cray, John 

Clengenberner, Nicholas. 

Connor, John 

Cralinger, Nicholas 

Corbin, Micah 

Conroy, Michael . . 
Capleman, John .... 
Cressey, William .. 

Cole, Henry 

Cox, Edward John 

Cossens, Jacob 

Carpenter, Beloved 
Cameron, Hugh .... 
Clark, William 
Coons, Mathias 
Castle, Elipbalet . . 

Choudy, Jacob 

Costelow, James . . 
Crisedell, Thomas . . 
Carpenter, John 

Curtis, Uriah 

Crawford, George . . 
Crawson, Abraham 
Coleton, Daniel 
Conner, Thomas . 
Copeland, William 
Conner, Michael . . 

Coon, Abraham/ 

Clum, Henry 

Carpenter, Jacob .., 
Cotlard, James 
Conklin, Abraham 

Cole, George 

Cole, Francis 

Carr, John 


E. Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 


A. drummer 

A. soldier 





E. drummer 

Son of Capt. Wm. Caldwell, W. D. 

Ireland, Major Close's list, 1788. 


Volunteer Queen's Rangers. 

Soldier 34th Regiment. 

Late from New York State. L.B.L., 


Soldier 8th Regiment. L.B.L., 1791. 
An old soldier. L.B. Nassau. 1794. 
Sold er 29th Regiment. 
Sold er Loyal Rangers. 

" died in July, 1783. 

died in 1782. 

died in July, 1783. 






Clunes, John 

Castleman, Martin . 
Chrysler, Henry, Sr. 
Oarley, Abraham . . . 

Clark, Daniel or Donald. 

Carley, Isaiah , , 

Coleman, Abel 

Campbell, Phoebe 

Caine, Peter 

Cyler, Valentine 

Cook, John 

Countryman. Joseph 

Garner, George 

Clendennan, Walter. 
Clock, Jacob . 

Daniel, George . 
Dalmage, Jacob. 
Dafoe, Widow . 
Deane, Moses . . . 

Dyre, John 

Davis, Joseph. . . 
Dodge, Thomas. 

Drew, Paul 

Dobins, Henry 

Davis, John 

Dixon, Widow, and 

Dowling, John 

Duckler, Andrew . . 
Dutcher, Derrick . . 

Davis, John 

Doughedy, Samuel 
Dennys, Nicholas . 

Darron, Conrod . 
Dusler, Andrew. 
Dusler, William. 
Darkness, Adam. 

Davis, John 

Donaldson, John 




Clerk Engineer Department. 

Son of a Loyalist. J.F. 

Indian Department. 

An old soldier Mr. Adam's Certifi- 
cate says secret service. 

Emigrant from Scotland. 

N. P. in the States. O.E. 

A settler 1788. O. E. 

Daughter of John Booth. 

Came to Canada in 1803. 

Loyalist. Major Close's list. 

Of Camden ; an active Loyalist. Bore 
arms in Carolina, p. Col. Balfour's 
Certificate, sett.ed in 1785. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. M. El- 
liott's Certificate. 

Soldier Jersey Volunteers,, p. P. 1799. 

Soldier B. Rangers. 

2nd Batt. R.R.N.Y. Deserted ; in- 
formation of Jonathan Hart, Oct. 

3. Prov'd. Cataraqui. 

S. son of David Dalmage, U.E. 

And one son. 

A wife. 



A wife and 2 sons. Prov'd. Johnstown 
soldier R.R.N.Y. N.McL. 

A wife and 5 children. Common set- 
tler. N.McL. 
. 44th Regiment. 

A wife. Soldier Loyal Rangers, 

A wife. 

5 years of age ; a settler. Came to 

Canada in March, 1785. Capt. 

John Jones' list. 

5, N.C.O. Butler's Rangers. S. G. 
^arleton Island. 
Waiting to bring up his Crop. R.R. 

N.Y. M. Roll. 

t Montreal. 

Soldier R.R. N.Y. M.Roli 


joyalist ; much persecuted, 
oldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
5th Regiment. 



Daley, John 

Dogstader, George . . . . 


Daly, Patrick 

Darey, Thomas 

Delaney, Peter 

Depenciere, Theodore 

Dalton, Walter 


Dequindre, Antonie 

Dequindre, Fonteney 

Dequindre, Francis 

Dequindre, William 

Doyle, Dennis 

Dermond, Timothy 

Dice, Charles 

Dean, Jonathan 

Dugan, William 

Dequindre, Dagnis 

Dafoe, Abraham, Jun 

Daf oe, Jacob 

Dafoe, Martin '. 

Dafoe, William (deserted) 

Davis, Abel 

Derrick. Philip 

Dibble, Asa 

Dimors, Jacob, Sen 

Dimprs, John 

Davis, Jonathan ... 

Dennis, Jacob, Jun 

Dandoist, John Henry 

Darder, Martin 

Demoree, David 

Dawson, Solomon 

Deserontyo John 

Demont, William 

Dougherty, Edward 

Darley, John 

Dalton, John 

Donaldson, James 

Dodemead, John 

Desmond, John 

Decker, Jacob . . , 

Deil, T 

Deyis, David or J)avison . 

Daily, George 

Dennis, Nathaniel 


84th Regiment 
Sergeant, Marysburg. 
Sergeant, Charlottenburg. 

Captain R.K.N.Y. Paymaster. 


Lieutenant German Troops. Regt. 

Prince Frederick. 
Sergeant 47th Regiment and King's ; 

draft to 8th. 

Ensign British Regiment. 
Lieutenant Indian Department. 

Official Service, 84th Regiment. 

84th Regiment. 


Detroit Volunteers. 

8th Regiment. 

Lieutenant Indian Department. 

King's Rangers. 

Senior Soldier R.N.N.Y. M. Roll. 
German soldier. 

Sold er associated Loyalist. 
Sold er44th Regiment. 
Captain Mohawk Chief. 
Captain T.L., 1792. 
T.L. 1792, from Ireland. 
T.L. 1792, from England. 
B. Rangers. 
Sergeant 8th Regiment. 

Soldier 8th Regiment. 

Soldier Butler'a Rangers. 




Dtzcernian, Henrick 

Deal, Adam 

Dogstader, Pompey 

Dantz, John 

Dunberry , John 

Dish, Henry 

Doclimicle, John . . , 

Daly, William 

Dopp, John 

Dopp, Adam 

Dure, John 

Dougherty, John . . . 

Daily, Philip 

Devan, Cornelius . . . 
Deckins, George . . . 

Dyce, George 

Disc, Jacob 

Donahooe, James . . , 
Douglas, Thomas . . , 
Dame, Capt. George 
Duberry, John 

Davis, James 

Duntan, Levi 

Dunham, Samuel 

Davis, Benjamin 

Dunham, Solomon . . 

Dawson, John 

Drake, Benjamin 

Davis, Daniel 

Dodge, Peter 

Dagan, Cornelius 
Dunmead, William . . 
Dougharty, Anthony. 
Dugan, Thomas 

Drew, Francis . . . 
Donnelly, Henry 
Dykes, Thomas . . 
Deer, John 

Doole, John. 

Elsworth, Henry 

Ellison, Joseph 
Elmer, John . . . 
Earner, Peter . . 


Soldier R.R.N.Y. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

Sergeant 8th Regiment. 

I. Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 






I. Corporal 

A. Major Close's list, 1788. 

German (or Dyer " 


Ireland " 

Artificer, P. to L.B.L. 1790. 

Butler's Rangers. 

Soldier 50th Regiment ; discharged 

June 24th, 1784. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Soldier R.R,N.Y. J.F. 

New York Volunteers. 
' Jersey Volunteers. Petition. 

Bore Arms in North Carolina. U.E. 

Clerk and Storekeeper, Indian De- 
partment. O.C., 96. 

Sergeant 34th Regiment, 

Common settler (deceased). A.McL. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. W. D . 

Soldier 53rd Regt. A. Campbell's 

Soldier 29th Regiment. Petition 
1809. Transferred 200. Clerk to 
H. Spencer. 

A wife and child. Provisioned at 

And Wife. 

A wife and child. 





Earner, Philip . . .... 

A wife. 

Evickhouse, Henry . 

A wife. Soldier R R N Y J F 

Elliot, John 
Elliot, Juda . . 

A wife and ten children. A settler, 
came in March, 1785. 
S. Son of John A settler, came in 

Elliot, Samuel 

March, 1785. 
A wife and six children. Settler, p. 

Erling, Frank, l abgenteeg 

P. to L.B.L., 1791. Came in in 
March, 1785. Capt. John Jones' 

to Johnstown. 

Erhng, John, J 
Empson, Robert 
Earp, Richard 

6 years in the Rangers. W.D. 
8th Regiment. 

Elliot, John . . 

B. Rangers. 

Empson, John 

Ellice, John 

Soldier 84th Regt. 

Eddy, Daniel 

King's Rangers. 

Egleton, Eliab 

Estdo, Jacob 

German Soldier. 


Lieut. T. L., 1792. 

Embry John - Embra 

84th Regt. Say ship carpenter H 

Enderdier, Christopher 

Ellott, 1805. 

Ellis, Henry 
Ellsworth, Alexander 

Egar, Lambert 

Espie, William 

Essling, Garret 

A. Soldier R.R N Y Muster Roll 

Elloms, John 

A. " " " 

Earhart Simon 

Soldier R R N Y 

Ekins, Moses 

Soldier Loyal Rangers 

Ernest, Anthony 

Eustman, Amherst 

" a Loyalist. J.F. 

Every, William 

A settler in 1785. O.E. Came in 

Estell, Daniel. ... 

March, 1785. 
Joined Lord Cornwallis in 1782 

Faddle, John 
Ferguson, Jonathan . . 

Soldier. Capt. Leeman's. 
S. Provisioned at Cataraqui. 
A wife and two sons 

Friar, Mr. J 

And child 

Ferguson, Widow 

Two sons and two daughters. 

Fraser, Collin 

Farling, John. . 

\Vife and one child 

Fikes, Daniel 

A wife three sons and one daughter 

Foster, Adam . 

S Soldier R R N Y Muster Roll 

Freist, John 

A wife and six children. 

Fundy, Janone or Tanuo 

Fonda a black soldier. J F. Bat- 

teaux Service. Herckmer. 




Finlayson, John 
Franks, Widow. . 
Fridt, Deborah . . 

Frier, Mrs 

Fuster, Andrew . . 
Fusow, Andrew . . 
Freeze, Jacob .... 

Flumberry, William... 
Fearman, William . . . 

Foryea, John 

Frelick, Abraham 

Frelick, Clement 

Frelick, Jacob 

Fredenburgh, Mathias. 

Freeman, Francis 

Ferris, William 

Fleming, Patrick 

Facer, Harry 

Fancher, P 

Ferre, Andrew 

Filplay, C 

Finlay, Samuel 

Forsyth, William 

Fraser, Alexander 

Fry, Joseph 

Frehery, Lawrence 

Ferhan, William 

Finch, John 

Fowler, Jonathan 

Foye, Lewis 

Freil (the late), by Deborah 

Friot, Isaac 

Fraser, Jean 

Filfield, John 

Filo, Samuel 

Filo, Thomas 

Fisher, James 

Fitzgerald, William. 
Fosborough, John . . . 

Frost, James 

Fortiere, Pierre 

Falconer, Thomas. . . 

Futreal, John 

Fleming, John 

Fisher, John 

Freeman, Richard. . . 


A wife. 

And one child. 
And son. 

And child - absent. 
At Cataraqui. 

Gone to the States. R.R.N. Y. Mus- 
ter Roll. 

Gone to the States. 
Soldier 29th Regiment. 
B. Rangers. 

84th Regiment. 

King's Rangers. 

B, Rangers. 

Seige of Quebec, and engaged smith 

to Marine Department. 
84th Regiment. 
B. Rangers. 
44th Regiment. 
B. Rangers. 
60th Regiment. 

Guards and Nova Scotia Volunteers. 
B. Rangers. 

Marine Department, Lake Erie. 
Discharged sailor, Marine Dept. 
Called a good Loyalist. 

44th Regiment. 
In His Majesty's service. 
(Lieut). Cuyliers. 
Que : If the military land of Corp'l. 

Wm. Fraser. 
King's Rangers. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Mate, Marine Department. 
Soldier 84th Regiment. 

" 60th 
Out-pensioner. Sergt. 53rd Regt. 
Niagara German soldier. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 




Forbes, Nicholas ....... 

Forsyth, I. T. & Robert. 
French, John ........... 

Furlow, Jacob ......... 

Furlow, Cornelius ....... 

Fournier, Andrew ....... 

Fagan, Arthur ......... 

Fridel, Ignace ........... 

Faulstroth, Henry ..... 

Fairfax, Christian ......... 

French, Frederick ....... 

Fagan, Thomas ......... 

Fauscett, Silas .......... 

Fairel, John ........... 

Frowman, John ......... 

Fotlick, Adrian ......... 

Ferguson, John ......... 

Le Forrest, Abraham . . . 
Fidget, James ......... 

Ford, Jacob 

Fulton, Michael 
Frats, David 
Fragstorm, Michael 
Freeland, John 
Fries, Abraham 
Finknor, John 
Fares, Thomas 
Fares, Joseph 
Fisher, Frederick 
Fyke, Francis 
Fulman, Nicholas 

Farrel, Patrick 
Francis, John.-. 

Ferguson, John 

Ferrel, Amherst 

Falterer, John 

Falteroth, John 

Falkner. John 

Ferris, England 

Frink, Andrew 

Fraser, James 

French, Andrew 

Fredick, Dedrick 

Francis, Jeremiah Wm. 

Ferguson, James 

Fraser, Alexander 

B. Rangers. 

Sons of William, 60th Regiment. 

British seaman. 

B. Rangers. 

A sailor. 

Soldier, 53rd Regiment. 

German soldier. 

T. Loyalist, 1792. From England. 
T. Loyalist, from Ireland. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 


Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

jyalist. Major Close's List, 1788. 

" R.R.N.Y. J.F. 

A.soldier 62nd Regt. p. Mr. Patter- 
son's certificate. 

Soldier 31st Regt. P. to L.B.L. 

A discharged soldier 34th Regt. S.G. 
L.B. Nassau, 1794. 

Quartermaster Loyal Rangers. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. J.F. 
loxboro'. A common settler. N. 





Fitzimmon, Barney 

Flynn, David 

Fraser, Peter 

Fock, John 

Faddle, George 

Fisher, Duncan 

Farrell, Patrick 

Fields, Nathan ..-'.'.; 

Gibson, Widow and 1 daughter . 

Gathaway, John 

Grosse, Edward 

Grout, Henry 

Gronber, Paul 

German, John Jun , 

Grant, Widow and 3 children . 

Gorman, John , 

Goff , Joseph 

Gaskin, Charles 

Grout, Theodore 

Gibson, Andrew 

Griffin, Samuel 

Going, Francis 

Graves, John 

Grass, Charles 

Grevase, Asa 

Gleeson, Daniel , 

Glenn, Jacob 

Graves, George 

Gummersall, Thomas . 

Garrett, Daniel 

GUI, Robert 

Granger, Zacharias . . . 

Gleeson, Thomas 

Goshee Peter (the late) 

Girty, George 

Godfrey, G 

Goodnight, John 

Grubb, Thomas 

Gum. Nicholas 

Grindstone, Jacob 

Glinger, George 


Soldier 60th Regt. N.McL. 
\oyalist. J.Fd. 
on of Simon, who died in prison, 

1777. N.McL. 
3on of Henry Focks, or Fykes, R. 

R.N.Y. N.McL. 
ncorporated Loyalist. Gen, Haldi- 

mand's certificate. 
Of Montreal ; served with General 


Soldier 31st Regt. at Coteau du Lac. 
Sergeant B. Rangers. 

?rovis d at Cataraqui. 

S. Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Provis'd at Johnstown. 




S. Son of Mr. Grout, Issuing Com- 
missary Loyalist. J.F. N.McL. 

S. Soldier. R. R.N.Y. J.F. 

S. Came to Canada March, 1785. A 
settler. Capt. John Jones' list. 

A wife and 3 children. Provi'sd at 

Wife and child. Not come up. 

to Canada. 


Soldier 84th Regiment. 

Lieut. R.R.N.Y. 

Lt. from the Southward. 

Capt. R.R.N.Y. 

Loyalist and Express in the War. 

103rd Regiment. 

King's Rangers. 


By Daniel Gleeson, 84th Regiment. 

Partisan all the War. U.E. 

Governor Hamilton. 

Butler's Rangers. 


Lieut. Minute men. 

Seaman on Lake Ontario. 

8th Regiment. 




Guthrie, Robert 

Gilchrist, John 

Grant, Alexander 

Grant, Allan 

Gill, John De Courcy 

Goose, John 

Grant, Archibald 

Gahagan, Edward 

Gamble. John 

Garner, the late Matthew (by John)., 
Gibson, George 

Grant, Alexander . . . 

Graves, Adam 

Grout, John 

Green, Caleb 

Green, Roger 

Gamlin, Widow .... 
Gowin, Widow .... 

Grichel, John 

Gerhart, Ernette .... 
Gorman, Sigismond . 
Giles, Thomas 

Goode, William. 

Girbig, Carl Wilhelm 

Grendel, Francis 

Grant, Thomas 

Grum, Elijah 

Golden, John 

Goned, John 

Green, Charles 

Goon, John 

Grant, Hugh 

Gray, Philip 

Gordon, George 

Griffin, Charles 
Gay, Jane 

Gaven, Thomas 

Gillet, Adonijah . . . 
Goodwilly, Joseph . 

Gilles, John 

Gordineer, Robert. . . 
Gar hard, Mathew. . . 


Surgeon B. Rangers. 

Sergt. Elizabethtown, Loyal Rangers. 

" Charlottenburgh. 

" Elizabethtown. 
Hospital mate of Canada. 
Soldier. W.D. 
Lieut. 84th Regiment. 
Marine Department. 
Hospital mate last war. 
Soldier American War. 
Ship Carpenter and Ordnance Service, 


Commodore Naval Depart. Lake Erie 

Ensign King's Rangers. 
Their husbands both served his Ma- 

Ssty. Gowin son an officer, was 
German soldier. 

Treasury L. , 1792. Had been a sol- 
dier in H. M. service in America. 

Treasury L., 1792. Emigrant from 

Soldier 84th Regiment. 

N.B. Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 


Soldier in Me Alpine's Corps. L. B. L . , 

Soldier in Jessup's Corps. L.B.L., 

Widow of Peter Foster a soldier, 

drowned in 1780. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 




Gervey, John 

Gallermoult, Baptiste . 
Gilbert, Josiah 

Green, Peter 

Gorin, Francis 

Grant, George 

Goulden, Thomas 

Houff, or Huff, Christian 

Hoffman, Josiah 

Ham, John 

Hagadoorn, Jacob 

Harns, Thomas 

Hicks, George 

Hainer, Barnett 

Howell, Widow 

Hailman, Peter 

Huniman, Henry 

Huff negle, Widow 

Harkmer, Mathew 

Hicks, Thomas 

Haveline, Mathew 

Hpxey, Samuel 

Hinman, John 

Hetherington, C 

Huckey, John 

Hopper, Conrad 

Hayne, Henry 

Hynes, Adam 

Haislip, James 

Hutchison, Wm 

Hammon, John 

> [oughlang, J ames 

Hoff , Hans and wife . . . 

Hilton, Lawrence 

House, Conrod 

Heyser, Frederick 

Heysick, John 

Hendider, Christopher. 
Harley, Christopher . . . 

Hicks, James 

Huntsinger, Jacob 

Hattingbrant, Jacob . . 

Houghtail, Joseph 


Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

". Non-Commissioned Officer 

King's A. Regiment. 
Soldier of Delaney's Corps. 
Quartermaster General's Department 

at Quebec in 1776. 
Osnabruck. A common settler. N. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. L. B. L. 

S. A soldier in a German Regiment. 

A wife and one child. 


A wife and two children. 





S. Soldier, German Troops. 

A wife and child. 

and four children. 


3. German soldier, J. F. 



Soldier R. R. N. Y., J. F. 

A wife and son soldier R. R. N. Y., 

Muster Roll. 
Wife and seven children. 
A wife, Butler's Rangers, L.B.N. 



Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 
S. Coteau du Lac. 
! orpl. Sophiasburg. 

Quitted his land. 

Gone to the States. 

" Soldier R.R. N. Y, 
Muster Roll, 
one to the States for his family. 




Hay, Joseph 

Hay, Henry , 

Hilliard, Nathaniel 

Holland, John Frederick . . . 
Hannah, Samuel ......... 

Heron or Herring Elliot . . 

Henderson, Archibald 

Henderson, James 

High, William 

Herieks, John 

Hix, George 

Huffman, Conrod 

Hall, Thomas 

Harboth, Frederick 

Harness, Michael 

Harpur, Thomas 

Hill, Patrick 

Hobbs, John 

Hainer, Zechariah 

Hamilton, John 

Hamilton, Robert 

Hamilton William 

Hambro, John 

Haffy, William 

Harkimar, John , 

Harrow, Alexander. Esq... 

Hay wood, James 

Heron, Owen , 

Hutchings, John 

Hamilton, Colin 

Hay, John 

Henly, Thomas 

Holmes, Thomas 

Hurd, Thomas 

Hoff or Hutf, Andrew 

Hogedone, Harinanus 

Humphrey, Emanuel 

Herns, John 

Herring, John 

Holmes, James 

Hoppenad, Frederick 

Hock, George 

Hock, Godfrey 

Haner, David 

Hill, Isaac 

Hill, Aaron 

Hewitt, John, no privilege. 
Hewitt, Thomas, " 


Lt.-Govr. of Detroit. 
Lieut. R. R. N. Y. 
Lieut. Indian Dept. 
Lieut. R. R. N. Y. 
Soldier King's Rangers. 

King's or 8th Regt. 3 years' man. 
Regt. of Brunswick, Lunenburgh. 
B. Rar 


B. Rangers. 

" Soldier R.R.N.Y.M.ROU. 

" R.R.N.Y. M.Roll. 
Carpenter's mate in several ships. 

Soldier B. Rangers. 
Naval Dep't Lake Erie. 
M. (Uaimaut. 
Sergt.- Major 84th Regt. 
Served during the whole war. 
Corpl. Cornwall or Roxborough, 84th 

Sergt. Charlottenburg. 

" Hawkesbury. 

' Fredericksburg. 
8th Regt. 
B. Rangers. 
N. C. officer, Butler's Rangers. 

Soldier R. R. N. Y. 

Col. or Lt. Col. from the Southward. 
German soldier. 

Captain, Mohawk Chief. 

Treasury L. 1792, Emigrant E. 
" " " EmigrantE. 




Howell, William . 
Ho well, John 

Howell, John, Junr. . . . 

Holmes, Charles 

Herchfield, Frederick . 

Holdford, William 

HorsfaLl, Joseph 

Herner. Frederick 

Humphreys, Thomas . . 

Holmes, Joseph 

Hill, Patrick 

Holmes, Hugh 

Hazard, John 

ti ill, Jacob 

Hanger, Frederick 

Hogerman. Andrew . . . 

Henrick, William 

Hanington, Cornelius . 

Helmick, George 

Horn, Frederick 

Humbleman, John 
Houfman, Frederick. . . 

Hearse, Andrew 

Hoks, Joseph 

High, John 

Hart, Jonathan 

Hons, John 

Henderson, John 

Haly, George 

Hooste or Huest, John 

Hartly, David 

Haston, Izrail. 

Hubor, Adam 

House, Chroust 

Heith, John 

Howell, Griffith 

Hales, John 

Hope, Richard 

Henning, Henry 

Havilin, Benjamin . . 

Holland, David 

Hylard, .Nicholas . . . 
Herring, Nathaniel . . 

Herring, Henry 

Haines, Henry 

Hinmand, Benjamin 
Horner, William 

Son of John ( senr 

Served in time of the French war in 

Treasury L. 1792, son of John, Senr. 

" of German Troops. 
" Emigrant from Eng. 

" Soldier, Ger. Troops. 
" had been in America. 

B. Rangers, W. D. 
Loyalist, W. D. 

" U.E. 


Soldier 44th Regt. 

Served in Refugees at New York, W. 

Loyalist Major Close's List, W. D., 


A. Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 




Hyatt, Cornelius 

Hamerla, John 

Havens, John 

Hagan, Samuel 

Hyde, Ephraim 

Holo wager, George Godfrith 

Hilliker, John 

Harris, Jonathan 

Harris, Richard 

Hard, Limon 

Hewet, Henry 

Haath, Phineas 

Hiens, Godfrey 

Holland, John Andrew 

Hiclle, Andrew 

Huttinger, Adam 

Hogelen. Henry 

Helhker, Abraham 

Hard, Elisha 

Hoyt. Abraham 

Hubbel, Isaac 

Hunter, Moses 

Hill, Timothy 

Hand, John , 

Hoffman, Jabest 

Holstead, Emas 

Hutchison, George 

Hervey, David 

Huntly, John 

Harman, Valentine 

Hoy, Alexander 

Hyatt, Gilbert 

Hogle, John *. . 

Hawly, Eli, 

Hogle, George 

Hogedale, Christopher 

Hogedale, John 

Huddleman, John Andrew 

Hoeman, John 

Hagerdoou , Peter 

Hogan, Edward 

Heymond, John, (died Sept., 1783) 

Hosier, Joseph 

Haines, George 

Hartle, Henry 

Harman, Henry 

Hustis, Lieut. James 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Hessian soldier. 

A settler in 1787. See P. 1794. 

Soldier 57th Regt., P. L. B. L. 

Settler from Vermont, P. to L. B. L. 

Sergt., German Troops, P. to L.B.L. 


Sergt. Loyal Rangers. 


A soldier Butler's Rangers J.F. 
Son of a Loyalist, J. F. 
Soldier German Troops. 
Of Col. Emrick's Corps. 





Hope, Richard 
Hough, George 

Harris, David. 

Hall, Isaac 

Hesf ord, Joseph . . 
Ham, Malachi . . 

Hevett, Thomas 
Howley, Zadoc . . 
Hetlar, Adam 

Hainer, Henry . , 

Hard, James 

Iredale, Abraham. 

Johnson, Judah. 
James, Daniel . 
Jinks, Joseph . . . 

Johnson, John 

Johnson, Samuel . . 

Johnson, Jacob 

Jago, Henry 

Jacob, Christian . . 


Jones, William .... 

Jacobs, James 

Jones, James 

Jacobs, George 

Johnson, Patrick . . 
Jones, J. , or John . . 

Jones, John 

Joes, Isaac 

Jones, John 

Jarden, Peter 

Jones, David , 

Jack, William 

Jost, Christopher . . . 
Johnson, Charles . . . 
Johns, Daniel 

Jones, Ephraim Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., I. F. 

Soldier 2ndBatt. R.R.N.Y., H.Spen- 
cer's Certificate. 

Soldier King's Rangers, T. Bell's 

Cornwall, joined in 1777, A. McL. 


Soldier Butler's Rangers ; after the 
reduction he removed to New 
Brunswick, from whence he has late- 
ly returned p. letter from R. 
Clench, 24th January, 1807. 

Soldier 31st Regt., p. Petition, 1809. 

Soldier King's Rangers, L. Bd, M.D. 

Soldier 2nd Batt. R.R.N.Y., Certi- 
ficate of Andrew Kimmerly. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers, R. Clench's 

3f Jessup's. 

Lieut, of Guides and Pioneers. 

Prov'd at Cataraqui. 


A wife and nine children, Incorpor- 
ated Loyalist. 
S. prov'd at Johnstown, R.R.N.Y., 

J. F. 

A wife and two children. 

S. Soldier B. Rangers. 
iVife and 1 child, soldier B. Rangers. 
Widow and three children 
Absent, soldier Loyal Rangers. 

to Johnstown, 
of Oznabruck. 
Said to have been employed. 
3, Rangers. 

and Seige of Quebec, 
ergt. 60th Regiment, 
king's Rangers. 

'reasury L. Emigrant fromEngland.. 
^ ot privileged. Frenchman. 
H. D. Settler in 1787. 

I. a soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Resided in the States after the War 
P. 1797. 




Jadscheak, John 

Johnson, Jonathan 

Jackson, John 

Jackson, William (died March, 1783. 

Tnnice, Gilbert 

Jacobs, John 

Jobear, Francis 

Jackson, Edward 

Johnson, Jacob 

Johnson, David, of Cornwall 

Jones, Elpheus 

Johns, Edad 

John, Hugh 

Koughnett, Michael 

Kerr, Robert . . 

Keif, Francis . . 

Kizer, John 

Knave, John . . 
Kentner, John 

Kelsey, John 

Kilman, Philip . . 

Kippas, John 

Knapp, George . . 
Koughnott, John 

Knave, Adam 

King, Patrick 

Kilburne, Charles 

Keller, Daniel 

Ketler, Lewis 

Ketler, William 

Knight, Charles 


Killing, or Keeb'ng, Luke . 

Kind, Thomas 

Kahmann, I. H 

Kettle, Jeremiah 

Kenner, Thomas 

Klengenbrummer, Nicholas 


Soldier Loyal Rangers 

Soldier 29th Regt. 
Son of Conrad Johnson. T. Dix. 
Cornwall, settler from England J.F. 
Son of Elisha who joined in 1775, and 

after the Peace of 1783 went to 

Nova Scotia. 0. E. 
Common settler in 1786. O. E. 
" 1786. O. E. 

A wife and four children, Sergeant, 

A wife and one child, Surgeon, R.R. 

S. soldier 53rd Regt., O.C., 30th Aug- 
ust, 1797, 300. 

S. soldier R.R. N.Y. Muster Roll. 

p. Genl. Haldi- 

mand's Certificate. 
Settler, came into Canada, March 

1785. Capt. John Jones J Certe. 
A wife, prov'd at Niagara. 

P. Fort Erie. 

' and two children, P. Detroit. 
S. gone to the States, soldier R.R. 

S. gone to the States, soldier R.R. 

N.Y. Muster Roll. 
Lachine, soldier R.R. N.Y. M. Roll, 
of Jessup's not in. 

liieut. Brunswick's Corps. 
Soldier King's Rangers. 
Sergt. Williamsburg. 
5ergt. Sophiasburg. 
provincial Marine Department. 
3th Regt. 
Said to have been a Sergt. in Col. 

Creutzberg's Chasseurs. 

Discharged seaman from L. Erie. 

do from Col. Bryman's Gren- 
adiers of Brunswick, 1783. 




Klenzmatin, Daniel . . ; 

Koeing, John 

Krickel, Nicholas 

Ketler, Henry 

Kerlin, John 

Kidden, Thomas 

Kelly, Thomas 

Kennedy, Andrew 

Korunme, Dingmund 

Kersy, William 

Kelly, Mathew 

Keese, Hendrick 

Kappas, Daniel 

Kelly, Joseph 

Kilman, John 

Kisker, Donald 

Kyser, Michael 

Karn, Jacob 

Ketchum, David 

Kelly, John 

Kelly, Martin 

Ketchum, Ephraim 

Keith, Cornelius 

Kirigsheart, Elisha 

Knar, John, 

Ketch, Cornelius 

Kingsberry, Joseph 

Kniskarn, Henry 

Kilmire, Nicholas , . . . 

Kayne, Michael 

Kilmire (alias Byrne), Philip 

Kanabensten, George 

Lancette, James 

Levings, Jedediah 

Lindsay, James, Senr 
Lucky, Samuel .... . 

Laughya, William. 

Loft. David 

Loyd, Henry 

Long, Conradt . . . 

Lawray, John 

Lewis, Frederick . 

Leahy, Lodowick 
Lawrence, James 
Leikee, Conrad . , 


German soldier. 

Soldier R.R N.Y. 

Y. Loyalist, emigrant from England. 

bth Regt. 

84lh " 

A soldier R.R. N.Y. Muster Roll. 
N. B. 

A. soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 
A. " " 

A. " << 

Soldier 84th Regimeet. 
Sergeant Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier " 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. 
A settler E. J. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., J. F. 
J. F. 
Soldier 34th Regiment, W. Dickson. 

Soldier ProvUatCataraqui 34th Regt. 



A soldier R.R. N.Y. Certe. H. Spen- 


S. soldier R.R.N.Y. 

S. R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
A wife and two children, a settler, J. 

F. Came to Canada, March 1785. 

Captain John Jones' list. 
3. Prov'd. at Niagara. 





Long, Philip 

Lan-singh, P. P 

Lundergan, Cornelius 

Louks, Peter 

Low, Nicholas 

Lake, Israel 

Lampman, Abraham, Senr 
Lampman, Abraham, Junr 

Leatch, William 

Lent, Elias 

Liddle, Andrew 

Losee, Pompo 

Lucas, Daniel 

Lummis, Ezekiel 

Long, Peter 

Lyons William 

] ^angan, Patrick 

Lipscombe. Patrick 

Lamotte, William 

Laws, Jacob 

Lawler, J 

Lebrete, Alexis 

Lepage (dit Amont), J. B . 

Lewis, Nathaniel 

Lis bourne, John 

Lickemburg, Michael 

Little, James 

Long, Phili 

Lucas, Conrod 

Lyons, George 

Lawe, George 

Lamaire, Christopher 

Lemoine, Henry 

Link or Lynk, Benjamin. . . 

Livingston, Benjamin 

Lindsay, Samuel 

Long, Edward 

Linch, Frederick 

Lemon, Jacob 

Loyd. William 

Loyd, John 

Loyd, Edward 

Lindsay, Edward 

Lewis, Nathan 

Lakey, Henry 

Lutes, John 

Lang, Philip F 

Louks, Adam 

Landregan, Cornelius 


Lieutenant R.R.N.Y. 

On board of King's vessel. 
Montreal soldier R.R.N.Y. 
States for his family. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

M. Roll. 

8th Regiment. 

Lieutenant R.R.N.Y. 


Gov. Hamilton, Capt. Indian Dept. 

German Troop. 

Siege of Quebec. 

Governor Hamilton. 

84th Regiment. 

B. Rangers. 

60th Regiment. 

Loyalist U. E. by Major Mathews. 
8th Regiment. 
U. E. 

Captain 84th Regiment. 

Ensign 84th Regiment. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. 
Officer 2nd Battalion R.R.N.Y. 
Captain Guides and Pioneers. 
German soldier. 
Settler in 1789. 

T. Loyalist had been in America. 
" son of William. 

B. Rangers. 
A settler. 




Lenders, James 

Lensing, David 

Lickemburner, Nicholas 
Lans, Jacob 

Loveless, Ebenezer 

Lessley, John 

Lockwood, James . . 
Lock/wood, Peter . . 

Lewis, John 

Lubdel, James 

Lawyer, John 

Langden, Richard . . 
Loveless, Jeremiah 
Loveless, James 

Loveless, Thomas . . . 
Lamphear, William . 
Lamphear, Samuel . 
Light, Benjamin . . . 

Loughy, William 

Lonsow, Jobeph 

Leib, John 

Logan, David 

Lean, John 

Lightheart, John . . . 
Lester, Thomas, Senr 
Leonard, Baldoff . . . 

Lebarge, Jean 

Loucks, William 

Lewis, Frederick 

Lauden, Benjamin .. 

Lonsburry, Isaac 

Loucks, John 

Leonard, John 

Link, Jacob 

La Forge, Vincent . 
Lee, William 

Morey, John . . . 

Miller, Oonradt . 
Miller, Elisha... 
Miller, Justice . , 
Mabee, Abraham 

Mathews, Thomas E 


Soldier 60th Regiment W. List. 
German soldier, taken prisoner in Vir- 

Served in Burgoyne's Expedition. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

Emigrant settler. 

Son of Thomas, a subaltern in the 

late Queen's Ranger*, p. P. to L.B. 

L. 1790, 200 granted for himself. 
Sold er Loyal Rangers. 

Son of Richard Loucks. 
A settler. 
A settler. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. 
3znabruck a common settler N.McL. 
Major Holland's guides one year. 
>on of Mathias, Senr. N.McL. 
nterpreter to Six Nation Indians. 
L Black, volunteer with Capt. Bird, 
8th Regiment. 

L wife and four children. Prov'd at 

wife and four children. Capt. In- 
corporated Loyalists. 
A settler. 




Martin, Em as. 

Maxfield, John . . . 
Malone, William . , 
Munroe, Alexander 
Matice, Henry 

Mahanes, John . . . 
Morden, Daniel . . . 

Mott, Joseph 

Mines, George . . . 
Morrison, Widow . 
Mercle, Catherine. 
March, Thomas . . . 

Medaugh, Peter 

Mitchell, Agnes 

Mount, Moses 

Money, Michael 

Morland, John 


Miller, Samuel 

Morvin, Daniel 

Marcelius, Sevories 


Mitchell, Winard 

Moor, Francis 

Morehouse, John 

Morehouse, William . . . 

Mosher, Benjamin 

Munro, Elijah 

Murison, Jonathan .... 

Miller, Jeremiah 

Midaugh, George 

Mitchell, Gilbert 

Muirhead, James 

Maun, Isaac 

Maun, John . . 


Margaon, Thomas 

Miller, Nathaniel .... 

Moor, Laurent 

Murphy, John 

March, Josiah 

Maisenville, Alexis . . . 

Martin, John 

Martin, Thomas 

Myers, Michel Andrew 
Melvin, Meredith 


A wife and three children. Prov'd at 

A wife. 

A wife and five children. 
S. Soldier Butler's Rangers, see 

Mary P.'s P. 

S.' Soldier R. R N. Y. Muster Roll. 

S. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 

S. of German Troop. N. McL, 

and two children. 


A wife and child, soldier 84th Regt. p. 

discharged, came Sept. 24, 1807. 
A wife and son, a settler. 
One other woman and child. 
S. Sergt. Butler's Racgers. 
S. Abst. from Cataraqui. 
A wife and child, gone off. 



Jone to the States.R.R.N.Y. M.Roll. 


Soldier R.R.N.Y., M.Roll. 

oldier King's Rangers. 


B. Rangers. 

urgeon Mate 60th Regt. 
Lieut. R.R.N.Y. 

)apt. King's Rangers, 
iergt. Marysburgh. 

Detroit Volunteers and Pro. Navy. 

>oldierR.R.N.Y., M.Roll. 
>oldier R.R.N.Y. 
}apt. with Gov. Hamilton. 
"^ Loyalist. 

STear five years in the Navy. 
st Bat. 60th Regt. 25 yrs. N. C. 
Lieut. Marine Dept. 





Miles, James , 

Minzies, James 

Margan or Morgan, William 

Mitchell, John 

Mosher, H ezekiah 

Miller, Ulrich 

Moenneke, John Fredk. . 

Miller, John 

Milton, Thomas 

Milton, Thomas, Jr 

Mansfield, Martin 

Mariner, Barrett . 

Mompesson, Capt . . 
Morris, William.... 
Morris, Nathaniel. . 
Morton, Alexander. 
Martine, Robert .... 

Mulloy, James 

Moody, Jonathan . . 
Marks, Christopher. 

Mpnier, John 

Mirvay , James 

Milliard, Isaac 

Miglebury, Peter . . 
Misener, Leonard . . 

Mickler, Godfry 

Myers, Christian . . . 

Myers, George .... 
Messamore, John . 

Mellott, Peter 

Murray, Patrick . . 
Mills, Cornelius . . . 

Massey, James 

Martial, John 

Mechison, John 

Morrison, Angus 

Marsellis, Garret 

Muirhead, John 

Mann, William 

Mann, Edward . . 

Mitchell, Hugh 

Mantle, John Baptiste . 

Miller, David 

Munro, Cornelius 

Mosier, John 

Miles, Thomas 


Loyalist, served during war. 


Sergt. Oznabruck 53rd Regt. 

Drum Major, Williamsburgh. 

Augusta settler, R.J.D.G. 

German Soldier. 

84th Regt. 
Treasury Loyalist. 

Wife and 5 children, Treasury Loyal- 
ist, Emigrant from Ireland. 
Treasury Loyalist. 

Seaman, Emigrant 1792. 
Indian Department. 

Of Mountain, son of Michl. Myers, 

N. E., N.McL. 

A soldier in German Corps, W.D. 1788. 
Loyalist Major Close's list, " 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll. 

one Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll. 


T. Loyalist, had been a sol. in America. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. Mus er Roll. 





Mullen, John , 

Murray, George 

Mindor, John 

Mallory, Ephraim.... 

Mallory, Elisha 

Mallory, Jeremiah . 

Munro, Israel 

Mires, Jacob 

Mace, John 

Mahan, Hugh 

Mann, Thomas .... 

Miller, Ralph 

Maynard, Henry . . 
Moore, Jasper ....... 

Michel, David .... 

Mead, James 

Mock, John 

Mitchel, David .... 

Mott, Henry 

Maxwell, William.. 

Millers, John 

Mosier, Christopher 

Moffit, William 

Mitchel, John 

Myers, Philip...... 

Mulroy, John 

Mukle, Richard 

Murchison, Murdo . 

Morgan, Kinzie 

Mengis, James 

Murphy, John 

Monk, William .... 

Millon, John 

Mitchell, John 

Mott, Joseph 

Mathews, Pompey. . 
Moore, Patrick .... 
Mabee, John 

Moor, William 

Mills, John 

Merwin, Elnathan . 

Myers, Godfrey 

Miller, Nathan ... 
Marchand, Francis 
Mosley , George .... 
Miller, Sanmel . . . 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll 

Settler from Vermont, L.B.L., 1790. 
Drummer in Jessup's. 
Soldier in Jessup's. 
Late from New York, L.B.L., 1790. 

State " 
Soldier 8th Regt,, L.B.L., 1790. 
Soldier 60th Regt. 
Ensign Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Son of Michael Myers, U.E., J. F. 
Soldier 84th Resrt. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. 

U ( 

Drummer 29th, 34th or 53rd. 

Soldier 26th and 29th Regiments. 

Drummer Butler's Rangers. 


Soldier German Troops. 

Lancaster soldier 44th Regt., N.McL. 

Soldier R.R,N.Y.,J.F. 

Black soldier, R.R.N.Y.. J.W. 

Soldier 44th Regt., p. Discharge. 

States that he remained in Sussex 
County till the close of the war. 

Soldier 84th Regt. 

Soldier 31st Regt. 

Served under Gen. Burgoyne, not resi- 
dent, O.E. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., O.E. 

From Scotland, W.D. 

Soldier 84th Regt. 

Served in the Engineer Department. 

Incorporated Loyalist at Ward's 
Block House. 




Maracle, Henry 

Miller, Jacob 

Muirhead. James 

Moor, John 

MeAulay, James 

Me Alpine, the late, by Elizabeth 

McBride, Peter 

McBride, John 

McCoye, Squire 

McKinnon, John 

McMichen, John 

McNabb, Colin 

McDonell, Angus 

McDonell, James 

McCarthy, Francis 


McKay, William 

McKenzie, Alexr 

McKenzie, Alexander 

McLean, Allan 

McLean, Hector 

McCarty, Edward 


McFarson, James 

McGillies, Randall 

McLaughlin, John , 

McPherson, Daniel 

McGregor, Gregor 

McCann, Andrew 

McColgan, Adam 

McClellan, James 

McDonell, Alexr 

McDonell, Patrick 

McFall, the late, by his daughter 

McFarlane, J ohn 

McMillan, Alexr 

McNabb, Allan 

McTavish, Alexr 

McKillop, Daniel 

McGowin, Stephen 

McMahon, John 

McGill, John 

McCarthy, Duncan 

McCaghey, John 

McClure, John 

McNight, James 

McLean, Neal 

McArty, John 

McKay, Francis , 


Soldier Butler's Rangers, S.G. 

Surgeon 60th Regt. 
Soldier 8th Regt. , p. discharge. 
Surgeon's Mate, Q.R. 

Soldier 34th Regt. 
Sergt. Q.R. 
Corpl. King's Rangers. 
Captain Butler's ' 
B. Rangers. 

Ensign Nova Scotia Volunteer?. 
Lieut. 71st Regt. 
Ensign 84th " 

Ensign R.R.N.Y., as McKenty. 
Lieut. Delaney's. 
'' R.R.N.Y. 


Ensign " 
Lieut. 29th Regt. 
' 84th " 
84th " 
Loyalist, W.D. 
B. Rangers. 

do Sergeant. 
8th Regt. 
84th " 

Service at Detroit. 
Lieut. Q. Rangers. 
Soldier B. 

orpl. Q. 
Soldier R. R. N. Y. Muster Roll. 
Killed in the King's service. 
Boat bldr. Served in various situations. 
Lieut. Delaney's. 

'* Q. Rangers. 
Soldier in 74th Regt. 
Sergt. in B. Rangers. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. 

Qr. Master Q. Rangers. 
Corpl. Charlot'nb'g. R. R. N. Y. M. Roll. 
| Williamsb'g. 

Sergt. Elizabeth Town. 
Lieut. 84th Regt. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. M, Roll. 
42nd Regt. 





McDonell, Henry or, James . . 

McGraugh, Garrett 

McAlpine, and children 

McMullan, Neil 

McClay, Mrs 

McMullan, John 

McMullan, Alexr 

McMullan, Angus 

McMullan, Catherine 

McMullan, Patrick 

McMullan, John 

McMullan, Hugh 

McCarthy, Timothy 

McCrea, Thomas .' 

McPherson, Kenneth 

McKay, James 

McLean, Hector 

McKain, Samuel, and wife , 

Mclntosh, Donald. 

Me Bean, Donald , 

McKenzie, Widow 

McKercher, Donald 


McCallum, Donald 

McGregor, Margaret, and child. 

McLeod, Daniel 

McLean, N*-il, and wife. 

McKinly, William 

McGregor, Philip 

McMasters, Samuel . 

McHern, John 

McClougady, James. 

McCosson, John 

McCue, James 

McMullen, Michael . 
McDowell, Konald.. 
McDonell, John. 
Mclntee, Barn's. 
McLeod, Norman. 
McBee, Lewis. 
McMean, John. 
McLeod, John. 
McCarfrae, Dennis. 
McDonald, Donald. 
McLean, John 

Treasury L. English emigrant. 
Lieut. do. 
Treasury do. 

do. from Staten Island. 

do. Emigrant from Ireland. 

do. <? 


do. " 




1792. Emigrant from England. 
Came up as a sailor, Marine Dept. 
M. Elliott. 


British soldier. 

Provisioned at Johnstown. R.R.N.Y 
M. Roll 

Wife and five children. 

A soldier R.R.N.Y. J.F. 

A wife and four children. 

At Montreal. 

A wife and five children. Prov'd at 

Coteau Du Lac. 

Lachine. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
Coteau Du Lac for his family. 
Statesfordo. SoldierR.R.N. Y. M. RolL 
To Johnstown. " " " 

Native of Ireland. Major Close's list, 





McKinty, Francis 

McLawren, Evan 

MoCarter, Donald 

McDonell, Evan 

McDbugall, Peter 

McCarty, Caleb 

McVicar, Dougal 

McKellup, Alexander . , 
McCormiss, William.... 

McMurdy, James 

McKenvjn, Charles 

McCartney, James 

McDonald, James 

McGregor, Duncan 

McKenzie, John 

McKenzie , Thomas 

McNeil, Alexander 

McSheehy, Eugene 

McNeil, James 

McG-illivray, Daniel.... 
McKenzie, Alexander . , 

McMullan, John 

McDonald, Michael 

McKenzie, John 

McDonell, Randy 

Mclntosh, Alexander . . 

McKendrick, John 

.McLaughlin, Archibald 
Me Arthur, Jenny 

McDonell, Colquhan . 
McGuire, Donald . . . 
McDonell, Hector. . 
McDonell, Catharine 

McPhee, John 

McDonell, Finlay 

McPhee, Duncan 

McKenzie, Roderick. . . 
McCew, Patrick 

Near, Charles 

Nicholl (or Nichorlas), John 

Noys, Nathaniel 

Newkirk, William 

Nicholson, William 

Sergt. -Major R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 


Soldier 31st Regt . L. B. L. 1790. 

" 84th " L.B.Nassau, 1794. 

" 71st " 
Sergeant Loyal Rangers. 


Died in 1782. 

Died in 1783. 
R.R. N. York. 
A soldier. 

97th Regt. 
Danghter of John Hogart, who joined 

in 1779. N. McL. 
Soldier in 84th Regt. J. F. 
Son of Patrick. J. F. 
Son of Farquhar. (Deceased.) J. F. 
Daughter of Wm. Cameron of Char- 

iottenburg. Soldier R, R. N. Y. 

Joined in 1777. 
Common settler N. McL. and one 

was a soldier 73rd Regt. Discharged 

in Britain. 

Common settler (deceased). N. McL. 

Joined in 1777. 22-12 Lancaster. " 
Soldier 84th Regt. 

Soldier King's R. 

Sergt. Fredericksburg. R.R.N.Y. 




Newkirk, E 

Newman, Arthur 
Neighton, John . . 
Nap pin, Widow. . 
Nicholl, Robert. . . 
Neddo, Lewis . . . 

Neder, Luke 

Newkirk, John 

Newark, John 

Neibour, John 

Nail, Frederick 

Newton, John 

Newton, Thomas ... 

Nicholas, James 

Nanamaker, Jacob. 

Night, Charles 

Northrop, Elihu 

Northrop, Azer 

Nelson, Caleb 

Nicholas, John 

Nix, John 

Nunn, John 

Nettleton, Timothy 

Oakley, Benjamin.. 

Orra, Philip 

Oflaharty, Patrick. . 
O'Carr, Peter 

O'Neal, John 

Orser, Widow 

Ostrom, Ralph .... 
O'Hara, Catherine. 

Ostrander, Andrew 
O'Brien, Widow.... 

Osliger, Hen 

Oyler, Valantine . . 
O'Bryan, Timothy. , 
Orchard, Donald . . 

O'Harra, Kain 

O'Bryan, John 
Orchard, William.., 
Oatman, Henry 
Osburn, Nathaniel. . 
Okes, John 


Soldier B. Rangers. 

Called a good Loyalist. 

Soldier 5th Hegt. 

and one child. Prov'd. at Cataraqui. 

A wife and one child. 

A wife and one child. Prov'd. at 
Johnstown. U. Canadian. Not pri- 

A wife and four children. 

A wife. Prov'd. at Niagara. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

Soldier 53rd Regt., L.B.L., 1790. 
Sergt. Loyal Rangers. 
Soldier ' " 

" Jersey volunteers. J.F. 
Son of Amos, a settler. O.C. 

Soldier King's R. 

t " 8th Regt. 
Said to have been on the Lakes a 

Petty Officer. 

Lieut. Jessup's or Roger's, 
and child. Prov'd. at Cataraqui. 

and son. Prov'd. at Johnstown, widow 
of a Royalist, J.F. , widow of Kean 
O'Hara, soldier K.R.N.Y. N.McL. 

Wife and child. Prov'd, at Niagara. 

and two sons. 

A. Quitted his land. 

Loyalist Major Close's list, 1788. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.L., 1791, 
Soldier Loyal Rangers. 




Ostrander, Evert . . . 
Ostrander, Abraham 
O'Kief , Cornelius . . . 
Orr, Thomas 

Patterson, Ebenezer 

Patterson, George 

Patra, John 

Persons, Christopher 

Pells, Henry 

Phils, Thomas 

Phils, Samuel 

Poickle or Pike, Jonathan . . 
Pickle, perhaps Christopher 

Pickle, Jacob 

Phillips, Almon 

Phillips, Seth 

Pritchanl, Azariah 

Pritchard, Azariah 

Purkins, Jonathan 

Palmer, Joseph 

Palmer, Joseph Junr 

Parker, John. . , 

Powell, Joseph 

Price, Joseph 


Pratt, John 


Pardo, John 
Philiply, Charles 

Pike, John 

Pomainville, J 

Powell, Joseph 

Prince, John 

Parks, Rolland 

Paxton, Thomas 

Pollard, Richard Esq 
Pilkington, Robert . . 

Porter, Richard 

Porty, Christian 

Palmerston, James.... 
Pruin, William 

Peirce or Pearson . . 
Purkess, William ... 
Parker, William.... 


Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Soldier 84th Eegt., N.McL. 

Soldier King's Rangers. 




Soldier King's Rangers. 

Sergeant 8th Regiment. 

Soldier 34th Regiment. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. M.R. 

Soldier B. Rangers. 

Capt.,an apothecary from the S.ward. 

3orpl. of Osnabruck. Soldier R.R. 
N.Y. M. Roll. 

Sergeant Fredericksburg. 

5th Regiment. 

Ten years in 44th Regt., and volun- 
teer all the war. 

A settler after the war, M. Elliott. 

jrov. Hamilton. 

[ndian Department. 

3. Rangers. 


Marine Department. 

Borne arms in 1775. 

^ieut. Royal Engineers, not privil'gd. 

Capt. 60th Regiment, 

German soldier. 

Volunteer Indian Department. 

Treasury Loyalist. Emigrant from 

Was in His Ma- 
jesty's service in America, 





Phillips, John 

Treasury Loyalist. Called a Jew from 
Loyalist, W.D. 
A wife and two children. Prov'd. at 
A wife and three children, 
and wife. 
S. John Justus Prippin, soldier 34th 
S. Prov'd at Johnstown. Drummer 
R.R.N.Y. M.R. 
A wife and child. Soldier R.R.N.Y. 
M. Roll. 
A wife. Soldier RR.N.Y. M. Roll. 
S. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
S. Soldier 8th Regiment. 

S. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 


S. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 

A wife and four children. 

and two children, 
and wife. 
Gone to the States. 

At Quebec. 
At Montreal. 
To Johnstown. 

German Soldier. 

In many years much persecuted. W.D. 
A drummer R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
A soldier 
A. " 
A. Senzt. " " 

Pike, Robert 

Piercy John . . 

Peters, Joseph 

Parsalls, John 

Prippin, Augustus 

Paterson, Ellas . . 

Painter, George 

Potter William 

Pickle, James 

Prosser, Richard 

Perry, Edward 

Putnam, Nathaniel 

Pescod David . . . 

Paddock John 

Plaus, John 

Plaus, Richard 

Prime, Cato 

Picket, William 

Price. William 

Pritchard, John 

Parks, Min 

Philips, Nicholas 

Philips, Nicholas Junr 

Pattengell, C 

Price, Patrick 

Preter, John 

Pfaudt, Frederick ... 

Pervisus, John . . . 

Pecking, James 

Plasse, John 

Pea, Charles 

Predget, John . . . 

Playges, Laurence 

Ploss, Henry 

Pitcher, Laurence 

Patten, Robert 

Pangart, Conrad e 

Peppers, John 

Partners, Adam 

Pimricais, Joseph 

Plantz, John 

Perch, Robert 

Palmer, John . . 




Perch, Nathaniel 
Prime, Francis . 
Putnam, Francis. 

Price. J acob 

Plant, John .... 
Parlmis, John . . 
Parlmis, George . . 
Pennick, Joseph 

Parish, Joel 

Putman, Robert 

Pettit, Jonathan 

Pritchard, Stephen 

Poyer, Nicholas 

Parnel, Abraham 

Parker, Wm 

Preston, Wm 

Plinter, Christopher 

Persons, Chalwell 

Proctor, Ephraim 

Plass, Peter 

Pest, John (died in January, 1783) 

Poor, Augustus 

Parthlow, John 

Portague, Baptiste 

Peters, Andrew 

Pettit, Dunham 

Phelps, Jonathan 

Prosser, Richard 

Papts or Babst, John 

Park, 'James 

Putrnan, Nathan 

Phillips, John 

Quig, Patrick. 

Ryan, Cornelius. 
Roggie, John . . . 

Rampler, Henry 

Road, Wolf Gang 

Robinson, Benjamin 

Ruhart, Jacob 

Redin, Edward 

Ronon, John 

Ruff, James 

Ruport, Peter 


A. Soldier R.R.N. Y. M . Roll. 
A. " 
A. " 

A, " 

I. Corporal " 

Loyalist ^Major Close's List, 1788. 

Son of Captain James Pennick, of 
Peter's Corps. P. to L.B.L. 1790; 
states from Vermont lately. 

From Vermont, P.L.,L.B.L.,1790. 

Soldier 29th Regt. 

An old soldier. L.B. Nassau, 1794. 

A Soldier 29th Regt. 

German Soldier, Regt. of Spink. 

A solder during the war. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

R.R.N. Y. J. F. 
Son of Adam Papst, U.E. 
Volunteer, Indian Dept. 
Emigrant from the States. J.F. 
Soldier 2nd Batln. R.R.N.Y. H. 

S. Prov'd. at Johnstown. Soldier 

84th Regt. 
Lieut. T. Loyalist. 
A wife and 4 children. T. Loyalist 

German Soldier. 
T. Loyalist. 

B. Rangers. 
8th Regt. W.D. 
84th Regt. W.D. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., also one named 
Peder Rupert, R.R.N.Y. I.C. 





Robertson, David 
Ruiter, Henry . . . 
Ruiter. John . . 

Ruiter, Henry 

Ross, John 

Raricier, Joseph 

Reynolds. Samuel 

Rozacrantz, Nicholas 

Reynolds, Thomas , 

Rivard, F 

Roberte, Francois 

Itoberte. Joseph 

Roe, Walter 

Rose, John 

Rudhftst or Ruhart G. <fcJ, 

Ross, John 

Rough, James , 

Rummerfield, Anthony . . . 

Ruth, Richard 

Ryter, John 

Rogers, James 

Ross, Lewin Ralph 

Raimond, Widow 

Reynolds, John 

Redford. Thorns . 

Roat, George 

Rochell, John 

Ridley, Wm 

Ryckman, Widow. 
Reynolds, Daniel , 
Ross, Charles 

Roach, John 

Richardson, George 

Read, Duncan 

Ruport, Francis .... 
Ruport, John 

Ruport, Adam 
Ruport, Hans. 
Rose, James . . 
Rose, Henry . 

Richardson, Edward .... 
Ramsay, James 

Sergt.. Cornwall and Koxboro'. 
Captain R. Rangers. 
Lieut. or Loyal Ran 


Maior 34th Regt. 
Butler's Rangers. 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. R. 
Volunteer Butler's Rangers. 
Oommiss'y. of Provisions. 
Srovr.. Hamilton. 
Detroit Volunteers. 

Warrant Off cer, Marine Dept. 

B. Rangers. 

Loyalists and B. Rangers. 

Sergt. 26th Regt. 

Flis Majesty's Navy ; last war. 

Jailed a good Loyalist. 

Entered the service in 1758. 
A discharged soldier. 

Long prisoner ; attached to us. 

Lieut. 5th Regt. (not privileged). 
One child. Prov'd. at Cataraqui. 
S. Soldier King's Rangers, L. B. L. 


and 3 children. 
S. Prov'd. at Johnstown. Sergeant 

Loyal Rangers. 

A wife and child. Soldier Loyal 


S. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
R.R.N.Y. Joined in 1776. N. 
McL. . 
A wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
A discharged German soldier One of 
this name came in in March. Capt. 
John Jones. 

,nd Wife, prov'd. at Niagara, 
and 2 women. 




Ransier, Ann 

Reid, Michael 

Royser, Michael , 

Roach, James 

Roland, Lewis 

Roing, losare ) 
Rhuart, Jacob J ' ' 

Ramser, Adam 

Rawsom, Christr 

Raw, John 

Reynolds, Solomon 

Reynolds, Reuben 

Ramsay, James, Jr, 

Reynoll, Wm 

Ritchie. John 

Rose, Wm 

Riley, David 

Robinson, Robert 

Rose, Finlay - 

Rice, Frederick 

Rawlins, Grant 

Reid, Alexander 

Robinson, James 

Rowstoun, George 

Reynolds, John , > 

Reynolds, George I 

Rasseiy, Julions I 

Rassley, Frederick J 

Randall, David 

Renna, John 

Reynolds, Ephraim 

Reynolds, John 

Rily, Thomas 

Robins, Joshua 

Rouse, George . . 

Robertson, Duncan , 


Ref enburg, Abraham 

Radiker, Henry 

Russel, Elisha 

Robins, Wm 

Row, Alexander 

Row, James 

Resh, Philip 

Robinson, Joseph 

Ren, Anthony 

Richardson, William 

Reynolds, Samuel. . 


and 1 Man. Provd. at Fort Erie. 
Canada. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 

Soldiers, Butler's Rangers. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Scotland, Major Close's, 1788. 

N.B. Soldier R.R.N,Y. M, Roll, 

I. Sergeant 

E. Soldier 

N.B, " 


Barbs. Sergeant 

I. Soldier 

N.B. " 

E, " 

Mjr. Close's List, 1788 Loyalists. 

A Settler, 1790. 

Soldier Col, De Bernard's Hessian. 
A Settler, L.B.L., 1790. 
Soldier King's Rangers. 

24th Regt. 

An old Soldier, L.B.N., 1794. 
Sergeant Loyal Rangers. 


R.R.N.Y. J. F, 
Soldier R.R.N.Y. J.F. 

Soldier ( German Troops. 
Soldier Butler's Rangers. 
German soldier, N.McL. 
Son of Asa, employed on Secret ser- 
vice, and died therein. O.E. 
Volunteer Butler's Rangers. S.G. 




Ricely, Christian ... 

Smith, Joseph 


Scetterly, Joseph 
Shank, Jacob 
Slengerline, Philip 
Smith, Eliphilcete 
Snyder, Christian 
Speed, George 
Spencer, Thomas 
Stuart, Solomon 
Stevens, Simon 
Sweet, Nicholas 
Shwarts, Frederick 
Sutton, Isaac 
Shunck, Martin 
Bhilders, John 
Skeaws, John 
Slain, George 
Slingerland, Tunis 
Smith, Adam 
Smith, Robert 
Stevens, Nicholas 
Stewart, George 
Stout, Martin 
Stout, Richard 
Saint Endre, I.B 
Schefflin, Jonathan 
Scott, William 

Elizabeth, his daughter. 
Speak, Simon 
Shaver, Michael 
Shoick, Peter 
Siebetslie, George 
Simmonds, James 
Smith, John 
Smith, I. or J 
Smith, Thomas 
Soweracrito, I. B . 

Spackman, J 
Stoaly, John 
Shippy, Zebulon 
Small, George 

Smith, William 

Stapleton, the late (by Elizabeth) 
Staggman, John 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. 

Sergt. Edwardsburg L. Rangers. S.G. 

" of Fredericksburg. 
Soldier K. Rangers. 


R.R.N.Y. or King's Rangers. 

A soldier. 
B. Rangers. 

Naval Dept. 

Interpreter Indian Dept. 
B. Rangers. 

Detroit Volunteers. 

" Lieutenant. 
Loyalist, private Detroit Volunteers. 

B. Rangers 

Hesse Hanaiu. 

B. Rangers. 

German Corps and Provincial Navy. 

8th Regt. 

84th and at taking of Quebec. 

Marine Dept. 

Detroit Volunteers (sergeant). 

Royal Artillery. 
B. Rangers. 

Called a good Loyalist. 
Served under Sir John Johnson, Cor- 
poral. R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 
German Marine Dept. 
Master Carpenter Engineers' Dept, 
Lieut. Hessian Corps, 




Sutherland, David 



Swerdfager, Rev. William. 

Steadman, Philip 

Schel, Anthony 

Schudlett, James 

Schnitter, Nicholas 

Semler, John 

Swartfager John 

Shaw, Hugh ...-. 

Sheler, John 

Staylor, William 

Shabash, Peter 

Stark, Henry Bethune 

Shuman, George 

Schutz, George 

Slingerland, Walter 

Shepherd James 

Smades, Joshua 

Spragus, Jonathan 
Scarlett, George 

Stewart, Francis 

Stafford, Abel 

Spinks, James 

Stapleton, Elizabeth. 

Shouk, Patrick 

Segon, Jacob 

Stratton, Thomas 

Scott, William 

Steel, Margaret Scott 
Stephenson, James . . 

Scott, Catherine 

Spalden, Catherine .. 

Stretch, Daniel 

Stephinson, Richard . . 

Sibley, Gilbert 

Sibley, Sarah 

Selby, Thomas . 
Swartze, Peter . 
Sinpless, Robert. 
Seek, Nicholas . 

Skeetel, Jacob . 



B. Rangers. 

His father fell in service of the King. 
Much persecuted, came in in 1790. 
Not privileged, 
erman soldier. 


Sergt. 25th Regt. 
29th Regt. 

Dorps of Rangers. 

~reen Yagur. 

Capt. 63rd Regt. 

A soldier German Regt. 

A soldier. 

B. Rangers 

Sergt. K. A. Dragoons. 
Joined at New York, 1778, Secret 

Came in 1794 ; lost his property. 

lis father's house and barn burnt in 

A settler in 1794. 
VCarine Dept. 

>Vidow of William Martin, Corporal, 

B. Rangers. W. D. 

jhip Carpenter, Lake Champlain. 
Sergt. Detroit Volunteers, 
daughter of Jacob Huett, a settler, 
"""reasury Loyalist ; had been a tavern 
keeper in New York, 
'reasury Loyalist. 

" ' emigrant from England. 

son of the widow Sarah, 
from Nova Scotia, a 
widow, and is returned there, 
reasury Loyalist. 
Sutler's Rangers. W.D. 
oyalist, W.D., Butler's Rangers. 

" a child not privi- 
leged, ISO-. 




Skittle, Jacob, . 
Smith, THomas 
Spiers, John . . 
Scout, John 

Simmon, widow 

Swope, Stephen 

Sangerhausen, George 

Schnyder, Peter 

Schnyder, Zachariah . 

Seager, John 

Sinnet, Peter 

Sample, Hugh 

Staples, Ebenezer 

Sopner, Joseph 

Shoultz, Peter 

Surwatt, Christian . . 
Spratley, Thomas 

Stout, John 

Somers, Laney 

Smith, Conrod 

Spencer, Barnard 

Sagus, Henry, or Segar 

Stoneburner, James 

Streets, James, Junr. . . 

Serey, Richard 

Stickman, John 

Stoly, Jacob 

Schrout, Henry 

Soper, Sarah 

Seron, Christopher 

Shaver, Nicholas 

Shyers, Jacob 

Swanson, George 

Snow, John 


Segar, John 

Schram, James 

Schram. Abraham 

Song, Peter 

Smith, Mathias 

Sheverland, John 

Stawple, Jacob 

Steaty, John 

Springstin, Gasper 

Simmouds, James 


Loyalist, W. D. 

" Marine Dept. 
S. prov'd at Cataraqui. 
A wife and one child ; soldier Loyal 


and two children 
S. soldier Loyal Bangers 
S. " 

S. " 

A wife and seven children. 

S. soldier 29th Regt. p. discharge. 
S. " 53rd Regt. (or Sowerwort). 
S. Provincial at Johnstown, soldier 

R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

S. son of John of Cornwall U.E. J.F. 
S. Sergt. R.R.N. Y. Muster Roll. 
SolcUajJLoosburg Hessian Regt. 
One chiltT 

S. soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll 
A wife and child. 
A wife and five children ; emigrant 

from the States. J.F. 
A wife and two children. 
S. soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, 

Six children. 
A wife and two children, prov'd at 


A wife and five children. 
A wife. 

And wife. 

And wife. Prov'd at Fort Erie. 
A wife and child. 





Stringer, John 

Scrambling, David. 
Sutton, Samuel 

Scanlin, John 

Stotlick, Philip . . 
Smith, Hugh 

Slingerland, Dennis . . . 

Skinner, Isaiah 

Schequet, Jacob 

Stedman, William 

Springer, Margaret . . 

Steby, John 

Stoffle, Jacob 

Scuss, John 

Shoart, Michael 

Sitnoff, Jacob 

Springsteen, George. . . 

Stringer, Andrew 

Showman, Conrade . . . 

Secord, Magdalen 

Steishoff, John 

Snider, Luke 

Snider, Saul 

Smith, Fticke 

Shotice, John 

Simson, Robert 

Sons, Bott Samuel. 

Sewert, Jacob. 

Shivington, Francis , . . 
Sturuat, Chiistopher . 

Soy, Anovy 

Singer, John 

Shortcrop, Christopher 
Scheffre, Michael 

Shepley, John 

Speckman, Joseph. 
Sherman, Henry . . 
Schel &ted, George . 
Stoutmyre, Adam. 
Showls, John G . . , 
Shaver, George . . . 

Shaver, George 

Smith, William 
Sheveritt, John 

And wife. Gone off to the States. 


At Montreal. Soldier R.R.,N.Y. M. 

At Montreal. 

Terrebonne. Soldier R.R.N.Y., M. 


Son of Timothy. 

Sergeant Loyal Rangers. 

Soldier German corps. Major Close's 
list, 1788. 


German soldier. 

A German. 

Served as boatswain on Lake Erie. 

F. Soldier R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll. 
. 25 years soldier R.R.N.Y. Mus- 
ter Roll. 

A. 20 years soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster 

E. Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

E. " 





Seymour, Henry 

Spratly, Thomas 

Syphert, Joseph 

Shades, Adam 

Sullivan, Dennis 

Schamerhorn, Peter . . . 

Siver, Henry 

Stoneberg, Stephen 

Shaver, Maurcus ....... 

Sullivan, Cornelius 

Stats, Casper 

Solomon, Jeremiah 

Slieneman, Henry 

Shirelant, John , 

Shirts, John 

Sturges, William 

Smith, Henry 

Smyth, George 

Summervill, John 

Skiukle, Henry 

Simmon, Balster 

See, James 

See, John 

Sole, Timothy 

Sharor, Thomas 

Still, John 

Stafford, Joseph 

Sastera, Joseph 

Stone, James 

Stever, Peter 

Scott, David 

Slater, William 

Scott, David,. Junr. 

Scott, Neil 

Stenson, Elnathan , 

Scott, Daniel 

Stone, Simon 

Sampson, Aaron 

Sampson, Theophilus .. 

Sewseth, Henry , 

Sulfrage, John 

Sutherland, James 

Sharp, Philip 

Scott, Abraham 

Saff ara, J oseph 

Simmons, Jonas 

Suurr, Peter 

Sherer, Thomas 

Sanders, William, Junr 

E. Soldier R.R.N. Y. Muster Roll. 












Soldier in the German Troops. 

Corporal do. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B.L. 1791. 

do. 29th Regiment. 
Soldier King's Hangers. 
Surgeon Loyal Rangers, 
Sergeant Loyal Rangers. 

(died June 1783). 

(died July, 1783). 




Sailmon, John 

Scherbert, Augustus 

Shoughnessy, Wm. Henry. 

Sayer, Henry 

Seager, John ... 

Speck, Philip 

Sweatman, Isaac 

Staus^hmill, Henry 

Shell, David . . . .' 

Stauty, Jacob 

Slingerland, Walter 

Stansfield, John . 

Sloch, Peter 

Shaffer, Esther . 

Smith, Donald , 

Schrider, Simon . , . 
Smades, Abraham. 
Swarts, Michael . . . 

Snyder, John 

Steel, John 

Sencebaugh, John 

Swartz, Henry . . 
Schultz, Peter.... 
Snyther, Michael 

Shafford, Conurt 

Smith, William 
Smith, Frederick . . . 

Sheldon, John 

Springer, Daniel . . . 

Tracy, James 

Taylor, John 

Taylor, Peter 

Tu'ffie, Samuel 

Thomas, John 

Turny, George 

Turney, John, Senr. . 
Turney, John, Junr. 

Thorn, William 

Tyler, William 

Thomas,- James 


Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

German soldier. 

A settler of 1784. J.V.A. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. 

German soldier. 

Son of ; a Loyalist. J. F. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. Jac. Slonob. 

Butler's Rangers : son of Anthony R. 

Served on board the Magnificent, 74 

Soldier 29th Regiment. 

Widow of Jacob Schafer, soldier R. 
R.N.Y. N. McL. 

Son of John, sergeant R.R.N.Y N. 

Soldier R.R.N. Y. N. McL. 

Oame in 1803 or 1804. O. E. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. O. E. 

A smith and armourer. W.D. 

Soldier 84th Regiment, p. Col. Mc- 
Donell's certe. 

Sergeant Jersey Volunteers. See 
petition of 1806. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers, p. discharge. 

Soldier 29th Regiment, p. discharge. 

Kingston. Soldier Incorporated Loy- 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Capt. J. Ander- 
son's certificate. 

Adjutant B. Rangers, S. G. 

Soldier do. 

do. do. 

do. do. 

4th Regiment, 10 years. 

Sergeant 34th Regt. Ernest Town, 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 

B. Rangers. 

8th Regiment. 

B. Rangers. 

Lieut. B. Rangers. 

Volunteer B. Rangers. 

Provincial Navy. 

Lieut. K. Rangers. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y, 




Tip, William . . . 
Troop, John .... 
Trump, Charles 

Thiery, Mr. ... 
Tully, Thomas 

Tally, Thomas, Junr 

Thureson, Lawrence 

Turner, John 

Tinbrook, Thomas 

Thorn, J ohn 

Turner, Richard 

Turner, John 

Trelow, John 

Thimhler (Templer), Christopher. 

Thomas, William 

Tilabough. John 

Truman, Francis 

Thomson, John 

Thomson, James 

Tounsend, James 

Tredenburg, Mathew 

Tarrell, John 

Thomas, James 

Taylor, Lewis 

Thezer, Mathew 

Trickey, John 

Tryar, Samuel. 
Tuffard, Conrad. 

Taylor, Charles 

Timberman, John 

Tipperaine, Christopher 

Trapp, Richard 

Thrumbell, Robert 

Tolback, Bolsor 

Thompson, Thomas 

Tibbet, John 

Thompson, Mathew 

Tall, Simon 

Tuttle, John 

Tuttle, William ; 

Tuttle, Stephen 

Tramble, Asahel 

Tuttle, Joseph 

Truman, Peter 


Gen. RiedieseFs Regt. 

(By Esther Ross. ) Lieut. 

Gunner to Onondago, L. Ontario N. 


Of Yonge. Indian interpreter. 
A wife and child. Treasury Loyalist. 

Emigrant from Ireland. 
Treasury Loyalist. Emigrant from 

Lieut. Treasury Loyalist. Emigrant 

from Ireland. 
Treasury Loyalist. 
A negro. Provisioned at Cataraqui. 

3. Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

S. British soldier. 

A wife. Provisioned at Johnstown. 

S. German soldier. J. F. 




A wife. 





A wife and two children. Soldier 

Butler's Rangers. J. F. 
Not entitled to land. 
At Montreal. 
A. settler. P. to L.B.L. 1791. 

A Canadian. Maj. Close's List, 1788. 
Loyalist. Maj. Close's List, 1798. 

T. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 

5. Drummer " 
A. Soldier 
A. Soldier 
ate from N.York State. L.B. L.1790. 

Adjutant Loyal Rangers. 
3oldier Loyal Rangers. 





Talhammer, David . . 

Trip, Robert 

Thielie, Laurence . . . 

Tuchout, James 

Tinkney, Abraham . . 
Twifle, John 

Tarlouse, John 

Tufflemire, Martin 

Turneaux, Jean Baptiste . 

Ulman, Henry , 

Udle (or riddle), John, 

Umpey, Amherst 

Upton, William 

Understone, James . . . 
Urquart, Roderick 

Ulse, Andrew 

Utler, Isaac 

Van Cure, Benjamin 

Van Duser, Jac 

Vrooman, Isaac 

Van Every, Benjamin, 

Vanderheyden, David 

Vanduwort, Peter 

Vanalstine, Lemuel . . 

Vanalstine, James 

Vanalstine, the late . . 
Vernon, Gedion. 
Van Aller, Lawrence , 


Valantine, John 

Vanvost, Yallas^ 
Vandict, Peter I 
Vagler, Evert f"" 
Vosbury, John / 
Van Every, Peter .... 

Vallade, I. B 

Vallade, Francis 

Van Camp 

Van Camp, Junr 

Visceneaux, Lewis 

Van Scott, John 

Vandyke, Gradus .... 
Vanderlip, John. 
Vansize, Joseph. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers ; 

Died in Dec., 1782. Soldier Loyal 

German soldier. J. F. 

Settler. W. D. 

Sergt. of artillery, under Gov. Ham- 

S. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M. Roll. 

25th Regt. 

Soldier K. Rangers. 

Provincial Navy. 

Mil'y claimant. 

Loyalist Maj. Close's list, U.D. 1788. 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Provisioned at Cataraqui. 

A wife & two children at Johnstown. 

S. Provisioned at Niagara. Soldier 

B. Rangers. S.G. 
A wife, four sons and one daughter. 

Soldier B. Rangers. 
Absent. 2nd Batt. R. N. N. Y. 
Gone to the States. 
To Detroit. 
To Ireland. 
By Catherine. 

Lieut. B. Rangers. 
Ensign R. 
Adjutant R.R.N.Y. 

Soldiers King's Rangers. 

Soldier B. Rangers. 
Gov. Hamilton's Volunteers. 
Detroit Volunteers. 
R.R.N.Y. W. D. 

Siege of Quebec, and Marine Dept. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. 

An old soldier. L. B. Nassau, 1794, 




Van Vplkinburg, Laurence. 

Valentine, James 

Vrooman, Thomas , 

Veeder, Lucas , 

Vernor, Michael , 

Vansnell, John 

Vansalsburg, Cornelius . 

Van Colz, John 

Voss, Christopher 

Vanvost, John 

Voluntine, Isaac 

Velie, Andrew G 

Van Camp, Jacob 

Voluntine, Gabriel 

Van Camp, Tunis 

Van Snell, Frederick 

Wade, Elijah 

Westley, Joseph . . . 
Whhe, Alexander. 

Welch, John 

Wemp, Andrew . . . 

West, John 

Willice, Abel 

Wood, John 

Wynn, John 

Winney, Peter .... 
Warner, Levit 

Warner, John 

Waters, John 

Way land, Leonaid 


Weston, Amos .... 

Weston, Samuel.. 
Whittle, Richard . 

Williamson, John. . . 
Winter, Christopher. 

Wood, James 

Wormwood, John . . . 

Wright, John 

Wright, Henry 

Wilcox, Hezekiah... 

Wallis, John 

Wakley, Stephen . . . 

Warder, Thomas 

Watson, Ralph 

Wemp, Aaron 


I. Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 





Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

R.R.N.Y.. JF. 

Williamsb'g. Soldier R.R.N.Y. M.R. 

Sergeant. Kingston. 

Capt. from the Southward. 

Naval Dept. 

Lieutenant Butler's Rangers. 

B. Rangers. 

8th Regt. 

N.C. officer Butler's Rangers. 

Corpl. King's Rangers. 



Loyalist. W. D. 

Perhaps sergt. 52nd Regt. W. D. 
Blacksmith. Many years with Sted- 

man N. P. 
52nd Regt. 
Volunteer to Port St. Vincent with 

Gov. Hamilton. 
B. Rangers. 

U.E. Loyalist. 
Soldier King's Rangers. 





Wheeler, Samuel 

Whitman, George . . . 

Winer, Joseph 

Westbrook, Andrew. 

Wilkins, Robert 


Wray, John 

Wright, Edward 

Wright, Thomas 

Ward, George 

Witzell, Nicholas . 

Wilson, George 

Wilson, James .... 
Webster, Elizabeth 

Wooding, John . . . 
Wycott, Francis . . . 

Wolfington, John 
Williams, John . . 

Wheeler, James . . . 

Wilcox, Elick 

Windall, Joseph... 
Winter, Joseph . . . 

Winter, Butler 

Wilcox, Morris . . . 

Wilcox, Isaiah 

Wytzell, Nicholas. 

Walters, Humphrey. 

Wanack, James 

Williams, Nathan... 
Williams, William . . 

Warners, Levi 

Wright, Semion 

Wormly, Jacob 

Woodcock, Peter 

Wills, John 

Wagaline, George . . . 

Winzell, Adam ... 

Willoby, William 
Watson, James . . 


Soldier King's Rangers. 

Son of Anthony. 
Sergt. 60th Regt. 
Soluier 1st Batt. 60th Regt. 
Quartermaster cavalry, Q. Rangers. 
Surgeon 1st Batt. 60th Regt. Hospi- 
tal mate during the war. 
Sertrt. 24th Regt. W. D. 
B. Rangers. 
Treasury Loyalist. Emigrant settler. 


Wife and child. Treasury Loyalist. 
Emigrant from England. 

Treasury Loyalist. Englishman. Emi- 
grant settler. 

Treasury Loyalist. 

Emigrant from Eng- 

Treasury Loyalist. 

Soldier B. Rangers. 

8th Regt. W. D.-and a 3 yrs. man. 

84th Regt. W. D. 

84th Re^t. W. D. 

Loyalist. W % D. 

A wife and five children. Provisioned 
at Cataraqui. Not U.E. 

Wife & child. Prov'd at Cataraqui. 



A wife and seven children. 


A wife. 


A wife and child. 

S. British soldier. 

S. Provisioned at Johnstown. Ger- 
man soldier. Afterwards in 60th 
Regt. N. McL. 

A wife and three children. A settler. 
N. McL. 


A wife & three children. Soldier 34th 




Wilkison, Daniel . 

Waiden, Jack 

Walker, Alex.. .. 
Willoby, John .. 
Whart, Andrew.. 
Winter, Jacob . . . 
Waldrof, John . . . 

Wright, John ....:.... 

Wolsey, Abel 

Winter, Janet 

Warner, John ... 

Watson, John 

Waldradt, Jacob 

Waunamaker, Jacob. . 
Weatherwat, William . 


A wife and seven children. 



. . A wife. 

S. Soldier R.R.N.Y. J. F. 

A wife & child. Son of Martin, Senr. 

Son of Mrs. Lenny Woldroff. 


A wife. 


A wife and five children. 

S. To Coteau Du Lac. 

S. To the States. Soldier Loyal 


Gone to the States. 

In the States. Of Jessup's Loyal 


Wickie, John Never joined. Of Jessup's. 

Wilson, James 

Woodcock, William 

White, Jesse I Volunteer in Jessup's, p. daughter's 

P. to L.B.L. 1791. 

White, Christ'r 

Wadman, William 

Westbrook, Alex 

Webster, Abraham 

Willoc, Samuel 

Willse, Abraham 

German, Major Close's list, 1788. 

. . F. Soldier R. R. NY. Muster Roll. 

Wyley, Wyndel. 

Walter, Martin 

Wesseck, George 

Weaver Nicholas 

Worth, George 

Wolf, Christian 

Wall, James 

Wearly, Peter 

Wormwood, William 

Wade, Abijah 

Wing, Ichabod 

Wing, Jedediah 

Winter, John 

Whiting, William . . . 

Ward, John 

Whitman, Maxwell .. 

Wa-d, Abel 

Wainawright, John . 
Whitman, Robert . . 
Wray, Roswell 


F " " 


F. and one a soldier L. Rangers. 
I. Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll. 


Late from N.York State,L.B.L.,1790. 
" 1790. 

Soldier 84th Regt., L.B.L., 1791. 
Sergeant Loyal Rangers, 
Soldier " 




White, William 

Williston, William 

Williston, William, Junr. 

Watson, Aaron 

Webster, Milo 

Weymore, George 

White, Samuel 

Warwick, James 

Webb, George 

Wyott, John 

Williams, Richard 

Wearing, Frederick 

Woolf, Lodowick 

Waggoner, Hermanns .... 

Wills, William 

Wintermute, Abraham . 

White, Derrick 

Watson, James 

Wayett, Daniel 

Waldroff, Widow Lenny. 

Weaver, Christy . 
Wright, Malcolm 
Wade, Arthur . . . 
Wilson, John 

Yeurex, William . . 

Young, Isaac 

Yeurex, Isaac 

Yearns, William .. 
Youngs, David . . . 
Yager, Helmes . . . 
Yager, William . . . 
Young, Andrew . . . 

Zilly, Ludowick. 
Zeinger, John... 

Soldier Loyal Rangers 


Died in Sept., 1786. Soldier Loyal 

Soldier Loyal Rangers. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y., J.F. 

Soldier 29th Regt. 

Soldier Butler's Rangers. 

A Loyalist from Maryland, O. C.,1796. 

Private 34th Regt. N.McL. 

Joined in 1777. N.McL. 

Of Martin Woldroff, Soldier R.R.N. 
Y. N. McL. 

Soldier R.R.N.Y. O.E. 

Sergeant King's A. Dragoons. 

Corpl. 44th Regt. p. discharge, 1783. 

Col. Barton's Corps, deserted from 
Staten Island, information of 
Ashael Ward, 6th Dec., 1811. 

S. Prov'd. at Cataraqui. 


B. Rangers. 
King's Rangers. 

Butler's " 

Was a gun-carriage maker. 

YORK, 22nd September, 3803. 

Major Green informs that the men belonging to the 29th and 
34th Regts. were discharged in 1787, when the regiments went 

That the 53rd went home in 1789, when some men were dis- 

That the 44th Regt. went home at the peace, when some men 
were discharged. 

That the men belonging to the 8th Regt. were discharged. 

Mr. Hamilton's Information, Oct. 2lst, 1803. 

That Colonel De Peyster and the 8th Regt. left Upper Canada in 
the summer of 1785. 

That he believes that the 34th went down in the summer of 1787. 

The land located by John Grant of Strathspay, now of Pittsburg 

E 28, U.S. R.R 55 acres. 

W^ 29, do 100 " 

E 35, 7th con. Charlottenburg 100 " 

37 | 7th con. do. granted to others 400 " 

James Grant, his father 
W23, U.S.R.R. 
W 35, 7 do. 

Catherine Leech, her children 

John Munroe ^ 

Jannet " Their father, dur- 

Robert " \- ing the war, in 

Daniel " I the new States. 

Kitty " now married to Proctor J 



Mary Leech, now Britain, illegitimate. 
Sarah Ward, now Patterson, illegitimate. 
Trulove Golden, now Adams, illegitimate. 

December 20, 1811. 

Benjamin Babcock, of Kingston, a list of his children as sworn by 
his brother, David Babcock, 25th Jan'y, 1804, before A. Wood, 

Richard is 14 years. 














lited Empire Loyalists. Centen- 
.al C omit tee 

L The centennial of the settle < 
lent of Upper Canada by the 3 
lited Empire Loyalists, 1784-