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William P. Tudor • Business Manager 

Jifiiics /)'. Duke Stjiiic 


'MkMLji p j 


Charlks B. Markham 


The death of Mr. Charles B. Alarkham on December third, nineteen hundred and rifty- 
five, brought to a close a lite spent in service to Duke University. He was with the university through 
the administration of four presidents, during which time he watched small Trinity College grow 
into one of the South's leading universities. Mr. Markham attended undergraduate school here, 
where he was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Beta Kappa. After receiving his Master 
of Arts degree in 1909, he served on the teaching staff and was assistant treasurer of Trinity College; 
when Robert L. Flowers became president in 1941, Mr. Markham was appointed treasurer of the 
university. He continued his interest in student activities and held membership on Publications' 
Board, as well as being known as an outstanding participant in civic aftairs in his native city ot 

To the memory of Mr. Markham, life-long friend ot Duke University and supporter 
of its Christian ideals the student body of nineteen hundred and fifty-six dedicates its Chanticleer. 

Table of Contents 


DUKE 1955 - 1956 




President IjaIcps; Board ot Trustees; Deans ot Men; Deans o{ Women; 
I'^ngineering; Alumni Department; CIraduate Sehools; James B. Duke 
Professors; Department Fleads; House Counselors. 



(]lass Officers; Seniors; Juniors; Sophomores; Freshmen; Nurses Organi- 
zations; Nurses Beauties; Hospital Life; Senior Nurses; Junior Nurses; 

Sophomore Nurses; Freshmen Nurses. 




Phi Beta Kappa; Who's Who; Whirc Duchv; Red Friars; Sanra FiloiiKna; 
Order ofSr. Patrick; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Delta; Beta Ometra 
Sigma; Sandals; Phi Ita Sigma; Ivv; Pi Tau Sigma; 'llui ikta Pi; Sigma 
Delta Pi; Tail Psi Omega; Delta Phi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; Arnold 
Air Society; Pi Alu Kpsilon; Varsity "D" Club; Delta Phi Rho Alpha. 



I.F.C; Pan-Hel Council; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha 
I'psilon Phi; Alpha Phi; Delta Delta Delta; Delta Gamma; Kappa Alpha 
Fheta; Kappa Delta; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Alu; Pi Beta Phi; Sigma 
Kappa; Zeta Tlui Alpha; Alpha Tau Omega; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma 
Phi; Delta Tau Delta; Kappa Alpha; Kappa Sigma; Lambda Chi Alpha; 
Phi Delta Thcta; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pi Kappa Alpha; 
Pi Kappa Phi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Chi; Sigma Nu; Sigma Phi 
Epsilon; Tau Epsilon Phi; Theta Chi; Zcta Beta Tau. 



Football; Basketball; Baseball; Track; Lacrosse; Soccer; Cross Country; 
Tennis; Golf; Wrestling; Swimming; Alen's Intramurals; W.A.A. Board; 
Nereidian; A4odern Dance Club; Pegasus Club; Women's Intramurals. 



Beauty Queen; Attendants 
and Slipper; Joe College. 

Court; Finalists; Homecoming; Fall Shoe 

At'iiiil Men- of West C.ampi 

Courtesy Bill Vandivcrt. Time In 


Diirnig Freshmcm Week, Y-Man Bill Beaty helps Fresh/iijii Gary Lane carry his trunk up W his room. 

Phyllis Stevens and 
Guy Langer ?natch 
cards at frosh mix. 

I'Imiiiili r.iin ,i,uiipr/ii;l tli, >?<,//> <>ii ihr .ii//iii.rl Ihdr-Diirh.ii/i Ihy. it ,/;,/ 
/Hit ilimpin tlif sl^irifs (ij ihnr lirshiinii slioppii/ti for ainipliiiiinhiry H,ijti. 

^H ^^^^ 



';«'-: '■^■*m^^^B^^ ' ' '' 'H^^''- "if^' ^^^^ \ 

^S pan of Ihr ir.ulitioihil inriiimn vjiuii iii.uL's tlir lon,i.,l hxiiiiiiiii: oj tlw s, liool \,:i, .,1 l)„i 
Unhrruly, «,«u;,' I /m/i/«,»; ,</,,/ (.itl Unit:,- ili,- jl.iv. in f win «/ ihr .ijiiiiiii^iniiioii fiiiUiin 

Frnh/itfn p.iss rhroiiah the reiriviufi line at the I'resijent's Reception. 

Faced liirh a larger student bndy than had been anticipated, 
L'niiersity officials set up temporary sleeping facilities. 

Barbara Hatcher receives lessons in the art oj pool J r, 
Charles I'eterson %i-ho ivas brought to Duke by Student L'ni, 

.'ifter arraniiinfi schedules and sinning course cards, studeii 
lined up in the Indoor Stadium to buy books from Mr. ll'ilso. 



linri/ifi 'III' Homecmniiig Shoii- Frank Hainer and Dick Moll repre 
si-nti-il Hiiiij 'n Horn in skit ii-hi-re tliey sang "Ji/st a Couple of Sivells.' 


As fiuinmd hy thf "llnrhaiii \lnnii." Pi Kappa Alpha prepares 
forniatmii of llir most recent events for the retiirnint; alum 

l-hiniiii the ho/ 

linn alumni Iraditionalh fialhereJ for the hjihecnc dinner and a discussion of past college da 

KQQi ITS an 

Tlif Kjppj S;,i;/«.!'i, D,ll.i l\m Delus. ami I'hi IMr.i 77;, 

/ III, JUkrintifs li-lio hiiilt .lisphiys for tlir anriKal Homecmnm^ Weekend. 

Duke ViinersnyJfMthall players line llie edv.e of the field tojolloii- e/nse/y their te.uiiiihUei progress diirinu a irry important play Jiiriivi hoiiieeommn 

Dot Fehon ami Sue Katts reflect the spirit of 
the student Iwdx after another Duke touehdrjiin. 

After Ivuiii crrjuned at the Houieeoining Sho-^- Friday ui'^hl. Queen Lois liumnur 
reiiiued over an exeitinii football i^ame on Saturday Ivtueen Duke and I'lttshuri^h. 

Ill llieir fjll liippiiii;. di, ., / ,,, i K.tppn, thf Sfiiior imii's U\u1fnliip lioiinr.iry, 

tiplxd eiririi mil iiiniihrs In .i.l.liHK tlirn miiui to h-y in front of cli.ipil. 

It'ilh Count liisir pnn'idiiiu. niinic. Shoe ,i/a/ SUpper Club pranitcd .in inform.!/ 
■^- ./.,n,Y .It iilinh l.ihin llnis .ind Curt Cobb disphiy.d oriiiiii.d h.its. 


: .^jjgj^kj 









Ar the tiiinihil Jail Slim and Slipper ueekend. Count Baste and his 
f avians jazz hand played the music for the Dukes and Duchesses. 

Celehratvin the hirtliday of Marine Corps, I'resi- 
dent Edens cuts the cake as officers watch. 

During rain at M'ake Forest 
name fans huddled under umbrellas. 

Late afternom an East Campus 

Courtesy Bill Vandivert, Time Inc. 

Dr. Edem, Senator Sam Erviii, Jr., and /) 
Charles Jordan are seated at Dad's Day D 


Thousands of foothall fans enjoyed ii'alehinK the snappy Naval ROTC unit drdi 
team from Diike dnrinn the halftimr eerentoneis of the Dnl:e-\\al;e Fo 


SpecUKiihr Carolina card tricks 
entertained both Duke stu- 
dents and telei-ision audiences. 

Xat Greenhlatt and Pete Taylor chat ivith Bennett Cerf 
just before his lecture presented by the Student L'nion. 

Dnrinv. the C.arohna-D. 
ness the first natioii.i 


of i/vitators li-ere able to ivit- 
„,/«/( front Duke Stadium. 


At -^■heelbarrov.- race. John Jordan and Linda I'ollock. 
representing A.T.O.. line up hi/ore going on to nin race. 

Efforts of the Diirlmm F,r, Company livrr- nn:.W to loiirr the Jolly Ro^er fftg 
from atop the flag, pole irhere it hra-jely fle-d.- in defiance of all those helo-^-. 

A Couple at the Jail Co-e.l Ball speciiL 
as to ii-ho ii;ll he the neu- heatity qiiee 

One of many const r net ion projects on llidr campus is the nc'^- three ami 
one-quarter million dollar a.Ulitional \vinii heinii added to the hospital. 


ii III 


Simc a ■vi-r\ rt\il iJari-ing, proMrw f,Kis Diih' ,iJ/i/iiiisrrM/irs, the Ij/f-.nrnini; car (mner Ihis a Uiiiiih time fiiiJinv. an empty space. 

Between Classes, West Campus 

Courtesy Bill Vandivert, Time Inc. 

In a U-iise monuiil oj "Right You Arc," Fred Rcgciiold clutches 
Sarah Ciitt'mo as supporters Alexander, Hughes, Hartell look on. 

Soiwr Alice Tyler, jrnm Aslieville, S. C. presented .; />;. 
recil.rl .is p.irt of the /'roi^niin deitv.ned for ,i niuiic nuj 

Adding to the g.iiety oJ the Christmas season and hoostiiK^ many spirits are the Jr. 
lernity parlies and dances, such .n this one grim l'^ the I'hi Delta Theta hralernit. 

pro hoxing match in Durham .4r 

Diirhatn's underprnileged children enjoyed the nian\ parties v,nen for them durinv. the 
Christmas season as is ei-idenced l\\ their smiles during this one the t'hi Delt-s gave. 




^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BP/ ^^M 






^-^ ^P8 




,Jm "^1 


ijk p^ 


|n||Li' J 


^^^^^^^^^Br aV^?4 ^aHbS 






hi December, the English department, in co-operation with the Chapel 
Choir, presented the annual pageant based on the Biblical Christmas story. 

Kenneth If. /. Post and lohn G. Vorh. debaters from Cam- 
bridge Unnersiry m Enghnd. challenged Duke's debaters. 

During Christmas season, a J\ 

spreading cheer b\ 

cunjiiis .ind hospilali 




' iimi mihmi 




^J' ■ 



'^^^ ^ ^ 


,-Jk«.7 Mjrui's. -j.-ifli irs Iwni, Id; .ii iiinsphnr .111. 1 uiukiir^. bnoine .r popiihu hjnv.Mil fur stiulnih xiho loir i„ r,lj\ v.-itli .7 v""'i pi::-' pi''- 

Didr std.lnits .Iriir jlony. \lxrtlf Ihnr liilh ouilioii. for .11 rvn \ liini llir ivliile t^r of rlir rirr^.ilnl politr loiifl br iv.iiI.iik "' dink llirir .Iriviiifi 


R,iro,i A.Uws Likfs n.iv.uirjiie of the fine record collec- 
tion av.Jihthle ill the Hi-Fi room of Student Union Building. 

To-urrui'^ o\er the Duke Ciiwpiis, the snoii--coi-ered Cnilnc •.piie-. i 
the clmrooms and dormitories are silhouetted against a gray sk^ 

Snoii' is not so rare in the South as is commonly thought of as attested to hy this scene nf sno'u.fatl at Duke this u-i 

Rare Book Room 
West Campus Library 

Courtesy Bill Vandivert, Time In 

I li<<\is III ilmrl riilliiiu. 
10 llnr Simr. Ihikis m 

In the Sfiriiiji the pLxce-meiit office holds interviews as this 
one hetiieen Mr. Um. Bland, ofNACA, and R. Chun. 

Often found snapping shots of 
the cmipus is official University 
Photographer, Thad Sparks. 

/ .. . " ' • ' ' - ;,■ ,1/;./ ;. //w 

n,i w.,„,!!,:i ,1,1. xrar at the basketball games as Duke played an impressive schedule and ended iiith a fine record. 







m u id 

Our of tlie fiiiesi .iltrjilm/is in the Cniiccrl S,rin ii\is tJic 
Ro/vrt Skni' ChnjU vJmh n'.u praaihd in F,-hriuTy. 

Exuiui u\,cr, -^cary students once more rush doivn the ca?i!pus 
in order to be on time for their first S:10 of the new semester. 

KAs, /iiriie/iseii .111. i 
rj-^ards, rriun.iin 
frosh di,ri„K rnsh. 

I'tit Nol,in makes use of one of the brand neir tele- 
phones installed in some of the t-:ast Campus dorms. 


At the Golden Triad, sorority members of Kappa Alpha Theta, I'l Beta I'hi. atid Kappa 
Kappa Ga/iimi JOIN for the annual dance in iihiili they present their pledge class. 

.-J campus cop u'rites out a ticket for another harassed automo- 
bile owner liho left Ins property too lonv. in the ivronv. spot. 





1^1^^-.; ":- 





^11 ^ -il^M^ 











Ow ft/ r//<- nmre uitnrsni/K .Inphns in llir Wrmnii's (<jtl,v.c I ihrjr\ -..,n //;, 
I.mihirdo Da Viiici fxhihit pr.itiitid i/i Fehniary hy Sluch/it horiini amnniltt, 

A irell-k'no'wn fraternity dance, the Sigma Chi Sweetheart Ball, 
u-as highlighted hy the erozii/ing of Queen Marilyn Montgomery. 

The tension and the excitement of a basketball game 
is reflected in the face of Coach Harold Bradley. 





I \v 



1 ii 





1 u 



117;,/,- \fest Campus enjoyed thoughts in 1956 of natioihtl elec- 
tions. East coeds Inrned leap year thoughts to other pursuits 

. >.:* 



luisl campiii corJs line iij) to placf their votes Atiaiiist this iiiihfiir setting the Duke 

for \iS(,A officers for the comiiiy. school year. pl.iyers lireseiiled "I he Merchant of Veiiue." 












1. T^ll 




Divinity School 
and Library 

At a luncheon for the Ciinipiis relifiirjiis leaders held in the Campus Unioi 
on Snnday of Religwtis Emphasis Week. Dr. Walker spoke to those present 

An added attraition at tin Min^ (,tie (luh Concert, the Barbershop 
Quartet, harmonized on '(oni\ hland Bihy" among other mimbers. 


/// ni^lliini lorm.ih ,iiid spolhsi iiiiilnnin. ampler •l'-im,\l mhier sliiMinr 
,!„■ mmu ,4 rhr Dub Amhnsj.U.n „r ,hr \l,l,l.nv Hall h,-U m th, OU (i. 

in ihc amiiial spring .(///■/-.; 
Chrsterfifld prestiili;! 

Jirmr of Didr Mihinil^. 

|i, ir^4:|. 

Girls hrrji/tilil their ilitn to tlif Sprint; 
Co-ni Ball, iilu-re Dean Cox croicned 
the May Q„ee,i Barbara Hatcher. 

At the Engineering Slwu; in March, Sterling Brock-^-ell points out to Ginny I'artloij.' the intricacies of a model designed and 7nade by a student. 


Shirley fo An, ,,//,/ hmrhrr. IXik, Mn. Am a ««;,/,•,/ tour of the iiamni's campus dininv. the MctherAhiiuhter ureWihi sfmsorej hy YWCA. 

^- .■•^_^^. ^*:i^i^f ^.-^-^ 

Uemhers of NereidhV] Club e.miilf then rviitinc diiriiii!. practice for tlieir spni/si slioi 

Misses Rahcock, Whitted, Messui: and Hiuvim hdr ad- 

wtav ,f th, ,: ;;/t, / rh H rn h I itlh 

Ih, h.rpp.r l/pli.i > ^inni hards and don Confederate nmforws to proir 
tint tilt South lul/ in, ,^ain diinnv. tlieir traditional Old South -.veekend. 



I .J* 

»^A^ -?' 


After (ievourinii box lunches, couples relax as Les Btou'>i and his Band of Renoim give the traditional laivn concert during Joe Ci.llege Weekend. 

mm. '-' Mi 


,e>) fll 



A'.r/)/).i .-J/p/zr hrijthrn ,uid llieir hrlprrs pjiiif in tlinr pwjm 
of putting, trivtiicr a ftthit for the /«■ Coltcv.:- urdriiJ. 

lor CoIUrc helps Betty Co-eii elmih to new heights in 
IhoTi-n House's display diinng the spring iL-eekend 

After the formal 
dance a urary. 
hut happy, couple 
leaves the de- 
serted dance floor. 


.■li ir,iri„ -^r.rthn- .rppro.uha, the S,,r.rh I', niikr Winmruil (uudein Ivniw ., /ymiIv spot .iti.l tli,' ,d,M pl.ur for lyjlkitii^ .ui.i r,-h. 

Oil i:\iri/i spniiK </.ns, ,i!ro»/)j o/ Diikc stti.lriiis im 
such ,is li,iih-\'s iihere ur see MjrtlMi (,r.„i,it siii 

ii.itr til iiaiiv."iits 
ri.ii,i,l,J h\ .uliiiirers. 

Ihe hwlhrrs nf K.i/i/i., Alpha .»;,/ their dates i;„ 
for the ever juipiilar campus event, a cahiii p. 


Chvhixmy, fhr C/^m [X,y liHd i„ ,\/,iv Wlulr Duchy 
hippci sririi wniih-rs Jr,.m the nsi/iK s,;nf,r c/.rs.t. 

Among the most enjoyable fraternity J 
lips, such as this one iihich the Sigma S 

are the serenades for pu 
lie in the Duke vardens 

In the spring, couples such as Gay Crossley and John 
Cole find the gardens a pleasant spot for studying. 

Dr. Rmsfll Hiimh-rl. I'resuient of Dehntii- Umier 
sity, delivered the Haccakii resile address to the Seniors 


A Iniin ptiniMinii ,,/ Si/iion jili-s Ivlnirii fhiunts ,/«,/ /tiii/.h iiiin Chapel ivhne they attend the Bacuhuireate services. 


ri/( Prrsidt Ill's Home 














Dr. A. Mollis Edens was elected Presi- 
dent of Duke University in November, 

1948, and was inaugurated in October, 

1949. He received his B.Ph. and M.A. 
from Emory University and EE.D. 
from Davidson College, University of 
North Carolina, Emory, Wake Forest, 
and Roanoke CloUege. In addition to his 
duties as president of the National C-om- 
mission on Accrediting, representing the 
Association of American Universities, 
he is vice-chairman ot the U.S. Ad- 
visory (>)mmission on [education I'.x- 
change. As President of the Universir\- 
he has worked steadily to raise the 
standards of education and to improve 
campus facilities, therel)\' receiving the 
admiration and respect ot students, 
faculty, and administration. 

Board of 

The Board ot Trustees is given the 
power to make rules and regulations 
necessary for the good government of 
the University and to manage the Uni- 
versity property and funds. Between 
Board meetings, an Executive C^ommittee 
of sc\'cn members, elected by the Irus- 
tees, holds the same power as the Board, 
excluding nominating Trustees and elect- 
ing members, and is responsible for 
submitting a report each year at the 
annual meeting of the Trustees. Nor- 
man A. C'ocke serves as both chairman 
of the Board and as an ex-officio member 
of the Executive Committee. 

The Executh-e Committee nf the Board of Trustees seated left to right are F U. Grass, B. S. 1 
(Chairman), A. H. l-dens. A. R. Kearm. P. F. Haiies. A. S. Bro%cer Missing from the group . 

uhle, G. G. AUet 
le time the pietii 

Cliarlei E. IrinltV) is Secreu 
\'ice-l'resident tn tin- Dn 

iij the Viinrrsity cind 
of I'lihtk Relations. 


riic administrative branch of 
Duke University is composed of a 
group of capable men striving to 
solve the complex problems of a 
large university and to create better 
understanding between students and 

Dr. (Charles E. Jordan serves as 
Vice-President of the Universit>- 
in the Division of Public Relations 
and as Secretary of the Universit\-; 
he is also president of the North 
Carolina School Board Association. 
Alfred Smith Brower, Business 
Manager and Comptroller, super- 
vises the University financial and 
business operations. The late 
('harles B. Markham, Treasurer of 
the University, was responsible for 
the care of all securities and financial 

Alfred S. Brower serves both as Business Manager 
and as newly appointed Treasurer of the University. 





\ 1 '" 

~^ ^ l^~ 

1 **" 

/ ^^1 


~ r7~ 


Charles B. M.nkluwi had served as treasurer since IHI: his 
death t,r„n„.n,d a life of faithful service to the University. 



Paul (iross, Dciin of the Uni- 
vcrsiry and \'icc-Prcsidcnt in rhc 
Division of Education, studied at 
the City College of New York, 
Columbia University and the Uni- 
versity of Leipzig. He was also 
Scientific Adviser to the U.S. Dele- 
gation at the General UNESCO 
Conference in 1949. Herbert J. 
Herring, Dean of Trinity College 
and Vice-President ot the Uni- 
versity in the Division of Student 
Life, holds degrees from both Duke 
and Columbia Universities and an 
honorary LL.D. from Juanita Col- 
lege. William H. Wannamaker, 
Vice-Chancellor of the University, 
received his A.B. from Wofford 
College, his M.A. from Trinity 
College and studied at Harvard 
Graduate School and abroad. 









I'iXiil M. Cross serves as Dean of ihe Vnrcersity and 
Vice-President in the Division of Education. 

WUVuvH WannMiiaher has held the position of T,,,-- 
Ckviullo, ol Did, Vnivrrsnxfor ., niimhr nf ,,,,r.. 

Herbert /. Herring, is tlie Dean of Trinity College and is also 
I ue-I'resideni of the L 'niversity in the Division of Student Life 


E.B.M 'eatherspom serves 
asDi recto rof A dmisshns. 

/.. /. MiSiirltn IS the As 
Dean of Freshmen iUhl Sopho, 

Uilli.,,,1 A nine serves js the 
Ass.H-uie /)e,,„ of Trinity CoUe^e. 


Alan K. Manchester, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, serves as the Co-ordi- 
nator of the acadnnic programs of the three colleges composing the L'niirrsitv. 

William (louncill Archie serves 
as Associate Dean of Trinity Col- 
lege. He holds degrees from David- 
son College, Wake Forest College, 
and Princeton University. Everett 
Broadus Wl-athcrspoon received his 
B.A. from Duke in 1930 and has 
served as Director of Admissions 
since 1949. He also serves as repre- 
sentative of the University on 
the College I'.ntrance Examination 
Board. Lewis J. McXurlen, As- 
sistant Dean of freshmen and Soph- 
omores, holds his B.A. and AI.A. 
from Drake University and his 
Ph.D. from Duke. Alan K. Man- 
chester, Dean of Undergraduate 
Studies and Professor of I listory, 
received his A.B. from \';uuierl)ilr 
Uni\ersir\ and his Ph.D. from 
Duke. He has also served as CXil- 
tural .A Hairs Officer at the U.S. 
l',ml)ass\ in Rio de Janeiro. 

sisr.vit n,.m of Trinity CnlleRe 

R. L. Tiirlnll s,Tirs Duh 
.IS tin- L'nncruty Ri-gislnir. 

Margaret L. Coleman is Re- 
corder in Cevtral Records Office. 

OF Men 

Lanier Ward Pratt, Assistant 
Dean of Trinity College, received 
his A.B. degree from Davidson Col- 
lege, and his M.A. degree from 
Duke. Before coming to Duke he 
taught in both Georgia and Missis- 
sippi schools and has since served in 
the Navy twice. R. L. Tu thill, who 
is the first Registrar to serve the 
University, co-ordinates the records 
and admissions of the University. 
Miss Margaret Coleman, serving as 
Recorder of the University, is in 
immediate supervision of the Cen- 
tral Records Office. Robert B. Cox 
serves as Dean ot Men, having re- 
ceived his A.B. degree from the 
University of Tennessee and his 
ATA. degree from Peabody Col- 
lege. He also did additional graduate 
work at both the Universit\- of 
North Carolina and Duke Uni- 

Rohen B.Cox. n, 
Wesl (.,. 

Inch .nise. 

Rohcrui rioraiir liniihlry is 

.\Uiry (,nnr Wi/soti hoUs the position an K 
\iiiipiis of lltwi of fnderv.rjdiLi 





Dr. Roberta Florence Brinkley has served Duke since 1947 as 
Dean of the Woman's C'ollege and professor of English, holding 
her A.B. degree from Agnes Scott College, her M.A. from George 
Peabody College for teachers, and her Ph.D. from Yale University. 
Miss Alary Grace Wilson, Dean of the Undergraduate Women, 
assumes responsibility for the non-academic affairs oi student life 
in co-operation with the house counselors and other associates. 
She is a graduate of Winthrop College and has also studied at 
Columbia University. Miss Susan Clay, Acting Associate Dean 
of Undergraduate Instruction and former Assistant Academic Dean 
of Mount Holyokc College, has served this year in the absence of 
Miss Ellen Huckabee as an academic adviser to freshman and 
sophomore women. Miss Marianna Jenkins, Associate Dean of 
Undergraduate Instruction, acts as adviser to junior and senior 
women and to the transfer advisers. Mrs. W S. Persons, who 
received her A.B. and M.A. from Duke, serves as Dean of Ad- 


De.m of V,ul,rnr.,J. Imrrinl 

'r:.,lY!li A. 
tl„- Dimlo. 

Susan Chy is Acti 
I'mU-rnuuliLUf In 


/. ll«/o \\illuws,C:.E 

Walter ].Seeley 
Dean oj the College of Enfiineeri/ifi 


The College of Engineering gives courses in 
Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, 
offering technical subjects that will lead to an en- 
gineering degree. Walter J. Seeley is Dean and Di- 
rector of Research and Development and has also 
served as consultant with the Duke Power Com- 
pany of (Charlotte since 1926. J. VVesley Wil- 
liams, Acting Chairman of the Civil I'ngineering 
Department, acts as a consultant on North Caro- 
lina highway needs and has been a consultant to 
the U. S. Air Force since 1951. Charles R. Vail, 
("hairman of the Electrical Engineering Depart- 
ment, has worked as a consultant with the U. S. 
Naval Research Laboratory and is the author of 
numerous publications. Van L. Kenxoii, jr., in 
addition to his duties as acting chairman ot the 
Mechanical l''ngineering Department, is a con- 
sultant to VVl'Stern Electric Corporation. 



The Department of Alumni Affairs is a two- 
way avenue from the alumni to the University 
and from the University to the alumni. It is the 
agency through which the alumni can make 
effective their interest in Duke and fellow alumni. 
It is a service organization, supporting such 
activities as homecomings, reunions, class or- 
ganizations, and local alumni associations, and 
also co-ordinates the plans and activities of 
volunteer workers for the loyalty fund, a vital 
part ot the financial program of Duke. It pub- 
lishes a magazine, the Alimmi Register, ten 
times annually, in addition to issuing at least 
four times annually a newsletter, sent to all 
former students not receiving the Alimmi Reg- 
ister. Finally, the members of its staff serve on 
many of the student organization boards and 
co-operate with the students in supporting many 
of their organizations and activities. 

Alimmi Registr. 
Homeconiing Weekend 

Since the beginning of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 
1926, it has awardcd^a total of 2,779 iM.A.'s and 838 Ph.D.'s. The en- 
rollment, however, remains limited to 416 students in order that par- 
ticular emphasis can be placed on individual achievement. Marcus E. 
Hobbs serves as Dean of the Graduate School, having come to Duke in 
1935 as an instructor in the chemistry department of which he later 
served as chairman until his appointment to the Graduate School in 
1954. The Divinity School was the first of 
the graduate professional schools to be 
organized on the Duke University campus. 
Its primary purpose is to train individuals 
who wish to enter the Christian ministry. 

The Reverend Doctor James Cannon, Dean ot the Divinit\' School smce 
1951, has received degrees from Trinity College, Princeton University, 
Princeton Seminary, and Birmingham Southern College. The School ot 
Forestry began in 1938 under the leadership of Clarence F. Korstian. 
The Duke Forest, approximately 7,600 acres which was placed under 
management for forestry purposes in 1931, offers a natural laborator)- 
for the development of educational work in forestrx . Dr. Korstian, 
Dean of the School, holds degrees from the Univcrsit\ ot Nebraska, 
Southeastern Christian College, and Vale Uni\ersir\-. 


/Jr..// /// ///,• S,lm,l of Arts ,//;,/ .SV, 



The School of Law, headed b\- Joseph A. McChun, Jr., has a full- 
time law faculry ot t\\ elve instrucrors, supplemenred by the Legal Aid 
Clinic start ot law vers and part-time practicing law vers who teach cer- 
tain phases of practical instruction to a limited number of students. 
Joseph McC^lain has been Dean of the School of Law since 1950, having 
been General (>ounscl for the Wabash R. R. Company during the five 
preceding vears. The School of Medicine, begun in 1930, has as its 
main objectives the teaching and cultivation 
of medicine on a scientific basis, the search 
for new and improved methods of teaching, 
and the bringing together of medical teach- 
ing with medical research at all levels of 
instruction. Dr. W. C. Davison, Dean of the Medical School, holds 
degrees from Princeton University, Oxford University, Johns Hopkins 
University Medical School, Wake Forest College and the University of 
North Carolina. The School of Nursing, headed by Ann Madeline 
Jacobansky, was established in 1931 in association with the School of 
Medicine and Duke Hospital. Dean Jacobansky represents the School on 
the Committee on Health Afl^airs, which promotes the common interest 
of the Medical School, School of Nursing and the Hospital, and oversees 
the nursing courses which provide an educational program enabling the 
students to develop the skills needed for good nursing. 

/«,/.//.-(. \i,(i.„„. h 

D,:m nf the Sthool of L. 

Am, \l. hrokuLdv 
l),:,„ oj th,- School of XiiniiiK 


James B. Duke 


I'r.Jr^u,, „J llnwry 

^ » 

1 r 




H ^ - , 




James T. Clehmd 
Proffssor of I'reachmg 







1 -^ \n 

\ \ 


R. r.uhr Col,- 
I'rofasor of St. 

WilhiirtC. IXn-Lu. 
l'roJ,iior of WdiMr 


The establishment of James B. Duke Professorships in 1952 made it 
possible for the University to give recognition to a limited number of 
distinguished scholars and scientists on the faculty and to bring to the 
faculty other outstanding scholars. E. Malcolm (Carroll, professor of his- 
tory, is an authority on both German and European history. James T. 
Cleland, Dean of the Chapel, has been a professor of preaching and a 
preacher to the University since 1945. R. Taylor Cole, professor ot 
political science, is the author and editor of five works in the held of 
government and has held Guggenheim and F'ulbright awards. Wilburt (]. 
Davison has been dean and professor of pediatrics at the Medical School 
since its founding. Calvin B. Hoover, former Dean of the Graduate 
School of Arts and Sciences, in 1948 served as special adviser in the 
administration of the Marshall Plan. Paul J. Kramer, in addition to his 
duties as a professor of botany, has done extensive research on water- 
plant relationships. Charles L. Lowndes, professor of law, is a specialist 
in the field of law of taxation. 

Ourln L. H. Im'^-iuU. 
I'rofessor of L.r^- 




\l .ilur M. Xiehfii 
I'mhssor of rinna 

Joseph /. Spengter 
Professor of Econotnks 

\\\ilur I.S,rlr 
Professor of EleelneM Fj 


James B. Duke 



IXnui T. Smith 
Vwfeswr of Bacurwh 

Lwm-I Sifirmoii 
I'ro/mor of Eimlnh 

Joseph K. Markcc is chairman of the anatomy department in the 
Medical vSchool and has carried out significant research in the held of 
polio. W'altcr Al. Nielsen, chairman of the physics department since 
1938, has carried out extensive research in the field of cosmic rays and 
holds the Navy's Distinguished Civilian Award for wartime investi- 
gations. Joseph J. Spengler, professor of economics and director of 
graduate studies in this field, is president-elect of the Population As- 
sociation of America. Walter J. Seelcy, Dean of the College of P'ngi- 
neering, in 1945 was named president of the Navy Ordnance Laboratory 
Technical Reserve, and during both wars conducted research for the 
Navy. David T. Smith is chairman of the department of bacteriology and 
an associate professor of medicine at the Medical School. H. Shelton 
Smith, professor of American Religious Thought, has held the first chair 
of its kind in an American Theological Seminary. Lionel Stevenson is a 
professor of English and a specialist in nineteenth-century English 


Kw.w/1 R. l\nnck 
Afstliftia, Art and Music 


Heading the academic departments arc r\\ cnr\-tivc 
educators who are well known spokesmen in rhcir re- 
spective fields. Head of the department of aesthetics, art 
and music is Ranson R. Patrick, who received his B.A. 
from the University of Washington and i\l.P\A. from 
Princeton. Robert J. Knight, Jr., air science, obtained 
his B.S. from Davidson. Calvin B. Hoover, economics 
and business administration, holds an A.B. from Mon- 
mouth and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. 
(Charles E. Ward, English, obtained his A.B. from Baker 
and M.A. and Ph.D. from Duke. E. WiUard Berry, 

Charles E. \V 


geology, received his A.B. and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins. 
Henry J. Oosting, botany, holds his A.B. from Hope 
College, his M.S. from Michigan State College, and his 
Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. John H. Saylor, 
chemistry, holds an A.B. from Southern Methodist and 
M.A. and Ph.D. from Duke. William H. Cartwright, 
education, obtained his B.S., M.A. and Ph.D. from the 
University of Minnesota. Herman Salinger, German, 
holds his A.B. from Princeton, his M.A. from Stanford, 
and his Ph.D. from Yale. James N. Truesdale, Greek, 
obtained his A.B., M.A. and Ph.D. from Duke. 

Herman SiiUnger 

fitmes iV. Tniesdtik 

Claw R. Se^U 

E. Malcolm Carroll 

Rohrt H. Rogers 
1 ami Roman Stiuiies 

E. Malcolm (Carroll, chairman ot rhc history dcparr- 
mcnr, received his A.B. ,iM.A. and Ph.D. degrees from rhe 
University of Michigan. Robert S. Rogers, chairman of 
the Latin department, received his A.B. from the Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, his M.A. from both Princeton 
University and Columbia University, and his Ph.D. from 
Princeton University also. Glenn R. Negley, chairman of 
rhe philosophy department, holds A.B. and Al.A. degrees 
from Butler University and a Ph.D. degree from the 
University of C'hicago. Julia R. Grout, head ot the phys- 
ical education department of the Woman's (College, re- 
ceived her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and her 
M.S. from VVellesley College. Walter M. Nielsen, chair- 
man of the physics department, received his B.S. degree 
in Electrical Engineering at the Univcrsit\- of Minnesota 

I, ilia R. a rout 
rinskal FJiualw, 

Capt. Joel C. Ford 

Xaval Science 

and his Ph.D. there also. John J. Gergen, head of the 
mathematics department, holds both his M.A. and B.A. 
degrees from the University of Minnesota and his Ph.D. 
degree from Rice Institute. Captain Joel C. Ford, Jr., 
chairman of the Naval ROTC unit, received his 
B.S. degree from the United States Xaval Academy. 
Thomas AI. Aycock, head of the men's physical education 
department, holds his B.S. degree from Oklahoma A and 
Al and his Al.A. degree from the University of Iowa, 
Eliot H. Rodnick, head of the psychology department, 
holds both his B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale Uni- 
versity. Robert S. Rankin, chairman oi the political 
science department, holds an A.B. degree from Tusculum 
College and both his Al.A. and Ph.D. degrees from 
Princeton University. 

Elmt H. Rodnick 

Robert S. Rankin 
Political Science 

Thomas M. Aycock 
Physical Education 

Hiram E. Meyers, chairman of the religion depart- 
ment, received his A.B. from Trinit\' C'oUege, his S. I'.B. 
and S.T.M. from Boston (College, and his D.D. from 
Elon College. Brady R. Jordan, head of the Romance 
languages department, holds a Litt.B. from Princeton 
and a Ph.D. from the Universit)' ot Wisconsin. 
Thomas G. Winner, chairman ot the Russian depart- 
ment, received his A.B. and Al.A. from Harvard Uni- 
versity and his Ph.D. from Columbia Universit\-. 
Howard K. Jensen, chairman of the sociology department, 
holds an A.B. and M.A. from the University of Kansas 
and a B.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. 
1. K. Gray, head of the zoology department, received his 
B.S. from the University of Massachusetts and his M.A. 
and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. 

Hoiijril /•'. Jensen 
S,„ioli,'^\ .111,1 Anlliwlwlo^ 

House Counselors 


In each ot the dormitories ot the Woman's College 
lives a House Counselor who acts together with the 
House Council in an advisory capacity in regard to house 
responsibilities. They arc persons with whom the students 
may confidently discuss their personal opinions and 
problems. The counselors also take part in student 
activities and serve as advisers to student organizations. 
Professionally trained in counseling and guidance, they 
are primarily concerned with the happiness and maturity 
of each individual girl. 

/../-.:■ ScliooL West ('.an i pus 

























I lie offian of the Si/iior 
Class are L to R: HV/«fW, 
Harris (Sec.); Hampton 
I.V .P.); McCurdy (Jreas.); 
Strader (Sec.) ; Smith (Pres.) . 
Men, Kocoiirek (Sec); 
Green (Ath. Rep.); Brritz 
a'res.): Harmon (W P.). 

Having been elected to their positions in the 
early spring, class officers returned in Sep- 
tember with plans for a full year's work. The 
main project of the senior class was the Home- 
coming Dance. Among other activities, juniors 
sponsored a car-wash and sold chrysanthemums 
at football games. 


liwior Class officers 1. to 
R: Wmntn, Bates (Sn.); 
Stephenson (Pres.); Pritr 
(V.P.); Shriver (Treas.). 
Mm, Glass (l\ I'.): 
Heasley (Ath. Rrp.); 
Inyner (Sec); Tolmach 
areas.); Wheeler (Pres.). 

Sophomore Class 


WmiitiK Black (V 


[Sec); Ratts (Pres 


areas.): Men, 


{Alh. Kep.); 


(!./'.), Qii.iltlehi 

im (Sec). 

fearl (VV.,y.) .„ 

./ \'erih\ 

(I'res.) are no! 



The outstanding project directed l)\- sopho- 
more officers was Dink-Bow day, which served 
to better acquaint treshmen from East and 
West. Freshmen elected officers in October 
and began their class organization by writing 
their constitutions, taking part in freshmen 
activities, and planning a spring dance. 


officers of the l-resh- 
Class are as fol- 


■ Women. Hollouay 


IS.): Brian (Vke- 
); Child (Pres.). The 


s officers are: Stuckey 


and Treas.): Bourne 


.);Cash (I 'ice- Pres.). 

v^ ^ 

Seniors 1956 

First roir: 

ABERNATHY, FRANK H., |R., Falitiml Science. Y.Al.C.A. 3, 4, Freshman Council I, Junior Council 2; Bench md 
Bar I, 2. 3, 4; Hoof" 'n' Horn 1, 2, 3, 4; .Nhirching Band 1,2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 3, 4. ABFRXI IHV, 
ROBI'.RT G., JR., Ecommics. ADAMS, BARON B., JR., Electrical Engineering,. Hoof 'n' Horn 2; Fneineers Cluh 
4; A.I.l'.E. 1, 2, 3, 4. AFFELDER, MARILYN T, Psxcholo^y. ALDRIDGE, BRYANT T, Business .-idmimstra- 
twn. KA; Red Friars; Who's Who; M.S.Ci.A. I, 3; I.F.C. 1, 2, 3; Football 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1, 3. ALF.XANDFR, 
ANN L., Economics. OBcI); cI)BK; c|>KA; Who's Who; Ivy; Sandals; Student Co-ordinate Board 3, Chairman 4; W.S.Ci.A. 
4; May Court 4; Social Standards 1 ; Glee Club I ; Choir 1 ; Class Officer I . 

Second row. 

ALEXANDER, JERRY AL, Historv. KA; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4. ALEXANDER, JOSEPH C, 
|R., Religion. AXA; Hoof 'n' Horn 1; Peer 2; Glee Club 1, 3. ALEXANDER, lUDY M, Political Science. W.A.A. 3; 
"F.A.C. 4; Music Study Club 1; Pegasus 1, 2, 3, President 4. ALEXANDER, ROBERT, |R., Business Administration. 
cl>Ki;; Alpha Phi Omega; Chronicle \. ALTVATER, M. ANN, (Mrs. L. P. Jervey), History. DB*; ^AO; <i>KA; 
Wlw's Who; Sandals; W.S.G.A. 4; House President 4; House Council 1, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 3; Student Union, Board of 
Governors 3; WDBS 3; Marshal 3; Homecoming Court 4; .May Court 4. AMOS, RICHARD G., Civil Engineering. 
A.S.C.E. 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4; Chronicle 1, 2. 

Third roiv: 

ANDERSON, \MLL1AM S., Civil Ev^ineerimr. ATQ; A.S.C.E. 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. ANDREWS, EDWIN T, 
Mechanical Engineering. A.S.M.E. 3, 4. ANDREWS, Wl'SLEY T., JR., Pre-Medical. HKd'; Pre-Med Societ\- 2; Glee 
Club 2; Chemistry Club 3, 4. APPLE, FT I A I.., Education. Social Standards 3. ARMBRL'ST, ROBERF K., 
Electrical Engineering. A.I.E.E. 1, 2, 3, 4. ARN, ROY D., JR., Political Science. Ml. 

Fourth roiv: 

ASHWORTH, HALBERT E., Zooloi^y. Duke Players 4; Chanticleer 1, 2. AL'BRY, JOHN R., Economics. lAE. 
AUMAN, MARY S., Education. House Council 3. AUSTIN, BETSY C, Sociolo^v. Homecoming C;ourt 4. AUSTIN, 
MARY A., Spanish. A(I>; l^AH. BABCOCK, MARY LOU G., Education. AAA; Hoof 'n' Horn 1; Ch anik.i.i ek 1; 
Fraternity President 4; Dean's List 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 1, 2; Modern Dance Club 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

BAKI:R, CYNTHIA L., Art. KA; F.A.C. 4. BAKER, DONALD H., Mechanical Engineering. SAE; Order of St. 
Patrick. BAKER, FORD A., Historv. BQI; Y.M.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Irack 1. BALLANTYNE, DOUCH.AS B., 
Mechanical Engineering. AXA; A.S.M.E. 2. BANNON, PETER, .Accountum. Duke Plavers 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' I I.irn 2, 
3; Glee Club 1. B.VRCLIFT, THELMA C. Education. *.\1; White Duchv; Who's Who; Sandals; W.S.( i.A. 2. ?, 4, 
House President 4; Marshal 3; Duke Players 1; Hoof 'n" Horn 1. 

Si.xth row: 

BARGER, NANCY W., Psychology. BARHAM, SIDNIIY |., Business Administration, (dee Club I. 2, '- Choir I, 
2, 3, 4. BARKI'R, ROBI'.RT M'.," Bm/wm Administration. IIKA; AK'I'. BARNES. W II.LIAM II., En^li^h. HX; 
Hoof -n' Horn 2, ^; Concert Band 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2. BARRi.lF, ROBER T K.. (.cncral. B ARin. RALPH. 
I'lr-Laiv. 'I'A(-); Bench and Bar ?, 4; Men's Athletic Council 3, 4. 

.Seventh row: 

BASS, I ll.RBI RI I)., Business Administration. BA'I ES, JOHN I)., Business Administration. I^AE. Bl AL, \\.\K\ L., 
Political Science. BECK, Li:il' C., Accounting. ATU; AK^I'; Who's Who; M.S.(;.A. 4; 'I'ennis 3, 4. BI'LK, WIL- 
LIAM I)., JR., Mechanical Engineering. A.S..\1.E. 2, 3, 4. BIXIKER, CI lARLF.S N., Sociology. TF.<I>; Pre-.\led Society 

2, 3, 4; Student Reliuious Council '^. 

p rs ^ n P> f 












^ -^' 


p^ t£J>S, 

Seniors 1956 

Hru n.n: 

BICKI R, RICHARD H., FJarnoil Eii<iiiiccniiv.. M.S.C.A. 4; I'nginicrs Club 1, 2, \ 4; A.I.I . I'. 4. I5KKSON, 
\ANC;V R., /-.//(i/zv//. ZTA; Cn.wnci.Fi r I. 2; Pan-I Id Council 4; House Council 4. BI'i.K, HAROLD D., I're- 
\h-du\il. Prc-.\kd Society 3, 4; Cliroimlc v BI'.LL, MARTHA |., Accounting. BI'-NNKT I', HI'.RI) L., Pre-l.av). 
,\.\A; OAK; HVw'.f H7w,-M.S.G.A. 1, 2, 3, President 4; Bench and Bar 2, 4, President 3; Peer 2, 3; Kraternitv President 
^^; l.F.C. 3; Cilec Club; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 2, 3. BENNKTT, JAMKS L., Bimness Adnnnistration. 

Second nil': 

IM-.NTZ, CARL E., Political Science. XX; A<}'A; Wlws Who; Fraternity President 4; Class Officer 2, 3, 4; Bench and 
Bar \, 2, 3, 4; M.S.G.A. L 2; F.A.C. 2, 3; Marshal 3. BFRGKR, JUNIUS C, Electrical Enfiineerin^. SN; OME; 
l.F.C. 2; Glee Club L 2, 3, 4; Choir 2; F.A.C. 2; A.l.E.E. 4. BILAS, RICHARD A., Matlwiiiatia. KS; OME; 
Baseball 1. BILLINGS, DONALD R., Business Administration. AXA. BlRCHFll'.LD, |ESSF |., JR., Bnsines.<: 
.Administration. *A(-); Football L 2, 3, Captain 4. BLACK, BARBARA A., Cliemistrx. A.XLi; Duke Players 1; Prc- 
.\led SocietN- 3,4. 

Third roiv: 

BLACK, JOHN AL, Accounting. <i>Ae; AKV; Marching Band 1; Soccer; Lacrosse. BLACKBURN, THOMAS E., 
Education. \'arsity "D" Club 3; 4; Basketball 1,3; Baseball I. 2, ^ 4. BLAIR, JAMES H., JR., Pre-Medical. ATQ; 
Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2; Marching Band 1, 2; 
F.A.C. 3, 4. BOHNENBERGER, RALPH E., Business Adnnmstratwn. BOSWI.LL, DONALD E., Chemistrv. 
1^*E; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4; Hoof "n' Horn 1, 2, 3, 4; Chronule 2, 3, 4. BOTNICK, MAR- 
\'IN Z., Business Administration. ZBT; Who's Who; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; Marshal 3; 1, 2, 3; Shoe 'n' Slipper, 
President 4. 

Fourth roiv: 

BO'ITO.MS, ARNOLD R., Hlstor^. BOYD, BARBARA, Htstorx. AAA; I iPU; Student Forum 3, Chairman 4. 
BO^'D, ( iORDON 1)., Ennmeenni^. IW; A.S..M.F. >, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 4. BRANDON, DONALD I., 
Pre-.Medual. Peer ^. BRANNOCK, ROBFRT N., Ov/7 Enaineerin^. A.S.C.E. 4. BRAU, RICHARD C, Econ- 
nomics. IIKA; AK'F; Bench and Bar 4; (Jlee Club 1; Concert Band 1; Marching Band 1, 2; I.D.C. 3. 

Fifth row: 

BRAUN, DAMD, £/;?/;>/?. BRIDEWT.SER, \\'ILL1A.M B., Chemistry. Chemistry Club 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 3, 4; 
Marching Band I, 3; Organ 1, 2, 3, 4. BRKiGS, NOR.MAN H., Mechanical Enirineering. 2N; OME; <t>BK, TBH; 
mX; Who's Who; Glee Club 2, 3; Choir 3; A.S..M.E. 2, 3, 4. BROWN, Bl'l TV L., Spanish. AF; Duke Players 1, 2; 
Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4. BROWN, BFTFV T (.Mrs.) Ennlisii. Duke Players 

1, 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 1, 2. BRUBAKFR, LEONARD H., Chemistry. <I'BK; ci)Hl^ BLii:; 
FiFLi; OAK; ALS.G.A. 3; Glee Club 1; Concert Band 1; N.R.O.TC. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pegram Chemistry Club 1, 2, 4, 
President 3. 

,S;.v/// roil-: 

BRU.MLI V, (iF.ORGF. W., Zoology. Pre-Med Society 3, 4; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 4. BRYANT, FNOCHE C, 
History. .M.S.Ci.A. 2, i, 4; Ch.vnticleer 2; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2; Independent Council 3, 4. BURCiFSS, 
BEN E.. Bimness Administration. BURNEY, LILA K., English. A*; Archive 4; F.A.C. 4. BURRITL, ROBI-RT G., 
Business .-idministration. <J>AH; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 3; Wrestling I, 2, 3, Captain 4; Cross Country 

2, 3, 4; I rack 2, 3; ( lolf 1 ; \arsity "D" Club 2, ^. Treasurer 4. BURT, JOHNNY J., JR.. Education. .\X.\. 

Seventh ivv:: 

BYERS, ELIZABETH A., Econmnics. A<|)PA; W.A.A. Board 3, President 4; W.S.G.A. 3; F.A.C. 3. CAIN, ELIZA 
BETH J., Chemistry. IK; Concert Band 1; Nercidian Club 2, 3, 4. CAINE, HELEN A., EnM,li^h. AAA. CALA- 
WAY, E. RAY., Business Administration. Concert Band 1; S\mphony Orchestra 1. CAPRIO, GIOIA A., Zoolo<o'. 
'\>\\, Pre-,\led Society ^ 4; Zoology Club 2, 3, 4; International Club 2. Secretary 3. CARLISLE, RICI lARD M.. JR., 
Business Administration. 


Seniors 1956 

First roil-: 

CARMXili:, HI.NRV C, I'n-Liii-. A 1 U; OAK; Red Fnars; ll7/^/v l(7w; C//ro///(7(' 1. 2, M.S.G.A. 2, 4, Sccrctarv s 
I.F.C. 2; .\hirshal 3; Class Officer 2. CARRICO, DOROTHY L., Efi^lisli. HB*; Social Standards 1, 2; F.A.C. 4. 
CAR rii;R, PHILIP P., Eii'iuurnn^. TIME; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse. CARZOO, DEAN M., Hhtory. Glee Club 
1, 2; Choir 1. CASSELLS. JOSEPH S.. Chenmtry. A4>A; Pre-Mcd Society 3, 4; Chemistry" Club 3, 4. 
CA\'E\AL"(iH, I AMES A., |R., Mcckviical Eii'^wcermc.. OKA; Fraternity President 4; I.F.C, 4; F.A.C. ^; A.S.NLE. 

3. 4; Class Officer 2. 

Seconii roiv: 

CA\"INi:SS, \-ER\ES., I'rc-Mcdmil. ATLi; ^BK; OAK; <^H1^ BLil'; Red Friars; WIms Who; Y..\LC.A. Cabinet 
1, 2, 3; F.A.C. 2; .Marshal 3; Judicial Board Chairman 4. CHAP.\L\N, ROBIIRI' R.. Mnhaimal Eiiaiiurriiin. <i>K^- 
ALS.G.A. I; A.S.M.E. 3, 4; Class Officer 4; Head Cheerleader 3. CHERRY, PAUL W., Music. Hoof 'n" Horn 3; 
Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2; Symphony Orchestra 1,2, 3, 4; Duke .Embassadors 2, 3, 4. CLARK, 
J. NORWOOD. Eiii^lish. <l>Ki:; Clce Club 1, 2; Choirl, 2. CLARK, LEXTRETT 1., History. YALC.A. Cabinet 
4; Bench and Bar 3; Hoot 'n' Horn 2; (ilee Club 2; F.A.C:. 3. CLARK, MORRIS C, Physics.' UMV.- *BK. 

Third roll': 

CLARK, ROBERT N., En^i,iiiecriiio. A.S.C.E., 2, 3, 4. CLARK, ROBERl \\., |R., Eiis.memng. cfKS; Chronicle 1; 
F.A.C. 2; A.I.E.E. 3, 4. CLA^'. FLORl-.NCE .M., History. AT; Duke Players \\ 2, 3, 4; Ivy. CLAYTON, LYN- 
ETTE G. (Mrs.), General. A<1>. CLl-Al'NGl'.R, ROBERT V\'., Pre-Medical. Pre-iMed Society 3, 4; Peer 2, 3. 
COATES, GARLAND VV., History, (ilee Club 4; Choir 4. 

Fourth row: 

Psychology. TE*; Duke Players 3, 4. COLE, W. JOHN, Chemistry. <J)BK; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 
1,"2, 3, 4'; .Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4. COLTRANE, GEORGE A., Pre-Lair. <i)BK; <I>HS; BQI; Bench and Bar I, 3; 
M.S.G.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. COOKE, MARY H., English. T¥Q; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3, 4; Ch.anticleer 1, 2. 

/•■;/■/// row: 

COPPI'R, WALTER L., JR., Business Administnttion. AK4'. COUGHLIN, DONALD O., History. ^AI'.; Bench 
and Bar 1,3; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; Peer 2. COUNCIL, MARTHA ^^., Education. ZTA; Concert Band I; F..A.C. 
4; Student Union, Committee Chairman 3, Board of Governors 4; House Council 2, 3, 4; Bras.s Ensemble 1 ; Wax V.oun 

4. COWELL, EDWARD I)., JR., Buuiic^^ Adnnnistration. A.S.M.E. 1,2; I.D.C. 3,4. CRANDALL, \IRGINIA 1.., 
Political Science. AAA; A<i>A; Who's H7w, Cm \m ici kf.r 1, 2, 3, Editor 4; Publications Board 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1; 
Glee C;iub 1; May Court 4. CRANS 1 ON, LUANNE A., English. *BK; i:An; Student Forum 4; Cilee Club 1, 2; 
Choir 1. 2; WDBS >, 4; R;ulio Council 4. 

Sixth row: 

CREADICK, lOllN 1)., Economics. A 1 A, W DBS I. 2; Marehinu B;uul 1, 2, !, 4. CRU ICHI 11 1 .1), M \R\ 1\ M., 
Chemistry. 'I'BK; 'I'lli;; IMl'^, OAK, M.S.G.A. I, 2, 3, YM.C..\., Freshman Ciouncil 1; Pegram Chenusrrs Club 1, 2, 
3, 4. CUMMINS, HUCill S., Pre-Eaw. lAE; lennis Manager 4. CUNNINGHAM, ARI HUR W.. JR.. /.'//-/- 
neering. A.S.M.E,. 4. DALI".. LUCIAN J., JR., Engineering. ATii; A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4. DALFON, W 11,1,1 \\1 I.., 
Business .-Idniiniitration. Kl'; Bench and Bar L 2, President 3; Archive 2, 3; F..\.(]. 2. 

Seventh row: 

DANIELS, JOAN l„ Ecntionnc^. ZFA; Social .Standards 4; f.A.C, 4; Si udenr Co-ordinate Hoard !; Pep Hoard I. 2, ?, 4; 
Class Officer 3, I).\UG1IIRY, A. .MAHI I., En^Ji'^h. KA; Duke Players I, 2; W.A. A. Hoard ^; Glee Club I. 2; 
Choir 1; House Council 3. I)AU( il 11 RY, SARAI I R,. Env,lish. KA, DANl.S, HiriTY j., /w/wj/w/. Z 1 A; Ciiami- 
.ifi u 1; I'raternitv President 4; I'.A.C. 3. DA\IS, CHARLIS W., Economics. (-).\; I loof 'n' Horn 2, Chronicle 2, 
W DBS I, 2; .\l.S.(i.A. 1. DAVIS, ELIZABI 1 II IF, History. Z I A; I'AII; House Clouncil 3. 


W. kW» k 1" ■ 


Mil .' lA^ii 




M. ^m 

Seniors 1956 

First ro-ii- 

DA\'IS, lAMKS K., Chrmhtn'. ATA; Prc-Mcd Society 2, 3, 4. DAVIS, JANET W., Ediiaitmi. Chantici.kkk I. 
1)A\IS, SYIA'IA A., Hutrrr\. *BK; 'tKA; WIms Who; Sandals; Ivv; F.A.C. 3, Chairman 4; W.S.G.A. 4; Y.W.C.A. 
Cabinet 1, 2; Modern Dance Club 3; Chief" Marsiial 3. DAY, lERRY B., Political Science. SN; Marching Band 3, 4. 
DIAKINS, DIRRICK B., Eii''iiHrruni.. <t>K*r; Fraternity President 4; M.S.Ci.A. 3, 4; I.F.C. 2, 3, 4; Clee Club 1; 
Choir I, 2, 3, 4; A.S.M.I'.. 1, 2, v 4. DKANS, WILLIAM C, Chevmtry. ttK^. 

Second roiv: 

DiLASKI, NANCY P., Eiie:lisli. l^K; Duke Plavers 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2, 3, 4; Pan-He! Council 2, 3, 4; Modern 
Dance Ckib 2, 3, 4. DKNBO, FRANCES W., Education. OB*; F.A.C. 4. DENNIS, NANC^' T, Sociology. ZTA; 
Social Standards 3; Y.W.C.A. C:abinet 3; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2; Peer 1. DENT, LOIS M., ,S>w;v//. AAR; W.A.A. 4, 
President 3; Fraternity President 4; Pan-Hel Council 4. DICKI'NS, ROBERT C!., Biiuhcss .Adnniintratioii. Football I . 
DICKEY, ROBERT W, JR., Economics. SAE; Fraternity President 4; M.S.G.A. 4; I.F.C. 4. 

Third row. 

DICiCiS, NANCY P., History. AAA; Fraternity President 4; F.A.C. 3. DINWOODEY, lUDl'FH A., En^-Mi. 
AXU; ^AFI; (IjBK; Afl'PA; <i>K\^ W.A.A. Board 2; Publications Board 4; Chamicikeu 2,' 3; W.S.(;.A. 4; Ivy 
C;iee Club 1,2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. DI.X, MW L., Eii^uieeruig. Hoof 'n' Horn 1 ; A.S.M.E. 3,4. DODD, WILLI AM H., 
Economics. -AE; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2; Chronicle I; I.F.C. 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Campus Chest 2, 3; Tennis I, 2; La- 
crosse 3, 4. DOHERTY, MARTIN W, Accounting:,. iiAE; Hoof 'n' Horn 3; Varsity "D" Club, President 4; Basket- 
ball 2, 3. DOLVVICK, GAIL M., General. A*; Nereidian Club 1, 2. 

Fourth row: 

DORT, DOROTHY, Art. KKF; TTLl; Archive 3, 4. DOWNEY, RICHARD K., Engineering. <I>A«; Engineers 
Club 2, 3, 4; A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4. DUMONT, MARYANN B., Political Science. AXQ. DUNCAN, JAMES \^., Bnsine.<:s 
Administration. DUNKIN, WILLIAM W., Economics. HK*; ^BK; T^"Q. EADIE, ROBERT, Engineering. .\XA; 
Who's Who; F.A.C. 2, 3, President 4; Play Bill 3, Editor 4; Publications Board 4; A.S..\LE. 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3. 

Fifth row: 

EBERHARDT, jANI', .\I., Education. Glee Club 1, 2; Choir I, 2; Y^W.C.A. Cabinet 3, 4; Chanticleer 1 . ECKMAN, 
PAUL B., Political .Science. ^K^'; Fraternity President 4. EDMUNDS, JOHN W, Education. KA; Football. ELLER, 
ELIZABETH A., .S>rwy/?. A*; SAO; cfBK; TTil- KAH; Chanticleer 1; Fraternity President 4; Ivy; Sandals; 
Pan-Hel Council 4; F.A.C. 3. ELLIS, ELIZABETH S., History. ^AH; Duke Players 2, 3; W.A.A. Board 3, 
4; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2. ELLSWORTH, HARRIET' L., Religion. Music Study Club 1, 2; Chapel Committee 2, 
Chairman 3. 

Sixth row: 

ENGLISH, S. LAMI S, III, Education. ^KT'; Duke Players 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 4; Chronicle I, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 
2; Choir L 2. ERLIXBACH, PHILIP E., Economics. HK*; Wrestling Manager 3; Hoof "n' Horn 2, ?, 4; Aarsity 
"D" Club. E\'ANS, BIA TRICE W, Sociology. Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 1, 2, 3. EVANS, GEORGE J., |R., Engi- 
neering. <i)Kr; n.ME; I BII; Whos Who: F.A.C. 2; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4; Engineers' Student Council 3, 4. "EYSTER, 
M. i'LAINi:. Chennstrv. IIMF,; (^BK; A-FPA; Ivy; W.A.A. Board 2, 3, 4; Y^.W.C.A. Cabinet 4; Pre-Med Society 
3, 4. FALLS, RONALD M., Education. KA; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Seveinh row: 

FARLOW, LAMES W., Economics. fFA(-). FEMAN, MORRIS [., Psychology. ZBT; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; Student Union 
2. FFRRELL, HENRY C, JR., History. Marching Band I, 2", 3, 4. FESPERMAN, WILLIAM D., Education. 
Football 2, 3, 4; Ba.seball 1, 2, 3, 4. FINCH, HAROLD E., Accounting. Chronicle 1, 2, 3; ALS.G.A. I. FINNEY, 
WILLIAM F,., Business .Administration. SN; AK^t^ Peer 2; Wrestling 2. 

Seniors 1956 

FISCHF.R, ROBI R I W., Fji<j.lisli. UK<\>- Chronicle ?; M.S.G.A. 3, 4; S\\ immini: 2. FISH, KONRAD K., Pn-I.ju-. 
KA; Bench and 13ar 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. FI.I.MIN'G, |A\i'. A., Socwhiiy. AT; W.S.G.A. 4. FLFTCHFR, ROB- 
FR'F M., Ecoiwnms. AK4"; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3. FLIPPIX, ROBFRT S., JR., &aVy/oi;v. Chanticleer 1; (ilee 
Club I, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Sociology Club 3, 4. FLYXN, RICHARD O., Ecomviks. AK^'"; Chronicle I. 

Second roiL': 

FLVUM, JAMFS K., Economics. FORBES, REDWELF K., Chemistry. Pre-Aled Society 3, 4. FORI), \IAR- 
CARITF A., Hi'^fory. AAA; CAcc Club 1, 2; Choir 1, 2, 3; Pegasus 1; iVFadrigal Chorus 1, 2. FORFIIAM), 
WIFFIAM F., ]R..' Bnsiness Administration. OK*; AK^F; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 3, 4; Peer 3; F.A.C. 3, 4. FORRFS 1. 
CHARFF.S D., 'Chemistry. Chemistry C:iub 1,2, 3, 4; Y.,\LC.A. 2; Campus Chest 2. FOX, AF\'IN B., Economics. 
TE*; Duke Plavers 1, 2. President 3, 4; Hoot" 'n" Horn 2, 3, 4. 

Third roii': 

l"0.\\\()R FH, DA\ID H., Economics. ERASER, EDMUND R., Business Administration. lAE. FREDI'.RICK, 
Wli^FARD D., History. OAK; <i>BK; ilAII; BUI; Who's Who; Y.M.C.A. 3, 4; AFS.G.A. 4. FREEMAN, BAR- 
BARA A., Psycholoi!,y. A*; VV.A.A. Board 1, 2, 3, 4; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3, 4; Pan-Hel Council 4; House Council 4. 
FRENCH, MARY R., Ein^/ish. AF; Chanticleer 1. 2; W.S.G.A. 3, 4. GAFINSKY, l)A\'ID, Psychology. ZBT; 
i:An; 4'BK; Archive 2. 

Fourth roii-: 

CiARNI'.R, ROBI'.RT S., Pre-Divinity. ATQ; Peer 2; M.S.G.A. 2, 3; Y.M.C.A. Sophomore Council 2; Choir I, 2, 3; 
C;iee Club 1. GARRARD, PAI Rl'CIA A., History. A*. GARRITY, JAMI S F., History. ATU; Bench and Bar 
3, 4; Hoof'n' Horn 2; Chronich' 3 ; Lacrosse 1 , 2, 3,4. ' GEBEL, KRISTIN F., Eni^lidi. 1 1B<1'; Duke Plavers 3, 4. GFR- 
FOUCiH, DIANI-: C, Business Administration. A«F; Archive 4; Glee Club 1. GIBBONS. ROBI'RT IF, JR., Pre- 
Divinity. M.S.Ci.A. 2; (ileeClub I. 

/■■;//// roil-: 

(JIFF, DA\ID K., Eimineerinii. UK*; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Choir 2, 3, 4; A.S.C.E. 2, ^ 4. GIRAND, ANN, Political 
Science. I1B<F; Duke Plavers 1, 2; Social Standards 4; Pep Board 2, 3. GOULD, HARRIE'F M., Economics. AAII; 
Social Standanls 4; 'N'.W'.Cl.A. Cabinet 1, 3, 4; Nereidian Club 2; Chanticleer 1; Sandals; Student Union, Board of 
Governors 4. ( iO\"l„ WARREN H., En^iineerin^. A.S.C.E. 4. CiRADY, CAROF M., .S'«w%v. :i:K; Chanticleer 
3, 4; Glee Club 1; Choir 1. GRAHAM, WIFFIAM T, Economics. BWH; Duke Players v 4. 

Sixth ro-.i: 

GRANI lOFM, IRI'.DIANNE A., Business Admimstratwn. (iRAY. SARA! I \'., History. IK; Y.W'.C.A. Clabinet 2; 
W.S.(;.A. 4; Pan-Hel Council 4. GREI'.N, ROBERF, Pre-Medical. TE<I>; Fennis 1, 2, 3; Captain 4; Pre-Med S<Kiet\ 
2, 3, 4; I. E.G. 1; F.A.C. 2; Varsity "D" Club. GRI'.I'.NBLATT, NAFIIANIi:i. \'., Eny^lish. AFU; Duke Plavers 
1,2, 3, 4; Bench and Bar 1; Hoof'n' Horn 1, 2, 3, 4; Archive I, 2; Peer 1, 2; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4; M.S.G.A. 2; Marehinu 
Band 3; Duke Amba.ssadors 3. GRIMFiS, DOUGLAS P., Economics. AXA; 1 loof 'n' I lorn 1, 2, ?. 4. GUIFD. 
BARBARA F., EnRlish. KA; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. !; House Council 4. 

Seventh rozi: 

GUMB, AI.BERF M., |R., Physics. t^K^; F.A.C. 2. (;UNFI-R, FDCJAR |., |R., En^-ineerin^. l''!'!'; IFFl'; Fra- 
ternitv President 4; M.S.'G.A. 4; I. E.G. 4; A.S.M.l'.. 2, 3, 4. GURLIA . ( ■F()"R(;E M., En^-lish. 'I>BK; I'FU; Bench 
and Bar4; Chronicle!, !; Cii \n i ici eku I, 2; Archive-^, Peer4; Shoe and Slipper \. 2, 3,4. GUFIIMANN, |()IIN A., 
Pre-Laii: (-).\; Duke Plavers ?, 4; Bench and Bar ?, 4; I loof 'n' I lorn ?, 4; Glee Club I ; .Marching Band 1 ; Duke Am- 

bassadors 3,' 4'. I IAA(':K, Al.i.AN 1 F, (nvMy. <\>K^, Chronicle 1 ; M.S.G.A. 2; I'.n-ineers Club 2,"3; A.S.C.i'. 3; Class 
Officer 2. HADI .E^', MAR I HA !.., Ceneral.' 

AAII; <I>KA; Social.Standards 3; Chanticleer 2; W.S.Ci.A. 4; f!.4.C 

^ n 








Seniors 1956 

/■V/y/ n-^- 

HAINFR, FRANK T, I'hilosr.fln. K(-II; Kappa Chi; Duke Plavcrs 2, 3; Hoof 'n- I lorn 2, 3, 4; (iluc Cluh 2, 
2; F.A.C. 4. HALL, LORNF F., F<:\cboloRy. Pre-Mcd Society 4; Chwvicle 1; Arcluvf \. HALL, .\L\RlL()b' F., 
Em^lish. Duke Plavers 2; Chanticleer 2, 4. ' HALL, RON L., En^lhh. Kappa Chi. HAMBRICK, HI.RAL^N C, 
|R., Elcctncal En^weerino,. Pre-Med Socicrv L 2; A.LE.E. 2, 3, 4. HAMMAKFR, LYDL\ E., Clieiimtr\. AXii; 
"<^BK; n.\lF; Prc-Med Society ^ 4; dec Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir L 2, 3, 4; Ivy. 

Second nnv: 

HAMP I ON, CAROLYN, EJm\itwii. Chanticleer 2; Glee Club I, 2, 3, President 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 
4; Homecoming Court 4. HANI'.Y, LILA B., Cheinistry. KA; Duke Plavers 1,2,^; (^HANticT eer 1; House Council 
2, 3, 4; Campus Chest Chairman 4. HANNER, HENRY 1)., Pie-Law. 'I'K:^; (Jirwnclr I; Cross-Country 2, 3, 4; 
Track 1, 3, 4. HARBISON, JAMES W., JR., Hhtorx. 'I'Kl'; -FBK; <i>HS; BUi;, 1 'iLi; OAK; Red Friars; H7;o'.v 
Who; Student Union 2, 3, Chairman 4; M.S.G.A. 1, 2, 3; Duke Plavers 1; Y.ALC.A. Cahuiet 1, 2, 3, 4; Bench and 
Bar I, 2; Chromcle 1, 2; Class Officer 2; F.A.C. 2, 3; Marshal 3. H.ARDIN, |AM1.S 1',., Mcchaimal Ein-iinrruiv.. KA; 
A.S.M.F. 4; Football 2. 3, 4. HARDIN, J. SANFORD, Mathematin. 

Third ro-^-: 

HARDIN, UILLIA.M F., Spanish. l^AD, President 4. HARRIS. I'.LIZABETH A., English. Y.W'.C.A. Cabinet 3 ; 
Class Officer 4. HARRISON, A\"ILLIAM T, Pre-Medical. <I>HS; BUl^ F.A.C. 2, 4; Class Officer 4. HART,\L\N, 
1)A\"1D D., Economics. ^X; BU1^ AK»I"; Fraternitv President 4; M.S.G.A. 4; LF.C. 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, President 
4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 2, 3; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 2, 3; Arnold Air Society 3, 4; W.D.B.S. 1, 2, 3; Base- 
ball \. HASLEM, JOHN A., Business Admwistration. ATQ; AK^l', President 4. HASLFTT, DARDEN i'.., .Me- 
chanical Engineering. A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

FL\'FCHER, BARBARA A., History. AAO; Social Standards 3, Chairman 4; W.S.CJ.A. 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2; 
Class Officer 1; Homecoming Court'4; Mav ()ueen 4. HATERIUS, CARL |., hr-.Medical. Pre-.Med Society 1, 2; 
Hoof -n' Horn 1, 2. HAUSER, CHARLES F., Chewistry. ATA; Sw imming. "HEDICJI'R, JOHN J., Political Science. 
Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Peer 2, 3; Chanticleer 4; Publications Board 4; Lacrosse 3, 4, Manager 2; Soccer 3; ALS.G.A. 3, 4. 
HILMKE, HENRY C, German. A*A, President 4; Pre-Med Society 3, 4. HENNICK, LOUIS C, Business Ad- 

Fifth row: 

Hl.NRlQUEZ, ARMANDO L, Pre-Medical. HENSEY, CHARLES ,\L, Business Admwistration. HERNDON, 
( il'.ORCiE B., |R., Sociology. OKA. HIEBERT, ADONIRAM C, Mechanical Eni>ineerin(i. A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 4. HIERS, 
lAMES M., English. Cilee Club 1; M.S.Ci.A. 2; Shoe and Slipper 2, 3. HiCiCHNS, NORALAN G., Political Science. 
"l^N; Bench and Bar 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 3; M.S.Ci.A. 2, 3, 4; Football; Track. 

Si.xth row: 

HILLES, WILLIAM C, History. HK*; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3, 4; Archiir 2; Cilee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; 
F.A.C. 2, 4. HOHMAN, ELAINE M., General. TTQ; Chanticleer 1, 2; Peer 2, 3; CJIee Club 1. HOLCOMB, 
HI'RMAN P., Chemistry. HOLCOMB, HOKF, S., Psychology. HOLCOMB, HU(iH L., Political Science. KA. 
HOLDIXC;, HAR\'EYR., Business Admmistratwn. 

Seventh row: 

HOLLISTER, CLAIR G., .Music. A*; Glee Club 1 ; Pegasus 2, 3. HOLMES, RICHARD 1... Mathematics. Hoof 'n' 
Horn 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Marching Band 1; Engineers Club 1, 2; A.LE.E. 2, 3. HOLSHOUSFR, \1RGIL A.. 
.■iccounting. HOPPER, CAROLINE G., English. AXQ; ^ll\; 'J'BK; KA H; Duke Plavers 3, 4; Music Studv Club 1 ; 
Hoof -n' Horn 2, 3; Chanticleer 3; Ivv; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 1, 2. HOPPER, ELDRIDGE L., Pre-Medical. Pre- 
.Med Society 3, 4. HOVATER, SARAH F., Education. AT; SAO; <J>BK; KAO; Fraternity President 4; Pan-Hel 
Council 3; Nereidian Club 2, 3, 4. 


Seniors 1956 

First rrra;: 

HOW'KLL, JACOB C. |R., Mccluviual Einiineerw-. A lA; A.S.C.E. 4. HUG, RICHARD E., Forestrx. (-)X; A<i>A. 
HUGHF.S, ALBERT W.,' |R., Bimims Admiimtratwii. AK^'; M.S.Ci.A. 1, 3. 4; I.D.C. 3. 4. HULSART, ROBERT A.; 
Accmmtin^. Ai:*. HUME, BRIAN C, Bminess Admiimtnition . KA; Duke Players 3, 4. HUNDI.I'V, ANN AI., 
Sociology ^KM-); F.A.C. 4; Social Standards 1, 2; Judicial Board 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Second IVU-: 

HUNDLEY, JOHN C, JR., Fmiiomhs. Glee Club 1; Choir 1. HUNT, DONALD F., Ecoiwniia. Glee Club 2; 

Soccer 1; Lacrosse 4. HUNl I'R, PARKS D., JR., History. 4>Ki:; Y.ALC.A. Cabinet 2, ^; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 

1, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 2, 4. HY.\L^N, |OHN C, General. FlK*; AK^l"; Fraternity President 4; l.F.C. 4; M.S.G.A. 4; 
Shoe and Slipper 4; Arnold Air Society 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2. HYNSON, NAtHANII-:L, Ps\cholos.\. WX; Chronicle 

2, 3; Peer 2, 3; jM.S.G.A. 3; l.F.C. 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; F.A.C. 4; Freshman Handbook .3, Editor 4; Student Di- 
rectory 3, Editor 4. INGERICK, RICHARD E., Chemistry. Pre-Med Society 2, 3; Hoof 'n" Horn 2, 3, 4; Marching 
Bandl, 2, 3, 4. 

Third row: 

ISRAEL, STANLEY E., History. ZBT; Duke Players 2; Publications Board 4; Playbill 3, Business Manager 4; Fra- 
ternity President 4; Bench and Bar 2, 3, 4; Hoof "n' Horn 2, 3, 4; M.S.G.A. 3, 4; l.F.C. 3, 4; F.A.C. 4; Chronicle 2. 
JACOBS, MARIANNE, Zoolo^^y. A*; Chanticleer 1, 2. JAMES, DONALD D., French. T^I'Q; Glee Club 2, 3; 
Choir 2, 3, 4. jI'.TT, SAMLLl', History. nB<I>; 4)KA; Who's Who; Fraternity President 4; Student Union 3, Board 
of Governors 4." JOHNSON, BETTY R., English. W.A.A. Board 2, 3, 4; ticleer 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 1; 
Council 3, 4. JOHNSON, FRANCINE, Accounting. AXQ; Duke Players 1; Chanticieer 1; Chronicle 3, Co-ed 
Business Manager 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 1. 

Fourth row: 

JOHNSON, MARK P., JR., History. ATQ; Fraternity President 4; Chanticleer 2; Cross Country I, 2; Track 1, 2; 
Arnold Air Society 3, "4. JOHNSON, MYRTIS B., Education. <^M; Homecoming Court 4. JOHNSON, 
\T.RNON VV., Econoniics. Duke Players 1, 2, 3; Y.ALC.A. Cabinet 1; Bench and Bar 4; M.S.G.A. 2. lONES, CAR- 
LOS P., Engineering. lONES, FRANCES N., French. TTQ, Glee Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Choir 1 , 2, 3, 4. |ONES, JOHN ()., 
Economics. .\XA. 

Fifth row: 

JONES, JULIO R., .Mechanical Engineering. |()R1)AN, PAFRICIA A., Spanish. AAA; i:All; Hoof 'n' Horn 4; 
Chanticleer 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 1, 2;'F.A.C. 4. KASLER. lUDl'l H B., History. Al>t>; Who's Who; Publi- 
cations Board 4; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, Co-ed Editor 4. KFIM, WALIT.R H.. Political Science. *KM'; Glee C:iul) I, 2. ^; 
Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. KENT, ELEANOR I., Music Education. l^K; A<1>PA; W.A.A. Board 2; Hoof 'n' I lorn I, 2, 3, 4; 
Modern Dance Club 2; Pegasus 3, 4; Student Union ^ 4. KI'PI lAR I. Wll ,1 ,1 AM W'., Ceology. A lA; Soccer 1 , 2. v 4. 

Sixth row: 

KILLIAN, CARDI.E P., SocioloQ,y. AT; W.S.Ci.A. 3; Duke Players 1; YW'.C.A. I, 2, 3; H.iof 'n' I I.irn I, 2, Cimmi- 
ri,EER2. KILLIAN, KAY A., /i;<///Ar/w«. AT; Duke Players 1; Chronicle 2; YW.C. A. Cabinet 1. KING, JOHN 11., 
Mechanical Engineering. IIK'f); Wrestline 3; Hoof 'n' F4orn 3; A.S.M.E. 4. KLI'.DARAS, C:ONSTANIINE (i., 
.■Iccounting-Business Administration. KLI'DARAS, HARRY G., Business .-idministration. KINDI'.N, M. JEAN, 
English. KA; Frarerniry President 4; Glee Club I. 

Seventh row: 

KIRKPAI'RICK, DAXIDW, /://i;//v//. KA; Ba.seball 1,2, ^ 4, ( ike ( :iub 1,2, ^; Choir 1,2, !,4. KIRKPA IRICK. 
JANE, History. Music Stud v Club 1,2; Ivy; Social Standards 2. 4; May Court 4, ( ;heerle;uler 2. KNAKF, P. B. KON- 
RAD, |R., Political Science. IIKA; I.F.C:. 2, 3, \'ice-Presidenr 4; I'.A.C. 2, 3; Chronicle I. 2. KNAUSS, DONALD I'., 
Engineering. Glee Club 2, k 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; A.S.M.E. 3, 4. KOLKO, PHILIP, Psychology. ZBT; Duke PLners 1, 
I loof n' I lorn 4. KOPF, JOHN R., Civil Engineering. A.S.M.i:. 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, .3, 4. 








Q c^ m.o 

-I i Ik ^^ 

L^ £.' 

■<^ <^ 



^''^ ly 

.ts ii 

'Q ^9.. ^ 



Seniors 1956 

First roil-: 

KU.MAX. H. M., Eawomia. BWO; F.A.C. 2; NROTC Rifle and Pistol Team 2, 3. KUMPF, WILLIAM A., Me- 
cLvucal Eiioiihrriii'^. H.X; nAlD; ^HS; TBO; 111:^:; OAK; Order of St. Patrick; Who's Who; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; 
Choir 1. 2, 3, 4; A.S..\Li:. I. 2, 3, 4. LACY, DAVID A., Ill, English. Hoof 'n' Horn 3, Executive Council 4; Peer 3; 
Choir 2; Madrigal 2. LANE, JAMES H., Civil Eiiqiiieering. Ilk.*; Class Officer 3, 4; A.S.C.E. 4. LaPOLLA, 
JAMES [., Pir-Medical. 4>K^'; AfI>A; Duke Players I,' 2, 3, 4; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 1; Pre-Med Society I, 2, 3, 4; Hoof 
n' Horn 2, 4; F.A.C. 4. LASSITER, HELEN M., Zoology. A4>A; Zoology Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 1 . 

Siroi/il row: 

I.aX'OO, GEORGE W'., Religion. Kappa Chi; University Church Board 4; Glee Club 1; Student Religious Council 4. 
LAWRENCE, DOROTHW Edimtioii. F.T.A. 2, 3, President 4; Hoof 'n' Horn I. LEAK, ROBERT E., Geoloi^v 
BHO; Peer 3; Fraternity President 4; ALS.G.A. 4; I.F.C. 4; F.A.C. 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 4. LEE, RICHARD C. 
Electrical Enoineeriiiz. TBH; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4. LEIGH, LINDA A., Education. ZTA; Social Standards 4; Y.W.C.A., 
Freshman Council 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 2, 3, 4. LEINBACH, PHILIP, Political Science. *KS; OAK; Who's Who; 
Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 2, 3, President 4; Publications Board 3; Bench and Bar 1, 2; Chronicle \, 2, 3; F.A.C. 3; Marshal 3. 

Third row. 

LI'.ONHARDT. |OAN F., English. LEON-HERNANDEZ, ODOARDO, Economics. Soccer L 2, 3, 4. LEVITIN, 
lORDAN S., Ecwiomics. TE<I>; ^lU. LE\'Y, MICHAEL P., Pre-.Medical. ZBT Ll'WIS, ANDREW M IR , 
Chcnnstry. ATA; Pre-Mcd Society 4; Cross Country 2, 3. LICHTENSTEIN, EDWARD, Psychology. TE(I>; fI>BK; 

Bench and Bar 1,2; Chronicle \. 

Fourth row. 

LODMELL, JOHN G., Chemistry. ATA; Pre-Mcd Society 2, 3, President 4; Glee Club 2. LONG, NORWOOD ( ;., 
Electrical Engineering. FIME; TBEI; Who's Who; Duke Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; A.I.E.E. 1, 2, 3 4 
L0\T:TT, DONALD R., Econatnics. UK^, Fraternity President 4; M.S.G.A. 4; I.F.C. 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 
1, 2, 3, 4; Chanticleer 1, 2. LOW, ANN P., Business Administration. KA. LOW, JOSEPH T, JR., Accounting. 
KI; AK4"; Chronicle 1, 2; Baseball 1. LOWT, WILLIAM E., Accounting. AKT; Marching Band 2. 

Fifth row: 

LOAM, BERTRAM H., Psychology. ZBT; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2; Chronicle 2; Glee Club 1; Choir 1; Concert Band 1, 2; 
Symphony Orchestra 1, 2; Duke Dolphin 4. LOWNDES, MARY BAKER, Sociology. KAH; Peer 2, 3. LYNCH 
WALTF.R G.. Ill, Business Administration. AS*. MacLEOD, |EAN A., Psycholoiry. Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Choir 2 3 4' 
MACiEE, PHYLLIS A., Spanish. A^A; W.A.A. Board 1, "2; Chanticleer f; Peer 3, Co-ed Business .Man- 
ager 4. .\L\HDA\I, .MASSUD, Chemistry. 

Sixth row: 

\LANSFIELD, CHARLOTTE H., English. KA; Chanticleer 1; Pegasus 1, 2, 3. MANUEL, RICHARD D., 
Civil Engineering. ATA; Fraternity President 3; M.S.G.A. 1, 2, 3; I.F.C. 2, 3; A.S.C.E. 1, 2, 3, 4; Arnold Air Society 
President 4. MARCHESE, JOSEPH F., Electrical Ens^ineering. BQO; A.I.E.E. 3, 4. AL\RSHALL, PATRICIA T 
Political Science. ZTA; TTQ; OSA; Duke Players 1; Chanticleer 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 2. MARSTON, ,\L\RTIN AL, 
JR., Business Administration. Semper Fidclis, President 4; Track 1; Wrestling 3, 4. ALARTIN, ROBI'.RT S., JR., 
Mechanical Engineering. SAE; HTS; OAK; Who's Who; A.S.ALE. 3, 4; Engineers' Student Council, President 4. 

Seventh row: 

A1AR\IN, LEWIS B., Finance. OKA; AK>F; Cheerleader 3; Duke Plivcrs 2, 3; Al.S.Ci.A. 2; Alusic Study Club 2; 
Bench and Bar 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; Chanticleer 2; Chronicle 2; .-irchive 3; Peer 3; Swimming 1. AlASON, 
NANCY G., Political Science-Psychology. AXQ; Hoof 'n' Horn I; Chanticleer 2; Pan-Hel Council 2, 3^ \'ice-President 
4. MASSI Y, RICHARD C., Enalish. nK<J>; BUi]; Track 1, 2, 3,4; Cross Country 1. AL\TSUSHITA, FUAIIAKI, 
Business .Administration. Al A irHI-.WS, JOSEPH C, III, Reli'iwn. Kappa Chi. ' AL-\XSON, M. FINELY, Political 
Science. SAE; (IjBK; 4)H1:; Who's Who; Shoe and Slipper 3, 4; Y.Al.C.A. Cabinet 2; F.A.C. 2. 3. 


Seniors 1956 

First roii-: 

MAVBERRV, MARILYN, Art. ZlA; Music Studv Club 1; Pan-Hel Council 3. MAVHFA\', KEXXEl H K., |R., 
Accoimtiii^. OAK; <1>BK; <bUZ, Wlw's Who; M.S.G.A. 2, 3; Chroiiicle 1, 2; F.A.C. 3; I.D.C. President 4. McBRlDI'.. 
PATRICIA K., Political Sciriice. \\\; <I>BK; ^KA; W.S.G.A. 4; House President 4; Ivv; F.A.C. 3; Hoof'n' Horn 1,2, 
3; Clcc Club I, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Marshal 3; May Court 4. .McCRFI'RV, ARLFY J., Acmintw^. r\; *BK; 
Fraternity President 4. .\lcCURDY, Elizabeth A., History. KA; 'I'KA; Who's Who; Sandals; Chanticlker 1, 2, 3, 
Assistant F'.ditor 4; Publications Board 3, 4; Student Co-ordinate Board 1,2, 3,4; Class Officer 4; Pep Board 3 ; Chronicle 
1. McGRAXAHAN, CHARLES B., Political Science. SAE. 

Second roil-: 

McKIXNON, lOHX B., Ce/ieral. KA; *BK; Fraternity President 4; ALS.G.A. 4; LF.C. 4. McLEAX, 
W1LLL-\M R.,'McchiVmil Eiii-unrnuf-. A.S.M.E. 3, 4. McLELLAN, GEORGE E., Econmnics. BBO; Y.MC.A. 
Cabinet 1. .McLI'.MORE, ROSEMARY, Physical Education. AT; ci)BK; A<i)PA; W.A.A. Board 3; Xereidian Club 
1, 2, 3, 4; Pan-Hel Council 4; F.A.C. 3; Student Co-ordinate Board 4. McMILLAX, SAMUEL D., JR., History. 
BUS; Whos Who; M.S.G.A. 2, Vice-President 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper 2, 3, 4; Traditions Board 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 2, 3; 
Kappa Chi; YALC.A. 2, 3; LD.C. 2, 3; Class Officer 2; Swimming 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. McNEER, CHARLES C, 
Eng.lish. ATQ. 

Third row: 

MEBAXE, R. ALAX, Geoloi!,\. Glee Club 3, 4; I.D.C. 3. MEJO, ROBl'.RT \\'., French. OK^J); BQI; Pre-Med 
Society 1 ; Ch.antici.eer 1,2; Chronick 1,2; .\LS.G.A. 2; Glee Club 1 ; Choir 1,2; F.A.C. 2, iVlERIXEY, DAVID K., 
Zoology. eX; Act)A; Duke Players 1, 2; Pre-.Mcd Society 3, 4. Mt:RZ, HARRY W.. IR., Civil Engineering. 2X; 
F.A.C. 2, 3. MILLER, KllXXETH AL, English. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir I, 2, 3, 4." MILLIGAX, MARY A., 
(Mrs. Gunter), Engli.^h. <i>M; TTU; Duke Players 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2. 

Fourth row. 

MIRAXDOX, ROBERT H., English. Archive 3, Assistant Editor 4. MITCHELL, lOHX W., |R., V.onlofry. Pre-Med 
Society 2, 3, 4; M.S.G.A. 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. MITCHELL, SAXDRA X., Sf^amsh. MOLL, 
RICHARD W'., HiWiry. Y.M.C.A. 3, 4; Hoof'n' Horn 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Choir 3. MOORE, PHYLLIS A., Edu- 
cation. ^\\; KAn. .\iOORi:, terry (;., Political Science. ^K^'; Bench and Bar 4; Chronicle I, 2. 

Fifth row. 

MORROW, DOXALD H., Sociology. MORSE, SALLY B., English. AXil; Duke Phuers 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 
4; Chronicle 1. MUNIZ, AXLOXl'O M., Pre-Medical. WX; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. MURRAY, RI (ilXALD A., 
Business Administration. MURRA^, ROBl'.RT H., Political Science. <I>A(-); Baseball I; Lacrosse 2, 3, 4; Football I, 2, 
3, 4; Y'arsity "D" Club. MYERS, BITTY J., Education. A*; Pan-Hel Council 3, 4. 

Sixth row: 

XI::i:Si:, IHOM as R., jr.. Accounting. <I>Ki:; Glee Club 4; Choir 4; Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4. XELSOX, COY I., IR., 
History. <I>A(-); Bench and Bar 3, 4; M.'S.CJ.A. 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. XI'.LSON, MARILYX |., Spanish. U}i<i>; Pan-Hel 
Council 3, 4. XF.I I IX(;, CYX'FHIA F., Art. KKF; .Music Study Club 2; Social Standards 3; Student Forum 4; 
Pan-Hel Council 3,4; (ileeClub 1, 2; Choir 1,2; Modern Dance Club 3, President 4; Peer 3,4. XI'.WELL, XAXCY B., 
Education. K.\(-); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1; Hoof'n' Horn 2; lrarernir\ President 4; Homecoming Court 4; F..-\.(;. 3. 
XEWLAND, lOANNE, History. KKF; *KA; White Duchy; Who's Who; YW.C.A. Cabinet 2, 3, President 4; Xe- 
reidian Club 2,' 3, 4; Pep Board 2; May Court 4. 

Seventh row: 

XIC:H()LS, bobby S., Political science. I'AII, Duke Plavers 2; ll..,.f 'n' I lorn 2; Concert Band 1; Marehum Band 3. 
XICHOLSOX, DA\1I) 1.., Mechanical En<iineeniiii_. Y.X- 111 i;, A.S.M.I . 2, v 4. NORDAX, ROBl R 1 W., Ein^lish. 
<I'BK; fl'Hl'; Duke Players L XORDH AM, ROHI R 1 , F.cononiic^. I'Af. NORRIS, EDW ARD |.. /.//«/;>//, I'X; 
Duke Players 1; Publications Board ^ Chronicle 1, 2, \ 4, .Irchiir4. NOYF.S, i'UC il'.XI', W., (.eneral. <I>A(-); Fra- 
ternity President 4; .V1.S.(;.A. 4; l.F.C. 4. 

c=i iC^ f^'zf hir-F 

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rr? '2- rr \"- n^ O 

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3 c^ 





h^ lit i& 

Seniors 1956 

First ro-Li-: 

OASTLKR, BI'.R I R., Civil Fji.>nurni,^. *A(-); A.S.C.K. 3, 4; Arnold Air S.-cRtN v 4. OBRII.X, MAURI'.KN, 
General. AXt>. O'CAI.LACMAX, HAROLD A., FAViioiiiics. IWE; AK4"; M.SXi.A. 1, 2- I.F.C. I, 2, 3; Tennis 
3, 4. O'DKA, BRUCl' B., I'olitual Sarmr. \^<i>; Peer 3, 4; M.S.C.A. 2, 3, 4; W'DBS 1,2,^; D.-hatc Council 1, 2, 3, 
4; Duke Plavcrs 4. ORMOM), XAXCV D., Fi/i!,lisl,. AAA; Ulio's Who; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Modern 
Dance Club'4; Church Board 4; Student Rehmous Council 4. OSHIXSKY, PHYl.IdS C, Spanish. AK*; KAO; 
Pan-Hcl Council 2, 3, 4. 

Second rozr: 

OUTTKN, WILSOX C, Ehrtriarl Engineering. IN; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3; A.I.K.E. I, 2, 4. PARKI'.R, 
THOMAS R., Fiiglish. K^H; .Archive 1, 2, 3; I.F.C. 1; Soccer 1, 2. PARIS, F.DYTHE C, French. AAII; l^'Li. 
PARRISH, BILLY H., Pre-ninnirx. Swimmmu i; Gymnastics 2; Kappa Chi. PARSONS, JOAN M., Religion. 
PFARSON, lOHX H., Fj,<rlisli. <I'K4'; Publications Board 4; Y.NLC.A. 3; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; I.F.C. 2; Glee Club I, 2, 3; 
Choir 1; F..A.C. V 

Third row: 

PEELER, SHUFORD K., Che/nistrv. nK<J>. PEGG, JABEZ G., Electriml Engineeriiiir. Fnijineers Club 1, 2, ^ 4; 
A.LE.E. 3, 4. PENA, WILLIAM A., Pre-Uw. Bench and Bar 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 4. PERRY, NOR\L\X H., 
Business Administration. A.S.M.E. 2. PERRY, RICHARD B., Sociology. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C:. 
2, 3; I.D.C. 3, President 4; M.S.G.A. 3, 4. PFOHL, SARAH AL, English. HB*; a)BK; <i>KA; KAH; White Duchy; 
Who's nVw; Judicial Board 3, Chairman 4; Social Standards 2; W.S.G.A. 3, 4; Ivy; Marshal 3; May Court 4. 

Fonrth rou\- 

PHILLIPS, LEROY F., Sociology. Kappa Chi. PICKARD, ALA-RI D., Psychology. AAR. Homecoming Court 4. 
PIPER. HARRY M., Econmnics.' AT Q; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; YALC.A. L PLAYER, RICHARD L., 
|R., Civil Engineering. UKA, OME; 'l)BK; TBO; Who's Who; Marching Band 1, 2; A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4. POND, CE- 
CILIA E., History. <i>\\; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. POOLE, EDWIN S., JR., 
Business .Administration. $K2l!; Bench and Bar 1; Chanticleer 2; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4; Peer 2, 3; I.F.C. 3; F.A.C. 2; 
ALS.G.A. 1. 

Fifth row: 

POPE, ALISON S., Economics. Chanticleer L 2; W.A.A. Board 2. PORTER, JOHN S., JR., .Mechanical Engineering. 
XX; nAlE; A.S.ALE. 3, 4. PRICE, |OHN ()., Pre-Medical. BMO; BQS; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet L 2, 3; Chronicle 1; 
( ilce Club 1 ; Arnold Air Society 4. PRITCHETT, IM MA ( 1.. .Mathematics. AAA; 4>KA; W.S.G.A. 4; House Presi- 
dent 4; Choir 2; Glee Club L 2; F.A.C. 3. PROCIOR, JAMIS F., .Mechanical Engineering. RME; nTI]; A.S.M.E. 
V 4. RABIL, ALBERT, |R., Civil Engineering. BUX; Y:.\1.C.A. Cabinet 1, 2, 3; Glee Club L 2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; 
F.A.C. 2; A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4." 

Si.Yth row: 

RANSOM, lAMES R., Physics. IIME; :cnS; Chanticleer 2, 3; ALS.G.A. 2, 3; I.D.C. }; Archived. RATCHFORD, 
DAN J., Chemistry. A4>A- Alarching Band I, 2, 3, 4. REECE, RICHARD L., Chemistry. HK*; Chanticleer 3; 
Basketball 1; Cross Country L 2, 3; Track \, 2, 3, 4. REESE, ELSA M., History. OB*; ^K\; White Duchy; Who's 
Who; Sandals; W.S.G.A., President 4; Y.W.C.A. Council 1; Class Officer 2, 3. RHINE, ROSEALARY, Zoology. 
<t>BK; (i>KA; Who's Who; Ivy; Sandals; W.S.G.A. 3; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 
4; Class Officer 1. RICH, JAAIFS G., Zoology. AXA; Hoof 'n Horn 2, 3; Glee Club L 2; Choir 1; F.A.C. 2. 3. 4. 

Seventh row: 

RIFFER, lOHN 1.. Bnsmess .Administration. RIGGSBEE, COALMIE W.. Civil Engineering. A.S.C.I'.. 2. RI AlBACH, 
PETER K., English. KI; Duke Players L 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2, 3, President 4; Swimming \. RIXEBERC;, 
BERXARl) A., Chemistry. ZBT; OAK; Red Friars; Who's Who; Pre-Aled Society 2, 3; Hoof 'n' Horn I, 2, 3, 4; I.F.C. 
2, ^ President 4; Al.S.Ci.A. 3, 4; F.A.C. 3; Marshal 3. RIQUEZES, HECTORJ., Economics. Soccer 1 , 2, 3, Captain 4. 
REIT ER, DALLAS A., Art History. 

Seniors 1956 

Fust ran-: 

ROHKR IS. NORMA 1.., Hiswrx. iJK; Music Snidv Club 2; Ivv. ROBKR ISON, OI.IN |., Hconowia. K;ippa Chi. 
RODI'.NSkV. ARIULR, I'lr-L.r^: ZBT; Bench and Bar 4; Hoof" n' Horn 3; Baseball 2; Soccer 3; Cheerleader 4; 
\arsirv "D" Club. ROCI'.RS, DAVIU T, Political Saeme. A*A; miZ; Hi:*, Treasurer 2, President 3; (iiee Club 
I, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Town Boys' Club I, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2, 3; Varsitv "D" Club 2. 3, 4. ROCii.RS, 
DRL'CIM.A C., «//\///rfv Adiiiini<:tmtion. I,\U; <I>BK; Hoof 'n' Horn 3; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Co-ordinate Board 
4; Campus Chesr ^v ROKLS, WILLIAM S., Zw%v. 

Second roii-: 

ROSi:, l-UGKNIA R., .W;V/^?v. KKL. ROSE, MARTIN M., Political Science. ZBT; Hoof 'n' H.irn ^; Football 1. 2. 
3. 4; \ arsitv "I)'" Club. ROSS, KATHARINE L., English. AMI- Duke Players 1, 2; Social Standards 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 
3; Clee Club 1, 2; F.A.C. 3. RO'I H, [AMES H., Econonncs. IlK*; Duke Plavers 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2, 4, Captain 3; 
\arsitv "D" Club 2, 3, 4. ROLSE. \\ ILLIAM E., Pre-Medical. Pre-.Med Societv 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Duke 
Ambassadors 1, 2, 3, 4. ROVCE, LINDA R., Political Science. KKE; W.A.A. Board \, 2; Nereidian Club 1; Fraternity 
President 4; Class Officer 3. 

Third rozi: 

RUDISILL, lOHN C, Electrical Engineering. M.S.G.A. 2; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3. RUFEINI, ROBERT J., 
Economics. ATA; M.S.G.A. 2; I.F.C. 2; Golf L 2, 3, Captain 4. RUSS, \MLE1AM AL, Ciz'il Enoineering. KI; 
Fratcrnitv President 4; M.S.G.A. 2, 3, 4; I.F.C. 1,2, 3, 4; A.S.C.E. 3, 4. RUSSELL, JOHN C, Political' Science. 
KA; Bench and Bar 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; V'arsitv "D" Club 3, 4; Gymnastics 3; Cross Country 2. SADLER, JOHN H., 
Pre-Mrdical. <I'K1^ A(i>A; Pre-Med Societv 1, 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 1; M.S.G.A. 1, 2; Y.M.C.A., Freshman Council 1; 
F.A.C. 2; Cheerleader 2, 3. SALLEY, ANNE K., Art. KA(-); Ivy; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 2. 

Pointh roil-: 

SAMPLl A , |OI IN P., History. SANDERS, DONALD C, Sociology. *K'I"; Duke Plavers L 3; Glee Club L 2, 3, 4; 
Choir 2, 1, 4. SASSl R. Bl l)!- B., Sociology. KA; Duke Plavers 1 ; Chanticleer 1; W.S.G.A. 4; Pan-Hel Council 3, 
4; F.A.C. ^ SAUNDERS, NANCY I.., Spanish. IIB'E; rAO; *BK; (^KA; W.S.G.A., Treasurer 4; Ivy; Glee Club 
2; Choir 2; Concert Band 2; Svmphonv Orchestra 1; Pep Board 3. SAUNDERS, RICHARD B., Political Science. 
i:AE; Hoof 'n' Horn 3; Archive >\ 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Swimming L SA\'AGE, LINWOOD C, Economics. 
Z.\E.; Lacrosse 2. 

/•■;//// rrra". 

SCHE.ID, HAROLD D., Electrical Engineering. Publications Board 4; Archive 1; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4; DtikEngineer 2, 3, 4; 
I'ngineers' Student C^ouncil 4; I'.ngineering Publications .Advisorv Council 4. SCHLIMM, GEORGE F., Electrical 
Engineering. A.I.E.i:. 4. SCHMIDT, PEEER R., History. A^-t); YM.C.A., Cabinet 1; M.S.G.A. 4; I.F.C. 3, 4; 
Svmphonv Orchestra 1, 2; N.R.O.TC. Drill Team. SCHOI'.NHARDT, RONALD B., Economics. AXA; Glee Club 
3; Choir 4; A.l.l'.i:. 1. SCHROEDER, RICHARD, Business Administration. SCHROEDER, ROBERT H.. Eco- 
nomics. ATA; Ba.seball 1, 2, 3. 

Sixth ron: 

SCHVXARZ, JOHN A., 111., Business Administration. ilAE; Publications Board 3, 4; 1 loof "n" Horn 3, 4; Archive \, 

2, 3, Business Manager 4; M.S.G.A. 2; Tennis I, 2. SC:OTI , DONALD I'., Civil Enii,ineerini>. ATL>; Engineers' 
Club 1; A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4. SI'.BASTIAN, RICHARD A., |R., History and Political Science. 1\\; 
YM.C.A., Cabinet 2, 3; ALS.G.A. I; I.F.C:. 3; F.A.C. 3, 4; Marshal 3, Chief Alarshal 4; Church Board 3, 4; Football 
I, 3, 4. SI'LLI'.RS, JOHN P., History. "^'M'.; i\LS.(;.A. 2; WDBS 2, 3, 4. SI'.NI-.RCI IIA, SALLYE C, Elementary 
Education. .\AI1; \\ ho's Who; Pan-Hel (Council ^ President 4; I'rarernit\- President 3; ^'.W.CL.A., Cabinet 1, 2, Freshman 
Cabinet President I , May Court 4. Sl'WARD, |()HN I L, Chemistry.' \'\'l; Pre-Med Societv 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Club 
1,4, WDBS V 

Seventh roxi". 

SIIAW, PHILIP 1 ., Chemnlry. 'hl',K; 1 hu.f n' I lorn 2, v 4. SHA^ , RK :i lARl ) ( :., /\w/W.yy v. Cn \m i< n i i< I, 2; 
Chronicle I, 2, ?; Archive 1, 2. SI li RMAN, NIC I ORIA, Economics. SI IINN, (il RALD II., 'Cieneral. A'h A; Kapp-i 
Chi; Alpha Phi Omega. SI IIPE, MAR^ S., English. AXi2; Duke Players 3, 4; W.A.A. Board 2, 3; YW.C.A., Cabinet 

3, 4; I'raternity Piesiilenr 4; House Council 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir I, 2, !, 4; Srutlent Co-ordinate Board 1; 
Hockey Club 2. SIIUI Y, MAR I HA 1.., Sociology. AAII; Hoof 'n' Horn 3; Clii amic:i i:i u 1; Ivy; F.A.C:. 4. 


C^ f^ f^ 

U^ i^ 

Seniors 1956 

I'irsr miv: 

SIMMONS, SALLY A., Geiienil. l^K; nMK; <I'BK; V^lil; Ivv; Clcc Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 3; 
Marshal 3. SIMS, DONALD C, Emiwmus. ATA; Fratcrnit\- President 4; I.F.C. 3, 4; M.S.C.A. 3, 4; Basketball. 
SINGLETON, WILLIAM L., Ecomwia. ^V.^V. SK.IPPI R, NA 11 IAN R., Acmuitin^. TTQ; <I>BK; Chanticleer 
1, 2, 3; Peer 3, 4; MS.CI.A. 3. SLYK, WILLIAM R., Actvio/tuin. <1>BK; Bench and Bar 1, 2, 3, 4; M.S.G.A. 3; Hoof 
•n- Horn I ; Glee Club 3. SMITH, CAROL ,\1, Education. KKF; White l)ueh\-; Who's Who; Sandals; F.A.C. 3; Class 
Officer 4; Social Standards 2; Glee Club I; Choir 1; Y.W.C.A. \. 

Second roil': 

SMITH, DONALD D., Zw%v. Prc-Med Society 2, 3, 4. SMITH, EDWARD H., JR., Chemistry. -FBK; A<1>A; 
Prc-Med Society 2, 3, 4; Hoof "n" Horn 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 
SMITH, ELBERT W., JR., Pre-Eair. 'I'KiF; Swimming Assistant Manager 2, 3; Bench and Bar 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2. 
SMITH, loANNE, Sociology. *BK; Cilee Club 1,2; Choir 3, 4; Church Board 3; Student Religious Council 3. SNOW- 
BERGER", DON E., Economics. <I>A(-); Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity "D" Club. SORRITL, DAR- 
RELL F., .■iccoiiiitiiig. KA; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Third roir: 

SOUTHERN, .\L ODESSA, English. <I>BK; *KA; Whos Who; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4; Archive 2, 3, Editor 4; Peer 3, 4; 
Publications Board 4; Ivv; Sandals; Marshal 3; Areopagus 1, 2, 3, 4. SOWERBY, EMILY J., Political Science. KAH; 
Pan-Hel Council 4; Ch.anticleer I; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3. SPEARMAN, WILLIAM W., Business Ad- 
ministration. ATQ; AK^"; Cross Country 1; Track 1, 2. SPILLMAN, HARRY L., Accounting. ASf^; AKT. 
STANFORD, JAMES S., English. KS; Basketball Assistant Manager 1, 2, 3, Manager 4; Glee Club 1; Concert Band 
1. STANSBURY, PATRICIA A., Ens.lish. KKF; I'AO; •i'KA; White Duchy; Who's Who; W.S.G.A. 2, 4; House 
President 4; Sandals; F.A.C. 3; Marshal 3; Social Standards 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3. 

Fourth roiv: 

STARR, BETSEY B., Zooloc-x. AXQ; Duke Players 4. STEELE, W. FRANK, Pre-Medical. Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4; 
Glee Club 4. STEWART, KENNITH D., Psychology. M.S.G.A. 3; Track 2; I.D.C. 3. STIEGLER, 
THl'.ODORE D., Mechanical En<j,ineering. ATA; A.S."M.E.\3; NROTC Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4. STOKES, HELEN, 
Education. AAO; Social Standards 4; F.A.C. 4; Homecoming Court 4; May Court 4. STONE, AL\RY I'.., English. 
AT; Duke Players 2, 3, 4; YW.CA., Freshman Council 1; Pan-Hel Council 3; F.T.A. 3, 4. 

Fifth ro-u.-: 

STRADER, SUSAN A., Education. KKF; F.A.C. 4; Pep Board 2, h Chairman 4; W.S.CJ.A. 4; House President 4; 
Class Officer 4. STRATTON, \-IRGINIA H., Political Science. AX« >; A^FPA; *KA; White Duchy; W.A.A. Board 
2; W.S.G.A. 4. STROUD, |ANE T, Education. <I>M; W.A.A. Board 3. S I UART, FRANK A.,' Ill, Pre-Medical. 
lAF,; Pre-Med Society 3, 4; Archive 1 , 2. STUBBS, WILLIAM B., Political Science. ^N; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Peer 2, 3, 4. 
SULLI\-AN, .\L\RGARET S., English. 1>M; Duke Players 1; Archive 3, 4. 

Si.xth rov:: 

SUMNER, THOAL\S B., JR., Econmiiics. SAE. SWARINGEN, DORIS K., Music. Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Sym- 
phony Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Madrigal Chorus 2, 3, 4. SWARTZ, WILLIAM J., .Mechanical Engineering. BBO; BQS; 
DT^; A.S.M.E. 4; F.A.C. 2, 3, 4; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 3; Student Union, Board of Governors 4, .Marshal 3; Class Of- 
ficer 1. TAKEUCHI, Niro, Business Administration. TAUB, THEODORE C, Political Science. TE<t>; Bench and 
Bar 1, 2, 3, 4; Fraternity President 3, 4; M.S.G.A. 3, 4; I.F.C. 3, 4; F.A.C. 3, 4. TAYLOR, CLAUDETTI' S., 
Philosophy. Ivy; Concert Band 1. 

Seventh rov:: 

TAYLOR, FRANK L., JR., Business Administration. AXA. TAYLOR, PETER \'., En^ish. BGH; Hoof 'n' Horn 3; 
Chronicle 1, 2, 4; WDBS"l, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 3, 4. TAYLOR, TERRY W, Psychology. ATA; MI; Kappa Chi; 
Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2; Chanticleer 2; Chronicle \; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; F.A.C. 2, 3. TEASLElY, WILLIA.M A., loolo^ry. 
Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. TEGT.MEYER, ERICA F., Education. ^K\; SAO; W^.S.G.A. 4. TELLER, WILLIAM K., 
Sociology. <i)K2; OAK; Who's Who; Publications Board 4; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, Business Manager 4; F.A.C. 2, 3; Student 
L'nion, Board of Governors 4. 

Seniors 1956 

First rozi-: 

TKRRV, BARBARA, Educatwn. Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Svmphonv Orchtsrra 1, 2, 3, 4. TERRY, ELLFXOR R., 
E,i'icatio>i. AXU; Svmphonv Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. TEWKSBURY, JOHN H., Economics. AXA; Hoof 'n" Horn 1, 2. 
THOMASSON, S! KATHRYX, English. F.A.C. 3, House Council 2, 3. THOMPSON, LAWRENCE K., Zoo/ogx. 
ATO; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball I.' THOMPSON, MARGARET J., English. Music Study Club 1,2. 

Second roil': 

TINKHAM, CHARLES L., English. OKA; Bench and Bar 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club I ; Choir 1 ; Golf I, 2, 3, 4. TOBL\S, 
PEGGY A., Sociology. AE*; Fraternitv President 4; F.A.C. 4; Pegasus 1, 2, 3, 4. TRAYNHA,\L Catherine H., 
English. Glee Club l"; Choir 1; F.A.C. 3. TRONOLONE, PATRICIA J., Sociology. IK; Duke Players I, 2, 3, 4; 
Ch.anticleer 2; Sociology 3, 4. TUCK, VVILLL\M P., Music History. Duke Players 1; Madrigal Chorus 4. 
TUDOR, WILLIAM P., Business Administration. 4>KS; OAK; Who's Who; Fratcrnit\- President 4; Chanticleer 
2, 3, Business .Manager 4; Publications Board 4; M.S.G.A. 4; l.F.C. 4; Y.M.C.A. Handbook 2, 3; Y.M.C.A. Directory 

2, 3; Chronicle 1, 2. 

Third row: 

TUERFF, PAUL G., English. ATA; OAK; Bill., Who's Who; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, I'ditor 4; F.A.C. 3. TY- 
LER, ALICE W., Music. AAA; W.A.A. Board 3; Music Study Club 1, 2; Pan-Hel Council 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 
1, 2; Madrigal Chorus 2, 3, President 4; Sociology Club 3, 4. TYSON, LILA S., Accounting. UHLRIG, LUCILLE, 
Chemistry. AT; Nereidian Club 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 4. UNDERWOOD, DOUGLAS E., Econmnics. OKI'; Chronicle 
\, 2. URCKFITZ, JAMES L., Economics. 

Fourth row: 

VAN ORDER, [OHN A., Electrical Engineering. M.S.G.A. 2; Engineers Club 1 ; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4. \'AUSE, DAVID D., 
Pre-Medical. Pre-.Med Society 3, 4; Gymnastics 2. VOEHL, RICHARD K., Mechanical Engineering. 0X; Peer 2, 3; 
l.F.C. 2; A.S.M.E. 1, 2, 3, 4; DukEngineer 1, 2. WACHSNER, GABRIELLE A., Psychology. AEfI>; A4>A. WAL- 
LACE, ELLEN, Chemistry. ZTA; <I>BK; H.ME. WALTER, ROBERT P., Sociology. 

Fifth row: 

WALTERS, MARTHA A., Religion. ZTA; Chronicle 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. WALTERS, 
SYIA'IA .\L, Mathematics. ^lK, <I>BK; IIMF; Fraternitv President 4; Y.W.C.A., Freshman Council 1; Ivy; Sandals; 
Pan-Hel Council 3. W ARD, BOWDEN \V.. JR.. Mechanical Engineering. ^K^"; "t-BK; OAK; TBO; OME; OTI; 
cMll'; BUI; Order of St. Patrick; Who's Who; (ileeClub 1,2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2; F.A.C. 2, 3; A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 4; Traditions 
Board 4; DukEngineer 1,2, 3, Managing Editor 4; Engineers' Student Council 4. WARE, |OAN L., Political Science. 
Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. WARLICK, CLEO I., Sociology. W.A.A. Board 4; Glee Club I, 2, Choir 1 , 2. 
W ARLICK, GEORGE W, Electrical Engineering. AXA; A.I.E.E. 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling. 

Si.xth row: 

WARNOCK, JOHN W., JR., History. WARREN, JAMES I., JR.. Religion. <^K^■; *BK; OAK; Who's Who; 
C;iee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 3, 4; Debate Council 1, 2, 3, 4; [udicial Board 3, 4; Class Officer 3. 
WASDEN, EUGENIA C, Economics. KKF; <t>KA; W.S.G.A. 4; President 4; F.A.C. 3; Student Co-ordinate 
Board 2; Marshal 3. WATKINS, FRI'DI.RICK L., Political Science. BHII; M.S.Ci.A. 1; Football 1; Swimming 2; 
.M.S.CJ.A. 1. WATSON, CORA R., English. KAII; Peer 3, Ivy; Sandals; (ilec Club 1, 2, 3; Choir 2, 3; Class Officer 

3. WFAN'I", J. GWI'.N, Political Science. IIB'I-, Glee Club 1, 2, ?; Choir 2, ?; Pep Board 2, 4. 

Seventh row: 

WF \ riii'.RS. RI'BICCA A., Ceneral. Ckv Club 1; Choir I; I'.A.C. ^; Madriu-al Chorus 2; Class Officer ^. 
WIA\-| R, W ALliR P.. /V,-/);z;////v. (ike Club 1, 2, i, 4. Wl BBI'R, CAR()I.^ N F., Education. 'I'M; Hoof 
'n' Horn ? Cham u 1 1 i.k \ 4; F.F.A. 2, ^ 4. W I Bl R. |()ll\ C, Pre-Divinity. Kappa Chi; Chronicle I, 2. ?, 4. 
WI.BFR, FHOMAS W., Psychology. IIKA, A-I'A, Marshal !, W TBS'FI'.R, CHARMS A.. JR.. (ieneral. Kappa 
Chi, President 4. 


loll, i M 


Seniors 1956 

First roiv: 

WF.F.KS, lANKT L., Crwnr/. IXikc FLncrs 1, 2, 3, 4; Hoofn' Horn I, 2, 3, 4; Chmi/u/r 3, 4; .-^/r/zrcr 1, 2, ?, 4; /'av 
2, v 4; Sruclcnt Forum 4. WI'.IDMANN, FRFDFRICK H., Meclnviinl Eii^iinrnii^. A FA; A.S.Al.l',. 3, 4. WI.IR, 
CHRIS rOPHFR, Pnlitkal Science. BWFl; Chronicle 1; Marshal 3; Traditions Board 4; Pep Board I, 2, v Chairman 4. 
Wll.l), LOUIS .M., |R., Ck;7 En^inceniii^. Fnginccrs Club 1; A.S.C.F. 2, 3, 4. W'FNNFRSTROM, AR FML'R )., 
Mccluvncal Einuiecnml ATA; A.S.M.l".. 1, 2, 3, 4. AVFRBFR, PATRICIA, Sociohu.^^. Zl A; Ncrcidian Club 1, 2/?; 
/V<v2; Pceasus 1, 2. 

Secoihi row: 

\\HI:I:LFR, M. NASH, SodolofiV. Duke Plavcrs 2; Hoof 'n' Horn 3, 4; Student Co-ordinate Board I. WHINREY, 
SARAH L., Biiniiess Adviimstratwn. nB<J'; ^BK; Ivy. WHITAKl'R, CARV, Accounting. <i-KZ. WHITE, WIL- 
LIAM D., Accoiintina,. *BK; AK4'; Bench and Bar 4; Chronicle 2; ALS.CJ.A. 4; F.A.C. 2, 3; Golf I, 3. WHITi:- 
HURSI. BARBARA A., Religion. cJ)BK; i]An; Ivy; Pep Board 1, 3. WILKERSOX, JAMES H., JR., Political 
Science. BHII; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4. 

lliird lym-: 

WILLIAMS, |()H\ C., Ill, Cn-il Knaiiiecnnii. OKA; A.S.C.E. 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAMS, AL, LYNN, Eiifilish. UM>- 
(I'BK; <t>K\, i:AIl; Who's Who; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; Archiir 4; W.S.G.A. Vice-President 4; Ivv; Sandals; Campus 
(^hest 3; (;iee Club 1, 2; Choir \, 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3; House Council 3; Student Union, Board of (Governors v W'lL- 
LIAMSON, MARY L., English. DB*; Ivy; Pan-Hel Council 3; F.A.C. 4. WILSON, ANTHONY M., Econon/ics. 
lAE; Tennis 1. WILSON, ROBERT B., Mechanical Engineering. AXA; OME; TBO; UT^; Who'.^ Who; A.S.ALi;. 
I, 2, 3, 4. WILSON, THOMAS N., Civil Engineering. 

Fourth ro-u:: 

WINSOR, FRED L., Science. .\XA; Basketball Assistant Manager 2, 3, Manatrer - 
WISXER, BERNE L., Economics. 1\\; Btii:; ARiE; Whos Who; Publications Board 4; 7V/- 
Chronicle 1; .\LS.C;.A. 1, 2; Y.M.C.A. Freshman Council 1, Sophomore Council 2; F.A.C. 2, 
.Manager 3. WOOD, JEWI'LL, Sociology. Duke Players 1, 2; YW.C.A. Freshman Council 

; .Marching Band 1, 2. 
3, Business Manauer 4; 
3; WDBS 1, 2, Station 
. WOOD, \\ HITE- 

HALL T, Eccjnonncs. WOODAI 
Chemistry Club 1,2. 

NI'LL B., General. .Modern Dance Club 3, 4; Chronicle 1; Duke Pla 
Fre-Mcdical. A LA; A*A; Pre-.Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; F.A.C. 3; \\DBS 

Fifth rail'.- 

WRICiH'F, ERNEST L., Ill, Chemistry. WAKE, GENE L., B/isiness Administration. Football 1, 2. YOST, 
•LHOALAS M., Ps\cholov,y. (-).\'; C.hromcle I, 2; Peer 2. YOUNT, ROBI-.R'F L., Business .Administration. Ki:. ZA- 
RINS, INGRIDAK., Art. AT; d'BK; A(I>A; Duke Players 1, 2, 3, 4; .Music Study Club 1; Student Forum 4; Student 
Co-ordinate Board 3. 

JUxNIORS 1956 

First rozi: 

ABRAHAMS, Srankv I-., ZBT, Baltimore, \\d., ADAMS, Kli/.ihcrh I.., UM\ Pkasanrvillc-, N. ^.; AI.BRl.CH 1, 
Kenneth L., Belvidcrc, 111; ALLKN, Janet L., KKT, White Plains, \. Y.; ALLISON, Weldon D., IIK^I*. Hoilvwood, 
Fla.; ALMOND, Jones I',., |r., KA, Lexinston, \. C; ALSTON, Nora B., Littleton, N. C; ANDRI'WS, Leilani R., 
AT, New York, N. Y. 

Smwd w-^-. 

ARC:OCHA, Humbert L., Havana, Cuba; ARMSTRONG, Jerrv Q., Lineolnton, N. C; ASHWORI H, Ireenian 1.., 
Hucvelton, N. Y; ATKINSON, George B., ATQ, Northhcld, 111.; ATKINSON, X'irgima S., KKF, Northheid, 111.; 
AUSLEY, Margaret A., AAO, Tallahassee, Fla.; AVIZONIS, Petras V., Bay Shore, N. Y; AYSCUI'., Nancy E., 
Wilmington, Del. 

Third roil-: 

BACKER, Stuart R., ZBT, Brooklyn, N. Y; BADER, William A., Thurmont, Md.; BAIN, Richard C, jr.. Falls Church, 
\a.; BAKI'R, Diana L., KA(-), Atherton, Calif.; BAKER, I'.ugene |., Four Oaks, N. C; BAKIR, "Philip B., B(-)II, 
Baltimore, Md.; BAKER, Stephen D., Durham, N. C; BALLARD, Charles L., 'I'AW, South Hill, \a. 

Fourth nil': 

BARKER, Robert B., ATA, Rochester, N. Y; BASS, Ernest B., $A0, Durham, N. C; BATES, Ann S., ZTA, Chew 
Chase, Md.; BAUER, James A., Philadelphia, Pa.; BEACHAM, Buddy, jr., HKA, Miami, Fla.; BEALE, Llovd L.', 
Kl\ Portsmouth, \a.; BEASLEY, Frederick J., KA, Henderson, N. C; BEDELL, Joan E., Sandia-Base, N. .\L ' 

Fifth row: 

BEIDLER, Charles F., HK*, Sinking Spring, Pa.; BELL, Barbara, AAA, Arlanta, Ga.; BEST, Virginia, KA, Norfolk, 
Va.; BETTS, Richard L., *KS, Glendale, Mo.; BICKHART, Barbara |., IIB*, Davtona Beach, Fla.; BISHOP. 
lanice R., Afl>, Raleigh, N. C; BLANI'Y, Bernard E., K^, Newark, Del.;" BI.UEHDORN, Robert \\„ Washinuron, 
"D. C. 

Sixth roil': 

BOLTE, Kenneth C, Oueens \ illaue, N. Y; BOOK, Alan L.. ZBl', Wa.shmuton. I). C.; BOOkl R. Thomas |., Biu 
Island, \a.; BOOIH, Tricia A., IIB*, Greensboro, N. C.; BOUSE, George E., ^ Al . Louisville, Kv.; BOW LIS, 
Nancy I.., KA(-), Garden City, N. Y; BOWYER, Su.san I.., KAH, Charleston, W. \a.; H()^ ER, W illiam \., IIK<I>, 
Winston-Salem, N. C 

Seventh ron-: 

BRAMBI R(;, R. William, |r., ATL>, River Forest, III.; BRAX'LON. Sherrod L., VVhitevillc, N. C; BRI'WER, 
David L., KA, Winston-Salem, N. C.; BRI.WI R, X'irginia L., KA(-), Charlotte, N. C; BROWER, Marilvn N., 
KKF, Roekville Center, N. Y; BROW N, John W., Eirboro, N. C.; BROWN, Kermit E., A.sheville, N. C; BROWN, 
Tallulah A., ZI'A, Tampa, N. C. 

Fiiihth roil-: 

BROWNE, Noruell B., |r., IIKA, Pittsbm-h, Pa.; BRUBAKI R, |ohn R., Beaver lalls. Pa.; BRU ION. David A., 
Charlotte, N. C.; BRUl'ON, Inima I ., LeMtiuton. N. C; BR^ AN, Bettv R„ I'K, Goldsboro. N. C.; BR> AN I , 
Jo .Ann, A.Xli, Charleston, W. \a.; BR> AN I , W illiani (.„ Jr., ( Ireensbrm.. N. C.; BURN.S, Nancy C.. / lA, l.uni- 
berton, N. C. 

A7///// roll-: 

BLROUES 1 . Brer O., IIK'I', Sarasota, i'la.; BU'L I S, Robert G., I'arlville. N. Y; BVRNI'., I'dward B., BHII, River- 
side, (!^^ilir.; CARI A , i'duard |., Bellaire, Ohio; CARPI'N I I R, Robert R., K A, Cherrvville, N. C.; CARR. Charles H.. 
Durham, \. C; CARRICK, "Margelvn P., KAH, l.ast Oranue, N. [.; CAREER, Marv I'.., A<1>, Ralemh, N. C. 

I ,1/ ^Mdk 

ft D -O ^ 





f!5 O .a 


-. ^ 



pi O -O 

Juniors 1956 

First mii-: 

CAR ri'R, Samuel K., Durham, N. C; CARTWRICHT, |ohn M., Durham, \, C; CAR! W'RKiH T, Tom I,., Ama- 
rillo, Tex.; CASON, l.ueinda, A<^, Ihomaston, Ca.; CASTF.Rl.IX, Harrv R., KiJ, Plainheld, \. J.; CASWELL 
Fred W., ATU, Shorr Hills, N. |.; CA THI'V, Margaret A., KA, Dunn, X. C:.; Ct lALLKNCil'.R, |ohn H., Kl\ Maple- 
wood, N. j. 

Second m-Li-: 

CHAP,\L\N, Edwin T, Jr., Quinton, \a.; CHAPPI'.LL, )aner, AT, El Paso, Tc.x.; CHERRY, William H., jr., AI4), 

Durham, N. C; CHESSON, Marion R., Raleigh, N. C; CHESNUTT, William J., <i>A(-), Durham, X. C; CHI'.WN- 

IXC, O.scar C, Lilesville, N. C; CHOATE, Jane D., Salisbury, N. C; CLAPHAM, Edward (i., ATA, C;olumbus, 


Third row: 

CLARK, Kathrvn E., Elizabcthtown, N. C; CLEAVELAND, Stuart L, New Hartford, N. Y.; CLIFTON, Robert C. 
(t>Ki], Charleston, W. Va.; COARD, Nancv B., AAA, Baltimore, Md.; COBB, Dorothy E., Erie, III.; COBBLE, Her- 
bert D., :iX, Lupton City, Tenn.; COCKRFT.L, Phillip A., AlA, Grovcr, X. C; COFER, Mary L., Tucker, Ga. 

Fourth roll". 

COKER, Betsv W., AAA, Columbia, S. C; COLMEY, Thomas (J., iiX, River Forest, 111.; COXXOR, William C, 
nK<t), Ormond Beach, Fla.; COOK, Carlisle F., |r., OKA, Laurel, Md.; COPELAND, Howard L., AX A, Miami 
Beach, Fla.; CORPENING, Anne H., Granite Falls, N. C; CORRELL, John C, Monroe, X. C; COURTXEY, 
Cornelius B., Jr., <t>Ki;, Newport News, Va. 

Fifth row: 

COWLES, Alice L., AXU, Birmingham, Ala.; CREWS, Don W, 4)K^, Lakeland, Fla.; CROCKETT, William G., 
AXA, Wynnewood, Pa.; CRYMES, lames E., ^K^', Miami, Fla.; GUMMING, Llewellyn, Savannah, Ga.; CUM- 
MINGS, Jasper R., Louisville, Ky.; DAVID, Donald G., Jacksonville, Fla.; DAVIS, Larry J., Charlotte, N. C. 



DA\IS, L. Wilson, |r., AXA, Baltimore, Md.; DAVID, Shirley A., Durham, N. C; DEAN, |anet M., .\<i>. East 
Xorthheld, Mass.; DEAS, David |., Canton, N. C; DECKER, Larry D., K2, Cedar Grove, N. J.; DeLOATCH 
Mahlon W., |r., Tarboro, N. C; DELOATCH, Sidney C, Roanoke Rapids, N. C; DICKENS, Charles H., Thomas- 
ville, N. C." 

DILLIE, Charles W., |r., AXA, Washington, Pa.; DIXOX, Anne, <I>M, Evanston, 111.; DORFM AX, Robert A., Nanuet 
N. Y; DOUGLAS, Addie J., A*, Columbia, S. C; DOWLESS, |oe W, <i>K*I", Kannappolis, N. C; DUDLEY, 
Carolyn S., Lenoir, X. C; DUFFEY, Donald D., 4>K'I\ Ellyn, 111.; "DUNNING, Peter B., IWE, Brooklyn, Conn. 

Eighth row: 

EATON, lames W., |r., i:AE, Portsmouth, \^.; EDGERTON, Shirley S., ^W, Asheville, N. C; EGGLESTON, 
Joseph C.,'i:X, Grcenbelt, Md.; ELLIOTT, Donald L., Winston-Salem, N. C; FARMER, Gary C, DK*, Kinston, 
N. C; FATZINGER, Harleigh F., i]X, Catasauqua, Pa.; FAYE, Stanley, ZBT, Beechurst, N. Y; FELSON, Dorothy A., 
AE<I>, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Ninth row: 

FINOL, Hugo J., Maracaibo, Venezuela; FISCHER, Alfred F., Palm Beach, Fla.; FISHER, Edgar B., jr., ATQ, 
Durham, X. C; FISHER, Leon H., Marshtield, Wis.; FOARD, Barbara R., AAO, Lenoir, N. C; FORE, VVilliam W. 
nKA, Lynchburg, \'a.; FOSTER, William T, Southbridgc, Mass.; FRANTZ, Eugene E., Gadsden, Ala. 


Juniors 1956 

Fnst ivii- 

FRII;DMA\, |(k1 L., ll-aneck, N. J.; FULCOMKR, Ijhks M., 'l'K>r, Monrcl.ur, \. |.; CARDNFR, I.cdvard 1)., 
OKA, Pinchursr, N. C; CiARDNER, Stephen C, AXA, Orlando, Fla.; (iAV, Marjorie A., AAFF Chicago, 111.; 
GEBEL, Emile L., <FK'r, Pirrshurgh, Pa.; CENTER, David E., IIKA, Pirrsburph, Pa.; (lER.MAN, Richard T, AXA, 
Baltimore, Md. 

Second roii-: 

CEROCK, Hcnrv W'., Alavsvillc, \. C; GETZENDANNER, Sarah A., Winchester, \'a.; GIBSON, Marearet B., 
Sandv Ridge, N. C.; GILBERT, James H., SAE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; GINSBURG, Robert S., ZBT, BaltimoVe, .Md.; 
GL,\SS, joe D., i:N, Kannapolis, N. C.; GLENN, Doris E., KA, Durham, N. C.; GODDARD, Eugene E., <i>KS, 
Richmond, \a. 

Third ro-ii-: 

GODWIN, Joseph R., Dunn, N. C.; GOODALL, John C., Jr., ATQ, Chicago, 111.; GORDON, Patricia O., Burlington, 
N. C; COUDY, Roberts., Wilson, N. C; GRAPER, Robert M., *KS, Upper Montclair, N. ].■ GREEN, Marilyn H., 
^B'^, Lima, Pa.; CIRILLS, Joe ,<I>K4', Amarillo, Tex.; GRl.MSON, Keith, OKA, Evanston, III. 

Foil nil roiv: 

GRISSETT, Priscilla A., Kew Gardens, N. Y.; HADLEY, Ann ,Ar, Danville, Ind.; HAECKLER, William K., AXA, 
McKeesport, Pa.; HALL, Eleanor H., Dama.scus, Va.; HAMMILL, Terry L., Concord, N. C; HAMMOND, Wil- 
liam E., AS*, HendersonviUe, N. C; HARGRA\T., Eva H., AAO, Lexington, N. C; HARLEY, Neil H., OKA. 
Washington, D. C. 

Fifth row: 

HARRINC;T0N, Randall L., Avden, N. C; HARRIS, Eugene S., Ki], Pine Blufi', Ark.; HARRIS, Martha R., AAA, 
Albemarle, N. C:.; HARRIS, William E., OK*, Swarthmorc, Pa.; HATCHELL, Ralph I',., |r., Florence, S. C; HAW- 
KINS, Alix .\L, AAA, Hampton, Va.; HAUENS, Harry S., Tuscaloosa, Ala.; HAY, David M., Durham, N. C:. 

Sixth roiv 
Ai;'I', Mont 

HICKS, , -., _ 

<I>K'r, Raleigh, N.C 

rederick W., :^AE, Baltimore, Md.; HFIL, Alan L., |r„ A1'<I>, Upper Montclair, \. |.; HFIM, Donald 
toursville. Pa.; HEIZER, Sidney I., AAII, Durham," N. C; Hl'.RR, Ursula S., lUM', W.iterburv, Coi 
nes AL, ATA, Montgomery, Ala.; HILDRETH, MariKn )., AX<>, Newark, Del.; HOADI.I A , Peter 
■\„u M r 

Sczrnth row: 

HOCK, August W, :i:N, Maplewood, N. J.; HODC^ES, Sally, AAII, Asheville, N. C.; I lOHNI'.R, Robert A., IIK<F, 
Decatur, (ia.; HOLLAND, William L., <I>A(-), St. Petersburg, Fla.; HOOKER, |ohn I'., Martinsville, \a.; HOONTR, 
George O., Kl\ Verona, N. J.; HOUS FOX, John T, Beaver Falls, Pa.; HUBBARD, Jerry G., Kl", (ia.stonia, \. C. 

/•;;.;'///// row: 

HUEY, Marion V., KAM, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 la.; 1 lUI IMAN, David I., IIKA, Ravenna, Ohio; HUCIHE.S, X'ictor A., 
SN, Jacksonville, Fla.; HUNSLI'Y, l.lovd A., Philadelphia, Pa.; HUNTER, Ann. Greensboro, N. C; HUNTER, 
Barbara, <I>M, Norfolk, Va.; IIURSF, L. LeDare, AAII, Columbia, S. C; HUFCl IIXSON, T. (Iiiinron, Meehanics- 
burg. Pa. 

Xiiifh row: 

HM.DAIIL, Bruce C, 'I'Kl', Clark, \. |. 
Iliekorv, N. C; IZACiUlRRi:, Simon A. 
|i SSI i;, Audrey !)., ZTA, L\nehburu, \a 
JlB<l>, Birdeye,'Ark. 



n 1)., llarnsonlniru, Vi,; 1\IA, Ihomas X., 1IK<I> 

("araeas, \'ene/,iiela 

; |\C()\IS, Richard B., /B I', 1 leiiipsread, X. Y. 


(■;.. AAA. FiiruieL;.!, \hi.; |()1IXS1()X. Anne L. 

fipS ." f^ 

M.M Mm 


fry . ^: P 





P C P JP i^ ^^4 



Ci7 fr> 

/ / r 


Juniors 1956 

I'mt ro-Li-: 

lOHXSOX, Carolvn, KA, Lookout Mounnun, linn.; |()H\SON, Dorothv |., Sniirhhcld, N. C; JOHNSON, Wal- 
rcr R |r. OK* Bilrmorc, N. C:.; |ONi:S, Charles K!, Waco, Hxas; lONl'S, Kddic AI., Ashton, S. C; JORDAN, 
\nni.' R., KA(-), Cedar Falls, \. C:.;'|ORI)AN, Henry H., Ill, KA, Cedar Falls, N. C; JORDAN, Lyndon K., <l'K'r, 
Mr. Olive, \. C. 

Sccniid mic: 

lOYI', N. Mason, |r.. Lake Citv, Fh.; jOYNF.R, F. Belron, Jr., Silcr Cirv, N. C; jUSTICF, Henry A., Asheville, 
N. C.; K\,\ISLFFi, Leonard M., Raleigh, N. C; KATZINSKI, John, UK*, West Hempstead, N. Y.; KI'.ARNS, 
Sherr\-, AXU, High Point, N. C; KFFNAN, Evelyn L., Washington, D. C; KKI THLI-Y, (ieorge F., Mt. Prospect, ill. 

Third roti-.- 

Kl MPLFR, Donald, ZBT, South Orange, N. |.; KENASTON, James H., ATQ, Cocoa, Fla.; KERSTETTF:R, Ned M., 
IIKA, Louisville, Ohio; KESSLEY, H. Richard, Rochester, N. Y.; KETCHAM, David E., Bellepoint, W. \'a.; 
klTNI'R, Carclvn D„ AAA, Salisbury, N. C; KEYES, leromc W, jr., AXA, Alexandria, \'a.; KIENLE, Richard W., 
KA, Charlotte, N. C. 

KIM, Kun H., Seoul, Korea; KING, Arthur W, <|)A(-), Durham, N. C; KING, Julius N., Rochester, N. Y.; KIRBY, 
Milton R., AXA, Durham, N. C; KISTLER, Hcnrv E., Jr., Ki], Charlotte, N. C; KLEVANSKY, Richard, Reading, 
Pa.; KNIGHT, Robert H., Statesvillc, N. C; KREDICH, Nicholas M., ATQ, Elmvvood Park, III. 

Fifth mv: 

KRL'I'.GER, Ronald P., KI, Short Hills, N. ).; KURLBAUAL Susan, UB<i>, Broadalbin, N. Y.; LAND, Carol J., 
Bradenton, Fla.; LANE, William C, |r.. Belle\"ille. N. |.; LARI'SF, Eddie |., XN, Kimball, W. Va.; LaRUE, Joy A., 
A'^, Wauchula, Fla.; LASSITER, Gail, KAH, Winston-Salem, N. C; LATHAAl, Suzanne, Washington, N. C. 

Sixth mil-: 

LI'.i:, William S., SN, Aliddletown, Del.; LERRO, Alargaret A., Dayton, Ohio; LEWIS, Franklin E., ATA, Pensacola, 
Fla.; LINDQUIST, Shirley I., AAA, Albany, N. Y; LINDSAY, Charles T, Jr., *AW, Washington, D. C; LINEKER, 
Sidney G., Jr., KS, Falls Church, \'a.; LOCKE, Ronald J., Greensboro, N. C; LODEN, George B., OK*, Atlanta, Ga. 

Sriri/th m-^-: 

LOEB, Theodore F., ilAE, Wilbraham, Alass.; LOAL\X, Phillip A., North Wilkesboro, N. C; LOEW, Thomas F., 
B(-)II, Baltimore, Aid.; LYBASS, Tillinehast G., lacksonville, Fla.; LYON, Marianna I',., Durham, N. C; Al^cKENZIE, 
Charles F., Lancaster, Pa.; MacPHERSON, Carl A., Chapel Hill, N. C; ALADDI'.N, John W., *A(-), Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Eii^hth rozv: 

AL^HANES, Alartha A., Charlottesville, \a.; AlAHNS, Henry L., Neptune, N. |.; ALAINSEL, Diana R., A*, Clarks- 
burg, W. A'a.; MALONE, Robert S., Pensacola, Fla.; AL\NNINC;, Donald 1"., Willseyville, N. Y; AlARCOAl. 
Claire B., AAO, Coral Gables, Fla.; MARKS, Alarvin L., TE*, Baltimore, Aid.; AlARSHALL, Harris A., Jr., «1'KX, 
Orangeburg, S. C. 

Xiiith ro-ir: 

AL'\RTIN, Carolyn C, Favctteville, N. C; MARTIN, Grace J., Tenafly, N. J.; ALARTIN, Robert L., Jr., Birmingham, 
Ala.; AlARTIN, William Al, Jr., ATQ, Chevy Chase, Aid.; AL\SIUS, Alfred G., |r., IIAE, Baltimore, Aid.; ALASON, 
Edna C, KA, Charlotte, N. C; MASON, Richard F., $K2, Lakeland, Fla.; A1ASSIE, Francis S., Wayncsville, N. C. 

Juniors 1956 

iint ro'H-: 

M\THIS Svlvia D AAA. Athens, ( ,a.; MA r IHIW S. Lewis R.. |r.. A 1 A. B^ilrimorc. Md.; MAXW Kl.L. Slurrv S.. 
St PctcTsbiir'c- Fla.; McCAHAN. IXivid S.. <I'K:^. New York. \. Y.; NhCl.AlN. 13avid H.. Durham. \. C; Mc- 
CORl). Nircinia 1... Bristol, linn.; Ah CORMICK. Marv 1... KA, MunLie, Ind.; \U:IX)\ALD, Theodore C, Buf- 
falo. \. Y ' 

Scan hi roiv: 

M( ll.H \\I:Y. I larold \., a>A(-), Burgetrstown, Pa.; AIcGAUGHFY, Robert T., KI, Kittawning, Pa.; iVIclN TOSH, 
SalK W KA Savannah, (ia.; .McLAIN, Lee W'., Jr., B(-)n, Sara.sota, Fla.; Ak:LI'.C)D, Don E., *KS, Chew Chase, 
\Kf ; .\1( .\L\\, W ilham D.. SAL, Kivria, Ohio; ,\lcTAAL\LA\Y, John R., <J)Ki;, Kno.xville, Tenn.; MEAD, Allen, 
BHII, Ft. W'nne, Ind. 

■riiini nr^-. 

Ml \I)()R lames C |r IIK \, Charleston, W. \a.; MEREDITH, Howard P., |r., Ai:-!", Pittsburgh, Pa.; .MFRRITT, 
Repton IF, Pineville.'N. C.; NU' FCALF, |udie R., Oneco, Fla.; MEWBORNF, |onzennie, AAO, Hampton, \a.; 
.MILLER, Bruce \V., X\. (iarden Citv, \. Y; .MILTEER, Dorothy E., Norfolk, Va.; .MISEXHEI.MFR, Clinton B., 
Kannapolis, N. C. 

I- our ill lym: 

.MliCIIFLL. .Marv .\L. AAll, .Matthews, \. C; MOXTCiO.MERY, Manlvn I)., KA(-), (ilendale, .Mo.; .MOORE, 
Shirley, Baltimore, Md.; MOORF, Rov E., |r., ATA, Canaan, \. Y; MOORE, Robert L., Rutherfordton, N. C.; 
MOORi:, Tommy J., Gastonia, N. C; MORENO, Alirio J., Maracaibo, X'enczucia; MORGAN, Helen H., Marion, \a. 

/•';//// niv: 

MORRIS. .Marv R., Burlinsron, N. C.; MOSRIE, Azctt J., i^N, Princeton, VV. \a.; MOY, David, Camden, N. J.; 
\1 LI. HOLLAND, Chri.stopher C., Ill, :i:<M'., Durham, N. C; MULL, Laura L, ZTA, Morganton, N. C; MULL, 
W illiain IF, HX, Bau.sman, Pa.; MULLINS, Jerry K., Kl^ Madison, W. Va.; MUNCH, Charles H., OK*, Ashevillc, 
N. C. 

,S';.v/// wa^: 

.MURRA> . I.ihn .\.. jr., :^N, Tampa, Fla.; NALL, Martin F., Jr., (ireensboro, N. C; NEELY, Robert P., Durham, 
N. C.; Nl \VMAN, David C, BWO, Cape Ciirardcau, Mo.; NICHOLSON, .^nnc R., Charlotte, N. C; Nl I SBI'RG, 
Michael 15., ZBI, Neu Y.rk, N. Y; OU'FFRSON, -Michael St. |., ^FK^, QuarrN Heights, Canal /.<ine; OWIN, 
MiirvJ.. Aruh.i, Netherlands West Indies. 

Seventh roii-: 

PAC;E, Patricia C, A'F, Win.ston-Salem, N. C.; PALLANGF. le.ui I .. KKF, ()uaker I lill. Conn.; PAPF., W illiam R., 
|r., <I>Ki:, Wilmington, N. C.; PARKI R, I heodore M., Washin-ton, I). C; PARKI RSON, Walter F., I'AF, Char- 
lotte, N. C; PA'IF, DeV'auuhn I,., 'I'K'F. F.impa, Flu., PALI., Pe-jv S., .\A1I, Revnolda, N. C.; PFR- 
RINE, Cleorgc A., Jr., IX, Miami, I la. 

/■Jiihtli roii.-: 

PI I I R, R<.l.err IF. All). Rockville Center, N. Y; PIII'RSON. Fhomas C., Sturiris, .Mich.; PEYTON, |ohn I).. 
Seuanee, lenn.; PHILLIPS. |;me 1... AAII, Durham, N. C.; PHILLIP.S, .Marv F, Liuiruibunj. N. C; PIERCf. Ara- 
minta P., KA, Weldon, N. C."; POOL, Roy R., A FU, Raleigh, N. C; POPE, Henry D., Fnrield, N. C. 

Xiiilli run: 

PO F I I R. .\L Lou. 'F.M. Plant Citv. 11..; PRIS ION. I'dwin T., 'I>K1\ Kinssport. Fenn.; PREWITT, Richard A.. 
Briarelilf Manor. N. Y; PRICE. Pollv A., I Ikm. N. C.; PUIAIR. Carol ].. KA, Rid-ewood. N. |.; QUBI'.IN, Fuad R.. 
Beit Jala, Jordan; RAU, Ronald C, Al^'h, W'lnston-Salem, N. C.; RAUCH, GarV C., ATA,' Parkersburg, W'. \'a. 




^^ ^^1^ ^ 



t i / 11. 


fS f^ Q JTi 

^•^ ik li^ 

3! P O, 



ci .(*? .<? # J» 




Juniors 1956 

First roir: 

RAY, Ritz C, |r., IIKA, \Msr krtcrson, X. C; RKAXKY, Ldand K., hills Chiiah. \'a.; RKDDINCi, ,\l;irsh;ill S., 
(iibsonvillc, N. C.; RKKCE, JancS., ZTA, Lincolnton, \. C; RIXiKX'OIJ). Fred A., jr., Memphis, Rnn.; RIX ilSIi.R, 
L. Harrison, Jr., Durham, X. C; RICHARDS, Robert K., ATU, I IKvnod Cirv, Pa.; RICHARDS, Susan H., AAA, 
Alexandria, \'a. 

Second roil-: 

RICHARDSOX, Charles C, Columbia, S. C.; RICHARDSOX, W dliam i:., ^.\V., Palm Beach, Fla.; RUWR, Robert K ., 
ATA, Greensboro, X. C; RIDI.IA, |aek, A I U Summit, X. |.; RiX(i, |ane L., Durham, X. C; RISHKR, Paul D., 
Huntiniiton, \\'. \'a.; ROBERSOX, l4irl L., <1>K:;:, Conetoe, X. C.; ROBI.RSOX, Edward L., <i>Ki:, Conetoe, X. C. 

Third mil-: 

ROBI'RTS, Sallv L., Xcw Haven, Conn.; ROBI'.R TSOX, Anne S., Richmond, V'a.; RODGERS, Dianne E., AT. 
lucksnn Heights,X. Y.; RODGERS, Edward C., A1'<1>, Arhngton, \'a.; ROHEF, Henrv C, Kirkwood, Mo.; ROHR- 
"BACH, Irwin O., Kl\ Amityville, N. Y.; ROXKAXEX, George A., Glens Falls, X. Y; ROSE, Allen |., 'EE<1>, Mr. 
Gilead, X. C. 

Fourth roiv: 

ROTHERMEL, Robert D., 1^4>E, Reading, Pa.; ROTHFEDER, Howard L., ZBT, South Orange, N. J.; ROTXER, 
Arnold H., TEcI>, Spring \'allcy, X. Y; RUBEL, Mark E, ZBT, Woodmere, X. Y; RUDDLE, Helen A., HB*, Delmar, 
X. Y; RUSSELL, Parvin, i\L, |r., Maplewood, X. ).; SALTZ, lames 1'.., jr., *A(-), St. Petersburg Fla.; SAMPLE, 
j. Paul, Charlotte, X. C. 

Fifth row: 

SA.MOIE, Fred L., Arequipa, Peru; SANDULLI, Joel C, Watcrtown, Conn.; SATTERFIELD, Alary E., KA, 1 uiiber- 
lake, XX.; SCHARPS, Andrexx, |r., Scarsdale, N. Y.; SCHMIDT, Arlme R., AT, Greenville, X. C; SCHUMACHI'R, 
Sallv A., AF, Durham, X. C; SCHWARZ, George C, Springfield, X. |.; SCHW'ARZ, Louis A., Ill, AXA, Bergen- 
held, X. J. 

Sixth row: 

SEDLACK, Donald C, 4)K^', Baltimore, Md.; SEIDEL, Richard P., Oak Park, III.; SEXTLOWITZ, .Michael I., 
TE*, Yonkers, X. Y; SEA'ERSOX, Peter P., ATA, Palo Alto, Calif.; SGROSSO, X'incent L., KX, HoHoKus, X. J.; 
SHARPE, William, G., Jr., Elm City, X. C; SHA\1:R, Ralph X., Jr., (I^KiI", Baltimore, Md.; SHAVER, Robert V^ 
Albemarle, N. C. 

Seventh row: 

SHEPPARD, Frederick G., KiJ, Wishmgton, I). C; SHRIVER, Sandra L., ZTA, Silver Sprinti, Md.; SHUI,, Rav (J., 
Kl\ Greensburg, Pa.; SICiMOX, Robert L., Charlotte, X. C; SIMOXS, Ruth |., Ai:*, Staten Island, X. Y., 
SIMMOXS, Helen V., ci)M, Opp, Ala.; SLUSSER, Mar>- A., <1>AL Lexington, \a".; SMITH, ElK\ood K., \)l.<\\ 
Greensboro, X. C. 

Fi'^hth row: 

S.MI'IH, Frances E., ZTA, Durham, X. C; SMITH, Marv B., Winston-Salem, X. C; SMITH, Reginald L., Jr., 
Charlotte, X. C; S.MITH, Robert H., HK*, Atlanta, Ga.; SiVlITH, Sandy J., Gladstone, X. J.; SMITH, William A., 
HK*, Coral Gables, Fla.; SMITH, William J., <J)K1\ Bethel, X. C; S.MITH, AVilliam R., SAE, Toronto, Ontario. 

Xinth row: 

SXYDER, James .\L, 't-AH, Louisville, Kv.; SOTEL, Phillip K., Garden Citv, X. Y; SPAXACiEL, |ohn D., .\.\A, 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio; SPEAKMAX, William F., Jr., IX, Chattanooga, Tenn.; SPEXCE, Jill B., ZTA, Rochester, X. Y; 
SPEXCER, William C, Jr., Rocky Mount, X. C; SPRIXGSTOX, Elizabeth, Bethesda", Md.; STAXLEY, Buddy R., 
*A(-), Ashcboro, X. C. 

Juniors 1956 

l-irst rou-: 

STARMS \lvin H., Kalci.Ji, N. C; SrARNKS. hick 1'., Monn.L-, \. C; S 1 I'PHI NSON, Rurh I ., West Point, 
Miss • SI I \1 \S Wlsdii (,., |r., HX, Wcstcrvillc, Ohio; SIFAI'S, |oan L., AAA, Cincinnati, Ohio; SIIWAR 1', 
lulian 1 1., IN, Monroe, ( ia.; S flWAR I, Rohcrr P., ATLl. Princcton.'X. J.; S I'OKI'S, Martha S., KKi\ Washiniiton, 

b. c. 

Second rmv: 

S'l()\ TR Donald H.. l"'!'!', W iHianisport, Pa.; S I UCKI'A, Hcnrv I., Hishopvillc, .S. C; STUTZ, Caroivn F., AXU, 
Palmcrton, Pa.; SLI IS, Hcttv |., Statcn Island, \. ^.; SUSKIND, Stuart P., TK*, Binghamton, \. V.; SYIAI S Il.R, 
Hcnnan, IvA, Richiands, \. C!; TATI'M, Roycr W., Norfolk, \a.; TAYLOR, Sarah E., AT, (irccnviiic, N. C. 

I'liird roiv: 

THO.MAS. Caroivn .M.. A'l', West Chester, Pa.; IHOM.AS, Frank I).. Albany, (ia.; 'IHOM.\S, (ieor-e T., 1\X, 
Pirtsford, N. v.; IHOMPSON, |ohn C., KA, Dunn, N. C.; IHUF.M.MFL, Robert \\'., jr., Kl], F.mer.son. N. |.; 
IIPION, Kav, AAn, Madison, "(ia.; lODD, K;irherine I.., AXti, San Fnincisco, Calif.; FOI.MACH, David M.. 
ZHI', lAnhrook, N. Y. 

l-'oiirth roii-: 

rOR(ii;SFN, Barrv VV., Atlanta, Ga.; TOTH, Daniel D., AS4>, New York Citv, N. Y.; TOWNSEND, Robert S., 
rN, Newark, Del.;' I'RACY, Frank VV., SN, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; TRICE, Thomas W., Jr., i]N, Baltimore, Md.; 
TROY, Ballard F.., |r., Kl], Durham, N. C; TURLINGTON, James E., K}::, Dunn, N. C; TURTLE, James W., 
K:;:, Cynwyd, Pa. 

/•//>// ro^: 

FU E'ELi:. Bettv I.. Iliuh Point. N. C.; UNDI R\\ OOl), Elizabeth C, :;:K, Asheboro, N. C.; \AN DYKE, 
Florence E., Newark, N.'|.; XAUGllN, James W., |r., 'I'Kl, Durham, N. C; \'1RDEN, Cvnthia, Alexandria. \a.; 
W ACNI R, Barbara A., AT, Durham, N. C.; W A(iNFR, Philip M., Ill, 1"N, Point Plea.sant Be;ich, N. |.; W AI.KFR, 

William C., X'I'f. .\sheville, N. C. 

,SV.v/// roll-: 

WARE, Donald M., AXA, \rlin-ron. \a.; W AKI , I lenrv IE, 111, A llJ, Atlanta, (ia.; WARREN, \irmnia I.., 
<l)M, Mooresrown. N. |.; W ARWICK, W illiam S., Font; Island Cirv. N. Y.; WA I SON, Herb F., IIKA, Port 
ingfon, N. Y., W A^ , John I .. |r.. Hanover, Pa.; W I BB. Betsv A., .\A11. Asheville, N. C.; WI'BB, Fred, |r., I linton, 
W. \a. 

Seventh n.ii-: 

W I BS 1 I R, Donald K., Ridgewood, N. ].; W I- IDA LAN, Richard R., 1\AI'„ Ro.semonr, Pa.; W'l'.ITZMAN, Robert \\., 
IIk\. B.ivville. N. Y.; WT.YI I.MANN, Walter X'., Roanoke, \a.; WHAN(iI'R, Nancv |.. Cleveland, Ohio; 
W I II I EI R. I haddeus A., |r., A'l LJ, Durh;mi, N. C.; VVHFEACRE, Robert E., k:^, i:ndewood,"N. |.; W I II II'.NI'.R, 
Susan A., KKF, last-Alexandria, \ a. 

Eii^liil, rou-: 

WIII'I'EED, Margaret .\., AAA, Charlotte, N. C; W lEI.IAMS, Can.Kn I... Albemarle. N.C.; W lEEIAMS. W. Al- 
fred, Kl\ Green.sboro, N. C; W II .1.1 AMSON. 1 red M., Bronxville, N. V, W lEEIS, Calvin |., KX, Crexxe, \a.; 
W lESON. Con.stance I).. AAII, Atlania, (,a., WILSON, D.uidas N., I'N, Clem.son, S. C; WILSON, |..e I)., Char- 
lotte, N.C. 

S'inlli roil-: 

V\'INGEIFLI), I. Dunsron, |r., IIK'I', Norfolk, \a., WOODEN 1 , Milton W.., \a.; W( )OI)W ARD, Sue F., 
Sutfolk, \a.; W^OOIl N, Frank T, III. Ch.idbourn, N. C; WRKdll, Catheniu \,. Norfolk, \a., YAliS, Char- 
lotte I I., AXLJ, Washm...t..n, \)A:., \( )S I . lliiier I)., K A, ( ,ieensb,.r,., N. C., /IK ,1.1 K, karherine I ... AAll, Fick.son- 
VI lie, Ela. 


:i/ -. V 4i 




'^ p r> 

^ 1 

k iM^: 

J < hi 


:^^: O f^ 

Sophomores 1956 

First nnv: 

\B1:R, Marv 1)., KA; AHRI I.I., |<.hn W.; ADAMS, |<>hnnic \'., A'l'; AI)1,IR. Marv L., AK*; AU-A'ANDKR, 
\licc H.; ALKXANDI.R, Sallv W'., KA(-); ALIJ'.X, Pollv W., AXLJ; AI.SI KR, l.uvrL-ncL- |., ZBT; ALlAA'l KR, 
Kiithkvn B., KA(-). 

Simiid mil-: 

A.MAN, lohn R.; AMI'Ml), I'.li/.abcrh C, <t>,M; AMOROSO, Lawrauv |.; AN1)I:RS1:N, Robert L., K^, ANDRl'AV, 

Windy; APPLI:BI:1:, Marine A., '1>M; ARMI'.NTROUT, Jean B., KAh'; ARN, Shirley J., AAA; AU'IR^ , ( icorgc B. 

Third roii-: 

A\I:RA, Patricia A.; BAILKV, )udith A.; BAKKR, William A.; BAI.I.ARl), |<.hn I..; BANKKRT, Jon C, Jr., AXA; 

BAXSl.l.Y, Marv Grace, LIB*;" BANTON, Thomas |., |r., ATLi; BARKI.R, Barbara |., A*; BARKI'.R, lames I)., 


Four til roll-: 

BARKSDALK, Barbara A., KKT; BARNKS, Luther M., <i>Kr; BARNES, Ralph W'., |r., *Ki:; BARRINCil-R, 

Katharine C; BARRY, lames R.; BARTAL, lames E.; BARTON, Alexander C; BAUGH, |ill A., KA; BAY, |uHa M., 


Fifth rou^: 

BAYIJS, Thomas A.; BEANE, Robert D., Ill, OKA; BELL, Robert B.; BI'.RMAN, Howard H., ZBT; BERNARD, 

Bruce AL, ^X; BE\'ANS, Sue M., KA; BICKETT, Caroline P., AAH; BISHOP, Betty G.; BISVVELL, Charles D., 


Sixth row: 

BLACK, Cvnthia, KKE; BLACK, Karen L., KAO; BLACKBURN, Harry L., Jr.; BLACKISTONE, David L., 
IX; BLECHMAN, Barrv K., ZBT; BLEVINS, James L.; BLOCH, Howard R., TE*; BOAZ, Katharine S., AAA; 

BOLLMAN, Paul W; BONEZEK, Lon E., Jr.; BONHAM, Arthur E.; BOOZER, Erank V., <t>KE; BORDEAUX, 
Elizabeth A., SK; BORO, Ira M., ZBT; BOSLEY, Norman K.; BOTTOMS, Alton B.; BOWDEN, Mary F., AAD. 

Fiiihth roiL-: 

BOWl-N, Marjorie A., AAO; BOW ERS, Alfred G., ATQ; BOWERSOX, Carolyn J., KKE; BOZLER, Ruth E., 
KKE; BRACEY, Frances L.; BRADFORD, Alan T; BRADLEY, Ellen; BRADLEY, Josephine S.; BRIDGEN- 
BAUGH, Charles S., Ill, <t)KS. 

IS'iiith roiv: 

BRIIXiES, Benjamin, |r.; BRIMLIA, Carolvn M.; BRINGHURSI. Elisabeth, AT; BROCKELBANK, John E., 
4>Kr; BROCKWELL", Arliek 1.., |r., 'I'K^; BRODHEST, Robert E., <1)AH; BROOKS, Carolyn, AT; BROOKS, 
Margaret l., AT; BRCriHER I ON, Dave L. 

Ft' nth roii: 

BROW N, Ann K.; BROW N, GatN 1 1.; BROW'NELL, Robert B.; BRUEGCEMANN, Margaret L., KKE; BRUCiH, 

Judith I,., ZTA; BRUNNl'.R, Susan G.; BRUTON, Alice B.; BRYSON, I'.dxxin C, KA; BULKLEY, Edward E. 


Sophomores 1956 

BUI.l.ARI). I.awraitc IX; HUI.I.OCIK, |ohn A., |r.. 'I'Kl'; HLNN. Spniill C; BLRDICK, Dnn.ild S,. A1'<1>; 
BURCilR. Joseph C. Jr., IIKA; BLRNS, Patricia 1..,"AI'; MLR ION. Nancy; HUSS. David F., BHII; CallaglKin. Nan. 

Seaiihi roii-: 

CALLCOT'l, I.-m A.. IIKA; CAMP. Ihomas I,, )r., A lA; CAMPHI I.I,. Sluila P., AT; CA.MPBI.LL, Mra B., 
KAH; CARLISl.l., lanus M.. l.X; CARLVLK, .\iarv I., KA; CARRAW AV, Lmilv L., 'i'.\l; CARPKNTKR, 
Ronald A„ I'N; CARTKR. Alan H., A1'<I'. 

Third roii-: 

CARTKR. Stephen (,.; CI IAMBI RS, Sallv A., AT; CHANDI.IR, Ihomas K., <t'Kl'; CHASK. |o Ann, <I\\1; CHKD- 
l-SIT.R, N. I.vnn, AAII; CHII lU.M, Charles H., 'I>A(-); C;LAPP. Julia E.; C:LARK. Anthony W., A lA; CI.ARK, 
Xancv S. 

CLARK, Newton T, nK<I>; CLARK, Robert L., HKA; CLAYTON, Joseph C, Jr., KA; CLAYTON, Thomas W'.; 
CLKA\T,LANI), Clifton R., HK't'; CLLMKNT, Donald H., jr., KA;'CLEVELAND, Lee, C, OKA; COBB, Cm- 
ti.s i:., 'I'KT; COHEN, Alan B.. I E<1>. 

Fifth roiv: 

COIL, Carv E.; COLLINS, Jeanne C, AXU; COLLINS, Richard H.; CONE, |ulia A.; COOPIIR, Carol A., /. I A; 
COOPI'R, Tamra I., AE*; COPELANU, Darryl VV., i:N; CORNEY, Elizabeth B.; COUCHMAN, Patricia K. 

.S';.v/// r/jii-: 

COLNCIL, John C.. |r.. KA; COWIE, |ames D., IIKA; COZAR 1. William 1 1.. |r., ^I^AH; CRACKNELL, Terrv A., 
IN; CRAFI , jim W'., l.X, CRAIN, Barbara J., AAA; CRAVEN, I aith, AAA, CRA\I N, |esse C, <^K»^•; CRAW- 
lORD, Robert" C. 

Sfvnilh nil-: 

CR\\\l()RD,RouerW.,i;\l;(:RI\\S. Robert j.; CRII U II I I), ( denn S. 1\; CRINKLI A , Mildred S; CR( )\\- 
I.EV, Sue A.; CLI.P, James S., 'I-AH; CLE ION,' ( dadys C.; CLRRAN, Rollin E.; CL' I'LER, Richard I.. 

Fighth roiv: 

CUYAR, Robert A.; I) Ml, Ihomas N., DAILY, Carolvn A.. AAA; D'ANCl I.O, |,,hn M., Kl'; l)A\IS, I h/a- 

bethB., ZlA; DA\ IS,J;Kk R.; I)A\ IS, W ilham S., A 1 A; DiBRLIIL, A.Marshall, IIK'I'; Dl LL1N( ,1 R, CIvde j. 

DI-.NKER, Peter j.. BhII, 1)1 ILA, ( lerard j.; DICKINSON, jean. 'I'M, Dll IRICIl Carl P <I'K1' 1)11 WOR I II 
Richard L.,K1; l)IN( .WAl.l „ Robert W.; i)IN\\()ODll , Joiin I .; D( ) AN, llkn X, AAA; DOANl. .Sara 1 ., A.XU. 

DODD. William E. (..; DOMllOEE, ( ieorue \\'., |r.. -I'Ki;, DONI.IA. lames I)., 'I-AH; DORSCI I (icr-e I'.; 
l)()r(dllll, lilwar.l ()., AlJ'h, l)OL(.Hi()N, I.'. C.. 'I'M; DOW 11,!.; W.nv Lou. IIB'I', DRAKl David \.; 
DLDLIA. Alden W.. |r. 













-"3 1^ Q- 









Sophomores 1956 

First mi-: 

DUSFK, Lowell ;\I.; DUVALL, James K., IIKA; DWICICINS, Latric R.; KASON, Patricia B., AXQ; EBFRLRIN, 
William P.; IDMUXDSON, Ronald G., OKA; KDWARDS, Charlie A.; EDWARDS, John W; EDWARDS, 
Robert C, KA. 

Second row: 

EGGLESTON, Joseph C. AXA; ELLIOTl , Diane S.; I'LLIS, Martha E., IIB*; I'.MBLEY, Roger L., AXA; EVANS, 

DA\ID T, <f'K'ir; I Al'RETl, Ronald W.; FAIRGRHAE, NancN' J., KA(-); FALL, Boyd E.; FARMER, Wayne P. 

Third roiv: 

FARRIS, Robert L., A'I'A; FAULKNI:R, F. Ran, KAH; FENNELL, Susan E.; FERNANDO, Marion B.; Fi'.RRALL, 
Thomas R., <I'KM'; FIDLER, Paul P.. A I A; FINNEGAN, Dorothy A.; FIRTH, Ciordon N.; FLANAGAN, Latham, 
Jr., -N. 

FLANNERY, Ellen F., KA(-); FLEMING, Bill; FORD, Robert C., AXA; FORD, Thomas H.; FORREST, Jerome B.; 
FORRESTER, Sherri R.; FORT, Lynn, SAE; FORTESCUE, William N., Jr., ^KI; EOS lER, Julia A! 

Fifth row: 

FOX, John D.; FRENCH, Anna M., KA; FREUND, Peter A.; FRIEDEL, Robert O., AXA; FRIEND, Albert W., 

Jr.; FURMAN, Sherwood M., BBD; GAMBLE, Robert O.; GARRARD, Janice C; GARRISON, William C, III. 

Sixth row: 

GAR\'1N, lay E., ^K!::; GATRELL, James H.; GAULD, Edwin S., 4>KM'; GA\'LAK, Albert |., jr.; (lENTRV, 

Paul C; GERARD, Jean, AAH; GIBBONS, Elizabeth L.; GIBSON, Alice D.; GILL, Joanne W., AXii. 

GOINCi, Ann; GOLDSTEIN, Richard L., ZBT; (JOLDSTEIN, Suzanne B., AE<t>; GONZALES, Serge X., Ki]; 
CiONZALES, Antonio C; GOTT, Betsy C, KKF; GOW, Alexander, III; GRAHAM, Lawrence S., SN; GRANDT, 
.Marilyn A., KA(-). 

Eighth row: 

GRANT, George R., jr.; GRANT, Ihomas W., Ill, 'I>K1'; (iRAY, I'.hzabeth D.; (IREEN, .\nne G., KKT; GREG- 

ERSEN, Norman C, A FA; C;REG(i, |ohn R„ jr.; GRIFFIN, Gary A.; tiRIFFIN, Jimmy W; GRIGG, Claud .\L, 

GROTH, KaroKn |., A*; (iUILLIANO, Peter W; GUNN, Ann N.; HALE, Clara K., KA; HANES, Elizabeth, 
AAO; HANFORIX .Mary E., AAA; HANSON, \Msley T„ III, I'M',; HARRILL. I Euwood IL; FIARRIS, Bobhv |., 

Tenth row: 

HARRIS, lacqucline A., A<J>; HARRISON, James Y, KA; HARSTINE, Willard R., SN; HART, Elizabeth F., 
Z lA; HASKI'IT, lane A., AXU; HAWK, William ,M., Jr.; HEATH, Paul E., Jr., *KT; HEMINGWAY, John A.; 
HENION, Alan M. 

Sophomores 1956 

Fint rciv: 

HI.NSLi: Y, George L., Jr., 4)KI; HERB, Barbara A., ZTA; HERNDON, A. Carol; HESS, Carol M., ZTA; HESTER, 

Martha E., <PM; HEVVARD, Henry W.; HICKS, Margaret A., KA; HIGGINS, Audrey, AT; HILL, Constance J. 

Second roil-: 

HILL, John D., <I>KS; HILL, R. Susan; HODGE, Hugh L.; HOLLIFIELD, Henry C; HOLSINGER, C.irolvn R.; 

HOLT, lennie L., AAA; HOTELLING, William E.; HORD, Robert E., KA; HORIN, Robert G., TE*. 

HOW TR, Tom R.; HUFF, Philip A.; HUGGIN, Elizabeth A., KA; HUNT, Ruskin H., Jr.; HUNTLEY, Charles B., 
11K<1>; HUSS, John I).; HYNES, Rose C, AT; I'ANSON, Lawrence VV., Jr., IN; INGRAM, Lois K., KAf). 

Fourth row: 

IR\IM:, Linda P., AAII; JACKSON, James; JARRETT, Gcraldine Y., A*; JAR\TS, Thomas A.; JENKINS, J. Ed- 
ward; JEWEI Ti:, David L., ^Ki]; JOHNSON, Edward C, ^KW, JOHNSON, Elizabeth P.; JOHNSON, James E., 

/■•///// row: 

|()I1\S()\, Robert 1... jr.; JOHNSON, Walter T, SN; JOHNSTON, Wilham E., *KS; JONES, Anne H., ZTA; 

■|ONi:S, ludv H.; JONES, Leonidas J., A:^'i>; JORDAN, Elizabeth L., AAO; JORDAN, John M., ATQ; JOYCE, 

"lames B.' 

K AMI N^, Dons. Al.<h; KI.ARXS, Amos R., |r., KA; KEIFI'.R, Robert B.; KITLY, Sarah L.. A*; Kl-RSIA' 
John \.. <I'AH, Kl 1X1 R, lanet S., KA; KEYSER, lames R., Ill, <I'A(-); KIMMICH, Wilter C, lA; KIM/KV 

■|^urici,i \.. v:\\. 

KING, loseph W., i:N, KINS! R, P;.rrici;i I... KA(-); KINYON. Briee W., r<l>i:; KIRKLAND, Frankic; KNAPP, 
Inhn I .;A1:'I>; KRAMI R, Riehiird \'., A ILJ; KRIPS, Donald A., IN; KUCIK, |ohn 11.; LaLIHIRTI-, I,. Mane. 


/•:/(;///// row: 

I.WIMI Rl. lohii II., AX A, !,\RIS|-, Rieei |., IN; LASSITER, Kenneth R.; I.IAOL'I., Elizabeth A., A>l'; LI:F„ 
M.n\ I ., 1K,I.H . KelKre.i A., 1.1 IBOWll/, Roslyn L., AE<I'; l.lAINi:, Michael \-.; LEWIS, Charles \'., IN. 

Ninth row: 

LEWIS, Ciavton W., A lU; LIBBY, Rruee |., 'I'KT; \m\\\. Roberta 1,., Al <l>; LIDZ, Edward, ZBT; LINEBERRY, 
Lucas R.; LINNEMAW, .Adelia P., IK; l.l\ l\( ,( )( )l), Maruarei A.. inM>; LOCKE, Margaret |.; LONC;, 
George L., <I>K I. 

LONG, Suzanne S., I.()\(,S\\()K I II, RoIkh M., I ,()( )PI R, SIk Ihi.i |.; I ,oS \SS( ), Alvin M.; LOSl'l'. Wilinor II. 
Jr., BHII; LUI.CII.NUI R, D.inid P., Al'h, l.LNDM ARK, K.uvu I .."l.LSlllS, Don.ikl \'.; LYMAN, David, I I. 'I' 


i.j^^ ^ 


r?ia P fl|' v^ ^ *?1 

Mim^ f^ ^^k^LU 

h k 



^ 9/^ 

I iik 





Sophomores 1956 

First roTc: 

MAW, Bcvcrlv I).; .MAR! I\, Miles H., |r.; MARXIN, Hckn R., AAA; MASON. Ann I,.; MASSl V, W illiam J., 
Ill, ATLi; MAlim WS. lames I .. A lA; AlcANALLV, W'.inna M., Zl A; McCALL, Don.thv R., ZlA; Mc- 
COWKLL, Amanda 1.., AT. 

ScciDid roil-: 

McCONXELL, |ohn C:.; McCORMACK, |ohn X.; McCUTCHKOX, W illiam R.; McKAY, David W'.; McDI.R- 
MOTT, ThomasJ., <J>KT; McDORMAX, Clarence L., OKA; McDOL'CiAL, Charlotte A.; AlcFADDI'.N, Don C., 
*KS; McFEE, Charles B., Ill, *K1\ 

Third rail-: 

McCRAXAHAN, |ulia F..; McINTYRE, Susan M., nB<t>; McKEE, Alice, KAG; McLAWHORN, JoAnne, 4>M; 
MI FFI.RI, William G., *KT; MENEFEE, Samuel W., Ill; MERRELL, Patricia A., A<J>; MEYER, Herbert F.; 
MIAFR, C.ordonB., OKA. 

Fourth row. 

MEWBORNE, William B., jr., ATQ; MILES, Margaret R.; MILLE:R, Marilyn J.; MILLER, Robert C; MILLER, 
Thomas O., ^K^'; MOLLER, Elaine L., AF; MONAHAN, Elizabeth N.; MONEYMAKER, Tom, Jr., <i>K*I^ 
MOODY, Thomas W. 

Fifth row: 

MOORE, Calvin T, AS*; MOORl',. James E.; AlOORF, John F., BWO; MOORE, Katharine C, A<t>; MOORF, 

Randall B.; .MORCK. Ciretchen I)., AAA; MORC.AX, Richard W., «r'A(-); MORRIS. John E.. KI; MOTT, George F. 

Sisth row: 

MUMMA, Gwcn, KAH; MURPHY, Samuel G., ATA; MURPHY, Ted D.; XACH.\L-\X, Charlene |., AF*; XEAL, 

Jerrv W., XFAL, Rodney D.; XI'ALY, David L., OKA; XFLSOX, Barbara L., XFWBURG, Carl A. 

Seventh row: 

NEWELL, Svlvia ].■ XICKFL, Laura F., A<i>; NOBLE, .Mar\ |.. AAA; NOLAN. Patricia W.; NOLAN, Robert B., 

TE'^; NORDLIF," Robert S.; NOR.\L\N. William H,; NORRIS. June K.; NOR\ILLF. John A. 

Eii^hth row: 

OFXLE. Nancv E., KA(-); OLINGI'.R. R. Joseph; OLI\'ER. Marearct E., <FM; OOSTING, Jan K.; OWEN, 

Robert E.; OWENS, Carolyn P., AT; PADGETT, Douglas \\., KS;>AC;F, Celeste B.; PAGE, Frances L., AXil. 

Xii/th row: 

PARKER, Manton C; PAR.SONS. W ilham I., |r.; PARTLOW, \irsinia A., KKF; PATTERSON, Robert A., KS; 

PEARL, David W.. <FKS; PFNFIELD, Laura L., KAH; PERKINS, Gail I',., A<1>; PERRY, E.Jane; PERRY, Jerry M. 

Tenth row: 

PETERS, Carolyn; PETERSEN, Lois L.. KA(-); PETERSON. Norman D.; PHILLIPS, Robert W, Jr., KA; PICKENS, 

James E., $KI; PICKETT, J. Daniel, ^lN; POLLOCK, Linda L.. KKF; POPE, Richard J., ATA; PREISSLE, Frank P. 

Sophomores 1956 

PRl/Zl. Anrhonv R., IIKA; OUATII.RBAUAI, David A., IlK-l-; RAS I , huiKs B., RAICI.IFK, Sandra, OB*; 
RA ICI.II'I l\ (.LoruL- I,. 'I'AH; RATTS, N'ancv S., KKT; RAU, I.illian )., KA; Rl.ClNKLl.A, \\illiam K., *A(-); 
Rl l)\l()\l). JaiiiLsW.. jr. 

Second roil': 

RKF.D, HcnrKcra II.. AAll, Rl 1 1), Thomas H., Ki:; RFKSF,, Sidney W'., jr., <1'A(-); RFII), Robert |.; RHODI'S, 

Helen K., IIIM', RiCI, Fredrick !..; RICHARDSON, James \\., Ar<t>; RISIFN, Diana I.., I1B<I'; RISf-FY, Richard, 


ThnJ mzv: 

ROBI R IS, .Michael J., (-X; ROBFRTSOX, lack, IIKA; ROBFRTSON, Thomas F., ATQ; ROBINS, Herbcrr T, 
IIK'I', ROBINSON, VVavnc B.; RODWI'.FF, Roy ()., KA; ROFFIN.SON, .Mark, 'I'Ki:; RO.MBFRCi, Anne N., 
AAll; RO.MHIFF, Donald W. 

I'ljiirth rnir: 

ROSSFR, Gordon 1 1., jr.; ROYAL, Ronald D.; RUDD, Robert N.; RUDY, Ohver D., <I'KS; RUSSELL, Thomas E., 

'FK'F; RUSTA, Douglas \\.- SANDERS, Nancy V., KKF; SCAIFE, \Ailliani ().. jr.; SCHLAG, Nancy C., ZTA. 

/•■//'/// nir: 

SCI FVll IT', 1 helma S.; SCHNEIDER, Eleanor |., KA; SCHOEB, John W; SCHULMANN, Abbott J.; SCHWFICH, 

Susan; SCUDIERI, Philip F., <I'A(-); SEGAF. Arlene F., AE*; SELBY, James E., KZ; SENFF, Diana G., AF. 

Sixth W1L-: 

SI WIFE, Steve IF, IW; SHANAHAN, Carroll R., OKA; SHANNON, Thomas H., KA; SHEHEEN, Fred R.; 
SHI Rl R, ludith F., KA; SHERRIFL, Carol, (F,\1; SHOI',, |aner A., AF; SHORE, Fhomas D., BWO; SIMPSON, 
,\larv F, .\\il. 

SIMPSON, William R., jr., Kl'; S.VIATHERS, Robert IF, XX; SMIFH, Carv; SMIIII, Delia !„ Zl A; SMIIII, 
Gary L., IlK'h, SMUII; Robert F.; SMITH, Sidney IF, S.MHH, William C, '1>A(-); S.MI I II, William j. IF. IX. 

SMI I 1 1, William P.; SNOW, hmnne H.. V.W, SOMI'RNI'FF, Bettv F; SOI (). Irene C.; SPAIN, |unet; SPARKFS, 
Beverlv I,., SPARROW. Robert W., A I A, SPI AR, Irances C, A-h; SPIFF! R, Robert \ . B., jr. 

SPI NCI:R, William |.. I1K'I>; SPRINGS ION, Wen.kll 1..; SPROIII-, Robert .M,; SPRL'IFF, Frank C, 
|r., SI AAIS, Ann; SI Mill Kl R. Carl, A I A; SI \NB\CK. N. jean. KA; SI \NI,IA. i'red I... .\X A; SI APFF- 
FORD, Fhomas C. 

If nth roiv: 

.SIAPFIS, lohn I.; SliW ART, Carl j., jr., Sll \\ \RI. Ka\, \AI1, SliWARI, W ilber C.; S I INI SPRINC i, 
John A.; .SIIFFFY, Dennis B.. .SFONI, Sarah b.; SIRALS, Beniamin (,., Ai:'l'; .S I RICKI.AND, .Marv F., KA. 



1 iVfc >' '^' 


^ f?i j^ t^- m 

\ f 







Tiilkii' '/ 





Sophomores 1956 

First nii': 

STRITKHOFF, Donald A.; STUART, Svdncv; SUITTR, William ()., |r.; SWAIN, Nancy F..; SW'ARTI.IA, 

Marian C, OB*; SWI'A'T, Robcrr i',.; 1 ATI'., Thomas R., ATA; 1 AVI. OR, Alar\ \'., AXLi; TAYLOR, Thomas R. 

Snmid mi:-: 

Robert W'., <FA(-); TIPTON, Donald C, fI>Kl^ TRANTHAM, Harry I',.; lURNBULL, Nancy M., AAA; TURNI'.R, 
Henry B., I\'. 

Thinl nil-. 

TVNDALL, Albert F., AXA; 1 VSON, Bruce C, jr.; UNDERWOOD, Earl T; \'ALENTINE, Heath I., IIKA; 
\ALENTINE, Patricia A., A<^; \anCUREN, Gene L., ATA; VanVVYCK, Paul R.; VARDAKIS, Anast C, <l>Kir; 
\-ARNFV, ludith A., KKT. 

Fourth nil-: 

VFRHEY, N. Gary, BHO; \INSON, \irginia K., <})M; A\'ADE, Mary T, AT; WADSVVORTH, Grace A., AAA; 
\\AGNFR, Betty L., AAA; \VALTON, Benton H.; WANGLEE, \'ora\yee; WARE, Nancy R., nB<I>; WARRI'N, 
Glenn L. 

Fifth row: 

WASSON, Donald G.; WEA\ ER, Ann A., ^M; WEAVER, Robert E., BBO; WEEMS, Wade S., <i)K4'; WEIN- 
BERG, Charles P.; WEIR, Anthony, 300; WELLS, Henry A., Jr., ^KE; WELLS, Hyman G.; WELLS, Joseph A. 

Sixth row: 

WELLS, Mary A., A*; WELT, Deborah, KKT; WHEELER, Helen 1..; WHEELER, Sally C., OB*; WHITE, 
Reba; WHITEHURST, Carol, OB*; WHITNEY, Kenneth L., Jr., i:N; W HYTE, George K., Jr., 600; WHYTE, 
LehaN., AT. 

Seventh row: 

WILKINSON, Thomas (J.; WILLIAMS, jack C, \E<i>; WILLIAMS, L. Neil, jr.; WILSON, Beverly W.; WIL- 
SON, Peter F.; \\OOD, Peg-y A., KA; W'OODALL, loan F., OB*; WOOLSFY, Bertram F., Jr.; WOOTEN, 
Chris G„ AT. 

Fjii,hth row: 

WOOIEN, John C; WRIGHT, Gary C!., ZN; WRIGHT, Shirley F., A(^; WRIGHT, Thomas T, HX; 
WUENSCH, Richard D.; WYRICK, David H., ::N; YARINGTON, David J., fl'At); YOARS, Peter W., 'I>K'F; 
YOH, Harold L., Jr., i;N. 

Xinth row: 

YORK, Richard F., A1'<1', YOUNG, Stephen G., ATLi; ZAFFIRO, William R., ZFLLFRS, Ronald A. 

*K1^ ZENDA, William (i., IIKA; ZIOLKOWSKI, John F.; ZOLLFR, Bernard U., Jr., rx. 

Freshmen 1956 

/■int roil- ABBOTT, Krcdtrick C:.; ABRAMS, I.csIk- |.; ADAMS, ManoriL- A,; ADCOCK, Kenneth I).; ADDIN- 
rON Sandra I).; ADDIS, Harry 1..; AIKKN, Ann; AKI RS, Douuhis \,; Al.l XAXDI R. Frank H.; Al.l XANDI R, 
William B., Jr.; ALCARV, W illiam P. 

Srami roii-- ALLMN, Bruce B.; ALLF.N, Gerald; ALLEN, Richard F.; AIAORD, Kenneth B.; AMSI.I R, John IF; 
AXDFRSON, Beverlev A.; AXDFRSON, Douglas G.; AX13FRS()N, Irnest 1..; AXDI'RSOX, Peter C; ARDII (), 
Xicolas B.; ARMBRLS I I R. Alan I'. 

ThirJ roii- ARMFII'.FD, \:rmnia A.; ASKIX, David ].; AS FOX, James W.; A I KIXS, James .\F; A IKIXSOX, 
William \V.; AUGFR, Paul C; AL'MAX, jason R.; AL'SFIX, C:harles I',.; AUS FIX, David W, BABB, Donna K.; 
BABC:()CK, Betsy M. 

Fourth row: BACHTELL, Clifton M., Jr.; BAGLEY, Martha M.; BAKER, Ardis A.; BALLANTYNE, Bruce H.; 
BALLARD, James E.; BALLARD, William C.; BALLOW, Edward B., Jr.; BARABAN, Harvey M.; BARKLEY, 
Frank !..; BARXI'S, Marvin F.; BARRITT, George F. 

/■■///// ro-^-: BARRIXCFFOX, Mariorie C.; BASSFll, C:harles 1,.; BALXiHMI'X, Robert J.; BFAFF, Anthonv F.; 
BlAMI'.R, Harold L.; BEAFFIE, Margaret F.; BI:ATY, Robert C.; BFCK, Donald I',.; BEDFORD, Jerrell S.; 
Bl I KFR, William A.; BELL, Carolyn K. 

Sixth row: BELL, Frank M., |r.; BI'.FF, John M.; BIFF, Furher 1..; Bl .MAX, Frances W; BEXDA, Christian J.; 
BEXDER, Michael S.; BENNl'F'F, Barbara A,; BFXXI F I, Fau rente W.; BI'.XSOX, John F.; BFRGIiSEN, 
Richard X.; BFRTC:H, James I". 

Sririirh r,nv BI'.SF, William ].; BIAIRIA', ( ieorue W.; BIAIS, Rieluird W., lillkSIS, Joseph |., jr., BICil'FOW, 
W.uv \ ; BK.GFRS, Helen P!; BI( ,( IS, ( Iharles F.; BFMFS FI'.FI R, |ohn I)., BIRCIll I I, |ohn A. k.. Ill; BjOXIT- 
(,\RI). Arthur M.; BFACK, Ihomas, Jr. 

Kwhrh row: BLAIR, Robert S.; BLAISDELL, Margaret; BLAXCHARD, David I,; BFAX FOX, Filhan J.; BFAFF, 
Daniel H.; BLATFXER, Peter W.; BI,AZER, Edward P.; BLF/ARD, \ietor P.; BLOCK, Bvron B.; BLOOM, 
Xancy; BOGGS, James P. 

Miiih row: B()F|-„ \-inimia; BOI.ICI 1. B.ubara M.; BOM/.L Richard M.; BOXIX, W illiam X.; BOOl II Y.James A.; 
BOOS, |ohn D.; BORCHARD, Robert M.; BOSIIC, Wavne AF; BOSW I I.F, ForetroCi.; BOURXI . Riehmund W.; 
BOWD"! X, Anne M. 

/;•///// row: BOVNF.X, |ohn IF; BOW I X, Kiv; BOWI.RS, Glenn W., [r.; BOYD, Robert C.; BRADFORD, Garv 
W.; BRADFORD, William IF; BRAGG, Carol; BRAL'DW I FF, Marv A.; BRI SLOW , Harrv F.; BRIAX, Betsy 
B,; BRIAX, Fota F. 

riririilh row BRII I \hon \ |r., liKOKI \SI IIRI\ Daiiha C, BROOKS, Iruin 1..; BROOKS, I'anest B.; 
BROOKS, Faura 1,., BROOKS, Finron 1 ., BROOKS, William W., BROW X, Anrhon\ I .; BROWX, Constance A.; 
r.ROW X, Foil A., I5ROW X, M. Judith. 

rwclfili row: BROW XI, |ames W.. jr., BROWXSOX, I red ().; BROM.IS, Rou an M.; BRC'FOX, |ohn .\I.; 
BL'CHHOF/, Robert B.; 'BUC .(■! FX. Inula \., BLFFOCK, David ()., Bl XCIl, Ruth D.; BLXX, lack C.; 
BLRXS, Robert I ., BURR, David S. 

Thirteenth row I'.L I I \L Bernini I ., BM RS. Robert \1., B>RI). Wade R., 1^ RXI . William I)., |r.; CAISOX, 
Charles C.; CAl.DW I FF, Xornian I)., CAFIIOL X, Ihomas \.; CM. I OX, Kenneth |.; CAXDFl'R. William F., 
Jr.; CAXXOX, Faura R., CAPPI FI.O. John J. 

l-oiirternth row: CARDEX, Xorman l„ III, CARFSOX. Clitiord \., CXRMICIIMF, |udith; CARROFF, Her- 
man G.; CARIF.R, Charles E.; CAR FIR, David M., CAXXIA, I rank I).; CNXXOX.Kim C.; CARACRISII, 
Judv Z.; CARDOZi:, Fernando; CARR, Donald R. 


U^5. ? T.^ 

^ ^-^ "^^■.•^ f^ a 

Hft^vK' £ i tit^i 

e^ ,f^ .-^ |[Bl p ^ r- O f!^. p. Pi 



'^1^ s-^lSA,ifi 


O f 

-> -^ 

^ia fM ^ 





^■^' -S ^^ 

Freshmen 1956 

First row: CARSON, Jcnnv VV.; CASH, William I., jr.; CASHW'l'.LL, Dava A,; CASSIDY, James R.; CHAFIN, 
Robert N.; CHAAIBI'.RLAIN, Margot; CHAPPI'LL, Donald L,; CHARNFXX), Dale R.; CHAT! I'.RTON, Allan B.; 
CHKNI'V, Willoughby (;., Jr.; CHILD, .Mary A. 

Smmi roil-: CHOAIJ', Craig D.; CHROMICK, |an 1).; C:HURCH, Marv I',.; CLANCY, VVcmiell \V.; CLARKI"., 
Lewis R., Ill; CL1'A\I , Carol A.; COHLI., Yank D., jr.; COFFFY. John H.; COHI-.N, Peter !'.; COLL, James !,.; 
COLI .\LAN, (ilenn W. 

77»n/ rail- COLLINS, Dannie ).; COLQUIl I , Carlton B.; CONF, Carolyn N.; CONNOR, Bruee A.; C:00PI:R, 
Flizibeth C; COPFLAND, Fdward M.; CORN, Charlie M.; CORNWELL, Kenneth L.; CORNWFLL, Richard C.; 
COTTlNGHA,\L Andrew J.; COUCH, Vance, Jr. 

Foiirrh roic: COURU., Alittrey A.; CRA\'FN, Nicholas S.; CRAWFORD, ALirgaret P.; CRAWFORD, Nara-LeeS.; 
CRFADICK, Anne I',.; CRFWS, Lven C; CROSS, Melissa; CROSSLFY, Jean G.; CROWI'.LL, William Ci.; CULP, 
Charles FL; CULP, Julian .NL 

Fifth roii: CUSHMAN, Nancy R.; CUSTFR, Henry L.; DAGGITT, Jack F.; DAHLGRl'N, Paul W., Jr.; DAF 
Meiling; DANFHOWFR, Barbara L.; DANIFL, James W. C, |r.; DAVIDSON, Donald R.; DAVIDSON, Ronald F.; 
DA\IDSON, Sally A.; DA\'IS, Jean G. 

Sixth mil-: DA\"1S, Keith T; IXWIS, W ilda A.; DA\IS, Willene C; DAY, David I'..; 1)1 AN, Norman W.; Dk- 
ANGFLIS, loseph A.; DFBRO\'NFR, Steven H.; DeLONG, Nancy K.; Dl'.NISl., Robert P.; DI;NKFR, Neil A.; 
DFNNi:, Donald R. 

Seventh roii-: DFNTON, Donald H., |r.; DiiRlFNZO, Eleanor T; DESCHLER, Ralph ).; DE\\1:Y, Richard Ci.; 
DICKERSON, Edmund [.; DICKI Y ; Craxx ford M.; DILLIF, Harry D.; DOBBS, Frederick H., II; DOBSON, 
John AL; DOSS, Don C.;" DO I SON, Ralph G. 

Eighth row: DOUGHTON, Sudie H.; DOWLING, William L.; DOYLE, Jamie L.; DRAWBAUGH, Harrier J.; 
DRYE, Wiley B.; DUDLEY, Robert L.; DUKE, Charles B.; DUNCAN, David G.; DUNLAP, Elinor R.; DUNLAP, 
George I'..; DUNLF\-Y, Charles W. 

Xinth row: DUNN, Alusette K.; DURFEF, Alichael F.; DUTROW, George F.; EAGLE, Ellen W; EAGLE, To- 
lora A.; EBERDT, Arthur j. S.; EDCiAR, Richard B.; EDSON, Pri.scilla F; EDWARDS, Oliver |., jr.; EDWARDS, 
Roger N.; ELDER, Jon C." 

Tenth row: ELDREDC;i:, Howard S.; ELLIOTT, James H.; ENCK, Thomas E.; ENGLISH, Mary E.; I-.RWIN, 
David B.; ESKRIDGE, Mary L.; FSPOSITO, George M.; EV^ANS, Mary A.; FABIAN, Larry; FALKl'.NBERG, 
Fredrick; FAN'F, Julie B. 

Eleventh row: FARAIER, Georgia A.; FARAIER, Joseph C, Jr.; FARRAR, Albert A., Ill; FI'ATHl'.RS'FON, Rob- 
ert D.; FEIGENBAUM, Irwin; FELDMAN, Stephen R.; FERGUSON, John C; FERRO, Angle AL; FETSKO, 
Robert J.; FINDLAY, Andrew M.; FINEGAN, Anne T 

Twelfth row: FISHER, l.arl F., Jr.; FISHER, Howard T; FISHER, Zane B.; FINKE, lay E.; FITZKEE, Archie L.; 
FLANAGAN, Clara B.; FLITCHFR, Lindsav C; FLICKER, |on R.; FLOYD, Peter' W; FLYNN, Douglas S.; 
FLYNN, Kathleen I',. 

Thirteenth row: FOLKAIAN, Bettv A.; FORD, Richard L.; FORMAN, David AL; FORI!', Sallv F.; FOUSHl'.E, 
Lawton I..; FOWFFR, Frances l',.'; FRIl'DAll'.N, Ira S.; FRIl'.ND, Susan R.; FR^', Donald K., |r.; 1 R^ , Richard A.; 
EYE, Charles C. 

Fourteenth row: (JAIERO, Francis E., Jr.; GARDNER, lames B., Ill; CJARRA'IT, |oan; C,AR\\ Perrv F., |r.; GAY- 
LER, Bob W.; GFITNFR, Alartha H.; GEORGE, Ric"hard J.; GERBER, NormanA.; GERDFL, David H.; (ilFF- 
HORN, Ann; CilLES, |udirh V. 


Freshmen 1956 

l-inr rr/t:- (, Allen K.; CilLlJKS, W ill.ird \1., |r.; (ill.l.lAM), Klizahcrh; CILTZ, Chester S.; GIRAND, 
James F.; CM.ASKR, Joel S.; Cil.KASON, loan ,\1.; (.OOD.MAN, Joseph C; (iORHAM, Alonzo 1).; (iRAK, 
Fredric R.; CiRAHAM, Susan F. 

Snwiii roll- (iRAllAM 1 homas P., |r.; (.RANOFF, Paul 1).; CRAM, Betsx ; (.RANF, Robert N.; (iRF.FN, 
Davul !,.; (iRI I \. \ane\ ; ( ;RI I WVOOI), Joseph A.; GRlXiORV, jaequelyn .\1.; CiRlFFIX, David S., Jr.; GRIG- 
Oll II, Nlargaret P., GRIMAl, Anthony. 

///;/,/ ro-.i- GRISWOFI), Robert \., |r.; GRGSZ, Carolyn F.; CiRUBHS, William 1).; GRUBFR, Janet S.; GRV- 
BOWSKI, Kirk R.; FIAAG, FimeneP.; HAGFV, King A.; HACiFIR, Sarah S.; IIAHN, Flizabeth H., IIAFF, 
Wanda 1 .; HAMRICK, Barbara V. 

Foin/h mi-- 1 1 AMA Anna 1 .; 1 lANKIXS, Stephen; HAMMFR, Steven F.; HANSFN, John E.; HARNFY, Greg- 
ory \ lURPFR lames W., Ill; HARRFFSON, Wallace C; HARRIFF, Patsy F.; HARRINGTON, Paul J.; 
1 lARRlS, Jessie .\F;" HARRIS, Richard F. 

/•,/>// ro-^-: HARRISON. William IF, |r.; HARRISON, William F.; IIAR'I, Alice F.; HAR\FY, Miles H.; 
IFA FCHI:R. Nora S.; HAM'.S, David R."; HAYI-.S, Michael G.; HAM'S, Ihonias F.; HAYNF, James A.; HAYNJ-.S, 
Ronald A.; HI'.BI:RFI:1N, Gustav \\. 

Sixth nu:- HFINFKFN, Theodore S., ill; HFFMFR, Elizabeth R.; HEFMS, Roy G.; HEFTON, Ronald F.; HEN- 
DERSON, Harriet W.; Hl'NDRIX, .Muriel F.; HENFEIN, Carl A.; HENRY, Arthur R.; HERMANN, Nicholas A.; 
HI RNDON, I laine; HISS, Walter I . 

.Srir//////Y;i;;HFS'FFR,(:arir,., Ill; lll(;KIY,Kieran Q.;HK;HS.\U III, l.inda\\'.,lllFF, David S.;HIFF, lames W., 
III.; HIFF, John W.; HIFF, Nancv K.; 1111, 1 Y, Robert B,; HINKFF, Richard F.; HINKFF, William S.; HIN- 
TI'.RNHOFF, .Mary T 

Eiiihth rrra- HIRSCH, Donald B.; HISS, Nancy F.; HOCHRFITi:R, AFirv G.; HOFFl MAN, Richard P.; HOFFEN- 
GRI-.IN, Jon E.; HOFFOW'AY, Joanna M.; HOFFOWEFF, Finuood B., jr.; HOF.NF Roberta; HOFMAN, 
Billie J., HOFSCF.AW', Fynn !,.; HOFSINGI'R, Paul. 

Xiiiih mn: HOWARD, llenrv 1..; HOW ARD, Kav; HL'ANC;, (ierald M.; IIUBI'R, William R.; HUCIKABFI,, 
Cannon H.; HUDSON, Georue C., |r.; HL'CiHFS, John F; HL'MPHRIA, Christian C; HUPPMAN, Findsav B., 
Jr.; HUSBANDS, Cecilia A.; HUSII R, Richard H." 

leiitl, rov:: FIUiC:illNS()N, 1 homas P.; HU FCHISON, Charles IF, UNMAN, Carol A.; IRONS, Marian CF; 
IR\IN, Henrv C.; IRWIN, Thomas B.; I\I:Y, (ieoree I'..; |ACK, Claude K.; lAMASON, Barry W; FAMES, 
Marilyn M.; JAMISON, Carol R. 

Elfirnih miv: lASPI'R'I, Geor-e IF, III, |IFFI RS, Carl \F; |l- T 1 , HarriiiKin IF; |OIINS()N, Charles A.; |OHN- 
SON, Frances" F., |OI INSON,' lames P., "|01 INSON, loanni! |()I1NS()N, Walter A.; |OHNSF()N, William M.; 
JOM S. j.imes \1.,' J()\l S. Ju.inua \. ' 

/i;r///// /V.U.JON IS, Maruaret \'., |( )M S, .Vlarv I'..; JONES, Perr\ I., |ORl)\\, David F.; |ORDAN, Fnink N.; 
lORDAN, Gladys .\F; jUDI IF, Anne M.; lUERGENSMEYER, luhanC"., jUFI S, Arnold ).; KARGON, Robert IF; 
KAUFI MAN, iduardS., Jr. 

riiiriirnih n-a: KAL Fl \1\\\, Karl, K \L' I/, Peter I .; Kl ARNS, |ane I .; Kl I \ I R, Nancv A.; Kl IIFMANN, 
Sevni'Mir 1., Kl l\l. Chirl-.iie S , Kl l\l. Robert \F, Kl FFI Y, .Sarah "C; Kl FFN, Clint<ui W'.; KFMPI.I R, Roeer; 
Kl NDM.F. Shirlev \F 

l-oiiritriith roii-: K\\S\\)\ . ( h.irles 1)., Kl \\l KIA, \niK R , Kl RCIIM R. |,,hn I ., Kl RNS, Pat A.; Kl YIS, 
Harriet F.; KI.MMI'FF, Ralph I ., Kl\(.. FeRo\ II., Kl\(., I'Inlhp \1., KIWIM \\, Kav A., KFOMAN, Wil- 
liam C; KNAPP, R(!gcr B. 

9 m 




-^ -^ p r* fn T 

fr- fv> n 

J h-.t 

-pH^'^ik^I ^^ 


SEiitl ^ c^ J 

* f 




Freshmen 1956 

First roil-: KNlCiHl, Francis M.; KNIGHl, Nancy L.; KNOVVLES, Joan B.; KOHL, Robert K.; KONEFAL, 
Walt A.; KOROTKIN, Michael P.; KRAMER, Robert A., |r.; KRAUSE, Richard C; KREPS, Arthur E.; KREID- 
LER, Dave B.; KRUSI". John C. 

Snwui nnv: KUI'.BI.I'.R, Charles H.; FACY, Alexander B., |r.; FAHURD, Neil F; FAMBI-.Rl, Ihomas K.; FAM- 
BRAKOS, Cieorge F.; FANE, Ciarv C; FANU, |oan F.; FANCIER, Ciiiv F.; FANXiS'FON, William U.; FANNINC], 
John T; FASn TER, Jeri W. ' " 

Third row: FATFMi'R, Ellen |.; FA\'ERTY, Robert O.; I^AW'RI'NCE, Robert, III; FAVSON, Zed C; FI'.A 
Roberta E.; FEAMl'.R. \ivian "(i.; Fi'l,, Carolvn P.; Fl'E, Patricia; FI-dS'FI'.R, Howard J.; FE\!\, James S.; Fil'.- 
brecht, Claudia A. 

Frjiirth row: FINDEN, John E.; FINDENMEYER, James W.; FINDER, James H.; FINDSAY, Sarah A.; FINSERT 
Marguerite H.; FINTON, William R., |r.; FIPPINCOTT, Milton A.; FITTFI'., Frederick B.; FIXINGSTON, 
Fcwis; FOGAN, Feonard G., Jr.; FOMTF, Ronald. 

Fifth row: FOWE, 1 hurman F.; F()\AER, Dav.d A.; FUCAS, Alice C; FUCE, William P.; FUSBY, Fucinda T; 
FUTZ, Robert A.; lANCH, John 1)., Jr.; FYON, I'xUvin R.; FYON, Peter; AF.\c:l'WEN, Richard A,; A1a(;I\()R, 
X'irginia C. 

Sixth row: MACKINNON, William H.; MAFONE, Michael T; AF\NNING, Marie J.; MARCOVECCHIO, Joe; 
MARGUFIES, Karen F; -MARQUIS, Dean A.; MARSHAFF, \'irginia H.; MARTH, lohn G.; MARTIN, 
Charles R.; MARTIN, Elizabeth P.; MARTIN, Foren W. 

Sezriith row: MOTFEY, Sandra |.; MAUNZ, Don F.; AF\Y, Jimmv; .\F\YFRS, Judith D.; .\F\YNARD, David F.; 
MAYNARD, Peter H.; MAZZOTTI, Richard R.; McANAFFY, William |., Ill; McCONNEFF, Hilda A.; Mc- 
CONNEFF, William G.; McDOWEFF, Jessie. 

Eighth row: McFADDIN, Judy V.; McFARFAND, Robert B.; McGREGOR, Frank H., Ir.; McINTRYE, Fred H., 
Jr.; McMATH, Kerbert K.; McMICHAPX, Margaret F.; McMlFFAN, William O.; McSHERRY, John A.; MED- 
FIN, Elizabeth C; MERCHANT, Margaret A.; MASSEY, Anne A. 

Ninth row: MERRITT, James E.; METTS, Ruth M.; MICHAUD, |ohn C, Jr.; .MIDGETT, .Martha |.; .MIFFFR 
Cledith A., |r.; A4IFFER, Donald F; MIFFFR, Fred H.; MIFFFR, |ohn M.; MIFFFR, ,\Fargaret |.; MIFFI'.R, 
Richard P.; MILLER, William E. 

Tmh row: MILLHAUSER, Robert L.; MILLIKEN, Anne; MILLNER, Pryor R.; .MIFFOR, James E.; MIFUS, 
Mary M.; MITCHEFF, Arthur R., Jr.; MITSCHEFE, George K.; MOGOF, Fouis M.; MOODY, John A.; 
MOODY, Mary F.; MOONEY, Timothy C. 

Eleventh row: MOORE, Margaret ].; MOORMAN, lames W.; MOORE, Temple C; MOORi:, Wilhurn F.; MOREY, 
Samuel W; MORGAN, Anne W; MORGAN, Wilter C. B.; .MORIN, AFix, [r.; MORREFF, Prior S.; MORRIS. 
Marion F.; MORSE, Carolyn F. 

Twelfth row: MOSTE.FFER, Mary E.; MOTE, Deana J.; MOTT, Carlese C; MUFFHOFAND, Alfred D.; NASH, 
lames D.; NEFKEN, Fcona J.; NEWEFF, Kathleen B.; NEWMAN, Karil F.; NEWTON, Margery J.; NI'.Y, 
"Edward A.; NICHOLAS, Jim H. 

Thirteenth row: NICHOLSON, Mary H.; NICKERSON, Richard P.; Nl\ISON, Arthur E.; NOFFER, Leslie A.; 
NORRIS, Jesse A., |r.; NORTHINGTON, Sarah |.; NOR'FHROP, William H.; NOR'FON, Allvn S., [r„ NOR- 
TON, Earl D.; NUTTER, Nancy A.; OAKES, Claude R. 

Fourteenth row: OCHS, Robert E.; O'CONNEFF, lames H.; OLEJAR, Peter P. D.; OFIVER, Jos6 E.; OFMSTED, 
Mary M.; OSBORNE, Harry A.; OV\ EN, AshlevF; OTSTOT, Roberta M.; OVTRCASH, Peggy J.; OVERAFAN, 
Donald E.; OWENS, William F., Jr. ' " 

Freshmen 1956 

l-irs-r mil-: F.\(il , I);.vui A.; PA(.I , Richard C; PACil',, Xir-inia R.; PANCAKl,, Paul C; PARA, Richard A., PAR- 
ISH, Charles W.; PARKS, l.mda A.; PAR,S()\S, Larrv V,.; PATI.RSOX, Hueh H.; PKARCK, Rohcrr |., |r.; 
PEARSON, Narrv H. 

Secmdro-u.-: PI-.NW, Donald M.; PKPPF'R, lack I,.; PKRKIXSON, Lcland J.; PKRSONS, Marv C; Pill RS, Wil- 
liam T; PrrrRSON. Karl B.; PFEIFFER.'Carl {.; PHIL, Leonard P.; PHILLIPS, |oc \1., |r.; PHILLIPS, Kath- 
leen A.; PHILLIPS, Russell A. 

Third TO-.;; PIIOI MX, |nhn \V.; PICKIII , Harrier M.; PICKFT'L, Thomas F.; PIWFLL, Sheldon, R,; PII F- 
\UN, Kennerh A.; Pl.A I I , jane IF; PFFS,S, |ohn G.; POLACK, Ernest IF; POOLE, lames W.; POOLE, 
Ihomas IF; POS FHU MLS, Robert K. 

Foiir/h roii-: PRATE, James D.; PRE\()S 1, Stephen AL; PRICHARD, John A.; PRINCE, Bessie A.; PROBERT, 
lames L.; PRUNER, John S.; PUETl , Amv E.; PUGH, George W.; PUGH, Marcus \\', Jr.; PURDV, James L.; 
■qui ELI AN, Elizabeth I'. 

/•■;//// loiv: RADFKER, Walter S., Ill; RAI BURN, Sandra B.; RANKIN, Dorothv B.; RAO, Carl I).; RAPI'R, 
Marilyn |.; RATHMEFF, Jack E.; RATFIFF, Norman B., |r,; READE, Rhodnev B.; READING, James I.., II; 
RE.ASOR, Carolyn S,; REDDING, James O. 

Sixth nr^-: K\\'D, George F.; REGISTER, Elizabeth S.; Ri.IBFR, V\ illiam, II; REICHARD, W illuni A.; REIN- 
HARD!', .\Firv F; REFSE, Nancy; RHETT, Thomas H.; RICKS, Charles V,; RIDDICK, [oseph H., |r.; RIl'.STER, 
William R.; RIPPEF, Robert R.' 

Scvnith roii-: RrFCHIi:, Marvin B., jr.; RIUI'S, SalK- A.; ROBBINS, Chandler, III; ROBl R IS, David B.; ROBI.R'F- 
SON, lerry R.; ROBER'ESON, Marion D„ |r.; ROBISON, Michael F.; ROIXil RS, Rebecca H.; ROI , C:harles R.; 
ROGERS, John H.; ROHN, William J. A. ' 

Eighth nra.-: RONEY, Robert K., Ill; RONSON, Kathleen A.; ROSENBFAFT, Leonard; ROSS,\L\NN, Herbert A.; 
ROUSi:, Dorland E.; ROUSE, Henry M.; ROY, Phyllis J.; ROYALL, Theodore S., |r.; RUDISILL, Stephen G.; 
RUPPERl, Noel F.; RUSCH, Kurt B. 

\ij,/h roiv: RUSHING, Shade AF; RUS.S, jaaiuelvn A.; RUSE, Henrv; RUI ISHAUSl R, Richard G.; SAARI, 
|ohn W, S ADFl R, I.euis I .; SAERR , HeniN I.; SAFI', |ane I..; SAFOMON, Rov B.; SAMUFF, |oel \1.; SAND, 
Robert I . ■ " 

Tfiith row: SANDERSON, John R.; SA 1 FEREII'FD, Winnie I).; SA\A(iE, Robert B., |r.; SAYRI\ Robert B., 
Jr.; SC.AT'FERGOOD, Robert, III; SCHAEFEER, Stephen |.; SCHAEI'R, Conrad B.; SCI I \"UB, Carl D.; .SCI HIKE, 
Herman I',., Jr.; SCHFEI', I'rederick A.; SCHOCK, Garl E'., Jr. 

Ekirnrh /yy-r.SCHLFF, Iduin G.; SCI lUFI R, I lubertC.; SCI IWI I 171 R, Peter 1.; SI \RS, William |.; SIA FUR, 
IndithC, SII \1 I I R,SieplKn R.; SIIANFR. Robert 1..; SI I A NK, Georiie 1 ., SHANKFIN, Richard \'"., Ill, Sll \RP, 
I leanor (,.; SHI \ VA , ClaM. n I ., Jr. 

Tur/fth TO-a;SHI IIADI, llorenee (,.; SIIORl, Bettv |.; SIIORI, S\ Ivia F; SIIUFI R, Melissa B.; SIDIROWF, 
Richard F.; SII:GF1N(., Maudakn M.; SlFl R, R..berr I.; SIIAIRMAN, Ronald ).; SIMMONS \lar\ \., SIM- 
MONS, Sylvia S.; SIMPSON, Gail J. 

'Ihirnnith ro-^;SIMS, David \I.; SINK, |oseph S.; SINK, Robert C, SINK\V\^, |..n G.; SKI'FF, |av 1 .; SFADI', 
Faird, SF^h, John S., SMIFIA, Karl, SMUII. IVinaid R, Jr.. S\ll HI, Dorothx'l.., S\ll 111, Fli/aberh A. 

roiirnrnih rnir. SMI 111, liiKr\. Ill, SMI III, |ohn M.; SMI III, Enhh A., SMI 111, P,nvell S.; SMI 111, Rav S., 
Jr.. SMI 1 II, Warren (^)., SNOW, Peter I).; SNM)I R, Susaniie C; .S( )B( )C1NSKI, Robert W; SOUl.l , Bruce \V.; 
SOU I II \RD, I h/abeth F. 





y r 



•4 ^ 

i^i^i" ^ 





it & 




,^T ^: 

# .^ 

<^ I^^F^^ 

:^. #.i 

^.MZ^.'^ ^n s.d 

^ f^ ^ f^ ijp 


-^.p^.i.jr.f ^ 

Uk'-k _ 

n^ mmk^^ I i'. ill 


IL t 


^^flii. ^ _.__ 

Freshmen 1956 

First ro-ii': SOWDI.R. Gene J.; SPKCTOR, Larry D.; SPEIGHT, James S., Jr.; SPELLER, Jon P.; SPIELMAN 
Warren R.; SPIKES, I'rca B.; SPITLER, Dave R.; SPRAGINS, Yvonne W.; SPROLES, Elijah T, III; SPRUNT 
Alice H.; STALEY, William C. 

Sao/id ro-iv: SIAMEY, Enoch L., Ill; STARNES, Walter B.; STEEKEN, Patricia A.; STEINMETZ, William | • 
STEWIS, Margaret I.; STI'AEXS, Phvllis A.; STEWART, Alarv C.; STEWART, Robert W; STILES 
Lawrence W., STILL, Eugene E., Jr.; STlAlPLE, Richard B. 

Third row: STOUT, James T, jr.; STRAUB, Karl D.; STRAWTHER, Richard; STRAYHORN, Carl \^.; STRICK- 
LAND, Gerald C; STRITE, Claudia J.; STROUD, Margaret E.; STUCKEY, Lewis N.; STUMPF, Karl J.; STUR- 

Fourth raii'.- SUMMER, William G., ]r.- SUMMERS, Virginia G.; SWAN, Helen H.; SWF:NS0N, Exiwin A.; SWIN- 
DELL, William H.; SWOFFORFJ, |ames E.; SWOFFORD, Frank W; SYDENHAM, Barbara M.; TABOR 
Gary R.; TAFE, Patricia D.; TAFT, Joseph M. 

Fifth TOu.; TALCOTT, Nancy J.; TAYLOR, Bonnie R.; TAYLOR, Herbert A.; TAYLOR, Thomas W; TAYLOR 
William Al; TELLER, Donald E.; TEAIPLE, Peter L.; TEMPLE, Jim J.; TERRY, Lewis N., Jr.; THOAl AS lohn B 
THOAL\S, Nancy E. 

Sixth row: THOA4AS, Sarah; THOAIPSON, Charles A.; THOMPSON, Robert K., Jr.; THOMPSON, Thomas M • 
George A.; TILLOU, Dana E.; TIAIBERLAKE, Byron B. 

Seventh row: TODD, Alary H.; TODKILL, Burton J.; TODT, Nancv W; TOIA, Frank P.; TOMPKINS, Grovcr R.; 
TOTTEY, Alfred G.; TOWE, Rolf H.; TSCHINKEL, Heinrich M.; TUCKER, Sue A.; TURNER, John Al |r • 
TURNER, Lewis J. 

Eighth row: TURNER, Mebane E.; TURNER, Webb W; TURNER, William H.; TURTON, Alichael H • 
TUTTLE, Alarcia L.; TYLER, Bobbie J.; UPA1EYER, Ernest A., Ill; URBAN, Nancy L.; VANDERBECK Ran- 
dall B.; VAN HETTINGA, William L.; VAN METRE, John L., Jr. 

Xiiith row: \'ARCOE, John R.; VAUGHN, Charles; VREELAND, Jay S.; \\^\GG, Thomas E., Ill; WAGNER 
Alark W; WAGNER, Nicholas; WALDERMAN, Howard; WARD, John R.; WARD, Patsv J.; WARDEN 
William S.; WATERS, Annette. 

Tenth row: WATSON, Richard F.; WATSON, Theron P.; WATSON, William T; WAYS, Diana J.; WEAVER, 
Thomas H.; WTBB, Carole [.; WTBB, George W; WEBER, George; WEED, Richard L.; WELCH, Bertrand C, 
Jr.; \\ ELLALAN, \\illiam A., III. 

Eleventh row: WTNBI'.RG, |ulia L.; WERNER, Barbara ).; WESLEY, Robert J.; WTST, Robert M.; WEST, Wil- 
liam K.; WE^TAIORELAND, Donald R.; WETZLER, Philip H.; WHEELER, Frederick |.; WHITAKER, Cecil F. 
Jr.; WHITAKER, Eleanor G.; WHITAKER, Hugh E. 

Twelfth row: WHITESIDE, Alildred K.; WICHTERAIAN, Darlene A.; WIEGERINK, James G.; WILLS, 
Charles W; WILSON, Alexander E., Ill; WILSON, Alexander AL, III; WINDLEY, David C; WINE, Charles J.; 
WINSLO\\', Wkde D.; WINTERHALTER, Don K.; WINTON, Elizabeth L. 

Thirteenth row: WITTENSTEIN, Fcrnand Al; WOLFSON, Carl S.; WOOD, Gaylord A., Jr.; WOOD, Richard A., 
Jr.; WOOD, Richard J.; WOOLERY, lames G.; WRIGHT, Janet L.; WRIGHT, Richard A.; WRIGHT, Winter; 
WYANT, Everett W.; WYNN, John D. 

Fourteenth row: YARGER, Noel H.; YELTON, William W; YENGST, Charles R., Jr.; YIP, Alma G.; YOUNG, 
John W; YOUNG, Noel W., Jr.; YOUNG, Wilham A.; YUDT, Henry J.; YURA, Joseph A. 


Student Goiermnenl. First 
row : Tliain, Mimro, Emory, 
Clarke, Hunt. Bisclwff. Sec- 
ond row : Brady, Jessiip. 
Deichmann, Raught, Forbes. 


The Honor Council, Judicial Board, and 
Executive Council constitute the nucleus of the 
activities of the School of Nursing. Chief 
among the S.G.A. projects this year was rais- 
ing money for the Florence K. Wilson scholar- 
ship fund which had been started the previous 
spring. In addition to this, the council began 
publishing a newspaper for expression of stu- 
dent views on dorm issues and set up a long- 
needed S.G.A. office. 

Members of Judicial Board are. First rov 
chojf, Tuckuood. Second row : Hunt, Da 

Rene, \.\funrn. Ru- 

s. lo/itz, McS'ichol. 

Honor Council iiiemlvrs. I st r : Mcl.evi. .4llen. Ciirran. Hunt. Lip- 
perl. Clarke. Ind r: l\le. Kcnrntt. Kui^Lwd. Stark. Ranuy. Speixht. 

f^ ^ ^^ ^ o 


A student nurse can swap her prim 
white starched uniform for an evening 
dress in just about no time Hat. However 
rigid and hard is her schedule of work 
and study, there is always time to squeeze 
into her tight schedule a little social life. 
There is never a shortage of student 
nurses at Duke's big weekends and fra- 
ternity parties — that is, for those who are 
not so unlucky as to be on night duty at 
the hospital. 

Hardly a patient would have recognized 
his "angel of mercy" had he seen her at 
the annual Hanes House Christmas Dance 
as she entertained amid a sparkling back- 
ground of tinsel and Christmas lights. As 
the perfect "top of the tree" touch to the 
colorful scene. Dr. Edward Stuart crowned 
Lucy Wilson queen ot the 1955 cele- 
bration. Besides Lucy, the women in 
white boasted campus celebrities including 
Lois Plummet, 1955 Homecoming Queen, 
and Bobbie Bell, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. 

I. on I'liaininr ami I. my Wilso/, iirn- chosen this js Homaomiiin 
Qinrn ,md Queen of the Hanes House Christmas Dance respect reel y. 


the Nurses' Beauty Court this war contained the folhruinic Lucy Wilson. Hrita Rredenher^-, Ann Wmfield, Cenie Jacohy, and Girmy /essup. 

While the patient receii-es 
ij.wi^eii, student mines Shir- 
t,'x Ihvis md Jean Miinrn 
diak his chart and pulse. 

Hospital Life 

The freshman nursing student re- 
ceives her initial blow when, in register- 
ing for classes, she finds that Duke 
undergraduates are classified as "men, 
women, and nurses." Despite this dis- 
tinction, her first year is that of a 
liberal arts student. With all classes on 
Kast Campus, she does her part in sup- 
porting the Durham Transit (Company, 
(he second year brings her closer to the 
hospital, with all classes on West and 
the privilege of donning her "blues" and 
"whites" for a few hours of ward work. 
Then, as the thrill of being in the hospital 
wears off, the nurse-to-be finds that the 
scholastic approach to knowledge is 
easier on the feet than the experimental 
method of learning. It is easy enough 
to discuss problems in pediatrics, but 
hypothetical patients are not always 
typical — and oranges take to injections 
better than people do; but then come a 
diploma, and only the pleasant memories 
remain as the nurse proudh' flourishes 
her signature with "R.N." 

At the pediatric clinic of Duh Hmpital, -^e tiiid ■.Indent nurse Iran 
Renul: as she efficiently iiriiihs in and weauirt\ her vo///;,i; patient. 


Stiich-nt iiiiru- X.imy Bischnl} lirdiis up iii,\tu.iii, i: //;/, 
.r ur;«i;f /;/ the »n;inim- rn„m M a Diihe Hospir.,1 Iji: 

hi Ho-^h,hi. the pnihitru zi:nJ of Did;- HospiiM. \iir.<,- hi„ Kriiick 
toi/i/orrs ami cheers up a \oiinf> patient after hn eye operation. 

In the obstetric ivarj, stu- 
dent nurse Mary Jo Infialls 
feeds a t%i-o day old hahy. 

Senior Nurses 

l-'irst ron: 

AJAC. 1X)N\A M., Coral Cables, Ha.; BANCKIIR, BKLII |i; 1)., Atlanta, C.a.; HARMS, RUBY C, l.umbcrton, 
N. C; BISCHOFF, NANCY A., HazcKvood, N. C; HOOF, LUFTTA N.. Yadkinvillc, N. C; BUl.l.lXAN 1 , 
BFN'FRFY M.. I'.lmuood Park, 111.; BURNS, OPAL M., Hickory, N. C. 

Second n,\i-: 

CAMPBI'I.I., MAR^ I ., Sumnur.svillc, W. \a.; CARR, CKI.IA A.. Rnckv Foiiit, \. C.; CLARKF, CAROL 1., 
Srcltnn, N. I., I)A\1S. SIIIRI.FY, Columbia, S. C.; FORBIS, WlLHIi.MlNA A., Camp Hill, Pa,, CIRRINC ;IR, 
,\1.\R^ L.lla/cluood. \. C.; CRAHAAl, AUDRFY J., Xincland, N. j. 

Tliird mv:: 

C;RI(;C;S, C;AYI.A \L, Poplar Branch, N. C.; HAMMET, MARGARET E., Durham N. C; HARLAN. PA I Rl- 
CIA A., Pirr.sbur-h, Pa.; HAYNIS, NANC:^- |., Albemarle. N. C; HAYNIE, CHRISTENE, Marshall, N. C:.; 
HI DCICOCK, .MARY C., Marnnsvillc, \a.; H'UDSON, JUDrFH, Fort Myers, Fla. 

i'mirtli rir^-: 

HUNl , LIBBY, Pleasant (Jarden, N. C; JAMES, KATHERINF B„ Ashcville, N. C; H'.STER, SUI". 1).. Crccnville, 
S. C; KISI'.R, JESSIE P., Concord, N. C; McLEAN, NANCY C, Shclbv, N. C; .McLFLLAN, MARY A. (Mrs.), 
Durham, N. C; MUNRO, JEAN, Mount Wrnon, N. Y. 

l-ifth roii-: 

OLINIR, i:. LUTRI'.LLi:, Hampronvilk-, N. C.; PASCHALL, F.\L\LA I'.., Creensboro, N. C; PATI.IJDOS, 
KAIIII RINF L., AshLvilL, \. C.; PA I RICK, ANNFTLE M., Raleigh, N. C;.; PERROW, ALARY, Altavisra, 
\a.; PIIRCi:, RU'FH, Dillon, S. C.; PIFRCI'., SYIA'IA 1., Jack.sonvillc, Fla. 

.S;.v/// ron: 

PLUAIAII R, LOIS I,., Brevard, N. C; RFNICK, [FAN, W dliamsburu, \a.; RIDI ()U I . AlARLFNF R., Ahidison, 
111.; SILLMON, MARY N., Greensboro, N. C.;"SALALL, S. BRADLEY, Rakmh, N. C.; SAIITH, jOANN F., 
Winston-Salem, N. C; SMFFH, MARGARET L., Henderson, N. C. 

Seventh row: 

STILES, MARjORII I., Summit, N. |.; I A I I,, XIRCINIA A., Libertv, N. C; ll'AGUF, ANN I ., Franklin, 

N. C.; THOALAS, Jl .ANINl /,., Pinevillc, W. \a.; WA I KINS. AL LIE. Potsdam. N. Y. 

Snii„r Cliss nffnrrs: / /,-,/,i;,-,v« /■ I V /,•,(.(.), Miiiirn 
O'ur-I'm.)'. Krnid- (/Vo.), //,n;/n (.S>,-.). 

c? c? ^ 







i i a \ 



f P fi S* -^'^ f r^ r^ 



[ i^'m Ilk yk i 

Junior Nurses 

First ran-: 

BAUGHAN, Jo A., Princess Anne, \1J.; HKDKI.L, Fhvllis .\1., Wcsrhckl, \. J., Bl.1.1., Bobbie I.., Ailiimton, \a.; 
BLACK, Marcia C, Dania, Kla.; BLINSON, Sybilcne, Wendell, \. C; BRADY, Carol A., ']"akonia Park, Aid.; 
BRAWLEY, Frances K., Moorcsville, N. C; BREWKR, Alarojric A., Graham, N. C. 

Second row. 

BROWN, Joann C, Dunbar, W. \'a.; CHANDLKR, |ane, Sumter, S. C; CHANDLER, Patricia (;., Ashevilk, \. C.; 
CHA\'IS, |o A., Charlotte, N. C; CHURCHILL, N." Yvonne, Rockv Mount, N. C; COCHRAN, Sarah I',., Charlotte, 
N. C; CONAN r, Linda A., Durham, N. C; CRADDOCK, Russclline B., Greensboro, N. C. 

Third row. 

CUL\'ER, Sarah A., Wilminaton, N. C:.; CURL, Mickey L., Durham, N. C; DEICHMANN, (iretchen E., Durham, 
N. C; DEWEIN, Sue A., Freebure, Illinois; EDENS, Mary A., Durham, N. C; ENGLAND, Dorothy E., Marion, 
N. C; FER,\L\N, Dawn L, Myrtle Beach, S. C; GALLIENNE, Nancy H., Canton, N. C. 

Fourth roiv: 

GOLDSMITH, Marcella )., Charleston, W. Va.; GRI'ENW'OOD, Sue, C:harlotte, N. C; CiREGORY, Mary K., 
Little Silver, N. J.; GRIER, Shirlcv AL, Matthews, N. C; HAGER, Donna V., Burlington, N. C; HOFFA1AN, 
Barbara J., Naples, Fla.; HOPKINS, Beverley B., Short Hills, N. J.; HO\\F, Shirle>- L., Tampa, Fla. 

Fifth ro-^-: 

HOWELL, Nancv L., Wadesboro, N. C; HUNT, Christia E., Durham, N. C; INGALLS, Alary J., Rockingham, 
N. C; INGLE, Patricia A., Raleigh, N. C; JESSUP, Virginia C, Pilot Mountain, N. C; JOHNSTON, Virginia A., 
Lafayette, R. I.; KELLER, Katherine A., Staunton, \^a.; LaRUE, Patricia P., Raleigh, N. C. 

Si.xth ro-ii-: 

LAWHON, Emma |., limmonsville, S. C; LINDGRI'.N, P. Anne, Sea Girt, N. |.; AlvcNARY, Sue A., Ciarden City, 
N. ¥.; MEYER, Gloria E., I'lkins, W Aa.; PARDUE, Marv A., Durham, N. C"; PARKER, Jean C, Camden, S. C; 
PECK, C. Joyce, Fairmont, W. \a.; QUINN, Edna B., Washington, D. C. 

Seventh row: 

RAINEY, Eriiene, Warwick, \^a.; RAUCiHT, C. Cynthia, Lewes, Del.; REECE, BeveiK |.. Hibiscus Isle, Fla.; 
REICH, Alarv E., Durham, N. C; RUSH, Carolyn A., Camden, S. C; SCHREINER, Maruarer A., Daytona Beach, 
Fla.; SMITH, Frances Al, Burlington, N. C; SPEAKER, Sharon L., Wilmington, N. C. 

Eighth row: 

STARK, Alary A., Greenville, N. C; STEWART, Fran C, Alexandria, Va.; THAIN, Alma AL, Asheville, N. C; 
THOAIAS, Kathleen, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; THOMPSON, Kay, Aydcn, N. C; TILLETT, Tanya D., Kitty Hawk, 
N. C; TUCKER, Betty Gene, Amory, Aliss.; WAYT, Carol E., Alorganton, N. C. 

Alnth row: 

WHITLEY, Anne L., Concord, N. C; WOOTEN, Lois G., Worcester, Alass.; WORRELL, Joan, Bath, N. C; 

YOUNG, Alary Anne, W'ashington, D. C. 

The officers of the Junior Class: Reese (vke-pres.) . 
Brawley (president), and Sullivan (secretary}. 

Sophomore Nurses 

First roil-: 

\\ 1 l'\ \hirv I I);n r<m, ( )hio, Bl.L'M, |udirh |., B^ilrimorc, Aid.; BOND, 1 larner I .. Princess Anne-. Md.; BRl 1)1 \- 
kl'RC Brira \1 lair i.aun, N. |.; BRl.NNAN, Flora K., Cincinnati, Ohio; BROL'C iHAM, Bctrv !.., Atlanta, (ia.; 
BR()\\ N, Beverly A., Hickory, \. C; BRUl'.GGEMANN, Ann B., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Snoiiii rtj-iv: 

COIN \larilvn R., Washington, Pa.; CROOKS, Martha S., College Park, Md.; I)A\'1S, |anct L., Havana, Cuba, 
DWIS Nancv R., Columhi;i', S. C; VLD, Barbara |., Hopewell, Va.; FliNNELL, Molly R., Newberry, S. C; FINN, 
Joan R., Shaker Heights, Ohio; FRFKMAN, Flizaberh A., Hendersonvillc, N. C. 

Third roil': 

C ARDM'R, Flarnet )., Balboa, Canal Zone; GARDNER, Julia A., Gastonia, N. C; HANGER, Barbara R., Jackson- 
ville Fla.; HENRY, .\larvlvn L., Elizabeth, N. J.; HILL, Sarah E., Smithfield, N. C; HILLOVV, Gail L., Washington, 
I). C;.; HUDSON, Meredith, Ft. Myers, Fla.; HUTCHISON, Joe A., Greensboro, N. C. 

l-'oifrth roii-: 

KERR, Rachel |., Durham, N. C; KORLEGAY, Margaret A., Donna, Texas; LAMBERT, Barbara L„ W inchester, 
Mass.; LAMBER I , |oan G., Mebane, N. C; LOGAN, Agnes W., Sumter, S. C; LOVE, Jovce A., Lnirinburtr, 
N. C; McLAMB, Patsy P., Goldsboro, N. C; MITCHELL, Katherine L., Mt. Olive, N. C. 

Fifth ro^^: 

MULLIS, Carol A., Midland, N. C; PAUL, Ellen j., Sarasota, Fla.; PEI'IFEER, Frances A., Quincv, 111.; Rl (.IS I IR, 
Margaret R., Clinton, N. C; ROPER, Carol A., Port Washington, \. Y.; SCHOLDI.RI'R, Ann N., North Caldxsell, 
N. J.; SHEFFI'.Y, Nancy I'., Lynchburg, \a.; SHELOR, Mary A., Sumter, S. C. 

Sixth row: 

SHIPHERD, Kav !,., W instnn-Salem, N. C; SMITHWICK, |o, Jamesville, N. C; SPI'.IGHl , Ahntha R., Suffolk, 
\a.; SPRAGUi:, Dale P., Parksles, \a.; TAYLOR, Terrv L., Ridgevvood, N. |.; TI'MPLETON, .\lar\ I ., \larthcs\s, 
N. C:.; THOMPSON, Betty F., Wilmington, N. C; VanMETRI',, Nancy L., Charlestown, W. \a. 

Seventh rrjiv: 

WmiESIDE, Sarah |., Durham, N. C.; WILDER, Judv, Rvdal, Pa.; W II.SON, luev I ., Chapp;u|ua, N. Y.; 

WILSON, Roberta E.," Brand\ uine, Md.; YON'F'/, Beth, Chri.sman, III. 

S,.i,h„imn- Class officers: 'lud-iioo.l ( T. /'.), 
/(r.i,/i (S,r.). hiNii (I'res). lireiiihvi (Imis.). 


m ^ ^ fS P ^ .-£^ 

1^ r^'*^.,ey« 



^? ^ ^Ij^-m 

rt ^ (?| ^ 



f^ ^ a ry ^ 

?. <?) ^ e (? a .i? ^> .!?< 

f) (^ f\ ^ '^^ O 'v) A r. t 



Freshman Nurses 

First mii'.- 

ADAMS, Kav F.; ANDERSON, Janet M.; AN THONY, Judith; APPLE, Nancy L.; BARC;^ , Joan L.; BENNETT, 

Rita J.; BIDIJ:, LciLani J.; BO(;(iS, Elizabeth D.; BRADY, Nancy A.; BRANCH, Barbara G. 

Secnvd r/nv: 

BRANDON, Ehzibcth \'.; BROADWAY, Patricia B.; BUHLER, Jcanncttc; BURGEES, Eleanor S.; BYE, Con- 
stance E.; CANNON, Elizabeth A.; CARNEY, Eleanor A.; CHESHIRE, Nancv C; CLEVENGER, Sue E. COL- 

Third rou\- 

COLLINS, Doris E.; CONANT, VVilla AL; COX, Suclla; CURRAN, Nancv A.; DATSON, Alvcc L.; DA\nS 

Anne \\'.; DAY, Jane V.; DE\X:)L, Frances E.; DRAKE, Patricia R.; DURHAAL Jean G. 

Fourth roir: 

EMBREE, Eleanor |.; FERGUSON, X'irginia L.; ELEMINCi, Ellen Y; FRONEBI'RCiER, Rebecca I).; ERYE 

Doris E.; GAMON, Helen M.; GAY, Barbara J.; CiUSTAXVSON, Dulcie C; HI'DRICK, Betty J.; HENSLEY, Ty S. 

Fifth row: 

HESTER, lulia G.; HOUCK, Doris E.; HUNSCHE, Susan M.- HUNSICKER, Nancy E.; JACOBY, Geni R • 

JERANKO, Mary B.; KERSEY, Linda R.; KLINGENSMITH, Louise M.; KNOPH, Mary J.; LEMPERLE, Bette L. 

Sixth row: 

LIPPERT, Norma N.; LLOYD, Susan E.; MacNICOL, Margaret E.; MALLARD, Carolyn; MANUEL, Patricia G.; 
Rosalie T 

Seventh row: 

McCRACKEN, Jo A.; MEACHAM, Carolyn S.; MULL, Marian R.; NEWCOMB, Gayle B.; NICHOLS, Mary R • 

OLSEN, Frances; OTT, Dorothy A.; PARKI'R, Anne E.; PENNINGTON, Nancy L.; PHELPS, Rebecca I. 

Eighth row: 

PYLE, Martha B.; RAS.MUSSEN, Marilee; REGISTER, Sandra J.; RITCHIE, \^irginia I.; RIDDICK, Sarah E ; 

RISSLER, Nancy; ROBERTSON, Mary E.; ROHRHURST, Barbara L.; ROSS, Carol J.; SAYRE, Mary F. 

Ninth row: 

Patricia A.; TATE, |ane E.; THOMPSON, Anne S.; TUCKWOOD, Gwvnnc E.; VURGASON,Junc L.; WAL- 
DECK, GailM. 

Tenth row: 

WALKER, Nancy I',.; WARRFN, \'irpinia A.; WHITLEY, Elizabeth G.; WINFIELD, Frances A. 

Freslnmn officers: McNichol {V. P.), Winfield 
(Sec), Durham (Treas.), Froneberger (Pres.). 

Diikc I'Lncrs: 1 he Man WhoCiamc to Dinner 








































































The goal of the 1955-56 administration of the 
Men's Student Government Association was to acti- 
vate three facets of student organization and repre- 
sentation. First, they attempted to expediate legis- 
lative action; second, to consolidate and stimulate 
existing agencies of the MSGA; and finally, to 
strengthen co-operation with the student government 
by means of an intensified public relations program. 
The applications of MSCJA efforts, as well as 
legislation, were carried our under the auspices of 
the presiding officers of the Association. 

\/r«> Sni.lail (unrnimrm .-hswulion. ,««//.«,-,/ ,,/ rrf'i 
rjili Irjlrrinly. the tihieltr/hlenis, jiul fhr Jmhiiun Imiisn 
each ii-rek to trim out the man) pruhlrnn ivliich ar 


The ten members of tin li) 
B. I.ongsivorth, ]. Eiii(!eu 

I'JU, \l,„^ StiuUlllGt 
H Buulhuii. X Will. 

men! Aisoeuirioh 
[ B,ck, H. B, 

alu/iet are the Jolloicuin. ji they 

nett (President), E. Fisher, E. Presto. 

d in order 
D. Dnjfe; 

Ich r„ nglit; 
id /. .\l.ittheii-s. 

To fulfill their two objectives, MSGA 
consolidated the weaker campus organ- 
izations into its cabinet. To take care of 
this growth, ofHce space was expanded, 
and improved equipment installed. How- 
ever, the primary concern of council 
action was to extend student benefits; 
MSGA created a student examination 
hie, a tutoring bureau, and a court of 
Common Pleas; through SGA negoti- 
ation, sophomores were allowed to re- 
tain automobile privileges, and Easter 
vacation was extended. Another act of 
legislation was the rule that in the case 
of damage to a student's room, the stu- 
dent body is responsible if no individual 
be found guilty. At the end of the year, 
three thousand dollars of surplus funds 
were invested to provide income for 
future use to students; this will insure 
continued advancement. 

Herd Bennett, iiho is a member of ODK and Old Trinity Club, 
was the President of the Men's Student Government Association. 


perjorm duties 



Vi. ... 

1 1 i> II hi II 

> Siiuiiiii <;„- 

J ,1 



W hilr 


w.i rill K.i/</ 

rhmughour rlu- \cars of its ortrani/.a- 
non ar l)ul<c-, rhc Woman's Srudriir 
(iovcmmcnr Association has presented 
l''ast ('ampus with a program of" pro- 
gressive legislation. Thanksgiving holi- 
days and one o'clock permission on 
Saturday nights are examples of past 
S(iA legislation. (Continuing this \ear 
in the tradition of realizing student 
needs, this organization, under the leader- 
ship ot l'".lsa Reese, raised funds and 
made provisions for a new I'oreign 
Student Scholarship l-'und next \ear, 
reformed the Bermuda shorts rule, re- 
organized the student go\ ernmeiif 1)\ 
revising the Constitution and 1)\ -laws, 
and re-ariiliated with the National Stu- 
tlent .Association. .After much delibera- 
rion, the assemhl\- voted to rejoin NSA 
in order to obtain a nation-wide audience 
lor views and opinions expressed by 
Duke women stuileiits. 


The Association is made up of rhc entire student 
body, but works through a couneil and auxiHaries. 
The officers elected b\ the Woman's (College students 
compose the council, which directs activities and 
considers legislation of the membership. The aux- 
iliaries play a vital part in the operation of admini- 
strative activities. Established in 1955, the volunteers 
making up the auxiliary help in the office, keep up 
the exam rile, and publicize acti\ities. 


Mimbtrs uj the Wonun's StiiJtiil Goviriiiiient Assochitwii Coiituil .m; 1st 
row: A. Alexander, L. Hanford, G. Stmtton, J. Perry, C. Marconi, E. Reese, 
L. Williams, N. Saunders, B. Quillian. B. U'ehb. B. Hatcher. 2nd row: 
B. Boyd. A. fervey. T. McBride. M. Hadley. D. Glenn, S. Pfohl. J. Din- 
'u.-oodey. E. Pritchett. T. BarcUft, P. Stanslwry. I). Wasden. S. Davis. 


Memhrs of ilie Men's jiuiicial Board scared around the table from left to right as they try judicial cases are as follows: Duk 
Hubert, Bill Frnierkk, Bill McLain, Sam Jacobson, Verne Caviness (Chairman), Bob Martin, Jim Warren, Bill Harrison, Bryant AUiridge. 



'erne Caiiness n the Men's Jiidi- 
ial Board (.'h.iinnan and belonns 
', I'ln Hela Kafpa and Red I'nars. 

The Men's Judicial Board, composed of nine 
students from the junior and senior classes, was 
headed by \erne (Caviness. Serving two very neces- 
sary functions, the main purpose was to uphold the 
laws of the university and to rule on any infractions 
which were called to their attention. In addition, the 
Judicial Board ruled upon the constitutionality ot 
university regulations whenever the Men's Student 
Government Association requested that it do so; 
in this \\a\' a system of cheeks and balances was 
maintained between the legislature and the )udieiar\'. 

When a regulation was broken, the case was 
brought to the Board b\ the Dean's otliee, b\ the 
IIX] (]ourt, or by the campus police. The defendant 
v\as then summoned to a closed meeting alter an\- 
necessar\' investigation had been made. There the 
defendant and any witnesses that accompanied him 
stated the case; the rule which had been broken was 
explained to the defendant, and the otlense was 
defined. After considering the ease, the men rendered 
their decision, then referred the sentence ro the 
deans for confirmation before it was announced ro 
the defendant. 

By considering cases encompassing everything 
trom rule violations to honor code ofienses, the 
Woman's College Judicial Board works to insure 
harmony among students, rheir rules, and the 
administration. The hoard is composed of repre- 
sentatives elected from each dorm and from the 
Town Girl's Club. Besides serving on the central 
organization, it is the job of the "Judy Reps" to 
clarify the regulations and proceedings of Judicial 
Board in their houses and to preside over House 
Council cases. This system of representation gives 
each member of the Woman's College a medium 
through which to voice her ideas and opinions. 

Top officers of Judicial Board are chosen by the 
student body during spring elections; this year the 
board was headed by Sarah Pfohl and Mary French. 
This branch of WSGA made itself felt by setting 
up a traffic appeals court; others realized their 
presence in more subtle ways. The work of the 
court is held confidential; individuals are given 
hearings, and each case is determined only after 
considering the defendant individually. 



The Chairman of Judicial Board, 
Sarah Pfohl, also a member of 
White Dmliy .wd I'hi R,h, Kapp.i. 


Menihers of the Woman's College Judicial Board arc as follows, left to right: Mary Ann French, Sharm Stokes, Sylvia Mathis, Salty Cray. 
Mary French, Sarah Pfohl, Elsa Reese, Ricky Tegtmeyer, Bede Bob Sasser, Mancy Whanger, Shirley Lindquist, and Nancy Riidolpli. 

Bnh F.adie. ch,iirm,iii of Men's Freslini,ui AJiis//r\ 
Coiwal. ,s in AS ME ami on I'liHicitmm Hoar J. 

The task of rhc Men's I'AC^ is ro aid tVcshincn 
in their adjustment to college life during their 
first year at Duke. The council assumed the 
responsibility of checking with the freshmen 
regularly and helping them with the man\- 
problems that arose during their first months 
at school. Advisers saw that their freshmen 
learned the rules of Duke social and academic 
life, became acquainted with the campus, found 
their way to classes, and occasionally dropped 
in on East Campus. Although a difficult and 
sometimes futile job, P'AC^s found their reward 
when the freshmen became assimilated into 
Duke life. 

Men^s FAC 

I- AC, Ut r: hey. Belts, ForekuiJ, l)iiJI,\. S,h-,ijr:, 
EjJie, l.uhon. foli/ison, RohlJ, A/vnurlix. I lamer. 
2iid r: Giiishitrj!,. Kieiile, Smnoje, Keyes, (.'npehiiJ, 
EKnleston. Hearn, Meivhorne, Wanrnioord, Patlon, 
Kramer. ?rd r: Johnson, Teniko, Spencer, Hilles, Rich, 
Cal-.erf. Ij>~u:e, Baker, Di/Jfey, Robertson, Young,. 
4th r Morgan, Hayes, Beacham, Crews, Baiimer, 
l'rnii\. Williams, Turner, Neal, Hynson, Hug,. 

Mrwhr>- cjfihe Women's Fmh»LW Aiivmny Coiinal 
jrr on rhc First Row : I'llina, Meii-horm, Gaims, 
fane, Maha/ies, Mason. IXtus, Johnson, Brooks, At- 
kinson. Adams, Stokes. Second Row : Kohler. Gregg. 
Poindexter, Shrk-er. Allen. Bickharl, Council, McCle- 
ment, Strader, Biirney, Hart. Third Row : Alexander, 
Jordan, tJeizer, Felson, Shi/ey, Tobias, Milteer, Ket- 
ner, Corpening, Williamson, .Morris, Baker, Hundley. 

Women's FAC 

14 irnrii 



.--« V 

A constant source of advice and friendship 
and an occasional source of blind dates, the 
Freshman Advisory Council assists newcomers 
in adjusting to college life. "But Sylvia, I'm 
failing a course. . . . Why do I have to sign 
out for Hoboken? . . . What is this assembly, 
anyway?" These and many more trials and 
tribulations are smoothed over by the ever 
sympathetic "big sister" FAC's. 

Members of the council are chosen for out- 
standing qualities of character and leadership. 
Their job is to turn a confused freshman into a 
less confused Duchess — a challenge only for 
the best! 



, Davn 


lan of the 




sory Co 

incil. IS 

1 meinher 

of .I-BK 

wd <1'KA. 

The Hoard of Goirrnors: H. Gnffilh. M. CounaL E. I'ns 
I. H.irhwn. R. Knhhr, S. jett. B. Teller, D. Felso 

. a. Strjtlo 
\l. laeks,, 

Last February, the Duke Student 

Union celebrated its first birthda\'. De- 

^^^ signed to accommodate men and women 

^^T*T T r^I^XT'T"^ students, this youngest of campus organ- 

k3 1 LJ i^li/xN 1 izarions provided students at last with 

an on-campus center tor enjoying recre- 

U ational and cultural acn\ities. Among 

^ 1 V J^S other things, the building supplied rooms 

in which organizations ma>' hold meet- 
ings and publications' staffs can work in 
adequate office space. 
The Srutlenr Union administration is made up of the Hoard of .\d\ isers, a 
Board of (iovernors, and a board of chairmen of the six commitrees. ,\lr. William 
(JrifHth is Director, and Jim Harbison ser\ed as chairman during the l"''55-56 
program. This administration presented a di\ersified repetoire to the campus, 
hoping to satisfy "some of the people all of the time." Nationally known person- 
alities on the Student Union agenda included ('harles Peterson, the billiard ex- 
pert; Stephen Potter, I'nglish humorist; and (iarmine DeSapio, nationalK-known 
political leader. Student Union committees also sponsored "(landle Light (-ab- 
arefs," briilge tournaments between Iraterniries, sororities, and independents, 
and a photography contest. 1 hese activities were in addition to rheir handling of 
the l.\ . room ami a Music Lounge, tor which new recoi\is were purchased. 

Tin- Committn- hea.U of the variom Student Vmon aarcttm arc as follous: «/,r/r Hunii (\Ujor .-ittnuriuis). S,il/v H.vzrn 
{Edimnimul AJfjtrs), \\\i,U I'nwy (M.ijur Attraction.) FMic Knit ( Rod- Stnriis (Son,,/), Dot McCj/l {R,, national) . 

StiiJait L'liion Chairman ]im llarhi- 
son H .//jo ;/; R,d Friars and ODK. 

As a part of the Featiirr Attractions program sponsored />v the Student Union, Humorist 
Bennett Ccrf spoke in the Woniaifs Colh-^e Anditorinni on Ins personal experiences. 



! I 


Snnor \ 

lottmk. \ihi/ 
of llic C.uiin 


fill- Chill r/>iii>i of Ciiiiipus Chi-it Jriie on East campus liM, 
l.ih Hniiey. ., S,->nor 'uho com,-! from Oxford, Xortli Craolina 

Campus Chest 

The Campus Chest Fund was organized in 
order to unite international, national, and 
local charity collections into one school-wide 
drive. This drive, held in the last part of March, 
spared students the inconvenience of frequent fund-raising campaigns. Women were solicited by 
pledge cards; then Lila Haney and one representative from each dorm collected the money at a 
specified time. On West campus Marv Botnick and Belton Joyner headed the drive; this year they 
originated the idea of men placing ten cents in a box when the\- picked up dates at East Campus 

C^ontributions were made to the organization for World L'niversit\' Service, the national charity 
drives of the American Cancer Society and the National Fund for Infantile Paralysis, and to the 
local drives for the Southside Children's Nursery and the John A. Reed Boy's Club. Funds were 
also set aside for a scholarship to be given to a Duke student. 



Social Standards Committee 
Brooks, Carrick, Morck, Ha 

etuhers 1st row: Foard, McKee, Hurst, Stokes, Hatcher, Girand, Kirkpatrick, RatclijJ. 2nd row: Rotuherg, Reed. 
Welt, Ellis, Daniels, Faulkner. 3rd row; Ziegler, Gould, Kearns, Humphrey, Lassiter, Hodges, Gott, .McLawhorn. 

Barbara Hatdkr u.ii ilu tluii/iun of .Social Su/iJ- 
ards, which is one of the four auxiliary commitlees 
of the Woman's Student Government Association. 

Social Standards 

Keeping coeds on their toes about manners and 
dress on Duke campus is the job of the Social Stand- 
ards Committee, headed by Barbara Hatcher. At 
work before school started, the committee sent out 
to the freshman coeds the Social Standards booklet. 
Design for a Duchess, which contained regulations 
and information concerning social standards and 
practices at Duke. At the beginning of the year the 
committee worked with the Freshman Advisory 
Council, providing advice and guidance for the 
Ireshmen. Social Standards also published and sold 
a pictorial calendar ot the University. 

Coed Balls were among the more enjoyable proj- 
ects of the committee; Winter Carnival and Mardi 
Gras Masquerade gave the coeds an opportunity to 
entertain the men from West. To add to the excite- 
ment, the Chanticleer Beauty Queen was presented 
in the fall and the May Queen at the Spring dance. 


.7 Killllllllllf (I 

It. -.iJS llt\ldr,i I". 
Ivr of I'll, H,u Kapp. 

In C^o-ordinate Board, faculry mem- 
bers and students Hnd a medium for dis- 
cussing and solving- problems. This council 
was organized to mediate conflicts in 
campus life, to listen to student opinion, 
and to ertect devices for better faculty- 
student relationships. Chairman Ann Alex- 
ander and Secretary Elizabeth Springston 
headed the Board, which consists of mem- 
bers-at-large and representatives from the 
classes, the dorms, and the Town (Jirls. 
WSGA council, on the recommendation ot 
the Co-ordinate Board, select for Board 
members girls with a sense of responsibilit>- 
and a knack for diplomacy to handle the 
issues arising in the Board. 

Co-ordinate Board is al\va\'s at work 
assisting in campus-wide activities. This 
year projects ot the Board included speed- 
ing up the registration procedure, handling 
the job opportunities list, the campus 
messenger service, and sponsoring dinners 
given in the Fast (Campus Union. Another 
of the Board's extra services was a home- 
making course for East Campus seniors. 

Student Co-ordinate Board 

Mnuhrs „J Ca-orJiiul,' Ho.inl ,in: hrst i 

1,'Nin ( .iru,n. Siioiul n.« Sjlh („-l:,iiJj 

l.iz lonUiii. Dm Rc,y,en. Sarjii Ihow.u. Briry MiCiirdy, l.uit ILidrtr. Duniu IU;r. 
/.„„■ n.,iis. (\,whN li,n.,,y,n. A:iN AlrxjiuUr. Hiui .S>n//i; .>/////, (\uol ( K.n, 

l/,7/;/.,7) «/ Slii,l,lll I,. 

1. '/..lUHs. II li„^J [(Juniii.iN). Dr. Ii,„i.„. (,. II ,,h, ) . I\mUt, L. O 

Student Forum 

(entering most ot its attention around 
a Renaissance Arts Month, the Student 
Forum brought to the campus a varied 
program intended to awaken and stimulate 
the cultural interests of the student body. 
Perhaps the most interesting feature ot the 
Arts Month program was the IBM C'om- 
pany's exhibition of Leonardo DaV^inci's 
inventions. Both Duke students and area 
residents viewed the large-scale models in 
awe of DaVinci's creative genius. The 
Student Forum (Committee also included 
in its Renaissance Month two speakers, 
Francis Henry Taylor, ex-officio curator 
of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and 
Noah Greenberg, a commentator of Ren- 
aissance Music. The Duke Players' pro- 
duction of The Merchant of Venice, spon- 
sored by the committee, completed the 
Month's program. In addition to the 
Renaissance Arts Month, Student Forum 
presented the well-known poet W. H. 
Auden and columnist Doris Fleeson. 


loiinnli^t Don. I!,, 

Student h'oniin spot 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Members of A'l'Li, I rcu : Wal/wn. -\Ln- 
tlieus. Bjmes. Haiifikuhiri. Liissiter. Cjnihle, 
Bunn, Ctitp, Oii-ens. 2 row: Tilhury. Dens- 
loTi; Duke, Norton, Pruner. 3 row: Graper, 
Barnes Xeese, Starnes, Tranlhani, Xoriille, 
tLmck. Bryant. I. rims. McCnrniack. Wells. 

As a national scr\ icc tratciniry. Alpha Phi Omega works to attain 
its thrcc-told purpose of Leadership, I'riendship and Serviee on the 
college campus. 'Iliis \ear the fraternit\- helped orient foreign graduate 
students to l)ul<e lite, sponsored a "(ati/.ens \o\\" weekend for Scouts, 
and heljied out in \arious communit)' projects. Having been active for 
onK- two \ears. Alpha Phi Omega has already proved itself a helpful 
atitlition to the oruani/.ational life of the eolleue. 

Tht members of Tnuittmi. 
Board are: Fisher, Wheelet 
McMillan. Albrechl.Beni: 
Eadie, Meixhorne, ll'.rr,, 

Traditions Board 

F"rom the moment that the unsuspecting- 
Freshman appears on campus until the termi- 
nation of Freshman Traditions period, he is 
under the supervision and surveillance of the 
Traditions Board. 

The purpose of" the Board is to enforce 
compliance with freshman traditions, some of 
which are: wearing a dink; not sitting on the 
Chapel steps; being able to recite Duke cheers, 
the Alma Mater or a reasonable facsimile; 
and learning the history of Duke which is 
printed on the inside of the University Stores' 
matchbook cover. 

Because of the widely-held sentiment that 
a better system of handling motor offenses 
was needed, the Traffic Court v\ as incorpo- 
rated into the Court of Claims in the fall of 

At that time the court's functions were ex- 
tended to include all financial claims; when a 
student believed that he had been unjustly as- 
sessed or excessively fined for violation of 
traffic regulations, he could now direct his 
appeal to this court. By its many cases, the 
(>ourt of Claims has proved itself to be a 
valuable subsidiar\' to the judicial Board. 

Court of Claims 

The Court of CLunn: 
I'. Cato. B. Slye. ]. \elson. 
I. McK,i,„o„. y. KreJuh. 


1/,////.,/, «/ )•. l/C.-i, S,',:u,r C.ihiint. IM rnxv : «,»,, /••„//,■/•, CV«,/- 
//;.(/;, U«a'."/. l-'rrJrruk. t .aiilhuli. S.illz. joMirr. Ijiho,,. \toiilUJii, 
(ink-. ln<\ rou : Ah^nuthx. Wlurlrr, li,v. Hoy,!, l-or,-lh,mt. Wall. 

rin/,/: l.nnlKuh. I' of ih, 
i . \/.r ..;.. (> .ilw, .1 iiiniihn ,.l 
Oniitmn Ih/hi l<.il</'.i .in.l O.I ( 

I he ^()u^u Alcn's Chns- 
tiiin Association is known as 
one of the most active or- 
ganizations on West Cam- 
pus; each year the Y.M.C.A. 
plans and executes numerous 
projects and programs to ac- 
compHsh its primary ob- 
jective: providing Christian 
fellowship and service tor 
Duke men. 

This year, Phil Leinbach 
acted as top co-ordinator of 
the many branches of the 
"Y," whose activities totaled 
a typically busy year. Orien- 
tation VVeek preceded the 
year's activities with "Y" 
men proctoring exams, giv- 
ing guided tours of both cam- 
puses, and helping freshmen 
adjust to campus life. Dad's 
Day in November was the 
next big Y.M.C.A. project; 
the men feted over two-hun- 
dred Dads with a program 
that included a banquet, a 
play, and a football game. 
Throughout the year the "Y" 
provided workers tor Edge- 
mont and for Wright's Ref- 
uge, and it co-ordinated 
the fraternity-sorority par- 
ties given for underprivileged 
children. To provide campus 
entertainment, the "Y" spon- 
sored Twilight Time, a chess 
and checkers tournament, and 
a concert by the Duke Am- 
bassadors. Sometimes over- 
shadowed by these projects 
were a host of smaller, 
though still important ac- 
tivities — vesper services, 
"sings," visits to hospitalized 
students, and the Transfer 
Advisorv Council. 

^^^hIk ^'-' 


rf'f f ■ 

"^K ^E^^imr fZ> 

W MKtKf flBBi VBD^ 


M,mhrs of the jiinmi CMnet of Y.M.C.A., 1 r: McFee, Dud- 
hy. Miirtijii, Kramer. Mi-whorvf, Spencer. 2 r: Smith, Calvert, 
.Uerrm. Fortesci,; Robertson, Penny, Warren. Lonfi.s-^-orth. 

Freshman S or man Cer her. from Sew York, points out Dukes 
attractions to his father diirinK the Y .M .C.A.-sponsoreil Dad's 
Weekend held to acquaint fathers liith their son's activities. 

■■)■" h'Ttiiinmn Cahmel members arc: Ist row , l-otkiiuvi. Romon. 
Schiller, Davidson. 2nd row: deLong,, Sale, Prime, Gould. 3rd 
row: Brokenshire, Liehrechi, Spnml, Mayers, Eagle. 4th row: 
I'larr. Gtejson, Cross. \Uclior, Miss Ann Hutchinson, Davis. 

Coach lody Xewland gives last minute instructions to lineman 
liijy i'arney before Y.W.C.A. Punch-Bunch gets underway 
.tiinn'i Freshman \V,rh to inform /ro,h of ")- a.rivitin. 

Second only to VV.S.G.A. 
Ill numbers, the Young 
Women's Christian Associ- 
ation occupies a vital role in 
organizational life on East 
(Campus. Under the leader- 
ship of Jody Newland, the 
"^ '" co-ordinates the Duke 
Coed's religious lite with 
her other activities. 

"Y" members were bus\- 
during Freshman Week as 
the girls met planes, trains, 
and buses bearing new ar- 
rivals to East. Punch-bunches 
and open houses were spon- 
sored to acquaint Freshmen 
with "Y" work, and an ex- 
change picnic with the 
Y.M.C.A. introduced them to 
their counterparts on \\est. 
Soon these same Freshmen 
girls, aided by the "Big Y" 
in forming their own Fresh- 
man "Y," elected Claudia 
Eiebrecht as president. 

'Fhe \ear 1955 marked the 
One-l lundredth Anniversary 
of" the National Y.W.C.A.'; 
the Centennial was cele- 
brated at Duke with an 
asseiiihK honoring Dean 
Ahee Al. Baldwin. An out- 
standing project of the year 
u as the monthly study meet- 
ing featuring such topics as 
"Fhe Nature of (iod" ;ind 
"I he C'hristian Attitude Fo- 
xvard War." 'Fhe Worship 
( Committee published a book- 
let of meditations for the 
Feiueii Season. Alan\- "Y" 
nieiiibers were aeti\el\' en- 
gagetl in Social Service' proj- 
ects, such as working with 
the ehildreii at i'duemont 
and at Wriuht's Rehme. 


5 »/ //;, ) II r -i , ;i ,r/i«, ;// II /;,/,■ 
Dm/n ,w:i rill Kapi'a D>lhi. 

Memhen of the Y.W.C.A., from left to right, on the Ist ro' 
Hnr, Hnhiiiiier, Varney, Allen, Gould. Smith. 2nd rou : Tliom 
DcLciiii. Eherlmrdt. Neii'lmd. Black. Herminn. Ship,: ^rd r..' 
Kimer. Biriirr. Dudley. McLaulwni. .\/;.v.f Hiitiliesoii. („ 




Tlie Sliident Rrliiiioiis Council seated from the 
left to right first row: G'. Marfin, B. Gamer, 
G. UVoo. S. Rrminer, R. Tmrn,. Second row: 
Miss M. Taylor, /. Ftarson, B. Smith (Presi- 
dent). /.. /«n/,7//. Miss A. Himkeson, I'. Lein- 
huh. .\. Ornioii.l. /. Lane. C. Hr.i.ix. /. Smith. 

The Srudciir Religious ('ouncil serves ro 
eo-ordinare the parrs of eampiis religious life 
into one powerful unir. This group focuses 
rhcir atreiirion on the religious needs of l)ul<e 
Universir\\ then stri\es ro meet them. All 
campus religious organizations find expression 
through the council which consists of the 
presidents and chairmen of the \arious groups. 

The council has man\- responsibilities in its 
u()rl<. Ihe members help regulate the program 
of the Duke ( Chapel's interdenominational 
services which inspire the entire campus com- 
munir\ . Some of the special activities of the 
group were sponsoring Faster atui I.enten 
ser\ices, an International Tea, arui the Re- 
ligious I'mphasis Week held in March. 



Thr R,irn;i,l I'ro/asor /.,«/,-.( T. 
Chhuui IS n,;m of rl„- Cliaprl. 

The position of the (Chapel at the center oftlie campus 
signifies its importance in the Hfe of the Duke com- 
munity, for the Duke University Church forms the hub 
of all religious activities on campus. Uniting the various 
denominational groups in the worship services held each 
Sunday Morning is the most important function of the 
Chapel; yet many other activities were covered this 
year by its program, hi Christmas it was the scene of 
the Messiah presentation and the Christmas pageant; 
inspirational programs were held during the Lenten 
season; throughout the year students found in the Chapel 
a place for private meditation and worship; and Dean 
Cleland and Chaplain Barney Jones offered friendly 
advice in special problems. 

The Chapel program was supervised by the Church 
Board, which consisted of members of the Student Re- 
ligious Council, representatives from the religious groups, 
denominational advisers, faculty members, the Dean of 
the Chapel, and the Chaplain to the University. 

Rereremi Rjrney I.. Jones is Ch.ip- 
Liin of the Diihe Viiivcrsily CJhipcl. 

I'lHum UilJfr. Carl Muhalsmi, 
AlLw W'jIWr join Sally Mcintosh 
Dill- Moll in ,; panel discussion. 




I'lie larfie responsibility for j'Linnin^ Diih's 
iinnihil Religions Emphasis Weih fell on ili, 
co-ehairnien. Viri^inia Hreiier ami Fi>h,, 



^P '^ 53 

^- w. 



^^■''^ " -'''^ j^^^^^^^i 



^B '^^^^^^^1 



• A 


^^^^^^ ~^ 







Siin,lj\ a/rermu.n of Religious 
''//,;<;\ W eek. Dr. Muiialson spoke 
liiiiiheon for the campus leaders. 


While the Chapel provides a universal atmosphere in its 
interdenominational services, the Sunday evening meetings of 
the various religious groups enable each student to remain 
identified with his own denomination. Almost every branch of 
American faith is represented in these student organizations: 
Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Oatholic, Episcopal, Presb\terian, 
Christian, Congregationalist, Unitarian, Evangelical Reform, 
and Jewish. Each group, under the leadership of a minister or a 
trained adviser, works and plans separately, yet all work toward 
a common goal: the social and spiritual advancement of the 

Led In- ils president. 

]•»! Lane, ili, 

Xewfiiiin Cluh giithen 

regularly Jo, 

fellowship every Sii 

Ida, e-cenWK 

/ Evangelical Reformed Churches 
as the UniteJ Stiidenl Fellrmship. 

Arthur Brandenburg, adviser to the 
Methodist Student Felloivship, speaks 
at one of their Sunday meetings. 

An inrc'llccrualh' lively meeting alv\ ays rook 
plaee with the Unitarians, whose panel dis- 
eussions were nored for their modern and 
seientihe approach to the field of religion. 

The (Catholic students arc organized in the 
Newman C'lub, and their meetings covered an 
extensive program aimed at the spiritual de- 
velopment of the individual and his education 
in the doctrines of the Church, with their 
applications towards modern living. 

I he United Student fellowship was per- 
haps the most \aried group on campus since 
it was composed of the Congregational, (Chris- 
tian, and I'.vangelical Reformed students. The 
group worked at many projects, hut concen- 
trated their efforts on charit\ . 

The Methodist Student i'ellowship stands 
our as being the largest. Their meetings dis- 
pla\ed a wide variety of e\enrs: hymn sings, 
lectures, antl panel tliscussions, nor to mention 
the recreation aiui refreshments. 

Waller Benjamin, Assi- 
Church, addresses the If 

■of the Trinity Axrniie I'resbyterian 
r Felloirship at a Sunday nii^ht meeting. 


C.jntcrhury tin I', the Episcopal suijrul ^roiip. 

Siiihiiiy nights Jo 

the Memorial Chapel and a talk h\ 

In the Westminster Fellowship, the stimu- 
lating program was generally topped by speak- 
ers of the members' choice. Under the leader- 
ship of Reverend Bill Hoyte, the Presbyterians 
had one of their most successful years. 

The Canterbury Club, under the leadership 
of the Reverend Joseph O'Brien, held supper 
meetings at which the\' presented many out- 
standing speakers. The Canterbury Club is 
famous tor providing sustenance, not only for 

the spirit, but also for the bod\-; the\- have 
long been noted for their suppers served for a 
nominal fifty cents. 

One of the most active groups on campus 
is the Lutheran Student Association, fhe 
Lutherans' major activity was working on 
their Vx-nezuclan mission project; but they 
also concentrated efforts on increasing interest 
among their members in the stud\- of the 
Christian doctrine. 

\lenihers of the Hjptist Student Union group listen to an ad- 
Iras h^ Dr. Dan I'la at one of their i,,rfU fue.dax nurlunj^. 


Presidnit Dean Carzm l,;l llie Ihdr 
Christian FeUouship in meernifis- 


Ihdr ll,IM „in>ihfri meel nrry l-r„L, 
nivhl for a srrfur ami social ailnitir. 

Another large religious group was 
that of the Baptists, noted for their 
efforts in the Church's mission field. 
After the Sunday night suppers, the 
Baptists were always assured of an 
evening of fellowship. 

The (Christian Fellowship group en- 
gaged in many activities designed to 
give the members insight into the 
Church's approach to doctrines of the 
life and ministry of Jesus. 

The Jewish Hillel Society has adapted 
itself to its students' beliefs; the view- 
points of the Orthodox, Conservative, 
and Reformed are integrated into the 
Hillel services. 

Methodist students retreat fo 
ueekend away fn/ni the lanip 

Kappa Chi 

Kappa C'hi is a pre-ministerial fraternity 
whose purpose is to provide some practical 
experience and fellowship for students who 
plan to enter the clergy, regardless of their 
denomination. The fraternity offers students 
the opportunity to broaden their views by 
discussing them with members of other faiths. 

Every Thursday evening at seven, the Zeta 
Chapter of Kappa Chi participated in a vesper 
service; the worship services were followed 
by fraternity meetings at which Kappa Chi 
listened to guest speakers. Through these 
speakers and association with their brothers, 
future ministers were exposed to practical 
and theological problems of their profession. 

/\,,/VM',«; hniliuiily. i st r.iu : Hnmn, U,i,/,„nU. Kri.ipp. Mul- 
hiilland. Bell, H,ill, Norris, Helms. 2nd row: fohmon, Roney, 
M.rtfhriL-s, Shirkey, Webster, Dr. Manschreck, LaVoo. 3rd row: 
Si/IIS. Inyiier, Robins, Weber, King. Morris, Ashii-orth. 4th 
ra-ii'.- Raker, Hemnungxijy. Merrirr, Persons, Hjlsinger, Baker. 


Mc,iih,rs„J ViihlHMwm lio.,r,l, I st r. 

/. Sclrujr:. li. MiCurdy, /. Cr.iiiJMI, I . Mull. S. .\l,hi 
1 row: S. hrael, B. Etidie, /. lUdi^n. H. Iii.lar, li. Yoi 

sh. Ih'.m IhniiiM. I.,r. M. Simtlnrii. I)i 
K, ./. //,;/, /. /V.,r<«y/. B. r,ll,r. B. Br.uluw. 

Publications Board 

Publications Board is made up ofrcprcscnrativcs 
troni tiic t"aculr>-, members elected from both 
I'",asr and West, and editors and business manatrers 
of all publications. The function of the organization 
is not censorship, but ratiier to maintain a high 
standard of journalism on Duke campus, i^ub 
Board is responsible for the diversified list of cam- 
pus publications: the (jiantici.kkr, the Cliioniclc, 
the Peer, the Playbill; the l)/d'Kfii>;i/i(rr; and the 
.Irchlir. This year the board re-evaluated salaries 
of publication heads, amended the l)\la\\s and 
elected editors, business manatiers and their as- 
sistants for next sear's hferar\ oryani/ations. 

I In- l),j,i „f Trimly Collrn,: llrrhrt /. Ilrr- 
rinii, IS oho ChairiHjn of I'lihluatmin: Board. 

Tin- I'ditorul 
Hetty M,( in 

ih,- fnllrniuK. I t(i r. on tlic hrst rnu-: 
loliN nV/vT, Hill I filer, l„„ CmtuUI. CV 

\liill. Mdi Sniuhem, 
Hjmii. .Did Bill Tudor. 

Pub Row Heads 

Perhaps the busiest people on campus were 
those who worked day after day on "Pub Row." 
During their long, laborious afternoons, the heads 
of staffs added to their knowledge of journalism 
and gained experience in staff co-operation. But 
work on the third floor of Flowers building also 
had its humorous moments: the fight for type- 
writers between staffs, the photographer finding 
that he had forgotten to put film in his camera 
— so it went until the editions had gone to press. 
Then Pub Row heads eagerly awaited the finished 
products; campus approval was sufficent reward 
for their tedious days of composition. 


G. C. Hermcksai, Bininesi Mvuiger and As- 
sislani Coinplroller. is adviser to I'lihlicitioiis. 


Jini Crandall, Editor nf iln- IV U> C:hanticleer, 
is a ■member oj Who's Who in American Colleges. 

The 1956 (Chanticleer was under the 
leadership ot a woman for the first time in 
many \ears; editor-in-chief Jini Crandall, as- 
sisted by Betty McCurdy, organized the net- 
work of staffs and editorial heads who worked 
jointly to put together the Duke yearbook. 
This year's editorial staff concurred to produce 
an annual which would be more informative 
and useful as well as being readable and pic- 
toriallv attractive. 

;«»«»»{«»' «*^- 'r*. fi 

■I'ht immhrs ol the ,JttonM shilj nf llir i.u\^ \u^ ^ ,i< .irrlhr p,ll,ni„iv.. Mt m ni^hi.on the I st r \\,(ind). Unit. Jnd r: llildretli. Potter, SeversoM. 
(,r,r>i,: Hood. Ilr.ilh. 'l\,/>/,:w'.ird r: I. urn. Iloli, Ihwmond. Coldslnn. (loiirl.uid. Wiuiro. hry. 4th r: Alor^.w, S.,1,: Hoii:ird, Cleaie. Gralhim, 
Smilli. Soi,!h,,rJ. lin. Com: Moor,-, jonn. \Uirl„i. nh r: lliss. Hr.nn. Kjiidal/d,. Hosiirll. Suln. Irvni. \Uhor, hns,;ihmw. anie>ii»K>r. I'liilUlH. 


111,' IJnoiul li,:ids of rlir CinsiKliiK .,r,: 
llrM rnu : \/. /,. I'oll.r. I'. Wood. H. .•/. M,- 
< Nrd\. I . \tiill. H. I\il//hui. I he seeoiul niu : 
/.. 1 1, Ml,. I. (,r,r,„: I'. Srirrson. \l. Ilddnlh. 

There were notable improvements in the 
business department; business manager Bill 
ludor announced the Chanticleer's record 
number of copies would be printed because each 
student would receive his book without charge, 
and that after this year there would be no 
more advertisements. The business start also 
purchased new typewriters to replace the 1932 
models which were being used by the editorial 

'I'he Business l/.r 
Tudor, is iilso .( 

li. Hill 

Me/nbers of the CH.\-^iH:i.t:rR Business Staff are the J„ll. > < : <:,. mtiMU />'/7 /,<■'. N /;. . - ' /' // ^ 

row: Tom Iru;n, Carl Stnwpf. Lin Holloiiell, Ellen Bradley, Emily (arrj,^a\, Barbara Freeman, George hey. Bill W'esl. Ihi, Teller, .uui Duk (.ermjii 
Ihird r()«': Don Doss, David Coble. John Dobson, Ami Gimn, Lydia Han/ord, Carol Cooper, Al Gillette, Bob Mdler. Rulurd Dei:ey, and lim \ldler 


Financial matters irere delegated to Br/iee Hyl- 
dahl, (Assistant Manager). Sue Bevans (Coed 
Manager), Bill Tudor. (Business Manager), 
and John Jordan (Advertising Manager). 

It - y llie edilorial lif.u/s jre, I st row : B. GiiiLI, O. Soittli- 

rni. I. K.islfr. Ind row: ,S'. Mcliitosli. H. Youiisi. 
/. I'tjrson. A. Hal, G. Weeks, A. \UKee. 


Editorial Stuff. Ist r: Sheheen. Fam. Gill, l/nin^ston. 2nd r: Szekely, Grissett, Knapp, Crau-ford. Nutter. Finei^jii. Spealman. ird r: Westmoreland 
Preissle, Noble. Rankin. McConnell. Colquitt. Mrmahan, Harstine. Htiss. 4th r: Brooks. Hammer. Woulery. Yoiiiin. Mihilosh. young, Heil 

The Editor of the Cliroiiiclc, l\ml Tuerff. 

Kxpaiiding tioiii twchc to sixtLX'ti pages a 
week gave tlie dlironich', among other things, 
a chance tor better news coverage, more ads 
to keep Bill Teller and company happy, and 
room enough tor the many letters which re- 
flected the intensit)' ot student feeling over 
PC i I "S wideK -discussed editorials. This larger 
edition called tor more stati members; on 
\\ednesda\ and Sunda)- afternoons typewriters 
often had to be "lifted" from nearby offices. 

Tile business heads of the Duke Chronicle are the 
fnlhwirig: Bill Teller, ma/ia,^er; Francine fohmim. 
cr/eil mLiiiaarr: and Jiiiw W'ehrr, assistant manai;er. 


Members of the Chronicle business staff irho are conferring oi-er fiscal /natters are the folloirinti. seated on the hrst row left to right: 
Bill Staley, and Francine Johnson. Those on the second row are: Bill Teller, Craig Clwate, /ay Garvin, John Weber. C.larl;, and Hill Spencer. 

Editor Paul Tuerft raised many a pen and 
man\' an eyebrow over his words on the segre- 
gation problem, while others watched over the 
din of energetic reporters who were rushing 
to make deadlines, laying out copy, and trying 
to think of new "mystery segments." Faithful 
to all were the writers, who kept coming back 
for more — a good reflection on the "esprit de 
corps" of the "Tower of Campus Thought 
and Action." 

As Business Manager. Bill Teller, a member of 
ODK. handled the Chronicle's adi and finances. 


1 r : SchiiMrz. Si/iirhrrti. I'ernii. Siiiiiiions. 2r : Wjiit-nvnoril, I'oller, Suhohoti, Ramoiii. 3 r : Walk- 
ley, Haii-kiiis, Weeks, Ihirney. 4r: Norton, Skipper, Appleuhite, Bennett. 5r: Merritt, Davis. 

The Archive office was 
possibly the only place on 
campus with two portable 
radios and an original paint- 
ing to match its burlap cur- 
tains. The green sofa 
remained there as a m\s- 
tcrious symbol of creative 
imagination, the coveted as- 
set of aspiring writers whose 
work filled the pages of the 
"oldest undergraduate liter- 
ary magazine in the South." 

Odessa Southern, who also 
frequented other offices on 
Pub Row, held general meet- 
ings of the staff and presided 
over coffee sessions with 
struggling authors and over- 
worked staff members. 

In the chaos preceding 
the publication deadlines. 
Bob Alirandon, assistant edi- 
tor, often emerged as the 
stabilizing force around 
which the staff gravitated. 
Ann Nicholson handled 
freshman material and layout 
work, while the three staff 
heads, Pat Perrin, fiction, 
I'red (^happell, poetry, and 
Kd Norris, art, gathered and 
selected material. 


The clnefs-oj-slaj] oj lli, 
and Ann S'lclwhim. I'.diii 



^ ^ 

E.iitnrul hfads of the Pet 
Stiihh, him McAIIisn-r, 

Collahorarin^ mrr ihr fiimiichil problems of llie Pec 
business heads. Herb /ohiison. Berne \l'isner, ,ui,i Ti 


The campus humor maga- 
zine, the Peei\ served this 
year as an intermediary be- 
tween the facts presented by 
the Chronicle and the fiction 
pubUshed in the Archive. 
And although between the 
unique covers there abounded 
both facts and fiction, the 
intent of the magazine was 
to incorporate these funda- 
mentals into a form of ma- 
terial which would result in 

Kditor John McAllister 
and his stafi^ of cartoonists, 
photographers, writers, jok- 
ers, and exaggerators kept 
their eyes open to the whim- 
sical side of campus life and 
produced issues whose con- 
tent ranged from satire to 
sex. "The lightheartcd Peer,'' 
as it is aficctionateh' termed, 
enjoyed a joke on the Archive 
when it printed a section of 
stories, book reviews and 
poems determined to parody 
its more serious neighbor. 
The first issue served to in- 
troduce freshmen to Duke. 

Peer <nff 1st row IVisner, \i eir, U eeks \fcAllisrer 2nd tow Peterson, \onhrop, lohnson, 
Dukwn !rd row Ja^pert low Sttibin 4th row Tran M assermvi Rrook. \luth. 


SraH'-widc, rhc Playbill ortiimi/.arion 
was smallest on Pub Row, although it 
turned out one of the most widely-read 
eampus puhlieations. Playbill is actually 
a eampus service organization, serving 
as a central publishing agency tor a 
number of campus groups. During the 
year, this organization published the 
programmes for the (Concert Series, the 
Duke Players, Student Union features, 
and published the \Vi'. I'reshman Hand- 
books; the\' also handled protirammes tor 
Robert Merrill's concert, I loof 'n' 1 lorn, 
anil The Merchant of \'cniic. I'his was 
an extension ot business oxer an\ 
other \ear, antl tor this reason Pub 
iioard saw the iieeil tor eleeting an etlitor 
and business manager, positions which 
had l)een pre\iousl\- incorporateil and 
held b\' one person. 

Sterling Brockur/I 
limi, ii\is this yea 

frnm Diirlhv,,. Sort), Caro- 
'ditor of the piihlUiitwH, the Uukl^ngineer. 

The DiikEn^meer, edited and pub- 
lished by the engineering students, has 
been rated one of the outstanding student 
technical publications in the nation. It 
is the only campus publication that re- 
ceives no outside financial aid. Pub- 
lished four times a \ear, the magazine 
is for the benefit of students, faculty, 
alumni, and other engineers. Besides 
publicizing the College of Kngineering 
throughout the country, the DiikEvf^incer 
gives to students the opportunit\' to 
acquire skill in technical writing. Not 
only are the engineers proud of their 
serious writing, but their "Lub" has 
turned out some of the best jokes on 
campus; hence there is continually a 
large non-engineering audience. 

Amhriiit. E,i-j.- 



Alrhough its activities were little 
publicized, the Kngineers" Student Coun- 
cil performed two important roles tor 
Duke's engineering students in this, its 
third \ear of operation. In its first 
capacity the C^ouncil brought the College 
of I'.ngineering closer to campus-v\ide 
politics by appointing members as repre- 
sentatives to Al.S.G.A. Secondly, as an 
independent organization, it acted as a 
co-ordinator for the activities ot the 
engineering students. Under the direc- 
tion ot two faculty advisers and the 
officers, Bob Martin, Bowden Ward, Jim 
\"aughn, and Harold Schcid, it super- 
vised such projects as the I'"ngineers' 
Show, the Kngineers' Ball, and the build- 
ing of a Homecoming displa>'. 

Representatives to E.S.(>. included the 
officers elected by the entire student 
body of the College of Engineering, as 
well as the class officers and elected 
representatives from the engineers' pro- 
fessional and social organizations. 

Engineers' Student Council 

•/•//,■ mniihrrs of thr i:„v.tii,rri Stiident C.umal. are. seared left to right: /. Lane, D. Mtml^omery. R. Clmpwan, B. Waser. \. RriKRS. II. Sch,-nL 
I. r,»/i;//j/;, H. M.irtii,. H. \\\n,l. D. Xiclwhon, E. Ilminwmi, C. /-.V.rws, R. Bnrm-s. jml D. Aims. Standin.': B. Wihon, .wd /). /V.nrr. 




Ceorg,- Ev,uis. ,i Senwr Jmm Ashrvilh: ii;u I'nsuh'iit of the A.l.E.E. 
ii/hi is in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. 

Each month this year, as in past years, 
the American Institute ot Kleetrical 
Engineers gave students of electrical 
engineering an opportunity to meet in- 
formally with their professors, to listen 
to top professional men discuss topics of 
particular interest, and to talk with 
other students about current ideas and 

The x\.LE.E. is a professional or- 
ganization, and as such its student branch 
helps the electrical engineering student 
in many ways. It fosters in him the 
growth of qualities which he cannot 
derive from his textbooks on amps, 
ohms, and volts. It provides a contact 
with EE men throughout the nation, 
thus channeling new ideas into the local 
chapter. And most important of all, it 
gives him a chance to strengthen technical 
and social bonds with his classmates, 
with his instructors, and with practicing 
engineers, establishing an important 
foundation for the eraduatine enuineer 


Members of the A.l.E.E. are as follows, left to right, on the first row: Barnes, Lyman, Scheid, Cherry, Rudisill, Hammond, Lee, Clark, Vaughn. 
Second row: Adams, Pegg, Edwards, Armhnist, Schltmm. Third row: Redmond, Berger, Marchese, Becker, Kurkman, Brownell, Lineker, 
Boothroyd, Egli. Parker, Spanagel. Headley. Godfrey, [ones. Long. Hamhrick. .Moody, Stewart. Fourth row: Owen, Evans, Cartier, Ian Order. 


\Umhers of Americm Socrty of Cn-il Engineers, Ist ro«-: Brannnck, IXnul. 
Goudy, Amos, Katz'mski, Stoltlemyer. 2nd row : Doimey, Lindsey, Cook, Har- 
ley. Weld, Clark, Williams. 3rd row: Gilbert, Dale, Williams, Gill, Olive, 
Scott, Riggsbee, Manuel, Pape, Kopf, Oastler, Booker, Anderson, Hoadley, Lane 

Civil engineering students at Duke 
are bonded together in the American 
Society of Civil Engineers; in this 
organization, classroom instructions 
are brought to lite by conversing 
with the practicing engineers and 
professors who meet with them each 
month. During the past \'ear, the 
society also featured speakers, panel 
discussions, motion pictures and the 
reading of student papers in order to 
give members a more realistic picture 
of their profession. 

.•\.S.(".F'"., under the direction ot 
officers Dick Amos, Dick Player, and 
John Katzinski and adviser P. C 
Stottlemyer, supplemented these meet- 
ings by taking field trips to nearby 
places of interest. By continuing his 
membership in the A.S.(>.I'".., the pro- 
fessional engineer keeps informed of 
new dexelnjiments w irhin his lieKI ami 
can more easiK' nicer and eoiiter with 
the outstanding men ot his profession. 

Officers of the A.S.C.E. arc tlic foilnu ing L to R : /. Katzinski 
(Sec.-Treas.). R. G. Amos (Chairman). R. I.. Player {\ ice-Chairman). 


.\le?nbers of A.S.M.E., on the 1st row: Deakiris, Risher, Knauss, Nicholson, 
Briggs, Ward, Proctor. 2nd row: Beck, Manning, McLean, Hoixell, Gunter. 
Anderson, Moreno, Finol. Waser, Baker. 3rd row: Winnerstro?n, Knight, 
King, Stiegler, Kimiph, Hiehert. Haslett, Elsevier, Foster, Murray, Hean. 


A.S.M.E. ojgi. 
dent). Hr,Kgs 

The Duke Student Branch of the 
American Society of Mechanical En- 
gineers was formed with a dual pur- 
pose: to keep its members informed 
of the latest advancements in the 
theory and practice of mechanical 
engineering in general and to stimulate 
interest in mechanical projects with- 
in the school. 

These future engineers, led this 
year by Dave Nicholson, Norm 
Briggs, Don Knauss, Paul Risher, and 
Derrick Deakins, met each month to 
discuss current problems and projects. 
A.S.iM.E. planned held trips which 
were both educational and entertaining 
for the participants; trips included 
visits to the Western Electric guided 
missile plant in Burlington and the 
Norfolk naval yards. Members also 
receive the monthly publication of 
A.S.M.E., which contains articles on 
the latest developments in mechanical 


Duke I'hyers, on tlu- Isr rou ; Hmdi. Hmi.s. 2nd row: Suw,; Coliai, MuluhL\ l.aPnIU. Fox. Reardon, luslhr. S,nJ,r. \>,;h. 
Crejditk. Miller, Mors,; Tronol,,,,,: Krrirr. Unltu.r,;i. 4th rou ; Rrnrnold, Slurp,: \U,rh. l-nh,-r. Cnsii-oU, Rome. Cirr. Hrooh; I h. 

hi J strut from R\)i\\x \,m \tq. S.irjh Ciittimi Ivus lielp from \or- J^eaime Sforic IXfit Siitet. ami Fred RtRtiiol,! prtsent j strut 

'iinoil l.o/iii. ,is An H.irlrll Irits to ptrsiiihlt litr from litr piirpost. /ram one of this ynir's phys. I'lic Man V\lio Came to Dinner. 

Occupying Branson building on East 
Campus, the Duke Players organization 
provides opportunity for students to de- 
velop their dramatic talent. Membership 
is open to all students on both East and 
West; talent is the basis tor selecting 
students tor the roles in productions, and 
interest is all that is necessar\' tor working 
on props or make-up. 

This year the Players celebrated their 
twenty-titrh birthday with a banner year; 
season tickets were sold, and record num- 
bers attended performances. Early in the 
season they raised the curtain on The 
Man Who Came to Dinner, a play which 
they repeated during Dad's Day weekend. 
Efiort number two. Right You Are, was 
also well received. As the tinale in their 
big year, the Players presented The Mer- 
chant of I 'enice. 

Al Fin, a senior irho hails originally from Hampton, Vir- 
ginia, has served as this year's President of the Duke Flayers. 

DuKE Players 

One of the major plays presented this year hy Duke players u-as Shakespeare's The Merchant of Vein 

Kiiiii Hi/ii/hich, Califonna Senior 
li-.u fmulenl of Hoof 'n' Horn 


// ■// // (\,/',„rr. Isr rnu-, left to right: /•. Ahernathx. I). Moll, R. IXivis, K. liimkuh, A. Jml n.« : .V. (irraihLw. H. Hr.,m/v 

Each year Jiiring Joe College 
Weekend, Hoof 'n Horn Club 
presents an original musical to the 
enjoyment of the entire campus. 


Hoof 'n' Horn was originated at Duke in 1936 
and has produced shows yearly or biannually 
since 1939. Each year the executive council ot 
the organization has chosen one student manu- 
script and with a cast, director, producer and 
stage crew composed entirely of students has 
presented the campus with varying degrees of 
talent. To be eligible for membership in Hoof 'n' 
Horn one must actively participate in one show; 
the executive council, which makes all decisions 
concerning the show and the club, picks the manu- 
script, the producer and the director. This council 
is elected each spring by the membership; it con- 
sists of a president, vice-president, two secre- 
taries, a treasurer, and three members at large. 

This year's executive council, headed by Presi- 
dent King Rimbach, picked Top Secret, a stor\- 
set in a scenic island paradise, to highlight the 
gay Joe College Weekend. The show was written 
by Alan Lacy and was produced by Lacy and 
Ruth Davis. 

The dancing chorus of Laugh- 
ing With You skillfully per- 
forms one of (1 


i:,uli TiirsJay nrmiiK. niKsic liSKfsJrom tlie \iusir Room „i Didr -^here th,- Wrwuns (;i,r CUih nhr.irus iiiuUr tli,' Jntctwii of Mrs. Ha 

Women's Glee Club 

I'Acry luL'sda)' iiighr Ivasr ("ainpiis 
Wiis filled with the- srrains ot both re- 
ligious and secular music originating, ot 
course, from the Woman's College Glee 
(;iub, directed by Mrs. J. Foster Barnes 
and accompanied by Fran Smith. Presi- 
dent (>arolyn Hampton handled club 
business — caroling parties, a \'alentine\s 
Ball, and other social gatherings. 

Nancy Burns directed the Triple Trio, 
which is a select group within the (ilee 
("lub; these nine girls performed at 
many eomnuinity functions during the 
Near. Throughout both semesters the 
girls worked toward their goal of mem- 
l)ership in the Chapel (^hoir. 

I'rni.lcnl aj llir Wnninis (ihr Cliih, C.rwlyn Ihu>i/>ro,i. ;.v .; S,->ii 
/ran, ninkuii. S. C. .,ml .dw V „r-l'ns,,Uiil of llir S,;i,or CLi 

Early in the fall auditions were held 
for aspiring singers, and the members of 
the Men's Glee Club began their practice 
sessions for the school year. In these 
initial rehearsals each vocal group 
worked separately to learn new songs 
and to break in new members. Then the 
groups were combined, and after more 
practice, they produced the excellent 
music heard by visitors and Duke stu- 
dents at their spring concert. 

This year's Duke concert and spring 
tour were held after the death of J . Foster 
Barnes, who had led the group to national 
prominence in his twenty-seven years 
as director. The men of the glee club 
toured cities in six states, and then cli- 
maxed their activities with the annual 
appearance on the Perry C'omo Show in 
New York. 

Senior IXnr Ihulm.w Jwm Crramuh. R. /., li'.rs r>,snl,-nl of llir 
Men's ai,r Cliih .uhi also servni .u pmuknl of Siv.nia Chi. 

Men's Glee Club 

The Men's Glee Cluh presented its first concert oj the year under the direction of Norman Desrosiers in a program dedicated to Mr. Ha, 




\l,„ih,ri „l SImr n Shipper Cliih, 1st r: I'eltil, Al 
rxtiiijrr. Hook, Stiuirl, liotiiick, Maxson, Browne, Tay 
lor, Alster. 2nd r: Samoje, Crews, Marks, Furman, 
(ienter, S'elsoii, Lynch, Fry. ?rd r: Burrell, yVinslow. 
Harahan, Harm, Helly. l/iippmin, Hhtt. Linden 

hop: n 

As -,1 rcsulr ot opinions expressed in a 
poll rakcii l)\ Pivsidenr Alarv Bornick 
and Ins sraH, Duke snidenrs enjo\ed rhe 
rhyrhms of two of the nation's top bands 
during Shoe 'n' Slipper and Joe College 
weekends. Mueli planning went into the 
festivities whieh featured (lount Basie in 
rhe I'all and l,es I'lgarr in rhe Spring. 


Members of the Duke Symphony Orchestra, under the 
direction oj Mr. Allan Bone, rehearse for their two big 
concerts, one in February and one in the Spring. 

The sixry-hvc piece Duke S\mphony 
Orchestra found 1955-56 a year of great 
progress. One of the outstanding activities 
of the year came when the orchestra ac- 
companied pianist Jacob Lateiner. In May, 
the group cHmaxed its most successful 
season in its history with their annual 
spring concert. 




,,lly inrsni. 

Concert Band 

Karly last fall Duke's serious musicians 
competed at auditions tor seats in the 
C>onccrt Band. This group placed em- 
phasis upon variety in music and featured 
in their programs classical, semi-clas- 
sical, and novelty selections. As a result 
of diligent practice, the seventy chosen 
players presenteii se\eral concerts this 
year. Shortly after school l)egan, a lawn 
concert was given; later m the semester 
another was presented \n the l'"ast Oam- 
pus auditorium. Spring semester called 
tor doubled rehearsals as the musicians 
prepared for a week-long tour of the 
Southeast and for two adiiitional eon- 
certs given on I'ast Oampus tor the 
Duke student l)od\ . 

iihl in Hi 

ItJ the 

"IP'^W ! 


The Duke Ambassadors have gained 
prestige borh ar home and abroad as one 
of the most outstanding collegiate dance 
bands in the country. This year they pro- 
vided the musical background tor both 
C'oed Balls and played for many class and 
fraternity dances; in addition to their 
performances at Duke the\' entertained 
at nearby schools. Last spring, the Am- 
bassadors became internationally famous 
when they toured Air Force bases in 
Iceland; this year, the band and Nat 
Greenblatt have again been asked to 
entertain the Airmen. The\' will leave 
immediately after graduation tor a two- 
week tour of the Azores, Bermuda, 
Scotland, Iceland, and Newfoundland. 

Bill l\ipf 
IfJ th,- Dnk 



K,! Mar and Sue StraJer veer,- nspmisiHr. .u Ir.ulers of 
\rii, for ihf energy and spirit sho'ni/ ,ir Didc f;,i//ies this year. 

An organization which is full of 
enthusiasm itself but finds this quality 
sometimes lacking in other members 
of the student body, Pep Board under- 
takes each year to build up and main- 
tain school spirit. East and West each 
elect a chairman, and these serve as 
co-chairmen for one campus-wide 
board; this year's co-chairmen were 
Kit Weir and Sue Stradcr; other 
members were volunteers and repre- 
sentatives from the domitories. Sue 
and Kit led the groups in its campaigns 
for team support and worked closely 
with the Cheerleaders to invent new 
yells for the cheering section. 

I'ep Hoard. Ir: Swarr, I'ettit, (, 
F,ho„. Ileiidrix. Kramer, I 

Chedesler, Hazm. Creus. 3r: 
Xidrl, Girard. Parlloiv, Rodtnsky. 


The Duke Fcp Board and the 
cheerleaders promoted Pep RalHes, 
sponsored the annual program ot skits 
for an especially outstanding Home- 
coming celebration, and planned card 
tricks for the entertainment of spec- 
tators on the opposite side of the 
stadium. When competition and riv- 
alry were especially keen, Pep Board 
helped to turn excess steam and en- 
thusiasm on the part of the students 
and fans into rousing displays of 
sportsmanship; but whether the spirit 
lagged or soared. Pep Board main- 
tained a steadying influence on both 
the teams and the tans. 

Dukes peppy eheerle.nters, first row : G. I'artloii; M. Harm. /). Frhon. S. K.i 
Second row: B. tVciij, S'. Gardner, D. Jacoies, A. Rodeinky, L. Far, 


Retiveen liakrs rif the frames 
I'ep Board sponsored the 
/ neks, one of whieh turns o. 
he the popular Duke Blue D 


No Duke toorball game would be 
complete w irhour the song and spirit 
provided hv the Marching Band. Be- 
fore each home game, the double-timed 
rhythm of the snare drums heralded the 
hand's procession onto the held; to 
acquire this perfection, the band re- 
hearsed three rimes a week. President 
John (^artwright and drum major Don 
Billings headed this \ear's organiza- 
tion, and Dr. Paul Bryan directed the 
group. Last fall the band traveled to 
the Cieorgia Tech game where they 
entertained in Grant Field. In March 
the members were entertained at a 
dinner-dance, where awards were made, 
and new officers were elected. 

Marching Band 

riir! :iihl hiiih-srrppniii Duke M.nchiiiK lii/hl, i-huli iion fjnie fnr its pmisinii. salutes its school during Iiakrs .it .1 foot hall k,( 


nemhen of tin- Board of Directors of R,ni„ 
Cox. Ahiex. Dnn Wilmii. ICrijf/r.wr, 

;/.r/i<-« W'DBS, more often kmr^n as the Radio Council arc the follouing: Beacliai 
Cranston, Mr. Wetherhy, Harris. Smith. Taylor. Mr. Griffith. Tatem. Ban, 

Radio Council 

The Radio Council exercises broad 
governing power over tlie station's pol- 
icies; the group meets to approve the 
plans of the management, the budget, 
unusual expenditures, and broadcast 
hours. Their most important duty is the 
election of the hve student managers. 
Radio Council is composed of the Dean 
of Men, the Dean of Undergraduate 
Women, the Director of Student Ac- 
tivities, the engineering adviser, ap- 
pointed representatives from M.S.G.A. 
and W'.S.G.A., representatives from 
Trinity College, the Woman's College, 
and the College of Engineering, and the 
adviser of WDBS who is appointed by 
Dr. Edens. 

Dr. Joseph C. Wetherhy, a member of the English and Speech 
department, is the adi-'iser and chairman (jf the Radio Council. 




^^^^H^BV -^^ '^^^^^^■Hk^^yl^Er ^^^^B 

k^'vw-^WT^t ' 



B^^y^^ ^ A JP. , ' r A^^r^^'^^^ 


f /i 

^^^^^^H I ^H^H 

^^H i 

, ,^ 




^^ ■■ 1 ^^ 



^K ^kb^^K/j^^MBi 




Boh Kutf'rsm:. To, 

1st row: .47;iA Siharps, S,iihix Small. Boh IM'iiy. BiiJ.h B,aclhvii. FJ H.i 
rerrall. I'rt,- Taylor. Boh Bruhiker. jmi Bjiur. Do,,' Smrrhoff. Abscn 

,«. Imj,„i,- Cnmito,,. In- Rohrlwli. Znd ri)U 
I'ru )>/,(rj. A/,- l.ii,t:r,„cl,. To,,, HV/vt 

\U„,j^rrs of WDBS I'elt l.iUor 
HrMham (Business). E,! ILjrns iS,.,i 
nrrrin^i. Missing: //w Ah,ir\ 

'roj„c/,o„). Buddy 
). Ill,, Bauer {T.nni- 
I'lihlie Relalwns). 

Orientation week and exam-time services 
kept the oscilloscope peaking eighteen hours a 
day instead of the normal r\\ elve and a half. 
New programs appeared in the line-up, too: 
"The M.S.G.A. Reporter" covered student 
government developments, "Tomorrow's Clas- 
sics" added semi-elassical music to the usual 
presentations of pops, classics, and good )azz, 
and quiet "Music tor Studying" Hlled the wee 
small hours. Kach week a panel of students put 
a distinguished guest "On the Spot." 

All the tunerions ot a radio station are 
depeiuleiu ujion each other. The training pro- 
\ ided to the large start, the service to the 
universit\-, and the fun, too, depend upon 
the satisfaction of local and national sponsors, 
which in turn depends upon sound public re- 
lations and business practices. Financially, 
W'DBS is on very firm ground for the first 
time. Duke's radio voice has just completed 
its most successful \ear since its establishment. 



"Serving rhc entire Duke eoniniunity" was a tavorire 
phrase with WDBS announcers this year; and, since ex- 
tending its broadcasting area, the station did just that. Not 
sparing the budget, this year's staff also improved the studios 
and equipment; new turntable units, lighting, and air-con- 
ditioning were only a tew ot the additions. 

Programming was dressed up to "please most of the people 
most of the time"; it offered something for every taste and 
appealed specifically to student interest. Old programs were 
rejuvenated; "The Devil's Den Show" returned to the air 
with music and interviews from East Campus. News of 
world and campus events continued to be an important part 
of each day's schedule, with "Campusology" being aired at 
more effective times than in the past. Sports coverage was 
more complete than ever before. The remote crew traveled 
over two thousand miles to broadcast all the Duke basketball 
games, sometimes "feeding" play-by-play descriptions to 
commercial stations. 

Iiimor Ed Hjrr,i h.u led UDBS 
,7.( its Station Mii/hrger tins year. 

Iim Bauer (Eng. Mgr.) sits at the con- 
trols of radio station WDBS and is ably 
assisted by Pete Taylor {Prod. Mgr.). 


Ufmlvnnj R,;Hh,wdHa, 
r.impros. 11",,./,-, //,„,, A 

uJMIou-s, 1 to r. 1st rou': Ahrni.rlhy. Knlhtey, Sly,: TinUi.ini. Emhlr 
rn/ik-r, I'li'ih. riinwiniiii, Cnlr. irii row : Craven, Elliot. L.,d\ Imir. 

rou : Sc.uf,-. lohmon. DmA-. Ratchjjr. 
(u,rh//uiiii. Crmb: Snntli. Hmturs. \V,rJ. 

Bench and Bar 

Bench and Bar meets the needs of stu- 
dents who desire to know more about the 
requirements for entering law school; how- 
ever, membership is not restricted to pre- 
legal undergraduates, but is open to all who 
are interested in knowing more about op- 
portunities in the law profession. One of 
the most interesting projects of this \ear 
was participation in mock trials where 
members took the parts of lawyers, de- 
fendants, witnesses, juries, and judges; 
these trials served to give meml)ers a 
practical look at the job of the lawyer. 
Other activities included talks given b\- 
law school professors, movies dealing 
with legal problems, antl intormal dis- 
cussions l)\ the group. 

Ihll Sly,: ,, S,;„„r J mm l.nks„inill,: I'lnn.U 
of Heiich J'ht ivliuli ;> ,a//ip„srj of DiiLr 


The Did;- l'r,-M, Sociay liMS hd llin year hy /olm Lod- 
niell, ii:ho is a Senior claiming Washinglon. D. (.'., as his home. 

The Prc-Medical Society was formed to 
provide an outlet for the interests of un- 
dergraduate students who planned to enter 
a school of medicine. Headed by John 
Lodmell, president, and John Sadler, vice- 
president, the Society met this year on 
alternate Thursday evenings where they 
discussed a variety of problems, such as 
A-bomb after-effects, socialized medicine, 
and cancer; these discussions were often 
led by men eminent in the profession. Duke 
Hospital contributed to the year's program 
b\' allowing members to observe operations 
which involved major problems of medical 
technique. As a school service, the Pre- 
Meds again sponsored for the entire cam- 
pus a free chest X-ray program. 

Pre-Med Society 

///( Did, f I, -Medical Society gathers in the Vnion Ballroom on West before a meeting in v.-hich they discuss current deielopments in medit 


Ill,- lUtiMwn Sn,[l .,„ 
/). BalhwiMu. H. )) 

"Ir is b\' no means 
rnough rhar an officer ot 
the Nav\' should be a 
capable mariner. He must 
be that, of course, but also 
a great deal more. He 
should be, as well, a gen- 
tleman of liberal educa- 
tion, refined manner, 
punctilious courtesy, and 
the nicest sense of per- 
sonal honor." This is by 
John Paul Jones, founder 
of the Naval tradition; 
this in turn is the basic 
purpose of the organiza- 
tion of NROTC' units. 

Naval R.O.T.C. 

riirfinr o/lhf Wn'dl ROTC conip.vius. Able Conipjiix, -i\is sriiJnif-co//i/ii.iihii-:i In Turn Sumner. .1 Sniior Xi-lios( Iwm,- is Hertford. Sorlh Carolina. 

The Savy ROTC 
Band ii-as directid 
this year by Sen- 
tor Boh Bramiock. 

Rahr Com/huiy is the second of the Navy cmipanies and -a-as led this year hy Boh Eadie, -^-ho ivas President of FAC and a nnmher of W h./s \\ h. 

- ///// ( .iini.ii(v.h. Jii.iii (,<,Llshnr„. \„rtl,(.,,„h„.i. ;.:(> /// 

Mtwhrn oj th,- ^\l^■^ nnlphin Shiff. on the Ist row: «. Ijr^-i, E. Ihuiuiwmi. 
E. Shank, T. K.-h, :.■.,! r..u S. Prevosi, T. Wnnhf. I.. Brooh. C. Br.wJnn. 

This \car, the Duke Naval Rc- 
SLTvc Officers' 1 raining Corps cele- 
brated for the first time an NROTC' 
il.i\ ; midshipmen observed the oc- 
casion by entertaining spectators 
witii a precision march routine b\' 
tiien- drill team in Duke Stadium 
prior ro the Wake Forest game. 

1 he three huiuired men of Duke's 
NKOIX; unit attend classes in 
na\al science where the\' learn the 
basic facts about gunnery, na\ i- 
tiation and steam enuineenni;. On 
ihe drill tield ruo davs each\\eek, 
the toiiirh and thiixl class mid- 
shipmen learn how to follow orders 
and to tunetion as a team instead 
of as an induidual; as they become 
upperclassmen, the\- will be the 
eommaiuling officers on the field 
aiul responsible tor ui\iim orders. 

Th,- hrnr and effiaait DnII Cowpj 

olht-r of the XROTC units at Duke ami u\u commanded by Senior Douglas G 

Ashez'i/le. \. C. 

Many ot the midshipmen bring 
praise and honor to the unit by their 
performance as members of the drill 
team, rifle team, band, or other 
group sponsored by the unit at 

During the summer months, man\' 
of the middies become an integral 
part of the Navy. As third classmen 
they are the seamen under the eyes 
of the first class who are the of- 
ficers. During the cruise, some stand 
watch as helmsmen; others stand 
officer of the deck watches, and 
some others have the job of con- 
trolling the ships' armament. This 
phase of the naval officer's training 
is probably the most important; 
here he sees the peace-time Nav\' 
in operation, and the material learned 
in the classroom is put to use. 

The Rifle Team, rirst 
ond rou- : //. Eldrediie 

u- left to right: /. Edu-ards and K. Gryhoii'ski. Sec 
}d I'. I'arish. Ihird rou- : R. Biirnham and T. Steigle, 

^i^#j^ ip_ ijlf ip 1^. n; 

The DidY Air Force ROTC unit, shniai here in 'u.-ivR fnnmtion. is ., eonipelenl effuieiil on^aiinMt,,,, „J ruv/ hundred thirlyjo 

Air R.O.T.C. 

Oljieers .uid imii exiiiiiiissioiied 'ijjieers of del.uliineiil Half. I r: First It. Kiim. \Ui,. Mxers. Col. Kiiiiiht. l/.i 
liarnhill. First It. (.uijield. 1 vF S^t. Hull. S Sil. Xoriell. M S.-l. liulex. 1/ .St;/. Fiire. ! r: 1/ ,Si;/. Flhii 

The Duke University Air Force Reserve Officers 
Training Corps was organized in July, 1949, under the 
command ot ("olonel Byron R. Switzcr. Shortly alter 
the beginning ol the Korean conHiet, it reached a 
strength ol more than six hundred cadets. 

Colonel Robert J. Knight became the professor of 
Air Science in 1952, replacing Colonel Switzer. Under 
Colonel Knight, the unit continued to grow in size, in 
quality, and in prestige. Recently, with the retirement 
of Colonel Knight, Colonel Todd took command of 
the unit. Since the end of the Korean War, enrollment 
in the cadet corps has decreased until there are now 
approximately two hundred and fifty cadets in the 
wing. It is a select, compact unit — one that is producing 
officers worthy of the United States Air Force. 

The mission of the AFROTC program is to prepare 
students, through a plan of instruction at civilian edu- 
cational institutions, to serve as officers in the regular 
and reserve components ol the USiA.F, and to assist in 
discharging, where necessary, any institutional obli- 
gations to offer instruction in military training. 

uUt Colomi llartnum ii;u ill, 
ing Comvhmder ujihe AFKOIC fiut. 

Thr Cuitt \l-,i,!i Sljff m rr.iiit, (Miinnimier IXizr H.uIiilw. Second rosv : Exniimr Officr l-nd \\\,lkii,i. Mark him- 
so,,. Duk Doico. 'i"l„i I'ria: I hirci rcu : /,(,/■ /).(/,■. Xallui, Sk,pprr. R. S. YoiinI. I),„ijld Krniplrr. lo„rrh rn^^ /,„• r„,//v. 

The Duke AFROTC 
Band, here perform- 
in;^ in a rei-ieii\ is 
open to iiny cadet 
li-lio ixishes to join it. 


The activities available to the AP'ROTC 
cadets are varied and numerous. Whether the 
cadet's free hours are few or many, there are 
many opportunities for participation open to 
him. For those who are musically inclined 
there is the AFROTC^ Band; while others 
choose the Precision Drill Team. Both groups 
perform at reviews, appear in parade on 
Armed Forces Day, and march at sports events. 

Major Myers points out to three AFROTC cadets features of planes similiar to those which they will 





Drill team, under the 
a.mniMj of C\uiel 
Second Lt. Richard 
Ulricli, is an activity 
of AFROTC Cadets. 

The Rifle Icam also attracts much interest 
because it otlers the cadet an opportunity to 
practice shooting and to compete in matches 
with other units. Among additional activities 
are the Military Ball, unit parties, orientation 
flying, field trips, the drill program, the MARS 
amateur radio station, plus the Newspaper, 
History, and Photo sections of the Cadet 
Office of Information Service. 

Million, Haniimloii. ( ihmkiiik B.atitv Qiiten, n crozi-ned 
■ilKOK \ld, li.ll I Qiiun h\ (oloml R.nmond Todd. 

) the AFROTC 
of Bill Sre 

station. MARS, 
I Ed Booth roxd. 



Semper Fuielis, Ir: Su<arlz, Crossingham, Savage, 
Marstmi, Peltitl. Sanders. 2r: Sutnner. O'Callagkan, 
Germm, Toxie, Beane. Beasley, Lo-we, Losee. 3r: T.Sg,t. 
Brodigan, Cogan, Lane, Haack, Leiris. Williams. 
Rossins. Biirnham, Thuemmel. Rao. 4r: Runic. 
Graham, Armstrong, Beaty, Ridley, Mcllhniny. 
Miller, Richardson, Bell, Brubaker, .\laj. .\io 

Semper I'uiclis is nuule up of otfJcxTS, re- 
serves, ami men w ho [ilaii tor future careers in 
the Marines. At rheir monrhly meetings, the 
members saw movies and heard lectures and 
discussions about the customs and traditions 
of the (>)rps. Nor onl\- did they learn about 
past glories ami achieNemetits which ha\e 

made the 1 .eathernecks so famous, but thcN 
also were enlightened about present day ac- 
tivities and the many opportunities available 
in this service. Semper Fidelis was established 
on the Duke (>ampus in 1952, and the organiza- 
tion has grown both in si/.e and importance 
since this recent beumnino. 


Education Club 

Members are, on the 1st r: Dorh Crutchfield, Mary 
Aim AicLellan, Josephine Ransdell, Shirley Hour, 
Eunice Smith. 2nd r: Marie Burns, Mary K. 
Patten, Luetta Booe, Ruth Pierce, Jessie Kiser. 3r r: 
Halive Zukoivski, Dorothy Francis, Virginia Sinclair, 
Ruby Barnes, Martha Dai-is, Barbara Dunleiy, 
loan Beac'ier, Riilh Lan.iis, Lorraine Pensuim- 



The Helen Nahm Nursing Education Club 
was organized to create a closer relationship 
among the graduate-nurse students, and be- 
tween the club members and other students 
at Duke. The officers and faculty adviser 
divided the meetings between discussions 
of club business and dinners with guest 


speakers. Airs. Kimi Tanaka's talk on Japa- 
nese flower arrangements was so successful 
that she was asked to return. Mrs. Bing- 
ham Dai spoke to them on ceramics, and 
later in the year, the group invited Dr. 
Cleland, Dean of the Chapel, to speak to 
their group. 






vcv //; ///(■ /)»/■(■ Ch.lpi-I Ji 





t » 

rx ■ 

4 ( 1 

» « 

oj- tin- Lm I. l-\ 

Chapel Choir 

The Duke Uiiivcrsir\- (Chapel Choir was 
comprised this year of approximately two 
hundred members selected from the Men's 
and Women's (ilee ('tubs. The group built up 
a large repetoire of sacred music which they 
sang at the Sunday morning ('hapel services; 
the year's most outstanding performance was 
the annual Christmas presentation of Mandel's 
"Messiah." The choir was under the direction 
of J. Foster Barnes until his death, and then 
was directed by the Reverend Norman Des- 
rosiers; the singers attracted many \isir()rs to 
their programs and to the morning services. 
More important was the spiritual atmosphere 
which if helped to effect at the services; 
students worshipped with the choir as it sang 
selections l)\ great religious composers. 

The Chapel Choir felt a great loss this past 
February in the death ot their director, J. P'os- 
ter Barnes. A4r. Barnes, known to many 
alumni and students as "Bishop," had come to 
Duke in 1927 and was the founder of the 
Chapel Choir and of the Duke .\II-Star (x)n- 
cert Series, which brings famous musicians 
tor performances at the university. Mr. Barnes 
also had built the Duke University Men's 
(!lee ('lub into one of the outstanding college 
singing groups in the nation and was scheduled 
to fake them on four in the spring. While the 
death of this beloved man was deepK' grieved 
by the choir and the entire universir\- com- 
munity, rhe iniUieiice of "Bishop" Barnes will 
long be ali\e in the fine quality ot the music 
on Duke campus. 

Jfn JWemoriam 

J. Foster Barnes 

Oiii'uKJii Dcltj K^ippii T^ppu/i!, 














































Phi Beta Kappa 

Sylvia Annctrc Davis 
Kenneth Edwin Alayhcw , jr 
Bow'den Wilson Ward 
Nanc>- Elizabeth Saunders 
Robert Warren Nordan 
Sarah Marie Pfohl 
Mary Elaine Eystcr 
Barbara Anne Whitehurst 
\'erne Strudwick Caviness 
William Albert Litle 
Sylvia Moonyean \\& 
Richard Lewis Play^i 
Mary Lynn Willi an 
Elizabeth Ann EUer 
Caroline Gucrrant P oppc^ 
Lvdia Ellen Hamnia 
John Eranklin McAl| 
Leonard Hathaway p 
Sarah Lynn Whinre 
Florence Messiek C 
Alyron Finley Ma.\s( 
Norman Henry Brigii 
Robert Burns Wilso 
Philip Eugene Shaw 
James Ivey Warren, 
Judith Austin Dinwf 
Morris Clifford Cla 
Marvin Mack Crutchheld 
Ann Lyon Alexander 
Morton David Calinsky 
Mattie Odessa Southern 
George Allen C^oltrane 
Cjeorge Jones Evans, Jr. 
William Wesley Dunkui, ill 
Luanne Anita Oanston 
(Hyde V^inson Alexander 
Sarah Lee (Conner 
l''dward Hardin Smith, |r. 

Willard Drawn Frederick, |r. 
Ellen Wallace 

Nathan Richard Skipper, Jr. 
George Morris (iurley 
x^rley Joe McCreery 
Edward Lichtenstein 
William Ronald Slye 
Sarah Frances Hovater 
John Borden McKinnon 
Ingrida Karina Zarins 
Jam^s] Faust Proctor 

m Dunlop White, Jr. 

la C^arol Rogers 

m John Cole 

a Katherine McBride 
}\nn Simmons 

le Smith 

^linn Harrell 

jtte Stacy Taylor 

•s Urquiza 

Wesley Harbison, Jr. 

?lebecca W^atson 
Blair Parks, III 

t Kenneth Barrett 

Benis Fox 

as James Gillcrist 
Harold George Kledaras 
Ruth Ann Coftman 
Norwood Greyson Long 
Donald Dewey Smith 
Marilyn Taylor Affelder 
luiiily Jane Sowerby 
MariKnn Ann Johnson 
Nancy Diane Ormond 
C^harles Frank Hauser 
Alison Scott Pope 
William Fhomas Harrison 
Richard Allen Bilas 


President: FI. A. Strobel 

X'ice-Presideiit: J. (J. 0)lr<)ii 

Secretar\- and Ireasurer: James (Gannon 

I'.lected Member oC l'.\ecuri\e (iouneil: J. N. Truesdale 

I'.x-olHcio Member ot' l'.\ecuti\e (iouncii: B. L. Ratehtord 


oj \\■ho^ Who ;/, I St n.u II ,// 
. 5rd ro« Rm,iHr<i, Maxwn. I, II, 
y. Davis. I,r-.e\. Crandatl, Pla\,r 

\lnh,-^ Batnuk (.irmi^u.tLuhf.n,i :nd n.u hit B.n./t/t -iUxiNU, I I, hi Small. Oniioml. 
Innhiiih, Warren. Gilkrist, Frederick 4th ro« Bt)iii,ir. \h(iird\, Williams, Reese, Raster, 
th row Lon^i. Btntz, Martin, McMillan. AlJnJue, Tudor, Briggs, Kumpf, Beck, Evans. 

Who's Who 

]\'l/o\^ Wlio A//ion(f Students in American 
Colleii,es and Lniversities is a directory made up 
of college seniors who have been leaders in 
campus activities. Including editorial heads, 
student government officials, class officers, and 
top organizational leaders forty-eight Duke 
students achieved membership in the organiza- 
tion this \ear. 

Mention in this publication implies the ca- 
pacity tor future success based upon recognition 
of the outstanding service that the student has 
rendered to his school during his preparation for 
work in a world outside "the ivory tower." 
Therefore, Who's Who maintains a student 
placement service which provides opportunities 
for its members to make important contacts 
with employers in all areas of work. 



loamie Xeu-hnJ Eha M. Reese Sarah M. I'/olil 

White Duchy 

I'.nrnn, A. Stamhury Carat \i . Smith Th.hiia C. Ilndift 


Red Friars 

«M.,«/ r. Aidiidv.t 

Henry C. Carnegie 



.1/. C.irl,'/,,' llrJmmk 

Namy liischoJJ 




Marfi.,M I.. Smith 


K.ilhninr I.. l\,ulhUs 

ii i 


Order of Saint Patrick 




The members of the Order of Saint l\itrick. e/igineerinn leaJersliip lionori 
Parker, Carey, Kale, Skaii; Ktimpf, Bouse, Flayer, X'atinhaii, Rishe 

, are as folloiis, seated I t" r: Xnlioi 
Amos, Goiidy, Wilson, McElJiifJ. 

Brijii>s. Standing: 
;/, Rabin, Ei-ans. 

The purpose ot the Order of Saint Patrick is 
to give recognition to students who have dis- 
played a high standard of leadership and char- 
acter in the extra-curricular activities of the 
School of Engineering. Membership is open to 
all juniors and seniors who have proved them- 
selves worthy of the honor. This year the 
fraternity met regularly each month and carried 
out its program according to the ritual which 
is held confidential bv the members. 

The legend which explains the connection 
between Saint Patrick and engineering came 
about when a mysterious stone was found 
during an excavation for a building project in 
Minnesota. When archaeologists were sum- 
moned to decipher the writing, they gave the 
startling verdict that "Saint Patrick was an 
engineer!" Since this legend has attracted their 
attention, March 17 has become a very special 
dav for engineers. 

Wniihers i.J ODK are. 1st row : 
(\r.mess, Rineberg, Cnitchfield. 
InA row: Teller, Ward, Griffith, 
Hciinett, Dean McNurlni. 3rd 
niu : Warren, Kumpf, Martin, 
(.\irrieRie, Brubaker, BrinUey. 4th 
row: Harbison, Mayhew, I.ein- 
huh. Tiierff. Frederick, Tudor. 

Omicron Delta 

Omicron Delta Kappa is a narional leadership 
frarernity composed of" college seniors and elected 
members from rhe Duke faculty; its purpose is to give 
recognition for outstanding service. Students tapped 
for membership have distinguished themselves both 
scholastically and through participation in extra- 
curricular activities; ODK brings together rhe 
leaders of nearK' ever\' large campus organr/.ation. 

I 'erne Caviness, a member of Phi Beta 
K.ippa, ivas President of Omicron 
Delta Kappa, men's senior honorary. 


The members nf Phi KappLi Delia honorary .1 
Curdy, J. Xe^ilaihl. Standing: /_. Wilh. 

/). Wasden. X. Saii/hiers. .-i. AUx.ui.ler. R. Rhim. R. \UL,„i,n,. /. Dinx. 
I'. Slamhury, S. Davis, E. I'nnheil, S. I'Johl. M. H.i.llei, I . \hHn.le. 

The President of Phi Kappa Delta, a senior women's 
honorary, ivas Rosemary Rhine, a Senior living in Pegram. 



Phi Kappa 

The gardenia presented to the new 
initiates of Phi Kappa Delta signifies 
recognition of the leadership, scholar- 
ship, and service which they have 
displayed while at Duke. Juniors are 
tapped in the spring before their final 
year, and then more seniors are in- 
vited to membership the follov\ing 
fall. Besides students. Phi Kappa Delta 
may tap members of the faculty and 
deans. This year's meetings featured 
speakers including Dr. Rhine, Dr. 
Hobbs, and Dr. Reichenberg. 

I). Knwur, \l. Tfiiika, D. I'ejrI. and B. Di,Me\. Men 

ndro« : 

r.Turmr.S. 11///, 

■ihn(j. H. \/,-„/-«f/,r. /■. /'.i 

,L<JI. IIV//S, .!«,/ /. I-KkI' 

hOS. snlihoninrr honorary, 
V.MS loi hv Hill Mewhorne. 

Beta Omega Sigma 

Beta Omega Sigma is an honorary fraterniry organized to 
give recognition to freslinian men w ho have shown outstanding 
quaHtics of leadership and scholarship. At the end ot each 
year, those newcomers who have rendered worthwhile serv- 
ice to the university are tapped by this sophomore honorarx 
and are left to carry out its work in the following year. Of- 
licialK opening the I'-'v'^ social season, Beta Omega Sigma 
and Sandals entertained the campus with a rousing "Goin' 
Pogo" dance. I iowever, being chiefU' a service group, BOS 
members served on Traditions Board, helping to make Duke 
men out ot the greenhorns; decorated goal posts tor football 
games; judged displays; and ushered at pep rallies. Not to 
be omitted among BOS undertakings was the perilous job ot 
supervising the freshmen who guarded the big pre-pep rally 
bonfires from L'niversit\ of North (^uolina marauders. 

Wearing the key imprinted with the sandal of Mercury, 
twenty sophomore girls act throughout the year as the mes- 
sengers and servants of the campus. These girls are selected 
each spring from the freshman class on the basis ot outstanding 
potential qualities of leadership, scholarship, service to the 
school, and, above all, willingness to serve. Beginning in the fol- 
lowing September as guides and proctors for freshmen during 
orientation week, the Sandals continue their work by taking 
roll at college assemblies, conducting prospective students and 
their families on tours of the Woman's College, typing payday 
bills, and doing those many odd jobs which call for fleet-footed 
workers. Joining the BOS members from West Campus, the 
Sandals, this year, perpetuated the tradition of presenting 
Duke's first formal dance. With the profits from the dance, 
the Sandals added money to their newly formed scholarship 
fund, which is awarded annually to the sophomore who ex- 
emplifies Sandals' ideals. 


'/■//,■ Sa mills I'reudnil u-as Dinah 
I'lirlcr, J Soiithgare snpho/iwre. 

Sandals first row: A. McKee. M. I. Carlyle, D. Weir. E. Bradley. C. Black, S. Wheeler, S. Mcltityre, I.. Hanford, ami F. Page. Second r 
n. Porter, B. Gott, C. Bniversox, X. Tiirnhiill, T. Hams. C. Hermian. ami /■:. Jardaii. Ihird rou : /. McLaiihorn. C. IWrs. /. Adams, ami /. I\ 

/'/;; El.i Sii^mi ninnhcn. 1st rou : A' 
//. niorh. R. (imn. K. Ciirnw. /. /•-'kk/m/, 

homon, D. I. 
I. R. Longsurjrth 

F. Camp, D. S'ealy. InA row; .V. I'elenoii. I'. Diivoisin. B. Donilioff, 
\ row: 7'. Clayton, (f. Meffert, G. Ros.ur. B. Brut^n, D. Biiniuk, /. Willuum. 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Phi I'.ta Sigma is a scholastic honor- 
ary fratcrnir\- tor freshman men who 
have arrained an average ot 3.5 tor 
rhe first semester. Not wishing to 
have a monopoly on this honor, the 
chapter sponsored "help sessions" 
every iuestla\ and I Inirsday tor 
freshmen who needeil rutonng in 
mathematics, chemistr\' or ph\sics. 
(Continuing their purpose ot empha- 
sizing high scholarship. Phi I'.ta Sigma 
and Ivv gave a spring ban(]uet tor all 
freshmen who had attained at least 
"3.00" averages at mid-semester. 

Prfsidfm nf Phi Era .S(i;/h.i, sclinlaslk hn/wrary for freshman 
men, ii\u Frank Camp, saphomiire from Atlanta, Georgia. 


k\ imnilnn 1st rcu InnH 
Ellmtl 1 i\hjr ( niiUt\ II i it 
Briinrier 4lleii 1 iirnbiill 2rul 
row Risien Hi/ies French \ln/it 
ma Welt Femiell Haum Hal 
singer On Stairs Bartlett Siee.^1 
Brmghunt Carhle Hate Pern 
Brinile\ Didinton Appkhee has 
ler Ciilton Barksdale Porter Hn^ 
Sriov. Forrester \ Bruf^li 
Shearer Cooper Barker, Oexli 

Sophofiiore Sue 
mingtoii, Del., 


Freshmen arrive at Duke and are immediately be- 
sciged by meetings, activities, and homework. Ivy, 
the scholastic honorary for freshman women, en- 
deavors to keep averages from being submerged by 
the deluge of social life and extra-curricular ac- 
tivities. The honorary fraternity initiates each 
semester all freshmen who have made a 3.25 aver- 
age; members of Ivy then undertake as a project 
tutoring students who desire help in their work. Ivy 
joined Phi Eta Sigma to sponsor a dinner for all fresh- 
men who had made "B" averages at mid-semester. 


,n RnssiH. Kohrl W'.mr. /)»//,i;/.;) liilLuHy 
ll,ar?i Kuml'J. Do/u!.! Kthims. IXr.ui \',chois, 

Members of Pi Tau Sigma, 
the lionorarN for mechanical 
engineers, are chosen on the 
bases of scholastic achieve- 
menrs, character, citizenship, 
and professional interest. As 
its major project this year, the 
group revised the job reference 
Hie, which was instituted for 
all engineering- students and 
v\hich contains the address of 
all alumni. The fraternity also 
awards annualK' a ALirk's 
Handbook to the outstanding 
sophomore in mechanical engi- 
neering; and each spring the 
chapter members serve as 
guides for the I'nmneer's Show. 

Pi Tau Sigma 

TIh- priudiiiv. off,,, IS of I HI R,n I'l tr, ktr to ri;.'ht : A'. Briggs, Rec. Sir. 
B. Kiiwpl (orr S„ n l'/n,r 1 /' (, I . ms. Imnurer; B. \V ifmii, l'res,,i,nl 

Tau Beta Pi 

Tail Beta Pi, which is con- 
sidered the Phi Beta Kappa of 
I'.ng'ineering, is made up of 
undcrgrads who have shown 
distinguished scholarship and 
exemplary character in the C>ol- 
lege oi Engineering. An award 
is presented each spring by this 
organization to the most out- 
standing freshman engineer. At 
their spring banquet, the group 
enjoyed a talk by Igor Benson; 
by way of a campus service 
project the Tau Beta Pi engi- 
neers co-sponsored, with the 
Order of Saint Patrick, classes 
for any students who wished 
to learn to use the slide rule. 

Sif^m.x Delict I'i , 
W'lhiiifiir. Third 

> hrst rou \ihirrh„r.!. II ///«///(«/;, liwn;,. Bell, l^^^;/;^ Ellis. Second n.u : Cnwmri. Willums. Del,!. U'llsi 
Seiwr ( .Xorris. Hi<iKi>ihotlhini. .S,wmlers. 'Dxl/iieyer. hr.iw. Divis. Sheerer. Hanlin. Ho 

Sigma Delta Pi 

Senior (.'tistelliino, ad\-her of Sis!.7na Delta I'i. confers liith Hill Hanlin. who 
was the year's President of the honorary for oiitstandinii Spanish scholars. 

Through membership in Sienia 
Delta Pi, Spanish srudenrs ha\c 
an opportunity to inercasc their 
understanduiti of the Kinguat;e 
and euhure of Spain. Siuina Deha 
Hi, headed by Wilham Hardin, 
was estahhshed to reward those 
who achieve merit in hispanie 
studies and to provide a means 
tor the members to praetiee 
spoi<en Spanish. I'ligibility for 
membership in this honorar\- re- 
c|uires an average of 3.0 in Span- 
ish studies and an overall average 
ot l.H. Among the various social 
activities, the group included a 
bani]uet, an initiation, and a 
Christmas part\- —complete with 
a pinata. 


French influence and culture 
was observed by Tau Psi Omega 
members, a society tliat functioned 
to promote enjoyment, under- 
standing, and intellectual appreci- 
ation ot I'rench lite, thought, and 
language on the Duke campus. 
President Sherry Kearns and vice- 
president Mary Alice Milligan 
led the group toward the ap- 
preciation ol French civilization. 
Among the various activities pro- 
moting these objectives were: 
weekly dinner meetings and open 
houses, and Tau Psi Omega oc- 
casionally visited Chapel Hill for 
dinner at the Rathskeller. In the 
spring a dance, several parties, 
and a retreat were held. 

Sherry Kearns, ii-ho leii French snicte/irs as President of the honmary 
Tail Psi 0/iieiia. is a Junior -^-ho comes from Hifih Point, Xorth Carolina 

Tau Psi Omega 

Members of Tau Psi Omega, the French honorary 
Mrs. Don.: Second row: iVhitteJ. Cooper, Ba 

arc the following, on first 
uhardt. Trapp, Virden. Jo. 

X : femes, Saleh, Smith, Andrew 
GuUd. Kearns, Dr. W.nktns, 

c, .VleConnell, Tracey. Dr. Doii: 
Mrs. U'athms, .\leJo, Douglas. 




Delta Phi Alpha 

7//, ///,»//',/> -,/ n,ll., riu Alfh.i ,,/,, on IM ruu . /),. I ,/////„■,, 11,1, nkr. 
Smith, ClririiK.-r. ILill. SchmiH. I.indqiiist. 4rli row : llrhnlnii. K.UchJrmi. 

u : DimIiIi'i. fine. Rahfrls. Coffnutn. 3rd row: Rentz, ImPoIU. 
h„w. K«i,"'". Mrnmy. Hryjin, 'Hu.iin. MicKnizii-. .iml Moriimi. 

Ilnirs II,///j1.y. I'rni.Uii! oj Delia I'll, Alf^h.i, iMs ii'ith Dr. 
II. S,,li„Sirr, m-j.- .(./tor r, .7«./ Dr. C. \„lhi,er. ntirinR adviser. 

At dinner meetings liekl regularly 
throughout the year, Delta Fhi Alpha 
sponsored movies and speakers in order to 
stimulate interest in the study of" ( ierman 
language, literature, and civilization. The 
menil)ers ot the (Jerman honorar\ , which 
was headeii this year b\ 1 lenr\ I ielmke, 
held their December meeting in Chapel 
I lill w here the\' astounded other customers 
1)\ coinersing during the meal in the lan- 
guage of the "Deutschland." lb qualify for 
membership, a student must maintain an 
oNcrall "(!"" average and have a ''B" 
averaue in (ierman studies. 

Alpha Kappa Psi 

dji, Sp, 

.u : /-/v////. Mam 






e. Second 

Mull. Fourth roM 

,•: K.u 

mh-r. Lou: 

r, Hughes 

, Duff,/, 


■s. Cooper. 

Alpha Kappa Psi is tlie protessional fra- 
ternity in commerce and business admini- 
stration. The activities included three 
dinner meetings with featured speakers; 
four tours; and participation in the annual 
district conference which was held this 
year at \".P.l. This spring the fraternity 
awarded a scholarship to the senior who 
had compiled the highest average in eco- 
nomics, accounting, or business administra- 
tion; Alpha Kappa Psi helped in the job 
placement of its senior members through 
participation in the national fraternity 

lolui ILulem served as the president of .Alpha Kappa I'si, 
the honorary ulinh reeognrzes superior business students. 

'■ ' ' -/^i| V 

idirm: /. WjcI;. f. Fulcomer, R. Chap/ 

H. U\,n 
I. /). PL, 

I. K„l<f. I. \rr 

„„. I). .\LiniieL n. Do'^my. 
ills, /. Mjnhnr. .-1. Uh,rl,-r. 

Arnold Air Society 

Offurn, 1 r: /. AV/.»«, K.m. OJfn 
Ommi. 1 T-l. Kopf. Opn. Offiar: I 

,■ /). .\hwiirl, 
Ihumx. Adi. 

The Arnold Air Socicr\' is composed of 
those AFR()T(] cadcrs who have cxcmph- 
hcd tircarcst potential leadership both on 
the drill field and in the classroom. I he 
Societ)' elects its own officers and con- 
ducts periodic meetings programmed with 
the intent of better t'amiliari/.ing the mem- 
bers with rile knowledge necessary to 
future leaiiers m the United States Air 

Cadet l.t. Colonel Richard I). Manuel 
[iresided at this \ear's meetings, at which 
lectures and discussions were heard dealing 
w irh the main- phases of the Air i'"orce 
program. I'hrough these meetings the men 
became better ac(]uainted with oppor- 
tumties open to them us careermen in the 
An- lorce. 

Oljurn nl h \l„ I psiloN 
iinr), t.lhii Uj/Lu, (V, 

ll.ius I,,i I'jrhr (Treas- 
d Hill Kiimpi (Frnutem). 

Pi Mu Kpsilon, founded at Syracuse Uni- 
versity in 1914, established its first chapter 
in North Carolina eighteen years later at 
Duke University. Since its establishment 
on this campus in 1932, the mathematics 
honorary has steadily grown in member- 
ship and importance. With the purpose of 
promoting scholarship in the held of 
mathematics, the honorary twice a year 
invites students who have completed 
courses through integral calcuUis with at 
least an average of "B" and who have 
maintained an overall "B" average into 
membership. Led this year by William 
Kumpf as President, Ellen Wallace as 
Secretary, and Ted Parker as Treasurer, 
the honorary sponsored men prominent in 
the field of mathematics as speakers at 
their meetings. 

Pi Mu Epsilon 

First row: Kumpf. Kmiiiss, Brou-nell, Rosser. Cruulififhi. Second row: Connor, Hoadley, Spencer, Calvert, RatcliJJ, Run. Lane. 
Third row Deiker, Lenuher, Parker, Troy, Wehyman, Eysler. Fourth row: Biirjuk, Williams, Brini^hi/rsr, Malmar, L'r.iiiiza, Best. Fifth 
row: Peyton, Hay, \fa>er, Fmol, Redmmd, Capelad, Hankim. Sixth row: Ward, Dr. Dresser, Hicks, Walker, Dr. Campbell, Bam, Evans. 









a. Ilooiri 

VIS, 1st r; R. Kempler. U. Hntfiuk, M . Rose: . 
Krntuh, a. Atkinson. /'. Erl.iilmh, /). Smi:ihn 
,irdn,r. T. Colwrx, M. IXmv.litr\, /). Stjiuk, 

. Rodensky, A. Scharps, D. Peyton, A. Leu-is. 2nd r: H. Tal- 
■/r. r. Hliukhtirn. B. Kline, R. Weitzman, J. Russell. J. Long, 
//. Wells, R. Creen. If. Anderson, K. Jones, A. Masiiis. 

Varsity "D" Club 

Marty Doherty u-ns President of the Wirsity 
"D" Cliih. jn orvinizjiion of fluke's top .tlhtetes- 

All studLiits w ill) ha\c' cariK-d the covered w hire 
"D" are eligible ro become members ot rhe 
\arsiry "D" Club. Led by Marry Doherry, rhis 
uroup of arhleres iner in rheir chaprer room in rhe 
Indoor Sradium to hear speakers well-known in 
rhe tick! ofarhlencs. The aim of rhe club was ro 
promote unit\ amonti athleres and ro srimulare 
the interests of Duke studenrs in rite sports pro- 
gram; members endeavored ro co-operare wirh 
the \arious campus news organi/.arions to insure 
good sporrs coverage. The club helped ro promore 
sporrsmanship bv providing w elcoming commirrees 
for visiring reams. .Among rhe social acriviries 
\'arsir\' "D" sponsored a bani]uer in rhe spring. 

To' become a member of Delta Phi Rho Alpha, 
woman's athletic honorary, a girl must be an 
active participant in sports and must have demon- 
strated qualities of good sportsmanship. Kach 
spring at the Awards Assembly, seven rising 
juniors and seniors who have hilhlled these re- 
quirements are tapped into the fraternity; these 
girls have exhibited the ideals of the honorary by 
raking part in the dormitory and sorority intra- 
murals where they showed consistently good 
sportsmanship. Delta Phi Rho Alpha does not 
hold regular meetings, but the members spend 
their time in athletic participation. A gold "D" is 
presented annually to the senior who has been the 
most outstanding in promoting interest and par- 
ticipation in sports. 

Rosemary McLemore, also a nitniher of <I'KI), 
was the President of Delta Flu Rho Alpha. 

Delta Phi Rho Alpha 

Inrs of D,lla I'hi Rho Alpha: A Id. ■wo re. Ca.wn. SchiiiiJt. Hyen. f 

Stratton, Dinzioojey, Ex 

% n r> 


Fraternity Sat ion, 1 1 'est di/z/p/is 







25 3 
































































^ f2 T X ^nr^i - 

Mais hiterjnm-rmly Coiiiinl /,ir„ih,<s lett rn rit;hr: I ,st r..u : /. \\,i,v.hii. H. Rnnhrv. {rirsnU;,!) , K. Kii.d; {I ur-l'r,snln,r). H. Smith. :nd 
row: /. McKinmn, C. Bentz, B. LrA: B. Yoiink, R. Ran. H. Copelvid, D. Fnirl, S. Hearii. Ud rc!«-: T. Taiih, I'. Ecknum. M. Johnson. S. Israel. 
E. Gunther. H. Block. D. Qiiattlehatim. C. Hrman. L. Lanson. M. Trmko. 4th row: H. Wells. J. McKeithan. M. Roberts. B. Hynson, B. Bean, 
J. Matlheus. D. Sims. B. B. Little. B. Tudor. B. Beacham. 5th rou: C. Slelson. B. Cozart, B. EJii-anls, P. Schmidt. 

Interfraternity Council 

Bernie Rii 

.from Xezi' Bninsifick. X. /., i.-, 
cil. and lie is a meniher oj On 

I'resident of Inter 
■ron Delta Kal>p., 

Rtiinsrating the second semester 
rush' program this \ ear, the Interfra- 
rernity C-ouncil worked hard ro make 
that rather hectic part of school hte 
as beneficial as possible to both tresh- 
men and traternit)' men. Besides di- 
recting the intricate procedure of rush. 
l.I'.C. continuoush' worked for unity 
among (Ireek organizations, indepen- 
dents, and the administration. .Another 
undertaking, (ireek Week, was de- 
signed and planned b\' the council to 
bring all fraternities together on some 
worthwhile project. On the lighter 
side, 1.1'. ('. sponsored a wheel-barrow 
race an opporfunit\' lor comedy and 
competition for its members. 

wmtl art\ left to right, first row: Mason {Vice-PresideM), Senerchia {I'mhient}, I'lilvcr (Sirre- 
■ersox, Tipton, Beesim, Simons, Montgomery, Kameny, Netting. Third row: Williams, Hunter, 

The members of the Wonuiis I\w-lhlh 
tary), Steves (Treasurer) . Second row 
Potter, Burns, Myers, LaRiie, Vates, Warren. Fourth row: Robinson, Burns, McGregor, Sasser. Soni-erhy, Adams, Nelson, Delaski, .McLemore. 

Pan-Hellenic Council 

Woman's Pan-Hcllcnic Council, 
composed of rwo members trom each 
group, functions to correlate the ac- 
tivities of sorority Hfc on Duke 
campus. Before the school year began, 
Pan-Hellenic published and circulated 
among incoming students booklets in- 
troducing them to the history and 
objectives of Greek organizations. 
Pan-Hellenic undertook to efi'ect a 
new rush program, geared for more ef- 
ficiency and better results. Pan-Hel- 
lenic also sponsored a work shop at 
which members of all Greek organiza- 
tions could discuss problems or new 
ideas, awarded two scholarships, and 
supported a European orphan. 

Tlie r resident of Ptin-Helleiiic Council was Sally e Senerchia, who is also 
a member of W ho's Who In American Colleges and Universities. 


Alpha Chi Omega 

.///./m Cln 0„/,i;,,. on I M r..v^ /(, ,SV,,;/. /.. I l.,nuH.,h,. \l . (nUirn. /. lhiiiv„„.l,x. J,hI .V. \l.,s„n, H. Hhd: \l. SI,,/',: \l. /)« 
w,wl. irci C. y.ars. C.Swi:. I .. W dsanj.. l,-,ry. (, . Sir.iwm. W . Sn„l^so,i, I . Sl„:,r,-, . MU S. SInrir. l' . T.nhr. I. r.,^,: 
A Cr^-ln I lulii.n. /. (mIIws. R. Ihvis. U. llddrrlh. Mh: K. (,.w,r>. /. (.,11. I'. i:.,vw. I'. Alln,. /. (.,hoN. S. /hnwr. K. /"./,/. 


^ %^ 




Alplhi Chi ()/i„XJ pIr.iKis. l-'irst ni 
Sc-coiKi row: A'. M. Mill,; 

: /). Mot,: \l. A. Elans. C. Unas. G. Bonles. 
A. Sprmit, M. Tiittle, A. Baker, G. Marshall. 

\lar^ S, 

Ship,. Ih, I'nshUnt »/ Alplia (\ 
SiNir.r haihiiv. from Oak Hill. Hot I ' 

The eventful 1955-56 year got off to a fine 
start with the inauguration of our new rush 
party, the Swiss Chalet, followed closely by 
the pledge breakfast welcoming our new 
pledges. The fall season was marked by Mon- 
day night cofiees, where many plans were 
made for our intra-sorority spaghetti dinner 
and the picnic at the Duke gates. Pledge ac- 
tivities included parties with other pledge 
classes and with the actives. 

With second semester came the Cheerful 
Cherub Day and the biggest of all, the pre- 
sentation of the new initiates at a dinner dance 
at the Carolina Country C>lub in Raleigh. In 
March our rush workshop was held, and 
heads were put together for April's Joe College 
float. The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega finished 
the year by journeying to Washington, D. C, 
to attend a summer province house party 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 
Colors Scarlet and Oil' 


(hi the .-ilpha Chi Oimxa Jloat for Jo,- Coll,-^,- 
Utrteihl. "lo,- 1,1 \y,md,-rLw,f Jrje and 
.4lice rule nith the Mad Hatter, a i^riniiiiii: 
Cheshire Cat. and the tardy Rabhit. 


Ix ,1 Sniwr /ro/,1 Xilro. Wat T/r!;//,/.,, Marilyn 
)fiit. u:rs I'reshinit of the Alplhi Delta I'l Somnty, 
■lit calls A\cock her hnnif a^^ax J nun home. 

/ h,' /./,,/i;rv ,,/ Alpha Delta I'l a 
/. Kuir. A. UorKan. M. Hoehreit 
/•;. Eaiile, r. CillilanJ. I'resule, 

lirst row. left to right: )'. Sprai^ins, B. Day, 
S. Davidwii. Second ro« : R. Metts, D. Bunch, 
r. Leanier. X. Green. B. Tyler. J. Reams. 

Septcmher arrived, and the Alpha Dclrs too 

Came lumbering baek to dear ole D.U. 

To start out the season with pep in high gear 

In a remodeled room with a real chandelier! 

Rushing began, and with Kaki and Dent 

We pledged fifteen girls who were just 

We were might)' proud too ot our campus big 

Hatcher, Martv, Sal and Margie, big deals! 

We beamed with pride o'er our ('iian ricM.KKR 

Betsy and Peg, plus tour Homecoming cutics. 
The C.P. project we continued this fall. 
Our social lite centered 'round our hie pledee 

And pi/.za and cottees and breaktasts and teas 
And parties with U.N.CL Zete's and SAK's. 
All that we've shared we review with a sigh 
And treasure another \ear in ADPi. 

National Founding Date 


Local I'ounding Date 


Niimhcr of Chapters 

8 5 

\,.t,on.,l \len,t,ersh,p 

^■().()(10 Meinl.ership 


\„rronnJe,l h\ ferocious lions and hanihoo hiils 
III a l\ jnnKle settinK. name canni- 
hah prepare to cook joe College. /Vi;i;v 
I'anl. on the Alpha Delta I'l Jlo.U. 


Alpha Delta Pi 

AAIl'i, 1 r: S. Senerclna. E. Fans, H. Gould. M. Hadley, H. Sroirs, M. Fickaui, /.. Wootni. 2 r: M. Slwry. /• Inman. B. Wehh, 
M. Dent, K. Zeigler, B. Hatcher. 3 r. A. Marshall. M. Boivden. I. McCleyrient. B. Foard, P. Drechsel, C. Wilson, I'. Paul. 
E. Hargrave, S. Hodges. 4 r: E. Jordan, K. Tipton, H. Reed, L. Irvine. L. Hanes, M. Gay, A. Auslcy, S. Brigham. 5 r: 
L. Hurst. M. Mitchell, D. Porter, K. Steivart. f. Rich, A. Romberg, J. Phillips, J. .Mewbome, L. Chedester, .VI. Boiven. 


Alpha Epsilon Phi 

///,■ loWmin'^ mniihrn of ihr Alflu I'.psiloii I'lii Sownn Ircun left to nfilu, tlu- tirst rc.u C. Ihm.w. K. M.n'^nlirs. .V. «/» 
Scc.ihI r..u . .•/. SrK',1. 1). Ir/uw. /'. lo/;.n. (,. II ./,7/.-7;,r. I hir>i ro« : C. Wuhm.ui. K. Suwws. I.. I.uohoii. S. \\\>rd. S. Kn 
\l. A.lhr. I oiirth r.iu : ,V. ( ioldslan. H. I.ih/n. H. Lnhmit:. /). K.uiinn. /. K.ul,y. /'. Oslnmky -^ w>l Inrsni) for tlir Imti 


On ,1,- ajtenwon of rehixation, Phyttn (hinmky. (,.,hr„lh- 
Tohijs art- joined hy some of their AK<I> sisters in ,i / 

I'enKy Tohias. ., Senior from HikIi I'oint. Xor/li 
Carolina, iras the I'resnient of Alpha Epsilon I'hi. 

At the conclusion of a successful rush 
period, several wonderful pledges were our 
reward; we extended our official welcome to 
them at a pledge banquet. Then during the 
rest of the fall we settled down to numerous 
coffees, to open houses with fraternities of 
Duke and Carolina, and to Sunday night 
suppers in the room. At Christmas we had 
our annual party with the Tep's for the children 
of the South Side Nurserv. 

Early in the second semester we had a part\- 
with the Phi Lambda Phi's of Carolina, and 
in March came the crowning glory of the 
Pledge Dance at the Union Ballroom. This 
year we boasted of various notable people: 
FAC's Dotty and Peggy, Dotty with cheering 
and Student Union, and Judy as Co-ed Editor 
of the Chrofiich. Mary Lee and Louise were 
in the Ncreidian Club, and Phyllis was chair- 
man of Pan-Hel rush advisors. 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 



Green and White 

hi Oriental fashion. Alpha Epsilon Phi enter- 
tains riishees and actives u-ith tea, eho'u: 
mem, and laughter diirin'^ their formal 
party in the final iieeh of rnshinsi. 


i S. Sutler 

Ar the end of a chaotic but succcsstul rush 
period the Alpha Phi's had a fine pledge class 
assembled at the annual pledge banquet at the 
Washington Duke Hotel. During the activities 
of the fall semester, sorority spirit was mani- 
fested in many ways including numerous gate 
parties, our 2 a.m. volleyball practice in the 
gym, our enthusiasm at the weekly dinners, 
Monday coffees, and our Christmas caroling 

Second semester brought with it the nian\' 
varied activities of initiation — the initiation 
banquet and gala pledge dinner dance at the 
Duke Hotel. Then, with memories of last 
year's mountains of papier-mache and vats of 
lavendar paint, we devoted all our energies to 
our Joe College float. However, we conserved 
some of our vigor for final exams and our 
annual house party held at Myrtle Beach in 

National Founding Da 
Local Kounding Date 
Number of Chapters 
N.Ki<>nal Mcnibersliip 




Amidst the mountains and volcanoes Jotting 
the surface nf Mars. Bohhi Guy Clayton, 
nianna MainsrI. ami Mary fane Ciuc, extend 
jiie an A<l> i/nilalwn to vistt the planet Mars. 


Alpha Phi 

Members of Alpha I'ln Suronty seated in East Duke are. tirst row . left to right : .\/. Jacobs, A. Do/iiict, K. Holhster, H. /. .\hers. 
A. Austin. L. Burney, D. Gerlough. Second row: /. Dean. D. Mainsel, L. Eller, B. Freeman. Third row : /\'. Grotb. A. /. 
Dmtglas. P. Perrin. C. Thomas. ]. LaRue, C. Cason, F. Spear. Fourth row: S. Le-ais. ]. Harris. A. League. K. 
Wells, B. Barker. P. Page, L. Nickel. Last row: /. Bishop. M. Carter, P. 

.Moore. .M. A. 
Valentine, S. Kellv, J. Adams, G. Perkins. G. fjrrrtt. 


Delta Delta Delta 

I/, //,/., M „l ih, Ihh.i I Ml., I Mr., S„ron,^ .irr .,s /«//«-..>, (I m r), nu tlic lirst rcu : /). \i InilrJ. (,. jnlimmj, U. A'. H.uns. 
II. Coh.r. S. Kulunli. i: l„rd,ui. Sccr.iul rn« : H. H,nJ, II. C,,:,,,: \l I.. Ihhcoik. I'. /);i;.i;j, .\/. .•/. /V/n/, .•). Tylrr. E. I'rmhtl. 
I. Crandall. I liird row; .V. Malhis. C. Molt. II. Ikrham, .\l. /. Xohle, «. Xrurmil'f. I.. Ihlly. I., lljrrf/;, ,V. WhilleJ. K. Boylt: 
Fourth row: H. Bell. D. Craven. A. Hnivkuis. K. Doan. L. HanforJ. H. Crain. G. .\hrck. /. Gihsoii. E. Hooker. /. \l\,lker. Fifth 
row: /. .Steves, I.. IVagner. B. Marvin. .\1. Boaz. ('.. Ketner, S. Arn. S. Lmdqimt. .\i. .McCamey, G. Wadsuorth. /. Holt. 

Parties, fun, and new found friends marked 
the beginning of sorority life with our pledges. 
In November, the Wash Duke was the scene 
of the Founder's Day Banquet with the Caro- 
hna Tri Delt's. At Christmas, we played Santa 
to the Edgemont children with the Phi Kap's, 
and later on the U.N.C. KA's, Phi Kap's, and 
Phi Gam's entertained us royally. Religious 
and cultural meetings were held with guest 
speakers Rev. Carr and Dr. Ropp. 

In January, Patsy, our President, presided 
for the last time and soon was a Tri Delt at 
the altar. A4ary Lou assumed the presidenc\- 
in time for the annual Pledge Dance and 
Initiation in February. Soon afterwards, work 
began on our float and farewell plans for the 
seniors. Campus notables this year were: 
Margie as Chanticleer Beauty Queen, Stu- 
dent Forum Head, and several House Presi- 
dents and Judicial Reps. 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 
Colors Silver, Gold, 

As M.ny .\l,rti„ H.,sull ,n,d Warilu K,„- 
Harris reign, the Tri Delt pony leads /oe 
College on a Kingly Fling uhicb won Honor- 
able Menticn in the Joe College Parade. 


.S'.ini/; Urnater, zi-lio is ,i Senior fwnj Orlando, 
Florida, Ihing in Jjrvis Dormitory, iras Presi- 
dent oj the Delta Gamma Sorority and is also a 
member of the Phi Beta Kappa national honorary. 

n,lh, (uwiina ptedm (Left to Right) Ist Rou- K. \riirll, G. Farmer. H. Flounders. 
\. Todt. I. Short. .\l. Olmsted, and H. MeConnell. Ind Row: B. Anderson. S. Rnes, 
S. Friend. S. GrueninRer, C. Skillen, K. Barrwger, C. Wooten, M. Midf-ett. M. Brand- 
well, and M. Schaiiman. Pledge Peg Grigoleit iras not present for picture. 

In September the D.G.'s returned to campus 
bearing leis for the Aloha rush party. Ac- 
cording to Hawaiian custom, the girls gave 
them to rushecs who left them behind as a 
symbol of returning. And return they did — 
twenty enthusiastic pledges. Highlighting our 
fill activities were the party with the Kappa 
Sigs, the chartered bus trip to Roanoke (College 
to initiate our new chapter there, and our 
traditional slumber party. 

At Christmas we gave a party for the blind 
girl that we had "adopted." Second semester 
brought the Fledge Dance. As each girl was 
presented she really made her debut into Delta 
Gamma, because six hours later she proudly 
wore her Golden Anchor. In March, we 
celebrated Founders' Day, and April marked 
joe College float time. In May we retreated 
to the woods to make plans tor our summer 
beach trip and next year. 

National Founding Date 


Local I'ounding Date 


Number of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local Membership 


Colors Bronze, 

Pink, Blue 

///,■ Pel 1.1 Gam, 
model, pi, tine -, 
Aprd issue of 
Did-e .uid i.iir 

as. liith S.irah T.ntor as a 
•i.u It -ii-oiild he like if the 
lolkl.n- magazine featnred 
;;// he College Weekend. 


Delta Gamma 

Mn/ihers of Delhi Garnma, first row, (L. R.) : .\/. Frrmh, R. \hl.aiwn\ B. Broii/i, M. Su/i/i; /. Flcnuiiv., C. Killuui. Second 
row: L. Vhlrig, I. Zarins. S. Hoiater, A. Higgins. Third row: M. Il'.i,/f, D. Rodgers, P. Burns. C. O-ur/u, D. Senjf, S. Taylor, 
A. Hadley, /. Chappelle, A. Schmidt. Fourth row: E. Moller. S. Schumaker. S. Gmipbell. R. Hmes. A. McConnell. X. fVylirr. 
Z.Bringhurst. B. Wagner. Fifth row: H.Fisher, J. Giles. L. Brooks. P. Grigaleit. S. Sturdiiavl. P. Brooks. J. Shoe. 

Kappa Alpha Thet 


^ 1^ r^n f* 

/V,,/V'.' .///./., //„,., V „„ „„ M, s, rnw i:. S,n.n/n. U. l.n^nM. Sco>,ui r,nv . A'. /;„:./,,, .•/. SM.. S. Xr.irl/ -I H,u,M,^ 

'■ird rnu K. C.snn. I). lUrr, (.. Iln-^cr. S. Ho^ur. M. Carruk. \. Ahw„. (,. I.unrrr, M. M„m^o„,rn, A. /or,!,. 

ro« : W. //,/.v, /.. l',;,JiM. (,. M,w,m„. K. Black. N. (kxlr, L. hgr.m,. N. FairRnr-.r, /. Arm.mrou,, / Lofquht A \UK. 
I .tth r^^^ : (,. AlstoN. /. Faulknrr. P. Campbell. B. Altvatrr. L. Pelfrson. H. Gray. M. Grand,. S. Alrxandfr. V. M,ll, 


ritdv '/.'« «/ K.tpp.i Alph., Iheu, Sornnly (Lett t,. Right) 1st Ro« : «. /i,,/.,w/- 
.V. Xev.-hoU, M. Bennett. Ind Row: M. Irons, L. Liisby. \l. Chamherhw, C. Cleave^ 
N. Urban. 3rd Row: P. Kinser, J. Hmnant. T. Tafe, ]. McFadden, S. Crowley, 
H. Wheeler, f. Gregory. A. Giffhorn, S. Graham, G. Cooper, K. Hill, and S. Hatcher. 

Ill,- IV>Uu, I'nudait nf th,- K.U'tM Alplu 
Sorority, Xancy AV-itr//, is a Senior li-ho comes 
from Uniontoivn, Pennsylvania, but she ?nakes her 
home in Jar-vis Dormitory ivhile attending Duke 

Led by President Nancy Newell, the Thetas 
returned to Duke anticipating another active 
year. Alter pledging, we honored our twenty- 
one pledges at a breakfast. November brought 
a picnic and a dinner at Rinaldi's. In De- 
cember, the pledges took over at a Charles 
Addams party, and during Christmas we 
adopted a needy family, held our gift-wrapping 
party and parties for the Kdgcmont children 
with the SAF.'s and KA's. 

Before exams, the Carolina Phi Gams gave 
us a party, and second semester got under 
way with the annual dinner dance at the 
Carolina Country Club, Initiation and the 
Banquet, and the launching of our social 
service project. It was only at the farewell 
party for the seniors that we could look back 
on the year — our evenings of making up songs, 
Lois as Homecoming Queen, Jean as Kx\ 
Rose, and our Joe College float. 

National Founding Date 


Local Founding Date 


Number of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local Membership 


Colors Bl 


and Gold 

With Mate Manlyn GranJt aboard. ii-here 
else could Captain Gii-ennie .\lumma lead the 
Kappa Alpha Theta's ship except on a 
"Holiday" to meet the au-aiting Joe College. 

l,:,H Kni.1,1,. lilw u .1 SfNior Ii.,il,/IK fr'Wi llrexrl 
Hill. raimyliMiu. '^js the J'J))--U, I'reudait 
(if the Kappa Delta Sorority, and is also a metii- 
her oj Kappa Delta Pi, educational lioiiorary. 

flu K.ipp.i Ih'/r.i rl,',t'j.,'J.n^ /'./ /•""' (1 itt u, RiL'Ini 1 ir^t Knu (,. Sh.h.iJi. C.Grosz 
(president). J. KiioiJes. M. Dunn. Second Ruu . B. Brian. ]. W'enhr.n. C. Bragg, 
D. Cashu-ell, E. Whitaker. I'. Martin. Ihird Row: P. Crairford, F. Beman, A. Prince, 
If. Satterfield. /. Wri'iht. R. Holm. R. Rankin, A. Boirden. Missing: B. Gibhcms. 

The KD's returning in September began the 
year by rushing "that girl," but survived with 
weary smiles and a wonderful pledge class. 
Soon after, we were visited by our Province 
President and held our pledge banquet, note- 
worthy for the poetry traded between big and 
little sisters. Christmas brought man\' ac- 
tivities including the Phi Delt and Pi Kap 
parties, at which v\e entertained some ot 
Durham's underprivileged children. 

To round oti the Noel festivities, the 
Carolina KD's invited us over to Chapel 
Hill to a party where the singing of the St. 
W added to the Yuletide spirit. The New- 
Year was enlivened by the brief but brilliant 
sojourn to the Carolina Inn for the annual 
pledge dance and work began on the Joe Col- 
lege float. Final exams arrived again, 
with the sisters coming out to bid our 
KD seniors a fond farewell. 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 


Olive Green and Pearl 

Scottish Highlands, lassies Sally 
and \anc^ Saunders, dressed 
. take the Kappa Delta's float 
I." o,i to meet lad lor College. 


Kappa Delta 

W,/«/vM „( K,ifpj Deltj. from left to right, arc. on the first row: S. fXuiiihrry. B. Guild. B. McCiirdy. /.. Hjm\. li. Sasur. 
M. IXmahtry. Second row: /. Statiback, C. MamfieU, J. Kmden. C. Baker. Third row: /. Rau, F. Pierce, V. Best. M. Mason. 
C. Pulver, L. Bachelor, M. Cathey. Fourth rowr S. Beians, D. Glenn, P. Wood, A. French. M. Hicks, S. Erivin, F.. Satterfield, 
M. McCormick. Fifth row: F. Strickland, H. Sykester, M. Carlyle. D. Aber, K. Hale, /. Ketner, C. Johnsm, B. Huggins. 


Kappa Kappa Gamma'l'~i'N <:»iim.i. first r: I. Xrffinv. /. .SVt./.i//,/, /). \\.,ulni, (,. Kos,: Scccul r /'. Sl.,„s/^„r^. C. Smilli. I . l<ox,r, 
1. AlkiNsmi. I lur.i r .S. SU;s. S. WInlnrr. II. Well. \l . Irrmh. I\ \\,hh. .1 . U,m,:i. /. .•///,/;, \l. I li'iMUihnth.uii. /.. I'nl- 
1.1,1: I nurih r: /'. Hr,„KK';>'.,„„. C. llaiLrrwr. H. liuh.hU. H. (.n„. (,. IL,II. C. libd: \l Ihonrr. /. Ih,rk„i»,. (i. an,;,. 
I ilth r: ,V. SamUru /. /',,//,,/;i,v, .S. HriJK,-ii;,l,r. M. /,>«/;, .V. A',;//,, K. Kohln. /. r.rr/„v, W. Huzlrr. (,. l\,rllovc. \l. (iiiyer. 


r h. 


\tuLoi :nd R 1/ Church, D Iirokemhm,( J leh 
\l (h,U,l n,,itn„,B \\,nur,l Bro-^n. r Mtra 

l.mda Roxi 

■. "^-ho -li-a 

the I'n-si.irii/ r.J ili 


Kappa Gav 

una Soror 

ty, IS a Senior, an, 


Yankee sun 

e her hot 

le IS ill (,'oluiiihiis 


In September 1955, it was back to school, 
and back together. October brought the ex- 
citement of rush and pledging. November 
featured a Thanksgiving parry with ATO. In 
December we had a coffee with the ADPi's, 
a Christmas party with the Phi Psi's, a dinner 
with the alums, plus our own christmas and 
scholarship party where Dr. Sales spoke. And 
all through the semester we worked at the 
\eteran's Hospital. 

The new year was started by a coffee with 
the Pi Phi's, and when exams were over we 
held a scholarship banquet with a speaker. 
Then came our Golden Triad dinner dance 
for the pledges. In March our pledges were 
initiated. April found us working hard on our 
Joe College float and then, the year was draw- 
ing to a close. At the senior banquet we said 
fond farewells to our seniors and another \ear 
with KKG. 

National Founding Date I 

Local Founding Date 1 

Number of Chapters 

National Membership 45 

Local Membership 

Colors Light Blue and Dark \ 

As pan of the Fiji Island Party v,net 

by the 

sisters oj Kappa Kappa Gamma diir 

inn the 

final neek of rush. Sue Ratts ei 


ii-ilh her performance of a hula 



^ M 

_. f 




,,//, t,-,K l'r,s,J,;,t of I'hi \U, Soronty. 
cLuiiis Aihfviile. Sorth Cuoluhu .,s he 

I'hi Mil pledf!,e class for 1915 (Left to Right), 1st Row: E. Diinlap, B. H.ih/i. B. Hjh 
nd: A. \Lusi-x. C. Com; E. Sharp, M. HinUrhoff. and D. Bahh. 2nd Rou : (i. Cross!,; 
I. Blanton. I'. Bi^K'-rs. A. llano: M. Xuiwlson. L. Bn^geln, and K. X,-ii-nia, 

"Will the meeting please come to order'" 
Sue lowered the gaVel while the Phi Mu's 
tread lightly over the new rug. "Dix" had her 
mind on names, open houses, our gala French 
Party, and the other various complications in- 
volved in rush. The result was a fine pledge 
class for Gamma Epsilon. In the fall Dee 
planned a special round of social affairs includ- 
ing the big sister-little sister banquet, a cabin 
party, coffees, and listening-in parties. 

Before exams the pledges dispUucd their 
talent with a French Party in our honor. In 
P'ebruary was the Valentine party for Edge- 
mont children with the Delta Sig's and the 
dinner dance for the pledges at the Hope 
\"alley (Country Club. In March we held our 
annual steak and beans dinner and also worked 
at the X'eteran's Hospital. In April came the 
work on the Joe (College float and vacation 
time again. 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 


Rose and W hite 

[ Ciapp and subjects, the fish 
,. help lis envision a -j.-onderfiil 
n the Phi Mil's take Joe ColleKe 

Leagues Aiiay from the Booh." 


Phi Mu 

77/f wnuhers of }>hi \l,i Sorority sejted Ironi kft to right arc, on first ro«- : T. Rardift, M. Cmher, F. Moore, G. Cprio. Sec- 
ond Ro« : /.. A/mnJ, M. I'olter, C. Pond, S. Edgmon, C. Wehhtr, V. Vinson. Third Row: D. Urquiza. A. Weaver, B. Mc- 
Dozi-ell, D. Cnra-u.'ay. A. Dixon, C. Carl. J. Doughton. A. Slusser. Fourth Row: P. Oliver, M. Applebee, J. Dickinson, 
J. McLairhorn, V. Warren, M. Hester, J. Chase. Absent: /. Harrington, B. Hunter, C. Sherrill, H. Sitn?nons, ]. Stroud, 


Pi Beta Phi 

f ^ ^0r^ 

r, Hrt.i I'll,. 1st r K, C-M. .;. .llliMrr. S. II /;;«„■,, 1/, \,l.w,„. H. (..unN,: :rul r /) ( .nn.n. ,1 . (nr.iiid. S. Irll. IL Ku.lM,. 
ir.l r (,. Wcjnl. S. I'/ohl. I.. \l illuws. I-.. AVrv. II . /V«/w, (\ ( \l. \1,IIi.i,/,u,n. .1 AUx.uuUr. S. S.mti.Un. 4ih r 
,i;. lillis, S. l.nriiK'ml, S. H.mhjf. /. IIV;«,/.///, .S. \l,hiryrr. S. S.wmlrrs. H. tlvnl,^ . S. Wlirrlr,. \l. Sii.irll,^. II. Khnlrs. 
5rli r: A. Johmt n, M. (irn-ii. \. \i\ir,: H. Hukiuri. V. II///m«;>. /. ILirl. (\ Whil.liinM. \. Il.rr. I.. A.l.iws. 11 Hisini. 


riu I'l B,U I'll, Sorority pl.d'in nj /Cff fr„„i left to right, hrst ro« : S. Ad.lui^loii. 
S. Hauler, P. Lee, and L. Noller. Second Row: .1/. Eskruige, S. Tucker, /. Lasnter, 
M. Hendrix, K. Davis, and A. Kennerly. Third Row: /. Holloivay, J. Garratt, 
M. Mosteller, C. Broivn, P. Nolan, G. Herr?mn, E. Latimer, and M. Douell. 

S.ilh /,//. ;./;/- pt.M.Ird over tlh- IV)^-U, inccliiiKi 
of Pi Hetii Pill Sorority, is a Senior co/iiing from 
Balti?mre, Maryland and is also a weniher 
of the senior honorary. Phi Kappa Delta. 

The Pi Phi's stepped baek on eampus into 
the whirl of rush and pledging. In October, 
merry madness in costumes broke loose at the 
Halloween party. Then there were the good 
times at the Delt and Phi Psi open houses. 
Our unforgettable list contained Reverend 
Carr's Christmas message to us, the fire drill, 
the Christmas party for P'^dgemont children 
with the Betas and the (if)lden Triad dinner 

Our I<'ast (>"ampus activities included coftees 
and tournaments with other sororities, and the 
Pan-Hel caroling. Honors and high positions 
were numerous this year — Elsa, Sara and Lynn 
as WSGA officers, Phi Beta Kappa inductees, 
Sally on Student Union board of governors, 
Phi Kappa Delta, F.A.C., Elsa and Sara in 
White Duchy — but as a group it was the 
fun we shared in Pi Beta Phi that was sig- 

Local F( 

Founding Da 



Number of Chapters 
National Membershi|- 
Local Membership 
Colors \\ 

and Si 

Aiiioiia the pearly v.ates. a lyre, and Jlii/fy 
clouds, tii-o Pi Beta Phi ani^els, Xancy Mare 
and Patricia Booth, line our Joe ' College 
a filimpse into a Heavenly Holiday. 


Moonyeen M'j/Wrs, .r Si-nmr living ui (itles 
House, iViU thf I'mident 0/ Siv.iim K,jpp,u 'Vid is 
also a imniher of the honontry. t'hi Hehi Kapp.i. 

TliefkJ^ecUissof S,>-,m Kappa Sorority for I'^f-^ (Left to Right) FirstR.nv; \l. Biy^e- 
lou- ami R. Ke-^ister. Second Row: .\/. 'l.xo,,. D. Lmnemam, U'resuiem) . I'. Stee,dr„. 
and \. Hiss. I'ted<ies P. Ways ami A. (,„nn -^-ere not present for the putiire. 

The Sigma Kappas returned this year to a 
completely redecorated chapter room. We 
soon began the season known as rush, which 
was climaxed by the Mardi Gras party and 
the welcoming of the new pledges. Soon alter, 
the chapter had a hamburger fry at Perry's 
Cabin. In November the founding of the 
sorority was commemorated by a reception 
given by the chapter honoring the alumni of 

Later in the tall semester the alumni gave 
us a buffet supper in honor of the pledges at 
the home of Mrs. R. L. Predmore. At Christ- 
mas, we had a part)' where the members and 
pledges exchanged gifts. Then in the spring, 
we had initiation and our major social function 
of the year, the annual dinner dance at the 
Carolina Inn for the new initiates. In the 
spring the chapter worked with homes for the 
aged in Durham. 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of (Chapters 
National Meinliorship 
Local \Knihershin 

niiniiv. the Jii 
held their ' \ 

•ek of rush. Sii(i>ia Kappa 
(iras parts, for ivhirh 

■ntiimed and threiv eon- 
tlie parts atmosphere. 

Sigma Kappa 

Me/nlvn h/ Siii/ihi Kjppj Sorority on the Urat row Are: /,. L'lhier-^rmi. E. Cnn. \l . ll'j/rcrj, B. .S'.iHi;i»H. Sicond rciu : /;. Kn 
F. Troiwlrmf, S. Srnmwns, C. Grady. X. DeLaski. Third row: B. R. Bryan. B. Bordeaux, .\t. Srllars. C. Williams. F. [., 


Zeta Tali Alpha 

Active me/iil'i IS i,/ ih, '/.,i.i Ijii Alpha Sorority ii-hich are ossaii hied iimi seated ui thi- tirst r arc, from Ict'r to right, as follows: 
/.. Da%U. U. ( oiiiiall. /'. Marshall. ^'. Heeson. R. Wallace, /.. Leinh. .Second r: /'. Werher. S. Walters. X. Dermis. B. ]. Davis. 
A. Hates. /. DuiikIs. 1 lurd r: V. Hrrnin. /. Keere. \i . Lal.iherte. A. Merrill. F. Smith. S. Grant. W. McAtially. P. GreRf-. 
A. lessee. Fourth r: /. IMhui. /. .S/v//,,. ./. r„i„J,xi,r. l). .Smith. H. Ives, N. Schlav.. T. Mull. C. Hess. C. Cooper. D. McCall. 
I'ifth r: P. Kimzey, /. IU\. S. Snaiii. /,. llni>, H. Hart, A. Goiiin, A. Keller, J. ttriif-h, H. Herb. J. Snou; and N. Burns. 


1 h, Zrr.i T.iii Alpli.i i>l, iij I'^^f 

(Left t(i 

fuld. H. SmnlurJ, /. \U„r,: S. I,.ii,- 

. /. ,V„/., . 

A. Aib-n. L. Hrnw. A. Milldri 

, M Si, 


/.\ S/„iili. A. Arm 
Mid K.iu : /. «raii7, 
, ,1//,/ «. holi-IIIM 

I'mhUnt of Z,h, Tmi Alplu Sorority for l'JS5-5(, 
-li.ii Belly Jjiif Davis, j Senior from (.ireenshun, 
Sorlh Carolina, 'nho lives in Giles Dormitory. 

The Zcta's enthusiastically returned to Duke 
and after a successful rush period, celebrated 
with a cabin party for the pledges. Other 
activities included coffees, a dinner with the 
alumns and fraternity open houses. We pre- 
pared a Thanksgiving basket for a needy 
family and at Christmas we had a party with 
the alums, caroled with the Delt's at the 
V.A. Hospital and gave a party for the Duke 
Hospital children. 

Second semester our Province President 
visited us, the chapter had a Valentine party 
for the Durham Day nursery children, and 
the climax of the season — the presentation of 
our pledges at a dinner dance at the Sir Walter 
Raleigh Hotel. Then there was the annual 
steak and beans dinner and the hours of fun 
working on the Joe College float. In iVla\- we 
had a banquet at the Castle honoring our 

National Founding Da 
Local Founding Date 
National Membership 
Local Membership 
Number of Chapters 
Colors lu 

Jelaih on llieir Jloat for lieLI on ihe (olloviinv. 


Mark Johnson, who is a Senior coining from Char- 
lotte, North Carolina, was the presiding officer 
of the Alpha Tan Omega fraternity, and he is 
also a member of the Arnold An Society at Duke. 

ATO pledges row 1 : L. Hollowell, F. Bell, T. Graham. U\ Bourne. Y. Coble. G. Keith- 
ley. Row 2: S. Livingston, B. Best, W. Winslow, T. Marquis. B. Grant. D. Edgar, 
B. Ratliff. D. Sims. Row }. C. Whitaker. ]. .Miller. B. Svciiidell. B. Alexander. 
I. Robertson. G. Barrett. /. Michaiid. /. Goodman. H. S.ifrit. /. hhitson. B. Sink. 

Duke's ATO's, headed by Mark Johnson, 
enjoyed in 1955-56 one of their most successful 
years. As in the past, the Tau's were active po- 
litically and athletically and had a good social 
year while keeping a high scholastic average. 
Our intramural footballers barely missed di- 
vision title, the basketball team played in the 
finals for the university championship and our 
trackmen were responsible tor our over- 
whelminti win in the wheelbarrow race. 

The social calendar tor Alpha lau Omega 
was highlighted by the annual Sweetheart Ball, 
w hich w as held this spring at the Hope X'alley 
Country Club. Throughout the year, Tui's and 
their dates were frequenters of the Saddle C'lub 
and the Patio, and warm weather brought 
many trips to Smith's Lake. Other social 
events included parties with the L'.N.C. 
lau's and the party with the Kappa Kappa 
Gamma's for Edgemont children. 

.Natiimal Founding Uatc 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
I.ncal Moiibcrship 

.1 I'ittsbtirgh Panther prepares to enter the 
Alpha Tail Omega's Duke stadium where the 
Devil hopes to add him to the rest of his 
■■/.illcn .//;i;,-/«," ,S7,i/,- ,wd rmnrssee. 


Alpha Tau Omega 

///, /;„.;//Mw,/ .-///,/,.,/;„, rw,.,.„r.n /.//.:.,, nn Urr.iu /; /;,,„;,,,- / f,. ,„V I K lirs. B. R,clnmis. 2nd r.n^ H IC„-r 
H. A,uU-ru,„. II. H,,,n. I. Knus„w. R. („ni,-r. \l. /.hm,.,,. /. Il.,.l.,„, I) S,„/;, /. r„,,;,M. /. Dale. 3rd row: B. .l/.»i,-v, l\ C\,v,- 
iiess, F. Wall, G. Dillard, T. Banton, J. Ridley, B. Marsh. B. Foreivood , /. MdMniiuk. S. Mc\Wr. 4th row: R. Pool, H. Fiper. 
N. Kredich, A. Wheeler. S. Yoirn^, T. Robertson, H. Rohlf. G. Alkirison. S. Smith. E. Fisher. 5rh row: F. .\latino, f. Harris. 
W. Spearman, L. Thovipsmi, F. Casirell, O. Hubert. R. Kramer, (.. Leiiis. 1). Xlonttiomerv. 6th row- B Pettitt 
D. Jones. B. Meiihonie. J. Peter. ]. Cell, 1). Kramer, B. Steii-art, A. Boii-ers, B. Martin, B. luhium, /. Blair. 


Beta Theta Pi 

•/•/;,■ /;ro///,T.(^-/'«rW 77; •/.i/';/Wr™//v,ir<-,f.orii left to riKlit.hrstniu H. \\,l.,un. i 
/. S'^-arlz. r. Loiir. li. (ir.ihaw. Scroiul row; /■■. Hauler. K. W.n. /. l/.,/,/;,jr. ,S. 
/. I'rice, K. Tour. Third row: li. Sliuri. (\ Uilln. 11'. //,»;<■//. /■■. W.ilhm. I), linn, 
T. Short. Koiirth row: A', hues. I'. l\nhr. K. IImiu. li. I 

I rir. \l. huku,ii. / . \l, 1,11.1:1. li. Leak. 

Iv.,ll. I . I.lli^. IK l<:sl,^. I. W'ilkersoiu 

I. (Mir. S. \l.irn/i. (,. \\ hyif. (). Niess. 

rr. r. Fischer. I), liiiss. H. Hyriie. /. iiohhs. I'ifth row: R. Walton, 

C. Wrndorf, B. Loosie, I'. Denker. A. \l,\id, /'. liaker, T. Seshitt, J. .Moore, K. Whitehead, J. Fettit, and II'. Fitrinah. 


KiiK^. r. /«//,■<. s 

■rJrr.C. Wills. If. ,S>r 

R) First R.nv li. Trmr. II. F.ldr,-dv.e. /. 
I R..« R. Str.iii-tlier. I). MiChvii. H. }\n,-rs»„. 
K. \\liiuh,:ul. Third Ro« : R. .Milkr. K. I',-I,r- 

Tahor. R. CLuh. R. Kohl. 

Doiilinn. I.. I'lirso/is. r. Coniirell. 

nor Boh I.t.d: lihosr home is ill Rocktiijikwi, 
:rth Crolimi. ivjs the Fresuieiit of the Hen, Theta 
fratermty. irhile he also held posiuoiis as 
/■■..^.r;. ami Treasurer of the Senior Class. 

It was September 1955 as the brothers of 
Gamma Rho of Beta Theta Pi returned to 
house H. By February, the Beta's had done 
amazingly well in all phases of college life. 
Scholastically, Gamma Rho rose to sixth 
place on campus. In extra-curricular activities, 
Beta's held positions on the Pep Board, Shoe 
and Slipper, and Student Union Board, and 
the brothers had numerous representatives m 
every activitv. 

Beta continued to have the best and most 
talked about parties, despite the competition. 
Rushing brought twenty-three fine pledges, 
and Beta athletes excelled both in intramurals 
and varsity competition. Second semester 
brought Spring vacation in Florida, the pledge 
dinner, the beach weekend, and other fine 
social functions. Thus under prexy Bob Leak, 
Beta Theta Pi rounded out another successful 

nal Founding Date 


Founding Date 


)er of Chapters 


nal Membership 




Hetty Co-ed. Dot helsoii. d rail's approxiiiv. 
y.laiices from the audience as she rides a pair 
of li-ater siiiis on the Heta Theta I'l 
float during the joe College li-eekend. 


The Vusident of Dtlta Smma I'ln nuu Roiuild Ran. 
a liiinur from Wmslon-Satfiii, North Carolina. 

1 the chiprcr 
/ Simpion I 

are G \\ oot C ) eiinsl 
Ferguson. / I tinh.uh 

Fall activities for the Delta Sig's began with 
a skating party; this initial social event was 
followed by homecoming weekend which 
ushered in an unusual flurry of activities in- 
cluding the large display — complete with dry 
ice and mechanical failures. November brought 
the Shoe and Slipper dances and the cabin 
party, and the C'hristmas season inspired 
a frat party with the brothers exchanging 
nonsensical gifts. 

Engagements and pin-ups kept an increasing 
number of the brothers away from their 
studies. Someone must have studied, though, 
tor when the QP's were finally recorded. 
Delta Sigma Phi came out with one of the top 
scholastic averages. Not all study, however, 
for there were pledge battles, rat courts, and 
many parties which spiced the otherwise dull 
weekly routines; a busy vear tor the brothers 
of Delta Siema Phi. I'ounding Date 


Local hounding Date 


Number of Chapters 


National Alcmbership 


Local Membership 


Colors Cree 

1 ,nul W hite 

/// rhiir ho/neco/nhig display. "The Pitt and 
ilir I'liidiiliim." Delta Sinma Phi threatens 

1'iililnirv.h ii'ilh a hniie jtendnliini ii-liirh is 
siinii'inK dov.n to crush itic Ihinllur. 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Hr<,!h,i, ',j l),l!.,Srj,,„j I'hi |,■u„t^ .lu.Uv^i r.,x^ .1. \li,n.:: ,, \ I, llwain. Second TOW : H. Spilh/hvi. B. O' Dej. 

G. Lynch. H. Siimndt, R. Ran. H. Merninh, h. M.mijotd. R. Hiilsjri. I hirJ ro«-: D. Luechauer. E. Rodgers. E. Hmimmid. 
W. Cherry, D. Hehn, C. Moore, J. Baker. Fourth row: B. Straus. A. Heil. E. Doughtie, E. S?mth. R. York. ]. Richardson. 
D. Biswell, J. Alexander. Fifth row: F. Egerton, D. Burdick. L. Jones, A'. Forlson. /. Williams, B. Ray. R. Broii-ne, R. Sueet. 


Delta Tau Delta 


III;!', ol Ihr l),ll., I, ,11 IMl.1 /nii 
K,l>li.„L C. ILuisir. /■. /,,/',,i-,- 

r .IV /.>//«to „„ IM r /. «,,/A,r,/, < . Hin.l,K R. Sp.,, ,„-.:. /. /■„/.,. J,ul r l< \l.„„i,l. 
. , '• I- ^^ 'I'li'i'iiin. I. Im.I„i,II, r. S,v,rs„ii. I. S,x,.,,d. .V \///,/i/n •/ (Uik 

I ruUn R.Ruier, / -Mattheus W . U „mn.„. 5rh r: «. /•>,..//. W. «.r<r.. V. 7„,.. 6. l„,;C„rr«. A^ 6>avr.»,,, /. HMs, 
n. Snrfilrr. 6th r: /. /„,r/, «. <4r«, /. Crradid; K. Mohir, S. Brocktcfll, R. Ruffmi, G. Rauch, E. Leu-n F Camp 


ATA. 1st r R. Stahleker. T. Mooriey, S. Hinkle, S. I'wvell, ] Bnchett, B Steiii- 
melz, ]. Moor/ium, G. Coletnan, and B. Stewart. 2nd r: S. Hafnmer, 1 '^ladt J \ m- 
Lm,i. B. Bradford, /. Allen, W. Bowers, B. Van Hettrnga, and K (ouu.,!! ^r,\ r: 
D. Kreidler, J. Amsler, K. Pitt-man, K. Alvord, J. Gulp, B Bimau / /iiiuiui. 

Elizalnlh. \ew /ersry. 
Doll Sims, presided over the nieelinns of the 
brothers of the Delta Tail Delta fraternity, and he 
IS majoring in economics while attending Duke. 

Again this year the Dclt's won first place in 
the homecoming display contest. Their "Mur- 
rav-Go-Round" spun to victory music while 
a juhliant Blue Devil rode the vanquished 
mascots of earlier competitors. Besides Home- 
coming parties, fall social events included an 
open house with girls from Hanes House, 
several smorgasbords, a masquerade cabin 
party, and a semi-formal (Christmas dance at 
the Washington Duke Hotel. 

The redecoration of the card room bright- 
ened the section with its weird originality as 
four painted aces on a black wall replaced the 
nautical theme of last year. Then came rush, 
and a pledge class twenty-five strong supplied 
a very real basis for confidence in future 
excellence. Climaxing the year's social ac- 
tivities, the new pledges and the actives 
entertained their dates at the annual Rainbow 

National Founding Date 


Local Founding Date 


Number of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local Membership 


Colors Purple. Whit 

e and Gold 

Fictiiring a vacationing ]oe College com- 
plete with the waves, radio, and sand, the 
Delta Tail Delta's won honorable mention 
with their float "On a Beachy Holiday." 


Inhll \tiKuil,nl,. -..hnse llnl,,,- ,< Ul l.inilh 

Sortii Cnoluu. I'muinil of K,,f>p., Alplu. .; 
'm .1 wr/,i/vr nf I'll, BftJ Kappj J,hi .\I.S.(,\ 

K.ippjAlpluplaif;rs/orl9U, (Left ro Right) first row; (i. Lane, T. ir.,<;«. /. l-\n„:r 
D. Lannsion, C. Roc. D. AJcock, ami H. Fall. 15,icU rou : .4. Cotuii'ilum. F. Mille 
B. Watson, ami .4. Ehrnir. Absent: C. Helms, G. I'erhey. ami /. W,7«;«,i:i;j; 

Strains of "Dixie" faded in the distance, the 
Stars and Bars were lowered, and once again 
June graduations rang the curtain down on a 
great year for the Grand Old Gang. Football 
open houses, cabin parties, and the alumni 
supper filled the fall semester. After exams, 
rushing, the pledge dance at the Carolina 
(x)untry C>lub in Raleigh, and the Old South 
Ball kept the brothers from spending too much 
time studying. 

Kappa Alpha brothers brought honors to the 
fraternity in the sports field, especialh' in 
football and baseball. The intramural fields and 
courts also were filled with southern brothers 
— it not winning, always making a good show- 
ing. So the year's history has been recorded, 
but we wish our seniors good luck upon 
leaving the familiar section and bid the loyal 
brothers of Kappa Alpha never to give up — 
for the South will rise again. 

National Founding Dat 
Local Founding Date 
N'uinlicr ofC'hapters 
N.itioii.i! Meiiil.crslup \Uinl.ersliip 

.4s First Mare Beth Wehl' looks on ap- 
proviniih, a ciant replica of a nater-skier 
is being toivej along hy a speedboat on the 
Kappa Alpha float, "K.A.'s Cool Joe." 


Kappa Alpha 

Brothers of Kappa Alpha are, first row: R. Terry, J. Almond, B. Gamt. R. RoJiirll, B. Dov.'d, E. Hardin, D. Breurr. Second 
row : B. Edmonds, C. Smith, K. Fish, R. Falls, C. Abernathy, J. McKmnon, J. Alexander, B. Jones, /. Watson, O. Wilson. Third 
row: R. Edwards, C. Clayton, E. Rushton, B. Harris, R. Carpenter, B. Hord, J. Council, F. Beasley, J. Russell, B Hume, 
T. Sliannon. Fourth row: B. Bailey, B. Edu-ards, S. Sorrell, R. Rogers, B. Aldridge, O. Suiter, C. Toms, J. Johnson, /. Long, 
E. Vost, E. Bryson, J. Jordan, D. Kirkpatnck, J. Harrison, R. Kienle. Fifth ro«-: /.. Black. S. Jurgensen, D. Knotts, 
B. Thompso,!. B. Allen. S. Tatum. R. Hord. H. Clement, M. Hatcher. R. Rankins. T. Topping, f. Buchanan, R. Phillips. 


Kappa Sigma 

Mcmhrrs of Kiipfj .S/«/;;,i are .u Jolloiii. 1st r: 1). I'.uIk'!'. I- *'"'"■'■. -■hI r K ''■'rh'-. /. /.,/ir, /,. H,:il,: H. Yoiwl. H. R,m. 
K. Harris. /. IVillis, D. Hihs, B. Smmmns. !rd r: /. Mdlhniiiy. H. Whitaire. K. Shut. B. Troy. j. Turtle. J. Selhy. F. Shep- 
pard, S. Gonzales. 4th r: /}. Acton. S. I.ineker. B. Daltoii. /. Miillins. I). Tierney. U. Spencer, V. S^rosso. 5th r: /. Rohrhach, 
!■:. Tiirliiifiton. I.. Decker, B. Simpson. II. Kistler. ]. Morris. B. Mcaaughey, /. Clayton. /. D'AnRelo. 6th r: A. C.asterlin. 
B. Thummet. B. Arant. T. Daiis. II. Turner. B. I'atterson. /. niluorth, K. kinihuh. /. Challenger. B. Anderson. 



, ^^I^^^J^^^B^^Hp 

^1 'iJ 




s, ' ' . — ■ 

Mfiiiheri of the Kappa Sigma pledfir class o?! the first row: B. Riidd, T. Fletcher, 
and I. Hiihhard. Second r.nx-: H. Harnsrm. /. Bell. M. L,pp,mott. and E. Balloiv. 

Seniors Bill Riiss and Boh Yount iiere the fn 
and second semester /'residents of Kappa Siii,?/, 

Within the confines of the upper quadrangle 
one cannot help but notice the bcautikil 
crescent and star, symbol of Kappa Sigma 
FVaternity. Many things have taken place 
under this banner this year; 1955-1956 will 
go down as one of the most outstanding years 
in Eta Prime's history. There were numerous 
cabin parties, dinner parties, rush functions, 
serenades, and big game weekends to keep 
Kappa Sig's and their dates busy. 

The highlight of the social calendar was 
"Stardust Weekend" which included the Black 
and White Ball on Friday night and a steak 
dinner the following evening. The high point 
of the event came when the 1956 Dream Girl, 
elected by the brothers of Kappa Sig, was 
presented. With these memories we bid fare- 
well to our seniors, not forgetting to add our 
"thanks" for all that they have done for the 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 
Colors Scarlet, Green, 

Leaning on an imported car, I'iznin Alberts 
and Barbara Hunter explore an island nj 
palm trees cm the Kappa Sig?iia float, 
"/oe College Goes to a Tropical Island." 


Top positwrii in the l.^unkii Chi Alpha fnile 
/or first mid moiid semesters urre held by Jii 
lack McKeithan from Ahhottsburg, N. C, 
ferry Keyes who co-mes from Alexandria, 

The AX A pledi:es. 1st r.nv : /. \uhoLis. B. Alexander. II IIV/W/, /. //;//, /. l.,nn,:. ,■ 
Jnd row; /. Kriise. W . Warden. G. Harney. R. Sand. B. Ballaiilyne. S. ihonu. 
3rd row: R. Davidson, P. Temple, W. Riester, H. McKinnon, W. Harrelsm, J. Sink- 
way. yV. Martin, C. Thompson. Missing: F. Canney, Z. Fisher, and L. Fabian. 

The brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha re- 
convened this year eager to resume the strain 
of weekends, quizzes, term papers, and 
late hours. To make things perpetually gay 
around the section, Dave returned with his 
hearse, and Mole just returned. In addition 
to its many fraternity activities, Lambda 
Chi prided itself on holding leading positions 
on campus and taking an active part in extra- 
curricular activities. 

After the regular football season had ended, 
Kenan Stadium still witnessed football ex- 
citement as the Gamma Theta's of Duke 
played the Lambda Chi's of UN(^ in the 
Schlitz Bowl. Unable to repeat the 12-0 
victory of 19.S4, we settled for a 6-6 tie. 
Despite bruises and blackened eyes, the 
brothers felt very proud as they counted the 
one-hundred dollar profit which was donated 
to the Chapel Hill Orphanage. 

National Founding Dale 


Local Founding Date 


Number of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local Membership 


Purple, ( ; 

. (/ //;,■ "Lamhda (hi Alj'ha I'ltl Har-H-Qiie." 
the hnrniry Duke Blue Prvih read the ap- 
peti:ini^ went, while thes wait anxwnsh 
hn their first taste oj panther meat. 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

I .iiNh.l., ( ln\ .,„ Isr r,iu /. I ,mn,nt. R . J',„,/:l. I . / ,/;,/v,,>. Jnd mu R. II ;/.,„„, /), Balhnlyne, /. .-^i/.rw/j, /. McKeitlum, 
I. Kna. I. 'f.'-^kibiin, C. CkiJ-^nk, ]. AUxaiuhr, D. Cn/ms. ird ruu . / . St.mtty, D. Gernmn, G. Warluk, R. Eadie. ]. Burt, 
D. BilliHKS, F. Taylor, F. Wmson, G. Harden. 4th row: E. White, W. Davis, A. Tyndall, C. Pratt, J. Eggleston, B. Crockett, 
M. Kirhy. 5th row: C. Dillie, H. Copeland, L. Schviarz, G. Schwarz, J. Bankert, W. Haeckler, D. Spamgel, and D. Ware. 


Phi Delta Thet 



rf,-r. I. lUrtell. T. Sherm.w. Jiid ri.w : //. CliitK 
■„JJcnni. I.. Holla, 

Maiihrn of I'lii IMu Tlieh, fraterrnty .ne ,,s folhiis, <m tlu- Ist nm : /\'. K, 

I. Kw„rd: /'. l\,no,i. H. Tafi, W. X/nrs, J. (l,l'l>, I- AVAy.h, K. li.nry, R. Thim. Ird row: /. 

K. \liirn,y, li. OastUr, I). Dowmy. B. Couch, B. Burull. /. Dorilfy. 4tli row: /. .\/,i./,/ch, //. MiElkwcy. B. Iliss, /. BirchfM, 

I'. Ihipler, S. Balhmi, /. Farlou; iV. Kinn, B. Cozart. 5tli row: T. l.imhay, D. )\niiim>i, /■ I'tnllips. R. Morgan. B. RmnM), 

n. MrrMlwh. I'. Scuderi. ftrh row: S. Rffse. /. Ciilp, /. Snyder. ]. Kersey, J. Speme, /. Ratclijje, B. Smith, /. Saltz, B. Carrol. 


rill IMr plrJi^rs. on hrst rnu : /. S,„itli. /. Cinvul. H. Fenko. H. fliln. SlotkI row : 
B. HMI.irJ. ■/.. l..,y.w,i. X. l.aHurd, /. I.imUiiweur. H. Soul,: I'. Hnlur. H. Biicklwh, 
B. Grubhs, G. Scliidl, H. Cinu-r, P. Smith, T. Calhoun. Standing: D. Gerddl, /. Asum, 
T. Umiing. I. Bosigs. /. Formt. D. Austin. J. /jckson, H. Laverty. J. BarlHl. 

First ami second semester Presidents of the Fhi 
Delta Theta fraternity ivere, respectizrly. Seniors 
Bill Xoyes from Roselle Park, Xeiv Jersey, and 
Jim \elson from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

The "Good Ship Phi" sailed onto campus 
with a full complement of Brothers aboard, 
and Phi's went ashore in preparation for an- 
other successful year. Lengthy plans were 
made concerning social, scholastic, and extra- 
curricular activities, so that the chapter would 
be able to maintain its previous status in the 
realm of campus leadership. And with this 
plan of action hrmly in mind, the crew began 
their work. 

The fall semester was liberally sprinkled 
with social functions which ranged from cabin 
parties to our Christmas formal. As the end 
of the term approached, we prepared for the 
bi-yearly seige of finals with our typical de- 
termination. With the advent of rushing, the 
chapter rooms took on a iresh coat ot paint in 
anticipation of the season, which resulted in 
Phi Delta Theta welcoming aboard ship 21 
new pledges. 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 


Azure and Argent 

Buddy Stanley in the Fifeiiiiard's seat 
leys this sunny scene at the Ivacli as 
Phi Delt float rolls on to iiin the 
of most original float in the pai 


The second and first setnester f residents of Ph, 
Kappa Psi were Paul Eckman and Derrick Deakins 

Memlvrs of the Phi Kappa Psi pledge class, 
C. Carter, J. Edwards. Second row: N. De. 

the hrs 

■: 11". Klonian, 1 1'. Taylor, 
G. M'eber, K. Kaiijjiiian. 

In our reminiscence of North Carolina 
Alpha over the past year, we recall things 
which have meant a great deal to us: the tall 
formal, the Christmas Party at the Cerebral 
Palsy Hospital, the cabin parties and the open 
houses. But of equal importance to N. C. 
Alpha is the realization that college has some- 
thing more to offer; books and tired eyes are 
hrmly imprinted in our memories of college 
and traternitv lifo'. 

In addition to studies and parties, this year 
has seen a renewed enthusiasm for athletics. 
Phi Psi had the intramural tennis champions; 
varsit\- men in soccer, track, and wrestling; 
many enthusiastic "part-time" athletes; and 
sport's announcer Pete Yoars, who broad- 
cast Duke basketball games to WDBS lis- 
teners. We believe that the best fraternity 
is made up of many different kinds of people 
— and this has been the goal ot Phi Kappa Psi. 

Nutioiuil I'oiinding Date. 
Local Founding Date 
Number of (Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 
Colors (i 

To ivelco/ne returning, almiini for the fall 
weekend, the Phi Kappa Psi's erect a dis- 
play of .1 foothall Kanie on a pin-hall 
inaihinr to predict a win over I'ltlshiirg,!!. 

Phi Kappa Psi 

The }>iemhers of the Phi Kappa Psi fratermly are as foUoiis, on the first mw: R. Hildretli, R. (,/aii/>,/iKer. T. Moneymaker. 
E. Johnson. E. Ganhi. M. Yandeier, R. Shaver. Second row: D. Diiffey. f. Rossm. /. Lapotla. I'. Echrnan. D. Deakms. D. San- 
ders. I. Crunes. B. Smith. J. Warren. Third row: H. Eschenhach. J. Fulcomer, ]. Grills, T. Russell, If. Keim, D. Pate, S. Gebel, 
T. McDernwti. B. Ward. Fourth row: H'. Weems, D. Evans, C. Cobb, B. Spami, J. Craven, C. Grigg, J. Dovclass, T. Farrell. 
Fifth rou : 6. Ung, /. Pearson, B. .Vteffert, E. Heath, T. Moore, T. Miller, D. Sedlack, J. English, L. Jordan, G. Evans. 


Phi Kappa Sigma 

lirofhen of I'hi Kappa Sii!,ma Jrjicrnily un the 1st row arc as tiillous H. Smith. I.. Hania. /. lirodrlh.iid: \l. Hn./,nh,inih. 
2,h\ ro«': C. Courtney, /. Smith, (i. Ileinhy, I'. I.emhuh. H. Marsh.,/!, li. Tudor. W . I'emiy. I). Iliwler. I). Mason. H. Me- 
lammain. I). Crews. 3rd row: (;. Evans. P. 11,11. H. Deans. C. D,elr,ch. D. Mcl.eoJ. H. Ilyljahl. /). Hetts. 
/. Sadler. M. Kollinson, G. Lnna,. A. Brockuell, /. Wmnhan. 4tli rou': H. DomhojJ. /. I'ickens. /). Mcl'adden, 
n. lemiette. /. Harhison. E. f'oole. R. Barnes. .4. Haack. D. Hantirr. H. Teller, K. Clifton. .4. farmon. 5tli ro« : O. Rudy, 
II. Hurt. li. (.r.iper. E. Roherson. IC. Eortesce, li. )V/»»i;, H. .-tlexaiider. E. Roherson. /. f/.irt »/. I . (.rant. Wl. r..« : .{ . (iiimh. 
(,. (.od.l.ird. 1). Tipton, li. (,hnn. II. Wells. I . Hooter. H. IXilr. /. Hiilloek: I). I'earl. li. I'ape. R. Chapman. C. MrEee. 


The pleiiii,e class of Flii Kjppj Sigmj, on the first row from left to right: D. Fry, 
X. HiiJsori, ir. Wriiihr. jh>/ /. Yoiins. Second row: C. Wi/iMey, G. Still. B. Siler, 
ami G. Tillniry. D. Teller. H. Taylor. T. Bifigs. B. Saz-age. B. Byers. ami P. Luce. 
Third row: r. lr'.i-,>,. E. Hayes. J. Lmder. D. Spitler. D. Ilw/J, ami D. Penny. 

.Senior Bill TiiJor. President of the Phi Kappa 
SiK»ia fraternity, ii-as a memher of ODK. Who's 
Who in American Colleges and Universities, 
ami Business .Manager of the Chanticlekr. 

President Bill Tudor rapped the gavel and 
we began: football open houses; "Pitt and 
Pendulum" tor Homecoming; Jane Ebcrhardt 
crowned Phi Kap queen at the Black and 
Gold Ball; Christmas, and the Kdgcmont 
kids were sharp, the quartet flat; Pea Pickers 
convened daih'; Rushing, and pledge we 
did, with Marshall at the helm; pledge ban- 
quet; spring formal; Joe College — and another 
year is behind us. 

But a year of more than events — a year of 
growth, both for Nu and its men. Seven years 
have passed since Phi Kappa Sigma was in- 
stilled with fresh blood, years in which Nu 
has developed carefully but quickly into a 
chapter of real significance. Next year, the 
pinnacle ot Phi Kap hopes materializes as we 
move into a fine new section, House CC. For 
us it was a year of high progress, a year to be 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 

Black and Gold 

Phi Kappa Sigma' s ivelcome returning alumni 
■with their "Pitt and Penduhnn" display 
shoii-ing the Duke pendulum cutting oJJ 
a panther head surrounded by Duke ii-ins. 

The first and second semester leaders of Pi Kappa 
Alpha irere Jim Cai-enaii^h from Goldsboro, North 
Carolina, and Buddy Heachan, of Miami. Florida. 

Pi Kappa Alpha (L to R) 1st nnv: D. Askin. D. .\laimz, ]. Sears, ]. Woolery. 2nd 
row: U. I. Benson. B. McMillan, R. Vanderheek, /. Booker, F. Dohhs. 3rd 
rou ; B. Brnhaker. 11". Spedwan. B. Linton, A. Bjonte^.ud. D. Shanklin. IC. Radeker. 

Brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha returned to 
school in September with high hopes for an- 
other successful year. Starting the year oft 
right, we built a homecoming display good 
enough to place second in the judging. Open 
houses, the Christmas dance, the Kdgemont 
party, Joe College — all were done in top-notch 
PiKA form. As for sports, the crimson tide 
set few records, hut a basketball championship 
satisfied us. 

Somehow, though, when \'ou start looking 
back over the year, it is the other things that 
count: Brownie out ot gas, Tink's intellectual 
orgies, a head through the door and "Jimmie" 
— the day-to-day living that binds and holds 
any group together. With this abundance ot 
friendship and this loyalty to Fraternity ideals, 
it couldn't have been anything but a great 
year for the pledges and actives of Pi Kappa 
Alpha of 195 5-56. 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding; Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 
Colors (i 


Blackened Pi Kappa Alpha natives set off 
on a Joe College safari carrying liimter 
I.eii- Marvin, iieapons, and supplies for 

iheir joiniiry through the li-ilds of Durham. 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha are, on first row, (L. to R.) : /. Burger, B. Beane, /. Du \ 'all, P. Brewer. Second row : G. Herndon, 
/. WHtiams, D. Bran, K. Knake. /. Cazrnaiigh, B. Kunble, B. Barker, D. Player, T. Weher. Third row: V. Moore, T. Prizzi, 
K. Crimson, J. Robertson, B. Brou-ne, J. Meador, D. Bolinger, D. Xealy. Fourth row: C. Cook, B. DePiiy, D. Center, N. Harley, 
N. Kerstetter, G. Meyer, B. Clark, B. Beacham. Fifth rou-: /. Darling, H. Watson, R. Ray, B. Fore, F. Johnson. R. Faber. 
Sixth row: F. Yarborough, /. Jaeger. L. Simmons. D. Huffman. A. Booray. G. Sutton. B. Zenda, J. Coivie, B. Weitzman. Miss- 
ing: T. Bosivorth, L. Cleveland, L. Gardner, M. McDorman, L. Marvin, B. Talman, C. Tinkham, H. Valentine, J. Wells. 

Pi Kappa Phi 

IIK<I', Ir: /'. Erlenbach, W. Hilles, S. IWIer, /. Ki/ik. D. I.oirtt. K. .\Lissn; I), dill. W. Iwn-h.wJ. E. llnimrr. Ir 1. Gilcott. 
I). Qiiiirrlfhiiimi, G. Farmer, \V. Diinkin, D. Umierum/ii, f. Roth. (,'. Lodrn, H'. Boyrr. ^^■. K. Fischer, /. Il'.iv, A. Hjrris, 
R. Dixon, R. Clayton. T. Clark, E. Hrach, T. hey. 4r: C. Munch. /'. Dircoisin. C. Hy/mm. M. Dehriihl. G. Smith. R. Hohner. 
W. Smith. 5r: W. Connor, /. Lane, C. Cleaveland. W . lohnson, R. Reece, T. Robins, If. Spencer, C. Riedler, R. Mejo. 


'FTT^'rpr^ r^7. 

Mi/ii/>i-rs iif tin- I': K.ipp.i I'ln plaifif chsi jrr, iin tIk' tirst row from left to right: 
F. Browrison, R. Carr. R. MacEireii. Second row: /. Merritt, D. EriLin, R. Bevis, 
D. Jordan, K. Stratih. R. Denise, E. Stables. Third row: E. Skeel, /. Briilon, E. Fisher, 
M. Bender. D. Gorbain. Absent were N. Courie, J. Turner, S. Wittenstein. 

Presidents of I'l K.ipp.i I'ln Jr.ilri iiil\ \.n, lh,N 
Ltrvett Jrmn Dhon, Illinois, during the first 
semester, and Charles Hyman frmn Dillon, South 
Carolina, for the second half of the school year. 

Football weekends ushered in a busy social 
calendar for the Pi Kap's. However, the party 
life of Homecoming was supplemented by a 
little work as the brothers decorated the front 
of the section with "Murray's Meat Grinder." 
Cabin parties at Crabtree, open houses in the 
section, and gate parties continued to provide 
diversion during the fall — not to mention the 
many weekend trips to the Saddle Club or 
the Castle. 

The 1955 Rose Ball was the highlight of 
first semester activities as the brothers elected 
Carol Pulver as their Pi Kap Rose. Then, a 
new year and spring time brought its inevitable 
good times: Our Pledge Dance honoring an 
outstanding group ot new members, Joe Col- 
lege and Les Elgart with the accompanying 
round of fraternity parties, and the climax ot 
a successful year, the house party at Myrtle 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 


Gold and White 

At the Pi Kappa Phi display, the husky 
Pittsburgh Panther is being cut dou-n to 
bite size by the Duke football team, here 
represented by ".Murray s .Meat Grinder." 

sidriils of 

/>■,// I. ml, 

'hi Boh Dukf 

mi ad-cisors. Ist r: /). Smith. R. Ripph; E. A. TJiuLwder. 
r. ir.,/Wo. :nd r; If. Has. L. Rainett. C. Ahhoii. C. lad; ]. .McAnallx, D. Htirm. 

SAE plrdii 

This year Sigma Alpha Epsilon's rituahstic 
and social programs centered around the com- 
memoration ot their 100th birthday. The Duke 
chapter, North (.'arohna Nu, celebrated the 
Centennial with the Davidson, University of 
North Carolina and North Carolina State 
chapters at a dinner at the Hope Valley Coun- 
try Club. The broadcast from Tuscaloosa 
dedicated to the occasion took the place of 
after-dinner speakers. 

Social functions included open houses during 
the football season, gate parties, and weekend 
get-togethers; second semester, the SAE's 
gave their traditional spring formal. Life in 
the section centered around protecting the 
Lion from extraneous coats of paint or confis- 
cation by other fraternities. SAE's throughout 
the year were known for their hats, their 
parties, and their members who were out- 
standing in all phases of Duke activities. 

National Founding Date 


Local Founding Date 


Number of Cliaptcr.s 


National McnilKTsliip 


Local Mcmbcrslii|) 


C:olors 1^1 

pic and Gold 

'/'lir fjiiijiis Wiir nriil prisrntf j powerful 
Sifii/u Alpli.t Epsilon football star -with 
the remains of a slaughtered Pittsburgh pan- 
ther in the SAE's homeconiing display. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 


The members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity are as follows, on the first row : /. Duncan, E. Pace, D. Saunders, T. Walkley, 
If. Parkinson. Second row : R. Aubry, J. Schivarz, D. Baker, F. Hearn, R. Dickey, B. Dodd, H. O'Callaghan, L. Savage, F. Max- 
son, B. McGranahan. Third row: F. Stuart, G. Bouse, H. Cu?nmins, L. Schillings, T. O'Callaghan, B. McMann, D. Smith, 
D. Hurm, R. O'Konski. Fourth row: //. Givens, T. Wilson, J. Gilbert, L. Armstrong, D. Weidman, B. Little, J. Bates, P. Dun- 
ning, T. Sumner. Fifth row: H. Lamotte, /. Ca?nphell, D. Stone, R. .Martin, T. Ingersoll, D. Stout, f. Stull, A. Masius. Sixth 
row: L. Fort, P. Taggert. B Ritter, ]. Wagenvoord, D. Coughlm, G.'Bmney, B. Richardson, R, Crawford, C. Dan, and /. Davis, 


Sigma Chi 

Hwfhrrs of Smim Chi ,ir,- ,is fo/ln-is, ktt u< nglit, tlu- tir^t row : /. Cr.i/t. I'. C.Mn. li. Flflther. /. ( /. Rohirls. D. R.unh. 
Second row: B. Ulswr, B. Monikw, II. l-anrnKtr. C. Moiiror. I). H.nt/ii.w, P. Stlmtiaii, B. Merz. R. Mayer. Ihird row: 
a. Carroll, B. Smalhers, T. Thmnas. B. Zolkr, /. Caherl. II. fohnson. H. Holden, T. Colmey. Fourth row: B. Beeson, C. Sadler, 
A. Taylor. B. Anderson, G. Goodson. D. Rosenthal, R. Otter, E. Soiiell, /. Tarlton, /. Carlisle. Fifth row: C. Bentz, B. .Miller, 
I. r.K^ehton. I. I.inlzemch, B. Berhnard. H. l.aKala, B. I.atimore, .V. Seiiell. S. Cnhfield, /. Smith, D. Kemp. Missing: E. Smmis, 
(,. Ihitro'^: G. I'errine. B. Ka\. /). BIjckislone. I). Sicholson. /. .\/e-r,i,M«. /'. Bo\d. ( . \iri^iii, B. Shoemaker, S. .\imefee. 


T/;c pledges of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, from left to right, the first row: 
C. Bochtelte, R. Royal. M. McNally, IC. Springston. On the second row: D. Denne, 
R. Collins, ]. Elder, S. Menefee, R. West, and T. Hutchinson. On the third row: 
H. Osborne, T. Tompkins, T. .Moore, G. .Mitschele, W. Northop, and P. Van Wyck. 

The presidents of Sigma Chi, for the first and 
second semesters respectively, urre seniors Dave 
Hartman from East Gretnirich, Rhode Island, and 
Carl Bentz who hails frofn York, Pennsylvania. 

The year 1955-56 proved to be a period of 
great progress for the brothers who wear 
the White Cross. With the completion of 
our new chapter room this fall, Sigma Chi 
could lay claim to one of the most attractive 
fraternity sections on the campus. Early 
in the spring semester, the close of rushing 
found us with a roster of outstanding pledges 
who added fresh enthusiasm to the many 
fraternity projects. 

As usual, the social calendar was jam- 
packed. In February, the annual Sigma Chi 
Sweetheart dance was held at the Carolina 
Country Club; then spring vacation provided 
a pleasant vacation before the brothers re- 
turned to resume college activities. While the 
suntans faded, Duke Sig's were hard at work 
on their Joe College float, hoping again this 
year to return to the Sigma Chi's the "Most 
Beautiful Float" trophy. 

National Founding Date 


Local Founding Date 


Number of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local Membership 


Colors Blue and Old Gold 

With Bnhhie Bel! as their .]neen and a giant 
replica of their pin, the Sigma Chi's cele- 
brate their Centennial by winning the 
prize for the most beautiful parade float. 


The I'nshiftil of the Si!(//ui \u fraternity, Joe Mc- 
Creery, conies from White Sulphur Springs, M'est 
Virginia, ami is a member of I'hi Beta Kappa. 

S. .V. pleJ^ies. First r 
/). MiilthLmd. \V. Br. 
.4. Brut. D. Kreps. \ 

\ I. X.isli. I . Sproh-s. r. Black. .\ . 
/•s. \/. //,,w;,,(. I. Redmond. I.. Terry. . 
Copeland, C. Sander. T. Taylor, R. 

■ight. F. Schaelfe: 

The year 1955-56 was a busy one for the 
brothers of Sigma Nu. Beginning in the fall 
we sponsored open houses on football Satur- 
days; the Pitt game found us building a flores- 
cent homecoming display. Then came the 
Christmas season which was celebrated at a 
party with the Alpha Chi Omega's for the 
children at Edgemont cummunity center and 
with a formal dance at the \\4ishington Duke 
featuring Philmore Hall. 

Besides working on fraternity projects, 
brothers were active in campus activities: 
some Phi Beta Kappa's, an editor, a few presi- 
dents and a tennis champ. Joe McCrcery was 
a commander, one member put in many hours 
to become next year's football manager, one 
was awarded the psychology department's 
Montgomery Mouse, and Sigma Nu was repre- 
sented in ]Vho\<! Who in Aviericaii C.oUe{>.es and 

National Founding Date- 
Local Founding Date 
Number of (Chapters 
National Maiibcrship M.nil.LTship 
Colors Black, tiold 

',/;/.( gather to T.Latch the Bine Devils and 
hers hattle in the jnniile. at the Sigma 
honiecominii display, '•Dnie Captures 
.-ifrican Trophy from I'lttshiirgh." 


Sigma Nu 

Hr:,thrn of Si'i„u .\„, .,ii 1 st n>u : R. AV.j/, ,S. Sf.ri/c, S. Cotton. D. Sii-trt. 2nd row : E. Gilbert, G. Hamnck. X. BrifiRs. \. Hig- 
tiim, D. Uilioii, J. McCmry. J. Berger, D. Cobble, E. Morris, B. Finney. 3rd row: D. Wyrick, R. Azar, L. Coulthurst, F. .\U- 
hamta, G. Brooks, B. Lee. If. Krmmick. H. Yoh. W. Harstine. 4th row: D. Copeland, B. Townsend, /. King. F. Speakman., 
]. Wyrick. R. Te?nple. C. Kimble, W. Outten, T. Trice. 5th row: A. .\iosrie, L. Flamigan, T. Cracknell. G. Wright, L. V Anson, 
A. Hock. P. Wagner, K. Whitney, T. Johnson, E. Lnese. 6th row: /. Ste'u.-art. R. l.arese. I.. Graluim. J. Murray. V. Hughes, 
D. Kreps, C. Leu-is. J. Glass, J. Bosch, ]. Dean, J. Seltzer, B. Tracy. Absent: /. Porter. R. Carpenter, /. Day, D. Pickett. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Mrwh-n ofSiKWn Vln Ep.ilonfr.n 
row: /. S,-U,-Ts. W . ILimci. E. (, 

,,r,: (l..t..R.).hrMn.u : C. \li,ll,„ILu,.l. H. K,>n„n. /), llorurll. W. (unrison.Scamd 
II. Wflh. /■■. GotllhirJt. lliird rc)« : If. WMbr, I). Stover. E. jolim. R. Hntheniiil. 


rit\ on the first r( 
ond row: Dennis Sti, 
I..irry Wwecoff. Br. 

: Bruce Uhl'v. Dai-ui Hayes, John Norville, Dick Huher. Sec- 
, Williatn Morns. RamUU Moore, BUI Norman. Third ro« : 
Brooks, Norman Peterson. Frank .\lcGreg,or, At Lasasso. 

Senior Ed Gimlher,nxho comes fro7>t Neil' York.iras 
the President of Sigma Phi Epsihn social fraternity 
and IS a memher of Pi Tan Sigma and A.S..\I.F. 

In September, 1955, there occurred a gather- 
ing in section AA, Duke University which 
resulted in a year of social and academic 
achievement for the "fraternity with a heart." 
The returning brothers of Sigma Phi Epsi- 
lon launched the new school year with 
justified confidence and a spirit of unity and 
brotherhood which was to be matched only 
by the leadership qualities that were found 
among their membership. 

First of the many social events was the 
party celebrating the redccoration of the 
chapter room; the cabin party a few weeks 
later was a change from the usual open house 
occasions. VVe will remember also Don Bos- 
well's guitar music, John Sellers and his 
Canadian tam, Don Stover's new Chrysler, 
the fun and study around the section — all the 
big and little things which made it a good year 
for Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Membership 


Red and Purple 

Sigma Phi Kpsiton n-orked long hours to 
complete this lielcome to their alumni in 
irhich they predict that the Blue Peril 
uill push the Panther up the skyscraper. 


Senior Ted Taub, a pre-law student coming Jrom 
Tampa, Florida, iras President of Tail F.psilon Phi 
for the second year, an F.A.C. and on M.S.G.A. 

The 1956 pledge class of Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity (Left to Right) front row 
iV. Gerher. H. Waldermim, and P. Granoff. Back rou : L. Rosenblatt. /. Flicke 
L. Spector. R. Loiitt. and S. Kehlman. Side: /. Finh. M. Korotkw, and /. Frudnia^ 

It was a bright Durham sun that greeted us 
hist September as we once again took our 
places in the cellars of old BB. Little did we 
expect that this would be our last year below 
ground — where the pipes are a-plenty. As 
Chancellor Ted Taub banged the gavel, the 
first gruelling round of the 1955-56 encounter 
saw us preparing a hne social calendar, be- 
ginning with our second annual Homecoming 

Our (Christmas party held at the Southside 
Nursery was again highly successful, and 
truly indicative of the TEP creed — serving for 
the love of service. Fraternity life took on full 
meaning as we worked together on many 
projects and enjoyed the friendship and high 
spirit that prevailed among the members; now 
all eyes look to next year as we carry high 
hopes for a ver>- bright future in our new- 
section . 

N; I'ouiidiiig Date 
Loeal Founding Date 
Number of Chapter.s 
National Membership 
Local Mciiilicrship 

After irorking long into the night, brothers 
of Tall Epsilon Phi finished their uelcanie 
to the alumni ii'ho returned to Duke 

( aiiiluis for the fall homecoming iirekenii. 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Tau Epsilm Phi (L-R), kneeling: G. Forges, ]. Gardner. \t:S. Siege!, A. Roseii/ehi, A. Rose, T. Twh, M. Marks, E. Lichten- 
stein, J. Levitiv. 2 r: R. Nolan, S. Kaimn. H. Block, H. Glass, A. Rotner, A. Markoff. } r. R. Green, /. Cohen, C. flecker. 
S. Suskind, R. Wasserman, M. Sentlou-itz. Missing.- R. Horin, D. Lvman, A. Cohen, A. Fox, L. Monber, /. Hedelman. 


Theta Chi 

lirothrrs of Thrt.i Cli, .in- llic follrnaria. (l.-iO. "" tlic I r: \/. Rolrrrs. C. Ihiis-. S. Sirirm. 2 r : I). Mernin. I'. Mitchell. 
S. llMimn. R. lliiK. r. )>«/, /). .\V/.vw/, S. Ko,nm,r. ! r: K. li.trms. /. (Jir/is. I-. \r,llu/,iso,i. T. H>,.i://r. H. Mull. C. Hol- 
lowi. n. Drjh. 4 r; H. F.lvrlnii. li. liniilurt. I). (inJIr,), /. Ahiin. K. Deind: li. KiimrJ. T. Miiniz. R. VnM. 

Thm Ou pMan-, Isr rou-; A. li'wlnr 
I'. Siioii; ]. I'nnier, C. Hiitduuii. ZnA n 
fen, T. Vickett. /. Harper, D. Cki 

/. l'iird\, F. Sivofford, B. DeMoiiterire, 
: R. Thrasher, P. Olejar, L. Brooks, C. /</- 
CO, C. Choiite. Absent, C. MacKeiizie. 

Seiners Duk HiiRjrom Perms Groie, Xe-u.- [ersey, 
and Buddy Hynson. ii-ho comes from \\'ashiiiv.ton. 
North Carolina, led the brothers of Theta Chi. 

Starting our 100th year, the brothers of 
Theta Chi set sail upon the blue waters of 
Methodist Flats. Sirens lured away the hearts 
and pins of some of our stalwart crew on this 
perilous voyage. Making port for the Home- 
coming celebration, all hands stormed the 
Castle, a seizure which was overwhelmingly 
successful. Our next port was Shoe and Slipper 
Weekend — a refueling stop which everyone 
seemed to enjoy. 

An Alpha Chi Omega-Theta Chi Christmas 
party at the Cerebral Palsy Hospital was 
followed by a serenade at East and Hanes 
House. Later on, our sturdy whaler returned 
from the Freshman Quad with new hands. 
The Dream Girl dance was the first lowering 
for the new arrivals. As we again hoisted sail, 
the ship fared well until we were beset by 
perilous storms — but port was reached safely 
as exams ended and June brought freedom. 

National Founding Date 1856 

Local Founding Date 1949 

Number of Chapters 1 1 7 

National Membership 40,000 

Local Membership 37 

Colors Military Red and White 

]\'ith a touch of the Old World, the Theta 
Oil's float, 'foe College Goes to i'enice," 
pictures the popular Italian city and 
eier-popiiLir attraction. the gondola. 


Vresidfnt of Zetii Beta Tau fraternity ivasStan Israel, 
a senior history ?najor from Flushing, New York, 
li-ho u\is also an F..4.C. and served on M.S.G.A. 

'/MTpledaes (L to R) 1st row: H. Barahan. J. Levin. R. Harris. 2nd row: R. Bomze, 
L. Breslov.; A. Jules. F. Falkenberg. 3rd row : D. Blatt. L. .\Iogol, F. Grae, R. Kempler, 
/. Glaser, P. Schiiritzer. R. Kargon. Absent: F. Xey and R. Mdhanser. 

The men of Zeta Beta Tau rerurned this 
year to begin another year at "Dear Ole 
Duke." Amidst the clamor of football season, 
our open houses and the Homecoming dance 
provided the brothers with many social func- 
tions. Around the quad, ZBT's were in almost 
every major activity; Marv Botnick presided 
for S'n'S, Bernie Rineberg headed IF(', Sam 
Jacobson was on Judicial board, and Dick 
Jacoves and Art Rodensky were cheerleaders. 

The brothers displayed prowess in scholar- 
ship by amassing an all-fraternity average ot 
2.5, with Brother Galinski making Phi Beta 
Kappa, and twelve men joining the dean's 
team. The year's experience contains only one 
sad note: the realization that June will find 
our seniors scattering to various sections of 
the country. To them we extend the best of 
luck and a personal invitation to return to 
Alpha L'psilon. 

National Founding Date 

1 898 

Local rounding Date 


Number of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local \Un,bcrslnp 

5 3 

Colors HUic 

md Wlme 

./ cat, the Pittshtirgh Panther, on a hot 
tin roof, the Duke Blue Devil, is the 

ihenie chosen for the homecoming disflay of 
the /lil's lo -,irlcomc hack ihar alii/nni. 


Zeta Beta Tau 

ZBT, 1 r: M. Levy, A. Rodensky, M. Botnick, S. Israel, A. Book, B. Rineherg, P. Kolko. Iv.H. Berman, B. Bleclmian, S. Faye, 
A. Kaufman, A. Greenherg, H. Rothfeder, J. Dorkin. 3 r: ;\/. Boro, D. Galinsky, M. Riibel. D. Tolmach, R. Jacoves, R. Besser- 
man, M. Nitsberg. 4 r: B. Goldstein, M. Feman, E. Lidz, M. Temko, S. Jacobson, S. Abrahams, M. Rose, R. Ginsburg. 

'I'ciuiis (Mints, West ('.Jinjvis 




































Pla\ing one of the roughest schedules in the 
history of Duke football, Coach Bill Murray's 
Blue Devils again recorded for the third straight 
season a final tally of seven wins against two 
losses and one tie. After defeating three 
relatively light teams, the Blue Devils were 
pitted against four of the strongest teams in 
the country: Rose Bowl champions, Ohio 
State University; the University of Pittsburgh; 
Xavy, Sugar Bowl champions; and Georgia 
Tech, last year's C^otton Bowl winner. 

The highlight of the '55 season was Duke's 

20-14 victory over Ohio State at Columbus, 
enabling the Blue Devils to preserve their 
unbeaten record against Big Ten competition. 
Quarterback Sonny Jurgenson was injured 
prior to the Homecoming contest with Pitt, 
however, and when this misfortune was com- 
bined with the strenuous schedule, the Blue 
Devils were forced into a mid-season slump. 
Nevertheless, Duke climaxed the season by 
defeating South Carolina, Wake Forest, and 
their rugged half-century rivals from Chapel 

The larKrsf si.uiiuiii in thr AlLinlK Cn.isl Coiifemue is Didr's w.isnir Iwru-shoe-sliaped arni.i -ciih iis srating capacity of over 50,000. 


^; Ohjrli,- Smith looks on idiil,- H,;iJ Co.uii BUI 
'.■3f MiirTiiy discusses stnxle\>y ivith his press box 

scouts during the game Ti-ith \orlh Carolina. 

^ ii M 

Ihik/s JVS^ rleiai , 
h.ihs Hagter, Chucm, . 
Third ro-w— Rose. AU 
Harris. Fifth row- J 
\US\tlh. KrcJkh. K 

The Team 

SoNfix Sorrel/ i. 

Shi Drlfuhh I 

' s rrcorj of sei-en victories, t-^„ I w> uul.ui,-. Ir..nt n.u i kir to right ) CiLichcs Clurlir Siiinli. HohCn. linh Moiiijor,, I „„i < l'Hn\U . ( j^.uli Hill Wiin 
m Falcone. Herschel CMijell. I r.nner Hob Clhvnhen. Second ro«— .S'orrW/, RMs, Kocoiirek, Murray. Caphuii Ihnlijield. Sehon. Hardin. I'ascal. Fapcrm 
rk. .\UI'.lhxne\. Stanley. Benwn. Deloatch, Jurgemon. Knotts, Boyd. Fourth row — Brodhead, Blaney, Clayton, Diipler, Madden, Post, Battel, Clayton, Rushton, 
, Brotherton, Recmella, Crjzart. (ireybeal. Culler, Scudieri, Harris, Bailey, Rudy. Sixth row— Culp. Cox, Hurm, Guy, Beasley, Atherholt. .McGaughey, Hoch. 
th row— Park, manager, Padget, Bass. Briilon, Kersey. Thompson, Hagie, Long, Laltimore, Harrison, Honeycutt, .4hsent from picture are Topping, Pierson. 

Ronnie Falls— C 

ir, I). Fesperman — G 

Doug Knotts— T 



N. C. State 


An unidentified Blue Devil makes a diving unkle lug,h uukle on S. C. Sr.ile's fleet halfback Xitk 
Christy as a would he Wolfpack Mocker arrives ton late to provide the necessary interference. 

Dale Boyd, Coach Bill Murray's new qiiarlerhack discovery, cuts tlin 
lonv. I'luil return as Duke Mockers Hal McElhaney. Boh Benson, and on 

Xh the Wolfpack dcfe 
otilcr Blue Devil p.ivr 

C'oiich Bill Murray and 
his star - studded Blue 
Devils opened their 195 5 
season at Riddick Sta- 
dium in Raleigh against 
the Wolfpack of N. C. 
State. After two hours ot 
play, which was hamp- 
ered throughout by a 
light rain, the Blue Devils 
emerged on the Ic^ig end 
of a 3 3-7 score. 

Both squads were 
plagued by fumbles, but 
Duke managed to con- 
vert the Pack miscues 
into scoring opportuni- 
ties. Sonny Jurgenson 
scored first for Duke, 
plunging over from one 
\ard out. Shorth after- 
wards. Bob Pascal raced 
for the Blue Devil's sec- 
ond touchdown, with 
Bryant .Mdridge follow- 
ing a tew plays later tor 
the third score ot the 
initial period. 1 hen late 
111 the second quarter 
Sophomore I'.ddie Rush- 
ton intercepted a State 
liass and raced ^9 \ards 
tor the fourth 1.1). 
Duke's final tally came 
earh in the second halt. 

Playing at Knoxville, 
Tennessee for their sec- 
ond contest ot the season, 
Duke's Bkie Devils beat 
back a stubborn Ten- 
nessee team 21-0. After 
tighting off two threats 
by the Volunteers early 
in the game, Duke 
marched 55 yards for 
their first touchdown; the 
drive was capped oft by 
a two \ard plunge by 
Bob Pascal. 

Late in the third quar- 
ter, halfback Bunny 
Blaney broke the game 
wide open with a brilliant 
S3 yard dash from the 
line ot scrimmage. It was 
the second longest run in 
the history of Duke foot- 
ball. The 'final Blue Devil 
touchdown came in the 
last period on a short 
scamp by Pascal. Jim 
Nelson added all three 
extra points. Although 
quarterback Sonny Jur- 
genson didn't score, he 
was the game's outstand- 
ing performer as his 
threatening and accurate 
passing was primardy re- 
sponsible for two of the 
Blue Devil Ibuchdowns. 

Duke draws fi 
quarter hack So, 

hlood mid- 
\ jurneiiwh 

through the first period as half hack Boh Pascal takes a handojf fn 
id hulldozes his 'H'ay through the Tennessee defense for a touchdown. 

Aided by near perfect Mocking, Duke's fleet half hack Bunny Blaney takes a pitchout from quarter 
back Sonny Jurgenson and scampers 81 yards for the Blue Devil's second score of the afternoon 



In rhcir tirst home game of rhe 
season, Coach Bill Murra\\s Blue 
Devils overwhelmed a supposedly 
tough William and Alary eleven by 
a score of 47-7. The Big Blue scored 
in rhe first quarter on a pass from 
signal-caller Sonny Jurgcnson to Bunn}- 
Blaney and then turned right around 
in the second period and pushed o\er 
three more touchdowns. At that time 
Coach Murray pulled his entire first 
team and cleared the bench. 

By capitalizing on many repeated 
William and Mary mistakes, the Blue 
Devils were able to score three more 
times in the last half. The Indians' 
only touchdown came mid-way 
through the fourth quarter following 
a beautiful 57 yard pass-play. 

'^ ^. 


The Millhllitr .irr.iili^is file litliiltis ..mii in, 1^1,1111,, l^-i i, .. ii//lol,-i the' 
tjrpj/ili/i jiisl prior !// tile home g.une with the W ithaw ,uhi \Liry Injiaiii. 

Duke 47 

William and Mary 7 

fur the Blue Devil's seieuth toiickloz 


Duke 20 

Ohio State 14 

Fr.,,,1; HMmr. Didrs Ww Devil. ,tid .ui exctllnit joh m keeping the 
fjiis jmiiscii rhroiit^lwiir the entire ii^me ii-itli the Biiehyei of Ohio Stjte. 

Earl\' in rhc season, Duke met Rose 
Bowl champions Ohio State Uni- 
versity before a throng of K2,000 fans 
at Columbus, Ohio. In the first 
quarter, the Buckeyes scored two 
quick touchdowns to gain a 14 point 
advantage. Late in the second period, 
a pass from Bob Pascal to Bunn\- 
Blaney clicked for a Duke T.D., and 
the halttime score read 14-7. in the 
third quarter the Blue Devils knotted 
the count when Pascal blasted over 
from one yard out. After State had 
run four plays, Duke marched 76 yards 
to go ahead 20-14, remaining unde- 
feated by Big Ten Competition. 

A Pjiilher defender reaches high over the outstretched arms of re- 
cfhtr Bob I'ascal to deflect a long pass from Sonny Jurgenson. 

A crowd of 31,000 fans watched tifrh ranked 
Duke lose at homecoming to an underdog Pitt 
team 26-7. Beset by fumbles and an alert 
Panther defense, Duke seemed unable to move 
against the big Pitt line. Pitt scored first on a 
37 yard pass play to go ahead 6-0, but Duke 
retaliated by scoring on a brilliant 75 yard 
pass from Sonny Jurgenson to Bunny Blaney. 
Jim Nelson added the extra point, and at half- 
time Duke led 7-6. In the second half Pitt 
managed in seven quick plays to make the score 
13-7. Duke penetrated to the Pitt 11, but gave 
up the ball on downs. Later Duke fumbled on 
its own 3 3, and the Panthers scored in just six 
plays to lead 20-7. Duke was able to control 
the ball for only three plays before punting to 
its own 45 where Pitt took over and marched 
for its final touchdown to humble Duke 26-7. 

Duke 7 Pittsburgh 26 

k,<J,r lulfhM-k /■:./ /Vm/ „uk,-i J,: hut v.uti, MIniipi U, in j hi^h M-n.,1 J n„i, S„>,>n l„rv.,;,so„. 


,«««*• :-f-??'^r%r *! 

^^ , *' 

■M, IJ^ij 


Duke's once-beaten Blue Devils fell prey 
to Georgia Tech's Yellow Jackets 27-0 before 
a rtred-up Teeh homecoming crowd in Atlanta. 
Pla\ing w ithout the services of Sonny Jurgen- 
son, the Dukes couldn't get going against the 
hard-charging Tech line. On the third pla\' 
from scrimmage, Dale Boyd fumbled on the 
Duke 31. Five pla\'s later Tech scored, kicked, 
and led 7-0. A few downs later Duke was 
forced to punt, and Tech scored again in three 
plaws. Wade .Mirchell's conversion gave Tech a 
14-0 margin which remained until the half. The 
Dukes managed to move to the Tech 30 in the 
third quarter, but Red Menger intercepted a 
Blue Devil pass and ran unopposed for Tech's 
third touchdown. Later Tech scored again and 
the game ended with Duke having bowed for 
the second straight week to a ranking power. 

Jimmy Thompson, iieorgui Tech's kaditiv. firounJ jj.i/ncf for the 
19^5 si\iso>!, is encircled hy a irhole host of lilne Deiil Tackters. 

Duke Georgia Tech 27 

nuke's SU Delojtch misses the t.icUe. hut m,w.ii(es to pnnch the hill nut of the .inns of the Tech H.ilfkuk. 

Duke 7 

Navy 7 

MuUie Coach, l-Mir i:,Jrl.,i:. hii.l.ll.s iiiih 
strareny planned for ihr ii.iliiiiini,. \t,l.. , 

The running Blue Devils and rhc 
passing Middies harried ro a 7-7 rie 
hetnre a crowd of 32,000 fans ar 
Balrimorc's Alemorial Sradiuni. \ei- 
rhcr team was able to score in the 
hrsr half. In the second half, Navy 
scored on an 84 yard drive. Duke 
then took the hall and started to 
move. But the drive tell short and 
Boh Pascal punted. Welsh hohhled 
rhc hall, ami Bunn\- Blanc\' re- 
coxered on the Na\ \- vV I'.ight 
pla\s later, Aldridge scoreil and 
jnn Nelson's kick rieil the score. 
A few plays later, Duke dro\e to 
rhe i\lidd\- ten; Nelson harcK' 
missed an angled held goal attempt, 
and rhe uanie ended in a rie. 


At full strength for the first time 
in weeks, the Duke eleven tackled 
the Gamecocks ot South Carolina 
in Columbia on November 12. The 
Blue Devils, in command ot the 
game from the start, smashed to a 
41-7 victory to spoil Carolina's an- 
nual Homecoming celebrations. 

Using its aerial game sparingly, 
Duke relied on a running attack in 
the routing ot its ACX^ opponent. 
Pascal circled right end for six 
yards to produce the initial touch- 
down; Aldrich made the second, 
while a Jurgenson to Sorrell pass 
provided the third. In the second 
half, Rushton scored once and Mc- 
Elhaney twice. 

A Rh„ 

■ Drill 

ni.l. u,l,l,o„„ 

,n Hill III,. 


'II, ilih l'\ ih, vji.lil.l hr 

Siiinh ( 


jiid ,7.1 

•/Hi ill,- Cjlli 

irod- kill <, 

sihir/ily III till- i(i(iniiil , 

(or ., I„„ 

Duke 41 South Carolina 7 


Carpmter is trapped In 

of Did; ./-/,/;,/m. /,, 

Duke 14 

Wake Forest 7 

Lr/I ,11,1 Sminy Sorr,ll hnjh ihroiii^h th,- \\\ik,- Form Mockcn and 
drives iiiiarlerhack Kenny Carpenter into the ground for a loriji loss. 


Wakr I'orcsr's Demon Deacons, con- 
rinuing in their polic)' ot being rough on 
big time compctirion, gave the Bhie DeviKs 
one of their hardest afternoons ot the 
season before finally bowing 14-7 to Duke's 
superior depth. Halfback Bob Pascal led 
the Methodist's cause by scoring two 
touchdowns and reeling ofl several long 
runs. The Blue Devils' noted passing at- 
tack was so hampered by the rain and wet 
tield rhar they were forced to resort en- 
nreU to their potent running game. 

Duke 6 North Carolina 

In rhc tirsr Arlantic (^oasr (Con- 
ference contest ever to be tele- 
vised to a national audience, Duke 
and U.N.C. fought one of the 
fiercest battles of their traditional 
scries before the Blue Devils were 
finally able to eke out a 6-0 
victory over the invaders from 
Chapel Hill. Last year Bill Mur- 
ray's chargers gave the Tarheels 
a sound drubbing, and this year 
the Carolinians were out for re- 

The first half was purely a 
defensive battle which found the 
Blue Devils halted several times 
within the Carolina 20 yard line. 
Finally, halfback Oliver Rudy 
was allowed to skirt the end on a 
30 yard run for the first and only 
score of the day, and the fifth 
straight victorv over U.N.C'. 


Tarheel halfback Ed Sutton takes a handoff from quarterback jiiii Reed, but Duke's 
Ronnie Falls cuts through the UNC line and downs him before he ciin net started. 

Halfback Oliier Rin 

ly takt 

•J .7 hando/f 

from .juarter 

back S 

•onny [tirzenson ai 

;,/ biilldn: 

zes Ins ii-ay thr/ji/sh 1 

he Carolina l„ 

le for nood yardaKC. 







' ^ 

^ m 

S _ ^S5^|g 






2'^(p^^ ' ^^^B^ ^ 








I . 





fhdr! I'J'il-U, Rhir Dn-ih postni a nuietren ,rn,i six mor,i this srason. Kneeling arc: Rohhy lor lUnns. Hiid-\ Allen, /oe Helmnnt. EJ lh\s/,„. 
.w,l Don C.uhnnw. Standing arc: «"/;//„■ \l,,}rr, jini Xriirow,: honor MoriiJn, Tony Hiiho-a-sl-y . ILnrs CIrmrnl. Boh I..d-M .unl l\vil Stl.mull. 

Didrs lie.hi h.ukethill muh, .iisciisu-: 
■ null ('.jpuiiii lot- Bilnwnt jini atlic, 

Although the Bkie Devils had, potentially, 
their best team since the days of the fabulous 
Dick Groat, Duke basketball suffered a medi- 
ocre season despite a record of 19-7. With an 
entire starting team returning and a host of 
promising sophomores back from last year's 
freshman team, which had been the best in the 
history of the university, there were many 
observers who thought that Duke might finish 
with the conference championship and perhaps 
even sweep through the N.CIA.A. 

But there were to be many headaches to 
plague head coach Hal Bradley and his assistant, 
Tony Drago, before the year was over. First 
came the news that captain Don Tobin, the 
leading defensive player on the squad, would 
not return to school because of scholastic 
difficulties; then, starting guard Jack Kalbfus 
was forced to drop out of school after the end 
of the first semester for the same reason. 
Added to that were Ronnie Mayer's injury in 
the Dixie C^lassic and some bad breaks which 
led to a number of needless defeats. 

But it wasn't all as dark as it may sound, for 
there were many bright spots in the picture. 
The victories over N. C. State and North 
Carolina; the surprisingly good performances 
turned in by sophomores Bobby Joe Harris, 
Jim Newcome, Paul Schmidt, Bucky Allen, and 
Tony Buhowsky; and, above all, the sparkling 
play of the Blue Devils' senior threesome, 
Ronnie Mayer, Joe Belmont, and Junior Mor- 
gan, kept Duke in the center of national 

Co-aiplji/i Im- Bthiiniil („i.,n/ 

lack Kalhjin a,tms 
doim hetwrrn Inn 
hinh - Jly'mg, Sniiili 
('arnima ftlayrri ajitr 
i^rjhhiNU llir nlmiiihl . 

The season's opener was played in the 
Indoor Stadium on the night of December 
2, with the Tigers of ("lemson providing 
the opposition. With Ronnie Mayer start- 
ing out in his accustomed roll ot high scorer, 
Duke romped to an easy 97-63 win. It 
was the first time in three years that the 
Devils had not broken the century mark 
in their opener, but the score was close 
enough to satisfy all. 

South Carolina was the next victim of 
the Devils, the Gamecocks falling before 
an 82-67 count. For the second straight 
game Mayer hit for 24, with Bob Lakata 
the number two scorer, hitting for 20. 
Warming up to their task, the Blue Dukes 
trounced Georgia Tech in the final game 
before Christmas vacation, 87-66; Mayer 
broke the 30 mark for the first time this 
season, and little Joe Belmont had his first 
big night, scoring 23. 

Continuing on their merry way, Duke 
made a three game trip into Pennsylvania 

iff Hiifer appears to he gifing Duke's ]u 
... VI.... /^..^.;; -^„* ;„*« *l... ,;* f,.^ 

Forest's Jim (iilte_ 
I lack- Kalhfiis 

and came away with victories over Penn, 
98-80, Villanova, 86-76, and Pitt, 92-54. 
In the three contests, Belmont was high 
scorer with 80 points, while Mayer had 
67 and Junior Morgan, 41. Belmont's 37 
against Penn was the best individual ef- 
fort of the northern tour. 

Once again it was Dixie Classic time, 
and Duke opened the annual afiair with a 
71-54 win over Wyoming, as Mayer again 
hit for 24. The Blue Devils drew North 
Carolina in the second round, and after 
leading by as much as 17 points, fell apart 
when Ronnie Mayer slammed into the 
fioor and opened a couple of huge cuts in 
his chin; the shock must have thrown Duke 
ofi" stride, as they dropped the game, 74-64. 
It was their first loss of the season and 
ended a seven game winning streak. In the 
final game of the Classic, the Blue Dukes 
stopped Wake Forest behind Joe Belmont's 
23 points, 64-52 to take consolation honors. 


Duke's Hoh I.du,l.i hmiKS Joix;i 

hotimi but is fouled by Maryhnd's utiard. Bob 

O'Brien, before he can pass off to Ronnie Mayer. 


In rhcir rtrsr gaiiK' of rhr new \x-.\r, 
rhc Dcxils tell piv\- ro Wake loresr, a 
ream rhar Duke had beaten less than a 
week before. Jack Kalbfus led rhe 
scorers in rhe 84-71 loss with 19 points. 
Then, with Joe Belmont putting on one 
of his best ball-handling exhibitions and 
pouring 25 points through the hoop, 
Duke upset N. C. State 68-.'>8. Follow- 
ing that upset, Duke won the remaining 
three games on its schedule before 
the end of first semester, beating South 
Carolina, b.^.fZ, Clemson, 109-SO, and 
Maryland, 76-62. 

At this point the Blue Devils had a 
12-2 record and seemed to be ready to 
make their move to the front, but then 
came the news that Kalbfus would be lost 
for the second semester. With Jack out 
of the lineup, Duke dropped its first 
game after the two week exam break, 
81-76 to the Kentucky Wildcats. Trail- 
ing by as much as 20 points in the last 
half, the Blue Devils, sparked by Bel- 
mont and Lakata, put on a rally, but 
didn't have quite enough steam to over- 
take Adolf Rupp's Wildcats. On their 
return to the Indoor Stadium, Duke, 
led b^' sophomore Bobby Joe Harris' 
last halt shooting spree, downed North 

The Devils pushed their record up to 
15-3 by beating Maryland, 82-70, and 
V^irginia, 74-59, before dropping two in 
a row, the first to Wake F"orcst in an 
80-77 thriller, and the second to N. C. 
State, 90-8 1 , in another game which saw 
Duke rally from a large last half deficit, 
only to fall just short of victory. Moving 
into the last two weeks of the regular 
season, Duke whipped Navy, 93-70, and 
Virginia, 92-58, before bowing to North 
(Carolina, 7 3-65. Only two Blue Devils 
managed to score more than four points 
in rhe loss to the Tarheels, Mayer 
getting 32 and Belmont 19. 

Closing out their regularly scheduled 
games, Duke trounced a supposedly 
strong George W^ashington team, 90-71, 
as Ronnie Mayer cut the cords for 25 
points, while G. W.'s All-American Joe 
Holup was held to 13. 

/;«; Xt-^-m>/ii- fiiills rhe hill dfn 
luiSs Irrry Wnuli bejor,- he e,i 

■„ off the 
' i/iAr rh, 

hoarJs. hut 

rsily of Kent ink) 

is foiiUit h\ Ca 
to lumor Mori, 








Fiir luinh sho\i-inii. hut llir 
four Virv.w<a oim f-ft ihr kill. 

With the regular season 
()\cr, Bradley sent his 
charges into the A. ('.('. 
Iburnament on a seein- 
ingly even footing with the 
rest of the Big Four. 
Maver and Belmont led 
the squad to an easy first 
victory over Maryland, 
94-69, scoring 27 and 26 

Playing against N. C. 
State, the team that went 
on to win the champion- 
ship, the Blue Devils had 
the w orst oti-night ot the 
season, hitting for only 
26.8% from the floor, and 
bowing by a 91-79 tally. 
JMnishing up their collegi- 
ate careers, Mayer scored 
22, Belmont S, and Mor- 
gan 7; and so the curtain 
dropped on another year 
of basketball at Duke. 

Seniors Ma>'er, Bel- 
mont, and Morgan were 
one-two-three in scoring 
for the year; Ronnie had 
55 3 points and a 22.1 
axerage; Joe had 440 and 
a 16.9 average, and Junior 
scored 29 3 points for a 
11.^. mark. The Duke Bhie 
Devils as a whole had the 
thud highest average in 
their historw SO. 6 per 

,hi hrps Ihr h.ill. 

Duke's Jim Xi-^^come anj Ronnie Mayer j>o liii^h 
into the air to out-rebound Carolina's Tony Rado- 
zich in the final contest of the Big Four games. 


vt-- '■( 


A no-hirrcr, a slugging rhird 
baseman who hit .429, and a 
young hurlcr who notched a 1.50 
earned run average paced the 
Duke baseball team through a 
season of rebuilding which found 
them posting a 10-11 record. 

On the surface this doesn't ap- 
pear to be impressive, but when 
one considers that six starters and 
three pitchers were sophomores, 
one may regard the 1955 season 
as being more successful than the 
record might indicate. 

The no-hitter was the high 
point of the season. It came in 
the final round of the Dixie 
Baseball (Classic, as the Blue 
Devils were playing Rollins ('ol- 
lege for third place in the tourna- 
ment, junior Tom Blackburn was 
making his first start of the 
season, and he made it a memor- 
able one. Striking out eight, he 
never gave the lars anything 
close to a base hit. The only 
Rollins hitters to get on did so 
through walks, one in the rhird 
and tv\() in the (ifrh; to make the 
game even more of a triumph, the 
hitters seemed to be catching the 
spirit of Blackburn's masterpiece 
as they routed their opponents 
10-0. This defeat was the first 
in thirteen previous decisions for 
Art Brophy, the ace pitcher ot 
Rollins Colleue. 


-H ^W 


niiki's Sijii/n liiriti-nson autographs a ball for a young local aJvi'irer u-hile Coach Parker inspects the i!a?i:age done to a nexi- catchers' mask. 

'^^^^I^^HB^ta^^^^^^^^l '' ^^^ «- \_- ^ ^fS^^Kf'^^^^^ 



The potential of next year's team 
can be inferred by considering the per- 
formance of a number of sophomores 
on the 1955 nine. Sophomore third base- 
man x\ndy Cockrell was the batting star 
of the season; his batting average of .429 
was enough to capture the number one 
spot in the A.C.C. Sophomore Harlcigh 
P'atzinger headed Duke's mound corps, 
posting a 5-1 won-lost record and holding 
the opposition to a 1.50 earned run aver- 
age. Only two seniors were able to hold 
down starting jobs, shortstop Dick 
"Mogo" Brewer and left fielder Dick 
Kreutzer. Senior Karl Dutschmann started 
the season in right held, bur sophomore 
Buddy Bass, on the strength ot his hard 
hitting, displaced Dutschmann betore the 

Secoihi haseman (,eiirv.r Horner kich ii/i J d'Jiid oj dinl .is h,- sli.lts ml,, thirj, slirhhiii^ his Jnir 'o nuhl JutJ 


Atlantic Coast Cr/iifi-rrmr hiriiiiii (Ihi/iipion Andy 
Cockrell confers 'with tram captain M/tgo Breurr. 

year was more than halfway over. 
Two returning starters, second 
baseman \V. D. Fesperman and 
first sacker Dave Kirkpatrick, 
faced stiff competition for their 
positions from George Hoover and 
George Atkinson; Sonny Jurgen- 
son also saw considerable action 
at second. Bernie Blaney, a light 
hitter but a flash on the base paths 
and in center held, rounded out the 
starting outfield. 

Inconsistenc)' in pitching and 
lack ot speed in fielding were major 
handicaps for the Blue Devils. 
However, the number of experi- 
enced sophomores and several stars 
from the freshman squad should be 
able to make the 1956 team the 
best that C^oach Ace Parker has 
had in his three years of coaching 
the diamond sport. 

Fint haseman Georv,! -itki/hon jx^/Hiji a/iii iunnul\ Im .1 h.i\i- hit /. 
Duke against N C State during a honii ganii pla\td «// tlif Diikr dun:' 



loil Slhiiik-tr. I)id/s hnltijiil trjd- 
iUr. n Ml,- „f llir i^milnr Jllilnrs 
rirr lo Ml,„.l rhr L„,ir 


Dave Sime hr, 
rhf tape in his 

lijsh of ).- seconds. 

Diirlhmi Laiishe, leading muscle man in the A.C.C., currently, 
holds the Uniiersity shot put record at U feet J' j inches. 

"The one-man gang" Joel Shankle and mus- 
cleman Durham Lawshc led a fine Duke track 
team to a 5-1 record and a third place finish 
in the 1955 A.C.C. meet. Shankle, the 
greatest track star ever to compete at Duke, 
was invincible in his favorite events, the 
high and low hurdles and the broad jump. 
His efforts in each of these were anioni;- the 
best turned in all over the country during 
the year. Shankle's top performance came in 
the rugged Penn Relays, where he copped 
two hrst place positions. However, (>)ach 
Bob (chambers faced a tremendous rebuilding 
job for 1956, with a group of 15 lettermen 
returning, plus a highly regarded crop of 
sophomores from the unbeaten freshman team. 
Expected to spark the 1956 squad is Da\e 
Sime, who has given every indication that 
he will follow in the footsteps of the im- 
mortal Joel Shankle. 



Although the Duke lacrosse team 
experienced one of its leanest sea- 
sons in years, there were several 
highlights in the season which kept 
the final outcome from looking too 
dismal after all. The Blue Devils, 
under the direction of Coach VV. S. 
(Jack) Persons, managed to look 
well on their home grounds, losing 
only to the University of Maryland 
who were the Atlantic Coast Con- 
ference and National Champions. 

The Joe (College Weekend con- 
test with Washington and Lee was 
one of the most exciting games of 
the season and will be long remem- 
bered by those who made the trip 
out to Freshman Field — especially 
those who were witnessing a la- 
crosse aame for the first time. 

Cnnli If. S. "/.iih" I'tnoiis .ii/./rcoc.v the Iviicli put prior to the opentns, iihistle 
r,f the «.!//«• hetu-eeii the HI tie Deiils .uhi the \\\uhiiiv.ton an J Lee (ieiierals. 

Piclnrui -^ith Huui ( o.uh II S ( / 

The- Blue Devils were plagued by 
injuries and lack of competent depth, 
and thus fell easy prey to the over- 
whelming manpower of the northern 
clubs like Army and Navy. Dick 
Saunders and Everett Anderson were 
the mainstays of the Duke team, but 
Saunders was injured in the Virginia 
game and was lost to the team for 
much of the season. Nevertheless, 
Saunders was selected to the third 
team all- American and was the clubs 
leading scorer with 20 points. Ander- 
son was the defensive stalwart for the 
team and again received honorable 
mention for all-Amcrican. 

There are only three schools in the 
Atlantic Coast C'onference which held 
lacrosse teams, Duke, Maryland, and 
X'irginia, and the Blue Devils came 
in behind the Terrapins to cop runner- 
up honors; in overall play the Duke 
stickmen won three while dropping 
six. This record was nevertheless good 
enough to enable the Devils to gain a 
three-way tie for hrst place in the 
Dixie League Title. 

F is^ f jp^^ 7f 1 

■imterson, l.mis. DrCordoi,,, H.nnn^ton, Ladder, Murray, Miller, Gerlhirt, ,wd l.annti. 

Soarr w.uh Jim Bly hoh on appwvinnly fwm the scorer's uhlv as his ho 
oiirp/.n ,iiid oinsiorc hi'ihly favortd rmshurv.h in llie si.isoii's op, 

Under rlic direction of Coach Jim 
Bly, Duke's 1955 soccer team 
posted one of the finest records in 
several years. In the past, soccer 
games have tailed to draw much of 
a crowd, bur this year more soccer 
fans than ever before supported the 
Blue Devils as they notched four 
victories against four defeats. The 
biggest win of the season came in a 
home contest against the Universit\- 
of Pittsburgh — a team which sub- 
sidizes its players and one that was 
favored to win by several points. 
In conference play, the Devils won 
two while dropping four; this record 
put them fourth behind Maryland, 
North Carolina, and \"ircinia. 


llldr . /V(* uur, h.oii. kruJinM liiilhnL-. KoJnnH. llru/.iJr:. I:jii„iii,. I .iiii,. I<i.iii,:,s .iil,l \lillli,'v.^. Mi.ldic row llrullir. ( r.ilii. lor,/.,, 
lorirs. Khilo.,, Colwry. I.och. .io,l (,oU. rou : Co.,,!, jim Hlx. /.,,/;,t;, \l,ul'lirrwn, Kohhim. S,;/I.i,i\ S.,,llrr, Aiuns. .iiut )o,,r 


Hampered by lack of depth and in- 
experienced runners, the Blue Devil 
cross country team underwent a 
rough and rock\- tall campaign. The 
Dukemen, under (^oach Al Buehler 
for the first time, came along fast 
tow ard the end of the season, but 
were nevertheless able to beat only 
Wake Poorest in six regular season 
contests. The best individual effort 
of the season was produced by 
Hanncr, who broke the course 
record in finishing first at the 
Davidson course. Had not two ot 
the Devil runners been forced to 
drop out because of injuries, the 
team might well have finished higher 
up in the Atlantic Oiast C'onference 

"hree of Coach At Buchler's harriers, Andy Leii-is. Henry U'rlh. and 
Xiir Peyton, start on a practice run of the fiir mile hnv Did-e course. 

Cross Country 


Thf Duke tennis team left tn right ai ihey v,Mher awind the net prior tn ,! tmteh "c-ith Wuim: (,reen. SJn/iunel. I lettleiihvi. Shiiy.jr. jnd Kol'f. 


Hohhy Green ami Captain IXive Seliimmel join forces to pr 
iiiice one of the finest donhles comhtnations in the conferem 

A once minor sport at Duke, tennis has 
fast become one ot the most popuhir attrac- 
tions on the spring program. Attendance at 
last ) ear's eight home matches boomed as the 
Bkie Devils enjoyed one ot their finest 
seasons in Duke tennis history. Coach George's S(iuad lost only twice in 15 starts. The 
loss to powerful Miami snapped the Blue 
Devils' nine-match winning streak, while the 
5-4 set back at the hands of the 'larheels 
forced the Dukemen to settle tor second 
l-)laee in the eonterence standing tor the 
second straight spring. 

Bu/./ Hettleman won 14 out of 15 singles 
matches, closeK followed 1)\- Bob (ireen, 
w lio had a ! ^-2 won-lost mark. Dave Schim- 
mel, the team captain, won all 15 of his 
matches and receixed the Rathburn Troph>', 
awarded annually to the most valuable Duke 
tennis pla\er. 

; ,, c)»j%n -'::^:^- u»i»^ 

Coach Ellis (Dumpy) Hagler looks on approi-m^ty as his mimber one golfer, 
Dennis Bolster, tees of for a practice round prior to one of the season's games. 

A trio of close defeats spelled the 
dirterence between a good season and 
an average one for coach "Dumpy" 
Hagler and his Blue Devil golt ream. 
Losses to Wake I'orest, A.C.C 
champions, ll^^-l^j^; Navy, 3-4; 
and North Carolina, 123 2-14V25 held 
Duke to a 5-4-1 record in dual 
competition. llowcNcr, considering 
that there were only three lettermen 
on the squad, there can be no dis- 
satisfaction with the results of \95'i. 

Individually, Bob Hackett and co- 
captains Harald Hansen-Fruss and 
Denny Bolster turned in sparkling 
performances. Hackett captured hrst 
place in the Azalea Tournament, and 
Bolster notched a fifth place in the 
Southern Intercollegiate, seventh in 
the A.C^CL, and advanced to the 
c]uarter-hnals of the N.C>.A.A. be- 
fore being set back by the tournament 
champion. Injured through the loss 
of graduating seniors of last year, the 
team is counting heavily upon re- 
turning lettermen, Terry Thomas, 
Clint loms, and Bob Rutfini. 


//,vi./ -^-reslluig. mentor Cannni h\,ltoii,' ami tr.uii cpuii, le,i^ Clhul^iul; lej 
the l'J5S-U, Blue Devil sqii.ui to its mtnt uucnsjid se.isuii in seveml vears. 


Led by the Atlantic Coast 
Conference's most outstanding 
wrestler, Hal McElhaney, Duke's 
1955-56 team posted one of its 
best regular season records in 
several years. Under the direction 
of Coach Carmen Falcone, the 
Blue Devils won four while drop- 
ping only two. Looking ever- 
powerful on their home mats, the 
Devils were overwhelmed by the 
Universities ot Maryland and 
Virginia in away contests. The 
conference title, which was de- 
cided b\' the tournament at (>)llege 
Park and won by the Terrapins, 
saw the Blue Devils come in third 
behind the C/avaliers of Xireinia. 

Duke's I'J^Wif, ix-restliiii^ squad, ti 
Head Ounh C.umeii Fjleone. Ciptr. 

lim Roth. Henry HolhfiM. ]ohn GrenK, Bill Meffert. Sam Mene/e, 
Chadiiick, Amos Keanis. George iVarlick. Hal AlcElhanex, an 

d Bill Losee: 
uw Coach Fr 


Captain Sam McMillan led the Blue 
Defih to a most successful season. 

A sophomore - studded 
Duke swimming team, gain- 
ing experience with every 
meet, ended its season with 
four straight victories to fin- 
ish with the highly-respect- 
able record of six wins and 
four losses. Under the tute- 
lage of Coach W. S. "Jack" 
Persons, the Blue Devils won 
three out of five in con- 
ference action to place third 
in the AX^.C. standings. In 
non-conterencc meets the 
Dukes submerged Georgia 
Tech, The Citadel, and 
W and L. 

Captain Sam McMillan, 
the only senior on the squad, 
starred in the sprints, as did 
sophs Steve Young and Ken 
Whitney. Kd Hardin, Bob 
DePuy,'and Boyd Falls, all 
sophomores, were the diving 
trio, a pair of sophomores, 
Emmett Pace and Gary 
Verhey sparkled with many 
firsts in the backstroke. 
Three more sophomores, Jim 
Pickens, Bob Weaver, and 
Rick Morgan, stood out in 
the breast stroke. 

Duke s-uihrnners; r 1 : Goldstein. 
Pace, Pickens, Hardin, DePuy. Fall. 
R 2 : Verhey, Morgan, Fletcher, Nel 
son, McMillan, Kempler, Roberts. 
Weaker, Russell. R 3 : Smith. 
Fanner, Niel, Murphy, Kuhlcr. 
Harrison, Soule, Fisher, Thomp- 
kins, Wetzler, Langer. R 4: Scott. 
Coach Persons, Gruhhs. Thompson. 
Byrne. Miller, .4iiman. Dean. 
Lourr, Dudley, .\taihiKer I'lersun. 



Sniinr Fmli-y Mjxmn from VittihiirRh, I'j. uw l9SU/9Sf, nilnrmnnil /luwJKf 


Because the nuniher of skilled 
athletes who make up the \\ir.sit\- 
squads is small in comparison to the 
overall number of sports enthusiasts 
on the Duke campus, the extensive 
Intramural program plays an im- 
portant role in the college lives of 
the average student. This year the 
program was headed by Finley Max- 
son, and it is through his hnc work 
that the intramural activities have 
been such a success. The teams are 
composed of men from fraternities, 
freshman dorms, and independent 
sections; and while the skill may fall 
far short of that exemplified b>- the 
\ arsity teams, the desire to win and 
the supporting spirit is just as intense. 

Whilr the skill may J\ill short of that of the Vitrsity, the desire Jor victory is tievertheless just as inteine 
as IS exemplified here in an intramural basketball game hetiveen Pi Kappa Alpha and the La-u: School. 


W.A.A. Board 



5 f)-|5 4^ C^ 4J| g 

W.A.A. lioani. 

I.. Clark, A. SimIs. ( 

/.'. //.(//, /). h'ii](X,vi. \t. Hochreiter. Second row: Miss Spangler, 
M. \\\hh: T. Moor,-, /•;. Kyster, B. Johnson, D. Senff, P. F.hsary. 

'I'hroiiv,li the oiilshinJinii r[jorrs of ihr hoard's jirrsidem. 
Hilly Ihrrs, atlilrlcs on EasI Campus nijoyrd a siiaessflil year. 


Woman's Arhlcric Association, com- 
posed ot officers elected by the campus, 
dormitory representatives, and chairmen 
of each sport, encouratied, led, and as- 
sisted Duke coeds in athletics. After 
sponsoring a freshman picnic, the board 
planned tournaments tor d(M!n, sorority, 
and individual competition. Trophies 
were awarded to the winners, and out- 
standing athletes received gold ke\'s. 
This \ear W.A.A. inxited prominent 
people in the sports world to the campus 
to gi\e demonstrations ot their skills. 
.\nother successtul project ot the or- 
ganization was I'Viday night open houses 
at the Tast ('ampus g\'m for coeds and 
their dares. 

The Nercidian Club selects each fall 
its members from talented swimmers 
from P.ast (/ampus and Hanes House. 
Throughout the year the girls worked 
on synehronized swimming, practicing 
each w eek for the water ballet presented 
in the Spring. The thirty-five swimmers 
in this )ear's group, headed by President 
Arlene Schmidt, were aided in their 
ballet program by girls who worked with 
costumes, lighting, and props to make 
the pageant, "Out of This World," a 
spectacle ot color and intricate figures. 
In addition to the two April per- 
formances in the W'bman's College Gym- 
nasium, Nereidian traveled to East 
C/arolina College in May to re-stage 
their colorful pageant. 

Iiniwr Arlene Schmidt, president of the Nereidum Club for this 
year executes n perfect backstroke in preparation for the spring shotr. 

Nereidian on the 1 st r 
Robehtirst, and Sydnii- 

Bowles. Schumacher, Humphrey, Dean, Day, Chambers, Hermes, Whyte, Simmons, Bolick, Learner, Quillian, Keim, Lerro, 
2nd r : Schmidt. Risien. Oexle. Hart. Cain, Todd, Barrin\>er, Parker, Anthony. Jacoby, Uhlrig, Nickel, Hodges, Grifi 



Tinsey Nelting, cen- 
ter, served as Modern 
Dmce Club president. 

The Modern Danct; (llub is composed of oirls 

T^T^r* -V T selected for rheir grace, poise, and individuality ot 

(J ]^^£<^ j\^J^ movement. The year's program of original dances 

composed and costumed by the members was one 
of the highlights of Mother-Daughter Weekend. The 
group, headed b\' President (^nthia Netting, at- 
tended an Arts Weekend in ( ireensboro to improve 
their dance techniques. 


Dance Club 

Cliih 1 r: Taylor, Spcirkes, Xeftinii, Fennell. IXmeho'u.rr, Johnson, Gii/in, Dai. 






■u ^^1 


1 l^HvX- « 







J**^ 3« sRH'' iVf^^Hn t "•'^ * 1 ,KI V 




1 « 1 

'\ S l*# i 




The Pegasus Club met each Friday at the 
stables to ride over the neighboring trails or to 
practice precision drills. In tryouts held in the 
fall, these equestriennes chose their members — 
girls who demonstrated ability in correct torm 
at a walk, trot, and canter. 

11;/.™/; J/;,/ //,;:;/■; 


77;,- Ijf.nh of /Vi;.; 
left to right: Ir^ji 
Kan, ami Per, 



The Woman's Arhlcric Associ- 
ation sponsored again this year a 
full program of intramurals for East 
(Campus coeds, nurses, and any 
graduate students who wished to 
participate. I'Or dormitor\' and so- 
rority teams, there were tourna- 
ments in basketball, Softball and 
\()lleyball, with trophies going to 
the winning teams. Additional tro- 
phies were presented to the dornu- 
tor\' ami sororitx' which had totaled 
the largest number of points b\ 
placing first, second or third in the 
diHerent areas of competition and 
to the dorms which had retained 
possession of a trophy tor three 
consecufixe years. 

Besides these team sports, W.A.A. 
sponsored tor individual competitors 
tournaments in ping-pong, badmin- 
ton, tennis, bowling, and assisted 
the Pegasus ('lub in the spring 
horseshow . 


atch, Bassetl sophomore 
Campus Boivling alley. 

Badminton is one of East's favorite sports, and here Ellie Kent 
ivitli an overhead hii^h stroke scores a point in an intramural match. 

The individual tournamcnrs 
were divided between treshmen 
and upperclassmcn in order to 
give freshmen an opportunity to 
become better acquainted with 
college athletics and still place in 
the intramurals. Winners of 
these individual tournaments 
were honored by having their 
names engraved on plaques con- 
taining a record of previous 
years' winners, and they re- 
ceived points towards \\''.A.A. 
certificates and gold letters 
which are annually awarded for 
outstanding participation in wo- 
men's athletics. 

Supplementing this competi- 
tion among groups and indi- 
viduals on the campus, \V.A.A. 
initiated this year a Basketball 
Club and continued to sponsor 
the Tennis and Hockey Clubs. 
These groups were composed of 
the top athletes in the sport and 
enabled Duke women to match 
skills with women athletes from 
neighboring colleges. 


l.jii-ii Concert, jfic Collci^c 















Bill 'I'lhior, till- Rimm-is Mamner of the Ch 

Beauty O^'een 

Harry Conover, originator of the famous Conover girl /m,M ,ui,l npr 
ator of a TV agency, judged the 19U: Chanikmimu hi\jiily amtii 

Bcnciuh tinsel stars sparkling in 
the soft lights of the Coed Ball 
\\ inter (Carnival, Margie Barring- 
ton was erowiied Chantici.kk.r 
Beaut)' ()ueen. The petite South- 
gate freshman appeared to he a 
fair\-princess complete with her 
own prince charming as she re- 
ceived the crown from Bill Tudor, 
this \ear"s business manager ot the 

( 'll \\ MCI I IK. 

i'ach dormitor\' nominated beaut)' 
contestants, and from a group ol 
nineteen finalisrs, Harr)' ("ono\'er 
chose Margie as the year's most 
beautiful Duchess. 


Margie Barrington, 1956 Chanticleer 
Beauty Queen, is a Southgare Freshman who 
comes from Dillon, South C>arolina. She is a 
member of Delta Delta Delta and is majoring 
in elementary education. 



An arrciiiianr ro rhc (ji am ici.i i.k lx'iuir\ 
()uccn, I'lxshinaii l'.\c Ragland lives in Browr 
I louse. I kr home is in l.irtleron. North Claro- 
lina, aiul she plans to iiia)or m I'.ntiiish. 



Rose Marie Hartcr was chosen b\- Mr. 
Conover as one of the honor attendants to the 
Beauty Queen. She is from Frankhn, Pennsyl- 
vania, and is a Sophomore in Nursing School. 



I'rcshman Bcrs\- l)a\', hailing 
from South Charleston, \\cst \'ir- 
ginia, is a member of Alpha Delta 
Pi Sororifw 












(^lara llanagaii, a Ireshman 
living in Bassett I louse, is a 
member of Delta Delta Delta and 
eomes from I'arnnille, \. C- 


A I'rL'shman trom Coronado, 
California, Darrha Brokcnshi re- 
lives in Alspaugh and is a member 
ol Kappa Kappa (iamma. 



On the Court for the second 
year, Sophomore Marilyn Grandt 
is a member of Kappa Alpha 
Thcta Sororitw 



Lucy \\ ilson, a Sophoniorc in 
the School of Nursing, comes ro 
Duke from ('happaqua, New- 



Junior Wy:^y Paul from W'in- 
sron-Salem, N. C. is a member of 
Alpha Delta Pi and is on the 
(>)urr for the third vear. 


From Manhasscr, Ncv\- York, 
comes Freshman Claudia Lie- 
brecht who is a member of 
Kappa K.ippa (iaiiinia. 


Bett\- QuiUian, a Freshman 
from Birmingham, Michigan, is 
a member of Kappa Kappa Gam- 
ma Sororirw 


Delta Dclni Dclra 

Alpha Delta Pi 


Kappa Alpha Theta 



Alpha Epsilon Phi 

Alpha Dclra Pi 



Alpha Delta Pi 




Hanes House 

After being cwwiieJ Duh IJo/mrowiiiK Hu'i'i M ihf I'tf R.illy un 1-ruLn L-jcmni-. Lois I'tiim 
nier reigned o^^er the .ijjw/c ivirh I'inshiiriih aihi the Homecoming IXince on S,inir,i,iy 


fhnn Ihmse presented ,r ''Homecoming, I'.is/, I'resenf. .,nd I'll- M C. of the I lonieiominv. Slion: lioh Wolff. ,i \\\uliinv.ton radio 

lire- shi -^-ilh Sue De Wine and^ Keller .as ainmni of l<)2(). announcer, dismisses flans Zi-itli a committee member Kit Wen. 








;/ tlu- muwphc 
li'ilh I'lttshiir^k. 

The hot October days plus a quick flip of amazed by displays depicting the disaster of 

the calendar hinted that the biggest and most 
spectacular football weekend of the year was 
only hours away. With everybody talking 
about Homecoming, men on West were doing 
something about Pitt; invading alumni were 

the Panthers before the Devil's paralyzing 
pitchfork. Heralded by a pirate flag waving 
gaily over the quad, the big morning came. 
Later post-game gloom was swept aside as the 
dance climaxed the gala weekend. 



^D SLI PP'\», CLUB Pr 

Dini/iti ll„- hiii/MI Zir,k-,;,d, /«■ Willniiin cmun^J u,lh (Mint llui/s /.,„io„s 
kiiht to :li,- .iftmlil i,f niikti and Diichrssrs zvlio jiinnlrd Slwe and Shpfkr dames. 

('.uuiit lijsie Imsfiiled In 
hand at the afternoon con 
cert diinnn the Sho, 
and Slipper Weekend. | 



1 _ 


Shoe n' 

Count lluie entertained Dnke students three times 
dnruiM the luiihth .-Inniial Shoe and Slipper ICr/rw,/. 

Jusr ahour rhr riiiK- when nou feci rliar ro 
open the covrr of another hook mighr Ik- to 
close the hd of the cofhn, Shoe 'n' Shpper C^hih 
comes rhroutili w irli their recipe f)r relaxation 

thirty hours ot tun and nierrnnent. \ofe- 
ho;)ks and pencds were fosseii aside, and 
stud\' lamps were turned oH to make wa\' for 
the special fall weekciui. I he ram which 
threatened disaster to good times went almost 
unnoticed as ('ount Basic and his eighteen livcK' 
musicians invaded the campus with ja/.z and 
"hop" ot a kind winch could induce e\en the 






sun to come our. Beginning with a concert on 
Friday afternoon and traveling through a 
formal dance the same night, the Count wound 
up the weekend with the festive informal on 
Saturday. An extra attraction, a crazy-hat con- 
test, added party atmosphere with the "craziest" 
— Lew Marvin — winning the grand prize. Ex- 
tended hours for coeds . . . entertaining that 
"best girl" from home . . . quick bites between 
events at the Blue Light . . . fired feet .... 
myriads of parties . . . and all too soon Duke's 
biggest fall weekend came to a close. 

Thr Jamr miisu of Conn! Banes kmd -u-as m.uie mUer 
h\ ill,- nitllni- soiimii from these sjx.iphone pUiyers. 

/// ihr Toii't, Girls' display, "/oe ColUx<' <>n ., I >,,.,„.-, ,\ IIJ, Jo, iiit^ilMy dmuHs about ,iwn,\. -.i-omni. .wd As. 


hi thr lor ColLxr paudr. Ilu,il,r l.rn- M.niii, ,,> ,.,rrud In 
llu nailers of I', K.ifp,, Alpli., on .7 s.if.u, ,,/«//i; \lu,i Stmt. 

Here comes the parade: Durham citizens 
and Duke students hne Alain Street to 
w atch as "Joe C^ollege Goes on a I loHdax "", 
the theme ot the year's most colorful 
weekend ^Joe (College. 

Crepe paper and colored napkins flut- 
tered from floats designed and built by 
Duke Greeks. Thrills — and a few spills 
from borrowed trailers and trucks — ac- 
companied the parade from the tobacco 
warehouse, where the floats were built, to 
West C^ampus, where they were dis- 

The parade began an actual "holiday" 
for loe (^olleae and Bettv Ojcd. An ex- 

\L<r,lui Rat Hams. l\n Jordan 
lali-iits to add finishing touches 

change dinner on I'.ast ('ampus with tried 
chicken and "all the trimmings'" gave 
stud\-tired students energy to begin a 
weekend of dancing to the music ot 
Brown and his "Band of Renown." Al- 
th.ouuh the band was making its initial 
performance at Joe ("oUege, Les Brown 
acrualU was returning to his Alma Mater; 
where he began Ins career. 

.Adding to the festivities was the Hoot 
'n" Horn production, Litufiliiiii!, With You. 
Nat Cireenblatt, author, and Larry Taish- 
otf, director, with a host of laughable 
characters set a holiday spirit very much 
in keeping with the weekend theme. 



We ,r/; ,:,rly rrhr.ns,,/ of the slum- I 

Joe College Weekend 

SliiJenls relax .uni eat /w.v lunches as they listen to liroiin's musk at the afterniion I.axin (J 


\juue, conducts his "Baihi of Kfiiouii." the cmuii g.uhirs to watch and listen. 

Nat's story concerned a famous author, 
Jake Farraway, who became a clown to escape 
the distractions of rcahty and who, by his 
mysterious absence, threw an entire pubhshing 
company into a state of shock. The merry 
musical skipped in setting from an executive 
office on Park Avenue to a jungle safari in 
Brazil, winding up in the old Palace Theatre, 

the home of vaudeville, where Farrington, 
finally caught in his elusive escapade as a 
clown, forced the serious executives into his 
act. Their clowning and gaiety brought the 
curtain down on a scene perfecth' in keeping 
with the spirit of the weekend. Clowns, 
executives or students — everybody likes a 

to I'd 
missing aiithoT 


1956 Chanticleer 

Editorial Staff 




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Tim Mooney 

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1956 Chanticleer 

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Hal Ware 

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Barbara Ereeman 

Tom Irwin 

Bill West 

Margot Chamberlain 

Dick (lerman 

George Ivey 

Alma Yip 

Editor's Acknowledgements 

Although one name appears on the half-title page as editing the 1956 Chanticleer, 
it would be a gross misrepresentation to exclude the names of all those whose com- 
bined efforts produced this edition ot the Duke annual. 

Being blessed with an efficient, co-operative staff is one of the biggest necessities 
in publishing a yearbook — and in this I was most fortunate. Countless hours were 
spent by Tim Mull, Coed Flditor, patiently typing hundreds of letters; Marilyn Hil- 
dreth writing captions; Mary Lou Potter revamping copy; Pete Severson struggling 
with a proportion rule; Eddie Heath handing out photographic supplies; Peggy Wood 
rescheduling a picture for the Hfth time; Jennie Holt perplexed over honoraries; Julie 
Bay and Jud>' Creene managing the office; Buck Talman trying to educate me in the 
field ot sports; Marilyn Lyon conversing with deans and professors; Lynn Dally 
co-ordinating sororities; Tom Ivey dashing from fraternity section to fraternity 
section; Clif Cleaveland and Tom Calcott, diligently organizing organizations; Bernie 
Goldstein and Ann Gunn typing classes; Ed Hammond and Jean Munro climbing 
three flights of stairs to answer our endless questions concerning engineers and nurses; 
and all the photographers who worked hard to take all the pictures in this book, 
disregarding the lack of cameras, film, or flashbulbs. However, if one name were to 
stand out above all the rest it would be that of Betty "Mac" McCAirdy. Without her 
steady guiding hand, her reminders of things I had to do, her efficiency at getting ac- 
complished on time what had to be done, her knack for making the office as tidy during 
deadlines as at the beginning of the year, and in general, her wonderful spirit and moral 
support, I could not have edited this book with such ease. 

Although the majority of pictures were made by start' photographers, there were 
numerous ones derived from other sources. To Time, Inc., and Bill \ andivert for their 
kindness in placing at my disposal most of the colored plates printed in the introductory 
section and hundreds of other negatives of Duke scenes; to University Photographer 
Thad Sparks who has been more than generous in patiently providing me with any 
photographic needs; to Mike Pierry for his aid in taking colored shots and beauty 
court informals; to Miss Maxinc Westphal for her work photographing the house 
counselors; to Nathan Skipper for the sororit\- pledge classes; to Whitley and Scott 
for the fraternit)- group pictures; to Leonard Kamsler for his sports coverage; and to 
The (Mlimihus Dispiitch, Ciarnett Lirni Black, Knoxville AVii'.v Sentinel, Li/cky Ilji^, Lexing- 
ton Herald-Ix-ader Go., 1 am forever grateful. 

in addition, there were man\- others whose assistance pro\ed invaluable: Mr. 
Joseph llardison and the I'xlwards ds: Broughton (^o.; Mr. Walter Dargan, Miss 
Doris Leeper and the Southern Photo Process l'"ngraving C-o.; Mr. Robert \. Wilson 
ant! the Kingseraft Cover ("o.; Mr. James T. (^olonna and the ("olonna Studios Co.; 
Mr. G. C. I lenricksen. Dean Herbert J. Herring, and Mr. Wilham Gnrtith. 

No list ot acknowledgements could be complete without mention of m\ business 
manager. Bill Tudor; of Mar\- Lou Babcock and Sissie Whitted; ami most of all my 
parents whose losing guidance eiiableil me to edit the l'>56 ( ji an riciKKR. 


This book was printed in tiic year nineteen 
hundred and fifty-six, in Raleigh, North Caro- 
lina, by the Edwards & Broughton Co. using 
Janson monotype, on Lustrogloss paper, manu- 
faetured by the S. D. Warren Paper Co. at 
CAimberland, Maine. All photo-engravings were 
made by the Southern Photo Process Engraving 
Co. at Atlanta, Georgia, and it is bound in 
covers made by Kingsport Press at Kingsport, 



Archie. W. C. Associate Dean of Trinity College, 

2310 Cranford Road 50 

Brinkley. R. Florence. Dean of The Woman's College, 

College Station 52 

Clay. Susan. Acting Associate Dean of Undergraduate 

Instruction, Woman's College. 215 Faculty Apts 53 

C ox. Robert B.. Dean of Undergraduate Men, 

1107 Ninth Street 35, 51. 209 

Gross. Paul M., Vice-President in the Division of Education 

and Dean of the University. 3816 Dover Road. Hope Valley.-49 
Herring. Herbert J.. Dean of Trinity College, 

2010 Myrtle Drive 49. 182 

Huckabee, Ellen H.. Dean of Undergraduate Instruction. 

Woman's College, 1507 W. Pettigrew Street 
Jenkins, Marianna D., Associate Dean of Undergraduate 

Instruction, Woman's College, 1026 Minerva Ave 53 

Kraybill, Edward K.. Associate to the Dean of the College 

of Engineering. 2726 Circle Drive 
Manchester. Alan K., Dean of Undergraduate Studies. 

2016 Myrtle Drive 50 

McNurlen. Lewis J.. Assistant Dean of Freshmen. 

Trinity College, 2713 Circle Drive 50. 234 

Pratt. Lanier W.. Assistant Dean of Trinity College, 

2007 Ruffin Street 5 1 

Seeley. Walter J.. Dean of the College of Engineering. 

1005 Urban Avenue - 54 

Tuthill, Richard L., L:niscrsil\ Rcuisliai. 2709 Dogwood Road. .51 
Wilson. Mary Grace. Dlmii hI riulci m.uluate Women. 

118 Faculty Apts 52,209 


Acomb. Fiances D.. C-1 B University Apts.. 

Durham. N. C. History 
Adams. Donald K., 2508 Cornwallis Rd., Durhiim. N. C, 

Alden, John R., 102 Faculty Apts.. Durham. N. C History 
Anderson, Carl, 2400 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C, English 
Anderson, Lewis E., 2020 Sunset Avenue, Durham, N. C, 

Arges. K. Pete. 915 Lambeth Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham, 

N. C. Forestry 
Artley, John L.. 1805 Forest Rd.. Durham. N. C.. Engineering 
Aubery. Pierce. 704 Shepherd St., Durham, N. C. Romance 

Aycock, Thomas M., University Apts., 

D-IC, Durham, N. C. Physical Education 65 

Bailey, Joseph R., 2117 Sprunt St., Durham. N. C, Zoology 
Banham, Katherine M., 115 N. Dillard St., Durham, N. C, 

Barlow. Norman H., 822 Louise Cr.. Durham, N. C, 

Romance Languages 
Barnhill, James W.. 

2005 Arbor St., Durham, N. C. Air Science 218 

Baylis, Charles, 

601 E. Markham Ave.. Durham. N, C. Philosophy 
Bell, Gordon R., 163 Hamilton Rd.. 

Glen Lennox, C hapel Hill, N. C. Economics 
Bennett, William C. 927 W. I rinity. Durham. N. ( ., Religion 
Liernstein. Lydia, 

103 North St., Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Berry, E. Willard, 

1003 N. Gregson St., Durham. N. 
Bcvington. Helen S., 

Guess Rd., Box 94. Durham. N, ( 
Bevington. Merle M.. 

Guess Rd., Box 94. Durham. N. C, 
Bigelow^ Lucius A., 

N. C. Chemistry 
Durham, N. ('.. Bolanv 

(Visiting) Music 

"., Geology 


131 Pinecrest Rd.. Durha 
Billings. W. D.. 708 Louise C 
Black, Martin L.. 

235 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. 
Blackburn, William M., 

2101 Ward St.. Durham. N. < 
Block, Martin M., 

932 Lambeth Cr.. Poplar Apt 
Blomquist. Hugo 1,.. 

922 Dcmcrius Si.. Durham. N. C. B( 
Blv, James R., 

2001 Ruffin .St., Durham, N, C, Phy 

Durham. N. C 

Education 350 

Bolmeier. Edward C, 

217 Faculty Apts.. Durham. N. C, Education 

Bone. Allan H.. 2314 Club Blvd.. Durham, N. C. Music 203 

Bookhout. Cazlyn G., 

1307 Alabama Ave., Durham. N. C. Zoology 
Bookhout Elizabeth C, 

1307 Alabama Ave., Durham. N. C. Physical Education 
Borstelmann. Lloyd J.. 

305 Francis St., Durham. N. C. Psychology 
Bowden. Elbert V.. 2348 Huron Cr.. Durham. N. C. Economics 
Bowen. Alva M., Jr., 

1403 Norton St.. Durham. N. C, Naval Science 
Bowman. Francis E., 

2114 Woodrow .St.. Durham. N. C, English 
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Durham. N. C, Physical Education 31, 335 

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118 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C, Chemistry 
Bragg, Louis R., 1 10 Seeman St., Durham, N. C. Mathematics 
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2614 Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C, Political Science 
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Dept. of Nursing. Duke Hospital. Durham. N. C. Nursing 
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4 University Apts., Fifth & Markham, Durham. N. C. Art 
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1205 Dwire Place, Durham, N. C, Chemistry 167 

Bryan, Anne-Marie, 

1003 S. Duke St.. Durham. N. C. Romance Language 
Bryan, Paul R., Jr., 

1 Duke University Apts.. Durham. N. C. Music ...204. 208 

Buck. Roger C, 

IOI7'/2 Gloria Ave., Durham. N. C, Philosophy 
Budd, Louis J.. 1011'/2 Dacian Ave.. Durham, N. C, English 
Buehler, Albert S., 907 Lambeth Cr.. Poplar Apts.. 

Durham. N. C. Physical Education 351 

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819 Demerius St., Durham, N. C. Chemistry 
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Durham. N. C. Physical Education 
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Turnage Rd.. Durham. N. C. (Visiting) Mathematics 247 

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1914 Arbor St.. Durham. N. C. Air Science 218 

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Box 4243. Duke Station. Durham. N. C. English 
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2303 Cranford Rd.. Durham. N. C. Mathematics 
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K-l-C University Apts,, Durham, N. C. Historv 58. 64 

Cartter. Allan M.. 1208 Dwire Place. Durham. N. C.. Economics 
Cartwright, William H.. 

942 Lambeth Cr.. Durham. N. C. Education 63 

Castellano. Helen K.. 

2511 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C .. Romance languages 
Castellano. Juan R.. 

2511 Perkins Rd.. Diuham. N. C. Romance languages 
t heck. Rom.i S.. 

2111 ( otiage lane. ( hapcl Hill. N. C Political Science 
Childs. Benjamin G.. 

1019 West Markham Asc.. Durham. N. C.. Education 
Clark, Romanc 1... 

Apt. 10. Fifth cS: Markiiam. Durham. N. C. Philosophy 
Clyde. Paul Hibbert. 

1311 Carolina Ave.. Durham. N. C.. Historv 
Cobb. P. Whit. 

Apt. 4, Carolee Apts.. Durham. N. C. Physical Education 
Cohen. Louis D., 

913 Monmouth Ave.. Durham, N. C. Psychology 
Cokcr. Francis W.. 1026 W. Trinity Ave.. 

Durham, N. C. (Visiting) Political Science 
Cole. R. Taylor. 

7 Sylvan Rd.. Durham. N. C. Political Science 58 

Colton, Joel G., 2801 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C, History 

Satis^ Jhurself yw\\h a Milder, Better-Tasting smoke— 
packed for more pleasure by exclusive Accti-Ray 

The more perfectly packed 

your cigarette, the more 
pleasure it gives . . . and Accu- 
Ray packs Chesterfield far 
more perfectly. 

To the touch ... to the 
taste, an Accu-Ray Chester- 
field satisfies the most . . . 
burns more evenly, smokes 
much smoother. 

Firm and pleasing to the 
lips . . . mild yet deeply satis- 
fying to the taste - Chester- 
field alone is pleasure-packed 
by Accu-Ray. 







© LiccETT it Myexs Tobacco C 

MILD, YET , . 

THEY ^atcdi^y / 

Colver, Robert M., 

900 Dacian Ave.. Durham. N. C. Education 
Connery, Robert H., 

906 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham, N. C".. Political Science 
Cordle. Thomas H.. 

2420 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C Romance Languages 
Cox, Robert C, 

1826 Guess Rd.. Durham. N. C. Physical Education 233 

Crum. Mason. 912 Anderson St.. Durham. N. C, Religion 
Culberson. William L.. 

1001 Carolina Ave.. Durham, N. C. Botany 
Curtiss. John S., 

Rt. 2. Box 95, Guess Rd.. Durham. N. C. History 
Dai, Bingham, 

2404 Perkins Rd., Durham. N. C Psychology 
Daniels, Boyd 1... 330 Clark St., Durham, N. C, Religion 
Davis, Gifford, 

2248 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C, Romance Languages 
DeConde, Alexander, 

1515 Woodburn Rd., Durham, N. C, History 
Demorest, Jean-Jacques, 

2712 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C. Romance Languages 
de Vyver. Frank T., 8 Sylvan Rd., Durham, N. C, Economics 
Dewey, Donald, 611 Watts St., Durham, N. C, Economics 
Dickens, Robert L., 2024 Sprunt .St., Durham, N. C, Accounting 
Dow, Marie, 

2252 Cranford Rd„ Durham, N. C, Romance Languages 243 
Dow, Neal, 

2252 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C, Romance Languages. 243 
Drago, Anthony C, 

1305 Carroll St., Durham, N. C Physical Education 
Dressel, Francis G., 

309 Francis St., Durham, N. C Mathematics 247 

Drozdowaki, Eugene, 

F-107 Westover Apts.. Durham, N. C. History 
Durden, Robert F., 

2812 Erwin Rd., Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C, Histor) 
Easley, Howard, Guess Rd„ Durham, N. C, Education 
Eddy, Ruth B., 

213 Faculty Apts., Durham, N. C, Physical Education 
Egerton. Frank N., 

411 N. Gregson St., Durham. N. C. Engineering 
Elliott, William W., 

Box 4721, Duke Station, Durham, N. C, Mathematics 
Ellis, Leon H., 

2428 Perkins Rd., Durham, N. C, Political Science 

Elsevier, Ernest, Rt. 1, Hillsboro, N. C, Engineering 195 

Fairbank, William, 

2016 Pershing St., Durham, N. C, Physics 
Falcone, Carmen M., University Apts., D-12, 

Durham, N. C, Physical Education 233, 354 

Fein, John M., 

2742 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C, Romance Languages 
Ferguson, Arthur B., Rt. 2, Guess Rd., Durham, N. C, History 
Fisher, John H., 2836 .Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C, English 
Ford, Joel C, 

2101 Myrtle Dr., Durham, N. C, Naval Science 65 

Eraser, Russell A., 

Rt. I, Box 283-A, Ml. Sinai Rd., Durham, N. C, English 
Fulton, C. Darby, Jr., 

1507 Pettigrew St., Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Furbish. William J., Rt. 1, Hillsboro, N. C Geology 
Gardner, William H., Jr., 

2108 Cole Rd., Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Garmezy, Norman, 

3423 Hope Valley Rd., Durham. N. C, Psychology 
Gehman, W. Scott, 

1312 Shepherd St.. Durham. N. C Lducalion 
Gergen, John J., 

2803 Nation Ave., Durham, N. C, Mathematics 6S 

Gilbert, Allan H., 

503 Compton Place, Durham, N. C., English 
Glocklcr, George C ., 

121 Pinecrest Rd., Winchester, Va. (VJMting) Chemistry 
Gohdes, Clarence, 

2737 Circle Drive. Durham. N. ( ., l-nglish 
Goodall, McChesncy, 

152 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. ( .. (Visiling) Psychology 
Gordy, Walter. 2521 Perkins Rd.. Duihani. N. ( ., Physics 
Grant. Richard B., 

1016 Wells .St., Durham, N. ( ., Romance 1 angiiagcs 
Gray, Irving E., 

124 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. ('.. /oology 66 

Greenlow, Paul S., 

817 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C, Political .Science 
Greuling, Eugene, 2414 Perkins Rd,. Durham, N, C. Physics 

Grout, Julia R., 

804 Fourth St., Durham, N. C, Physical Education 64 

Guttman, Norman, 

1802 .Sunset Ave., Durham, N. C, Psychology 
Haeberii, Willy, 

2420 Perkins Rl., Durham. N. C, (Visiting) Physics 
Haines, Howard N., 

2307 Club Blvd., Durham. N. C, (Visiting) Engineering 
Hall. Hugh M.. 

7 Duke University Apts.. Dmham. N. C, Political .Science 
Hall. Louise, 

Box 6636, College Station. Durham. N. C. Architecture 
Hallowell. John H., 

2709 Augusta Drive, Durham. N. C. Political Science 
Hamilton. William B., 

2256 Cranford Rd., Durham. N. C. History 
Hanks, John K., 820 W. Knox St.. Durham, N. C, Music 
Hanna, Frank A., 

2239 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C, Economics 
Hanson, Earl T., 

613 Swift Ave., Durham, N. C. Political Science 
Harrison, Francis Parks, 

2723 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C, Physical Education 
Hart, Hornell N., 

Duke Station, Box 4653, Durham, N. C, Sociology 
Harth, Dorothy, 

846 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C, Romance Languages 
Harwell, George C, 2115 Wilson St., Durham, N. C, English 
Hauser, Charles R., 

1020 Rosehill Ave., Durham, N. C, Chemistry 
Hedgepeth, Julia H., 

1021 W. Trinity Ave., Durham. N. C, Physical Education 
Heninger, Simeon K., 

101 Faculty Apts., Durham, N. C, English 
Heron, Stephen Duncan, Jr., 

1506 Echo Rd., Durham, N. C, Geology 
Hickson, Arthur Owen, 

Box 27, W. Durham St., Durham, N. C, Mathematics 
Hill, Douglas G., 

Box 275, Rt. 2, St. Mary's Rd., Durham, N. C, Chemistry 
Hobbs. Marcus E., 115 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, Chemistry 
Holley, Irving B., Jr., 6 Duke University Apts., 

Fifth & Markham, Durham, N. C, History 
Holton. Frances V. L., 

407 Erwin Apts., Durham, N. C, Physical Education 
Hoover, Calvin Bryce, 

1702 Duke University Rd., Durham, N. C, Economics 59, 62 
Horn, E. C, 2509 Cascadilla St., Durham, N. C, Zoology 
Howell, John C 

1006 Demerius Ave, Durham, N. C, Sociology 
Humm, H. J., 

912 Mommouth Ave., Durham, N. C, Botany 
Humphrey, Don D., 

2802 Legion Ave., Durham, N. C, Economics 
Hunter, Wanda S., 

803 Second St., Durham, N. C, Zoology 
Huntley, Patrick, 

1719 James St., Durham, N. C, Economics 
Hwang. Chester E.. 

Apt. No. 9. Fifth & Markham, Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Irving, William H., 2707 Legion Ave., Durham, N. C, English 
Ives, Thomas K., 

2 Willwood Apts., Pratt St., Durham, N. C, Naval Science 
Jacobs, Merle E., 801 Third St., Durham, N. C Zoology 
Jenkins, Marianna D., College Station, Durham, N. C., Art 
Jensen, Howard E., 

143 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, Sociology 66 

Joerg, Frederick C, 

1400 Oakland Ave., Durham. N. C., Economics 
Johnson, T. W., Jr.. 

944 Lambeth Cr.. Durham. N. C. Botany 
Jones. E. E., 1705 Forest Rd.. Durham. N. C. Psychology 
Jordan, Archibald C, 147 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. English 
Jordan, Brady R., 

117 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. Romance languages 66 
Kendris, Christopher, 

402 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham. N. C, Romance Languages 
Kenyon, Van Leslie, 

Rt, 2, Hillsboro, N. C, Engineering 54 

Kimble, Gregory, 

1808 Hillcrest Dr., Durham, N. C, Psychology 
Klein, 1 hcodore G., 

2011 Woodrow St., Durham. N. C., Naval .Science 
Klenz, William, 

Box 6237, College Station, Durham, N. C, Music 
Knight, Robert J., Jr., 

2107 Wilson St., Durham, N. C, Air Science 62, 218 

Knox. Edward. Jr.. 

A.F.R.O.T.C. Duke Universily. Durham, N. C, Air Science 218 
Koch. Sigmund. Rt. 2. Durham, N. C, Psychology 
Koenig, J. Frank, 

1700 Duke University Rd., Durham, N. C. Engineering 
Kottler, Barnet, 521 E. Ckib Blvd., Durham, N. C. English 
Kramer. Paul J., 

2251 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C. Botany 59 

Kraybill, Edward K., 

2726 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Kreps, Juanita, 

Morgan Creek, Chapel Hill, N. C, Economics 
Krigbaum, William R.. 

2015 Woodland Drive. Durham. N. C Chemistry 
Kuder, G. Frederick, 

2516 Perkins Rd., Durham, N. C, Psychology 
LaBarre. Weston. 

1311 Alabama Ave.. Durham. N. C, Anthropology 
Landon, Charles E., 

1514 Edgevale Rd.. Durham, N. C, Economics 
Lane, William C, 

814 Vickers Ave.. Durham, N. C, English 
tanning, John T., 

3007 Surrey Rd., Hope Valley. Durham, N. C. History 
Leach. Richard H., 

906 N. Gregson, Durham, N. C. (Visiting) Political Science 
Lemert, Ben F., 

123 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. Economics 
Lewis. Harold W., 2307 Sprunt St., Durham, N. C, Physics 
Lewis, M. Modena, 

407 Erwin Apts., Durham, N. C. Physical Education 
Lewis, Ralph E., 

1401 Alabama Ave., Durham. N. C, Engineering 
lodge, George T., 

804 Third St., Durham. N. C, Psychology 
McHugh, Gelolo, 

Box 6725. College Station, Durham, N. C, Psychology 
McKenzie, Lionel W., 

1026 W. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C. Economics 
McLendon, Jonathon C, 

944 Lambeth Cr, Poplar Apts.. Durham. N. C, Education 
McLeod, R. M., 

1102 N. Duke St., Durham. N. C. Mathematics 
Mahoney, John F., 

3 Fairview Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C, Latin 
Majesky, John E.. 

2522 Hillandale Rd.. Durham, N. C, Naval Science 
Major, John M., 1020 Urban Ave., Durham, N. C. English 
Malinsky, Frank, 

412 Carolina Ave., Durham, N. C, Naval Science 
Manschreck, Clyde L., 

1022 Lakewood Ave,, Durham, N, C, Religion 
Markman. Sidney D., 

919 Urban Ave., Durham, N. C, Art History 
Maturo, F. J. S., 

Zoology Dept.. Duke University, Durham. N. C, Zoology 
Maxwell, W. Cary, 

142 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, German 
Meier, Otto, Jr., 

916 Monmouth Ave., Durham. N. C, Engineering 
Michalak. M. Victor. 

854 Louise Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C. English 196 

Miller. Gustavus H., 

Rt. 1, Cedar Terrace, Durham, N, C. Romance Languages 
Mohat, J. T.. 1913 Essex Rd„ Durham. N. C, Mathematics 
Montfort, Robert J., 

3300 Cole Mill Rd.. Durham, N. C. Physical Education 233 

Morris. William. 

27 Hamilton Rd.. Glen Lennox, Chapel Hill, N, C, English 
Morrison. Clarence L., 

3415 Denese St.. Durham. N. C, Naval Science 222 

Mueller, Earl G., 1108 Watts St., Durham, N. C, Art 
Mueller, Julia W.. 1108 Watts St., Durham, N. C. Music 
Myers, Hiram E., 141 Pinecrest Rd., Durham. N. C, Religion. ...66 
Myers, James B., 

3413 Duke Honestead Rd.. Durham. N. C. Air Science 218 

Nace, George W., 

2021 Pershing St., Durham, N. C, Zoology 
Naylor, A. W., 

881 Louise Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C, Botany 
Negley, Glenn, 

1700 Shawnee St.. Durham. N. C. Philosophy 64 

Nelson. Ernest W., 

939 Lambeth Cr., Poplar Apts.. Durham. N. C, History 
Newson. Henry W., 

1111 North Gregson St.. Durham. N. C. Physics 
Nielsen. W. M.. 

139 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C, Physics 60, 64 

Nordheim, Lothar W.. 

2255 Cranford Rd.. Durham. N. C, Physics 
Odum, Howard T,, 1 108 Anderson St.. Durham, N. C, Zoology 
Oosting. Henry J., 

2642 University Drive. Durham, N. C Botany 63 

Osborn, Robert T., 1922 Ward, Durham, N. C, Religion 
Owen, Harry A., 

1506 Woodburn Rd., Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Palmer, Aubrey F., 

2519 State St.. Durham. N. C, Engineering 
Parker, Harold T., 

12 Glenn Apts., Dacian Ave.. Durham, N. C, History 
Parsons. Oscar A., 

1702 Forest Rd., Durham, N. C, Psychology 
Parthemos, James, 

1112 Alabama Ave., Durham, N. C, Economics 
Patrick. Ransom R., 

116 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, Aesthetics and Art 62 

Patterson, Robert L., 

Washington Duke Hotel, Durham, N, C, Philosophy 
Patton, Lewis, 614 Swift Ave.. Durham, N. C, English 
Peach, W. Bernard. 

920 Dacian Ave.. Durham, N. C, Philosophy 
Pellicciaro, Edward J., 

1820 Forest Rd., Durham, N. C, Mathematics 
Perry, Harold S., 2302 Cranford Rd., Durham, N, CBotany 
Persons, Walter S., 612 Swift Ave,, 

Durham, N. C, Physical Education 348, 349, 355 

Peterson. James E., 

2215 Elder St., Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Petty Olan L., 

1509 Woodland Dr., Durham, N. C, Education 
Phillips, James H., 

2517 Perkins Rd.. Durham, N. C, Religion 
Philpott, Jane, 804 Fourth St., Durham, N. C. Botany 
Pinkham. Roger S., 

2502 Thorne St., Durham, N. C, Mathematics 
Poirer, Jacques, 2502 State St., Durham, N. C. Chemistry 
Poteat, Mary, 103 Faculty Apts., Durham, N. C. English 
Predmore, Richard L„ 

2413 Perkins Rd., Durham, N. C. Romance Languages 
Price, James L., Jr., 

2723 Circle Dr.. Durham. N. C, Religion 
Prosser, Reese T., 

Apt. 16. University Apts., Durham, N. C, Mathematics 
Rankin, Robert S., 

1227 Vickers Ave., Durham, N. C, Political Science 65 

Ratchford, Benjamin, 

133 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, Economics 
Reardon, Kenneth J., 

2821 Winton Rd., Durham, N. C, English 196 

Reed, Frederick J., 

2203 Englewood Ave., Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Reichard, Hugo M., 

Duke University Apts., Durham, N. C, English 
Reichenberg-Haekett, W.. 

Erwin Rd., Rt. 1, Durham, N. C, Psychology 
Reynolds, T. D., 

815 Demerius St., Apt. M-4. Durham, N. C, Education 
Rhine, Joseph B,, 

Rt. 3, Hillsboro, N. C, Parapsychology 
Roberts, Henry S., Jr., Rt. 5. Box 176, Durham, N. C, Zoology 
Roberts. John H.. 

2813 Legion Ave.. Durham, N. C, Mathematics 
Rodnick, hiiot H., 

2806 Legion Ave.. Durham, N. C, Psychology 65 

Rogers, Robert S., 148 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, Latin 64 

Ropp, Theodore, 302 Woodridge Dr., Durham, N. C, History 
Rose, Jesse L., 

506 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C„ Latin & Greek 
Roy, Donald F., 519 S. Duke St.. Durham, N. C, Sociology 
Rudisill, Mabel, 

213 W. Markham Ave., Durham, N. C, Education 
Sales, Reames H., 

2800 University Drive. Durham. N. C Religion 
Salinger. Herman, 

2709 Augusta Dr.. Durham. N. C, German 244 

Sandeen, Muriel 1.. 

706 Louise Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C, Zoology 
Sanders, C. Richard. 

103 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, English 
Saville, Eugenia C, 1 103 Anderson St., Durham, N. C. Music 
Saville, Lloyd B., 

1103 Anderson St., Durham, N. C, Economics 
Saylor, John H., 

2500 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C. Chemistry 63 

Schettler. Clarence H., 

119 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, Sociology 



Manufacturers of 

DIAL 8-1247 

1980 Guess Road 

Durham, North Carolina 


People Like Coke 

Where They Work 





ii '■ 


Durham Coca-Cola Bottling 




2 Miks South ol Diikt I iiiMisi(\ on I . S. 15 aiul 501 
Durham - (hupel liili lli^hwuv Near Modern Kc>laiirant 


All RtHtms lufuip/u'd H illi T vie plume, liailin. 
Air Ctmililnniitifi, I'rivftle lialli. Sfeani Ileal 

r.-j.-phoiu' 2-2129 — P. O. Uox 21« — Dm ham, N. C. 


Schmidt-Nielson, K., 

2402 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C, Zoology 
Schuster. Rudolph M.. 1427 Broad St.. Durham. N. C Botany 
Schwerman. Esther L., 

909 Lambeth Cr.. Poplar Apts.. Durham, N. C. English 
Sebold, Russell P., 

1010 W. Trinity Ave,, Durham, N. C, Romance Languages 
Shears, Lambert A., 917 Green St., Durham, N. C, German 
Shields, John H., 

1315 Vickers Ave.. Durham, N. C, Accounting 
Shoenfield, Joseph R., 

1003 E. Trinity Ave.. Durham. N. C, Mathematics 
Simmons, Edward C, 

2.5 10 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C. Economics 
Simpson, William H., 

1406 Dollar Ave., Durham, N. C, Political Science 
Slaughter. Grimes G., 

171.'; Cole Mill Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Smith, Calvin, 

Box 4243, Duke Station, Durham, N. C. 
Smith, Frank M.. 

1425 Pennsylvania Ave.. Durham. N. C, Air Science 
Smith, Grover C, Jr., 

1109 N. Gregson St., Durham, N. C, English 
Smith, Jane Allen, 

1204 W. Markham Ave., Durham, N. C, Physical Education 
Smith, Robert S., 

2236 Cranford Rd.. Durham, N. C, Economics 
Smith, Walter G., 

2842 Chapel Hid Rd., Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Spangler. Dorothy, Box 6966, College hitatioii, 

Durham, N. C, Physical Education 358 

Spencer, Christopher, 

1019 Dacian Ave., Durham, N. C, English 
Spengler, Joseph J., 

2240 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C, Economics 60 

Spielburger, Charles, 

1710 Forest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Sponer. Hertha D. E.. 

3309 Avon Rd., Hope Valley, Durham, N. C, Physics 
Stanfield, Roger E.. 

901 Mangum St., Durham, N. C, Chemistry 
Stars, William K.. 1916 Glendale Ave., Durham, N. 
Stevens, David B., 

2121 Sprunt St., Durham, N. C, Air Science 
Stevens, Harry R., Box 5484 Duke, Durham, N. C. 
Stevenson, Lionel. 3106 Devon Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Stottlemyer, Paul C, 

835 Louise Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C. Engineering... 19 
Strawson, Peter F., 

University College, Oxford, England (Visiting) Philosophy 
Strobel, Howard A., 

1510 Woodburn Rd., Durham, N. C. Chemistry 
Stumpf, W. A., 127 l-inecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, hducation 
Sunderland, Elizabeth R.. 

6416 College Station, Durham, N. C, Art 
Swift, George H., Jr., 

514 Jackson St., Durham, N. C, Mathematics 
Taylor, Robert W., 1205 Sixth St., Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Tharp, Kenneth J., 2610 Acadia St., Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Thomas, Joseph M., 

2215 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C, Mathematics 
Thompson, Edgar T., 

138 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C, Sociology 
Thurstone, Robert L., 

400 Laurel Hill Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C, Engineering 
Tischendorf, Alfred, 1017 Gloria Ave.. Durham, N. C, History 
Torre, Elias, 

1121 Anderson St., Durham, N. C. Ro.mance Languages 
Truesdale, James N.. 

2804 Erwin Rd., Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C. Greek 63, 18 

N. C Romance 


C, Art 


Turner, Arlin, 1514 WooJburn Rd., Durh 
Uhrhane, Luella J., 

208 Faculty Apts.. Durham, N. C, Health Education 
Vail, Charles R.. 

2730 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C 
Vernberg, F. John. 

854 Louise Cr., Poplar Apts.. 
Via, Dan O., 

B-3-A University Apts., Durham, 
Vincent, Patrick R., 

2218 Elba St., Durham, N. C, Romance Languages 
Vollmer, Clement, 

2114 Myrtle Drive. Durham. N. C. German 

Vosburgh, Warren C, 

2319 Englewood Ave.. Durham. N. C, Chemistry 

N. C, English 

Engineering 54, 2 

Durham, N. C. Zoology 
C, Religion 






C, Zoology 
C, English 62 



Languages 243 



Walker, Hollam, 

l05'/2 Harder St., Durha 
Walton, Loring B., 

2235 Cranford Rd., Durham. 
Ward, Calvin L., 

Zoology Dept., Duke University. 
Ward, Charles E., 2429 Perkins Rd. 
Warner, Seth L., 

920 Dacian Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Watkins, James M., 

704 Shepherd St., Durham, N. 
Watson, Richard L., Jr., 

100 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. History 
Way, Vernon E., 918 Urban Ave., Durham, N. C, Greek 
Weitz, Henry, 

2716 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C, Education 
Wetherby, Joseph C., 

2306 Prince St., Durham, N. C, English 

Whcare. K. C, All Soul's College, Oxtord University, 

Oxford. England (Visiting) Political Science 
White. Marie A., 

Updike. 107 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, 
Whitridge, Eugenia R., 

Box 6935, College Station, Durham, N. C. 
Wickes, George A., 

907 Shepherd St.. Durham, N. C. English 
Wilbur. Karl M., 2404 Bruton Rd., Durham, N. C, Zoology 
Wilbur, Leslie C, Rt. 3, Hillsboro, N. C. Engineering 
Wilder, Pelham Jr„ 

2525 Glendale Ave.. Durham, N. C, Chemistry 
William, Wallace, 

921 Exum St., Durham, N. C, Engineering 
Williams, J. Wesley, 

206 Swift St., Durham, N. C, Engineering 54 

Williamson, Marilyn, 

20 Meadowbrook Dr., Durham, N. C, English 
Williamson, Robert M., 

20 Meadowbrook Dr., Durham, N. C, Physics 
Wilson, Frederick, 1020 Demerius St., Durham, N. C. German 
Wilson, Kellogg V., 

2515 Roxboro Rd.. Durham. N. C, Psychology 
Wilson, Robert R., 

717 Anderson St., Durham, N. C, Political Science 
Winner, Thomas G., 

1813 Hillcrest Dr., Durham, N. C, Russian 66 

Withers. Loren R., 

No. 8 Duke University Apts., Durham, N. C, Music 
Woody, Robert H., 

2648 University Drive, Durham, N. C, History 
Woodyard, Alma L., Box 6966, College Station, 

Durham, N. C, Physical Education 
Young, Charles R., 

105 W. Edgewood Dr., Durham, N. C, History 
Zener, Karl E., 

Sparger Rd., Rt. 2, Durham, N. C, Psychology 
Zimmerman, Robert L., 

Box 2240, Men's Grad. Center. Durham. N. C. English 

Class of 1956 Senior Students — Degree Program 

Ajac, Donna Marie, 1532 Zoreta Ave., Coral Gables, Fla 145 

Atlanta, Ga.. 

.140, 145, 

Bancker, Belitje, 3810 Club Drive, N. E 
Bullivant, Beverly Marlene. 

7939 Birchdale Ave., Elwood Park, 111 

Clarke, Carol Jane, 

169 Prospect Ave., Stelton, N. J 

Forbes. Wilhemina Ann, 

240 N. 27th St., Camp Hill, Pa 

Griggs, Gayla Maxine, Poplar Branch, N. C 

Harlan, Patricia Alice, 

731 Valleinsta Ave., Pittsburgh, 34, Pa 

Hedgecock, Mary Carlene, 

307 Starling Ave., Martinsville, Va 144, 

Hudson, Judith, 

P. O. Box 1527, Fort Myers, Fla 

Hunt, Elizabeth Anne, Pleasant Garden, N. C 

James, Katherine Bennett, 24 Tryon St., Asheville, N. 

Jester, Sue Dendy, 320 Hampton Ave., Greenville, S. C 

McLean, Nancy Coppedge, 

713 W. Warren St., Shelby, N. C 140, 

Munro, Jean. 118 Chester St., 

Mourn Vernon, N. Y 140, 142, 144, 145, 184, 

Oliver, Elizabeth Lutrelle, Hamptonville, N. C 

Patrick, Annette, Raleigh, N. C 

Patelidas, Katherine Louise, 

18 Swannanoa Ave., Asheville, N. C 145, 


Perrow, Mary Eggleston, 

1101 Broad St., Altavista. Va 145 

Pierce, Sylvia Irene, 

2789 Fieldstone Lane, Jacksonville, Fla 145 

Plummer, Lois Elizabeth, 567 East Main St., 

Brevard, N. C 15, 141, 145, 375, 376 

Renick, Jean, 

R.F.D. No. 1, Williamsburg, Va 142, 143, 144, 145 

Sillmon, Mary Nell, Route No. 1, Greensboro, N. C 145 

Smith. Joann Elizabeth, 

100 Konnoak Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C... 14'; 

Smith, Margaret Louise, Route No. 1, Henderson, N C 145, 2^2 
Stiles, Marjorie Irne, 106 Prospect St., Summit, N J U': 

Tate. Virginia Ann, Route No. 3. Liberty, N C 145 

Teague, Ann Elizabeth, Prentiss, N. C 14-> 

Thomas, Jeenine. Pineville, W. Va 14i 

Watkins, Melba Lee, 11 Leroy St., Potsdam, N. Y. 14*; 

1956 Senior Students — Diploma Program 

Andrews. Sarah, 

19th Ave. South & Ocean Front, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Bischoff, Nancy, 

204 Main St., Hazelwood, N. C 140, 143, 145, 232 

Carr, Celia, Rocky Point, N. C 145 

Cline, Virginia, 36 Penn Ave., Canton, N. C. 
Davis, Shirley, 

1405 Ellison Rd., Columbia, S. C 140, 142, 145 

Gerringer, Mary Lou, Box 457, Hazelwood, N. C 145 

Graham, Audrey, The Training School, Vineland, N. J 145 

Hammett, Margaret Elizabeth, 

1206 Vickers Ave., Durham, N. C 145 

Haynes, Nancy Jo, 115 S. 3rd St., Albemarle, N. C. 144. 145 
Haynie, Christene. Route No. 3. Marshall. N. C. . 145 

Patrick, Annette Marie, 1607 N. Blount St.. Raleigh. N. C. 
Rideout, Marlene Rhea, 2018 McCasland Ave., Madison. III.. 145 

Small, Sarah Bradley, Box 909, Raleigh, N. C 145 

Walker, Sandra June, Rockland State Hospital, Orangeburg, N. Y. 
White, Jeanine Zee, Box 446, Pineville, West Va. 

1957 Junior Students — Degree Program 

Baughan, Joann. 9 Beechwood St.. Princess Anne. Md 146 

Bedell, Phyllis Meriden. 707 Glenn Ave., Westfield, N. J. 146 
Bell, Bobbie Lynn, 725 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va. 146 

Black. Marcia Caroline. 239 S. W. Third Place, Dania, Fla. .146 

Blinson, Sybilene, Box 563, Wendell, N. C 146 

Brady, Carol Ann, 

7114 Woodland Ave., Takoma Park, Md 140, 146 

Brown, Joan Claudette, 344 22nd St., Dunbar, W. Va 146 

Chandler, Patricia Gayle, 

15 Bear Creek Road, Asheville, N. C 146 

Chavis, Jo Anne, 2535 Selwyn Ave., Charlotte, N. C 146 

Cochran, Sarah Ellen, 1630 Brandon Road, Charlotte, N. C...146 
Conant, Linda Anne, 

Old Cornwallis Road, Box 77, Route No. 1, Durham, N. C...146 
Craddock, Russelline Boone, 

R.F.D. 9, Box 589, Greensboro, N. C 146 

Deichmann, Grctchcn Elizabeth, 

818 East Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C 140, 146 

Dewein, Sue Annette, Box 303, Freeburg, 111 .146, 376 

Hdens, Mary Ann, 2138 Myrtle Drive, Durham. N. C 146 

Fmery, Elinor Mae, Box 166A, Route No 2, Deland, Fla 140 

Ferman. Dawn Irene. 71 1st Ave. N.. Myrtle Beach, S. C 146 

Ciallicnne, Nancy Helen, 15 Boxwood St., Canton, N. C 146 

Goldsmith, Marcella Janet 

848 .Spring Road, Charleston, W. Va 146 

Greenwood, Margaret Suzanna, 

528 E. Kingston Ave., Charlotte, N. C 146 

Gregory, Mary Kalhryn, 

22 Woodbine Ave., Little Silver, N. J 146 

drier, Shirley Marion. Route No. 1, Matthews, N. C. 146 

Hopkins, Beverly Belle, 19 Great Hills Rd., Short Hills. N. J. 146 
Hough, Patricia Ann, 179 Beacon .St., Hartford 5, Conn. 146 

Ingalls, Mary Jo, 524 Ann .St., Rockingham. N. ( . 143, 146 
Jessup. Virginia Carolina, 

Route No. 2. Pilot Moiinlain, N. C., 140. 141, 146 

Johnston, Virginia Appleby, 

Victory Highway, Lafayette, R. 1 146 

Keller, Katherine Ann, 313 Vine .St., Staunton, Va...l46, 376 
LaRue, Patricia Porter, 1508 Canterbury Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 146 

Lawhorn, Emma Jane, Route No. 1. Timmonsville, S. C 146 

Lindgren, Anne, 308 Phila. Blvd.. Sea Girt, N. J 146 

MacNary, Sue Anne, 165 Roxbury Rd., Garden City, N. Y. 146 

Peck, Clara Joyce, State .St., Madison, W. Va 146 

Rainey, Erliene, 588 Harpersville Rd., Warwick. Va. 140, I4(> 
Raught, Carol Cynthia. 2010 Bayvicw Ave., Lewes. Del. 14(1. 146 
Recce, Beverly June, 

140 Hibiscus Drive, Miami Beach. Fla 140. 146, 147 

Reich, Mary Eleanor, 611 Watts Street. Durham, N. C 

Schreiner, Margaret Avery, 

418 Pelican Ave.. Daytona Beach, Fla 

Stark, Mary Ann Holloway, 

311 Eastern St., Greenville. N. C 140. 

Stewart, Frances Carol, 3305 Caroline Place, Alexandria, Va.. 
Thomas, Kathleen, 1101 Highland Ave., Salisbury, N. C. . 
Wayt. Carol Elizabeth. 300 Patton Street. Morganton, N. C. 

Wooten, Lois Gertrude, 85 Eunice Ave., Worcester, Mass 

Young, Mary Anne, 701 F .Street, N. E., Washington, D. C. 


1957 Junior Students — Diploma Program 

Brawley, Frances Ervin, 

Route No. 2, Mooresville, N. C 146, 147 

Brewer, Marjorie Anne, 209 McAden St., Graham, N. C 146 

Chandler. Jane. 34 Mason Croft Drive, Sumter, S. C 146 

Churchill, Nellie Yvonne, 

726 Falls Road, Rocky Mount, N. C 146 

Culver, Sarah Anita, 12-U Lake Village, Wilmington, N. C...146 
Curl, Florida Ernestine, 320 West Trinity, Durham, N. C...146 
England, Dorothy Elizabeth 

R.F.D. No. 1, Marion, N. C 140, 146 

Hager, Donna Vee. 323 North Street, Burlington, N. C 146 

Hoffman. Barbara Joanne, 

711 11th Street, North, Naples, Fla 146 

Howell, Nancy Louise, 26 Morven Road, Wadesboro, N. C. 146 
Hunt, Christia Elizabeth, 1106 Eighth Street, Durham, N. C. 146 
Ingle, Patricia Anne, 1314 Mayfair Road, Raleigh, N. C , 146 
Ives. Sallie Page, 2246 Circle Drive, Raleigh, N. C. 

Meyer, Gloria Elsie, 124 Earle St.. Elkins, W. Va 146 

Pardue, Mary Anne, 1009 First Ave., Durham, N. C 146 

Parker, Jean Carolyn, 1012 Fair St.. Camden, S. C 146 

Phillips, Norma Jean, R.F.D. No. 1, Cameron, N. C. 
Quinn, Edna Bryan, 

5905 33rd St.. N.W., Washington 15, D. C 146 

Rush, Carolyn Ann, 

1109 Jefferson Davis Highway, Camden, S. C 146 

Smith, Frances Maxine, 

1067 South Queen Anne St., Burlington, N. C 146 

Speaker, Sharon Lynn, 

4009'/2 Cherry Ave., Wilmington. N. C 146 

Sullivan, Eileen Hilary, 148 Oak Ave., Hemstead, L. L, N. Y.. 147 
Thain, Alma Marguerite, Route No. 1. Skyland. N. C...140, 146 

Thompson, Loretta Kay, 506 Park Ave.. Ayden, N. C 146 

Tillette, Tanya Dawn, Kitty Hawk, N. C 146 

Tucker, Betty Gene, 207 N. James. Aberdeen, Miss 146 

Whitley Ann Louise, 815 Wilmar Drive, Concord, N. C 146 

Worrall, Joan. Route No. I, Bath, N. C... 146 

1958 Sophomore Students — Degree Program 

Allen, Mary Elizabeth, 

188 Lookout Drive, Dayton 9, Ohio 140, 149 

Blum, Judith Julia, P.O. Box 554, Winchester, Va 149 

Bond. Harriet Ellen, 308 Beckford Ave., Princess Ann, Md. 149 
Bredenberg, Brita, 338 Plaza Road. Fairlawn. N. J. 141, 145 
Brcnnan, Flora Evelyn 

3735 Grovedale Place, Cincinnati 8, Ohio 148, 149 

Brougham, Betty Louise, 

226 S. Colonial Homes Circle, Atlanta, Ga. 148 

Brown, Beverly, 3577 Avenue Place, N.W., Hickory, N. C...149 
Brueggeman, Ann, 2614 Fleetwood Ave., Cincinnati II, Ohio. 149 

Coen, Marilyn Ruth, 1 Wilmont Ave., Washington, Pa 149 

Crooks, Martha, 6910 Wake Forest Dr., College Park, Md..l49 
Davis, Janet Lee, Callc 12, No. 57 Miramar, Havana, Cuba... 149 

Davis, Nancy, 210 Woodrow St„ Columbia. S. C 149 

Eld. Barbara Jeanne, 402 Ramsey Ave., Hopewell, Va 149 

Fennell, Molly, 1901 Harper St.. Newberry, S. C 149 

Finn. Joan Rac, 

2868 W. Sulgrave Oval, Shaker Heights 22, Ohio 148, 149 

Freeman. Elizabeth Ann, R.F.D. 1, HendersonviUe, N. C 149 

Gardner, Harriett, 1527-C Almond St., Balboa, Canal Zone. 149 

Ciardner, Julia Ann. Route No. 4, Gastonia. N. C 149 

Hanger, Barbara Rrrlh. 1433 Windsor Place, Jacksonville. Fla. 149 
llartcr. Rose Marie. 601 l.ibcrlv Slrccl, Iranklin. Pa 36') 

Henry. Marvlyn. I').? llalslcd Road, Mi/ahcth. N. J. 149 

Hill, .Sarah Hli/abelh, Route No. 2. Sniilhfield, N. C 149 

Hillow. Gail Lucille 

3641 Van Ness St., N.W., Washington, D, C 149 

Hirdson, Meredith, P.O. Box 1527, Fort Myers, Fla 149 

Hrrtchison. Joe Anne. 1118 Portland St., Greensboro, N. C...I49 

Kerr. Rachel, 1207 Flora St., Durham, N. C 149 

Korncgay, Margaret Ann, 

803 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C 149 

Lambert, Barbara Louise, 8 Hillside Ave.. Winchester. Mass.. .149 

Lambert. Joan Ciray. Route No. 4. Mebane. N. C 149 

Logan. Agnes Wood. 29 Highland Ave.. .Sumter, S. C 149 

Love, Joyce Ann, 310 Vance Street, Laurinburg, N. C 149 

Aerial View of West Campus, Duke University 














Address Applications and Inquiries to 




McLamb. Patsy Paige, 404 W, Crantham St., Goldsboro. N. <". .149 
Mitchell, Katherine Lee. 

114 North Church St., Mount Olive. N. C. 149 

Mullis, Carol, Midland, N. C 149 

Paul, Ellen Jane, 1979 Prospect Street, Sarasota, Fla. 149 

Pfeiffer. Frances. 2024 Prairie Ave., Quincy, III. 149 

Register, Margaret Ruth. 407 Main St., Clinton, N. C 149 

Roper. Carol Ann. 

10 Orchard Farm Road. Port Washington, N. Y 149 

.Scholderer. Ann Louise. 18 Hamilton Dr.. N. Caldwell. N. J. .149 

Sheffey. Nancy Elain. 3908 Handy St., Lynchburg. Va 149 

Shelor, Mary Alice, 115 West Calhoun St., Sumter, S. C 149 

Shepherd, Kay Lorraine, 

70.1 West End Blvd., Winston-Salem, N. C 149 

Speight, Martha Riddick, 337 Cedar St., Suffolk. Va.. I .0, 149 

Sprague, Dale Parks. Box 261. Parksley, Va 149 

Taylor, Terry Laura, 350 Graydon Terrace, RidgewooJ. N. J. 149 
Templeton. Mary Elizabeth. Route No. 1, Matthews, N. C. 149 
Thompson, Betty Frances, 

221 N. 4th Street. Wilmington, N. C 149 

Van Metre, Nancy, 311 S. George St., Charles Town, W. Va...l49 

Whiteside. Sarah Jane, 1506 Kent St„ Durham, N. C 149 

Wilder. Judy, 1542 Susquehanna St.. Rydal. Pa 149 

Wilson. Lucy, 

Frog Rock Road, Chippagua, N. Y 141, 149, 372 

Wilson, Roberta Esthel, Brandywine, Md 149 

Yontz, Elizabeth Wood. 

334 N. Alabama St.. Chrisman. Ill 140. 149 

1959 Freshman Students — Degree Program 

Anderson, Janet Marie, 222 Bron.x Ave., Pittsburgh 29, Pa. 150 

Anthony. Judith, 2804 Noyes Ave., Charleston 4, W. Va 150 

Barcy, Joan Lee, 4219 2nd Road, North, Arlington, Va. 150 

Bass, Jane Gordon, 2812 Windsor Ave.. Charlotte 3. N. C. 
Bennett, Rita Jane. 

2612 Lake View Drive. Raleigh. N. C. MO, 150 

Bidle, Lei Lani, 301 Bickett Blvd., Raleigh, N. C 150 

Boggs. Elizabeth Dockum. 

861 Valley View Road. Pittsburgh 16. Pa 150 

Branch, Barbara, 

1364 Pennington Road. W. Englewood. N. J. 

Brandon. Elizabeth. McDonough. Ga 150 

Broadway, Patricia Beatrice, 

706 White Ave., W. Columbia, S. C 150 

Byl. Constance Louise. 11 Midland Ave., Glen Ridge. N. J 150 

Carney, Eleanor Ann, 1479 S.W. 18 Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.. 150 
Chapman, Joyce Ann, 

132 Landing Road, .South, Rochester 10, N .Y. 
Cheshire. Nancy Carolyn, 

CMR 332. Box 160. Charlotte. N. C 150 

Colglazier, .Sarah Jane, 

5027 Glenbrook RoaJ, N.W.. Washington, D. C. 150 

Collins. Doris Emmelyn. 4101 25th St.. Arlington. Va 150 

Cox, Suella, 2512 Morganton Road, Fayetteville, N. C 150 

Datson, Alyce, 712 Delaney Park Dr.. Orlando, Fla 150 

Day, Jane Valentine, 603 Boulevard, Wcstficid, N. J 150 

Davis, Anne Wilson, P.O. Box 229. Odessa. Del 150 

Dennett. Sandra I-ee, 701 N. E. 16 Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Devol. Frances Ellen, 2524 Shroyer Road, Dayton, 9, Ohio. 1 50 
Durham, Jean Glendinning, 

25 East Cedar St.. Merchantville 8, N. J 150. 151 

Fmbree, Eleanor Jane, Route 1, Sardis Lane, Matthews, N. C. 150 
Ferguson, Virginia Lee, 6654 Rutland St., Philadelphia, Pa. 150 

Fleming. Ellen York, Route 2, Herndon, Va 150 

Fluharty, Ruth Ann, 1326 Fordham Road, Charlotte, N. C. 
Froneberger. Rebecca Dann. 

1408 Jackson Road, Gastonia, N. C 150. 151 

Frye. Doris Fdwina. 1429 Pinetree Drive, Charlotte 7. N. C . 150 

Gamon. Helen Mae. Qtrs. 20 N.A.A., Pensacola, Fla 150 

Gustavson, Dulcie Charlotte, 

2921 Collier Ave., Jacksonville, Fla 150 

Hester, Julia, 1704 Liberty Dr., Greensboro, N. C 150 

Houck. Doris Elizabeth, 

1221 Delaware Ave., Wyomissing. Pa 150 

Hunsche, Susan Miriam, 

434 Hidden Valley Lane, Cincinnati 15, Ohio 150 

Hunsicker, Nancy Evelyn, 

5210 Bella Vista Road, Drexcl Hill, Pa 150 

Jacoby, Eugenie Ruth 

77 Beacon Hill Road, Port Washington, N. Y 141, 150 

Jeranko, Mary Beth, 233 Woodland Ave, ( larksburg. W. Va. 150 
Klingensmith, Louise MacDowell, 

617 Zollinger Way, Mcrion Station, Pa. 150 

Lemperle, Bette Louise. 58 Oakridge Ave., Nulley 10. N. J. 150 
Lippert, Norma Nell 

2005 Woodbrook Drive, Wilmington, Del. 110. 1 M) 

MacNicol, Margaret Elizabeth 

1606 Riverview Ave., Wilmington, Del 140, 150, 151 

McCachren, Betsy Jane, 312 S. Summit Ave. Charlotte N. C. 150 
McCormick. Rosalie Tunis. 

Wyam Park Apts., Baltimore 11. Md. 150 

McCracken. Jo Anna, R.F.D. 4. Waynesville. N. C. 150 

Mallard, Carolyn 

403 W. Whitaker Mill Road. Raleigh, N. C. 150 

Martin, Lyda Sue, 530 Smith Place, Ridgewood, N. J. 150 

Mattingly. Mary Mitchell, 

3701 Cumberland St.. N.W.. Washington 16. D. C. 150 

Mazza. Morma Gail. 252 Irving Place, Pelham, N. Y 150 

Meacham, Carolyn Susan 

311 Alexander Ave.. Durham. N. C 150 

Mull, Marian Rebecca, 

1004 W. Highland Ave.. Kinston. N. C 150 

Meldgaard. Gail Mae. 929 Lathrop Ave., Racine, Wis. 
Newcomb. Gayle Barton 

359 St. Andrews St.. Spartanburg. S. C 150 

Nichols. Mary Ruth, Oxford Orphanage, Oxford, N. C 150 

Olsen, Frances, 88-37 I6lst St.. Jamaica, N. Y 150 

Ott. Dorothy Ann. 

Sedgely Farms, R.F.D. 1, Wilmington, Del 150 

Parker, Ann Elizabeth, 115 Lucky Dr., Ormond Beach. Fla 150 

Phelps. Rebecca Irene, 204 Fairview Road, Gary. N. C 150 

Pyle. Martha Belknap, 89 Miriam St.. Lexington. Muss. 140. 150 

Rasmussen. Marilee, 38 Valerie Lane, Danbury, Conn 150 

Ritchie. Virginia Ida, 

6616 Georgia Ave. N.W.. Washington. D. C 150 

Rissler. Nancy Rose. 179 Sheridan Ave.. Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J 150 

Robertson, Mary Ella, Tryon Road, Rutherford, N. C 150 

Rohrhurst, Barbara, 537 Watchung Road. Bound Brook. N. J... 150 

Ross. Carol Jean, 316 Walnut Ave., Charlotte. N. C 150 

Sayrem. Mary Frances. 334 Pear Ave.. Hampton. Va 150 

Schaiberger, Anne Carolyn. 

1016 Citrus Isle, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 150 

Smithwick, Joe Moore, Box 235, Jamesville, N. C 149 

Starling. Nancy Rebekah. Route 1. Mt. Ulla, N. C 150 

Steinfeldt, Sally Ann, 43 Harding Road, Rochester, N. Y 150 

Strowd. Margaret Ellen, P. O. Box 132, Pittsboro, N. C. 
Sydow. Patricia Ann. 

2730 Inverness Road. Shaker Heights. Ohio 150 

Thompson, Anne Spear, 102 Watson St.. Windsor, N. C 150 

Vurgason, June Loree. 44 N. Milburn Ave.. Baldwin. N. Y 150 

Waldeck. Gail Marie, 301 Wouih St.. S. Charleston, W. Va...l50 
Walker, Nancv Eldridge, 

4 Bar Beach Road. Port Washington. N. Y 150 

Winfield. Frances Ann. Route I, Pinetown, N. C...141, 150, 151 

1959 Freshman Students — Diploma Program 

Adams, Kay Fern, 137 School St.. Oak Hill. W. Va 150 

Apple. Nancy Lou. 514 Jones St.. Burlington. N. C 150 

Brady. Nancy Arnold. 702 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham. N. C..150 

Burgess. Eleanor Sue, Box 111, Benson, N. C 150 

Clevenger. Sue Ellen. 114 Smith St.. Berryville. Va. 

Conant. Willa Marion. Old Cornwallis Road. Durham. N. C. 150 

Curran. Nancy Alice 

131 McAlistcr St.. Asheboro. N. C .- 140. 150 

Drake. Patricia Rodwell. 237 S. Elm St.. Asheboro, N. C. 150 
Gay, Barbara June, 

1101 Westbrook Drive, Charlotte 6, N. C 150 

Hensley, Shirley Ann, 24 .State St., Marion, N. C 150 

Kersey, Linda Rhes. 921 Carolina Ave., Bluefield, W. Va...l50 

Knoph. Mary Jane. Route 4, Box 397, Aiken, S. C 150 

Lloyd. Susan Ellen, 

410 N. Mildred St., Charles Town, W, Va 150 

Manuel, Patricia Gay, 8 Draper Lane, Warwick, Va 150 

May, Peggy Joyce, 2606 Bullock Drive, Durham, N. C. 

Pennington. Nancy Lynn. Box 206. Mount Hope. W. Va 150 

Register. Sandra Joann. 

Route 1. Box 212, Middle Sound, Wilmington. N. C. 150 

Riddick. Sarah Elizabeth. 

741 Westover Blvd.. Elizabeth City. N. C 150 

Smith. Millicent Covinton, 211 Tate St.. Greensboro. N. C . 150 
Sparrow, Margaret Ann, Liberty Hill Rd.. Kinston, N. C. 
Tate. Jane Elizabeth. 402 N. Cedar St., Greensboro, N. C...150 
Tuckwood, Gwynne Elizabeth, R.F.D. 1, Maryland, N. Y. 150 
Warmolh, Patricia Sue. 3 Anne Park. Sumter. S. C. 
Warren, Virginia Ann, 

2905 Chamberlayne Ave.. Richmond 22. Va 150 

Whitley, Elizabeth Gray, P.O. Box 72. Silcr City. N. C 150 


Abcr. Marv Dean. 

87 lloodridgc Dr 
Abrams, Leslie Joy, 

PillsbiMgh 28. Pa.. '58 

171 Proctor Blvd.. lltica. N. Y.. 


-73. 157. 




Adams, Elizabeth Lumsden. 

23 Great Oak Lane, Pleasantvillc, N. V.. '57. . 
Adams, Jonnie Valeria, 

2510 Nation Avenue. Durham, N. C. '58. .114, 
Adams, Marjorie Ann, 

R.F.D. 4, Box 376, New Bern, N. C '59 

Adams, Mary Elinor, 320 Adams St., Milton 86, M 
Addington, Sandra Dee. 

2761 Lincolnwood Dr., Evanslon, 111., ^59 

Adier, Mary Lee, 

3310 Garden Ave.. Miami Beach, Fla., ^58 

Affelder, Marilyn Taylor, 

159 Park Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y.. '56 

Aiken, Ann, 559 First St. N.W., Hickory, N. C. '5' 
Alexander, Alice Hutchins, 

Cataloochee Ranch, Waynesville, N. C. '58 

.Mexander. Ann Lyon, 1116 Juliana St., 

Parkersburg. W. Va., '56 73, 157. 166. 

Alexander. Judith Morton. 

Cataloochee Ranch, Waynesville, N. C, '56 

Alexander, Sally Mann, 

7200 N. Dean Rd., Indianapolis, Ind., ^58 

Allen. Janet Louise. 

38 Hazelton Dr.. White Plains, N. Y., ^57 

Allen, Pauline Wynn, 4101 Bronson Blvd., 

Kalamazoo, Mich., '58 114, 

Alston, Grace Jackson, Box 546, Warrenton, N. C 

Alston. Nora Grant. Littleton. N. C. '57 

Altvater. Kathleen B.. 771 York St., Denver 6, Colo. 
Altvater, Margaret Ann, 

771 York St.. Denver 6. Colo.. '56 

Amend. Elizabeth Clara. 

2208 Baynard Blvd.. Wilmington 2. Del 
Anderson. Beverly Archer. 

428 W. 2nd St.. Washington. N. C, '59 

Anjcrson, Joan, 309 Elizabeth St., Durham. N 
Anderson. Phebe Lucille. 

15 Governors Rd.. Brunxville. N. Y.. '57 
Andrew. Mabel Winnifred 

203 W. 2nd St., Lexington, N. C„ '58.. 

Andrews. Leilani Russell. 

U.S.N. Attache. A. P.O. 676. New York. N. 
Apple. Etta Lou. 206 Clayton St.. Winston-Salem, N. C, 
Applebee. Margie Ann. 

1313 Whitby Rd.. Richmond. Va.. '58 114. 

Armentrout. Jean Beech. 

1020 Highmount Rd., Pittsburgh 32, Pa., '58 

Armfield, Virginia Anne. 

221 Hillcrest Dr., High Point, N. C. '59 

Arn. Shirley Jo, 

258 Greenmount Blvd.. Dayton 9, Ohio, "58 36, 

Arnett, Margaret Mary, 24 S. Huffman, Naperville. III.. 
Atkinson. Virginia Storr. 

525 Thornwood Lane, Northfield, III., '57 101. 

Auman, Mary Siceloff. Rt. 3, Durham, N. C, '56 

Ausley, Margaret Anne, 

1410 Betton Rd., Tallahassee, Fla., '57 

Austin, Betsy Caroline. 203 Lee Ave., Wadesboro, N. C 
Austin. Mary Ann. 

1128 Stillwood Dr.. N.. Atlanta. Ga.. '56 

Avera. Patricia Ann, 

927 Dartmouth Ave.. Orlando, Fla., '58 

Ayscue. Nancy Elizabeth, 

I 1 1 Norris Rd., Alapocas. Wilmington, Del., '57 

Babb, Donna Kay, 

311 W. Central St., Sweetwater, Tenn., "59 

Babcock, Betsy Main, Reynolda, N. C, '59 

Babcock, Mary Lou Graham, 

8414 Galvestown Rd.. Silver Spring, Md., '56. .37 
Bagley, Martha May, 

3520 Gilmer Ave.. Montgomery. Ala.. "59 

Bailey. Judith Anne. 

1312 East Drive. S.W.. Roanoke. Va.. '58 

Baker, Ardis Anne, 

4430 Nichols Ave.. S.W.. Washington 24. D. C, 
Baker, Cynthia Laverne, 

403 Hammel Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. "56 

Baker. Diana Lee. 

176 Encinal Ave.. Atherton. Cal.. '57 101. 166. 

Bansley. Mary Grace. 

206 Robin Hood Rd.. N.E.. Atlanta 9. Ga.. '58 
Barclift, Thelma Cole. 1014 Monmouth Ave., 

Durham. N. C. "56... 73. 157. 229. 

Barger, Nancy Wayne, 

510 Church Ave.. Kannapolis. N. C, '56 

Barham. Harriette Ann. 

1924 St. Mary's St., Raleigh, N. C, '57 

H., -58. 

















, '56. 












73. 206. 269 




Barker. Barbara Janelta. 
Oyster River Rd., Durham, N 
Barksdale, Barbara Ann, 

237 Woodlawn Ave., Decatur, G 
Barrick, Elizabeth Staton, 

1305 Shepherd .St.. Durham, N. C. '57 
Barnes. Ruby G. (Mrs.). 

507 R. 13th .St.. Lumberton, N. C, '58 
Barringer, Katharine C, 

1818 Park Rd.. Huntington, W. Va., '58 114, 

Barrington, Marjorie C, 

Box 449, Dillon, S. C, '59 129, 263, 

Bartlett, Phyllis Mary, 27 Deerfield Rd., Caldwell, N. J 
Batchelor, Linda Ann, Box 333, Nashville, N. C. '57. 
Bates. Ann Salisbury, 

3700 Underwood St., Chevy Chase, Md., '57 70, 

Baugh, Jill Ann, 1650 Queens Road W., Charlotte, N. C 
Bay, Julia Margaret, 

300 East 12th St., Dover, Ohio, '58 114, 

Beacher, Joan Dorothy, 

425 Washington .St., Frackville, Pa.. "58 

Beal, Mary Lou, ReJ Oak, N. C, '56 

Beattie. Margaret Fay, 

1304 Duplin Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 
Becker. Alethia Ann Hale. 

301 W. Geer St., Durham. N. C. 
Bedell. Joan Elizabeth. 

Sandia Base 1029 10 Loop. Albuquerque. N. M 
Beeson, Nancy Ruth, 

1009 W. Market St., Greensboro, N. C. '56 74 

Bell, Barbara, 

2624 Forrest Way, N.E., Atlanta, Ga., '57 101 

Bell. Carolyn Kendra, 

426 Potomac Ave., Hagerstown, Md., '59 ... 

Bell. Martha Jane, 4000 Dover Rd., Durham, N. C, 
Beman, Frances Whitaker, 

402 E. Church St., Laurinburg. N. C. '59 

Bennett. Barbara Mimi Ann, 

521 Shafor Blvd., Dayton 9, Ohio, "59 

Best, Virginia Claire, 

1126 Buckingham Ave., Norfolk, Va., '57 106 

Bevans, Sue Marlene, 

2221 N. MadLson St.. Arlington. Va.. '58---- 114, 182 
Bickett, Caroline P., 

1821 Glenn Ave., Raleigh, N. C, '58 

Bickhart, Barbara Jane, 

2758 S. Peninsula Dr., Daytona Beach. Fla.. '57. 101 
Bierbaum, Janice Rae, 

1099 N. E. 96th St.. Miami Shores. Fla., '58 

Bigelow. Mary Elizabeth. 

131 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, '59 

Biggers, Helen Patricia, Market St., Hertford, N. C 
Bishop. Betty Gayle, 

1300 Whitethorne, S. Bluefield, W. Va., '58 

Bishop, Janice Ruby, 

1319 Canterbury Rd., Raleigh, N. C, '57 

Black, Barbara Anne, 

Northway Dr. North Hills. Roanoke, Va., '56 

Black, Cynthia, 

Nelsonia, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, '58 114, 173, 

Black, Karen Lee, 

3586 Lytle Rd.. Shaker Heights, Ohio, '58 

Blaisdell, Margaret, 115 Coleman Ave., Asheville. N. C 
Blankenship. Mildred C, 

2107 Dil worth Rd., E. Charlotte. N. C. '56 
Blanton. Lillian Joan. Crozer Campus. Chester, Pa.. '59 

Bloom. Nancy. 1050 N. E. 86th St.. Miami, Fla., '5'^ 

Boaz, Katharine Slaughter, 

Qtrs. W. Naval Hospital, Bremerton, Wash., '58 

Bole. Laura Virginia. 

7111 Fairfax Rd.. Bethesda. Md., '59 

Bolich, Barbara M.. 

3724 Hope Valley Rd.. Durham. N. C, '59 
Booe. Luetta Navada, 923 Demerius St.. Durh 
Booth. Tricia Ann, 

116 Beverly Place, Greensboro, N. C. '57 

Bordeaux. Elizabeth Ann, 

819 Windsor Dr.. Wilmington. N. C. '58 

Boswell. Loretto Gertrude. 

171 Blackland Rd.. N.W.. Atlanta. Ga.. '59 

Bowden. Anne Moseley, Faison. N. C. '59 

Bowden. Mary Frances. 

210 Winston Rd., Portsmouth, Va., "58 

Bowen, Hester Kay, P. O. Box 357. Lake City, S. C 
Bowen, Marjorie Ann, 

839 N. E. 72 Terrace, Miami, Fla.. '58 

Bowersox. Carolyn Joan, 3339 Legation St., N.W. 

Washington 15, D. C, "58 114, 
























. "59. 










N. C, 











y as III OIL 

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The Rebel Drive In 


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Call ,'!-(K)()l ()|.c.i lioin 1:M) A.M. to 12:00 P.M. 

Bowles, Nancy Lucille. 

121 Brixton Rd., Garden City, N. Y., '57 101, 237 266, 359, 
Bowman, Barbara Anne, 

2114 Woodrow St., Durham, N. C, '59 
Bowver, Susan Lee. 

.S09 42nd St.. Charleston. W. Va., '57 101, 266 

Bovd, Barbara, Still Water Rd.. 

Gibson Island Md.. '.^6 74. 157, 167, 262 

Boyle, Rosa Coke, 2404 Mcllonville Ave., Sanford Fla., '57 
Bozler, Ruth Flizabeth, 

203 Acton Rd.. Columbus, Ohio., '58 114, 270 

Bracey, Frances Louise, 

8 North Rd., Circle, Salisbury, N. C, "58 114 

Bradley, Ellen. 

1608 Oakcrest Dr., Alexandria, Va., '58 114, 185, 237 

Bradley, Josephine S., 

20 Wyman St., West Medford, Mass., '58 114 

Bragg, Carol, Gray, Georgia, '59 129, 268 

Braudwell, Mary Alice, Box 187, Wendell, N. C, '59 .129, 264 
Brewer, Virginia Lee, 1416 Scotland Ave., 

Charlotte, N. C, '57 101, 173, 176, 266 

Brian, Betsy Blanche, 

2111 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N. C, '59 129, 268 

Brian. Lota Leigh, 

2111 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N. C, '59 71, 129, 279 

Bridgwater, Susan Lou, 

Oak Hill Rd., Peninsula, Ohio, '57 164, 270 

Brigham, Susan Wood, 

5001 Hammock Lake Dr., Miami, Fla., '57 257 

Brimley. Carolyn May. 

210 39th St. N., St. Petersburg. Fla., '58 114, 239 

Bringhurst. Elisabeth, 

108 E. Tallulah Dr.. Greenville. S. C, '58. .114, 239, 247, 265 
Brokenshire, Dartha C, Qtrs., C. Naval Air Station. 

Memphis. Tenn.. '59 129, 172, 271, 371 

Brooks, Carolyn, 

1320 N. Lake Way, Palm Beach. Fla., '58 114 

Brooks. Laura Louise, Apex, N. C, '59 129, 265 

Brooks, Margaret E., 904 Arnette Ave., 

Durham, N. C, '58 114, 161, 165, 196, 265 

Brower, Marilyn Nancy, 

21 Bedford Ave., Rockville Center, N. Y., "57 270 

Brown, Ann Kimbrough, 

4409 Glenridge St., Kensington, Md.. "58 114 

Brown. Betty June (Mrs.), Lexington, Mass., '56 74 

Brown, Betty Lynn, 

3617 Trimble Rd.. Nashville, Tenn., '56 74, 242, 265 

Brown. Constance Ann, 

112 N. Galveston St.. Arlington 3. Va.. '59 129, 275 

Brown, Lou Ann, 

222 Burnham Place, Evanston, 111.. '59 ....129. 271 

Brown. Madelaine Judy, 

2216 Exmoor Rd., Tampa 9, Fla.. '59 121, 279 

Brown, Tallulah Ann, 

2216 Exmoor Rd., Tampa 9, Fla., '57 101, 278 

Brueggmann, Margaret L., 

2614 Fleetwood Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, '58 114, 270 

Brugh, Judith Elizabeth, 

82 Quinby Ave., White Plains, N. Y., '58 114, 239, 278 

Brunner. Susan Gabriella, 

786 Boardman Rd., Aiken, S. C, '58 114, 174, 239 

Bruton, Alice Burt, Junior Home, Lexington, N. C. '58 .114, 358 
Bruton, Emma Evelyn, Junior Home, Lexington, N. C. '57... 101 
Bryan, Betty Ruth, 

R.F.D. 5. Box 307, Goldsboro, N. C, '57 101, 277 

Bryan, Rosalie Blanche, 

1104 Flizabeth St., Durham, N. C. '59 
Bryant. Jo Ann, 

6644 Roosevelt Ave., Charleston, W. Va., '57 101 

Buggein, Linda Ann, 

1515 Sarria Ave., Coral Gables, Fla., '59 129, 272 

Bunch, Ruth Dyeann, 

N. Center St., Statesville, N. C, "59 129, 256 

Burney, Lila Katherine, 

738 North Ave., Macon, Ga., '56 74, 161, 188, 261 

Burns, Opal Marie, 134 Tenth Ave., S.E., Hickory, N. C, '57 
Burns, Nancy Carolyn, 

1010 Rozier St., Lumberton. N. C, '57 101. 253, 278 

Burns. Patricia Lee. 

220 Aberdeen Dr., Middletown 20. Ohio. "58. 117. 253. 265 

Burton, Nancy. 1926 E. Seventh St., Charlotte. N. C, '58 117 

Byers, Elizabeth Alison, 

206 S. Rd.. Lindamere, Wilmington 3, Del., '56 ...74, 249, 358 
Cain, Elizabeth Jean, 

62 Edgewood Dr., Hohokus, N. J., '56 74, 277, 359 

Caine, Helen Anne, 

163 Gardner St., Chattanooga, Tenn., '56 74, 262 

Callaghan, Nan, 16 E. Walnut St., Richwood, W. Va., '58... 117 

Campbell, Mary Elizabeth, .Summersville, W. Va. 

Campbell, Sheila Perry, Sunset Ave., Clinton, N. C, '58. 117, 265 

Campbell, Vera Bartlett, 

420 S. Broadway St., Redondo Beach, Cal„ "58 117, 266 

( annon, Laura Lee, 86 F. Milton St., Freeport, N. Y., '59 129 

C aprio, Gioia Anne, 74 Rowan Rd., Chatham, N. J., '56 .74, 273 
Caracristi. Judith Z., 

172 Midland Ave., Bronxville, N. Y., '59 129, 279 

Carle, Carol Mary, Jones Beach, Wantagh, N. Y., '58 273 

C arlyle, Mary Irving, 809 Arbor Rd., 

Winston-Salem, N. C, '58 78, 117, 157, 237, 238, 269 

Carmichael, Judith, Four J. Hill Farm, Leesburg, Va., '59... 129 
C arraway. Emily Lively, 

711 Hillcrest Ave., Tallahassee, Fla., '58 117, 185, 273 

Carrick, Margelyn P., 

262 Glenwood Ave., East Orange, N. J., '57 101, 165, 266 

Carrico. Dorothy Lee, 

703 Beech Ave., Charleston, W. Va., "56 77, 274 

Carroll, Noel, Woodland Rd., Anchorage, Ky., "57 
Carson, Jenny White, 

820 Soundview Dr., Mamaroneck, N. Y., '59 130, 166 

Carter, Margaret Lea, 232 Idol St., High Point. N. C. 
Carter, Mary Elizabeth, 

1118 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, N. C, '57 101. 260, 261 
Cashwell, Dava Agnes, 

2601 W. Market St.. Greensboro, N. C, '59 130, 268 

Cason, Lucinda, 

720 S. Center St., Thomaston, Ga., '57 102, 248, 261 

Cathey, Margaret Anne, 

405 S. Fayetteville Ave., Dunn, N. C, '57 102, 269 

Caudle, Dorothy Annette (Mrs.), 

531 E. Broad St., Westfield, N. J., 
Caviness, Elizabeth K., 913 Vance St., Raleigh, N. C, '58 
Chamberlain, Margot, 

5 Douglass Lane, Kirkwood 22, Mo.. "59. .130, 239, 267 

Chambers, Sally Ann, 

112 E. 74th St., New York 21, N. Y., "58 63, 117, 359 

Chappelle, Janet Montez, 

7344 Dale Rd., El Paso, Te.xas, "57 102, 158, 265 

Chase, Jo Ann, 

6 Orchard Parkway, White Plains, N. Y., '58 117, 273 

Chedester, Nancy Lynn, 

809 Enderby Dr., Alexandria, Va.. '58 117. 206, 257 

Chesson, Marion Requa, 

2006 St. Mary's St., Raleigh, N. C, '57 102 

Child, Mary Alice, 

2 Winter Quarters Dr., Pocomoke, Md., '59 71, 130, 271 

Choate, Jane Dickey, 

1119 W. Henderson, Salisbury, N. C, '57 102 

Chronaki, Bessie, 1008 Flora St., Durham, N. C. 

Church, Mary Eltinge, Southgate, Bronxville, N. Y., '59. 130, 271 
Clapp, Julia Edwards, 

309 E. Raleigh St., Siler City, N. C, '58 117, 272 

Clark, Kathryn Elizabeth, 

Box 275, Elizabethtown, N. C, '57 102, 358 

Clark, Nancy Sarah, 

3904 Legation St., N.W., Washington, D. C, '58 117 

Claunch, Margaret Lynn, 119 N. Central, Somerset. Ky., '56 
Clay, Florence Messick, 301 Ferguson Ave., Warwick, Va., '56. .77 
Clayton, Lynette Guy (Mrs.), 

919 Academy Ave., Ahoskie, N. C, "57 77, 260 

Cleave, Carol Annette, 

303 17th St., Wilmette, 111., '59 130, 166, 184. 267 

Coard, Nancy Barbara, 

304 Paddington Rd., Baltimore, Md., '57 102 

Cobb, Dorothy Elizabeth, Box 166, Erie, III., '57 102 

Cochran. Constance Avery, 

Quarters 154, Ft. Lewis, Washington, '56 77, 274 

Cofer, Mary Louise, Tucker, Ga., '57 102 

Coffman, Ruth Ann, 

1733 Coral Gardens Dr.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla., '56 77, 244 

Coker, Betsy White, 

2515 Windsor Rd.. Columbia, S. C, '57 102, 262 

Collins. Jeanne Goodall, 

R.F.D. 2. Cedartown. Ga., '58 117, 254 

Colville, Elizabeth Ann, 

4100 Belle Vista Dr., St. Petersburg, Fla., "57 
Compton, Joyce Leslie, 

162 Canterbury Dr.. Charlotte 7, N. C, '59 
Cone, Carolyn Nail, 

335 Manor Rd., Douglaston, N. Y.. '59 130, 272 

Cone, Julia Ann, Saluda, S. C. '58 117, 184 

Cooke, Mary Harrison, Franklinton, N. C, '56 77 

Cooper, Carol Ann, 

13 Cottage Place, Nutley, N. J.. '58 117, 185, 243, 278 

Cooper, Elizabeth G.. 

240 Charles St., Henderson, N. C, '59 130, 267 

Cooper, Tamra Irvin, 

111 W. Evans St., Norfolk, Va., '58 117, 239 

Corney. Elizabeth Blair, 

246 Audley St.. South Orange, N. J., "58 117 

Corpening, Anne Hodges, 

R,F.D. 1, Granite Falls, N. C, '51 102, 161 

Costin, Kathleen Ann, 

117 N. E. 16th St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., '57 266 

Couchman, Patricia Kay, 

5828 Joyce Way, Dallas, Te.\as, '58 117 

Councill, Martha Hardin, 

224 Councill St., Boone, N. C, '56 77, 161, 162, 278 

Cowles, Alice LaRue, 

3915 Montevallo Rd., Birmingham, Ala., '57 102, 254 

Cox, Carol Meyer (Mrs.), 

2404 Vesson Ave., Apt. 9, Durham, N. C, "57 
Cox, Elsie Norrell (Mrs.), 905 Lambeth Cr., Durham, N. C. 
Crain, Barbara Jean, 

2744 Brandywine St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C "58.. 1 17, 262 
C randall, Virginia Lee, 

Wolfeboro, N. H., '56 77, 182, 183. 184, 229, 262 

Cranston, Luanne Anita, 135 Wedgewood lane, 

Haddonfield, N. J., '56 77, 167, 209, 210. 242 

C raven. Faith, 

600 Fairview Dr., Lexington, N. C, '58 117. 262 

(raw ford, Margaret P., 

421 W. Walker Ave., College Pk., Ga., '59 130, 268 

C rawford, Nara Lee S., 

1412 Conway Rd., Orlando. Fla., '59. 130, 186 

Creadick, Anne Elizabeth, 

1200 Anderson St., Durham, N. C, "59 130, 196. 260 

Crinkley, Mildred Stewart, 

Bragg St., Warrenton, N. C, '58 117, 164, 239 

Cross, Melissa, 

5950 Park Rd., Cincinnati 27, Ohio, '59 130, 172 

Crossley, Jean Gay, 

19339 Riverview Ave., Rocky River, Ohio, '59. 41, 130, 272 
Crowley, Sue Ann, 

2021 Lanier Dr., Silver Spring, Md., '58 117, 267 

Crutchfield, Doris Higdon, 803 Fourth .St., Spencer, N. C, '56 
Culton, Gladys Cater, 

2323 Sharon Rd., Charlotte, N. C, '58 117, 239 

Cumming, Llewellyn, 720 Maupas Ave., Savannah, Ga., '57. 102 
Currence, Nancy Ward, 15th Ave., Marlinton, W. Va., '58 
Cushman, Nancy Ruth, 

2901 7th Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla., '59 130, 156 

Cuttino, Sarah Hammond, 

207 Broad St., Sumter, S. C, '58 22. 196 

Dai, Meiling, 2404 Perkins Rd., Durham. N. ( .. '59 130. 360 
Dail, Virginia Dare, 316 Arlington PI.. PoMsmouth, Va. 
Dally, Carolyn Ann, 45 High St., Monroe. N. > .. '58 117, 262 
Danehower, Barbara L., 

6220 Fairhill St., Philadelphia, Pa., '59 130, 360 

Daniels, Joan Florence, 

518 S.W. 18th Ct., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., '56.77, 165, 278 
Daughtry, Annie Mabel, 

Forest Rd., Clinton, N. C, '56 77, 269 

Daughtry, Sarah Rebecca, 

131 N. Columbia St., Milledgevillc. Ga., '56 77, 269 

Davidson, Sally Ann, 

42 Aberdeen Dr., Greenville, S. C, '59 130, 172, 256 

Davis, Betty Jane, 

1413 Garland Dr., Greensboro, N. C, '56 77, 278, 279 

Davis, Elizabeth Bailey, 

4006 Underwood St., Chevy Chase, Md., '58 16, 71, 117, 278 
Davis, Elizabeth Hale, 

2248 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C, '56 77, 242, 278 

Davis, Elizabeth Jane, 2623 University Dr., Durham, N. C, '58 
Davis, Janet Wilkinson, 

1509 Northfield St., Greensboro, N. C .. '56 78, 166 

Davis, Jean Garnett, 

2921 .Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va.. '59 130. 263 

Davis, Martha Clyde, Room 304, Faculty Apis.. Durham, N. C. 
Davis, Ruth Elma, 

10 Roy Place, Valhalla. N. Y., '57 198, 254 

Davis, Shirley Anne, 

102 W. Woodridge Dr., Durham, N. C, '57 102 

Davis, Sylvia Annette, 701 Seigic Ave., Apt. 120, 

Charlotte, N. C, '56 78, 157, 161, 229, 235 

Davis, Wilda Ann, 419 E. Ward .St.. Douglas, Ga., "59 130 

Davis, Willene Catherine, 

.Sandavis Box 247, Southern Pines, N. C.. '59 130. 275 

Dawson, Grayce B. (Mrs.), 

1912 University Dr., Durham. N. ( . 
Day, Betty Winslow, 

304 Karen St., S. Charleston, W. Va., '59 256. 359. 370 
Dean, Janet Marion, 

185 Main St., E, Northfield, Mass., '57 102, 261, 359 

.78, 253, 
130, 172, 

DeHart, Jane Sherron, Box 61. Bryson City, N. C, '58 
DeLaski, Nancy Panossian (Mrs.), 

4501 18th .St., N., Arlington, Va., '56 

DeLong, Nancy Kate, 

180 Wildwood Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J., '59. 
Denbo, Frances Wayne, 

1640 N. Harrison St., Arlington, Va., '56 78, 

Dennis, Nancy Triplett, 

1728 Buena Vista, Winston-Salem, N. C, '56 78, 

Dent, Lois Marilyn, 

2129 21st .Street, Nitro, W. Va., '56 78. 242, 256, 

Derbyshire, Jane E., University Apts. H3C, Durham, N. C, 
DeRienzo, Eleanor Theresa, 

58 Tenafly Rd., Englewood, N. J., '59 

Dickinson, Jean, 

2555 Third Ave. N., .St. Petersburg, Fla., '58. .117, 239, 
Diggs, Nancy Patrice, 

Box 364, Hampton, Va., '56 

Dinwoodey, Judith Austin, 7200 Meadow Lane, 

.78, 262, 










Chevy Chase, Md., 
Dixon, Anne, 

2300 Park Place, Evanston, 111 
Doan, Ellen Virginia, 

4935 Olentangy Blvd., Columbus, Ohio, '58 

Doane. Sara Elizabeth, 

64 Belleclaire Ave., Longmeadow 6, Mass., '58 

Dolwick. Gail Marie, 

23699 Stanford Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio, '57 

Dort, Dorothy, 3466 Gulfmead Dr., Sarasota, Fla., "56 
Doughton, Jo Custis, 

402 D Street, N. Wilkesboro, N. C, '58 

Doughton, Sudie Hunt, 2313 Wilson St.. Durham, N. C. 
Douglas, Addie Jane, 

2209 Wheat St., Columbia, S. C, 
Dowell, Mary Louise, 

310 W. Dudley Ave., Westfield, N. J 
Dowling, Mary Ann, 148 Highland Rd 
Dovle, Jamie Laura, 

Qtrs. 1 Naval Air Sta., Pensacola, 
Drawbaugh, Harriet Jane, 

3C Cedar House, Tremont Apts. Allentown, Pa„ '59 
Drechsel, Patricia Lou, 

Route 2, Bainbridge Rd., Solon. Ohio. 57 

Dudley. Carolyn Sue, 

112 Ridgecrest St., Lenoir, N. C, '57 

Dumont, Maryann Barrett, 

163 Brixton Rd., Garden City, N. Y., '56 
Dunlap, Elinor Ragland, 

5 Edmondson Ave., Lexington, Va., '59 
Dunlap, Susan Rebecca, 

2515 Seneca Valley Rd., Louisville. Ky., '59 
Dunlevy, Barbara lone, 2159 Lemay Ave., Detroit. Mich 
Dunn, Josephine Alice, 

217 W. Catawba Ave., Mt. Holly. N. C. 
Dunn, Musette Kitchin, 

125 Church .St., Enfield, N. C, '59 

Dunnagan, Frances Bunn (Mrs.), 

1903 House Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Eagle, Ellen Watt, 

804 Anderson .St.. Durham. N. C. '59 130 

Eagle. Tolora Anita, 

3101 B. North Main .St., High Point. N. C, '59 
Earle, Audrey, Qt. A Naval Base, Newport, R. I.. '56 
Eason, Patricia Blanche, 

54 Holmehurst Ave., Baltimore 28, Md., '58 
Eberhardt, Jane Marie, 

24 Parkview Place, Malverne, N. Y., '57 

Ebsary, Patricia Lee, 

319 Mendoza Ave., Coral Gables, Fla,, "58 
Edgar, Jean Byers, Woodlawn Farm, Ellicott City, Md 


102, 189, 273 

117, 262 

17. 254 

78, 261 






102, 272 

Edgerton, Shirley Sue, Fletcher, N. C. 
Edson, Priscilla Irene, 

4520 31st St., S., Arlington 6. Va.. '59 130. 

Filer. Elizabeth Ann. 

2856 W. First St.. Winston-Salem. N. C. '56 78. 260. 
Elliott, Diane Sullivan, 

West View St., Forest City, N. C. '58 118, 

Elliott, Gertrude Hermie, 116 Glad.stone St., Whittier, N. ( . 
Ellis, Betty Sue, 3824 San Juan St., Tampa, Fla. '56 78. 
Ellis, Martha Louise, 

512 Lawrence Ave.. Westfield. N. J., '58 118, 165, 

Ellsworth, Harriet Lee, 

7516 Glenriddle Rd., Bethesda 14. Md.. '56 

English, Mary Elizabeth, 

R.R. 1, Box 31, Perrysburg, Ohio, '59 

I rwin, Susan Ann. 543 Great Falls St.. Falls Church, Va., '57. 
Eskridge, Mary Lois, 2054 Hastings Dr., Charlotte, N, C, '59. 

:-i^ ^*" 

" 'JllJ' 

jl , 








Estes, Shirley Motley (Mrs.). 

2812 O'Berry St., Raleigh, N. C. SX 
Evans, Beatrice Wilson, Bo.\ 346, Edenton. N. C 
Evans, Mary Ann, 

1910 Court Street. Pueblo. Colorado, '.sy. 
Eyster, Mary Elaine. 

1.36 Rathton Rd.. York. Pa.. ■.'i6 
Fairgrieve, Nancy Jane, 

222 Birch Ave., Pittsburgh 34. Pa.. '5;i 
Fant, Julie Beville, 

4619 Algonquin Ave., Jacksonville .^ 



Elm City. N. C. 



02, 165, 257 

Farmer, Georgia Ann. Box 
Faulkner, Frances Jean 

Little Hotel, Henderson, N. C, "58 
Felson, Dorothy Ann, 1535 Alexandria Place, 

Jacksonville, Fla., '57 15, 102, 161, 162, 

Fennell, Susan Earle. 4817 Davenport St.. N.W., 

Washington 16, D. C, "58 118, 

Fernando, Marion Bruce, 

Box 128, Lago Colony, Aruba. N. W. 1.. '58 
Finegan, Anne Trayton, 

535 10th St., Drive N.W.. Hickory. N. C, 
Finnegan, Dorothy Ann, 

2408 Sanford St., Alexandria, Va., "58 
Fisher, Hilda Virginia, Box 553, Roxboro, N. C. '57 
Fitzkee. Archie Lou, 522 Lancaster Ave,, York, Pa., '59. 
Flanagan, Clara Belle. 

207 East Church, Farmville, N. C. '59 1 

Flannery, Ellen French, 

3701 Durango Ave., Coral Gables, Fla., '58 

Fleming, Jane Aline, 

2307 Anderson Dr., Raleigh, N. C. '56 

Flounders, Hannah E., 

605 Cleverly Ave., Jenkintown, Pa.. '59 

Flynn, Kathleen Elizabeth, 

Quarters E Boston N C. Boston. Mass.. '59 1 

Foard, Barbara Ramseur, 

319 Woodside Place, Lenoir, N. C 
Folkman, Betty Ann, 

123 S. Elm St., Asheboro, N. C, '59 130, 172 

Ford, Charlotte Ruth, 2101 Englewood Ave., Durham, N. C 
Ford, Margaret Anne, 

3976 Tuxedo Rd., Atlanta, Ga., '56 

Forrester, Sherri Rhoda, 

1415 Dock St., Wilmington, N. C, '58 
Forte, Sarah Frances, 

2209 Pembroke Ave., Charlotte, N. C, '59. 
Foster, Julia Adair, 

303 S.E. 13th St., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., 
Fowler, Frances Elaine. P. O. Box 1 16. Rod 
Francis, Dorothy H., Durham, N. C, '57 
Freeman, Barbara Ann. 206 Park Drive, 

Tuckahoe, N. Y., '56 81, 

French, Anna McLester, 

3005 Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala., 
French, Mary Ann, 

663 Maryland Ave., N.E., Washington. 1 
French, Mary Roberta, 

950 Arbor Lane, Jacksonville, Fla., '56. 
Friend, Susan Ruth, 

710 Hast 71st St., Indianapolis 20, Ind., '59 

Gaines, Kathleen H., 15 Park Ave,. Brevard. N. C., 
Gamble. Betsy Brandon, 

604 Hillcrest Dr., High Point, N. C, '56 

Garrard, Janice Carolyn, 

3378 Habersham Rd., Atlanta, Ga., '58 

Garrard, Patricia Ann, 

1614 Maryland Ave., Durham. N. C, '56 

Garratt, Joan, Box 133, Rt. 3, Marion, N. C, '59 . 
Gay, Marjoric Anderson, 

6958 Tonty Ave.. Chicago 30. III., '57 
Gcbcl, Kristin Lee, 

980 Lakemont Dr.. Pittsburgh, Pa.. '56 
Gcitner, Martha Hardin, 

520 5th St., N.W., Hickory, N. C, '59 

Gerard. Jean, 104 Virginia Ave., Roxboro, N. C, '58 . 
Gerlough. Diane Clare, 

111 Lincoln Ave., Highland Park. N. J., '56 
Getzendanner, Sarah Ann, 

336 Miller .St., Winchester, Va., '57 
Gibbons, Elizabeth Lynn. 610 Ott .St., Harrisonburg. Va., '58 
Gibbons, Virginia Anne, 415 Entwistle St., Hamlet N. C, '59 
Ciibson, Alice Dunlap, 

4300 Monroe Rd., Charlotte, N. C. '58 

Gibson, J'Neele Smoak, Rt. 2, Bennettsville. S. C. '57.164. 
Gibson, Jeanne Craig, 

629 Hamilton St., Roanoke Rapids. N. C, '58 

Gibson, Margaret Baxter. Sandy Ridge, N. C, '57 






ledge. Fla, 

, '59 


185. 249. 



58 1 18. 



). C. '57 




105, 206. 


Giffhorn, Ann. 

Rt. 4, River Rd., Chagrin Falls, Ohio. '59 130. 267, 359 

Gilbert, Jo Ann (Mrs.), 300 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Giles, Judity Virginia, 

13 Oakland Park Blvd., Pleasant Ridge. Mich., '59 130, 265 
Gill. Joanne Weekes, 

803 Rivershore Rd., Elizabeth City, N. C. '58 118. 186. 254 
Gilliland, Gertrude Elizabeth, 

4930 Morven Rd., Jacksonville 10, Fla., '59 132, 256 

Girand, .'\nn. 

268 Canterbury Rd., Westfield, N. J., '56 81. 165, 274 

Gleason, Joan Margaret, 

1612 Clio Ave., Cincinnati 30, Ohio. '59 .132, 172, 271 

Glenn, Doris Elizabeth, 

816 Mangum St., Durham, N. C, '57 105, 157, 269 

Glover, Patricia Augusta, 

509 E. Center St., Nashville, N. C, '59 
Goebel, Marjorie Lee, 

1115 N. Geo. Mason Dr., Arlington, Va., '58 
Going, Mary Ann, 

2408 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers, Fla.. '58 118.278 

Goldstein, Suzanne B., 

55 Alleghany Rd., Hampton, Va., '58 118. 258 

Gordon. Patricia Orr. 

1108 W. Front St., Burlington, N. C, '57 105 

Gott. Elizabeth Carr, 213 Hampton Rd., 

Pittsburgh 15. Pa.. '58 118. 165, 173. 237. 270 

Gould, Harriet Mackay, 22531 Westchester Rd., 

Shaker Heights, Ohio, '56 81, 165, 172, 173, 257 

Grady, Anne Joyner, Box 382, Four Oaks, N, C, '57 
Grady, Carol Maree, 

Khakum Wood, Greenwich. Conn., '56 81, 277 

Graham, Susan Elizabeth, 

1102 Spring Garden St., Greensboro, N. C, '59. 132. 184. 267 
Grandt. Marilyn Ann. 28 Huntington Rd.. 

Garden City. N. Y.. '58 40. 118. 266. 267. 371 

Granholm. Fredlynne Alice. P. O. Box 452. Seguin. Texas. '56 .81 
Grant. Elizabeth Clark. 

710 Lancaster Dr.. Orlando. Fla.. '59 

Grant. Sally Lou, 

1425 Audubon St.. New Orleans 18. La.. '57 
Gray. Sarah Virginia, 

124 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, '56 

Gray, Elizabeth Dial, P. O. Box 94, Laurens, S. C 
Gray, Helen Louise, 

287 Forest Hill Rd., Toronto, Canada, '58 
Green, Anne Gibson, 

1503 N. Fillmore St.. Arlington, Va., '58 
Green. Marilyn Huxley. 

Old Forge Rd., Lima, Pa., '57 

Green, Nancy. 

20 Dickinson Rd.. Darien, Conn., '59 132, 

Greene, Frances Metzger (Mrs.), 

208 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Greene, Judith. 1107 E. Broad St. E.\t., Statesville. N. C 
Greene, Sandra Ann. 27 N. 18th St., East Orange, N. J 
Gregg, Patricia Anne, 

3924 Madison Ave.. Greensboro. N. C, '57 

Gregory, Jacquelyn, 

809 Brightwaters Blvd., St. Petersburg. Fla., '59 
Grigoleit. Margaret P., 

110 E. Elm St., Greenwich. Conn., '59 132, 

Grissett, Priscilla Ann, 

11920 Union Turnpike, Kew Gardens 15. N. Y.. '57 105, 
Grosz, Carolyn Lydia. 

1416 Dorset La., Philadelphia 31, Pa., '59 132. : 

Groth. Karolyn Jean, 

2143 Sycamore St., Bethlehem, Pa., '58 118, 

Groves, Jean Abney, 1002 Hillside Lane, Gastonia, N. C. '56 
(iruber, Janet Suzanne, 1 1 1 Cedar St., Jenkintown, Pa., '59. 
Grueninger, Susana Beaird, 

23 Prospect Ave., Valhalla, N. Y., '59 184, 

Guild, Barbara Linn, 

506 E. 41st .St., .Savannah, Ga., '56 81, 186, 243, 

Ciunn, Ann Newman, 

Box 128, Yanceyville, N. C. '58 118. 

Ciuyer. Mary Elizabeth 3845 Beech Ave., Eric. Pa 
Hadley, Ann. 550 E. Broadway. Danville, Ind 
Hadley, Martha Emily, 

408 W. Fifth St., Greenville. N. C, '56 81. 
Hauler, Sarah Swann, 

2^20 Forest Wood Dr„ Durham, N. C, '59 
ll.ihn. I li/abeth Baxter, 

Ho\ :s5. Ft. Hancock, N. J.. '59 

Hale, ( lara Katheryne. 3448 23rd St., S.E.. 

Washington 20. D. C. '58 1 

Hale. Wanda Eileen. 

1226 Fifth Ave., N., Texas City, Texas, '59 



' 164, 



C, -58 



118, 206, 


...105. 274. 















132, 272 

8. 166, 239, 269 

s., '58 






. '56 

70. 82. 


.132, 206. 


Ga.. -59.. 



.. 87. 164, 


.. '58 .118. 

237. 239. 


.118. I.W, 

185, 237, 


C, -57.. 
viUe. N. C, 


., "59 


Hall. Eleanor Hoay. Damascus. Va.. ' 
Hall. Grace Arlyne, 

10 Dunbarton Rd.. Wollaston 70. Mass 
Hall, Marilou Fortune. Damascus, Va., 
Hammaker, Lydia Ellen, 

N. Church St., Thurmont, Md., "56 
Hampton. Linda Carolyn, 

3520 Roxboro Rd.. Durham, N. C, 
Hamrick. Barbara Virginia, 

P. O. Box 757, Gaffney, S. C. '59 

Hanev, Anna Elizabeth, 

210 Whitefoord Ave.. N. E. Atlanta. 
Haney, Lila Brent, 

114 Military St., Oxford, N. C, '56. 
Hanes, Elizabeth, 

2101 Malvern Rd., Charlotte 7. N. C. 
Hanford, Mary Elizabeth, 

712 S. Fulton St., Salisbury, N. C, "58 
Hargrave, Eva Hackney 

103 W. First Ave.. Lexington, N. 
Harrill. Patsy Elizabeth, Polk St.. Pineville, N. C 
Harrington, Stella Jane, 421 Second St., Marietta, Ohi( 
Harris, Elizabeth, 219 Surry Ave., Elkin, N. C, '56 ...70. 
Harris, Jacqueline Ann, 

Rt. 2, Saunders Sta. Rd., Pitcairn, Pa., "58 

Harris, Jessie Moffat, Rt. 1, Wheeling, W. Va., '59 

Harris, Martha Rae, 754 Pee Dee Ave., 

Albemarle, N. C, '57 105, 207, 262, 

Hart. Alice Elinor, 

3558 Brookside Rd.. Toledo, Ohio, '59 

Hart. Elizabeth Frances, 1930 Georgia Ave., 

Winston-Salem, N. C. '58 118, 

Hart, Julia Drane, 

Rt. 1, Duke University Rd.. Durham, N. C, '57.. 
Haskett, Jane Ann 

504 Fulton Ave., Rochester, Ind., '58.. 

Hatcher. Barbara Ann. 18 Channel Dr., 

Wrightsville Beach, N. C, '56 13, 35, 82, 157, 

Hatcher. Nora Susan. 

404 Clay St.. Hamlet. N. C, '59 

Hawkins. Alix Madge. 

127 Pocahontas Place. Hampton. Va.. '57. 105. 188. 
Hazen. Sally Lee. 

1809 Virginia Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C 
Heizer, Sidney Isabel, 

1320 Arnette Ave.. Durham, N. C. "57... 
Helmer, Elizabeth R.. 

17 Wakeman Rd.. Darien. Conn., '59 

Henderson, Harriet W.. Valley Green Farm. 

E. Shawment Ave.. Philadelph 
Hendrix. Muriel LeGrand, 

144 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, '59. 
Herb. Barbara Arundel, 

Rt. 1. West Leesport, Pa., '58 

Hermes. Doris Jean, 905 Jefferson Cr., Martinsville, Va., 
Herndon, Alice Carol, 

223 Pineview Rd., Durham, N. C. '58.121, 173, 
Herndon. Elaine, 223 Pineview Rd., Durham. N. C. '58 
Herr. Ursula Sieger. 

80 Elmwood Ave., Waterbury, Conn., '57 105, 

Herrman, Virginia Mason, 

820 Oakwood Ave., Dayton 9, Ohio, '59 

Hess, Carol Margaret. 3807 Kanawha St., 

Washington 15, D. C. '58 121, 

Hester, Betty Letitia. Post Chemical, Ft. Carson. Colo. 
Hester. Martha Elizabeth, 

641 Forest Hills Rd., Macon, Ga., "58 . 

Hicks. Margaret Ann, 

117 Rockwood Ave., Rockwood, Tenn., "58 

Higginbotham, Mary, 

713 MacLean Ave.. Kenilworth. III., '58 

Higgins, Audrey, 6 Joy Street, Boston, Mass,, '58. .37, 
Highsmith, Linda Way, 10 Ivy Lane, Baxley, Ga., '59... 
Hildreth, Marilyn Jane. 

102 Bent Lane, Newark, Del., "57 105, 

Hill, Constance Joanne, 

17 Highland Ave., Rowayton, Conn.. "58 

Hill. Nancy Kent, 

1000 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. '59 

Hill, Roberta Susan, 

3470 Whitfield Ave., Cincinnati. Ohio.. '57 

Hinnant. Judith Ann, 

3380 Norwood Rd., Shaker Heights. Ohio, "59 

Hinterhoff. Mary Trabue. 

219 College St.. Leaksville, N. C, '59 

Hirschfeld, Elizabeth M.. (Mrs.), 

250 S. Main St., Mooresville, N. C, "56 
Hiss, Nancy Leah, 50 Cumberland Ave.. Asheville. N. C 


Pa., '59.. 

































, '58 









132. 272 

Hochreiter. Mary Grace, 

108 University Ave.. Bulfa 
Hodges, Sarah Jane, 

354 Kimberly Ave.. Asheville, N. C, '57 105, 165, 257, 359 
Hohman, Elaine Margery, 

208 Kemah Rd.. Ridgewood. N. J., '56 82 

Hollister. Claire Gaines, 

551 N.E., 107 St., Miami. Fla., '56 82. 261 

Holloway, Joanna Martin. 

1102 Englewood Ave., Durham, N. C, '59.71, 132, 275, 362 
Holm, Roberta, 640 S. Highland Ave., Merion. Pa., '59. .132. 268 

14, N. Y.. 

1, Leaksville, N. C. '59.. 132 

132, 271 

'58 196 


.82, 242, 265 


.132, 184, 260, 





121, 269 

.132, 165, 359 

85, 161, 266 

Holman, Billic Jean, Box 105, Rt. 
Holsclaw, Lynn Lovell, 

3900 Virginia Ave., Charleston, W, Va., '59. 
Holsinger, Carolyn Ruth, 

1423 Woodland Dr., Durham, N. C, '58 121, 173, 239 

Holt. Jennie Lee. 

3714 Vermont Rd.. N.. Atlanta, Ga., '58 .121. 184. 262 

Holtgren, Barbara Marie, 530 Elm St., Westfield, N. 
Hood. Elizabeth, 4604 S. Third St., Arlington, Va.. 58 
Hopper. Caroline Guerrant, 

661 Valleyview Rd., Pittsburgh 16, Pa 
Hovater, Sarah Frances, 

818 Alameda, Orlando, Fla., '56 

Howard, Kay, 316 Montrose Dr., 

S. Charleston 3, W. Va., '59 

Howe. Shirley Lillian (Mrs.), 

130 Maxwell PI.. Tampa. Fla., '57 
Howell, Ann, 280 Wilkinson PI., Memphis, Tenn. 
Huey, Marion Virginia, 

501 S.E.. 25th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., '57.105, 266, 374 
Huggin, Elizabeth Anne, 

310 E. Marion St.. Shelby, N. C. 
Humphrey. Christian, 

2271 Mimosa PI.. Wilmington, N. C. 
Hundley. Ann Meredith. 

600 Oxford Rd., Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 
Hunter, Ann, 103 Ridgeway Dr.. Greensboro, N. C, 
Hunter. Barbara. 

Ill S. Ridgeley Rd.. Norfolk. Va., '57 105. 253, 291 

Hurst, Lillian LeDare, 

1126 South Beltline, Columbia. S. C. '57. 105, 165, 257 

Husbands, Cecilia Anne, Box 915, Chapel Hill, N. C, '59 
Hyman, Carol Ann, 

117 West Ross St., Wilkes Barre, Pa.. '59 132, 258 

Hynes, Rose Carolyn, 318 Oak Lane, 

Richmond 26, Va.. '58 121, 196, 239, 265 

Ingram, Lois Kathryn, 

2538 Queenston Rd.. Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio, '58... 121, 266 
Inman, Judith Ann, 7573 S. W.. 47 Court. S. Miami, Fla., '57. .257 
Irons, Marian Frances, 

160 Summit Ave., Upper Montclair. N. J.. "59... 
Irvine, Linda Poe, 3918 Dover Rd., 

Hope Valley, Durham, N. C. '58 121, 

Jacobs, Marianne, 1426 Talbot Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla.. 
Jacobson, Louise, 

307 Lake Martha Dr.. Winter Haven. Fla., "58 

James, Marilyn Margaret, 

110 Johnson Ave., Malverne, N. Y., "59 

Jarrett, Geraldine Yvonne, 

897 Race St., Sunbury, Pa., '58 121, 239, 261 

Jessee, Audrey Dale, 1310 Radcliff Ave., Lynchburg, Va„ '57. .105 
Jett, Saville, 318 St. Dunstans Rd., 

Baltimore 12, Md., "56 85. 162. 274, 275 

Johnson, Alice Gale, 

314 Moorfield Dr.. Talladega, Ala.. '57 105, 262 

Johnson, Alma Francine, Cameron, N. C, "56 85, 187 

Johnson, Betty Rue, 704 Worley St., Monroe, N. C, '56 85 

Johnson. Carolyn, 

Wood Nymph Trail. Lookout Mt., Tenn.. '57. 106. 161, 269 
Johnson, Dorothy Jean, Holt Lake Rd.. Smithfield, N. C. "57 106 
Johnson. Edwina David. 852 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C. 
Johnson, Elizabeth Patton, 

5201 Carillo Ave.. Norfolk. Va.. "58 121 

Johnson. Frances Faison, 

421 Transylvania Ave.. Raleigh. N. C "59 132 

Johnson. Joanna. Box 236, Varina, N. C. '59 132 

Johnson, Marilyn Ann, Briarwood Rt. 1, Clemmons. N. C '56 

Johnson, Myrtis Boone, Box 549, Red Springs, N. C, '56 85 

Johnston. Anne Levesque. Birdeye, Arkansas. '57 105, 274 

Jones, Anne Holcombe, Carbon, W. Va., '58 121, 278 

Jones, Frances Nell, 917 College St., Oxford, N, C, "56 85 

Jones, Juanita Nile, 

Box 233, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone. '59 132, 279 

Jones, Judith Ann, 

Rt. 2, Box 1255, Fox Chapel Rd.. Pittsburgh 38. Pa., "56 
Jones, Judith Hannah Lee. 

6354 Grand Vista. Cincinnati 13. Ohio. "58 121, 164 

32, 267 

257, 361 
'56.... 26! 


ToHu ami (.ainpiis Agree 



Wc Serve Pizza 
Across From East Campus 


Meudoii- Gold 

is mighty good! 


. //;//■ 









712 W. ChaiR-l Hill Street 

Telephone 6939 




K * 

E { 

u : 


: i 



? i 












-r^ ^ _^ 



S^ a 


■u^i '".'^ 

% A 










, 1 


--' — -"^^^^ 

T. W. MINAH, Manager 

Jones, Margaret Virginia, 

625 W. Club Blvd.. Durham, N. C, "59 132 

Jones, Mary Ellen, 2338 Riverview Ave.. McKeesport, Pa.. '59 132 
Jordan. Anne Rankin, Cedar Falls, N. C, '.sy 106. 266 

Jordan, Elizabeth Leigh. 

813 Vickers Ave.. Durham. N. C. '.SS 121, 166, 237, 257 

Jordan. Gladys Mona, 

828 The Parkway, Mamaroneck, N. Y., '59 132 

Jordan, Patricia Ann, 26 Oak St., 

Bloomfield, N. J., '57 85, 161, 242, 262, 380 

J Udell, Anne Marie, 

11 Mason Ave.. Webster Groves 19. Mo.. 59 132 

Kameny, Doris, 

8512 65 Drive. Forest Hills. N. Y.. '58. . 121. 253. 258 
Kasler. Judith Barbara, 

3521 Bull St., Savannah, Ga., '56.85, 182. 183. 186. 229. 258 
Kearns. Adalyn Sherwood. 

907 Rockford Rd., High Point, N. C. '57 106, 243 

Kearns, Jane Edgerton, 

P. O. Drawer 1939, High Point. N. C, '59 132, 206, 256 

Keenan. Evelyn Louise, 

905 Farragut St.. N.W.. Washington 11. D. C. "57 106 

Keever. Nancy Ann. 

140 Bost St.. Statesville. N. C. "59 132. 196 

Keim, Charlotte Sue, 

643 North Blvd., Cape Girardeau, Mo., "59.132, 156. 359 
Keister. Virginia Dare. 711 Castle St.. Wilmington. N. C. '58 
Keller, Ann Beeson, 

22200 S. Woodland Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio, "57 278 

Kelley, Sarah Campbell, 

34 Exeter St., West Newton, Mass., "59 121. 132 

Kellum, Olive Long (Mrs.), 

806 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C, "56 

Kelly, Sarah Lee, Bo.x 277, Lillington, N. C, "58 261 

Kendall, Shirley Marlene, Box 33. Kipling, N. C, "59 132, 260 

Kennerly, Anne R., Ragland Rd., Newtown. Ohio. '59 132. 275 
Kent. Eleanor Jean, 4 Chester Rd., 

Norton Heights, Conn., "56 85, 163, 277, 361, 363 

Kerns, Patricia Ann. 

197 Royal Palm Dr.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., "59 132, 271 

Ketner, Carolyn Deane, 

329 Maupin Ave., Salisbury, N. C, "57 106, 161, 262 

Ketner, Janet Stokes, 

185 Washington Lane, Concord, N. C, "58 121, 269 

Keves, Harriet Linnie, 

29 Golf Rd.. Plymouth, N. C, "59 132, 260 

Killian. Carole Page. 

153 20 33 Ave.. Flushing. N. Y.. "56 85. 265 

Killian, Kay Allen. 153 20 33 Ave.. Flushing, N. Y.. "56 85 

Kimzey. Patricia Ann, 

113 Park Ave., Brevard, N. C, "58 121, 278 

Kinden, Mona Jean, 

526 Hampshire Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa.. "56 85. 268, 269 

King. Audrey Whittemore, P. O. Box 402. Graham. N. C. 
Kinneman, Kay Ann. 236 W. North, Greenfield, Ind.. "59.. 132 
Kinser. Patricia Louise, 

234 West Main, Danville, Va., "58 121, 173, 267 

Kirkpatrick, Jane, 228 Commerce St., Kingsport, Tenn., "56.165 
Kiser, Jessie Propst (Mrs.), 40 Eastclift Dr., Concord, N. C, "57 
Knight, Nancy Lee, 

3 Oglethorpe Rd., Charleston, W. Va., "59 134, 271 

Knowles, Joan Birdie, 312 Margaret U.. Key West, Fia. "59.. .134 
Koesy, Lucy Juliette, 3441 N. V. 16 i err.-ice, Miami, Fla. 
Kohler, Ulrika Dorothy, 

3323 Gallatin Rd., Toledo 6, Ohio. "57 161, 162, 270 

Kraus, Sally Ann, 

2930 Parkside Lane, Harrisburg, Pa., "58 258 

Kristunas, Lucille, 121 Dickson St., Duryea, Pa., '57 
Kuhn, Martha Anna, Wilson Rd., Rt. 1, Durham, N. C, "56 

Kurlbaum, Susan, Broadalbin, N. Y., "57 106 

LaBoon Sarah Langley. 5407 N. 18th St., Arlington, Va., "57 
l.aliberte. Leila Marie. 

6980 Carlyle Ave.. Miami Beach. Fla.. "58 121. 278 

Land, Carol Jeanette. 

2221 8th Ave. W., Bradenton. Fla., "57 106 

Landis, Ruth Gower (Mrs.), 435 Cutler St., Raleigh, N. C, "57 
Lang, Joan Elizabeth. 

43 Oxford Blvd., Pleasant Ridge, Mich.. "59 134. 263 

LaRue, Joy Ann. Wauchula, Fla.. '57... 106. 253. 261 

Lassiter. Jeri Wynne. 

Box 547. Morehead City. N. C. '59 134. 275 

Lassiter, Gail, 

112 Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C, "57.106, 165, 266 
Lassiter, Helen Marie, 

5007 Gratton Ave., Richmond 24, Va., "56 86 

Latham. Suzanne, 418 W. 2nd St., Washington, N. C, '57 106 

Latimer, Ellen Jones. 1432 8th St., New Orleans, La., "59.. .275 

l.auer, Ellen Rebecca, Smallbrook Lane, York, Pa.. "56 
Lawrence. Dorothy. 411 W. Lenoir Ave., Kinston, N. C. "56 86 

Lea, Roberta Edna, Box 825, Lynn Haven, Fla., "59 134 

League. Elizabeth Anne, Box 661, Warrenton, N. C, '58. 121, 261 
Leamer. Vivian Gaye, 

21 Canoe Brook Pkwy., Summit, N. J., "59. 134. 256. 359 

Lee. Carolyn Powell. 811 Third St.. Durham, N. C, '59 134 

Lee, Mary Frances, 

Apt. 3, 316 S. Gregson .St., Durham, N. C, '58 121, 277 

Lee, Patricia, 

80 Sagamore Rd., Bronxville. N. Y.. "59 134. 275 

Lee, Rebecca Ann, Box 589, Dunn, N. C, "59 121, 263 

Leibowitz, Roslyn Leigh, 1010 Palm St., Ocala, Fla., "58 121, 258 
Leigh, Linda Ann, 910 N. College St., Kinston, N. C. "57. 86. 278 
Leonhardt. Joan Frances. 

25 Wisconsin Dr.. Chenango Bridge, N. Y., "57 86 

Lerro, Margaret Anne, 

834 Manhattan Ave., Dayton 6, Ohio, '57, 106, 359 

Lewis, Sara Hawthorne, 

117 Glen Parkway, Hamden, Conn., "58 261 

Libby, Roberta Lois, 

4711 Windom PI., N.W.. Washington 16, D. C, "58. 121, 258 
Liebrecht, Claudia A., 

23 Longridge Rd., Manhasset, N. Y., '59.134, 172, 271, 373 
Lightner, Marian Takemoto (Mrs.), 

45 Eena Lane, Wailuku Maui, Hawaii 
Lindquist, Shirley Joyce, 

252 State St., Albany, N. Y., '57 106, 159, 244, 262 

Lindsay, Sarah Ann. Box 621. Lewisburg, W. Va., '59 134 

Linnemann, Adelia Park, 

591 Parkview Dr., Burlington. N. C. '58 121 

Linsert. Marguerite H.. 

E. Tenn. State College. Johnson City, Tenn.. "59 134 

Livengood. Margaret A., 

801 Hammond St., Rocky Mounl. N. C, "58 121, 274 

Locke, Margaret Jean, 

911 N. Hamilton, High Point, N. C. "58 121 

Lofquist, Judith, Avenida Rio Branco 18, 

Caixa Postal 4374, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, "57 ...266 

Long, Alice Osborne, Apt. S 2, 810 Demerius St., Durham, N. C. 
Long. Suzanne Stuart, 

320 S. Lamar, Roxboro, N. C, "58 121, 263 

Looper, Shelbia Jean, 515 Main St., Charleston, W. Va., "58....121 

Low, Ann Padgett. 500 Hampton St.. Laurens. S. C. "57 86 

Lowndes. Mary Baker. 

2016 Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C. "56 24. 86. 266 

Lucas. Alice Conway. 

830 Queens Rd., Charlotte, N. C, "59 134, 255 

Lundmark. Karen Florence, 

2016 Southwood Rd., Birmingham. ."Ma., "58 121 

Lusby, Lucinda Taylor, 

2809 Erie Ave., Cincinnati. Ohio, "59 134, 267 

Lyon, Marianna Elizabeth, 

1010 Dacian Ave., Durham. N. C. "57 106. 276 

Lyon, Marilyn Jean, 

72 Gables Ct., Beanconsfield W., Quebec, Canada. "58 .184, 270 
Maclvor, Virginia Cox, 

804 W. 7th St., Marysville, Ohio. "59. .134. 172, 184, 271 
MacLeod, Jean Armina, 

2602 36 St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C, "57 86 

Magee, Phyllis Ann, 48 Berkshire, St. Louis, Mo., "57 86 

Mahanes, Martha Ann, 

925 E. Jefferson St., Charlottesville, Va., "57 106, 161 

Mainsel. Diana Rae, 

2106 Hamill Ave., Clarksburg, W. Va.. "57 106, 260, 261 

Malmar, Constance M.. 9 Townsend St.. Glen Head, N. Y.. "58 
Mann. Beverly Dwire. Rt. 2. Box 63, Durham, N. C. "58. 122, 247 
Manning, Marie Joyce, P. O. Box 109, Williamston, N. C, ■59..134 
Mansfield, Charlotte Hoey (Mrs.). 

131 Brookhill Rd.. Shelby. N. C 86, 269 

Marcom. Claire Burdick. 

4686 Ortega Blvd.. Jacksonville. Fla.. "57 106. 157, 375 

Margulies, Karen Ina. 

Merber 141 E. 88th St.. New York City. N. Y.. "59. 134. 258 
Marshall. Ann Rosecrans. 

956 Elder Lane. Jacksonville. Fla.. '58 257 

Marshall. Virginia Hunter, 

432 Elmwood Ave.. Lynchburg. Va.. "59 134, 255 

Marshall, Patricia True, 

1207 E. Mulberry St., Goldsboro, N. C, '56 86, 278 

Martin, Carolyn C hoate. 

Highland Country Club, Fayetteville, N. C. '57 106 

Martin. Elizabeth P.. 

215 Piltsboro St.. Chapel Hill. N. C. '59 134. 268 

Martin. Grace Jean, 

55 Woodland Park Dr., Tenafly, N. J., '57 106, 174 

Marvin, Helen Rebecca, 

145 Wayne .St., Beaver, Pa., "58 122, 262 

Mason. Ann Efird, 

2137 Queens Rd. E., Charlotte. N. C. '58 

Mason, Edna Carson, 

1620 Hertford Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C, '57 10f>. 

Mason. Nancy Glidden, 5305 Hampden Lane. 

Bethesda. Md., '56 86. 253, 254. 

Massey. Anne Amelia, 

4300 23rd Rd., N., Arlington, Va., "59 134, 

Mathis, Sylvia Dawn, 

725 Mllledge Cr., Athens, Ga., '57 109. 159. 

Mawhinney. Cynthia, c/o Post Engineer. Ft. Campbell. Ky., '58 
Mayberry, Marilyn. 

15500 Warkick. Detroit 23. Mich.. "56 

Mayers, Judith Drayton, 

3415 So. 1st St., Jacksonville Beach, Fla.. "59 134, 172, 
McAnally. Wanna Mary. 

1020 Ferndale Dr.. High Point. N. C. '58 122. 

McBride. Patricia K.. 

Marvelle Rd.. Fayetteville, N. Y.. '56 89. 157. 

McBroom. Betty Ruth, 923 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C, "5 
McCall, Dorothy Robbins, 

318 Sunset Cr., Lookout Mtn., Tenn., "58 122, 163. 

McCamey, Meade, 

Standard Vacuum Oil Co., Karachi, Pakistan, '58 

McCauiey, Phyllis Jean, 2106 Sunset Ave., Durham, N. C. 
McClement, Lee, Rivermere Alger Court, 

Bronxville, N. Y., '57 161, 164, 

McConnell, Amanda Lee, 

202 Waverly Way, Greensboro, N. C, "58 122. 243, 

McConnell, Hilda Ann, 

1408 Saulter Rd., Brimingham 9, Ala., '59 134, 1X6, 

McCord, Virginia Lynn, 

1704 Windsor Ave., Bristol. Tenn., "57 

McCormick, Mary Louisa, 

78 Warwick Rd.. Muncie. Ind., '57 109, 

McCurdy, Elizabeth Ann, 15 Sagamore Rd., Wellesley Hills 

82,, '56 70. 89. 166. 182. 183, 184, 229, 235, 

McDougal, Charlotte Ann, 

807 Pennsylvania A., Spindalc, N. C, '58 122, 

McDowell, Berma Lucretia, 

3328 Runnymede PI., N.W.. Wash. 15. D. C. '57 ^ 

McDowell. Jessie, 

4319 Cliff Rd., Brimingham, Ala,, '59 134, 

McFaddin, Judith Virginia, 

Esso Gebouw, The Hague, Holland, '59. 
McGranahan, Julia Eileen, 

1205 Holloway St.. Durham. N. C. '58 
McGregor. Grace Lane. 

201 E. Hendrix St.. Greensboro. N. C, 
Mcintosh, Sally Warren, Box 887, 

Savannah, Ga., '57... 109, 

Mclntyre, Susan Marie, 

627 Cottage Grove, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 
McKee, Alice, 1328 Seminole Dr., 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., '58 122, 

McLawhorn, Joanne, 

Winterville, N. C, '58 122, 

McLean, Margaret, 13 Cambridge Rd.. Glen Ridg 
McLellan. Mary Anne (Mrs.). 

811 Green St., Durham, N. C, '57 
McLemore, Rosemary, 

1513 S. Mills, Orlando, Fla., '56 89, 2 

McMichael, Margaret 1... Alastair Ct., Durban 

Medlin, Elizabeth C, Maxton, N. C, '59 

Merchant, Margaret Ann, 

94 Marlborough Rd., Asheville, N. C. ' 
Merrell, Patricia Ann, Berwind, W. Va.. '58. 
Merrill, Martha Anne, 

716 Michigan Ave., Evanston, 111., '57 

Messick, Ardis Maureen, 

Box 415, Washington, N. C„ '59 

Metts. Ruth Mauldin, 

303 Anderson Ave.. Savannah. Ga., '59. 1 
Mewboiric. Jon/cnnic. 

715 ( hesapcakc Ave, Hampton, Va., '57 

Midgcll, Miirlha Jane, Inuclhard, N. C, '59. 
Miles. Margaret Rowland, 

58 Oakley Rd., Biltmorc, Asheville, N. C ., 
Miller, Hollcy .Suzanne, 419 Main St., Pikcville. 
Miller, Margaret Jean, 

3649 Pine St., Jacksonville, Fla.. '59 
Miller, Marilyn Joan. 54 Ellsworth Rd., Larchmc 
Miller, Vega Beatrice, 

338 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn 5. N. Y.. '58 
Milligan, Mary Alice, Rt. 2. Asheville. N. C 

Milliken, Anne, Rt. I, Robesonia, Pa., '59 

Miltecr, Dorothy lllizabeth, 

503 Talbot Hall Rd.. Norfolk, Va.. '57 







76, 182, 



'58 .122, 



65. 186, 



65, 173. 
Ige. N. J 

., '58 


35. 249. 
11, N. C, 

.. '59 











34, 256. 






09, 253, 266 







. '59 




Milus. Mary Michael, 

3214 Madison St., Wilmington, Del., '59. 
Minder. June Gertrude, 139 Fairfield Dr., Short Hills. N. J., ' 
Mitchell, Mary May, 

Fairhills Farm, Matthews, N. C '57... 109, 

Mitchell, Sandra Nolene, 

Sandyhill Emerywood Est., High Point, N. C, '56 .. 

Moller, Elaine Louise, 

1800 18th St.. Surf City. N. J.. '58 122, 

Monahan, Elizabeth Nora, 

400 Clement Ave.. Charlotte, N. C, '58 

Montgomery, Marilyn Dee, 

934 E. Essex, Glendale 22, Mo.. '57 
Moody. Mary Lynn. 

1413 Brooks Ave.. Raleigh, N. C, '59 134. 

Moore. Joan Shirley, 44 Dunkirk Rd., Baltimore 12, Md.. 57 
Moore, Katharine Chapin. 

1170 Via Salerno, Winter Park, Fla.. '58 122. 2(il, 

Moore, Margaret Jo, 

410 Tatum Ave.. McColl, .S. C, '59 134, 184, 

Moore, Phyllis Agnes, 

313 Monmouth Ave., Durham, N, C, '56 89, 

Morck, Gretchen Dudley, 

205 W. First St.. Oil City. Pa.. '58 122. 165. 

Morgan, Anne W., 

504 N. Main St.. Farmville, N. C, '59 

Morgan. Helen Holmes, Box 681, Marion, Va,, 
Morris, Marion Louise, 78 N. Dixie Dr., Vandalia, Ohio, 
Morris, Mary Rose, 

211 Friendly Rd.. Burlington. N. C 
Morrison. Catherine H.. 

1006 S. Hillside Lane, Gastonia, N. C, '57 
Morrow. Betty Cowan, 2051 Sharon Lane, Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Morse. Carolyn Faith, 3 Newhall St., Springfield. Mass.. '59. 
Morse, Sally Bruce, 

77 Puritan Ave., Forest Hills, N. Y., '57 89. 

Mosteller, Mary Elizabeth, 

525 W. Yale Ave.. Orlando, Fla.. '59 134. 

Mote. Deana Jean. 

169 Elm St.. E. Longmeadow. Mass.. "59 134. 

Motley. Sandra Jean, 312 Edward St., Durham, N. C '59 
Mott, Carlese Carolyn, 

1826 Rose St., Sarasota. Fla.. "58 134. 182. 

Mull. Laura Isabelle, 

224 Forest Hill, Morganton, N. C. '57 109. 182. 184. 
Mumma, Gwennie Ellen, 

401 Far Hills Ave.. Dayton. Ohio, '58.122, 239. 2h7. 
Myers, Betty Jo, Box 304, Dade City, Fla.. '56. .89. 253. 
Nachman. Charlene Joan, 

1135 16th St., Newport News, Va., '58 122, 

Nelken, Leona Jo, 805 Kirkwood Cr., Camden, S. C. '59 

Nelson, Barbara Larssen, 

612 33rd .St. Ct.. Brandenton. Fla.. '58 

Nelson. Marilyn Joan. 

4605 Cascade Lane. Edina. Minn.. '56 89. 253. 

Netting, Cynthia Frost, 657 Lincoln Rd., Pointe, Mich.. '56 89, 167, 253. 270, 271, 

Newbold, Nancy Shelton, 

P. O. Box 1296. Rocky Mount. N. C. '59 

Newcombe, Barbara Seaman. 

1525 Palancia Ave., Coral Gables, Fla.. '58 

Newell, Kathleen B., 

1407 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, N. C. '59 134, 

Newell. Nancy Belle, 

328 Morgantown St.. Uniontown. Pa.. '56 89, 266, 

Newell, Sylvia Jane, Creston, N. C, '58 

Newland, Joanne, Box 589, 

Brevard, N. C. '56 89, 17 

Newman, Karil Linda, 

646 Washington St.. Cumberland. Md. 
Newton, Margery Jean, 1309 W. Nash St., Wilson, N. C 
Nicholson. Anne Rhodes, 

1633 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Nicholson, Mary Hines. 

1300 W. Vernon Ave., Kinston. N. 
Nickel. Laura Frances. 

32 Berkley Rd., Avondale Est., Ga.. 
Noble. Mary Jane, 

487 Lake Ave., Greenwich, Conn.. '5 
Nolan, Patricia, Rutledge, Ga.. '58 
Nollcr, Leslie Anne, 

11406 Clovercrest Dr., I aci>ma 9'). Wash.. '59 
Norris, June Kay, 

Box 264 Lago Colony, Aruba Netherlands, West Indie 
Norlhington, Sarah J.. 2148 Malvern Rd.. Charlotte, N, C 
Nirtter, Nancy Ann, 

339 Hawthorne Dr., Charleston, W. Va.. '59 134. 

173. 230. 235. 










N. C. 

Council Members 

C. E. WniTEFiET.n, Mayor Pro-Tew 

W. A. Biggs 

G. W. Carr, Jr. 

Mrs. R. 0. Everett 

J. F. Fletcher 

R. N. Harris 

J. E. Strawbridge 

E. R. Williamson 

Dr. Robert S. Rankin 

George Watts Hill. Jr 

Vance E. Fisher 

Luther H. Barbour 



City Mayor 
E. J. Evans 

City Manager 
R. W. Flack 

City Attorney 
Claude Jones 

Educational, Industrial, and Medical Center 

O'Brien, Maureen, 

549 Cumberland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.. '56 90. 25J 

Oe.xle, Nancy Elizabeth, 

728 W. Moreno St.. Pensacoia. Fla.. 'JS 122, 2.VJ, 266, 3.'5') 
Oliver, Margaret E., 

329 Confederate St., Fort Mill, S. C '58 122, 273 

Olmsted, Mary MacNiel, 

Rt. 1, Hanover Courthouse. Va.. '59 134. 264 

Ormond, Nancy Diane. 

108 Sixth Ave., N.E.. Hickorv, N. C, '56 90. 174. 229 

Oshinsky, Phyllis Claire, 

1437 Iris St.. N.W., Washington, D. C, "56 90. 259 

Otstot, Roberta McBeath, 

RR 4 Fairfield Pike, Springfield, Ohio, '59 134 

Overcash, Peggy Jo Ann, 

821 S. Main St., Kannapolis, N. C. '59. _ 134 

Owen, Mary Jean, 

Lago Colony Aruba, Netherlands, West Indies, '57 109 

Owens, Carolyn Patricia, 

421 Churchill Rd., N. Charleston, S. C, '58 122, 265 

Owens, Jean Merritt, Kinston, N. C. 
Page, Celeste Barbour, 

704 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C, '58 122 

Page, Frances Louise, 

1421 Dollar Ave., Durham, N. C, '58..71, 122, 237, 254 
Page, Patricia Carver, 

743 Austin Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C, '57 .109. 161. 261 
Page, Virginia Rose, 704 Buchanan Blvd,, Durham, N. C, '59. 137 
Pallange, Jean Ellen, Box 444 Quaker Hill, Conn,, '57.109, 270 
Paris, Edythe Coleman, 

3764 Tuxedo Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga., '56 90, 257 

Parks, Linda Ann, Rt. 1. Graham, N. C. '59 137 

Parsons, Joan Moody, 

25 E. College Village, Winston-Salem, N. C, '56 91) 

Partlow. Virginia Ann. 153 Lakeside PI., 

Highland Park, III.. ■58.._ ._ 35, 122, 206, 207, 270 

Pascher, Joyce, Haworth, N. J. 

Patterson, Carol E.. 108 17 86th Ave.. Richmond Hill, N. Y. '56 

Patten, Mary Kathryn, 

2026 Elizabeth Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Patton, Mary MacRae, 614 Swift Ave.. Durham. N. C, '56 
Paul, Peggy Spence, 

1 Chapel Drive, Reynolda, N. C, '57. .109, 256, 257, 360, 372 
Paulet, Yvonne Madeleine, 

Apartado 172 Maracaibo, Venezuela, S. A., '57 .167 

Pederson, Norma Carol, 206 Highland Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y.. '56 
Penfield, Laura Louise, 

34 Riggs Ave., W. Hartford, Conn., '58 122. 266 

Pensinger, Lorraine, Durham, N. C. 
Perkins, Gail Elizabeth, 

Crest Rd., Thomaston, Ga., '58 122, 261 

Perretta, Tommasina D.. 609 Nott St.. Schenectady. N. V. 
Perrin, Patricia E., 

194 Hilton Terrace, Warwick, Va., '57. 188, 261, 358. 361 
Perry, Elinor Jane, 

2302 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C, '58 122, 157, 237, 239 
Persons, Mary Chauncey, 

723 Anderson St., Durham, N. C, '59 .137, 271 

Peters, Carolyn, 

1025 W. End Blvd., Winston-Salem, N. C. '58 122, 23/ 

Petersen, Lois Linda, 

2427 Cornell Ave., Charlotte, N. C. '58 122. 266 

Pfohl, .Sarah Marie, 718 Summit St., 

Winston-Salem, N. C. '57 90, 157, 159, 229, 230, 274 

Phillips, Jane Louise, 

1412 Markham Ave., Durham, N. C. '57 109, 235 

Phillips, Kathleen A., 

2517 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C '59 137 

Phillips, Mary Jane, 

615 W. Church St.. Laurinburg. N. C, '57 109, 257 

Pickard, Maria Davis, 

266 Greenwood Ave., Glcncoe. 111.. '57 90, 257 

Pickett, Harriet Miller. 

1700 Duke University Rd., Durham, N. C., '59 137 

Pierce, Araminta Purefoy, 

10 West 6th, Wcldon, N. C '57 109, 269 

Pierce, Ruth, Rt. I, Box 131, Dillion, .S. C, '56 

Ping, Claire Dates (Mrs.), 143 liuke Ciraduatc Center 
Piatt, Jane Hamilton, 

227 Hillside Ave., Charlotte, N. C. '59 137. 170 

Poindexter, Ann Lacy, Box Q, Aberdeen, N. C .. 57 161. 27H 
Pollock, Linda Longley, 

11 Hampton Ct.. Port Wash., 1., 1.. N. V.. 'SX 19. 122, 270 
Pond, Cecilia Edmondson, 

4717 49th St., N,W., Washington D. C.. '56 90, 273 

Pope, Alison Scott, 58 Lakcwood, Glcncoe, 111.. '56 9:i 

Porcclli, Patricia A, G. (Mrs.), 

303 W, Geer .St., Apt, 3, Durham. N. C. 

Porter, Dinah, 

2006 E. 4th St., Greenville, N. C. '58 237, 239, 257 

Potter, Mary Louise, 

Rt. 3, Box 163, Plant City, Fla., '57 .109. 184. 188. 253, 27-! 
Price. Polly Ann, 

246 Gwyn Ave., Elkin, N. C. '57.... 70. 109, 183, 244 

Prince, Bessie Alice, 

309 W Divine .St., Dunn, N. C, 59 137. 172. 268 

Pritchett, Emma Grier, 

712 W. Davis St., Burlington, N. C. '56 90. 157. 235, 262 
Pruette, Marilyn Camilla, 

320 Montlieu Ave., High Point, N. C, '59 

Puett, Amy Elizabeth, Box 153, Dallas, N. C, '59 137 

Pulver, Carol Joan, 

235 N. Pleasant Ave., Ridgewood, N. J., '57. 109, 253, 269 
Quance, Margaret Wilson, (Mrs.), 

1014 N. Mangum St.. Durham. N. C. 
Quillian. Elizabeth Ellen. 782 Chesterfield. 

Birmingham. Mich., '59 137, 156, 157, 271, 359, 373 

Raeburn, Sandra Bird, 

823 Queen Anne Rd.. Teaneck, N. J., '59 137, 260 

Ragland, Helen Eve, 

200 Mosby Ave., Littleton, N. C, '59 368. 370 

Railey, Margaret Avent, 3545 Pine St., Jacksonville, Fla,, '57 

Randolph, Belden, RFD, Colrain, Mass.. '59 184 

Rankin, Dorothy Battle, 

1227 Vickers Ave.. Durham. N. C, '59 137, 186, 268 

Ransdell, Josephine, Rt. 1, Box 281, Louisburg, N. C, '57 
Raper, Marilyn Jane, 

2821 Fowler Ave., Raleigh, N. C. '59 137, 156 

Ratcliff, Sandra, 

612 Franklin Ave., River Forest, III,, '58 125, 165, 274 

Ratts, Nancy Sue, 207 S. Walnut St., 

Osgood, Ind.. '58 15, 71, 125, 206, 207, 270 

Rau, Lillian Janice, 

335 Coconut Isle, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. '58 125. 269 

Raynor, B.-tty Gayle, 306 E. Ninth St., Greenville, N. C, '58 
Reasor, Carolyn Sue, 830 N, Bever St., Wocster. Ohio, '59.. .137 
Register, Elizabeth S., 

Rt. 9, Box 466, Charlotte, N. C. '59 137, 276 

Reece, Jane Steele, 

318 N. Laurel St., Lincolnton. N. C, '57 110, 278 

Reed, Henrietta Huggins, 

306 N. Mendenhall St., Greensboro. H. C. '58 .125, 165, 257 
Reese, Elsa Mary, 173 N.E., 107th St., 

Miami Shores, Fla., '56 90, 156, 157, 159, 229, 230, 274 

Reinhardt, Mary J., Box 293, Hillsboro. N. C. '59 137 

Reise, Nancy Jean, 

1323 Ashland Ave., Wilmette, 111., '59 137, 255 

Rhine, Rosemary, Rt. 3, Hillsboro, N. C, '56 .90, 235 

Rhodes, Helen Kelso, 

315 Euclid Ave.. Dravosburg. Pa.. '58 125, 274 

Rich. Mary Janet, 212 Colville Rd., Charlotte, N, C„ '57 257 

Richards, Susan Herron, 

3506 Cameron Mills Rd., Alexandria, Va., '57 110, 262 

Richardson, Martha C, 176 Hamilton Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Riley, Penelope, 222 Foreman Dr., Norfolk. Va.. '58 

Ring, Jane Lee (Mrs.), 207 Marsh Ave.. Raleigh. N. C, '57 110 

Risien, Diana Lee, 3644 Meadow Lake Lane, 

Houston 19, Texas, '58 ...125. 239. 274, 359 

Ritter, Dallas Ann, 

624 E. Sandusky Ave,, Bellefontaine, Ohio, '56 90 

Rives, Sally Anne, 

Randolph Macon Academy, Front Roval, Va., '59 137, 264 
Roberts, Norma Lillian, 21 Newfound St.. Canton. N. C. '56 93 
Roberts, Sally Louise, 

470 Prospect St., Apt, 72, Now Haven, Conn.. '57 1 10. 244 
Robertson, Anne Shearer, 

3905 Delmont St., Apt. 6. Richmond 22. Va.. '57 110 

Rodgers, Dianne Lucille, 

3427 80th St., Jackson Heights, N. Y., '57.. 110,265 

Rodgers, Rebecca Hearne, Box 1106, Canton, N. C '59 137 

Rogers, Drucilla Carol, 

26 Boulevard, New Rochelle, N. Y., '56 93, 166 

Romberg, Anne, Qtrs. C. Norfolk Nav. Ship. 

Portsmouth, Va., '58 125, 165,257,375 

Ronson, Kathleen Anne, 

2019 Wyandotte Rd„ Columbus, Ohio, '59 131, 172 

Rookcr, Edwina, Box 31, Warrenton, N. C, '58 262 

Rose, Eugenia Rennie, 

301 Hempstead PI., Charlotte, N, C, '56 93, 270 

Rose, Ruth Preston (Mrs.), 

1 ■■2-D University Apt.. Durham. N. C. 
Rosea. Margaret Jane (Mrs.), 

Rt, I, Box 20, Cornwallis Rtl.. Durham, N. C. 
Ross, Katharine Lenoir (Mrs.). 

Ill Powe .St., Morganton, N. ( ., 56 93 

Roy, Phyllis Joan, 29 Ivy Lane, Burlington, Vt„ '59 137 











184, 279 

.125, 270, 274 

Royee, I.inda Roma, 

2591 Charing Rd., Cokimbus, Ohio. 
Riicklle, Helen Ann, 

40 Hawthorne Ave., Delmar. N. Y., "57. 
Rudolph, Nancy Elizabeth, 

240 Chelsea Or., Decatur, Ga., "57 

Rushing, Shade Marie, 

520 East 8th St., El Dorado, Ark., '59.. 
Russ, Jacquelyn Anne, 

36 Avenue N., Myrtle Beach, S. C. 
Ryan, Rosemary. 109 Randall Ave., Freeport, 
Sachsenmaier, Carolyn B. (Mrs.), 

Huntington Pk., Charlotte /, N. C, "58 
Sale, Jane Lewis, 122 Sheridan Circle, 

Charleston, W. Va., '59 1 

Salley, Anne Katharine, 

908 Johnson St., High Point, N. C. "56 
Sampedro, Dolores V., 921 Markham Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Sanders, Nancy Virginia, 

103 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, '58 
Sangston, Barbara Jean, 

1.^8 Belmont Circle, Uniontown, Pa., "56 277 

Sasser, Bede Roberta, 

192 Washington Lane, Concord, N. C, ■56.93, 159, 253, 269 

Satterfield. Mary Emily, Timberlake, N. C, '57 110, 269 

Satterfield, Winnie Davis, Rt. 2, Timberlake, N. C, '59.. .137, 268 
Saunders, Catherine L., 

1711 Parkland Dr., Lynchburg, Va., "58 
Saunders, Nancy Elizabeth, 214 Lakeshore Blvd., 

Lake Wales, Fla., '56 93, 157, 235, 242, 268, 274 

Schauman, Melba Sally, 

107 N. Commerce Ave., Sebring, Fla., '59 264 

Schlag, Nancy Claire, 

14i<2 Seminole Dr„ Greensboro, N. C, '58 125, 278 

Schmidt, Arline Rose, 403 B Library St., 

Greenville, N. C, '57 110, 249, 265, 358, 359 

Schmitt, Thelma Small, 814 Rua Prudente 

Morals Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, '58 125, 244 

Schneider, Eleanor Jane, 

1071 Maple Cliff Dr., Lakewood, Ohio, '59 125 

Schumacher, Sally Ann, 

6 Sylvan Rd., Durham, N, C, '57 110, 265, 359 

Schweich, Susan, 6310 Fauquier Dr., Ciayton 5, Mo., "59 125 

Scatter, Judith, 136 Scottswood, Riverside, 111., '59 137 

Segal, Arlene Esta, 

544 Oritani PL, Teaneck, N. J., '58 . 
Senerchia, Sallye C, 

590 N.W. 46lh St., Miami, Fla., '56 

Senff, Diana Gene. 

3738 Beverly Dr., Toledo, Ohio, "58 

Sharp, Eleanor Garner, Copperhill, lenn., '59.. 
Shearer. Jeanne Scott, 

3442 Strattord Rd., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga.. '58. .239. 242, 254 
Shehadi, Florence Gail, 

21 New England Rd., Maplewood, N. J., '59 137, 268 

Sherer, Judith Love, 984 Myrt.e Dr., Rock Hiil, S. C, '58 125 

Sherman, M. Victoria, 26 Martin Terrace. Hamuen, Conn,, '56. .93 

Sherrill, Carol, Box 235, Davidso.i, N. C, 58 125 

Shipe, Mary Sue, 

320 Higniand Ave., Oak Hill, W. Va., '56. .93, 173, 254, 255 
Shirley, Nancy Reed, 111 Webb St., Anderson, S. C, '59 
Shoe, Janet Allen, 

18 CneioKee, i-ortsmouth, Va., '58 125, 206, 265 

Short, Betty Joan, 

S. Main St., Norwood, N. C. 
Short, Sylvia Irene, 

Du Pont Blvd., Georgetown, Del., '59 137 

Shreve, Shirley Ann, 

4920 Dorset Ave., Chevy Chase, Md., '57 254 

Shriver. Sandra Lou, 

212 Lexington Dr., Silver Spring, Md., '57 70, 110, 161 

Shuey, Martha Lorraine, 

2500 Lake Ave. Sunset Is., Miami B;ach, Fla., "56. .73, 161, 251 
Shuler, Melissa Bronson, 

2650 University Dr., Durham, N. C. '59 137 

Siegling, Magdalene M., 

80 Trade St., Charleston, S. C, '59 137, 260 

Simmons, Helen Varina, 508 Park Ave.. Opp, Alabama, '57 .110 
Simmons, Mary Ann, 

324 Church St., Smithfield, N. C, '59... 
Simmons, Sally Ann, 

303 W. James St., Mt. Olive, N. C, '56.. 
Simmons, Sylvia Sandra, 

1306 Sixth St., Durham, N. C, '59 

Simons, Ruth Jane, 

56 Conyingham Ave., Staten Island, N. Y., '57. .110, 253, 258 
Simpson, Gail Jeanne, Tongue Point. Astoria, Oregon, '59.. 137 

125. 239. 258 

.93, 229, 253, 257 

125, 265 

37, 272 


25, 206, : 


137, ; 

, '59... 

:, Md.. 


137, 359 

.94, 277 

137, 188 

Simpson. Mary Jean, 

Apt. J531 Arlington Tower, Arlington. Va., ^58 125, 254 

Sinclair, Virginia Hunter, 

1418 Montague St., N.W., Washington 11, D. C. 

Skillin, Carol Janet. 2 Stetson Rd.. Natick. Mass.. ^58 264 

Slus.ser. Mary Anne. Rt, 5, Lexington, Va., ^57 110, 273 

Smith, Barbara Harrington, 

2108 S.W. Laurel St., Portland I, Oregon, ^59 
Smith, Carol Mebane, 506 N. Crescent Dr.. 

Kirkland 22. Mo., ^56 20, 70, 94, 229, 230, 270 

Smith, Gary, 25 Shaw Le, Ft. Thomas, Ky., ^58 125 

Smith, Delia Jordan, 

716 Athens Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. '58 125. 278 

Smith. Dorothy I.asseter. 

South Georgia College. Douglas. Ga., ^59 137 

Smith. Elizabeth Anne. 

5347 Guilford Ave.. Indianapolis. Ind., ^59. 137, 184, 279 
Smith, Eunice Mae. 

Faculty Apts.. College Station. Durham. N. C. 
Smith. Frances Elizabeth. 

2236 Cranford Rd.. Durham. N. C. '57 110.278 

Smith. Jo Anne. 

2210 Randleman Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. '56 94. 174 

Smith. Mary Barbara. 

1017 Vernon Ave., Winston-Salem. N. C, •57... 1 10, 173, 174 
Smith, Sandra Jean, 

Apgar Ave., Box 195, Gladstone, N. J., '57 110, 209, 210 
Snow, Joanne Bennett, 

C3 Country Club Apt., Greensboro, N. C. '58. .125. 239, 278 

Snyder. Su.sanne Carol. Box 758. Hickory, N. C, '59 137 

Soniervell. Betty Jane. P. O. Box 31. White Stone, Va., '58 125 

Soriano, Avelina C. F., 

Independencia No. 43. C D Truvillo. Dom. Rep. 
Soto. Irene Christina. 

6 Ave. 8 28. Zona 9. Guatemala City, Guatemala. "59 .125 

Southard. Elizabeth. 

6909 Hillmead Rd., Bethesda, Md.. "59 137. 184, 279 

Southern, Mattie Odessa, 

Rt. I, Walkerton, N. C. "56 94. 182, 183, 186, 188 

Sowerby, Emily Jane, 

102 Sunset Dr., Greensboro. N. C. "56 94. 253, 266 

Spain, Lois Janet, 618 Avent St., Rocky Mount, N. C, "58.125 
Sparkes, Beverly Lee, 

910 6th St., Charleston, W. Va., "58 125, 360 

Spear, Frances Cornelia, 

402 Hill St., Waycross, Ga.. "58 125, 261 

Spence. Grizel Barron. 

297 Pinecrest Dr.. Rochester 17. N. Y.. "57 110. 278 

Spikes. Etta Baldwin. 

1023 W. Markham Ave.. Durham. N. C. ^59 Hv 

Spragins. Yvonne White. 

216 S. Belvedere. Memphis. Tenn.. "59 138. 256 

Springston. Elizabeth. 

5403 Wilson Lane. Bethesda 14. Md., '57 110. 166 

Sprunt. Alice Hamilton. 

191 E. Parkway So., Memphis, Tenn.. "59 138. 172. 255 

Staats. Ann Evans. 

612 Stonewall Dr.. Charleston. W. Va.. ^58 125. 358 

Stanback. Nancy Jean. 

241 Confederate Ave.. Salisbury. N. C. "58 125, 164, 269 

Stansbury, Patricia Ann, 1008 W. Trinity Ave.. 

Durham. "56 94. 157. 229. 230. 235. 270 

Starr. Betsey Birdsey. 

36 Riggs Ave.. West Hartford, Conn., "56 94, 254 

Steenken, Patricia, 

579 Scranton Ave., Lynbrook, N. Y., "59 138, 276 

Stennis, Margaret Jane, 

Room 453 Senate Office BIdg., Washington, D. C, '59. 138, 279 
Stephenson, Ann Marie, 

1803 Westchester Dr., Knoxville. Tenn.. ^59 
Stephenson. Ruth Evelyn. 

Rt. 1. Box 7. West Point. Miss.. ^57 113 

Stevens. Gloria Mae. Montgomery St.. Fultonville. N. Y. 
Stevens. Phyllis Ann. 

12 Lake Hill Rd.. Ballston Lake. N. Y.. ^59 II. 138 

Steves. Joan Louise. 

476 Samoht Ridge Ave.. Cincinnati. Ohio. ^57.113. 253. 262 
Stewart. Kay. 163 Winding Way. Dayton 9. Ohio. •58.125. 257 
Stewart. Mary Caroline. 

865 Summit Ave.. Westfield. N. J.. "59 138 

Stokes. Helen, 

410 Elizabeth St., Greenville, N. C, "56 94, 161, 165, 257 
Stokes, Martha Sharon. 

2514 41st St.. N.W., Washington 7. D. C. "57.113. 159. 270 

Stone. Leanne. 300 Parkside Dr.. Peoria, III.. "57 196 

Stone. Mary Emma, 

106 Williams St.. Franklinton. N. C, ^57 94. 265 

Stone. Sarah Elizabeth. Rt. 4. Raleigh. N. C, ^59 125 



and in DURHAM it's always 


Air-conditioned. Every room with bath 

and circulating ice water. Home of the 
famous Cafe Bright Leaf. Headquarters 
for Duke Alumni. 


■Wlwrc Si'iilhcni I lospii'itiix Is a Rralil\ 
William E. Stubhs, Jr., Maiuiiicr 


Rollins Blazers, Inc. 

832 Broadway 

New York 3, N. Y. 







Athletic Teoms 

Golf Clubs 

Awards Committees 




Glee Clubs 

Honor Societies 

Choral Groups 


6 b. Harrish 

70, 94. 













Y., •57.1 13 

C, ^59 

;. Ga.. -56 94 
„ ^59 138 

Bern. N. C, 


.Sirader, Susan Angel. 

2103 Bland Rd.. Bluefield. W. Va.. ^56 
Stratton. Virginia Harris. 911 Grove St.. 

Charlotte. N. C, '56 94, 150, 162, 230, 2 

.Strickland. Mary Frances, 

20C Brookwood Garden Apt., Burlington, N. C. 
Strite, Claudia Toy, 

114S Hamilton Blvd.. Hagerstown. Md., '59 

Siroud. Jane Turner, 

1609 Shackleford Ave.. Morehcad City. N. C, 
Stuart, Sydney, 401 N. Central Ave., Belmont. N. 
Sturdivant, Susie Marie, Bo.x 85, Sparta, N. C. 
Stutz, Carolyn Fey, 

422 Edgemont Ave.. Palmerton. Pa.. ^57 

Suits, Betty Jane. 

436 Heberton Ave., Staten Island, New York. N. 
Sullivan. Luta Bewley, 1805 N. Main St., Anderson, S. C. 
Sullivan, Margaret Sue, 1411 Wynnton Rd., Columbu; 
Summers, Virginia Gayle, 100 Main St., Conyers. Ga 
Sutton. Rachel Louise, 

Faculty Apts., College Station, Durham, N. C. 
Swain, Barbara Jacquelyn, P. O. Box 263, Chattahoochee, Fl< 
Swain, Nancy Elizabeth, 

Meadow Rd., Riverside, Conn.. '58 126, 

Swan, Helen Hollister, 613 Broad St.. Nev 
Swaringen. Doris Kay. 

1207-B Whilden Place. Greensboro. N 
Swartlev. Marian Carol. 

17 Bridge St., Stroudsburg. Pa., ^58 126, 

Sydenham. Barbara Mona, 

491 Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Beach, Fla., '59 

Sylvester, Henrian, Richlands. N. C. '57 113, 

Szekely. Ruth Elaine. 

9 Euston Rd.. Garden City. N. Y.. '58.. 

Tate. Patricia Dee, 

144 N. Bristol Ave.. Los Angeles 49. Calif., '55. .138. 
Talcott, Nancy Janet, 167 Hazel Ave.. Glencoe, 111., '59... 138, 
Taylor. Bonnie Rae. 430 Craven St.. Durham. N. C. '59.. 
Taylor. Claudette Stacy. 

106 South Dalton St., Gastonia, N. C, '57 

Taylor, Mary Valliere, Poplar Hill, Va., "58 126, 239, 

Taylor, Sarah Elizabeth. 

618 Elm St., Greenville, N. C. ^57 113. 

Tegtmeyer, Erica Fay. 

34 Cherry St.. Douglaston. N. Y., ^56 94, 159, 

Terry, Barbara Anne, 

915 N. Main St.. High Point, N. C, ^56 

Terry. Ellenor Reid, 

915 N. Main St.. High Point. N. C. ^56 97, 

Thomas. Anne Townsend, 

9637 Sherwood PI.. Norfolk. Va.. '58 126. 

Thomas. Carolyn May. 

335 Price St., West Chester, Pa.. '57 113.242, 

Thomas, Nancy Elizabeth, 

Rt. 5, Box 453, Durham, N. C. '59 

Thomas, Patricia Ellen (Mrs.). 

1002 E. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Thomas, Sarah, 

28 W. Forrer Rd., Dayton 9. Ohio. ^59 138. 166. 

Thomasson, Sara Kathryn. Rt. 2. Elon College, N. C, •56... 
Thompson, Alma Lee, 138 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, '58. 
Thompson. Margaret Jane, 

2326 Gaylord Drive, S.E.. Washington 23. D. C, '56 

Tipton. Kay, 

349 N. Main St.. Madison. Ga.. '57 113, 253, 

Tobias, Peggy Ann, 

305 Edgedale Dr., High Point, N. C. '56.97. 161. 258. 
Todd, Katherine Lee, Hqs. 5th AF APO 710. 

San Francisco, Calif., '57 113, 254. 361. 

Todd. Mary Helen, 2415 Dryden, Houston, Texas. '59 

Todt. Nancy Work. 71 Summit St.. Monroe, N. Y.. '59. 138, 

Traynham, Catherine H., Box 67. Jackson. N. C. '56 

Tronolone, Patricia J., 

1059 Briar Way, Palisade, N. J., ^56 97. 196. 

Tucker, Hilda Hunt (Mrs.), 

Box 8092 West Durham, N. C, "58 
Tucker, Susan Arden, 

1305 E. Fourth St.. Greenville. N. C, '59 138. 

Turnbull, Nancv Margaret. 1804 Crestwood Dr., 

Chattanooga, 'Tenn.. '58 126. 237. 239. 263. 358. 

Tuttle, Betty Jane, 628 Colonial Dr.. High Point. N. C. 
Tuttle. Marcia Lee, 

1226 Dilworth Rd.. Charlotte. 3. N. C, '59 

Tyler, Alice Windle, 

44 Stuyvesant Rd., Asheville. N. C, '56 22. 

Tyler. Barbara Regenia. 

145 S.E. 25th Rd., Miami, Fla., '59 


3. 276 
8, 267 

isc, "59 

C, ^57 


247, 273 

•58 126, 261 

89 Park Ave., Newark 7, N. J., •57.113 

•58. 126. 172. 173. 270 
Vernon. N. Y.. ^58 

Tyson. Lila Sue. Rt. 2. Box 475. Greenville. N. C. '56 . 
Uhlrig, Lucille, 

25 Oakwood St., .Stratford, Conn., ^56 97, 161. : 

Uihlein, Gillian Archer, 

8365 N. River Rd., Milwaukee, V 
Underwood, Elizabeth C, 

2402 Lexington Rd.. Asheboro, N 
Urban, Nancy Louise, 

1017 Terrace Blvd., Orlando, Fla. 
Urquiza, Dolores, 

Skyland Dr., Kingsport, Tenn., ^57 
Valentine, Patricia Ann, 

Mt. Horeb Rd., Martinsville, N. J., 
Van Dyke. Florence T 
Varney. Judith Ann, 

521 E. Prospect St.. Kewanee. 111.. 
Vaughan, Janet Marie, 140 Park Ave., M 
Vorona, Esther Kaplan (Mrs.). 

Westover Park Apt. DI2, Durham, N. C, ^57 
Vinson, Virginia Kathleen, 

1061 Holme.sdale Rd.. Jacksonville, Fla., ^58 126, 273 

Virden, Cynthia. 33 Cranston Ave., Newport, R. I.. '57. 113. 293 
Virgin, Jean Elder (Mrs.), 807 Jackson St.. Vidalia, Ga.. ^57 
Wachsner, Gabrielle Anita, 

286 Ft. Washington Ave., New York, N. Y.. ^56. 97. 258. 259 
Wade, Mary Irma. 

Rt. 1, Spring City. Pa.. ^58 126. 212. 239. 265, 358 

Wadsworth, Grace Anne, 

Silver Brook Rd., Westport, Conn.. ^58 .126, 262 

Wagner, Barbara Anne, 

2406 Banner St., Durham. N. C, ^57. 113. 265 

Wagner, Betty Lynne, 

100 Lakeside Dr.. Statesville, N. C. ^58 126, 262 

Walker, Elberta Jeanne, 

342 Jocelyn Hollow Circle, Nashville, Tenn., ^59 262 

Wallace, Ellen, 

314 N. 4th St., Wrightsville, Pa.. ■57...... .97.247.278 

ilton Ave., Corinth. N. 



.97. 278 

Walsh. Patricia Jane. 30 Ha 
Walters, Martha Agnes, 

2899 Thornhill Rd., Brimingham, 
Walters. Sylvia Moonyeen, 

1401 Oakland Ave.. Durham. N. C. '56 97, 276, 277 

Ward, Patsy Jean, Rt. 1. Clarendon, N. C. '59 138 

Ward, Susan L., 

1275 Zimmer Dr.. N.E.. Atlanta. Ga.. '58 258 

Ware. Joan Linton, 527 N. Ridgeland Ave., Oak Park, 111., '56. 97 
Ware, Nancy Ruth, 

1901 N.W. 31 Ave.. Miami. Fla., '58 .126. 274, 275 

Warlick, Cleo Inez. 309 King St., Windsor, N. C, '56. .97. 358 
Warren, Hannah Fulford. 807 Demerius St., Durham, N. C. '57 
Warren, Lucy, 

815 Simmons St., Enterprise. Alabama. '56 253, 262 

Warren. Virginia Lee. 

509 Irving Court, Moorestown. N. J.. '57 

Wasden. Eugenia Coleman, 

2486 Vineville Ave., Macon. Ga.. 56 97, 

Waters, Annette, Rt., Box 308, Sylvania, Ga.. '59.. 
Watson, Cora Rebecca, Route 5, Durham. N. C. 
Ways. Diana Jeanette, 

747 Livingston Rd., Elizabeth. N. J.. '59 

Weant. Joan Gwendolyn, 

1215 W. Rugby Ave.. College Park, Ga.. ^56... 
Weathers. Rebecca Ann, 

300 East 3rd. Ave.. Red Springs, N. C. ^56 

Weaver. Ann Amanda. 

15 Buena Vista Rd.. Asheville. N. C, •58... 126, 
Weaver, Lois Anne, P. O. Box 3, Sand Brook, 
Webb, Carole Jane. 609 Tenn. A\e.. Alexandria, Va.. 
Webb. Elizabeth Ann. 

18 Griffing Blvd.. Asheville. N. C, ■57.113, 
Webber, Carolyn Tate, 

612 2nd Street, N.E.. Hickory, N. C, ^56 

Weeks, Janet Louise, 1644 S. Miami Ave.. 

Miami, Fla., ^56 98, 167. 186. 188. 18' 

Weiss. Sandra Jean, 104 N.W. 20 St., Homestead. Fla.. '59 
Wells, Joan Carolyn, 

801 E. Hillwood Ave.. Falls Church. Va.. '58 
Wells, Mary .Mice. 

200 E. 66th St., New York. N. Y. 
Welsh. Patricia Draper. 

3109 W. Penn. St., Philadelphia 29. 
Welt, Deborah. 602 Fifth Ave., 

Iowa City. Iowa, ^58 

Wenberg, Julia Lewis, 

140 Colonial Dr., Wilmington, N. C. 
Werber, Patricia, 

7001 Forest Hill Dr., Hyattsville, Md., •56. 



'56 97 

138. 276 

97, 274 


184, 273. 363 
N. J. 


157. 164. 257 

97, 273 





26, 165, 


!39. 270 



Werner, Barbara Jane, 

3028 Sunnycrest Lane. Dayton, Ohio. '59 138, 271 

Wescott, Ann Lenore, 

39! Park Slope, Mountainside, N. J.. '.58 270 

Whanger, Nancy Jean, 

1380.5 Shaker Blvd.. Cleveland 20, Ohio, '.57. .113, 159, 242 
Wheeler, Helen Lester, 

Board 3 CONARC, Ft. Benning, Ga., '58 126, 267 

Wheeler. Mary Nash, 

515 W. Horah St.. Salisbury, N. C, '56 98. 382 

Wheeler. Sally Clayton, 5011 Lowell St., 

N.W., Washington 16, D. C, '58 126, 237, 274, 363 

Whinrey, Sarah Lynn, 

1521 Riverside Ave.. Muncie, Ind., '56 98. 274 

Whitaker, Eleanor G., 

1201 N. Queen St., Kinston, N. C, '59 138, 268 

White, Reba John, Lillington, N. C, '58 126 

Whitehurst, Barbara Anne, 

1409 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C, '56 98, 242 

Whitehurst, Frances Carol, 

2011 Wroxton Rd., Houston 5, Texas, '58 126, 274 

Whilener, Susan Anne, 

323 Hunting Tower E.. Alexandria. Va., "57 113.270 

Whitener. Jeanne Smith (Mrs.), 1506 Kent St., Durham. N. C. 
Whiteside, Mildred K.. Univ. of the So., 

AFROTC Det. 79, Sewanee, Tenn., '59 138, 360 

Whitted. D'Este Cornelia, 

1711 Queens Rd.. W., Charlotte, N. C, '56 243, 262 

Whitted, Margaret Alline, 

1711 Queens Rd., W., Charlotte, N. C, '57 37, 113, 262 

Whyte, l.elia Nan, 

2316 Marcy St.. Evanston, III.. '58 126, 265, 359 

Wichterman, Darlene A., 

Rt. 3. Box 380, W. Palm Beach, Fla., 59 138 

Williams, Carol Ann, 

17 Beechwood Place, Hillside, N. J.. '57 253, 277 

Williams. Carolyn Leary, 

331 N, Ninth St., Albemarle, N. C. '57 113 

Williams, Lila Cay, Box 406, Tallaha.ssee, Fla., '57 274 

Williams. Mary Lynn, 513 N. Penn., 

Roswell. New Mexico, '56 98. 157, 229, 235, 242, 274 

Williams, Virginia Lorena (Mrs.), 

2303 Ashe St., Durham, N. C. 
Williamson, Mary Lewis, 

Rt. 3. Box 177, Norfolk, Va., '56 98, 242, 274 

Wilson, Beverly Waugh, Box 677. Lenoir, N. C. '58 126 

Wilson. Constance Dinkier, 

2066 Ponce de Leon, N.E.. Atlanta, Ga., '57.1 13, 242. 257, 361 
Wilson, Margo Kaliner (Mrs.). 879 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C. 
Wilson, Nancy Lu. 720 Brookside Dr., High Point, N. C, '58. 138 
Winton. Elizabeth Love, 

3007 Mayview Rd., Raleigh, N. C, '59 271 

Wood. Barrett Trotter, 

89 Summit Rd., Port Washington, N. Y., '58 

Wood, Jewell, Filbert, S. C, '56 98 

Wood, Peggy Anne, 

204 N. Person. Raleigh, N. C, '58 126, 184, 269 

Woodall, Joan Elizabeth, 

138 Chesterfield Rd., Hampton, Va., '58 126, 274 

Woodall. Nell Brown. Coonskin Farm. Aldie. Va.. '56 98 

Woodcock, Janice Louise, 

515 W. Chapel Hill St., Durham, N. C. 
Woodward. Ann Allan, 1105 Cowpcr Dr., Raleigh. N. C. '57 
Woodward, .Sue Fggleston, 

508 i;. Rivervicw Dr., Suffolk, Va., '57 113 

Wooten, Christine Godwin, 

104 Church St., Whiteville, N. C, '58 126, 264 

Wooten, Louise Trotter, 

811 E. Beech St., Goldsboro, N. C, '56 251 

Wright. Catherine Anne, 410 Sinclair St.. Norfolk. Va., '57. 113 

Wright, Janet Lawrence, Isle of Hope, Savannah, Ga. '59 138 

Wright, Marilyn Armour, 

3116 Fairmount Blvd.. Cleveland Heights, Ohio, '58 
Wright, Shirley Faye, Box 158. Grundy. Va„ '58 126 

Yates. ( harlotte Hazel, 

5414 Manning Place, N.W., Washington. D. C, '57.113, 254 
Yates, Cyd West (Mrs.), 

604 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Yip. Alma Glenda, 209 English St., High Point. N. ( ., '59 138 
/.arins, Ingrida Karine, 2036 Nostrand Ave., 

Apt. 4H, New York 10, N. Y., '56 98. 167. 265 

Zeigler, Katharine Louise, 

1275 Norwich Rd, Jacksonville, Fla., '57 113. 165, 251 


Abbott. Frederick Clarke, 409 4th St., Laurel, Del., '59 129, 304 
Abernathy, Charles C, Jr., 

Box 821, Lumberton. N. C, '56 246, 289 


Abernathy, Frank Henry, Jr., 

101 Baldwin Ave., Portsmouth, Va., '56 73, 16^ 
Abernethy, Robert G., Jr., 

206 Fifth .St., S.E., Hickory, N. C, '56 

Abney, James Lee, 

15465 Warwick St., Detroit, Mich., '57 

Abrahams, Stanley Leonard, 

2407 Loyola Southway, Baltimore 15, Md., '5' 
Abrell, John William, 

222 N. Georgia Ave., Martinsburg. W. Va., '58 
Acton, Andrew Joseph, 

545 Jemco Place, Ridgewood, N. J., '57 

Adair, Robert Oren, 4159 Broadway, Indianapoli: 
Adams, Baron Brooks, 

1016 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C, '56 

Adams, John David, 

863 Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Beach, Fla., '56 

Adcock, Kenneth Dan, 

3019 Second Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla., '59 

Addis, Harry L., 26 Oak Rd., Briarcliff, N. C, '59 

Addison, Winnifred Allen, 

127 W. Franklin St., Toccoa, Ga., '56 
Agnew, Harman Wilson, U, Box 93, Floyd, Va., '58 
Akers, Douglas Neal, 303 Dwight Ave., Endicott, N. Y., 
Akers, William Michael, 

620 34th St.. West Palm Beach, Fla., '58 
Albertson, Ronald Clarence, 

201 Albertson Rd., High Point. N. C, '57 
Albrecht, Kenneth Lewis, 

1015 Garfield Ave., Belvidere. HI., '57 

Aldridge, Bryant Taylor, 300 E. Blount St., 

Kinston, N. C, '56 73, 158, 229. 231, 289, 

Alexander, Frank Howard, 

168 Jeffer Ct., Ridgewood, N. J., '59 

Alexander, Jay Thomas, 

1437 Pierce St., Birmingham, Mich., '57 
Alexander, Jerry Marvin, 

32 Haliburton. Canton, N. C, '56 

Alexander, John MacFie, 

168 Jeffer Ct., Ridgewood, N. J., '58 
Alexander, Joseph Culbreth, Jr., 

Rt. 2, Kinston, N. C. '56 73, 

Alexander, Richard Bertice, Rt. 2, Kinston, N. C, '58 
Alexander, Robert Bainbridge, Jr., 

1310 W. Market, Greensboro, N. C, '56 

Alexander, William Bain, Jr.. 

8 Mallow Hill Rd., Baltimore 29, Md., '59 129, 

Algary, William Page, 172 Wembley Rd., Asheville, N. C 
Allegood, Joseph Jordan, 

116 Woodlawn Ave., Greenville, N. C, '57 
Allen, Bruce Bozarth, Jr., 

61 Blackburn Rd.. Summit. N. J., '59 

Allen. Burwell Algernon. Jr.. 

915 Demerius St.. Durham, N. C, '58 

Allen. Gerald. 153 Willard Ave., Bloomfield, N. J.. '59. 
Allen. Richard Fred, 

1303 Jefferson Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C, '59 
Allison, Weldon Dean, I I 12 Van Buren, Hollywood, Fl; 
Almond, Anthony Leon, 

3202 Cole Mill Rd., Durham, N. C, '57 
Almond, Jones Evans, Jr.. 

501 Fairview Dr.. Lexington. N. C, '57 

Alster. Lawrence Jacob. 2916 Northampton St.. N.W.. 

Washington 15. D. C, '58 

,'\lvord. Kenneth Barnham, 

7015 Boca Dr., St. Petersburg, Fla., '59 

Aman. John Reid. Rt. 5. Box 274. Clinton. N. C, '58 

Amoroso. Lawrence John. 

40 Chestnut Ave., Torrington, Conn., '58 

Amos. Richard Glenn, 

n()06 Arlington Ave., Cleveland 8, Ohio, '56.73, 192 











25, 73 




280, 289 
.,•59.. 129 


(. ity 3. ki 


20 3,S|h St.. S 
Andersen. Rohi 

P. O. Box 261. Allendale. S. C, 
Anderson. Douglas Ciusta\'. 

3332 Tennyson St.. N.W.. Washingtor 
Anderson. Ernest Edward, 

15 Mise .St., Yanceyville, N. C. '59.. 
.Anderson. James Edward. 

126 W. 3rd Ave.. Trappe. Pa.. '56 
Anderson. Peter Charles. 

3650 Jerusalem Ave., 
Anderson. Robert Williai 

733 Cummings Ave.. 
Anderson. William .Slalli 


igh, N. Y 
Aorth. 111., 

















Durham. N. C, "56.. 



& Aldridge 



Roney Streets 

PHONE 6-185 


North Carolina 




R. C. A. 






Your Official Fraternity and Sorority Jetvpler 

Orders for the Official Duke University class 

ring can be placed through the University 

store or through our office. 

Hill Paschall— Dist. Mgr. 

Jvcr Ihc Ivy Room — 1002' 2 W. Main S(. 



Convenient To Duke and Veteran's 

Elder Street off of Erwin Road 




J. A. BUCHANAN, President 

Insurers for 

Andrews, Wesley Thompson, Jr., 

P, O. Box 574, Reidsville, N. C, "56 73 

Angstadt, Richard Lee, 

2000 N. Independence, Charlotte, N. C, "57 
Annis, Jerre Wright, III, 

417 Waverly Place, Lakeland Fla., "58 350 

Applewhite, James William., Jr„ 

.Stantonsburg. N. C, "58 188 

Arant, Williams Edward, Jr., 

405 S. Church, Manning, S. C. "57 290 

.Arcocha. Humberto Lazaro, 

21 412 FYG Vedado. Havana, Cuba, "57 101 

.'\rdito, Nicholas B., 

Box 1744, Panama City, Panama, "59 129 

Armbrust, Robert Kenneth, 

436 Cedar Ave., Scranton 5, Pa., "56 73, 191, 193 

Armbruster, Alan Earl, 

5 Salem Lane, Port Washington, N. Y., "59 129 

Armstrong, Jerry Quentin, 

109 N. Flint St., Lincolnton, N. C, "57 101 

Armstrong, Louis Walker, 

P. O. Box 293, Stanley, N. C, "57 222, 305 

Arn, Roy Dale, Jr.. 

258 Greenmount Blvd., Dayton 9, Ohio, "56 36, 73, 286 

Arnold, Frederick Charles, 

4936 4th Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla., "57 
Ashworth, Freeman Lowell, Rt. 2, Heuvelton, N. Y., "57. .101, 181 
Ashworth, Halbert Eugene, 

8 Chamberlain Ct., Charleston, W. Va., "56 .73 

Askin, David James, 

3936 Dalewood Ave., Pittsburgh 27, Pa., '59 129, 300 

Aston, James William, Jr., 

500 Royal Lane, Dallas, Texas, "59 129, 295 

Atherholt, George Thomas, 

511 Mohawk Ave., Norwood, Pa., '57 3-3 

Atkins, James Murray, Jr.. 

3401 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C, '59 129 

Atkinson, George Branham, Jr., 

525 Thornwood Lane, Northfield, 111., "57 ...101. 248, 281, 34.^ 

Atkinson, William Wade, Campbellsvillc, Ky., "59 129 

Aubry, John Robert, 

5 Roosevelt Place, Montclair, N. J., "56 73, 305 

Auger, Paul Clark, 443 Riva Ave., Milltown, N. J., "59 129 

Auman, Jason Reid, Jr., 

Rt. 3, Durham, N. C, "59 129, 286, 355 

Austin, Charles Everette, 

1216 Miami Blvd., Durham, N. C, "59 129 

Austin, David William, 

1128 Stillwood Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga., "59 129, 295 

Autry, George Bailey, 

104 Forest Hills Dr., Wilmington, N. C, '58 .114 

Avizonis, Petras Vytautas, 

51 Maple Ave., Bay Shore, N. Y., "58 101 

Azar, Raymond Wahid, 

27 Edgerton St., East Hampton, Conn., "58 309 

Bachtell, Clifton Merle, Jr., 

2403 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C, '59 129 

Backer, Stuart Richard, 

1878 E. 14th .St., Brooklyn 29, N. Y., '58 101 

Bader, William Andrew, 13 Carroll St., 1 hurmont, Md., "57 .101 
Bahin, Frank Littrell, 

410 W. Rugby Ave., College Park. Cia., 58 
Bailey, William Fleming, Jr., 

840 W. Morgan St., Raleigh, N. C, '57 289, 323 

Bain, Richard Carlysle, Jr., 

1319 .Sanford Ct., Falls Church, Va., '57 101. 247 

Baker, Donald Holmes. 

5803 Kenmorc Rd., Baltimore 10. Md., '56 73, 233, 30.^ 

Baker, Eugene Johnson, 

Rt. 1, Box 382, Four Oaks, N. ( ., "57 101 

Baker, Ford Adams, 5 Berkley Lane, St. Louis, Mo., "56 73 

Baker, George Bernard, 

420 Maplewood Rd., Springfield, Pa., '57 
Baker, Philip Benton, 

■-914 ( Icarvicu Ave., Baltimore 14, Md.. '57 101, 160, 282 

Baker Kalcigh lames, 413 W. Hayes St., Ahcskie, N. C„ '57 
Baker. Stephen Denio, 303 Swift Ave., Durham, N. C, '57 101 

Baker, William Atlas. 

P 2A Cameron Court Apts., Raleigh, N. ( ., '58 114 

Baker, William Freeman, Woodlawn Ave., Easton, Pa., '57 
Ballantyne, Bruce H., 

108 Euclid Ave., Waterbmv 10. ( onn., '59 129, 292 

Ballantyne, Douglas Bryan, 1(18 I iicliil Ave., 

Waterbury 10, Conn., '56 73, 214. 240. 241, 293 

Ballard, Charles Lee, Box 354, South Hil, Va., '57 101, 294 

Ballard, James Edward, 

458 .Shannon Dr., S.W., Atlanta, Ga., '59 129 

Ballard, John Earl, Rt. 7, Box 401, Charlotte, N. C„ '58 ...1 14, 286 


.73, 31 


Ballard, William Cooke, 

2854 Edwards Ave., S., St. Petersburg, Fla., '59 129 

Ballow, Edward Bransford, Jr.. 

2227 20th St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C, '59 129, 291 

Bankert, Jon Calvin, Jr., 

3509 Milford Ave., Baltimore, Md., '58 114, 293 

Bannon, Peter James, '56 73 

Banton, Thomas James, Jr., 

Amherst Pike, Madison Heights, Va., '58 114, 281 

Baraban, Harvey Morse, 

5925 State Line, Kansas City, Mo., '59 129, 202, 316 

Barber, Richard Foster, Rt. 2, Durham. N. C. '57 

Barham, Sidney Johnston. 317 61, Newport News, Va., '56 73 

Barker, James Dailey, Jr., 

2985 Nancy Creek Rd., Atlanta, Ga., '58 114, 285 

Barker, Robert Barry. 204 Earl St., Rochester, N. Y., '57. 101, 28^ 
Barker. Robert Marvin, 610 E. 5th St., Lumberton. N. C, '56 .73 
Barkley, David Sanford, 10 Trinity Apts., Durham, N. C, 'ji. 
Barkley, Frank Latimer, Jr.. 

5000 Glenbrook Rd., N.W., Washington 16, D. C, '59 129 

Barnes, Charles Haynes, 

Apt. H-1, 803 Demerius St.. Durham, N. C, '57 
Barnes, Luther Matthew, III, 

415 N. Daughtry St., Rocky Mount, N. C, '58 114. 168. 298 

Barnes, Marvin Lee, 

415 N. Daughtry St., Rocky Mount, N. C, '59 129 

Barnes, Ralph Willett, Jr., 

44 Oak St., Weston, Mass., '58... 114 

Barnes, William Howard, 

77 44 Austin St., Forest Hills, N. Y., '56 

Earnhardt, William Cole, 

4038 Shorecrest Dr., Orlando, Fla., '58 

Barrett, George Frederick, Rt. 5, Wabash, Ind., '59 
Barrett, Robert Kenneth, 

1019 W, Markham Ave.. Durham. N. C 
Barringer. Russell Newton, Jr., 

3620 Dover Rd„ Durham, N. C, '57 
Barrv, James Richard, 

King St., RED, South Windsor, Conn., '5S 
Barry, Ralph John, Jr., 

2914 Arden Rd.. N.W., Atlanta, Ga., '56. 
Bartal, James Edward, 

1208 Garfield St., Gary. Ind.. '58 

Barton, Alexander Connelley, 

Union Valley Rd., Rt. 1, Newfoundland 
Bass, Ernest Brevard, Jr., 

2609 Shenandoah Ave., Durham. N. C, "56 101. 

Bass, Herbert Dillard, 

A-1 Country Club Apts., Greensboro, N. C, '56 

Bassett, Charles Leland. 

719 16th .\\e.. Prospect Park. Pa.. "59 

Bates. John Dodd, N. Main St., Ext., Meadville, Pa., '56 
Bauer, Eric Goddard, 112 East 74th St.. New York. N, ^ 
Bauer, James August, 

3440 N. 16th St., Philadelphia 40, Pa., '57 lOI. 209, 

Baughman, Robert Joseph, 

3703 Nanz Ave., Louisville, Ky., '59 

Baumer, Erwin Henry, 

309 Blackland Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga., '57... ... 

Baylis, Thomas Arthur, 

601 E. Markham Ave., Durham, N. C.. '58 
Beacham, George C, Jr., 6541 S.W. 57th PI., 

S. Miami, Fla., '57 ...101, 155, 160, 182, 209, 210. 252 
Bcal. Jesse Capps. Nashville, N. C, '56 
Bcalc, Lloyd Linwood, 

4708 Westmoreland Terrace, Portsmouth, Va., '57 

Beall, Anthony Frederick 

36 .Stoner .■\vc.. Great Neck, N. Y.. '59 

Beamer. Harold lee, 112 lleventh .St., Pulaski, Va., '59 
Beane. Robert Daniel, 111, 

Box 723 4lh St., Apopka, Fla., '58 114, 222 

Bcaslcv, Fredrick Jerome. 

2nc lark St.. Henderson, N. C, '57 70, 101, 222, 289, 323 

Beaty Robert ( arroll. Box 432, Belmont, N. C, '59 129. 281 

Beatv. William Dick. 1507 Canterbury Rd.. Raleigh. N, C, '57.. 11 
Beck', Donald Edward, 

619 15th St., N.E., Winston-Salem. N. C. '59 129 

Beck, Harold Dean. Rt. 4, Pageland, S. C. '56 74 

Beck, John Rov. Highland Ave., East Palestine, Ohio, '57 
Beck. I eif ( hristian, 

1560 East West Hgwy.. Silver Spring, Md., '56 73, 155, 229 

Beck, William David, Jr., 

619 15th St., Winston-Salem, N. C, '56 73 

Becker, C harles Nachman, 

51 Stratford Rd., Warwick, Va., '56 73, 373 

Becker. Richard Hawthorne, 

s Old Brick Rd.. Roslvn Heights, L, I., N, Y., '56 74. 181 

Bedford lerrell Stephen. Rt. 2. Ellenboro. N. C„ '59 129 

Becker William Arlen. 501 S. 4th St., Albemarle, N. C, '59... 129 


N. J. 


.73, 294 




73, 305 
, '58 

.129, 168 
.160, 302 

300, 301 


52, 300 

.334. 33? 

155, 229, 234, 304 

Bceson, Willard Hugh, 

Box 1893, Panama Cil\, I'aiKinia. "57 3l)(i 

Beidler. Charles F., 

10 Krick Ave., Sinking Spring, Pa.. '57 101. 302 

Bell. Frank Mebane. Jr.. 

335 Clement Ave.. Charlotte, N. C., "59 129. 2X(1 

Bell. John Henry, Jr., 565 Morse Ave., Ridgcfield, N. J.. '57 129 
Bell. John Mitchell. 

3042 Campbell Ave.. Lynchburg, Va., '59 291 

Bell. I.uther FJvvard. Jr., 807 S. Lee St.. Americus, Ga.. "59 129 

Bell. Robert Barnard. Rt. 3. Box 22. Durham. N. C. "58 114 

Belmont. Joseph Elliott. 

2348 E. Sergeant St.. Philadelphia 25, Pa., 
Benda. Christian John. 

27 Hopkins Rd.. Arlington 74. Mass., "59. 
Bender, Michael Swift, 

1244 Winthrow Dr.. Rock Hill. S. C, '59.. 
Bennett, Herd Leon, 

East High St., Eaton, Ohio, "56 74 

Bennett, James Leonard, Jr.. 

1306 Carroll St.. Durham. N. C. '56 .74 

Bennett. Lawrence William. 

P. O. Box 233. Shrewsbury. N. J., '59 

Benson, John Frank, 

34 Hillman St.. Pittsburgh 27. Pa.. '59 

Benson. Robert Jackson. Jr.. 

223 Vance St., Sanford, N. C, '57 

Bentz, Carl Edmund, 2200 E. Market St., 

York, Pa., '56 12, 70, 74. 169, 229, 244, 252, 

Berger, Edward Paul, 

140 Van Hooten Ave.. Passaic. N. J., '58 

Berger, Junius Curtice, 22 Lexington Rd.. Richmond 
Bergesen. Richard Nelson, 196 State Rd., Princeton, N. J 
Berman. Howard H.. 

Walter Reed Army Hosp.. Washington. D. C 
Bernhard. Bruce Molyneux. 

4420 Haight Ave.. Cincinnati. Ohio. '58 

Berry, Edward Lewis, 103 N. Gregson St.. Durham. N. C '56 
Bertch. James Frank. 76 Kilbourn Rd.. Rochester. N. Y.. "59. .129 

Besserman. Richard. 185 51 80th Rd.. Jamaica. N. Y.. "58 317 

Best, William Joseph, 2220 Aldo Blvd.. Quincy. 111.. '59 129. 280 
Betts. Richard Louis, 

220 Parkland Ave.. Glendale 22, Mo., '57 101, 160, 298 

Beverly, George Wesley, Jr.. 

Beverly Apts., Asheville. N. C, '59 129 

Bevis, Richard Wade, 

45 Bush Ave., Greenwich, Conn.. "59 1 

Bieksis. Joseph John. Jr.. 

119 E. Summertield Ave.. Collingswood 7. N. J.. "59 

Biggs. Charles Thomas, 

2116 Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. "59 I 

Bilas. Richard Allen. 820 Prince St.. Teaneck, N. J., "56 
Billings, Donald Ray, 

Rt. 3, N. Wilkesboro. N. C. '56 .74. 2 

Bimeslefer. John David. 

3006 Dunmore Rd.. Dundalk 22, Md.. "59 1 

Binney. George Andrew, 

145 Woodbridge Rd.. Palm Beach, Fla., '58 

Birchett. John Alexander K.. III. 

1530 Vicklan St.. Vicksburg. Miss.. '59 129. 287 

Birchfield. Jesse James. Jr., 

412 Orchard Rd., Elizabethton, Tenn., '56 74, 294, 322, 323 

Biswell, Charles David, 

Chestnut Dr., Rt. 1, Woodstown, N. J.. '58 114, 285 

Bjontegard, Arthur Martin, Jr., 

6 Mitchell Rd., Marblehead, Mass.. '59 129. 300 

Black. John Martin. 135 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C. '56. .74, 246 






306, 307, 


N. J.. '59 


.1 14, 
















N. C. 
Black. Leonard Cole. 1417 20th St.. South Norfolk. Va 

Black. Leonard Hugh. "57 

Black. Thomas Claiborne. Jr.. 

VA Hospital. Alexandria. La.. '59 

Black. William Lawrence. 

1566 Queens Rd.. W.. Charlotte. N. C. '56 
Blackburn, Harry Lee, Jr., 

122 A. P. Hill Ave.. Highland Springs. Va.. 
Blackburn, Thomas Earl, 

Main Street, West Upton, Mass.. "56 

Blackistone. David Livingstone. 

4316 Willow Lane. Chevy Chase. Md.. '58... 
Blair. James Howard. Jr., 

1024 Ferndale, High Point, N. C, '56 

Blair, Robert Sidney, 

1024 Ferndale Dr.. High Point. N. C. '59 

Blanchard. David Irving. 

2614 Manatee Ave.. W.. Brandenton. Fla 
Blaney. Barnard Francis. 

1106-A Capital Trail, Newark, Del., "57 101, 32 




Blatt, Daniel Harry, 

61 New Main St.. Haverstraw. N. Y.. "59 129, 202, 316 

Blattner, Peter William, Jr„ 

313 Concors PI., New Milford, N. J.. '59 129 

Blazer. Edward Patrick. 

6629 Kindred .St., Philadelphia 49, Pa., "59 129 

Bleehman, Barry Kent, 

5034 Reno Rd., N.W.. Washington 6. D. C, '58 114, 317 

Blevins. James Lowell. 

1307 Center Ave.. Norfolk 2. Va., '58 114 

Blizard, Victor Paul, 

733 Washington Lane, Jenkintown, Pa.. '59 129 

Bloch. Howard Ruben, 

2908 Arbyle Dr., Alexandria, Va., '57 114, 238, 252, 313 

Block, Byron Barclay, P. O. Box 549, Tallahassee, Fla., '59 129 

Bluehdorn, Robert William, 

5318 32nd St., N.W.. Washington 15. D. C, '57 101 

Boggs, James Preston, 

311 Pearl St., Fayetteville, N. C, '59 129, 295 

Boggs, William Wayne, 

1659 Ardsley Court, West Englewood, N. J., '58 
Bohnenberger, Ralph Eugene, 

80 51 192 St., Jamacia, N. Y.. "56 74 

Bolinger. Donald Servis. 

2300 Oak Park Ave.. Dayton, Ohio, '58 114, 301 

Bollman. Paul Womelsdorf. Jr.. 

301 Chestnut St.. Shillington. Pa.. "58 114 

Bolster. Dennis Richard. 

212 Clemmer Ave.. Akron 13, Ohio, "56 353 

Bolte, Kenneth Charles, 

9242 Springfield Blvd.. Queens Village. N. Y., "57 101 

Bomze, Richard Mark, 

840 Bryant St., Woodmere, N. Y.. '59 129, 316 

Bonczek. Lonagan Francis, Jr., 

160 N. Main St.. Webster. Mass.. '58 114 

Bonham. Arthur Frwin. 

303 E. Broadway. Hawthorne. Cal.. '58 114, 315 

Bonin. William Navlor, 

1795 Robin Hood kd., Winslon-.Salem. N. C, '59 129 

Boohcr. James Alexander. Jr.. Box 13, Elkin, N. C, "59 129 

Book. Allan Louis. 

2001 Newton St.. Washington. D. C, "57 101, 202. 317 

Booker. Thomas Johnson. III. 

Box 93. Big Island, Va., "58 101, 194, 300 

Boos, John Donald, 

221 15 1 13th Dr.. Cambria Heights 11, N. Y., "59 129 

Boothroyd, Edwin John, 

2519 Roxboro Rd.. Durham, N. C. "57 193, 221 

Boozer, Frank Vernon, 

815 Orville Ave.. South Norfolk. Va., "58 114. 298 

Borchard. Robert Maurice. 

133 Wildmere Rd.. Rochester, N. Y., '58 129 

Boro. Ira Michael. 50 Sunset Rd., Great Neck, N. Y„ "58 114, 317 
Borsuk. Gregory Michael. 

19 Little St.. East Orange. N. J., "58 
Bosch. Brian James. 

Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, Holland. '57 309 

Bosley, Norman Keith, 310 Church St., Evanston, 111.. "58 114 

Bostic. Wayne Milford. 

947 12th St.. Newport News, Va.. "59 126 

Boswell. Donald Eugene. 

106 Hammond St.. Durham. N. C. '56 74, 310 

Bosworth, Anthony. 8 Vassar Place. Scarsdale. N. Y.. "58 
Botnick, Marvin Zachariah. 610 W. Pine St.. 

Hattie-sburg. Miss.. "56 74. 164. 202. 229. 248. 317 

Bottoms. Alton Bruce. 

40 Pennsylvania Ave.. Canton. N. C "58 114 

Bottoms. Arnold Ray. Rt. 4, Box 94. Martinsville, Va., '56 74 

Bottoms. Claude Bryant. Jr.. Box 33. Macon, N. C. '56 314 

Bourne. John Philip. 322 Clark St.. Durham. N. C. "56 
Bourne. Richmond Wiley. Jr.. 

Washington Rd.. Spartanburg. S. C. '59 71. 129, 280 

Bouse, George Erie, Jr.. 

122 Willean Dr.. Louisville 7, Ky., "57 101. 233. 305 

Bowen, John Henry. 209 W. Jones St.. Raleigh, N. C. "59 129 

Bowers. Alfred George. 

258 Moore St.. Princeton, N. J.. "58 114. 281 

Bowers. Glenn Wilson. Jr.. 

423 Chesterfield Rd.. Raleigh, N. C. "59 129, 287 

Bowers, Paul Chadwick, Jr., 

421 Hillcrest Ave.. Charlotte. N. C. "56 
Bowles, Charles Phillips, Jr., 

601 East Blvd.. Charlotte. N. C. "58 286 

Bowman. James Talton. Jr., Box 65, Randleman, N. C, "56 
Boyd. Elwood Ray. 509 Warren St.. Williamston, N. C, "58 
Boyd. Gordon Dale. 

1205 Waco Rd.. Huntington. W. Va., '56 74, 323. 324 

Boyd Robert Cotton. 518 North Cedar, Little Rock, Ark., '59.... 129 


105 East Main Street 




106 N. Mangum 

Phone 2-3671 

First in fashion since 1885 . 
Ellis Stone caters to 
representative women who 
demand fashion at its peak, 
quality without stmt and 
value flavored with friendly 


N. C. 






Boyer, William Mercer, 

:00s Elizabeth Ave., Winston-Saler 
Brach. Earl Tilton, Jr., 

88 Montclair Ave,, Montclair, N, J., "57 

Bradford, Alan Taylor, 2233 The Circle, Raleigh. N. C, "5 
Bradford, Gary Wayne, 2575 Brown St„ Gary, Ind., '59. 
Bradford, William Mollis, 

6704 Fairfa,\ Rd., Chevy Chase, Md., '59 

Bradley, Otis Ray (Spec), Rt. 1, Morrisville, N. C. 
Bradley, Robert Fred. 

350 Emerson Ave.. Plainfield. N. .T.. '56 
Brady, James Owens, 

1521 Parkwood Ave., Charlotte, N. C, "57 
Bragg, Arnold Watts (Spec), 

2121 Sprunt St.. Durham. N. C. 
Bramberg. Rudolph Williams. Jr., 

1140 Keystone Ave., River Forest, III., '57 U 

Brandon, Craig Arnold, Box 133. Stanley, N. C, '58 

Brandon. Donald Joe, 

165 Eighth Ave., Cramerton. N. C, '56 

Brannock, Robert Ned, 

1703 Woodland Ave., Burlington. N. C, '56 7 

Brau. Richard Charles. 

4 Oakshade Ave.. Darien. Conn.. '56 7 

Braun. David C. 205 Delaware Ave.. Delmar. N. Y.. '56. 
Braun. Harvey Henry. 

37 Broad St.. Apt. 4D, Toms River, N. J., '58 
Braxton, Sherrod Lee., Jr., 

204 E. College St.. Whiteville. N. C. '57 

Bregoff. Matthew Spencer. 

265 College Ave., Staten Island. N. Y.. '58 
Breslow. Harry Lee. 

184 20 Cambridge Rd.. Jamaica. N. 
Brewer. David Lee. 

1084 W. 4th St.. Winston-Salem. N. 
Brewer. Malcolm Barnes. '59 
Brewer. Philip Lee. 

1326 Elmwood Dr.. Columbus. Ga. 
Brice. Robert Samuel. Jr., 

c o E. E. Smith & Sons. Gastonia. N. C, '56 
Brickman. Thayer Ellis. 512 Talbot Ave.. Boston 24, Mass. 
Bridgenbaugh. Charles Sumner. III. 

3202 6th Ave.. W.. Bradenton. Fla.. '58 114, 

Brideweser, William Buhmair, 

441 N. Main St.. Navarre. Ohio, '56 

Bridges. Benjamin. Jr.. 

300 W. Loudoun St., Leesburg, Va., '58 114, 212. 

Briggs. Norman Henry. 2778 Southwood Lane. 

Jacksonville, Fla.. '56 74. 192. 195, 229, 233, 241, 

Bright, James Lee, 

724 N. Peacehaven Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C, '57 

Britt, Alton Alfred. Jr.. Box 427, Valdese, N. C, '59 129. 

Brockelbank. John Elliott. 

851 Springfield Ave.. Summit. N. J.. '58 114. 

Brockwell. Arlick Linwood. Jr.. 

115 N. Market St.. St. Petersburg, Va.. '58 ...114. 

Brockwell. Sterling M.. Jr.. 

1007 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham, N. C. '56. .35. 191. 214. 

Brodhead. Robert Edgar. Rt. 3. Kittanning. Pa.. '58 114. 

Brodigan. David Eugene (Spec). 

2602 Hillandale Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Brooks, Ernest Bruce, Jr., 

522 Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C, '59 129, 

Brooks, Eugene Hastings, Jr., 

61 Denham Rd., Springfield, N. J.. '57 

Brooks, Irwin Lukens, N. Main St., North Wales, Pa., '59 
Brooks, Linton Forrestall, 

152 Saluda Ave., Columbia, S. C. '59 129, 

Brooks, William Ward, 

61 Denham Rd., Springfield, N. J., '59 129, 

Brotherton, David Lamar, 

1400 McFarland Ave., Rossville, Ga., '58 114, 

Brown, Anthony Eugene, 

17495 Gulf Blvd., N. Nedington, St. Petersburg 8, Fla., '59.. 
Brown, David Carhart, 802 Burch Ave., Durham. N. C. "56 
Brown. Frederic 1442 E. 21 Street. Brooklyn. N. Y., '57 

Brown, Gary Holmes, Rt. I, Randleman, N. C, '58 

Brown. John Wiggins, N. Howard Circle, Tarboro, N, C, '57 
Brown, Kermit English, Jr., 

Chunns Cove Rd., Rt. 2. Asheville. N. C. '57 

Brown. Walter Louis. Box 244. Clarkton. N. C. '57 
Brown. William McCormick. 

3709 Rectory Lane, Upper Marlboro. Md.. '56 
Brown, James Wilburn. Jr., 

1248 W. Woodlawn Ave., Norfolk, Va., '59 

Browne. Norwell Bruce, Jr., 

4909 Interboro, Pittsburg, Pa., '57 101, 

Brown, Russell Charles, 

302 2882 Gasser Blvd., Rocky River, Ohio, '58 285 

Brownell, Robert Burton, 

302 Rt. 3, Parker Rd., Morristown, Tenn., '58 114, 193, 247 

114 Browning, Birt Lee, Jr., 

129 216 Bal Cross Dr., Miami Beach, Fla., '57 

Browning, Robert Ross, 
129 Box 26 1, East Carolina College, Greenville, N. C, '57 

Brownson, Fred Oscar, 

1130 Monroe St., Wenatchee, Wash,, '59 129, 303 

Broyles. Rowan Manning, 

19 W. Locust St., Bethlehem, Pa., 59 129 

Brubaker, John Robert, 

4 N. Old Oak Dr., Beaver Falls. Pa.. '57 ...101. 210. 222. 300 
Brubaker. Leonard H.. Jr.. 

259 Belvedere Dr.. Macon. Ga.. '56 74. 234 

281 Brumley. George William. Jr.. Box 286. St. Mary's, Ga.. '56. ...74 

216 Bruton. David Aro. Jr., 

Rt. 5. Box 536. Charlotte, N, C. '57 101, 303, 323 

.74 Bruton, John Macaulay. 

2412 Longest Ave.. Louisville. Ky., '59 129 

194 Bryant. Corrone Enoche. Rt. 3. Williamston. N. C. '56 74 

Bryant. William Gray. Jr.. 

300 913 Pamlico Dr.. Greensboro. N. C, '57 101, 168, 244 

.74 Bryson, Edwin Constant, Jr„ 

818 Anderson St.. Durham. N. C. '58 114. 289, 334 

Buchanan, John West, 

2009 Liberty Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. '56 289 

101 Buchholz. Robert Burman. 

5735 Anthony Wayne Tr.. Maumee. Ohio. '59 129, 295 

Buhowsky. Anthony William. '58 334 

Bulkley. Edward Everett. 

316 Lincoln Rd.. South Lincoln. Mass.. '58 114 

Bullard. Lawrence Dawson, 

289 603 Colonial Dr., Wilmington. N. C, '58 117 

Bullock. David Orren. 

310 West Ave.. Kannapolis. N. C, '59 129 

345 Bullock, John Alfred. Jr.. 

6 Sunset Dr.. Summitt. N. J.. '58 117. 298. 350 

Bunn, Jack Calvin. 

5510 Charlcote Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md.. '59 129 

Bunn. Spruill Gilmore. 
298 Gold Leaf Farms. Spring Hope. N. C. '58 117, 168 

Burckel, Robert Charles. 
.74 1404 Kathleen Rd.. Lakeland. Fla.. '56 

Burdick. Donald Smiley. 

7 Chestnut Dr.. Huntington. W. Va.. '58 117. 238, 247, 285 

Burger, Joseph Charles. Jr.. 3325 Quebec Place. N.W.. 

Washington, D. C, '58 117. 301. 309 

Burgess. Ben Eugene. 810 Main Ave.. Newton. N. C. '56 74 

Burnham. Robert Guy. 

8478 Owlwood Lane. Cincinnati 27. Ohio. '56... .2 14. 217. 222 
Burns. Robert Enoch. Box 368. Maxton. N. C. '59. 129, 163, 222 

Burquest, Bret Owen. Box 165. Sarasota. Fla.. '57 101 

Burr. David Shepard. Skytop Club. Skytop. Pa.. '59 129 

Burrell. Robert Gaugh. 

27 Mt. Pleasant Ave.. Wyoming 15. Ohio. '56 74. 202. 294 

Burt. Johnny Joseph. Jr.. Enfield. N. C. '56 74, 293 

Burton, Richard Greene, 

52 Alumni Ave.. Providence. R. I.. '58 282 

Buss. David Francis. 

1268 Hayward Ave.. Cincinnati. Ohio. '58 117, 282 

Buteau. Bernard Franklin. Jr., 

Marion Ave.. Plantsville, Conn.. '59 129. 287 

Butts. Robert George. 59 S. Main St.. Earlville. N. Y.. '57 101 

Byers. Robert Maxwell. 

106 Elkton Blvd.. Elkton. Md.. '59 129, 299 

Byrd. Wade Rupert. Box 564. Spindale, N. C, '59 129 

Byrne, Edward Blake, 

5167 Stone Wood Dr., Riverside, Calif., '57 101, 282 

Bvrne, William Definiger, Jr., 

10 Avon Rd., Larchmont, N. Y.. '59 129. 355 

Caison. Charles Crawford. 

P9 1302 Bradshaw St.. High Point. N. C. '59 129 

Calaway. Elbert Ray. 263 Park Dr.. Winston-Salem, N. C. '56. .74 
Caldwell. Herchel Amos. Jr.. 
114 3100 Devon Rd.. Durham, N. C, '58 

Caldwell, Norman Donald, 290 Boyd Dr., Sharon. Pa.. '59 129 
Calhoun. Thomas Anthony. 
101 Qtrs. 5. Ft. McNair. Washington 25. D. C. '59 129. 295 

Callcott, Thomas Anderson. 

1718 College St.. Columbia. S. C. '58 117. 302 

Calton. Renneth Javan. 3205 Clark Ave.. Raleigh. N. C. '59.... 129 
Calvert. John Frederick, 
120 4 Windermere Rd., Auburndale, Mass., '58.. 160, 170, 247, 306 

Camp, Thomas Frank. Jr., 

301 892 Rosedak Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga., '58 .....117, 238, 286 

Campbell. Carlos J., Jr.. 

2404 McClintock Rd.. Charlotte, N. C, '58 305 

Candler, William Love, Jr., 

50.53 Horseshoe Trail. Dallas 9. Texas. '59 129 

Canney. Frank Douglas. 

19619 Scottsdale Blvd.. Shaker Heights 22, Ohio. •59... 129, 292 

Cannon. Kim Colladay. Rt. 4. Box 25. Vienna, Va.. "59 129 

Cappcilo. John Joseph. 

146 ( atherine St.. Bridccport. Conn.. '59 
Carden. Norman Flinton. III. 

Bo.\ 3139 Duke Hospital. Durham N. C, '59 129 

Cardoze, Fernando. 

Calle Colombia 4, Panama Republic, Panama, "59 129 

Carey, Edward Jay, 4272 Noble St.. Bellaire. Ohio. '57. .101, 233 
Carlisle. James Mallory. Ill, 

550 Hillcrest Ave.. Westfield. N. J.. "58 117, 306 

Carlisle. Richard Marvin. Jr.. 

171 Montclair Ave., Montclair, N. J.. '56 74 

Carlson. Clifford Arthur, 

122 West Ninth St.. Hinsdale. 111.. "59 129 

Carlton. Linwood Wray. Wallace. N. C, '59 
Carnegie. Henry Carter. 

1260 N. Lakeway. Palm Beach. Fla., '56 77, 229. 231. 234 

Carpenter. Robert Rhyne. 

403 Weaver St.. Cherryville. N. C, '57 101. 289 

Carpenter, Ronald d'Andelot. 

Springfield Farm. Rock Hall. Md.. '58 117 

Carr. Charles Harper. 

1529 Hermitage Court. Durham. N. C. '57 101 

Carr, Donald Richard. 

3501 High Point Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. '59 129, 303 

Carroll, Gordon Slade, 

4606 Harvard Rd.. College Park. Md.. '58 306 

Carroll. Herman Grey, Jr.. 

1801 Glen Echo Rd.. Nashville, Tenn., '59 129 

Carroll. William Royce. Norcross, Ga., '56 294 

Carter. Alan Bruce. 26 Iroquois Dr., Clarendon Hill. 111.. '58.117 
Carter, Charles Edwin, 

205 Hartwell Ave., Littleton, Mass., '59 .129. 296 

Carter, David Michael, 

1703 Norlina Rd., Henderson. N. C. '59 129 

Carter, Samuel King, 

Apt. G-1. 1211 Ruffin St.. Durham. N. C, '56 102 

Carter. Stephen Goddard. 

48 Hammond St.. Rochester. N. Y.. '58 117 

Cartier, Philip Payne. 

238 S. 38th St.'. Philadelphia. Pa., '56 77, 193 

Cartwright. John Morris, 

942 Lambeth Circle, Durham, N. C, '57 102 

Cartwright, Thomas Lisson, 

200 Crestway, Amarillo. Texas. '57 102 

Carzoo, Dean Michael, Xenia Ave., Cedarville. Ohio, '56 77 

Cash, William Thomas, Jr., 

507 N. Driver Ave., Durham, N. C, '59 71. 130 

Cashman. Donald C, 

556 West 180 St., New York 33, N. Y., '57 334 

Cassells, Joseph Samuel. 126 Oakland Ave.. Chester, S. C, '56. .77 
Cassidy, James Rodman, 

1638 Andrews PI.. Williamsport. Pa., '59 130 

Casterlin, Harry Richard, 

1123 Dorsey Place, Plainfield, N. J.. '57 102, 290 

Caswell, Fred Weston, 

18 Campbell Rd., Short Hills, N. J., '57 102, 281 

Cato, Philip Carlyle, 

243 Keswick Ave., Charlotte, N. C, '56 169, 306 

Cavenaugh, James A., Jr.. 

1204 h. Mulberry St., Goldsboro, N. C, '56 .77, 216. 300. 301 
Cavincss, Verne Strudwick, 

913 Vance, Raleigh, N. C, '56 77, 158. 231. 234. 281 

Cedarstrand, Theodore Clarence, 

5 15 Heights Rd., Ridgewood, N. J., '58 
Cell, John Whitson, 3114 Dairen Dr., Raleigh, N. C, '57 281 
Chadwick, Gerald Alvin, 

537 Grand Ave., Leonia. N. J.. '56 293, 354 

Chafin, Robert Neil. 

125 Rosedale Circle, Winston-Salem, N. C, '59 130 

Challenger, John Hynson, 

423 Ridgewood Rd., Maplewood. N. J.. '57 102. 290 

Chandler, Thomas Edward, 

1407 Club Dr.. Lynchburg, Va.. '58 117 

Chapman, Edwin Thomas, Jr.. Quinton. Va.. "57 102 

Chapman. Robert Reginald. 

507 Circle Dr.. Burlington. N. C. '56.12. 77. 192. 246. 298 
Chappell. Donald Louis. 214 Coe Rd.. Clearwater. Fla.. '59 130 
Chappell. Fred Davis, 

U. S. Highway 19 & 23, Candler. N. C. '58 
Chappell, Jack Lee, 603 Ramseur St., Durham, N. C, '58 

Charneco. Dale Rafael, 

Qtrs. H. Nor. Nav. .Shipyard. Portsmouth, Va.. '59. 130. 315 
Chatterton. Allan Bruce, 

14 Galway PI.. W. Englewood, N. J.. '59 130 

Cheney. Willoughby G., Jr.. 

2812 Columbia Ave., Wilmington. N. C, '59 130 

Cherry. Paul Wyman. 

Garlan Ct.. Savin Ave., West Haben 16. Conn.. '56.77. 204 
Cherry. William Hix, Jr., 

1415 Pennsylvania Ave., Durham. N. C. "57 .102, 285 

Chestnutt. William Joseph. 

2110 Alston Ave., Durham. N. C. '57 102 

Chewning. Oscar Charlie. Rt. 1. Pee Dee. N. C, '57. 102, 245 
Chittum. Charles Herbert, 

612 South Terrace. Huntington. W. Va., '58 117, 294 

Choate. Craig Dexter. 

401 Park Place. Pittsburgh 9. Pa.. '59 130. 187. 315 

Christofferson. John Arthur. Jr., 

1445 20th St.. Columbus, Ga.. '57 294 

Chromick. Jan Demont, 

101 Sunny Ridge Lane, Dayton 9, Ohio, '59 130 

Clancy, Wendell White, 710 Shady Ave.. Geneva, 111., '59 130 

Clapham, Edward Geoffrey, 

40 S. Chesterfield Rd.. Columbus. Ohio. '57 102 

Clapp, John Sanborn, 

651 Fairmount Ave.. St. Paul 5. Minn., '57 294 

Clark, Anthony Wayne, 

229 E. Beverley, Staunton, Va., '58 117, 286 

Clark, James Norwood, Jr., River Road, Cairo, Ga., '56 77 

Clark. Leverett Tiffany, 

3837 Calle Cortez, Tucson. Ariz., '56 77, 170 

Clark, Morris Clifford, 

2221 Mimosa Place, Wilmington, N. C. '56 77 

Clark, Newton Thomas, 

1604 E. Main St., Spartanburg. S. C. '58 117. 187. 302 

Clark, Robert Lee, 1432 Montana Ave., Orlando. Fla.. '58.117 
Clark, Robert Nicholson. 

Box 311-A. Rt. 2. Clarkton. N. C. '56 77 

Clark. Robert Walker. Jr.. 

2912 Spring Garden St.. Greensboro. N. C, '56 77 

Clarke, Lewis Ryland, III. 

6104 Sefton Ave., Baltimore 14. Md.. '59 130, 283 

Clatterbuck, Ronald Drewry, 

320 Huntington Blvd.. Roanoke. Va.. '56 
Clayton. Jerry Maynard, 214 Lamar St., Roxboro, N. C, '58. .290 
Clayton, Joseph Coy, Jr., 

Box 184, Haw River, N. C. '58 117, 289 

Clayton, Robert Farrington, 

57 Northwood Ave.. N.E.. .Atlanta. Ga., '58 302 

Clayton. Thomas Willets. 

1900 Ridgewood Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn., '58 117,238 

Cleaveland, Clifton Ranee. 

823 Albion Rd., Columbia. S. C. '58 117, 184, 302 

Cleaveland, Stuart Jeremy, 

13 Huntington Place, New Hartford, N. Y., '58 102 

Clement, Donald Hayes, Jr.. 2107 Grace Ave.. 

New Bern. N. C, '58 71, 117, 160, 289. 334 

Cleveland, Lee Crowell, 

53 Francisco Ave., West Caldwell, N. J.. '58 117 

Clevenger. Robert William. McConnellsburg, Pa.. '56 .77. 244 
Clifton. Robert Charles, 

3303 Staunton Ave.. S.E., Charleston, W. Va.. '57.102, 298 
Clinard, Ralph H., Jr., 1013 Broad St., Durham, N. C. '56 

Coates, Garland Wayland, Rt. 1, Box 197, Halifax, Va.. '56 77 

Cobb, Curtis Edgar, 65 Ivy Way. 

Port Washington, L. I., New York, '58 16, 117. 237 

Cobble. Herbert Dean, 

46 Dixie Circle, Lupton City. Tenn.. '57 102, 130. 309 

Coble, Yank David, Jr., 

561 Parkview Dr., Burlington. N. C, '59 185, 280 

Cockrell, Phillip Andrew. Grover. N. C, '57 102, 286, 345 

Coffey, John Harold, 

6704 Barr Rd., Fairway Hills, Md., '59 130 

Cogan, John Patrick, 

718 S. College Ave.. Oxford, Ohio, '56 191, 222. 2S6 

Cohen, Alan Bernard, 2708 Whitney Ave.. Baltimore. Md.. '58 117 
Cohen, Joseph Pines, 

494 East 18th St., Brooklyn 26, N. Y.. '56 77. 313 

( ohen. Peter Edward, 

151 Central Park West, New > ork 23. N. Y., '59 130 

(oil. Gary Frederick, 300 22nd .St.. Dunbar. W. Va.. '58 117 

Cole. James Leo, 102 LeGrand St., Rockingham, N. C, '59 130 

Cole. John Oscar, 

25 Marshall Place, Webster Groves, Mo.. '58 41, 77, 282 

Cole, William John, 1231 Canterbury Rd.. Raleigh. N. C. '56 
Coleman. Glenn William, 

Apartado 477, Havana, Cuba, '59 130.287 


1016 W. Main Street 
jAMiisC. Hliichins O. H. (Jay) Jovni r 










2.5 Miles From West Campus 
on Routes 15 and 501 

Collins, Dannie Joe, 

Apt. 2. 4008 Cedardale Rd., Baltimore 15. Md., '59 130 

Collins, Donald, 26 05 14 Street, Astoria 2, N. Y., "58 
Collins, Richard Hollen, 

Apt. 2, 4008 Cedardale Rd., Baltimore 15, Md.. '58. .117, 307 
Colmey, Thomas Grosvenor, 

133 Ashland Ave., River Forest. 111.. •57.102. 248, 306, 350 
Colquitt, Carlton Black. Jr.. 

116 S. St., Thomaston. Ga.. '59 130, 186 

Coltrane, George Allen. 

317 Richardson St.. High Point. N. C, '56 77 

Colwell, Samuel Campbell, III, 

174 Arbor Dr., Southport, Conn., '58 282 

Conant, Marcus Augustine, 

1022 Landon Ave., Jacksonville. Fla., '58 
Connor, Bruce Augustine, 225 South Blvd., Salisbury, Md., '59 .130 
Connor. William Craig, 

686 John Anderson Hwy., Ormond Beach, Fla., '57. 102, 302 
Cook, Carlisle Furman, Jr., 

210 Patuxent Rd., Laurel, Md.. '57 102. 194. 301 

Cooper, Bainard, 176 Ridge Ave.. Chattanooga. Tenn.. '57. .245 
Copeland, Darryl Wade, 

1003 Eastport Ave.. Uhrichsville, Ohio, '58 117, 309 

Copeland, Edward M., Ill, McDonough, Ga., '59 130, 308 

Copeland, Howard Lawrence, 

900 W. 47th Ct., Miami Beach, Fla.. '57..102, 160, 252, 293 
Copper. Walter Logan, Jr.. 

54 Laurel Place, Trenton 8, N. J.. '56 77 

Corcoran. William Patrick. 10 7th St.. Frenchtown, N. J. '58 
Corn, Charles McCutchen, 

1590 Ocoee St., Cleveland, Tenn., '59 130 

Cornwell, Kenneth LeRoy, 

81 Tobin Ave., Great Neck, N. Y., "59 130, 287 

Cornwell, Richard Guy, 200 Winter St., Charlotte, N. C, '59. 130 
Correll, John Christopher, 

801 Lancaster Ave., Monroe, N. C. '56 .102 

Cottingham, Andrew Jackson, Jr.. 

102 W. Covington St., Laurinburg, N. C, '59 130, 288 

Cotton, Simeon Henry, 

853 Lantana, Clearwater, Fla., 57 309 

Couch. Jon William. 3411 niiisboro Rd.. Durham, N. C, '58 .294 

Couch, Vance, Jr., 1231 Miami Bivd., Durham, N. C, '59 130 

Coughlin, Donald O'Brien, 

1138 Wyoming Ave., Forty Fort, Pa., '56 77, 305 

Coulthurst, Lawrence Joseph, Jr., 

925 Madison Ave., Plainfield, N. J., '56 309 

Council, John Cromartie, Jr.. 

384 Westview Dr., S.W., Winston-Salem, N. C. '58. .117. 289 
Council, Waldo Lawrence, 328 Clark St., Durham, N. C, '58 

Courie, Mittrey Amon, Box 217, Kinston, N. C, '59 130 

Courtney, Cornelius Byrd, Jr.. 

4814 Huntington Ave., Newport News, Va., '57 102, 298 

Cowell. Edward Duke, III, 

1613 N. William Circle, Elizabeth City, N. C, '56 77 

Cowie, James Donald, 

17 Manchester Rd., Tuckahoe, N. Y.. '58 117, 301 

Cox, Daniel Baker, 

c/o Cox Furniture Co., Gainesville, Fla., '57 323 

Coxe, James Oliver, Box 1066 Laurinburg, N. C. 
Cozart, William Hoyt, Jr., 

814 sth .St., Durham, N. C, '58 117, 252, 294, 323 

Crablrce, Robert Wayne, 1308 Liberty St., Durham, N. C. '57 
Cracknell, Terry Alfred, 

2085 Western Ave., Alliance, Ohio, '58 117, 309 

Craddock, Arthur Bruce, 210 Franklin St., Mt. Airy, N. C. '57 
Craft, James Woodrow, Jr., 

1209 W. Avenue, Charleston, W. Va.. '58 117, 306 

Craft. Paul Edgar. III. 2007 Englcwood, Durham, N. C. '57 
Crane, James Dewar (Spec), 

2 Lansing St., North Warren, Pa. 
Craven, Carlyle Colbert, 

514 N. State St., Lexington, N. C '58 
Craven, Jesse Clarence, Jr.. 

807 Raleigh Rd., Ramscur, N. C, '58 117, 297 

Craven, Nicholas Scott, 

19 West 3rd Ave., Lexington, N. C, '59 130 

Crawford, Robert Coy, 

975 Winall Down Rd., Atlanta. Ga., '58 117 

Crawford, Roger William, 

502 31st St., N.W., Canton, Ohio. '58 117. 305 

Crcadick, John Dennis, Box 894, Aiken, S. C, '56 77, 286 

Creasy, Albert Henderson, 

2314 Metis Ave., Wilmington, N. C, '58 
Crews, Don Wayne. 940-L Hollingsworth Dr.. 

Lakeland. Fla.. '56 102, 160, 202. 298 

Crews. Lyen Connor. 290 Lexington St.. Versailles. Ky., '59. ...130 
Crews. Robert Joseph, 

2220 Queen St., Winston-Salem, N. C, '58 117, 206 

Crihfield. Glenn Stevenson. 

Rt. 3, Box 372, Greensboro, N. C, '58 117 

Crockett, William Guild, 

509 Owen Rd., Wynnewood, Pa., '57 102, 293 

Crooke, Richard Robert, 65 The Oaks, Roslyn, N. Y., '58 212 

Crossingham. Charles Edward, 

Box 551, Mt. Airy. N. C. '56 214, 222 

Crowell, William Groce. 

Rocky Hill Rd., Plymouth, Mass.. '59 130 

Crutchfield, Marvin Mack, 

2616 Proctor Rd., Durham. N. C. '56 77, 234, 247 

Crymes, James Elbert, III, 

6050 S. W. 35th St.. Miami. Fla., '57 102, 297 

Culp, Charles Harrison, 

2000 Arbor St.. Durham. N. C. '58 130. 168 

Culp. James Stanley. 

2825 Northampton St.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. '58. ...117, 294 
Culp, Julian Martin, 

311 S. Broad St.. Mooresville. N. C. '59 130, 287 

Cummings, Jasper Richard, 

4026 Winchester Rd, Louisville 7, Ky., '57 102 

Cummins, Hugh Sterling, 

326 West Pike St., Canonsburg, Pa., '56 77, 305 

Cunningham, Arthur William, Jr., 

1546 Thomas Ave., Charlotte. N. C, '56 77 

Curran. Rollin Thaddeus, 

P. O. Box 684, Reidsville, N. C, '58 117, 238 

Curtis, John Joseph, 

1766 Gerard Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn., '58 314 

Cushing. Wayne Burrus, 

2303 Princess Place Dr., Wilmington, N. C, '58 
Custer. Henry Lewis, Jr., 

552 East Allen St., Lancaster, Ohio, '59 130, 295 

Cutler, Richard Edwin, Preston, Minn,, '58 117, 323 

Cuyer, Robert Alexander, 

286 Neal Dow Ave., Staten Island, N. Y., '58 117 

Daggitt, Jack Edward, 

1116 Hannah Ct., Benton Harbor, Mich., "59 130 

Dahlgren. Paul William. Jr., 

719 Wappoo Hall Rd.. Charleston 43. S. C. '59 130 

Dale. Lucian Jackson, Jr.. 

127 W. 7th St., Charlotte, N. C, '56 77, 219, 281 

Dale, Thomas Neal, 610 Barbee St., High Point, N. C, '58... 117 
Dale, William John. Jr., 

7106 Ridgewood Ave.. Chevy Chase, Md., '58 298 

Dalton, William Edward, 

1036 Manchester Ave., Norfolk, Va., '57 77 

Dalton, William Lee, '56 290 

Dan, Charles George, Jr., 440 W. 5th St., Salem, Ohio, '56 305 

D'Angelo, John Matthew, 

91 Prior Ct., Oradell. N. J., '58 117. 290 

Daniel, James William C. Jr.. 

104 Vance Apt.. Raleigh. N. C. '59 130 

Darling, Jerome Webster, Scotland Ave., Madison, Conn., "57. .301 
David, Donald Gilbert, 

1764 Greenwood Ave., Jacksonville, Fla.. '57... 102, 191. 194 
Davidson. Donald Rowland. 

228 W. Highland Ave.. Ebensburg. Pa., '59 130 

Davidson, Ronald Edward, 

228 W. Highland Ave., Ebensburg. Pa.. '59 130, 292 

Davis. Charles Williams. 

131 S. Broadhead Rd.. Aliquippa. Pa., '56 77 

Davis, Clarence Boylan, 

1812 Perry Ave., Wilmington, N. C. '58 
Davis, Jack Rex, 1898 Haywood Rd.. Asheville, N. C, '58. ...117 

Davis. James Karnes, Rainelle, W. Va., '56 78 

Davis, Jimmy Frederick, 3310 Duke Lane, Durham, N. C, '58 

Davis, John Clarence, Box 223, Elkin, N. C, '58 305 

Davis, Keith Eugene, 

Rt. 1. Box 12. Guilford College. N. C, '58 130 

DaMv, Koilh Ihorugate. Jr.. 

:is ll.ukloiilickl Dr.. De Witt. N. Y.. '59 

DaMs, 1 ;.M\, 1.^21 Fast Blvd.. Charlotte. N. C.. '57 102 

Diivis. I.ouis WiKon. Jr., 

211 l-asl Lake Ave. Baltimore 12. Md., "57 102 

Davis, Ihomas Edward, 

54 F, Cleveland Ave.. Newark, N. J.. '56 290 

Davis. William Shala, 

710 ( hurch St.. Marietta, Ga., '58 117, 286, 293 

Dawson. Robert Grady, Jr., 1913 Reid St., Raleigh, N. C. '58 
Dav. David. Eugene. 507 D Street. N. Wilkesboro. N. C. '59. 1 30 
Day. Jerry Beaman. 507 D Street. N. Wilkesboro. N. C. '56. .78 
Deakins. Derrick Birdseye. 

210 James Blvd.. Signal Mt.. Tenn.. '56 78. 195. 296. 297 

Dean. Jarvis Gibson. Jr., 

307 Belvoir Ave.. Chattanooga, Tenn., '57 309 

Dean, Norman Wilton, 

185 Main St., E. Northfield, Mass., '59 130, 296, 355 

DeAngelis, Joseph Anthoney, 

340 Billings Ave., Paulsboro, N. J., '59 130 

Deans. William Chappell, 

6405 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va„ "56 78 

Deans, William Ronald, Red Oak, N. C, '57 

Deas, David John, 9 Hampton St., Canton, N. C, '56 102 

Dcbrovner, Steven Henry, 

10 Shore Blvd.. Brooklyn 35, N. Y., '59 130 

DeBruhl. Arthur Marshall, 

66 Frances St.. Asheville, N. C, '59 117, 302 

Decker, Lawrence Diercks, 

133 Franklin St., Cedar Grove, N. J., '57 102, 247, 290 

Dellinger, Clyde James, 

4218 Blackwood Ave., Charlotte, N. C, '58 117 

DeLoach, Mahlon W., Jr., 

S. Howard Circle, Tarboro, N. C, '57 102 

Deloatch, Sidney Columbus, Jr., 1221 Hamilton St., 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C, '56 102, 322, 323, 329 

DeMonterice, Bruce de Simon, 

Jackson Ave., Fishkill, N. Y., '58 315 

Denise, Robert Phillips. 

611 S. Best St., Goldsboro, N. C, '59 130, 303 

Denker, Neil Arthur, 410 Audubon Rd., Riverside, 111., '59 130 

Denker, Peter John, 

Box 274, Locust Valley, N. Y., '58 117, 282 

Denne, Donald Ralph, 

3524 Lindberg Way. Weirton, W. Va., '59 130, 307 

Denslow, James Albert, Box 297, Seffner, Fla., "58 168 

Denton, Donald Hemphill, Jr., 

3827 Abingdon Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C, '59 .130 

DePuy, Robert Ward. 

13331 N. W. 1st Court, Miami, Fla., '58 210, 301, 355 

Deschler, Ralph Joseph, 

1035 Park Ave., New York 28. N. Y., '59 .....130, 244 

Detrick, Kenneth Stanley, 

206 N. Rd., Lindamere, Wilmington, Del., '57 

Dewey, Richard Guy, Rt. 2, Massena, N. Y., '59 ...130, 185 

D'Huy, Gerald Joseph, 310 Eighth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa., '58.1 17 
Dickens, Charles Henderson, 

502 Jarrett St., Thomasville, N. C, '57 102 

Dickens. Robert Gordon, 210 E. 6th St., Weldon, N. C, '56.. .78 
Dickerson. Edmund James, 

657 Meadowview Dr., Dayton 9, Ohio, '59 130 

Dickey, Crawford Marshall, 

1447 N. Inglewood St., Arlington, Va., '59 130 

Dickey. Robert William, Jr., 

32 University PI., Lexington, Va.. '56 78, 304, 305 

Dietrich, Carl Phillip, 

3795 Granger Rd.. Akron. Ohio, '58 117, 298, 314 

Dillard, Guy Jackson, Jr., 

1919 Flournoy Dr., Columbus, Ga., '58 281 

Dillie, Charles William, Jr., 

691 E. Beau St., Washington, Pa., '57 102, 293 

Dillie, Harry Duane, 691 E. Beau St., Washington, Pa., '59. .130 
Dilworth, Richard Lee, 

421 Ransom Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C, '58 117, 290 

Dingwall, Robert Watson, 

1706 N. E. 7th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., '58 117 

Dinwoodie, John F., 

2401 17th St. S., St. Petersburg, Fla., '58 117 

Dix, Max Lee, 314 Petty Way, Costa Mesa, Calif., '56 78 

Dixon, Henry Bryan, Jr., Box 166, Mebane, N. C, '56 

Dixon, Robert Tillotson, 8 Knoll St., Riverside, Conn., '57 . .302 

Dobbs. Frederick Henry, II, 

721 Helen Ave., Charleston, W. Va., '59 130, 300 

Dobson, John Morehead, 

Westover Farm, Rt. 5, Franklin. Tenn., '59 130, 185 

Dodd, William Francis Gill, 

Mistletoe Villa, Henderson, N. C. '58 117 

Dodd, William Holdrum, 

3 Rydal Place, Montclair, N. J.. '56 78, 305 

Doherty, Martin William, 

128 Corona Ave., Pelham. N. Y.. '56 "8, 248 

Domhoff, George William, Jr.. 

20096 Bonniebank Blvd.. Rocky River, Ohio, '58. 117. 23S, 298 
Donley, James Duncan, 

6445 Lawrence Dr., Indianapolis, Ind., '58 117, 294 

Donovan, Gerald Frank, 

107 Jefferson Ave.. Valhalla, N. Y.. '58 
Dorfman. Robert Allen, 274 S. Main St., Nanuet, N. Y., '57. 102 
Dorkin, John Jay, 405 Westfield Ave., Bridgeport, Conn., '58.3 1 7 
Dorsch, George Taylor, Jr.. 

355 East 72nd St., New York, N. Y., '58... 117 

Doss, Donald Clements, 

73 Fairfield Ave., Danville, Va.. '59 130, 185 

Dotson, Ralph Gene. Box 7, Kure Beach, N. C '59 130 

Doughtie, Edward Orth, 

1106 Brown, Columbus, Ga., '58 117, 285 

Dowd, Berkeley Robins, 

2924 .St. Andrews' Lane, Charlotte, N. C, '58 289 

Dowless, Joe Willittc, 

113 Chestnut St., Kannapolis, N. C, '57 102, 297 

Dowling, William Laine, 

605 East 3rd St., Hinsdale, III., '59 130, 283 

Downey, Richard Kelley, 

Rt. 4, Box 217, Durham, N. C, '56.78, 194. 219, 246, 294 
Drake, David Alan, 

5027 Morenci Lane, Little Neck, L. I., N. Y., '58. .117, 314 
Drye. Wiley Benjamin, Rt, 7, Box 235, .Salisbury, N. C. '59 130 
Dudley, Alden Woodbury, Jr.. 

75 Margaretta Ct„ Staten Island, N. Y., '58 117, 160 

Dudley, Robert Lusk, 

Harding Place, Nashville, Tenn., "59 130, 236, 355 

Duffey, Donald Dwight, 234 Merton Ave., 

Glen Ellyn, III., '57 102, 155, 160, 245, 297 

Duke, Charles Bryan, 

313 Burns Lane, Williamsburg, Va., '59 130, 168 

Duncan, David Garrett, 

79 San Juan Dr., Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., '59 130 

Duncan, James Vernon, 

819 Monroe Ave.. River Forest, III., '56 78, 305 

Dunkin, William Wesley, III, 

615 Cherokee Rd., Charlotte, N. C, '56 78, 302 

Dunlap, George Emery, Box 367, Orange Park, Fla., '59 130 

Dunlevy, Charles Winston, 

701 Pittsburgh St., Scottdale, Pa., '59 130 

Dunn, Edwin Clarence, 906 Dacian Ave., Durham, N. C, '58 
Dunning. Peter Bancroft, 

Wolf Den Rd., Brooklyn, Conn., '57 102, 305 

Dupler, Phil Joseph, 

500 Catterlin St., Frankfort, Ind., '58 294, 323 

Durfee, Michael Fulk, 

4814 North 15th St., Arlington, Va., '59 130 

Dusek, Lowell Michael, 

829 West Mill, Alliance, Ohio. "58 118, 212, 295 

Dutrow, George Fewell, 

2826 27th St., N.E.. Washington 18, D. C. '58 130 

Dutschmann, Karl T., Jr., 

119 California St., Ridgewood, N. J., '56 
Duvall, James Edmund, 

41 Pro,spect St., Garden City. N. Y., '58 .118, 301 

Duvoisin, Peter Marc, 

21 Somerset St., Clearwater Beach, Fla., '57 238, 302 

Dwiggins, Lattie Ralph, Jr., 

901 Walnut St., Winston-Salem, N. C, '58 118 

Eadie, Robert, Jr., 1206 Main Street, 

Rahway, N. Y., '56 78, 160, 169, 182, 190, 215, 293 

Eaton, James Willard, Jr., 

114 Chautauqua Ave., Portsmouth, Va., "57 ...102 

Eberdt. Arthur Jackson Speer, 

2607 N. Quincy St., Arlington, Va., '59 130, 288 

Eberlein, William Philip, 

2497 Rockville Center Pkwy., Oceanside, N. Y., '58.118. 314 
Eckman, Paul Bates, 

Qtrs. 108, Maxwell AFB, Ala., '56 78, 252, 296, 297 

Edgar, Richard Byers, 

Woodlawn Farm, Ellicott City, Md., '59 280 

Edmunds, John William, 

924 Forest Park Blvd., Roanoke, Va., '56 78, 289 

Edmundson, Ronald Gene, Stantonsburg, N. C, '58 118 

Edney, James Mills, 

517 Buncombe St.. Hendersonville, N. C, '56 

Edwards, Charlie Aycock, Rt. I, Elloree, S. C, '58 118 

Edwards, John William, 

1118 South Park Ave., Burlington, N. C. '58 118, 296 

Edwards, Oliver Jackson, Jr., 

106 Hawthorne Rd., Birmingham 9. Ala.. '59 130 

Edwards, Robert Cook, Jr., 

Duck Circle. Abbeville, S. C, '58 118, 252, 289 

Edwards, Roger Niebling, 

308 Colony Rd., Lexington, Ky.. '59 130 

Edwards, Roy Columbus, 

123 Hill Crest Dr., Mt. Airy. N. C, 57.. 289 

Edwards, Sidney Ervin, 1604 B Street. Durham, N. C, '58 
Egerton, Frank Nicholas, 

^411 N. Gregson St., Durham, N. C, '58 285 

Eggleston. Joseph Carl, Jr., 

2-K Plateau Place, Greenbelt, Md., '57 102, 306 

Eggleston, Joseph Carr, 920 N. Barksdale St., 

Memphis, Tenn., '58 .118. 155. 160, 236. 238, 293 

Egli, Frederick William, 

942 Lambeth Circle, Durham. N. C. "57 193 

Elder, Jon Clements, 

807 Jackson St.. Vidalia, Ga., '59 130, 307 

Eldredge, Howard Sunderlin, 

600 Vaquero Rd., Arcadia, Calif., '59 130, 217, 283 

cializes ill sizzling steaks and delicious fried chicken 
and is famed for its "hush-puppies." The Restaurant 
for the Student is located at 706 Rigsljce Avenue. 

Ample Parkin- 

Air Coi 

Street, serves Durham and area with mill and in- 
dustrial supplies and contractors equipment. 

Young People 

|)laiinini; to UKikc ihcir homes in Durham. Icmporarily or permanently, 
now or hilrr. jiisl naliirally liirn lo ihc Conunuiiity's Leading Real 
Estate and Insiiranc.' hrm. 

A Complete Real Estate 


and Insurance Service 

Durham REAtTY III ii 


Sert/ice vJith cAbili 


& Insurance Co. 

established 19 03 

Elliot, Robert Day (Spec). 1719 Shawnee St.. Durham. N. C. 
Elliot. Donald Lee, 

:4.'i0 Lynhurst Ave.. WinMon-Salem. N. C, -57 102 

Elliott. James Henry. 4.V^ Sunset, La Grange, ill., •59.130, 283 
Ellis. Theodore Richard. Jr.. 

30 Elkan Rd., Larchmont, N. Y., '57 282 

Elmore, George Roy. Jr., 

2.'iOI Farthing St., Durham, N. C, '57 
Embley, Roger Larison. 

433 Cuyler Ave.. Irenton. N. J., "58 118. 212 

Embry, John Hutcheson. 607 Bellaire Ave.. Lexington, Ky., "58 

Enck. Thomas Emerv. Rt. 2, Ashland, Ohio, 59 130 

English. James S.. 111. 214 Yale St., Harrisourg, Pa., '56 .78, 297 
Enholm. Robert Wilfred, Jr.. '58 

Erlenbach, Phillip Ellis, Ghent. New York. '56. .78. 248. 302 
Ervine. Harold Clayton. 

67 Elm Street. Tunkhannock, Pa.. '58 
Erwin, David Brown. 

613 Oak Ave.. Clearwater, Fla., '59 130, 303 

E.schenbach, Henry Anthony. 

208 Sherman St., Lynnrook, L. I.. N. Y.." 56 297 

Esposito. George Mario. Amwell Rd.. Millstone. N. J., "59.. 130 
Eure, Hilliard Manley. 111. 

28th St., Highway 70, Morehead City. N. C. "58 
Evans, David Tea, 

429 Sleepy Hollow Rd.. Pittsburgh. Pa., "58 118, 297 

Evans, Geoffrey, 

301 W. Main St.. Clinton. N. C, "58 297 

Evans, George Jones. Jr.. 80 Farrwood Ave., 

Asheville. N. C, "56 78. 192. 193. 229. 233, 241, 298 

Everett, Ronald Wilco.x. 

2605 University Dr.. Durham. N. C, "58 118 

Faber. Roderick Mason, 

310 Hippodrome Bldg.. Cleveland. Ohio. "58.. 301 

Fabian. E. Larry. 170 Chester Rd.. 

Sherwood Forest. Winston-Salem. N. C. "59 130. 292 

Faggart. Jimmy Richard. 

Box 417 Liberty St., China Grove, N. C. "58 
Falk. James Garnet Bayne. 415 6th St.. Carlstadt. N. J.. "57 
Falkenberg. Fredrick. 

220 Woodside Dr.. Hewlett B Park, N. Y.. "59 130. 316 

Fall. Boyd Edwards. 

The Asheville School, Asheville, N. C. "58.118. 288. 355 
Fallaw. Wallace Craft, Rt. 3, Hillsboro. N. C. "58 
Fallaw. Walter Robert. Jr., Rt. 3, Hillsboro, N. C. "57 
Falls. Ronald Marshall, 

1024 Barbee, High Point. N. C, "56 78, 289, 323. 333 

Farley. John Roland, Box 386, Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Farlow. James Wesley, 

Rt. 4. Durham. N. C, "56 78. 294 

Farmer. Gary Clayton. 

507 W. Atlantic Ave., Kinston. N. C. "57.. 102. 302. 355 
Farmer, Joseph Clarence, 

217 Granite St., Henderson, N. C. "59 130, 288 

Farmer. Larry Lee. 938 Cabell St.. Lynchburg. Va.. "57 
Farmer. Wayne Pierce, 

220 Old Edgefield Rd., N. Augusta. S. C. "58 118 

Farquhar. Richard Lewis (Spec), 
161 Kisor Rd.. Monessen. Pa. 

Farrar, Albert Austin. 111. Rt. 1. Mt. Holly. N. C. "59 130 

Farris. Robert Linsy. 626 Moravian Lane. 

Charlotte. N. C. "58 118. 206, 207, 286 

Faticoni. Adolph Joseph, 

3000 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham. N. C, "57 
Fatzinger, Harleigh F.. 

501 Walnut St.. Catasauqua. Pa.. "57 102, 306 

Faye, Stanley Ethan, 161 21 Powell Cove Blvd.. 

Beechurst 57. L. I.. N. Y.. "57 102, 317 

Featherston, Robert Dean, 

Rt. 3. Box 33, Forest City, N. C. "59 130 

Feigenbaum. Irwin. 

3318 Chauncey PI., Mt. Rainier. Md., "59 130. 184 

Feldman. Stephen Robert. 

1349 Lexington Ave.. New York. N. Y., "59 130 

Feman, Morris Joseph. 

610 Davis Ave.. Maten Island. N. Y., "56 78, 317 

Ferguson, John Carruthers, 

209 W. Franklin St., Chapel Hill, N. C, "59 130. 284 

Ferrall. Thomas Russell, 

421 Morrison Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa.. "58 118, 210 

Ferrell, Cecil Jackson, Jr.. 

1100 First Ave.. Durham, N. C, '57 
Ferrell, Henry Clifton. Jr.. 

3820 Walker Ave.. Greensboro. N. C. "56 78 

Ferro. Angel Manuel. 

Oficios 152, Esq. .^margura. Havana. Cuba. "59 130 

Fesperman. William DeBerry, 

307 West Greer St., Durham. N. C, "56 78, 323, 343 

Fetsko, Robert James, 

100 Gable St., Johnstown, Pa., "59 130, 295 

Few, Benjamin Ferguson. Jr.. 

14 Sutton Place S.. New York. N. Y., '57 
Fidler, Paul Perry, 

Wilson Dr., Beaufort. S. C.. "58 118, 286 

Finch, Harold Eugene, Rt. 1, Box 160, Henderson, N. C., "56.78 
Findlay, Andrew Morrison, 

3010 26th .St., N.E.. Washington 18. D. C. "^9 130 

Fmke. Jay Elliott, 

638 Poplar St.. Spartanburg, S. C, "59 130, 312 

Finnev, William Everett, 

3216 S. Stafford St., Arlington 6, Va.. "56 78, 309 

Finol, Hugo Jose, 

Av. 7-A 12, Maracaibo. Venezuela. '57.. 102. 195. 240. 247 
Firth, Gordon Neal, 

1662 Round Hill Rd.. Baltimore. Md.. "58 118 

Fischer. Alfred F. A.. 

100 El Vedado Way. Palm Beach. Fla.. '57 102 

Fischer. Morton Peter. 

9733 Litzinger Rd.. St. Louis. Mo.. "S7 !»'> 

Fischer. Robert Wallace. 

2659 Willowbrook Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio, '56 81, 30? 

Fish, Konrad Karl, 

230 Holly Ave., Hempstead, N. Y., "56 81, 289 

Fisher. Earl Elliott. Jr., 

101 Ivey St.. Fairmont. N. C, '59 130, 303 

Fisher, Edgar Beauregarde, Jr.. 2000 Cedar St., 

Durham, N. C. '57 102, 155, 169, 170, 176, 281 

Fisher, Howard Theodore, 

3 Penhurst Rd.. Ben Avon, Pittsburgh 2. Pa.. "59 130 

Fisher. Leon Henry. 215 S. Elm St., Dublin, Ga., "57 102 

Fisher, Zane Bell, Box 656, Enfield, N. C, "59 130, 292 

Flanagan. Latham. Jr.. 

915 S. Washington St., Alexandria, Va., '58 118, 309 

Fleming, William Lewis, Jr.. Rt. 2, Henderson, N. C. "58 118 
Fletcher. Gerald Alfred. Jr.. 

309 S. Kenilworth, Oak Park, ill.. '56 306, 350 

Fletcher, Lindsay Carl, Jr., 

852 14th Ave.. Prospect Park, Pa.. "59 130 

Fletcher. Robert Montgomery, 

626 Holly Rd.. Charelston, W. Va., '56 
Fletcher, Tucker McLane, 

2171 River Rd., Jacksonville, Fla., '58 291 

Flicker. Jon Richard. 

43 Clinton Ave., Arlington, N. J., '59 81. 130, 312 

Flippin, Robert Samuel, Jr.. 1402 Bond St.. Kinston, N. C, '56 
Floyd. Peter Winslow. 

Christmas Trees Inn. Marlwo. N. H., "59 130 

Flynn. Douglas Sherman. 

53 Secor Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y., "59 130 

Flynn, Richard OIney, 

53 Secor Rd.. Scarsdale, N. Y., '56 81, 282 

Flyum, James Kenneth, 

1315 N. Rio Vista Blvd.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., '56 81 

Forbes. Redwell Kay. 

303 N. Martin St.. Elizabeth City. N. C. "56 81 

Ford. Richard Lee. 9 New County Rd., Aberdeen, Md., '59 130 

Ford, Robert Charles, 2101 Myrtle Dr.. Durham. N. C, '58.118 

Ford, Thomas Howard, Bell Ferry Rd., Rome, Ga., "58 118 

Fore. William Whately. 

Rt. 23. Box 188. Lynchburg. Va.. '57 ...102. 301 

Forehand. William Ellis, Jr.. Apt. A- 19. 2425 Vail Ave., 

Charlotte, N. C, '56 81. 160. 170, 245, 302 

Foreman. Clay Bertrand, Jr., 

1140 Rivershore Rd.. Elizabeth City. N. C. '56 
Foreman. Curtis Holmes. Rt. 5. Box 452. Durham. N. C "57 
Forman. David Michael. 

484 S. Crest Rd.. Chattanooga. Tenn.. "59 130 

Forrest. Charles Donald. 221 Elm. Salisbury. N. C, "56 81 

Forrest. Jerome Beckwith. 

500 Betty Lane. Clearwater. Fla.. "58 118. 295 

Forsyth. Ralph Patterson. Jr.. 

25 Argyle PI.. Rockville Center. N. Y.. "57 
Fort. Lynn, 

3400 Eastview Ave., W. Palm Beach. Fla.. "58... 118. 305 
Fortescue. William Nicholas, Jr.. 

Kanuga Rd.. Hendersonville. N. C. "58 118. 170.298 

Fortson. Edward Norval. 

5457 Roswell Rd.. Atlanta. Ga.. "58 238, 285 

Forwood, William Charles, 

Rt. 14, Box 92. Baltimore 20. Md., "58 281 

Foster, William Thomas. 

522 Woodstock Rd.. Southbridge. Mass., '57 102, 195 

Foushee, Lawton Langston. Jr., 

2009 Sprunt St.. Durham. N. C, "59 130 

Fox, Alvin Benis, 

1302 Chesapeake Ave.. Hampton, Va., "56 81, 196, 197 

Fox. John Davis. 206 Rodman Ave.. Jenkintown, Pa., '5S 118 

Foxworth. David Holman. 

I.SOS Coyote Ave., Norfolk 3, Va.. '56 81 

Frantz. Eugene Ernest. 1995 Scenic Dr.. Gadsden. Ala., '.57. 102 
Eraser, Edmund Robert, 

90 Atwater St.. West Haven, Conn., '56 81 

Frederick. Willard Drawn. Jr., 420 Avenue K. N.E., 

Winter Haven. Fla., '56 81. 158. 170, 229, 234 

Freund, Peter Arnold, 

200 West 58th St.. New York. N. Y., '58 118 

Friedel, Robert Oliver, 

14 Nottingham Rd.. Ramsey. N. J.. "58 ..118. 293 

Friedman, Ira Sheldon, 

605 Standish Rd.. Teaneck, N. J., '59 102, 130, 312 

Friend, Albert Wiley, Jr.. 

1334 Montgomery Ave., Narberth, Pa., "58 118 

Friend, Charles Ernest, 

3580 S. Stafford St., Arlington 6, Va., '57 
Frizzell, Ben Milton, Jr.. 

1320 Seventh Ave.. Bristol, Tenn.. '57 286 

Fruehiing. Carl Raymond, 1614 Bailey Rd., Belmar, N. J.. '58 
Fry, Donald Klein, Jr.. 

2701 Hazelwood Dr., Raleigh, N. C, '59 130 

Fry, Richard Allan. RED 2. Hinsdale, Illinois. '59 130 

Fulcomer, James Michael, 

215 Lorraine Ave.. Upper Montclair, N. J., '57.. 105, 246, 297 
Furman, Sherwood Murray, 

770 Bloomfield St.. Jackson. Mich.. "58 118, 202 

Eye, Charles Conrad, 

30 Preble Gardens Rd., Belmont 78, Mass., '59 130 

Gable, Richard Edward, 

Rt. 1. Box 21. Cornwallis Rd., Durham. N. C. '58 
Gaiero, Frances Edward, Jr.. 

5 Lexington Ave.. Haverhill, Mass.. '59 130 

Galinsky. Morton David. 

22 Wight St.. New Haven, Conn., '56 81, 317 

Gamble, Robert Oscar, 

2316 Lawndale Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. '58 118, 168 

Gantt, William Wrenn, 

2403 Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C, '57 289 

Garcia, Edgardo Arturo, Box 18, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, '56 
Gardner, James Bell, III, 2112 Summit, Portsmouth, Ohio, '59. 130 
Gardner, Jerrold Jackson, 293 S. Center St., Orange. N. J.. '57. .3 13 
Gardner. Ledyard Dickinson, Jr., 

Box 145, Pinehurst, N. C. '57.... 105, 248 

Garner. Robert Stewart, 

41 Kenwood Rd., Tenafly, N. J., '56 81, 174, 281 

Garrett, Edward Gordon, 

800 Underwood Ave., Durham, N. C, '56 
Garrison, William Claybourne, III, 

510 New York Ave., Oak Ridge. Tenn., '58 310 

Garris, William Philip, 913 W. Johnson .St.. Raleigh, N. C. 
Garrity, James Franklin, 

2826 Christopher Ave., Baltimore 14. Md., '5h 81, 281 

Garvin, Jay Earle, Jr., 

805 Sunset Dr., Greensboro, N. C. '58 118. 187. 298 

Gary, Perry Edward, 1440 N.W. 27th St.. Miami, Fla.. '59 130 
Gatrell. James Harrison. IV, 

1573 Greenfield .St., Kingsport. Tenn., '58 118 

Gauld, Edwin StuaM, 

115 Glen Ave., S.a (lilt, N. Y.. 58 118, 297 

Gavlak. Albert, Joseph, Jr., 

13701 Cormerc Ave., Cleveland 20, Ohio. "58 118 

Gaylcr, Bob Winn, Rt. 1, Box 1132. Lake Worth. Fla.. '59 130 

Gcbcl, Fmilc Louis, 

980 Lakcmont Dr.. I'illshiirgh U>. Pa.. '57 105. 297 

Geilich, Peter Norton. 

Carmel Country ( hih. ( annel. N. Y., '58 
Genter, David Lee, 

769 LarchmonI Kd., Pittsburgh. Pa.. '56 105, 202, 245, 301 

Gentry, Paul Cullum, Rt. 3, Maxton, N. C. '58 118 

George. Richard John, Jr., 

1316 Pelhamdalc Ave.. Pelham Manor. N. Y.. '59 130 

George, Terence Douglas, 

278 Burnt Ash Hill. Lee London. Si; 12. England. '58 
Gerber. Norman Allen, 

97 Salem Rd., Roslyn Heights, N. Y., '59 130, 170. 312 

Gerdcl. David Holland, 

III W. Beresford, Del.and, Fla., '59 130. 295 

German, Richard Iravers, 621 N. Augusta Ave., 

Baltimore 29, Md., '57 105, 185, 222, 293 

Gerock, Henry Walter. Jr., Maysville, N. C, '57 105 

Gerson, Marshall Irvin, 

1901 Locust .St., Philadelphia. Pa., '57 
Gibbons. Robert Herbert. Jr., 

Main Street, St. Georges, Del., '56 81 

Gilbert, Ernest Penn, Jr.. 

3000 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham. N. C. '58 309 

Gilbert, James Harman. Jr.. 

44 Royal Palm Dr.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.. '57 105. 305 

Gill. David Kent. 114 Grafton St.. Chevy Chase. Md.. '56 81, 302 
Gill. Edward John (Spec). 

12 Lanark Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Gillcrist. Thomas James. 

410 1 & 2 Jackson St.. Suffolk. Va.. '56 229 

Gillette. Allen Kenneth. 

113 Glen Ave.. Elmira. N. Y.. '59 132 185 

Gillies. Willard Merritt. Jr., 

1598 Sorrento Dr.. Pacific Palisades, Calif., '59 132 

Giltz, Chester Stoner, 

886 Phillips Rd., N.E., Massillon. Ohio. '59.. 132 

Ginsburg. Robert Stephen, 

2227 Crest Rd.. Baltimore 9, Md.. '57 105, 160 317 

Girand. James Fields, 

268 Canterbury Rd.. Westfield. N. J., "59 137 -)95 

Givens, Harrison Crandall, "' 

1500 Wendover Rd., Charlotte, N. C, "58 305 

Glaser, Joel Stephen, 

1217 E. Washington St., Orlando, Fla., "59 132 316 

Glass, Herman Harrold, Taylor Drive, Greenwich, Conn.. "57 3 13 
Glass, Joseph Dinson, Jr., 

1214 S. Main St.. Kannapolis, N. C. "57 105 309 

Glauhinger. Ronald Jay, 

45 Hampshire Rd.. Rockville Centre, N. Y., '57 297 
Glynn, Theodore William. III. 

1505 Fairidge Dr., Kingsport, Tenn., '57 298 

Goddard, Eugene Elmer, Jr., " 

3003 Seminary Ave.. Richmond 22. Va., '57 105 298 

Godfrey, David B., Jr.. 282 Foster St., Lowell, Mass., '56 193* 314 
Godt, Michael Harvey, 

358 Long Beach Rd., Rockville Centre. N. Y., '58 
Godwin. Joseph Robert, Route 5, Dunn, N. C, '57 105 

Goldstein, Bernard S.. 

2116 Lenox Rd.. N.E.. Atlanta. Ga., '57 184 317 

Goldstein, Richard Lee, 

18 Arleigh Rd., Great Neck, N. Y., '58.. 118 355 

Gonzales, Serge X., 562 Pierson St.. Westfield, N. J.. '58 118! 290 
Gonzalez, Alfred George, 

1301 S. W. 13th Ave.. Miami. Fla.. '56 
Gonzalez, Antonio Carmelo, Box 71, Lares, Puerto Rico '58 118 
Goodall, John Cobb, Jr., 

3260 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago. 111.. '57 105. 281 

Goodman. Joseph Champion. 

Rt. 2, Winston-Salem, N. C, '59 132, 170. 280 

Goodson, Raymond Eugene, 

68 Poplar St., Canton, N. C, '57 183. 306 

Gorham, Alonzo Dumay, Jr., 

Box 140. Wrightsville Beach. N. C, '59 132 307 

Gotthardt, Forrest Eugene, Jr.. 

2285 S. W. 10th St.. Miami. Fla., '58 310 

Goudy, Robert Schwalm, 

402 Kenan Street. Wilson. N. C, '57 105 191 194 133 

Gove, Warren Herbert, Rt. I, Box 21. Durham, N. C.."'56...L*!8I 

Gow, Alexander, III, Box 56, Marathon Shores, Fla.. '58 118 

Grae, Frederic R., 

65 Penbroke Ave., Staten Island, N. Y., '59.. 132, 316 

Graham, Lawrence Sherman, 

1209 South Peninsula Dr., Daytona Beach, Fla., "58 118, 309 
Graham, 1 homas Pegram, Jr., 

815 Lamar Ave.. Charlotte. N. C, '59 132, 280 

Graham, William Thomas, 

Box 469, Waynesboro, Va., '56 81 28"' 

Granhoff, Paul Dennis, 

73 31 187th St., Flushing 66, N. Y.. '59 132. 312 

Grant, George Redd, Jr.. 

1109 Arsenal Ave.. Favetteville. N. Y.. '58 118 

Grant, Robert Neil, 

1814 Madison Ave.. Greensboro. N. C. '59 132, 280 

Grant, Thomas William, 

354 Old Mill Rd.. Fairfield. ( onn.. '58 118, 160, 280, 298 

draper, Robert Milton, 

111 Westview Rd.. Upper Montclair. N. J,. '57 105. 168, 298 
Graybeal, William Joseph, 

109 College St.. Somerset. Kv.. "58 306. 323 

Green. David Lee, 

206 Joseph St.. South Charleston. W. Va., '59 132, 313 

Green, Robert, 

250 Tangier Ave., Palm Beach. Fla.. '56 70, 81, 352, 355 

Greenberg, Arnold Elliott, 

66 Washington .Ave., Lawrence. N. Y.. '57 317 

Greenblatt. Nathaniel l.ande. 

Forest Hills. Augusta. Ga.. '56 19, 81, 198. 382 

Greene. Robert Henry, 

225 N. Galveston St., Arlington 3, Va., '58 238, 248 

Reynolds & Co. 

New York Stock Exchange • American Stock Exchange 
AND Other Principal Exchanges 

Main Office: 120 Broadway, New York 5 

Durham Office: 108 Corcoran Street 
Phone 9-1907 

Resident Manager: Louis A. Carr 




3 BLOCKS from 



on ELF ST. 


Covers hy Kinyscruft 


Greene, Walter Eastbiirn. 

Ardmore & Pleasant Aves.. Philadelphia 18, Pa., "57 
Greenhill, James Merle. 

2118 S. Alston Ave., Durham. N. C. '.'^S 
Greenwood. Joseph Albert, 

1001 Steubenville Ave., Cambridge. Ohio, "59 132 

Gregersen, Norman Charles. 

4420 University. Dr.. Coral Gables, Fla., "58 118. 286 

Gregg. John Robert, Jr,, 

Box 56. Cannondale. Conn., '58 118. 354 

Griffin. David Starr. Jr., Woodland. N. C, "59 132 

Griffin, Gary Asa. 299 Bassett Rd., Bay Village, Ohio, '58... 118 
Griffin. Jimmy Wayne. 

404 Coggins Ave.. Albemarle, N. C. '58 118 

Griffin, John Thomas, Rt. 3. Rocky Mount. N. C. "58 
Griffith. Webster (Spec.), 

University Apts. L3C, Durham. N. C. 
Griffiths. Donald Cameron. II. 

1730 N. Washington Ave., Scranton, Va., '57 
Grigg, Claude McNeill. 

258 N. 4th Street, Albemarle, N. C, '58 118, 297 

Grills, Joe, 3320 Tech. Train. Wing, 

Amarillo AFB, Amarillo, Texas, ■57..... 105. 219. 246, 297 

Grimes, Douglas Preston, 

190 Country Club Rd.. Asheville. N. C„ '56 81, 217. 293 

Grimm, Edward Anthony. 

5315 Worthing Dr.. Washington 16, D. C, "59 132 

Grimson, Keith, 

9419 Central Park Ave.. Evanston. 111.. "57 105, 301 

Grinnell, Peter Francis, Box 330, Southern Pines, N. C, '58 
Griswold, Robert Nelson, 

1804 Huntington Rd., Greensboro, N. C. "59 132, 196 

Gross. L.eroy Hildebrand. 

1565 Orange Ave.. Winter Park. Fla.. "56 
Grubbs, William Darrell, 

2159 Strathmoor Blvd.. Louisville. Ky.. '59 132, 295. 355 

Grumhaus, Peter Dean, 

856 ClcvL-huul Rd., Hinsdale. 111.. '56 
Gryhowski. Kirk Rient. 

1016 Almeda Parde Serra, Santa Barbara. Calif., '59. ...132. 217 
Guilliano. Peter Webster, 

111 Elm Street, New Britain Conn., '58 118 

Guion, John Walker, 1213 Ideal Way, Charlotte, N. C. '56 
Gumb. Albert Melvin, Jr., 

222 N. 22nd St., Wilmington, N. C, "56 81. 298 

Gunter. Edgar Jackson, Jr.. 420 E. 23 St. 

New York 10. N. Y., '56 81. 195, 241. 252. 310. 311 

Gurley, George Morris, 

1406 Mulberry St., Goldsboro, N. C, '56 81 

Guthmann, John Alan, 

Washington Highway, Morrisville, Vt., '56 81. 212 

Guy. Melwood Norman. RED 1, New Castle. Pa.. '58 323 

Haack, Allan Harry, 

246-91 Street, Brooklyn 9. N. Y., '56 81. 168. 222. 298 

Haag, Eugene Paul. 570 Fifth Ave.. New Rochelle. N. Y.. '59.. 1 32 
Hacckler, William Karl, 

923 Jefferson St., McKeesport, Pa., '57 105, 293 

Hagen, Warren Edward, 

320 Reilly Rd.. Cincinnati 15, Ohio, '57 282, 356 

Hagey, King Albert, 320 Maryland Ave., Bristol, Tenn., '59... 132 
Hagie. William James, 

708 Tipton St.. Elizabethton, Tenn.. '57 323 

Hainer. Frank Thomas. 

17 W. 32nd St.. New York 1. N. Y.. '56. 14. 82. 160, 282, 327 
Hall, Lome. Franklyn. 

351 Monroe St., New Britain, Conn., '56 82, 244 

Hall, Ronnie Lee, Oak Summit Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C, '56 82 
Hambrick, Herman Casto, IL 

930 Garden St.. Charleston, W. Va., '56 82, 193 

Hammer, Steven Ludington, 

2920 West Main St., Muncie. Indiana. '59 132, 186, 287, 298 
Hammill, Icrry Lingle, Route 4, Concord. N. C, '57 105. 18 1 
Hammond. William Edward. Rt. 3. 

Hendersonville. N. C. '57 105, 184, 192. 193. 216. 285 

Hamrick, Grady Lee, Conover, N. C, '56 309 

Hamrick, William Edward, 

319 Buck Jones Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 
Hankins, Charles Stephen. 

629 S. Jefferson, Hastings, Mich.. '59 132 

Hankins, Robert Wilbur. 

32-C College Village. Winston-Salem. N. C. '58 
Hanner, Henry David. Emma Road. Asheville. N. C. '56. 82. 351 
Hansen, John Erich, P.O. Box 2123, Dclray Beach, Fla., '59. 132 
Hanson, Wesley Turnell, III, 

364 Antlers Dr., Rochester 18. N. Y., '58 118. 310 

Harbison, James Wesley, Jr., 1109 Courtland Ave., 

Rcidsville, N. C, '56 82, 162. 163. 229, 231, 234, 298 

Harden, Cicorgc Cyrus, Jr., P.O. Box 409, Sanford, Fla., '57..293 

118. 289, 334, 


Scranton. Pa., '57. 

Hardin, Edward Reel, 

3860 Glencoe Dr.. Birmingham. ,Ma.. '58 

Hardin. Jabie Sanford, 4585 Barfield Rd.. Memphis. Tenn.. '5( 
Hardin. James Edward. Box 801. Canton. N. C. '56 82. 
Hardin. William Francis. 

701 Maupin Ave., Salisbury. N. C, '56 82, 242, 

Harley, Neil Hamilton, 

4910 Jamestown Rd., Washington 16, D. C, '57 .105, 194. 
Harney, Gregory Newton, 

3831 T. St.. N.W.. Washington. D. C. '59 132. 

Harp. James Robert. 1115 Cline St., Pikeville. Ky.. '58 
Harper, James Weldon, 111. 

Rt. 4. Jefferson Rd.. Frederick, Md.. '59 132. 

Harrell. Haywood Howard. 

P.O. Box 583, Roanoke Rapids, N. C, '58 

Harrelson, Wallace Claude, Rt. 1, Cherryville, N. C, '59.. 132, 
Harrington. Alfred M.. Route 2. Henderson, N. C, '56 
Harrington. Paul John, Jr., 

749 N.E. 16 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. '59 

Harrington. Randall Leon. 309 N. Lee St.. Ayden. N. C, '57. 
Harris. Bobby Joe, 

Box 122. Rural Hall. N. C, '58... 
Harris. Eugene Starke, 

2005 Laurel, Pine Bluff, Ark., '57. 
Harris. James Frederick, 407 14th St. 
Harris. Richard Lowell. 

2623 Stanislaus Circle. Macon. Ga., '59 132. 

Harris. William Edwin. 30 Wellesley Rd., 

Swarthmore, Pa., '57 105. 209. 210. 302. 

Harrison. James Yown, 

619 Chatham Ave.. Columbia. S. C, '58 118, 289. 

Harrison. William Henry. Jr., 

15 Elizabeth M R 97. Binghamton. N. Y.. '59 

Harrison, William Lee. 

3661 Hildana Rd., Shaker Heights 20, Ohio, '59 

Harrison. William Thomas, Wayne, W. Va.. '56.70, 82. 
Harstine, Willard Roy. 

114 W. llth St.. Dover, Ohio, '58 118, 186, 

Hart, Ronert Leopold, 

45 Randolph Rd.. Chestnut Hill. Mass., '57 
Hartman, David Downs, 229 Division St.. 

East Greenwich, R. 1., '56 82, 201, 219. 246. 306. 

Harvey. Miles Hawkins. 5 Ferncliff Rd., Scarsdalc. N. Y.. '59. 
Haslem. John Arthur, 

2920 Ohio Blvd., Terre Haute, Ind., '56 82, 245, 

Haslett, Darden Evans, 

337 Walker Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C, '56 82. 

Hatchell, Ralph Eugene. Jr.. 

910 Brunwood Dr.. Florence, S. C. '57 

Hatcher, Martin Armstead, 

404 Clay Street, Hamlet, N. C, '57 

Haterius, Carl Joseph, 

Box 5141. Duke Station, Durham. N. C. '56 

Hauser. Charles Frank, 

1020 Rose Hill Ave., Durham, N. C, '56 82, 

Havens, Harry Stewart, 

2008 E. 14th St., Tuscaloosa, Ala., '57 

Havens, Robert Marshall, 660 N.W., 39th St.. Miami. Fla., '56 

Hawk, William M., Jr., Rt. 4, Jonesboro. Tenn.. '58 

Hay. David McKechnie. 

1410 Alabama Ave.. Durham. N. C. '57 

Hayes. Daniel Malcolm, 

346 Newfield St., Middletown, Conn.. '56 
Hayes. David Ryan. 

816 West Johnson St.. Raleigh, N. C, '59 132. 

Hayes, Horace Osgood. 

901 California St.. San Francisco, Calif., '56 
Hayes. Michael Gilbert, Rt. 1, Box 350, Accokeek, Md., '59. 
Hayes, Thomas Edwin, 

27 Jouett St.. Portsmouth. Va.. '59 132. 

Hayne. James Adams. III. Hampton. S. C. '59 132. 

Haynes, Ronald Au.stin, Rt. 2, Box 338. High Point, N. C.,' 59. 
Headlcy, Holland Neal, 208 Atlas St., Durham. N. C. '57. 
Hean, Richard Andrew. 2101 Ward St.. Durham. N. C. '58. 
Hearn, Frederick William, 

222 St. Dunstan's Rd.. Baltimore 12, Md.. '57 105. 160. 
Heath. Paul Edward. Jr., 

1432 Shelton Ave.. Norfolk, Va.. '58 US. 184, 

Heberlein. Gustav Walter, 

1120 Midwood Dr.. Rahwav. N. J.. '59 132, 

Hedigar, John Jack, 1339 E. 7t'h St.. Plainfield. N. J.. '56 82. 
Heil, .Alan Lewis, Jr., 

664 Valley Rd., Upper Montclair. N. J.. '57 105. 182, 186. 
Heim. Donald Horace, 

725 Broad St., Monloursvillc. Pa.. '57 105. 

Heineken. Theodore S.. 111. 

17 Park Place. Bloomfield. N. J.. '59 

Hclmke. Henry Connul. 

Box 5139. Duke Station, Diiihani, N. C '56 82 

Helms. Glenn. 

Box 416, Elizabethtown, N, C. '59 132. 181. 244, 288 

Helton. Ronald Lamar. 10 Eagle St.. Belmont, N. C. "59 132 

Hemingway. John Alden. Elizabethtown, N. C. '58.118, 181. 288 
Hendleman. Judson. HIE. 167th St.. New York. N. Y.. '56 
Henion. Alan Martin. 

435 North Central Ave.. Ramsey. N. J.. "58 118 

Henlein. Carl Arthur. Bay Shore Drive. Venice. Fla.. "59 132 

Hennick. Louis Colvin, 

2124 Fairfield Ave.. Shrevcport. La.. '56 82 

Henrique, Armando Joseph. 

9-C Porter Place. Key West. Fla.. '56 82 

Henry. Arthur Richmond. 

Ills. Jerome Ave.. Margate. N. J.. '59 132. 284 

Henry. Samuel Soloman, 

123 S. Franklin St., Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Hensey. Charles McKinnon. Box 65. Maxton. N. C. '56 82 

Hensley. George Leslie, Jr., 

Burnsville. N. C. '58 121, 298 

Herhst. John Anthony. 521 5th Ave., Ford City, Pa.. '57 

Hermann. Nicholas Alois. Box 157. Asheville, N. C. '59 132 

Herndon. George Burbank. Jr.. 

433 Holly Lane. Fayetteville. N. C, '56 82. 301 

Hess. Walter Eugene, II, 

4324 Verplanck PI.. Washington 16, D. C, "59 132. 304 

Hester. Carl Egbert, III. 18 Davis St.. Portsmouth. Va.. '59.132 
Hester. Stephen Liddon. 210 Riverside Dr.. Edgewater. Fla.. '58 
Heward. Henry Weidler. 

227 Campbell Ave.. Havertown. Pa.. '58 121 

Hickey. Kieran Quinn. 

53 Weed Hill Ave.. Springdale. Conn.. '59 132 

Hicks. James Manson. 

1534 S. Court St.. Montgomery. Ala.. '57 105, 247, 286 

Hiebert, Adoniram Cadwell. 

General Delivery. Congers. N. Y.. '56 82. 195 

Hiers. James Manning. 

1515 Pendleton St.. Columbia. S. C. '56 82 

Higgins. Norman Gibson. 120 W. 7th St., Media. Pa.. '56..82. 309 
Hildreth. Andrew Roger. 

76 Ellington St.. Longmeadow, Mass.. '58 297 

Hill. David Siehl. 3470 Whitfield Ave., Cincinnati. Ohio, '59. 132 
Hill. James Wallace, III, 

1223 Larchmont Ave., Louisville, Ky., '59 132 

Hill, John David, 

CO The Charles Barnards, Earle, Ark.. '58 121, 298 

Hill. John Walter. Jr., Chester Highway, York. S. C. '59 132 

Hilles, William Clark, 

5118 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, Md., '56 82, 160, 302 

Hilty, Robert Butler, 

2201 Coolidge Dr.. Dayton 9. Ohio. '59 132. 290 

Hinkel. Jay Ernest. RED Anclote. Tarpon Springs, Fla., '58 
Hinkel. Richard Edward. 21 Flax Pond Rd.. Lynn. Mass., '59. 132 
Hinkle. William Sandberg. 

P.O. Box 632. Balboa. Canal Zone. '59 132, 287 

Hipp, Carnie Paris, Jr.. Box 471. Rt. 9. Charlotte. N. C. '56 
Hirsch. Donald Brinton, 

3603 N. Abingdon St.. Arlington. Va.. '59 132 

Hoadley. Peter George. 

3213 Leonard St.. Raleigh. N, C. '57 105, 194, 247 

Hobbs, John Earl. 1 Saint Andrews' Dr.. Clayton. Mo.. '58.-282 
Hoch. William Kenneth. 

230 S. Jefferson Ave., Canonsburg, Pa., '58 323 

Hock. August William. Jr., 

16 Sommer Ave., Maplewood, N. J.. '57 105, 309 

Hodge, Hugh Lenox, 

3015 Cambridge PI., N.W.. Washington. D. C, '57 121 

Hoffman, Larry William. Rt. 3. Franklin. Pa.. '57 

Hogan. Jackson Willard. Ownfora Blvd.. Asheville. N. C. '57 

Hohner. Robert Arthur. 

711 N. Parkwood Rd.. Decatur. Ga.. '57 105. 302. 381 

Holcomb. Alfred Smith. 

1201 Crescent Dr.. Mount Airy. N. C, '57 
Holcomb. Herman Perry. 

813 Bright St.. Fredericksburg. Va.. '58 82 

Holcomb. Hoke Smith, Jr.. 504 Bahama St., Key West, Fla.. '56.. 82 

Holcomb, Hugh Lindsay, Jr., Mount Airy, N. C. '56 82 

Holden. Harold George, 

901 N. Elmwood Ave.. Oak Park. 111.. '57 306 

Holding. Harvey Royall. 

409 Durham Rd.. Wake Forest. N. C. '56 82 

Holland. Claude Douglas. 

1881 W. Smallwood Dr.. Raleigh. N. C. 
Holland, William I.angston. 

831 Brightwaters. St. Petersburg. Fla.. '57 105. 294 

Holleman. Richard Parker. 

1906 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla., '59 132 

Hollengrccn, Jon Fisher, 

205 Clayton Ave.. Waynesboro. Pa.. '59 132 

Holler, John Walker. 

907 N. Grcgson St.. Durham. N. C. '58 
Hollifiekl. Henry Cornelius, 

4919 Atterbury St.. Norfolk 13, Va.. '58 121. 354 

Hollingsworth. L. M. (Spec). 

Lynch & Howard. Pub. Acct., Raleigh, N. C. 
Hollowell. Linwood Branton. Jr.. 

309 W. Sixth Ave.. Gastonia, N. C, '59 132, 185, 280 

Holmes. Richard Lawrence, 

lOOh Knox St., Durham, N. C. '56 82 

Holshouscr. Virgil Augustus, 

Rt. 5. Box 168, Salisbury, N. C. '56 82 

HoKinger, Maurice Paul, 

4413 Beechwood Rd.. Hyattsville. Md.. '59.. .132, 181 

Honeycutt, Ava L.. Box 1-A. Spring Hope. N. C. 
Honeycutt. Robert Gerald. 

500 N. Guthrie Ave.. Durham, N. C. '58 
Hood. Donald Wayne. 2618 Elgin St., Durham, N. C, '58 

Hooker. John Edward, '57 105 

Hoover. George Oliver, 

88 Park Ave., Verona, N. J.. '57 ..105. 248. 344 

Hopper. Eldridge Lee. 305 N. Oak St.. Statesville. N. C. '56 .82 
Hord. Ambrose Roy, Jr.. '57 
Hord. Robert Eugene. 

221 Walnut Ave.. Charlotte, N. C, '58 121, 289 

Horin. Robert Gerard. 148 25 89th Ave.. Jamica. N. Y.. '58. 121 

Hotelling. William E.. Box 168. Chapel Hill. N. C, '58 121 

House, David Weldon, 911 S. Bragg St.. Monroe. N. C, '57 
House. Everette Lane. Rt. 2. Box 93. Durham. N. C, '57 
House. Richard Earl. 801 North Elm St.. Durham. N. C, '58 
Houston, John Theodore. 

1908 5th St.. Riverview. Beaver Falls. Pa.. '57 105. 196 

Howard. Henry Lynn. Rt. 1. Box 34. Draper. Va.. '59 132 

Howell. Jacob Carney. Jr., 

9205 Sligo Creek Pky.. Silver Spring. Md.. '56.85, 195, 286 
Hower, Thomas Rogers, 1207 College St.. Shelbyville, Ky.. '58.. 121 
Huang. Gerald Ming-chiang. 

Hargrave Military Academy. Chatham, Va., '59 132 

Hubbard, Jerry Garland, 7 Brown St., Gastonia, N. C, '57..105 
Hubbard. John Harvie. Jr., 

140 Buena Vista Dr.. Dunedin Isle, Fla., '57 291 

Huber. William Richard. 

430 Locust St.. Pittsburgh 18. Pa.. '59 132, 311 

Hubert. Richard Norman, 

114 N. Woodland Dr.. Marietta. Ga.. '57 158, 281 

Huckabee. Carmon Harris. 

1005 Demerius St.. Durham. N. C. '59 132 

Hudson. George Cornelius. Jr., 

616 W. Lane St.. Raleigh. N. C. '59 132, 298 

Huff. Philip Andrew. Gatlinburg. Tenn.. '58 121 

Huffman. David lolas, 

550 E. Riddle Ave.. Ravenna. Ohio. '56 105, 30! 

Hug. Richard E.. '56 85, 160, 314, 315 

Hughes. Albert Wellwood. Jr.. 

49 Hillcrest St.. Auburn, Maine, '56 85 

Hughes. John Isaac. Jr.. 

1010 Collins Rd.. Camden 4, N. J., '59 132 

Hughes, Victor Alexander, Jr., 

1456 Edgewood Cr.. Jacksonville 5, Fla., '56 105, 309 

Huling, George, Jr.. 50 Grand Ave., Hackensack, N. J., '56 
Hulsart. Robert Armour, 

117 Water St.. Englishtown. N. J.. '56 85.285 

Hume. Brian Carter. Stearns. Kentucky. '56 85, 289 

Hundley, John Camden. Jr.. 1106 Hill St.. Durham, N. C, '56.85 
Hunsley. Lloyd Arthur. Jr.. 

2458 Amber St.. Philadelphia 25. Pa.. '57 105 

Hunt. Donald Frost. 

36 Brenton Terrace. Pittsfield. Mass.. '56 85 

Hunt. Ruskin Henderson, Jr., Rt. 2, Grifton, N. C, '58 121 

Hunter. Parks DeArmon, 

215 Elmwood Dr.. Greensboro. N. C, '56 85, 298 

Huntley. Charles Belts. 

416 Hermitage Ct.. Charlotte. N. C. '58 121 

Huppman. Lindsay B., Jr.. 

1728 S.E. 10th St.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.. '59 132. 202 

Hurm. Walter David. 

115 Briar Lane. Newark. Del.. "57.... 304. 305. 323 

Hurt. Arnold Worthington. 

4733 Bradley Blvd.. Chevy Chase. Md.. '57 298 

Huss. John David. 

500 Pinckney Court. Spartanburg. S. C, '58.. 121, 186, 212 
Huster. Richard Hudson. 

1361 Challen Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla.. '59 132 

Hutchinson. Thomas Putnam. 

Moultons Ridge, Exeter, N. H., '59 132, 307 

.1^^^""" . 






For Mod 

ein Living 

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Durham 






Hillsboro Road — Durham, North Carolina 

The FIDELITY BANK'S Onlial OIIkc Is <'\ l„.;ilc.l al Main ami Corcoran streets, in downtown 
Durham. Other offices serxc l.usy nci-hlxM hood conirniinitics al Driver and Angier, Ninth and Perry, 
Vickers and Jackson, and Roxhoro Road and Maynard Avenue. Tiie FIDELITY is Durham's oldest hank, 
and has served Duke University and its students for many years. You are always welcome at The FIDELITY. 

Hutchinson. Thurlow Quinton, 

Qtrs. E-1. NSD, Mechanicsbiiig, Pa.. '57 lO.S 

Hutchison. Charles Howard. 

1045 Vernon Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C, '59 \M. 315 

Hvldahl. Bruce Clayton. 

'39 Locust Grove Dr., Clark Rahway. N. J.. '57. 105. 185. 298 
Hvman. John Charles. Box 589, 

Dillon. S. C. "56 85. 245. 246. 252. 302, 303 

Hynson. Nathaniel. VUI, 

Box 40-A, Rt., Washington, N. C, "56 85, 160, 314. 315 

I'Anson. Lawrence Warren. Jr., 

214 West Rd., Portsmouth, Va., "58 121, 252. 309 

Ikenberry, Lynn David, 

310 West View St., Harrisonburg, Va., "57 
Ineerick, Richard Edgar, 

^125 150th Ave.. Madeira Beach. Fla.. '56 85 

Ingersoll. Thomas N.. 1834 Wesley Ave.. Evanston, 111.. •57.305 
Ingling. Carl Raymond. Jr.. Box 72. St. Petersburg. Pa., '58 
Irvin, Henry Clarence, 

Apt. A-1. 3043 S. Columbus. Arlington 6. Va.. '59 132 

Irwin. Thomas Bailey. 

2945 Primrose Circle. Nashville. Tenn.. '59 132, 299 

Iseley, Richard Henderson, Box 289, Lancaster, S. C, "58 
Israel. Stanley Edward. 79 38 209th St., 

Flushing. N. Y.. '56 ...29. 85, 182, 190, 252, 316, 317 

Ives, Donald Arthur, 110 Berwyn Ave.. Syracuse, N. Y.. '57. .281 
Ivey. George Elbert. Rt. 2. Box 1123. Sarasota. Fla.. '59.. 132, 185 
Ivey, Thomas Neal, 359 2nd Street PI., N.W., 

Hickory. N. C. '57 105. 160. 184, 302 

Izaguirre, Simon Alfredo, 

Caracas. Venezuela, '57 105, 350 

Jack, Claude Kress, Belle Haven, Greenwich, Conn., '59.. 132, 304 
Jackson, Harry Ross, 840 West Morgan St.. Raleigh. N. C, '57 

Jackson. James, 101 Scott St., Kingstree, S. C, '58 121, 295 

Jackson, Michael Hodges, 

5081 S. Franklin, Englewood, Colorado, '57..160, 162, 282 
Jackson, Theodore Harvey, Jr., 

604 Arbor Rd., Cheltenham, Pa., '57 
Jacobson, Samuel Sigmund, 

220 Scott Ave., Sanford, Fla., '57 158, 317 

Jacoves, Richard Benjamin, 15 St. Paul's Rd., 

N. Hempstead N. Y.. '57 29. 105. 206. 207, 317 

Jaeger, Boi Jon, 715 Vallevista Ave., Pittsburgh 34, Pa.. "57. .301 
Jamason. Barry Wayne. 28 Bancker St., Albany 8, N. Y., '59. .132 
James. Arthur Atwood. Jr.. P.O. Box 227. Clinton, N. C, '58 
James. Donald Dawson, 

3318 E. Bessemer Ave.. Greensboro, N. C, '56 85 

Jamison. Carol Randall. 

1707 Orange Ave.. N.W.. Roanoke, Va.. '59 132 

Jarmon. Charles Allen. 721 W. Harden, Graham, N. C. '58. .298 
Jarvis. Robert Wayne. 612 Ashland Dr., Greensboro, N. C, '57 
Jarvis, Thomas Albert, 1140 Cherry St., Winnetka, III., '58.121 
Jaspert, George Henry, HI, 

Aldon Rd., Andover, Mass., '59 132. 189 

Jeffers. Carl Milton, 

6 Dayton Rd., Asheville, N. C, '59 132, 315 

Jenkins, James Sage, 2051 Venetian Dr.. Atlanta, Ga., '56 
Jenkins. John Edward. Jr.. 

920 Westbrook Dr.. Charlotte 6, N. C, '58 121, 298 

Jennette, David Lister, 

2507 Park Dr.. Elizabeth City, N. C, '58 121 

Jett. Harriman Harding. P.O. Box 708, Mt. Pleasant, S. C, '59. 132 
Jewell, Jack Frederick (Spec), 2112 Wilson St.. Durham. N. C. 
Jewell. Robert William. Box 308, Windy Hill, N. Y., '58 
Johnson, Charles Allen, 

1438 Seventh Ave., Hickory, N. C. '59 132 

Johnson. Charles Richardson. 217 Pearl St., Suffolk. Va., '57 
Johnson. Edward Clarence. 

2898 Spencer St., Jacksonville, Fla.. '58 121 

Johnson. Frederick Ernest A., 

3403 Woodhaven Dr.. Nashville, Tenn.. '58 22. 301 

Johnson. Herbert Michael. 

19 Hewitt Ave.. Bron.xville. N. Y., '58 160, 189, 306 

Johnson, James Evans, Jr.. 

2001 N. Elm St.. Lumberton. N. C. '58 121. 289 

Johnson. James Pearce. 

808 Chesterfield. Bihmingham. Mich.. '59.. 132. 280 

Johnson. Jerry Edgar, 

Box 315 A Wake Forest Hwy„ Durham, N. C. '58 
Johnson. Mark Parks. Jr., 917 Berkeley Ave., 

Charlotte, N. C, '56 85, 219, 246. 252. 280. 281 

Johnson. Richard Gibbs, 

5071 Sedgwick St.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. '56 
Johnson. Robert Lee, Jr.. 

1438 7th Ave.. S.W., Hickory, N. C. '58 121 

Johnson, Robert Thomas, Jr., 

1125 Aycock Ave., Burlington, N. C, '58 281 

Johnson. Vernon Webster. Jr.. 

Near East Found. Box 1980. Beruit, Lebanon, '56 85,302 
Johnson, Walter Albert, 

4704 Glenbrook Pkwy.. Bethesda 14. Md., '59 132 

Johnson. Walter Royle, Jr., 

3 Fairway Place, Biltmore, N. C. '57 106 

Johnson. Walter Taylor, 

1721 McDaniel St., Portsmouth, Va., '58 121 

Johnson, Wilbur Edward, Jr., 

112 Harrison St.. Frenchtown. N. J.. '58 
Johnston. William Edward. 

1324 Byberry Rd.. Huntington. W. Va.. '58 121 

Johnston, William McKay, 

208 East Front St., Lillington. N. C. '59 132 

Jones, Carlos Raul, 

Calle 8 18 Rpto Miramar, Marianao, Cuba, '56 85, 240 

Jones, Charles Kirkendall, 

3028 Colcord Ave., Waco, Texas, '57 106 

Jones, Colin Mastin. Box 416. Curundu. Canal Zone, '57 
Jones, Danny Brigman, 

1312 Williamson Dr., Raleigh, N. C. '58 238, 281 

Jones. Eddie Marshall. Ashton, S. C, '57 106 

Jones. Frederick O'Neil. 

2106 Greenway Ave.. Charlotte. N. C, '58 282 

Jones, Graham Eugene (Spec), YMCA, Durham, N. C. 
Jones. James Marvin. 

2730 University Dr., Durham, N. C, '59 132 

Jones, John Oscar, Box 66, Saluda, S. C, '56 85 

Jones, Julio Raphael. 

Calle 8 18 Rpto Miramar. Marianao. Cuba. '56.. 85 

Jones. Leonidas John. 

211 Battle Ave. Warrenton. N. C. '58 121, 285 

Jones, Perry Thompson. 

556 Oakdale. Glencoe. 111.. '59 132. 184. 283 

Jones, Robert E.. Jr.. Meadow Lane. Franklin. Va.. '56 
Jordan. David Lewis. 

3816 Riber Oaks Dr.. Des Moines. Iowa, '59 132. 303 

Jordan. Frank. Jr.. 1100 Queens Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. '59.. 132 
Jordan, Henry Harrison, II, Cedar Falls, N. C. '57.. 106, 289 

Jordan, John McLean, Saxapahaw, N. C, '58 19, 121, 185 

Jordan, Lyndon Kirkman, 

309 N. Breezeale Ave., Mt. Olive. N. C. '57 106, 174, 297 

Jordan. William Ellis. 223-B S. Maple Ave.. Oak Park, III., '57 
Joyce, James Bardin, P.O. Box 328. Logan. W. Va., '58. 121 

Joye. Nax Mason. Jr.. Box 364. Lake City. Fla.. '57 106 

Joyner. Frank Belton. Jr.. 

316 E. Third St.. Siler City. N. C. '57. .70. 106. 170. 181 
Juergensmeyer. Julian Conrad, 

29 Riverside Dr.. Logan. W. Va.. '59 132 

Jules. Arnold Jay. 

3534 Lynchester Rd.. Batimore 15, Md.. '59 132, 316 

Jurgensen, Christian Adolph. III. 504 South 18th St.. Wilming- 
ton. N. C. '57. .28. 289. 322, 323, 325, 327, 328. 333. 342 
Justice. Henry Adolphus. 

571 Caribou Rd., Asheville, N. C, '57 106, 196 

Kachadoorian. Richard. 26 Essex Cr., Lynn, Mass.. '58 
Kalbfus, John Paul. 

542 Vine St.. Greensburg, Pa., '57 336, 337 

Kamm. Stanley Brandon, 

350 N. Boulevard. Petersburg, Va., '57 313 

Kamsler. Leonard Macon. 

2121 Woodland Ave.. Raleigh. N. C. '57 106. 245 

Kargon. Robert Hugh. 

1781 East 17th St.. Brooklyn 29. N. Y,. '59 132. 316 

Katzinski. John. 

17 Ronkonkoma Ave., West Hempstead, N. Y.. '57.. 106. 194 
Kauffman. Edward Stein. Jr.. 742 S. George St.. York. Pa., '59 .132 
Kauffmann, Richard Karl, 

1421 Washington Blvd., Huntington, W. Va., '59. 132, 296 
Kaufman. Arthur (Spec). 

391 Central Ave.. Jersey City. N. J 317 

Kautz. Peter Ernest. 

93 33 64 Ave.. Forest Hills. L. I.. N. Y., '59 132 

Kay. Robert Frank. 

Ridgeview Apts.. 901 Maple. Evanston. 111.. '58 
Kearns. Amos Ragan. Jr.. 

600 Hillcrest Dr.. High Point. N. C. '58 121 

Keffer. David Brooks, 249 Willow St., Hamden, Conn.. '58. .294 
Kehlmann. Seymour Jay. 

2432 Ocean Ave.. Brooklyn 29. N. >'.. '59.... 132. 312 

Keifer. Robert Bruce. Jr.. 

1501 Grosscut Ave., Dunbar, W. Va., '58 121 

Keim, Robert Mahlon, 

5006 Klingle St., N.W.. Washington 16. D. C. '59 132 

Keim, Walter Herman, 

5006 Klingle St.. N.W.. Washington 16. D. C. '57. .85. 297 
Keithley. George Frederick. 

505 S. Hi Lusi St.. Mount Prospect, 111., '57 106. 212, 280 

Kelly, Clinton Wavne. 

1252 Cherokee Rd.. Louisville 4. Ky.. '59 132 

Kemp. David Edward, 

394 Golf Blvd., Daytona Beach, Fla., "58 306 

Kempler, Donald, 

142 Irving Ave., South Orange, N. J., '57 106, 219 

Kempler, Roger, 

142 Irving Ave., South Orange, N, J., '59.132, 248, 316 
Kenaston, James Hampton, Box 552, Cocoa, Fla., '57. ...106, 281 
Kenion, Thomas Shaw, P.O. Bo.x 138, Hillsboro, N. C„ '57 
Kennedy, Charles Darrell. 

3109 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham, N. C, '59 132 

Kennerkneeht, Ralph Emmett, Rt. 5, Fort Plain, N. Y„ '58 
Kenyon, Van Leslie, 111, Rt. 2, Hillsboro, N. C, '58 
Kephart, William Wishart, Jr.. 

8900 Fairview Rd., Silver Spring, Md., '56 85, 286, 350 

Kerchner, John Franklin, 

314 North Mill St., Louisville, Ohio, "59 .132 

Kersey, John Nelson, 

303 Union St., Bluefield, W. Va., "58... 121, 294, 323 

Kerstetler, Ned Mansfield, 

520 E. Main St., Louisville, Ohio, '57 106, 301 

Kessler, Harold Richard, 

130 Worthington Rd., Rochester, N. Y., '57 106 

Ketcham, David Elliott, 

608 Greenbrier Dr., Bellepoint, W Va., '57 106 

Keyes, Jerome Willis, Jr., 

6504 Duke St., Alexandria, Va., '57 106, 160, 292, 293 

Keyser, James Robert, IIL 

1614 Bedford Ave., Lynchburg. Va., '57 121, 322 

Kienle, Richard William, 

1573 Sterling Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C, '57 106, 160, 289 

Kilgore, John William (Spec), Bo.x 466, Tazewell, Va. 
Kim, James K. S., 106 Haven Rd., Syracuse, N. Y., '58 
Kim, Kun Ha, Direct, of Iron Bridge Co., Seoul, Korea, '58. 106 
Kimball, Hugo Brown, 523 Walnut St., Statesville, N. C, "56 
Kimble, Clayton Earl, Jr., 

835 Jefferson St., Wilmington, Del., '58 301, 309 

Kimmel, Ralph Edward, 

319 McMillan Ave., Wilmington, N. C, '59 132 

Kimmich, Walter Criss, 

138 96th St., Brooklyn, N. Y., '58 121, 309 

King, Arthur Ward, 

1410 Vickers Ave., Durham, N, C, '57 106 

King, John Hill, Robin Rd., Maryville, Tenn.. '56 85 

King, John Reid, 508 Sycamore St., Weldon, N, C„ '57 

King, Joseph Warren, King Ave., Kings Mills, Ohio, '58 121 

King, Julius, Duke Station, Durham, N. C, '57 106 

King, LeRoy Harry, Jr., 

808 North 25th St., Paducah, Ky., '59 132, 283 

King, Paul Douglas, Jr., 

109 N. 18th St., Morehead City, N. C, '56 
King, Phillip Marvin, Jackson Motel, Ripley, W. Va., '59 132 
Kinyon, Brice Wayne, 

122 East Price Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn., '58 121, 310 

Kirby, Milton Ray, 

410 Newsom St., Durham, N. C, "57 106, 293 

Kirkland, Frankie, Rt. 1, Scotland Neck, N. C, '58 121 

Kirkman, Thomas Carlton, Jr., 

902 Sunset Dr., High Point, N. C, '56 193, 214 

Kirkpatrick, David Willis, 

59 .School St.. Canton, N. C, '56 85, 289. 342 

Kirkpatrick, James Edward, Jr., 

1025 Federal St., Toronto, Ohio, '58 
Kisiler, Henry Evans, Jr., 

1305 Lilac Rd., Charlotte, N. C, '57 106, 290 

Klcdaras, Constantino G., 17 S. West St., Raleigh, N. C, '56. .85 
Kledaras, Harold George, 17 S. West St., Raleigh, N, C, '56... .85 

KIcvansky, Richard, Reading, Pa., '57 106 

Kline, Robert Loux, Jr., 420 Piedmont, Reidsville, N, C„ '57. 248 
Klinger, Charles Vincent, 

4 ( hatham Ave., Oakhurst, N. J., '57 322 

Kloman, William Charles, 

6310 33rd St., N.W., Washington 15, D. C, '59.132, 29(i 
Knake, Phillipp Bernard, Jr., 

3920 Wallace St., Lynchburg, Va., '56 85. 252, 301 

Knapp, John Franklin, 

414 Prince George Ave., Hopewell, Va., '58 121 

Knapp, Roger Bernard, 2 Lowell PI., West Orange, N. J., '59 
Knauss, Donald Thomas, 

630 N. 22nd St., Allentown, Pa., '56.85, 195, 240, 241, 247 
Knight, Francis Makemie, 

2611 Legion Ave., Durham, N, C, '59 134 

Knight, Robert Hill, 374 Euclid Ave., Statesville, N. C, '57.. 106 
Knotts, Don Morton, 3(M East Main St., Albemarle, N. C, "56 289 
Knotts, John Douglas, 304 E. Main St.. Albemarle, N. C, '56 .323 
Knowles, Billy Wilson, P.O. Box 176, Knightdale, N. C, '57 

70, 294, 323 


Kocourek, Jerry John, 

2402 S. Clarence Ave.. Berwyn. III.. '56 
Koernner, John Stanton, 

4023 Spring Hill Rd., Louisville 7, Ky., '56.. 
Kohl. Robert Edson, 

4320 .Scagrape Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., '59 134, 283 

Koiko, Philip, 

13 Linden Ave., Spring Valley, N. Y., '56 85, 190, 317 

Konefal, Walter Albert, 83 Hobart PI., Garfield, N. J., '59. .134 
Konicek, Milton Charles, 

1904 South 56th Ct., Cicero, III., '56 323 

Koontz. Earl Carlton, Rt. 1, Linwood, N. C, '57 
Kopf. John Randolph. 3344 Runnymede PL, 

N.W., Washington, D. C. '56 85, 194, 241, 246, 352 

Korotkin, Michael Paul. 

Rosemont Farm. Wilmont Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y.. '59 134, 312 
Kramer. Richard Spencer. 3692 Rawnsdale Rd., 

Shaker Heights, Ohio, '58 160, 206, 236, 281 

Kramer. Richard Vance, 

2251 Cranford Rd., Durham. N. C, "58 121. 206, 281 

Kramer, Robert Arnold, Jr., 

2712 Hillside Ave., Dayton 9, Ohio, '59 134 

Krause. Richard George, 

132 West Elm St., New Haven, Conn., '59 134, 292 

Kredich, Nicholas Michael, 2913 N, 78th Ave., 

Elmwood Park, III., '57 106, 169, 248, 281, 322 

Kreidler, David Bell, 

603 Blanchard Pkwy.. W. Allenhurst, N. J., '59.. 134, 287 
Kreps, Arthur Emmet, 51 Bowdoin St., Maplewood, N. J.. '59.. 1 34 
Kreps. Donald Arthur. 

51 Bowdoin St., Maplewood, N. J., '58 121, 308 

Krueger. Ronald Paul, 

224 Old Short Hills Rd., Short Hills, N. J., '58 106 

Kruse, John Collinson. 

1016 Wager Rd., Rocky River 16, Ohio, '59 134, 207 

Kucek, John Harvey, 

35 Park Dr. Eastover Hill, Dover, Del., '58 121 

Kuebler, Charles Herman, 

1700 Sterling Rd., Charlotte, N. C, '59 134, 355 

Kuman, Herbert Miroslaw, 

71 Chestnut St., Wellsville, N. Y„ '56 86 

Kumpf, William August, 235 E. 11th Ave., Conshohocken, 

Pa., '56 86, 195, 229, 233, 234, 240, 241, 247, 314 

Kurad, Joseph Ward, 

3712 Delverne Rd., Baltimore 18, Md., '56 

Lack, John Joseph, 1617 Norris St., Camden 4. N. J., '56 212 

Lackland, William Saville (Spec), 

1540 Matanikau St., Tarawa Terrace, N. C. 

Lacy, Alexander Bystard, Jr.. Clover. Va., '59 134, 198 

Lacy, David Allen, III, 4027 University, Dallas, Texas, '56..86 
Lagergren, John David, 

40 S. Spring Garden Ave., Nutley, N. J., '58 
LaHurd, Neil Joseph, 

229 S. Lime Ave, Sarasota, Fla., "59 134, 295 

Lakata. Robert John, 176 Lester Ave., 

Johnson City, N. Y., '57 306, 334, 335, 338, 370 

Lambert, Thomas Kayes, 

32 Central Dr., Bronxville 8, N. Y., '59 134 

Lamhrakos. George Louis, 

46 Prospect Park. S.W., Brooklyn, N. Y,. '59 134 

Lamnicil. John Harold, 

4613 Avenue R.. Birmingham, Ala., '58 121, 292, 293 

l.aMotte, Arthur Hungerford, Jr.. 

4206 Westview Rd.. Baltimore. Md., '58 305 

l.ampros, I.ampros Chris. 

636 New Castle Rd.. Farrell. Pa.. '57 212 

Lane. Gary Clyde, 

626 St. George Rd., Raleigh. N. C '59 II. 134,288 
Lane, James Henry, Box 31, .Star Rt., 

Myrtle Grove, Fla., '56 86, 174, 192, 222. 302 

Lane, William Cobb, Jr., 

178 Adelaide St., Belleville 9, N, Y., '57 106 

Lang, Gordon Roger, 

345 Magnolia St., Rochester, N. Y., '58 297, 350 

1 anger, Guy Lewis, 

6X6 Beverly Dr., Sarasota, Fla., '59 11, 134, 355 

1 ang ey. Van Emerson, 

( orricnies 1115, Buenos Aires, Argentina, '56 
1 angston, William Dortch, Jr., 

3(15 S. Pineview Ave., Goldsboro, N. C, '59 134, 288 

I anning. John Tate, Jr.. 

300? Surrey Rd.. Durham, N. C. '59 134. 295 

LaPolla, James Joseph, 

621 Washington, Niles. Ohio, "56 86, 196. 244. 297 

Laresc, Eddie John, Box 388, Kimball, W. Va., '57 106, 309 

Larese, Ricci Joe. Box 388. Kimball. W. Va.. '58 121. 309 

Lassiter. Kenneth Robert Lee. 

5007 Gratton Ave., Richmond 24, Va., '58 121, 168 

'Plait the years ahead today 
the Home Security ivay" 

Home Securifi f 



Bascom Ba^nis, Presklciu 
George Watts Hill, Chairman of the Board 

District Offices in 
Twenty-one North Carolina Cities 


Durham's Largest and Best Th"atr 

Graduate to Greater Savings 
at your friendly 

Colonial Stores 

Duiliani, N. C. 

Lattimore. Rudolph Burton. Bostic. N. C, '58 .306, 323 

l-auber, Raymond Clarence. 

M. O. Apts.. 205 Maynard Ave.. Durham, N. C. '56 
Laverty. Robert Oscar. 

1008 N. Clay. Frankfort. Ind., ■59._ 134, 295 

Lavie, Henrique Jose. 

Av Avismendi Mavluninesa, Caracas, Venezuela, '56 
Lavoo, George William, Rt. 3, Cortland, Ohio, '56.86, 174, 181 
Lawrence, Robert, III. 

151 E. Palisade Ave.. Englewood. N. J., '59 134 

Layson. Zed Clark. Jr.. Millersburg. Ky.. '59 134. 295 

Lazard. Richard Randolph. 112 E. 44th St.. Savannah. Ga.. '57 
Leak. Robert Edwards. 

Box 485. Rt. 4, Rockingham. N. C '56.86. 252. 282, 283 
LeBauer, Edmund Joseph, 

910 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, N. C, '57 
Le Clere. William Earl, 

1407 Briarwood Dr.. Durham. N. C. '58 

Lee, Blaney Earl, Rt. 6. Box 77. Durham, N. C, '57 309 

Lee, Richard Carlton, 

3248 W. Shadowlawn Ave.. N.E.. Atlanta. Ga., '56. .86, 241 
Lee, William Swain, 206 S. Broad St., Middletown, Del., '57.. 106 
Leinbach, Philip Eaton. Rt. 1. Shattalon Dr.. 

Winston-Salem. N. C, '56 86, 170, 174, 229, 234, 298 

Leister, Howard Jack, Black Rock Rd., Hampstead, Md., -59.. 134 
Leon-Hernandez, Odoardo Placido, Ave Carabobo 1 El 

Rosal, Caracas, Venezuela, '56 86 

LePage, Frederick Robert, 

63 Seven Bridge Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y.. '58 286 

Levin, James Steckler, 

4425 N. Maryland Ave., Milwaukee, Wis., '59 134, 316 

Levine, Michael Victor, 3291 Park Ave., Wantagh, N. Y., '58. 121 
Levitin, Jordan Sheffer, 

926 Westover Ave., Norfolk, Va., '56 86, 313 

Levy, Michael Paul, 

724 Westfield Ave.. Elizabeth. N. J.. "56 86. 317 

Lewis. Andrew Morris. Jr., Cheriton. Va.. "56. ...86, 248, 286, 351 
Lewis, Charles Vance, 

1516 E. Worthington Ave., Charlotte, N. C, '58 121, 309 

Lewis, Claude Irenius, Rt. 1, Stanley, N. C, '57 
Lewis. Clayton Wilson, 910 Malbern Ave., Buxton 4, Md., '58.121 
Lewis, David Parks, Lonas Addition, Maryville, Tenn., '58 
Lewis, Franklin Edwards, 

1701 N. 19th Ave.. Pensacola. Fla.. "57 106 

Libby. Bruce John, 

1434 N. Franklin Ave.. River Forest. HI.. "58 121. 311 

Lichtenstein. Edward, 800 Main St., Peekskill, N. Y.. '56.86. 313 

Lidz. Edward. 1 Ross Lane. Woodmere. N. Y., '58 121. 317 

Linden. John Edward, 

1501 W St.. S.E.. Washington 20. D. C. 59 134. 202 

Lindennieyer, James William. 

42 Harwood Rd., Louisville 7, Ky.. '59 134. 295 

Linder. James Hugh. 

27 Ridge Dr.. Birmingham. Ala.. '59 134. 299 

Lindsey. Charles Taliaferro, Jr., 

5022 Allan Rd.. Washington 16. D. C, '57 106. 294 

Lineback. Jimmy Nottingham. 

1825 Robinhood Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C, '58 
Lineberry, Lucas Rodney. 

902 N. Prince St.. Lancaster. Pa.. "58 121,293 

Lineker, Sidney George, Jr.. 

12 Aspen Lane, Falls Church, Va., '57 106, 193, 290 

Linton, William Robert, Jr., 

2935 Harvard Ave., Jacksonville 10, Fla.. '59 134. 300 

l.intzcnich, Joseph William, 

44 Fair Oaks. Clayton 17. Mo.. "58 306 

I.ippincott, Milton Steele, Jr., 

820 W. Burke St., Easton, Pa., '59 134, 291 

l.itle, William Albert, 

155 Wilmont Ave., Washington, Pa., "56 241. 252. 303 

Little, Frederick Booker, 

804 W, Market St.. Anderson. S. C, '59 134 

Little. Joseph Wallace. Jr., 

502 4th Ave., Myrtle Beach, S. C, '57 241 

littler, Theodore Coltrane, 

130 Acdemy St., Manlius, N. Y., '56 
Livingston, Lewis, Box 614, De Bary, Fla.. '59.134. 186. 280 
Locke. Ronald James. 

808 W. Bes.semer Ave.. Greensboro. N. C. '57 106 

Loden. George Barnard, 

2600 Woodward Way, N.W., Atlanta. Ga., '57 106, 302 
Lodmell, John Gary, Walter Reed Army 

Med. Center, Washington, D. C, '56 86. 213. 286 

Loeb, Theodore Farnham, Jr.. 

694 Glendale Rd.. N. Wilbraham. Mass., '57 106 

Logan, Leonard Gilmore, Jr., 

2-C Lakeside Apts., Melrose Park 26, Pa., '59 134 


.86. 302 



.106, 160, 282 




.86, 214, 

Lomax, Phillip Asbury, Box 561, N. Wilkesboro, N. C, "57. 
Long, George Truett, 

1021 Richmond Dr.. Rock Hill. S. C. '58 121. 

Long, Johnny Lee. 

1000 North Washington. Shelby. N, C, •57..248. 289, 
Long. Norwood Greyson, 4605 Amherst Rd., 

College Park. Md., '56 86, 193, 196, 229, 

Long, William Morris, 809 Yancey St., Durham, N. C, '58 
Longcrier, Franklin Marcus, Saxapahaw, N. C. "57 
Longsworth. Robert Morrow. 

Rt. 1. Carrollton. Ohio, '58 121, 155, 170, 

LoSasso, Alvin, 

1628 Hillman St., Youngstown, Ohio, "58 

Losee, Wilmot Hurst, Jr., 

103 Third St., Garden City, N. Y.. '58. .121, 189, 
Lovett. Donald Robert. 

20 Eustace Dr.. Dixon, III., "56 

Lovitt, Ronald, 

345 Fairway Dr.. Miami Beach. Fla., '59 

Low, Joseph Thompkins, Jr,, 

40 Derwent Ave., Verona, N. J., '56 

Lowe, Thomas Francis, 

1626 Winford Rd., Baltimore 12, Md., '57... 
Lowe, Thurman Lee. RED. Zolfo Springs. Fla.. "5 
Lowe. William Emory, Jr.. 

415 Poinsetta Rd.. Daytona Beach. Fla., '56. 
Lower. David Allen. 

II Sunset Terrace. Baldwinsville. N. Y.. 
Lowi. Bertram Haas, 

1032 4th Ave.. Gadsden. Ala.. '56 

Luce, William Paterson, 

3491 N. Venice St., Arlington 7, Va. 
Luechauer. Daniel Paul, 

1215 Harrison St., Hollywood, Fla., '58 121. 

I.ugar, William Carroll, Oceana, W. Va.. '56 
Luper. Cooper Jackson. Rt. 2. Rocky Mount 

Lushis. Donald Vladis. 1247 Jackson St.. Easton. Pa.. "58 

Lutz. Robert Agner. 1206 Oval Dr.. Durham. N. C. '59 

Lybass. Tillinghast, 

1409 Windsor Place. Jacksonville. Fla.. '57 106. 

Lyman, David, 

135 Polo Club Lane, Bangkok, Thailand, '58 121, 

Lynch, John David, Jr., 201 N. 1st St., Mebane, N. C, '59. 
Lynch, Walter Graham, IIL 

539 Henry St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. '56 86. 202. 

Lyon. Edwin Robert. Jr.. Box 867. Laurinburg. N. C. '59. 
Lyon. Peter. 1810 Rittenhouse Sq.. Philadelphia, Pa.. '59... 
McAllister. John Franklin, 

309 Chelsea St., Sisterville, W. Va., '56 

McAnally, William Jefferson. IIL 4922 Brandywine St,, N,W., 

Washington 16, D. C. '59 134, 

McCahan. David Stanley, 

7U)0 Hq. Spt. WG APO 633. New York. N. Y.. '57 

McClain. David Hollingsworth. 

2021 Myrtle Dr.. Durham. N. C. '57 

McConnell. John Cameron, 

3423 Coleman St., Columbia, S. C, '58 

McConnell, Richard Arthur, 

Apt. 8-A. 801 Underwood Ave.. Durham. N. C, '57 
McConnell, William Gamble, 

2 Hermitage Rd, Sharon, Pa., '59 

McCormack, John Newton, 

314 Pleasant St., Spindale, N. C. '58 

McCormick, James Moody, III, 

906 B Street., St. Albans, W. Va.. 
McCreery. Arley Joe. Dry Creek Rd., 

White Sulphur Springs. W. Va.. '56. 
McCutchcon. William Ray. 

119 Queen St.. Beckley. W. Va., '58 

McDcrmott, Thomas Joseph, III, 

517 N. St. George St.. Allentown, Pa., '58 122, 

McDonald, Theodore Crane, 

14 Groveland Ave., Buffalo 14, N. Y., '58 

McDorman. Clarence Leslie. 

1815 Kensington Rd., Birmingham, Ala., '58 

McElhaney. Harold Norbert. 101 Center Ave., 

Burgettstown. Pa.. '57 109, 294. 323. 324, 

McFadden, Don Calvin, Jr.. 

340 N. Maysville St.. Mt. Sterling. Ky.. '58 122, 

McFarland, Robert Bruce, 

2905 Calawba St., Aiken, S. C 
McFce, Charles Bond, III, 

4707 Calumet Rd., Richmond, 
McGaughey, Robert Trusell, 

357 Arch St„ Kittanning, Pa 
McGill, John Edward, 

10708 E. Nolcrest Dr., Silver Spring, Md., '58 



.89, 308, 





.109, 290, 

.89, 305 

134, 31 

.89, 222, 290 

McGranahan, Charles Bruce, 

9 Rue Grand Conde, Ihionville, France. '5^ . 
McGregor, Frank Hamilton, Ir., 

Millwood Rd.. Mt. Kisco, N. ^•.. '59 

Mcllhennv, John Boyd, 

751-B Aalapapa Dr.. l.anikai, Hawaii, '57 

McIIwain, Bruce Douglas. 

246 Blauvelt Ave,. Hohokus. N. J.. '58 

Mclntyre. Fred Headen. Jr.. 

909 Berkeley Ave.. Charlotte 3. N. C. '59 134 

McKay. David William. 

P. O. Box 2181. Delray Beach. Fla., '58 122 

McKee. Robert Cooper. New Wilmington, Pa., '56 
McKeithan. Jack. 

Ahhottshurg. N. C, '57 252, 292, 293 

McKinnon, John Borden, 

1506 N. Elm St., Lumberton, N, C. '56. 169. 252. 288, 289 
McLain. Lee William. Jr.. 

Rt. 4. Box 73. Sarasota. Fla.. '57 109. 195. 252. 282. 283 

McLaulin. Johnnie Claude, Jr.. 

1009 Green St.. Durham. N. C. '56 
McLean. William Russell, 

214 Scotland St.. Dunedin. Fla., "56 89. 240 

McLellan, George Edward. 

811 Green St., Durham, N, C„ '56 89, 282 

Mcl.eod, Don Evans, 

3414 Shepherd St., Chevy Chase, Md.. '57 109, 298 

McMan. William Dale. 

148 Courtland St.. Elyria. Ohio, '57 109, 246, 305 

McMath, Herbert Kent. 

405 Chenoweth Lane. Louisville 7. Ky.. '59 134 

McMillan. Samuel Duncan, Jr., 

119 Colonial Circle, Wilmington, N. C. '56.89. 169. 229 
McMillan, William Owen, Jr., 

5010 Kanawha Ave.. Charleston. W. Va., '59 134. 300 

McNally. Michael. 

Rosepoint Rt. 10. Kingsport. Tenn,, '58 301, 322 

McNeer. Charles Conrad. 

Abingdon Hwy.. Bristol. Va.. '56 89, 281 

McSherry, John M. Anthony, 

115 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn 25, N. Y., '59 134 

McTammany. John Robert. 

Box 153. Knoxville. Tenn.. '57 109. 298 

MacEwen. Richard Alan, 

4825 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda 14, Md., '59 134, 303 

Mackenzie, Charles Edward, 

960 Orange St., Lancaster. Pa.. '57 106, 244 

MacKinnon, William Howard. Box 187. B. F. Goodrich Co., 

Monrovia Libera, West Africa, '59.. 134, 292 

MacMillan, Jack Fuller, 1414 Dollar Ave,, Durham. N. C, '58 355 
MacPherson, Carl Allan. 

700 Pittsboro Rd., Chapel Hill, N, C, '58 106, 350 

MacPherson, Douglas Hunt, 28 Sunset Bay Dr., Largo, Fla., '58 
Madden, John Wallace, 

MTD, Route 17, Beaver Falls. Pa.. '57 106. 294. 323 

Mahanna. Peter Griffing. 100 Bent Lane. Newark, Del., '57 .309 

Mahdavi. Massud, Doctors Street. Meshed. Iran, '56 86 

Mahns. Henry Louis. 

631 Green Grove Rd.. Neptune. N. J.. '57 106 

Mahr. Michael Stephen. 

3409 Fallstaff Rd.. Baltimore 15. Md.. '57 
Malone. Michael Taylor, 

319 W. Queen St., Edenton, N, C. '59 134 

Malone. Robert Stephen. 

Yard Craft U.S.N.A.S., Pensacola, Fla.. '57 106 

Manifold. Edward, 280 N. Porter St.. Waynesburg. Pa„ '56. .285 
Manning, Donald Franklin, Willseyville. N. Y., '57.106. 195 
Manuel. Richard Duffev. 3759 W. St., N.W., 

Washington 7. D. C. '56 86, 194. 246. 286 

Marchese. Joseph Francis. 2527 Gray Manor Terrace. 

Baltimore. Md.. '56 86. 193. 246. 282 

Marcovecchio. Joseph. 

224 Franklin Rd., N. E. Atlanta, Ga.. '59 134 

Markoff. Alan Stuart, 221 Pomeroy, Peekskill, N. Y., '56 313 

Marks, Marvin Lee, 

3311 Labyrinth Rd., Baltimore 15, Md.. '57.. 106. 196, 202. 313 
Marquis. Dean Anthony, 

11 Park Place, Short Hills. N. J., '59 134.280 

Marsh. Robert Lockwood. Jr., 

368 Jackson St., Glencoe, 111., '58 281 

Marshall, Harris Andrew, Jr.. 

465 Townsend Court. Orangeburg. S. C. '57 106. 298 

Marshall. Robert Denkmann. Jr.. 

510 N. Linden Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif., '56 
Marston. Martin Marshall, Jr., '56 

2831 49th St., N,W., Washington, D. C, '56 86, 222 

Marth, John George, 

120 East 82 St., New York 28. N. Y.. '59 134 

Martin, Charles Richardson, 

1810 Market .St., Wilmington, N. ( ., '59 134 

Martin, Horace Haverstick, IH, 

202 S. Charlotte St., Manheim. Pa., '59 
Martin, Loren Winston, 

4504 Glasgow Rd„ Fountain City, Tenn., '59 134 

Martin, Miles Herbert, Jr., Box 178, Oak Hill, W. Va., '58 122 
Martin, Robert Drake, 

155 Brixton Rd., Garden City. N. Y.. '58 
Martin. Robert Lee, Jr., 

616 W. 10th St.. Birmingham, Ala., '56 106 

Martin, Robert Stancil, Jr., 310 S. Andrews Ave.. 

Goldsboro, N. C, '56 86, 158, 192, 214, 229, 234. 241. 305 

Martin. Samuel Kellogg. 

9 Beechmont Ave.. Bronxville. N. Y.. '58 282 

Martin, William Marion, Jr., 

4210 Oakridge Lane, Chevy Chase, Md.. '57 106. 281. 292 

Marvin, Lewis Beach. 

Sands Point L. I.. Port Washington. N. Y., '56 86, 300, 380 
Masius. Alfred Glenn, Jr., 

3109 Guilford Ave., Baltimore, Md.. '57 106, 248, 305 

Mason, Richard Finley, 

1405 Clarendon Ave., Lakeland, Fla.. '57 106. 292 

Massey. Richard Corley. 

1501 Ferncliff Rd.. Charlotte. N, C. '56 86, 302 

Massey, William Joseph, III. 

Raleigh Rd.. Smithfield. N. C. '58 122. 281 

Massie. Francis Stanford. Box 374. Waynesville, N. C. '57.106 
Matheson, Joe Kenneth. Jr., 

331 7th St.. N.E., Hickory. N. C. '57 
Matsushita. Fumiaki. 

46 Kuruma CHO Shiba. Minatoku, Tokyo. Japan. '56 86. 245 
Matthews James Erdman Bramble. 

7103 Oxford Rd.. Baltimore. Md., '58 122, 155. 286 

Matthews. Joseph Carson. III. 

4706 Western Blvd.. Raleigh, N. C, '56... 86, 168 

Matthews, Lewis Richard, Jr., 

7103 Oxford Rd.. Baltimore 4. Md., '57 109, 286 

Maunz. Don Loren. 

Interstate Parkway Ext.. Bradford. Pa.. '59 134. 300 

Maus, Lewis McKinney, 

315 W. Market St.. Reidsville. N. C, '56 
Maxson, Myron Finley, 627 Southcrest Dr., 

Pittsburgh 26, Pa„ '56... 86, 202, 229, 305, 356 

Maxwell. Sherry Strome. 

836 27th Ave.. N.. St. Petersburg, Fla., '57 109 

May, James F„ 5450-C, S.W. 76th St., Miami, Fla., '59 134 

Mayer, Ronald Bruce. 513 California Ave., 

Pittsburgh 2, Pa., '56 306, 334, 335, 338, 391 

Mayhew. Kenneth Edwin. Jr., 

212 S. Mulberry St., Cherryville, N. C„ '56.89, 229, 234 
Maynard, David Lee, 

114 N. Central Ave., Belmont, N. C, '59 134 

Maynard, Peter Harrison, 

Loomis School, Windsor, Conn., '59 134 

Mazzotti. Richard Rene, 

615 W. Main Cross., Taylorville, 111., '59 134 

Mead, Allen, 

1314 W. Foster Pkwy., Fort Wayne 6, Ind., '57 109, 282 
Meador, James Carr, Jr., 

1 Ohio Ave.. Charleston. W. Va.. '57 109. 301 

Means. Richard Emile (Spec). 

415 Magnolia .St.. W., Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Mease, Richard Helgren. 

1658 Peachtree Circle. S.. Jacksonville. Fla.. '58 
Mebane. Robert Alan. 1711 Pugh St., Fayetteville, N. C, '56.89 
Meeks, George Winston. 1017 Gloria Ave.. Durham. N. C. '57 
Meffert. William George, 2610 Country Club Pkwy.. 

Cedard Rapids. Iowa, '58 122, 238, 297, 354 

Mejo. Robert Walter, 

87 Sydney Ave., Malverne, N. Y., '56 89, 243. 302 

Meltzer. Carl Martin. 89 27 74th Ave.. Glendale 27. N. Y., '56 
Menefee, Samuel Winfrey, III, 

939 Salisbury Court, Lancaster. Pa.. '58 122. 307. 354 

Meredith. Howard Percy. Jr.. 

330 Maxwell Dr., Pittsburgh 36, Pa., '57 109. 285 

Meriney. David Knight. 

59 Nottingham Rd.. Ramsey. N. J.. '56 89. 244. 314 

Merkerbach. Donald Walter. 

333 Ridewood Ave.. Glen Ridge. N. J., '58 294 

Merritt, James Edward. 

358 8th St.. N.W.. Hickory. N. C, '59 134 

Merritt, Repton Hall, 

P.O. Box 100, Pineville, N. C, '57 109. 188. 303 

Merz. Harry William. Jr.. Rt. 1. Collegeville. Pa.. '56. 89. 306 

Metcalf. Jadie Richard. Box 403. Oneco, Fla.. '57 109 

Mcwhorne. William Burke. Jr.. 

102 Virginia St., Roxboro, N, C, '58. .122. 160, 169, 171, 281 



Good Things Co in e 

i It Seal test Packages 




Home of 



- Plymouth 

Duke University 

Barber Shop 

r 1 


Union Basement 

^ <*- 


West Campus 



We Have Specialized 



in College Headwork 


For 31 Years. 



the name that's 

OFFICAL with America 




Sets the Pare in S/xtrLs 




% ^^ 

Meyer. Gordon Barclay. 

Harbor Rd.. Sands Point. N. Y.. '58 122. 236. 301 

Meyer. Herbert Fred, 

187 S. Middletown Rd.. Pearl River. N. Y.. '.'iS 122 

Michael. Alan Sydney. 

291 Highland Ave.. Ridgewood. N. J., '58 285 

Michaud. John Camillus. Jr.. 

78 First St.. Hodge. La.. •?9 134. 280 

Milewski. Emil Frank. 

2010 Oakmont St.. Philadelphia. Pa., '57 
Miller. Bruce Wilkinson, 

153 Roxbury Rd.. Garden City. N. Y.. '57.109. 222. 306 
Miller. Carl Anthony. Jr.. 

1714 Washington Blvd.. Louisville. Ohio, "57 282 

Miller, Cledith Aten. Jr.. 

17 W. Union St.. Wilkes-Barre. Pa., '59 134 

Miller, Donald Ira. 205 Fairway Dr.. Miami Beach. Fla., '59. 134 
Miller. Fred Hayes. 

305 McGlohon St.. Ahoskie. N. C, "59 134, 288 

Miller, James Eugene, 

760 Lawrence Ave.. Westfield. N. J., '59 134. 280 

Miller, John Merrimon, 

Rt. 3, Wye Way Rd.. Knoxville. Tenn.. '59 134 

Miller. Kenneth McGlaughon. Box 605. Raeford. N. C '56. .89 
Miller. Richard Paul. 

1714 Washington Blvd.. Louisville. Ohio. '59 ...134. 283 

Miller. Robert Cosner. 928 Detroit Ave.. Denver. Colo.. '58. 122 
Miller. Thomas Ogden. 

152 N. E. 92nd St.. Miami 38. Fla.. '58 122. 217 

Miller. Thomas Raymond. 

202 Hillcrest Dr.. High Point. N. C. '56 
Miller. William Egene. IL 

4910 Loughboro Rd.. N.W.. Wash. 16. D. C. '59 134 

Millhauser. Robert Louis. 

3511 Overbrook Rd.. Baltimore 8. Md.. '59 134 

Millner. Pryor Reynolds. IV. 

303 Randolph St.. Danville. Va.. '59 134 

Mirandon. Robert Hugh. 

179 Lincoln Ave.. Ridgewood. N. J.. '56 89 

Misenheimer. Clinton Brown, 

500 N. East Ave.. Kannapolis. N. C. '58 109 

Mitchell. Arthur Rock. Jr.. 

3833 Wieuca Terrace. N. E.. Atlanta 5. Ga., '59 134 

Mitchell. John Wesley, Jr., La Grange, N. C, '56 89 

Mitchell. Peter Raymond. 

301 Birdwood Ave.. Haddonfield. N. J., '57 214 

Mitschele, George Karl Frederick, 

Rt. 1. Freehold. N. J.. '59 134. 307 

Moffett, Daniel Bruce. 

4344 Hawthorne St.. N. W.. Washington 16. D. C, '57 
Mogol. Louis Melvyn. 

80 Elwood Place. Staten Island 1. N. Y.. '59 134. 316 

Moll. Richard Wood. 5757 Crestview Dr.. 

Indianapolis. Ind.. '56 14. 89. 170, 176. 198 

Moneymaker. Thomas Andgrew. Jr.. 

2315 Fort Scott Dr.. Arlington. Va.. '58 122, 297 

Monroe, Charles Milton, III. 

277 Mamaroneck Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y., '56 306 

Montgomery. David Peden. Jr.. 

1014 Knox St., Durham, N. C. '58 192, 281 

Moody, John Arbuckle, 

2460 Dover Rd., Columbus 9. Ohio, '59 134 

Moody. Thomas Watson. 

718 W. Chapel Hill St., Durham, N. C, '58 122 

Mooney. Timothy Cooper. 

3130 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.. Washington 16. D. C '59. .134. 287 
Moore, Allen Hoyt. Jr. (Spec). 

Pine Bluff Trail. Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Moore. Alton Vaughn. 

Rt. 1. Box 357. Armour Rd.. Columbus. Ga., '58 301 

Moore, Calvin Thomas, 

Erie Road. Box 48. Derby. N. Y.. '58 122. 285 

Moore. James Edward. 

526 Wilson St.. Greenwood. S. C. '58 122. 290 

Moore. John Foster. 

1170 Via Salerno. Winter Park. Fla.. '58 122. 282 

Moore. Randall Bradley. 

209 Logan St.. Frankfort. Ky.. '58 122. 311 

Moore. Robert Lee. Rt. 1. Rutherfordton. N. C. '57 109 

Moore. Roy Edward. Jr.. Canaan. N. Y.. '57 109. 286 

Moore. Temple Craige. Jr.. 

3476 Peakwood Dr.. Roanoke. Va.. '59 134. 307 

Moore. Terrance Gee. 168 Park Drive. Salem Ohio. '56. .89. 297 
Moore. Tommy Joseph. 

1616 E. Berry Ave.. Gastonia. N. C, '57 109 

Moore. Wilburn Lee. P.O. Box 315. Merrifield. Va., '59 134 

Moorman. James Watt. 

801 N. Washington St.. Rutherfordton. N. C. '59. 134, 287 
Moreno, Alirio Jose, 

89 E. 4 44, Maracaibo. Venezuela, "57 109, 195 

Morey, Samuel Winchester, 

90 N. Hancock St.. Lexington 73, Mass., "59 134 

Morgan. Eben Cornelius, 

Rt. 2. Asheboro, N. C. '56 .334. 335. 337. 339 

Morgan. Eugene Brown. William St.. Kannapolis. N. C, '58 
Morgan. Richard Wood. 

1006 Lamond Ave.. Durham. N. C. '58 122. 160. 294. 355 
Morgan, Robert Whittelsey, 

1013 West Main St.. Durham. N. C. '56 
Morgan. Walter Clinton Baker, 

801 W. Broad St., Wilson, N. C. '59 134 

Morgan. Wilson Avery. II. Rt. 4. Hendersonville. N. C. '57 
Moriber. Lloyd Alan, 2260 80 St.. Brooklyn. N. Y., '56 
Morin, Max, Jr.. 

5813 Willowton Ave., Baltimore 14. Md., '59... 134 

Morrell, Prior Stuart, 62 Dwight St., Brookline, Mass.. '58 134 
Morris. John Edgar. Jr.. 

72 Front St.. Hertford. N. C, '58 122, 290 

Morris, William Collins, Jr.. 

1251 Mayfield Ridge Rd.. Cleveland 24, Ohio, '58 311 

Morrow, Donald Hager, 

104 S. Main St.. Mooresville. N. C. '56 89 

Mosrie. Azett, 

837 Mercer St., Princeton, W. Va.. '57 109, 309 

Mott. George Edward. III. 

900 Norfolk Ave.. Virginia Beach, Va.. '58 122 

Mottershead. Cheston Vaux. Jr., 

212 Tarawa Blvd.. Tarawa Terrace. N. C '58 
Moulton, Wilbur Wright, Jr.. 

1700 East Blount St.. Pensacola. Fla.. '56 170 

Mousmoules. George B.. 

2927 McKinley St., N.W.. Washington 15. D. C, '57 

Moy, David, 500 Ben.son St.. Camden 3, N. J.. '57 109 

Moynihan. Robert Emmett. 

232 Henry St.. Portsmouth. Va.. '56 306 

Mueser. Robert Ranson. 1208 B Street. Durham. N. C. '57 
Mulholland. Christopher Columbus. III. 

110 E. Maynard Ave.. Durham. N. C, '57 109, 310 

Mull, William Harry, 

140 Grandview Ave.. Bau.sman, Pa., '57 109, 245, 314 

Mullholand, Alfred Davis. Jr., 

1301 Winston Ave., Baltimore 12, Md., '59 134, 308 

Mullins. Jerry Kent. Madison. W. Va., '57 109, 290 

Munch, Charles Herbert, 

62 Covington St., Asheville, N. C. "57 109, 302 

Muniz. Antonio Manuel, 

3362 San Jose Blvd.. Jacksonville. Fla.. '56 89. 314 

Murphy, Robert Edward, 

4633 Ridge Rd.. W.. Spencerport. N. Y.. '56 
Murphy, Samuel George. 

3339 Clark Circle, Norfolk, Va.. '58 122, 286, 355 

Murphy, Ted Daniel. Rt. 1, Stanley. N. C, '58 122 

Murray. John Archie, Jr., 

610 S. Rome Ave.. Tampa 6. Fla.. '57 109, 309 

Murray. Reginald Alton, 

402 E. King St.. Kings Mountain. N. C. '56 89 

Murray, Robert Howard, 

159 Livingston Ave.. Babylon. N. Y.. '56. .89, 294, 323, 326 
Naegely, Robert Alexander, 

306 Congress Ave., Lansdowne. Pa., '56 
Nail. Martin Franklin. Jr.. 

203 Ray St.. Greensboro. N. C. '57 109 

Nash. James David. Jr.. 

1140 5th Ave., Huntington. W. Va., '59 134, 308 

Neal. Jerry William, 

612 Walnut Ave.. Charlotte. N. C. '58 122, 160 

Neal. Rodney Daniel, 

1419 Schiller Ave., Little Rock. Ark.. '58 122, 309 

Nealy. David Lewis, 

125 Wallace Ave.. Sarasota. Fla.. '58 122. 238, 301 

Neely. Robert Prince. 1413 Sixth St.. Durham. N. C. '56 109 

Neese. Thomas Rice, Jr., 

Rt. 10. Box 29. Greensboro. N. C. '56 89. 168 

Nelson. Coy James. Jr., 622 S. Sunset Dr.. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. '56.89. 169, 246, 252, 294, 295, 323 
Nelson. Donald Norman, 

91 Waverly Ave.. Tuckahoe 7. N. Y.. '56 202, 314 

Nesbitt, Thomas Richard. Jr.. 

135 Bennington Rd.. .Akron 13. Ohio. '58 282 

Newburg. Carl Arthur, 

3036 Lavender Ave.. Baltimore 14. Md., '58 122 

Newcome. James Henry. 

1554 Taney Place, Gary, Ind., '58 295, 337, 339 341 







Newman, Bruno Rudolph. 

210 E. 124 Street. New York .15. N 
Newman. David Charles. 

547 Alta Vista Dr.. Cape Girardeau. Mo.. ^57 
Ney. Edward Ash, 

88 Maplehurst Ave.. Harrisonburg. V 
Nicholas. James Herries. 

Armed Forces Staff Coll.. Norfolk 
Nichols. Bobby Smith. 

1706 South Elm St.. Greenville, N. C ^56 

Nichols. Creighton Rice. Bo.\ 126. Brattlehoro. Vermont. 
Nicholson. David Lloyd. 1018 E. Livingston. 

Orlando. Fla.. ^56 89. 192. 195, 23.^ 

Nickerson, Richard Paul, 

30 Glenmont Rd., Brighton, Mass.. ^59 

Nicolaysen. Kolyon Gay, 

1133 South Wolcott, Casper, Wyoming, ^57 
Nielsen, Peter Tryon, 139 Pinecrest Rd., Durham. N. C, 
Niess. Oliver Kunze. Jr., 

Hdq. FEAF APO 925 B-76. San Francisco. Cal.. ^57 
Nitsberg, Michael Barry, 

750 Grand Concourse, New York, N. Y., ^57 

Nivison, Arthur Edward, 

605 Transylvania Ave., Raleigh, N. C, '59 

Noble. Robert Earl, 

24 Maplewood Dr.. Oelwein. Iowa. '58 

Nolan. Robert Bernard. 

2324 Yellow Mountain Rd.. Roanoke, Va., '58 

Nordan, Robert Warren, 

1221 Mordecai Dr., Raleigh, N. C. '56 

Nordham, Robert, 1 Nordham St., Walwick, N. J., ^56 
Nordlie, Robert Spurlock, 

14 Martin Rd., Wellesley 82, Mass. 
Norman, William Mollis, 

2343 Westover Dr.. Winston-Salem 
Norris. Edward Janney. 

1515 Roseland Dr.. Birmingham 9 
Norris. Jessee Allen. Jr.. 

2733 Anderson Dr.. Raleigh. N. C. ^59. 
Northrop. William Harriss, 

2003 East 5th St., Greenville, N. C. '59 

Norton, Allyn Summer, Jr.. 

1405 Penn Ave.. Durham. N. C. '59 

Norton, Earl Douglas. Jr.. 

3020 Victoria Ave., Cincinnati 8, Ohio, ^59 
Norville, John Albert, 

263 Maple St., Brevard, N. C, ^58 

Noyes, Eugene William, 

415 Birch Street, Roselle Park, N. J., ^56 89 

Oakes, Claude Raymond. 

1121 Arlington Blvd.. Arlington 9. Vs 
Oastler. Bert Robert. 

150 Beverly Rd.. Atlanta. Ga.. ^56 
Oberhofer. Andrew O^Donnell. Jr., 

495 Petree Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C. ^58 
O^Callaghan. Harold Augustus. 

825 Taylors Lane. Mamaroncck. N. Y.. '56 90. 

O'Callaghan, Robert Anthony, 

825 Taylors Lane, Mamaroneck, N. Y., "57 

Ochs, Robert Francis. 3620 Douglas Rd. Toledo, Ohio, 
O'Connell. James Henry, 

695 Ramapo Rd., Teaneek, N. J., '59 

O'Dea, Bruce Blair. 

162 Lake Dr., Mountain Lakes. N. J.. '56 
O'Konski, Theodore Robert, 

227 Chestnut Ave.. Wheeling, W. Va. 
Olejar, Peter Paul Dillard, 

5315 Bosworth Ave., Baltimore, Md 
Olinger, Robert Joseph, 

440 Broadmoor Blvd.. S., Springfield, Ohio, '58 

Olive, Julian Grey, 2201 Cole Rd., Durham, N. C„ '56 
Oliver, Jose Enrique, 

School of Medicine, San Juan, Puerto Rico, ^59 

Oosting, Jan Kurt, 2642 University Dr., Diuham, N. C 
O^Quinn, William Venson. 

2714 Beck Rd., Durham. N. C. '58 
Osborne, Harry Albert, 

2014 Wood Dale Terrace, Charlotte. N. C, '59 
Otter, Richard Chapman, Green Hill Rd.. Cedars, Pa.. 
Outerson. Michael St. John. Caribbean Command, 

Quarry Heights, Panama, Canal Zone, '57 

Outten, Wilson Carl, Jr., 

Va. Court Northwood. Pulaski, Va.. "56 

Overman. Donald Etheldred, Jr., 

120 ( hurch .St., Henderson, N. C, '59 

Owen. Ashley John. 

306 Woodstock Ave., Kenilworlh, 111., '59 





90, 194, 294 









.305, 354 

Box 177, Morrisville, N. C. 
Tenn., ^59 





109, 247 

Owen. Robert Edward. 

44 Kinship Rd., Baltimore 22. Md, 
Owens. Dean Paul, 

35 Clinton Place. Staten Island 2. N. Y 
Owens. William Fred, Jr., 

1 1 West 28th St., Winston-Salem, N. C 
Paar. John Arthur. 

114 McCann Place. Pittsburgh 16, 
Pace. Emmett Herbert. Jr.. 

6 Springhaven Rd.. Wheeling, W, 
Padgett, Douglas Morgan, 

Bo.x 481, Spindale, N. C. "58 

Page. David Anderson. Rt 
Page. Richard Charles, 

415 Friar Rd., Chattanooga 
Pancake, Paul Corbly, 

1440 5th Ave.. Huntington. W. Va.. ^59 

Pape. William Rudolph, Jr., 4940 Oleander Dr.. 

Wilmington. N. C. '56 109. 194, 

Para. Richard Alan. 84 Curtis Place. Lynbrook. N. ^ 
Parish. Charles Wesley. Jr.. 

119 Park Drive. San Antonio. Texas, '59 

Parish, Philip Preston, Mathews, Va., '57 

Park, Daniel Joseph, 228 Gwyn Ave.. Elkin, N. C, 
Parker, Manton Clay, Avondale St., Waverly, Tenn., 
Parker, Theodore Melvin, 

6019 7th Place, N.W., Washington, D. C, '57 
Parker, Thomas Rutledge. 

Windy Hill Farm. Pass Christian. Miss.. '56. .90. 233. 241. 290 
Parkerson, Walter Tuck, 

2130 Norton Rd., Charlotte, N. C. '57 109. 305 

Parks. Paul Blair. 914 W. Markham Ave.. Durham. N. C, '57 

Parrish, Billy Hiran, P.O. Box 155. Robbins. N. C. '56 90 

Parsons. Larry Edward. 

1028 Knollwood Rd.. New Kensington. Pa.. '59 .137. 283 
Parsons, William Edward, Jr., 

91 Goodridge St.. Lynn, Mass.. '58 122 

Pascal. Robert Anthony, 46 Bell St., 

Bloomfield. N. J., '56 322. 323, 325, 327, 328, 332 

Pate, DeVaughn LaDieu, 

4720 Wallace Ave.. Tampa. Fla.. "57 

Palerson. Hugh Humphrey, 

25 Standish Ave., Toronto, Canada, ^59 
Patterson, James Thomas, 

1616 Aurelius St., Swissvale, Pa., "56 
Patterson. Robert Allen. 

8 Glenwood Lane. Greenville. S. C. '58 . 
Patton, Matthew Henry, Jr., 

80 Newman St., Carrollton, Ga.. '58 

Pearce, James E.. 2541 Glenwood Ave.. R 
Pearce, Robert Jackson, Jr.. 

3306 Madison Ave.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Pearl. David William, 

502 S. Aurora St., Ithaca. N. Y., '58 

Pearson, Harry Hall, Jr., 

800 Kenilworth Ave., Charlotte 3, N. C. ^59 137 

Pearson. John Hale. Jr., 9 W. Rosemont Ave.. 

Alexandria. Va., '56 90, 174. 182. 186, 297 

Peeler, Shuford Kirk, Jr., 

1400 Woodland Dr., Charlotlc. N. C, "56 

Pegg, Jabe/ Gilbert. 

403 First Street, Nashville. N. C. '56 

Pena. William Albert, 238 Miracle Mile. Coral Gabl^ 
Penny, Donald McDuffie, 

1005 Club Blvd., Durham. N. C. "59 

Penny, Wade Hampton, Jr.. 

1005 Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C. '57 160. 

Pepper. Jack F.zelle. Rt. 1, Wauchula. Fla.. '59 

Perkins. Gordon St. Clair. 

1531 College Ave.. B.uefield. W. Va., '56 

Pcrkinson, Leland Jasper, Wise, N. C. "59 

Perrine. George Alden, Jr., 

161 N.W. 87th St.. Miami. Fla.. ^57 

.109, 297 
.137, 283 

160, 206, ; 
ileigh, N. C. 







.90, 306 



N. C, 




.109, 281 

Perry, Jerry Max, Rt. 2, B; 
Perry, Norman Hagelberg. 

2302 Cranford Rd.. Durham. N. C 
Perry. Richard Bacon. 

12 Whitin Ave.. Whitinsville, Mass 
Peter, Robert Hatton, 

134 Roxen Rd., Rockvillc ( enlre. 
Peters, William Ihomas, 

822 Quaker Lane, High Point. N. 
Peterson, David Matthew. 

Apt. 5-A. 801 Underw 
Peterson, Karl Bock, 

109 Beverly Rd., Rockvillc. Md.. ^59 137. 283 

Peterson. Norman Doan, 

.320 N. East First St., Hallan_ale, Fla., '58 122, 238, 311 

'59 , 

Durham, N. C, 





^E^^^^^Ki ^^^^^^^^1 





^^^^^^^^r ^^H^^^l 





^^^■ffll i^^^u^^BI 



iH^^i^^^F ■^Hr^r^ V^^H 





'^ '^f^rM^tffi* ^ 








.^XlBtfrf'^S^'v'fll^k' ' '-- 






















K^^^F ^^^7)Yi] 



W^m fTf* l-^* '' 'a iil^ ^ 



AKK (;HATEFUL to the c.iKe 



■li have shown interest in Di 


I ni 

xcrsity |jy their generons advertis 


in t 

XV CHANTICLEER. This has .• 



itcd to the success of this |)iil)li(at 



we ho|)e that you will show y( 



reciation by patronizing them. 



Specialized Laundry Service 


Be assured of good work and fast service 
hy sending your laundry to us. Student 
ie|)resentatives will handle your work 
and make e\ery efTorl to i)Ieasp you. 


E. P. HAYES 77, Manager 

Peterson, Thomas Chalmers. 

Knoll Wood Dr.. Rt. 1. Sturgis. Mich.. '57 109 

Pettit. John Whitney, 

St. Elizabeth Hospital, Washington 20, D. C. "57 17. 282 

Pettitt. Robert Dunlop, Jr., 2420 Sedgwick Ave.. 

New ^ork 68. N. Y., '57 202, 206. 222. 281 

Peyton. John David. 

Rt. 1. Sewanee. Tenn.. '57 109, 247, 248, 351 

Pfeiffer. Carl John. 2024 Prairie Ave., Quincy, 111., '59 137 

Phil. Leonard Frederick. Bo.x 326, Stanley, N. C, '59 137 

Phillips. Henry Franklin. Seven Springs, N. C. '57 
Phillips. Joe Morrison, Jr., 

1036 Andalusia Ave., Coral Gables. Fla., '59 137 

Phillips. John Pugh, 554 Grant St., Hazleton, Pa., '58 294 

Phillips, l.eroy Fowler, 810 Central Ave.. Laurel, Del., '56 90 

Phillips, Richard Craft. 215 Circle Dr.. Mt. Airy, N. C, '58 
Phillips. Robert Wade. Jr.. 

308 Warren St., Greensboro. N. C, '58 122. 289 

Phillips, Russell Ale.xander, Jr.. 

Rt. 2. Charlotte, N. C. '59 .137, 184 

Phoenix, John William, Big Pines Rd., Westport, Conn., '59.137 
Pickens, James Elliott, 

137 Granada St.. Fort Myers, Fla., '58 122. 298, 355 

Pickett, James Daniel, Quarters 3, Fort Belvoir, Va., '58 122 

Pickett, Thomas Ernest, 

11 Terracedale Court, Griffin. Ga., '59 137, 315 

Pickett, Victor Aaron. 1319 Holman St., Kinston, N. C, '57 
Pierry, Michael Joseph, Jr., 

285 James St.. Teaneck. N. J., :57 .....189 

Pigott, George Francis. 167-A Coles St., Jersey City. N. J.. '56 
Pingree. Charles Hazen. 

270 Voltaire PI., Grosse Pointe 36. Mich.. '56 
Pinnell. Sheldon Richard, 

208 W. Dayton Dr.. Fairborn. Ohio. '59 137, 287 

Piper, Harry Mahoney, Jr.. 

804 Holston Ave., Bristol. Tenn.. '56 90. 281 

Pittman, Kenneth Arthur, 

6220 Mossway, Bahimore 12. Md., '59 137, 287 

Player. Richard Lewis, Jr., 411 Lakeshore Dr., 

Fayetteville, N. C. '56..90. 192, 194, 229, 233, 241. 246. 301 

Pless, John Glenn. Galax, Va., '59 137 

Polack, Ernest Henry. III. 

Washington Farms, Wheeling. W. Va., '59 137, 304 

Pool. Roy Ransom. Jr.. 

1314 Mordecai Dr., Raleigh. N. C, '57 109, 281 

Poole. Edwin Seybourne, Jr., 

2-B Coleman Apts.. Asheville, N. C. '56 90, 298 

Poole, James Wayland. Rt. 2. Raleigh, N. C, '59 137 

Poole, Thomas Howard, 900 Horton Rd., Durham, N. C. '59. 137 

Pope, Henry Davis, P.O. Box 344, Enfield, N. C, '57 109 

Pope. Richard Jerome, 

300 S. Orange Ave., Dunn, N. C, '58 122, 286 

Porges, George Wolfgang, 

69 37 Ingram St., Forest Hills. N. Y., '57 313 

Porter, John Steele, Jr., 

4217 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla., '56 90, 240 

Post, Edwaru Lawrence, 

Main Street, Flanders, N. J., '57 323, 328 

Posthumus, Robert Kenneth, 

12512 Atlantic Ave., Beach Haven Ter.. N. J., '59 137 

Potter, William Stanley, Jr., 905 6th St.. Durham. N. C, "56 
Pratt, Charles Orlanuo, 111, 

2534 N. Vermont, Arlington. Va.. '58 293 

Pratt, James Dallas. 

7563 Alaska Ave.. N.W.. Washington 12, D. C, '59 137 

Preissle, Frank Paul, 

M R 20 Cole Rd., Fremont. Ohio. '58 122. 186 

Preston, Edwin Thornton, 

1526 Linviuc St.. Kingsport. Tenn.. '57 109. LS5. 162 

Prevost, Stephen McCully, 

1905 Princess St., Wilmington, N. C, '59 137, 216 

Prewitt, Richard Alden, 

Central Dr., Briarclitf Manor, N. Y., '57 109 

Price, Grady Edwin (Spec), 

2106 Sarah Marks Ave., Charlotte. N. C. 
Price. John Copeland, 

19 Birmingham Dr., Rochester. N. Y., '56.90, 219. 246. 282 
Prichard. John Arthur, 

19 Alpern Ave., Elberon, N. J.. '59 137 

Priz/i. Anthony Richard, 

9403 First View St., Norfolk, Va., '58 125. 301 

Probert, James Lewis, Kingsville, Md., '59 \M 

Proctor, James Faust, 2406 Wake Forest Hwy., 

Durham, N. C, '56 90, 195, 240. 241 

Pruncr, John Shults, 

41 Seward, Dansville, N. Y.. '59 137, 168. 212. 315 

Pugh, George Win.ston, 

Apt. C-12, Pres. Gdns., Alexandria. Va., "59 137, 212 

Pugh. Marcus William. Jr.. 

1119-A Maine Ave.. S.W.. Washington 24. D. C. '59 137 

Purdy. James Lewis. 

321 E. Morgan St.. Raleigh. N. C. '59 137, 315 

Quattlebaum. David A., Jr., 

69 South Main St.. Bishopville. S. C. '58. .71, 125, 252, 302 

Qubein. Fuad Raji. Beit Jala, Jordan, '57 109 

Raasch. Henry David, 294 7th Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y., '58 306 

Rabil, Albert, Jr.. 

1520 West Haven Blvd., Rocky Mount. N. C. '56 90 

Radeker. Walter Scott. Ill, 

5875 Rhode Island Ave.. Cincinnati 37. Ohio. '59 137. 300 
Ramsey. Clyde Harmon. Jr.. 811 Pierce St.. Lynchburg. Va.. '56 
Randall. Robert Jerry (Spec), 

1025 Monmouth Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Ransom, James Russell, 

11 Windsor Rd., Summit, N. J., '56 90, 188 

Rao. Carl David, 

117 W 13th St., New York 11. N. Y., '59 137, 222 

Rast. James Brailsford, Eutawville. S. C. '58 125 

Ratchford. Dan Jenkins, 

812 Gravely Ave., Gastonia. N. C. '56 90, 244 

Ratcliffe, George Jackson, Jr., 

504 Highland Ave.. S. Charleston. W. Va.. '58.. 125. 212, 247 
Rathmel, Jack Edward. 

1500 N. View Dr.. Miami Beach. Fla., '59 137, 280 

Ratliff. Norman Burbridge. Jr.. 

227 West Hickman St.. Winchester, Ky., '59 137 

Rau, Ronald Charles. 3366 Nottingham Rd., 

Winston-Salem, N. C, '57 109, 170, 252. 284, 285 

Ranch. Gary Charles 

3406 Central Ave.. Parkersburg, W. Va.. '57 109, 286 

Ray, Herbert Barth. 56 Bennett. Binghamton. N. Y.. '56 285 

Ray. Ritz Clyde. Jr., West Jefferson, N. C. '57 110. 301 

Read. William Marsden, III (Spec) 
Reade. Rhodney Bailey. Jr., 

907 Englewood Ave.. Durham. N. C. '59 137 

Reading. James Lilburn, II, 

334 W. Vanderbilt Dr., Oak Ridge. Tenn., '59 137 

Reaney. Leland Ernest. Jr., 

107 E. George Mason Rd.. Falls Church. Va., '58 110 

Recinella. William Edward. 

439 Union Ave.. Steubenville. Ohio. "58 125. 294. 323 

Redding. James Oscar, 

341 E. Salisbury St., Asheboro, N. C, '59 137 

Redding, Marshall Simms, 

Rt. 1. Box 386. Gibsonville. N. C. '58 110 

Redmond, James Webb. Jr.. 

Crescent Ave.. Greenville, N. C. '58 125, 193, 247. 308 

Reece. Richard Lee, 

154 Kentucky. Oak Ridge. Tenn.. '56 90, 302 

Reed, George Lindmiller, 

2011 WaWa Ave.. Durham. N. C. '59 137 

Reed. Gordon Anthony (Spec). 

314 Clark St.. Durham N. C. 
Reed, Thomas Howland. 24 Briarcliff Rd.. Tenafly. N. J., '58.. 125 
Reese, Sidney Warren, Jr.. 

37 W. Montcrest. Birmingham, Ala., '58 125. 294 

Regenold, Frederick Arlington. Jr.. 

Duke Station, Durham. N. C. '57 22. 110. 196 

Register. Leon Harrison, Jr., 

202 Carver Street. Durham. N. C, '58 110 

Rciber. FInier William. II. 

316 Glen Moore Blvd.. New Castle. Pa., '59 137 

Rcichard. William Augusto. 

Bo\ 546. Aguadilla. Puerto Rico. '59 137 

Reid. Robert James. 69600 N. Main. Richmond, Mich.. '58 125 

Rhett. Thomas Hughes. 

18 Montague St.. Charleston. S. C '59 137 

Rice. Frederick Leon. 

108 King St., St. Augu.stine. Fla.. '58 125 

Rich. James Gordon, 

2919 Bonds Ave.. South Bend. Indiana, '56 90, 160 

Richards, Robert Fox, 

Rt. 1. Hllwood City. Pa.. '57 110, 281 

Richardson. Charles Clifton, 

1415 Cambridge Lane. Columbia. S. C. '57 110 

Richardson, James Whyteman, 

3 Maryland Apts., Greenville. S. C "58 125. 285 

Richardson. William Ellingwood, 

246 l-den Rd.. Palm Beach. Fla.. '57 110, 305, 356 

Ricks, Charles Vernon, 1104 Wall St.. Durham, N. C, '59.. 137 
Riddick, Joseph Henry, Jr.. 

3413 Daniel Ave. Lynchburg. Va.. '59 137 

Rider. Robert Edward, 

2006 Walker Ave., Greensboro. N. C, '57 110, 286 

Ridley, John Acaster, 

2 Oakland Place. Summit, N. J., '57 110, 222, 281, 350 





Riester, William Robert, Jr.. 

600 Russell Rd.. Mansfield. Ohio. '59 

Kilter. John Irwin. 

21853 Cromwell Ave.. Fairview Park. Ohio, '5f, 
Riggins, Richard Stafford. 

2417 N. Federal, Lake Worth. Florida. '.'57 
Riggsbee. Commie Winton, Jr.. 

304 .Alexander Ave.. Durham, N. C. ".'56 

Rimbach, Peter King. 

4073 39th Ave., Oakland. Calif.. '56 90. 198. 

Rinaldi. Roger Emerson. 23 75th St.. North Bergen, N. J.. "57 
Rineberg. Bernard Allen, 137 Livingston Ave.. 

New Brunswick. N. J., '56 90. 229. 231. 234. 252. 

Rippel. Robert Ross, Jr.. 

6219 Lincoln Ave.. Baltimore 9. Md.. '59.. 
Riquezes, Hector Jose. 

Apartado 707. Caracas. Venezuela. "56 

Risher, Paul David. 

615 S. High St., Huntington, W. Va., •57.110, 195. 233. 
Risley. Richard. 

3712 W. Lincolnshire Rd.. Toledo. Ohio. '58 125. 

Ritchie. Marvin Banks, Jr., 

1209 Madison Ave., Greensboro. N. C '59 

Ritter. William Orlando, Jr., 

624 E. Sandusky Ave., Bellefontaine. Ohio. '57 

Robbins. Alan Clair. 2614 Augusta Dr.. Durham, N. C, '58 
Robbins. Chandler. IIL Rt. 4. Box 915. Sarasota, Fla.. '59... 
Roberson. Earl Lynn. Bo.x 104. Conetoe. N. C, "57.. 110. 
Roberson. Edward Lee. 

P.O. Box 104. Conetoe. N. C, '57 110, 

Roberts. David Burton. 

12 Bacon Court. Bronxville 8, N. Y., '59 

Roberts, John David, 

181 Willow Breeze. Buffalo. N. Y., '58 

Roberts. Michael James, 

1017 E. Church St.. Salisbury. Md.. '58 125, 252. 

Robertson. Battle Moore. Lombard St.. Clayton. N. C. '58 
Robertson. Jerry Ray. 

604 Cameron St., Burlington, N. C. "59.. 125. 137. 280. 
Robertson. Marion DeBerniere, Jr.. 

1008 Monmouth Ave., Durham. N. C. '59 

Robertson. Olin Johnson. 

427 Poindexter Dr.. Charlotte, N. C. "56 

Robertson. Thomas Lew. 

1413 Sunnyhill Lane, Havertown. Pa.. '58 125. 216, 

Robertson, Virginius O., HI, 

3707 Manton Dr.. Lynchburg. Va., '58 
Robins. Herbert Thomas, 

317 East nth St.. Rome. Ga.. "58 125. 181. 

Robinson. Wayne Bradley. 

21 Penston Rd., Binghamton, N. Y.. '58 

Robison. Michael Lee. 519 East 6th St.. Anniston, Ala., '59. 
Rodensky, Arthur, 

727 Fern St., Yeadon, Pa.. '56.93. 206, 207, 248, 317, 
Rodgers. Eduard Clarence. 

Apt. 634. 1311 N. Ode St.. Arlington 9, Va., '57.. 110, 
Rodwell. Roy Oscar. Jr.. 

133 Cooper Ave.. Henderson. N. C. '58 125, 

Roc. Charles Ruzicka. 

1500 Malvern Ave., Ruxton 4, Md., '59 137, 

Rogers, David Taylor, 

148 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C, '56 93, 

Rogers. Russell Junius. Jr.. 

3121 E. Ford Rd.. Charlotte. N. C, '57 

Rohlf, Henry Charles, 

1968 S. Signal Hill Dr.. Kirkwood, Mo.. '57 110. 160, 

Rohn. William James Anthony, 

609 Penndale Ave., Reading, Pa., '59 
Rohrbach. Irwin Orlando, Jr., 

112 Melrose Ave.. AmityviUe, L. I.. N. Y., '57 110, 210, 

Rokus, William Stanley, Rt. 2, Montoursville, Pa., '56 

Rollinson, Mark, 

3423 Clayton Ext.. Chattanooga, Tenn., '58 125, 

Romhilt. Donald Wade, 

3740 West St., Cincinnati 27, Ohio, '58 

Roney. Robert Kelly. III. 

124 N. Ury St.. Union City. Tenn., '57 137, 

Ronkanen, George Aarne, 

37 W. Notre Dame St.. Glens Falls. N. Y., '57 

Rose, Allen Jay, 

N. Main St.. Mt. Gilead, N. C. '57 .....110. 

Rose, Martin Morton, 9369 W. Olympic Blvd., 

Beverly Hills, Calif., "56 93, 248, 317, 

Rosenblatt, Leonard, 

3029 Brighton I2th St.. Brooklyn. N. Y.. '59 137. 

Rosenfeld. Arthur Henry. 98 25 65 Rd., New York, N. Y.. '57. 
Rosenthal. Richard Watkins, 

310 E. Markham Ave., Durham, N. C, '57 




125. 238, 247 

222, 297 


.93, 302, 354 

110, 310 

110, 190, 317 


323, 333 

286, 353 

Rospond, Felix John, 

108 Pine Grove Terrace. Newark, N. J.. '58 
Rossell, Spencer George, Jr.. '56 
Rosser, Gordon Hearst, Jr.. 

1104 N. Gregson St.. Durham, N. C, '57. 
Rossin. Philip .Stearns, 

1201 Van Buskirk Rd.. Anderson, Ind.. '56.. 
Rossmann. Herbert Alexander. 

1629 Ralworth Rd.. Baltimore, Md.. '59 

Roth, James Homer. 

314 W. Hanover St.. Hanover, Pa., 
Rothermel, Robert David, 

143 W. Windsor St., Reading, Pa., '57. 
Rothfeder, Howard Leonard, 

69 Wyoming Ave.. South Orange. N. J.. 
Rotner. Arnold Herbert, 

16 John St.. Spring Valley. N. Y.. 
Rountree. Wallace Daniel. 

29 Oakwood Dr.. Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Rouse. Dorland Frcilag. 

1522 Walnut St.. Williamsport. Pa.. 
Rouse. Henry McCormick, 

30 Hartford Terrace. New Hartford, N. Y., '59 137 

Rouse, William Francis, 1212 Beech St., Goldsboro, N. C, '56. 93 

Royal, Ronald David, Box 168. Aiken, S. C, '58 125, 307 

Royall. Theodore Stuart. Jr.. 

221 Beaman St.. Clinton. N. C. '59 137 

Rubel. Mark I.. 101 Pine St.. Woodmere. N. Y., '57 110, 317 

Rudd, Robert Newman, Rt. 5, Greensboro, N. C, '58. 125, 291 
Rude, Edward Theodore. 

302 Carlton Terrace. Teaneck, N. J., '58 
Rudisill, John Calvin, Jr.. 800 Broadway, Hanover. Pa.. '56. 93 

Rudisill, Stephen Gary. 800 Broadway, Hanover, Pa., '59 137 

Rudy. Oliver Duane, 1024 W. Washington St., 

Petersburg, Va.. "58 125, 298. 

Ruefer. Warren Andrew, 

889 Virgil Ave.. Ridgefield, N. J., '57 
Ruffini, Robert Joe, 

19015 Van Ahen, Shaker Heights. Ohio, "56 93. 
Rundgren. Charles Edward, 

2725 Brown Ave., Durham, N. C. '59 
Ruppert. Noel Laurenston. Rt. 5, Box 2576. Sarasota. Fla.. '59 137 
Rusch. Kurt Berner. 

16033 Brewster Rd.. Cleveland 12. Ohio. '59 137 

Ruscyk. Joseph Alan. 120 Smith St., New Britain, Conn., '56 
Rushton. Edward Watson. 

1819 Warrington Rd.. S., Roanoke, Va., '58 289. 323 

Russ, William Marcellus, 

2327 Lake Drive. Raleigh. N. C. "58 93, 290, 291 

Russell, John Carl. 

1304 Western Ave.. Rocky Mount. N. C, "56.93, 248, 289 
Russell. Parvin Masters, Jr.. 

91 Tuscan Rd.. Maplewood. N. J.. "57 110, 240 

Russell, Thomas Ewing, 

201 Ale.xander Ave.. Montclair. N. J., '58 125, 297 

Rust, Henry, Rt. 5, Thomasville, Ga.. "59 137 

Rusta. Douglas Wayne, 

1152 Third Ave.. New York. N. Y., "58 125 

Rutishauser. Richard George. 

23 Ridge Rd.. Canajoharie, N. Y.. '59 137 

Saari, John William. Jr.. 

1928 Winona Ave., Montgomery, Ala., '59 137 

Sachsenmaier, David Francis. 

701 Colville Rd.. Charlotte. N. C, '56 
Sadler, Clint Densmore, 

Box 506, Ellsworth, Maine, '58 306, 350 

Sadler. John Holland. Donalds, S. C, '56 93, 206, 298 

Sadler, Lewis Edward, Box 506, Ellsworth, Maine, '59 137 

Safrit, Henry Faison, 

Front St. Extension, Beaufort, N. C, '59 137, 280 

Salomon. Roy B.. 36 East 36 St., New York, N. Y., '59 137 

Saltz, James Edwin, Jr.. 1001 28th Ave., 

N., St. Petersburg. Fla., '56 110. 170. 294 

Samoje. Freddy Luis. San Martin 430. 

Miraflores, Lima. Peru, S. A., '57 110. 160. 202 

Sample. James Preston. Ill, 

Rt. 2. Carmel Rd.. Charlotte. N. C, "57 110 

Sampley John Paul. P.O. Box 482, Jensen Beach, Fla., ■56..93 
Samuel, Joel Mattson, 

200 S. E. 21st St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., '59 137 

Sand, Robert Edward, 

Star Route, Glens Falls. N. Y.. '59 137, 292 

Sanders. Charles Richard, Jr., 

103 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C, '57 222 

Sanders. Donald Clayton. 

4724 10th .St.. Washington 17. D. C. '56 93, 297 

Sanderson, John Robert, 

354 Chilean Ave., Palm Beach, Fla., '59 137 


y3, 305, 


C. '59 


1. Pa.. -58 




Sandulli. Joel Charles, 

28 Novia Scotia Hill Rd., Watertown, Conn., 
Sauer, Robert Craig, 225 Crosby .'\ve., Kenmore, 
Saunders, Richard Bennett. 

216 Goodale Rd., Baltimore, Md.. '56 
Savage, Linwood Crandol, 

10 Cottage Lane, Lee Hall. Va.. '56 
Savage. Robert Bruce. Jr., 

1620 LaFayette Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Sayre, Robert Baker, Jr., 

7 Beechwood Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y.. '59 

Scaife, William Oliver, Jr.. 

1418 Donald St.. Jacksonville. Fla., '58 125, 212. 

Scattergood, Eugene Robert, III, RFD, Marlton, N. J.. '59 
Schaefter. Stephen Jay. 

450 Seventh Ave., New York I, N. Y., '59 L37, 

Schafer, Conrad Balthasar, 

624 Miami Manor, Maumee, Ohio, '59 
Scharps, Andrew, Jr., 

322 Heathcote Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y., '57 11(1, 210, 

Schaub, Carl Douglas, 89 Powell Rd., Springfield, Pa., '59 

Scheid, Harold Donald, 14 Grandview Ave., 

Lancaster, Pa., '56.. 93, 182, 191, 192, 

Schieke, Herman Edward, Jr., 

Rt. 2. Bo.x 137, Edgewater, Md., ^59 

Schilling, Lawrence Joseph. Jr., 

47 Katherine St.. Fair Haven, N. J.. '58 

Schlee. Frederick Andrew. 

911 Arnette Ave.. Durham. N. 
Schlimm, George Ferdinand. 

906 6th St., Durham, N. C. 
.Schmidt, Francis Paul. 

738 Menoher Blvd.. Johnstown 
.Schmidt. Peter Robert. 

177 Farley Ave.. Fanwood. N 
Schock, Carl Frederick. Jr., 

71 Interlaken Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y., "59 

Schoeb, John William. 

1908 Powhatan Ave.. Petersburg. Va.. '58 

Schoenhardt, Ronald Baker. 

215 W. 92 St., New York, 25, N. Y., ^56 

Schroeder, Richard, 

3341 Polo Place, Bo.x 65, New York, N. Y., '56 

Schroeder. Robert Haug, 

19 Fracer Place, Hastings-On-Hudson, N. Y.. '56.93. 
Schuler. Hubert Charles. 1840 Oak Lane. Orlando. Fla.. '59 
Schull, Edwin Gunner, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone, '59. 137, 
Schulman. Abbott Jay, 555 N.W. 115 St.. Miami, Fla., '58. 
Schwarz, George Carl, 

848 Mountain Ave., Springfield, N. 
Schwarz, George Carl, 

I Cove Lane, Kings Point, N. Y., 
Schwarz, Louis, Anthony, IIL 

139 E. Church St.. Bergenfield. N. J 
Schweitzer, Peter J., 

1220 Cedar Ave., Hewlett, L. L, N 
Scott, Donald Fiske, 5501 Huntley Square, 

Bahimore 10, Md., '56 93, 1 

Scudieri, Philip Frank, 

1231 South 58th Ct., Cicero, 111., '58 1 

Sears, William Joseph, Jr., 

711 Florida Title BIdg., Jacksonville. Fla., '59 
Sebastian, Richard Alexander, Jr., 

4000 Cathedral Ave.. N.W.. Washington 16. D. C. 
Sedlack. Donald Charles. 904 Old Oak Rd.. 

Baltimore 12, Md., '57 110, 248, 297, 

Seidel, Richard Paul, 427 S. Taylor Ave., Oak Park, 111., '57 
Seifred. Ronald Henry, 300 Maynard Ave., Durham. N. C. "57 
.Selby. James Edward. 

1034 W. Haven Blvd., Rocky Mount, N. C, '58 

Sellers, John Peterson, 

15 Glengrove Ave., W., Toronto 12, Canada. '56.. 

Seltzer. John Ross. Rt. 7, New Castle. Pa., '57.. 

Sentlowitz. Michael I., 

219 Bronx River Rd.. Yonkers. N. Y.. '57 

Severson. Peter Putnam. 

1412 Hamihon Ave., Palo Alto, Calif., '57.110. 
Seward. Charles Hendricks, RFD Surry, Va., '58 
Seward, John Hooton, 

21 Circle Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y.. '56 

Sewell, Stephen Howell, 

1618 N. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla.. '58 
Sgrosso, Vincent Louis. 

19 Timberline Rd., Hohokus, N. J., '56 

Shaffer, Stephen Roger, Box 343, Tryon, N. C, '59.. 
Shanahan, Carroll Raymond, 

158 Ferncroft Rd., Mineola, N. Y., '58 

.Seattle, Washington, '59 

10, 160, 

'56.93, 110, 188, 


"56. .93, 







•59 137. 300 

Shaner, Robert Luther. 

OMS Box 136, APO 73 
Shank, George Edward, 

6710 44th Ave., Hyattsville, Md., 
Shankle, Floyd Clayton (Spec), 

2619 Charlotte St.. Durham, N. C 
Shankle, Joel Warren, 

1414 Broad St., Durham, N, C, 
Shanklin, Richard Vair, III, 

901 W. Jefferson, Tallahassee, Fla 
Shannon, Donald Sutherlin, 

c o American Tobacco Co., B-222, Izmir, Turkey, "57 

Shannon, Thomas Hubert, '58 125, 289 

Sharpe, William Gray, Box 97, him City, N. C, '57.110, 196 
Shaver. Ralph Nevin, II, 

626 Wallcrson Rd.. Baltimore 28, Md., '58 110 

Shaver, Robert Vickers, Rt. 2, Albemarle, N. C, '57 110 

Shaw, Alexander Von Skrobotok C. 

1748 Murray St., Durham, N. C, '57 
Shaw, Philip Eugene, 

1301 Melrose Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla., '57 

Shay, Richard Charles, 

173 Wolcott Dr., Youngstown, Ohio, '56 

Sheehan, John Charles, Jr., 723 Suter St., Johnstown, Pa., "58 
Sheheen, Fred Roukos, 

169 Chestnut St., Camden, S. C, '58 125, 

Shelby, Clayton Ernie, Jr., 

126 Belle St., Henderson, N. C, '59 137, 

Sheppard. Frederick Gayle, 

726 Sheridan St., N.W., Washington II. D. C. '57 110. 
Sherman. Russell Edsel. 

406 Inman Terrace. Willow Grove. Pa 
Shinn. Gerald Harris, 518 Rockford St., Mt. 
Shinn, James Franklin, 

75 Brumley St., Concord, N. C, '58 

Shippee, Hamilton, 70 Bingham Ave., Rumson, N. J 
Shirkey, John Adams, 

1330 Holley St., Washington. D. C. '58. 181. 236 

Shoemaker. William Howe, Box 998, San Benito, Texas, '58 
Shore, Clement Wayne. 

1216 N. Main St.. High Point. N. C. '58 
Short. Thomas Donald, 

527 E. Livingston St., Celina, Ohio, '58 125, 282 

Shrawder, Joseph Edward, 

1170 Copley Rd., Akron 20. Ohio. '58 
Shue. Ray Gene. 

353 N. Main St., Greensburg. P: 
Shugar. Gerald Rivers. 

310 E. Baker St.. Tarboro. N. C 
Siderowf. Richard L.. 

New Britain. Conn., 
Granby St., Norfolk 

Airy, N. C, 









10, 290 

18, Ohio, 

. '58 

54 Eddy Glover Blvd 
Siegel, Harold Jay. 862 
Siegel. Sidney. 

Apt. G-15. 1203 E. Broadway. Hewlett. N. Y.. '58 313 

Sigmon, Robert Lee. 

3117 Tuckaseegee Rd., Charlotte, N. C, '57 110 

Silas, Charles Patrick, 

Box 8052. N. Durham Station. Durham. N. C. '56 
Siler. Robert Frederick. 

Box 93. Franklin. N. C. '59 137, 299 

Silverman, Ronald Jay. 

3048 Lincoln Blvd., Cleveland Hts. 
Sime, David William, 

100 Whitehall St., Fair Lawn, N. J 
Simmons, Lee Howard, 

86 Suffolk Lane, Garden City. N. Y.. '57 
Simmons. William Powell (Spec), 

P.O. Box 1, Pilot Mt.. N. C 290 

Simms. Edward Joseph. Box 572. Monroe. N. Y., "58 
Simpson, John Noel, 

1406 Dollar Ave.. Durham. N. C, "57 284 

Simpson, William Robinson, 

210 Orange St.. Rock Hill. S. C. '58 125. 290 

Sims. David Melton. 

Box 507. Douglas. Ga.. "59 137. 181. 280 

Sims. Donald Charles. 

1112 Kipling Rd.. Elizabeth. N. J.. - 
Singleton. William Lee. 571 Mineola Ave.. Akron. Ohio, '56 94 
Sink, Joseph Stanford, 

120 W. 1st Ave, Lexington, N. C. "59 137 

Sink. Robert Clyde, 

2715 Anderson Dr.. Raleigh, N. C, '59 137, 280 

Sinkway, Jon Garret, 

60 Ravine Ave., Wyckoff, N. J.. '59 137. 292 

Skeel, Jay Earl, 

957 Mason Ave., Joliet, III., '59 137, 303 

Skipper. Nathan Richard. 

Box 359. Rt. 1, Wilmington, N. C, "56 94. 188. 219 

Skodzinski. Julian Francis, 

2542 E. Clearfield St.. Philadelphia 34. Pa.. '56 
Slade, Arthur Laird, 

Bo.\ 896, Aiken, S. C. -59 137, 287 

Slater, Joseph Herbert, 

416 Hammond St., Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Slye. John Shaffner, 

1445 Edgewood Circle, Jacksonville, Hla.. "59 137 

Slye, William Ronald, 

1445 Edgewood Circle, Jacksonville, Fla., •56.94, 169, 212 
Smallwood, Horace Rector, 

1420 42nd St., S.E., Washington 20, D. C, "58 
Smathers, Robert Henry, Rt. 1, Matthews, N. C, '58 .125, 306 
Smiley, Karl, 

5985 S.W. Montgomery Dr.. Miami 43, Fla., '59 137 

Smith. Bernard Roddy. Jr.. 

102 Cotswold Rd., Baltimore 10, Md., '59 137 

Smith, Charles Gilbert, 

500 Wayne Dr., Raleigh, N. C 289, 302 

Smith. Donald Dewey, 115 Kenni-son Dr., Orlando, Fla., '56.94 
Smith, Edward Hardin, Jr., 

Kings Mountain St„ Clover, S. C, '56 94, 244 

Smith, Elbert Wilson, Jr., 

405 E. Burgess St., Elizabeth City, N. C, '56 94 

Smith. Ellwood Kelly, Archdale, N. C, '57 110 

Smith. Gary Lee, Jacobus, Pa., '58 125 

Smith, James Charles, 

223 N. 27th St., Wilmington, N. C, '56 
Smith, John Moffett, 

1352 College Ave., Bluefield, W. Va., '59 137, 295 

Smith, Lynn Alynn, 

31-C Brookwood Garden Apts., Burlington, N. C, '59 137 
Smith, Powell Sterling, 

24 Ontario St., Edinboro, Pa., '59 137, 295 

Smith, Ray Stallings, Jr., Box 22, Pikeville, N. C, '59 137 

Smith, Reginald Lowell, Jr., 

610 E. Main St., Washington. N. C, '58 125 

Smith, Robert Eugene, 

658 Bradford Dr., Charlotte 8, N. C, '57 HO 

Smith, Robert Hull, 

4700 Mystic Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga., '57 110 

Smith, Sidney Hamilton, 

Canandaigua Ave., Canandaigua, N. Y., '58 125 

Smith. Skottowe Wannamaker, Clover, S. C, '57 281 

.Smith, Warren Quinn, 71 Green St., Oakland, Md., '59 137 

Smith, William Andrew, 

5105 Orduna Dr., Coral Gables, Fla., 57 HO 

Smith. William Calvin, 

1480 Cave Rd., N.W.. Atlanta, Ga., 58 125, 294 

Smith. William James. Bethel, N. C, '57 HO, 298 

Smith. William Joseph H., 

3651 Suitland Rd., S.E., Washington 20, D. C. '58 125 

Smith, William Paul, 536 Park Ave., Birmingham, Ala., '58. .125 
Smith! William Richard, _ ^^, 

35 Great Oak Dr., Toronto 18, Canada, '57 110, 304 

Snow, Peter Denman, 2900 Saint Andrew Lane, 

Charlotte. N. C, '59 137, 221, 315 

Snowberger, Don Edward, 

1721 First St., New Brighton, Pa., '56 94, 248 

Snyder. James Millett, 

^306 Raleigh Lane, Louisville 6, Ky., '57 HO, 196, 294 

Sohoeinski. Robert Walter, 48 Hill St., Swoyerville, Pa.. '59.. 1 37 
Sorrell, Darrell Francis, 234 Shirley Ave., 

High Point, N. C, '56 94, 289, 322, 323, 332 

Sold, Phillip Kirban, 

Apt. B-3, 36 Hamilton Place, Garden City. N. Y.. '57 110 
Soule, Bruce Williamson, 

1430 Asbury, Evanston, 111., '59 137, 295, 35.- 

Sowder, Gene Judson, Elberon, Surry County, Va., '59 138 

.Sowcll, Ellis Mast, Jr., 

3224 Odessa Ave.. Fort Worth, lexas, '57 306 

Spanagel, John David, 

110 W. Summit St., Chagrin Falls. Ohio, '57 1 10. 193, 293 
Spangler, Albert Donald, 

311 E. Gale St., Philadelphia, Pa., '56 
Spann, William Charles, 

101 West 22 N St., Ada, Oklahoma, '56 297 

Sparrow, Robert Wayne, 

434 Cochran Rd., Pittsburgh 28, Pa., '58 125, 286 

Sparrow, William Warren. '58 283 

Speakman, William Frederick, Jr.. 

219 Booth Rd., Chattanooga 11, lenn., '57 110, 309 

Spearman, William Whitman, 

955 Marsh Rd., Charlotte. N. C, '56 94, 245. 281 

Spector, Lawrence David, 

72 Parkway East, Mount Vernon, N. V., '59 138. 312 

Speer, Larry Lewis, Fairlawn, N. J., '58 

Speight, James Shepherd, Jr., 

337 Cedar St., Sufffolk, Va., '59 138 

Speller, Jon Patterson, 

813 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C. '59 138 

Speller, Robert Ernest B., Jr., 

813 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C, '58 125 

Spence, Winthrop Jones, Jr.. 

Hambrook Blvd., Rt. 1. Cambridge. Md.. '58 294 

Spencer, Michael Gilmore, 

126 Hamilton Ave., Stamford. Conn., '58 290 

Spencer, William Clark, Jr., 

1145 Sunset Ave.. Rocky Mount. N. C, '57 HO. 302 

Spencer, William Joseph. 

2434 Rosewood Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C, '58.. 125, 160. 247 
Spielman. Warren Roy, 

138 National Dr.. Pittsburgh 36, Pa.. '59 138. 300 

Spiller. Robert Joseph, 840 Louise Circle, Durham. N. C. '58 
Spillman. Harry Lawrence, 

434 W. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C, '56 94, 285 

Spitler, David Robert, 

180 S. Ardmore Rd., Bexley, Ohio, '59 138, 299 

Springston, Wendell Lee, Wilsons, Va., '58 125. 307 

Sproles, Elijah Thomas, IlL 

173 W. Sevier Ave.. Kingsport, Tenn., '59 125. 138, 308 

Sprotte, Robert Michael, 

11656 232 Street, Cambria Heights, N. Y.. '58 
Spruill, Frank Craven, Jr., 

310 Academy Ave., Blackstone, Va., '58 125 

Stahleker, Carl, 12 Sunset Rd., Wellesley, Mass., '58. 125, 287 
Staley, William Cressler, 

Rt. 2, Redland Rd.. Rockville. Md., '59 138. 184. 187 

Stamev, Enoch LaFayette, III, 

L lA Cameron Court Apts., Raleigh, N. C, '59 138, 308 

Stanford, James Shelton, 

2804 Hazelwood Dr.. Raleigh, N. C, '56 94 

Stanley, Buddy Roger, 

529 S. Main St., Asheboro N. C, '57 HO, 295, 323 

Stanley, Fred Louis, 

608 Longview St., Greensboro. N. C, '58 125, 293 

Stapleford, Thomas Carvel, 

338 S. Columbia St., Woodbury, N. J., '58 125, 191 

Staples, John Ed, 

183 N. Cherry St.. Kernersville. N. C. '58 125. 303 

Stark. Dwight Burton. 51 East Adams St.. Franklin. Ind.. '56 
Starnes. Alvin Bradley. Jr.. 

2801 Claremont Rd.. Raleigh. N. C. '57 113, 168 

Starnes. Jack Edward. Rt. 5. Monroe. N. C. '57 113 

Starnes. Walter Byron. 

832 Montlieu Ave.. High Point. N. C. '59 138 

Starr. Richard Albin. 209 Darwin Dr.. Snyder. N. Y., '58 
Staude. John Raphael. 2140 Canyon Dr., Hollywood, Calif., '58 
Steele, Walter Frank, Box 258. Rt. 3, Hickory, N. C, •56..94 
Steinmetz. William Janney, 

P.O. Box 1359. Sarasota, Fla.. '59 138. 221, 287 

Stevens, David Hurst. 884 Main St.. Conneaut. Ohio. '56 
Stevens. Nelson Gould, Jr.. 

205 N. State St., Westerville. Ohio. '56 113. 163, 314 

Stewart, Carl Jerome, Jr., 

1207 W. 2nd Ave. Gastonia, N. C, '58 125 

Stewart. Henry Lee. 690 Victory Blvd., Staten Island, N. Y., '58 
Stewart. Julian Harris, 406 Waiton St., Monroe, Ga., '57. .113, 309 
Stewart. Kenneth Devon, 103 East F Street, Erwin, N. C. '56. .94 
Stewart, Robert Purdy, 

31 William St., Princeton, N. J., '57 113, 281 

Stewart, Robert Welton, 

2706 Peachtree St.. Raleigh. N. C, '59 138, 287 

Stewert, Wilber Clarence, 

210 Smithwick St., Williamslon. N. C. '58 125 

Stiegler, Theodore Donald. 

21 Dixie Drive, Towson 4. Md., '56 94, 195. 217, 286 

Stiles, Lawrence Webster, 

1316 Nottingham Ave., Orlando, Fla., '59 138 

Still, Eugene Fontaine, II, 

1130 Chickasauba. Blythcvillc. Ark.. '59 138, 299 

Slimple. Richard HaMon. 

624 McKinley Ave., (iencva. 111.. '59 138 

Stinespring, John Albright. 

1107 Watts St., Durham, N. C. '58 125 

.Stitely, Dennis Berry. Rt. I. Felton. Pa.. '57 125. 311 

Stone. Albert Earl. Jr.. 

2501 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C, '57 
Stone, Donald Walter. Box 224. Keene. N. H.. '58 305 

Stone. John Dawson (Spec). 

1103 Knox St.. Durham. N. C. 

Stout. James Thornton. Jr.. Weyers Cave. Va.. '59 138 

Stout. Mcrrell Langdon Jr.. 

2908 N. Charles St., Baltimore 18. Md.. '58 305 


1 N C II P O 11 AT E D 



114 Park Row New York 7, N. Y. 

Phone Beekman 3-7514 





Stover, Donald Harris. 

863 Park Ave.. Willianisport 
Stowe, Deryl Grant, 

1502 Durham St., Burlington. N. C 
Strauh. Karl David, 

504 Kinglan Rd., Louisville 7, Ky. 
Straus. Benjamin Goldsmith, 

180 Philadelphia St., Saratoga Springs 
Strawther. Richard, 

301 West Leamy Ave., Springfield, 
Strayhorn, Carl Vernon, Jr., 

309 Valley Rd.. Fayetteville. N. C •5' 
Strickland, Bruce, Jr., Bo.\ 16, Bellarthi 
Strickland, Gerald Charles, 

68 Egbert St., Bay Head. N. J.. ^59. 
Stritehuff, Donald Armstrong, Jr.. 

2741 N. Calvert St.. Baltimore 18, Md., 
Stuart, Frank Allan, 111, 

2121 E. 48th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma, 
Stuart, Robert Davidson, 111, 

24 Sayles Ave.. Saylesville, R. I., •57.. 
Stubbs, William Benjamin, 111, 

155 Garden Lane, Decatur, Ga., "5 
Stuckey, Henry Jefferson, 

112 Bridge St.. Bamberg. S. C. •57.. 
Stuckey, Lewis Neilson, Jr., 

1032 North Hampton, Dallas, Texas 
Stull, Clark Deakyne, Jr.. 

15 Sellers Ave.. Ridley Park. Pa., ^56 
Stumpf, Karl John, 

Box 6126, College Station, Durham, 
Suiter. Overton Stokes, Jr., 

305 Sycamore St., Weldon, N. C, • 
Suiter, William Oran, Jr., 

408 Stacy St.. Raleigh, N. C, '58 

Sullivan, James Rexlon, 

220 Tuttle Ave., Spring Lake, N. J,. 
Summer. William Greene. Jr.. 

1590 Upland Rd.. Huntington 1. 
Sumner. Thomas Blount, Jr.. 

Front St., Hertford. N. C. •56. 
Suskind. .Stuart Paul, 

77 Murray St., Binghamton, N 
Sutton, Geoffrey Russell, 

167 Meadbrook Rd.. Garden City. N. Y 
Swartz. William John. 

6522 W. 76th St.. Overland Park. Kan 
Sweat. Robert Earle, Jr., Mulberry. Fla.. '58. . 
Sweet, Richard Perry, 

116 Bennington Rd.. Akron 13. Ohio. ^56 
Sweet, Richard Wilcox, 

552 Upper Blvd., Ridgewood, N. J.. 
Swenson, Edwin Albert, 

106 Norman St., New Hyde Park, N 
Swindell, William Hulburt, Jr., 

322 Clarke Ave.. Palm Bjach. Fla 
Swofford, Frank Wood, 

448 C Street, Wright Patterson, Oh 
Swofford, James Emory, 

Finley Park, N. Wilkesboro, N. C, 
Tabor, Gary Richard, 

1 I Whittier Ave., Pittsfield, Mass., 
Tabor, Thomas Edwin, 1411 B Street, 
Tafl, Joseph Marvin, Jr., 

1705 F. 5th St., Greenville, N. C., 
Taft, William Holston, Jr., 

1707 E. 5th St.. Greenville, N. C. 
Taggart, Amos Beaty, 

126 Mapleview Rd.. Buffalo, N. Y., 
Takeuchi, Niro, 

430 Yasu Cho Yasu Gun, Siga Kei 
Talman, Wesley Fleming, Jr., 

106 Wembley Rd., Asheville, N. C 
Tarlow. Allan Sanders, 

66 London Terrace, New Rochcllc. N. Y.. 
Tarlton, James Warren, III, 

310 Dexter Ave., Mobile, Ala., ^57 

Tate, Thomas Richard, 

917 26th St., Parkersburg, W. Va., "58.. 
Tatem, Roger William, Jr., 

P.O. Box 600. Norfolk 1, Va., ^57 
Tatum, Sherard Austin, II, 

700 North Main St., Homer, La., ^56 
Taub, Theodore Calvin, 

Imhassy Apt. Hotel, Tampa, Fla., ^56 
laylor. Frank Landon, Jr., 
3018 Kingsley Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

, ^59 



?s, N. 










ur, N. 




, '58..., 












s, •59. 



N. C, 

.. ^59 





•59. ... 









., •56. 



. Y.. ' 



n.. •56. 






i. Y.. ^59. 


1.. ^59 



ihio, ^59.. 





. ^59 




, '56 






, ^58 


n, Japan, 




■., ^57 



;h, N. Y.. '58.. 

Coshocton. Ohio. '59.. 


138. 299 

138, 308 




Taylor, Herbert Alonzo, III, 

1811 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C. '59 
Taylor. James Atwood. Jr.. 

1927 S. Peninsula Dr.. Daytona Beach, Fla.. • 
Taylor. Joseph Marion, 

2825 Hampton Ave.. Charlotte, N. C. ^58 
Taylor, Peter Van Vorhees, 5615 Orduna Dr.. Coral Gables, 

Fla.. '56 19, 94. 202, 209, 210, 211, 282, 382, 383 

Taylor, Terry William, 411 Brentwood Dr.. Atlanta. Ga., '56 94 
Taylor, Thomas Roger, 

141 N. Broad St., N 
Taylor. Thomas Williai 

1010 Cambridge Rd 
Taylor. William Miles, 

1610 Brassie, Flossmoor, 111.. ^59 

Teasley, William Alfred, Rt. 3. Canton, G 
Teller, Donald Edward, 

22 Ferncliff Rd., Bloomfield, N. J., ^59.. 
Teller, William Kirk, 22 Ferncliff Rd., 

Bloomfield. N, J., ^56. 94, 162, 182, 183, 
Temko, Michael Hart, 411 Victoria St.. 

Greensboro. N. C, '58 126, 160, 236, 252, 317 

Temple, Jim Josey, Scotland Neck, N. C, '59 138 

Temple, Peter Livermore, 

Sheron View Rd., Charlotte, N. C, '59 138, 292 

Temple. Terry Bixler. Rt. 4. Peru, Ind.. '56.. 309 

Tennant. James Joseph. Box 8, Lake Park, Fla., '58 
Tenney, Richard Luman, 

177 Prospect St.. Princeton. N. J., '57 
Terry, Lewis Newman, Jr., 

410 Forest Ave., Spartanburg, S. C, '59 

Terry, Randall Bryant, Jr., 

200 W. Farriss Ave., High Point, N. C, '57 
Tewksbury, John Hobson, 

c/o Citizens Bank of N. Y.. Rio De Janeiro. Braz 
Thaubald, Edward John, Jr.. 

26 Maryland Ave., Elkins, W. Va.. '56 
Thomas. Frank Deaver, 808 Third Ave.. Albany. 
Thomas, George Terry, 

51 S. Main St.. Pittsford. N. Y.. '57 

Thomas. John Byron. 

3 Pooks Hill Rd.. Bethesda 14, Md.. '59... 138 

Thompson. Charles Allen. 

2624 S. Jennings Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas, ^59 

Thompson, Dan Stuart, Burgaw, N. C. ^58 
Thompson, Harry Lewis, 102 Watson St.. Windsor. N. C 
Thompson, John Charles, 608 W. Cumberland St 

138. 308 

•56 97, 293 

13, 306, 353 



13, 323, 330, 331 




.97, 281 






N. J., '59 

.138, 295 


138, 315 

138, 304 

Dunn, N. C, ^57 
Thompson Lawrence Kcslar. III. 

2924 Maple Rd., Camp Hill. Pa.. 
Thompson. Leo Clifford. 

221 N. Fourth St.. Wilmington. N, 
Thompson. Robert Kirk, Jr., 

8011 Glendale Rd., Chevy Chase 15. 
Thompson. Thomas Moore, 

515 McCubbing Dr.. Lexington, Ky 
Thore, Robert Elliott, 5030 Rockwood Parkway, 

N.W.. Washington, D. C, ^59 

Thorn, Stuart Vander Veer, 

3107 Wallcraft Ave.. Tampa, Fla.. "57 

Thornhill. Edward. Ill, 1086 Ocean Ave.. Brooklyn, N 
Thrasher. Randolph Hallett. Jr.. 

2910 Onyx Rd.. Baltimore 14, Md., '59 
Thuemmel, Robert William, 

391 Main St.. Emerson, N. J 
Thulander. Odin Alan, 

3504 Alpine Trail, Spart 
Thuss, Robert Wilkey, 

2837 Southwood Rd.. Birmingham 9. Al; 
Tibbetts, John Weldon, 

315 Perry St., Raleigh, N. C, ^59 

Tierney, David Travers, 

637 Prospect Ave., W. Hartford, Conn., ' 
Tilbury, George Reginald, Jr., 

49 Hawthorne Terrace, I eonia, N. J., 
Tillolson, George Arthur, 

210 E. Arlington Ave., Grc 
Tillou, Dana Filer, 

176 Woodward Ave., Buflal 
Timberlake, Byron Burton, 

620 Harmon St., North Canton, Oh 
linkhani, Charles Lausten. 

16 Wildon Rd., Wellesley, M 
Tipton, Donald Curtis, 

1009 West High St.. Petersburg, Va., "58 
Titus, Barry Joseph, 322 East 50lh St., New York 22, N. Y., '58 

Todkill, Burton James, Pallister Ave., Barker, N. Y., '59 138 

Toia, Frank Phillip, 601 Locus Place, Sewickley, Pa., '59 138 



S. C 



168. 299 





Tolmach, David Michael. 

11 Berry St.. Lynbrook, N. 'I'.. '.S? 70, 11.1, }>\7 

Tompkins. Grover Robert. 

1326 Summit Dr.. Charleston, W. Va.. '.^9 l.t8, M)7. .V^.S 
Toms, Clinton White, III, 

914 Vickers Ave.. Durham. N. C. '57 289, 3.S.1 

Toms. George Newbv (Spec.), 

914 Vickers Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Topping, John Thomas. 

2-16 Char.otte St., Roanoke Rapids. N. C, '57 289 

Torgesen. Barry Willett. 

3726 Powers Ferry Rd.. Atlanta. Ga.. '.'i? 11? 

Torrey. Richard Calvin, 

410 W. Markham Ave., Durham. N. C, '57 
Toth. Daniel, 

c o Dodge 320 E. 72nd St., New York 21, N. Y.. '.W 113 

Tottey, Alired George, 113 H. Fall St., Ithaca, N. Y.. '59. 138 
Towe, Kenneth McCarn. 

Lake Avenue, Greenwich. Conn.. '.'i6 282 

Towe. Rolf Harvey, 

Lake Avenue, Greenwich. Conn., '59 138, 283, 309 

Townsend. Robert Scott, 

44 Townsend Rd.. Newark. Del., '57 113 

Toxie. Paul Gene (Spec). 

4114 Franklin St.. Bellaire, Ohio 222 

Tracy, Frank William, Jr., Arabian American Oil Co., 

Dhahran Sau, Arabia. '57 113. 189, 243, 309 

Trantham, Harry England. 

Green Acres. Brevard. N. C, '58 126, 168 

Trapp, Martin Van Kley, 

3219 Ave. A, Bradenton, Fla., 57 243 

Trice, Thomas Wheeler, Jr.. 

6103 Blackburn Lane, Baltimore. Md., '57 113, 309 

Troy, Ballard Earnhardt. Jr., 

1311 Dollar Ave.. Durham, N. C, '57 113, 247, 290 

Tschinkel, Heinrich Michael, 

115 N. Plymouth, Huntsville, Ala.. '59 138 

Tuck. William Pressly, Box 117, Virgilina, Va., '59 97 

Tudor. William Percy. 403 Spring St., I homasville, 

N. C. '56. ...97. 182, 183, 18.s, 229, 234, 252, 298, 299, 366 
Tuerff. Paul Gary, 

6 Day St.. Bloomfield. N. J., '56 97, 186, 234, 286 

Turcotte, Arthur Leon, Jr.. 

Rt. 1. Box 149, Durham, N. C. '56 
Turlington. James Everett. Box 587, Dunn, N. C. "57. 113, 290 
Turner. Dale Douglas. Rt. 3, Princess Anne, Md., "58 
Turner, Harlan Raymond, Jr. (Spec), 

Apt. 10. 506 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham, N. C 290 

Turner, Harold Edmond, 

270 Henry St.. Paramus, N. J.. "56 342 

Turner, Henrv Brown, IV, 

520 Raymond St., Westfield. N. J.. '58 126, 160 

Turner, John Marvin, Jr., 

3119 Madison St.. Hyattsville, Md., '59 138 

Turner. Lewis John. Jr., Washington, Va., '59 138 

Turner. Mebane Ewing, Jr., 

814 Roslyn Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C, '59 138 

Turner, Webb William, 

347 Cassidy Ave.. Lexington, Ky., '59 138 

Turner, William Heyward, 93 Jane St., Hartsdale. N. Y., '59 138 
Turtle. James William, 

530 Conshohocken St. Rd., Cynwyd. Pa., '57 113, 290 

Turton, Michael Hodges, 

2894 E. Sunrise Blvd.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., '59 138 

Tyndall, Albert Forbes, Jr.. 

109 East Grainger Ave., Kinston. N. C. '58 126. 293 

Tyson. Bruce Carroll, Jr., 

Rt. 2. Box 475. Greenville. N. C. '58 126 

Ulrich. Richard Guy, 

4926 3rd Ave., South, St. Petersburg, Fla.. "57 221 

Umstead. William Urban. 

2512 Cascadilla St., Durham. N. C. '56 
Underwood. Douglas Edgar. 

8 Ladue Crest Lane. St. Louis 17, Mo.. '56 97, 302 

Underwood, Earl Tyson, 

111 W. Fisher St.. Salisbury. N. C. "58 126 

Upmever, Ernst Arnold. III. 

20044 Gulf Blvd., Indian Rocks Beach, Fla.. "59 138 

Urckfitz. James Leiand, 

2071 Five Mile Line Rd.. Penfield. N. Y., '56 97 

Valentine. Heath Eugene. 

115 Melbourne Ave.. Akron, Ohio. "58 126 

VanCamp. David. 

110 Cochran Rd., Pittsburgh 28. Pa.. '56 
Van Curen, Gene Lewis, 

1122 Montford Dr.. Charlotte 3. N. C. '58.126. 191. 286 
Vanderbeek. Randall B.. 

1405 Quarrier St.. Charleston, W. Va.. '59 138. 300 

!33. 241 

C. '56.. 

138, 287 

97. 193 

.126, 307 
'59 138 



97, 314 

138. 287 

209. 305 

Vandever, Charles Ross, Jr.. 

25 .South High .St.. West Chester, Pa.. '58 
Van Hettinga, William Lance, 

408 S. Waiola, La Grange, 111.. '59 
Van Laer, Charles Edgar, High Falls, N. Y., '56 
VanMetre. John Lee, Jr., 

311 S. George St.. Charles Town, W. Va., '59 
VanOrder John Albert, 

Box 6793, College Station, Durham, N. C. '56 
Van Schoick, Gary Lee, 

Box 20, Rt. 2, Hillsboro Rd., Durham, N. C. '58 
Van Fleet, David Edward. 124 Parker St., Henderson, N. C, "S7 
Van Wyck, Paul Rodger, 

381 Dorothy Lane, Wyckoff, N. J., '58 

Varcoe. John Richard, 211 South St., Waymart. Pa.. 
Vardakis. Anast Charles, 

5820 Avenue N.. Brooklyn. N. Y., '58 

Varner, Robert M.. Jr.. 

217 W. Wil.son Ave.. Mooresville. N. C, '56 
Varner, Roy Van, 317 Ridgewood Dr.. Lexington. N. C. 
Vaughan, James Willard. Jr.. 1411 Dollar Ave.. 

Durham. N. C, '59.113, 191, 192, 193 
Vaughn, Charles Sidney, 

309 Colonial Dr.. High Point. N. C. 
Vause. David Dwight, 

109 Ridgecrest Ave.. Rutherfordton. N. 
Verhey, Neil Gary, 

1032 Floral Dr.. E. Grand Rapids. Mich.. '58 126. 288. 355 
Victor, Jack Robert, 2401 S. Dollison. Springfield. Mo., '58 
Vilas, John Marcellus, Couch Rd.. Chapel Hill. N. C "57 
Virgin. Herbert Whiting, III, 

3635 St. Gaudens Rd., Miami 33. Fla.. '57 
Vivona, Philip Anthony, 

103 S. Street. Irvington II, N. J.. '57 
Voegtlen. Robert Samuel Jr.. Lebanon, N. J., "57 
Voehl, Richard Kurt, 

1531 Moffitt Ave., Hewlett, N. Y.. '56 

Vreeland, Jay Smith, 

19 Vinton Rd.. Madison. N. J.. '59 

Wagenvoord. James Frederick. 67 Greenhursi Rd.. 

West Hartford, Conn.. "57 160, 

Wagg, Thomas Eugene, III, 

P.O. Drawer U-2, Greensboro, N. C. '59 138. 

Wagner. Mark William, 28 N. Wise Ave., Freeport. III.. "S9 
Wagner, Nicholas, Rt. 3. York. Pa., "59 
Wagner. Philip Michael. Ill, 

309 Curtis Ave.. Pt. Pleasant Beach. N. J.. "57.. 
Walderman. Howard Allen. 

3615 Rosedale Rd.. Baltimore 15. Md.. "59 
Walker. James Clifton. 

2943 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham. N. C. "57 
Walker, Myers Bonner, Jr., 

2309 Main St., Durham. N. C, '58 
Walker, William Conway, 

10 Arborvale Rd.. Asheville. N. C. '57 
Walkley, Thomas Mervin, 

30 Stoner Dr.. W. Hartford. Conn.. '58 188. 304. 305 

Wall, Frank Privette, Jr.. 

2707 Lochmore Dr.. Raleigh. N. C. '58 281 

Waller, Robert Rex, 72 Walker Rd., West Orange, N. J., '58 
Walrath, David (Spec), Rt. 1. Johnsonville, N. Y. 

Walter. Robert Peter, 30-D Picotte Dr.. Albany. N. Y., '56 97 

Walton, Benton Hair, Box 345. Chadbourn, N. C, '58 126 

Walton. Robert Aldridge, 

910 Stanley Dr., Fernandina, Fla., '57 282 

Wanglee, Vorawee, 

100 Sathorn Rd., Bangkok, Thailand, '58 126 

Ward, Bowden Wilson. Jr., 6437 Avon Rd.. Norfolk. Va.. 

'56 97, 169, 192, 195, 229, 233. 234. 241, 246. 247. 297 

Ward, John Robert. Box 146, Bucyrus, Ohio. '59 138 

Warden, William Steele, 

Rt. 1. Box 327. Melbourne. Fla.. '59 
Ware. Donald McEwen, 

2621 N. Florida St.. Arlington. Va.. 
Ware. Henrv Hall, HI, 

404 Blackland Rd., N.W., Atlanta. Ga. 
Warlick. George William, 

239 Third St.. S.E.. Hickorv. N. C. 
Warnock, John William. 

28421 W. Oakland. Bay Village. Ohio. '56.. 
Warren. Charles Thomas. Jr.. 

904 Oakland Ave.. Durham. N. C. '58 
Warren. Glenn Lambeth. 

P.O. Box 166, Gibson. N. C. "58 

Warren. James Ivey, Jr., 

Box 493, Roxboro, N. C. "56 97, 158, 22' 

Warwick, William Schooley, 

26 35 28th .St., Long Island 2. N. Y.. '57 113 


113, 309 
.138. 372 

13. 310 



138, 292 

113. 293 

113, 281 

97, 293. 354 


!34, 246. 


j^ tki 

1956 Chanticleer 

IdJeie Made luj. 

ATLArri, (it. 

Waser, Robert Hamlin. Rt. 4. Old Salisbury Rd., 

Winston-Salem. N. C. '57 191, 192. 195. 240. 247 

Wasserman. Richard Edward, 

7 Bungalow Court. Newark «. N. J., '57 189, 313 

Wasson. Donald Gray, 

786 Ras Tanvra, Saudi, Arabia, '58 126 

Watkins. Frederick Lesh, 

507 Lincoln Ave.. Clearwater. Fla.. '56 97. 219, 282 

Watson, Herbert Edwin. 

19 Kaywood Rd.. Port Washington. N. Y.. '58 113. 301 

Watson. John Hayes. 

47 13 Bell Blvd., Bayside. L. 1.. N. Y.. '56 289 

Watson. Richard Frank. 

21 Chelfield Rd.. Northwoods. Glenside. Pa.. '59.. 138, 283 
Watson. Theron Paul. 

501 East Main St.. Forest City. N. C. '59 138 

Watson, William Thomas, 

1808 Crestmont Dr., Huntington. W. Va.. '59 138. 288 

Way. John Elwood. Jr.. 

225 Moul Ave.. Hanover. Pa., '57 113, 302 

Weaver. Robert Earl. 

4307 Kelnepa Dr., Jacksonville, Fla.. '58 126, 282 

Weaver. Thomas Henry, 

1011 E. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C, '59 138 

Weaver. Walter Parker. 1724 Vista St.. Durham. N. C, '56..97 

Webb. Fred. Jr.. 912 Temple St., Hinton, W. Va., '57 113 

Webb, George Walter, 76 Dewey Ave.. Groton, Conn., '59.138 
Weber. Carl Harold, 

Apt. 1. 806 Madison St.. Durham, N. C. '57 
Weber. George, III, 

Box 144 Conway Rd.. Creve Coeur. Mo.. "59.. 138 

Weber. John George, Lake Valhalla, 

Montville, N. J.. '56 181. 182. 187, 296 

Weber. Thomas William. 

674 N. Renaud. Grosse Pointe. Mich.. '56 97. 301 

Webster. Charles Albert. Jr.. 202 Park Ave.. Wilson, N. C. '56..97 
Webster. Donald Knapp. 

372 Wastena Terrace. Ridgewood. N. J.. '57 113 

Weed. Richard Lowrey. 

35 High St.. East Haven. Conn.. '59 138, 212 

Weems, Wade Scott. 

Box 680 Bookerdale. Waynesboro. Va.. '58 126, 297 

Weidlich, William Robert (Spec), 

1116 Wellons Dr.. Durham. N. C. 
Weidman. Richard Ray. 

1318 Pine Rd., Rosemont, Pa.. '57 113, 305 

Weidmann. Frederick Henry. 

9 Davidson Rd., Bloomfield, N. J.. '56 98, 286 

Weinberg. Charles P. M.. '58 126 

Weir, Anthony, 304 West Fairview Ave., 

Langhorne. Pa.. '58. 126. 189. 206. 282 

Weir. Christopher. Fairview & Hill Ave., 

Langhorne. Pa.. '56 98. 206. 282. 376 

Weitzman. Robert Warren, Jr., 

Wansor Ave.. Bayville. N. Y.. '57 113, 248, 301. 343 

Welch. Bertrand Charles. Jr.. 

2804 Boarman Ave.. Baltimore 15, Md., '59 138, 292 

Weld. Louis Mackall. Jr.. 

120 Meyers Ave.. Meyersdale. Pa., '56 98, 194 

Wellman, William Augustua. Ill, 

410 N. Barrington. Los Angeles 49, Calif., '59 138 

Wells. Henry Alfred. Jr., 

1170 Hermitage Rd.. Rock Hill, S. C, '58 126, 236 

Wells. Henry Herbert. HI. 

Ivywood Dr.. Rt. 4, Athens, Ga.. '57 
Wells. Hyman Gene. 805 E. Trinity Ave., Durham. N. C, '58.. 126 
Wells. Joseph Alexander, 

314 College Park Circle. Staunton. Va.. '58 126 

Wendorf. Charles James. 

T-32 Apt. 4. Snake Pit. Fort Eustis. Va., '58 282 

Wennerstrom. Arthur John. 

102 Edgerton Rd.. Lawson 4. Md.. '56 98, 286 

Wesley, Robert John. 

247 Sussex Dr., Manhasset, N. Y.. '59 138 

West. Robert Michael. 11 Whittier St.. Lynbrook. N. Y., '59. 138 
West. William Kibler. Jr.. 

1420 Adirondack Trail, Dayton. Ohio. '59 138 

Westmoreland. Donald Ray. 

2790 Smyer Circle. Brimingham 9. Ala.. '59 138 

Wetzler. Philip Hamburger. 3504 Pinkney Rd., 

Baltimore 15. Md.. '59 138. 186, 355 

Weyhmann. Walter Victor. 1634 Hampton Ave., 

S.W.. Roanoke, Va., '57 113. 247 

Wheeler. Frederick Joseph. 

Box 150, Port Washington. N. Y.. '59 138. 246 

Wheeler. Thaddeus Alvin, Jr.. 919 Englewood Ave.. 

Durham, N. C, '57 70, 113, 169, 170, 281 

Whicher. John Clinton. Jr., 

9315 Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.. Brooklyn 9. N. Y., '58 
Whisnant, Edward Jackson, 1 1 1 Hudson St.. Shelby, N. C, '58 
Whitacre, Robert Edward. 

275 Engle St.. Englewood. N. J., '57 113, 290 

Whitaker. Cary. Enfield. N. C. '56 98 

Whitaker. Cecil Francis. Jr., 

336 Hines Terrace. Macon. Ga.. '59 138, 280 

Whitaker. Hugh Edmund. 

2126 Yorktown Rd.. N.W.. Washington 12. D. C, '59 138 

White. Eli Edward, Jr.. 

2301 N. Fillmore St., Arlington, Va.. '57 293 

White. Robert Lee. 521 S. Church St., Florence, S. C, '58 
White. William Dunlop, Jr., 

10 East Third St.. Lexington, N. C, '56 98 

Whitehead. Kenneth Leslie 

141 Dana Way. Winter Park. Fla.. '58 282, 283 

Whitfield, Ralph F.. Jr.. 1313 Watts St., Durham, N. C.,' 56 
Whitney. Kenneth Lawson, Jr.. 

954 Avenue C. Bayonne, N. J.. '58 126, 309 

Whyte, George Kenneth, Jr., 

200 Blackmer Place. Webster Groves, Mo., '58 126, 282 

Widenhouse. Ernest Cornelius. Jr.. 

Rt. 1. Summerfield. N. C. '56 

Wiegerink. James Gerald. '59 138 

Wilkerson. James Herbert. Jr.. 

Ambassador Apts., Baltimore. Md.. '56 98, 282 

Wilkinson. Thomas George. 

1613 Kent St.. Durham. N. C. 58 126 

Williams. Jack Caldwell, 

P.O. Box 4503, San Juan. Puerto Rico. '58 126. 238, 285 

Williams. John Culbreth. III. 

1603 Westlawn Ave.. Fayetteville, N. C, '56 98 

Williams, Lyman Neil, 520 Walnut Ave., 

Charlotte. N. C. '58 71. 126. 155, 160. 236 

Williams. Robert Lee. Jr.. 6447 Lehnert. Baltimore 7. Md., '56 
Williams. William Alfred. Jr.. 

704 E. Forest Hills Blvd.. Durham. N. C. '57 113. 214 

Williamson, Frederick Morwiek, 

7 Hilltop Rd.. Bronxville 8. N. Y., '57 113, 314 

Willis, Calvin Johnson. 

102 Tucker Ave., Crewe. Va.. '57 113, 290 

Willis, Robert Wayne, 

2100 Arendell St.. Morehead City. N. C, '57 
Wills, Charles William. 

99 41 211th St.. Queens Village 29, N. Y.. '59. 138, 283 
Wilson, Alexander Erwin. III. 

2066 N. Ponce De Leon. N.E.. Atlanta, Ga., '59 138 

Wilson. Alexander Massey. III. 

1870 Dixie Hwy.. Ft. Mitchell. Ky., '59 138 

Wilson. Anthony Milam. 1220 East 18th St., Tulsa, Okl., '56.98 
Wilson, Douglas Nash, 

106 Riggs Dr., Clemson. S. C, '57 113, 309 

Wilson. Joe Dalton. Rt. 9. Box 307, Charlotte, N. C, '57 113 

Wilson. Joseph MacDonald. Box 122, Tabor City. N. C, '59 

Wilson, Owen Craig. Jr.. '56 289 

Wilson. Peter Frank. 14 Crest Rd., Rowayton, Conn.. '58 126 

Wilson. Robert Burns. 

Brandywine. Md., '56 98, 192, 240, 241, 293 

Wilson, Thomas Nelson, 

1324 Arnette Ave., Durham, N. C, '56 98, 305 

Windley. David Carlyle, Jr.. 

P.O. Box 128. Pantego. N. C. '59 138, 299 

Wine. Charles Joseph. 

132 E. Dorothy Lane. Dayton. Ohio. '59 138 

Winecoff. Herbert Larry, 

707 Brookstown Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C, '58 311 

Wingfield. Jefferson Dunston. Jr., 

3512 Whitechapel Rd., Norfolk, Va., '57 113 

Winslow, Wade Daniel, 

110 Short Hills Ave.. Springfield. N. J.. '59 138. 202, 280 

Winsor. Fred Lane. Laurens. N. Y., '56 98, 293 

Winterhalter, Don K.. 

1610 Gladys Ave.. Grand Haven. Mich 138 

Wirshing. Armando hilio. 

26 Hostos Ave.. Ponce. Puerto Rico. '57 
Wiseman. Reid David. 

2 Strathmore Rd., Brookline 46. Mass., '58 
Wisner. Bernard Trusdell. 

10125 Markham St.. Silver Spring. Md.. '56.98. 189. 214. 306 
Wittenstein. Fernand Myles. 

383 Hempstead Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y.. '59 138 

Wolf. Fred Stoner (.Spec). 

2413 Banner St.. Durham. N. C. 
Wolfson. Carl Schwartz, 

284 Central Ave.. Lawrence, N. Y., '59 138. 168 

Wood. Gaylord Ashlyn, Jr., 

725 Isle of Palms, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., '59 138, 284 

Wood, Richard Austin, Jr., 

18 Buckingham Ct., Ashevillc, N. C. "59 138 

Wood, Richard James, Box 368, Marlettc, Mich., "59 138 

Wood, Whitehill Thompson, 

1601 West St., Annapolis, Md., '56 98 

Woodlief, Milton Wayne. 

7523 Virginian Dr., Norfolk, Va., "57 113 

Woolerv, James Godfrey, 

2017' Glenwood Ave.. Raleigh. N. C, "59.. 138, 186. 300 
Woollen, Thomas Hayes, 

602 Hillcrest Dr., High Point, N. C, '56 
Woolsey, Bertram Fred, Jr., 

1143 Lakewood Rd., Jacksonville, Fla.. "58 126 

Wooten, Frank Thomas, 111, Chadbourn, N. C, '57 113 

Wooten, John Carlyle, 314 W. Elm St.. Graham, N. C. '58. 126 
Wortman, William Jerome, Jr., 

2118 Winter St., Charlotte, N. C. '56 98, 244. 286 

Wright, Donald Jerome, 711 Central Ave., Charlotte, N. C, "57 

Wright, Ernest Linwood, III, Box 2, Ruffin, N. C, '56 98 

Wright, Gary Gene, Steele St., Pikeville, Ky., '58 126, 309 

Wright. Richard Allen, 

23825 Hedgewood Ave., Westlake, Ohio, "59 138, 308 

Wright, Thomas Treanor, 

443 73 Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., '58 126, 216, 314 

Wright, Winter, Rt. 8, Box 221, Kingsport, Tenn., "59.138. 299 
Wuensch. Richard David, 

1090 E. 22nd St., Paterson, N. J.. '58.. 126 

Wyant, Everett Wilson, 57 Albion St., Holley, N. Y., '59.138 

Wyke, Gene Little, Rt. 1, Box 21, Lenoir, N. C„ '56 98 

Wynn, John David, 3714 S. Victor, Tulsa, Okla., '59... ...138 

Wyrick, David Hugh, Rt. 3. Alliance. Ohio, '58 106, 309 

Wyrick, Joseph Lowell, Rt. 3, Alliance, Ohio, '57 309 

Yarborough, Frank Flowers, Cary, N. C, '57 301 

Yarger, Noel Henry, 

209 E. Pokagon, South Bend 17, Ind., '59 138, 308 

Yarington, David Jon, 

6 West Cayuga St., Moravia. N. Y., '58 126, 294 

Yclton, William Wyman, 402 Ohio St.. Spindale, N. C, '59. 138 
Ycngst, Charles Russell, Jr., 

401 Byllesby Ave.. Meadvillc, Pa., '59 138, 284 










D. C, '56 

Yoars, Peter Wight, 

Lawrence Farms, Chappaqua, N 
Yoh, Harold Lionel, Jr., 

King of Prussia Rd., Radner, Pa., '58 
York, Richard Edward, 

210 Bond St., Elizabeth, N. J.. '58 

Yost, Elmer Don, 

412 N. Cedar St., Greensboro, N. C, '57 
Yost. Thomas Marion 

Box 152, Weaverville, N. C, '56 98. 

Young, Charles Edward, 905 First Ave., Durham, N. C. '58 
Young, James Sanford, 

3825 Garrison St., N.W„ Washington 16 
Young, John William. 

1216 Richardson Dr.. Reidsville, N. C. '59 
Young. Noel William, Jr., 

115 W. Seeman St.. Durham, N. C. '59 

Young, Robert Lassiter, Jr., 

Cherry Villa Court, Morristown, Tenn., '59 182, 

Young. Stephen Grant, 

23 Meade St., Buckhannon, W. Va., '58 126. 160. 

Young, William Arthur, 

207 E. Broadway, Maumee, Ohio, '59 

Yount, Robert Lee, 515 S, College Ave., 

Newton, N. C, '56 98, 219, 252, 290, 291, 

Yudt, Henry John, Jr., 

159 Laurel Dr., New Hyde Park, N. Y., '59 

Yura, Joseph Andrew, 629 N. 23rd St.. Allentown, Pa., '59. 
Zack, Peter George (Spec), 1845 Beech, Pine Bluff, Ark. 
Zaffiro, William Richard, 

1290 Vestal Ave.. Binghamton. N. Y., '58 

Zellers, Ronald Albert, 

304 East Railroad St., Columbiana, Ohio, '58 

Zenda, William George, 

30 Mayflower Ave., Williston, N. Y.. '58 126, 

Zimmer, John Wenzell, 

610 Topinabee Rd., Niles, Mich., '56 

Ziolkowski, John Edmund, 

98 Nabors St., Montevallo, Ala., '58 

Zoller, Bernard Updegraff, Jr., 

1621 Seventh Ave.. W., Bradcnton, Fla., '58 126, 

138, 298, 299