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Volume One of the Chanticleer, a handsome leatherbound edition of 
232 pages, was published in 1912. The origin of the Chanticleer, the cock, 
as a name and symbol for the annual remains shrouded in mystery, though 
there is some evidence to suggest that the proud bantam was borrowed from 
Chaucer's "The Nun's Priest's Tale." The graduating class that published the 
first yearbook was 63 strong: 22 women and 41 men. The book was dedi- 
cated to Bishop John C. Kilgo, who at that time had been President of Trinity 
College for 17 years. The Chanticleer's first editor was Claude Bennett. The 
format of the first annual was surprisingly modern, and oyer the 
years the feature sections have undergone few changes. When the Chanti- 
cleer receiN'cd direct support from the University, advertising was 
eliminated. The 1956 publication was the last to include an ads section. The 
yearbook's golden anniversary. this year accounts for the use of yellow as a 
secondary color. The Chanticleer has been revived and up-dated, 
and stands as a fit herald of a grand tradition and an exciting future. It is 
with pleasure that the cock of old presents the \olume that marks his 
fiftieth birthday. 



Brenda Phillips 

Business Manager: 
Jerry Butler 









• 1912 


new 25-bed infirmary— Georgian architecture houses a sparkling 


tn ii 






J\ FEELING of activity and rejuvenation has been 
in Duke's tobacco-scented air for several years, as 
thoughts and ideas have gradually emerged as tangi- 
ble plans. Then progress suddenly became visible: 
ground was broken and buildings began to rise, brick 
on brick. Khaki-clad workmen were as numerous 
as khaki-clad undergraduates, and the noise of ce- 
ment-mixers droned above the unmistakable sound of 
"Student Studying.'' Announced changes in policy 
affected both students and faculty, and new trends 
accompanied the freshness of attitude and outlook. 
"Progress" was the keynote of it all, a tran.sition, a 
second generation for Duke University — and it is 
only a beginning. 

In the life of any institution a complete change- 
over must periodically occur, when the outdated 
and useless give way to the modern and vigorous. 
The past year witnessed the birth of a new era for 
our comparatively young school; few facets of uni- 
versity life escaped examination and evaluation. 

Last fall, the campus populace returned to find 
Myrtle Drive still faithfully linking the worlds of 
East and West, but in other respects the physical 
plant had been expanded and improved. A $2,000,- 
000 Law School Building was under construction, 
the new Biological Sciences Building was nearing 
completion, and the Woman's College Infirmary 
was preparing for occupancy. An addition to the 
Medical Center had been constructed during the 
summer, and the Presyterian Student Center was 
almost finished. Connecting Duke and Erwin Roads 
was a new roadway, built to alleviate any traffic 
problems which might arise in connection with the 
new law building and the proposed units for married 
graduate students. One of the cafeterias on West 
Campus had been redecorated, emerging as the at- 
tractive University Room, and Aycock House was 
painted and refurbished. 

If some plans had been realized, others were yet 
to be fulfilled. A $4,500,000 addition to the main 
library and a new Fine Arts Building will eventually 
grace the campuses. This is the largest building 
program undertaken by the University since West 
Campus opened thirty-two years ago. 

Tiled walls brighten a zoology lab in the new Biology 

The Biological Sciences Building is prepared for spring 

The massive physical ciianges, however, are only 
one phase of Duke in Transition. Other things have 
been, are being, and will be altered and improved 
in order to enhance Duke's standing among Amer- 
ican universities. A gift from the Duke Endowment 
promises the needed increase in salaries which will 
enable the University to attract and hold a dis- 
tinguished faculty. With financial assistance from the 
Mary Biddle Duke Foundation, Doris Duke, and 
others, fourteen new distinguished professorships 
have been established. 

Other changes made by the administration have 
received wide publicity. The first Negroes to enter 
Duke enrolled this fall in the schools of Divinity and 
Law, as a result of last year's decision to integrate 
the graduate colleges. IBM entrenched itself as an 
unseen ally in the eternal battle for courses, and, 
for the first time, freshman registration and course 
card writing was completed in one day. The corps 
of campus law-enforcers — the invigorated, swift- 
footed, sharp-eyed Security Force — ^was enlarged 
and modernized. 

The present enrollment at Duke has responded to 
the challenge of growth. Dynamic movements origi- 
nating in the student body have culminated in the 
achievement of far-reaching goals. The success and 
import of student-motivated campaigns depend 
greatly on the character and capacity of the students 
involved, and Duke may take pride in the ever-rising 
caliber of its undergraduates. Each incoming fresh- 
man class rises a rung above its predecessor on the 
intelligence ladder. The class of '65 boasted fifteenth 
place nationally in the number of Merit Scholars 
enrolled. On both East and West, many of the trivial 
freshman duties were discarded, with the hope of 
incorporating this class more quickly into the How 
of student life. 

A long, wide stvetch of asphalt now 
versitv and Erv\in Roads. 

Oonstiuction adsancrs gradually on th( 
School Buildine; 

ng room of the Women's Campus 

The Experimental Dorms, proposed last year, be- 
came a reality on East and on West. Special housing 
was provided for those students who were selected 
for the trial. These dorms were intended to give their 
members the opportunity of living in a more ex- 
clusively intellectual atmosphere, and of sharing in 
the development of mutual cultural interests. 

On West Campus, fraternity pre-rush regulations 
were relaxed to allow "open relations" between 
fraternity men and freshmen. Moreover, Formal 
Rush was held during the semester break, as a solu- 
tion to the problem of 4 A.M. nights running into 
first-period classes the next morning. East Seniors 
became a distinguished group when a list of Senior 
Privileges materialized this year. Seniors were al- 
lowed midnight permission during the week, and 
assumed responsibility for special leaves. 

Perhaps the most revolutionary event of the past 
year was the revision of the drinking rule. Agitation 
began last year, and by mid-fall of '61 the Adminis- 
tration had approved the change. The rule was 
passed by a campus-wide vote, and a troublesome 
regulation died overnight. Consumption of alcoholic 
beverages at off -campus functions became legal. 

In an age of symbolism, the revamped University 
Seal, officially adopted this year, may be said to 
represent the forward-looking attitude of Duke and 
the vast expansion of its physical plant. The motto 
is still "Eruditio et Religio" but its context is dif- 
ferent. The new seal speaks for a transition which 
affects those who are presently experiencing or di- 
recting the changes, and which will affect, in time, 
the alumni, the future classes, and the name and 
reputation of the University. It is with this realiza- 
tion of the broad impact that change brings now 
and later that the 1962 Chanticleer is dedicated to 
the Idea of Progress. 


Campus life is the sum of experiences of the Duke 
Student. It signifies the routine, the unusual, the 
tedious, the exciting— it is the story of one day, one 
week, one semester, repeated over the four-year span 
of a college career. It is a way of life that can never 
be duplicated, a life spent in a unique environment 
and among friends chosen from within a predeter- 
mined radius. A Duke student's responsibilities are 
peculiar to a university existence; the hours in his 
day and night will never again be filled as they are 
during these four years. Within this time personali- 
ties are developed and fashioned; careers are decided 
and launched; interests are awakened and explored. 
It is not one phase alone— studies, social life, or ex- 
tra-curriculars— that creates the overall impression of 
college; it is instead the total of these, the inter- 
mingling of all in one vast memory of Campus Life. 

MORNING . . . Life wouldn't be so bad if it didn't mean 
getting up in the morning. But every day starts thai ivay, 
the campus gradually awakens: alarms ring, and ring, and 
ring . . . pillows thud on roommates — or wet washcloths — 
or the radiator comes on with a clanking — or the soothing 
cackle of the "Country Boy'' wafts through the speaker of 
the clock radio. Somehow, the Duke student eventually 
starts another day — or at least starts thinking nhaul if. 
Through bleary eyes, he glances out of tlir Mnnll-fuurd 
Gothic window to check the weather — drippy, natch. There's 
incentive for you. Big masculine feet, little feminine feet 
padding groggily up and down dormitory halls, in and out 
of closets . . . no one really knows how the day does begin 
. . . can't see, can't think, can't maneuver. Breakfast, the 
first saving grace: sad cold eggs stare mournfully, the healing 
wafers of a coffee cup, ornch juice to freshen that foul taste 
. . . and the first cigarette of the day (really should stop 
smoking) . . . fhe jarring raffle of Union china . . . and the 
day's first decision: which newspaper.-' Wonder what Jack 
Horner has to say, and Ann Landers . . . nice to know they 
haven't dropped the bomb . . . yet. Each day differs, but the 

"What qui; 

his will wake him ut 

Energetic students come to class early to catch up on current events. 





'What time does the Union open? 

I'll teach you to interrupt my card u.i 

"That's correct — over 90% of the swing ends reported 

first hour is alwars the same — predictably miserable, foggy, 
blank . . . unless you stay in bed, that's best of all. ''Smile 
now, you might not feel like it later on" . . . Off to classes 
... a snore bellows from the last row — catnaps, pencil- 
pushing, unshaven faces, all kinds of profs — drags, in- 
spirers, jokers, scholars. Between classes, it's the Dope Shop 
for a Pepsi or coffee and doughnuts . . . a quick glance at 
the contemporary card rack . . . still the same . . . visit the 
P.O. to discover another bill rats, they f(ntnd me. A battle 
up the stairs when the rest of the campus is pouring down 
/hem. . . . Thin fight for a ride to the other campus — ladies 
frsl. you Sou/hern gent — or play mash-em on the bus. Things 
come into focus noiv . . . maybe it won't be suc/i a bad day 
after all. But there's that hour test . . . a chance to pull the 
plug and let the knowledge pour forth — or drip pitifully . . . 
:')() minutes to shoiv that you've done the reading, or to bluff 
and hide the fact that you haven't . . . The thrill of ivriting 
a good e\ani. the desfxiir (f failure . . . it's alt in a morning's 




At least the publicity is ^ood 

has c just enough to net inc thiough 

Sunday noon exodus. 

f \ng^ 



^B^^BhBH^w 'j0^S'^^^^1 

.Study breaks find sludcnts actixclv eima^'id in heated discussions. 

First in line, the onlv 

^fOO.^' . . . I'uilnilltis lidylily ajnii ay a iiud-day .s/ioivcr 
suddenly drenches the campus- why catit we have just one 
nice day? . . . but the monsoon season drags on, and on. and 
on. Stand in line for lunch — spend half your life standing 
in line . . . maybe they'll serve something I like for a change 
—Jat chance — well, I'll be, a new way to serve hanburger, 
or is it mystery meat? Prepare for afternoon classes and 
labs — should have done it last night. Saturday noon, when 
the early birds make it to the Stadium to walcli the Devils in 
pre-game warm-ups, to save seats for Bill and Si/r. Bob and 
Jean, Jerry and DeeDee . . . why couldn't they get here 
themselvesl No rain today . . . unbelieveable. Med-students 
eating, chatting, studying on the Hospital steps . . . golf 
bags being dusted— just going to hit some off the tee . . . or 
ojf to P.E. . . . speedbalL volleyball, tennis,, 
what won't they think iif next? Sunday noon . . . the church 
crowd letting out. stiff -looking suits and dresses being 
swapped for soinctliing more comfortable . . . an afternoon 
in Saralis Gardens, or ti /Inrr ni the country. Noon — a time 
for appointments, endless rides from East to West, West 
to East, here now, there later . . . a crucial hour of the day. 
but they're all important. Cant waste time . . . hurry, rush, 
go! Caught up in the stream of campus life, morning yields 
to cfternoon, afternoon to evening, day to day, week to 
week, growing all the time. . . . 


The shadow kn 


S i 

AFTERNOON . . . When some are just rousing them- 
selves from the sack and others are returning Jar a quick 
nap . . . East dorms hold clumps oj bridge jans, squeezing in 
a rubber before sixth period, or adding another Jew rows 
to the current sweater . . . Chatter, discussions, a time to 
read, "Life,'" "Time," "Sports Illustrated," "Playboy," 
"Mad," or finish the Sunday "Times" Crossword Puzzle- 
Then classes again . . . longer-than-usual afternoon variety 
(so hard to stay awake.) But ifs worth it, having a class 
only twice a week — Fridays and Saturdays are that much 
better. Long hours in engineering labs . . . and outside, stu- 
dents and transits dot the lawn in a fury of surveying . . . ^o, 
physics, and chemistry labs — peculiar odors of sulphur or 
formaldehyde, miscroscopes and squinting eyes, original 
drawings, lab reports . . . The art studio . . . aroma of 
paints and turpentine . . . the struggle to capture a fleeting 
inspiration . . . the amazing variety of interpretations of a 
single subject . . . And language labs . . . earphones, muddle, 
garbled sounds flow much too quickly- another half -hour 
gone. Some try to study in the afternoon to keep the evening 


free fur lugger and better ihing.s, heading ivith diieriiiinatiou 
to the 'brarj! . . ./utile search for a vital hook . . . lurfor- 
gettable feel and smell oj books, newspapers, magazines, 
note cards, washable ink. Afternoon and the campus i\ 
functioning {except for the Administration buildings, clti.srd 
till two) . . . Some go to fart-time jobs — work in the hiis- 
pital . . . volunteer girl.\ in pink ^//;«7,a . . . pn-meds serve 
as psychiatric ward nltendants . . . or jub.s at clothing stores, 
at the laundry, in llir I 'nmn . . . afternoon obligations with 
scout troops III uilli I he children at Edgemont. All sorts of 
activities going mi: Joolliall practice, or basketball, or base- 
ball, or tennis, m /ticrosse, or the ever-popular (juad ball 
. . . set-painting and rehearsals in Branson or Page. 
posters being silk-scrcenrd. Pub Row typists sitting n 
furious pace, activity in the "i"" offices, telephoiii calls. 
messages sent and never answered. Friday a/ternomi a 
visit to the bank . . . a return visit mi .Monday . . . "What 
a balance — eighty-two cent.s\" Must write the folks . . . 
Take a wad and head for the College Shop or the record 
store . . . broivsing in the Gothic- "If I only had time to 
reacf . . . Or. if the weather holds, the outdoors beckon and 
the afternoon yields . . . a picnic at Um.stead Park . . . a 
six-pack at Tykey.s or the Blue Light, or at the pjio 

sun on the river, blanket on the ground Ifternoon: a 

lime to get some sun . . . soaking up the gammas to prepare 


. Vr- 

^^tfS^^r "^S 

^^jiiBBH^^^B^^ ^^— • 



"Oh by the way. k-a\c it Ions' on top 

When did you say you brought that 

As usual, the Chronicle offers complete co\erage. 

Jor the stronger rays of Florida or Myrtle . . . utter relaxa- 
tion — "Don't think Pll ever move again" . . . burn, peel, 
freckle, tan . . . bodies behind the Women's Gym, or in the 
quad, or on the roof . . . Afternoon hours for bicycle rides 
. . . exhilaration, exercise, fresh air . . . convertible rides 
to Buggs Island for careless hours of water-skiing. Two to 
fire, a time for the fastidious . . . car-washing, trips to the 
laundermat, washing and ironing . . . the well-groomed 
sitting in a barber's chair, or at the beauty shoppe . . . The 
afternoon, ivhen football games are /ilayrd in the rain, when 
snowball fights arc J ought in the uioir, when couples grace 
the tennis courts fur mixed singles and doubles, when the 
Betas /i///v lo-liii. when social committees decorate for Sat- 
urday night blowouts . . . The (diimc.s Duke' .s dinner gong 
. . . might as well stop whatever you're doing . . . can't stop 
the music . . . long queues of " Chronicle'' readers in the 
Union, meal tickets ripping along the dotted line . . . another 
glorious sunset. 

Afternoons filled with studious endea% 

■nm 1 :0n to fi:On. 


The DeMl's Den. 

Just a moment miss, I'll get yon a Kleene 

EVENING . . . and now what tu do? . . . what tu do? Sta- 
tistics shoiv that during the week most under grads stud) — at 
least for an hour or so . . . the problem is, where? The chapter 
room is a losing cause . . . lib is packed and stuffy . . . some 
try classrooms, others go to East for what are loosely termed 
"study dates'" in the dorm parlors or fishbowls. And there 
arc always those who prefer the quiet confines of their own 
room . . . pencils, legal pads, cigarettes, coffee, and other 
yinnulants surround the seeker after truth or a diploma or 
(I 2.0 as he bangs out papers, reports, asMgnnirnts. The 
Dope Shop, vending machines, chowmen. Eoy\\. lops, the 
Owl for some suds — anything to relieve the pressure. Worn 
out typewriter ribbons, Jioisy - roommates and neighbors, 
stereos with sleepy music, the frustrations of the student. 
Everything falls due the same iveek . . . cramming, jamming, 
ivriting, researching, ivonderirig, panicking . . . ''Damn, 
wish they sold No-Doz ot the Dope Shop'" . . . will it ever 
end? No one studies all the time . . . evenings are packed with 
temptations to lure many away from the books. Intramural s 
— sneakers and gym odors, hard play, enlhusKiMu . . . and 
basketball games that can't be missed. Meet nigs . . . dis- 
cussions, plannings, committees, friends, controversies, un- 

And into the nigh 


Now once more: "To Hell with Oarolinii 

Cafeteria employee waits to clear the table 

Exams are finished ! 


see?) time drifting by. And the other attractions . . . educa- 
tional, social, cultural — concerts, movies, plays, forums, 
quorums, speakers, symposiums, in endless array. Variety 
. . . the music lover may hear Eugene Ormandys Phila- 
delphia Orchestra or the Dave Brubeck Qiiartet . . . the 
flicks fan may be entertained by Bergman or Bardot . . . the 
theater lover drawn to Girardoux or Thurber. Ticket stubs 
and Playbills add up to "education'' or a "broadening of 
one's cultural horizons" . . . hut also recreation, amusement, 
escape. After six is also the time fur out and out night life — 
parties, dates, drinks, dancing, or a night uith the gang 

A scene from .1 I'liiirb i Cannnd. 

-4 -4 

The Angus Barn for dinner 

'Dat's mv soil I 

. . . the hours for movies and gatherings at the Rock with 
a bonfire and marshmallows . . .for sledding on Union trays 
when there' s snow on the groi/iid . . . or bowling, or a rare 
roast beej sandivich at the Ral . . . steaks at the Angus Barn 
or the Ranch . . . pizza with Bat. The scramble for dates 
. . . East sits home ivhile West swears that "everyone is 
dated up for weeks'" . . . the cosmetic rites for someone 
special . . . showers, .sharing cream, hair dryers, cologne 
. . . frat .songs and comho.s . . . the '"Hot .Nuts,'" "Sceptres'' 
. . . twilling, laiiglihr. dcdfiiiing liilantv, unleashed inhibi- 
tiun.s, g/(iring puiity lights . . . d.spinn before bed, Alka- 
Seltztr III the iiiorning. So it goes, one day after another . . . 
all are .uinilar. yd eiieli di/fcr.s in some slight way . . . mood.s 
change and the day i.s gmid. had. indifferent — despair, joy, 
tore. Iragi'dy. rxci/mirn/. fatigue — a helpless 
I motional cliuo.s. A typical day, multiplied by many to equal 
the four years of college life, pregnant years, unique, elusive 
. . . irredeemable, irretrievable, fleeting, wistful, memorable. 



If a thing of beauty is a joy forever, a yearbook 
can help preserve the qualities that constitute this 
precious abstract. The following pages are filled 
with the portraits of Duke co-eds who have been 
recognized as campus beauties. Whether labeled as 
beauteous, or cute, or attractive, or glamorous, 
each one is noticed, admired, or envied as an in- 
dividual. They speak with accents which place 
them as southern, northern, or midwestern, and 
represent the charms associated with various parts 
of the country. Personality and popularity are 
necessarily considered in a campus poll — a realiza- 
tion which makes a beauty crown an even more 
meaningful honor. The Chanticleer is proud to 
present these lovelies — the cream of Duke women — 
not only intelligent, fun-loving and friendly, but 
each and every one a beauty in her own right. 





. S-:^ 













Chosen last year as the Nurses' Beauty Queen, 
Miss Betsy Woodhall now bears the title of the 
Chanticleer Queen. This is the third appearance 
in the beauty court for this lovely Durham belle. 
Selected from a group of nine girls from East and 
Hanes, Betsy was crowned on NoNcmber 10 at the 
annual Co-ed Ball. 

A fcjrmer resident of East Clampus, Betsy is now 
a junior in the School of Nursing. She enjoys French 
literature, doubtless an intiuence of her days as a 
French major in the Woman's College. Other 
favorite pastimes include horseback riding and keep- 
ing in contact with her sorority. Kappa Kappa 
Gamma. After graduation, Betsy would like to 
apply her nurse's training in a private surgical 

ml. M, Uclncr, Editor and Publisher of P/aybov 
ic, selected the 1962 Chanticleer Beauty Queen. 

Betsv is crow 

ness Manager |er 




This year's Homecoming Queen and last 
year's Chanticleer Queen, this Kappa Alpha 
Theta girl is a senior from Memphis, Ten- 
nessee. Delia is majoring in French, and is 
a resident of Southgate. 



A senior Hanes girl, Betsy makes lier perma- 
nent home in Sylva, North Carolina. She is 
a music and dancing enthusiast, and enjoys 
tennis, bowling and horseback riding. Betsy 
also appeared in this year's Homecoming 



•^ *^ 




Jan hails from Wenham, Massachusetts, and 
is a junior this year. Her academic major is 
art history; a second love is listening to classical 
music. Jan is a resident of Pegram House. 



This is tlic second appearance in the Beauty 
C'ourt for this Bassett sophomore from Hart- 
ford City, Indiana. Julie is studying German, 
and is a Kappa Kappa Gamma. An a\id 
swimmer, she life-guards during the summer. 



A senior from Indianapolis, Indiana, Renie 
is majoring in history and plans to teach. She 
was a Rush Advisor this year, and appeared 
in the Homecoming Court representing Pe- 
gram. Her sorority — Pi Beta Phi. 


A sophomore from Hanes House, Carol makes 
her second appearance in the Beauty Court. 
The activities of this Haworth, New Jersey 
miss include being a cheerleader, an FAC, 
and a member of Student Union. 



The only freshman in the Beauty Cburt this 
year, EmeHa makes Jarvis her campus home. 
She is ft-om Gaffney, South Carolina and is 
a member of Alpha Delta Pi. She plans a 
major in elementary education. 




A Sandals member, Lucy served this year as 
President of the Sophomore Class. She is 
majoring in sociology and lives in Alspaugh 
House. A member of Kappa Delta sorority, 
Lucy is from Louisburg, North Carolina. 



IM:1 1\ ( IIWIHl.KI.IX 
1961 Homrcoming Quern 



Despite rain and a defeat by Clemson, Home- 
coming was nevertheless characterized by the high 
spirits of enthusiastic students and alumni, and by 
a variety of awards and honors. Skits, posters, par- 
ties, the Homecoming Dance, a pep rally, and a 
play constituted some of the activities of the whirl- 
wind weekend. 

At the Homecoming Show in the Indoor Stadium 
Friday night, Giles House placed first in the skit 
competition with its "Clemsonus Vulgarus Ameri- 
canus," while Sigma Nu took top honors in the 
fraternity displays with "Back to Death Valley." 
House K edged the other freshman houses to win 
first with their display, and the KKG's won the 
sorority poster contest. 

The highlight of the show was the crowning of 
the 1961 Homecoming Queen, Miss Delia Chamber- 
lin, by Football Captain Jack Wilson. This was just 
a continuation of past history for lovely Delia who 
has been featured as the "Peeress" and was last 
year's CIh.anticleer Queen. 

1961 HOMECOMING COURT— /^// / 
Rose, Madeline Hartsell, Karen Hanke 

• righl: Ann Leinbach, Bertha Bass. Mary Kay Sv 
Renie Lilly. Betsy Crawford, Molly Hershey. 

Delia Chamberlin, Martha Drummond, Melinda 


The May Queen and her court are senior girls 
selected from representatives of each East Campus 
dormitory. The election is sponsored by Social Stand- 
ards, and emphasizes not only beauty, but also serv- 
ice and contribtitions to the campus as qualifications. 
The May Queen, who is presented to the campus 
during the Joe College Parade, also represents Duke 
at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington. This year's 
Queen is Renie Lilly, a Pegram girl from India- 

Mav Oup.n 

M,\^• ClOLIRT: Lois Eby. Karen Hanke, Martha McGonigle, and Kay Ul 





Each year the Nurses' Beauty Queen is selected 
from candidates representing each class of the School 
of Nursing. The election is l^cld in December, and 
the Queen and her court are presented at the Nurses' 
Christmas Ball. Carol Rogers, a sophomore from Ha- 
worth, New Jersey, received the honor this year. 
Carol also appears in the 1962 Chanticleer Beauty 
Court and is familiar to Duke sports fans as a cheer- 


Nurses' Beauty 



It would perhaps be an overstatement to say that 
there have been extra-curricular activities as long- 
as there have been colleges and universities. And 
yet, students have always found time to explore 
and develop their avocations or hobbies, to make 
friends who share their interests and to exercise cer- 
tain talents. The Duke campus houses organizations 
and clubs of every conceivable description and pur- 
pose, for those interested in government, in religious, 
cultural, or political discussion, in student publi- 
cations, in sailing, in music, and so on down an 
endless list. Rare is the student, and a dull Jack 
he would be, who is not involved in at least one ac- 
tivity; for student organizations are an educational, 
as well as a recreational and social experience. What- 
ever the activity in which he participates, the student 
is part of a private undertaking, sharing the responsi- 
bility for the success or failure of the endeavor, and 
developing as a person and citizen. 


SENATE iClockwi 




, S. 




. \V 







, K 

. Espy. 









:■. S. 


, F. 





;-dy. B. 



In order to facilitate its aim of providing efTective 
student government, tlie Men's Student Govern- 
ment Association has made numerous improvements 
in its internal workings. In the fall, the need to fill 
the Senate vice-presidential vacancy led to a clarifica- 
tion of the constitution, which had, in the past, 
called for a special election to fill a vacancy occurring 
during the first semester. A new precedent was 
set by stipulating that each candidate in .such an 
election must submit the names of at least one hun- 
dred M.S.G.A. members as well as a ten dollar filing 
fee. The special election made Sam Ellis the new- 

A plan specifying the method of initiating con- 
stitutional refercndums was adopted. Under this 
provision, a petition that urges a proposed amend- 
ment must be signed by a htmdred students, and 
have the approval of two-thirds of the Senate, in 
order for a campus-wide election to be called. 

In addition, the senate adopted definitive criteria 
for the future chartering of campus organizations. 
The new procedure states that an organization must 
submit for M.S.G.A. approval a constitution, a 


Fowler, President 

MSGA Senate membe 
Wednesday night mee 

Statement of purpose, and a list of members. The 
organization will then be granted a one-year pro- 
visional charter, after which time the organization's 
program will be reviewed and, if approved, granted 
a permanent charter. 

M.S.G.A. has, this year, proved itself more than 
effective in representing student opinion and negoti- 
ating student wishes for more responsibility. Be- 
sides supporting student arguments concerning such 
issues as administrative censorship, present traffic 
and parking regulations, and Allen Building's re- 
fusal to allow free cuts for President Kennedy's ap- 
pearance at UNC, the student government succeeded 
in securing a revision of the off-campus drinking 
law, which now allows alcoholic beverages to be 
served at organized, off-campus social functions. 
Keeping in mind its objective of improving life at 
the University, the Men's Student Government 
Association this year initiated a self-government 
program for freshmen under the new "Code of 
Responsible Living," and worked for the approval 
of an unlimited free cut system. M.S.G.A.'s presence 
was felt in all phases of campus actixity. 



WSGA COUNCIL— A7/,>.^.- B. Bums, J. Toiichton. 
M. Seyfert, D. Graham. Sec y. ; S. Weeks, V.P. ; 
Karen Hanke, Pres. ; K. Ulmer, S. Harrison, Treas. ; 
S. Gronemeyer, A. Irwin, M. Hartsell, A. Strickland. 
Standing: S. Curry, M. Rose, C. Kitchen, N. Murray, 
S. Spratt, S. Upchurch, L. Burton. M. Evans. N. Heilmann. 

The Women's Student Government A.ssociation 
co-ordinates and governs the activities of the Wom- 
an's College. In addition, W.S.G.A. seeks to stimulate 
the free exchange of ideas among students in regard 
to campus, local, and national issues. Each student, 
as a member of the Association, has the right to pre- 
sent her ideas and express her opinions on these 
issues in the weekly meetings of the Council and in 
the monthly meetings of the entire student body. 

W.S.G.A. was swept up this year in the tide of 
progressive thought and action which permeated 
the University Community. Through the joint efforts 
of M.S.G.A. and W.S.G.A., the off-campus drinking 
rule was relaxed and the responsibility of making 
the new rule work was given to the students. In 
another joint maneuver, M.S.G.A. and W.S.G.A. 
drew up the guidelines for a Student-Faculty-Ad- 
ministration Committee. By the end of the year, this 
Committee had become a reality and the student 
problems and student-faculty communications were 
being channeled through this Council. 

The W.S.G.A. Council sponsored student dele- 
gates to the NSA National Convention, the State 
Student Legislature, and the Regional UN General 


Assembly. W.S.G.A. also conducted a spring Leader- 
ship Training Program to encourage student par- 
ticipation in campus affairs. The Council also fostered 
a Course Evaluation Committee to examine such 
problems as voluntary class attendance, the honors 
program, and the Freshmen Course Advisory system. 

llie central organ of the Association is the 
W.S.G.A. Council, composed of W.S.G.A. officers, 
class rcprcsentatix'cs, ffouse presidents, and chair- 
men of the W.S.G.A. auxiliaries. The Council acts 
as the executive and legislative branch of the As- 
.sociation. Judicial powers rest in the Judicial Board, 
while the House Presidents' Board and the House 
Vice-Presidents' Board co-ordinate W.S.G.A. and 
dorm activities. Sandals, Social Standards, Fresh- 
men Advisory Council, National Student Association, 
Co-ordinate Board, Foreign Student Committee, 
and the Campus Chest are all auxiliary committees 
of the Council. 

The Council has attempted to attract the student 
body to its deliberations and undertakings. Through 
the W.S.G.A. newsletter, the Chronicle, and campus 
and dorm discussions, the student body was kept 
abreast of the problems and progress of the Council. 

' rt 






The Nurses' Executive Board co-ordinates and 
supervises the activities of the Nurses' Student 
Government Association. It seeks to develop indi- 
vidual responsibility through the Honor Code and 
to assure the enforcement of the Association Con- 
stitution. The Board is composed of the officers of 
N.S.G.A., the Chairmen of N.S.G.A. committees, 
and the president of the freshman class. This year, 
its activities included a complete revision of the Con- 
stitution and preliminary measures toward a campus- 
wide organization including M.S.G.A. and W.S.G.A. 
The Board also divided the duties of the vice-presi- 
dent of N.S.G.A. and the Judicial Board Chairmen. 

The social calendar of the C^ouncil was filled with 
student-faculty coffees, held in the Hanes House 
parlor, the Christmas Dance, and the presentation 
of the Nurses' Beauty Queen. The Executive Board 
completed the year with an evaluation retreat. 

Nancy Bond, President 


Row 1: P. Drewry, E. Kurlbaum, N. Bond, J. Stephens, A. Pratt. Row 2: P. Twigg, D. McKa 
E. Havens, C. Kreider. 

, A. Donnelly, S. Norwood, A. His. A. Kr 


J. Gobbfl. Slimilmg: R, Cox, C. Rose, D. Chapin, K. Whitmorf 


The Engineer's Student Council serves as an 
essential link between the Administration and the 
student engineer. Formed to represent the students 
in their relationships with the public and the fa- 
culty, the Council adopted its constitution in March 
of 1953. The chief governing body of engineering 
students also works to unite the activities of all stu- 
dent organizations within the College. The Council's 
seats are occupied by engineering class presidents, 
professional society representatives, four elected of- 
ficers, and two members-at-large. 

President Bill McCutchen has led the E.S.C. in 
such projects as redecorating and maintaining a 
student lounge and establishing a Student Long 
Range Planning Committee for the College of Engi- 
neering. Programs were held to aid freshmen in se- 
lecting a major. The Council also sponsored the 
annual Ena,incer's Show. 


McCutchen. President. 




Roy Bostock, Chairman 

The Judicial Board, instituted nine years ago as 
tlie official judicial branch of the M.S.G.A., con- 
venes weekly. The Board acts as a court in hearing 
cases referred to it by the Dean's office which involve 
misdemeanors of West Campus students. While the 
Board is primarily devoted to deciding on discipli- 
nary measures, it also guides, not merely punishes, 
those who appear before it. The Board interprets 
the M.S.G.A. Constitution and is the final judicial 
authority on campus. All decisions, however, are 
subject to administrative review. 

The Judicial Board frequently consults freshman 
house presidents, IFC and IDC officers, and 
epresentatives of the administration in deciding a 
case. Trial procedure calls for closed sessions and 
allows the defendant to present witnesses in his de- 
fense. The tribunal is composed of nine junior or 
senior men appointed by the M.S.G.A. President 
and approved by the Senate. 

Lijl to right: Heath Boyer. Frances Walker, Morris Williams, Marvin 
Quattlebaum, Roy Bostock. jerry Pieh, Mel Thrash, Bill Grain, Rex 


The desire of the Woman's C'ollege Judieial Board 
is that each co-ed, in her growth as an individual, 
incorporate an understanding of the basis on which 
East's regulations were instituted — the basis of per- 
sonal honor, self-responsibility, and co-operation. 
This idea has been strengthened by granting more 
privileges and by stressing the Code of Campus Liv- 
ing. The Code has meant that, as it is a student's 
responsibilty to uphold the standards of her school, 
it is likewise her duty to report to the Judicial Board 
when she is guilty of some violation. 

The Board is composed of one representative 
from each East Campus dormitory. The chairman 
and the secretary are elected by vote of the student 
body. The twelve members of the Board serve as a 
Board of Appeals for cases which arise in House 
Judicial Committees and the Traffic Court. Each 
Judicial Representative presides over the judicial 
proceedings in her own dormitory. 

Seatrr/: J. Stewart, P. Welt. K. Ulmer, V. Cionin, K. Home. M. Biddle. 
Standing: L. Waters, B. Proctor. D. .-Mbers. J. Shurtliff. J. Anderson 
G. .Schoenlv, M. Ficklin, 


Kav Ulmer. Ghairman 



Row I: P. Drewry, A. Hix, L. Kurlbaum,J. Stephens. Row 2: S. Scheider- 
bauer, M. VVoiman, V. Klincr, M. Robertson, G. Peterson, C. Hartline, 
N. Espenshade. 

When the Nurses' Student Government was formu- 
lated in 1942, the Judicial Board was included as a 
part of that organization's general structure. The 
Board convenes weekly to try any infractions of the 
rules legislated by the SGA. The twelve -member 
body is also co-ordinated with the Nurses' Social 
Standards Committee, and it tries cases referred to 
its own docket by that group. While both the Honor 
Council and Social Standards Committee have im- 
mediate jurisdiction, the Judicial Board is the ulti- 
mate authority. On a broader scale, the Judicial 
Board is responsibile for supervising, in a sense, all 
phases of student conduct, especially those matters 
which concern the welfare of Hanes House girls. 

The Board Chairman is the Vice-President of 
N.S.G.A. The other members of the judicial body 
are the Chairman of the Honor Council, the Chair- 
man of Nurses' Social Standards, the Recording 
Secretary of SGA, the vice-presidents of each 
class, and an additional representative from each of 
the four undergraduate levels. 


Row 1: A. Wriulit. X liond, P. Drewry, A. Hix, S. Morrison. Row 2: 
E. Talbot, P., A. Donnelly, S. Onken, M. Johnson, B. Barclay, 
B. VVaaland. J. Appleyard. Not Pulured: L. Lundholm, B. Otis. 

The Nurses' Honor C^ouncil proxides the basis for 
the student government and life in the Nursing 
School. The purpose of the Council is to assist co-eds 
in maintaining high standards of conduct under the 
honor system. Because of its great success, nurses 
have enjoyed many privileges which otherwise would 
not have been granted. 

The Council is composed of a chairman elected 
by the school at large, three members of each class, 
three faculty representatives, and the President and 
Recording Secretary of N.S.G.A. The duty of this 
group is to try all breaches of the Honor Code, and 
the decisions of the Council are final. 

Each year, the members of the incoming class 
become a part of this system by signing, in front of 
the whole student body, a pledge of their support. 
This formal ceremony attempts to instill in the new 
student nurses a concern for integrity and loyalty, 
the foundation for both the responsibilities and privi- 
leges of an honor system. 




The Freshman Advisory Council, a coniniittee of 
the YMCA, has, since 1957, customarily returned 
to Dulce a week prior to the first day of classes, with 
the expressed purpose of advising and aiding in the 
orientation of a newly arrived crew of confused and 
bewildered freshmen. Making each new student 
feel welcome and wanted, the "Y" men lend as- 
sistance in everything from gripping freshmen lug- 
gage to slipping the young innocents tips on a pre- 
ferred prof. In addition, the FAC's supervise fresh- 
men placement tests and physical examinations. 

The seventy-two men who served on the committee 
this year were chosen from a host of applicants last 
spring. In looking back on their first hectic semester, 
the Class of 1965 will doubtless gratefully remember 
the many kindnesses shown them by the "white- 
shirted army," which acted as both advi.sor and 

Rote ;.■ J. Abbott, J. Ondcr, D. Vincent. J. Drews, R. Thomas. .S. Nmkin, 
J. Pieh, S. Ellis, J. DeGooyer, R. Vickery, R. Gumo, .S. Hodges. Row 2: 
J. Armstrong. J. Markham, R. Epes, M. Waggoner, E. Rickards. 
H. Wheeler, H. Erb, R. Briggs. W. .Alexander, G. Nelson, J, Kiser, 
D. Wheeler. E flamp. K. Young. Row 3: T. Cooley. D. Marston. G. 
Marvin. 1'. Hmkm Im 1 1 art, .S. .So. S. Tavernise, R. Clayton, D, Grin- 
stead, P. T.nlni K I lai./. j. Miles, T. Yarger, D, Wagner, B. Womble, 
C. Lynch, \\ . I'lrisdii. R, lianson, B. Barnhardt, L, Atwater, E. Schwei- 
stris. Row 1: S. Kahner, R. .Swain, L. .Smith, R. Seymour, H. Nolan. 
J. Bruen. R. Zeren. M, McManus. C. Hill. J. Roediger. C:. Edwards. 
T. Graves. B. ,\nderson. D.Johnson, S. Coleman, W. Chernish, J. Duttera. 

d Nurkin. Sam Ellis. Goodv Thomas. 

n n 

v» *# 

0,0 on ^ © f> 

Anne Strickland, Chai 

Rmv 1: E. Spence. G. Brand, J. Coble, A. Meacham. I. Dodd. K Luduin 
K. Kerr. Roiv 2: L. Car%er, V. Fisher, S. Boutwell. J. Leutvsiler. J. Weiner, 
G. Margolis, B. Gwynn, J. Moss. Row 3: A. Kennedy. A. Royse. C. Smith, 
J. Dougall. C. Dillon, M. Drummond, K. Shaw. P. Smith, J Pons C 
Smith. Row 4: R. McNeill. M. Cartwright. L. McGary. A. Barbour, 
G. Slater, S. Bennett. C. Hart. L. Given. L. Panik. P. Benedict. S. Black- 
wood. .\ol pictured: J. Bowness. K. Wallwork. R. Mills. M. McLellan 
C. Hilton, C.Jones, M. White, A. Hill. R. Robinhold. A, Curry, H. Good- 
rich, J. Perry, S. AUaway, R. Lupton. 


The members of the Women's Freshmen Ad- 
N'isory Council are selected each spring from the rising 
junior and senior classes. The student advisors are 
chosen on the basis of their understanding, responsi- 
bility, and leadership. 

Each FAC is assigned to a group of hve to eight 
freshmen girls. She introduces "her girls" to the 
Duke way of life, acquainting the freshmen with the 
Code of Campus Living, the academic program, the 
campus, the Durham community, and the extra- 
curricular organizations which in\'ite freshmen par- 

Under Clhairman Anne Strickland, the FAC's 
underwent an extensive training program in the 
spring and again in the fall to insure the success of 
Orientation Week. Stressing an intellectual approach 
to college life and prepared with general aids to 
campus adjustment, the FAC's remained available, 
throughout the .school year, to advise freshmen. 


Row 7: B. Waaland, M. Irwin, S. Scheiderbauer, L. Curtis, C. Rogers. 
Row 2: E. Smoot, M. Howe, E. Reeves, E. Rowland, D. Duhy, J. Gummy, 
P. Pecor, P. Twigg. Nol Pictured: M. Kellow, J. Ambler. 


During Orientation Week, freshmen nurses are 
introduced to Duke by members of the Nurses' 
Freshmen Advisory Clouncil. The Council is com- 
posed of fifteen rising sophomores who act as friends 
and advisors of the freshmen throughout their first 

The Council was formed in 1954 to assure fresh- 
men of a more efficient adjustment to the campus 
and to nursing ideals. Patterned after the FAC 
groups of Trinity and the Woman's College, the 
Council replaced the N.S.G.A. orientation program, 
which had failed to foster the desired relationships 
between freshmen and upperclassmen. 

The Council's activities begin with the careful 
scheduling of events for Orientation Week. These 
preparations culminate with the arrival of the new 
class. Large orientation classes and smaller discus- 
sion groups are conducted to acquaint the girls with 
the regulations and customs of the Nursing School. 
The Council members also sponsor tours and parties, 
and assist with class elections and the N.S.G.A. 
Rules Test. 

Sue Scheiderbauer, Chairman 

Lee Sammons, Ch, 


Through the cH'orts of the Engineer's Guidance 
Council, the newly-arrived engineering student is 
encouraged to meet the challenges confronting him; 
to face the demands of his required courses and, at 
the same time, to swim, without being drowned, in 
the constant stream of extra-curricular activities. 
As part of its program, the Council sponsors tutoring 
sessions in physics before each hour examination in 
that department. Assistance is also available in other 
basic engineering courses — calculus, geometry, and 
mechanical drawing. 

Only five years old, the accomplishments and 
influence of the Council have steadily increased. 
Keeping personal contact with freshmen throughout 
the year, the forty-five man group was headed this 
year by Lee Sammons and Don Dettmering. The 
Council's members are chosen after spring inter- 
views and are selected on the basis of maturity, de- 
pendability, and academic performance. 

Roiv 1: L. Sammons, J. Taylor, R.Johnson, B. Hertslet, P.Jackson. Row 2: 
H. Shaffer, D. McCaig, W. Taylor, T. Ward, M. Nickrlsburg. Rmv 3: 
J. Nilsson, B. Hunt, A. Dula. T. Gallagher, I.. ( :..u( h. A>,.., /.■ J. Wanklvn. 
F. Rolle, G. Summers, T. Levy, G. Kingsbur\ . 

The purpose of the National Student Association 
is to learn and employ the ways of strengthening 
student governments, of stimulating student interest 
in national affairs, and of dealing with domestic and 
foreign issues which affect students on U.S. campuses. 
Slicing through traditional barriers- -social, political, 
racial and religious -the NSA attempts to be a 
representative voice of American student opinion, 
seeking to further the ideal of a world-wide commun- 
ity of students, based on common problems, com- 
mitments, and goals. 

On the international level, NSA provides inex- 
pensive tours of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin 
America. Member schools profit from the exchange 
of ideas as well as from the chance to contribute to 
such organizations as the American Council on 
Education. A leadership course for student govern- 
ment candidates is but one benefit off^cred to the 
individual by the Association. The NSA is, finally, 
a link between campus organizations and the na- 
tional headquarters in the co-ordination of opinions 
on such issues as the Peace C^orps. 

Sally Spratt and Bob Gulp, C:o-oid 


A'«r /; D. Maiston. C. Silkftl. li. Clulp. S. Spratt. D. Fuitunc. M. Natlianson. M. \\>ir. R. Haskell, C. .\rmour. Row 2: B. Washljiini. : 




■ < • 

4—- ^ ^ -^. 


The Cburt of Appeals, a governing and judicial 
body, convenes each Tuesday e\cning to iiear and 
consider student violations. As suggested by its 
name, the Court enables students to appeal decisions 
pertaining to such violations as parking tickets or 
damage to University property. Since its inception 
H\'e years ago, the Court's powers have been greatly 
expanded; it is a body through which students ha\e 
assumed more responsibility and a greater voice in 
the regulation of campus life. 

The jurisdiction of the Court coxers all cases in- 
volving student traffic violations, students' liabilities 
for dormitory damage, and delinquency in the pay- 
ment of Student Government Association fees. This 
year, the court was given the authority to handle 
cases involving ''quad ball" violations and those re- 
lated to the passing of "rubber"' checks by students. 

Carl Zielonka. Richard Zercn, Pat Coughlan. Chair 
man; Charles Hill, John Walker. 


During Orientation Week, the Traditions Board 
acquaints male freshmen with the traditions which 
will aid them in their personal growth and which 
will affect their conduct as both students and alumni 
of Duke. The ultimate aim of the Board is to inform 
incoming students of the true purposes of the Uni- 
xersity and to help them realize the values of a col- 
lege education. 

The Board completes the greater part of its work 
during Orientation Week, when it distributes his- 
tories of Duke. At this time, freshmen are encouraged 
to write an essay on Duke traditions. The Board 
selects a winning paper and the prize essay is read 
during an assembly program, presided over by the 

Dick Vincent, Llovd Griflith. and Tom Dawson. 


The Co-ordinate Board, an auxiliary of WSGA, 
acts as a liaison between the administration-faculty 
and the student body, working to improve relations 
and to promote a greater understanding between 
these groups. 

Utilizing its powers of suggestion and recom- 
mendation, the eighteen-member Co-ordinate 
Board, headed by Chairman Les Burton, sent letters 
of welcome to new professors, sponsored Pan-he I 
lectures on sororities for the co-ed frosh, and wrote 
letters to professors on suggested classroom policy, 
rhe Board also maintained an exam file in the East 
Campus library. One of its regular duties is to or- 
ganize and execute the course registration system 
each semester. These and the many smaller "co- 
ordinating" services of the Board result in easier 
and smoother campus life. 

Seated: F. Halla, J. Baker, L. Burton, P. Dadakis, M. Edwards. Standing: S. Appleton, P. Pugh, C. Corbin, P. Nolan. J. Wagoner, M. Mitchell. 
B. Swain. Not Pictured: L. McGary, C. Campbell, C. Carpenter, N. Overton, L. Gillooly. 


The foreign student program at Duke pro\icles 
its members witli an opportunity to exchange cul- 
tural ideas and to be absorbed in the stream of stu- 
dent life on an American campus. These goals are 
accomplished through the activities of the Interna- 
tional Club. Special events this year included a cos- 
tume ball, fair-weather outings, and several dinner- 
dances. Jvlany of these programs were open to all 
Duke students. Closely co-ordinated with the Inter- 
national Club is the Foreign Student Committee of 
W.S.G.A. This committee organized two fund- 
raising projects, the proceeds of which went to the 
International Club and to the support of a foreign 
student on East. 

One of the frequ 


Some years ago, a group of public-spirited Dur- 
liain citizens provided an on-campus meeting room 
for Duke day students. From this beginning, the 
Town Men's Club came into existence and has since 
expanded its influence and its range in campus life. 
Sponsoring socials and services, and imbued with a 
fraternal spirit, the club has sought to bring its 
twenty-six members into closer association with the 
activities and the athletic program of Duke. 

Club meetings this year were presided over by 
President Robert Bland and were held Thursdays 
during fifth period. Included among the year's proj- 
ects were a coat service for events held in Page Audi- 
torium, active participation in the intramural pro- 
gram, and such club gatherings as dances and din- 
ners, cook-outs and cabin parties. Growing and going 
farther than ever before, the club also worked on 
improN'ing the appearance of its meeting room. 

Row 1: E. Ta\crnis<-. J. Waggoner, K. McCullers. Rmr 2. 

G. Timblin. B. Bland, H. Margolis. Roiv 3: D, Harris 
K. Stallings, S. Tavernise, J. Kimrey, Row 4: L, Smitli 
B. Biorkut'll. I. Ward. 


This year the East and West Campus Chests com- 
bined forces to raise money for charitable organiza- 
tions. The fall drive began with a Kick-Ofi" Banquet 
on November 5 and culminated with a respectable 
percentage of each Chest's $3,000 goal being reached. 
The Chest accepted student pledges, which were 
collected in early February. 

M.S.G.A. supervises the West Campus Chest and 
determines the amount each organization will 
receive. Among the organizations which received 
donations from the drive on West were CARE, 
Radio Free Europe, and MEDICO. On East, the 
supervision and distribution is accomplished by 
means of the Clampus Chest Committee. Such 
groups as the Edgemont Community Center, the 
Foreign Student Fund, and the Alice M. Baldwin 
Memorial Scholarship were recipients of East funds. 

C:H.MRMEN--.'\rnie Effron, 
Malevan, Hancs. 

Sealed: D. Dan 
well, S. Stronc 

Schroder, B. Ross, A. Kohn, C. Frcv. L Booe, K Rav J S \. 
Dr. Weitz, E. Griffith, K. Shaw, B. Ciain, H Boyei , B. Heidnck, G. Thori 

I )i hi k \ oune;, S Levinson. 
Hall, Di Hcnnit;ei, Mrs. Pra 

Shinding: S. Bras- 


The Duke Symposium has become an educational 
event which challenges the University to a new- 
awareness of world problems. The three-day pro- 
gram of lectures, forums, and informal seminars 
provides Duke students with the opportunity to 
hear outstanding speakers and to participate in a 
discussion of a topic of interest, chosen by the Com- 

Last March, the Committee presented "Power 
Structures — Context for Creativity," which sought 
to determine the effects that the complexity of mod- 
ern living may have on the creative individual, espe- 
cially in the fields of economics, education, and the 
arts. John Ciardi, Poetry Editor of the Saturday Re- 
view, Dr. Edward Shober, Professor of Education in 
Psychology, and Morehead Wright of the General 
Electric Company sat on the panel. 

Arrangements for the Symposium are made by a 
committee of student and faculty representatives. 
During the year, this group conducts a symposium 
study program, and arranges interviews for prospec- 
tive members. 


Ray, Chairman. 


The Student Union, a center of campus activities, 
was founded in 1955 to stimulate and co-ordinate 
student programs. Individual emphasis in various 
fields is entrusted to seven major committees, in- 
cluding Music and Arts, Social, Educational Affairs, 
Recreational, Major Attractions, Special Services, 
and Publicity. The policies of the Union are set by 
an eleven-member Board of Governors. The Board 
of Chairmen then executes these policies through 
their various committees. 

The committees plan programs and sponsor such 
events as travel seminars, dance lessons, bridge 
tournaments, art and photography exhibits, and the 
Ride Bureau. The Union brought a variety of enter- 
tainment to the campus with concerts by the Weav- 
ers, Dave Brubeck, and Joan Baez. A Thurhcr Carnival 
was presented, and Jose Greco and his Spanish Danc- 
ers entertained in the spring. Patrick Dean and 
Robert Thompson spoke to Page audiences, and the 
Last Lecture series enjoyed a second successful year. 
Short courses were ofTered in ESP, and SU entered 
the field of improving student-faculty relations. 
Candlelight Cabarets and open houses rounded out 
the Union's social program. 

Steve Braswcll, CIha 

n.ur Biul)ra at SL"s p 

Dr. Henry .\. Kissinger chats with students following his speech 
on "Problems of American Foreign Policy." 

BOARD OF GOVERNORS—Z.,// to R.g/,1: S. C:< 
iy;C. \V. Rose, G. Slater, R. Carpent 

\V. Muipl 

COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN— Left lo Right: G. Couchell, M. Choborda, B. Wood, B. Winde 
J. Abbott. Not Pictured: S. Oehl, B. Beach. 

Chairman; P. Crawford, N. VVilliam-s, B. Graham, 



Row 1: G. Holmes. D. Peters, A. Jolly, M. Hartsell, M. Farmer, S. White, 
L. Kimbrough. Roiv J; J. VVeatherspoon, E. Fraser, O. Boswell, L. Wilkin- 
son, C. Katson, C. Larmore. Row 3: B. Gould, M. Carl, K. Watson, B.J. 
.\lbers, P. .Sun. Hansen. Chair 

A special auxiliary of the Women's Student 
Government Association, Social Standards seeks to 
promote a pleasant atmosphere on campus by 
stressing accepted standards of good taste in dr-^ss, 
manners, and conduct. A twenty-three member 
body, Social Standards is composed of two repre- 
.sentatives from each East Campus dormitory and 
three freshman women, who serve as representatives- 

"Design for a Duchess" was mailed to incoming 
co-eds during the summer. The committee later 
published the Duke Pictorial Calendar, with its 
"dates to remember." Featuring the crowning of 
the Chanticleer beauty queen, the annual Co-ed 
Ball was sponsored in the fall. The W.S.G.A.- 
Sandals Banquet and three "Twilight Hours" con- 
certs highlighted the winter social season. The com- 
mittee's active social program drew to a close with 
the election of the May Queen and her court to 
reign during Joe College. 


Ron I M Sheiman, E. Rowland, J. Stephens. M. Wescott. Ro. 
M. Spangler, L. Mayne, A. Brencman, J. Carr, M. Irwin. 


The Nurses' Social Standards Committee has 
been part of the Duke School of Nursing since the or- 
ganization of N.S.G.A. Social Standards is presently 
composed of nine members — two representatives 
elected by each class and a chairman chosen by the 
entire student body of nurses. The Committee's 
purpose is to maintain certain accepted standards 
of conduct. The regulations of the Committee serve 
to foster the development of a social and professional 
code for the student nurses to uphold. 

The activities of Social Standards this year in- 
cluded the sponsoring of a fall orientation program 
for freshmen and the sale of Social Standards Ca- 
lendars in co-operation with the East Campus 
Social Standards Committee. In addition, the re- 
vision of present regulations was taken up in several 
monthly meetings. The reward of a Committee 
member is the success of a system founded upon 
precepts of honorable and ethical conduct. 

Jane Stephens, C:hairman 


Jones, Bob Hyatt. 

Randic Carpentrr, President 

Wilder, Mike Robei 

Frederic Uollyday, Randy Clarp.-nt 


Ninety per cent of the students on West Campus 
are members of the Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion, which is proportionally the largest collegiate 
"Y" in the nation. The organization is governed 
by two principal bodies — the Board of Directors, 
made up of faculty members and the executive 
officers of the "Y", and the YMCA Cabinet, 
composed of the executive officers and the various 
committee chairmen. Most of the planning is done 
by the former group, while the latter committee 
puts the plans into action. 

The YMCA, through its activities, reaches many 
facets of campus life. The organization publishes the 
Student Handbook and Directory, sponsors a fresh- 
man orientation program, sends seminar groups to 
New York to observe the United Nations and to study 
social problems in metropolitan areas, provides 
guides for visitors, and furnishes ushers for various 
campus functions. The "Y" also sponsors religious 
seminars and vesper services, works with under- 
privileged children and organizes the annual Dad's 
Day Weekend. 


YMCA CABINET— B. Picrson.J. Snead, Secy.; B. Bouknight, M. Roberson, Treas.; R. Carpenter, Pres.; J. Jones, V.P.; T. Kerr. J. Pieh. L. VVilkii 
Not Pulmcd: F. Walker, Z. Earnhardt, A. Rimer, B. Hyatt. 

bert. C. MacLane. B. Dutton. 
S. Fox, A. Johnson, R. Rathtl 
(chairman), Z. Copeland, D. 
Brooks, J. Stivers, D. Peters, I . 
Evans, F. Peters, B. Earnhardt 
(advisor), R. Woods. D. Smith 

I'EE— SW,/,r/: B. Gwyiin. L. Eby. R. Sniatlii-is. S/,in,/,„f;: J. Mat 

J. Cannon, S. Blackwood. 

Lois Eby, Presider) 


The purpose of the Young Women's Christian 
Association is to help each student understand more 
fully the implications of her faith and act responsibly 
on the basis of this understanding. The "Y" also 
encourages its members to search for the cjuali- 
ties of knowledge, meaning, and action in education. 
This year, about TO'/r of East Campus joined the 
YWCA during its "Y Not?" campaign. Members 
of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes worked 
on study committees such as Human Relations, 
C'ampus Affairs, World Affairs, Religious Concern, 
and Social Action. A Freshman ''Y" paralleled 
work in these areas. 

The "Y" began its program Freshman Week, 
distributing meditation sheets and co-spon.soring 
a picnic. Later projects included Parent's Weekend, 
a Lenten booklet, the campus worship services, 
and a marriage seminar. The Freshman "Y" spon- 
sored a Lost and Found Sale and a Current Events 
Newsletter. Weekly discussions arranged by each 
Dorm Fellowship leader promoted interest in per- 
sonal, national, and universal problems. 

CABINET— ;?<,»• 7.- J. Geckeler, F 

J. Moss. Rciv 3: S. Peck, B. Miller, J. C 

M. Denyes, P. Smith, M. Davis, Miss B 

e, J. Oobble. R 
mnon, T. Willi 
Bendict (.Advis 

2: A. Irwin. .S. Blackwood, J. Wiimi . li. Guum, J. Rager, G. Holsinger. R. Smathers. 
L Barbour, C. Ramsey, T. .Smith, J. Ryan, L. Eby. .\ul Pu/ineJ: J. Triplett, L. Varnall, 
,J. Matthews. 

S. Gillespie, M. Ross, Sec: J. 
Sheffield, Pres.; N. Aiken, S. 
Robinson, S. Beard, B. Kirk. Rotv 
2: B. Colvin, S. Schad, S. Collins, 
B. Cooper, M. Heald, A. Pauly, 

B. Jankle. Row 3: B. Benedict, 
Advisor; S. Badgett, A. Brisen- 
dine, A. Morrison, U. Ehrhardt, 

C. Hall, Z, Hellekson, A. Curry, 
Adsisor. .\'ol Piclund: B. Johnston. 
L. Benjamin, P. Kasmar. 

Dean of the Chapel 

Associate Director of Student Re- 
Hgious Life, West 

Associate Director 
of Student ReM- 
gious Life, East 


Chaplain to the University and Director of Religious Life 

The University Chapel, the focal point of Gothic 
West Campus, is also a concrete symbol of the Uni- 
versity motto, "Eruditio et Religio." For just as the 
Chapel towers above the educational facilities which 
surround it, so life at Duke combines academic 
pursuits and religious purposes. 

The Religious Life Staff is responsible for stimu- 
lating these pursuits and purposes. The Staff mem- 
bership includes the Chaplain to the University, the 
Associate Directors of Religious Life, and the chap- 
lains of the various denominational groups. Through 
non-denominational chapel services, study groups, 
and the activities of the denominational student 
centers, the Staff co-ordinates and stresses the re- 
ligious phases of campus life. 

Through the work of the Staff and the student 
groups, undergraduates are encouraged to under- 
stand and to share their spiritual experiences. The 
Inter-faith Varsity Fellowship, the Special Observ- 
ances Committee, and the Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes aid in emphasizing the religious approj^ch, 
working through inter-racial and cultural exchange 







Rnw J: M. Ovnis, Re% . J. Clcland, B. Benedict, P. Mardin. Rntv 2: J. Dozier, Deai 
M.Jones, J. Sines, B. Rankin. Row 4: L. McClesl<ey, R.Johnson, Rev. H. Wilkinson. 

H. Strobcl, B. Griffith, Rev. B. i ly^ 

. Jolinson, 


The governing body of the \arious denominational 
groups at Duke, the University Religious Council 
stresses an inter-denominational program of religious 
services and spiritual experience. The Council's work 
is accomplished by committees and through the ef- 
forts of individual members. The Reverend Howard 
Wilkinson, University Chaplain, directs the Council, 
composed of students, the presidents and advisors of 
the student centers, and members of the faculty and 

A main concern of the Council is the Edgemont 
Community Center. Duke students and personnel 
are well-acquainted with the Edgemont children 
and attempt to further the valuable work done at 
the Center. The Council also sponsors a scholarship 
program, which enables Christians of foreign birth 
to study at Duke. Eminent theologians, philosophers, 
and artists appear on campus under the auspices of 
the Religious Council. Finally, the group publishes 
"Religious Life," a booklet which describes the 
activities and opportunities in the YWCA, YMCA, 
and other organizations. 


John Hanclson, Presiden 

Since 1932, the year in which the Duke Chapel 
was completed, the C^hapel Choir has been the 
center of reHgious musical activity. Its main purpose 
is the presentation of well-wrought inspirational 
music as accompaniment to the Chapel Services of 
Worship. In addition to these Sunday morning pro- 
grams, the Choir presented Handel's "The Messiah" 
as a traditional part of the University Christmas 
celebration. The program has become so popular 
that it is presented twice to accommodate the large 
audience. In the spring, the Choir again rehearsed 
a major oratorio; in commemoration of the Easter 
season, Mozart's "Requiem Mass" was presented. 

Under the skilled guidance of Dr. Paul Young, 
the C!hoir has earned a sound reputation and has 
been widely acclaimed for its excellent performances. 
Composed of approximately two hundred voices 
drawn from the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs, 
the Freshmen Choruses, and the University Gradu- 
ate Schools, the Choir practices long hours each 
week to perR-ct the hymns for Chapel and to polish 
he major works. 


FIRST SOPRANOS: M. Jacobus, E. Kuhl.J. Morris, B. Otis, A. Parkin- 
son, B. Slade. SECOND SOPRANOS; A. Burbridgc, J. Ford, J. Glass. 
FIRST ALTOS: M. Berube, N. Espcnshade, J. Hciser, M. Randolph, 
S. Skiles. B. Talbot, H. Thomas. SECOND ALTOS: B. Buff, G. Greef, 
M. Hightower, P. Nasser, G. Sawyer. FIRST TENORS: D. Latham, 
R. Lowrey, A. Parrent, R. Titus, L. Tyndall. SECOND TENORS: 
H. Comp, M. Dougherty, B. Do\e, B. Mulligan, D. Nagel, D. N 
FIRST BASSES: K. Byrd, T. Byrnes, T. Danek, E. Jones, E. Moore, 
J. Prevatt, B. Spangenberg, J. Williamson. SECOND BASSES: R. 
Hcitzenrater, W. Murphy, D. Ranch D. Spong, F. Slith, D. Whisnant. 

Established four years ago from a combination of 
tlic Women's Triple Trio and the Men's Double 
Quartet, the Chancel Singers arc recognized for 
superior choral achievement on the Duke campus. 

The organization enables its members to study 
and practice classical religious works on the level 
of chamber choral music. The group's membership 
is drawn from the finest voices in the Chapel Choir, 
the Men's Glee Club, and the Women's Glee Club. 
The Chancel Singers serves to enrich the members' 
knowledge and appreciation of this type of music 
and to increase the individual's ability to perform 
with accuracy and sensitivity. This year, the Chancel 
Singers presented a concert for the Duke-Durham 
community; the members also \isited several nearby 

Don Nagel, President 








■' _ ^"W 


I- 1 

14 ?r.^ 


the new Baptist Student f: 


The various denominational student organiza- 
tions at Duke aid in furtliering the goals of the Uni- 
versity by linking the activities of academic and re- 
ligious life. Each group provides a community in 
which the student is challenged to broaden and 
strengthen his faith. The centers also provide a world 
of relaxation beyond that of normal social life. In 
addition to the religious services held there, the 
centers attract students to plays, sports events, and 
thought-provoking discussions. The groups also serve 
to bring students and faculty members together. 

The denominational groups represented at Duke 
include those of the Lutheran, Society of Friends, 
Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Episcopal, Uni- 
tarian, Jewish, Baptist, and Christian Science faiths. 
The activities of these groups are co-ordinated by 
the University Religious Cbuncil. 

Episcopalians gatlier for an informal d 

iioftinif in tlio spankinc; new Piosbvti-rian St, 

Dr. Edward Stiiwcizcr addresses a Ratheiins of 
national groups. 

OFFICERS— Dick Best. Don La 




Comprised of appiuxiniatcly ciglity \uiccs, the 
Men's Glee Glub celebrated its seventy-sixth anni- 
versary in 1961-1962. The organization provides a 
diverse musical program for the campus and the 
community. The repertoire of the Club ranges from 
classical to Broadway selections, including operatic 
pieces, negro spirituals, and contemporary works 
of a semi-classical nature. 

At the beginning of the fall semester, auditions 
are held and members arc .selected. The Club was 
led this year by President Ken Byrd and directed 
by "P.Y.," Dr. Paul Young. Dr. Young was a.ssisted 
by Mr. William Waters. 

The first concert was held during the fall, as tlie 
Club presented its annual Dads' Day Concert. In 
late autumn, the singers accompanied the football 
Blue Devils to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to perform 
with the University of Michigan Men's Glee CUub. 
In March, the group went "ivy league" and teamed 
with the Yale University Glee Club for a concert in 
Page Auditorium. During the spring recess, the Club 
went on an extended Southern tour, performing 
before many audiences in Florida and the Carolinas. 

riRSr liASSES: VV. Ac- 
kerkneclit, T. Benson, E. 
Blacka. B. Blackwelder R. 
Bunn. K. Byid, D. Echols, 
S. HuRhcs, G. Huntley, 
T. Jones, H. Kim, E. 
Moore, VV. Nichols, T. 
Oglesby, N. Pennington, 
J. Schioedcr, P. Smith, 
R. Steed, S. Sziarto, J. 
Williamson. SECOND 
BASSES: M. Altmaier, J. 
Campbell, D. Coolidge, 
n. Ditmais, H. Jackson, 
N. Ketcher, A. Miles, \V. 
Murphy, R. Padgett, D. 
Rauch, J. Shackford, C. 
Smith, VV. Silberberg, F. 
Stith, D. Titus, J. West. 
Bell, F. Gerkens, VV. Horn- 
er. D. Latham. 8. Rutkin, 

,1. wi 



D. Swegcr. 
\V. Watson. 
K Best. D. 
Byrne, T. 
H. Martin, 

B. Mulligan, D. Newsome, 
D. Nuctzman, C. Parson, 
VV. Ramsey, J. Sawers, L. 
Sawers, R. Titu , T. 
Ward, P. Wharton. 

Glee C:lub journeys to Michigan. 

Mr. I'.uil \'()unR. director ol the Men': 
and Women's Glee Club. 


uncil moves on to "new Business.' 




Appearing throughout the State of North Carolina 
as well as on campus, the Women's Glee Club, di- 
rected by Dr. Paul Young, presents both sacred and 
secular music. Organized in 1927, the Women's 
Glee Club has grown to a membership of some two 
hundred upperclass women. Although serving, in 
one sense, as a training ground for the Chapel Choir, 
the group has also established itself as an independent 
organization with an outstanding reputation of its 
own. At the beginning of each semester, try-outs 
are held and members are chosen from both East 
Campus and the School of Nursing. 

The girls began the year by giving a concert with 
their West Campus counterpart, the Men's Glee 
Club. In November, the Club presented an after- 
noon progi-am in the University Chapel. Spring 
meant the annual Glee Club tour of colleges and 
towns in North Carolina. The conclusion of the suc- 
cessful season was an East Campus concert featuring 
folk songs, spirituals, and sacred music. 

Charles, W. Grandy, C. 
Hart, M. Hunt, M. Jaco- 
bus, E. Jenkins, L. Lam- 
bert, J. Morris, J. Oel- 
schlegel, A. Parliinson, C. 
Rinrhart. B. Speth, J. 
Viiitiniid. SI-XOND SO- 
PRANOS: M. Bates. M. 
lilakclcy. N. Espcnsliade, 
M. Highlower, F. Muth. 

B. Otis, S. Pierce, B. Rob- 
inson, M. Sanders, G. 
Sawyer, J. Straub, H. 
Thomas, S. Ward, C. 
J. Atkins, H. Austin, A. 
Burbridge, G. Bush, D. 
Damschroder. M. Dancy. 
K. Garlock, L. Gilbert. 
D. McGovern. P. Mc- 
Quiddy, .•■ . Patterson, B. 
Talbot, P. Wilson. SEC- 
OND ALTOS: W. Ander- 
son, S. Beemer, J. Ete- 
ridge, L. Eubank. J. Ford, 

C. Getz.J., R. God- 
win. G. Greef, R. Grier. 
C. Guerry. J. Heiser, E. 
McWhorter. P. Nasser. N. 
Pell. H. Pickett, M. Ran- 
dolph. L. Rudiger, S. Ski- 
les, J. Tolson. M. Trent, 
R. Williams. 

WOMEN'S CHORUS— /?o«- 7; S 
Glass, S. Cornwell, M. Osborne, A 
Broadwater, S. McConnell. N. Vogels 
berg. B. Gupton. Row 2: S. Badgett 
J. Weber. J. Clark, C. Cutchin, B 
'Cfiudle, L. Whitley. V. Bell. C. Whit 
field. Row 3: N. Davidson. K. Vale 
P. Mathews, G. Cox. A. Lassiter. P 
Moore, J. Titus. B. Frank. G. Kinard. 

Glass, President 


The program of the Duke University Concert 
Band is traditionally devoted to a variety of musical 
compositions, ranging from classical symphonies to 
renditions of popular and semi-classical favorites. 
Under the direction of Dr. Paul Bryan, the band 
established itself in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens for 
lawn concerts in the fall and spring, and performed in 
Page Auditorium to brighten the winter calendar. 
The Band members also participated in the Found- 
er's Day ceremony and toured Virginia and North 
C^arolina in March. 

The Band was founded in 1923, and by 1930 had 
grown from twenty to seventy members. The mem- 
bership has remained at seventy since that time. In 
recent years, stress has been placed on the quality 
of the music performed and on the educational ex- 
perience of the student participants. 

I Rhodes. President 

FLUTES: P. Hellman, M. Sader, M. Franck, N. Kimmerle, J. Wl.ite, L. Speck. M. Wheland, B. Binning, J. T. Dunn. Jr. OBOES: M. Plant P. 
Wlieat. B,^SSOONS: B. Newman, G. Bennett, B. Morgan. CLARINETS: J. O'Neall, M, Greene, R, Jones, P. Rhodes, D. Guelcher, L. Smith, 
D. Hess, C. P..p|>s, A. Snuth. B. Ramseur.J. Allen, L Gulledge. A. Austell. ALTO CLARINETS: B. Lindsey, H. Yoho, S. Broadwell. BASS CLARI- 
NETS: L. MiN.„ke,m, r, W . Smith, J. Lopp, SAXOPHONES: B. Lime, R. Booher. J. Callahan. TRUMPETS: H. .\bbot, E. Keller, R. Armbrecht, 
D. Norris, R. Vaughan, J. Abbott. FRENCH HORNS: J. Bowness, M. Cartwright, S. Weaver. N. Temple, B. Carroll, J. Weber. BARITONES: 
T. .-Anderson, K. Duke. TROMBONES: B. Trickey.J. Waggoner, M. Dunn, S. Frederick, J. Rivera, S.Jones. B.\SS: A. Smith, K. Bass, P. Norris. 
PERCUSSION: F. Bennett, J. Sites, J. Rector. STRING BASS: L. Chenault. 

VIOLIN I: J. Mueller. R. Hcaton, L. Cantrell, R. London. P. Garriss. B. McMillan. C. Atkinson, S. Boyd. J. Macl 
Turner. D. Barker. VIOLIN II: O. Miller, L. Wallace, D. Stuart, W. Martin. P. Alden. A. Bennett. I. .Samfield. R. Boal, M. Barnes. M. Parker, 
M. Ralph, M. Turner. P. Strupler. O. Gussow, K. Hunsicker, T. Caron. VIOLA: M. Renner. L. Speck. C. Kutschinski, L. Cobb, M. Butler, 
B. Moores. F. Woods. CELLO: F. Baker, H. Hertzog, M. Gilreath, C. Gerhard, D. Garb, B. Kaasa, S. Bustard. S. Davis. C. Ellington, TUBA: 
L. Chenault. STRING BASS: A. Barr, R. Ellington. D. Vickers. V. Bryan. T. Mash. M. Speck. FLUTE: P. Griffy. J. Hock, P. Hellman, M. Pea- 
body, S. Porter. OBOE: B. RoumiUat. C. Wiley, M. Plant. CLARINET: P. Gold, M. Greene. R. Jones. P. Rhodes. BASSOON: J. Henry. 
R. Newman. G. Bennett. S. Roy, FRENCH HORN: J. Huffaker. S. Seawright. C. Guptil, M. Cartwright. S. Weaver. P. Lunas. TRU.MPET; 
L. Russell. H. Abbott. E. Keller. TROMBONE: J. Cartwright. R. Trickey. M. Dunn, Jr. PERCUSSION: F. Bennett. D. Ferrcll.J. Rector. J. Dunn. 


The 1961-62 season has seen the largest and best 
orchestra in the history of Duke. It also marks the 
hftccnth season that the Duke Symphony has been 
under the direction of Mr. Allan H. Bone. The per- 
sonnel of the orchestra is drawn from the student 
body, the faculty, and other local people. Three 
concerts this year included works such as Brahms' 
First Symphony, Beethoven's ''Emperor" Concerto, 
and selections from Vittorio Giannini's opera The 
Taming of the Shrew, directed by the composer. 
Participation in the Orchestra offers one a live con- 
tact with music that he could otherwise know only 
through the long-playing record. 



D ov\'n the field they charge — in a burst of can- 
non smoke — the Duke Marching Band ! Strutting 
at break-neck speed and at seemingly precarious 
angles, the DUMB is certainly one of the more 
energetic groups on campus. 

U nder the direction of Dr. Paul Bryan, the DUMB 
appears at all home football games and several 
away games each year. Led by President and 
Drum Major Bill Morgan, the band assembled 
several times weekly for drills and rehearsals. 

M usic is not the only contribution of the DUMB. 
The spirit-rallying members cheer enthusias- 
tically in the stands as well. 

B eatnik theme or Civil War epic, the band's 
shows usually parody various aspects of every- 
day life. Once again the DUMB created its 
share of the e.xcitment of Duke football games. 

President Bill Morgan leads band out of 

MEMBERS— J. Abbott, F. Armbrecht, K. Bass, F. Bennett, R. Burow, E. Caldwell, J. Callahan, H. Chenault, S. Cherry, C. Conrad, J. Cook, 
M. Dunn, S. Dunn, C. Edwards, R. Ekker, R. Epps, A. Fabritz, W. Farris, D. Ferrell, P. Finch, D. Forsman, F. Gerkens, N. Grant, M. Greene, 
H. Greenleaf, G. Grim, R. Guelcher. P. Gurley, J. Hanna, L. Holt, R. Houyoux, F. Jerome, R. Jones, S. Jones, W. Jones, E. Keller, H. Klugel 
R. KroU, R. Lam, P. Laning, T. Lowery, J. Markham, F. McCarthy, J. McCarthy, G. Michael, \V. Morgan, J. Neis, P. Pritchard, P. Rhodes, 
J. Scuffnam. J. Simpson. J. Sites, A. Smith, W. Smith, J. Stivers, B. Taylor, D. Thomas, D. Thomasson, R. Trickey, R. Vaughan.J. Waggoner, 
II. Wald.J. Whisnant, \V. Winzeler, R. \Vright, R. Youngstrom. 




For thirty years, the Duke Ambassadors have 
entertained Duke students at dances, parties, and 
informal concerts; however, their popularity is not 
limited to the campus. Over the years, the Ambas- 
sadors have toured extensively throughout the 
Clarolinas, and as far away as the Canal Zone, Ber- 
muda, and Iceland. As ambassadors of goodwill 
for the United States Department of Defense, the 
group made foreign tours, foreshadowing the present- 
day Peace Corps. 

The band, which has served as a stepping-stone 
for musicians to such big-name orchestras as those 
of Gene Krupa, Ray Anthony, and Glenn Miller, 
continued this year to provide the University with 
both high-quality jazz and fine dance music at Joe 
College, the Homecoming Show, and other events. 

1: Ammons. O'Nt-all. Culbreath, Jones, Zinn. Ru 

nd. Pavson. Anderson. Row 3: Eenner, Pearson, 

B^H i— 

p" ^ 

^B ^l^TrJf* '- J#^ 











r* 1 

i \ 


|am.-s N. Trufsdalo. Chai 

The general policies of student publications are 
subject to the approval of the Publications Board. 
This body is not concerned with censoring the stu- 
dent press and thereby putting an end to "academic 
freedom." Instead, the Pub Board is responsible for 
maintaining certain prescribed standards of journal- 
ism on "Pub Row," which houses the student pub- 
lications. The Board also supervises commercial 
advertising in each publication. 

Receiving frequent progress reports from the of- 
ficers of the various student efforts, the Pub Board 
willingly assists in solving the inevitable problems 
which arise in the course of publication. Each spring, 
the Board elects the editors and business managers 
who will head the Archive, Chanticleer, Chronicle, 
Peer, and Playbill the following fall. The candidates 
for these postitions are requested to submit petitions 
and to be individually interviewed in helping the 
Board make its decisions. 

Fifteen voting members of the Pub Board are 
chosen from the faculty. East and West campuses, 
the School of Nursing, and the College of Engineer- 
ing. The editors and business managers of the stu- 
dent publications are ex-oflScio members. 


VOTING MEMBERS, seateil—G. Griffin. D. Fiicdlein. D. Goode. G. 
Mason, R. Windeler. C. Smith, Dr. Truesdale, Dr. Vail. E. L. Harwood. 
F. C:. Jeorg, C. Miles, E. Shearer, C. Kreider, Dean H. J. Herring. EX- 
OFFICIO MEMBERS, slanding^'R. Phillips, J. Mirsky, D. Grinstead, 
K. nuBnifT. S. Mathews, S. Strong, R. Seckinger, W. Marks, J. O'Kelley. 

,l,d: H. Norl 
Gregory, S. 

m. J. Carpenter, L, 
Mathews, B. Lavvy 

Sland'uig: J. Mirsky. S. 


The Archive was publi.shcd in the 1890's, 
when Duke University was still Trinity College. 
Since that time, it has adopted many form.ats with 
as many editorial policies. This year, under Editor 
Susan Matthews and her assistants, Jim Carpenter 
and Judy Gaddy, the Archive changed from its former 
tabloid size to a more compact magazine of 56 pages, 
published quarterly. The principal source of the 
magazine's material is still the undergraduates and 
faculty, and includes poetry, short stories, art work, 
and a broad range of essays and reviews. 

The Archive encourages student creativity and 
publishes the highest quality of writing found on 
the Duke campus. This year, it sponsored a freshman 
literary contest in November; later, Duke graduate 
students discussed the best works in an open meet- 
ing attended by freshmen. In April, the Archive spon- 
sored a reading as part of its fourth annual Festival 
of Literature. The celebration included readings by 
a prize-winning short story author from his own 
works, together with a panel discussion of poetry 
and prose submitted by University students. 

Susan Mathews, Ed 


In addition to a large-scale extra-curricular pro- 
gram — the "Booze Bowl," assorted mystical rites, 
and general "hell-raising"- -Per/, much to the sur- 
prise of Editor Ron Seckinger, published fixe issues 
this year. This feat was in itself an improvement 
over the so-called entertainment magazine's past 
publication schedule. Other important changes and 
firsts under Taskmaster Seckinger included dropping 
"The" from the masthead and the inauguration 
of "incompatible" color, an innovation in the field 
of collegiate humor magazines. Yet with all the 
thunder and din, the Mouse reigns supreme in his 
hole on Pub Row ! 

Throughout its long and illustrious career. Peer 
has introduced its staff members, some of whom 
are on psychiatric leave, to its readers, who ought 
to be psychiatric leave, via the "Peeriscope." "Peer- 
ing Around" summarizes the various and sundry 
doings of that miniature Mephistopholes, the Mouse 
himself. And each issue acquaints West Campus 
with the flowers of East by way of freshman beauties 
and the "Peeress." 

In all earnestness, students are gixen a chance to 
express their creative abilities in the artwork, car- 
toons, photography, and articles, both serious and 
satiric, that make up a Peer issue. 

Sealed: D. Friedlein, T. Rosenfeld. R. Seckinger, J. O'Kelley. Kneeling: 
J. Jerome. G. Sutter, B. Lennard. C. Corbin. S. Knobeloch, P. Crist. 
Standing: J. Wirchnitzer, B. Johnson, J. .Sawers, E. Fraser, A. .Smith, 
M. Crawford, D. McKay, R. Hess. S. Edwards, D, Rohrman, B. Pred- 
more, D. Johnson, B. Schmidt-Nielsen, \. Eckert. 


Ronny Seckinger, Edii 

James O'Kelley, Business Manager 

STAFF— Kit Young. Si 
Scala. Ken Dubroff. 

Grinstead, Neal Marshall, Dan 

Danel Grinstead, Editor. 
Ken Dubroff, Business Manager 


The aim of Duke's youngest publication is to 
proxidc Page Auditorium audiences witii critical 
rexiews, program notes, and brief Ijiographical 
sketches. Moreover, the Plavhill consolidates the 
purchase and printing of programs for campus 
productions and presentations. 

Covering such University attractions as Duke 
Players' productions. Hoof 'n' Horn shows. Glee 
Club concerts, and the Artists' Series, the staff in- 
jects originality into its programs by furnishing 
original reviews instead of relying on outside press 
commentary. With the hope of improving the maga- 
zine, each issue bears a unique and attractive cover 
and features a different arrangement of 
ments. Published fourteen times yearly, this Broad- 
way-tiavored program attempts to capture the mood 
of each performance. 

In addition to its coverage of Page productions, 
the Playbill staff also publishes an IFC handbook 
for all West freshmen. This pamphlet is distributed 
just prior to Formal Rush and relates all the perti- 
nent facts about the different Greek chapters repre- 
sented at Duke. 


Brcnda Phillips, Editor 

Jerry Butler, Business Manager 

THE 1962 

Assistant Business Managers Ward Stesenson and Da 
lohnscn: < :..-rd Business ^lana^er l.ainvl Kunhrouuh. 

With the 1962 edition, the Chanticleer cele- 
brated its fiftieth year. Having chosen yellow as the 
secondary color to symbolize this Golden Anni- 
versary, the staff" members attempted to capture 
in words and pictures the essence of another college 
year. Among the changes in this year's format were 
the use of composite fraternity pictures, the incorpo- 
ration of the School of Nursing into the main part of 
the book, and the introduction of a Greek Life sec- 

Working under extreme pressure, writers, typists, 
photographers, captioners, and sub-editors devoted 
their time and al)ilities to publishing the 400-plus 
pages of the Duke annual. Composed of students 
from all four classes, the staff' is divided into business 
and editorial sections. The major concerns of the 
business staff" are the election of the Beauty Queen, 
preparation of the directory and the classes section, 
and distribution of the book in the spring. The 
editorial staff is responsible for the rest of the book 
and includes photographers, copy-writers, sub-edi- 
tors, and the office and caption staffs. Through the 
combined efforts of its personnel, deadlines are met 
and the book takes shape. 


Beseilv Lennard. Claptions Ed 
Head Photo^raphei. 

■Stu Barr, Copy Editor. Roger Williams, Photography Editor and VVynii 
Montgomery. Assistant Editor. 

tIENI'.R.M. .ST.M'F- R,.w 1: L. Loeb. C:. Leonard. I'. 
Becton. S. Jordan. E. Heugh, A. Mace. P. Sun. .S. White. 
Ran :: S. Klein, P. Nicholas, P. Echols, B. Baumgartncr, 
L. P.ilteisnn. 1. Melton. Row 3: T. Harkrader, B. Erek, 
.S. 1-ox. r. Stitt. S. Barr. Nol P.ctmed: B. Alden. O. Boswcll. 

Da\c Goodc, Business Mananc 

Bethany Sue Strong. Editor 

BUSINESS STAFF— ,SV«/,y/; D. Will. C;. Corbin, D. Goode, 
G. Crean. Sinm/ing: B. Johnson, B. Richards, G. Harper, 
J. White. B. M.iison. 

9 ' ?' 

J ^4 ■'' 





^^Hptt IM^' 






The masthead of \'okime 57 of 7 he Duke C/ironie/e 
was headed by Editor Bethany Sue Strong and Busi- 
ness Manager David Goode. Under their guidance, 
the famihar "Tower of Campus Thought and Ac- 
tion'' offered comprcliensive, bi-weekly coverage of 
events which concerned the University community. 

A mere report of news items would tend to be 
dull reading and of little intellectual value. Conse- 
quently, the Chronicle is not only a reporter but also 
an observer and interpreter. Editorial and solicited 
comments served to spotlight "issues" on campus. 
In its desire to stimulate and activate the University 
at large, the Chroiude printed features and running 
debates on political, social, and intellectual argu- 
ments, which controversies were discussed by noted 
students and faculty members. Debates of particular 
import were given even broader coverage by means 
of the "Chronicle Forum of the Air" on radio station 
WDBS. Comments and rcNiews of books, movies, 
speakers, and other cultural events also appeared in 
each eight-page edition. 




BULLETIN: Chronule staff invades Dmham Siw offices. 
Caught in the act: Curtis Miles. .Sheila Patton, Tom Cooley, 
Mart^arett .\nn Hanell. and Fied Gerkens. 

Esther Booe, Co-ed Editor; Bob \Vi 
C:in tis Miles, Managing Editor. 

ideler, .\ssociate Edii 

CHRONICLE STAFF— fio«' /; M. Harrell, E. Rickards, 
A. Verner, S. Le\inson, F. Gerkens, B. Weinstock. Row 2: 
F. Muth, G. Husa, H. VVald. Row 3: B. McPherson, M. 
Peterson. O. Faulkni-r. 


'^*- ^^.H-«-. ^ 


■H if ' ■ 


The DukEngineer, a product of the technical skill 
and vocational enthusiasm of University engineering 
students, is the means whereby research papers 
submitted in the College of Engineering may be 
printed. Appearing four times during the academic 
year, the magazine features articles of general in- 
terest and importance in the fields of civil, electrical, 
and mechanical engineering, as well as the "Engi- 
neer's Girl of the Month.'' 

The publication made its debut on campus in 
1940 as a mimeographed sheet. In its present form, 
the DukEngineer is generally recognized as one of 
the top engineering journals in the country. The 
quarterly's staff is chosen annually during the 
spring semester. In the spring of 1961, Bob Whit- 
more succeeded to tiie editorship. With Bob wield- 
ing the blue-pencil, the DukEngineer has continued 
to be of considerable value to the technically-inclined 
student and to the layman. 

Left lo Right: Dr. J. Artlcy, R. Whitmore, W. Marks, F. Rolle, P.Jackson, 
J. Zwerner, J. Gobbcl. .\ot Pictured: B. Mitchell. Bus. Mgr,; P. Rauschcl- 
bach, H. Seiff, P. Little, Prof. Haines, Dr. C. Harman. 


Bob Carter, President 

The Independent Dormitory Council, organized 
six years ago by the independents themselves, plays 
an active role in University affairs. Officially recog- 
nized as a branch of the M.S.G.A., the Council acts 
as a sounding board for the thoughts and opinions 
of independent students on campus, and works for 
the improvement of independent dormitory facilities. 

IDC sponsored intramural teams (supplied with 
new maroon and gold jerseys), a homecoming dis- 
play, and numerous social functions. Under its aus- 
pices, several additional phones were installed. The 
group discussed dormitory problems with deans and 
M.S.G.A. leaders and took steps to reorganize the 

IDC is composed of the elected executixe coun- 
cil, the appointed cabinet, the IDC Court, and the 
Council itself, consisting of floor representatives 
elected by dormitory members. 

Row 1: R. Davis, R. Carter, J. Clarke. Row 2: J. Sawers, B. Williamson, 
W. Broome, B. Dixon, E. Snider, P. Mulligan. Row 3: N. Fordyce, J. 
Mills, B. Heyer, M. Elzay, S. Matthews, G. Herzog. Rozv 4: J. Terrell, 
J. Emii^ht, \V. Ebr.hardt. B. Vaudreuil, W.Johnson, J. Shriver, R. Arm- 

liKclit A'.M ' I) \.us(jinc, C White, J. Cole, L.Johnson. 


In the spring of 1961, a group of men who "just 
like to sing" joined the tradition of informal vocal 
entertainment so popular at Ivy League schools. 
The Harlequins, as they called themselves, developed 
a unique style and tested its appeal at open-houses 
and the Joe College Lawn Concert. The group's 
repertoire includes the close harmony of "barber- 
shop" melodies as well as modern ballads; as e\'i- 
denced by "The Old Duke Privy," the accent is 
always on humor and a catchy tune. 

Auditions last fall swelled the group's member- 
ship to seventeen voices. At dances, fraternity parties, 
and local conventions and banquets, the refreshing 
style of the Harlequins was loudly applauded. Find- 
ing themselves in increasing demand, the group has 
recorded a collection of their songs, which will be 
released in the near future by a nationally-known 
record company. 

at the Co-ed 

Members: S. Kramer, C. Carson, D. Best, B. Rogers, R. Dozier, G. Mason, 
J. Hirsch, M. GuUingrood. Props: B. Woodhall, J. Duff, Mercedes 300SL. 



CIrcated in 1948, the Radio Council supervises 
the functions of the Duke Broadcasting System. It is 
composed of student representatives from East, 
West, Hanes, and the School of Engineering; the 
Dean of Men and the Dean of Women ; the WDBS 
station managers; and a faculty ad\'isor. Jack Carsten 
served as chairman of the Council this year. 

The Radio Council formulates the basic policies 
of WDBS. It handles the broadcasting format and 
approves the budget and expenditures of the station. 
The station managers, key members of the council, 
are responsible for the immediate problems of the 

The Council's acti\ities culminated in the annual 
May banquet. At this time awards were presented 
to WDBS personnel for outstanding service and 

Row 1: B. Griffith, M. Jones, J. Taylor, M. Smith T. 
Steffens, A. Diedrichs, R. Pfeiffer. Row 2: J. Richards, 
H. Owen, J. Wetherby, Chairman; J. Carsten. 


-..— H 




! If 

\m^ f '■ 

wWkJ . 


The Engineer's Radio Association, which has 
received both local and national awards, turned 
the tables this year and initiated its own presenta- 
tion, "The Confederate States of America Award." 
This honor is to be bestowed annually on an amateur 
radio operator in the Confederate states, during 
the years 1961-1965. 

The E.R.A. dates from the early 1930\s, and its 
objectives have remained unchanged. It provides a 
ham radio station where engineering students can 
both gain practical experience in radio-electronics, 
and also enjoy a worthwhile hobby. The students 
inay use the facilities of the Association to acquire 
hours toward a federal license for ham radio opera- 
tors. This year, the club sponsored Morse Code 
classes in co-operation with the School of Engineer- 
ing, and worked to improve the Duke ham station 

Kneeling: J. Norton, Sec'y-Treas.; L. Couch, V.P. Sealed: 
J. Gobbcl, W. Yarnall, E. Morris. Standing: D. Cotter, 
B. Plumer, J. Mclntire. jVo( Pictured: Jim Hamilton, 


r -% 

Bob Pheiffer, Business Manager 

Jack Caisten, Station Manager 


What we need is a mechanic! 

Founded by the M.S.G.A. and operating under 
the supervision of the Radio Council, WDBS cele- 
brated its thirteenth year of providing good listen- 
ing entertainment for East and West campuses. The 
station's record is an impressive one: WDBS was 
cited as the best collegiate unit in the nation in 1956 
and received Public Service Awards from the Na- 
tional Safety Council in 1959 and 1960. 

One of the station's aims is to stimulate Uni- 
versity interest in timely current events — happenings 
of world, national, and local import. To realize this 
end, WDBS aired the Commonwealth of Children 
Symposium, the controversial ""Chronicle Forum of 
the Air," and President Kennedy's Address at C:hapcl 

The remainder of the newly expanded, twenty-four 
hour broadcast day was concerned with "The Sound 
of Music." Musical tastes, especially among college 
students, are varied. WDBS assumed the difficult 
task of pleasing everyone and met with surprising 
success. With its expanded facilities in Gray Build- 
ing and a large staff" of willing student employees, 
WDBS and Station Manager Jack Carsten are to 
be complimented on the diverse programming and 
interesting format which they have devised. 

Bill Vestal announces tin 

Row 1: B. Ward, \V. Yarnall, M. Smith, T. Steffens, 
J. Taylor, J. Carsten, C. LaVarre, S. Williams. Row 2: 
L. Stritzinger, P. Bell, L. Talbert, B. Vestal, C. Herpick, 
S. Fox, C Cousins, J. Underbill, J. Wetherby. Row 3: 
A. Charles, B.Johnson, H. Britton, D. Moon, J. Kenderdine, 
R. Kinsey, J. Wirschnitzer, A. Reiss, E. Mumford, A. 
Rutzser, Row 4: L. Curtis, G. Wood, W. Hunger, B. Wool- 
dridge, D. Mahoney, B. Bulhler, A. Killinger, V. Pearson, 
J. Wheeler. 





:t s^i 


> .^ 

PRODUCTION COUNCIL— Lf/< lo right: M. Rouse, East Campus 
Publicity; S. Kress, Business; A. Fielder, Costumes; B. Nickle, Chore- 
ographer; B. Rowland, Producer; R. Parks, Director; J. Henry, Music 

Bill Nickle. Preside 


Hoof 'n' Horn celebrated its twenty-sixth year at 
Duke by again entertaining guests at Joe College 
Weekend and Commencement with a delightful 
musical comedy. 

As the oldest original musical comedy organiza- 
tion in the South, the group maintains financial in- 
dependence and complete freedom from faculty 
supervision. Its policy calls for plays written, di- 
rected, and performed by members of the student 
body. In 1952, however, the club produced its first 
professional play, "Anything Goes." Since that time, 
Hoof 'n' Horn has entertained the campus with pro- 
fessional as well as student scripts. This year, under 
the direction of President Bill Nickle, Hoof 'n' Horn 
went directly to Broadway for the highly successful 
production of "Once Upon A Mattress." The group 
also added a "professional" touch to the Home- 
coming Show with the presentation of a skit. 

Any student who has taken part in one sliow is 
con.sidered a full-filcdged member of Hoof 'n' Horn. 
Try-outs for the annual spring production are held 
in the middle of the second semester. 


H^^^ki^^^^^r^ '^^^^^^k.-i'/^^^^V^ ^^1 

^^^^■■■^^^B^'^ ^jfl^^H|\ ^^^!^^ ^H|^|^^^^^^^^H 

«o!(. 7; D. Latham. J. WVIborn, G. Schenck. B. Rowland, K. Parks, L. Powers, D. Grinstead, C. Anderson. R„w J: C. Medlock, G. Krause. G. Gombs, 
J. McFai-land. ,S. Frederick, G. Jennings, D. Tanner, G. Davis, P. Thomas. Row J: B. Weaver, R. IngersoU, D. Neugebauer, J. Connet, P. Neill, 
C. Richie. Row -J: D. Guelcher, B. Brummett, D. Rogers, M. Rouse, P. Jordan, J. Evans, C. Adams, C. Corbin. 

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL— L./( to right: D. Parks, Technical Di ector; 
L. Powers, Rec. Sec; D. Grinstead, Member at Large; B. Nickle, Pres.; 
C. Adams, Meinber at I aige, B Rowland, Corres. Sec; S. Kress, Bus. 
Mgr.; Missing: D. Nee V Pus D Vmcent, Member at Large. 



In 1961-62 the Duke Players, an organization as 
old as the campus itself, again presented a year of 
fine theater. Upon their return to the campus last 
fall, the Players headed for Branson and rehearsals 
of the first production of the season. Jean Girardoux' 
"Tiger at the Gates" was presented in Page and re- 
ceived wide acclaim from student and community 

Later in the semester, the group scored with read- 
ings and one-act plays in Branson. The highly success- 
ful "Six Characters in Search of an Author" was the 
second major offering of the year. The spring se- 
mester brought additional readings and plays from 
the group. Try-outs for Thornton Wilder's "The 
Skin of Our Teeth" were held in February. The 
play was presented in Page Auditorium during the 
Angler B. Duke Finalists' Weekend. 

The Players is a rather informal organization, pre- 
ferring open houses and other social activities to 
weekly meetings. The sole requirement for member- 
ship is fifty hours of work during the season. 

Jimmy Lee, P. 

MEMBERS; Row 1: C. Adams. A. Perham. C. Combs, B. Rowland, W. Healy. K. Cohen. Rnw 2: B. Vestal. J. Lee, L. Powers, G. .Schenck. C. Jen- 
nings, C. HoUister, J. Wellborn. Row 3:]. Dickhaut, M. Rouse, S. Kress, R. Parks, P. Candlin, A. Capehart, A. Sader. Row 4: K. Reaidon. 


"^S^: .k.-"^ 

^H ' ^mI 


Hr^ P^^h ji^^^^^^ 


Hj^HL. __-JB^p>^ 


Cast rehearses for March presentation of "Skin of Our Teeth.' 

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL— /?o!(i V. A. Sader, Tech. Rep.; L. Powers, 
V.P.; G. Schenck, Pubhcity. Row 2: C. Holhster, Actors' Rep.; B. Row- 
land, Tech. Rep.; R. Parks. Stage Mgr.; P. Candhn. .-\ctors' Rep. Row 3: 
K. Reardon, Director; J. Wellborn, Sec'y.; J. Lee, Pres.; S. Kress, Bus., 
K. Cohen. .\ss't. Stage Mgr. 

Backstage, Lola applies makeup for role in "Six Characters 
in Search of an Author." 


Twice each year the Shoe 'n' Slipper Ckib re- 
sponds to the "call of the wild" — Duke's answer to 
such famed flings as the Winter Carnival, Fancy 
Dress, or the Princeton- Yale Weekend. The fall 
festivities go under the name of Shoe 'n' Slipper 
and an October football weekend this year saw 
Lionel Hampton supply the tones for a Friday 
afternoon concert and a Friday night dance. Every- 
thing again came to a standstill as Joe College 
stalked the campus during the last weekend of April. 
Counting all the fringe benefits, such as tloat-build- 
ing and picnics, the frolic was expanded into a five- 
day weekend. Mr. Joe College was announced at 
the traditional lawn concert, always the hub of the 
big whirl. 

Formed in 1949, the Shoe 'n' Slipper Club has a 
membership of 1200 to 1400, varying from year to 
year. Freshmen men are sold bids which entitle 
them to four happy years of Shoe 'n' Slippering. 
The Council is composed of one representative 
from each house on West Campus, and from this 
group the Executive Committee is selected. Denny 
Block steered the Club through another year of big 
bands, gala dances, chicken wire and napkins, 
and squashed box lunches. 

bear to watch them.' 

Dennv Block, President 

It gives one a feeling of importance to stuff chicken wire. 


d vibes were featured at Shoe 'n' Slipper festivity 

Joe College stomped to the sounds of Duke Ellington 

Row 1: B. Feely. G. Eonham, H.Johnson, V.P.; P. Steer, D. Block, T. Losee, Dance Chairman; G. Arnold, J. Peake, C. Kenyon. Row 2: J. Fultz, 
W. Lange, J. Waugh, A. Fa itz. B. Carstarphen, R. Inglis, J. Marsh F. Cowherd, C. Armour. Row 3: R. Heyer, C. Lyon, C. Conrad, S. Salter, 
J. Weingaiton, J. Schioeder, L. Banks, G. .Sanborn. 


ft ^ ^ t:t 

f f ? f^f t If f 


^s % # ♦, 

■ * I 


A "borrowed" fire-engine was but one of the fall 
capers of Pep Board — and the bright, shining ve- 
hicle symbolized a "red-letter" year of enthusiasm, 
spirit, and good sportsmanship. With the year hardly 
under way, the group staged the first pep rally, in- 
troducing freshmen to Duke spirit during Orientation 
Week. Later, as the Carolina game approached, 
the Board pulled out all the stops, flooding the 
campus with pictures of Duke football stars and the 
clever slogan, "Z)o you know . . . ? y'ou should. He's 
going to help its heat I'NC!'' Other spirit-boosting 
stratagems included the bonfire, victory telegrams, 
posters, and organized cheering sections. 

Headed by Lynn Taliaferro and John Truesdell, 
the committee worked tirelessly to create and main- 
tain interest and partisanship for Duke's inter- 
collegiate athletic activities. After the basketball 
season, the Board concentrated on the selection of 
a Blue Devil to succeed Jack Hart and on the election 
of a new cheering squad. 

Lynn I alialono and John Truesdell, Clo-C:haiimcn 

S,'al,;I: Beckv Auz 

Lynn Taliaferro, Betsy Aldcn. Standing: Bill Phieffer, Jack Hart, Blue Devil, John Truesdell. 




Rote 1: C. Rogers, J. Mathews, A. Linebach, S. Knobeloch, C. Finfrcck. Row 2: U. Freitas, R. Misner, S. Rutkin, T. Thuiman, P. Neil, J. Nil 

"Two bits, four bits, six bits a peso" 
Freitas gave old cheers a n 


With a swirl of blue and white skirts and a resound- 
ing "Give me a D," the cheerleaders helped inspire 
Duke football and basketball teams to highly suc- 
cessful seasons. Composed of four East co-eds, five 
men, and this year for the first time, a member of 
the Nursing School, the squad gets hoarse at all 
home games and at as many out-of-town contests 
as possible. Head cheerleader Ubi Freitas directed 
Duke supporters with a Latin flavor. 

Each spring, campus tranquillity is temporarily in- 
terrupted by seventy shrill voices, as co-eds compete 
for the female positions on the squad. From these 
candidates, a Selections Board chooses ten finalists. 
The four cheerleaders are then elected in a WSGA 
assembly. The male members are selected in similar 
fashion. In connection with Pep Board the cheer- 
leaders sponsor pep rallies and bonfires to awaken 
and arouse the campus. The Blue De\il of goal-post 
fame is the eleventh member of this group. 


Charles Moore, Chairman 

Founded in 1933, the Duke chapter of the Amer- 
ican Society of C'ivil Engineers enables civil engineer- 
ing students to explore their chosen field beyond the 
confines of the classroom. The Society also brings 
together student engineers and practicing engineers 
in North Carolina. 

The agenda of the club was filled with lectures 
and films on the various phases of civil engineering. 
Seeking to gain valuable, practical experience, the 
group went on a field trip to the Norfolk, Virginia, 
area, and also visited the Chesapeake Bay Bridge 
and the Roanoke Rapids Tunnel-Dam project. 
Finally, the club was responsible for a major con- 
tribution to the annual Engineers' Show, held in 
March. In a variety of ways, then, the organization 
gives its members practice in confronting and solving 
some of the problems which they will meet after 

Row J: D. Dean, F.Jacobs, J. Oldham, J. Derby, C. Moore, L. Miller, B. Ross. M. desk. /?,!r J.- T. Gallagher, W. Serratta,J. Orndorff, P. Gurley, 
W. Williamson. J. Oldham. L. .Sammons, A. Bowyer, C. Holland, Faculty Advisor. Rm J: B. Lyrcn, G. Kingsbury. B. .Stanton, F. Rolle, J. Wanklyn, 
R. DeWitt, A. Barr, J. OKellcy, L. Walters, B. Morrill. 




Jim Gobbel, Ch 

The year 1927 marked the first assembling of 
electrical engineering students at Duke; in that 
year the American Institute of Radio Engineers 
was organized. Present membership of the Joint 
Student Branch stands at approximately forty mem- 
bers. Founded to "foster the dissemination of knowl- 
edge of theory and practice of electrical engineering 
and other related fields of engineering and science," 
the organization has become a source of assistance 
in the professional development of its members. 

An active schedule of events was sponsored by 
the Institute, headed this year by Jim GobbeJ. Pro- 
grams ranged in diversity of subject matter, and 
occasional panel discussions were held at monthly 
meetings. Discussions on '"Professionalism," and 
"Radio Propagation and the Atmosphere" helped 
lay the ground-work for the annual spring district 
conference in Florida. 

Rotv 1: T. Rogers, F. Starmer, J. Gobbel, J. Hamilton, 
L. Couch, L. Williams. 

Voorhees, W. Yainall. Ron- 2: B. Turner, D. Cohn, J. Taylor, R. Whitmorc, G. Husa, 



The American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
was originally founded to keep abreast of technical 
and theoretical advancements in the field of me- 
chanical engineering. In addition to being "me- 
chanically minded," however, the society tries to 
stimulate enthusiasm and to encourage interest in 
student projects. The group, which this year included 
.some fifty-five engineers, was led by President Rus- 
sell Partin in the pursuit of its objectixes. The mem- 
bers of the .society met monthly to hear outstanding 
speakers from industry. 

The November meeting was held jointly with the 
North Carolina State College chapter, and several 
short field trips were made to local industrial con- 
cerns. A delegation of ASME members represented 
Duke at the regional conference in Miami, Florida. 
The year's activities were climaxed by a technical 
essay contest in March and a departmental ban- 
quet in May. 

izzard, R. Partin, B. Nei 
B. Morton, W. Roach, 

lin, D. Thoinasson, B. Hollcy, L. Bresce. Row 2: W. Chernish, J. Preston, S. Kc 
'. Yang, C. Fincher, D. Wright, G. Summer.s. 

1, A. Dula, W. Taylor, R. Her- 

^^4 ITt 



} ..' , • -". 


The Bench and Bar Society, founded in 1935, 
brings undergraduate students into closer contact 
with the legal profession. The organization's purpose 
is related to this function; the Society seeks to provide 
its members with an insight into the various phases of 
law. The majority, though not all, of the members 
are pre-Iaw students. 

An expanded lecture series was incorporated into 
the Society's program this year. Dean Latty of the 
Duke Law School and Dean Brandis of the Univer- 
sity of North Carolina Law School were the principal 
speakers in one series, which contrasted state and 
national law schools. A second lecture series covered 
the problems of the young lawyer, in law school 
and as a practicing attorney. 

The members of the Society viewed several films 
about law, which were narrated by law students or 
by actual members of the profession. The members 
also participated in a mock trial. 

.Andrew .-\dams, Jr., President 

Row 7: Officers— J. Truesdell, R. Davis, A. Adams, Jr., R. Fleischer, M. Goodson. Hmv 2: R. Ludwig, B. Lifton, J. Rubenstein, M. Peterson, J. Parker. 
Roic3: W. Lewis, Jr., T. .Senf.J. Shannon, B. Whitman, \V, Wells, R. Miller. Ron' I:]. Woodworth, E. Beimfohr, D. Parson, T. .Stitt, C;, Andrews. 



The Duke Pre-Medical Society, founded in 1937, 
brings the undergi-aduate student interested in 
medicine into closer contact with the medical pro- 
fession. Through carefully planned programs of 
speakers, tours, and advice, the Society acquaints 
the prospective medical student with the duties 
and obligations of the practicing physician and 
with the opportunities open to the student upon 
completion of his studies. The Society is especially 
helpful in informing the pre-medical student of 
the situations he will encounter upon beginning his 
practice as a physician. 

At its weekly meetings, the Society hears noted 
speakers from the many fields of medicine. The 
student is encouraged to observe operations and 
doctors' rounds at Duke Hospital and is mailed a 
copy of the monthly Caduceus, which informs him 
about progress within the profession. In addition, 
The Order of Hippocrates, the Society's scholastic 
honorary, initiates new members annually, and the 
Advisory Council is prepared to help freshman 
members solve whatever academic problems they 
may have. 

Jack Klie, President 

Row 1: D. Shaio, M. Waisman, R. Williams, E. McWhortei 
J; L. Redmond, M. Miller, F. Ewing, D. Smith, B. Feely, 
J. Klie, J. Nash, D. StoUwerk. 

Rzw 2: L. Neblett, W. Freese, J. Cooper, R. Massengill, R. Vollmer, E. Cooper. Row 
. Dee, K McKenzie, L. Faber. Row 4: S. Barefoot, A. Daniel, G. Sutter. H. Martin, 

,_r'l-f^t'M>|' t^^i 


Row 1: Officers— J. Nasli, X' 
McKenzie, L. Faber. 

R. Williams. Rec. Sec'y.; H. Martin, Treas.; J. Klie, Pres. Row 2: Ad\ 

K. r, 1). K 

FRESHMAN SOCIETY— /?«<> 7; J. Argy, A. Winston, R. Melton, B. Yeh, A. Meyer, R. Edwards. Row 2: J. Stivers, B. Baumgartner, B. Looper, 
C. Worthington, \V. Kurtz, O. Kitsinger, D. Parsons, D. Green. Row 3: B. Moorefield, J. Tarpley, J. Doelle, D. Cruikshank, J. Simp.son, H. Wald, 
T. Lowery, VV. Lane, R. Monaghan, B. Passantino. Row 4: W. Miller, D. Wright, Z. Morgan, W. Smith, Gi Heath, B. Todd, T. Anderson, 
W. Harper, K. Bass, H. Gurley 

wf 1 1 ^ t,t-trf4'f^/ 


r m^r-f*. 




' ms^."^ W J*l 







To render service anci to develop friendship are 
the aims of the Duke chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. 
Since its establishment in May, 1955, this service 
organization has participated in such activities as 
working at the Children's Museum and holding an 
orientation program for foreign students. 

The purpose of the fraternity is to assemble 
college men in the spirit of the Scout oath and 
law. The twelve-member brotherhood was led this 
year by President Jim Marsh. More recent proj- 
ects included giving assistance to the local United 
Fund, working with local Scout organizations, and 
ushering at basketball games. The group also de- 
voted its efforts to work on the annual rummage 
sale and to the donation of gift-baskets for needy 
families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


1: J. Marsh, Pres.; T. Thurman. Rozv 2: J. Abbott, D. 
Dennis. Row 3: C. .\nders, D. Pcnick. Row J: B. Hunger, 
K. Allen. Row 5: I. Starline. 


A tradition on the Duke campus and a distinct 
part of the University's educational and pul)]ic re- 
lations program, the Debate Team is an outlet for 
students interested in forensics. Participation in 
formal debate enables these students to gain profic- 
iency in the methods of uncovering and analysing 
facts, of arriving at logical conclusions, and of pre- 
senting their arguments in an effective, persuasive 

The team participates annually in meets through- 
out the country. During the past year, the Duke 
team played host for both the Tau Kappa Alpha 
and the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournaments. 
The team was faced with the challenge this year of 
matching the record of the preceding team, which 
cjualiHed for the West Point National Tournament 
and narrowlv missed the finals. 

Row 7: R. Haskell, E. Mock, B. Burton, Pres.: J. Hewett. Row 
J: C.. Carlberg, T. Williams, R. Carraway. Row .}: L. Hollowell, 
K.. .Shaw, J. Wetherby, Advisor; D. Chandler. 

^^itfr# •» ^> 

R,o/i, lohjt: G. Marvin, J. 
J.Johnson, T. Montgomer; 

Bivins, M, Dougherty, C. Junkers. J. Kinsler. J. Greene, G. ChappcU, D. McCaii 
■, D. Keates. C. Menne. 

N. Pennington, I. Jones, R. Mille 


The parking lot of a nearby shopping center was the scene 
of this Sunday afternoon gymkhana. 

In three years, the Duke Sport.s Car Club has 
htcrally zoomed its way from non-existence to a 
membership of some twenty avid racers. The or- 
ganization's monthly meetings featured racing films 
from major sports car tracks around the world. 

In addition to these meetings, the Club spon- 
sored six racing events on campus. There were three 
gymkhanas, held in October, March, and May. In 
trying to cover the course in the fastest possible time, 
the members turned the local parking lots into 
smoky clouds of burnt rubber and bursts of thun- 
derous screams. There were also three rallies. In the 
latter case, emphasis is placed on elapsed time rather 
than speed. The drivers try to reach various check- 
points on the torturous course at an average speed 
and in a specified time. 

The C:lub's activities reached beyond the Durham 
area to include the national and regional races of 
the Sports Car Club of America. Many members 
served as flagmen and pit stewards in these important 
events. The Duke Sports Car Club, in association 
with similar clubs throughout the country, stimulates 
interest in the exciting field of competitive rating. 




The membership of the Women's Recreation As- 
sociation consists of the entire student body of the 
Women's College and the School of Nursing. Co- 
operating with the Woman's Physical Education 
Department, the group sponsors the intramural pro- 
gram on East Campus, and arranges sports day and 
a freshman picnic. 

The WRA has several Co-Rec Open Houses in 
the gym on Friday nights, when students participate 
in special co-rec activities or use the swimming pool 
and gymnastic equipment. The big event on the 
WRA calendar is the Co-Rec Carnival, when fra- 
ternities and dorms are paired together tor competi- 
tion in relays, sports events, and games. 

Special interest groups under the auspices of WRA 
are Pegasus, Nereidian, Terpsichorean, and the Ten- 
nis Club. 

Gail Miller, President 

Row 1: G. Waldrop, B. Mills, G. Miller, A. Halsted, D. Dudley. Row 2: B. Moore, M. A. Plant, V. Warr, S. Porter, B. Frank, E. Gates. Row 3: 
G. Hinsey, C. Brodhead, B. Glynn, \. Moffat. N. Ingram, P. Smith, L. Dilworth. B. Yeh. Row 4: S.J. Gillespie, L. Woodyard, Advisor; M. Strayhorn, 
A. Cothran, Z. Hellekson, h. Brittain, A. Smith, N. Trimbur, J. Cook, P. Waterman. 



m [ 


^ Htfe>-» 

/?ou- 7.- J. White, A. Thompson, M. Bulgarin, V.P.; L. Eubank, S. Frederick, 
J. DufF. Rou> 3: C. Rinehart, J. Burwell, M. Heald, P. Hughes, Treas. 

Myers R nv 

elle, L. Parker, J. Thoii 

Jeanne Thompson, President 


Terpsichorean, the modern dance club, attracts 
members from both East and West campuses. Di- 
rected this year by President Jeanne Thompson, the 
group met weekly for rehearsals and programs. In 
these practice sessions, club members developed a 
greater knowledge of modern dance, from basic 
technical movements to the principles of more ad- 
vanced choreography. This is the purpose of the 
club: to increase the skill of its members and their 
understanding of the dance. Their knowledge and 
art is then shared with the Duke-Durham com- 

The disciples of the Greek muse Terpsichore pre- 
sented two prograins to explain the techniques and 
principles of modern dance. The winter program, 
"A Study in Movement," and the spring program, 
"The Use of Space," were preceded by a lecture- 
demonstration. In April, Terpsichorean presented 
an "Evening of Dance," a performance which capped 
the members' experiences and their experiments in 
interpretative dance. 




Mounted: Gail Mayer, Sue NfcKenzie. Jan Duff. Slaiiding: Jean Gaddy, 
Louise Stilwell, Muriel Kochel. 

A part of the extra-curricular program for Duke 
co-eds since 1941, Pegasus was formerly combined 
with the Men's Riding Club. The group is now com- 
posed of girls from East and Hanes, who are chosen 
on the basis of their equestrian skill. This year, try- 
outs were held in the fall and in the spring. The 
club's membership was increased by about four 
girls each semester. Under the leadership of Jean 
Gaddy, the girls shared their knowledge of good 
riding technique in the American Saddle Style. 
Meeting on Friday afternoons, the girls rode the 
trails surrounding the Pine Knoll Stables in Durham. 

The annual horse show, held in May, aided the 
club in its desire to promote interest in riding. Red- 
jacketed equestrians demonstrated their skill in a 
variety of standard events. A drill team and musical 
chairs high-lighted the show. The club's activities 
also included group parties and an initiation cere- 

The members of Nereidian are concerned with 
acquiring and perfecting skill and ability in the 
water. The club actively promotes an interest in 
synchronized swimming, diving, and aquatic stunts 
by its annual spring show. In preparation for this 
program, the girls meet to work on individual and 
group techniques. They create their own theme and 
select music for suitable accompaniment. Each year 
the show, with its colorful costumes and expert 
swimmers, attracts a large audience. 

Through their weekly practice sessions, the Nereids 
gain a smoother, more graceful style and a sense of 
precise rhythm. Those interested in developing 
proficiency in the art of swimming and in enjoying 
an opportunity for creative expression were invited 
to try out in October. Under the auspices of the 
WRA and the Physical Education Department, 
the fifty girls who became members exhil^tcd an 
enthusiasm and spirit of which their president, Betsy 
Glynn, could be justly proud. As one of the special 
interest groups on East, the Nereidian Club helps 
fulfill the need for mental relaxation and physical 


Betsy Glynn, President 



Organized in 1949, the Duke AFROTC regiment 
is a compact unit which prepares selected students 
for active and reserve officer duty in the United 
States Air Force. The plan of instruction includes 
the required AFROTC courses as well as regular 
University subjects. The basic air science program 
is open to all men who meet the requirements of the 
AFROTC. Graduation to the advanced level of 
preparation rests on the cadet's passing the Advanced 
Selection Board. An important phase of the four- 
year program is a weekly laboratory, designed to 
develop the leadership potential of individual cadets. 
The Corps is led by students who have advanced 
from the rank of cadet airman to that of cadet officer. 

The Department of Air Science sponsors a num- 
ber of extra-curricular activities. Cadets are urged 
to participate in those activities which appeal to 
them and from which they will profit. The Photo 
Lab, the Precision Drill Team, the Drum and Bugle 
Corps, and the Rifle Team contribute to the further 
development of cadets. The Corps' newspaper. 
Contact, and MARS, the Military Affiliate Radio 
System, also invite new cadet members. 

Cladct Commander Wanen P. Hottle and Fliglit C; Com- 
mander Edward Garver inspect a cadet. 

Col. Duncan, Major Halstead, Capt. Powell, Capt. Innis, Sgt. Dollar, Sgt. 
Hart. Sgt. Hewitt. 

Lt. Col. Chai-les H. Duncan presents Cadet Capt. Patrick 
Couslilan with his Distinguished Military C;adet award. 


Senior cadets Warren Hottle, Kenneth Thompson, WiUiam Lamb, Patrick Cloughlan and Larry Eads were named Distinguished MiUtary Cadets 
of the Duke AFROTC. 

GROUP STAFF— Cadet Lt. Col. Warren P. Hottle. Row 1: Cadet 
Cap . B. L. Richards, Cadet Capt. K. B. Thompson, Cadet Capt. 
R. E. Young. Row 2: Cadet Capt. J. W. Matthews, Cadet Major 
K. W. Pastore, Cadet Capt. P. C. Coughlan. 

MARS unit manned bv K. C,r\ 

nrsv F. S,,,tt.Ji . I Sh. -111.1, |i 

\\ r,,nitii.\ \ 

scaled: T. Fur 
V. Hunger, Jr 



a i. 

1 ♦ - - 


I ^ 


. i 

1 1 ».,;r 








Flights C and D prepare to pass in review. 

I'lloK) LAB--.SV7;/<r/ K Oc igei R \ndeiso 
L. Cobb, R. Hatchci , W Hungei, R Hoadles. 

R. Hoffman. Cadet Commander. Rnir 1: W. Arthur. H. Greenleaf, 
C Hune>cutt \\ Jones, R Williams H .Steele Rok 2 K Benson 
R Haidine;. R Blown F .Scott \\ Heusjh, T Ticktin Row 3 J Page, 
Ji , C James, T .Simpson C May Jr F Shefflei Ji , H Langwoithv 
Rou 4 B Rudisill C Dunn, H Haigiett D On D Ptimai M Kaliski 
& Ma.Mn 



Squiuhnn StnJf^R. Breen. R. Ross. L. Eads, P. Coughlan. Flight A—D. Bridges. Flight Commandor. Rmc 1: 
M. Courtncv. A. Ahnfeldt. J. Gnuse. \V. Howard, K. Lowe. Row 2: F. Stephen. \V. Davis, J. Dye. J. Coulter. 
Row 3: VV. Easley, L. Cobb. R. Caleen. R. Cheatham, E. Tavernise. Roic 4: P. Van Sciver, R. Patton, R. Neufeld, F. McCoUum. Flight B—L. Eads, 
Flight Commander. Rote 1 : R. Thornberry. G. Herzog. R. Hatcher, W. Hunger, R. Greenwood. Row 2: W. Douglass, R.Jones, R. Dennis, R. Briggs. 
Row 3: P. Kirwan, M. Lowry, D. Ditmars, R. Hoadley, J. Hamilton. 


S,iu,i,li,m Staff— W Lamb W Stone P Widenei M Elzay Flight C—E Gaisei Flight Commander 
A',., / B Lov\tnstein J Pate T Culbieth R Mosei R McFaihn V Peaison Rou 2 D Keates J Moss 
A,M , W Plumei J Climp M Piteison J \dlam k Geigei Hight D~K Titus Commander h mi 1 
. I ()/ A',, _' O Rclhiis ( Wit/ J Woithington \ Adams Rou ) J \ iU M Vol? 


RbX.IMKNlAL HANU^Row I: Lt. (j.g.) Wadr, Band Cdr. .ShaHiT.J. Scott. 1). Morgan, i . jarobs. 1- . Caniljif. Riiw 2: B. MiCtI.<-i-, H. Hallinan, 
P. Phillips, P. Bell, L. Clayton, R. Falciani, M. Fowl. Row 3: E. Noll, C. Glover, \V. Price, VV. Davidson, J. On, J. Allen. Row 4: C. Conrad, 
T. Coolcy. S. Atkinson, J. Houyoux, P. Gurley, L. Cashwell, W. Young. 

BATTALION STAFF— «o»' /■ D Chapin Row 2- S Gatier, 
I) Nie I Connelly \ Lcventis Rat . R M txs„n I Pivnt 
( Rcmtli \\ Vestal C Clement. 

Summer cruise, aviation phase — A. Leventis, F. Hanscom, J. Scott 



: : \ " : ■ 


^ m-^ ^ 

W' ^ .: : 

• - 


RlXilMI.XlAI, ( OI OK (.1 \KI) l,/llun-/il R |( 
k-y, D. Ki-ttlcstrings, Rcsimcntal t:olor Ulliccr; G. Wis 
carver, R. Blair, 


Simr I'Ml, Duke has actively co-operated with 
the Department of the Navy in training future of- 
ficers for the Navy and Marine Corps. The NROTC 
program, offering a four-year course in naval science, 
leads to commission as an ensign in the Navy or as 
a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. 

Summer cruises are an important part of the pro- 
gram; aboard ship, the prospective officer is ac- 
quainted with life at sea and is given a chance to 
apply the nautical knowledge he has gained in the 
classroom. The cruises are usually taken between 
the junior and senior years and may include duty 
in the Mediterranean with the active fleet. Instead 
of a cruise, the officer candidate may take his summer 
training at Quantico, Virginia. 

The Duke NROTC Unit includes the Band, Drill 
l>am. Ritic Team, and Unit newsletter, the Dolphin. 
In addition, the Unit offers to qualified midshipmen 
a Flight Indoctrination Program leading to a career 
in Naval Aviation. 

The Duke NROTC: has a permanent staff of 
se\'en Navy and Marine officers as well as six senior 
enlisted men. All participants in the program are 
part of the Midshipmen Regiment. 

NROTC STAFF^Row 1: Col. DuRant, Cdr. McCants Rou 2 Lt Shu- 
Icy, Maj. Wilkerson, Lt. Giovanetti, Lt. (j.g.) Wade, Lt Cdi Fisher 
Row J: Chief Mims, Yeoman First Class Gillie, Chief Mien S^t Sidler 
Chief .Stalvey, Chief Morgan. 



^ ^ 


K. Kin 

R,„r I: |. ( liiuloiil. R. Kinuiiuh. t;. Mullen. M. Buekalew. 1. 1. Shirlev. II. .Slu-llield. DC: 
K. Ohapman. G. tlouchell. Kmv 2: N. Battelle. J. Morris. R. MonaRhan. A. Minard, L. 
Morrill, R. Thompson. Rnw 3: R. Banks, J. .Stroud. J. Derby. P. Mossburg, R. Krebs, R. 'I 
5. Row 7; J. Johnson, W. Woodruff, A. Ogrinz, C. Beimfohr, H. Linsert, L. Potter, J.Johnson, 
, R, Knorr. R, .Stratcn, G. Baker, D. Burke, S. Coleman, A. Sheffield, B. Passantino, D. Grilli, 


R Hamilton 1) 
P Numz C S. 
) Pa.U, J No 
G Krllev 

Roi, I Lt Giovanetti I 
r \\ light L Hamel h 
I Kingston Rnu i R Doai t 
I R Kissam C I och f Mas.j 
F BeasleN C I a \ ai n B Robl 

W l.h.i S Johnson R Tolei S Tipton S Ferebee R Whitmore, 
Ml . I \<il O Poudl T Steele S Gannon J Hollis D Johnson, 
i\ I l)o\k J Ualtci'. P lamotte S Powei, \V Helms \\ Grant, 

B Dutton B Eick D Duskin \ Gicgorv B Bainhaidt C Beiiy, 
t I Staffoid, \\ Clas B Gi aham J I uciano D Sandlin D Mack, 


MMi.-..- mami^m^mi/mKm..i'^ 

, m 

^wmmml^mmimmma^^ - 




j'^^^^'^^^-''.^^- 1«®. ^&'f^r^-w-¥5r- 





C COMPANY ''■'" ' '•' -''' '"'"■'■ '^^ ''""'"■ "■ ""■■"■■ '■■ ^^^'"•■'■-^- ''""I- <■■ ii-.'p-n- 1<- H..,i, ., 
WV^IVIr Ml^ f Rcnnun. U. Graham, /^ou _'; R. Hubbard, I. Cuvini;ton, J. Gcchi , 1>. Gudtn, U. Cuupr, , ). Upchuicli, M. 
Rhoads, J. McKey, P. Saiafian, R. Reed. Row 3: J. McCarthy, P. Houseknecht, \V. Blackard, T. Doubledav. G. HoUctt, D. Ross, M. McLain, 
C. Wright, T. Cosgrove, J. Todd, W. Vaudreuil. Row 4: R. Straten, E. Carlson, A. Kuhn, R. Green, J. Underhill. H. Kerr, R. Cox, M. Haynes, 
C. Westerman, J. Worsham, S. Ellis. Row 5: M. McDorman, J. Groft, W. Sommermeyer, P. Nicholas, S. Lomer, T. Cooley, N. Senkus,J. West- 
moreland, A. Matuza, P. Perine, J. Weingarten. 


Row 1: Maj. Wilkerson, E. Messikomer. B. Taylor, P. Van Ryzin. Row 2: R. Heyer, W. Tate, A. Ward, 
E. Dcrryberry, J. Evans, T. Anderson, G. Black. R. Knorr. Row 3: j. Kiser, A. Colclough, S. .Snyder, R. Van 

Nuise, A. Baird, T. Steele. A. Miga, H. Wright. Row 4: ]. Dolhouse, T. White, R. Hardy, M. Stockton, W.Jones. R. Denton, N. Grace, D. Amey. 

Row 5: A. Umstead.J. Meier. J. Patterson, R. Harkness, D. Tanner, L. Miller, B.Johnson, E. Garand, M. Nickelsburg. 



The AFROTC chose as their Queen Miss Emilia Saint-Amand, 
a freshman horn GafTney, South Clarolina. 


Miss Betty 1 lenuion. hi^h school senior from Henderson, North 
Carolina, reigned as NROIC Queen. 



•^^ iiiiiiiiniiiiL inmimi 


»4*&i-3< S.^.U^. . .,1, . .m. ^ 

Rmc 1: Mai. Wilkerson. \V. Clav. L. Biinson. R. Doai . R. Stummer. G. Thompson, S. Gaerer. Row 2: G. Baker, T. Dalhousc. A. Ward, S. Ferebee 
C:. C:ocli. P. NanRyzin. L. Walters. 


Roli 1 Ma: Wilkerson \d\isoi,S Gaeei, President 

ipw^v : . 



^^^p«,N '^Ei ■ "^^^ ■ ^. 

t'^' '• ^^^^H 

^^^^B^!s '^itHns H 'i-»~y^ ^M -~ 

\ f - ^HH 

^^H|^^J ^^^kt^ 



~- m^^ ' ' 1 H^^^^H 


1 i.'^'^ih Mh 



1 ^'^■^gBJIi 






The society which bears the Marine Corps motto, 
"Semper FideUs," seeks to create closer ties among 
tliose who have been or will be associated with the 
United States Mai'ines. It prepares the ROTC stu- 
dents for Marine officer candidacy and for future 
service in the Marine Corps. 

Commanded by Midshipman Stu Gager, the 
Society sponsored an extensive program of social 
and business activities. Among the social calendar's 
highlights were the Birthday Ball in November and 
several informal barbecues in the Spring. On the 
more serious side, field trips to Marine air bases and 
camps in the local area were undertaken by the mem- 

The Duke Beta Chapter of Semper Fidelis was 
established in 1952 by Marine option students of 
Duke and the University of North Carolina. It was 
later chartered and is now an active unit in the 
Marine ROTC: program, which is offered by more 
than hftv American colleoes and universities. 



With the great number of national and local 
honorary societies, one might well ask the question, 
"What is the purpose of an honorary?" According 
to the various charters, the purpose of an honorary 
fraternity embraces the following: first, to recog- 
nize achievement in an individual, to single out, 
sometimes collectively, students who have demon- 
strated admirable qualities of leadership, scholar- 
ship, and a general proficiency in one or many fields. 
Moreover, it would seem that an honorary seeks to 
bring together those individuals who share a com- 
mon interest. The result is a greater knowledge of 
a particular field, to say nothing of the many valu- 
able friendships formed in the course of membership. 
Since the inception of Phi Beta Kappa almost 
two centuries ago, honoraries have played an im- 
portant, an integral part in American college life. 
This role of such societies has held true at Duke, 
since the University made the transition to educa- 
tional prominence some thirty years ago. 



Esther Gudger Booe 


Anne Helen Strickland 

^'^^ ^ f 






Stephen Render Brasvvell 


William H. Lamb 

Robert E. Breen, Jr. 

f ^^ V 

Douglas McC:all Chapin 

Jared William Butler 
Donald Joseph Ki.sslan 


Randi.e B. Carpenter, Jr. 


Clavt(jn Ogden Pruitt, Jr. 

Johnny Mitchell Marka.s William W. McCutchen, Jr. 

Gary Howard Salenger 


Nancv Lee Bond 


Patricia Ann Flatter 

Charlene Hartline 



|ri)riH A\\ Rollins 

Linda Marv Klose 



Phi Beta Kappa, founded on December 5, 1776, at the College of 
William and Mary, is the oldest honorary scholastic society in the United 
States. There are now 170 local chapters, the Duke chapter being 
chartered in 1919. Phi Beta Kappa's emphasis is on the liberal arts and 
sciences, and it leaves to other organizations the recognition of academic 
success in other fields. To be considered for election, undergraduate 
students must have a 3.30 quality-point average for six semesters while 
earning a minimum of 90 semester hours. Elections are made in October, 
February, and during Commencement Week. At the Commencement 
meeting a limited number of Ph.D. candidates are also elected. Officers 
of the Duke chapter for 1961-62 were Dean R. Florence Brinkley, Presi- 
dent; Dr. Karl M. Wilbur, Vice President; Dr. William F. Stinespring, 
Secretary-Treasurer; and Dr. Harold T. Parker and Dr. Paul Welsh, 
Members of the Executive Committee. 


Rex Dee Adams 
Baina Titus Allen, Jr. 
Norman CJerald Barrier 
Susan Gayle Bennett 
Barbara Ann Black 
Roy Jackson Bostock 
Jane Carol Bowness 
Kenneth Gerard Brown 
Deborah Burnham 
Barbara Lee Burton 
Richard Lane Calendar 
Douglas McCall Chapin 
Leonard J. Comess 
John August Cronquist 
Sandra Lee Deckert 
Millard Charles Dunn, Jr. 
Lois Jean Eby 
James Wiley Fowler, III 
Marvin Hill Greene 
Michael Edward Greene 
Lonnie Oscar Grigsby 
Robert Elmer Hamel 
Karen Lisa Hanke 
Frank Edward Hanscom 

Elliott Wannamaker 
Hardin, Jr. 

Margaret Ann Harrell 

Frances Madeline Hartsell 

John Miller Hines 

Carol-Lee Hurley 

Peter Edward Jackson 

Carol Anne Lamb Kann 

Margery Ann Katz 

Irmgard Matilda Keeler 

Neal William Knight, Jr. 

Susan Barbara Letzler 

Sanford Victor Levinson 

Emmelyn Susanne Logan 

.Arthur James Mann 

Mary Ann McLeod 

Donna Frances McNabb 

Edwin Ernest Messikomer 

Helen Laurie Midgett 

James C;obb Mills, Jr. 

Louis Herman Netzer 

Douglas Paul Nuetzman 

Mary Ann Bryant Oakley 

John Stoakes O'Neall 

Kathleen Alice Patterson 

Bettie Kent Paylor 

Sylvia Ann Peck 

Brenda Lee Phillips 

Jerome Alec Pieh 

WiUard Cresse Pierson, Jr. 

Jonnie Alberta Pons 

Don Warren Printz 

Charles William Rose 

Walter Avery 

Scarborough, Jr. 

Melicent Seyfert 

Sandra Crotts Shugart 

Roxanne Dora Smathers 

Cynthia Gail Smith 

Priscilla Ellen Smith 

Charlotte Temple Spencer 

Dawn Linkletter Stuart 

Melvin Lawrence Thrash 

Emily Elizabeth Tucker 

Mary Lynn Veach 

Francis Edgar Walker, Jr. 

Wright Willingham 

Emma Jean Zimmerman 


This year fifty-seven Duke University seniors were nominated to be 
listed in the "Blue Book" of academics, Who's Who Among Students in 
American Universities and Colleges. To be included in the ranks of America's 
collegiate aristocracy is surely one of the graduate's highest honors. 
Duke students receiving this distinction were recognized for outstanding 
records in both academic and extra-curricular activities. In addition 
to the significance of this accolade, students in ]Vho's Who may take 
advantage of a student placement service which provides recommenda- 
tions for job or graduate study applicants. Chosen because their past 
accomplishments are indicative of future success as well, these men and 
women exemplify the term "leaders of tomorrow." 

Rex Dec Adams 

Norman Gerald Barrier 

Bonnie Eloise Benedict 

Barbara Black 

Nancy Lee DeVries Bond 

Esther Gudger Booe 

Roy Jackson Bostock 

Jane Clarol Bowncss 

Stephen Render Braswell 

Robert Emmett Breen,.|r. 

Jared William Butler 

Constance Elleanore 

Randle Burt Carpenter.Jr. 

Douglas McCall Chapin 

Edwin Lee Chestnutt 

Patrick Campbell 

Sandra Lee Deckert 

Patricia Metcalf Drewry 

Lois Jean Eby 

James Wiley Fowler, III 

Galen North Griffin 

Lloyd Edward Griffith, Jr. 

Karen Lisa Hanke 

Elliott Wannamaker 
Hardin, Jr. 

Nancy Elizabeth 

Warren Paul Hottle 

Rhonda EuRone 
Johnson, Jr. 

Irmgard Matilda Kecler 

Donald Joseph Kisslan 

William Holman Lamb 

Susan Barbara I>etzler 

Sanford Victor Levinson 

William Walter 
McCutchen, Jr. 

Marth McGoniglc 

Patricia Mcllvain 

Michael John McManus 

Johnny Mitchell Markas 

Susan Clara Mathews 
Don Milton Mewhort 
David Marvin Nee 
Brenda Lee Phillips 
Jerome Alec Pieh 
Clayton Ogden Pruitt, Jr. 
Robert Stanley Rankin, Jr. 
Karl Arthur Ray 
Judith Ann Rollins 
C;harles William Rose 
Melicent Seyfert 
Anne Helen Strickland 
Bethany Sue Strong 
Mary Katherine Sweeney 
Gary Douglas Thompson 
Melvin Lawrence Thrash 
Mary Katherine Lllmer 
Francis Edgar Walker, Jr. 
Robert Rey Windeler, Jr. 
Susan Pratt Weeks 




/\jNU CO 




The Duke Chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa, the national senior men's 
leadership honorary, was founded in 1934. Members are selected on the 
basis of outstanding character, service, and leadership in the campus 
community. Achievement is recognized in the areas of scholarship, 
athletics, student government, social and religious affairs, publications, 
speech, music, drama and other arts. With this representative group of 
campus leaders as a nucleus, ODK works to promote better understand- 
ing between the student body and the faculty. Under the direction of 
President Doug Chapin, the group tapped members in the fall to bring 
its total membership, including those initiated last spring, to twenty-one. 

Rex Dee Adams 
Norman G. Barrier 
Roy Jackson Bostock 
Stephen Render Braswell 
Jared William Butler 
Randle B. Carpenter, Jr. 
Doufflas McOall Chapin 
James Wiley Fowler, III 
Galen North Griffin 
Donald Joseph Kisslan 

William H. Lamb 
Sanford Victor Levinson 
Wm. W. McC:utchen, Jr. 
Don Milton Mewhort 
Jerome Alec Pieh 
Karl Arthur Ray 
Charles William Rose 
Gary Douglas Thompson 
Melvin Lawrence Thrash 
Robert F.ugene Whitmore 

Robert Rey Windeler, Jr 



In 1 944, the members of Omicron Delta Kappa, the senior leadership 
fraternity for inen, met with the student leaders of the Woman's College 
in order to organize a counterpart of ODK on East Campus. Phi Kappa 
Delta, as the new group was called, has, since its founding, sought to 
recognize representatives from various campus activities who are out- 
standing in their scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Guided 
by President Jane Bowness, the twenty-three members of the group met 
twice monthly during the past year. At these informal Sunday dinners, 
campus problems and matters of mutual concern were brought up for 

Bonnie Eloise Benedict 
Barbara Ann Black 
Esther Gudger Booe 
Jane Carol Bowness 
Constance Carlberg 
Sandra Lee Deckert 
Lois Jean Eby 
Madeleine Thea Evans 
Karen Lisa Hanke 
Nancy Heilmann 
Molly Jo Hershey 

Susan Pratt Weeks 

Katherine D. Home 
Susan Barbara Letzler 
Irene Lilly 
Martha McGonigle 
Brenda Lee Phillips 
Marie Melinda Rose 
Melicent Seyfert 
Mary Gibbs Slater 
Joan Kay Stewart 
Mary Kathryn Sweeney 
Mary Katherine Ulmer 



Founded in the 1930's to recognize girls who demonstrate outstanding 
leadership potential and who are exemplary in their character and serv- 
ice to the University during their freshman year, Sandals is a sopho- 
more honorary with a membership of twenty girls. These girls provide 
the University with such services as guiding prospective students on 
campus tours, assisting during Freshman Orientation Week, and aiding 
in the running of WSGA assemblies. The Sandals' social activities 
include banquets, a mid-winter tea for the Trustees of Duke University, 
and a fall dance co-sponsored by Beta Omega Sigma, the counterpart 
of Sandals on West Campus. Included among the important educational 
aspects of Sandals' program are monthly seminars, studies and evalua- 
tions of school policies. Throughout the year, these girls work on fund- 
raising projects for the Sandals Scholarship, awarded each year to an 
outstanding rising sophomore co-ed. 

Susan Hill Blount 

Diana R. Calveiley 

Josephine Nt. Faust 

Suzanne Carol 

Mary Patricia Hill 

Kristina Margaret Kn.i 

Ruth Virginia Lilly 

Mary D. Lucas 

Janet Allen Mathews 

Sylvia Jean McKaig 

Patricia McQuiddy 
Margaret Elaine Moss 
Mary Ann Parker 
Patricia B. Smith 
Lucy Wilder Taylor 
Margery Lee Todd 
Gail Marie Toiiscy 
Mabel Stuart Upchureh 
Ann Harris Verner 
Lynn Louise Varnall 


Beta Omega Sigma, once devoted to heckling freshmen, has evolved 
into an organization devoted instead to helping first-year male students. 
A highly regarded sophomore leadership honorary, BOS promotes active 
student participation in campus aflfairs, thus developing the leadership 
potential of its members. These same sophomores pitch in and lend a hand 
in various campus activities; for example, they ser\'e as guides for the 
many guests during Homecoming Weekend and jointly sponsor the tradi- 
tional BOS-Sandals dance held in the fall. The group is dedicated to en- 
couraging individual responsibility as described in "A Code for Commun- 
ity Living." Aside from its various contributions to the University com- 
munity, BOS provides formal recognition of those freshmen who are 
exemplary in their demonstrated qualities of leadership, scholarship, 
and service. 

Zeb Elonzo Earnhardt, Jr. 
Richard Allen Best 
Gerald K. Busch 
Ernest Camp, III 
John Gobel DeGooyer, Jr. 
Walter Herbert Dixon, Jr. 
Charles R. Epes 
Kip McKinncy Espy 
Charles Stephen Foster 

Gordon Dexter Livermore 
John C. Markham, III 
Philip Case Ogden, Jr. 
John Harger Roediger 
Charles P. Rose 
Courtney B. Ross, Jr. 
Clifford M. Schmidt, Jr. 
Bernell Kenneth Stone 
Raymond E. \'ickery, Jr. 

Richard William Zeren 


I\y is the East Campus sophomore scholastic honorary. It was founded 
in 1937 by the Class of 1940 of the Woman's College. Ivy's purpose is to 
encourage scholarship and to stimulate intellectual curiosity among 
women students. Members are tapped after the lirst semester of their 
freshman year or in the fall of their sophomore year. To be eligible for 
membership, a candidate must have a scholastic average of 3.25 for the 
first semester, or a 3.5 average for the entire year. Each year Ivy holds 
a joint banquet with Phi Eta Sigma to honor all freshmen who have a 
"B" average on their mid-semester grades. Another annual event is the 
presentation of the Dorm Scholarship Caip to the East Campus house 
with the highest scholastic average. 

Judith Helen .Anderson 
Charlotte Hohnes AuU 
Cynthia Anne Batte 
Mary Eleanor Blakely 
Margaret .\nn Burruss 
Nancy Ellen Capps 
Lee Beryle Clark 
Sara Louise Cosens 
Doreen Carol Davis 
Susan Ellen Emlet 
Josephine M. Faust 
Sandra Wayne Frederick 
Carol Ann Getz 
Anne Jackson Gregory 
Alice C. Gucrry 
Mary Ann Hart 
Carol Ann Himcliek 
Joan B. Holmquist 
Joan Hutcheson 

Nancy Elaine Jenkins 
Marcia Ann Kauffman 
Kathleen J. Kienzle 
Katherine A, KittcUe 
Susan June Klein 
Adrienne Carole Kohn 
Karen Elizabeth Kruegcr 
C:arroll .Ann Leslie 
Valerie .Ann Lewis 
Linda Marie Loeb 
Linda Marie Long 
Mary Harriette McGehee 
Patricia MeQuiddy 
Dorothy Liza McQuown 
Barbara Hamilton Mayer 
Sandra Sue Mosher 
Margaret Elaine Moss 
Nancy Patricia Mueller 

Mary Ann Parker 
Donna .Sue Peters 
Miriam J. Quinby 
Andrena E. Ray 
Susan Robinson 
Virginia Dale Samler 
Mariann Kirven Sanders 
Clharlotte Gail Seeman 
Marcia .Sharon Smith 
Martha Davis Strayhorn 
Kathleen C:. Stettler 
Margery Lee Todd 
Mabel Stuart Upchurch 
Virginia Lee \'ance 
Bonnie Gray V'ick 
Barbara Jane Washburn 
Mary Erskine Wheat 
Patricia Gail Wilson 
Sue Ann Yager 



Phi Eta Sigma is the local scholastic honorary for sophomores on 
West Campus. Phi Eta Sigma recognizes outstanding scholarship and 
high potential at the beginning of a student's college career and initiates 
all freshman men who ha\'e attained a 3.5 average for their first semester 
or their entire first year at Duke. After tapping freshmen, the honorary 
becomes an administrative structure for academic leadership through- 
out the sophomore year. This year Phi Eta Sigma conducted tours for 
freshmen, ushered at various university functions, and joined with Ivy 
to honor, at a special banquet, all freshmen who had earned at least a 
"B" average at mid-semester. Encouraged by their sponsor. Dean Barney 
L. Jones, these men arranged a tutoring service for new freshmen, in 
their attempt to aid others and to increase their membership. 

Charles F. Adams 
William R. Anderson 
JelTicy Applcstcin 
Karl T. Benson 
Brent F. Blackwelder 
William C. Blackwelde 
Samuel P. Binford, Jr. 
Davis A. Goolidee 

Eugene F. Cornelius, Jr. 
Thaddeus G. Dankel, Jr. 
Eugene E. Derryberry 
Kenneth H. Dresner 
Richard P. Guelcher 
Edward L. Keller 
Gordon D. Livermore 
Alfred .S. Lurey 
Leighton B. Parker, Jr. 

James M. Richardson J 
John H. Roediger 
Courtney B. Ross, Jr. 
Edward T. Spencer, Jr. 
Bcrncll K. Stone 
William E. Watson 
Jimmy C. Whorton 
Richard W. Zeren 


The Arnold Air Society is a national honorary 
designed to salute outstanding cadets in each de- 
tachment. Founded in 1947 to honor General H. H. 
"Hap" Arnold, Commanding General of the Army 
Air Forces during World War II, the society has 
been active on the Duke campus since 1950. Various 
members of the society direct the local Civil Air 
Patrol program. As part of this program, they teach 
drill procedure in the Durham schools and sponsor 
an annual drill competition for neighboring 
AFROTC and NROTC drill teams. 

AFROTC cadets seeking membership in the 
Arnold Air Society must be passed by a selection 
board and must maintain a "C" average in their 
overall curriculum. Under the direction of Major 
Halstead, members devote themselves to the pro- 
motion of good citizenship, the real goal of the 
Arnold Air Society. 

Standing: ]. Hamilton, R. Breen, W. Hottle, W. Lamb, R. Titus. Kneeling: 
E. Tavernise, R. Brigfjs, P. Coushlan, B. Anderson, K. Gfiger. 



/u.. / L. Messikomer, D. Amey, E. Routh, R. .Shaky, IJ. Giin^trad. 
J. VVorsham, President; H. Sheffield. Row 2: S. Zumbro, B. Chapman, 
D. Nee, J. Kiser, .S. Ellis, R. Heyer, H. Shaffer. Row 3: J. Allen. R. Whit- 
more, P. Bell, R. Barnes, W. Davidson, C. Schuller. Row 4: D. Chapin, 
R. Maxon, G. Mullen, R. Kissam, VV. Vaudreuil. J. Dalhouse. 

Since its first initiation in January, 1958, the Cor- 
sairs Society has worked to honor outstanding mid- 
shipmen, to increase the "esprit de corps" in the 
NROTC, and to stimulate interest in the Navy on 
the Duke campus. Founded to recognize outstanding 
achievement by midshipmen in the Naval Reserve 
Program, a "B" average in Naval Science and an 
overall "C" average determine eligibility for juniors 
and seniors. 

Corsairs was established because Duke needed an 
NROTC honorary fraternity. At present, its mem- 
bers are making plans to expand eventually into a 
national naval honorary society. On the Duke cam- 
pus the Corsairs are instrumental in promoting in- 
terest and achievement in naval activities. Meetings 
are held at regular intervals, at which times the 
group invites naval officers to give featured talks. 


The North Carolina Gamma Chapter of Tau 
Beta Pi, the national scholastic honorary for engi- 
neers, was instituted on the Duke campus on Jan- 
uary 10, 1948. Since that time, the group has en- 
deavored to mark in a fitting manner those who 
have distinguished themselves by scholarship and 
exemplary character as undergraduates, or by their 
attainments as alumni. The prime goal of the hon- 
orary is to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the 
engineering colleges of America. Selection of mem- 
bers is made from engineers in the top eighth of the 
junior class or in the top fifth of the senior class. 

Tau Beta Pi held a tapping ceremony and ban- 
quet in the fall and another in the spring. In addi- 
tion, the honorary sponsored five weekly slide rule 
lectures, given by members of the faculty, for the 
benefit of interested science, math, or engineering 

Row 7; A. E. Palmer. P.Jackson, G. Thompson, R. Maxson, Dr. O. Meir. 
Row 2; H. Seiff, G. Roach, L. Sammons, D. Ohapin, R. Herring. Row 3: 
L. Bresee, A. Kennedy. J. Tinnell. G. Grills, F. Rolle, H. .Shaffer. 




R,.w 1: W liMHMii. , \I 1 liompson, R. Chambers, Prcsidnit: Dr. D. Davies, 
Faculty Adrnui ; B. Baudcr, Sec'y.; Merrill Smith, V.P. Roic 2: D. Denton, 
J. Timberlake, R. Kimmich, M. Goodson, W. Priest, C. Zoubek, B. Heid- 
rick, D. Ward, Steve Mohn. Rmv J: S. Gentry, A Mann, C. Clement, 
F. Gamble, J. DuPuy, G. Conchell. R. Davis, L. Pinnell. 

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest profes- 
sional fraternity in Business Administration. The 
Beta Eta chapter, chartered in 1929, was one of the 
first organizations to be founded at Duke. The 
fraternity's ends, as set forth in its charter, are to 
foster research in the fields of commerce, accounts, 
and finance; to educate the public to appreciate 
and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote 
and advance in colleges and universities, courses 
leading to degrees in Business Administration. 

During the past year, the group visited the North 
Carolina Trade Fair in Charlotte, the Mid-East 
District Convention in Norfolk, and the R. J. 
Reynolds Tobacco Company. The fraternity also 
.sponsored the open lecture, "How to Choose the 
Right Company," and invited leading Durham 
businessmen to speak at its dinner meetings. 


In 1932, "Le Salon Frangais" was established 
through the efforts of Dr. and Mrs. Neal Dow. Six 
years later, this informal group was chartered as the 
Alpha chapter of Tau Psi Omega, the national hon- 
orary French fraternity. Initiation is limited to those 
students who maintain a "B" average in their 
French studies and an over-all "C" average; a 
reasonable fluency in the language is requisite. 

All students who would further their knowledge of 
France are invited to the weekly French table, held 
in the East Campus Union every Tuesday evening. 
The Alpha chapter also produces a major French 
play annually. These performances feature an all- 
student cast. A number of French picnics are also 
sponsored by the group. The original project of the 
Dows has kept to its purpose: to arouse interest 
in the very "esprit de France." 

Row 1: P. Candlin, M. Bulgarin, J. Walker, Pres.; D. Stuart, F. Tiregol 
Roiv 2: K. Tabari, M. Auerbach, N. Keine, W. Laleh, S. Yager, T. Triska 
A. Stinnett, M. Dunn. Row 3: A. Walters, M. Fifer, R. Lilly, D. Fisher 
L Speck, A. Cothran. 




Run I : \. OastcUano, Advnot : G. Mayer 
E. Tone. Row 2: R. Shahan, S. For 
A. Crandall, M. Evans, C. Caine. 

F. Hanscom, P,,s . L. Eubaii 
baugh, J. Dougall, B. Bu 

For a little foreign flavor on the Duke campus, 
try the Christmas Fiesta as enthusiastically cele- 
brated by the participants, the members of the Span- 
ish honorary. Flamenco dances to the click of cas- 
tanets were in order at the spring dinner and dance. 
The initiation banquet was a little more sedate, as 
the society was reminded of its true purposes. Sigma 
Delta Pi, sponsored by Senor Castellano, strives to 
create a broader knowledge and a deeper apprecia- 
tion of Spanish contributions to culture, to promote 
better relations between Spanish and English- 
speaking countries, and to recognize students who 
have demonstrated superior ability and interest in 
Spanish studies. 

Sigma Delta Pi also acquaints its members with 
opportunities for travel and employment open to 
them. The society's prerequisites are a "B" average 
in Spanish courses and an overall "B" average. 


Kappa Delta Pi is a national education honorary 
with 220 chapters. As a result of the increasing em- 
phasis on education, the 35-year-old Duke chapter 
has been confronted with great responsibilities and 
challenges. In response to this challenge, several 
meetings this year were devoted to discussion of 
ways to meet the increasing need for and the prob- 
lems facing new teachers. All students interested in 
education were invited to attend. The society also 
met to hear speakers from the various areas of edu- 
cation and gathered for the annual year-end ban- 
quet. Membership in the society is limited to juniors, 
seniors, and graduate students maintaining a "B" 
average in education courses and standing in the 
upper fifth of their classes. Initiation also implies 
that these students have the potential for successful 
teaching careers. 

Row 1: A. Clark, A. Norris, B. Hennis, Pres.; P. Smith. Roir 2: W. Ryle, 
Dean Wilson, Mrs. D. Poe, N. Burton, J. Pons, W. Stumpf Run 3 H 
Wiggins, E. Fulbright, J. Kline, .\. Flowers. 



The Varsity "D" Club is, as its name implies, the 
West Campus honorary recognizing athletic achieve- 
ment. To be eligible for membership, a student must 
ha\-e earned a letter in any inter-scholastic sport. 
Once admitted, the student pays the nominal yearly 
dues and thus becomes a member in good standing. 
He is then free to attend all meetings and the ban- 
quet for Duke lettermen. 

In addition to these meetings, to which the group 
invites guest speakers from the world of sports, and 
the banquet, the Varisty "D" Club also sponsors 
the Blue-White games and carries on a special cam- 
paign for the American Cancer Association or Heart 
Fund. The wide range of the club's activities accentu- 
ates its goal — to serve the athletic department, never 
losing sight of the best interest of both coaches and 


The Duke chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national 
matiiematics honorary, was estabHshed on campus 
in 1932, eighteen years after the national organiza- 
tion was founded at Syracuse University. The group 
seeks to stimulate interest and to promote scholar- 
ship in the field of mathematics. The membership 
qualifications, a "B" average in math through 
integral calculus and an overall "B" average, are 
indicative of the honorary's high standards. 

The more than fifty members of Pi Mu Epsilon 
convened twice during the past year to initiate new 
members. At these meetings, professors and senior 
mathematics majors addressed the audience on 
progress and opportunity in the general field of 
mathematics. Director Carol Ann Wilson and Vice- 
Director Jim Sawers led the group. 

Row 1: S. So, C. Hilton, R. Smathers, M. Katz, C. Wilson, President, 
J. Meier, C. Woodard, F. Walker, D. Pike, R. Smith. L. Williams. Row 2. 
J. Ozbolt, R. Maxson, G. Husa, J. MacNaughton, E. Thompson. T. Mc 
Intire, C. Fincher, F. Broesche. Row 3: ]. Tinnell, A. Kennedy, R. New 
D. Townsend, R. Thornberry. 





The Alpha Gamma chapter of Kappa Kappa 
Psi, the national music honorary, was founded at 
Duke in 1922. The organization was inactive from 
1945, when its activities were suspended because of 
the war, until 1958, when it was renewed. The 
purpose of Kappa Kappa Psi is to acknowledge 
outstanding musicians. The standards for member- 
ship are entirely in keeping with this aim. To be 
eligible, a student must have participated, for at 
least one year, in either the Concert or the March- 
ing Band. 

These superior musicians entertained visiting 
bands after football games, helped to sponsor and 
make arrangements for the High School Band Day, 
and ushered at the presentations of the Concert Band . 
Kappa Kappa Psi ended its active year by designing 
and decorating a float for the Joe College Parade. 

Row 1: L. Holt, B. Morgan, J. ONeill, Dr. Bryan, R. Jones, President; M. Dunn. 
M. Green. Roiv 2: D. Ekker, E. Keller, P. Finch, D. Guelcher, B. Newman, 
J. Abbot, P. Gurley. 


Delta Chi Epsilon, founded at Duke in April, 
1959, rewards outstanding academic achievement 
within the junior and senior classes of Civil Engineer- 
ing. The organization was established to recognize 
the characteristics necessary for success in an engi- 
neering career and to aid in the development 
of those characteristics in the undergraduate engi- 
neer. To qualify for membership, the undergraduate 
must, as a junior, rank in the upper fifth of his class 
or, as a senior, in the upper third of his class. 

In addition to maintaining an extensive file of 
pamphlets and brochures, the honorary keeps in- 
formation on graduate programs and available fi- 
nancial assistance. Delta Chi Epsilon endeavored to 
promote better student-faculty relations through 
constructive criticism of professors and courses, 
and by an annual student-faculty banquet. 

Row 1: E. Bryan, Sponsor; K. Thompson, L. Sammons, J. Oldham, President. Row 
2: B. Hunt, J. Oldham, B. McCutchen. Row 3:]. Ozbolt, F. Rolle. JVot Pictured: 
B. Ross. 



Delta Phi Rho Alpha, the local athletic honorary 
for women, encourages participation and interest 
in various sports. Its members set an example by 
active participation in basketball, volleyball, tennis, 
swimming, bowling, and badminton. In addition, 
Delta Phi Rho Alpha recognizes students who have 
shown interest, good sportsmanship, and ability in 
at least two sports. 

Established on the Duke campus in 1921, the 
honorary is composed of women from the junior 
and senior classes; members are usually tapped in the 
spring. Each year the group presents a gold key to 
the senior woman who, in their estimation, has most 
actively promoted athletics on East Campus. In these 
ways tlic honorary emphasizes and contributes to 
the growth of athletic opportunities for women. 

/.,// to right: S. Helm, L. Dilworth, C. Aydlett, V. Warr, S. Porter, G. Miller, 
P. Smith, S. Farmer, B. Mills. 


Outstanding Duke students, majoring in 
chology, find a common meeting ground in Psi 
Chi Delta, one of 134 chapters of the national society, 
Psi Chi. The purpose of Psi Chi is to stimulate interest 
and to recognize achievement in psychology. To 
fulfill its goals, the membership regulations of the 
organization require a psychology major with at 
least six hours of psychology, a psychology course 
average of 3.0, and an overall grade-point average 
of 2.8. 

Formerly a local honorary, the Duke organiza- 
tion received a national charter in 1959. The group 
invites speakers connected with the various phases 
of psychology and informs its members of opportuni- 
ties in graduate work. In addition, Psi Chi Delta 
publishes a newsletter in which the latest advances 
in psychological research are recorded. 

Row h J. Heiser, G. Gimbel. M. A. McLeod. Row 2: B. Burton. J. Weiner, 
H. Thomas. Row 3: P. Bishop. Row 4: A. Bcrger. L. Caudle, B. TieRer. Not 
fnclurtd: }. Pieh, J. Carpenter, C. Larmore, H. Mills, B. Hall,, J. Stewart. 



The Order of Hippocrates, the honorary of the 
Duke Pre-Medical Society, recognizes scholars of 
proven leadership ability and of good character. To 
be considered for the Order, a student must be a 
member of the Pre-Medical Society, have a 3.0 
overall average after a minimum of 75 semester 
hours, and have a 3.0 average in courses treating the 
prc-medical sciences. Since the first initiation ban- 
quet in 1955, about fifty members have been ad- 
mitted into the society. Under the direction of Titus 
Allen, the organizational program this year was de- 
voted to gathering information about past members. 
These thumbnail sketches appeared in the Cadiiceus, 
tiie pre-mcdical monthly, and were accompanied 
Ijy accounts of the work now being done by former 
Duke students in the several medical fields. 

David .Mien, Robert C^anaway, Walter Scarborough, Titus .-Mle 


The Knights of the Order of St. Patrick was 
founded in 1945 to inspire pride in the College of 
Engineering, to promote good fellowship and under- 
standing among members, to stimulate interest and 
participation in the extra-curricular activities of 
the Engineering College, and to foster better rela- 
tions between the students and faculty. This year, 
directed by Honorable St. Patrick Jim Gobbel, the 
chief concern of the Order has been to provide a 
nucleus for an engineering long-range planning 
committee. It also sponsored, with Tau Beta Pi, 
the Slide Rule lectures for freshmen engineering 
and science students. Membership is open to chival- 
rous juniors, seniors, and faculty members of the 
College of Engineering who prove themselves worthy 
of being knighted by the Order of St. Patrick. 

R,iw ?; J. McMullen, D. Chapin.J. Oldham, E. Chcsnutt. Row 2: L. Sami 
R. Whitmore, J. Gobbel, Pnsidnil; B. McCutchcn, P.Jackson. 


Since 1944, Pi Tau Sigma, national honorary in 
mechanical engineering, has played a leading role in 
University engineering activities. The organization's 
purpose is threefold: to foster the high ideals of the 
engineering profession, to stimulate interest in de- 
partmental activities, and to develop co-operation 
among the various branches of the School of Engi- 
neering. To be eligible for membership, a student 
must be in the top 25 per cent of the junior class or 
the top 35 per cent of the senior mechanical engi- 
neering class. 

Each year, an Outstanding Sophomore Award is 
presented to the sophomore engineer attaining the 
highest academic average. Also, the senior with the 
best engineering paper in class, or in professional 
society competition, receives an award. Other func- 
tions include review lectures for the E.I.T. examina- 
tion and an initiation banquet for new members. 

T. Mclntire, R. Herring, President; H. Seiff. Row 2: E. Snyder, 1 
R. Maxson, J. Tinnell, W. Roach. Not Pictured: A. Kennedy. 



The only national physics honor society, Sigma Pi 
Sigma limits its chapters to accredited colleges and 
universities offering a challenging program in physics. 
The Duke chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma was founded 
in 1925 and is the second oldest in the nation. The 
Society recognizes students of proven scholastic 
ability who show of achievement in physics. 
In addition, it promotes student interest in advanced 
research and study. 

To qualify for membership in Sigma Pi Sigma, 
one must have completed eleven semester hours 
in physics, having maintained at least a "B" average 
both in physics and in overall course work. After a fall 
tapping, the group, headed by Sam So, began the 
year with a business meeting, followed by the Fall 
Picnic. During the remainder of the year, the mem- 
bers took part in meetings, lectures, tours, and the 
Spring Picnic. 

Row 7: S. So, Dr. R. M. Williamson, R. Newman. Row 2: G. Lockwood, F. 
Walker, R. Smith. Row 3: D. Townsend, J. Sawers, G. Lunsford, J. Mac- 



The local chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national 
political science honorary, was founded at Duke 
in 1955. To be eligible for induction, a student must 
exhibit a notable interest in the field of political 
science by maintaining a "B" average after at least 
ten semester hours of the study of governments. The 
student must, in addition, rank in the upper third 
of his class. Pi Sigma Alpha seeks to foster student 
interest in governmental activities and to create 
an awareness of public affairs by bringing important 
current issues to the attention of the University com- 
munity. The group also sponsors numerous panel 
discussions and a symposium. The local chapter was 
guided this year by President Rex Adams and Dr. 
Roma S. Clheck, the group's sponsor. 

C. B. Luce, Jackie Gurlcy, Sue Farmer, E. E. Schattschneidcr, J. K. Galbraith, 
Susan Bennett, B. Goldvvater, Phoebe Dadakis, Emmy Logan. 


Since its reactivation on the campus in 1958, the 
Duke chapter of the national honorary dramatics 
fraternity, Theta Alpha Phi, has succeeded in creat- 
ing interest in the theater by honoring outstanding 
achiexement in dramatic arts. The major require- 
ment for membership is significant contribution to 
dramatic production on the Duke campus; contri- 
butions may range from a starring role in a smash 
hit, to directing, playwriting, production or business 
management. New members are chosen at the be- 
ginning of each semester. Informal meetings are 
called when necessary, preceding the two initiation 
rituals each year. 

The increased membership of Theta Alpha Phi 
was guided this year by faculty advisor Victor 
Michalak and President Lola Powers. By stressing 
the importance of theater arts in college life, the 
honorary has furthered its goal of encouraging in- 
dividual and collective interest in dramatics. 

Row 7; G. Schenck, B. Vestal. Row 2: K. Cohen, L. Powers, Pres.; J. Lee, G. 
Hollister, J. Welborn. W. Healy, A. Sader. Row 3: M. Rouse, R. Parks. Not 
Pulured: L. Shriver. 



A FRATERNITY stands for many things: leader- 
ship, scholarship, and friendship. At Duke, the force 
of this brotherhood is felt by those who sincerely be- 
lieve that, be it shown only by a moment of laughter 
or the warmth of a strong handshake, the fraternity 
system is a lasting example of the benefits of com- 
mon ideals. 

College fraternities originated with the founding 
of Phi Beta Kappa in 1776. In 1870, the first sorority 
was formed. From these beginnings, the Greek 
system has grown and spread, while aspiring to the 
highest concepts of service, loyalty, courage, co- 
operation, and integrity. 

The word "fraternity" brings to mind memories: 
of dances, cabin parties, dates, and fun. But in reality, 
there are many experiences which cannot merely be 
termed "fun." The fraternity man may remember 
a Christmas party for underprivileged youngsters; 
the sorority woman may recall emotions during the 
Fraternity-Sorority Sing. These, too, are part of the 
meaning of fraternity; these, too, are part of the 
experience of college. 


Row 7; J. Harper. B. Alden, B. Wantz, M. Myers, L. Snowdon, P. Baugher, L. Gillooly. Row 2: K. Watson C /auije;, M. Clook. j. Anderson, L. 
Clark, C, Hart, H. Hertzog. Row 3: K. Lockwood, J, Leutwilcr, A. Fullagar, C. Caine, L. Caine, Rou J C Larmore, M. Farmer, M, L. Huck, 
N. Thompson, M. Nathanson,J. Duke, Mot pictured: D. Damschaoder, M. Brown. 

The stated purpose of the Panhellenic Council, 
the representative body of sororities at Duke, is to 
promote co-operation among sororities and to co- 
ordinate sorority activities with those of the school 
and city. The Council consists of two members from 
each sorority plus thirteen ex-officio members, the 
sorority presidents. The group meets weekly in an 
attempt to find new methods of unifying the thirteen 
member sisterhoods to work for the good of the in- 
dividual sisters and the University community. 

The activities of the Council, directed by Presi- 
dent Lowell Snowdon, began with the hectic East 
Campus rush. Later in the fall, in conjunction with 
the IFC, Pan-Hel sponsored the annual intcrlVatern- 
ity sing. In the spring, in addition to presenting a 
fashion show, Pan-Hel promoted the Greek Week 
Carnival. The group also presents an annual scholar- 
ship award and sponsors a foster child in Greece. 

Lowell Snowdon. President 


Clonnelly, Treas.; Buck Buckalew, Sec'y.; Bill Lamb, Pres.; Bob Pless, Rec; Al Tatum, Paul Wohlford. 

Bill Lamb, Presid 

The Duke Interfraternity Council was organized 
to supervise matters relating to the Greek chapters 
on campus. It consists of two principal bodies — the 
Council of Presidents and the Executix'e Board. The 
Council of Presidents, which initiates legislation, is 
made up of the presidents of the eighteen social 
fraternities at Duke, and is governed by the Presi- 
dent of the IPC. The Executive Board, the judicial 
branch of the IPC, delegates much of its authority 
to the Investigating Committee. This special com- 
mittee probes possible violations of the IPC: Code 
and decides if the offenders should be brought be- 
fore the Board. 

The IPC this year inaugurated "open relations" 
between freshmen and fraternity men during the 
first semester. As a result. Formal Rush, which for 
the first time took place during the semester break, 
was not the stiff, uncomfortable affair that it had 
often been in the past. 


Fraternity life at Duice is Iviiown to the outside 
world by many symbols — a lion, a skull and cross- 
bones, an arrow, a lyre, a sword and shield, an 
anchor, and so on. But for the brother or sister, 
Greek life holds a deeper meaning. It signifies the 
brotherhood of a fraternity section or the sisterhood 
of a room in Carr Building — occult organizations 
maintained under the watchful, if remote, eyes of 
the national office. Within fraternal walls, mystic 
rituals are performed, lasting friendships and as- 
sociations are made, secret handshakes are gripped, 
private whistles ai'e whistled, and dues are paid. 
Almost every Greek devotes some of his time to an 
active social schedule — cabin parties, bridge and 
poker tournaments, beer and pizza fests, picnics 
and banquets, or gatherings of the "clan." The 

ZBT's, rice, and geisha gi 

The Pi Phi's Alice and Rabbit— is that 

A wagonful of Phi Kaps — and Bubas thinks those guys are basketball players! 


. but where is Suzie Wong? 

Anything to impress the rushees: "On your linees, Theta 

Secrete dorm mrctiiiEj of the Key Club. 

Delta Sigs and the rubber that just keeps stretching 


^^^'S=(=p:x=l=3=:; \frT i j / ./ ^-^ ^bg^;^^ 

Who says the Old South is i,'ono 
with the wind? 


diverse elements of the Greek system are brought 
together in many of these social events, as well as 
in scholastic and athletic competition. Each group 
also undertakes a program of charitable work. 

A fraternity is a close group of brothers or sisters 
chosen for life membership by those who were chosen 
before them. Each fraternity is naturally the "best 
on campus," and each group takes pride in the suc- 
cesses of its members in any and all phases of campus 
life. With the annual revitalization of the Greek 
orders through the phenomenon of rush, certain 
memorable features of Greek life are guaranteed 
continuation. The fraternal "cycle" implies pledge 
projects and dances, float-building, homecoming 
displays, pilgrimages to Myrtle— all of which 
strengthen the bonds of fraternity life. 

Kappa Sigs sav, "Twist todav, loi 

tt^BI ^SK^^^ 





Post-game twisting lessons, PIKA style. 

ADPi's give "their room" in Carr a 


With dirty knees, big smiles, and happy hearts, the 
sisters of Alpiia Chi Omega began another East Clampus 
rush. Amid joy and confusion, the Alpha Chi's welcomed 
a wonderful new pledge class. October brought our visit- 
ing Province President, a pizza party, and the pledges' 
Hallowe'en party at the G.P. Hospital (with a party 
afterwards for actives and pledges). Then the glitter of 
our semi-formal dance at the Jack Tar, a mouth-watering 
spaghetti supper for the pledges and their big sisters, and 
song fest practices. January meant exams and studying, 
but February finally came with a brand new semester. A 
beautiful pledge dance, then initiation and new sisters to 
share the Alpha Chi spirit and excitement of spring 
events. Peanut Pal Day . . . scholarship banquet . . . fun 
at picnics and retreat . . . good times at the warehouse 
working on the float . . . and finally a senior banquet. 
Another year had passed — a fun-packed year, but also a 
year of sharing the sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega. 

Anne Harper, President; Diana Bole, Rush Chairman. 

PLEDGE.S— /?o;<' 1: N. Pell, C. Corn, C. Heyl, B. Tagsjait, B. Craig;. Ron 2: L. Rogers, M. Ernst, S. Shepherd, P. Davis, J. UUenberg, C. Dilworth, 
E. Becton. Row J: E. Greig, .S. .Schlesinger, K. E^lingei. B [ohnTOn. N Temple, F. Hollar. 


Bole, Diana 
Bowdron, Dottie 
Biadshaw, Barbara 
Bremer, Linda 
Carr, A\-a Marie 

Cronin, Ginny 
Damschroder, Dede 
Dancy, Marty 
Davidson, Susan 
Dudley, Dot 

Galland, Anne 
Gibson, Cathy 
Griswold, Laura 
Harper, Ann 
Home, Kathv 

Hubbs, Gerry 
Kairinen, Eila 
Kline, Janet 
Lea, Mary Ann 
Leonard, Cathy 

Lewis, Caroline 
Logan, Emmy 
Mclntire, Penny 
Miller, Gail 
Moore, Becky 

Peabody, Mary Lou 
Pell, Nancy 
Ramseur, Bebe 
Rouse, Margaret 
Siler, Nancy 

Smith, Ann 
Smith, Charlotte 
Sperry, Sue 
Strayhorn, Marty 
Turner, Arline 

Wheat, Pollv 
Wiley, Sarah 
Willis, Betty 
Zaugg, Cecile 













t*» ^^ 















4- .\ 







Kay Goodman, President; Bebe Bradshaw, Rush Cha 

Diamond pins sparkling, the Omicron Pi's greeted the 
year in the best "do or die" fashion. After rush parties 
ranging from the raucous (remember Stuart at the juke- 
box party?) to the sedate, we found ourselves with pledges 
so fine we often had trouble- heeding Trish's advice. Our 
pledge banquet, tiie Hallowe'en party with the Carolina 
Pi's, weekly visits with the darling and brave CP Hospital 
children, charity ticket sales - these, with our Ch.-\nti- 
CLEER beauty. Phi Bete, and Duchess, helped make those 
months some of our best. Then amidst vacation, activities 
and studies, came the Sing, party plans with the KKG's, 
and our Christmas party. Exams over, a full second se- 
mester began for the gals of the violet- the pledge dance, 
initiation, parties with fraternities, and elections. Joe 
College and beach-week plans reminded us that our year 
was drawing to a close. Then after we sang and laughed 
our way through the Senior Dinner our year was over. 
Grand memories made it hard to bid our sisters good-bye, 
even though we could look ahead to next fall's happy 


."Xmand. /?. 

- 7; M. Butler, L. Swain. J. Conn, C. Smith. R„w 1 
Heefner, S. Henderson, B. Clooper, M. Burtkel 

dine. R. Garden, J. Thornton, A. Piclvr 
k, B. Morgan, C. Cousins. 

;ll, A. Davis, C Simeon, E. Saint- 


Anderson, Nancy 
Bradshaw, Bebe 
Burton, Les 
Cantrell, Lydia 
Coble, Janet 

Cooper, Annette 
Crandal, Anne 
Cuttino, Harriette 
Ellis, Agnes 
Farmer, Muriel 

Fearrington, Jay 
Gillie, Mary Olive 
Goodman, Kay 
Gregory, Jane 
Gronemeyer, Suzanne 

Herrin, Kay 
Isley, Kay 
James, Scherer 
Jenkins, Nancy 
Little, Frances 

Miller, Betsy 
Mitchell, Meriel 
Morris, Barbara 
McGary, Lake 

McLellan, Macky 

Neblett, Beverly 
Nolan, Pam 
Perry, Jerry 
Peters, Donna Sue 
Pons, Jennie 

Ramsev, Carol 
Shurtliff, Juneal 
Stewart, Joannie 
Swain, Beth 
Thompson, Nancy 

Towle, Trish 
Trent, Becky 
LIpchurch, Stuart 
Verner, Ann 
Watson, Katrina 

Weeks, Bev 
Wilkinson, Lillian 
Young, Martha 

(^ ^- 

a fH 

^ f^ ^ ^ 

© (^ 

o r> t^ 

^ (^ B 




Mai Nathanson, Rush Chairman; Gail MargoHs, President. 

The AEPhi's welcomed each other back to campus 
and immediately turned their attention to putting final 
touches on rush plans. Enthusiasm and anticipation were 
more than rewarded by the girls who become our pledges. 
Thanks to their ambitious spirit we now enjoy a newly 
decorated room. Gail and Judy found their jobs as FAC's 
exciting and rewarding. Judy also served on Y-Cabinet, 
while Mai devoted her time to NSA. Adie and Marcia 
were tapped into Ivy and Adie also worked on this year's 
Symposium. In the holiday spirit, the chapter filled a 
Christmas basket for a needy family. At pizza parties, 
bowling and skating parties, mixers with fraternities from 
Carolina and State, and at our pajama party at Blu's we 
let down our hair (or put it up in the latter instance) for 
a year of real fun. Our wonderful pledge dance and the 
fun at Joe College rounded out a full social calendar. So 
we said good-bye to the "year of the pink flannel farce," 
but know that next year will be just as exciting. 

PLEDGES— If// 10 right: L. Johnson, D. Ben 


Block, Barbara 
Chapnick, Maxine 

Kohn, Adrienne 
Margolis, Gail 

Nathanson, Mai 
Smith, Marcia 

Wald, Gail 
Weiiier, Judy 



Elsa Ely, Rush Ohairman; Patti Groves, Pn'sident. 

Back from beaches and summer jobs, Alpiia Phi's 
jumped into a successful rush season with the help of our 
field secretary, Jean Ratcliffe. After pledging a wonder- 
ful group of girls, we settled into a fall filled with Thursday 
suppers together, a big-little sister party at the Festa 
Room, and a Scholarship bancjuet. The pledges enter- 
tained at a Thanksgiving Party and then we Phi's took 
that much needed break. After Thanksgiving we held a 
progressive supper (complete with homemade lasagne), 
and a coffee hour. Then the Christmas whirl began with 
our annual caroling at the VA hospital, followed by a 
party at the home of our Alumnae advisor. January 
found us kicking up our heels at a cabin party and (ugh !) 
hitting the books for e.xams. Spring was exciting with the 
initiation banquet and dance held at the Country Inn. 
All pitched in to build the Joe College Float, and soon 
the lucky delegates were chosen for the National Conven- 
tion. Our annual trip to Myrtle Beach after e.xams 
rounded out another fun-filled vear. 

PLEDGES— fioif /.■ S. Powell, K. Stettler, M. Osborne, A. Morrison Rmv 2 M Werliter, \ Biisendine. B Fer<rii 

Hott, Carol 
Ikirbridge, Gail 
( :ardvvell, Martha 
( larlberg, Connie 

Caudle, Lori 
Clook, Marfie 
Day, Carolyn 
Douglas, Donna 

Ely, Elsa 
(iarlock, Kay 
(iarrcnton, Bobbie 
Gimble, Gretchen 

Groves, Patti 
Leahy, Muffi 
Lockwood, Kathy 
McFarlane, Jan 

Packard, Jan 
Robinson, Barb 
Sydnor, Judy 
Weaver, Janet 

^ f) ^ ^ 

Weaver, Sue 
Wilbourne, Sharon 
Wingfield, Jane 


Bonnie Kclk-y, President (center): Ci 
Suzy White, Rush Chairmen. 

Take a little hit of ginger . . . "Delta's Big Jets" soared 
into another Rush, netting them twenty new chances to 
"spread the good word." Take a little bit of grit . . . Deltas 
again adopted the Methodist Retirement Home, with 
"Peanut" parties and regular visits. Take a little bit of 
sunshine, just to make a hit . . . Actives treated pledges at 
the Rat, the pledges responding with a surprise P. J. 
breakfast. The cabin party prefaced a joint flapper party 
with KD. Take a little bit of spirit . . . Following the Found- 
ers' Day feast with UNC sisters. Deltas appeared in the 
Sing, then jolly-jolly-bunched for the annual Christmas 
Pine Party. Take a little bit of pep . . . Uncorking the new 
semester with a Pledge Dance, the 3-D's beat a spring 
retreat to New Hope, then answered the call of the Great 
White Elefink to raise Delta $'s for their annual campus 
scholarship. Put 'em all together . . . After DDD-lightful Joe 
College floating, Tri-Delts climaxed their year with an 
exodus to Myrtle. Tou've got Tri-Delta's Rep! 

PLEDGES— /?oit) 1: K. Luce, M. Edwards, J. Thacker, J. Herndon, J. Harris. Row 2: D. Miller, L. Erickson, T. Carr, A. .Acton, L. Anutta. C. Jones, 
D. Carroll. Row 3: S. Piester, C. Metz, S. Hall, S. Bake,, S., J Gilmore, P. Pilt^ram \nt puliinrf S Hun>adi. 


Adamson, Joan 
Bebout, Harriet 
BcUaire, Lesly 
Bennett, Susan 
Brown, Gini 

Camfield, Lissie 
Carver, Laura 
Gates, Ellen 
Gook, Jan 
Gooke, Pat 

Dillon, Garolyn 
Dougall, Jo Ann 
Emerson, Sue 
Farmer, Sue 
Fisher, \ivian 

Harden, Judy 
Isaly, Carolyn 
Jolly, Anne 
Jordan, Sue 
Kaufman, Betsy 

Kelley, Bonnie 
Kimbrough, Laurel 
Kneen, Judy 
Lee, Peggy 
Montonye, Lynnsey 

Patton, Sheila 
Porter, Suzie 
Ransey, Anne 
Rasberry, Jane 
Rose, Melinda 

Van Dyck, Judy 
Wanless, Carol 
Wantz, Bobbie 
Ward, Jackie 
White, Suzv 

Wilcox, Landis 
Woodard, Carol 
York, Tina 

O ^ ^ 0- 



The Delta Gammas came back to scliool ready to 
plunge into rush with renewed enthusiasm, which resulted 
in a pledge class of eighteen wonderful girls. For more 
interesting meetings, the DCs scheduled speakers and 
special programs every other week. As part of our Na- 
tional Project, we helped out at Butler, the state rehabilita- 
tion center for the blind. We also adopted an orphan in 
Korea. Christmas season found us in the Sing and in a 
whirl of parties. The party at Butler's was a great success, 
as was the tea and our annual Clhristmas dinner. The 
new semester brought a cabin party, pledge swaps and a 
formal dinner. Initiation and the pledge dance were 
moments we had all been awaiting. Spring came, with 
the beach party in Wilmington during the Azalea Festival, 
the Parent's Weekend Tea, and Founder's Day Banquet. 
.Ml too soon the Senior Bancjuet was here and we were 
bidding fond farewells to our graduating sisters, with 
memories of a wonderful year of sisterhood and fun. 

Kramer, President; .Sally C'hanev, Rush Chairman, 

PLEDGES— ./?o;c /; C. Combs, J. Baran, L. Gambill, M. Martin, P. McKay. Row 2: S. Hall, J. Rector, L. Corbin, P. Oakley, P. Fraser. Ro. 
A. Bacon, P. Tolflemi.e, .S. Gilh-spie, \ WiUun, P. Wateiman. S (:l,„k 


Bagley, Carol 
Balch, Brenda 
Baldwin, Ann 
Benedict, Bonnie 
Binning, Barbara 

Bixler, Lynn 
Blomberg, Karen 
Brooke, Barbara 
Brown, Bernice 
Caine, Constance 

Chaney, Sarah 
Given, Linda 
Hayes, Gladys 
Reiser, Joan 
Hodson, Ann 

Jennings, Judith 
Johnson, Barbara 
Johnson, Mary 
Johnson, Wendy 
Jones, Pam 

Kline, Nancy 
Leslie, Elizabeth 
Moss, Judith 
Mvers, Dianna 
Noblett, Sally 

Pittman, Germain(> 
Samonds, Janet 
Skiles, Susan 
Stayer, Glenda 

^ O A 

^ f^ ^ ^ ^ 

f^ f«| A C^c 



Royce Greenlaw, President; Susan Neff, Rush Chairman- 

In a welter of deep knee bends and push-ups led by 
rush chairmen Susan and Anne, Thetas breathlessly 
greeted a horde of freshmen with a barrage of smiles 
and scrapbooks. Beta Rho sophistication gave way to 
joyous shrieks when twenty girls pledged themselves to 
the Black and Gold, to Big 'n' Li'l Sister pizza parties, 
and to Kite Day. Soon afterwards there arose the clatter 
of pledge paddles and of secret pals haunting secret bud- 
dies. As the hour quiz rut drifted into the term paper rut, 
Thetas still had the Sing, led by Peeress Lynn, coflFees, 
the Founders' Day Banquet, and a surprise Christmas 
party. To relieve second semester doldrums, Thetas in- 
dulged in fun doings — the pledge charity project and the 
Initiation Banquet, and sad doings — the Senior Farewell 
Banquet and the "Goodbye" Spring Retreat. Highlight- 
ing Spring's "mud-luscious" weekends were the Golden 
Triad and Joe College. Theta Beach Weekend closed a 
grand year under Royce, and. ready to repeat the cycle 
next fall, Thetas departed still booming "T with an H 
with an ETA. . . ." 

PLEDGES— ;?«/.' 1: R. White, J. McCleary, M. Woodiuff, .\ Mare, M. Wilson, .S faiitheis Rou 2 E Bav, L LeCompte, M. Miller, M. Hamilton, 
B. Balderston, P, W.i^hhurn A'.-,, : S. nittiii.ii K (..ttinijs M Rnss S Ti-h | R<.(.hins S r'nttmll M S.,«%<i 



Anderson, Judy 
Barbour, Ann 
Bate, Caryl 
Braisted, Lynn 
Brewer, Karen 

Chamberlin, Delia 
Deckert, Sandy 
Fair, Jackie 
Fortenbaugh, Sue 
French. Kit 

Fuliagar, Ann 
Greenlaw, Royce 
Halla, Fran 
Hamilton, Anne 
Hilton, Carol 

Holmes, Ginny 
Ingham, Margo 
Johnston, Sue 
Kiefer, Karen 
Larson, Pat 

Mueller, Nancy 
Neff, Susan 
Phillips, Brenda 
Pierpont, Carrie 
Price, Jeannie 

Robins, Judy 
Robins, Sally 
Robinson, Susie 
Rosenberger, Willie 
Sheridan, Alice 

Spalding, Joan 
Stansberry, Karen 
Triska, Thyra 
Wallwork, Kristen 
Welch, Judy 

P\ ^ ^ t f>S 

^ ^ # ^ 

White, Chris 
Yarnall, Lynn 


Rooney McKen 

President; Mary Ellen Su 

Another momentous year in tlie annals of Sigma Delta. 
Rooney and Mary Ellen were overflowing with ideas 
from the National Convention. One of them, a retreat 
before rush, helped us to face the avalanche of freshmen, 
and with new olive-green .skirts and rose-white blouses, 
the KD's ushered in a new year and twenty wonderful 
pledges. A cabin party with the Tri-Delts, a pizza party 
with "Bat" — seems like all we had was fun! We were 
hardly dull Jills, however. KD's made Phi Bete, Class 
Honors, and the campus beauty polls, too. A Christmas 
party at the V.A. helped us more than the patients, then 
Kathy Claus treated us with gifts at a party in our room. 
February was never fuller — pledge banquet and dance, 
White Rose Week, mugs. Initiation, friendship. Sixty- 
six diamond pins, everywhere we looked. Spring brought 
Joe College, a retreat with the Carolina KD's, and plans 
for the trip to Myrtle. At last the Golden Anniversary of 
our founding arrived in April — it was a big success. In 
fact, as we look back, the whole year was. 

PLEDGES— ifotti 
M. Dralev, M. Gi 

'.■ B. Myers, G. Brown, D. Robb, J. Lang, G. Kinard, B. C; 
idon, B, Johnston, A. Lassiter, A. Jordan, C. Patrick, F. Cow 

leron, S. Cornwell, A. .Stephens, M. Doggett. Row 2: S. Merritt, 
1, J. Watson. 


Anderson, Lynn 
Auman, Sarah 
Barker, Dodie 
Beach, Bea 
Beaver, Harriet 
Bentzle, Betty 

Boden, Carla 
Blount, Susan Hill 
Campbell, Connie 
Choborda, Marie 
Coleman, M. L. 
Combs, Sugar 

Coseas, Sally 
Daniel, Harriet 
Drennon, Jane 
Drummond, Martha 
Ellis, Jennifer 
Golson, Mary Ann 

Harrell, Margaret Anr 
Hester, Harriet 
Huck, Mary Lou 
Jones, Bet 

Kimmerle, Nancy Jo 
Larmore, Cal 

Leonard, Rhonnie 
McGehee, Harriette 
McKenzie, Anne 
Mosher, Sandy 
Moss, Elaine 
Patterson, Kathy 

Proctor, Babs 
Schwartz, Lois 
Shahan, Robin 
Smith, Betsy 
Smith, Frannie 
Stanford, Geri 

Strother, Becky 
Sugg, Ann 
Surratt, Mary Ellen 
Taylor, Lucy 
Touchton, Judy 
Tousey, Gail 

Ulmer, Kay 
Williams, Carol 
Willis, Edie 
VVooten, Mary Bryan 

^ <r* f^ ^ <v^^ 

^ C f ' ^ f"'' ^ 

^ ^ f ^ ^ 

(^, f^ f^ ^ n A, 

n ^ <^ 



Joan Jarden, Rush C:ha 

Martha McGonigle, Presi- 

Witli a burst of laughter, a scraping of benches, and 
a roUing-up of shirt-sleeves, the Kappas whirled into 
the new year. Aided by "tuhrer" Martha and her ac- 
cordion at the Heidelburg Party, the girls in blue suc- 
cessfully pinned twenty superlative pledges. With a little 
tiger and a huge Devil, K-KG's won the Homecoming 
Poster Contest. We discussed music and religion in our 
seminar and cut a record for children with Cystic Fibrosis. 
Hilariously flubbing "Lovely Girl" in the sorority sing, 
we redeemed ourselves by caroling, on pitch, at retire- 
ment homes. The holiday season was highlighted with the 
pledges' surprise for the actives and the Kappa-ATO 
blast for Edgemont children. E.xams over, the Kappa's 
initiated eager pledges, exclaimed over their sisters pre- 
sented at the Triad, and then retreated for a weekend. 
The KKG's joined the ADPi's in a spring frolic and reveled 
in the sights of Florida and Joe College. Suddenly, it was 
time for Senior Banquet, Myrtle Beach, and National 
Convention - time for regretful goodbyes. For the Kappas 
it had been a "big" year — a challenging and exciting 
nine months. 

PLEDGES— «o«. /• J. Huntlev, M. Ricketts. D. .Searles. Row 2: M. Umstcad, M. Mellencamp, J. Harrold, B. .\lbers, M. Herter, E. Finley, G. Bur- 
R. CamplK-ll Horr ;■ T Brownrll. \ rianipb'-ll. S. Schumacher, H. Smith, L. Jennison, P. Dcckert, S.Jordan, L. Tart. 

Albers, Dorothy 
Allaway, Sam 
Auerbach, Marion 
Baldwin, Muff 
Bass, Bertha 

Boutwell, Sue 
Brenizer, Meredith 
Brueggemann, Bonnie 
Calverly, Diana 
Courtney, Cinda 

Davis, Melba 
Finley, Ellen 
Greenleaf, Puddy 
Gregory, Panny 
Grotz, Diane 

Hamel, Judy 
Harper, Jean 
Hartman, Julie 
Hershey, Molly 
Hinman, Sue 

Hodder, Ginny 
Holmquist, Joan 
Hutcheson, Joan 
Jarden, Joan 
Jones, Casey 

Kettering, Ann 
Leutwiler, Jean 
McBryde, Read 
McGhee, Sue 
McGonigle, Martha 

Moss, Julianna 
Nimnicht, Liz 
Pangborn, Penny 
Parsons, Susie 
Raub, Toni 

Seyfert, Mel 
Slater, Gibby 
Spence, Elizabeth 
Stretch, Mary Sue 
Todd, Margie 

Welt, Phoebe 
Williams, Janice 
Wright, Mandy 

w^ ^ 





1 mKMmk 







'? ^ 


i^HHBl^B ^^^^^^^1 


t '^-^^ 

f^ f) f^ f^ f^' 

f\ 0i fH (^ r>. 


Emilv Tuckt-r, Rush Chairman; Diana Gordon, Presid 

Tlie fun and excitement of seeing eacli other again 
after the summer had scarcely worn oft' when Rush was 
suddenly upon Gamma Epsilon cliapter. Emily's parties 
made us all "think pink" and the night after our "Wizard 
of Oz" formal party we welcomed the new pledges with 
a pizza-fest in Carr. Pledging coincided with the visit of 
our National President, and at the alum picnic afterwards 
we happily greeted our non-rushers. Fall saw our Girl 
Scout work get under way, and at Thanksgiving we again 
sponsored the collection and distribution of baskets for 
needy families. The pledge class presented the pledge 
project to the chapter at the Christmas Party. Second 
semester brougiit a Big-Little Sister banquet, the gala 
Pledge Dance, Initiation, and Founders' Day celebration. 
Finally we'll remember many tilings — the Friday night 
bridge club, Jeanette and the Sing, the volleyball tourna- 
ment, Howard Johnson's, the slumber party at Penny's, 
and especially what fun it was to be sisters in Phi Mu. 

PLEDGES—/,,// lo nghl: N. Moore, J. Nichols, J. C 


Brand, Trudy 
Brvan, Kathy 
Diiworth, Dilly 
Dinsmore, lean 

Dorsett, Sandy 
Duke, Janet 
Eastwood, Gail 
Glass, Janette 

Gordon, Diana 
Greef, Gara 
Hart, Carole 
Ireland, Pattv 

Kirkman, Ann 
Loeb, Linda 
McNabb, Donna 
Murphy, Jan 

Quinby, Mariam 
Rav, Dennie 
Rice, Sally 
Shuford, Charlotte 

Smith, Mar>' 
Speck, Linda 
Tucker, Emily 
Weeks, Barbara 

^ fh f) ^ 

o> a 

^^ C 

Zimmerman, Rusty 




Mary Morp;an, President 

Inspired Ijy summer fun. Pi Phi's returned to Duke 
prepared to make this the sorority's best possible year. 
Potential pledges having arrived, each rusher was soon 
consumed with thoughts of the long but rewarding period 
ahead. Welcoming the new pledges, the year's activities 
began with a "cookie shine" and later a banquet at the 
Hope 'Valley Country Club. Homecoming arrived and 
with it the time to greet alums with a breakfast and fond 
reminiscences. Mary and Helen joined the group just in 
time for tlie retreat, with boating, football, skits, and 
later, serious discussions. We participated in intramurals 
and the Sing, and visited the old folks' home. Before 
initiation, the big and little sisters dined at the "Rat." 
The "steak and beans" dinner, the Monmouth Duo cele- 
bration, and the long awaited Triad filled the Spring. 
Encouraged by our second place trophy last year, work 
on the Joe College float was spirited. The nostalgic senior 
banquet and then the big move to the beach ended 
another year of fun and friendship in Pi Phi. 

PLEDGES— Row 1: C. Odom, 
ray, S Smith, O Evans, P. Bi 

[.. Orr, K. Collins, S. Pauly, A. Gilliland, M. Stevenson, M. O'Neall, S. Persons. Row 2: B. Garnett, S. Allen. N. Mii 
adsher, B. Brummet, L. Barnett, B. Winstead, A. Rogers. 


Horack, Kitten 
Irwin, Ann 
Jones, Carolyn 
Kitchen, Cinda 
Knapp, Kristy 
KnolDclock, Suzie 

Lilly, Gini 
Lilly, Renie 
Lupton, Ruth 
MacKenzie, Sue 
Mathews, Janet 
McKaig, Sallv 

Moody, Susan 
Morgan, Mary 
Osthoff, Anita 
Ray, Janice 
Roberts, Pattv 
Robinhold, Robir 

Sulzer, Suzanne 
Sydnor, C:arrie 
Waters, Liz 
West, Dallas 
Williams, Patty 
Willis, Mary 

^ # ^ ^ ^ #^ 

e f^ ^y ^f^ f^ 

Calkins, Kathy 
Chandler, Suzie 
Clark, Lee 
Clements, Joyce 
Clinkscales, Ann 
Cook, Roddv 

Crawford, Patty 
Curry, Sue 
Dailey, Nancy 
Davis, Doreen 
Edwards, Malinda 
Finfrock, Connie 

Fowler, Jo Ann 
Gallup, Debbie 
Garratt, Bette 
Goodrich, Honey 
Graham, Diana 
Haas, Becky 

Halstead, Ann 

Haley, Jo Harriet 

Harrison, Sandy 

Heilman, Nancv *^'' ' '^ ' 

Hicks, Holly ■ ^^ iff^ -ilk - — ^^ 

Hitchcock, ^^tl^^^k |Mn|R™>^ ^^■^^^^^flBS^B ^^fe^^H^I^H 

p: A (^'i ^^ P' f» 

©ri fn a 

r* A f> a ft /f*) 

^ ^ ^ O ^ 

^ ^ f> f* ^ 



Pat Baughcr, Rush Ohairman; Gwyn Hutchinson, President 

VVitli a retreat at Aycock's cabin, /Mplia Psi started a 
year of fun and accomplishment. Tiie new pledges were 
welcomed by a pizza party, surprises from "secret bud- 
dies," and a party in their honor with the Lambda Clhi's 
at UNC. Our Brownie troop at Edgemont got into full 
swing again, with Valerie- as leader. For Hallowe'en we 
donned costumes and went "trick or treadng" to collect 
money for UNICEF. Founders' Day was celebrated by 
a tea for alumnae. Continuing our tradition of combining 
philanthropy with fun, we made stuffed dolls as Christ- 
mas presents for needy children along the Maine sea- 
coast, and held our annual Christmas Sale to raise funds 
for philanthropic work. This was soon followed by a 
Christmas party. To start the new year, the chapter cele- 
brated its thirty-first birthday. Second semester began 
with a cabin party. Then the pledges became the center 
of attention as Inspiration Week was followed by initia- 
tion and the gala pledge dance. The year was closed with 
a farewell banquet for the seniors and a fun-filled trip 
to the beach. 

PLEDGES— Barbara Blohin, .Sue Beard, C:inda Benjamin. 

Atkins, Jean 
Baugher, Patricia 
C:assada\-, June 

Cordle, Margaret 
Early, Jane 
Gaddy, Jean 

Geroge, Kay 
Gillespie, Mildred 
Helm, Sue 

Hutchinson, Gwyn 
Kellermann, Carolyn 
Lewis, \'alerie 

Stuart, Dawn 
Sutton, Katrina 
Willis, Tricia 



Judy Adams, President; Marilie Fifer, Rush Chaii 

And suddenly the summer was gone and Zetas plunged 
headlong into 1061-62. After a "Welcome Back" retreat, 
209 C'arr feted the rushees for one heclic week, and with 
the invaluable aid of our rush chairmen we extended the 
"Call of Zeta" to nineteen of the most gung-ho pledges 
we've ever seen. Pledges received big sisters on Founders' 
Day, and the chapter joined them for the Pledge Banquet. 
The three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas 
were packed — song retreat and the Sing, annual Christ- 
mas party for the alums, cozy hayride, caroling on West, 
and a Christmas party for the children of the maids and 
Janitors. Exams came and went, fortunately, and soon 
came the Pledge Dance preceded, of course, by our 
traditional get-together at the Saddle Club. Despite all 
predictions to the contrary. Spring arrived, with our 
slumbcrless party in the Gym, the carwash to raise scholar- 
ship money, and — Joe College! A farewell banquet for 
the Seniors and we were ready to party it up at the beach. 
What a vear! 

PLEDGES— fioif 1: C. Southmayd, M. Creed, G. Cohoe, B. Pittman, .\. Wise, P. Sun, .\. Williams, B. Matheson, W. Tuttle. Row 2: J. Bogot, C. 
Kurtz, K. Gooey, S. Kiavbill, (.:. Whitfield, C. Teets, F. Williams, N. Trimbur. 


Adams, Judy 
Alden, Betsy 
Boyd, Jerry 
Boswell, O'Hara 
Carl, Mary Beth 

Coddington, Susan 
Cox, Carolyn 
Dantzler, Eleanor 
Davis, Angela 
Dixon, Lynn 

Fell, Jean 
Fifer, Marilie 
Geckeler, Judy 
Gillooly, Linda 
Gurley, Jackie 

Hamilton, Cavett 
Haskett, Jo 
Heer, Rosemary 
Hill, Maripat 
Houck, Mary 

Lowenbach, Christine 
McNeill, Roberta 
Meacham, Ann 
Moore, Linda 
Morris, Elizabeth 

Pace, Ellen 
Robertson, Sandra 
Rudigar, Linda 
Schoenly, Virginia 
Snowden, Lowell 

Stinnett, Ann 
Taliaferro, Lynn 
Tolson, Jane 
\'ail, Helen 
Wheeler, Mary 

Williams, Barbara 
Worden, Susan 
Yager, Sue Ann 
"^'oung, Margaret 

*p> @ <?^ <^ a 

(^ f» O ^j 1^ 

^^ f^, ^ f^ f^ 

^ ^ i-». fy fii 

f^ (!% m 

f^ f*i # 


een. President 

Classes resume witli House "CT" strong in all phases 
of campus life— Chapin and Hottle command the 
NROTC and AFROTC units; 25 brothers on the Dean's 
List (the academic one) ; our Y-Men and assistant house- 
masters who spearheaded "a fine rush climaxed by Bat- 
telle's bigheartedness at the Phi Club — also known as 
the Good Will; two team captains and a host of fine 
athletes. Homecoming was another "spectacular" ignored 
by the Downtown Merchants Association; the third 
floor established spring headquarters at Piney Mountain 
after the General returned from NYC with a truckload 
of "juice"; Gager's famous and "brief" financial reports; 
Breen's often-heard "she's working tonight"; Ola's IM 
teams; Griffin's apartment; Nee's Jag; Hottle replaces 
Maverick on TV; Buzzard's Atlanta train on Tech 
weekend; J-B.'s 3-house orgy in Columbia; Yogi's auto- 
biography, / Led Three Lives opens in Chicago; beach 
weekend; skiing at Reynolds — all went to make '61 -'62 
a memorable and profitable year for the Taus. 

PLEDGES— /?ra. /.• P. Coll, L. Rice, L. Tise, B. Moorefield, J. Waddell, W. Place, Row 2: D. Brooks, R. Mossburg, R. Harding, J. Aldridge, T. 
Lemly, M. Orr, H. Henderson. Row 3: J. Luciano, D. Burke, C. Poel, R. Inglis, J. Weisiger, VV. Moeling, B. Blackard. Not pictured: D. King, D. 

Adams, James 
Adams, Tom 
Earnhardt, Barney 
Battelle, Anthony' 
Battelle, Nick 
Bebout, David 
Bell, John 

Blanco, Daxid 
Booth, Stu 
Breen, Bob 
Buckalew, Buck 
Camp, Ernie 
Carmichael, Leighton 
Chapin, Doug 

Clayton, Bob 
Coble, Larry 
Elder, Bill 
Faar, Tom 
Franklin, Dave 
Gager, Stew 
Grace, Perry 

Griffin, Bud 
Griffith, Lloyd 
Guthrie, John 
Harris, Rich 
Haynes, Morgan 
Henderson, BUI 
Hoffman, Roger 

Hottle, ^V'arren 
Johnson, Bob 
Riser, John 
Kramer, Lan 
Messikomer, Eddie 
Miller, Ed 
McCuUough, Ken 

Nee, David 
Newlin, Bert 
Oettinger, Albie 
O'Kennon, Bob 
Oldham, Jim 
Poel, Charlie 
Reynolds, Roscoe 

Roediger, John 
Smith, Cai 
Smith, Jerry 
Spencer, Bill 
Stewart, Bob 
Taylor, Bill 
Thompson, Ken 

Thompson, Gary 
Thrash, Mel 
Tinnell, John 
Tuttle, Bob 
Vande Water, Bob 
Vincent, Dick 
\'oorhees, Bob 

Ward, Da\'e 
Wheeler, Dave 
Williams, Neil 
Wilson, Charlie 
Wright, Joe 

TOO p'WWi O 

J?t (^ :'f' "T" O f* '^ 

P>- P :"i O (f^ "^ f^. 

p /?> c a f"- r» r^ 

.r^ CT^* (T^ .o ^ ^^ ^ 

C!^ C n O f^. '^ f^ 

p. 1^ {f> (^ ^ (*^ f?^ 

p p o c r; c 1^ 

/^^ ^ifck ^^ 


Gill, President 

Back ior anotlier round of bods and suds at the Rock- 
pile, the brotliers of Gamma Rho began the year with a 
move to Columbia for the USC game. Cabin parties and 
open liouses highlighted the football weekends as Kirby 
did a great job with no money. Following Losee's first 
hash, the Betas hit Homecoming with the usual fold job 
but unbelievably came up with a display only to have it 
wash away in the rain. Christmas brought the party with 
the Pi Phi's for the kids from Wright's Refuge with Red 
Bear playing the role with a white beard. The annual 
Gross Gift party was a success with many brothers catch- 
ing lunch. After finals, Geoff and Los calmly brought 
back the best of the frosh for Turner to work on. Spring 
brought moves to the Rock, bods on the roof and trips to 
the beach. Joe College, Wannamaker Ball and Beach 
Weekend were tremendous, not to mention Spring Va- 
cation in Florida and Nassau. Also among the events to 
be remembered for the year were the Beta-KA softball 
game, the Jr.-Sr. football game, low-lai and shreck. 

PLEDGES— /?. ;tJ ?; W. Todd, B. Shannon. H. Steele, R. Heugh, F. Bowling, Roiv 2: G. Flowers, M, Grace, J. Morton, B. Sammons, P. Van Sciver, 
F. Vanderbilt, J. Ferguson. Roic ,); J. Wilson, P. Martone. B. Worthington. M. Lowry, B. Kurtz, K. Hubbard, H. Greenleaf. 


Bromhal, Bob 
Brown, Steve 
Carsten, Jack 
Dixon, Herb 

Dow, Jeff 
Fleischer, Bob 
French, Barker 
Gill, Doug 

Gray, Cy 
Harkrader, Trent 
Hopkins, Steve 
Lamb, Bill 

Losee, Tom 
Mason, Geoff 
Melton, Tom 
Naugle, Page 

Pfeiffer, Dick 
Robinson, Pete 
Sammons, Lee 
Senf, Tom 

Spigener, Spike 
Stevenson, Ward 
Stuckey, Jack 
Turner, Tom 

Mncent, Roger 
Williams, Rich 
Wooduurth, lohr 

.. n ff; ff*' 



p ,'" o 



Scott C:heiTy, Prosident 

Descending back to the home of tlie Rains and of the 
Country Boy, the Deha Sigs set tlie tempo for the rest 
of the year with those fabulous cabin parties. Homecoming 
was great from start to hnisli, and AAJ led us to a highly 
successful social season, especially Shoe & Slipper. Intra- 
murals saw another trophy come our way with a division 
championship in football. We entered exams still sufTer- 
ing from the shock of being first scholastically and left 
them thinking there must have been a miscalculation. 
Rush was one success after another and a good time was 
had by all. In March came the Pledge Formal followed 
by the exodus to Lauderdale during Spring Vacation. 
Joe C'ollege served as only a hint to the blast that was 
had at the Sailors' Ball during Beach Weekend. These 
were the big things. However, the year will be remem- 
bered for other reasons — the Little Grit deserting the 
South . . . the guiding hand of the Arkansas Statesman 
. . . the return of the Deacon . . . Fold's award . . . giving 
up the Goat Barn for the Rec Cabin. 

PLEDGES— fio«' 7.- M. McLain, R. Ellwanger, E. Minturn, D. Cruikshank, B. Robbins, M. Steckel. Row 2.- R. Falciani, D. Robinson, R. Reed, 
R Dutton, J. .Scuffham, C. Shi\es, R. Brown. Rcu 3 L Krause. L. Cooper. V. Pearson. H. Henrv. L. Dovle, G. Stephens. R. Palmiter. 

^fpn ^ n n n m 

f J't-tlJ- 



Adams, Andy 
Alsentzer, Bill 
Amey, David 
Anderson, Bill 
Benson, Ted 
Brown, Ken 

Cecil, Charles 
Cherrv, Scott 

Engstrom, Jim 
Freese, Bus 
Gallagher, Tom 
Gamble, Frank 
Gobbel, Jim 
Hess, Lan-N- 

HoUev, Bill 
Huffman, Dick 
Jackson, Ray 
Jones, Sid 
Kleaver, Bob 
Kuhn, Al 

Leland, Stuart 
Medlock, Clyde 
Morgan, Dean 
Morris, Bob 
McKellips, Wayne 
Nickle, Bill 

Nunez, Pete 
Oglesbv, Tom 
Phillips, Paul 
Powell, Richard 
Prewitt, Robert 
Ross, Robert 

Routh, Charles 
Sandstrom, Fred 
Sarafian, Pete 
Schroeder, Jacob 
Shinn, Bob 
Shives, Barry 

Summers, George 
Thomasson, Dave 
\'igil, Ron 
Ward, Bob 
Weaver, Bill 
Wells, Richard 

\Vilson, Bob 
Young, Bob 

J? (p ^ jf^ p 

Coolidge, Da\-id (iw* ^f jRp. c' Uh ^ JL ^ f. 1 ' «^ , 

S^Xr. ^^ ^' "■' ^^- ^'" ^^- 

Dula, Armo 

f^ O (^ P p 

P P O p .p Q 

p o p^ if^ p p) 

P Q P f^ p P 

a e. a o ^.-^ p 

p es o ^ .e- 




Wendell Hall, President 

A social schedule second to none, highlighted by the 
annual open house for Hanes House, parties with the Tri 
Delts and Pi Phi's, and the annual Roaring Twenties 
Party, sustained us through first semester. Football week- 
ends and our intramural football team were part of fall, 
as were Sunday nights at the Legion Hut, and the IFC 
Sing where the quartet sounded great, and we came in 
second. Then the chapter room closed (part of the new 
approach to scholarship), but that didn't stop late-night 
television or poker games. The C^hristmas Dance was the 
best ever, and the annual exchange of gifts saw some 
appropriate, but never subtle, presents given among the 
brothers. Tiie perpetual hinge award passed on to another 
generation. We sweated finals, and made it, as usual. 
Rush between semesters wasn't so bad, and we got the 
best pledge class on campus, naturally. Rush was one big 
party, but in five days the party was over, and we were 
going to study. We did, except for things like Belated New- 
Year's Eve party. Queen Dance, and Wannamaker Pall. 

PLEDGE CLASS— Ruv 7: B. Graham, R. Satterfield, D. Permar, J. Lee, D. Smith, .S. Barnes. Rmv 2: R. Seningen, G. Witzenburg, W. Bachman, 
B. Holt, G. Gianaras, J. Breazeale. G. Black. Roiv 3: G. Roschen, B. Hudson, W. Roman, B. Kitchine;, M. Harris, D. Ferguson, R. Moore. 


Barnes, Wayne 
Beasley, Bob 
Bentley, John 
Blumfeldt, Dave 
Braren, Vic 
Bruen, James 
Collins, Richard 

Condon, Dave 
DeGooyer, John 
Doak, Tom 
Donnelly, Dennis 
Frey, Robert 
Geehr, Jack 
Gentry, Stanley 

Ginther, Jim 
Goodell, Chuck 
Graham, Charles 
Gumo, Richard 
Hall, Wendall 
Howe, Barry 
Johnson, Brian 

Johnson, William 
Kohl, William 
Lee, Rich 
Leyrer, Tom 
Long, Dave 
Lower, Dave 
McLaughlin, Doug 

McMullen, Jim 
Nilsson, Jon 
Noe, Don 
Nourse, Jerry 
Nurkin, Sid 
Parsons, Dave 
Phelan, Charles 

Phyfer, Jay 
Rauschelbach, Paul 
Richards, Bruce 
Rimer, Allen 
Scovil, Jim 
Seymour, Bob 
Shillito, Larry 

Smith, Les 
Smith, Tom 
Sommermeyer, Wade 
Springer, Bill 
Stevens, Michael 
Swain, Ronald 
Tatum, Al 

Turner, Bob 
Van Dyke, Louis 
Walden, John 
Whitmore, Bob 
Williamson, John 
Windeler, Bob 
Wood, Mat hew 

Zimmer, Chuck 
Zwerner, John 

p o P r^' .c C' ' ^ 

^ f^' D e r > :^ 

,p a p c .(T^i p a 

^ r^ f^ ^ 

c 1^1 o ::: o p p 

f^ p f r: o -r>' o 

^^ittl \ mk i mi 

M^ #»^.. ^\ ^F^ M.^^ ^^ ^^ 

o tj p) p p p o 

r.^' p 



Alan Purdy, Presidei 

As usual tlic KA's were once again the best organized 
and the most gentlemanly brotherhood on campus — 
Dieu el les Dames! Although "Cubbus" and Pridgen have 
departed, there remain "Isaac Insect" and "Crusader 
Rabbit" to carry on the fine tradition. "F.R." and Phil, 
superlative in their last years, have also taken their places 
among the immortals. In athletics and campus leadership 
KA was once again at the fore. The Blue Devils of the 
gridiron and the diamond had many outstanding KA's, 
among whom were "Goat," "Rhino," "Bulldog," 
"Bwidges," Markas, and "Joby." "T.T." and Charlie 
were presidents of their classes. Intramurals were a vital 
activity this past year, and KA's once again excelled by 
placing "Honker" and Wickie on the All-IM team. 
"Biddy" and the Tiki-god leader were busy with com- 
munity youth work, and Stoutstein kept us within our 
social budget. "Doc" and "Fly" had great social seasons, 
each having his turn at the snow machine. Another pros- 
perous year closed with "The Grand Old Gang" on top. 

PLEDGE CLASS— /?»;<' /; M. Caldwell. D. Tackney, J. Fugua, B. Goodwin, W. Gibbons, F. Moore, C. Renfro, D. Rawlings, M. Ferrell. Row 2: 
A. Van Ness, G. Guthrie, B. Moorefield, R. Ryon, W. Simpson, M. Goadson, B. Rudisell, J. Creech, R. Starrett, P. Pahsoul. Row 3: VV. Siler, A. Ma- 
tuza, C. Drulis, L Jones, C. Riser, J. V. McCarthy, J. Stoltz, T. Moore, M. Balitsaris, G. Garner, R. Ha\vn,J. Underwood. 








Bell, Luther 

Bridges, Dan 

Bryson, Dan a^," ' -^ ~ 

Bugg, Charles .^^t^ ^- ^^Ai^ 

Burdette, Dave 

Bush, Jack 

Churchill, Neil 
Clay, W. C. 
Creech, Frank 
Dean, Bob 

Driessen, Joseph 
Futrell, Bill 
Glosson, Ronald 
Guthrie, Jim 
Havens, Dick 

Isley, Butch 
Jones, Jim 
Kern, Sonny 
Kitch, Mike 
Little, Pete 

Lomax, John 
Markas, John 
Maynard, Joe 
McCarthy, J. V, 
Moore, John 

LInser, Dave 
Watkins, Dave 
Williams, Ken 
Wheeler, Wick 

Underwood, John 

P ;" p. a Cs 

r^ .*."s ^ 

,ff^. -!^ P O 

P p C^ .,T !^ 

O .'■ P <^ 

p p p ,f^ p 

Moss, Joe ^«^ ^^^ 0m\ ^m\ 

Pavne, Ed 
Purdy, Al 
Ramsey, Barry 
Renfro, Carl 

Rose, Charlie 
Scott, Joe 
SeweU, Robert 
Stout, Macky 
Thompson, W'esley 

dxh^i^dtik^ ^^ 


Jack Bennett, President 

After a much deserved study rest, Kappa Sig returned 
to the iDeloved lialls of Duke University, again seeking the 
meaning of hfe (Duke Hfe, anyway). True to this search, 
a quad party was held the second Sunday of our return 
with the Embers performing. During Homecoming Week- 
end, Kappa Sig's artistic display was a 25-foot operating 
(?) guillotine which everybody but the judges saw in 
performance, and which, against the backdrop of black 
clouds across the moon, proved effective. Even Robes- 
pierre would have deemed it authentic. Sometime later, 
Kappa Sig, innocent victim, was implicated in the Quad 
Riot in which 32 freshmen, 3 fraternity men, and 2 dogs 
were either killed or maimed. After this incident the 
serious members obtained control long enough to con- 
vince the fraternity that hard studying and quieter search- 
ing for the truth were in order. In view of this decision, a 
redecoration of the chapter room was started and even- 
tually finished. Beach weekend and finals concluded 
this year's search for the truth. 

PLEDGE CLASS— Row 1: J. Martin, J. Brigham, R. Barbee, B. Easley, T. Lipscomb, J. Winchester, D. Professor, J. Brown. Row 2: G. High, 
.S. Shenk, T. Ticktin. D. Cameron, T. Small, \V. King, E. Cayce, H. Fader, C. Hall. 


Bennett, Jack 
Brumbaugh, David 
Calendar, Richard 
Cromartie, Fred 

Currie, Bill 
Daniel, Howard 
Donnell, Clomc-r 
Fader, L\ an 

Fincher, Charl 
Fuller, Fred 
Gabriel, John 
Hinds, Doug 

Jarrett, Jim 
Keller, William 
McDonald, Chuck 
Mueller, Bob 

Mullen, Grahar 
Perrv, Jim 
Rhodes, Phil 
Roffcrs, Beau 

Snow, Sabin 
Sutcliffe, Ralph 
Thomas, Doug 
Ulrich, Bill 

Mullen, James 

f^ ft f> (^ 

(*«^. f "^- '•A 




Ron Loc, President 

The past year found the brothers of Lambda Clii Alpha 
actively engaged in a renewed attempt to ruin and im- 
prove themselves. The social schedule, ably planned by 
Brother Chapman, proved to be one of the best in the 
history of the chapter. Highlighted by cabin parties, a 
pajama party, pre-game barbecues, and intimate open 
houses, the fall semester was climaxed when the Lambda 
Chi Choir bestowed season's blessings upon the Cerebral 
Palsy Hospital and the Methodist Retirement Home, after 
which Brother Griffin served his infamous buffet, a la 
candlelight. The seniors, sparked by a few inspired ama- 
teurs, defeated the underclassmen in the annual "Toilet 
Bowl," a la beer. L'il Abner headed the list of cabin 
parties, and Joe College found the brothers willing to be 
corrupted a swinging time ensued. June arrived far too 
quickly, and many of the brothers left the verdant pastures 
of learning and fellowship for the last time, but they left 
with fond memories of the past and best wishes for the 
future of Lamijcia C^hi Alpha. 

PLEDGES— /?(«(' 7.- L. Patterson, C. Pilcher, J. Pollard, W. Lawyer, C. LaVarre. Rmv 2: T. Brown, D. Allyn. T. Hayes. J. Harris, M. Wals 
J. Clarke, D. Colclough. Rmr 3: R. Predmore, T. Zin mer. B. Shull, T. White. J. Cawley, \V. Hudson, C. Harris. 

'f*t i t t f 


Alexander, Bob 
Amle\-, Ed 
Ban-, Art 
Bowman, CUiarles 
Bowyer, Al 
Briinson, Wes 

Bryant, Wally 
Buchanan, Joe 
Campbell, Frank 
Campbell, Bob 
Chapman, Booth 
Clayton, Larrv 

Condit, Bob 
Coughlan, Pat 
Coughlan, Pete 
Dawson, Tom 
Denton, Doug 
Grinstead, Darrel 

Hankins, Bill 
Haworth, Al 
Heidt, Al 
Herrin, Keith 
Herring, Randall 
Home, Al 

Howard, Ralph 
Hunt, Bruce 
Jordan, Lloyd 
Kingsbury, Bob 
Kingston, Dave 
Knorr, Dick 

Knorr, Bob 
Kurtz, Bill 
Lee, Ron 
Mcintosh, Al 
Montgomery, Tom 
Norton, Jim 

Orndorff, John 
Pastore, Ken 
Patterson, John 
Pusser, Rouse 
Schmidt, Cliff 
Shartle, Adam 

Smyth, Doug 
Snead, Joe 
Stone, Sam 
Taylor, Punch 
Thompson, Mac 
West, Joe 

Wheatlev, Jack 
Yake, Jeff' 
\'oung. Kit 

? £^ P j!^ (?5 Q. 

P Q f^ p P p 

5 O P ft C p 

p Q r. p P) p 

D p if^ a if^ r 

(♦^ f^ ^ ^ 

J"^ .^ p p Q, 

P P 







C. B. Johnson, President 

The azure yacht left port in the fall with coxswain C. B. 
Johnson at the helm. Many shipboard parties were had, 
including the gross efforts of John, Prince, & Co. (the "Hot 
Nuts") complemented by the strenuous efforts of the 
Embers at the annual Christmas Dance. A goodly num- 
ber of the crew became stalwarts for the ACC football 
champs, while the rest of the crew swabbed the league to 
win the intramural championship. The crew managed to 
put tlie ship scholastically ahead of the rest of the fleet 
while one crewman. Rex Adams, achieved national recog- 
nition as a recipient of a coveted Rhodes Scholarship. 
A storm, apparently directed by an enemy in the guise of 
a Lamb, damaged the good siiip, forcing it into port for 
repairs. There, taking on 18 fortunate new crew members, 
the sturdy blue gamely maintained its traditional buoy- 
ancy in time of strife. C.B. was then relieved by Kendall 
at the helm as the ship began its return trip trip, with 
a brief stop at Myrtle Beach. The homestretch . . . and 
to moth balls again. 

PLEDGE CLASS— ^o«' ?.■ J. McClain. N. Boswell, W. Cocker. D, Clifford, A. Sheffield. Row 2: N. Covington, D. Lynch, A. Berry, G. Zupanic, 
K. Clare. S. Narten, B. Kirwan, J. Lukins. Row >. J. Gilbert, J. Rollert, S. Haruood, S. Odem, B. Few, J. Spencer. J. Grigsby, S. HoUoway. 


Adams, Rex 
Alexander, VVelborn 
Barker, John 
Beguin, Fred 
Best, Dick 
Block, Dennis 
Bond, William 

Bostock, Roy 
Brennan, Bill 
Brings, Robert 
Brown, Doug 
Butler, Jared 
C:arstarphen, Bill 
Cliesnutt, Ed 

ClonnelK , Jim 
Ellis, Sam 
Erb, Herb 
Espy, Kip 
Gardner, Joe 
Garver, Ed 
Gee, J. B. 

Graham, Dave 
Grilli, Donald 
Havvgood, Chip 
Hill, Chuck 
Hoppin, Charles 
Johnson, C. B. 
Johnson, Dave 

Kendall, Gene 
Kissam, Roger 
Kruzelyak, Jack 
Lamond, Bill 
Marley, Roy 
MacCartee, Carl 
McCausland, Art 

McCutchen, Bill 
Newhort, Buzz 
Miles, Jim 
Nelson, Buzz 
Nicholas, Pete 
Onder, Jack 
Osmun, Barry 

Peeler, Bob 
Prentiss, Don 
Rhoads, Mike 
Richardson, Dud 
Saalfield, Jack 
Sheffield, Homer 
Shriver, Larry 

Smith, Merrill 
Speiden, Joe 
Stanier, Chuck 
Stephenson, Bob 
Sutphen, Bill 
Taft, Charles 
Uible, Dave 

N'icregg, Art 
X'illani, Angelo 
Wells, Bill ' 
Wilkinson, Jay 
Wilson, Gary 
Womble, Bill 
Worsham, Joe 

Wright, Dean 
Wulfsburg, Einar 

p o c> o 

p o r^ a if« p a 

p fr= a p p a o 

p p o f^ o o p 

p f^ r^ O a n .p 

ii4 1 ^Mtxt 

O e> o p e- (^ ,ei 

J^i iTT) ^ P P a O 



Don Kisslan, President 

After many years olhard labor, Phi Psi's ancient problem 
of how to grow grass on its salt flats has been solved. 
Under the able leadership of Jim Derby, a flagstone patio 
has been laid along the front of our Immblc estate, suc- 
cessfully hiding our horticultural failings, enhancing our 
appearance and providing a floor on which we have 
cooked and twisted. The Social Committee, working 
around the patio and a large budget, managed to or- 
ganize a memorable set of parties. Homecoming, followed 
by the "Ship-Wreck" and "Untouchables" parties de- 
pleted our number of active brothers (four were drowned 
in the Eno and seven machine-gunned by Pete Jackson). 
Rich Bassett won the individual intramural golf tro- 
phy, while the Phi Psi squad won the team trophy. Belvin, 
Drews, and Purnell remained unbeaten in the inter- 
cliapter Box-ball matches. This is true only because they 
had no opponents: the chapter outlawed the game last 
fall. As usual, we have remained the hub of campus activ- 
ities — we have always loved being helpful. 

Rnw 1: R. Chaiken, T. Castle, T. Cosgrove, R. Patton, Jr., P. Fox, D. Kerman, C. Hough, H. Greene. Row 2: D. McDorman, R. .\Itschuler, L. Kl 
R. Lam, B. Miller. F. Scott. J. Mason. N. Burrice. 


Abbot, Haviland 
Alworth, Thomas 
Backus, Lin 
Bailey, Robert 
Basset, Richard 


Q 9 ^ 

BcKin, William 
BN-rne, Richard 
Clarke. ShcHield 





DeRochi, Edmond 
Dcrb\ , James 




-•WVI .Mil 

Drews, Jolin 
Foster, Ste\-en 
Fox, William 




Glesk, Martin 
Greene, John 


Grills, George 
Hagadorn, Jon 
Hanscom, Ted 



a ^ 

Hash, John 
Heidrick, Robert 




Hollister, Clay 
Hough, Terry 
Jackson, Peter 



r .a 

Jennings, Bruce 
Kempner, Sandy 


i^k ^ife ^M 

Kisslan, Donald 
Lange, Wally 
Marston, Edwin 

^ f^: 

P P> (S 

Moreng, Joseph 
Morgan, Thomas 




Morrill, Lvman 
Neis, John 
Noll, Emmett 


r> o n 


Nottingham, John 
Ogden, Sandy 


Ferine, Phillip 
Purnell, Louis 
Rapisardi, Carl 



O p rn 

Silkett, Charles 
Steinkuller, Paul 



Thompson, Richard 


L ., 



Kip Moore, President 

Spirits ran high as A. Smith Bowman, Albert C'ruik- 
shank, O.M. Boston, and all the boys on the first floor 
returned to celebrate Phi Kappa Sigma's Silver Anni- 
versary at old D.U. There was Blue Devil Hart's television 
appearance at the Carolina tilt, F.M. "Weejun" Gold 
("Polish me!"), Hood's award-winning mural, Freets and 
French 2, Scourge's sabbatical at the University of Teh- 
ran, Wart carrying on the wonderful Santa Glaus tradi- 
tion, Hoss Man on the G.A.S. ticket, and Monk going 3 
for 20 in warm-ups before the Penn State game. The 
year's headlines might read: "Phi Kap bootleggers moan 
as campus votes wet; Studley reveals secrets of the Gouch 
Oil C:ompany after dark; Peahead transfers to Florida 
State; Jimmy "O" buys chapter room tube; the Rilson 
flash leads gridders to usual sterling intramural record; 
Hutzler named the ugliest leach around; Stroker and 
Beans tie for National Safety Gouncil award; Indian 
rents out Gilbey's Distillery for his wedding reception." 
Led by Alpiias Andy Moore and "Ears" Ervin, Phi Kaps 
wrote oft" another unique year in the animal quad. 

PLEDGE CLASS— Row 1: D. Peters, A. Joh: 
T. Nolan, n. Turner, ffo.-r ,.'.• J. Kitchin.J 

K. Denton, J. Huneycutt, J. Ryan. Rinc 2: C. Neill, R. Willet, D. Morris, T. Herbert, D. West, 
K. Pod(;rr, /,. Copeland J. Evans. B. Jordan, S. Hughes. 


Brinson, Lloyd 
Brown, Carroll 
Bucklev, Jay 
Budd, Joel ■ 
Bundv, Jim 
Clark, Hal 

Cox, Ray 
Dodson, Ed 
Ervin, Paul 
Farnham, Barry 
Goodner, Dave 
Gouldman, Clyde 

Graves, Tom 
Hall, Sheldon 
Harrison, Buzz 
Hart, Jack 
Heizer, Bill 
Hodges, Steve 

House, Don 
Hutzler, Art 
Inman, Horace 
Johnston, Jamie 
Kennedy, K. D. 
Lynch, Charles 

Miller, Ben 
Nathan, Bruce 
Neill, Chip 
O'Kane, Jim 
Parker, Ira 
Pfeiffer, Bill 

Pickens, VVes 
Pierson, Bill 
Rankin, Bob 
Rogers, Jim 
Salisbury, Steve 
Sronce, John 

Smith, Charlie 
Stanton, Bucky 
Stith, Frank 
Stummer, Dick 
Sullivan, Jack 
Toler, Roger 

Truluck, Dick 
VValdron, Penn 
Warder, Frank 
VVehrle, Richard 
West, David 
Williams, Jim 

W'isecarver, George 
Woodard, Tom 

J!^ .p .,T^ !^ p O 

J\ p p r^- '^- f^. 

P Q p) O P P^ 

^ ^. ^^i^ ^ ^ 

Ps p p ^ ^^ /^, 


p p p C f^' C^- 

J^ ,p p p p a 



Lyien, President 

The Rogue Scliolars of Pi Kappa Alpha returned to 
Duke to enjoy another great year of good times, high 
spirits, and sober intellectualism. Highlights: Hodge- 
podge directing another fine Snow Ball . . . Limbo learn- 
ing the backstroke in Pittsburgh . . . Cec refusing an offer 
from Fred Waring . . . 44,000 amazed people cheering 
when Brucie got engaged . . . Schlitz writing term papers 
months ahead . . . Snowflake Hartman reducing his harem 
to one . . . "Bring 'em Back Alive" Johnson hunting the 
Saber-toothed Duck . . . Quilty combining his two favorite 
pastimes working for the Record Bar . . . The dictatorship 
of Lyrenski being overthrown by a military coup under 
the C!olonel . . . Powladin selling pretzels to overcome 
two successive unbalanced budgets . . . Strings moving 
to G-A for his sixth and seventh years . . . Kennedy de- 
ciding which med school to accept . . . Flamingo practic- 
ing his high school jargon for the holidays . . . B Nort 
becoming engaged to the Dream Girl of the South . . . 
and the departing seniors bringing ar other year to a close. 

PLEDGES— «o;t' 1: L. Hagood J. McKey, T. Mitchell, T. Hickey. F. Jerome, B, Scull. Row 2: A. Caraker, J. Wheeler, S. Dula, S. Hawkey, 
M. Fisher, A. Guden, B. Urban. 


Buddington, Richnrcl 
Carlson, Richard 
Dean, David 
England, Phil 
Floyd, William 

Gebbie, Tom 
Gibson, Jack 
Guglielmi, John 
Hamel, Charles 
Harritt, Norman 

Hedgpeth, Joseph 
Henderson, Grover 
Hertslet, Barry 
Hilliard, James 
Horton, Lewis 

Hulen, Myron 
Jameson, Richard 
Johnson, Jim 
Johnson, Jeff 
Johnson, Skip 

Koonce, John 
Litz, Edward 
Lyons, John 
Lyren, \Villiam 
Miller, Cecil 

Miller, Robert 
Morris, Joel 
Morris, Richard 
Nolan, Harry 
Norton, Charles 

Parson, Chris 
Powl, Mike 
Swasey, Allan 
Wallace, Maury 
Waterman, John 

Wohlford, Paul 

ir> ' t ' ^' o ft 

^ O f*^ ^ 

0^ Jix ^^ /' '"^. ^' 

Johnson, Howes f^ ^^ ! f. 1 ''■»>, -^ 

Johnston, Bruce »|.«»» «■ %'*^ " ' " ~ *'."*' ^ 1 ■*' 

Kennedy, Robert %-^ \'^ ' " ^^ ' J^ 

IT r^ a O :^ 

g p p f> O 

P p p a o 



Mike VVitherspoon, President 

The Pi Kapps pulled off another spectacular, as fall 
semester began with ''A Roman Holiday." Donned in 
costumes from slaves to Popes, the Greeks went Roman 
style for a night. Edgar Allen Poe's "Pit and the Pendu- 
lum" was the source of oirr "'Cleave Clemson" theme for 
Homecoming weekend. It didn't win a prize, but was 
selected as one of the seven structural wonders of the 
Greek world. Armed with knives, blackjacks, zip-guns 
and brass knuckles, and dressed in Carolina football uni- 
forms, the "twisting" Pi Kapps presented a few pre-game 
calisthenics. However, inebriation of the brotherhood 
(except our hallowed Pre-Flights) complicated our 
imitative desires. With Gerry "Bear" Barnett as Santa 
Claus, the brothers held the annual party for the Edge- 
mont children. Spring semester began with a rush which 
netted another fine group of Fresh. Other highlights 
included the annual mass exodus to the beach, cabin par- 
ties, and an attempt to reactivate the "15-second club." 
June brought the completion of another colorful year. 

PLEDGES— /?0M. 7; B. Purslcy, P. Maimcy, B. Pollack, J. Parkhuist, B. Feazell, C. Elkington. Row 2: R. Greenwood, H. Wright, H. Keesing, 
R. Eason, W. Morgan, B. Patton, B. Sheheen. Row .;. B. Graybeal. B. Jones. D. Matthias. T. Cuoltv. B. Fogle. E. Sasser. D. Hoadley. 


Anderson, Bruce 
Atkinson, Gene 
Atwater, Butch 
Banks, Robert 
Barnett, Gerr^• 
Belvin, William 
Keimfohr, Ed 

Blackwelder, William 
Boyd, Robert 
Brown, David 
Brown, Ken 
Brumby, Gray 
Chapman, Skip 
Glark, Mason 

Coleman, Steve 
Crawford, Fred 
Curry, Dennv 
Da\is, Park 
DaN-is, Rockwell 
Doster, John 
Duttera, Julian 

Duke, Emerson 
Eisenman, John 
Endicott, Tom 
Favrot, Chip 
Fielder, Fred 
Fletcher, Bob 
Forsyth, Tuck 

Frank, Randy 
Fultz, John 
Glover, Clarence 
Gordon, Mike 
Gray, Frank 
Gray, Nick 
Hale, Oswald 

Huggin, David 
Keith, Ted 
Leach, Sabin 
Leegstra, Ruurd 
Libby, Pete 
Mann, Arthur 
Nelson, Gary 

O'Kelley, Jim 
Pazuros, Nick 
Pieh, Jerry 

Quattlebaum, Marvin 
Roberson, Mike 
Schweistris, Eric 
Tart, Jim 

Thompson, Gene 
Thorny, \'in 
Turner, Jack 
\'icker)-, Ray 
Wagner, Dee 
Wilder, Don 
Willwerth, Ben 

Witherspoon, Mike 

^ p' a 


r p iB -:• n r. p 
c- ^, f\ c r^ p 

P /^ .<^ O C5 P ,'..■ 

C O p ff" 'f' p p 

p r. p o «^ o o 

(^ r^ p f^ p c> o 

<r> Pi C^ P C' (^ '-- 




Ted Humphrey, President 

The Ides of March 
Dear Mom, 

A sad thing happened — I came back to school; I didn't 
want to start studying so we had a Hometown Beer Party. 
Unfortunately it was marred when Linsert and Peyton 
played Tarzan on the high tension wires: the funeral was 
pretty. Homecoming was pretty too. We didn't like Clem- 
son so we had both our alumni rebuild last year's Ga. 
Tech display. We didn't win any prizes though. Yes, 
Mom, I did make tiie Scream Team. Our aims are to 
make All-Pro Sudsmen and keep Chief Jack.son on the 
move. .'\t night we play Liar's Dice. So far I've lost only 
$93 and won $12.50. Sometimes "Rod the Bod" makes 
book on fights between his Siamese fighting fish. Flash 
Gordon and Rockey Parrana. But they're fixed — Flash 
has a high opium content in his blood. We had a Sup- 
pressed Desires Party. It was a real horror show. For grins 
we lynched the scholarship chairman — he was some kind 
of nut. Tliis year has really been Fat's City. 



PLEDGE CLASS -Row 1: V. Wray, T. Kissling.J. Stroud. B. Bou 
1.. Rubv. D. Valle, L.Johnston. Rcw 3: S. Bercsford, J. Jones, B 


Anderson, Pat 
Appen, Richard 
Bethel, Dave 
Brown, Dempsy 
Brown, Tony 

C'annon, Kii 
Carson, Chr 
C'.lark, John 
C'ook, Joe 
Croll, Bill 

Curtis, Luke 
Daniel, Andy 
Farmer, Ben 
Franz, Rod 
Garber, George 

Gislason, Bruce 
Godlove, Ernie 
Goody, John 
Hinton, Richy 
Hollman, Doug 

Huston, Graham 
Humphrey, Ted 
Johnson, Bob 
Linsert, Pete 
Marks, Bill 

Martin, John 
McCausland, Charlie 
McMillan, Dave 
Merwin, Grier 
Mitchell, Baker 

Mitchell, Ellison 
Parson, Don 
Pe\ton, Dick 
Poiiti, Joe 
Pruitt, Clay 

Rysanck, Bill 
Schweitzer, Pete 
Senkus, Neal 
Sziarto, Steve 
Waud, Ben 

Webb, Dick 
Welsh, Mike 

Pr p. P P 

p, o p p o 

<f^ p o o 

p r^ P' (<^ P 

if. p p p e 

p p p p P 

J^ P P Q 

^ P P 

a P 


Many Sigs were back early seven lor Y-Man duties, 
Randy to supervise the entire YMC'A operation, and 
Steve to get the S.U. program rolling. Cnce all the 
brothers returned, things happened at a rapid rate. 
"Gunner" set up a social- program which included the 
usual cabin parties and cookouts, while Carter planned 
a successful Sweetheart Weekend at Raleigh, where Miss 
Cyndy Batte was crowned as our new sweetheart. There 
were also several improvised parties, such as the infamous 
"Thunderbird Incident." We found time to win the 
Interfraternity Sing and to build up a substantial lead in 
the race for the IM High Point Trophy. Following rush, 
we mo\cd into second semester filled with parties, plus 
a program aimed at strengthening relations with the 
administration through open-houses and supper seminars. 
Wade's social program was augmented by a gala 50th 
Anniversary Celebration and Beach Weekend. As the 
year ended with senior speches, the Sigs looked forward 
to bigger and better things next year. 

PhEBGES— Row 1: H. Langworthy, VV. Jones, G. Smith, T. Romp, C. MacLane, L. Banks. Row 2: S. Simon, A. George, J. Sullivan, A. Minard, 
J. Ladd, T. McCarthy, T. Melchior,J. Taylor, B. Bean. Row 3: T. Helmes. B. Larsh, T. Helms, C.James, F. Volberg, B. Da%is, A. Beaslcy, B. Hub- 
bard, B. Baumgartner. ,\o/ Pictured: W. Grant, E. Fisher, B. Young. 


Abbott, Jim 
Anderson, Harry 
Armstrong, Jim 
Bickford, Pete 
Braswell, Steve 
Broesclie, Travis 

Burgess, Andy 
Burow, Dick 
Clarlson, Ed 
Carpenter, Randy 
Cliristie, Carter 
Cohn, Don 

Combes, Sam 
Coolev, Tom 
Crain,' Bill 
Derryberry, Gene 
Epes, Dick 
Golden, John 

Gregory, Art 
Hamilton, Roger 
Hash, Ed 
Johnson, George 
Johnston, Wade 
Kinard, Frank 

Livermore, Gordy 
Markham, John 
Marvin, Guy 
Mathews, Jack 
Mattson, Jerrv 
McCarthy, Bill 

McCarthv, John 
Miles, Al' 

Montgomer\-, Wvnr 
Orr, Jack 
Pless, Bob 
Prentiss, Dave 

Rau, Ralph 
Robinson, Robbie 
Sanstead, Moe 
Shackford, John 
Smiley, Barry 
Smith, Don 

Spear, Bill 
Sproul, Bob 
Stuart, Charlie 
Timberlake, Joe 
Tipton, Sam 
Walker, Chuck 

Walters, Lou 
Webber, Bob 
Westerman, Charlie 
\Villiams, Morris 

^1 P ^. r^ |!^ P 
C^ (T" ''*' 


Ift P) ,(!^' 

o o ^ 

f^ o ^ 

p ,p ,p C' P O 

(T) ^ O p c Q 

p P P (f' (Tj p 

^ p^ ,o fp 


DiiPuy, President 

It was a surprising year for the men who wear the 
White Star. Newt and Jay presided with a \el\ct fist, 
their composure slipping only wiien both Tate and Mss- 
sengill came to a meeting. Elton retired his NASCAR 
winner and Spencer added to his reputation as a BMOC 
by escorting a bevy of beauties to our parties. Steele be- 
came infatuated with Durham's version of "Tokyo Rose" 
and Cooper finally made a bid. Wheeler become the gem 
of the Pledge Class when he uttered a sentence which 
everyone understood. The Munchkin came out when the 
tube went on, only to discover Porter and Mace were 
there first. Coane and Beischer staged their version of the 
Berlin cjuestion with the winner getting the trophies. 
Baxter remained sincere while Todd searched for his 
missing shirt pockets and Winzeler perfected the Napoleon 
Twist into a dance instead of a hair-do. Miller boasted 
Colgate-Palmolive products as King kept the insects 
at bay. The best frosh found their way to House A, and 
Beach Weekend was fantastic. The year really swung. 

PLEDGES— /?o«i ;.■ J. Williamson, S. Power, P. LaMotte, R. Arenson, A. Webster, W. Blackburn. Row 2: R. Remigailo, W. Strackbein, C. Ada 
E. Hawks, M. Petei.son, D. Ely, R. Eooher. Riw 3: A. Walchen. G. Baer, J. Underbill, R. Breitweiser, T. Simpson, R. McFarlin, P. Bradbury. 


% h m T 


Bareficld, Tom 
Bateman, Jim 
Bauder, Bruce 
Beischer, George 
Bell, Bud 
Bresee, Bo 

Chcrnish, Bill 
Coane, Jim 
CoUett, George 
Cooper, Jack 
Davis, Baxter 
Dougherty, Mark 

Douglass, Bill 
DuPu)', Newton 
HoUett, Terry 
James, Jay 
Keen, Wood 
King, Bill 

Linger, Rick 
Mace, Mike 
Mace, Steve 
Massengill, Kemp 
McMullen, Bill 
McPherson, Bill 

Melvin, Dick 
Miller, Lou 
Nichols, Bill 
Peck, Fred 
Rabenhorst, Ji 
Ranson, Dick 

Ranch, Dud 
Rose, C:huck 
Ross, Dean 
Sloan, Dutch 
Steele, Tom 
Spencer, Stewart 

Thompson, Ken 
Todd, Joe 
Truesdell, John 
\'ollmer, Robin 
Wall, Jack 
Wheeler, Mike 

Williams, Ward 
Winzeler, Bill 
Varger, Tom 
Zoubek, Chuck 
Zumbro, Sherrod 

ft 1^ O p /|^ P 

r o o r © ft 

l--^ '• 1^^- vf-- 1^-' |c:- '■' *^f<T 

p r c p r> p 

P r P !f^ P P 

(D V lf^ p f*- o 

r ■' '"' ^ n ^ 

fTt o e^^ c> p 



Carl Zielonka, President 

Tlic brothers of Tau Epsilon Phi continued again tliis 
year in tiieir endeavors to live up to the goals of the fra- 
ternity. Socially and academically, TEP's were again 
among the leaders. Exciting things were happening 
around tlie TEP section. Monfs the CUod broke a bone 
. . . Eagle was grounded — for lack of medical care . . . 
Sid went north . . . Stu went to lab (CH3CH.OH). 
Nothing kept us from our appointed rounds after every 
Oak Room meal. Marcia baked us some chocolate (?) 
goodies — and there were more appointed rounds. In- 
tramurally we were in there fighting . . . however, since 
we were playing basketball at the time. . . . Again the 
TEP Poker Derby resounded from the halls of Flowers 
... we skewed the tigers . . . sunny Florida beckoned . . . 
Allen building griped . . . and we dined at Durham's finest 
culinary establishments (the Dobbs House?). All of these 
have made this one of TEP's most outstanding years. 
Delta Upsilon proved again that TEPS ARE TOPS. 

PLEDGES— David StoIIwcrk and Alan Slotki 


Chappell, Graham 
Cohen, Kenneth 
Goodman, Stewart 

Green berg, Taylor 
Halperin, Karl 
Kaplan, Stanley 

Kress, Sidney 
Lebos, Harvey 
Margolis, Howard 

Monfricd, Allan 
Prager, Robert 
Stein, Richard 

'- a 


Seiff, Henry 
Zielonka, Carl 


Dave W. Allen, President 

From twenty-four states and four foreign countries 
Theta Cllii's converged on Mayola's for the start of another 
year. Immediately they began preparing for an arduous 
semester of partying — "anybody know a good crip seven- 
hour course?" We broite the study routine — "Who has my 
new Fabian book?" — to win a trophy for our Homecom- 
ing Display. S 'n' S found us at the State College chapter 
celebrating our victory at their expense. Parties, papers, 
iiourlies, and hidden desires. Duke 6, UNC 3, and the 
desires were no longer hidden. The vegetable patch grew 
with Cardinal Richardson baptising the converts. 
Redecoration didn't stop the 2nd floor indoor football 
league from breaking all existing light glob . . . uh, 
records. Legal drinking and swinging parties. Bridge 
sufTeredDoc got thirteen hearts, Guy thirteen spades 
and a new Seven Spade Convention was tried, much to 
Goren's dismay. The "Sexy Sixties" party prepared us 
for exams and Rush. Then Joe College and Beach Week- 
end — you're sunburned where??? Wha'hayell. 

PLEDGE CLASS— ftmi 1: J. t;oultcr, E. Fislicr, O. Powell, B. Olson, B. Fluke, R. Gunter. Row 2: VV. Massey, Z. MoiRan, K. Eainliardt. A. Eckert, 
M. Patterson, D. Dennis. A.' ( Xninz, Row 3: R. Van Nuise. R. F,ri<ks,)n, P. Brown, A. Peahoriv. \V. [ohnsen. L. Col>l). S. Fox, \V. Davis. E. Baird. 

Allen, David 
Avera, Talcott 
Buchanan, Robert 
Bui-k, Pete 
Calvert, Steven 

Greaves, Donald 
Douglas, Edwin 
Goode, David 
Grills, George 
Guilford, Charles 

Hand, Donald 
Harkness, Richard 
Harper, Eugene 
Hess, Roger 
Hobbs, Jerry 

Ingersoll, DeForest 
Kadaster, Esat 
Kenderdine, James 
Laning, Peter 
Lewis, William 

Loch, Charles 
Marsh, James 
Martin, Henry 
McManus, Mike 
Menson, Robert 

Zeren, Richard 

Moores, William 

Nielsen, Carl f»» ,j,, 

Nuetzman, Douglas 

Pegler, Tim ^ 

Rankin, William 

Rogers, Edward ^^^^ 

Roughton, Art 
Shaffer, Howard 
Smith, Richard 
Spicer, William 

P CS f^ f^ (^ 

O C" Q O O 

(Ts f^ f^ n ^ 

r: ,c a ft c 

cs ^ O f^ ,|?t 

'^ ,p p p .o 

p P P o 

\ I 

Steed, Ronald Sl^^ ii^*^ fi^ /"^ >»«»». 

Stevens, Joel r~ . W I ( \ #1 f ' 

Sweger, Daniel 
Ward, Terry 
White, James 


Salinger, Prt-sident 

1961-1962 marked another outstanding year for the 
brothers of ZBT. The "great" sophomore class, featuring 
the Tiger, P. Coast, Rocco, and the Alter, provided the 
extra spark that made tiiis a truly phenomenal year. ZBT 
was versatile in their campus functions. We provided a 
beatnik, a popular singer, and a haven for lost kids. 
The Ugly Man contest and the unbelievable "Pest" were 
some of our more notorious contributions. Cars and more 
cars, bridge and more bridge, and C.S. and more C.S. 
were season highlights. Once again ZBT's parties were 
the best on campus. Our combos after football games 
accompanied witli "thy folded again" became common 
iiappenings. The year was full of mysteries. Ben arrives, 
and leaves (with Gilly's car), then Gilly leaves (with half 
the chapter room), and of course there was the Mystery 
Man himself. We were kept busy working on our Home- 
coming display and trying to keep our brothers out of 
jail. But it was a year like all years, the Old Man con- 
stantly aging and Dude steadily rejuvenating. It was 
full of fun, point-spreads, and especially fraternalism. 

PLEDGES— «o!c 7; M. Kaliski, J. Bieifeld, B. Scntuiia, H. Klesmer, H. Frcund, T. Zavelson. Rmc 2: G. Chotiner, T. Reisman, A. Winston, 
J. Reiffel, S. Pressfield, R. Ludwit;,,! \\Vint;aitrn. 

ff"it f t; 

% M 


Applestein, Jeff 
Arnold, Gary 
Arnold, Jay 
Bernstein, Frank 
Bomze, Ed 

Coplon, Fred 
Diamond, Bob 
Dubroff, Ken 
Fields, Mike 
Garner, Freddie 

Glazer, Len 
CJoldstein, Frank 
Greene, Marvin 
Harrison, Larrv 
Hircsh, Jack 

Kahn, Mike 
Kahner, Steve 
Kent, Bob 
Koock, Ken 
Lex'inson, Sandy 

Levit, Don 
Lurey, Al 
Lowenstern, Burt 
Lowenthal, Stu 
Marshall, Neil 

Miller, Bob 
Mirskv, Ian 
Morrison, David 
Ney, Dick 
Rubenstein, Jack 

Salenger, Gary 
Steer, Paul 
Siegel, Larrv 
Tavlor, Allen 

p\ (!) P P ^ 

p P (f^ P 

O O f^ O f^^ 

J> ^ o f^ r> 

P ^ ^ C^ fH^ 

iT. <r^^ s) 



1 HE praises of intercollegiate athletics have surely 
been sung often enough, yet they may well be re- 
peated. Competitive sport is the figurative hair on 
the University's chest. The accent is unmistakably 
masculine. The athletic realm remains the one world 
where co-eds cannot enter and surpass their male 
rivals. But the value of athletics would be trivial were 
its intrinsic worth limited to a reassertion of male 
supremacy. Among other things, athletics teach that 
in addition to offering his brain for development, a 
student has a physical body and emotions lodged 
therein which must keep abreast of his intellectual 
progress. As well, a man learns to think under fire 
when engaged in battle on the gridiron, on the hard- 
wood, on the diamond, in the pool, or wherever. The 
harvest which the individual participant may reap 
is impressive: he learns to cooperate with others and 
to do for the team what he would not do for himself 


Hcischcl Caldwell 
Defensive End Cloach 

Bob Chambers 
Head Trainer 


With a light and relatively inexperienced line, 
Coach Bill Murray's 1961 Blue Devils started off 
the season with a bang, winning their first three 
games. It was rougher going, however, when the 
Dukes faced teams which outweighed them by as 
much as 25 pounds per man. Still, the Devils came 
on to drtib their final opponents and finish with a 
7-3 rec(jrd. gi\ing Dukt- a second consecutive A.C.Cl. 
Championship. Taking full advantage of the talents 
of Walt Rappold and Gil Garner, the Duke offense 
frequently re\erted to its accurate passing game. 
Hauling in the aerials were Swing-Ends Pete 
Widener, Stan C'ris.son, and Jay Wilkin.son. The 
latter also raised many an eyebrow with his exciting- 
punt and kick-oH' returns, jay came within 10 
yards of copping national honors for punt returning. 

Backlield Coach 

Row 7; D. VVri^ht. O. (Jelbert.J. Arrins;t<m. J. Wilson. I). Unser, J. Tin- 
noU. n. Burch. B. Wyatt, D. BridE;<-s. Rmr _'; P. Widener, j. Markas, 
F. McC;ollum, C;. Wilson, B. Reynolds, J. Lomax, G. K.endall, E. C:hesnutt, 
R. Clark, B. Hawn. Roir ,>. D. Condon, P. BenK>-l, R. Bostick. R. .Adams, 
J. Berry, D. Havens, W. Rappold, C. Walker. 1). Dalton. Rmv 1: J. 
.Stoltz. B. Futiell, B. MaeCartee. B. Ramsev. J. K.ruzelyak. K.. Williams. 
11 1 )t.lke, / !>,,». \ i-.rr.r.HK /!„:, TS W,„l,- B Be,,vl,.v. \ \,u/.l. 


t^^' 4^^:^:}^ ^^i^r^; 



1 ^. 

Defensive Line Coach 

Clarence "Ace" Parker 
Offensive Line f loacli 

Offensive End Ooacli 

Bill Murrav, Head Football Ctoach. 

T. Thompson, R. Glosson, S. Crisson, M. Leggett, C. Winchester, J. Moss, 
G. Garner. Row 6: R. Harris, S. Villani, N. Churchill. K. Thompson, 
J. Underwood, C. Stainer, R. Barnes, J. Guthrie. D. Ramey, B. Weidman. 
Row 7: R. Marley, E. Wulfsberg, D. Marrh.s.-. J. McCarthy. J. Fuqua. 
D. Smith, F. Creech, K. Stewart. D. Loncn, A. Vun'^n.]. FaUin. /eo;u S.- 
B.Johnson. D. Brown. F. Cromartie, F. Polli. i , M l'< iinington. B. O'Ken- 
non. n. Burdrllr. B. Dean. T, Wilkinson. I). I 


Captain Jack Wilson goes into the Gamecock . 


Jack Wilson, Captain 


Raleigh, N. C. 

Dave Unser, Alt. Capt. 


Norfolk, \-a. 

The 1961 Blue Devils opened the season with a 
come-from-behind 7-6 victory over the University of 
South Carolina. U.S.C. scored first with a 26-yard 
field-goal in the opening period. The determined 
Gamecocks stymied Duke thrusts on the 16, 2, and 
1-yard lines. In the fourth quarter, the Gamecocks 
increased their lead to 6-0. Finally, the Devil offense 
slammed into high gear and marched 53 yards to 
score. Fullback "Red'' Burch dove into the end-zone 
from the 3, with less than two minutes. Billy Reynolds 
then booted the PAT, to cap a 7-6 Duke victory. 

itf-lifTMn^i rf 


Swing-end Pete VVidencr runs against Virginia secondary. 

After an uneventful, though well-played first 
quarter, the Devils romped for 28 points in the second 
period and glided to an unexpectedly easy 42-0 
victory over the Cavaliers of Virginia. The Virginians 
hold the dubious honor of being the first team to 
receive a taste of Jay Wilkinson's running ability. 
The very time Jay handled the ball in varsity play, 
he streaked 63 yards to convert a Cavalier punt into 
a Duke score. The Blues had a field day, as they 
crossed the Virginia goal-line on six different oc- 
casions, with six different men doing the honors; 
Arrington, Wilson, Leggett, Wilkinson, Rappold, 
and Futrell. 

Joel Arrington 

Thomasville, Ga. 


Clavalier end for first and ten. 

Jean Berry 
Mooresvillc, N. C. 


The Blue Devils opened their home season with 
a 23-3 victory o\er the Demon Deacons of Wake 
Forest. The return of an intercepted pass to the 
Wake 21-yard line in the second quarter set up the 
first Duke touchdown, a Garner to Futrell aerial. 
Then Walt Rappold passed to Futrell in the waning 
minutes of the second period to give Duke a com- 
fortable half-time lead. The teams battled evenly 
during the third period, although the Devils managed 
a safety. A few minutes later, Rappold threw to 
Swing-End Stan Grisson for the final touchdown. 
Billy Reynolds' third PAT completed the scoring. 




'^^ Jwir.1^ 





A k(\ block by Burch (30) i;ives Jo 

n^ton lunning room. 


Stalemated in the first half, Tech broke loose for 
21 points in the final 30 minutes to topple the Devils 
from the unbeaten ranks. Tech contained the 
Blues' vaunted passing game as Duke netted but 13 
yards in 4 completions. In the first half. Randy 
Clark kept the Engineers at a safe distance from the 
Duke goal-line with a 36.7 yard punting average. 
But Duke crossed the mid-field stripe only twice 
during the entire game. The Devils took the open- 
ing kick-cfi' and moved to the Tech 36; they were 
on the Engineers' 47 when the first half ended. 

Lcggett cuts to elude a lone Tech defender. 

Dave Condon 


Parma, Ohio 







Dan Gelbci-t 
Easton, Pa. 

An enthusiastic homecoming crowd sat through a 
long, rainy afternoon to see a determined Clemson 
aggregation hand the Blue Devils their first loss in 
Clonference play. The Dukes were simply worn 
down by the heavier Tiger line. The Tigers struck 
first with a second quarter score, but a Rappold to 
Leggett pass play put the Devils back in the game at 
7-7. Clemson, however, roared back and tallied 
twice on a 6-inch sneak and a 3-yard field goal, 
despite stubborn eff"orts by the Duke goal-line de- 
fense. In the final period, Coach Frank Howard's 
"boys" missed a field-goal attempt and the Devils, 
led by Gil Garner, marched to the Clemson 15-yard 
line when tlie game ended. 

Dean Wright squirms to avoid onrushing Tiger defende 

■ 2^-- v-'^!*'. i**^ •"■ - . - ^ 

V - 


i i 


*'*^'^^^^w*'BllPWP1jp^fi«fr* * 

Paul Ben^el erounds State liallback. 

Shortly after the opening kick-oft". Halfback Dean 
Wright scored on a 1-yard plunge, capping a Duke 
drive of 54 yards. The Devils, in State territory again, 
picked up 3 more points before the end of the half 
\'ia a 23-yard field-goal by Billy Reynolds. Jay 
WiIkin.son brought the crowd of some 20,000 to its 
feet with a brash display of his patented punt-return- 
ing ability; Jay galloped 82 yards to score. Reynolds 
converted the PAT. The stubborn Duke forward 
wall contained State Quarterback Roman Gabriel 
throughout the game. 

DUKE 17 N. C. STATE 6 

Rappold blocks out All-.\merican Roman Gabriel as Billy Futrell tries to go around end. 

Mark Leggett 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Johnny Markas 

Morganton, N. C. 

Wolverines defender clings to Wilkinson after a successful pass play. 

Trailing 21-0 after a laclvlustcr first iialf, the Blues 
fielded a "new" team in the third and fourth periods. 
Clonipletely dominating play, the Devils slashed 
through the massive Michigan line for scoring drives 
of 58 and 85 yards. Both touchdowns were sparked 
by hard-running Fullback "Red" Burch and Dave 
accounted for 12 points. Another Duke drive carried 
to the Michigan 5-yard line before it bogged down 
in the face of a desperate defense. Moreover, a break- 
away scoring jaunt by the fleet McRae in the fourth 
period put the game beyond the reach of the de- 
termin'-d Dukes. 



The Blue Devils unleashed a devastating aerial 
and ground attack to stun the Navy in the Oyster 
Bowl. Walt Rappold hit Swing-End Jay Wilkinson 
who scooted some 60 yards to score. Walt then swept 
45 yards around his own right end for the second 
Duke score and Billy Reynolds booted a 21 -yard 
field goal to give the Devils a 16-0 edge. A Bobby 
Wyatt interception on the Middies' 29-yard line set 
up the Dukes. Mark Leggett crashed over from the 
2. Jack Wilson snatched a stray aerial and raced 56 
yards for Duke's final tally. 

Walt Rappold, the game's outstanding player, sweeps around Navy's 
Greg Mather for a long ; 

Fred McCollum 


Savannah Beach, Ga 

Walt Rappold 


Beckly, W. Va. 

DUKE 37 

Hieihland Springs, Va. 

Norman, Okla. 

Having conceded the Fighting Irish a heavier 
line and 7 points, the Blue Devils roared back to 
drub Notre Dame by way of a record-breaking 
aerial offense and emerge victorious by the surprising 
margin of 24 points. The defeat was Notre Dame's 
worst of the season. Halfback Angelo Daberio 
scampered 54 yards to give the Irish an early lead. 
Gil Garner scored on a 1-yard sneak for the first 
Duke tally. The "Rifleman" also accounted for two 
other si.x-pointers with passes to Jay Wilkinson and 
Zo Potts. Walt Rappold tossed to Pete Widener and 
Stan C'risson for two other scores and Billy Reynolds 
kicked 4 PAT's and a 31-vard field goal. 

.Arrington chdigcs thi(iu!;h 

Gil Garner picks up iiiii 

dage against ''that 

Some 40,000 fans held their breath, as with six 
seconds showing on the clock and the score tied 3-3, 
Billy Reynolds attempted a field goal. The 39-yard 
kick was true and it gave the Devils a much-desired, 
hotly contested victory over the game Tarheels. 
The winning margin was set up on Dean Wright's 
interception and a 15-yard penalty against the 
'Heels. Perhaps the high-light of the game, prior to 
Reynolds' historic marker, was the Blues' failure to 
score on a first and goal situation. The victory gave 
Duke its second consecutive A.C.C. Championship, 
and was undoubtedly the most satisfying of all the 
Dukes' 7 wins. 

Ken Williams 

Center ^ 

Waycross, Ga. ?^-' 

DUKE 6 U.N.C. 3 

tell Billy Rt-ynolds complfti- the first of two all-important field s^ohIs 


Head Ooach 


Cheers greet the starting five as the new season opens. 



The 1961-1962 Blue Devils opened an action- 
packed basketball season with four decisive home 
victories. In the first battle of the campaign, Duke 
trounced the University of Florida 80-58, with All- 
American Art Heyman contributing 31 points. In 
a 117-72 conquest of Davidson College, Artful Art 
teamed with standout sophomore Jeff Mullins to 
lead the Blue Devil win over the Wildcats, while 
setting a new scliool record for the most team points 
scored in a single game. The Blues' racehorse-type 
offense ran roughshod over the Louisville Cardinals 
and the Clemson Tigers, as these teams fell by 86- 
58 and 89-66 counts. Traveling to Columbia, South 
Carolina, the Dukes, again led by Heyman, downed 




^ -I -^.'^J^ 

««< / 1', 

1 11,1. h Jack Mullen, Ray Cox, Fred Schmidt. Row 2: Bob Jamieson, Buzzy H 

arrison, Jeff MuUins, Steve Salisbury, Roger Ham 


Scott W .1 

lamson. Row . 

; Fred Shabel, Chuck Zimmer, mgr 

.; Buzz Mewhort 

Tom Gebbie 



Fred Kast, Art Heyman, Vic Bubas. 



Duke . . 





. 82 

Wake Forest 


Duke . . 





. 89 

South Carolina 


Duke . . 





. 79 

North Carolina 








North Carolina State 


Duke . . 


South Carolina 






*Duke . . 





. 79 








. 79 

Wake Forest 




West Virginia 



. 91 



Duke . . 


Wake Forest 






Duke. . 


Penn State 




North Carolina 


Duke . . 


North Carolina State 



. 71 








. 72 



Duke. . 

84 Maryland 

es Steel Bowl game in Pittsburgh. 


* Indicat 

t Indicat 

E-s A.C.C. Tou 

nament game in Raleigh. 




the Gamecocks 76-69. Art's 39 points, a career high, 
and his all-around court play drew the following 
remark from Coach Vic Bubas: "The greatest one- 
man performance I have ever seen in the A.C.C." 
Pittsburgh was the scene of the annual Steel Bowl 
Tournament and one of the major upsets of the sea- 
son. The high-flying Dukes of Duquesne halted a 
Devil rally and defeated the Blues 66-61. Bouncing 
back in the consolation game, Duke pasted an out- 
classed Arizona team 78-47. Coach Bubas then led 
his charges into Morgantown, West Virginia, where 
the Mountaineers had lost only one game in their 
last 56 appearances. But Rod Thorn and his team- 

10" Jay Buckley hooks o\er a Louisville defende 


Jeff MuUins tries another of his impossible 


Buzzy Mewhort gets 2 against Carol 

mates were toppled from the undefeated ranks 
69-65. In place of the Dixie Classic, the Devils took 
on the Demon Deacs of Wake Forest in Greensboro. 
The "red-hot" Blues took the measure of Len Chap- 
pell and downed the on-again, off-again Baptists 
75-73. It was a night for the co-captains, as Art 
Heyman bucketed 33 points and Buzz Mewhort, 
turning in a great performance, added 20 markers 
from the outside. Returning to Duke Indoor Sta- 
dium, the Devils posted their ninth win of the cam- 



paign, trouncing the Nittany Lions of Penn State 
95-55. The awesome one-two punch of Heyman and 
Mullins outscored the visitors, collecting 60 points 
between them. A North Carolina State field-goal 
with four seconds remaining in the game sent the 
Devils down to their second loss, 61-60. Rebounding 
from the defeat, the Devils, led by Mullins, Heyman, 
and junior guard Fred Schmidt, smothered CHemson 
104-96. Art and Jeff led the Blues to another Con- 
ference win, downing the Maryland Terps 84-68. 
After exams, the Dukes played host to the revenge- 
seeking Wake Forest five. With seven minutes remain- 
ing and Duke down by one point, Art Heyman took 
charge and i)roke the game wide open; the De\'ils 

Heyman drives through the Virginia defense, 

Jamieson goes after a loose ball 


Dead-eye Harrison shoots another one 

gained an 82-68 victory. Returning to the line-up 
senior guard Jack Mullen aided the home cause with 
his amazing play-making and defensive abilities. 
Jay Buckley, 6'10" .sophomore center, was another 
key factor in the Wake victory. Jay picked off 12 
rebounds and netted 13 points. An 89-73 win over 
the University of South Carolina was highlighted 
by the fine play of MuUins and Buckley, who scored 
31 and 26 points respectively. It was in this contest 
that Art Heyman suffered a sprained ankle, which 
slowed down the Duke star considerably. A screaming 
crowd of 8,500 saw Jeff Mullins and Jack Mullen 
take up the scoring burden against the North Caro- 
lina Tarheels. In the Devils' 14th win, Buzz Mew- 

Soph star Jeff Mullins takes inside shot as Heyman holds off 
two defenders. 

Bill L'lrich fires a jump shot before Wake defenders close i 


Co-Captain Mewhort powers his way around Virginia's Enge 



hort again burned the nets from the outside, sinking 
six field-goals. In Raleigh, the fired-up Wolf- 
pack grabbed an early lead and held on to defeat 
the Blues for the second time 71-55. Returning to 
action against Virginia, Art Heyman scored 25 
points and led the Devils to a 101-75 win. Buzzy 
Harrison, a consistent scorer and play-maker, chalked 
up 18 points in the triumph over the Cavaliers. In 
their next game, at College Park, Maryland, the 
Dukes gained their first victory at Maryland in five 
years, swamping the Terps 79-53. The Deacons 
finally turned the trick and downed the Devils in 
Winston-Salem 97-79. The Devils then picked up 
two more wins, sinking Navy 91-72 and Virginia 

id's Greenspan attempts to block Buckley'; 



Hesman gets his aim in an ad\antageous position in 

The picture of concentration, MuUins shoots over three Navy 

against Maryland. 

A familiar sisjht for Duke basketball 

timing leaves Maryland helpless. 

Heyman's perfect 

97-71. In the season's finale, The Blues subdued a 
stubborn Tarheel squad 82-74. Carolina tied the 
score with 9 minutes to go, but Buzz Mewhort, in a 
tremendous clutch performance, scored 13 quick 
points to insure the Duke win. Jeff Mullins led all 
scorers with 25 and Buzzy Harrison added 16 points. 
Regular season play in the A.C.C. does not determine 
the league champion, but only governs the seeding 
of the A.C.C. Tournament. The Devils drew Mary- 
land as their first-game opponent. The Dukes, 
sparked by Art Heyman at the free-throw line, 
downed Maryland 71-58. And then it happened! 
An inspired Clemson squad, having upset the Wolf- 
pack in their first game, caught fire in the second- 
half and shocked the Blues 77-72. 

Jack Mullen demonstrates the art of ball har 







3^^^ "^ 

j^Sj/tSKt'^' ^^^^^Hj^^^ukMU^ i 


> f^ 

i^i ^ 

Lynn Fader sharpens his eye in a game of "pepper." 

Coach Ace Parker has his problems as he begins 
his 10th season as head man of the Bkie Devils. 
Graduation left many holes in the 1961 line-up which 
captured the A.C.C. crown, the NCAA District 
Three Championship, and reached the quarter- 
finals in the College World Series. Parker admits 
that "We must almost start from scratch. We ha\e 
only four men who have seen much action in games." 
Returning arc Lynn Fader at shortstop, Bobl)y Hawn 
at second base, and Rex McKinley and Boblay Ran- 
kin in the outfield. Larry Harrison, Dick Densmore, 
and Bob Turner will probably carry the pitching 
burden, while Ed Chestnutt figures to handle the 
catching chores. The season opens on March 22 
against Dartmouth. Including a Southern tour, the 
schedule consists of 26 games. 


Row 1 : B. Fader, J. Butler, M. .Ambler, E. Messikomer, E. Ransom, J. 
Browne. L. McLean, L. Fader. Ruw J: Coach Bly, B. .Smith. D. Uible, 
R. Gregory, S. Cupps, B. Atlec, H. Peterson, B. Rankin, D. West. Riw J: 
R. Marley, L. Harrison, Coach Dixon Owens, D. Densmore, S. Chisson, 
B. Mueller, R. McKinley, Mgr. H. Neubauer, K. .Stallings. 


* * / J * 

* » • « 

* * 

id baseman B„h Rankin in 

'Hurricane" Harrison fires away at batting practice 

The fascination 

of spring practice. 






T^r^t li' 





[^^HRr_*M" " _-*^' 


Led by Dick Gesswein and Jerry Nourse, the 
cindermen should pose as a serious threat for several 
individual A.C.C. laurels, particularly the shotput, 
hurdles, and distance-running crowns. A member 
of Duke's cross-country squad, Nourse was the team's 
number one runner and fared well in the NCAA 
championships. During the winter-track season, 
running, on indoor tracks, Jerry really came into 
his own. During the Millrose Games, Nourse ran 
the two-mile event in 8:58.3, placing him as the 
top two-miler in the nation. A week later, Jerry 
successfully defended his title at the Inquirer games 
in Philadelphia. Gesswein, the defending A.C.C. 
Champion in the shotput, is also expected to carry 
the team in the discus. With a strong squad this 
year and an impressive freshman team. Coaches 
Chambers and Buehler can look forward to a bright 


' . If'"" " 

'^f ■ 

, .,^ .,.,^. 


f i 


':'■ 1 - 

^T ' 





-T - 

TRACK TEAM— Row 1: N. Gray, J. Jones. D. Gesswcin, L. Van Dyck.J. Nourse, G. Roschen, G. Kirk. J. Zwerner.J. Rabenhorst. Rmv 2: C. La- 
Varrc, V. Braren. J. Waddell, R. MiUer, D. Blumfeldt. G. High, B. Stewart, L. Cooper, E. Deutscher. Roiv 3: }. Weisiger, B. Wiggins, M. Walsh, 
R. Waite, M. Orr, T. Hyers, A. Jacobsen, C. Goodell, R. Hubbard, 

The "Whites" crowd the goal in first scrimmage. 
Voorhees breaks away for clear shot at tense blue-shirtecl 


Between 1938 and 1955, Duke lacrosse teams were 
never ranked below seventh in the nation. In recent 
years, the Devil stickmen have not done quite that 
well. Nevertheless, the team has been improving 
each year and should regain its national prestige. 
Last season, the team won three games, while losing 
four. This year. Coach Jack Persons looks forward 
to a better won-lost record, having lost few men 
through graduation. The team, as usual, faces a 
formidable schedule, playing Amherst, Brown, Mary- 
land, the University of Massachusetts, Navy, Vir- 
ginia, and Washington and Lee. And for the first 
time, the stickmen will play host to the Australian 
National Lacrosse Team. The annual "Great^Grads" 
game, when former Duke greats return to play the 
1962 scjuad, promises to be another highlight of the 

Rnw 1: B. Buckalew. L. GiiflRth, J. Buchanan. P. C. Coughlan, P. V. 
Coughlan, C. McCausland, W. Rysamk. M, Sh< , ni.ui. S. Snow. Row 2: 
D. Brock, P. Anderson, M. Wclcli. .|. KoidiMn, I) |,„„s. R. Voorhees, 
J. Bennett, B. Hertslct, T. Dawson, j. (;,,.,, I,; AVr 3: D. .Smyth, 
D. Denton. J. Ralpher. K. .\llcn, G. B. Montgomery,.]. Edlin. R. Ratliff, 
R. Webb, B. I lendcrson, R. Johnson. M. Kitch, T. Clonway. 


The 1961 Bl)-incn had a line season, with a 7-3 
record. Although the Devils lost a hard-fought con- 
test to Maryland, 2-0, they wound up with a 4-1 
record in Atlantic Coast Conference competition 
to take second place in the standings. Against non- 
conference foes, Duke trounced Washington and 
Lee, 11-2, Davidson, 5-1, and Lynchburg, 2-1, 
while losing to highly-regarded West Chester and 
Navy by 2-1 and 3-1 scores. The four conference vic- 
tories were over South Carolina, 5-0, N. C. State, 
7-0, Virginia, 3-1, and a satisfying win over the 
University of North Clarolina, 3-2, in the season's 

Left Inside Hobie Hyde was the team's leading 
goal-getter with 10 tallies on the season. He was 
closely followed by Tony Battelle and Dean Ross 
with 8 goals each. Terry Hough, Duke's Ail-Ameri- 
can goalie, allowed only 14 goals in 10 games, in- 
cluding two shut-outs. Hough, Ross, Hyde, and 
Fred Beguin were selected as members of the All 
Conference and AH South teams. 

Row 7: T. Hough, D. Ross, B. Rogers. F. Beguin, L. Siegel, B. Smiley, 
D. Jones, D. Dammann, Ms;r. Raw 2: G. Griffin, C. Zoubck, G. Huston, 
D Stattenfield M Ekav M Erisman \. Epanchin, R. Vincent. Row 3: 
P Claik J BouKkc D McCaig 1) Mines, H. Prange, W. Fiver, B. 
W onib 

\"iml ,l^.lmst Mary- 

All-Ainerican goalie Terry Hough and the Devil defense pre- 
pare to break up a U.N.C. attack. 


< A 


Captain Jerry Nourse. Undefeated A.C.C. champions 


Lemly. L. 

J. Nourse, S. Gentry, 

Coach Buehlcr. Slandtrig—B. Yount;. C:. Miller, B. VVaite, 
B. VVigffines R. Heitzenratcr. N. Gray, P. Naugle, W. 
Wilson, D. Blumfeldt, G. Roschcn. \n/ Inchiird: 1„ Van 
Dyck, J. Wrisiser, V. Braren, F. Campb.ll. 


Page Naugle, Nick Gray, and Dick H 

up before race. 

Tlie Iron Dukes .started off the season with a 
"bang" by defeating Navy for the first time in com- 
petition between the two schools. The thinclads 
continued with successive victories over North Caro- 
lina State, Wake Forest, Maryland, Clemson, Vir- 
ginia, and South Carolina. The harriers suffered their 
first and only defeat of the regular season at the hands 
of the University of North Carolina. Although the 
team honors went to Carolina, Jerry Nourse, as in 
the previous meets, finished first to receive the in- 
dividual laurels. The number two man this year was 
Dave Blumfeldt. In both the State Cross-Country 
meet and the A.C.C. meet, Duke finished a close 
second to Carolina. Nourse finished the season un- 
defeated by placing first in both these meets. 


^^ - 




Duke giappli 

hing opponent off \alance. 

Plagued with injuries and unable to field its best 
team in any one match, the wrestling squad went 
winless. During the season, Duke lost to Davidson, 
Virginia, North Carolina State, Washington and 
Lee, and the University of North Carolina. Chuck 
Grossman and Joe Politi, the victim of a leg injury, 
are better wrestlers than the team's over-all record 
would indicate. Next year, these two should team 
with a fine freshman prospect, heavyweight Walt 
Moeling, in leading the grapplers to mat wins. The 
Blue Imps' 4-2 record is another reason for Coach 
Carmen Falcone to grin and bear it. 

Attempted re\ersal by De\il 

is thwarted by opponent's stiff left 


TEAM— /?«(• 7; J. Dow. D. Donnelly, \V. Scagieaves, 
J. Politi. Rnw 2: Coach Harvey, .S. Lomer, C. CJrossman, 
B. Stone. C^oach Falcone 


§f tf ^ t I' t ^ 


Kow J: B. Kingsbury, J. Woodwoi th, K. Moore, B. Breen. T. Adams, D. Gill, R. Diamond, F. Cowherd. T. Romp. R. Carlitz. J. Kitterman. T. E\ans, 
J. Stivers, J. Houyoux, B. Kurtz, A. Aballi. Row 2: P. Coughlan, M. Chafkin, H. Rudoy, D. Goodner, G. Buscli, E. Yocum, S. Combs, D. Conroy. 
C. Hill, B. Schmidt-Nielsen, J. Ogden, L. Doyle, T. Culbreth, R. Ellwanger, N. Boswell, D. Valle, D. Sandlin. Row 3: Y. Hanja, C. King. J. Bertsch, 
J. Caraway, E. Lotspeich, S. Narten, R. Noe, W. Yarnall, Mgr., J. Edlin, Mgr., B. Penick, Mgr., F. Edwards, Mgr. 

Coach W. S. Persons 


While not very strong, the tankmen nevertheless 
finished with a 4-5 won-lost record. Among the 
team's conquests were Clemson, Wake Forest, V'ir- 
ginia, and Davidson. Defeats were met in encounter- 
ing North Carolina State, the University of North 
Carolina, Maryland, Navy, and Georgia Tech. 
Although experiencing a rare losing season, Coach 
Jack Persons did produce some fine swimmers, 
notably John Woodworth , the 200-yard backstroke 
ace, and Jerry Busch, Duke's able free-style artist. 
Dave Goodner occupied the spotlight throughout 
the season, leading the team in total points .scored. 
Dave is also the team's hope for the A.C.C. crowns 
in the 200-yard individual medley and the 100-yard 
freestyle. Aided by a strong freshman squad, the 
natators can look forward to a inore successful 
season ne.xt vcar. 


3b Bieen exhibits fine diving fo 

Tom Adams and Doug Gill, Cto-Capta: 

Aqua-devil John Woodworth practices his backstrolvC. Sophomore sensation Dave Goodner on the starting block 



Cu-Captain Hobey Hyde 

The Duke tennis squad, after finishing vvitli a 
10-8 record last season, looks for definite improve- 
ment this year. The big less from the 1961 squad is 
Joe Gaston, the A.C.C. singles champion. But among 
the lettermen returning to bolster the team are co- 
captains Hobey Hyde and Clyde Gouldman, Butch 
Griffin, Alan Mcintosh, Barker French, Kurt Stein- 
man, and Richard Helms. Sophomores Jerry Mat- 
son, the number one man on last year's freshman 
squad. Ken McCuUough, and James Cheek will 
challenge the veterans for playing positions. 

h'lurlmg: M Mcintosh, Hobey Hyde, Clyde Gouldman, Kurt Steinman, Dick Spong. Slandnig: Coach Bob Cox, Jim Cheek, Ken McCIuUourIi 
Bethea, Galen Griffin, CJerry Mattson, Barker French, Stu Lowenthal. Coach James Bonk 


Row 1: Dave Franklin. 
Rich Bassett. 

ethy. Jacli Saalfield, Buzz Lewis. George .Smith. John Sronce. Dicli Di 


After posting an excellent 8-0 record in 1961, the 
1962 squad set out to match that performance. 
Coach "Dumpy" Hagler looks to returning letter- 
men Dick Dion and George Smith to lead this years' 
squad. Dave Franklin, John Sronce, John Aber- 
nathy, Dick Bassett, and Jack Saalfield are expected 
to round out the squad. The National Intercollegiate 
Golf Tournament will be held at Duke this year, 
from June 18-23. This year's squad, despite its tough 
schedule, might go "all the way." 

Senior Johnny Sr. 

before heading for the 19th hole at the 

George Smith, returning number one man and one of 
,\C:C's top stars. 

p «r *r- -R 

if a £ 

. " ■ ,- i 

Iff . » ^ • . . • :ll 

..«- mK^m^ ■■•':' ,.- 1 

-I -.- - ^ 


The next lesson will be, "How to play with a ball. 
William Tell woLildn't have a chance. 


Modern dance in the W 

Fun and enthusiasm arc the rule in the various 
intramural activities sponsored by the Women's 
Athletic Association. WAA board members, assisted 
by the Department of Physical Education, direct 
the sorority and dormitory tournaments in basket- 
ball, volleyball, softball, and bowling. A friendly 
rivalry marks the two annual swimming meets. The 
fall semester began with individual competition in 
tennis and badminton, followed by table tennis. 
The spring weather attracted many co-eds to par- 
ticipate in the archery tournament. To increase 
interest in the program, a point system has been 
devised to record the results. In every game, dorm 
and .sorority .spirit runs high. 


he, he! 

ight foot out . . . Not a ch: 

That's right, keep your eye on the ball. 

don't think she's dead, do you 


INTRAMURAL HEADS— Pete Unseitjr.. Mgr.; John Goody 
Soph. Mgr.; Rod Franz. Sr. \l«v. 

Intramural athletics serve not only to develop 
the individual physically, but they also contribute 
to his mental, moral, and social development. The 
Duke program seeks to insure this development, as 
well as to give every student the opportunity to par- 
ticipate in some form of competitive athletics. Di- 
rected this year by Senior Manager Rod Franz, 
the intramural program sponsored competition in 
such major sports as football, basketball, volleyball, 
and Softball, and held tournaments in such "minor" 
sports as horseshoes and badminton. Included in 
the general program is Co-Rec Night, when fra- 
ternities are paired with Women's dorms in mixed 
sports and games. 

Another two points in the miking. 

In badminton, it 

Hli-o Kocsin 
on East Clampus 

Ping Pong pro Bill Kcim "slams." 

Sigma Chi spikes foi- winning point 


Lambda Chi — Cake Race team champs. 

The Snowbirds again win the IM basketball tourney: R. Dens- 
more, F. Rolle, D. Carter, S. Cupps, B. Dixson, W. Rappold 


Wade Johnston, the tennis doubles champion (the missing half, Ge 


The Alley Gang- PIK \s \I I'oul J llilliaid B Johnston II Hartmann, Golf Champs Richard Bassett and Davie Franklin. 

M. Brown. 

Horseshoes contest winners Bob Wiser and Bruce Bauder, doubles, and 
Phi Delt's football champions — "A bloody good victory, boys!" 3,^^-, PfjcfTer, singles 





t^ ihr* 







^Ut^f-^ Mr^^ir^ 

SR f%m 



j^H^L^^ V;^nH 


Where one finds students, one also finds teach- 
ers; where there is a faculty there must always be 
an administration. Supervising and co-ordinating, 
the administrators of a university perform functions 
which are sometimes criticized, sometimes ap- 
plauded, but which are more often unthanked or 
unnoticed. They legislate, judge, and execute the 
policies that move Duke closer to its ever-rising 
standards. But perhaps most important, each mem- 
ber of the administration represents an educated 
person; he leads, directs, and governs, but he also 
serves as an inspiration for education. 

For fifteen years, one such inspiration has been 
provided by the gracious personality of Dean of the 
Woman's College, Miss Roberta Florence Brinkley. 
Retiring this year to devote herself to research. 
Dean Brinkley will long be remembered as a person 
who embodied those qualities which distinguish an 
administrator — efficiency, leadership, intelligence, 
curiosity, and an unquenchable love of learning. 



The chief aim of Dr. Deryl Hart, 
President of Duke University, is to 
lead Duke in becoming the best uni- 
versity possible, by realizing its full 
potential. Dr. Hart has been associ- 
ated with Duke University since 
1930. Prior to this time, he attended 
Emory College and Emory Uni- 
versity, where he received his B.A. 
and M.A. degrees. He was awarded 
the doctoral degree in medicine at 
Johns Hopkins University and re- 
mained there as a surgeon and an 
instructor until he came to Duke. 
Dr. Hart served as Chairman of the 
Department of Surgery at the Duke 
Medical Center until his appoint- 
ment as President Pro-Tem in June, 
1960. In March of the following 
year. Dr. Hart's appointment was 
confirmed and he became President 
of the University. 

Added to his many administrative 
duties. President Hart is also a Gov- 
ernor of the American College of 
Surgeons. At present, he is a mem- 
ber of the Council of the Southern 
Society of Clinical Surgeons and is 
active in numerous other medical 

Under the presidency of Dr. Hart, 
the University has pursued a policy 
directed toward attracting students 
and faculty of the highest caliber. 
Able and dedicated, Dr. Hart strives 
to assure and maintain the aims of 
the University's founders, in leading 
Duke along the path of educational 


Mr. Bunyan Snipe s Womljle, Chairman of the Executive Cc 
mittee of the University. 


The thirty-six member Board of Trustees acts as 
the legislative branch of Duke University's official 
government. The Board confirms faculty appoint- 
ments, regulates the University's rules and by-laws, 
and approves the issuance of diplomas and honors. 
Furthermore, the Trustees elect the President of 
the University and are ultimately responsible for 
Duke's financial affairs. 

The North Carolina Methodist C Hunch and tlie 
Duke University Alumni Association appoint the 
several members of the Board of Trustees, who 
serve a six-year term. For the second consecutive 
year, Mr. Bunyan Snipes Womble served as Chair- 
man of the Board. Since the Trustees officially meet 
only twice annually, matters of immediate conse- 
quence are delegated to a seven member Executive 

EXECXTIN'E COMMITTEE— L'// /» in^hl: Kenneth C. 
Richaid E. Thia;pen, Amos R. Keains. 



The General Administration serves as the guiding- 
hand for all activities within the University; it re- 
mains the basic unit of co-ordination between 
Trinity C^ollegc, the Woman's College, and the 
College of Engineering, and it supervises the various 
programs which may lead to a Bachelor of Arts 
degree, a Bachelor of Sciences degree, and degrees 
in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. 

Acting to achieve the long-range plans of the 
University are many able men. Herbert J. Her- 
ring is Vice-President in the Di\ision of Stu- 
dent Life. Having obtained his A.B. degree from 
Duke, he is especially qualified to cope with ques- 
tions concerning undergraduate activities. Charles 
Edward Jordan is Vice-President in the Division 
of Public Relations. He acts as a supervisor for the 
Department of Alumni Affairs and is chairman of 
the University Scholarship Committee. Everett H. 
Hopkins is Assistant Provost and Vice-President 

Charles E.Jordan, B.A.. LL.D. 
Nice Pn-sident in the Division of Public Re 



Alfred S, Bruvver, H.A. 
Treasurer of the University 

G. C. Hendrickson, B.A., M.A., C.P.A. 
Business Manager and Comptroller 

John M. Dozier, B.A. 
Secretary of the University 

for Institutional Advancement. He holds B.S. and 
LL.D. degrees from Wittenberg University, and an 
M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. 

In addition to being a James B. Duke Professor of 
Political Science, R. Taylor Cole is Provost of the 
University. His duties include planning meetings 
and setting the academic calendar for the University. 
Dr. Cole holds A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees and 
has received Guggenheim and Fulbright Fellowships. 

Marcus E. Hobbs is Assistant Provost and Dean 
of the University. Dr. Hobbs received his A.B., M.A., 
and Ph.D. degrees at Duke and has been associated 
with the University for some twenty-seven years. 
Various activities in the Arts and Sciences and Engi- 
neering Programs are his immediate concern. 

The finances of the University are the business of 
Alfred Smith Brower. C. G. Hendrickson acts as 
Business Manager and Comptroller. John M. Dozier 
is both Secretary of the University and Assistant 



L. TuTHiLL, B.A., M.A., Ed.D. 
University Registrar 

Business Manager. Mr. Dozier's duties lie within 
the reahn of fiscal and physical affairs. He is specif- 
ically concerned with non-academic personnel, physi- 
cal plant, purchasing and budget control, and space 

Richard L. TuthilK the University Registrar, co- 
ordinates student admissions and records. He has 
been instrumental in installing the I.B.M. machines 
which have resulted in a "lineless" system of regis- 

From its headquarters in Allen Building, the 
Admini-stration truly leads the University. Few need 
be reminded of the fact that the last few years have 
seen great changes at Duke. Since 1924 the faculty 
and Administration of the University have guided 
the gradual changes which have occurred within 
the educational and physical structure of what was 
formerly Trinity College. And because of the efforts 
of its administrators, Duke will continue to advance. 

Marcus E. Hobbs, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. 
Dean of the University and .'\ssistant Provost 

Dr. R. T. Cole, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 
Provost of the University 


Trinity Clollege, once an institution in itself, is 
at tiie lieart and center of Duke University. At the 
request of James B. Duke, founder of Duke Uni- 
versity, the administration of this College was es- 
tablished to assure that "great care and discrimina- 
tion be exercised in admitting as students only 
those whose previous records show character, de- 
termination, and application evincing a wholesome 
and real ambition in life." 

, The present Trinity College includes all male 
undergraduate students, except those enrolled in 
the College of Engineering. At the head of Trinity's 
administrative body is Alan D. Manchester, Dean of 
Trinity College and Professor of History. He is 
aided by Assistant Dean Howard A. Strobel, As- 
sociate Professor of Chemistry. Dean Strobel's re- 
sponsibilities lie in general academic counseling 
and counseling in the Superior Student Program. 
Charles B. Johnson, Assistant Professor of Educa- 
tion, serves as Dean of Upperclassmen. Barney L. 
Jones is Dean of Freshmen and Associate Professor 
of Religion. Advising the undergraduate on problems 
outside the academic realm is the admired and re- 
spected Dean Robert B. Cbx. A new position created 
this year, Assistant to the Dean of Undergraduate 
Men, was filled in the fall by C. Howard Womble. 


K. MANCHESTliR, B..\., M.A., \'\ 

Dean of Trinity College 

Robert B. Clnx, B.A., M.A. 
Dean of Undergraduate Nfen 


Howard A. Stfobei , P.S., Ph.D. 
Assistant Dean of Trinity College 



Charles B.Johnson, B..A., M.A., Ed.D. 
.Assistant Dean of Trinity College 

\RNEV L.Jones, B.A., B.D., Ph.D. 
.\ssistant Dean of Trinity College 

Incorporated as a division of Duke University 
in 1939, the College of Engineering is one of the 
fastest growing parts of the University. It now offers 
a combined Liberal Arts-Engineering Program with 
nine liberal arts colleges. Last year the College re- 
ceived over $100,000 in government grants for re- 
search in six different fields. 

Located on West Campus, the Engineering build- 
ing is fully equipped with modern laboratories, 
drafting rooms, and an engineering library of some 
30,000 volumes. The college itself is divided into 
the departments of Mechanical, Electrical, and 
Civil Engineering. Dean Walter J. Seeley, the head 
of the College, is a past president of the American 
Society for Engineering Education's southeastern 
division. Professor John N. Macduff is Chairman 
of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, while 
the Department of Electrical Engineering is headed 
by Dr. Charles R. Vail. Dr. Earl I. Brown is in 
charge of the Department of Civil Engineering. 
Mr. Everett B. Weatherspoon is Director of Ad- 
missions of the College of Engineering, as well as 
of Trinity College. 

The Dean of the College is assisted by an Ex- 
ecutive Committee comprised of the three engineer- 
ing department chairmen, the Assistant to the Dean, 
and the Dean of Lhidergraduate Instruction. 


Everett B. Weatherspoon, 
Director of Admissions 

Walter J. Seeley, E.E., M.S. 
Dean of the College of Engineering 


Charms K. \ \ii , M.S. in E.E., Ph.D. 
C:haii-man of tlic DcpartiiR-nt of Electrical En 

E.ARL Ivan Brown, II, B.S., M..S., Ph.D. 
Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineer! 

John N. Macduff, M.M.E 
Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering 

E Brinklev, Ph.D., LL.D. 
Dean of the Woman'.s College 

Marv Gr.^ce Wilson, A.M. 
Dean of Undergraduate Women 

Miss Jane Philpott, Ph.D. 
ing Associate Dean of Undergraduate Instruction 


There are multiple advantages ofl'ered by an 
education at the Woman's College of Duke Uni- 
versity. Because of the position of the Woman's 
College in Duke, each student has an opportunity 
to benefit from unique po.ssibilities. She is a part 
of the larger co-educational university, but she is 
also a member of a separate college whose deans 
are all women, devoted to the intellectual and social 
development of women. By their long hours of con- 
cern for and close work with the students, these 
deans make possible a full and rewarding four years 
of college life. Whatever her role — as advisor, edu- 
cator, director, or confidante — each East Campus 
administrator is well qualified for her position. 

Miss Roberta Florence Brinkley, the Dean of the 
Woman's College, came to the campus after com- 
pleting undergraduate work at Agnes Scott College 
and graduate work at George Peabody College for 
Teachers and at Yale University. After her retire- 

Marianna Duncan Jenkins, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Instruction 

iiicnt this yt'ar. Dean Brinklcy plan.s extended re- 
search in Seventeenth C!entury English Literature. 

Miss Mary Grace Wilson, who is the Dean of 
Undergraduate Women, co-ordinates the many 
non-academic affairs of campus life. She was gradu- 
ated from Winthrop College and completed her 
graduate work at Columbia University. 

A Duke graduate. Miss Lillian Lee is the As- 
sistant Dean of Undergraduate Women. Her office 
includes advising the treasurers of the Woman's 
College and handling student employment. 

Ser\ing as academic advisor to the Freshman 
.\d\isory Council is the Dean of Undergraduate 
Instruction, Miss Ellen Huckabee. The Associate 
Dean of Undergraduate Instruction is Miss Mari- 
anna Jenkins, advisor to junior and senior women. 
Miss Jenkins attended Bryn Mawr College and Rad- 
cliffe College. During her sabbatical leave first se- 
mester. Miss Jane Philpott acted in her stead. Mrs. 
W. S. Persons, who spent her imdergraduate and 
graduate years at Duke, ser\es as Director of Ad- 

Director of Adn 


■fj-' ^-^"^KV 

Henry J. Oostinc 

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

Department of Botany 

Ransom R. Patrick 
B..\., M.F..\., Ph.D. 
Department of .\rt 


When not in the cla.ssroom, the de- 
partment head can generally be found 
sitting behind his office desk. There he 
conducts the thousand and one items of 
business that only he can attend to. To 
say that the department head is the 
"Father Image" of his department would 
be an over-simplification. He is in charge 
of the selection of his staff and of main- 
taining this staff at the highest possible 
level. These are tasks which require a 
personality with the elements of a Machia- 
velli and a Houdini. 

The department head must correlate 
the needs of his department with the size 
and type of his staff. He must contact and 
attract instructors who, by virtue of their 
backgrounds and education, can make 
essential contributions to the department 
and to the students. He unites his staff in 
furthering the reputation of the depart- 
ment by offering the best possible courses 
on both the undergraduate and graduate 

Frank T. deVyver 

B...\., M..\., Ph.D. 

Department of Economics and Busin 

Edward C. Bolmeier 

B.A., Ph.D. 

Acting C;hairman. 

Department of Educatioi 

John H. .SAVrcrn 
B.A., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. 
Department of Chemistry 


More than this, thr department head 
is obligated to tiie imiversity to retain 
his statr and to provide them with op- 
portunities for adx'anccment. As a part 
of this function, he represents his depart- 
ment to the administration by communi- 
cating their interests, needs, and merit. In 
this way, higher salaries may result and 
better working conditions may come 
about. On the other hand, he represents 
the policies and goals of the university 
to his staff. The department head be- 
comes, then, the liaison between faculty 
and administration. 

As well as internal affairs, the external 
relations of a department are greatly 
influenced by its head. He is an ex- 
officio member on all the department's 
committees, and is especially active on 
the advi.sory committee for departmental 
majors. He must, of course, depend to 
a great extent on the support of his 
faculty in the formulation of the depart- 
ment's policies and plans. 

Herman Salinger 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

I'partment of German 

James N. Truesdale 
" B..A,, M..\., Ph.D. 
Department of Greek 


B..\., M.\., Ph.D. 
Department of English 

B..\., Pli.D. 
Department of Geology 

Thomas M. .Avcock Jlilia R. Gb 

B.A., M.A. B.A., M.S. 

West Campus Department of Health East Campus Departmcr 
and Physical Education of Health and Physical 



Kl,lI\Kl.l \\\l,.,\ |l KmiikiSR s |,,|1\ I ( IN 

B \ . \'h D B \ . M \ , I'll 1) B \ , M \ I'h I) 

Dt-paitment of Histors- Depaitinrnl of Latin and Roman StiulKs D paitment ol Matht-m 


Robert S. Rankjx 

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D 

Department of Political Scie 


Department of Psychology 

Department of Religion 



B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

Department of Romance 



B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. 
Department of Ruwian 



ARD t:. H,,RN 

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 


Department of Sociology and 


ment of Zoology 



Allan Murray Cartter, Ph.D. 
Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Science 

Robert Earl Cushman, B.S., Ph.D. 
Dean of the Divinity School 

Barnes Woodhall, B.A., M.D. 
Dean of the .School of Medicine 

\ r 



Graduate and professional schools are as es- 
sential to a university as its undergraduate colleges. 
They afford the student the opportunity to spe- 
cialize and to concentrate in advanced research 
in a particular field. In many cases, the graduate 
student at Duke may further extend himself by as- 
sisting a professor in teaching undergraduate classes. 

The School of Arts and Sciences is the largest 
graduate school in the University. Directed by 
Dean Allan M. Cartter, the twenty-two departments 
offer a number of programs leading to Master of 
Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. 

Dvike Hospital is the .seat of the Medical School, 
for thirty years the pride of Dr. Davidson, in whose 
honor the Medical Building was renamed. The 
Medical School is now under the able direction of 

Elvin Remus Lattv, J.D., J.Sc. 
Dean of the School of Law 

Ann M. Jacobansky, R.N., B.S.N.E., M.Ed. 
Dean of the School of Nursing 

Dr. Barnes Woodhall. Medical students graduate as 
Masters of Science in Medicine and Medical Tech- 
nology, or as Doctors of Medicine. 

Duke's Divinity School, under the direction of 
Dean Robert E. Cushman, offers Bachelor of Di- 
vinity, Master of Religious Education, and Master 
of Theology degrees. One of the finest in the country, 
the School has on its staff representatives of all Prot- 
estant denominations. 

The relatively small but excellent Duke Law 
School is administrated by Dean Elvin R. Latty. 
Degrees offered are Bachelor of Law, Master of Law, 
and Doctor of Juridical Science. The School of Law 
has in recent years gained national attention with 
its establishment of a World Rule of Law Center, 
headed by Dr. Arthur Larson. 

The School of Nursing, under Dean Ann M. 
Jacobansky, offers work leading to a Master of 
Science degree. Graduate nursing students gain 
experience through work at the Duke Hospital and 
at the Durham Health Department. 

The School of Forestry offers Master and Doctor 
of Forestry degrees. Dean Elwood S. Harrar ad- 
ministrates the school. 

Elwood Scott Harrar, Ph.D. 

Di-an i)f tho School of Forestry 

RoBtKT Taylor CIole. Ph.D. 
Pi-olVs,sur of Political Science 

M.A.. B.D.. .S.T.M., Th.D., 
Professor of Preachins' 




NoRM.\N F. CON.^NT. B..S.. M..\.. Ph.D. 

Professor of Microbiology 


M.D.. D..Sc., LL.D. 
Professor of Pediatrics 

Clarence Gohdes 

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of American 


The James B. Duke Professorships were created 
in 1953 through a gift of $12,000,000 from the 
Duke Endowment Fund. They are nained in honor 
of the University's principal benefactor and founder 
of the endowment fund. The primary purpose of the 
professorships is to honor those indixuduals who 
have excelled in particular fields of scholarship and 
university life. The University believes that a superior 
faculty serves to attract and hold superior people, 
both faculty and students. Consequently, in order 
to build a greater Duke, no single step is so important 
as the strengthening of the faculty. 

Waiter Gordv. Ph.D.. LL.S., D.H.t: 
Professor of Biochemistry 

C;harles R. H.auser, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 
Piofessor of C:hemistrv 

Phimp Handier 

B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 

Professor of Biochemii 

Calvin B. Hoover, B.A., Ph.D., Litt.D. 
Professor of Economics 




P.«.ulJ. Kramer 
B.A., M.S., Ph.D. 
Professor of Botany 

Fourteen distinguished professorships composed 
the original group but, in April of 1961, seven new 
James B. Duke Professorships were approved. 
Among those appointed last spring is Dr. Norman F. 
Conant, who has been recognized for his work in 
mycology and microbiology. Dr. Clarence Gohdes 
has served as managing editor and chairman of the 
editorial board of American Literature. 

Dr. Philip Handler has published numerous 
biochemistry research papers and is well known as 
the co-author of Principles of Biochemistry, a textbook 
used in many medical schools. Dr. Charles Roy 

C:harles L. B. Lownc 

B..\., LL.B., S.J.D. 

Professor of Law 


Joseph E. Markee, Ph.D. 
Professor of Anatomy 

David T. Smith 
M.D., Litt.D. 

Professor of Bacteriology 

Walter James Seeley, E.E., M.S. 
Professor of Electrical Engineering 

HiLRiE Shelton Smith, Ph.D., D.D., Litt.D. 
Professor of American Religious Thought 


Lionel Stevenson 
., M.A.. Ph.D., B.Lii 
Pi-ofes.sor of English 




Hauser holds a Certificate of Merit for his work on 
the synthesis of anti-malarials during World War II. 
Dr. Lanning is a .scholar in the area of Latin 
American history. He has published several books 
and manuscripts on the early history of the Western 
Hemisphere. Dr. Karl Milton Wilbur is noted for 
his research on the biological effects of ultra-violet 
and X-radiation, and has served as a consultant to 
the Atomic Energy Commission. Dr. Robert Ren- 
bert Wilson has served as an advisor to the State 
Department and is presently a member of the 
Board of Editors for the Journal of International Law. 

K.\RL M. Wilbur. B..\., M..\., Ph.D. 
Professor of Zooloov 

Robert R. Wilson 
B.A., M..\., Ph.D., LI..D. 

Pioffssor of P..Htlr:.l .S.i.-iu 


Miss Amanda Adams Miss Lorraine J. Wasserman Miss Ida Mae Speaks 

Addoms House Alspaugh House Aycock House 

Mrs. Mildred Durde> 
Brown House 


Miss Elizabeth Anne Hawks Miss Nancv Lippard 

Gilbert House Giles House 

ss Helen Knolls 
Hanes Annex 

Miss Dorothy Wilkinson 
Hanes House 

Miss Nancv Burton Miss Betty Page Northington Miss Henrietta Hertzog 

Jarvis House Pegram House Southgate Hall 



The Duke University Alumni Department, di- 
rected by Mr. Charles Dukes, works with over 
38,000 alumni in sponsoring class reunions on 
Homecoming, Founder's Day, Alumni Day, and 
Clommencement. The Department also publishes 
the Alumni Register ten times annually and the 
Alumni Newsletter quarterly. 

The Department has sought to increase participa- 
tion in the Loyalty Fund. The 1961-1962 drive en- 
couraged alumni to "Take a Giant Step" and in- 
case contributions, for these funds were matched 
"dollar for dollar" by a special gift from the Duke 

By scheduling meetings at events of both intel- 
lectual and athletic interest and by keeping alumni 
posted about happenings at Duke, the Alumni 
Department has been instrumental in blending 
faculty, students, and alumni into a harmonious unit. 


The Rare Book room in the We 

The midnight oil burns on East. 
Dr. Benjamin E. Powell, Head Librarian. 


The students and faculty of Duke have access not 
only to the main libraries on East and West, but 
also to the specialized libraries of Religion, Law, 
Medicine, Chemistry. Biology-Forestry, and Mathe- 
matics-Physics. Dr. Benjamin E. Powell is in charge 
of these libraries, inanned by a staff of over 100. 
This store of knowledge, the largest in the South, 
includes over 1,500,000 volumes, 3,000,000 manu- 
scripts, 6,900 musical scores, 13,600 reels of micro- 
film, and 35,000 maps. 

During the past year, several distinguished col- 
lections were acquired. Perhaps foremost among 
these were the collected writings of John and Charles 
Wesley, the most significant documents of British 
Methodism ever to be brought to the United States. 
The University also obtained a comprehensive 
collection of writings about Bath, England, and 
another series dealing with the Isle of Man. A sum 
of $362,819.00 was allotted for new acquisitions. 


INO sooner does each freshman arrive on campus 
than he finds himself a member of a large, loose 
body of strangers — the Class of '02, or '35, or '62. 
Gradually, through courses, fraternal and dorm 
associations, extra-curriculars, and occasional class 
gatherings, he begins to feel a vague unity with this 
group. Some of his colleagues drop out, and new 
names join the roll. Few know all the members of 
his class, but the faces become familiar. 

Filled calendars are replaced with new ones as 
college slips by, and suddenly that year arrives. The 
senior begins to look around at class meetings, when 
the class gift is being chosen and graduation plans 
are being made. He notes mentally those he will 
continue to see after June, and those he may never 
see again. Soon the class disperses, taking its nu- 
merals with it. Each senior has become an alum, a 
graduate of Dear Old Duke. From now on he will 
utter with pride, "Class of '62!" 


Martha Robrrtson, V.P. 

Alice Kern, Pres. 

Anne Robinson, Sec'y. 



Nancy Murray, VVSGA Rrp, 

Ann Davis, V. P 

Linda Orr, Pros 

Barbara Morgan, Treas, 

Lindy Jcnnison, Sec'y, 


Johnny McClain, Freshman Represent- 
ative to Engineers' Student Council. 



Steve Hughes, V.P., 

Steve Porter, Treas., 

Zan Copeland, Sec'y., 

Sherif Nada, Pres. 


ABALLI, Arturo Jose 
ACTON. Mary Alice 
ADAMS, Cliflord 
ADAMS, Patricia Lee 
.\DLAM, James Kenneth 
AHNFELDT, Arnold Lor 

AIKEN. Nellc Martha 
ALBERS, Barbara Jan 
.M.BEK'r, Kail.r,ine Luise 
ALDKincL. jnliii Graves 
.\LEXANDLK, Marv Beth 
ALLEN. Margaret Bothwell 

ALLYN, Donald Lancy 
ALTSCHULER, Richard Alan 
ANDERS, Charles Alan 
ANDERSON. Sarah Jane 
ANDERSON. Stephen Robert 
ANDERSON, Thomas Jerome 

Memphis, Tenn. 
Danville, Ky. 

Ashton. Md. 

rand Rapids. Mich. 

Dania. Fla, 

Moimt Airy, N, C. 

Geneva. 111. 

Edina, Minn, 

Moorestown. N. | 

Merion Station. P; 

Hvattsville. Mc 

ARGY, John 

ARLINE. Arthur Woodson. Jr. 
ARNER, Lysbeth Jean 
ASHWORTH. Thomas Edward 
AVERY, Marie Hand 
.AYCOCK, Nell Mitchell 
BACHMAN, Walter Ellsworth, III 

a, Ga 

Manchester. Pa, 
Washington. D. C:. 
Charlotte. N. C 
Glenview, III. 
Pensacola, Fhi, 
Hollywood, Fla, 

Norfolk, \a. 
Chester. W. Va. 
.Appomattox, Va. 
Statesville, N, C, 
Currituck, N, C:, 
Easton, Pa, 

f^ f> O 

^ ^9 9 (v 



ps (^ (f> J-., n rt 


^ 9 P I- ^ Q- 

P ^ P f^ ^ Q\ 

BACON, .Adriannc Lyle 
BADGETT, Alice Sheppard 
BAER, George James 
BAILEY, Alice' Jean 
B.MRl), Edward Forrest 
B AIRD, William J, 

BAKER. Judith Ann 
BAKER, Susannah C:arlin 
BALI is \K|s. |M,r Michael 


r Kirk 

BARLOW. Richard Smith 
BARNES, Stephen Patterson 
B ARM.l r, Elizabeth Anne 
BASS, Kenneth C:?rrinRton, III 
BASri AN, Garv Bradlev 
B.\ PES, Marv Douglas ' 

St, Albans, W, \'a. 

Atlanta, Ga, 

Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Wilmington. Dela, 

West Chester, Pa, 

Pikeville, Ky. 

.AshJand, Ky. 
Scar.sdale. N. Y. 
Glen Mills. Pa, 

Bardstown, Ky, 

Huntington. N. Y, 

Atlanta. Ga, 

Wilmington. Del. 

Abington, Pa, 

Bl.l.i,, \ irtjiMi.i Douglas 
BEN I AM L\, .\lbert Edw; 
BENJAMIN, Lucinda Me 

N. c:. 


I'ort Thoinas, Ky. 

Dover, Ohio 

Falls Church, Va, 

.\iken, S. C. 

Florence, S, C, 

Wake Forest, N. C. 

Raleigh, N. C, 

.Spruce Pine, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Baltimore. Md. 

New Fairfield. Conn. 


^ 9 P i r^ '- 

^* p f (!^ 

5 p .C c; !^. A 


BRADSHER, Patricia Mary 
BRANNOCK, Larry Richard 
BRANSCOMB, Ernest Jackson 
BREDDER. Roy Stanley 
BREWSTER, John Edwards, Jr 

BRIDGEMAN, Kenneth SterHni 
BRILL, Howard Walter 
BRLSENDINE, Barbara Annette 
BROADWATER, Ann Beverly 
BRODHEAD, Charlotte Anne 
BROKER, Nathanael 

BROOKS, Charles Irving 
BROOKS, Donald Bradley 
BROWN, Diane Elizabeth 
BROWN, Gretchen Anne 
BROWN, Paul Frederick, Ji 
BROWN, Ralph Edward ' 

BROWNELL, Tempe Curry 
BROWN, Timothy .Scott 
BRUMMETT, Barbara Sue 
BUEHLER, Bruce Alan 
BURCKEL, Mary Augusta 
BURGESS, Arthur Harry 

BURGE.SS, Gail Merrell 
BURKE, David Lawrence 
BLIRNS, John Gordon 
BURNS, Judith Kaye 
BURRICE, Robert Nickell 
BURRILL, Barbara Dudley 

Durham, N. C:. 

Reidsville, N, C. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Wheaton, 111. 


chmond, \-a. 

a Beach, Fla. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 

Kings Mountain, N. C. 

Swarthmore, Pa. 

Concord, N. H. 

Cleveland, Tex. 
Greensboro, N, C. 
Durham, N. C. 
Charleston, W. Va. 
Clearwater, Fla. 
Durham, N. C. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Norwalk, Conn. 

Glenview, 111. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Hickory, N. C. 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 

Winchester, Mass. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Birmingham, Mich. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 


BKNNF.Tr, .\nn Louise 
BKNNIVr r, Bruce Rittenhouse 
BENNErr, Diane Carol 
BENNFiTT, John Herbert 
HERESFORD, Scott Franklin 
BERGQUI.ST, Linda Ruth 

BERRY, Alan Douglas 
BERRY, Thomas Cornell 
BERSON, Robert Chambliss 
BERTSCH, John Roger 
BIERFELD," James Louis 
BLACK, George Browne, Jr. 

BLACK, Jane Elizabeth 
BLACKARD, William Raymond 
BLICK, John S. 
BLOHM', Barbara Ann 
BOGGS, Parker Trenholm 
BOGOT, Joyce Elaine 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga 

Chicago, 111 

Bethesda, Md 

Atlanta, Ga 

Lake Worth, Fla 

Fort Thomas, Ky. 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Birmingham, .-Ma. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Highland Park, 111. 

Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

(Columbia, S. C 
lacksonvillc, Fla 
Atlanta, Ga 
Stratford, Conn 
Falmouth, Mass 
Hartford, Conn 

BOOHER, Kermit Re.x, Jr. 
BOSHER, Robert Marshall 
BOSWELL, Richard Neal 
BOSWELL, Wade Melvin 
BOUMAN,John Karl 
BOWERS, Emma Sue 

BOWLING, Fred Gay, Jr. 
BOYD, Mary Brantley, Sandra Kav 
BRAC:Y, Benjamin Franklin 
BRADBURY, Paul Thomas 
BRADING, Barbara Alice 

Parksburg, W. Va 

\'irginia Beach, Va 

Brunswick, Ga 

Knoxville, Tenn 

Binghaniton, N. Y 

Soiuh C:harleston, W. Va 

Kinston, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Orangeburg, S. C. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 

.Sumter, S. C. 

O P f > « P p 

^ £ Q f^ • - ^ 



BURSLEM, William Ashworth 
BURWELL Jeanne Drost 
BUTLER, Marilyn Kay 
ClAGGIANO, Joseph Louis 
C:ALD\VELL, Edward Riddle, Jr 
CALDWELL, Elizabeth Kennedv 

CALDWELI. Mark |if 
CAl.r.l'.X, Krvn..l.l 
C:AMi:i<( )X. li. UN Siir 

c:ami,i«)\. iiniK.i.i I 

CAMl-ULLL. Aiiii.i ( .11 
CAMPBELL, James Ste 

C;AMPBELL, Ruth Hallock 
CARAKER, Andrew Malcolm 
CARAWAY, James Spence 
CARDEN, Gary Russell 
CARDONA, Virginia Deborah 

C:AKI 1 r/. I<,.l.. ,t David 
C:AKK. I .1,(1, l',,i,-,eia 
CAKK. IimIuI. Mi.pard 
CARROLL, Dorothy C( 
CARVER, Stephen George 
CASHWELL, Leon Franklin, Jr. 

CASTLE, Tiuman R 
CM DI F Bet.v Kathiyn 
C\\ I \l)l K r, iibaia M. 
C\\\ I n I 111. \inold,Jr 
C\^( I I .1. u I vans 


ille, Mc 

Jrecnsboro, N. C 

McComb, Miss. 

Summit, N.J. 

C;harlotte, N. C. 

Dillon, S. C. 


nton, Tenn. 

Beach, Fla. 

.\tlanta, Ga. 

Montclair, N. |. 

Savannah, Ga. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

C:hatt.i LM. 1."., 

Jackson\ille. Fla 
Silver .Spring, Md. 


Dm ham, N C 
w f)i leans. La 

Davtona Beach, Fla. 

ChappEqua, N. V. 

C:harlotte, N. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Glenview, 111. 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Springfield, \'a. 

Elkhard, Ind. 

Oceana, \'a. 

^ '"'. f^' O O- f^. 

(^ ^ r jp ,*i f 

^ ^' f^ r%^ 

^' f^ p A 1^ ^ 
t^ ^ 9 fii t^' 

CHAIKE.N, Robert Lee 
CHAMBLEE, Carole Annct 
CHE.VrH.\M, Robert Lee 

CLARK, Suzanne 
CLARK, Jian Elizabeth 
CL.\RKF;. [on Bruce 
CI.AKO, K.iuHih Joseph 
V.\.\\ . <:. iinid. Linda 
C.l.W. l.niHs 11,11, |r. 

C:LIFF0RD, Douglas M;. 
(:f:>HB. I.awnnrr Wells 
COCKI.K, WVslrv I.., ins 


N. C. 

High Point 

N. C. 




N. C. 

McKeesport, Pa. 








, Colo. 


e, Md. 


N. C. 


N. C. 

COliOL. Geralc 

t:OLt;LOi(;n, .\n(h< 

COl.l.M.W. I, III. I.I i.i, 

C:OLLI.\s! Sandia .\la 
COL\ L\, Beverly Jeai 

)MliS, M,i,\ 

COXK \l), ( .III Ldw, 
COOFY, Karen Maui 
COOK, Barbara Filer 

Denver, Colo. 

.\rlingt(.n, X'a. 

Siinbury, Pa. 

( :.n negie, Pa. 

WVm Point, N. Y. 

Fl. Monroe, \a. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Hagerstown, Md. 
Dayton, Ohio 

a a 


i^ i?*l "^ ^ p ffi 

CRUIKSHANK, Dwight Phelps 
CULBRF.TH, I'linma. Franklin 
CURk^ , |...n.s |.,,us..n 
CURl 1^. \l<n^ l,.lu.,rd 
CURl IS. I.nii.. Ml, liacl 
CUTC:IIL\, CainlMi lane 


DAMS. Rubcit En-ol 
DAMS, Susan Eleanor 

DA\-IS. Waynelee Ellis, Jr 
DECKERT, Susan Pepper 
DEGERICK, Michael Artl 
DeLOCA, Diane Julie 
DENNIS, Richard Lee 
DENTON, Kent Swindell 

DENTON, Robert E. 
DICKIE, Flora Adams 
DILLON, Robert Gwyn 
DILWORTH, Cathv Lewi 
DISCO, Elizabeth Clare 
DITTMAR, Susan Kav 

DOELLE, John Charles 
DOGGETT, Maurine 
DONKIN, Deborah 
DONO\AN, John Power 
DOUBLEDaV, Theodore Edward 
DOWLING, Linda Grace 

Parkersburg, W. \'a. 
:ia, N. J. 

Reidsville, Ga 
Albans, W. \a. 
Rockville, Md. 
Shcrrills Ford, N. C. 


Roanoke, Va. 

Vardsley, Pa. 

ton-Salem, N. C. 

Boonsboro, Md. 

Aiken, S. C. 

Fort Lee, Va. 

Annandale, \'a. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Teaneck, N. J. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Toledo, Ohio 

Washington, N. C 

Camp Springs, Md. 

Hamdcn, Conn. 

Elkin, N. C. 

Hinsdale, 111. 

Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Grosse Pte., Mich 
Winter Park, Fla 
State College, Pa 
Burlingame, Calif 
Southington Conn 
East Orange, N. j 

ORBIN, Lcc Lewis 
ORDYACK, Cathryn Anne 

CORN, Lila Carol 
CORNWELL, Susan Hipson 
COSGRO\'E, Thomas Joseph 
COTTER, Douglas Adrian 
COTTER ILL, Susan Ehzabeth 

COULTER, John Mansfield, Jr 
COUSINS, Carol Ruth 
COVINGTON, James Edwin 
COWAN, Florence Allene 
COWHERD, Frank Garnctt, 1 
COX, Gwin Loe 

COX. Joseph Harper 
COZART, Elizabeth 
CR AlC. Barbara Jem 
t:RI,Al)lC:K, Robert 

CREED, Marv Ellen 
C:REWS, Rebecca Elaine 
ClRI.Sr, Peter Beardsley 
CROSBY, Marshall Robert 
CROSS, Jerry Lee 
CROTHERS, Phyllis Jean 

Jackson, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

jhoga Falls, Ohio 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Livingston, N. J. 

Frederick, Md. 

Shelby, N. C. 

Lincolnton, N. C. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Abington, Pa. 

Skyland, N. C. 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Dayton, Ohio 

Arlington. Va. 

Whiteville, N. C. 

Sweetwater, Tenn. 

N. Laurel, Md. 

Mount Olive, N. C. 

Imington, N. C. 
Durham, N. C. 
Durham, N. C. 
Columbus, Ga. 
Durham, N. C. 
Bristol, Tenn. 

Frederick, Md. 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Muncie, Ind. 
Gainesville, Fla. 
Durham, N. C. 
Elkton, Md. 

& hP fr^ h^' hi'- fv) 

Q f% 9 ^ 



DOWNING, Barbai 
DOYLE, Lan V Jam^ 

DR Ai.r.v. Nf.nv rii 


Atlanta, Ga. 

Simsbury, Conn. 

Hampton, Va. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Durham, N. C. 

DLILA, Clyde Stephen 
DIINC:AN, Alfred Tawresev 
DL'NCAN, Susan Garv 
1)L'NI,A1', (c.s<-ph Ghiistoph- 
DliNN, Carroll Hilton, Jr. 
DUNN, Ernest Llovd 


A-, w,i: 




ECIK 'I s, r,M,l ( lintor 

ECKlKIt^ |,.liM M.ireu 

ECKERT, Alan Walter 

EDLIN, John Charles 

EDWAKDS, CI,,, lies Randa 
EDWARDS. |,,|,, Sihlev 
EDW ARD.S, M.„\ Ann 
EHRH.ARDl. Lisula Mar^ 
ELSENBERG, Carol .Susan 
ELL\S, John Albert 

Noith Wilk. 

Che\> CJiase, Md 

\tlantd, Ga 

\ndeison, .S C 

Shdkei Heii;hts, Ohio 

Panama, Panama 

Winston-Salem, N C 

Roik Hill, S C 

Foui Oaks, N C 

Saiasota, Fid 

Maiion, N C 

Washinifton. D C' 

WilminiTton, Del 

Goldsboio, N C 

Leeds, \\a 

Gieemille, S C 

.\kion, Ohio 

Nyack, N V 

Stiatfoid. Conn 

^ P# p r ft 

f^ t^ r% ^P ^ 

KI,KL\(; ION, Christian i'. 
I'l.LIOl I, John Davidson 
ELLIS, Irnnv Rose 
ELLWANCiER, Fre-deriek Robei 
ELY, Riehard Mountford 
ENGLLSH, Loellen Kay 

ERICKSON, Linda Elie 
ERICKSON, Roger Cai 
ERNST, Marv Lueille 

i:i<r/,iN(;i:k. Ki,hard 

.!<, K.i 

E\ANS, fan Marion 
lAWXS, liidith Lyn 
F.WWS. Orinda Dale 
lAANS, lliomasS. 
lAVl.Ll., Judith 

FALCL\NL Ronald Brit 
FARNHAM, Elsie Edith 
FAULKNER, Laura \ir 
FEA/ELL, CJeorge Laixl 
FERGUSON, Barbara .- 
FERGUSON, Dennis He 


FERKl.ll,. \l, 
FESMll.K, I',,, I 
FEW, Will,.,,,, 
FINtllILK, Do 
FISCHER, |eil 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Goldsboio, N. C. 

Dayton. Ohio 

Arlington, \'a. 

Alexandria, \'a. 

Glcnvicw, 111. 

Kettering, Ohio 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Washington, D. C. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Ridgefield, Conn. 

Signal Mountain, Tenn. 

Winnetka, 111. 

,\Nondale Estates, Ga. 

South Salem, N. Y. 

Parlsley, Va. 

Hammonlon, N. J. 

Wvnncwood, Pa. 

New Vernon, N. J. 

Fairfax, Va. 

Statesville, N, C. 

Springdale, Pa. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

(Jreensboro, N. C. 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Durham, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. (;, 

Dexter, Mich. 





f^ i^ 

est =- 





A ^ 






^ 9 




-. 1 







GATES. Gilbert Lawrence 
GATEWOOD, Thomas Schle 
GATTIS, Daniel Richard 
GEGAUFF, Carol L. 
GIBBONS, George Michael 
GIBBONS, William Henry 

GILBERT, James Brown 
GILLEN. Marilyn Joyce 
GILLILAND, Margaret Ann 
GINGREY. Mary Eleanor 

GITTINGS, Karen Jeanne 
GLASS, Saragene 
GNUSE, James Richard 
GODOY, Enrique, Jr. 
GOODMON, James Fletcher 
GOODWIN, Bill Lloyd 

GR.ACE, Michael D. 
GRAHAM, Robert Bruce 
GRAM, Caroline Lewis 
GRANEY, Michael Procto 
GRANT, Brian David 
GRANT, Henry Boone 

GRANT, Norman C. 
GRANT, Wesley Bennett 
GRANT, William Robert 
GRAYBE.AL, Robert Thomas 
GREEN, David Louis Darragh 
GREEN, Robert Ethan 

High Point, N. C:. 

.\mericus, Ga. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Gillette, N. J. 

Lenoir. N. C. 

Dallas. Tex. 

Brunswick, Ga. 

Wantagh, NY. 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

East Liverpool, Ohio 

Aiken, S. C. 

.\nnapolis, Md. 

Norton, \'a. 

Bethel Park, Pa. 

New York, N. Y. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

MorrisviUe, N. C. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Dunedin. Fla. 

Middletown, Ohio 

Durham, N. C. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Lakewood, N. J 

Kannapolis, N. C 

Winnetka, 111 

Marion, Va 

Winston-Salem, N. C 

.Alexandria, \'a 


1S1IH.\CK, Edward Wihnott, Jr 
•ISC;HER, Martin Douglas 
■ISHER. Carl Ellis 
■ISHER, Earl (irasse 
•ISHER, Lvdia 
TSHER. Rita Clarol 

FLOWERS, George Hora 
F0C:HI, Robert Anthony 
FOGLE, Robert Hart 
FORSMAN, Dale Hciuy 
FORWOOD, Mary Jane 
FOSTER, Eleanor Carolii 

FOWLER, David Lee 
FOX, Patrick Boyd 
I'OX. Stephen Douglas 
IKA.NCIS. Jerry Douglas 
I R A.XCK, Martha Dillar 
1 K \.\K. K.becca Joan 

FRASER, Edie Anne 
I'REE, Melinda Leigh 
FREUND, Henry Louis, Jr. 
FRYK, Linda Kay 
FURNE.SS, Thomas .\drian, I 
FURLONC5, Richard Michael 

FURSTE, Nancy Dianne 
G.\MBILL. Linda Kav 
(;.\MMILL, Kenneth MacNa 
(iANNON, Stephen Robert 
<;.\R.\ND, Eugene Armand 
(. \K\Eir. Barbara Lynn 

Orlando, Fla. 

Scarsdale, N. Y, 

Princeton. Ind. 

Quantico, Va. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Richmond, \'a. 
stonbury, Conn. 
Marietta, Ohio 

Panama City, Fla. 

The Plains, Va. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Caroled, N. C. 

Martinsville, Va. 

Mount Airy, N. C. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 

Hanover, Pa. 

.St. Louis, Mo. 

Flossmoor, 111. 

Enka, N. C. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Columbus, Ohio 
Wilkesboro, N. C:. 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Centerport, N. Y. 

Denver, Colo. 

p r p #» f- » 


^B^^ ^ 

C^ A P ^ P r; 

P .P (^ C .^ O 


GREENE, Harold 
GREENLY, Michael Steven 
GREENWOOD, Roger Kent 
GREIG, Elizabeth 
GRIFFIN, Augustan Glenn, 

GRIGSBY, John Taze, Jr 
GROFT, John Colin 
GRUBER, Mayer Irwin 
GLIDEN. Paul Alexander 
GUEST, Susan Elizabeth 
GULLEDGE, Irene Vcrti 

GUNTER, Richard Arnold 
GUPTON, Brenda Ann 
GURLEY, Hubert Taylor 
HACKNEY, Edward June 
HAGOOD, Louis Reeve, III 
HAIRE, Koleen Alice 

HALL, ( :lr,n M.M.iice 
HALL, s.nuii.i I li/.,lx-th 
HALL. N.ii.i Lli/.iLrth 
HAMILION, Martha Frances 
HANDY, Susan Elizabeth 
HANNA, John Edward 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

'est Hartford, Conn. 

Beaufort, S. C. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Glenshaw, Pa. 

Nashville, N. C. 

Richmond, Va. 

Sumter, S. C;. 

Columbia, S.C . 

Babylon, N. Y. 

Darien, Conn. 

Greensboro, N. C;. 

Durham, N. C, 

Savannah, Ga 

Jacksonville, Fla 

Savannah, Ga. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Cle\'eland Heights, Ohio 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

CrisfiekL Md. 

Sarasota, Fla. 

HARDING, Mary Howard 
HARDING, Richard Hunt 
HARGRETT, Haines Hilsman, Jr 
HARPER, Harry Williams 



New York. N, ^•. 

Falls Church, \a. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Rutherford College, N. C. 

Logan, W. Va. 

r? e f^ f!| f^ f^ 

fhf p ^ o r^ f^ 

r^ ,r ,p ,p f^ a 

... P © P f^ ^ 

^ O Q ^ f% 

^ p ,(f5 a p p 

HARRELL. Ma.xie Edward 
HARRIS, Charles Marcus 
HARRIS, John Weiss 
HARRIS. Judith Hoyt 
HARRY, Jolui McKamie 

HART, Jimmie Lue 
HARWOOD. Stephen Louis 
IL\STINGS. Carol Anne 
II \'l CIILR. Robert Lee 
ll.\l II \\V.\Y. David Everett 

HAWKEY. Richard Steve: 
HA^T.S, Thomas Jay 
IL\^■(;c:OD, Robert Earl 
ll.\\S, Davis Addison 
1 1 L.M.I). Mary Caroline 
IIL.\I II. George Seaborn 


HECK, janrl Elizabeth 
HLI.IMK, Lll/.,l:rth G 
HLI.LI KM i.\, /,„• Ann 
HELM In, i h.i. !. s Tucker 
HELM.s. GkuK I homas, J 
HELMS, Kenneth Dean 

IILL.SL WliLR, I'liniip D.ivl 

I1L,\I>1,KM )\, II, IIS, A Lllr( 

IIL,Mi| KS( i\, M.iiN ,Slir|,ai 
IIL^•K^, IhiLjIi LiiKll 
HENSI.EV. Julia .Mice- 
HERBERT, Anne Elizabeth 

Gates, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Albemarle, N. C. 

Bronxville, N. Y. 

Fayetteville. N. C. 

High Point, N. C. 
Crestwood, Mo. 
Haiupton. \'a. 
.Sca.sdalr. \, ^•, 
Cincinnati. Ohio 
Lakiwc.d, .\, |, 

Scarsdale. N, Y. 
Los Anyeles. Calif, 
.Silver ,Sniinu, M,l, 

Valley Stream, N. Y. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Wilmington, Del. 

South Salem, N. Y. 

Monroe, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Williamsburg, Va. 
Concord, Va. 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Greencastle, Ind. 
therfordton, N. C. 
:hapel Hill, N. C. 




HOWARD, William Kenneth 
HO WATT, Linda Jean 
HUBBARD, Kexineth W. 
HUBBARD, Robert Phillip 
HUDSON, William Hill 
HUDSON, William James 

HUGHES, Patricia Jane 
HUGHES, Stephen Thomas 
HUGHES, William Franklin 
HULBURT,Jon David 
HUNEYCUTT, Charles Jerm 
HUNGER. William Grosbv 

HUNTLEY, Janet Taylor 
HUTCH INS, Gary Lewis 
HYDEMAN. Elaine Louise 
HYERS, Thomas Morgan 
HYRE, Nancy Jane 
INGIJS, Richard Kendall 

INCiRAM, D.uis Anne 
LSHKU. KO. k.,k., 
JAC:KS()\, An., I..niis< 
JAC:OHSl,\, Anhin Er 
JAMES, Ciraig Douglas 
[ANKLE. Benita Burto 

JENNINGS, Frances Carol 
JENNISON, Clint Clarinda 
JEROME, Forrest Lenox 
JOACHIMI, Carroll Liggett 
JOHNSON, William Charles 
JOHNSON, Albert Foster 

Durham, N C 

Ramsey, N. J 

Riverside, Clonn 

Uibana, 111 

Shelbs, N C: 

Silvei Spiing, Md 

South Miama, Fla 

Aubuin, Mame 

Wilmette, 111 

Duiham, N. t; 

inston-Salem, N. C. 

Vandergrift, Pa. 

EUicott C:ity. Md. 

Hastings-on-Hudson. N. Y. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Palatka, Fla. 

Boalsburg, Pa. 

Fort Lauderdale. Fla. 

Charleston, W. \'a. 

Shimonoseki .Shi, Japan 

Quincy, Mass. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

.Simsburv, Conn. 

Ashevilie, N. C. 

Western Springs, 111. 

Loring A.F.B., Maine 

Summit, N. J. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Washington, D. C. 

Mt, Gilead, N. C. 

III-'.SS. Ki, I, ,11,1 \l,i^..n 
HKl (,ll W lili.nii Kichard 
HiasM.K, li.uli.n.i Jeanne 
HI:YL. Wenunah tleleste 
HICKEY, Edward Joseph 

1ILL. Herbert Morrison 
I1NC:K, Robert Henrv 
IINSEY, Gayle 
11 1 (:ll(:(5C;k, Janet Lee 
lOADI.I'.Y. Richard Aim 
|( )(:r 1 I , Quincy Barham 

HOFFMAN, Jacqueline 
HOFFMAN, Margaret Louise 
HOLLAR, Franki'e Huitt 
HOLLON, John Thomas 
HOLLOWAY, Steve Michael 
HOLMES, Eric M. 

HOLT, Robert Alan 
HOFFN.A.GLE, Linda Ann 
HOPPER, Mary .Scott 
HORTON, Betty Jane 
HOUGH, William Colton 
HOUYOUX, Jacques Richa 

Point, N. C. 

Chester, Pa. 

Miami, Fla. 
Litchfield, Conn. 

Ambler, Pa. 
River Forest, 111. 

Decatur, Ga. 

Wheeling, W. Va. 

Port Jefferson, N. Y. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Fairfax, Va. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Sylvania, Ga 

Glencove, N. Y 

Glassboro, N. J 

istonbury. Conn 

Lancaster, Pa 

Clayton, N. C. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Newark, Del. 

Conover, N. C. 

Mancliester, Ohio 

Elkin, N. C. 

Lenoir, N. C. 

Reading, Mass. 

Atkins, Va. 

LeaksviUe, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

E. Williston, N. Y. 

Bethesda, Md. 


4^ p f: P ,^ p 

1!^ P ft e f ^ f^ 

r\ A ^ p f ' f^ 


JOHNSON, Barbara Kav 
JOHNSON, Betty Ruth 
JOHNSON, Bruce Harold 
"lOHNSON, Carl Anderson 
JOHNSON, James Richard 
JOHNSON, Jerry Mychyle 

JOHNSON, Linda Louise 
JOHNSTON, ].rr f;harles 
JOH.\M)\, M,,M CuUeen 
JOHNM I i\. K..I" 11 Miltc 
JOHNMi i.\. N.ilhr Llizab( 
JONES, Barbara Jean 



JONl.S. |,irn. s M, AiKlrew 
JONl S, l<,,l|.li W , jr. 
JONi:S. K,,l,.,i Wilbur 
JONES, Waldo Rosebush 
JONES, William Edgar 

JORDAN, .\nn Myers 
JORl).\N, Rol . II Richard 
JORI).\N, William Jennings 
JUNCK.ER, Charles Vance 
KAIGHIN, James Griffith 
KALISKI, Mike Paul 

KANE, Harry Joseph 
KASMAR, Patricia Mary 
KAUGER, John, Jr. 
KEAY, Anthony Richard 
KEESING, Hugo Arnold 
KEHAYES, Alexander R, 

Washington, D, C. 
Rajeigh, N, C:. 
Duluth, Minn. 
Durham, N. C. 
Bethel Park, Pa. 
Lebanon, Ind. 

.\nn .\rbor, Mich. 

Deal, N.J, 

Roanoke, Va. 

Durham, N. C, 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Mountainside, N. J. 

'ayetteviUe, N, C:, 
.lontgomery, Ala. 
Chatham, N. J. 
Fort Knox, Ky. 
Simsbury, Conn. 
Ashland, Ky. 

Durham, N. C. 

Winston-Salem, N. C:. 

Goldsboro, N. C:. 

.\nn .\rbor, Mich. 

Warren. Ohio 

San .Antonio, Tex. 

Kinston, N ( I, 

Charlotte, N. ( :, 

Hillside, N J, 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Washington, I). C, 

Edenton, N. ( '. 

f!^ .p D a f^ P 

a. a p p i"^ f? 



-^ ,. 

P fl) P fs 

i\ f^ jO p l?*i P 

^ p C .f*^ O H 


KEIM, William Albert 
KELLEY, George Paul 
KELLOGG, James McNaughton 
KELLY, Mary Elizabeth 
KERMAN, David Douglas 
KERN, Ahce 

KILLINGER, Arthur Gordon 
KIMBALL, Robert David 
KIMREY, James Otis 
KIN.\RD, Gail Edith 
KING, Cal 
KING, Hollis Heaton 

KING, Winston Earl 
KING, Richard Hartwick 
KTXN AMON. Norl James 
Kl.XSlA', Don. ,1,1 Roger 
KI.\S1.1A'. ( :l„ ,\l I'laine 
KlKin, l'.i,,l \, ,11011 

KIRK, Barbara Jean 
KIRWAX. P Bnic- 
KlSl.R, l,„,,.-s |.„,,b 
KISSI.IM,, \„il„.iiv Miller, Jr 
Kl Itlll.N. |,,ln, Siiinmercll 
RIUiHlXt.. Bicnt (.Gordon 

KirSIXtJER, Otto C;obb 

KM I I.KM \\, l.i.u.-s Sidnev, Jr 

Kl.l.sMl.K. ll,,,oM 

Kl,()( K, l)o,,L.l,„ M. 

KlAl 1/., joliu C;alvin 

KOZICKI, Paula Louise 

Washington, N. C. 

Moorestown, N. J. 

Chicago, III. 

Lynchburg, Va. 

Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Severna Park, Md. 

Buriington, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Chula Vista, Calif. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Kernersville, N. C. 

Syosset, N. Y. 

La Grange, Ga. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Waynesboro, \'a. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Hickory, N. C. 

Pleasantville., N. Y. 

Wake Forest, N. C. 

Sharon Hill, Pa. 

Kermit, Tex. 

Norfolk, Va. 

ewport News, Va. 

Hilton, N. Y. 

Durham, N. C. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 


§9 ^^JL^f 

p P P P P a 

LEFLER, John Charles 
LEFLER, William C. 
LeMASTER, Robert Terry 
LEMLY, Thomas Adger 
LEWARK, James Edward, Jr 
LEWELLEN, Charles Ralph 

LEWIS, Tony 
LIFTON, Robert John 
LINNEMANN, Richard Thomas 
LIPSCOMB, Thomson 
LIVINGSTON, Barbara Janet 
LIVINGSTON, William Chirtis 

LOCK, James Gonney 
LOFLIN, Ann Elizabeth 
LONG, Max Bickford, Jr. 
LOOPER, William Curtis 
LOPP, Jerrcll Eugene 
LO\E, C:atherine Reeve 

LOW, Heather Jane 
LOWE, Frank Rockwell 
LOWE, Rick Best 
LOWERY, Thomas Andr 
LOWRY, Michael Leo 

LUCE, Karen Wiman 
LUCIANO, James Thomas 
LUDWIG, Ronald Lewis 
LUKINS, Jay Lanier 
LULY, Helen Sparks 
LUNDHOLM, Barbara Ruth 

Concord, N. C. 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Orange. Tex. 
Shreveport, La. 
New Orleans, La. 
Louisiana, Mo. 

Darlington, S. C. 

Park Ridge, 111. 
Burlington, N. C:. 

.Alexandria, \'a. 

.Amherst, Mass. 
Frankfort, Kv. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rocky River, Ohio 

Burlington, N. C. 

Gastonia, N. C. 

Lexington, N, C:. 

New York. N, Y. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Natrona Heights, Pa. 

Brunswick, Ga. 

Pepper Pike, Ohio 

La vale, Md. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Metuche-n, N. J. 
Wilmington. Del. 
Shaker Heights, Ohio 
Louisville, Ky. 
Vero Beach, Fla. 
Ridgewood, N. J. 


KR.VSIN, Karalvn Emilic 
KRAUSE, Leonard Holder 
KRAYBILL, Susan Emily 
KREBS, Richard Dietrich 
KRUEGER, Evelyn Jeannine 
KUNSTLING, Ted Richard 


KIK 1/ 

Kl Kl/ 


LAM. Richard Conr 

LAMOTTE, Phillips 

rd AUe 

LANDIS, John Ronald 
LANE, William Carr 
LANG, Jane Estelle 
LANG, Noel Elizabeth 
LANGBAUER, Delmar Neal 

LANIER, Irving William 
LANNING, Thomas Pickney 
LARSH, Robert Neal 
LARSON, David Jay 
LaRUE, Chester .\rthur 
LASSITER. Ann Rosena 

LASSrri'.R. Mildred .\nne 
LA'II.MKK. Eleanor Sue 
La\-.\RRE. Claude Andre« 
LAWYER. William Grove 
LeCOMPTE, Margaret L. 
LEI',. Ja< kson Fredriick 

.\marillo, Tex. 

Jaffrey Center, N. H. 

Durham, N. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Staten Island, N. Y. 

Miami Shores, Fla. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Ladue, Mo. 

Miami Beach, Fla. 

Farmington, Mich. 

Salisbury, Md. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Farmville, N. C. 

Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Robinson, 111. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Durham, N. C. 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

C:harlotte, N. C. 

Anaheim, Calif. 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Murfreesboro, N. C. 

High Point, N. C. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Sarasota, Fla. 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Fayetteville, N. C:. 

C^ P P ^ P^ P 

0i> P'' f3 O f\ 



. p € (^ 

O p p f^ 


LYNCH, Donald Michael 
LYON, Carl Francis, Jr. 
MacDONALD, Henry John 
MacDUFF. Allen Nelson 
MACE, Ann Elizabeth 
MacLANE, Charles Newell 


MARTLX. Marv Bvnuni 
MAS( )\, (..,„;,.■ Park, Jr. 

MA.SM A W. Barron 

MAI IIIX i\. I',ara LeM; 
MAIllLWS. ralucia Lee 
MATHEW.SON, James Ray. 


MATl/ A 



MAN . ( ail \ iius. |r. 

MAYES, lu.lilh Carol 

McBRIHE, Robert El 

McCarthy, Frederick .\ntlionv 
McCARTY, Kristine Marie 
McCLAIN.John Chnton, jr. 
McCLANNAHAN, Frank Michael 
McCLEARY, Jane Robinson 
McC:ONNEL, Diana Cecelia 

Fairfield, Conn. 

.Sumter, S. C. 

New Bern. N. C. 

Durham. N. C. 

Ki( hinond, \'a. 

loledo. Ohio 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Durham. N. C:. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

San Francisco. Calil. 

Moncks tlorner. ,S. C:. 

Palm Beach. Fla. 

Tarboro, N. C. 

.auderdale. Fla. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Boone, N. C. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 

Danville, Va. 

MorrisviUe, Pa. 

Fort Lawn, .S. C:. 

Durham. N. C:. 

Burlington, N. C:. 

Southington, Conn. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

PS f.^ r p r^ Q 

O (^ Q P f^ 

^ 9 C- (^ f^m 

./f^ ft pi p p e?> 

? f F f^ f 

P fr ^ D #^ 

o ;^ !f^ ri a 

D 1^ p r f^ f) 

Nh ( ( >\M I I , I h.ncin Secik 
Mi:( I I I < )( II D.nid Thom, 
M, :l)< >K\1 \\, M.nshall Due 
McDOWIII,, I :.,l,.mel Blake 
McFARLIN, Robert Morley 
McGHEE, George DeGolver 

M. L\l IRE, Joseph Neely 
M( K.\\'. Patricia .^nn 
Kh:KEN', John Daugherty 
McLAIN, Milton Stanley 
MEADORS, Marilyn Elaine 

MEEKER, Ellis Emily 
MELCHIOR, Thomas F. 
MEl.l.rXCAMP, Mary 
Ml.l K )\. ( ImiI.s Reid 
MIK KM I . Nii~,.n ( Jorham 

ME'F/. Walter Clade, Jr. 
MEVl'K, Man Howard 
NUA I Ks I i.iiiMs Wcslev 
MIIM .1 I I P. iM.n.l Whitehead 

Ml(. \. \i.,li.u ( 
Mll.l.l.R, ,\nn K 



MooresviUe, N. C:. 

Tallahassee. Fla. 

Houston, Tex. 

.Akron, Ohio 

San .Antonio, Tex. 

Middleburg, Va. 

Goldsboro, N. C:. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Orlando, Fla. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

\ut Huron. Mich. 

Cincinnati. Ohio 

Washington, D. C. 

LaGrange, III. 

Milwaukee. Wise. 

Houston, Texas 

Woo.lsdale. N. C. 

Charl.ston.S. C. 

Elkin, N. C. 

(;reat Neck, N. Y. 

Hamden, Conn. 

Engelhard, N. C. 

(ireensboro. N. C. 

MorrisviUe, Pa. 

Tulsa, Okla. 
ihington. D. C. 
nestown, N. C. 

Metairie, La. 

Norfolk, \'a. 
Arilngton. \a. 

MOSER, Robert Lee. Jr. 
MOSS, John David. Jr. 
MOSSBURG. Richard Hvatl 
MOUGHR.\BI. Fouad Mohammec 
MURLLESS, Richard S. 
MURR.-W, Nancv Mcintosh 

MYERS. Marcia Rebecca 
MYERS. Randall Lee 
MYERS, Samuel M., Jr. 
N.AD.A., Sherif .\inin 
N.ARTEN, Lyman Foote 
N.\SH, Theodore E. 

NEUFELD, Ronald 
NEWTON, Barbara Lilli; 
NEWTON, D. Louise 
NEWTON, Jerry Lewis 
NICHOLS, Josephine M. 
NOL.-\N, Terence Hinit 

NORCROSS, Regina Gertruc 
NORRIS, Katherine Cecelia 
NORTON, Richard .Mien 
ODOM, Paul Stanley 
OEST, Robert Walter 
OGDEN,John Robert 

ORGRINZ, .Uexander John 
OLDH.AM, Larry Eugene 
OLSON, William Cannicott 
OLSON, William Howard 
O'NE.-KLL, Marjorie .\nn 
ORR, Daniel Bell 

FavetteviUe. N. C. 

Sumter, S. C. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Bethlehem, Jordan 

Staunton, \a. 

Westport, Conn. 

Lynchburg, \'a. 

Norfolk', \-a. 

Olanta, S. C. 

Cairo. Egvpt 

Cleveland Heights. Ohio 

Miami Beach. Fla. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Old Greenwich, Conn. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Columbus, Ga. 

Bartow, Fla. 

Miami, Fla. 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Ames, Iowa 

Wilmington, Del. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Clayton, N. C. 

.■\tlanta. Ga. 

Fairfax, Xa. 

Orlando, Fla. 

Graham, Te.\. 


.\I11.LKK. l.awrrlKc lAcie 
Mll.l.KR..\Iarv Melinda 
MILLS, loan Elizabeth 
MINARi:), Alan L. 
MINIER, Margaret S. 
.MINNOTTE, David Willii 

MlXl IKX. 1,11. Hrigham 
MISLMIIIMIk, Lawrence 
MIlClll.l.l., I \\avne,Jr. 
MirCillLLL.lViiy Bedell 
MOELING, Walter Goos 

MOORE, Ardean Car 
MOORE, Dan Cockril 
MOORE, Fred Henry 
MOORE, Merry Dawi 
MOORE, Nancy Lee 

MOORE, Richard Horton 
MORGAN, Barbara .\gnes 
MORGAN, James Louis 
MORGAN, Walter Gillette 
MORGAN, Zeb Brent 

M0RK:LE, Josephine .A 
MORRIS. Edward Merr 
MORRIS, John Edward 
MORROW, Susannah Jf 
MORTON, John Broten 

Ihattanooga, Tenn. 

Peoria, 111. 

Seaford, Va. 

Evanston, 111. 

Williamsburg, Va. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

.Mexander City, Ala. 

Arden, N. C. 

Wilmette, III. 

Aiken, S. C:. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Mountain. Tenn. 



.Xnnandale, Va. 
Martinsville, Va. 
.\sheville, N. C:. 
ston-Salem, N. C. 
Jackson, Tenn. 
Marietta, Ohio 

Reidsville, N. C. 
Bay N'illage, Ohio 
Washington, D. C:. 
Indianapolis, Ind. 
Silver Spring, Md. 
Wavne, 111. 

P P P 9 P ^ 

f^ ^ P Q G P 

' ' C> P ^ f» ^ 



ORR, Linda 
ORR, Samuel Marshall 
OSBORNE, Margaret Alice 
PACKER, Robert Henry 
PAGE, Lynn 

PALISOUL, Philip Richard 
PAPPS, Carol B. 
PARKER, John Jackson 
PARKER, Lois Harriet 
PARKER, Mary Taylor 
PARKHURST, CMiarles Jackson 

PARKS, Linda Warren 
PARSLEY, James McNeill 
PARSONS, Dayid Larry 
PASSANTINO, Robert Joseph 
P.\TE, James Thayer 
PATRIC:K, C:amilla Norton 

PATTERSON, Josephine 
PATTERSON, Michael Sec 
PATTON, Robert James 
PATTON, Roy Handy, Jr. 
PAULEY, Margaret K. 

PAULY, Ann Florence 
PAULY, Susan Jane 
PEABODY, Arthur Williair 
PEACE, Jacquelyn 
PEAKE, James Rutledge 
PEARSON. Vaughn Craig 

Charlotte, N. C:. 

inston-Salem, N. C. 

Taylorsydle, N. C. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

McLean, Va. 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Lexington, N. C. 

Morristcwn, N. J. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Madison, N. J. 

AsheyiUe, N. C. 

C:iemson, .S. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Hillsboro, N. C. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

ew York City, N. Y. 

Orlando, Fla. 

Richmond, Va. 

Tarboro, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Burlington, N. C. 

Fort Worth, Tex. 

Canton, N. C. 

Merrick, N. Y. 

Englewood, N. J. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Holden, Mass. 

ston-Salem, N. C. 

Norfolk, \'a. 

Glen EUyn, 111. 

- p ri p p ^ 

f^ p <^ ^ p 

'*:. n p p p ^ 

r :~' o p ai> p 

f ff f A ^ I? 
^ I? r p p ii| 

PENIC;K, Robert Douglas 
PERMAR, David Hayes 
PERSONS, Susan Lapsley 
PETERS, Franklin Elliott 
PETERS, Richard Douglas 
PETERSON, David Dean 

PETERSON. Gail Melim 
PETERSON, Michael 
PHVFER, Daniel Wade 
PIC:KARD, Jean Doris 
PIC:KRELL', Anna May 
PIE.STER, Sandra Louis< 

PIGNONA, James Buckli 
PILCHER. Charles Alan 
PII.nR AM. Am, ronneli 

PLUMER, William Sloan 
PLYER. James Clauthen 
POARCH. Bobby Lee 
PODGER, Kenneth Arthu 
POLLACK, William John 
POLLARD. James Edwarc 

Chattanooga, 'l\'nn. 

Portsmouth, \a. 

Durham, N. C. 

High Point, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Towson, Md. 

Takoma Park, Md. 

Fort Monroe, Va. 

Geneva, 111. 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

lartinsville, W. \'a. 

POPE, List.m, |r. 
PORTER. Stephen 1 
POTTER, E. Lindsa 
POWELL, Orrin Be. 
POWELL, Shirley ,\ 
POWTJ.L, Willis Wu 

St. Albans, Vt. 

Douglas, Alaska 

Frederick, Md. 

Los Angeles, Calif. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Pahokee, Fla. 

Monroe, N. C. 

\aldese, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Lake City, S. C. 

. Petersburg, Fla. 

ew Haven, Conn. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Rock Hill, S. C. 

Middlesex, N. C. 

Norfolk, \'a. 




O Q P O 


P f f f f><^ 

RICE, Leon Ixltwicli 
RICKETTS, Maivann 
RINEHART. Carol Bii 
RIVERA, James R. 
ROBB, Mary Dvcr 

ROBER rsON, Martha Elc 
ROBBI.XS, Bovi. Morris 
ROBBINS., Iiirncy 
ROBINSON, Charli-s Danii 
ROBINSON, Sandra I. 

ROBINSON, Thomas Whipple 
RODRIGUES, Judith Leslie 
ROGER.S, Barbara Jean 
ROGERS, Becky Ann 
ROGERS, Dilworth Thomas, Jr 
ROGERS, Linda Sue 

ROGERS, Willi; 


ROMP, Thomas Lee 
ROOT, Janice Ann 
ROS.S, Marcia Moore 

ROWE, Vernon Dodds, III 
ROY, Susannah Marguerite 
RUBY, Lucien, II 
RUDISILL, Ben Richard. II 
RUFF, Barbara Elizabeth 
RUNDLES, Charlotte 

inston-Salem, N. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Charlottesville, Va. 

New York, N. Y. 

Durham, N. C. 

Savannah, Ga. 

BarstONv. C:alif. 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Fairfax. \'a. 

Briarcliff, N. Y. 

'leasantville, N. Y. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Oxford, N. C. 

Lexington. N. C. 

Summit, N. J. 

Wilmington, Del. 

•'uquav Springs. N. C. 

Flint, Mich. 

Morganton, N. C. 

X'ermilion, Ohio 

Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Columbus, Ohio 

Hendersonville, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Hadisonville, Ky. 

Cherrvville, N. C. 

DehraDuni, India 

Durham, N. C. 

'RKSSMAN. Ellen Marth; 
'RICE, Mary Kathryn 

PRI rCHARD, Paul Baker 
PUGH, Pamela LeRoy 
PURDOM, Ray Caldwell 
PURDY, James Manlev,Jr 
PURSER", Jack Moody, Jr. 
PURSLEY, William Elgin 

RACKELM.\N, Susan Janet 
RAMSEY, Sarah Helen 
RANDALL, Elizabeth Wilson 
RANKIN, Rush McClure, Jr. 
RATLIFF, Ray Edmond 

RAWLINGS, Don Wayne 
RECTOR, Judith Ann 
REED, Robert R. 
REID, Sidney W., Jr. 
REIFFEL, James .Andrew 
REIGER, John Franklin 

KFISM \N Teience Nat 
Kl ISS ( hailes Mian 
KIMK.MIO Richaid Vladimu 
KrPKo (,odfrey Robeit 
Rl ^ \()l DS \nne Kathiyn 
RHODFS I mda Su< 

Monkton, Md. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Durham, N. C:. 

Pleasantville, N. Y. 

Dallas, Tex. 

.San Francisco, Calif. 

Ware Shoals, S. C. 

Charlotte, N. C:. 

Owensboro, Ky. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Monettc, .S. C 
Cocoa, Fla. 
Sandston, Va. 
Baltimore, Md. 
Belmont, N. C. 
Bluefield, W. \'a. 

Richmond, \a. 

N. Merrick, N. V. 

Struthers, Ohio 

Reehold. N.J. 

Scarsdale, N. N'. 

Forest Hills. N. Y. 

Miami, Fla. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

.Arlington, Va. 

Greenville, S. C. 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

■ Bethesda, Md. 

fi a 1^ f^ r r 

f^ ^ f I ^ r^- fi 

-' f p f fi <?l 



RUSSELL, Aubrey McFadvrn 
RYAN, lohn Austin, Jr. 
R^•0^•, Thomas Shipley, Jr. 
SAINI'-ANLAND, Emilia Alice 
S ALLS, Kim 
SALTER, Lowell Scott, Jr. 

SANni.IX. 1 
SASM K, \\i 
S.\\\^i,K. .\ 
SC:H.\I), Sus 

SCHULTZ, Fred L., Jr. 
SCOTT, Francis Thurber, Jr. 
SCUFFHAM, James Ross,' Jr. 

SCI'LI,. Waul Robinson 
SE.\RI I s. I). ,,,i,s Leigh 
SE.VRl.l.s. .\I.iiN Alvce 
SEAR.S, Barbara Ruth 
SEITZ, VVinfrcd Pinkney. Jr 
SENECAL, Daniel W. 

SENIN(iEN, Ronald Perry 
SENTURIA, Ben Harlan,Ir. 
SHABAN, Janet Anne 
SHARPE, Richard Dewey 
SHEARIN, Ronald Vance 
SHEFFIELD. Arlis .Adelbert 

Miami, Fla. 

rand Rapids, Mich. 

FarmviUe, N. C. 

Caffney, S. C. 

Houston, Tex. 

Rocky Riyer, Ohio 

Silyer Spring, Md. 
Fayetteyille, N. C. 
Walterboro, S. C. 
High Point, N. C. 
Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Wyomissing, Pa. 

and Heights, Ohi" 

Durham, X C, 

Atlanta. ( ;,i. 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

C;oncord, N. C. 

Newport News, Va. 
Missoula, Mont. 
Baltimore, Md. 
Dayton, Ohio 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Topsfield, Mass. 

Wilmington, Del. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Sunnyvale, Calif. 

Columbia, .S. C. 
Warrcnton, N. C. 

Columbia, S. C:. 

1, (^ .9 f ' fi P 






















t >■ 









> ; 


SHEFFLER, Fred William, Jr 
SHEHEEN, Robert Joseph 
SHENK. David Scoit 
SHEPHERD. Sherry Faye 
SHI\-ES, Aubrey Courtney 
SHULL, Bob Lewis 

SHUMWAY, Robin Elizabeth 
SIDBL'RY, James Richard 
,SIGMO\, llr.nald Neal 

.SIMON, Joseph Stephen 
SIMP.SON. |,„- Leitjh 
SIMPSON. K,,l„, I Lyndon, Jr 
SIM1'S( )\. I. ,M \ll,n 




SMITH, John And 



r Aldine 

Akron, Ohio 
Camden, .S. C. 
Lancaster, Pa. 

[.yncliburg, Va. 

IreenyilU-; S. C. 
Shelby, N. C. 

Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

C:harlottc, N. C:. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Mt. Pleasant, N. C. 

Salisbury, Md. 

Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Columbia, Mo. 

McComb, Miss. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

len City, N. Y. 
Raleigh, N. C. 
ite College, Pa. 
aleigh, N. C. 
rchmont, N. Y. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Durham, N. C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Westfield. N. J. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 


r> p (f^ ;" ^' ^ 

9 ^ 9 ^f^ ^ 



P £ ':' ^ ^(^ 

SWAIN, Lamar Marie 
TACKNEV, David Talbott 
TANNER, William David 
TARPI.EY. John Jori; 
TARPLEV.'Marv Clarol 

TART, Lois McPhail 
TAYLOR, Benjamin C:icei 
TAYLOR, Doui^las Miel 
TAYLOR, Edward Oarl 
TAYLOR, Joe Todd 
TAYLOR,Rcberca Jolmsl 

Norwich, C;onn 

Washins;ton, N. C 

Falls Church, Va 

Dallas, Tex 

Fort Bragg, N. C: 

Dallas, Tex 

York, Pa 
Mt. Holly, N. C 

Silver Spring, Md 
Lynnhaven, \'a 

Newport News, \'a 
Gatesville, N. C 


TEWI I I.. \li. 1,,„ I 
THACKl.R, |.>\.. M,,rlene 
THOMAS. I'atncui Anne 
THOMPSON, Rebecca Jean 
THORNTON, June Williams 

TK:KTIN, Thomas Lee 
TILLEY, David Hugh 
TILTON, James Thomas 
TINSLEY; Nancy Elizabeth 
TISE, Larry Edward 
TISON, R. Haskell 

TITUS, Jane Wallace 
TODD, Norma Lee 
TODD. Willi.nn Miller 
TOFFII.MIRI,. l'.,iiicia .• 

TREPK )\\ nu,^ \-ici 

TRIC:KI.^•. K.ihrri Kent 


rk, V 

Piedmont, S. C:, 

Madison, Wis, 

Rocky Mount, N. C, 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C, 

Macon, Ga 

Rock Hill, S. C: 


N. c: 

Columbus, CJa 

Lynchburg, \a 

ston-Salem, N. C: 

Geneva, III 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Hampton, \a.. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Mexico, D. F., Mexico 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Durham, N. C. 


.SMI I II. \\,,|i,r McDade 
.^\^ 1)1. K. Siephen Wilso 
SO. Plulip Kin-Lok 
^(JLO.MON. Joan 
SOI THM.XYD, Carol je, 
SPENCER. Carolyn 

SPENCER, John Clallowav 
STANFIEI.b, Harry Terrell 
STANLI'.Y, Allen Edward 
.ST.\RR|-;ir, Randy McKnigl 
.SI ECKFL, Martin Hall 
.SI EI.LL. Herbert Duane. 

.STEELE, Ted Warren 
STEPHENS, Charles Garon 
STET/.ER. Sharon Caria 
SI i:\ E.\SO.\, Monica Lynne 
S in r, Thomas Paul 

STIN'ERS. James Robert 
STOCKION. Michael Donald 
.STO( K K i\, Kol rit Field 
STONI . M.nLM.., I'riscilla 
STO\ IK. r.nn.l.i Anne 
ST. PEI [A<\. LouisBert, Jr. 

;TR.\C:KBEIN, WiUiam c:. 

^l KKKL.XND, WiUiam Franklin 

^1 KOI I). John Burke 

>l l.l.l\ .\.\, John Lawrence 

>LN, Pamela Powers 

iL:iC:H, Ruth Marian 

Charleston, S. C. 

Peoria, III. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Massapcqua, N. Y. 

Washington, D. C. 

Miami, Fla. 

Milton, Fla. 

Brun.swick, Ga. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Morganton, N. C:. 

Holcomb, N. Y. 

McKeesport, Pa. 

Charlotte, N. C 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Geneva, 111. 

Washington, D. C:. 

Easton, Pa. 

Fort Thomas, Kv. 

Clharlotte, N. C. 

Princeton, N. J, 

Martinsville, \'a. 

Langhorne, Pa. 

Orange Park, Fla. 

Arlington, \'a. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

ip Lejeune, N. V.. 

Wheaton, Md. 

Toledo, Ohio 

Cheshire, Conn. 

jb o O ^ 

^ P 9 r-^ 

^ e r^ <? a « 




TUC:KER, Lairy Alb.Tt 
TUCKER, William York, Jr 
TURNER, Dudley Pierce' 
TUTTLE, Wendelin Holly 
TUUL, Mall 
ULLENBERG, Judith Ann 

UMSTEAD, Alexander Bruce 
UNDERHILL, John Clarrett. Ill 
UPCIHURCH, Herbert Jackson, ) 
URBAN, Richard Bruce 
\ALE, Kathrvn Ann 
\ALLE, David 

\ERHE\', Robert Sevmour 
\K;K, Paul Allen 
\OGELSBERG, Nancy Jeanne 
VOLBERG, Frank Marshall, Jr. 
VOLZ, Marlin Milton. Jr, 

VAN NESS, Albert Ward, Jr. 
VAN NUISE, Robert Winfield 
VAN SCIVER, Peter Travis 
VAUGHAN. Ronald James 

W.\GGONER,John Philip, HI 
WAGONER, Judith Ann 
WAITE, Robert Sears 
WALD, Harlan Ira 
WALDC:HEN, Alfred Jefferson 
WALKER, David Neal 

Lincoln, Neb. 

Winston-Salem, N. C:. 

Great Falls. S. C:. 

Mountain,side, N. J. 

Vonkers, N. Y. 

C:hattanooe;a, Tenn. 

Durham. N. C. 

Washington, D. C:. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Orlando, Fla. 

Warrenton, N. C. 

Leawood, Kan. 

St, Paul, Minn. 

Kinston, N. C. 

Pladnor, Pa. 

Kingsport, Tenn. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Marion, Ohio 

Southport, Conn. 

Clinton, Md. 

.Syracuse, N. Y, 

Camp Hill, Pa. 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Durham, N. C. 

Scotia, N. Y. 

."Atlanta, Ga, 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Westfield, N. J. 

Fort Worth, Tex. 

P ^ ^ © ^ 

p <r p e a ff 

^' '^ 9 f P c 

WALSH, Michael Sherman, Jr, 
WALTERS, Jeffrey Louis 
WANG, You Lue 
WARD, Stanley Sidney 
WARD, William Edmund, III 
WARREN, William Thomas 

VV.\TERMAN, Patricia 
W.ATSON, Barbara Grace 
W.\TSON. Jean Crane 
WATSON, Wendy Patricia 
W.^TTS, Marion Ellia 
WAUGH, James E. 

WEAVER, Sarah Lynn 
WEBER, Joan Condit 
WEBSTER, Arthur Davidson 
WEC:HTER, Marcia Michele 


Shrewsbury, N. J. 

Washington, D. C. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Westfield, N. J. 

Goldsboro, N, C. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Rowland, N. C:. 

Durham, N. C. 

McLean, Va. 

Longmeadow, Mass. 

Jefferson, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Tampico, Mex. 

Iverne, L. I., N. Y. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

New York, N. Y. 

Vinston-Salem, N. C. 

Miami, Fla. 

Mcnlo, Calif. 

I't. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Tryon, N. C. 

Kannapolis, N. C. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Wilmettc, III. 

.•\tlanta, Ga. 

Macon, Ga. 

Adanta, Ga. 

.\bington. Pa. 


!^ p Q a p p 

^ Q ^ "^ f^ P 

^ ;:; 9 ^ PS ^ 

^ (Si p p p p 

WRIGHT, Harold Everett 
WRIGHT, J. Dixon, Jr. 
V.XRBROUGH, \ir£(inia Ilcen 
V.\RGER, C:arl Frederick 
YEH, Bcttv 
YNTEMA, N'irginia Gwin 

Charlotte, N. C 

Atlanta, Ga 

Thomasville, N. C 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 

Lynchburg, Va 

Bloomfield Hills, Mich 

YODZIS, Peter Paul 
YOUNG, C:iiarles Granville 
^'OUNG, William Wilson 
YOUNGSTROM, Richard Earl 
YUCEL, Giiler F. 
Z.W'ELSON, Thomas Michael 

Baltimore, Md 

Shauiue Mission, Kan 

M.inrtt.i, 1\, 

Prairie N'llhm.', Kans 

Istanlnil, Turke\ 

Mansfield, Ohio 

ZBIKOWSKI, Gwendolyn Ann 
ZELLERS, Gordon Brvant 
ZEREN.John Charles 
ZIMMER, Carl Thomas 
ZU PANIC, Geoi-Ere Ivan 

TerryviUe, Conn 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 

Towson, Md 

.South Bend, Ind 

Baltimore, Md 

Kalamazoo, Mich 


W1I,I.I.\MS, .\nn Malloy 
WI1,1,I.\MS, Donald Lee 
WIl.l.I.XM.S, Edmond Brady, Jr. 
WILLIAM.S, Mary Frances 
WILLIAMS, Robert Jay, Jr. 
WILLIAMSON, Joseph Edward 

WILLIS, William Burton 
WILSON, Donald George 
WILSON, James Augustus 
WILSON, Mark K. 
WILSON, Mary Pittman 
WILSON, Wayne Richard: 

WINCHESTER, James Cyrus 
WINSTON, Arthur Michael 
WISE, Alethea Stewart 

WOLFE, William Carlton Evai 
WOODBURN, Judith Irene 
WOODRUFF, Klarv Kathryn 
WOODRL'I'F, William Robert 
WOODS, Mm ray Henderson 
WOODS, Richard Byrd, Jr. 

WOOLDRIDGE, Robert Thomas 
WORLE^■, Judy Jo 
W( )K THLXt; ro'N, Craig Winston 
\V()KIHL\(;rON, Josh Bob 
WRA\-, .Mbeit X'ictor 
WRIGHT, Charles Thomas, Jr. 

Fort Rucker, Ala. 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Spartanburg, S. C. 
BoonviUe, N. C. 
Huntington, N. Y. 
Dhahran, Saudi ,\rabia 

Gastonia, N. C. 

Greenlawn, N. Y. 

.-^rmonk, N. Y. 

Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Gainesville, Fla. 

Washington, D. C. 

Monroe, N. C. 

Dallas, Te.N. 

Roslyn, N. Y. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Hagerstown, Md. 

.Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Quantico, Va, 

Littleton, N. C, 

Englishtown, N. J, 

Knoxville, Tenn 

Falls Church, \'a, 

Chattanooga, Tenn 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Kingsport, Tenn. 
Ayden, N. C. 
Kinston, N. C. 
Shelby, N. C. 
Raleigh, N. C. 



Patti Pecor, Treas. 

Sue Scheiderbauer, V.P. 

Donna Duhy, Pres. 

Marcia Steen, Sec'y- 




Lucy Taylor, Pies. 

Cindy Batte, V.P. 

Bev Neblett, Sec'y. 

Jo Harriet Haley, Treas. 

Stuart Upchurch, WSGA Rep. 


Ray Cox, Pics. 
Jim Norton, Sec'y.-Trcas. 
























M/~^. ^ct^^^^^^^^H 






^L -"v^^^^^^^^l 



Dick Epes. V.P. 

Cliff Schmidt, Pros. 

C:harlie Rose, Sec'y.-Trcas. 


ABBOTT, John Alfred 
ACKERKNECHT, William Edward 
ADAMS, Charles Fletcher 
ADAMS, James Albert 
ADAMS, Rebecca Sue 

ADAMSON, Joan Lee 
ADKINS, Mary Judith 
ALDEN, Elizabeth C. 
ALLEN, Kenneth Ray 
ALLEN, William Fred 

ALLEY, James Carl 
ALLISON, Virginia Wright 
ALLSBROOK, William Calvin 
ALSENTZER, William James, Jr 
ALTMAIER, Martin Dkvid 

Waynesboio, Pa 

Arlington, \'a. 

Java, \a. 

Roscoe, N Y. 

Spencei, N C 

RockviUe, Mc 
Lyndon, K\ 

Rockville, Inc^ 
Fredericksburg. \a 
Kalamazoo, Mid 

Miami Shores. Fla. 

Charlotte, N. C:. 

Clayton, N. C. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Marion, Ohio 

r^ f I f^ p o 

^ P p fS f!) 

p r a Pv 1^ 

p p f^ p ' 

^ (R| ^ P O 

P ,/^,. f^ n D 



AMBLER, Charles Merrill 
AMBLER. Sally Ann 
AMLEY. Edward Arnold 
ANDERSON, Harry Kemp 
ANDERSON. Thomas Patri< 

ANDERSON. William R. 
.\PPLr.sri',I\, 1, ITrey Mark 
AKMliri I), liMu.ud Monroe 
AKX( )l II. Km h.iKl Ernest 
ARI IIIK. Willi, imB. 

\l W \l 

)X. Sid Eugene 
R. l.ulhcr Edniii 
AIMA.N. Sarah Burrough; 
AUS'lELL, Marv Adelaide 
AUSTIN, George Maynar 

BARC:LAY. Barbara Aline 
BARDEN, Nancy Carolyn 
BARKER, Dorothy Mira 
BARKER, John Kilbourne 
EARNHARDT, Zeb Elonzo, Jr 

Jenkuuown, Pa. 

Abington, Pa. 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Washington, D. C. 


igton, W. \i 

Trenton, N. J. 

Middleburg, \a. 

Nutley, N. J. 

Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Durham, N. C. 
Columbia, S. C. 
Durham, N. C. 
Shelby, N. C. 
EvansviUe, Ind. 

Siunmit. N. J. 
Hampton, \a. 

Clearwater, Fla. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sag Harbor, N. Y. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Staten Island, N. Y. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Delmar, N. Y. 

Concord, N. C. 

S. Amboy, N. J. 




BLOUNT, Susan Hill 
BOEKER, Marv Buhr 
B0ERIC;KE, James Ferguson 
BOLE. Sarah \ir£;inia 
BONHAM, Thirwall William 

BOSWELL, Ann G'Hara > 
BOTT, Carol Anne 
BOWDEN, Virginia Ruth 
BOWDREN, Dorothy Jean 
BOWER, Linda Gail ' 

B0YC:E, Samuel Alexander 
BOYD, Jerry A. 
BOYETT, Robert Lee 
BREAZEALE, James Anderson 
BRENIZER, Meredith Berry 

BRENNAN, James, Jr. 
BRIDGES, Wayne Eugene 
BRIGHAM, John Carl 
BROWN, Anthony Sterling 
BROWN, David Kepler 

BROWN. Dempsev Shor 
BROWN, Douglas Colen 
BROWN. ]. Madeira 
BROWN, Stanley C. 
BROWNE, Joseph Dilloi 

BRUNSON, Dayid Wesley 
BRYAN, John Rupert, Jr.' 
BRYDGES, James Edward, Jr 
BUCKLEY, Jay Lynn 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Cambridge, N. Y. 

Haverford, Pa. 

Charleston, W. \a. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

\'irgin Islands 
Summerfield, N. C. 

Maiden, Mass. 
Silver Spring, Md. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Decatur, Ga. 
Memphis, Tenn. 
Charlotte, N. C. 

N. C. 

Hialeah, Fla. 

Montclair, N.J. 

Milford, Conn. 

Bon Air, \'a. 

Macon, Ga. 

Alexandria, Va. 

Piketon, Ohio 

New Bedford, Mass. 

Ashland, Ky. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Columbia, S. C. 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Lynchburg, Va. 

Cheverly, Md. 

BE.\N. r.iu. . 

.ong, Jr 

BENSON, Karl Theodore 
BERTEAU, John Thomas 
BEST, Richard Allen 
BESWICK, Anne Evans 
BLAKELY, Mary Eleanor 

BLAIR, Richard Walter 
BL0C:K, Barbara Reed 
BLOMBERG, Karen Lynn 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
New Bedford, Mass. 

Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Savannah, Ga. 

Falls C:hurch, Va. 

Lake Jem, Fla. 

Colombia, South America 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Rock Hill, S. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Hinsdale, 111. 

Newport News, Va. 

New Orleans, La. 



^ f) f^ 



a f:^ f^ 







P P» C 


^ (^ r -^ 






BUC:KNER, Spencer Ariss 
BUDDINGTON, Richard Spenti 
BULOW, Barbara Cordes 
BURDETTE, Marvin David 
BURDGE, Lawrence Reid, Jr. 

BURGESS, Andrew Lynn 
BURGESS, Stanley Edward 
BURK, Peter Gordon 
BURRUSS, Margaret Anne 

BUSH, Gipsie Ann 
BUSTARD, C. Susanne 
CALVERLEY, Diana Robe: 

1 .ills Church, \'a 

HyattsviUe, Md 

Owensboro, Kv 

College Park, Ga 

Red Bank, N. | 

Arlington, \'a 

Alexandria, \a 

Minneapolis, Minn 

Homestead, Fla 

Roxboro, N. C: 

Kingsport, Tenn 

tenatly, N J 

Bradford, Pa 

3riarcliff Manor, N. Y 

Clarksburg, W. \'a 


^ (!^ P (^ ^ 

m€>^- ^ 


p r © ,^. ^ 


C;AM1TELD, Clarissa Louise 
CAMP, Ernest 
CAMPBELL, Robert Clarke 
CANNON, Linden Kinder 
CANTRELL, Lydia Nelle 

CAPPS, Nancy Ellen 
CARL, Mary Beth 
CARLSON, Edwin Allen, Jr. 
CARLSON, Richard Bruce 
CARMICHAEL, William Leighton 

CARDWELL, Joseph Thomas 
carpenter; Caroline M. 
CARPENTER, Lesley-Ann 
carter, Forrest Dean 
CARTWRIGHT, Margaret Ann 

CHAFKIN, Michael Jav 
CHANDLER, Susan Louise 
CHANC;, lack 

C:HAPMAN, Leonard Fielding, 
CHAPNICK, Maxine I.enore 

CHARLES, Rachel Diana 
CHARLWOOD, William Wesley 
CHEEK, James Howe 
CHOMICZ, Carol Ann 
CHURCH. .Scott Larson 

CLARK, Douglas Mason 
CI. ARK, Lee B. 
(:\.\\. S.mdra Elaine 
CI, A^■ I ON, Lawrence 
CI.I'.ML.VrS, Joyce M. 

Miami, Fla 

Atlanta, Ga 

Clearwater, Fla 

Alexandria, Va 

College Park, Ga 

Rockville, Md. 

Lititz, Pa. 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

Geneva, 111. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

New York, N. Y 

Arlington, Va 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 

Pompano Beach, Fla 

New York, N. Y 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

New York, N. Y. 

.Alexandria, Va. 

Troy, N. Y. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

W. Lafayette, Ohio 

Miami, Fla. 

Rye, N. Y. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Lenoir, N. C. 

Plainficid, N. I. 

Arlington, \'a. 



^ r ff ^ P P 

C:OOPER, Annette 
C:OOPER, Edwin Branan, 
COOPER, John C:. 
C:OPLON, Fred Jay 
CORDLE, Margaret Mayo 

CORNELIUS, Eugene F., Jr. 
COSENS, Sara Louise 
COUGHLAN, Peter Van Schaicl< 
COURTNEY, Lina Lucinda 
COURTNEY, Marion Walter 

COX. Rav Lawrence 
CRAIG, Nancy Edgar 
CRANE, Carol Laura 
CRAWFORD, Fred Alle 
GREAVES, Donald Win 

CREECH, Franklin Underwood 
CREWS, John Hunter 
CROMARTIE, William Freddie 
CRUMLEY, Marv Louise 
CULBERTSON, Norman Alexande 

CUTTING, Harriette Wells 
DAILEY, Nancy Lane 
DALBEY, Earle Gordon 
DANKEL, Thaddeus George, Jr 

DANKER, Betty Jean 
DAUL, George Cecil 
DAVIDSON, Susan Stokes 
DAVIS, Doreen Carol 

Morehead City, N. C 

.Arlington, Va 

Arlington, Va 

Sparta, Ga 

Augusta, Ga 

Macon, Ga. 

.Anderson, S. C:. 

Raton, Fla. 

Orange Park, Fla. 

Aiken, S. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Ashevillc, N. C:. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Holly Hill, S. C. 

Evanston, 111 

Smithfield, N. C. 

.Ashevillc, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Johnson City, Tenn. 

Greenville, S. C. 

Ossining, N. Y. 
Charleston, S. C. 
Durham, N. C. 
Lynnhaven, Va. 
Brunswick, Ga. 

Plainfield, N. J. 

Hilton, N. Y. 

Mobile, Ala. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Clarks Green, Pa. 

(•0.\N, Glen .Austin, Jr. 
C:OBB, Saiah Elizabeth 
COLLINS, Richard Fuller 
COL\ ER, Charles Merle 
C:OMBS, Isabel Meekins 

COMBS, Samuel Leslie 
CONN, Margaret Elizabeth 
CONNER, Eliza Carroll 
CONROY, Dale Daniel 
CONWAY, Eugenia Cecelia 

COOK, Jan Rae 
COOK, Joseph William, Jr. 
COOKE, Rosalind Yale 
COOLEY, Thomas Winfield, Jr 
COOLIDGE, David Alan 

Charlotte, N. C. 

WaynesviUe, N. C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Durham, N. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Lexington, Ky. 

.Arlington, Va. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bethpage, N. Y. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Yardley, Pa. 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Greenvale, N. Y. 

Gaffney, S. C. 

Bethesda, Md. 

p ^ P f^ 

(T-^ C p t!% O 



DAVIS, Rockwell Furn 
DEAN, Robert Berry 
DEE, Larrv Gene 
DEEGAN,'james Edwa 

DIXON. \\\,li.i l[.,l,r,t, Jr. 
DODGE, CM.ilin. (,uM,n<- 
DOKE, 1)1. 11.11. 
DONNELLY. iKnms William 
DOUGLAS, Donald Alexande 

Elmira, N. Y. 

Mt. Airy, N. C:. 

Hollywood, Fla. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

.Silver Spring, Md. 

Signal Mtn., Tenn 

Tarrytown, N. Y 

Plant City. Fla 

Longmeadow, Mass 

Danville, \a 

Danville, Va. 

Ft. Monroe, Va. 

Winnetka, ill. 

Bryn Mawr. Pa. 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

0^ ^ 


p f\ ,n^ ^ Q 

P O (^ 1^ (^ 

9 # ft © 


P Z. P 

1^ C P f*^ 


DUKE, Janet Woods 
DUTTLRA, M.Julian, Jr. 
ICKI.KSON, Russell Gilbe 
I.DIAS. I.ianne 
EDWARDS, Charles C. 

ELLIS, Jenifer Louise 
ELLIS, Madonna Ann 
ELZAY, Michael Paul 
EMLET, Susan Ellen 
EPES, Charles Richard 

ERGOOD, Foster Cloffman 
ESPY, Kip McKinney 
EUBANK, Mary Katherine 
EWING, Frank Harrison 

ABLk, Lit Eilward 

\IK, |,i..|...|.ii.- 

\K\11,K. \l..... I Gene 
AKKls. Will. ...11 .\nthony 

Arlington, Va. 

Radnor, Pa. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Larchmont, N. Y. 

Kent, Ohio 

West Point, Ga. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

McLean. Va. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Red Bank, N. J. 
Asheville, N. C. 
Springfield, Va. 
Smithfield, N. C. 
Hollywood, Fla. 

Haddonfield, N. J. 

Dotham, .\la. 

Shawboro, N. C. 

.Mexandria, Va. 

Hopewell, Va. 

Dearborn, Mich. 

Wayne, Pa. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Williamsburg, Va. 


p) (r: ^ p 



V 1 


p p r 





FULLER, Baymond George 
FULTZ, John M„ Jr. 
GABRIEL, John Richard 

GAIGE, Lois Ann 
GALLAND, Anne Freeman 
GANLEY, Robert William 
GARDNER, Joseph Emery 
GATES, Douijlas Sherwood 

GECKEIT.R, Judith Ann 
GEHRIG, Jime Evelyn 
GETZ, Carol Ann 
GIBSON, Norman Thomas 
GILBERT, Lynn Patricia 

GILL, James ( ;. 
GILLESIML, [lulith Baldwin 
GILLESPIE. MiKhed Owens 
GILLLVrr, Benjamin Robert 
GILLIES, Herbert B. 

GILLOOLY, Linda Lee 
GLON'ER, C:larence Howard, ] 
GODWIN, Rnby Walnita 
GOLDSTEIN, Frank Robert 
GOODELL, Charles Ellsworth 

GOODNER, David Marshall 
GOODY, John Burton 
GORDON, Michael Kenneth 
GOULD, Rebecca Ann 
GRA\ ELLE, Karen 

Pitman, N. J. 

Niagra Falls, N. Y. 

Richmond, Va. 

Sprav, N. C. 

Ho-Ho-Kns, N. J. 

Falls Church, Va 

Alexandria, Va 

Lawrence, Mass. 

Santa Monica, Calif, 

Quivira Lake, Kan, 

Middletown, Ohio 

Hasbrouck Hgts., N. J. 

Nazareth, Pa. 

Hamlet, N. C. 

West Orange, N. J. 

Patton, Pa. 

Newport News, \'a. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Shelby, N. C. 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Sylvania, Ohio 

Spartanburg, S. C 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Jamestown, N. Y. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 
everna Park, Md. 

Monroe, N. C. 
Clocoa, Fla. 

Bavside, N. Y. 

li.l.D.S, Michael Stuart 
1\( 11. I',, Ml .\ndrews 
I Mil, \^ . ,\. Gordon, Jr. 
l.WI.N , Michael James, Robert Stephen 

■1,1 K I,. William Albert 
(),\(.. ,\llrn Garv 
< ).SI i.K, Charles Steph. 
■OSl ER, Sandra Ann 
■RANK, H. Randolph 

FR.VSER, Pamela Ann 
FREDERICK, Sandra Wavne 
FREDO, Bart Joseph 
FRIEND. Polly Elizabeth 
FULLER, Cheryl Ann 

Hempstead, N. Y. 

Thomasville, N. C. 

White Plains, N. Y. 

Peoria, 111. 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Lafayette, Ind. 

Brickeys, Ark. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Siler City, N. C. 

Gadsden, Ala. 

Fort Bragg, N. C. 

W. Asheville, N. C. 

South Norwalk, Conn. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

























« _- f 










GRAY, Frank Benton 
GRAY, Thomas Nickols. 
GREENLEAI-. [udith I. 
GREGORY, Annr l.u k- 
GREGORY, n.ivui Doll 

GREGORY, Donald Robert 
GREGORY, Richard M. 
GREGORY, Thomas H. 
GRIFFIN, Beverly Floyd 
GRIFFIN, Cornelia Ann 

GRILLI, Donald Anthony 
GRISCOM, Elma Elizabeth 
GRONEMEYER, Suzanne Carol 
GROTZ, Diane Marie 
GROVER, Elizabeth Rue 

Durham, N. C. 
Durham, N. C. 
Nashville, Tenn. 
Durham, N. C. 
Rockland, Maine 

Rockland, Maine 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Granville, Oliio 

Goldsboro, N. C:. 

Robersonville, N. C:. 

Clifton, N. j. 

Birmingham, Mich. 

Pcnsacola, Fla. 

Kettering, Ohio 

Glen Ridge, N.j. 













































> - 







^^^^ TV^^ 




^ f^ <^ ^ 

GUELCHER, Richard Paul 
GUERRY, Alice Clatherine 
GUILFORD. Charles McNe 
GUMMEY. Jenifer 

GURLEY, Paul Clayton 
HAAS, Rebecca Anne 
H..\BERCOM, Mark Sm 
HALEY, Jo Harriett 
HALL, Charles Thomas 

HALL, Linda Carole 
HALLA, Frances Byrd 
HALSTED, .A.nne Watson 
HAMEL, Judy Lynn 
HAMILTON, Roger Clark 

HANES. Mary Louise 
H.XNJA. Yuri Thomas 
H.\.\snERRY, Sally Ann 
H.\RnY. Richard Wayne 
HARKNESS, Richard Chandler 

HARKRADER, Winfrcd Trent, Jr 
HARLOW, Judith Elaine 
HARPER, Eugene Jutson 
HARRIS, Christopher Bertram 
HARRIS, Richard Foster 

Laurinburg, N. C. 

Port Edwards, Wis. 

Lake City, S. C. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Gladwyne, Pa. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Metaine, La. 

Decatur, Ala. 

Houston, Tex. 

lamestown, N. Y, 

Charleston, W. Va. 

York, Pa. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Westerly, R. I. 

Morehead CUty, N. C. 
Huntington, N. Y. 
Lunenburg, Mass. 
London, England 
Wilmington, Del. 

Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Darien, Conn. 

Knightdale, N. C. 

Southport, Conn. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

South C:harlcston, W. Ya. 

Winston-Salein, N. C. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Hartford City, Ind. 

.\rlington, \'a. 


n p p ip^ 3 

r^. P o r>i^ 

"•> e^ :'^ f% f^ 


HITCHC:OCK, Beverly .\nn 
HOBB.S, Jerrv Robert 
HODGE.S, .Stephen McQuiston 
HOESER. Mary Lynne 

Jenkintown, Pa. 

South Bend, Ind. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

LaGrange, III. 

HOLLM.\N, Douglas Clark 
HOLMES, Ginny Elizabeth 
HOLSINGER, Gretehen Marie 

Richmond. \'a. 
Sea C:iiff, N. Y. 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Rockford, III. 
Durham, N. C. 

HOPPIN, Clharles Tracy 
HORNER, Withers Grant 
HORNE. Perrv .\Kvvn 
HORTON, Lewis William Wvrhe, Jr. 
HORR, Nancy Louise 

Westfield, N. J. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 
Portsmouth, Ohio 

HOWE, Marilyn R. 
HUCK, Mary Lou 
HUNTLEY, George William 
HUNY.\DI, Susan Carole 

Medford, Mass. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Beaufort, N, C:. 

Canton, Ohio 

Wilmette, 111. 

HUTZLER, .Arthur Clharles 
INGERSOLL, DeForest Peter 
ISALY, Carolyn 
JACKSON, Charles Rankin 
JACKSON, Frederick Raymond 

Delray Beach, Fla. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Marion, Ohio 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Mountain Lakes, N. J. 

J.ACKSON, Judith Ann 
JACOBUS, Marie Elaine 
J.AMES, Patricia Talfryn 
JAMIESON, Robert James 
JENKINS, Nancy Elaine 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Minburn, N. J. 

Princeton, N. J. 

Greensboro, N. C:. 

Concord, N. C. 

H.WVKS, Everett M. 
HAVVORIH, Allan Robert 
HA^•NES, Baxter Morgan, Jr 
HAVES, Gladys Lorraine 
HECHT, Stephen Samuel 

HEER, Rosemary Frances 

HENDERSON, Grover Cleveland, II 
HENDERSON, William T. 
HERRIN, Helen Kay 

HER ISLET, Barry Shaw 
HERZOG, George Gary 
HINDS, Douglas Paul 
HILL, Mary Patricia 
HINMAN, Susan Lee 

Great Lakes, 111. 

Westfield, N. J. 

Tryon, N. C. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

West Orange, N. J. 

High Point, N C. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Dunn, N. C. 

Princeton, N.J. 

Gastonia, N. C. 

Baltimore, Md 

Alexandria, Va 

Pittsbugh, Pa 

Charleston, W. Va 

Philadelphia, Pa 

ft Q ,^... !f^ Ci 



JENNINGS, Theodore Wesley 
"JENSEN, John Howard 
JOHNSON, Barbara Ruth 
JOHNSON. George Howard, HI 
[OHNSON, Margaret Wheeler 


in Parke 
\ Leigh 

IOl.l,l,^^ k-imI'I 

|OLL\. Mainaicl 
JONES, David C. 

Miami Beach, Fla. 

Ft. Pierce, Fla. 

Tampa, Fla. 

Wilminmon. De 

Ridgewood, N. J 

Alexandria, \"a 

Gaffney, S. C, 

Richmond, Va 

Locust \'aUev, N. V, 

^ Pi O f^ 

p% ^- c^ o 

e ^ c c o 

a f^ t^ "^ p 

9 ^ B ^ 

j^ p p p" 

P a P A 71 

jONl.S. Ill,, ,1.1 A. 

|()Ni:s. |,,i,„s riv 

lONK-s! Sheldon t;airne,Jr. 
JORDAN, Dorothy Su.san 

Wayne, Pa. 

Houston, Tex. 

Fredericksburg, \'a. 

Cranford, N. J. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

JORDAN, Patricia Brown 
JORDAN. Susan Patricia 
KADASTER. Mahmut Esat 
KAHN, Mike F. 
KAHNER, Steven 

Lynchburg, \'a. 


Ankara, Turkey 

.\tlanta, Ga. 

Jamaica, N. Y. 

K \l lloi.I. Richard Evers 
K \ 1 S( IN. Constance 
K A 1 /,. L.twrence Myers 
KELLER. Edward Lee 
KELLEY, Andrew Franklin, Jr. 

S. Charleston, W. Va. 

Albuquerque, N. M. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Taylors, S. C. 

KELLOW, Margo 
REMPNER. Marion Lee 
KE.N^■LD^■. Kenneth Durwood 
KERCHNER. Garv Ravmond 
KERR, Harry Davidson 

Lansford. Pa. 

Civrstoil. 1 ,x. 

\V,Kn„. N, C. 

Iliiiikij, Pa. 

KLKMI \\\. K.ix.inne E. 
KILI LK. K.,,.,, [can 
Kll.N. i;,,,iit L.ience 
KIEN/.l.l',, Kathleen Johanna 
KIEPE, Judith Ann 

Columbia, S. C. 
St. Louis, Mo. 
Cincinnati, Ohio 
Columbus, Ohio 
Westfield, N. J. 

KIMMI.RLF, Nancy Jo 
KIN \Kli \\,n,.,in Frank 
Kl 1 1 M 1 L. k,,il,rnne Allen 

Tarrytown, N. Y. 
Simpsunv.ll,-. S. C. 
La.<h,n..iii. N. N'. 















LEE, Linda Joanne 
LEE, Margaret Eileen 
LENNARD, Beverly Self 
LEONARD, Catherine Grace 
LESLIE, Carroll Ann 

LEWIS, Mary Caroline 
LEWIS, Valerie Ann 
LEYRER, Earl Thomas 
LILLY, Ruth Virginia 
LIME, Elizabeth Louise 

LINGER, Richard Cllifton 
LIVERMORE, Gordon D.. 
LOCKE, Curtis Alan 
LOEB, Linda Marie 
LONG, David William 

LONG, Donald Finlcy 
LONG, Elizabeth Lynne 
LOVELAND, Richard Alden 
LOWENSTERN, Burt Harris 
LUCAS, David Owen 

LUCAS, Mary Davidson 
LUREY, Alfred Saul 
MacDONALD, Robert Anderson 
MACK, David Edward 
MacROBERT, Peggy 

NL\HER, William Frederick 
MAHONEY, Daniel Frederic 
MALEXAN, Gail Ann 
MAPES, Charles M., Jr. 

Chatham, N. J. 

Willoughby, Ohio 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Madison, N. J, 

Arlington, Va. 

Farmvillc, N. C. 

Bronx, N. Y. 

Hamilton, Ohio 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Canton, N. C. 

Tonawanda, N. Y. 
Arlington, Va. 

Mardnsville, \;,. 

Lutherville, Md. 
Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Greensboro, N. C 

Alexandria, Va. 

New Canaan, Ctonn. 

Newport News, \'a. 

New York, N. Y. 

Clharlotte, N. C:. 

Greenville, S. C:. 

Short Hills. N. |. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Flint, Mich. 

Boca Raton, Fla. 

St. Johnsbuiy, \'t. 

Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Richmond, \a. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

KXAl'P. Kristina Maig. 
KNEEN, Judith Oakes 
KNOTT, Marcia Elaine 
KOHN, .\drienne Carol. 
K00NC:E, John Edwari 

KR.\LLMANN, Sally 
KR.\US, Kenneth Wayne- 
KRAUS, Elizabeth Kathe 
KREDEL, Olivia Ormc 
l..\nn, James Roger 

LAMOND, William Wallace, III 
LANGDON, Suzanne Fowler 
LANING, Peter Huston 
LAZARD, Fred John 
LEAHY, Margai-et Penncll 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Short Hills, N. J. 
Crosswicks, N. j. 
Washington, D, C:. 
Charleston, S. C:. 
Bellevue, Wash. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Durham, N. C. 

Bridgeton, N. J. 

New York, N. Y. 

.•\lexandria, Va. 

^ * c* § <?> 

Pi p) e^^ ^i (^ 

P P P €) !?■ 

P a <^ ©■ f> 

e\ f^ P « 




MARKHAM, John Calvin, I 
MARLEY, Roy Lee, Jr. 
Ma\RSH, Frances Stewart 
MARSHALL, Neal William 
MARTIN, Henry Frederick, 

MARTIN, James Slattin, III 
MARTIN, John D. 
MASON, Charles Gilbert 
MATHEWS, Emmett Carlysle, Jr 
M.XTHEWS, Janet Allen 

MATTSON, Gerald Arthur 
MW'ER, Barbara H. 
McCIARTHY, James Vincent 
McCarthy, John Paul 
McCAUSLAN'D, Charles Patter 

Ga.stonia, N. C. 

Siler City, N. C. 

Monroe, N. C. 

Woodmere, N. Y. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Huntington, N. Y. 

Garden Citv, N. Y. 

Cheverly, Md. 

Richmond, \"a. 

Wallingford, Pa. 

St. Petersbmg, Fla. 

Rock Hill, s. c:. 

Rumson, N. J. 

Grcenbelt, Md. 

Towson, Md. 

9 n (^ mf^ 

^ a f^ ^ c 

f ,p f^\ p f\ 

^ (^ ^' f^' fl 

p if^ p p p 

f^ O O C: 

p p p p p 

p ^ p f"' r 

W. 1) Wll 1 , x.Mi.h,, ( .-.lie 
M. li( ).\ \l,l>, ( li.iil., Il.imblv 
.\1.,1.\RL.\M,. Cadghton 
McGEHEE, Harricttc 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

McGHEE, Barry Lewis 
McGOVERN, Diane N. 
M.II.HENNY, V. Dail 
M,:KAIG, Sally Jean 
McKENZIE, Donald Keith 

Fredericksburg, Va. 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Kailua, Hawaii 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Bluefield, W. Va. 

Mrl. \IGHLIN, Douglas Farnham 
M. 11. AN. Lawrence Evans 
M, I.I.CJI). James Milburn 
.McPHERSON, William Vann, Jr. 
McQUOWN, Dorothy Inza 

Mvstic, Conn. 

Hasbrouck Hts., N. J. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Dm-ham, N. C. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

MfWHORTER, Evelvn Elaine 
MEANS, Deborah Elizabeth 
Mil, ION, Thomas H. 
\nA(,l., Steven Reid 
Mi.KC :K, Lorraine 

Charleston, W. \'a. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Himtington, W. Va. 

Dayton, Ohio 

Old Brookville, N. Y. 

MERKEL. Fergusson 
MERW IN. Crier Humphrey 
.\IK:HAE1.. Cavle Edwin 
MILES, James Melvin 
MILLER, Patrick Henry 

Nashotan, Wis. 

Washington, D. C. 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Pink Hill, N. C. 

Dallas, Tex. 

MILLER. Richard Wavne 
Mill IK, KoIm ,1 Mi, I,, 1,1 

Mil 1 1 K K"l- ii "M, Mil 

\1l^\| K, K,IN IIUIIIIM.J 

Ml ICII 1,1,1,, M.nrl Bull 

Barrington, 111. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

New Brunswick, N. J. 

Ocean Grove, N. 'j. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 



MORRIS, Elizabeth Carey 
MORRIS, Richard James 
MOSHER, Sandra Sue 
MOSS, Judith Adele 
MOSS, Margaret Elaine 

MOTCH, Elton Franklin 
MUELLER, Nancy Patricia 
MUELLER, Robert Joseph 
MULLEN, James Nicholls 
MULLIGAN, James Bruce 

MULLINS, Jeffry Vincer 
MYERS, DiAnna Lynne 
NEBLETT, Beverly Ann 
NEILL, Charles Glass, Jr 
NEIS, John McCormick 

NELSON, Gary Rohde 
NEWMAN, Frances Gail 
NEWSOME, David Anthony 
NEY, Richard Joseph 
NICHOLAS, Peter Michael 

NICHOLS, William James 
NICHOLSON, Roscoe Fisher 
NIELSEN, Carl John 
NILSSON, Jonathan Nils 

NIMNICHT, EUzabeth An 
NOBLETT, Sara Carev 
NOLAN, Harry Lee 
NOLAN, Pamela 
NOLL, Emmett Eusjene 

Washington, D. C. 

Greenville, S. C. 

Arlington, \a. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Katonah, N. Y. 

Gastonia, N. C. 

Paducah, Ky. 

Lexington, Ky. 

Rockford, 111. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Anderson, S. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Lerona, W. \a. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

Santurce, Puerto Rico 

Massapequa Park, N. Y. 

Baltimore, Md. 

.•\rlington, Va. 

Mountain Home, Tenn. 

Wilmettc, 111. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Kilmarnock, \'a. 

Shelby, N. C. 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

Millerstown. Pa. 

MOCK, Nicloria Lrola 
MOKMl.M.\NN, Holly Ellen 
MOl'I Vr, I'.lizabeth Ann 
MONT.UaiE, Linda Dean 
MON TGOMERY, Diana Bess 

MONTGOMERY, Thomas George 
MONTONYE, Merry Lynn 
MOON, Dwight Bacon, III 
MOORE, James Thomas, Jr. 
MOORE, Jean Rich 

MOORE, Rebecca .\nn 
MOORE, Thomas Franklin, Jr. 
MOORMAN, Kenneth Allen 
MORENG, Joseph H. 
MORRIS, Douglas Claude 

Beaufort, S. C. 

Richland, Pa. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Spruce Pine, N. C. 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Glen Rock, N. J. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Mebane, N. C. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

PleasantviUe, N. Y. 

Lexington, Mass. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Martinsville, Va. 

Ridgefield, N. J. 
Americas, Ga. 

m jP ^ ^ a 

o ^ o 
r^ (pii p pf^ 

J^ P ^ ,^^ ^ 



NORBURN, Russell Lee, Jr. 
NORTON, James Larry 
NORTON, James Randolph 
NOTTINGHAM, [on Martin 
NUNEZ, Peter Kent 

NYBERG, Lois Meredith 
OAKLEY. Patricia Louise 
OGDEN. Philip C:ase. Jr. 
OGLE.SBV. Tlioinas R.. Ir. 

O'KENNON, Robert J 
O'MEARA. Marilvn A 
ONKEN, Susan C:harlc 
OSTHOFF. Anita Mar 
PACE. Ellen Malotle 

imes, Jr 

AsheviUe. N. C, 
ThomasviUe, N. C, 

C:harlottc. N. C 

Gharlottesville, \'a 

Freehold, N. J 

Warwick. R. I. 

Cornelia, Ga. 

Terryville, Conn. 

VVinston-Salcm. N. C. 

VVinterviUe. N. C:. 

Hopewell. \ a, 

Erie. Pa, 

Cincinnati. Ohic: 

Hinsdale, 111 

Cincinnati. Ohio 

^ P f) ^ f^ 

fh - p ^ '-' 

"^ o ^ fA> i^ 

/T) (^ D .P 

f^ ^ f} ^ ^ 


PAC:K.\RI). Janice Alden 
PAOCIVI 1. Knv Allen, Jr. 

PAINTER, Prudence Steele 
PALMER, Mars^ith Janice 
PALMITER, Richard DeForest 
PARILLA, Christine 
PARKER, George Hinson, III 


ihn Wallace 
,iird Dean 
nsan Elizabeth 

PEAC:H, Stephanie Miriam 
PEARSON, Charles .Almond. HI 
PECOR, Patricia Anne 
PENNINGTON, Claude Mitchell 
PERHAM, Andrea Jean 

FERINE. Philip C. 
PERRY, James HiUiard 
peters; Donna Sue 
PETERS. William Ritchie 
PHELAN. Charles William 

PHYFER. Paul Jones 
PICCIRILLO.John .Anthony 
PICKETT. Helen Louise 
PIERC:E. Sally Hunt 
PIERPONT, Carolyn Elizabeth 


Baltimore, Md. 

London, England 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Mountain Lakes, N. J. 

Franklin, Va. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Stroudsburg, Pa. 

Marion, N. Y. 

Miami, Fla. 

Athens, Ga. 

Durham, N. C. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Shelburne, Vt. 

Morton, Pa. 

Richmond, \a. 

West Orange, N. J. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Cayce, S. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Mt. Prospect, 111. 

Geneva, 111. 

New Hyde Park, N. Y. 

Alexandria, Va. 

Kinston, N. C. 

Westfield, N. J. 

^ f^ ^1 (^ 




RAMAGE, Joseph Cowan 
RAMSEUR, Mary Rast 
RAMSEY, William Carev 
RANDOLPH, Maijorie Armstion 
RANSEY, Anne Loc 

RANSON, Richard Cloljb 
RAST ALL, Pcgeiv Lang 
RAUB, Antoinette 
RAY, Andrena Elizabeth 
RAY, Mary Janice 

RAYL, Melanie Jov 
REDMOND, Larry Holli; 
REED, Brenda Ann 
REED, Donald Brester 
REEVES, Elizabeth Jame 

RENFRO, C:arl Bic 
RincL, M, Mill, I ( :. 
Rices, Millard M 

RIMER, Alan E. 
ROBERTS, William A, 
ROBERTSON, Sandra Margate 
ROBINS, Judith Alan 
ROBINSON, Hugh Burgess, Jr. 

ROBINSON. Peter Alfred 
ROEDIGER. John Harger 
ROGERS. Caiol Anne 
ROGERS, Edward David 

Baltimore, Md. 

.Anderson, .S. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Hollywood, Fla. 

Clharlotte, N. C:. 

Sea Girt. N. J. 

C:happaqua. N. \' . 

Sumter, S. C:. 

Hcndersonville, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 
Asheville, N. C. 
Camden, S. C. 
Cheshire, Conn. 
Durham, N. C:. 

Wilson, N. C:. 

Martinsville, \'a. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
High Point, N. C. 
Morganton, N. C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Toledo, Ohio 

Greenwich, Conn. 

High Point, N. C. 

Winter Park, Fla. 

Englewood, C:ol(: 

Nashville, Tenii 

Westfield. N. J 

Haworth. N. j 

Fayetteville, N. S' 

PLONK. Janus Wendell 
POKORNY, ,\ndy 
PONDER, Joe Walker 
PORTER, Sharon Smith 

■;. Susan Bu.sse 

:HE IT. Anne Sartin 

OUINBY, Miriam Josephine 
R.A.BENHOR.ST, James F. 
R.ASBERRY, Jane \'ail 
RAGAN. Martha Rebecca 
RAKER, Herbert Thompson 

Mountain, N. C. 

Newell, S. D. 

Irwin, Pa. 

Mt. Pocono, Pa. 

Walworth, Wis. 

Goldsboro. N. C. 

Morrisville, Pa. 

Kannapolis, N. C. 

Highland Park. lU 

High Point N C. 

Orlando, Fla. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Kinston, N. C. 

Archdale, N. C. 

Crawfordville, Fla. 


Sti^. mt 



I? p #^ 



ROM, Karen T. 
ROMAN, William Bradford, Jr 
ROSCHEN, George Henry 
ROSE, Charles Peete 
ROSENBERGER, Wilhelmina 

ROSS, Courtney B. 
ROSS, Suzanne Meador 
ROUSE, Welbv Corbett, Jr. 
RUDIGER, Rosalind Louise 

Runov, I 

RIN^ W. 

RU I KIN, : 

Notoddcn, Norway 

Carol Gables, Fla. 

Lansdale, Penn. 

Henderson, N. C. 

Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Brevard, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Hawthorne, N. Y, 

Pensacola, Fla. 

Kings Mountain, N. C. 

West Orange, N. J. 

Brevard, N. C. 

W~l ,^ - * W^ ^^j.. Ify^ 

0f% ^ jf^'^s, r^ p^ 


li i ^kdikiiM 

S.\LISBURY, Stephen Robert 
SALO, Keniick Vincent 
S.\MONDS. Janet Eloisc 
S.ANDERS. Maiiann Kin en 
S.\ND.STE.\D, Mollis William, 

S.ANGSTON, James Howard 
SARAFIAN, Peter Gregory 
SAWERS, Jerry Brian 
S.AWERS, Larry B. 

SCHMIDT, Clifford Matthew, Jr. 
SCHROEDER, Jacob Michael 
SE.AGREAVES, Warren Frank, Jr 
SEEMAN, Charlotte Gail 

SEWELL. Robert Alvin 
SH.ACKFORD, John Starlin 
SHARTLE, John Adam 
SHAW, Rosalie Ann 
SHELDON. Clifford George 

SHERIDAN, Alice Murrell 
SHINX. Harry Livingston 
SHIPPS, Jan Elizabeth 
SHINES, William Barry 

SHUFF, Clark Lee 
SIEGEL, Lawrence Bruce 
SIMEON, C:arole Lee 
SIMMONDS, Robert Mali 
SISK, Michael 

Collingswood, N.J. 

Manchester, N. H. 

Durham, N. C. 


Sterling, Colo. 

Hopewell, N. J 

Londonville, N. Y 

Tenafly, N. J, 

Needham, Mass, 

Needham, Mass 

Wilmington, Del 

Newton, N. J 

Riverside, Conn 

AUentown, Pa 

.\rlington, Va 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Troy, Ohio 

Richmond, Va. 

West Long Branch, N. J. 

Chicago, 111. 

Charlotte^ N. C. 

Fayetteville, N. Y. 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Bridgeton, N.J. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Spring Valley, N. Y. 

High Point, N. C. 

" Verona, N.J. 

Reading, Pa. 

n f> f^ 


SKINNER, Rolx-it Nelson 
SKODOL, HoUv Anne 
SMITH, Calvin' P., Jr. 
SMITH, Clayton Fitzhugh, 
SMITH, Donald Edward 

SMITH, Elizabeth Anr 
SMITH, Emily Carol 
SMITH, Frances Ann 
SMITH, Jerry Harvev 
SMITH, Letitia Anne 

Durham, N. C. 

Glassport, Pa. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

ThomasviUe, N. C. 

Granite Falls, N. C. 

Kenncsaw, Ga. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 

Staunton, Va. 

Charlotte, N. C. 


SMI'lH, Marcia Sharon 
SMITH, Patricia Brandon 
SMITH, Thomas Sidney 
SMOOT, Edith A. 
SMOTHiERMAN, Robert Ridley 

Hampton, Va. 

Asheville, N. C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Nashyille, Tenn. 

SNAPP, Mary Rowena 
SNE.AD, Ma.xwell .Arrington, Jr 
SNOW, Sabin Tucker 
SPALDING, Joan Ingham 
SPECK, Linda Jean 

SPENCER, Stewart Thorne 
SPENCER, William Sherwood 
SPETH, Bonnie Jean 
SPRINGER. John William 
SPRUILL, John Reynold 

SPRUILL, Louise Mcintosh 
STALLINGS, Ken Maynard 
ST.ATTENFIELD, Daniel Barry 
.STEED, Ronald Craig 
STEELE, Thomas Wesley 

STEEN, Marcia Lynne 
.STEIN, Jerry Brooks 
STEIN, Richard Nathan 
STEPHEN, Frederick Ro: 
STETTLER, Kathleen C; 

.STEVENS, Janet E. 
STEVENS, Joel Bartlett, III 
.STEVENS, Thomas Joseph 
STEWART, David Nisbet 
STILWELL, Louise Alison 


i Davis 

STRICKLAND, James Edward 
STUBBS, Thomas Harold, II 

Bristol, Tenn. 
Denver, Colo. 
Plainfield, N. J. 
Toledo, Ohio 
Raleigh, N. C;. 

Barrington R. I. 

Hollywood, Fla. 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Sandusky. Ohio 
Roper, N. C;. 

Chcraw, S. C;. 

Durham, N. C. 

Chatham, N. J. 

Greensboro, N. C:. 

Spartanburg, S. C:. 

Manhasset, N. V. 

Fayetteville, N. C:. 

Tampa, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Passaic, N. J. 

Ridgewood, N. J. 
Kingsport, Tenn. 
Asheville, N. C. 
Carol Gables, Fla. 
Ft. Devens, 

Lynbrook, N. V. 

Winston-.Salem, N. C, 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Middletown. Ohio 

# ^ (? ^ ^ 

O f^ ^ ^ P 
O P f^ f^ 

m 9 9 o as 

p p f^ o 9 



STUCKEY, Carol LaGrande 
SULLIVAN, John Hansell 
SWAIN, Elizabeth 

SWASEY, Allan \inrcnt 
SWEGER, Daniel M. 
SYDNOR, C:aroline Meade 

\FT, Charles \an 

\GGART, Barbara Icsephi 

TAYLOR, leanettr 
TAYLOR. I.urv W 
TAYLOR. IImmims 
TERRELL, lolni ( 
THOMAS, l)oui;la: 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Maiden, Mass. 

AsheviUe, N. C. 

Wavne, N. J. 

iton-Salem. N. C. 

C;recnville, N. C:, 

Louisburg, N. C:. 

C;harlotte, N. C. 

Dunedin, Fla, 

East Hampton. N. Y, 

p P e f^ 
^ B ^ 



^ P 



hard Mile 
V Tim 

TOnn. Joseph Hampton 

TODD, Margery Lee 
TOUSEY, Gail Marie 
TRACY, William Ferber 
TRAINOR, Mary Melissa 

TRENT, Rebecca Gray 
TRIMBUR, Naney Jean 
TROTT. David Walter 
TUCKER, William Hiram. HI 

TURNER, Jack Sherrill 
TWIGG, Margaret Jane 
TVNDALL, Marv Louise 
UIBI.E. David Robert 
ULRK:H, William Paul, Jr 

\IC:KERY. Raymond E.. |r. 

\ IFRKGG, Arthur B. 

\ l\( I XT, Roger Sherman 

\ IM INNER, Jane 

\ . .N( , ANON, Charles Alfred 

.anglev A.F.B.. \a. 

Lake City. S. C. 
il Mountain. Tenn. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Favetteville, N. C:. 

Bettendorf, Iowa 
Wayne, N. J. 
Jacksonville, Fla. 
Lakeville, Conn. 
South Bend, Ind. 

Durham, N. C. 

Warren, Ohio 

arden City, N. Y. 

Flint, Mich. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Durham, N. C. 
High Point, N. C. 

Kinston, N. C. 
Shaker Hts., Ohio 

.■\udubon, N. J. 

N'ienna, \'a 

.\rlington, \'a 

Dedham, Mass 

Franconia, N. H 

.Sanford, N. C. 


WATSON, Katrina [olinso 
WATSON, William Edwar 
WEAVER, Janet Marie 
WEBB. Richard Stanley 
WEBBER, Winona Louise 

WEEKS, Barbara Kay 
WEEKS, Beverly X'aushn 
WEiDMAN, H. Robert 
WELDON, Nancv Leila 
WELLS, Richard Dousrlas 

WELLS, William Allen 
WEST, David LeRov 
WESTERMAN, Charles Edward, Jr. 
WHARTON, Paul Burke 
WHEAT, Polly 

WHEELER, Harold Neil 
WHEELER, Michael Olson 
WHISNANT, John K., Jr. 
WHITE, Christine Perry 
WHITE, Jane Dale 

WHITE, Thomas Shcrwcll 
WILBOLRXE, Harriet Sharon 
WILCiOX, Lan.lis Melrose 
WTLKIXS, William Fhomas 


Raleii;h, N. C. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Nashville, N. C:. 

Miami, Fla. 

Winter Park, Fla. 

..\iken, S. C:. 

Durham, N. C. 

Richmond, \a. 
Charlotte, N. C:. 
Clen Rock, N. J 

Woodland, N. C. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Keyport, N. J. 

Aiken, S. C. 

Columbia, S. C. 

rosse Pointe, Mich. 

Shelby, N. C:. 

Glen Head, N. Y. 

Shelby, N. C, 

Greenville, S. C:. 

Winter Park, Fla. 

Lillingtcn, N. C. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Norman, Okla. 

Charleston, W. \a. 

Columbia, S. C:. 

Herts, England 

Birmingham. Mich. 

WAAL.XNI), n.uhara Jane 
WALDI.N, |ohii I i.mklin 
WAI.Dki II'. < ,u< iMlnlvn Johnston 
WAl.KI.K. Montgomery 

W.M.L, H.iv.-n Neill 
W.M.I. |ai k tlardner 
W All. ACL, Patti Eloise 
W.\.N(;L. .Sandra F. 
WARD, Ella Burns 

WARD, Peter Rockwell 
\V.\RD, Terry Emerson 
WARDER. Frank Reid 
W.ASHBURN, Barbara Jane 
W.A.TKINS, William Samuel, Jr 

Corning, N. Y. 

Tampa, Fla. 

C:orpus C;hristi, Tex. 

Richmond, Va. 

Rock Island, 111. 

Rainelle, W. Va. 

Burlington, N. C;. 

Pearl liiver, N. Y. 

Massapequa. N. Y. 

Rowland, N. C. 

Sierra Madre, Calif. 

Lakeland, Fla. 

Anderson, S. C. 

Bloomington, III. 

Durham. N. C. 









^ ^ w 









^ i; 
















WILLIAMS, Martha Elizabeth 
WILLIAMS, Melvin Guv 
WILLIAMS, Pattijean ' 
WILLIAMS, Richard Gordon, Jr. 
WILLIAMSON, John Neville 

WILLIS, Marv A. 
WII.IAVr.RTn, B.-n Matthews 
Wll.M >\. I'.iiiM 1. 1 Gail 
\VIXM( >\, I.MM.s F. 
WI.\/i:i,I.K. W'lHiam Charles 

WISE, Nancy Marie 
WOLF. Mary Magdalene 
VVOMBLE. William Fletcher, Jr 
WONSIDLER. Robert Ray 
WOOLSEY, Frank Mahlon 

.Alcoa. Tenn. 
Pink Hill, N. C. 
Scottsdale, Ariz. 
Wellesley, Mass. 
Wauseon, Ohio 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Montour Falls, N. Y. 

.\rlington, \'a. 

Goral Gables, Fla. 

Napoleon, Ohio 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Cicero, 111. 

iton-Salem, N.C:. 

Hellertown, Pa. 

Delmar, N. Y. 









\^^ T 




\\ ()() I I \, Mary Bryan 
WOKDl N, Susan Frances 
WRK.ll 1, Joseph DeWitt 
W ULl SBERG, Einar John 
WYNNE, Daucne 

YAGER, Sue Ann 
YAKE, Jeffry Thomas 
YARNALL, Lynn Louise 
YARNALL, Wayne Heritage 
YOCUM, Edward Strickland 

YORK, Tekla .\ 
ZAUGG. Marv 
ZEREN. Richan 
ZINN, Thomas 


Kinston, N. C. 

San Francisco, Calif. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Arlington, Va. 

Livingston N.J. 

Silver Spring, Md 

Titusville, N. J. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Stone Harbor, N.J. 

Larchmont, N Y. 

Fort Thomas, Ky. 


r -r^^-m 



Betsy Pit'i-ce. Sec'y, 

Syl\ia Matthews, Treas 

Barbara Brod, Pres 

Oarol Todd, V.P 



Carol Ramsey, V.P. 
Carol Williams, Pres. 
Harriet Hester, Treas. 
Kitten I lorack. Sec'y. 


Mike Waggoner, Pros. 
Perry Grace, V.P. 



Jack Onder, V.P. 

Tom Thompson, Pres. 

Willy .Sanders, Sec'y.-Treas. 






Charleston, W. Va. 

Goldsboi-o, N. C. 
Johnson City, Tenn. 

New York, N. Y. 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Lenoir, N. C. 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Burlington, \t. 

Denver, Colo. 

Glen Ridi?e, N. J. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Lancaster, N. Y, 

Thomasville, Ga. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Towson, Md. 


fs (!^ 






^ Ci 







1^ JtA 





B.\SS. Il.wn WA'NN 

.A I 1 


Morganton, N. C. 

HiUsboro, N. C. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Brielle, N. J. 

Columbia, S. C. 
Bishopville, S. C. 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Ramalleh, Jordan 
Ridgewood, N. J. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
Durham, N. C. 
Lancaster, S. C:. 
DcWitt, N. Y. 

,n o o g 

P f^ C' (f^ G 




East Northport, N. Y. 

Norwalk, Iowa 

Orlando, Fla. 

Longmeadow, Mass. 

Richmond, Va. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Baldwin, N. Y. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Corpus Christi, Tex. 


. P P f^ 9 

^ (^ (v^ ^ 
ik^tk i»ifc d^ i^ 

fi P ^ ^ 






Winston-Salem, N. C. 

St. Albans, W. Va. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sioux City, Iowa 

Pittsfield, Mass. 

Charlotte, N. C:. 

Walhalla. S. C. 

Raleigh. N. C. 

Palm Beach, Fla. 

Oyster Bay, N. ^^ 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Staten Island, N. Y. 

East Point, Ga. 

y^k ^^^kJ^k 



BINNLNc;. li.\RB.\R.\ 


Fairport. N. Y. 

Pensacola, Fla. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Miami, Fla. 

MorrisviUe, Pa. 

PikesviUe, Md. 

Miami, Fla. 

Westfield, N. J. 

Lexington, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Ft. Belvoir, Va. 

Mooresvillc, N. C. 

I .Seattle, Wash. 

Lenoir, N. C. 

Oklahoma Citv, Okla. 

f^ O f^ ,:v 

p fj fN r a 


broesc:hi.. TRAXIS CH.VRLES 


Montclair, N. J. 

Portsmouth, Va. 

Casper, Wyo. 

Wooster, Ohio 

<lew Bern, N. C:. 

Kingspoit, Tenn. 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

Houston. Tex. 

Richmond, Va. 

Antioch, 111. 

C:onway, .S. C. 

Lake City. S. C. 

.Anderson. S. C. 

Washington, D. C. 






Butler, N.J. 

Durham, N. (:. 

n Antonio, Tc.x. 

Boone, N. C. 

Sanford, N. C. 

Lakeville, Conn. 

Falls Chiuch, \a. 

Fayetteville, N. C:. 

Jarden Citv, N. Y. 

Springfield, \'a. 

Clearwater, Fla. 

London, England 

ianta Fe, N. Mex. 

Mobile, Ala. 










CL.\KK. inllN 
CL.XKKI,. Mill 
CL.\\ . Willi \ 
CLA^MAX, |l 


;r,ORr;r f:ALVERT 

Toronto, Canada 

Berlin, Conn. 

Henderson, N. C. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

West Islip, N. Y. 

Burlington, N. C. 
Prairie Village, Kan. 
Kennebunk, Maine 


CONI)( )\. I) \\ II) \l 



P P O O 

C:.\R.STEX, |.\CK c:. 


c:h ANI ,^ , s \k Ml I ( II isi'. 

CH AKLI.N, \l l.\N l)\\ II) 
CHKRNI.sll. Wll.l.lA.M N(;RMAN 


c:hurchii.i \i ii i nw ard 
c:lark, \\ii\ ( \i i:s 

C:LARK, H.\R01.I) 1 r anklix 
c:i..\rk. j.vmes lic;ox 

Winnetka, 111. 

Henderson, N. C. 

Westfield, N.J. 

Stamford, Conn 

Wadesboro, N. C 

Rumson, N. J. 

Pointe Farms, Micii. 

Kensington, Md. 

Duncan, S. C;. 

Newark, Del. 

Clark, N. J 
Sioux City, Iowa 

Vonore, Tenn. 

Arlington, Va. 
Charlotte, N. C. 

p f^ 'f> /f?^ f 
f ^^ ^ l§ ^ 

a ^ fi p 


p p p (? 

f^f) ^(^ 

fT. if^. 



DANIS, l; \\ I 1 K LKE 
DAMS. I \\l I < )\\r. 
DAVIS, Ml.lliA )I,AN 


Astoria, N. Y. 

Durham, N.C, 
Montgomery, Ala. 
Miami Shores, Fla. 
Coalwood, W. \ a. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Williamsburg, \'a. 

Washington, "D. C. 

.Anderson, S. C. 

Midland, Tex. 

Harriman, Tenn. 

Portsmouth, \a. 

.\nnapolis, Md. 

Strahane, Pa. 

Taylorsville, N. C. 

^ (^ n r <ri 



C:()X. WILLIAM DONAI^D Richmond, Va. 

Ck \l\. Ml \l<( >\ ANN 
( :R AM) \l,l Kl 1 II .\NN 
CILL. I'\\!l,l,\ I.I.AINE 

CUMMi.\(;s. io^-c:e 

Bloomington, 111. 

Webster Groves, Mo. 


Hollis, N. Y. 

Signal Mountain, Tenn. 


Clearwater, Fla. 

Shelby, Ohio 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Hollywood, Calif. 

F a 

<!^ O f^ 




P A a 


h P 

f^ o p 





i:)()ni).M.\RY IRENE 

Dmham, N. C. 

El Dorado, ."^rk. 

London, England 

Canton, Ohio 

Tampa, Fla. 

Silver Spring, Md. 
Bayside, Va. 
Falls Church, Va. 
Falls Church, Va. 
Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Charleston, S. C. 

Athens, Ga. 

Durham, N. C. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Lockport, N. Y. 




DUNN: |l>sl 
DUSRLN. 1)1 



Lititz, Pa. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

Newburgh, N. Y. 
York, Pa. 

Wenham, Mass. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Richmond, \'a. 

Washingtonville, N. Y. 

Ft. Pierce, Fla. 

Clumbcrland, Md. 

Birmingham, ,\la. 

Miami, Fla. 

Bluefield, W. \'a. 

Williamsport, Pa. 

o >^ ..i!r. #-"fi 

£■ O 0^ O <l^ 

FEA^. H\Kli\K \ I'.r.MNI'. 
FEC;H|-.1<. ( IIRIM INI. \N\ 
FEELY. R< )l;i K I 1,\ I, JR. 
FICKLIN, .M \K^ K \Ki )1.1NE 


FISH, s\K,\ r.i,i7.\BrrH 

FISHI.U, I) \\ II) I IN( I )|.N 
FISHl K. \ l\ I \N lu )^ I) 
FLO\ I), W ll.l.l AM ( : ARI.rON, JR. 

•illc Centre, N. Y. 

Bay Shore, N. Y. 

Miami, Fla. 

Vienna, Va. 

Rose Vallev, Pa. 

Mouth of Wilson, Va. 

Abbeville, Ala. 

Winter Park, Fla. 

Davton, Ohio 

Madisonville, Ky. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Wake Forest, N. C. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 

Fairmont, N. C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 


EREK, BRUC:E cowan 

FAHKI I /. Kl ^^11 I 
F.\Kl.s. |i )IIN ( II \K 
FARM I, k. .SI .s.\N 1,1 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Shelby, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Charleston, S. C. 
Lake City, S. C. 
New York, N. Y. 
Baltimore, Md. 
Wilmington, Del. 

Takoma Park, Md. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Washington Grove, Md. 

"Dunwoody, Ga. 

New Orleans, La. 

r ^ 

f% .c^ f^ m f^ 

^ O p fS 





Greensboro, N. C. 

Park Ridge, 111. 

Henderson, N. C. 

Devon, Pa. 

Dhahran, Saudi ."Xrabia 

Roxboro, N. C. 

Springfield, Ohio 

Westport, Conn. 

Tarpon Springs, Fla. 

Newport News, Va. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Flushing, N. Y. 

Port Allegany, Pa. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

J!?» p #^ ^ 

liJ-llMfc/fc tfl 

ft r_. 



. \(; \R, ANNE H. 


Mission Hills, Kan. 

Flushing, N. Y. 
N. Caldwell, N.J. 
Thomasville, N. C. 

RcNboro, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Shelby. Ohio 

Washington, D. C:. 

Catasauqua, Pa. 

Augusta, Ga. 

Lynchburg, N'a. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Mansfield, Ohio 

Portsmouth, Va. 

Marion, N. C. 

p 1^. fb ,o ^ 

■ P P ^ 

p o .9 <^ 




Lawton, Okla. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Lake Worth. Fla. 

Vienna, W. Va. 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 

Franklin, Va 

Memphis, Tenn 

Orlando, Fla 

Silver Spring, Md 

Denver, Colo 

Dre.xel Hill, Pa. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Vadkinville, N. C. 

.\iken, S. C. 

Martinsville, Va. 







Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Dallas, Tex. 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Madison, N. J. 

Malverne, N. V. 

rlu-ad C:ity, N. C 

Greenville, S. C 

Lebanon, Tenn 

ilver Spring, Md 

Millbrook, Ala 

Pittsfield, Mass. 

ChapmanviUe, W. Va. 

Ridgewood, N. I. 

Ctoral Gables, Fla. 

Mobile, Ala. 

HER.XDi )\. M l>l 1 II \\N 

Rye, N. Y. 

Goldsboro. N. C. 

C;olumbia, S. C. 

Wheeling, W. Va. 

C:edar Rapids, Iowa 


Jackson, Ohio 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Port Jefferson, N. Y. 

■ Norfolk, \-a. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

HIGH Willi \M (;.\RY 
HI(;il l< )\\l K, MARY D. 

Southern Pines, N. C. 

Millersburg, Ohio 

Washington, D. C. 

Ca'rnegie, Pa. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

Q f^ O- ^ C' 

f^ t^ P ^ 



., |(> ANN 


1 1, W ANNE 



H,\RRn r. \ORM.\N i.. 
H.\R I . (:\!<( II, I, .\NN 
H,\\ I AS, l,\ 1,1 AN KAYE 
H,\\\(.( M )l), W II, LI AM SHEPARD 

healy, k,\therine winifred 
heix;es, ch.\rles richard 
heiden, shirley .\l\rie 
heidrk:k, roberf linds,\y 


Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Hickorv, N. C. 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Berlin, Md. 

/inter Haven, Fla 

,Veaverville, N. C, 

DanviUe, Va. 

Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Roanoke, Va. 

CircleviUe, Ohio 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Hinsdale, 111. 

Durham. N. C. 


S '^ (*i ^ o 

p ^' f\ r^ ^ 


HUDS( )\. \| \K(, \RKr RIOKE 

HUNT. Nr \R^- FFI.A 
HUSA. (. \K^ W \^ Nl'. 
HUTi;lllNS. N()RNL\N W.\YNE 


Johnstown. Pa 
Brthesda. Md 
Arlington. Va 
Bcthcsda, Md 
Butler, Pa 

Aulnnndale, Mass 
Easley, S. C: 

Spartanburg, S. C 
Greenwich, Conn 
Forest City, N. C 

y.-ttevilic. N. C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Durham, N. C. 
uriington, N. C. 

^ C^ r P 

B m Q p (^ 

•■ n r> o p 








Nashville, Tenn, 

Lawrenceville, N. J, 

Richmond, Va, 

Mountain Lakes, N. J, 

Broomfield, Colo 


Center, W. Va. 

Gieenwich, Conn. 

iston-Salem, N. C. 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Roanoke, Va. 

New Orleans, La. 

Ponte Vedre, Fla. 

Monroe, N. C. 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

d fy O 

rv ^ ^ 

If. p 

p Pi 


|( )II\N( )\. ]l,l I 1 KSON DEEMS 

|( )IINS( IN, I.INls 


Short Hills. N. J. 
Greensboro. N. C). 

Wilmington, Del. 
Mount Airy, N. C. 
ThoiTiasville, N. C. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Garland, N. C. 

Bcthesda, Md. 

Pt. Pleasant Beach, N. J. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

White Plains, N. Y. 

Mt. Gilead, N. C. 




'[on\s'|-o\, I \\ir,s lvnn 

■[OMS^ ('\Ho\.\S 
■jOMS, M \K> I I. LIS 


(). lA A NUI.ICA 
1 , IK i|<( )mV DEBORAH 
'. ^L\R^ lANICE 

Baltimore, Md, 

Pittsford, N. Y. 

Spartanburg, S. C. 


t% e f^ 

Lake Wales, Fla. 

Passaic, N. J. 

aya Del Rey, Calif. 

ine et Oise, France 

Dallas, Tex. 


Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hillsboro, N. C. 
Woodmere, N. Y. 
Fairmont, W. \a. 
mfield Hills, Mich. 

-^ '-^ /^ ^, ^ 







\l FRED 
1,1, ANN 

sMI II \1 \K\IN 
(\ l,^ ( :ll.\l<LES 



lolumbus, Ohio 
diiewood. N. j. 

.Mexandria, Va. 

Hopewell, N. J. 

Tampa, Fla. 

Wayne. N. J. 

New C:anaan, Conn. 



Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 

Hueytown, Ala 

Moorestown, N. J 

Ed.gewater Park, N. 'j 

Short Hills, N. J 

StatesviUe, N. C 

Tenafly, N. J 

Durham, N. C 

Emporia. \'a 

Clark, N. J 


p (r^ ft e ,« 

^- f) ^ P> 






New York, N. Y. 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

.Mamance, N. C. 

Beaufort, N. C. 

Chevv Chase, Md. 

McLean, Va. 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

Kingsport, Tenn. 

Durham, N. C. 

WilUamston, N. C:. 

Towson, Md. 

Monroe, N. C. 

Clarence, N. Y. 

iff Manor, N. Y. 

Boulder, Col. 

» rt o ^ 9 

■it- M 

LEVn, DON.M.I) |.\Y 


i.osee, thomas penny 
i.o\ e, sarah elizabeth 
:.owenbac:h, c:hri,stine hilda 


Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Savannah, Ga. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Pcpperell, Mass. 

Wadfsboro, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Decatur, Ga. 

Flushing, N. Y. 
sivn Harbor, N. Y. 

Garden City, N. Y. 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Lexington, Ky. 
Baldwinsville, N. Y. 

Q ti ^ 9 9 

:. ^ o o ^ 



M \^ N ARI), 
\1 \^M.. 1 l^ 

M. l;K^ 1)1 1 
.\i.(:\i(.. IX 


lol, liOYCE 
.l)\ ( \ROL 
'KIS( ll.L.\ READ 
)r(;i.\S ARTHUR 

McCarthy, paul edward 
McCarthy, william james 


Nokomis, Fla. 

Ft. Worth, Tex. 

Ressemer City, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Norfolk. Va. 

Raleigh. N. C. 
Belmont, N. C. 
Westfield, N. J. 
Durham, N. C). 
Delray Beach, Fla. 

Burlington, N. C. 

Miami, Fla. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Huntington, W. Va. 


l,( :()LM N'lNSON 
Mil- GRAY 
^\ I.RNE 
N ( ) TTO 



Palm Beach. Fla 

Dover. Mass 

\V. Hartford. Conn 

.\tlanta. Ga 

Columbia, S. C 

Toms River. N. ,|. 

Cumberland, Md. 

Forest City. N. C. 

VVashin£;ton, D. C:, 

Greenville. S. C. 

^ t ^ 

P ^i F f^ (^ 

f^' iTi 







Durham. N, C:. 

Huntinmon, W. Xa. 

itaten Island. N. V. 

Kalamazoo. Mich. 

Rockingham. N. C. 



Durham. N. ( :. 
ioxboro. N. C. 
Davttm, Ohio 
•n Ridge, N. |. 

Rochester. N. ^ 
Durham, N. C 
Durham. N. C 
Winnetka. II 
Ashevillc. N. C 

(^■' Q O B 

o e ^, 


,'inston-Salem, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Greensboro, N.C. 

Ashland, Va. 

Garden City, N. Y. 


Yokohama, .Japan 

St. Simons Isl., Ga. 

Columbus, Ga. 

Barneveld, N. Y. 

Montgomery, ."Ma. 


^ ^ 




^ V 




p P 






P fs 







o p o ^ 

ft 1^ (H f^ P 





Jacksonville. Fla. 

Staunton, \'a. 

The Plains, \a. 

. Lauderdale. Fla. 

rhomasville. N. C. 

Solon, Ohio 
W. Lafayette. Ind. 
Ballston Spa. N. Y. 
Kings Park, N. V. 
Orangeburg, S. C. 

Southbury, Conn 

Reading, Pa 

Wilmington. Del 

Palisades Park, N. J 

Jenkintown. Pa 

^ D ,o o 

P f!^ Q O 

OSB< )N 


|( )M\ \ 

l\ (II \KI,ES 




New Bern, N, C. 

Rocky River, Ohio 

Wilmettc, 111. 

Hayti, Mo. 

Walterljoro. S. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

.Saudi .Arabia 

Bethpage, N. Y. 

Arlington, Va. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Long Grove, III. 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Altoona, Pa. 

Wilmettc. 111. 

Denver, Colo. 



C^ f^ 1^ 


PRE.\ I h 


•ON \l.n KEITH 

( >l',l K I DUPREE 

<l( lA RE.\DE 

.l.\.\l WOODROW. JR. 

Salisbury, Md. 

Leaksville, N. C. 

Lane, Pa. 

Chester, S. C. 

eubenville, Ohio 

Howells, N. Y. 

Winnctka, 111. 

Wvncoie. Pa. 

Durham. N. C:. 






N. J. 

Henderson, N. C 

Bishopville, S. C. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Marion, N. C. 

Tampa. Fla. 


RAl'Is \I<I)L s \L CARL 
RAl, l< \l I'll I DWIN 

RIK ) \l)s. \ll( 11 \F,L DAVID 
RICL, .S.M.l.Y .\N.\ 


Newtown, Conn. 

Moadowbrook, Pa. 

Milltown, N. J. 

inston-Salem, N. C. 

Durham, N. C:. 

Maryville, Tenn. 

Richmond, \'a. 

Tcaneck, N. J. 

Chadds Ford, Pa. 

Greenwood, S. C. 

g^- p f> p f% 
<^- (^ ^ !^ €■' 

<^ 1% r> ff ^ 



Greensboro, N C. 

Huntersville, N C 

Jacksonville, Fla 

Winston-Salem, N C 
Pittsbursjh, Pa 

Richmond, \ a 
Raleigh, N C 
Girardeau, Mo 
Durham, N C 
Concord, N ( 

H \l 


SIl.LK \ \\( A I 11/ M'.l.l 
SK \(.< .s, ,\1 \K\ M L 

N ( 

I'ranklin \ ( 

Charleston, \\ \a 

Wilmington, Di I 

Massapequa Park, N ^ 

(^ P >!^ o p 

^ o o r^ 1^ 

fS ^ ^ ^' 





Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Trenton, N.J. 

Madrid, Spain 

Reading, Pa. 

Annandale, Va. 

Tucker, Ga. 

imgstown, Ohio 

Toledo, Ohio 

Florence, S. C. 

eat Neck, N. Y. 

t. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Washington, D. C. 

Fairfe.x, \a. 

/lett Harbor, N. Y. 




0, ^ (T* 




(f^ e 








f f^ 









Charlotte, N. C. 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Charlote, N. C:. 

Harrison. Ohio 
Charlotte, N. C:. 

.Arlington, \'a. 

Julian, N, C. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

New Bern,~ N, C:. 

Garv, Ind. 

Rahway, N. J. 
Lumberton, N. C. 
Greersboro. N. C:. 

Denver, Colo. 
Clew CI- as?. Md. 


: 11 \KI I )l IE ELISE 

^^ll I II, l',\L'I, DENNIS 


Slippery Rock, Pa. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Livingston, Tenn. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

New Bern, N. C. 

Deep Run, N. C. 

Ciharlotte, N. C. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Havelock, N. C. 

Clolumbia, S.C. 

Miami, Fla. 

Fairfield, Conn. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Englewood, Colo. 

Ardmore, Pa. 

a .p fs f^- p. 

rt P -^' a f --^ 


.STOI I . \ll( II \i.l K IX ICKERY 
•STRl.K II, M \K^ .SIS AX 

SUGG, .\NN ' 

s \\l XI JELL 
( ( \ \\N 
s l,l)\V,\RD 

.AsheviUc, N. C. 

Darien, Conn. 

Bridgeville, Pa. 

Brenham, Tex. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Gaithcrsburg, Md. 

Manhasset, N. Y. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Quaker Hill, Conn, 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 





Rose Hill, N, C. 

Mount Airy, N. C. 

Faison, N. C. 

real, Quebec, Canada 

Washington, D. C. 

Bunardsville, N. J. 

Hendersonville, N. C. 

N. Miami, Fla. 

Staunton, \a. 

C:hailotte, N. C. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Sanford, N. C. 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

Lynchburg, Va. 

Washington, N. C. 












X - 














Goldsboro, N. C. 

Richmond, Va. 

Scotia, N. Y. 

Welch, W. \'a. 

Orange Park, Fla. 

Rocky Mount, N. C:. 

Westfield, N. J. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Allison Park, Pa. 

Oxford, N. C. 

<!^ a fi 

r) m^ 


)1. i:i 1/ VHKTH 

M Ml/ MUVrH 
Kl( I \ \l( lUl.TON 




liteville. N.C. 
Dunn. N. C. 

\ienna, Va. 

Macon, Ga. 
nbul. Turkey 

Woodbridge, C:onn 

Bethesda, Md 

Miami, Fla 

.\rlington, \a 

Orlando, Fla 

Olanta, S. C. 

Naugatuck, Conn. 

Asheville. .N. C. 

Kinston. N. C. 

Richmond. \'a. 

^ <^^ P 


fjj H" fi" 










Jacksonville, Fla, 

Arlington, \'a. 

Charlotte, N. C:. 

Greenville, Miss. 

Ada, Ohio 

Baltimore, Md. 
Baldwin, N. V. 
Iowa City. Iowa 
Summit. Pa. 
Beaufort. N. C. 

Raeford, N. C. 

Richmond, Va 

Annandale. \'a 

Garden City, N. V 

larnegat Light, N.J 




w.viKi.xs, i)\\ ID McMillan 

WAll). ( 11 \l<l,l,s li. 

Knoxvillc, Tenn. 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Monroe, N. C. 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Springfield, 111. 

Williamsburg, Va. 

Tampa, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

.\melia, \'a. 

.\lleganv. N. Y. 

Fairfax, \'a. 
Tampa. Fla. 

Belmont. N. C, 

Redding Ridge. Clonn, 

Waukegan. Ill, 

9. ^ O ^ P 

^ n ^ ? 

P fl P <? f^ 



< I'. JR. 
<i )l, .\.\N 


\V11,1.1.\MS. NEIL CARSON 

Moorestown. N. J. 

Oxford. N. C 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Greenville. S. C. 

Louisville, Kv. 

EarlysviUe, Va. 

Norfolk, \'a. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Pawhuska, Okla. 

Washington, N. C:. 

Katonah, N. Y. 

.\sheboro, N. C. 

Rockv Mount, N. C. 

Sanford, N. C. 

Denmark, S. C. 







Candler, N. C. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Macon, Ga. 

Arlington, Va. 

Greensboro, N, C. 

Huntington, W. Va. 

Paducah, Ky. 

Greensboro, N, C:. 

Montclair, N. J. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Winter Park, Fla. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 
Coral Gables, Fla. 
Coral Gables, Fl?. 


0u ^^ 

Q ^ f% 



Madison, Ind. 

Berkeley Hts.. N. |. 

Raleigh, N. C:. 

Canton, Ohio 

West C:hester, Pa, 

Tamp I, Fla. 

Niles, M'ch. 

Frederick, Md. 

Washington, D. C. 

^ /I f^ IB| .Q 
^ Q f% fh 

J^ P C' f^ P 


Y.\RBROl-(;ll 1<M1\ \V 
VODER. M \Ki . \KI I I \I1LV 
YOUNG. El.l/ Mil I II liWKS 

Durham, N. C. 

Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Dallas, Tex. 

Jackson, Mich. 
Falls Church, Va. 

Durham, N. C. 
Builington, N. C. 
South Bend, Ind. 

Kiluiainock, \'a. 

Rridsville, N. C 







Carol Wood, Treas 

Marie Meeker, Secy 

Trish McIKain, Pres 

Nancy Espenshade, V.P, 



Sandy Deckert, Pres 

Beth Barnes. V.P 

Pat Wallendorf. Treas 

Harriet Daniel, .Sec"y 

Mel .Seyfert, WSG.A Rep 


Doug Clhapin, I'ns. 
lini (lldham. Sec' v. -Tic as. 



Pat Coughlan, V.P. 

C:lay Piuitt. Prrs. 

Lcs Smith, Sec'y.-Ticas. 

;iii: DUKi: skmor c:an never eorge 

"What else va havin'?" 

Serve you, please . 


ADAMS, MARY JUDITH, Elementary Educalwn. ZTA; Hoof 'n' 
Horn 1 ; Sorority Pres. 4. 

ADAMS, REX DEE, PolUkat Science. <l>AO; Red Friars; Who's Who: 
OAK, \ H. Pxs 4: BOS; .|.H1'; Varsity D; <I'BK; Judicial Board 4: 

MM .A \ ... I'ms 1. I 1, 1.1. II. ins Board 2, 3; Soph. Class Pres.; Fresh- 
nun 1 1. HIS. r,.s , MIX I',.,,. Hi:*; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; 

Rh.).les S,, 

ADAMS, THOMAS ROBERT, HrUory. ATD; Varsity D; Lacrosse 
1,2; Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. 

AI.EX.WDER, JAMES FLOYD, Psychology. ATA; Nas 

rnt Fellowship 1, 2; NSA 3. 

iH-al Scienci. AXA; BOS; FAC 
I 3; NSA 2, 3, 4. 
KKF; Sandals: Ivy; FAC 4; 

4; Westminster Fellowship 2, 3. 

ALLEN, DAATIl WILLIAMS, ,~„„/„i;,.. HX; Marching Band 2; 

Pn-Nf..l S.„i,u I, ?, V r-|,n.nii(N Pi.'s. 4. 

AXDlK'sCiX |I,l/\P,rill ( NKllSl.E, English. Episcopal Stu- 

\M)LKSI)N KI.NM.III \\ \^^\l,, /'\ychology. Wrestling 1, 2. 

h:' ^ m 

Vffk -^^ 

^ P ^ 

APPEN RICHARD E., Pre-Med. SAE; (!>Hi;; SAFI: Prc-Med Sc 

cicty 1, 2. 3. 

ARNOI.D, JAY L., Mechanical Engineering. ZBT; HiUel Soricty 3, 4 

Swiinmini; 1,2. 

. Campus C:hcst 2 
ship 1, 2, 3, 4; StL 


A'Immm 4. 


Pn-Mi-.l Society 1. 


Pan-Hi-I C;ouncil 3; Rush Advisor 4.' 

KKL; FAC 3: Rush 
<I'K>I'; Pep Board 1; 
AT: Chanticleur 1; 


BALDWIN, MARY FRANCES, Zoology. KKP: House Pres. 3. 
BAREFIELD, THOMAS WILLIAM, 7/»/o; v. I'N; Methodist Stu- 
dent Fellowship 2. 

Pres. of Class 2; Vice Pres. of Class 4; Rush Advisor 3: Transfer 
.\dvisor 4. 

Varsity D; Chrnnicle 1 ; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BARRIER, NORMON G., Sociology. BOS; Relisious Council 4. 
B.VSS, BERTHA JO, .Spanish. KKr;'A<I'PA; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
ludicial Committee 3, 4; WRA 2, 3; Rush Advisor 4. 

Fifth row: 

B.\TTELLE, ANTHONY EUGENE, Business Admtnislralwn, ATil; 
\'arsity D; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2. 
BAUCOM, THOMAS LEE, History. Methodist Student Fellow.ship 
2, 3, 4. 

BAUDER, BRUCE JAMES, Business Adminislratimi. IN; AK1'; 
Student Union 1, 2. 3. 

Sixth tow: 

BEACH, BEATRICE AUREL, English. KA; Methodist Student 
Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Standards 2, 3; Student Union 2, 3, 4. 
BE.ATY, MARY DUNN, Education. Chanticleer 3; Clhapel tihoir 
1,2: Chronicle 1 : Woman's Glee Club 1,2; Westminster Fellowship 1 ; 
Student Forum 3. 

BEWER, H.XRRIET ELIZ.\BETH, History. KA; Nereidian 1; 
WRA 2. 

Sei'rnth ,ow: 

BEBOUT, HARRIET ELIZABETH, Elementary Education. AAA; 

., I.UIHER EDWARD, JR., History. KA. 

.AIRE, SARA LESLY, Accounting. AAA; Chanticleer 1, 2. 3. 

First row: 

BELVIN, WILLIAM SI I Al< I , //,,/,,,, ■I'lsT: l,.iir,„,u s, , . 
BENEDICT, BONNIE II < ilM. /' , , s A I . 'hK A. A'l' 

Chapel Choir 1; Debaf ( il I ', ^ 1 W ,\(,|r, ( , 

Transfer Advisor 4; Cli.iinii.iii Mii.l.iii I ni'Mi Mum. .ind Ai 

C:omm. 3: Board of Govcrnnrs Sec. 4. 


Srcnnd >nw: 


CLEER 2, 3: 'l>BK, lir\ '\ S,,.-Treas. 4. 

BENNETT, Wll lUK | \( KSON, H,sim 

Lacrosse 1, 2, 3. 1 I i.ii. imu I'res. 4. 



. AAA; FAC: 4; Chan 11- 
Kl'; C:ampus C:hcsl 1; 

Third row: 

BENTZEL, ALMA ELIZABETH, Political Science. KA; t:oordinatc 
Board 1, 2; Woman's Glee Club 1; Student Union 3, 4. 
BERUBE, MARILYN MAE, Nursing. Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Woman's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chancel Singers 4. 
BICKFORD, JOSEPH CHOATE, JR., English. i:X; Navy RO'l C. 

BIDDLE, MARGARET ANNE, Religion. Woman's Judicial Boar 



BIXLER, LYNN BERNIECE, History. AI'; CIiiantici i.i.r 1, 7 

Chapel Choir 1; Duke Players 2; Woman's Glee Club 1; Sororit 

Vice Pres. 

Fifth I 



Pres. Shoe 'n' Slipper Club; Football \. 



Sixth row: 

BOOE, E.STHER GUDGER, English. Wliir. I), 
2; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4; F.\C: 3; Woman's ( .1. , ( 1, 
Med Society 1; Publications Board 3; S\ iiipoMuii 

Seventh row: 

BOOS, JOHN DONALD, Mechanical Engineering. 
BOOTH, STUART E., Zoology. ATQ; Pre-Med Society 
Fraternity Sec. 3, 4. 

BOSTOCK, ROY |A(:KS().\, Eniilish. *A(-); Red Frii 
Who: OAK; BOS; .|.|I1; M.n's judicial Board 3. f:h, 
Football 1, 2, 3, 1. ball 1,2.' 


First row: 

BOWNESS, JANE CAROL, Music. <I>KA; Sandals; Ivy; FAC 4 

Woman's Glee Club 1 ; Woman's Judicial Board 3. 


Engineers Guidance Council 3. 

BRADSHAW, BARBARA ANNA, Eni^Ush. AXQ; Chanticleer 1 

Student Union 1, 2, 3. 

.Second row: 

BRAND, GERTRUDE NEILL, FJemenlary Education. -t>M; Pres. 3. 
BRAREN, HERBERT VICTOR, .Socwiogy. ATA; Varsity D; Alpha 
Phi Omega 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Advisor 4; Cross 
Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; ACC Honor Roll 3. 
BRASWELL, STEPHEN RENDER, Political Science. SX; Old 
Trinity Club; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Omega Sigma; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Arnold Air Society; AFROTC 1, 2; Bench and Bar 1; Debate 
Council 1, 2; FAC 2. 

BREEN, ROBERT E., Political Science. ATQ; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Bench and Bar 1; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1; Freshman Class 


BRESEE, LOUIS BOWLES, Mechanical Engineering. SN; ASME 

1, 2, 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2. 


3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BROOME, 0SC:AR WHITFIELD, .{ccmmtmg. Campus Chest 
3, 4; Alpha Kappa Psi Treas.; BOG Sec. 2, Pres. 3. 
BROMHAL, ROBERT LOWELL, Business .Administration, BGIl. 
BROWN, KENDRICK EDWIN, Math. Ai:<i>; Chronicle 1, 2; March- 
ing Band 1, 2. 

Fijth row: 


BROWN, STEPHEN CLINTON, Sociology. BWII; \arsity D; 

Swimming 1, 2, 4. 

BRUMBAUGH, DAVID WILLIS, Business .Administration. Kl; 

Go in. 

Sixth row: 

BRUMBY, RICHARD GRAY, .Math. OK*: NROTC I, 2, 3, 4; 
Wrestling 3, 4. 

BRYAN, KATHLEEN JUDITH, Elementary Education. <1>M. 

Seventh i 

Lacrosse 2, 3, 4; AXA Sec. 3. 

BUCKALEW, M. WALKER, Religion. ATQ; Varsity D; Campus 
Chest 1, 2, 3, 4; FAC 3; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 3, 4; IFC Sec. 

First row: 

BUNDY, JAMES II . Z,/,,,,,/,,,,,^ ^KH; Campus Chest 1, 2; March- 
ing Band 1, 2; Ns \ v lirslmian Class Vice Pres. 
BUNN, RONALD la )\ . l:.i,i„al Science. Chapel Choir 2, 3; Men's 
Glee Club 1, 2, 3, I ica.v 4. Navy ROTC 1, 2; Student Union 2, 3, 4. 
BURBRIDGE, ABIGAIL HAZARD, English. A<t>; Chapel Choir 1: 
Debate Council 1; Duke Players 1; Woman's Glee Club 4; French 
Club Sec; Sorority Chaplain 4. 

Second row: 

BURCH, ROBERT MILDON, Mechanical Engineering. ASME 3, 4; 

Air Force ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Chanticleer 1. 

BURNS, REBECCA SUE, English. Freshman YWCA Pres. 1; 

Advisor 3; WSGA Council 4; House Pres. 4. 

BUROW, RICHARD WILCOX, Electrical Engineering. ^CX; ASME 

3, 4; Marching Band 3, 4. 

Third row: 



BURTON, BARBARA LEE, Psychology and .\lalh. 

Debate Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Religious Council 4. 

BURTON, LESLIE H., Enghsh. AAII; Coordinate Board Chm. 4. 

BUSH, JACK R.ANDOLPH, JR., Economics. KA; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 


117/,,, Old 


Trinity CUub; OAK; Air Force ROTC 1, 2; ( Ihan 1 1, i i i R 2. 3 

Business Mgr. 4; Ba.seball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball I ; Man liiiii; Band I 

WDBS 3; Publications Board 3, 4; Fraternity Reporter 4. 

BUFF, BONNIE, .Mirsmg. Chapel Choir 1, 4. 

BYRD, KENNETH ALFRED, Math. Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; Men'' 

Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4. 



Supply . . 


Firsl rmv: 

HM<\I.. RK:HARD REDMAN, Political Scince. <I>K>r 

Cl.r Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 


( : AI.KINS, KATIILEKN C:i,INf;H, Iliston. ITB'l.- Student 

Wrestling 2. 

CAMPELL, EDWARD SIDNEY, Math. Swimining 1 2- 
1, 2, 3, 4. ■ ' 

Third row: 

CARDWELL, MARTHA W., Hulnry. A*; Chanticleer 1, 2- 
FAC 3; Rush Advisor 4; Sorority Vice Pres. 

Chest 2; Debate Council 2, 3, 4; Pep Board 1; Student Forum 1, 2; 
Symposium Clomm. 4; TKA 3, 4. 



C'ARPENTER, RANDLE BURT, Pnltliail Sciena: IX; Old Trinity 
Club, OAK; Bench and Bar 1, 2, 3, 4: FAC 2; Chairman Student 
Union Major Attractions Comiri. 3; Student Union Board of Gover- 
nors 4; YMC;A Board of Directors 3, Pres. 4. 

CARRAWAY, ROBERT DORFF, Religion. Debate Council 1, 2, 
3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Advisor 3. 

/••(///) row: 

CARSON, CHKISI<)I'H1:R LEONARD, English. -^AE; Chapel 
Choir 1, 2; .\1( n s Cli r ( liili I, 2; Lacrosse 1. 
CARSTARl'HK.X. WILLIAM HENRY, Political Science. <I>AH. 
C:ARTER, ROBERT MILLS, Hislory, Campus Chest 1, 2; Senior 
Class Council 4; Student Homecoming Comm. 4; IDC Vice Pres 3, 

Sixth row: 

C:ARTWRIGHT, MARY ELAINE, French. Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; 

FAC: 4; Symphony Orchestra 3, 4. 

CASTO, ALICE BOYD, .Nursing. FAC 2. 

C:.\TES, DOROTHY ELLEN, Political Science. AAA; Student Union 

3, 4. 

Seventh row: 


,il Scie 

"I'K'r: Ten- 

CHAMBERLIN, DELIA ANN, French. KA0; Scc.-Treas. Fresh- 
man ^■MC:.\: Chanticleer Beauty Queen 3; Homecoming Queen 4. 
(:H.\.\1BERS, ROBERT HUNTER, III, Business Administration. 
ATti; Student Union 3, 4; .Asst. Housemaster 4; Pres. .\K^^. 



Old Tiinitv Club: Order of St. Patrick; Corsairs; OAK; BOS; HKN 

TBIl; rill: AIEE 3, 4; Engineering Student Council 3, 4; FAC 3: 

NROTC; 1. 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1; Pres. Sr. Engr. Class; Pres. Jr. Engr 

Class; OAK Pres.: Clommander NROTC Unit. 


3, 4; Commodore Club I. 2. 3. 4. 

CHAPPELL, GRAHAM EDWARD, Engineering. ASME 2, 3, 4. 

CHENAULT, HARTWELL LYNN, Music. KKT \'ice Pres. 3; 
Concert Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 2: Hoof 'n" Horn 2; March- 
ing Band I. 2, 3, 4. Pres. 2; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 4; WDBS 1, 2. 
CHERRY, H.VSKILLE SCOTT, History. Al.|., Sec. 3, Pres. 3, 4; 
Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CHESNUTT, EDWIN LEE, Cinl Engweering. -l-AW; ASC:E 3, 4; 
Engineering Student C!ouncil 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 3, 4; 
Varsity D. 

Third row: 

CHRI.STIE, CARTER BYRON, Economics. ^X; Bench and Bar 
Pen 2. 

C:LARY, WILBA |EAN, English: Pep Board I, 2. 
Pep Board 1,2: WDBS 1,2. 

CLEMENT, CURTIS HARTEL, /v™,„m„>. .\K'r NROTC 1 -> 
3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 4. 

CLINKSCALES, ANN CARLISLE, C""'"?)- HB-l': Ntreidian. 
C:OBLE, JANET RUTH, Elemenlarr Educalwii. AAIl; Campus Chesi 
2; FAC 4; Woman's Judicial Board 3; Pep Board 1; YWCA Cabinet 

Fifth row: 

CODDINGTON, SUSAN, Engli.di. ZTA; Cihapel Choir 

Woman's Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4; SU Board of Governors 


Board 1; Pre-Med Society 1, 2. 

COHN, DONALD LEE, Electrical Engineering. ^X, AFROTC 1 

AIEE 3, 4. 


.Si.xth row: 

CONDIT, ROBERT BRUCE, Chcmistiy. .\XA; Concert 
Duke Ambassadors I ; Marching Band 1, 2; Pre-Med Soci. 
Symphony Orchestra 1 . 

CONDYLES, G. EDWIN, History. Bench and Bar 4: On, 
CONNELLY, JAMES I)., /?„«„«. .idminislrnlion -I'AH 
1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; IFC Treas. 

Seventh i 



COOK, MARTHA LYNN, .Sociolog; 

Panhellenic Council 3, 4. 


COOMBES, DAVID HARRISON, P,c-.\I,d. Pre-Med Society 

f^. Ci r> 


P\ P \.' 

f^ /^ j>.) 


Finl row: 

COSANS, ERNEST JAMES, Mechanical En^m, 
Basketball 1. 

Union 2, 3; UN Model Assembly 3: Swiminini. 

ing. ASME 2, 3, 4; 

2; Student 


Si-cond row: 

Air Society; Varsity D; Air Force ROTC; 1, 2, 3, 4; Court of Ap- 
peals 3, Chrm, 4; CUass Vice Pres. 4; Housemaster 4; Swimming 
1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1. 2, 3, 4. 

COX, CANDY CHARLES, Elementary Education. ZTA; Chapel 
Choir 1, 2; Duke Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Glee Club 1, 2; Hoof 'n' 
Horn 1,2; NSA 1,2; Chancel Singers 1, 2. 

Third row: 

Student Union 2, 3. C:hrm. Social Comm. 4; Sorority Rush Chrm 4 
CREIGH, BETTSY, .Mirsmg. FAC 2; Student Union 1, 2, 3, Board 
of Governors 4; Nurses Handbook Co-Editor 3, Editor 4 
CROLL, WILLIAM PAUL, Mechanical Engineering. SAE; Soccer 
1, 2, 3; Fraternity Rush Chrm. 3, Vice Pres. 4. 

h'liurlh row: 

CRONIN, VIRGINIA MAY, History. AXQ; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3- 
FAC 3; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Woman's Judicial Board 4. 
C:R0NQUIST, JOHN, Philosophy. <t>H^; A<l>A. 
CROW, WILLIAM ERNEST, Geology. Marching Band 1. 

/•////, row: 

C;RUMMIE, EMMA ROSE, .\ursing. .Social Standards 1; Nurses 

Choir 1 ; Class Treas. 2. 

CULP, ROBERT HOWIE, Political .Science. Bench and Bar 2; FAC: 

2, 3. 4; NSA 3, 4. 

C:URRIE, WALTER LEE, Political .Science. NROTC 1, 2, 3; Peer 

2, 3; Wrestling 3. 

CURRIE, WILLIAM NELSON, Business .Administration. KS; AKI'; 
Campus Chest 2; Lacrosse 1, 2. 

DADAKIS, PHOEBE CHRYSSI, Political .Science. i^All; Chapel 
Choir 1, 2; Coordinate Board 2, 3, 4; Woman's Glee Club 1. 2. 
DANIEL, HARRIET ANN, Elementary Education. KA; Woman's 
Glee Club 1,2; Senior Class Sec; Junior Council. 

DANIEL, JOHN HOWARD, forestry. Kil; Pep Board 4; Marching 

Band 1 : Lacrosse 1 ; Forestry Club. 

1)A\IS, NELSON PARK, :::oology. UK*; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; 

I'r.-Med Society 1,2. 

D.»l\ IS. RONALD HARRY, Business Administration. Bench and Bar 

1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Council 4; IDC Vice Pres. 4. 


and Ralph of Duke, by appointnitiu i)iil\ 


First row: 

DAVIS, VIRGINIA JOAN, Education. Chapel Choii- 1, 2, 3; Wom- 
an's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 3, 4; Social Standards 2: 
Student Union 3, 4; NSA 4. 

DAY, CAROLYN MILLICENT, Education. A<I>: Neredian 1, 2, 3, 4. 
DEAN, DAVID MILTON, JR., Civil Enguwcnnii. IIKA; ASCE 
3, 4: Engineers Guidance Council 2, 3, 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Com- 
modore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Fraternity Vice Pres. 

Second row: 

DECKERT, SANDRA LEE, Religion. KAO; 4>KA; Ivy: FAC 3; 
Pres. Jr. Class; Pres. Sr. Class; Rush Advisor 4. 

DENTON, PAUL DOUGLAS, Business Administration. AXA; La- 
crosse 1, 2, 4. 
DeROCHI, EDMUND H., History. <I>K>F. 

Third row: 

DEYTON, ANN WOODY, .\ms,„g. 

DILLON, CAROLYN LEE, .W/o/o?,. AAA; Coordinal 
FAC 4. 

DIMPFL, JOAN SYLVIA, A4atli. Campus Chest 3. 

(lew* '- ■ 


DIXON, RICHARD D. S., Political Science. Chronicle 1, 2; Basket- 
ball 1. 
DOAK, THOMAS DEADERICK, History. ATA; Marching Band 

1,2; Pre-Med Society 1, 2. 

Second row: 

DONNELL, COMER LEWIS, Political Science. Kil; Fraternity 

Sec. 2. 

DORSETT, SANDRA ANITA, Economics. <1>M. 

DOUGALL, JO ANN, Math. AAA; llAII; FAC 4; Jr. Class Treas.; 

Sorority Vice Pres. 

■Ihiid loiv: 

DRENNON, VERA JANE, Business .Administration. KA; Campus 

C:hest 1; Neredian 1, 2; Sailing Club 3, 4. 

UREVVRY, PATRICIA METCALF, .\ursing. Who's Who; Campus 

Chest 3; Clhapel Choir 1, 2, 3; FAC 2; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2; 

Nurse's Judicial Board 4; Social Standards 1 ; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Honor Council 2, Chairman 4. 


Fourth row: 

DRUMMOND, MARTHA OWEN, History. KA; Chanticleer 
1, 2, 3; FAC 4; Woman's Glee Club 1; Homecoming Court 4. 
DuBROFF, KENNETH JON, History. ZBT; Chronicle 2; Playbill 3; 
Business Manager 4; Publications Board 4; Fraternity Vice Pres. 4. 
DUKE, HENRY EMERSON, JR., Economics. UK*; Dad's Day 
Comm. 1 ; Fraternity Treas. 3, 4. 

/•,///' row: 

1)11. A, ARMON, Mechanical Engineering. \'Z<V: ASME 4, Engi- 
neers (iuidance Council 2, 4; WDBS 2. 

DUNN, MILL.A,RD CHARLES, JR., English. Archive 1, 2; Concert 
Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; KK>F. 
DuPUY, JAMES NEWTON, .Accounting. SN; AK>F; Fraternity 
Pres. 4. 

Sixth row: 

DURHAM, JEANNE T., English. Duke Players 2; Woman's Glee 
Club 1. 

EARLE, MARGARET FOWLER, Education. Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3; 
Chronicle 3, 4; Coordinate Board 2; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 
EARLY, JANE SAUNDERS, Education. SK; .Archive 3; Campus 
Chest 2; KAn 3, 4. 

EASTWOOD, GAIL JUDD, Psychology. "I'M; Clampus Chest 2; 

r/„ „„,.,/, 1. ? PB 3, 4. 

I l;> 1,1 )|S |1. \X, iJ/ig/H/;. White Duchy; <1)KA; Sandals; Ivy; FAC 

|.\RBY JO, Latin. Symphony Orchestra 

First row: 

ELLER, MARTHA ELEANOR, Hislorv. Dorm House Council. 
ELLSTROM, E\A PATRK:IA, Enslis'h. ZTA; Arrhnr 4; Foreign 
Student Committee 4. 
ELMORE, ALICE CATHERINE, Bolanj. Duke Outing Club 3, 4. 

ELY, ELSA LOUISE, Elem. Educ. A«J>; Campus Chest 4. 
hellenic Council 2. 
ENDICOTT. THOMAS CURRENT, Chemtslry. HK*; Golf 1. 

Third row: 


Tennis 1. 

ENGSTROM, JAMES KANE, Business .id, 

Fidelis 1, 2, 3, 4. 


IIKA; Duke Players 1 

Fourth row: 

ENRIGHT, JOSEPH H.. Poliliail Science. Bench and Bar 2; Clampus 

Chest 3. 

ERVIN, PAUL REVERE, History. <t>K:£.: Bench and Bar 1; FAC 2; 

Religious Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1. 

ESPENSHADE, NANCY. .Nursing. Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; FAC 2; 

Woman's Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Woman's Judical Board 1, 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

EUBANK, FRANCIS, Politual Science. Bench and Bar 3, 4; Campus 
Chest 1; Chronicle 1; Duke Players 1, 2, 3; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; IDC 
Court 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3; Treas. Jr. Class; Sr. Senator 
EVANS, MADELEINE THEA, Spanish. International Club- SAH 
FADER, LYNN BROOKS. History. Ki]; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- 
ball 1 ; Football 1 ; Sr. Class .Athletic Rep. 

Sixth row: 

FARNHAM, BARRY, History. .UKS; Track 1- Frat 
Pres. 4. 

ZT.A; Coordinal 

Seventh row: 


Pep Board 2; Student Union 3, 4 


3, 4; Semper Fidelis 3, 4. 

FIELD, MILDRED .ANN, ^-ursing. 


NROTC 1, 2, 

(% ^ H^ 

FIFER, MARILIE BOWEN, FrffirA. ZTA; T»rQ; Woman's Glee 

Club 1; Pep Board 2, 3; Vice Pres. House 4. 

FISHER, JOHN HENRY, Pre-Med. ATQ; Campus Chest 2; CAro«i- 

r/^ 2; Prc-Med Society 2, 3, 4; WDBS 2, 3, 4. 

FLATTER, PATRICIA ANN, Nursmg. Santa Filomena; Campus 

Chest 1; Chanticleer 1; Radio Council 3, 4. 


Commodore Club 4. 



1K<1>; Navy ROTC 4; 
IFC 2, 3; Base- 
Duke IVFC 1, 2, 3, 4, 

FORTENBAUGH, SUSAN G., Spams/,. KAW; Ivy; i;An; Chapel 

Choir 1, 2. 


FOWLER, JAMES WILEY, History. Chapel Choir 1 ; Men's Glee 

Club 1 : MSGA 2, 3, Pres. 4; Religious Council 2; Methodist Student 

Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourl/, ro,r: 

FOWLER, JOANNE ELLIS, Englis/,. ^B'^: Social Standards 3; 
Rush Advisor 4. 

FOX, WILLIAM W., Zoology. •tKI'; Campus Chest 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre- 
Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1; WDBS 1. 
FRANKLIN, ROBERT DA\TE. Business Adtmmstration. ATQ; 
Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. 

F.fl/, ,01V : 

FRANZ, ROD C. History. lAE; A<I>A: FAC 3, 4. 
FREITAS, UBIRATAN'MOURA, Economics. <J)A0; Chapel Choir 
2; Peer 2: Pep Board 3, 4; Wrestling 2. 

cleer 1. 2; Student LTnion 1. 2. 

Sixt/, row: 

FREY, ROBERT B., Physics. ATA; <I)Hi:. 

GADDY, PEGGY JEAN, History. SK; Pegasus 1, 2, 3; Pres. 4. 
GAGER, STEWART DOUGLAS, Political Science. ATCi; Corsairs; 
Navy ROTC 1. 2, 3, 4; Semper Fidelis 3, Pres. 4. 

Seventh row: 

GALE, .STEVEN H., English. <t>K1'; Debate 1; Pre-Med Society 

1; WDBS 1. 


.VSCE 2. 3, 4: Engineers Guidance Council 4. 

GAMBLE. CHARLES FR.\NKLIN, Business. Ai;<I'; i;An; AK1'; 

Navv ROTC 4; Pep Board 1; Methodist Student Fellowship 1. 



ROTC; 1, 

Srcotid i 

:. K\illK^^ |I.\X. U.,///,-,,,;/,,,. A<I>; IVY; Chapel 

< I I \( ' \\ < im, III ,( .|r. ( lub 1 , 2, 3, 4; Westminster 

i..).\, liARBARA MAIHLR, E„<;lish. A'I>; Duke Players 
it Student Fcllouslup 1, 2, 3, 4. 

EDWARD G.. JR., PoUltcal Scu-nc: iI>AH; Air Force 
;, 3, 4: Bench and Bar 2, 3, 4; Lacro.sse 1. 

GEORGE. DESMA KAY, Accounting. SK; CnANTinLEER 1. 
GERKENS, FRED WILLIAM, JR., Chamslry. Onnnidc 1, :; 
Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1. 2. 3, 4: Pnr 

3, 4; 

GILL, DOUGLAS R., Histcny. BeU; Swir 
GILLIE. MARY OLI\E, .Sociology. AAH. 
GIMBEL. MARY GRETCHEN. ftvf/io/o.?). Aa>: A 

ng; Pros. Fraternity 4. 


„;/,,. ATA; Bench and Bar 

YNK:.\ 2; Frat. Pres. 4. 

;). Al'; F..\C: 4; Pep Board 

GI\'EN, I.IM) \ l.( )l IM,, .Sm,,,./, 

Editor ol VV. G. Handbook 3. 

GLASS, jEANNEITE HARMON, Religion. *M; Chapel C:h 

1, 2, 3, 4;" Woman's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Methodist Student Fello 

ship 1, 2, 3, 4; Chancel Singers 2, 3, 4. 


Sunday afternoon open houses rock the righteou: 

F,nl row: 

GOBBEL, JAMES THOMAS, JR., Electrical Enginem?,g. AS*; 
Order of St. Patrick; AIEE 2, 3, 4; The DukEngineer 3, 4; Engineers 
Guidance Council 2; ESC 4; Radio Council 3; WDBS 1, 2, 3. 
GOLSON, MARY ANN, Chemistry. KA; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4. 
GOODE, DAVID RONALD, Accounting. eX; Bench and Bar 4; 
Chroincle 1, 2, 3, 4: Debate 1; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2. 

.SVr»«(/ row: 

GOODMAN, DOROTHY KAY. Elrmmlmy Education. AAII; Social 

Standards 3; Sorority Pres. 4. 

GOODMAN, STEWART HOWARD, Chemistry. TE*; Archive 3; 

WDBS 1 ; Hillel .Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GOODRICH, RUTH, History. 11B<I>; Campus Chest 3; Episcopal 

Student Fellowship 2, 3, 4; N'ice Pres. Sororilv 4. 

Third row: 

GORDON, DIANA RUTH, History. <1>M: Sorority Pres. 4. 
GORNTO, JANET SUE, E„glish. Chanticleer 1; Westminster 
Fellowship 1 . 

GRAHAM, D.W'ID S., Mechanical Ent-iaecrmg. <I>A(-); Navy ROTC: 
1, 2. 3. 4. 

Fourth row: 

GR.WES, THOMAS WILLIAMS, JR., Hnton. ^KX; Bench and 

Bar 4; FAC 3, 4; Pep Board 1; Student Union 3. 

GRAY, CYRUS LEIGHTON, Zoology. BHIl; Pre-Med Society 

1, 2. 3. 4. 


F.fth row: 


•I'M; Chapel Choir 3, 4; Woman's Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Westr 

Fellowship 1 ; Chancel Singers 4. 

GREENE, JOHN ELBERT, Pre-Med. <^K1'•; Pre-Med Soci< 

3, 4; Swimming 1 . 


GREENE, MIC:HAEL EDWARD, Flus^tish. >\>H'^: A4>A; 
Band 2, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: KK4''. 


Society 4. 

.Serenth , 



GRIFFIN, B.VSIL M., [R., ~onh:«y. Mil: Pre-Med .Society 1. 2, 

3, 4; Swimming 1, 2. ' 

GRIFFITH, LLOYD EDWARD, JR., History. ATQ; FoctbtU 1, 

Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; Traditions Board 3, 4. 

GRILLS, GEORGE BENJ.A.MIN, JR., Electrical Engineering. 0X; 

HKN: AIEE 1, 2, 3. 4: Ra^io Council 4; Westminster Fellowship 1; 

WDBS 2, 3, 4. 


First row: 

GRIMES, BETTY JEAN, History. Coordinate Board 3; Pre-Med 
Society 1,2. 

^^A■ FAG 4; Men's Glee Club 1,2; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; Naw 
ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Playbill 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 
GROVES, PATRICIA WELLS, English. A*; Westminster Fellow- 
ship 1, 2; Student Forum 2, 3; Student Union 3. 

Second row: 


GUENARD, ANDREE-LEIGH, Political Science. Method 

Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. 


Club 4. 


Methodist Student Fellowship 1,2, 3, 4. 

Third row: 

GUTHRIE, JOHN BELL, History. ATU; Basketball 1. 
HAGADORN, JON BRUCE, Prr'-.\fed. <I>K1'; Pep Board 
Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 
HALE, OSWALD K., Political Science. UK*. 

Fourth row: 

HALL, SHELDON FRANKLIN, JR., Business .idministration. <J>Ki:. 
HALL, WENDELL VANZANDT," Psychology. ATA; Fraternity Vice 
Pres. 4; Pre-Med Society 1,2. 

HALVOSA, WILLIAM THOMAS, III, Psychology. ATA; Shoe 'n' 
Slipper Club 1, 2; Semper Fidelis 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Swimming 1. 

Fifth row: 



visor: Sorority Vice Pres. 

.S-i.xth row: 

HANKE, KAREN LIZA, Political Science. White Duchy; fVho's U'ho: 
Ivy; •J'KA; <I>BK; Student Union 2, 3; Class Vice Pres. 1; Home- 
coming Court 4; WSGA Pres. 4. 

HANSCOM, FR.\NK EDWARD, .Spanish, History. 4>KV; ^HS; 
<I)BK; SAn, Pres. 3, 4; Debate Council 1; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Commodore Club 1, 2, 3. 4. 

HARDIN, ELLIOTT WANNAMAKER, JR., .-iccounting. Campus 
Chest 2; Student Union 1, 2, 3. 

■Seventh row: 

HARDT, A. LEE, History. Chronicle 1, 2, 3; Westminster Fellowship 1. 
HARDYMON, DIANE TUTTLE, Elementary Education. KA; Meth- 
odist Student Fellowship 1,2. 
HARRELL, MARGARET ANN, History. KA; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4. 

(D n ^ 


First roiv: 

HARRISON, LAWRENCE HOWARD, Political Science. ZBl ; 

Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1. 

HART, JOHN CHARLES, Art. <I>Ki]; Varsity D; Chanticleer 4; 

Pep Board 4; Wrestling 1, 2. 

HART. SYL\ lA KAY, .Nmsing. Campus Chest 1, 2. 

.SrfomJ rmv: 


ards 3; Student Union 3. 


Chanticleer 3. 

HARTSELL, FRANCES MADELINE, English. Ivy; Social Stand- 

ards 3, 4; WSGA 3, 4. 

Santa Filomena; Social Stand- 
IIKA; Air Force ROTC 1, 2; 


HARVEY, JAMES R., Electrical Engineering. AIEE 1, 2, 3. 4; Track 1. 

HASH, JOHN LAWLER, Psychology. ^KT; Pre-Med Society 

1 , 2. 3, 4.' 

7 /A 1 

HAS RETT, ELEANOR JO, English. ZTA; Chanticleer 2. 

HA\ ENS, RICHARD GEORGE, History. KA; Arnold Air Society; 

Air Force ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1,'2, 3, 4. 


Society 1, 4. 

/•,///, row: 

HEIDT, EDWARD ALAN, English. AXA; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3; 
Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; IPC 3; Swim- 
ming \. 

HEILMANN, NANCY E., English. HB*; *KA; Sandals; FAC 3; 
Hnus<- Pres. 4. 

IIIISKR, JOAN M., Psychology. AF; Chapel Choir 3, 4; Woman's 
( .In- ( lub'l, 2, 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1; WDBS 1, 2; Chancel 

HELWIG, RICHARD AUGUSTUS, Electrical Engineering. AIEE 

2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1; WDBS 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HERRIN, HERMAN KEITH, History. AXA; Chronicle 2; Pre-Med 

Society 1 . 

HERRING, RANDALL CHARLES, Mechanical Engineering. AXA; 

TB*: HTA; ASME 2, 3, 4. 

HERSHEY, MOLLY JO, English. KKP; Sandals; FAC 3; House 

Nice Pres. 4; Rush Advisor 4. 

HESS. L.^WRENCE, Math. A14>. 

HEWETT, JAMES ALLEN, Religion. Duke IVCF 1, 2, 3, 4. 


'Neither rain nor snow nor still of nigl^ 

)li come on now. you don't all have the same period!' 


First row: 

HINTON, ROBERT RICHEY, Pn-lj„r. iJAE: Bench and Bar 1. 
HIRSCH, |AC:K SAMUEL, Cnw.n, /li 1: A'l'A; Pre-Med Society 
1, 2, 3, 4; Harlequins 2, 3, 4; Hillrl S..,i, i\ 1, 2. 3. 4; Tennis 1 : Swim- 
ming 1, 2. 

HOCK, JUDITH LEE, Russia,,. Cloncert Band 1, 2, 3; Student 
Union 2; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 4. 

[lOLTTA'. WIILINM f;AITHER, Mr,l,„„l,„l /^„" 

li:\, /■;«.;//>/,. HHll: Hcnch and 

Judicial Board 4; -Westminster Fell 

1 1, sin 

1. AX 

-i; -l-KA: 



T/iird row: 

Choir 1, 2; Men's Gle<- (1 
Air Society; Air Force R( > 
D; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. 


, 1 ' 
1 . /'. 
1 1. J 
. Huun 

i> .\,l, 

r~»N. 1 


1 '_j nos 

\1M, A 1. 
™. <l'K'r; 




Foiirlh row: 

Navy ROTC 1,2; Cross Cnnntrv 1 
HUBBS. GERRY, Bala,.,. AXU: 





ATA; Va 
4; Track 2 

rsity D 
3, 4. 















)N, TERRY MACK, History, Pre-Med. 

S; Pre-Med 

, English, Pre-Law. 
an Glee Club, Pres. 
.\C:K, II, Mechanical Engineering 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2; La- 
iinan 3, Pres. 4. 

HURLEY. C.\ROL-LEE, Hislory. 
HUSER, MERILEE, Hislory. ITB<1>. 

HUrClHINSON, GWYN, English. IIK; Tcrpsichorean Club 2; .So- 
rority Pres. 4. 

T/;i>W , 

ity D; 

Duke Players; .Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. 
INGRAM, FR.\NKLIN WADE, Sociology. Methodist .Student Fel- 
lowship 2, 3, 4. 

IRELAND, P.\TRICIA BERYL, Chemistry. *M; Pep Board 1; 
Westminster Fellowship 1, 2; Student Union 2, 3, 4. 


Engineer 1 


, 2, 3, 

Fourth row: 

Vice Pres.; ASME 1, 2, 3, 4; AIEE 1, 2. 
.•\ss"t. Ed. 4; Engineers Guidance Cnunril 
1, 2, 3, 4; Publication Board 4; HK\, ^> . 

Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Lutheran Mudr,, 
Shoe 'n- Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

l-.flh nnv: 

|()H.\SON, BETTY JOSEPHINE, Political Science. Pre-Med So- 

rinv 1 : M.-tliodist Student Fellowship 1; WDBS 3, 4; Tcrpsichorean 

Chili _\ V I'm. 4: WRA Board 4. 

|()II\M)\ I ll\RLES BERDINE, Accounting,. <1'A(-). 

lol l\^ K i\ I ) W'lD ALBERT, Political Science. Air Force ROTC 

JOHNSON, JAMES RONALD, Pre-Med. IIKA; Varsity D; Pre- 
Med Society 1.2, 3, 4; Religious Council 1, 2; Wresding 1,2, 3, 4; 
Cross C:ountry 1. 

"l, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe 'n' Slipper Club Vice 
Pres. 4; Golf 1 . 

Seventh row: 

JOHNSTON, SUSAN SYMES, English: KAt); Pep Board 4; Stu- 
dent Union 3. 

JOHNSTON, WADE WILLIAMS, Psychology. SX; Soccer 1, 2, 3. 
JONES, ELIZ.\BETH HERTZOG, Mathematics. KA: Sandals; 
'IIME; Woman's Glee Club 1. 


First row: 

JONES, JAMES PARKER, Psycholnnx. Air Force ROTC 1, 2; St- 
dent Union 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, '3 \ic<- Pi.-s. 4. 
JONES, RUFUS SIDNE^■, JR., (:h,-m,.nv. Al'l'; Marching Band 
JONES, RUSSELL LEROV, Muu.: FJmnlum. C:oncert Band 1, 
3, 4; KK>J' 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Duke Ambassadors 2, 3, 4; Marchir 
Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Svmphonv Orchestra 2, 3, 4. 

Second row: 

JONES, THOMAS CARLYLE, Polilical Saem;: 
Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2. 

Third row: 

KAIRINEN, EILA, Chemislry. Ivy; Chanticleer I. 
KAROW, ARMAND MON'FORT, JR., ^oology. Arc/,,, 
Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 

KATZ, MARGERY ANN. Malher,„ilin. Ivy; HME; : 
Club 1. 2. 3. 4. 

Fourth row: 

KELLER, WILLIAM ALLEN. PoUl,ca/ Science. Kil; Baseball 1. 
Pep Board 2; Woman's College Handbook 3, 4; Editor of "East 
Goes Greek" 4. 

Society 1, 2. 3 4; Baptist Student Union 1; Football 1, 2. 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

KENNEDY, ELLEN ANN, Science Education. Chanticleer 
4; Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2. 

KENNEDY, JAMES ALBERT, Mechanical Eneineenne. 

nME Treas. 4; TBH; JITS Sec. 3. Vice Pres. 4; Air Force 

1; ASME 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 3, 4. 


and Bar 1, 4; Navy ROTC 1. 2, 3, 4; Clommodo 
Golf 1. 

KA; ASME 3, 4; Episcopal Student Fellowship 
ball 1, 2, 3; Track 1. 

IIKA; Bench 

an<l Bar 



Cloncert Band 


4; Westminster Fellowship 1. 

KERR, TOM BROCHON, Business Adininistratioii. Episcopal 

dent Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 3, 4; YMCA Trea; 

Track 1 . 


OKA; Old Trinity Club; AIEE 2; Engineers Guidance Counc 

Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; IFC 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3. 











First row: 

KIMMICIH, RALPH ROBERT, Busuuss Administration. AKT; 
\avv ROIX; 1, 2, 3, 4; flommodon- Clluh 1, 2, 3, 4. 
KI.\(;S1U'RV, CEORGE MARSH, Civil Engineering. ASCE 3, 4. 
KIRKMAN, ANN JARRELE, Socwlno: "tM, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4. 

KIRKPATRICK, DAVIS AIKEN, JR., Accounting. Archive 1. 
K.I.SSLAN: DONALD JOSEPH, History. <l>K>r, Pres. 4; Class Pres. 
3, Old Trinity Club; OAK; BQS; Freshman Advisory Council 2, 
3, 4; Bench and Bar 1. 

KITCHEN, GEORGIA LUE, FJementary Education. IIB<I>; House 
Pres. 4. 

Ihird row: 

KLE.WER, ROBERT FRANK, Ai;*; Mens Glee Club 1; March- 
ing Band 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2. 

KLIE. JACK HUG, ^oo/ogv. A*A; Mens Glee C:iub 1; Pre-Med 
Society' 1, 2, 3, Pres, 4. 
KLINE, DORIS JANET, ElemnUary Education. AXti; i;An; KAH. 


;T1'Q; CAr, 

KLINE, NANCY PRISCILLA, Foreign Language. 

cle 2; Pre-Med Society 1. 

KLOSE, LINDA MARY, .Mirsing. .Santa Filomcna. 

KNIGHT, NEAL WILLIAM, JR., History. Bench and Bar 2. 

Fifth i 


leader 2, 3, 4. 


Force ROTC 1, 2. 

KRAMER, ELIZABETH ANN, .Sociology. AF; Pres. 4 

IB(i>; Pep Board 3; Cheer- 

s Administration. ATA; Air 

.Sixth row: 


KRESS, SIDNEY CARL, Chemi.i,, I I>l', 1 reas; Air Force 

ROTC; AIEE; Duke Players 3. 4, M.inager 4; Hoof 'n' 

Horn 4; Marching Band 1; Pre-Meil S.n i. tv 3; HiUel Society 1, 2, 

3, 4; WDBS 1. 

KUN, SZABOLCS MIKLOS, Business Administration. ATA; Chronicle 

1,2; The DitkEngineer 2; Soccer 1,2; Swimming 1, 2. 

D; Pep Board 1; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Administration. AXA; Varsity 

1 .\MB WILLI.Km HOLMAN, English. BGH; Old Trinity Club; 
Xrnold'Air Society; Au' Force ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Advisory 
Council 2, 3; Men's Glee Club 1; President IFC. , ^, . 

L.\THAM, DONALD BANCROFT, Art. *K>r; Chapel Chon- 
2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chancel .Singers 2, 3, 4. 


Fust row: 

LEA, MARY ANN, Hislo, 

Sec. 2, 4. 

LEACH, JOHN SABIN, JR.. Political Science. HK-I.. 

LEE, RICHARD WHITAKER, Business Administrattmt ATA 

.^XU; Ivy; Women's Clhoru.s 1 ; Soroiity 

Second row: 

LEE, RONALD A., Math. AXA; *Hi;; Pep Board 2, 3; Tennis 1: 

Basketball 1; Fraternity Vice Pres. 3. Pres. 4. 

LEEGSTRA, RUURD GERBEN, Business Administration. HK*: 

I'l-p I5i)ard 4; Swimming 1. 

LEONARD, RHONWEN, French. KA; Ivy; Y.\C. 3; Relimou'^ 

Council 3. 

LETZIT.R, SUSAN BARBARA, F.nglish. Ivy; OKA; FAC 3; Bas- 

1,1 1 I W II I K, I LAN, Education. KKF; Sandals; FAC 4. 
I.IAIMI^, \LEXANDER ANDREW, Electrical Engineering. 
All 1 1 Injincti-s Guidance Council 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 2; 
NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

IIMKION, ROGER WALKER, JR., Mechanical Engineering. 

I I A INSON, SANFORD VICTOR, Political Science. ZBT, Red 
1 liars. 'I'HZ; OAK; H'ho's Who; Chronicle 4; Student Union Board 
of Governors 4; Symposium Comm. 3, 4; LISA. 
LEYRER, SUE ANN, Nursing. Student Union 1, 2. 


And still nobody know 

C:anipus cup 
the underworld. 

ipenctrablc disguise in 24- 

- 1. 



LIBBY, PETER COOK, Mechanical Engineer. RK*. 

LILLY, IRENE KATHERINE, History. HB*; TVQ; Coordinate 

Board 2; FAC 3; Pep Board 2; Rush Advisor 4; Long Range Plan- 

nins>; Comm. 3, 4. 

LINDQUIST, V. ROBERT, [■Jncalion. 

LITZ, EDWARD MANN, Chemntry. OKA; Prc-Med Society 1, 2, 

3. 4. 

LOCKWOOD, KATHLEEN D., Zoology. A<I>; Publications Board 

3; Symposium Comm. 4; Chanticleer 1, 2. 


lIi;A: Debate Council 2, 3, 4: FAC 3; Religious Council 3, 4; Panhel 

3; ludicial Board 3: WRA 1, 2. 

KA; Football 

LOMAX, JOHN FRANK, Biiune^i .idmint 

1, 2, 3, 4.' 

LUDWIG, KAROL ANNE, English. FAC 4; Woman's Glee Club 

1, 2. 

LUKER, RALPH EDLIN, History. Chronicle 1; NSA 3. 

///; , 

LINSIORD. GARY HAMILTON, Physics. ^HS; i;<I>S: Tennis 2. 
l.rXSI ORD, LINDA ERNETTE. English. Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3; 
Woman's Glee CIlub 1, 2, 3; Chancel Singers 2, 3. 
L^-C:)NS, JOHN STANLEY, Genlogv. HKA; Chanticleer 3. 

/V//A ,«c.- 

LYREN, WILLIAM JAMES, Cinl Engineering. HKA; ASCE 3, 4; 
Engineers Guidance Clouncil 4. 

MACE, MICHAEL EDWARD, Civil Engineering. i^N: ASCE 3, 4; 
Engineers Guidance Council 3; Class Secretariat 4, Sec.-Treas. 3. 

MANN, ARTHUR JAMES, Economics. UK<i>: AK'l'; ^BK. 
MARKAS, JOHNN'V' MITCHELL, Geology. KA; Old Trinity Club. 

M.ATHEWS, SUSAN CLARA, History, .irchiir 1, 2, 3, Editor 4; 

Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3: Woman's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Student Union 

2, 3: Publications Bopid 4. 

MATTHEWS, JOHN WILLIAM, Business Administration. SX; 

ATKO'TC: 1, 2, 3, 4; Bench and Bar 4. 

M.\XSON, ROBERT J.\Y, .Mechanical Engineering. HME; TBII; 

ITTi:; NROTC 1, 2, 3, '4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 


MAY, MARTHA ELOISE, Hislo,y. Religious Council 4; Epis- 
copal Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4 

4; Pre-Mcd Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Methodist Student Fellowship 4; 
Swimming 1, 2. 

McCLESKEY, JAMES LAWRENCE, History. Chapel Choir 1, 2; 
Men's Glee Club I, 2; Religious Council 3," 4; Methodist Student 
Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Asst. Housemaster 3, 4. 

McCUTCHEN, WILLL\M WALTER, JR., Civil Engineering. 
<t>A0; Old Trinity Club; Order of St. Patrick; OAK; BOS; ASCE 
3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 2, 4; Engineering Student Council 
1, 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; FAC: 3; Traditions Board 2; Semper Fidelis 
1, 2; Class President 1, 2. 
McGARY, LUCY LAKE, English. AAO; Coordinate Board 4; FAC 

Third row: 

McGONIGLE, .\l AK 111 A. 
dais; Woman-s (,l., ( |i,l, | 

McKELLIPS, G. WAYNE, JR., Business .Idmini 

Swimming 1. 


Glee C;iub I, 2, 3. 

McKINLEV, REX V., Education. Kl'; Air Force RC 

tist Student Union 1, 2; Baseball I. 2, 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

McLELLAN, MARY ANN, Political Science. AAII; FAC 4; Hoof ' 

Horn 2; Womai 

Student Union 


Board 2, Sec. 3, W . 


Chronicle 1; Duke I'l, 

man Club 

Sixth row: 

lANTicLEER 1 ; Coordinate 
1 : Student Union 4. 
WX; Campus Chest 1, 2; 
4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; New- 

Student Union 1, 2; IFC 4. 

McMnj.IN. JOHN DAVID, Economics 1\'\E 

McMULLEN; JAMES RUSH, El-ctrical Engineering. ATA; AIEE 

4; The Diikengiiieer 2; Engineers Guidance Council 2; Engineering 

Student Council 4; Newman Club 1. 

McMULLEN, WILLIAM HENRY, JR., Psycholopy. i:N; Chapel 

Choir 2; Men's Glee Club 2; Baptist Student Union 1, 2 

Seventh row: 


McNeill, emma Roberta, Psyciwioeiv. 

CLEER 1; FAC 4; Pre-Med Society 1,'2; Weitn 

WSGA 2. 

MEACHAM, ANN, Histo y. ZTA; FAC 4. 


MI.DI.OCK. CIADI. COLEMAN, JR., Chemistry. AS*; Men's 
i:i"- CInl, I: l'i,-M,..l. Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 2, 3, 4. 
Mi:i'.KI.K, MARIF. ANGELA, Nursing. Class Sec. 3, 4. 
NROTC: 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4:'Baseball 1,2 4 



MEVVHORT, DONALD M., Accounlmg. <l'M-); IV/w's Who; OAK; 
HOS; \arsity D; Class Treas. 1, Sec. 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. 

IhuvJ row: 

MILKS, ALBERT S., English. SX. 

MILLER, CECIL WILBURN, Hislorr. IIKA; Chapel Choii 

M.ns (Jlee Cllub I, 2; Chancel Singers 1. 

MILLER, EDWARD BROWN, ' Busuu-s, .Adnnmslralwn. ATQ; 


I, 2; 

Fourlh row: 

MILLER, GAIL, English. AXQ; AO-PA; Debate Council 2; WRA 

2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Vice Pres. 3. 

MILLER, LOUIS GEORGE, Civil Engineering. SN; ASCE 3, 4; 

Engineers Guidance Council 4. 


Fiflh low: 

MILLS, OFWITT HERSCHEL, Pre-Ministenal. Duke Players 1; 

K\ I? W. .|.\ Players 1, 2, 4. 

Mills, I Wll.s COBB, JR., Russian. Archive 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate 

CnniH il I, J, ., 4; NSA 2. 

M1RSK\, ).\.\ S., History. ZBT; Archive Business Mana.ger 4; Peer 

1, 2, Business Manager 3; Publication Board 3, 4. 


iirKs Manager Diik. 
l.r Club 1, 2, 3. 
ALLAN JEROME, Hisloiy. ' 
rosse I, 2: Fraternity Treas. 4 

JR., Electrical Engineering. SAE; 

Vneer 4. 

iccniinlmg. .^K'l': C:hapel Choir 

Prc-Med Society 

.Seventh tow: 

MONTGOMERY, GILES BARRETT, .iccoiwtmg. Lacrosse Mana- 
ger 2, 3, 4. 

MONTGOMERY, H. WYNN, JR., English. SX; BOS; Campus 
Chest 1, 2; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3, Asst. Editor 4; FAC 3, 4; Swim- 
ming 1. 

MOODY, SUS.AN BROWNE, Political Science. HB*; Coordinate 
Board 3. 

] 111- (II ange juice and donut brigade. 


First row: 

Chest 1; Pep Board 2; Student Union 
Pres. 4. 

Symphony Orchestra 2, 3, 4. 

Hislory. <1>KS; Car 
2; Cheerleader 2; 1 

eX; Pre-Med Society 

Second t 

nB<I>; Pep Board 1, 2; Social 

MORGAN, MAk^ l.l,\ A. 
Standards 2, 3: I'l ■ ^^ >i ■ mit 

MORGAN, ROW I \\, .taounting. AS*; Concert Band 1; 

Marching Band 1, 2. Lijuiniodurc Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MORGAN, WILLL\M LEE, Hutory. Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3; Concert 

Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; KKI". 

Third row: 

MORITZ, LYNNE CONKLIN, Enplish. A<I>; Ivy; Newman Club 
3, 4; NSA 1. 

MORRISON, SAMUEL DAVID, Hislory. ZBT; <1>H£; Air Force 
ROTC: 1 : Chioinde 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1 ; HiUel Society 1 , 2, 3, 4. 
MORRISON, SUSAN JANE, .\urs,ng. Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

MORTON, WILLIAM A., Michmiual Etigineering. 

MOSS, JULIANNA, English. KKP; FAC 4; Student Union 2, 3 

Neridian 1, 2. 



First row: 

1, 2, 3, 4; Pffr2. 

1. 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4;'C;hancel Sineers 4 
MURPHY, JANICE EDNA, Math. <I>M; HME; Panhel 3.' 

MYERS. MARCIA IRENE, EnoUsh. IIB*; Panhel 3, \ice Pres. 4. 
NATHAN, BRICK A, .1,/. 'hKi:. 

XAIIIANSCJN, MAIA l.\l'. SARA, History. AE<I>; Chronicle 1, 2; 
Duke I' I. 1. 3; ll,,„l ii' Horn 2; Peer 2; Student Union 4; 
NSA 2, 3, 4; Stale Student Legislature; Sorority Pres. 3. 

NAUGLE, PAGE, Economics. B0n,- Varsity D; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 
4; Cross Country 4. 

NEE, DAVID MARVIN, English. ATQ; BOS; Corsairs; Chapel 
Choir 2; Duke Players 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2; Hoof 'n' Horn 
1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Treas. 2. 
NELSON, ROBERT SHERWOOD. .Math. ^\Q; A<i>A; Pre-Med 
Society 3; Symposium Comm. 2; FAC 3. 

Fourth row: 

XFAM.IN, D. BURTON, JR., Mechanical Engineering. .ATQ; ASME 

2. S. ( 3, \'ice-Chairman 4. 

MCllOLSON. HELEN K.\THERINE, .Sociolony. Duke Players 2; 

Sailmi; Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

NICKLE, WILLIAM ECKLUND, English. Ai:<l>; A(t>A: Hoof 'n' 

Horn 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4. 

Fifth row: 

NORTON, ClHARLES BRYAN, JR., Pre-Medical. MKA; Pre-Med 

Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 

NOURSE, JARED L., Psychology. ATA; Varsity D; Track 1, 2, 

3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2, 3; Captain 4. 


C:hoir 2, 3. 4; Duke Players 3; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 

2, 3; .Senior Class Council; Fraternity Treas. 2, 4. 

Si.xth row: 

OETTINGER, ALBERT, JR., Forestry, .\Til: BOS; Track 1; Shoe 
'n' .Slipper Club Treas. 4. 

O'KANE, JAMES A., Engineering. <I>K2; Cross Country 1. 
3, 4; FAC 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2; Hoof 'n' Horn 1; Religion 
C;ouncil 3, 4; Sec.-Treas. Senior Class. 

Seventh row: 

OLDHANL lOHN MICH.\EL, Civil Engineering. ASCE 2, 3, 4; 
Engineers Guidance Council 2; FAC 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 1. 
OLLSEN, MARILYN LOUISE, Nursing. Student Union I, 2, 3. 

First row: 

O'NEALL, JOHN STOAKES, Physics. ^H-£.: Conceit Band 1, 2, 

3, 4; Duke Ambassadors 1, 2, 3, 4;' Hoof "n' Horn 1, 3; Marching 

Band 1, 2; Symphony Orchestra 1: i^IID; KK'I". 


2, 3, 4; Navv ROTC: 1. 2. 3, 4: Track 1, 2. 

OSMUN. BARRY ANSEN, Business Adnnmslratwn. ^\(~); AKI'; 

Football 1. 

Seciind row: 

OVERTON, NANCY JANE, Business AdmmisU 

1 : Coordinate Board 3, 4. 


Terpsichorean 1,2,3, 4. 


Concert Band 1: FAC 4; Woman's G 

Treas. 2. 

Student Union 

/ Science. Chapel Choir 1; 
Club 1; QTA 3, 4; WRA 

Third row: 


2; Soccer 1, 2; International Club Vice Pres. 2, 3. 

PARKER, IRA EDWARD, Political Science. <i>KS; Chronicle 1, 2; 

Med Society 1 ; IFC Executive Board 4. 

PARKINSON, HELEN ANNE, Nursing. Chapel Choir 4; Won 

Glee C;iub 4; Chancel Singers 2. 

Fourth row: 

PARROTT, VIRGINIA CARTER, History. Debate Council 1, 2, 

3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1. 2; TKA. 

PARTIN, BENJAMIN RUSSELL, Mechanical Engineering. ASME 

2, 3, 4; EGC 2; Engineering Student Council 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 

3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2; 3, 4; ASME Vice Pres. 3, Pres, 4. 
PASTORE, KEN WAYNE, History. AXA; Air Force ROTC 1, 2, 
3, 4; Bench and Bar 1, 2; Pep Board 4. 

Fifth row: 

ers 1; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; United Student 1 rll<.u. 
ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4: Commodore Club 1,2, , 1 
AIEE 1. 2. 3. 4; EGC 4; WDBS 2. 3; Football 

Si.-(th row: 


Symphony Orchesta 4. 

PEASE, LOUIS EDWIN, Hislorj,. Bench and Bar 4; Methodist Si 

dent Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; IDC 2, 3, 4. 

PECK, SYLVIA ANN, English. Ivy; YWCA Cabinet 4. 

Seventh row: 

PENFIELD. ADDISON PIERCE, JR., H,.twy. K^, Religic; 
Council 2, 3: Epi.scopal Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4. 
PERKINS, CATHRN-N ANN, Accounting. Chapel Choir 3; Womai 
Glee Club 1,2, \ 4 

PERRY, ]]A<K\ [... History. AAH; FAC 4; Woman's Judicial Boa 
3; Social Standartls 2; Class Treas. 2. 


R, MARY ANN, Mursint;. Santa Filomena; Student Union 2. 
1 ER, RICHARD NORTON, History. BSU; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3. 
I I:R, WILLIAM LEGRAND, Pohhcnl Science. ^KS; Men's 
:lub 1, 2; Pep Board 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Cheerleader 3. 

PHILLIPS, BRENDA LEE, Enolnh. KM-); <1-KA: Ivy; Chanticleer 

3, Editor 4; <1>BK. 

PHILLIPS, SANDRA ANN, Psychology. Concert Band 1; Pre-Med 

Society 2; Baptist Student Union 1, 2,' 3, 4; NSA 2, 3, 4. 

PIEH, JEROME ALEC, History. HK*; Who's Who; OAK; ^BK; 

BOS; I'-X; Chapel Choir 1, 2; FAC 2, 3, Chairman 4; Men's Judicial 

Board 3, 4; Westminster Fellcwship 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 4; 

Class Vice Pres. 2. 

rhird row: 

PIERSON, WILLARD CRESSE, JR., History. 'i'K.Z; -tHi;; Ca 
pus Chest I, 2; FAC 2, 3, 4; Playbill 2, 3; Pre'-Med Society 3, 4. 
PIKE, DEBORAH, .Mathematics. HME; Concert Band 1, 2. 

Fomlh row: 


PONS, )ONNIE ALBERTA, Elementary Education. AAO; FAC 4; 

KAII 3', 4; Nereidian 2, 3. 

PORTER, SUZANNE LEE, Chemistry. AAA; Sandals; A't'PA; 

WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3. 



POWERS, LOLA IRIS, English. Duke Players 1, 

Horn I, 2, 3, 4. 

I'RAir, ALISON, .Nursing. Woman's Glee C:iub 1; Social Standards 

2; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PRESTON, JOHN STANLEY, Mechanical Engineering. AXA; ASME 

3, 4; Concert Band 1; EGC 2; Marching Band 1. 

Mh I 


PRII C:HARD, [AMES WARREN, History. Bench and Bar 
bill 2. 

PRUITT, CLAYTON OGDEN, Bicsiness Achnmutration. i;AE; Old 
Trinity Club; BOS; Archive 1, 2; FAC 2, 3: Lacrosse 1; IFC 2, 3; 
Frat. Pres. 3; Class Sec. 2; Class Vice Pres. 3; Class Pres. 4; Home- 
coming Comm. Chm. 

PUGH, KENNETH GRAX'ES, Electrical Engineering. AIEE 2; 
EGC 2. 

Serenth row: 

PURD^•, ALAN M.AcGREGOR, English. KA; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 
3, 4; C:ommodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Frat. Treas. 3, Pres. 4. 
PURNELL, LOUIS SELBY, Business Administration. <1>KT; AKI'"; 
Navy ROTC I. 
PUSSER, CIHARLES ROUSE, JR., Business Administration. AXA. 


First row: 

RAINEY, CHARLES PETER, JR., Economics. B0n. 

RANKIN, MARY DOWNS, English. Campus Chest 3; Business 

Manager of \V. C. Handbook. 

RANKIN, ROBERT ST.ANLEY, JR., History. <I>KS; Old Trinity 

Club; BOS; Varsity D; F.'^C 2; Baseball 1. '2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; 

IFC 4: MSGA Senator 3. 

Second row: 

R.\Y, KARL ARTHUR, English. Red Friars; OAK; BOS; FAC 

2; Pre-Med Society 3; Traditions Board 2; MSGA Senator: Pres. 


RAY. NANCY CAROLYN, English. Archnr 2; Chaf>el Choir 1; 

Woman's Glee Club 1. 

REAMS, LESLIE LAWSON, Mechanical Engineering. I'X. 

Third row: 


1, 2, 3, Student Union 3, 4; Vice-Chairman YMCA Human Rcla 

tions Conim. 

RHODES. PHILLIP CARL, Education. KS; Concert Band 1,2,: 

4; Marching Band ), 4; Symphony Orchestra 3, 4. 

RIC:H, JOHN MURRAY, Pre-Medical. Pre-Med Society 4. 

Fourth row: 

RICHARD, RALPH STEPHENSON, JR., Business Administration. 
Society; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1, '2, 3; Chronicle 1, 2, 3. 
Asst. Business Manager 4. 

RICHARDS, JESSICA OLGA, .\l„th. A-l-A; Radio C:ouncil 3; 
WDBS 1, 2, 3,' 4. 








.\nd now, will the real Henry Ford pli 

Weejuns move up, but tennipumps are still in the lead. 

lJ tv* ^ 
'^ f\ ^ 


ROACH, WILLIAM GEORGE, Mechanical Engineering. ASME 4; 
Engineers Guidance Council 4; TBIl Cones. Sec; HTi:: Rec. Sec. 

ROBERTSON, JAMES D., Chemtslry. Pre-Med .Society 1, 2. 3, 4; 
IDC Treasurer 4. 

ROBINHOLD, ROBIN, English. IIB*; FAC 4; Student Union 2, 3. 

Ihird row: 

ROBINSON, HAROLD M ANSON, Hislory. Bench and Bar 4; 

Religious Council 3. 

ROBINSON, PETER JOHN, Mechanical Engineering. B0II; ASME 

3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 4; Chanticleer 2; .Student Union 

1, 2. 

ROGERS, DAVID PRICE, Philosophy; Varsity D; Men's Glee 

Club 1; Hoof 'n' Horn 3; Philosophy Club 2, 3, 4: Soccer 1 2, 3, 4. 

F.mrlh row: 


D; Men's Glee Club 1; Harlequins 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3;' Track 1, 2, 3; 

Fraternity Pres. 

ROLLINS, JUDITH ANNE, Nursing. Who's Who; Santa Filomena; 

FAC 2; Religious Council 3: Class Sec. 2. 

ROSE. CHARLES WILLIAM. Eieclncal Engmeennii. TN; Red 

Friars; Whns Who; Order of St. Patrick: OAK; TIME; TBIl; ^W^; 

HKN; AIEE 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 2; Engineers 

Student Council 4; FAC 3; Student Union Board of Governors 4; 

Class Sec.-Treas. 2. 

Fijlh row: 

ROSE, MARIE MELINDA, English. AAA; <I>KA; Foreign Student 

Comm., Chairman 3; Alspaugh House Pres. 4. 

ROSS, ROBERT WILLIAM, Civil Engineering. Ai:*; AFROTC 

1, 2, 3, 4; .ASCE 3, 4. 

ROUTH, EUGENE ClHARLES, Political Science. AS*; Corsairs; 

Debate Council 1, 2; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3. 

Sixlh row: 

ROY, MARCUS KINNEBREW, History. Duke Players 
2, 3. 

RYSANEK, WILLIAM JAMES, III, Business Adminislr. 

rsity D; AKT; Concert Band 1; Ca 
Band 1 ; Pre-Med .Society 1 ; Lacrosse 

Serenlh i 


3, 4. 




Society 1 , 2. 

SALENGER, GARY HOWARD, Chemistry. ZBT; Old Trinity 

Club; Pre-Med Society 1; Fraternity Pres. 4; Newman Club 

SAMMONS, J. LEE, Civil Engineering. B&U; TBH; AXE; ASCE 

2, 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 3, 4. 

Firsl row: 

SANBORN, GARY RUPERT, Political Science. 

Med Society I, 2, 3, 4; Methodist Student Fellowship 1. 
SCHOENLY, VIRGINIA ANN, History. ZTA: Campus Chest 2, 3: 
Judicial Board 4. 

Second row: 

SCHWARTZ, LOIS ANN, Hutory. KA; Coordinate Board 2, 3: 
Pep Board 2, 3; WDBS 2, 3, 4; Pan-Hel; Cheerleader 2; Rush Ad- 
visor 4. 

SCOTT, JOSEPH WILLIAM, Business Administration. KA; Navy 
ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Board 1; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Third row: 

cleer 1 ; Peer 1,2. 


SEIFF, HENRY EDWARD, .Mechanical Engineering. TE*; HTl': 
ASME 2, 3, 4; Debate 1, 3; Diikengmeer 1 , 2, 3, 4; EGO 2, 3, 4: Hillel 
Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SENF, THOM.'^S EDWARD, Political Science. BWH: Bench and Bar 
1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Pres. 3; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4: 
Student Union 2, 3. 

SEYFERT, MELICENT, History. KKF; White Duchy <t>KA 
Sandals; Ivy; FAC 3; WSGA 3. ' 

SHAFFER, HOWARD CAL\TN, Electrical Engineering MX- Cor- 
sairs; ZKN; AIEE 4; EGC 3, 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Board 1 

Fifth row: 

SHAHAN, ROBIN LEE, Spanish. KA; I'AH; Campus Chest 4. 
SHEFFIELD, HOMER GORDON, JR., Political .Science. <1>A(-); 
Corsairs; Chanticleer 1; Chronicle 1, 2; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Pep Board 1, 2; Student Union 3; Cheerleader 1, 2. 
SHERMAN, MARIANNA, .Mnsmg. FAC 2; Social Standards 4- 
Student Union 1, 2; Class Treas. 1. 

Sixth row: 

SHILLITO, MELVIN LARRY, Chemistry. ATA; Marching Band 1. 
SHOWS, DOROTHY MAULDIN, Elementary Education 
SHRIVER, JAMES ALBERT, ^oology. BOG; Varsity D; Campus 
Chest 1; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Kled Society 1; Student Union 
4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; IDC 3, 4; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Seventh row: 

SHRIVER, LARRY DEAN, .Sociology. <1>AH; Duke Player 
Track 1. 

SHURTLIFF, E. JUNEAL, English. AAH; Chanticieer 1- 
Board 4. ' 


^ o 

SILKETT, C;HARLES ROBERT, Economics. *K>{'. 

SLATER, MARY GIBBS, EnaUsh. KKP; <I>KA; FAC 4; Judici 

Board 3; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SLOAN, CAREY E., Pri-Mimst?nal. '^N- Marching Band 1, 2, 3. 

SrconcI row: 

SMATHERS, ROXANNE DORA, Mal/i. Ivy; IIME; Chapel Choir 
1; Woman's Glee Club 1; Religious Council 4; Student Union 4; 
Lutheran Student Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigal Singers 4, 
SMITH, CHARLES MICHAEL, Htslory. ^Kil; Chapel Choir 
1, 2; FAC 3; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 4; Student Union 2 3 
SMITH, CYNTHIA GAIL, English. Sandals: Ivy: C/iroriuie 1,2 3 
4: FAC 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Pub Board 3, 4. 

Third row: 

SMITH, LESTER V„ History. ATA: Bench and Bar 
FAC 4; Sec -Treas, Class 4. 

SMITH, MERRILL LORD, Business .Administration. '1' 
Marching Band 1; Navy ROTC 1, 2: WDBS 4. 
SMITH,' PETER CROSBY, Economics; Glee Club 1 
Cross Country 1 : Soccer 4. 

Fourth row: 

SMITH, PRISCILLA ELLEN, Elementary Education. Ivy; A(I>PA; 
FAC 4: WVstmniister Fellowship 1 , 2, 3, 4; Sailing Club 2. 

Fifth row: 

SNOWDON, ABIGAIL LOWELL, History. ZTA: Pan-Hel Sec. 3, 
Pres. 4. 

SO, SAMUEL SHEUNG-LOK, Physics. FAC 3, 4; Episcopal Stu- 
dent Fellowship 3, 4; SHS Sec. 3, Pres. 4. 

SPEER, G. WILLIAM, Psychology. EX. Pep Board 1, 2; Pre-Med 
Societv 1, 2: Westmii 

Psychology. EX. Pep B 
Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4. 

SPEIDEN, JOSEPH HART, History. ^AB; Campus Chest 1, 2; 
Pre-Med Sociqty 1, 2; WDBS 3, 4] 

Glee Club 1; Judicial Board 4; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1. 
SPONG, RICHARD TODD, Sociology. Chapel Choir I; Men's 
Glee Club 1: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. 

.Seirnlh row: 


SRONCE, JOHN ALEXANDER, Husmess .idminislration. <t>Ki:; 

Golf 3, 4. 

STANSBERRY, KAREN LYNNE, Political Science. KAW; FAC 3; 

Rush Advisor 4. 



T/ie Chronicle is far superior to the d 

all flee the sobering thought of approaching exams. 


First row: 

STANTON, BERNARD MORRIS, JR., Cwil Engimrnng. *Ki;; 
ASCE 2, 3, 4: Engineers Guidance Council 2; Navy ROTC 1: 
Track 1. 

STARLING, IRA C:ARR0LL, JR., History. i:<l>E; Kappa Clhi 1 ; 
Marching Band 1; Navy ROTC 1, 2; MSGA; Chrm. Human Re- 
lations Coinm. 3; VMGA, Chaplain 4; Ass't. Housemaster 3: C:hair- 
man Union Partv 3. 

Treas. 4. 

Second row: 

S'JI.I'HL.XS. I AM, l.l.i:, \,„w„;:, \V.,nian-s judicial Board 4; 

S'M "M.uh 1,11 lis, ( 1 I, Mini. Ill Ink in 1 . 2. 3, 4; Honor Council 


Third , 

.UUISL, ,\i. 

.STEPHENSON, ROBERT LEE, Business. *AH: Basketball 1; 
Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

STEVENS, GEORGIA ANN, Nursing. Religious Council 3, 4. 
STEVENS, MICKEY, Pre-Law. ATA; Track 1. 

Fourth row: 

STEWART, JOANIE KAY, Psvclmhgy. AAH; <liKA; Chapel Choir 

1; Woman's judicial Board 4; Woman's Glee C:iub 1; T'XA: Ch:ss 

Secretary 3. 


.STONE, MIRIAM ANN, &o™m/«. Chanticleer 1, 2, Co-ed Bus. 

Mgr. 3: Student Union 1, 2, 3; WDBS 4; NSA 4; Publications Board 

3; Wesley Players 4. 



«< «' 



















"^ ~ w 

? ^, 








^. "**" 






1, 2, 3, 4 

STRICKLAND, ANNE HELEN, Hislory. White Duchv: Sandals; 

FAC 3: Student Union 3; Class Pres. L 

STRIT7JNGER, LINDA JOYCE, Mmic. Campus Chest 3, 4; 

WDBS 2, 3, 4. 

STRONG, BETHANY SUE, English. Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4, News 

Editor 2, Coed Editor 3, Editor 4. 

STUART, DAWN LINKLETTER, /fajjian. SK; Ivy; T>I'Q Treas. 

3; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. 

STUCKEY, JOHN HOYT, III, Business Arlminislration. BOn; 

AKT; Bench and Bar 2. \'ice Pres. 3. 

•/Vi/iV rotv: 


dent Union \ 

sri/l.k, IM.II.NE SUZANNE, Education. 

2, ( i Student LInion 3. 

Si MMl.KKOW, SARA JEANNE, Education. 

Chanticleer 1; Stu- 
nB<I>; Social Standards 

Fmrth tow: 

SUMMERS, GEORGE PERRY, Mechanical Engineering. Ai:*; 
ASME 1, 2, 3, 4; Didengineer 2, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 4; 
Marching Band 1, 2; Semper Fidelis 3. 

SUTPHEN, WILLIAM ROSS, English. 'I'AB; Marching Band 1. 
SUWAK, CAROL ANN, .\'ursing. 

Fijth row: 

'I>KA; II— A; Symposium Comm. 2, 3, 4; 

r.\BARI. KIRA NUE, Psychology. 
CLEER 1, 2; Student Union' 1, 2, 3, 

AAII: White Duchy 
reas. of YWCA 2. 


Chairman 4. 

TART. I \Mr.S MAIN. Psvrholnoy. UK<t> : Campus Chest 

IlKRT, III. Hislory. 
4; Fraternity Presl 3 

ZTA; Pep Board 
ATA; F.\C: 2, 3; IFC 3, 4; 

First row: 

TAYLOR, JOHN HEGAN, Elrlncal Engineering. AIEE 2, 4; EGC: 

4; Marching Band 1; VVDBS 1, 2, 3, 4. 


TAYLOR, WILLIAM LAKE, English. ATU; Corsairs; FAC 2, 

Chm, 3; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; IFC 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2. 

Second row: 

neering. AXA; ASME 4; Campus Chest 3; EGC 4; FAC 3, 4. 
minster Fellowship 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1. 
THOMASSON, DAVID EDWARD, Mechanical Engineering. Al''!'; 
ASME 1, 2, 3, 4; EGC 4; Marching Band 1, 3, 4. 

Third row: 

THOMPSON, GARY DOUGLAS, Electrical Engineering. ATQ; 

TBH; AIEE 4; Navy ROTC I, 2, 3, 4; Pep Board 1; Semper Fidelis 

3, 4; Sec.-Treas. Class 3. 

THOMPSON, KENNETH BRIGGS, Cwil Engineering. iJN; Air 

Force ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; ASCE 2, 3, 4; AXE. 


<t>Hi:; Air Force ROTC 1; Bench and Bar 

Choir I, 2; Chronicle 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 

M.SGA 2, 3,; Methodist Student Fellowship 

Committee 2, 3, 4. 

ATQ; Red Friars; 
2, 3; Chapel CUioir 
Judicial Board 3, 4; 
2, 3, 4; Symposium 

Fourth row: 

WDBS 2, 3, 4; Town Men's Cllub 1 
IIME; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Frat. Vu 

n.-„l E,i«,neering. AIEE 2, 3, 4; 

2, 3, \ire Pres. 4. 
.\lr,-h,ni„al Engineering. ATti; 
; Pies. 4. 

Chemnlrv. I'X. 

F.Jth row: 

TITUS, RICHARD CORLEY, Political .^cie. 

Air Force ROTC 1 , 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 1 , : 

eel Singers 3, 4. 


1, 2, 3, 4. 

TOUCHTON, JUDITH GRAY, Political Science. KA; Coordinate 

Board 2, 3; F.\C 3; Student Union 2; Neredian 1; House Pres. 4. 

Sixth row: 

TOWNSEND, JOHNSON, M. f:,, JR., ///./,»,. C 
Men's Glee Club 2; Episcopal .Student I'dlows 
Student Fellowship 2, 3. 

TRISKA, THYRA OLSTAD, .1,/ //,>/,«,. KAM 

ampus Chest 2, 3; 
hip 4; Methodist 

Seventh row: 

TUCKER, EMILY ELIZABETH, English. 'I>M; Ivy; ^\U Cion- 

cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1. 


3, Vice Pres. 4. 

TURNER, ROBERT MICHAEL, Electrical Engineering. ATA; 

Varsity D; HKN; Air Force ROTC 1, 2; AIEE 2, 3- EGC 2 3- 

Men's Glee Club 1 ; Baseball 1, 2. 


w ^ w 


ULMER, MARY KATHERINE, Elementary FJmaUon. KA; White 

Duchy; <J>KA; Sandals; A*A; Woman's Judicial Board 3, Chrm. 4; 

Religious Council 2. 

UNSER, DAVID LAWRENCE, Education. KA; Varsity D; Track 

1; Football 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4. 

\ANDEWATER, ROBERT JAMES, Electrical Engineering. ATQ; 

AIEE 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2. ' 

\ EAC:H, MARY LYNN, English. 

\ EST' \1„ WILLL^M ADDLSON, History. Campus Chest 2; March- 

ini; Band 1, 2; Navy ROTC 4; WDBS 2, 3, 4; Duke Players; Base- 

Iwll I: Wesley Players. 

\ ICIL, RONALD E., Business. AS*; Air Force ROTC 1, 2; Soc- 

Thml row: 

\-OORHEES, ROBERT FAIT, Electrical Engineering. ATQ; Varsity 

D; AIEE 4; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4. 


'1>BK; AIEE 1, 2, 3; FAC 2, 3; Men's Judicial Board 4; Navy ROTC 

2, 3, 4; Editor MSGA Handbook 3; Y-Cabinet 4; Y-Edgemont 

Comm. 3, Chrm. 4. 

WALLACE, MAURY E., Mechanical Engineering. IIKA; Air Force 

1; ASME 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

WALLENDORF, PATRICIA ANNE, History. Chanticleer 2; 
Chapel C;hoir 1,2; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2; Class Treas. 4. 
WANTZ, BARBARA, Sociology. AAA; Nereidian 2, 3, 4; Pan- 
Hellenic 3, Sec. 4. 
W.ARD, THURMAN ROBERT, .iccounting. AS*. 

Fifth row: 


WARR, VIRGINIA LADD, Music. A*PA; Woman's 

Neredian 3, 4. 

WARREN, JOEL BENNETTE, English. Varsitv D; P( 

3, 4. 

Sixth . 



Pre-Med 1, 2, 3, 4; WDBS 1, 2. 

WEAVER, SUSAN ANNE, Elementary Education. A*. 

WEBBER, ROBERT SUMNER, Political Science. SX; SAII; Navy 

ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Seventh r. 

AAII; *KA; Class Sec. 2; 
ccounling. Mac'rigal Singers 

.rSAN PRATT, English 
\\S( ; A s, , 1 \ ice Pres. 4. 
2. 1 I nsliMi.iii Handbook 2, 3. 
WELCH, Jl'l.IE .\NNE, Histoiy. KA«: Chanticleer 1, 2; Debate 
Council 1, 2; Class Honors 3; ,\cademic Law Program 4; Sorority 
Nice Pres. 4. 

First row: 

WEST, DALLAS PAGE, English. UB<t>; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 

Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WESTCOTT, MARTHA DIANE, Nursing. Social Standards 

Nereidian 2, 3, 4. 

WESTON, LEONA BELL, ~oalogy. Hoof "n' Horn 2; Tcip 

chorean 2. 

Second row: 

WHITE, CHARLES RAYMOND, Accounting. IDC Cabinet 4. 
WHITING, PETER DAY, Electrical Engineering. AIEE 1, 2, 3; 
Campus Chest 1, 2; Engineers Guidance Council 2, 3; Hoof 'n' 
Horn 3; WDBS 1,2. 

Third row: 

WHITMAN, WILLIAM CLARK, History. Bench and Bar 4; Stu- 
dent LTnion 1, 3, 4; Wrestling 1; Cross Country 2; Track 1, 2. 
WHITMORE, ROBERT EUGENE, Electrical Engineering. ATA: 
Order of St. Patrick; OAK; Corsairs. 
WIER, SUSAN, Chemistry. WDBS 1. 

Fourth , 

WILEY, CAROLYN JOYCE, Russian. Concert Band 1 , 

phony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WILLIAMS, ATTICUS MORRIS, History. i:X; Campus Chest 

1, 2,; Chronicle 1, 2; Judicial Board 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3. 

WILLIAMS, BARBARA JEAN, History. ZTA; Chapel Choir 1; 

Woman's Glee Club 1 ; Sorority Treas. 3. 

Fifth row: 

WILLIAMS, JANICE GLENN, Political Science. KKF. 
WILLIAMS, ROGER MARSHALL, Mechanical Engineering. ASME 
1, 2, 3, 4; Chanticleer 3, Photography Editor 4; Chronicle 3; Du/,- 
engineer 2. 

WILLIAMS, THOMAS WARD, Religion. SN; A<I>Q; Religious 
Council 2. 



^> ^. f^ 

O P 

WILLSON, STEPHEN L., dusiness Administration. 
WILSON, CAROL ANN, Math. OME Sec. 3, Pres. 4. 
WILSON, GARY LEE, Accounting. <I>A0; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 

WINDELER, ROBERT R., English. ATA; W'Ao'^ Who; OAK; 

BOS; Campus Chest 3; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4; /'««t 1; Student Union 

3, 4; WDBS 2, 3; Pub Board 3, 4; Swimming 1. 

WISE, RONALD OWEN, History. Chronicle 1; Methodist Student 

I'Vllowship 3, 4. 


Chapel Choir 1, 2; FAC 2; Men's Glee Club 1, 2; Pre-Med Society 

1, 2, 3, Frat. Pres. 4. 

Third row: 

WOHLFORD, PAUL RAYMOND, English. HKA; Bench and Bar 
4; Debate 3, 4; EGC 2; Newman Club i, 2, 3, 4: House Pres. 1. 
WOMMACK, THOMAS TERRILL, Psychology. Chronicle 2; Duke 
Players 3, 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2. 

WOOD, CAROL ELIZABETH, .Hursing. Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Class Treas. 4. 

Fourth row: 

WOOD, CHARLES KENNETH, History. Bench and Bar 1, 2, 3, 4. 
WRIGHT, .ANN ELIZABETH, Nursing. '\NK\ 1; Social Stand- 
ards 3. 

Fifth row: 

WRIGHT, DEAN S., Psychology. *A0; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3; 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WYATT, ROBERT HARRIS, JR., Engineering. KA; Football 

1, 2, 3, 4. 


1, 2, 3, 4; Bench and Bar 1; Baseball Manager 1. 

.S';\//( raw: 

ZIMMERMAN, EMMA JEAN, Botany. A<1>; Ivy. 
Zl.MMERM.AN, S.ALLIE CLAIRE, Sociology. Can 
\'Wt:.\ Social Service Chrm. 4; Sorority Sec. 2. 

ZIPPERER, MARY PATRICIA, .Nursing. Social Comm. Chrm. 4; 

Ways and Means Comm. 4. 

ZOUBEK, CH.\RLES LOUIS, Business. ZN; AKT; Student 

Union 1, 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1; Soccer 4; MSGA 

Secretariat: Junior Class Council. 

ZUMBRO. SHERROD BRANSON, .Mathematics. SN; *H2; 

Corsairs; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 



Copy Editor 




Editorial Staff 



Assistant Editor 






Art Editor 







Photography Staff 


Photography Editor 

Head Photographer Captions and Scheduling 

Contributing Photographers 



Assistant Business 

Business Staff 


Business Manager 


Assistant Business Manager 


Co-ed Business Manager 

General Editorial Staff 

Bruce Baumgartncr Barbara Ferguson 
Emily Becton Stephen Fox 

Karen Cooey Marilyn (iillen 

Lynn Dixon 
Paul Echols 

Bruce Erek 

Clarol Gegauff 
Mike Greenly 

Marilvn Howe 

Hill Hudson 

Wendy Johnson 

Kristie Knapp 

Gathy Leonard 
Linda Loeb 

Ann Mace 

Barbara Matheson 

Holly Moehlmann 

Sylvia Saunders 

Tom Stitt 
William Strackbein 

Ed Taylor 

Nelly Aiken 
Betsy Alden 
Gini Brown 
Delia Chamberlin 

General Business Staff 

Mary Ann Edwards Norman Harritt Pete Nicholas 

William Gibbons Elaine Heugh Judy Rager 

Bill Goodwin Rich Lee Rip Ryon 

Trent Harkrader Tom Melton Susy White 


It is through the eflbrts of many concerned and generous people 
that the 1962 Chanticleer has materialized. We express our indebted- 
ness and sincere thanks to the following persons for their co-operation, 
patience, and kindness: Miss Doris Leepcr and Miss Holly Bivins of 
Southern Photo Process Engraving Company; Mr. Joe Phelps and 
Mr. Paul Hoch of Edwards & Broughton Company; Mr. Faye Smith 
of Smith Studio; Mr. James Kilgore of Kingscraft Covers; and Mr. 
S. C. Harwood, Financial Advisor. 

With great appreciation the Chanticleer acknowledges the follow- 
ing picture credits: Mr. James Churchill; Mr. Thad Sparks; Fred 
Gerkens of the Duke Chronicle; and Ed Eraser of Peer. 

Generous thanks go also to Miss Elsie Shaw for her sketches on the 
introductory and division pages. 



Acre. Patricia Oarien '62, 925 Oakwood PI., Plainfield, N. J 366 

.'Krhert, Katherine L. '65. 282 W. 8th St.. Box 328, Dania, Fla. .304 
Allison. Vircinia Wright '64 

2320 Qiieen.s Rd. E.. Charlotte, N. C 324 

Ambrose. Jane ■63, Box 472, Charles Town, W. Va 346 

Ambler, Sally Ann '64 

2066 Parkview Ave., Abington, Pa 60, 324 

Anderson, Kristine M. '65 

Horse Shoe Path, R.F.D. 3, Huntington, N. Y 105 

Anderson. Mildred Anne '63 

17 Ashmont Ave.. Warwick. R. 1 346 

Anderson. Wendy Sue '63 

130 Greenacre Ave., Longnieadow. Mass 85, 346 

Appleyard, Jo Ann '65 

1209 Milwaukee Ave.. Glenview. Ill 57, 304 

Bailey. Alice Jean '65 

2523 Blackwood Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del 304 

Bailey, Jane '62. 924 W. Trinity Ave.. Durham, N. C 12.1 

Baker. Janet Louise '64, 137 Blackburn Rd.. Summit. N. J 324 

Barclay. Barbara Aline '64 

1940 Rainbow Rd., Clearwater, Fla 57, 324 

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8635 Montgomery Ave.. Philadelphia 18, Pa 324 

Baskin, Maryanne Sinkler '63. Box 189, BishoDville, S. C 346 

Bauer, Euphemia C. '65. 1171 East Broad St., Westfield, N. J 304 

Beemer, Sandra Louise '63 

105 Dewittshire Rd., Dewitt, N. Y 85, 346 

Berube, Marilyn Mae '62 

43 Sylbia Ave.. Providence 11. R. 1 79, 368 

Belts, Alice Elizabeth '63 

754 Fairacres Ave.. Westfield. N. J 347 

Bicler, Ruth '62, 1933 Copeman Blvd., Flint 4, Mich 368 

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Bolt. Rosemary '62. B-3 Westover Apts., Durham, N. C 368 

Bond. Nancy Lee '62 

8120 Bellona Ave., Baltimore 4, Md 52, 57, 139, 368 

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310 Highland Ave.. S. Charleston. W. Va .123, 305 

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Brodhead. Charlotte A. '65 

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Brooks. Beverly '63. 311 Charles Circle. Roxboro, N. C. 
Brown, Brenda "62. 2305 Elder St., Durham, N. C. 
Bryant. Jacqueline '62. Campus Apts. No. 5. Durham, N. C. 
Buder. Elizabeth Louise "62. 319 W. Main St.. Cheshire. Conn. 

Buff. Bonnie "62, 4636 Leonard Pkwy., Richmond, Va 79, 370 

Burrichter, Metta Otilda '64, P. O. Box 42, Homestead, Fla 326 

Burrill, Barbara D. '65. 1 105 Euclid Ave.. Syracuse. N. Y 305 

Bustard, Catherine S. '64. 79 Sherwood Rd., Tenafly, N. J 326 

Cain. Nancy Carolyn '63. 1423 Cain Rd.. Fayetteville, N. C 348 

Caldwell. Elizabeth K. '65. Box 126. Dillon. S. C 306 

Campbell. Margaret S. '62. 106 Woodridge Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Cardona, Virginia D. '65 

525 Thayer Ave., Apt. 119, Silver Spring, Md 306 

Carpenter. Lesley Ann "64 

1201 Southwest 18 Crt., Fort Lauderdale, Fla 326 

Carr. Judith Shepard "65 

108 Coralway, Daytona Beach, Fla. 71, 121, 306 

Casto, Alice Boyd '62 

306 W. Maple Ave., Fayetteville, W. Va 371 

Cavender, Barbara M. '65 

5902 Brunswick St., Springfield, Va 306 

Chamblee, Carole Annette '65 

622 Westwood, High Point, N. C 306 

Charles, Rachel Diana '64 

1903 Rolling Road, Greensboro, N. C 85, 326 

Christensen. Kathryn E. '63 

6905 Baltimore Blvd., College Park, Md. 
Clark, Martha Elizabeth '63 

1455 Pine Valley Loop, Fayetteville, N. C. 
Clay, Gertrude Linda "65 

Caixa Postal 2009, Sao Paulo, Brazil 306 

Cleave, Gertrude Ann "63, 11 Radnor Rd., Greak Neck, N. Y. 
Coffin, Karen Virginia "65 

1050 Woodland Ave., Elm Grove. Wise 306 

Conn, Margaret E. '64. 2513 N. Ninth St., Arlington 1, Va 327 

Conner, Eliza Caroll "64 

6907 W. Lloyd St., Milwaukee 13, Wise 327 

Cooper. Mildred Wagoner '62 

P. O. Box 1127, Salisbury, N. C 373 

Cordyack, Cathryn Anne '65 

406 Fairview Ave., Frederick, Md 307 

Cozart Elizabeth M. '65, 814 Berkeley St., Durham, N. C. 307 
Crane. Carol Laura '64 

321 Parkside Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pa 327 

Crawford, Betsy Jane "62, Box 502, Sylva, N. C 35, 43, 373 

Creigh, Bettsy '62 

422 Bryn Mawr Ave., Bala-Cynwyd, Pa.. 69 373 

Crothers, Phyllis Jean '65 

305 Hermitage Dr., Elkton, Md 57, 307 

Crummie, Emma Rose '62, 408 Parker Dr.. Clinton, N. C 373 
Cude. Cherie '62. 2213 Elder St.. Durham, N. C. 
Curtiss. Lmda Ann '64. 1733 Central St., Yorktown Hts., N. Y 59 
Damelson. Barbara Ruth '62, 25 Castle Dr., Meriden, Conn. 

Danker. Betty Jean '64, 214 Marsh Place, Plainfield, N. J 327 

Davis. Adrienne R. '65, 1 1 Morningside Ave., Yardley, Pa 307 

Davis, Carol Ann '65, Rt. 2, Boonsboro, Md 307 

De Loca, Diane Julie "65 

1301 E. Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 307 

Denyes, Mary Jean "63, 35 Collinwood Rd., Maplewood, N. J 

Deyton, Ann Woody '62, 813 Onslow St.. Durham, N. C 374 

Dierauf, Eline Gade '64, 466 Laurel St., Longmeadow. Mass. 328 
Dimmick, Barbara Joyce '62, Box 23. Buck "Hill Falls, Pa. 374 
Disco, Elizabeth C. "65 

100-48 75th Ave., Forest Hills, N. Y 307 

Dise, Louise Wyckoff "63, 1540 Jeanne St., Falls Church, Va. 349 

Doke, Dianne May "64. 1215 Cherry St., Winnetka, 111 328 

Donkin, Deborah '65, 777 W. Park Ave., State College, Pa. 307 
Donnelly, Anne Warner "63 

44 Grasmere Rd., Lockport, N. Y 52, 57 349 

Dowling, Linda Grace "65. 58 New St., East Orange, N.'j. ' 307 
Drewry, Patricia Metcalf "62 

214 66th St.. Virginia Beach, Va 52, 56 57 375 

Drinkard, Judith C. '65 

134 Grove Park Cir., Memphis, Tenn 308 

Duhy, Donna May "64 

51 Cooper Lane, Larchmont, N. Y 60. 322. 328 

Dusbabek. Susan Margaret "65 

5315 Chamberlin Ave., Chevy Chase, Md.... 308 

Edens, Joanne "64, 1816 Ivy Hill Drive, McLean. Va. 328 

Enz. Carmen Marie "62, 3 Pratt Ave.. Durham, N. C. 
Espenshade, Nancy Ann "62 

422 N. Main St., Manassas. Va 56, 79, 85, 364, 376 

Evans, Judith Lyn "65. \iM^ Xnic St . Winnetka. Ill 105, 308 

Fairfax, Nancy Ellen '65. 4'i(i() I .ickatt.mna St.. College Park, Md. 
Farnham. Elsie Edith '65. 4(12 Pcnn kd.. Wynnewood Pa 308 

Feay, Barbara Elaine "63 

22 Cedar Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y 350 

Fesmier, Barbara Joan "65, 901 Orville PI., Ridgewood, N. J 308 
Field, Mildred Ann "62 

2041 Sharon Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C 52, 376 

Finkbeiner. Rosemary '62, 609 Church St., Laurens, S. C. 
Fisher. Sarah Louise '64, 14 Township Rd,, Baltimore 22, Md. 
Flatter, Patricia Ann '62 

801 N.W. 24th St., Fort Lauderdale, Fla 139, 377 

Ford, Jane Ann '63 

600 Bellaire Ave., Pittsburgh 26, Pa 79, 85, 350 

Forsenius, Karen Jane '63 

43-56 Murray St., Flushing 55. N. Y __._351 

Forwood, Mary Jane '65 

116th Transport Wing. Dobbins AFB. Marietta. Ga 309 

Foster. Sandra Ann '64. 314 E. Dolphin St.. Siler City. N. C. 329 
Free. Melinda Leigh '65. 301 Biier Ave.. Hanover. Pa. .123, 309 

Frey, Carole Ann '63, 28 Frelen Rd.. > ork. Pa .. .67 

Furste. Nancy Dianne '65 

2737 Welsford Rd.. Columbus 21. Ohio 309 

Gaige, Lois Ann '64. 1520 Siron St.. Falls Church. Va. 329 

Garland, Hettie Lou "65, 826 W. Elm St.. Shelby. N. C. 
Gehrig. June Evelyn "64 

304 Burton Ave., Hasbrouck Hts., N. J 329 

Gesko, Elizabeth Valerie "63, Fort Salonaa Rd., Northport, N. Y. 
Gillespie, Judith Baldwin '64 

200 James River Dr., Newport News, Va 329 

Gingrey, Mary Eleanor "65. 411 S. Boundary. Aiken, S. C. 309 
Goddin, Anne Chenoweth '63. 109 Briar Lane, Newark, Del. 
Graham, Betty Jean '63 

1416 Conway Rd., Orlando, Fla 69, 351 

Grandy, Willetta Anne '63 

80 Warrior Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa 85, 351 

Gray, Nancy Carol '62. Rt. 2. Box 45. Durham, N. C 379 

Griffin, Cornelia Ann "64. Box 34, Robersonville, N. C 330 

Grover. Elizabeth Rue '64 

35 Woodland Ave.. Glen Ridge. N. J 330 

Grubenmann. Linda Ann '64 

Morrison Lane, Laurinburg, N. C 330 

Guest, Susan Elizabeth '65 

Stony Brook Rd. S., South Darien. Conn 310 

Gummey, Jenifer '64 

1138 Younesford Rd., Gladwvne. Pa 60. 330 

Guv. John Nixon '63, Pelham Rd., Greenville, S. C. . 352 

Hall, Linda Carole '64. 5015 Noyes Ave.. Charleston, W. Va 330 

Hall, Sallie Sue '62, 2213 Elder St.. Durham, N. C. 

Handy, Susan Elizabeth '65, Main St., Crisfield, Md 310 

Hanes, Mary Louise '64 

Rt. 1, Box 292, Morehead City, N. C 330 

Hardin, Susan Jane '65, 190 Riveredge Rd., Shrewsbury, N. J. 

Harlow. Judith Elaine "64. 29 Tory Hole Rd.. Darien. Conn 330 

Harris. Patricia Anne '63 

3807 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C 352 

Hart. Sylvia Kay '62. 1838 Lombardy Cir.. Charlotte, N. C 381 

Hartline. Charlene '62 

5470 Kugler Mill Rd., Cincinnati 36. Ohio 56. 139. 381 

Havens, Evelyn Kaye '63 

254 Oakwood Circle, Danville. Va 52, 352 

Heck. Janet Elizabeth '65 

12 Crowell Place, Vally Stream, N. Y 310 

Heiden, Shirley Marie '63 

1336 Wemple Lane, Schenectady, N. Y 352 

Heusner, Barbara Jeanne '65 

2209 Garden Dr., Schenectady, N. Y 311 

Hitchcock, Beverly Ann '64 

Jericho Manor Bldg. 16, Apt. 245, Jenkintown, Pa 331 

Hix, Ann Hilda '63, Rt. 1, Prospect, Va. 52, 56, 57 

Holland, Barbara June '63, 26 Clinton Rd., Glen Ridge, N. J. 
Holt. Sylvia Anne '63 

Rt. 8. Shattalon Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C 353 

Hoofnagle. Linda Ann '65. Rt. I. Atkins, Va 311 

Hooper. Nancy Bryant "63 

300 Griffin St., Elizabeth City, N. C 353 

Horton, Betty Jane '65, 2403 Prince St., Durham, N. C 311 

Howatt, Linda Jean '65 

39 Davidson Ave.. Ramsey. N. J 123, 311 

Howe, Marilyn Ruth '64 

47 Whitney Rd., Medford 55, Mass 60, 331 

Hudson. Margaret F. '63 

1620 Mellon Ct.. Westniont, Johnstown, Pa 353 

Hydeman, Elaine Louise '65, 6101 McGee, Kansas City. Mo 311 

Hyre. Nancy Jane '65. Box 45-B. Rt. I, Boalsburg, Pa 311 

Irwin, Marion Carol '64 

800 E. Holston Ave.. Johnson City, Tenn 60, 71 

Jackson, Judith Ann '64 

1216 N.E. 4th St., Fort Lauderdale. Fla 331 

Jeannette, Toni Lee "63 

1312 Pentwood Rd.. Baltimore 12. Md 353 

Johnson, Barbara Kav "65 

6613-31 St. N.W.. Washington 15, D. C 312 

Johnson, Carolyn Johanna '64 

U.S.O.M. APO 676, New York City, N. Y. 
Johnson, Margaret Wheeler '64, 24/39 Kaukilya Marg., 

Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi, India 57, 332 

Johnson, Mary Colleen '65 

2415 Avenel Ave. S.W., Roanoke, Va 312 

Jordan, Beverly Brooks '62 

2319 Glendale Ave., Durham, N. C 384 

Karp, Mary Janice "63, 872 Boston Neck Rd., Suffield, Conn. .354 

Kellow. Margo '64, 110 E. Ridge St., Lansford, Pa 60, 332 

Kern, Alice Corbly '65 

3623 Dover Rd., Durham, N. C 52, 302, 312 

Kiepe, Judith Ann "64, 115 Tudor Oval. Westfield. N. J 332 

King. Penelope "62. Box 102 RFD I. Durham, N. C. 
Kinsley, Cheryl Elaine "65 

705 Piney Woods Dr., La Grange, Ga 312 

Kliner, Virginia Ann "64 

118 Meadowbrook Rd., N. Plainfield, N. J 56. 332 

Klose. Linda Mary '62 

2 Circle Ave.. West Chester. Pa 139. 385 

Knott. Marcia Elaine '64 

1712 N. Highland St.. Arlington. Va 333 

Kocher, Muriel Lucille "65. 4 Magnolia Dr., Easton. Pa 122 

Krallmann. Sally Jo "64 

20 Campbell Rd., Short Hills, N. J 333 

Kreider. Cynthia Ann '63 

1494 Hollywood Dr.. Lancaster. Pa .52. 90 

Kreps. Carol Gale "62, 3 Bel-Air Apis.. Pratt St., Durham, N. C. 
Kurlbaum, Lisbeth Lea "(i2. SpniLC Hill. Broadalbin, N. Y. ...52, 56 
Kyle, Mary "65, 206 W. Main St., lipp City, Ohio 
Lambert, Ethelyn W. "63 

598 Dorseyville Rd., Pittsburgh 38, Pa 85 

Langsam, Judith Ann '63, 10300 Carnecie Ave., Cleveland 6, Ohio 

Lee, Linda Joanne '64, 20 Yarmouth Rd., Chatham. N. J 333 

Lehmann. Dale Francine "63. 120 Hillcrest Dr.. Wayne. N. J 354 

Lethco. Diane '63. 26 N. Granda St.. Arlington. Va 355 

Leyrer. Sue Ann "62. 1303 Cereal Ave.. Hamilton. Ohio 386 

Livingston, Harriet '63, 2627 Harrington Dr., Decatur, Ga 355 

Long, Elizabeth Lvnne "64. 1402 Ruffner Rd., Alexandria. Va...333 

Luly. Helen Sparks "65, 2530 Fairway Dr., Vero Beach, Fla 313 

Lundholm. Barbara Ruth "65 

190 Orchard PI,, Ridgewood, N. J 313 

Lundholm, Lois Jean '63. 190 Orchard PI., Ridgewood, N. J 355 

MacRobert. Mary Marcaret "64 

919 S. Franklin AveT, Flint 3, Mich 333 

Malevan, Gail Ann "64 

22375 Fairmount Blvd.. Shaker Hts. 18, Ohio 66. 333 

Marsh. Joan Louise "65 

66 Denslowe Dr., San Francisco, Calif 314 

Marshall, Frances Liane '63. 10922 Main St., Clarence, N. Y...355 
Matthew. Elizabeth G. '65. 108 Third St., N. Charleston, S. C. 
Matthews. Sylvia Adele "63 

2912 Grimes St.. Charlotte 6. N. C 344. 355 

Matzner, Hilda Louise "62. 106 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham. N. C. 

Mayes. Judith Carol "65. 136 S. End Rd., Southington, Conn 314 

Mayne, Linda Carol '63 

617 Lawrence Ave., Westfield, N. J 71, 355 

McConnell. Tharon Cecile '65, Rt. 3. Mooresville. N. C 85, 314 

McDaniel, Sandra Cecile '64 

5020 Ortega Farms Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. 334 

McGovern, Diane Neilson '64 

40 Glen Rd., Greenwich, Conn 85, 334 

Mcllhenny, Virginia Dail '64 

751 B Aalapapa Dr., Kailua, Hawaii 334 

Mcllvain, Patricia '62, P. O. Box 91, Downingtown, Pa 364, 388 

McKay, Diane Juanita '63 

312 Pinecrest Dr., Fayetteville, N. C 52 

Means, Deborah Elizabeth '64 

39 Nottingham Terr., Buffalo. N. Y 334 

Meeker, Marie Angela '62 

5012 Worthington Dr.. Washington 16. D. C .364. 389 

Merck. Lorraine Nancy '64 

21 Meadowridge Lane. Old Brookville. N. Y 334 

Mills. Joan Elizabeth '65. Seaford. Va 315 

Minier. Margaret Susan '65 

494 Burnham Rd.. Williamsburg, Va 315 

Mock. Victoria I.eola '64 

1700 Pigeon Point Rd.. Beaufort, S. C 335 

Moeszini;er, Pamela Gay '63 

5025 Carmel Club Dr., Charlotte 9, N. C 356 

Moore, Jean Rich '64. 84 Pierce Dr.. Pleasantville, N. Y 335 

Moore, Pamela Ann '62. 105 Mill St.. Cambridge. Md 390 

Morrison. Susan Jane "62 

1090 Trumbull Ave., S.E., Warren, Ohio 57, 390 

Morrow, Susannah Jane '65 

6208 Redwing Court, Bethesda 14, Md .315 

Mraz, Elizabeth Charlotte '62, Box 102 R.F.D. I, Durham, N. C. 
Mumford. Jeannette Louise '63, 202 Cedar Ave., Gaithersburg, Md. 

Newman. Frances Gail '64, Box 85, Lerona, W. Va.... 335 

Newton. Dorothy Louise '65 

22 Lockwood Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn 315 

Nigh, Louise Virginia '62, 3306 Winnett Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Norwood. Sharon Berdan '63 

21 Coolidge Ave.. Glen Ridge. N. J 52. 356 

Odom. Linda Price '63, 2812 Chelsea Circle. Durham, N. C 356 

Oelschlegel. Judith Anne '64 

Burger Rd.. Terryville. Conn 85, 336 

Ollsen, Marilyn Louise '62 

305 Greenwich Lane. Silver Spring, Md 391 

Omeara, Marilyn Ann '64, 1741 W. 26th St., Erie, Pa 336 

Onken, Susan Charlotte '64 

2526 Observatory Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio.. 57, 336 

Otis, Barbara Margaret '62 

55 Fordham St., Valley Stream, N. Y 79, 85 

Pafford. Margaret Gail '62 

2101 Hemlock Hill. Bluefield, W. Va 392 

Pace, Eleanor Cecilia "62. 1912 House Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Page, Lynn 'hs. 5010 Mauyh Rd., McLean. Va 316 

Parker, Barbara Ruth "64, Rl. 4, Box 288A, Church Hill, Tenn. 

Parker, Lois Harriet "65, 25 Ferndale Rd., Madison, N. J 316 

Parker, Marilyn Jan "63, 3 Corona Dr.. Bethpage. N. Y 357 

Parker. Nina Elizabeth '63 

Qtrs. 21A, Fort Myer, Arlington 11, Va 121 

Parker, Sandra T. '62. 2818 Nation Ave.. Durham, N. C. 
Parkinson, Helen Anne "62 

P. O. Box 365, Greenville, N. C 79, 85, 392 

Paulson, Patricia B. '62, Box 2811, Duke Hospital, Durham, N. C. 
Peach, Nancy Gayle '64 

Qtrs. B, Navy Supp. Corps Sch., Athens, Ga 123, 336 

Pecor. Patricia Anne "64 

Shclhiirne Shore, Shelbiirne, Vt 60, 322. 336 

PctL-h, Kristin HIi/.aheth '64. Rt, 1. Box 204A, Durham, N. C. 
Peterson, Gail Melinda '65 

1200 Jackson Ave.. Takonia Park 12. Md 56, 316 

Pickard. Jean Doris '65 

5004 Oleander Dr.. Wilmington. N. C 316 

Pierce. Betsy Faye '63. 201 Shepherd St.. Raleigh, N. C 344 

Plockelman. Margaret Ann '62 

222 Ellamar Rd.. West Palm Beach, Fla 393 

Porter. Jeannine Gayle '62. 2305 Elder St., Durham. N. C. 
Poupalos. Irene John '64. 105 W. Ashley Ave.. Folly Beach. S. C. 
Pratt. Alison '62 

857 Longmeadow St.. Longmeadow 6. Mass 52. 393 

Preston. Carol Ann '64 

390 Jefferson Ave.. Morrisville. Pa 337 

Price. Susan Busse '64 

1167 Lincoln Ave. S.. Highland Park. Ill 337 

Rastall. Margaret Lang '64. 301 Trenton Blvd., Sea Girt, N. J. .337 
Raub. Antoinette '64 

776 Hardscrabhle Rd.. Chappaqua. N. Y 187, 337 

Reed. Brenda Ann '64. 1713 Kennedy Dr.. Camden. S. C 337 

Reed. Diane Lewis '62. A-5 Westover Park Apts., Durham. N. C. 
Reeves. Elizabeth James '64 

920 Anderson St.. Durham. N. C 60. 337 

Riley. Elizabeth '62. 1351 Valley Ave., Winchester, Va. 
Rinehart. Carol Brisbane '65 

186 Westview Rd.. Charlottesville. Va 85, 121, 317 

Robertson, Martha Eleene '65 

USMCSCM 02 3. Barstow. Calif 56, 123. 302, 317 

Robinson. Anne Clark '65 

314 Broxton Rd., Baltimore, Md 302, 317 

Roebken. Ann Elizabeth '62. 106 Woodridge Dr.. Durham, N. C. 
Rogers. Carol Anne '64 

204 Garfield St.. Haworth, N. J.. 39, 45, 60, 111, 337 

Rohrhurst, Mary Ann '62 

537 Watchuna Rd.. Bound Brook. N. J 139. 393 

Rollins. Judith Ann '62. Box 233, Warsaw. N. C 139. 395 

Root. Janice Ann '65. 959 N. Renaud. Grosse Point 36. Mich.. .3 17 
Ross. Suzanne Meador '64 

1016 Wendover Rd.. Charlotte, N. C 338 

Rowland. Elizabeth Ann '64 

12 Lawrence FM Crossway, Chappaqua. N. Y 60. 71 

Ruff, Barbara '65, 51 Rajpur Rd., Dehra Dun, India 317 

Sanderson, Genevia C. "62. 1007 W. Trinity Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Satterfield, Rose '64. 97 Westervelt Ave.. Tenafly. N. J 338 

Saylor. Mary Lee "63. 328 Broxton Rd.. Baltimore 12, Md 358 

Scheiderbauer. Susan Mary '64 

604 Parker Court. Wilmington 8. Del 56, 60, 322. 338 

Searles, Mary Alyce '65. 5916 Evrith Ave.. Baltimore 6. Md....318 

Shaw. Rosalie Ann '64. 4206 Hickory Rd.. Richmond. Va 338 

Sherman, Marianna '62. 1010 Crownpoint Rd., W. Birnam Wood. 

Signal Mountain. Tenn 71, 396 

Shipps, Jan Elizabeth "64 

840 Oakwood St.. Fayetteville. N. Y 338 

Shore. Betty Gailya '62, Box 205, King, N. C. 
Shumway. Robin Elizabeth '65 

2164 Chatfield Dr.. Cleveland Hts. 6. Ohio 123, 318 

Simmons, Judith Ann '65. 316 Pryor Ave., Salisbury, Md 318 

Sklar. Isabel '63. 102 Queens Ct., Massapequa Park, N. Y 358 

Skodol. Holly Anne '64 

3240 Comanche Rd.. Brookside Farms, Pittsburgh, Pa 339 

Smith. Mary Katherine '65 

1817 Glendale Ave.. Durham. N. C 318 

Smith. Terry Eileen "65 

913 Coolidge St.. Westfield. N. J 318 

Smoot, Edith Annabelle '64 

2010 Black Fox Dr.. N.E.. Atlanta 6. Ga 60, 339 

Snapp. Mary Rowena '64, 915 Seventh Ave.. Bristol, Tenn 339 

Solomon, Joan '65, 118 Alhambra Rd.. Massapequa, N. Y 319 

Spangler, Mary Jane '63 

36 Cedarbrook Rd.. Ardmore. Pa 71, 359 

Speth, Bonnie Jean '64 

1073 Gunka Rd.. Jacksonville. Fla 85. 339 

Sprenkel, Kay Elizabeth '62, 106 Woodridge Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Steele, Linda '64. 128 Earlwood Rd., Pittsburgh 35, Pa. 
Steen. Marcia Lynne "64 

48 Andrew Rd.. Manhasset, N. Y 322, 339 

Stephens. Jane Lee '62 

27 Concord Dr., Livingston, N. J 52. 56, 398 

Stephenson. Judith Louise '62 

92 Oakview Ave.. Maplewood. N. J .398 

Stetzer. Sharon Carla "65, 1727 Kaneville Rd., Geneva, III 319 

Stevens, Georgia Ann '62, 211 N. Emerson, Arlington 3, Va 398 

Stevens. Janet Ethel '64 

323 Stevens Ave.. Ridgewood. N. J 71, 339 

St. John. Andrea Kaye '63. 262 Piedmont. Rt. 1. Marietta, Ga. 
Sullivan. Sally Eckerd '63, 1133 Queens Rd„ Charlotte, N. C. 

Suwak. Carol Ann '62. 55 Fairmont Ave., Washington, Pa 399 

Swatzburg, Susan '65, Scotland Rd., Norwich, Conn 319 

Talbot, Elizabeth Booth '63 

Post Rd.. Bernardsville, N. J 57, 79, 85, 360 

Taylor. Patricia Lloyd '62. 3926 Kimpalong, Nashville, Tenn. 
Taylor. Sally Hodgson '62 

135 Bayswater Rd.. London W2, England 400 

Thompson, Patricia Lynn '65, 124 Locust Lane, Media, Pa. 
Tinsley, Nancy Elizabeth '65 

1105 Allied Arts Bldg., Lynchburg. Va. 
Todd. Carol Elizabeth '63. R.F.D. 5. Woodbridge. Conn. 344, 360 

Todd, Norma Lee "65, 182 Beach Rd.. Hampton. Va. 319 

Tomkovich, Constance '64, 24 Grandview Dr., Wayne, N. J 340 

Tryastad. Louise Nigh '62 

3306 Winnett Rd., Chevy Chase, Md 400 

Twigg. Margaret Jane '64 

509 Birchwood Dr., High Point. N. C 52. 60, 340 

Vangeli. Katrina '62. 2305 Elder St.. Durham. N. C. 
Vogelsberg, Nancy Jeanne '65 

127 Pinetree Rd., Radnor, Pa 85, 320 

Waaland, Barbara Jean '64 

65 East Third St.. Corning, N. Y 57. 60, 341 

Wallace. Patti Eloise '64 

210 Blauvelt Ave.. Pearl River, N. Y 341 

Wange. Sandra Frances '64 

36 East Seneca St.. Massapequa, N. Y 341 

Ward. Mary Woodford "63. Box 144, Amelia, Virginia 85, 361 

Watts. Marion Ellis "65. 55 Dover Rd., Longmeadow, Mass 320 

Weaver, Margaret Ann '62 

711 Beaumont Ave.. Baltimore 12, Md. 
Wells. Nancy Louise '62. 106 Woodridge Dr.. Durham, N. C. 
Westcott. Martha Diane '62 

19 Woodhill Rd.. Tenafly. N. J 71, 402 

Westerfield, Hope Dahl '63. 1600 Wendover Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Wheeler. Elizabeth '62, 111 Forest Dr.. Durham. N. C. 

White. Jill Knox '63. 181 Kilburn Rd.. Garden City. N. Y 361 

White. Marilynn Louise '63 

349 E. Second St.. Moorestown, N. J 361 

Whitefield, Anne Eleanor "63. 1550 Farr Rd.. Wyomissing, Pa. 
Widing, Karen Lee "62. 39 Creekside Lane. Rochester. N. Y. 
Williams. Judith Sandra "64 

Dellcroft Cross Lane, Harpenden Herts, England 341 

Wise. Nancy Marie "64. 229 Woodburn Rd., Raleigh, N. C 342 

Wishnov. Barbara Lynn "62. 1400 Kent St., Durham, N. C. 
Wood, Carol Elizabeth '62 

90 Berkley Terrace, Devon, Conn 364, 403 

Woodhall. Elizabeth B. "63 

4006 Dover Rd.. Durham. N. C 32, 100, 362 

Worman. Martha Ann "63. 714 Lansing Ave.. Jackson, Mich 362 

Wright. Ann Elizabeth "62 

53 N.E. 49th St.. Apt. 2. Miami, Fla 57. 403 

Wyman. Catherine Helene "62 

1317 Highland Ave.. Hendersonville, N. C. 

Wynne, Dariene "64, 15 West Lawn Rd.. Livingston. N. J 342 

Zelenz. Mary Helen '62 

39 Sherwood Place. Greenwich, Conn. 403 

Zimmerman, Patricia L. "63 

141 Fairview Ave., Frederick, Md 362 

Zipperer. Mary Patricia '62, 1513 E. 54th St., Savannah, Ga 403 

Zoellin. Luise "62. R.D. 1. Ottsville. Pa. 


Acton. Mary Alice '65 

Green Acres, Box 784. Danville. Ky 178, 304 

Adams, Patricia Lee '65 

c/o Dr. T. R. Adams. Box 22. Boone. N. C 304 

Adams, Mary Judith '62 

616 S. Union St.. Concord. N. C 195, 366 

Adams. Rebecca Sue "64. 305 S. Yadkin Ave., Spencer, N. C. .324 

Adamson. Joan Lee '64 

14706 Carrolton Rd.. Rockville. Md 179. 324 

Adkins. Mary Judith '64. 1 109 Powerhouse Lane. Lyndon. Ky. 324 
Agner. Julia Jane '62. 2604 Albany St.. Durham. N. C. 

Aiken, Nelle Martha '65. Ashton. Md 75. 304 

Albers. Barbara Jan '65 

1838 Argentina Dr.. S.E.. E. Grand Rapids. Mich. 70, 186, 304 

Albers, Dorothy A. '63 

1838 Argentina Dr.. S.E.. E. Grand Rapids. Mich.. 55, 187, 346 
Alden, Elizabeth C. "64 

303 N. College St.. Rockville, Ind 110. 164, 195, 324 

Alexander, Martha Pierce '62 

116 S. Harding St.. Greenville, N. C 366 

Alexander. Mary Beth '65. 1429 Marion Court, Geneva, 111 304 

Allaway, Susan Mary '62 

1919 Pagebrook Rd.. Silver Spring. Md 59, 187. 366 

Allen, Helen Chase "62, 915 Demerius St., Durham, N. C. 
Allen, Margaret Bothwell '65 

4208 Sunnyside Rd., Edina, Minneapolis, Minn 190, 304 

Alsobrook, Ann Lewis '64, Rt. 1, Pfafftown, N. C. 

Altvater, Mary Jane '63. 771 York St.. Denver 6, Colo 346 

Anderson. Elizabeth C. '62 

7433 Poplar Pike, Germantown, Tenn 366 

Anderson. Frances L. '63 

1216 Watson Dr.. Wilson. N. C 185, 346 

Anderson, Judith Helen '64, Box 593, Sidney, Mont. 
Anderson. Judith L. '63 

616 Coventry Rd., Towson 4, Md 55, 164, 183. 346 

Anderson. Nancy L. "63 

1114 Seville Place. Orlando. Fla 173, 346 

Anderson. Sarah Jane "65. 2020 Sunset Ave.. Durham. N. C 304 

Anutta. Lucile Jamison "65. 1310 Des Moines Ave. 

Andrews A. F. Base, Washington 25, D. C 178, 304 

Appleton. Susan Elizabeth '65 

1808 Truman Rd., Charlotte 5, N. C 64, 304 

Arner, Lysbeth Jean '65. 450 Louisiana Ave.. Chester, W. Va...304 
Arthur. Leonora Wilson '62 

231 Summit Ave., Mount Holly, N. C 367 

Ashley, Terry Fay '65, 1772 S.W. 35th Ave., Gainesville, Fla. 
Atkins, Jean '63 

292 Eleventh St., Garden City, N. Y 85, 193, 346 

Auerbach, Marion Dustin '62 

Dallas Manor Apts., Chattanooga, Tenn 152, 187, 367 

Aull, Charlotte Holmes "64 

3fi03 Hillsboro Rd.. Louisville. Ky. 
Auman. Sarah Burroughs '64 

4505 S. Alston Ave.. Durham. N. C 185, 324 

Austell, Mary Adelaide '64 

522 W. Marion St.. Shelby. N. C 324 

Austin. Harriet Lindsay '64 

500 Lindale Dr.. High Point, N. C 85. 324 

Auzat, Barbara Ann '64 

Hq. Co. 33rd Trans. BN, APO 25, San Francisco, Cal. 1 10. 324 
Avery, Marie Land '65 

305 Oakhurst Rd., Statesville, N. C 304 

Aycock, Nell Mitchell '65, Currituck, N. C 304 

Aydlett, Louise C, "63 

420 W. Main St.. Elizabeth City. N. C 158, 346 

Ayers, Lorna Blane '62, 84 Wyatt Rd., Garden City, N. Y. 
Bacon. Adrianne Lyie "65 

418 8th Ave., St. Albans. W. Va 180. 304 

Badgett. Alice Sheppard "65 

767 Braemar Ave.. S.W., Atlanta 11, Ga -75, 85, 304 

Bagley, Carol Anne "64 

2351 Que St.. S.E.. Washington 20, D. C 181, 324 

Baker, Judith Ann '65 

618 Amanda Dr.. Bellefonte. Ashland. Ky 64, 304 

Baker. Susannah Carlin "65 

120 Round Hill Rd.. Scarsdale. N. Y 178. 304 

Balch. Brenda P. '63 

5301 Robinhood Rd.. Charlotte, N. C 181, 346 

Balderston, Barbara '65, Box 190, Glen Mills, Pa 182. 304 

Baldwin, Ann E. '62 

3609 Littledale Rd., Kensington, Md 181, 367 

Baldwin, Mary Frances '62 

3303 Avon Rd.. Hope Valley. Durham. N. C 1S7, 367 

Baran. Janet Eileen "64 

409 Shoreline Dr.. Hampton. Va 180. 324 

Barbour, Ann G. "63 

Henredon Rd.. Box 801. Morganton. N. C 59, 75, 183. 346 

Barker, Dorothy Mira '64 

West Drive North Haven, Sag Harbor, N. Y .185, 324 

Barker, Maxine Allen "62, 2903 Carver St.. Durham. N. C. 
Barnes. Elizabeth W. '62 

Anderson St.. Elm City. N. C 364, 367 

Barnes, Mary A. '63 

Box 3158, St. Andrews Br.. Charleston, S. C 346 

Barnett. Elizabeth Anne '65 

2628 Rivers Rd., N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga 190, 304 

Barre, Sandra E. '63, 631 1 Westshore Rd., Columbia, S. C 346 

Bass. Bertha Jo "62 

501 N.E. 10th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 43, 367 

Bass, Jennie W. '63 

3505 Granny White Pike, Nashville, Tenn 346 

Bassford, Anne W. '62, Westover Apts. H 3, Durham, N. C. 
Bate. Caryl M. "63. 121 Sunset Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. ..183, 346 

Bates, Mary Douglas "65. 605 Colgate St., Durham, N. C 304 

Bates, May Joan '64 

9107 Lindale Dr., Bethesda 14, Md 85, 324 

Batte. Cvnthia Anne "64 

70 N. Spring St.. Concord. N. C 322. 324 

Baugher. Patricia S. "63 

308 North 29th St.. Camp Hill. Pa 164. 192. 193. 346 

Bay. Edna Grace "65. 300 E. 12th St., Dover, Ohio... 182, 304 
Beach, Beatrice Aurel "62 

Vanderbilt Univ.. Nashville, Tenn 69, 185, 367 

Beard, Lois Susan "65, 403 Eufaula St., Ozark, Ala 75, 192 

Beaty, Mary Dunn "62, 1507 Canterbury Rd., Raleigh, N. C 367 

Beaver. Harriet Elizabeth "62 

337 S. Union St., Concord, N, C 185, 367 

Bebout, Harriet Elizabeth "62 

20975 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Hts.. Ohio 179, 367 

Beck. Frances Claire "65 

523 S. Church St.. Florence. S. C 188. 304 

Beckham, Helen Kesler "63. 599 W. Barr St., Lancaster, S. C 346 

Becton. Emily Allen '65 

559 N. College St.. Wake Forest. N. C 95, 170, 304 

Beiser, Roberta Lando "63. 317 McCauley, Chapel Hill, N. C, 

Bell, Sarah Ellen "65, Box 162, Spruce Pine, N. C 304 

Bell, Virginia Douglas '65 

208 Country Club Dr., Greensboro, N. C .85, 304 

Bellaire, Sara Lesly "62 

836 Pinecrest, S.E.. Grand Rapids 6. Mich 179, 367 

Benedict, Bonnie Eloise "62 

642 Ridge Rd., West Bend, Wise 69, 181, 368 

Benedict. Patricia Louise "62 

881 Merrick Rd.. Baldwin. N. Y 59, 368 

Benjamin. Lucinda Moore "65 

P. O. Box 3. New Fairfield, Conn 192, 304 

Bennett, Ann Louise "65, 2638 Kilgore Ave., Raleigh, N. C 305 

Bennett. Diane Carol "65 

4200 N. Marine Dr.. Chicago 13. Ill 174, 305 

Bennett. Susan Gavle '62 

3600 Cantrell Rd.. N.E.. Atlanta 19. Ga 59. 161, 179, 368 

Bentzel. Alma Elizabeth "62. Rt. 1, Daphne. Ga 185, 368 

Bergquist, Linda Ruth "65. 183 Auburn Dr.. Lake Worth, Fla...305 
Beswick, Anne Evans "64 

501 Lake Maggiore Blvd.. St. Petersburg. Fla 325 

Biddle. Margaret Anne "62 

509 Summit Ave.. Kinston, N. C 55. 368 

Binninu. Barbara A. "63 

404~West 4th Ave.. Lexington. N. C 181. 347 

Bishop. Patricia F. "63 

2530 N. Kenilworth St., Arlington 7, Va.... 158, 347 

Bittinger, Ehzabeth A. "63 

734 Pinewood Circle. Mooresville, N. C 347 

Bixler. Lynn Berniece "62. Harts Lane, Miquon, Pa 181, 368 

Black. Barbara Ann "62. Box 187, Candor, N. Y. 
Black. Jane Elizabeth "65 

1518 Adger Rd., Columbia. S. C 172, 305 

Blackman. Mary Jane "63. Rt. 3. Box 840. Lenoir, N. C 347 

Blackwood. Marilyn S. '63 

400 N.W. 41, Oklahoma City 18, Okla 59, 74, 75, 347 

Blakely, Mary Eleanor "64 

761 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill, S. C 85, 325 

Bland, Paula M. '62. P. O. Box 611, St. Albans, W. Va. 
Block. Barbara Reed '64 

9916 River Rd., Newport News, Va 175, 325 

Blohm. Barbara Ann "65 

1511 W. Broad St., Stratford. Conn 191, 305 

Blomherg, Karen Lynn '64 

105 Kingston Ct.. New Orleans 14. La 181, 325 

Blount. Susan Hill '64 

2614 Cooleemee Dr.. Raleigh. N. C 185, 325 

Boden. Carla Ann '63 

3236 Jackson St.. Sioux City 4, Iowa 185, 347 

Boeker. Mary Burh '64 

Center Cambridge Rd.. Cambridge, N. Y 325 

Boi;ot. Jovce Elaine "65 

M) Hol'lister Dr., W. Hartford 17, Conn 194, 305 

Bole. Diana S. "63. 39 Dam Ave., Pittsfield, 170, 171, 347 

Boll, Sarah Virginia "64 

202 Wash. St.. W.. Charleston 2. W. Va 325 

Bolton. Janette A. "63. 2041 Englewood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Bonner. Mary Frances "62. 37 Willowbank Rd., Georgetown, S. C. 
Booe. Esther Gudger "62 

6344 Wake Forest. Houston 5, Texas 67, 93, 136, 368 

Bost, Juanita Mae "65, P. O. Box 4, Eagle Springs, N. C. 
Boswell, Ann O. M. "63 

171 Blackland Rd., N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga 70, 195, 325 





Bott, Carol Anne 64 

Frederiksted St., Croix. Viryin Island 
Boutwell. Susan E. '63 

3500 S. Country Rd., Palm Beach, Fla 59, 187, 

Bowden, Virginia Ruth "64. Box 66, Summerfield, N. C 

Bowdren. Dorothy Jean "64 

240 Lebanon St.. Maiden 48. Mass 171, 

Bower, Linda Gail "64 

Old Orchard Rd.. R.F.D. 1. Silver Spring. Md 

Bowness. Jane Carol "62 

P. O. Box 1058. Black Mountain, N. C 59, 

Boyd, Jerry Anne "64 

300 Grandin Rd.. Charlotte 8, N. C 195, 

Boyd, Mary Brantley '65 

5630 Timber Lane. Charlotte 8, N. C 

Boyles, Sandra Kay "65 

4009 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro, N. C 

Brading, Barbara Alice '65. II Swan Dr.. Sumter. S. C 172. 

Bradley. Elizabeth Gayle "63. 301 North Ave.. Wilson, N. C... 
Bradshaw. Barbara A. "63 

2837 Reynolds Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C 172. 

Bradshaw. Barbara Anna "62 

500 Hammond St.. Rocky Mount. N. C 171, 

Bradsher, Catherine Ward "65 

118 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C 

Bradsher. Patricia Mary "65 

421 Carolina Circle, Durham, N. C 190, 

Braisted, Lynne "63 

38 Lakewood Rd., Staten Island 1, N. Y 

Brand. Gertrude Neill '62 

816 West Locust St.. Johnson City, Tenn 59, 

Bray, Claudia C. '63. 2312 Manor Ave., East Point, Ga 
Bremer, Linda Kay "63 

511 Highland Ave.. Upper Montclair. N. J 

Brenizer. Meredith Berry '64 

1301 Providence Rd.. Charlotte 7. N. C 

Brewer, Karen K. "63. 1353 E. Second St., Casper. Wyo. .183. 
Breymeier, Linda "64. 930 North St.. Walpole, Mass. 
Brisendine. Barbara A. "65 

1735 Childress Dr.. S.W.. Atlanta II, Ga 176, 

Brittain, Julia Ann "65. 254 Maple St., Brevard. N. C 

Broadwater. Ann Beverly "65 

500 Hawthorne Rd.. Kings Mountain. N. C 85, 

Brooke, Barbara M. '63 

7307 Three Chopt Rd.. Richmond 26, Va 181, 

Brooks, Jan E. '63, 905 Lakeside Dr.. Conway, S. C 

Brown. Bernice M. '63 

403 Williams St., Lake City, S. C 164, 181, 

Brown, Diane Elizabeth '65, 1709 Vista St., Durham. N. C. ... 
Brown. Gretchen Anne "65 

51 Lakeshore Dr.. Charleston, W. Va 184, 

Brown. Virginia E. "63 

5439 41st Place. N.W., Washington, D. C 179. 

Brownell, Tempe Curry "65 

9702 Parkwood Dr.. Bethesda 14. Md 186, 

Brueggemann. Bonnie J. "64 

2614 Fleetwood Ave., Cincinnati 11, Ohio 187, 

Brummett. Barbara Sue "65 

Belair Rd.. Norwalk. Conn 105. 190, 

Brunn, Lucia B. "63. 22 Bayview Ave.. Northport, N. Y. 
Bryan, Kathleen Judith "62 

4624 46th St., N.W.. Washington 16. D. C 189. 

Bulgarin, Marina "63 

Bostwick St.. Lakeville. Conn 121, 152, 

Bulow, Barbara Cordes "64 

433 Wesleyan PI., Owensboro. Ky 

Burbridge. Abigail H. '62 

1939 River Rd.. Jacksonville 7, Fla 79, 85, 177, 

Burch, Judith F. '63, RED 2. Box 68. Greenville. N. C. 
Burckel. Mary Augusta '65 

204 Weldin Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del 172, 

Buruess. Gail Merrell "65 

2505 N. Riverside Dr.. Pompano Beach. Fla 186. 

Burkholder. Yvonne E. '62. 2420 State St., Durham. N. C. 
Burnham. Deborah '62. 292 Radcliffe Rd., Strafford Wayne. 

Burns. Judith Kaye '65. 1256 Henrietta. Birmingham, Mich 

Burns. Rebecca Sue '62 

1580 Quarrier St.. Clarksburg, W. Va 50, 

Burruss, Margaret A. '64. 300 S. Main St.. Roxboro. N. C 

Burton, Barbara Lee '62 

Rt. 1. Thomasville. N. C 118, 153, 158, 

Burton, Leslie Hallam '62, 3501 Blackburn Rd.. N.W. 

Canton, Ohio 50, 64. 154. 173. 

Burwell, Jeanne Drost '65 

110 Homewood Dr., Greensboro. N. C 121. 

Bush. Gipsie Ann '64 

117 Woodmont Ave.. Kingsport, Tenn 85, 

Butler, Marilyn Kay '65, 526 Burke St.. McComb, Miss... 172, 306 
Caine. Constance A. '63 

108 Meadow St.. Garden City. N. Y 153, 164, 181, 348 

Calkins, Kathleen Clinch '62 

1515 Schulte Rd., St. Louis 41. Mo 191, 371 

Calverley. Diana R. '64 

263 Carr Ave., Clarksburg. W. Va 187, 326 

Cameron, Betty Sue '65 

335 Brentwood Terr.. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 184, 306 

Camfield, Clarissa L. '64 

1730 Nocatee Dr., Miami 45, Fla 179, 326 

Campbell, Anita Carol "65, 4 Bransby, Savannah, Ga 186, 306 

Campbell. Constance S. '63 

7611 Hogarth St.. Springfield. Va 185, 348 

Campbell. Ruth Hallock '65 

4838 Rockwood Pkwy.. Washington, D. C 186, 306 

Candlin, Rosalind '63 

20 Adamson Rd., London. Eng 106, 107. 152 

Cannon, Jane H. '63 

1 Upper Brook St.. London. Eng 74. 75. 348 

Cantrell. Lydia Nelle '64 

412 W. Lyle Ave., College Park, Ga 173, 326 

Capps, Nancy Ellen '64 

11501 Monongahela Dr., Rockville, Md 326 

Garden, Gary Russell '65 

111 Crestview Cr.. Chattanooga, Tenn 172. 306 

Cardwell, Martha W. '62 

100 Pearl Rd.. Oak Ridge. Tenn 177. 371 

Carithers. Susan '65 

3010 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla 182, 306 

Carl, Mary Elizabeth '65 

106 West End Ave.. Lititz, Pa 195, 326 

Carlberg, Constance E. '62 

3400 Anderson Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C 118, 177, 371 

Carlisle, Blonnie L. '62. 315 N. Maple St., Durham, N. C. 
Carpenter, Caroline M. '64 

4201 South 8th St.. Arlington 4, Va 326 

Carpenter. Mary E. '63. 9 Cosgrove Dr.. Mobile, Ala 348 

Carr, Ava Marie '62, Box 51, Roseboro, N. C 171, 371 

Carr, Edith Patricia '65 

6951 Louis XIV St.. New Orleans 24, La .178, 306 

Carroll, Barbara J. '63. 319 Summit Ave., Statesville. N. C. 
Carroll. Dorothy C. "65 

2 Southview Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y 178. 306 

Carter, Carlynne M. "63 

3724 Dunbarton Dr., Birmingham 13, Ala. 
Cartwright, Margaret A. "64, 2114 Myrtle Dr.. Durham. N. C...326 
Cartwright. Mary Elaine "62 

2114 Myrtle Dr.. Durham. N. C 59, 371 

Carver, Laura E. "63 

950 Boulevard, Westfield, N. J 59. 164. 179, 348 

Cassaday, June A. "63. Overbrook Dr.. Stamford. Conn 193, 348 

Gates. Dorothy Ellen "62 

2309 Fernway Dr.. Montgomery. Ala 120, 179, 371 

Caudle. Betsy Kathryn '65 

1202 Northwood St.. Greensboro, N. C 85, 306 

Caudle, Fairfid M. "63 

614 Wanoca Circle, Wadesboro, N. C 158, 177, 348 

Cavanagh. Mary Ann '65. 215 N. 17th St., Wilmington. N. C...306 
Chamberlin. Delia Ann '62 

2897 Natchez Lane. Memphis. Tenn 34. 42. 43, 183, 371 

Champion, Sara S. '63 

181 Moross Rd.. Grosse Point Farms, Mich 348 

Chandler, Susan L. '64 

2511 E. 28th St.. Tulsa 14. Okla 191. 326 

Chancy. Sarah L. '63 

9632 Old Spring Rd.. Kensington. Md 180, 181, 348 

Chapnick, Maxine Lenore '64 

157 Pawling Ave.. Troy. N. Y 175, 326 

Childre, Catherine B. '63. 955 S. Columbus St.. Arlington. Va. 
Choborda. Marie E. '63 

172 Briarheath Lane. Clark. N. J 69. 185. 348 

Chomicz. Carol Ann "64. 627 Russell Ave.. W. Lafayette. Ohio .326 
Church. Scott Larson '64. 325 N. W. 194 Terr.. Miami 69, Fla.. .326 
Clark. Jean Elizabeth '65 

196 Anson St.. Stratford. Conn 85. 306 

Clark, Lee Beryle '64 

2656 E. 35th St.. Tulsa. Okla 164, 191, 326 

Clark. Suzanne '65. 602 Ward St.. Marietta, Ohio. .154, 180, 306 
Clary, Wilba Jean '62 

Children's Home, Winston-Salem, N. C 372 

Clayman. Julie A. '63 

15700 Brewster Rd.. E. Cleveland 12. Ohio 348 

Clay, Sandra Elaine '64. Ill Eastover Rd.. Lenoir, N. C 326 

Clements. Joyce Maxine '64 

5220 North 31st Rd.. Arlington 7. Va 191, 326 

177. 372 

179, 372 

Clinkscales, Ann C. "63 

137 Middle Rd.. Hanscom Field, Bedford, Mass 191, 372 

Cobb, Sarah Elizabeth '64, Box 328, Waynesville N. C 327 

Coble, Janet Ruth '62 

P. O. Box 8064, Guilford Coll., N. C. 59, 75, 173, 372 

Coddington, Susan '63 

5013 Battery Lane, Bethesda 14, Md 69, 195, 372 

Cohen, Sarah Helene "65 

5310 Robinhood Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C 174, 306 

Cohoe. Geraldine Ann "65 

310 26th Ave., N.. St. Petersburg 4, Fla 194, 306 

Coleman, Linda Lorraine '65. 666 Ninth St., Sunbury. Pa 306 

Coleman, Mary L. '63 

3559 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla .185, 348 

Collins, Dora Wilkerson '62 

Westover Park Apts. 2A, Durham, N. C. 
Collins, Karen '65, Qtrs. 78 U.S.M.A.. West Point. N. Y...190. 306 
Collins, Sandra Mary '65 

41 Fenwick Rd.. Fort Monroe, Va 75, 306 

Collis, Jennie Ruth '63, Box 181, Spruce Pine, N. C 187, 348 

Coltellaro, Rosina A. '62, 114 Wilbert St,, Pittsburgh 11, Pa. 
Colvin, Beverly Jean '65 

166 Northview Dr., Lancaster, Pa 75, 306 

Combs, Isabel Meekins '64 

2125 White Oak, Raleigh, N. C 185. 327 

Combs. Mary Camille '65 

245 Fairview Ave., Mount Airy. N. C 105, 106, 180, 306 

Comer, Emily Jeanne '64, 2419 W. Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C. 

Conant, Laura W. '63. Rt. 3, Garrett Rd., Durham, N. C 348 

Conn. Judith '65, 23 Knob Hill Dr., Summit, N. J 172, 306 

Connet, Joan A. '63 

Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, N. C 105, 348 

Conway. Eugenia Cecelia '64, 3049 Wildflower, Dallas, Tex 327 

Cooey, Karen Maureen '65 

947 Forest Dr., Hagerstown. Md 194, 306 

Cook, Barbara Ellen '65, 2545 Auburn Ave.. Dayton 6, Ohio. .306 
Cook, Jan Rae '64, 8 Pennsbury Court, Yardley, Pa. .120, 179. 327 
Cook, Martha Lynn '62 

River Bluff Rd., Elgin, III 66, 164, 

Cooke, Patricia Lee "62 

4th Floor Snow Bldg.. Durham, N. C 

Cooke, Rosalind Yale '64 

21 Addison Lane, Greenvale, N. Y 

Cooper. Annette '64 

108 S. 10th St.. Morehead City, N. C 

Cooper. Betty Phillips '65 

2413 Prince St., Durham, N. C 75, 

Corbin, Lee Lewis '65 

354 Beaufort Ave., Livingston, N. J. ..64, 92, 96, 105, 180, 307 
Cordle, Margaret Mayo '64 

961 Russell St., Augusta, Ga ._ 193, 327 

Corn, Lila Carol '65, 512 West Warren St., Shelby. N. C...170, 307 
Cornwell, Susan Hipson '65 

812 N. Oak St., Lincolnton, N. C 85, 184, 307 

Cortelyou, Betty Ann '65 

800 West 67 Terr., Kansas City, Mo 307 

Cosens. Sara Louise '64 

707 Whitehall Rd.. Anderson, S. C 185, 327 

Cothran, Joyce Ann '64 

Holly Tree Farm, Rt. 1, Travelers Rest, S. C 120, 152 

Cotterill, Susan E. '65 

413 Gooseneck Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C 182. 307 

Courtney, Lina L. '64 

2687 Holly Point Rd., Orange Park, Fla 187, 327 

Cousins, Carol Ruth '65 

2707 N. Wakefield St., Arlington 7, Va 103, 172, 307 

Cowan, Florence Allene '65 

313 Central Ave., Sweetwater, Tenn 184, 307 

Cox, Carrollyn Charles '63 

2003 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C 195, 373 

Cox, Gwin Lee '65, P. O. Box 223, Mt. Olive, N. C 85, 307 

Craig, Barbara Jenn '65 

3506 Westover Rd., Durham, N. C 170, 307 

Craig, Nancy Edgar '64, 382 Montford Ave., Asheville, N. C...327 
Craige, Hazel Fischer '62, 417 Whitehead Cr., Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Crain, Sharon Cheek "63 

8364 Big Bend, Webster Groves, Mo 349 

Crandall, Ruth Ann '63, c/o American Embassy 

Guatemala City, Guatemala 153, 173, 349 

Crawford. Carroll P, '62 

1846 Espanola Dr., Miami 33, Fla 69. 191, 373 

Crean, Geraldine Mary '62 

2908 West 71 St., Prairie Village, Kan 96 

Cradle, Laney Tilson '65, 708 Vance Dr., Bristol, Tenn 307 

Creed, Mary Ellen '65, Rt. 5, Frederick, Md 194, 307 

Crews, Rebecca Elaine '65 

2426 Vista Dr., Charlotte 5, N. C 307 


173, 327 


Cronin, Virginia May "62 

5528 Trent St., Chevy Chase 15, Md 55, 171, 

Crumley, Mary Louise '64 

811 West Maple St., Johnson City, Tenn 

Cull, Pamela E. '63, 190 27 103 Ave., Hollis 23. N. Y 

Cummings, Anita J. '63, 107 Wilder Dr., Signal Mtn., Tenn... 
Curry, Anne E. '63 

1338 E. Ann Circle. Clearwater, Fla 59, 74, 75, 

Curry, Sue Ann '63 

8802 Dunsmuir, Indianapolis 8, Ind.. 50, 191, 

Cutchin, Carolyn J. '65, Sherrills Ford, N. C 85, 

Cuttino, Harriette Wells "64 

Medical Coll. of S. C, Charleston, S. C 173, 

Cyrus, Mary Ellen '62, 1100 Sheridan, Evanston, 111 

Dadakis, Phoebe C. '63 

107 Bell Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y..... 64, 161, 

Dailey, Nancy Lane '64, 2216 Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C...191, 
Dale. Barbara Thompson '62 

237 E. Hamilton Ave.. State College. Pa. 
Damschroder. Diana Lee '64 

1184 West Rd., Hilton. N. Y 67, 85. 164, 171, 

Dancv. Martha H. '63 

222 Woodridge Dr.. Durham. N. C 85, 

Daniel, Harriet Ann '62 

P. O. Box 412, Warrenton, N. C 185, 364, 

Dantzler, Eleanor M. '63 

Box 177, Coalwood. W. Va....- 171, 195, 

Davidson, Noel "65 

2033 Dariington Rd.. S.W., Roanoke, Va. . 85, 

Davidson, Susan Stokes "64 

1733 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 171, 

Davis, Anne Elizabeth "65 

235 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 172, 302, 

Davis, Angela M. '63 

Box 296, Rt. 3, New Garden Rd., Greensboro, N. CI 95, 
Davis, Doreen Carol '64 

616 Birchwood Rd., Clarks Green, Pa 191, 

Davis, Grace Moore '64, 91 North Union St., Concord, N. 

Davis, Jane Lowe '63, 408 Boundary St., Anderson, S. C 

Davis. Melba J. '63, 1203 Country Club, Midland. Tex 187, 

Davis, Patricia Ruth '63 

305 Morgan St., Harriman, Tenn _ 170, 

Davis, Susan Eleanor '65, 350 Buna Rd., Ft. Lee, Va 

Davis, Virginia Joan '62 

30 Avondale Ave.. Charleston, S. C 105, 

Dawson, Grayce Bieg '62, Rt. 2, Box 181. Durham, N, C. 
Day. Carolyn Millicent '62 

491 North Main St.. Chagrin Falls, Ohio 177, 

Deckert, Sandra Lee '62 

529 North Euclid Ave.. Oak Park. Ill 183, 364, 

Deckert, Susan Pepper '65 

933 Lay Rd., St. Louis 24, Mo 186, 

Decolignev. Ethel Park '62 

806 South Manlius Rd.. Fayetteville, N. Y. 
Dennis. Elender Grav "62. 1113 Iredell St., Durham, N. C. 

Dent. Susan E. '63, 110 Reed Ave.. El Dorado, Ark 

Dickie, Flora Adams '65 

59 Spring Glen Terr.. Hamden 17. Conn 

Dillon. Carolyn Lee '62 

513 Montlieu Ave.. High Point, N. C 59, 179, 

Dilworth, Cathy Lewis '65 

112 N. Washington St., Hinsdale, 111 170, 

Dilworth. Lora Helen '62 

2052 Eleventh Ave.. Huntington, W. Va 120, 158, 189, 

Dimpfl. Joan S. '62. P. O. Box 2156, Balboa, Canal Zone 

Dinsmore. Jean M. '63 

2858 Country Club Circle. Bayside, Va 91, 189, 

Dittmar, Susan Kay '65 

954 Lindendale Dr., Pittsburgh 16, Pa 182, 

Dixon. Mary Lynn '63 

515 Hazelton St., Falls Church, Va 195, 

Dixon. Nancy V. '63 

16713 Fernway Rd., Shaker Heights 20, Ohio 

Dodd, Mary Irene '63. 590 Springdale St., Athens, Ga 59, 

Dodge, Caroline G. '62 

c/o Engineer Section. U. S. Conarc, Ft. Monroe, Va 

Doggett, Maurine '65, P. O. Box 825, Winter Park, Fla 184, 

Doggett, Susie Ann '62, 6303 Hilltop Dr.. Raleigh, N. C 

Dorset!. Sandra Anita "62 

340 Grandview Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 189, 

Doui;all, Joann '62 

3646 Locke Lane, Houston 27, Tex 59, 153, 179, 

Douglas, Donna J. '63 

1201 Campo Sano Dr., Coral Gables, Fla 177, 

Downing, Barbara Joann '65 

1711 Barnesdale Way. N.E.. Atlanta 9, Ga 

Dragoon. Barbara Ann '64. Box 342. Rumford. Me. 






Druley, Mary Ellen '65. 157 East Ave.. Hampton. Va 184, 

Dreisinuer. Leanora Ann "65 

20125 Scottsdale Blvd.. Shaker Hts. 22. Ohio 

Drennen. Margaret C. "62, 234 Tazewell Ave., Cape Charles, 
Drennon. Vera Jane '62. Staff Civil Engineer Dept. 

Naval Air Station. Norfolk, Va 185, 

Drummond. Carol Young "63, 510 Wier. Muscatine. Iowa 

Drummond. Martha O. "62. Rt. 4. Greer. S. C 43. 59. 185. 

Dudley. Dorothea Ann "64 

1707 Georgian Dr.. Memphis. Tenn 120. 171. 

Duff. Janice G. "63 

64 Topsfield Rd.. Wenham. Mass 36. 100, 121, 122, 

Duke, Janet Woods '64 

7530 Skyview Dr„ Kent. Ohio 164. 

Duncan. Susan Gary '65 

101 Pilson St.. N. Wilkesboro. N. C. 

Dunn, Nancy A. '64, 425 Jackson St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C- 
Durden. Mildred '62. 6445 C.S.. Durham. N. C. 

Durham. Jeanne Twynian '62. Howertons. Va 

Eakes. Sylvia Faye '65. Apartado 1132. Panama City 

Earle, Margaret Fowler '62 

307 Mimosa Dr.. Greensboro. N. C 

Early. Jane Saunders '62 

608 Gatewood Ave.. High Point. N. C 193. 

Eastwood. Gail Judd "62 

376 E. Wesley Rd.. N.E.. Atlanta 5. Ga 189. 

Ebert. Nancy Lee '63. 826 Mt. Royal Ave., Cumberland, Md.... 
Eby. Lois Jean '62 

2115 East 31st St.. Tulsa. Okla 74. 75. 136. 

Edmonson. Olivia Root '64 

725 Crescent Dr.. Smithfield. N. C 

Edwards, Julie Sibley '65, Rt. 1. Leeds. Ala 

Edwards. Malinda '63 

2235 S. W. 27th Terr., Miami. Fla 191, 

Edwards. Mary Ann '65 

140 Fernwood Lane, Greenville, S. C .64. 178. 

Edwards. Mary Carol "64. 8 Brookdale Rd.. AsheviUe. N. C. 
Ehrhardt. Ursula Margaret "65 

547 Overwood Dr.. Akron 13. Ohio, 75. 

Eisenberg. Carol Susan "65. 130 N. Franklin St.. Nyack. N 

Eisenhart. Darby Jo "62, 213 Hess Blvd.. Lancaster. Pa 

Eller. Martha Eleanor '62 

2856 Country Club Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 

Elliott. Mimi E. '63. Rt. 2. Box 376. Shelby. N. C 

Ellis. Agnes Anderson '63 

3831 McGirts Blvd.. Jacksonville 10. Fla 173. 

Ellis. Jenifer Louise '64 

2708 Overhill Rd.. Birmingham 13. Ala 185. 

Ellis. Jenny Rose '65 

805 N. Audubon Ave.. Goldsboro. N. C 

Ellis, Madonna Ann '64, 37 Prospect St.. Waterville, Me 

Ellstrom, Eva P. "63. 460 Hilltop Rd., Paoli, Pa 

Elmore, Alice Catherine "62 

2501 Farthing St., Durham, N. C 

Ely. Elsa Louise "62. Gaston Rd.. Morristown. N. J... 176. 177. 
Emerson. Suzanne Doris '62 

66 Eakins Rd.. Manhasset. N. Y... 179. 

Emlet. Susan Ellen '64 

200 E. 71st Apt. 11 C. New York 21. N. Y.. 

English, Loellen Kay '65. 802 Chalfonte Dr., Alexandrij, Va.... 
Engstrom, Mary Scurry '62 

633 Parkway Blvd.. Reidsville. N. C 

Erickson. Linda Elise '65 

2011 E. Burr Oak Dr.. Glenview. Ill 178. 

Ernst. Mary Lucille '65 

1921 N. E. 7th Place. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla .170. 

Esslinger. Karen Joy "65 

1 Clayton Downs, St. Louis 31, Mo 170, 

Estes, Alice Holland '65 

2306 Mt. Vernon Rd.. S.W.. Roanoke, Va 

Etheridge. Jeanne '64, Shawboro. N. C 85. 

Etheridge. Lynn '65. Deer Hill Dr.. Ridgefield, Conn 

Eubank. Linda Sue '63 

1102 Greenway Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del 85, 121, 153, 

Eubank. Mary Katharine '64. Box 269. Summerville. S. C 

Evans. Madeleine Thea '62 

607 Tokay Dr.. Fayetteville. N. C 50, 153, 

Evans. Orinda Dale "65 

61 Berkeley Rd.. Avondale Estates. Ga 190, 

Ewell. Judith '65. Parksley. Va 

Fair. Jacqueline '64. 85 Hillside Rd., Wayne, Pa 183. 

Farmer. Muriel Gene '64 

37 Putman Dr.. N.W., Atlanta 5. Ga ...70. 164. 173. 

Farmer. Susan E. '63 

104 Pine Ave.. Washington Grove. Md 158. 161. 179. 

Faulkner. Laura Virginia '65 

Sand Spring Rd.. New Vernon. N. J 97, 

308 Faust. Josephine M. '64. P. O. Box 1447. Williamsburg, Va 

Fearrington. Mary J. '62 

308 2815 Country Club Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 173, 

Va. Fecher, Christine Ann '63 

1387 Ackerson Blvd., Bay Shore, N. Y 

375 Fell. Jean E. '62 

375 801 W. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur, Ga 195, 

375 Ferguson, Barbara Ann '65. Rt. 4, Statesville, N. C 176, 

Ficklin. Mary K. '63. 1210 Cottage St., S.W., Vienna, Va 55, 

328 Fielder, Alice W. '63, 14 Leewood Circle, Eastchester, N. Y 

Fields. Nancy R. '63. Mouth of Wilson. Va 

350 Fifer. Marilie B. '62 

121 N. Washington St.. Alexandria. Va 152. 195. 

328 Fike. Darlene Mae '62. Rt. 1. Courtland. Kan. 

Fincher. Doloris Ann '65, Rt. 4. Box 520-B, Charlotte 8. N. C. 
308 Finfrock, Constance Y. '63 
152 101 West Fawsett Rd.. Winter Park. Fla Ill, 191, 

Finley, Ellen C. '63 

375 227 South Scott St.. Madisonville. Ky.... 186, 187, 

308 Fish, Sara Elizabeth "63 

828 Woodburn Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 182, 

375 Fisher, Lydia "65, 668 Cresthill Ave., N.E.. Atlanta 6, Ga 

Fisher, Rita Carol '65, 227 Longue Vue Dr.. Pittsburgh 28. Pa 
375 Fisher. Vivian Boyd '63 

4265 Lakhaven Dr., N.E.. Atlanta 19. Ga 59. 179. 

375 Flint, Margaret Wilkerson '64, 215 West Park Dr., Raleigh. N 

350 Forrest. Martha Hummard '62 

308 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill, N. C. 
375 Fortenbaugh. Susan Gail '62 

717 Coolidge St.. Westfield. N. J 153, 183, 

328 Fortune, Dorothy Q. '62 

308 223 Pierce St.. West Lafayette. Ind 62, 

Foster. Eleanor Carolina '65 
350 2206 Edgemont Circle. Panama City. Fla 

Fowler. Joanne E. '62 

308 2437 Adina Dr.. N.E.. Apt. 4. Atlanta 5. Ga.. 191. 

328 Fox. Carol Rogers '63. 202 Webb St., Roxboro. N. C 

Fox. Susan Staley '63. Box 1769, Durham, N. C 

308 Frakking, Shirley H. '62 

Y. c/o W. S. Hastings. East Lake Rd., Canadaigua, N. Y. 

375 Franck. Martha Dillard '65. Rt. 1, Chatmoss, Martinsville, Va... 
Frank. Rebecca Joan '65 

376 631 Willow St.. Mount Airy. N. C 85. 120. 

350 Eraser. Edith Anne '65 

4007 Club Dr.. N.E.. Atlanta 19. Ga 70. 

350 Eraser. Pamela Ann '64 

Hq. 82nd ABN D W Com. Off.. Fort Bragg. N. C. 180. 
328 Frederick, Sandra Wayne T. '64 

122 Cranford Rd.. Box 6153. W. Asheville. N. C. i;i5. 121. 

308 French. Kathleen L. '62. 3419 Summit Dr.. Aiken. S. C 183. 

328 Friend. Polly E. '64. 2507 Wrisht Ave.. Greensboro. N. C....... 

376 Fryk. Linda Kay '65. 807 Park Dr.. Flossmoor. Ill 

Fullagar. Anne H. '63 

376 626 Second St.. Catasauqua. Pa 164. 183, 

376 Fuller, Cheryl Ann '64 

1224 Huntingdon Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 

376 Funderburk. Lois C. '63, 1927 Morehead Ave.. Durham. N. 

Gaddy, Judy Frances '63, Box 223. Valdese. N. C. 
328 Gaddv. Peggy Jean '62 
308 3919 Ridge Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 122. I')3. 

Galland. Anne Freeman '64 
376 1403 Bishop Lane. Alexandria, Va 171. 

Gallup. Deborah J. '63 
308 4465 N. Delaware. Indianapolis 5, Ind ...191, 

Gambill, Linda Kay '65 
308 401 Curtis Bridge Rd.. Wilkesboro. N. C...... ...180. 

Garlock. Kathryn Jean '62 
308 2900 King St.. Alexandria. Va 85. 177. 

Garnett. Barbara Lynn '65 

308 262 Albion St., Denver 20, Colo 190, 

328 Garratt, Bette '63. Rt. 3. Box 123. Marion, N. C 191. 

308 Garrenton. Barbara M. '62. Box 458. Bethel. N. C 177. 

Geckeler, Judy Ann '64 

350 4312 Walton Court. Middletown. Ohio 75. 195. 

328 Gegauff. Carol Louise '65 

101 Western Blvd., Gillette, N. J 62, 

376 George, Desma Kay '62 

509 N. Manchester St.. Arlinaton 3, Va 193, 

308 Getz, Carol Ann '64. 217 West Center St.. Nazireth. Pa. .85. 

308 Gibson. Fannie C. '62. Rt. 1. Laurel Hill. N. C .171. 

328 Gilbert. Lynn Patricia '64 

36 Westminister Terr.. West Orange. N. J 85, 

328 Gillen, Marilyn Joyce '65, 2072 Beech St.. Wantagh, N. Y 

Gillespie, Mildred O. '64 
350 1606 Burnwood Rd.. Baltimore 12. Md 193. 

Gillespie, Sara Jean '65 
308 14 Sage Terr., Scarsdale, N. Y 75, 120, 180, 

Gillie, Mary Olive '62 

1211 Forest Rd., Reidsville, N. C 173. 378 

Gilliland. Margaret Ann "65 

4587 Huntingdon Rd., Jacksonville 10. Fla 190. 309 

Gillooly. Linda L. '64 

5023 Allen St.. Sylvania, Ohio .164. 195. 329 

Gilmore, Joan '65. Manor Lane, East Liverpool. Ohio. .178. 309 
Gimbel. Mary G. '62 

7910 Sherwood Ave.. Towson 4. Md 158, 177. 378 

Gittings. Karen Jeanne "65 

Rt. 3. Box 88. Annapolis, Md 182, 309 

Given, Linda L. '62 

902 Carrick Ave.. High Point. N. C 59. 181. 378 

Glass. Jeannette Harmon '62 

910 Courtland Ave.. Reidsville. N. C 79. 85. 189. 378 

Glass, Saragene Marie '65 

1124 Virginia Ave.. Norton. Va 85. 309 

Glynn. Mary E. '63 

909 Greenwood Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 120, 123. 351 

Godwin, Ruby Walnita '64 

4907 Oleander Dr.. Wilmington. N. C 85. 329 

Gohdes. Eleanor Clara '64, 2737 Circle Dr., Durham. N. C. 

Golding. Carolyn M. '63, 800 28th St.. Vienna. W. Va 351 

Golson. Mary Ann '62 

728 Felder Ave.. Montgomery. Ala 185. 379 

Goodman. Dorothy K. '62 

501 Maupin Ave.. Salisbury, N. C 172. 173. 379 

Goodrich. Ruth '62 

1200 Venetian Way. Winter Park. Fla 59. 191. 379 

Gordon. Diana R. '63 

606 I4th Ave.. N.E.. St. Petersburg, Fla 188. 189, 379 

Gornto, Janet Sue '62, Box 26, Rt. 1. Green Mountain. N. C. 379 
Gould. Rebecca Ann '64 

7 Wodenethe Dr.. Beacon, N. Y 70. 329 

Graham, Carol Ann N. '62. 7 Alastair Ct.. Durham. N. C. 
Graham. Diana S. '63 

680 Ash St.. Denver 20. Colo 50. 191. 351 

Gram. Caroline Lewis '65 

Ceder Creek Court. Dumedim. Fla 309 

Gravelle. Karen '64, 212 04 38th Ave., Bayside 61, N. Y 329 

Greef. Gara M. K. '62 

1330 West Main St.. Waynesboro. Va 79. 85. 189, 379 

Greene. Barbara J. '63. Box 31. Yadkinville, N. C 351 

Greenlaw. Elizabeth R. '62 

773 16th Ave.. North. St. Petersburg. Fla 182. 183. 379 

Greenleaf. Judith Estes "64 

604 Westover Dr.. Nashville. Tenn... 187. 320 

Gregory. Anne Jackson '64 

Westover Rd.. Hone Valley. Durham. N. C 187. 330 

Gregory. Jane D. '63 

1309 Mulberry Rd.. Martinsville. Va 173. 351 

Greig, Elizabeth Boswell '65 

Bedlam Manner, 110 Shadycrest Dr.. Glenshaw, Pa 170. 310 

Grier. Rosalind '63. Rt. 3. Box 133A. Charlotte 3. N. C. 85 

Griffin. Beverly F. '64 

Riverwood Box 1320. Goldsboro. N. C 330 

Grimes. Betty Jean '62. 130 S. Wayne St.. Milledgeville. Ga 380 

Grificom, Elma Elizabeth '64 

256 Abbey Rd.. Birmingham, Mich 330 

Griswold. Laura J. '63 

50 Rosedale Ave.. Madison. N. J 171. 352 

Gronemeyer. Suzanne Carol "64 

1750 Texar Dr.. Pensacola. Fla 50. 173. 330 

Grotz. Diane Marie '64 

148 Canterbury Dr., Dayton 29. Ohio 187. 330 

Groves. Patricia Wells "62 

5831 Pearidge Rd., Huntington, W. Va 176. 177. 380 

Guenard. Andree T eigh "62. 511 Churchill Rd.. McLean. Va 380 

Guerry. Alice C. '64 

118 Lake Dale Ave.. Lake City. S. C 85, 330 

Guidon. Marietta F. "65. 233 Andrews Ave., Henderson, N. C...184 
Gulledge. Irene Vertna '65 

2111 Mimosa Dr.. Greensboro. N. C 310 

Gupton. Brenda Ann "65, Rt. 2. Newport. Va 85, 310 

Gurley. Lona J. "62 

607 N. Pollock St.. Selma. N. C .161. 195. 380 

Gwvnn. Helen E. "63 

114 S. Hatton Ave.. Lebanon. Tenn 59, 74, 75, 352 

Haas. Rebecca Anne "64, 147 E. Oakridge, Metairie, La... 191 
Haire. Koleen Alice '65 

4824 Attleboro St.. Jacksonville 5, Fla 

Haley, Jo Harriet '64 

818 Azalea St.. Houston 18, Texas 191, 322. 330 

Hall. Clem Maurice "65. 4733 Sylvan Dr.. Savannah. Ga...75, 310 
Hall. Sandra Elizabeth "65 

9218 Glenville Rd.. Silver Spring. Md 180. 310 





Hall. Sara Elizabeth "65 

1788 Middlehurst Rd.. Cleveland Hts., Ohio 178 

Halla, Frances Byrd "64 

199 Edgewood Dr.. York. Pa 64, 183 

Halsted. Anne Watson "64 

8305 N. Allen Lane. Milwaukee 17. Wis 120, 191 

Hamel. Judith Lynn "64 

407 Awixa Rd.. Ann Arbor. Mich 

Hamilton. Anne H. "62 

440 Coffee Pot Riviera. St. Petersburg. Fla 

Hamilton. Elizabeth C. "62 

2256 Cranford Rd.. Durham. N. C 

Hamilton. Martha Frances "65 

440 Coffee Pot Riviera. St. Petersburg. Fla 

Hanke. Karen L. "62 

10078 Springwood. St. Louis 24, Mo 43, 50, 5__ 

Hansberry, Sally Ann "64. 44 Whiting St.. Lunenburg. Mass, 

Harden, Judith A. '63. 255 Woodlands Ave., Mobile. Ala 

Harding. Mary Howard "65 

ATO HQ Antilles Command. APO 851, N. Y., N. Y 

Hardison, Joann "63, Rt. 1. Box 7, Castle Hayne, N. C... 
Hardymon. Diane Tuttle "62, Box 157. Lake Junaluska. N. C. 
Harper. Anne M. "63 

310 N. Center St.. Hickory. N. C 170. 171. 

Harper. Jean Anne "63 

740 Aledo Ave.. Coral Gables. Fla 164. 187. 

Harrell. Margaret Ann "62 

Box 105. Greenville. N. C 97. 185. 

Harris. Judith Hoyt "65. Box 286. Albemarle. N. C .178, 

Harris. Norma Louise "62. 322 Operiska St.. Erwin. Tenn. 
Harrison. Elizabeth C. '62, 2722 Circle Dr.. Durham. N. C. 
Harrison. Sandra Jo '63 

211 N. Main St.. Berlin. Md 50. 191. 

Harrold. Joyce '65. 2 The High Rd., Bronxville, N. Y 186. 

Hart. Carole Ann '63. 42 College St.. Box 66 

Weaverville. N. C 59. 85. 164. 189. 

Hart. Frances Ann '64 

809 Bellview St., Winston-Salem. N. C 

Hart, Jimmie Lue "65, 1012 Ferndale Dr., High Point, N. C... 
Hart. Mary Ann "64 

325 Horace Mann Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C 

Hartman. Julia M. "64 

The Oaks, Hartford City. Ind 37, 187, 

Hartsell. Frances M. "62 

107 Hillside Ave.. Concord. N. C 43. 50. 70, 

Hartzog. Carol Peterson "62. Rt. I. Walnut, Iowa 

Haskett, Eleanor Jo '62 

114 Seagrove Rd., Portsmouth. Va 195, 

Hastings, Carol Anne '65 

117 Hampton Roads Ave.. Hampton. Va 

Hayes, Gladys L. '64 

73 Hamlin Dr.. Cincinnati 18. Ohio... 181, 

Heald. Mary Caroline '65 

208 Thorton Ave., Chattanooga. Tenn 75. 121. 

Healv. Katherine W. '63 

3559 Hartland Rd.. S.W.. Roanoke. Va 106, 161, 

Heefner. Elizabeth Gray '65 

450 Westover Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C 172, 

Heer. Rosemary F. '64 

718 W. Farriss Ave.. High Point. N. C 195, 

Heilmann. Nancy E. '62 

916 Greenwood Ave.. Wmnetka. Ill 50, 191, 

Heiser. Joan M. '62 

1112 Maple Cliff Dr.. Lakewood 7. Ohio.. 79. 85. 158. 181, 
Hellckson, Zoe Ann '65 

204 W. Crest Rd.. Carrcroft. Wilmington 3. Del. .75. 120. 
Helm. Susan P. '63 

103 Midland Ave., Rye. N. Y 93. 158. 193. 

Henderson. Mary Shepard '65 

2115 Radcliffe Ave., Charlotte. N. C 172, 

Hensley, Julia Alice '65, Box 109, Rutherfordton, N. C 

Herbert. Anne Elizabeth '65. Glenn Hts.. Chapel Hill. N. C... 
Herndon. Judith A. '64 

220 Carmel Rd., Wheeling. W. Va 178, 

Herpich. Cynthia Jane '65 

Norfolk Rd.. Litchfield. Conn 103, 

Herrin. Helen Kay '64 

1204 Fairfield Dr.. Gastonia. N. C 173, 

Hershey, Molly Jo '62 

460 Richmond Ave., Buffalo 22, N. Y 43, 187, 

Herter, Martha Jo '65, 44 Marie Rd., Aurhler, Pa 186, 

Hess, Barbara Doty '62 

3514 Washington Rd.. West Palm Beach, Fla. 
Hess, Barbara Ruth '63 

400 Fairway Terr.. S.E.. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Hester. Harriet J. '63 

143 S. Laurel Ave., Charlotte 7, N. C 185. 344, 

, 310 

, 330 

, 330 


, 380 

Heuch, Elaine M. '63 

Box 413 Belle Terre. Port Jefferson, N. Y 95, 352 

Heyl, Wennonah Celeste '65 

117 Maple Lane, Fairfax, Va 170, 311 

Hicks. Darlinaton R. •63, 317 8th, N.W., Mason City. Iowa 
Hicks, Holly '63 

1025 CoUingwood Dr., Indianapolis X. Ind 191, 352 

Hightower, Mary D. '63 

4535 47th St., N.W.. Washington 16. D. C 79, 85, 352 

Hill, Ann P. '63. 2510 Montrose Court, Charlotte 7, N. C 59 

Hill, Mary Patricia '64 

215 Sheridan Circle. Charleston, W. Va 195. 331 

Hilton. Caroline C. '63 

3504 Echo Hill Rd.. Nashville. Tenn 59. 156, 183, 353 

Himelick, Carol Ann '63. Rt. 1. White Oak Dr.. Durham. N. C. 
Hinnian. Susan Lee '64 

15 Pelhani Rd.. Philadelphia 19. Pa... 187. 331 

Hinsey. Gayle '65. 320 Whitney Ave.. Gla.ssboro, N. J 120. 311 

Hitchcock. Frances S. '63 

58 Green Ave.. I.awrenceville. N. J 191, 353 

Hitchcock, .lanot 1 ee '65 

83 Ridszewood Rd., Glastonbury. Conn 311 

Hock. Judith I ee 62. Washington St.. Genoa. Ohio 382 

Hodder. Virmnia 63 

1021 Dinwiddle Ave.. Richmond 29, Va 187, 353 

Hodson, M. Ann "63 

34 Briarcliff Rd., Mountain Lakes. N. J 181, 353 

Hoeser. Marv Lynne "64 

4005 Statewood Rd.. N.E., Atlanta 5. Ga 331 

Hoffman. Jacqueline "65 

Box 3348 St. Andrews Br.. Charleston. S. C 311 

Hoffman. Joan '64. 407 Benton Ave.. La Grange, III. .62. 331 
Hoffmann. Margaret Louise '65 

159 Welsh Tract Rd.. Newark. Del 311 

Hollar. Frankie Huitt '65. Rt. 1. Conover, N. C .170. 311 

Holmes. Helene S. '65, Rt. 1, Box 25 A, Arden. N. C. 
Holmes. Virginia E. '64 

1441 Washington Rd., Pittsburgh 28, Pa 70. 183. 331 

Holmquist. Joan B. '64 

2304 Hickory Lawn Dr.. Rockford. Ill 187, 331 

Holsineer, Gretchen Marie '64 

2306 Wilson St.. Durham. N. C 75. 331 

Holton. Mary Gail '63. 313 Noble St., Louisbure, N. C. 
Hopper. Mary Scott '65, 304 N. Patrick St., Leaksville, N. C.....311 
Horack, Katharine '63 

1519 Exposition Blvd., New Orleans 18, La 344. 353 

Home, Katharine D. '62 

134 S. Churchill Dr.. Fayetteville, N. C 55, 171. 382 

Horr. Nancy Louise "64, 1554 22nd St.. Portsmouth. Ohio 331 

Houck. Mary J. '63, 4029 Duval Dr.. Porte Vedre, Fla 195. 353 

Howard. Frances C. '63 

5301 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C 353 

Hubhs. Geraldine S. '62 

33 Cane St.. W. Asheville. N. C ...171, 382 

Huck, Mary Lou "64 

201 Vestavia Circle. Birmingham 9. Ala 164. 331 

Hudson. Melissa "63. 7519 Hampden Lane. Bethesda 14, Md 353 

Huffaker. Joann Burton "62, 1923 Morehead Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Hu.ehes, Patricia Jane "65 

5625 S. W. 62nd Ave.. S. Miami 43. Fla 121, 3M 

Huiskamp, Carol Ann "62. 1803 House Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Humpton. Gaye Brown "65. 130 W. Sproles Ave., Greenwood. S. C. 

Hunt. Mary Ella "63. Rt. 3, Easley. S. C 85, 353 

Huntley, Janet Taylor "65 

717 Whitehall Rd., Ellicott City. Md 186, 311 

Himyadi, Susan Carole "64 

3520 Fulton Rd.. N.W.. Canton 8. Ohio 62. 331 

Hurley. Carol Lee "62 

1 1 Fairview Blvd., Ft. Myers Beach, Fla... 383 

Huser. Merilee "62, 3913 W. 60th St.. Minneapolis 24, Minn 383 

Hutcheson, Joan '64. 1000 Chestnut Ave.. Wilmette. Ill 187. 331 

Hutchings, Patricia '62. 3213 Rugby Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Hutchinson. Gwyn '62 

218 Covington St.. Laurinburg. N. C 192. 193. 383 

Ingham. Margo M. '63 

121 Oakleaf Dr.. Spartanburg, S. C 183, 353 

Ingram, Doris Ann '65, 806 Main St., Charleston 2, W. Va. 
Ingram, Nancy Sloan '64 

130 N. Kingston Ave.. Rockwood. Tenn 120 

Ireland. Patricia B. '62, 1005 Nichols Dr., Raleigh. N. C...189, 383 
Irwin, Anne R. '63 

616 Beveriy Rd., Pittsburgh 16, Pa 50, 75, 191, 353 

Isaly, Carolyn '64, 708 Uhler Rd.. Marion, Ohio 179, 331 

Ishiguro, Reiko '65 

Osaka Chofu Cho. Shimonoseki City. Japan 311 

Isley. Kay Ellen '63 

1117 Aycock Ave.. Budington. N. C 173. 353 

Ivey. Adelyn Sherrill '64. 359 Second St. PI.. N.W., Hickory, N. C. 

Jackson. Ann Louise '65, 142 Davis St., Wollaston 70, Mass 311 

Jacobus, Marie E. '64 

123 Greenwood Dr.. Millburn. N. J 79, 85, 331 

James. Patricia Talfryn '64. 148 Poe Rd.. Princeton. N. J 331 

James. Scherer G. '63 

240 S. Main St., Mount Airy, N, C 173, 353 

Jankle, Benita Burton "65 

173 Merrimon Ave., Asheville, N. C 75, 311 

Jarden, Joan E. '63 

21 Wordsworth Rd., Short Hills, N. J 186, 187, 353 

Jenkins, Nancy Ann '63 

3041 Cascade Rd., S.W., Atlanta II. Ga 353 

Jenkins. Nancy Elaine '64 

438 Burrage Rd., Concord, N. C 85, 173. 331 

Jennings, Frances Carol '65 

4021 Wolf Rd., Western Springs, III 105, 106, 311 

Jennings. Judith L '63 

3002 Colonial Hill Rd.. Louisville 5, Ky 181, 353 

Jennison. Clint Clarinda '65 

27 Wells Dr.. Loring A.F.B., Me 186, 302, 311 

Johnson, Barbara Omura "64 

706 Louise Cr., Apt. 30-J, Durham. N. C. 
Johnson. Barbara Ruth "64 

3216 Oaklyn Dr.. Tampa. Fla 181. 332 

Johnson. Betty J. "62, 421 W. Clifford St., Winchester, Va 383 

Johnson, Betty Ruth "65 

2702 Fairview Rd.. Raleigh, N. C 170. 312 

Johnson. Linda Louise. '65 

1430 Granger, Ann Arbor, Mich 91, 174. 312 

Johnson. Mary J. '64 

216 Oakwood Rd.. Fairfax. Wilmington 3, Del 181. 332 

Johnson, Wendy Leigh '64 

14 Tally Ho Lane, Belle Haven. Alexandria, Va 181. 332 

Johnston, Sallie E. '65 

314 Birnam Rd.. Fayetteville. N. C 184. 312 

Johnston. Susan Symes "62 

533 Highbrook Ave., Pelham Manor. N. Y 183. 383 

Jolly. Margaret Anne "64 

7601 Cornwall Rd.. Richmond 29, Va 70, 179, 332 

Jones, Carolyn "63 

15 Montgomery Dr., Spartanburg, S. C 59, 191. 354 

Jones. Barbara Jean Ross "65 

Far View Dr., Mountainside, N. J 312 

Jones. Clara Josephine "65 

806 Greenland Dr.. Fayetteville. N. C 178, 312 

Jones, Diana Adele "64, 211 W. Wayne Ave.. Wayne. Pa 332 

Jones, Elizabeth Johnson "62, Box 235, Sperryville, Va 185, 383 

Jones, Mary Ellis "63 

440 Highland Rd., Pottstown. Pa 77. 101, 187, 354 

Jones, Pamela Louise '64 

1407 Stafford Ave., Fredericksburg, Va 181. 332 

Jordan. Ann Myers '65 

147 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C 184. 312 

Jordan. Dorothy Susan '64 

2500 Hobbs Rd.. Nashville. Tenn 186. 332 

Jordan. Gail "64, 205 Swann Rd., Suitland, Md. 
Jordan, Patricia Brown '64 

3809 Manton Lane, Lynchburg, Va 105, 332 

Jordan, Susan Patricia "64 

42 Fair Hill Rd.. Westfield, N. J 95. 179, 332 

Josko, Eva M. '63 

1850 Monroe St.. N.W.. Washington 10, D. C 354 

Jourdan. Martha A. '63 

312 East 6th St., Box 205, Siler City, N. C. 

Joyce, Dorothy D. '63, 442 Summit Dr., Greenville. S. C .354 

Judd. Susan E. '62. P. O. Box 235. Varina. N. C. 
Kairinen. Eila O. '62 

1918 Spruce St.. Fayetteville. N. C... 171. 384 

Kann. Carol Lamb '62, 407 Ridgeland Terr., Leonia, N. J. 
Kasmar. Patricia Mary '65 

6613 Williams Rd., Charlotte 5, N. C 312 

Katz. Margery Ann '62 

2557 Steele Rd., Baltimore 9, Md 156. 384 

Katson, Constance '64 

4426 Constitution, N.E., Albuquerque, N. M.... 70. 332 

Kaufman, Betsy Anne '63 

420 Dunbar Ave., Melbourne, Fla 179, 354 

Keeler, Irmgard M. '62, 130 N. Tattnall St., Milledgevllle, Ga. 
Kellermann. Carolyn King '62 

211 Magnolia Ave., S. Pittsburg, Tenn 193, 384 

Kellev, Barbara J. '63 

3403 Gilden Dr.. Alexandria, Va 178, 179, 354 

Kelly, Mary Elizabeth '65. 320 Langhorne. Lynchburg. Va 312 

Kennedy. Ellen Ann '62. 218 Ruth St.. Maryville. Tenn 59. 384 

Kenyon. Sarah A. "63. Rt. 2. Hillsboro. N. C 354 

Kerr, Dorothy V. '62. Box 469. I3lh Ave.. N.E., Hickory. N. C. 

Kerr, Karen Louise "62. Box 147. Damascus. Ohio 59. 384 

Kershaw. Roxanne Edgcomb "64 

3217 Amherst Ave., Columbia. S. C 332 

Kettering. Ann H. "64 

729 Coleman Ave.. Fairmont. W. Va 187. 354 

Kiefer, Karen Jean "64 

39 Sappington Acres, St. Louis 26, Mo 183, 332 

Kienzle. Kathleen J. "64. 99 S. Columbia, Columbus. Ohio .332 
Kimbrough Laurel A. "63 

4631 Brafferton. Bloomfield Hills, Mich 70, 94, 179. 354 

Kimmerle. Nancy Jo "64 

116 McKeel Ave.. Tarrytown. N. Y 185. 332 

Kinard, Gail Edith "65 

5825 Lansing Dr.. Charlotte 7. N. C 85. 184. 312 

King, Martha Ann '64 

882 N. W. 66th Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla . ..354 

Kirk, Barbara Jean "65, 700 Rosser Ave., Waynesboro, Va..-75. 312 
Kirkman. Ann Jarrell '62 

P. O. Box 581. High Point, N. C 189. 385 

Kitchen. Georgia Lue '62 

1209 West 58 St.. Kansas City, Mo 50, 191, 385 

Kittelle. Katherine A. '64 

7 Dundee Rd., Larchmont, N. Y 121. 332 

Klein. Susan June '64 

6601 Wisteria Lane, Columbia, S. C 95. 332 

Kline, Doris Janet '62 

1305 Kendall Rd.. Swarthmore, Pa 154, 171, 385 

Kline, Nancy Priscilla '62 

413 Windsor St.. Silver Spring, Md I8L 385 

Klopfer. Martha Smith '62. Rt. I. Box 293, Durham, N. C. 
Knapp, Kristina Margaret '64 

6823 Edmonstone Ave.. Richmond. Va 191. 333 

Knee, Diana Malanga '65 

2404 Vesson Ave.. Apt. 2. Durham. N. C. 
Kneen. Judith Oakes '64 

Highland Lane. Box 514, Ashtabula, Ohio 179, 333 

Knobeloch. Claire "62, Hdqs. US Army Hawaii 

APO 957. San Francisco, Cal 92, 111, 191. 385 

Kohn, Adrinne Carole "64 

2 Arbor Lane. Merrick, N. Y 175, 333 

Kozicki. Paula Louise "65 

7339 San Carlos Rd.. Jacksonville 7, Fla 312 

Kramer. Elizabeth Ann "62 

205 S. Ash St.. Elizabeth City. N. C 385 

Krasin, Karalyn Emilie "65, 3505 Lynette, Amarillo, Texas 313 

Kraus, Elizabeth K. "64 

7707 Whittier Blvd.. Bethesda 14. Md 333 

Krause. Caroline H. "64, Box 493, Jaffrey Center, N. H 105 

Kraybill. Susan Emily "65 

2726 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C 194, 313 

Kredel, Olivia Orme "64, 60 Montague St., Charleston, S. C 333 

Kriener. F. Louanne "62, 150 Alta Ave.. Danville, Ky. 
Krueger. Evelyn Jeannine "65 

3088 Lenox Rd.. N.E.. Atlanta 5. Ga 313 

Krueger. Karen Elizabeth '64, 300 Brookline Blvd.. Havertown. Pa. 
Kumar, Jyotsna '62, 904 Lancaster St., Durham, N. C. 
Kurtz, Camille '65 

9939 Old Georgetown Rd.. Bethesda 14, Md 194, 313 

Lang, Jane Estelle '65 

2112 White Oak Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 184. 313 

Lang, Noel Elizabeth '65. 106 E. Church St.. Farmville. N. C. .313 

Langdon, Suzanne F. '64, 4016 Bristol Rd.. Durham. N. C 333 

Langlois. Jessie Carolyn '62, 436 Little John, Baton Rouge, Li. 
Larmore, Carrell A. '63 

963 Harte Dr.. S.W., Atlanta 10, Ga 70, 164. 185. 354 

Larsen. Patricia M. '63 

991 Lake Hollingsworth. Lakeland. Fla 183. 354 

Lassiter. Ann Rosena '65 

North Elm St.. Marshvillc. N. C 85, 184, 313 

Lassiter, Mildred Anne "65 

302 Sewcll St.. Murfreeshoro. N. C 313 

Lassiter, Nancy L. "63. 726 Sunset Dr.. Smithfield. N. C. 
Latimer. Eleanor Sue "65 

1108 Ferndale Dr., High Point, N. C 313 

Lawson. Dorothy Ann "62 

Westover Park Apts. 2A. Durham. N. C. 
Lea, Lillian Richards '63 

6600 Glenmore Dr.. Falls Church. Va 354 

Lea, Mary Ann '63 

656 Westfield Ave.. Westfield. N. J 171, 386 

Leahy, Margaret P. '64 

902 Clemson Dr., Alexandria, Va 177, 333 

LeCompte, Margaret Leanne '65 

1500 13th St., North, St. Petersburg, Fla 182. 313 

Lee. Margaret E. '64 

Drury Lane, R.F.D. 3. Willoughby, Ohio 179, 333 

Lee, Maybelle Fay '65, 408 Morgan St.. Durham. N. C. 


Leinbach. Ann Elizabeth '62 

Rt. 1. Shattalon Dr.. Winston-Salem, N. C .43. Ill 

Lennard. Beverly Self '64 

1729 Dyson Dr.. N.E.. Atlanta 7, Ga 92, 95, 333 

Leonard, Catherine G. '64 

Green Hill Rd., Madison, N. J 95, 171. 333 

Leonard, Rhonwen '62 

119 W. Second Ave.. Lexington. N. C 185. 386 

Leslie, Carroll Ann '64 

1614 N. Greenbriar St.. Arlington 5, Va 181, 333 

Letzler, Susan Barbara "62 

237 N. Galveston St.. Arlington 3. Va 386 

Leutwiler. Jean "62, 16 Overbrook Dr. 

St. Louis County 24, Mo 59, 164, 187, 386 

Levenson, Karen P. "62. 2504 Nation Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Lewis, Mary C. "64. Box 5. Farmville. N. C 171, 333 

Lewis, Shirley Savage "62, 1610 Green St., Durham, N. C. 
Lewis, Valerie Ann '64 

3296 Perry Ave.. Bronx 67, N. Y 193. 333 

Lilly. Irene K. '62, 7375 N. Pennsylvania St. 

Indianapolis. Ind 38, 43, 44, 152, 191, 387 

Lilly, Ruth Virginia '64 

7375 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind 191, 333 

Lime, Elizabeth Louise '64, 20 Division St., Canton, N. C 333 

Lippard. Nancy Thames '62, Hot Springs, N. C. 
Little. Catherine F. '63 

206 Rose Terr.. Wadesboro. N. C 75, 173. 355 

Livingston. Barbara Janet '65. 161 High St., Amherst, Mass 313 

Lockwood, Kathleen D. '62 

Box 158, Rt. 1. Northport. N. Y 161. 177. 387 

Loeb. Linda Marie '64 

138 Warwick Dr.. Lutherville. Md 95. 189. 333 

Loflin. Ann Elizabeth '65 

901 Orchard Park Dr., Rocky River. Ohio 313 

Logan, Emmelyn S. '62. Box 228. Woodstock, Va 161, 171, 387 

London. Rose Louise '65. 1508 Oakland Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Love, Catherine Reeve '65 

422 W. Main St.. Greenville, Tenn 313 

Love, Sarah E. "63. 1921 N. Harrill St.. Charlotte 5, N. C 355 

Lovelace. Grace lone "64. 3520 Huon Dr.. Louisville 18, Ky. 
Loveland. Catherine A. "63. Box 45. Cape Coral. Fla. 
Lov^, Heather Jane "65. 1 124 Cambridge St., Natrona Hts.. Pa...313 
Lowenbach. Christine H. '63 

Box 79. Rt. 3. Durham. N. C 195. 355 

Lucas. Jeannette Clav '63. 2729 Brown Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Lucas, Mary D. '64. 1318 Queen St.. West, Charlotte, N. C 333 

Lucas, Sarah Trent '63, 1415 Bivins St., Durham, N. C. 

Luce, Karen Wiman '65. Plainfield Rd.. Metuchen. N. J. .178. 313 

Ludwig, Karol Anne '62, 308 Curve Dr., Newport, Tenn.. .59. 387 

Lunsford. Linda E. '62. Wesleyan Hts., Roxboro, N. C 387 

Lupton. Ruth '63, Alamance, N. C 59, 191, 355 

Mace, Ann Elizabeth '65 

4309 Cary St. Rd., Richmond, Va 95, 182, 314 

MacKenzie, Susan F. '63 

1040 Riverview Dr.. Spartanburg, S. C 191, 355 

Makepeace, Joanna C. '62. Piney Point, Marion, Mass 387 

Manning, Victoria S. '62, 461 Country Club Rd.. Oswego. Ore. 
Margolis. Maxine Gail '63 

Franklin St., Williamston, N. C ...59. 174, 175 

Maritone, Margaret A. '63, 1333 Duplin Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 355 
Marsh, Frances Stewart '64, 507 S. Church St.. Monroe, N. C.....334 
Martin. Joanna Sibley "65. 210 Osceola Way, Palm Beach. Fla. 314 
Martin, Mary Bynum '65, 1209 Main St., Tarboro, N. C...180. 314 
Matheson. Barbara Lemay '65 

101 Edgewood Rd., Boone. N. C 194. 314 

Mathews. Janet Allen '64 

21 Brookside Rd., Wallingford, Pa 74, III, 191, 334 

Mathews, Patricia Lee '65 

1136 Flamingo, S.W.. Atlanta, Ga 85. 314 

Mathews. Susan Clara '62 

1136 Flamingo Dr.. Atlanta II. Ga 90. 91. 387 

Maxwell. Jane Meredith '65. 142 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C...314 
May. Martha Eloisc "62 

1067 Jackson Rd.. Park Hills. Covington. Ky ...388 

Mayer. Barbara Hamilton '64 

1050 Ridge Rd.. Rock Hill, S. C 334 

Mayer, Gail E. '63 

N. Vosseller Ave.. Martinsville. N. J 122, 153 

McBryde, Priscilla '63 

410 E. Forest Hills Blvd.. Durham, N. C 187, 355 

McCarty, Kristine Mario '65 

2713 Dogwood Rd.. Durham. N. C 314 

McCartney, Frances L. '62 

1200 W. Markham Ave.. Durh mi. N. C. 
McCrary. Mary L. '63. Box 1056. Post, Tex. 
McCleary. Jane Robinson '65 

4310 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. 182. 314 

McConnel, Diana Cecelia "65 

373 Vanderbilt Rd., Asheville, N. C 314 

McElderry. Andrea L. '63 

4336 Butler Place, Oklahoma City 18, Okla 355 

McFarlane, Juretta C. '64 

1191 W. Wesley Rd., N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga 177, 334 

McGary, Lucy Lake "62 

410 Sleepy Hollow Rd., Richmond, Va 59, 173, 388 

McGhee, Carolyn Sue '63 

1335 Neel St., Huntington, W. Va 187, 355 

McGehee, Mary Harriette '64 

149 Gay Ave., Clayton 5, Mo 185, 334 

McGonigle, Martha "62 

1334 Van Steffy Ave., Wyomissing, Pa 186, 187, 388 

Mclntire, Ann Baines '62 

9701 Elrod Rd., Kensington, Md 171, 388 

McKaig, Sylvia Jean "64 

2710 Sharon Rd., Charlotte, N. C 191, 334 

McKay, Patricia Ann "65, 9619 Brace, Detroit 28, Mich.. .180, 314 
McKenzie, Anne Shuford "62 

Rt. 1, Gibson, N. C 122, 184, 185, 388 

McKinley, Valerie L. '62, 1715 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C. 
McLellan. Mary Ann '62 

1650 Robert St., New Orleans 15, La 59, 173, 388 

McLeod, Mary Ann '62 

623 Kildee Dr., Lexington, N. C 158, 388 

McLeod, Mary Jo "63, 202 Brooks St., Manning, S. C. 
McNabb, Donna Frances '62 

505 Cherokee, Newport, Tenn 189, 388 

McNally, Ann '65, 4579 Lakeshore Rd., Port Huron, Mich 314 

McNeill, Emma Roberta '62 

1056 Elm Ave., Columbia, S. C 59, 195, 388 

McNeill, Leslie Gray '63 

511 N. Madison St.. Whiteville. N. C 356 

McNiell, Laverne '63. 2604 Lowell, Memphis 14, Tenn 356 

McQuiddy, Patricia '64, 19 Oak Park Dr., St. Louis 41, Mo 85 

McQuown, Dorothy Inza '64 

708 Melrose St., Winston-Salem, N. C 334 

McWhorter, Evelyn E. '64 

1622 Virginia St.. East, Charleston, W. Va 85, 116, 334 

Meacham, Ruby Ann '62 

4905 Flint Dr., Westgate, Washington 16, D. C 59, 195, 388 

Meadors, Marilyn Elaine '65 

7801 Pinemeadow Lane, Cincinnati 24, Ohio 314 

Meeker, Ellis Emily '65 

5012 Worthinaton Dr., Washington 16, D. C 314 

Meeks, Vonnie Taylor '62, 714 Old Oxford Hwy., Durham, N. C. 
Mellencamp, Mary Case '65 

2937 N. Summit Ave., Milwaukee 11, Wise 186, 314 

Merritt, Susan Gorham '65, Rt. 2, Woodsdale, N. C 184, 314 

Metz, Carol Ann '65 

21 Jamestown Rd., The Crescent, Charleston, S. C 178, 314 

Midcett. Helen L. '62, Box 104, Hillsboro, N. C 389 

Miller, Ann Elizabeth '65, 6 Radcliffe St., Morrisville, Pa 314 

Miller. Christie P. '65 

2500 Wisconsin Ave., Washington 7, D. C 314 

Miller, Dorothy Fair '65 

101 Guilford Rd., Jamestown, N. C 178, 314 

Miller, Elizabeth G. '63 

766 Spring Lake Rd., Columbia, S. C 75, 173. 356 

Miller, Gail '62 

405 W. Swon, Webster Groves, Mo 120, 158, 171, 389 

Miller, Mary Melinda '65. 315 Stonegate Rd., Peoria, 111. .182, 315 
Miller, Sara Patricia '62, 338 Sand Run Rd., Akron 13, Ohio. ..389 
Mills. Rebecca Ann '63. 2701 Connecticut Ave. 

Washington 8. D. C 59, 120, 158, 356 

Mitchell, Meriel Bull '64 

372 Fairfax Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 64, 173, 334 

Moehlmann, Holly Ellen '64, South Park St., Richland, Pa 335 

Moffat, Elizabeth Ann '64 

135 Derwent Dr., Pittsburgh 37, Pa 120, 335 

Montague, Linda Dean '64, Windy Ridge, Spruce Pine, N. C 335 

Montgomery, Diana B. '64, R.F.D. 3, Smithfield, N. C 335 

Montonye, Merry Lynn '65 

1899 W. Huron River Dr., Ypsilanti, Mich 179, 335 

Moody, Susan Browne '62 

3230 Bryn Mawr, Dallas 25. Tex 191, 389 

Moore, Ardean Carol '65, 818 Boardman Rd., Aiken. S. C 315 

Moore, Linda C. '63, 204 Stebbins St., Ashland. Va. . 195, 356 

Moore. Merry Dawn '65, 4605 29th St., Mt. Rainier, Md 315 

Moore, Nancy Lee "65 

327 Broxton Rd., Baltimore 12, Md 188. 315 

Moore, Rebecca Ann '64 

14 Fairland St., Lexington, Mass 120, 171, 335 

Morgan. Barbara Agnes '65 

3 Deerfield Rd.. Asheville, N. C 172, 302, 315 





Morgan, Mary Lena '62 

Box 308, Spring Hope, N. C 190, 19 

Moricle, Josephine Anne '65 

1223 Crescent Dr., Reidsville, N. C 

Moritz, Lynne Conklin '62, 1028 Loma Verde, Palo Alto, Ca 
Morris. Barbara R. '63 

P. O. Box 168, Washington, N. C 173, 356 

Morris, Elziabeth C. '64 

5205 Albemarle St., Washington 16, D. C 195, 335 

Morris, Judith J. '63 

816 Oleander Dr., S.E., Aiken, S. C 79, 85, 356 

Morrisey, Sheila N. '62, c/o Navy HQ Act. Navy 570 c/o F.P.O. 

San Francisco, Cal 356 

Morrison, Amy '65 

4450 North Park, Indianapolis 5, Ind 75, 176, 315 

Mosher, Sandra Sue '64 

2343 N. Vernon St., Arlington 7, Va 

Moss, Judith Adele '64 

849 Richmond Ave., Buffalo 22, N. Y 59, 

Moss, Julianna '62 

714 Carpenter Ave., Mooresville, N. C 75, 187, 390 

Moss, Margaret Elaine '64 

2001 Winter St., Charlotte 5, N. C 185, 335 

Moyer, Mary Joyce '63, 1338 Eberhart Ave., Columbus, Ga...356 
Mueller, Nancy Patricia '64 

5035 N. Diversey Blvd., Milwaukee 17, Wise 183, 335 

Murphy, Janice Edna '62, 197 Austin Dr., Jesup, Ga 189, 319 

Murphy, Judith Evelyn '62, 197 Austin Dr., Jesup, Ga. 
Murray, Grace Anne '62, 3362 Denise St., Durham, N. C. 
Murray, Nancy Mcintosh '65 

51 Hillspoint Rd., Westport, Conn 50, 190, 302, 315 

Muth, Frances Hilda '64 

Old Annapolis Rd., Ellicott City, Md 85, 97 

Myers, Alice M. '63, Countryside Addition, Ashland, Ohio 
Myers, Dianna Lynne '64, 1405 Camp Ave., Rockford, III. 181, 335 
Myers, Marcia Irene '62 

2912 Duke St., Harrisburg, Pa 164, 391 

Myers, Marcia Rebecca '65 

1616 Langhorne Rd., Lynchburg, Va 121, 184, 315 

Myers, Shirley Tipton '62, 506 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Nasser, Patricia A. '63 

610 Fifth St., Huntington, W. Va 79, 85, 356 

Nathanson, Malvine Sara '62 

99 Canterbury Gate, Lynbrook, N. Y 62, 164, 174, 175, 391 

Neblett, Beverly Ann '64 

3528 Marquette, Dallas, Tex 173, 322, 335 

Neff, Susan H. '63 

Box 428 Alexandria Rd., Granville, Ohio 182, 183, 356 

Neill, Evelyn Thorpe '62, Apt 2, 103 E. Markham, Durham, N. C. 
Neugebauer, Christine G. '62, Rt. 1, Box 293, Durham, N. C...105 
Newton. Barbara Lillian '65 

1309 West Nash St., Wilson, N. C 315 

Nichols, Josephine M. '65 

459 McCartha Dr., Columbus, Ga 188, 315 

Nicholson, Helen K. '62, 406 Devon St. Rd., Devon, Pa 391 

Nicks, Sam Freeman '63, 701 Gordon St., Roxboro, N. C 356 

Nimnicht. Elizabeth '64 

6959 Almours Dr., Jacksonville, Fla 187, 335 

Noblett, Sara Carey '64. Irvington Rd.. Kilmarnock, Va...l81, 335 
Nolan, Pamela '64, 433 Forest Ave., Spartanburg, S. C...64, 173 
Norcross, Regina Gertrude "65 

621 N. E. 92nd St.. Miami, Fla 315 

Norris, Katherine Cecelia "65 

Rt. 1, Box 780'/2, Salisbury, N. C 154, 315 

Northington, Betty Page '62, 2148 Malvern Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Nybere, Lois Meredith '64 

102 Sweet Fern Rd., Warwick, R. 1 336 

Oakley, Patricia '64, Box 182, R.F.D. 1, Cornelia, Ga 180, 336 

Odom, Carolyn Suzanne '65 

Dept. of Neurosurgery, Duke Hosp., Durham, N. C 190 

Oehl, Susan W. '63 

182 Fuller Lane, Winnetka, III 67, 69, 356 

O'Neall, Marjorie Ann '65 

nil Bryn Mawr Ave., Orlando, Fla 190, 315 

Orr. Linda '65, 2241 Sanford Lane, Charlotte, N. C...190, 302, 316 
Osborne, Margaret Alice '65 

P. O. Box 353, Taylorsville. N. C 85, 176, 316 

Osthoff. Anita Marie '65 

617 North Oak St., Hinsdale, III 191, 336 

Overton. Nancy Jane '62 

3408 Woodhaven Rd., Nashville 4, Tenn 392 

Pace, Ellen Malotte '64 

7083 Paddison Rd., Cincinnati 30, Ohio 195, 336 

Packard, Janice Alden '64 

2899 Ridgewood Ave., Cincinnati 13, Ohio . . 177. 336 

Paetsch, Johanna "64, 20 Woodlawn Dr., Trumbull, Conn. 336 

Painter, Prudence Steele '64 

3427 Guilford Terr., Baltimore 18. Md 336 

Palantzas, Nancy Ann "65 

610 N. Jackson St., Goldsboro, N. C 316 

Palmer, Grace Ellen '63, 2525 Highland Ave., Durham, N. C 357 

Palmer, Margith Janice '64 

CINC US Naveur Staff, USN 100 Fleet PO, N. Y., N. Y 336 

Pangborn, Penelope Anne '63 

P. O. Box 1896. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 187, 357 

Panik, Linda Elizabeth '62, R.D. 2, Easton, Pa 59, 392 

Papps, Carol Baldwin '65 

Eight MacKenzie Rd., Morristown, N. J 316 

Parilla, Chri,stine '64 

34 Crestview Rd., Mountain Lakes, N. J 62, 336 

Parker, Mary Ann '64, 3801 Ocean Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. 
Parker, Mary Taylor '65 

339 Vanderbilt Rd., Asheville, N. C 316 

Parks, Linda Warren '65 

3110 Buckingham Rd., Durham, N. C 316 

Parrish, Doris C. '62, Rt. 1, Erwin Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Parrott, 'Virginia '62, Exmore, Va 392 

Parsons, Meredith '63 

338 Greenleaf Ave., Wilmette, 111 187, 357 

Patrick, Camilla Norton "65 

1623 Pope Ave., Richmond 27, Va 184, 316 

Patterson, Josephine '65, 100 Marshall St., Tarboro, N. C 316 

Patterson, Kathleen A. '62 

108 17 86 Ave., Richmond Hill, N. Y 185, 392 

Patterson, Susan E. '65. R.F.D. 2, Marion, N. Y 85, 336 

Patterson. Sylvia Faith '65 

2706 Alamance Rd.. Burlington, N. C 316 

Patton, Sheila M. '64 

6250 Chapman Field Dr., Miami 56, Fla 97, 179, 336 

Pauley, Margaret K. '65, 107 Frankel Blvd., Merrick, N. Y 316 

Pauly, Ann Florence '65 

1305 Sussex Rd., West Englewood, N. J 75, 316 

Pauly, Susan Jane '65 

3600 Mound Way, Mariemont 27, Ohio 190, 316 

Peabody, Mary Lucinda '62 

174 Kensington Rd., Garden City, N. Y 171, 392 

Peace. Jacquelyn '65 

416 Sprindale Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C 316 

Peach, Stephanie Miriam '64 

920 Dacian Ave.. Durham. N. C 336 

Peck, Sylvia Ann '62 

Jackson Training School, Concord, N. C 75, 392 

Pedersen, Lis Lillian "62, 518 Morehead Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Pell. Nancy Anne "63 

420 S. W. nth Court. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 85, 170, 171, 357 

Perham, Andrea Jean "64 

1105 Foxcraft Rd.. Richmond, Va 106, 336 

Perkins, Cathryn A. "62 

178 Mt. Paran Rd., N.W.. Atlanta 5. Ga 392 

Perry, Jerry Leverne "62 

321 Forrest Rd., Henderson, N. C 59, 173, 392 

Persons, Susan Lapsley "65 

723 Anderson St., Durham, N. C 

Peters, Donna Sue '64, 1024 O Ave., Cayce, S. C 70 

Phillips, Brenda Lee '62 

60 Orchard Farm Rd., Port Washington, N. Y. .90, 94 
Phillips. Sandra Ann '62 

109 N. Eastern St., Greenville, N. C 6 

Pickett, Helen Louise '64 

914 Vicar Lane, Alexandria, Va 8 

Pickrell, Anna May '65. 3 Sylvan Rd., Durham, N. C 17 

Pierce, Sara Hunt '64 

1710 Cambridge Dr., Kinston, N. C 

Pierpont, Carolyn E. '64 

808 Coolidge St., Westfield, N. J 183 

Piester, Sandra Louise '65 

350 Edgewood Terr., New Martinsville, W. Va.... 
Pike. Deborah '62. 1520 Carolina Ave., Kingsport, Tenn 
Pilgram. Ann Tonnelier '65 

311 Rockwell Terr., Frederick, Md 

Pipas, Carol Anne '63 

213 E. Northport Rd., Kings Park, N. Y 357 

Pittman, Frances E. '65 

6700 Monroe Rd., Charlotte 5. N. C 194 

Pittman, Germaine '64 

315 S. Beverly Glen, Los Angeles 24, Cal 181, 316 

Plant, Mary Ann '65 

230 Westminster Dr., Tallahassee, Fla 120, 316 

Piatt, Bonnie Ruth '63, Purchase Rd., Southbury, Conn 357 

Pollack, Valerie I. '63. 1421 Autumn Rd., Jenkintown, Pa 357 

Pons. Jonnie Alberta '62 

217 Riverside Dr., Morganton, N. C 59. LS4, 173, 393 

Porter, Sharon S. '64, 200 Kenosha St., Walworth, Wise. 337 

190, 316 

183, 393 


.85, 336 


78, 316 
56, 393 

178, 316 


Porter, Suzanne Lee '62, Hillsville. Va 120, 158, 179. 393 

Powell, Eleanor P. '64, 804 Park Ave., Goldsboro, N. C 337 

Powell, Shirley Ann '65, Box 219. Middlesex, N. C 176, 316 

Powers, Lola Iris '62 

6509 Kenhowe Dr., Bethesda, Md 105, 106, 107, 161, 393 

Powers, Marilyn Ellis '65, 211 Gibson Rd., Louisville 7, Ky 317 

Pressman, Ellen Martha '65 

6515 Southwestern, Dallas 9. Tex 317 

Prewitt, Alice Adair '64, 8400 Michael Rd., Richmond 29, Va. 
Price, Alma Jean '64 

P. O. Box 1145, Kannapolis, N. C 183. 337 

Price, Mary Kathryn '65 

USA Engineer Dist.-E., P. O. 67, San Francisco, Cal 317 

Price. Patricia Reade '63, D-l-D Univ. Apts., Durham. N. C 357 

Pritchett, Anne Sartin '64 

712 Quaker Lane, High Point, N. C 337 

Proctor, Barbara A. '63 

1304 S. Garnett St., Henderson, N. C 55, 185, 357 

Pugh, Pamela Leroy '65 

6342 Burlwood Rd., Charlotte, N. C 64, 188, 317 

Quattlebaum, Ann Louise '65, Rt. 1, Box 9, Monetta, S, C 317 

Quinby, Miriam J. '64. 1801 Wycliff, Orlando, Fla 189, 337 

Rackleman, Susan Janet '65 

805 Warren Ave.. Cocoa. Fla 188, 317 

Ragan, Martha Rebecca '64, Box 98, Archdale, N. C 337 

Rager, Judith Ann '63, 4405 Beverly Dr., Dallas 5, Tex 75, 357 

Ramseur. Mary Rast '64. 305 North Dr., Anderson, S. C..-171, 337 
Ramsey, Carol Ann '63 

2512 Sunset Dr., Tampa 9, Fla 75, 173, 179, 344, 357 

Ramsey, Sarah Helen "65, Rt. 1, Box 295, Sandston, Va 317 

Randall. Elizabeth Wilson "65 

723 St. Johns Rd.. Baltimore 10. Md 317 

Randolph. Marjorie A. "64 

755 Oaklawn Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 79. 85. 337 

Rankin, Mary Downs "62, 1 West Lane, Maplewood, N. J 394 

Ransey, Anne Lee '64, 1825 Rooseveh St., Hollywood, Fla 337 

Rasberry, Jane Vail "64 

1005 Walker Ave.. Kinston. N. C 179, 337 

Ray, Andrena E. '64, 112 Tucson Dr., Sumter, S. C 189, 337 

Rav. Marv Janice '64. Hendersonville. N. C .191. 337 

Ray, Nancy Carolyn '62, 717 S. Willow, Tampa, Fla 394 

Rayl, Melanie Joy '64. Rt. 5. Box 568, Durham, N. C 337 

Rector. Judith Ann '65 

15 Abbott Ave.. North Merrick, N. Y 180, 317 

Regen, Margot A. "62, Campus Apts., No. 7, Durham, N. C. 
Reshaur. Joyce "62, 2404 Vesson, Apt. 4, Durham, N. C. 
Reynolds. Anne Kathryn "65 

1822 McGougan Rd., Fayetteville, N. C 317 

Reynolds, Lillian Rebecca '65 

2502 Wrightwood Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Rhodes. Linda Sue '65, 9916 Holmhurst Rd., Bethesda 14, Md...3l7 
Rhodes. Jane Ellis '62, Rt. 2, Matthews Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Rice. Sara Anne '63 

2550 Warwick Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 189, 358 

Richards, Jessica Olga '62 

76 MacDermott PI.. Fanwood, N. J 101. 394 

Ricketts, Maryann '65, P. O. Box 10727, Raleigh, N. C...186. 317 

Ridge, Martha Cole '64, 407 Vine St., High Point. N. C 337 

Robb, Mary Dyer '65, 3902 Eton Rd.. Durham. N. C. 184, 317 
Robbins, Jane Turney '65 

3100 Foxhall Rd.. Washinuton 16, D. C 182 

Robert. Carol Mercer '63, 200 College Rd.. Richmond 29, Va...358 
Roberts. Patricia A. '63 

628 Cumberland Ave., Teaneck, N. J 191, 358 

Robertson, Barbara T., 931 Lamberth Circle, Durham, N. C. 
Robertson. Deanna Lynn '65, 216 Oxford Dr., Savannah. Ga...317 
Robertson, Sandra M. '64 

Belle Haven PI.. Greenwich, Conn 195, 337 

Robinhold, Susan '62 

3413 Warden Dr., Philadelphia 29, Pa 59, 191, 395 

Robins, Judith Alan '64 

1415 Wendover Dr.. High Point. N. C 183, 337 

Robins, Sally '62 

51 19 Marathon Pkwy., Little Neck 62, N. Y 183, 395 

Robinson Barbara A. '63 

Brintons Bridge Rd.. Chadds Ford, Pa 85. 177, 35S 

Robinson, Phyllis Jean '62, 125 Main St.. Middleburg. Pa. 
Robinson. Sandra Jean '65 

154 Dalmeny Rd.. Briarcliff Manor, N. Y 75, 317 

Robinson, Susan '64 

4000 Harding PI.. Nashville 12, Tenn 183, 337 

Rodrigues, Judith Leslie '65 

6116 Sheldon Lane, Columbia, S. C 317 

Rogers. Barbara Jean '65, 200 Grace St., Oxford, N. C 317 

Rogers. Becky Ann '65 

202 Woodhaven Dr.. Lexington. N. C 190. 317 

Rogers, Claudia Ann '62, 215 Monmouth Ave.. Durham. N. C. 


Rogers, Linda Sue '65 

1105 Greenhill Ave.. Wilmington ?. Del 170, 317 

Rom. Karen Therese 64. 1213 Watson Dr.. Wilson, N. C 338 

Ro,se. Marie Melinda '62 

414 Fenton PI.. Charlotte 7. N. C 50, 179, 395 

Rosenberger. Lisa B. '63. 332 East Beverley St., Staunton, 'Va. 
Rosenberger. Wilhelmina '65 

15 Woodcliff Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass 183, 338 

Ross, Marcia Moore '65 

107 Ashbourne Rd., Columbus. Ohio 75. 182, 317 

Rouse, Margaret C. '63 

1409 Stuart Court, Annandale. Va 104, 105, 106, 171, 358 

Rowland. Betsy Ann '63, 37 Fairlawn Ave. 

Younustown 12. Ohio 104, 105, 106, 107, 358 

Roy, Susannah M. '65, 604 N. Gregson St., Durham, N. C 317 

Royse. Arlene Elizabeth '62 

718 Cliveden Rd.. Pikesville 8, Md 59, 395 

Rudiaer. Rosalind Louise '64 

522 Sherman Ave., Hawthorne, N. Y 85, 195, 338 

Rundles, Charlotte '65, 132 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 317 

Rundles. Susanna '63. 132 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Rusk, Barbara Douglas '62, 1803 House Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Russell, Mary Lynn '64 

311 East King St., Kings Mountain, N. C 338 

Ryan, Florence June '64 

1707 Wealthy St., S.E., E. Grand Rapids, Mich 75 

Sader, Martha Maxwell '64, Grand View, Brevard, N. C 338 

Saint-Amand. Emilia A. '65 

802 College Dr.. Gaffney, S. C 40, 172, 318 

Samler, Virginia Dale '64 

349 West 15th St.,- Riviera Beach, Fla. 
Samonds, Janet Eloise '64 

2011 Pershing St., Durham, N. C 181, 338 

Sanders, Mariann Kirven '64 

755 Sylvan Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C .85. 338 

Sargent, Mary L. '64. 1516 Zoreta Ave., Coral Gables. Fla. 
Saunders, Sylvia Anne '65 

1322 Greenway Dr., High Point, N. C 318 

Sawyer, Martha Jane '65 

101 South Ash St., Elizabeth City, N. C 182, 318 

Sawyer, Patti G. '63 

421 S. W. 14th St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 79, 85, 358 

Schad, Susan Patterson '65 

1405 Van Steffy Ave., Wyomissing, Pa 75, 318 

Schade, Jean Whitelaw '62 

5220 42nd St., N.W., Washington 15, D. C 358 

Schlesinger, Sally Anne '65 

3173 Fairmount Blvd., Cleveland Hts. 18. Ohio 170. 318 

Schmidt. Sybille M. "64. 1008 Norwood Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Schoenly. Virginia Ann '62 

153 N. 8th Ave., Highland Park, N. J.. 55, 195, 396 

Schumacher, Sally Ann '65 

1017 Wilhert Rd., Lakewood 7, Ohio 186, 318 

Schwartz. Lois Ann '62 

1602 Air Transport Wing. APO 10. New York. N. Y...185. 396 
Searles, Dennes Leigh '65 

3130 Elms Park Dr., Missoula, Mont 186, 318 

Sears, Barbara Ruth '65, 411 Marathon Ave., Dayton 6, Ohio. .318 
Sedgwick, Janice Robbins '63 

223 Fairview Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 
Seeman, Charlotte Gail '64 

3147 N. Pollard St., Arlington 7, Va 338 

Sellers, Viola Carol 65, 115 S. Briggs Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Seyfert. Melicent '62. 2960 N. Summit Ave. 

Milwaukee 11. Wise ...50. 136, 187, 364, 396 

Shaban. Janet Anne '65. 1075 Mango Ave.. Sunnyvale, Cal 318 

Shahan. Robin I^ee '62 

2603 Robin Hood Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 153, 185, 396 

Shaio, Diana Victoria '64 

Carrara 9 86 85, Bogota, Colombia, S. A 116 

Shaw, Martha K. '63 

1201 Brooks Ave., Raleigh, N. C 59, 67, 118, 358 

Shearer, Eilah J. '63 

611 Sunset Court, Cape Girardeau, Mo 90, 358 

Shearer, Sylvia Ely '63, 250 N. E. 104th St., Miami 38, Fla. 

Sheffield, Jo Ellen '65, 4536 Nandina Dr., Columbia, S. C 75 

Shepherd, Sherry Faye '65 

305 Yeardley Ave., Lynchburg, Va 170, 318 

Sheridan, Alice Murrell '64 

1326 E. 58th, Chicago 37, III 183, 338 

Shows, Dorothy Jean '62, Soso. Miss 396 

Shuff. Clark Lee '64, 528 Falls Rd.. Rocky Mount. N. C 338 

Shuford, Charlotte '63 

218 E. Congress St.. Lincolnton, N. C 189, 358 

Shugart, Sandra Crotts '62 

1314 Salisbury Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C 396 

Shurtliff. Ethel J. '62 

1217 N. Jefferson St., Arlington 5, Va 55, 173, 396 

Sides, Martha Gail '64, Box 432, Conover, N. C. 

Sigmon. Verna Hahn '65, Box 146, Mt. Pleasant. N. C 318 

Siler. Nancy E. '63. Box 404. Franklin, N. C. 62. 171. 358 

Simeon, Carole Lee '64 

810 Ferndale Dr., High Point, N. C 172, 338 

Simmons, Sharon Elizabeth '65, Box 352, Huntsville. Tex. 
Skaggs. Mary Sue '63 

2106 Kanawha Ave., S.E.. Charleston 4. W. Va 358 

Skiles. Susan M. '63 

2717 Silverside Rd., Wilmington 3, Del 79, 85, 181, 358 

Slater, Mary Gibbs '62 

777 Williamsburg, Birmingham. Mich 59, 69, 187, 397 

Smathers, Roxanne Dora '62 

236 W. Penn, Deland, Fla 74, 75, 156. 397 

Smith, Carolyn Linwood '65 

2221 Whitman Rd.. Raleigh, N. C 172, 318 

Smith, Charlotte E. '63 

207 Roberts St., Livingston, Tenn 59, 171. 359 

Smith, Cynthia Gail "62 

90 N. E. 128 Terr., Miami 61, Fla 59, 90. 397 

Smith, Elizabeth Ann '64 

Lewis Dr., Kennesaw. Ga 120, 171, 339 

Smith. Elizabeth L. "63 

2221 Whitman Rd., Raleigh, N. C 185, 359 

Smith, Emily Carol '64 

206 Homewood Ave.. Greensboro, N. C 339 

Smith. Frances Ann '64 

2707 Sharondale Dr., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 185, 339 

Smith, Heather Howard '65 

8 France Place. Larchmont. N. Y 186, 318 

Smith, Helen LIta, 924 W. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Smith. Kathryn O. '63. Rt. I, Deep Run, N. C 359 

Smith, Letitia Anne '64 

2300 Wellesley Ave.. Charlotte 7, N. C 75, 339 

Smith. Marcia Sharon '64 

116 Powhatan Parkway, Hampton. Va 175, 339 

Smith, Mary T. '63, 3420 Piping Rock Lane, Houston 27, Tex... 189 

Smith. Patricia B. "64. 72 Hibriten Dr., Asheville, N. C 339 

Smith. Priscilla Ellen "62 

47 A. Bernard Rd., Fort Monroe, Va 59, 120, 154. 158, 397 

Smith, Sandra Glynn "65. Rt. 3. Box 401. Covington, Va 318 

Smith, Sarah Lynn "65, Rt. 3, Box 401. Covington, Va 318 

Smith, Susan Elizabeth "65 

172 Elatan Dr.. Pittsburgh 16, Pa 190, 318 

Snowdon, Abigail Lowell "62 

9 Phoenix Parkway. Oakhurst, N. J 164. 195. 397 

Southmayd, Carol Jean '65 

4902 Fort Sumner Dr., Washington 16, D. C 194, 319 

Spalding, Joan Ingham "64 

2440 Drummond Rd.. Toledo 6, Ohio 183, 339 

Speck. Linda Jean "64 

3204 Churchill Rd., Raleigh, N. C 152, 189, 339 

Spence, Elizabeth L. '63 

3610 Cowden Ave.. Memphis 11, Tenn 59, 187, 397 

Spencer. Carolyn '65. 6525 Southwest 94th St.. Miami, Fla.. 319 
Spencer. Charlotte Temple '62. 1004 Persimmon St., Lufkin. Tex. 

Sperry, Sue '63. 226 Elbern Ave.. Harrison, Ohio 171, 359 

Spratt, Sally J. '63 

2318 Sherwood Ave.. Charlotte 7, N. C 50, 62, 359 

Spruill, Louisa M. '64, 314 Kershaw St.. Cheraw, S. C 339 

Sprunt. Edith Lucas '62, 191 E. Parkway S.. Memphis 4, Tenn. .397 
Staley, Susan L '63 

1703 East West Highway, Silver Soring, Md 359 

Stallings, Ann Coble '63. I Alastair Crt. Apts.. Durham, N. C. 
Stanford, Geraldine J. '63 

2148 Ludlow St., Rahway. N. J 185, 359 

Stansberry, Karen L. "62. 2266 S. Trcost, Tulsa, Okia 183, 397 

Stayer, Glenda H. '62 

959 Linwood Rd., Birmingham 5. Ala 181, 398 

Stein, Jerry Brooks '64, 202 Stedman St., Fayetteville, N. C 339 

Stencel, Michelle M. '63, Windswept Dr., Asheville, N. C 359 

Stephens. Ann Lyn '65 

620 Manchester Lane, Birmingham 9, Ala 184, 319 

Stephens, Grace C. "63, R.F.D. 5, Box 250, Savannah. Ga. 
Stettler, Kathleen C. '64 

105 Highland Ave., Passaic. N. J 176, 339 

Stevenson, Monica Lynne '65 

4009 Van Ness St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C 190, 319 

Stewart. Joan Kay '62 

1015 Stratford Ave., N.E., Massillon, Ohio 55, 173, 398 

Stilwell, Louise Alison '64 

50 Walnut St., Ft. Devens, Mass 122, 339 

Stinnett. Ann R. '63 

P. O. Box 633, Brenham, Tex 152, 195. 359 



Stone. Margaret Priscilla "65 

929 Starling Ave.. Martinsville, Va 

Stone, Mariam Ann '62. 2023 Airport Rd.. Ft. Pierce, Fla 62, 

Stover. Pamela Anne "65. 502 Station Ave.. Langhorne. Pa... 
Strayhorn. Martha Davis "64 

Woodmont Blvd.. Nashville. Tenn .120, 171, 

Stretch, Mary S. "63, 14 Bayview Circle. Manhasset. N. Y...187. 
Strickland. Anne Helen "62. Bio, Astronautics Hq. ARDC, 

Andrews Air Force Base, Washington 25, D. C 50, 136, 

Stritzinger, Linda J. "62, 234 Riggs Dr., Clemson, S. C 103, 

Strong. Bethany Sue '62 

1113 Valentine Circle, Chattanooga. Tenn 67, 90. 96, 

Strother, Rebecca A. "63 

5S()4 Waycross St., Raleigh, N. C 185, 

Stuart, Dawn L. "62 

431 Wolcott Hill Rd.. Wethersfield 9, Conn 152. 193. 

Stuckey. Carol L. "64. 2219 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte 7, N. C, 
Stump, Bernadette K. '62. 928 Urban Ave.. Durham. N. C. . 

Suber. Sarah M. "62. 505 Waldo St.. Cary, N. C 

Sugg. Ann "63 

517 Shady Circle Dr.. Rocky Mount. N. C 185. 

Sulzer. Eileene S. '62 

8912 Brieryle Rd., Richmond 29, Va 190, 191, 

Summerrow, Sara J. "62 

1103 S. Belvedere Ave.. Gastonia, N. C 

Sun. Pamela Powers "65 

3304 River Rd,. Toledo. Ohio 70, 95, 194, 

Surratt, Mary E. "63 

P. O. Box 5. Rose Hill. N. C 184, 185. 

Sutch. Ruth Marian "65, 148 Cedar Lane, Cheshire, Conn 

Sutton. Sara K, '63, Rt, 1, Faison, N. C 193. 

Suzuki. Eiko I. '62. 1117 Clarendon St.. Durham. N. C. 
Swain. Elizabeth "64 

2824 Wesleyan Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C 64. 173, 

Swain, Lamar Marie "65 

603 Small St., Wash, Park, Washington, N 
Sweeney, Mary Kathryn "62 

3015 N, Woodridge Rd„ Mt. Brook, Ala 

Sweet, Barbara Ann '62 

10733 S, California Ave., Chicago 43, 111 

Sydnor, Caroline Meade '64 

920 Vicar Lane, Alexandria, Va 191, 

Sydnor, Judith Wilson '62 

7214 Margaret Ave,. Richmond 28. Va 177. 

Symes. Kathleen H. '63, P, O, Box 513, Ardmore, Okla. 
Tabari, Kita Nue '63, Farhang Ave.. Teheran. Iran... 152. 
Taggart. Barbara J. '64 

516 Ardmore Ave,, Pitman, N. J.. 170. 

Talbert. Lynn B. "63 

Highland Dr., Highland Hills, Canonsburg, Pa 

Taliaferro, Lynn F. "62 

280 Windsor Ave,, Brightwaters, N, Y...... 110, 195, 

Tarpley, Mary Carol '65 

2828 Cherrywood Ave., Dallas 35, Tex 

Tart, Edwina Anders '63, Hdqrs, Commandant 

1st Logistical Comm,, Ft, Bragg, N. C 

Tart. Lois McPhail '65. 454 W. Market St.. York, Pa... 186. 
Tavernise. Pia '65, 208 Watts St.. Durham. N. C. 

Taylor. Jeanette M. '64. 618 Elm St.. Greenville, N, C 

Taylor, Lucy Wilder '64 

208 N. Main St.. Louisburg, N. C 4 

Taylor, Margaret A. '63. 506 Ideal Way. Charlotte. N. C 

Taylor. Rebecca J. '65. Gatesville. N. C 

Teets. Catherine Anne '65 

7621 S,W. 64th Court, Miami 43, Fla 

Temple, Nancy Lloyd '65 

271 Brewer Ave,, Winter Park, Fla 170. 

Thacker, Joyce Marlene '65 

Box 375 Truax Field, Madison, Wise 

Thomas, Helen Louise '63 

1285 Hillside Dr.. Lancaster, Pa 

Thomas, Patricia Anne '65 

1821 Bedford Rd.. Rocky Mount. N. C 105, 

Thomas, Sandra K, '63, Rt, 7, Box 806. Sanford, N. C...I58, 
Thompson, M. Jeanne '63 

2637 Peachtree Rd.. N.E.. Apt. 310. Atlanta 5, Ga 

Thompson. Nancy Wood '63 

River Rd.. Washington Park. Washington. N. C 164, 173, 

Thompson. Rebecca Jean "65 

632nd Radar Sqdn.. Roanoke Rapids. N. C 

Thornton. June Williams "65 

2765 Hillandale Circle. Macon, Ga 172, 

Tiregol, Fusun A. '63, Semsipasa Ogdulsok No. 43 

USKUDAR. Istanbul, Turkey 152. 

Titus, Jane Wallace '65 

2060 Grand Blvd.. Schenectady 9. N. Y 
Todd, Margery Lee '64 
431 Fourth St., Bettendorf, Iowa 


, 398 




.79, 85. 



180. 319 



Tofflemire. Patricia Ann '65, Sierra-Gorda 265 

Lomas De Barr. Mexico 10 DF.. Mexico 

Tolson. Jane E. "63 

5615 Glenwood Rd.. Bethesda 14, Md 85, 195, 360 

Touchton, Judith Gray '62 

P. O. Box 1011. Dade City. Fla 50. 185, 400 

Tousey, Gail Marie "64 

4401 Country Club Rd., Jacksonville 10. Fla 185, 340 

Towle, Patricia M. '63 

33 F. Venetian Wy., Apt. 85. Miami Beach. Fla 173. 360 

Trainor, M. Melissa '64 

1740 Portage Ave.. South Bend 16, Ind 

Trent. Mary Duke '64. 1415 Bivins St.. Durham, N. C 
Trent, Mary Elizabeth '64 

7000 Beach Plaza. St. Petersburg Beach. Fla 

Trent. Rebecca Grey '64 

1415 Bivins St.. Durham. N. C 173, 340 

Trimbur, Nancy Jean "64 

3204 Crescent Dr.. N.E.. Warren. Ohio 120. 194, 340 

Triplet!, Joy E. "63. 3112 Ardsley Dr.. Orlando. Fla 360 

Triska. Thyra Olstad "62 

91 Nassau Ave., Manhasset, N. Y 152. 183, 400 

Tsamas. Andronike C. '62, 906 W. Maynard Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Tucker, Emily E. "62 

2112 Dunhill Dr.. Raleigh. N. C 188. 189. 400 

Turner. Arline Elizabeth '62 

1115 Woodburn Rd„ Durham. N. C 171, 400 

Tuttle. Wendelin Holly "65 

1000 Mary Allen Lane. Mountainside. N. J 194, 320 

Tuul, Mall '65. 90 Caryl Ave.. Yonkers. N. Y 320 

Tyndall. Mary Louise '64 

1800 Cambridge Dr.. Kinston. N. C 340 

Ullenberg, Judith Ann '65 

1317 Woodhill Dr., Chattanooga 5, Tenn 170. 320 

Ulmer. Mary Katherine '62 

2236 Malvern Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 50. 55. 136. 185, 401 

Umstead, Merle Bradley '64 

1552 Hermitage Ct.. Durham, N. C 185. 340 

Upchurch. Mabel Stuart '64 

1724 Canterbury Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 50. 173. 322. 340 

Uzzell. Margaret A. '63 

617 S. Madison Ave,, Goldsboro. N. C 360 

Vail, Helen Winifred '64 

2730 Circle Dr., Durham. N. C 195. 340 

Vale. Kathryn Ann "65 

Rt. 2. Box 64. New Bern. N. C 85, 320 

Van De Ree, Carol Emily '65 

Box 20, Rt. 2. Clinton. Md 320 

Van Dyck. Judith L. '63 

422 Sinclair St.. Norfolk 5. Va 179, 360 

Vance, Virginia Lee '64 

2344 Haven Ridge Dr., N,W„ Atlanta 5. Ga. 
Veach, Mary Lynn "62 

318 Scottie PL. Charlotte 9. N. C 401 

Verner. Ann Harris "64 

3618 N. Nelson St., Arlington 7. Va 97. 173. 340 

Verwoerdt. Frances P, "62. 2216 Elba St.. Durham, N. C. 
Vick. Bonnie Gray "64 

1572 Virginia St.. Charleston 1, W, Va 340 

Vintinner, Jane M, '64 

35 Academy St.. Franconia. N. H 85. 340 

Vogel, Lynne M. '63 

4112 25th PI.. North. Arlington 7. Va 360 

Volberg, Phyllis D. '63 

532 Forestdale Rd.. Kingsport. Tenn 360 

Wagoner. Judith Ann '65 

155 Spring Rd., Scotia 2, N, Y 64. 320 

Waisman, Margaret '64 

33 Ladoga Ave,, Tampa 6, Fla 116. 341 

Waite, Helen Valentine '62, 1327 Cole Mill Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Wald. Gail Sue '63 

635 Sunset Ave.. Rocky Mount. N. C 175. 360 

Waldchen, Helen E. '63, 414 Grove St.. Westfield. N. J 360 

Waldrop. Gwendolyn J. '64 

Rt. 5. Box 243. Richmond 31. Va.... 120, 341 

Wallace. Joann D. '62. 2713 Lawndale Ave.. Durham. N, C. 
Wallace. Sue Daniel '64. P. O. Box 875. Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Wallendorf. Patricia A. '62 

Ferris Hill Rd.. New Canaan. Conn 364, 401 

Wallwork, Lany Kristen '63 

1703 Green Hill Ave,, Nashville, Tenn, 59, 183, 361 

Walsh, Patricia Jane '62, 904 Shepherd St„ Durham, N, C, 
Wanless. Carole F, '63 

2024 Wiggins Ave., Springfield, III 179, 361 

Wantz, Barbara '62 

8659 Rio Grande Rd., Richmond 29, Va 164, 179, 401 

Ward, Ann C. '63, P, O. Box 24, Blackfoot, Idaho 361 

Ward, Ella Burns '64, Main St,, Rowland, N. C 179, 341 


Warn, Martha F. '63, 127 White Oak Ridge Rd., Short Hill 
Warr, Virginia Ladd '62 

1521 Central, Memphis 4, Tenn 120. i: 

Washburn, Barbara Jane '64 

1906 E. Oakland, Bloomington, 111 62. I! 

Wassermann, Lorraine Jean '62 

126 Victoria Blvd., Kenmore 17. N. Y. 
Waterman, Patricia '65 

185 Saranac Ave.. Buffalo 16. N. Y 120, 1! 

Waters, Elizabeth W. '63 

5110 Longfellow, Tampa 9, Fla 55, 1' 

Watson, Barbara Grace '65. Box 185, Rowland, N. C 

Watson, Jean Crane '65, 4023 Bristol Rd.. Durham, N. C. II 
Watson, Katrina J. '64 

2123 Woodland Ave.. Raleigh. N. C 70 

Watson. Wendy Patricia '65. Box 419. Rt. 2. McLean, Va.. 

Weaver. Janet Marie '64. Box 138. Bailey. N. C 177. 

Weaver. Marjorie E. '62. P. O. Box 63, Murphy, N. C 

Weaver, Sandra '63, 1515 N. McKinley Rd., Arlington 5. Va, 
Weaver. Sarah Lynn '65 

Fresno 21 1, Colonia Aguila. Tampico Tampus. Mexico .176, 

Weaver. Susan Anne '63. Box 138. Bailey, N. C 177 

Weber. Joan Condit '65 

167 Scarcliffe Dr.. Malverne. N. Y 85, 

Webber. Winona L. '64. 2441 Temple Dr.. Winter Park. Fla.. 
Weber. Jill Karen '64, 11 Aberfeldy Dr., Trenton 8. N. J. 
Wechter. Marcia Michele '65 

3702 Normandy Rd., Greensboro, N. C 176 

Weeks. Barbara Kay '64 

1445 Canterbury Ct.. S.E.. Aiken. S. C 189, 

Weeks, Beverly Vaughn '64 

1317 N. Gregson St., Durham, N. C 173 

Weeks. Susan Pratt '62 

4009 San Jose Blvd.. Jacksonville 7. Fla. 50 

Weiner. Judith Ann '63 

304 Crittenden St.. Greenville. Miss. .59. 75. 158. 175 
Weingarth. Judith Ann '65 

3428 Luther St.. Winston-Salem. N. C 

Welch. Julie Anne '62 

3505 Patterson St.. Washington 15. D. C 183 

Weldon. Nancv Leila '64 

1527 Queens Rd.. Charlotte 7, N. C 

Wellborn. Virginia R. '62 

825 Bourbon St.. New Orleans 16. La 105. 106. 107 

Welt. Phoebe '63. 602 Fifth Ave., Iowa City. Iowa. .55. 187, 

Welter. Elizabeth A. '63. 1031 Field PI.. Baldwin. N. Y... 

West. Dallas Page '62 

8105 Rose Hill Rd.. Richmond 29. Va 69. 191 

Weston. Leona Bell '62. 806 Lawndale St.. Garner. N. C...... 

Wheat. Mary Erskine '64 

133 Greenville St.. S.W., Aiken. S. C 171, 

Wheeler. Mary M. '62. Limestone Coll.. Gaffney. S. C 195 

Wheland. Margaret E. '63. 9033 S, Bell Ave., Chicago 20, 
White, Catharine M. '63 

2520 Kenmore Rd.. Richmond 28. Va 85 

White. Christine Perry '64 

P. O. Box 21. Glen Head. N. Y 183, 

White. Frances Randolph '65. Ciaxa 879 Campnas 

Estade de Sao Paulo. Brazil 182 

White. Jane Dale '64. 921 Elizabeth Rd.. Shelby. N. C 

White. Jo Ann '63 

16th and Boulevard. Barnegat Light. N. J 121 

White. May H. '63. 406 Linden Ave.. Oxford. N. C 59, 

White. Susan Arline '63. 180 Mayfair Dr. 

Pittsburgh 28. Pa 70. 95. 178. 179, 

Whitfield. Mary Croom '65 

2540 Dellwood Dr.. N.W,. Atlanta. Ga 85, 194. 

Whitley, Lynda Carole '65 

3289 Arnwood Ave.. Macon. Ga 85, 

Whitmire. Clara Ann '63. 217 Meyers Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 

Wier. Susan '62. 811 S. Main St.. Lexington, Va 

Wikler, Judy Jean "65, 1158 Old York Rd.. Abington. Pa.. 

Wilbourne, Harriet S. '64. Box 308. Lillington. N. C 177, 

Wilcox. Cynthia Gould '63. 2725 Brown Ave.. Durham. N. 
Wilcox. Landis Melrose '64 

356 Fairfax Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C 179 

Wiley. Carolyn Joyce '62 

315 Kenmore Rd.. Douglaston 63. N. Y 

Wiley, Sarah H. '63, Wakefield Forest, Earlysville, Va. ...171, 
Wilkinson. Lillian Anne '64 

718 Garden St.. Charleston 2. W. Va 70. 173. 

Willard, Betty Jean '62, 1423 Clarendon St.. Durham. N. C 
Williams. Ann Malloy '65 

43 Red Cloud Rd.. Fort Rucker. Ala 187. 194 

Williams. Barbara Jean '62 

528 N. E. 8th Ave.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla 195 

Williams, Carol A. '63. Rt. 6, Raleigh. N. C 185, 344, 

Williams, Catharine T. '63, 817 N. Leahy. Pawhuska. Okla.. 


N. J. 













Williams. Janice G. '62, Munfordville, Ky 402 

Williams. Martha E. '64. 1441 Perkin St., Alcoa, Tenn 342 

Williams. Mary Frances '65 

P. O. Box 238. Boonville, N. C 194, 321 

Williams. Pattie Jean '64 

6802 Valley Vista Lane, Scottsdale, Ariz 191, 342 

Williams. Roberta G. '63 

12(1 N. Franklin St.. Rocky Mount. N. C 85, 361 

Williams. Ruth Whitmore '63, 1319 Vickers Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Willis. Hdith H. '63, Rt. 2. Candler, N. C 185. 362 

Willis. Elizabeth D. '63 

4923 Kilbourne Rd., Columbia, S. C 171, 362 

Willis. Mary Alice '64 

7737 N. Club Circle. Milwaukee 17, Wise 191. 342 

Willis. Patricia '63 

1220 Jackson Springs Rd.. Macon. Ga 75, 193, 362 

Wilson. Ann Davie '63 

1910 N. Woodstock St.. Ariington. Va 362 

Wilson. Ann '65. 1004 Beverly Dr., Florence, S. C 180 

Wilson. Carol Ann '62 

129 Hoodridge Dr.. Pittsburgh 28. Pa 156, 403 

Wilson. Mary Jeanne T. '62 

3615 Dover Rd.. Hope Valley. Durham. N. C. 

Wilson. Jo E. '63. 3061 Wallace Circle, Huntington, W. Va 362 

Wilson. Mary Pittman '65 

1729 N.W.. nth Rd.. Gainesville. Fla 182, 321 

Wilson. Patricia Gail '64 

5925 North 5th St.. Arlington 3, Va 85, 342 

Winfree, Sari Lynn '63 

807 N. Eugene St.. Greensboro, N. C 362 

Wingfield. Jane I. '63 

II Glenridge Parkway. Montclair. N. J 177. 362 

Win.stead. Elizabeth '65. 4507 Bordeaux Ave.. Dallas, Tex 321 

Wise. Alethea Stewart '65 

1857 Louden Hts. Rd.. Charleston 4. W. Va 194. 321 

Witherspoon. Jane C. '65 

1332 The Terrace. Hagerstown, Md 70. 321 

Wolf. Mary Magdalene '65 

2217 South 61st Ave.. Cicero 50, III 342 

Woodard, Carol Ann '63 

525 San Esteban Ave.. Coral Gables, Fla 156, 178. 179. 362 

Woodburn, Judith Irene '65, 316 Mosby Ave., Littleton, N. C...32I 
Woodruff. Mary Kathryn '65 

7 Main St.. Englishtown. N. J 182, 321 

Wooten. Mary Bryan '64, Rt. 1, Kinston, N. C 185, 342 

Worden. Susan F. '65 

c/o USTDC APO 63. San Francisco, Calif 195, 342 

Woriey. Judy Jo '65. 1130 Catawba, Kingsport. Tenn 321 

Wright. Amanda T. '63 

1424 Lakeview Dr.. Falls Church. Va...... 187, 362 

Wright, Clara M. '62. 706 Louise Cr.. Durham. N. C. 
Wright. Marguerite Sue '64 

3539 Hamstead Court. Durham. N. C 362 

Yager. Sue Ann '64 

2745 Borden Lane. Silver Spring, Md 152, 195, 342 

Yarbrouch, Virginia Ileen '65 

105 Coll. Ave.. Thomasville. N. C 321 

Yarnall. Lynn Louise '64 

5347 N. Santa Monica Blvd.. Milwaukee 17. Wise 183, 342 

Yeh. Betty '65 

108 Walton Dr.. Vista Acres, Lynchburg. Va 117. 120. 321 

Yntema. Virginia Gwin '65 

3950 Franklin Rd.. Bloomfield Hills. Mich 321 

Yoder. Margaret E. '63 

Rt. 1, Indian Creek Country Club. Kilmarnock. Va 362 

York. Tekla Ann '64 

4502 Fairchild Loop. Larson A.F.B.. Wash 179. 342 

Young. Elizabeth B. '63 

1216 Richardson Dr., Reidsville, N. C 362 

Young. Margaret Anne '63 

23 Ridge Dr. E.. Berkeley Hts.. N. J 173, 195. 362 

Young. Martha Cozart '63 

2504 White Oak Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 362 

Young. Mary A. '63. 1305 Park Ave.. Baltimore 17. Md. 
Young. Patricia Mae '64, 1401 N. Roan St.. Johnson City. Tenn. 
Yucel. Guler F. '65 

Moda Caddesi No. 7. Kadikoy. Istanbul, Turkey 321 

Zauge, Mary Cecile '64 

4721 Columbia Rd., Annandale, Va 164, 171, 342 

Zbikowski, Gwendolyn Ann '65 

2 Fairmount Ave.. Terryville. Conn 321 

Zell. Lois Jane '63. 301 S. Church St., West Chester, Pa 362 

Zimmerman. Emma Jean '62 

912 Madison Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C 403 

Zimmerman. Sallie Claire '62 

40 Glenside Rd.. S. Orange. N. J 403 

ZIotowitz. Ruth Carolyn '65 

3625 Forest Garden Ave.. Baltimore 7, Md 321 


Abalh. Arturo Jose, Jr. ■65 

141 S. Mendenhall, Memphis, Tenn 262 

Abbot, Haviland H. "63 

5223 Kanawha Ave., Charleston 4, W. Va 213 

Abbott, John Alfred '64 

127 Clayton Ave., Waynesboro, Pa 118, 157, 

Abbott, Sefton F. J. '63 

607 N. Pineview, Goldsboro, N. C 58, 69. 223 

Abbott, Thomas P. "63. 5400 S.W. 98 Terr., South Miami, Fla 
Abernethy, John A. '64 

403 E. Market St.. Johnson, Tenn 265 

Ackerknecht. Wm. E., Ill '64 

6247 N. 22nd Rd.. Arlington 5, Va 

Adams, Andrew J., Jr. '63, HQS 7th U.S. Army Spt. Comd. 

APO 279. N. Y., N. Y 115. 127, 201, 

Adams, Charles F. '64. Java, Va 105, 106, 224, 

Adams. Clifford Sweet '65, 515 Warren Rd., San Mateo, Cal... 

Adams. James Albert '64. Box 391. Roscoe, N. Y 197. 

Adams, Rex Dee '62 

215 Woods Ave.. Oakhill. W. Va 54. 137, 211, 234, 

Adams, Thomas Robert '62 

895 Davis Dr.. N.W., Atlanta, Ga 197, 262, 263, 

Adiam. James Kenneth '65 

173! Hilltop Rd.. Jenkintown, Pa 127, 

Ahnfeldt, Arnold L.. Jr. '65 

1200 Courthouse Rd., Arlington, Va 127, 

Akins, William H.. Jr. '64, Box 4225 Fondren Sta., Jackson, 1 
Aldridge, John Graves '65 

Country Club Dr., Rt. 6, Mt. Airy, N. C 196, 

Alexander. James F. '62 

3518 Union St., Mission Hills, San Diego I, Cal 

Alexander, Robert Earl '62 

2928 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham, N. C 209, 

Alexander. Welborn E., Jr. '63 

225 Norwood St., Lenoir, N. C 58, 

Allen, Barna Titus, Jr. '62 

409 Hamilton St., Leaksville, N. C 

Allen, David Williams '62 

4112 San Juan, Tampa 9, Fla 228, 229, 

Allen, John Ashley, Jr. '63 

402 North 3rd St., Smithfield, N. C... 149, 

Allen, John C, III '63, 1027 Pine St.. Burlington, Vt 

Allen, Kenneth Ray '64 

6 Nelson St., Ferry Farms. Fredericksburg. Va 118, 258, 

Allen, William Edward '65, N. Arnold Ave., Prestonsburg, 
Allen, Wm. Fred '65, 4101 Bronson Blvd., Kalamazoo, Mich, 
Alley, James Carl '64 

150 N.W. 100th Terr.. Miami Shores, Fla 128, 

Allsbrook, William Calvin '64, Box 303, Clayton, N. C. 

Allyn, Donald Lancy '65 

612 N. Washington Ave., Moorestown, N. J 208. 

Alsentzer, Wm. James, Jr. '64 

421 Armstrong Ave., Wilmington, Del 201, 

Altmaier, Martin D. '64. 669 Bexley Ave., Marion, Ohio.. 83, 
Altman, Richard Michael '64 

46(1 Prospect Ave., West Oranse. N. J. 
Altschuler. Richard Alan '65 

635 Revere Rd., Merion Sta., Pa 212, 

Alworth. Thomas '63, 15 Roswell Terr., Glen Ridge, N. J. ..213. 
Ambler, C. Merrill, Jr. '64 

828 Glen Rd., Jenkintown, Pa 254, 

Amey, David George '63 

32 Court St., Lancaster, N. Y 131, 149, 201, 

Amley, Edward A. '64 

950 41 Ave., North, St. Petersburg, Fla 209, 

Anders, Charles Alan '65 

8105 Old Riggs Rd., Hyattsville, Md 118. 

Anderson, Bruce Hamilton "63, c/o Winnstead Plantation 

Thomasville, Ga 58, 126, 127, 148, 219, 

Anderson, Harry Kemp, Jr. '64 

7131 Andalusia Ave.. Jacksonville 7, Fla 223, 

Anderson, Kenneth W. '62 

HG Heidelburg Post, APO 166, New York, N. Y 

Anderson, Lawrence H. '63 

33 Ellington Dr., East Northport, N. Y 

Anderson. Richard S. '62, 105 Parsons Dr., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Anderson. Stephen Robert '65 

182 Bristol Rd.. Wellesley Hills 81, Mass 

Anderson, Thomas J. '65 

100 First Ave., S.E.. Atlanta 17, Ga 117, 

Anderson. Thomas P. '64, Commander Sixth Fleet 

FPO, New York, N. Y 131, 221, 258, 



, 324 






5, 304 





Anderson, William R. '64 

1205 First St., Huntington 1. W. Va 

Andrews, Craig Neal '65 

c/o Allis Chalmers, York Works. York, Pa 

Appen, Richard Everett '62 

6201 Bresslyn Rd., Nashville. Tenn 

Applestein, Jeffrey M. '64 

245 Ardmore Ave., Trenton 9, N. J 67, 

Arenson, Ronald Lee '65 

1900 E. Leonard St., Pensacola, Fla 224. 304 

Argy. John '65. 1058 Polk St.. Hollywood, Fla 117, 304 

Arline, Arthur Woodson. Jr. '65. P. O. Box 480, Norfolk, Va...304 
Armbrecht. Frank M., Jr. '63 

7666 Yarmouth Dr., Richmond 25, Va 99, 346 

Armfield, Howard M., Jr. '64, Middleburg, Va 324 

Armour. Clifford A. '63. Bayside Dr., North East, Md 62. 346 

Armstrong, James Jay '63 

450 S. Wisconsin Ave.. Villa Park, III 58, 223, 270, 346 

Arney, William Charles '62, 214 W. Park Dr., Morganton, N. C. 
Arnold. Gary Seth '63 

417 Hempstead Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y 231 

Arnold. Jay L. '62 

919 28th St.. N.E.. Canton 4, Ohio 155, 231 

Arnold, Richard Ernest '64, 81 Mapes Ave.. Nutley 10, N. J. 
Arrington, Joel C. Ill '62 

314 Claire Dr.. Thomasville, Ga 234, 237. 23'> 

Arthur, William B.. Jr. '64 

715 Bleeker Ave.. Mamaroneck. N. Y \2t 

Aruza, Albert F. '63, 72 Soundview Dr., Stamford, Conn. 234, 346 
Ashmun, Ravmond Van, Jr. '64 

3505 W. Scott PI., Denver 21. Colo. 
Ashworth, Thomas Edward '65 

P. O. Box 323, Appomattox, Va 304 

Atkinson. Sid Euaene '64 

2705 Elgin St., Durham, N. C 128, 219, 324 

Atlee. William A., Jr. '64, 1414 Ridge Rd., Lancaster, Pa 254 

Atwater, Luther E., Ill '64 

Arcadia, Rt. 3, Columbia, S. C 58, 219, 324 

Austin, George M. '64 

2163 Bayard Park Dr.. Evansville 14, Ind 265, 324 

Avera. Talcott Wait '63 

400 Westover Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C... 229, 346 

Bachman, Walter E., Ill '65, Bethman Rd., Easton, Pa.. .202, 304 
Backus, Henry Lindsley, 111 '63 

Vernon View, Savannah, Ga 213. 367 

Baer. George James '65 

829 Balfour Rd.. Grosse Points Pk. 30, Mich 224, 304 

Bailey. George Robert, Jr. '63 

464 Derby Rd.. Baldwin, N. Y 213, 346 

Baird, Edward Forrest '65 

R.F.D. 3, West Chester, Pa 131, 228, 304 

Baird, William Jesse, 111 '65, Box 351, Pikeville, Ky 304 

Baker, George T., Ill '63 

980 Alameda Blvd., Coronado 18, Cal 130, 133 

Balitsaris, Peter M. '65 

Rotherwood Dr., Knoxville, Tenn 204, 304 

Ball. Marshall Ray '64, Box 154-A Thurman Rd., New Bern. N. C. 
Banks. Lawrence Kirk '65 

110 Beverly PI., Greensboro, N. C 222, 304 

Banks. Robert M., Jr. '64 

1017 Dolphin PI., Corpus Christi, Tex 130, 219, 346 

Bannerman, Ian C. '64, 142 Revere Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. 

Barbee, Ronald Mills '65, Rt. 1, Morrisville, N. C 206, 304 

Barefield. Thomas W. '62 

3640 Spring Valley Rd., Birmingham 13, Ala 225, 367 

Barefoot, Sherwood W., II '63 

3107 Madison Ave., Greensboro, N. C 116 

Barker. John K. '64 

1764 N.E. 16th St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 211, 324 

Barlow, Richard Smith '65. 506 N. Third St., Bardstown, Ky 304 

Barnes. Edwin Ray '63 

P. O. Box 786, Hillsboro, N. C 130, 149. 234. 346 

Barnes. Freeman W.. Jr. '62 

287 West Neck Rd., Huntington, N. Y 155, 203, 367 

Barnes. Stephen P. '65 

287 West Neck Rd., Huntington, N. Y 202, 304 

Barnett, Gustave G., Ill '63 

910 Riverview Dr., Brielle, N. J. 219, 346 

Earnhardt, Zeb Elonzo, Jr. '64 

1713 Virginia Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C 58, 130, 197, 324 

Barr. Arthur Michael '63 

4125 Lexington Ave., Jacksonville 10, Fla 112, 209, 346 

Barr. Roger Coke "64. 385 Tallulah Ave., Jacksonville 8, Fla. 
Barr. Stuart George "64 

29 Cottage PI., Staten Island 2, N. Y 95, 324 

Barrier Norman G. "62, 711 Oakwood Dr., Statesville, N. C 367 

Bartlett, Peter N. '63, 23 El Caminito Del Sur., Monterey. Cal. 
Bass, Kenneth C. Ill '65 ,,.,,„, 

402 Crest Rd., Carrcroft. Wilmington 3, Del 117, 304 

Bassett, Richard R. '63 , , , ..c ^-, , , ,. 

Friends Boys School. Ramallah. Jordan 213, 265, -/I, 346 

Bastian, Gary Bradley "65 

1867 Cleveland Ave., Abington, Pa 304 

Bateman, James N. '63 

209 Cherokee Rd., Pittsburgh 34, Pa 225. 346 

Bates, Robert Carl '64. 92 Orchard St., Delmar, N. Y 324 

Battelle, Anthony E. '62 

100 Athens Ave., Madison Township, N. J 197. 259. 367 

Battelle, Nicholas S. '64 

100 Athens Ave., Madison Township, N. J 130, 197. 324 

Baucom, Thomas Lee '62, 405 Oakland Dr.. Fayetteville, N. C...367 
Bauder, Bruce James '62 

2105 Cordova Dr.. Sanford, Fla 151, 165, 225. 271, 367 

Baumgartner, Bruce R. "65 „,,,-, -,,-, „, , 

36 Earnscliff Court, Fort Thomas, Ky 95, 117. 222, 304 

Bauserman, John Allan '64 

905 W. Kilgore Rd.. Kalamazoo, Mich 325 

Bayes Guy Anthony '65, 5524 Park Rd., Falls Church, Va 304 

Baylin, Stephen Bruce '64, 2535 Wrightwood Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Bean. Bruce Gordon '65 

247 Commonwealth Ave., New Bedford. Mass 222, 325 

Beasley, Frederick Alex '65 

205 Barnard Ave., Aiken, S. C 130, 222, 304 

Beasley, Robert Lawson '64 

417 Walker St., Durham. N. C 203, 234, 346 

Bebout. David Benton '64 

20975 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Hts., Ohio 197, 325 

Bedinsfield, John R., Jr. '64 

15 S. Greenwood Ave., Ware Shoals, S. C. 
Beguin, Fred Albert '63 

2694 Penfield Rd., Fairport, N. Y 211. 259. 347 

Beischer, George D. "63 

847 Gerhardt Dr., Pensacola, Fla 225, 347 

Beimfohr, Carl Edward '64 

2280 S.W. 15th St., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.- 115, 219, 325 

Bell Corwin Allan '63, 3329 Gail Dr., Columbus, Ga 130 

Bell, Don Ed '63, 725 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va 83, 225 

Bell, John. Jr. '63, 2005 Wheat St.. Columbia, S. C 197. 347 

Bell, Luther Edward, Jr. '63 

615 W. Campus Dr.. Durham. N. C 205, 367 

Bell, Oliver Alexander '65. 2605 Garner Rd., Raleigh, N. C. .304 
Bell, Paul E., Jr. '63 

3031 S.W. 2nd Ave.. Miami, Fla 103, 128, 149, 347 

Belvin, William Long, Jr. '64 ,.,,,, 

19 Flinn Dr., Savannah, Ga 213, 325 

Belvin, William Stuart '62 

Breakneck Hill Rd., Middlebury. Conn 219, 368 

Bengel. Paul Robert '63 

1616 Ridge Ave.. Arnold, Pa 234, 237, 241 

Benjamin, Albert E.. Jr. '65 

3223 Marnat Rd., Baltimore 8, Md 304 

Bennett, Bruce Harry '63 

321 W. Franklin St., Morrisville. Pa. 347 

Bennett, Bruce R. '65 

3600 Cantrell Rd.. N.E.. Atlanta 19. Ga 305 

Bennett, Frank White, III '64, 1609 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Bennett, John Herbert '65 

6413 Marjory Lane, Bethesda 14, Md 206, 258, 305 

Bennett, Robert Stanley '62, 62 Dayton St., Danvers, Mass. 
Bennett. Wilbur J.. Jr. '62 

Box 236 B. Rt. 2, Nashville. Ark 207, 368 

Benson. Karl Theodore '64 

729 Chestnut Ave.. Falls Church. Va 83, 126, 201, 325 

Bentley, Francis John D. '62 

Kilkenny Farm, Orlean, Va 203, 368 

Beresford, Scott Franklin '65 

605 Valley Green Dr., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 220, 30.-< 

Berger, Arthur E. '62, Eastover, S. C... 158 

Bergman, Alvin Barrie '65, 201 E. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Bernstein. Frank Hutzler '63 

Naylors Lane, Pikesville 8, Md 155, 231, 347 

Berry, Alan Douglas '65 

77 Taylor Ave.. Fort Thomas, Ky 210, 305 

Berry, Jean Paul '63 

209 E. Wilson Ave.. Mooresville. N. C 234, 238 

Berry, Thomas Cornell, Jr. '65 

104 Lake Shore Dr., Virginia Beach, Va 130, 305 

Berson, Robert Chambliss '65 

2033 Fairway Dr., Birmingham, Ala 305 

Berteau. John Thomas '64, Box 45. Lake Jem, Fla. 325 

Bertsch, John Roger '65 

3131 Midland Dr., S.E.. Grand Rapids, Mich 262, 305 

Best, James Arthur, Jr. '63, Burrage Rd., Rt. 3. Concord. N. C. 
Best, Michael Robert '62, 205 Murray Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Best. Page Hinton '64, Rt. 2, Brevard. N. C. 
Best, Richard Allen '64 

Colombia, South America 82, 83, 100, 211, 325 

Bethea, Thomas D. '63 

127 Woodland Dr., Newport News, Va 264 

Bethel. David J. '63, 3870 Leafy Way, Miami 33, Fla...221, 347 
Bickford, Joseph C, Jr. '62 

103 Highbrook Ave.. Pelham, N. Y 223, 368 

Bierfeld, James Louis '65 

275 Ivy Lane. Highland Park, 111 230, 305 

Bittner, Georae D. '63. 3012 Oak St., Jacksonville 5, Fla. 

Bivins, John F., Jr. '64, Crestlin Dr.. High Point, N. C 119 

Black, George Browne, Jr. "65 

714 Morris Ave.. Bryn Mawr, Pa 131, 202, 305 

Blackard, William Raymond '65 

3531 Hedrick St.. Jacksonville 5. Fla 131, 196, 305 

Blackburn, William W. '64 

2 C How. Bn. 15th Arty.. Fort Wainwright, Ala ...224, 347 

Blackwelder, Brent F. '64 

3419 Lowell St., N.W.. Washington 16, D. C 83, 325 

Blackwelder William Cudd '64 

4142 Statesville Hwy., Charlotte, N. C 219, 325 

Blair, Richard Walter '64 

425 S. Garfield. Hinsdale, 111 129, 325 

Blanco. David Bennett '63 

lOUO Wellington Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C ......197, 347 

Bland, Robert Noell '63 

108 Cody St.. St. Albans, W. Va 66, 347 

Blick, John Strauchan '65, Apt. 616, Slaton Manor Apt. 

2965 Pharr Cts., N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga 305 

Block, Dennis Buckley '62 

103 McKinley St., Middletown, Ohio 211, 368 

Blumfeldt, David Wayne '63 

40 Lebanon Hills Dr., Pittsburgh 28, Pa 203, 260, 347 

Boericke, James F. '65. 134 Grays Lane, Haverford, Pa. 259, 325 

Boggs, Parker Trenholm '65, Box 552, Falmouth. Mass 305 

BofC Charles E., II '63. 209 Washington St.. Charleston, W. Va. 
Bomze, Edward Lemuel '63 

840 Bryant St., Woodmere, N. Y 231, 368 

Bond, William M. '62 

Meadow Estates. Wheeling, W. Va 211, 368 

Bonham. George G. "63 

1323 Bywood Lane, Charlotte 9, N. C 347 

Bonham. Thirwall W. '64 

1323 Bywood Lane. Charlotte 9, N. C 325 

Booker, John Parks, Jr. '63 

N. Church St., Walhalla, S. C 347 

Booher, Kermit Rex, Jr. '65 

601 Hillcrest Terr., Parkersburg, W. Va 224, 305 

Boos, John Donald '62 

221 15 113th Dr., Cambria Hts. 11, N. Y 368 

Booth, Stuart Edgar '62 

73 Mullens Lane, BernardsviUe. N. J 197, 368 

Bosher. Robert Marshall "65 

317 Bob-O-Link Dr., Virginia Beach, Va 305 

Bostock, Roy Jackson "62 

205 Howard Dr., Pittsburgh 28, Pa 54, 137, 211. 234, 368 

Boswell, Richard Neal "65 

Rt. 2, Canal Rd.. Brunswick, Ga 210, 305 

Boswell, Wade Melvin "65 

2601 Delrose Dr.. Knoxville 14, Tenn 262. 305 

Bottcher, Dana Clarke "64, 3 Dorothy Ave., Holden, Mass. 

Bouknight. William R., Ill "62, Society St., St. George, S. C 73 

Bouman. John Karl "65 

8 Westerly Way, Binghamton, N. Y 220, 305 

Bowling, Fred Gay, Jr. "65 

302 E. Highland Ave.. Kinston. N. C 198, 305 

Bowman. Charles R. "64 

Remsens Lane. R.F.D. 1, Oyster Bay, N. Y. 209, 347 

Bowyer. Albert Thomas '62 

3464 N. Hope St., Philadelphia 40, Pa 112, 209, 369 

Boyce, Samuel Alexander "64 

Rt. 10, Box 421, Charlotte, N. C 325 

Boyd, Robert Allan "63 

1908 Liberty Dr., Greensboro, N. C 219, 34/ 

Boyer, Heath C. "63 

514 St. Clair Ave.. Grosse Pt. 30. Mich 54, 67 

Boyett, Robert Lee. Jr. '65 

2272 Wineleas Rd., Decatur, Ga 325 

Bracy, Benjamin F. "65 

550 Middleton St., N.E., Orangeburg, S. C 305 

Bradbury, Paul Thomas '65 

1661 Mt. Paran Rd., N.W., Atlanta 5. Ga 224, 305 

Bradshaw, Michael James '62. 2000 Cedar St., Durham, N. C. 

Brannock, Larry Richard '65, Rt. 1, Reidsville, N. C 305 

Branscomb, Ernest J., Jr. "65 

506 Acorn Court, Chattanooga 5, Tenn 305 

Brantley, Robert L. '64, 1805 Glendale Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Braren, Herbert Victor '62 

455 Poinciana Dr., Sarasota, Fla 203, 369 

Braswell, Stephen Render '62. Surgeon HQ AMC Box 62 

Wright Patt. AFB, Ohio 67, 68, 69, 138, 222, 223, 369 

Breazeale. James A. '64 

1040 Twinkletown Rd., Memphis 16, Tenn 202, 325 

Bredder, Roy Stanley '65 

2431 Greenwich Rd., Winston-Salem, N, C 305 

Breen, Robert E., Jr. "62, Box 1918 

Jacksonville, Fla 127. 138, 148, 196, 197, 262, 263, 369 

Breitweiser, Robert A., Jr. '63 

2774 N. Wakefield St., ArUngton, Va 224 

Brennan, James, Jr. '64, Rt. 3, Box 525 B, Gastonia, N. C 325 

Brennan, John William '63 

416 North St., Portsmouth, Va 211, 347 

Bresee, Louis B., Jr. '62 

403 Central Ave., Towson 4, Md 114, 150, 225. 369 

Brewster, John E., Jr. '65, 1220 N. Main St., Wheaton, 111 305 

Brian, Earl W.. Jr. '63. 2111 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 
Bridgeman, Kenneth S. '65 

2517 Hilliard Rd., Richmond 28, Va 305 

Briduers. John Furman '65, 503 W. Nash St., Wilson, N. C. 
Bridges, Daniel W., Jr. '62 

423 Worster Ave., Hampton, Va 127, 205, 234, 369 

Bridges, Wayne Eugene '64, 814 E. 22 St., Hialeah, Fla 325 

Briggs, Robert William '63 

1575 Bellevue Dr., Wooster, Ohio 58, 127, 148, 211. 347 

Brigham, John Carl '64 

212 Fernwood Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J 206, 325 

Brill, Howard Walter '65 

2725 Dach Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla 305 

Brinson, Lloyd George Jr. '63 

P. O. Box 375, New Bern, N. C 130, 133, 215, 260, 347 

Britton. Howard W. "63 

1(110 Wateree St.. Kingsport. Tenn 103, 347 

Brock, Richard C. '63 

3001 N. E. 19th St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 155, 258, 347 

Brockwell, Benjamin B. '65 

1007 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C 66 

Broesche, Travis C. '63 

3114 Aberdeen Way, Houston 25, Tex 58, 156, 223, 347 

Broker, Nathanael '65, 18 Rockland Rd., Concord, N. H 305 

Bromhal, Robert Lowell '62 

1701 Vista St., Durham, N. C 199, 369 

Brooks, Charles Irving '65 

c/o Texaco, Inc., 135 E. 42nd St., New York, N. Y 305 

Brooks, David Robert '63, 321 Oakwood Dr., Antioch, III. 73, 347 
Brooks, Donald Bradley '65 

831 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, N. C 196, 305 

Broome, Ernest Harry '64, 705 Lancaster Ave., Monroe, N. C. 
Broome, O. Whitfield, Jr. '62 

409 Phifer St., Monroe, N. C 99, 151, 369 

Brown. Anthony Sterling '65 

27 Trumbull Ave., Milford, Conn 221, 325 

Brown, David C, Jr. '63 

224 Moultrie Square, Anderson, S. C 83, 215, 347 

Brown. David Kepler '65 

8317 Robert Bruce Dr.. Bon Air 35, Va 219, 325 

Brown, Dempsey Short, Jr. '64 

824 Laurel Ave.. Macon, Ga 221, 325 

Brown, Douglas Coleman '64 

8012 Vale St., Alexandria, Va 211, 234, 325 

Brown, John Madeira III '65 

Woodburn Farm, Piketon, Ohio 206, 271, 325 

Brown, Kendrick E., Jr. '62, 4115 Everett St., Kensington, Md...201 
Brown, Kenneth Gerard '62 

2558 N.W. 19, Oklahoma City 7, Okla 219, 369 

Brown. Paul Frederick, Jr. '65 

904 Allen Dr., Clearwater, Fla 228, 305 

Brown. Ralph Edward '65 

1631 Marion Ave., Durham, N. C 126, 200, 305 

Brown. Robert Luther '63, RD 2, Lakeside Dr., Gloversville, N. Y. 

Brown, Stanley C. '64, 18 Rounds St., New Bedford, Mass 325 

Brown, Stephen Clinton '63 

2363 Fair Ave., Columbus 9, Ohio 199, 369 

Brown, Timothy Scott '65 

Cliffdale Rd., Greenwich, Conn 208, 305 

Brown, Joseph Dillon, Jr. '64 

1550 Prospect PI., Ashland, Ky 254, 325 

Browning. Arthur Lee '62, 721 Madison St.. Portsmouth, Va. 

Bruen, James Alton, Jr. '63 

600 Cedar St., N.W., Washington 12, D, C 58, 203, 348 

Brumbaugh, David Willis '63 

374 Evandale Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 207, 369 

Brumby, Richard Gray. II '63 

3048 Andrews Dr., Atlanta 5, Ga 219, 369 

Brunson, David W. '64 

1426 Henderson St.. Columbia, S. C 209, 325 

Bryan, John Rupert, Jr. '65 

402 Pine Valley Dr., Wilmington, N. C 325 

Bryant. Leonard S. '63, 326 Brookvale Rd., Butler, N. J 348 

Bryant, Wallace Dean '64, Blairs, Va 209, 369 

Brydaes, James Edward. Jr. '64 

1679 Spotswood PI.. Lynchburg, Va 325 

Bryson, Daniel R. '63, 818 Anderson St., Durham, N. C...205, 348 
Buchanan, Ernest T., Ill '62 

32 Carolyn Dr., Virginia Beach, Va 209, 258, 369 

Buchanan, Robert T. '63 

418 Kings Court. San Antonio 12, Tex 229, 348 

Buchholz, James W. "63, 609 W. Front St., Perrysburg, Ohio 
Buckalew, M. Walker, Jr. "62, 2232 Westfield Ave. 

Winston-Salem, N. C 130, 165, 197, 258, 369 

Buckland, Golden T., Jr. '63 

317 Blowing Rock Rd., Boone, N. C 348 

Buckley, Jay Lynn '64 

3007 Laurel Ave., Cheverly, Md 215, 247, 248, 249, 325 

Buckner, Spencer A., Jr. '64 

209 E. Woodlawn Ave., Falls Church, Va 325 

Budd, Joel Kirk '63, Rt. 3, Sanford, N. C 215, 348 

Buddington, Richard S. '64 

3902 Commander Dr., Hyattsville, Md 217, 325 

Buehler, Bruce Alan '65 

2401 Siesta Dr., Sarasota, Fla 103, 305 

Buea, Charles Edward '62 

1544 Hermitage Ct.. Durham, N. C 205, 369 

Bundy. James Henry '62. Box 209, Farmville, N. C 215, 370 

Bunn, Ronald Roy '62 

4812 Aukai Ave.. Honolulu 15, Hawaii 83, 370 

Burch, James David '62. Rt. 2. Clyde, N. C 234, 238, 239 

Burch, Robert Mildon '62. 1302 Mayfair Rd., Raleigh, N. C 370 

Burdge. Lawrence Reid '64, 46 Hilltop Terr., Red Bank. N. J 325 

Burgess. Andrew L., Jr. '65 

2760 N. Quincy St., Arlington, Va 130, 223, 326 

Burgess. Arthur Harry, Jr. '65 

322 Third Ave., N.E., Hickory, N. C 305 

Burgess, Stanley E. '64, 400 Bluebill Lane, Alexandria, Va 326 

Burk, Peter Gordon '64 

10541 Abbott Ave., Minneapolis 20, Minn 229, 326 

Burke. David Lawrence '65 

51 Emerson Rd., Winchester, Mass 130, 196, 305 

Burdette, Marvin David '65 

Jan Drive, College Park. Ga 205, 234, 326 

Burnham, R. F., Jr. '63, 1403 Hewitt St.. Falls Church, Va 348 

Burns, John Gordon '65 

1126 Lynbrook Dr.. Charlotte 7, N. C 305 

Burow, Richard Wilcox '62, 13 Fletcher, Danville, 111 223, 370 

Burrice, Robert Nickell '65 

712 Greenridge Lane, Louisville, Ky 212, 305 

Burslem, William A., Jr. '65, 5710 38th Ave., Hyattsville, Md...306 
Burnstein, Gary Stuart '65, 9 Arbor Lane, Merrick, L. I., N. Y. 
Busch, Gerald K. '64 

945 Sierra Ventana, Mexico City, Mexico 262 

Bush, Jack Ranolph, Jr. '62 

R.R. Box 79, East Palatka, Fla 205, 370 

Butler. Jared William '62 

Rural Rt. I. Forest, Ind 32, 94, 138, 211, 254, 370 

Butts. Edward B. '64. 153 Lewis Ave., Salem, Va. 

Buzzard, Lynn Robert '63, 1604 Angier Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Byrd, Kenneth Alfred '62 

302 Selwyn Dr.. Erwin, N. C 79. 82, 83. 370 

Byrne, Richard Redman '62 

46 Main St., Hatfield. Mass _ 79. 83, 213. 371 

Caggiano, Joseph Louis '65. 28 Gates Ave., Summit, N. J 306 

Caldwell. Edward Riddle '65 

1031 Tennyson Dr., Charlotte, N. C 306 

Caldwell, Mark Jeffrey '65 

113 Timothy Ave., Clinton, Tenn 204, 306 

Caleen, Reynold Laurence '65 

245 Miraflores Dr., Palm Beach, Fla 127, 306 

Calendar, Richard L. '62 

Box 349, R.F.D. 1, New Market, N. J 207, 371 

Callahan. Joseph B. '64, 162 Kennedy St., Bradford, Pa 326 

Caltagirone, Wm. Andrew '65 

10 Tuttle Rd.. Briarcliff Manor. N. Y 326 

Calvert. Stephen B. '62 

2223 12 Ave., West, Bradenton, Fla 229, 371 

Cameron, Donald Curtis "65 

41 Marquette Rd.. Upper Montchiir, N. J 206, 306 

Cameron, Edmund M., Jr. '62 

883 Louise Circle, Durham, N. C 371 

Camp, Ernest, III '64 „, ,,^ 

2597 Birchwood Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 58, 197, 326 

Campbell, Edward Sidney '63 

23 Lanneau Dr., Greenville, S. C 371 

Campbell, Frank A., Jr. '63 

1239 Keene Rd., Clearwater, Fla 209, 348 

Campbell, James Stewart '65 

6711 Burlwood Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C 83, 306 

Campbell, Robert Clarke '64 

1239 Keene Rd., Clearwater, Fla 209, 326 

Cannon, Linden Kinder, III '65 

519 Ripley St., Alexandria, Va 220, 221, 326 

Caraker, Andrew Malcolm '65 

42368 Hammill Lane, Plymouth, Mich 216, 306 

Caraway, James Spence '65 

1981 Greenwood Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla 262, 306 

Cardwell, Joseph T., Jr. '64, 863 Park Ave., New York 21. N. Y. 
Carey, Raymond Joseph, Jr. '63 

143 E. Ridge Dr., Waterbury, Conn. 
Carlitz, Robert David '65 

2303 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C 262, 306 

Carlson, Edwin Allen, Jr. '64 

245 White Ave., Roanoke Rapids, N. C 131, 223, 326 

Carlson, Richard Bruce '64 

307 Anderson Blvd., Geneva, 111 217, 326 

Carlson, Ronald Darwin '62, Rt. 1, Box 205, Matawan, N. J 371 

Carmichael, Wm. Leighton '64 

1223 Chickering Rd., Nashville, Tenn 197, 326 

Carpenter, James C. '63 

118 W. Berger, Santa Fe, New Mex 91, 348 

Carpenter, Randle B., Jr. '62 

2409 Anderson Dr., Raleigh, N, C 69, 73, 138, 223, 371 

Carraway, Robert D. '62, Chester, Mass 118. 371 

Carson, Christopher L. '62 

820 Soundview Dr., Mamaroneck, N. Y 100, 221, 371 

Carstarphen, William H. '62 

400 School Dr., Williamston, N. C 211, 371 

Carsten, Jack Craig '63 

302 Rosewood Ave., Winnetka, 111 101, 102. 199, 348 

Carter, David Michael '64 

1211 Dabney Dr., Henderson, N. C 348 

Carter, Forrest Dean, Jr. '64 

850 S. E. 4th Ave., Pompano Beach, Fla... 270, 326 

Carter, Robert Mills '62 

2305 Rosewood Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 99, 371 

Carter, Stephen Goddard '62, 2313 Elder St., Durham, N. C. 
Carver, Stephen George '65 

1617 N. McDowell, S.E., Charlotte, N. C 306 

Cashwell, Leon Franklin '65, Rt. 6, Raleigh, N. C 128, 306 

Castle, Truman Rose '65 

334 Wilmette Ave., Glenview. Ill 212, 306 

Cawley, John Arnold, Jr. '65 

1629 Rainbow Bend, Elkhart, Ind 208, 306 

Cayce, Edgar Evans, Jr. '65 

300 Michigan Ave., Oceana, Va 206, 306 

Cecil, Charles E. '63 

17 Rumson Rd., Rumson, N. J 201, 348 

Chafkin, Michael Jay '65 

367 Lincoln PI.. Brooklyn 38, N. Y 262. 326 

Chaiken, William Edward '62 

2737 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C 371 

Chaiken, Robert Lee '65 

2737 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C 212, 306 

Chambers, Robert H.. Ill '62 

2456 Jefferson Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 151, 371 

Chang, Jack Han Teh '64 

Apt. 1-B, 647 W. 207th St., New York 34, N. Y 326 

Chapin, Douglas McCall '62, 248 Camden Rd. 

Atlanta 9, Ga 53, 128, 138, 149, 150, 159, 197, 365, 372 

Chapman, Leonard Fielding '64 

USMC MOQ 2003, Camp Lejeune, N. C 219, 326 

Chapman, Richard Booth '62 

210 Greenville St., Anderson, S. C. 130, 149, 209, 372 

Chappell, David Michael '63, Rt. 1, Box 282, Raleigh. N. C. 
Chappell, Graham E., Jr. '62 

1000 Horton Rd., Durham, N. C 119, 227, 372 

Charles, Allan D. '63, Rt. 1, Duncan, S. C 103, 348 

Charlwood, Wm. W. '64, 1 14 W. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C 326 

Cheatham, Robert Lee '65 

First Nafl Bank Bldg., Pulaski. Tenn 127, 306 

Cheek, Hannon James '64. 919 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C, 
Cheek, James Howe, III '64 

221 Evelyn Ave., Nashville 5. Tenn 264, 326 

Chenault, H. Lynn '62, 1613 Bayview Blvd., Norfolk, Va 

Chernish, William N. '64 

217 Saturn Dr., North Star, Newark, Del 58, 114, 225, 

Cherry, Haskille Scott '62 

5324 Albemarle St., Washington 16, D. C 200, 201, 

Chesnutt, Edwin Lee '63 

5921 Preston Lane, Charlotte, N. C 53, 159, 211, 234, 

Cheves, James Edward, Jr. '65, Warrenton, N. C 

Chotiner, Gerald '65 

3609 O'Neil Blvd., McKeesport, Pa 230, 

Christie, Carter Byron '62 

2004 River Oaks Blvd., Houston 19, Texas 223, 

Churchill, Neil E. '64 

445 Sunny Acres, Niagara Falls, N. Y 203, 234, 

Clamp, Jesse Carl, III '65 

2126 Glenhorst Rd., Minneapolis 16, Minn 127, 

Clark, Benjamin C. '63, Rt. 1, Vonore, Tenn 

Clark, Clyde Randall '62 

2606 Broad St., Durham, N. C 234, 

Clark, Douelas Mason '64 

110 Drake Smith Lane, Rye, N. Y 219, 

Clark, Harold Franklin, Jr. '63 

1920 N. Hollister St., Arlington, Va 215, 

Clark, James Ligon '63, Rt. 5, Box 885. Charlotte, N. C 

Clark, John C. '63 

108 Glenview Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada 221, 

Clark, Peter Bruce '64, 50 West 50th St., New York, N. Y 

Clark, Richard F. '64, 15 Sholes Ave., Norwich, Conn. 
Clarke, David Wright '64, East Shore Rd., Jamestown, R. I. 
Clarke, Jon Bruce '65 

2501 Albion St., Denver 7, Colo 99, 130, 208, 

Clarke, Sheffield C. '63 

858 Worthington Ridge. Berlin, Conn 213, 

Claro, Kenneth Joseph '65 

5312 Pine St., Forestville, Md 210, 

Clay, James Hill, Jr. '65 

1315 Clover St., Winston-Salem, N. C 

Clay, William C, III '63 

365 Raleigh Rd., Henderson. N. C 130, 133, 205, 

Clayton, Lawrence A. '64 

1023 Central Ave., Plainfield, N. J 128, 209, 

Clayton, Robert M., II '62 

9 Stillwell PI., Hannibal, Mo 58, 197, 

Clement, Curtis H., Jr. '62 

417 Chews Landing Rd., Haddonfield, N. J 128, 151, 

Clemmons, Joseph Baldwin "62, Box 193, Balboa Hts., Canal 
Clifford, Douglas Marvin '65 

1315 Monaco, Denver 20, Colo 210, 

Coan, Glen Austin, Jr. '64 

2753 Picardy PI., Charlotte 9, N. C 130, 

Coane, James E., Ill '63 

109 West Islip Rd., Babylon, N. Y 224, 

Cobb, Lawrence Wells '65 

212 Midvale Dr., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 126, 127, 228, 

Coble, Larry Robert '64 

561 Parkview Dr., Burlington, N. C 197, 

Cocker, Wesley Louis '65 

5904 N. 10th Rd., Arlington 5, Va 210, 

Coffey, David Gill '63, 812 Murray St., Durham, N. C. 
Cohen, Arthur Allen '62, 702 Twin Hills Dr., El Paso, Tex... 
Cohen, Kenneth A. '63 

4510 W. 65 St., Prairie Village, Kan 106. 107, 161, 227, 

Cohen, Stephen Ellis '62, 521 N. McKean St., Butler, Pa. 
Cohn, Donald Lee '62 

227 Forest Dr., Falls Church, Va 113, 223, 

Colclough, Andrew E. '65 

3608 N. Albemarle St., Arlington 7, Va 131, 208, 

Cole, John H. '63, 70 Fletcher St., Kennebunk, Maine 99, 

Coleman. Stephen B., Jr. '63 

59 Matthews Rd., Birmingham 13, Ala 58, 130, 219, 

Coll, John Peter, Jr. '65 

315 Thomas St., Carnegie, Pa 196, 

Collett, George C. '63 

Qtrs. C Naval Station, Newport, R. 1 225, 

Collins, Richard Fuller '64 

357 Neuburn Dr., Pittsburgh 16, Pa 203, 

Colver, Charles Merle '65. 2720 Circle Dr., Durham. N. C 

Combs. Samuel L. '64, 782 Abbott Rd.. Lexington, Ky...262, 
Condit, Robert Bruce '62 

32 Woodland Ave., Mt. Lakes, N. J 209, 

Condon, David Michael, '63 

6183 W. 54 St., Parma 34, Ohio 203, 234, 239, 

Condyles, George Edwin "62 

5507 Dorchester Rd., Richmond 25, Va 

Connelly, James Duncan "62 

1960 Kerns Ave., San Marino, Cal 128, 165, 211, 

Conner. Hampton Kent, Jr. '64 

7802 Lockney Ave.. Takoma Park, Md. 
Connor. Henry David "65. 20.'i Sherrin Ave.. Louisville 7. Ky.. 306 
Conrad. Carl Edward '65 

1209 Redleaf. Carrcroft. Wilmington 3. Del 128, 306 

Conroy. Dale Daniel '64 

31 Linden Ave.. Bethpage. N. Y 262, 327 

Cook. Joseph Wm.. Jr. "64 

4826 Amity PI.. Charlotte. N. C 22L 327 

Cooley. Thomas W.. Jr. "64 

112 Pacolet Dr.. Gaffney. S. C 58, 97, 128, 131, 223, 327 

Cooley. Tillman Webb. Jr. "65. Jackson. N. C 218. 307 

Coolidae. D.ivid Alan '64 

7403" Denton Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md -83. 201, 327 

Coombes. David Harrison '62 

4008 Rosemary St.. Chevy Chase 15, Md 372 

Coombes. Rame S. "63 

4008 Rosemary St.. Chevy Chase 15. Md 223, 349 

Cooper. Edwin B.. Jr. '64 

1105 N. Evergreen St.. Arlington. Va 116, 327 

Cooper. John C. Ill '64 

5209 N. 16th St.. Arlington 5. Va 116. 225. 327 

Cooper, Langdon M. '63 

P. O. Box 885, Fort Morgan, Colo 31, 349 

Cooper, Larry Allen "65 

2933 Ivanhoe Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 200. 307 

Copeland. Alexander. HI "65 

2332 Croydon Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 73, 214, 303. 307 

Coplon, Fredric Jay "64. Box 305. Sparta, Ga 231, 327 

Cornelius. Eugene F.. Jr. '64. 861 Fair Oaks Dr.. Macon, Ga 327 

Corson. Frederic C. '64. 10 St. Pauls Crescent, Garden City, N. Y. 
Cosans. Ernest James "63 

220 St. James Ave.. Merchantville 8, N. J - ...373 

Cosgrove. Thomas Joseph '65 

2169 Susquehanna Rd., Abington, Pa 131. 212. 307 

Cotter, Douglas Adrian '65, Box 56, Skyland, N. C. 101. 307 

Cotton. James Nelson "62, 1026 Gerlock Dr.. Fostoria. Ohio 373 
Couch, Leon W.. II "63 

704 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro. N. C 61, 101. 113. 349 

Couchell, George John '62 

613 Mayview Dr.. Charlotte. N. C 69. 130, 151 

Coughlan, Patrick C. "62, 120 N. E. Fifth Ave. 

Boca Raton. Fla...63. 124, 125, 127, 148, 209, 258. 365. 372 
Coughlan. Peter V. "64 

120 N. E. Fifth Ave., Boca Raton, Fla 209. 258, 262, 327 

Coulter, John Mansfield "65 

1511 Marilyn Ave.. Dayton 20. Ohio.... 127. 228, 307 

Courtney, Marion Walter "64 

Rt. 2. Box 407. Aiken. S. C 125. 127. 327 

Covincton. James Edwin "65 

10.3' Richardson St.. Whiteville. N. C 131. 210, 307 

Cowherd, Frank G.. Ill '65 

Baltimore Ave. N. Laurel. Md 262, 307 

Cox, Frederick O. '64. 546 South St., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Cox. Joseph Harper. Jr. '65 

126 Green Forest Dr.. Wilmington. N. C 307 

Cox. Louis Williams. Jr. '62, 808 Sewell Ave., Cape May. N. J. 
Cox. Ray Lawrence '64. 1913 Univ. Dr. 

Durham. N. C. -- 53. 131, 215, 247. 323. 327 

Cox, Weldon Royall '63. 4577 Rheims, Dallas 5, Tex 349 

Cox. William Donald '63 

3514 Montrose Ave.. Richmond, Va 201, 349 

Crain. Charles W. '63 

1411 E. Olive St.. Bloomington. Ill 54.67,223,349 

Crawford. Fred Allen. Jr. '64. Rt. 1. Holly Hill, S. C 219, 327 

Crawford. Michael Allen '65 

3038 Grenada Dr.. Columbus, Ga 92, 307 

Creadick. Robert N.. Jr. '65 

1200 Anderson St.. Durham. N. C 307 

Creaves. Donald W. '64 

618 Sheridan Rd.. Evanston. 111. 229. 327 

Creech. Franklin U. '64 

111 Parker St.. Smithfield. N. C 205. 234. 327 

Creech. John H. "65 

448 Goldsboro Ave.. Carolina Beach. N. C 204 

Crews. John Hunter "64 

450 New Haw Creek Rd.. Asheville. N. C 327 

Crisson, John Stanley "64 

Box 361. Belmont. N. C 234, 238. 240. 244. 254 

Crist. Peter Beardsley "65 

25 Kimberly Lane, Muncie, Ind _ 92, 307 

Crofts, John Lawton. Jr. "64. Box 707, Nokomis, Fla. 
CroU. William Paul "62 

107 Buena Vista Ave.. Federalsburg. Md 221. 373 

Cromartie. William F. "64 

1228 Skyview Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 207. 234. 327 

Cronquist. John August "62 

29 Dunderave Rd.. White Plains. N. Y 373 

Crosby. Marshall Robert "65 

1854 N. W. 11th Rd.. Gainesville. Fla 307 

Cross, Jerry Lee '65, 2303 Hackney St., Durham, N. C 307 

Crow, William Ernest '62 

302 Hillsboro St.. Franklinton. N. C 373 

Crowder. Howard Max '62. Delview Rd.. Rt. 1. Cherryville, N. C. 
Cruikshank. Dwight P.. IV "65 

1201 16th St.. Parkersburg, W. Va 200, 307 

Culbertson, Norman A. "64, 1 17 Buist Ave.. Greenville, S. C...327 
Culbreth. Thomas Franklin "65 

8 Birdseye Glen. Verona, N. J 127, 262, 307 

Culp. Robert Howie '62 

2905 Clover Rd.. Charlotte 7. N. C 62, 373 

Cupps. Don S. '63, Church St.. Barton, Ohio 254, 270 

Currie, Elliott Parke "62, 2517 Wrightwood. Durham, N. C. 

Currie. Walter Lee "62. 711 W. Lafayette St., Quitman, Ga 373 

Currie. William Nelson '62 

510 N. Green St.. Wadesboro, N. C 207, 373 

Curry. Dennis P. '63 

26 E. Jefferson Ave.. Shelby. Ohio 307, 349 

Curtis. James Mich.icl '65. 919 Lewis Ave., Rockville, Md 307 

Curtis. Harry Idw.ird. Jr. '65 

1210 H)i:hland Dr.. St. Alhans. W. Va 307 

Curry. J.uiics l.auson '65. Rcidsville. Ga 219 

Curtis. Luke 64 

6 Osage Dr. East. Ossining, N. Y 103. 221, 327 

Dalbey. Earle G.. Jr. '64. Rt. 2. Box 149 A 6, Lynnhaven. Va. 327 
Dalhouse. John D. '63. 3607 Kanawha Ave., S.E., 

Charleston. W. Va 131, 133, 149, 349 

Dallas. Nevill Huntley '63 

3702 Willowcrest Ave., N. Hollywood, Cal 349 

Dalton, James David '63. 402 Kivett St., Asheboro. N. C 234 

Daly. John Charles, Jr. '62. 1270 6th Ave.. N. Y.. N. Y. 
Dammann, David Alfred '63 

2520 43 St.. Long Island City. N. Y.... 259, 349 

Daniel, Amiram '64. 200 Monticello Ave., Durham, N. C 116 

Daniel. John Howard. Jr. '62 

Fairview St.. Warrenton, N. C 207, 373 

Daniel, William A.. Ill '63 

351 S. Ripley St.. Montgomery, Ala 221, 349 

Dankel, Thaddeus G.. Jr. '64 

3100 Parkwood St.. Brunswick. Ga 83, 327 

Danluck. Anthony D. "63 

112 N. E. Ill St.. Miami Shores, Fla 349 

Darling, Robert Lee '64 

3712 High Point Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 
Dartt. Roger W. '63 

3935 Zenith Ave. S.. Minneapolis. Minn 349 

Daul. George Cecil, Jr. '64 

304 Thornhill Cir.. Mobile. Ala 327 

Davidson. Joseph Q., Jr. '63. 1916 Leonard St.. Columbus, Ga. 
Davidson. Walter P.. Jr. '63 

1075 N.E. 99th St.. Miami Shores. Fla - - 128, 149 

Davies, Paul Hardie '64. 34 Portland Rd., Summit. N. J. 
Davis. Baxter Lee '63 

5115 Marlyn Sumner. Washinuton. D. C 225, 349 

Davis. Nelson Park "62. Rt. 1. Jamestown, N. C 219, 373 

Davis. Robert Errol '65 

1004 Byrnes Rd.. Aiken. S. C. 222, 307 

Davis. Rockwell Furman '64 

322 Larchmont Rd.. Elmira. N. Y 219, 328 

Davis, Ronald E. "64. 4507 Columbia St.. Portsmouth. Va 349 

Davis. Ronald Harry "62 

2014 Vail Ave., Charlotte. N. C .99. 115. 151. 373 

Davis. Waynelee Ellis. Jr. '65 

4800 Ravensworth Rd., Annandale. Va 127. 228, 307 

Dawson. Thomas R. '63 

82 Duke of Gloucester St., Annapolis, Md...63, 209. 258. 349 

Day. William A. '63, 5 Latimer Ave.. Strabane. Pa 349 

Deal. Harry M.. Jr. '63 

Box 206 3rd St.. S.W.. Taylorsville, N. C 201, 349 

Dean, David Milton, Jr. "62. 2849 Monticello Dr. 

Winston-Salem. N. C... 112. 131. 217. 374 

Dean, Robert Berry '65 

117 Oakdale St.. Mt. Airy, N. C 205. 234. 328 

Dee. Larry Gene '64 

2864 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. Fla 116, 328 

Deecan, James Edward '64 

2635 Sherwood Ave., Charlotte 7. N. C 328 

Deaerick. Michael Arthur '65 

1046 Warren Parkway. Teaneck. N. J _ ...307 

Deaooyer. John Gobel. Jr. '64 

\\\2 Meurilee Lane. Silver Spring. Md 58. 203. 328 

Demaine. Windsor W.. Ill '65. 869 Louise Cr.. Durham, N. C. 349 

!7, 228. 307 

:54. 270 

14, 307 

Dennis. Richard Lee '65 

4104 Brookside Rd., Toledo 6. Ohio I 

Densmore. Richard Ervin '64 

18 Massachusetts Ave.. Portland. Maine 
Denton. Kent Swindell '65 

324 E. Second St., Washington, N. C 

Denton, Paul Douglas '62 

1404 E. Joppa Rd.. Towson 4. Md 151. 209, 258, 374 

Denton, Robert Elmo '65 

5474 Lorraine Dr., Camp Springs. Md 131, 307 

Derby, James Landon '63 

190 Altamont Ave., Tarrytown. N. Y 112, 130. 213, 349 

Derochi, Edmund '62 

329 Northern Pkwy.. Ridgewood, N. J 213, 374 

Derrick, John Clark '62, 1002 Dacian Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Derryberry. Eugene E. '64 

621 Mississippi Ave., Signal Mountain, Tenn 131, 223, 328 

Dettmering, Don A. '63, 3513 Longfellow St., Hyattsville, Md. 
Deutscher, Eugene F. '64 

8 Washington PI.. Tarrytown, N. Y 130, 328 

Dewitt. Richard T. "63, 14 Interlaken Rd., Orlando, Fla 112 

Diamond, Robert D. '63 

1004 22nd St.. N.E., Canton 4, Ohio 155, 231, 262, 349 

Diaz, Daniel '63. 3314 La Salle St., Tampa 9. Fla 349 

Dickhaut, John Wilson '64, 100 W. Schreyer, Columbus. Ohio. 106 
Diedrichs, Andre Peter '62 

HI Meadow Lawn, Lebanon, Mo 101, 374 

Diehl, Earl Henry, Jr. '64 

508 McLendon St., Plant City, Fla 328 

Dillon, Ralph George '64, 814 Lee St.. Danville, Va 328 

Dillon. Robert Gwyn '65. 164 Dillon Ave.. Elkin, N. C 307 

Dimock, Roy S. '64. 3910 Khell St.. Silver Spring. Md.. 349 

Dinsmore, Donald Thomas h?. 21 Slocuni St., Tunichannock, Pa. 

Dion, Richard Royal '63, 353 Main St.. Nashua, N. H 265 

Ditmars. David Thompson '64 

816 Van Nes Lane, Glendale. Ohio 83. 127 

Dixon. Richard D. S., Jr. '62, Walstonburg, N. C 99, 270, 375 

Dixon, Walter Herbert, Jr. '64 

118 Oakwood Circle. Danville, Va 199, 328 

Doak, Thomas D. '62 

W. Washington St., Shelbyville, Ky 203, 375 

Doar, James Ronald '63 

9 Peeks Pike Avondale, Charleston 42, S. C 130, 133. 349 

Dodson, William E. '63 

2113 Woodrow St.. Durham, N. C 215, 349 

Doelle. John Charles '65 

829 Grand Marais, Grosse Pointe Pk. 3. Mich .....117. 307 

Doggette. John R. '64. 1120 Markley Rd.. Cincinnati 30, Ohio. 349 
Donnell, Comer Lewis '62 

113 Greenlawn Dr., Lebanon, Tenn 207, 375 

Donnelly, Dennis William '64 

128 Lee Circle. Bryn Mawr. Pa 203, 261, 328 

Donovan. John Power '65 

1021 Drake Ave., Burlingame. Cal 307 

Dorsee. Robert Edmund '62 

910 Dulaney Valley Court. Towson 4, Md. 
Doster, John Henry '63 

507 S. Spruce St., Lititz, Pa 219. 350 

Doubleday. Theodore E. '65 

609 Queen St.. Southington, Conn 131, 307 

Dougherty, Mark E. '63 

1414 Indian Trail, Atlanta 5, Ga 79, 83, 119, 225. 350 

Douglas, Donald A. 

1201 Compo Sono Dr.. Coral Gables 46, Fla 328 

Douglas. Stuart K. '64, 1421 Pinecroft Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Douglass. Edwin H. '63 

286 Liberty St., Newburgh, N. Y 229, 350 

Douglass, William Frank '64 

3141 S. Stafford St., Arlington 6. Va 127, 225, 328 

Dove, Paul Douglas '62, 117 Florance Lane, Alexandria, Va 79 

Dow, Jeffrey Lane '64 

45 Ivywood La., Wayne, Pa 199, 261, 328 

Doyle, Larry James '65 

6 Wescott Rd., Simsbury, Conn 130, 200, 262, 308 

Drews, John Albert '63 

2650 N. George St.. York, Pa 58, 213. 350 

Driessen, Joseph Patton '64 

6135 N. Kent Ave., Milwaukee 17, Wise 205, 328 

Drulis, Charles Richard '65 

4101 Southern Aire Dr.. St. Louis 25. Mo 204. 308 

Dryfoos, William Webb '64 

2903 44th St.. N.W., Washington, D. C. 
Dubroff, Kenneth Jon '62 

288 Leroy Ave.. Cedarhurst. N. Y .90, 93, 231, 375 

Duke. Henry Emerson '62 

Andrews Farm Rd., Spartanburg. S. C 219, 375 

Duke, Kenneth Miles '65 

2736 McDowell St., Durham, N. C 308 

Dula, Clyde Stephen '65 

3389 Nottingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 216, 308 

Dula, Armon '62 

201 Middleton Dr., Charlotte, N. C. . 61, 114. 201, 375 

Dunbar, Franklin W.. Ill '64, 82 Pond St., Cohasset, Mass. 
Duncan. Alfred Tawresey '65 

1404 Rimnymede Rd., Norfolk 5, Va 308 

Dunlap, Joseph C. '65, 2213 Lash Ave., Raleigh, N. C 300 

Dunn, Carroll Hilton '65 

8129 Gonzaga. Los Angeles 45, Cal 126, 308 

Dunn, Ernest Lloyd '65 

1019 Hay St., Box 3246, Fayetteville, N. C 308 

Dunn, Jesse T.. IV '63 

1592 Quarrier St., Charleston I, W. Va 350 

Dunn. Millard C Jr. '62 

Box 3246, Fayetteville, N. C 157, 375 

Dunn, Stuart H. "63, 7903 Hermitage Rd., Richmond, Va 350 

Dupuy, James Newton '62 

1842 Grove Ave.. Quincy, III 151, 224, 225, 375 

Duskin, Douglas J. '63 

Box 331, Washingtonville, N. Y 130, 350 

Duttera. Maurice J.. Jr. '64 

1101 Fourth Ave.. W. Point, Ga 58, 83. 219, 328 

Dutton, Robert Wayne '65 

483 E. Wesley Rd., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 73, 130, 200. 308 

Dye. John Michael '65 

Old Portman Rd.. Anderson, S. C 127, 308 

Dye, Kenneth R., Jr. '63 

520 Beach Court, Ft. Pierce. Fla 350 

Earnhardt. Kent Cline "65 

Rt. 1, Box 385, Winston-Salem, N. C 228, 308 

Easley. William Kina '65 

844 Myrtle Dr.. Rock Hill, S. C 127, 206, 308 

Eason, William E., Jr. '65 

Stanley St.. Four Oaks. N. C 218. 308 

Eberhardt. William C. Jr. '64 

6900 Estero Blvd., Ft. Myers Beach, Fla 99 

Echols. Paul Clinton '65 

505 Avenida De Mayo. Siesta Key, Sarasota, Fla 95, 308 

Echols, Stanley D. '63 

4032 Montevallo Rd., Birmingham 13, Ala 83, 350 

Eckerson, Russell Gilbert '64 

1601 S.W. 47th Terr.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla 328 

Eckerd, John Marcus '65, Box 29, Marion, N. C 308 

Eckert. Alan Walter '65, 4584 Indian Rock Terr., N.W., 

Washington 7, D. C 92, 228, 308 

Edlin, John Charles '65 

107 Blue Rock Rd., Wilmington, Del 258, 262, 308 

Edwards, Charles C. '64 

8405 Park Crest Dr., Silver Spring, Md 58, 328 

Edwards, Charles Randall '65 

Rt. 6, Box 488, Goldsboro, N. C 117, 308 

Edwards, Frederick B. '65 

78 W. Front St., Red Bank, N. J 262, 328 

Edwards. Stuart L. '64 

5306 Clifton St., Springfield, Va 92, 328 

Effron, Arnold A. '63 

1625 Ohio St.. Bluefield, W. Va 66, 350 

Euerton. Charles Pickford '62 

'2507 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Eggers. Walter F. R. '64 

320 N. Rainbow Dr., Hollywood, Fla 328 

Eisenman, John R. '63 

266 Lincoln Ave.. Williamsport. Pa 219, 308, 350 

Ekker, Richard C. '63 

1220 Obisro Ave.. Coral Gables 34, Fla 157, 350 

Elder, William S. '64 

4530 Sylvan Dr.. Columbia, S. C 197, 350 

Elias, John Albert "65, 1584 Elm St., Stratford, Conn 308 

Elkinuton. Christian F. "65 

132'8 S.E. 10th St., Pompano, Fla 218, 308 

Elliott, John Davidson '65 

216 Beverly Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 308 

Elliott. Paul W. '64, 1206 N. Mangum St.. Durham, N. C. 350 

Ellis, Samuel Henry '63, 64 Avondale Ave. 

Charleston. S. C 48, 58, 131, 149, 211. 350 

Ellsworth, John C. '62. 5505 Birch Rd., Fayetteville. N. C. 
Ellwanger, Frederick R., Ill '65 

4240 Wagner Rd.. Dayton 40. Ohio 20t). 262, 308 

Ely, Richard Mountford '65 

4923 N. 14th St., Arlington 5, Va 224, 308 

Elzay, Michael Paul '64 

Hilldale Lane, Port Washington, N. Y 99, 127, 259. 328 

Emery. Donald Gleason '64. 139 Garden Rd., Oreland, Pa. 

Endicott, Thomas C, III "62 

526 Country Lane. Louisville 7. Ky 219, 376 

England, Philip Dew '62, 106 Lucerne St., Decatur, (ja...2l7'. 376 
Engstrom, James Kane '62 

nil N. Palmway, Box 1122. Lake Worth. Fla 201, 376 

Enright, Joseph H. '62 

3432 S.W. 25th St.. Miami 33, Fla 99, 376 

Epanchin, Alexis '65 

27 Brown St. Sea Cliff. Long Island. N. Y 259 

Epes, Charles R. "64, 213 Ferguson Ave. 

Warwick, Newport News, Va 58, 223, 323, 328 

Eppley, Richard Michael '62, 810 Knox St.. Durham." N. C. 
Epps. Robert F.. Ill "63 

304 Williams St., Lake City, S. C 350 

Erb, Herbert B. II '63. HQ US Army Port Embark 

Bremerhaven APO 69, New York, N. Y 58, 211 350 

Ergood, Foster Coffman '64 

180 Upland Way, Haddonfield, N. J 328 

Erek, Bruce C. '63 

3014 Dunleer Rd., Baltimore 22. Md 95, 130. 350 

Ervin. Paul Revere. Jr. 

2035 Sharon Lane. Charlotte, N. C 215. 376 

Erisman. Henry Michael '64 

2068 Ursinus Ave., Lancaster. Pa 259 

Erickson. Roger Carl '65 

109 Foxridge Dr., Kettering 29, Ohio 228, 308 

Ertzinger, Richard Paul '65 

4422 Ellicott St.. N.W.. Washington 16. D. C 308 

Espy. Kip McKinney '64 

503 N. Cherokee Rd., Dothan. Ala 48. 211, 328 

Essig, Phillip Martin "62 

8850 Sievia Rd., Richmond 29, Va 58 

Eubank, Francis Lewis. Jr. '62 

Apt. 1. 1207 W. Franklin St.. Richmond 20. Va 48. 376 

Evans. Jan Marion '65 

606 James Blvd.. Signal Mt.. Tenn 131, 214 308 

Evans, Thomas Steven '65 

P. O. Box 116. S. Salem, N. Y 71 ''6'' n)8 

Ewing, Frank H., Ill "64, P. O. Box 435. Hopewell. Va. ' 1 16. 328 
Faber, Lee Edward '64 

10375 Morrow Circle S., Dearborn, Mich. 116 117 318 

Fabritz, Rus.sell A. '63 


207, 254, 376 

7105 Nth Ave.. Takoma Park 12. Md... 
Fader. Lynn Brooks '62 

72 S. Wyoming Ave.. S. Orange. N. J.... 
Fader. Stanford Stewart '64 

72 S. Wyoming Ave., S. Orange, N. J 206, 254 

Fair, Richard Barton '64, Friendship Rd., Fallston, Md. 
Falciani. Ronald Brita '65 

22 Allen Lane. Hammonton, N. J.. 128, 200, 308 

Fallin, Joe Daniel '65 

119 E. Clay St., Thomasville. Ga ''34 

Faris. John Charles '63 

3134 Country Club Dr.. Charlotte. N. C 3'iO 

Farmer. Ben D. '62 


.215. 376 

117 N. Keystone, Clearwater, Fla 

Farnham, Barry Bennett '62 

102 S. Whittlesay Ave.. Wallingford. Conn. 
Farr. Thomas A. '63 

2205 Spalding Dr.. Dunwoody. Ga 197 350 

Farris. William Anthony '64 

4025 Greenbrier. Dallas 25. Texas 3-'8 

Favrot, Leo M., Ill '63 " 

5223 Chamberlain Dr.. New Orleans 22, La. Tig 350 

Feazell, George Landon, Jr. '65 

516 Courtley Ct.. Fairfax, Va --18 308 

Feely, Robert E., Jr. '63 ~ ' " 

637 N.E. 119th St., Miami, Fla 1 16 117 350 

Ferebee, Samuel W., Ill '62 " 

223 New St.. New Bern. N. C 130. 133. 376 

Ferguson, Dennis Henry "65 

380 School St.. Springdale. Pa. -)()t 3qb 

Ferguson. James Marschall "65 " 

19 Churchill Rd., Pittsburgh 35, Pa. 198 308 

Ferrell. Donald W. '63. 1406 N. Mercer St., New Castle p'a " 
Ferrell, Malcolm Rea '65 

3820 Walker Ave., Greensboro, N. C ^04 308 

Ferris, Barry '63, 15 Ofakim Lane, Mount Carmel Haifa Israel 
Few, William Preston '65 

208 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham, N. C. i\() 308 

Fielder, Frederick A., Jr. "64 " ' 

P. O. Box 193, Rose Valley, Pa. ->i9 350 
Fields, Michael S. '64. 536 Front St.. Hempstead. >i"y"^^]' V-'9 
Finch. Paul Andrews '64 " 

222 Spring St., Thomasville, N. C. 157 ^--o 
Fincher. Charles Lee '63 " 

310 Kirkland St., Abbeville, Ala 114. 156, 207. 350 

Findlay, Andrew G., Jr. "64 

35 Piatt PI.. White Plains. N. Y.... 329 

Fink. Jerold A. '63. 339 Claranna Ave., Dayton 19, Ohio 350 

Fmney, Michael James '65, 6009 Trenton Lane. Peoria, III 329 
Fippinger, Robert A. '62. 227 Van Houten Ave.. Wycoff N J 
Fischer. Jeffrey Allen "65 - • • 

7895 Huron River Dr., Dexter, Mich. 308 

Fischer, Martin Douglas '65 

227 Delhi Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. ti6 309 

Fishback. Edward Wilmott '65 " ' ' 

2507 Shrewsbury Rd.. Orlando, Fla. 309 

Fisher, David Lincoln '63, Rt. 2, Wake Forest. N. C r5-> 350 
Fisher. Carl EHis '65. 618 S. Hall St., Princeton, Ind..." "" 309 
Fisher. Earl Grasse '65. QTRS R-1 MCS. Quantico. Va...228r309 
Fisher, John Henry '62 

920 Fox Hill Lane. Plainfield. N. J. 377 

Fleischer, Robert S. '64 

45 Middlebrook Rd., W. Hartford 7, Conn 115 199 319 

Flesher, John Joseph '63, 1006 17th St.. Parkersburg W Va 
Fletcher. Robert A. '62 e • • 

118 Park Dr.. P. O. Box 229. Chester. S. C. 131. 219 377 
Flowers. George H., Ill '65 

11 Oak Lane, Richmond 26. Va. iQx tiiQ 

Floyd. William C, Jr. '63 

502 lona St., Fairmont, N. C. -> 1 7 ^sn 

Fluke. William A. '64 ' " ^^^ 

2636 Soldiers Home Rd.. Rt. 1. Lafayette, Ind. 130 228 3''9 
Fochi, Robert Anthony '65 

231 Foote Rd.. S. Glastonbury. Conn. 309 

Fogle, Robert Hart '65, 424 Fifth St., Marietta, Ohio 218 309 
Fonda, Richard Weston '63, 6 A Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Md. ' ^77 
Fong. Allen Gary '64. Box 7, Brickeys, Ark. 3-'9 

Forbis. Fired Washington '63, 2439 Birchwood Lane Wilmette ill 
Fordyce, Norman Albert '63 

6710 Tomahawk Rd.. Shawnee Mission, Kan 99 351 

Formanek, Gerald Ross "62, Mt. Bethel Rd., Plainfield N j' 377 
horsman. Dale Henry "65. 23 Tysley St., Basking Ridge. N. J. 309 
Forsyth. Thomas H.. Ill '63 

West Greenbrook Rd.. N. Caldwell. N J ''19 35 1 

Foster. Charles Stephen '64 " "" ' "" 

1021 Stadium PI.. Charleston, W. Va. 
Fouts. Samuel H. '64. Rt. 4. Thomasville. N. C. 
Fowler. David Lee '65. The Plains, Va 
Fowler, James Wiley, III '62 

Lakeshore Dr.. Lake Junaluska, N. C. 48 49 137 377 

Fox. Patrick Boyd "65 " •'-'■■'" 

658 Gordon Dr., Charleston 4, W. Va. -'P 309 

Fox. Stephen Douglas "65, 3767 Wilmont Ave NW 

P tru"- ^ »,■„■•--;.■,• 73. 95, 103, 228, 309 

Fox, William Willis 62 

1202 Malvern Ave.. Ruxton 4, Md ''13 377 

Francis. Jerry Douglas "65. Box 211, CaroJeen, N. C. 309 

f-rank, Herman Randolph '64 

208 Argyle Circle. Gadsden. Ala. tiq 3->9 

Franklin, Robert D. '62 " ' 

II Sea Horse Lane, Vero Beach, Fla 197, 265 ->7i 377 

Franz, Rodney Crane "62 - . - 

114 Front St., Ripley, Ohio 58, 219 ''68 377 

Eraser, Edmund E. '63 

219 Underwood St.. N.W., Washington 12 D C 9'' 

Fredo, Bart J. '64 " " 

106 Washington Village. S. Norwalk, Conn. 3''9 

Freeman Carl L. '64. 25 Wessex Rd.. Silver Spring. Md! " 

Freese, Walter C. '64. 105 5th St.. Garden City, N.V. I 16 

Freese, Warner W. '63 

30 E. Jefferson Ave.. Shelby. Ohio ''Ol 351 

Freitas. Ubiratan M. "63 " 

Rua Teofilo Otoni 24. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil 1 1 1 377 

French. William B. "64 

Mt. Grey Rd.. Setauket, Long Island, N. Y 199 "'64 35 1 

Freund. Henry Louis. Jr. '65 , . -- 

2 Ladue Acres. Ladue 24, Mo ''3() 309 

Frey, Robert Bagwell '62 ~' ' 

1302 Woodshole Rd., Towson 4, Md ^03 377 

Friedlein, David Harper '63 " ' 

15 S. Belle Grove Rd., Baltimore 28, Md 90 92 

Fuller, Frederick B. "64. 2421 Kings Way. Augusta Ga "207 '351 
Fuller, George Chilton "62 

4812 Morgan Dr.. Chevy Chase 15. Md. 131 

Fuller, Raymond G. "64 

427-D Grandview Ave.. Pitman. N. J, 379 

Fullerton, Wm. D., IV '64 

2511 Middle Rd., Glenshaw, Pa. 196 3-70 

Fultz. John M., Jr. '64 

3820 Stratford Rd., Richmond 25, Va ''19 329 

Fuqua, Jimmy Ray '64 " ' 

107 Hickory St., Spray. N. C 204, 324, 329 

213, 329 



Furlong, Richard Michael '65 

6 W. Lake Ave., Baltimore 10, Md 221). 309 

Furness, Thomas A., Ill '65 

13 Hillcrest St., Enka, N. C 125, 127, 309 

Futrcll. James W. '63 

I II I Khoiie Island Ave., Lynchburg, Va 205. 234, 241, 351 

Clahncl, John Richard '64, 67 Arbor Dr., Hohokus, N. J. .207, 329 
Ciat:cr. Stewart Douglas '62 

72 Pondfield Rd. West, Bronxville, N. Y.....128, 133, 197, 377 

Ciale, Steven H. '63. 3345 State St., San Diego 1, Cal 377 

Gallaeher, Thomas Eugene '62 

216 N. St. George St., Allentown, Pa 61, 112, 201, 377 

Gamble, Charles Franklin "62 

2314 Rosewood Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 151, 201, 377 

Gammill, Kenneth MacNair '65 

26 Mt. Joy Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y 128, 309 

Ganley, Robert William '65 

28 Wachusett Ave., Lawrence, Mass 329 

Gannon, Stephen Robert "65 

413 E. Columbia St., Falls Church, Va 130, 309 

Gantt, William W. '62. 26 Alastair Court, Durham, N. C. 
Garand, Eugene .^rmand '65 

Prospect Rd., Centerport, N. Y 131, 309 

Garber, Don Sanford "62, Box 146 A Rt. 2, Richmond 29, Va. 
Garber, George D. '63 

497 Marion Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 221, 351 

Gardner, James E., Jr. "64, 1948 Lake Terr., Independence, Mo. 
Gardner, Joseph Emery '65 

2524 La Mesa Dr., Santa Monica, Cal 211, 329 

Gardner, William Leonard '64 

4284 Echo Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 
Garner, Frederic Bruce '63 

720 High St., Portsmouth, Va 231, 351 

Garner, Gilroy Houston '63 

Rt. 1, Box 46, Olive Branch, Miss 204, 234, 240, 245 

Garren, Charles Martin '63 

1817 Rolling Rd., Greensboro, N. C 351 

Garrison, John Wesley, Jr. '62 

3603 Parkwood Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Garver, Edward Gilligan '62 

347 W. Kings Hwy., Haddonfield. N. J.... 124, 211. 378 

Gates, Douglas Sherwood '64 

3818 W. 52nd PI., Kansas City 3, Kan 309, 329 

Gates, Gilbert Lawrence '65 

Emerywood Court Apts., High Point. N. C. 

Gatewood, Thomas Schley '65, Macon Rd., Americas, Ga 309 

Gattis. Daniel Richard '65 

3400 Hayes Court, Charlotte 5, N. C 309 

Gebbie, Thomas Edward '63 

1024 S. Peale Ave., Park Ridge, 111. 217, 247, 351 

Gee, John Buxton, Jr. '64 

908 Chestnut St., Henderson, N. C 211, 351 

Geehr, John Edward "63 

Little Brook Rd.. Devon, Pa 131, 203, 351 

Geiger, Keith Winfield '63 

Saudi Dhahran, Arabia 125, 126, 127, 148, 351 

Gentry, Staley McGregor '63 

Rt. 2, Roxboro, N. C 151, 203, 260, 351 

George, Albert S. '64, 706 Franklin Ave., River Forest, III 222 

Gerber, Milo Phil '62, 224 35th St., W. Palm Beach, Fla. 
Gerkens, Fred W., Jr. '62 

3940 Aldington Dr.. Jacksonville. Fla 83, 97, 378 

Geron, Charles W. '63 

1805 Audubon Park Dr., Springfield, Ohio 351 

Gesswein, Richard T. '63 

Rockledge Landing, Saugatuck, Conn 256, 351 

Gianaras, George M. '63 

331 Pineapple St.. Tarpon Springs, Fla 202, 351 

Gibbons. George Michael '65 

215 Highland Ave., Lenoir, N. C 309 

Gibbons, William H.. Ill "65 

9946 Rockbrook Dr., Dallas 20, Tex ...127, 204, 309 

Gibson, Jonathan S. '64 

12 River Rd., Newport News, Va 217, 351 

Gibson, Norman Thomas '64, 106 Charlotte St., Hamlet, N. C...329 
Gilbert, James Brown, Jr. '65 

1414 Palmetto Ave,, Brunswick, Ga 73, 210, 309 

Gill, Douglas '62 

1205 Belmont, South Bend, Ind 198. 199, 262. 263, 378 

Gill, James C. '64, 201 Brewer Ave.. Patton, Pa 329 

Gilliatt, Benjamin R. '64, Box 111, Shelby, N. C 329 

Gillies, Herbert Bates '64, 731 Upper Blvd.. Ridgewood, N. J. .329 
Gillman, Michael Ira '64, 8941 146th St., Jamaica 35, N. Y. 

Ginther, James O. '62, 612 Woodland Dr., Perry, Ga 203, 378 

Gislason. Bradlee Bruce '63 

2266 Princeton Ave.. St. Paul 5. Minn... 221, 351 

Glaser, Leonard '63, 7327 I89th St., Flushing 66, N. Y...231, 351 

Glesk, Martin M. '63 

209 Callin Ave., Port Allegany, Pa 112, 213, 351 

Glosson, Ronald K. '63 

Box 755C, Rt. 1, Charlotte 5, N. C 205, 234, 351 

Glover, Clarence H., Jr. '64 

397 Forest Ave., Spartanburg, S. C 128, 219, 329 

Gnuse, James Richard '65 

2614 Stratmore Lane, Bethel Park, Pa 127, 309 

Gobbel, James Thomas, Jr. '62, 602 W. View Terr. 

Alexandria, Va 53, 98, 101, 113, 159. 201. 379 

Godbold, Edward S., Jr. '64, Rembert, S. C. 
Godlove, Ernest F. '63 

1901 Sheridan Rd., Lawton, Okla 221, 351 

Godoy, Enrique. Jr. '65, 149 East 63rd St., New York, N. Y 309 

Gold. Peter Stephen '63, 415 N. Washington St., Shelby, N. C. 

Golden, James L. '63, 3463 Lowell Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla 351 

Golden, John C Jr. '63 

420 Virginia Dr., Lake Worth, Fla 223, 351 

Goldstein, Frank R. '64 

2700 Lightfoot Dr., Baltimore 9, Md 231. 329 

Gonis, Arthur P. '64, 114 Hedden Terr., N. Arlington, N. J. 
Goode, David Ronald '62, Box 296, Vinton, Va...90, 96, 229, 379 
Goodell, Charles E., Ill '64 

1243 Pendergast Ave.. Jamestown, N. Y 203, 329 

Goodman. Stewart H. '62 

1125 Graydon Ave., Norfolk 7, Va 227, 379 

Goodmon. James Fletcher '65, 615 Spring St., Raleigh, N. C 309 

Goodner, David Marshall '64 

4737 Exeter Lane. Jacksonville 10, Fla 215, 262, 263, 329 

Goodridge, Paul W. '62, Box 1268, Vero Beach, Fla. 
Goodson. James M. 

Rt. 1, Box 111, Mount Olive. N. C. 115, 151, 204. 351 

Goodwin. Billy Lloyd '65, Rt. 1. Morrisville, N. C 204, 309 

Goody, John Burton '64 

7 Sullivan Dr.. Severna Park, Md 221, 268, 329 

Gordon, Michael Kenneth '64 

921 S. Johnson St., Monroe, N. C 219, 329 

Gouldman, W. Clyde, II '63 

Meadow Lane, Franklin. Va 215, 264, 351 

Grace. Michael Kale '65 

6300 Shadyglen, Cincinnati 43, Ohio 131, 198, 309 

Grace, Perry Rutledge '63 

3600 Central, Memphis. Tenn 197, 345, 351 

Graham, Charles N., Jr. '63 

904 Brantford Ave., Silver Spring, Md 203, 351 

Graham, David Stanley '63 

219 Springwood Dr.. Spartanburg, S. C .131, 211, 379 

Graham, Robert Bruce '65 

904 Brantford Ave., Silver Spring, Md 130, 202, 309 

Graney, Michael Proctor '65 

2706 Sherman Ave., Middletown, Ohio 309 

Grant, Brian David '65, 614 Watts St., Durham. N. C 309 

Grant, Henry Boone, Jr. "65 

333 Briarcliff Rd.. Rocky Mount. N. C 309 

Grant. Norman Charles "65, 131 First St., Lakewood, N. J 309 

Grant, Wesley Bennett '65 

303 William St., Kannapolis. N. C 130, 309 

Grant, William Robert '65. 33 Indian Hill Rd., Winnetka, III. .309 
Graves. Thomas W., Jr. '62 

1213 Watson Dr., Wilson. N. C. 58, 215, 379 

Gray, Cyrus Leighton '62 

912 North Rotary Dr.. High Point. N. C 199. 379 

Gray. Frank Benton '64 

519 E. Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C 219, 330 

Gray, Thomas N. '64 

124 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 219. 260, 330 

Gray, Vaughn Thomas '62, Quantico Rd. 5, Salisbury, Md. 
Graybeal, Robert Thomas '65 

222 North St.. Marion, Va 218, 309 

Green, David Louis D. "65 

1172 S. Hawthorne Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 117. 309 

Green. Robert Ethan, III '65 

1399 Condit Court. Alexandria, Va 131. 309 

Greenberg, Martin T. '63 

5106 Studeley Ave.. Norfolk 8, Va 227, 351 

Greene. Harold Pell '65 

2918 Woodside Dr.. Tallahassee, Fla 212, 310 

Greene. John Elbert '62 

2918 Woodside Dr.. Tallahassee, Fla 119, 213. 379 

Greene, Marvin Hill '62 

1014 Minerva Ave., Durham. N. C 157, 231, 379 

Greene. Michael Edward '62 

Valley Park Farm, Rt. 2. Box 110. Edgewater. Md 379 

Greenleaf, Henry M.. Jr. '65 

95 Everett Ave.. W. Hartford 7. Conn .126, 198, 310 

Greenly. Michael Steven '65 

404 Meritta Ave., Box 950, Beaufort, S. C 310 

Greenwood, Roger Kent '65 

1701 Dorwaldt Blvd., Schenectady 9, N. Y 127, 218, 310 

Gregory, Arthur '63, 1504 Richland Ave. 

Box 294, Aiken, S. C _ 130, 223, 234, 241, 351 

Gregory, Donald Robert '64, 38 Summer St., Rockland, Me 330 

Gregory, David D. 64, 38 Summer St., Rockland, Me 91. 330 

Gregory, Richard M. '65 

908 South East 12th Crt., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 254, 330 

Gregory, Thomas H. '64, Box 326, Granville, Ohio 330 

Grehl, Todd Michael '63 

412 S.W. 7th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Fla 352 

Grenzer, Louis E. '62, 1520 E. 33rd St., Baltimore 18, Md. 379 
Griffin, Augustan G., Jr. '65, 202 E. Elm St., Nashville, N, C. 310 
Griffin, Basil Manly, Jr. '62 

81 Pembroke Rd., Akron 13, Ohio 197, 379 

Griffin, Galen North '62 

Apt. 3H, Cornell Arms, Plainfield, N. J 90, 259, 264 

Griffith, Lloyd E., Jr. '62 

213 Leak Ave., Wadesboro, N. C. 63, 197, 258, 379 

Grigsby, John Taze, Jr. '65 

5300 Caledonia Rd., Richmond, Va 210, 310 

Grilli, Donald Anthony '64 

217 Grove St., Clifton, N. J 130, 211, 330 

Grills, George B., Jr. '62 

1841 Fairoaks Rd., Kingsport, Tenn 150, 213, 229, 379 

Grills, George M. '63, 4612 South 1st St., Austin 4, Tex 352 

Grim, Garrett Davis '63 

716 W. Henderson St., Salisbury, N. C _ 352 

Grimm, William Edgar '64, 2622 Eastwood Ave,, Evanston 111 
Grinstead, Darrel J. '62, 4450 7th St. N.W. 

Canton 8, Ohio 58, 90, 93, 105, 130, 149, 209, 380 

Groft, John Colin '65, Box 218, Shaw A.F.B., S. C 131, 310 

Grossman, Charles L. '63 

22775 Larmie Dr., Rocky River 16, Ohio... 261 

Gruber, Mayer Irwin '65, 2717 Heyward St., Columbia, S. C...310 
Guden, Paul Alexander '65 

131 Paumanke Ave., Babylon, N. Y 131 216 310 

Guelcher, Richard P. '64 

1170 First St., Port Edwards, Wise 105, 157, 330 

Guglielmi, John Anthony '62 

3008 Hope Valley Rd., Durham, N. C 217 ^80 

Guilford, Charles M. '64 

2528 Blackwood Rd., Wilmington 3, Del 229, 330 

Gullingsrud, Miles J. O. '64 

Migazee Trail, Medford Lakes, N. J ]00 

Gumo, Richard L, '63 

29 William St., Malverne, N. Y 58, 203, 352 

Gunter, Richard Arnold '65 

Catawba Sanatorium, Catawba, Va 228 310 

Gurley, Hubert Taylor '65 

1205 Frederick Rd., Baltimore 28, Md... 117 310 

Gurley, Paul Clayton '64 

Rt. 9, Box 222 D, Charlotte 8, N. C 112, 128, 157, 330 

Guthrie, George Garland '64 

4603 Kanawha Ave., Charleston, W. Va ...204 

Guthrie, James Edward '63 

2307 Avery St., Morehead City, N. C 205, 234, 352 

Guthrie, John Bell '62, 711 Coolidge St.. Westlield, N. J. 197, 380 
Habercom, Mark Smith '64, 1208 8th Ave., S.E., Decatur, Ala.. 330 
Hackney, Edward J., Jr. '65, 3824 Darby Rd.. Durham, N. C. .310 
Hagadorn, Jon Bruce '62 

322 E. 5th St., Jamestown, N. Y 213, 380 

Hagood, Louis Reeve, III '65 

1 19 E. 64th St., Savannah. Ga 216. 310 

Hagy, James Dixon, Jr. '62, 711 Shackamaxon Dr., Westfield, N. J 
Hakim, Khalil Ali '62, Singer Co., Hillah, Iraq 
Hale, Oswald Kerchie '62 

2106 Iver-son St., S.E., Washington 21, D. C. 219 380 

Hall, Charles Thomas '64 

211 Lakeview Ave., Jamestown, N. Y 130, 206 330 

Hall, Edwin Presley, Jr. '64 

1701 Forest Glenn Rd., Silver Spring, Md 352 

Hall, Hines H., Ill '63, Box 86, Millbrook, Ala... 3 52 

Hall, Sheldon F., Jr. '63 

15414 Grandville, Detroit 23, Mich... '>]'i 380 

Hall, Wendell V. '62, 213 E. Main St., Avon. N. Y 202, 203. '^80 

Hall, William Charles '62, 7 Stealbrook Dr., St. Louis 24, Mo. 
Hallidy, William H., Jr. '62, 1319 S.W. 1st Ave., Miami 3'' Fla 
Halperin, Karl L. '63 

8 Alexander Terr., Pittsfield, Mass 227, 352 

Halpern, John Evan '63 

1705 E-W Hwy., Apt. 505, Silver Spring, Md. 
Halvosa, William T., Ill '63, Box 1181, Balboa, Canal Zone 380 
Hamel, Charles L. '62 

12628 Broken Bough, Houston 24, Tex 130, 217, 380 

Hamilton, James Page '63 

Chapmanville, W. Va 113, 125, 127, 148, 352 

Hamilton, Roger Clark '64 

34 Highland Ave., Westerly, R. I. 130 ''''3 ''47 330 

Hand, Donald L. '63 

214 Avondale Rd., Ridgewood, N. J 229, 352 

Hanja, Yuri Thomas '64 

106 Bay Drive East. Huntington 12, N. Y 130, 262 330 

Hankins, William W. '63 

912 Tangier Ave., Coral Gables, Fla 130, ''09 

Hanna, John Edward '65, Box 303, Blowing Rock, N. C 310 

Hanscom, Frank Edward '62 

P. O. Box 449, Manassas, Va 128, 130, 1S3 "> 13 380 

Hardin, Elliott W., Jr. '62 

207 Calhoun St., Charleston, S. C 77, 380 

Harding, Richard Hunt '65 

6936 Greentree Dr., Falls Church, Va 126, 196, 310 

Hardt, A. Lee '62, 518 Kerwin Rd., Silver Spring, Md 380 

Hardy, Richard Wayne '64 

Box 4, Staff Cincusnaveur, F.P.O., New York, N. Y 131, 330 

Hargrctt, Haines Hillsman '65 

355 Hillside Dr. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga ...126, 220, 310 

Harkness, Richard C. '64, 1121 Wilson Rd. 

Graylyn Crest, Wilmington 3, Del 131, 229, 330 

Harkrader, Winfred T., Jr. '64 

1315 Crescent Dr., Mount Airy, N. C 95, 199, 330 

Harper, Eugene Jutson '64 

Box 121, Knightdale, N. C 96, 229, 330 

Harper, Harry Williams '65 

626 Peachtree St., Rocky Mount, N. C .117, 310 

Harper, James Earle '65, Box 445, Rutherford College. N. C 310 

Harper. Wilmer Milton '65 

621 Stratton St.. Logan, W. Va 310 

Harrell, Maxie Edward "65, Route 2, Gates. N. C 310 

Harris, Charles Marcus '65 

305 Victoria St., Greensboro, N. C 130, 202, 310 

Harris, Christopher B. '64 

382 Mill Hill Lane, Southport, Conn .208, 330 

Harris, David H. '63, 210 Monticello Ave., Durham, N. C...66, 352 
Harris, Edward Mitchell '62 

Dept. of Physiology D. U., Durham. N. C. 
Harris, John Weiss '65 

4407 Glenleigh Dr., Dallas, Tex. 208, 310 

Harris, Richard Foster "64 

665 Llewellyn PI., Charlotte 7, N. C 197, 234, 330 

Harris, Robert W. '63, Princeton Pike, M.R. 14, Somerville, N. J. 
Harrison, Frank Late, Jr. '64, 1017 Montrose Dr. 

S, Charleston 3, W. Va 215, 247, 249, 250, 253, 330 

Harrison, Lawrence H. '63 

1601 Wood Lynne Blvd., Linwood, N. J 231, 254, 381 

Harritt, Norman Ladoit "63 

230 Ave. C. N.E., Winter Haven, Fla 217, 352 

Harry, John McKamie '65 

832 W. Rowan St., Fayetteville, N. C ...310 

Hart, John Charles '63 

Ills. Cayuga, Williamsville, N. Y 110, 215, 381 

Hartley, John Bower '63, 300 Hesmer Rd., Evansville 11, Ind. 
Hartmann, Herbert '62 

70 Tathim Hill Rd., W. Springfield, Mass 271, 381 

Hartwell, John Wni. '64, 4517 S. Cameron, Tampa 11, Fla. 

Harvey, James R. '63, 237 S. 11th St., Quakertown, Pa 381 

Harwood, Stephen Louis '65 

9159 Garber Rd.. Crestwood 26, Mo. 210. 310 

Hash, Edward Joseph '64 

1884 N. Patrick Henry Dr., Arlington 5, Va 223, 330 

Hash, John Lawler '62 

23 Norwood Rd., Charleston 4. W. Va .....213, 381 

Haskell, Bruce Vinal '65, 113 Laredo Way St., Petersburg, Fla. 
Haskell, Richard A. '65 

10387 Deerfield Rd., Cincinnati 42, Ohio 62, 118 

Hatcher, Robert Lee, III '65 

42 Sage Terr., Scarsdale, N. Y 126, 127, 310 

Hathaway, David Everett '65 

7 Walsh Lane, Cincinnati 8, Ohio .....310 

Haury, Donald R. '63. 929 Feist Ave.. Pottstown. Pa. 

Haus. Rein '65. 1050 Ridge Ave.. Lakewood. N. J 310 

Havens, Richard George '62 

9 Park Ave., Westminster. Md 205. 234. 241. 381 

Hawgood. William S. '63 

2719 Cranlyn Rd., Shaker Hts. 22, Ohio 211, 352 

Hawkey. Richard S., Jr. '65 

106 Brewster Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 216, 310 

Hawks, Everett Merle '64 

Qtrs. H., U.S. Naval Hosp., Great Lakes, III... 224, 331 

Hawn, Robert George '63 

2611 Reynolds Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 204, 234 

Haworth. Allan Robert '64 

783 Knollwood Terr., Westfield. N. J 209, 331 


Hayes, Thomas Jay, IV '65 

7824 McConnell Ave., Los Angeles 45, Cal 208, 310 

Hayes, Woodrow W. '64, 1120 Lakewood Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Haygood, Robert Earl '65 

9010 Fairview Rd., Silver Spring, Md 310 

Haynes, Baxter Morgan, Jr. '64, Tryon, N. C 131, 197, 331 

Hays, Davis Addison '65 

1611 N. Greenbrier St., Arlington 5, Va 310 

Heath, George Seaborn '65, Box 332, Homerville, Ga 117. 310 

Hecht, Stephen Samuel '64 

4 Collamore Terr., West Orange, N. J 331 

Hedges, Charles R. '63, 339 Wood Lane, Circleville, Ohio 352 
Hedgpeth, Joseph R. '62 .,,,„, 

1917 N. Walnut St., Lumberton, N. C 217, 381 

Hefner, Joseph Wiley '62, 512 Cliff Rd.. Asheboro, N. C. 
Heidriek, Robert L. '63 

101 S. County Line Rd., Hinsdale, 111 ..67, 151, 213, 352 

Heidt, Edward A. '62, 800 Keenc Rd., Clearwater, Fla..-209, 381 
Heizer, William W. '63 

1320 Arnette Ave., Durham, N. C. 215, 352 

Hellman, Peter '64, 212 Waterway Dr., Falls Church, Va 331 

Helmes. Charles Tucker '65 

R.F.D. 1. South Salem, N. Y - 222, 310 

Helms, Grady Thomas, Jr. '65 

805 W. Franklin St., Monroe, N. C 222, 310 

Helms. Kenneth Dean '65 

2643 Clydesdale Terr., Charlotte 8, N. C 310 

Helms, William R., II '63 

620 East Holly St., Goldsboro, N. C 130, 352 

Helslander, Phillip D. '65, Box 595, Williamsburg, Va 310 

Helwig, Richard A. '62, 575 Chester Pike, Prospect Park, Pa 381 

Henderson, Grover C II '64 

211 W. Harnett .St., Dunn, N. C 217, 331 

Henderson. Harvey Ellett '65, Rt. 1, Concord, Va .196, 310 

Henderson, William Taylor '64 

167 Laurel Circle, Princeton, N. J 130, 197, 258, 331 

Hendrix, Scott Hampton '63 

2525 Stratford Rd., Columbia, S. C 352 

Henry. Hugh Littell '65 

404 Linwood Dr., Greencastle, Ind 200, 310 

Herbert, Chesley C, III '65 

202 Hillcrest Dr., High Point, N. C 214, 311 

Herbster, Ronald William '65 

28 W. Roland Rd.. Parkside, Chester, Pa 311 

Herin, Thomas James '65, 153 S.E. 15th Rd., Miami 36, Fla 311 

Herrin, Herman Keith, Jr. '62 

1204 Fairfield Dr., Gastonia, N. C 209, 381 

Herring, Randall C. '62, 154 Buena Vista Circle 

South Hill, Va 114, 150, 160, 209, 381 

Hertslet, Barry Shaw '64 

704 Thornwood Ct., Towson 4, Md 61, 217, 258, 331 

Herzog, George Gary '64 

3914 Mt. Vernon Highway, Alexandria, Va .99, 127, 331 

Hespenheide, Henry A., Ill '64, 1315 Sussex PI., Norfolk 8, Va. 

Hess, Allan Pitner '65, 914 Lathrop Ave., River Forest, III 3!1 

Hess, Doren Willard, Jr. '65, 142 Michigan Ave., Decatur, Ga...311 
Hess, Lawrence Everett '62 

5737 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables 46. Fla 201, 381 

Hess, Richard Mason '65, 20 Birch Ave.. Wheeling, W. Va 311 

Hess, Roger M. '63 

119 Burlington Rd., Jackson, Ohio 92, 229, 352 

Heuah, William Richard '65 

Belle Terre, Port Jefferson, N. Y 126, 198, 311 

Hewett, James Allen '62, Box 652, Shallotte, N. C 118, 381 

Hewitt, Ragsdale, Jr. '63, 15 Buford St., Sumter, S. C. 
Heyer, Robert Ward '63 

6401 Sedgefield Dr., Norfolk 13, Va 99, 131, 149, 352 

Heynian, Arthur Bruce '63 

321 Lincoln Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y 247, 248, 250, 253 

Hickey, Edward Joseph, III '65 

4803 Broad Brook Ct., Bethesda, Md 216, 311 

Hicks, Mercer, III '64, Box 83, Southern Pines, N. C 352 

High, Henry R.. Jr. '62, 1010 Hunt Ave., Charleston 2, W. Va. 

High, William Gary '64, RD 4, Millersburg, Ohio 206, 352 

Bight, Ronald Gray '62, 2319 Bernard St., Raleigh, N. C. 

Hill, Herbert Morrison '65, 200 Curtis St., Sylvania, Ga 311 

Hill, Charles E. '63 

Club Rd., Rosslyn Farms, Carnegie, Pa.. .58, 63, 211, 262. 352 
Hilliard, James E. '63 

Lyons Bend Rd., Rt. 14, Knoxville 19, Tenn 217, 271, 352 

Hinck. Robert Henry, Jr. '65 

10 Woodland Rd., Glen Cove, N. Y 311 

Hinds. Douglas Paul '64 

413 Lawrence Ave., Westfield, N. J 207, 259, 331 

Hines. John Miller '62. 870 Louise Circle, Durham, N. C. 
Hinshaw, William B. '63, 402 W. Knox St., Durham, N. C. 

Hinton, Robert R. '62 

375 Peterson Lake Rd., Collierville, Tenn 221, 382 

Hirsch, Jack Samuel '63 

Franklin Courtland Blvd., Franklin, Va 100, 231, 382 

Hobbs, Jerry Robert '64 

1329 E. Monroe St., South Bend 15, Ind 229, 331 

Hoadley, Richard Aim '65 

1411 Newton Rd., Lancaster, Pa 126, 127, 218, 311 

Hocutt, Quincy Barham '65 

328 S. Barbour St., Clayton, N. C 311 

Hodges, Stephen M. '64 

1838 Grandin Rd., S.W., Roanoke, Va 58, 215, 331 

Hoffman, Charles Roger '63 

160 Hemlock Way, Broomfield, Colo 197, 353 

Hollett, Grant T., Jr. '64 

1502 Bexhill Rd., Richmond 29, Va 131, 225, 331 

Holley, William Gaither '62 

7914 Kentbury Dr., Bethesda 14, Md 114, 201, 382 

Hollis, Jan M. '63 

Box 15, Baker Vac, Martinsburg, W. Va 130. 353 

Hollister, George Clay '63 

23 Maher Ave., Greenwich, Conn 106, 107, 161, 213, 353 

Hollman, Douglas Clark '64 

9 Tanglewood Lane, Sea Cliff, N. Y 221. 331 

Hollon, John Thomas '65 

507 N. Broadway, Blanchester, Ohio 311 

Holloway, Stephen M. '65 

1318 North Bridge St., Elkin, N. C 210, 311 

Holmes, Eric Mills '65, 190 Washington Lane, Concord, N. C. 3 1 1 
Holt, Douglas Leigh '64 

120 Ridgeside Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn 157 

Holt, John Sanders '64, Scarritt College, Nashville, Tenn. 

Holt. Robert Alan '65, 8 Gardner Rd., Reading, Mass.. 202, 311 

Hooper, William R. "63 

1822 Stratford PL, S.W., Roanoke, Va 353 

Hopkins, G. Stephen "62 

122 Harris Ave., Needham 92, Mass 199, 382 

Hoppin, Charles Tracy '64 

712 Scotch Plains Ave., Westfield, N. J 211, 331 

Horn, Edward Gustav '64 

818 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Home. Perry Alwyn '64 

2115 Morganton Rd., Fayetteville, N. C 209,331 

Horner, Withers G. '64 

2541 Oregon Ave., S.W., Roanoke, Va 83, 331 

Horton. Lewis, Jr. '64, 1313 Kent St., Durham, N. C 217, 331 

Hotelling, William E. '62, Box 628, Chapel Hill, N. C 382 

Hottle. Warren Paul '62, 5839 N. 19th St. 

Arlington 5, Va 124, 125, 148, 197, 382 

Hough, Coles Terry '62 

18 Meadow Lane, East Williston, N. Y 155, 213, 259, 382 

Houuh, William Colton, Jr. '65 

18 Meadow Lane, East Williston, N. Y 212, 311 

House, Donald Ray '63, 911 Bragg St., Monroe, N. C 215, 353 

Houseknecht, Peter S. '64, 10 Logan PL, Rowayton, Conn. 131 

Houyoux, Jacques Richard '65 

6006 Walton Rd., Bethesda, Md 128, 282, 311 

Howard, Edwin Brown, Jr. '64 

44 Sage Terr., Scarsdale, N. Y 353 

Howard, James Branson '65, 108 E. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Howard, Ralph F. '62 

714 N. Oleander Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla 209, 382 

Howard, William K., Jr. '65 

106 Pine Crest Rd., Durham, N. C 127. 311 

Howe, Humphrey B., Jr. '63 

47 Whitney Rd., Medford 55, Mass 203. 382 

Hubbard, Kenneth Walton '65 

Gilliam Lane, Riverside, Conn 198, 311 

Hubbard, Robert Phillip '65 

2106 South Race St., Urbana, III 131, 222, 311 

Hubbell, William Lee '64, 171 Lynn St., Shreveport, La. 
Hudson, Terry Mack '62 

5412 Staunton Ave., S.E., Charleston 4, W. Va 383 

Hudson, William Hill, III '65 

916 Elizabeth Rd., Shelby, N. C 208, 311 

Hudson, William James, Jr. '65 

11214 Bybee St., Silver Spring, Md 311 

Huffman, Richard B. '63 

931 17th St., South, Arlington, Va 201, 353 

Huggin, David M. '62, Box 5322, Knoxville 18, Tenn.. .219, 383 
Hughes, Stephen Thomas '65 

49 Hillcrest St., Auburn, Me 83, 214, 303, 311 

Hughes, William F., Ill '65. 4073 Bunker Lane, Wilmette. Ill 311 

HuTen. Mvron Craig "63 

8520 Thornden Terr., Bethesda 14. Md 217, 353 

Humphrev. Theodore J., II '62 

FPO 533, New York, N. Y 220, 221, 383 

Humphreys, David Russell '63 

615 Park Ave., N.E., Orangeburg, S. C. 
Huneycutt, Charles J., Jr. '65 

3 E. Devonshire St., Winston-Salem, N. C 126, 214, 311 

Hunger, William Crosby, Jr. '65, 404 Hancock Ave. 

Vandergrift, Pa 103. 118, 125, 126, 127, 311 

Hunt, Bruce Woodson '63 

182 Saxonburg Rd., Butler, Pa 61, 157, 209, 353 

Hunt, Francis S. '63, 10 Bonmar Circle, Auburndale 66, Mass. .353 

Huntley, George William "64, Box 60, Beaufort, N. C 83, 331 

Hulburt, Jon David '65, 4137 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C 311 

Husa, Gary W. '63 

302 Crescent Ave., Spartanburg, S. C 97. 113, 156, 353 

Huston, Graham C. '63 

Lakewood Circle, Greenwich, Conn 221, 353 

Hutchins, Cary Lewis '65 

48 Chestnut Dr., Hastings on Hudson, N. Y 311 

Hutchins, Norman W. '63, Box 141, Rt. 3, Forest City, N. C...353 
Hutzler, Arthur Charles '64 

926 Banyan Dr., Delray Beach, Fla 215, 331 

Hyde, Henry Holbrook, Jr. '62 

78 Mohawk Dr.. West Hartford, Conn 264, 383 

Hyers, Thomas Morgan '65, 119 South 2nd St., Palatka, Fla 311 

Ingersoll, DeForest P. '64 

5304 N. Santa Monica, Milwaukee, Wise 105, 229, 331 

Inglis, Richard Kendall '65 

2249 Lazy Lane, Fort Lauderdale, Fla 196, 311 

Ingram, Franklin W. '62, 1305 Laura, Warner Robins, Ga 383 

Inman, Horace A., Jr. '63 

603 Huske St., Fayetteville, N. C 215, 311, 353 

Isley, Boyd Artz '63, 927 Green St., Durham, N. C 205, 353 

Jackson, Charles R. '64, 328 W. Miller St., Salisbury, N. C 331 

Jackson, Frederick R., Ill '65 

177 Lake Dr., Mountain Lakes, N. J ...201, 331 

Jackson, Peter Edward '62, lU-A Dobbin Ave. 

Fayetteville. N. C 61, 98, 150, 159, 213, 383 

Jacobs, Frederick Cotner '62 

1317 Dale Dr., Silver Spring. Md 112, 128, 383 

Jacobsen, Arthur Francis '65 

2416 Maplewood Ave., Winston-Salem. N. C 311 

James. Ashley S.. Jr. '63, 2405 Sylvan Rd., Greensboro, N. C...353 
James, Craig Douglas '65 

41 Evans Dr., Simsbury, Conn 126, 222, 311 

James, Jay Paul '63 

813 Hopeton Rd., Westover Hills, Wilmington 6, Del.. .225. 353 
Jameson. Richard K. '62 

36 Cedar Dr.. Great Neck. N. Y 217. 383 

Jamieson. Robert James '64, P. O. Box 545, 

3125 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro. N. C 247. 250, 331 

Jarrell, Ronald Ernest '62. 1307 Maryland Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Jarrett, James M. "64 

112 Jones Circle, Thomasville, N. C 207, 353 

Jennings, Bruce Philip '63 

1566 Summit Dr., Charleston 2, W. Va 213, 353 

Jennings, Theodore W. "64 

20620 N.E. 13th Ct., N. Miami Beach, Fla 332 

Jensen, John Howard '64 

4026 Greenwood Dr., Ft. Pierce, Fla. 332 

Jerome, Forrest Lenox '65 

28 Seven Oaks Dr., Stone Ridge Pk., Summit, N. J. .92, 216, 311 
Jessup, John Ivey, III '62, 1407 Garland Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Joachimi. Carroll Liggett '65 

3958 Central Ave.. Memphis, Tenn 130, 311 

Johnsen, William Charles '65 

4711 44th St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C 228, 311 

Johnson, Albert Foster '65. Box 302, Mt. Gilead, N. C...214. 311 

Johnson, Amos N., Jr. "63, Garland, N. C 353 

Johnson, Brian A., 8709 Fenway Dr., Bethesda 14, Md...203, 353 
Johnson, Bruce Harold '65 

1618 East 3rd St., Duluth 12, Minn 92, 96, 103, 131, 312 

Johnson, Carl A., Ill '65 

111 N. Driver St., Durham, N. C 73, 312 

Johnson. George H., Ill '65 

1300 Wendover Ave., Rosemont. Pa 223, 332 

Johnson, Charles Berdine "62 

7637 Jeannette St., New Orleans 18, La 210, 211, 383 

Johnson. David S. '63, 208 Baltimore Ave. 

Pt. Pleasant Bch., N. J 58, 92. 94, 130, 211, 353 

Johnson, Edward Armstrong '63 

1028 Southwood Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Johnson. Eric Michael '63, Box 165, Lincolnton, N. C. 
Johnson, Gary H. '64. 810 N.W. 96th St., Miami 50, Fla. 
Johnson, James Richard '6'S 

2726 Ohio .St.. Bethel Park. Pa ...130, 312 

Johnson, James Ronald '62 

627 South Yorktown, Tulsa, Okia 77, 119, 217, 383 

Johnson, J. D. '63 

421 Transylvania Ave., Raleigh, N. C 77, 130, 217, 353 

Johnson, Jerry Mychyle '65, 1907 N. Lebanon, Lebanon, lnd...312 
Johnson, Leroy Peter '64 

4924 Alhambra Circle. Coral Gables 46, Fla 332 

Johnson. Linus '63 

8 Orchard Parkway. White Plains. N. Y 99. 353 

Johnson, Raymond A. '63, 92 Lawson St.. Hempstead. N. Y... ...61 

Johnson. Rhonda E.. Jr. '62. 348 Mills Ave., Spartanburg, S. C. 
Johnson, Robert Arnold '64 

201 Lafayette St., Hopewell, Va 197, 234, 332 

Johnson, Robert Wesley '64 

200 N. Rolling Rd., Catonsville 28. Md 221. 258, 332 

Johnson. Roy Clarence, Jr. '64 

207 W. Mountain St., Worcester 6, Mass 217, 332 

Johnson, Stephen Howes '62 

Box 470. Paintsville. Ky 130. 217, 383 

Johnson, Stephen Parke "65 

255 N. Murray Ave., Ridgewood. N. J 332 

Johnson, William L., Jr. '63 

Box 302, Mount Gilead, N, C 99, 353 

Johnson, William S., Jr. '63 

7022 Gough St., Baltimore 24, Md 203, 354 

Johnston, Bruce W. "62 

127 Somerset Ave., Garden City, N. Y 217, 271, 383 

Johnston, David Albert '62 

51 Lewis PI., Totowa Boro., Paterson 2, N. J 383 

Johnston, James L. '63 

8 Oak Manor Crescent, Pittsford, N. Y 214, 215, 354 

Johnston, Lee Charles '65 

Deal Golf & Country Club, Deal, N. J 220, 312 

Johnston, Matt Ransom "63, 116 College St., Littleton, N. C. 
Johnston, Robert Milton '65 

2310 W. Club Blvd.. Durham, N. C 312 

Johnston, Wade Williams '62 

21 Van Doren Ave., Chatham, N. J 223, 270, 383 

JoUey, Ronald Scott "64 

Rt. 1, Box 307, Gaffney, S. C 129, 332 

Jones. David Currier '64 

Piping Rock Rd., Locust Valley, N. Y 258, 259. 332 

Jones. Geoffrey C. '63. 380 Grasslands Rd., Valhalla, N. Y. 
Jones. Ivan D.. Jr. '64 

2710 Rosedale St., Raleigh. N. C 11 9. 204 

Jones, James Fly '64 

12223 Cobblestone, Houston 24, Tex 205, 332 

Jones, James McAndrew, Jr, "65 

953 East Fairview Ave., Montgomery. Ala 220, 312 

Jones, James P. '62, 218 50th St., Virginia Beach, Va 73, 384 

Jones, Michael Douglas '64, 1955 Overhill Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Jones, Ralph W., Jr. '65, 116 Center Ave., Chatham, N. J. 312 
Jones, Robert Wilbur, Jr. '65 

9028 C Estrada St., Dietz Acres, Ft. Knox, Ky 127, 218, 312 

Jones, Rufus Sidney, Jr. '62 

211 Battle Ave., Warrenton, N. C 201, 384 

Jones, Russell Leroy '62, Box 68, Cordova, N. C. 157, 384 

Jones, Sheldon C. '64, 18 Springfield Ave., Cranford, N. J 332 

Jones, Thomas C. '62, Fairfield, N. C 384 

Jones, Troy Edward, Jr. '63 

Box 702, Smithfield, N. C 79, 83, 354 

Jones, Waldo Rosebush '65 

70 Terrys Plain Rd., Simsbury, Conn 312 

Jones, Wayne Marshall '62 

1955 Overhill Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C 131 

Jones, William Edgar '65 

821 Windsor Court, Ashland, Ky 126, 222, 312 

Jordan, Lloyd M. '63 

445 Crandon Blvd., Key Biscayne, Fla 209, 384 

Jordan, Robert Richard '65 

Box 5197 Ardmore Sta., Winston-Salem, N. C 214, 312 

Jordan, William Jennings '65 

1803 E. Mulberry, Goldsboro, N. C 312 

Jorgensen. John Shane '63 

3708 Old Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Joyce, Richard G. '63. 1025 S. Wheeling St.. Oregon 16, Ohio 
Juncker. Charles Vance '65 

909 Edgewood PI.. Ann Arbor. Mich 119, 312 

Kadaster, Esat M. '64 

Zipaat Fakultesi, Ziraikimya Kursusu, Ankara, Turkey. .229, 332 
Kahn, Michael F. '64 

4580 Powers Ferry Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 67, 231, 33" 

Kahn, Steven P. '63, 420 E. 79th St., New York, N. Y. 
Kahner, Steven '64 

83 01 169 St., Jamaica 32, N. Y .58, 90, 231, 332 

Kaighin, James Griffith "65, 543 Butler Rd., Warren, Ohio 312 

Kaliski, Michael Paul '65 

110 Wyanoke Dr., San Antonio 9, Tex 126, 230, 312 

Kane. Harry Joseph. Jr. '65 

410 W. Hitthland Ave.. Kinston, N. C ...312 

Kaplan. Gilbert E. h.^, 3616 Guess Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Kaplan. .Stanley Allan "63 

3314 Marnat Rd.. Baltimore 8, Md 227, 354 

Karow, Armand M., Jr. '63. 235 Moss Ave., Jackson 9, Miss 384 

Kast, Frederick Wesley "62 

271 William St., Rahway. N. J 247, 250 

Katholi, Richard Evers '64 

930 Woodland Ave., S. Charleston 3, W. Va 332 

Katz. Lawrence Myers "64 

6615 Park Hts. Ave.. Baltimore 15. Md 332 

Kauger, John, Jr. '65, 534 Paul St., Hillside, N. J 312 

Kcates. Donald T. '64, R.R. 2, Box 780, Richmond, Ind.. 1 19, 127 
Keay. Anthony Richard '65 

55 N. Sprague Ave., Pittsburgh 2, Pa 312 

Keen, DanierWoodward '63 

Mtn. Lake, Lake Wales, Fla 225, 354 

Keesing. Juao Arnold '65 

4508 Forty Fifth, N.W.. Washington 16, D. C..2I8. 269. 312 
Kehayes. Alexander R. "65. 103 Pembroke Cr.. Edenton. N. C. 312 
Keith'. Theodore A. "63. 159 Passaic Ave., Passaic, N. J. .219. 354 
Keim. William Albert "65 

5006 Klingle St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C 269, 312 

Keller, Edward Lee '64, 812 Stewart Ave., S.E.. Roanoke, Va...332 

Keller. Eric Jon '62, 4770 25th St.. N. Arlington, Va 157 

Keller. William Allen '62 

12065 Edeewater Dr., Lakewood 7. Ohio 207, 384 

Kelley, Andrew F., Jr. '64. Taylors, S. C 332 

Kelley, George Paul '65 

116 Forest Rd., Moorestown, N. J... 130, 212, 312 

Kelley. Rohan Penn '62. 739 Middle River Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Kelloga, James McNaughton '65 

232 'e. Walton PI.. Chicago II, 111. 312 

Kelts, Richard Goddard '65, Groton Ridge Hts., Groton, Mass. 
Kempner. Marion Lee '64 

4810 Denver Dr., Galveston, Tex 213, 332 

Kendall, Malcolm Eugene '62 

318 Blue Ridge Ave., Front Royal, Va 211, 234, 384 

Kenderdine, James M. '63, Hqs. EUCOM J4 

APO 128. New York, N. Y 1(13, 229, 354 

Kennedy, James Albert '62 

R.F.D. 1. Culleoka, Tenn 150, 156, 384 

Kennedy. James Leiand, Jr. '63 

419 E. Sixth St., Dallas 3, Tex 48, 354 

Kennedy. James Madison '64, V. A. Hospital, Richmond 19, Va. 
Kennedy, Kenneth D.. Jr. "64 

117 Ripley Rd., Wilson, N. C 215. 332 

Kennedy, Robert L. "62. Metter, Ga 217. 384 

Kennon. Albert William '62 

3801 Hope Valley Rd.. Durham. N. C. 131. 217. 384 

Kent. Nelson Rutledge '64. 7979 S.W. 96th St., Miami 56, Fla. 
Kent, Robert J. '63, 665 East 19th St.. Brooklyn 30, N. Y. .231, 354 
Kenyon, Charles S. '63. 60 Edgemere Dr.. Rochester 12, N. Y...384 
Kenyon, Lewis Waynick '64, Rt. 2, Hillsboro, N. C. 

Kerchner. Gary R. '64. 829 Worth Blvd., Pottstown, Pa 332 

Kerman, David Douglas '65 

407 Jessamine Blvd., Daytona Beach, Fla 212, 312 

Kern, Cleveland C. Jr. "62 

3623 Dover Rd.. Durham. N. C... 114, 205, 384 

Kerr, Harry D. "64, R.D. I, Hunkers. Pa 131. 332 

Kerr. Thomas B. "62, 812 N. Wood. Clearwater, Fla.. 73. 384 
Ketcher, Neal F. "63 

E. Chateau, Woodmere Blvd.. Woodmere, N. Y 83. 354 

Kettlestrings. Donald A. "62 

835 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, III 129, 217, 384 

Khup Chin Pau, Stephen "62 

Meridian House, 1630 Crescent PI.. N.W., Wash., D. C. 

Kien. Grant T. "64. 8796 Colerain Rd.. Cincinnati 39, Ohio 332 

Killinger, Arthur G. '65 

216 Pine Ave.. Cape Arthur. Severna Park. Md 103, 312 

Kim, Hyun Dju "62, Boylan Apts.. F 301, Raleigh, N. C 83 

Kimball. Robert David "65 

522 Parkview Dr., Burlington. N. C 312 

Kimmich. Ralph Robert "62 

250 93rd St.. Brooklyn 9. N. Y 130, 151. 385 

Kimrey. James Otis. Jr. "65 

807 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C 66, 312 

Kinard, William Frank "64, Box 693, Simpsonville, S. C...223, 332 
King, Caleb Jewette "65 

3518 Hilliard Rd., Jacksonville 7, Fla 262, 312 

King, Elmer Richard, Jr. '65. 9282 Bardon Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. 

King. Hollis Heaton '65. 3064 Main St.. Chula Vista, Cal 312 

King. Richard Hartwick '65 

834 E. Kendall Dr., Nashville 9, Tenn.... 130. 312 

King, William Davis '63 

304 Oakwood Ave.. Hueytown. Ala 225. 354 


Kin«. Win',ton Earl "65 

3519 Kerry Dr., Louisville 18, Ky... 130, 206, 312 

Kincsbury, George Marsh '62 

401 Richmond Ave.. Orlando, Fla 61, 112, 385 

Kingsbury, Robert E. '63 

54 E. Central Ave., Moorestown. N. J 209, 262, 354 

Kingston, David T. '63 

Summer Ave., Edgewater Park, N. J 209, 354 

Kinnamon, Noel James '65, Rt. 1, Kernersville, N. C 312 

Kinsey, Donald R. Albert '65 

Laurel Hollow R.F.D. . Syosset. N. Y 103, 312 

Kinsler. James W. '64 

12 Ridge Terr., Short Hills, N. J 119, 354 

Kirby, Paul Vernon '65, 2009 Lanier Dr., Silver Spring, Md 312 

Kirk. Gilman D. '64, 2296 E. Broad St., Columbus 9, Ohio 
Kirkpatrick, Davis A., Jr. '62 

107 College St., Bishopville, S. C... 385 

Kirwan. Patrick Bruce "65 

306 Woodward Way, N.W., Atlanta, Ga 127, 210, 312 

Kiser, James Jacob, III '65 

824 7th St., N.W., Hickory, N. C 204. 312 

Kiser, John Wood, Jr. '63 

213 Park St., Statesville, N. C 58. 131, 149, 197, 354 

Kissam, Roger H. '63, Box 8, Closted Dock Rd. 

Alpine. N. J.... 4S. 130. 149. 211, 354 

Kisslan, Donald Joseph '62, 1912 Bavview Dr. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 48, 138, 212. 213, 385 

Kissling, Anthony M., Jr. '65 

72 Stephen Dr., Pleasantville, N. Y 220, 312 

Kistler, Douglas C. '62. 1414 Broad St., Durham, N. C. 
Kitch. Joseph M. '63. 921 Winding Lane, Media, Pa..205, 258, 354 
Kitchin, John Summerell '65, Rt. 2, Wake Forest, N. C...214, 312 
Kitching, Brent Gordon '65 

308 Oak Ave., Sharon Hill, Pa 202, 312 

Kitsinger, Otto Cobb, II '65, Box 131, Kermit, Tex 117, 312 

Kitterman, James S., Jr. '65 

1105 N. Shore Rd.. Norfolk. Va 262,312 

Klaupiks. Andris '64, R.D. 4, Quakertown, Pa. 
Kleaver. Robert F. "62, 211 W. Grant Ave. 

Wilmington Manor. New Castle, Del 201, 325 

Klesmer, Harold '65 

1109 Wickham Ave., Newport News, Va 230, 312 

Klie, Jack Hug '62 

31 Edgewood Rd., Chatham, N. J 116. 117, 385 

Klock, Douglas M. '65, 125 Brook St.. Hilton. N. Y... 312 

Klua. Leonard Vincent '63. 1014 Edith St.. Durham, N. C. 

Klugel. Harrv Tell, III "63. 506 Meherrin St., Emporia Va 354 

Kluttz. John Calvin. Ill "65. 2308 Woodrow St., Durham, N. C. 312 
Knee. Stephen Howard "62. 20 Hansbury Ave., Newark 12, N. J. 
Kniaht. Neal W.. Jr. "62 

3900 Alhambra Cir.. Coral Gables 34, Fla 385 

Knorr, Richard J. "63 

1715 Westover Rd., Clark, N. J..... 131, 209, 354 

Knorr, Robert J. '63 

1715 Westover Rd., Clark, N. J 130. 209, 354 

Knowles, Fred T. "62, 900 Carolina Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Kohl. William Joseph '62 

25 Kenmare Rd.. Larchmont. N. Y 203, 385 

Koock. Kenneth J. "64 

3555 Netherland Ave.. New York 63, N. Y 231, 354 

Koonce, John E., Ill "64 

3347 Alleghany Dr., Raleigh. N. C 217, 333 

Kramer. Worth Alan "63 

4955 Ardmore Dr., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 197, 354 

Krancer, Herbert Mark "63 

18 Princess Anne Cresant, Islington, Ontario. Canada 385 

Kraus, Kenneth Wayne "64 

5 Meadowbrook Lane, Crosswicks, N. J 333 

Krause, Leonard Holden "65 

Box 493, Jaffrey Center, N. H 200, 313 

Krebs, Richard Dietrich '65 

7613 Halleck St., S.E.. Washington 28, D. C .130. 313 

Kreps. Donald E. '63, 1012 Willow Dr., Pittsburgh 37, Pa. 
Kress, Sidney Carl '62, P. O. Box 513 

Wadesboro. N. C 104, 105, 106. 107, 227, 385 

Kroll. Ronald Neil '63. 181 C. Bay Ave.. Toms River, N. J 354 

Kruzelyak. Jack Joseph '64 

1126 Second Ave., Coraopolis, Pa 211, 234, 354 

Kuhn. Alan K. '63 

1203 E. Broad St.. Columbus 5. Ohio 131, 201, 354 

Kunstling, Ted Richard '65 

USPHS Hospital, Stapleton, Staten Island. N. Y 313 

Kun, Szabolcs M. '63, 705 S. Broad St.. Trenton 10, N. J 385 

Kuntz, Lee Allan '65 

975 N.E. 94th St., Miami Shores, Fla.. 212. 313 

Kurtz. Irvina William '65 

1 Brookside. Ladue 24, Mo 117, 198. 262. 313 

Kurtz. William John '63 

179 Robert Treat Pkwy., Milford. Conn 209. 385 

Kwasnik. Dennis M. "64, 1201 Stevenson Lane, Towson 4, Md. 
Ladd, James Roger '64 

9633 Hilltop Rd., Bellevue. Wash 222. 333 

Lake. L. Robert, Jr. 63, 2475 Bryan Circle, East Point, Ga. 
Lakin, Clifford Allen '65 

1754 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, Fla 313 

Lam, Richard Conrad '65 

28130 Westbrook, Farmington, Mich 212, 313 

Lamb, William H. '62, 241 Steeplechase Rd. 

Devon, Pa 125, 127, 138, 148. 165. 199. 385 

Lamond, William W. '64. 6019 River Rd.. Norfolk, Va..21l. 333 
Lamotte. Phillips Gibbs '65 

317 Newton St., Salisbury. Md 130, 224, 313 

Landis, John Ronald '65 

4425 Collingwood Dr., Charlotte 9, N. C 313 

Lane, William Carr '65 

210 Woodbourne Dr.. St. Louis 5, Mo 117. 313 

Langbauer. Delmar Neil '65 

227 Dean Lane. Grosse Pointe 36. Mich 313 

Lange, Walden A. '63 

312 Stevens Ave.. Ridgewood. N. J 213. 354 

Langworthy. Byron Hugh '65 

1104 Locust Lane, Robinson. Ill 126, 222, 313 

Lanier, Irvine William '65 

1813 Holly Hill Dr.. Falls Church. Va 313 

Lankford. Wayne H. '63. 302 Duke Dr., Portsmouth. Va 354 

Laning. Peter Huston '64 

291 W. Commerce St.. Bridgeton. N. J 229. 333 

Lanninu. Thomas Pinckney '65 

3007 Surrey Rd„ Hope Valley. Durham. N. C 313 

Larsh. Robert Neal '65 

Rt. I. Box 356. Chapel Hill. N. C 222, 313 

Larson, David Jay '65, 7020 Linda Lake Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. .313 
Larue. Chester Arthur. Jr. '65 

2319 S. Redwood Dr.. Anaheim. Cal 313 

Latham. Donald Bancroft '62 

38 Boston Rd., Chelmsford, Mass 79, 82, 83, 105, 385 

Laula, Otto Wood '64, 1220 Brookwood, Birmingham, Mich. 
La Varre. Claude A.. Jr. '65. Apartado Aereo 11046 

Bogota. Colombia. S. A 103, 130, 208, 313 

Lawyer. William Grove. II '65 

2129 Webber St.. Sarasota, Fla 91, 208. 313 

Lazard. Fred John '65. 90 Broad St.. New York. N. Y 333 

Leach, John Sabin, Jr. '62, Box 804, Washington, N. C.-.219. 386 
Lebauer. Sam Morganstern '62 

910 Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro, N. C. 

Lebon, Kenneth M. '63, Featherbed Lane, Hopewell, N. J 354 

Lebos, Harvey C. '63. 2444 Prospect Rd., Tampa 9. Fla.. 227. 354 
Lee, Jackson Frederick, Jr. '65 

114 Hale St., Fayetteville. N. C 202. 313 

Lee, James Ron, Jr. '62 

3393 S. Stafford St., Arlington, Va 106, 107, 161, 209 

Lee, Richard Whitaker '62 

7212 Marbury Rd.. Bethesda, Md 203, 386 

Lee, Ronald Alvin '62 

182 N. Columbus St.. Arlington 3, Va 208, 386 

Leegstra, Ruurd Gerben '62 

2 Guelisten PI., Rye, N. Y 219, 386 

Lefler, John Charles '65, Rt. 4, Hwy. 601 S.. Concord, N. C 313 

Lefler, William C, Jr. '65 

614 Audubon Ave., Pittsburgh 34, Pa 313 

Leggett, James Mark '63 

941 Greystone Rd., Asheboro. N. C 234. 236, 239, 240, 242 

Leiand. Stuart Day '64 

25 Douglas Rd.. New Canaan, Conn 201, 354 

Lemaster, Robert Terry '65, 2008 Burton, Orange, Tex. 313 

Lemly, Thomas Adger '65 

947 Ontario, Shreveport, La 196, 260. 313 

Lester, Thomas D. '62, 21190 Aberdeen, Rocky River 16, Ohio 
Leventis. Alexander A. '62 

624 N. Caldwell St., Charlotte 6, N. C 128, 386 

Leverton, Roger W., Jr. '64, 5715 Jason St.. Cheverly. Md 386 

Levinson, Sanford Victor '62, 830 4th Ave. West 

Hendersonville, N. C 48, 67, 69, 97, 137, 231, 386 

Levit, Donald Jay '63 

5544 Avenue D. Brooklyn 3, N. Y 231. 355 

Levy, Jack B. '62. 28 Thackery PI., Savannah, Ga. 

Levy, Ted Stuart '63, 1701 Westchester Dr., Silver Spring, Md...61 

Lewark. James Edward. Jr. "65 

1919 Captain Shreve, Shreveport. La 313 

Lewellen, Charles Ralph '65 

5 Grandview Hts.. Louisiana. Mo 313 

Lewis, Emmett Boaz, 111 "64 

836 Colonial Ct., Birmingham. Mich 265 

Lewis. Fulton D.. Jr. '65 

383 West Broad St.. Darlington. S. C 313 

Lewis, Michael Chelman '62, 654 Ave. 1, N.W., Winter Haven, Fla. 
Lewis. William R., Jr. '63 

636 E. 41st St., Savannah, Ga 115, 229, 355 

Leyrer, Earl Thomas '64 

1303 Cereal Ave.. Hamilton, Ohio 203, 333 

Libby, Peter Cook '62 

nil Longwood Circle, Rt. 1. Anchorage, Ky 219, 387 

Lifton, Robert John '65, 925 S. Western. Park Ridge, III... 115, 313 
Liles, Jesse S.. Jr. '63. Gatesville. N. C. 

Lindquist, Vere Robert '62, 114 Price St.. Jamestown, N. Y 387 

Lindsey, Bryant A. '63. 265 N. Mulberry St., Statesville. N. C. 

Lindsey. William E. '63. 409 Cheryl Dr., Falls Church, Va 355 

Linger. Richard Clifton "64 

482 Woodstock Ave., Tonawanda, N. Y 225, 333 

Linnemann, Richard Thomas '65 

591 Parkview Dr.. Burlington. N. C 313 

Linsert, Henry. Jr. '63 

Park St., Pepperell, Mass 130, 221. 268. 355 

Linsley. Michael Sean '63. 74 Cliff St., Hastings on Hudson, N. Y. 
Lipscomb. Thomson '65 

123 W. Maple St.. Alexandria, Va 206, 313 

Litaker, Herbert D. '64, 510 42nd St., S.E., Charleston, W. Va...234 
Little. Peter Lawton '63 

1419 Pine Tree Dr., Charlotte 7. N. C 98, 160, 205 

Litz, Edward Mann '62, 69 Maple Ave., Welch, W. Va...2I7, 387 
Livermore, Gordon Dexter '64 

3554 N. Dickerson St.. Arlington, Va 223, 333 

Livingston, William C. '65 

121 Tanglewood Dr., Frankfort. Ky 130, 313 

Loch. Charles J., Jr. '63, 142 02 Franklin Ave. 

Flushing 55. N. Y 130. 133, 229, 355 

Lock, James Bonney '65 

1819 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 313 

Locke. Curtis Alan '64. 805 Hundley St.. Martinsville, Va 333 

Lockwood, George W. "63. 161 Algonquin Rd., Hampton, Va 160 

Lomax, John Frank '63 

P. O. Box 72. Abbeville, S. C 205, 234, 387 

Lomer, Rowland S. "64 

Dogwood Ave.. Roslyn Harbor, N. Y 131, 261, 355 

Long, David William '64 

P. O. Box 325, Punxsutawney, Pa 203, 333 

Long, Donald F. '64, 1703 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C 333 

Long, Max Bickford, Jr. '65. Box 1355, Burlington, N. C 313 

Longsworth. Samuel J. '63, R.D. 1. Carrollton, Ohio 

Lonon, Daniel Johnson '65, Rt. 4. Box 164. Marion. N. C 234 

Looper. William Curtis '65 

P. O. Box 177. Salemburg, N. C 117. 313 

Lopp. Jerrell Eugene '65. 708 S. Ford St., Lexington, N. C... 313 
Losee. Thomas P. '63 

2 Cathedral Ave.. Garden City, N. Y 199, 355 

Lotspeich, Edgar S., Ill '65 

518 Evanswood PI., Cincinnati 20, Ohio 262, 313 

Loveland, Richard A. '65. 5 Grace St.. New Canaan. Conn 333 

Lowe, Frank Rockwell "65 

Qtrs. A. Glynco Naval Sta.. Brunswick. Ga... 313 

Lowe, Richard Best "65 

2832 Brainard Rd.. Cleveland 24. Ohio 127, 220, 313 

Lowenstern, Burt H. '64 

44 Elm Ave.. Newport News, Va 127, 231, 333 

Lowenthal. Stuart L. "63 

124 Idle Hour Dr.. Lexington. Ky 231. 264, 355 

Lower, David A. '63 

11 Sunset Terr.. Baldwinsville, N. Y 203, 355 

Lowery, Thomas A. '65. 705 Lavale Terr., Lavale, Md. .117, 313 
Lowry, Michael Leo '65 

7 St. Denis Dr., Moreland, Charleston. S. C 127. 198, 313 

Lucas, David Owen '64, AO 2241383 

867th Medical Group. APO 864, New York, N. Y 333 

Luciano. James Thomas '65 

2121 Peachtree Dr.. Wilmington 5. Del 130. 196. 313 

Ludwig, Ronald Lewis '65 

3337 Aberdeen Rd.. Shaker Hts., Ohio 115, 230, 313 

Ludwigson, Robert G. '64 

4050 Monticello Ave., New York 66, N. Y 355 

Luker. Ralph Edlin '62, 2800 Sharon Way, Louisville 20, Ky...387 
Lukins. Joseph Lanier '65 

1228 Eastern Parkway. Louisville 4, Ky 210, 313 

Lunsford, Gary Hamilton '62 

1155 S. Fremont. Springfield. Mo 160, 387 

Lurey. Alfred Saul '64 

315 Riverside Dr., Greenville, S. C 231. 333 

Lyerly, Thomas Jackson '63 

1878 Avondale Circle. Jacksonville 5. Fla. 
Lynch, Charles T., Jr. "63 

Apt. 57, 447 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J 58, 215, 355 


Lynch, Donald Michael '65 

908 Burr St.. Fairfield, Conn 210, 314 

Lynn, Marshall Wm., Jr. '64, 350 Whitman St., Haworth, N. J. 

Lyon, Carl Francis, Jr. "65, 2 Frank Clark St., Sumter, S, C 314 

Lyons, John Stanley '62, 35 Winter St., Bangor, Me 217, 387 

Lyons, Stephen T. '63, 117 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va. 
Lyren, William James '62 

214 Highland, Wadsworth, Ohio 112, 217, 387 

MacCartee, Carl C, Jr. '63 

8212 Kerry Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Md 211, 234, 355 

MacDonald, Henry John '65 

1607 Tryon Rd., New Bern, N. C 314 

MacDonald, Robert A. '65 

Parsonage Hill Rd., Short Hills, N. J 333 

MacDuff. Allen Nelson '65 

2733 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C 314 

Mace, Michael Edward '62 

219 Carolina Ave.. Greenville, S. C 225, 387 

Mace, Stephen G. "63, 4315 Woodacre Dr., McLean, Va...225, 355 
Mack, David Edward '64 

3307 Turner Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md 130, 333 

MacLane, Charles Newell '65 

2503 Manchester, Toledo, Ohio 73, 222, 314 

MacNaughton, James N. '63 

1541 Briahtridge Dr., Kingsport. Tenn 156, 160, 355 

Maher, William F. '64, P. O. 374, Boca Raton, Fla 333 

Mahoney, Daniel F. '65, 45 Cliff St., St. Johnsbury, Vt. .103, 333 
Malone, James Francis, III '65 

526 Edgerton PL, Pittsburgh, Pa 314 

Mann. Arthur James '62 

1910 Columbia Pike, Arlington 4, Va 151, 219, 387 

Mann, Glenn E., Jr. '65 

Rt. 2. Box 9, Cole Mill Rd., Durham, N. C 314 

Mann, Ralph Emerson, II '65 

4108 Sudbury Ave., Jacksonville 10. Fla 314 

Mapes, Charles M. '64, 403 Walsing Dr., Richmond 29, Va 333 

Marchese, Don P. '64 

34 James St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y 234, 333 

Margolis, Marshall H. '63 

911 Dacian Ave., Durham, N. C 66, 227, 355 

Marks, William F., II '64 

525 E. Seminary Ave., Towson 4, Md 90, 98, 221, 355 

Markas, Johnny Mitchell '62, 114 N. Chestnut St. 

Morganton, N. C 138, 205, 234, 242, 387 

Markham, Allan Byron '62, 507 Cleveland St., Durham. N. C...387 
Markham, John C, III "64 

509 Eastwood Dr., Gastonia, N. C .58, 223, 334 

Marley, Roy Lee, Jr. '64 

705 E. Raleigh St., Siler City, N. C 211. 234, 254, 334 

Marsh, James A., Jr. '63 

507 Church St., Monroe, N. C 118, 229, 355 

Marsh, Robert Edward '62, 4056 Linden Ave., Western Springs, 111. 
Marshall. James McKnight '65 

P. O. Box 188, Moncks Corner, S. C 314 

Marshall, Neal William '64 

15 Pine St., Woodmere. N. Y 93, 231, 334 

Marston. Edwin L., Jr. '63 

252 Dalmeny Rd., Briarclitf Manor, N. Y 58, 62. 213, 355 

Martin, Gerald F. '63, Box 171 A, Epping Forest, Annapolis, Md. 
Martin, Henry F., Ill "64 

9507 Lindale Dr., Bethesda 14. Md 83, 116, 117, 229, 334 

Martin, James Slattin. Ill '65 

193 Vineyard Rd., Huntington, N. Y 206, 334 

Martin, John D. '64 

155 Brixton Rd., Garden City, N. Y 221, 265, 334 

Martone. Peter Wayne '64 

7461 North Shore Rd., Norfolk, Va 198 

Marvin. Guy '63 

QRTS 4112, USAF Academy, Col 58, 119. 126, 355 

Mason, Charles Gilbert '64 

19 Cheverly Circle, Cheverly, Md 130. 334 

Mason, Geoffrey S. '63 

Rt. 1, Box 501, Nokomis, Fla 90, 100, 199, 355 

Mason, George Park, Jr. '65 

1000 N.W. 30th St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 212, 314 

Massengill, Richard K. '63 

USPHS Hospital Box 100, Fort Worth, Tex 116, 225, 355 

Massey, Warner Barron '65 

3571 Waldorf Dr.. Dallas, Tex 228, 314 

Mathews, Emmett C, Jr. '64 

16 Maxwell Rd.. Richmond 26. Va 334 

Mathewson, James Ray, Jr. '65 

147 Clarendon Circle, Danville. Va 314 

Matthews. John William '62 

224 Holly Hill Dr., Petersburg, Va 125, 223, 387 

Matthews, Steven Leon '63 

203 North 14th St., Bessemer City, N. C 99, 355 

Matthias, Douglas E. '63 

520 N. Shore Rd., Norfolk 5, Va 218, 355 

Mattson, Gerald Arthur '64 

751 17th Ave. South, St. Petersburg, Fla 223, 264, 334 

Matuza, Albert Charles '65 

211 Louise Dr., Morrisville, Pa 131, 204, 314 

Metz, Walter Cade, Jr. '65, 457 Hawthorne Rd., Elkin, N. C. 
Mauney, James Patrick '65 

P. O. Box 8, Ft. Lawn, S. C 130, 218, 314 

Maxson, Robert Jay '62, 10994 Corona Rd. 

Cincinnati 40, Ohio 128, 149, 150, 156, 160, 387 

May, Carl Vitus '65, 334 Isley Ave., Burlington, N. C...126, 314 
May, James Norris '64, 2611 Knollwood Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Maynard, Joe Boyce '64 

114 Central Ave., Belmont, N. C 205. 234 355 

McBride, Robert Elliott '65 

126 Buckingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 314 

McCaig, Douglas A. '63 

Box 1362. Colombo, Ceylon 61, 119, 259, 355 

McCarthy, F. Anthony '65 

6 J Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Md 222, 314 

McCarthy, James Vincent '64 

19 Ridge Rd., Rumson, N. J 131, 204, 205. 234, 334 

McCarthy. John Paul '64, 6 J Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Md...223, 334 
McCarthy, Paul E., II '64 

1120 S. Church St., Burlington, N. C 355 

McCarthy, William J. '63 

241 S. Biscayne River Dr., Miami 69, Fla 223 

McCauley. Robert H.. Ill '64 

6405 Orchid Dr., Bethesda 14, Md 355 

McCausland. Arthur M. '62 

1982 Micheltorena St., Los Angeles, Cal 211, 388 

McCausland, Charles P. '64 

605 W. Joppa Rd.. Towson 4, Md 221, 258, 333 

McChesney, John Arnold '62, 17 Schenck Ave., Great Neck, N. Y. 
McClain, John Clinton, Jr. '65 

416 North St., Anderson, S. C 131, 210, 303, 314 

McClannahan, Frank M. '65, P. O. Box 111, East Point, Ga 314 

McCleskey, James Lawrence '62 

2204 S. Church St., Tampa 9, Fla 77, 388 

McCollum, Frederick G., Jr. '62 

1402 Sixth Ave., Savannah Beach. Ga 127, 234, 243 

McCormick, George W. '63 

Julio Maris Sosa 2237, Montevideo, Uruguay 
McCullers, C. Kenneth '62 

222 Alexander Ave., Durham. N. C 66, 388 

McCulloch, David Thomas '65 

1514 Argonne Rd., Tallahassee, Fla 314 

McCullough, Kenneth R. '64 

3822 N. Stratford Rd., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 197. 264, 334 

McCutchen. William W., Jr. '62, 4127 Shirley Ave. 

Jacksonville 10, Fla 53, 138, 157, 159, 211. 388 

McDonald. Charles H. '64 

1408 Rankin Rd.. Greensboro. N. C 207. 334 

McDorman, Marshall Duer '65 

327 Chapel Bell Lane, Houston 24, Tex 131, 212, 314 

McDowell, C. Blake. Ill '65 

2260 Tinkham Rd.. Akron 13, Ohio 314 

McFarlin. Robert Morley "65 

307 Genesco, San Antonio 9, Tex 127, 224, 314 

McGhee, Barry Lewis '64 

510 Charlotte St., Fredericksburg, Va 128, 334 

McGhee, George D. '65, Middleburg, Va 314 

McHugh, John '63, 1010 Monmouth Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Mclntire. Joseph Neely '65 

1311 Robin St., Goldsboro, N. C 101, 314 

Mclntire, Thomas O. '63 

1311 Robin St., Goldsboro, N. C 156, 160 

Mcintosh, Alan E. '63 

7116 1st Ave., South, St. Petersburg, Fla 209, 264, 356 

McKay, Malcolm V. '63 

1137 Kensington Ave., Plainfield, N. J 356 

McKellips, G. Wayne, Jr. '62 

Box 100, River Rt.. Kingman, Ariz 201, 388 

McKenzie, Donald K. '64 

505 Mt. View Ave., Bluefield, W. Va 116, 117, 334 

McKenzie, Theodore R. '62. R.F.D. 1. Waynesboro. Pa. 
McKey, John Daugherty, Jr. '65 

1007 Valencia Ave., Orlando, Fla 131, 216, 314 

McKinley. Rex Vincent. Jr. '63 

2 Plaza Dr.. Hampton, Va 254, 388 

McLain, Milton Stanley '65 

3400 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh, N. C 200, 314 

McLaughlin, Douglas F. '64, Box 360, Mystic, Conn. .203, 334 
McLean, Lawrence E. '64 

212 Springfield Ave., Hasbrouck Hts., N. J 254, 334 

McLean, Roger T., Jr. '64, 13 Cambridge Rd., Glen Ridge, N. J. 

McLeod, James M. "64 

1928 Morningside St., Jacksonville 5. Fla 334 

McManus, Michael John "62 

126 Little Hill Dr.. Stamford, Conn 58, 229, 388 

McMillin, John David "63 

605 S. Market St., Rockville, Ind 221, 388 

McMullen. James Rush '62 

330 Ambassador Dr., Rochester 10, N. Y 159, 203, 388 

McMullen, William Henry, Jr. "62 

Box 3597, Barboursville, Va 225. 388 

McPherson, William V., Jr. "64 

R.F.D. 2, Durham, N. C. 97, 225, 334 

Medlock, Clyde Coleman "62 

113 W. Church St., Cartersville, Ga 105, 201, 389 

Meeker, James Bernard "64. 120 Britton St., Charleston 2, W. Va. 
Meier, John Otto '63 

113 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 131. 156, 356 

Melchior, Thomas F. "65 

5325 Stone Ave., La Grange, 111 222, 314 

Melton, Charles Reid "65 

7019 Northampton Way, Houston 24, Tex 117, 314 

Melton, Thomas H. '64 

219 Holswade Dr., Huntington, W. Va 95, 199, 334 

Melvin, Richard F. '63 

P. O. Box 362, Palm Beach, Fla 225, 356 

Menge, Steven Reid '64 

4400 Southern Blvd., Davton 29, Ohio 334 

Menne, Eugene Charles '63, Crest Dr., Dover, Mass 119, 356 

Menson, Robert C. '63 

16 Sunny Reach Dr., West Hartford, Conn 96, 229, 356 

Merkel, Lee F. '64, Rt. 1, Box 70, Nashotah, Wise 334 

Merryman, John E. '62, 113 N. Market St., St. Clairsville, Ohio 
Merwin. Grier Humphrey '64 

4113 49th St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C 221, 334 

Messikomer, Edwin E. '62 

806 Spruce Ave., W. Chester, Pa 131, 149, 197, 254, 389 

Metz, Walter C, Jr. '65, 457 Hawthorne Rd., Elkin, N. C 314 

Metzker, John Gordon '62, 60 Irving Circle, Reno. Nevada.. 389 
Mewhort, Don Milton '62 

2226 Densmore Dr., Toledo, Ohio.. ..211, 247, 248, 249, 389 
Meyer, Alan Howard '65 

48 Wensley Dr.. Great Neck, N. Y 117, 314 

Meyers, Francis Wesley '65 

51 Haverford St., Hamden 17. Conn 314 

Michael, Gayle Edwin '64, Rt. 7, Box 400, Salisbury, N. C 334 

Midgetl, Bernard W. '65, Englehard, N. C 314 

Miga, Andrew Charles '65 

110 W. Avondale, Greensboro, N. C 131, 314 

Miles, Albert S. '62 

3915 Virgilia St., Chevy Chase 15, Md 223, 389 

Miles, Arthur C. '63 

95 Wakefield Dr., N.E., Atlanta 9, Ga 83, 90, 94, 356 

Miles, James Melvin '64, Pink Hill, N. C 58, 211, 334 

Miller, Cecil W. '62, 6 Crosby St., Brooksville, Fla 217, 389 

Miller, Chris Glendon '65 

1855 East 42nd St., Tulsa, Okla 260, 314 

Miller, Edward Brown '62 

766 Maple St., Meadville, Pa 197, 389 

Miller, F. William '65 

240 Arlington Dr., Metairie, La 117, 212, 314 

Miller, Glenn Frederick '63, 12 Dover St., Toms River, N. J 356 

Miller, Grayson Brownlee '65 

1540 Boiling Ave., Norfolk 8, Va 314 

Miller, Jay Ralph, Jr. '63, 1034 Highland Ave., Abington, Pa. 
Miller, John Meredith, Jr. '65 

3421 N. Utah St., Arlington 7, Va 116, 314 

Miller, Lawrence Everett '65 

3616 Anderson Ave., Chattanooga II, Tenn 220, 315 

Miller, Louis George '63 

120 27 226 St., Cambria Hts. II, N. Y...1I2, 131, 225, 389 
Miller, Patrick Henry '65 

10446 Lennox Lane, Dallas 29, Tex 334 

Miller, Richard Wayne '64 

1336 Hilltop Rd., Charlottesville, Va 334 

Miller, Robert M. '64 

4141 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis 17, Tenn 217, 334 

Miller, Robert Steven '64 

200 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, N. J 231, 334 

Miller, Roger Wallace '62, 95 Hodge Ave., Buffalo 22, N. Y. 115 
Miller, William B. '64 

407 Washington St., Cumberland, Md 215, 356 

Mills, Dewitt Herschel '62. Kirbyville, Tex... 389 

Mills, Hugh H. '63, Box 262, Forest City, N. C 356 

Mills, James Cobb, Jr. '62 

1108 J St., North Wilkesboro, N. C 99, 389 

Minah, Glenn Ernest '62, 2117 Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Minard, Alan L. '65, 1311 Monroe, Evanston, III... 130, 222, 315 

Mmcey, Wm. Thomas '62, Rt. 1. Hillsboro, N. C 
Mincher, Thomas Daniel '64 

42 Carolina St., Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 
Minnotte, David W. '65 

310 Oak Forest Dr., Pittsburgh 16, Pa. 315 

Mmturn, Eric Brigham '65 

107 Rae Ave., Devola. Marietta, Ohio 127 200 3|5 

Mirsky, Jan S. '62 " ' " 

240 E. 52 St., Savannah, Ga 90 91 23] 389 

Misner, Ray Hunting "64 

79 Inskip Ave., Ocean Grove, N. J m, 335 

Misenheimer. Lawrence G. '65, Box 477, Rockwell, N. C. ' VjS 
Milchell. Arthur Warren '64. 23 Rundelane, Bloomfield, Conn. 
Mitchell. Baker Adams. Jr. "62 

319 W. 8th St.. Columbia. Tenn 98, 2"'l 389 

Mitchell, Ellison C. '63 

106 Byrd Blvd., Greenville, S. C i->| 3<i6 

Mitchell, John Wayne, Jr. '65 

1538 N. Ivanhoe St., Arlington, Va. 315 

Mitchell, Perry Bedell '65, 398^^6 Club Dr., Atlanta 19, Ga 315 
Mitchell, Terence Robert '64 

5410 Conn Ave.. Washington 15, D. C -)16 

Mock, Eric Vaughan '63 

1105 Brookstown Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 118 3S6 

Moeling, Walter G., IV '65- 

Graves Sub Division, Alexander City, Ala. 196 31 S 

Mohn, Kermit Stephen '62 

201 Upton St., Rockville, Md 1 <; 1 389 

Monaghan, Ralph F., Jr. '65 

354 Sycamore Dr., Arden, N. C 117 130 3 15 

Monfried, Allan Jerome '62 

3509 Cedardale Rd., Baltimore 15, Md 2"'7 ^89 

Montgomery, Alexander C. '65 

1705 Highland Ave., Wilmette, 111 py 3is 

Montgomery, Giles Barrett '62 

Wiremill Rd.. Stamford. Conn. 2'i8 389 

Montgomery, Hugh Wynn, Jr. '62 

R.F.D. 3, Rome, Ga 95 t->3 339 

Montgomery, Thomas George '64 

167 Pinelynn Rd., Glen Rock, N. J. 119 -io9 

Moon, Dwight Bacon. Ill '64 

121 W. Oak St.. Mebane, N. C 103, 335 

Moore, Andrew Taylor, Jr. '62 

591 Bay Colony Dr., Virginia Beach, Va 390 

Moore, Charles A.. Jr. '62. Rt. 3, Box 310, Durham, N. C 112 
Moore. Dan Cockrill '65 

1871 Snowden Ave., Memphis 7, Tenn 315 

Moore, Fred Henry '65 

101 Eastview St., Lookout Mt., Tenn 204, 31 5 

Moore, George S., Jr. '64, P. O. Box 1591, Greensboro, N. C 
Moore, James Thomas, Jr. '64 

841 Fancher Dr., Birmingham 16, Ala 335 

Moore, John M., Jr. '63 

612 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, N. C 205, 356 

Moore, Paul Robinson, Jr. '62 

818 Goardman Rd., Aiken, S. C 214 

Moore, Richard Horton '65 

7505 Walton Lane, Annandale, Va IC 315 

Moore. Thomas Franklin '65 

1828 Maryland Ave., Charlotte 9, N. C. ''04 335 

Moorefield, William G., Jr. '65 

1110 Mulberry Rd.. Martinsville, Va 117, 196, 204, 315 

Moores, William York '62 

1302 N. Maitland Ave., Maitland, Fla 229, 390 

Moorman, Kenneth Allen '64 

1210 Spruce St., Martinsville. Va 335 

Morefield, Robert E., Ill '64 

2727 Bitting Rd., Winston Salem, N. C. 
Moreng. Joseph Henry '64 

527 Bergen Blvd.. Rid.eefield, N. J 213, 335 

Morgan, James Louis '65 

Rt. I, Box 428, Winston-Salem, N. C 315 

Morgan, R. Dean '62, 1911 Dell Dr., Columbus, Ga... 128, 201, 390 
Morgan, Thomas Hayes '63 

131 Somerset Ave.. Garden City, N. Y.... 213. 356 

Morgan, Walter G., Ill '65. 6 Broadfield, Jackson, Tenn 315 

Morgan, William L. '62 

125 Howland Rd.. Asheville, N. C 157, 218, 390 

Morgan, Zeb Brent '65 

1412 Colgate Rd., Marietta, Ohio 117, 228. 315 

Morrill, Lyman P. '63 

515 Crafts St., West Newton 65, Mass 112, 130, 213, 356 

Morris, Edward Merrill '65 

26618 Wolf Rd., Bay Village 40, Ohio 101, 315 

Morris, Douglas Claude '64 
415 Judy Lane, Americus, Ga 214, 335 


Morris. Joel Joseph '63 

2323 Englewood Ave., Durham. N. C 217, 356 

Morris, John Edward "65 

5205 Albemarle St., Washington 16, D. C 130, 315 

Morris, Richard James "64 

204 Hermitage Rd., Greenville, S. C 217, 335 

Morris. Robert W. '63, 31 Wilson Ave., Matawan. N. J. ..201, 356 
Morrison, Samuel David '63 

1617 Cherokee Blvd., Knoxville 19, Tenn 231, 390 

Morton, John Broten '65 

Box 126, Surrey Rd., Wayne, 111 198, 315 

Morton, William A. '62, 2262 Okobee Dr., Sarasota, FIa..-114, 390 
Moser, Robert Lee, Jr. '65 

600 Huske St., Fayetteville, N. C 127, 315 

Moss, John David, Jr. "65, 63 Carrol Dr., Sumter, S. C...127, 315 
Moss, Joseph W. '64 

P. O. Box 87, St. Simons Island. Ga 205, 234, 356 

Mossburg, Richard Hyatt '65 

8907 Sudbury Rd., Silver Spring, Md 130, 196, 315 

Moteh. Elton Franklin '65 

22250 McCauley Rd.. Cleveland 22. Ohio 335 

Moughraby. Fouad M. '65, Anatra St., Bethlehem, Jordan 315 

Mueller Von Der Heyden Ingolf "62 

789 Roslyn Ave., Glenside, Pa 390 

Mueller, Robert Joseph '64 

Mount Holly Rd., Katonah, N. Y 207, 254, 335 

Mullen. Charles Franklin "63 

231 Franklin St., Weissport, Pa 247, 253 

Mullen, Graham C. '62 

210 W. 5th St., Gastonia, N, C 130, 149, 207, 391 

Mullen, James Nicholls '64 

210 W. 5th St., Gastonia, N. C 207, 335 

Mulligan, James Bruce '64 

323^^9 Monroe St., Paducah. Ky 79, 83, 99, 335 

Mullins. Jeffry Vincent '64 

528 Chinoe Rd., Lexington, Ky 247, 249, 335 

Mumford, Edwin H. '63 

2352 Westbrook Dr., Toledo 13, Ohio 103 

Murlless, Richard Spraguen '65 

312 Valley View Dr.. Staunton, Va 315 

Murphy, Charles Westbrook '62 

4600 Connecticut Ave.. Washington. D. C...69, 79, 83, 391 
Murray, Mark Alan "64, 2727 Hudson Dr., Youngstown 11, Ohio 
Myers, Frank C. '63 

3595 S. Perry St., Montgomery 5, Ala 356 

Myers, Randall Lee '65, 3725 Nottoway St.. Norfolk 13, Va.-315 

Myers, Samuel Maxwell, Jr. '65, Olanta. S. C 315 

Mykel. Scott Judson '64, Box 15, Barneveld, N. Y 356 

Nabers, Wallace Johnston '64, 1411 W. Nash St., Wilson, N. C. 
Nada, Sherif Amin '65 

159 26th July Ave.. Zamaiek, Cairo, Egypt 303, 315 

Narten, Lyman Foote, II '65 

2566 Wellington Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 210, 262, 315 

Nash, James Loren '63 

2327 Englewood Ave., Durham, N. C 116, 117, 356 

Nash, Theodore Elliot '65, 810 11th St., Miami Beach, Fla 315 

Nathan, Bruce Alfred '62 

24 Reeve Circle, Millburn, N. J 215, 391 

Naugle, Page '62, 308 S. Clifton, Wichita 8, Kan 199, 260, 391 

NebFett, Lewis M. '63 

18 Gibson Ave., Staten Island 8, N. Y 116, 356 

Nee, David Marvin '62 

419 S. Madison, El Dorado. Ark 128. 149, 197, 391 

Neil Loyd Emerson '64, 244 Deming Rd., Berlin, Conn... Ill, 130 
Neill, Charles Glass '64 

795 Wilson St.. Anderson. S. C .214, 215, 335 

Neis, John M. '64. 2837 Forest Dr., Charlotte 7, N. C...213, 335 
Nelson. Gary Rhode "64 

4 Brennon St.. Westwood. Charleston. S. C 58, 219, 335 

Nelson. Richard C. '64. Box 132, R.D. 2. Altoona. Pa. 
Nelson. Robert Sherwood '62 

606 20th Ave., N.E., St. Petersburg, FIj.. 211, 391 

Neubauer, Laurens H., Jr. '63 

28 Jefferson Apts., Rockingham, N. C 254, 356 

Neufeld, Ronald Charles '65 

1222 Bay View Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 127, 315 

Newlin. Delmas Burton. Jr. '62 

4411 20th Rd.. North. Arlington 7, Va 114, 197. 391 

Newman. Robert Chapman '63 

1823 N. Nelson St.. Arlington 7, Va 156, 157, 160, 356 

Newsome. David Anthony '64 

2845 Bon Air Ave., Winston-Salem. N. C 83, 99. 335 

Newstedt. Stephen Pape '63 

235 Stanberry Ave.. Columbus 9, Ohio 67 

Newton, Jerry Lewis, III '65 

1616 Reynolda Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 315 

Ney, Richard J. '64 

4618 Reno Rd., N.W., Washington 8, D. C 231, 335 

Nicely, Johnny Edward '62, 202 Benjamin St.. Durham, N. C. 
Nicholas. Peter M. "64 

52 Calle Rarranquitas, Santurce, Puerto Rico. .95, 131, 211, 335 
Nichols, William James "64 

139 Brendan Ave., Massapequa Pk., N. Y 83, 225, 335 

Nicholson, Ro,scoe Fisher '64 

3402 Powhatan Ave., Baltimore 16, Md 335 

Nicholson, William McNeal "63 

824 Anderson St., Durham, N. C 356 

Nickle, William E. '62 

34 W. Baltimore Ave., Clifton Hts., Pa 104, 105, 201, 391 

Nickelsburg. Michael '64 

5907 North 18 St., Arlington 5, Va 61. 131, 335 

Nicholas, James Herries '63, Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C. 

Nielson, Carl John "64, Mountain Home, Tenn 229, 335 

Nielson, Paul Stearns "63, Apt. N-3-B Univ. Apts., Durham, N. C. 
Niesen. Stephen Michael "63, 185 Norwood Ave., Deal, N. J. 
Nilsson, Jonathan Nils "64 

2020 Highland Ave., Wilmette, 111 61, 111, 203, 335 

Noe. Donald Frederick '63 

615 Hampshire Rd., Dayton 19. Ohio 203, 356 

Nolan, Harry Lee. Jr. '64 

203 Thompson St., Shelby, N. C 58, 217, 335 

Nolan, Terence Hunt '65. P. O. Box 232, Bartow, Fla 214, 315 

Noll, Emmett Euaene '64 

31 W. Market St., Millerstown, Pa 128, 213, 335 

Norburn, Russell Lee "64, 54 Hilltop Rd., Asheville, N, C 336 

Norton, Charles Bryan, Jr. '62 

Country Club Rd., Jacksonville 10, Fla 217, 391 

Norton, Henry R. '63, 518 Zone St.. Trafford, Pa 91 

Norton, James Larry "64 

303 Fairview Rd., Thomasville, N. C 101, 130, 209, 323, 336 

Norton, James Randolph "64 

5201 Sardis Rd.. Charlotte, N. C 336 

Norton, Richard Allen "65, Pinecroft Rd., Greenwich, Conn 315 

Nottingham, John M. "64 

2701 Magnolia Dr., Montvue, Charlottesville, Va 213, 336 

Noun, Christopher Perry "63 

601 Hayward Ave., Rochester, N. Y 356 

Nourse, Jared Leslie "63 

331 E. School Rd., Milwaukee, Wise 203, 256, 260, 391 

Nuetzman, Douglas P. '62 

152 11 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing 54, N. Y 79. 83, 229, 391 

Nunez, Peter Kent '64 

6 W. Barbara Dr., Freehold. N. J 130, 201, 336 

Nurkin, Sidney Joseph '63 

112 N. Dillard St., Durham, N. C 53, 58, 203, 356 

Oakes, Claude Raymond, 3304 Clark Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 
Odom, David Stanley '65 

2413 Fry St., Greensboro, N. C 117, 210, 315 

Oest, Robert Walter '65. 2008 Sunset, Ames, Iowa 315 

Oettinger, Albert '62 

238 Rock Creek Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y 197, 391 

Ogden, John Robert '65 

722 Foulkstone Rd., Wilmington 3, Del 262, 315 

Ogden, Philip Case, Jr. '64 

2425 Walker Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 213, 336 

Oalesby, Thomas R., Jr. '64 

Box 113. Winterville, N. C 83, 95, 201, 336 

Ogrinz, Alexander John '65 

3200 Parkside Dr., Baltimore 14, Md 130, 228, 315 

O'Kane, James H. "62. 4725 37th St., Arlington, Va 215, 391 

0"Kelley, James T., Jr. "64 

158 Brucemont Circle, Asheville, N. C...90. 92. 112. 219, 356 
0"Kennon, Robert James, Jr. '64 

108 Williams St., Hopewell. Va 197, 234, 336 

Oldham, Larry Eugene '65. 412 O'Neil St.. Clayton. N. C 315 

Oldham, James Clare '62 

5021 Everett St., AmariUo, Tex.-.-. 112, 157, 159, 197, 365, 391 
Oldham, John Michael '62 

5021 Everett St., Amarillo, Tex 112, 157, 391 

Oliver, James Ralph "63, Rt. 2, Fairmont, N. C 391 

Olmsted. David G. "62, 609 Dennis Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 
Olson, William C. "65, 399 Tall Oaks Dr., Atlanta, Ga..228, 315 

Olson, William Howard "65, 18 Addison Rd., Fairfax, Va 315 

Onder, John Andrew "63 

18870 Inelewood Dr., Rocky River 16, Ohio .58, 211, 345, 357 

0"Neal, Robert Monroe '63. Rt. 4, Box 190, New Bern, N. C 357 

O'Neall. John Stoakes '62 

1111 Bryn Mawr Ave.. Orlando, Fla 157, 392 

Orndorff. John R. '62 

4624 23rd Rd., North. Arlington. Va 112, 130, 209, 392 

Orr. Daniel Bell, Jr. '65. Box 1137, Graham, Tex. .126. 315 
Orr. John Charles '63 

1638 Highland Ave.. Wilmette. 111. 128, 223, 357 

Orr, Samuel Marshall, III '65 

2931 Windsor Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C 196, 316 

Osborne, Thomas R., Jr. "63, Box 494. Hayti, Mo 357 

Osmun, Barry '62. 579 Ridgewood Ave., Glenridge. N. J. 211 39'' 
Owens. Erskine Dixon '62. 3605 Old Orchard Dr., Ashland, ky. 
Ozbolt, Jesse Q. '63 

405 Ravenwood Rd.. Walterboro, S. C 127. 156. 157. 357 

Packer. Robert Henry '65 

295 N. McLean. Memphis 12. Tenn 316 

Padgett. Roy Allen, Jr. '64 

R.F.D. 11, Box 560, Charlotte, N. C 83 336 

Page, Jerry D., Jr. '64, 5010 Maugh Rd., McLean, Va. 126. 336 
Pages, John M. '64. 516 Norwood St.. Spartanburg. S C 336 
Palazzo. Ronald '62. 97-48 64th Ave., Forest Hill 74, N Y 
Palisoul, Philip Richard '65 

Maegeo Dr., Box 249. Lexington. N. C 204 316 

Palimiter. Richard D. '64 

139 Rochdale Rd., Poughkeepsie, N. Y 200. 336 

Pantazis. Theofanis N. '62, 16 Hydras St.. Cavala. Greece ..!.. 392 
Parker. George Hinson '64. 311 Norfleet St., Franklin Va 3 36 
Parker, Ira Edward, III '62 

608 Estes Rd.. Nashville, Tenn 165, 215, 392 

Parker. John Jackson '65 

1714 Sunset Lane. Tallahassee, Fla 115, |30, 316 

Parker, Leighton B.. Jr. '64, Box 478, Manning, S. C. 
Parkhurst. Charles J. '65. 221 Riggs Dr.. Clemson. S. C...218. 316 
Parks. Richard Julian '63. 1121 Monticello Rd. 

Jacksonville. Fla 104. 105. 106. 107, 161, 357 

Parsley, James McNeil A. '65. P.O. Box 598, Hillsboro, N. C. 316 
Parson. Christopher T. '63 

Box 28. R.R. 2. Prairie View. Ill 83, 217 357 

Parson, Donald P. "63, 72 Park Slope. Ridgewood, N. J. lis' 2"'l 

Parsons. David C. '63, 408 Ruskin Dr., Altoona, Pa 203^ 357 

Parsons, David Larry '65 

5009 Virginia Ave.. S.E., Charleston 4, W. Va. 117 316 
Parsons. Thomas Harold '64. 2665 Bolton Terr.. South. Salem.' Ore 
Partm. Benjamin Russell '65 

R.F.D. 1. Scotland Neck, N. C 53. 114. 131 392 

Passantino. Robert J. '65 

498 West End Ave.. New York 24, N. Y..._J17. 130. 316 
Pastore. Kenneth Wayne '62 

1230 Canterbury Rd., Raleigh, N. C 125. 209. 392 

Pate. James Thayer. Jr. '65 

775 Ellwood St.. Orlando, Fla 127, 316 

Pate. Stephen '63. 100 Eudora St.. Denver 20. Colo. 357 

Patterson. John W. '64 

4636 Cardinal Blvd.. Jacksonville 10. Fla. 209. 1 3 1. 336 

Patterson. Laird Dean '64 

Dreher Ave.. Stroudsburg, Pa 95, 208. 336 

Patterson. Michael Scott "65 

1004 Fairmont. Greensboro. N. C 228. 316 

Patton. Robert James. Jr. '65 

6844 Brants Lane. Ft. Worth 16. Tex. "ip 316 

Patton, Roy Handy. Jr. '65 

111 Johnson St.. Canton. N. C 127 '»I8 316 

Payne. Edwin Franklin '62 

239 Charles St.. Henderson. N. C 205 39'> 

Payne. John Edward '64 

536 Hamilton St.. Roanoke Rapids, N. C 128 

Pazuros, Nicholas Christy '62, Box 374, Hobbs N M ''19 S^"" 
Peabody, Arthur W.. Jr. '65 ' " 

85 Highland St.. Holden, Mass 228 316 

Peach, Otis Lamar, Jr. '63, 1302 Park Lane, Gastonia N c' 
Peake, James Rutledge, III '65 

900 Larchmont Crescent, Norfolk, Va 316 

Pearson. Charles A. '64 

7726 Dockser Terr.. Falls Church. Va... 336 

Pearson, John T. "63, 63 Central Ave.. Glen Rock N J 
Pearson, Vaughn Craig '65 

795 Hill Ave., Glen Ellyn. Ill 103 127 316 

Pease. Louis Edwin '62. 318 E. 8th St.. Hialeah Fla ' ' 39'' 

Peck. Frederick Walter '63 ~ 

Chaplains Office. Naval Air Sta.. Jacksonville 12, Fla. 225 3 57 

Peeler, Robert S. '63, P. O. Box 54. Staunton, Va 211,' 357 

Pegler, Timothy F. '63. The Plains, Va. 2^9 357 

Penfield. Addison P.. Jr. '62 ' " ' 

1005 Meade Dr., Greensboro, N. C 392 

Penick. Robert Douglas '65 

5324 Old Mission Rd.. Chattanooga, Tenn 118, 262, 316 

Pennington, Claude M., Jr. '65 

2154 Franklin Ave.. Morton, Pa 234 336 

Pennington, J. Neiland '63 

P. O. Box 407, Thomasville, N. C 83 119 357 

Perez. Herbert R. '63. 715 Parkway Dr., Ft. Pierce, Fla 
Perine, Philip Condit '64 

32 Laurel Ave., East Orange, N. J 131, 213. 336 

Permar. David Hayes "65 

303 Bingham Dr., Portsmouth. Va 126 '•0'' 316 

Perry. James Hilliard.. Jr. '64 

118 Homewood Ave.. Greensboro. N. C. 130 ''07 336 

Peters. Franklin Elliott '65 . - . . 

822 Quaker Lane. High Point. N. C... . 73 316 

Peters. Richard Douglas '65 

1804 Forest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 73 liA 316 

Peters. William Ritchie. '63 

1804 Forest Rd., Durham. N. C 335 

Peterson. David Dean '64 

8022 Dalesford Rd.. Towson 4, Md 316 

Peterson, Harry O.. Jr. '63. 34375 Solon R:d.. Solon, Ohio 254""3 57 

Peterson, Michael Iver '65 

HDQTS US Conarc, Ft. Monroe. Va. 97 115 p? '''14 316 
Pettit. Randall S. '64, 1408 Wesley Ave., Ocean Ci'ty N 'j "" " " 
Pew, William Mason '64, 12 Welwyn Rd.. Wavne Pa 
Peyton. Richard R. '63 y ■ ■ 

612 Ridgewood Dr.. West Lafayette. Ind. ''-'l 357 

Pfeiffer. Richard Norton '62 

1478 Cherokee Rd., Louisville, Ky.. 199 393 

Pfeiffer, Robert George '62 

Commodore Apts., Bonnycastle Ave.. Louisville. Ky 101 10'' 
Pfeiffer. William Legrand '63 

Box 472. Madison, N. C jK) -'15 ij] 393 

Phelan. Charles Wm. '64 " " ' " 

410 S. loka Ave., Mt. Prospect, III i03 336 

Phillips, Paul Eddy '63 ' ^^^ 

39 Church Ave., Ballston Spa, N. Y 128 ''01 357 

Phyfer. Daniel Wade '65, 1016 Ray St.. Geneva, HI " ' 3I6 

Phyfer, Paul Jones '64, Box 145, Geneva, III. 203 336 

Piccirillo. John A. '64 

86 Stephan Marc Lane, New Hyde Park, N. Y 336 

Pickens. James W.. Jr. '63 

1205 Moss Ave.. Orangebure, S. C. 215 357 

Pieh. Jerome Alec '62 

Indian Springs School. Rt. 1. Helena. Ala. 54. 58 73 "'19 393 

Pierson, Willard C. Jr. '62 

815 Lake Boone Trail. Raleigh, N. C 58. 73, 200 ""IS 393 

Pignona, James Buckley, Jr. '65 . -, - 

15 Farrar St., Saint Albans, Vt 316 

Pjlcher Charles Alan '65, Box 362, Douglas, Alaska....208r316 
Piver. Warren Trent. 465 Oakwood Rd.. Rochester 16, N, Y...259 
Place. Jeffrey Wayne '65 

705 E. Worthington Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 196 316 

Pless. Robert Stephen '62 

920 Glendale Dr.. Galax, Va.. I65 '--'3 393 

Plonk. James Wendlell '64 . — - ■ - 

906 Crescent Circle, Kings Mountain, N. C 337 

Plumer. William Sloan, Jr. '65 

2360 E. Main St.. Pahokee. Fla loi P7 316 

Plyler. James Cauthen. Jr. '65 

103 Forest Hills Dr.. Monroe. N. C. 316 

Poarch. Bobby Lee '65. Sterling St., Valdese. N "c 316 

Podger, Kenneth Arther, Jr. '65 

217 E. Markham Ave., Durham, N. C. ''14 316 

Poe William H. C. Ill '63, 947 N. 4th St., Reading^ Pa". .:..357 
Poel. Charles M. '64 

1210 Bruce Rd.. Carrcroft, Wilmington 3, Del. 196 197 357 
Pokorny. Andrew '64, 320 Third St., Newell S D "337 

Polevitzky, Sergei Igor '64, 250 N.E. 18th St., MiamirFla. ' 
Politi, Joseph E. 63 

111 Broad Ave.. Palisades Park. N. J. ''21 "'61 357 

Pollack, William John '65. 115 Oak St.. Lake City. S. c' 218," 316 
Pollard, James Edward '65 

2831 Edwards Ave. S.. St. Petersburg. Fla.. 208 316 

Polher. Fred Stephan '65. 734 Robbins Rd.. Irwin. Pa. 234' 337 
Ponder. Joe Walker '64. Center Ave.. Mt. Pocono, Pa ' 337 
Pope, Liston, Jr. '65. 400 Canner St.. New Haven. Conn 316 
Porter. John T. '63, 1003 Russell Ave., Salisbury, Md 357 

Porter, Stephen Tullis '65 

726 Fairhill Dr.. Louisville 7. Ky 303 316 

Potts. Charles Z. '63, 1304 Nicholson St., Washineton, N. C. ' 234 
Potter. Elisha Lindsay '65 

2700 Rothwood Dr.. Charlotte 7. N. C. 130 316 

Powell. Orrin Bert. Ill '65 

Box 126 Winthrop College. Rock Hill, S. C. 130 228 316 
Powell. Richard A. '63. 1 10 High Lands, Leaksville. N. c"..20l! 357 
Powell. Thomas Clay '62. Air Science Dept.. Duke University 
Powell, Willis Warren, III '65 

6311 Normandy Ave.. Norfolk 2, Va 316 

Power, Stephen Varrell '65 

Pearce Rd.. Monkton. Md 130 ■'-'4 317 

Powl. Michael R. '62 • — • - 

1539 Hillcrest Ave., Lancaster, Pa 128 ""P ''7! 357 

Prager, Robert E. '63, 145 West End, Chester, S. c' .227^ 357 

Pranue, Henry Davies '64 

508 Riduewood Rd.. Louisville 7, Ky 259 

Prather. Mark David '63. 396 Sunset Dr.. Meadville, Pa. 
Predmore. Richard L.. Jr. '65 

2413 Perkins Rd.. Durham, N. C 208. 317 

Predmore, Robert Bagger "63 

1103 W. Fifth St.. Plainfield. N. J 92 

Prentiss, David John '63. Box 72. Howells. N. Y 223, 357 

Prentiss, Donald Keith '63. 85 High St., Winnetka, 111...211, 357 
Pressfield, Steven '65 

20 Sarles Lane. Pleasantville. N. Y 230, 317 

Presto. Andrew J. '63. 2425 Little Neck Blvd., Bayside 60, N. Y. 
Preston. John Stanley "62 

46 Creekview Dr.. Rochester 24, N. Y 114. 393 

Preston. William F. '64 

22561 Westchester Rd., Shaker Hts. 22. Ohio 
Prewitt. Robert Dupree "64 

415 Rices Mill Rd.. Wyncote, Pa 201, 357 

Price. William S. '63. 2311 Byrd St., Raleigh. N. C. 
Price William W.. Jr. '63 

Marlton Rd.. Woodstown, N. J 128, 357 

Priest. William W. '63 

1716 Norton Place. Steubenville. Ohio 151, 357 

Printz. Don Warren '62. 340 Midland Dr.. Asheville. N. C. 
Prinz. Rudolph A. "63. -Kpt. 2. 4929 Broadview. Cleveland 9, Ohio 

Pritchard. James W. "62. Bowdon Rd.. Carrollton. Ga 393 

Pritchard. Paul Baker '65. II Saluda Hts., Ware Shoals. S. C 317 

Pruitt. Clayton Ogden. Jr. "62 

292 107th Ave.. St. Petersburg. Fla 138, 221, 365, 393 

Pugh, Kenneth Graves "62, 2502 Wistar St.. Richmond 29, Va...393 
Purdom. Ray Caldwell "65, 3113 Imperial PL, Owensboro, Ky...317 
Purdy. Alan M. '62 

3500 Foxhall Rd.. Nashville 12. Tenn 131, 204. 205, 393 

Purdy. James Manley, Jr. "65. 1910 E. Haskell. Tulsa 10. Okla. .317 
Purnell. Louis Selby "62 

5010 N. 11th St. Arlington 5, Va 151, 213, 393 

Purser, Jack Moody. Jr. "65 

1005 Juniper Dr.. Fayetteville. N. C 317 

Pursley. William Elgin. Jr. "65 

Rt. 3. WhippoorwiU Dr.. Charlotte. N. C 48. 130. 218. 317 

Pusser. Charles Rouse. Jr. "62. Chesterfield. S. C 209. 393 

Quattlebaum. Arthur M. "63 

323 S. Main St.. Bishopville. S. C 54, 219, 357 

Rabenhorst. James F. "64 

3703 Old Brownsboro Hill. Louisville 7, Ky 225, 337 

Rabil, James E. "65. 1520 West Haven Blvd.. Rocky Mount. N. C. 
Ragep. Gazie Kelly "62. War, W. Va. 
Rainey. Charles Clark "64 

48 Pine Ridge Rd.. Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Rainey. Charles P.. Jr. "62 

524 West Dayton Circle. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 394 

Raker, Herbert Thompson "64, Rt. 2, Crawfordville, Fla 337 

Ramage. Joseph Cowan "64 

105 Bellemore Rd.. Baltimore 10. Md 337 

Ramey. Dale Charles. Jr. "65 

1316 Jeffress St.. South Boston. Va 234 

Ramsey. Barry W. "63 

P. O. Box 152. Marion, N. C 205. 234, 357 

Ramsey. William C. "64 

3218 Nancy Creek Rd.. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga 83. 337 

Rankin. Robert S.. Jr. "62 

1227 Vickers Ave., Durham. N. C 77. 138. 215. 254. 394 

Rankin. Rush McClure. Jr. "65 

315 Dogwood Lane. Belmont. N. C 317 

Rankin. William W.. II "63 

301 Redfield Ave.. Fayetteville. N. Y 229, 358 

Ransom, Edward J. "63. 9 Sewell Place. Walton. N. Y 254. 358 

Ranson. Richard Cobb "64 

236 Huntley Place. Charlotte 7. N. C 58. 225. 337 

Rapisardi. Salvatore C. '63 

7 Garnet Lane. Plainview, N. Y 213, 358 

Rappold, Walter Earl, Jr. '63 

908 Woodlawn Ave.. Beckley. W. Va 234, 237, 242, 243. 270 

Ratliff. Ray Edmond '65 

2915 Oak Grove. Bluefield. W. Va 73. 258. 317 

Rau. Ralph Edwin. Jr. '63 

217 W. Shore Dr.. Massapequa. N. Y 223. 358 

Rau. Ronald Walter '64. 36 E. Highland Ave.. Villa Park. 111. 
Rauch, Dudley Atkins '63 

504 Country Club Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 79, 83, 225, 358 
Rauschelbach. Paul A. '63 

18 Birch Rise Dr.. Newtown. Conn 98. 203. 358 

Ravenel, Gaillard F. "63. 8 Grafton St.. Chevy Chase. Md. 
Rawlings, Donald Wayne "65 

7104 Lakewood Dr.. Richmond, Va 130, 204. 317 

Rawson, David Earle "63, 2202 Pike St., Durham. N. C. 


67. 137. 394 

Raysor. Frank W.. II "64 

3218 Chamberlayne Ave.. Richmond 27. Va. 
Rea. Joseph George. Jr. "64, Leopard Lake, Berwyn, Pa. 
Reams, Leslie Lawson "62, 1316 Linville St., Kingsport, Tenn. .394 
Redmond, Larry Hollis '64 

29 Lakeshore Dr.. Asheville, N. C 116, 337 

Reed, Donald B. '64. 104 Park PL, Cheshire, Conn 337 

Reed, Robert M. '63. 22 Faculty Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Reed. Robert Ramsey '65 

123 Sexton St.. Struthers. Ohio 131, 200, 317 

Reid, Sidney W.. Jr. '65. 69 George St., Freehold, N. J 317 

Reiffel, James Andrew '65 

15 Harcourt Rd.. Scarsdale, N. Y 230. 317 

Reiger. John Franklin '65 

57 Continental Ave.. Forest Hills, N. Y 317 

Reinhardt. William W. '62 

270 Highland Rd.. South Orange, N. J 394 

Reisman. Terence Nat "65 

288 N.W. 109 St.. Miami 50. Fla 230, 317 

Reiss. Charles Allan "65 

9136 N. Swan, St. Louis 17. Mo 103, 317 

Remigailo. Richard V. "65 

4727 N. Dittmar Rd.. Arlington 7. Va 224, 317 

Renfro. Carl Brown. Jr. '65 

301 Lafayette Dr.. Wilson. N. C 204, 205, 337 

Repko. Godfrey Robert '65 

122 West Circle Ave.. Greenville. S. C 317 

Reynolds. Jon Roger "64. Rt. 1. Lewisville, N. C. 
Reynolds, Wm. Roscoe '64 

1305 S. Askin St.. Martinsville, Va 197, 337 

Reynolds. William V. '63 

901 West Ave.. Charleston 2. W. Va 234, 245 

Rhoads, Michael David "63 

Stockton Rd.. Meadowbrook, Pa 131, 211, 358 

Rhodes. Phillip Carl '62. Box 242, Forest City, N. C 207, 394 

Rice. John Russell '64. Naval Air Station, Anacostia 25, D. C. 
Rice. Leon Leftwich. Ill "65 

2550 Warwick Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 196, 317 

Rich. John Murray '62 

1064 Lawton Rd.. Park Hill. Covington. Ky 394 

Richard. Ralph S., Jr. '62 

3218 N. George Mason Dr.. Arlington. Va 394 

Richards. Bruce Lawrence "63 

15 Lawrence St.. Dover. N. J 96, 125, 203, 394 

Richardson. David P. "64 

1449 E. Goodrich Lane. Milwaukee 17. Wise 337 

Richardson. Dudley C. "62 

2764 North East 33 St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 211, 395 

Richardson. James M.. Jr. "64. 1117 Texas Ave.. Houston 2. Tex. 

Richie. Christopher H. "63. Holicong, Pa 105. 395 

Richman. Charles Henry "63 

3903 Madison Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 
Richmond. Howard A.. H '63, Club Rd., Riverside. Conn. 
Rickards. Edward S.. Jr. "63 

161 Highland Dr.. Milltown, N. J 58. 97. 358 

Riddick. Daniel H. "64. 744 Sherman Dr., Lynchburg. Va. 
Ridenhour. William D. '62, 451 Huntington Blvd.. Roanoke. Va. 
Ridout. Edward Martin "63 

1813 Birmingham St.. Durham. N. C 358 

Riggs. Millard M.. Jr. '65 

609 West Union St.. Morganton. N. C 337 

Rimer. Alan E. '64 

34 Hoodridge Dr.. Pittsburgh 28. Pa... 203. 337 

Risk. James Kirby, III '64, 719 Owen St.. Lafayette. Ind. 
Rivera. James Rodolfo W. '65 

American Consulate. APO 676 Slv.. N. Y., N. Y 317 

Roach, William George '62 

R.F.D. 3. Edgefield. S. C 114, 150, 160, 395 

Roane, Daniel Kearney '63, 1126 Noyes St., Evanston, III. 
Robbins. Boyce Morris '65 

559 Houston St.. Spartanburg, S. C 130. 200. 317 

Roberson. Michael B. '63 

South Court St.. Maryville. Tenn 73, 219, 358 

Roberts. William A. '64, 244 Wilson St., Toledo 16, Ohio 337 

Robertson, James Davis "62 

103 Xanthia Way. Weirton. W. Va 395 

Robinson. Charles Daniel '65 

192(1 Robin Ridge Rd., Fairfax, Va 200. 317 

Robinson. Harold M.. Jr. "63 

1st Methodist Church. Salisbury, N. C 395 

Robinson, Hugh B.. Jr. "64 

1914 Stonehurst Rd.. Winter Park, Fla 223, 337 

Robinson, Peter Alfred "65 

1001 East Oxford Lane. Englewood. Colo 337 

Robinson, Peter John '62 

333 Grossman St., Jamestown, N. Y 199, 395 

Robinson, Thomas Whipple '65 

60 Church St., Pleasantville, N. Y 317 

Roediger, John Harger '64 

119 Jefferson Ave., Westfield, N. J 58, 197, 258, 337 

Rogers, David Price '62, Box 834, Devon, Pa 105, 395 

Rogers, Dilworth T., Jr. '65, 43 Bedford Rd., Summit, N. J 317 

Rogers, Edward David '64 

51 Ely Dr., Fayetteville, N. Y 229, 337 

Rogers. George T. '62. 2432 Cortland St., Waynesboro, Va 113 

Rogers, James T., Jr. '64, Box 426, Greenwood, S. C...215, 358 

Rogers Theodore B., IV '63, Devon, Pa. 100, 207, 259, 395 

Rogers. William Freeman '65 

210 E. Academy St., Fuquay Springs, N. C 317 

Rohrman, Douglass F. '63 

113 W. Vanderbilt Dr., Oak Ridge, Tenn 92, 358 

Rolle. Carl F. '63. 9225 Levelle Dr. 

Chevy Chase, Md 61, 98, 112, 150, 157, 270 

Rollert, John Michael '65 

3410 Parkside Dr., Flint, Mich 210, 317 

Rollins. Overman Randolph '65 

103 W. Muting St., Morganton, N. C 127, 317 

Roman, William Bradford, Jr. '65 

7025 Mindello St., Coral Gables, Fla 202, 338 

Romp, Thomas Lee '65 

550 E. Liberty St., Vermilion, Ohio 222, 262, 317 

Roschen, George Henry '64 

640 Salford Ave., Lansdale, Pa 202, 260, 338 

Rose, Charles P. '64 

1644 Oakdale Circle, Henderson, N. C 225, 323. 338 

Rose, Charles William '62, 9f> N. Cassingham Rd. 

Columbus 9, Ohio. 53. 69, 137, 205, 395 

Rosenfeld, Terry M. '63 

409 Sanhican Dr., Trenton 8. N. J .92, 358 

Rosenstein, Larry M. '63, 1217 Lexington Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Ross, Dean Mansfield '63 

Espronceda 33, Madrid, Spain 131, 225, 259, 358 

Ross. Courtney B., Jr. '64 

I 1 N. Gaston St., Brevard, N. C 67, 338 

Ross. Robert William '62 

1105 Burkwood Rd., Mansfield, Ohio ...48, 112, 127, 201, 395 
Roughton, Arthur C. '63 

600 George St. Pennside. Reading, Pa 128, 229, 358 

Rouse. Welby Corhett. Jr. '64 

200 Woodbourne Rd.. Greensboro, N. C 161, 338 

Routh. Eugene Charles '62 

3426 Hampton Ave., Nashville 12, Tenn 149, 201, 395 

Rowe, Vernon Dodds III '65 

803 Old Spartanburg Rd., Hendersonville, N, C 317 

Rowell, William J. '63, 4826 La Vista Rd., Tucker, Ga 358 

Roy, Marcus Kinnebrew "62 

604 N. Gregson St.. Durham, N. C 395 

Rubcnstein. Jack '64 

1145 Elm Park Dr., Cincinnati 16, Ohio 115, 231, 338 

Ruby. Lucien, II '65 

c/o Ruby Lumber Co., Madisonville, Ky 220, 317 

Rudisill, Ben Richard, II '65 

409 South Elm St., Cherryville, N. C 126, 204, 317 

Rudoy, Herbert Lewis '64, 131 Dewey, Evanston, III 262, 338 

Runyan, Darrell Wesley '64 

19 Crescent Dr., Pensacola, Fla 338 

Rushton, Stewart, Jr. '64, 504 Grassmere Ave., Interlaken, N. J. 

Russell, Aubrey M. '65, 8431 S.W. 52nd Ave., Miami, Fla 318 

Russell, Robert Edward '62, 1415 Western Rd., Topeka, Kan. 
Rutkin, Stuart Ivan '64 

125 Northfield Ave., West Orange, N. J 83, 111, 338 

Ryan, John Austin, Jr. '65 

1707 Wealthy, S.E., Grand Rapids 6, Mich 214, 318 

Ryon, Thomas Shipley, Jr. '65 

P. O. Box 236, Farmville, N. C 204, 318 

Rysanek, William J., Ill '62 

6007 Lake Manor Dr., Baltimore 10, Md 221, 258, 395 

Saalfield. John Robert '63 

2729 Manchester, Toledo 6, Ohio 211, 265, 338 

Sader, Julian Alan '62 

Grandview, Brevard, N. C 106, 107, 161, 395 

Sahn, Steven Alan '64, 14 Nancy Blvd., Merrick, N. Y. 
Salenger, Gary Howard '62 

1179 East 27th St., Brooklyn 10, N. Y 138, 230. 231, 395 

Salisbury, Stephen Robert '65 

719 Everett Ave., N.E., Collingswood 7, N. J. .215, 247, 338 
Sails, Elwood Kimball, Jr. '65 

3648 Overbrook Lane, Houston 27, Tex 318 

Salo, Kenrick V. '64, 84 N. Gate Rd., Manchester, N. H 338 

Salter, Lowell Scott, Jr. '65 

20560 Erie Rd., Rocky River, Ohio 318 

Saltz, James Edwin, Jr. '62 

1001 28th Ave., North, St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Sammons, John Lee '62, 812 Tanley Rd. 

Silver Spring, Md 61, 112, 150, 157, 159, 199, 395 

Sammons, William Gary '65 

812 Tanley Rd., Silver Spring, Md.. 198, 318 

Sanborn, Gary Rupert '63 

1905 Parham Rd.. Richmond 29. Va 396 

Sanders, Robert W., Jr. '63 

1007 Gregg Ave., Florence, S. C 345, 358 

Sandlin, David Edward '65 

107 Stedmun St., Fayetteville, N. C 130, 262, 318 

Sandstead, Morris William, Jr. '64 

517 Broadway, Sterling, Colo 223, 338 

Sandstrom, Frederick H. '63 

66 Maple Dr., Great Neck, N. Y 201, 358 

Sandulli, Richard Joel '62, Apt. M 38 Univ. Apts.. Durham, N. C. 

Sangston, James Howard '64, 8 Ege Ave., Hopewell, N. J 338 

Sarafian, Peter G. '64 

7 Osborn Dr., Londonville II, N. Y 131, 201, 338 

Sasser, William Earl '65 

320 Warren St., Walterboro. S. C 218, 318 

Satterfield, Robert William '65 

W. Waldheim Rd., Pittsburgh 15, Pa 202, 259 

Saunders, Harvey Ronald '64, 412 Sinclair St.. Norfolk, Va. 
Sawers, James Richard, Jr. '62'. 359 Grove St., Needham 92, Mass. 
Sawers, Jerry Brian '64 

359 Grove St., Needham 92, Mass 83, 92, 99, 160, 338 

Sawers, Larry Bruce '64 

359 Grove St.. Needham 92, Mass 83, 338 

Scala, Daniel Joseph '64. 929 Ave. C, Bayonne, N. J 93 

Scarborough, Walter A., Jr. '62, Box 215, Wendell. N. C 396 

Scheer, Errol David '62, Box 296. Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Schenck, Garrett M. '64 

223 Ft. Pleasant Ave.. Springfield. Mass 105, 106, 107, 161 

Schley, Evander D. '65. Middleburg. Va. 
Schmidt, Clifford M., Jr. '64 

P.O. Box 186, Newton, N. J 209, 323, 338 

Schmidt, Frederick K. '63 

3222 Englewood St., Philadelphia 49, Pa 247, 252 

Schmidt-Nielsen, Bent K. '65 

2524 Wrightwood Ave.. Durham, N. C 92, 262, 318 

Schroeder, Jacob M. '64 

36 Welwyn Rd., Riverside, Conn 83, 201, 338 

Schuller, Christopher C. '63 

401 Burrows Ave., Fairfax, Va 130, 149, 358 

Schulman, Robert D. '63 

1331 Harbor Rd., Hewlett Harbor. N. Y 358 

Schultz, Frederick L., Jr. '65 

485 Hillside Dr., N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga 318 

Schweistris. John Eric '63 

1819 Rollmg Rd., Greensboro, N. C 58, 219, 353 

Schweitzer. Peter L. '63 

540 Lido Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 221, 396 

Scott, Francis Thurber, Jr. '65 

3787 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville 10, Fla 125. 126, 212, 318 

Scott, James Matics '64, 933 Old Gulph Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa... 128 
Scott, Joseph W. '62 

Box 572 Rt. 7, Greensboro, N. C 128, 205, 396 

Scott, William Horace '62 

E-18 Westover Park Apts.. Durham, N. C. 
Scovil, James A., Jr. '62 

2900 Fairview Rd., Raleigh, N. C 203, 396 

Scuffham, James Ross, Jr. '65 

318 Scenic Dr., Concord, N. C 200, 318 

Scull, Ward Robinson III '65 

2 Milford Rd., Newport News. Va 216, 318 

Seagreaves, Warren F., Jr. '64 

39 E. Susquehanna St., Allentown, Pa 261, 338 

Seastrunk, John G. '65. 4125 Shorebrook Rd., Columbia, S. C. 

Seay, Hillis L., Jr. '63, P. O. Box 294, Huntersville, N. C 358 

Seckinger, Ronny L. '63 

1549 Townsend Blvd., Jacksonville 11, Fla 90, 92, 358 

Sedgwick, David Durham '63, 100 Post Rd., Montrose, N. Y. 

Segelke, Peter A. '62, 28 Granger Rd., Emerson, N. J 396 

Seiff. Henry Edward '62 

106 Summers Dr., Alexandria. Va 98, 150, 160. 227. 396 

Seitz, Winfred Pinkney '65 

1233 Bethel Rd., Charlotte 8. N. C 318 

Senecal, Daniel W. '65, 51 High St.. Topsfield, Mass 318 

Senf, Thomas Edward '63 

7 Woodbine St., New Britain, Conn 115, 199, 396 

Seningen, Ronald Perry '65 

109 Lyndhurst Ave., Wilmington 3, Del 318 

Senkus. Neal John '63 

422 Avalon Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C 131, 221, 358 

Senturia. Ben Harlan, Jr. "65 

3 Clermont Lane, St. Louis 24, Mo 230, 318 

Seymour, Robert D. '63 

811 Rockwood Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pa 58, 203, 358 

Sewell, Robert Alvin '64 

239 Jennings St., Franklin, Tenn 205, 338 

Shaukford, John Starling '64 

812 N.W. 41, Oklahoma City, Okla 83, 223, 338 

Shaffer. Howard C. Ill '62 

202 Ward St.. E. Williston, N. Y...6I, 128, 149, 150, 229, 396 
Shannon, John Bonnar '63 

7622 Sweet Briar Rd.. Richmond, Va 115, 198, 358 

Sharpe. Richard Dewey '65 

1232 Newnham Dr., Columbia. S. C 318 

Shartle, John Adam '64. 518 E. Water St.. Troy, Ohio. 209, 338 

Shearin, Ronald Vance '65, Box 365, Warrenton, N. C... 318 

Sheffield, Arlis Adelbert '65 

4536 Nandina Dr.. Columbia. S. C 130. 210, 318 

Sheffield, Homer G.. Jr. '62 

4536 Nandina Dr., Columbia, S. C 130, 149, 211, 396 

Sheffler, Fred William, Jr. '65 

992 Nome Ave.. Akron 20. Ohio 125. 126, 318 

Sheheen, Robert Joseph '65 

169 Chesnut St., Camden, S. C 218, 318 

Sheldon, Clifford George "64 

39 Hendrickson PI., W, Long Branch, N. J 338 

Shelton. Ruffin Page '63 

University Apts. D 2 B, Durham, N. C 358 

Shenk, David Scott '65 

700 McGrann Blvd., Lancaster, Pa 127, 206, 318 

Sherman. Michael Louis '63 

7023 Wallis Ave.. Baltimore 15. Md 258 

Shillito. Melvin Larry '63, Biglerville. Pa 203. 396 

Shinn. Harry L.. Jr. '64 

1600 Meadowood Lane. Charlotte 7. N. C 338 

Shinn, Robert Milford '63 

75 Brumley St., Concord, N. C... 201. 358 

Shirley, Milford E. '62, Naval Science Dept.. Duke University. 149 
Shives, William Barry "64. 98 Shives St., Salisbury, N. C. .201. 338 
Shives. Aubrey Courtney '65 

25 Ashley Ave.. Greenville, S. C 200, 318 

Shoemaker, Joseph Clark '64 

Minches Lane, Rt. 1, Bridgeton, N. J 338 

Shriver, James A. '62 

705 E. Maple St. 2D, N. Canton 20, Ohio 99, 131, 396 

Shriver, Larry Dean '62 

11928 Iredell St., N. Hollywood, Cal 211, 396 

Shull. Bobbie Lewis '65. 19 Laney St.. Shelby. N. C 208. 318 

Sidbury. James Richard '65 

1309 Heather Lane, Charlotte 9, N. C 318 

Siegel, Lawrence Bruce '64 

29 Ridge Ave.. Spring Valley. N. Y 155, 231, 259, 338 

Sigmon, Donald Neal '65 

3117 Tuckaseegee Rd.. Charlotte 8. N. C 318 

Silberberg, William Paul '64 

Jenick Lane, Woodbridge 15, Conn 83 

Siler. William Jennings '65 

313 W. Raleigh St., Siler City, N. C 204 

Silkett, Charles Robert '62 

5466 30th St., N.W., Washington 15, D. C 62, 213, 397 

Simmonds, Robert M. '64. 3 Hathaway Lane. Verona, N. J 338 

Simmons, Steven Daniel '65 

118 Beach Ave.. Mamaroneck. N. Y 318 

Simon. Joseph Stephen '65 

411 Edgewood. Columbia, Mo 222, 318 

Simpson, Joe Leigh '65 

323 Seventh St.. McComb, Miss 117, 318 

Simpson, Robert Lyndon. Jr. '65 

1602 Challen Ave.. Jacksonville 5. Fla 130, 318 

Simpson, Terry Allen '65 

Red River Arsenal, Texarkana, Tex 126, 224. 318 

Simpson. William A. '65, Box 188, Dublin, Va 204, 318 

Sites, James Russell '65, 101 Powell Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn 318 

Sisk, Michael '64, 329 N. 6th St., Reading, Pa 338 

Skinner. Robert Nelson '65 

1202 Vickers Ave.. Durham. N. C 339 

Slaughter. Joseph Bert '62. Rt. 4, Oxford, N. C. 
Sloan. Carey Erastus. Ill '62 

1507 Independence Rd., Greensboro, N. C 225. 397 

Sloan. Cyrus H. '63. Drawer 30. Sanford. N. C. 
Slotkin. Alan Robert '65 

2955 N. Bay Rd.. Miami Beach 40. Fla 226 

Small. Alden Thomas '65 

118 Chestnut St.. Garden City. N. Y 206. 318 

Smiley, Barry A. '63 

239 Normal Ave.. Slippery Rock. Pa 223. 259. 359 


Smith, A. Mark. Ill '65 

Quarters 43, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. 

Smith, Brian Edward '64, 24 Tunstall Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 254 

Smith, Calvin Defriest. Jr. '65 

835 Small St.. Port Charlotte. Fla. 

Smith, Calvin P. '64, 207 David Dr., Phila.. Pa 197, 339 

Smith, Charles Michael '62 

610 E. Main St.. Washington. N. C 215. 397 

Smith, Clayton F., Jr. '64 

6 Estes St., Thomasville. N. C 83, 339 

Smith, Dana Gibson '64 

4600 Kanawha Ave., S.E., Charleston. W. Va 234 

Smith, Dennis M. '63 

1315 Oak Knoll Dr., Cincinnati 24, Ohio 116, 359 

Smith, Donald Edward '64 

S. Main St., Granite Falls. N. C 223, 339 

Smith. Douglas Kurtz '65 

401 Argonne Dr.. New Kensington. Pa 73, 202, 318 

Smith, George G., Jr. "63 

4503 Greenview, New Bern, N. C 265. 359 

Smith. George Thomas '65 

3912 Arrow Dr.. Raleigh. N. C 222, 318 

Smith, Jerry Harvey '64 

316 N. Market St.. Staunton, Va 197, 339 

Smith. John Andy III '65. Talbotton. Ga 318 

Smith, Peter Crosby '62, 1512 Druid Isle Rd., Maitland. Fla 397 

Smith. Lester Vincent, Jr. '62 

401 Argonne Dr., New Kensington. Pa... 58. 203, 365, 397 

Smith, Merrill Lord '62 

24 Ontario St., Edinboro, Pa 101, 103. 151. 211. 397 

Smith, Paul Dennis '63 

1042 Queens Rd. W., Charlotte, N. C 83, 359 

Smith, Peter Burton '63, 4425 Highland Dr., Dallas 5, Tex 359 

Smith. Rex Kent '63. 6831 E. 57 PI. S.. Tulsa, Okla 156 

Smith. Richard Wildon '64 

201 Miller Blvd., Havelock. N. C 229. 359 

Smith. Robert E. '63. 3235 Wilmot Ave.. Columbia, S. C 359 

Smith, Robert Gibson '63 

6100 S.W. 44th Terr.. Miami 55, Fla 160, 359 

Smith, Thomas Sidney '64 

291 lebanon Ave., Pittsburah 28, Pa 203. 339 

Smith. Walter Aldine. Jr. '65 

1170 Mount Paran Rd.. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga 318 

Smith. Walter McDade '65. 60 Anita Dr.. Charleston. S. C 319 

Smith, Warren K.. Jr. '62. Box 114. Springfield, S. C 397 

Smotherman, Robert R., Jr. '64 

2915 Woodlawn Dr., Nashville 12, Tenn 339 

Smyth, Robert D. '64 

400 Verna Hill Rd., Fairfield, Conn 209, 258, 359 

Snead. Joseph Akin '62. R.F.D. 1, Anderson, S. C 73. 209. 397 

Snead, Maxwell A.. Jr. '64 

2301 S. Clayton St.. Denver. Colo 339 

Snow. Sabin Tucker "64 

600 Belvidere Ave., Plainfield, N. J 207, 258. 339 

Snyder. Edward Wilson '63 

5212 Belleville Ave., Baltimore 7, Md 99, 160, 359 

Snyder, Stephen Wilson '65 

900 W. Moss Ave., Peoria, III 131, 319 

So. Philip Kinlok '65 

2207 Lido Lane. Holiday Hills, Wilmington 3, Del. 319 

So. Samuel Sheunglok '62. 6637 Charles St. 

Apt. 73. Philadelphia 35. Pa 58. 156. 160. 397 

Somers. Robert Browning '62 

155 Crary Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 
Sommermeyer, Wade '64 

3355 S. Clayton Blvd., Enslewood, Colo 131, 203, 359 

Speer, George W. Ill '63 

5411 Robinhood Rd., Charlotte, N. C 223, 397 

Speiden. Joseph H.. Jr. '63 

565 Upland Rd.. Louisville. Ky 211. 397 

Spencer. John Calloway '65 

104 Elmira St., Milton, Fla 210, 319 

Spencer, Stewart T., Jr. '64 

4 Manning Dr., Barrington, R. L... 339 

Spencer, Virgil Stewart '63 

1820 Townsend Ave., Charlotte 5, N. C 225. 359 

Spencer. Wm. Sherwood '64 

1600 Rodman St.. Hollywood, Fla 197, 339 

Spicer, Albert D. '62. R.F.D. 1. Westerly, R. I. 
Spicer, William Larry '63 

2421 Charlotte Dr., Charlotte 3, N. C 229. 359 

Spigener, Marion P.. Jr. '64 

l'533 Scotland Ave.. Charlotte 7. N. C 199, 359 

Spong, Richard Todd '62 

131 Linwood Ave., Ardmore, Pa 79, 264, 397 

Spranklin. John W., Ill '63 

3606 Buckingham Rd., Baltimore 7. Md 83 

Springer. John Wm. '64 

1225 Wayne St., Sandusky, Ohio 203, 339 

Sproul. Robert G., Jr. '63 

1403 Oliver Ave.. Annandale, Va 223, 270, 359 

Spruill. John Reynold "64. Box 96, Roper, N. C 339 

Sronce. John A., Ill '62 

6 Mayfield Rd., Asheville, N. C 215, 265, 397 

Stafford, Joe R. '63. P. O. Box 26. Julian, N. C 130. 359 

StallinBs. Daniel L.. Jr. '63 

1706 River Dr., New Bern, N. C 359 

Stallings, Kenneth '65 

1508 S. Miami Blvd.. Durham, N. C 66, 254, 339 

Stanfield. Harry Terrell '65, Rt.2. Box 24, Brunswick, Ga 319 

Stanfield, William W., Jr. '64. 409 S. Layton Ave., Dunn, N. C. 
Stanier. Charles Edwin '63 

715 Garfield St., Gary, Ind 211, 234, 359 

Stanley, Allen Edward, III '65 

800 Austin Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C 319 

Stanton, Bernard M.. Jr. '62 

4604 Ocean Ave.. Virginia Beach. Va 112, 215, 398 

Stapleford, Harry E. '64 

338 S. Columbia St.. Woodbury. N. J. 
Starling. Ira C. Jr. "62 

10 Monument Dr., Kissimmee, Fla 398 

Starling, James F., Jr. '63 

P. O. Box 902. Lumberton. N. C 118, 359 

Starmer, Charles P.. Jr. '63 

3010 Collier Dr.. Greensboro. N. C 113. 359 

Starr, George Edwin '64, P. O. Box 95, Bessemer City, N. C. 
Starrett. Randall M.. Jr. "65 

Box 65, Morganton. N. C 204, 319 

Stattenfield, Daniel B. '64 

49 Hedges Ave.. Chatham. N. J 339 

Steckel, Martin Hall '65, R.D. 2. Holcomb, N. Y 200. 319 

Steed, Ronald Craig '64 

2920 Freeman Mill Rd., Greensboro, N. C 83, 229, 339 

Steele, Herbert Duane '65 

1215 Summit St., McKeesport, Pa 126, 198, 319 

Steele. Ted Warren '65 

610 Walnut Ave., Charlotte 8, N. C 130, 319 

Steele, Thomas Wesley '64 

Rt. 3, Spartanburg, S. C 131, 225, 339 

Steer, Paul L. '63 

Fitsimmons Army Medical Center, Denver, Colo 231, 359 

Steffens, Theodore C. '62 

1421 Tyler St.. Hollywood, Fla 101, 103. 398 

Stein, Richard Nathan "64 

114 Martinique, Tampa 6, Fla 227. 339 

Steinfirst, John F. '62 

415 Devonshire St.. Pittsburgh 13. Pa. 
Steinkuller. Paul G. '63 

10001 Wildwood Rd., Kensington, Md 213, 359 

Steinman, Kurt W. '63. Springdale Farm, Millersville, Pa 264 

Stephen, Frederick R. '64 

1608 University Dr., Durham, N. C 127, 339 

Stephens, Charles Garon '65 

1105 Circle Dr.. Talahassee. Fla 200. 319 

Stephenson. Robert Lee '62 

31767 Lahser Rd.. Birmingham, Mich 211, 398 

Stern. Arthur "62. 6()3A Maplewood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Stevens. Joel B., Ill '64 

4527 Brookridge Dr.. Kingsport, Tenn 229, 339 

Stevens, Mickey '62 

1201 Hilltop Navy 990. c/o FPO. San Francisco. Cal...203, 398 

Stevens, Thomas Joseph '64, 52 Cisco Rd.. Asheville. N. C 339 

Stevenson, Ward Barker '63, 60 Sutton PI. South 

Apt. 10 H S.. New York. N. Y 94, 199. 359 

Stewart. David Nisbet '64 

424 Almeria Ave.. Coral Gables 34, Fla 339 

Stewart, Kenneth Rand '65 

123 Sheridan Circle, Charleston, W. Va 234 

Stewart, Robert Lee '63 

112 Fairway Circle, Bridueville. Pa 197, 359 

Stith, Frank A.. Ill '63 

174 Idlewild Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C .79, 83, 

Stith, Wilmer C, Jr. '63, 37 Warrenton Rd.. Baltimore 10, Md. 
Stitt. Thomas Paul '65 

110 Upper Shawnee Ave., Easton, Pa 95, 

Stivers, James Robert '65 

14(1 Highland Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky 73, 117, 262, 319 

Stockton. Michael Donald '65 

Box 1164, Charlotte 1. N. C 131. 319 

Stockton. Robert F.. II '65 

51 Palmer Sq. W.. Princeton. N. J 319 

Stokes. James C, Jr. '62, 1236 Maxwell St.. Salisbury, N. C 398 

Stollwerk, David '64 

27 Carter Court, Lynbrook, N. Y 116, 226, 339 



Stoltz, Jerry David '63 

3416 Valley Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 204, 234, 339 

Stone, Bernell Kenneth '64, 1403 Palmer Dr., Blacksburg, Va. .261 
Stone, Samuel M.. IV '63 

4113 Staunton Ave., S.E., Charleston, W. Va 209, 359 

Stone, Warren Sanford, III '62 

5302 Wriley Rd., Washington 16, D. C 127, 399 

Stout, Michager D.. Ill '63 

301 N. Ridgeway Dr., Greensboro, N. C 205, 359 

St. Petery, Louis Bert '65. 754 River Rd., Orange Park. Fla 319 

Strackbein. William C. '65 

3505 N. N. Abingdon St., Arlington 7. Va...- 224, 319 

Straten, Roland F. '63. 17 Sunset Terr., Wayne. N. J.. 131 

Stribling, James Wendell '63 

3847 Ivy Rd, N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 359 

Strickland, James E. '64. 2206 Wallace St., Columbia, S. C 339 

Strickland. William F. '65 

4421 Iroquois Ave.. Jacksonville, Fla 319 

Stroud, John Burke '65 

US Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune, N. C 130, 220, 319 

Stuart, Charles Edward '63 

2204 Woodrow St.. Durham. N. C 223, 359 

Stubbs. Allston J. '63, 1025 Westwood Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Stubbs, Thomas H.. II '64 

3106 Poinciana Rd.. Middletown, Ohio 339 

Stuckey. John Hoyt, 111 "62 

2577 Birchwood Dr.. N.E., Atlanta. Ga 199, 399 

Stummer, John R. '63 

P. O. Box 396, Quaker Hill. Conn 130. 133. 215, 359 

Sullivan, John H. '64 

114 Cambridge Rd.. Asheville. N. C 215. 340 

Sullivan, John Lawrence '65 

12916 Cristfield Rd.. Wheaton. Md 222,319 

Sullivan, John Jay '64, M.O.Q. 3334. Camp Lejeune, N. C 340 

Summers. George P. '64 

Box 5613, Duke Station, Durham, N. C 61, 114, 201. 399 

Sutcliffe. Ralph Joe '64 

52 Beechwood Dr.. Wayne. N. J 207, 340 

Sutphen, William Ross. Ill '62 

103 Mountain Ave., Somerville, N. J 211. 399 

Sutter. Guido Antonio '63 

339 Country Club Dr.. Mount Airy, N. C 92, 116, 360 

Swain, Ronnie E. '63 

330 Beverley Ave., Quebec, Canada 58, 203, 360 

Swasey, Allan V., Jr. '64 

110 Verbena Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn 217, 340 

Sweger, Daniel Marion '64 

707 Gallion Ave.. Pittsburgh 26, Pa 83, 229, 340 

Swyers, Robert Baxter '63, 117 Adams St.. Durham, N. C 399 

Sykes. Harold Arthur. Ill '62 

26 Meadow Woods Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y 399 

Sziarto, Stephen Francis '64 

2010 Yorktown Rd.. N.W.. Washington 12, D. C...83, 221, 360 
Tackney, David Talbott '65 

709 Berry St., Falls Church, Va 204, 319 

Taft, Charles Van '64, 1707 E. 5th St., Greenville, N. C...211, 340 
Tanner, William David '65 

7723 Morton St.. Dallas 9, Tex 105, 131. 319 

Tarpley, John Jorg '65 

17 La Poterie St., Fort Bragg, N. C 117. 319 

Tart, James Alvin '62, R.F.D. 4. Dunn. N. C 58. 219, 399 

Tate, William S.. Jr. '64 

4101 Van Buren St.. Hyattsville, Md 131 

Tatum, C. Alber, III '62 

4009 Grassmere, Dallas, Tex 165, 203, 399 

Tausig, John G., Jr. '65, 3326 N. Albemarle St.. Arlington 7, Va. 
Tavernise, Emilio J. '63 

208 Watts St., Durham, N. C 66, 127, 148 

Tavernise, Silvio '63, 208 Watts St., Durham, N, C 58, 66 

Taylor, Allen M. '63 

1010 N.E. 147th St.. North Miami, Fla 231 

Taylor, Benjamin C, III '65 

110 Cedar Lane. Mount Holly. N. C 131 

Taylor. Douglas Miel '65 

501 Valley Brook Dr.. Silver Spring. Md 319 

Taylor. Edward C. Ill '64 

901 N. Coalter St., Staunton, Va 360 

Taylor, Edward Carl '65, Rt. 2. Box 143. Lynhaven. Va 319 

Taylor, Joe Todd. Ill '65 

925 Garden Dr.. Newport News, Va 222, 319 

Taylor, John Hegan '62, 72 Wellington Ave. 

Short Hills. N. J 58, 61, 101. 103, 113. 400 

Taylor, Thomas Newton '64 

Rt. 5, Box 650 X, Charlotte, N, C 340 

Taylor, William Lake '62 

543 Scalybark Rd.. Charlotte, N. C 197, 400 



Taylor, William M. Punshon "62 

Oak Ridge Rd.. Auburn, N. Y. 61, 114, 209, 270, 400 

Terentiev. Alexei V. '63, 25 Highfield Rd., Glen Cove, N. Y. 
Terrell. John Charles "65 

1646 Pasadena Dr., Dunedin, Fla 99, 340 

Tewell, Michael Lee "65, Box 144, Piedmont, S. C 319 

Tirado, Eleazar "62, Caracas, Venezuela 
Thomas, Charles A., Ill "64 

1390 Pinetown Rd., Ft. Washington, Pa. 
Thomas, Douglas Allen "64 

18 Marley Lane, East Hampton, N. Y 207, 340 

Thomas, Robert G. "63, 1852 Cassamia PI., Charlotte, N, C 58 

Thomas, Roy Zachariah, III "63 

1852 Cassamia PI., Charlotte, N. C 400 

Thomasson, David Edward "62 

437 Delaware, Oak Ridge, Tenn 114, 201, 400 

Thompson, Edward Everett '62 

132 N. Main St., Roxboro, N. C 156 

Thompson, Eugene H. "63 

289 Marion Ave., Spartanburg, S. C 219, 360 

Thompson, Gary Douglas "62, 9109 Eton Rd. 

Silver Spring, Md 67, 131, 133, 150, 197, 400 

Thompson, Kenneth Briggs '62 

931 Florida Ave., Pittsburgh 28, Pa 125, 225, 400 

Thompson, Kenneth W. '63 

317 Rutherford St., Lynchburg, Va 157, 197, 234, 360 

Thompson, Richard Miles '64 

52 A Clover Ave., Langley AFB, Va 130. 151, 213, 340 

Thompson, Robert M, '63 

615 N. Madison St., Whiteville, N. C 130, 209, 360 

Thompson, Wesley M. '63, Box 2, Dunn, N. C...205, 324, 345, 360 
Thomy, Vincent A.. Jr. '64 

208 McAllister St.. Lake City, S. C 219, 340 

Thornberry, Robert E. '63 

Rt. 4, Box 220, Vienna, Va 127. 156, 360 

Thrash, Melvin Lawrence '62 

754 Fairview Rd., Asheville, N. C 54, 137, 197, 400 

Thurman, Terry Tim '64 

1002 Crownpoint Rd. W., Signal Mt., Tenn Ill, 118. 340 

Ticktin. Thomas Lee '65 

341 Pinewood Lane, Rock Hill, S. C 126, 206, 319 

Tieger, Joseph H. '63 

32 S. Munn Ave.. East Orange, N. J 158 

Tilley, David Hugh "65. Rt. 2, Box 46, Durham, N. C 319 

Tilton, James Thomas "65, 4562 Pate Dr., Columbus, Ga 319 

Timberlake. Joe E., Ill "63 

1287 Jackson Springs Rd., Macon, Ga 151, 223, 360 

Timblin, George Alvin "62, Box 391, Rt. 1. Durham, N. C...66, 400 
Tinnell, John Randolph "63, Box 145 

Highland Springs, Va .150. 156, 160, 197, 234, 244, 400 

Tipton, Samuel Ridley, Jr. "62 

1816 Lake Ave.. Knoxville 16, Tenn 130, 223, 400 

Tise, Larry Edward "65 

302 Norman Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 196, 319 

Tison, R. Haskell "65. 125 Charles, Geneva, III 319 

Tittle, David Miles "63 

4321 Wright Ave., Ft, George, Meade, Md. 
Titus, Donald Ray '64 

2230 Westminster PI., Charlotte, N. C. .79, 83, 127, 148, 340 
Titus, Richard Corley '62 

2230 Westminster PI., Charlotte, N. C 82, 83, 127, 400 

Todd, Gilbert Edward '62, 2822 Herring Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Todd, Joseph H. '64 

122 Magnolia Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. 131, 225, 340 

Todd, William Miller '65 

1827 Keys Crescent Lane, Cincinnati 6, Ohio. 11 7, 198, 319 
Toler, Roger H. '62 

614 Watson Ave., New Bern, N. C 130, 215, 400 

Townsend. Dabney W.. Jr. '63 

6125 12th Rd. N.. Arlington 5. Va 156, 160, 360 

Townsend, Johnson M.. Jr. '62 

117 Austin Ave., N.E., Atlanta 7, Ga 400 

Tracy, William Ferber '64, Horse Shoe Lane, Lakeville, Conn. .340 
Treptow, Thomas Victor '65 

4622 N. Idlewild Ave., Milwaukee II, Wise 319 

Trickey, Robert Kent '65, 112 W. Lavender St., Durham, N. C...3I9 
Trott, David Walter "64 

176 Wetherill Rd., Garden City, N. Y 340 

Troy, John Clark, Jr, '62, 2302 Pratt Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Truesdell, John Alan '64 

1419 Ridgelawn. Flint, Mich 110, 115, 225. 340 

Truluck, Richard K., Jr. '63, Box 48, Olanta, S. C 215, 360 

Tucker. Larry Albert '65 

4109 Bong Rd., Lincoln AFB. Lincoln, Neb 320 

Tucker, William Hiram. Ill '64 

3960 Vernon, Memphis 12, Tenn 340 


Tucker, William York. Jr, '65, Rt. 6, Winston-Salem, N. C 320 

Turner, Dudley Pierce '65 

Hillcrest Dr., Great Falls, S. C 214, 320 

Turner, Jack Sherrill '64 

1115 Woodburn Rd., Durham. N. C 219,340 

Turner. Martin S. '63. P. O. Box 151, Tallahassee, Fla. 
Turner. Neil Evans '64, Sutton Rd.. Trucksville. Pa. 
Turner, Paul Truman '62, Box 7, Carrizozo, N, M. 
Turner, Robert Michael '62 

921 Litchfield Rd., Baltimore 12, Md 113, 155, 203, 400 

Turner, Thomas E. '64 

105 Deepwood Rd.. Naugatuck, Conn 199, 360 

Turner, Webb William '62, 217 N. Mill, Lexington, Ky. 
Tuttle, Lynn Stanton '63, 2502 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 
Tuttle, Robert G., Jr. '63 

83 Evelyn PI., Asheville, N. C 197, 360 

Tyndall, Leslie G. '63 

713 Jones Ave., Kinston, N. C 79, 83, 360 

Uhden, Henry Otto, Jr. '64 

309 Curtis Ave., Pt. Pleasant Beach, N. J. 
Uible, David Robert "64 

2686 Cranlyn Rd., Shaker Hts.. Ohio 211, 234, 254, 340 

Ulrich, William P., Jr. '64 

343 Walnut St., Audubon 6, N. J 207, 247, 251, 252, 340 

Umstead, Alexander B.. Jr. '65 

1109 Englewood Ave., Durham, N, C 131, 320 

Umstead, Charles Parker '62, 914 A Laurel St., Fayetteville, N. C. 
Underbill, John G., Ill "65 

1603 30 St.. N.W.. Washington 7. D. C. .103, 131, 224, 320 
Underwood, Milton J. "64 

3800 Kensington Ave., Richmond 21, Va 204, 205, 234, 360 

Unser, David Lawrence "62 

Rt. 3. Box 48, Norfolk. Va 205, 234, 236, 401 

Upchurch, Herbert J.. Jr. "65 

306 N. Trenholm Rd., Columbia, S. C 131, 320 

Urban, Richard Bruce "65 

1017 Terr. Blvd., Orlando, Fla 216, 320 

Valle, David L. "65 

9428 Wenonga Rd., Shawnee Mission, Kan 220, 262, 320 

Van Dyck, Louis B., IV "63 

24 Sunnyside Rd., Scotia 2, N. Y 155, 203, 360 

Van Ness, Albert Ward, Jr. "65 

105 Sherbourne Rd., Syracuse, N. Y 204, 320 

Van Nuise, Robert W., II "65 

10 Redwood Circle, Camp Hill, Pa 131, 228, 320 

Van Ryzin, Peter John "63 

Staff Box 87 Cincnelm. c/o FPO N. Y., N. Y 131. 133 

Van Sciver. Peter Travis '65 

1013 Hardee Rd., Coral Gables, Fla 127, 198, 320 

Vande Water, Robert James '62 

417 Oriole St.. Staunton, Va 197, 401 

Vanderbilt, F. Bedford. Jr. '65 

569 Sasco Hill Rd.. Southport. Conn 198, 320 

Vaudreuil, Wilfred J. '63 

1540 Roselyn St.. Philadelphia, Pa 99, 131, 149 

Vaughan, Ronald James '65 

36 Paxon Dr., Penarth, Wilmington 3, Del 320 

Verhey, Robert Seymour '65 

1686 Eleanor Ave.. St. Paul 16. Minn.. 220, 320 

Vestal, William Addison '62 

2349 James Dr.. Pittsburgh 37. Pa 103, 106, 128, 161, 401 

Vick, Paul Allen '65, 411 W. Lenoir St.. Kinston, N. C .320 

Vickery, Raymond E., Jr. "64 

601 Marshall Rd., S.W., Vienna. Va 48, 58, 219. 340 

Vieregg, Arthur B.. Jr. '64 

4310 S. 36th St., Arlington 6, Va 211, 234, 340 

Vigil, Ronald Edward '63 

APO 235 Consular Unit, San Francisco, Cal ...201, 259, 401 
Villani, Angelo J., Jr, '63 

293 Virginia Ave.. Welch, W. Va 211, 234, 360 

Vincent, Richard H. '63 

2555 E. Holly Point Rd.. Orange Park. Fla.. .58. 63. 197, 360 
Vincent, Roger Sherman '64 

788 High St.. Dedham, Mass 199, 259, 340 

Vogt, Larry C. '64, 7208 Denton Rd.. Bethesda 14, Md 360 

Volberg, Frank M.. Jr. '65 

532 Forestdale Rd., Kingsport, Tenn 222, 320 

Vollmer, Robin T. '63 

2191 Millvale Rd., Louisville 5, Ky 116. 225, 360 

Volz, Marlin Milton, Jr. '65 

1819 Woodfill Way. Louisville. Ky 127, 320 

VonCanon. Charles Alfred '64 

642 Sunset Dr., Sanford, N. C 340 

Voorhees. Robert Fait "62 

1015 Wendover Cr., Winston-Salem, N. C...I13, 197, 258, 401 
Waddell. John Layton, Jr. "65 

490 Courtland Terr.. Marion, Ohio 196. 320 

Waggoner, David M. '63 

8U7 Lakeland. Grosse Pointe 30, Mich 345 

Waggoner, John Philip, III "65 

1017 Lakewood Ave., Durham, N. C 66, 320 

Wagner, Dennis W. K. "63 

3572 Chapin Ave.. Niagara Falls, N. Y 219, 360 

Waite, Leslie Stephen "64, 23 Adams St.. Batavia, N. Y 234 

Waite. Robert Sears '65 

1701 West Paces. Ferry Rd., N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga..-260. 320 
Wald. Harlan Ira '65. 9 Secor Rd.. Scarsdale. N. Y...97. 117, 320 
Waldchen, Alfred J. '65 

414 Grove St.. Westfield, N. J 224. 320 

Walden. John F. '64 

422 Peerman PI., Corpus Christi, Tex 203. 341 

Waldron. Pendleton G. "63 

2715 Camden Rd., Greensboro, N. C 215, 360 

Walker. Charles David '64 

4867 Christopher Dr., Allison Park. Pa 223, 234, 360 

Walker. David Neal '65. 6324 Curzon, Fort Worth 16, Tex 320 

Walker, Fielding Lewis. IV '64, Box 113, Oxford, N. C 360 

Walker. Francis E. "62 

2014 Wilson St.. Durham. N. C 54. 130, 156, 160, 401 

Walker, John A.. Jr. '63 

202 W. Redbud Dr.. Knoxville 20, Tenn.. 63, 152, 361 

Walker, Thomas Lee '64. 2014 Wilson St.. Durham. N. C. 

Walker. William M. '64. 3615 14th St.. Rock Island. Ill 341 

Wall, Haven Neill '64. P. O. Box 266. Rainelle, W. Va 341 

Wall, Jack G. '64. Rt. 5. Burlington. N. C 225. 341 

Wallace, Maury Eric '63, Box 172, Greenville, Me. 217. 401 
Walrath, William Bradley, III '65 

827 Magdeline Dr., Madison 4, Wise. 
Walsh. Michael Sherman, Jr. '65 

1717 Jeffords, Clearwater, Fla 208, 320 

Walters, Jeffrey Louis "65 

158 Spruce Dr.. Shrewsbury, N. J 320 

Walters, Louie M. '63 

1001 Memory Lane. Monroe. N. C 112. 130. 133. 223, 361 

Wang, You Lue "65 

3501 Quebec St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C 320 

Wanklvn. John A. "64 

Prospect Ridge, P. O. Box 933, Nassau, Bahamas. .61, 112, 361 
Ward. Allan, Jr. "63. 2407 Vinewood Dr.. Durham, N. C...131. 133 
Ward. David E.. Jr. "63 

4417 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa, Fla.. 151, 197, 361 

Ward, Stanley Sidney "65 

307 Fleming Ave., N.E.. Roanoke, Va 320 

Ward, William Edmund. Ill "65 

721 Kimball Ave.. Westfield. N. J 320 

Ward, Geoffrey Davidson "63 

2429 Perkins Rd., Durham. N. C 66, 361 

Ward, Peter Rockwell '64 

209 W. Highland, Sierra Madre, Cal 341 

Ward. Terry Emerson '64, Box 1771. Lakeland, Fla .229, 341 

Ward, Thurman Robert, Jr. '62 

908 E. Park Dr.. Lincolnton, N. C 61. 83. 103. 201. 401 

Warder. Frank Reid '64 

15 Professional Bldg.. Anderson, S. C 215, 341 

Warner. Wayne Gilbert '62. 13 S. Seventh St., Duquesne, Pa 401 

Warren, Joel Bennette "62 

1105 W. Cabarrus St.. Raleigh, N. C 401 

Warren. John H. "63. 1 1 1 N. 4th St., Allegany, N. Y 361 

Warren. William Thomas "65 

1209 E. Beech St.. Goldsboro, N. C 320 

Wasserman. L. Leslie, Jr. "62, 209 Carlisle Way, Norfolk, Va. 
Waterman, John A. "63 

405 Prosperity Ave., Fairfax, Va 217. 361 

Watkins. David M. "63. Box 615. Belmont, N. C 205, 361 

Watkins, William S.. Jr. '64 

1022 W. Trinity Ave.. Durham. N. C 341 

Watson. Alan Douglas '64 

406 Piedmont Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Watson. William Edward "64 

603 Sunnyside Lane, Wilson, N. C 83. 341 

Watters. Albert F., Jr. "63 

Sunset Hill Rd.. Redding Ridge. Conn 152, 361 

Waud. Charles B. "63. 2123 N. Ash St., Waukegan, III. .221, 361 

Waugh, James Emery '65, Jefferson, N. C 320 

Weatherspoon. William H. '65 

125 Pinecrest Rd., Durham. N. C 48, 320 

Weaver, Joseph W, '63 

Quarers G USNAS, Jacksonville, Fla 105, 201, 361 

Webb, Richard Stanley '64 

1260 N.E. 143 St., Miami 61. Fla 220, 221, 258. 341 

Webber, Robert Sumner '62 

710 Hugo St.. Durham, N. C 130. 223. 401 

Webster. Arthur D., Jr. '65 

241 Murrv Hill Dr., Lancaster, Pa 224, 320 


Wehrle, Richard Tell '63 

6110 Creola Rd.. Charlotte, N. C 215, 361 

Weidman, Harold R.. Jr. '65 

2619 Hilliard Rd., Richmond, Va 234, 341 

Weidman, Stanley C. Jr. "62. 1613 Dauphin Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. 
Weingarten, Jon '65, 983 Park Ave.. N. Y.. N. Y...131, 230, 320 
Weinstock, Barry Joseph '65 

874 Northeast 82nd St.. Miami 38, Fla 320 

Weir, Michael Waller '63, 6 Hubbard Ct.. Stamford, Conn 62 

Weisiger, John Boiling '65 

351 Jefferson Dr.." Pittsburgh 28. Pa. 196.320 

Weitzner. Charles M. '63. 240 W. 98th St., N. Y., N. Y. 
Weidman. Stanley Clair '62 

1613 Dauphin Ave., Wyomissing, Pa 401 

Wells, Keith S. '63 

Clark Hall. Ohio Northern Univ., Ada, Ohio 361 

Wells, Richard Douulas "64 

31 Edaemont Rd.. Glen Rock. N. J 201. 341 

Wells, William Allen '64 

14 Belfield Rd.. Alexandria. Va 115. 211. 341 

Welsh. John M. '63 

5301 Purlington Way. Baltimore 12. Md 155. 221. 361 

West. David Leroy '65 

Main St., Woodland. N. C 214. 215, 254, 341 

West, Joseph W.. Jr. '63 

120 Midway Ave.. Clarks Summit. Pa 83. 209. 361 

Westerman. Charles E.. Jr. "64 

1517 Strathmore .St.. Falls Church, Va 34, 131. 223 

Westmoreland. Jimmie D. '65 

2224 S.W. 13 St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 131, 320 

Wharton, Paul Burke '65, 23 St. Peter PI.. Keyport. N. J. .83. 341 
Wheatlev. John H. "63 

1525 Front St.. Beaufort, N. C...... ...83. 209, 361 

Wheeler, Harold Neil "64 

233 Kalmia Dr.. Columbia. S. C 58, 205, 341 

Wheeler, John Law "65 

P. O. Box 1071, Tyron, N. C 103. 216, 320 

Wheeler. Kermit D. "63. Box 605. Raeford. N. C 58, 361 

Wheeler. Michael Olson "64 

607 Lakepointe Rd., Grosse Pointe Park, Mich 225, 341 

Whisnant, John K. "64. 800 Philips St., Shelby, N. C...79. 341 

White. Charles Denny, Jr. "65, Box 935, Kannapolis, N. C 320 

White. Charles R. "62. 412 Trindale Rd., Archdale, N. C...99. 402 
White. James M. "63 

4000 Fizburgh Dr., Annandale. Va 96. 229, 361 

White, Thomas S. '65 

106 E. Hillcrest Dr.. Greenville, S. C 131. 208. 341 

White. Thomas Stuart. Jr. '65. 1212 16th St., Wilmette, III 320 

Whitford. Jerry L. '63, 146 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Whiting. Peter Day '62. 1 Fifth Ave.. N. Y., N. Y .402 

Whitman. William Clark "62 

1429 E. South St., South Bend 15, Ind 115, 402 

Whitmore. Robert Eugene '62. 1780 Mason Headley Rd. 

Lexington. Ky 53, 98, 113, 130. 149, 158, 203, 402 

Whittle. Reed L. '64. 279 Virginia Dr.. Winter Park, Fla ...341 

Whorton. Jimmy Clifton '64. 211 Court St.. Portsmouth. Va. 
Widener. Paul Thompson "63 

10601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 38. Fla 127. 234. 237, 244 

Wiggins, Robert S.. Jr. "65 

1805 Ponce-de-Leon Ave.. Atlanta 7. Ga 154, 260, 320 

Wilcox, John Frank "64, 2430 N.E. 31st Ct., Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Wilder. Donald Allen "63 

208 Jiyugoaka. Meguro Ku, Tokyo, Japan 219. 361 

Wilkins. Lucien S. "63, 346 Carthage St., Sanford, N. C 73 

Wilkins. William Thomas "64, 107 Ellerbee St., Durham, N. C. 341 
Wilkinson. James Glenn '64 

1408 Brookside. Norman, Okla 211, 234, 242, 243, 244. 341 

Will. Donald P.. Jr. "63 

3509 Whitechapel Rd.. Norfolk 9. Va 96. 361 

Williams. A. Morris. Jr. "62 

Box 426. A Rt. 5, Durham, N. C 54. 402 

Williams. Aden P., Ill "63, 439 Brown Saddle, Houston 27, Tex. 
Williams. Alvah T.. Jr. "64. P. O. Box 67, Naval Weapons Sta., Va. 
Williams. Donald Lee "65 

3001 W. Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 321 

Williams, Edmond Brady "65 

973 N. Church St., Spartanburg, S. C 321 

Williams. Edwin Joseph "64. 2 Crystal Rd., Levittown, Pa. 

Williams. Herbert H. "64, 2842 Superior St.. Columbia. S. C 341 

Williams, James Wendal "64 

1824 Pine, Birmingham, Mich 215, 341 

Williams, Kenneth M. '63 

College Ave.. Washington, N. C 205. 234. 245. 361 

Williams, Lyle K.. II "63 

22 The Terrace. Katonah, N. Y 113, 156. 361 

Williams. Melvin Guv "64. R.F.D. 2. Pink Hill. N. C 342 

Williams, Neil C, 111 "63 

25f)9 Revnolda Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 69, 197, 361 

Williams, Richard G., Jr. '64 

6 Wilde Rd., Wellesley 81, Mass 116, 117, 126, 199, 342 

Williams, Robert Jay, Jr. '65 

3 Auserehl Ct., Huntington, N. Y 321 

Williams, Roger Marshall '62 

110 N. Grove Ave.. Rockingham, N, C 95, 402 

Williams, Samuel Harrison '65 

407 Woodland Terr., Alexandria, Va 103 

Williams, Thomas Ward "62 

1616 Gentilly Dr., Birmingham. Ala 225, 402 

Williamson, John N. '64 

218 E. Elm St., Wauseon, Ohio 79. 83, 203, 224, 342 

Williamson, Joseph E. '65 

Box 2303, c/o Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 321 

Williamson, Monroe S. '63, Rt. 3, Sanford, N. C 247, 361 

Williamson, Wilbur Hitt '63 

P. O. Box 114, Denmark, S. C 99. 112, 361 

Willinsham, Wricht '62, 211 Sherwood Rd.. Rome, Ga. 
Willis.' William Burton '65, Rt. 2, Box 155, Gastonia, N. C. . 321 
Willis, George Robert '62, Box 697, Balboa, Canal Zone 
Willwerth. Ben M. '64 

105 Genesee St.. Montour Falls, N. Y 219, 342 

Willson, Stephen Lunsford '62 

Bryant Ave., Roslyn Harbor, N. Y 403 

Wilson, Charles C. '64 

132 Northridge St., Greensboro, N. C 197, 362 

Wilson, Donald George '65 

15 East Maple Rd., Greenlawn, N. Y 127, 321 

Wilson, Gary Lee '62 

W. State Rd., R.D. 3, Alliance, Ohio 211, 234, 403 

Wilson, James Augustus '65 

IBM 425 Park Ave., N. Y., N. Y 198. 321 

Wilson, Mark Kammer '65 

422 Fisher Rd., Grosse Pointe 30, Mich 321 

Wilson. Robert A., Jr. '63 

Rt. 5, Mayfield Hwy., Paducah, Ky 201, 362 

Wilson, Wayne Richards '65 

5600 Ogden Rd.. Washington 16, D. C 260. 321 

Winchester. Charles Lee '64 

c/o Phil Weaver. 290 B, Rt. 5. Durham, N. C 234 

Winchester. James Cyrus '65 

1104 Lakewood Dr., Monroe, N. C 127, 206, 321 

Windeler, Robert Rey, Jr. '62 

62 Jacobus Ave.. Little Falls, N. J 69, 90, 203, 403 

Winkler, Arthur Dulany '64, 2510 Laclede St., Hannibal, Mo. 
Winston, Arthur Michael '65 

79 Fernwood Lane, Roslyn, N. Y 117, 230, 321 

Winston. James F. '64. 3601 Toledo St., Coral Gables 34, FIa...342 
Winzeler. William Charles '64 

Lynn Ave., Napoleon, Ohio 225, 342 

Wirschnitzer, J. M., Jr. '63 

4501 Hampnett Ave., Baltimore 14, Md 92, 103, 362 

Wirth, Frederick H., Jr. '63. 212 Audubon Blvd.. New Orleans, La. 
Wise, Ronald Owen '62 

1828 Gaston St., Winston-Salem, N. C 403 

Wisecarver, George J. '63 

1200 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte 7. N. C 129, 215, 362 

Wiser, Robert Vincent '63 

1215 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park, Fla 271, 362 

Witherspoon, John Michael '62 

Westminister Pike, Brookeville, Md 218, 219, 403 

Witzenburg, Gary Lee "65 

2667 Cranlyn Rd., Shaker Hts. 22. Ohio.. 127, 202, 321 

Wohlford, Paul Raymond, Jr. '62 

2901 Cliffside Rd., Kingsport, Tenn 165, 217, 403 

Wolfe, William Carlton E. '65 

Qtrs. 332, Marine Corps School, Quantico. Va 321 

Womble, William F., Jr. '64 

2027 Virginia Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 58, 211, 259, 342 

Wommack, Thomas Terrill '63 

602 Chumley Rd., Bay Colony, Virginia Beach, Va 403 

Wonsidler. Robert Ray '64, 1311 Main St., Hellertown, Pa 342 

Wood, Charles Kenneth '62, Filbert, S. C 403 

Wood, Matthew Leland, Jr. '63 

1 Calycanthus Rd., Richmond, Va 203, 403 

Wood. Robert S. '63 

2028 Velmetta Circle, Knoxville, Tenn 69. 362 

Woodard, William T., Jr. "63 

511 Tibidabo Ave., Coral Gables 43, Fla 215, 362 

Woodruff. William R. '65 

7412 Sheffield Dr.. Knoxville, Tenn 91, 130, 321 

Woods, Murray Henderson '65 

2119 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Va 321 

Woods. Richard Byrd, Jr. '65 

2504 Parkwood Rd., Chattanooga 4, Tenn 73, 321 

Wooldridge, Robert Thomas '65 

3105 Churchill Rd., Raleigh, N. C 103, 321 

Woodworth, John A. '63, 19615 Shelburne Rd. 

Shaker Hts. 18. Ohio 115, 199, 262, 263, 362 

Woolsey, Frank Mahlon '64, 684 Madison Ave., Albany, N. Y.. 342 
Worsham. Joseph A. L '63 

4335 Belclaire, Dallas, Tex 131. 149, 211, 362 

Worthington, Craig W. '65. Rt. 1, Box 575, Ayden, N. C. 1 17. 321 
Worthington. Josh Bob '65 

104 E. Capitola Ave., Kinston, N. C 127, 198, 321 

Wray. Albert Victor '65 

(lOO Westover Terr., Shelby. N. C 220, 321 

Wriuht, Charles T., Jr. '65 

2.348 Grant Ave.. Raleigh. N. C 131, 321 

Wriuht, Dean Scanlan '62, 824 Anastasia Ave. 

Coral Gables 34, Fla 211, 234, 240, 245, 256, 403 

Wright, Harold Everett '65 

4220 Firwood Lane, Charlotte 9, N. C 131, 218, 321 

Wriaht, James Dixon, Jr. '65 

251 10th St., N.W., Apt. 72, Atlanta, Ga 117, 321 

Wright, Jo,seph D. '64 

1321 A Turley Rd., Charleston 4, W. Va 114, 130, 197, 342 

Wright, Thomas Oscar '62 

2425 Cahaba Rd., Birmingham 9, Ala 130 

Wulfsberc, Einar John '64 

5518 Williamsburg Blvd., Arlington 7, Va 211, 234, 342 

Wyatt, Robert Harris, Jr. "63 

807 Green St.. Durham. N. C 205, 234, 403 

Yaeger, Carl Frederick '65 

1800 N.E. 43rd St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 321 

Yake, Jeffry Thomas '64 

Nursery Rd.. Titusville, N. J 127, 209, 342 

Yarborouah, Elbert C. '62, 1154 Fiske St., Durham, N. C. 

Yabrough. John W. '63, 102 Rolline Rd., Burlington, N. C 362 

Yarger, Greig Toms '64 

525 E. Angela, South Bend, Ind ...225, 362 

Yarnall, Wayne H. '64 

154 106th St., Stone Harbor, N. J 101, 103, 113, 262, 342 

Yocum, Edward S., II '64, 4 Oak Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. .262, 342 
Yodzis, Peter Paul '65, 2608 Liberty Pkwy., Baltimore 22, Md..321 
Young, Charles G., Ill '65 

2037 W. 96th St.. Shawnee Mission, Kan 321 

Young, George M., Jr. '63 

416 W. Second St., Madison, Ind 91, 362 

Younc. Paul C. "63 

4817 Meadow Lane, N.W., Canton, Ohio.. 58, 67, 93, 209, 362 
Young, Robert Edward '62 

924 Weatherbee Rd., Towson 4, Md 125, 201, 403 

Young, William Wilson '65 

E. Market St., Marietta, Pa 128, 260. 321 

Youngstrom, Richard Earl '65 

4301 W. 90th St. Terr., Shawnee Mission, Kan 321 

Zavelson, Thomas Michael '65 

666 W. Andover, Mansfield, Ohio 230, 321 

Zellers, Gordon Bryant '65 

2517 S.E. 25th Terr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.... 321 

Zepkin, Joseph R. '63, 48 Arline Dr., Newport News, Va. 
Zeren, Richard William '64 

1102 Hampton Garth, Towson 4, Md 58, 63, 229, 342 

Zeren, John Charles '65, 1 102 Hampton Garth, Towson 4, Md..-321 
Zide, Elliott Lawrence '64, 82 Summer St., Fitchburg, Mass. 
Zielonka, Carl L. '63 

819 S. Edison Ave.. Tampa 6, Fla 63, 226, 227, 362 

Zimmer, Carl Thomas '65 

1709 E. Cedar St., South Bend 17, Ind 208, 321 

Zimmer, Charles F. '63 

610 Topinabee Rd., Niles. Mich 203, 247, 362 

Zinn, Thomas J. '64, 54 Taylor Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky 342 

Zoubek, Charles Louis '63 

Meads Point, Greenwich, Conn.. 151, 225, 259, 403 

Zumbro. Sherrod Branson '62 

4116 Colesville Rd., Hyattsville, Md 149, 225, 403 

Zupanic, George Ivan '65 

2424 Waite Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich 210, 321 

Zwerner, John S. '63. 4201 Massachusetts Ave. 

Apt. 7027-C. Washington 16, D. C 98, 203, 256, 362 

.^- %