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On the brink . . . he stood, with 
only the dream of the cities, the 
million hooks, the spectral irn- 
ages of the people he had loved, 
who had loved him, whom he 
had known and lost. They will 
not come again. They never 
will come hack again. 

Thomas Wolfe 

The college years are suspen- 
sion. They are a time of constant 
growth and lightning change — a 
discovery of fresh ideas and 
dormant emotions — confusing 
years, filled with introspection. 
A time of new beginnings to 
age-old quests — What can I be? 
Where do I go? They are a 
vibrant span, crowded with im- 
ages and vague nostalgia. These 
are the Gothic windows, the 
Georgian columns. These are the 
college years, and this is Duke. 

An earthy town lies covered 
in a blanket of brown leaves 
wrapped in white paper. No 
plan, this town with its small 
shops and oil-stained tracks. 
This, too, explored, endured, or 
only missed. At the edge of 
town, a grayish wall surrounds a 
self-sustaining community. This 
settlement is divided east from 
west by a bridge, forever chang- 
ing colors, and a road confined 
between old dwellings and wide 
fields. The West land is like the 
wall, a mass of uneven stone 
and multi-colored roofs. Like 
the bridge, it changes colors, but 
only in the sun and in the rain. 
Towers strain upward from the 
mass — towers of authority and 
knowledge, of healing time and 
God. They are unnoticed or 
shaken, torn apart, tabled, for- 

gotten, yet stand unmoved. 
Where heavy slabs and buildings 
have not conquered, grass, pro- 
tected by chains, still grows. 
West is order, peace; it reeks 
of thought. It is eternal, but for 
the marble steps, quietly eroded 
by the passage of eager feet. 
Feet of a faceless stream, shifting, 
searching, for lost answers to 
forgotten questions. A passing 
stream of varied currents and new 
sources. It is a kaleidoscopic 
stream filled with countless bits 
ot humanity. It is lifoblood puls- 
ing through Gothic structures 
and musty volumes. This face- 
less horde, the essence of the 

Undulating, spreading, the 
stream floods dim cells cluttered 
with scrawled paper and unmade 
beds. It stretches into boxes, 
sole link with the other world, 
and into classrooms to be 
cleansed and molded. It knows 
red-cushioned booths and \'el- 
low figures behind long counters. 
It feels the biting wind and seldom 
snow. The stream grows used to 
rain, to dirty forks, to unread 
pages and filled ashtrays. It strug- 
gles incessantly to balance the 
internal, external forces which 
will not stop their change. 

The stream rushes down steps 
to waiting cars and travels the 
road back through the bridge 
to the East land — brick red and 
white, enveloped in magnolia 
leaves. This land is different 
from the West, )'et part of it. 
Here, too, is peace, order, and 
thought which rules unchallenged. 
Another stream pours forth to 
join the western one. Their 
mingled currents twist in cadence 
to steel guitars and dark voices. 
As one, they down the gold 
liquid in silvered cans and wait 
in alleys to consume hot cheese 


on heavy dough. They move 
together to wail the praise of 
blue and white uniforms on green 
fields or wooden courts. They 
find deep forests with blankets, 
plaid coolers, and good intentions. 
They know each other for an 
instant or forever. They dream, 
discovering new corners in fa- 
miliar minds, new turns in well- 
trod hearts. They feel the night, 
but are conscious only of the 
stars and soft moon-shadows. 
Engulfed, enraptured, they share 
the thousand feelings of their 



They are aware — painfully — 
of immediate, day-to-day exist- 
ence, of unrelenting evaluation, 
of ceaseless change. The stream 
swells to fruition, self-knowledge, 
then disperses through the broad 
gates ot rough-hewn stone. A 
stream bursting with the memory 
of these years which arc no more 
and cannot be again. 

The broad stream is too shal- 
low; there is a deeper knowledge, 
more intimate, more exact. It is 
the pattern of the single particle. 
This, the understanding of tor- 
ment, joy, inertia, spoil. Isolated, 
observed, he watched the phases 
of his own self-change, so much 
the same, vet different from the 

August melts into September, 
and with this merging comes a 
torrent to refresh the stream. 
He was part of this; burdened 
with the same apprehensions and 
bulging suitcases, he came within 
the wall. Nothing here, but hor- 
rible loneliness. Unknown and 
unknowing, he wanted to shout 
and tell what he had done, but 
no one seemed to care. Uneasy 
laughter, nervous chatter, des- 
perate longing to be part of 
something, to belong. Older faces 
— more confident in white shirt- 
sleeves and pleated skirts 
beckoned to him with the promise 
of forbidden fruit, answers to his 
unknown questions. He redis- 
covered home; this time a pigeon 
hole on the fourth floor, built for 

one but occupied by three. Then, 
a tag — his first — proclaimed his 
name, hometown, to all he met. 
Sleepless nights and endless tests- 
no knowledge given, only drained 
in huge, hot classrooms filled 
with more strange faces. He 
found the t\\ ilight zone of gray 
suspension, waiting — but tor 
what- Suddenly, wheels resume 
their turning; the stream, its 
fiow. iVlore ot the older, know- 
ing faces and a pattern of class- 
rooms, labs takes shape. He sees 
familiar features, buildings, peo- 
ple. He shares the unstructured 
independence of these years and 
joins his complaints of early 
hours and wretched food to theirs. 
Bluebooks, weekly themes — filled 
in and handed back. No longer 
excellent, superior, or even good; 
and so begins the swift destruc- 
tion of old-self until no shred of 
confidence is left, onh' a leveled 
surface waiting fi)r reconstruc- 

Eastward, she struggled with 
the same uneasy sickness, loneli- 
ness, and mass confusion. Her 
world far less transient than his; 
her scars and feelings deeper, 
but of a different breed. Stiff, 
pasf\ snules — classrooms full of 
bodies covered with like cloth 
and pins — accepted, rejected, 
another tag, this time Greek. 
Blind dates and more blind dates, 
new clothes, new friends, new 
feelings. She spilled countless 
words on paper, writing to any- 
one, an\'where — waiting for the 
gra\ness to pass. 

SlowK-, awareness. A living 
part of this communal thought. 
Too much nf)w to do, to read; 
they had no time for letters. 
Suds, fiicks, all-nighters — swiftly 
the fall turns to winter and on 
to spring. Red cards on black, 
sand, sun— no gray suspension. 

only contused, rapid whirling. 
Finals, tarcwclls — sadly, they 
turned their feet homeward, a 
place as foreign now as these 
walls had been September last. 
Three months — the strangeness 
subsided, yet old ties were not 
as close; old structures would 
not tit. He watched the summer 
seep away, eager to rejoin his 
stream, to pass again into his 
own. Bright were his dreams, 
and high his expectations. Se- 
curity clutched tightly in wisps 
of madras cloth, blue-jeaned 
thighs, or bearded face. Meticu- 
lous assemblage of his outer shell, 
the symbol ot belonging, of his 
world. Worn phrases reiterated 
by the faceless stream like echoes 
in a mountain pass. Unsteady, 
untried, he began again the oft- 
repeated pattern. Same routine — 
classes, suds, papers, quizzes — 
but with it, unbridled will to act 
pulled and tore him a thousand 
ways. This year ot tresh be- 
ginnings, new approaches to past 
mistakes. Again rapid whirling, 
but now between his surging 
energy and the unconfidence of 
deep-selt. No purpose here, only 

pressure — unbearable, unrelent- 
ing pressure — and refuge sought 
in accepted brands and constant 
motion. A time of intense spirit, 
of feeling that the world within 
the wall is forever and cannot, 
will not end. Slowly now the 
winter turned to spring. He 
longed for May, an end to disil- 
lusion, an escape from pressure. 
Ecstatic, unleashed, he rushed 
from the dispersing stream to 
hnd himself in the peaceful iields 
of summer experience. 

Gentle leaves resting in pud- 
dles. Gold, red, September leaves 
bobbing in the old familiar stream. 
More staid, less eager — standing 


and watching — new faces, strange 
and young; remembered smiles 
no longer part of the rushing 
crowd. He had a past, a present, 
and a future. Three worlds now, 
instead of one. Old, old pattern 
too well-known begun again. 
Awakening of self to self, to 
change, transience, basic solidity 
from deep wells within. Third 
year of the four— a time of 
decision, preparation, concrete re- 
sponsibility and respect. No outer 
symbols of security; no need for 
cliches and accepted brands. This, 
the year of the individual, of 
idealism as high as the ivied 
towers and as strong as he who 
built them. Electric stimulation, 
pricking lectures, wild urge to 
know for knowing's sake, to 
swallow every scrap of printed 
paper, and still to feel how little 
could be learned. Fields of con- 
centration, major interests — new 
scope beyond the ageless w^alls. 
New depth to old relationships, 
recharged, the world waited for 
his ideas. No faceless stream, but 
stream of faces, individuals — • 


Handle kwith Carc 




I f 




fresh meaning to that word. Joy, 
feehng intense to the point of 
hurt; again he wanted to cry, 
not what he had done, but what 
he felt. This \ear so swiftly 
passed, huge blocks torn away 
before he had accomplished half 
of what he'd planned. September 
merged with May, and the hnal 
lap a summer away. 

Eager squirrels' feet gathering 
brown acorns hidden in piles of 
crisp bright leaves. Warm au- 
tumn — the last, in these the col- 
lege years. Old stream, older 
now filled with nostalgic memory 
of past faces and forgotten moods. 
Threadbare pattern, relieved only 
by the blue-white clash of uni- 
forms or frantic preparations for 

the outside world. Pinnacle of 
this phantom community; above 
all judging, comparing like the 
towers of stone. Some ready 
to leave the wall behind, to find 
new patterns, unfamiliar faces, 
hard reality. Others bewildered, 
apprehensive — no plan, waiting, 
indecision, futile dreams. And 
still others, unwilling to leave the 
protecting shadow of these calm 
buildings to begin another quest 
for deeper knowledge of them- 
selves and of their chosen work. 
He stood and watched the shifting 
images of four years, the changing 
stream, his own self-change. 
Al(M-e red brick now, not con- 
fined to I'.ast. It swelled from red 
ela\' banks marred h\' bulldozers 

and heavy trucks. The laughter 
oi legal students on soft, spring 
days no longer drifts toward the 
main quadrangle — empty their 
steps, gone from the old, old 
walks. No Myrtle, only Campus 
where it once had stood. Lines of 
self-written schedules erased by 
the coming of automation. Cuts 
— free at least for this, the last 
semester. New pools, reflecting 
wisteria-encrusted arbors; new 
faces leading this community; 

new heights of academic glory. 
Strange, the hushed footsteps oi 
this year; unbearable the crowd- 
ing memory of past days. Nos- 
talgia, creeping sickness that left 
no one untouched. Accomplished 
record, too late to change its 
contents. Only the future and 
the past were his; this, the time 
of transition, readjustment, final 
touches to set construction of 
self. Then, the long black line. 
Dark leather ot midnight blue, 
scripture as a guide tor future 
paths, last advice, last honors, 
reading of his name, and then 
the gate. Final glance towards 
shady arches and tiny window 
panes. Goodbye, this time for- 
ever to the stream — a part of 
him of which he had been part — 
to the dreams forsaken or ful- 
hlled. Again bright eyes, fastened 
on the hills beyond. 

Rough stone that will not 
mourn his passmg, remembered 
only in the hollows of the worn 
steps. Eternal — buildings, grass, 
and trees — but lost the essence 
of his college years — the faces 
he had known and loved. 



'Still pleased to teach, 

and yet not proud to know 


• ^4 




Dear Miss Kirabrough: 

It is with pleasure that I comply with your request for a state- 
ment since it enables me to touch briefly upon the past, the present 
and the future: 

First, to pay tribute to the many who established the high 
qualities of "old Trinity College" and the great University built 
around this College during the thirty-six years preceding I96O. 

Second, to express to all my deep appreciation for the wide- 
spread support and cooperation that have been given to me and to 
Duke University. Work under such conditions is more pleasant than 
laborious. It is ray desire to emphasize that if, in the judgment of 
some, we have made progress it has come from the combined efforts of 
all, working harmoniously with diligence and intelligence for a 
common objective - a great University of ever Improving quality, 
southern in location, national and international in following and 
responsibilities, with a growing influence and prestige which already 
extend around the world. 

Third, to mention one development worth far more than the three 
years of combined, cooperative efforts - the securing of a man of the 
character, qualifications and attainments of Dr. Douglas M. Knight for 
fifth President of Duke University. Each of us can take personal 
pride in this, since all have helped make available the time and 
establish the conditions necessary for such an accomplishment. Future 
developments will provide an ample reward. 

Fourth, to record my conviction that with continuing enthusiastic 
and dedicated support of all members of the University family, present 
and future, Duke University, as a result of its growth in academic 
excellence, will increase in prestige, will receive appropriate honors, 
and will move ever forward for greater service. The result will be 
that the "Golden Age" of Duke will never be in the past or in the 
present, but always will lie ahead. 

Finally, to wish for each of you a long and happy life during 
which you will work for, be aided by, take pride in, and receive 
satisfaction and honor from the academic accomplishments of your 

Sincerely yours. 


Miss Laurel Kimb rough 
Editor, The Chanticleer 
Duke University 
Durham, North Carolina 

Deryl Hart 


Richard K. I'higpcn. 


,Mr. Bl nvan Snipes Wombi e 

(' nf the I'xccutivc Committee of the University 

1 he Board of Trustees confirms faculty appointments, 
regulates the University's rules and by-laws, and approves 
the issuance of diplomas and honors. The Trustees also 
elect the President of the University and are ultimately 
responsible for the fiscal affairs of Duke. The North Caro- 
lina Methodist Church and the Duke University Alumni 
Association appoint thirty-six members to serve as Trustees 
for six-year terms. Because the Trustees only meet twice 
annually in an official capacity, matters of immediate con- 
sequence are delegated to the seven-member Executive 
Committee. This year, the Trustees elected Dr. Douglas 
M. Knight to succeed the retiring Dr. Hart as President 
of Duke and held an unprecedented meeting w ith student 

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Bun\an Snipes 
W'ombic is serving his third year in office. Mr. Wbmble 
has been a member of the Board since the academic year 
1^1^-1 '^16. He was elected m the {'".xecutive Committee 
HI I'^M). A native of Pittsbnro, North Carolina, Mr. Womble 
graduated from Trinity College and took his law degree 
there. Mr. \^bmble is also a member ot the Duke Endow- 
ment Board of Trustees and has served the University as 
Chairman of the Advisor)' Committee to the University 
Loyalty Fund. 


Dr. Jordan is associated with the Division of Institutional 
Advancement, the Department of Alumni Affairs, the Ap- 
pointments Bureau, and the Bureau of Public Information. 
Lastly, he is Chairman of the Universir\' Arhlerie (-ouncil. 
.As if this were not enough to keep a Duke ahininu.s occupied. 
Dr. Jordan also manages to keep active in civic and church 
affairs, notably the Rotary Club, the North Carolina Sym- 
phony Society, and the General Board of Education of the 
Methodist Church. 

Dr. Hopkins has been intimately connected with various 
aspects of higher education for a number of years. Upon 
completion of his formal academic training at Wittenberg 
Universit>' and the University ot Pennsylvania, he was con- 
nected with .Miami of Ohio, Washington State College, 
and Washington University in St. Louis. Through the \ears, 
he was nominated for special assignments, positions, and 
committees and was inducted into a host of professional and 
honor societies. 

In dealing with student affairs, Dean Herring can draw 
upon a large fund of experience. While at Duke as an under- 
graduate. Dr. Herring was an outstanding student; he was 
tapped for membership in Phi Beta Kappa and IVbo's Who. At 
the present time, he is serving as a Trustee of Louisburg Col- 
lege and as Chairman of the Co-operative Research Com- 
mittee of the North Carolina College Conference. Dean 
Herring is also an outdoorsman, spending much of his spare 
time gardening, fishing, and hunting. 

The financial complex responsible for keeping Duke 
in the black is headed by Mr. Gerhard C. Henricksen. 
Formerly, Mr. Henricksen was Business Manager and 
Comptroller. With the retirement of Mr. Brower this 
summer, he has assumed the positions of V'ice-President for 
Business and Finance and Treasurer of the University. 
When not directly concerned with trial-balances, tear-sheets, 
computer tapes and data, Mr. Hcndricksen serves on the 
E.xecutive Committee of the Research Triangle Foundation. 

Herbert J. Herring, M.A., LL D 
Vice President in the l)ivisi,.n ,if StudLnt Lift 

G C. HENRICkbEN, M.A., C.P.A. 
for Biisine-ss and Finance, Treasurer of the University 

Before his promotion in 1961, ,\lr. Haruard 
was Assistant Comptroller and Internal Audi- 
tor of tlie University. After graduating from 
Duke in 1946, he practiced for ten years in 
the Raleigh-Durham area as a Certified Public 
Accountant. Mr. Harv\ard is a World War II 
Air Force veteran and a member of the To- 
baccoland Kiwanis Club. He is currently 
serving as Treasurer of the local Kiwanian 
group. On the undergraduate level, Mr. Har- 
ward sits in on meetings of the Publications 
Board, advising that body on financial matters. 


Jdmn M. DnziFR, A.B. 
Business Manager 

Mr. Dozier has held the offices of Associate 
Secretary of the Universit\', I'xecutive Secre- 
tary of the Univcrsitx Sehi)larship Committee, 
Assistant to the \'ice-Frcsident m the Division 
of Public Relations, and, since 1958, Secretary 
of the University and Assistant Business 

A Duke alumnus, Mr. Dozier is active in 
civic and religious affairs. He is Chairman of 
the Board of Pensions of the North Carolina 
Conference of the Methodist Church, an As- 
sociate Lay Leader in the Durham District, 
and \'ice-President of the Methodist Fund, 
Inc. He is also a member of the Durham 
County Board of Education, the Board of 
Directors of the Research Triangle Park, Inc., 
and the Board of Directors of the Wachovia 
Bank and Trust Compan\'. 

This past fall, the Board of Trustees elected 
Dr. Goodwin to succeed Richard L. Predmore 
as Secretary of the L'niversit\ . Ihe appoint- 
ment, while recognizing Dr. Goodwin's abili- 
ties, also enabled his predecessor to assume 
the full-time job of Dean of the Graduate 
School of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Goodwin 
received his Ph.D. at Duke and went on to 
further graduate study at Assumpti(in Uni- 
versity, Ontario. His field of concentration, 
economics, has carried him far afield: to the 
Australian National University as an Honorary 
Research Fellow and to York University, 
Toronto, as a guest lecturer. 

Crmurd Goodwin, Phi). 
Secretary of the University 


Dr. Richard Turhill, the freshman advisor 
for the Woman's College General Motors 
National Scholarship Committee is plagued by 
young women. His office is frequented by 
co-eds seeking information and counsel con- 
cerning these grants. Although devoted to this 
attractive position. Dr. Tuthill's workaday 
duties are those of University Registrar and 
Professor of Economics. In connection with 
his emirscs. Dr. Tuthill is currently investigat- 
ing problems dealing with the resources of the 
Soviet Union and the emerging nations of 
Afrien. Before coming to Duke, Dr. Tuthill 
taught at the University of Kentucky and was, 
later. Assistant Director of Research for Pan 
American World Airways. 

Rk n\Rr) 1 R Hill 


A native Tarheel, Dr. Hobbs received both 
his undergraduate and graduate degrees at 
Duke. He ioined the (^hemistr\- Department 
in 1935 and was appointed to the departmental 
chair in 1951. Having gained valuable adminis- 
trative experience as a department head and as 
a supervisor of wartime research programs. 
Dr. Hobbs was promoted to Dean of the 
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and, 
ultimateh-, to Dean of the University. He as- 
sumed the duties of Assistant Provost in 1960. 
Dean Hobbs is currently serving as chairman 
of the Board of Governors and Executive 
Committee of the Research Triangle Institute. 

Marcus E. Hobbs, Ph.D. 
Vice Provost and Dean of the University 

Robert T. Coi e, Ph.D. 
Provost of the University 

According to Article XII of the University 
Bylaws, the Provost is " . . . responsible for all 
educational affairs and activities, including re- 
search and the University Hospital, and for 
all aspects of student activity and welfare." 
In conjunction with his administrative duties, 
Dr. Cole is James B. Duke Professor of Politi- 
cal Science. His academic and professional 
credentials are indeed impressive; he graduated 
Phi Beta Kappa, studied abroad under a Gug- 
genheim Eellowship, and is a past president of 
the American Political Science Association. 
.At present. Dr. Cole is editor of the American 
Political Science Review. 



I \cliisivc of academic matters, all under- 
gr;k1ii,irc men are responsible to the Office of 
rile Dean of Undergraduate Men. But if Dean 
C^o.x is usually occupied with problems relat- 
ing to campus life — organizations, fraternities, 
etc. it is not irregular for students to bring 
their personal and academic problems to him. 
Dean Cox received his A.B. at the University 
of Tennessee and his M.A. at Peabody Institute. 
He did additional graduate work at the Uni- 
versit\' of North Carolina and at Duke. Mr. 
(^ox came to Duke at the invitation of Dr. 
White of the F.nglish Department. 

Robert B. Cox, M.A. 
Dean of Undergraduate Men 

It is incumhenr upon the Dean ot lrmit\' 
(College that he supervise the academic pro- 
grams of all undergraduate men, with the ex- 
ception of engineering students. Dean Man- 
chester is also Professor of Histor>-; one of 
the courses he teaches is the "History ot 
i'.uropean Kxpansion Overseas (141 5-1S9S)."' 
Be\'ond the groves of academe, Dr. Manchester 
is the American representative to the Inter- 
American Cultural Council of the Organiza- 
tion of American States and a member of the 
United States National Commission for 

Howard A. Strobel, Ph.D. 
Assistant Dean of Trinitv Collcf 

Alan K. Manchester, Ph.D. 
Dean of Trinity College 

Assistant Dean ot Trinity College, Dr. 
Strobel attended the State University of Wash- 
ington. He then traveled cross-countr\- to do 
his graduate work at Brown Universit\- in 
Providence, Rhode Island. During the war, 
he u as associated w ith the top-secret .Manhat- 
tan Project, the scientitic team which was in- 
strumental in developing the atomic bomb. An 
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Strobefs 
textbook, CheDikiil Analysis: A Systematic Ap- 
(irihuh to Iiistniuiciital Ai/aylsis, was published 
in IVAO. Dean Strobel is also Secretary of the 
Undergraduate Faculty Council, the group ot 
immortals responsible for voluntary class at- 



Having giMdiiarcti t'roni Duke with academic 
hiinors. Dr. Johnson taught in the I3urhani 
schools and at Randolph-Alacon College. 
After tour \ears on the stati of the Duke Sum- 
mer Session, he was appointed to his present 
position, Assistant Dean of Trinity College. 
Dean Johnson's interests lie with upperclass- 
mcn. Juniors and seniors, in particular, may 
consult him, formally or informally, for help 
in solving their problems — academic or other- 
wise. Concurrently, Dr. Johnson is an as- 
sociate professor in the Department of Edu- 

.i> B. Johnson, LJ.U. 
Dean ot Trinity College 

Freshman Week may be a time of uncer- 
tainty and bewilderment. The program ad- 
ministered by Dean Jones reduces contusion 
and helps freshmen to become quickly and 
painlessK' oriented to life at Duke. Communi- 
cation between Room 104 Allen and the hrst- 
ycar class is maintained throughout the year 
— in treshman assemblies, personal conferences, 
etc. Dean Jones graduated from Duke Magna 
Cum Laude and attended the Yale Divinity 
and Ciraduate Schools; he received his Ph.D. 
at Duke. 

C. H. W'OMBI E, Ph.D. 
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Me 

Barnlv L. Jonis. B.I). Fh.D. 
Assistant Dean of Trinity College 

Dean Womble attended Davidson College 
for two years, but graduated from Johns Hop- 
kins University in 1954. He also received his 
M.A. and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins and served 
there as a graduate instructor, until he came 
to Duke in 1958. A classicist and a linguist. 
Dean Womble is a member of the American 
Philogical Association and a past president of 
the North Carolina Classical Association. 

Walter J. Seeley, Dean of the College of 
Engineering, will retire this summer after 
thirty-five years of service to the University. 
His career began at the Polytechnic Institute 
of Brooklyn, where he received the Bachelor 
of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. 
Later, he attended the University of Pennsyl- 
vania and was awarded the M.S. degree in 
Physics. During his many >'cars of teaching. 
Dean Seeley was also a consultant to business 
concerns, to various research projects, and to 
municipal governments. Through the years, 
he has also managed to keep abreast of de- 
velopments in stereoscopic photography and 
studies in lightning. 

\\m iiR J. SKtitv, i:.i:., M.S. 

Dean of the College of Engineering 


Everett B. Weatherspoon, A.'. 
Director of Admissions 

Ask an\- undergraduate. The business of 
selecting the right college and then gaining 
admission to that institution is a trying affair, 
calling for patience, honesty, and objectivity. 
Everett B. Weatherspoon, a member of the 
Class of 1930 and a past President of the North 
Carolina Association of Collegiate Registrars 
and Admissions Officers, serves as Director 
of Admissions for Trinity College and the 
College of Engineering. His time is largely 
taken up with committee meetings, personal 
interviews, and the inevitable difficult decision 
— "yes" or "no." The caliber of the present 
student body is a credit to the Admissions 
Office and its policies. 


Professor Macduft' graduated from VVbbb 
Institute with a B.S. in Xaval Architecture 
and Marine Engineering and then obtained an 
M.A. degree in Mechanical Engineering at 
New York University. Mr. Macduff was, suc- 
cessively, on the faculties of the Brooklyn Poly- 
technic Institute and R.P.I. At Duke Professor 
Macduff is now conducting research in the 
technical areas of vibration and sliock. 

John N. iMacduff, M.M.E. 
Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. Ear! Brown has been cited for his out- 
standing contributions to the tieki of concrete 
design in Aiiicrhaii Men af Siir/nr and Who's 
Who ill Eiif^iimring. His earl> studies in civil 
engineering were conducted at V'.M.I., the 
University of Texas, and neighboring North 
Carolina State College. Before joining the 
Duke faculty, Dr. Brown was Professor of 
Civil Engineering and Assistant Dean of the 
School of Engineering at Auburn. 

Charles R. \ail, M.S.E.E., Ph.D. 
Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering 

Dr. \-ail holds three degrees in his held 
and teaches both graduate and undergraduate 
courses in the department. .At the present 
time, Dr. \ ail is also connected with a research 
project on superconducting circuitry. Outside 
the milieu of laboratory apparatus. Dr. Vail is 
a Eello\\' of the American Institute of Electrical 
Engineers and a member of the Governor's 
Scientific Advisory Committee. He also sits 
on the University Academic Council and is 
the current President of the local Phi Beta 
Kappa chapter. 


Ellen Hakuis Hlckabee, M.A. 
Acting Dean of The Woman's College 


Prospective students often Hnti the title 
"Director of Admissions" ominous and a bit 
frightening. Mrs. Persons, iiowever, is con- 
cerned with making the interview, the in- 
dividual's first collegiate experience, as pain- 
less and pnihtable as possible. She meets new 
students once again when she ofticialh' wel- 
comes incoming women during Orientation 
Week. Mrs. Persons's experience at Duke — 
as an undergraduate, a graduate student, and a 
counsellor — have given her a valuable perspec- 
tive to aid in the selection of new students. 

With the retirement of Aliss Brinkley after 
many years of service, a void was created in 
the administration of the Woman's College. 
The need was not only for someone to fill 
the Dean's chair, but also for a personable 
and inspiring woman. In the interim. Miss 
Kllen Huckabee has ably discharged the office 
of Acting Dean of the Woman's College. Born 
in Albemarle, N. C, and a Duke alumna, Miss 
Huckabee had been the Dean of Undergradu- 
ate Instruction in the Woman's College for 
the past ten \-ears. Aside from her adminis- 
trative duties, she is a member of the Long- 
Range Planning C'ommittee and the Board of 
Governors of the Faculty Club. 

Persons, M.A. 
Woman's C.llcge 


LiLiJAN Armi lEi.D Lee, M.S.Ed. 
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate \\b: 

W ith the A.B. dcyrcc trcni Winthrop Col- 
lege and an Al.A. fnnn (Columbia University, 
,\liss Wilson came to Duke as a house counse- 
lor. She then became Dean of Residents and, 
ultimately. Dean of Undergraduate Women. 
Miss Wilson works with house counselors 
and other associates sharing the responsibility 
for the non-academic matters of student life. 
Her duties range from co-ordinating official and 
W'.S.CJ.A. activities to supervising the social 
program and advising student organizations. 

Previous to her appointment to the Duke 
faculty. Miss Philpott was an instructor in 
the biological sciences at the University of 
(Chicago. Now an Associate Professor of 
Botany, her academic duties involve courses 
in the structure of vascular plants and research 
m plant ecology. Her position as Supervisor of 
Freshman Studies in Botany was, perhaps, a 
factor in Miss Philpott's selection as Acting 
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Instruction. 

Miss Lee first came to Duke as an under- 
graduate; later, after receiving her M.A. at 
Indiana University, she returned to serve as 
Pegram's House Counselor. She, therefore, ap- 
proached the position of Assistant Dean of 
Undergraduate Women with an intimate knowl- 
edge of the University and the difficulties en- 
countered by co-eds. Her duties include meet- 
ing with the treasurers of East Campus or- 
ganizations, discussing immediate co-ed em- 
ployment opportunities, serving on the .\ngier 
B. Duke Scholarship Committee, and acting 
as adviser to the Foreign Student (Committee. 

Miss Jenkins combines administrative work 
and teaching. As a classroom lecturer, Miss 
Jenkins teaches courses in the history of art. 
Her special interest is portraiture, and she has 
written on this area of artwork. Miss Jenkins 
obtained an M.A. at Radcliffe and a Ph.D. at 
Bryn Maw r College. As a Dean, Dr. Jenkins is 
concerned with the academic affairs of juniors, 
seniors and transfer students. 

Jank Phii pott, Ph.D. 
ate Dean of L'ndergradii 


-Colonel Charles H. Dl Nt:.i 
Department ot" Air Science 

A former Air Force jet pilot. Colonel Dun- 
can has received three of the service's highest 
decorations: the Distinguished Flying Cross, 
the Air Medal with twelve oak leaf clusters, 
and the Air Force Commendation Medal. 
Colonel Duncan conducts classes in the various 
phases of navigation as well as pre-commission 
briefings for AFROTC students. Among the 
Colonel's outside interests are an occasional 
tour of the University Golf Course and odd- 
hours in his home workshop. 


A native of Holland, Michigan, Dr. Costing 
has made his home in Durham since 1931, 
when he came to Duke as an instructor. He 
became a full professor in 1948; in 1954, he 
was named Chairman of the Botany Depart- 
ment. His research has carried him "far afield" 
— to the study of forest ecology, the develop- 
ment of vegetation on bare rocks, the ecology 
of maritime vegetation in the Southeastern 
United States, and North ('arolina vegetation. 

ML G. Mueller, Ph.D. 
Department of Art 

Dr. Mueller shares his office, "under the 
stairs in Asbur\', " with his wile, who is an 
Associate Professor in the Department of 
Music. Dr. Mueller conducts classes in art 
history and in studio art and printmaking. 
Curiously, he received a Bachelor of Music 
degree from the noted Eastman School of Music 
at the University of Rochester. He went on to 
do graduate work at the State University of 
Iowa, earning an M.F.A. in studio art and a 
Ph.D. in art history. 

Dr. Saylor received his A.B. at Southern 
Methodist University and did his graduate 
work at Duke. After a year of teaching high- 
school chemistry in Fredericktovvn, Missouri, 
he joined the Chemistry Department here in 
1927. A member of the American Association 
for the Advancement of Science, Phi Lambda 
Upsilon, and Sigma Xi, Dr. Saylor has had 
several works published in the general fields of 
physical and analytical chemistry. 

Henry J. Oosting, Ph.D 
Department of Botany 


Dr. Rogers has become a spceialist in the 
affairs of the early Roman Kmpirc, particularly 
the conception and development of Roman law. 
His main contributions to this study are the 
books, Caesaris Augiisti Res Gestae et Frng/wnta 
and Studies in the Reign of Tiberius, and an 
article, "Criminal Trials and Criminal Legisla- 
tion Under Tiberius." Dr. Rogers holds de- 
grees from the University of Pcnns\lvania, 
Princeton, and Columbia. 

Dr. Cartwright is devoted to the subtle re- 
lationships bet%\een Duke, the teaching pro- 
fession, and secondary and higher education. 
He is currently working with former Harvard 
president. Dr. James B. Conant, on a "Study 
of the Education of American Teachers, 1961- 
1963." Dr. Cartw right's career began at the 
University of Minnesota. In 1959, his alma 
mater awarded him its Outstanding Achieve- 
ment Award. 

\^^LR, Ph.D. 
of Economics 

There is a growing trend in the ranks of 
ofhciakloni for top administrators to hold more 
than one important post. The tendency is 
especially true in business and in education. 
Dr. Frank de Vyver is one of those able men 
who manages to combine commercial activities 
with those of the classroom. Currently, he is 
Chairman of the Department of Economics and 
Business Administration and \'ice-Provost of 
the University. He is a vice-president of Erwin 
Mills in Durham, in charge of labor relations. 


Dr. Turner joined the Duke faculty in 195 3, 
and was appointed chairman of the English 
Department in 195S. He is active in profes- 
sional circles and widely respected for his 
critical contributions to American literature, 
notably the literature of the South. Perhaps 
his best-known work is George W. Cable: A 
Biography, which was adjudged the best book 
in Southern history for 1956-1957 by the 
Southern Historical Association and received 
the Association's S\dnor Prize. 

William H. Cartwright, Ph.D 
Department of Kdiication 

El)«ARl> W. BtRKV, Ph.D. 

Department of Geology 

A biography of Dr. Berry may be found 
ill eitJKT Aiiicricaii Men of Scieiice or Whris 
Who III Aiiicrica. He has participated in numer- 
ous geological surveys and is a fellow of the 
Geological So:iety of America and the Geo- 
logical Society of London. During the academic 
year 1961-1962, Dr. Berry was a visiting 
professor at the University of Malaya. On 
the literary side, Professor Berry has written 
extensively for technical journals and serves 
as editor of Tlic Soiitli-Easteni Ceoloi^ht. 

Herm.^n S.^mn<,kr, Ph.D. 
Department of German 

Sometime poet and full-time professor of 
German, Dr. Sahngcr is a busy man. He — 
and a distinguished group of fans — are eagerly 
awaiting the publication of a second volume 
of "Herr Professor's" verse, A Sigh is the 
Sword. Poet Salinger's firsr book of rhymes 
bore the intriguing title Aii'j,cl of Our Thirst. 
In February, Dr. Sahngcr, his wife, and two 
of their three daughters left on a tour of 
Ciernian\-, Austria, France, and Italy. 


Professor Aycock was educated at Okla- 
homa State University and Iowa University. 
He has taught at both his alma maters and 
at Michigan State. Among the classes Mr. 
Aycock conducts are courses in the "History 
and Principles of Physical Fducation" and 
"School Health Problems." Card Gym is 
conveniently located near the Duke Golf 
Course, and Mr. Aycock is a steady golfer. 

Although her major concern is keeping some 
1,200 women physically fit. Miss Grout is 
also engaged in public and professional service. 
She has been both secretary and vice-president 
of the National Association for Physical Edu- 
cation of College Women and, in 1956, she 
represented the American Association of Uni- 
versity Women at President Eisenhower's 
Conference on the Fitness of American Youth. 

Thomas M. Aycock, M.A. 
West Campus Department of Health and Phys 

Julia R. Grout, M.S. 
iipus Department of Health and Physic: 



■ KN, Ph.D. 


A Yankece and a Yale graduarc, Dr. Watson 
is particularly interested in the drift of Ameri- 
can history in the twentieth century. The 
courses he teaches are largely devoted to an 
examination ot critical contemporary events 
and the interpretations which historians have 
imposed upon these happenings. Dr. Watson 
received the R.D.W. Connor Award, given to 
the author of the best article to appear in The 
Xiirth Crmliihj Historical Review for 1960-1961. 

It is commonplace that technolog\- ami 
the wicked world of IBM have permeated the 
fabric of American society and culture. 1 he 
inroads made by the new methodologies have 
served to widen the province of mathematics. 
Dr. Clergen, the departmental chairman, over- 
sees the mathematics curriculum. He attended 
the L'niversitN' ot .Minnesota and received his 
doctorate at Rice. 

Allan H. Bone, Professor of .Music and 
Conductor of the Duke S\iiiphnny Orchestra, 
did his undergraduate work ar the L'niversity 
of Wisconsin and received his .Masters de- 
gree at the Eastman School of Music. Mr. 
Bone studied conducting under Pierre Monteux 
and has also been associated with Eugene 
Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra. This 
summer, he will teach at Columbia University. 


Colonel DuRant brings a distinguished war- 
time and peacetime record to his job. After 
graduating from The Citadel, he entered the 
Marine Corps. During World War II, he par- 
ticipated in the following Pacific campaigns: 
Saipan, (luam, linian, Okinawa, Ivvo |ima 
Since the war. Colonel DuRant's major as- 
signments have been: Facult\', Brazilian Naval 
War College; Commanding Officer, 1st Marine 
Regiment; Cj-i (Operations, Plans, Training). 

SI I I'l.U ARl) ^V. DUR.\NT, Jr., B.S. 
DepirtiiKnt of Naval Science 

Department of Ph 

Dr. Baylis graduated from the University 
of Washington and the Harvard Graduate 
School. He was able to continue advanced 
study as a Sheldon Traveling f'ellow , a Gug- 
genheim Fellow, and as a Fulbright Senior 
Scholar. Moreover, Dr. Baylis has served as 
President of the Southern Society of Psychology 
and Philosophy and has taught summer courses 
at Brown, Harvard, Stanford, and the Uni- 
versity of Maryland. 


Dr. Fairbank, recently appointed successor 
to Dr. Lewis as Chairman of the Physics De- 
partment, is a specialist in low-temperature 
physics. Last November, it was announced 
that Dr. Fairbank will direct experimental 
studies on helium with the aid of a two-year 
grant from the National Science Foundation. 
The terms of the grant, which totaled 182,000, 
also provide for investigation of helium at 
elevated pressures. Dr. Fairbank is a graduate of 
Whitman College and Yale. 

Dr. Rankin received his A.B. from ruseuluin 
College in his home town of lusciiluni, len- 
nessee, and then went on to graduate work at 
Princeton. He has written articles tor Ann-ruwi 
Political Science and the South Atlantic Q/iartrrly 
and edited A Century of Social I'hoii'^lii and The 
Presidency in Transition. His own books include 
When Civil Lmiv Fails and Political Science in 
the South. 

Awarded a Ph.D. from Harvard in 1926, 
Dr. Zener came to Duke two years later, after 
a stay at the University of Berlin as a National 
Research Council Fellow. Dr. Zener is engaged 
in psychological research, principally reinvesti- 
gation of Pavlov's classical conditioning experi- 
ments with dogs and studies of visual space 
perception in mammals as related to under- 
hing ph\si()li)giea! processes. 


Karl Edward Zknikr, Ph.D. 
Department of Psychology 

^•J^^- s 

Jamk^ L. Price, Jr.. Ph.D. 
Department ot Religion 

Dr. Price was recently distinguished as the 
recipient of one of the first summer research 
grants given by the University Research Coun- 
cil. With this award. Dr. Price spent the sum- 
ner (if 1960-1961 studying in Zurich, Switzer- 
land. His IxMik, Iiiterprctiiii^ the New Testament, 
was published upon his return to the United 
States. Dr. Price's scholarly and authoritative 
volume is currently the standard te.xt for in- 
troductory courses in the Department. 

A Te.xan by birth. Dr. McKinney attended 
Colorado State College and Michigan State 
University. An Army veteran, Professor 
McKinney returned to Michigan State to 
teach, after the war. His current areas of 
research are work and retirement, the profes- 
sionalization process in nursing, and con- 
structive typology and social research; these 
studies are being conducted under the auspices 
of the Ford Foundation, the National Institute 
of Health, and the University Research Council. 

The Chairman of the Department of Ro- 
mance Languages, Dr. Clifford Davis, is listed 
in the current Who's Who in America. A gradu- 
ate of Bowdoin College — the alma mater of 
Longfellow and Hawthorne— Dr. Davis re- 
ceived the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Har- 
vard. Among his special contributions to the 
field. Dr. Davis has written numerous articles 
on the nineteenth-century Spanish novel and 
the "medieval spirit" of Spanish literature. 
Dr. Davis is also a past president of the North 
C-arolina Association of Teachers of Spanish 
and Portuguese. Away from the classroom. 
Dr. Davis enjoys mountain-climbing, swim- 
ming, and photography. 

Dr. Jezierski graduated from Harvard in 
1942 with an A.B. and also received his 
graduate degrees there. He has taught at 
Harvard, Boston University, and Tufts 
and worked for the National Securit\' 
Agency in Washington. Dr. Jezierski has 
devoted himself to building a Russian 
library at Duke, increasing its size from 
LOGO to 10,000 volumes. To this end, he 
visited the Soviet Union in 19.')9, where 
he obtained references for books in the 
Duke library and photostats for use on 
his return. 

Mrs. Jezierski is also a linguist, with an 
M.A. in Russian Studies from Radclifie 
College. The Jezierskis plan to teach their 
children Russian — after they get their 
German down. The family summers in 
New England — near Harvard and the 

(.iiKiKi) Dams, Ph.D. 
Department (it Rcimanee Languages 

»f!l LX 

Bk.iNIM \s II|1.E\ M jl/IIRSKI, Ph.D. 

Department ot Russian 

John C. McKinney, Ph.D. 
Department ot Soeiology 

Edward C. Horn, Ph.D. 

Department ot Zoology 

Dr. Horn's offices arc located in the new Bio- 
logical Sciences Building. Here, he directs the 
teaching and research programs relating to 
zoology. Before his appointment to the Duke 
facult\-. Dr. Horn taught at Russell Sage Col- 
lege and the University of Arizona. At the 
present time. Dr. Horn is a Fellow of the 
American Association for the Advancement 
of Science and a consultant to the Biology Di- 
vision of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 


Richard L. Prednk 
Dean of the- Graiiuatr School 

Away from his desk. Dr. 
Predmorc enjoys hiking, travel- 
ing, and an occasional set of 
tennis. On the job, he divides 
his time between teaching courses 
in Spanish literature and super- 
vising the work of the Graduate 
School of Arts and Sciences. 
Dr. Predmore's background in 
educational administration in- 
cludes a year as a Fellow of the 
Rockefeller Foundation and three 
years as the Chairman of the 
Department of Romance Lan- 
guages at Rutgers University. 

1 he Duke Medical School is cur- 
rently engaged in maintaining and 
enhancing its position of leadership. 
Directed by Dean Barnes Woodhall, 
the present program of expansion 
has been given the space-age name 
"Phase Two." Plans call for in- 
creasing the number of medical stu- 
dents in each class from 84 to 128, 
the addition of t\\ o hospital units of 
400 beds each, and the construction 
of two additional basic research 
centers. Kducated at Williams and 
Johns Hopkins, Dr. Woodhall suc- 
ceeded the retiring Dr. Davison in 

Barms \\oor>HMi, M.I). 
Dean of the School of Medicine 

RoBiRT K., B.D., Ph.D. 
Dean of the Divinity School 

I lie son of a noted clergyman. 
Dr. (Aishnian received the A.B. 
degree from Wesleyan University, 
Middlctown, Connecticut, and the 
B.D. and Ph.D. degrees at Yale. 
Before coming to Duke, I3ean Cush- 
man served as a pastor, an Instructor 
in Theology at Yale, and as Profes- 
sor of Religion at the University of 
Oregon. He joined the Duke faculty 
in 1945, as Professor of Systematic 
Religion in the Divinity School; he 
was appointed Dean of the Divinity 
School in 195S. 


Last March 26-27, Chief Justice I'.arl Warren formali\- 
dedicated the new Law School Building. The expansive 
facilities, built at a cost of over $2,000,000, are a concrete 
achievement; Dean Latty has also supervised the Law 
School admissions program, which lias seen the caliber 
of entering classes increase until Duke now ranks third 
the nation as to the average LSA I -score of hrst-y 

IXan of the School of Law- 
Dean Latty was educated at Bow- 
doin College, the University of 
Michigan, and Columbia. Admitted 
to the New York bar m 19 30, he 
was associated with the firm of 
Sullivan and Cromwell for three 
\ears. Re-entering legal education. 
Dr. Latty has lectured at the Uni- 
versity of Kansas, .Missouri, Ceorge 
Washington, Stanford, North Caro- 
lina, Texas, and Pavia, Italy. He 
has also served with the State De- 
partment and written two books: 
Subsidiaries and Affiliated Corporations 
and an Introduction to Business As- 

M. Jacobanskv, R.N., M.Ec 
Dean of the School of Nur.sing 

From 1943 until 1945, Miss Jaco- 
bansky served in the Army Nurse 
C'orps. Following her retirement 
from the service, she was actively 
engaged in nursing practice until 
1949. At that time, she decided to 
enter the field of nursing education 
and received a Masters degree in 
F'ducation from the University of 
Pittsburgh. A devotion to professional 
ideals is still manifested in her pro- 
motion of programs providing tor 
the best possible schooling in nursing. 

A veteran pf thirt\-five years 
of teaching and administrative 
experience. Dr. Harrar attended 
Oberlin College and the New 
York State College of F'orestry 
and then joined the faculties of 
the University of Washington, 
the New York State College 
of Forestry, and Duke. He has 
written books on the Douglas 
Fir, the technology of paper- 
making fibers, guides to South- 
ern trees, and seventy-two new 
or revised articles on timber 
trees in the World Encyclopaedia 

Scotch-born Iain Hamilton originally 
planned to make his way in engineering 
and actually made a career of it for 
seven years. In 1947, however, he entered 
the Royal Academy of Music on a 
scholarship grant. In 1951, he received 
the Dove Prize, the Academy's highest 
award. He later received the Royal 
Philharmonic Society's Prize and a Kous- 
sevitzky Foundation Award. 

Currently lecturing as the Mary Duke 
Biddle Professor of Music, Mr. Hamilton 
has composed in almost every musical 
genre. Also, he now has a book on con- 
temporary music at press and has launched 
into a study ot Beethoven. 

Air. Hamilton's reception has been 
more than favorable. A series of lectures 
and concerts, "Five Evenings With 
Iain Hamilton" has been well-attended 
and has won plaudits. 



Hamii ION, B.M.. F.R.A.M. 
V^isiting Mary Duke BiJdIc Professor of Music 

Thomas A. L 

Dr. Larson's entire life has been concerned w ith law from 
the very beginning as the son of a judge to his position now 
as Director of the World Rule of Law Center of Duke's 
Law School. He attended Agustana College, the University 
of South Dakota Law School, and O.xford, as a Rhodes 
Scholar. Dr. Larson has received many honors including 
honorary Doctor ot Laws and Doctor of Humanities de- 
grees; World Peace Award, American Freedom Association; 
Fulbright Advanced Research Award; Honorary Fellow of 
Pembroke College, O.xford; and membership in Phi Beta 
Kappa. Many different positions — professorships, law \er, 
price executive, dean, and Special Consultant to the President 

have made up this celebrated man's career. 

An\'one connected with education 
must have, at one time, asked himself, 
"What makes a good teacher-^" Part of 
the answer may lie in a "confession" 
by Dr. Langford, Professor ot Religion 
and Director of Introductory Studies 
in Religion, on the gratifying aspects 
of being, in some sense, an educator. 

Dr. Langford's enthusiasm is con- 
tagious, as his students and those who 
were privileged to hear him during the 
"Last Lecture" series two years ago 
will testify. A graduate of Davidson 
and Duke, Dr. Langford has also par- 
ticipated in the programs of the Sym- 
posium Committee. 

M(.M\sH. COKDII-,, Ph. 

Professor of Romance Languages 

Mr. Dickens received his B.S. and M.S. 
degrees in Accounting from the University of 
North Carolina. He came to Dui<e in 1949 and 
has been elected to Who's Who in Anieriarn Edu- 
cation because of his outstanding teaching rec- 
ord. Mr. Dickens has done much to boost the 
reputation of the Accounting Department at 
Duke. He is now spearheading a committee 
to investigate and plan a graduate school of 
Business Administration here. Mr. Dickens' 
interests are not limited to accounting. He is 
.Assistant Dean of the University and a mem- 
ber of the Student-Faculty — Administration 
Council. In this capacity, he has worked un- 
tiringly to promote student responsibility and 

RoiiiKi I.. Dickens, M.S., C.P.A. 
Professor of Accounting 

Dr. Cordie has achieved campus-wide popularity as a 
participant in the Student Union "Last Lecture Series." 
This past year, Dr. Cordie served on the committee which 
brought noted women from all fields to the University for 
a symposium, "Crosscurrents in Contemporary Life." 

A garduate of the University of V^irginia and Yale, Dr. 
('ordlc conducts French classes on all levels. Spirited class- 
room debate characterizes each session and, while his stu- 
dents argue. Dr. Cordie leans back in his chair, smooths his 
sandy hair, and lights a super-filtered cigarette. He modu- 
lates the discussion in a gentle, indirect way, preferring to 
let students think the issue through for themselves, rather 
than lecturing dogmatiealK'. 

I he bearded gentleman pictured here has been a familiar 
figure on campus for the past si.\ years. Mr. Jeremy North, 
who calls himself "'Fhe Bookseller," has set up his Gothic 
Bookshop in a cubby-hole adjacent to Page Auditorium. 
A product of a venerable i'.nglish public school, Mr. North 
won a scholarship to Cambridge. At the same time, however, 
he inherited a "ndy sum of monev'", he forthwith pocketed 
these funds and ran off to see the world. By 1944, he had 
been, successively, a seaman, an editor, a foreign correspon- 
dent, and a decorated veteran of the Second World War. 
After retiring from the service, he moved his family and 
fourteen tons of books to New England w here he established 
the most remotely situated bookshop in the State. In 1956, 
he tired of the "ivy-tower existence" and took oft' for a 
warmer climate and the Gothic confines of Duke. 

Jeremy North 

Lasr fall, Dr. Waldo Beach was one of rhrcc alLiniiii 
honored by Wesleyan University at Middlerown, Connecti- 
cut. The citation, for distinguished service as a teacher an.l 
scholar, gives some indication of Dr. Beach's contributions 
to education. "The breadth and depth of creativit\- in the 
scholarship i ; illustrated by your book, Conscit'iicc on Caii/piis, 
and your numerous contributions to other publications . . . and 
your work with such organizations as the Council on Gradu- 
ate Studies in Religion, Society of Religion in Higher Edu- 
cation, and the Board of Trustees of Wesleyan. . . . Yours is 
a record of distinguished achievement and devoted service 
which \Msle\an is proud to honor." 

Dr. Grover Smith, a genial crew-cut hgure, defies classi- 
fication. He is, pure and simple, an individual. His is a 
unique and beguiling character. His courses in twentieth- 
centur\- I'nL'li.'-h Hctirn, on both the graduate and under- 
gradLiate le\els, are fascinating sessions, infused with the 
know ledge and w it — the stock in trade — of this instructor. 

A formal biography of Dr. Smith reveals that he attended 
Columbia University, receiving the A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. 
degrees there. Before coming to Duke, he taught at Rutgers 
and at Yale. Recently, he has been a Fellow of the John 
Simon Guggenheim Foundation and the recipient of the 
Poetry Society of America's Chap-book Award. He has 
written extensively on T. S. Eliot and done critical pieces 
on Faulkner, ^e^.ts, and Joyce. 

Groxer C. Si 
A^s„L•l.■tL■ Pn.fc 

Wiiiiw. W. Bi \<H, B.l).. Hill). 
Professor of Christian I'.tliics 

A likely first impression ot Gerald W ilson 
is that of a youngish, stocky figure, wearing 
horn-rimmed glasses and chatting with a 
group of undergraduates. Explicitly, he is As- 
sistant to the Dean of Men and is responsible 
for the freshman houscmastering program, an 
advisor at-large to the freshman class, and, with 
Dean Womble, advisor to the "experimental" 
dorms. Gerald Wilson is currently working 
on his doctoral degree; as Dr. Wilson, he 
plans to enter college teaching. He makes 
no bones about the fact that he likes people and 
enjoys working with them. Perhaps this con- 
fession accounts for both his present position 
and his future plans. 

Gerald Wilson, B.A. 
Assistant to the Dean of Men 



While enrolled at Duke, "Bill" 
(iriftith stares that he participated 
in "a lew" extra-eurriculars. The 
record shows that he was elected to 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kta Sigma, 
and the Red Friars. He was first a 
nieniher, then President of the I.F.C., 
Captaui ot the eross-eountrv' team, etc., 

The lapse of \ears has had little 
etiect on Bill Cinffith's energy and en- 
thusiasm. As Director of the Student 
Union, he has been a "mainspring" — 
largely responsible for SU's achieving its 
present status. Members of other cam- 
pus organizations also find Mr. Griffith's 
office a friendly place, where suggestions 
and helpful advice are readily available. 


Wiii.iAMj. Gkii-hih, B.A. 
Director, Student Union and Cb-ordii 
of Studen Activities 

Warren Lerner, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor of History 

A large, heavy-set man. Dr. Warren Lcrner presents at 
times an impassive and inscrutable face. But even in a brief 
conversation with him, the listener is aware of a provocative 
knowledge and command of the techniques of scholarship. 
And when he breaks out in a grinning smile, one may sense 
the personal and ver\- human i]ualities which distinguish 
this popular instructor. Dr. Lerner did his undergraduate 
work at Boston University and followed up his studies at 
the Graduate School of Columbia University. After receiv- 
ing his doctorate, he was named a Ford Foundation Fellov\' 
and then taught at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Dr. 
Lerner's specialty is the history of the Soviet regime, par- 
ticularly since 1917. Within this fairly narrow field, he 
specializes in the history of the Communist Party of the 
Soviet Union and the Communist International. 

James B. Duke Professor of Preaching and 
Dean of the Chapel, Dr. Cleland describes 
himself as a man who "collects stories and 
people and smokes Rezrlat'wn in his pipe." 
Dean Cleland has been awarded the M.A., 
B.D., S.T.M., and Th.D. degrees. He also 
holds an Honorary D.D. from Davidson Col- 
lege and Glasgow University. His interest in 
people is reflected in the fact that he is a con- 
sultant in worship to the Chiefs of Chaplains 
of the three Armed Services. 

James B. UuUc Professor of Preaching 



The House Counselors form an integral part ol college 
life on East Campus. Although they do not have jurisdictional 
power, they are advisor and friend to each girl in their re- 

spective houses, and they are ready to assist in any way 
should an emergency occur. They also represent the Uni- 
versity in an official capacity after East Duke office hours. 

\ X iir 

Miss Amanda Adams 



\l.s-. \1^R^ Maddrv 

Miss Sara Rice 

Addotns House 

Alspaugh House 

Aycock House 

Bassett House 

Mrs. Mildred Durden 


Elizabeth Anne Hawks 

\lissJo-iiF Harris 

Aliss Helen Knolls 

Brown House 

Gilbert House 

(■lies House 

Hanes Annex 

Miss Doroihy Wilkinson 

Miss Nancy Burton 

\Iiss Mm Braswell 

Mrs. Isabel Thompson 

Hancs House 

Jarvis House 

Pegram House 

Southgare House 


Ciirrcntl\', the "consolidated" Duke lihr:ir\ nmks ht- 
tecnth in the nation in overall size. The geiKr:il anil special 
libraries house a collection of 1,540, ()()() \'olunies, over 
1,000,000 manuscripts, and extensive files of maps, musical 
scores, and reels of microhlm. This past year, additional 
material was acquired for the library's distintjuished col- 
lection of Civil War manuscripts, the third largest such col- 
lection in the United States. 

But the grow th rate of the Duke libraries has been frus- 
trated b\- a lack of space. The present buildings are insuf- 
ricient for the needs of students and staff members. This 
critical problem has, however, not been overlooked; plans 
call for a new unit to be added to the West Campus Library, 
w ith five times the present space. The exterior of the new- 
building will be in the traditional Gothic style; the interior 
w ill resemble the new Law School library, with the accent 
on convenience and informality. Congestion which now 
greets students in the various reading rooms will be allevi- 
ated: individual study and typing space will he available, 
set in a comfortable atmosphere conducive to study. 

Dr. Benjamin E. Powell, University Librarian, is steering 
the librar\- through its period of transition and readjustment. 
A Duke alumnus. Dr. Powell heads a staff of n5. He is 
also a past president of the Association of College and 
Reference Librarians and of the American Library Associa- 

Benjamin i Pnw i ii Ph D 

The Thomas Room, East Campus Librar 

he West Campus Library 



Benjamin L. Thompson, jM.A. 
Secretary, University Scholarship C 


Mr. Robert L. I'hompson is the director of 
all hnancial aid provided undergraduates by 
the University, as well as industr\- scholarship 
programs in which Duke participates. Mr. 
Thompson received his A.B. from Florence 
State College, Florence, Alabama, and his 
.\LA. from Duke. Professionally, he is a 
member of the College Scholarship Service 
Committee of the College Entrance F.xamina- 
tion Board and a charter member of the South- 
ern Association of Financial Aid Administra- 
tors. Before coming to Duke, Mr. Thompson 
w as consulting navigator to Captain Charles F. 
Blair, first man to fly over the North Pole, a 
part-tinie instructor in celestial navigation at 
(jeorge Washington University, and a counse- 
lor at Cieorge \Mishington High School, Dan- 
ville, \'irginia. 

Mr. Thompson's associate, Mr. Charles M. 
Smith, is enrolled in the Duke Divinity School 
and has been w ith the financial aid office since 
his freshman \ear in the L'niversit\-. 


In 1940, a commercial placement office 
and a teacher placement service combined 
operations under the signboard "Appoint- 
ments Office." Twenty-one firms sent per- 
sonnel managers calling that first year. In 
1962-1963, between five and si.x hundred 
prospective employers visited the campus. 
Situated in Flowers, the Appointments Office 
is now a modern placement service for Duke 
students and alumni, arranging meetings be- 
tween seniors and graduates and representa- 
tives from business and industry. The Office 
also provides a summer-job placement service 
for undergraduates. 

Miss Fannie Mitchell, recognized as one 
of the outstanding women in her field, joined 
the Appointments Office in its infancy; she 
became its Director in 1949. Miss Mitchell has 
served with distinction as President of both 
the Southern College Placement Officers As- 
sociation and the National Association of 
School and College Placement. The first 
loyalty of Miss Mitchell and her staff is to 
the student. A respect and concern for the in- 
terests of the various schools and companies is, 
however, carefully maintained. 




Mr. Diikcs, by virtue of his office, is concerned with the 
relationship betv\een Duke alumni and the University. 
Himself a Duke "alum," Mr. Dukes has made his career 
in West Durham, serving as Advertising Manager and 
Alumni Registrar before moving up to his present position. 
A graduate of the last class from the Woman's College 
Campus, when all of the University was situated there, Mr. 
Dukes has seen the entire campus grow and mature grace- 
fully. Mr. Dukes is a past president of the Durham Kiwanis 
C;iub and a past director of the American Alumni Council. 

Charles A. Dikes, A.B. 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

BiK Blue Ijlasts tlu- B( 



. . . not that you won or lost — 
but how you played the game 


Even though Duke's outstanding seasons in football and 
basketball naturally attracted a large attendance, the spirit 
of the University was above any parallel measurement. 
Active participation in the card section and Friday night Pep 
Rallies highlighted the home football games, and the new 
"voluntary attendance" system enabled many enthusiastic 
fans to follow their team to Maryland and Kentucky tor 
NCAA semi-finals. At every game one looked forward to 
Art Heyman's usual performance, and the addition ot the 
Pep Band spirited the occasion. In retrospect, this year 
proved that Duke has both outstanding athletes and spec- 

RcyiKilds converts, as the line holds Cahio 


Bills- Reynolds, alias "Goose," picks up a few pointers, as Berry, Bengal, and Markas watch the g, 


The Pep Board generates the flurry of activitv' that accompanies 
each Blue Devil campaign. During the past year, the Board adorned 
both campuses with spirited posters, organized pep rallies and 
cheering sections, marshalled forces for bridge-painting brigades, 
and sent telegrams to teams on the road. 

Becky Auzat, East Campus Chairman, and Jack Rollert, \Mst 
Campus Chairman, headed the Board's li.xecutive Council this 
\e;ir. I Ik remainder of the governing body is composed of an 
.M.S.Ci.A. representative, an N.S.G.A. representative, a secretary- 
treasurer, and the various committee chairmen. Each freshman 
house on West also elects a delegate, and freshmen on East elect 
one representative from each dorm. 

J.ak Rolkrt, B, 

Row J: Adelaide Austell. Jackie Hoft'man, Canil Rogers, Roii- 2: James Pcake, Jack Rolk 
Lesley Sterling. 

Barbara Auzat, Ellis Meeker. Xot pictured: 


The Devil's Advocates gath 

Under the enthusiastic direction of Head Cheerleader Ubi 
I'reiras, the squad urged Duke teams to moments of greatness 
victory. The five co-cds and five men who make up the 
uad, kd rabid Duke supporters at games, pep ralhes, and 
Kintires weather permitting. The hyperactive Blue Devil 
also contributed to the fun and excitement. A Selection Board 
interviews some seventy hoarse co-cd contestants, before 
deciding on ten finalists. Five girls are finally elected in a 
WSCiA assembly. I'he male cheerleaders are selected by 
a similar process. 

Row 1: Kitty Siiiiih. ,\1 
Stu Rutkin, tin 

; Ray Misner, 


Bill .Murray celebrated his twelfth \ear as Head Coach by 
leading the Blue Devils to their third straight Atlantic 
Coast Conference Championship. His over-all record for 
twelve seasons is 78-38-7. Coach Murray is currently Chair- 
man of the NCAA Coaches' Association Committee on Ethics, 
President of the Coaches' Association, and a member of the 
Board of Directors of the Football Hall of Fame. Offensive 
backfield coach "Ace" Parker was a Duke star in the 1930's; 
in his last season, 1936, he was named to every major All- 
American team. Carmen Falcone, defensive backfield coach, 
was at one time the freshman mentor. He is now head wrestling 
coach. Hcrschel Caldwell, defensive end coach, played his 
collegiate ball at Alabama and has been at Duke since 1940. 
Marty Pierson, offensive end coach, played under Murray at 
Delaware. He holds a Masters degree in civil engineering. 
Defensive line coach Doug Knotts also played football under 
Murray — at Duke. Offensive line coach Ted Youngling played 
at Cornell, Dartmouth, and Delaware; he also studied under 
Bud Wilkinson. Freshman coach Bob Cox scored 1 1 touch- 
downs, when he played for Duke in 1933. The coaching 
"brain-trust" is largely responsible for Duke success on the 
gridiron. They are assisted by outstanding personnel "behind 
the scenes" and, of course, by Mr. E. M. "F.ddie" Cameron, 
Director of Athletics. 

( , 


Roi:) /; Carmen Falcone Bob Cox Hcrschel Cilduell, Bill Murray, Bob Chambers,, \ce Parker Rn 
Knotts, Marty Pierson TcJ ^ou^L'llnl: \1i\ ( roudcr \loosc Bosson. 



l'"ivc inrLTccprions helped Southern C^al to a 17-7 win be- 
fore a national IN' audience. The Dukes drew first blood 
early in the game on a 25-yard scoring pass from Gil Garner 
to Jay Wilkinson. After the Duke touchdown, the Trojans 
bounced back to tie the game in the second period. The 
tragedy of stolen passes began with the Trojan's first in- 
terception late in the first half. The opportunistic Cal- 
ifornians turned the Duke miscue into a second touchdown, 
which proved to be the winning margin. 

J, I I iM,ns ,iihI l\tc \\ idcncr torct a Trojan runner out of bounds. 

Walt Rappold romps around right end u ith Jean Berry, 

Mark I.eggett, Duke's Icadinir rusher, ekes 



Duke rolled to three second-half touchdowns to crush South Caro- 
lina 21-8. In the hrst half. Coach jMarvin Bass's three platoons 
moved inside the Duke 10-yard line on three different occasions 
without success. Captain Johnny Markas, Center Paul Bengel, and 
Mike Curtis led the defensive stand. 

In the second half, aided by Billy Futrell's sensational catch of 
Walt Rappold's 3S-yard pass, the Devils ground out a score. Futrell 
picked up the si.x points on a 14-yard burst off-tackle. Mark 
1-eggett and Mike Curtis also scored to open up a 21-0 lead. Chuck 
Walker, Art Gregory, and Captain Markas were later cited for 
their outstanding line play. 

cggert "ri 

king of Jay Wilkinson 


rida safety. 

Down by a liishcartcning 21-0 at halfrinit-, the Blue 
Devils exploded for touchdowns the first four times they 
got their hands on the ball in the second half, and made oft 
with a 28-21 win over Florida in the Gator Bowl. 

The Blues raced out of the halftime huddle and marched 
69 yards to score. The six points came on a t\\ o-yard plunge 
by halfback Mark Leggett. Stan Crisson made a leaping 
catch ot Walt Rappold's pass for the two point conversion. 
T he next time Duke gained possession, end Pete W'idener 
snared Clil Garner's 3 3 yard pass for a TD. The hard-charg- 
ing Devil forward wall blocked a Florida punt to set up the 
t\'ing tally. Fullback Mike Curtis roared over from the tw o- 
\ard line. Curtis scored again from the two at the end of a 
nine-play drive to set the scoreboard at 28-21. Halfback 
BilK- Reynolds added two PAT's. 

nets an extra half-yard 


The- Blue' Devils rolled to rheir third consecutive victory 
by overpowering California 21-7, before an enthusiastic 
Homecoming crowd of 31,000. Playing their best first half 
of the season to date, the Dukes built up a 14-0 half-time 
lead behind the hard running of Mark Leggett, Mike Curtis, 
and Billy Futreil. Duke traveled 58 yards on the first scor- 
ing drive, with Leggett carrying the final six. In the second 
period, the Devils scored on a 50-yard march. The touch- 
down was set up when Jay \\'ilkinson returned a punt to 
the mid-held stripe. Gil Garner took over from there; key 
pass-completions on third-down and long yardage carried 
Duke downfield in a hurry. California narrowed the gap 
to 14-7 in the third quarter, but the visitors were through 
for the day, as the Devils put the game out of reach with a 
final TD. Mike Curtis bulled his way over for his second 
score of the afternoon. The final statistics revealed a fierce 
ground attack; Duke piled up 225 yards rushing. The Golden 
Bears were limited to 12 \ards on the ground and 215 \ards 
on total offense. 

iniither great one, piles 
■tte watch his progress. 

the line. Ken 

Clenison needs its whole line to bring down Curtis. 

Crisson squirms for an extra yard. 


With an improved pass defense, the Devils blanked 
CIcmson 16-0 for their fourth consecutive win. Duke took 
the opening kickoft and marched 68 yards to the Clemson 2. 
Here, Fullback Mike Curtis fumbled and the Tigers re- 
covered. Later in the first half, Curtis picked off a Tiger 
pass and returned it to the Clemson 14. Four plays later, 
the rangy sophomore scored his si.xth TD of the season. In 
the dying moments of the first half, Clemson drove to the 
Duke l-\ard line, before Jay Wilkinson recovered a Tiger 
fumble to end the only serious Clemson threat. 

In the second half, Curtis intercepted another Tiger pass 
and returned it to the Duke 30. The Devils then drove 70 
\ards in 10 plays to score again. Walt Rappold carried the 
last four yards. Duke closed out the scoring when Billy 
Reynolds kicked a 30-yard field goal to go with a PAT. 
It was a black day for the "Death \'alle\" faithful. Duke 
intercepted 5 passes and recovered 2 liger fumbles. 


The Devils edged the Woltpack on a last-ditch, fourth- 
quarter pass-play, recording their fifth straight win, 21-14. 
The 2.') ,000 fans in Duke Stadium saw State recover a fumble 
in the first quarter on the Duke 19. Five pia>s later, the in- 
vaders from Raleigh had grabbed the lead. Finally, with 
only 2:.^0 remaining in the first half, Duke gained possession 
and an explosive offense scored in 90 seconds. An incredible 
28-yard run by Halfback Jay Wilkinson put the ball on the 
State 14. Three plays later, Pete Widener cut straight 

across the end zone to grab a pass from Walt Rappold. 
The PAT was wide, and the score remained 7-6, State. 

Taking the second-half kickoff, the Devils scored in six 
plays. Mark Leggett and Wilkinson reeled off the long 
yardage. With the ball on the 4-yard line, Mike Curtis 
drove around end for his seventh TD of the season and a 
12-6 lead. After an illegal procedure penalty, the two-point 
conversion w as completed from the 8-yard line, on a screen 
pass from Rappold to Curtis. The hungry Wolfpack struck 
back with a 68-yard drive to tie the score. With only 
seconds remaining. Swing-end Stan Crisson outmaneuvercd 
the State defenders and pulled in Rappold's 14-yard pass 
in the left corner of the end zone. Reynolds split the up- 
rights to cap the 21-14 victory. 

ncnun D.ivl' D.ilrnn l.litzcs in t.i lirc.k up a Stj 

End Pete ^^■iJe^cr making another of his patented leaping catches 


Duke carried ;i tivc-gainc winning strciik into a tradi- 
tionally tough intcr-cont'crcncc battle with Georgia Tech. 
Coach Bobby Dodd's Yellow Jackets darkened the already 
overcast afternoon with a 20-9 win. Quarterback Billy 
i.othridge directed the Engineers to a 17-3 lead at the in- 
termission. Duke's only score in the discouraging first half 
came on a Billy Reynolds field-goal on fourth down, after a 
78-yard drive bogged down on the Tech 9-yard line. 

The Devils outscored Tech in the second half bur could 
not overcome the I4-point deficit. Lothridge closed out the 
Jackets' scoring with a 35-yard field-goal in the third period. 
The lone Duke touchdown capped an 84-yard penetration in 
the fourth quarter. A perfect pass from Walt Rappold to 
Swmg-end Pete VVidener went for .'iO yards. Billy Futrell 
trashed over on a 1-yard sweep. Mike Curtis, Jean Berry, 
.ind \n CJrcgory were cited for fine performances against 
the "Ramblin' Wreck." 

Curti.s turns on the power, trying to bull hi.s way pjst tun Ti 


The Duke defense found srrength when it needed it, and 
the offensive machine scored often enough to enable the 
Devils to grab a 10-7 Conference win over Maryland. The 
visiting Terps had little trouble driving deep into Duke 
territory, but an Iron Duke squad w as tough inside their own 
20, intercepting two passes and stopping several other 
Maryland drives on the ground. 

After taking the opening kick-off on its own 16, Mary- 
land marched to the Duke 12-yard line, where Alark Leggett 
picked off a pass from Dick Shiner to stem the tide. Follow- 
ing a Duke penetration, the teams exchanged fumbles. At 
this point, Billy Reynolds came off the bench to kick a 38- 
\ard rtcld-goal to give the Blues a 3-0 lead. In the second 
quarter, Paul Bengel intercepted another Shiner aerial on 
the Duke goal line. The half ended, as Mar\land failed on a 
field-goal attempt. 

Ihe Devils drove 57 yards in 10 plays to score their 
onh- rouehdow n of the day in the second half. Mark Leg- 
gett carried for 28 yards en route, and Mike Curtis scored 
his eighth TD of the season. Reynolds converted to make 
the score 10-0. The game was far from over, though, as 
Maryland bounced right back to make the score 10-7. The 
Terps had field-position and possession for the rest of the 
game, but Dalton and Burdette threw Quarterback Shiner 
for l<e\ losses to dampen Maryland's hopes for the A.C.C. 

Jay Wilkinson leaves a would-be Terp tackier. 

W.ilt R.ippold tires a pass, as Widencr races to complete the pi. 


All but two of the Dukes who made the trip to W'insfon- 
Salem saw action, as the Blue Devils dismantled the Deacons 
50-0. Bilh' Futrell led the way; he scored the first touch- 
ilown on a 10-yard dash and sprinted 58 yards to set up 
another score on the Wake 3-yard line. Gil Garner scored 
on a sneak, Mark Leggctt smashed in from the 5, and 
Hilly Reynolds kicked a 45-yard field-goal to run up the 
score. At half-time, the Dukes raced to the dressing-room 
w ith an impressive 24-0 lead. 

In the third period. End Zo Potts recovered a loose ball 
to set up another Futrell touchdown. Minutes later, the 
fleet halfback recorded his third score of the day on a 23- 
\ ard run. In the final period of play, Billy Reynolds scored 
the first touchdown of his collegiate career, when he re- 
turned an intercepted pass for 16 yards. Sophomore Bill 
Baird followed suit, as he cut and weaved 52 yards with 
a stolen aerial. Reynolds also added 5 e.xtra points to put 
the finishing touches on the hreezv victory. 


History and Billy Reynolds have a strange way of re- 
peating themselves. Few will forget his performance in the 
1961 Duke-Carolina game, when he kicked two dramatic 
hcld-goals to down Carolina 6-3. This year, the script was 
the same. The Carolina side of Kenan Stadium was thinking 
in terms of an upset. Reynolds was thinking of how to put 
the ball between the uprights. He kicked three field-goals, 
the last one with 49 seconds show ing on the clock, to give 
Duke a hard-fought, 16-14 win. 

After Reynolds" first field-goal, Carolina scored on 
a 24-yard pass-play to take a 7-3 lead. On the last play ot 
the first half, Reynolds booted his second three-pointer to 

cut the lead to 7-6. In the third quarter, the Tarheels were 
threatening on the Duke 4-yard line, but .\I1-American Jean 
Berry broke through on fourth down and threw junior Edge 
for a 4-yard loss. From here, the Devils, w ith Walt Rappold 
at the helm, drove 92 yards in 1 ."> plays for the touchdown, 
Billy Futrell scoring from the 5. An 8-yard pass from Edge 
to Lacey made it 14-13, but Carolina was through for the 
day. lime was running out and the Dukes had put on a 
sustained drive into Tarheel territory. A re-mcasurement 
on fourth down and short yardage gave the ball to Carolina. 
Seconds later, Walt Rappold jarred the ball loose from a 
Tarheel back, Duke recovered, and the stage was set for 
Reynolds. The win gave Duke a 6-0 conterence record and 
an 8-2 mark over-all. 

Hard-ninnirig Billy Fiitrc 

Leggett sprints thniugh a gaping hole in the Oarolina line. 

Kd Chesnutt a 

nd Jay 


ison pi 

■oudly carry a smiling "Snuling 

Bill" Murrs 

ly to mid-held to meet Jim Hickey. 





f , 





^ I^* 

^. f 





' Sr 1 







^i\-'---.. nm 

m m 

Ciil (iirnLr rccLiMMg cnngr inil itions it Kui in St 

A dismayed Junior Edge trudges oH the riel 

illy Futrell's seennd-effc 



It all began when \'ie Bubas took charge of the Indoor 
Stadium in 1959. In that very first season as head coach, 
he guided Duke to an Atlantic Coast Conference Champion- 
ship and the quarter-finals of NCAA play. The following 
year, the Devils won 22 and lost 6, were runncrs-up in the 
ACC and ranked in the nation's top 10 throughout the 
season. Last year was politely billed as a "rebuilding" 
season, the team finished with a 20-5 record. 

And then 1962-1963: the stage was set for two AII- 
Amenean forwards, a pair of 6' 10" pivotmen, and a bev\- 
of underrated baekeourt performers. 


jusr about cvcr\<)nc in haskcrhall (.xpcctcd (xiach \'ic 
I5ubas to field the hncst team in Uukc histor>- this season. 
The optimistic pre-season forecasts seemed entirely ac- 
curate, as the Blue Devils scored more than 90 points in 
four of their first five games. Heyman, Mullins & Company 
then invaded tlie University of Louisville and squeaked 
through with a 76-75 win over the determined Cardinals. 
Lightning struck not once, but twice during "Black Week," 
w hen the team was caught off-guard by inspired groups at 
Davidson and Miami of Florida. The two losses were by 
the barest of margins, 5 points at 72-69 and 71-69, but de- 
feat left a bitter taste in everyone's mouth. The taste was 
soon forgotten. 

Returning to form and an.xious to regain some of its lost 
prestige, the team pasted Princeton, 85-74, during the 
(Christmas holidays. Basketball fans in Creensboro were 
also treated to some holiday fireworks; an overflow crowd 
of some 9,000 looked on while Duke methodically de- 
molished Wake Forest in a sensational second half. The 
final count was 113-87. After the game, Deacon Coach 
Hones McKinney was heard muttering something about 
"Wait till Winston-Salem!" Before the break for final ex- 
aminations, the Blues mattcr-of-factly disposed of N. C. 
State, Xavv, and C^lemson. 

•Bird" stretches out lull length lo 

An artful rebound 

There was considerable anxiety in and around Durham, 
when Rod Thorn led the West Virginia Mountaineers into 
the Indoor Stadium. After all, the Duke squad was playing 
fresh after a two-week break. The question teasing most 
minds was "What would be the result of that layoff?" 
Exactly 4 seconds were required to find out. The opening 
tap went from Buckley to Mullins, who outraced nine men 
to the basket for two points. As the crowd and TV-viewers 
stared in disbelief, the Devils never stopped running. They 
outran, outjumped, outshot, and clearly outclassed the West 
Virginians. The much publicized Hcyman-Thorn duel never 

Ferguson leads Duke's unstoppable last break. 

'.\1\ LTL.UesI f,i„ 

I'.lf ' Schmidt Muaks by Rohloff for brisket. 


materialized. Art niriicil in his usiuil fine floor game and 
rang up 2H points. Iliorn nia\' have learned something 
about how the game is pla\ed. 









S. Cyarolina 





S. (^aroHna 




N. (Carolina 









W. I'orest 









N. C. State 


















\V. Eorest 


















N. Carolina 














W. I'orest 




*N. C. State 


^ . - (i^ 







*\V. Eorest 


■ ' ^ 



\. C. State 




IN. V. U. 








tSt. Joseph's 








tLoyola (Chie.) 




W. \'irginia 




lOregon State 


* ACC Tournament 

t NCAA Eastern Rcgionals 

+ NCAA Championships 

Buzzy Harri 
the basket. 

past Carolina fo 


Through Oregon State Game (NCAA Championships) 
Record: 27-3 (ACC: 14-0) 

+5 J 3 14 
.H y 131 
60 I4.i 

Hcyman, Art, f 30 58A 

Mullins, Jeff, f 30 466 

Buckley, Jay, c 30 217 

Schmidt, Ered, g. . . 29 IVK 104 52 5 _?k ^2 S4 2 5 3 

H.irnsoM, Buzzy, g. . 27 14K 73 49 3 33 21 63.6 1(13 

I is(in. Hack, c 30 112 61 54 5 41 25 61 |i3 

lcrt,'ii.'.on, Denny, g. 25 7K 42 53 S 15 15 S6 7 36 

Ik|■|i^rer, Ron, g. . . 30 66 30 45 5 31 24 77,4 33 

Kitcliing, Brent, f. - . 17 22 10 45 5 IS 14 77, S S 

C>).\, Ray, g 13 8 4 50() S 4 5(1 (i s 

Jamieson, Bob, f 12 6 5 X3 3 3 1 v3 3 II 

Williamson, Scott, f, 11 S 3 37 5 4 4 100 10 

Mann, Ted, f 12 11 I 09 1 1 10 

Cox, Ered, c 2 2 1 50,0 1 

Team Rebounds 199 

DUKI-. Tota 
OFF. Totals. 

30 1926 984 5 1 , 
30 203 7 819 40. 

784 528 67.3 1468 48.9 2496 
611 431 70.5 1127 37.6 2069 

Buckley hooks : the most 
shot on the floor. 


Resuming ACC play, Diikt- blitzed South (Carolina, 88-70, 
and pulled out an exciting w in over the Tarheels in bandbox 
\Abollen Gym. The Baptists were once again outmanned 
on their home court, 97-66. The word from Bones: "Wait 
till Durham!" Still on the road. Coach Bubas ran into wily 
I'verett Case, who threw up a tight defense and a slow- 
down offense in an effort to stop the Devils. It almost 
worked, but Duke took State, 56-55. Five-point winners 
over \irginia at Charlottesville, the team celebrated its 
return home at the expense of \\ake Forest. The Reverend 
.McKinney had only this: "Wait till the Tournament." 

Ihere was simply no stopping Duke. Gathering mo- 
mentum, the squad marched over Maryland and then 
pounded Carolina into submission. The latter contest was 
not one to miss. Arthur Bruce Heyman, ".\Ir. Basketball," 
was making his last home-court appearance. Sentiment 
hung thick as Art accepted the thanks and appreciation of 
well-wishers. He then played a magnificent game, with 
career-highs of 40 points and 24 rebounds. 

With that peak performance against Carolina, Heyman 
had to taper off . . . just a little. When he did, Jeff' .Mullins 
w as there to pick up the slack. The two led the team through 
rhe A(X] Tournament. The final game was against Wake 
forest. In the dressing room. Bones was still shaking his 
head and mumbline. No one was listenine now . 

|-'nda>' night's heralded 
(.T.uulatcs Barry Kramer 

the All-Aineriean.s; He 
sparUhng performance. 



From Raleigh direcr W College Park, a delirious eon- 
rinuent of Duke fans watched tiie Devils extend the victor\' 
skein to 20. N.Y.U. and St. Joseph's of Pennsylvania fell 
b\ the w ayside, as Jeff Mullins led the scoring each night. 
I hen on to Louisville and a flirtation with the NCAA 
("hampionship. Loyola of Chicago galloped to an early 
lead, which was made to stand up. The ne.xt night, Duke 
drubbed Oregon State for third-place. 

The high-scoring, crowd-pleasing 1962-1963 team and 
C'aptain Art Heyman rewrote the Duke record books. The 
si]uad w as the highest-scoring ever in University history — 
2,496 points scored during the season — and the most ac- 
curate — 51.1% from the held. Three-time AU-Amcrican 
.■\rt Heyman erased Dick Groat's name in several depart- 
ments, among them career scoring; Art's record — 1,98^ 
points. Jefl Mullins is already the number seven scorer in 
Duke's all-time elite. Jay Buckley set a record for rield- 
goal accuracy— 60.0%. "Bird" was right behind Heyman 
in rebounding at 9.0 recoveries per game and supported the 
one-two punch with an H .4 scoring average. Hack Tison 
proved he has the makings. He can run, shoot, rebound, 
dribble, and electrifies crowds by blocking shots. Behind 
the front line, some excellent guards went unheralded but 
were viral to Duke's success story. Fred Schmidt and 
Buzzy Harrison, sparkling on both offense and defense, 
started in the backcourt. They were backed up by "Heckle 
and Jeckle," Ron Herbster and Denny Ferguson. 

Hcvrnin pops trmii thi 

Jay Buckley. oM 
at College Park. 

.Mar\lanJ, hooki tur the "hnmetown" folks 


Heyman, voted Most N'aluablc Player in the NCAA Kinals 
Coach Bubas as he ends Duke career. 

The Pep Band followed the team to Louisville as representatives of a 
frustrated student bodv. 

. f 


Buckley and \lJl^n^ i, 
dumbfounded OSL nlav 




slTodom drags . I .. > l„,seZeT early-season praccce. Th.rd-sackcr To.n.y Taylor chases foul pop-up m praecee. 

-Conference first-baseman Dave Uible expounds on the virtues of 

commentary with infield drill. 


While not as strong as some Duke teams in tlie recent 
past, the 1962 squad compiled a better than .500 record of 
I 1 w ins as against 1 2 losses and one tic. The team's ACC 
victims were N. C. Stare, North Carolina, Clemson, V'ir- 
ginia, and South Carolina; non-conference wins were over 
Dartmouth, Princeton, x'Vmherst, Rollins, Colby, and 
Morula State. The pitching chores were handled by Bob 
lurner and Dick Densmore. Densmore led the ACC with 
6S strikeouts and a 7-3 record. Pacing the Blue Devils at 
the plate were Captain Lynn Fader and Hob Rankin and 
Dave Uible, who hit .337 and .324 respectively. 1 he team's 
record in Conference play, a disappointing sixth in the final 
standings, can be traced to a slump at the tail-end ot the 
season. With several starters returning and some promising 
sophomores. Coach "Ace" Parker anticipates a better 1963 

Coach Parker show Biff Bracy how to correctly hold his bat. 



A host of individual stars and team depth contributed 
to the success of the 1962 track team. Duke finished the 
season with the best record in the conference, 5-2, losing; 
only to Mar\i;ind and to non-conference foe Miami. In 
the annual A.("..C. meet, the team placed third. 

The victory over UNC was significant not only because 
it was an upset, but also because it proved the importance 
of the number three man. Depth was not as apparent in 
the triumphs over South Carolina, X'irginia, Wake Forest, 
and Clemson, but the third-place finishers decided the 
Carolina meet. Lou \"an Dyck beat Scott Brent, ACC 
champ, in the half-mile, and \'ic Brarcn took an unexpected 
third, jim Scott took third in the pole vault, an event for 
which he had only three weeks' preparation. 

As to the individual heroes, Jerry Nourse closed out his 
collegiate career undefeated in the two-mile run. Dick 
Gesswein was voted the Outstanding Athlete in the ACC 
meet for the second straight year. At that same meet, Ciess- 
wcin broke the Conference shot-put record for the fourth 
time during the season. John Zwerner was a consistent 
winner in the 100 and 220; he also ran in the mile rela\' and 
was the team's high scorer. 

ACC champ Dick Gesswein exhibits record-breaking form. 

Lou N'anDvck and 

L-losc in on Carolina leaders. 


P f» 

g I 

Before the start of the regul;ir season, the lacrosse team 
pla\ed an exhibition match with the Austrahan National 
Lacrosse leani, which toured the United States last spring. 
During the regular schedule, the stickmcn played national 
pow ers \'irginia. Navy, and Maryland and had a disappoint- 
ing 3-6 record. Led by Lloyd Griffith, Coach Persons' 
charges scored victories over Georgia, Washington and 
Lee, and the "Great Grads," in a game played annually 
against Duke's lacrosse alumni. Mike Sherman, the team's 
leading scorer. Buck Buckalew, Mike Welsh, Dick Brock, 
Pete Widener, Bob \'orhees, and (ioalie Jack Bennett 
rounded out the starting unit. 

Goody practices maneuvers for field position. 

A great grad rctur 

iMcDorman gets a clean shot past defender \\'ebb 


Led by All-Southern and All-American Dean Ross 
and Fred Beguin, the 1962 soccer squad scored 36 goals, 
while Goalie Bob Mueller allowed only 2 balls through 
the net, to sweep through the first six games of the season 
undefeated. The victims served up to the Devils were 
i\ppalachian State, Roanoke, \'irginia, Washington and Lee, 
Davidson, and North Carolina State. This was no bed of 
roses, though, as the BIymen ran into a rugged Navy crew 
and lost a rain-soaked battle, 4-L The team lost another 
hard-fought contest to Maryland, perennial ACC Cham- 
pions, by the close score of 3-1. The season ended with 
a 2-0 win over Alason-Di.xon Champion Lynchburg and 
a disappointing loss to Carolina, 1-0. The team's 7-3 re- 
cord earned them third place in the Atlantic Coast Con- 

Fred Beguin heads ball against Carolina goalie. 

Dean Ross chases ball as Fred Beguin follows play. 



The Iron Dukes completed their first undefeated dual 
meet season in three years, with an 8-0 record against 
ACC opposition and V.P.I. Although placing second to 
Carolina in both the State and ACC meets, the squad 
managed a 27-28 victory over the Tarheels during the 
regular season. Returning lettermen Dave Blumfeldt, 
Frank Campbell, Lloyd Brinson, Lou Van Dyck, Stanley 
Gentry, and Nick Gray formed a dependable nucleus, 
strengthened by promising sopomores John Weisiger and 
Bob Waite. Van Dyck came into his own late in the season, 
winning the State meet and placing second in the ACC. 
Blumfeldt was a steady runner throughout the season, 
winning the early meets and placing third in the State run. 
Campbell and Weisiger also placed consistently. 

The thinclads easily disposed of South Carolina, Wake 
Forest, and N. C. State, as Blumfeldt broke the tape first 
in all three races. Although a Duke runner failed to finish 
first against Virginia and Maryland, the harriers won 
handily to continue unbeaten. Weisiger led the Devils 
to victory in a dual meet with Clemson and V.P.I., leaving 
only Carolina for an 8-0 regular season slate. Coach Al 
Buehler considered the season a success and the team 
". . . as well balanced as we ever had . . ." 

Duke team, lead by Blumfeldt, Van Dyck, ard Weisiger, overwhelm lone Tech runner. 


Comprised mainly of sophnmorL-s ;ind juniors, the swim- 
ming team compiled a creditable 6-4 o\xt;i11 record, 4-^ 
in Atlantic Coast Conference dual-meet competition. 
Led by co-captains John \\bod\vorth and Chuck Hill, the 
standout swimmers were Bob Kingsbury, Dave Goodner, 
Jim Caraway, Cal King, and Spike Narten. Duke's victims 
were Davidson, Wake Forest, South Carolina, Clemson, 
Georgia Tech. and \'irginia. Coach Jack Persons insists the 
team's finest hour was against Georgia Tech, when the squad 
broke four Tech pool records. The team's losses were suf- 
fered at the hands of Carolina, Navy, N. C. State, and ,Mar\- 
land. The Devilfish also turned in fine performances in the 
March aquacades — the ACC and NCAA Championships 
in Raleigh and the Easterns at Princeton. 

Perfect timing . . . Jim C'onway touches 
(^jl King relieves him in relay. 

Heads up fonn . . . C^al King leaves starting block. 


Up. up, and away 

through the u .: 


Coach Carmen Falcone's varsity matmcn finally ended 
a three-year losing streak by gaining a decision, 18-16, 
over the University of North Carolina. The Devils won 
at 12 3-lbs. by forefit. Jim Bierfield and JefF Lee pinned 
their opponents at 130-lbs. and 137-lbs. respectively, to 
give Duke a 15-0 advantage. The margin of victory was 
provided by Captain Dick Lam, a sophomore, who gained 
a decision at 167-lbs. The team lost this year to Virginia. 
The Citadel, N. C. State, Davidson, Washington and Lee, 
and Maryland, the ACC Champion. Joe Politi, Randy 
Myers, Staley Gentry, Bob Jordan, Warren Seagraves, and 
Walt Moehling nevertheless turned in some fine efforts. 
The future of Duke wrestling must be considered bright. 
Freshman Coach Harvey's squad posted a 4-2 record; John 
Holder, Jim Holbert, and Luke Sharpe should have outstand- 
ing varsity careers. 

literjlly ncs John 

demonstration ot a hold. 

Dick 1 

Al Johnson demonstrates arm roll on Dick Lam. 


Weakened by the loss of Joe Gaston, ACC singles 
champion, through graeluation. Coach Bob Cox's nctmcn 
finished the season with a respectable 11-7 record. Led by 
co-captains Clyde Gouldman and Hobey Hyde, the squad 
beat ACC rivals Wake Forest, N. C. State, Maryland, 
Virginia, and South Carolina, as well as such formidable 
opposition as the University of Florida and Rollins College. 
But, as in past years, the team had trouble with the Univer- 
sity of Miami and Carolina. Butch Clriffin, playing in the 
number one slot in the early part of the season, was out 
for the latter part of the year because of illness. Gerry 
Mattson, a talented sophomore, took over the top seed for 
the remainder of the \ear. Al Mcintosh, Ken McCullough, 
Barker French, and Kurt Steinman rounded out the team, 
which rinished third m the Conference. 


Still learning . . . Coach Cox cxplain.s to attentive veteran C'lvdc 

This IS the way you hit a serve . . . always keep your eyes on the 

Mattson smashes in 






Coached by I',. P. "Dump\"' Haglcr, the Bkie Devil 
golf team captured the ACC title for the second con- 
secutive year. The team went undefeated in ACC dual 
matches and also won the ACC meet. Led by George 
Smith, Dick Dion, Rich Bassett, John Abernathy, and Dave 
Franklin, the squad started slowly and dropped their first 
two matches. But the duffers staged an Arnold Palmer 
comeback, storming through the remainder of the schedule 
to finish w ith a 12-2 record. After the completion of regular 
season play, the NCAA Championships were held on the 
Duke course. The host team finished an excellent third, 
to complete a successful season. 

AliL-niailu i-VL-.s tin. \u<\v in preparation for putt 

Jack Saalrtcld digs h.ill nut troin under a tree. 

Buzz Lewis dig.s into turt in shot from the ruuyh. 




Ron- I: J. Berry, 1). Havens. \>. Ikngal, I- . MeC-IInn,, I , ( iKsnutt. j., W . Rappold, J. Loniax, D. Bridges, B. Reynolds, P. VVidener, G. 
C-.irner. R,r^- 2: B. Be.islev, B. R.nnsev, A. Cregorv. 1). ( n,xi..n, ( W.ilker, I). Halt,,.!. K. Williams, Z. Potts, B. Havvn, M. Leggett, S. Crisson. 
Rrm- S: K. Ihomps,.,!. R. Harris, 1)^ Broun, B. loj;,l. li. Mad artce. B. ( )Kc:-r.Mi. R. MarLv, F. Creech, I. Stoltz. B. Futrell, D. Burdctte. Roiv 4: 

A. Bell. W. Cranr, W , Mnehng. R. Closson. J. \lav. 1. I hon„xson, R. Barnes, J. Fnqna, J. Underwood, M. Pennington, |. Honeveutt. Ro-w J; 
R.Starretr. A. Berrv, J. ( reeeh, B. I.nucnstern. A. \ .eregg. I'.. W ullsherg, J. Moss, J. Seott, S. Waite, S. Simon. R,av f,: N. ciiurehill, |. Wilkinson, 

B. Weidman. I). Ramev, I), Lonon, K. Stuart, J. X". AleCarthy. B. Sinip.s.n,. J. (inthrie. F. Croniartie, J. Franei.s. R,.-^- 7: A. .\U.tuza, I). Uible, S. 
Holloway, C:. Winchester, B. Davis, M. Balitsaris, C:. Drulis, .\1. C-.ldvvell, K. IJenton, S. Cdoni. Roil- S: T. Keay, B. Baird, M. Curtis, K. Claro, 
H. Helms, B. Bracy, J. Luciano, D. Lynch, B. Larsh, B. |<,hn,son. 


,.:, ^^V^rz. 

/\V,: /, hre.l Slul.el, Assr ( ..ach, \ie Bubas, Head C:oaeh. Roll- 2: B. HarrKSon, B. Ulrich, R. Co.x, D. Fergu.son, R, 1 ierl.ster, F. Schmidt, J. .Mullii 
Row 3: C. Zimnier, Mgr., T. Mann, B. Jamieson, B. Kitchmg, H. Tison, J. Buckley, A. Heyman, F. Cox, S. \\ illiam.son. 




Rrnv I: J. BIy (Coach), A. Kpanchin, 1). Ross, F Bcguin G Husron, C. Stcinman. R. Skinner (Coach). Rr,iv 2: G. Flowers, R. Altschulcr, J. Boe- 
rieke, J. Morton. D. StattcnHcld. P. Coughlin, D |onts Ro-u. J K. Hubbard, D. Hollman, B. Holt, L. Siegal, S. Powers, C. Hough. Roiv 4: H. Prangc, 
J. Rciftel, ,\1. Erisman, \V. Piver, A. Mitchell, B \oung, D Hinds, S. Gates, B. Mueller, N. Covington. 


Rn-^l: I). Bluniteld, 1.. \an Dvke, 1). ( :a[iibell. B. W.iite. S. G. 
G. Deutschler, J. Dow, A. Jacobscn, 1.. Bnnsin. 

N. Gray, B. Wiggins. Kaii. 1: Coach BIyler, G. .Miller, C. Phelan, A. KiHin^c 



Rfj-^ 1 V, Kingsbury. J. Woodworth. C Hill Ro-^ 2 C njch Pcrsorr., S ('onibs, U Goodncr. R. Y.icum, V. Huiii.i. J. ( )eikn k > D Hou\oip 
C king J C^araway. R. \'allc. B. C:arlit7. ( Ltwcllcn, | Bucholz, 15 Hitchcock K'-zu' t"; 1). Randoll, ti. Sicbold. j. Uunn | Sruclmcr B /ipo. 
A Imcrshcin, J. Schwartz, D. Osnuin, D X'anLandinghorn 


/v/u /. K. Mycr.s, J. BRTticId, J., B. Jordan. Ro'^- 2: W. Scagrcavcs, D. Lam, A. J.ihnson, W. Mochng. 



f t t f t f f f 

K-i. I I . Mcssik.HiKr. K. \lcKnilc\. I 
B. MuL-llcr. k. St.illin-s. H. R.mkin. S. 
.\1. Anililcr 

,Kkr. II I ,hlcr. l; 
ips, L). \\ K', 

;nr\. IV Altlcc, /v 
D. Liblc, I.. Hjr; 

Mclcin. k, \1 
PoIIkt. D. Dlt 

I 'W^ 





Ro-^ 1 G High 1 \anl)\<.k I) hlunitcldt I /ucrrur (, kirk I, ()( innon 1) (,o^^^o^ 1 ( I irk I HrN int R, ^ I W uidcll. \ . ( .r.iv, 
G Houcrs, b Hublurd, B I „gd TH>rLs, J Vott, L Cooper J Weisigcr Ro ^ i B Waitc b Barr, B Wiggins V J Rob-ui, B. Miller, S. 
Barnes, G Deutbchcr 



K,, I (, \l,.,,rL P ( oughlan. L BjnUs, D Ken 
G /upjnit P ( oil, N«cll (oathW S Pi 
J Roediger, D Vallc, M. McDorman, R Wct.h 

kiniur A II (,r.u,l I I I, Holt, 

WL I) Snixth W ( c„kir I Ikrl.irt j („,ndy. 


r <r^ -JC A ^ ^ , -^ r ~v •*»---■■ ^ -sst- =l'^t-. 
K,ni / V ...ich l<^ l,o\, (,.. iMiiildnuin. K. MtC.ull.uigh, A. Mcintosh, K. C. Nhtttson. ««;■ _'; N. Brokct, W., K, I' K. 
Katholi, D. Ditmars, J. Check, J. Ranuigc-. 



Ron- I: Cicorgc Smith, Rich Bassett, Johnny Abcrnathy, Jack Saalhcld. JStan riittlc, John Alartni. Roii' 2: Buz 
welder, John Cawley, Bruce Haskell, Tom Cosgrove. 

, John McKay, Brent Black- 

Dukc students send basketball team off to College Park. 


Intramural athletics serve as an outlet for relieving the 
strains and pressures built up in the course of day-to-day 
classroom activities. Physical fitness and development and a 
healthy sense of group participation arc the principal con- 
tributions of the Duke IM pr(>;^i\im. l'\xr\- student is given 
the opportunity to participate ui some tt)r[n of competitive 
athletics. Directed this year by Senior Manager Fete 
Linsert, the intramural program sponsored football, basket- 
ball, volleyball, and softball leagues. The playoff for an 
IM football champion involved two games in Duke Stadium 
before large partisan followings. Tournaments were also 
held in minor sports- wrestling, horseshoes, and bad- 
minton. . 

th\\ arts SAE pass 

Chronicle kiiitcs through Pucr hnc in '62 Booze Bow 

Havens t« ists to avoid Cht-snutt's clip in Indoor Stadium scramble. 

ral handball . . . follou' the bouncing ball. 

tramural Managers: John Goody, Pete Lmsert, Bob N'erhey 


the fall program. Spring found many co-eds doing it "Robin 

Adding spirited rivalry to the lives of many listless co- Hood style" in the annual archery competition. With a 

eds, the Woman's Recreation Association sponsors dorm newly-initiated point system in effect, the results of all 

and sorority competition. Individual tournaments in tennis, events became topics of general interest, as an air of animated 

badminton, and table tennis provided the highlights tor competition pervaded East Campus. 

Sub-Ark bowling [imvidcs cluiicc for Clara and Young .Mary co work on tliL- 


r ■ 

p 'J. 

]l I 


'Degree of difficult 

Buckley's East Campus counterpart in action 

The best part of beauty is that 
which no picture can express 



A striking blonde from Wfcnham, Massachusetts, |an 
has been active in campus affairs. She has participated in 
Pegasus and Terpsichorean and trod the boards in the 
VM\sley Pla>'ers. Her major is Art History, and she is 
an artist in her own right. She is Art I'-ditor of the Archive, 
and her charcoal draw ings regularh' appear in the magazine. 
Elected to the senior women's leadership honorary. Phi 
Kappa Delta, Jan plans to continue her studies in graduate 




■||k '> 1 




Jackie (ileason's exuberance in all activities — 
television, theater, music, liquor, food, and beaut\' 
— led to his choice as the iiulge of the 1963 Chanti- 
cleer Beauty Contest. His selection of Janice Duff 
as this year's queen is indicative of his reputation 
as a connoiseur. 





Ginny conus from Indianapolis, Indiana, and makes lur home on I'asr in (iilhert House. Her major 
is English, and her sorority is Pi Beta Phi. She en|o\s swimming, reading, and her work as a fresliman 



"Dort" hails from (inind Rapids, Michigan. As a senior, this is her second and, untortunatciy, final 
appearance in the Court. Her major is elementary education, and her favorite sport is s\\ imming. She re- 
sides in Bassett House and is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. 



A sophomore from Gaffney, South Carolina, Emilia is making her second appearance in our Beauties 
Section. She lives in Jarvis House and is a member of Alpha Delta Pi. xA.n elementary education major, 
she is also a member of the Student Union Major Attractions Committee. 


This attractive junior nurse from Haworth, \ew Jersey, is making iier third appearance in the 
Chanticleer Beauty Court. Carol is an active participant in man\- campus organizations and, when time 
permits, she enjoys outdoor sports. 






Love is a sophomore resident of Addoms House. She is an accomplished dancer, with a preference 
for modern jazz as the background for her arrangements. She worked as a dancmg mstructor m Wash- 
ington last summer and performed at half-time shows this past winter. 



A native- of Morehciid Cny, North C:;irolina, Annette lives in Gilbert House. A popular member 
of the junior elass, she is majoring- in French. Her sorority is Alpha Delta Pi. 




Margo is the third girl from Washington, D. (". and rhc sucimd nurse to lie represenreti in the Beau- 
ties Section this year. Her interests include French, art, and music. During the summer, she likes to 



Rip IS the onl\- frLsliniiiii ro appc^ir in the Hcaut\' Court this \car. She has not \ct decided on a major 
course of study, though she has expressed an interest in ps\chol()jr\'. Another resident from the nation's 
capital, Rip lives in Pegram House. Her sororit)' is Delta Delta Delta. 

hnny .Markas crowns Iktsv Wc.ah.ill as the IV6: Homecoming Queen. 



A beautiful day, pretty girls, and a 
victory over the University of Cali- 
fornia highlighted Homecoming 1962. 
In addition, alumni, friends, and stu- 
dents were treated to skits, posters and 
colorful displays, barbecues and parties, 
a Homecoming Dance, and a giant pep 

At the Friday night Homecoming 
vShow, Miss Betsy Woodhall of Durham 
uas crowned as the 1962 Homecoming 
Queen by Johnny Markas, Captain of 
the football team. Beauty titles, although 
they are nothing new, still thrill Bers\-, 
who has been the Nurses' Beauty Queen 
and the 1962 Chanticleer Queen. A 
former resident of East Campus, Betsy 
is now a senior in the School of Nursing. 
She plans to put her nurse's training to 
use in a private surgical clinic after 

Bctte Garrett, Southgatc; Sue Curry, Brown, Harriet Hester, Jarvis; Beatrice Beach, Addoms; Kay Ellen Isley, Gilbert; Dorothy Albers, Basset 
Frances Hitchcock, Alspaugh, Joan Jarden, Giles; Laura Carver, Pegram; Rebecca Strothcr, Aycock, Elizabeth Woodhall, Hanes. 


Sue Curry, May Queen. 


The \\'oman"s College elected Sue 
Curry of Indianapolis, Indiana, as its 
1963 Ala\' Queen. The crown is awarded 
on the basis of service to the University. 
Sue is a member of White Duchy, Phi 
Kappa Delta, and Pi Beta Phi sorority. 
She has served as president of Brown 
House and as an F'.'XC. Last summer, 
she was in laneanxika as a participant 
in the program "(Crossroads Africa." 
Sue plans to enter the Columbia East 
Africa Teacher's Program and perhaps 
return to Tans:an\'ika. 


Sue Curry, Ann Barbour, Sandy Harn.son, Ann I 


The XiirsL-s' H(.';uit\' ()LK-cn is chosen 
;it the aniiiKil (Christmas Dance. F'resh- 
man Kirr\ Hardenburg was selected 
this Near over seven other candidates 
vying for the honor. Hailing from 
College Park, Maryland, Kitty is a 
member of the Student Union Social 
Committee and the Hanes House Stu- 
dent-Faculty Committee. Although free 
time is a luxury in Hanes House, Kitt>' 
enjoys horseback riding and swimming 
when she can. 


. . . true friendship gives new life and 

animation to the object it supports'' 


Tuck Forsyth, /': 


The Uukc Intcrfratcrnity Council was organized ro secure 
harmony, cooperation and unity among the eighteen fraternities 
on this campus. In order to do this, the IFC is divided into two 
principal bodies: the Council and Presidents and the Executive 
Board. The Council of Presidents, which approves legislation, is 
composed of the presidents of the fraternities and is governed by 
the president of IFC, Tuck Forsyth. The E.xecutive Board, the 
executive and judicial branch of IFC, delegates part of its power 
to several committees in order to better fulfill the purposes of 
IFC. They are the Investigating, Rush, Greek-Week, Publica- 
tions, Scholarship, Pledge, and Public Relations Committees. 

This year the Interfraternity Council inaugurated several new 
activities. One was a radio program which was broadcasted by 
\VDBS and gave fraternity news. Another was a revision of 
Greek- Week, which boasted a concert by a big name group, a 
dance, a coed track meet, and chariot races. IFC also sent a letter 
home to the parents of freshmen to explain the values of the fra- 
ternity system, and sponsored a rotating scholarship trophy for 
the fraternity w ith the highest grade point average on campus. 

oil' I: Carl Zielonka. Baxter Davi.s, Thomas Forsyth, III, Paul Young. Ro-^- 2: Robert Hcidrick, John Onder, Charles Zimmer, Ellison Mitchell, Jr. 


The Panhcllcnic CA)uncil, the rcprescntativL- bod)' of the sorori- 
ties at Duke, is designed to promote co-operation among the soror- 
ities and to coordinate their activities with those of the school and 
city. The Council is composed of two representatives from each 
sorority and thirteen cx-officio members — the sorority presidents. 
The group meets weekly in an attempt to find new methods of 
unifying the thirteen member sisterhoods and to work for the 
good of the individual sisters and the University Communit\-. 
Pan-Hel is divided into several committees which work on various 
phases of sorority life and its problems. A major committee this 
year was the one which worked on getting a new Greek building 
for East Campus, l.errcrs were sent to alumnae for support; the 
committee received man\' pfisirive replies and good ideas. 

The Council, under the leadership of Judy Anderson, began its 
activities with rush and a Greek Day to introduce freshmen to the 
sorority s\'stem. Pan-Hel also sponsored a fashion show in De- 
cember and the (ireek Follies — "Devils Revils" — in Februar\', 
in which various sororities presented skits, and joined with the 
IFC for the expanded Greek Week in the spring. 

Judith And 

Roiil:]. Duke, M. Choborda, L. Corn. J. Harris (.•Xdvi.iorV J. .Anderson. R. Trent, L. Gdloolv, M. Osborne, S. Hunyadi, L. Clark. Roif 2: D. Ben- 
nett. M.Jones, S. Pauly, iM. Miller. «oii'i;S .S.uirdcrs, \1^ W Ixl.ind, S. Surtnn, M.Hurad ( Snuthmayd, A. Reynolds, S. Hall, M. Lea, P. Jones. 


Sigma Chi's Blue Devil boots the (ioldcti Hi 


lor many members ot the snideiir l)od\', ioining a fra- 
rernit\- or sorority is a ma|or event. At this time, the in- 
dividual decides which fraternit)' offers him the most and 
to which he can contribute. I'hus, while (ireek life is out- 
wardh' and symbolically expressed by the t"raternit\' or 
sororir\' pin, it holds a deeper meaning — the reciprocit\- of 
brotherhood and fellowship in each chapter. 

The various Greek orders are annually rejuvenated 
through rush. Hectic days of smiles, chow trains, and parties 
usually end with sore hands, tired knees, and laryngitis. 
I'he real entrance into fraternity life, however, occurs 
during pledging — climaxed by initiation — an unforgettable 
experience in the life of every Greek. Initiation is accom- 
panied by the secrets of mystic and meaningful ritual, 
esoteric handshakes, the formation of lasting friendships, 
and, oddly enough, rhe tiisr month's dues. A part of each 
fraternity's funds is lorw arded to the national office, but these 
are social organizations, and the bulk of the money is used 
to sponsor a crowded social schedule — cabin parties, com- 
bos, cook-outs, open houses, pledge formals, banquets, and 
beach week-ends. 

Each spring, fraternities and sororities compete w ith one 
another and carouse together during "Greek Week." In 
addition to the traditional carnival and track meet, Greek 
\M'ck this year featured a concert by the Chad .Mitchell 
Trio, followed by a dance with the Zodiacs. 


heir toothpaste smiles. 

The essential precepts of fraternal bo.lies -fellowship 
and brotherhood- are strengthened in the course of aca- 
demic and athletic competition. Fraternity and sorority 
study halls are places to help "raise the average," and, 
perhaps, to discuss the last memorable and the next unbe- 

A booth tor vvhat- 

Dear Abby 

lievable party. Greeks are constantly battling for top honors 
in the intramural program. The brothers and sisters also 
compete in less strenuous activity, constructing displays, 
posters, and floats for Homecoming and the Joe College 
Parade. Fraternity and sorority charity projects in the greater 
Durham community win friends and augment University 
public relations; but work with and tor the less fortunate 
is also a rewarding experience for the individual brought 
up in the Judaeo-Christian tradition. The part fraternities 
and sororities play in the daily life of the campus is an im- 
portant one, a vital role in the well-rounded college com- 


\\ hat arc they wearing sacks over their heads for 

Where the girls are 

\\"ho needs Student Health anymore? 

Who fired that shot 





* /V 

ALPHA CHI OMEGA\- it was September, it was Duke, it was Rush — 
and the Alpha Chi's were back, full of summer inspirations, 
to start another year. Entertaining both the rushees and 
ourselves, we found fifteen girls anxious to wear the AXQ 
pledge pin. We costumed for a Halloween party at the Cere- 
bral Palsy Hospital, danced away a Friday evening at the 
annual fall semiformal, and retreated to Dean Brinkley's 
house for a Sunday of evaluation and planning sessions. A 
special program meeting featuring Air. Warner of Ellis-Stone 
resulted in the transformation of Betty and Kitty! Then 
home for Christmas and back to romp (?) through finals. 
Second semester brought Peanut Pal Week, the Pledge 
Dance, and Joe College. It all seemed to go so fast that we 
could hardly believe finals were here again, and \vc ended 
another year with 'iove in AXU." 

AiiiK- Harper, I'nndent 

Rowl: D. Chalk, S. Baker. R. Koningsbertjcr, F. Danncr. \\. Pickering, R. Wright. R,r.i- 2: A. 
Greene, G. Surbaugh, C. Bradsher, R. Rankin, R. Carter, X. (.ithens, < . Beam. 

% hf" ^ ^ 

^ -^ ^ a 







Arncr, Liz 
Baker, Sarah Louise 
Beam, Louise 
Bole, Diana 
Bovvdren, Dorothy 

Bremer, Linda 
Carter, Riila Louise 
Chalk, Dorothy 
Corn, Carol 
Craig, Barbara 

Damschrodcr, Diana 
Danner, la\' 
Davis, Patricia 
DiKvorth, Cathy 
Dodd, Irene 

1 rnst, Mary Lucille 
iiihank, Katherinc 
( iithens, Nancy 
(ireene, X'irginia 
(ireig, Betsy 

Griswold, Laura J. 
Heath, Anne 
Hey], Celeste 
Hollar, Frankie 
Johnson, Betty Ruth 

Leonard, Catherine 
Moore, Rebecca 
Pell, Nancy 
Robertson, Deanna 
Rogers, Linda 

Rouse, Margaret 
Sehlesinger, Sally Ar 
Smith, Charlotte 
Sperry, Sue 
Stravhorn, Martha 

I'eniple, \anc\- 
Wiley, Sarah 
Willis, i:iizabeth 
Zaugg, Cecile 



September brings rush, the enchanted forest and visions 
of pledges, \\hich become glorious reality in October. Big 
sisters take their proteges underwing and then ensue the 
pledge banquet, pledge swaps, the ADPi-KKG party under 
the direction of Barbara and Keliey. Homecoming, the 
Chanticleer call forth our beauties. Phi Kap chooses a 
Sweetheart, Phi Beta taps Nancy and Sherer; Trish is a 
\\ho's \\"ho. The fall brought diamonds and at Christmas 
wedding bells ring. Then to C. P. with the KA"s and Santa. 
Omicron met 1963 with "vigah" on our Spruce Pines re- 
treat. The pledges are presented at the pledge dance, initiated, 
and we welcome our new sisters. Suddenly spring burst 
forth full of activities — Greek Week, elections, Joe College, 
Senior Banquet, e.xams, fun in the sun at Paw ley's, graduation. 

Bctb\ \hllcr, Fnudtnt 

R<n. 1 I r.ircNV, O. Wright, F. Willuinis, S. Moss. R<ni- 2: 1.. Bugg. J. M.mrgomcry, L. Hulmes, M. iMacomber, S. 
Bunck, \1 Ch^.ndkr. R,nv i: M. Willis, |. Hcppc, J. H.irsk-y, K. WL-ltare, S. White, B. Smith, T. Patch, D. .McDnuglc, 


^ ^ (P ^ 






^^ -^^ ^»- A^ 



Brading, Barbara 
Bradshaw, Bcbc 
Butler, Marylin 
Cantrcll, Lydia 
Garden, Russell 

Conn, Judy 
Cooper, Annette 
Cooper, Betty 
Cousins, Carol 
Crandall, Ann 

Davis, Anne 
Ellis, Agnes 
Farmer, Muriel 
Funderburk, Lois 
Gronemeyer, Suzanne 

Heefner, Betty Gray 
Henderson, Shep 
Isley, Kay 
James, Scherer 
Jenkins, Nancy 

Little, Frances 
Miller, Betsy 
Mitchell, Meriel 
Morris, Barbara 
Neblett, Beverly 

Nolan, Pam 
Peters, Donna 
Pickrell, Annie 
Ramsey, Carol 
Saint-Amand, Kmilia 

Simeon, Carol 
Smith, Carolyn 
Swain, Lamar 
Thornton, June 
L^pchurch, Stuart 

Watson, Katrina 
Weeks, Beverh- 
\\ ilkinson, Lillian 


Adriennc kohn, President 



riiis was a \car of activities and fun for the Al-lPhi's. 
Rusii had an added French touch, and at its end \vc cele- 
brated w ith a pizza party at Mayola's v\ith our new pledges. 
As a result of our spirited pledges, we have bright and shiny 
hu-niture in our chapter room. This year our actives have 
been concerned with studying, getting married or having a 
good time. Diane was in Ivy and Marcia in the Honors 
Program. The two Gail's and Bobbi have had an intensive 
course in home economics at Durham High. .Michigan and 
.1 hualierc called Linda back to Ann Arbor. Last but cer- 
rainh tior least are Adie and Ma.x. . . . P'or fun and games 
Sarah returned tor our Hanukkah party. Throughout the 
year we had speakers, bowling parties, dinner parties and 
mixers w ith traternities from State and Carolina. The pledge 
dance was the spring's great success. 

AEPhi's deal with grade probi 

Diane Reback, Priss. Mitchell, Mi 


V f: 


BL-niiLtt, Diane 
Block, Barbara 

Chapnick, Maxinc 
Margolis, Gail 

Smith, Marcia 
Wald, Gail 


The Alpha Phi's greeted fall rushees in a new room — still 
in Carr — and won seventeen pledges to wear the ivy leaf. 
Rush over, we heard Donna's memories of National Con- 
vention and banqueted as Big and Little Sisters. With 
November came initiation, two new sisters for the actives, 
and a pledge swap hostessed by our pledges. Even weekly 
meetings were great — the pledges passed "all that stuff 
we've gotta learn" with Kathy's help, and the actives had 
comedy with formal meetings. We continued our philan- 
thropic work by helping w ith parties for the patients at the 
\"A Hospital. Spring semester whizzed by and the Senior 
party and beach party were here. 

JaiiLt Weaver, FnuM 

Alph.1 Plii'.s rcacii ncu hciglu.s^ 

Ro-^- I: I). ,\Undcnh.ill, J. \\.,rlc\ , T. Bn.-.ks, \. Arnold. Rim 2: S. J.incs, ,\L ,\l,i 
D. (iahint, S. BnucriiKin, L. S.inpsnn. Ahuiil: \\ ScrihiKr, U. l-KdorLk. W . Hnv 

man, D. Dalt.m. B. Xc 


Badgctt, Alice 
Bower, Linda 
Chdmicz, Carol 

Douglas, Donna 
Kills, Madonna 
Ferguson, Barbara 

Lime, Klizabctli 
Morris, Judith 
Morrison, Amy 

(Xsborne, Margaret 
Packard, Janice 
Reynolds, Kay 

Robinson, Barbara 
Tobin, Sammic 
\Mavcr, Janet 

Weaver, Lynn 
Wilbourne, Sharon 



\\c came, wc saw, and w c were down on our knees! 
Rush "revival," under the direction of Ginny, Carol, and 
our spirituaHst JVD, brought the "light" of Tri-Dclta 
sisterhood to t\\ent\' rushees. Down in the cellar, a few 
weeks later, glow inu Deltas feasted on pizza, sang songs, 
and reminisced of Rarhskellar parties past! "Dorrie Delta" 
pilgrimaged, via three volkswagons, to Chapel Hill and 
the Founder's Day banquet with the UNC chapter. Christ- 
mas was a-coming, hut our Delta had time for the pine 
part\-, our annual \isit to the .Methodist Retirement Home, 
and pla\ing Sanra with the Sigma Chi's. White elephants 
on the quad! Just our rummage sale, tor Tri-Delta's scholar- 
ship fund. Summer and Poseidon's call were answered by 
devoted daughters who enjoyed the year's final fling at 
.\hTlle Beach. 

Betsy Kaufman, l'nsi,l< 

Rov, 1 L Jones V Bell \1 Rogers, E ^^'catherford, E Tinslev, C Copley S Doer 
S Kellett D Pharr \1 Ha«es C Mirnn D Koiiimiink C N.c-ll I BiniKmu 
Wmless S Bhekucll P Birncs ( ( iirriith 

r B Bucknia 
\1 Pulley. 

i'\'lnn'\ v-n 

^ ^ r" # f^i 


9 ^< c^ t? fi 

a f'^ ^ ^ 

^ ^ ^ ^ 

^ f~ ^ ^ f1 

Acton, Alice 
Adamson, Joan 
Anutta, Lu 
Baker, Suzy 
Brown, Gini 

Camticld, Lissie 
Carr, Irish 
Carroll, Doric 
Carver, Laura 
Cook, Jan 

Duncan, Susan 
Edwards, Mary Ann 
Erickson, Linda 
Farmer, Sue 
Fisher, Vivian 

Hall, Sallv 
Harris, Judy 
Hun> adi. Sue 
Kaufman, Betsy 
Kelley, Bonnie 

Kimhrduuh, Laurel 
Kncen, Jud\' 
Lee, Peggy 
Luce, Karen 
Miller, Dottie 

Palmer, Margith 
Patton, Sheila 
Pilgrim, Penny 
Ransey, Anne 
Thackcr, Joyce 

Van Dyck, Judy 
Wanless, Carol 
White, Suzy 
Wilcox, Landis 
Wolf, Pudgy 

Woodard, Carol 



Fall saw all the DCs returning ready for rush, our en- 
thusiasm and spirit shown by the pledging of 25 wonderful 
girls. Meetings were characterized by a maximum of speakers 
and entertainment with a minimum of "business." Social 
life took up many gay times. There was the champagne 
party at the Saddle Club after the Homecoming game, and 
a Hallowe'en party given by the pledges. We will never 
forget renting a bus and the trip up to W & L for Karen's 
wedding. We'll always remember .Mar\' jane's valiant and 
fruitful fight to catch the bouquet. Winter saw the traditional 
Christmas cocktail part>- held at Schrafft's. Next came Inspi- 
ration Week climaxed by the pledge dance and initiation. 
Spring brought the Founder's Day Banquet and the fun of 
working together on our Joe College float. The year's ac- 
tivities ended with the Senior Banquet and thoughts of 
prospective tans at the beach. 

DG's welcome their new pledges. 

Row I: J. Carson, L. Davidson, L. Grey, T. Ahrendt, C. Sale. Row 2: C. Blankenship, M. Snyder, B. Siler, E. Hooker 
S. Stroupe, C. Smeltz, A. Mashburn. Row 3: A. Clark, L. Falk, C. Carlton, C. Anderson, S. Johnson, S. Bayles, S. Johnson, 
P. Grccnuood | D.^\l^ C Chnstv ib^ent A Poole, S Burcss ^ d^ms 







BaglcN', Carol 
Baran, Janet 
liinning, Barbara Ann 
Blombcrg, Karen 
Brooke, Barbara 

Brown, Bernice 
C-amc, C-onsrancc 
C:hane\', Sallv 
("ombs, C'aniille 
(>orbin, Lee 

Fielder, Alice 
Fraser, Pamela 
Gambill, Linda 
Hodson, Ann 
Johnson, Barbara 

Johnson, Mary 
Johnson, Wendy 
Jones, Pamela 
Leslie, Carroll 
Martin, Marv 

McKay, Patricia 
Moss, Judith 
Myers, Dianna 
Noblctt, Sara 
Pittman, (iermaine 

Sanionds, Janet 
Skiles, Susan 
Tofflemire, Patricia 
Waterman, Patricia 


Returning from a summer of work, study, and travel, 
Theta, led by Lynn and Susie, "floated" into fall rush in 
bright muu muus to strains of the Hawaiian "War Chant." 
The new pledges discovered the identity of their big sisters 
at an annual Pizza Party and then joined the actives to start 
a new cooking class at Edgemont, to listen attentively to 
Margn's fraternity education programs, to join in the 
"biggesf-cver" sorority cabin party, and to Christmas carol 
w ith the ATO's on December's v\'armest evening. March 
winds carried pledges' kites flying high, and the Thetas 
tilled that month with initiation, hosting for District Con- 
vention, and, of course, the Coldcn Triad. Under the banner 
of "Golden Goddess Annia," ended '62-"63 with one last 
w eek at Myrtle Beach. 

Anne Fullagar, Presidi 

Ah-Men! Chow train. 


Ro-iv I: U. Stanslmry, P. Coffin. .\L Hiitchms, S. Nixon, L. Dowling, J. Downing, A. Incc. J. Hart, M. Shaw. 
R,a. 2 J IliLohaW. L. Broun. A. EncbLTg, B. .\Lithis, J. Hydcr. C. Mc I ighc, K. Reeves, C. Chamberlain, 
r, ll,l,\ -ihuNt V. S.nnpson. 

^ & f^ f) 


Anderson, Judy 
Balderston, Barbara 
Barbour, Ann 
Bare-, Caryl 
Ba\-, I-ddy 

Braisted, Lynne 
Brewer, Karen 

C^arirhers, Susan 
("rain, Sharon 
I'rheridge, L\nn 

Fair, Jackie 
Fish, Sara 
Fuilacar, Anne 
( lirrings, Karen 
1 lalla, Iran 

Hamilton, Martha 
Hilton, Carol 
Ingham, Margo 
Larson, Pat 
Low, Heather 

Mace, Ann 
McCleary, Jane 
Pauly, Ann 
Pierpont, Carrie 
Price, Jcanie 

Robbins, Jane 
Robert, Carol 
Robms, Judy 
Robinson, Susi 
Ross, Marcia 

Saw \er, Martha Jane 
Sheridan, Alice 
Wallwork, Kristen 
VN'ashburn, Barb 
White, Chris 

White, Randy 
Wilson, Mary 
\\bodruff, Mary 
Yarnall, L\'nn 



Sun tanned and sober, the Sigma Delta's whirled into 
a new year of work, fun, and friendship. At our rush re- 
treat we discussed our farm party, South Pacific party, and 
ideas that led us through our best rush ever. A cabin party 
with the Tri-Delts, Thetas, and Zetas; steaks at the Angus 
Barn and a pizza party with "Bat" — seems like all we had w as 
fun and food. In addition to their social side, the Sigma 
Delta's were making honors some made Phi Beta, Campus 
beauty polls, and HVw'.v Who. But KA did not stop there, 
for we baby sat with mentally retarded children and at 
Christmas we had a party at the \'A Hospital. Second se- 
mester brought White Rose Week — the pledge bancjuet 
and dance, initiation, and many, many new sisters. \\'e 
worked hard on Joe College and Greek Week and finalized 
our plans for the beach trip which brought another grand 
and successful KA year to a close. 

Carol and Harriet lead tlic KDs in Rush 

Row I: B. Dority. S. Rowland, M. Boyd. K. Amen. Rrr^- 2: C. Cnchr.uic. J. Mayo, C. Coburn. X". Ekvall. R. Stubbs 
Row S: M. Potocki. J. Salmgcr, 1). Woodard. 1). Adcc, W. Andcr.son. A. Evcrharr, C. Swanngcn. Ahsriit: A. V\dliam.s 
E. Mc-xandcr. 


^ ^ ^ 

1?^ ^ f^ '-":, ^ 

^ a f * fi f^ 

Aiiman, Sarali 
Blount, Susan Hill 
Boden, Carla 
("amcron, Betty Sue 
Chohorda, Marie 

C'ombs, Sugar 
(3ornwell, Susan 
('osens, Sally 
( 'i)\\ an, 1- lorence 
Doggett, Alaurine 

Draley, Mary Klli 
I'.llis, Jenifer 
Hester, Harriet 
Hoeser, Mary 
Huek, Marv Lou 

Jordan, Ann 
Kimmerle, Nancy Jo 
Kinard, Gail 
Lang, Jane 
Lassiter, Ann 

Lassiter, Nancy 
McGehee, Harriette 
Myers, Becky 
Patrick, Cam 
Proctor, Babs 

Robb, Dee 
Smith, Betsy 
Strother, Becky 
Stuckey, Carol 
Sugg, Ann 

Tousey, Gail 
Watson, Jean 
Williams, Carol 

Willis, Kdie 
Witherspoon, Jane 



Kappa welcomed her t\\ent\' wonderful new sisters and 
lumped into the new year, meeting still more Kappas at the 
Founders" Day Dinner, drawing everyone closer to alums 
and Kappa sisters from Carolina. Fall has always meant 
cabin parties and football games, and the KKG's entered 
mto the fun as they met the ADPi's for a party — and ac- 
cepted the Beta challenge to football. And then came the 
Christmas season with the ATO's and Santa at a party for 
the children of Fdgcmont and our own annual caroling and 
(Christmas party. After exams, we proudly initiated our 
excited pledges and presented them at the Golden Triad. 
Fhe Seminar Program offered a serious side to our sorority 
life as everything from religion to economics was discussed. 
Spring gave the Kappas an excuse to retreat, and then, 
sudd(.nl\. It was time for Joe College, Senior Banquet, the 
beach, and — regretfully — good-b\ c 

Joan Jardcn, /Vm;./, 

Retreating Kapp^ 

RoTi- 1: S. Williams, J. Smith, S. Dobson, E. McComb, J. Miller, E. Gay. Rou- 2: C. Slaughter, B. Bell, K. Kovac, 
J. Holmquist. Row 5: H. Fillmore, J. Baker. S. Stubbs, G. Chamberlin, B. Colvin, B. Roper, N. Dees, S. Sinn, 


f*« r^ ^ ^ ^ 

^f%f^. f^ m 

f^ r* r* ^ (^ 

^ t) f% f^ fi 

Albers, B. J. 
Albers, Dorothy- 
Baker, Judith 
Boutwcll, Sue 
BrenizcT, Meredith 

BrowncU, Tcmpe 
Bruggemann, Bonnie 
Calvcrly, Diana 
Campbell, Dedee 
C'ourtney, Cinda 

Deckert, Pepper 
Finley, Ellen 
(ireenleaf, Puddy 
(iregory, Panny 
(jrotz, Diane 

Harper, Jean 
Harrold, Joyce 
Hinman, Susan 
Hodder, (iinny 
Holmquist, Joan 

Huntle\-, Jan 
Hutcheson, Joan 
Jarden, Joan 
Jennison, Lindy 
Jones, Casey 

Jordan, Susan 
Kettering, Ann 
.McBrvde, Read 

AlcChee, Sue 
Nimnicht, Liz 

Pangborn, Penn\' 
Prewitt, Adair ' 
Ricketts, Maryann 
Searles, Denne 
Schad, Susan 

Schumacher, Salh 
Tart, Lois 
Trent, Liz 
\\elt, Phoebe 
Wright, Mandy 


The Phi iVIu's started the year the fun way with a re- 
treat at the HoHday Inn where Pam and Carole told the 
chapter about National Convention at the Fontainebleau in 
Miami. After rush the alums feted us with a party at the 
home of Mrs. James Price, our alumnae adviser. We also 
spent many happy hours at Dilly's and Susan's. In Novem- 
ber, we again visited the Holiday Inn for our Big-Little 
Sister Banquet and also sponsored the all-sorority Thanks- 
giving basket project for Edgemont families. There were 
several Christmas events — the most memorable was the 
caroling party. With Spring came Initiation and Founders 
Day, the senior picnic and get-togethers in the Dean's 
House. Visits from Margie, our Scholarship (Aip, the Joe 
College float, painting the Homecoming poster . . . these 
will be remembered by Camma Kpsilon. 


"I'M pledge dance. 

Charlecne Jordan, Martha Ritter 


^ ^ 

o ^ (% 

(]()llis, Jennie Ruth 
Dinsmore, Jean 
Hart, Carole Ann 

Jordan, Charleene 
Moore, Nancy Lcc 
Pimh, Pamela 1.. 

Rackelman, Susan 
Ra\-, Amlrena 
Rice, Sara Ann 

Ritter, Martha Lou 
Shuford, Charlotte 
Smith, Mary T. 

Speck, Linda J. 
Weeks, Barbara K. 
W'heland, Margaret 

Carolyn Jones, President 



September, 1962, brought sun-tanned, enthusiastie Pi Phi's 
from all eorners of the U. S. A. back to Duke ready to plunge 
right into the heene whirl of rush, led by Jonesie and Diana. 
Soon 20 great pledges were added to Pi Phi's circus and 
welcomed by the annual "cookie shine" and the pledge 
banquet at Hope \'alle\-. Right away our fall calendar began 
to fill a Homecoming breakfast for alums, the Big-Little 
Sister bani]uet at the Rat, our fall retreat forced inside by 
rain, a surprise 1 hanksgiving party for the pledges, the 
intramural \'olle\ball championship, a "Hoe-down" with 
tliL Phi Delfs. ('hnsrmas arrived, and we joined the Betas 
in guing our annual parts for the Edgcmont children. Spring 
brought wirh it the ( iolden Triad, Monmouth Duo cele- 
bi irion w irli rlii. kappas, ehanf\' proieets, a retreat at Spruce 
Pine 1 ..dge, aiul lors ,,f fun working on the Joe College 
tloir uhI on Creek Week. 

rhc entertaining Pi Phi 

Rot:-/ C Sifcrs, K kelle\,M Hoo\er, L. M uhtu s 1 Brooks \1 KiKo S Mulder I Reiittr A'«t;- J: P. 
Adams. C V\ illunis, B Burgess, J Mucke, A lluNer I \loger B Sloeuni ( lloelk S Kleberg B. Phillips. 

f» r f) 1^ ft 



:fh .fi^ 



Adams, Patty 
Allen, Sandy 
Barnctt, l.ibba 
Bradshcr, Patty 
Brummctt, Barbara 
Clark, Uc 

Curry, Sue 
Dailey, Nancy 
Edwards, Malinda 
i'.vans, Orrie 
Finfrock, Cx)nnic 
Gallup, Debbie 

Garratt, Bette 
Gilliland, Ann 
Graham, Diana 
Haas, Becky 
Haley, Jo Harriet 
Halsted, Ann 

Harrison, Sandy 
Hitchcock, Francie 
Horack, Kitten 
Irwin, Anne 
Knapp, Kristy 
Lilly, Ginny 

r^ r^ fin fi n £?. 

-"- , -.:■ %' P ^ -" ^ - ^^ ■ / Matthews, Janet 

kV ^. ^ ^1 '.^ .. - ^A^ ^A^ ' ., ^^^ AlcKaig, Sally 

Murray, Nancv 

O'Neall, Mariie 
Orr, Linda 
Pauls-, Sue 
Pickett, 1 lelen 
Ray, Janice 
V,^^^^ Roberts, Patty 

Smith, Suzy 
Stevenson, Monica 
\^ "" ■ Sydnor, Carrie 

\ : ■ : Willis, Mary 

W'instead, Betty 



Alpha Psi Chapter began the year w ith rush, pledging, 
and excitement. The alumnae of the Durham area gave their 
support to ail our programs, beginning with a wonderful 
picnic at the retreat in Duke Park. Oar philanthropic work 
included trick-or-treating for UNICKF and stuffing toys 
for the Maine Sea Coast Mission. The Edgemont Brownie 
Troop was led by Pat Baugher and \al Lewis. A new area 
of service was undertaken in January when each girl 
"adopted" a grandmother at the King's Daughters Home. 
The annua! pledge dance was made a Christmas formal and 
held jointly with the Gamma Phi Chapter at North Caro- 
lina State. Dr. Durden became the center of arrenrum when 
he discussed careers for w omen. The pledges w ere iniruited 
and a banquet was held in their honor, and a last farewell 
was given to the Seniors at a banquet. 

tluir [Litiunal convention in \\a.-.hingti>n, {). C. 

Susan Beard, Barbara Nichols, Carolyn Sherman, Carol Goter. 


Arkins. Jean 
Baugher, Pamela 
Benjamin, Lucinda 

Bldhni, Barbara 
Cassaday, June 
Helm, Susan 

jourdan, Martha 
I.exMs, \'alenc 
Owen, Patrieia 

Saunders, Sylvia 
Sutton, Katrina 


1 HI'AR THE CALL OF ZETA . . . Calling us from 
the beach, from summer jobs, from Summer's Xever-Xever 
Land- emailing us to return to Dook and get-in-there-and- 
Rush-) ou-gu\ si — Calhng us to work, to serve, to party . . . 
IT IS ALWAYS WITHIN ME . . . Thank-GoodnessTt's- 
Friday at the UG — Hallow een at Granny Gremlin's ghastly 
garret — Christmas with \"irginia's friend — joint orgy with 
Tri-Delt, Theta, and KD — guitar strummin' at the CP 
hospital-Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets — deposed: 
no longer the "KA's of East Campus" — Post-exam reckon- 
ing: Bean-Steak dinner — Zeta Week and Secret Buddies — 
long-awaited and hoped-for, maybe-it's-thc-right-time 
Pledge Dance — Initiation and they're ours for real — after 
all's said and done, it's back to the beach and "Zeta group- 
group, group, group-group" . . . AND ALAKES ME E\TR 

Zeta's retreat for Rush. 


Ro-U- A-S.DcWics.B. Ramsey, J. Bniwnlnu.B.CauaicK.Sapp. AVt. _'.■ K. Fiaeeone. B. \k(>ar\, M. Pr.Ktor, 
C. Bergelin, B. BciiKke, /\V-u v T. L..ucnb.iLh, I). Diinicl, R. West. K, \l:ilkv, J. \>. I.iru.ittr. 


o n ^ ^ p 

^ ^ f^ ^ 

^ Pt ^-^' ^i 

Bosvvell, O'Hara 
Carl, Mary Beth 
Cohoe, Gerry 
C^oocy, Karen 
Dantzlcr, Eleanor 

Davis, Angle 
Davis, Grace 
Dixon, Lynn 
Gcckeler, Judy 
Gilioolv, Linda 

Harding, Bunnie 
Heer, Rosemary 
Hill, Maripat 
Houck, Mary 
Kraybill, Susan 

Kurtz, C:amillc 
Lowenbach, Christie 
MarlKson, Barbara 
Mills, Becky 
Morris, Bitsv 

Pace, Ellen 
Robertson, Sandy 
Rudiger, Linda 
Southmayd, Carol 
Stinnett, Ann 

Williams, Ann 
Williams, Frances 
Wise, Lee 
Young, Margie 


Fall found Tau tradition repeating itself \\ ith many Sigma 
Beta rituals on the banks of the I'^no, another "spccraeuhir" 
at homecoming ignored by the Downtown Merchinrs As- 
sociation, the Kappas and Taus bringing Santa t(-> the 1 Jge- 
mont kids, and the climaxing social extravaganza, the 
Christmas Party. Charlie's roommate made All-American; 
Hoffman kept the Taus in command of^ the AFROTC unit, 
"\A'.S." Williams and the boys ran the S.U.; and "Bull" 
came within five minutes of setting a record of 37 straight. 

After a brief interlude in late Januar\- for academic 
amends, the spring semester began with Jon's ski trains rn 
Blow ing Rock; a better than ever yachting venture at Lauder- 
dale; Fran's terminating a tremendous year with the Sweet- 
heart Ball; and the never-to-be-forgotten orgy at the Fandis 
all adding to a banner year under the reign of King I)a\id. 

Wheeler, President 

Ker^' I: 1). RiiTKiall. T. tlarpcnter. G. Riipp, 
R. King, G. W'llluinis, (;. Rushtorth. W . J 

l.inTi.1. B.CTiitcher, K. B(i 
.s. T \lilkr, T Hvcrs. 

un, D. Ashliy, P. Stanford. Rrr^- 2: R. Ada 

iJLiLiLiLi?. A. 

If t~<f^|,M 

V^ '^' % 

P P o t^ 

p. f^ pi !f^ r> 

Adams, James 
Aldrige, John 
Earnhardt, Barney 
Battelle, Nick 
Bebout, David 
Blackard, Bill 

Blanco, David 
Brooks, Don 
Burke, David 
C-amp, I'rnic 
(^armiehael, Leighton 
Coll, Pere 

I Ider, BUI 
Fullerton, Dixson 
Crace, Perry 
Harding, Richard 
Harns, Rich 
Henderson, Bill 

I knderson, Harvey 
Hott'man, C. Roger 
Johnson, Pete 
king, Dick 
Riser, John 
Luciano, Jim 

McCuUough, Ken 
Mocling, Walt 
Moreheld, Bill 
Mossburg, Richard 
O'Kennon, Bob 
Orr, Marshall 

Re>nolds, Jon 
Rice, Leon 
I -- - w ••- Hvm » ' .J, ^ ^ ■"'■:»* • ' Roedigcr, lohn 

\ * . \ «. ^ c \ ^ '■ ^ ' '^ ' Smith, Caf 

Smith, Jerr\- 
Spencer, Bill 

Stewart, Bob 

O (T ff" p O 

p ^-. fr\ C' f^- o 
1^. (!^: n n r o 

r^ p f^ p p 

\Mird, David 
Ward, Peter 
Weisiger, John 
Wheeler, David 
Williams, Neil 



R(.lucrantl>' the Betas gave up sumnur, hut cncc settled 
(after an average of rive room clianges per man), "B-O- 
I'.leven" began its best year yet. Toe took the social de- 
partment in hand and presented a busy fall schedule, with 
frequent parties, open houses, and moves from the woods 
to the V.O.T. Homecoming saw the Betas again demonstrate 
a unique craftsmanship in display construction. Slammer led a 
serenade and East Campus thrilled. Next the Beta-Kappa 
football game — revenge reserved for next year. The Beta-Pi 
Phi party for the Kdgcmont children highlighted Christmas, 
although Guinea ended any illusions the kids might have had 
about Santa Claus. Rush saw iMclts and Tom garner the 
best of the Frosh, and Happy and Bonnar shaped them into 
Betas. Spring arrived with low-lai, Shreck, the Rock, Pledge 
Formal, |oe College, and the Beach V\cekend. 

John \^bod\vorth, Prisident 

Who LVcr thought a Beta could lose hi.s head? 


Knii- 1: M. Harrison. F. Harmon, P. X'lnten-Johansen. J. Reynolds, M. Mitchell. C. Perry. S. Porter, D. Hopkins, 
I. Freeman^ Krm^ :: \\ . Heui;h. R. Colhns. W. Wood, C. \\ilson, D. Gattis. A. Losee. K. Bass. P. .Mclntyre, 
R. MacLeod, \1 R,r.i ; I). IXuar, A. Davis, G. Hasse, P. Brown, W. Huston, A. Haigh, H. Kane. 


^ « I t ■ „ 
t f t \ 


yt /^ <^^^^*, 

^ IF ^ ^ AA 

p f*l (^ 

(/arstcn, Jack 
IX'ttmcring, Don 
Fleischer, Robert 
Flowers, George 

French, Barker 
Grossman, Charles 
Harkrader, Trent 
Hopkins, Jay 

Kurtz, William 
Losee, Thomas 
Martone, Peter 
Mason, Cieoftrev 

Melton, Tom 
Sammons, William 
Shannon, Bonnar 
Sloan, Hamilton 

Spigener, Spike 
Steele, Herb 
Todd, William 
Tracy, Ferb 

Turner, Tom 
\ an Sciver, Peter 
X'incent, Roger 
Williams, Richard 

\\'ilson, James 
Worthington, Robert 
Yocum, Edward 


Another year passed and there were few brothers who 
could have wished for a more successful one. The fraternity 
finished high scholasticaily; a winning football season initi- 
ated the usual surge to pre-eminence in intramurals; and, 
of course, the social schedule permitted opportunities for 
many "high" times. The cabin parties, section parties, and 
pledge formal were as great as ever. Both fall and spring 
rush were outstanding. The traditional Senior banquet 
ended two semesters which have many memories — the com- 
petition for most color TV hours . . . Harry Deal's first 
record . . . the replacement of Roy Pike . . . frequent returns 
of Chief Jackson in a "blaze" of glory . . . and especially 
that rather blurred recollection of Joe College. 

David Amey, Pn-sni, 

( '.111 1 use It nowr 

Roir I: C. Volland, J. Jackson, T. Edgar. J. MitchcM. M. McLain, J. Tate, D. King, J. Gosnell. D. Brinton. Rou- 2: T. 
Lowery, R. Lifton, W. Fcnstcrniachcr, L. Wcinhardt. R. Pirtlc, C. Pennington, S. Keith. J. Campbell. S. Mears, ^V. Pad- 
gett, J. Reiehman. 

o <^ f^ -»■ ? '1 

P .Q P (^ ^ 


0k /^ 

■ZZl .^-='' l-^-^- ■f'»«^ 

p jf? (TS (?» 

p )f> c p o 

Q p a f^ fy 
p n p p 

Adams, Andy 
Alscntzer, William 
Amcy, David 
Brown, Ralph 
Cecil, Charles 

Coolidge, David 
Cooper, Langden 
Cox, William 
Deal, Harry 
Doyle, Larry 

Dutton, Robert 
Falciani, Ronald 
Freese, Warner 
Henry, Hugh 
Huffman, Richard 

Krause, Leonard 
Kuhn, Alan 
Leland, Stuart 
Lemaster, Terry 
Lotspeich, Edgar 

Morris, Robert 
Nunez, Peter 
Palmiter, Richard 
Philips, Paul 
Powell, Richard 

Reed, Robert 
Robbins, Boyce 
Sandstrom, PVederick 
Saratian, Peter 
Schroeder, Jacob 

Scuftham, James 
Shinn, Robert 
Shives, Courtney 
Shives, Barry 
Sing, Frederick 

Steckcl, Martin 
Stephens, Gary 
Ward, Robert 
Williams, Tennyson 



Richard Nelson, Pnsideiit 


A social .schedule second to none, highlighted b\' the an- 
lUKil open house for Hanes House, parties with the Sigma 
C^hi's and Pikas, and the annual Roaring Twenties Party, 
sustained us through first semester. Football Weekends and 
our intramural football team were part of fall, as were Sun- 
day nights at the Legion Hut. Then the chapter room closed 
(part of the new approach to scholarship), but that didn't 
stop late-night television or poker games. The Christmas 
Dance \\ as the best ever, and the annual exchange of gifts 
saw some appropriate, but never subtle, presents given 
among the brothers. Rush w as one big party, but in five days, 
the party w as over and we were going to study. We did, ex- 
cept for things like Belated New Year's Eve, the Queen 
Dance, \\'annamaker Ball, and the unequivocable Beach 

R,ni- I: R. Kclkr. D. Bischnff, H. Niirkin, C. Larscn, W. Baker, L. Hr 
K. Norns. G. Schick, S. Havcnck, W. Mcrkcl, L. Norwood. B. Rcyiio 

Mcdicirc helps th 

J. CLirke, S. Hicknun. Ro 
':■'. K.uithold. 


'I t 1 1 f 4 

.(T ,rr r 

p r. o 

Bachman, Walter 
Barnes, Srcplien 
BcasL-v, Robert 
Black, (.eorgc 
Blair, Richard 
Blunitcldt, David 




o <^ 




p p r n 






r". p 


A^fe^ ' 






0^^^^ Brcazcalc, |amcs 

, Brucn, janics 

^ "- C.llin.s, Richard 

l)c(,..(.\cr, John 
Donnelly, Dennis 
Ferguson, Dennis 

Gentry, Staley 
Gianaras, George 
Graham, Robert 
Ciiimo, Richard 
Harris, Marcus 
Hathawav, David 

Holt, Robert 
Hudson, Willian 
Johnson, Willian 
Lexer, Thomas 
Long, David 
McLauehlin, Do 

Moore, Richard 
Nelson, Richard 
Nilsson, Jon 
Noe, Donald 
Nurkin, Sidney 
Parsons, David 

Permar, David 
Phyfer, Paul 
Phelan, Charles 
Piccirillo, lohn 
Rauschelbach, Paul 
Rimer, Alan 

Roman, \\ illiam 
Roschcn, Cieorge 
Salter, Scott 
Seningen, Ronald 
Se\mour, Robert 
Somniermever, Wii 

Springer, William 
S\\ain, Ronald 
\an l)\ke, Louis 
Walden, John 
Williamson, |ohn 

Zimmer, C^harles 
Zwerner, lohn 


Once again on Social Pro, the KA's studied all week and 
partied all weekend. Led by the conscientious efforts ot 
Baby Huey, Ramey, Rat, and Thunderbutt, an all time 
scholastic high was attained. Coach Markas presided over 
the M.S.G.A. and the "Gator Bowl bound" tootball team, 
but wasn't able to do much to control Goodson's hrcw ork 
displays. All year long it seemed like getting married w as the 
thing to do as Bridges, Bugg, Creech, and Guthrie all bit 
the dust. Of course Moss, Bryson, and Stoltz have also 
taken a big step. Arlee continued his tradition of wrecking at 
least one car a year, although, as of this writing, Ramsey has 
fallen slightly behind his schedule. Also it must be men- 
tioned that Fly has already hired "Moto and the Alashers" 
to play at his wedding. 

Row I: K. Vehe, E. Moore, J. Swinnov, B. Kirksey, S. Buck, T. Sinclair, J. Bugg, D. Jones. Row 2: D. Tackncy, -\L 
Pickens, A. Pitts, D. LaX'ia, E. Mock. B. McKce, B. Hardy, T. Moore. H. Doremus, D. Hill. Xot pntiimi: }. McNabb, 

O r ,!r^ p f^ ^ 

Creech, Frank 
Creech, John 
Dean, Bob 
Driesscn, Joe 
Drulis, Chuck 
Futrell, Bill 

Gibbons, Bill 
Glosson, Ron 
Goodson, Mike 
"^, ^ ^* Ciuthric, Jim 

Havens, Dick 
Jones, Jim 

Kiser, Jim 
Leggetr, Mark 
Little, Pete 

^^ - k ' ' ;^- I J Lonon, Dan 

Looper, Bill 
Lowe, Frank 

Markas, Johnny 
McCarthy, J. \'. 
McCoUum, Fred 
Moore, F. H. 
Moore, John 
Moore, Tom 

Morefield, Robert 
Moss, J. W. 
Ramev, Dale 
Renfro, C:arl 
Rose, Charles 
Rudisill, Ben 

Ryon, Rip 
Sewell, Bob 
Simpson, Bill 
Smith, Dana 
Starrett, Randy 
Stc\\ art, Kenny 

Stout, Mackic 
Tackney, David 
Thompson, Tom 
Underwood, John 
Watkins, Dave 
Weidman, Bob 

^ ^ ^ r^ f^ f^, 

\^ - ,-, - - ^7^ ~ ACS. '- (=>- ~ - 

Wheeler, Wickie 
Williams, Kenny 


Schmidt, I'ri-shient 


Spirits ran high last tall as the Kappa Sigs converged on 
the newly decorated and furnished chapter and card 
rooms. The fall semester was kicked off with the music of 
the "Embers" in a spectacular quad party. Cabin parties 
and open houses again highlighted the football weekends. 
1 hen the television and card rooms were closed as a part 
of the Kappa Sigs' new approach to scholarship. The "sun 
and suds" semester began with a rush that netted us many 
hne freshmen. Due to the recent change in university policy, 
our fraternit\' meetings have been changed from the chapter 
room to .\l\rfle Beach. Joe College and beach weekends 
were great, as w as the annual retreat to Nassau and warmer 
climates for spring vacations. Our intramural program, which 
brought us division titles in several sports, was ended by the 
traditional \la\ Moon Memorial dames 


Seated: T. IX-tn, G. Carney, J. GRTing, J. Heroy, F. F\v.ild, H. Borginiin. Sumduiv.: A. Belly, J. Mann, J. Liccardo, 
B. Bovard, S. C:ivdc, C. (iriffin, B. /iinmcr, T. I horntnn. 


■ O 






























■5 1^5 c O 






Barbee, Ronald 
Baylin, Stephen 
Brigham, John 
Browne, J. 1). 
C.ameron, Donald 

Charlwood, William 
Cromartie, William 
Deutscher, Eugene 
Easley, William 
Fader, Stanford 

Fincher, Charles 
Gabriel, John 
Hall, Charles 
High, Gary 
Hinds, Douglas 

Johnson, Albert 
Jones, David 
King, Richard 
Lipscomb, Thomas 
.Mann, Glenn 

McCarthy, Paul 
Mullen, James 
Nabers, Wallace 
Parsons, Dave 
Pignona, James 

Pollier, Fred 
Raney, Clarke 
Schmidt, Frederick 
Scott, James 
Shcnk, Scott 

Small, Thomas 
Smith, Brian 
Snow, Sabin 
Straten, Roland 
Thomas, Douglas 

Ticktin, 1 homas 
Ulrich, William 
Watkins, V\'illiam 
Winchester, James 


During the past year the brothers ot Lambda Chi Alpha 
enjoyed many memorable experiences. The installation of a 
spirited pledge class and a vigorous nev\- group ot officers be- 
gan a most successful spring in 1962. Social activities high- 
lighted nearly every week-end. The more unforgettable 
ones were the ice-skating party, the Spring Formal, the 
Hawaiian Luou, Joe College, and Beach Week-end. The 
good times were not detrimental to academics; Lambda Chi 
was second of the eighteen campus fraternities in scholastic 
average. Several brothers excelled in varsity sports, espe- 
cially tennis, lacrosse, and swimming. The winning ot the 
annual cake-race commenced the new school year. Cabin 
parties, touch football games, and beer parties provided 
recreation between classes and books. 

But fifty 

/■ R. McCreai 
ihaly, .\l..|.,ncs 

Arthur Bjrr, / 

E. Thompson, J. Hcrron, C. Stiles. R. Moser, E 

R.Polk, J. Ka 

R. Amlcy. 

1, R, Hincs, P. Pierce. Row 
Koiij.W. Tucker, J. Watkii 

J. Moxley, 
an, S. Bond, 

P. Halford, 1. McRae, E. McCullers, N. Ketcher, R. Re 

Xnr picliiri-d: B. Morga 


9 P P 







p p 









p p 

P P c p p 

Allyn, Donald 
Amley, Edward 
Barnes, Edwin 
Barr, Arthur 
Bowman, Charles 
Campbell, Frank 

Campbell, Robert 
Caw ley, John 
Clarke, Jon 
Clayton, Lawrence 
Coughlan, Peter 
Dawson, Thomas 

Hankins,V\ illiam 
Hardy, Richard 
Harris, John 
Haworth, Allan 
Hunt, Bruce 
Kingsbury, Robert 

Kingston, David 
Knorr, Richard 
Knorr, Robert 
La\'arre, Claude 
Lawyer, William 
Montgomery, Thomas 

Moorman, Kenneth 
Norton, James 
Patterson, John 
Patterson, Laird 
Pilcher, Charles 
Pollard, James 

Shull, Bobbie 
Smythe, Robert 
Thompson, Robert 

\|::. '^\ \\ Walsh, Michael 

r. r p c p 

Ward, Allan 
West, Joseph 

Wheatlcy, John 
White, Thomas 
Yake, Jeffrey 
Young, Paul 
Zimmer, Carl 

Robert Hriggs, Vresident 


Setting sail in September, the azure yaeht commanded by 
Helmsman Briggs embarked on another journey. With the 
chapter room overhauled, sailing became much more fun. 
Social life on board was directed by Prentiss, MacCartee 
and company, with the former going overboard in the fall. 
Calm seas and smooth sailing enabled the sturdy blue craft 
to take on the services of numerous top novices during a 
successful rush. iMany of the crew members became regulars 
with the ACC football champs while the rest battled Law 
School in the stadium until a winner emerged. Most of the 
crew were seasick after that Xmas gift-giving affair. Com- 
plaints and complements . . . East suffered as many of the 
crew became "tied-up" ... Pi Phi's received chocolates 
w ith a new air and square-danced on deck aboard the ship Phi. 


o • *■ 


•i. \ 





lie leads the Phi's down at the stadii 

Ro-^ I: R. Astlcy, D. Lyons, W. Buchanan. K. Bingham, B. Starns, V. Auld, T. Hntcheson, .1. Blakely, 1). Riipp. 
Ro'u: 2: J. Carlo, N. Clement, A. Sheffield, B. Bracy, E. Glacken, J. Covmgton, W. Riley, J. Chalmers, R. Bige- 
low. Rov: 3:]. Morris, J. Holliert, J. Truitt, L. Sharpe, G. Derby, D. Lynch, R. .Meek, T. Harrington, S. Broske. 

<^ n^. ^,^ .1 ^ 


*> <f* 

o g Q g 

fT) n C!S o ^ 1^ 


p p /f" f^ r^ f: 
o ^ r ^' 

Abbott, riiomas P. 
Alexander, \Velborn 
Barker, John 
Bethea, Thomas D. 
Bcrr^■. Alan 
BosxNell, Neal 

Brcnnan, William 
Briggs, Robert 
Brown, Doug 
Clifford, Doug 
C:oeker, Wes 
Dallas, N. H. 

I'llis, Samuel H. 
l-rb, Herbert 
Kspv, KiD i\l. 
Few, William 
P'reitas, Ubi 
Ciee, John B. 

(iesswein, Richard T. 
(irigsby, |ohn 
Cirilli, Donald A. 
Harwood, Steve 
Hawgood, William S. 
Hill, Charles 

Hollow ay, Steve 
Hoppin, Charles T. 
Hubbard, Ken 
Johnson, David S. 
Kirwan, Bruce 
Kissam, Roger 

l.ukins. Jay 
MacCartee, Carl 
McClain, John 
Marley, Roy 
Miles, James M. 
Xarten, Spike 

Nicholas, Pete 
Odom, David 
Onder, |ohn 
Peeler, Robert 
Pitzman, Fred 
Quest, C. Edward 

Rhoads, Michael 
Robinson, Peter 
Rollcrt, Jack 
Saalfield, Jack 
,\/ ' Speiden, Joseph 

*" Spencer, Jay 

Stanier, Charles 
laft, C:harles 
Uible, David 
\'ieregg, Arthur 
Waggoner, Michael 
Wells, William 

Womble, William 
Wbrsham, Joseph 
Wulfsburg, Einar 
Zupanic, George 


Jim Derby built a new bench. We [winted tlie bench 
green. We painted the other benches tireen, too. (V\'c have 
three benches.) Our homecominy displ;i\- didn't have any 
devils or bears in it. (Fumble) Sreinkuller bought a '50 
Dodge pici<-up truck. Martin and Iruitr worked all semester 
on their green motorcycle. Flogdeii did the bird. I remember 
the "Fantastics." Most of all 1 remember Sal and Clay 
coming out of that steamer trunk. Funniest thing I have 
ever seen. T. A. got elected president. Toby Ann, his fiance, 
is also our Rose Queen. What a power play. Speaking of 
girls. Cheese did all right. Poor gu\- hasn't been the same 

Our problems are past. The Psi's are ready tor the buds 
to open. Come you breakers. 

Edwin Mar.ston, Jr., President 

And on to anotlur . . . 

Ron- 1: W. Gross, B. Kcagy, J. Morcng, S. Mcnge, B. Biles, J. Leighton, R. Malmstrom. H. Mcjunkin. Ro'u.- 2: J. Robert- 
son, F. Slater, T. Kirkwood, J. Radlcin, F. Homer, S. Snyder. B. Hitchcock, W. McClenahan. Ro-n' ?.■ F. Gustafson, 
T. Danluck, M. Cleveland, G. Phillips, C. MjcLane, R. WohHord, G. /ellers. 

k^ 1 ir. V r m: ^ : 

4 H 

n ^ ff^ ^ - 

(^ p o '*^ ^» 

P p (T) r: ■^^ 

p (?^ f^ p (f"' 

t^ p' n a p 

1?^ r ■■:^ r'- r^ 

o e^ /.. 

Abbot, Haviland 
Alworth, Ibm 
Bailey, Bob 
Bassettc, Rich 
Castle, Truman 

Clarke, Sheff 
Derby, Jim 
Drews, John 
Foster, Steve 
desk, Mike 

Grills, George 
Heidrick, Bob 
Hollister, Clay 
Hough, Colt 
Jennings, Bruce 

Kcim, Bill 
Kemper, Sandy 
Kerman, Dave 
Lam, Dick 
Lange, W'ally 

Morgan, Tom 
Morill, Bud 
Ogden, John 
Ogden, Sandy 
Ferine, Phil 

Rapisardi, Sal 
Simmonds, Bob 
Stcinkuller, Gil 

CI)dL GoulJiiun, Pr,-siJ, 


Down in the cellar of the animal quad, worthy Alphas 
Clyde and Don "dorite" pushed, pulled, and shoved the men 
of the skull through another mystic year. Jeff and Trudge 
led the Junior and Sophomore classes while Slum, sporting 
a good reputation on East, and Juan, telling his "sick" jokes, 
followed at a distance. Among the noteworthy performances 
turned in were P.M. "Pied Piper" Gold leading vespers 
with his clarinet. Buzz receiving an honorary "Dropper" 
shirt, N'ebbish eijualing his previous lifetime total with two 
dates, Higgi pursuing post-graduate studies at the Highw ay 
Patrol Station, Fleet's amazing glass-eating act at Black and 
Gold, Thomas "pressing" his date at the Legion hut, Frites 
slipping by his last semester of French, and Wcs getting 
engaged to everyone's sweetheart. 

hi Kjp;, \\ ith uTiidcntilicd cci-cd. 

Rou- I: T. Cravcr, J. Holder, B. Dillon, k. Pnmm, L. Hill. Rnw 2: B. Hdl, P. Allen. B. T. Wolter, 
B. Do%v, T. Sk;isc, .1. .|:,rn,;in. B. Dreu, J. K.mfnKin, B. White, H. Rrni- J; P. Knu ler. S. Coble, T. 
Shcrnird, S. \-Keiid,ik, K. Denton, ( :. ArinstronL'. K- Cars.m, B. Turner. 





n n n nC", 7", T\ 


9 i 


p f^ ^ O ^ ^• 

P (T!) ^. p .p 

Q p p c ^:^ o 

P P ,r O f-. ^: 

O P ^ p 

f^, f^ r^ f^ r^ ^, 

p f^ a p n P 

Baird, Bill 
Brinson, I,lo\d 
Brown, Carrol 
Buckley, Jay 
Ikidd, Joel 
Cox, Ray 

Denton, Kent 
Dodson, Ed 
I'.vans, |an 
Flock, Alike 
Cioodner, Dave 
( louldman, Clyde 

Hall, Sheldon 
I larrison, Buzzy 
I lerbert. Trudge 
Merhsrer, Ronny 
I louse, Don 
I lughes, Steve 

I lut/.ler. Art 
Janiieson, Boh 
lohnston. Jamie 
Jordan, Bob 
Kenned\ , K. D. 
Kitchin, John 

Lvnch, Charles 
MaeDonald, Harry 
Mason, Budd\- 
Aliller, Ben 
Morris, Doug 
Mullins, Jeff' 

\eill. Chip 
Peters, R. Douglas 
Pickens, Wes 
Podger, Kappy 
Rogers, Jim 
Ryan, John 

Salisbury, Steve 
Sandlin, David 
Stumnier, Dick 
lurner. Pinky 
Waldron, Penn 
Walker, Fielding 

Warder, Frank 
Wchrle, Richard 
West, David 
Williams, Jim 
\\ iseearvcr, George 
Wi.odard, Tom 



As Grubby executes left-handed drift pullin' double axle 
reverse through East Tennessee cow pasture, ('harles Ken- 
nedy makes rounds with his specialK aut():;raphed Hatt 
and Scruggs guitar, peddling Martha White's "Hot Rise" 
flour, singin' "Metter's Better"; Bones Floyd makes left 
turn, jumps curb, sideswipes West Main Fruit Market, 
swallows cigarette — evidently he turned Fu-soon, and Grover 
was shoo-in for UMOC — as Charles Gibson holds off Tiger 
Harritt with whip and chair; the Judge enters law school 
with an already lengthy legal legacy; and Little Caesar 
makes Citizen's arrest — as integrationist Fowl on behalf 
of the progressive spirit of Duke University outdoes both 
Ole Miss and Clemson by shaking-up the "Dynamics "; 
Waterman uses Betsy's Phi Bete Key to unlock door to 

MkIi.kI Milkr, I'nsul,' 


i..„Mn,ui.>n o>nip.iny. 

Row 1: H. Murray, C. Greene, H. Byrd, J. Kitternian, W. Giles, C. King, K. \'on Salzeii, P. Whitehead, R. Page. Ro 
A. Montgomery, H. Bobo, R. Sevnur. B. C.iu.scy, ¥. Earrell, R. Keller. T. Chewnmg, \\. Farher. F. Haseltme. Ro 
G. Dclany, S. Campbell. K. Harrington. W. MeXally, T. Baxter, (.,. Mercer. I-. Miller. R. Pifer. \. Carnngt.m. 

ffsi ^ Q o 1 ^ -. 

^ W i- ( 

a (^ /f^ » 

jS O ff ' p 
p ^, C O f^ 
(f^ p ^ O '"> 

p p O 

o /^ (^ n 

|b».^' ^^^f f-^-** ,U-' 

Allen, John 
Bell, Oliver 
Best, James 
Booray, A. W. 
Buddingron, Richard 

Burns, John 
Carlson, Richard 
Ditmars, David 
Fischer, Martin 
Floyd, \\'illiam 

Gibson, Jonathan 
Goodman, James 
Grant, William 
Guden, Paul 

Hagood, Louis 

Harritt, Norman 
Henderson, CIrover 
Hertslet, Barry 
Milliard, James 
Hulcn, Myron 

Jerome, Forrest 
Johnson, Roy 
Koonce, John 
McKey, John 
Miller, Robert 

Mitchell, Terence 
Morris, Joel 
Nolan, Harry 
Page, Jack 
Parson, Christopher 

Powl, Michael 
Scull, Ward 
Smith, Dennis 
Urban, Richard 
Waterman, John 

Woodruff, William 
Wright, (Charles 


The Pi Kapps returned ro the campus to write an un- 
precedented chapter in their book, "From Rags to Riches," 
or "Ping Kappa Pong; Upward and Onward." The fall 
semester was highlighted by the annual Rose Ball. Though 
our efforts went unrewarded, no one w ill forget Homecom- 
ing and "I'he Golden Bears Catch Their Lunch." While 
maintaining "the average," the brothers never failed to 
soak up the pleasures of cabin parties, intramurals, late 
flicks, and campus life. Rush was a special treat for the Pi 
Kapps as the\' wrote a special manual called "How to 
Rush From the Back Quad." With smiling faces and many 
new pens the brothers then turned to the ioys of Spring, 
including cabin parties, beach week end. Beaux Arts Ball, 
and the annual pledge formal. 

AUirvin Quattlebaum. Presuierit 

the loss of Jo 

R«u-/.R.Ervin,J. Lewi 
D. Hartgtn, I). Johnson, 
\V. Kennedy, C;. Clay to 


D. Warner, K. Wertz, W. Quesenberry, W. Chapman, R. Midura, J. Ingrain. Row 2: 
. Sellers, C. Bryee, S. Foushcc, T. Comfort, R. Gates, A. Kehayes. R«u> 3: A. Cone, 
W. Hight, A. Bell, J. Ransdell, R, Osmnn. Sol fictinni: J. Coursen. 

.11 ^ ^^\ '\j5 

s^. ni 

r c ^ ^ 

f> f^ ^ f^ (^^ 

o f a P r> n 

^ O 1^ f^ p o 

p (^ p p p e 

p .^ p ^ p n 

O O a P P ff 

p:,' a (^ P p 

Atkinson, Sid 
Atwarcr, I.virhcr 
Hanks, Robert 
15arnctt, (iustavc 
Hcimfohr, C:arl 
Bclvin, William 

Biackxvcldcr, W'lliu 
HoN-d, Robert 
l5roun, David 
Ikirdgc, Lawrence 
(Chapman, Leonard 
Clark, Douglas 

(Coleman, Stephen 
Oawfnrd, Allen 
C]urr\', Dennis 
Davis, Rockwell 
Doster, John 
l''asen, William 

I iscniiian, John 
r"a\rot, Leo 
lea/,ell, Ck'orge 
I'ielder, Frederick 
I'\)rsyth, Idiomas 
Frank, I lernian 

Fultz, John 
Gardner, James 
Glover, Clarence 
Gordon, Michael 
Gray, Frank 
Gray, Thomas 

Greenwood, Roger 
Keesing, Hugo 
Keith, Theodore 
Matthias, Douglas 
\laune\-, James 
Montague, Jonathan 

Moruan, Walter 
O'Kellv, James 
(Xiattlebaum, Marvin 
Fatten, Robert 
Purslev, William 
Sasser,' William 

Sheheen, Robert 
Smotherman, Robert 
1 honipson, I'.iigene 
1 h(im\-, \incent 
lurner. Jack 
\ieker\-, Ra\mond 

Wagoner, Dennis 
Willwerth, Ben 
Wright, Harold 


Office of the Dean: Yearly Confidential Report on SAK 

All the Brothers returned this >ear, which presents a 
great challenge to the University. Their Suppressed De- 
sires Party took a better turn to the worse. Again the SAI'.'s 
wrecked at Homecoming awaiting the return of (la. Tech. 
Fall activities stressed athletics; the Scream Team won the 
ABC League title, while the Tube Team garnered the 
Zenith Trophy. In addition fifteen of the Brothers made the 
Dean's Team; now the entire campus expects free cuts. 
Under such a system, the fraternity anticipates a tremendous 
Beach iMonth. We must be careful, for this group is our 
main worry to revive the horrendous spectacle of that Joe 
College thing. However, this fraternity gives the judi- 
board something to do, keeps the IFC treasury filled w irh 
fines, and gives the administration some competition. 

(jcorge Garber, I'ri-suini! 

Ro-j: I: R. Waller, G. Patton, L. Lamicrman. H. Ross, J. Kohlcr. J. Patterson, M. Bochm, R. Clift. Rou: 2: F. O'Nt 
G. Gould, T. Schcnck, J. Eastbiirn, C;. Burnss, J. Stoppclinan. D. Tyrrell. A. Bennett. 

Bcnncr, Bruce 
Bcresford, Scott 
Cannon, Kin 
Cook, Joseph 

Curtis, Luke 
Garbor, George 
Gislason, Bruce 
( lixllove, Isrnie 

Holiman, Doug 
Johnson, Bob 
Jones, Alac 
Kissling, Tony 

l.<iue. Rick 
Marks, Bill 
McCausland, Charhe 
Alerwin, Grier 

Miller, Larry 
Mitchell, I'll 
Parson, Don 
Ruby, Lucian 

\'alle, Dave 
\erhey. Bob 
Waud, Ben 
\M-bb, Dick 

\Mlsh, Mike 
Wirth, Fred 
Wray, \'ic 


Back first to Aninial Qmui were i()ll\- Sigs Markham and 
Epos as Y-Alcn, and our football notables Supcr-Sig and 
Chuck-that-walks. Pig-p.^n and Pesh engineered the Home- 
coming display, booting the Golden Bear three stories 
high. Socially, the Sigs enjoyed Brother Epcs' fine planning, 
the extra dollar policy of Social Sig, and our great Sweet- 
heart Week-end. Prairie-dog's pinmate. Miss Barbie Eislie, 
was crowned the Sweetheart while Hubs guided the sere- 
nade. Down campus. Brothers Broesche and Grain led the 
$BK's astray while Garbage-gums muddled on his Lotus. 
After a sensational rush led by the Littlest Sig, the chapter 
moved to pledging, spring football minus our All-American 
Consul, Beach \M'ek-end, and finals. It was another great 
\ear and all were glad. 

Art Gregory, FmiJr 

Row I: R. HowL-er, W. Somers, E. Wooden, T. Lieber, P. Todd, J. Davenport, R. Whitley, C. Worthington, 
J, Shackford. Row 2: W. Jones, D. Falcone, A., J. W.ildnm, I). Tonikn, W. Scott, E. Wilcox, T. Keay, 
W. Rasnick, J. Gutekunst, S. Studstrup, R. Hughes, C. W ilvm, II. Lyons. K«i; ?. K. Thackrey, D. JeflFords, 
C. Hybarger, R. Burton, C:. MUler, E. Yates, R. Steuurt, W. Luidsay. T. Kinney. R. Holmes, Not pictiimi: 
H. Hay, C. Stavins. 






■^«' "V 

1 * 

(^(T^t^ O n p. p 

Q p f^ /^ ;r: P r. 

p c^ p p e r (^ 

iUhMdi^ kdt M^ M^i I 

^1 r- a ^ ^ r- ff^ 

JTi O Pf^ C^ P P 

PP^P^ p. C; r I 

p p Q r o r^ ^ 

P P P Pi t^ P 

Abborr, Jim 
Anderson, Harry 
Armstrong, Jim 
Banks, Larry 
Baumgartner, Bruce 
Beasley, Alex 
Bcdingfield, John 

liroesche, Travis 
Burgess, Andv 
Carlson, I'd 
('ombs, Sam 
Oani, Bill 
Davenport, Lou 
Davis, Bob 

Derryberry, Gene 
I'pes, Dick 
Fisher, F.lhs 
( ieorge, Al 
Clonis, Art 
(irant, Wes 
( iregor\'. Art 

Hamilton, Roger 
I lelmes. Tucker 
1 luhliard. Bob 
Johnson, George 
Jones, Waldo 
Keay, Tony 
Kerchner, Gary 

Lad.i, jim 
l.nvell, Pete 
Markham, John 
.\lar\in, Gu\' 
Mattson, Jerry 
McCarthy, Bill 

MeC/arthv, |ohn 
McCarthy, "Tonv 
MelehuM-; Tom ' 
Miller. Chris 
Mmard, Al 
( )rr. Jack 
Prentiss, Dave 

Rau, Ron 
Riddick, Dan 
Robinson, Robbie 
Romp, Tom 
Rushton, Stew 
Sandstcad, Moe 
Shackford, John 

Smion, Steve 
Smile)', Barry 
Smith, Don 
Sproul, Bob 
Stuart, Charlie 
Sullivan, lack 
Taylor, J<".e 

Timberlake, Joe 
X'olberg, Frank 
\\ilker. Chuck 
Walters, Louie 
Westerman, Charlie 
Vounu, Bill 


Returning to campus for another year, the Knights of 
House A rallied and marched forward to new heights 
under the swagger stick of Otto, The Despot, Beis- 
cher. Proceeding from the Christmas cocktail party, 
still notorious on the distaff side of the campus, to the 
Molotov cocktail party, where they celebrated their usual 
popularity with their neighbors on the Quad, the brothers 
enjoyed two bettcr-than-average semesters highhyhted 1)\' 
the wildfire spread of the Todd, the solution of the m\ ster\- 
of the first floor head, an Intramural football troph\', and 
Porter's average. Santa Claus Keen added something new 
to the spirit of Christmas. Spenecr relinquished his position 
as undisputed sausage king, rush was better than ever, and 
people are still tr\ing to remember whether or not the\- 
liked Greek Week better than |oe College. 

George Bcischcr, I'mnlnit 

plp:dge class 

Ro"^- I: D. AlcCunc. K. Boiilicr, J. .^kc. R. Kruft. \\. Matthews, M. Scott, R. Bergen, G. Baer. Rove 2: R. Diekin.son, 
P. DantorJ, ] Marshall, H, Ford, I). Hnrtnian. R. Korrh, \V., J. .Alexander, R. Leverenz, G. Uornxs. Ro-^- J: M. 
Beam. S. l'a\[ie, T P..„ell, S. Poult. I. W dlianison. 

^ 'y 


ti^^ i--ri! 

* * * 

(^ O O P f^ P 

p a ^ n a 

Adams, Clirtord 
Arcnson, Ronald 
Ikcr, Skip 
Batcman, James 
licischcr, ( icorge 
Hdl, Paul 

Blackburn, William 
Firadbury, Paul 
Brcitwciser, Robert 
Brvan, |ohn 
)^ W ^ ^J. ^^ w ^w . ^V* ^ ^C (Jhermsh, W.IHam 

p (f*^. r e r> 

(loane, James 

(f^ p r p i^ 

IK, Richard 
( ,VLiin,-v, Don 
( iicuiirv, Dave 
Hawks, I'.vererr 
Hess, Richard 
Holletr, (irant 

lames, Jav 
Keen, Daniel 
l,am..tre, Phillips 
l.inuer, Richard 
Mace, Sreplu-n 
Massengill, Richard 

Mcl'arlin, Robert 
McPherson, William 
Melvin, Richard 
Miller, Louis 
\ichols, William 
Peck, Frederick 

Peterson, Michael 
Powers, Steve 
Rabenhorst, |amcs 
Ranson, Richard 
Rauch, l)udle\- 
Remigailo, Richard 

Richmond, Howard 
Simpson, ll-rry 
Spencer, Steward 
Strackbein, William 
1^^ ^VW^^C^ V - ^ ^-l . Steele, rhc 

o r) p f^ c! ,C' 

l^Hi t 

Tate, William Simpson 

'Liylor, Joseph 
Tittle, David 
Todd, )oscnh 
Truesdell, John 
Underbill, John 
N'ollmcr, Robin 

Waldchen, Alfred 
\\(_-bster, Arthur 
Wheeler, Michael 
W mz.ler, William 

v*- m^ ^1^ W .^m>^^ ^V W^ J^ W \\'iser, Robert 

Harvey Lebos, Frnidait 


Spirits were high as the brothers of Tau I-'.psiion Phi con- 
verged on Duke for another phenomenal year. Partying at 
CaroHna and participating in campus events, TF<I> remained 
one of Duke's most active fraternities. The year was also 
filled with its usual array of milestones. Under the direction 
of Petunia Kaplan, the Flaming Five once again dared to 
venture to the basketball courts. (They shouldn't have.) 
Yl Gayo sat out the exam period and the Ultimate, who 
never lets you forget it, . . . Murray and his friend Aaron 
came to visit, Dave opened a grocery, and Elliot organized 
Durham. Led by its absentee chancellor, TE<i> entered Rush 
hopefully and exited victorious. (Is S. B. really from 
Scarsdale?) Barry forgot how to speak English (Gevain) 
and Zonk went South because he was. ... All things being 
considered, this has been a great year for TE<I>. 

R/nv I: S. Berg, L. Friedman, P. Graitcer, T. Ashworth, A. Frank, S. Kotf. Roiv 2: A. Beck, P. Bcstic, M. 
Small, 11. Ncwmark, D. Schumer, D. Blair. 

Ashworth, Tom 
Cohen, Ken 
(ireenbcrg, Taylor 

rv r^ 



^Jl^ •S^ * . Kaplan, Stanley 

Lebos, Harvey 
Praeer, Bob 

^. ^ (fT> 


f^ ^ Slotkin, Alan 

Stolhverk, David 
W'einstock, Barrv 

Zide, i-Uiott 
Ziclonka, Carl 



After an cnd-oF-summer scnd-ofl from the White House, 
the brotherhood reappeared on Methodist Flats for another 
year of a Don Quixote-hke existence. Climaxing our initial 
attack on the I'.ast w ith a group therapy session at O'Brient's, 
we engaged the windmill of classes. Pat and Sue lent a 
quasi-legal air to our parties, even the "Yard-and-a-half" 
Party! Christmas brought, according to Police Reports, an 
invitational New Year's Eve Tournament, by the grace ot 
our SS friend in Delaware. By producing our own version 
of La Dolce Vita we survived until we could convene in 
Daytona. Returning from spring vacation to the Huckle 
of the Bible Belt we finished off ( ireek Week with a Roman 
Orgy, the rest of April draggmg l)\- with Dream (iirl, Joe 
College, the Beer-Brother ball game, and Beach Week. 




\ < 

1 . ^g^ 












Charles Loch, President 

Roll- I: J. Nadlcr. D. Lunsford, J. Stevens. R. White, P. Crump, R. Pync, W. Chen. R. Van Nuise. Roii- 2: P. Ellis, 
I). WatMHi, R. Emslie, \\. Cromer, D. Hoaglm, D. Fleck, M. Manes, E. Purnell, J. Tarpley, B. Meiklc, D. Eagan. 

ct n 

J" ^ p P p .O ??> 

p p e |P^. P ^ 

p o a p p 

^ a j!r^ C' .,^' ^ 

1^ O P P .^ o 

^ p r^ ^ r f?, 

c ff*» r .p o p 

r^ ^, (^•■, «^> /^ r^ 

o e^. p 

Avcra, lalcott 
B;nrd, l-duard 
Barlow, Richard 
Brown, Frederick 
Buchanan, Robert 
Clark, Peter 

C'(il)l), Lawrence 
(Coulter, John 
Davis, Waynelee 
Dennis, Richard 
Ivarnhardt, Dent 
lekerr, Alan 

I'rickson, Roger 
Fishback, Edward 
Fox, Stephen 
CJreen, Robert 
Cuinter, Richard 
Hand, Donald 

Harkness, Richard 
Harper, Eugene 
Hobbs, lerrv 

IngersoH, Peter 
Johnsen, W illiam 
Johnson. Bruce 

Kadaster, I'.sat 
Kinne\', John 
Lane, WiUiam 
Lewis, William 
Loch, Charles 
Marsh, James 

Martin, Henry 
Menson, Robert 
Michael, Cayle 
Morgan, /.eh 
Nielsen, (^arl 
Norton, Richard 

Ogrinz, Alexander 
Olson, William 
Patterson, Michael 
PealuKh . Arthur 
Pegkr, 1 imothy 
Rankin, William 

Rogers, I'dward 
Roughton, Arthur 
Spieer, W'llliam 
Steed, Ronald 
Stevens, Joel 
Sweuer, Daniel 

Ward, lerrv 
White, James 
Zeren, Richard 


The academic \ear 1962-1963 started oft' with a bang as 
Worm and the Crafty One made book, and S. Pook won 
the hrst four-team parley of the year. The year was marked 
In- man\' regularities: Coast sneaking out at night; Buzzard 
losing at hearts; Stomach and roomie eating six meals a day; 
outstanding intramurals; and a great pledge class. Brother 
Schwachtoolicbird has spent enough time at the Inn this 
year to be a Ricer and, needless to say, Rodent is still 
practicing monkish celibacy. Aside from UAIOC and Chi- 
nese Open House, this year saw us high on the academic 
list as well as placing many brothers in leading campus 
positions. Alter still has blue eyes; the Pest is even greater; 
and the Tiger is even tougher. Aside from four new en- 
gagements, nothing has changed much. . . . 

But we thought it was orig 


Rfju' !: P. Stamilc, P. Gold, J. Brick, J. Kroncnfcld, S. IcL-land, R. Hclstcin, H. Gray, K. Brownstcin. Roiu 2 : 
E. Miller. M. Silver, H. Hcviiian, 1. (ioldnuin, Ci. I'Linin, S. Blit/er. I.. I crncr. C l.v<.ii. 



' f 


, 7 

1 V 


h _^ f -r*. J 1^ - ' f« ^r 

^ ^ !f> f^ 'f^ 

p (!^. ,r* p 

Q p O ^ O 

O P 1^ ^ c 

f^' (^ ^, f*^ O 

Applcstcin, Jeffrey 
Arnold, Carry 
Chafkin, Michael 
(^horiner, ( lerald 
Freund, Henr\' 

( 1 laser, Lenny 
(ioldstein, Frank 
Kahn, Michael 
Karz, Fawrence 
Kent, Robert 

Klesmer, Flarold 

Kooek, Kenneth 
Fevit, Donald 
Fowenstern, Bert 
Fowenthal, Stuart 

FudxMg, Ronald 
Marshall, Neil 
Miller, Robert 
Ncy, Richard 
Niesen, Stephen 

Steer, Paul 
la\ lor, Allan 
W'eingarten, Jon 
Winston, Arthur 
Zavelson, 'Fhomas 



The actions of men are like the index of a 
book; they point out what is most 
remarkable in them '" 

^ ^§^ 




John Markas, Frnuhnt 

The Men's Student (Jovernment Association seeks to 
maintain and promote the individual and general welfare of 
undergraduate men by embodying student opinion in legis- 
lation to be acted upon by the University. M.S.G.A. governs 
itself by the laws set down in its constitution and strives to 
develop within the student body a spirit of citizenship and a 
desire for progress, w hile co-operating with the administra- 
tion and faculty. 

One of the many important achievements of the 1962- 
1963 M.S.G.A. and the Markas administration was the 
role student government played in the creation of a Student- 
Faculty-Administration Committee. The Committee is the 
first of its kind to co-ordinate the efforts and goals of the 
entire University. Another useful movement toward campus 
unity was the dinner meetings of M.S.G.A. and its counter- 
parts in the Woman's College and the School of Nursing. 
These joint meetings provided for the discussion of the 
problems and objectives of student government. 

The M.S.G.A. Dormitory Evaluation Committee worked 
closely with the faculty Long-Range Planning Committee, 
in an effort to make use of student suggestions regarding 

\\. Higfit, M. Elzay, .1. Kenned 


A Campus P 

housing conditions in future dormitory construction. 
AI.S.CA. also worked toward the formation of a workable 
honor code by encouraging a "sense of honor" among the 

student body. The Association ably represented West 
Campus in the drive tor the installation ot additional tele- 
phones, openuig the Dope Shop on Sundays, and voluntary 
class attendance, finally, M.S.G.A. laid the groundwork 
for a Duke University Lecture Series — to invite outstanding 
professors from other universities — and contributed to a 
publication-fund for an anthology of the works ot promising 
Duke authors. 


W. \\..n 



During 1962-1963, the \\bmcn's Student Government 
Association devoted itself to a re-c.xamination and rc-cvaiua- 
tion of its role on campus. The findings of the various com- 
mittees appointed to study the problem have, in many in- 
stances, led to concrete improvements. There had been, 
for example, considerable uncertainty as to the exact status 
of ex-otficio members. By means of student balloting, ex- 
officio v\as formally defined as "non-voting"; the chairmen 
of the five USGA committees, who had heretofore each held 
a vote, \\ ere then declared ex-officio members under the new 

Prompted, perhaps, by the Council's resolution concern- 
ing the historical Cuban crisis, a proposal to amend the 
WSCiA Constitution was put forth. The amendment would 

have limited the scope of W'SCi A, compelling the representa- 
tive body to focus its attention on campus affairs. The 
measure was defeated, however, since it might prove un- 
duly restrictive in future administrations. The procedure 
for conducting WSGA business was drastically revised; 
matters on the agenda are now referred to dorm meetings, 
rather than to the generally unpopular (and compulsory) as- 
semblies. .Moreover, weekly Council meetings are now- 
held in house parlors, with the hope of creating greater 
stuient interest and participation. WSGA also revamped 
the controversial Social Standards Committee, redefining; its 
role in terms of actual campus practices. 

An opinion poll taken in the spring of 1962 was one 
factor in the ultimate realization of voluntar\- class attend- 

Rou- 1: A. Irwin, P. Welt. S. McCaig, J. \'.iti Dyck, S. Pcrson.s, C. Camphcll. H. Lowe, S. Gronemeyer, A. Bartxnir. Roii- 2: H. Pickett, K. Knapp, 
C. Hilton, S. White, L. \\aters, P. Greenleaf, Ci. W'llliani.s. I'",. Dantzlcr, B. Gwinn, P. .^liains, B. Strother, P. Pangborn. Misswii,: L. Oarver, S. 
Harri-son, F.. Bittinger. 


f^ a <5 

'Vf ■' 



;incc. I'hc W'SGA sponsored a successful student exchange 
program and sent delegates to NSA conferences. The FAC 
program was also administered by WSGi\. Finally, mem- 

Ihc House Prcsidcnrs get thcise important 
agendas tor their meetings. 

l)ers of the administration and faculty met w ith students 
to discuss future goals, while some progress has been re- 
ported towards the adoption of an honor system. 


Roiv I: B. Brod. I. Sklar, L. Lundholm, C. Frcy, B. Waaland, B. Talbot, S. McDaniel 
Lcthcn, M . Howe, E. Smoot. 

, M. Robertson, D. 

En cl\n Havens, f'u^ni,. 


The Nurses' Kxccutivc Council co-ordinates and super- 
vises the diverse activities of the Nurses' Student Govern- 
ment Association. The Council is composed of N.S.Ci.A. 
officers, the several chairmen of the various N.S.G.A. com- 
mittees, and the president of the freshman class. The com- 
posite group works to assure the enforcement of the 
N.S.G.A. Constitution, to unite student and faculty opinion, 
and, through the Nurses' Honor Code, to create in each 
individual a sense of personal responsibility. 

During the past year, the Council considered a re-evalua- 
tion of the nurses' honor system and co-operated w ith a 
long-range planning board to explore avenues which might 
lead to the better functioning of the Nurses', .Men's, and 
Women's Student Government Associations. The grf)up 
also sponsored several East-Hanes House social func- 
tions, including student-faculty coffee hours. 



The I'".nginc-cr's Srudcnr (Council co-ordinarcs rhc ac- 
tivities of the students, t'acult)', and administration of the 
Cxiilcgc of Engineering. Chartered by the MSCiA in 1952, 
the Council is the chief governing body of all engineering 
students and works to unite the activities of student organi- 
zations, honoraries, and societies v\ithin the College. Repre- 
senting engineering students in their relations with the 
faculty and the University Community, the Council is 
composed of four elected officers and representatives from 
all College of Engineering organizations. 

In 1962-196.?, the Council sponsored freshman orientation 
lectures, redecorated the engineer's student lounge and 
published the Did'E/ii>;iiiirr. In March, the Council presented 
the annual Engineer's Show, which attracted some 10,000 

SiJ Nurkin, I'muie 

Rou- I: J. Hamilton, J. Orr, S. Nurkin, T. Broesche. Row 2: J. Zwerner, F. Rollc, D. Dcrtnicnng. P. RniischLlhiKh, 1,. H;it;ooa. W. C:iuTnisli. 



The M.S.G.A. Constitution entrusts the judicial power ot the As- 
sociation to the Judicial Board. At its weekly meetings, the Board con- 
siders misdemeanors committed by West Campus undergraduates. In 
determining the disciplinary action that should be taken in each case, 
the Board is reminded of its function — to maintain order in the Uni- 
versity community — and its goal — to aid the individual to profit from 
his mistakes. Before reaching a decision, the Board frequently consults 
freshman housemasters, I.F.C. officers, I.D.C. officers, and representa- 
tives of the administration. In the interests of the individual, cases 
arc usually heard in closed sessions, although the defendant maw 
of course, call witnesses in his defense. While all decisions are subject 
to administrative review, such action is rarely taken. 

The Judicial Board also attempts to resolve questions which concern 
the interpretation of the M.S.G.A. Constitution. Finally, the nine- 
member body, appointed by the M.S.G.A. President and approved h\ 
the Senate, serves as the final court of appeals for decisions made in 
subsidiar\' branches of M.S.G.A. 


W m 

m — 

■--■■ '"; I ' 





' t a^\ *i 

4- w 


u-.^ -^^ 





|.ick Ki 

Charles Brncschc. Zch BarnharJt, Jr., William Grain, Ja 

ics I-\irrc-ll, 1 k-ath 



I he Woman's College Judicial Board was organized as a branch of 
\\.S.(;.A. in 194y. Since that rime, it has steadily assumed increasing 
importance in the affairs of the Woman's College. The Board's philoso- 
phy is that each student should be allowed as much freedom and re- 
sponsibility as possible within the University community. This basic 
belief explains the emphasis placed on the Code of Campus Living and 
the continuous re-evaluation of the regulations of the Woman's College. 
The thirteen voting members — one representative from each of the 
eleven women's dormitories, and the chairman and secretary elected 
b\ the student body — handle all major rules infractions and act as an 
appellate body for cases arising in the House Councils and the Traffic 
Court. This past year, the Board sent introductory letters to incoming 
freshmen, supervised a test covering material contained in the Hand- 
book, and conducted a mock trial for the benefit of new students. The 
"Judi Board" also worked with its West campus counterpart to stimu- 
late student interest in and desire for an honor code. 

Sandy Harrison, Chalrnii 

M.Warn, S. Nicks, I 

■11, K. Horack, J. 


f% (^ 

fV ^ 


Roil- I: E. .\hiync. J. Gillespie, M. Worman. L. Lumlhnlm \1 lohnscn \1. Rnbcrtson. ««:■ _\- C. Todd, A. Hix, I). Duln 


The task of the Nurses' Judicial Board is to try infrac- 
tions of the rules legislated by N.S.G.A, But in a broader 
sense, the Board is responsible for supervising all phases ot 
student conduct, especially those matters which concern 
the welfare of Hanes House girls. The twelve-member body 
is the co-ordinating judiciary group of student uovLrniiKiir; 
integration is effected through the board's nicmliLrship. 
The seats are occupied by the Chairman, the CiiainiKii of 
the Honor Council and Social Standards, the Recording 
Secretary of N.S.G.A., the vice-presidents of each class, 
and an additional representative from each of the tour under- 
graduate levels. 

The Judicial Board attempts, how ever, to be a legislative, 
rather than a strictly punitive organ. In addition, whereas 
the Judicial Board Chairman was formerly N.S.CJ.A. vice- 
president, the postitions are now separate, although the 
Chairman remains a member of the Executive Council. 
This past year. Social Standards' offenses were removed 
from the Board's jurisdiction. These and other changes 
served to clarify the relationship between the student nurses 
and their government. 

Ann Hix, Chairman 


i) J^Jl 



Run I:]. Applcyard, G. Pm-rsun, \\. Graridy, J. Moore. S. Onkcn. Ro-^- 2: li. Havens, L. Odoin, I.. Lundholin, S. Matthews, M. Stcen, C. Rinehart. 

Lois l.undhohn, Clh 


The Honor System has become a practical reality and a 
tradition in the School of Nursing. Its purpose is to secure 
the co-operation of the entire student body in maintaining 
honorable conduct in all areas of student life — academic, 
social, and professional. Each freshman formally becomes a 
member of the "System" by signing a pledge of acceptance 
in the presence of the student body. It is hoped that life 
under the Honor System will instill in each student a sense of 
integrity and loyalty, w hieh will continue to serve her in the 
years after graduation. 

The Honor Council, composed of a Chairman, the Presi- 
dent ot N.S.G.A., three representatives from each class, 
and three faculty advisors, tries breaches of the Honor 
Code. Recognizing that life under such a system demands a 
certain maturity, the Honor Council is primarily concerned 
with encouraging students to govern themselves responsibly. 



Established in 1957 as a committee of the YMCA, the 
Men's Freshman Advisory Council is composed of a chair- 
man, three sub-chairmen, and seventy student advisors. 
Both the officers and advisors are selected after careful in- 
terviewing during the spring semester. The group's ob- 
jective is, simply stated, to aid the new student. "Y-FAC's" 
arrive back on campus a week before the first day of classes, 
prepared to welcome and assist bewildered freshmen. They 
tote luggage, give advice on professors, explain the "situa- 
tion" on East Campus, and supervise freshman placement 
tests and physical examinations, all with the thought of 
making it easy for the incoming class to adapt itself to almost 
every phase of college life. Finally, it is assumed that a 
"Y-Man" is not only an advisor, but a friend as well, 
perhaps the first friend a freshman makes. 

Sid Nurkin, Clhi 

Roil' J: C Ziinmcr, R. Seymour, J. Bruen, C. Elkingron, B. Purslcy, D. P^pes, P. Lamotte, .\. Rimer, M. H.irris, V Campbell T Herbert, R Inglis. 
S. Genrry, R. Giimo; R. Armbrecht. Roii- 2: A. Johnson, R. Arenson, P. \an Sciver, B. Smorherman, S. Hock'es, I) /ircn, S Nurkin, B Barnhardt. 
J. O'Kelley, R. Seckinger, K. Moore, W. Wheeler, T. Yarger. Roii- }:}. Weisiger. D. White. B. Gainpl.ell d IXuisLhcr, B Douglass, R Vakerv, 
R. Mossburg, J. Waddell, R. Buddmgton, B.Jamieson, B. Harrison, M. Welsh, L. Wilkinv. S. Tavernisc I) I im Ro^ -f B Sluhcen, B \ru iter 
R. RatlifF. T. Evans, J. Rollert, J. Evans, S. Porter. K. Bass. D. Ranson. J. Ryan. 1) Morns, I) ( ....uln. . I Mil.- C Gouldman 




Betsy Gwyne, (.'Ihiir 

Arriving on East Campus for Orientation Week, freshman 
co-eds are anxious, apprehensive and perhaps a bit awed by 
the thought of being in college. The Women's Freshman 
Advisory Council, a group of experienced student advisors, 
helps each newcomer to feel that she "belongs" at Duke. 

I he forty-eight FAC's, selected in the spring from the 
rising junior and senior classes, were chosen on the basis of 
their understanding, sense of responsibility, and leadership 
ability. Training programs in the spring and early fall pre- 
pare each advisor to aid "her girls" in making a swift and 
easy adjustment to the whirl of activity that awaits them. 
1 he FAC's acquaint freshman women with the academic 
program, the Code of Campus Living, extra-curricular ac- 
tivities, the campus itself and the Durham community. The 
I'AC's are a ready source of advice and sympathy throughout 
the school year and figure prominently in the successful 
launching of college careers. 


Ro-^ I 15 C.lvnn J Kncui 1) Bol<. \1 Hill 1 
B Biilou,! Shcircr D Monrgonurv \ Sut'tr 
A kLtttring, \ \\ obrook, B Proctor, ( Bri\ 

■k S 1 lunyadi, T. Smith, B. Bradshaw. Roii- 2: J. H. Haley, J. Connet, M. Hunt, N. Siler, 
s1l\, B Haas, M. Surraty, I.. Nininicht, M. Strayhorn. Roti- 3: S. C^urry, D. Danischroder, 
McC.Ik.., D. Albcrs, R. McBryde, C. Ramsey, B. \\ck, P. Bishop, S. iVlcKaig, L. Conant. 


The members oF rhe Nurses" Freshman Advisory Council 
return to Hanes House one week before classes begin in 
September, to welcome the new freshman class. Each FAC, 
a rising sophomore, helps orient her small group of freshmen 
to the University and the School of Nursing. Having re- 
placed the N.S.G.A. orientation program in 1954, the Coun- 
cil attempts to acquaint the new class with the regulations 
and ideals of the Duke community and to establish healthy 
relations between freshmen and upperclassmen in the School 
of Nursing. During Orientation Week, the advisors carry 
out the plans which they have formulated during the sum- 
mer session. There are tours, parties, large orientation 
classes, and small discussion groups led by individual FAC's. 
Freshmen, then, are thoroughly prepared for the N.S.G.A. 
Rules lesr. Fhroughout the \ear, F.\C's remain as friends 
and advisors to freshman student nurses. 



Founded six \t';)rs ago. rlif I'nginccr's Guidance C'ouncil 
has proved ro he an invaluable aid to freshman engineering 
students. I he Council has been especialK' helpful during 
the first tew weeks of classes, when encouragement and 
assistance are appreciated by the newly-arrived engineers. 
The forty-two members of the Council are chosen each 
spring, on the basis of their academic record, maturity, and 
dependabilit\-. Stressing scholarship, the group offers re- 
view sessions in preparation for hour quizzes and provides 
individual tutoring for students having difficulty in "problem 
areas" — calculus, descriptive geometry, and physics. 

This year, the functions of the i'.ngineer's Guidance 
Council increased in scope and importance. Because of a 
change in the admissions procedure, engineers are now ac- 
cepted into the University directly through the College of 
Engineering. In step with the times, the Council has at- 
tempted to instill in freshmen a sense of their unique posi- 
tion and an awareness of the duties, responsiblities, and 
challenges that await them. 

g, Ckr 

Row I: D. AlcCaig, E. Thompson, W. I-"rccsc, J. Kinslc-r. G. Flowers, D. Dettmcring. B. Hertslct, R. 
j. Nils.son, E. Bii.rd. R. l-ckcr.'-on. R. l-;iir, \\. Hubhcll, D. Thomas. C. Grossman. L. Gouch. 

ihn.son, E. Hagond. Roif 2: N. Galfcc 

r. l.i^. 

i-^ I t-f If 



The ('ourt oF Appeals was formed six years ago as 
a supplement to the judicial Board. Since that time, its 
responsibilities have increased; it now exercises original 
lurisdiction over cases involving violation of University 
parking and safety regulations, "quad-ball," student 
fiscal irresponsibility, and any other cases referred to 
it by the Office of the Dean ot Men. In cases requiring 
discipiinars- action, the C^ourt attempts to guide rather 
than merel>- to punish the student. In addition, it 
decides all eases in which students and living groups 
appeal what the)' consider to be unfair parking tickets 
or damage assessments. 

The Court is composed of five uppercl issmeii, ap- 
pointed by the President of Al.S.Ci.A. an.l confirmed 
b\' the Senate. Although decisions of the Court are 
sub]ect to administrative review, the Court's decisions 
arc, in fact, rarely reversed. The Court, then, ofiers 
an example of the very real power and potential of 
responsible student government. 

RiidiMll, \1 SlKri 


The task of the Iraditions Board is to help ineommg 
freshmen appreciate the history and heritage of Dulsc 
Its ultimate goal, aside from acquainting frc^iinKii 
with the customs and ideals of the Universit\ , is to 
instill in these young men an early sense of direction 
and purpose. 

The Board requires that freshmen receive and cure- 
fully read a history and background of Duke which 
it has prepared. During Orientation V\'eek, the Board 
sponsors an assembly program to introduce freshmen 
to the Universit)' officials who will instruct and counsel 
them in the finir years that lie ahead. At the conclusion 
of Kreshman Orientation, each member of the new 
class must pass a written examination, covering the 
material he has fieen asked to study. The written ex- 
amination was reinstituted this year, in place of a 
freshman essay. 


Row I: George Youiig, Cliirlcs Adams, John J 

Ross Arinbrccht. Ahn-iit: IJo 

Rohrnuii, Jac 

The Independent Dormitory (>)uncil was organized 
seven years ago to represent independent students on campus. 
An official branch of M.S. G. A., the Council has established 
itself as a sounding board for the thought and opinions of 
independent students. IDC is composed of the elected execu- 
tive council, the appointed cabinet, the IDC Court, and the 
Council itself, composed of the presidents of the seven in- 
dependent houses. Independent unir\' has resulted in the 
improvement of dormitory facilities and plans to improve 
independent living in the future. 

This year, IDC has greatly expanded the range of inde- 
pendent activities. Cabin and cocktail parties, student- 
faculr\- discussions, and open houses were organized social 
diversions. The C'ouncii also sponsored intramural athletic 
teams, a homecoming display, and worked with M.S.Ci.A. 
to secure additional telephones. Greater co-operation among 
independents and increased interest and participation in 
dorm activities led to the re-christening of Few Quadrangle 
residences : Tabard, Canterbury, Buchanan, Taylor, and 

liiTH- 1 .L'on (l.rk. ru-Kuiait 

g ' 1 

ji ^. 

H A. '^'■-* ^^^^^-^s^t^. 

1 *■ ' -4 

■'5- ■; m 

iyjj^^ #c 


^^^^^^^^^^^^ (-» ^^^^A 


*<l # 


In Ncars, the lown Men's Club has developed 
into an active campus organization. Through the support 
and interest of a group of Durham citizens, the club 
received a meeting-room off Page Auditorium. Here, 
the club plans its program, designed to make the twenty- 
eight members active participants in the intellectual 
and recreational events on campus. 

Led b>- President Cieoft Ward, the club this year made 
its mark in intramural sports and campus politics. The 
group also conducted a lively calendar of dinners, 
dances, and parties. In short, the club's efforts have 
been directed at providing members with the atmos- 
phere and opportunities necessar\- for a rewarding 
ciillesje career. 

Row I: M. Margolis, J. Kimrcy, Jr., J. Waggoner, III, S. Tavernise, J. Car- 
rington. Row 2: J. Rudin, III, J. Cross, K. Stallings, E. McCullers, L. Mc- 
Cullers, R. Solomon. Rnw 3: M. Harrison, W Burd, T. Ciishman, R. Bland. 
G. Ward. 

Carolyn Golding, Luther Atwater, C//.7 


Until this \ear, the Campus C^hest had been a committee 
of the Men's Student Government Association. The or- 
ganization, the only official canvassing body on campus, is 
now supervised by the YMCA, and it has revamped its 
policies. 1 he newly-defined objectives of the Campus 
Chest are: to raise an amount of money commensurate 
w ith the size and giving-povver of the student body, to in- 
form the student of how his money will be used and to 
welcome individual suggestions concerning the distribution 
of funds, and to create a sense of giving freely in the Judaeo- 
Christian tradition. Thus, through its fall fund-raising 
events and the Campus Chest drive held in February, the 
organization can awaken students to their responsibilities 
as members of the community, who ma>- share their good 
fortune with those who are less fortunate. 



The- Cxi-ordinarc Board, an important W.S.Ci.A. auxiliar\-, is, 
as its name implies, a "communications system" between faculty, 
administration, and students. Improved relations and beneticiai 
exchange will, hopefully, result in greater harmony and under- 
standing between th^se groups. The Board collects and reports 
student opinions, attitudes, ideas and criticisms. After sifting and 
studying the data gathered, the Board can make suggestions con- 
cerning matters which artect the student body, such as faculty 
classroom policies. 

Members this year spent a great deal of time during semesters in 
seeing that pre-registration sessions proceeded smoothly; they also 
worked to improve library hours, conditions in the Union, exam 
schedules, and student employment. The Board also maintained a 
tile of past Hnal examinations in the library and wrote Pan-Hel 
rush letters to co-ed freshmen. 

Campbell, CImir 

Ro-u I \ Rogers S Mien, J. Huntley 
M frinck K Fnglish Ro-u' .'; J. Bak 

C. Campbell, J. Baran, C. Corbin, 
r, G. Kmard, P. Piigh, R. Carden. 




Social Standards, a special W.S.G.A. auxiliary, attempts 
to instill in co-cds a respect for those patterns and practices 
ot behavior which are in keeping with the desires and 
traditions of the University. The Committee is composed 
of two representatives from each of the women's dormitories 
and three freshman women who serve as representatives-at- 
iarge. Besides stressing standards of good taste in dress, 
manners, and conduct. Social Standards acts as a planning 
committee for W'.S.CJ.A. social functions throughout the 

The Committee begins work in the summer with the 
mailing of "Design for a Duchess" to incoming co-eds. 
Another handy publication, the "Duke Pictorial Calendar," 
is available at Thanksgiving. Social Standards also sponsors 
the Christmas Banquet and the W.S.G.A. -Sandals Banquet. 
"Twilight Hours" concerts in the Sarah P. Duke Memorial 
Gardens and the coronation of the May Queen and the se- 
lection of her court to reign during Joe College round out 
the year's activities. 

Helen Pickett. C7/.,, 

Roii- J: ). Rodriqucs, S. Dirtmar, C. Boden, J. Withenspoon. Rnu- 2: J. Ray, F. White, . 
Row S: L. Whitley, M. Tiiul, A. Jordan, .S. Schumachar, S. Smith. M. Rickctts, K. Luc 


Peace, H Pickett, O 
, R. Sutch 1 Watsnn 

swell, L Wilkinson, K Kr 




Since its organi/.iricin with X.SXI.A., rhc Xurscs" Social 
Standards (>)mmirrcc has attempted to maintain the personal 
values of student nurses in regard to their fellow students, 
school, and profession. Composed of two members elected 
from each class, and a chairman chosen by the entire stu- 
dent body of nurses, the Committee seeks, through its regu- 
lations, to encourage the formation of practical professional 

During the past S'car, the (Committee sponsored an orien- 
tation program for freshmen and sold Social Standards 
C'alendars along with the East Campus Committee. In dis- 
ciplinary matters, the Committee is now allowed to try 
its own cases, instead of delegating this responsibility to 
the Judicial Board. 

Row I: G. Cardona, E. Long, J. Karp, C. Saylor, C 

Newton, L. Mayne. 



Article II of the Union Constitution reads: "The purpose of the Duke 
UnivcrsitN- Student Union shall be to stimulate, promote, and develop 
the social, recreational, cultural, educational, and spiritual activities of 
the students of Duke University. . . ."' The Union is directed b\- the 
policy-making Board of Governors, composed of twelve members under 
the direction of Chairman Neil Williams. The Board of Chairmen, the 
heads of the seven major committees, executes Union policies. The bulk 
of the everyday work is handled by these same seven committees — Fine 
Arts, Social, Publicity, Educational Affairs, Special Services, Recreation, 
and Major Attractions. 

Expressly designed to satisfy the general and special interests ot the 
student body, the year's projects included bridge and golf tournaments, 
movies of away football games, a talk by Charles \ etter ot the U.S. 
Information Agency, and the expansion of art exhibits to both the \Mst 
Campus Alumni Lounge and the East Campus Library. Among the en- 
tertainers appearing at Duke under Union auspices were the Phakavali 
Dancers of Thailand, the Limelighters, Ferrante and Tcicher, the road 
company of the Broadway musical,, and Helen Ha\es and 
Maurice Evans in a delightful evening, Slnpcspnvr Rcrisitrd. I he Union 
also sponsored open houses after football games, the linniecuming Dance. 
and Candlelight Cabarets following basketball games. Student-I"acult\' 
Dinners helped to improve relations between professors and their stu- 
dents, while also facilitating "a meeting of the minds." Additional proj- 
ects ranged from the S.U. Ride Bureau to baby-sitting services. 

COMAUriEK C;HA1Ri\1EN. Row 1: L. CantrL-ll, k. \\.M,a, Ch.urm.m, 
M. Huck, B. Washburn. Roiv 2: R., I'. Wirtli. C. W.uid. Row 3: 
P. Ogden, W. Carmichael, W. Nicholson. 

Ferrante and Teicher 

BOARD OF GO\'ERNORS Ro-u / D hncc \1 ParUcr, 1 Grisuold, N. V\ilhams, J. Cannon, M. Chohorda. Rsii- 2; G. Vargcr, \\-. Griffith, 
D. Matthias, C. Hill, G. MarMn R Wood 



The Symposium Committee first met in 1958-1959, at the invitation 
of the Chairman of the Student Union Educational Affairs Committee. 
Now in its fifth year, the Committee seeks to create a new awareness 
and knowledge of important questions on the Duke campus. The mem- 
bers of the Committee first select a topic which, in their estimation, de- 
serves the consideration of the University Community and which promises 
to provide a stimulating and challenging intellectual experience. The 
next step is to invite speakers and to begin planning the format and presen- 
tation of the program. 

The 1962 Symposium was held during November 11-14. The subject 
was "Dimensions of Defense." Air. Allen Dulles, former head of the 
Central Intelligence Agency, delivered the keynote address — "New 
Challenges to National Security." The audience also heard addresses by 
distinguished professors: Dr. Thomas Schelling, Harvard, Dr. Kenneth E. 
Boulding, Michigan, and Dr. Charles E. Osgood, Illinois. Panel discus- 
sions and informal seminars followed each talk. Participating in these 
discussions were Dr. Arthur Larson, Director of the World Rule of Law 
Center, Dr. 1. B. Holley of the History Department, and Dr. Waldo 
Beach of the Religion Department. 

Roger Kissam, Cliai 

Rozi- I: S. Curry, U. Ehrhardt, C. Foy, M. Tarpley, M. Shaw, C. Frcy. Rou- 2: C. Grain, R. Hcidrick, J. Applcstcin, S. Stone, I). Ncw.somc. W. 
Nichols, W. Griffith, H. Parker, D. Saylor, E. Ettiii. Roiv 3: J. Ryan, B. Scars, S. Gchl, R. Kissani, Chairman. 



Alrhough it became an official University organization only last year, 
the International Club has had a long history as an active body of students, 
representing nations from all corners of the globe. The club seeks to 
promote greater friendship between American and foreign students; 
memberships are available to everyone on campus. International Club 
sponsorship of dinners, dances, panel discussions, picnics, a soccer team, 
and the showing of foreign hims provides the occasion for social and 
cultural exchange. 

h The group works closely with the Foreign Student Committee of 
W.S.G.A. This committee has helped to organize fund-raising projects; 
the proceeds arc devoted to the support and maintenance of a foreign 
student on Last Campus. 

Diana Shaio, President 

Row I: G. Yiiccl, P. Pangborn, D. Shaio. C. (aitchin. Rrnr J; R. Bhatnagar, (;. Husa, H. Perez, E. Kadaster, K. M. S. Az 


XSA, a representative group of student governments, is 
interested in combining the ideas of student government 
leaders from all member colleges and universities which 
contribute to the solution of common problems and the 
fruitful exchange of ideas. The Association offers ideas, 
programs, and a voice for students on vital campus, state, 
national, and international issues. As a member school, 
Duke receives information on current campus problems 
and the policies of the organization's Student Congress. 

On campus, the NSA committee has been concerned this 
year with distributing information to the various branches 
of student government; NSA information, for e\nnipie, 
proved useful in the revision of the W.S.G.A. Constinitinn. 
The group sponsored a seminar on the Cuban crisis and in- 
troduced Alfred K. Lowenstein, a former NSA president 
and author of Brutal Mandate. The Association's other 
services include inforniatuin on the Peace Corps and the 
Work, Travel, and h'tud\- Abroad program of the organiza- 
tion. The eflectiveness of NSx^ on campus was increased 
through an intensive study by the W.S.G.A. Council re- 
garding the structure and purposes of the Association and 
its contrihundn to Duke. 

Knapp, Clift An 

Rov: I: E. Brooks, M. Jones, M. Harned, A. Brittain, G. Yucel, K. Knapp, E. Eraser, C. GegauflF, C. Hall, A. Hodson. Row 2: J. Jenkins, P. Stan- 
ford, C. Hoelle, C. Armour, K. Kelley. R. Haskell, S. Kleberg, D. Marston, B. Haas, E. Myers, K. Lundry, B. Feely, N. Culbertson. 









T i^lf ^iw^^B 

1^ Ik w9k mJt 






Alpha Phi Omega is a national serv- 
ice fraternity, founded for the purpose 
of assembling college men in the spirit 
of the scout oath and law. The Duke 
chapter was founded in May, 1955, 
to render service to both the Universits' 
and the Durham communits' and to 
provide an un-obfrusive but construc- 
tive link between the two. 

The group works with local scouting organizations, as- 
sists in local charity drives, and provides Christmas gift 
baskets for needy families. These projects are financed w ith 
the proceeds of a rummage sale, held annually in May. 
Alpha Phi Omega's members also usher at basketball games 
in Duke Indoor Stadium. 

Ro-^ I C. AndcT.s, J. Starling, J. Abbott. R„ii- 2: J. Marsh, W. Davis, 
1^. Wilkes, E. Morns. Koir 3: W. Hunger, M. Chen, R. Encson, 
C. McCarthy. 


The Debate Team is an outlet for those interested in 
classical forensics and a distinct and important part of the 
University's academic and public relations program. Par- 
ticipation in formal debate enables a student to become 
proficient in the methods of uncovering and analysing facts, 

of arriving at logical conclusions, and of presenting argu- 
ments effectively. 

The team participates in intercollegiate tournaments and 
matches throughout the country, while tournaments are 
also held on the Duke campus. This year's team, led by Presi- 
dent Tennie Williams, was faced with the unenviable task 
of matching the fine records of recent Duke teams in debate 

Row I: J. Walker, Jr., J. Clardwell, Jr., A. Will.ams, Jr., E. Mock. D. Hoaglin, M. lones. Row 2: J. Mahonev, E. Manola, .M. Briscoe, M. Shaw, 
M. Jones, B. Eiedorek, R. Fhipps. Jr. 



Ron Senmgcn, Sec; Mike Lindsley, Chmn., Advisory Council; Robcrt.i Willuims, Pros., Rohm Xollmcr. V. Prcs 

Rov. /• M. Lmdslcy, R. Senmgen. R. Wdliams, Pres.; R. \olhncr. Ro^- 2: A. Ahnfcldt. H. \\M. ]. Simpson, J. Tarpley, L. Nerby, D. Hoffman. 
Roir 3: W. Pomp. F. Ewing, J. Paris, C. Wilson, J. Kitterman, \V. Morgan, W. Stauftcr, F. Coplan. Ron' 4: E. Britton. J. Fowler, R. Remiga lo, 
R. Polk, G. Hill, B. Blackshear, M. Johnson. 

The Pre-Medical Society is a valuable aid for the under- 
graduate planning to make a career of medicine. Founded 
in 1937, the Society brings the future doctor into closer 
contact with members and phases of the medical profession. 
A program of speakers, tours, and advice acquaints the 
student with the opportunities, as well as the duties and 
obligations which await the practicing physician. Under- 
graduate experience can thus prepare the prospective medical 
student to cope with future obstacles and problems. 

F.ncouragcd to observe actual operations and doctors' 
rounds in Duke Hospital, the student is also mailed a copy 
ot Cadiiccus, the pre-med monthly devoted to news of prog- 
ress within the profession and individual preparation for 
nKdic;il school. Students are also urged to spend some 
rime \\ irh iiKilical students in labs, classes, and conferences. 
1 he Order of Hippocrates, the Society's scholastic honory, 
initiates new members annualh', while the Advisory Council 
offers advice and tutoring to freshman members. 

Williams, PresnUiit 


For the past thirty years, the Duke Bench and Bar So- 
citey has offered advice to students preparing for a career in 
law. Making use of films, lectures, and mock trials, the 
Society seeks to familiarize its members with various phases 
of the legal profession. 

The 1962-196.^ Society, with a total membership of 
fifty-one, held monthly meetings. The major project was a 
series of lectures; the speakers included Dean Latty of the 
Duke Law School, Dean Weathers of the Wake Forest Law 
School, and several representatives from national law firms. 
This personal association with notable members of the legal 
profession enabled the Society's members to have a better 
grasp and understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls 
that await them. 

Row 1: R. Whittle, R. MacLeod, D. Jones (Sec.), M. Goodson 
(Pres.), M. Peterson (Sec), M. Voltz. Roiv 2: R. Howser, H. Dod- 
son, iM. Beam, K. Hubbard, D. Hopkins, P. Lader. 

Mike Goodson, Preiui, 


R,j-^- I: 1)., G. Hu 
Mcnnc, L. Couch, A. Danl 


JariKS Hainilf.n, rr.udait 

On January 1, 1963, the American Institute of Electrical 
I'.ngineers (AIEE) and the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) 
merged to form the world's largest technical organization. 
The merger of these two electrical engineering associations 
was reflected on the student level, at colleges and universities 
across the nation, by the combining of the student branches 
of the two parent groups into one IEEE student branch. The 
merger marks the start of a new era in the progress of the 
engineering profession toward higher standards of excel- 

Composed of more than forty members from ail engi- 
neering classes, the Duke branch ot the lEI'E enioyed an 
outstanding year. Heading the schedule of monthly events 
were speakers ot the caliber of Louis Pensak, \'isiting 
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering on leave 
from RCA's Princeton laboratories and Director of the 
Martin Company's Nuclear Power Division, who spoke 
at a meeting held during National Engineer's Week in 
Eebruary. The chapter was also host to the annual fall 
meeting of the North Carolina Section of the AIEE in 
November and sponsored a panel discussion in December 
entitled "After Graduation — What?" The student branch 
at Duke is looking forward to the years ahead under its new 


Ro-^- 1: E. IVirncs, D. Blunit<.ldr, R. Sproul, A. Barr, C. Rollc. W. \ 
J. Ozbolt, R. DeWitt, L. Walters, J. Golden, I-. Knowlcs, B. Bcnnc 

\\'. Williamson, L. Miller 

P. Gurley, B. Hunt, 

Carl Rollc, Cbdiniu 


The American Societv' ot Civil I'.ngincers introduces it members 
to many of the problems they will encounter upon graduation. 
Specifically, the Societx is dexoted to professional ideals and 
the practical application of knowledge in the field of civil engi- 
neering. The local chapter, founded in 193 3, enables members to 
go beyond the classroom by having them meet engineers from 
North Carolina and the Mid-Atlantic states. 

This past year, the thirty-five member group went on a field- 
trip to the Bethlehem Steel plant at Sparrow s Point, Fort Belvoir, 
\'irginia. To supplement the excursion, professional engineers 
presented lectures and films on special phases of civil engineering. 
The Society also sponsored a project, which was displayed in 
the annual I'ncincer's Show . 



The purpose of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
is to help mechanical engineering students gain some insight into 
the scientific and industrial activities of their chosen profession. In 
preparing the student for a career in mechanical engineering, the 
Society holds monthly meetings and sponsors speakers who have 
a background in areas related to mechanical engineering. 

In addition to offering field-trips to local industrial concerns, 
the local AS.MK chapter also stimulates interest in student projects 
and essays. In April, the Duke chapter was host to the Regional 
ASME Conference, which attracted delegates from schools through- 
out the Southeast for conferences, seminars, addresses, and an 
essay contest. 

Bill Chcrnish, FresiJeiit 

Lewis Kenyon, Robert Epps, Steven Matthews, Bill Chernish; 



SEXIOR COL"XCIL: R. Peters, Z. Earnhardt. S. Nurkin, C. Ross. J. O'Kelley. T. Evans, L. Atwater. \!. Roberson. C. Johnson. G. Bonham, R. 
Woods. F. Srith. S. Stone, D. .Morris. 

.Mike Roberson, Presidmt 

An integral pan of West Campus life, the Y.MCA is 
one of the most active and comprehensive student organi- 
zations. It is also the largest voluntary organization at 
Duke. The main objective of the "V" is to promote true 
understanding of the Christian ideal of service and to carry 
this concept into all areas of life. The "V" also promotes 
social service, on campus and in the Durham community, 
personal communication between "Y" members and the 
various groups within the organization, and social action 
whenever it is deemed necessary. 

In 1962-1963, the "Y" organized several otf-campus 
seminars and '"Quick- Action" study-groups on campus. 
The group also organized another successful Y-FAC pro- 
gram of freshman orientation, published the Handbook and 
Student Director, and furnished ushers for Sunda\- morning 
services in the Chapel. The Dad's Day program brought 
man\- fathers to the Universit\- and introduced them to 
campus life. Social work with the Edgcmont Community 
Center was continued, and the "'Y"" also included Butner 
State Hospital and the Lakewood Bo\s' Club on the list of 
groups benefiting from their services. 


BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Dr. John Altrocchi. Ralph Earle, Jr.. James OKelley. Tomas Evans. .Mike Roberson. Lucicn \\ ilkir s. Dr. J. H. Philli| 
C:iark R. Cahow, W. L. Brinkley. Jr.. Rev. Robert Hyatt. Missing: Ted .\linah. 

FRESHMAN CABINET. R(^-^- J: P. Schlosser. B. Stams. T. Sherrard. M. Farbcr. C. Ramey. F. Bowman. Ro-^- 2: C. Johnson. J. Brick. P. Fow- 
ler. F. HutTmann. L. Hiday. Ro^:: 3: R. Gates. J. Randolph. J. Lamar. J. Palmer. 


Anne Curry, President 

Open to women of all hiiths, the \ount; Women's C^hris- 
tian Association is chiefl\' concerned with helping each 
member to build tor herself a "full and creative lite." With 
a large majorit)' ot l-ast Campus co-eds actively enrolled in 
its program, the VWCA seeks to broaden and develop 
knowledge, character, and achievement by offering a va- 
riety of stimulating educational, social, and service ac- 
tivities. This past year, hoping to achieve greater flexibility, 
the "V directed campus-oriented activities in each house 
and through individual programs, rather than b\' means 
of the traditional committee structure. 

The r\\ ent\-nine member "\ ' Cabinet, along with a 
parallel Freshman "\ " organization, focused its attention 
on special areas - Human Relations, Arts, Campus and 
World Affairs, Religious Concern, and Social Action. The 
busy schedule included work at the I'dgemonr Center, 
Wright Refuge, Uukc and NA Hospitals, and the Burner 
Mental Hospital. The goal of communication and co- 
operation among students was reached through formal and 
informal discussion groups and seminar trips dealt with special 
interests and problems. 



.'\nne Curry, Marcia Ross, Sandra Robinson. Missitiz: Joy Triplctt. Ginny Lilly, Heather 

-V CABINEI . Rou- 1: J, M.itluws. ( :. D.KigL-, A. McNally, B. J. AUkts A'.,., : J. I itus, S. Robinson, A. Curry, A. Prcwitt, M. Ross, S. Spratt. 

Missing: B. Benedict, Ailvisnr, J. Tnplctt, C. Lilly, V. B.iy, C. C.onu.n. J- 1 luuhc-.n, C. Kurtz, A. Herbert, B. Myers, E. Pressman, B. \'ick, S. 

Collins, G. Holsinger, N. Silcr, T. Willis, U. Robb, S. Applcton, H. Smith, J. Mathews. 

FRESHMAN "Y". Row 1: E. Woolley, S. Evans, C. Bunch, P. C^unninggim, A. Pickett. G. Ptetzing. Ro'xi: 2: J, .Mathews, B. Bell, B. Todd, W. 

Smith. Krnv .'■ B Benolicr ( ^.Ivisnr), E. Wobus, K. Grimm. S. ForlK";. j Hellekson, J. Godfrey, M. Malone, E. Baglev, K. Pratt. J. Theobald, 




integrating thi.- academic and religious aspects of University 
lite, the Religious Lite Staff stimulates a "religious" atmosphere 
on campus. The Staff" consists of the Chaplain to the University, 
the Associate Directors of Religious Life for both East and West 
campuses, and the chaplains of the various denominational groups. 
Religious ideals are promoted through non-denominational chapel 
services and the activities of the student centers — service projects, 
social activities, and discussion and seminar groups. Inrcr-action 
among the denominational groups. ;is cn-ordinireJ ()>• the Religious 
Council, is essential to the spirinuil climare. 

The programs of the Staff' and of the separate student groups 
are designed to encourage the undergraduate to understand and 

Dr. Howard Charles Wilkinsm 
.md Director of Religious Life. 

Chaplain to the University 

Birhiri HcncdiLt \-.s,,i,,tL Dipll Robert Hyatr. .\s,soci.itc Director 

tor of Student Rehgious 1 lie I ast of Student Religious Lite, West 

Dean of the Chai 

to interpret his religious development w itliin the context of campus 
life. This approach is emphasized li\ inter-denominational groups, 
the Special Observances Committee, the Inter-faith \'arsity 
Fellowship, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. These 
organizations sponsor exchange programs v\hich encourage inter- 
racial and intercollegiate understanding. A dynamic spirit of 
religious interest, in combination with academic pursuits, is thus 
fostered by the Religious Life Staff". The Duke Chapel, numbered 
first on maps of the campus, is physically and spiritualK' the central 
building of the University. As it dominates the landscape, it 
symbolizes the values upon which Duke is founded. 



The Univcrsit) Religious Ckuincil is an cxccunvc bod\ , 
which governs the various denominational groups on campus. 
The Council's program is intcr-denominarional in scope, 
stressing the real and relevant benefits of religious service 
and spiritual experience. The University Chaplain, the 
Reverend Howard Wilkinson, directs the Council, which is 
composed of students, the presidents and advisors of the 
denominational student centers, and members of the facult>' 
and administration. The C^ouncil implements its program 
through committees and through the dedicated efforts of 
individual members. 

The Edgemont Communit\' ("enter is one project re- 
ceiving the Council's attention. Members of the Duke 
community are familiar with the work done at the C^enter 
and attempt to further the essential work done there. .\ 
scholarship program set up by the Council enables Christians 
of foreign birth to study at the University. The group also 
invites eminent theologians, philosophers, and artists to 
visit the campus. The Council also publishes the booklet 
"Religious Life," which describes the activities of "Y" 
groups and opportunities for individuals who wish to serve. 

■Hp MlB 



1 -p^l^^gi 





Dr. H. -\. StrcUl, Clhin 

Ro'iv I: Rev. Char 
Benedict, Dean Ja 

es Johnson. Barbara Proctor. Rev. Allen Gilmore, Henr 
mes T. Clebrd, Prof. Hugh Hall, Rev. Robert P. Hy 

V.Morgan. R^-aJ.-JeffJ 

ohnson. Chaplain Howard C. Wilkinson, Barbara 

^^K' §m ^ "" 


™^ ^/ 


1^ k 













m » 






Hll il 


MRS I SCJPKANOS: S. Baker, G. Greene, L. Holmes, J. Hubliard, R. Leimnond, G. Ruity, C. Sherman, 1.. Smipson, \'. Varbrough. SECOND 
SOPRANOS: J. Blandeau, G. Boenig, M. Briscoe, L. Davidson, S. Doermer, A. Horton, J. Housekeeper, ¥. Hubbard, M. Jacobsen, L. Meister, 
B. Robinson, L. Stevens, G. Kinard, D. Walston. FIRST ALTOS: B. Baldwin, S. Bcemcr, L. Benjatnin, L. Bloemeke, J. Brady, M. Byers, M. 
Carter, G. Cox, P. Hendler, S. Patterson, P. Prideaux, L. Speck, S. Wright, K. Tanaka, P. Barrier, C. \bung. SECOND ALTOS: C. Bailleu, 
B. Benedict, R. Carter, B. Ehlers, R. Grier, B. Hemphill, M. Hightower, C. Lacy, E. McWhorter, A. Morrison, A. Roser, E. Turner, V. Johnson. 
FIRST TENORS: J. Gibbs, S. Hughes, D. White, J. Bruce. SECOND TENORS: P. Bestic, W. Dillingham, D. Heitzenrater, Q. Hocutt, D. Hug- 
gins, N. Ligon. FIRST BASSES: B. Ackerknecht, P. Alexander, G. Brodic, J. Clark, R. Lichty, B. Van der Horst. SECOND BASSES: R. Brown, 
J. Cleaveland, M. Edwards, W. Kale, P. Weigl, C. Pennington, T. Benson. 

Dr. Paul Voung, /), 


The University Chapel Choir, the largest and most active choral 
group on campus, is comprised of about 75 singers, each of whom 
is active in at least one other campus singing group. The Choir 
provides appropriate music during the Service of Worship each 
Sunday morning in Duke Chapel. In addition, the Choir each 
year performs two major sacred works for the Sunday afternoon 
concert series in the Chapel. Traditionally, the Christmas portion 
of Handel's "The Messiah" is one of the annual offerings. It is 
performed on two successive Sundays in December and attracts 
large audiences. The other major choral work is performed in 
early May. The spring selection varies from year to \ear; this 
year, the work chosen was Gabriel Faure's "Requiem." 

In order to prepare two anthems for each Sunday and to re- 
hearse the two major chorales, practice sessions are planned so 
that the singers may move quickly and smoothly through the 
music. At a typical Wednesday evening rehearsal, two new an- 
thems are introduced for performance in four weeks, four an- 
thems previously rehearsed are gone over for accuracy of 
rhythm, pitch, and other technical considerations for performance 
in two or three weeks, and two anthems are polished for the com- 
ing Sunday's performance. The time remaining in the ninety- 
minute rehearsal is devoted to the major work. 

Dr. Paul Young, Di. 


Some forty uppcrclassmcn and graduate students make up 
the Chancel Singers, an advanced singing group which meets for 
one hour each week in the Woman's College Auditorium. All of 
the members have had considerable experience in choral work 
and enjoy the opportunity of singing in an advanced repertoire 
group. Public performances are incidental; the singers simply 
invite an audience to listen in at their weekly meetings and to 
share their enthusiasm for the music they sing. It is at these weekly 
sessions that the singers are challenged to realize their talents. 
Anyone interested must be present — and even sing — at one of 
these meetings to appreciate the meaning of musicianship. 

FIRST SOPRANOS: J. Clark, J. Hubbard, F.. Kuhl, S. Bradley, R. Lemmond, V. 
Varbrough. SEC:OND SOPRANOS: E. Hubbard, 1.. Meister, B. Robinson, S. 
Skiles, S. Baker, L. Simpson, J. Housekeeper, A. Walker. FIRST ALTOS: G. 
Bush, B. Shepherd, H. Thomas, X'. Kreut/er, C. H.iilleu. I.. Bcniamin. SECOND 
ALTOS: L. Eubanks, R. Grier, .\1. Hightouer. (,. kni,ii-d, C. Papps, L. Rhodes, 
G. Sawyer, L. Speck, S. Patterson, H. l-.hlers, A. Morrison, T. Roser. FIRST 
TENORS: J. Connolly, D. Cupps, D. Seely, R. Van Hook, R. William, T. Daily. 
SECOND TENORS: P. Alexander, D. Heitzenrater, D. Nagel, R. Peabody. 
FIRST BASSES: T. Byrnes, R. Heitzenrater, J. Prevatt. SECOND BASSES: 
R. Brown, J. Campbell, J. Cleaveland, P. Weigl, C. Smith, B. Kale. 


u of the Episcopal Student C.i 


Religion is an integral part of the University heritage 
and a pivotal point in Duke's present educational philosophy. 
Spiritual goals are, in part, realized through the work of the 
various denominational student organizations. Combining 
the activities of academic and religious life, each group seeks 
to aid the student to mature and develop — secure in a strong, 
active, and personally meaningful faith. There is a whirl 
of activity at the student centers: study groups, plays, 
sports events, dinners, and discussion meetings — together 
with regular religious services — enable these organizations 
to be influential and significant in the lives of students and 
faculty alike. 

Ihe Baptist, C^atholic, Ghristian Science, I'piscopal, 
Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist, Freshxterian, Quaker, and 
Unitarian faiths are represented at Duke b\- denominational 
groups. The University Religious Council co-ordinates the 
activities of these groups and promotes a harmonious realiza- 
tion of common goals. 


Baptist Chaplain Jim Stines greets stude 

Discu.ssion group at Episcopal Student Center 


g gathering. 

Sunday night discussion group led by Dr. Tom McCullough of the 



The sixty-voice Men's Cilce C^lub, now in its seventy- 
seventh year, is committed to a diverse musical program. 
The Club's repertoire ranges from classical selections, in- 
cluding operatic pieces, and contemporary works of a semi- 
classical bent to Broadway shov\-tunes and Negro spirituals. 
Directed by "P.Y.," Professor Paul Young, and Mr. James 
Young, who joined the organization this year as assistant 
to Professor Young and accompanist, the Club made its 
1962-196^ debut during Freshman Orientation Week. 
During the fall, the group also presented an annual Dad's 
Day Concert, in conjunction with Dad's Day Weekend. 
As fall turned to winter, the Club appeared at the North 
Carolina Press Association Conference and at Campbell 

The major home appearance of the year was a spring 
concert in Page Auditorium. This was followed by the 
event w hich members look forward to, the annual tour dur- 
ing the spring recess. This year, the singers went on an e.x- 
tended junket through the North, performing in Richmond, 
Philadelphia, and New York. The entire West Campus 
student body is eligible for membership in the Men's Glee 
Club. Members are selected in auditions at the beginning of 
the fall semester. 

1 he patience and dedication of ; 

ng tnose low note 


OIKICKRS: LcsHf Tyndall. Kdward }• 

i St BASS: W. Ackerknccht, K. Benson, l',. Ciildu lII, F' . ClisHu ell, A. O.lclnugh, B. ( : 

R. Harrison, G. Huntley. R, Lamb, R. Lichty 

R. Lonon, C. MacCaughelty, D. Pattern, (i. Romp, W. Settle: 
Ash, P. Bestic, J. Campbell, L. Cobb, I). CMilidge. W. 
R. (Jraybcal, T. Herin, R. Keller, F. Kn.neke. I . l.ii;on. ( . 
l).)ugherty, R. Eagle, S. Hughes, |. Kmnev, !■ . M.ilil.i, I. Milk 
ard. 2nd TI'NOR : J. Adlani, J. Alexander, ( :. Altm.m, W , Ar 
I)- lleit/enrater, Q. Hoeutt, j., N, Kuin.unon, A. 1 
W lurtcn. 

er, D. Sigmon, P. Smith, R. Steed, B. \'an der Horst. 2nd BASS: M. Altmaier, A- 
, T. Culbreth, R. [)n^^. K. I'arnhardt, P. I-orth, N. Pountain, R. Gates, H. Grant- 
■nnington, I). Ranch, W. Rowell, D, Titus. 1st ll'.NOR: D. Bell, U. Gupps, M- 
S. Southern. J. Stevens, G. Tyndall, W. Watson, J. Wheatley, C:. White, L. Wood- 
le, G. Bastim, W. BlacUwelder, J. Bruce, M. Chen, T. Dankcl, R. Dutton, J. Edlin, 
egl.iu'. D. l.von, H. Martin. \V. Moorefield, W. Ramsev, I. Sawers, T. ^^'ard, P. 


f ^ «.: 




1st SOPRANO S l!,|,r ( ( irrurh \ Or.uK \1 Hunt K |n 
Y.irl.niugh JudSOFRWO \1 BUkJvJ BlmidL ui. G Buuiig 
M. Hightowcr, 1 Horton, J Housekeeper, \1 Jacobsen, L \k\\ hortcr P 
1st ALTO r Baldwin, L Ben]amin, L Bloemeke, S Bowerman G Bu'-li 
S. Patterson, \ Pfetzing. S Powell, \1 Ritter, H Thomas, ) Titus \1 

ev, C. Shcrnian. L. Simpson, W 

1 Da\ idsun, S. Doerner, K. Grieg, K, Harry, 

\1 Pickering, L. Stevens, k. \'ale, D. VValston. 

R ( irtcr B ( uidlt, G. Cox, C. Getz, K. Haire, E. Hiley, 

WtatlKrtord, S Wright, C. Young. 2nd ALTO: C. Bailleu, 

S. Cornuell. L Eubank, J Ford. \ Guerrv , B Gupton, \1 Hendler, J Johnson, C LaL\,\l Marks, A Morrison, R. Rudiger, J. Tolson. 


Auditions for the Women's L'Avu C'lub are held at the 
beginning of each semester. Girls from the Woman's Col- 
lege and the School of Nursing who pass the voice trials 
arc then eligible for Glee Club membership. The approxi- 
mately one hundred voices rehearse twice weekly, under 
the direction of Dr. Paul Young. In the fall, the girls joined 
with the Men's Glee C^lub to present the Dud's Da\ 
Concert. The spring concert, another \xarl\ teatur^', was 
followed by a tour of colleges and towns in North (Caro- 
lina and Virginia. 

The Women's Chorus, the freshman version of the Glee 
Club, is a separate group of girls who will eventually join 
the senior vocal society. The combined Men's and Women's 
Choruses presented a December CChristmas Pageant in the 
University Chapel. A spring concert of sacred and secular 
music also helped to develop and refine the choral abilities of 
these young women. Bath the Woman's Cilee Club and the 
Women's Chorus prepare girls for membership in the ('hapel 
Choir, while fostering an appreciation and en|o\nient ol 
group singing. 


A Tuesday evening rehearsal in the \A'()man's College Aiidit( 



TRUMPET: Haviland Abbot, Edward Keller, Ronald Vaughan. IROMBONE: Robert Andrews, John Eoltz, Richard katholi, Frank Manola, 
Benjamin Peck, James Rivera, Roy StaufFer, Robert Trickey. BARITONE: Thomas Anderson, Herbert Marsh. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: 
Douglas Davis. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Elizabeth Lmie. TENOR SAXOPHONE: David Hollander. SAXOPHONE: Bruce Meikle. CLARI- 
NET: Mary Camp, Carol Goter, Richard Guelchcr, Irene Gulledge, Doreen Hess, Willhini l,indse\. I'li/;il)eth Smith, Laurence Smith, J. Knox 
Tate, Michael Cohen. BASS CLARINET: Stephen Chaney, Carl Coffin, Jerrell Lopp, I rcncc Mi-enlK i,n. r ALTO CLARINET: Carol Papps. 
ERENCH HORN: Barbara C^arroll, John Rudin, Curt Saville, Nancy Temple, Sandra Wcner, Join WcIrt. Robert Wyatt. FLUTE: Barbara Bm- 
ning, Donald CoMntrton, ('arol Crammer, Nancy (iithens, Leslie Grey, Peter Hellman, Sue Johnson, Sarah Ramsey, Rosalie Rankin, Christine 
Rumpf, Lind.i Speck. M.irgaret Wheland. CORXFT': Bruce Kinney. PERCUSSION: Lanny Hiday, Robert Kiesau, Judith Rector. BASSOON: 
Joseph Callahan, ,\I\T(in l.icht)-, Robert Newman. TUBA: Robert MacDuff, Perry Norns, John Smith. OBOE: David Nielsen, Mary Wheat. 
TIMPANI: Frank Bennett. 


The repertoire of" the Duke L'niver.sity C^oncert Band has heen 
extended to include all types of band music, ranging from classical 
symphonies to medleys of popular favorites. The Sarah P. Duke 
Memorial Ciardcns were a memorable natural setting for the 
Hanoi's " Iwilighr limns" Concerts in the fall and spring. After 
a formal winter concert in Page Aikiitormm. the group went on 
tour; they returned to the campus to participate in the annual 
Founder's Day ceremonies and then concluded the season h\- 
enjoying a week end at Myrtle Beach. 

Established in 192.^, the Concert Band has steadiK grown m 
size to its present strength of seventy members. Under the direc- 
tion of Dr. Paul Bryan, a new emphasis has been placed on high 
standards and the quality of the music performed. Additional 
stress has been laid on the educational experience ot the individual 

Frank Bennett, Pnside, 


The Duke S\mphony Orclu-srni attracts its iiK-nihcrs from both 
the University and the surrounding communities. The H5-piece 
group draws together students and faculty, as well as citizens of 
Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Burlington, and Winston-Salem. 
The sixteen-year development of the Orchestra under Profes- 
sor Bone's leadership has brought the Duke Symphony to a fuller 
realization of its goal: "amateur music-making at the highest 
possible level." 

The past year was an outstandmg success. The tine compan>- 
of musicians attracted a capacity audience to its three concerts. 
\'isiting Artist Joseph Pepper served as Concertmaster and was 
introduced to the public as soloist in the Brahms \'iolin Concerto 
at the November Concert. Susan Star, second-place winner of the 
1962 Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow, and Helen Boat- 
wright, nationally known soprano, were featured soloists in the 
March and May Concerts. The Orchestra performed works by 
Beethoven, Rimsky-Korsakov, Def'alla, Bach, Robert Ward and 
l.ouis .\lennini. The Mennini Symphony was commissioned by 
Duke University and given its premiere at the March Concert. 

Allan H. Bone, Director 

VIOLIN I: J. Pepper, Concertmaster; R. London, J. Mueller, S. Green, P. Garriss, J. Maclin, R. Heaton, E. Wolslagel, L. Wallace, M. Powell 

C. Atkinson, S. Boyd, S. Parker, E. Sanders, D. Barker, H. Crasser, L. Turner. VIOLIN II: W. Martin, Principal; O. Miller, L. Ely, L. Cantrell 
E. Bryan, S. Turner, M. Barnes, I. Samfield, M. Parker, C. Ray. A. Bennerr, M. Turner, R. Clark, K. Franklin. J. Salinger, E. Anderson, R. P 
Ellington. \'IOLA: M. Renner, Principal; J. Baber, L. Speck, C. Swaringcr, ( :. Kutsch.nskv, R^ B..;il. I\ W.mhIs. CIIJ.O: B. Pepper, Principal; 

D. Vound, S. Bustard, D. Garb, C. Ellington, S. Davis. CONTRA BASS: \'., J. ll.irt. \1. Speck, T. N'ash, A. Barr, W. Bennett. 
FLUTE: P. Hcllman, N. Githens, S. Sitton, R. Rankin. OBOE: D. NieLson, ,\1. Plant, M. W heat. C;LAR1M; I P. tiold. L. Smith. R. Guelcher, 
D. Hess. BASSOON: J. Henry, R. Newman, S. Baker. FRENCH HORN: N. Huffaker, S. Seawright, \\. De Turk, S, Weaver, F. Armbrecht. 
1 RUMPF:T; L. Russell, J. Charlesworth, H. Abbot, E. Keller. TROMBONE: T. Anderson, R. Trickey, A. Smith. TUBA: J. Riviera. PERCUS- 
SION: J. Rccror, 1.. Hklav, R. Kiesau, J. T. Dunn. TIMPANI: F. Bennett. 

ft « 


.\1ARt;HI\(, HAM) ROSI !• R ]^>h:-<,: j. Al.t.nrr. W. Anderson, R. Andrews. K. Bass, II liilcs. J, Hrnulk. J. Hriicc. I, ( .ilduel!, .L ( :.ill.ih,in, 
S. Chancy, K. ( l.irk, J. Cl.irkc, W. Clanmoff, B. Closser, C. Coffin, M. Cnhcn, J. ((aiifnrr, ( . ( I). ( ..Mniit.m. W . ( n.niJr, S. Dunn. 
J. F,a.stburn, C. I du.irds, R. Kkkcr, J. F.lliott, W. Klliott, R. Epps, R. Fabritz, \\'. Farris, I) Icrrill. V. Iiiuh, I) I, R. I r.i/er. 1. ( .ocdinark, 
N.C;rant,(,.C.nni,R.Cuclchcr, P.Chirlcy,]. Hanna, F.Jerome,S.Jonc,s,F.Kclkr, B. Kuincv. II. Klugcl.J. K..hlcr. R, Kn.ll, R. l„„n, P. I.aning, 
T. Low, T. Lowcry, F. Manola. H. Marsh, F. McCarthy, J. McCarthy, j. McI)..«lII, R, \kikk, J. MirchLll. /. \l,.ri;.m, R. Morns. C. NciLson, 
\'. Pearson, B. Peck. P. Pntchard. J. Ricnsrra, J. Rivera, J. Scuttham, J. Smips..n. j. Sites. 1). Smith, j. Smith. W. Smith. W. St.iurier. |. Tate, B. 
T.ulor, O. Ihomas, R. Triekey, R. N'aiighan, j. Waggoner, H. Wald. 1). Wat.son. j. W hisnant, H. W lerenga. ,\1. W iLson. H. Wise. j. \\'right, 
R. Wvatt, R. Voiingstroin. 


For over fifty years, the Duke University Marching Band has 
created a sense of pride and school spirit in Blue Devil cheering 
sections. With an extraordinarily simple yet e.xalted purpose — 
"(iivc "em Hell, Duke" — the band provides music and enthusiastic, 
even delirious cheering at every home game and selected road 
contests each year. The longest jaunt of the 1962 season took the 
DUMB to the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Horida, to demon- 
strate their high-stepping antics before a large and appreciative 

The band drills and rehearses several times each week, under 
the direction of Mr. James Henry. Don Ferrell, President and 
Drum Major, leads the eighty-five band members in student- 
written half-time shows — take-offs on a variety of amusing or 
controversial subjects. During football intermissions this year, 
the DUMB presented parodies of Mitch Miller, Peanuts, Ben 
Casey, and the head of the "First Famih" himself 


Don Ferrell. I'rrsiJriit .,iij Drum \i 


For rlu' past tliirrs- \ears, rhc Amhassors have featured rasteful 
entertainment in the form of good music for listening and dancing. 
Originall\' organized by Sonny Burke, the band has, over the 
>ears, played in concerts and at dances throughout the Carolinas 
and X'irginia. Under the sponsorship of the U.S. Department 
of Defense, the group has made good-will tours to such far-away, 
exotic places as the Canal Zone, the Azores, Bermuda, and Iceland. 

Many Ambassador alumni have gone on to musical fame in 
l)ig-namc orchestras -Ray McKinley, Glenn Miller, Gene 
Krupa, and Ray Anthony. As a follow-up to their first record 
release, "Beelzebub's Big Band," the Ambassadors may cut another 
disc, perhaps a ioint-eftort with the Harlequins. 

SAXOPHONES: Richard Conrad, John Allen, Walter Smith, Frank W ilson, Jerry Goodmark, Steve Koff. TROMBONF.S: Robert Payson, Ly- 
man Hammond, Tom Anderson. TRUMPETS: John Ziolkowski. Larry Kirkl.ind. Al Pearson. RHYTHM: Harrison Rcsjl.ster -Cniitar; Pat 
McC^oy — Piano, George Seegers — Bass; Frank Bennett —Drum. 

Left to right: R. Englc, B. K 

A. Haworth, D. Barker. B. Mulligan, S. Kramer. D. Dozicr, G. Mason, D. Lye 

he Harlequins at the Mi 


The Harlequins first handed toiiether in the spring of 
1961. The\- were then, and still are, a group of men who 
simply like to sing. Their popular repertoire centers on a 
variety of modern harmonies and dressed-up barbershop 
melodies, delivered in a unique and infectious style. The 
" Quins" have entertained at man\' campus-oriented parties 
and functions, mcluding formal banquets and fraternit\' 
"teas." Their concert-tours often feature trips to neighbor- 
ing girls' schools — Mary Washington, Sweetbriar, Carolina, 
etc., etc. Occasional radio and television appearances have 
also added to the group's reputation. This past \ear, the 
Harlequins pla\ed a regular weekly engagement at the 
"King's Arms," a local gathering-place featuring fo<id, beer, 
and, of course, oiitstiViiiiiiii entertainment. Immediate plans 
call for another record album or a trip to Bermuda for sun, 
suds, and song. 


Kiiii- 1: 1). McC:aig, G. Husa, 
\>. CracL, J. Ilaniilron, R. Bailey, 
K. Hycr, \V. Price. Row 2: S. 
Johnson, U. Cotter, S. Lyons, H. 
Urirron, V. Shcffler, L. Couch, 
S. Barr. 


The Radio (](iuncil has, since 194H, supervised the func- 
tions of the Duke Broadcasting System. The Council di- 
rects the basic policies of W'DBS, from the format itself — 
w hat to send out on the air- to the budget and expenditures 
of the student station how much to spend in the process. 

Immediate problems are usually handled by the station 
managers, who arc members of the Council. The remainder 
of the Council is compose.! of student representatives from 
Ivast, West, Hanes House, and the College of Engineering; 
the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women, and a faculty 
advisor. At its annual .\la>' ban.juet, the organization pre- 
sented awards to \^'DBS personnel, who disphu'cd out- 
standing ability and service. 


Beginning in the early 19.^0's, the Engineers" Radio As- 
sociation has grow n to be a prominent organization in local 
amateur radio. The objectives ot the Association are the ad- 
vancement of the theory and practice of amateur radio teleg- 
raphy and telephony. The facilities of the Association arc 
used to teach novice operators, to send messages, and to 

conduct experiments in electronics. The Association also 
offers the "Confederate States of America Centennial 
Aw ard," presented to any amateur w ho communicates w ith 
each of the Confederate States during the Civil War Cen- 
tennial, 1961-1965. 

Rir^ 1: T Fdgar, J. Bren- 
nan, L. Couch, \'icc- 
Prcsident; J. Hamilton, 
President; D. Cotter, Sec- 
retary-Treasurer, J. Scuff- 
ham. Rnii' 2: Y. Sheffler, 
W. Warren, E. Morns. 
W, Plumer, \\. Yarnall, 
,\1. Manes, G. Hammerle, 
R. Repass D. Hoaglin. 


"Broadcasting in the public interest, convenience, and 
necessity:" this has been the keynote for WDBS this 
year. The station played an increasingly important role in 
campus life and concentrated in programming for the campus 
community. New transmitters were installed ;ind the siunai 
is the best in the fourteen-year histor\' of W DBS. Listener 
response has justified the extensive experimentation and 

The station again broadcast Duke basketball and baseball. 
Increased sports coverage resulted in freshman basketball 
games being carried by \\'DBS. Leading student organiza- 
tions — MSGA, WSGA, and the IFC — also made use of 
the station's facilities; their regularly scheduled shows 
were part of the increased emphasis on campus news and 
views. WDBS was the only station in the area to cover the 
opening ceremonies of the Lincoln Center. Moreover, 
during the Cuban Crisis, the station was on the air around- 
the-clock to relay the latest happenings and developments. 
The start also maintained a bulletin board and score-sheet 
in the Union Lobby. 

The Duke Broadcasting System is one of the few collegiate 
stations to broadcast twenty-four hours a day. WDBS and 
Station Manager Bud Bell are to be complimented for di- 
verse and quality-conscious programming and for maintain- 
ing the number-one college station in the Southeast. 

Bud Bell. St.itK.n NhiiLiucr 


Rou- I: S. Patterson. J. Futch, L talk, A Fricbcrg Koi. 2 J Boughron, E Mumtord. E. Waxman, W. Varnall, J. Harris. B. Bell. Roii- 3: J. A. 
Truesdell, J. Carty, H. Giles, L C urns. J Underbill, A Charles 

And that's a Honey of a place to eat 


K/yTi/.R.ScckmgLr, G.Ncls.Mi, I SiKirer S. Kkin, R. Marshall, l)r W iUlt, Dr. KiKki. ( . \1iIl-. 

L. Kimbrough, J. Dinsmorc, P. \oung, 1. Monrgomery, E. Rickards, T. Rosenttld, B. Lunnard, B. Marks 


Roger M.I 

The Publications Board is made up of hfcecn voting members, 
representing the administration and faculty, East and West 
campuses, the College of Engineering, and the School of Nursing. 
The editors and business managers of the various student pub- 
lications are ex-officio members. The purpose of the organization 
is to maintain certain prescribed standards ot journalism on 
"Pub Row," where the student publications are housed, and to 
supervise commercial advertising in each publication. The Board 
is not responsible for censoring student efforts, nor for ending 
freedom of the press. 

The Board receives and evaluates progress reports submitted 
by the various publications and aids in solving problems which 
arise in the course of the year. In the spring, the Board reviews 
candidates' petitions tor the positions of editor and business 
manager of the Archive. Caws i lci i kk, Chwi/icle, Peer, and Playbill. 
After having interviewed each candidate separateh', the Board 
decides who will hold office the following fall. 


The Archivf was founded in 1887 and is distinguished as 
the oldest collegiate magazine in the South. Published 
quarterly, the magazine is a vehicle for creative individuals 
to express themselves. In this respect, the Archive encourages 
the latent left-bank at Duke and draws most of its material 
from University undergraduates and faculty members. 
Editor Jim Carpenter and his assistants. Sherry Sitton and 
George Young, directed the publication of poetry, fiction, 
essays, reviews, and artwork. 

Activity was the keynote tor 1^62-61. I.iterar\' work- 
shops were offered, under the direction ot poet Fred 
Chappell and novelist Reynolds Price. To promote the 
anthology Under 2)', edited by Professor William Black- 
burn, the group conducted a publicity campaign and a banquet 
tor returning authors featured in the book. The staff also 
sponsored the annual freshman writing contest and hoped 
to introduce another anthology. Campus Poets. Another 
highlight was the yearly "Festival of Literature" in the 
spring, which featured the reading and discussion of sub- 
mitted works. Dinsmorc, Busintss MtiihJiin 
Jim Carpenter, Editor 


CAjnsolidating the purchase and printing ot programs for 
campus presentations, the Flaybill provides Duke audiences 
w ith critical reviews, program notes, and brief biographical 
sketches. While covering major University attractions — 
the productions ot the Duke Players and Hoof 'n' Horn, 
Glee Club concerts, and the Artists' Series — the Playbill 
staff furnishes original reviews. Each issue bears a unique 
and attractive cover and features a distinctive advertising 
format. This Broadway-flavored program, published four- 
teen times annually, successfully captures the mood of each 

In addition to its coverage of feature attractions in Page 
Auditorium and the Indoor Stadium, the magazine staff also 
publishes an IFC Handbook. This pamphlet is distributed 
to all West Campus freshmen just prior to Formal Rush; it 
contains all the pertinent facts and figures relating to the 
eighteen (ireek chapters on campus. 

Alike Sherman. Bin'niess Mi, 

Kit Young, Editor 

Ro'u.' 1: J. Sawcrs, J. Shchcld, R. Sutcli, T Roscntdd. Ro-^- 2: B. Johns- 
J. V\'irschnitzcr, P. Crump, Al. Shaw, A. Howell, J. Toinlinson. 

L. Haniniond, T. Brim, R. Sccklngcr, S. Gamlen, J. Cheeves. Row 


Terry Rosentcld, Biisiiifis \i., 
■ Sawcrs, Editor 

Come September, and the rceusant "usual gang of idiots" 
returned for another go at publishing what is soberly termed 
"the official feature magazine of Duke University." There 
were problems, though: like an AWOL editor, adminis- 
tration frowns, and pub-row neighbors, notably "The 
Tower of Campus Thought and Action." Tower of what? 
Well, the ('.hioiiiilr was dispatched posthaste, via a 20-0 
w hitew ash in the second annual "Booze Bowl." 

Under the tutelage of Jerry Sawers, the staff then turned 
to the dour task of rescuing Peer from the rocky shoals of 
sagging circulation with a peppcd-up sales pitch. Yes, \'ir- 
ginia, the ogres in Allen Building must be pacified. So 
usually off-beat Peer took on all the trappings of The Ladies 
Home Joitriial . . . vintage 1901. Our conscientious, imagina- 
tive, and entertaining buffs took academic freedom to heart, 
with five rollicking issues of efiervescent mirth (all in good 
taste, mind \'ou) in fiction, verse, and cartoons or, more 
properly, Rorschach ink-blots. And the best of I'.ast and 
Hanes were given lieadline coverage m each editmn. ". . . 
where there's life, there's Peer!" 

1)1 rORlAL STAFF. RotiI: M. Howell, B. Wcinstock. P. Yodgis. Ro-u-J: M. Peterson, H. Wald, F. Shearer, P. Shcaron, J. Shaban, J. Buffingt. 
■. Faulkner, S. Latimer, C. Hall, F. Schultz. Roiv 3: G. Husa, F. Muth, D. Hess, C. VVorthington, G. Ualbey. 

Ed Rickards, Editor 


Till' Diikr Chmi/nlf rhc ■'"lower of Campus Ihought 
and Action" - is one of the University's oldest and most 
active extra-curriculars. The Chronicle was founded on 
December 19, 1905. Since that time, it has served to keep 
the University Community informed of happenings on 
campus and to provide students with practical experience 
in both journalism and management. 

1 he editorial staff, headed this year by Edward S. Rick- 
ariis, jr., is responsible for news, features, sports, editorials, 
and commentaries. The business staff, led by Thomas M. 
Morgan, is concerned with hnancing, advertising, and 

The Chronicle continued its twice-weekly publication 
schedule this year, appearing on Tuesda>s and Fridays. 
The paper scored a "scoop" in November, appearing with 
a special eight-page edition, just one hour after the Board 
of Iriistees elected Dr. Douglas ,\I. Knight to succeed Dr. 
Der\l Hart as President of the Universitw 

Tom Morgan, Business MaHijg 

Gary Nelson, Managing Editor; Barbara Brooke, Co-ed Editor; David 
Newsome, Managing Editor. 



As he thumbs through tlicsc pages, the perceptive reader 
may notice that the Chaniicleer does look different. The 
yearbook's brain-trust spent a long, hot summer thinking. 
This first problem overcome, the remaining obstacle in the 
w ay of pubhcation w as recruiting. But rush this year was 
especially fruitful. The freshmen and upperclassmen who 
joined the staff proved to be hard-working and conscientious. 
In fact, the routine of typing, proof-reading, re-typing, 
filing, re-t\ping, served to buoy spirits, and production 
actually proceeded ahead of schedule. 

\\ hat of the innovations? Literate staft-\\ titers w hipped 
up a thoughtful and provocative prologue; the result was a 
penetrating view of life at both ends of Myrtle, now Campus 
Drive. The section devoted to the faculty and administration 
included a letter from Dr. Hart and a student salute to class- 
room favorites. Sports coverage was enhanced through 
photographic studies and new ideas in lay-out. Both the 
Greek Life and Sports sections were set off by special 
introductory pages. And color — color everywhere: action- 
shots, stills, pastiches capturing the atmosphere that is Duke. 
The book is held together by glue and stitching and a few- 
hints at a theme: the old and the new, which is representa- 
tive of the L'niversit\'. We hope n'ou like it' 

:)r<:)ugh, hdito 

Johnson, Hk 

GENERAL S EAFE. Ron 1 M. Pickering, J. Ru 
H. Hud-son, 1). Harold, J CVcs«cll 

ilt, I Hcugh, J Ihcobald, M. 

B. Block, S. Dii 

J. Ihackcr. Koii- 2: }. Vr 

John Z 

hn Zwerncr. Editnr 


From its genesis as a mimeographed paper to its present form 
as a printed magazine, the DiikEiiy,iueer has represented the tech- 
nical ability and vocational enthusiasm of student engineers. First 
published in 1940, the magazine now appears four times during 
the academic year and enjoys a circulation of 1,000 copies. It 
is generally recognized as one of the top engineering iournals in 
the nation. 

The magazine features articles of general interest and im- 
portance HI civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. The 
semi-teehnical literature published deals with projects, research, 
and new developments in these helds. Staff members are chosen 
each year during the spring semester. 


I'our >c;irs old, the Sports (^ar C^luh is an outlet tor the eiieryx 
and abilities of enthusiastic racers. I'he group holds monthh 
meetings, featuring movies of major sports car races on the w orld's 
toughest courses, and, in addition, sponsors seven racing events 
of its own. Four gymkhanas — in September, October, March, 
and .\la\ challenge driving skills, kno\\ledge, and co-ordination. 
1 hree rallies — in November, February, and April — provide a 
ditierent thrill and experience. Instructed to maintain a certain 
average speed over a pre-determined route, drivers must travel a 
difficult course in a specified time. Club memiiers have, Hnalh-, 
extended their aeti\ities lje)()nd the Durham area. The part-time 
drivers, mechanics, and course otiieiah participate in regional and 
national races and are represented in the Sports Car ("lub of 

Douglas McCaig, President 

Duke racer.s hit the road. 

««t: /, 1,. \l,„,rc. S. Helm, R. Mills, X. Ingr.ini, C. \\,,iar..p. R'nf J: V. Carr, F. Snow, M. l^nsr, A. C:othran, J. McClairy, S. Smith. 


ASSOCIATION R..„„M,„„r.„„,„„ 

I he \\'om;in',s Recreation Association, which represents 
all students in the Woman's College and the School of 
Nursing, offers varied recreational opportunities for each 
co-ed. In co-operation with the Woman's Physical Education 
Department, the group sponsors both individual and team 
sports each semester. Tournaments are held in badminton, 
table tennis, volleyball, basketball, bowling, and archer\-. 
Points are awarded to each individual and to each dormitor\ 
for participation and certificates and trophies arc awarded 
at the Spring Honors Assembh- to those who have accumu- 
lated a specified number of points. 

WR.A. sponsors a Sports Day each semester with col- 
leges and high schools in North Carolina. The program in- 
cludes volleyball and tennis tournaments, and tennis and 
swimming demonstrations. The annual Freshman Picnic 
during CVientation Week acquaints freshmen with the in- 
tramural program and features a short skit by W.R.A. 
members. Special interest groups under the auspices of 
W.R.A. are Pegasus, Nereidian, Terpsichorean, and Tennis 
CM), which offer the pleasures of horseback riding, s\n- 
chronized swimming, modern dance, and tennis. 


Under the mispices of rlie \\'RA and the I'.ast Campus 
Department ot" Ph\sical I'diication, the Nereidian Club is 
a group of girls who together develop their skills in the art 
of s\\ imming and in creative aquatic expression. 1 he spe- 
cial interest group promotes interest in rhythmic swimming, 
diving, and aquatic stunts. The annual spring show, held 
in early .March, features the year's achievements in grace 
and form. In preparing for the program, the twent\-hve 
members of the club — drawn from both Kast Campus and 
I lanes House — work on individual and group techniques 
at weekly meetings and practice sessions. The girls also 
select their own theme, colorful costumes, and musical ac- 
companiment tor the show. To conclude the year, the Nereids 
presented a synchronized swim meet with Queens College 
in .April. 

Mary Hightnwer, Presuient 

K. Euhank. D. Miller. P. Kozicki. M. Macnmber, N. Craig. C. Coburn. O. Krcdel. S. Beard, |. Hunrlcv. B. Marhi.s, L. Barnett, P. Gross, J. West- 

cnri, (', Rut, \1 ITlL'InnULT, 




Now an auxiliary cf the Wbman's Recreation Association, Pegasus enables 
students interested in riding to improve their ability on horseback and to enjoy 
themselves while learning. Pegasus members are selected after try-outs, held 
each year in the earh' spring. Any equestrienne from East Campus or Hanes 
House may try out. \\ hiie girls with varied backgrounds and experience in 
riding are chosen, the American Saddle style is emphasized. The club meets 
for weekly rides to develop the skills of its members. Towards the close of 
the academic year, the club presents its annual horse show, with the aid and 
cooperation of Miss Betty Lou Branson and Pine Knoll Stables. 

Gail M.ucr, Pnsuie 

Jan DufF. Gail Mayer, Barbara Mathcson. Jo VVi 






Roil I: J. White, E. WooUey, F.. Meeker, J. Weber. Row 
telle, R. Garden, P. Cull, I\l. Myers, P. Hughes. 

L. Parker, P. Spivey, J. Thoiiipsnn, M. Bulgarin, J. Carr, S. Shearer. Roii- 3: K. Kit- 


Terpsichorean, the University modern dance club, tries 
to develop in its members the ability to perform complicated 
techniques in choreography and to promote an interest in 
and appreciation for modern dance. Club members, selected 
twice each year in tryouts, are chosen on the basis of co- 
ordination, expression through movement, and enthusiasm 
for the club's purposes. Weekly practice sessions concentrate 
on learning basic technical movements as well as advanced 
dancing theory. 

Two Terpsichorean dance concerts highlighted the year's 
activities. A Christmas concert, given in conjunction with 
the Duke Players, featured pre-classical or medieval dances. 
An original spring concert, "Americana," presented original 
compositions on themes drawn from American history, 
running the gamut from the Salem witch trials to the present- 
day "dilemma" of modern man. The club also worked with 
the Methodist Student Center and the Y.W.C.A., both on 
and ofl-eampus. Lectures — with demonstrations -were in- 
cluded in the various programs. 


■il I 

Now in irs t\\cnr\-sc\cnrh \c\ir. Hoof 'n" Horn has the 
disrincrion of being the oldest musical comedy organization 
in the South. Although once upon a time it produced only 
student-w ritten shows, the scarcity of suitable material led 
to the presentation ot professional show s. The hrst of" these — 

Hoof 'n' Horn's WilkvriL 

'Doc" Clay and Joyce Harrold rehearse a scene. 

BYF. BVr BIROII -s Producer, C'.l.iy Hnlhster, ,nid Director, Be 

Anything Goes -w is. staged in 1952. The change to Broad- 
\\a\' and otf-Broadway productions seems to have been 
successful. Last \-ear's production of Once Upon d ALittirss. 
drew SRO audiences and rave reviews. 

The purposes of Hoof "n' Horn are to cuhivate musical 
comed\' talents, to increase student knowledge of the 

theater in general and, ot course, to entertain. Alembership 
is open to all; once a student has participated in a production, 
whether backstage or "up front," he is officially a member. 
This year's presentations — the Homecoming Show and 
the Joe College extravaganza — were directed b\- President 
Betsy Rowland and Vice-President Dick Parks. 

Singing idol Jeff Wlirncr fighrs iiff hungry flins 

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. Roir 1: Betsy Rowland, Pres.; Bonnie Bauer, Rec. Sec. Rim- 2: Carol Jennings, Chuck Adams, Clay Holister, Member 
at-large; Richard Parks, \'. Pres.; Margaret Rouse, Cor. Sec. 


Led by President Dick Parks, tiic Players this year suc- 
ceeded in bringing some of the aura and magic of the theater 
to Duke. Their unannounced intention was to foster an 
appreciation of the dramatic arts by staging first-rate pro- 
ductions for the University community. The group thus 
worked to bring to hfe "educational theater" in the best 

The plays presented during the 1962-1963 season varied 
in style and scope. Ridhird II was selected from the Shake- 
spearean catalogue. The history play was presented in 
October and was warmly received by students enrolled in 
English literature courses. Turning to musical comedy, the 
Players presented a Broadway hit. The Faiitasticks, for a 
delightful and very successful December production. In 
the spring, the versatile group tried their hand at serious 
modern drama. Eugene O'Neill's challenging Desire Under 
the Elms completed another year of Page Auditorium 

Roivl: S. Rap.s.,rdi, C, Zich-nka. R. B.-n, 

■diet, Al 

1). Dcwar. C. (). Kitsiiigcr, R. 

Jones, J. 

AIIlv. W. BciKdict. 

R. Parks. C. Schenck, C. Hollisar I 
, C. Combs, J. van HmiTiga P Tortl 

ings, K. Cohen, D. Klock. R»Ti> :.■ 1). K 
H. Hclhig, A. Slotkin. R. PnglL-. I'. lUii 

I he l',ip,t.i.stick s answer to EniiiiLtt Kelly 

§! w im^i 

RcHections heiore the performance. 

Director Kenneth J. Reardon and the Fantasticks backstage. 



Twice each \-ear, the Shoe 'n" Slipper (]kih alleviates 
the boredom and frustration of the constant grind w ith t\\ o 
gala week ends — "Shoe 'n' Slipper" and "Joe C^ollege 
During the fall, as October faded into November, the cam- 
pus rocked to the sw inging notes of Ray Charles, his or- 
chestra, and the Raylets. Joe College, brave lad, ushered in 
spring amidst a burst of float-building and fun, a parade and 
picnics — virtually a hve-day frolic of hot-blooded activity. 
During the course of the festivities. Air. Joe College and 
the fair May Queen were presented to the student body. 

Chartered in 1949, the Shoe 'n' Slipper Club originally 
adhered to a policy of selling bids to freshman men, thus 
entitling the youngsters to four years of glad times. This 
year, however, the bid-membership was dropped, and tickets 
were sold on an open, campus-w ide, first-come, first-serve 
basis. The purpose of the organization remains unchanged, 
namely, to provide qualitx' popular entertainment for the 
entire student b(id\'. 

Pom Losee, President 

id, Ray Charles was not "Born to Lose 

"Georgia . . . 


Rail- 1: R. I-abritz, C. Lyon, P. Steer, T. l.oscc-, C. Arnold, R. Gregory. Ro-j.- 2: L. Clayton, D. Rupp, A. Davis, C:. C:onrad. C. Armour, D. Jones, 
R. Feely, M. Self. Ro-^' 3: J. W'eingarten, L. Banks, A. McCarthy, W. Baker, W. Dixon, J. Peake, J. Schroeder, J. Marsh. 

Twisting and talking to Ray Charles. 

The Four Preps come to Joe College. 



The Duke AFRO rC unit prepares students for active 
and reserve officer duty in the United States Air Force. In 
addition to their regular academic course-load, cadets are 
required to take several special AFROTC subjects. The 
basic air science program is open to all men meeting the 
AFROTC requirements, but passing the Advanced Selec- 
tion Board is a prerequisite to the advanced level of training. 
Monday afternoon Leadership Laboratories are designed to 
supplement the regular classes in training cadets to assume 
command positions. Fach cadet has the opportunity to ad- 
vance from the rank of cadet airman to cadet officer; cadet 
officers lead the regiment. 

1 he Department of the Air Force sponsors several extra- 
curricular activities, including the Precision Drill Team, 
the Rifle Team, i\L\RS amateur radio station, and Contact, 
the corps newspaper. Cadets are urged to participate in one 
or more of these activities. The Duke Air Force Club 
sponsors a calendar of parties and picnics, open to all cadets. 
The annual social highlight is the Military Ball, held in the 
spring for the benefit of Navy and Air Force ROTC person- 
nel. The unit also maintains a chapter of the .Arnold Air 
Societ\', the national AFRO FC honorary. 

AFRO 1 C S lAFF. /■>»«/; R. Hoffman. Rrr^- 1:]. Hamilton, R. 1 horn- 
berry. G. jMarvin. Roiv 2: J. Ozbolt, E. Tivernisc, A. Adam.s. 

AFROTC. OFFICERS: Ru^- 1: Maj. Richard T. Oldha 
X'lrgd A. Hart, S. Sgt. Buddie J. Hewitt. 

Ft. Col. Charles H. Duncan, Capt. John W. 

Rfr^- 2: T. Sgt. Fred R. Dollar, T. Sgt 


DRILLII \\1 Front \\ W \rthur (ommindcr Ro'i, I T \ Simpson, J \\ Jackson t D I irrcll C S Knodt H V Crn \\ R lonts 
Ro-^ 2 I W ShcrtKr III 11 1 Sthiidt H (. High R I Morns T \ Sinclair T \ 1 iirncss R,,^ J \^ R Hcugh S \1 Bradley, 

D L Guth J \\ Irui W < ' 11 B S RaKisc R L Brown Roi. -/ D B Orr C B Brac> I \ Bcrdon | Bouman B R RudisiU 

d n « » 

^ * % * 

« » 







*fll'*"'W ■ w- 

/ — ^. 


Front: B. Anderson, Commander. Ro-^- 1: O. Rollins I D\ 
T. Parsons. Row 1: D. Shenk, J. Coulter, R. Emslie, J Do 
D. Bellman, W. Corban, B. Closser, J. Ingram, W. Easley. 

C. Brodie, J. Bnndle, W. Uavis, 
A. Baker. K»ii' i; T. Culbreth, 

Front: R. Havens, Commander. Row 1: W. Gibbons, J. Gnuse, K. Benson, C. Huneycutt, G. Huntoon, W. 
Howard, S. Tavernise, B. Lowenstern. Row 2: W. Fowler, T. Gordon, K. Gustafson, D. Harold, H. Stanficid, 
J. Innis, J. Kaufman, H. Helbig, G. Basse. Row 3: F. Stephen, R. Harding, C. Huston, P. Vick, J. Herron 
J. Page, R. Hoadley, L. Landerman. 


Roii' I: J. Mnss, R. P.itn.n. I). W ilsc.n, W. Scttlciiivcr, ,\1. PlRtsoti, C. Snics, W . Hunger. I), kearcs. K,ni 2: 
R. Nciitcld. R. Wlilkr. J. Vakc. .\1. SlIF. R. Calccn. J. Spray, \V. Douglass. Ro-^- i: J. Pare, Ci. Sicbold, J. 
Worrhington, G. Witzciiburg, \\". FIuukt, \'. Pearson, P. Coughlan. 


Front P WiduiLr (ommindcr K«x. / R Iohls ( Mdlcr T Liebcr F Mahia B Reynolds, \ Mont- 
irnniLr\ D I itus Ro-^ 2 P k,ru ui H Murra% M \ol/ \Io\l<.\ I I \lntk I W incliLsKr C, Hcr/og. 
/vV' . \1 I ..^^r^ W XUIml R \1 

1 KeriKii 1 Morns \ Philpntt \1 ( .nirtiuN 


Since I'Hl, the University has actively co-operated with 
the Department of the Xavy in training future officers of 
the \av\ and Marine Corps. The NROTC program, of- 
fering a four-year course in naval science, leads to com- 
mission as an ensign in the Xavy or as a second lieutenant 
in the Marine Corps. 

Summer cruises play an important part in officer training; 
aliciard ship, the prospective officer becomes acquainted 
w irh life at sea, and he is given a chance to apply the nautical 
knowledge he has gained in the classroom. A tour of duty 
with the active Heer usually occurs between the junior and 
senior years. Instead of a cruise, the officer candidate may 
elect to take his summer training at Quantico, \'irginia. 

The local NROTC Unit includes the Regimental Band, 
Drill learn. Rifle leam, and a Unit newsletter, the Dolphin. 
In addition, a Kliglit Indoctrination Program leading to a 
career in naval aviation is available to qualified midshipmen. 
The Duke NROTC Unit has a permanent staff of seven 
Navy and Marine officers, as well as six senior enlisted 
men. All participants in the program are members ot the 
Midshipmen Regiment. 

Ro'-^- 1: C<^. ia«. W. l>iR;int. C;dr. J. IS. R. I A-Tmirncui. Ri>-^- 2: 
LCDR \\. R. I'l-shcr, LCDR W. C. Giovaiutti. .\la|. D. .\1. Twomcy, 
Lt. M. E. Shirley. Row }: Knowles, GMI, Chief Boylcs, Sgt. Saddler, 
Chief Gillie, Lowdermilk, SKI, Chief Mims, 

NROK 1U\I) Rn I \\ 

W ^^un_ R \\\ .11 K 1 
\> IKIhii 

HnnNo.n r Noll 1 Cashevell, C. Glover, P. Giirlcy, W. Davidson. Rnu- 2: P. Phillips, S. Atkinson, J. Tate, 
\1 , I A 1 (Irr, T. C..okv. S. Barr, T. Fdgar, B. .McGHll-, C Conrad. Rrr^- 4: D. Gartis. R, Collins, 


Duke's midshipmen on their w 

DOLPHIN SI AFF. Rrr^- 1: L. Hardy. W. Fenstermachcr, A. Ogrinz, 
J. Vahaly. Rrr^- 2: \\. Vaudreuil, J. Patterson C. Brown, F . Kaufhold. 

Hankins, C. T. Wright. 

J. A. Best. W. W. 

BM I \\ ION' ST \\ I R,a. 1 J. O. Meir. Roiv 2: S. KUis, A. Kuhn, R. 
Doir S ( ,, lull in W \ ludrciiil, P. Bell, M. Powl, J. Geehr. Ron- S : W . Tnc , 
S loMKr (. WisiiirvLf G Baker. D. Johnson, B. Hankin.s. J. Johnston. 
««ti ■/ J Best R K,..rr \ Gregory. R. Riehmnnd. A. Bell, F. Miiiiiford. 




J. ll.>llis. K^ Kiss.ui 

1st SQL' Al) 

B. Rnhl.ins, 1 

:mi PLA 1 () 

!■. C.irKnn, 1). r\i 
. D.aU-. S I'oucr, K 
ON 1), Duskin. W 

D. Barbarc. 

:ik1 SQUAD: P. X 

M. Rhcdcs, D. Samilin. I sr Pl.A lOON: H. Linscrt, R. Pmini..ri.% J. WrUy' 
in, P. Pktcc, T. Hackctt, W. Woodruff. 2nd SQUAD: R. Jollcy. J. Perry, 

I knr.Hi ;rd SQUAD: C. Mason. R. Beaslev, C. La \arre, R. Ervin, R. Dutton. 
I nx. R. Knorr. 1st SQUAD: P. Sarafian. D. Mack, R. Graham, D. Rawlings, 
Kv,, R. Hamilton, G. Kellcy, H. Hill, W. Mathis. 3rd SQUAD: Z. Barnhardt. 

T. Berry, J. Parker. H. Brown, R. Newton, G. Tii 

N R 


OFFICERS: F. Barnes, L 
SQUAD: A. Burgess, j, J. 
R. Alossburg, F. Bingh:nn 
cher, R. Armstmng 

lorrill, R. Nelson, J. Mauney. 1st PLA'FOON: J. Ki 
isnn. W. G:imlen, A. Ogrinz, R. .Monaghan, A. \lonan 

Pi\kv, W. Williams. 3rd SQUAD C. IVimlohr, I). 

Morns. :nd PLATOON: L. Brinson. D. Ross. W. ( 1 

Lew, J. Stafford. Is 
S()UAD: \. Battelle 
, R. W hitlev, W. Ken 
tS()UAD R. 

son, G.Coan.N. Smith. R. White. J. Stroud, i\L Manes. 2nd SQUAD: U'. Hender.son. R. Passantino. C. Joachinii, 

C. Pennington, ,\L NLasoncupp, J. Hightower, E. Deutscher. 3rd SQUAD: C. Hall. R. Krebs, C. Cruse, R. Thomas, 

D. W^atson. 

OFKICFRS: J. Worsham, C. Schullcr, D. Parson, J. Covington. 1st FLA TOON: J. Dalhousc, J. StiunmL-r, W. 
Willuinison. 1st SQUAD: P. Nicholas. R. Green, B. Crutchcr, H. Kerr, VV. Estabrook, W. Blackard. 2nd SQUAD: 
B. Holkt, D. Tackncy, \V. Dowdy, T. Mecs, G. Brycc, J. Warner. 3rd SQUAD: P. Perrine, M. McDornian, 
J. Westmoreland, T. Deyo, W. Thomas, J.Wright. 2nd PLATOON: D. Amey, R. Reed, B. Frck. 1st SQUAD: 
J. Norton, H. Upchurch, J. Rcichnian, A. Haigh, M. Jones, C. Anders. 2nd SQUAD: J. ,\lcC:arthy, T. Cosgrovc, 
R. Hubbard, ^\■ Roth, B. Stevens. 3rd SQUAD: J. Todd, R. Howser, W. McNally, W. Miller, P. Guden, L. 


O T C 

OFFICERS: A. Wird. C. J. Loch, R. W. Meyer, A. B. Umstead. SQUAD: E. Dcrrylicrry, W. Kennedy, 
J. Evans, I). Bisehoff. D. Randall, H. Wright, J. \-ahaly, I'. Fhonipson. 2nd SQUAD: T. Steele, S. Snyder, K. 
\-elie, F. Kaiifhoid. I',. Ba.rd, S. Foushee. F. Bowman, N. \an Nuise, R. l.ang. 3rd SQUAD: R. Hardy, R. G. 
Hardy, T White, D. Edgerton. G. Phillips, J. Clark, W. Teague. \\. Niekelsburg. 4th SQUAD: J. Patterson, 
E. McCullers, L. Miller, F. Cnir.ird, R. Keller, R. H.irkness. 


J. K..SC 

J. Wright. 

H. P. Linsert. President; Major D. ,\1. Twomey, Adv 


The society which bears the Marine Corps motto, 
"Semper Fidelis," seeks to create closer ties among those 
who have been or w ill be associated with the United States 
Marine Corps. It prepares Marine Option ROTC students 
for Marine officer candidacy and for future service in the 
Corps. The Duke Beta Chapter of Semper Fidelis was 
founded in 1952 by students from Duke and the Universtity 
of North Carolina. It was subsequently chartered and is 
now an active unit in the Marine ROTC program, offered 
at more than fifty colleges and universities throughout the 
country. The activities of the Society include the annual 
Marine Birthday Ball in November and field trips to Marine 
Recruiting Offices in the area. 





Eliza Jane Kennedy '66 

Janice G. Duff '63. 


'Honor lies in honest toil 


Anne F,. Curry 




^ ^i F «' ^ 

iiM ^i' Mi ^"tl 

Rolxrt I). Oiaiiiond 

5^ ST 

,/ ^■ 

>»* -^ 


Arthur M. Quattlebaum 

MicIluI |{. Rn 

\M'slcy M. Ihoi 



Carol Ann Frcy 



Anne Donnelly Stews 

Diane Lovella Lethco 



Phi Beta Kappa, founded on December 5, 1776, at the 
College of William and Mary, is the oldest honorary 
scholastic society in the United States. There are now 170 
local chapters. The Duke chapter was chartered in 1919. 
Phi Beta Kappa's emphasis is on the liberal arts and sciences, 
and it leaves to other organizations the recognition of ex- 
cellence in other fields. To be considered for election, under- 
graduate students must normally have a 3.30 quality-point 
average for six semesters while earning a minimum of 90 

Welborn Excel! Alexander, Jr. 
Brenda Prue Balch 
Ann Goodwin Barbour 
Patricia Fayc Bishop 
Mary Jane Blackman 
Travis Charles Broeschc 
Lucia Blakcslec Brunn 
Constance Alma Caine 
Fairfid Monsalvatge Caudle 
Charles William Crain 
Anita Joyce Cummings 
Ellen Campbell Finlcy 
David Lincoln Fisher 
Helen Elizabeth (iwynn 
Hines Holt Hall, 111 
Charles Edward Hill 
Meta Ann Hodson 
Bruce Woodson Hunt 
Scherer Grace James 
Nancy Ann Jenkins 
Betsy Anne Kaufman 
James Leland Kennedy, Jr. 

semester hours. Elections arc made in October, February, 
and during Commencement Week. At the Commencement 
meeting a limited number of Ph.D. candidates are also 
elected. Officers of the Duke chapter for 1961-62 were Dr. 
Charles R. \ail, President; Dr. Louis J. Budd, Vice Presi- 
dent; Dr. William F. Stincspring, Secretary-Treasurer; 
and Dr. Louise Hall and Dr. J. Harris Proctor, Members of 
the Executive Committee. 

OCTOBER 24, 1962 

Ronald Neil Kroll 

Donald Jay Levit 

James Norman MacNaughton 

Margaret Emily Yoder McCurdy 

Richard Kemp Massengill 

Margaret Asenath Matronc 

John Otto Meier 

Robert Chapman Newman 

Penelope Anne Pangborn 

Nancy Anne Pell 

Hebert Ramiro Perez 

Carol Anne Pipas 

Barbara Ann Proctor 

Marilyn Sue Blackwood Rainey 

Sara Anne Rice 

Carl Frederick RoUc 

Margaret Clare Rouse 

Patti Gayle Saw ycr 

Robert Emery Smith 

Sally Jean Spratt 

luigcnc Henr\' I'hompson, Jr. 

Robert Earl Thornberry 

Dabney Winston Tow nscnd, Jr. 

Joy Elaine Tripkrt 

L\nne Margaret Vogel 

Martha Fleming \\;irn 

Elizabeth Anne Welter 

James Mackey White 

L\'lc Kinmonth Williams, 11 

Patricia Willis 

William Thomas Woodard, Jr. 

Amanda T\lce Wright 

John Ward Yarbrough 

Paul Christopher Young 


IVho's Who Amonfr Students in Ainerkan Colkires and 
Universities is a directory wiiich recognizes seniors who 
have served their schools, while compiling excellent records 
in academics and in extra-curricular activities. In 1962- 
1963, torty-nine of the University's graduating campus 

Brenda P. Balch 
Ann G. Barbour 
Heath C. Boyer 
Claudia C. Bray 
l.inda K. Bremer 
Susan B. Brod 
Travis C. Broesche 
Barbara M. Brooke 
Jane H. Cannon 
Charles W. Crain 
Anne E. Curry 
Sue A. Curry 
Samuel H. Ellis 
David L. Fisher 
Thomas H. Forsyth 
Carol A. Frey 
Arthur Gregory 
Helen E. Gwynn 
Sandra J. Harrison 
Evelyn K. Havens 


leaders were selected to join the ranks of the "collegiate 
aristocracy." Who's Who also offers to its members a stu- 
dent placement service, providing recommendations and 
counseling for the job or graduate study applicant. 

\h\mj 5 





Katherine W. Healy 
Charles E. Hill 
Ann H. Hix 
Anne R. Irwin 
Roger H. Kissam 
James L. Kennedy, Jr 
Diane Lethco 
Carolyn S. McGhee 
Diane J. McKay 
Johnny M. Markas 
John O. Meier 

Sidney J. Nurkin 
Susan W. Oehl 
John A. Onder 
Barbara A. Proctor 
Arthur M. Quattlebaum 
Edward S. Rickards, Jr. 
Michael B. Roberson 
Carl F. Rolle 
Margaret C. Rouse 
Robert W. Sanders, Jr. 
Martha K. Shaw 
Wesley M. Thompson 
Patricia M. Tovvie 
Lynne M. Vogel 
David M. Waggoner 
Elizabeth W Waters 
Phoebe Welt 
Susan A. White 
Neil C. Williams, III 
Paul C. Young 



Omicron Delta Kappa, founded at Duke in 1926, is the 
national honorary for senior men who have excelled in 
leadership, character, and service to the University. The 
purpose of the organization is to recognize those who have 
distinguished themselves in campus activities and whose 
efforts have inspired others to strive for similar attainments. 
As a group, ODK attempts to bring together men from all 

phases ot collegiate life in order to help mold the sentiments 
of the student body on questions of both local and national 
interest. Some of the many areas represented by recent 
members include scholarship, athletics, student government, 
social and religious affairs, publications, speech, music, and 

Heath Claiborne Boycr 
Travis Charles Broesche 
\\'illi;un Charles Grain 
Samuel 1 lenry I'.llis 
David Lincoln Lisher 
lames W. Liitrcll 

Charles Edward Hill 
James Leland Kennedy 

Roger Harvey Kissam 
Sidney Joseph Xurkin 
John Andrew Onder 
Arthur ,M. Quattlebaum 
John A. Walker, Jr. 
Paul C. Young 


Bi-nionthl\' Sunda\- evening meetings tor dinner and dis- 
cussion form the basic program of the senior women's 
honorary. Phi Kappa Delta. Campus problems, as well as 
matters of interest and mutual concern, are brought up by 
members, w ith the aim of improving co-operation between 
students and administration and furthering the unity and 


spirit ot the campus community. Phi Kappa Delta was 
tounded at Duke in 1944, as the sister fraternity to Omicron 
Delta Kappa. The honorary recognizes achievement in 
leadership, scholarship, e.xtra-curricular activities, and serv- 
ice to the University. Girls who have proved themselves 
outstanding in these fields are tapped for membership. 

Ann Goodwin Barbour 
Barbara .\I. Brooke 
Jane H. Cannon 
Sue Ann Curry 
Eleanor M. Dantzler 
Janice G. Duft 
Helen Elizabeth Gwynn 
Sandra Jo Harrison 
Katharine Horack 
Anne R. Irwin 

Nancy Ann Jenkins 
Carolyn Sue McGhee 

Susan W. Oehl 
Margaret C. Rouse 
Martha K. Shaw 
Sally J. Spratt 
Joy E. Triplett 
Martha F. Warn 
Elizabeth W. Waters 
Judith Ann Weiner 
Phoebe Welt 
Carol A. Williams 



Founded in the 1930"s, Sandals recognizes twenty rising 
sopiiomore girls who meet the group's high standards of 
personal character, attitude, leadership potential, willingness 
to co-operate with others, intellectual curiosity, and service 
to the University. These outstanding girls serve the Duke 
community in many ways: by assisting during Orientation 
V\eek and at Homecoming, by conducting campus tours for 
prospective students, and by volunteering as writers of pay- 
day bills for the W'SGA Treasurer. Sandals members also 
usher at W'SGA assemblies. 

Sandals sponsors a mid-w inter tea for the Trustees of the 
University, numerous banquets, and a fall dance, in con- 
junction with Beta Omega Sigma, the group's West Campus 
counterpart. The organization also features regular seminars, 
speakers, and topical discussions treating a wide variety of 
subjects and areas of interest. The proceeds from the girls' 
fund-raising projects are incorporated in the Sandals Scholar- 
ship, awarded each year to an outstanding rising sophomore 

Patricia L. Adams 
Susan E. Cotterill 
Anne E. Davis 
Eynn Etheridge 
Martha D. Franck 
Heather J. Low 
Barbara A. Morgan 
Nancy M. Murray 

Carolyn S. Odom 
Linda Orr 
Susan L. Persons 
Mary A. Plant 

Susan J. Rackelmaii 
Maryann Ricketts 
Sandra J. Robinson 
Marcia M. Ross 
Sally A. Schumacher 
Viola C. Sellers 
Mary C. Tarpley 
Mall Tuul 


r.ach spring. Beta Omega Sigma taps men from tiie ranks 
of the rising sophomore class who have excelled in scholar- 
ship, leadership, and service. Founded in 1917 to meet the 
need for recognition of leadership potential, BOS has taken 
on the task of promoting student participation in campus 
affairs. BOS members act as guides during Homecoming, con- 


duet the election and coronation of the Homecoming Queen, 
and sponsor a car wash with Sandals. With the help and 
support of the faculty members who are tapped each year, 
Beta Omega Sigma actively promotes individual responsi- 
bility within the University, as well as exemplary conduct 
among its members. 

Kenneth C. Bass 
Jan M. Evans 
Thomas S. F.vans 
John T. Grigsby 
Chesley C. Herbert 
Robert A. Holt 
Lee A. Kuntz 
Richard C. Lam 

John C. McClain 
William G. MooreHeld 
Sherif A. Xada 
Michael I. Peterson 

Stephen T. Porter 
William E. Pursley 
Ray E. Ratliff 
John A. Ryan 
Herbert D.Steele 
John L. Waddell 
Craig W. Worthington 
Thomas M. Zavelson 



Ivy, East Campus sophomore honorary, encourages 
scholarship and stimulates intellectual curiosity among 
women students. Founded in 1937 by the class of 1940, the 
honorary taps members after the first semester of their 
freshman year or in the fall of their sophomore year. Cur- 
rent membership requirements are a 3.25 scholastic average 
for the first semester or a 3.5 for the whole year, but it has 
recently been voted to raise the requirements to 3.5 for the 

Lucile J. Anutta 
Susan E. Appleton 
Judith A. Baker 
Elizabeth A. Barnctt 
I'dna G. Bay 
Diane C. Bennett 
Barbara A. Blohm 
( lary R. Garden 
Gcraldinc A. Cohoe 
Sandra M. Collins 
Maurine Doggett 
Loellen K. English 
Alice H. Estes 
Laura V. Faulkner 
Doloris A. Fincher 
Martha D. Franck 
Rebecca J. Frank 
Edith A. Eraser 
Linda K. Gambill 
Carol L. Gegauff 
Saragene M. Glass 
Caroline L. Gram 
Irene V. Ciulledge 
Martha F. Hamilton 

first semester also. Ivy annualh' co-sponsors with the Phi 
Eta Sigma a banquet to honor all freshmen with a 3.0 average 
or better on their mid-semester grades. The honorary also 
presents the annual Dorm Scholarship Cup to the East 
Campus house with the highest scholastic average and pro- 
vides guides for the Angicr B. Duke Scholarship Finalists' 

Carol A. Hastings 
Doris A. Ingram 
Benita B. Jankle 
Catherine J. R. Love 
Heather J. Low 
Karen W. Luce 
Mary B. Martin 
Mary C. Heald 
Patricia M. Kasmar 
Evelyn J. Krueger 
Jane M. Maxwell 
Mary M. Miller 

Nancy L. Moore 
Amy Alorrison 
Katherine C. Norris 
Marjorie A. O'Ncall 
Linda Orr 

Margaret A. Osborne 
Carol B. Papps 
Susan J. Pauly 
Mary A. Plant 
Pamela L. Pugh 
Judith A. Rector 
Deanna L. Robertson 
Linda S. Rogers 
Sally A. Schumacher 
Barbara R. Sears 
Ruth M. Sutch 
Mary C. Tarpley 
Jane W. Titus 
VVendcIin H. Tuttle 
Wendy P. Watson 
Sarah L. Weaver 
Judy J. VVikler 
Ann M. Williams 
Betty Yeh 


The national sophomore honory. Phi Eta Sigma, was 
organized specihcally for the purpose of recognizing and 
encouraging academic excellence. The major activities of 
the group include special tutoring assistance to freshmen and 
participation as discussion leaders in the Special Advisory 
Program. Each year, the members of Phi Eta Sigma hold a 
banquet with lv\- to honor those freshmen who have a "B" 


average at mid-semester. PVeshmen who attain a 3.5 quality- 
point ratio lor the fall semester or a 3.5 for the entire year 
are eligible to be tapped. With the encouragement of its 
sponsor. Dr. Harold W. Lewis, Phi Eta Sigma has become 
an administrative structure for academic leadership through- 
out the year. 

Kenneth C. Bass, III 
Guy A. Bayes 
E.rnest J. Branscomb 
Paul E. Broun, jr. 
Robert D. Cariitz 
Dwight P. Cruikshank, 1\' 
Ernest L. Dunn 
Thomas S. Evans 
Stephen D. Fox 
James E. Gardner, Jr. 

Robert T Graybeal 
Hugh L. Henry 
Thomas J. Herin 

Bruce H. Johnson 
Nelson R. Kent 
John S. Kitchin 
Samuel Al. Myers, Jr. 
Erank W. Raysor, II 
John A. R\an, Jr. 
Ronald J. V'aughan 
Peter R. Wkrd 
Stanley S. 'V\'ard 
Charles D. White, Jr. 





A national honorary, the x\rnold Air Society salutes out- 
standing AFROTC cadets. Students in both Advanced and 
Basic Air Science courses who have maintained an overall 
2.0 average and have demonstrated outstanding military 
leadership are eligible for membership. The Society was 
founded in 1944 in honor of General "Hap" Arnold, the 
the Commander of the Army Air Forces during World War 

II. Since IQ.'iO, the Duke chapter has followed the lead of 
the national organization in promoting good citizenship in 
the "air age." The- Society's program includes direction 
of the Civil Air Patrol program, instruction in drill pro- 
cedure at neighboring primary and secondary schools, and 
an annual competition for local AFROTC and NROTC 
drill teams. 



The Corsairs Society was founded in 1958 to recognize 
significant student contributions in the naval reserve pro- 
gram. For the past five years, the organization has promoted 
interest in naval activities by honoring outstanding midship- 
men and by increasing "esprit de corps" in the NROTC. 
Membership is open to juniors and seniors with a "B" 

average in Naval Science courses and an overall 2.0 quality- 
point ratio. The individual's attitude toward the NROTC 
program and its work is also used as a selective criterion. 
Currently, the University chapter is wori<ing toward mem- 
bership in a national naval honorary. 

Rnu- I: C. Schullcr. 
I. Mcicr, M. Mollis 

Kiscr, I). Duskiri, W. \audrcii 

1). DalhcHisc. Roz 

.}. Allen, A. Kuhn, J, \\'orsh.iiM, 


. J. M 

Tau Beta Pi is a national honorary for 
junior and senior engineering students 
wiio have demonstrated both exemplary 
character and scholastic abihty. At Duke, 
the top 12% of the junior engineering 
class is eligible for membership, along 
with the upper-fifth of the senior class. 
The local chapter was founded in January, 
1948, for the purpose of recognizing 
those who have distinguished themselves 

as undergraduates or alumni and to 
foster a spirit of liberal culture in the 
College of Engineering. As part of its 
program for the fall semester, the society 
sponsored a series of lectures on correct 
slide rule procedure. Members are tapped 
twice each year; on each occasion, the 
ceremony is followed b\' an initiation 


In joining Alpha Kappa Psi, business, 
accounting, and economics majors have 
the opportunity to share common prob- 
lems and to augment classroom learning 
with practical experience. Chartered in 
1929, the society was one of the first 
organizations founded at Duke; it is now 
a chapter of the oldest and largest pro- 
fessional fraternity in Business Adminis- 
tration. Activities include lectures bv 

guest speakers and several interesting 
field trips each year. The program is 
designed to foster research, to educate the 
public to appreciate and demand high 
standards in the fields of commerce, ac- 
counts, and finance, and to promote an 
interest in courses leading to a degree 
in Business Administration. Any in- 
terested undergraduate with a 2.0 average 
will be considered for membership. 

f7 '' ^\f'^l^ 'cr;: -'• ^"'"'' ^- ^'"'°"' ^- Th"n>p.-„, X . I'r. V , \y . I', KM. N,.. „ r I „u 1,. N I lTr,r,, Treas. Rov^ 2: J. Stafford, R. O'Kenn,.,,, 
J. Reynolds, C. Sheldon, \\. Tucker, R. Sanders, J. Doar, J. \\-clsh. Rou^ 3: S. Gentry, A. James, J. Iimberlake, R. Dartt, T. Jones, M. Courtney. 


Established in 1932 as "Le Salon 
Frangais" through the efforts of Dr. 
and Mrs. Neal Dow, a group of students 
interested in French was chartered, in 
1938, as the Alpha chapter of Tau Psi 
Omega, the national honorary French 
fraternity. To become members, students 
must maintain a "B" average in French 
studies and an over-all "C" average, 
and be reasonably fluent in the language. 

Students wishing to further their 
know ledge of France and things Gallic 
are invited to the French table — "La 
Table Frangaise" — , sponsored by the 
honorary, each Tuesday evening in the 
East Campus Union. The chapter an- 
nually produces a major French play, 
featuring an all-student cast, and sponsors 
several French picnics. 


S. Bnutucll, Prof. JiKin ( ;.isrcllan.., R. Schu 
L. Cantrcll, N. U.ividson, S. VViluy, M. Wolf. 

d'Habla cspanol? Have a 2.8 average 
with a 3.0 in Spanish? These are the 
qualifications for membership in Sigma 
Delta Pi, the national Spanish honorary 
in its twenty-fifth year at Duke. Initiates 
to this organization may look forward 
to banquets and picnics, talks by pro- 
fessors on a variety of subjects, and in- 
formal gatherings in the homes of mem- 

bers of the Spanish department. By such 
means, Sigma Delta Pi hopes to create 
in its members a wider knowledge of 
the appreciation for Hispanic contribu- 
tions to culture, and to provide a nucleus 
of Spanish language activities for those 
with special interest and ability in that 




Harris, S. Spcrry, E. Fulbnght. M. .|:Rt.aT, \\ I 
luin.s, R. Williams, E. Lewis, G. Hipps. X'. Sch.,cnlv. II 
W. Carr, 1). Howard, H. Pcddicord, E. Mason, J. Adai 

itclKT, I'. \'utz, J. Norris, W Elowcrs, J. Ho 
•>uliii.rr, \. Ihompson, N. Jenkins, T. C'olvii 
;, I . West. 

The Duke chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, 
a national education honorary, was 
founded thirty-six years ago. The or- 
ganization encourages high personal, pro- 
fessional, and intellectual standards for 
prospective teachers, while recognizing 
the contribut ons made by those planning 
to teach. To be eligible for membership, 
juniors, seniors, and graduate students 

A. Eusscll. Roil- 2: P. Vairo, A. Wil- 
Ro-a: 3: A. Hurihurt, J. Ross, J. Towsend, 

must rank scholasticalh' in the upper 
fifth of their respective class and must 
maintain a "B" average in education 
courses. To prepare students to meet 
the challenges facing future leaders in 
education, the society sponsors monthly 
meetings and luncheons with noted guest 
speakers and a spring picnic and banquet. 


In 1932, the North Carohna Alpha 
Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon was founded 
at the University to stimulate interest in 
mathematics and to recognize outstanding 
scholarship in that field. The soeietv-'s 
requirements for membership are those 
set by the national organization. A can- 
didate for membership must have a 3.0 

average in mathematics and an overall 3.0. 
The honorary meets twice each year to 
greet new members. At these sessions, 
professors and seniors majoring in mathe- 
matics discuss progress and opportunity 
in mathematics and related technical 

Ro-^- I: C. \\;,od.ird, ,\1. Srniyhorn, K. Finlcy. C:. Gctz, K. Stcttlcr, M. Hart. A. Gucrrv, T. Ward, W. \\atson. K IViisnn, \. ( 
R. Smith. Rrr^ 2: W . Cn\. W. Bl.ickw elder. K. Keller, L. Kenyon. B. Stone, L. Williams, E. Thompson, G Husi. R \\< 
Dankel, B. Blackweldcr. Ron- S: S. Buekner, D. Coolidgc, J. Sites, S. Spencer, J. Cook, R. Rau, R. Guelcher, J. Ro«diger. V. 
S. Eckols. 

W hite. 
Seuman, T. 
ht. P.V\'ard, 

ADVISERS; Allan Bone, Paul Bryan; MF.MBFRS: 
Anderson, R. Armbrecht, A. Bennett, F. Bcnnttr. C Hr 
dine, J. Callahan, L. Cantrell, D. Ekker, S. I pps, 1). \\< 
D. Guclcher, B. Godwin, N. Grant, R. tiriL-r. (,. (,n 
D. Hcss,J. Holt. F. Keller, H. Klugel, F. Little, R. l.-nd. 
B. Newman, M. Plant, J. Rivera, A. Smith, A. Sum 
L. Speck, B, Trickey. R. \aughan, J. AMiggnner. H. W.i 
garth, P. Wheat, M. Whcland. 

1. At 



V. A. 



rcll. P 



1, P. 



,./ MorL 


1. W 



son, 1 



1962-196^ was a year of transition for Delta .\lu Tau, 
the national music honorary. Although one of the oldest 
groups on campus, the society got a new start and a new 
name during the past year. Originally founded at Duke 
in 1922 under the name Kappa Kappa Psi, the honorary 
was re\i\ed m |95S, after suspending activities during 
World War 11. Delta Mu Tau recognizes outstanding 
musicians and enthusiastic band members and requires 
that candidates for membership have 
participated in either the Concert Band 
or the Marching Band. The group's 
program is, in part, devoted to re- 
ceiving and entertaining visiting musical 
groups and to planning and arranging 
the annual High School Band Day. 




Roiv I: F. Barnes, B. Hunt, A. Barr, W. W i 
J. Ozbolr, C. Rolle, P. Gurley. F. Br>an. 

In April of IP.SQ, Delta Chi Epsilon, a local scholastic 
honorary, was founded by eight senior civil engineering 
students and a representative of the College of Kngineering 
facultN'. This past year, the group's principal concern was 
draw ing up a petition for membership in Chi Epsilon, the 
national civil engineering honorary. The aim of the organi- 
zation is to contribute to the improvement ot professional 
standards by encouraging the development ot individual 
character and the exercise of tech- 
nical skills, li) qualify for member- 
ship, the undergraduate must, as a 
junior, rank in the upper fifth of his 
class or, as a senior, in the upper 





The tapping of women for membership in Delta Phi 
Rlio Alpha, the local athletic honorary, is based upon out- 
standing participation and leadership in the sports program 
of the Woman's College. Rising juniors and seniors are 
elected each spring. The society has had a long history on 
campus; it was organized in 1921. By its active participation 
in various intramural and individual sports, the group liofKs 
to increase student interest and enthusiasm for the athletic 
,-p, . program. The organization, in tact, 

|_Jxi!y|^ 1 J\ favors the expansion of the present 
athletic program for women. I'',ach year, 
PHI l^^lt^i Phi Rho Alpha presents a gold 

ke\- to the senior who has shown the 
ureatcst interest m the societ\'s pro- 



Roil- 1: L. .\l..,,rc. K. Mill, 
horn, N. Ingniin. 

P'ormcrly a local group, Psi Chi Delta became affiliated 
in 1958 with the national psychology honorary Psi Chi. In 
order to stimulate interest and recognize achievement in 
the field of psychology, the group holds monthly meetings 
to which guest speakers are invited to speak on various 
topics of primary and related concern. One of the functions 
of the organizations is the publishing of a newsletter con- 
taining the current research of individual 
T)CT members. To be eligible for member- 

ship, Psi Chi Delta requires that an 
/^^T TT applicant be a psychology major with 

at least si.x hours of credit in the de- 
partment. Also, he must have a 3.0 
psychology course average and a 2.8 


Row J: Jody Faust, Helen Thomas, president; Susan Klein, Sue Pipkin. 
Row 2: Pam Cull, Judy Weiner, Hugh Mills, Fairfid Caudle. Row 3: 
Arthur Berger, Robert Stewart, Joseph Tieger, Charles Boneau, 

9 f; 


The Order of Hippocrates, honorary society of the Dul<e 
University Pre- .Medical Society, was founded in 1955 to 
honor those students who have been active in extra-cur- 
riculars and who show promise of going on to successful 
careers in medicine. Requirements for induction are mem- 
bership in the Pre-.Med Society, an overall .^.0 quality- 
point ratio with a minimum of 75 semester hours, and a "B" 
average in the pre-medical sciences. Members of the Order 
contribute to Ciidiiceus, r~\Tt l~\T^Tt 

the pre-med monthly, V_yrvJ_yIl!;IV 

which also features re- 
ports by former Duke 
students who are now 
practicing M.D.'s. 


R,ra: I: T. Brocschc, D. Waggoner, J. Hamilton. Row 1: .M. Rob< 
C. Rollc, S. Niirkin. 

The Order of St. Patrick was established on campus in 
1945. Its open purposes — the society is a secret order — 
are to inspire pride in the College of Engineering, to stimu- 
late student interest and participation in the e.xtra-curricular 
activities of the C^ollege, and to foster better student- 
faculr\ rehirions. Suuc irs inception, the Order has recog- 
nized those men who have demonstrated definite leader- 
ship ability. The group bases its membership qualiricarions 
on a point-s>sfein, which 
considers achievement in the 
classroom and liborator\- 
and in the activities pro- 
gram. Eligible juniors and 
seniors are tapped in De- 
cember. This past \ear. Dr. 
Charles Harmon became 
facultv ad\isor r<i the Order. 





Fi llui Sigma, a national iiicchanical engineering honorary, 
was founded at Dui<e in 1944. It aceepts tor membership 
only those in the top 25% of the lunior elass or in the top 
35'^'(, of the senior mechanical engineering class. The goals 
ot the group are three-fold: to stimulate interest in depart- 
mental activities, to develop co-operation among the various 
branches of the College of Engineering, and to foster the 
high ideals of the engineering profession. To further these 
goals. Pi Tau Sigma each year gives, 
T3T to the sophomore mechanical engineer- 

ing major attaining the highest average, 
an Outstanding Sophomore Award. 
It also presents an award to the major 
\\ ho presents the best engineering paper 
in class or in professional society com- 
petition. Rounding out its activities 
are review lectures for the F..I.T. exam 
and an initiation haniiuef. 


Run- J: Richard Zcrc 
I homas Mclntire. 

Row 1: Dabncy Tduii; 

.end, Ir., 

, Robert Newii 


Stanley Echols. 

Rou' 2: Robert .Smith, 


C;ox, Ck-orgc 


ckwood, Jinimy 


Members of Sigma Pi Sigma have the distinction of be- 
longing to the second oldest chapter of the only national 
physics honorary in existence today. Requiring for member- 
ship an overall 3.0 plus a "B" average in a minimum of 
eleven hours of physics, the group gives recognition only 
to students of proven ability who show promise of future 
achievement. During the year, the society sponsors informal 
get-togethers, as well as lectures by eminent faculty mem- 
bers and visiting physicists. Also on 
CT/'~~'1V /T A the annual agenda arc preparations for 

the fall and spring picnics of the Physics 
T)T Department. Through its activities, the 

Duke chapter helps to uphold the tradi- 
CT/'""' A /T A rion of national Sigma Pi Sigma, which 

limits the use of its name to accredited 
colleges and universities offering a 
challenging program in physics. 

The goal of Pi Sigma Alpha is to promote excellence in 
political science and to stimulate an interest in the subject 
among society members and on the general campus. Ac- 
cordingly, the group includes both faculty and students 
who have shown excellence in the field. Membership re- 
quirements include a 3.0 average in at least ten hours of 
political science courses as well as rank in the upper third 
of the applicant's class. Pi Sigma Alpha annually sponsors 
both lectures and seminars which are of 
interest to the entire University Com- 1 j^ 

munitv. This year, the members invited pt/'->a /T A 
I.eon '\'olhov,' an .editor of Xeiisurd', jiCjJVlA 
to speak on comniLinism and arranged . j -j-^-^ -j- . 
a spring seminar on our changing world. /\Ll J~t/\ 

Ro-^ 1: ). Gordc 
i\l. Rouse. 

S. Spratt, B. U; 

The Duke chapter of Theta Alpha Pi, national dramatics 
honorary, was reactivated on campus in 1958. The group 
seeks to create an interest in the theater by recognizing 
achievement in the dramatic arts. Students who have made 
a significant contribution to the theater on campus are ac- 
cepted as members. The individual may make his mark in 
one or more areas: acting, directing, writing, publicity, or 
in the technical aspects of production. Theta Alpha Pi 
holds its initiation ceremonies twice 
each \ear, as new members are selected TTTTpnT A 
at the beginning of each semester. 




Horace Alexander Inman, Jr. 1941-1962 

As he was an outstanding member of the Duke community, the Horace 
A. Inman, Jr. Citizenship Award is given by his parents and the brother- 
hood of Phi Kappa Sigma. The award is to be presented annually to rec- 
ognize and encourage fraternity leadership, participation and integrity 
within the traternit\' s\ stem and within Duke L'niversit\'. 


clas se s 

The direction in which education starts 
a man will determine his future life'' 




Jack Oiuicr. Pros.; Robert Sanders, W Pr 
Robert Diamond, Sec.-Treas. 


Amanda Wright, X'. Pros., Di.ina Graham, Prcs.; 
Retty Welter, Treas., Susie Parson, See.; Joan 
lardeii. \\S(iA Rep. 





Kathryn Christcnscn, Prcs.; Martha \\i 
\'. Prcs.; NiUki Guv, Trcas.; Karen Von 


Douglas McCaig, Sec; David Waggoner, Prcs. 




'^' ^ ^' 

(^^ o p 

^ ^ ^ 


AHRO [, Hiiviland N., Charleston, W. \a.; History; <i>KT; Campus 
Clust I, CiiiKcrt Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Uuke Players 1; Symphony Orches- 

ABBOTT, Sefton F. J., Goldsboro, N. C; History: BOS 2. Treas., 
Sophomore Class; C^hm. Student Union Maior Attractions Com- 
mittee 3; Housemaster 4; YFAC 2, 3; Old Trinity 4. 

ABBOTT, Thomas P., Miami, Fla.; Ger/mm; <i>M~), Pre-Med So- 

AOAMS. Andreu |., Ir.. Ft. .Smith, Ark., H,storx: AJ;*; Air Force 
ROIC 1. :. V 4. Bench ard Bar \. 2. !. Prcs. 4.' 

Al.lil RS, l)nrnth\ A., Crand Rapids. Mich.; Eln,i,;it.n\ EJiication; 
RKI", FAC;4; Woman's Judicial Board 3. 

ALEXANDER, John P., Conroe, Texas; German: Chapel Choir 1, 2, 4; 
Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 4; Marching Band 1. 

Al.FXAXDER, Wdborn F., Jr., Lenoir, N. C; History: *A(-); Stu- 
dent Union 2, i, 4, Housemaster 4; YFAC 3. 

.•\LLFX, lohn A., jr., Smithiicld. N. C; Psychology: Corsairs; Concert 
Band i. ?, Duke ,-\,>rs 4. Xavy ROTC \\ 2, 3, 4. 

Al.l.FX. lohn C. 111. Durh.mi. \. C; History; HKA; Caption Editor 
C:nANTiciJ.i.R 2; Basketball I; (i.-IC I. 


Foiinl, ror.-: 

AI.M \. Shirlev H., Durham, N. C:.; Nursing.. 

AI\\(.RI1I. Ihomas. (ilen Ridge. N. J.. Hnsinrss .■ijmimstratwn; 

AMFY, David G., Lancaster, N. Y; Psycliology; \^>i<; Frat. Pres. 4; 
Navy ROrC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

AMLEY, Edward Arnold, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Pre-Dent.,l; AXA; 
Pep Board 2; Pre-Med Society 2. 

ANDERSON, Bruce H., Thomasville, Ga.; History; IlK'J-; Arnold 
Air Society; Air Force RO FC I. 2. v 4. YFAC 3;WDBS 1, 2, 3. 

AXDIRSON, Judith L., Tou.son, Md., Science Education; KA0; Pres. 
Panlulknic Society. 

\\l)l RSON, Lawrence H., Farmingdale, N. Y.; Accounting.; K'\t 
Force RO IC; 1. 2. 

ANDERSON, Mildred A., .State College, Pa.; Xurstng. 

ARMBRECHT, Frank M., Jr., Richmond, Va.; Chemistry; Pi Mu Ep- 
silon; Concert Band 1, 2, 3; YFAC 4, Hoot'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; .Marching 
Band 1, 2, 3; Symphony Orchestra 4; Swimming 1; IDC Cabinet 3. 

Seventh row: 

ARMOUR, Clifford A., North I'.ast, .\1d., English; Chronicle 1; 

NSA 3; C:oordinator 4. 

ARMSTRONG, James J.; X'llla Park, III,; i;X. 

\RNOI,D. Garv S.. Rockville Centre, N. Y; Pre-.\leJ: /B I . .-irclin-e 
; IWr 2 ! 4, Pre-Med .S,,ciety I, 2, 3; Shoeand Slipper C:hib 2. !. 4, 
\ ice- Pres. 4. 


First roii-: 

n, CJardcM City, N. Y.; Mathenhil 
P.inhcllcnic Council. 

A\'KRA. Talcort W., Winston-Salem, N. C; Chninslry: H\; Alpli. 
Phi OiiRgj I, 2, I; Prc-Med Society 1, 2; Shoe and Slipper 1, 2, i, 4 

•I'K M 

V, Ceorge R., jr.. Ha 

Coronado, Calif.; Philosophy; AXA; Navy 

B.-\NKS, Robert .M., jr.. Corpus Christi, Texas; Economics; nK*; 
Navy ROl C I, 2. 3, 4; Semper Fidelis 3, 4, .Scc.-Treas. 4; Commo- 
dore Club I, 2, 3, 4. 

BARBOUR, Ann G., Morganron, N. C"..; Eiiniisli; KA(-), Whue 
Duchv, Phi Kappa Delta, Sandals; Ivy; FAC: 3, House Pres. 4. 

N. C.; EiikUsIi; Air Kr 

BARKFOOT, Sherwood \\'.. Greensbo 
ROTC 1; Pre-Med Society I, 2, 3, 4. 

BARNES, Edwin R., Hillsboro, N. C:.; Crcl Eiifiweerws: .WA; 
Corsairs; ASCE 1, 2, 3, 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; ("ommodore Club 
I, 2, 3, 4; Delta Chi Epsilon, Treas. 4. 

BARNES, Mary A., Charleston, S. C; Cheimstr 
Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. 



BARNETT, G. G., Brielle, N. J.; Himm-ss AJmuiistraWw; IIK<I'. 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball I. 

BARR, Arthur M., Jacksonville, Fla.; Civil Engineeririf(; AXA, 
ASCE 1, 2, 3, 4; IPC 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Frat. Pres. 4 

BARR, Patricia H., Greensboro, N. C; Nursi/IS- 

Fifth wu:: 

BARRE, Sandy E., Columbia, S. C; Education. 
BARTLETT, Peter N., Monterey, Calif; Zoology. 
BASKIN, Maryannc S., Bishopville, S. C; Nursing; FAC 2. 

BASS, Jennie W.. Nashville, Tenn.; Chemistry; Pep Board 2; Chanti- 
cleer 2; Student Union; Special Services Committee I, 2, 3. 

Political Scievce; "tKf'; 

BASSE7T, Richard R., Ramallah, Jorda 
X'arsitv D. 

BATE, Caryl M., Ridgewood, N. J.; French; KA0. 

BATEMAN, James N., Pittsburgh, Pa. Economics; i:N; Radio Coun- 
cil 4; Track l;V\DBS 4, Student Union 2, 3. 

BAUGHER, Patricia S., Camp Hill, Pa.; Sociology; SK; Panhellenie 
Council, Treas. 3; \\bmcn's Chorus 1; Sorority Pres. 4. 

BEASLEY, Robert L., Durham, N. C; Eduction; ATA; \arsity D; 
Football I, 2, 3, 4. 

f^ ry o 


BIIMXCFIFLI), J„hn R., |r.. Wjre Shoals, S. C; Oiemistrv; IX: 
Pri-\Ud S,>cKtv I, :. M.irchmK Band. 

HI r\ll K. Sanar.1 1... IXW itt. \. V.; Sursmg.: Woman's Glee Club 
I.J, i. (..inipus Chest J, Chapel C^hoir I, 2, 3, 4; State Student Nurses" 
.Ass..ciat.on 1, 2, 5, 4. 

HI 1SCHI:R. George D., Pcnsaeola, Fla.; History; IN. 

Snnihi mil-: 

Bll.l„C,>ruin .\., Columbus, Ga.; rnr/w/o.^v,- Navy ROTC 1, 2. i,4. 

BILL, l)nn.iia I'., Arlington, \a.; History: Campus Chest 2, Chapel 
( hoir 2. 1.4. XKii's Glee ("lub 1,2,3 \'iee-Pres. and Business Manager 

BILL. P.Hil 1 .. Ir,. Mi.niu. Ma.; Rininess Administration; ^N; Corsairs; 
.Alpha Kappa; Marehing Band 2; Navv RO'LC I. 2. 3, 4; WUBS 
1, 2, 3, StatK.n .\lan.iger 4, Commodore Club I, 2. 3, 4, Radio Omn- 
eil 4. 

Bl X\l I T, Bruce H., MorrisviUc, Pa.; C,z-U Envneerinz; ASCE 4; 
\ arsitv Ba.seball 2, 3, 4. 

HI R( ,1 R, .'Sirthur E., Eutauvillc, S. C; I'svcbolofiY: Psi Chi Delta 5, 4; 
Sriuk.u Union 3, 4; Air Force ROTC I; Bench and Bar I. 

151 S 1 . l.imes A., Concord, N. C; Business Administcitiun: \\K\, Navy 
ROIC I, 2, 3, 4. 


BF 1 HFA, 
Prev 4. Snc 


mas D., ; 

1. 2. Te. 

Vewport N 

c«-s, \'a 

.; English: 'I'AH; 




1 .. West 

held, N.J. 

, Snrsin 



Band I, 2, 3 

, 4. 

rbara A 

„ Lexington, N. C 

:., Rcl.R, 

■on; M\ 



Fifth ro'^-. 



J., Durham, N. C. 

■ Xnrsin 


Kappa. Ps, 

itricia F., F 
Chi Delta i. 

t. Belvoir, 
, 4. Wonia 

\'a., /'(■ 
n\ (ho, 

■us 1 . ' 

F.\C 4; 



Bl 1 1 iNcii; 

Society I, 2 

R, 1 
; H( 

nuse Pre: 

V 4. WSG 

■smIIc N. C.; /'j-1 
A Ccuincil 4. 




Sixil, rail-: 

B1\1NS. |ol 



■., High! 

^<unt, N. C 

.; Enalis 


4; Fencing- 




n W'., Wai 


, Alaska; 



.Mary Ja 

ne, Lenoir. 

, N, C. 


Sr.rntI, r,ni: 

BL.-XNCO. 1 
Bar 1. 2, Sr 


id B., V\i 
lit Union 

2, 3, 4. 


. History; 

A 11 >, Bene 


BLAND, Robert N., St. Albans, W. \'a.; I'o/iiu,,! Sn,na-; Air Force 
RO IC: 1,2. Bench and Bar 2; Town Mens Club I, Treas. 2, 3, Prcs. 4. 

BLOCK, Barbara R., Newport Neu s, \'a.; Elementary Education; 
AE<I>; C^H.wrici.KKR 1, Sorority Editor 2, 4, Hillcl Society 1, 2, 3. 


BLU.MFKLDI", Dave W'.. Fittshurgh, P.i.; Cnil Enmneeruin; A I 
ASCE 3; Track I, 2, 3, 4. 

BODEN, Carla A., Sioux City, Iowa; Aaoiuitinn: KA, Ciiamicli 
1; Social Standards 4; House Council. ?. 

rOLE, Diana S., Pittsfield. Mass.; Fsycliohny: AXQ; FAC: 4, Do 
\'icc-Pres. _>; Dorm Judicial Com. 4. 

Second roii'-. 

BONHA.M, Ccorge C Charlotte, X. C.; Pn-MeJ; Prc-Med Society 

BOOKER, John P., Walhalla, S. C; I're-MrJ: Pre-Meii .Soei 
i, 4; I'eer 2, 3, 4. 

BOUTW'ELl., Susan E., Pahn Beach, E 
Delta Pi; A\bnian's Judicial Board 4; FAC 

sh; KKl', Sigma 

BOWMAN, C;harles R., Ovster Bay, N. Y.; Cnil Eiii-inceniiv,; A.XA; 
Air Eorce ROTC 1, 2; ASCE 3, 4. 

BOYD, Robert A., Greensboro, N. C; Business Ad?iiinistrjti'iii; IIK<1>; 
Air Force ROTC 1; ASME 2, Sec. 3; Cha 

BOYER, Heath C, Kansas City, Missouri; Hisfory; BBfl; Old Trinity 
Club; ODK; BOS; Men's Judicial Board 3. 4; Symposium Committee 

2, 5, 4. 


l-o„rth nra-: 

BRADEEY, Elizabeth G., Wilson, X. C.; Science E.iiicaiwn- Delta 
Phi Alpha, Chronicle ■\. 

BRADSHAW. Barbara A., Win.ston-Salcm, X. C.; lulnction: AAII; 
FAC 4, Social Standards 2. 

BRAISIED, LYXXE, Staten Island, X. Y, I'svclwlo'ix; KA(-), 
Xereidian Club 3. 

BRAY, Claudia C, Point, Ga., Mm 
Woman's Chorus, Pres. 4; Delta Mu Tau 

FAC 4; Duke Plavcrs 4; 
Madrigals I, 3,4; Chapel 

BREMER, Linda K., Upper Montclair, X. J.; History; AXil. Do 
Pres. 4. 

Sixth roil- 

BREXXAX, John W., Portsmouth, Va.. rre-Liiv: <I>A(-). 

BREW I:R, Karen K., Casper, Wyo.; £««/«/;,■ KA0. 

English: Chronicle 1,2; Wom- 

BREYMEIER, Linda, Walpolc, .\Ia 
an's Glee Club 1; Xercidian 1. 

KA; Air Force 

BRIDGES, Daniel W., Jr., Hampton, Va.; C) 
ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BRIGGS, Robert W., Wooster, Ohio; History; <t>A0; Old Trinity; 
BOS; Arnold Air Society; House Pres. 1; YFAC 2, 3; Bench and Bar 
I, 2; Air Force ROTC L 2, 3, 4; Frat. Pres. 4. 

BRIXSON, Lloyd G., Jr., New Bern, N. C; Political Science; -t-Ki:; 
Varsity D; Xavy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Semper Fidelis 3, 4; Varsity 
Track 2, 3, 4. 


BRITTON, Howard W., Kingsport, Tenn.; Electrical Engiveermg; 
IRE 4; MEI 3, 4; WDBS 1, 2, 3, Chief Engineer 4; Radio Council 
4, Duke Players 1, 2, 3; Hoof n' Horn 3. 

BROESCHE, Travis C:.. Houston. Texas; Electrical Engineering; SX; 
Old Trinity; Order of St. Patrick, ODK, BOS, Phi Eta Sigma; Pi 
Ahi E'psilon; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE 3, 4, I rii;irKLrm{; Student Council, 
Prcs. 4; Engineers Guidance Council 1. Men's Judicial Board 4. 

BROOKE, Barbara M., Greenville, N. C, 
('IniJiiuli- 1, 3, Coed Editor 4; Campus C2hest 2: 

BROOKS, Jan E., Conway, S. C; History. 
BROWN, Bernice iM., Lake City, S. C; Hi: 

Econtmiics; AT; 
Student Union 3. 

AP; House Coun- 

BROUN, David C, Jr., Anderson, S. C; E 
Enrce ROrC 1; Marching Band 2. 

BROWN, Gerald L., Athens, Ga.; Enghsh; B0n. 

BROWN, Virginia E., Washington, D. C; Psychology; AAA; Chant 
CLEER 2, 3; Pre-Med Society 1. 2. 


BRUEN, James A., Washington, D. C.; I're-Uw; ATA; Bench and 
Bar 4; YEAC 3, 4; AlESEC 4. 

BRYANT, Leonard S., Butler, N. J.; Chemistry; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BRYSON, Daniel R., Durham, N. C:.; Business Adninnstration; KA; 
Erat. \'icc-Pres. 4; YMC:A 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BUCHANAN, Robert T, San Antonio, Texas; History; O.X; All 

BUDD, Joel K., Sanford, N. C.; English; *K1'; Navy ROTC 

BUDER, Elizabeth L., Cheshire, Conn.; Nursmg;WV>^S 1. 

BULGARIN, Marina, Lakeville, Conn.; Russian; Archive I; Chronicle 
I, Duke Players 1, 2; Terpsichorean 2, 3, \'ice-Prcs. 4. 

BURCH, Judith F., Durham, N. C; Elementary EJiication. 

BURNHAM, Robert E., Jr., Ealls Church, \a.; Political Science; Stu- 
dent Union 3; Soccer I; Delta Phi Alpha 3, 4. 

Scirmh roic: 

BLSH, (iipsie A., Kingsport, Tenn., .\/.;//;fW./r/r.(; C'hapeK^hoir 1,2, 3; 
Wiuium's Chorus, Vicc-Pres. I ; Woman's Glee Club 2, 3, V'ice-Pres. 4; 
Chancel Singers 2, 3, 4. 

CAIN, Nancy C, Fayetteville, N. C; Nursing; Student Union 2, 3, 4; 
Campus Chest 1; NSGA I, 2, 3, 4. 

CAINE, Constance A., Garden City, N. Y; Political Science; AP; 
Ivy; Sigma Delta Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha, Sec.-Treas.; Student Union 


First roiv: 

CAMPBELL, Constance S., Springfield, Va 

Politiail Science. 

CAMPBELL, Frank A., Jr., Clearwater, Fla.; History- AXA; \arsity 
D; Air Force ROTC 1, 2; YFAC 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 
1, 2, i, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1,2, i, 4. 

CANNON, Jane H., Genoa, Italy; EhrHsIi; Phi Kappa Delta, Treas- 
urer; Sandals; C'hanticleer 1; Social Standards 2; Student Union 
1, 2, }. Secretary of Board (.f Governors 4, YW'CA 1, Sec. !. 

Second roil-: 

CAREY, Raymond J., Ill, Waterl.ury, C:..nn., Uistu 

CARPENIER, James C, Santa Fe, N. Mex.; I's 
Delta, Archive I, 2, i, I'.diror 4, C^oncert Band 1, 
dent Fellowship 2, ^, 4. 

cholofiv: Psi Chi 
; Methodist Stu- 

CARPEN I ER, Mary E., Mohi 
UN Model General Assembly 

Ala.; EriKlish: Women's Chorus 

TInrJ roil-. 

CARROLL, Barbara J., Greensboro, N. C; Elementary EJiicatiun; 

Concert Band I, 2, 3, Sec. 4; Student Union 3. 

CARSTEN, Jack C, Winnetka, 111., Physics; BOO; Frat. Sec. 4; 
Campus Chest I; Duke Players 1; Radio Council 2, Chm. 3; WDBS 
1, Sales Manager 2, Station Manager 3, 4. 

CARTER, David M., Henderson, N. 
Concert Band 1; Marching Band I. 

C; Business .-iiiniinistrjtion; 


CARVER, Laura E., Westhc 
Pres. 4. 

N. J., I' Scu 

CASSADAY, June A., Stamford, Conn.; English: IK. 

CAUDLE, Fairfid M., Wadesboro, N. C; PsycholoKv: Phi Beta Kappa, 
Psi Chi Delta; Tau Psi Omega; Ivy; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, YWCA 1; 
Student Union 2. 

Fifth ro-w: 

N. J.; Ec 

'!>; Pep Board 

CHAMPION, Sara S., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.; Political Science: 
YWCA 1, 2; Ivy; Eta Sigma Phi; WRA 2; Student Union 1, 2. 

CHANEY, Sarah L., Kensington, Md., English; AI 
Chairman 3, Pres. 4; Chanticleer I, Chronicle 1. 

Sorority Rus 

CHARLES, Allan D., Duncan, S. C; History; Chronicle 2; Duke 
Players 2;WDBS I, 2; News Director 3, 4. 

CHERNISH, William N., Newark, Del.; Median cal Engineering; 
IN; ASME 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Campus Chest 2, 3, 4; DukEngineer 

3, 4; Engineering Guidance Council 3, 4; Engineering Student Coun- 
cil 4; YFAC 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper 3; YMCA 1, Cabinet 2, 3. 

CHOBORDA, Marie E., Clark, N. J.; Psychology; KA; Student 
Union I, 2, 3, Board of Governors 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3; Rush Advisor 

4, Panhellenie Council 4. 

KA; Frat. Social V^^m. 3 

CLARK, Benjamin C., 
Student Fellowship 
2, 3, 4. 

Sioux C^ity, 
4; Football 

owa; Biisin 
2, 3, 4, Tr 

, Jr., \ 

1; Stude 

lore, Tenn., Chemistry; Methodist 
Union 2; Pegram Chemistry Club 

CLARK, James L., Charlotte, N. C 
Track 1,2, 3, 4; Westminster Fello 
Order of Hippocrates. 


Med; IDC 2, 3, President 4; 
1, 2, 3,4; Pre- Med Society; 

C^ ^ P^ 

tf _^ ^ • '^ «- ^. 


f^ i^'^ ^ 

a ^ O 

CLARK, Sheffield C, Berlin, Conn.; Economics; <I>K1-. 

CLAY. William C, III, Henderson, N. C; Psychology: KA; Navy 
ROrC 1, :, V 4, Semper Fidelis ?, 4; Commodore Club I, 2, i, 4-'cr 1. 

(OWI . j.iincs I ., West Islip, N. \'; Business Adm'mistnninn; SN; 
S.iL].il t:h.uriiijn ^, Rush Chairman 4; Pep Board 4. 

COHEN, Kenneth A.. Prairie \'illage, Kansas; English; TE*, Treas.; 

Archive 1,2, Duke Players I. 2. 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and 
Slipper Club I, 2, >. 4; Iheta Alpha Ph. ?, 4. 

COLE, John H.. Kenncbunk, Mamc. Historx; .Methodist Student 
Fellowship 2, 5, 4; Unitarians I. 

COLEMAN, Stephen B., Jr., .Mountain Brook, Ala.; History; OK*; 
YKAC 2, 5; Men's Glee Club 1; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and 
Slipper Club 2, 3. 

(:()l,l.l I I. George C., .\lc.\andria, \'a.; Accoiinlinti,; i^N, Treas. 4; 
Hc.Kha..a Bar 1, 2. 

COLLIS, Jennie R., Spruce Pine, N. C; English; <I>M. 

CONAN7, Laura W., Durham, N. C; History; Dorm Social Chm. 
2, V'ice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; FAC 4;VV'SGA Council 3; House Pre.sidents' 


Foiirlli roil-: 

(:()\\i:i. Joan A., Black Mountain, N. C; Enfi.lish ; Glee Club 
1 . 2. ( 'liapti Choir 1. 2, ( 'hancel Singers 2; .Madrigal Singers 3; Hoof 'n' 
Horn ;. 4, FAC 4. 

COO.MBFS, Rame S., Chevy Chase, Md.; Spanish-, MSGA I, 2, 3, 4; 
Pep Board 1,2; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1, 2. 

COOPER, Langdon M., Ft. Morgan, Colo.; Sociology; AT*; Air 
Force RO IC 1; Pre-Med Society 2, 3; Episcopal Student Fellowship 

Fi/!h roil-: 

COUCH, Leon \V.. II. Goldsboro, N. C:.; Electrical Engineering; 
AIEE I, 2, ^ 4, I nguKcrs Guidance Council 3. 4, Eta Kappa Nu, 
Treas.; Engineers Aiii.itcur R.idio .Assoc. \icc-Prcs. 

COX, Frederick O.. Pittshcld, Mass.; Rusinea Admiimtration; Basket- 
ball 3, 4. 

CO.X, Weldon R., Dallas, Te.vas; Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma; Men's 
C:horus 1; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Sixth row: 

COX, William D., Lakeland, Fla.; Econo?nics; AZ'I>. 

GRAIN, C. 'William, Bloomington, 111.; Business AJmi, 
Symposium 3, 4; Men's Judicial Board 3, Chm. 4. 

GRAIN, Sharon A., Webster Groves, Md.; Historx; K! 

Seventh ru-iv: 

GRANDALL, Ruth A., Khartoum, Sudan; Spanish; AAII; Sigm; 

Delta Pi, Prcs., Rush Advisor. 

GRISSON, John S., .Mt. Holly, N. G.; Education. KA, Varsity Foot 

GULL. Pamela E., Hollis, N. Y.; Psychology; Chapel Choir 2; Women's 
Glee Club 1,2; Pre-Med Society 1,2; Psi Chi Delta 3,4; Terpsichorean 

2, 3, 4. 

CU.MMIN'GS, Jovce, Signal Mt., Tenn.; Mathejtmtics: Phi Kap 
Delta; \M-stminstcr Fellowship I, 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4. 

CUPPS, Don S., Barton, Ohio; PoliuaU Science; Chapel Choir 1; Ba 
ball I. 2, 3,4. 

CURRY, Dennis P., Shelby. Ohio; Business AdiminstnUion: UK 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Navy ROl C: I, 2. 

CURRY, .^nnc I'., Clearwater, Fla.; t'svcliolo'iv; \\hite Uuchv; 
YWCA Cabinet I, 2, 3. Pres. 4; FAC 3; Peer I; Chanticlekr I, 2; 
Sec. Dorm 3. 

CURRY. Sue A.. Indiin, 
Duehy. Phi Kappa Delta, 
Council ', Pi Sigma Alpl 

r,.hfu-.,l Scieme; IIB'I'; White 
\( 4, House Pres. 3; V\SGA 
nil (^immittee 4. 

Thin! roil-: 

DALLAS, Nevill H., North Hollywood, Calif.; Accounting; 4'AO. 
DALTON, James D., Asheboro, N. C; Education; Football I, 2, 3, 4. 
DA.\L\1ANN, David A., Long Lsland, N. ¥.; History; Soccer 2, 3, 4. 


Fourth row: 

DANLUCK, Anthony D., Mi 

Shores, F"la.; Electrical Engineering. 

DANTZLFR, Eleanor M., Coalwood, \V. \^a.; Chemistry; ZTA; 
Student Union 1, 2, 3; Phi Kaopa Delta; Dorm Pres. 4; Judicial Board 
3; Rush Advisor 3; U'SGA Council 4. 

DARTT, Roger VV., Minneapolis, .Minn.; Business AJ/iiiuistnition; 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Union 4; Track 1, 2. 

Fifth row: 

CJarner, N. C; Accountii 

DA\'1S, Angela M., Williamsburg, Va.; English; ZTA; Social Stand- 
ards 1; Ncreidian 1, 2; Foreign Student Committee 3,4; Dorm Sec. 4. 

DA\'1S, Baxter L., Washington, D. C; Political Science; SN; Bench 
and Bar 2, 3; Air Force ROTC 1, 2; Student Union 3; IFC Recorder; 
Pres. Pi Sigma Alpha 3, 4. 

Sixth row: 

DAX'IS, Harriet H.,, \' 

State Student Leg. 4. 

DA\MS, Jane L., Anderson, S. C 
(.'hronicle 1. 

DA\'!S, Patricia R., Harriiiun, Tei 

; History; IIB*, CMass .Sec. 2, 
English; C;oordinate Board 2; 
.; Religion; AXQ. 

DAW SON, Fhomas R.. 
2; Traditions Board 1, 2. 

Annapolis, Md.; History; AXA; Pep Board 
3, ( hr. 4, MSGASec.,'4. 

DAY, William A., Canonsburg, Penn.; Mathematics. 

DEAL, Harry M., Jr., Taylorsville, N. C; Business Adn 
AS<J); .Marching Band 1, 2. 


DENT, Susan E., El Dorado, Ark.; English. 

DERBY, James 
ASCE 2. Trcas. 

i>i;riMi RiNx; 

Bull, A IKE I, : 
GuidancL- Ouinci 

L., London, England; Cii'il Engineering; <I>K'!'l 
K 4; Eng. Guidance Council 3, 4; Navy ROTC 
iJore Club 1,2, 3, 4. 

Don A., Hyat sville, Md.; Electric^il Engineering; 
, 4; E'ngincering Student Council; Chm. Engineering 

Second raw: 

DEWITT, Richard T, Orlando, Ela 

Ciiil Engineering; ASCE 3, 4. 

DIAMOND, Robert D., Canton, 0\<m; French; ZBT; Old Trinity 
Club, \arsity D, Student Union 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; Class 
Sec. -Trcas. 4. 

DIAZ, Daniel, Tampa, Ela.; History. 

Third rozi-: 

Dl.MOCK, Roy S., Silver Spring, Md., History; Student Union 2, 3, ■ 
DINSMORE, Donald T, Jr., Orono, Me.; Eccmoiriics. 
DINSMORE, Jean M., Virginia Beach, Va.; Accounting; <I>M; Archi-. 


Fourth row: 

DISE, Louise, Fairfax, V'a.; Nursing; Campus Chest 3. 

DIXON, Mary L., Ft. McClcllan, Ala.; English; ZTA; Chronicle 3. 

DLXON, Nancy V., Cleveland, Ohio; English; Archive -i; Chronicle 1; 
Student Union 2, 3. 

Fifth row: 

DOAR, James R., Charleston, S. C; Accounting; Navy ROTC I, 2, 
3, 4; Semper Eidelis 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha 
Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

DODD, .\la 
Rep. 4. 

., Athens, Ga.; Psychology; AXQ; EAC 3; \VRA 

DODSON, W ilham E., Durham, N. C; Psychology; ^KD; Pre-Mcd 
Society I, 2, 3, 4. 

Sixth row: 

DOS'EER, John FL, Lititz, Pa.; Business Administration; I1K<I>. 

DOUGHERTY, Mark E., Atlanta, Ga.; History; i;N; Prc-J\.red 
Society 1, 2, VVDBS 4; Men's Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. 

DOUGLAS, Donna J., Miami Bc;ich, Ela.; History; .■\'1>; Wbman's 
Glee Club 2. 

DREWS, John A., York, Penn.; Zoology; <i>K1'; Alpha Phi Omega 
I, 2, Pre -Med ,S,,eiety 1, 2, 3, 4; FAC 3. 

DUEF, Janice G., Wenham, Mass.; Art History; Phi Kappa Delta; 
Archive 3, 4; Duke Players 1, 2, 3, 4. 

DUNN, Jesse T, Jr., Charlci 
1,2, 3; Symphony Orchestra 

\V. Va.; Chemistr 


First row: 

DUNN, Stuart H., Richmond, 
Campus Chest I . 

\a.; History. 

; Marching 

Band 3, 4; 

DUSKIN, Douglas J., Washing 
Navy ROTC 1, 2, .!, 4; Commo. 


c, N. 

lub 1, 

v.; Ccolos.\ 

2, .', 4. 

',• Corsair.s, 

KBKRT, Nancy 1... Caimbcrl.nK 
Players 2. 

1, ,\KI. 

, F.„Klislr. CliraiiH 

/,• 1, Duke 

Sfcomi ro-ir: 

I-:CHOLS, Stanley D., Hirniingha 

m, Aki 

1.; I'hy 

ucs; S,gn,a P, S,gn,a. 

EDWARDS, Mal.nda, Miami, 
Woman's Judicial Board 4, Dorm 

, Treas 


ritary Ediic. 

,tm,i; IIB<1', 

EISENMAN, John R., W.llian 
Force ROTC 1 ; Track 1 . 




IIK<1>; A.r 

Third roil-: 

EKKER, Richard C, Coral G: 
1, 2, 3, 4; Duke Players ?, 4. 



Music: Marching Band 

ELDER, Wdliam S., Columbia, 
Varsity and Frosh Football 1, 2. 

S. C; 

Accounting!,; AIXJ 

!; Manager, 

ELLIOTT, Mimi E., Shelby, N. C; Enfilish; .Social Standards 


Fourth roil': 

ELLIS, Agnes A., Jacks 

die, F 



ELLIS, SAMUEL H.. Charleston, S. C.; F.u„r 
BOS; Cor.sairs. VFAC !, 4, \-|ce-Pres. MSCA i 
3, 4; Commodore C;iub I. 2, i. 4, Prei. B:)S, 
Pres. Freshman House 1 . 

EPPS, Robert F., III., Lake City, S. C.; .1/^, 
ASME 2, 3, 4; Marching Band L 2, 3, 4. 

F.fth rou-: 

ERB, Herbert B., II, Bremerhaven, Germany; History; <I>A(-), YI 

Pre-Med Society 1,2; Delta Phi Alpha. 

EREK, Bruce C, Baltimore, Md.; Economics; CHAxiiciEtR 2, 
Navy ROTC 1,2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

EUBANK, Linda S., Wilmington, Del.; ,S>i«/s/;. 

FABRITZ. Russlee A., Talcoma Park, Md.; Economics; .Marchin- 
Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 

FARIS, John C, Chariot 

FARMER, Susan E., Washington Gro 
Delta Phi Rho Alpha; Pi Sigma Alpha 

N. C; Prc-Med: Pre-Med Society 3, 4. 
Md.; I'ol It ic^il Science; AAA,- 

Seventh row: 

FARR. Thomas A., Dunwoody, Ga.; Psychology: ATQ. 
FAVROT, Leo C, New Orleans, La.; Folitmil Science; OK*. 
FEAY, Barbara E.. Rockville C:entrc, N. Y.; Nursing; Student Uni. 


^ ^ ^ 


FECHER, Christine A., Bay Shore. N. Y.; Psychology. 

FERRELL, Donald W'., New Castle, Pa.; History; Duke Ambassa- 
dors 4; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Marching Band 1.2, ?, Pros. 4. 

FIELDER, Alice W., Eastchester, N. Y.; English; AT; Woman's 
Chorus 2; Hoof 'n' Horn 3, 4; Student Union 3. 

FIELDER. Frederick A 
OK*; ASME 2, 3, 4. 


Rose \ all 

y. Pa 

; .1/ 


< .1/ h 


FIELDS. Nancy R., .\1 


of Wilson 



FINCHER, Charles L. 
Pi Mu Epsilon; ASME 

Abbeville. Ala 
1, 2, 3. 4. 

, ,\/,- 


,(/ /•: 



Third roil-. 

FINFROCK. Constan 
Pep Board 3. 4; Student 


n !; Soeia 




; C//,7//<) 
.5, C:heer 



3. 4 

FINLEY. Ellen C, Madiso, 
Kappa; Pi i\lu Epsilon; Wot 

villc, Kv. 
lans JudK 

\;,i//;,7M(/;<(; Board 4. 


. Ph 


FISH, S.ira F., Raleigh, 

X. ( 

., ZWoij^ 


», P 




FISHER, David L.. Wake Forest, N. C; Red Friars; BOS; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Tau Psi Omega; Chronicle 1, 3, 4. 

FISHER. Vivian B., Atlanta Ga.; Htstory; AAA; FAC 3. 

FLESHER, John J., Parkersburg, W. \'a.; En^ilish; Men's Glee Club 
2; Chapel Choir 2. 

F.Jth nnv: 

FLOYD, William C. jr.. Fairmont. N. C; (,ernun: UK 

Phi Alpha. 

FOLCK, Miehiel P., Danen. Conn.; Prc-DenUil; a-Kl'; Cn\ 
2; Prc-NUd\. II.H.fn' Horn 1, 2, 3, 4. 

FORI). J.ine .^ 
Chancel Singers 


ttsbiirgh. Pa.; Nursing; Woman's Glee Club; 

F0RDYC:E, Norman A.. Shawnee Mission, Kans.; I're-.McJ.; Prc-Med 
Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Cross Country 1; IDC Rep. 3, 4. 

FORSYTH, Thomas H., Ill, North Caldwell, N. J.; Ecrnimiiics; ^K<^; 
Pres. I EC 4. 

FOUSHFE, Sarah K.. Chapel Hill. N. C.; Eln. 

Ed licit mi. 

Scirnlli ro\i': 

FOX. Carol R.. Roxboro, N. C; English; Religious f 

1 4; Sym- 
Stiident Union 3, 4; 
RI.I'.MAN, Carl L., Silver Spring, Md.; Mechanical Engineering. 


posiuin < ^immittee 4. 

FO.\, Susan S.. Durham, X, C; Science EJnc. 
Terp.Mchorean I. 2. 

First roir: 

FRKESE, W'jrner W., Shelby, Ohio; Electrical Enaimering; AH*; 

AIEE 4; F'nglnccrs Guidance Council 4. 

DkFREI TAS, Ubiratan M., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Eco/io/nics- 'I'M-), 
Peer 2; Pep Board 2, 3, 4; Head Cheerleader 3, 4. 

FRENCH, William B., Washington, D. C; Economics; BWII, Navy 
ROTC 1, 2; IFC 3, 4; Pep Board 1, 2; Housemaster 4; Varsity Ten- 

Secoihl roil': 

FREY. C:arole A., York, Pa.; Xunmn; Santa Filomcna,_ FAC 2, Stu- 
dent Union i; Svnipiisiuin 4, Publications Chairman, Nursing School 
4, Executive Council. Nursing Sch. 

FUM.ACiAR. Anne H.. Catasauiiua. Pa.; ftvf/Wouv; KAt); Prcs. 
Jr. Panhcllenic 1 , S.ironty Prcs. 4. 

FUNOFRBLRK, I.ois C.. Durham, N. C. SocuMv; AAIT. 

FUTRELL, James W, Lynchburg, Va.; Pre-Med; KA; Men's Judicial 
Board 4; Pre- .Vied Society I, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4 

GALLUP, Deborah J., Indianaoolis, Ind.; Sociology; ^B<^; Chronicle 
2; Peer 3; Student Union I, 2; Class Sec. 2. 

GARBER, George D., Mansfield, Ohio; Chemistry; ZAE; Campus 
Chest; IFC 2, 3, 4; Frat. Pres. 4. 


GARRATT, BETTE, Marion, N. C; Science Educa. 
CH.\NricLEER 1, 2; N.S.A. 4; Class Treas. 2. 

GARREN, Charles M.. Greensboro, N. C; Campus Cht 

GEEHR, John F., Devon, Pa.; Economics; \'\\. Navy RO FC 
3, 4; Baseball I; Handbook Directory Staff I, 2. 

GENTRY, Stalev .\L, Ro.xboro, N. C; Accoiomiiv.; A I A. \arsit 
Alpha Kappa Psi; YFAC 4; Navy RO'FC 1,2; Track 1, 2, ( 
Country 1, 2, Capt. 3, 4. 

GERON, Charles W., Springfield, Ohio; Pre-Med; Prc-.Mcd So 
], 4; Men's Chorus 1, 2; Men's Glee Club 1, 2. 

Sixth roiv: 

GESSV^ TIN, Richard T, Westport, Omn.; Ecoimnius; <I>AH, Varsity 
D; Semper Fidelis 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4. 

GIANARAS, George M., Tarpon Springs, Fla.; Pre-Med; ATA; 
Psi Chi Delta; Student Union 3, 4. 

GIBSON, Jonathan S., III. Newport News, Va.; Political Science; IIKA; - ■ /, 

Bench and Bar 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Navv ROTC 1, 2; IFC — ' V 

Pledge Chm. 3. ' 

<;iSLASON, Bradlee B., St. Paul, ,\linn.; History; XAE, Bench and 
Bar 4, Tennis I. 

GLASER, Leonard, Flushing, N. Y; Pre-Med; ZBT; Archive 3. Pee' 
2, 3; Pre-Med Society I, 2. 

GLESK, Martin McFarland, Port Alleganv, Pa.; Civil Engmeerm'^ 
<1>K»F; ASCE 4; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3. ^ ' 

O C) o 

p o (f^ 

p a ^ 

KA; Football 

GLOSSON, Ronald K., Charlotte, N. C; £. 

1, 2, 3, 4. 

GLYNN, Mary F.., Greensboro, N. C.; Rf/,^wn; FAG 4; Nereidian 
1, 4, Pres. 3; WRA Board 3; Dorm Sec. 4; Delta Phi Rho Alpha 4. 

GODBOLD, Edward S., Jr., Renibert, S. C; History. 

GODLOVE, Ernest F., Lawton, 
Bar 4; Chronicle 1 ; Navy RO'FC 1 

GOLDING, Carolyn M., X'lenna, 
Chest 3, Chairman 4; Student Uni( 

GONIS, Arthur P., North Arlington, N. J.; History 

-AF; Bench and 

\'a.; Political Science; Campus 
NSA 3; Pi Sigma Alpha. 

GOODSON, James M., Mt. Olive, N. C; Accounting; KA; Alpha 
Kappa Psi; Bench and Bar 1,2, 3, 4, Pres. 4. 

GOULDMAN, William C, Franklin, Va.; Economics; <i>Ki;; Old 
Trinity Club; \'arsity D, YFAC^ 4, Frat. Pres. 4; Varsity Tennis, 
Captain 4. 

GRAC:F, Perry R., .Memphis, Tenn., Electrical Eni^ineering; ATQ; 
Pi Mu Fpsilon, AIEF 3, 4, Student Union 3, Class Sec.-Treas. 3. 


Fourth roir: 

GRAHA.Vl, Betty J., Orlando, Fla.; Nursing. 

GRAHA.M, Charles N., Silver Spring, Md.; Political Science; ATA; 
Teas. BOS; Phi Eta Sigma; Corsairs; Pi Mu Epsilon; Navy ROTC 
1,2, 3, 4; YFAC 3, 4; Commodore Club 3, 4; Track 2. 

GRAHAM, Diana S., Ogden, Utah; Historv; II3*; Class Teas. I; 
Class Pres. 4; Sec. WSGA 3; U.N. Assembly 2. 

Fifth roir: 

GRANDY, V\illetta A., Drexel Hill, Pa.; Nursing; Honor Council 

4. \Vbman's Glee (^lub 1, 2, 3, Chapel Choir I, 2, 3. 

GREFNBERG, Martin T,, \a.; Psychology; TE<I>; Pre-Med 
Society 1, 2, Frat. \'ice-Pres. v 

GREGORY, Arthur, Aiken, S. C. Pre-La-^-; ZX. Varsity D; Navy 
ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, Foottull 1,2, i, 4, Frat. \icc-Pre;. 3. and Pres. 4. 

:R, Rosalind, 
3, 4; Chancel 


Campus Chest 1 . 

GRILLS, George M., Dalla 
ASME 3, 4. 

. Music; Woman's Glee Club 
.lu Tau 4. 

, N. C; Elementary Education; 
.Mechanic.xl Engineering; <I>K T; 

Seventh roiv: 

GRI.M, Garrett D., Salisbury, N. C; .Math; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4.. 

GRISWCLD, Laura J., Madison, N. J.; Political Science; AXQ; FAC 4;. 
Student Union 2, 3, 4; Student Union Board of Governors. 

GROSSMAN, Charles L., Rocky River, Ohio; Engineering; BGH;; 
Chronicle 2; VVrestling 2, 3, 4; Engineering Guidance Council 3, 4;. 
Joe College Steering Committee 2, 3, 4; Air Force ROTC I. 


C;UMO, Richard L., Malv( 
ROTC I, 2; Bench and Bar 

ne, N. Y; I're-Uu'; ATA; Air Force 
2; YFAC 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1. 

GUTHRIE, James E., Morehead, N. C; Business Administr. 
Football 1, 2, ?.4. 


GUY. Nikki, Gi 

illc, S. C:.; SiirsiNK; Class 4. Ti( 

Second row. 

(iWYNN, Helen E., Lebanon, Tenn.; ReliRimi; White Duchy; Phi 

Kappa Delta; Ivy; Chm. FAC 4; WDBS 1; YWCA Cabinet I, 2, 3. 

HALL, Hines H., Ill, Millbrook, Ala.; Political Science; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Arch lie I. 

F.. G. 

Pointc F; 

Mich., Business Adnnnis- 

HAMILTON, James P.. Channianvillc, \\. \'.i.. ElectncM Ennineern, 
Order of St. Patrick; Arnold Air Society; Pi Mu Ep-^ilon; Tiu Be 
Pi; Air Force ROTC I, 2, 3, 4; Housemaster 3, 4; Chm. AlEE 

HAND, Donald L., Ridgcwood, N. J.; History; eX; Men's Glee Club. 

HANKINS, William W'., Coral Gables, Fla.; Accounting, AXA; 
Navy ROTC 1,2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1,2, 3, 4; Collegiate Com- 
mittee for United Nations 3, 4. 


Fourth roiv; 

HARDISON, JoAnn, Rocky Mount, N. C; History; Pep Board I. 

Coral Gables, Fla.; History; KKF; .Social Srand- 


ards 3. 

HARRIS. David H.. Durha 
Town Men's Club 1, 2, 3, - 

N. C; Business AdministVi 


Fifth roiv: 

HARRIS, Robert W, Somerville, N. J., GeoloRy; Navy ROTC I, 2. 

3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Peer 3, 4. 

HARRISON, Sandra J., Berlin, Md.; hlnnltsh; HB*; White Duchy; 
Phi Kappa Delta; Chm. Judicial Board 4; Treas. WSGA 3; Social 
Standards 2; Ch.^nticieer \, Organizations Editor 2. 

HARRIET, Norman L., Winter Haven, Fla.; Economics; IlKA; 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Air Force ROTC 1, 2; Chanticleer 3, 4. 

HART, Carloe A.. WeaverviUe, N. C; English; *.\L Pres. Sor 
4; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 

HART. Frances Ann, Winston-Salem, N. C' 
Council 4; Student Union 4. 

History; Religious 

HAVENS. Evelyn K., Danville, Va.; Nursing; Santa Filomena; FAC: 
2; Student Union 1. 2. 3; Honor Council 4; Pres. NSGA 4; Chm. 
Executive Ouncil 4. 

HAVENS, Richard Ci., Wcstmins 
KA; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Md.; History ,ind Ediu.i 

HAWGOOD, William S., Shaker Heights, Ohio; Political Science; 
't>A0; Baseball 2, 4. 

HEALY, Kathcrinc \\'., Roanoke, Va.; Eng,lish; Duke Plavers 2 3 4 
Theta Alpha Phi 2, 3, 4. 


qj P %% 

f f^ 




HI'ATH, Anne M, New Orleans, La.; Spanish; AXQ; Chronicle 1. 
HEDGES, Charles R., Circleville, Ohio; Chemistry; Prc-Med Society 

Treas. IFC; 

. Robert L., 
YMCA 1, . 

-. -', 4. 

c. 111. 

; Business Administmti 


*K '}•; 

Secomi roir: 

HELM, Susan P.. 
Phi Rho Alpha; PI; 


N. Y.; 


ish; i:K; Si 

gma Delta 


i; Delta 


1. :, Phi \h 


H., Columbi 

a, S. 

C; .\L,rh.; 

■imtns; Na' 



HISS, Barh. 

ira R., 


r Rapid: 

s Io« 

,a; Eng!,sh; 

Peer 1, 2; 

NSA 1, 2. 

Third roil-: 

HESTER, Harriet J., Charlotte, N. C... Elemenmy Ednailion; KA; 
Chronicle 1; Student Union 1, 2, ?. 4; House \'icc-Pres. 4; Rush Ad- 
vi.sor .^; Class Treas. 4. 

HI'.UGH, Elaync M., Port Jefferson, N. Y.; Ecommucs; Chanticleer 
3, 4. I'eer; Coordinate Board 2. 

HKiH. William Gary, Millersburg, Ohio; }'sYcholoi;y; Kl; \'arsity 
D; B;iskctball I; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 


HR;H1 0\\ 1:R, .\larv D., Washingt,)!!, U. C, Relif-ion; Ivy; Nerei- 
dian, Vicc-Prcs. 3, Pres. 4; Dorm Treas. 4; Woman's Chorus I; 
(Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4. 

IIIl.I., Charles I'., Rosslvn Earms, Carnegie, Pa.; History; <J>AH; 
Red Knars; ODK. X'.rsitv I). Air Force ROTC 1; Court of Ap- 
IK.iK ;. ( iMMi. iiiK :, Mens judicial Board 4; Student Union 
lin.ird ,,r(, 4, I'hi 1 ta Sigiiia, Treas. 

,1., ,\larv P. 
dais, EAC 4. 

Ei/th rou-: 

Hll.I.IARD, Ja 

nil. I ON, Car 
sih.n, EAC 




E., Kno.xville, Ter 

oline C., Nashville. Tei 
WSGA Neusletrer I'd 

f'svchology; IlKA. 
., M.ith; KAH, Pi Alu Er 

illc, N. J.; Histor 

HirCHCOCK, Frances S., Lav 
Social Standards, Sec. 2. 

HI.V, .-Xnn H., Pro.spcct, Va.; Niirsinv.; Santa Eiloinena; Nurses 
Judicial Board 2, 3, (::hm. 4; Honor Council 3; Student Union 1. 

HOBBS, Sara \... Durham, N. C.; English; Archii-e 4; WDBS 1, 2. 

Seventh roiv: 

HODDER, Virginia A. C, Richmond, Va.; English; KKF. 

HODSON, Meta A., Mountain Lakes, N. J.; Political Science; Phi 
Bet.i Kappa, Rush Advi,sor; NSA. 

HOFFMAN. C. Roger. Chadds Ford, Pa.; Hnsiness Administration; 
\ Ml; Air Force ROTC: I, 2, 3, Commander 4, IFC 2. 

HOI.LIS. Jan M., Baker \'A Center, \V. \'a.; M.illi; Corsairs; Pi Alii 
Kpsilon; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HOLLISTER, George C, Greenwich, Conn.; English; <I>K1'; Duke 
Players; Engineers Guidance Council I, 2, 3, 4; Theta Alpha Phi, Prcs. 

HOl/r, Sylvia A., Winston-Saleiii 

, N. C, Xiirnufi: Campus Chest i. 

Sirond roiv: 

HOOPER, Nancy B., IHzal.cth ( 

:it\-, N. (.:.; Xinsiiifi; l-'AC 2. 

IIORACK. KathcniK, New Or 
llli'l', Rush AdviM.r V Class Sec. ^ 

leans. La.; Elementarv Education; 
, Phi Kappa Delta; Judicial Board 4. 

IIOCCK. \larv |., I'-.ills Church. 
\'icc-Prcs. .Son.rity 4. 

\'a.; Accounting; ZTA; WDBS 1; 

Third wiL-: 

HOUSE, Don R.. Monroe. N. C 

.; AaoiniliNK: 'I>K1'; Alpha Kappa 

HUDSON, .Margaret E., Johnstov 

vn. Pa.; Xiinwi^. 

HUEE.MAN, Richard B., Arlingtc 

m, \'a.; History; \^<\k 


Fmirth roil-: 
HUl.EN, Myroi 



HUMPHRIES, David R., Baton R 
ROIC I, 2, /',r, 4. 

HUN E, Bruce W. 

Tau Beta Phi; ASCE 2, ', 4, Engii 

ing Student Council 4. 

ZooloRv; IlKA; Pre-,\led 

La., I'hysics; Air Eorce 

pel Hill, N. C.; Cnd EiiKinrrniif:: .WA, 



/■ijtl, ro-jj: 

HUNT, Erancis S., Auburndale, Mass.; \1,uIj: Prc-,Med Socict 
AC 4, Woman's G 

HUSA, (;arv W". Spartanburg, S. C:.; Electrical Eiiannrrinv.; X'arsity D, 
Pi Alu Epsilon, AIEE ^ 4; Eta Kappa Nu 3, 4. Clironicic 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Cross C'ountrv 1, 2; Track I, 2. 

Sixth roiv: 

HUTC;HINS, Norman W'., Eorest City, N. C.; Science Eduction. 

INGRAM, Margo Maxwell, Spartanburg, S. C; History; K.'\fc); 
Radio Council 4. 

IRWIN, Anne R., Pitt.sburgh, Pa.; Religion; IIB*; Phi Kappa Delta; 
Sandals; Prcs. WSGA 4; Class Prcs. 2; WSGA Reprcs 
Cheerleader 1,2; VWCA Cabinet. 

ISLEV, Kay E., Burlington, N. C, Eii'ilish; AAIL Ch.^nticleer 
EAC 4. 

JAMES, Ashley S., Jr., Circen.sboro, N. C; Accounting. 

JAMES, Jay P., Wilmington. Del.; History; IIN; Marching Band 
\'ice-Prcs. Erat. 3. 

£0 f^ 

^ p p 


h^ f-^' p 

First roil': 

lAMFS, Schcrer G., Mount Airy, N. C; Eniilish: AAH; Ivy; Phi 

"licr,, K,,p|x,. 

I ARDI \, loan E., Short Hills, N. J.; E/ii^lish; KKI\ White Duchy; 
Sandals; Class Pros. 1 ; Sorority Pros. 4; WSGA Representative 1, 2, 4. 

Jl'ANNinn K, Tom L., Baltimore, ,\U1., \„rs,>,i^. 

JKNKINS, Nancy A., Atlanta, Ga.; Elementary Education: AAFI; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Delta; Pres. Dorm 4; Pres. Freshman 
VWCA 1; Treas. YWCA 2; WSGA Council 4. 

jINNINGS, Bruce P., Charleston, W. Va.; Psychology; ^KT; 
Marching Band 1,2; Pep Board 2; Pre-Med Society 1, 2. 

lOHNSON, David S., Point Pleasant Beach, N. J.; Sociology; <1>A0; 
Vl'AC 3; IWr I, :. 5, Navv ROIC I, 2, h 4; TiaditionsBoard 2; 
Chantk:iiii< I, 2, !. Business Manager 4, G.R.O.S.S. 2, ?, 4, Frar. 
Historian 2, Seererary ', 4, Publications Board 4. 

lOHNSON, Icfferson I)., Ill, Raleigh, N. C., Ihstnry: IIKA, Bench 
and Bar I, 2," Religious Council 1, 4. 

JOHNSON, Linus, White Plains. N. V., History; Navy ROTC 1. 

lOHNSON, W^illiam I... |r., Mt. (iik^id, N. C, Business Adminis- 
'tration; Alpha Kappa Psi, Peer 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 2; IDC 3, 4. 


lOHNS'FON, James I.., Pittstord, N. V.; Riisuiiss Admniist 
•I'Kl', Navy ROFC I. 2, i, 4. 

JOHNSTON, Matt R., Littleton, N. C., History: Bench and Ba 

lONI'S, (ie.iffrev C., \alhalla, N. Y.; Political Science. 

Fiftli roil-: 

JOXFS, Mary F., Pottstown, Pa., English; KKF. 

|()\1 S, Imv I ., Ir.. Sniithhcld, N. C:., Accotintiiiv.: Alpha Kappa Psi 
Mens Clmrus. Bus. Wgr. 1. 

JOLRDAN, .Martha A., Siler Caty, N. C; Psycholoi-y: IK. 

JOYCE, Dorothy D., Greenville, S. C; History; Chronicle L 2, 3; 
Student Union 1, 2, 3; Board of Governors 4. 

KAPLAN, Stanley A., Baltimore. Md.; Pre-Med; IF*; Pre-Med 

KALI MAN, Betsy A., Melbourne, Fla.; Psychology; AAA, Ivy, Phi 
Ikta Ka|)pa, C~ha\ iici.i icit I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. Sorority 4. 

Kl-l X, D.iniel W.. Lake Wales, hla.. Mechanical Eiivneerui^: i;N; 
IWr I, Al.irching Band I, ASMF i, 4. 

KM 111, Ihculore A., Passaic, N. J., Pre-Mcd: IIK«I>, Pre-Med 

,I:LLFY, Barbara |.. San Bernardino. Calil., Env.lish: AAA, Coordi- 
ate Board I; Srandards 2, Pres. Sorority i. 


Kl'NNKDY. lames L., Ir., Dallas, Texas; I'olitical Saciice; Re 
BOS; Phi Eta Sigma, Senator 2, \ 4. 

KENT, Robert J., BrooUlyn, N. Y.; Hnton; ZBT; Pre-.Me> 
1,2, 3, 4. 

Sicicty 1; HoiiS( 

Woodmcrc, N. Y.; /■:«(;//,/,,■ AXA, Pi 
1, 1, 2, 4; Men's (ilee Club 

KETTERING, Ann H.. Eairmont, \V. \a.; Eiif-lish; KKP; EAC 4; 
Woman's Glee Club 1; Chapel Choir I. 

KI'.YS, Harriet L., Decatur, Ga.; Nursing; Honor Council 2. 

KIMBROUGH, Laurel A., Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; Erench; AAA; 
CHANticiEi-R I, 2, 3, Editor 4; Chm. Co-ed Ball 3; Social Standards 
2, 3; Publications Board 4. 

Thini row: 

KING, Martha Ann, Ft. Lauderdale, Ela.; Spanish. 

KINGSBURY, Robert E., Moorcstown, N. J.; Psycholoiiy; AXA; 
Swimming Team 1, 2, 3 Co-Captain 4. 

KINGSTON, David T, Edgewatcr Park, N. J.; Business Adminis- 
tnnion; AXA; Bench and Bar 2; Marching Band 1. 


Fourth row: 

KIRK, Gilman D., Columbus, Ohio; History: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

KISER, John W., Jr., Statesville, N. C; Econo?iiics; ATD; Corsairs; 
YFAC 3, 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; IPC 3; Student Union 3; Pep 
Board 1; Semper Fidelis 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

KISSAM, Roger H., Tcnafly, N. J.; Poltticnl Sarmr: 'hAH, Red 
Eriars; ODK; BOS; Corsairs; Naval ROTC, I, 2. ;. 4. I l.,u-e Prcs. I , 
Class Sec. 1; Class Pres. 2; Frat. Senator 3; (Ji.uriii.m S\ nip:)Miini 
Committee 4. 

Fifth row: 

KITCH, Joseph M., Durham, N. C; History; KA; Lacrosse I, 2. 

\a.. /'«/,/„-.,/ Srinic,-: Marching 

KLUGEL, Harry T, III, Emporia. 
Band I, 3, 4; Concert Band I; Campus 

KNORR, Richard J., Clark, N. J.; M,rlij„iuil /.// 
AS.ME 4; Engineers Guidance Council 3. Navy RO 1 

trrinii: AXA, 

Sixth row: 

KNORR, Robert J., Clark, N. J.; Mechanical Engineering.; AXA; 

ASME 3, 4; Engineers Ciuidance Council 3; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

KNOWTES, Fred T, Danville, \a.; Civil Engineering;; ASCE 4; 
Concert Band 1,2; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3. 

KOOCK, Kenneth J., New York, N. Y; I're-Law; ZBT. 

KREIDER, Cynthia A., Lancaster, Pa. 
Board 3; NSGA, Publications Chm. 3. 

KREPS, Donald E., Pittsburgh, Pa 
1; .Methodist Student Fellowship. 

Xiirsing; VAC 2; Publications 
isiiifss Adiiniiistration; YMCA 

KROLL, Ronald N., Toms Ri%ei 
I. 2, 3, Pres. 4; Marching Band 

; Chemistry; Alpha Phi Omega 
4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2. 

Mb ^ 

P P 

KUHN, Alan K., C:olutiibus, Ohio; Geology; AS*; Corsairs Naw 
ROIC I, 2, 3, 4; Semper Kidelis; V\DBS 1, 2; Commodore Club 

LAMBER r, Ethelyn \V., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Nursing; Chapel Choir 2, 3; 
Woman's Glee Club 2, 3; Sec, Student-Faculty Committee. 

LANGE, VValden A., Columbia, Conn.; Business Administration- 
'^K'^, Air Force ROTC 1, 2; Pep Board 2; Shoe and Slipper Club. ' 

LANKFORD, \\'ayne H., Portsmouth, Va.; Sociology; Campus 
Chest 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Lacrosse 2, 3, 4. 

Accounting; KAO; YWCA 

LARSEN, Patricia M.. Lakeland, Fl 
L 2, 3, 4; Pep Board \. 

LASSITER, Nancy L., Smithrtcld, N. C.; Music; KA, Ivy, Chapel 
C^hoir I; Women's C^horus 1; Phi Beta Kappa; Madrigal Singers 3, 4. 

rinni roil-: 

LEA, Lillian R., F.ills Clhurch, \'a.. Accounting; Student Union 2; 
Duke Outing Club 3, 4. 

LE BON, Kenneth i\L, Hopewell, N. J.; English; Bench and Bar 3 4 
Navy ROTC 1; Prc-Med Society 1, 2. 

LEBOS, Harvey C, Tampa, Fla.; Pre-Med; TE*; Concert Band I; 
Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Hillcl Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper 


LEGGETT, James .\L, Asheboro, N. C, Education; KA; Football 
1,2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2. 

LEHMAN, Dale F., Wayne, N. J.,; Nursing; FAC 2; Ncreidian I. 

LFXTL, Donald J., Brooklyn, N. Y.; English; ZBT; Archive 3. Peer 2. 

LEWIS, William R., Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Historx; (-).\', Bench and 
Bar 3, 4, Mens Glee Club 1. 

LILES, Jesse S., Jr., Gatesville, N. C; History. 

LITTLE, Catherine F., Wadesboro, N. C; Music; AAIl, Women's 
Chorus 1; Women's Glee Club 2; Chapel Choir I, 2; Social Stand- 
ards 2; YWCA; FAC 4; Chancel Singers 2, Delta Mu Tau 4. 

Pete L., 

4, DukE, 

X. (".. Mechanical Engineering; KA; 
4, Track and Cross Country \, 2. 

J., Jr.. FlushiriK. N. V. Science Education; 0X; Navy 
4, Semper Fidelis 3, 4, Frat. Pres 4. 

l.OCKWOOD, George W[., Hampton, \'i 
AiiKTican Institute of Physics 3, 4. 

I.OMI R, Rowland S., Roslyn Harbor, N. \., Mechanical Engineering; 
ASM!' 4, Navy ROTC I, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4;Wres- 
tling I, 2, 3,4; Baseball 1. 

LONGSWORTH, Samuel J.. C:arrollt<)n, Ohio; Envlish; Campus 
Chest; Methodist Student Fellowship; YMCA. 

1 OSI T, Thomas P., Jr., Houston, Texas; History; BWH. Old Trinity 
( liib, \',irsity D, Air Force ROTC; Pres. Shoe and Slipper C:iub; 
1 .icn.ssc. Wrestling 1. 

LOVK, Sarah F... Clha 


LO\ r,l.I„.|. P.. Oiirlia 
2, {'hm. -'; Kappa ('111 

LOVVF.NBACH. Clhrisnne H., Durham, N. C; H; 
Girls Club 1,2; Sorority Sec. 4. 

c. N. C; Hislr/ry: C/aiiipus Chest i, Sec. 4; 
X. C, l-Nfiliih: ^\. VFAC 2, ?, Pep Boarei 
ZTA; Town 


Med Society 1, 2 

Lexington, Ky.; I're-Mtii: ZB F; Pre- 
Tennis 1, 3, 4; Men's (ilee Club I. 

LUDV\'IGSON, Robert G„ New York, N. Y.; Mechariual E,. 
ASME4; WDBS 1, 2, 3. 

LUNOHOI.M, Lois Jean, Ridpcw< 
eil 5. Chni. 4, .huiicial Board 4. 

N. J. 

'/■/;;>./ ro-u.- 

LUPION, Ruth, Alamance, N. C.; English; HB*; Sandals; FAG 3. 

LYNCH, Charles T, Jr., Morehead City, N. C.; English; <I>K2; 
Campus Chest L 2; YFAC 3; Peer 1; Pre-Med Society 1. 2. 

LYONS, Stephen T, Arlington, \'a.; Electncl Eiivnirring; AIFF 
2, 3, 4. 


Fourth row: 

MacCARTKE, Carl C, Chevy Chase, Md.; I're-MeJ; *A(-); Pre- 
Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MACE, Stephen G., Jacksonville, Fla.; E, 
3, 4; Student Union 1,2, 3, 4. 

UN; Pep Board 
Mackenzie, Susan E., Spartanburg, S. C; I'sycholony: FIB-J'. 

Fifth row: 

MacNAUGHTON, Jimmy N., Kingsport, Tcnn., I'hysics: Pi Mu 

Epsilon; Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2. 

MARGOLIS, Marshall H., Durham, N 
ROTC 1; Town Men's Club I, 2, 3, 4. 

MARGOLIS, Maxinc (;., Wi 
3; Pres. Sorority 3. 

History: Air F'orce 
N. C.; English: AE*; FAC 

MARKAS, Johnny ,\I., Morganton, N. C; Geology; KA; Red Friars; 
Who's Who; Pres. MSGA 4; Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. 

NLARKS, William F., II, Towson, Md.; Mechanical Engineering: 
DAE; ASME 4; DukEngineer 3, 4; Publications Board 4; Commodore 
Club 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

.NL'KRSH, James A., Jr. 
Omega 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4. 

Monroe, N. C; Zoology; (-)\; Alpha Phi 

Seventh row: 

MARSHALL, Frances L., Clarence, N. Y.; S'lirsing. 

MARSTON, Edwin L., Jr., Briarcliff Manor, N. Y.; Folmcal Science; 
^KT; BOS; YFAC 2, 3; NSA 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 2; MSGA 
Senator 1,2; Duke Players 3. 

MAR\'IN, Guy, Boulder, Colorado; Political Science: DX; BOS; 
Arnold Air Society; Air Force ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union I, 2, 
3, 4; Board of Governors 4. 




MASON, Geoffrey S., Nokomis, Fla.; Sociology; BHll; Chronicle 
1,2, 3; Navy ROTC I; Harlequins 2, 3, 4. 

MASSENGILL, R. K., Ft. Worth, Texas; Pre-Med; I'N; Prc-Mcd 

S.Kictv 1. ^. 4; Prcs. Order cif Hippocrates, 

MA I KO\i:. \l,irt,Mrcr A.. Raleigh. X. C; F.niilnli; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Ivv. ConiincnccnR-nt Marshall i. 

MATTHEWS, Steven L.. Bessemer Citv, N. C. Mnkmual Engi- 
neering; ASME 2, 3, 4; IDC 3. 

MA ri'HEWS, Sylvia A., Charlotte, N. C; Xiining; Honor Council 

MATTHIAS, Douglas E., Norfolk, \a.; Accoiintinv.; UK*; Campus 
Chest I, 2; Chronicle 1, 2. 3, 4, Student Union 2, 3, Treas. Board of 
Governors 4. 

MAYNE, Linda C, Westfield, N. J.; Nursing; Social Standards 2, 3, 
Chm. 4; Judicial Board 4; Nereidian 1,2; Woman's Glee Club. 

MATZNER, Hilda 1,., White Lake, S. D.; Nursing. 

McBRYDE. Pri.sciUa R.. Durham. N. C; Hisiorv; KKF; FAC 4; 
YWCA 1.2, 3, 4. 


Foiirlh rou-: 

\l.( AIG. DouglaN A.. Delray Beach, V\i., Electrical Engineering; 

All I 4, Air I'lirce ROIC' I. 2, Engineers Guidance Council 3, 4; 

M. ( :AR I HV, Paul I., Ir., Burlington, N. C; Business Administration; 
Ki:, > \1(A I. J, i, 4. 

\1, ( AR Ml V, W ilhani J., Miami. Fla.; Chemistry; IIX; Chantici,ef,r 
2 i. State Student l.egi.slature, Treas. 2; Tau Kappa Alpha, Prcs. So. 
Region 2. 

Fifth ro-w: 

:k G., Jr., Savannah Beach. Cia.; Education; 
. Air Force ROTC 1,2, 5, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Nil (,l I If, C.iroKnS., 1 luntington, W. Va.; Chemistry ;KKr; Sandals; 
l\\, I AC 4, Caiiiinis Chest 1; Coordinate Board 2. 

\1, IN I OSH, Alan E., St. Petersburg, Fla.; Science Education; AXA; 
Navv ROIC 1, 2; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. 

\b KAY. \fik.ilm \'., Plainheld, N. f; Histurx; C:ampus Chest 

/',,» ;. 4. Men's (.lee Club 1, Chapel Choir I. 

\l(\lfl,l„ l.aXerne. Memphis, Tenn., Matlieiiiatics; Ivy; ChaN' 
eiijK 1,2. Judicial Board 4. 

McNElLL, Leslie Gray, Whiteville, N. C; English. 

Srirnlh rou-: 

Ml ll'R, |ohn ()., Durham. N. C. Electrical EnK'ncerinK; C;orsairs; 
Pi Mil I pMlnn. fail Hera Pi, See- 4, AlFT 2, 3,4; Navy ROTC 1,2, 3, 
li.itt.ihon Coiiim.uuler 4, I t.i K.ippa Nu, Pres. 4; Town Men's Club 
1, 2. ;. Club !. 4. 

MELVIN, Richard F., Palm Beach, Fla.; English; l^N. 

MENNE, Eugene C, Dover, Mass.; Electrical Engineering; AIEE 3, 4. 


MINSON, Robert C, Hartford, Conn.; Chrmisrry: BX; Peer 2, 3; 
\\•>.^t^ll^stcr Fellowship Club; YMCA. 

Ml R\\ IN, Grier H., Washington, D. C; HisWry; ^AK; Delta Phi 
Alpha; Prc-Med Society I, 2, 3, 4;WDBS 1; Order of Hippocrates. 

MILES, Arthur C, Atlanta, Ga.; PoUtiail Science; Air Force ROTC 1 ; 
Clironiclf 1, 2, 3, 4; I'eer 2; Executive Council; Publications Board 
N 4; International C'lub 4. 

Second ro'u:: 

MILLER, Elizabeth C, Columbia, S. C; History; AAO; Class Vicc- 
Prcs. 2; Class Council 2;VVRA Representative; Panhellenic Repre- 
sentative; Pres. Sorority 4; YWCA Cabinet, Publicity Chni.; House 
Judicial Committee. 

MILLER, Louis G., Cambria Heights, N. Y.; Eni>.imrrmg.; ZN; 
ASCE 3, 4; DukEnxineer 4; Engineers Guidance (Council 3, 4; Navy 
ROTC 1; Commodore Club 1. 

MILLER, Roger A\'., Buffalo, N. Y; Accoiwtinn; ASMK 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Navy ROIC 1. 2; YMCA. 

MILLER, Wjlliam B., Cumberland, Md.; Business Adtmnistmwn; 
■l-Kl!; Baseball 1. 

MILLS, Hugh H.. Jr., Forest City, N. C; Psycholoav; Phi Fta Sigma; 
Pi Mu Epsilon; Navy ROTC 1; Phi Beta Kappa. 

MILLS, Rebecca A., Washington, D. C; Chemistry; ZTA; Pres., 
Delta Phi Rho Alpha; Concert Band 1; FAC 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; 
Pres., \'ice-Prcs., Sec. WRA; Dorm Treas. 


Fourth roil-: 

MINCHER, Thomas D., Roanoke Rapids, N. C; Accounting. 

■MITCHELL, Ellison C, Jr., Greenville, S. C; History; SAE; An 
Force ROTC 1; MSGA 3; Student Union 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MOCK, Eric \'., Winston-Salcn 
Campus Chest; Debate Council 

N. C. History; Tau Kappa Alpha 

Fifth ro-^-: 

MOKSZINGER, Pamela G., Charlotte, N. C; Nursing. 

MOORE, John M., Jr., Greensboro, N. C; Ecoiumiics; KA. 

MORGAN. Thomas H., Garden City, N. Y; History; •I-KT'; Sigma 
Delta Pi; Chronicle 1, 2, .\dvertising Manager 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; Pub- 
lications Board 4; Golf Team 1. 

.MORRILL, Lyman P., W. Newton, Mass.; Engineering: <1>K ' 
ASCF 3; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club I, 2. 3, 4. 

MORRIS, Barbara R., Washington, N. C; Education; AAIL 

MORRIS, Joel J., Raleigh, N. C; History; IIKA. 

MORRIS, Judith J., Aiken, S. C; Chemistry; A'l-; Women's Glee 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chapel Choir 2. 3, 4; Chancel Smgcrs 2, 3, 4, Student 
Union Publicity Committee 1,2; CH.\MK;i,t;ER 2. 

MORRIS, Robert VV., Matawan, N. J.; Geology; AH*; Marching 
Band 1, 2; Peer 1; Lacrosse 1. 

MORRISSEY, Sheila N., New York, N. Y; History; Dorm X'icc-Pres.; 
Newman Club; International Club, Foreign Student Committee 3, 4. 

^^1 W^f ^v^^^ 

o p, 

K ^ % 


C> ,(^. p 

r-' o p 

MOSS, Joseph \\'., St. Si. 
I, :. !, 4; Frat. Prcs. 4. 

Island, Ga.; Ecorio 

ML \1K)RD, Edwin H., Toledo, Ohio; Electrical Engmeermg; AIEE 
4, Hoot n' Horn 3, 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 
1, :. 3, C:ommodore Club I, 2, 3, 4; Duke Dolphin 1, 2, 3; WDBS 

\1VERS, Frank Cha 

Montgomery, Ala.; English; Prc-Mcd 

.\1YKEL, Scott J., Barneveld, N. Y.; Sociology; Chapel Choir 1, 2; 
Mens Glee Club 1, 2; Chancel Singers 1, 2; Air Force ROTC I. 

Ni Bl.FTT, Lewis M., Staten Island, N. Y.; Chnnistry; Swimming 
1,2. Pre-.Vled Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 

NELSON, Richard C„ Dre.xe 
ATA; ASME 2, 3, 4; Swimmi 
Prcs. 4. 

Hill, Pa.: Mniumcal Engmeermg; 
g 1, Navy RO FC 1, 2, 3, 4, Frat. 

NFUBAUER, Laurens H., Jr., Rockingham, N. C; Bimnns A.Umn 
tratwn; \arsity D; Baseball 2, 3, 4. 

NEWMAN, Robert C 
Vice-Pres. 4; Phi I'.ta S 
Sec. 4; Concert Band, 

Arlington, \a., Miithemjtus; Pi Mu Epsilon. 
rma; Sigma Pi Sigma, Prcs. 4; Delta Mu Tau, 
S\iiiphony Orchestra. 

NICHOLSON, William .\1., Jr 
('o-ordinator 4; Student Union . 

Durham, N. C; Hmory; MSGA 3, 
3, Co-Chm. of Social Committee 4. 


NICKS, Sam F., Roxboro, N. C; Elementary Education; Ch.\ntici.eer 
2; Judicial Board 4; YMCA; Jr. Class Representative. 

NIFSFN, Stephen M., Deal, N. J.; Pre-Med; ZBT; Tennis 1; Pre- 
\U.l Society 2, 5, 4. 

\()r, Doii.ild 1 ., Davton, Ohio, Business Administration; A'FA, Bench 
and Bar 1, VFAC; 2.' 

Fifth row: 

NORTON, Henry R., Jr 

Trafford, Pa.; French; Archive 3, 4. 

NORWOOD, Sharon B., Glenridge, N. J.; \iirsing; FAC 2, SNA 
Representative 3, SGA Executive Council 3. 

NURKIN, Sidney J., Durham, N. C; Electrical Engineering; ATA; 
Red Friars; Who's Who; Order of St. Patrick; ODK; BOS; Pi Mu 
F.psilon, Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE 2, 3; Engineering Student 
C^ouncil 1, 2, Sec. 3, Prcs 4; Engineering Class Pres 1, 2; YFAC 
2,jr. Chm. 3,Sr. Chm. 4, YMCA 1,2, 3,Cabmct4, Frat \^ice-Prcs. 4. 

Sixth roiv: 

O'KELLEY, James T, Jr., Asheville, N. C. 
ASCE 1, 2, 3, 4; YFAC 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2 
.\lgr. 4; Publications Board 3, 4. 

Ciz-il Engineering; FIK*; 
3, Treas. 4; Peer 3, Bus. 

DIR, John A., Rocky River, Ohio; Economics; <P\Q; Old Trinity 
., ODK; BOS; Vice-Pres. Jr. Class; Pres. Senior Class; IFC 
iitivc Board; Baseball 1; YFAC 2, 3; Pres. ODK. 

OK R.John C, Wilmette, I 
Student Council Sec. 4; Ne 
Kapn.1 \u. 

Electrical Engineering; IX; Engineering 
' ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Board 2; Eta 

OWFX, Patricia W., Macon, Ga.; Psychology; XK, Ivy, Phi Beta 
K.ippj; Pm Chi Delta, Women's Glee Club"; Chapel Choir 2, 3; 
Sorontv Xice^Pres. 

0/l«)l,I. Jesse Q., Walterboro, S. C; Cifil Engineering; Air Force 
KOIC I, 2, 3, 4; ASCE 4. 

I' \( I . I lien M., Cincinnati, Ohio, Malhematics; ZTA; Concert Band 
1,2. (- hapel Choir I. 

PACKARD, Janice A., Cincinnati, Ohio; Psycholony; A<J>; NSA. 

PALMER, Grace F... Durham. N. C; Socwloay; Town Clirls C 
Prcs. 1, V'icc-Pres. 2. 

PANGBORN, Penny A., Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; History; K 
Ivv, Pi Sigma Alpha; Foreign Sru. Comm., Treas. 2, ', Chm. 4; 
ternational Club 3, 4; WSGA 4. 

Board ..r C 

ManlvnJ., Bcthpage, N. 
;ov. 4. 



: Student Uti 


1, -, 3; 


Chm. Way 

Teddy E., Fort Myer. \' 
s and Means Comm. 



; Student Un 


1,2, >; 


Religious ( 

Chri.stopher T„ Long ( 
:oun. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3. 

Jrove, 111.; 
, 4. 

Politual Sae) 



PARSON, Donald P., Ridgewood, N. J.; Political Science; ^AF; 
Bench and Bar 5, 4; C^ommodore Club; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PARSONS, David C, Altoona, Pa.; Historv; ATA; Chapel Choir 
1, 2; Chronicle 1; Men's Glee Club I, 2; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Campus Chest 2. 

PARSONS, Meredith. 
Student Homecoming ( 

omm. 4. 

111., Kna/iih; KKF; Class Sec. 4; 


Fourth row: 

PAYNE, John E., Roanoke Rapids, N. C; Histo 

Air Force ROTC 

PEARSON, Marilyn, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Political Science; Student Union 
Ed. Affairs Comm. I, 2, 4, Sec. 2; UN Model Assembly 2. 

PECK. Frederick \\'., Jacksonville, Fla.; History; ZN. 

PEELER, Robert S., Staunton, Va.; Business Administratiorn; <I>A0; 
Bench and Bar I, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PEGLER, Timothy F., The Plains, Va.; Business AJininistration; 0X; 
V\DBS 1, 2, 3; Radio Coun. 3. 

PELL, Nancy A., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; English; AXQ. 

PE.MBERTON, Mary N., \^nceyville, N. C; Philosophy; Duke 
Players 1; WSGA 1, 2, 4. 

PENNINGTON, John N., Thomasville, N. C; English; Air Force 
ROTC^ 1, 2, Chanticleer 1; Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; Student Union 
3, 4. Madrigal Singers 4; Track, 1. 

PEIERSON, Harry O., Jr., Solon, Ohio; Business Administration; 
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PEYTON, Richard R., W. Lafayette, Ind.; Pre-Med; lAE; Pre-Med 
Society 1; W'resthng I, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PHILLIPS, Paul E., Ballston Spa, N. Y.; AE*; Student Union, Mai.>r 
Attrac. Comm. 3, 4; Foreign Stu. Comm. 2, 3; Navy ROTC Band, 
Am. Field Service Club, Pres. 2, 3. 

PICKENS, James W, Orangeburg, S. C; History; <I)KS. 




PIERCE, Betsy Faye, Raleigh, N. C; Niirsinv.; Class Sec. 3; Woi 
an's GleeClub 1, 2. 

PI PAS, Carol Anne, Kingspark, N. Y.; Mathenmtus. 

PI\i:R,\\arrcn T, Rochester, N. Y.; Chemutry; Soccer I, 2, 3. 4. 

PLATT, Bonnie Ruth, Southbury, Conn.; Hutorx; Sandals; House 
Manager 2; Dorm Vice-Prcs. 3; YWCA 4. 

POi;, William Henry, Reading, Pa.; Greek; Debate Council 1, 2. 

PORTER, John T., Salisbury, Md.; Accounting; SN; Campus Chest 
2. 3; YMCA 1,2, 3, 4. 

POW I l.I„ Richard Adams, l.eaksville, N. C; Pre-Med; AS*; Pre- 

Mol Socurs I, 2. ;, 4. Student Union 1, 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PRACilR, Robert I'dward, Chester, S. C.; l'n-\t,J; W'A'. I)e 
Phi Alpha, Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Hillel Society I, 2, 3, 4; Fr 
.Social Chm. 2, Pegram Chemistry Club 3, 4. 


I-oiirth nr^K 

PREDMORF, Robert Bagger, Plainficid, N. J.; Hntory; Track I, 2; 
Navy ROIt: 1, 2, 3, 4. Wtr 3, 4, Semper Fidelis 3, 4; Commodore 
Club' 1.2, i, 4. 

PKIMISS. David John, Howells, N. Y; AvWmMijv; SX; Soccer 
I, :. ;, 4. \,l^v ROTC 1. 

Reade, Durham, N. C; English. 

Fijtli r<r^: 

PRICI'. W ilhani Solomon, Raleigh, N. C; Hhmy; UN Model As- 

stiiiM\ 2, I louse (Council I; Campus Chest 2. 

PRK I. Willi.uii Woodrow, |r., W', N. |.; Electrical En^i- 
liccunv.: Mil 2, N.lvv R()l<: 1. 2, 3, 4. 

PKIISl, William W.ill.RL, |r., Steubciu die, Ohio, AccninUiiv,: 
Al()li.i k.ipiu P.M, Air Force RO IC I, Bench and Bar 1, Shoe and 
Slipper C;iub I, 2, 3, 4, UDBS 1, 2, 3; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PRITCHEIT, Anne Sartin, High Point, N. C; Env.Ush; YWCA 

I'ROCIOR, Barbara Ann, Henderson, N. C.; History; KA; Ivy 2; 
Phi Hct.i Kappa; Religious Council 2, 3; Judicial Representatives; 
I A<; 4, Delta Phi Alpha 3, 4. 


Trinity Club; BOS; YFAC 2; Men's Ju 

I, 2, 3, 4. 

Board 3, 4; YMCA 

Sfcenth roll- 

()UFSI , Charles Edward, Louisville, Ky.; Philasophv; "tA©; Bench 

and Bar. 

RAMSIA", Barry W'inficld, Marion, N. C; Business Administration; 
KA; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

RAMSEY, Carol Ann, Tampa, Fla.; Elementary Education; AMI; 
FAC 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Dorm Sec. 2; Class Vice-Pres. 3. 


First row: 

RANKIN, William W., Fayetteville, N. Y.; History; 0X; Delta Phi 

Alpha; Marching Band 1, 2; Prc-Med Society 1; Delta Mu Tau. 

RANSOM, Edward J., Walton, N. Y.; Business Admivistration; Alpha 
Kappa Psi; Campus Chest; Navy ROTC I ; YMCA; Baseball 1, 2, ^ 4. 

RAPISARDI, Sal C, Plainview, N. Y; Psychology; 
Players 5, 4; MSGA 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2. 


, DukL 

Second roil-: 

RAUCH. Diuilev A., Crecnsboro, N. ' 

C.; M:rthe/ihnic 

>■; i;N; 


C:ho,r 2, .!. 4, Men's tike Chib 2, 5, 4, 

Student Unioi 


Snigers 2, .5. 4, 

RAUSCHKLBACH, Paul A., Neutow. 

1, Conn., Ijiki. 



Rl'Kl), ROBIRI M.. Diirango, Colo. 


Third row: 

RHOADS, Michael D., Meadowbrook, 
ROTC 1, 2, 3,4; YMCA I, 2. 3, 4. 

Pa.; F.cononnn 

:; <T>Ae 

; Navy 

RICF,, Sara A., Winston-Salem, N. C,„: 'I'M 

RICHMOND, Howard A., Jr., Riv. 
Campus C:hesr 1. 2, 3, 4; Navy RO'I ( : 
Pep Board 1, 2, 3, 4; Semper Fidelis 3, 4 
Wrestling I, 2. 

TMdc, Conn., 
1. :. i. 4, M.i 
, Cnnmodorc ( 

rchint- 1 


luid 1, 
2, \ 4, 


Fourth row: 

RICKARDS, I'Aiward S., Jr.. ,\Ullto«n, N. J.; Fcomwius: Chronicle 
I, News Kditor 2. Feature I'.ditor 3, lubtor 4. VFAC i.WDBS; 
State Student Legislature '; Student-l'aeultv .Adinunstratwin Com- 
mittee 4, Hi>ineeoming Committee 4. 

RIDDICK, Daniel H., Lynchburg. \a., I're-Mrd; IIX; Pre-Med 
Society I ; Wrestling I . 

RIDOC 1 , F.dward .\L. Durham, N. C. Rrlwion. 

Fifth row: 

ROBIKSON. Mieh.iel B.. .\l,ir\ville, Tenn.; Engineering; HK*; 
BOS, Old InnitN ( liih. Order.. I Saint Patri^ck; Pre.s., Chm. of Board 
of Directors. \'\1( ,\. .NLinaeine I ditor. DiikEn^ineer; House President; 
Homecoming Committee; YFAC, AlEE. 

ROBFR IS, Patricia A., Teaneek, N. J.. French: IIB'I'. 

ROBINSON, Barbara A., Clhadds Ford, Pa.; Economics: A'l'; C;hapel 
C:hoir 3, 4; \\'oman's Glee Club I, 2, 3, Woman's Judicial Board 4; 
Student Union 2, 3; WDBS I, 2; Chancel Singers 3, 4; Dorm Treas. 

ROGERS, James T, Greenwood, S. C; Pre-Med; <I>KS; Pre-Med 

Society 1, 2; Swimming \. 

ROHRMAN, Douglass F., Oakridge, Tenn.; History; Archive 1; 
Bench and Bar; Peer 1, 2, 3, 4; Tr;ick 1; House Vice-Pres. \. Pres. 4. 

ROLLF, Carl F., Bethesda, .Md.; Engineering; Pi Mu Epsilon; Order 
of St. Patrick; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE i, 2, 3, 4; DiikEngmeer 2, 3, 4. 
Engineers Guidance Council 2, 3; Tau Beta Pi Pres.; ASCE C^hm. 

ROSENBERGER, Lisa B., Staunton, Va.; History. 

ROSENFELD, Terry M., Trenton, N. J.; Psychology; Navy ROTC 
I; Peer 1, 2, 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; Hillel Society 1, 2, 3, 4; House Treas. 






0^ /^^ j^'^ 

ROSENSTEIN, Larry M., Charlotte, N. C; History; ZBT; Pre- 
Mcd Society 1, 2, 1, 4; Pres. Frat. 4. 

ROUGHTON, Arthur C, Reading, Pa.; Psycholofiy; OX; Chronicle 
3, 4; Peer 3. 

ROUSE, Margaret C, Annandalc, \^a.; Political Science; AXU; Phi 
Kappa Delta; FAC 4; Duke Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 3. 4; 
Iheta Alpha Phi 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4. 

Second roxv: 

ROVVELL, William J., Tucker, Ga.; Psychology; Men's Glee Club 2, 3. 

ROWLAND, Betsy A., Younpstown, Ohio; History; Pep Board 
I, 2, 3; Duke Players 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, Pres. 4; Senior Class 
Council 4. 

RUMPF, Christine, Windermere, Fla.; S/tanish; Concert Band; 
Sigma Delta Pi. 

77/; n/ roii:- 

SAALFIFI.D, J.,hn R., Toledo, Ohio; Econowus; <1'A(-), \'arsity D; 

Golf 5, 4. 

S \\l)l RS, Robert W., Jr., Florence, S. C; Accounting,; Class Vice- 
I'rcs 4, Class Sec.-Treas. 3; Alpha Kappa Psi. 

SANDS FROM, Frederick H., Great Neck, N. Y.; History; AS*; 
Air Force ROTC L 


Fourth ro'^-: 

SAKGFNl, Mary L., Hialeah, Fla.; Mathematics. 

SAWYER, Patti Ci., Atlanta, Ga.; English; Ivy; Chapel Choir 2, 3; 

M.ulrigals 4. 

SAYLOR, .Marv L., Baltimore, Md.; Nursini;. 

Fifth roiv: 

SCHFNCK, (iarrett M., Springfield, Mass.; English; Duke Players 

1,2, ^. 4, Hoof n' Horn 3, 4; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4. 

SCHMID I , Frederick K., Philadelphia, Pa.; History; Kl; Varsity D; 
Pres. Frat. 4; Athletic Rep. 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4. 

SCHUENEMANN, Roblyn B., Clollingswood, N. J.; Spanish. 

S( I1L1.LER,( 
N.ivv RO FC 

Chris C, Fairfax, \a.. Business 
1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1 

i .-iilminis 
, 2, 3, 4. 


!,■ Corsairs; 

sen LI. MAN 
Siun,,. Delta Pi 

, Robert D., Hewlett Harbor, N. Y 
; Bench and Bar 2, 3, 4. 

; Hist 

■ory; ZBT; 

SCIIWFISTRIS, John E., Ill, Greensboro, 
YFAC 3, Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3. 

, N. C; 


i,7«, nK*; 

Seventh roiv: 


1, 2, V 4, Piibl 

Ronny L., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Rations Board 4. 

; History 

; YFAC 4; Peer 


Janice E. R., Daytona Beach, Fla.; Elementary 

■ F.J mat ion; 

SI N MOL'R, Robert D., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Civil Engineerinii; A FA; 
\ .irsity D; ASC;E 3. 4; YFAC 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 3, 4. 

f^ il^ 

SHANNON, John B., |r., Richmond, \'.i,; Kconomics, B(-)II; Bend' 
and Bar 5, 4; WDBS 4. 

SH,\VV, Marrha K., Raleigh, N. C. History; Phi Kappa Delta, Sandals; 
FAC 3; Symposium Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate Council 2, 3, Sec 

4; NSA 2. 

SHF.ARF.R, Filah J., Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Sp.wish; Sit;ma Delta Hi 
anonu-U 1, 2, 3, 4. FAC 4; Publications Board !, 4. 

Seciind row: 

SHl'.I.TON, Rurtiii P., Durham, X. C., ///)7orv. 

SHFRMAN, Michael L., Baltimore, Md., l're-.\Ud; /B F, Wir: 
Playbill, Bus. Mgr. 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; X'arsity Lacrosse 


1, 2, 3, 4. 

, Big Lick, N. C; Philosophy; Symphony Orchestra 



Third row: 

SHINN, Robert M., Concord, N. C; History; AS*; Chronicle 
SHUFORD, Charlotte, Lincolnton, N. C:.; English; a>,\L 
SIDFS, Martha Ci., Charlotte, N. C, Sp.uiish; Sigma Delta Pi. 


SILER, Nancy E., Franklin, N. C; History; AXQ; FAC 4; NSA 3; 
Woman's Glee Club I, 2. 

SKAGGS, Mary S., Charleston, W. Va.; Zoology; Coordinate Board 2. 

SKILLS, Susan M., Wilmington, Del 
Chancel Singers 3, 4; Woman's ('horus 


Elenifntarv Eiiiidit 
Glee Club 2, 3, 4. 

SKLAR, Isabel N., Massapequa Park, N. Y.; Nursing; Campus Chest 
1,3; Chronicle 1; Student Union 1; Judicial Board 2; Treas. NSGA 2. 

SLOAN, Cyrus H., Sanford, N. C; His 

SMILEY, Barry A., Slippery Rock, Pa. 
1,2; Soccer 1, 2, 3; Men's Glee Club 1. 

■y; BWH; Navy ROTC 1. 
Economics; —\, Lacrosse 

1, Ohio; Psychology; HKA; Pre-Med 

S.MFFH, Dennis .\L, Ci 

Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SMFFH, Elizabeth L., Raleigh, N. C; French; KA; Chronicle 1; Stu- 
dent Union 1, 2, 3, Board of Governors 4. 

SMITH, George E„ New Bern, N. C; History; \'arsity D; Golf 
1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Navy ROTC 1,2. 

SMITH, Kathryn O., Deep Run, N. C; Chemistry; Campus Chest 2. 

SMITH, .Mary T, Houston, Texas; Spanish and English; <I>M; Rush 
Advisor 3. 

SMITH, Paul D., Charlotte, N. C; Bench and Bar 4; Duke Players 2; 
Pre-Mcd Society 1; Men's Glee Club, Asst. Bus. Mgr. 2, 3, 4. 

SMITFI, Rex K., Tulsa, Okla., Clu-mistry- Pre-Mcd Society 1 2 ? 4- 
Suiinining 1. 2. 

Second row: 

SMITH, Robert K., Columbia, S. C.; I'liysus; Pi Mu I'lisilon; Campus 
( 'best 2. 

SMI I II, R,>bert G., Miami, Kla.; Vice-Pres. Freshman YMCA; 
(Iniiiinlr 1. 2; Dad's Day Committee 1, 4. 

S\n I H, Robert D., Fairfield, Conn.; Mechanical Engineerijig; AXA; 
X.irMtv D; ASME 2, 3, 4; Engineers Guidance 4; Navy ROTC 1; 
l.acrn.sse I, 2, }, 4; Frat. Vice-Pres. 3. 

Third roiv: 

SNYDER, Edward \\'., Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical Ennineenng; 
ASME 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Pi Tau Sigma Treas. 3, Pres. 4. 

SOMMERMEYER, Wade S., Denver, Clolo.; History; ATA; Chronicle 
3; Navv ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SPANGLER, Mary J., Ardn 

Pa.; Xiirsing; Social Standards 


SPI IDl'N, Joseph H., Jr., Louisville, Ky.; History; <I>A0; Men's 
( lice ( lull 1, 2; Harlequins; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3; Frat. Officer 3, 4. 

SPI;NC;I'.R, Vlrgll S., charlotte, N. C; Kconomics. 

Ohio; Elementary Ediic 

SPERRY, Sue, Harr 
Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. 


AXtJ; Ivy; 

SPKilNI R, M.inon P., Jr., Charlotte, N. C; Business Ad?nrnistration; 
liwil. I rcshniin Class Pres.; Navy ROTC 1, 2, Pep Board I. 

SPRANKI.IX, John W., Ill, Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical Engineering; 
Icnnis, Glee Ciub; International Club. 

SPRA r I, Sally J., Charlotte, N. C; History; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi 
Kappa Delta; Ivy; Pi Sigma Alpha Sec; WSGA Council 3; NSA Co- 
ordinator 3; YWCA Cabinet 1, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3. 

SPROUL, Robert G., Jr., Arlington, Va.; Civil Engineering; SX; 
ASCE 4. 

STAFFORD, Joe R.. Julian, N. C:.; Accounting; Navy RO IC 1, 2, 
3, 4, Alpha Kappa Psi 3, 4. 

Seventh rov.-: 

STALLINGS, Ann C., Durham, N. C, Elementary Education; A*; 

I'reshnian Y Cabinet; Women's Chorus; Women's Glee Club; Chapel 


S FALLINGS, Daniel L., Jr., New Bern, N. C.; Business Adminis- 
tration; House Vice-Pres. 4. 

SI AXIFR, Charles E., Gary, Ind.; History; <I>AH; Football 1, 2, 3; 
Frat. Officer 4. 


STAPLEKORD, Harry Edward, Woodbury, N. J.; ElcctrujI Enni^ 
veentis; AIEE I; Chapel Choir 1; Men's Glee Club 1. 

S TARMNG, James Fulton, Jr.. Lumberton, N. C; /Vc- U,-,/, \Lnli,- 
tihUic^- Alpha Phi ()nict;a I. 2, '. \'icc-Prcs 4; Prc-Med Society I, !. 
Dad's Day Committee 2, 4. 

ik, Demarest, N. ).; Eleclricat EnRineerinv.: 
H..m I. VMCA f, 1: See. AIEE. 

Secnihi roiv: 

STEER, Paul L., Denver, Colo.; Chemistrv; ZBT; Peer 2, 3, 4; Pre- 
Med Society I, 2, 3, 4; Hillel Society 1, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 
3, 4, Dance Chm. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Advisor 2, 3. 

STEINKULLER, Paul CJilbert, Kensington, Md.; I're-Med: >I>K1'. 
Pre-Med Society I, 2, !, 4, W DBS 1. 4, Pre-Med .■\dvi,sory Council 
3, 4; Sailing Club 1, 2. 

STEINMAN, Kurt Williaiii. Durham, N. C.; Biiunrss Ati/iiinislrjiwn: 
•DKU'; Tennis I. 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Third row: 

STEWART, Anne Donnelly, Lockport, N. Y.; Nu 

; Santa Filo- 
Orientation Chm. 3; Executive 

mena; Ncreidian 1, 2; FAC Chn 
Council 3; Honor Council I, 3. 

STEWART, Robert Lee, Bridgeville, Pa.; Pre-Med; AT!!}; Varsity D; 
Pre-Med Society I, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Ba.sketball 1; Track 

SIINNKir. Ann Ray, Brenham, Te.\.; E>,i(lish; ZTA; Tau Ps 
Omega; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sorority Viee-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Rush Ad 
visor 3. 


STITH, Frank Albert, III, Durham, N. C; Historv; *K1^ Men's 
Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Student Union 2, 3; YMC:A 1, 2,' 3, 4; Chm. Na- 
Aft'airs Committee. 

STITH, W. Curtis, Jr., Baltimore, Md.; Political Science: Chromcle 
2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ST. JOHN, Andrea Kaye, Marietta, Ga.; NiirsiNSi: YV\(^A 1. 

Fi/th row: 

ball 1, 2, 3,4. 

David, Winston-Sale 
/, Clharle 

, N. ('.; Educiition; K.\- Foot- 
;in, W. Va.; Sociology-Anthro- 

STONE, Samuel Mari. 
pcMy; AXA; YMC:A 

SI OU r, Michager Dockery, Greensboro, N. C; Business Adminis- 
tnilion: KA; Air Force ROTC I; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; YMCA 
1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming I, 2. 

S IRA TEN, Roland Frederick, Wayne, N. J.; Meckvncal Erif-ineerins.: 
Kl'; ASME 3, 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA I, 2, 3, 4; Com- 
modore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Track 1. 

STRAUB, Jeannette Mumford, Durham, N. C; NursinR; Chapel 
Choir 3, 4; Woman's Glee Club 3; Student Union 3; Social Stand- 
ards 3. 

STRIBLING, James Wendell, Atlanta, Ga.; EtiRlish; Shoe and Slipper 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 3, 4; YMCA 2, 3; Treas. F'reshman 

STROTHER, Rebecca Ann, Raleigh, N. C. Histor\: KA; Social 
Standards 2; WSGA 4; YWCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

STUART, Charles Edward, Durham, N. C'.; Electrical Engineerinii: 
^X; AIEE 3, 4; Freshman Advisory Council 2; Cross Country 1, 2; 
Track 1. 

STUBBS, Allston Julius, Durham, N. C; Pre-Med: Varsity D; Pre- 
Med Society I, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2; Track 1, 2. 



STUMMER, J. Richard, Quaker Hill, Conn.; Psychology; ^KS; 
Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Semper Fidelis 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2. 

SUGG, Ann, Rocky Mr 
Social Standards Calenda 

It, N. C; Histor, 
Sorority Treas. 

KA; FAC 4; Co-Editor 

SURRATT, Mary E., Rose Hill, N. C; English: FAC 4; Methodist 
Student Fellowship 1. 

sun ON. K.. F,uson, N. C; Music E,i,/c,ihon; ZK. YWCA 
( ^nmiiiittn I, 2, Mcrlicidist Student Center 1; Women's Glee Club 
1,2, Chapel C:hoir 2, Madrigal Singers 3, 4. 

SWAIN, Ronnie E., A-lontrcal, Quebec; Psychology: ATA; YFAC; 
Pre-Mcd Society. 

TALBOT, Elizabeth B., Barnardsville. N. J.; Nursing: Campus Chest 
2; Chapel Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Woman's Glee Club I, 2, Honor Council 3; 

E.\ecutive Council 4; Class Sec. 2. 

Third roiv: 


A., Hcndcrsonvillc, 

N. V... ('heinistry: Madrigal 

TATE, Wdham 
i:N; ASME 3, 4; 

S., Jr., Hyattsvillc, 
Navy ROIC 1,2, 3 

.Md., Mechanical Engineering; 
, 4; Student Union 2, 3. 

TAV'ERNISE, Emilio G., Durham, N. C; Art History; Air Force 
ROTC I, 2, 3, 4; Archiie 2; Exec. Officer, Arnold Air Society. 


Eourth roii-: 

TAX'FRNISE. Silvio, Durham, N. C; Freruh; Arnold Air Society; 

Air Force ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YFAC 1, 2, 3, 4; Treas. Arnold Air Society 

TAYLOR, Allen M., Miami, Fla.; Pre-Med; ZBT; Concert Band 1; 
Hillel Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society. 

TAYLOR. Jcanette .\L, Greenville, N. C; Psychology. 

Fifth roiv: 

THOMAS, Helen L., Lancast 
Club 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 2, 
Delta 3, Pres. 4. 

, Pa.; Psychology 
Chancel Singers 


minster Fellowship 

Charlotte, N. C, Religion; YFAC 3 ; W( 
3, 4, Student Union 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1. 

THOMAS, Sandra K., Sanford, N. C; Zoology; Methodist Student 
Fellowship 1. 

Sixth roil-: 

IHOMPSON. I'ugene H., Spartanburg, S. C Electrical Engineering; 
IIK'h, Pi Mil I psilon, Tau Beta Pi; AlEE 2, 3, 4; Engineers Guidance 
( ..iimil 4, SiL'iii.i Pi Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Beta Kappa; Vice- 
I'ris., I.i.i 1x1,1 Pi 4. 

IHO.MPSON, Kenneth W., Lvnchburg, V, 
ball 2, 3, 4; Track 2. 

THOMPSON, Robert ,\L, W hitcville, N. 
tion; AXA; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, Wcstminsti 
Kappa Psi 3, 4, Vice-Prcs. 4. 

History; ATQ; Foot- 

Hiisiness Administra- 
L-llowship I, 2, Alpha 

Seventh roiv: 

THOMPSON, Weslev .\L, Dunn, N. C; Business AJminislatwu; KA; 
Old Trinity Club; Alpha Kappa Psi; Court of Appeals 4, Class Pres. 
3; C^hm. IFC Investigating C-omm. 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

IHORNBERRY, Robert E., Vienna, Va.; Mathematics; Arnold Air 
Society; Pi Mu Epsilon; Air Force ROTC; IVCF Pres. 4. 

TIEGER, Joseph H., East Orange, N. J.; Psychology; Delta Phi Alpha; 
Chronicle 3; Student Union 1,2, 3, 4; Psi Chi Delta 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4. 


TIMBERLAKE, Joe E., Jr., Macon, Ga.; Business Adnnmstr 
i;.\'; Chanticleer I; Alpha Kappa Psi 3, 4. 

riREGOL, Fusun A., 
Tail Psi OmcL'a. 

Istanbul, Turkey; Gernum; Delta Phi Alpha; 
Mcailc. Mci.; Psxchohiix; UN, Stiulcnt Union 


rOWLE, Patricia M., Miami, Fla.; Political Science; AAII; Judicial 
Hoard 4; VVRA Representative 2; Pi Sigma Alpha; Delta Phi Rho 
Alpha; Sorority Trcas. 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Panhellcnic Representative 3. 

rOVV'NSI'.ND, Dabncy W'., Jr 

Arlington, \'a.; I'hy 

Third rozi-: 

IRKNT, Mary D., Durha 

, N. C'.; Element,! rv KJiicr, 

1 RIPLKI T, Joy E., Orlando, Fla., Phi Kappa Delta; Ivy; NSA 
V\\C:A \'ice-Pres. 4. 

TURNER, Thomas E., Naugatuck, Conn.; History; B(-)II; Chan 
CLEER 2, 3, MSGA 1,2; Navy ROIC 1,2; Wrestling 4. 


Fourth rou-: 
TUl TLE, Lyr 

S., Raleigh, N. C; Psychology: YMCA Cabinet 3, 4. 
History: ATti; Student 

TUTTLE, Robert G., Jr., Asheville, N. C, 
Union 2; Religious Council 1, 2; YFAC 2. 

TYNDALL, Leslie G., Kinston, N. C. 
Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, V^icc-Pres. 4. 

History: Chapel ("hoir 


ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track I. 

UZZELL, Margaret A., Golds 
Woman's Glee Club 1. 2. 

\^AN DYCK, Judith L., Richmond, \a.; Mathemat, 
Who: Sandals; WSGA Treas. 4. 

1, N. C; History; KA; Foot- 
N.C; French: Chapel Choir 2: 
AAA; Who's 

Sixth rnii:: 

VAN DYCK, Louis B., I\^, Scotia, N. Y; Historx: ATA; Cross 
Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Navy ROTC 1. 

VICK, Bonnie G., Atlanta, Ga 

Eni^lish: FAC 4; Ivy. 

VINCENT, Richard H., Orange Park, Fla.; Pre-Lciv: ATU; YFAC 
3; Chronicle 4; Marching Band 1, 2; F'rat. Sec. 3. 

V^OGEL, Lynne M., Arlington, Va.; Mathe?n<irics : Ivy; Pi Mu Epsi- 
lon; Delta Phi Alpha; Dorm Officer 3. 

VOGT, Larry C, Bcthesda, Md.; Economics. 

Pre-Med: SN; Concert Band 

V^OLLMER, Robin T, Louisville, K> 
2, Pre-Med Society 3, \'ice-Pres. 4. 


W \i 

>iil .\lKh.icl, Grosse Pointe, Mich.; E/n 
l)r,lii ..t Sr. Patrick, Pres.; BOS, Pntiinu 
4, Prc-\UJ Society 2, 3; Pres. Innror ,ind Si 

W AC;\I R. Dennis W. K., Niagara Falls, N. Y; K,-//«w«,- IIK< 
D.ui's Day C^onim. 3; National-International Affairs Coiiim. 3, l''r. 

WAI.D, Gail Sue, Rocky Mount, N. C,; Efiiilish; AE'I>. 

W'ALDRON, Pendleton G., Greensboro, N. C.; Hulory; <l'Ki;; 
Asst. Chm. IFC Rush Comin. 

WALKER, Charles David, Allison Park, Pa.; Politiai! Science; X\ ; 
V'arsity D; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Newman Club I, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Foot- 
ball 1,2, 3,4. 

Thini rozi- 

WALKER, John Albert, Jr., Kn.ixville. Tcnn.; l'oI,i,c,,! Science; BOS; 
Tau Psi Omega, Pres. 3; Tau Kappa Alpha 2, 5, Pres. 4, AFS 1, 2, 3, 4; 
SSL 1, 2,^ 3, 4; Housemaster 4; Chm. Court of Appeals 4; Vicc-Prcs. 
Debate Council 3. 

V\ALLWORK, L. Kristen, Nashville, Tenn.; Chemistry; KA0; Ivy; 
Student Union 2, 3; FAC 3. 

W ALFERS, Louie M., Mo 
ASCE 3, 4. 

N. C; Civil Engineering; H.X; 


W ANLESS, Carole F., Springfield, III.; History; AAA; Sandals; 
WniiKin's Glee Club I. 

W ARI). Allan N., Jr., Durham, N. C; Htslory; AXA; Navy ROTC 
1,2, 5, 4; Semper Fidelis 1; Commodore Club 3; Track 3. 

W ARI), Ann C. Willi. 

Baptist Stude 

Fifth roir: 
WARD, David 

Jr., Tampa, Fla.; History; ATO; Alpha Kappa 

WARD, Mary W., Amelia, Va.; Nursing; Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; 
Woman's Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Student Union 3, 4. 

WARD, Thurman R., Jr., Lincolnton, N. C; Accounting; Ai:<I'. 

WARREN, John H., Allegany, N. Y. 
Bench and Bar 1 . 

Air Force RO 1 C 

WA FIRM AN, A., Fairfli 

\i.; Psycholoi 
Newman Clul 

IIKA; Men's 

2; Commodore 

KA, House 

David ,\1., Belmont, N. C 

WAUD, Charles B., Waukegan, 111., EuKhsh; I'AE, Air Force RO I 
I, Bench and Bar 2, 3, 4, Student Union 2, ?, 4. 

WEAVER, Sandra E., Arlingnm, Yi., Chemistry; Ivy; C:.)nc( 
Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 

WEEKS. Bevcrlv V., Durham, N. C. Eh-wentarv Educition; AAl 
Social Standards I; Rush Advisor 4. 


W I'.HRLE, Richard T, Charlotte, N. C; History; *Ki:. 
WKINER, Judith A., Greenville, Mi.s.s.; Psychology: AK-J-. 

WFIR, Michael \\'., Stamford, Conn,, I'oli/mil S,i,-mr: A 
ROrC 1. XSA 2, V 

ir Force 

Samni nni-: 

W ll.Sll. 1. MKh.ul, Baltimore, Md.. K«.w//,-.vj Admniistratmi 

\-.irMtv 1), Alpha Kappa Rsi, Clironuh- 1, M'AC4, 1 ..icrossc 1 

;,- SAF; 

, 2, i, 4. 

W ll.l, Phocl.t, lo«a ( ,tv. Iowa; Hhlory. KKI', I'h, Kapp 
Pres., Saiui.ils, \\,.inin,- C dec Club 1; Woman's iiuiicial 
See. <, \\SC;A \ lee I'res. 4, .Sec. of YWCA. 

a Delta, 

W 11. rf:R. Ilizalicth A.. Baldwin, N. Y., Sci.-mr E.iiujiion; Iv 
Ph, .Alpha. Phi Beta Kappa; Trea.s. 4. 

y; Delta 

Third roll-: 

WFSr, jo.seph W'., Ir., Clarks Summit, Pa.; Forntry; A.XA; 
C:hoir 1, 2, ^ 4; .Men's Glee Club 2, .?; Chincel Singers 2. 

. Chapel 

W I ll'A ri.l'.V. Jack H., Beaufort, N. C:.; Bonwx- A.XA; Men') 
1, Men's C dec Club 2, 3 4. 

; Chorus 

W HI'I'.l.l'R, K. David, Ro.xboro, N. C.; Histnrv; ATQ; 
2, .!, 4, IKC: .3; Football 1; Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Frat. Prcs. 4. 



Fourth rov.:- 

WHFLAND, Margaret E., Chicago, III.; Chemistry; <J>M; 
Band 1, 2, i, 4; Religious Council .3; Delta Phi Alpha 2, .5, 4. 


WHITE, James M., Annandale, Va.; Mathematics; (-)X; 
Sitrma, Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Fpsil.m, Men's Chorus 1, 
Fpsilon Treas. .3, Pres. 4. 

Phi Eta 

Pi All! 

WHI I F, Jill K., Leola, Pa.; Nitrsum. 

Fifth roll-: 

WHIFF, lo Ann. Barnegat, N. )., History; Fcrpsichorca 
'^. 4, \"iee-Pres. 2, Hoof 'n' Horn 2. 

n 1, 2, 

\\ HITE, .Marilynn L., iMoorestown, N. J.; Niirsins. 

W HITE, Susan A., Pittsburg. Pa..; Chemistry; AAA, C;hami< 

:iFER ^; 

Westminster Fellowship 1; Social Standards 1, 2, .?; Studeni 
I, 2, 3; House Prcs. 4. 

t Union 

Sixth rou-: 

WHFFMIDF, Ann, Greenville, S. C; Spanish; Treas. 
Chest 4. 


WII.COX, Cynthia G., Berlin, Conn.; Art. 

W IFFY, Sarah H., Earlysvillc, X'a., Mathematics; AXQ, Sororit 

y Sec. 4 

W ILL, Donald P., Jr., Norfolk, \a., Fsychohgy; Air Force ROTC 
1; Chrrmicle 1,2, 3, 4; Debate Council 1; Prc-,\lcd Society 2. 

WILLIAMS, Carol A., Raleigh, N. C; Music; KA; Phi Kappa Delta; 
Ivy; Woman's Glee Club 2; Student Union 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 
1, ("lass Pres. 3; Sorority Pres. 4. 

WILLIAAIS, Kenneth AL, Washington, N. C., Business Aduiiiiistratiou; 
KA; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 


WILLIAMS, Lyie K., II, Katonah, N. Y.; Engineering; Pi Mu Ep- 
silon; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE 2, 3, 4; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma. 

WILLIAMS, Neil C, Asheboro, N. C; History: ATQ; Old Trinity 
Cluh; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Union I, 2, 3, 4; Chairman of 
Board of Governor.s 4; YMCA 2; Housemaster 3, 4. 

V\'1LL1AMS, Roberta G., Rocky Mount, N. C; Zoology; Campus 
Chest 3; Debate C-ouncil 1; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pre-Med 
Advisor 2, 3, Pres. 4. 

W ILLIAMS, Ruth W., Durham, N. C, Eiiiication; Kappa Delta Pi. 

WILLIAMSON. Monroe S., Sanford, N. C.; EJimUio,,; X'arsity D; 
Basketball i, 3, 4. 

\\ ILl.lAMSOX, Wilbur H., Denmark, S. C; Engineering; ASCE 
v4, C.,ncerr Bar.d I, 2, IDC 5.4; Marchmg Band 1,'2; Navy ROTC 
1.2. ;. 4. C:ummodore Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Delta Chi Epsilon. 

VAILLIS, Edith H., Candler, N. C; Edimri 
1, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

KA; Pre-Med Society 

WILLIS, Elizabeth D , Columbia 
Alpha; Omega Tau Lambda 3, ■ 
Society 1, 2, 3. 

WILSON, Ann D., Arlington, \a.; History 

S. C; Hisrorv; AXil. Delta Phi 
; PVeshman Y C'abinct; Pre-Med 


Foanh roii'.- 

W II SOX. |o. Hunti 

L.uship I. 2; W DliS 

w i\ciii:sii:r, ch 

A\'. \a.; M.nhemitia; Wc 
sus ;. 4. 

... Brtvjr.i, X. C; I'.duca 

W INFREE, Sari L., Greensboro, N. C; Religion; House Council 3; 
Religious Council 3, 4; YWCA Council I, 2; NSA 2. 

Fifth roll-: 

W IRSCHNITZER, Justus M., Jr., Baltimore, Md.; Accounting; 

\.n \ KOTC 1; Peer 2, 3, 4; WDBS 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2. 

V\ IK I II, Frederick H., New Orlca 
i, 4, I'rc-Mcd Socierv 1,2, !. 4; Fr 

.; SAE; Student Union 

\. C; Engineering; i>KX; 
3, Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 

WISFR. Robert \'., Winter Park, Fla.; Hiisiiirss A.tmniisli,ilion; ^N; 
X.ivv ROTC 1, 2, 3; Pre-Med Society 1; Newman Club I, 2; Semper 
ruklis ?; (Commodore Club 1, 2, 3; Track 1. 

W 1S1IX0\\ Barbara L., Durham, N. C:.; I'svchologv; FAC 2; Stu- 
dent L nion 3, 4. 

WOOD. Robert S., Knoxvillc, Tenn.; dhrninlry; Pegram ("hemistry 
( liib, Men's Chorus 1; Navy RO'FC 1, 2, .Student Union 2, 3, 4; 
\iee-('hin. of Board of Governors. 

WOODARD, Carol A.. Coral Cables. Fla.; \Unlie,ii.nics; AA. 
Pi Mu Epsilon; Co-ordinate B.urd v 

WOODARD, William T, Ciables, Fla., History; 'I'K 
Eta Sigma; Pre-Med Society I, 2, Y.MC.\ 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WOODHALL, Elizabeth B., Durham, N. C; Nursing; KKI'. 


W'OODWORTH, John A., Shaker Hts., Ohio; History; BOH; Bench 
and Bar 5; Cheesleader I; Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4. 

W ORMAN. Martha A., Jackson, Mich.; Nursing; Class \',cc-Prcs. 
4, Nurses' Board 3, 4. 

WOKSll.Wl, l.iscph A. I., Dallas, Texas; Hinimss MJwinhrmhr,; 
•I'AH, Corsair.s, Men's Glee Club; Navy ROTC I, 2, 3, 4; House 
Prcs. 1; Commodore Club 3. 

English; KKr, Sandals; 
s Vice-Pres. 4; Phi Beta 

WRIGH r, Amanda T, Falls Church, \a. 
Ivy; YWCA 1, 2. 3, 4; Y Cabmet 2; Cla 

WRIGHT, Marguerite S., Durhatn, N. C, rsychology. 

VARBROUGH, John W., Burlington, N. C.; Chemistry; Chanticleer 
I; Prc-Med Society 1, 2, 4; Pegram Chemistry Club, Pres. 3. 

YARGKR, Greig T, South Bend, Ind.; Eiinmeeriny;; SN; AIEE 2, 3, 4; 
Student Union Board of Governors 4; Pres. Duke Sailing Club 3; 
Community of Lay Scholars 3, 4. 

YOUNG, Elizabeth B., Reidsville, N. C; History; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

YOUNG, George M., Jr., Madison, Ind.; English; Archive 3, Asst. 
Editor 4; Chm. MSGA Academic Freedom Commission 4. 


YOUNG, Margaret A., Berkeley Heights, N. J.; English; ZTA; 
Coordinate Board 3; YWCA 1, 2. 

YOUNG, Paul C, Canton, Ohio; English; AXA; Phi Eta Sigma; 
YFAC; Fkyhill 3, Editor 4; IFC; Svvnnnnng 1, 2, 3; Frat. Sec. 4. 

/lELONKA, Carl L., Tampa, Fla., I're-Dem.rl; TE*; Delta Phi 
.•Mpha; Concert Band 1; Court of Appeals 3; Bus. Mgr., Duke Players; 
Bus. Mgr., Hoof 'n' Horn; Pre-.\led Society; H.llcl Society, IFC 
I'xeeutive O-uncil 4. 

Fifth roil-: 

ZIMMER, Charles F., Nil 
I); IFC Executive Board; 
ball Mgr,; Navy ROTC 1 

ZIMMERMAN, Patricia L., Frederick, Md., Niirsinv.; Woman's Glee 
Club 2; FAC 2. 

L-s, Mich.; English; A lA; YFAC 4; Varsity 
Basketball I ; Baseball 1 ; Varsity Basket- 
; Athletic Representative I . 

ZIRKLE, Ellen V., Blacksburg, \a.; (ur 
I, 2; Delta Phi Alpha; WRA Board 2. 

YWCA 1, 2; Y Cabinet 

ZWERNER, John S., Washington, D. C; Enginee 
D; Air Force ROTC 1, 2; ASME 4; DukEngimr 
necring Student Council; Publications Board 3, 4. 

;,■ ATA; N'arsity 
F'ditiir 4; Engi- 



Knii- I: Dorccn Uav.s. Sec; Diane Grotz, Trcas 
Rwu; 2: Suzanne Groncmeycr, W'SGA Rep.; 
Cynthia Batte, Pres.; Nancy Jo Kmirncrlc. \'. Prcs 


Dick F.pcs, V. Pres.; Jeff .MuUins, Pres.; Charles 
Tafc, Sec.-Treas. 






Peggy Twigg, Prcs.; Donna Diiliy. \'. Prcs 
Marsha Knott, Sec. Ahent: Kline Dieraiif, Trea 


Arthur Hutzler, Pres.; John Springer, See. 






P f^N P 

r^ f^< t"^ cs 

J^ P ^ 

g\ cs p ^ p^ 

f S ^ ^ C^ 

o p p p 

P a ,c" c^ 

p p o ^, o 

First roii-: 

MiliOl I. |..l,n Alfred 
\( Kl KM cur, William K 
\l).\\'iS. ( h.irlcs K. 
AUAMS. Linics A., ATti 
Ai)A,\iSC;\. 1... AAA 

Waynesboro, Pa. 

Arlington, Va. 

lava, Va. 

Rosc^.e, X. Y. 

Roekville, Md. 

ADKIXS, \l.irv |. 
MUX. W ilhani F. 
Al.LIA. limes C. 
ALLISON, \irmni,i W. 
ALLSHROOK, \\ illiaiii 

Lyndon, Ky. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Miami Shores, Fla. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Ir. ( ;iavton, N. C. 

Third rou-: 

ALSENIZER, William J., Jr., Al'I- 

Wilmington, Del. 
ALTMAIER, Martin D. Marion, Ohio 

AMBLF.R, Charles Al., Jr., ATQ 

Jenkintown, Pa. 
AMBl.KR, Sallv A. Abington, Pa. 

ANDERSON, Harry K., i;.\ Jack.sonville, Fla. 

Fourth ro-^-. 

APPLISI I IN. kllrc 
ARMFIIl.l). Hou.irt: 
ARNOl 1), I 
ARIHLR. W ilham 


Washington, D. C. 

, /B I Trenton, N. J. 

Middleburg, Va. 

Nutley, N. J. 

Mamaroneck, N. Y. 


Fifth roil': 

ATKINSON, Sid E., nK^l 

ATVVAIER, Luther E., II 

AUMAN, Sarah B., KA 
AUSTIN, George M. 

Durham, N. C. 

("olunibia, S. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Shelby, N. C. 

Evansville, Ind. 

S,-zrnth roiv: 

BARKER, John K., *A(-) Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 


Winston-Salem, N. C. 
BARR, Roger C. Jacksonville, Fla. 

BARR, Stuart G. Statcn Island, N. Y. 

BATES, May J. Bethesda, Md. 

BAE I I.LLE, Nicholas S., ATQ S. Ambov, N. J. 
BAYI.IN, Stephen B., Ki] Durham, N. C. 

Bl BOL' I , D.ivid 1).. A'EO Shaker Heights, Ohio 
l!l IMl OUR. ( ,irl I ., IIK<I> Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Bl L\ IN, \\ ilham L., Jr., HK* Savannah, Ga. 

Simh roiv: 

!',! NSON. KARL T, Ai;'l 

111 KM \l . lolin T. 

HI SI , I'.iL'c ii. 


FalLs Church, Va. 
Lake Jem, Fla. 
Brevard, N. C. 
St. Petersburg, Fla. 

BLAt:KV\ELDER, Brent E. Washington, D. C. 



Charlota-, N. C:. 
BLAIR, Richard W.. A lA Hinsdale, 111. 

m.AKKLY, Marv V. R.-ck Hill, S. C:. 

BI.OMBKRG, Karen 1.., AT New Orlc.ns, La. 
BLOUNT, Susan H.. KA Raleigh, N. C. 

BOIKICKK, lames F. Haverford, Pa. 

BOM I \\1. Iliirwall Wni., <I>K'l- 

C:harlotte, N. C. 
liOORAV, Albert W'.. II, IIKA Raleigh, N. C. 
B'JSW II l„ Ann O., Z LA Atlanta, Ga. 

BOW'DLX, X'lrgima R. Sunimerrteld, N. C. 

IhnJ rnii-: 

BOW DRKN, Dorothy J., AXQ Maiden, Mass. 
BOWLR, Linda G., A<t> Silver Spring, Md. 

B0VC:K, Samuel A. Charlotte, N. C. 

BOYF.TT, Robert L. Decatur, Ga. 

BRADBURY, Paul T, SN Atlanta, Ga. 

Full r til roil': 

BRI'A/KALE, James A., ATA Memphis, Tcnn. 
BKI\r/|-R, Meredith B., KKP Charlotte, N. C. 
BRI WAX, James, jr. Durham, N. C:. 

BR 1 1 )( , I:R, Joseph L". Bladenboro, N. C".. 

BRIDGI'RS, John F. Wilson, N. C. 


h\fth ur^-: 

BRIIKilS, Wayne E. Hialeah, Fla. 

BRICHAM, John C, KS Montclair, N. J. 

BROW N, David K., HK* Bon Air. Va. 

BROWN, Douglas C, 'I'Ae Alexandria, \'a. 

BROWNE, Joseph D., Jr., Ki: A.shland, Ky. 

Sixth row. 


Caneinnati, Ohio 
BRYAN, John R., Jr., IN Washington, N. C. 
BRYIXiFS, James E., Jr. Lynchburg, \a. 

BL( KLIY, Jay L., <I>KZ Cheverly, Md. 

BUCKXKR, Spencer A., Jr. Falls Church, \a. 

Seventh rov:: 


Hyattsville, Md. 
BUI.OW . Barbara C. Ovven.sboro, Kv. 

BURDI I IF, Marvin D., KA College Park, Cia. 
BURDGI', Lawrence R., nK<I> Red Bank, N. J. 
BURGI-.SS, Andrew L., SX Arlington, \'a. 

Eighth roii': 

BURGF.SS, Stanley E. Alexandria, Vi. 

BURRU.SS, Margaret A., AF Durham, N. C. 
CALLAHAN, Joseph B. Bradford, Pa. 


Briareliff Manor, N. Y 

Clarksburg, W. \'i. 

Ninth rou-: 

CAMFIELD. Clarissa L., AAA Miami, Fla. 

CAMP, Ernest, ATQ Atlanta, Ga. 

CAMPBELL, Robert C, AXA Clearwater, Fla. 

Fort Bragg, N. C. 

College Park, Ga. 

/^ A ^ a ^ 

^ fH (^ P- ^ 

p n f!s ft D 


p m f^^ ^ g 
f^ Q r^ P f-i 




r> f> f\ p ^ 

CAPPS, Nancy E. Rockville. Md. 

CARL, Mary B., 7.1 A l.intz. Pa. 

CARLSON. Fdwin A., |r.. IX 

Roanoke Rapid.s, N. C. 
CARLSCX, Ralurd B.. IIBA Geneva, III. 

CARMICIIAI L, Willuini L. Nashville, Tenn. 

S,;„mi roll- 

CARFIMKR, Leslev-Ann Fr. L.uKicrd.ile, Kla. 
( \k 1 I K. I orrcst D.', Jr. P.ttstmrgh, Pa. 

( II \l Kl\. \lKhael I., ZBT Brooklyn, N. Y. 
( ll\\(,, KkL ■ New York, N. Y 

(.II.VFAIAN. Leonard K., IH, OK'l' 

Alexandria, V'a. 

T,nni rov.-: 

CHAPMCK, Ma.xine L., AE* T.oy, N. Y. 

C:HARLES, Rachel D. Greensboro, N. C. 

CHARLU OOD, WUIiam \V., Ki: 

Durham, N. C. 
CHI IK, hinies H. Nashville, Tenn. 

CHOMICZ, Carol A., A<I> 

^^'est Lafayette, Ohio 

ILK( II, Sott 1.. .Miami, Kla. 

\Kk, DnuL-Kis ,\l., IIK.1> Rvc. N. Y 

\kK. I ec H.. IIB>I> TuUa. Okla. 

\KK. Purer B. Mexico D. L., Mexico 

A^, S,nuira E. Lenoir, N. C. 


Fijrl' row: 

CLAYTON, Lawrence A., AXA 

Plainfield, N. J. 
COAN, Glen A., Jr. Charlotte, N. C. 

( •( )liB, Sarah I'.. Waynesville, N. C. 

COLLINS, Richard E.. Ir.. ATA 

Pittsburg, Pa. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

,S';.v/// , 

i\ll;s. Siiiuiel 1... Ill, rX Lexington, Ky. 

l\\. \1 iisz.iret E. Arlington, \a. 

IWI K. I li/,il.ethC:. Milwaukee, Wis. 

l\K( )\ . D.ilc I)., KX Bethpage, N. Y. 

INW AY, Eugenia C:. Dallas. Tex. 

Sfvailh row: 

COOK, Jan R, AAA Yardley, Pa. 

COOK, Joseph W . Ir.. XAF Charlotte, N. C. 
COOLIDGE, David A.. Ai;il. Bethesda, Md. 
COOPER, Annette, AAII Morehcul Caty, N. C. 
( :OOPER, John C:., I'N Arlington, Va. 

Eiiihlh row: 

COPLON, Federic J. Sparta, Ga. 

Augusta, Ga 
A Anderson, S. C. 

\'.. .\XA Boca Raton, Fla. 
... KKL Orange Park, Fla. 

\i,nh row: 

COCK IXIA', Marion \V. Aiken. S. C. 

( ()\ K,^ I , 'hKl Durhan,. \, C. 

( K \U,. \,,.KA i;. AshcMlle. N. C. 

A., Ir., IIK<1> 

Holly Hill, S. C, 


CRKKCH, Franklin U., KA Smithfic-ld, N. C. 
CRKVVS, John H., rN Ashcvillc, N. C. 

CROM ARTIE, William K., Kl' C:harlottc, N. C. 
CUI.BI'R rSOX. Xornian A. CIreenvillc, S. C. 
CUR US. l.ukc, rAK Ossining, N. V. 

DAILEY, Nancy I.., IIIM' 
UALBEY, Karlc G.. jr. 

DANKEL, IhaddiRs (i., 1 
DAUL, George E. 


Tliinl w'^-: 
l)A\IS. (ir.Re, / 1 A 
1)A\IS. Rockuell I .. 1 
DEAN, R,.l,i.Tt B., KA 
l)i:i:. l.arrv G. 
1)EEC;AN: la^.e^ E. 


iigcne E, 

DEUTSCHER. Eunene F.. Kl' Tarrvr.. 
DILLON, Ralph C;. Dai 

Dl I MARS, Davul T, IIKA Los Angc 


hyth roii- 

DONNELLY. Dennis W. A LA Br 
DOUCil.AS. Donald A.. BHll Miai 
DOUGLASS, William F., i:N .- 
DRAC;OON. Barbara A. i 

DRIESSEN, Joseph P.. KA Mil' 

DUHY, Donna .\lav 
DUEIERA, .\L Julian, Jr., UK- 

EDENS, JoAnne 
ELLIS, Jenifer L., KA 

ehmont, N. Y. 

West Point, Ga. 

Richmond, \'a. 

Ashevillc, N. C:. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Seventh row: 

ELLIS, Madonna A., A* Alexandria, \'a. 

ELZAY, Michael P. Port \\ashington, N. Y. 

EPES, Charles R., S.V Newport News, \\i. 

ERISMAN, H. .Michael Lancaster, Pa. 

ESPY, Kip .\L, <I>AH Dothan Ala. 

Eighth roiv: 

ESSLINGER, Karen j., A\l] 
ETFIRIDGE, kinne' 
EWING. I rank IF, 111, Al'l 
FABIR, Lee E. 

St. Loins, ,M< 

Shawhon.. N. ( 

Alexandria, \'.i 

Hopewell, \-.i 
Dearborn, .\liel 

Ninth Toii-: 

FADER, Stanford S., KS 
FAIR, Jacqueline, KAO 
FAIR, Richard B. 
FARMER, Muriel G., AAI 
FARRIS, W illiam A. 

South Orange. N. |. 

Wvnneudod, Pa. 

Eallston. .Md. 

Atlanta, CJa. 

Dallas, Tex. 

^ ^ Q cr\ r" 

P p o o p 

^ ^ € ^ 9 

^ !^ f^ 

^v P P p P 
P ^ O f ^^ 


First row: 

FINCHER, Paul A. Thomasville, N. C. 

FINDLAY, A. Gordon, |r. White Plains. N. Y. 
FINNF.Y. Michael J., SN Peoria, III. 


West Hartford. Conn. 
FOS ri'R. C:harles S.. <I>K>F Charleston, W. \a. 

Secorhi mil.-: 

FOSTFR. Sandra A. Silcr City, N. C. 

FRANK, M. R.nulnlph, IIK'F Gadsden. Ala. 

FRASI R. PAMFIA A , Al' Fort Bragg, N. C. 

I Rl 1)1 KICK, S,nulr.i W, Ashcville, N. C. 

IRII-XI). Pollv I'. Greensboro, N. C. 

FULLER. Raymond G. Pitman, N. J. 

FULLERTON, William D.. Jr.. ATQ 

Lcwiston. N. Y. 
FULTZ, John M., Jr., HK* Richmond, Va. 

FUQUA. Iininiv R.. KA Sprav. N. C. 

(;ABRIFI:. lohn R.. Kl- Ho-Ho-Kus. N. J. 

Fourth row: 

CiARDNFR, James E., Jr., OK-J) 

Independence, Mo. 
GAIGE, Lois A. Falls Church, Va. 

GARDNER, William L.. BHH 

Bloomheld H.lls, Mich. 
GEARHARl, Sara A., KKF Kingsport, Tcnn. 
GEBBIE, Ihomas E.. IIKA Park Ridge. 111. 


Fifth row: 

GECKELER, Judv A., ZTA Middletown, Ohio 
GEHRIG, June I-:'. Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. 

GEORGE, Albert S.. Jr., i:X River Forest, 111. 
GIBSON, Norman T. Hamlet, N. C. 

GILBERT, Lynn P. West Orange, N. J. 

ilLI.I'SPIF, ludith B. Newport News, Va. 

;IF1,IA1 I. Beni.inun R. Shelby. N. C. 

,11,1 IIS, I k ri.ert B, Ridgewood. N. J. 

,11,1 .()()! A, Linda 1,, /I A Svlvania. Ohio 

,l,()\ I R, Clarence IF. Jr.. UK* ' 

Spartanburg. S. C. 

ih\ W. Wilmington, N. C. 

I rank R,. ZBl Baltimore, Md. 
David M, Jacksonville. Fla. 

■chad K,. 1IK<I> Monroe. N, C. 
ecca A, Cocoa, Fla. 

Bayside. N. Y. 
Durham, N. C. 
Nashville. Tenn. 
Durham. N. C. 
Rockland, Me. 

Ninth row: 

( ;RF( ;()RY, Donald R. Rockland, Me. 

(.KICORY. Richard M., BBII 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
( ,KI (iORY. Tucker Granville, Ohio 

GRIFI'lN, C.rnelia A, Robersonville, N. C. 

(iRILl.l. Donald A,. <l>A(-t Clifton, N.J. 


C;K( )\r\IIM R, Suzanne C. Pcnsacola, Fla. 

(;R()1 / Di.uu \1.. KKr Davton, Ohio 

CiK()\ I K. I li/.ihLtli R. C;icn Ricigc, N. I. 

(IRLBINMANN, l.inda A. l.aunnlnirK, N. (":. 
C;UI;1.(:H|;R, Ridiarti p. Pnrt I'dwaRls. W IS. 

Second row: 

(iUFRRY, Alice C. I.akc City, S. C 

Ca'MMKV. lenitlr Cihuiwvne. Pa 

CLRl.l N, P'.uil C. Ciiarlotre, X. C: 

HAAS,,1 A.. IIIM> Mctaine, l.a 

HAMA. 1.. ILirrKt, llIM- Houston, lex 

TInrd row. 

HALL, Clharlcs T. K:^ lamestown. N. Y. 

HALL, Linda C. Charleston, W. \a. 

HALLA, Prances B., KAH York, Pa. 

HAL.SrF.D, Anne W., IIB'I- Mdwaukee, W is. 
HAMILl ON, Roser C, l.\ Westerly, R. 1. 

Fourth roll-: 

HANJA, Yiiri HuntMmton, N. Y. 

HARDY, Richard VV., A\A New York, N. Y. 
HARDNESS, Richard C, 0X Wilmington, Del. 
HARKRADER, W. Trent Jr., B0n 

Mt. Airy, N. C. 
HARLOW, Judith E. Darien, Conn. 


F,/,h rozi-: 

HARPER, Eugene J., 0X Knightdale, N. C. 

HARRIS, Christopher B. Southport, Conn. 

HARRIS, Richard F., Ill, ATQ Charlotte, N. C. 
HARRISON, Frank L., Jr., ^KZ] 

So. Charleston, W. \a. 
HART, Mary A. Wmston^Saleni, N. C. 

Sixth ro-^-: 

HASH, Ed%yard J. Arlm^iton, \'a. 

HASKELL, Richard A. Chamblee, Ga. 

HAWKS, Eyerett M.. IN Little Rock, Ark. 

HAWORTH, Allan R.. .\.\A Westfield, N. |. 
HAYNES, Baxter -XL, Jr., A Hi Tryon, N. C. 

High Point, N. C: 

Dunn, N. C, 
HENDERSON. William T, A I U 

Princeton, N. 1 
HERTSLET, Barry, HKA Baltimore, \Ki 

HERZOG, George G. Alexandria, V.i 

Eifihth roil': 

HEYER, Robert W Washington, I 

HII.LERBRAND, Dieter Furth Bay, Ckri 

HINDS, Douglas P., Kl Wcstheld, : 

HINALAX, Susan L.. KKI' Ft. \\ashingt.>n 

HOBBS, Jerry R., W.X South Bend, 

\inth roiv: 

HOESER, .Mary L., KA Atlanta, Ga. 

HOLLF I T, Grant T, SN Richmond, \a. 

HOLLMAN, Douglas C. :SAE Sea Cliff, N. Y. 

HOLMQUIST, Loan B., KKF Rockford, III. 

HOLSINGER, Gretchen .\L Durham, N. C. 

a A ^ r» p 

^ p o -, 

f^ n C^ p 

P e n a o 

f^j p ^ o 

p a ^ ^ p 

f^ C^ m ^ 


p p' r^ (fb a 

P €> C^ a ^t 

P P i!^ 

HOPKINS, Jay F,., BHII Durham. N, C. 

HOPPIN, Charles T, <t>\H Wcstficld N I 

HORNh:, Perry A., AXA Fayetrcville, N. C. 

HORR, Nancy L. Portsmouth, Ohio 

now i:, Marilyn R. Medford, Mass. 

Hcconii miv: 

nUBBi:LL, William I.. Shrcveport, l.a. 

11UC:K, \1,irN 1 ..11, KA RirniinL'ham -Xla 

ill Ml lA, (.oir.e W. Hcuifort, N.C. 

IIL \A \l)l. Siisni ( , AAA Canr.ui, Ohio 

IIL K III SON. 1..,,,.. KKF Wilmette. III. 

riiirj m-u.': 

HUTZLER, Arthur C, <t>KS Delray Beach, Fla. 
INGKRSOLL, DeForcst P.. W.X 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
IVEY, Adelyn S. Hickory, N. C. 

JACKSON, Charles R. Salisbury, N. C. 

JACKSON, Judith A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

\MI S, P.tiKKi T. Princeton, N.J. 

WIN S(l\, K,,|,err |.. 'hKl' ( ireenshoro, N. C. 
I \Si \ h.l.n II. Ft. Pierce, Fla. 

1 )l l\S( )\. B.irhira K.. AT Tampa, Fla. 

OHNSOX, Ceorge H., Ill, IW Rosemont, Pa. 


/•■//'/' roll-: 

lOHXSON, L. Peter, AXA Carol Gables, Fla. 
JOHNSON, Mary J., AF Wilmington, Del. 

JOHNSON, Robert A., ATO Hopewell, Va. 
JOHNSON, Robert W., 2AE Baltimore, Md. 

Worcester, Mass. 

lOHNSON, Wendy L. Alexandria, Vi. 

"lONI-S, David C, KS Locust Valley, N. Y. 

j( )NI S, James P., KA Houston, Tex. 

|()NI S, Pamela L., AF Fredericksburg, Va. 

j< )NI S, Sheldon C. Cranford, N. J. 

Sezeiilli rrjic: 

lORDAN, Dorothy S., KKP Nashville, Tenn. 
lORDAN, Gail Wa.shington, D. C. 

kADASTFR, Mahmut E., WX Ankara, Turkey 
KAHX. .\ F., ZBT Atlanta, Ga. 

KAIHOI.I, Rich.ird 1 . So. Charleston, W. Va. 

Eighth row: 

KATSON, Conni Albunueniuc, N. M. 

K \'17 l.iurcncc \1.. /HI B.iltiiii,.rc, Md. 

Kll I I K, Iduird L., Va. 

.;/// roil- 

NXIDY, James M. Richmond, Va. 

XXF'.DY, Kenneth D., <\'K^ W ilson, N. C. 

iV^ W. .^K ^^ ^V^ ^^.^^'^ ^^ Kl X YON. Lewis W. Hillsboro, N. C 



INER, Gary R., IX P.itt.stown, Pa. 

RR, Harry D. ' Hunkers, Pa. 

First roil-: 
KirPI\ hKiith A. 
KIMMl'Rl.i;. N.UKV 
KlXd, IJiiRT R.. |r., 
KINSI.FR, lames "W. 
Kl riKl.l.K, Kjthc-nr 

Kl,l IN, S, 
KNAI'l', Is 
KM I \. I 
K\()l I . 


KRI 1)1 I . Olui.i (). 
KRL I (.1 R, K.ircn l\ 
1. ADD, James R., 1\ 
LANCi, Noel i:. 
LANCiDON, Suzanne I- 

We.stheia, \. I. 

T.rrvtown, N. S'. 

RiehmnnJ, \.i. 

Sh..rt Hills, \. I. 

L.irehm.nn, \. S. 

, ,S. C. 

(Jiarleston, S. C. 
Havcrtown, Pa, 
Bellevue, \ 

Farmville, N, C:. 
Durham, N. C. \l,n 

111 AM 
I l'()\ \l 
l.l'SI II . 
I.I'W I.S, 

. AAA VVilloughhy, Ohio 

I)., Ai;<I> New Canaan, (>>nn. 
KTine, AXQ Madi.son, N. J. 
A., AF Arlington, \'a. 

A., IK, N. V. 


Fifth rr,ii:- 

LFVRFR, Farl T, A I A 
LILLY, Ruth \-., IIB'l' 
LI.MF, Fli/aheth L., A* 
LINGFR, Richard C:., IP 
LOCKi;, Curti.s A. 

Hamilton, Ohio 

Indianapoli-s. Ind. 

Canton, N. C. 

Fonawanda, N. Y. 

Martinsville, \a. 

Sixth r,r^-: 

LOFB, Linda M. I.utherville, ,\ld 

LONG, David W,, A I A Punxsutawnev, Pa 

LONG. Donald F., N. C 

LONG, Elizabeth L. Camp Lcicune, N. C 

LONON, Daniel J„ KA Marion, N. C 

Seventh roil-: 


NcwDort News, \'j. 
LUCAS, Mary D„ HB* Charlotte, N. C: 

.\L«;DONALD, Robert A. Sprin^Held, \. |. 

MacROBFRT, Peggy Flint, Mich 

MACK, David i:. ^ ' Bethe,da, \ld. 

Eifihth w-n: 

MALF\-AX, Gail A. Shaker Heights, Ohio 


Poui;hskeepMe, \. ^. 
MARKFIAM, | C, III i;\ Gastonn N C 
MARLI Y, Ro; 1... .j.AW Sikr Gun" \ C 

MARSH, Frances S. Monroe' N C 

MARSHALL, Ncal W., /Bl W.odmore, X Y 

MAR I l\, Henrv F., Ill, WX Bethesda, Md. 

MARIOM, Peter W'., BHII Xortolk \j 

ALA.SOX, Charles G.. '(.Ki" C;heverly, Md. 

MATHEWS, Emmett C, Jr. Richmond, Va. 

|?^ ifs ft 

f^ ^: !^ f% O 

r^ P p <!ii !^ 


Firsl TOIL': 

MATHEWS, Janet A., IIB-l- W'.illingford, Pa. 

MATTSON, Gerald A., l'\ Durham, N. C. 

MAY, James N. Charlotte N C 

MAYER, Barbara H. Rock Hill, S. C 

McCarthy, Jamcs \ ., KA Rumson, N. 1. 

Second roiv: 

McCarthy, John p., i;.\ Grccnhdt \!d 

Mc:CAUSLAND, Charles P., i;AE 

Tnvson, \ld. 
McCULLOUGH, Kenneth R., AT12 

Atlanta. Ca. 
McGEHEE, Harriettc, KA St. Louis, ,\lo. 

.\IcGHEE. Barry L. Fredericksburg, \'a. 

Thini miv: 

\1< G0\T:RN, Diane N., ATA 

Greenwich, Conn. 
.\1< KAIG, Sally J., HB* Charlotte, N. C. 

McKENZIE, Donald K. Biuefield, W. Va. 

McLaughlin, Douglas F., ATA 

Mystic, Conn. 
McPHERSON, William V ., Jr., l^N 

Durham, N. C. 

hoiiith roil-: 

McQUOWN, Dorothy L W inston-Salcm, X. C. 
.McWHORTER, E. Elaine Charleston, W. Va. 
MEEKER, James B. Charleston, W. Va. 

.\1EL1 ON, Thomas H., B0n 

Huntington, W. \'a. 
.Mh'.NGE, Steven R.. -l-K T Davton, Ohio 


Fijili r,nc: 

Ml R( k, Lorraine Old Brookville, N. Y. 

\ll( llAI I.. Cavie P., H\ Salisbury, N. C. 

MILES, Jamev \L, 't'AW Pmk Hill, N. C. 

MILLER, Patrick H., Ill, <1.AH Dallas, Tex. 

MILLER, Robert M., I IK A Memphis, Tenn. 

Sixth TOIL-. 

MISNER, Rav \\. Ocean C.rovc, N. J. 

MITCHELL,' .Mcricl B.. AAII 

W inston-Saleni, N. C. 
MITCHELL, Terence R., I IK A 

Washington, D. C. 
MOEHLMANN, Holly I . Richland, Pa. 

MONTGOMERY. Diana B. Smithheld, X. C. 

Sei-enth toiv: 

MONTGOMERY, I homas G., .\\A 

C;ien Rock, N. J. 
AlOORE, Ck-orge S., jr. Greensboro, N. C. 

MOORE. Rebecca A.. A\U Lexington, Mass. 
MOORI'. I h.,mas E.. |r.. KA Charlotte, N. C. 
MOORMAX, Kenneth A., .\XA 

Martinsville, Va. 

Eiv,lirli ran-: 

MORI'KII LI), Robert E., III. KA 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
MOREXG. Jo.seph H., *K>I" Ridgefield, N. J. 
MORRIS, Douglas C, <l.Kl' Americus, Ga. 

MORRIS, Elizabeth C., ZTA Washington, D. C. 
MO.SS. ludith A., AF Burt'alo, X. Y. 

Xiiilh row: 

MULLEN, James N., Kl^ Gastonia, N. C. 

MULLIGAN, James B. Paducah, Ky. 

MULLINS, Jeffry V., ^K^ Lexington, Kv. 

MYERS, Dianna L., AF Rockford, III. 

NABERS, Wallace J. Wilson, N. C. 


First roil-. 

NEBLETT, Beverly A., AAIl Dallas, Tex. 

NEILL, Charles G., 4>K1' Anderson, S. C. 

NELSON, Gary R., OK* Charleston. S. C. 

NEV, Richard I., XHT Washington, I). C. 

NICHOLAS, l\ter \1.. 'I'AH 

Saturce. Puerto R.eo 

NICHOLS, William J. 

Nil LSI \. Cirl I,. (-)\ 
NII.SSON, joli.ithan N 

rinr,! r,nv: 

NI.\lNK:Hr, Elizabeth A., KKL 

Jacksonville, Ela. 
NOBLETT, Sara C, AT Kilmarnock, Va. 

NOLAN, Harrv L., |r., I IK A Shelby, N. C. 

NOLAN, Pamela, AAII Spartanburg, S. C:. 

NORTON James L., A\A I homasville, N. C. 

Fourth rniv: 

NORTON, James R. Charlotte, N. C. 

NUNEZ, Peter K., Ai]* Highland Park, N. J. 
OELSCHLEGEL, Judith A. Terryville. Conn. 
OGDEN, Philip C, Jr., <I>Ky 

Winston-Salem, N. (". 
OKENNON, Robert J., Jr., ATQ 

Hnpcucll, \'a. 


F.Jth ro-^-: 

ONKEN. Susan C. Milford, Ohio 

PADGELT. ROY A., jr. Charlotte, N. C. 

PAGE, Jack W., Jr.. I Ik A Rocky Mount, N. C. 
PAGE. Jerrv I).. |r.. Al'l> McLean. \'a. 

PALMER, Xlargith 1., AAA London. England 

S,xrh roil-: 

D.. A} 

Fhoughkeepsic, N. Y. 
PARKER. Leighton B.. Jr. Manning. S. C. 

PARKER. Mary A. \irginia Beach. \'a. 

PARSONS, Thomas H. Salem, Ore. 

PAT7 ERSON, John W., A\A 

jack.sonville, Kla. 

Seventh rniv: 


PA IT ERSON, Susan E., A<i> 
PA'I TON, Shelia M., AAA 
PEARSON, Charles A. 
PERHAM, Andrea J. 


.Stroudsburg. Pa. 

Marion. N. V 

Miami, Ela. 

Falls Church, \ a. 

Richmond, \a. 

EiRlith roTc: 

PERINE, Philip C. <l>Ki| 
PETERS. Donna S.. AAI 
PEl ERSON, David I). 
PHELAN, Charles W.. J! 
PHYEER. Paul J., A I A 

West Orange, N. |. 

Cavcc. S. C. 

Parkvillc. Md. 

Mt. Prosnect. 111. 


New Hyde Park. N. Y. 
PICKETT, Helen L., riB* Alexandria, \a. 

PIERCE. Sara H. Kinston. N C 

PIERPONX Carolyn E.. KAM \Ac.stfield. N. ]. 
PITTMAN, Mimi, AP Los Angeles, Calif. 

^ C ^ P 

^ Cs C> Q^ p> 

f^ (^ f^ O 

^^^^^ ilk 

9 9^ C- P 

O I? P 1^ 

f f f> ^ © 

r fJ ^ ^ (^ 

Q f^ ^ ^ 

o Q f^ ,a 

Pn/M A\, I r,d.,Kk I., <1'A« St. Louis, Mo. 

PLONK. I.MiKs W Kings Mountain, N. C. 

POKORSV Xndrcu Newell. S. Dak. 

POLIAI I /K^ . ScrKci I. F.stcs Park, Cnlo. 

Sfcoiut roiv: 

POWELL, Patricia E. Cioldslion.. X. C:. 

PRESTON, Carol A. Morrisville, Pa. 

PRE WITT, Alice A., KKF 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
PRICE, Jeanie, KAH Kannapolis, N. C. 

RABENHORST, James E., IN Louisville, Ky. 

Thini roii-: 

RAINEY, Charles C:., 
RAKER, Herbert T. 
RAAL'KGE, loscnh C: 
RAMEY, D'llc C |r 
RAMSEY. WillianI ( 

Fourth nm: 

RANDOLPH. Marionc A., 

Win.sron-Salcm. N. C. 

RANSEY, Anne I... AAA H..llvx^,MHi. Fla. 

RANSON, Rirh.ird ( :.. I'N ( ii.irl.irrc. \. C. 

RAU, Ronald W.. r\ \illapark. 111. 

RAY, Andrcna E., <I>M .Sumter, S. C. 


Fi/fl, mil-: 

RA^ . \l. Iinicc, riB<I> Hcndcrsonvillc, N. C. 

RIDMOND. Larrv H. Ashcville, N. C. 

Rl I D. Brendi A. Camden, S. C. 

Ri:i:\i:S. hlizabcrli l. Durham, N. C. 

RENERO, Carl B.. "ir.. KA Wilson, N. C. 

REYNOLDS, Jon R., A Hi Lewisvillc, N. C 
REYNOLDS, \\ lULirn R., A 112 

Martinsville. Va 
RLMER. Alan E.. A I A L.irclimont. N. ^ 

ROBERTS, W illiam A. T.kdo, Ohi, 


Greenwich, Conn 

ROBINS, Judith A., KA(-) High Point, N. C. 
ROBINS()N, Hugh B., |r., IX 

Winter Park, Ela. 
ROBIN.SON, Peter A.. 'hAW rngleuood, Colo. 
ROBINSON, KAH Nashville, Tenn. 

ROI'DKiER, John IE. A I L> Westheld, N. J. 

irth, N. J. 
ille, N. Y. 
int, Mich. 
, Norway 

ables, Ela. 

yiiillj roii:: 

R0SC:HEN, George H., ATA Lansdale, Pa. 

ROSE, Charles P., KA Henderson, N. C. 

ROSS, Courtnev B., Jr. Elkin, N. C. 

ROSS, Susanne i\L Charlotte, N. C. 

ROUSE, Welbv C, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. 


First row: 

RUBFXSTEIN, Jack, ZBT Cincinnjti, Oliio 

RUDICFR, Rosalind L., ZTA H;i« thornc, N. V. 
RLDOY, Herbert L., ZBT Ivansn.n, 111. 

RUSH rON, Stewart, IW Intcrlaken, \. |. 

RU IKIX, Stuart I. Smith Orange, N. |. 

SADF.R, Martha M. Brevard. N. C. 

SAHN, Steven A., ZB I Mcrriek, N. V. 

SALISBURY, Stephen R., <t>Ki: 

Collingswood, N. J. 
SAMONDS, Janet F.., AF Durham, N. C. 

SANDSTEAD, Morris V\'., Jr., SX 

Sterling, Colo. 

riiirJ ra-a:- 

SARAFIAN, Peter G., Ai:4> 

SCHROEDER, Jacob M., A^'l 

SCOTT, James M., Kl' 
SEAGREAVES, Warren F., Jr 
SEWELL, Robert A., KA 

Albany, N. Y. 

Riverside, Conn. 
Brvn Mawr, Pa. 
.Allentown. Pa. 
I'Vanklin, Tenn. 

Fo„rrl! roiv: 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 
SHAIO, Diana V. Columbia, South America 

SHAW, Rosalie A. Richmond, \'a. 

SHELDON, Clifford G. W. Long Branch, N. J. 
SHERIDAN, Alice M., KA0 Chicago, III. 


Fijth roil-: 

SHINN, Harry L., Jr. Charlotte, N. C. 

SHIVES, William B., AS* Salisbury, N. C. 

SIMEON, Carole L., AAH High Point, N. C. 
SIMMONDS, Robert M., -FKI'' Verona, N. J. 
SING, Frederick W. Charlotte, N. C. 

Six row: 

SISK, Michael 

SFI TON, Sharon P. 

SKODOL, Holly A. 

SMIFH, Brian E., Ki; 

S.MITH, Calvin D., Jr., 

Scirnth row: 
SMITH, Clayton F., Jr. 
SMITH, Dana G., KA 
SMITH, Donald E., ZX 
SMITH, Elizabeth A., AXt 

S.MITH, Marcia S., AE<I> 
SMOOT, Edith A. 
S.MOTHERMAN, Robert R.. 

Reading, Pa. 

Durham. N. C. 

Glassport, Pa. 

Scar.sdale. N. Y. 

Bryn Maur, Pa. 

I'homasville, N. C. 

Charleston. W. \a. 

Granite Falls, N. C. 

Kcnncsaw, Ga. 

Greensboro, N. C:. 

Staunton, Va. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Hampton, Va. 

Atlanta, Ga. 


Nashville, Tenn. 

Ninth row: 

SNAPP, Mary R. Bristol, Tenn. 

SNOW, Sabin T, KS Plainfield, N. J. 

SPECK, Linda J., <I>.\1 Raleigh, N. C. 
SPENCER, Stewart T, Jr., l^N 

Barrington, R. I. 

SPENCER, William S., ATQ Hollywood, Fla. 

P ^N jf^ P P 

£P p' © o 

9 ^ P 9 

(^ f^ f^ P p 

rj f?i o C) 


t*^ ^ p p p 

P ^ ^.. P 

•^ (■?S!tv 

P O #p /!^ 

SPI IH. Bonnie J. lacksonville, Fla. 

SPRIXC ;|;R, lohn W., A1 a " Sandusky, Ohio 

SPR LI 1,1, .John R. Roper, N. C. 

SI AI.1,I\GS, Ken .\i., Kl Durham, N. C. 

SA r IKNFIELD, Daniel B. Chatham, N. J. 

ID, Ronald C, 0X Greensboro, N. C. 

\\A\ Thomas W., ^N Spartanburg, S. C. 

I \, Marcia L. Manhasset, N. Y. 

I'HKN, Frederick R. Durham, N. C. 

A i:XS, Joel B., ex Kmgsport, Tenn. 

77;/r,/ nni-: 

S I I \ I \S, I iiomas I. Asheville, N. C. 

S I I W \l< I . Kenneth R., KA Charleston, W. Va. 

S I II W I I I . Louise A. Saigon, Vietnam 

S 1 OLLW IKK, David, TF<I> Long Island, N. Y. 

S lOXF, BKRNELL K. Blacksburg, V'a. 

FointI, r/r^-: 

S 1 RAYHORN, Martha D., AXQ 

Nashville, Tenn. 
S I I ( K TA , ( arol L., KA Charlotte, N. C. 

St 1 I l\ W. lohn J. Everett, Mass. 

S\\ \l\, I li/.ihcth, AAO Winston-Salem, N. C. 
SV\ LCLR. Daniel AL, 0X Pittsburgh, Pa. 


l-\fth r«u-.- 

SY I )\OR, Caroline M., nB* Alexandria, Va. 

S/ 1 AR rO, Stephen F., 2AE Washington, D. C. 

I All, Charles V., <I>A0 Greenville, N. C. 

I ALiGART, Barbara J. Pitman, N. J. 

LAYLOR, Edward C, 111 Staunton, Va. 

Sixth roziK 

TERRELL, John C. IXinedin, Fla. 

THAYER, Ann W., IIB* Greensboro, N. C. 
THOMAS, Douglas A., K^ 

East Hampton, N. Y. 
THOMPSON, Richard ,\L 

Langlcy A.F.B., Va. 
IHOAIY, X'lneent A., Jr., UK* 

Lake City, S. C. 

Seventh row: 

THURMAN, Terry T. Signal Mountain, Tenn. 
TITUS, Donald R. Crane, Ind. 

TOBIN, Sammie L., A* Dayton, Ohio 

FODD, Joseph H., :SN Fayetteville, N. C. 

FODD, Peyton H., Ill Atlanta, Ga. 

KiKhth roii 

• J., Z I A 

I Kl I SDI LI., lohn A., IN Flint, Mich. 

\{ i Kl K W 1111.1111 H., Ill Memphis, Tenn. 

I L K\l K, I.Rk S., UK* Durham, N. C. 

I W ICG, .\l.irgaret J. High Point, N. C. 

UIBl.i:, David R., <l>Afc) Shaker Heights, Ohio 


First roil': 

ULRICH. W'llli^iMi P., Ir., 
UPCHLRCH, \\aW\ S., a 
\'A11., Hdcn W., / lA 
VAN hi: 1 riNCiA. lolin (1. 
XMCKI'RV, RavmomI I., |r 

Secomi mil-: 
\IF.RFG(;, Artluir B., 

\'iN(;i-N r, Roger s., 

W AAl.AM). Hirliira 
W AISMAX, .\hirgarci 

AuJubon. N. I. 
Raleigh, N. C. 
Durham, N. C. 

Arlington, \a. 

Dedhain, Mass. 

I'ranconia, N. H. 

(-'orning, N. Y. 

Tampa, Fla. 

'I'lnrd ro-a-: 

WALDFN, John F., ATA Corpus Christi, Tex. 
W ALDROP, Gwendolyn J. Richmond, Va. 

W ANKLYN, John A., i;AF Na.ssau, Bahamas 
WARD, Peter R., AT U Sierra Madre, Calif. 
W ARD, Terry F., (-)\ Lakeland, Fla. 

Fourth row: 

UARDKR, Frank R., -t-K^ Anderson, S. C. 

U ASHBURN, Barbara J., KA(-) 

Bloomington, III. 
W ATKINS, William S., Kl^ Durham, N. C. 

WATSON, Alan D. Rocky .Mount, N. C. 

W WTSON, Katrina J., AAIl Raleigh, N. C. 


Fifth roir: 

WATSON,William E. 
WEAVER, Janet M., A* 
WEBB, Richard S., SAE 
W EBBER, Winona L. 
WEEKS, Barbara K., ^M 

Wilson, N. C. 

Nashville, N. C. 

Miami. F"la. 

Winter Park, Fla. 

Aiken, S. C. 

Sixth row: 

WEIDMAN, H. Robert, Jr., KA Richmond, Va. 
\VELDON, Nancy L. Charlotte, N. C. 

WELLS, William A., <i>Ae Rome. Italy 

WES'F, David L., "tKS Woodland, N. C. 

WESTERMAN, Charles E., Jr., 2X 

Falls Church, \'a. 

Seventh row: 

WHEAT, Mary E., AXU Aiken, S. C. 

WHEELER, Harold N., KA Columbia, S. C. 
WHEELER, Michael O., IN 

Grosse Pointc, Mich. 

WHISNANT, John K., Jr. Shelby, N. C. 

WHIl E, Christine P., KAH Glentlcad, N. Y 

Eighth row: 

WHITE, Thomas S., AXA Greenville, S. C. 

WHITTLE, Reed L. Winter Park, Fla. 

WILBOURNE, Harriet S., A* 

Lillington, N. C. 
WILCOX, Landis .\1., AAA 

Winston-Salcm, N. Q. 
WILKINSON, Lillian A., AAIl 

C'harleston, W. \a. 

Ninth row: 

WILLIAMS, Alvan T, Jr., AS<i> Norfolk, Va. 
WILLIAMS, Edwin J. Levittown, Pa. 

W ILLIA.MS, Herbert H. Columbia, S. C. 

W ILLIAMS, James W, ^KS 

Birmingham, Mich. 
W ILLIAMS, .Melvin G. Kenansvillc, N. C. 

r- ^ p p P 

e. ^ .^ Q f^ 


p ?^ e p 

^ il ^ ^ f^ 

(f^ o p P p 



p O (^' P 

^.3vt*=* )Z.^ '^^^ ^^^ 1^ 

W ll.l.lAMS, Richard G., Jr., B0n 

Harrington, R. I. 
W ll.l.lAMS, Samuel H. Alexandria, Va. 

W ll.l.lAMSON. John N., ATA 

^^'ausco^, Ohio 
W lll.W I R IH, Ben \1.. IIK'I> 

.Montour Falls, N. Y. 
W 11. SON, P.itncia G. Arlumton, \x. 

Saon.l ron: 

WINS ION. IWIIS F. Carol Gables, Fla. 

W IN/I I.I K. \\ ilh.ini c:., :SN Napolean, Ohio 
W ISI'. N.HKv \1. Raleigh, N. C. 

WOl.r. \l..rv \1., AAA Cicero, 111. 

W OMBl.r, W ilh.un F.. Ir., 'I'AH 

" W mst.>n-S.ilcni, N. C. 

Thini ro-u.-: 

W ONSIDLFR, Rohert R. Hcllcrtoun. Fa. 

WOOLSFV, Frank M.. Ill IXIniar, N. Y. 

WULFSBKRG, liinar J., 4>A(-) Arlington, \'a. 
YAKK, Jeffrey T., AXA Titusville, N. J. 

YARNALL, Lynn L., KA0 Greensboro, N. C. 


\ni l\l. Idu. 

/ \L (,(, Watk 

H. St.wie Harbor, N.J. 

V, BHII I.,irchMiont. N. Y. 

A.MJ Annand.ile, \a. 

•., WX T<.«,snn. \ld. 

Fitchtiun:, .Mass. 



hLTidgc rircs . . . before Georgia Tech. 



Rinv I: Margie O'Ncall, Trcas.; Nancy Murray, 
Prcs. Koii- 2: Heather Low, VVStiA Kcp.; Pep- 
per Deckcrt, \'. Pres.; Suzie Dittniar, Sec. 


Cheslcy Herbert, Pres.; RieharJ l.ain, V. Pres 
(Jiarles Huneycutt, Scc.-Treas. 






p. CrotliLTS, Trcas.; M. Johnson, \'. Pr 
A. Ktrn, Prcs.; H. Luly, Sec. 


Louis Hagood, Prcs.; Douglas Cotter, Sec. 





# P' f^ p r 

f^ ^ ^^ O ^ £l 

>%!. . -^1^ ^^S, w ^w, , i*Vp A\D1:RS0N, Kristine M. Huntington, N. Y 

A* I ()\. \l.irv Alice, AAA Danville. Kv. 

ADAMS, ( htford, i:\ Mate, Cal.Y 

ADAMS, Kuncui I,., IIB'!' Dalv Citv, Calif. 

ADLAM, James K, Jcnkintovvn, Pa. 

AHNKELUI , Arnold L. Arlington, Va. 
ALBERS, Barbara J., KKF Grand Rapids, Mich. 

SnnnJ rim: 

AI.I5I K I, Catherine L. Dania, Fla. 

Al,!)RlD(,i:, lohn G„ Mil Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Al.l.l \, Margaret B„ IIBa* Edina, Minn. 

Al.LVX, Donald L„ AXA Moorestown, N. J. 

WDKRS, Charles A. Hyattsville, Md. 

p r^^ P ,e- m ^ 

O O O f^ f.^ D 

^ a f^ p p a 


(i| Pt o ^ 

Third ron- 

ANDERSON, Charle.s R. Springfield, 111. 

ANDERSON, Sarah |. Durham, N, C. 

ANDERSON, Ehnmas E Atlanta, Ga. 

ANDRI \\ S. ( Taig N, ' Manchester, Pa. 

ANU I 1 A, liKile I., AAA Washington, D. C:. 

APPEIA ARD, Jo Ann Glenview, 111. 

Fourth roiv: 

ARENSON, Ronald L., SN Pensacola, Fla. 

ARGY, John Hollywood, Fla. 

AREINE, Arthur W., Jr. Virginia Beach, Va. 

ARNJ-R, l.vshcth I., AXQ Chester, VV. Va. 

ASHW OR I II, I h.,mas E. Appomattox, Va. 

BACH.MAX, Walter E., Ill, ATA Easton, Pa. 

Fifth row: 

BADGETT, Alice S.. A* Atlanta, Ga. 
BAER, George |., i;N Grosse Poinre, Mich. 

BAIEEY, Alice "J. Wilmington, Del. 

BAIRD, Edward E.. IIX West C:hester, Pa. 

BAIRD, W ilham )., 'EKl Pikeville, Ky. 

BAKER, ludith A"., KKF Ashland, Ky. 


Sixth roiv: 

V«»,**' ^ BAKER, Susannah C. AAA 
'.^7^ >■ ~ DAI nr-Dc-rnx' o,..i l 

^ P ,..' p p p 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 
BALDERSTON, Barbara, KAB Glen Mills, Pa. 
BANKS, Eaurence K.. iJX Greensboro, N. C. 
BARKI E, Ronald M., KX Morrisville, N. C. 

BARl.OW . Richard S., HX Bardstown, Ky. 

BARNi:S, Stephen P., ATA Huntington, N. Y. 

Seventh roiv: 

BARNETT, Elizabeth A., nB* Atlanta, Ga. 
BASS, Kenneth C, Wilmington, Del. 

BAS I I AN, ( ;,irv B , A1'<I> Abington, Pa. 

BALIK, 1 nphcniM ( ., 11 Westfield, N. J. 

BAL\K.AR 1 Nl R, iirnce R., i:X 

Fort Thomas, Ky. 
BAY, Edna Ci.. KAW Dover, Ohio 

/■:,(;/;//; nil-: 

1! AM S, ( ,i,v A. Falls Church, Va. 

r.l \l<l), I iHs S.. IK Ft. Alonroe, Va. 

Ill \M l\ . I icdcrick A., i;X Aiken, S. C. 

I!l ( I ON. I MIEY A., AXQ 

Wake Forest, N. C. 
BI'LE, Oliver A., |r., IIKA Raleigh, N. C. 

B1:EI„ Sarah I'.. Spruce Pine, N. C. 

Xiiith roiv: 

Bl NjAMlN, Albert E., Jr. Baltimore, .Md. 

Bl NJAMIN, Lucinda M., i:K 

New Fairfield, Conn. 

BINNE II . Ann L. Raleigh, N. C. 

Bl NNE I I , Bruce R., IIAE Atlanta, Ga. 

BINNE I I, Diane C, AE<I> Chicago, III. 

BERI'SEORD, Scott F., lAE Atlanta, Ga. 

Tenth roiv: 

BERGQUIST, Linda R. Lake \M>rth, Fla. 

BERRY, Alan D., <t>A@ Fort Thomas, Ky. 

BERRY, Thomas C, Jr., AXA 

V'irginia Beach, Va. 
BER I SCH, John R. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

BILLINGS, Harold D. Lincolnton, N. C. 

BLACK, George B., Jr., ATA Bryn Mawr, Pa. 


First Toiv: 

BLACK, Jane E., AAH Columbia, S. C. 

BI.ACKARD, William R., ATU 

Jacksonville, Fla. 
BI.OHM. Barbara A., i;K Greenwood, S. C. 
B(){ ;() I , lovee i:. West Hartford, Conn. 

BOS 1 . lu.inic.i \1. Kagle Springs, N. C. 

BOSWM.l., Rich.ird N.. <l)AH Brunswick, Ga. 
SnonJ nai-: 

BOSW ILL, W.ule \1. Knoxville, Tenn. _ ,— -^ 

BOLMAN, K., ^\V. Binghamton. N. Y. f ^ f , ^**' 

BOW I'.RS, I'mnia Sue South Charles, W. Va. '^T'T^ i-*^ ' f jw 

BOW I.IXG, Fred (;., Ir., BHII Seaford, Del. l ^-.V ' >^- f^'^ 

BOYD, Mary B. ' Charlotte, N. C. .4."' i. ~ - r 

BOYLES, Sandra K. Greensboro, N. C. 

77;;r,/ rozi-: 1 

BRACY, Benjamin F.. <I>AH Orangeburg, S. C. 
BRADIXG, Barbara A., AAII Sumter, S. C. 

BRADSHFR, Patricia .\L, 1IB<I> Durham, N. C:. 
BRA\N0C:K, Larrv R. Reidsville, N. C;. 

BREDDER. Rov S. ,\l..rristown. N. J. 

BRI X\l MAX, Ann 11. Lancaster, Fa. 

E., Jr. Whcaton, 111. 

Richmond, \a. 
BRISFXDINE, Barbara A. Atlanta, Ga. 

BRll I AIN, Julia A. Brevard, N. C. 


Kuigs Mountain, X. C. 
BRODHEAD, Charlotte A. Swarthniore, Pa. 

Fi/lh row: 

BROKER, Nathanael Concord, New Hampshire 
BROOKS, Charles I. Memphis, Tenn. 

BROOKS, Donald B., ATti CIreensboro, N. C:. 
BROV\ X, Paul F., Jr., M\ Clearwater, El 

C5 f^ a f , f. 

raui r ., jr., v-).\ v.iearwater, r la. ^^ ^-^ ^^ ^^^ ^gtm^ ^^^ 

BROWX, Ralph E., Al'* Durham, N. C:. #iS^ #IP^ ^T . PP^ f"^\ ^Bk 

BROWX, Timothys. Greenwich, Conn. ^^^ T ,_ | |^ ^ f^^ ^^ |^ 

SOPHOMORES i^^idMg^Mmhdk 

BROWNELL, Tempe C, KKP Bethesda, Md 
BRUi\L\lETT, Barbara S., HB* Norwalk, Conn 
BURKE, David L., ATQ Winchester, Mass 

BURCKEL, Mary A., AAII Wilmington, Del, 
BURNS, Judie K. Birmingham, Mich, 

BURNS, John J. C:harlottc, N. C, 

Seventh row. 

BURRICE, Robert N., <1>K'F Louisville, Ky. 

BURSLE\L William A. Hyattsville, Md. 

BURW I'LL, leanne D. Greensboro, N. C. 

BUSCH, tierald K., BOH Mexico City, Mex. 

BU I LFR, Marilyn K., AAH McComb, Miss. 

CALDWELL, F:lizabeth K. Dillon, S. C. 

Eighth row: 

CALDWELL, Mark J., KA Clinton, Tenn. 

CALEEN, Reynold L., Jr. Palm Beach, Fla. 

CAMERON, Betty S., KA Atlanta, Ga. 
CAMERON, Donald C, Kl" 

Upper Montclair, N. J. 

CAMPBELL, Anita C, KKF Savannah, Ga. 

CAMPBELL, James S. Charlotte, N. C. 

Ninth row: 

CARAWAY, James S. Jacksonville, Fla. 

GARDEN, G. Russell, AAH Chattanooga, Tenn. 

CARDONA, V'irginia D. Ft. Bclvoir, Va. 

CARITHERS, Susan, KAG Jacksonville, Fla. 

CARR, Edith P., AAA New Orleans, La. 
CARR, Judith S. Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Tenth row: /^"N ^^^\ ^'^^ 

CARROLL, Dorothy Chappaqua, N. Y. 

CARVER, Stephen G. Charlotte, N. C. 

CASHWELL, Leon F., Jr. Raleigh, N. C. 

CASTLE, Truman R., -t-KT Glenview, 111 

CAUDLE, Betsy K., ZTA Greensboro, N. C. 

CAVANAGH, Mary Ann Wilmington, N. C. 


Fin/ rn-^-: 

( A W I W. lohn A., Jr., AXA Elkhart, Ind. 

( \N( I , I .iuMF i:., Jr. Oceana, Va. 

< 1 1 \ M 111 I I , ( Carole A. High Point, N. C. 
( III \ I tl \\1, Robert L. Pulaski, Tenn. 
I I II \ IS. James E., Jr. Warrcnton, N. C. 
( 1 K ) 1 IN'ER, Gerald, ZBT McKccsport, Pa. 
S,;mid ro-ic: 

< 1, ARK, Jean [■". Stratford, Conn. 
CI.ARKK. Ion B.. .\.\A Denver, Colo. 
( l.ARO, Kenneth J., -I-AH Clinton, Md. 
( I AV, Ciertrude L. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
( III I ORD, Douglas M., <1.A(-) Denver, Colo. 
( OBH, Lawrence W., H.X Atlanta, Ga. 
riiirj TOU-: 

< ( )( :KI'R, Weslev L., <I>A(-) Arlington, Va. 
( ( )IM\, Karen V. Elm Grove, Wis. 
(OIIOK, Geraldine A., ZTA 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 
COLEMAN, Linda L., A* Sunbury, Pa. 

COLL, John P., ATQ Carnegie, Pa. 

COLLINS, Sandra ^L Ft. Monroe, Va. 

f f^f^ fS ^ ^ 

^" ^^^^^-^M^^fc^^M^^^^^M^l^^ ^^^^^ COMBS, Mary Mt. Airy, N. C, 

ft vf: ^ P f^ 

^^' ^^fS 

OXX, Judith, AAn Summit, N. J. 

( )\\OR, Henry D. Louisville, Ky. 

( ( )\RAD, Carl E. Wilmington, Del. 

( ( )( )i;V. Karen M., ZTA Hagerstown, Md. 

/■■//''' row. 

COOK, Barbara E. Dayton, Ohio 

f ^■flm^^ C:OOPER, Betty P., AAH Durham, N. C. 

i^H^Ki^B CORBIN. Lee L., Ar Livingston, N. J. 

ORDYACK, Cathryn A. Frederick, Md. 

ORX, L. Carol, AXQ Shelley, N. C. 

( )RXWF.LL, Susan H., KA Lincolnton, N. C. 


Q O ^^ P f^ ^ 
ft r f I /f^ O ^ 

if^ a a ^ f> 

( ( ) I I ER, Douglas A. Skyland, N. C. 

( OL L lER, John M., (-)X Dayton, Ohio 

( :OUSINS, Carol R., AAIl Arlington, Va. 

COVINGTON, James E., <t>A0 

Whiteville, N. C. 
(^OWAN, Florence A., KA Sweetwater, Tenn. 
COWHERD, Frank G., Ill N. Laurel, Md. 

Seventh roiv: 

( :OX. (iwin L. Mount Olive, N. C. 

( ( )\, loseph H., Jr. Wilmington, N. C. 

( O/ART, Elizabeth M. Durham, N. C. 

( RAKi, Barbara J., AXU Durham, N. C. 

CRAWFORD, Michael A. Columbus, Ga. 

C:REDLE, Laney T. Bn.stol, Tenn. 

I'.iiihth roiv: 

( Rl I ( ;H, John H., KA Carolina Beach, N. C. 

( Kl W S, Rebecca E. Charlotte, N. C. 

( RlSl, Peter B. Devon, Pa. 

__, ^ .. - CRO I HERS, Phyllis J. Elkton, Md. 

^- ^ ^^ ^ ^ -s^- CRUIKSHANK, Dwight P-^^^^^*^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ 

GULLEDGE, Irene V. '"^ G7ee"n7boro"N. C. 

e ^:*,, p p (^ c 

Ninth roiv: 

CL'LBRETH, Thomas F. Verona, N. J. 
( I' I ( MIX. Cirolvn J. Sherrills Ford, N. C. 

I)\\ IS. \>lruiine R. Virdlcy, Pa. 

I) W IS, ( ,,r..l A. Boonsboro, Md. 
I)\\ IS, AiiiK I ,, AAII Wmstnn-Salem, N. C. 

DAVIS, Robert E., 1\X A. ken, S. C. 

n-nth wir: 

I) WIS, W.imkIcc 1' , i-iV AniK.ndale, Va. 

I)|( kl K I, Si, V.I, I', KM Si l.nms. Mo. 

1)1 WIS K,Ji,,r>l I <-l\ b.kdo, Ohio 

1)1 XI OX, Kcnr S„ .I'M' \\,isli„mt..n, N, C. 

, ^^ DICKIE, Flora A. I lamden. Conn. 

^\ ^B DILLON, Robert G. Elkin, N. C. 


First roii-: 

DII.W OK 111, ( ,ithy L., AXQ Hinsdale, III. 
I)IS( () I li/ C. Forest IlilLs, N, 'l'. 

1)1 1 I \1 \R, Suvin Pirtslnirgli, P.i. 

1)()1 1,M\ | C, (irosse Pointe P.irk, Mich, 
l)()C;t;i- IT, ,\l,uinnc, KA W inter P,irk. M.i. 
DONKIN, Detinrah St.ite College, P.i. 

Srcomi mil-: 

1X)N'0\'.\X, lolin P. Biirlint;.inie, Calif. 

DOW l.lXti, l.nuia C. Orange, N. j. 

DOWMM;, ISarl.ara 1., K.\H .Atlanta, Ca. 

DOYI.i:, I.arrv j., A1:<1> Siinsbury, Ccnm. 

DRALEY, Mary K., KA Hampton, \a, 

DREISINGER, Lcanora A. Cleveland, Ohio 

Thini roii'.- 

DRUMS, Ch.irles R,. KA I.adue, Mo. 

DLl.A, ( iN.le S , IIKA \\'in,ston-Salcm, N. C. 
1)L'\( \N, MtVed T. Alameda, Calif, 

DUNCAN. .Snsan (i.. AAA 

N. Wilkesboro, N. C. 
DUNLAP, Joseph C. Raleigh, N. C. 

DUNN, Ernest L. Eayetteville, N. C. 

Fourth ro-.L-: 

DUSBAHIK, Susan ,\1. C:iievy Chase, Md. 

DU r 1 ()\, Robert \V„ Ai:<I> Atlanta, Ga. 

DM" |ohn \\. Anderson, S. C. 

EARNHARD 1 , Kent C, BX 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
EASLEY, William K., K:C Rock Hill, S. C. 

EASON, William E., Jr., nK<l> 

Four Oaks, N. C. 
Fifth row: 

ECKERD, John M. .Marion, N. C. 

EC:KER r, Alan \\„ HX Washington, D. C. 

EDI. IN, lohn C. Wilmington, Del. 

EDW ARDS. ( li.irles R. C.ildsboro, N. C. 

FDW ARDS. \l.irv Ann, AAA Creenville, S. C. 
EHRHARDl, Ursula M. Akron, Ohio 


Sixth roil- 

ELIAS, John A. Stratford, Conn. 

ELLIOTT, John D. Scarsdalc, N. Y. 

ELLIS, Jennv R. Cioldsboro, N. C. 

ELY, Richard M., IN Arlington, Wi. 

ENGLISH, Locllen K. Alexandria, \'a. 

ERICKSON, Linda E., AAA Glenview, III. 

Seventh row: 

ERICKSON, Roger C, OX Kettering, Ohio 

ERNST, Mary L. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

ETHERIDGE. Lynn, KAt) Ridgefield, Conn. 
EVANS, Jan ,\L, <}>KS Signal Mountain. Tenn. 
EVANS, Judith L. Winnetka, HI. 

EVANS, Orinda D., nB'l> Avondale Estates, Ga. 

Eighth row: 

EVANS, Thomas S. South Salem, N. Y. 

EWELL, Judith Parksley, \a. 

FAIRFAX, Nancy E. College, Md. 
FALCIANI, Ronald B., Al"* Hammonton, N. j. 

FARNHA;\L Elsie F. Wynncwood, Pa. 

FAULKNER, Laura \'. New \ernon, N. J, 

\intb row: 

FEAZELL, George L„ Jr., nK<I> Belair, Md. 
FERGUSON, Barbara A., A* Statesville, N. C:. 
FERGUSON, Dennis H., ATA Springdale, Pa. 
FERRELL, Malcolm R., KA Greensboro, N. C. 
FESMIER, Barbara J. Ridgewood, N. J. 

FEW, William P.. <J)Ae Durham, N. C. 

Tenth row: 

FINCHFR, Dnlnns A. Charlotte, N. C. 

FIS( III K, M.irrin D., HKA Scarsdale, N. Y. 

MSI II K, < irl I , i:X Sclma, Ala. 

FISIIK\( K, lduardV\'., Jr. Orlando, Fla. 

FISHER, L\DIA Atlanta, Ci. 

FISHER, Rita C. Pittsburgh,' Pa. 


P p ,C <S 1^ P 

P( p p p f^ a 

r> O C- 

llk^^<I ^ 


O (T^ ^ O m 

^ ^ f^ ^ a ^ 

P o ^ /% P p 

FLOWERS, George H., 111. BP)U 

Ricliinond, V'a. 
FOGl.E, Robert H., IIK* Marietta, Ohio 

FOR.S.MAN. Dale H. Basking Ridge, N. J. 

I OSM R. I kant.r C. Panama Citv. Fla. 

I ()\\ 1 IK, Divid 1.. rhe Plains, \a. 

Durham, N. C. 

Martinsville, Vi. 

Mount Airy, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Hanover, Pa. 

ZBT Ladue, Mo. 

II Enka, N. C. 

1 IKSII . \ancv D. 

C:olunibus, Ohio 

I. WIBII.I., Linda K., AL 

Wiikeshoro. N. C. 

I. WIMILL, Kenneth \\. 

Sorsdale, N. Y. 

(. \RA\D, r':ugene A. 

( cnterp„rt. N. Y. 

(. \UI \\l) Ik trie I. CHI 

Shelby, N. C. 

1 . \ 1 1 \\ ( )( )l), 1 Ik. mas S. 

Americus, Ga. 

( ,ll;l',()\s, (,r..ruT M. 

Lenoir, N. C. 

(,II;I',()\S, W ilham H., KA 

Dallas, Tex. 

(,IMil R 1, lames H.. '\'M-> 

Brunswick, Ga. 

(,ll 1,1 \, \"l,,ril\n J, 

Wantagh, N. Y 

/■//'/' '■"!;■,■ 

GILLILAND. Margaret A., 


P ?• f^ ;^ (^ 


Jacksonville, Fla. 
GIL.MORE. Joan, AAA East Liverpool, Ohio 
GIXGRrV, Marv E. Aiken, S. C. 

(.11 ll\( ,S, Karen J., KAH .\nnapolis, Md. 

I .MM , l,iMus R. Bethel Park, Pa. 

( ,< )( )l)\l( )\, lames F., IlKA Raleigh, N. C. 

p e o r o o 

p o r e p ^ 

. P o p 

^ O f% f^ 

^ ^ ^ ^ 

Snih /,,-.. 

(.K Ml \\1. K..l.ert B., AIA Silver Spring, Md. 

( .K \\n . Michael P. .Middletown, Ohio 

(,K \\ I. \..rnian C. Lakewood, N.J. 

( ,K W I . Wcskv B., i:X Kannapolis. N. C. 

(,K\\I, Wilham R., IlKA Winnetka, III. 

(.R \Mil ,\l.. Robert T, UK* Marion, Va. 

( .Kl IN, R..l.err l„ H.\ Alexandria, \a. 

CRIIM . llar.iki. 'I'K'r Tallahas.sec, Fla. 

CREKNLEAF, Hank .M., Jr., B(-)n 

\\'est Newton, Mass. 
GREENLY, Michael S. Beaufort, S. C. 


Schenectadv, N, Y. 
C;RII:G, Elizabeth B., AXQ Glenshaw, Pa. 

Eii^hrh nm-: 

Newport, Va. 

T. Baltimore, Md. 

Boone, N. C. 

Savannah, Ga. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Margaret L, 
,.,iis R., IlKA 

HALL, Sara E., AAA Cleveland I 
HAMILION. ,\lartha F., KAW 

St. Pe 

Sarasota, Fla. 
Long Branch, N. J. 


HARDING, Richard H., ATQ 

Falls Church, \'a. 
HARGRF, I T. Haines H., Jr., SAS Atlanta, Ga. 
HARPKR, Wilnicr M. Klkhorn City, Kv. 

HARRKLL, Maxic K. Gates, N. C. 

HARRIS, Charles M.. A lA Greensboro, N. C. 
HARRIS, John W'., AXA Dallas, Tex. 

Siro/hi rijvj: 
HARRIS, Imlith H.. AAA Alhernarle, X. C 

HARROI.l). jovee, 
HAI H.AW AV, Davi 
HAVCiOOD, Roberl 
HAYS, Dave A. 
riiirj wii-: 
HI All), Marv C:. 
I II- A 111. tieort;eS. 



ille. \. ^^ 
-oms. Mo. 



Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Waycross, (Ja. 
\ alley Stream, N. V. 
HI IIM R, Elizabeth G., AAII 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 
HKLLF.KSON, /oe Ann Wilmington, Del. 

IIFL.MFS, C. Tucker, :^X South Salem. N. V. 
Fourth nm-: 

IlILMS. Kenneth D. Charlotte, N. C. 

HI NDI RSON, Harvey F„ Jr., ATti 

Charlotte, N. C 

HFNRV. Hugh I 
HFRBI'R I, Anne E 
HFRBFRT, C:heslev 


Fifrh roll-: 

HFRBS 1 FR, Ronald W 

HFRIN, Fhomas J. 

IIFSS. Allan F. 

III.SS, Doren W .. |r. 

HISS. Richard M.; IN 

HIX'GIl, Wilham R., BMll 

Grecncastlc, Ind. 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 
II, IlKi: 

High Point, N. C. 


Chester, Pa. 

.Miami. Fla. 

.T Forest, 111. 


HFUSNFR, Barbara |. -Schenectady, N. Y. 

HIYI.. \\'. Celeste, AXU Fairia.v, \a. 

IIIIF. Herbert M.. Ai:<I> Svlvania. Ga. 

Ill 1( IK ()( K, Beverly A. C:heltenham, Pa. 

IIOADI TA. R. chard A., IIK'F Fancaster, Pa. 
HO( C I I . (iiiiiKv B. Clayton, N. C. 

Srvnith wn: 

HOFFMAN, laciueline Charleston, S. C; 

HOI'FM \NN. Martjaret F. Newark, Del. 

HOI I \K. I riiikK IF, AXU Conover, N. C. 
HOI I (i\\ \N, Siq.hen ,\l., <1>A(-) Flkin, N. C. 

HOFMI ^. Kick l.enoir, N. C:. 

HOI. I , Robert A., A I A Rculing, Mass. 

l-::v.litli nm: 

HOUCiH, Wilham C., 'hK'F 

l',. V\"illiston, N. Y. 
HOUYOUX, Jacques R., Ai:-). Kensington, Md. 
IIOUAFT, Linda J. Ramsey, N. |. 

HUBBARD, Kenneth W., 'FAW Riverside, Conn. 
HUBBARD, Robert P., I'X Urbana. 111. 

HUDSON, William IF, 111. .\\A Shelby, N. C. 

HUDSON, Willi 

., A I A 

Silver Spring, Md. 
1IF(,IIIS, Parrui;, j. Imglewood, N.J. 

I IL ( .1 II S. Sreplicn T, <I'K:i; Auburn, Maine 

IIUNCI K. Wilh.iin C., Jr. Vandergrift, Pa. 

HUN 1 in. buKi T, KKF Fllicott City, .Md 
IIUS I ON, Craig W'. Pacific Palisades, Calif. 

Taith roil-: 

HYDEMAN, Elaine F. Kansas C:ity, Mo. 

HYERS, Ihomas M. Palatka, Fla. 

HYRE, Nancy J. Boalsburg, Pa. 
INGLIS, Richard K., A 1 U 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

INGRA.M, Doris A. Charleston, \V. Va. 

JACKSON, Ann L. Quincy, Mass. 

!f) f^ D ^ -pi P 

#1 f^ P C P ,0 

fr> p. f^. p. ^, p 

(^ C^ O -P p: f^ 


m F^ f) r^ (^ o 

r- P> ti (^^ P f^- 

m C'' fs ^ ^ fS 


O f\0f^ t^ ^' P^ 

1^ O f% tx ^' P 

f^ P f^ f> ^ o 

p ^ Qi p r: O 

'r-^ r. e f, e a 

O P p f^ f^ P 

1^ P © f5^ O |6. 

jf^ p c: r n 1?^ 



rhur F. 
UK-cs C 


WISON. ( lint C. 
\ l^( H, Civic H. 
KOMK. Forrest L., IIKA 
)\(;H1.M1, Carroll L. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Western Springs, 111. 

Norfolk, V; 

Glassboro, N.J. 

Durham, N. C. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

|()I IXSFN, William C, 0X Washington, D. C. 

|( )1 INSON, Albert F., KS Mt. Gilcad, N. C. 

|( )l INSON, Barbara K. Washington, D. C. 

JOHNSON, Betty R., AXQ Raleigh, N. C. 

|( )l IXSON, Bruce H., 0.\ Duluth, Minn. 

;i( )1 INSON, James R. Bethel Park, Pa. 


lOI IXSON, Mary C. 
lOIINSFON, Robert M. 
ION IS, Barbara-Jean R. 
lONI S, Clara J. 
lONIS, lames M., |r., i:AE 
JONIS, Ralph \\„ jr. 

lONIS, Robert W., jr. 
"lONIS, Waldo R., r.X 
lONFS, William E., Jr. 
JORDAN, Robert R., <I>Kr 

JORDAN, William J., Jr. 
Fifth row: 

KAK;H1N, James G. 
KAIISKI, Michael P., ZBT 
KAXi:, Harry J. 
Kl A\', Anthony R. 
kl I SING, Hugo A., nK<I' 
KFHAVFS, Alexander R. 

Roanoke, Va 

Durham, N. C 

Mountainside, N. J 

Fort Bragg, N. C 

Montgomery, Ala 


, N.J 

Mulberry, Fla. 
Simsbury, Conn. 
Ashland, Ky. 
Durham, N. C. 

'inston-Salem, N.C 
Goldsboro, N. C. 

Warren, Ohio 
San .Antonio, Tex. 

Kinston, N. C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Washington, D. C. 

l-denton, N. C. 


,Sm/// loiv: 

Kl I \1, Willliam A., <FK 'F Washington, D. C. 

KIl.l.l'.V, George P., ^A E Moorestown, N. J. 

KFl.LOGG, James Chicago, III. 

KELLYS, Mary E. Lynchburg, Va. 
KERMAN, David D., <i'K>J'' 

Daytona Beach, Fla. 

KERN, Alice C. Durham, N. C. 

Seventh roil-: 

KII,I,IX(;i R. Arthur G. Severn.i P.irk, ,\Id. 

kIMBAII,, Koherc I). Burhneton, X. C. 

KIXARI), i:., KA 
KINCi, Caleb J. 
KING, Hollis H. 

F.i^hth rmv: 

KIXG, Rielurd H., ATQ 
KINNIA. |<.hn W., Jr., HX 
KINSLEY, Cheryl E. 
KIRBY, Paul V. 
KIRK, Barbara J. 

Ninth row: 

KIRWAN, Patrick B.. "FAC- 
KISER, James J., III. KA 
KISSLING, Anthony M.. Jr 

KITCHIN, JohnS.. <I>Ki: 
KITCHING, Brent C;. 

Tenth row: 

KIM I KM A N.James S. 
KM S\ll K, Harold, ZBT 
Kl,()( K, Douglas M. 
KOc;HI;R, Murial L. 
KOZICKI, Paula L. 

Charlotte, N. (:. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Chula V^ista, Calif. 

Nashville. Tenn. 
Kernersvillc, N. C. 

inston-Salem, N. C. 

La Grange, Ga. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

V\ilmington, Del. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Hickory, N. C. 

, I'AE 

PIcasantville, N. Y. 

Wake Forest, N. C. 

.Sharon Hill, Pa. 

Kermit, Tex. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Newport News, Va. 

Hilton, N. Y 

Easton, Pa. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Las Vegas, N. M. 


Finr roir: 

KRAUSF, Leonard H., AS* 

JaflFrcy Center, N. H. 
KRAYBII.L, Susan F., ZTA Durham, N. C. 

KRI'BS, Richard I). Washington. D. C. 

KRL'l-Cn.R, Ivclvn I. Atlanta. Ca. 

KUNSI I. INC. \\.\'\l. Statin Island, N. V. 

KL'R I /, ( .uiiillc. / lA Ikthesda. Md. 

Snnmi wii-: 

KURI/. Irving W., BMII Laduc, M.i. 

LAKIN, C;iirtord A. Miami Beach. Kla. 

LAM, Richard C. 'I'KT Karmington, Mich. 

LaMOTLK. Phillips G., I'N Salisbury, Md. 

LANK, William C, MX Mission Hills, Kans. 

LAN'G.Jane F.. Raleigh. N. C. 

Third roil-: 

Grossc Pointc, Mich. 
LANIFR, Irving W. Falls Church, V.i. 

FANNING, Thomas P. Durham, N. C. 

LARSH, Rolicrt N., S.\ Chapel Hill. N. C. 

LARSON. David j. Charlotte. N, C. 

LASSITFR. Ann R., KA Smithheld. N. C. 

Foriilh rira-: 

LASSI IFR, Mildred A. Murfreesboro, N. C:. 
LAI IMFR, Eleanor S. High Point, N. C. 

L.U'ARRE, Claude A., Jr., AXA 

Nashville, Tcnn. 
LAWYER, William G., II, AXA Sarasota, Fla. 
LEE, Jackson F., Jr., ATA Fayetteville. N. C:. 
LEE. Maybelle F. Durham, N. C. 

Fiflh roir: 

LEFLFR. lohn C. C:oncord. N. C. 

LEFLFR, \\ illiam C.. ATA Pittsburgh. Pa. 

LeMASI I R, Robert T. Al* Orange. Tex. 

LEW 111, I \. ( h.irles R. Louisiana. Mo. 

LEW IS. \l,irv (\ Farmville. N. C. 

LIFION, Robert j. Park Ridgc. III. 


Sixth roil-: 

LIPSCOMB, Thomson, KS Alexandria, Va. 

LIVING.STON, Barbara J. Amherst, Mass. 

Ll\-l\C;STOX. William C., HI Frankfort, Ky. 
LOFI.IX. Ann l\ Rocky River, Ohio 

LOOPI R. W ilhani C.. KA Gastonia, N. C. 

LOTSPl l( 1 1. I dL-ar S., AS* Cincinnati, Ohio 

P ^ f^- ^ fS 
p f > p f r^ a 

^Bf^ ^ P f^ 


Seventh roiv: 

LO\'F, Catherine J. New York. N. Y. ^■—■m . — r > ' ■ 

LOW. Heather J., KA0 Natrona Heights, Pa. ■F't *L \¥ J^~- - ' 

LOV\ F, Frank R., KA Brunswick, (ia. ^M -" " I* ^ >X T •" " 

LOWF. Rick B., SAE Pepper Pike. Ohio 

LOWI'.RY. Ihomas A. Tvkr. Tex. 

LOWRY, Michael L.. BMII Charleston. S. C. 

Eighth roil': 

LUCE, Karen W., AAA Metuchcn, N. |. 

LUCIANO, James T, ATQ Wilmington, DJI. 
LUDWIG, Ronald L., ZBT 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

LUKINS, Jay L.. *A0 Louisville. Ky. 

LULY. Helen S. Xero Beach. Fla. 

LUNDHOLiM, Barbara R. Ridgewood, N. J. 

Xinth roil': 

LYNCH, Donald M.. *Ae Fairfield, Conn. 

LYON. Carl F., Jr.. ZBT Sumter. S. C. 
.MacDONALD, Henry J.. *KS 

New Bern. N. C. 

ALACE, Ann E., KAH Richmond. Va. 

MacLANE, Charles N. Toledo. Ohio 

MANN, Glenn E.. Jr.. KS Durham, X. C. 

^' p^ O Q ^ ^ 
P ^^- ^f f^ ^' 

p f^ p 

Tenth voir: 

AL-XNN. Ralph E., II Jacksonville, Fla. 

MARTIN, Joanna S., KKP Palm Beach, Fla. 

MARTIN, Mary B.. AF Tarboro, N. C:. 

.\L\SON, George P., Jr.. *K'r 

Santa Ana, Calif. 
MATHESON, Barbara L., ZTA Boone, N. C. ^ ^ ^ t^ - 

AL-^THEWS, Patricia L. Atlanta, Ga. ■ f ^| .^^; 


■/^' O ^ f% '""-. 

P (^ p ^^ o 

P ^ 



\1 A mrWSON, James R., Jr. Danville, Va. 

\1 \L \l ^ , Junes P., nK<i> Ft. Lawn, S. C. 

\1A\\\ I I r., Jane M. Durham, N. C. 

\1, I?RI1)I\ Robert E., ATA 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
McCarthy, Frederick A.. IX, Greenbelt, Md. 
McCARTY, Kristme M. Durham, N. C. 

Second wu:: 

AlcCLAlN, John C. «l-A(-) Anderson, S. C. 

McCLKARY. jane R., KAH Baltimore, Md. 

McCONNIL, Diana C. Asheville, N. C. 

McCONNI'LL, Iharon C. Mooresville, N. C. 
McDORMAN, Marshall D., Jr., nKT 

Houston, Te.x. 
McDOWFTL, C. B., Ill Akron, Ohio 

Third roil-: 
McFARLIN, Robert M., XN 

San Antonio, Tex. 
M.II.HFXNY, \'irginia D. Kailua, Hawaii 

M< IVriRI', |.,M|.li \. Goldsboro, N. C. 

MtKA'l I'ltrKi,, \ . AT Detroit. Mich. 

McKI \. |.4,n I), IIKA Orlando, Kla. 

AbTAIN. \liltn„ S.. Al'l' Raleigh, N. C. 

Fmirlh iv,z;.- 

McXAll.Y, Ann, KKF Port Huron, Mich. 

Ml ADORS, \l,irilvn K. Cincinnati, Ohio 

\U I Kl R, I Mis I'. Washington, D. C. 

\1I|(HI()K. \h,.,uAsV.,^\ LaGrange, III. 

Ml I.ION, ( Ihirks K. Houston. Tex. 

Ml RRI I I . Sus.ui (,., KA Woodsdalc, N. C. 

/•,//// •■'„;■.■ 

\(l 17, Walter G, |r. Klkin, N. C. 

MI:VI:R, Alan H. ■ Great Neck, N. Y. 

MIDGI 11. Bernard ^\'., A lA 

Engelhard, N. C. 
MKiA, Andrew C. Greensboro, N. C. 

MILLER, Ann E. MorrisviUe. Pa. 

MILLER, Chris G. Tulsa. Okla. 


o p^ o o ^ 
C^ O p r. © p 
^ r^' 1^ r^ p ^, 


Sixth rozi-: 

MILLER, Don.thv V., AAA laiiicstoun, N. C. 
MILLER, F. Wilh.nn, 'I'LT ' Metaine, La. 
MILLER, Gravsnn IL, jr. Norfolk, \\x. 

MILLJ-R. l.,hn M., Jr.' Norfolk, Wi. 

\1ILLI R,l..iwrenee E., IWE 

C'hattanooga, Tenn. 
MILLS, | E. Seaford. X'l. 

S,-cnith nni-: 

MINARI), Alan 1... l'\ Evanston, III. 

MINII'.R, M,iri;.iret S. Williamsburg, Va. 

MINNOl IE, David W. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

MINTURN, Erie B., AiJ'l' Marietta, Ohio 

MISENHEIMER, Lawrence G., Jr. 

Rockwell, N. C. 
MITCHELL, lohn W. Arlington, Va. 

Ei^htli ,<,-.■: 

Ml I CI II LI. , Perry B. Atlanta, Ga. 

MOI LING. Walter G., ATO 

Alexander Caty, Ala. 
MONAtiHAN, Ralph F., Jr. Arden, N. C. 

MONI AGUE, Jonathan W„ UK* 

Raleigh, N. C. 
M()NIC;OMERV, Alcvauder C., Ill 

Highland, 111. 
\U)ORI\ I red IE, KA 

Look.Hit Mountain, Tenn. 


P O f^~ ^ ^ 


MOORE, Nancy L., -I'M Baltimore, Md. 

MOORE, Richard H., A I A Annandale, Va. 

MOORE, Dan C:. Memphis, Tenn. 

MOORE, Merry D. Mt. Rainier, Md. 


Martinsville, Va. 
MORGAN, Barbara A., AAII Asheville, N. C. 
TdUli wu.-: 
MORGAN, Walter G., Ill, IIK'l- 

J.iek,son, Tenn. 
MORCiAN. /eb B., H\ M.iratt.i, Ohio 

MORRIS, i:dvv,ird ,\L B..\ \ .IKiuc Ohi,. 

MORRISON. Ainv, A'l' liuli..n,i|«.lis, hid. 

MOSE.R, R.ibert I.., |r., N. C. 

MOSSBURG, Richard H., A I u' 

Silver Spring, Md. 

hint rmv: 

MURl.l rSS,; 
MLRRA'i, N'.HKv 
MYIRS. M.ircKi R 
\niRS. S^iiniicl M 
NADA, ShcntA.. 
NAR IKN, l.yn.ui 

S,ro,hi nnv: 
NASH. riu.Hl.irc I'. 
NKLI I ID, R..„,,IJ C. 
NKW I OX, li,.il.,ir.i 1.. 

NKW lOX, I). l.nuliC 

NORCROSS, Rcgina G. 
NORTON, Richard A„ WX 

ODOM, David S., <1>A(-) tirccn.sborn, X. C 

(KiDF.N, John R„ *K'I'- V\iliiiin{;roii, \\\ 

CXiRINZ, Alexander J., Ill, O.X 

Baltimore, Md 
OLSON, William C. Arlington Heights, 111 

OLSON, William H. Fairfax, \a 

ONKALL, Marline A., IIIM' Orlando, Ha 

Fourth rail-: 

ORR, Linda, IIB* C:harlottc, N. C 

ORR, Samuel .\L, 111, A I IJ 

V\inston-Salem, N. C 
OSHORNK, Margaret A., A<F 

Taylorsville, N. C 
FACii:, Lvnn McLean, \ a 


FAFFS, Carol B, Morristown. N. J, WZ.^ L n F IT . | M^ ^F- ■ 1-^ -fi 

FARKFR, Lois H. Madison, N. J " 1 . 1|^ - I \^ ' B '. ^ 

Fifth ww: "^ " J . . " ▼ ,^ 

FARKF.R.John J., <I'K'I- Tallahassee, Fla. ^i *" .^. ^^^ ^ .^iMw 

FARKFR, .Marv T Asheville, N. C. ,^Bfifll^H I ^I^HSlm 

FARKS, Linda W. Durham, N, C:, ^^^^^ ^« K ^^ ^^^b^ 

PARSl I 'I, lan.e,^ \1. Hillsboro, N. C. — __. ^ _ .»^ 

PARSOXS.D.nid L. Charleston, W. \-a. /""*'»> .^S^, ^^^ iP^ /■'*■ 

P.«SAM,M,.H.„J N™V.„.,N.V. f_, ||^ ||^ 1^ ,^f:_ 

SOPHOMORES ^^.^fcl. ^'^ ^TA^^^-..^ 

^ fl f^ ^ P ^ 

.- a f> P ^ O 

PAl K, James T, Jr, Orlando, Fl; 

PATRICK, Camilla N., KA Richmond, \-. 

PATTFRSON, Michael S., H\ 

Cireensboro, N. C 
PATTFRSON, Sylvia F. Biirlirgton, N. ( 

FATFON, Robert J„ Jr., IIK<F 

Fort W'.rth, Tc' 
FAFFON, Roy H., jr., <FKM- C;anton, N. C 

Seventh r,ra-. 

PAULFY, Margaret K., AAA \Urr,ck. X V 

PAULY, Ann F., KAM West I nuKu.Hul. X, 1. 

PAULY. Susan J., nB«F ( uk Ohio ,A> 

PEABODY, Arthur W., Jr., H,\ I lolden. M.i.s. 

PEACE, lacquclyn Winston-Salem, N. C. 

PEAKF, James R., Ill Norfolk, Va. 

p p p r- o 

PERJ\1AR," David H., ATA ChtTyT:hase,'M'd' 1-"^ aC' ^J ' '' ^*~ ' ' ' ' jj^ 

PETERS, Franklin E. High Point, N. ' ^"^ ^^^ ^^ - -*^ - — 

Eighth roix:: 

PEARSON, Vaughn C, Ar* Glen 

PENICK, Robert D. Chattanooga, Te 

PETERS, Richard D., <I>Ki; Durham. N. C. 

PETERSON, Gail M. Takoma Park, Md. 

S'mth roiv: 

FF I ERSON, Michael I., i:N Barracks, Pa. 

FE FERSON, Wayne T. Fast Hampton, Conn 

FICKRI l.L, Anna M., AAII Durham, N. C. 

FIGXOX A, Limes B., Jr., Kl' St. Albans. Xt. 

F1L< III K, ( hirle. A., .\\A Douglas, Alaska 

FILCRAM, Ann F., AAA Frederick, .\ld. 

Truth ro'^-: 

PLACi;, Jertrev W, A FU Charlotte, N. C. 

PLU.MFR, William S., Ir. Fahokee, Fla 
PODGIR. Kenneth A., ''FKl' Durham X C 

POF. John R. Durham, X. C. 

POLIXC, D.,n R. Xonie Alaski 
POLLARD, James E., .\\A St. Petersburg, Fla 

p^- p p p A 


r p 

^> p ^ f 

A f^ r^ f^ C p 
p O f> 


f" ^ ^ 





.hen T, BhTT 

Louisville. Kv. 

POI 1 1 K. 

1 1 

1 iiuK,i\ 

< liirloiie, N (':. 

ROW 1 1 1 . 


rk\. \'l' 

Mkl.ilesex N (",. 

ROW II 1 . 


illlsW III 

Norfolk. \a. 

ROW 1 R. ^ 


hen \-,, i;n 

\lonkton, ,\Ui. 

ROW 1 RS, 


irilvn 1-:. 

Louisville, Ky. 

RRI SS\1 \\ 1 

Illell \1 

Dallas, Tex. 

RRK 1 . 1 h 

IS O,. IIK.|. 

Decatur, Ga. 



, I'.iul 1!,. Ill 

Ware Shoals, S. C:. 

RL(ill. R.i 


.1 1... 'I'M 

Charlotte, N. C:. 


, Rav C. 

Owensboro. Kv. 


. w 

illiam F,., Jr., IIK* 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Tliinl ror.-: 

(IIAI 11 

IHAUM, Ann 1.. 

.\lonctta. S. C. 

R \( Kl l,\ 

IAN, Susan j., 'I'X' 

1 Cocoa, Fla. 



ah H. 

Sandston, Va. 



sh M.. jr. 

Belmont, N. C. 

RAH. Ill, 


V i:. 

Bluefield, W. Va. 


D'.n \\-., KA 

Richmond, Va. 

lumrlh nn, 


J lid 

lirh A. 

N. .Merrick, N. Y. 

Rl 1 1). Rol 

R., 1^'h 

Struthers, Ohio 

Rl II 1 1 1.. 


les A., ZB I 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 



, Richard \'., i:: 

N Arlington, Va. 


, Terence N., /BT 

Miami Shores, Fla. 

Rl ISS, ( h. 


s A. 

St. Louis, Mo. 



Anne K., A'l> 

Favetteville, N. C. 

RhANOi 1 


Lillian R. 

■ Durham. X. C. 

RlCr, 1 CO 

n 1. 


inst'm-Sale.n. N. C:. 

RICKI 1 1 

M.irN.inn. KKI' 

RaleiLih, X. C. 

Rl\l R \. 

J, 1,1 

e- R Rl" R 

ledras. Ruerto Rico 

ROBI',, \1. 

1)., KA 

Durham. X. C:. 


ROBBINS, Boyce ^L, AS* Spartanburg, S. C. 

ROBBINS, Jane T, KAB Washington, D. C. 

. ROBI'R ISON. Dcanna L., AXQ Savannah, Ga. 

jJb.V . R( )l'.l R I S( )N. .\Lirtha E. Barstow, Calif. 

''^' ' ■■''^ KODKK .11 S, Judith L. Fayetteville, N. C^. 

K()(,l KS, l)il«..rth T Summit, N.J. 

K( )( ,1 KS. I iiul.i S., AXU Wilmington, Del. 

K< )( ,1 KS. W ilhain F. Fu^uay Springs, N. C. 

K()l I INS. ()\ R. .Morganton, N. C. 

R()\1R. I L. I'-X Vermilion, Ohio 

ROO I l.uiiee \. Grosse Pointe, .Mich. 

ROSS. M.irei.i \L. KAH Columbus, Ohio 

ROW I . \ernon D., Ill Hendcrsonville, N. C. 
RLin. I iieien. I'AF .Madisonville, Ky. 

RLDISILI . Ben R.. IL KA Cherryville, N. C. 
RLI k. Harb.ira k. Dehra Dun, V.P., India 

RLNDLI S. ( h.irlotte Durham, N. C. 

RYAN, John A.. |r., 'I'Ki; 

Fast Grand Rapids, .Mich. 
Ninth row: 

RYON, Thomas S., Jr., KA Farmvillc, N. C:. 


(iartnev, S. C. 
S\l, I I R. Lowell S,, A I A, Indianapolis, Ind. 

SAXLMONS, William C. BHll 

Silver Spring, Md. 
SANULIN, DaMd 1 ., 'I'K^ Favetteville, N. C. 
SASSER, Wilhaiii I .. IIK'l' Walterboro, S. C. 

Tenth row: 

SAUNDERS, Svlvia A., SK High Point, N. C. 

SAWYER, Martha-Jane, KAB 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 
SCHAD, Susan P., KKF Wyomissing, Pa. 


Cleveland Heights, Ohio 
SCHULTZ, Frederick L. Atlanta, Ga. 


Lakewood, Ohio 


First ro^a-. 

SCUFFHAM.JaiiRs R., Jr., 


(Concord. N. C. 

SCX'l.L. Ward R., III. IIKA 

Newport News. \a. 

SFAKI 1 S. IKniKs 1... KKr 

Mis.soula. Mont. 

SI'AKI 1 S. MiiN A. 

Baltimore. \ld. 

SI'AKS, linhn , R, 

Davton. Ohio 

Sia.l IR^, \. I .ir..l 

Durham. X. C. 

Second roir: 

SENINGF.N, Ronald P. A lA WilimnRtcm. Del. 


St. Louis. Mo. 

SHARIT. RKh.ira 1). 

Columbia. S. C. 

.SHI \KI\ Roiuia W 

Warrenton. X. C. 

SHI I I II I 1). \rlis \.. .|>A(-: 

1 Columbia. S. C. 

SHI I 1 II II), Jo 1 lien 

Columbia, S. C. 

Thini nm-: 

SHi:Fri.l'R, Fred W., |r. 

Akron, Ohio 

SHFIIII.X, Robert l.,"llK'l> 

C;aniden, S. C. 

SHIXK, D.iM.I S., Rv 

Lancaster, Pa. 

SHI\ 1 s. \ ( ., jr., Ai: 

.|. CIreenville. S. C. 

SHL 1 1 . I'.oh 1 .. \\.\ 

Shelby, N. C. 

SHL \1\\ \^, Kohin F. 


eland Heights. Ohio 

Fourth rov.-: 


Charlotte. N. C. 

SIC;.\10\, l)onald N. 

C:harlotte. N. C. 

SIG.MOX, \'crna H. 

Mt. Pleasant. N. C:. 

SFMMOXS. Judith A. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Sl.MON, Jcseph s.. :::.\ 

Columbia, Mo. 


MeComb, Miss. 

Fiftii rou-: 

Sl'MPSOX. Rokrt 1... Jr. 

laeksonville. Fla. 

SIMPSOX. 'Ferrv A., i;N 

"Texarkana. Tex. 


Dublin. \'a. 

SII 1 S, l.uius K 

Oak Ridge. Tenn. 

SI.OI klX, Al,,n R., TF4> 

Miami Beach. Fla. 

SMALL. A. IhoiiKis. K:^ 

Garden City. X. V. 


H,xth r,r^: 

SMITH, Carolyn L., AAO 

Raleigh, N. C. 

SMITH. David L. 

Durham, N. C. 

SMITH, George T. 

Raleigh. N. C. 

S.MITH.John A., Ill 

Talbotton. Ga. 

SMITH, Saundra G. 

C:ovington. Va. 

SMITH, Sarah L. 

Covington. \'a. 

Seventh row: 

SMITH. Susan F.. IIB-F 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 

SMHH. Terrv F. 

Fairheld. C:<>nn. 

SMI I II, W,.lter A.. Ir. 

Atlanta. Cia. 

SMI III, W.ilter \L 

Charleston, S. C. 

SNA 1)1 R, Stephen W. 

Peoria. III. 

SO. Phihp K. 

Wilmington. Del. 

Flighth roii-: 


Massapeoua. N. Y 


Washington. D. C. 

STOVER, Pamela A, 

Langhorne, Pa. 

SPENCFR, John C, I'M-) 

Milton. Fla. 

STANLEY, Allen E., Ill 

Charlotte, N. C. 

STARRETT, Randall M., KA 

Morganton, N. C. 

Ninth roiv: 

STECKEL. Martin H.. Ai:<l' 

Holeomb. N. Y 

STEELE. Herbert D.. B(-)II 

McKeesport. Pa. 


Charlotte, N. C. 

STEPHENS, Charles G., Ai] 


Tallahassee. Fla. 

STER/.ER, Sharon C. 

Geneva. III. 

STEVT.NSON, Monica L.. IIB<I> 

Santiago. Chile 

Tenth rozf: 

STITF. Tho.nas P. 

Easton Pa. 

STI\I RS. I.mies R. 

Ft. Thomas 'Kv. 

SIOCK l()X, Michael D. 

Charlotte, X. C. 

STOCK FOX, Robert E., II 

Princeton, N.J. 

STONE, Margaret P. 

Martinsville. Va. 

ST. PETERY, Louis B., Jr. 

Orange Park, Ela. 

p ^ B 

r^' O P /^ P 1^ 

(^ ^ Q g p f^ 

^ '^ ^ f^ o o 

p p o p ^ ,p 

W ■':^" h^' ^' ^ ^ 

fS f)p ?:^ r fr> 



^' a a a ^ f^ 

o o a o ^ a 

P r- C" fh f^ ^ 

f;, ^. o r f% a 

^ o c: a ,^ 1^ 

r o c 1^ r^ f'- 

p D C p p 1^ 

f//-.f/ roll-.- 

S IRACKBEIN, William C, 


Arlington, Va. 
Cherry Hill, N. j. 

STRAW, Dennis J. 

SI RICKLAND, William F. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 


Newport, R. \. 

SLI 1,1 VAN, John L., SX 

Wheaton, Md. 

SLN, Pamela P., ZTA 

Toledo, Ohio 

-l"l'( li.'^Kirh \1. 

ClKshire, C.inn. 

M\ \l\ 1 ,„i.,r M., AAll 

\\a.'-hini;ton, \. C. 

1 \< KXn, D.ivid I., KA 

Kail.-, ( :hurch, \'a. 

1 \Ki'i 1 ^ , joiiii I. 

Kort Hood, Te.x. 

1 ARI'I W. "\larv C. 

Dallas, Tex. 

1 \K 1. 1 nis \1„ KKr 

York, Pa. 

1 \^ 1 OK. Pie- laiinii C;., Ill 

,\lr llolK- N C 

1 AM CK, Iduard C. 

lAnnlLivm, Vi. 

1 \^ 1 CK, |. e T, i;.\ 

S.ihsl.urs. N C, 

1 AN 1 OK. Kehecca J. 

C.iKsMlle, \. C. 

1 IK IS, Cirherine A., ZTA 

Miami, Kla. 

IKiVlPI !•„ Nancy L., AXil 

W inter Park, Fla. 

Fourth roll-: 

1 KV\[:i.L, Michael L., |r. 

Piedmont, 8. C. 

1 HACKER, Joyce iM., AAA 


irado Springs, Colo. 

lll()\lP.SON, Rebecca |. 

" Ro; 

inoke Rapids, N. C. 

1 IIOKN ION lunc W A A 

11 ,\1aeon, Cia. 

1 K K 1 l\, ll.nnuis L., Ki; 

Rock Hill, s. c:. 

1 INSM N. \.;ncy I'. 

Lynchburg, \a. 

/■///// i„r:: 

1 ISI . l.irrN 1 ., A rU W 

inston-Salem, N. C. 

1 ISON. K. Haskell, AIA 

Geneva, III. 

MILS, lane W 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

lODl), Norma 1.. 

Hampton, Va. 

lODI), W ilham \1., KHll 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

lOlEl.l MIRK, Patricia A., 


.Mexico, Mexico 


Sixth row: 

TRFPTOW, Ton, X'. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

TUCKER, William Y., |r. 

■ W, 

nsron-Salcm, N. C. 

1 L'RNI R, Dmllev P., .|.Ki; 

Great I'alls, S. C. 

1 L' 1 1 l,l\ Wendelin H.. / 1 


\l..untains,de, N.J. 

ILLl,, .Mall 

Nonkcrs. N. Y. 

CM INBKRd, Judith A., A.XLi 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Sc-.riilh row: 

UMS 1 EAD, Alexander B. 

Durham, N. C. 

UNDERHILL, John G., Ill, 


Washington, D. C. 

UPCHURCH, Herbert J., Jr. 

, nK* 

Columbia, S. C. 

URBAN, Richard B., I IK A 

Orlando, Fla. 

VALE, Kathrvn A. 

Goldston, N. C. 

VALLi:, David L., 1:AE 

Leawood, Kans. 

Eii!.hth row: 

VAN DK RKK, Carol K. 

Clinton, ,\ld. 


\AUGHAN, Ronald J. 

W ilniingron, Del. 

\"l RHEY, Robert S., '£.hV 

St. Paul. ,\linn. 

\1CK, Paul A. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

\()I.BIR(;, Irank M., l'\ 

Kingsport, Tenn. 

.\',//^// row: 

\<)l /. \1.irlin ,\1., Ir. 

Louisville, Ky. 

W \l)l)l I.I , lohn 1.., Ir., A 

lU Marion, Ohio 

W \(,(,()\l R. lohn P.. Ill 

Durham, N. C. 

W \(,0\1 K. ludith A. 

Scotia, N. Y 

WAI 1 y. Rnl.Lrt S. 

Atlanta, C;a. 

W Al.l), Harlan 1. 

Scar.sdale, X. Y. 

'Irllth row: 

\\ AI.IX 1 UN, AltVid 1., :i;\ Westfield, N. 1. 

WAl.KI K. D.iM.l \. 

1 1 Worth lex. 

WAI.SIl. MuIi.kI S . Ir . \' 

^ \ ( U,,r« Ma. 

WAl.l 1 KS. kllres 1.". 

.ShrruslHH-N. \. 1. 

UAN(i, Nou l.ue, 'KAW 

Wa.shington, D. C. 

WARD, Stanley S. 

Roanoke, \'a. 


X'OCI l.Sni KC, X.nicv I. R;, P.i- 

WARD. W ilh.un l\. III." .\\.\ WcsthcM. X. !• 

WARM R. |..r F. OM Brn„kvilk-, N. V. 

WARRIN. W illuun T C;..ld,slK>ro, N. C:. 

W All RMAN. Purncui. M Bi.Halo. N. Y. 

WA I SON. H.irlKir.i C.. R.iwland, N. C. 

SnonJ mil-: 

W A I SON. K in ( .. KA 

W A ISON. Wciuiv P. 

W A IIS. l\ 

W I \\I;R. 1.. A. I 

W IHI R. | C. 

W I HSIl k. Arthur IX. .1 

rinrd r,r^-: 

W KINGARTKN, Jon, '/BT New York, N. Y 


Winsron-Salcm, N. C: 
W IINSl OCK, Barry J., TK<1> Miami, Kla 

W I ISKil R, John B., AIQ Menlo Park, Call 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 
WUhl 1,1 R. John 1... IlKA Tryon, N. C, 

l-Mirth r,,zi-: 

W HI IF. Ch.irks 1).. |r. Asheboro, N. C, 

W HI 1 1\ I r.uKcs R,. KAW Sao Paulo, Brazil 

W III II lA , I Mul.i C. .Macon. Ga, 

W !(,( .INS. K-I.LTt S., |r. Atlanta, Cia, 

W III.LWIS. Ann \1.. "Z I A Fort Riickcr, Ala. 
W ILI.IA.MS, Donald L. Greensboro, N. C. 

/■';/'// rou-: 

W II.LIAMS, Edmond B., jr. A.shcvllle, N. C. 
Wll.l.lA.MS, Mary F., /.I A Boonville, N. C. 
W ll.SON. Donald G. Greenlawn, N. Y. 

W II.SON. lames A., BHII Armonk, N. Y. 

W ll.SON. Alark K. Crosse Fointe. .Mich. 

WILSON. Marv P. Ciainesville. Fla. 

1?^. (!% O O 

e ^ f» ^ ^ ^ 


Q f^ P O ^ fl 

SOPHOMORES ^\\^^'' "I 

Sixth ro-^-: 

WILSON, Wayne R., <1>A(-) Washington. D. C 

W INCHFSTFR, James C., Ill, Ki; 

.Monroe, N. C 
W INS I FAD, Betty, llB'h Dallas, Tex 

W INSI ON. Arthur M., ZBI Roslvn, N. Y 

W ISF. Alethea S., /FA C:harleston, W'. \'a 


Hagerstown, Md 
Seventh roil-: 
\\ ITZFNBURC;, Gary L., ATA 

Shaker Heights, Ohir 
WOODBLRN, Judith 1. Littleton, N. C 

WOODRUFF, Mary K. Knglishtown, N. J 

WOODRUFF, W illiam R., IlKA 

Knoxville, Tenn 
WOODS, Richard B., Jr. C:hattanooga, Tenn 

W OOLDRIIX;i;, Robert T. Raleigh, N. C 

Eiahth rov.-: 

WORLFY, Judy Jo Kingsport, Tenn 


Kinston, N. C 

fT" p ,p 
P P P 

WRAY, Albert V., -^AE Shelby, N. C. .^idfc^ .^ • M^t^»^^£^m ^ ^A *. ^^*' Jll^ 

W RIGHT, Charles T. HKA Raleigh, N. C. ^■Bl^k ^H i 

k^rlnrrp NT C ^^MfcrM^ ^^KiB 

W RIGHT. Harold E., HK* Charlotte, N. C 
WRKiHT, J. Dixon Atlanta, Ga. 

\nith roil-: 

YAFC;I:R. Carl F. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

YI:H. Betty Lynchburg, \a. 

YOUNG. William W., Jr., SX Marietta, Pa. 
YOUNIkS IRO.M, Richard E. 

Prairie X'illage, Kans. 
Istanbul, Turkey 

Tenth rau-: 

ZBIKOWSKI. Ciuendolyn A. Terryville. Clonn. 

ZFREN. John C;., WX Baitimore, Aid. 

ZLM.MER, Carl T, .\XA South Bend, Ind. 

ZLOTOVVITZ, Ruth C. Baltimore, Md. 

9 f^^ P f^ P 


ZUPANIC, George I., <t>A(-) Kalamazoo, Mich. ^BSH JH 1^ JH IR T J^. 



C;imilla Cochrane, V. Pres.; Jime Williams, Prc-s.; 
Teresa Patch, Sec; Jill Holmqiiist, Treas. Ahsrnt: 
Gay Williams, WSGA Rep. 


Alex Bell, \'. Pres.; Ph.l I.atler, Pres.; Jack 
Miller, See.-Treas. 






Bcnn.c Fillers, Prcs.; Eliza Kennedy, \'. Pr Scliinidr, Trcas.; Margaret KixmillL-r, !■ 


John Sv 

Prcs.; Frederick Haseltine, Sec- 







1^^ ^^ \HI K( R()\1BI[-:, Brenda L. Greenville. S. C. 

" » I. . ..| |. \ \ I I !>, R„y y Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kl Kl \ , Robert E. l-lmsford. N. Y. 

^ ...)A\1,S. Dorothy .A.. St. Alban.s, VV. Va. 

"^W -r- ^ ADAMS, Robert Charles Atlanta. Ga. 

'^ ^ ADIi:. M.irione D. Huntington. N. Y. 

ADKRHOLT. Linda D. Charlotte, N. C. 
AHRENDT. Thais E. Ridgefield Park. N. J. 

AKE, JamesL. Dover. Del. 

ALBERT. Nancy K. Trenton. N. J. 
ALBRIGHT, William U., Jr. Durham, N. C. 

ALE.XANDER. Bruce J. White Plains. N. Y. 
Thini nnc: 

ALEXANDER. Eloise P. Savannah. Ga. 

All WANDER. James P. Marietta. Ga. 

ALEXANDER. Mary B. Geneva. 111. 

ALLEN. Phihp H. Syracuse, N. Y. 

AL1 ,\L'\N, Charles F. Ridgewood, N. J. 

AMEN. Karen S. Charlotte, N. C. 
h.inth nm: 

AMI! ^, Robert B. St. Petersburg, Kla. 

ANDI RSON. Carol G. Charlotte, N. C. 

ANDl RSON. .Marilyn R. Winterhaven, Fla. 

ANDI R.SCN. Marjorie C. Asheville. N. C. 

ANDERSON. William E. Oxford. N. C. 

ANDRI \\ S, Robert D. Clayton, N. Y. 
l-,Jth m-a-; 

ANNA, I imothy E. Clearwater, Ela. 

ARCHIE, William C. Jr. Raleigh. N. C. 
ARMSIRONG. Charlton P.. Ill 

Greenville, S. C. 

ARMSTRONG, Robert N. Enka, N. C. 

ARNOLD. Ingrid D. Tullahoma, Tenn. 

ARNOLD, William L. Canfield. Ohio 


o a a a f ' 

Sixth roi 




,!> ARTHUR. Katherine .\L Burlington. N. C. 

' ASH. Andrew W. Dayton. Ohio 

ASTLEY. Robert F. Miami. Fla. 

AULD. Frederick H.. Jr. Charleston. W. \'a. 

AVERY. Stephens A.. Jr. Atlanta. Ga. 

AVERY. Dianne McLean. \'a. 

Seiriith ron- 

I -Mice R. Hudson. N. C. 

AYCO( K, 1 Muicll I W.irrenton. N. C. 

AYDI.I I I . Dnrorin IV I li/,il.Lth City. N. C. 

BACH. lho„,.,s W. \l.irion. N. C. 

BA(.:KL,S. .Michael i:. J.ihnson Caty. Tenn. 

BAGLI.Y. Eaye B. Atlanta. Ga. 


1^^ BAKER. \\ 

EikM, rrr^-: 

BAILI'.Y. Richard A. Baldwin. N. Y. 

BAILEY. Su.san R. Arlington. \a. 

BAILI.I'IU. Cheryl A. St. Charles. 111. 

BAKER, Alan W. Fla. 

BAKI'R. Sarah L. Dec.itur. III. 



U^^^mk ^jBi 

Xiinh roiv: 

BALDV\IN, Elizabeth .M. Wayland. .Mass. 

BALES IRA. Melanie L. Waynesboro. Pa. 

BANNI KM \N. k.inne E. Baton Rouge. La. 

BARHAKI l).n'.o„ W. Rock Hill. S. C. 

BARNI S, S Oceanside. N. Y. 

B\S\\ I LL. David L. P. Tarrvtown. N. Y 

Innh r/nv: 

BA'IIS, Robert C., N. Y. 

BAl 111, I'.it M. Met.urK. La. 

BA I HIS, I'liihp M . Ill U«ksl,„r\. Mass. 

BAXII R. W. Greensboro, N. C. 

BAYLI'.S. Susan W. New Orleans. La. 

BI'.ACHAM. Dolly E. Norfolk, X'a, 


BKA.\L Carole Y. 
BKA.\L Michael G. 
BI:A\-KN. Warren S. 
BIC:K. Alan D. 
BKC.KKR. Dennis H. 
BKILY. Alan J. 

Americus. Cia. 

Westlake. Ohio 

Baltimore. Aid. 

I'lmont. X. Y 

Roslvn Heiiihts, X. Y 

Heruick. Pa. 

SfK/ihi Km-: 
BLIXKKI. Betsy L. 
Bl LL. Alexander W. 
Bl LL. Barbara L. 
BKLLEW , Frances L. 
BKLLMAN, Donald H.. I 
BKMIS, Linda K. 

Ft. Ihonias, Ky. 
Shrcveporr, La. 

Cirecnville, S. C:. 

r. C:hilluni. Aid. 

Webster Cir.ives. \!o. 

ThnJ ro-i-: 

BI'.XDOX. lames A. 
Bl XXI R. Harrv R. 
BLXXI LL. CieneS. 
BLXXI'I 1. Lynne 
BlRCi. Stefan D. 
Bl RCil I.IX. Knstine 

Fort Lauderdale. Fla. 

W ihmngton, Del. 

Kansas Catv. Alo. 

Alaxton.X. C. 

W lute Plains. X. V 

Big Rapids. \l,eh. 

l-ointh nnv: 

BKRGl'X. Robert E. 
BFSLIC. Philip B. 
BICiFLOW, Robert E. 
BILLS. Bnan L. 

W'llson. X. ('■' 

ArlniLTon. \a. 

Tui;a. Okla. 

Hutchinson. Kan. 

C;iark. X.J. 

/■■//>// rrm: 

BIXCiHAM. Frederick C. 
BIRKLL.Jaek \V. 
BLACK, Loyd H., Jr. 
BLACKSHEAR, V\',lliam 


.Ill Kershaw. S. C. 

Eau Gallic. Fla. 

Alilwaukee, Wis. 

Alacon, Ga. 

AL. Jr. 

Panama City. Fla. 
Kcrnersville. X. C;. 


S:xth WU-: 

BLAIR. David E. Philadelphia. Pa. 
BLAKILY.John T. Beloit. Wis. 
BLAXKFXSHIP. C^arol K. Bethlehem. Pa. 
BLITCIL Limes B.. Ir. Sprin^held. \a. 
BLLLZi:R."Sidnev M".. Ir. Baton Rouge. La. 
BLOF.MAKL. Lvnn J. Pittst.nvn. X. J. 

Seirnth row: 

BLONDEAU. Judith E. 
BLOOMLR. Flame 1. 
BOBC). Harold T. 
BOKH.\L Michael W. 
BOFXKi. (iabnelle R. 
BOHX, Clyde .M. 

Glen Burnic. Aid. 

Old Savhrook, Omn. 

Burlington, N. C. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Aluskegon. Mich. 

Union Bridge. Aid. 

Eighth r,r^-: 

BOHXF 1 . Ann L. Lyndonvillc, X. Y. 
BOOXE. Leslie R. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 
BOOP, lohn \\. Jacksonville, Fla. 
BOO! H, Judyth i:. Oklahoma City. Okla. 
BORGALANN, W illiam F., Jr. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
BOUGHTON, James AL Lafayette, Ind. 

iVi«r/; row. 

BOVARD. Brian E. 
BOW ERS. Susan B. 
BOW ERS. William R. 
BOW AlAX. Frank L. 
BOYD. Alary S. 

Jackson, Alich. 

Darby, Pa. 

Gainesville, Fla. 

Butler, Ind. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Temh ro'cc: 

BOYER. Barry B. 
BOYLE. UilhamJ.Jr. 
BRAC:Y. C:hr,stopher W. 
BRADLEY. Samuel Al. 
BRADY, Alonica Al. 

Alianu, Fla. 

Panama Catv. Fla. 

Allcntown. Pa. 

Arlington. X'a. 

Porthce. Pa. 

Durham. X. C. 

p f^ Q {j! e f1 

f.:^ r^ j!^ p O ^^^ 

p f*^ p; "^ ^ 

f^ r ^ ^ c-i Q- 

e o p P Af^ 


(?) p Jp p ^ p 


:"i. ^ r-. f% t 

f> i^- O p o o 
p p P ^ f^ e 



^g!i^f^.^f[ i^i^ 


p p p A n 

i^^^ik ^ Jbi ^^ 

p f^- r a f?^ (f^ 

(^ P p ^ a ^ 
1^ P C^ P .^ ,^ 

First roiir 

BR MTU, Catherine C. 
r.KI 1)1 \r>l R(,, Allan X. 
I'.KK k, l>ilu\ \1. 
liKII W A, \Kh(ilas 
BRICMON. Alary K. 
BRIM, Thomas P. 

Saoi/.i rou-: 
IlKlNDI.I . I.iincs H. 
I'.KI\ I ()\; David N. 
I'.KIN ION. \largo A. 
I!R1S(.(.)I„ Alary L. 
BRl r ION, Ernest C. 
BRODIK, George F. 

Tlur,i rrni-: 
BRODSKV. Barry H. 
BROOKS, IJeanor R. 
BROOKS, Teresa D. 
BROSKK, Stuart P. 
BROW N, Harold C. 
BROW N. Linda W, 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Bethany, Conn. 

rairie Village, Kan. 

Washington, D. C. 

Candler, N. C. 

Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Coatesvillc, Pa. 
Hanover, Pa. 
Columbus, Ohio 
Kingsport, Tenn. 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Riverdale, N. Y. 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Huntington, \V. Va. 

Lynnhaven, Va. 

Riviera Beach, Fla. 

)\\ ' 


BROW MOW . lane K. 
BROW \SI I IN, Kenneth R. 
BROM.I S, I). 
BR LCI . laiiics W. 
P.R^ A\ I. Michael L. 

/■(/>/; /■«;;■; 
l,r( K 

rue B. 
II WAX, William K. 
K. <;cort;e S. 
KM W. Barbara G. 
Il\(, I OX, Joan K. 
.(,. |.4,n \ . 

Peoria, Ill- 
Alexandria, Va. 
Skokie, 111. 
Raleigh, N. C. 
Wilmington, Del. 
Coeoa, Fla. 

Alexandria, \'a 
Tulsa, Ok la 
:harl..tte. X, C 
m;e Park. 1 la 
5alnn,..rL. \ld 
Diirhani, X. (.. 


BLXCll, Charlotte A, 
l',LX( K, Sue A. 
BURI), W ilham H. 
BURGi:SS, BeekvS. 
BURNS, Stanley T. 

Seirntli roil-: 

burrk:htf-,r, Augu 

Bl'RRISS, George F., 
ISLR I OX, Rahard S. 
BLSSXRl), 1 ranees A 
BM RS, Maribeth 
H\ IRS, I h.Muas B. 

Artesia, N. M. 
Racine, Wis. 

Durham, N. C. 

Newport Xeus. \a. 

J. Bimnnghani, \lieh. 

Kmgspnrr, Tim. 





\„ilh roil': 

CARLTON, Cynthia D. 
CARNFY, Fugeiie I. 
CARPrXTI R, llioinas : 

K P.l. 

Lexington Park, Aid. 
Wilmington, Del. 
Falls Church, Va. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Charlotte, N. C:. 


\R n. lames B. 
ASKII ,"( al.ot R. 
;ACSI:Y. Brent I-. 


First roiv: 

C:A\'A1.AR1S. Pamela A. 

Greenville. S. C. 

CHALK. l),.rorln- S. M, 

irehead Citv. X. C. 

c:hal.\iirs. LhirsS. 

Tulsa. Okla. 


Scarsdale. X. N. 

CHA.MBI RLIN. Chcrvl |. 

Dansville. N. Y 

CHAMBI RLIX. (lail \\. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Smjnd WU-: 


Wil-son, N. C. 

CHANDLER, Margaret H. 


ut Mountain, Tenn. 

CHANEY. Stephen G. 
CHAPAL^N, Russell 

Raleigh. N. C. 

Christiana. Pa. 

CHAP.XL^N. Walton K. 

Alexandria. \'a. 

CHEKl \\ OOD. John S. \\< 

luling (ireen. Ohio 

Th,rJ r«-r; 

CHI X, NKKin (\ 

lalls C:hurch. \a. 

Clli W \l\(,. ().. |i 

r. Richmond, \a. 

C:H1S11()1.\I. 1 rcaenek I.. |i 

tireenvllle. S. C. 

CHRIS 1 ENSEN. Signe A. 

Phillipsl.urL'. X. I. 

CHRISLY. Carol A. 

Marietta. Ohio 


l.vnchburg. \-a. 

Fr,„rrh nm-: 

CLARK. Ann M. 

Sweetwater. lenn. 

CLARK. Kenneth P. 

Sliver Spring. Md. 

CLARKT. I.wi (). 

Springheld. \a. 

CI. \ 1 \X<)n\ W illunn B.. I 

[r. Annapolis. Md. 

CI A^ lOX. ( iiKle A. 

Raleigh. X. C. 

ci.iMi \ 1 , \e,ii c;. 

.Memphis, lenn. 

Fifth rou-. 

C;LE\^ELAND, WMliam \\. 

St. Petersburg. Fla. 

CLIFT. Robert C. 

Andover. .Mass. 

C:L1NE. Janet A. 

Wilmington. Del. 

CLOSSER, Bruce .\L 

.Marquette. , 

CLYDE. Samuel D.. Ill 

Wallingt.ird. Pa. 

COBLE. Thomas S.. Ill 

Durham. X. C. 


Sixth roii': 

COBURN. Carol A. 

Middlcton. Ohio 

COCHRANE. Camilla M. 

Levittown. X. 1. 

COEFIN. Carl \'. 

Midland. .Mich. 

COFFIN. Patricia J. 

l).iver. Del. 


Westport, Conn. 

COHEN, Michael E. 

Pulaski, Tenn. 

Sezrnth rou-: 

COLEMAN, Theodore H., Ji 

'■ Jacksonville. Fla. 

COLLETTE, Elizabeth G. 


inston-Salem. N. C. 

COLLINS, Robert G. 

Middletown, N.J. 

COMFORT. Joseph A, 

Haddonficld, N. j. 

CONANT, Talitha N. 

Durham. N. C. 

CONE, Arthur R.. Ill 

Aurora. N. Y 

FiKh/h ,o-.-: 

COXki ^, ( IciDcnr S.. Ir. 

Chevy .Md. 

COXX. ( l.uKh.i c. 

Columbus, (ia. 

cook. lhe< H. 

West Acton. Mass. 

COOKE. Lide T. 

Shreveport. La. 

COOPER, Richard A. 

Decatur. C.i. 

COOPER, Susan E. 

Iloustnn, lex. 

Ninth row: 

C:OPLEY, Cathy J. 

Miami. Fla. 

CORBAN, William \'. 

Kettering. Ohi.i 

COUCH. Lois R. 

Goldsboro. N. C. 


Torrance. Calif. 

COURSEN, James R. 

Palmyra. N. J. 


Baltimore. Md. 

Tenth row: 

COX. Carolyn A. 

Charleston. S, C. 

CRAXXER; Carol J. 

l.ansville. Ohio 

CRA\-ER. Leonard H.. Jr. 

Lexington. X. C. 
Orlando. Fla. 

CRESWELL. Jay S.. Jr. 

CROMER. William E. 

Rocky River. Ohio 

CRUMLEY, Carole A. 

Johnson City, Tenn. 

P P f^ O f? f!^ 

^ C P^ O '^ pi 

rr. ?^ o a p P 

fR^ ^ ^ ^ ^ M 

p ^ a e f^ ^ 

^^ ^ C' « ' 

r\ O 0t 


^ ^ 

0. r" f^ ^ 

cTi ^ f^ o p n 

f^ p n <?^ Q p 

^ - ri ^ e. a p 

C^ fl (^ f^ O f^ 

•:,-:. ^ C p ,.^ O 

f^ p f-: a P p 

c o c f ; 


( KL \U'. Philip H. W. 

.Memphis, Tenn. 

( KIM . ( h.irks II. 

Kingsville, Md. 

( KL l< III K. P. 

Charl.irte, N. C. 

(LI P,KI III. | T. II 

I.uniberton, N. C. 

( 1 \\I\(,IIA\1. Marui 

le S. Houston, Tex. 

< L K 1 IS, l,,,urciKc H. 

( ISIIM \\. 1 hnilMs S, 

Columbus, Ohio 

Durh.i.n, \. C. 

( /I K\ll II W SKI KkIii 

rJ \ IbiinlHiru, \, Y 

l)\l 1 ()\, 1)1,1.1,1 S. 

( ),ikl,iiul, ( ,lllf. 

DWIOKI). Pliilii. ( 

D.AMI.I., Dorothy H. 

Washington, 1). C. 

DANLUCK, Thoma.s R. 

Aliami, Ela. 

Thini rn-u.-: 

nWMR, M.irv K. 

Cineinnati, Ohio 

I)\\ I/I 1 R, \iartha L. 

1) \KI)I \ ( .irnlvn R 

( onu i\ S (' 

l)\\ 1 \P()R 1. lames P. 

Garner. \\ C.'. 

D.WI XPOR 1. "Richard D. 1 van,sron. III. 

DAVIDSON, Leslie L. 

Kennett. Mo. 

Fonnh r,ra-: 

DWIS. Ml.m n. 

Riehmoiid, \-a. 

I)\\ IS, l)o,ml.i;, K. 

Lakeuood, Ohio 

I)\\ IS, iK-iurhne R. 

Baltimnre, ,\ld. 

D.W IS, l,,.rr,iinc A. 

North Plainhekl. N. J, 

DAX'IS, W ilham H., Ill 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

DEAL, David V. 

Decatur, Ga. 

Fifth roir: 

1)1 (KO. Kenneth O. 

Plainville, Conn. 

Dl 1 S, Xancv 

Durham, N. C. 

Di LANKY, Gale P. K. 

Salt Lake C:,ty, Utah 

D. RAMUS, Judson D., Jr 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

DERBY, Glenn E. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dk^ROSIERS, Richard A. 

Swampscott, Mass. 


SlMh „,„ 

1)1 \ W ()\ (ktiKI w 

Westfield, N. J. 

Dl \ KM S S,i/,niK \ 

iMaracaibo, V'enezuela 

1)1 W \K Doiuld 15 

Bethel, N. C. 

DINO. Truman 1 , 11 

Oxford, Md. 

DI( KINSON, R<>!;tr B 

Lancaster, Pa. 

1)11 1 ARD, Nincv G 

Lynchburg, Va. 

Seventh roiv: 

DININ, James D, 

\alhalla, N. Y. 

DIITO, John K, 

GreenMHe, Miss. 

DIXON, 'W ini.iiii B, 

(1iirk-t..n, S C. 

DOBSON. 11, 

l),iM,is, Ie\. 

DODSON, KemiKT IL. 11 

1 Nislnilk leiin. 

DOI RNER. Susan K. 

Cineinnati, Ohio 

I-Jiilnli r,ni:- 

DOKI lA, B,irl.,ira A, 

Ale.vandna, \'a. 

DOKROS, (.orue L. 

Washington, I), C. 

DOLCl.ASS, ,\l'ieh.Kl A. 

Eranktort, Ind. 

DOW , Robert 1.. 

Short Beach, Conn. 

DOVVDEE.John W.. Ill 

Durham, N. C. 

DOWDY, William L. 

Lebanon, Tenn. 

S'l/ith rrnr: 

DOW l.lNCi, Louise H. 

iManhasset, N. Y. 

DOM.I,. W ilham S, 

Lowell, Mich. 

l)K AKl . \rrluir S, 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

DRI W , W ini,iiii K., |r. 

Anderson, S. C. 

DRL R^, Kirke 1). 

North Bangor, N. Y. 

DL kl , Miehael A. 

Temple Terrace, Ela. 

Temh rozi-: 

DUNN. Hubert G. T. 

Neu Bern, N, C. 

DLNN, Jeffrey D. 

I.K-ks.MniHe, 1 Li. 

DLNN. Karen E. 

'Ikirrv.kik \ ^, 


W'inst<.n-S,ilcin, \, C. 

1 ,\GAN, Dennis K. 

Greenville, N. C. 

1 AGLh, Robert L. 

Charlotte, N. C. 


First roir: 

FASTBURN, Josuph R. 
FIKJAR, Thomas R. 
I-lXiKR ION, DotKiia K. 
KDWAROS. David |. 
KHl.KRS. Bonnie 1." 
KK\'AL1., \ictoru).|. 
Sirond roil-: 
Fl.BFRr. Iirct (;. 
I'l I K) I I', hiiiKs \-. 
MI.IOI I.W ilhiM, B. 
I 1.1, IS, Altrcii I., |r. 
Kl.l.lS. PhiHp C. " 
KMSLIK, Richard H. 
TInni roil-: 

ENDSLF.Y, Margaret .M. 
ENGFL, Darby A. 
ENGLAND. Robert S. 
ENCiLF, Russell W. 
FNSICiN. Joan J. 

Fmirlh rtr^-: 
FRICSON, \'in.'ini.i 
FR\1\. Rcid 11. 
F.SI ABROOK, Warts T. 
F\'A\S, lulith \. 
FX'ANS. Janet F. 
I'.X'ANS. Jean U. T. 
Fiflh mii-: 
i:\'A\S, Sara ,\1. 
I \\ A! I), Frederick H. 
FACKl I R, Peter C. 
FAIRBANK, .\larv 
FAIRBANK, V\illiani (J. 

FALC:ONF, David J. 

IS, c;a 


Durham, > 

ochestcr. N. V. 
■merton. Wash, 
lart.svillc, S. C;. 
Houston, Te.x. 
F'.aston, Pa. 
Aiken, S. C. 

Sweetwater, lenn. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

(la.stonia. N. C. 

Detroit, Mich. 

R,dgew<.od, X. J. 

Brattleboro, X't. 

Xirmnia Beach, \\i. 

I Washington, D. C. 

Centreville, \a. 

Sumter, S. C. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Birmmgham, Mich. 

Fnibrecvillc, Pa. 

Durham, N. C. 

hahran, Saudi Arabia 
Durham, N. C. 


Sixrh roil-: 

FALK, Flizabeth O. 

FARBER, Mark B. 

FARRFLL, Frank 1). 

FAY, Wayre R. 

FFAD, Sallv G. 


Baton Rouge, La. 
Petersburg, \a. 

Aberdeen, N. C:. 

N'lllanova. Pa. 

Birininuh.ini, Mich. 

Seventh wu.-. 
FFN TIN, Gary S. 
FF.NTRFSS, Katherinc ]. 
FERGUS, John F.. Jr. " 
FFRC;USON. Elizabeth B. 
FL.\C:CONE, Katherinc A. 
FIELDS, Glenn D. 

HolUuood I I I 

Orinund Beith Hi 

Ncu Xork N \ 

Memphis Tenn 

H irrisonburg \ , 

Annind.le \ i 

; ,Suii 



F:,g.l,th rovi: 


FIF FS, Sanford B., 

Fl I/S1\10NS, James P. (iillctte, N. 1. 

FLFCK, Donald R. Flushing, N. V. 

FLOV\ ERS, Gary Lynne Newport Neus, \a. 

FOLEY, Robert E. \V. 

Ninth rou;: 
EOLTZ, John A. 
FOOTE, Robert S. 
FORD, Hoyt S. 
FOR IFF Paul T, Jr. 


Tenth ur^: 
FOW l.FR. la 
FOW LI R, Preston L 
FOW I.I R. Wm.ston ( 
FO.\, Barbara N. 
FO.XLEY, Griffith W". 

Watertown, Conn. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Lumbcrton, N. CI 

Roanoke, Va. 

High Point, N. C. 

Durham, \. C. 

Long Beach, Calif. 

Durham, N. C. 

Arlington, \a. 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Westport, Onn. 

^, p r^ 1^. ^ A 

r> ri :j e p cs 

^>\ r^ ■>"■ 

P hr hr4 


n O f^ (: 

f^ a p e a p 

^ o r o ^ n 

p r p f^ ft c 

tv^k ih^ A.dM 

^, O P (^ P 

o P f^ r* c c- 


P ^v ^ ^ P 1?^ 

^ f^ r^ ^ -^ ^ 

t^ f^ f^ 


o n ^ '^ ^ a 

First mil-: 

IR AXK, \!,in H. 
IKK II. I n.rcnte W. 
I Kl I \1 W, Alan G. 
I Kl I \1 \\. I.ilin R. 
FRI.IMAN, Millard P. 
KRIKBl RCi, Ann H. 
Second riiii-: 

I Rli:i).\lA\, Larry A. 
ILIII R. BLckwith L. 
lU KM, Judith A. 
C.iAI5H, Sally S. 
GALANT, Denisc 
Thini rniv: 

GAMLEN, Curtacc S. 
GATES, Ronald AL 
C,.\\. Elk-n G. 
(;iERIX(i, lohn L. 
GILHER I , Ripple- 1". 
F„n,ih mi;-: 
Gll.BI R I, Tc-rrvS. 
GII.IS, Harlan R. 
(,ILI S, W illiam F. 
GILLIA 1 E, Cynrhia A. 
GII.L,\L-\N, Lvnn T. 
Gl I HI-NS, Nancy L. 
I', III: loii.- 
Gl A( KIN, i-dward S. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Florham Park, N. J. 

Sarasota, Fla. 

West Hartford, Conn. 

.\sheboro, N. C. 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Milledgeville, Ga. 

Burgaw, N. C, 

Richmond, Va. 

Ft. Thomas, Ky. 

Ealls Church, Va. 

Lakehurst, N. J. 

Wayne, N. J. 

Newport News, Va. 

Dallas, Tex. 

Polard, Ohio 

Washington, D. C. 


\U\. lean L. 
), Phil W. 
[)\1ARK, Icrr 
DRICK, \Vilh. 

Phoenix, Ariz. 

Avondalc Estates, Ga. 

Savannah, Ga. 

■ Pointc Woods, Mich. 
Dccorah, loxva 
Durham, N. C. 

Ikthesda, Md. 
Bullvillc, N. C. 
1.11 cl Hill. N. C. 


<,()S\I I I., I.ick L., J 
GO I IK, ( .irol J. 
GOULD, Glenn H. 
GRAGG, Margaret E. 
GRAITLER, Philip L. 

Durham, N. C. 

Aiken, S. C. 

Kings Mountain, N. C. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Boone, N. C. 

Lansdowne, Pa. 

Seventh roir: 

GRAY, Harrv P. 

GR \Ym\L. Michael R. 

lu^hlh nn 
(,KI I W 
( ,l<l I K. 

A';«/// rwi;-.- 
GRO.SS, Patricia C. 
(iROSS, William H. 
GLBSI R, Michael D. 
GL'SI A I' SON, Eric W 
GL I I KLNSI, johnW 
GL IH, D.ivid L. 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

\'ilminKton, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

.Merrick, N. Y. 

Stratford, Omn. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

I nk.i, N. C. 

It. Ihomis, Kv. 

Wince, l-'la. 

Alexandria, \a. 

Orangeburg, S. C^. 

Short Hills, N. J. 


Los Alt. 





Tetitli roii 

HAINi:S, .\Lirgarct B. 
HALEY, Betty B. 


HAIKMAX. \l,,rshn A. 
H \1 1 OKI) I'.nr 
HA\l\n Kl 1 . (,...rKc- R. 

Chatham. N.J. 

hall.s Chiireh. V.i. 

HAMMOND, 1 xrlvn H. 

Nashville, lenii. 

HANNA, Sto.n, 1. 

Staunton. \a. 

HARDKNIiUKt., Kjthrvn A. 

Snniid roll-: 
HARDIN, Marvin (). 

College Park. Md. 

Charleston, S. C. 

HARDY. Rolicrr C.. 

1 luntington, N. Y. 

HARMON, Pcrrv O., |r. 


(iston-Salem, N. C. 

HARNI 1). M.iru.irer 1,. 

Louisville. Ky. 

HAROI D, D.ukI W. 

Memphis, lenn. 

HARRI l,l„ M.irci.i 

Ardmore. Okla. 

ThirJ ro-u-: 


Rochester, N. Y. 

HARRINGTON. 1 h.niK.s K. 


nder.sonvillc, N. C. 

HARRIS, Kathryn A. 

Newport, Ark. 

HARRIS, Michael N. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

HARRISON, Fenton K., Jr. 

\\illKin.,svi!le, N. Y. 

HARRISON, Michael B. 

Durham, N. C. 

Fourth rrr-d:: 

HARRISON, Russell S.. |r. 

Lumbcrton, N. C. 

HARRY, Kathryn A. 

Bluffton, S. t;. 

HARSCHKR. Frank. Ill 

Lexington. Ky. 

H-XR-LJudy L. 

Atlanta. Ga. 

HAR ICiF.N, David T. 

Orono. Maine 

HARFMAN, George H., Ill 

Lampeter. Pa. 

Fifth mil': 

HASKFIINK, Frederick P., 11 

Richmond. \a. 

HASKFF1. Barbara J. 

P.irrsmouth. \a. 

HASSI-. Cnrd.m \.. jr. 

Philadelphia. Pa. 

HA 1S( 111 k, |,u.|iie'li.e M. 

(ireensboro. N. C. 

HA\ 1 ki( k ^tqilien 1). 

Columbus, Ohio 

HA^. llnu.rd ( . 

Oak Ruk'e. Tenn. 


Sixth roiv: 

HAYDFN, Marv I.. 

Melbourne. Fla. 

HAYFS, Caroline R. 

Baltimore. Md. 

HAYFS, .Margaret S. We 

St Hart lord. Conn. 

HFBBLF. Lorcne D. 

Swarthmore. Pa. 


Clarion, Pa. 

HFLBIG, Herbert R. 

Scarsdale, N. Y 

Snriith roll-: 


Wilmington. Del. 

HELLKR, Julian D. 

Jack.sonville, Fla. 

HELLER, Sally K. 

Silver Spring. Md. 

HELSTEIN, Richard S. 

Scar.sdale. N. \'. 


Baltimore. Md. 

HENDLER, Margaret F. 

Lakeuood, N. Y 

Eighth mii-: 

HFNl.lM , 15.irrN H. 

X'lenna, \a. 

HI'NkN, 1 liAiheth M. 

Coral Gables. Fla. 

HI Kl 1 \( ,1 . W .Mmiii H. 

Arlington, Xa. 

HFRRON, |,.hn W. 

X'lllanova. Pa. 

HFR\I Y. Nlartha C. 

Bcthcsda, Md. 

HI.W FS, Jeremy J. 

Maumec, Ohio 

Sinth nm-: 

HFY.MAN. Duane AL 1). 

Scar.sdalc, N. Y. 

HFYMAN. Harold L. 

Savannah, Ga. 

HI'YMAN, Michol B. 

Durham, N. C, 


DeKalb. III. 

IllDAY. I.anny Fo 

rt Lauderdale, Fla. 

1 lie DON. Wendy L. 

State College. Pa. 

Tnith m-j.-: 

IIKiH. Harold G. 

Louisville, Kv. 

HIGH 1. William P. 

Sahsburv, N. C. 

HIGH 1()W|;R, lohn H., Ill 

Arlington, \'a. 

IllLIA, I'lizabetii A. 

Roekvillc, .\ld. 

HILL. c:harles A. 

Akron. Ohio 

HILL, Dan \V., Ill 

Durham, N. C. 

m (^ ^ C'. o fs 

o p p p a ^1 

o p ^ a a p. 

o p> r r> ^ o 

^ r-i' ?'" ft P P 

0^ f^ c| f> f) f^ 

p n a .e> p ^ 

e^ o ri r ^ f I 

a ^ p ^ .Q p 


IJ^ ^ f^ c p p 

p fs 1^ p p a 

9 ft. ;.- ^ © O 

^ O P ::^ o p 

P '- ^ P f^ Q 

f^. p5 p^ p 

mim L mk i 

^ ^:^^ P f»" P f^ 

r. f ^ P 

F.. Jr 

Ci Q P P f\ f^ 



f;r_(/ roir: 


HILL, Lc! 

HILL, W illiam A. 

HI NFS, Robert Dean 

HI 1 CHCOCK, Bouldin S. 


Sea/nii rem-: 
llOBliS, William K. 
HOIK, IS, (>l A. 

X'irginia Beach, \'a. 
WiMiamsville, N, Y. 
Denton, N. C. 
Daytona Beach, Fla. 
Lawrcnccvillc, N. J. 
S. Charleston, \V. \^a. 


HOI Ll.r, \Uirv C. M.irliicluul, M.i 

HOI'FMAX, David S. Arliiigt..n, > 

HOLBFRL, James M. Lookout Mountain, Tei 
HOLDER, John F. Highland Park, 

Third ruiv: 

HOLLA XDKR. David 15. 
HOI Alls, Lr.inces L. 
HOLMCLISl, lill R. 
HOMFR, Fdwin N. 
HOOKER, Elizabeth K. 

l-aiirth uni-: 

HOO\l R, Menlvn A. 
HOPFI . I'. 
HOKSLIA. jovce A. 
IIOK ION. i:ii/,abeth A. 
HOSLI K, Lee- A. 

Fiflh r„-i-: 

IIOLSI Kl I PI'R. ludirh 

HOW ARI), David K. 

HOW ARD. IVivl I. 

IIOWI LL. Milton \. 


HLI I MAN. I I., Ir 

Marrinsvillc, Va. 

in.ston^S.ilem, N. C. 

R.ickford, 111. 

V\ ilton. Conn. 

Troutman, N. C. 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Wheeling, VV. Va. 
Durham, N. C. 
Alexandria, Va. 
Belmont, N. C. 
Arlington, V^a. 
Kensington, Md. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Wilmington, N. C. 

.Myrtle Beach. S. C. 

Steele, Mo. 


SiMh rim-: 

Ill (.III S, llrry R. 
IILN I I.I V, Rebecca A. 
HLN lOON, Coirgc G 
IILSION. W illi.iin G. 
IIL' K III SON, Ihonias 

Sei'entli roix: 

HUTCHINS, Melissa A. 
HVBARGFR, Charles P. 
HYDI R, liidv F. 

Summit, N. J. 

Saddle River, N.J. 

Monroe, N. C. 

Palm Beach, Fla. 

Wnice, I'la. 

W ilmcrre. III. 

Haute, Ind 
Itsv.lle, ,\ld 
Citv, X. C 


Ml RSI II IN, Allen W. 

Eiv.litli roil-: 
INGLF, Frank W. 
IRW IN. lames R. 
IRW IN, ■ \\\ 
ISRAI'L, Linda L. 
lAGKSON, Janice 

\KMAN. |( 

Irinli rim: 

lOHNSON, Divi.l M 
■|011NSO\, Muh.ul 
'lOHN.SON, Sharon A 
jONFS, Douglas L, 


Jack.sonville. Fl.. 

Garden Caty, N. Y 

Richmond, \a. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

.Marietta, Ohio 

White Plains, N. V. 

Sumter, S. C, 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Falls Church, \a. 

Roslyn, N. Y 

Greenville, N. C. 

Alexandria, Va. 

Skaneateles, N. Y 

Logan, Ohio 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Arlington, \'a. 

Short Hills, N. I. 

Houston, Tev, 

First roir: 

JONES, Kdwin L., Ill 
JONFS, Lois C. 
JONKS, Margaret C. 
JONES, Michael E. 
JONES, Milton R. 
JONES, Susan E. 
Second roiv: 
JONI'S, W illiun I). 
lORDW, < luikuic I,. 
"lOVM S, < I., irks I). 
"lUDSON, 1 r.uKiiic 1.. 
KADASri'R, Onicr I. 
KALE, Richard B., Jr. 

Tlnni nrj^: 

KAUEKMAN, Sidney L. 
KAUEHOLD, Francis F 

St. Croi,x, U. S. Virgin Lsland 
KAUFMAN, John P. Roanoke, \\ 

KALSCll, lames \\'. Winston-Salcm, N. ( 

KAYE, David E. ALanchcstcr, Com 

Fourth roic: 
KEAGY, Blair A. 
KEITH, Dennis B. 
KEITH, Samuel J. 
KELLER, Robert G. 
KELLER, Robert J. 
KELLETT, Sherry A. 

F,Jth ran-: 

KELLEY, Karen M. 
KELSO, Mary L. 
KENNEDY, Eliza J. 
KENNEDY, Louise B. 
KENNEDY, William E. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Shelby, N. C 

Walling ford. Pa 

Fairfield, N. C 

Franklin, Va' 

East Orange, N.J ; 

Richmond, \'a. 

Wilmington, N. ( 1. 

Norfolk, \'a. 

t Washington, N. Y. 

Ankara, Turkey 

Mebane, N. C. 

Ridley Park, Pa. 
Crystal Lake, 111. 

Altoona, Pa. 
Peapack, N. |. 
Natick, Mask 

Arlington, \'a. 

New Bern N. C:. 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Bnie's Oeek, N. C. 

r. Ouatonna, Minn. 

KERNOODLE, John R., Jr. Burlington, N. C. 


Sixth roll-: 
KERZ, Leonore 
KETNER, Jack C, Jr. 
KIESAU, Robert F. 
KIMBELL, Susan V. 
KINER, Frances A. 

Seventh roll-: 
KING, Carl W 
KING, David H. 
KINNEY, Bruce W, Jr. 
KINNEY, Thomas R. 
KIRKSEY, William E. 
KIRKWOOD, Thomas W. 

Eighth roil-: 

KIXMILLER, Margaret A. 
KLEBERG, Sally S. 
KNODE, Charles S. 
KOCH, John L. 
KOESTER, Margaret H. 
KOFF, Stephen A. 

Nmth row: 

KOHLER, James B., II 
KOM MINSK, Dianne 
KOON, Crawford B. 
KO\'AC. Karen T. 
KRIXiLOW, Alan E., Jr 

KR0NC:KE, Fredrick G., Jr 

New Y'-ork, N. Y. 

Hickory, N. C. 

Miami, Fla. 

Short Hills, N. J. 
Durham, N. C 
Madison, N. J. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Tampa, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Akron, Ohio 

Washington, D. C. 

Kingsvillc, Te.v. 

AV'ashington, D. C^. 

New York, N. Y. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Long Beach, N. Y 

Rochester, N. Y. 

New Bremen, Ohio 

Hickory, N. C. 

Indialantic, Fla. 

Washington, D. C. 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

Tenth row: 

KUNZ, Susan ,\L 
LACY, Carol 
LADER, Philip P. 
LAMB, Ronald L. 

Hendersonville, N. C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Tuscon, Ariz. 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Roswell, N. M. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

P P f^ 

P 0^ (^ fS f^ o 

P f ^- T' P 

f^ fT^i f> ^. o f^ 

^ f^ ft ^, P C^ 

P pS C: P 

p p ps e 


mj iT' O f^ f^ 


^ O p. f^ ^ 

'^ f^ ^ p f) 

a !:5 a f* f^ c^ 

p r^ ^'"' ^"^ f\ (© 

n .C ^" n P n 

j^ f" C. (::• ^.: Q 

p e p .^ fH P 

r r^ r» (pr P 

p (-^. C o '^' e^i 

First roiv: 

LAMONT, Eugenia G. New York, N. Y. 

LAND, Kathcrinc N. Durham, N. C. 

LANDKRMAN, Lawrence R. 

West Hartford, Conn. 
LANG, Robert K. Norfolk, \a. 

LARSF'N, Charles, III Lakeland, Fla. 

LASOFF, Alario L. Manhasset, N. Y. 

Second roil-: 
LATIMFR. Flease C. 
LA\T,LY, Kaaren A. 
LA \'1A, Dennis A. 
LAW SOX, David H. 
LAW \FR, Marv P. 
LFF F\\ 1C:H, Linda A. 

Third roir: 
LeGWIN, Jean E. 
LFLAND, Linda D. 
LI RM R, Leigh D. 
LF\I Rl XZ, Richard 1 
Li:\-|Xi:. jane R. 
l-mnti, r,n-j: 
I,I-\1X|-, Michael H. 
I.I'W IS. Harvie H. 
I.IW IS. kannc 

LI \\ IS. ■krirc\ i:. 

LKCARDO. lames F. 
I.ICH lY, MyV.m R. 
HJth r,nv: 
LIEBFR. Todd Al. 
LIGHI. Frank G. 
LIGOX, I dward S. 
L1NDSA^. W.iltcr, Ir. 
LIPPI R I. Arkne L. 

Winston-Salem, N. C- 

Nashville, Tenn- 

Rahway, N. J- 

Perry, Ga- 

West Palm Beach, Fla- 

(.ullowhce, N. C- 

Orlando, Fla. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Millbrac. Calif. 

Highland P.irk. 111. 

Dallas. Tex. 

Bethesda. .\ld. 

New York, N. Y. 

Bessemer, Ala. 

Omaha. Xeb. 

Delaware. Ohio 

Vest Orange, X. J. 

i>rt Ixluards, Wis. 

.an.sdowne. Pa- 

:ollegeville, Pa- 

anhasset, X. Y 

Hin.sdale. Ill- 


.S';.v/// roil-: 
LONGSTREET, Susan \'. 

l.ONON. Robert W., jr. 
LOSIi. Alan W. 
LOW. Ihomas A. 
LOW li:, Dwight M., Ir. 
LUC;AS, Andrew J. 

Seventh row: 
LUNSFORD, Dennis L. 
LUSK, Rodney H. 
LYLF, Susan W. 
LYONS. Douglas S. 

Eighth row: 

LYONS, Henry T, Jr. 


Ms, DOXALD. Genrge \ 

\!A( A. 

1 X'crde, Puerto Rico 

Charlotte, X. C. 

Houston, Te.x. 

Dania.seus, Aid. 

Wake Forest. X. C. 

Richmond, Va. 

Hialeah, Fla. 

Summit, N. J. 

Severna Park, Aid. 

Gallipolis, Ohio 

Hawthorne, N. |. 

Shahmar, Fla. 

Xeu \, 

( hllllcn 

\,nth row: 

.MADDI'.X. Alichael G. Fairheld. Ala. 

MAIILA. Frederick T. Wilmingt.m. Del. 

\1AII()\!A. |..hii I. Towson. Md. 

MAI I I N. K..tliken P. Chew Chase. Md. 
AlAIMSI ROM. Richard A., jr. Wrona, X. 1. 

,\LALOXF,, Margaret A. Fort Riley, Kans. 

Tenth row: 

MAXIS. MkIi.kI R. Alexandria, Va. 

\1 \X\IX( ,, l)..n.ikl O. Arlington, Va. 

\1 AX( )l \. I ran I, A. Alexandria, \a. 

.MARGI R. I)..n,ild Aliami, Fla. 

AlARIX, John W. Farrell, Pa. 

AIARKS, Alary A. I kintington, Ind. 


MARSH. Hcrlicrt A. 
MARSHAl.l.. Holcombc T. 
MARSHAl.l., lulian R., Jr. 
MARSHAl.l., Mananna 
MAR riN, C:arolyn S. 
Second TOIL-: 

MASC)X(L-|'I'. \larnn R. 
MA I inWS. I .Mils,- A. 
MA I HIS. W .ili.ini .S.. |r. 
MA I I III \\S. llarnctl,. 
MA r IHl'W S, Walter S. 
MAY, Marilyn 
Third roiv: 
MAYO, Elizabeth J. 
McCLF.NAHAN, William 1 

McCOMB, Elizabeth E. 
McCREARY, Robert H. 
McCULLERS, Edwin R. 
McCULLERS, Linwood A. 
Fourth row: 
McCUNE, David J. 

McDonald, Saiiy j. 

McDOUGLE, Dorothy E. 

McDowell, jack r., jr. 

McGARRITY, David M. 
McGHEK, George D. 
Fifth row: 

McINTYRE, Peter A. 
McJUNKlN, Howard P., Jr. 
McKEE, William H. 
McNABB, John T. 
McNALLY, William J., Ill 

Petersburg, Va. 

Rome. Ga. 

Durham, N. C. 

Hingham. Mass. 

Louisville, Ky. 

C;harlotte, N. C:. 





Batesburg, S. C. 

Parns Island, S. C:. 

Franklin, La. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Hillsborough, Calif. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Charleston, S. C. 

C:harlottc, N. C. 

South Boston, \'a. 

Trenton, N. J. 

Middleburg, \'a. 

Worcester, Mass. 


San Francisco, Calif, 
inder, Jr. Orlando, Fla. 


Sixth row: 
McRAE, John A. 
McTlGHE, Caryn L. 
MEARS, Scott O. 
MEEKS, Perry R. 
MEEKS, Marcia K. 
MEES, Theodore H., Jr 

Sei-enth row: 
M El RLE, R. Bruce 
MENNE, Michael J. 
MERCER, Guy B., Jr. 
MERKEL, William T. 

Eighth row: 

MESHAV\\ John C, Jr. 
Ml DURA, Roger B. 
MILLER, A. Edgar, Jr. 
MILLER, Bruce G. 
MILLER, Diann M. 

Fort Bclvoir, \'a. 

Narbcrth, Pa. 

Bolivar, Pa. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Canullus, N. Y. 

Lumberton, N. C. 

Rockdale, Te: 


Johnston, Pa. 

Dover, Mass. 

Winnctka, III. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Wilmington, N. C. 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Wilmington, N. C. 
Coral Gables, Fla. 
Honolulu, Hawaii 
Winter Park, Fla. 

Ninth row: 

MILLER, Edward K. 
MILLER, Joan J. 
MILLER, John C. 
Mil, I. IK, Robert J. 
MII.LI R, Thomas R. 
MIl.I.I R, Wayne H. 

Brook.sville, Fla 

Annapolis, ,\Id 

Mobile, Ala 

Shaker Heights, Ohi< 

Pompano Beach, Fla 

Arlington, \'a 

Tenth row: 
MILLS, Elizabeth C. 
MITCHELL, Priscilla G. 
MOCK, Frank M. 
.MOGER, Susan E. 

North Wilkcsboro, N. C. 

New York, N. Y. 

Glenview, III. 

South Bend, Ind. 

Le-xington, Va. 

Orlando, Fla. 

.^ .^ © p ^ 

f^ ^\} L.)^ Pjj P '" ' fy^.^ 

.^ (^ f> a r., O 

c m O e c- 

Q ^ '''^ f^ ^^ ^ 

p f^ c a r^: p 

^ e 1^ ^ f^ (?l 


p p p /^ a © 

P a e^ f-5 .:. ^ 

p ,^ ^ f -» ^ ^ 

p r:i a |-. p p 

r^ .^ n ^ i"}. a 

ft ^ f^ ^ r .-. 

^ ^ p O O £: 

!??> ^ f '^ (?S p O 

First ur^-: 

\U)()RI\ 1 haddeus D. 
\1()KI XG, Kuncs R. 
MORGAN, 'Charles K. 
MORGAN, Margaret A. 
MORGAN, V\illiam F., Jr 
MORRIS, Carl J. 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Ridgefield, N. J. 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Leaksville, N. C. 

Madison, Ind. 

Washington, D. C. 

Snomi roil': 

MORRIS, lohn G., Jr. 
MORRIS, R.ihert F. 
MORRKSON, .Michael L. 
.MOSS, Beverly J. 
.MOSS, Sara F. 
.MOUNT, Zelma F. 

Geneva, Ala. 
U inter Park, Fla. 
Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Ocala. Fla. 
Washington, N. C. 
Manasquan, N. J. 

Th,r,i roil- 

MOVF, Josephine K. 
MULDER, Sarah M. 
NUNNS, Harris A., Jr., 

Washington, D C. 

Clearwater, Fla. 

Cairo, Ga. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Villanova, Pa. 

High Point, N. C. 

Fourth row. 

MURRAY, Harry M., Jr. 

Redstone Arsenal, Ala. 
MURRAY, William T. Atlanta, Ga. 
NADl.I-R. lulum \'. Paramus, N. J. 
Nl'l .S( )N, Knsten ( :. \\fcst Newton, Mass. 
NI'.W B^ , 1,- ,\., Ir. Bon Air, Va. 
NFW 1 I.I.. StevLR W. ■ Enid, Okla. 

Fifth roll': 

NEWMARK, Howard Colonia, N. J. 
NEW rON, Fred W., Jr. Henderson, N. C. 
Nl \\ 1 ( )N, Richard B. Hagerstown, Md. 
\l( IIOIS, Barbara C. Bay Village, Ohio 
\1( Ol.l., ( hnstine Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Nil LSI N, D.vidH. Dayton, Ohio 


SLYlh roil-: 

NIXON, Sarah J. 
NORBY, Laurence H. 
NORRIS, Kenneth E. 
NORWOOD, Larry R. 
NURKIN, Harry A. 
NUZUM, Linda L. 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Osage, Iowa 

Glenview, 111. 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Aiken, S. C. 

Seventh row: 

NYE, Richard A. 
O'CONNFR. Eileen T. 
()L1\-| R. P.uila E. 
OM \\ L.iiir.i \'. 
ONI Al„ Inre.'it H., Ill 
OSMUN, Richard G. 

McLean, Va. 
Atlanta. Ga. 
Houston, Tex. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Durham, N. C. 
Toledo, Ohio 

F,kI"I' roll-: 

()\ 1 RMAN, Betsy L. 
I'\l)(,l 1 1 , R.iv \\'., jr. 
I'AGI , l.iiiiLs F.' 
I'AGi:. R.ibcrt F. 
PALMER, John A., Jr. 
PALMER, John H., Jr. 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

Wishington, N. C. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Reading, Pa. 

Arlington, Va. 

Nmth roiv: 

PARSONS, Donald O. 

PATCH, Teresa A. 

PA ri ERSON, John C, Jr 

PA 1 1 1 RSON. Sharon K. 

I'A 1 l()\. Davul I). 

PA 1 ION. (ieorge W., Jr. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Annandale, Va. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

New Canaan, Conn. 

Dearborn, Mich. 

Macon, Ga. 

Te/ith row: 

PANDOI FO, Andrea V. 
I'\^ \l . 1 iir.i R. 
I'\^ \1 . Slo.ine W., Jr. 
I'l Ak, M.irilvn J. 
PIX.R, BeriiaminS. 
PI-.NFIELD, Cameron W. 

San Francisco, Calif. 

Belmont, N. C. 

Taylorsvillc, N. C. 

Hudson, Ohio 

High Point, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 


First row: 

Pl-NNINGTON, Charles W. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
PF.RRILL, Deborah L. Scarsdale, N. Y. 

PKRRY, Chfford W'., Jr. Winston-Salcm, N. C. 
PI I KRSF'N, Robert S., Jr. Wheaton, 111. 

Pr 1 KRSON, Sallv M. HvatLsville, \\d. 

PI'i: r/ING, Virginia A. Philadelphia, Pa. 


PHARR, Diana L. 
PHII.MPS, Elizabeth L. 
PHILLIPS, Katherine A. 
rinr,! r,r^:- 

PHILLIPS. Patricia P. 
PHILLIPS, William H. 
PHILPOIL, Arthur R. 
PHIPPS, Rov ,\1., Jr. 
PK:KENS, \larshall I.. |i 
PIC:KERING, Mary E. " 
Fourth roil'.- 
PIERCE, Daniel G. 
PIERCE, Peter W. 
PIEER, Ronald W. 
PIRTLE, Ronald C. 
PITTS, Noah A. 
Fifth row: 

PiXLEY, Stephen S. 
POLK, Raemon M. 
POLLOK, James L. 
POOLE, Adrienne J. 


r, Ohio 
■y, Ala. 
h, R. I. 

, N. C. 


New Orleans, La. 

McMiphis, Tcnn. 

Radford, V'a. 

Durham, N. C. 

New Orleans, La. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

("harlotte, N. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Bethel, Maine 

Durham, N. C. 

Stone Mountain, Ga. 

Morganton, N. C". 

Batavia, N. Y 

Durham, N. C:. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Robbms, N. C. 

Lake Mohawk, N. J. 






POWELL, Ihoma 

PRATT, Ellen W. 

PRIDEAUX, Penelope A. 

PRIMM, Richard K. 

Seventh row: 
PROCl OR, Marcia J. 
PRUn T, Louise T. 
PURCELL, David i\L 
PURNELL, Erederick. Jr. 
PU rNA,\L Margaret L. 
PYNE, Robin D. G. 

Eighth row: 
QUAY. Bert W. 

RADLEIN, John L., Jr. 
RAFUSE, Burton S. 
RAMEY, Charles VV., Jr. 
RAMSEY, Elizabeth A. 

Ninth row: 

RANDALL, David S. 
RANKIN, Rosalie A. 
RASNICK. William H. 
RAY. Carolyn L. 
RAYBIX, Alexander L. 

Tenth row: 

RAY.MEN, Steven A. 
REBACK. Diane J. 
Ri:i:\'i:S. Sara K. 
REICH.MAN, James A. 
REKA I E, Harold L., Jr. 
REPASS, Randolph K. 


Park, Fla. 

Gainesville, Fla. 

Jacksonville, Ela. 

Durham, N. C. 

Ringwood. N. J. 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Athens. Ga. 

Pelham, N. Y 

Bellaire, Te.x. 

Norwood, Mass. 

Orange, Tex. 

Coral Gables, Ela. 


Raleigh, N. C. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

New City, N. Y. 

Boynton Beach, Ela. 

Dayton, Ohio 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Quantico, Va. 

Arlington, Va. 

Portsmouth, Va. 

Bri-stol, Tenn. 

Burn,sville, N. C. 

New York, N. Y. 

Irvington, N. J. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Washington, D. C. 

Annapolis, Md. 

Norwell, Mass. 

p ^ (^ f^ ^ rs 

^ pi ^ ^ f^ 

f\ p p - p ^ 

r^ O r) r: ,-, o 

^> ,^i ^ m. 0^ ^ 

f% r. p f^ o 

f,^' p . p ,p f^ 

P ^ O :^ ^ n 

I?? PI ^ a f^'-': p 



f^ '^ '^ o fs 

^ e% ::^ ^ ^'' f^ 

r f -I .r:i a Ip |f^ 

IT n f1 r*^ .;•. O 

£1!: i^^sMiMA ibM 

O ^; P .c^ C' 

p. ft ^ P ^ 

f% :. p f^ f^ L 

p p p p .^^^ p. 

f/«/ ™^i'; 

Rl L- 1 1 R, Krilvn G. 

Wexford, Pa. 

RIM, IXC, , IhcodoraR. 

Roslyn, N. Y. 

Rl ^^()I.I)S, Iknoni O. 

Arlington, Va. 


New York, N. Y. 


Oklahoma City, Okla. 


Lewisville, N. C. 

Sm/hl roiv: 
RH I.Carol A. 

Milledgeville, Ga. 

RK 1 . Sheila S. 

River.side, Conn. 

RID! NHOUR, Robert B, 

Baltimore, Md. 

Ril'NS ERA, Joseph D. 

Newport, R. I. 

RILEY, William C. 

Haverford, Pa. 

RIPPLE, Joel L. 

Myrtle Beach, S. C. 

TInni roiv: 

RIIIER, Martha L. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

ROBI'RTS, Sheila R. 

Elkhorn, Neb. 


Bethlehem, Pa. 


Baltimore, Md. 

RODIN, Steven G. 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

RODRIAN, Susan K. 

Evansville, Ind. 

h'otinh roil': 
ROGERS, Charles H. 

Lockhart, Fla. 

ROGERS, Myra S. 

Asheville, N. C. 

ROMP, Walter G. 

Avery, Ohio 

ROPER, Emily R. 

McLean, Va. 

ROSER, Antoinette C. 

Washington, D. C. 

ROSS, Henry F. 

Greenville, S. C. 

Fifth row: 

ROTH, William J. 

Chatham, N. J. 

ROW LAND, Suzanne 

Sumter, S. C. 

KO/XOY, Carol J. 

Wcstport, Conn. 

RLDIN, lohn J., Ill 

Durham, N. C. 

KLDOl.E. ludith A. 

Neenah, Wis. 

RLPP, Darnel R. 

Columbus, Ohio 


Si Ml, „r^-: 

K L SI U'ORTH, George W. Westfield, N. I. 

SAI.I', Claudia B. 

Fairfax, Va. 

S\l,l\(il'R, nil H. 

Durham, N. C. 

s\l 1 1 R M.irk H. 

Galveston, Tex. 

s\MI'S( 1\. 1 leanor A. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

SWDI RS, Richard T. 

Durham, N. C. 

Seirnth toil-. 

SAPP. Karen L. 

LcaksviUe, N. C. 

S\P1>. R,,l„rt H. 

Maplevvood, N. J. 

S( II Ml 1 K, loni A. 

Granville, Ohio 

S< II \ll)l . 1. cinder. III 

Orlando, Fla. 

S( 111 \( K, Eunothy T 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

SCHICK, (ius A. 

.Mlllville, N. J. 

E,v.hlh rozi:- 

SCHLOSSI R, Paul \1. 

Lynn Haven, Va. 


Scarsdale, N. Y. 

S( IIMII I, Leslie E. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

SC;HLMER, Dennis R. 

Glen Burnie, Md. 


Rock H^ll^ S. C. 

SCOTT, Elizabeth C. 

Nimh row: 

SCOTT, Julia A. 

Asheville, N. C. 

SCOTT, Michael H. 

Rock Hill, S. C. 

S( Oil. \\-.,tsonT. 

Che\v Cli.ise. Md. 

s( Kli;\l R lliUis M. 

R., cluster. Mich. 

M \ll()l \1. 1 hzahcth A. 

RKhniciul. Ml. 

SI 1 1)1 \. Stephen J. 

West Il,utl.,ra. ( ,mn. 

nmh r,r^-: 

SI 1 V. Muliiel M. 

1 nrt I.nKlcrdale, Fla. 

SI 1 II RS lohn C, jr. 

Nnrtolk. \a. 

SI SSOMS. Ilouard C. 

l.iiiiiliertc.n, \. C. 

SI 1 1 1 1 \l^ 1 R, William 

B. Short H, lis, N.J. 

SI A AlOL'R, Nanev D. 

Fair Haven, N. J. 

SI'.YMOUR, Richard G. 

Southern Pines, N. C. 

\\';isliiii{,'rnn, 1). C; 

( KiK cstnn, Tex 

W ilniingr,.!,, IX'l 

Chccnr.ih, Okla 

Brentu.MHi, 'Unn 

Mcninh.s, Tarn 

SclK-iuctadv, N. Y. 

Poinpan.. IVach. ILi. 

W inston-Salcrn, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Unu-n, N.J. 

Rocktord, III. 

First roil-: 

Sf-VMOUR, William 
SH.ARP, ( hri.stnplKT 
SH.\Ri\ R..l.crt R. 
SHARP!, I.ouis k. 
SHAW , Maria S. 
SHKARON. 1 Idcr 1... 

SHI R\l \\, ( .ir..lvii 
SHI KK \l<l). I hniiuu 
SHORT, ( .irev I), 
SHVIRS, Richard H. 

Third roil-: 

SIFKRS, Tina Shauiuc .Mi.sskmi, Kaiis. 

SILER. Bccki A. I)avt..n, Ohio 

SILVKR, Martin D. Silver Spring, .\ld. 

SI.MMONS, Douglas E. Easley, S. C. 

SI.M.MONS, William B., Jr. Mount Airy, N. C. 

Sl.MPSON, Lucia E. \Vinston-Salem, N. C. 

Fourth roir: 

SIMS, Larry D. Oklahoma City, Okla. 
SINCLAIR, Timothy A. Brentwood, Teiin. 
SINN, Sharon E. Madison, Wis. 
SU LERLEY, Jean E. Bethlehem, Pa. 
SJURSE IH, Betty A. San Antonio, Tex. 
■ ~ " M. McGuire A.F.B., N. J. 

SLA ri:R, Frank M. McGuire A.F. 

Fifth roiv: 

SLF:ASE, Terry 
SLOCUM, Nancy E. 
SMELT. Carol J. 
SMITH, Barbara H. 
SMITH, Brian C. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Westheld, N.J. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Sixtli roii-: 
SMl'IH, Julie A. 
SMITH, Margaret L. 
SMITH, Mary B. 
SMITH, Norman A. 
SMIIH, Patricia G. 
SMIIH, Robert K. 

Seventh row: 
SMIIH, Robert Z. 
SMIl H, Sharon A. 
SMIIH, Warren C. 
S.MLl.L, Michael W. 
SNFl.l.l R. Kathleen A. ( 
SNIDI;R, Richard H., Jr. 

E.Khth row: 
SNOW. Fli/.abeth B. 
SN^ 1)1 k. ( inil A. 

SN^ 1)1 K. I ,ri r... |r. 

SNM)I K, \l.,r\ A. 
SNVDLR. .\larv l'. 
SOLLNER, Richard H. 

Ninth row: 

SOLOMON, Rodger E. 
SOMERS, William R. 
SOUTHERN. Samuel O. 
SPENCER, Richard P., Jr 

SPHTY, Peggy J. 

Springfield, Va. 

New Orleans, La. 

Ripley, N, Y'. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Arlington, V;i. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Washington, D, C. 

Charh.tte, N. C. 

McLean, \'a. 

eland Heights, Ohio 

\-alparaiso, Fla. 

SPRAY, Josep 

Tenth row: 

STAMILE, Patrick AL 
SI AN FORD. Herschel E. 
SI ANI.I Y, Margaret J. 
SI ARXS, Bvron E., Jr. 
S FAUFEER, Robert E. 

Huntsvillc, Ala. 

Greystone Park, N. J. 

Baltimore, Md. 

High Point, N. C. 

Darling, Pa. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Portola V^alley, Calif. 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Newton. N. C. 

Sayvillc. N. Y. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Columbia. S. C. 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Gainesville. Fla. 

Rochester, N. Y. 

(^ O- ^- ^ 

r» r* p a p CI 

?1 £i P 9 ^-- ^ 

r ^ « f^ f1 .d^ 

P^ f f^ ^ 

p P f9 r 

^ e f^ 

t} r: o p A r 


f^ ^ 



r ^ /^ P> ^ ^ 

o p^ O r ^ ^ 

P P 


p ft f^- T- 

1^, n (^ c f^ a 

f% (% ^' ^ a 

^ fii r n (?) A 

^^ fctfi^^ mk ilfc 

o P (^ .r= p p 

f;rj« rou-: 

STAUEEER, W.lliam R. 
SIANINS, Charles F. 
SI 1 AD, Nancy W. 
S 1 IBBS, Rowena M. 
S 1 EELE, Richard S. 
STEIB, Russell J. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Niagara Ealls, N. Y. 

Durham, N. C. 

Jacksonville, Ela. 

Kennett Square, Pa. 

Niles, Ohio 

Second roil-: 

snxcn., c.irv r. 

SI 1 K! I\( ,. Lesley J. 
SI 1 \ 1 \s, i;,,rrvW. 
SI! \ 1 \S, Innes H., Jr. 
Sll \l \S, EvmiB. 
SI E\\ AR E, Rodney O. 

Greenville, S. C. 

Wendell, N. C. 
Aiken, S. C. 

Baltimore, Aid. 

Key West, Ela. 
Burlington, N. C. 

SI II 1 S, ( hnsropher S. 
SIIM , Dons \1. 
SIOM , W illi.un E. 
SIOM R, Ahehael A. 
STROUPE, Sandy P. 

St. Petersburg. Ela. 

Trenton, N. J. 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Danville, Va. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Fourth roil': 

STROUPE, Stephen D. 
STUDSTRUP, Stanley K. 
SURBAUGH, Georgeann 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Denver, Colo. 
Rockford, 111. 
St. Louis, Mo. 
Anderson, Ind. 
Port Clinton, Ohio 

l-'iflh roTi': 

S\\ ARI-NGEN, Cheryl C 

S\\ INNEY, John G., Jr. 

SVKES, Cathleen 

1 ARWAITR, Nancy P. 

1 ATE, James K., IV 

TAYLOR, Richard K. 

. Greensboro, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Greak Neck, N. Y. 

Harriman, Tenn. 

Bolivar, Tenn. 

Burlington, N. C. 


Sn/h (■«-,;■; 

I \M OK. W dham R. 

II \( ,U . W illiam E. 

1 II \( KKI V, Kent D. 
THOMAS, Richard S. 
EHOiMPSON, Edward C. 

High Point, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Hockessin, Del. 

Beaufort, S. C. 

Silver Spring, Aid. 

Sririnh roil-: 

IHOMPSON, Janet ,\L Bellaire, Te.x. 
EHOMPSON, Joseph AL Raleigh, N. C. 
IHORNBURY, Elizabeth H. 

Port Washington, N. Y. 
1 HORN ION, Thomas S. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
EINSLEY, Ethel AL Orchard Park, N. Y. 
TODD, Brenda G. Eredencktown, Ohio 

Fii^hth rnv.-: 

lOMKO. D.ivid J. 

1 ( )\U.I\S()\' ludy E. 

low SI II \ Polly E. 

IREDICK, Trafton, Jr. 
TREXLER, William B. 

Richmond, Va. 
Princeton, N. J. 
Cartersvlle, Ga. 
Pennington, N. J. 
Greenville, S. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Ninth row: 
TUCKER, Nancy A. 
TURNER, Elaine \\. 
1 URMR. (.crge R. 

I L KM K S.iiulr.i |. 

II KM K, Su/.intR' L. 
1 ^ I.I R, M.irg.iret C. 

Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Baltimore, Md. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Carrizozn, N. AL 
(;ien Burnie, Aid. 
j.Kks.invillc, Ela. 

Tnith roll-: 
lYRRI IE, David 1. 
I \l .1 K, \\,i\nc \'. 
IKOL II \K 1. hinies B., 
\ \( 1 M)\K. Stephen 1'. 
\ AIIA1,\, |ohn,Jr. 

Cleveland, Tenn. 

Easton, Pa. 

Ill Arlington, Va. 

Seranton, Pa. 

Pompton Plains, N. J. 

id T. Arlington, Va. 


First wii': 

Lenoir, N. C 
V'ANDERHORST, Brian C. Larchmont, N. Y. 
VAN DYKE, Maureen K. Tulsa, Okla. 


Thomasville, N. C. 

Jackson, Miss. 
\-|:L1I:, Kenneth R. Charleston, W. Va. 

S,cn,id mil-: 

\'|-NN'I\C;, \-irginia R. Charlotte, N. C. 

N'lN UN. Peter Bcthesda, Md. 

\-AI,l \\l). ( r.Msi S. Atlanta, Ga. 

\()\ s \l /I \ kirk K. West Hartford, Conn. 
\-()SI . \l.irtlu I). Patuxent River, Md. 

W Al.DRl.N, loll 


riiird row: 

W ALKKR, Beatrice A. 

W ALKIR, Mari.Mret B. 

WAIKI K. S.iinue! A., II 

W AMI R. Richird H. 

W Al.SlOX. D.nsv P. 

W AXI.ISS, jului .\1. 

Fourth roil-: 

WARD. Robert L. 

W ARl II LD, William R. 

W ARM R, David M. 

W ARMR, Thomas K. 

W A n RS, Roger 


Fifth roiv: 


W ATSON, Susan D. 

WAXMAN, Edward R. 

VVEAl HERFORD, Elizabeth R. 

in Lakes, N. J. 

Harnden, ("onn. 
Durham, N. C:., Mich. 
Atlanta. G.i. 
Tarboro, X. C. 
Springfield, 111. 

Middletown, Ohio 

Mapleuood, N. J. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

N'lenna, W'. \a. 

Medford Lakes, N.J. 

Bayside, Va. 

Great Lakes, 111. 

Staunton, Xa. 

WELFARE, Kathleen W: 

Memphis, Tcnn. 

Baltimore, Md. 

ton-Salem, N. C. 


Sixth ro'^': 

WERTZ, Kenneth L. 
WEST, Milton L. 
WEST, Ruth T. 
WESTCOTT, Julianna 
WHELAND, Robert C. 

Seventh row: 
WHITE, Richard .\L 
\\ HH E, Robert M. 
Will 1 E, Sarah N. 
WHinilEAD, Philip G. 
W HinXIGHT, Patricia E. 
\\ HITLEY, Robert B. 

Springheld, 111. 

\Varsaw, N. C. 

Clark's Summit. Pa. 

Tenafly, N. J. 

Chicago, 111. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Fairfa.x. \a. 
Greenville, S. C. 

Tampa, Fla. 

Westfield, N. J. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Eiy^lith row: 
WIDELL, Robert W 
WIERENGA, Harold L. 
WILBUR, Henry M. 
WILCOX, Everett H., Jr 
WILKES, Kenneth E. 

Ninth row: 

WILLERT, Lorraine \'. 
WILLIAMS, Alice |. 
W ILLIAMS, Elizabeth K. 
W ll.LlAMS, Francis G. 
W ILLIAMS, Keary R. 

Manhasset, N. Y. 

Balboa, Canal Zone 

Annapolis, Md. 

Waynesboro, \i. 

Clearwater, Fla. 

Huntington, W \'a. 

Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

C:artersville, Cia. 

C^harlotte, N. C. 

Gainesville, Fla. 

Grundy, Va. 

Tenth row: 

WILLIAMS, Martha L. Wayne, N. J. 

WILLIAMS, Schuyler L. Midland. Mich. 
WILLIAMS, Wayne D. Huntingdon Vallev, Pa. 

W II.LIS, Mary H. Hickory, N. C:. 

WILSON, Charles E. Evanston, 111. 

W ILSON, Charles .\1. Charlotte, N. C. 

© P #1 

f\ o ^ '^ 0%rs 

e^ r^ a r P- P 

c? m o ^^:^ fs 

o # p PI f? f ^ 

9 ^ '^ "^ 0^ f\ 

r^ I? p p f^ p 

:)\'. ("huide T. 

n o f> ^ 

^ f ^ ' 

■19 p^ O r" ^ 

\\ II 

W II SOX. Stephen J. 

W l\Sl <1\\ , Worth R. 

W IM . Ilir.iin 1. 

W LSKl,AR\ Lk, Marva A. 

U HISHAR 1 , Elaine I-. 

Seromi mxi-: 

\\(.)RI,i:\, kanne 
VV RIGH 1, Ola R. 
WRIGHT, Robin 

Shelbv, N. C. 

Chester Springs, Pa. 

Ashboro, N. C. 

CJib.sonville, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C:. 

Union, N. J. 

Belleville, Va. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Charlottesville, Va. 

Luray, Va. 

Arlington, Va. 

Ch.irlotte, N. C. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Durham, N. C. 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Washington, D. C. 

Houston, Tex. 

AniKUKl.ile, \a. 

Cnlleue Park. Ga. 

Hamlet, N. C. 

■aininghani, Mass. 

Durham, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

K^^iSk^iMU' d\k 

r,l,li I,,,,: 

\()L'\G. Donald I'". Arlington, \'a. 

^()L NG. C;. C;harlotte, N. C. 

Z1MMI;R, W ilham A. Poland, Ohio 

SummerviUe, S. C. 

ZIPSE, William P. Waterville, Alame 




Mr. Price Corsey of the Charlotte Engraving Company 
Mr. Joseph Phelps of Edwards & Broughton Company 
Mr. Fay Smith of Smith Studio 
Mr. Stephen C. Harward, Financial Advisor 
Mr. William J. Griffith 
Mr. Paul O. Williams 

MacGregor Sports Equipment, permission to use Robert Riger's drawing 
of Coach Bill Murray 


James N. Churchill John Mcnapace Thad Sparks TAPS, Clemson 




STUART BARR, Assistant Editor 

PAT TODD, Administration 

LINDA LOEB, Beauties 

ANN MACE, Classes 


PAM SUN, Honoraries 

ANN O'HARA BOS\A ELL, Copy Editor 

SUSAN JORDAN, Organizations 

MIKE GREENLEY, Organiz.nwns 

LAIRD PATTERSON, Organizations 

BARBARA BLOCK, Sororities 

TOM STITT, Sports 


MIKE CRAWFORD, Engraving Editor JERRY JEROME, Head Photographer 





Captions and Scheduling 




DA\ E JOHNSON, Business Manager 
TRENT HARKRADER, Assistant Business Manager 
PETE NICHOLAS, Assistant Business Manager 
SUE KLEIN, Co-ed Business Manager 



Jcannic Bannerman 
John Freeman 
David Harold 
Marilyn Howe 
Hill Hudson 
jMary Lynn Kelso 
Mary Pickering 

Susan Reynolds 
Judy Rudolf 
Norman Smith 
Earl Snyder 
Joan Theobald 
Jack Truslow 
Thomas Treptow 


Dianne Adee 
Sheppie Badgett 
Judy Booth 
Neal Boswcll 
Martha Lou Dantzler 
Susie Dittmar 
Mary Ann Edwards 
Linda Ericson 
Elayne Heugh 

Milt Jones 
Betsy Kaufman 
Bob Moser 
Judy Rodrigues 
Beth Slocum 
Judy Stanley 
Lamar Swain 
Joyce Thacker 



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282 W. 8th St., Box 328, Durham, N. C 376 

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Horse Shoe Path RFD 3, Huntington, N. Y 376 

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164 E. McCormick St. Apt. 8, State College, Pa 320 

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1209 Milwaukee Ave., Glenview, 111. 212, 209, 376 

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Betts Alice E. '63, 754 Fairacres Ave., Westfield, N. J..... 322 

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29 Country Club Lane, Glen Burnie, Md 393 

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Brauch, Catherine C. '66, 530 Van Buren St., Ridgewood, N. J. 394 
Brenneman, Ann H. '65, 

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Brod, Barbara S. '63, 

Bedford Rd., Mt. Kisco, N. Y 204, 324, 291 

Brodhead, Charlotte A. '65, 

308 Maple Ave., Swarthmore, Pa 377 

Bryant, Jacqueline '63, Campus Apts. No. 5, Durham, N. C. 

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Bussard, Frances A. '66, 

931 S. Saint Asaph St., Alexandria, Va 394 

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Cain, Nancy C. '63, 1423 Cain Rd., Fayetteville, N. C 324 

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525 Thayer Ave. Apt. 119. Silver Springs, Md 219, 377 

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1201 Southwest 18 Crt., Fort Lauderdale, Fla 360 

Carr, Judith S. '65, 108 Coralway, Daytona Beach, Fla 377 

Carter Gertrude C. '63, 11 Radnor Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. 
Cavalaris. Pamela A. "66, 

114 Robinson St., Greenville, S. C 395, 267 

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2118 Westerly Drive, Lynchburg, Va 395 

Clark, Martha Elizabeth '63, 

1455 Pine Valley Loop, Fayetteville, N. C 

Clay, Gertrude Linda '65, 

Caixa Postal 2009, Sao Paulo, Brazil 378 

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Coffin, Karen Virginia '66, 

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3427 N. Maryland Ave., Milwaukee II, Wise 360 

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406 Fairview Ave., Frederick, Md 212, 378 

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Crane, Carol Laura '64, 

321 Parkside Ave., Mt. Lebannon, Pa 360 

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Davis, Carol Ann '65. Route 2, Boonsboro, Md 378 

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100-48 75th Ave., Forest Hills 75, N. Y 379 

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5315 Chamberlin Ave., Chevy Chase. Md 378 

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Ensign, Joan Jarrett '66, 

221 Beechwood Road, Ridgewood, N. J 397 

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43-56 Murray St., Flushing 55, N. Y _ 319 

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28 Frelen Rd., York, Pa.. 204, 331, 223, 291 

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3125 Bembridge Rd., Columbus 21, Ohio 380 

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Quart S. Naval Air Station, Lakehurst, N. J 398 

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304 Burton Ave., Hasbrouck Hgts., N. J 362 

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200 James River Dr., Newport News, Va 208, 362 

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80 Warrior Rd.. Drexel Hill. Pa 209, 332 

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3481 Principio Ave., Cincinnati 26, Ohio 398 

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35 Woodland Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J 363 

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Morrison Lane, Laurinburg, N. C 363 

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Stony Brook Rd. S., S. Darien. Conn 380 

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Hanes, Mary Louise '64, Rt. 1, Box 292, Morehead City, N. C. 
Hardenburg, Kathryn A. '66. 

7505 Hopkins Ave., College Park. Md 399 

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392 Ocean Ave.. Apt. 2F. Long Branch. N. J 380 

Harlow. Judith Elaine '64, 

20 Tory Hole Rd., Darien, Conn 363, 333, -91 


Havens. Evelyn Kaye "63, 

254 Oakwood Circle, Danville. Va 204. 209 

Haves. Caroline Ruth "66, 

U N. Symington Ave.. Baltimore 28, Md 399 

Hayes. Margaret Sue '66. 

48 Stoner Dr.. W. Hartford 7. Conn 399 

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Dellcroft Cross Lane. Harpenden. Herts, England 
Heck, Janet Elizabeth "65, 

12 Crowell Place, Vally Stream. N. Y 381 

Hemphill. Brenda S. '66. 103 Glenrae Dr.. Baltimore 28. Md 399 

Hendler, Margaret F. -66, 1 1 Sunset Ave., Lakewood. N. Y 399 

Henrv, Elizabeth M. "66. 

.'i2.'i Sevilla Ave.. Coral Gables 34, Fla 399 

Heusner, Barbara Jeanne '65, 

2209 Garden Dr.. Schenectady. N. Y 381 

Higdon. Wendy Lou "66. 914 Robin Rd., State College, Pa. 399 

Hitchcock, Beverly Ann "65. 

Jericho Manor Bldg. 16. Apt. 245. Jenkintown. Pa 381 

Hix, Ann Hilda '63. Rt. 1, Prospect, Va. 204, 208, 334, 291 

Hodges. Carol Ann '66. 3 Radley Court. Westfield, N. J 400 

Holland. Barbara June '63. 26 Clinton Rd.. Glen Ridge, N. J. 
Hollis. Nettie Frances. 212 W. Ash St.. Goldsboro. N. C. 
Holt, Sylvia Anne '63, 

Rt. 8, Shattalon Dr.. Winston-Salem, N. C 335 

Hooper. Nancv Bryant '63. 

300 Griffin 'St.. Elizabeth City, N. C 335 

Housekeeper. Judith Kay '66, 

576 Austin Ave., Pittsburgh 16, Pa 400 

Howatt, Linda Jean "65, 39 Davidson Ave., Ramsey, N. J 381 

Howe. Marilyn Ruth '64. 

47 Whitney Rd.. Medford 55. Mass .204, 364 

Hudson. Margaret F. '63, 

1620 Mellon Ct. Westmont. Johnson. Pa... 335 

Hydeman. Elaine Louise '65. 6101 McGee. Kansas City. Mo. .381 

Hyre. Nancy Jane '65. Box 45-B Rt. I. Boalsburg, Pa 212, 381 

Jackson, Janice Claire '66, 

60 Grandview Ave., White Plains. N. Y.. 400 

Jackson, Kathryn Helen. 

18 Crestview Rd.. Toronto. Ontario. Canada 364 

Jeannette. Toni Lee "63, 

1312 Pentwood Rd.. Baltimore 12. Md 336 

Johnson. Barbara Kay "65. 

6613-31 St. N.W.. Washington 15. D. C 382 

Johnson. Margaret Wheeler '64. 

24/39 Kaukilya Marg. Diplomatic Enclave New Delhi, India 
Johnson, Mary Colleen '65. 

2415 Avenel Ave. S.W„ Roanoke. Va 208. 212. 382 

Jones, Beverly Ann. 9 Elkin Hills. Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Judson. Francine Louise '66. 

85 Morewood Oaks, Port Washington, N. Y ...401 

Karp. Mary Janice '63. 872 Boston Neck Rd.. Suffield, Conn 219 

Keck, Nancy Louise '66, 2514 Nation Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Kennedy. Eliza Jane '66, 

21249 Colby Rd.. Shaker Hgts. 22, Ohio.. 401, 391 

Kern. Alice Corbly '65, 3623 Dover Rd.. Durham, N. C 212, 382 

Kiepe, Judith Ann "64, 115 Tudor Oval, Westfield, N. J 365 

Kilpatrick. Lynn '66. 2 Burnside Dr.. Short Hills. N. J 40! 

Kinslev. Cheryl Elaine '65, 

705 Piney Woods Dr.. La Grange, Ga 382 

Kixmiller. Margaret Ann '66. 

5305 Duvall Dr.. Washington 16. D. C 401. 391 

Kliner. Virginia Ann "64. 

118 Meadowbrook Rd.. N. Plainfield. N. J. 
Knott. Marcia Elaine "64. 

1712 N. Highland St.. Arlington. Va.. 365. 359 

Kocher, Muriel Lucille '65. 4 Magnolia Dr., Easton, Pa 382 

Kreider, Cynthia Ann '63. 

1494 Hollywood Dr., Lancaster, Pa 337 

Kunz. Susan Margaret "66. 

6908 Thomas Blvd.. Pittsburgh 8. Pa 401 

Lambert. Emma Jean '66. 104 Arden Place. Greensboro. N. C...401 
Lambert. Ethelyn W. '63. 

598 Dorseyville Rd.. Pittsburgh 38. Pa 338 

Lasoff, Marjo Lynne '66, 177 Rockcrest Rd.. Manhassett, N. Y. 402 
Lee. Linda Joanne '64. 20 Yarmouth Rd.. Chatham. N. J. 
Lehmann. Dale Francine '63. 

120 Hillcrest Dr., Wayne, N. J 338 

Leiand. Linda Diane '66. 326 El Paso Way. Millbrae, Calif 402 

Lethco. Diane '63. 26 Granda St.. Arlington, Va 204 

Lewis. Mary Caroline "65. Box 5, Farmville. N. C 383 

Lippert. Arlene Louise '66. 

2005 Woodbrook Dr.. Wilmington. Del 402 

Livingston. Harriet "63. 2627 Harrington Dr., Decatur. Ga. 
Long, Elizabeth Lynne "64. 

2304 Paradise Point. Camp Lejeune. N. C... 219. 365 

Lontz, Sally Sullivan "63. 1133 Queens Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 


Luly, Helen Sparks '65, 2530 Fairway Dr., Vero Beach, Fla 383 

Lundholm. Barbara Ruth '65, 190 Orchard PI., Ridgewood, N. J. 
Lundholm. Lois Jean '63, 

190 Orchard PI.. Ridgewood, N. J 204. 208. 209. 339. 383 

Mackenzie. Lynn Blake '63. 

RD. 7, Gleuridge Rd., Schenectady, N. Y. 
MacRobert, Mary Margaret '64. 

919 S. Franklin Ave.. Flint 3. Mich 365 

Malevan. Gail Ann "64. 

22375 Fairmount Blvd.. Shaker Hts. 18, Ohio 365 

Marshall, Frances l.iane '63, 10922 Main St., Clarence, N. Y 339 

Matthew, Elizabeth G. "65. 108 Third St., N. Charleston. S. C. 
Matthews, Sylvia Adele '63. 

2912 Grimes St., Charlotte 6, N. C 209, 340 

Matzner, Hilda Louise "63. 

106 Buchanan Blvd., Durham. N. C 340 

Mayes. Judith Carol '65, 136 S. End Rd.. Southington, Conn. 
Mayne. Linda Carol '63, 

617 Lawrence Ave.. Westfield. N. J 204, 208, 219, 340 

McConnell. Tharon Cecile '65, Rt. 4, Box 437, Mooresville, N. C. 
McDaniel, Sandra Cecile '64. 

5020 Ortega Farms Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla 204 

McDonald, Sally Jane '66, 

715 Rivers Ave.. Riverland Terrace. Charleston. S. C 403 

McGovern. Diane Neilson '64, 40 Glen Rd.. Greenwich, Conn. .366 
Mcllhenny. Virginia Dail '64, 

751 B Aalappa Dr., Kailua, Hawaii 384 

McKay, Diane Juanita '63, 

312 Pinecrest Dr.. Fayetteville, N. C 291, 386 

Means, Deborah Elizabeth '64, 

39 Nottingham Terrace. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Meeks. Marcia Kay '66. 

326 Larchwood Rd.. Springfield, Penn 403 

Merck. Lorraine Nancy '64. 

21 Meadowridge Lane. Old Brookville. L. L. N. Y 366 

Mills. Elizabeth Claire '66, 1108 J St.. N. Wilkesboro. N. C 403 

Mills. Joan Elizabeth '65, Seaford, Va 384 

Minier. Margaret Susan '65. 

494 Burnham Rd.. Williamsburg, Va 384 

Mock. Victoria Leola '64. 1700 Pigeon Point Rd.. Beaufort. S. C. 
Moeszinger. Pamela Gay '63, 

5025 Carmel Club Dr.. Charlotte 9. N. C 341 

Moore. Jean Rich '64. 84 Pierce Dr.. Pleasantville. N. Y 209 

Mount, Zelma Frann '66. 82 Pearce Ave.. Manasquan. N. J 404 

Moye. Josephine Kemp '66. 294 11th Ave. NW.. Cairo. Ga 404 

Newton. Dorothy Louise '65. 

22 Lockwood Ave.. Old Greenwich, Conn 219, 385 

Norwood, Sharon Berdan '63, 

21 Coolidge Ave.. Glen Ridae. N. J 342 

Odom, Linda Price '63. 2812 Chelsea Cir.. Durham. N. C 209 

Oelschlegel. Judith Anne '64. Burger Rd.. Terryville, Conn 367 

Oman. Laura '66. 1704 Clay Ave.. Dunmore, Pa 404 

Omeara, Marilvn Ann "64. 1741 W. 26th St.. Erie, Pa. 

Page. Lynn '65. 5010 Maugh Rd.. McLean. Va 212, 385 

Parker. Lois Harriet '65. 

25 Ferndale Rd., Madison. N. J 385, 267 

Parker. Nina Elizabeth '63, 

Qtr. 2. Fort Myer. Arlington 11, Va 343 

Patterson. Sharon Kay '66. 

9 Sleepy Hollow Rd., New Canaan. Conn 404 

Peach. Nancy Gavle '64. 10 Roberts Court. Maraga. California 

Perrill. Deborah Lynn '66. 19 Downer Ave., Scarsdale. N. Y 405 

Petch. Kristin Elizabeth '64. Rt. 1. Box 204A. Durham. N. C. 
Peterson. Gail Melinda '65. 

1200 Jackson Ave.. Takoma Park 12, Md 209. 212, 385 

Peterson. Sally Machen '66. 

3572 Dean Dr.. Apt. M. Hyattsville. Md 405 

Pfetzins. Virginia Ann '66, 

14075 Kelvin Ave.. Philadelphia 16. Pa .405 

Phillips. Patricia Parlin '66. 27 Radford Village. Radford. Va...405 

Pierce. Betsy Faye '63, 201 Shepherd St., Raleigh, N. C 344 

Poirier. Pauline Irene. Rt. 1. Box 45AA. Durham, N. C. 
Poupalos. Irene John '64. 105 W. Ashley Ave.. Folly Beach. S. C. 

Preston. Carol Ann '64. 390 Jefferson Ave., Morrisville, Pa 368 

Price. Susan Busse '64. 1 167 Lincoln Ave. South. Highland Park. 111. 
Prideaux. Penelope Ann '66. 13 Cupsaw Ave.. Ringwood. N. J. 
Rastall. Margaret Lang '64. 301 Trenton Blvd.. Sea Girt. N. J. 
Raub. Antoinette '64. 776 Hardscrarbble Rd.. Chappaqua. N. Y. 

Reed. Brenda Ann '64. 1713 Kennedy Dr.. Camden. S. C 368 

Reeves. Elizabeth James '64. 920 Anderson St.. Durham. N. C 368 

Rice. Sheila Sanford '66, 18 Bayside Terrace, Riverside. Conn 406 

Rinehart. Carol Brisbane '64. 

1861 Westview Rd.. Charlottesville. Va 209 

Robertson. Martha Eleene '65. 

U. S. M. C. S. C. M. 02 3 Barstow. California ...204. 208. 212 
Rogers. Carol Anne '65. 

204 Garfield St., Haworth, N. J 219. 368, 64 


Root, Janice Ann '65, 959 N. Renaud, Grosse Point 36, Mich 386 

Roser. Antoinette C. "66, 2716 31st St. S. E., Washington, D. C...406 
Ross. Suzanne Meador '64, 

1016 Wendover Rd., Charlotte, N. C 368 

Rowland, Elizabeth Ann '64, 

12 Lawrence F. M. Crossway, Chappaqua, N. Y. 

Ruff, Barbara '66, 51 Rajpur Rd., Dehra Dun, India 386 

Saylor, Mary Lee '63, 

328 Broxton Rd., Bahimore 12, Md 219. 346 

Schaffer, Toni Anne '66, 

Box 381, Phillips Rd., Granville, Ohio 406 

Schmidt, Barbara Lee '66, 

13 Shady Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y 406. 391 

Seaholm, Elizabeth Anne '66, 

8658 Riverwood Dr., Richmond 29, Va 406 

Searles, Mary Alyce '65, 

5916 Evrith Ave.. Baltimore 6. Md 212, 387 

Seymour, Nancy Duff '66, 

71 Riverlawn Dr., Fair Haven, N. J 406 

Shaw, Roaslie Ann '64, 4206 Hickory Rd., Richmond. Va 369 

Shumway, Robin Elizabeth '65, 

2164 Chatfield Dr., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Simmons, Judith Ann '65, 313 Old Trail, Baltimore 12, Md 387 

Sitterley, Jean Elizabeth '66, 

10 W. Langhorne Ave., Bethlehem, Pa 407 

Sjurseth, Betty Ann '66, 250 Rosemont, San Antonia 28, Texas. .407 
Sklar, lasbel '63. 

102 Queens Ct., Massapequa Park, N. Y 204. 347 

Skodol. Holly Anne '64, 

3240 Comanche Rd., Brookside Farms, Pittsburgh, Pa 369 

Smith. Mary Beth "66, 116 West Main St., Ripley, N. Y 407 

Smith, Mary Katherine "65, 

1817 Glendale Ave., Durham, N. C. 212 

Smoot, Edith Annabelle "64, 

2010 Black Fox Dr. N. E.. Atlanta 6, Ga.. .204, 369 

Snapp, Mary Rowena '64, 915 Seventh Ave,, Bristol, Tenn 369 

Sneller, Kathleen Ann "66, 

3368 Chelsea Dr., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 407 

Snyder, Carol Ann "66, P. O. Box 264, Greystone Park, N. J 407 

Solomon, Joan '65. 118 Alhambra Rd.. Massapequa. N. Y.. 387 

Spangler, Mary J. '63, 36 Cedarbrook Rd., Ardmore, Pa 468 

Speth. Bonnie J. '64, 1073 Gimka Rd., Jacksonville, Fla 370 

St. John, Andrea K. '63. 262 Piedmont, Rt. 1, Marietta, Ga 349 

Steen, Marcia L, '64, 

48 Andrew Rd.. Manhassett, L. I.. N. Y 207, 370 

Stetzer. Sharon C. '65. 1727 Kaneville Rd., Geneva, 111 387 


Stevens, Janet E, '64. 323 Stevens Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Stewart, Anne D. '63, 44 Grasmere Rd., Lockport, N. Y 349 

Stine. Doris M. '66, 23 Merritt Dr., Trenton, N. J 408 

Straub, Jeanette M. '63, 202 Cedar Ave., Gaithersburg, Md 349 

Swatzburg, Susan "65, Scotland Rd., Norwich, Conn. 
Sykes, Cathleen "66, 

26 Meadow Woods Rd., Great Neck, N. Y 408 

Talbot, Elizabeth B. '65, 

Post Rd., Bernardsville. N. J 204, 350 

Taylor, Sally Hodgson '63, 135 Bayswater Rd., London, England 
Thornbury, Elizabeth H. '66, 

18 Cornwells Beach Rd., Port Washington. N. Y ...408 

Tinsley, Nancy E. '65. 1105 Allied Arts Bldg., Lynchburg, Va. 

Todd. Carol E. '63. R. F. D. 5. Woodbridge, Conn 208, 351 

Todd, Norma L. '65. 182 Beach Rd., Hampton, Va 388 

Towslee, Polly, '66, One Jones St,, Cartersville, Ga 408 

Turner, Elaine W. '66. 1523 Park Grove Ave.. Baltimore, Md...408 

Turner. Sandra J. "66, P. O. Box 7. Carrizozo, N. Mexico 408 

Twigg, Margaret J. '64, 

509 Birchwood Dr., High Point, N. C 359, 370 

Vogelsberg, Nancy J. '65, 127 Pinetree Rd.. Radnor, Pa 212, 389 

Vose, Martha D. '66, 

Quart B Naval Air Sta., Patuxent River, Md 409 

Waaland, Barbara J. '64. 

65 East Third St., Corning, N. Y 204, 371 

Ward, Mary W, '63, Box 144, Amelia, Va 352 

Watts, Marion E. '65, 55 Dover Rd.. Longmeadow, Mass 389 

Westcott. Julianna '66, 19 Woodhill Rd„ Tenafly, N. J 409 

Westerfield, Hope D. '63, 1600 Wendover Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. 

White. Jill K. '66, 181 Kilburn Rd., Garden City, N, Y 353 

White. Marilynn L. '66, 349 E. 2nd St., Morrestown, N. J 353 

Whitenight. Patricia E. '66, 731 Lenape Trail, Westfield, N. J 409 

Whitmore. Jean '66, 

130 Country Club Dr., Manhasset, L, I., N. Y 409 

Williams, Martha L. '66, 25 Sunset Terrace, Wayne, N. J 409 

Wise, Nancy M. '64, 229 Woodburn Rd„ Raleigh, N, C 372 

Wishart, Elaine F. '66, 502 Whitewood Rd., Union, N. J 410 

Woodhall. Elizabeth B. '63, 4006 Dover Rd., Durham, N. C 354 

Worman, Martha A. '63, 

714 Lansing Ave.. Jackson, Mich 208, 355, 319 

Wright, Susan F, '66, 1002 Hillcrest Lane, Annandale, Va 410 

Wynne, Dariene, '64, 15 West Lawn Rd., Livingston, N, J. 

Yoho, Helen A. '66. 2522 Sevier St., Durham, N. C 410 

Young. Susan G. '66, 231 Mellwood Dr., Charlotte, N. C 410 

Zimmerman, Patricia L. '63 

141 Fairview Ave., Frederick, Md 355 


Abercrombie, Brenda L. '66. Route 2, Greenville, S, C 

Acton, Mary A. '65, 

Green Acres Box 784. Danville, Ky.. 143, 217, 

Adams, Patricia L. '65, 

64 Shelbourne Ave., Daly City, Calif 154, 155, 202, 

Adamson, Joan L. '64. 

14706 Carrolton Road, Rockville, Md 143, 

Adee, Marjorie D, '66, 

Camel Hollow Rd., Huntington RED 3, N. Y 148, 

Adkins, Mary J. '64, 1109 Powerhouse Lane, Lyndon, Ky 

Ahrendt, Thais E. "66. 

54 Union Place, Ridgefield Park, N. J... 144, 

Akins. Martha R. '64, Box 4056, Archdale, N. C 

Albers, Barbara J. '65. 

1838 Argentina Dr. S. E., E. Grand Rapids. Mich 151, 376 

Albers, Dorothy A. '63, 1838 Argentina Dr. S. E., 

E. Grand Rapids, Mich 113, 121, 151, 

Albert, Nancy K. '66, 15 Cadwalader Dr., Trenton, N. J.. 

Alexander, Eloise P. '66. 11 31st Ave.. Savannah. Ga 148, 

Allen. Margaret B. '65, 

4208 Sunnyside Rd.. Edina, Minneapolis, Minn 155, 217. 

Alsobrook. Ann L. '64. Route 1. Pfafftown, N. C 

Amen, Karen S. '66. 255 Hempstead PI.. Charlotte, N. C 148, 

Anderson. Carol G. '66, 

2546 Cloister Dr.. Charlotte, N. C 144, 

Anderson, Frances I . 63, 1216 Watson Dr.. Wilson, N. C 

Anderson. Judith H. "64, Box 593, Sidney, Mont 

Anderson. Judith I . '63, 

616 Coventry Rd.. Towson 4, Md 129, 

Anderson, Marilyn Ruth '66, 

540 Ave. F, SE, Winter Haven, Fla 

Anderson, Marjorie C. '66. 33 Forest Rd., Asheville, N. C 

Anderson, Sarah J. '65, 2020 Sunset Ave., Durham, N. C 

Anutta, Lucile J. '65, 1310 Des Moines Ave., 

Andrews AF Base, Washington 25, D. C 143, 376 

Apgar, Bonnie G, '66, 95 Pengon Circle, E, Meadow, N. Y. 
Appleton, Susan E. '64, 1808 Truman Rd„ Charlotte 5, N. C. 
Arner. Lysbeth J. '65. 450 Louisiana Ave,, Chester, W. Va, 
Arnold, Ingrid D, '66, 

211 Park Circle, Tullahoma. Tenn 140, 392 

Arthur. Katherine M. '66, Virginia Mills, Swepsonville, N. C 392 

Ashley, Terry F. '64, 1772 S, W. 35th Ave., Gainsville, Fla, 

Atkins, Jean '63, 292 Eleventh St., Garden City, N, Y 157, 321 

Auman. Sarah B. "64, 4505 S. Alston Ave., Durham. N. C...149, 358 

Austell, Mary A. '64, 522 West Marion St., Shelby, N. C 64, 358 

Austin, Harriet L. '64, 500 Lindale Dr.. High Point, N. C 358 

Auzat, Barbara A. '64. 1600 16th Ave., Columbu.s, Ga 64, 358 

Avery, Dianne '66, 5408 lemon Rd., McLean. Va 392 

Aycock, Lyndell E. '66. Route 2. Box 104. Warrenton, N. C 392 

Aycock. Nell M. '65. Currituck. N. C. 

Aydlett, Dorothy B. '66, 420 W. Main St., Elizabeth City, N. C. .392 
Bacon, Adrianne L. '65. 418 8th Ave., St. Albans. W. Va. 
Badgett, Alice S. '65. 

767 Braemar Ave. SW. Atlanta 11. Ga 141. 376 

Bagley. Carol A. '64. 

2351 Que St. S. E.. Washington 20, D. C 145, 358 

Baeley, Faye S. '66, 

5353 Northside Dr. N. W., Atlanta. Ga 235. 392 

Bailey. Susan R. '66. 4313 N. 39th St.. Arlington 7, Va 392 

Bailleu, Cheryl A. '66, 1035 S. Sixth St., St. Charles, III 244, 392 

Baker. Judith A. '65, 

618 Amanda Dr, Bellefonte. Ashland, Ky 150, 151, 217, 376 

Baker, Sarah L. '66, 

42 S. Shore Dr.. Decatur. Ill 135, 135, 392 

Baker, Susannah C. '65, 

120 Round Hill Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 143, 244, 376 

Balch. Brenda P. '63. 5301 Robinhood Rd., Charlotte. N. C. 

Balderston. Barbara '65, Box 190. Glen Mills, Pa 147, 

Baldwin. Elizabeth M. '66. Moore Rd.. Wayland, Mass 392, 

Bannerman. Jeanne E. '66. 

655 Nelson Dr.. Baton Rouge, La 142. 

Baran. Janet E. "64. 

RED 1, Box 27. Columbus, N. J 145. 217. 

Barbour. Ann G. '63. Henredon Rd. Box 801. 

Morganton. N. C 147, 122, 202, 321, 

Barker. Dorothy M. '64. West Drive North Haven. 

Sag Harbor. L. I.. N. Y, 
Barnes, Mary A. '63. 

Box 3158 St. Andrews Br.. Charleston, S, C 

Barnes, Pamela S. '66. 

2456 Rockville Centre. Oceanside, N. Y 142, 

Barnett. Elizabeth A. '65. 

2628 Rivers Rd. N,W.. Atlanta 5. Ga .155. 265. 

Barre. Sandra E, '63, 6311 Westshore Rd,. Columbia. S. C. 
Barrier, Patricia M, '63, 818 Louise Cr.. Durham, N. C. 
Bass. Jennie W, '63, 3505 Granny White Pike, Nashville, Tenn. 
Bate, Caryl M, '63, 121 Sunset Ave.. Ridgewood. N. J,. .147, 
Bates. Mary D, '65, 605 Colgate St., Durham, N. C. 

Bates. May J. '64. 9107 Lind'ale Dr.. Bethesda 14, Md 

Batte, Cynthia A. '64. 70 N. Spring St., Concord, N, C 

Baugher, Patricia S, '63, 

308 N. 29th St„ Camp Hill, Pa 156, 157, 

Bay, Edna G, '65, 300 E. 12th St., Dover, Ohio... 147, 

Bayles. Susan W, '66, 

3105 State St. Dr., New Orleans 25, La 144, 

Beacham, Dolly E, '66, 181 E. Evans St„ Norfolk 3, Va 

Beam, Carol Y. '66. 307 Judy Lane. Americus. Ga. 134, 135, 
Beard, Lois S. '65, 129 Bernard Rd., Ft, Monroe, Va. 156, 265, 
Beckham, Helen K. '63, 599 W. Barr St., Lancaster, S. C, 
Becton. Emily A. '65. 559 N. College St.. Wake Forest, N. C. 
Beineke. Betsy L, '66, 158 Holiday Lane. Ft. Thomas. Ky, 158, 
Bell, Barbara L, '66. 

318 E, Willow Rd„ Milwaukee. Wis. 150. 235. 

Bell, Sarah E. '65, Box 162, Spruce Pine, N, C 

Bell, Virginia D. '65. 208 Country Club Dr.. Greensboro, N. C. 
Bemis, Linda K. '66, 673 Elmwood Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. 
Benedict, Rosalind C, '63, c/o Lontos 40 Park St., Brandon. Vt. 
Benjamin. Lucinda M. '64. P. O. Box 3, New Fairfield, Conn. 

Bennett. Ann L. '64. 2638 Kilgore Ave.. Raleigh. N. C. 

Bennett, Diane C. '65, 

4200 N. Marine Dr., Chicago 13. Ill 129. 139. 

Bennett. Lynne '66. Maxton. N, C 

Bergelin, Kristine '66. Route 1, Big Rapids, Mich, .158, 

Bergquist, Linda R, '65, 183 Auburn Dr.. Lake Worth, Fla.. 

Beswick. Anne E. '64. 

501 Lake Maggiore Blvd., St, Petersburg, Fla 

Binning, Barbara A. "63, 

404 West 4th Ave,, Lexington. N. C 145. 

Bishop. Patricia F. '63. 

J. A. Division Hdq. U.S, AREUR ATO, 403, N. Y 211. 

Bittinger. Elizabeth A. '63. 

734 Pinewood Circle. Mooresville. N. C. 202. 

Black. Jane E. '65. 1518 Adger Rd., Columbia. S. C 

Blackman, Mary T, '63. Rt. 3 Box 840. Lenoir. N. C 

Blackwell, Sally A, '66. 

131 Hastings Cr.. Kernersville. N, C... 142, 393, 

Blakely, Mary E, '64, 761 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill, S, C 

Blankenship, Carol K. '66. 

1832 Eastman Ave.. Bethlehem. Pa 144. 

Block. Barbara R. '63, 

9916 River Rd„ Newport News, Va 139, 260, 261, 

Bloemeke. Lynn J, '66, R.D, 1. Pittstown, N. J 244, 

Blohm, Barbara A. '64. Sheffield. Greenwood, S. C 157, 

Blomberg, Karen L. '64, 

105 Kingston Ct., New Orleans 14, La 145, 

Bloomer, Elaine J. '66, P. O. Box 323. Old Saybrook. Conn. 
Blount, Susan H. '63, 2614 Cooleemee Dr., Raleigh. N, C, 145, 
Boden, Carla A, '63, 

3236 Jackson St„ Sioux City 4. Iowa 149, 218, 244, 

Boenig, Gabrielle R. '66, 3363 Scenic Dr., Muskegon, Mich, 
Bogot, Joyce E. '65, 30 Hollister Dr., W, Hartford 17, Conn,. 
Bole, Diana S. '63, 39 Dan Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. 135, 211, 
Bolton, Janette A. '63, Box 2712 Duke Hosp., Durham, N. C. 
Boone, Leslie R. '66. 

Rua Gen Artigas 511. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Booth. Judyth A, '66. 

3017 N.W. 16th St., Oklahoma City, Okla 

Bost, Juanita M. '65, P. O. Box 4, Eagle Springs, N. C 

Boswell. Ann O. M, '64. 

171 Blackland Rd.. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga 159, 218 

Page Page 

Boutwell, Susan E. '63, 

376 3500 South County Rd., Palm Beach, Fla 151, 207, 323 

244 Bowden, Virginia R, '64, Box 66, Summerfield, N, C 358 

Bowdren. Dorothy J. '63. 
392 240 Lebanon St., Maiden 48, Mass 135, 359 

Bower, Linda G, '64, 
358 Old Orchard Rd, RED 1, Silver Springs, Md 141, 359 

Bowerman, Sharon M, '66, 921 Main St., Darby Pa. 140, 244. 39'^ 
288 Bowers, Susan B. '66. Route 3 Box 359. Gainesville, Fla. 377, 193 

Boyd, Jerry A. '64, 1515 Stanford Pl„ Charlotte 7, N. C, 

Boyd, Mary S. '66, 

2206 Madison Ave,, Greensboro, N. C. 148, 377, 393 

.321 Boyles, Sandra K, '65, 4009 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C 377 

Brading, Barbara A, '65, 11 Swan Drive, Sumter, S, C. 137, 377 
392 Bradley, Elizabeth G. '63, 301 North Ave., Wilson, N. C, 323 

Bradshaw, Barbara A. '63, 

376 2837 Reynolds Dr„ Winston-Salem, N, C 137, 211, 323 

321 Bradsher, Catherine W. '65, 118 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Bradsher. Patricia M. '65. 

321 421 Carolina Circle, Durham, N. C. 114. ISS 177 

321 Brady, Monica M. '66, 926 Gillespie Ave,, Portage, Pa !. 393 

Braibanti, Claire J, '66, 2614 Stuart Dr., Durham N C 393 

358 Braisted, Lynne '63, 
356 38 Lakewood Rd„ Staten Island 1, N, Y 147, 323 

Bray, Claudia C. '63, 2312 Manor Ave.. East Point. Ga. 21 L 323 

321 Bremer, Linda K, '63. 
376 511 Highland Ave.. Upper Montclair. N. J 135, 323 

Brenizer. Meredith B. '64. 
392 1301 Providence Rd., Charlotte 7. N, C 151, 359 

392 Brewer, Karen K, '63. 1353 E. Second St.. Casper. Wyo 147, 323 

393 Breymeier, Linda '64. 930 North St., Walpole. Mass 323 

376 Brigmon. Mary K. '66. Route 3, Candler, N. C 394 

Brinton. Margo A, '66. Rd 5. Hanover, Penn. 394 

376 Briscoe, Mary L, '66, 

393 105 S, Parkview Ave., Columbus 9, Ohio. .140, 225. 244, 394 

Brisendine, Barbara A. '64, 

393 1735ChildressDr.S,W., Atlanta. Ga 377 

376 Brittain. Julia Ann '65. 

142 254 Maple St.. Brevard. N. C 158, 224, 377 

393 Broadwater, Ann Beverly '65, 

270 500 Hawthorne Rd., Kings Mountain, N, C. 377 

244 Brook, Barbara M, '63, 

376 7307 Three Chopt Rd., Richmond 26, Va 145, 324 

Brooks. Eleanor R, '66. 

376 627 W, 247 St., N, Y. 71,N. Y 154 224 394 

393 Brooks, Jan E, '63, 905 Lakeside Dr„ Conway, S. C. 324 

393 Brooks, Teresa D, '66, 

376 4712 S.W. 24th Ave,, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 140, 394 

Brown, Bernice M. '63. 

358 403 Williams St.. Lake City, S. C 137, 145,324 

Brown. Diane E. '65, 1709 Vista St.. Durham. N. C. 

322 Brown, Linda W. '66. 
215 Sandel Lane P.B.S., Riviera Beach, Fla 146, 394 

322 Brown. Virginia E, '63, 

5439 41st Place N,W„ Washington, D, C 143. 324 

322 Brownell. Tempe C. '65, 

377 9702 Parkwood Dr.. Bethesda 14. Md 151, 377 

322 Brownlow, Jane E. '66. 

811 S. Overlook Dr.. Alexandria. Va 158. 394 

244 Brueggemann. Bonnie J. '64. 

359 2614 Fleetwood Ave.. Cincinnati 11. Ohio .151. 359 

Brummett. Barbara S, '65. Belair Rd.. Norwalk. Conn. .155. 377 

393 Brunn, Lucia B. '63. 22 Bayview Ave,, Northport, N, Y. 

Bryant. Mary E. '63. 107 E. 91st St.. New York City. N, Y. 
Buckman. Barbara G. '66, 

2637 Red Fox Rd., Orange Park, Fla 143, 394 

BulTington. Joan K, '66. 

6008 Edmondson Ave., Catonsville 28. Md 394. 258 

Bugg. Annie L. '65, 1544 Hermitage Ct., Durham. N. C ..!..136 

Bulgarin, Marina '63, Bostwick St„ Lakeville, Conn 267. 323 

Bulow. Barbara C. '64. 433 Wesleyan PI., Owensboro. Ky. 21 1. 359 
Bunch, Charlotte A. '66, 702 Mann Ave., Artesia, New Mexico 235 

Bunck, Sue A. '66. 725 Kentucky St.. Racine. Wis,. 136 

Burch, Judith F. '63. RED 2 Box 68. Greenville. S. C. 324 

Burckel, Mary A. '65. 

601 Ashford Rd,. Sharpley. Wilminaton 3, Del. 129, 377 

Burgess. Becky S. '66. 

414 Woodroof Rd.. Newport News. Va 154. 394 

Burgess, Gail M. '65, 2505 N. Riverside Dr.. Pompano Beach! Fla. 
393 Burns. Judith K. '65, 1256 Henrietta. Birmingham. Mich. 244, 377 

Burrus, Margaret A. '64, 300 S, Main St., Roxboro, N. C 359 

393 Burwell, Jeanne D, '65, 1 10 Homewood Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 377 

377 Bush, Gipsie A. '64. 

117 Woodmont Ave., Kingsport, Tenn 244, 324 

359 Butler, Marilyn K. '65. 526 Burke St.. McComb. Miss 137. 377 

Byers, Maribeth '66. 

2841 Monticello Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C 244. 394 

Caine, Constance A. '63. 

108 Meadow St., Garden City. N. Y 145, 312. 324 

Calverly, Diana R. '64. 

263 Carr Ave.. Clarksburg. W. Va 151. 359 

Cameron. Betty S. '65. 

335 Brentwood Terr. N.E., Atlanta. Ga 149. 377 

Camfield. Clarissa L. '64. 

1730 Nocatee Dr., Miami 45, Fla 143. 359 

Camp. Mary F. '66. 402 W. Main St., Forest City, N. C. 
Campbell. Anita C. '65. 

4 Bransbv, Wymberly on Marsh. Savannah, Ga 151, 377 

Campbell. Constance S. '63. 

7611 Hogarth St.. Springfield. Va .._..202. 217. 325 

Campbell. Ruth H. '65, 4838 Rockwood Pkwy., Washington. D. C. 
Cannon, Jane H. '63, 

c/o Esso Standard Italnavia Assarotti 40, Genoa, Italy 221, 325 
Cantrell, Lydia N. '64, 

412 W. Lyle Ave.. College Park. Ga 137, 221, 359 

Capps, Nancy E. '64. 11501 Monongahela Dr., Rockville, Md. 360 
Garden. Gary R. '65. 

Ill Crestview Cr.. Chattanooga. Tenn 137, 217, 267, 377 

Carew, Jean F. '66. 

412 Stafford Rd.. Woodbrook. Wilmington 3. Del 136. 394 

Carithers. Susan '65. 

3010 St. Johns Ave.. Jacksonville 5. Fla 147, 377 

Carl, Mary E. '64. 106 West End Ave.. Lititz, Penn 159, 360 

Carlton, Cynthia D. '66. 

2211 Mecklenburg Ave.. Charlotte 5. N. C 144. 394 

Carpenter, Caroline M. '64. 4201 South 8th St.. Arlington 4. Va. 

Carpenter, Mary E. '63. 9 Cosgrove Dr.. Mobile. Ala 325 

Carr, Edith P. '65. 

6951 Louis XIV St.. New Orleans 24, La... 143. 264. 377 

Carroll. Barbara J. '63. 

305 N. Ridceway Dr.. Greensboro. N. C 325 

Carroll. Dorothy C. '65, 

2 Southview Rd.. Chappaqua. N. Y 143, 377 

Carruth, Carolyn E. '66. 

5545 Candlewood Dr.. Houston. Texas 142. 244, 394 

Carson. Edith J. '66, Main St.. Pilot Mountain. N. C... 144. 394 

Carter. Rilla L. '66, Route 2, Commerce, Ga. 134. 135. 244. 394 
Cartwright, Margaret A. '63, 2114 Myrtle Dr.. Durham, N. C. 
Carver. Laura E. '63 

950 Boulevard. Westfield. N. J ...121, 143, 202, 325 

Cassaday, June A. '63. Overbrook Dr., Stamford, Conn.. 157, 325 
Caudle, Betsy K. '65. 

1202 Northwood St.. Greensboro. N. C. 158. 244. 377 

Caudle. Fairfid M. '63. 

614 Wanoca Circle. Wadesboro. N. C. 304. 309, 325 

Cavanaeh, Mary Ann '65, 215 N. 17th St.. Wilmington. N. C. 377 
Chalk. Dorothy S. '66. 

2800 Evans St.. Morehead City. N. C 134. 135. 395 

Chamberlain. Christine '66. 

89 Highland Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 146. 395 

Chamberlin. Gail H. '66. 

183 Oakley Dr.. Syracuse 5. N. Y 150. 395 

Champion. Mary J. '66. 1601 Branch St.. Wilson, N. C 395 

Champion, Sara S. '63. 

40 Edgemere Rd.. Grosse Pt. Farms 36. Mich 325 

Chandler, Margaret H. '66. 

107 Glenview St.. Lookout Mt.. Tenn 136. 395 

Chandler. Susan L. '64. 2511 E. 28th St., Tulsa 14, Okla. 
Chancy, Sarah L. '63. 

9632 Old Spring Rd., Kensington, Md 144, 145, 325 

Chapman, Russell '66, RD 1, Christiana, Penn. 

Chapnick. Maxine L. '64. 157 Pawling Ave.. Troy. N. Y. 139. 360 

Chohorda. Marie E. '63. 

172 Briarheath Lane. Clark. N. J... 129. 149. 221. 325 

Chomicz. Carol A. '64, 

627 E. Russell Ave., W. Lafayette. Ohio 141. 360 

Christy. Carol A. '66. RFD 3. Marietta. Ohio 144, 395 

Church, Scott L. '64, 325 N.W. 194 Terr.. Miami 69, Fla 360 

Clark, Ann M. '66, Route I Box 134, Sweetwater, Tenn 144, 395 

Clark. Jean E. '65. 196 Anson St.. Stratford. Conn 378 

Clark. Lee B. '64. 2656 E. 35th St.. Tulsa, Okla 155, 129 

Clay, Sandra E. "64. Ill Eastover Dr.. Lenoir, N. C 360 

Clements, Joyce M. '64. 5220 N. 31st Rd.. Arlington 7, Va. 255 

Cobb, Sarah E. '64. Box 328, Waynesville, N. C 360 

Coburn, Carol A. '66 

3204 Poinciana Rd., Middletown. Ohio 148. 265, 395 

Cochrane, Camilla M. '66, 

76 Hawthorne Lane, Levittown, N. J 148, 390. 395 

Coffin. Patricia J. '66, 213 N. State St.. Dover. Del 146. 395 

Cohoe. Geraldine A. '65. 

310 26th Ave. N.. St. Petersburg 4, Fla 159, 378 


Coleman, Linda L. '65. 666 Ninth St., Sunbury, Penn 140, 378 

Collette, Elizabeth G. '66. 

1830 Robin Hood Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 395 

Collins. Karen '65, QTRS 78. USMA. West Point. N. Y. 

Collis, Jennie, R. '63. Box 181, Spruce Pine, N. C. .153. 326 

Colvin. Beverly J. '65. 166 Northview Dr.. Lancaster Pa 150. 378 

Combs. Isabel M. '64. 2125 White Oak. Raleigh. N. C 149. 360 

Combs. Mary C. '65, 

245 Fairview Ave., Mount Airy. N. C 145. 270. 378 

Comer. Emilv J. '64. 2419 W. Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C. 
Conant. Laura W. 63. Rt. 3. Garrett Rd.. Durham, N. C. 211. 326 

Conant. Talitha N. '66. Rt. 3. Garrett Rd.. Durham. N. C. 395 

Conn, Claudia G. '66. 2800 Gardenia St.. Columbus, Ga 395 

Conn, Judith '65, 23 Knob Hill Dr., Summit. N. J 137. 378 

Connet, Joan A. '63. 

Warren Wilson College. Swannanoa. N. C 211. 270. 326 

Conway, Eugenia C. '64. 3049 Wildflower. Dallas, Texas 360 

Cooey, Karen M .'65. 947 Forest Dr.. Hagerstown. Md.. .159. 378 

Cook. Barbara E, '65. 2545 Auburn Ave., Dayton, Ohio 378 

Cook, Jan R. '64. 8 Pennsbury Court, Yardley, Pa 143, 360 

Cooke, Lide T. '66. 119 Taliaferro PL, Shreveport, La 395 

Cooper, Annette '64, 

108 S. 10th St.. Morehead City. N. C 117, 137, 360 

Cooper, Betty Phillips '65, 2413 Prince St., Durham, N. C. 137, 378 
Cooper, Susan E. '66, 

202 Kinkaid School Dr.. Houston, Texas 244, 395 

Copley. Cathy J. '66, 6150 SW 112 St.. Miami. Fla 142, 395 

Corbin. Lee L. '65, 

354 Beaufort Ave., Livingston. N. J 145, 217, 378 

Cordle. Margaret M. '64. 961 Russell St.. Augusta. Ga 360 

Corn. Lila C. '65. 

512 W. Warren St., Shelby, N. C ...129. 135, 378 

Cornwell. Susan H. '65. 812 N. Oak St.. Lincolnton. N. C 244 

Cortelyou. Betty A. '65, 

800 West 67 Terrace, Kansas City, Mo 149, 378 

Cosens, Sara L. '64, 

707 Whitehall Rd., Anderson, S. C 149, 207, 360 

Cothran, Joyce A. '64. 

Holly Tree Farm. Rt. 1. Travelers Rest. S. C .264. 304 

Cotterill, Susan E. '65. 413 Gooseneck Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Couch. Lois R. '66. 1011 S. Best St., Goldsboro, N. C 395 

Coulter. Ann C. '66, 

4606 Paseo Delas Tortugas, Torrance, Cal 395 

Courtney, Lina L. '64. 

2687 Holly Point Rd.. Orange Park. Fla 151, 360 

Cousins. Carol R. '65, 

2707 N. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va 137, 378 

Cowan, Florence A. '65, 

313 Central Ave.. Sweetwater. Tenn 149, 378 

Cox. Carolyn A. '66. 

Box 13, Naval Ammun. Depot. Charleston. S. C 395 

Cox. Gwin L. '65. P. O. Box 223. Mt. Olive. N. C 244, 378 

Craig. Barbara J. '64. 3506 Westover Rd.. Durham, N. C. 135, 378 
Craig. Linda H. '65. 

1207 Roosevelt Dr.. Chapel Hill. N. C 265, 360 

Craig, Nancy E. '64, 

382 Montford Ave.. Asheville. N. C 265, 360 

Grain. Sharon C. '63. 

8364 Big Bend. Webster Groves. Mo 147, 326 

Crandall, Ruth A. '63, 

c/o D. E. Turner. Booneville, Miss 137, 326 

Cranmer. Carol J. '66. 3300 Dresden Rd., Zanesville, Ohio 395 

Credle, Laney T. '65, 708 Vance Dr.. Bristol. Tenn 378 

Crews. Rebecca E. '65, 2426 Vista Dr., Charlotte, N. C 378 

Crumley, Carole A. '66. 811 W. Maple St.. Johnson City, Tenn 395 
Crumley. Mary L. '64. 811 W. Maple St., Johnson City, Tenn. 
Cull. Pamela E. '63. 

190-27 103 Ave., Hollis 23, N. Y 267, 326, 309 

Cummings, Anita J. '63, 107 Wilder Dr.. Signal Mtn., Tenn 327 

Cuningcim. Penelope A. '66. 8000 Crescent Dr., Clayton, Mo. 235 
Cunningham. Marianne S, '66. 

405 Timberwild. Houston, Texas 396 

Currv. Anne E. '63, 

1338 E. Ann Circle, Clearwater, Fla 234, 235, 288. 327 

Currv. Sue A. '63. 8802 Dunsmuir. 

Indianapolis. Ind 121, 122, 155, 211, 223, 288, 327 

Cutchin. Carolyn J. '65. Sherrills Ford. N. C 223. 378 

Cuttino. Harriette W. '64. 

Medical College of S. C. Charleston. S. C. 

Dailey, Nancy L. '64, 2216 Club Blvd., Durham. N. C 155. 361 

Dalton. Diana S. '66. 

AP 204 255 MacArthur Blvd.. Oakland. Cal 140. 396 

Damschrodcr. Diana L. "64. 

1184 West Rd., Hilton, N. Y 135, 211, 361 

Daniel, Dorothy H. '66. 

5502 Cromwell Drive, Washington, D. C 158, 396 

134, 135 




Danner, Mary F. '66, 

5539 Pinecrest Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Dantzler, Eleanor, M. "63. 

Box 177. Coalwood. West Va 159. 202, 

Dantzler, Martha L. '63, 

3520 Wilmot Ave., Columbia, S. C 260, 

Darden. Carolyn R. '66, 1509 Elm St.. Conway. S. C 

Davidson, Leslie L. '66. 

603 College Ave.. Kennett. Mo 144. 244, 

Davidson, Noel "65, 2033 Darlington Rd.. Roanoke. Va. 
Davidson. Susan S. '64. 

1733 Buena Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Davis. Angela M. '63. 

Box 296 Route 3. New Garden Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. 159. 
Davis. Anne E. '65, 

235 Arbor Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 137. 144. 

Davis. Doreen C. '64, 1712 Stone Rd., Apt. I, Rochester, N, Y. 

Davis, Grace M. '64. 91 N. Union St.. Concord, N. C. 159. 

Davis. Harriet H. '63. 12 S. Wilton Rd.. Richmond, Va 

Davis. Jacqueline R. "66. 

2910 Dunleer Rd.. Baltimore. Md 144. 

Davis, Jane L. '63. 408 Boundary St.. Anderson, S. C 

Davis. Lorraine A. '66. 561 Warfield Rd.. N. Plainfield. N. J. . 

Davis, Patricia R. '63. 305 Morgan St.. Harriman. Tenn 135. 

Davis. Susan E. '65. 350 Buna Rd.. Ft. Lee. Va. 
Deckert. Susan P. '65. 933 Lay Rd., St. Louis. Mo. 15 

Dees. Nancy '66. 413 Carolina Circle. Durham. N. C 

Dent. Susan B. '63. 110 Reed Ave.. El Dorado. Ark. 

Devries. Suzanne A. '66. Apt. 234. Venezuela. S. A 

Dezell, Helen E. '66. 

1309 Hollywood Ave.. Jacksonville, Fla 

Dickie. Flora A. '64. 59 Spring Glen Terr., Hamden. Conn 
Dillard. Nancy G. '66. 3301 Wilson Ave., Lynchburg. Va 
Dilworth, Cathy L. '65. 

112 N. Washington St.. Hinsdale. 111. 

Dinsmore. Jean M. '63. 

2858 Country Club Circle. Bayside. Va 153, 254, 255, 

Dittmar, Susan K. '65. 

954 Lindendale Dr.. Pittsburch. Pa 218. 260. 374. 

Dixon. Mary L. '63. 

515 Hazelton St.. Falls Church. Va 159. 

Dixon. Nancy V. '63. 16713 Fernway Rd.. Shaker Hts. Ohio.. 
Dobson. Susan H. '66. 4942 Crooked Lane. Dallas, Texas 150. 

Dodd, Mary L '63, 590 Springdale St.. Athens, Ga 135, 

Dodge, Caroline G. '63. 

c/o Engineer Sec. U. S. CONARC. Ft. Monroe. Va 

Doerner. Susan E. '66. 

600 Doepke Lane. Cincinnati, Ohio 142. 244, 

Doggett, Maurine '65, Box 825, Winter Park, Fla 149, 

Douglas, Donna J. '63. 

415 E Rivo Alto Dr., Miami Beach 39, Fla 148. 

Dowling. Louise H. '66, 

21 Revere Rd.. Manhasset, N. Y 141. 

Downing. Barbara J. '65. 

1711 Barnesdale Way, NE, Atlanta 9, Ga 146, 

Dragoon, Barbara A. '64. Box 342. Rumford. Maine 146, 

Draley, Mary E. '65, 157 East Ave.. Hampton. Va 

Dreisinger, Leanora A. '65. 

20125 Scottsdale Blvd.. Shaker Hts. 22. Ohio 149, 

Dudley, Dorothea A. '64. 

1707 Georgian Dr.. Memphis. Tenn 

DufT. Janice G. '63. Topsfield Rd.. Wenham, Mass 255. 

Duke. Janet W. '64. 7530 Skyview Dr., Kent, Ohio 

Duncan, Susan G. '65, 

101 Pilson St.. N. Wilkesboro. N. C 143. 

Dunn. Nancy A. '64. 425 Jackson St.. Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 
Dunn. Susanna R. '66, 132 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Durana. Joan C. '66, 857 Kenwick Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Eakes. Sylvia F. '65. Apartado 1132. Panama City 
Ebert. Nancy L. '66. 826 Mt. Royal Ave.. Cumberland, Md... 
Edmonson. Olivia R. '64, 725 Crescent Dr.. Smithfield, N. C. 
Edwards. Malinda '63. 

2235 S. W. 27th Terrace, Miami, Fla 155, 207, 

Edwards, Mary C. '64. 8 Brookdale Rd. Asheville. N. C 143, 

Ehrhardt, Ursula M. '65. 547 Overwood Dr.. Akron 13. Ohio.. 
Eisenberg, Carol S. '65, 

130 North Franklin St.. Nyack. N. Y 223. 

Ekvall, Victoria, J. '66. 

300 Fairfax Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C 148. 

Elbert. Jaret G. '66. 554 Webster Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y... 

Elliott. Mimi E. '63. Route 2, Box 376, Shelby, N. C 

Ellis, Agnes A. '63. 

3831 McGirts Blvd., Jacksonville 10, Fla 137. 

Ellis. Jenifer L. '64, 

2708 Overhill Rd.. Birmingham 13, Ala 149, 

Ellis, Jenny R. '65, 805 N. Audubon Ave.. Goldsboro, N. C... 




Ellis. Madonna A. '64. 37 Prospect St., Waterville, Maine 141, 361 
Emiet, Susan E. '64. 200 E. 71st. St., Apt. 1 IC. New York 21, N. Y. 
Endsley. Margaret M. "66. 

1313 Peachtree St.. Sweetwater, Tenn ' 397 

English, LoEllen K. '65. 

802 Chalfonte Dr., Alexandria, Va 217, 379 

Erickson, Linda E. '65, 

2011 E. Burr Oak Dr.. Glenview, III 143, 379 

Ericson, Virginia '66, RED 3, Brattleboro, Vermont 397 

Ernst, Mary L. '65, 

1921 NE 7th PL, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 135, 264, 379 

Esslinger, Karen J. '65. 1 Clayton Downs. St. Louis 31, Mo 361 

Estes, Alice H. '65, 2306 Mt. Vernon Rd.. SW, Roanoke, Va. 

Etheridge. Jeanne '64. Shawboro. N. C 147, 361 

Etheridge, Lynn '65, Deer Hill Dr., Ridgefield. Conn. 379 

Eubank. Linda S. '63, 

1 102 Greenway Rd.. Wilmington 3, Del 244, 329 

Eubank. Mary K. '64. Box 269. Summerville, S, C 135, 265, 361 

Evans, Edith V. 'P.P. Box 106. Centreville, Va 397 

Evans. Orinda D. '65. 61 Berkeley Rd.. Avondale Estates, Ga. 397 
Evans. Sara M. '66. 3542 University Blvd.. Dallas, Texas... 155, 379 
Everhart, Anne C. '66. 

Poplar Hill Rd.. Box 226. Churchland. Va 235. 397 

Ewell. Judith '65. Parksley. Va _ .._ 148 

Fair. Jacqueline '64. 526 Hansell Rd., Wynnewood, Pa.. 379 

Fairbank. Mary "66. 201 1 W. Club Blvd. Durham, N. C 147. 361 

Falk. Elizabeth O. '66. 1457 Pollard Pkwy. Baton Rouge. La 397 

Farmer. Muriel G. '63. 

37 Putnam Dr.. N. W.. Atlanta 5. Ga 144. 253, 397 

Farmer. Susan E. '63. 

104 Pine Ave.. Washington Grove, Md 137, 207, 361 

Faulkner, Laura V. '65. 

Sand Spring Rd.. New Vernon. N. J 258. 379 

Faust. Josephine M. '64. Box 1447. Williamsburg, Va 309 

Fead, Sally G. '66, 4210 Orchard Way. Birmingham, Mich 397 

Fecher. Christine A. '63. 

1387 Ackerson Blvd., Bay Shore. N. Y 330 

Fentress. Kathryn J. '66, 

359 John Anderson Dr., Ormond Beach, Fla 397 

Ferguson, Barbara A. '64. Route 4, Statesville, N. C 141. 379 

Ferguson. Elizabeth B. '66. 

2805 Lombardy Ave.. Memphis. Tenn 397 

Fiaccone. Katherine A. '66. 35 Dale Dr.. Summit. N. J 158, 397 

Fiedorek, Bonnie L. '66. 

234 Weber Ave.. North Canton. Ohio 140. 225 

Fielder. Alice W. '63. 

14 Leewood Circle. Eastchester. N. Y 145, 330 

Fields, Nancy R. '63, Mouth of Wilson, Va __ 330 

Fillmore, Harriet '66, Unity Village, Lees Summit, Mo.. ...150. 397 
Fincher. Doloris A. '65. Rt. 4. Box 520-B, Charlotte 8. N. C. 379 
Finfrock. Constance Y. '63. 

101 West Fawsett Rd., Winter Park, Fla 155, 165, 330 

Finley, Ellen C. '63. 

227 South Scott St.. Madisonville, Ky 151, 207, 307. 330 

Fish. Sara E. '63. 828 Woodburn Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 147. 330 

Fisher, Lydia '65, 668 Cresthille Ave.. N.E.. Atlanta. Ga 379 

Fisher. Rita C. '65, 227 Longue Vue Dr.. Pittsburgh 28. Pa 379 

Fletcher, Aileen B. "64. 804 Onslow St.. Durham. N. C 143, 330 

Flint, Margaret W. "64. 215 W. Park Dr.. Raleigh, N. C.....335, 397 

Forbes, Sue B. '66. 317 Lafayette Dr.. Wilson. N. C 380 

Foster. Eleanor C. '65. 2206 Edgemont Cir.. Panama City. Fla. 

Foushee. Sarah K. '63. 202 Purefoy Rd.. Chapel Hill, N. C 330 

Fox, Barbara N. '66. 945 W. Outer Dr.. Oak Ridce. Tenn. 259. 397 

Fox. Carol R. '63. 202 Webb St.. Roxboro, N. C 223, 330 

Fox. Susan S. '63. Box 1769. Durham, N. C 330 

Franck, Martha D. '65. Rt. 1. Chatmoss. Martinsville. Va. 217, 380 

Frank, Rebecca J. '64. 631 Willow St.. Mt. Airy, N. C 380 

Eraser, Edith A. '65. 

4007 Club Dr.. NE, Atlanta 19, Ga .....224, 380 

Eraser, Pamela A. '64. 29 Donelson St., Ft. Bragg, N. C 145, 362 

Frederick, Sandra W. '64. 

122 Cranford, Box 6153. W. Asheville, N. C 362 

Freiberg, Ann H. '66. 

Mayfair Lane. Greenwich, Conn 146, 253, 398 

Friend, Polly E. '64, 2507 Wright Ave., Greensboro. N. C 362 

Fullagar, Anne H. '63. 

626 Second St., Catasauqua, Pa 146, 147, 331 

Fuller, Beckwith L. '66, 

302 N. Wayne St.. Milledgeville, Ga 398 

Funderburk, Lois C. '63. 

1927 Morehead Ave.. Durham. N. C 137, 331 

Futch, Judith A. '66. Box 245. Burgaw. N. C 253, 398 

Gabb, Sally S. '66. 43 Old Mill Rd.. Richmond. Va 398 

Galant. Denise '66. 710 Meridian St., Falls Church, Va. 140, 398 
Galland, Anne F. "64. 1403 Bishop Lane, Alexandria, Va. 

Gallup. Deborah J. '63. 

4465 N. Delaware. Indianapolis 5, Ind 153. 331 

Gambill. Linda K. '65, 

401 Curtis Bridge Rd., Wilkesboro, N. C 145, 380 

Garnett. Barbara L. "65, 262 Albion St., Denver 20. Colo. 

Garratt, Bette "63. Rt. 3. Box 123. Marion. N. C 121. 155. 331 

Gay, Ellen G. '66. 5346 Wenonah. Dallas, Texas 150, 398 

Gearhart, Sara A. '65, 1545 Crescent Dr., Kinesport, Tenn 362 

Geckeler. Judy A. '64. 

4312 Walton Court. Middletown. Ohio 159, 362 

Gegauff, Carol L. "65. 101 Western Blvd.. Gillette. N. J 224 

Getz, Carol A. '64, 217 W. Center St.. Nazareth, Pa 224 

Gilbert. Lynn P. '64. 

36 Westminster Terrace. West Orange, N. J 217. 362 

Gilbert. Ripple E. '66. 

3711 Huntington St.. N.W.. Washington 15. D. C ...119. 398 

Gillen. Marilvn I. '65. 2072 Beech St.. Wantagh. N. Y ...380 

Gillespie. Mildred O. '64. 1606 Burnwood Rd.. Baltimore 12. Md. 
Gillespie. Sara J. '65. 14 Sage Terrace. Scarsdale. N. Y. 
Gilliatt, Cynthia A. '66, 

780 Moorland Dr., Grosse Pt. W. 36. Mich 140. 398 

Gilliland, Margaret A, '65. 

4587 Huntington Rd.. Jacksonville 10, Fla 155, 380 

Gillooly, Linda L. '64. 5023 Allen St., Sylvania, Ohio 129, 159, 362 

Gilmore, Joan '65, Manor Lane, East Liverpool, Ohio 380 

Githens, Nancy L. '66, 

4427 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham. N. C 134. 135. 398 

Gittings. Karen J. '65. Rt. 3, Box 88, Annapolis, Md 147. 380 

Glynn, Mary E. '63. 

909 Greenwood Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 2 1 1 . 332 

Godfrey, Jean L. '66. 

313 Hillcrest Rd.. Chapel Hill, N. C... 235. 398 

Godwin, Ruby W. '64, 4907 Oleander Dr.. Wilmington. N. C 362 

Gohdes, Eleanor C. '65. 2737 Circle Dr.. Durham. N. C. 

Golding. Carolyn M. '63, 804 49th St., Vienna, W. Va 216. 332 

Goter. Carol J. '66. 606 Hillside Dr., Kings Mt.. N. C 156. 398 

Gould. Rebecca A. '64, 7 Wodenethe Dr.. Beacon. N. Y 362 

Gragg. Margaret E. '66. 125 Orchard St.. Boone. N. C 398 

Graham. Diana S.. '63. 915 Melody Lane. Ogden. Utah 155. 332 
Gram, Caroline L. '65. Cedar Creek Court. Dumedim. Fla. 

Gravelle. Karen '64. 212-04 38th Ave., Bayside 61, N. Y 362 

Green. Alma S. '66. 2022 East 9th St.. Charlotte. N. C 398 

Greene. Barbara J. '63. Box 31, Yadkinville, N. C 134 

Greene. Virginia L. '66, 

1941 Shades Crest Rd.. Birmingham 16. Ala 135, 244, 398 

Greenleaf, Judith E. '64 

604 Westover Dr.. Nashville, Tenn 151, 202, 362 

Greenwood. Phyllis K. '66, 13 Orchard Ave., Enka, N. C. 144, 398 
Gregory. Anne J. '64. 

Westover Rd.. Hope Valley, Durham, N. C 151, 362 

Gregory Linda B. '66. 214 Early Ave.. Sandston. Va. 
Greig. Elizabeth B. '65. Bedlam Manner. 

110 Shadycrest Dr., Glenshaw, Penn 135, 244. 380 

Grey. Leslie C. '66. 604 Narvaezi St.. Venice, Fla. 144. 398 

Grier. Rosalind '63. Rt. 2, Box 1133A. Charlotte 9. N. C 332 

Gritfln. Beverly F. '64, Riverwood, Box 1320, Goldsboro. N. C. 332 
Grimes. Judith A. '66. 1 185 Wilson St.. N.E. Orangeburg. S. C. 398 
Griswold. Laura J. '63. 

50 Rosedale Ave.. Madison. N. J 135. 221. 332 

Gronemever, Suzanne C. '64, 

1750 Texar Dr., Pensacola. Fla 137, 202. 356. 363 

Grotz. Diane M. '64. 

148 Canterbury Dr.. Dayton 29. Ohio 151. 356. 363 

Guerry, Alice C. '64. 

118 Lake Dale Ave.. Lake City, S. C... 244. 363 

Guidon. Marietta F. '65. 

Queens Mansions. Bastion Rd., Box 773, Bombay 1, India 
Gulledge. Irene V. '65, 2111 Mimosa Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Gupton, Brenda A. '65, Rt. 2, Box 18, Newport, Va 244, 380 

Gwynn, Helen E. '63. 

1 14 South Hatton Ave., Lebanon, Tenn 202, 211. 288, 333 

Haas. Rebecca A. '64. 

147 E. Oakridge. Metairie. La 155, 211, 224, 363 

Haines. Margaret B. '66. 821 Gartner Ave., S. Bend 17, Ind 398 

Haire. Koleen A. '65. 1455 Mitchell. Tallahassee, Fla 244. 380 

Haley. Betty B. '66. 

1508 Greenwood Lane, Rock Hill, S. C 146, 398 

Haley, Jo Harriet '64, 

818 Azalea St., Houston 18, Texas 155, 211, 363 

Hall, Clem M. '65. 4210 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 244. 258, 380 
Hall, Patricia P. '63, D-1 Duke University Apts., Durham, N. C. 
Hall, Sandra E. '65, 9218 Gienville Rd., Silver Springs. Md. 
Hall, Sara E. '65. 

1788 Middlehurst Rd., Cleveland Hgts., Ohio... 143, 129. 380 
Halla. Frances B. '64. 199 Edgewood Dr., York, Pa 147, 363 


Halsted, Anne W. '64. 

8305 North .'Mien Lane. Milwaukee 17. Wise... 155, 363 

Hamilton, Martha F. '65. 

440 Coffee Pot Riviera, St. Petersburg, Fla 147, 380 

Hammond. Evelyn B. '66. 

519 Belle Meade Blvd.. Nashville. Tenn 399. 257 

Hansberry. Sally A. '64. 44 Whiting St., Lunenburg, Mass. 
Harden. Judith A. '63. 255 Woodland Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Harding. Mary H '65, 

ATO Hq. Antilles Command, APO 851 N. Y.. N. Y. .159, 380 

Hardison, Joann '63, Rt. 1, Box 7, Castle Hayne, N. C 333 

Harned. Margaret L. '66. 

4530 Meridale Ave.. Louisville, Ky 224, 399 

Harper. Anne M. '63. 310 N. Center St., Hickory, N. C 134 

Harper, Jean A. '63, 740 Aledo Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 151, 333 

Harrell, Marcia '66, 1804 Cloverleaf Place, Ardmore, Okla 399 

Harris, Judith H. '65. Box 286, Albemarle, N. C. 143, 381 

Harris, Kalhrn A. '66, 501 Walnut St., Newport, Ark 399 

Harrison, Mary Sue S. '63. 

1803 House Ave., Apt. 2A. Durham. N. C. 
Harrison. Sandra Jo '63. 

211 North Main St.. Berlin. Md 122, 155, 202, 207, 288, 333 

Harrold, Joyce '65, 

2 The High Rd., Bronxville. N. Y 151, 217. 381 

Harry. Kathryn A. '66, Bluffton, S. C 244. 399 

Hart. Carol A. '63. 

42 College St.. Box 66. Weaverville. N. C 152, 153. 333 

Hart. Frances A. '63. 

A5-94 Twin Castle Apts.. Winston-Salem. N. C 333 

Hart. Judy L. '66. 1 104 Zimmer Dr., N.E., Atlanta 6, Ga. 146. 399 
Hart, Mary A. '64. 

325 Horace Mann Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C 363 

Hartshorn, Sue E. '63, 545 S. Harri.son Lane. Denver. Colorado 

Haskett. Barbara J. '66, 114 Seagrove Rd., Portsmouth, Va 399 

Hastings, Carol A. '65. 117 Hampton Roads Ave., Hampton, Va. 
Hatschek. Jacqueline M. '66. 

216 Elmwood Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 399 

Hayden. Marylou '66. 131 Minton Rd., Melbourne, Fla 399 

Heald, Mary C. '65. 208 Thornton Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn 381 

Healy, Katherine W. '63, 

3559 Hartland Rd.. S.W., Roanoke, Va 333 

Heath, Anne M. '63. 

419 Walnut St., New Orleans, La 135. 305. 334 

Hebble. Lorene D. '66. 

306 N. Chester Rd., Swarthmore, Penn 399 

Heefner. Elizabeth Gray '65, 

450 Westover Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 137, 38! 

Heer, Rosemary F. '64. 

718 W. Farriss Ave.. High Point. N. C 159. 363 

Hellekson. Judith B. '66. 

204 W. Crest Rd.. Carrcroft. Wilminaton 3. Del 235. 399 

Heller, Sallv K. '66. 

813 Copley Lane. Silver Spring. Md 150, 399 

Helm, Susan P. '63. 

103 Midland Ave.. Rye. N. Y 157. 264, 305, 309. 334 

Henderson. Mary S. '65. 

2115 Radcliffe Ave.. Charlotte. N. C 137, 381 

Hensley, Julia A. '65. Box 109. Rutherfordton. N. C. 

Herbert. Anne E. '65, Glenn Hgts., Chapel Hill, N. C 381 

Herndon. Judith A. 63, 220 Carmel Rd.. Wheeling. W. Va. 
Herrin. Helen K. '64, 1204 Fairfield Dr.. Gastonia. N. C. 
Herter. Martha Jo '65, 44 Davis Rd., Ambler. Penn. 
Hervev. Martha C. '66. 

Apt! 101. 10307 Montrose, Bethesda, Md ...399 

Hess, Barbara R. '63. 

400 Fairway Terrace S.E.. Cedar Rapids. Iowa 334 

Hester. Harriet J. '63, 

143 S. Laurel Ave.. Charlotte 7. N. C 121, 149, 334 

Heugh, Elaine M. '63, 

Box 413 Belle Terre, Port Jefferson, N. Y 260, 334 

Hewes, Jeremy J. '66. 307 Mohawk Place. Maumee. Ohio 399 

Hevl. Wenonah '65. 117 Maple Lane. Fairfax. Va 135. 381 

Hevman, Mical B. '66. 1216 Woodburn Rd.. Durham. N. C 399 

Hickman. Mary E. '63. North Boundary St., Lenoir. N. C. 
Hightower, Mary D. '63, 

4535 47th St., Washington. D. C 244, 265, 334 

Hiley, Elizabeth A. '66, 

13111 Evanston, St., Rockville, Md.. 244, 399 

Hill. Mary P. '64, 

215 Sheridan Circle. Charleston. W. Va 159, 211, 334 

Hilton. Caroline C. '63, 

3504 Echo Hill Rd., Nashville, Tenn 147, 202. 334 

Himelick. Carol A. '63, Rt. 1. White Oak Dr.. Durham. N. C. 
Hinman. Susan L. '64. 

275 Campbell Rd.. Ft. Washington. Pa 151, 363 

Hitchcock. Frances S. '63, 

58 Green Ave., Lawrenceville, N. J._. 121. 155. 334 

Hohbs. Sarah L. "63, 115 Pinecrest Rd., Durham. N. C. 25'i' 3U 
Hodder. Virginia A. C. "63. 

1(121 Dinwiddie Ave.. Richmond, Va. 151 334 

Hudson, M. Ann '63, 

34 Briarcliflf Rd.. Mountain Lakes. N. J 145, 224, 312 334 

Hoelle. Mary C. •66, 

48 Harbor Ave.. Marblehead, Mass... 154. 224, 400 

Hoeser, Mary L. "64. 4005 Statewood Rd., Atlanta. Ga.. 149! 363 
Hoffman. Jacqueline '65, 

Box 3348, St. Andrews Br., Charleston, S. C 381, 64 

Hoffman. Margaret L. '64, 159 Welsh Tract Rd., Newark, Del. 381 

Hollar, Frankie H. '65. Route I. Conover, N. C 135, 381 

Holmes. Frances L. '66. 

520 Buckingham Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. . 136 400 

Holmes. Helene S. '65. Rt. I. Box 25A, Arden, N. C. 
Holmquist. Jill R. '66. 

2304 Hickory Lawn Dr.. Rockford. Ill 150, 390, 400 

Holmquist, Joan B. "64. 

2304 Hickory Lawn Dr., Rockford, 111 151, 207, 304, 36^ 

Holsinger. Gretchen M. '64, 2306 Wilson St., Durham, N. C. 363 

Honeycutt. Judy C. '66. Rt. I. Box 221, Troutman, N. C 400 

Hooker. Elizabeth K. '66. 

508 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill. N. C 144, 400 

Hoover, Merilyn A. '66. 

38 Orchard Rd.. Wheeling. W. Va 154 400 

Hoppe. Jean E. '66. 1314 Trinity Dr.. Alexandria, Va... 136.' 400 
Horack. Katherine "63, 

1519 Exposition Blvd.. New Orleans, La 155. 207. 335 

Horr. Nancy L. '64. 1554 22nd St., Portsmouth, Ohio 364 

Horsley. Joyce A. "66. S. Point Rd., Belmont, N. C. 136. 400 

Horton. Betty J. '65. 2403 Prince Street, Durham, N. C. 
Horton, Elizabeth A. '66. 

2861 So. Abingdon St., Arlington, Va 244, 400 

Houck, Mary J.. 4029 Duval Dr., Ponte Vedra, Fla. 159, 335, 364 
Howard, Frances C. '63, 5301 Friendly Road, Greensboro, N. C 
Huck, Mary L. '64. 

2542 Mountain Brook Cir.. Birmingham, Ala. 149 "'''1 

Hughes. Patricia J. '65, 

75 Booth Ave., Englewood, N. J 267. 381 

Humpton. Gaye B. '65. 130 West Sproles Ave., Greenwood. S C 

Hunt, Mary E. '63. Rt. 3. Easley, S. C 211 '>44 335 

Huntley, Janet T. '65. 

717 Whitehall Rd.. Ellicott City. Md 151. 217. 265 381 

Huntley, Rebecca A. '66. Lakewood Dr.. Monroe. N. C. !..400 

Hunyadi. Susan C. '64. 

3520 Fulton Rd.. Canton, Ohio 143, 129, 211, 364 

Hutcheson, Jean '64, 1000 Chestnut Ave., Wilmette, III. 15L 364 
Hutchins. Melissa A. '66, 

1160 Gilchrist Rd., Terre Haute, Ind 146, 400 

Hyder. Judy F. '66, 

23 Brdwy Alexander Mills. Forest City. N. C 146. 400 

Ince. Ann "66. 1914 Dunstan. Rd.. Houston. Texas. 146, 400 

Ingham, Margo M. '63. 

121 Oakleaf Dr.. Spartanburg. S. C 147 335 

Ingram. Doris A. '65, 806 Main St. Charleston, W. Va ! 381 

Ingram. Nancy S. '64. 

130 N. Kingston, Ave.. Rockwood, Tenn 264. 309 

Irwin. Anne R. '63. 

616 Beverly Rd.. Pittsburgh. Pa 122. 155 i()2 ''m 33s 

Isley. Kay E. '63. 

1117 Aycock Ave.. Burlington. N. C 121, n7, 211 335 

Israel, Linda L. '66, 705 Ward St., Marietta, Ohio " 400 

Ivey, Adelyn S. '64. 359 Second St. PI., N.W.. Hickory N C 364 

Jackson, Ann L. '65, 142 Davis St., Wollaston, Mass... 381 

Jacobsen, Mardi L. '66. 

5918 S. Marion Place. Tulsa, Okia 244. 400 

Jacobson. Marsha D. '66, 216 Brightwood Rd., Wilmineton, N C 
James, Patricia T. '64, 148 Poe Road, Princeton, N. L 364 

James. Scherer G. '63. 

240 South Main St.. Mount Airy. N. C... 137, 336 

Jankle. Benita B. '65. 173 Merrimon Ave.. Asheville. N. C. " 288 
Jarden. Joan E. '63. 

21 Wordsworth Rd.. Short Hills. N. J. 121. 150. 151, 318. 336 
Jenkins. Nancy A. '63. 3041 Cascade Rd.. Atlanta, Ga...'..306! 336 
Jennings. Frances C. '65. 

4021 Wolf Rd.. Western Springs, III -"70 38'' 

Jennings, Judith L. '63. 3002 Colonial Hill Rd., Louisville, Ky. 

Jennison. Clint C. '65. 80 Water St., St. Augustine. Fla 151, 382 

Jentsch, Gayle H. '65. 320 Whitney Ave.. Glassboro. N. J. ' 382 

Johnson. Barbara R, '64. 3126 Oaklyn Dr., Tampa, Fla 145, 364 

Johnson. Betty R. '65. 

2702 Fairview Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 135. 244, 382 

Johnson. Judith H. '66. 

1235 W. Henderson St.. Salisbury. N. C 244, 400 

Johnson, Linda L. '65, 1430 Granger. Ann Arbor, Mich 
Johnson, Mary J. '64. 

216 Oakwood Rd., Wilmington, Del 145 354 

Johnson. Sharon A. '66, 

103 Browning Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 144 400 

Johnson. Sue W. '66, 407 Hammell Rd., Greensboro, N. C ' 144 
Johnson. Wendy L. '64. 

Qtrs. C. N. Y. Naval Shipyard. Brooklyn 1, N. Y 145, 364 

Johnston, Sallie E. '66. 314 Birnam Rd., Fayetteville N C 
Jones, Barbara J. R. '65. Far View Dr., Mountainside.'N. J. 38"' 

Jones, Carolyn '63, 15 Montgomery Dr.. Spartanburg, S. C. 154 
Jones, Clara J. '65, 806 Greenland Dr.. Fayetteville, N C 38'' 

Jones. Lois C. "66. 210 Grover St. Shelby, N. C 142 401 

Jones, Margaret C. '66, 

207 Country Club Lane, Wallingford, Penn. 224, 225 ->35 401 
Jones. Mary E. '63. 

440 Highland Rd.. Pottstown. Pa Ml P9 336 

Jones. Pamela L. "63, 

1407 Stafford Ave., Fredericksburg, Va 145. 129 364 

Jones. Susan E. '66, 

140. 401 

18. 382 

17 Schuyler Terrace, E. Orange, N. J... 

Jordan. Ann M. '65, 

147 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C 149 

Jordan, Charleene L. '66. 

224 North 27th St.. Wilmington. N. C 152. 153 401 

Jordan. Dorothy S. '63, 

2500 Hobbs Rd.. Nashville. Tenn 151 364 

Jordan. Gail '64, 205 Swann Rd., Suitland. Md... ' 364 

Jordan, Patricia B. '64. 3809 Manton Lane, Lynchburg Va 
Jordan, Susan P. '64, 42 Fair Hill Rd., Westfield, N. J. 
Jourdan. Martha A. '63, 

312 East 6th St., Box 205, Siler City, N. C. 157 336 

Joyce, Dorothy D. '63, 

442 Summit Dr., Greenville. S. C ->-<] 335 

Kasmar. Patricia M. '65, 6613 Williams Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Katson. Constance '64, 4426 Constitution, Albuquerque, N. M 364 
Kauffman. Susan L. '66, 831 Lake Ave., Crystal Lake, III. 401 
Kaufman. Betsy A. '63, 

420 Dunbar Ave.. Melbourne, Fla U"" 143 336 

Kellett. Sherry A. '66. ' '" "' 

1400 Seminole Dr., Greensboro, N. C. \4'> 400 

Kelly. Barbara J. '63. "' 

735 East 39th St., San Bernardino, Cal. 143 336 

Kelley. Karen Marshall '66, 

3012 N. Trinidad St., Arlington 13. Va. 154 "'"'4 401 

Kelley, Mary Elizabeth '65, 520 Langhorne, Lynchburg, Va..!..382 
Kelso. Mary Lynn '66, 

1212 Greenspring Rd., New Bern, N. C 154 400 

Kennedy. Louise B. '66, P. O. Pox 85. Buies Creek. N. C. 401 
Kershaw. Roxanne Edgcomb, '64, 3217 Amherst, Columbia S. C 
Kerz, Lenore '66, 333 East 79th St., New York, N Y 401 

Kettering, Ann H. '63. 

729 Coleman Ave., Fairmont, W. Va 151. 211 337 

Kienzle. Kathleen J. '64. 99 S. Columbia, Columbus, Ohio 
Kimball, Susan V. '66, 1501 Glendale Ave., Durham, N C 401 
Kimbrough, Laurel '63. 

4631 Brafferton. Bloomfield Hills, Mich 143, 254, 260, 337 

Kimmerle, Nancy Jo "64, 

116 McKeel Ave., Tarrytown, N. Y. 149 3S6 365 

Kinard. Gail Edith '65, 

5825 Lausing Drive, Charlotte 7, N. C 149, 217, 244. 382 

Kiner. Frances A. '66, 11 Lawrence Rd., Madison, N. J.' ' 401 
King, Martha Ann '64, 

1120 S.E. 5th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 337 

Kirk. Barbara Jean '65. 

3213 Centerville Rd., Sedgely Farms. Wilmington 7. Del. 382 
Kittelle. Katherine A. '64. 

7 Dundee Rd.. Larchmont. N. Y 267 365 

Kleburg. Sally S. '66. 

King Ranch, Box 1353, Kingsville, Texas 154. 224. 401 

Klein. Susan June '64, 

6601 Wisteria Lane, Columbia, S. C 254. 261. 309. 365 

Knapp. Kristina Margaret '64, 

6823 Edmonstone Ave.. Richmond. Va.....l55. 202. 224. 365 
Kneen, Judith Oakes '64, 

Highland Lane. Box 514. Ashtabula. Ohio 143. 211, 365 

Koester, Margaret H. '66. 

703 W. Lake Ave.. Baltimore 10, Md 401 

Kohn, Adrianne Carole '64, 2 Arbor Lane, Merrick, N. Y 138 

Komminsk. Dianne '66, 

427 W. Monroe St.. New Bremen. Ohio 142, 401 

Kovac, Karen T. '66, 322 Fourth Ave., Indialantic, Fla 134 

Kozicki, Paula Louise '65, 

7339 San Carlos Rd., Jacksonville, Fla 150, 401 

Krasin. Karalyn Emilie '65, 

Box 886, Las Vegas, New Mexico. 265, 382 

Krause. Caroline Holden "64, Box 493, Jaflfrey Center, N. H. 
Kravbill, Susan Emily "65, 

2726 Circle Drive, Durham, N. C 159, 383 

Kredel, Olivia Orme "64, 

60 Montague St., Charleston, S. C 265, 365 

Krogh, Ellen M. "63, 2524 Wrightwood Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Krueger, Evelyn Jeannine "65, 

3088 Lenox Rd., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 383 

Krueger, Karen Elizabeth "64, 

300 Brookline Blvd., Havertown, Penn 365 

Kurtz, Camille '64, 

9999 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda 14, Md 159, 383 

Lacy, Carol S. "66, 

4034 E. Burns St., Tucson, Arizona 244, 401 

Lamont. Eugenia G. "66, 345 W. 58th St., New York 19, N. Y. 402 

Land, Katherine N, "66, 402 Morehead Ave., Durham, N. C 402 

Lanu, Jane Estelle '65, 

2112 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N. C 149, 383 

Lang, Noel Elizabeth "65. 

106 E. Church St., Farmville, N. C 365 

Lanudon, Suzanne F. '64, 4016 Bristol Rd., Durham, N. C 365 

Lar^ore, Carrell A. "63, 820 Caspian Ct., S.W., Atlanta 10, Ga. 
Larsen, Patricia M. '63, 

991 Lake Hollingsworth. Lakeland. Fla 147, 338 

Lassaw, Ernestine '63. 924 Trinity Ave.. Durham, N. C. 
Lassiter, Ann Rosena '65, 

North Elm St., Marshville, N. C 149, 383 

Lassiter, Mildred Anne '65, 302 Sewell St., Murfreesboro, N. C. 383 
Lassiter, Nancy L. '63, 

726 Sunset Drive, Smithfield, N. C 149, 338 

Latimer, Eleanor Sue '65, 

1108 Ferndale Dr., High Point, N. C 258, 383 

Latimer, Elease C. '66, 

131 Buckingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 402 

Lavely, Karen A. '66, 

4309 Esteswood Dr., Nashville 12, Tenn 402 

Lawver, Mary P. '66, 217 Elwa PI., W. Palm Beach, Fla 402 

Lea, Lillian Richards, '63, 

6600 Glenmore Drive, Falls Church, Va 338 

Lea, Mary Ann '63. 656 Westfield Ave., Westfield, N. J 129 

Leclercq, Anne '65, 40 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. 
Lecompte, Margaret Leannebrown '64, 

1500 13th St. North, St. Petersburg. Fla. 
Lecraft, Joan K. '65, 166 South Cedar St., Oberlin, Ohio 
Lee, Margaret E. "64, 

Drury Lane, RED 3, Willoughby, Ohio 143, 365 

Lee, Maybelle Fav "65. 408 Morgan St., Durham, N. C 383 

Leftwich, Linda A. "66, P. O. Box 114, Cullowhee, N. C 402 

Legwin. Jean E. "66, 3240 Ramey Cr.. Orlando, Fla 402 

Lennard, Beverly Self '64, 

1729 Dyson Dr., NE, Atlanta 7, Ga 254 

Leonard, Catherine G. "64, 

Green Hill Rd., Madison, N. J 135, 261, 365 

Leslie, Carroll Ann "64, 

1614 N. Greenbrier St., Arlington 5, Va 145, 365 

Levenson, Karen P. "63, 2504 Nation Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Levine, Jane R. "66, 6203 Melvern Dr., Bethesda, Md 402 

Lewis, Jean Frances "66. 1513 S. 97 St., Omaha 24, Neb 402 

Lewis, Valerie Ann '64, 

3296 Perry Ave., Bronx 67. N. Y 157, 365 

Lilly, Ruth Virginia '64, 

7375 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind.... 112, 155, 365 

Lime, Elizabeth Louise '64, 20 Division St., Canton, N. C. 141, 365 
Little, Catherine F. '63, 

206 Rose Terrace, Wadesboro, N. C 137, 211, 338 

Livingston, Barbara Janet "65, 

161 High St., Amherst, Mass 383 

Lockhart, Martha A. "66, 516 Piatt Terrace, Aiken, S. C 402 

Loeb, Linda Marie "64, 

138 Warwick Dr., Lutherville, Md 261, 365 

Loflin, Ann Elizabeth "65, 

901 Orchard Park Dr., Rocky River, Ohio 383 

London, Rose Louise "65. 1508 Oakland Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Longstreet, Susan V. "66, 

Pine Grove Apts., 61A, Isia Verde, Puerto Rico 402 

Love, Catherine J. Reeve "65, 

512 E. 79th St., Apt 5B, New York 21, N. Y 383 

Love, Sarah E. "63, 

1921 North Harrill St., Charlotte 5, N. C 339 

Lovelace, Grace lone "64, 3520 Huon Dr., Louisville 18, Ky. 
Loveland, Catherine A. '63, Box 45, Cape Coral, Fla. 
Low, Heather Jane "65, 

1124 Cambridge St., Natrona Hgts, Pa 147, 202, 374. 383 

Lowenbach, Christine H. "63, 

Box 79, Route 3, Durham, N. C... 159, 339 

Lowenbach, Torry "66, Rt. 3, Box 309, Durham, N. C 158 


Lucas, Mary D. '64, 

1318 Queens Rd. West, Charlotte, N. C 155, 365 

Luce, Karen Wiman "65, 

Plainfield Rd., Metuchen, N. J 143, 218, 383 

Ludwigsen, Joy E. "66, 6245 W. 10th Ave., Hialeah, Fla 402 

Lundry, Karen M. "66, 

91 Woodland Ave., Summit, N. J 224, 402 

Lupton, Ruth "63, Alamance, N. C 155, 339 

Lyle, Susam W. "66, 88 Parmelee Ave., Hawthorne, N. J 402 

Mace, Ann Elizabeth "65, 

4309 Gary Street Rd., Richmond 21, Va 147, 261, 383 

Mackenzie, Susan F. "63, 

1040 Riverview Dr., Spartanburg, S. C 155, 337 

Macomber, Mary J. "66, 

Roberts Union Colby College, Waterville, Me 136, 265, 402 

Malley, Kathleen P. "66, 

24 Quincy St., Chevy Chase 15, Md 158, 402 

Malone, Margaret A. "66, 

331 Pershing Ave., Fort Riley, Kan 235, 402 

Margolis, Maxine Gail "63, 

Ffanklin St., Williamston, N. C 139, 339 

Marks, Mary A. '66, 

1120 N. Jefferson St., Huntington, Ind 244, 402 

Marsh, Frances Stewart '64, 

507 South Church St., Monroe, N. C 244, 365 

Marshall, Marianne '66, Off Martins Lane, Hingham, Mass 403 

Martin, Carolyn S. "66, 

1420 Cherokee Rd., Louisville 4, Ky 142, 403 

Martin, Joanna Sibley "65, 210 Osceola Way, Palm Beach, Fla. 383 
Martin, Mary Bynum, '65, 1209 Main St., Tarboro, N. C. 145, 383 
Mashburn, Anne S. '66, 

410 Mammoth Oaks Dr., Charlotte 7, N. C 144, 403 

Matheson, Barbara Lemay "65, 

101 Edgewood Dr., Boone. N. C 159, 383 

Mathews, Janet Allen "64. 

21 Brookside Rd., Wallingford, Pa 155, 234, 235, 366, 403 

Mathews, Louise A. '66. 

21 Brookside Rd., Wallingford, Pa 154 

Mathews, Patricia Lee '65, 

1136 Flamingo SW, Atlanta, Ga 244, 383 

Mathis, Cynthia '66, 

Esso Standard Libya, Box 385, Tripoli, Libya 146, 265 

Matrone, Margaret A. '63, 1333 Duplin Rd.. Raleigh, N. C. .340 

Matthews, Harriet L. "66, 301 Academy St., Batesburg, S. C 403 

Maxwell, Jane Meredith "65, 142 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C...384 

May, Marilyn "66, 913 First St., Franklin, La 140, 403 

Mayer, Barbara Hamilton "64, 

1050 Ridge Rd., Rock Hill, S. C 366 

Mayer, Gail E. "63, N. Vosseller Ave., Martinsville, N. J. 
Mayo, Elizabeth J. "66, 

1548 Lee Ave., Tallahassee, Fla 148, 244, 403 

McBryde, Priscilla "63, 

410 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C 151, 211, 340 

McCarty, Kristine Marie '65, 

2713 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C 384 

McCleary, Jane Robinson '65 

4310 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10, Md 147, 264, 384 

McComb, Elizabeth E. '66, 

3909 Henderson Rd., Greensboro. N. C 150. 403 

McConnel, Diana Cecelia '65, 

373 Vanderbilt Rd., Asheville, N. C 384 

McCrary, Blanche C. '66, Live Oak Plantation, Ravenel, S. C. .158 
McCrary, Mary L. '63, Box 1056, Post, Texas 
McCurdy, Margaret Emily '63, Goose Neck Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C. 
McDousle, Dorothy E. '66, 

1820Steriing Rd., Chariotte, N. C. 136, 403 

McElderry, Andrea L. '63, 

4336 Butler Place, Oklahoma City 18, Okhi. 
McFarlane, Juretta C. '64, 

1191 West Wesley Rd. N. W., Atlanta 5, Ga. 
McGehee, Mary Harriette '64, 

149 Gay Ave., Clayton 5, Mo 149, 366 

McGhee, Carolyn Sue "63. 

1335 Neel St., Huntington, W. Va 151. 211, 340 

McKaig, Sylvia Jean '64, 

2710 Sharon Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 155, 202, 211, 366 

McKay, Patricia Ann '65, 

9619 Brace, Detroit 28, Mich 145, 384 

McNally, Ann '65, 

4579 Lakeshore Rd., Port Huron, Mich 235, 384 

McNeill, Leslie Gray '63, 

511 N. Madison St., Whiteville, N. C - 340 

McNiell, Laverne '63, 2604 Lowell, Memphis 14, Tenn 207. 340 

McQuown, Dorothy Inza '64, 

708 Melrose St., Winston-Salem, N. C 366 

McTighe, Caryn L. '66, 

221 N. Wynnewood Ave., Narberth. Pa 146, 403 

MeWhorter. Evelyn E. '64. 

1622 Virginia St. East., Charleston, W. Va 244. 366 

Moadors. Marilyn Elaine '65. 

7X01 Pinemeadow Lane. Cincinnati 24, Ohio.. 384 

Meeker. Ellis Emily '65, 

5012 Worthington Dr., Washineton 16, D. C. .64, I 16, 267, 384 

Mehaffey, Peggy J. '66, 516 Bell, Rockdale, Texas 403 

Mellencamp, Mary Case '65, 

2937 North Summit Ave., Milwaukee II, Wise. 
Mendenhall, Dianne J. '66. 

114 Alberta Ave.. Johnstown. Penn 140, 403 

Merritt, Susan Gorham '65. Route 2. Woodsdale, N. C 384 

Middlebrooks, Sara H. '66. 

4723 Prince Edward Dr., Jacksonville, Fla 403 

Miller. Ann Elizabeth "65. 6 Radcliffe St., Morrisville, Penn 384 

Miller. Christie P. '65, 2500 Wisconsin Ave., Washington 7. D. C. 
Miller. Diann Marie '66. 

1410 Gene St.. Winter Park. Fla 265, 403 

Miller. Dorothy Fair '65. 

101 Guilford Rd.. Jamestown, N. C 143. 384 

Miller, Elizabeth G. '63. 

766 Spring Lake Rd.. Columbia. S. C 136. 137, 341 

Miller, Joan J. '66. 

1928 Carrollton Rd.. Annapolis, Md 150, 403 

Miller, Mary Melinda '65. 315 Stonegate Rd., Peoria, 111. 129 

Mills, Rebecca Ann '63. 

2701 Connecticut Ave., Washington 8, D. C... 159, 264, 341 

Mitchell. Meriel Bull '64, 

372 Fairfax. Winston-Salem. N. C n7, 162, 366 

Mitchell, Priscilla G. '66, 

176 East 77 St.. New York 21, N. Y 403 

Mitchell. Susan L. '66. 925 Golfview Rd., Glenview, III 403 

Moehlmann. Holly Ellen '64. South Park St., Richland, Penn 366 

Moffat. Elizabeth Ann '64. 135 Derwent Dr., Pittsburgh 37, Penn. 
Moger. Susan E. '66. 506 Jackson Ave., Lexington, Va.....l54, 403 
Montague. Linda Dean '64, Windy Ridge, Spruce Pine N C 

Montgomery, Diana B. '64, R.F.D. 3, Smithfield. N. C 21 1, 366 

Montgomery, Jane W. '66, 

1306 Edgewater Court, Orlando, Fla 136. 403 

Moore. Ardean Carol '65, 818 Boardman Rd.. Aiken. S. C. 

Moore, Linda C. '63. 204 Stebbins St., Ashland, Va 264 

Moore, Merry Dawn '65, 4605 29th St., Mt. Ranier, Md... 384 

Moore, Nancy Lee '65, 

207 Taplow Rd., Baltimore 12, Md 153, 384 

Moore, Rebecca Ann '64, 

14 Fairland St.. Lexington, Mass 135, 366 

Morales, Edith M. '66. Box 35N Navy 115, New York, N. Y. 

Morgan, Barbara Agnes '65, 3 Deerfield Rd., Asheville, N. C 384 

Morgan. Margaret A. '66, 

1107 Johnston St., Leaksville, N. C 404 

Morgan, Nancy J. D. '64. 105 W. Woodridge Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Morris. Barbara R. '63, 

P. O. Box 168, Washington. N. C 137 341 

Morris, Elizabeth C. '64, 

5205 Albemarle St., Washington 16, D. C. 159 366 

Morris. Judith J. '63, 

816 Oleander Dr. S. E., Aiken. S. C 141. 341 

Morrison, Amy '65. 

4450 North Park. Indianapolis 5, Ind 141. 244 

Morrissey, Sheila Noel '64, c/o Navy HQ Act Navy 

570 c/o FPO, San FrancLsco, Calif " ^41 

Moss, Bevery J. '66, 1839 Duval Rd., Ocala, Fla 404 

Moss, Judith Adele '64, 

849 Richmond Ave., Buffalo 22, N. Y 145 366 

Moss, Margaret Elaine '64, 2001 Winter St., Charlotte 5, N C 
Moss, Sara F. '66. 727 Short Dr., Washington. N. C. 136 404 

Moyer. Mary Joyce '63, 1338 Eberhart Ave., Columbus Ga 
Mucke. Jane L. '66. 

4516 Bruce Ave., Minneapolis 24, Minn. 154 404 

Mulder. Sarah M. '66. ' " ' ^ ^ 

109 Burnside Rd.. Villanova. Penn I54. 404 

Murray. Nancy Mcintosh '65, 

51 Hillspoint Rd., Westport, Conn 155. 385 374 

Muth, Frances Hilda '64, 

Old Annapolis Rd., Ellicott City, Md 258 

Myers, Dianna Lynne '64, " 

1405 Camp Ave.. Rockford, III HS. 366 

Myers. Rebecca Marcia '64. 

1616 Langhorne Rd.. Lynchburg. Va 149. 267 ''85 

Nasser, Patricia A. '63. 610 Fifth St., Huntington, W. Va? 
Neblett. Beverly Ann '64, 3528 Marquette. Dall s. Texas ...137, 367 
Nelson, Kristen C. '66. 131 Prince St.. W. Newton. Mass. ' 404 
Newton. Barbara Lillian '65, 

1309 West Nash St., Wilson, N. C 140, 385 

N. C. 

223, 288, 304 

jns, Houston 5, Texas 404 



Nichols, Barbara C. '66, 

516 Glen Park Dr., Bay Village 40, Ohio 156 404 

Nichols, Josephine M. '66, 459 McCartha Dr., Columbus, o'a. 
Nicks, Sam Freeman '63, 

701 Gordon St., Roxboro. N. C 207 342 

Nicoll, Christine '66, 4 Third St., Col. Springs, Col. T42' 404 

Nimnicht, Elizabeth "64, 

6959 Almours Dr., Jacksonville, Fla 367 151 211 

Nixon, Sarah J. '66, 

1401 West Wabash Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. 146 404 

Noblett, Sara Carey '64, Irvington Rd., Kilmarnock, Va 36?! 145 

Nolan, Pamela '64, 433 Forest Ave., Spartanburg, S. C. 367 137 
Norcross, Regina Gertrude '65, 

515 N. E. 101st St., Miami 38, Fla.. 335 

Nuzum, Linda L. "66, 102 Ellenton St., Aiken, S. C... 404 

O'Conner, Eileen T. '66, 

360 Robin Hood Rd. N. E.. Atlanta, Ga. 404 

Odom, Carolyn Suzanne '64. 

Dept. of Neurosurgery, Duke Hospital, Durha 
Oehl, Susan W. '63, 

182 Fuller Lane, Winnetka, III.. 
Oliver, Paula E. '66. 2224 , 
O'Neall. Marjorie Ann '65. 

nil Bryn Mawr Ave.. Orlando, Fla 155, 385 374 65 

Orr, Linda '65, 2241 Sanford Lane, Charlotte, N. C 155, 385 

Osborne. Margaret Alice '65, 

P. O. Box 353, Taylorsville, N. C. 141, 244, 385 129 

Osthoff, Anita Marie '64, 617 North Oak St., Hinsdale III 
Overman. Betsy L. '66, Box 844, Goldsboro, N C 404 

Pace, Ellen Malotte '63, 

7083 Paddison Rd., Cincinnati 30, Ohio 159, 342 

Packard, Janice Alden '64, 

2899 Ridgewood Ave., Cincinnati 13, Ohio... 

Paetsch, Johanna '64, 20 Woodlawn Dr.. Trumbull, Conn. 
Painter, Prudence Steele '64, 

3427 Guilford Terrace. Baltimore 18. Md. 
Palantzas, Nancy Ann '65, 610 North Jackson St., Goldsboro, N. C. 
Palmer, Grace Ellen '63, 2525 Highland Ave.. Durham. N. C. 343 
Palmer, Margith J. '64, 

Cine. U.S. Naveur Staff, USN 100 Fleet P.O.. N.Y., N.Y 143 

Pandolfo. Andrea V. '66. 

705 B. Wright Ave.. Wheeler AFB. Oahu, Hawaii 134, 404 

Pangborn, Penelope A. '63. 

P. O. Box 1896, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 151, 202, 223, 343 

Papps, Carol B. '65, Eight MacKenzie Rd., Morristown, N. J..!. .385 
Parker, Mary A. '64, 3801 Ocean Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. 367 
Parker, Mary T. '65, 339 Vanderbilt Rd., Asheville, N. C. 385 
Parks, Linda W. '65, 31 10 Buckingham Rd., Durham. N. C. <85 
Parsons, Meredith '63, 338 Greenleaf Ave., Wilmette. III. 343 
Patch, Teresa A. '66, 

7904 College Lane, Annandale, Va 136, 404 390 

Patrick, Camilla N. '65, 

1623 Pope Ave., Richmond 27, Va 149, 385 

Patterson, Josephine '65, 100 Marshall St., Tarboro, N. C. 

Patterson, Susan E. '64, R. D. 2, Marion, N. Y 244, 367 

Patterson, Sylvia F. '65, 

2706 Alamance Rd., Burlington, N. C 385 253 

Patton, Sheila M. '64, 

6250 Chapman Field Dr., Miami 56, Fla 143, 367 

Pauley, Margaret K. '65, 

107 Frankel Blvd., Merrick, N. Y 142 385 

Pauly, Ann F. '65, 

1305 Sussex Rd., West Englewood, N. J 147, 385 

Pauly, Susan J. '65. 

3600 Mound Way. Mariemont 27. Ohio 155, 129, 385 

Payne, Lura R. '66. Box 425. Belmont, N. C 404 

Peace, Jacquelyn '65, 

416 Springdale Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 218 385 

Peach, Stephanie M. '64. 920 Dacian Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Peak. Marilyn J. '66, 7690 Huntington Rd., Hudson, Ohio 404 

Pearse, Mary T. '66, 713 Anderson St., Durham, N. C. 

Pearson. Marilyn '63, 58 Palmer Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y 343 

Pell, Nancy A. '63, 

420 SW 11th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 135, 343 

Pemberton, Mary N. '63, Box 7, Yanceyville, N. C 343 

Perham. Andrea J. '64, 1105 Foxcroft Rd., Richmond. Va. 

Persons, Susan L. '65, 723 Anderson St., Durham, N. C 202 

Peters, Donna S. '64, 1024 O Ave.. Cayce. S. C 137 

Pharr. Diana L. '66, 

625 E. Patton Ave., Montgomery, Ala 142, 405 

Philbrick. Janice L. '66. 15 Friendly Rd.. E. Greenwich. R. 1 405 

Phillips, Elisabeth L. '66, 

2517 Perkins Rd., Durham. N. C 154, 405 

Phillips. Katharine A. '66. 999 Audubon Dr., Memphis, Tenn 405 

Pickering, Mary E. '66, 

315 Cutler St., Raleigh, N. C... 134, 405. 260. 244 


Pickett, Anne C. '66. 

1700 Duke University Rd.. Durham. N. C 235 

Pickett, Helen L. '64. 

914 Vicar Lane. Alexandria. Va.. 155, 202. 218 

Pickrell, Anna M. '65. 3 Sylvan Rd.. Durham. N. C.-.137. 385, 405 

Pierce, Sara H. '64. 1710 Cambridge Dr., Kinston. N. C 367 

Pierpont, Carolyn E. '64, 

808 Coolidge St., Westfield, N. J 367, 147 

Pllcram. Ann T. '65. 

311 Rockwell Terrace. Frederick. Md 143. 385 

Pipas. Carol A. '63, 213 East Northport Rd., Kings Park. N. Y...344 

Pipkin. Rebecca S. '64. 122 B North St., Chapel Hill, N. C 309 

Pittman. Frances E. '65, 6700 Monroe Rd., Charlotte 5. N. C. 
Pittman. Germaine '64, 

315 South Beverly Glen. Los Angeles 24. Calif 367. 145 

Plant. Mary A. '65. 230 Westminster Dr., Tallahassee, Fla. 
Piatt. Bonnie R. '63. Purchase Rd.. Southbury, Conn. 344 

Poirier. Marsha L.. 210 W. Lavender Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Poole. Andrienne J. '66. 

:i Springbrook Trail. Lake Mohawk. N. J 144. 405 

Potocki. Mary J. '66. 

2102 Howard Dr.. Winter Park. Fla 148. 405 

Powell. Eleanor P. '64. 804 Park Ave.. Goldsboro, N. C 368 

Powell. Julia H. '66. 2227 NW 5th Place. Gainesville, Fla 405 

Powell. Shirley A. '65. Box 219, Middlesex, N. C 386, 244 

Powers. Marilyn E. '65, 211 Gibson Rd.. Louisville 7, Ky 386 

Pratt. Ellen W. '66, 2744 McDowell St., Durham, N. C 235, 405 

Pressman. Ellen M. '65, 5615 Southwestern, Dallas 9, Tex 386 

Prewitt, Alice A. '64. 

No. I Fairyland Club. Lookout Mountain. Tenn. -151, 368, 23? 

Price, Alma J. '64. P. O. Box 1145. Kannapolis, N. C 147. 368 

Price, Marv K. '65. 

USA Engineer Dist-E.. APO 67. San Francisco. Calif. 

Pritchett. Anne S. '64. 712 Quaker Lane. High Point. N. C 344 

Proctor. Barbara A. '63. 

1304 South Garnett St.. Henderson. N. C. -149, 211. 344. 237 

Proctor. Marcia J. '66. 211 University Dr.. Athens Ga 158, 405 

Pruitt, Louise T. '66, 235 Eastland Ave.. Pelham. N. Y 405 

Pugh. Pamela L. '65, 

6342 Burlwood Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 153. 217, 386 

Putnam. Margaret L. '66, 2110 Live Oak Rd.. Orange. Tex 405 

Quattlebaum. Ann L. '65. Route 1. Box 9. Monetta. S. C 386 

Quinby. Miriam J. '64. 1801 WyclifT, Orlando, Fla. 
Rackelman, Susan J. '65. 

109 Anona PI.. Satellite Beach. Fla 153, 386 

Ramseur, Mary R. '64. 305 North St., Anderson, S. C. 
Ramsey, Carol A. '63. 

2512 Sunset Dr., Tampa 9, Fla 137, 211, 344 

Ramsey, Elizabeth A. '66, 

2901 Clover Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 158, 405 

Ramsey, Sarah H. '65. Rt. 1. Box 295. Sandston, Va 386, 244 

Randall. Elizabeth W. '65, 723 St. Johns Rd., Baltimore 10. Md. 
Randolph. Marjorie A. '64. 

755 Oaklawn Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C 368 

Rankin. Rosalie A. '66. 

3801 N. Nelson St.. Arlington 7. Va 134. 405 

Ransey. Anne L. '64, 

1825 Roosevelt St.. Hollywood. Fla 143, 368 

Ray. Andrena E. '64. 112 Tuscon Dr., Sumter, S. C 153, 368 

Ray. Carolyn L. '66. P. O. Box 181. Burnsville. N. C 405 

Ray. Mary J. '64, 

1824 Kanuga Rd.. Hendersonville. N. C. 155. 218, 368 

Reback, Diane J. '66. 

1218 Devere Dr., Silver Spring, Md -- 138. 405 

Rector. Judith A. '65. 15 Abbott Ave.. North Merrick, N. Y 386 

Reeves, Sara K. '66. 

4382 Skyland Dr. NE. Atlanta 5. Ga - 146. 405 

Renter. Jerilyn G. '66. 

Little Meadows Rd. R.D. I. Wexford. Penn 154. 406 

Reyling. Theodora R. '66. 300 Bryant Ave., Roslyn, N. Y 406 

Reynolds. Anne K. '65, 

1822 McGougan Rd.. Fayetteville. N. C 141, 129, 386 

Reynolds, Lillian R. '65. 

2502 Wrightwood Ave., Durham. N. C 386 

Revnokls. Susan V. '65. 717 Shallowford Rd.. Durham, N. C 406 

Rhodes. Linda S. '65. 9916 Holmhurst Rd.. Bethesda 14, Md. 

Rice. Carol A. '66. P. O. Box 202. Milledgeville. Ga 265. 406 

Rice. Sara A. '63. 

2550 Warwick Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 153. 345 

Ricketts. Maryann. '65. 

P. O. Box 10727. Raleigh. N. C 151, 218. 386 

Ridge. Martha C. '64. 407 Vine St., High Point. N. C. 
Ritter. Martha L. '66. 

5905 Greenbriar Rd. NE. Atlanta 5. Ga 152. 244. 153. 406 

Robb, Mary D. '65. 3902 Eton Rd.. Durham, N. C 149, 386 

Robbins, Jane T. '65, 

3100 Foxhall Rd.. Washington 16. D. C 147, 386 

Robert, Carol M. '64. 

200 College Rd.. Richmond 29. Va 147, 345 

Roberts. Particia A. '63. 

628 Cumberland Ave.. Teaneck, N. J 155, 347 

Roberts, Sheila R. '66. Elkhorn. Neb 406 

Robertson. Deanna L. '65, 

216 Oxford Dr., Savannah. Ga 135, 386 

Robertson. Sandra M. '64, 

Belle Haven Place, Greenwich, Conn 159, 368 

Robins. Judith A. '64. 

1415 Wendover Dr.. High Point. N. C ... 147. 368 

Robinson. Barbara A. '63. 

Brintons Bridge Rd., Chadds Ford, Pa ...141, 207. 345 

Robinson, Sandra J. '65, 

154 Dalmeny Rd.. BriarcliflF Manor. N. Y 368, 234, 351 

Robinson, Susan '64, 4000 Harding Place. Nashviile 12, Tenn 141 

Rodrian, Susan K. '66. 1320 Greenfield Rd.. Evansville. Ind 406 

Rodrigues. Judith L. '65. 

6400 White Hall Dr.. Fayetteville. N. C 218. 386 

Rogers. Barbara J. '65. 200 Grace St.. Oxford, N. C. 

Rogers. Becky A. '65. 202 Woodhaven Dr.. Lexington. N. C 217 

Rogers, Linda S. '65. 

1105 Greenhill Ave.. Wilmington 3. Del .135, 386 

Rogers, Myra S. '66. 99 Gracelyn Rd., Asheville, N. C 142, 406 

Rom, Karen T. '64. 1213 Watson Dr., Wilson. N. C. 

Roper, Emily R. '66. 110 Woodside Dr.. McLean, Va 150, 406 

Rosenberger, Lisa B. '63. 332 East Beverley St. Staunton. Va 345 

Ross. Marcia Moore '65. 

107 Ashbourne Rd.. Columbus. Ohio .386. 147. 234. 235 

Rouse, Margaret C. '63. 

1409 Stuart Court. Annandale. Va 135. 270. 346. 312 

Rowland. Betsy Ann '63. 

37 Fairlawn Ave.. Youngstown 12. Ohio 345 

Rowland. Suzanne E. '66, 

718 W. Hampton Ave., Sumter. S. C. 148, 406 

Roy. Susannah M. '65. 604 N. Gregson St., Durham, N. C. 

Roznoy. Carol J. '66. 141 North Ave., Westport, Conn 406 

Rudiger. Rosalind Louise '64. 

522 Sherman Ave., Hawthorne, N. Y 159, 369, 244 

Rudolf, Judith A. '66. 716 Reed St., Neenah, Wis 406, 260 

Rumpf, Christine '63, Box 261, Windermere, Fla 346 

Rundles, Charlotte '65. 132 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C 386 

Russell, Mary Lynn '64, 301 Oakland St.. Kings Mountain, N. C. 

Sader. Martha Maxwell '64, Grand View, Brevard. N. C .369 

Saint-Amand, Emilia A. '65. 

802 College Dr., Gaffney. S. C 114. 137, 386 

Sale, Claudia B. '66. 1 104 St. Andrews Dr., Fairfax, Va 144, 406 

Salinger, Jill H. '66, 

3444 Rugby Rd.. Hope Valley. Durham, N. C 148, 406 

Samonds. Janet Eloise '64. 

2011 Pershing St., Durham, N. C 145, 369 

Sampson. Eleanor A. '66. 110 River Dr., Lancaster, Pa 146. 406 

Sanders, Mariann Kirven '64. 755 Sylvan Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Sapp. Karen L. '66. 102 Hamilton St.. Leaksville. N. C 158, 406 

Sargent, Mary L. '63. 

5944 Frederick Square, Apt. 4. Dallas 25. Texas 346 

Saunders, Sulvia Anne '65, 

1322 Greenway Dr.. High Point. N. C 157, 129, 386 

Sawyer, Martha Jane '65. 

101 South Ash St.. Elizabeth City. N. C 147, 386 

Sawyer. Patti G. '63. P. O. Box 251. Smyrna, Ga 346 

Schad, Susan Patterson '65. 

1405 Van Steffy Ave.. Wyomissing, Pa 151, 386 

Schade, Jean Whitelaw '63. 

5220 42nd St. N.W.. Washington 15, D. C. 
Schlesinger. Sally Anne '65, 

3173 Fairmount Blvd., Cleveland Hghts. 18. Ohio 135. 386 

Schmidt. Sybille M. '64, 1008 Norwood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Schuenemann, Roblyn '63. 

400 W. Browning Rd.. Collingswood 6. N. J 305, 346 

Schumacher. Sally Ann '65, 

1017 Wilbert Road. Lakewood 7, Ohio 151, 218, 386 

Scott. Elisabeth C. '66, 719 College Ave., Rock Hill. S. C 406 

Scott, Julia A. '66. 170 Beaverdam Rd., Asheville, N. C 406 

Scribner, Hillis M. '66. 

c/o Remington Rand. New York. N. Y 140, 406 

Searles, Dennes Leigh '65. 

3130 Elms Park Dr.. Missoula. Mont 151 

Sears. Barbara Ruth '65. 

411 Marathon Ave., Dayton 6, Ohio 223, 387 

Sedgwick, Janice Robbins '63, 

223 Fairview Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla 346 

Seeman, Charlotte Gail '63, 

1 Mackenzie Drive, Ft. Leonard Wood. Mo. 


Sellers, Viola Carol '65, 1 15 S. Briggs Ave.. Durham. N. C 387 

Shaban, Janet Anne "65. 

1075 Mango Avenue, Sunnyvale. Calif 258 

Shaio, Diana^ Victoria '64, 

Carrera 9 86 85, Bogota, Colombia, S. A 223, 369 

Shaw, Maria S. "66, Rt. 1, Brentwood, Tenn 257, 146, 407 

Shaw, Martha K. '63, 

1201 Brooks Ave., Raleigh, N. C._ 223, 225, 347 

Shearer, Eilah J. "63, 

611 Sunset Ct., Cape Girardeau, Mo. 305. 211, 254, 347, 258 
Shearer, Sylvia Ely '63, 

250 North East 104th St.. Miami 38, Fla 267 

Sheffield, Jo Ellen '65, 4536 Nandina Dr., Columbia, S. C. 387, 257 
Sheridan, Alice Murrcll '64, 

1326 E. 5Sth St.. Chicago 37, 111 147, 369 

Sherman, Carolyn L. '66, 

1303 earner Ave., Schenectady, N. Y... 156. 407, 244 

Shore, Carey D. '66. 901 Colville Rd., Charlotte, N. C 407 

Shuff. Clark Lee '64, 528 Falls Rd., Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Shuford, Charlotte '63. 

218 East Congress St.. Lincolnton, N. C 153. 347 

Sides, Martha Gail '63, Box 432, Conover, N. C 305, 347 

Sifers, Christina '66, 

5735 High Drive, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 154, 407 

Sigmon. Vcrna Hahn '65. Box 146, Mt. Pleasant. N. C 387 

SiFer, Becki Alice '66, 50 Woodcrest Ave.. Dayton, Ohio 144, 407 

Siler, Nancy E. '63, Box 404, Franklin, N. C 211. 347 

Simeon, Carole Lee '64, 

810 Ferndale Dr., High Point, N. C 137. 369 

Simpson, Lucia E. '66. 

763 Barnsdale Rd.. 'Winston-Salem. N. C 244. 140. 407 

Sinn. Sharon E. '66, 

3405 Blackhawk Dr., Madison. Wisconsin 150, 407 

Sitton. Sharon P. '65, 

106 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham, N. C 369, 255 

Skaggs, Mary Sue '63, 

2106 Kanawha Ave.. S.E.. Charleston 4. W. Va 347 

Skiles. Susan M. '66. 

2717 Silverside Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del.. 145, 347 

Slaughter, Celia R. '66. 

810 Linwood Rd.. Birmingham 5. Ala 150, 407 

Slocum, Nancy E. '66. 

1539 Kathwood Drive, Columbia, S. C 154, 407 

Smeltz, Carol J. '66, 

419 Concord Ave., Wilmington 3, Del 144, 407 

Smith, Barbara H. '66. 

795 Knollwood Terrace. Westfield, N. J 136, 407 

Smith. Carolyn Linwood '65. 

2221 Whitman Rd., Raleigh, N. C 137, 387, 259 

Smith, Charlotte E. '63, 

207 Roberts St.. Livingston, Tenn. 135. 347 

Smith, Elizabeth Ann '64, Lewis Dr.. Kennesaw, Ga. 
Smith. Elizabeth L. '63, 

2221 Whitman Rd.. Raleigh, N. C 149, 347. 369 

Smith, Emily Carol '64, 

206 Homewood Ave.. Greensboro, N. C 396 

Smith. Frances Ann '64, 

2707 Sharondale Dr., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Smith. Heather Howard '65. 8 France PL. Larchmont, N. Y. 
Smith, Julie A. '66, 

7415 Falmouth St., Springfield, Va 150. 407 

Smith. Kathryn O. '63. Rt. 1, Deep Run, N. C 347. 65 

Smith. Letitia Anne '64, 

2300 Wellesley Ave., Charlotte 7, N. C 369 

Smith, Marcia Sharon '64. 

116 Powhatan Parkway, Hampton, Va 139, 369 

Smith, Margaret L. '66, 

1119 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La 407 

Smith, Mary T. '63, 

3420 Piping Rock Lane, Houston 27, Texas 153, 347 

Smith, Patricia G. '66, 

3443 North Venice St.. Arlington 7, Va 210, 407 

Smith, Sandra Glynn '65, Route 3, Box 401, Covington, Va. 

Smith. Sarah Lynn '65, Route 3, Box 401, Covington, Va 264 

Smith. Sharon A. '65. 4798 West Ave., Washington. D. C 387 

Smith. Susan E. '65, 

172 Elatan Dr.. Pittsburgh. Pa 155, 218. 38"' 

Smith. Warren C. '66. 2227 Sharon Rd., Charlotte, N. C 235, 407 

Snow. Elizabeth B. '66. 

1712 Hermitage Ave., Huntsville, Ala 264, 407 

Snyder, Mary A. '66. 1315 Green Way Dr., High Point, N. C 407 

Snyder. Mary E. '66. Darlington Rd., Darling, Pa 144, 407 

Southmayd. Carol J. '65. 

4902 Fort Sumner Dr.. Washington. D. C 159, 129, 387 

Speck, Linda J. '64. 3204 Churchill Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 369 

Speck. Martha L. '66. 3204 Churchill Rd.. Raleigh, N. C 153 


Sperry, Sue '63, 226 Elbern Ave., Harrison. Ohio 306, 135, 348 

Spivey, Peggy J. '66. 

2312 N. W. 52, Oklahoma City, Okia 267, 407 

Spratt, Sally J. '63. 

2318 Sherwood Ave.. Charlotte. N. C 312, 348, 235 

Stallings, Ann C. '63, 1 Alastair Crt. Apts., Durham, N. C 348 

Stanley, Margaret J. '66, 

3915 Devine St., Columbia, S. C 136, 407 

Stansbury, Dale G. '66, 

2116 Wright Ave.. Greensboro, N. C 146, 407 

Stead, Nancy W. '66, 2122 Myrtle Dr.. Durham, N. C 408 

Stein, Jerry B. '65. 202 Stedman St.. Fayetteville, N. C. 
Stencel, Michelle M. '63, Windswept Dr., Asheville, N. C. 
Stephens. Ann Lyn '65, 620 Manchester Lane. Birmingham, Ala. 

Sterling. Lesley J. '66, P. O. Box 1163, Raleigh, N. C 408, 64 

Stettler, Kathleen C. '64, 105 Highland Ave., Passaic. N. J 307 

Stevens. Lynn B. '66, Naval Air Station, Key West, Fla 408. 244 

Stevenson. Monica L. '65, 

American Embassy, Santiago, Chile 155, 38 

Stilwell, Louise A. '64, Hq. U.S. Army Supp. Group, 

Vietnan APO 143, San Francisco, Calif 370 

Stinnett, Ann R. '63, 

P. O. Box 633. Brenham, Texas 159, 158, 349 

Stone. Margaret P. '65. 929 Starling Ave.. Martinsville, Va 387 

Stover, Pamela Anne '65, 502 Station Ave., Langhorne, Pa 387 

Strayhorn. Martha D. '64. 

Woodmont Blvd.. Nashville. Tenn... 307. 135. 211. 370, 309 

Strother, Rebecca A. '63, 

5806 Kimbal St.. Raleigh. N. C 121. 149, 202, 349 

Stroupe, Sandra P. '66, 

2300 Laburnum Ave., Charlotte, N. C 144, 408 

Stubbs, Rowena M. '66, 

4975 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville, Fla 148, 408 

Stubbs, Sara M. '66, 

3080 South Detroit Way, Denver, Col 150, 408 

Stuckey, Carol L. '64, 2219 Beverly Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 149. 370 
Sugg. Ann '63. 

517 Shady Circle Dr.. Rocky Mount. N. C 149, 211, 350 

Sun, Pamela P. '65, 3304 River Rd.. Toledo. Ohio 159, 388 

Surbaugh, George A. '66. R R 6, Box 78. Anderson. Ind 134, 408 

Surratt, Mary E. '63. P. O. Box 5. Rose Hill. N. C 211, 388, 257 

Sutch, Ruth M. '65. 148 Cedar Lane, Cheshire, Conn 218, 388 

Sutton, Sara K. '63. Route 1. Faison. N. C 157. 129, 350 

Swain. Elizabeth '64, 

2824 Wesleyan Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C 370 

Swain, Lamar Marie '65 

603 Small St. Wash Park, Washington. N. C 137, 388 

Swaringen. Cheryl C. '66, 

705 B West Wendover Ave., Greensboro, N. C 148, 408 

Sydnor, Caroline M. '64, 

920 Vicar Lane, Alexandria, Va 155, 370 

Taggart, Barbara J. '64. 516 Ardmore Ave., Pitman, N. J .370 

Tarpley. Mary C. '65, 

2828 Cherrywood Ave., Dallas. Tex 223. 388 

Tart, Edwina A. '63. 1509 Willow Rd.. Hendersonville. N. C 350 

Tart, Lois M. '65, 454 W. Market St., York, Pa 151, 388 

Tarwater, Nancy P. '66. Rt. 4. Box 65, Harriman, Tenn 158, 408 

Tavernise. Pia '65. 208 Watts St., Durham, N. C. 

Taylor. Jeanette M. '63, 618 Elm St., Greenville, N. C 350 

Taylor. Rebecca J. '65. Gatesville, N. C 388 

Teets. Catherine A. '65. 

7621 S. W. 64th Court, Miami, Fla 159, 388 

Temple, Nancy L. '65, 

271 Brewer Ave.. Winter Park, Fla 135, 388 

Thacker, Joyce M. '65, 

P. O. Box 35. Ent. A. F. B. Colorado 143, 388, 260 

Thayer, Ann W. '65, 

3804 Friendly Rd., Greensboro. N. C 154. 370. 261 

Theobald, Joan L. '66. 

108 Meriden Dr., Hockessin, Del 146, 235, 408, 260 

Thomas, Helen L. '64, 

1285 Hillside Dr., Lancaster, Pa 350, 309, 244 

Thomas, Sandra K. '63, Rt. 7, Box 806, Sanford, N. C 350 

Thompson, Janet M. '66, 

4610 Cedar Oaks Lane, Bellaire, Texas 408 

Thompson, M. Jeanne '63. 

303 Yeager St., Tullahoma, Tenn 267, 350 

Thompson. Nancy W. '63. River Rd., Washington, N. C 306 

Thompson, Rebecca J. '65. 

632nd Radar Sqdn.. Roanoke Rapids. N. C 388 

Thornton. June W. '65, 

2765 Hillandale Circle, Macon. Ga 137, 388 

Tinsley, Ethel M. '66, 3 M Bldg. 1, 3-Chome Omote Cho Akasada, 

Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 142, 388, 408 

Tiregol, Fusun A. '63, 

Semsipasa Ogdulsok, No. 43, Uskudar. Istanbul. Turkey 351 


Titus, Jane W. '65, 

2060 Grand Blvd., Schenectady. N. Y 388, 235, 244 

Tobin, Sammie L. '65, 733 Schrubb Dr., Dayton, Ohio... .141, 370 

Todd, Brenda G. "66, R. F. D. 2, Fredericktown. Ohio 235, 408 

Tofflemire, Patricia A. '65, Sierra-Gorda 265, 

Lomas De Barr, Me.xico, 10 DF Mexico 305, 145. 270, 388 

Tolson, Jane E. '63, 5615 Glenwood, Bethesda, Md 244 

Tomlinson, Judith E. '66, 

455 Terhune Rd., Princeton. N. J 408, 257 

Tousey, Gail M. '64, 

4401 Country Club Rd., Jacksonville, Fla 149. 370 

Towle, Patricia M. '63, 

33 F Venetian Wy., Apt. 85, Miami Beach. Fla 207, 351 

Trent, Mary Duke '63, 1415 Bivins St., Durham, N. C 351 

Trent. Mary E. '64, 

7000 Beach Plaze. St. Petersburg Bch., Fla 151, 370. 304 

Trent, Rebecca G. '64. 1415 Bivins St.. Durham, N. C 129 

Trimbur, Nancy J. '64. 32(14 Crescent Dr.. Warren. Ohio.. 1 59, 370 

Triplett. Joy E. '63. 3112 Ardsley Dr., Orlando, Fla 351 

Tucker, Nancy A. '66, 25 JefTerson Rd., Orlando, Fla 408 

Turner, Suzanne L. '66, 514 Aquahart Rd., Glen Burnie, Md. .408 
Tuttle, Wendelin H. '65, 

1000 Mary Allen Lane, Mountainside, N. J... 159 

Tuul, Mall '65, 90 Caryl Ave., Yonkers, N. Y 218, 388, 244 

Tyler, Margaret C. '66, 6103 Temple Rd., Jacksonville, Fla 408 

Ullenberg, Judith A. '65, 

1317 Woodhill Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn 388 

Umstead. Merle B. '64, 1552 Hermitage Ct., Durham, N. C. 
Upchurch, Mabel S. '64, 1724 Canterbury Rd., Raleigh, N. C...371 
Uzzell, Margaret A. '63, 

617 S. Madison Ave., Goldsboro, N. C 351 

Vail, Helen W. '64. 2730 Circle Dr.. Durham, N. C 159, 371 

Vale, Kathryn A. '65, Box 85, Goldston, N. C 388 

Van De Ree, Carol E. '65. Box 20, Route 2. Clinton, Md 388 

Van Dyck. Judith L. '63, 

422 Sinclair St., Norfolk, Va 143. 202, 351 

Van Kyke, Maureen K. '66, 5916 E. Seventh St., Tulsa, Okla. 409 
Van Landingham, Carol L. '66, 

Erwin HeiKhts. Thomasville, N. C ...409 

Venning, Virginia R. '66, 1620 Queens Rd., Charlotte, N. C 409 

Vick. Bonnie G. '63, 3063 Marne Dr., Atlanta, Ga 21 1, 351 

Vintmner. Jane M. "64. 35 Academy St.. Franconia, N. H 371 

Vogel, Lynne M. '63, 41 12 25th Place North, Arlington, Va... .351 
Volbera. Phyllis D. '63. 532 Forestdale Rd., Kingsport, Tenn. 

Wagoner. Judity A. '65. 155 Spring Rd.. Scotia, N. Y 388 

Waisman, Margaret '64, 33 Ladoga Ave., Tampa, Fla 371 

Wald. Gail Sue '63, 635 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C...139. 352 
Waldchen, Helen E. '63, 414 Grove St., Westfield. N. J. 
Waldrop, Gwendolyn '64, 

Route 5, Box 243, Richmond, Va 309, 264, 371 

Walker, Beatrice A. '66, 

1885 Shore Dr. S. Apt. 314, St. Petersburg, Fla. 409 

Walker, Margaret B. '66, 

2223 West Club Blvd.. Durham, N. C 409 

Wallace, Sue D. '64, P. O. Box 875, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Wallwork, Lany K. '63, 

1703 Green Hills Dr.. Nashville, Tenn 147. 352 

Walston, Daisy P. "66. Box 122. Tarboro, N. C... 409 

Wanless, Carole R. '63, 2024 Wiggins. Springfield. Ill, \4}. 352 

Wanless, Julia M. '66. 2024 Wiggins, .Springfield. IIL 142. 409 

Ward, Ann C. '63, 

Chaplains Office, St. Elizabeths Hosp.. Washington, D. C 352 

Warn, Martha R. '63, 

127 White Oak Ridge Rd., Short Hills. N. J 207 

Warner, Janet L. '66, 2501 Park Ave., Rivera Beach. Fla. 
Washburn. Barbara J. '64, 

1906 East Oakland, Bloomington, III.. .147. 221. 371 

Waterman. Patricia '65. 185 Saranac Ave., Buffalo, N. Y...145, 389 

Waters, Elizabeth W. '63. 5110 Longfellow. Tampa. Fla 202 

Watson, Barbara G. '65. Box 185, Rowland, N. C. 389 

Watson, Jean C. '65, 

4023 Briston Rd., Durham, N. C 149, 218, 389 

Watson, Katrina J. '64, 

2123 Woodland Ave.. Raleigh, N. C 137, 371 

Watson, Susan D. '66, 1928 Ranaer Ct. 

USNTC, Halsey Village. Great Lakes, 111 409 

Watson, Wendy P. '65, Box 419. Route 2, McLean, Va. 389 

Weatherford, Elizabeth R. '66, 

1625 Peabody Ave., Memphis, Tenn 142, 409 

Weaver, Janet Marie '64, Box 138, Bailey. N. C 140, 141. ^71 

Weaver, Sandra E. '63. 1515 N. McKinley Rd.. Arlington. Va. 352 
Weaver, Sarah L. '65, Fresno 211, 

Colonia Aguila, Tampico Tamps, Mexico.. 141, 389 

Webber, Winona L. '64. 2441 Temple Dr.. Winter Park, Fla 371 
Weber, Joan C. '65, 

167 Scarcliffe Dr., Malverne, N. Y 267, 389 

Weeks, Barbara K. '64, 

1445 Canterbury Ct., .Aiken, S. C 153 371 

Weeks, Beverly V. '63, ' 

1317 N. Gregson St., Durham, N. C 137 352 

Weiner, Judith A. '63, 

304 Crittenden St., Greenville, Miss 353, 309 

Weldon. Nancy L. '64, 1527 Queens Rd., Charlotte, Nl. C. ' 371 
Welfare, Kathleen '66, 

2641 Reynolds Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 136, 409 

Welt. Phoebe '63, 602 Fifth Ave., Iowa City, Iowa 151, 202 353 
Welter. Elizabeth A. '63, 

1031 Field Place, Baldwin, N. Y 318, 353 

West, Ruth T. '66, 120 Midway Ave., Clarks Summit, Pa... 158, 409 
Westcott, Martha D.. 142-B. Rt. 1, Durham, N. C. 
Wheat, Mary Erskine. '64, 

133 Greenville St. S. W., Aiken, S. C 371 

Wheland, Margaret E. '63, 

9033 S. Bell Ave., Chicago 20, III..... 153, 129, 353 

Whisnant. Betty L. '66. 2917 Crosby Rd., Charlotte, N. C 409 

White, Catherine M. '63. 2520 Kenmore Rd.. Richmond, Va. 
White, Christine Perry '64, 

Box 21. Glen Head, N. Y 147. 371, 65 

White, Frances Randolph '65, Caixa 878 Campinas, 

Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil 147, 218 ^89 

White. Jane Dale "64, 921 Elizabeth Rd., Shelby, N. C. 
White, Jo Ann '63, 

16th and Boulevard, Barnegat Light, N. J 267, 353 

White. Sarah N. '66, 

106 E. Hillcrest Dr., Greenville, S. C 136, 409 

White. Susan Arline '63, 

180 Mayfair Dr.. Pittsburgh 28, Pa 143, 202, 353 

Whitley, Lynda Carole '64, 

3289 Arnwood Ave.. Macon, Ga 218, 389 

Whitmire, Clara Ann '63, 217 Meyers Dr., Greenville, S. C 3<i3 

Wilbourne, Harriet S. '64, Box 308, Lillington. N. C 141, 371 

Wilcox, Cynthia Gould "63, Mahkeenac Farm 42, Lenox, Mass. .353 
Wilcox. Landis Rose '64 

356 Fairfax Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 143, 371 

Wiley Sarah H. '63, 

Wakefield Forest, Earlysville, Va 135, 353 305 

Wilkinson, Lillian Anne '64, 

718 Garden St., Charleston, W. Va.. 137, 218, 371 

Willert, Lorraine V. '66. 

111-15 75 Ave.. Forest Hills 75. N. Y 409 

Williams. Alice J. '66, 

Blue Haven. Leesville Rd.. Raleigh, N. C. 148, 409. 390 

Williams. Ann Malloy '65. 

43 Red Cloud Rd., Fort Rucker. Ala 306, 159, 389 

Williams, Carol '63. Rt. 6, Raleigh, N. C 148, 149, 353 

Williams, Catherine T. '63, 817 North Leahy, Pawhuska, Okla. 
Williams, Elizabeth K. '66, 

N. Tennessee Rd., Box 324, Cartersville, Ga 136, 409 

Williams, Frances G. '66, 

2147 Roswell Ave., Charlotte 7, N. C 154, 202 

Williams, Martha '64, 1441 Perkin St., Alcoa, Tenn. 
Williams, Mary Frances '65, Box 238, Boonville, N. C... .159, 389 
Williams. Patti Jean '63, 1 1435 Fuerte Farms Rd., El Cajon, Calif. 
Williams. Roberta G. '63. 

120 N. Franklin St.. Rocky Mount, N. C 306, 227, 226, 354 

Williams. Ruth '63, Rt. I, Box 242, Erwin Rd., Durham, N. C...354 
Williams. Schuyler '66, 

13 Snowfield Court, Midland, Mich 150, 409 

Willis. Edith '63, Rt. 2, Candler, N. C 149, 354 

Willis, Elizabeth D. '63, 

4923 Kilbourne Rd., Columbia, S. C 135, 354 

Willis, Mary Alice '64. 

7737 N. Club Circle. Milwaukee 17. Wis 155 

Willis, Mary H. '66. 407 4th St.. Hickory, N. C 136, 409 

Willis. Patricia '63. 120 Jackson Springs Rd.. Macon. Ga 157 

Wilson. Ann Davie '63, 

1910 North Woodstock St., Arlington, Va 354 

Wilson. Jo E. '63. 3061 Wallace Circle, Huntington, W. Va 354 

Wilson. Mary Pittman '65. 

1729 N. W. I 1th Rd.. Gainesville, Fla ...147, 389 

Wilson, Patricia Gail '64, 5925 North 5th St., Arlington 3, Va...372 

Winfree, Sari Lynn '63, 807 N. Eugene St., Greensboro. N. C 354 

Winstead. Elizabeth '65. 

4507 Bordeaux Ave.. Dallas, Texas 155. 389 

Wise. Alcthea Stewart '65. 

1857 Louden Heights Rd., Charleston, W. Va 159, 389 

Wisecarver. Marva A. '66. 

1200 Queens Rd. W. 43, Charlotte. N. C 410 

Wishnov, Barbara L. '64. 1400 Kent St., Durham, N. C 354 

Witherspoon, Jane C. '65, 

1332 The Terrace, Hagerstown. Md 149, 218, 389 

Wobus. Elizabeth A. '66. 20 Juanita Place. Belleville, 111. .235, 410 


Wolf, Mary Magdalene '64, 

2217 South 61st Ave., Cicero 50. Ill 305, 143, 372 

Woodard. Carol A. '63, 

525 San Esteban Ave., Coral Gables, Fla 307, 143, 354 

Woodard, Dee A. "66, 

519 Idaho Ave., Honley Park. Charleston, S. C 148, 410 

Woodburn, Judith Irene "64. 316 Mosby Ave., Littleton, N. C...389 
Woodruff. Mary Kathryn '65, 

7 Main St., Englishtown, N. J ...147, 389 

Woolley, Eloise C. "66, 

418 W. Main St., Elizabeth City, N. C 235, 267, 411) 

Wooten, Mary Bryan '64, Route 1, Kjnston, N. C. 
Worden, Susan F. '64, 519 Valley Lane, Falls Church, Va. 
Worley. Jeanne K. '66, 

389 Merriweather, Grosse Pointe, Mich 140, 410 

Worley. Judy Jo '65, 1130 Catawba, Kingsports, Tenn 389 

Wri^ht. Amanda T. '63, 

1424 Lakeview Dr.. Falls Church, Va 318, 151, 355 

Wriaht, Marguerite Sue '63, 

3539 Hamstead Ct., Durham, N. C 355 

Wrisht, Ola R. '66, 

4201 River Road N.W., Washington 16, D. C 136, 410 

Wright, Roberta A. '66, 

4327 Wigton Dr., Houston, Texas 134, 410 

Yarbrough, Virginia Ileen '65, 

105 College Ave., Thomasville, N. C 372 

Yarnall, Lynn Louise '64, 

122 Keeling Rd. East, Greensboro, N. C 147 

Yeh, Betty "64, 108 Walton Dr., Lynchburg, Va 389 

York, Telia Ann '64, 4502 Fairchild Loop, Larson A. F. B. Wash. 

Young, Candace '66, 1 1 10 Shepherd St., Durham, N. C 410 

Young, Elizabeth 8. '63, 

1216 Richardson Dr., Reidsville, N. C 355 

Young, Margaret A. '63. 

23 Ridge Rd. East, Berkeley Hts., N. J 159, 355 

Young, Martha Cozart '63, 2504 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 
Young, Mary A. '63, 1305 Park Ave., Baltimore 17, Md. 
Young, Patricia Mae '64, 1401 North Roan St., Johnson City, Tenn. 
Yucel. Guler F. '65, 

Moda Caddesi No. 7, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey .224. 223. 389 
Zaugg, Mary Cecile '64, 4721 Columbia Rd., Annandale, Va. 
Zbikowski. Gwendolyn Ann "65, 2 Fairmont Ave., Terryville, Conn. 
Zirkle, Ellen V. '63, 801 Kentwood Dr., Blacksburg, Va. 
Zlotowitz, Ruth Carolyn '65, 

3625 Forest Garden Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. 


Aballi, Arturo Jose, Jr. "65, 1241 S. Mendenhall, Memphis, Tenn. 
Abbot. Haviland H. '63. 

5223 Kanawha Ave.. Charleston 4. W. Va 177, 320 

.-Khbott, John Alfred '65, 

127 Clayton Ave., Waynesboro, Penn 224, 358 

Abbott. Sefton F. "63, 

607 N. Pineview, Goldsboro, N. C 320, 290 

Abbott, Thomas P. '63, 

5400 SW 98 Terrace. South Miami, Fla 175, 320 

Abernethy, John A. '64, 403 E. Market St., Johnson City. Tenn. 
Abernethy. Roy F.. Jr. '66. 

625 Briarwood Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn 392 

Ackerknecht, William E., Ill '64, 

6247 N. 22nd Rd.. Arlinston 5, Va .....358, 243 

Ackerley, Robert E. '66, 3 Leaf Place, Elmsford, N. Y 392 

Adams, Andrew J., Jr. '63, C.G. XIX Corps, 

Ft. Chaffee, Ft. Smith, Ark 165, 320, 300, 274 

Adams, Charles F. '64, Java, Va 215, 358 

Adams, Clifford Sweet '65, 

515 Warren Rd.. San Mateo. Calif 189, 376 

Adams, James Albert '64, Box 391, Roscoe, N. Y 161 

Adams, Robert C. '66, 895 Davis Dr. N.W., Atlanta, Ga...l60, 392 
Adiam, James Kenneth '65. 

1731 Hilltop Rd.. Jenkintown, Penn .376, 243 

Ahnfeldt, Arnold L., Jr. '65, 

1301 S. Scott St., Arlington, Va 226, 376 

Ake, James L. '66. Lynnhaven Dr.. Dover, Dela 188. 392 

Akins. William H.. Jr. '64. 9202 Duke Station. Durham. N. C. 

Albright. William U.. Jr. '66. 2107 Ruffin St.. Durham. N. C 392 

Aldridge, John Graves '65, 

Country Club Dr., Rt. 6, Mt. Airy. N. C 161. 376 

Alexander. Bruce J. '66. 41 Prescott Ave.. White Plains. N. Y 392 

Alexander. James P. '66. 

149 Terrell Mill Dr.. Marietta. Ga 188. 392 

Alexander. John Paul '63. P. O. Box 1. Conroe. Texas .320. 243 
Alexander. Welborn E.. Jr. '63. 

225 Norwood St.. Lenoir. N. C 175, 320 

Allen, John Ashley. Jr. '63. 

402 N. 3rd St.. Smithfield. N. C 320, 249 

Allen, John C. Ill '63, 

703 S. Duke St., Durham, N. C 181, 320, 301 

Allen, Philip H. "66. 216 Parsons Dr. Syracuse, N. Y. 392, 178 

Allen. William Fred '64. 

4101 Bronson Blvd.. Kalamazoo, Mich. 358 

Alley. James Carl '64. 

150 NW 100th Terrace. Miami Shores, Fla 358, 270, 255 

Allsbrook, William Calvin '64, Box 303, Clayton. N. C 358 

Allyn. Donald Lancy "65. 

612 N. Washington Ave.. Moorestown. N. J 173. 376 

Alsentzer. William James. Jr. "64. 

421 Armstrong Ave.. Wilmington 5, Dela 165. 358 

Altmaier. Martin D. "64. 669 Bexley Ave.. Marion. Ohio. .358! 243 
Altman, Charles F. '66, 

814 Morningside Rd., Ridgewood, N. J 392, 243 

Altman, Richard Michael "64, 

460 Prospect Ave., West Orange, N. J. 
Altschuler, Richard Alan "65, 

635 Revere Rd., Merion Sta., Penn 97 

Alvarez, William J. "66, 3235 Mud Lick Rd. SW, Roanoke, Va. 
Alworth, Thomas '63, 

15 Roswell Terrace, Glen Ridge, N. J 177, 320 

Ambler, C. Merrill. Jr. '64. 

828 Glen Rd.. Jenkintown. Penn 358, 99 

Amey, David George '63, 

32 Court St., Lancaster, N. Y 164, 165, 320. 282. 28U 

Amiey. Edward A. '64, 

950 41 Ave., North, St. Petersburg, Fla 173, 320 

AmIey, Robert B. '66, 

950 41 Ave., North. St. Petersburg. Fla 172. 392 

Anders. Charles Alan '65, 

8105 Old Riggs Rd., Hyattsville. Md 225, 376, 281 

Anderson, Bruce Hamilton '63, 

103 Tuxedo Dr., Thomasville, Ga 320, 300, 276 

Anderson, Charles R. '66, 

826'/2 S. Lincoln Ave., Springfield, III 376 

Anderson, Harry Kemp, Jr. '64, 

7131 Andalusia Ave., Jacksonville 7, Fh 187, 358 

Anderson, Lawrence H. '63, 

33 Ellington Dr., E. Northport, N. Y 320 

Anderson, Thomas J. '65, 100 First Ave.. SE, Atlanta, 17, Ga 249 

Anderson, Thomas P. '64, Oflnce Chief Naval Operations, 

Navy Dept., Washington 25, D. C 358 

Anderson. William Eugene '66. 100 E. Front St.. Oxford, N. C...392 
Anderson, William R. '64, 1205 First St., Huntington 1, W. Va. 
Andrews, Craig Neal '65, 

c/o Allis Chalmers. York Works, York. Penn 376 

Andrews. Robert D. '66. Rt. 2. Clayton, N. Y 392 

Anna, Timothy E. "66, 1001 Jeffords St., Clearwater, FJa 392 

Applestein, Jeffrey M. "64, 

245 Ardmore Ave., Trenton 9, N. J. 195 ''■>3 358 

Archie, William C, Jr. "66, 

3101 Churchill Rd., Raleigh, N. C 392, 243 

Arenson, Ronald Lee '65, 

1900 E. Leonard St., Pensacola, Fla 189, 210, 376 

Argy, John '65, 1058 Polk St., Hollywood, Fla 376 

Arline, Arthur Woodson, Jr. '65, P. O. Box 480, Norfolk, Va 376 

Armbrecht, Frank M., Jr. '63, 

7666 Yarmouth Dr., Richmond 25, Va 210, 215, 307, 320 

Armfield, Howard M., Jr. '64, Middleburg, Va 358 

Armour, Clifl'ord A. '63, 

Bayside Dr., North East, Md 201, 224, 320, 273 

Armstrong, Charlton P., Ill '66, 

406 Belmont Ave.. Greenville. S. C 392. 178 

Armstrong. James Jay '63. 

450 S. Wisconsin Ave.. Villa Park. Ill 320 

Armstrong. Robert N. "66, 3 Lake Dr.. Enka, N. C 392, 280 

Arnold, Gary Seth '63. 

417 Hempstead Ave.. Rockville Center, N. Y 195. 320. 273 


Arnold, Richard Ernest '64, 

81 Mapes Ave.. Nutley 10, N. J 

Arnold, William L. -66. 

Canfield Salem Rd.. Rt. 3, Canfield, Ohio 

Arthur, William B., Jr. '64, 

715 Bleeker Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y 358. 275, 

Ash, Andrew W. '66, 130 Beverly Place, Dayton 19, Ohio.. 392, 

Ashby, Donald A. '66, Nassawadox, Va 

Ashmun, Raymond Van, Jr. '65, 

3505 Wt. Scott PL, Denver 21, Colo. 
Ashworth, Thomas Edward '65, 

P. O. Box 323, Appomattox, Va 191, 190, 

Astley, Robert F. "66. 270 NW 110 St., Miami, Fla 174, 

Atkinson, Sid Eugene '64. 2705 Elgin St., Durham, N. C...183, 
Atlee. William A.. Jr. "65. 1414 Ridge Rd., Lancaster, Penn..- 
Atwater, Luther E., Ill '64, 

Arcadia, Rt. 3, Columbia, S. C ...183, 210, 216, 232, 

Auld. Frederick H., Jr. '66, 

1404 Oakmont Rd.. Charleston, W. Va 174, 

Austin, George M. '64, 

2163 Payard Park Dr., Evansville 14, Ind 

Avary, Stephens A.. Jr. '66. 

648 E. Paces Ferrv Rd., NE, Atlanta 5, Ga 392, 

Avera, Talcott Wait '63, 

400 Westover Ave., Winston-Salem. N. C 193, 

Bach, Thomas W. '66. 210 Ashworth Circle. Marion. N. C 

Bachman. Walter E.. HI '65. Bethman Rd., Easton, Penn...l67, 
Backus, Henry Lindsley, III '63, Vernon View, Savannah, Ga. 
Backus, Michael E. '66, 

Dogwood Acres, Rt. 6, Johnson City, Tenn 

Baer. George James '65. 

829 Balfour Rd.. Grosse Pointe Pk. 30. Mich 188, 189, 

Bailey, Charles J. "66. 341 West Waco. Cooper, Texas 
Bailey, George Robert, Jr. '63. 

464 Derby Rd.. Baldwin. N. Y 177, 321, 

Bailey, Richard A. '66. 464 Derby Rd.. Baldwin, N. Y 

Baird, Edward Forrest '65. 

RED 3. West Chester. Penn 193. 213. 281. 

Baird. William Jesse. Ill '65. 

Box 351. Pikeville. Ky 178. 70. 73. 96. 

Baker. Alan W. '66, 

122 Hollywood Parkway. Hollywood. Fla 276. 

Baker. George T.. Ill "63. 

980 Alameda Blvd.. Coronado 18. Calif... 
Baker, William H. "66. 

Hqtrs. 3 USP Reservation. Leavenworth. Kan 166, 392. 

Balitsaris. Peter M. '65. Rotherwood Dr., Knoxville, Tenn 

Ball, Marshall Ray "64, Box 154-A, Thurman Rd.. New Bern, N 
Banks, Lawrence Kirk "65, 

1 10 Beverley Place, Greensboro, N. C 187, 273, 

Banks. Robert M., Jr. '64, 

1017 Dolphin PI., Corpus Christi, Texas 

Bannerman, Ian C. '65. 142 Revere Rd.. Manhasset. N. Y. 
Barbare. Drayton W. '66, 

1516 India Hook Rd., Rock Hill, S. C 280, 

Barbee, Ronald Mills "65, Route 1. Morrisville, N. C 171. 

Barefoot. Sherwood W. "63. 

3107 Madison Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 
Barker. John K. "64. 

1764 NE 16th St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 175. 

Barlow. Richard Smith '65. 

506 N. Third St.. Bardstown. Ky 193. 

Barnes. Edwin Ray '63, 

P. O. Box 786, Hillsboro, N. C 96, 173. 230. 280. 308. 

Barnes, Stephen P. '65. 

287 W. Neck Rd.. Huntingdon. N. Y 167. 376 

Barnett. Gustave G. Ill '63, 

910 Riverview Dr., Brielle, N. J 183, 

Earnhardt, Zeb Elonzo, Jr. '64, 1713 Virginia Rd., 

Winston-Salem. N. C 161.^206, 210, 232. 280. 

Barr, Arthur Michael "63, 4125 Lexington Ave.. 

Jacksonville 10. Fla 172, 173, 230, 308, 

Barr, Roger Coke "64, 385 Tallulah Ave., Jacksonville 8, Fla 

Barr, Stuart George "64, 

29 Cottage Place, Staten Island 2. N. Y 

Bartlett. Peter N. "63. 

23 El Caminito Del Sur. Monterey, Calif. 
Bass. Kenneth C. Ill "65. 

402 Crest Rd.Carrcroft. Wilminyton 3, Del. 162. 210. 214 
Bassett. Richard R. "63. 

Friends Boys School, Ramallah. Jordan 177, 

Baslian. Gary Bradley "66, 

IXfi7 Cleveland Ave., Abington. Penn 243, 

Baswcll, David Lee P. "66, 3 Barnes Rd., Tarrytown, N. Y. 
Bateman, James N. "63, 

209 Cherokee Rd., Pittsburgh 34. Penn 189, 

228, 393 

■age Page 

Bates, Robert Carl "64, 92 Orchard St.. Delmar. N. Y 392 

358 Bettelle. Nicholas Smith "64. 

100 Athens Ave., Madison Township, N. J 161, 280 358 

392 Battle, Pat M. "66, 3800 James Dr., Metarie, La 39-" 

Battles, Philip M., Ill "66, 1002 N St. Tewksbury, Mass 392 

303 Baumgartner, Bruce R. '65. 

243 36 Earnscliff Court. Ft. Thomas. Ky 187 376 

160 Baxter. Thomas W. '66. 

1803 W. Market St.. Greensboro. N. C 180. 392 

Bayes, Guy Anthony "65, 5524 Park Rd., Falls Church. Va. .376 
Baylin. Stephen Bruce '64. 

376 2535 Wrightwood Ave.. Durham. N. C 17 

392 Beam, Michael G. '66, 

358 23502 Westwood Rd., Westlake, Ohio 

99 Beasley. Frederick Alex '65, 

205 Barnard Ave., SE, Aiken, S. C 187. 376 

358 Beasley, Robert Lawson '63, 

417 Walker St.. Durham. N. C 97. 167, 28, 321 

392 Beaven, Warren S. '66, 12 Seminole Ave., Baltimore 28, Md 393 

Bebout. David Denton '64, 

358 20975 Fairmount Blvd.. Shaker Heights. Ohio 161, 358 

Beck. Alan D. '66. 688 Doblin St., Elmont, N. Y 190, 393 

191 Becker, Dennis H. '66, 5 Old Brick Rd., Roslyn Heights, N. Y. 393 

Bedingfield, John R., Jr. '63, 

321 15 S. Greenwood Ave., Ware Shoals, S. C 187, 322 

392 Beguin. Fred A. '63. 2694 Penfield Rd., Fairport, N. Y 90, 97 

376 Beily, Alan J.. '66. 1119 Fourth Ave.. Berwick. Pa 170. 393 

Beimfohr, Carl E. '64. 

2280 S. W. 15th St.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla .....183, 280, 358 

392 Beischer, George D. '63, 

847 Gerhardt Dr., Pensacola. Fla 188, 322 

376 Bell. Alexander W. "66. 

3316 Alexander. Shreveport. La 182, 279, 390, 393 

Bell. Corwin A. "63. 3329 Gail Dr., Columbus, Ga 322 

229 Bell. Don E. '63, 725 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va 243, 322 

392 Bell. Oliver A. "65. 

2604 Garner Rd., Raleigh, N. C 96, 181, 376, 252 

376 Bell, Paul E., Jr. "63. 

3031 S. W. 2nd Ave.. Miami. Fla ...189. 253. 279. 303. 322 

376 Bellman. Donald H.. Jr. "66. 

5807 Chillumgate Rd.. Hyattsville. Md 276, 393 

392 Belvin. William L.. Jr. "64, 19 Flinn Dr., Savannah. Ga 183, 358 

Bendon. James A. "66. 

321 2230 N. E. 17th Court. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 275, 393 

Bengel. Paul R. "63. 1616 Ridge Ave.. Arnold, Pa 63, 96 

273 Benjamin. Albert E., Jr. "65, 

.96 6300 Hollv Lane. Apt. C. Baltimore 12, Md 376 

. C. Benner. Harry R. "66, 10 White Oak Rd., Wilmington, Del 393 

Bennett. Andrew F 184 

376 Bennett. Bruce H. "63, 

321 W. Franklin St., Morrisville, Pa 230, 322, 376 

183 Bennett, Bruce R. "65, 3600 Cantrell Rd. NE. Atlanta 19, Ga 185 

Bennett, Frank W. Ill "63, 1609 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C...249 

Bennett. Gene S. "66. 436 E. Meyer Blvd.. Kansas City, Mo 393 

392 Bennett. John H. "65. 6413 Marjoy Lane, Bethesda 14, Md. 

376 Benson. Karl T. "64, 

729 Chestnut Ave., Falls Church, Va 243, 276, 300, 307, 358 

321 Beresford. Scott F. "65. Addressograph-Muiti Corp.. 

3804 Fourth Ave.. San Diego 3. Calif 185, 376 

358 Bera. Stefan D. "66. 

14 Scmdview Ave.. White Plains. N. Y 190, 393 

376 Bergen. Robert E. "61. 600 Wilson Dr., Lancaster, Pa 188, 393 

Berger, Arthur E. "63, Eastover, S. C 309, 322 

321 Bergman, Alvin B. "64, 201 E. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 

Bernstein. Frank H. "63. Naylors Lane, Pikesville 8, Md. 
301 Bernstein. Jerry C. "66. 

Bell P. Apt. 205 E. Vance St.. Wilson. N. C 393 

321 Berry. Alan D. "65. 

77 Taylor Ave.. Fort Thoma.s. Ky ...96. 175, 376 

358 Berry, Jean P. "64, 

209 E. Wilson Ave.. Mooresville. N. C. 63, 67, 96 

321 Berry, Thomas C, Jr. "65, 

358 104 Lake Shore Dr., Virginia Beach. Va 28J, 376 

Berson, Robert C. "65, 2933 Fairway Dr., Birmingham. Ala. 

358 Berteau. John T. '64, Box 45, Lake Jem, Fla 358 

Bertsch, John R. "65. 

321 3131 Midland Dr., SE. Grand Rapids. Mich 376 

Best. James A., Jr. "63. 

376 Burratie Rd., Route 3. Concord. N. C 18 

Best. Pdiic H. "64. Route 2, Brevard. N. C 

321 Best. Richard A. "ha, 905 Hxuni St.. Durham. N. C. 

Bestic. Philip B. "66. 

376 2525 N. Ridgeview Rd.. Arlington. Va 190. 243, 393 

392 Belhea, Thomas D. '63. 

127 Woodland Dr.. Riverside. Newport News. Va 175. 322 

321 Bierfeld. James L. "65. 275 Ivy Lane, Highland Park. Ill 98 

279. 322 


Bigelow, Robert E. '66, 5220 So. Oswego, Tulsa, Okla 174, 393 

Biles. Brian L. '66, 8 Lazy Lane, Hutchinson, Kan 176, 393 

Billings. Harold D. "65, 2347 Huron St., Durham. N. C 376 

Bingham. Frederick C. Ill '66, 

Mineral Mining Corp., Kershaw, S. C 174. 280, 393 

Birkel, Jack W. '66, 245 Alma Dr., Eau Gallic. Fla 393 

Bischoflf. Douglas K. '66, 

6421 N. Berkeley Blvd., Milwaukee 17, Wise 166, 281, 393 

Bivins, John F., Jr. '64, 

Crestlin Dr., Emerywood Estates, Hish Point, N. C 322 

Black. George B.. Jr. '65. 

714 Morris Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa 167, 376 

Black. Loyd H.. Jr. '66. 

2960 King Alfred Dr., Macon, Ga 393 

Blackard, William R. '65. 

3531 Hedrick St.. Jacksonville 5. Fla 161, 281. 377 

Blackburn. William W. '63. 

2 C HOW BN 15th Arty. Ft. Wainwright, Alaska 189, 322 

Blackshear. William M., Jr. '66, 

1215 W. 11th St.. Panama City. Fla 226, 393 

Blackwelder. Brent F. '64, 

3419 Lowell St. NW. Washington 16, D. C 243, 307, 358 

Blackwelder, William C. '64, 

4142 Statesville Hwy.. Charlotte, N. C 183. 307, 3S9 

Blair, David E. '66, 

5555 Wissahickon Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa 190, 393 

Blair, Richard W. '64. 425 S. Garfield, Hinsdale, 111 167, 359 

Blakely, John T. '66, 1810 Sherwood Dr., Beloit, Wise. 174 393 
Blanco, David B. '63. 

1000 Wellington Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 161. 322 

Bland, Roberi N. "63, 108 Cody St.. St. Albans, W. Va. 216. 322 
Bliss, Gerald K.. '65, 1821 Brookdale Ave.. Charlotte, N. C. 
Blitch. James B.. Jr. "66, 6104 Backlick Rd.. Springfield, Va. 393 
Blitzer, Sidney M., Jr. '66. 

2445 Terrace Ave., Baton Rouge. La 194 393 

Blumfeldt. David W. '63, 

40 Lebanon Hills Dr.. Pittsburgh 28, Pa 91, 97, 236, 323 

Bobo, Harold T. '66, Rt. 1, Buriington, N. C 180, 393 

Boehm, Michael W. '66, 

115 Woodlawn Dr.. Chatanooga. Tenn..._ 184, 393 

Boericke, James F. '64, 134 Grays Lane, Haverford, Pa. 97' 3'>9 
Boggs, Parker T. '66. Box 552. Falmouth. Mass. 

Bohn, Clyde M.. Jr. '66, Union Bridge, Md 393 

Bond. Stephen E. '66, 810 Snell Isle Blvd.. St. Petersburg, Fia...i72 
Bonham. George G. "63. 

1323 Bywood Lane. Charlotte 9. N. C 232 323 

Bonham. Thirwall W. '65. 

1323 Bywood Lane, Charlotte, N. C 359 

Booher. Kermit R jgg 

Booker. John Parks. Jr. '63. N. Church St., Waihalla, S. C. 

Boop, John M., '66. 5160 Emory Circle. Jacksonville. Fla 393 

Borgman, William F., Jr. '66. 

1137 Illsley, Fort Wayne, Ind 170, 393 

Bosher, Roberi M.. '65. 317 Bob-o-Link Dr.. Virginia Beach. Va 
Boswell. R. Neal '65, Rt. 2, Canal Rd.. Brunswick. Ga... 175, 377 
Boswell. Wade M. '65, 2601 Delrose Dr., Knoxville 14, Tenn. 377 
Bottcher, Dana C. '64, 44 Highland St., Holden, Mass. 
Boughton, James M. '66, 

2105 Crestview Court. Lafayette, Ind _..._ 253, 393 

Bouman, John Karl '65, 

8 Westerly Way. Binghamton, N. Y 275, 377 

Bovard, Brian E. "66. 

766 Blocmfield Blvd.. Jackson. Mich 170, 393 

Bowers. W'lliam R. '66. Route 3. Butler, Ind ! .393 

Bowling, Fred Gay, Jr. '66. 506 N. Shipley St., Seaford, Dela...377 
Bowman, Charies R. '63, 

Remsens Lane, RED 1, Oyster Bay, N. Y 173, 323 

Bowman. Frank L. '66. 

4403 Kemp Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn 160, 233, 281, 393 

Boyce, Samuel Alexander, '64, 

Route 10, Box 421, Charlotte, N. C 359 

Boyd, Roberi Allan '63, 

1908 Liberiy Dr., Greensboro, N. C 183 3->3 

Boyer, Barry B. '66, 5801 S.W. 86th St., Miami 43 Fla ' 393 

Boyer, Heath C. '63, ' " 

1 Alderton Ct., Islington, Ontario, Canada... 205 ^go 3''3 

Boyett, Roberi Lee, Jr. '64. 2272 Wineleas Rd.. D^cjturGa ' 3^9 
Boyle, William J.. Jr. '66. 

235 Bunkers Cove Rd.. Panama City. Fla 393 

Bracy, Benjamin F. '65, 

550 Middleton St. N. E.. Orangeburg, S. C. 96 174 377 

Bracy. Christopher W. '66. 

1936 Washington St.. Allentown, Penna. ')75 393 

Bradbury, Paul Thomas '64, " ' " ' 

1661 Mt. Paran Rd.. N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 189 359 

/a... 275, 393 

ReidsviUe, N. C 377 


Bradley, Samuel M. '66, 

2324 N. Powhatan St., Arlington 5. > 
Brannock, Larry Richard '65. Route 1, 
Branscomb, Ernest J., Jr. '65. 

506 Acorn Ct.. Chattanooga 5, Tenn. 
Breazeale, James A. '64. 

1040 Twinkletown Rd.. Memphis 16, Tenn 167, 359 

Bredder, Roy Stanley '65, 

49 Skyline Dr.. Morris Township. N. J 377 

Bredenberg, Allan N. '66. Hopbrook Rd., Bethany, Conn. 394 
Breitweiser, Robert A.. Jr. '63, 

2774 N. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va 169, 323 

Brennan, James, Jr., "64, 

2020 Wawa Ave., Durham, N. C 251, 359 

Brennan, John William '63, 

416 North St., Portsmouth, Va 175, 323 

Brewster. John E., Jr. '65, 1220 N. Main St., Wheaton, III. ' 377 
Brick, Jeffrey M. '66, 

5516 W. 81st Terr.. Prairie Village. Ka 194, 233 394 

Bridgeman, Kenneth S. '65, 

2517 Hilliard Rd., Richmond 28, Va 377 

Bridger, Joseph L. '64, Box 397, Bladenboro, N. C 359 

Bridgers, John Furman "64, 503 W. Nash St., Wilson, N. C 359 
Bridges, Daniel W., Jr. '63, 

423 Worster Ave., Hampton, Va 96, 169, 323 

Bridges, Wayne Eugene "64, 814 East 22 St., Hialeah, Fla !..359 

Brienza, Nicholas '66. 

736 Oglethorpe St. N.E., Washington, D. C 394 

Briggs, Robert William "63, 

1575 Bellevue Dr., Wooster. Ohio 174, 175, 290, 323 

Brigham, John Carl '64, 

212 Fernwood Ave.. Upper Montclair, N. J.... 171, 359 

Brill, Howard W. '66. 2725 Dach Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 
Brim. Thomas P. '66. Route 2. Mount Airy, N. C. ''57 394 

Brindle. James H. '66. 3334 N. Third St., Harrisburg, Pa 243^ 394 

Brinson, Lloyd George, Jr. '63. 

Box 375. New Bern. N. C 97, 178, 280 323 

Brinton, David N. "66. 1224 Olive St., Coatesville, Pa. ' I64' 394 
Britton. Ernest L. '66. 

1010 Wateree St., Kingsport, Tenn 2^6 394 

Britton, Howard W. '63. 

1010 Wateree St., Kingspori, Tenn 229, 324 

Brodie, George F. '66, 

614 Lynwood Dr., Montgomery 5, Ala 243, 394 

Brodsky, Barry H. "66, 4226 Castlewood Rd., Charlotte, N. c' 394 
Broesche, Travis C. '63, 3114 Aberdeen Way. 

Houston 25. Texas ......187. 205. 206, 290, 310, 324 

Broker, Nathanael '65, 18 Rockland Rd.. Concord, N. H 377 

Brooks, Charles Irving '65, 

135 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y 377 

Brooks. David Roberi '63. 321 Oakwood Dr., Antioch. IH 377 

Brooks, Donald Bradley '66, 

831 Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro. N. C 161 

Broske. Stuart P. '66. 

2128 Donald Ave., Huntington, W. Va 174, 394 

Brown. Carrol 178* 279 

Brown. David C. Jr. '63, 

224 Moultrie Square. Anderson, S. C 324 

Brown, David Kepler '64, 

8317 Robert Bruce Dr.. Bon Air 35, Va 183, 359 

Brown, Douglas Coleman '64, 

8012 Vale St., Alexandria, Va 96, 175, 359 

Brown, Gerald L. '63, Box 331 Hull Rd., Athens, Ga ' ' 3^4 
Brown, Harold Clifford, Jr. '66, 

68 Chesopeian Trail, Lynnhaven, Va 280, 394 

Brown, Paul Frederick, Jr. '65, 

904 Allen Dr.. Clearwater, Fla 193 377 

Brown. Peter W. "66, 5933 Prospect Rd., Peoria, III 162,' 394 

Brown, Ralph Edward '65, 

1631 Marion Ave.. Durham. N. C 165 275 377 

Brown. Stanley C. '65, 18 Rounds St.. New Bedford Mass 
Brown, Timothy Scott '65, Chffdale Rd., Greenwich, Conn. 377 
Browne. Joseph Dillon. Jr. '64, 

1550 Prospect PI.. Ashland. Ky ...99, 171, 359 

Brownstein. Kenneth R. '66, 

8823 Forest View, Skokie, III... 194, 394 

Broyles, John D. '66, 2132 Buckingham Rd., Raleigh, N. C.....394 
Bruce, James W. "66, 

1300 Clifford Rd.. Wilmington 5. Dela 243, 394 

Bruen, James Alton. Jr. '63. 

600 Cedar St. N. W.. Washington 12. D. C 167, 210, 324 

Brumby, Richard Gray. II '63. 3048 Andrews Dr.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Brunson. David W. "65. 1426 Henderson St.. Columbia. S. C. 
Bryan. John Rupert, Jr. "64. 

402 Pine Valley Dr., Wilmington, N. C 189. 359 

Bryant, Leonard S. '63. 326 Brookvale Rd., Butler, N. J 324 

Bryant. Michael L. '66. 

717 N. Indian River Dr., Cocoa. Fla 200. 394 

Bryant, Wallace Dean '63. Blairs. Va. 
Bryce. George B. "66. 

211 Windsor Rd.. Alexandria, Va 182, 281, 394 

Brydges. James Edward. Jr. "64. 

1679 Spotswood Place. Lynchburg. Va 359 

Bryson, Daniel R. '63. 818 .Anderson St.. Durham, N. C 169. 324 

Buchanan, Robert T. '63. 

418 Kings Court. San Antonio 12. Tex 193, 324 

Buchanan, William E. '66. 

Apt. 22. 3903 Riverside Dr.. Tulsa. Okla 174. 394 

Buck, George S. '66, 

4059 Abingdon Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 168. 394 

Buckley, Jay Lynn '64. 

3007 Laurel Lane. Cheverly, Md 178, 359 

Buckner. Spencer A.. Jr. '64, 

209 E. Woodlawn Ave.. Falls Church. Va 307, 359 

Budd. Joel Kirk '63, Route 3. Sanford. N. C 178. 324 

Buddington. Richard S. '64, 

3902 Commander Dr., Hyattsville, Md 181, 210, 359 

Bugg, John E. '66, 

1544 Hermitage Court. Durham, N. C 168. 394 

Bullock. Gerald Ross. 520 Morreen Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Burd. William Henry '66. 

936 Lambeth Circle. Durham, N. C 216, 394 

Burdette. Marvin David '65. 

Jan Dr.. College Park. Ga 70, 96. 169. 359 

Burdge. Lawrence Reid '64. 

46 Hilltop Terrace, Red Bank, N. J 183. 359 

Burgess, Andrew L., Jr. '65, 

2760 N. Quincy St.. Arlington. Va - 187, 280 

Burgess. Stanley E. '64, 400 Bluebill Lane, Alexandria, Va. 

Burgstahler. Robert J. '66. 6246 Hills Dr., Birmingham. Mich 394 

Burke. David Lawrence '65, 

51 Em.-rson Rd., Winchester, Mass 161, 2X0. 377 

Burnham. R. F.. Jr. '63, 1403 Hewitt St., Falls Church. Va 324 

Burns. John Gordon '65, 

1126 Lynbrook Dr., Charlotte 7, N. C 181. 377 

Burns. Stanley T. '66. 1520 Brightridge Dr.. Kingsport. Tenn...394 
Burrice. John W. '66. 712 Greenridge Lane. Louisville. Ky. 
Burrice. Robert Nickell '65. 

712 Greenridge Lane. Louisville. Ky 377 

Burrichter, August R. '66. P. O. Box 42. Homestead, Fla 394 

Burris, George F.. Ill '66. 

129 Boiling Rd. N. E.. Atlanta 5. Ga 184. 394 

Burslem, William A.. Jr. '65, 5710 38th Ave., Hyattsville, Md 377 

Burton, Richard S. '66, 

7 Boughton Hill Rd., Honeoye Falls, N. Y 186. 394 

Busch. Gerald K. '65. 

945 Sierra Ventana. Mexico City, Mexico - 377 

Butts, Edward B. '64. 153 Lewis Ave., Salem, Va. 

Buzzard, Lynn Robert '63, 1425 Windsor Dr.. Gladstone, Ore. 

Byers. Thomas B. '66. Box 350, Forest City. N. C 394 

Byrd, Hal C, Jr. '66, 

1009 Glendalyn Circle, Spartanburg, S. C. .180. 394 

Casaiano, Joseph Louise '65, 28 Gates Ave., Summit, N. J. 
CaMwell. Edward Riddle '65. 

1031 Tennyson Dr., Charlotte 8, N. C 243 

Caldwell, Mark Jeffrey '65. 

113 Timothy Ave.. Clinton. Tenn 96. 169, 377 

Caleen, Reynold Laurence '65, 

221 Jamaica Lane, Palm Beach, Fla 279, 377 

Calkins, Burton J., Ill '66. 

Blackberry Lane. Box 78. Wallingford, Conn 394 

Callahan, Joseph B. "64. 162 Kennedy St., Bradford, Pa 359 

Caltagirone, Wm. Andrew '65, 

lOtuttle Rd., Briarcliff Manor, N. Y 359 

Cameron, Donald Curtis '65, 

41 Marquette Rd.. Upper Montclair. N. J 171. 377 

Camp, Ernest, 111, '64, 

2597 Birchwood Dr. N.E.. Atlanta 5, Ga 161. 359 

Campbell. Frank A.. Jr. '63. 

1239 Keene Rd., Clearwater. Fla 173, 210, 324 

Campbell, James Stewart '65, 

6711 Burlwood Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C 243. 377 

Campbell. John L. '66, 

230 Philadelphia Ave.. Waynesboro, Pa 164. 394 

Campbell. Robert Clarke "65, 

1239 Keene Rd., Clearwater, Fla 173, 210. 359 

Campbell. Stephen E. '66, 

106 W. Quincy Terrace, Lexington Park, Md 180. 394 

Cannon, Linden Kinder, III '65, 

3 Totten St., Fort Bragg, N. C - 185. 359 

Caraway, James Spence '65, 

1981 Greenwood Ave.. Jacksonville 5, Fla 92, 98, 377 

Cardwell. Joseph T.. Jr. '64. 

863 Park Ave., New York 21, N. Y 225 


Carey, Raymond Joseph, Jr. '63, 

143 East Ridge Dr.. Waterbury. Conn 325 

Carlitz. Robert David '65. 2303 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C. 98 
Carlo. John W. '66. 

121 W. Cameron Rd.. Falls Church, Va 174, 394 

Carlson, Edwin Allen, Jr. '64, 

245 White Ave., Roanoke Rapids, N. C .....187, 280, 350 

Carlson, Richard Bruce '64, 

307 Anderson Blvd.. Geneva, III 181, 360 

Carmichael, Wm. Leighton '64. 

1223 Chickering Rd.. Nashville, Tenn 161, 221, 360 

Carney, Eugene J.. Jr. '66. 

831 Queens Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 170. 394 

Carpenter, James C. '63. 1 18 W. Berger, Sante Fe, N. M...255, 324 
Carpenter, Thomas S. '66. 

Ridgewood Rd., Attleboro. Mass 160, 394 

Carrington, James E. '66, 

1905 Erwin Rd., Durham. N. C 180, 216, 394 

Carruthers, Robert B. '66, 

1768 Druid Rd., Clearwater, Fla 172, 394 

Carson, Robert D.. Jr. '66, 

212 Hawkins Ave., Sanford, N. C 178, 394 

Carsten, Jack Craig '63, 

302 Rosewood Ave., Winnetka, III 163, 325 

Carter, David Michael '63, 1211 Dabney Dr., Henderson, N. C...325 
Carter, Forrest Dean, Jr. '65, 

9246 Valley St.. Penn Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa 360 

Carter, Phil Norman, 3811 Broadacres Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Carty. James B.. Jr. '66, 

2217 Winding Way, Drexel Hill, Pa 253, 394 

Carver, Stephen George '65, 

1617 N. McDowell S. E.. Charlotte, N. C 377 

Cashwell, Leon Franklin '65, Route 6, Raleigh. N. C 243, 377 

Caskie, Cabot R. '66, 3700 Roberts Lane, Arlington, Va. 394 

Castle. Truman Rose '65. 

334 Wilmette Ave., Glenview. Ill 177, 377 

Causey, Brent E. '66, 526 Chisholm St., Sanford, N. C... 180. 394 
Cawley, John Arnold, Jr. '65, 

1629 Rainbow Bend, Elkhart, Ind 173, 378 

Cayce, Edgar Evans, Jr. '65, 300 Michigan, Oceana, Va 378 

Cecil, Charles E. '63. 17 Rumson Rd.. Rumson, N. J 165, 325 

Chafkin. Michael Jay '65, 

367 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn 38, N. Y 195, 360 

Chalmers, James S. '66, 

3524 South Pittsburgh, Tulsa, Okla 174, 395 

Chaney, Stephen G. '66, 1000 Glen Eden Dr.. Raleigh. N. C 395 

Chang, Jack Han Teh '64. 

Apt. 1-B 647 W. 2()7th St., Ne 
Chapman, Leonard Fielding '64, 

5314 Truman Ave., Alexandria 
Chapman, Walton F. '66. 

5314 Truman Ave., Alexandria, Va 182, 395 

Charles, Allan D. '63, Route I, Duncan, S. C 253, 325 

Charlwood, William W. '64, 

114 West Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C 171, 360 

Cheatham, Robert Lee '65, 

First National Bank Building, Pulaski, Tenn 378 

Cheek, James Howe '64, 221 Evelyn Ave., Nashville 5, Tenn 360 

Cheetwood. John S. '66. 333 N. Main, Bowhng Green, Ohio .395 
Chen, Melvin Chia '66, 

2123 Willow Lane, Falls Church, Va 192, 225, 243, 275, 395 

Chernish, William N. '63. 

217 S.iturn Dr.. North Starnewark. Del 189, 205 

Chesnutt, Edwin Lee '63, 

5921 Preston Lane, Charlotte. N. C. 76, 96, 103 

Cheves, James Edward. Jr. '65. Warrenton, N. C 378 

Chewning. Thomas O. '66, 

6719 Davista Ave., Richmond, Va 180, 395 

Chisholm, Frederick F. '66, 41 Douglas Dr.. Greenville, S. C 395 

Chotiner, Gerald '65, 3609 Oneil Blvd.. McKeesport. Pa. 378, 195 
Churchill, Neil E. '64. 

445 Sunny Acres. Niagra Falls, N. Y..... 96, 169, 325 

Clark, Benjamin C. '63, Route I, Vonore, Tenn 325 

Clark, Douglas Mason '65. 

110 Drake Smith Lane. Rye, N. Y 183, 360 

Clark. James Lieon '63, 

Route 5, Box 885, Charlotte, N. C 215, 281, 310, 325 

Clark, John C. '63. 108 Glenview Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Clark, Kenneth P. '66, 2505 Eccleston St., Silver Spring, Md 395 

Clark, Peter Bruce '64, 1204 Druid Rd., Maitland, Fla 193 

Clark. Richard F. '65, 15 Sholes Ave.. Norwich, Conn. 
Clarke, Jon Bruce '65, 

2501 Albion St., Denver 7, Colo ...173, 281, 378 

Clarke, Jon O. '66, 6609 Kenthind St., Springfield, Va 166, 395 

Clarke. Sheffield C. '64, 

858 Worthington Ridge, Berlin, Conn 177, 326 

York, N. Y 360 

Va 183, 360 

Claro. Kenneth Joseph "66, 

7411 Gerryndale Dr., Clinton, Md 96, 378 

Clatatanoff. William B. "66, 26 Franklin St., Annapolis. Md 395 

Clay, James Hill, Jr. •65. 1315 Clover St.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Clav. William C. '63. 

365 Raleigh Rd., Henderson. N. C 169, 2K(), 326 

Clayton, Carlyle A. '66, 

2607 Van Dyke Ave., Raleigh. N. C - - 182. 395 

Clayton. Lawrence A. "64. 

1023 Central Ave.. Plainfield. N. J 173. 273. 360 

Clement, Neal G. '66, 3657 Oakley Ave., Memphis, Tenn. . 1 74, 395 
Cleveland, Michael E. "66, 

4731 N. Oakland Ave.. Milwaukee. Wis 176 

Cleveland. William W. '66, 

136 25th Ave. South. Zone 5, St. Petersburg, Fla 395 

Clifford. Douglas Marvin '65, 

1315 Monaco, Denver 20. Colo 175. 378 

Clift. Robert C. '66, 34 Salem St,. Andover. Mass 184. 395 

Closser. Bruce M. "66. 

1 Marquette Dr.. Marquette. Mich 276, 395 

Clyde. Samuel D. '66. 28 Brookside Rd.. Wallingford. Pa... 1 70. 395 
Coan. Glen Austin. Jr. "64. 

2753 Picardy Place, Charlotte, N, C .280, 360 

Coane, James E. "63, 

109 Wes Islip Rd.. Babylon, N. Y 189, 303, 326 

Cobb. Lawrence Wells '65. 

212 Midvale Dr.. N.E.. Atlanta 5, Ga 192. 243. 378 

Coble. Thomas S. '66. 

2005 West Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C 178. 395 

Cocker, Wesley Louis '65. 

5904 N. 10th Rd.. Arlinaton 5, Va 175, 278 

Cody. Ernest F. '63, 559 Wisconsin Ave.. Mobile. Ala. 
Coffey. David Ciill '63. 812 Murray St.. Durham. N. C. 

Coffin. Carl V. '66, 630 Hillcrest Rd., Midland, Mich. 395 

Cogswell, Jack Dye, Jr. '66. 

8 Lockwood Circle. Westport. Conn 395 

Cohen. Kenneth A. "63. 

4510 West 65 St., Prairie Village, Ka 191. 270. 312. 326 

Cohen. Michael E. "66, Sunset Dr.. Pulaski. Tenn 395 

Colclough. Andrew E. '65. 

3608 N. Albemarle St.. Arlington. Va 243 

Cole. John H. '63. 70 Fletcher St., Kennebunk, Miane 326 

Coleman, Stephen B.. Jr. '63, 

59 Matthews Rd.. Birmingham 13, Ala ...183. 279, 326 

Coleman. Theodore H.. Jr. '66. 

6601 Sunset Dr., Jacksonville, Fla 395 

Coll. John Peter. Jr. '65. 

315 Thomas St., Carneeie. Penn 161, 378 

Collett, George C. '63. 

Qrts. C. Naval Station. Newport. R. I .189, 326 

Collins. Richard Fuller "64, 

357 Neuburn Dr., Pittsbureh 16, Penn ...167. 360 

Collins. Robert G. "66. 

72 Libby Place, Middletown. N. J 162, 243. 395 

Combs, Samuel L. "64, 782 Abbott Rd.. Lexington, Ky. 98, 187 
Comfort, Joseph A. '66, 

421 Kings Highway W. Haddonfield. N. J. 182, 395 

Condit. Robert Bruce '63. 

32 Woodland Ave., Mountain Lakes. N. J. 
Condon, David Michael. '63, 

6183 West 54th St.. Parma 34, Ohio 96 

Cone. Arthur R. '66, 

1781 Hubbard Rd., East Aurora, N. Y 182. 395 

Conkey. Clement S.. Jr. '66. 

14 Kesketh St.. Chevy Chase 15, Md 395 

Connor. Henry David '65. 

205 Sherrin Ave.. Louisville 7, Ky 378 

Conrad. Carl Edward '65, 

1209 Redleaf Carrcroft, Wilmington 3. Del 249, 273, 378 

Conroy, Dale Daniel '64. 3 1 Linden Ave., Bethpage, N. Y. 360 
Conway, Thomas G. '63, 540 Givens St., Sarasota, Fla. 
Cook. Joseph Wm., Jr. '64. 

5934 Creola Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 185, 307, 360 

Cook, Theodore H. '66, 1 1 1 Willow St.. W. Acton. Mass 395 

Cooley, Thomas W.. Jr. '64. 112 Pacolet Dr.. Gaffney. S. C. 
Coolidge. David Alan '64. 

7403 Denton Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md. 165, 243, 307, 360 

Coombes. Rame S. '63. 

4008 Rosemary St.. Chevy Chase 15. Md 326 

Cooper. John C. Ill '64, 

5209 N. 16th St., Arlington 5, Va 189. 360 

Cooper, Langdon M. '63, 

P. O. Box 885, Fort Morgan, Col 165. 281, 326 

Cooper, Richard A. '66, 

2371 Timber Ridge Court. Decatur, Ga 395 

Copeland. Alexander III '65, 2332 Croydon Rd., Charlotte N C 
Coplon, Fredric Jay '64, P. O. Box 305, Sparta. Ga 226, 360 


Corben. William V. '66. 

1340 Laurelwood Rd., Kettering. Ohio 395, 276 

Corson, Frederic C. '65, 

10 St. Paul's Crescent, Garden City, N. Y. 
Cosans, Ernest James '63, 

220 St. James Ave.. Merchantville 8, N. J. 
Cosgrove. Thomas J. '65. 

103 Belmore Rd., Lulherville. Md 281 

Cotter. Douglas Adrian "65. 

P. O. Box 56, Skyland. N. C 228, 251. 375. 378 

Couch. Leon W. II '63, 

1011 S. Best St.. Goldsboro. N. C 213. 229, 251. 302. 326 

Coughlan. Peter V. '64. 

120 N.E. 5th Ave.. Boca Raton, Fla 97. 173, 279, 360 

Coulter, John Mansfield '65, 

1511 Marilyn Ave., Dayton 20. Ohio. 193, 276. 378 

Coursen, James R. '66, 814 Washington Ave., Palmyra, N. J. 395 
Courtney, Marion Walter '64, 

Route 2. Box 407. Aiken, S. C 277, 303, 360 

Covington, Donald K. '66. 

4205 Elsrode Ave., Baltimore 14, Md 395 

Covington. James Edwin '65. 

103 Richardson St.. Whiteville, N. C 174. 328, 97 

Cowherd. Frank G. Ill "65. 

Baltimore Ave., N. Laurel, Md 201, 378 

Cox, Frederick O. "64. 

26 Morewood Drive. Pittsfield. Mass 96, 326 

Cox. Joseph Harper. Jr. '65. 

126 Green Forest St.. Wilmington. N. C 378 

Cox. Ray Lawrence '65. 

1913 University Dr., Durham, N. C 96, 178. 307, 360 

Cox, Weldon Royall '63. 

4577 Rheims. Dallas 5, Texas.... 280.311.326 

Cox. William Donald '63. 

3514 Montrose Ave.. Richmond. Va 165. 326 

Grain. Charles W. '63. 

1411 E. Olive St.. Bloomington. III. .187, 206, 223, 289, 326 
Craver, Leonard H. Jr. '66. 

102 Magnolia Rd.. Lexington. N. C 178. 395 

Crawford. Fred Allen Jr. '64, Rt. 1. Holly Hill. S. C 183, 360 

Crawford. Michael Allen. Jr. '66, 

3038 Grenada Drive. Columbus. Ga 378 

Creadick. Robert N. Jr. "65. 1200 Anderson St.. Durh ;m. N. C 
Creech. Franklin U. "64. 

Ill Parker St.. Smithfield, N. C 96, 169, 361 

Creech, John H. "65. 

448 Goldsboro Ave., Carolina Beach, N. C 96, 169. 378 

Creswell. Jay S. Jr. '66, 

802 S. Summerlin St., Orlando, Fla 260. 276. 395 

Crews. John Hunter '64. 

450 New Haw Creek Rd., Asheville, N. C. 189, 361 

Crisson. John Stanley '64, Box 361, Belmont, N. C. 96, 99, 326 
Crist, Peter Beardsley '65, 25 Kimberley Lane, Muncie, Ind. 378 
Crofts. John Lawton. Jr. "64, P. O. Box 707, Nokomis, Fla. 
Cromartie, William F. '65, 

1228 Skyview Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 96, 171. 361 

Cromer, William E., Jr. '66, 

20801 Avalon Dr., Rocky River 16, Ohio 192, 243. 395 

Crosby, Marshall Robert '65, 1854 N.W. 1 1th Rd., Gainesville, Fla 
Cross, Jerry Lee '66. 2303 Hackney St., Durham, N. C. . 216 

Cruikshank, Dwight P., IV '65. 

1201 16th St., Parkersbura, W. Va 378 

Crump. Philip H. W. '66, 

4110 Tuckahoe Lane, Memphis, Tenn.... 192, 257, 396 

Cruse, Charles H. '66, 

Box 273 Miller Rd., Kingsville, Md ...280, 396 

Crutcher. Bryan P. "66. 

1514 Scotland Ave., Charlotte, N. C 160, 281. 396 

Culbertson, Norman A. "64. 

117 Buist Ave., Greenville, S. C 213, 224, 361, 307 

Culbreth. John T. "66, R.F.D. 4, Lumberton, N. C 396 

Culbreth. Thomas F. "65, 

8 Birdseye Glen. Verona. N. J 243, 276. 378 

Culton. Carlisle A. "63. 325 Tennessee Ave., Pineville, Ky. 

Cupps, Don S. "63, Church St., Barton, Ohio 99, 243, 327 

Curry, Dennis P. "63, 26 E. Jefferson Ave., Shelby, Ohio .183. 327 
Curry. James L. "65. Reidsville. Ga. 

Curry. James R. "63. 8700 Blossom Lane. Louisville 7. Ky 327 

Curtis. Harry E.. Jr. '65. 1210 Highland Dr.. St. Albans. W. Va. 
Curtis. James M. '65. 

919 Lewis Ave.. Rockville. Md 68. 69. 72, 73. 96 

Curtis. Lawrence H. '66. 

Columbus Gen. Depot. U.S.A.. Columbus, Ohio 396 

Curtis, Luke "64. 

6 Osage Dr. East, Ossining. N. Y 185, 252, 253, 361 


Cushman. Thomas Spauld "66. 

2022 Myrtle Dr., Durham. N. C 216. 396 

Czerniejewski. Richard T. '66. 

224 Scranton Rd.. Hamburg. N. Y 396 

Dalbev. Earle G.. Jr. '64. 

Rt. 2. Box 149 A 6. Lynnhaven, Va 258, 361 

Dalhouse. John D. '63. 

3719 Wesley Drive. Montgomery. Ala 281. 282. 301 

Dallas. NeviU H. "63. 

3702 Willowcrest Ave.. North Hollywod. Calif 175. 327 

Dalton. James D. '63. 1211 W. Murray Ave.. Durham, N. C. 
Dammann. David A. "63, 

2520 43rd St.. Long Island City 3. New York 327 

Danford. Philip C. "66. 72 Winthrop Dr., Riverside. Conn. 188. 396 
Daniel. Amiram "64. 200 Monticello. Durham. N. C. 
Daniel. William A.. Ill "63. 351 S Ripley St., Montgomery 4, Ala. 
Dankel, Thaddeus G., Jr. "64, 

3100 Parkwood Dr., Brunswick, Ga 361, 243 

Danluck, Anthony D. "63. 

112 N. E. St.. Miami Shores. Fla 229, 327 

Danluck, Thomas R. "66, 

112 N. E. HI St.. Miami Shores. Fla 176. 396 

Dartt. Roger W. "63. 

3935 Zenith Ave.. South. Minneapolis 10. Minn. 303. 327 

Daul. George. Jr. "64, 6 Wedgewood Lane, Morristown, N. J. .361 
Davenport. James P. "66, 

1413 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C 186. 396 

Davenport. Louis L.. Ill "63, 

403 Virginia Ave., Garner, N. C 187. 327 

Davenport, Richard D. "66, 

1212 Central St., Evanston, 111 - 396 

Davidson, Walter P.. Jr. "63. 1075 N. E. 95th St.. Miami Shores.Fla. 
Davies. Paul "65. 34 Portland Rd.. Summitt, N. J. 
Davis. Allan H. "66. 

12 South Wilton Rd.. Richmond. Va . 162. 273. 396 

Davis. Baxter Lee "63. 

5115 Marlyn Sumner. Washington 16. D. C. 128, 189, 312, 327 
Davis, Douglas E. "66, 1533 Bunts Rd., Lakewood, Ohio .396 
Davis. Robert E. "65. 

1004 Byrnes Rd.. Aiken. S. C 96. 187. 373 

Davis. Rockwell F. "64 

322 Larchmont Rd.. Elmira. N. Y.. 183, 361 

Davis, Waynelee E.. Jr. "65. 

4800 Ravensworth Rd.. Annandale. Va 193, 225, 276. 378 

Davis. William H.. Ill "66. 

723 N. Stratford Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 396 

Dawson. Thomas R. "63. 

82 Duke of Gloucester St.. Stannapolis, Md... 173. 200. 214, 327 

Day, William A. '63. 5 Latimer Ave.. Canonsburg. Pa 327 

Deal. David F. 66. 755 Scott Circle, Decatur. Ga 396 

Deal. Harry M.. Jr. "63. 

Box 206 3rd St.. Taylorsville, N. C 165, 327 

Dean, Robert B.. "64. 

117 Oakdale St., Mt. Airy. N. C 169. 361 

Decko, Kenneth O. "66. 

792-A Windsor Ave.. Windsor Conn 396 

Dee. Larry Gene "64. 2864 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Fla. 
Deegan. James Edward "64. 

2635 Sherwood Ave.. Charlotte 7. N. C 361 

De Freitas. Ubiratan M. "63. 

Teofilo Otoni 24. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 65, 175, 331 

Degooyer, John Gobel, Jr. "64. 

1112 Meurilee Lane. Silver Spring, Md 167, 361 

Delaney. Gale P. K. "66. 

2026 Ashton Circle. Salt Lake City. Utah 180. 396 

Dennis. Richard Lee "65. 

4104 Brookside Rd.. Toledo 6, Ohio 193. 378 

Densmore. Richard E. '64, 

18 Massachusetts Ave., Portland, Maine 99 

Denton, Kent S. "65, 

324 East Second St.. Washington. N. C 96. 178. 378 

Denton, Robert Elmo "65, 

5474 Lorraine Dr.. Camp Springs. Md 280 

Deramus. Judson D.. Jr. "66. 

2201 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 168. 396 

Derby, Glenn E. "66. 

205 Church Lane. Pittsburgh 38. Pa 174. 396 

Derby, James L. "63. 

45 Lowndes Square, London SW 1. England 177. 328. 280 

Derryberry. Eugene E. "64, 

621 Mississippi Ave.. Signal Mountain, Tenn 187, 281, 361 

Derosiers, Richard A. '66, 

63 Suffolk Ave., Swampscott, Mass 396 

Dettmerina, Don A. '63. 

3513 LoTigfellow St., Hyattsville, Md 163, 205, 213, 302, 328 

Deutscher, Eugene F. "64, 

8 Washington PI., 

Tarrytown, N. Y 36, 171, 197, 210, 280, 282 

188, 396 


Devalon, Gerald W. "66. 

1040 Seward Ave.. Weslfield. N. J 396 

Dewar. Donald B. "66. James St.. Bethel, N. C 162, 270, 396 

Dewitt, Richard T. "63, 

14 Interlaken Rd.. Orlando. Fla 230, 328 

Deyo, Truman E. "66. Box 223. Oxford. Md 281, 396 

Diamond. Robert D. "63. 

1004 22nd St.. N.E.. Canton 4, Ohio 240, 318, 328 

Diaz, Daniel "63, 3314 La Salle St., Tampa 9, Fla 328 

Dickhaut, John "64, 100 W. Schreyer, Columbus, Ohio 
Dickinson, Roger B., "64, 

1294 Hillsiue Dr., Lancaster, Pa 188, 396 

Dillon. Ralph (i. 64. 814 Lee St.. Danville. Va 361 

Dillon. Robert C, "65. 164 Dillon Ave.. Elkin. N. C 178. 378 

Dimock. Roy S. "64. 

3910 Isabell St.. Silver Spring. Md 221, 328 

Dinin, James D. "66. 

Hammond Hou,se Rd.. Valhalla. N. Y 396 

Dinsmore. Donald T. "63. 

21 Slosum St.. Tunichannock. Pa 328 

Ditmars. David T. "64, 

816 Van Nes Lane, Glendale, Ohio 181, 361 

Ditto. John K. '66. 756 Arnold Ave.. Greenville, Miss. 
Dixon. Walter H., Jr. '64. 118 Oakwood Circle, Danville, Va. 
Dixon. William B. '66. 

Rt. 6. Box 175. N. Charleston. S. C 273. 396 

Doar. James Ronald '63. 

9 Peeks Pike Avondale. Charleston 42. S. C 279, 303, 328 

Dodson. Kemper H. '66. 

1012 Tyne Blvd.. Nashville. Tenn..... 228, 396 

Dodson. William E. "63. 

2113 Woodrow St.. Durham. N. C 178. 328 

Doelle. John C. "65. 

829 Grand Marais. Grosse Pointe Pk., Michigan 379 

Donnelly, Dennis W. "64. 

128 Lee Circle. Bryn Mawr. Pa 167, 361 

Donovan, John P. "65. 

1021 Drake Ave.. Burlingame. Calif 379 

Dorros. George L. "66. 

American Embassy Bp 28. Brazzaville, 

Republic of the Congo 

Doster, John H. "63, 

507 S. Spruce St.. Lititz. Pa 

Doubleday. Theodore E. "65, 609 Queen St.. Southington. Conn. 
Dougherty. Mark E. "63, 

1414 Indian Trail, Atlanta 5, Ga 189, 243, 328 

Douglas, Donald A. '64. 

1201 Compo Sono Dr.. Carol Gables 46. Fla 361 

Douglas. Stuart K. '64. 1421 Pinecroft Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Douglass. Edwin H. "63. 286 Liberty St., Newburgh, N. Y. 

Douglass, Michael A. "66, 1 Ridgewood Dr.. Frankfort. Ind 396 

Douglass. William F. "64. 

3141 S. Stafford St.. Arlington 6. Va...l89. 210. 279. 300, 361 

Dow. Jeffrey L. "64. 45 Ivywood Lane. Wayne. Pa 97 

Dow. Robert E. "66. 

Rockland Pk.. Short Beach. Conn 178, 243, 396 

Dowdee. John W. "66. 2522 Rochelle St., Durham, N. C..-276, 396 
Dowdy, William L. "66. 

506 Sunset Dr.. Lebanon. Tenn 281. 396 

Dowless. Winfred G. "63. 2802 Bexley Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Doyle. Larry James "65. 

6 Wescott Rd.. Simsbury. Conn 165, 379 

Doyle. William S. "66. Hillside Dr.. Lowell. Mich 396 

Drake. Arthur S. "66. 

1888 Faculty Dr.. Winston-Salem, N. C 396 

Drew. William F.. Jr. "66 

409 Westview Ave.. Anderson, S. C 178. 396 

Drews. John A. "63, 2650 N. George St.. York, Pa 177, 328 

Driessen, Joseph Patton '64, 

6135 N. Kent Ave.. Milwaukee. Wis 169. 361 

Drulis. Charles R. '65. 

13 Tealbrook Dr.. Ladue 41, Mo 96, 169, 379 

Drury. Kirke D. "66. North Bangor. N. Y 396 

Duke. Kenneth Miles "65. 2736 McDowell St.. Durham. N. C. 
Duke. Michael A. "66. 

209 S. Lockmoor Ave.. Temple Terrace, Fla 396 

Dula, Clyde Stephan. "65. 

3389 Nottingham Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 379 

Dunbar. Franklin W., Ill "64. 82 Pond St.. Cohasset. Mass. 
Duncan. Alfred Tawresey "65. 

1404 Runnymede Rd.. Norfolk 5. Va 379 

Dunlap. Joseph C. "65, 2213 Lash Ave.. Raleigh. N. C 379 

Dunn. Ernest Lloyd "65, 

1019 Hay St.. Box 3246, Fayetteville, N. C 379 

Dunn, Hubert G. "66. 208 New Street, New Bern, N. C 396 

Dunn. Jeffrey David "66. 

2860 San Fernando Rd.. Jacksonville. Fla 98, 396 

Dunn. Jesse T., IV 63, 

1592 Quarrier St.. Charleston 1, W. Va 328 

Dunn. Stuart H. '63, 7903 Hermitage Rd., Richmond, Va 329 

Durana, John C :l ;. 396 

Duskin. Douglas J. '63, 

Box 331, Washingtonville, N. Y 280, 301, 329 

Duttera, Maurice J., Jr. '64, 

1101 Fourth Ave.. West Point. Ga 214, 361 

Dutton. Robert Wayne '65, 

483 E, Wesley Rd., N. F.. Atlanta 5, Ga 165. 243. 280. 379 

Dye. John Michael '65. Old Portman Rd., Anderson, S. C 379 

Dye, Kenneth R.. Jr. '63. 520 Beach Court. Fort Pierce, Fla. 
Eagan, Dennis F. '66. 

200 S. Elm St.. Greenville. S. C 192. 280. 396 

Eagle. Robert L. 66. 

4047 Hiddenhrook Dr., Charlotte, N. C 243. 396 

Earnhardt. Kent Cline '64. 

2619 GlcMhavcn Lane. Winston-Salem. N. C 193. 243. 379 

EaslcN. William Kim; '65. 

844 M\rtle Dr., Rock Hill, S. C 171. 276. 379 

Eason. William E.. Jr. '65. Stanley St., Four Oaks. N. C...183. 379 
Eastburn. Joseph R. '66. 

3327 Meadowbrook Dr.. Columbus, Ga 184, 397 

Echols. Paul Clinton '65. 680 Palmera, Pacific Palisades, Calif. 
Echols. Stanley D. '63. 

4032 Montevallo Rd.. Birmingham 13. Ala. 243. 311. 329. 307 
Eckerd. John Marcus '65. Box 29. Marion, N. C. 
Eckerson. Russell Gilbert '64, 

1601 S. W. 47th Terr.. Fort Lauderdale. Fla 213. 230 

Eckert. Alan Walter '65, 

4384 Indian Rock Terr. N. W., Washington 7. D. C 193, 379 

Edgar. Thomas R. '66. 

Route 5. Box 200. Athens, Tenn 164, 251, 397 

Edgerton. Donald K. '66, 

Route 6. Box 356. Goldsboro. N. C 281. 397 

Ediin. John Charles '65. 

107 Blue Rock Rd., Edgewood Hills. Wilmington. Del. .243. 379 
Edwards. Charles Randall '65, 

Route 6, Box 488, Goldsboro, N. C 379 

Edwards, David J. '66, 1700 High St., Durham. N. C 397 

Eisenman, John R. '63, 

61 Cliffside Dr.. Williamsport, Pa 183, 329 

Ekker. Richard C. '63, 

1220 Obisro Ave., Coral Gables 34, Fla 329 

Elder. Williams S. '63. 

4530 Sylvan Dr., Columbia, S. C 161, 329 

Elias, John Albert '65. 1584 Elm St.. Stratford, Conn 379 

Elkington, Christian F. '66. 

1328 S. E. 10th St., Pompano, Fla 210 

Elliott, James V. "66. Nad Bangor, Bremerton. Wash 397 

Elliott, John Davidson '65, 

216 Beverly Rd.. Scarsdale, N. Y 379 

Elliott. Paul W. '63. 1206 N. Mangum St., Durham. N. C. 
Elliott. William B. '66, 

1503 Richardson Circle, Hartsville, S. C 397 

Ellis. Alfred J.. Jr. '66. 8138 Pilot St.. Houston 34. Tex 397 

Ellis. Philip C. '66. 625 Hamilton St.. Easton. Pa 192. 397 

Ellis. Samuel Henry "63, 

64 Avondale Ave.. Charleston. S. C 175. 279. 329 

Ellwanger. Fredrick R.. Ill '65. 4240 Wagner Rd.. Davton 40. Ohio 
Ely. Richard Mountfcrd '65. 

4923 North 14th St.. Arlington 5. Va 189, 379 

Elzav. Michael Paul '64, 

Hilldale Lane Sand Point, Port Washington, N. Y 200. 36! 

Emslie. Richard H. '66. 

114 Gyles Rd.. Aiken, S. C 192. 276. 397 

England. John .\., Jr. '66, 3920 10th Ave. S., Birmingham, AI-... 397 

Encland. Robert S. '66, 1703 E. Perry St., Gastonia, N. C 397 

Engle. Russell W. '66, 

26045 Ross Dr.. Detroit. Mich 270. 397 

Epanchin, Alexis '64, 

27 Brown St. Sea Cliflf, Long Island, N. Y 97 

Epes. Charles R. '63, 213 Ferguson Ave., 

Newport News, Va 187, 201, 210, 356, 361 

Epps, Robert F., Ill '63, 304 Williams St., Lake City. S. C 329 

Erb, Herbert B., II '63. U. S. Army Overseas Supply Agency. 

Ft. Mason. San Francisco, Calif. 175, 329 

Erek, Bruce C. '63, 3014 Dunleer Rd., Baltimore 22, Md...281, 329 
Ergood. Foster C. '64. 180 Upland Way, Haddonfield, N. J. 
Erickson. Roger C. '65. 

109 Foxridge Dr., Kettering 29, Ohio 193, 225, 379 

Erisman, Henry M. '64. 2068 Ursinus Ave.. Lancaster. Pa 97 

Ervin. Reid Hart '66, 

115 77th St.. Virginia Beach, Va 182, 280. 397 

Espy. Kip McKinney '64, 

503 N. Cherokee Rd., Dothan, Ala 175, 200 

Estabrook, Watts T., Ill '66, 

5822 Ogden Court, Chevy Chase, Md 281, 397 

Evans, Jan Marion '65, 

606 James Blvd., Signal Mt.. Tenn 178, 201. 281, 379 

Evans, Thomas Steven '65, 

P. O. Box 116. South Salem, N. Y 210. 232, 233, 379 

Ewald, Frederick H. '66, 

3855 S. Miller Way, Birmingham, Mich 170, 397 

Ewing, Frank H., Ill '64, Box 435, Hopewell, Va 226, 361 

Faber. Lee Edward '64, 

10375 Morrow Circle S.. Dearborn, Mich 361 

Fabritz, Russell A. '64, 

7105 14th Ave., Takoma Park 12. Md 273, 329 

Fackler. Peter C. '66. Jondel Farm. Embreeville, Pa 397 

Fader, Lynn B. '63, 72 Wyoming Ave.. S. Orange, N. J 99 

Fader, Stanford Stewart '64. 

72 Wyoming Ave., S. Orange, N. J 99. 171, 361 

Fair, Richard Barton "64. Friendship Rd.. Fallston, Md. 213, 361 
Fairbank. William G. '66. 

c/o Aramco. Box 331. Dhahran, Saudi. Arabia 397 

Falciani. Ronald Brila '65, 

22 .Allen Lane. Hammonton. N. J 165, 379 

Falcone. David J. '66. 

1402 Woodhurn Rd., N. C 186, 397 

Farbcr. Mark B. '66, 

410 Oak Hill Rd.. Petersburu. Va 180. 233, 397 

Faris. John Charles •63, 

3134 Country Club Dr., Charlotte 5. N. C... 226, 329 

Farr, Thomas A. '63. 2205 Spalding Dr.. Dunwoody. Ga 329 

Farrell. Francis D.. Jr. '66. 

Forest Hills. Aberdeen. N. C 180. 275, 397 

Farris, William Anthony '64. 4025 Greenbrier, Dallas 25, Tex...361 
Favrot, Leo M., Ill '63, 

5223 Chamberlain Dr.. New Orleans 22, La 183, 329 

Fay, Wayne R. '66. 707 Knox Rd.. Villanova, Pa 397 

Feazell. George Landon, Jr. '65. 

516 Courtley Ct.. Fairfax. Va 183, 379 

Feely, Robert E., Jr. "63, 

637 N. E. 1 19th St.. Miami. Fla 224, 273 

Fenstermacher, William P. '66. 

706 Foothill Rd.. Somerville. N. J 164, 279, 280, 397 

Fentin, Gary S. '66, 4110 Taylor St., Hollywood, Fla 194, 397 

Fergus, John E., Jr. '66, 

333 East 55th St., New York 22, N. Y 397 

Ferguson, Dennis Henry '65, 

380 School St., Springdale, Pa 96, 167, 379 

Ferguson, James Marschall '65, 19 Churchill Rd.. Pittsburgh 35, Pa. 
Ferrell, Donald W. '63, 

1406 North Mercer St.. New Castle. Pa 330 

Ferrell, Malcolm Rea '65, 

3820 Walker, Greensboro, N. C 379 

Few, William Preston '65, 

208 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham. N. C. 175. 379 

Fielder. Frederick A.. Jr. '63. Box 193. Rose Valley. Pa 183. 330 

Fields. Glenn D.. Jr. '66. 1112 Lake Blvd.. Annandale. Va. 397 

Fields, Michael S. '64. 536 Front St., Hempstead. N. Y. 
Finch. Paul Andrews '64, 

222 Spring St., Thomasville. N. C .303, 362 

Fincher, Charles Lee '63, 310 Kirkland St.. Abbeville. Ala 330 

Findlay. Andrew G.. Jr. '64, 

35 Piatt Place, White Plains. N. Y .362 

Fink. Jerold A. '63. 805 Demerius St.. .Apt. 14. Durham, N. C. 

Finney, Michael Janes '65, 6009 Trenton Lane, Peoria, III 362 

Fischer, Martin Douslas '66, 

227 Delhi Rd.. Scarsdale. N. Y. 181. 379 

Fishback. Edward Wilmott '65. 

2507 Shrewsbury Rd., Orlando, Fla ; 193. 379 

Fisher, Carl Ellis '65. 2111 Church St.. Selma. Ala 187. 379 

Fisher. David Lincoln '63. Route 2. Wake Forest, N. C. . 289, 330 
Fitts, Sanford B.. Ill '66. 

519 Oaklawn Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 397 

Fitzsimons. James P. "66. 39 Norwood Dr., Gillette, N. J 397 

Fleck, Donald R. '66. 43-01 169 St., Flushing 58, N. Y 192, 397 

Flesicher, Robert S. '64. 

45 Middlebrook Rd.. West Hartford 7. Conn. 163. 362 

Flesher. John Joseph '63. 1006 17th St.. Parkersbura. W. Va. .330 
Flowers, George H., Ill '65, 

11 Oak Lane, Richmond 26, Va 97, 213, 380 

Floyd, William C, Jr. '63, 502 lona St.. Fairmont. N. C. 181, 380 

Fogle, Robert Hart '65, 424 Fifth St.. Marietta, Ohio 96, 380 

Folck, Michael P. '64, 160 Leroy Ave.. Darien. Conn 178, 330 

Foley, Robert E. '66. 1 I Chappelle St.. Warrenton. Va. 397 

Foltz, John A. '66. 45 Trumbull St.. Watertown, Conn. ...397 

Foote. Robert S. '66. 2917 22nd Ave. S.. Nashville, Tenn. 397 

Ford, Hoyt S. '66, R.F.D. 3, Lumberton, N. C 188, 397 

Fordyce. Norman Albert "63. 

6710 Tomahawk Rd., Shawnee Mission, Kan 330 

Forsman, Dale Henry '65, 23 Tysley St., Basking Ridge, N. J. .380 
Forsyth, Thomas H., Ill '63. 

West Greenbrook Rd.. North Caldwell, N. J 128, 183, 330 

Forth, Paul T., Jr. '66, 

712 Cassell Lane S.W., Roanoke, Va 188, 243, 397 

Foster, Charles Stephen '64, 

4201 Washington Ave. S.W., Charleston 4, W. Va 177, 352 

Fountain, John N. '66, 

1105 W. Wood Ave., High Point, N. C. 243. 397 

Foushee, Sam L., Jr. '66, 

1524 Fairfa.x Rd., Durham. N. C 182, 281, 397 

Fowler, David Lee, '66. The Plains, Va 380 

Fowler, James T., Ill '66, 

24 Rivo Alto Canal, Long Beach 3, Calif 226, 397 

Fowler, Preston L., Ill '66, 

709 W. Cobb St.. Durham, N. C 178, 233, 397 

Fowler, Winston G. '66, 

3342 N. Thomas St., Arlington, Va 276, 397 

Fox. Patrick Boyd '65, 658 Gordon Dr., Charleston 4, W. Va. 
Fox. Stephen Douglas '65, 

3767 Wilmont Ave. N. W.. Roanoke. Va 193, 380 

Foxley, Griffith W. '66, Blueberry Hill Rd.. Weston, Conn 397 

Francis, Jerry Douglas '65, Box 211, Caroleen. N. C 96. 380 

Frank, Alan H. '66. 

6112 N. Lake Dr.. Whitefish Bay, Wis 190, 398 

Frank, Herman Randolph '64, 

208 Argyle Circle, Gadsden, Ala 183, 362 

Fraser, Edmund E. '63. 

219 Underwood St. N.W., Washington 12, D. C. 

Frazer, Richard A. '65, 4250 Anvers Blvd.. Jacksonville, Fla 380 

Freeh, Laurence W. "66. 51 Afton Dr.. Florham Park. N. J 398 

Fredo. Barth J. '64, 

106 Washington Village, South Norwalk, Conn. 

Freeman, Alan G. "66, 1220 S. Jefferson Ave.. Sarasota. Fla 398 

Freeman. Carl L. '63, 25 Wessex Rd., Silver Spring, Md ...330 

Freeman. John R. '66, 

407 Fern St., W. Hartford, Conn 162, 260, 395 

Freeman. Millard P. '66. 

1312 Meadowbrook Rd.. Asheboro, N. C 398 

Freese. Walter C. '64. 105 5th St., Garden City, N. Y. 
Freese. Warner W. '63, 

30 E. Jefferson Ave., Shelby, Ohio 165. 213. 331 

French. William B. '64, 

Mt. Grey Rd.. Setauket. L. I . N. Y 163, 331 

Freund, Henry Louis, Jr. '65, 

2 Ladue Acres. Ladue 24, Mo 195, 380 

Friedman. Larry A. '66, 

810 Hyde Court. Silver Spring, Md 190. 39S 

Fuller. Raymond G. '64, 208 A. Mansfield Ave., Pitman, N. J. 362 
Fullerton. William D., IV '64. 

651 Mountainview Dr., Lewiston, N. Y. 161 36'' 

Fultz, John M., Jr. "64, 

264 Knollwood St., Winston-Salem, N. C 183. 362 

Fuqua, Jimmy Ray "64, 107 Hickory St.. Spray. N. C 96, 362 

Furlong, Richard Michael, "65, 6 W. Lake Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. 
Furness, Thomas A., Ill '65, 

13 Hillcrest St.. Enka. N. C 27S 1(K) ^80 

Futrell. James W. '63, 

nil Rhode Island Ave.. Lynchburg, Va 76, 77, 96, 205, 331 

Gabennesch. Howard R. '66, 

102 Hartweg Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky 398 

Gabriel. John Richard '64, 

67 Arbor Dr.. Ho Ho Kus, N. J 171 36-- 

Gale. Steven H. '63. 3345 State St., San Diego I, Calif. 
Gamlen, Curtace S. '66, 

90 Pines Lake Dr. E.. Wayne. N. J 257 280 398 

Gammill, Kenneth MacNair '65, 

26 Mt. Joy Ave.. Scarsdale. N. Y 380 

Garand. Eugene Armand '65, 

Prospect Rd., Centerport, N. Y 281 380 

Garber. George D. '63, 

497 Marion Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 184, 185, 331 

Gardner, James E.. Jr. '64, 

1948 Lake Terrace, Independence, Mo 183, 362 

Gardner, William Leonard '64, 

4284 Echo Rd., B'oomfield Hills, Mich 362 

Garner, Gilroy Houston '63, 

Rt. I, Box 686. Benton, Ark 69, 73, 75, 77. 96 

Garren. Charles Martin '63, 

1817 Rolling Rd., Greensboro, N. C 331 

Gates, Gilbert Lawrence '65, 

Emerywood Court Apts., High Point. N. C 97 

Gates, Ronald M. '66, 

I Miles Cary Rd.. Newport News, Va 182, 233, 243, 393 


Gatewood, Thomas Schley '65. Macon Rd., Americus, Ga. 

Gattis, Daniel R. "65, 3400 Hayes Ct.. Charlotte. N. C 

Gebbie, Thomas Edward '63, 

1024 So. Peale Ave., Park Ridge, III.. 

Gee, John Buxton. Jr. '63, 

908 Chestnut St., Henderson. N. C 175, 

Geehr. John Edward '63, 

Little Brook Rd., Box 772, Devon, Pa 279, 

Gentry, Staley McGregor '63. 

Route 2. Roxboro. N. C 97. 167. 210. 303. 

George, Albert S. '64. 

706 Franklin Ave., River Forest, 111 187, 

Geron. Charles W. '63, 

1806 Audubon Park Dr., Springfield, Ohio 

Gesswein, Richard T. "63, 

Rockledge Landing. Saugatuck. Conn 88. 175, 

Gianaras, George M. '63, 

331 Pineapple St., Tarpon Springs, Fla 167, 

Gibbons, George Michael '65. 

215 Highland Ave., Lenoir, N. C 

Gibbons, William H., Ill '65. 

9946 Rockbrook Dr., Dallas 20. Texas 169, 276, 

Gibson, Jonathan S. '63, 

12 River Rd.. Newport News, Va 181, 

Gibson. Norman Thomas '64. 106 Charlotte St., Hamlet. N. C. 

Giering, John L. '66. 89 Katahdin Dr., Poland. Ohio 170, 

Gilbert, James Brown, Jr. '65, 

1414 Palmetto Ave., Brunswick, Ga 

Gilbert. Terry S. '66, 480 E. Ocotillo Rd.. Phoenix, Ariz 

Giles, Harlan R. '66. 

848 Stratford Rd., Avondale Estate. Ga. 253. 

Giles, William F., Jr. '66, 41 1 E. 45th St., Savannah, Ga 180, 

Gilliatt, Benjamin R. '64. Box 111. Shelby, N. C 

Gillies, Herbert Bates '64. 731 Upper Blvd., Ridgewood, N. J... 
Gillman, Lynn T. '66. 918 Pleasant Ave.. Decorah. Iowa 
Gillman. Michael Ira "64. 

69-39 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills 75. N. Y 

Gislason, Bradlee Bruce '63. 

2266 Princeton Ave.. St. Paul 5, Minn 185, 

Glacken. Edward Scott "66, 

5113 Manning Dr., Bethesda, Md 174, 

Glaser. Leonard "63. 73 27 189th St., Flushing 66, N. Y 195, 

Glass. Herbert G. "66. P. O. Box 25, Bullville, N. Y 

Glesk. Martin M. '63, 

209 Catlin Ave.. Port Allegany, Penn 177. 

Glosson, Ronald K. '63. Box 755C, 

Rt. 1, Albemarle Rd., Charlotte 5, N. C ...96. 169. 

Glover, Clarence H., Jr. "64, 

397 Forest Ave., Spartanburg, S. C 183, 

Gnuse, James R. '65, 

2614 Stratmore Lane, Bethel Park, Pa 276, 

Godbold, Edward S., Jr. '63. Rembert, S. C 

Godlove. Ernest F. '63. 1901 Sheridan Rd., Lawton, Okia 

Gold. Peter Stephen '63. 415 N. Washington St., Shelby, N. C. 

Gold. Philip W. '66, 856 I8th St.. Newport News, Va 194, 

Golden. James L. "63. 3463 Lowell Ave.. Jacksonville 5, Fla. 
Golden, John C. Jr. '63, 429 Virginia Dr., Lake Worth, Fla. .. 
Goldman, Joel A. '66. 

600 San Antonio Ave., Coral Gables, Fla 

Goldstein, Frank R. '64, 

2700 Lightfoot Dr.. Baltimore 9, Md 195, 

Gonis, Arthur P. '63, 

114 Hedden Terrace, North Arlington, N. J 187, 

Goodmark. Jerry J. '66. 

130 Greenwood Dr.. West Palm Beach. Fla 249, 

Goodmon, James Fletcher '65. 

615 Spring St.. Raleiph. N. C 181, 

Goodner, David Marshall, '64, 

4737 Exeter Lane. Jacksonville 10, Fla. 98, 178. 210, 

Goodrick, William F. '66. 5214 Elgar St.. Springfield. Va 

Goodson. James M. '63. 

Route I. Box 111. Mount Olive, N. C 169, 228, 

Goodwin. Billy Lloyd '65. Route 1. Morrisville, N. C. 
Goody, John Burton '64. 7 Sullivan Dr., Severna Park, Md. 
Gordon. Michael Kenneth '64. 

921 S. Johnson St., Monroe. N. C 183, 

Gordon, Thomas F.. Jr. "66. 

2715 Augusta Dr., Durham. N. C 276, 

Gosnell. Jack L.. Jr. '66, 1015 Kerr Dr., Aiken, S. C 164, 

Gould, Glenn H. "66. 

13544 Glenn Mill Rd.. Rockville, Md 184, 

Gouldman, W. Clyde, II '63, 

Meadow Lane, Franklin, Va 178, 210. 290, 

Grace. Perry Rutledge '63. 

3600 Central. Memphis. Tenn 161, 229, 


Graham. Charles N., Jr. "63. 

904 Brantford Ave.. Silver Spring. Md 332 

Graham. David Stanley '63. 

219 Springwood Dr.. Spartanburg, S. C. 
Graham. Robert Bruce "65. 

904 Brantford Ave.. Silver Spring. Md - 167. 280. 380 

Graitcer. Philip L. '66. 

157 E. Plumstead Ave.. Lansdowne. Penn 190, 398 

Graney, Michael Proctor '65, 

2706 Sherman Ave.. Middletown. Ohio 380 

Grant. Henry Boone. Jr. '65, 

333 BriardifT Rd., Rocky Mount, N. C - 243 

Grant, Norman Charles '65, 131 Finst St.. Lakcwood. N. J 380 

Grant, Wesley Bennett '65, 

303 William St., Kannapolis, N. C 9(,. 187. 380 

Grant, William R. '65. 33 Indian Hill Rd.. Winnetka. Ill .181 

Graper. Robert M. '64. 

1117 W. Hawthorne St., Arlington Hghts.. 111. 

Gray, Frank Benton '64, 519 E. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C 183 

Gray. Harry P. '66. 

773 Palmetto St.. Spartanburg. S. C 194. 275. 398 

Gray. Thomas N. '64. 

124 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 97, 183, 362 

Graybeal, Michael R. '66. 

311 Parkway Blvd.. Wilmington, N. C 398 

Graybeal. Robert Thomas '65, 

222 North St.. Marion. Va 243, 380 

Green. David Louis D. '65, 

1172 S. Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Green, Robert Ethan, III '65, 

1399 Condit Court, Alexandria, Va .193, 281 

Green, Steele H. '66, 2122 Seneca Dr. S., Merrick. N. Y 398 

Greenberg. Martin T. '63. 

5106 Studeley Ave.. Norfolk 8. Va.. 191, 332 

Greene, Charles D. "66, 55 Terrill Rd.. Stratford, Conn 180, 398 

Greene, Harold Pell '65. 2918 Woodside Dr.. Tallahassee, Fla...380 

Greenleaf. Henry M. '65, 32 Prince St., West Newton, Mass 380 

Greenly. Michael Steven "65. 

404 Meritta Ave.. Box 950, Beaufort, S. C 261, 380 

Greenwood, Roger Kent '65, 

1701 Dorwaldt Blvd.. Schenectady 9. N. Y 183. 380 

Greer. Thomas H. '66, 106 Rossford Ave.. Ft. Thomas, Ky 398 

Gregory, Arthur '63, 1504 Richland Ave.. 

Box 294. Aiken. S. C 96. 186. 187. 279, 332 

Gregory, David K.. '64, 38 Summer St.. Rockland, Maine. .189, 362 
Gregory, Donald Robert '64, 

38 Summer St.. Rockland, Maine 189, 362 

Gregory, Richard M. '65. 908 South East 12th Court, 

Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 99, 273, 362, 380 

Gregory, Thomas H. '65. Box 326, Granville, Ohio 362 

Griffin. Augustan G.. Jr. '65, 

202 E. Elm St.. Nashville, N. C 170. 380 

Griffith. Terrv W. '66. 

2011 Smithway Dr., Alexandria, Va 223, 398 

Grigsby, John Taze, Jr. "65. 

5300 Caledonia Rd., Richmond, Va 175, 201, 380 

Grilli, Donald Anthony, '64, 217 Grove St., Clifton. N. J... 175. 362 
Grills. George M. "63, 

4612 South 1st St.. Austin 4. Texas .177, 332 

Grim, Garrett Davis '63, 

716 W. Henderson St.. Salisbury, N. C 332 

Gross, William H. '66, 

11791 Plateau, Los Altos. Calif 176, 398 

Grossman, Charles L. '63. 

22775 Larmie Dr.. Rocky River 16, Ohio 163, 213, 332 

Gruber, Mayer Irwin '65, 

2717 Heyward St., Columbia, S. C 380 

Gubser. Michael D. '66, 3041 S. Florence PI.. Tulsa, Okla 398 

Guden, Paul Alexander "65, 

131 Paumanke Ave.. Babylon, N. Y 181. 281. 38(1 

Guelcher. Richard P. "64. 

1170 First St.. Port Edwards. Wis .307. 363 

Gumo, Richard L. "63. 

29 William St., Malverne. N. Y 167, 210, 333 

Gunter. Richard Arnold, "65. 

4515 Eden Dr. N. W., Roanoke. Va 193. 380 

Gurley. Hubert Taylor '64. 

1205 Frederick Rd.. Baltimore 28, Md 380 

Gurley, Paul Clayton "64, 

Rt. 9, Box 222-D. Charlotte 8. N. C 230, 308. 363 

Gustafson. Eric W. "66, 

Rio Guayalevo 304 NTE. 

Monterrey N L Mexico 176. 276 398 

Gutekunst. John W. "66. 

55 Grandview Ave.. Sellersville. Pa 186, 398 

Guth. David L. "66. 

6434 Hartwait St.. Bahimore. Md. 275, 398 


172. 399 

Guthrie, George Garland "64, 

4603 Kanawha Ave.. Charleston, W. Va. 
Guthrie. James Edward '63, 

2307 Avery St., Morehead City. N. C 96, 169, 333 

Guthrie, Richard Y. '66, 547 Belleforts, Oak Park, 111 398 

Hackett, Thomas S. '66. Box 105, Lampeter, Pa 280, 398 

Hackney. Edward J., Jr. '65. 3824 Darby Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Hagood. Louis Reeve, III '65, 

119 E. 64th St.. Savannah. Ga... 181. 205, 213, 375, 380 

Hagy. James Dixon, Jr. '63, 

711 Shackamaxon Dr., Westfield. N. J. 
Haigh. Arthur H., Ill '66, 

29 Westridge Dr.. Asheville, N. C 162. 

Hakim. Khalil Ali '64. Singer Co.. Hillah. Iraq 
Halford, Peter '66, 2022 Kakela Dr.. Honolulu, Hawaii . 
Hall, Charles Thomas '64. 

211 Lakeview Ave.. Jamestown, N. Y .171. 280, 363 

Hall, Hines H.. Ill '63, Box 86. Milbrook. Ala 333 

Hall, Sheldon F.. Jr. '63, 

15414 Grandville, Detroit 23. Mich 178, 333 

Halpern. John Evan '63, 

1705 E-W Hwy, Apt. 505. Silver Spring, Md 300 

Hamilton, James Page '63, 

Chapmanville. W. Va 205. 229. 251. 274. 302. 310. 333 

Hamilton. Roger Clark '64. 

34 Highland Ave.. Westerly. R. 1 187. 280. 363 

Hammerle. George B. '66. 

1500 Cavalier Corridor, Falls Church, Va 251, 399 

Hand. Donald L. '63, 

214 Avondale Road, Ridgewood, N. J 193. 333 

Handler. Mark '66, 2529 Perkins Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Hanja. Yuri Thomas '65, 

106 Bay Drive East, Huntington 12, N. Y 98 

Hankins, William W. '63. 

912 Tangier Ave., Coral Gables, Fla 173, 279, 333 

Hanna, John Edward '65, 

25 N. Blvd. of Presidents, Sarasota, Fla 380 

Hanna. Stevan T. '66. 201 Edgewood Rd., Staunton, Va..-160. 399 

Hardin. Marvin O. '66. 207 Calhoun St.. Charleston. S. C 399 

Harding. Richard Hunt '65, 

6936 Greentree Dr.. Falls Church, Va 161, 276, 381 

Hardy, Richard Wayne '64, 

Box 4, Staff Cincusnaveur Fleet Post Office, 

New York. N. Y -173. 279. 281. 363 

Hardy, Robert G. "66, 

178 Flower Hill Rd., Huntington, N. Y 281, 399 

Harerett. Haines Hillsmane "65. 

355 Hillside Dr. N. W.. Atlanta 5. Ga 381 

Harkness. Richard C. '64, 

1121 Wilson Rd.. Wilmington. Dela 193, 281, 363 

Harkrader. Winfred T., Jr. '64. 

1315 Cresent Dr.. Mount Airy. N. C 

Harmon. Perry Grant. Jr. '66, 

2310 Buena Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Harold. David W. '66. 

735 North Belvedere, Memphis, Tenn 260. 

Harper, Eugene Jutson, '63, Box 121, Knightdale, N. C. 

Harper. Harry Williams '65. 626 Peachtree St., Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Harper, Wilmer Milton '65, 

RED 1. Box 306. Elkhorn City, Ky 381 

Harrell. Maxie Edward '65. Route 2, Gates, N. C 381 

Harrington, Kent M. '66, 

386 Oakridge Drive, Rochester 17, N. Y 180, 399 

Harrington, Thomas E. "66. 

715 Maybank Dr., Hendersonville, N. C 174. 399 

Harris. Charles Marcus '65, 

305 Victoria St.. Greensboro. N. C 167. 210, 381 

Harris, Christopher B. '64. 

382 Mill Hill Lane. Southport, Conn 363 

Harris, David H. '63. 4706 Brentwood Rd., Durham, N. C 333 

Harris, John Weiss '65, 

4407 Glenleigh Dr.. Dallas. Texas 173, 253, 381 

Harris, Michael N. '66. 

1752 Homestead Ave. N.E.. Atlanta, Ga 399 

Harris, Richard Foster '64, 

665 Llewellyn Place. Charlotte 7, N. C 96. 161, 363 

Harris, Robert W. '63. 

Princeton Pike M. R. 14, Somerville, N. J 333 

Harrison, Fenton F.. Jr. '66. 

213 Lehn Springs Dr.. Williamsville 21. N. Y 399 

Harrison. Frank Late. Jr. '64. 

1017 Montrose Dr., 

S. Charleston 3. W. Va 96, 99, 178, 210, 363 

Harrison, Michael B. '66, 

2722 Circle Dr.. Durham, N. C 162. 216, 399 

Harrison, Russell S.. Jr. '66, Box 1032. Lumberton. N. C..243, 399 

163. 363 
.162, 399 

76, 399 
93, 363 


Harritt, Norman Ladoit "63, 

230 Ave. C. N.E.. Winter Haven, Fla 181, 303. 333 

Harscher. Frank, III '66, 

1944 Fontaine Rd., Lexington, Ky 399 

Hart, John Charles '63, 1 1 1 S. Cayuga, Williamsville, N. Y. 
Hartgen, David T. '66, 

109 Forest Ave., Orono, Maine 182, 399 

Hartman, George H., Ill '66, Lampeter, Pa 178, 399 

Hartwell, John William '64, 4517 S. Cameron, Tampa 11, Fla. 
Harvey, James Richard " , 237 S. 11th St., Quakertown, Pa. 
Harwood, Stephen Louis '65, 

9159 Garber Rd., Crestwood 26, Mo 175, 381 

Haseltine, Frederick P. '66, 

2604 Monument Ave., Apt. A, Richmond, Va 180, 391, 399 

Hash, Edward Joseph "64, 

1884 N. Patrick Henry Dr., Arlington 5, Va 363 

Hash, John Lawler '63, 

Haskell, Bruce Vinal, "65, 113 Loreda Way, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Haskell, Richard A. '64, 

2649 Frontier TrI Apt D, Chamblee, Ga 224, 363 

Hasse, Gordon A., Jr. "66. 

210 Loney St., Philadelphia, Pa 162, 276, 399 

Hathaway, IDavid Everett '65, 

7 Walsh Lane, Cincinnati 8, Ohio 167. 381 

Haus, Rein '65. 1050 Ridge Ave., Lakewood, N. J. 
Havens, Richard George '63, 

9 Park Avenue, Westminster, Md...67, 96, 103, 169, 276, 333 
Haverick, Stephen D. '66, 

272 Eastmoor Blvd., Columbus. Ohio 166, 399 

Hawgood, William S. "63, 

2719 Cranlyn Rd., Shaker Hts. 22, Ohio 175, 333 

Hawkey, Richard S.. Jr. '65, 106 Brewster Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y. 
Hawks, Everett Merle "65, 

105 N. Plaza Dr., Little Rock, Ark 189, 363 

Hawn, Robert George '63, 

2611 Reynolds Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Haworth, Allan Robert '64. 

783 Knollwood Terrace, Westfield, N. J 173, 363 

Hay, Howard C. '66, 301 Firestone Rd.. Oak Ridge, Tenn 399 

Haygood, Robert Earl '65. 

177 Warwick Drive. Pittsburgh 34, Pa 381 

Haynes, Baxter Morgan, Jr. '64, Tyron, N. C 363 

Hays, Davis Addison '65. 

1611 N. Greenbrier St., Arlington 5. Va 381 

Heath, George Seaborn '65, P. O. Box 332, Homerville. Ga...38l 
Heeht, Stephen Samuel '64, 

4 Collamore Terrace. West Orange, N. J. 
Hedges, Charles R. "63, 339 Wood Lane, Circleville, Ohio 334 
Heidrick, Robert L. '63, 

101 S. County Line Rd., Hinsdale, III 128, 177, 223 

Heitzenrater. Wilson D. "66, 

1072 Sunset Dr.. Clarion, Pa 243, 399 

Heizer, William W., '64, 1320 Arnette Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Helbig, Herbert R., Ill '66, 

29 Tunstall Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y 270. 276, 399 

Heller, Julian D. "66, 

6139 Riviera Manor Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Hellman, Peter "64, 212 Waterway Drive, Falls Church, Va. 
Helmes, Charles Tucker "65, RFD 1, South Salem, N. Y.. 187, 381 
Helms, Grady Thomas, Jr. '66, 805 W. Franklin St., Monroe, N. C. 
Helms, Kenneth Dean '66, 

2643 Clydesdale T599A35, Charlotte 8, N. C 381 

Helms, William R., II '63, 620 East Holly St., Goldsboro, N. C 96 

Helstein, Richard S., II "66, 

23 Fenimore Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 194, 399 

Henderson, Grover C, II "64, 

211 W. Harnett St., Dunn, N. C 181. 363 

Henderson, Harvey Ellett "65, Route 1, Concord, Va 161, 381 

Henderson, William Taylor "64, 

167 Laurel Circle, Princeton, N. J 161, 280, 363 

Hendrix. Scott Hampton "63, 

2525 Stratford Rd., Columbia, S. C 334 

Henline. Barry H. "66, 1911 Syracuse Circle, Vienna, Va 399 

Henry. Hugh Littell "65. 

404 Linwood Dr., Greencastle, Ind 165, 381 

Herbert, Chesley C, III "65, 

202 Hillcrest Dr.. High Point, N. C 178, 210, 374, 381 

Herbster. Ronald William "65, 

28 W. Roland Rd., Parkside. Chester, Pa 96, 178, 381 

Herin, Thomas James "65, 

153 S.E. 15th Rd., Miami 36, Fla 243, 381 

Heritage, William H., Jr. "66. 

305 N. Fillmore St., Arlington, Va 399 

Heroy, John N., Jr. '66, 

23 Forest Terrace, W. Haven 16. Conn 170 

Herron, John W. "66, 

1952 Montgomery Ave., Villanova, Pa 172, 276, 399 

Hertslet, Barry Shaw, '64, 

704 Thornwood Ct.. Towson 4, Md .181, 213, 363 

Herzog, George Gary "64, 

3914 Mt. Vernon Highway, Alexandria, Va 277, 300, 363 

Hespenheide, Henry A., Ill, 63, 1315 Sussex Place, Norfolk 8, Va. 

Hess, Allan Pitner, "65, 914 Lathrop Ave., River Forest, 111 381 

Hess, Doren Willard, Jr. '65, 142 Michigan Ave., Decatur, Ga...381 
Hess, Richard Mason '65, 

20 Birch Ave.. Wheeling, W. Va 189, 381, 258 

Heugh, William Richard "65, 

Belle Terre. Port Jefferson, N. Y 162, 275, 381 

Heyer, Robert Ward "64, 

6401 Sedgefield Dr.. Norfolk 13. Va 229, 301, 363 

Heyman, Arthur Bruce "63, 

321 Lincoln Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y 96 

Heyman, Duane M. D. "66, 44 Bradford Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 399 

Heyman, Harold L. "66, 15 E. 64th St.. Savannah, Ga 194 

Hickey. Edward Joseph "65, 4803 Broad Brook Ct., Bethesda, Md. 
Hickman, Scott G. "66, 

228 Knollwood Dr., Dekalb, 111 166, 399 

Hiday, Lannv L. "66, 

2417 N. E. 18th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale. Ha. 233, 399 

High. Harold G. "66, 

204 Dorchester Rd.. Anchorage, Ky 275, 399 

High. William Gary, '63, RD 4, Millersburg, Ohio 171, 334 

Hight. William P. "66, 

1624 Statesville Blvd., Salisbury, N. C 182. 200, 399 

Hightower, John H.. Ill "66, 

1647 N. Greenbrier St., Arlington. Va 280, 399 

Hill, Charles A., Jr. "66, 572 Vinita Avenue, Akron, Ohio 399 

Hill, Charles E. "63. Club Rd.. 

Rosslyn Farms. Carnegie. Pa 98, 175, 205, 289, 334 

Hill. Dan W., Ill 66. 4014 Dover Rd., Durham, N. C- .168, 400 

Hill. Harry E. "66. 172 Berkshire Lane, Virginia Beach, Va 280 

Hill. Herbert Morrison "65, 200 Curtis St., Sylvania, Ga 381 

Hill, Lester "66, 

91 Fleetwood Terrace, Williamsville 21, N. Y 178, 400 

Hill. William A. "66, P. O. Box 338, Denton, N. C 178, 400 

Hillerbrand, Dieter "64, Germany 363 

Hilliard, James E. "63, 

Lyons Bend RD Tr. 14, Knoxville 19, Tenn. 181, 334 

Hinds. Douglas Paul '64, 

413 Lawrence Ave.. Westfield, N. J 97. 171, 363 

Hines. Robert D. "66, 

1505 Crescent Ridge Rd., Daytona Beach, Fla 172, 400 

Hinshaw, William B. '63, 402 W. Knox St., Durham, N. C. 334 

Hitchcock, Bouldin S. "66, 

58 Green Ave.. Lawrenceville, N. J 98, 176, 400 

Hoadley, Richard Aim "65. 

1411 Newton Rd.. Lancaster. Pa 276. 300, 381 

Hoaglin, David C. "66, 

103 Gabriel, S. Charleston, W. Va 192, 225, 251, 400 

Hobbs. Jerry Robert '64, 

1329 E. Monroe St.. South Bend 15. Ind 193, 363 

Hobbs. William K. '65, 

1201 Northwood St., Greensboro, N. C 400 

Hocutt, Quincy Barham '65, 

328 S. Barbour St., Clayton. N. C 243, 381 

Hodges. Stephen M. "64, 

1838 Grandin Rd., S.W., Roanoke, Va 210 

Hoffman, Charles Roger "63, 

Box 5090 Duke Station, Durham. N. C 161, 274, 334 

Hoffman, David S. "66, 

4424 N. 25th St., Arlinston, Va 188, 226, 400 

Hoibert, James M.. Jr. '66. 

415 Park Rd., Lookout Mt.. Tenn 174, 400 

Holder. John F. '66. 

4(18 Prospect Ave., Highland Park, III 178, 400 

Hollander. David B. "66, 811 Parkview Ave., Martinsville, Va...400 
Hollett. Grant T., Jr. "64, 

1502 Bexhill Rd., Richmond 29, Va 189, 363 

Hollis, Jan M. "63, 

Box 15, Baker VAC, Martinsburg, W. Va 280, 301, 335 

Hollister, George Clay '63, 

23 Maher Ave., Greenwich. Conn ---177, 270, 312, 335 

Hollman. Douglas Clark '64, 

9 Tanglewood Lane, Sea Cliff, N. Y.-- 97. 185, 363 

Holloway, Stephen M. '65, 

1318 North Bridge St., Elkin, N. C - 96. 175. 381 

Holmes. Eric Mills '65. 123 W. Ashe Ave., Lenoir, N. C 186, 381 

Holt, John Sanders '64, Scarritt College, Nashville, Tenn. 
Holt, Robert Alan '65, 

8 Gardner Rd., Reading, Mass 97, 167, 381 

Homer, Edwin N. '66, 

323 Olmstead Hill Rd., Wilton, Conn 176, 400 

Hopper, William R. '63, 1822 Stratford Place. S.W., Roanoke, Va. 

Hopkins. David H. '66, 

:()16 Myrtle Dr.. Durham, N. C 162. 228. 400 

Hopk-ins. Jay E. "64. 2016 Myrtle Dr.. Durham. N. C 163. .364 

Hoppin. Charles Tracy '64. 

712 Scotch Plains Ave.. Westfield. N. J 175. 364 

Horn. Edward Gustav '64. 818 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham. N. C. 
Home, Perry Alwyn '64, 

2115 Morganton Rd., Fayetteville, N. C 364 

Horton, Lewis W., Jr. '64, 1313 Kent St.. Durham. N. C. 
Hosier. Lee A. '66. 

10101 East Bexhill Dr.. Kensington. Md 166. 400 

Hough. William Colton, Jr. '65. 18 Meadow Lane. 

East Eilliston. Long Island. N. Y 97. 177. 381 

House. Donald Ray '63. 

911 Bragg St.. Monroe. N. C ..178. 261, 335 

Houseknecht. Peter S. "64. 10 Logan PI.. Rowayton. Conn. 
Hoiiyoux, Jacques Richard '65 

6006 Wahon Rd.. Bethesda. Md 98. 381 

Howard. David K. '66. 

3326 Lakeshore Blvd.. Jacksonville. Fla 400 

Howard. Deryl J. '66. P. O. Box 1995. Raleigh. N. C 400 

Howard. William K., Jr. '65. 

106 Pinecrest Rd., Durham. N. C 276 

Howe. Humphrey B.. Jr. '63, 47 Whitney Rd.. Medford 55, Mass. 
Howell, Milton A. '66, 

2110 Princess Place Dr., Wilmington, N. C 257, 258, 400 

Howser, Roy David, III '66, 

5717 Woodside Ave.. Myrtle Beach. S. C. .186. 228. 281. 400 
Huhbard. Kenneth Walton '65, 

Gilliam Lane. Riverside. Conn 97, 175, 228 381 

Huhbard. Robert Phillip '65. 

2106 South Race St.. Urbana. Ill 187. 281. 381 

Hubhell. William Lee '64. 

171 Lynn St.. Shreveport. La 213. 262. 364 

Hudson. William Hill. Ill '65, 

916 Elizabeth Rd.. Shelby, N. C 260. 381 

Hudson. William James. Jr. '65, 

11214 Bybee St.. Silver Spring. Md 167. 381 

Huffman. Frank J.. Jr. '66. 

319 Missouri St.. Steele. Mo 233 400 

Huffman. Richard B. '63, 

931 17th St. South. Arlington. Va 165 33'i 

Hu.ches. Roger William '66. 

10 Warwick Rd.. Summit. N. J 186, 400 

Hughes. Stephen Thomas '65. 

49 Hillcrest St.. Auburn. Maine 178. 243. 381 

Hughes. Terrv R. '66. 6 Deer Trail Rd.. Saddle River. N. J. 400 
Hughes. William F.. Ill '65. 4073 Bunker Lane. Wilmette. 111. 
Hulburt. Jon David '66. 4137 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Hulen. Myron Craig '63. 

8520 Thornden Terr.. Bethesda 14. Md ..181. 335 

Humphreys. David Russell '63. 

4667 Bluebell. Baton Rouge. La... 335 

Huneycutt. Charles J.. Jr. '65 

3 East Levonshire St.. Winston-Salem. N. C 96. 276. 394 

Hunger. William Crosby '65. 

404 Hancock Ave.. Vandergrift. Pa 225. 279. 381 

Hunt. Bnice Woodson '63. 

182 Saxonburg Rd.. Butler. Pa 173. 230. 302 308 33S 

Hunt. Francis S. '64. 

10 Bonmar Circle. Aubrundale 66. Mass 270. 335 

Huntley. George William '63. Box 60. Beaufort. N. C. .243. 364 
Huntoon George G. '66, 

215 Seaspray Ave.. Palm Beach, Fla 276 400 

Husa. Gary W. '63, 

188 Gordon St.. Spartanburg. S. C. 223. 229. 258 30'> 307 335 
Huston. Craig W. '65. 

955 Enchanted "Way., Pac Palisades. Calif 276. 381 

Huston. Graham C. '63. Lakewood Circle. Greenwich. Conn. 97 
Huston. William G. '66, 

Trefethens Landing, Peaks Island. Maine 162. 400 

Hutcheson. Thomas A. '66. 

1000 Chestnut Ave.. Wilmette. III. 174. 400 

Hutchins. Cary Lewis '65, 

48 Chestnut Dr., Ha.sting On Hudson. N. Y. 
Hutchins. Norman W. '63. Box 141. Rt. 3. Forest City. N. C. 335 
Hutzler. Arthur Charles '64. 

926 Banyan Dr.. Delray Beach. Fla 178. 357. 364 

Hybarger. Charles P. '66. 

4308 Kenny St.. Beltsville. Md 186. 400 

Hyer. Thomas Morgan '65. 

119 South 2nd St.. Palatka. Fla 160, 381 

Iceland. Steven D. '66, 32 Marlene Dr., Syosset, N. Y 194! 400 

Imershein. Allen W. '66. 

6440 S. W. 82nd St.. South Miami. Fla 98 400 


Ingersoll. Deforest P. '64. 

5128 N. Lake Dr.. Milwaukee 17, Wise 193, 364 

Ingle. Frank W. '66, 2929 Diric Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla. . 400 
Inglis. Richard Kendall '65. 

2249 Lazy Lane. Fort Lauderdale. Fla 210, 381 

Ingram. John E. '66. 

167 Tullamore Rd.. Garden City, L. I. N. Y 182, 276, 400 

Innis, James R. '66, 

102 Nottingham Rd., Richmond, Va 276, 400 

Irwin, John W. '66, 

950 San Jose S. E.. Grand Rapids, Mich 275, 400 

Jackson, Charles R. '64, 923 N, Main St., Salisbury, N. C 364 

Jackson, Harry Ross '64. 840 W. Morgan St., Raleigh, N. C. 
Jackson, Jay William '66, 

1847 Walton St.. Petersburg, Va 164, 275, 400 

Jacobsen, Arthur Francis '65, 

2040 Willowee Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C. 97, 382 

James. Ashley S., Jr. '63. 

2405 Sylvan Rd.. Greensboro. N. C 303, 335 

James, Jay Paul '63. 

813 Hopeton Rd.. Westover Hills. Wilmington 6. Del. 189. 335 
Jamieson. Robert James '64. 

P. O. Box 545, 3125 Friendly Rd.. 

Greensboro, N. C 96, 178, 210, 364 

Jarman, John H. '66, 

144 Old House Off Bldg., Washington, D. C. 178, 400 

Jeffords, Dexter L. '66. 

2 Greenway Flower Hill, Roslyn, N. Y 186, 400 

Jeffreys, David Elmo. Jr. '66, 1420 Broad St., Durham, N. C. 

Jenkins, James J. '66, 605 E. Fifth St., Greenville. N. C 124, 400 

Jennings, Bruce Phillip '63, 

1566 Summit Dr., Charleston 2, W. Va 177, 336 

Jennings, Theodore W. '64. 

20620 N.E. 13th Ct.. N. Miami Beach. Fla. 
Jensen. John Howard '64. 

4026 Greenwood Dr.. Ft. Pierce. Fla 215. 364 

Jerome. Forrest Lenox '65. 

3309 Dixon Rd.. Durham. N. C 181, 382 

Joachimi. Carroll Liggett '65. 

3958 Central Ave.. Memphis. Tenn 280, 382 

Johnsen, William Charles '65, 

4711 44th St., N.W.. Washington 16. D. C 193. 382 

Johnson. Albert Foster '65. 

Box 302. Mt. Gilead. N. C .....98, 171, 382 

Johnson, Brian A. '63, 8709 Fenway Dr., Bethesda 14. Md. 
Johnson. Bruce Harold '65. 

1618 East 3rd St.. Duluth 12. Minn 193. 382 

Johnson. Carl A.. Ill '65. 

Ill N. Driver St.. Durham, N. C 210, 232 

Johnson, Clifford R. '66. 

806 Enderby Dr.. Alexandria. Va ...233, 400 

Johnson. David M. '66. 30 Lakeview Cr.. Skaneateles. N. Y. 182 
Johnson. David S. '63. 208 Baltimore Ave.. 

Pt. Pleasant Bch., N. J. 175. 254, 336. 400 

Johnson. Edward Armstrong '63. 

1028 Southwood Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Johnson. Eric Michael '63. P. O. Box 165. Lincolnton, N. C. 
Johnson. Gary H. '64, 810 N.W. 96th St., Miami 50, Fla. 
Johnson George H. Ill '65, 

1300 Wendover Ave.. Rosemont, Penn 187, 364 

Johnson. J. D. Ill "63. 

421 Transylvania Ave.. Raleigh. N. C 237, 336 

Johnson. James Richard "65. 

2726 Ohio St.. Bethel Park. Penn ...280. 382 

Johnson. James W. '66. 309 N. Mulberry St., Logan, Ohio 400 
Johnson. Jerry Mychyle '65. 1907 N. Lebanon. Lebanon. Ind. 
Johnson. Leroy Peter '64. 

4924 Alhambra Circle. Coral Gables. Fla 161. 364 

Johnson. Linus '63. 

8 Orchard Parkway. White Plains, N. Y 336 

Johnson. Micael E. '66, 

4223 .South 36th St., Arlington. Va 226. 400 

Johnson. Raymond A. '63. 92 Lawson St., Hempstead, N. Y. 
Johnson. Robert Arnold '64. 

201 Lafayette St.. Hopewell. Va 96, 364 

Johnson, Robert Wesley '64, 

200 N. Rolling Rd.. Catonsville. Md 185. 364 

Johnson. Roy Clarence. Jr. '64. 

207 W. Mountain St.. Worcester 6. Mass 181. 213. 364 

Johnson. William L.. Jr. '63, 

Box 302. Mt. Gilead. N. C 336 

Johnson. William S.. Jr. '63. 

7022 Gough St.. Baltimore 24. Md 167 

Johnston. James L. '63. 

8 Oak Manor Crescent, Pittsford, N. Y 178, 279, 336 

ohnston, Lee Charles '65, 

Deal Golf & Country Club. Deal, N. J. 
ohnston. Matt Ransom "63. 

116 College St.. Littleton, N. C. 336 

ohnston. Robert Milton "65. 

2310 W. Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C 382 

olley. Ronald Scott '64. Rt. 1, Box 307, Gaffney, S. C 280 

ones, David Currier "64. 

Piping Rock Rd., Locust Valley. N. Y 97. 171. 228. 364 

ones. Douglas L. '66, 

406 Fall River Rd.. Houston 24. Texas. 168. 233. 273. 400 

ones. Edwin L. Ill '66, 

1800 Queens Rd., W.. Charlotte. N. C 401 

ones. Geoffrey C. '63. 380 Grasslands Rd.. Valhalla. N. Y. 336 
ones. James Fly '64. 

406 Fall River Rd.. Houston. Texas 168. 233. 273. 400 

ones. James McAndrew. Jr. "65. 

953 East Fairview Ave.. Montgomery. Ala 185. 382 

ones. Micael Douglas. "64. 1955 Overhill Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
ones, Michael F. "66, 

P. O. 66. Fairfield, N, C 172. 281. 401 

ones. Milton R. '66. 

1105 Clay St., Franklin, Va 225. 233, 401 

ones, Ralph W.. Jr. "65. 116 Center Ave., Chatham, N. J. 382 
ones, Robert Wilbur, Jr. "65. 

Box 321. Mulberry. Fla 270, 277, 382 

ones, Sheldon C. "64. 

18 Springfield Ave.. Cranford, N. J 364 

ones. Troy Edward, Jr. '63. 

Box 702. Smithfield. N. C 243, 303. 336 

ones. Waldo Rosebush "65. 

70 Terrys Plain Rd.. Simsbury. Conn 186, 187. 275. 382 

ones, William D. '66. 

711 Clendale Dr.. Richmond 29. Va 160. 401 

ones. William Edgar "65, 

821 Windsor Court, Ashland. Ky 382 

ordan. Robert Richard "65, 

Box 5197, Ardmore Sta.. Winston-Salem. N. C 178. 382 

ordan. William Jennings "65. Rt. 3. Smithfield. N. C 382 

oynes, Charles D. "66. 6228 Powhatan Ave.. Norfolk 8, Va. 401 
Kadaster. Esat M. '64. 

Ziraat. Fakultesi. Ziraikimya. Kursusu 193. 223 

Kadaster. Omer L '66. 

Ziraat Mahallesi Sok N.. Ankara. Turkey 364. 401 

Kahn. Michael F. '64. 

4560 Powers Ferry Rd., N.W.. Atlanta, Ga 195, 364 

Kahn, Steven P. "63. 420 E. 79th St.. New York. N. Y. 
Kahner. Steven '64. 83-01 169th St.. Jamaica 32. N. Y. 

Kaighin. James GrifRth '65. 543 Butler Rd.. Warren, Ohio 382 

Kale. Richard B.. Jr. "66. 

104 E. Jackson St.. Mebane. N. C 401 

Kaliski. Michael Paul '65. 

110 Wyahoke Dr.. San Antonio 9. Texas 382 

Kane. Harry Joseph. Jr. "65. 

910 W. Highland Ave.. Kinston. N. C. .. 162 38'' 

Kaplan. Stanley Allan "63. 

3314 Marnat Rd.. Baltimore 8. Md. 191 316 

Katholi. Richard Evers "63. 

930 Woodland Ave.. S. Charleston 3. W. Va 364 

Katz, Lawrence M. "64. 

6615 Park Heights Ave.. Baltimore. Md 195. 364 

Kauffman. Sidney L. "66. 

634 Clymer Lane. Ridley Park. Pa 401 

Kaufhold. Francis F. "66. Gen. Del.. 

Christiansted. St. Croix. U. S. Virgin Islands 166. 279. 281. 401 
Kaufman. John P. "66, 

2511 Cornwallis Ave., Roanoke, Va 178, 243, 276. 401 

Kauger, John. Jr. "65. 534 Paul St.. Hillside. N. J. 
Kausch. James W. "66. 

230 Chester Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 172. 401 

Kaye. David E. "66. 109 W. Center St.. Manchester, Conn 401 

Keagy. Blair A. "66, 1113 25th Ave.. Altoona. Pa 176. 401 

Keates. Donald T. "63. Rt. 2. Box 780. Richmond. Ind 279 

Keay. Anthony Richard "65. 

5-5 N. Sprague Ave.. Pittsburgh 2. Pa 96, 186, 187, 382 

Keen. Daniel Woodward '63, 

Mountain Lake, Lake Wales, Fla 189, 336 

Keesing, Hugo Arnold "65, 

4508 Forty-Fifth NW, Washington 16, D. C 183. 382 

Kehayes, Alexander R. "65. 

103 Pembroke Circle. Edenton. N. C. 18'' 38'' 

Keim. William Albert "65. 

5006 Klingle St.. NW. Washington 16. D. C 177. 382 

Keith. Dennis B. "66. Huhhollow Rd.. Peapack. N. J 270, 401 

Keith, Samuel J. "66. 15 Ridge Ave., Natick, Mass 164^ 401 

Keith, Theodore A. "63, 159 Passaic Ave., Passaic. N. J. 183, 336 


Keller. Edward Lee '64. 

122 Dover Circle. Norfolk. Va 281. 307. 364 

Keller. Robert Graham '66. 

2716 Spring Garden Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 180. 243. 403 
Keller. Robert Jeremiah "66. 

1844 W. 23rd St.. Miami Beach, Fla 166, 281, 401 

Kelley. Andrew F., Jr. "64. 

Sudamtex de Venezuela. Maracay, Venezuela 364 

Kelley, George Paul '65, 

116 Forest Rd.. Moorestown, N. J 280. 382 

Kellogg. James McNauchton "65. 

232 E. Walton Place. Chicago 11, III 382 

Kelts, Richard Goddard "65, Groton Ridge Hgts., Groton, Mass. 
Kempner. Marion Lee "64, 

4810 Denver Dr.. Galveston, Texas 177, 364 

Kennedy. James Leland. Jr. "63, 

419 E. Sixth St.. Dallas 3, Texas 200. 288. 337 

Kennedy. James Madison '64, 

VA Hospital. Richmond 19, Va 201, 364 

Kennedy, Kenneth D.. Jr. '64, 

117 Riplev Rd.. Wilson, N. C 178, 364 

Kennedy, Robert L. "63, 409 S. Lewis St.. Metier. Ga. 
Kennedy. William E.. Jr. '66, 

1211 Kast Ave.. Owatonna. Minn. 182, 281, 401 

Kent, Nelson Rutledge '64, 7979 SW 96 St.. Miami 56, Fla. 

Kent, Robert J. '63. 665 E. 19 St.. Brooklyn 30. N. Y 175, 337 

Kenyon, Lewis Waynick '64, Rt. 2. Hillsboro, N. C. 307, 311, 364 
Kerchner, Gary R. '64, 829 Worth Blvd.. Pottstown. Pa. 187, 364 
Kerman, David Douglas '65, 

2616 S. Peninsula Dr.. Daytona Beach, Fla 177, 382 

Kernodle, John R.. Jr. "66. 

2465 Edgewood Ave.. Burlington. N. C 401 

Kerr. Harry D. "64. RD 1. Hunkers. Penn 281, 364 

Ketcher. Neal Frederick "64, 

E. Chateau-Woodmere Blvd.. Woodmere, N. Y 172, 337 

Ketner. Jack C. Jr. "66. 

154 13th Ave.. NW. Hickory, N. C 277, 401 

Kien. Grant T. '64. 8796 Colerain Rd.. Cincinnati 39. Ohio 
Kiesau. Robert F. '66. 13075 SW 60th Ave., Miami 56. Fla. 401 
Killinger. Arthur G. '65. 

216 Pine Ave.. Cape Arthur Severna Park, Md 97, 382 

Kimball, Robert David '65, 

522 Parkview Dr.. Burlington. N. C 382 

Kimrey. James Otis. Jr. '66. 

807 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C 216, 382 

Kinard. William Frank '64, Box 693, Simpsonville, S. C. 
King. Caleb Jewette '65. 

7259 Elmridge Dr.. Dallas 30. Texas 98, 382 

King, Carl W.. "66. 

7101 Carosan Lane. Charlotte 7. N. C 180, 401 

King. David H. "66, 

1364 Belmont Ave.. Schenectady. N. Y 164, 401 

King, Elmer Richard, Jr. '64. 

8928 Cherokee Rd.. Richmond 25. Va 171. 365 

King. Hollis Heaton "65. 3064 Main St., Chula Vista. Cal .382 

King. Richard Hartwick "66. 

834 East Kendall Dr.. Nashville 9, Tenn 160. 161. 382 

King. Winston Earl '65. 3519 Kerry Dr.. Louisville 18. Ky. 
Kingsbury. Robert E. "63, 

54 East Central Ave., Moorestown, N. J .98, 173, 337 

Kingston, David T. '63. 

Summer Ave.. Edgewater Park, N, J 173, 337 

Kinnamon, Noel James '65, Rt. I, Kernersville, N. C 243, 382 

Kinney, Bruce W., Jr. '66. 4103 McKay. Tampa. Fla 401 

Kinney, John W.. Jr. '65, 

1411 Miller St.. Winston-Salem. N. C 193. 243. 382 

Kinney. Thomas R. '66. 

D. U. Medical Center. Durham. N. C 186, 401 

Kinsey. Donald R. Albert '66. 

Laurel Hollow RED.. Syosset. N. Y. 
Kinsler. James W. '64, 

12 Ridge Terrace. Short Hills. N. J 213, 365 

Kirby. Paul Vernon "65. 2009 Lanier Dr., Silver Spring, Md 382 

Kirk, Gilman D. "63. 2296 E. Broad St.. Columbus 9. Ohio....337 
Kirksey. William E. "66. 

204 Homewood Ave.. Greensboro. N. C 168, 401 

Kirkwood. Thomas W. Ill "66. 

487 Dorchester Rd. Akron. Ohio 176, 401 

Kirwan. Patrick Bruce '65. 

306 Woodward Wav NW. Atlanta. Ga 175. 277, 300. 382 

Kiser. James Jacob III '65. 

824 7th .St. NW. Hickory. N. C 169. 282. 382 

Kiser. John Wood. Jr. '63. 

213 Park St.. Statesville, N. C 161, 280. 301. 337 

Kissam. Roger H. "63. 15 Woodhill Rd.. 

Tenafly. N. J 175, 222, 223, 280. 289. 301, 337 


Kissling, Anthony M., Jr. '65, 

72 Stephen Dr., Pleasantville. N. Y 185. 302 

Kitch. Joseph M. '63. 921 Winding Lane, Media, Pa 337 

Kitchin, John Siimmerell "65. 

Route 2. Wake Forest, N. C 178, 214, 382 

Kitching, Brent Gordon "65, 

308 Oak Ave.. Sharon Hill. Penn 96. 382 

Kitsinger. Otto Cobb II '65. Box 131, Kermit, Texas 270. 382 

Kitterman. James S.. Jr. "65. 

1105 No. Shore Rd.. Norfolk. Va 180, 226, 382 

Klaiipiks. Andris '63. RD 4. Quakertown. Penn. 
Klesmer. Harold '65. 

I 109 Wickham Ave., Newport News. Va - 195, 382 

Klock, Douglas M. '65, 125 Brook .St., Hilton. N. Y 270. 382 

Klug. Leonard Vincent '63, 2508 Shenandoah St., Durham, N. C. 

Klugel. Harry Tell III "63. 506 Meherrin St., Emporia, Va 337 

Knode. Charles S. '66. 

2333 Q St. SH. Washington, D. C. 275, 401 

Knorr. Richard J. '63, 

1715 Westover Rd.. Clark. N. J. 173. 280. 337 

Knorr. Robert J. '63. 1715 Westover Rd.. Clark. N. J 173. 279 

Knowles. Fred T. '63. 

236 N. Woodberry Ave.. Danville. Va..... 230. 337 

Koch. John L. '66, Rt. 2, Durham, N. C. 401 

Koff. Stephen A. '66. 

840 East Broadway. Long Beach, N. Y 190. 249. 401 

Kohler, James B. II '66. 

184 Willmont St., Rochester, N. Y 184. 401 

Koock. Kenneth J. '63. 

3555 Netherland Ave.. New York 63. N. Y. 337 

Koon. Crawford B.. Jr. '66. 1141 8th Dr. SE, Hickory. N. C. .401 
Koonce, John E. Ill '64. 

3347 Alleghany Dr., Raleigh, N. C 181. 365 

Kraft. Richard W. '66, 

5028 W. Ford St., South Bend, Ind 186 

Kramer. Thomas S. '63. 2009 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Kraus, Kenneth Wayne '64, Forrest Blend Dr.. Titusville, N. J. 
Krause, Leonard Holden '65. 

Box 493. Jaffrey Center. N. H 165. 383 

Krebs, Richard Dietrich '65. 

7613 Halleck St. SE, Washington 28. D.C 280, 383 

Kreglow. Alan F., Jr. "66. 

4900 Indian Lane NW, Washington. D. C 243, 401 

Kreps. Donald E. '63. 

1012 Willow Drive. Pittsburgh 37. Penn 337 

Kroll. Ronald Neil '63. 18I-C Bay Ave.. Toms River, N. J 337 

Kroncke. Fredrick G.. Jr. '66. 

623 Cedar St.. Roanoke Rapids. N. C 243. 401 

Kronenfeld, Jerrold E. '66. 

205 S. Carolina Ave.. Hendersonville. N. C 194, 401 

Kuhn. Alan K. '63, 

1203 E. Broad St.. Columbus 5. Ohio 165. 279, 282, 301, 338 
Kunstling. Ted Richard '65. 

USPHS Hospital. Stapleton. Staten Island. N. Y 383 

Kuntz. Lee Alan '65. 975 NE 94 St.. Miami Shores, Fla. 

Kurtz. Irving William '65. I Brookside. Ladue 24. Mo. 163, 383 

LaVarre, Claude A.. Jr. '65, 

Apartado Aereo 11046. Bogota, Colombia, S. A 173. 280. 383 

Ladd. James Roger '64. 9633 Hilltop Rd., Bellevue. Wash. 187, 365 
Lader, Philip P. '66. 

5680 Groce St.. S.. St. Petersburg. Fla 228, 390, 401 

Lakin. Clifford Allen '65. 

6953 Harding Ave., Miami Beach, Fla 383 

Lam, Richard Conrad "65, 

28130 Westbrook. Farmington, Mich. 98. 177, 210, 374, 383 
Lamb, Ronald L. '66, 2215 S. Union, Roswell, N. Mex. 243. 401 
Lamond. William W. "64, 6019 River Rd.. Norfolk 5. Va. 
Lamotte. Phillips Gibbs "65. 

317 Newton St., Salisbury. Md 189. 210. 383 

Landerman. Lawrence R. '66, 

15 Sequin Rd.. W. Hartford. Conn 184. 276, 402 

Lane. William Carr '65, 

210 Woodbourne Dr., St. Louis 5. Mo 193, 383 

Lang. Robert E. '66, 6 Kay Blvd., Middletown, R. 1 281, 402 

Langbauer, Delmar Neil '65, 

227 Dean Lane. Grosse Pointe 36. Mich. 383 

Lanae. Walden A. '63. Lake Rd., Columbia, Conn 177, 338 

Lanier. Irving William '65. 

1813 Holly Hill Dr.. Falls Church. Va 383 

Laning. Peter Huston '64. 291 W. Commerce St., Bridgeton. N. J. 

Lankford. Wayne H. '63. 302 Duke Dr.. Portsmouth. Va 338 

Lanning. Thomas Pinckney '65. 

3007 Surrey Rd.. Hope Valley. Durham. N. C 383 

Larsen. Charles III '66. 

991 Lake Hollingsworth Dr.. Lakeland, Fla 166. 402 


Larsh, Robert Neal '65, 

Route I, Box 356, Chapel Hill, N. C 96. 187, 383 

Larson. David Jay '66, 

7020 Linda Lake Dr.. Charlotte, N. C 383 

Laula. Otto Wood '64, 1220 Brook wood, Birmingham, Mich. 

Lavia, Dennis A. '66, 626 Elm Ave, Rahway, N. J 168, 402 

Lawson. David H. '66. 

1736 Houston Lake Rd.. Perry, Ga 402 

Lawyer, William Grove II, "65. 

2928 Tanglewood Way, Sarasota, Fla 173, 383 

Lebon, Kenneth M. "63, Featherbed Lane, Hopewell, N. J 338 

Lebos. Harvey C. '63, 

2444 Prospect Rd.. Tampa 9. Fla 190. 191. 338 

Lee. Jackson Frederick, Jr. '65. 

114 Hale St., Fayetteville, N. C 98, 383 

Lefler. John Charles '65. Rt. 4. Hwv 601 S., Concord, N. C. 383 
Lefler. William C. Jr. '65, 614 Audubon Ave.. Pittsburgh 34, Penn. 
Leggett, James Mark "63, 941 Greystone Rd., 

Asheboro. N. C 68, 69, 70, 75. 76, 96, 169, 338 

Leighton. John M. '66. 

4229 Linden Hills Blvd., Minneapolis, Minn 176, 402 

Leiand, Stuart Day '64. 

25 Douglas Rd.. New Canaan. Conn 165, 365 

Lemaster. Robert Terry '65. 2008 Burton, Orange, Texas 165, 383 
Lerner, I eii;h D. '66, 

313 Laurel Ave., Highland Park, III 194, 402 

Leverenz. Richard T. '66 

6714 Stefani Dr.. Dallas. Texas 183. 402 

Leverton. Roger W.. Jr. "64. 5715 Jason St., Cheverly, Md. 
Levine. Michael H. '66. 

5251 Fieldston Rd.. New York 71, N. Y 402 

Levit. Donald Jay '63, 

704 Reid Ave., Nashville, Tenn 195, 338 

Levy, Ted Stuart "63. 

1701 Westchester Dr.. Silver Spring, Md 280 

Lewellen, Charles Ralph '65, 

5 Grandview Heights, Louisiana, Mo 98, 383 

Lewis, Emmett Boaz III '64, 836 Colonial Ct., Birmingham, Mich. 
Lewis, Harvie H. '66, 305 S. 7th St.. Bessemer, Ala. 
Lewis, Jeffrey E. '66. Armstrong Rd.. Delaware, Ohio. 182, 402 
Lewis, William R.. Jr. '63. 

636 East 41st St.. Savannah, Ga 193, 338 

Leyrer, Earl Thomas '64, 

1301 Cereal Ave., Hamilton, Ohio 167, 365 

Liccardo, James Frank "66, 

43 Conforti Ave., West Orange. N. J 170, 402 

Lichty. Myron R. '66. 

1091 Wisconsin River Dr.. Port Edwards, Wise 243, 402 

Lieber. Todd M. '66. 

345 Lincoln Ave.. Lansdowne. Pa 186. 277. 402 

Lifton. Robert John '65. 

925 S. Western. Park Ridge, III 164, 383 

Light. Frank G. 66. 82 Sixth Ave., Collegeville, Pa 402 

Ligon. Edward S. '66, 

15 Whistler Rd.. Manhasset. N. Y 172, 243. 402 

Liles. Jesse S., Jr. "64, Gatesville, N. C 338 

Lindquist. Vere Robert "63, 114 Price St., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Lindsay. Walter H.. Jr. "66, 

919 S. County Line Rd.. Hinsdale, III 186. 402 

Lindsey. Bryant A. "63. 265 N. Mulberry St.. Statesville, N. C. 
Lindsey. William E. "63. 409 Cheryl Dr., Falls Church, Va. 
Linger. Richard Clifton "64, 

790 Fletcher St.. Tonawanda,, N. Y 189, 365 

Linnemann. Richard Thomas "65. 

591 Parkview Dr.. Burlington. N. C. 

Linsert. Henry. Jr. "63. Park St.. Pepperell. Mass 280, 282 

Linsley. Michael S. "63, 74 Cliff St.. Hastings-on-Hudson. N. Y. 
Lipscomb, Thomson "65. 

123 W. Maple St.. Ale.\endria. Va .-- 171, 383 

Little. Peter Lawton "63. 

1419 Pine Tree Dr.. Charlotte 7. N. C 169. 338 

Livermore. Gordon Dexter "64. 

3554 N. Dickerson St., Arlington, Va. 
Livingston. William C. "65. 

121 Tanglewood Dr.. Frankfort. Ky 

Loch. Charles J.. Jr. "63. 

142-02 Franklin Ave.. Flushing 55, N. Y. 193. 281, 282, 338 

Locke. Curtis Alan "64, 805 Hundley St.. Martinsville. Va 365 

Lockwood. George W. "63. 

161 Algonquin Rd.. Hampton, Va 311, 338 

Lomax, John Frank "63, P. O. Box 72. Abbeville. S. C 96 

Lomer. Rowland S. "63. 

Doawood Ave.. Roslyn Harbor. Long Island. N. Y 279, 338 

Long,^ David William '64, 

P. O. Box 325, Punxsutawney. Pa Ibl, 3f)5 



Long, Donald F. "64, 1703 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C 365 

Long, Max Bickt'ord, Jr. '66. Box 1355, Burlington. N. C. 

Longsworth, Samuel J. '63, R.D. 1, Carrollton, Ohio 338 

Lonon, Daniel Johnson '64, 

Rt. 4, Box 164, Marion, N. C 96, 169, 365 

Lonon, Robert W., Jr. "66, 

Rt. 8. Box 92-A, Charlotte, N. C 243, 402 

Looper, William Curtis '66, 

P. O. Box 177, Salemburg, N. C .169, 383 

Lopp, Jerrell Eugene '66, 708 S. Ford St., Lexington, N. C. 
Losee, Alan W. '66, 

147 Hickory Ridge Dr.. Houston 24, Te.xas 162, 402 

Losee, Thomas P. '63, 
147 Hickory Ridge Dr., 

Houston 24, Texas .163. 272. 273. 290, 338 

Lotspeich, Edgar S., Ill "65, 

518 Evanswood Place, Cincinnati 20, Ohio 165, 383 

Lovell, James P. '63, 

814 Demerius, Apt. R-4, Durham, N. C 187, 339 

Low, Thomas A. "66, 26630 Ridge Rd., Damascus, Md 402 

Lowe, Frank Rockwell '66, 

Qtrs. A., Glynco Naval Sta., Brunswick. Ga 169. 383 

Lowe. Richard Best. '65, 

2832 Brainard Rd.. Cleveland 24, Ohio 185, 383 

Lowenstern, Burt H. '64, 

44 Elm Ave., Newport News, Va 96, 195, 276, 365 

Lowenthal, Stuart L. '64, 

124 Idle Hour Dr., Lexington, Ky 195, 339 

Lowery, Thomas Andrew '65, 

614 Windsor Place. Tyler, Texas 164, 383 

Lowie, Dwight M. '66. 912 S. Main. Wake Forest. N. C 402 

Lowry, Michael Leo '65. 

7 St. Denis Dr.. Moreland, Charleston, S. C 277, 383 

Lucas, Andrew John '66, 

3301 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va 186. 402 

Lucas, David Owen "64, 

AO 2241383, 867th Medical Group. APO 864, New York, N. Y. 
Luciano. James Thomas "66. 

2121 Peachtree Dr.. Wilmington 5, Del 96. 161. 383 

Ludwig. Ronald Lewos '65, 

3337 Aberdeen Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 195, 383 

Ludwigson, Robert G. '64, 

4050 Monticello Ave.. New York 66. N. Y 339 

Lukins, Joseph Lanier '65, 

1228 Eastern Parkway, Louisville 4, Ky 175, 383 

Lunsford, Dennis L. '66, 

36 Ben Oaks Dr. W., Severna Park, Md 192, 402 

Lurey, Alfred Saul '64, 315 Riverside Dr., Greenville, S. C. 
Lusk, Rodney Hammond '66, 

Lower River Rd.. Gallipolis, Ohio 402 

Lynch, Charles T., Jr. '63. 

Apt. 57. 447 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J 178. 339 

Lynch, Donald Michael '65, 

908 Burr St.. Fairfield. Conn 96. 174, 383 

Lynn. Marshall William. Jr. '64, 350 Whitman St., Haworth, N. J. 
Lyon, Carl Francis. Jr. '65. 

2 Frank Clark St.. Sumter. S. C .194. 273. 383 

Lyons, Douglas S. '66. 

27 Carl Brandt Dr.. P. O. 293. Shalimar. Fla 174. 243. 402 

Lyons. Henry T.. Jr. '66. 

915 North 15th St.. Allentown. Pa 186. 402 

Lyons, Stephens T. '63, 117 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va. .229, 339 
Lyren, William James '63, 214 Highland, Wadsworth, Ohio 
MacCartee, Carl C, Jr. '63, 

8212 Kerry Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Md 96, 175, 339 

MacCaughelty, Thomas C. '66, 

2416 Acadia St., Durham. N. C. 243, 402 

MaoDonald, George M. '65, 

895 Park Ave., New York City, N. Y 402 

MacDonald, Henry John '65, 

1607 Tryon Rd.. New Bern. N. C 178, 383 

MacDonald, Robert A. '64. 

302-A Short Hills Ave., Springfield, N. J ...365 

MacDuff, Allen Nelson '65, 2733 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Mace, Stephen G. '64. 

4315 Woodacre Dr.. Chesterbrook Wds.. McLean. Va. 189, 339 
Mack, David Edward '64. 

3307 Turner Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md 280, 365 

MacLane, Charles Newell '65, 

2503 Manchester. Toledo, Ohio. 176, 383 

MacLeod, Roderick A. '66, 

56 Fruit Hill Dr., Chillicothe, Ohio 162, 228, 402 

MacNaughton. James N. '63. 

1541 Brightridge Dr.. Kingsport, Tenn. 311, 339 

Macy. Philip A.. Ill '66. 712 Ridgeway, East Alton. 111. 402 

Maden. Michael G. '66. 221 Flint Dr.. Fairfield. Ala 402 

Maher. William F. '64. P. O. 374. Baco Raton. Fla. 

Mahla. Frederick T. '66. 

128 Marcella Rd. WEB FM. Wilmington, Del 243. 277. 402 

Mahoney. John E. '66, 

7018 Charles Ridge Rd.. Towson. Md 225, 402 

Malmstrom, Richard A.. Jr. '66. 

26 Birdseye Glen, Verona, N. J 176. 402 

Manes. Michael Randolph '66, 

437 Argyle Dr.. Alexandria. Va 192. 402. 251, 280 

Mann, Glenn E.. Jr. '65, 

Rt. 2. Box 9. Cole Mill Rd., Durham, N. C 171. 383, 96 

Mann, Ralph Emerson. Jr. '65, 

4108 Sudbury Ave., Jacksonville 10, Fla 383 

Manning. Donald O. '66. 617 N. Jackson St.. Arlington, Va 402 

Manola. Frank A. '66. 

1606 Fort Hunt Rd.. Alexandria. Va 225. 402 

Marchese, Don P. '64. 34 James St., Poughkeepsie. N. Y...177, 365 

Marger, Donald '66, 2510 S.W. 4th St., Miami, Fla 402 

Margolis, Marshall H. '64, 

911 Dacian Ave.. Durham. N. C 216, 339 

Marin, John W. '66. 1215 Washington St., Farrell, Pa 402, 170 

Markas, Johnny Mitchell "63, 1 14 N. Chestnut St., 

Morganton, N. C 169, 200, 339, 96, 289, 63 

Markham, John C, III '64. 

509 Eastwood Dr., Gastonia, N. C 187, 365 

Marks, William F.. Jr. '63. 

525 E. Seminary Ave., Towson 4, Md 334, 254. 262 

Marley, Roy Lee, Jr. '64. 

705 E. Raleigh St., Siler City, N. C 175, 365, 99, 96 

Marsh, Herbert A. "66, Route 5. Box 384. Petersburg. Va. 403 

Marsh. James A.. Jr. '63. 

507 Church St.. Monroe, N. C 193. 225, 339, 273 

Marshall, Holcombe T. '66, 4 Robin St., Rome, Ga 403 

Marshall, Julian R.. Jr. '66. 

706 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C 403, 188, 2<!4 

Marshall, Neal Wm. '64, 

15 Pine St., Woodmere. L. I.. N. Y 195. 365 

Marston. Edwin L.. Jr. '63. 

252 Dalmeny Rd.. Briarcliff Manor. 76. 201. 177. 224. 339 

Martin. Gerald F. '63. Box 171 A.. Epping Forest. Annapolis. Md. 
Martin. Henry F., Ill '64, 

9507 Lindale Dr.. Bethesda 14, Md 193, 365, 243 

Martin, James Slattin, III '65, 193 Vineyard Rd., Huntington, N. Y. 
Martin, John D. '64. 155 Brixton Rd.. Garden City, N. Y. 
Martone. Peter Wayne '64. 

7461 North Shore Rd.. Norfolk. Va 163. 365 

Marvin, Guy '63, 

Qrts. 4112. U.S.A. F. Academy. Col..... 187, 300, 221, 274, 339 
Mason, Charles Gilbert '64, 

19 Cheverly Circle, Cheverly, Md 365, 280 

Mason. Geoffrey S. '63. Rt. 1, Box 501. Nokomis, Fla 163, 34 

Mason, George Park, Jr. "65. 

1017 N. Main St.. Santa Anna. Calif 383 

Masoncupp, Martm R. "66, 

2117 Brandon Ave. S.W.. Roanoke. Va 403. 280 

Massengill. Richard K. '63. 

U.S.P.H.S. Hospital, Box 100, Fort Worth, Texas 189. 340 

Mathews. Emmett C. Jr. "63. 

16 Maxwell Rd.. Richmond 26. Va 365 

Mathewson, James Ray. Jr. "65, 

147 Clarendon Circle, Danville, Va 384 

Mathis, William S., Jr. "66, 

6 Terrace Rd.. Baltimore 21, Md 403, 280 

Matthews, Steven Leon "63, 

203 North 14 St., Bessemer City, N. C 340 

Matthews. Walter S.. Ill "66, 

Quarters 205, Parris Island, S. C 186. 403 

Matthias. Douglas E. "63. 

520 N. Shore Rd.. Norfolk 5. Va 183, 221. 340 

Mattson, Gerald Arthur "64. 

751 17th Ave. South. St. Petersburg, Fla 187, 366 

Matuza, Albert Charles "65, 211 Louise Dr., Morrisville, Pa 96 

Mauney, James Patrick '65, 

P. O. Box 8, Ft. Lawn, S. C 183, 384, 280 

May, James Norris '63. 2611 Knollwood Rd.. Charlotte 7, N. C. 

May. James V. '65, R.F.D. 4, Mount Olive. N. C 366, 96 

McBride. Robert Elliott '65, 

126 Buckingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 384 

McCaic. Douglas A. '63. 2711 S. Ocean Blvd., 

Delray Beach, Fla 213, 340, 319, 263, 224 

McCarthy, F. Anthony '65, 

6 J. Ridge Rd., Greenbelt. Md 273, 384 

McCarthy, James Vincent '64. 

19 Ridge Rd.. Rumson. N. J 169. 366. 96, 281 

McCarthy. John Paul '65. 6 J. Ridge Rd.. Greenbelt, Md.. 187, 366 
McCarthy, Paul E., Jr. '64. 

1120 South Church St.. Burlington, N. C 171. 340 

McCarthy, William J, '63. 

241 S. Biscavne River Dr.. Miami 69, Fla 187, 340 

McCaiilsand. Charles P. '63. 

605 W. Joppa Rd.. Towson 4, Md 185, 366 

MeChesney, John A. 63. 102 45 67 Rd., Forrest Hills, N. Y. 
McClain. John Clinton, Jr. "65, 

416 North St., Anderson, S. C 175, 384 

McClenahan, William L. "66, 

20 Acorn Dr., Hillsborough, Calif 176, 403 

McCoIlum, Frederick G., Jr. '63, 

1402 Sixth St., Savannah Beach, Ga 169, 340, 96 

McCormick, George W. '63, 

Julio Maria Sosa 2237, Montevideo, Uruguay 
McCrearv. Robert H. '66, 

2653 W. Bay Isle Dr. S.E., .St. Petersbura, Fla... 172, 403 

McCullers, Edwin R. 66, 

517 Club Blvd., Durham. N. C 216, 172, 403, 281 

McCullers, Linwood A. "66, 

112 E. Maynard Ave., Durham, N. C 216, 403 

McCuUoch, David Thomas '65, 

1514 Argonne Rd., Tallahassee. Fla. 
McCullough, Kenneth R. '64, 

3822 N. Stratford Rd. N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 161, 366 

McCune. David J. '66, 539 Hamilton St., Lancaster, Pa 188, 403 

McDonald, Charles H. '64, 1408 Rankin Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 
McDorman, Marshall Duer '65, 

327 Chapel Bell Lane. Houston 24. Texas 384, 281 

McDowel, Jack R.. Jr. '66, 

1306 Peach .Ave., South Boston, Va. 402 

McDowell, C. Blake, III '65, 

2260 Tinkham Rd., Akron 13. Ohio 384 

McFarlin, Robert Morley '65. 

307 Genesco. San Antonio 9. Texas 189, 384 

McGarrity, David M. '66. 107 Palmer Lane, Trenton, N. J 403 

McGhee. Barry Lewis '64, 

510 Charlotte St., Fredericksburg, Va 366 

McGhee, George D. "66, 

Farmers Delight Farm, Middleburg, Va 403 

McHugh. John '63, 1010 Monmouth Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Mclntire, Joseph Neely '65, 1311 Robin St.. Goldsboro, N. C 384 

Mclntire. Thomas O. '63, 1311 Robin St., Goldsboro. N. C 311 

Mcintosh, Alan E. '63. 7116 1st Ave. So., St. Petersburg. Fla. 340 
Mclntyre. Peter A. '66, 

101 Beeching St., Worcester, Mass 162, 403 

McJunkin, Howard P. '66. 

920 Newton Rd.. Charleston, W, Va 176 403 

McKay, Malcolm V. '63, 

1137 Kensington Ave., Plainfleld, N. J 340 

McKee, William H. '66, 

1121 Queens Rd. W., Charlotte, N. C 403 277 

McKenzie, Donald K. '64, 

505 Mt. View Ave., Bluefield. W. Va 366 

McKey, John Daugherty, Jr. '65. 

1007 Valencia Ave., Orlando, Fla 181, 384 

McKinley, Rex Vincent, Jr. '63, 2 Plaza Dr., Hampton, Va 99 

McLain. Milton Stanley '65, 

3400 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh, N. C 164, 384 

McLaughlin, Douglas F. '64, Box 360, Mystic, Conn 167, 366 

McLean, Lawrence E. '64, 

212 Springfield Ave., Hasbrouck Hts., N. J 99 

McLean, Roger T., Jr. '64, ke Cambridge Rd., Glen Ridge, N. J. 
McLeod, James M. '64, 1928 Morningside St., Jacksonville 5 Fla 
McNabb, John T., II '66, 

4110 Lancaster Ave. S. E., Charleston, W. Va 403 

McNally, William J., Ill '66, PIO MAAG Rep. of China, 

Box 13, APO 63, San Francisco, Calif. 180, 403, 281 

McPherson, Alexander, Jr. '66, 

4707 Larado Place, Orlando, Fla 403 

McPherson, William V.. Jr. '64. RED 2, Durham, N. "c 189, 366 

McRae, John A. '66, Quarters 52, Fort Belvoir, Va 172, 403 

Mears, Scott O. '66, Shaffer St., Bolivar, Penn 164^ 403 

Meek, Perry R. '66, 

1264 Golden Hill Dr., Indianapolis, Ind 174, 403 

Meeker, James Bernard '64, 

120 Britton St., Charleston 2, W. Va 366 

Mees, Theo H., Jr. '66, 

Country Club Rd., Lumberton, N. C 403, 281 

Meier, John Otto '63, 

113 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 340. 279 301 

Meikle R. Bruce '66. 

2231 Grandview Place, Glenview, 111 192, 403 

Melchior, Thomas F. '65, 

5325 Stone Ave., La Grange, 111 187 384 

Melton, Charles Reid '65, 

7019 Northampton Way, Houston 24, Tex 384 


Melton, Thomas Hiter '64, 

219 Holswade Dr., Huntington, W. Va. 163, 366 

Melvin, Richard F. '63, P. O. Box 362, Palm Beach, Fla 189, 340 

Menge, Steven Reid '64, 

4400 Southern Blvd.. Dayton 29, Ohio 176. 366 

Menne, Eugene Charles '63, Crest Dr„ Dover, Mass, 340 229 
Menson, Robert C. '64, 

16 Sunny Reach Dr., West Hartford, Conn 193, 341 

Mercer, Guy B., Jr. '66, 519 Ash St., Winnetka, 111 180, 403 

Merkel, Lee F. '64, Rt. 1, Box 70, Nashotah, Wis. 
Merkel, William T. '66, 

II Annwood Lane, Cincinnati 6, Ohio 166, 403 

Merwin, Grier Humphrey '63, 

4113 49th St. N. W., Washington 16, D. C. 185. 341 

Meshaw, John C, Jr. '66, 

215 Brightwood Rd., Wilmington, N. C 403 

Mestler, Richard V. '64. 441 Fort Gray Dr. North, Lewiston, N. Y. 
Metz, Walter Cade, Jr. '65, 457 Hawthorne Dr.. Elkin. N. C. 384 
Meyers. Francis Wesley '65, 51 Haverford St., Hamden 17, Conn. 
Michael. Gayle Edwin '64. 

Rt. 7. Box 400, Salisbury, N. C 193 366 

Midgett, Bernard W. '65, Englehard, N. C ' 384 

Midura, Roger B. '66, 

410 Tyrone Ave., Wilmington, Del 182, 403 

Miga, Andrew Charles '65, 

110 West Avondale, Greensboro, N. C. 384 

Miles, Arthur C. '63, 

95 Wakefield Dr. N. E.. Atlanta 9, Ga 215, 341, 254 

Miles, James Melvin '64, Pink Hill, N. C. 17S ""lo 366 

Miller, Bruce G. '66, 

5889 A. Kalanianaole Hwy., Honolulu, Hawaii... 403 

Miller, Chris Glendon '65, 

1855 East 42nd St., Tulsa, Okla 187, 186, 384 277 

Miller, A. Edgar, Jr. '66, 

4205 Anderson Rd., Coral Gables, Fla 194, 403 

Miller, Edward K. '66, 6 Crosby St., Brooksville, Fla 180, 403 

Miller, F. William '65, 240 Arlington Dr., Metraire, La 384 

Miller, Grayson Brownlee '65, 

1540 Boiling Ave., Norfolk 8, Va 384, 97 

Miller, Jay Ralph, Jr. '63, 

1034 Highland Ave., Abington, Penn 185 

Miller, John C, Jr. '66, 

2029 Poont Legere, Mobile. Ala 403, 390 

Miller, John Meredith, Jr. '65, 

912 Pembroke Towers, Norfolk 7, Va 384, 243 

Miller, Lawrence Everett '65, 

3616 Anderson Ave.. Chattanooga II, Tenn. 185, 384, 281 

Miller, Louis George '63, 

120 27 226 St., Cambria Hts. 11, N. Y.... 189, 341, 230 

Miller, Patrick Henry '64, 

10445 Lennox Lane, Dallas 29, Texas 366 

Miller, Robert J. '66, 

16732 Scottsdale Blvd., Shaker Hgts. 20, Ohio 403 

Miller, Robert M. '64, 

4141 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis 17, Tenn 180, 181, 366 

Miller, Robert Steven '64, 

200 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, N. J 195 

Miller, Roger Wallace '63, 95 Hodge Ave., Buffalo 22, N. Y 341 

Miller, Thomas R. '66, 

2550 S.E. 7th Dr., Pompano Beach, Fla 160, 403 

Miller, Wayne H. '66, 

4509 N. Dittmar Rd., Arlington 7, Va 403, 281 

Miller, William B. '64, 

407 Washington St., Cumberland, Md 177, 341, 178 

Mills, Hugh H. '63, Box 262, Forest City, N. C 341, 309 

Minard, Alan L. '65, 1311 Monroe, Evanston, 111 187. 384 

Mincher, Thomas Daniel '64. 

42 Carolina St.. Roanoke Rapids. N. C 341 

Minnotte. David W. '65. 

310 Oak Forest Dr., Pittsburgh 16, Penn 384 

Minturn, Eric Brigham '65, 

107 Rae Ave., Devola, Marietta, Ohio 384 

Misenheimer, Lawrence G. '65, Box 477, Rockwell, N. C 384 

Misner, Ray Hunting '64, 

79 Inskip Ave., Ocean Grove, N. J 366, 65 

Mitchell, Arthur Warren '64, 600 Asylum Ave., Hartford, Conn. 97 
Mitchell, Ellison C. '63, 

106 Byrd Blvd., Greenville, S. C 128, 185, 341 

Mitchell, John Wayne, Jr. '65, 

1538 North Ivanhoe St., Arlington 5, Va 164, 384 

Mitchell, Perry Bedell '64. 

3986 Club Drive. Atlanta 19, Ga 384 

Mitchell, Terence Robert '64, 

5410 Conn. Ave., Washington 15, D. C 181, 366 

Mock, Eric Vaughan '63, 

1105 Brookstown Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 225, 341 

Mock, Frank M. '66, 1709 E. Wayne, S. Bend, Ind. 403, 168, 277 
Moeling, Walter G., IV '65, 

Graves Sub Division, Alexander City. Ala 161, 384, 96, 98 

Monaghan, Ralph F.. Jr. '65, 

354 Sycamore Dr., Arden. N. C 384, 280 

Montague, Jonathan W. "65, 

116 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C 183, 384 

Montgomery, Alexander C. '65, 

370 Barberry Rd., Highland Park, 111 180, 384, 277 

Montgomery, Thomas George '64, 

167 Pinelynn Rd., Glen Rock. N. J 173, 366, 254, 259 

Moore, Dan Cockrill '65. 

1871 Snowden Ave., Memphis 7, Tenn 384 

Moore, Fred Henry '65, 

101 Eastview St., Lookout Mt., Tenn 384, 169, 210, 214, 168 

Moore, George S., Jr. "63, P. O. Box 1591, Greensboro, N. C. 366 
Moore. James Thomas, Jr.. '64. 

841 Fancher Dr., Birmingham 16, Ala. 
Moore, John M., Jr. "63, 

612 Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 169. 

Moore, Richard Horton '65, 

7505 Walton Lane, Annandale, Va 167, 

Moore, Thaddeus D. '66, 

612 Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 

Moore, Thomas Franklin, Jr. '64. 

1828 Maryland Ave., Charlotte 9. N. C 169. 

Moorefield, William G.. Jr. "65. 

1110 Mulberry Rd., Martinsville, Va 161. 384, 

Moorman, Kenneth Allen "64. 

1210 Spruce St.. Martinsville. Va 173. 

Morefield. Robert E., Ill "64, 

2727 Bitting Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C 169. 

Moreng. James R. '66, 

527 Beraen Blvd.. Ridgefield, N. J 176, 

Morgan, Charles E. '66, 1025 Parkview St., Asheboro, N. C... 
Moreng, Joseph Henry '64, 

527 Bergen Blvd., Ridgefield. N. J 177, 

Morgan, James Louis "65, Rt. I, Box 428, Winston-Salem, N 
Morgan, Thomas Hayes "63, 

131 Somerset Ave., Garden City, N. Y 177, 341, 

Morgan, Walter G., Ill "65, 

6 Broadfield, Jackson, Tenn 183, 384, 

Morgan. Zeb Brent '65, 

1412 Colgate Rd., Marietta, Ohio 193. 

Morrill, Lyman P. "63, 

515 Crafts St.. West Newton 65, Mass 177, 341, 

Morris, Carl "66, 1205 Trenton Place S. E., Washington, D. C. 
Morris. Douglas Claude "64, 

415 Judy Lane, Americus, Ga. 210, 366, 178, 

Morris, Edward Merrill "65, 

26618 Wolf Rd., Bay Village 40, Ohio 225, 384, 

Morris. Joel Joseph "63, Box 10957. Raleigh. N. C 181, 

Morris, John Edward '65, 

5205 Albemarle St.. Washington 16, D. C 

Morris, John G., Jr. '66. 

N. Trinity St.. Geneva, Ala 174, 404, 277 

Morris, Robert F. '66, 

1280 Harding St.. Winter Park, Fla 404, 275 

Morris, Robert W. "63, 31 Wilson Ave., Matawan, N. J 165, 341 

Morrison, Michael L. '66. 

104 Gordon Rd.. Oak Ridge. Tenn 404. 279 

Morton, John Broten "65, Box 126 Surrey Rd., Wayne. Ill 97 

Moser. Robert Lee, Jr. '65. 

600 Huske St.. Fayetteville, N. C 172. 384. 277 

Moss, John David, Jr. "65. 4500 School Sqdn.. Langley A.F.B., Va. 
Moss, Joseph W. '63, 

P. O. Box 87, St. Simons Island, Ga 96, 168. 169, 342. 279 

Mossberg, Richard Hyatt '65, 

8907 Sudbury Lane, Silver Spring, Md 161, 210, 384. 280 

Motch, Elton Franklin '65, 

22250 McCauley Rd.. Cleveland 22, Ohio 
Moughraby, Fouad M. '64, Anatra St., Bethlehem, Jordan 
Moursand, Andrew "66, 

3419 Quebec St., Washington 16, D. C 404 

Moxley, John D. "66, 

2001 Croydon Dr.. Cle:irw„ter, Fla 172, 404, 277 

Mueller, Robert Joseph '64. 

Mount Holly Rd., Katonah, N. Y .99. 97 

Mullen, Charles Franklin '63, 231 Franklin St., Neissport, Pa. 
Mullen, James Nicholls '63. 

210 W. 5th St.. Gaslonia, N. C 171, 366 

Mulligan, James Bruce '64, 3239 Monroe St., Paducah, Ken 366 

Mullins, Jeffrey Vincent '64, 

528 Chinoe Rd.. Lexington, Ky 366. 178, 356, 96 

Mumford, Edwin H. '63. 

2352 Westbrook Dr., Toledo 13, Ohio 342, 279, 253 


Munns, Harris A., Jr. '66. 2426 Hivett Dr., High Point, N. C 404 

Murlless, Richard Spraiiue "65. 

312 Valley View Rd^ Staunton. Va 385 

Murray, Harry M., Jr. '66. 

10 Wadsworth Dr., Huntsville, Ala 180, 404, 277 

Murray, William T.. Jr. "66, 

171 Rumson Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 404 

Myers. Frank C. "63, 

3595 South Perry St.. Montgomery 5, Ala 224, 342 

Myers, Randall Lee "65, 700 Greencastle Rd., 

Lynnhaven Station, Virginia Beach, Va 98 

Myers, Samuel Maxwell, Jr. "65, Olanta, S. C 385 

Mykel, Scott Judson "63, Box 15, Barneveld, N. Y 215, 342 

Nabers, Wallace Johnston '64, 

1411 W. Nash St., Wilson, N. C 171, 366 

Nada, Sheriff Amin "65, 

159 26lh July Ave.. Zamalek. Cairo, Egypt .385 

Nadler, Julian V. "66, 721 Chadwick Dr.. Paramus, N. J... 192, 404 
Narten. Lyman Foote. II "65, 

2566 Wellington Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 175, 383 

Nash, Theodore Elliott "65, 810 11th St., Miami Beach, Fla 383 

Neblett, Lewis M. "63. 18 Gibson Ave., Staten Island 8, N. Y 342 

Neill. Charles Glass "64. 795 Wilson St.. Anderson, S. C 178 

Nelson. Gary Rhode '64. 

4 Brennon St., Westwood, Charleston, S. C 254 

Nelson. Richard C. "63. 

5068 Dermond St.. Drexel Hill, Pa 166, 167, 342, 280 

Neubauer, Laurens H., Jr. '63. 

28 Jefferson Apts.. Rockingham, N. C 342 

Neufield, Ronald Charles '65, 

1222 Bay View Dr.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 383, 279 

Newby, Thomas A.. Jr. "66, 2426 McRae Rd.. Bon Air 35, Va...404 

Newell. Steven W. '66. 1301 Uinta. Enid. Okia 404 

Newman, Robert C. "63, 

1823 N. Nelson St., Arlington 7, Va 342, 311 

Newmark, Howard "66, 152 Midfield Rd.. Colonia, N. J 190, 404 

Newsome, David A. "64, 

2845 Bon Air Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 223 

Newstedt. Stephen P. "63. 235 Stanbery Ave., Columbus, Ohio 

Newton, Fred W.. Jr. "66. Rt. 2, Henderson. N. C 404 

Newton. Jerry L.. Ill "64. 1616 Revnolda Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Ney. Richard J. "64. 4618 Reno Rd. NW, Washington 8, D. C 195 

Nicholas. James H. '63. 924 Lambeth Circle. Durham. N. C. 
Nicholas. Peter M. '64. 

52 Calle Barranquitas, Santurce. Puerto Rico... 175, 281 

Nichols, Wm. James '64, 

139 Brendan Ave., Massapequa, N. Y 189. 223 

Nicholson. Roscoe F. "64, 3402 Powhatan Ave., Baltimore 16, Md. 
Nicholson. William Mc. "63, 

824 .Anderson St.. Durham. N. C... 221, 342 

Nickelsburg. Michael "64. 5907 N. 18th St.. Arlington 5, Va 281 

Nielsen. Carl J. "64. Mountain Home, Tenn 193 

Nielsen. David H. "66. 325 Wisteria Dr., Dayton, Ohio 404 

Niesen. Stephen M. "63. 185 Norwood Ave., Deal, N. J 195, 342 

Nilsson, Jonathan N. "64, 

2020 Highland Ave., Wilmette, III 167, 213, 65, 308 

Noe, Donald F. "63. 

615 Hampshire Rd., Dayton 19, Ohio 167, 342 

Nolan, Harry L.. Jr. "64, 203 Thompson St., Shelby, N. C 181 

Noll. Emmett E. "64, 31 W. Market St., Millerstown, Penn. 
Norburn, Russell L. "64, 54 Hilltop Rd., Asheville, N. C. 
Norby, Laurence H. "66. 416 S. Seventh, Osage, Iowa .. .226, 404 
Norris, Kenneth E. "66, 

Qtrs. H Naval Air Station. Glenview. Ill 166, 404 

Norton, Henry R. "63, 518 Zone St., Trafford, Pa 342, 255 

Norton, James L. "64. 

303 Fairview Rd., Thomasville, N. C .173, 281 

Norton, James R. "64. 5201 Sardis Rd.. Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Norton, Richard A. "65. 

Pinecroft Rd.. Greenwich, Conn. 193, 385 

Norwood, Larry R. "66. 

630 NW 40th St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 

Nottingham, John M. "64, 

2701 Magnolia Dr.. Montvue, Charlottesville, Va. 
Nunez. Peter K. "64, 

140 Montgomery St.. Apt. IF. Highland Park. N. J. .. 
2 N. Dillard St.. Durham. N. C 
12 N. Dillard St., 
167, 205. 210, 342 

2. McLean. Va 

.166, 404 

65, 280 

66, 404 

Nurkin, Harry A. 66, 
Nurkin, Sidney J. "63 

Durham, N. C 

Nye, Richard A. "66. Hawkhill. R 
Odom. David S. '65, 

2413 Fry St.. Greensboro, N. C 175, 385, 96 

Ogden, John R. '65, 722 Foulkstone Rd., 

Sharplev, Wilmington 3, Del 177, 385, 98 

Ogden, Philip C. Jr. '64. 

2425 Walker Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C 177, 221 

Oglesby, Thomas R., Jr. '64, Box 113. Winterville, N. C. 
Ogrinz, Alexander J. '65. 

3200 Parkside Dr., Baltimore 14. Md 193. 385, 279. 280 

O'Kelley, James T.. Jr. '64. 158 Brucemont Circle. 

Asheville. N. C 183, 210, 342, 254, 232, 233 

O'Kenneon, Robert J.. Jr. '64. 

108 Williams St.. Hopewell. Va 161. 96. 303 

Oliver. James R. '64. Rt. 2. Fairmont, N. C. 
Olson. William C. '65. 

1804 N. Fernandez Ave.. Arlington Heights. Ill 193. 385. 259 

Olson, William H. '65. 18 Addison Rd., Fairfax, Va 385 

Onder, John Andrew "63, 18870 Inelewood Dr., 

Rocky River 16, Ohio .■: 318, 290, 128, 175, 342 

ONeal, Forest H.. Ill '66. 

Route 1. Box 284-A. Durham. N. C 184, 404 

O'Neal. Robert Monroe '63. Route 4, Box 190, New Bern, N. C. 

Orr. Daniel Bell. Jr. '65. Box 1137, Graham, Texas 275 

Orr, John Charles '63, 

1638 Highland Ave.. Wilmette, III 205, 187. 342 

Orr. Samuel Marshall. Ill '65. 

2931 Windsor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 161, 385 

Osmun. Richard G. '66, 

3543 Edgevale, Toledo, Ohio 182, 404, 98 

Ozbolt, Jesse Q. '63. 405 Ravenwood Rd., 

Walterboro. S. C 342. 300, 230. 308. 274 

Padgett. Ray W.. Jr. '66. 

144 Briarwood Rd.. Spartanburg. S. C _ 404 

Padgett. Roy Allen. Jr. '64, RFD 11, Box 560, Charlotte, N. C...164 
Page. Jack W.. Jr. '64, 

803 Sycamore St., Rocky Mount, N. C 181, 300 

Page, James F. '66. 

3115 Westover Dr.. SE, Washington 20. D. C 404 

Page, Jerry D.. Jr. '64, 5010 Maugh Rd.. McLean, Va 276 

Page, Robert F. '66, 

803 Sycamore St., Rocky Mount, N. C 180. 404 

Pages. John M. '64, 418 College Ave., Rock Hill, S. C. 
Palmer. John A., Jr. '66, 

Massanutten, Woodstock, Va 404, 233 

Palmer, John H., Ill '66, 3695 N. Harrison St.. Arlington, Va. 404 
Palmiter, Richard D. '64. 

139 Rochdale Rd.. Poughkeepsie. N. Y 165 

Parker. George Hinson. Ill '65, 311 Norfleet St., Franklin, Va. 
Parker. John Jackson '65. 

1714 Sunset Lane. Tallahasee. Fla 385, 280 

Parker, Leighton B., Jr. '64, Box 478, Manning, S. C. 
Parkhurst. Charles J. '65. 221 Riggs Dr.. Clemson. S. C. 
Parks. Richard Julian '63. 

1121 Monticello Rd., Jacksonville, Fla 270 

Parsley, James McNeil '65, P. O. Box 598. Hillsboro, N. C. 385 
Parson. Christopher T, '63. 

Route 2. Box 287. Long Grove. III. 181. 343 

Parson. Donald P. '63. 

72 Park Slope. Ridgewood, N. J 185. 343. 281 

Parsons, David C. '63. 408 Ruskin Dr.. Altoona. Penn 167^ 3-l3 

Parsons. David Larry '65, 

5009 Virginia Ave. SE, Charleston 4, W. Va 383 

Parsons, Donald O. '66. 474 Summit Dr., Pittsburgh 34. Penn. ..404 
Parsons. Thomas Harold '64, 

2665 Bolton Terrace So., Salem. Oregon 276 

Passantino. Robert J. '65. 

498 West End Ave.. New York 24. N. Y. 385 --SO 

Pate. James Thayer, Jr. '65, 

775 Ellwood St.. Orlando. Fla 385, 279 

Patterson. John C. Jr. '66. 

1319 Betton Rd.. Tallahassee. Fla. 184 404 

Patterson. John W. '64, 

4636 Cardinal Blvd.. Jacksonville 10, Fla 173, 281, 279 

Patterson, Josephine '65, 100 Marshall St., Tarboro, N.' C. 
Patterson, Laird Dean '64, Dreher Ave.. Stroudsburg, Penn.... 173 
Patterson. Michael Scott '65. 

1004 Fairmont. Greensboro, N. C 193 385 

Patton. David D. '66, 

15812 Middlebury Dr., Dearborn, Mich 404, 243 

Patton, George W., Jr. '66, 3257 Ridge Ave.. Macon, Gar 184' 404 
Patton. Robert James. Jr. '65. 

6844 Brants Lane. Ft. Worth 16, Texas ...183, 385 279 

Patton, Roy Handy, Jr. '65, 1 I 1 Johnson St., Canton, N. C ' 
Payne. John Edward '64, 

536 Hamilton St.. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 343 

Payne. Sloane W., Jr. '66. Box 548, Taylorsville, N. c! 188 404 
Peabody. Arthur W.. Jr. '65. 

85 Highland St.. Holden, Mass I93 385 

Peake, James Rutledge. Ill '65, 

900 Larchmont Crescent. Norfolk, Va 385. 64. 273 

Pearson. Charles A. '64. 

7726 Dockser Terrace. Falls Church, Va ^49 


Pearson, John T. '63. 63 Central Ave., Glen Rock, N. J. 
Pearson. Vaughn Craig '65. 

795 Hill Ave.. Glen Ellyn. Ill 385, 279 

Peck, Benjamin S. '66, 701 Sunset Dr.. High Point, N. C. 404 
Peck, Frederick Walter '63, 

4116 Lori Dr. W, Jacksonville 7, Fla. 189 343 

Peeler. Robert S. '63, P. O. Box 54, Staunton, Va 175^ 343 

Pegler, Timothy F. '63, The Plains, Va 193, 343 

Penfield. Cameron W. '66. 1005 Meade Dr., Greensboro, N. C...404 
Penick, Robert Douglas '65, 

503 Las Lomas Dr., Chattanooga II, Tenn 385 

Pennington, Charles W. '66. 

4713 Biltmore Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn.. 164. 405. 280, 243 

Pennington, Claude M.. Jr. '64, 

2154 Franklin Ave., Morton. Penn 96 

Pennington. J. Neiland '63. P. O. Box 407. Thomasville. N. C. 343 
Perez. Hebert R. '63, 715 Parkway Dr.. Ft. Pierce, Fla.. 223 

Perine. Philip Condit '64. 3 West Rd.. West Orange, N. J 177 

Permar, David Hayes '65, 

5110 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, Md 167, 385 

Perrine. Kenneth P. '65, 

116 NE 97th St.. Miami Shores 38. Fla 281 

Perry. Clifford W., Jr. '66, 

2443 Reynolds Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. ... 162 405 

Perry. James Hilliard, Jr. '64, 

118 Homewood Ave., Greensboro, N. C 280 

Peters. Franklin Elliott '65. 

822 Quaker Lane, High Point, N. C 38S 

Peters. Richard Douglas '65, 

1804 Forest Rd., Durham, N. C 175, 385, 232 

Petersen, Robert S., Jr. '66. 839 James Court, Wheaton, 111 ' 405 

Peterson, David Dean '64, 8022 Dalesford Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
Peterson, Harry O., Jr. '63, 34375 Solon Rd.. Solon, Ohio 343 
Peterson, Michael Iver '65, 

Student Detachment, Army War College, 

Carlisle Barrack, Penn 189, 385, 279, 228, 258 

Peterson, Wayne T. "65, 

Lake Ridge Dr.. RFD 2, E. Hampton. Conn 385 

Peyton, Richard R. '63, 612 Ridgewood Dr.. W. Lafayette. Ind. 343 
Pfeiffer, William Legrand '63, Box 472, Madison, N. C. 
Pfizenmayer. Rickard F. '66, 

20050 Parkview Ave., Rocky River 16, Ohio. . 405 

Phelan, Charles William '64, 

410 S. I. Oka Ave.. Mt. Prospect. Ill |67. 97, 262 

Phillips, Glenn P. '66, 

61 OK Ave., New Orleans 23, La 176 405 ''81 

Phillips. Paul Eddy '63. 

39 Church Ave.. Ballston Spa, N. Y les. 343 

Phillips, Wiliam H. '66, 1212 Landon St., Durham, N. C. " 405 
Philpott, Arthur R. '66, 

1628 King Dr., New Orleans, La 405 ''77 

Phipps, Roy M. '66, 

1416 West Haven Blvd.. Rocky Mount. N. C. 2^5 405 

Phyfer, Paul J. '65, 1016 Ray St., Geneva. Ill ' 167 

Piccirillo. John A. '64, 

86 Stephan Marc Lane, New Hyde Park, N. Y. 167 

Pickens. James W., Jr. "63, 

1205 Moss Ave., Orangeburg, S. C 343 178 

Pickens. Marshall I., Jr. '66. 

1730 Brandon Rd.. Charlotte, N. C 405 168 

Pierce. Daniel G. '66, 205 Elmwood Dr., Greensboro, N C 405 
Pierce, Peter W. '66, Box 14, Bethel, Mass.... 172 405 ^SO 

Pifer, Ronald J. '66, 2110 Woodrow St., Durham, N. C. 18b' 405 
Pignona, James Buckley, Jr. '65, 

15 Farrar St., Saint Albans, Vt.... 17] 38 S 

Pilcher. Charles Alan '65, ' " 

533 Main St., Juneau, Alaska 173 385 

Pirtle, Ronald C. '66, ' " ' 

1201 Valerie Wood Dr., Stone Mountain, Ga. 164 405 

Pitts, Noah A. '66, ' " 

913 W. Union Exit, Morganton, N. C. 405 168 

Pitzman, Frederick J. '64. 

6 Kingsbury Place. St. Louis. Mo 175 368 

Piver, Warren Trent '63, 

465 Oakwood Rd.. Rochester 16, N. Y 344 97 

Pixley, Stephen S. '66. 218 East Ave., Batavia, N. Y 405 '^80 

Place, Jeffrey Wayne '65. 

705 E. Worthington Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 385 368 

Plonk. James Wendell '64, 906 Crescent Circle. Kings Mount N C 
Plumer. William Sloan, Jr. '65. 

2360 E. Main St.. Pahokee, Fla 385. 251 279 

Plyler, James Cauthen, Jr. '65. 103 Forest Hills Dr.. Monroe, N.~C 
Podger, Kenneth Arther, Jr. '65. 

217 E. Markham Ave., Durham, N. C .....178, 385 

Poe, John R., Jr. '65, 2524 Banner St., Durham, N. C 385 

Poe, William H. C, III '63. 947 No. 4th St., Readintt. Penn.. 344 


Poel, Charles M. "63, 

1210 Bruce Rd.. Carrcroft, Wilmington 3, Del. 

Pokorny, Andrew '63, 320 Third St., Newell, S. Dak 368 

Polevitzky, Sergei Igor '64, 250 NE 1 8th St.. Miami, Fla 368 

Poling, Donald R. "65. 1203 First Ave., Fairbanks, Alaska 385 

Politano, Paul M. '66. 1610 Hollywood St., Durham, N. C 405 

Politi, Joseph E. "63, 111 Broad Ave.. Palisades Park, N. J. 
Polk, Raemon M. "66. 

1362 Seminole Dr., Greensboro, N. C 172, 226. 405 

Pollack, William John '65, 115 Oak St., Lake City, S. C. 
Pollard, James Edward "65, 

2831 Edwards Ave., So., St. Petersburg, Fla 173, 385 

Pollier, Fred Stephan "65, 

734 Robbins Rd., Irwin, Penn 368, 171, 99 

Pollok, James L. '66. Box 188, Robbins, N. C 405 

Ponder, Joe Walker "64, Center Ave., Mt. Pocono, Penn. 
Pope. Liston. Jr. "65, 400 Canner St.. New Haven. Conn. 

Porter, John T. "64. 1003 Russell Ave., Salisbury, Md 344 

Porter. Stephen Tullis "65, 

726 Fairhill Dr., Louisville 7, Ky 210, 162, 386 

Postlethwait. Raymond, Jr. "66, 

VA Hospital Staff Apts., Durham, N. C 405 

Potter. Elisha Lindsay '65, 

2700 Rothwood Dr., Charlotte 7, N. C 386 

Potts, Charles Z. "63, 1304 Nicholson St., Washinstcn. N, C 96 

Powell, Richard A. '63, 

110 High Lands, Leaksville, N. C 165, 344 

Powell, Thomas C. "66, 

4421 Kelnepa Dr., Jacksonville, Fla 188, 405. 275 

Powell, Willis Warren, III "65, 

6311 Normandy Ave.. Norfolk 2, Va 386 

Power, Stephen Varrell "65, 

Pearce Rd., Monkton, Md 189, 188, 386, 97, 28!) 

Powl, Michael R. "63, 

1539 Hillcrest Ave.. Lancaster, Penn 181, 344, 279 

Prager, Robert E. '63, 145 West End, Chester, S. C 191, 344 

Prange, Henry Davies '64, 508 Ridgewood Rd.. Louisville 7, Ky. 97 
Prather. William G. "64, 396 Sunset Dr., Meadville. Penn. 
Predmore, Richard L.. Jr. "65, 

2413 Perkins Rd., Durham, N. C 282 

Predmore. Robert Bagger "63, 

1103 West Fifth St., Plainfield. N. J 344, 280 

Prentiss, David John "63, P. O. Box 72, Howells, N. Y. 187, ^44 
Prentiss, Donald Keith "63. 85 High St., Winnetka. 111. 
Pressfield, Steven "65, 20 Sarles Lane. Pleasantville, N. Y. 
Presto, Andrew J. "63. 2425 Little Neck Blvd., Bayside 60. N. Y 
Price, Thomas O. "65. 2722 Fairoaks Rd., Decatur, Ga. 386 

Price, William S. "63. 2316 Byrd St., Raleigh, N. C ^44 

Price, Williams W., Jr. "63, 

Marlton Rd., RD 2, Woodstown, N. J. 344 "•''9 

Priest, William W. '63, 

1716 Norton Place, Steubenville, Ohio 344, 303 

Primm, Richard K. "66. 

511 Primm Circle. Thomasville, N. C .. .405. 178 

Prinz, Rudolph A. "63, Apt. 2, 4929 Broadview, Cleveland 9. Ohio 
Pritchard, Paul Baker "65. 

11 Saluda Heights. Ware Shoals, S. C 386 

Purcell, David M. "66, 5102 Valerie, Bellaire, Texas 405 

Purdom, Ray Caldwell "65, 3113 Imperial PI. Owensbcro, Ky. 386 
Purnell, Frederick, Jr. "66, 

38 Earle St., Norwood, Mass 192, 405 

Pursley. William Elgin, Jr. "65, 

Rt. 3, Whippoorwill Dr., Charlotte, N. C 200, 183, 210, 386 

Pyne, Robin D. G. "66, 

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. Bahamas 192, 405 

Quattlebaum, Arthur M. "63, 

323 S. Main St., Bishopville, S. C 240, 206, 182, 183, 344 

Quay, Bert W. "66, 2608 Barmettler St., Raleigh, N. C 405 

Quesenberry, William O.. Jr. "66, 

10506 Greenacres Dr., Silver Spring, Md 182, 405 

Quest, Charles E. "63, 

4015 Norbourne Blvd., Louisville. Ky 175, 344 

Rabenhorst, James F. "63, 

3703 Old Brownsboro Hill, Louisville, Ky 189. 368 

Radlein, John L., Jr. "66. 4 Ann St.. New York City, N. Y. 176, 405 
Rafuse, Burton S. "66, 

1402 S. Seacrest Blvd., Boynton Beach. Fla 405. 275 

Rainey, Charles Clark '64. 

54 Thackery Rd., Wellesley Hills 81, Mass 171, 368 

Raker, Herbert Thompson "64, Route 2, Crawfirdville, Fla 368 

Ramage, Joseph Cowan "64, 

105 Bellemore Rd., Baltimore 10, Md 368 

Ramey, Charles W., Jr. "66, 

520 Glascow Place, Dayton 59, Ohio 405, 233 

Ramey, Dale Charles, Jr. "64, 

1316 Jeffress .St., South Boston, Va 169, 368, 96 


152, Marion, N. C 344, 96 

386, 243 

Ramsey, Barry W. '63, P. O. B 
Ramsey, William C. "64, 

3218 Nancy Creek Rd., NW, Atlanta 5. Ga 
Randall. David S., Jr. "66. 

Qtrs 429. MCS. Quantico, Va 160, 405, 98, 281 

Rankin, Rush McClure, Jr. '65, 

315 Dogwood Lane, Belmont, N. C 386 

Rankin, William W. II '63, 

301 Redfield Ave., Fayetteville, N. Y 193, 345, 99 

Ransdell, James M. '66, 409 Duke Dr., Portsmouth, Va. 182, 405 

Ransom, Edward J. "63, 9 Sewell PI., Walton, N. Y 345 

Ranson. Richard Cobb "64, 

236 Huntley Place, Charlotte 7. N. C 303, 189, 210, 368 

Rapisardi, Salvatore C. "63. 

7 Garnet Lane. Plainview. L. 1.. N. Y 177, 345, 270 

Rappold, Walter Earl, Jr. "63, 

908 Woodlawn Ave., Beckley, W. Va 96. 67, 68, 74 

Rasnick, William Horton "66, 

104 Hemlock Lane, Tyler Pk., Bristol, Tenn 192, 186, 405 

Ratliff, Ray Edmond "65, 

2915 Oak Grove, Bluefield, W. Va 200. 210. 386 

Rau, Ronald Walter "64, 

36 E. Highland Ave.. Villa Park. Ill 187, 368 

Ranch, Dudley Atkins "63, 

504 Country Club Dr., Greensboro, N. C 189, 345, 243 

Rauschelbach, Paul A. "63, 

18 Birch Rise Dr.. Newtown. Conn 167, 205, 345 

Ravenel, Gaillard F. "63. 8 Grafton St., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Rawlings, Donald Wayne "65, 

7104 Lakewood Dr., Richmond, Va 386, 280 

Rawson, David Earle "63, 2202 Pike St., Durham, N. C. 
Raybin, Alexander L. "66. 1400 Mace Ave., New York. N. Y. 405 

Raymen. Steven A. "66, 1794 Walker Ave., Irvington, N. J 405 

Raynes, William J. "63, 551 SE 7th St., Hialeah, Fla. 
Raysor, Frank W., II "64, 

3218 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond 27, Va. 
Redmond, Larry Hollis "63, 28 Lakeshore Dr.. Asheville, N. C. 368 
Reed, Donald B. '65, 104 Park Place, Cheshire, Conn. 
Reed, Robert M. '63, 

College Hgts, Ft. Lewis College, Durango, Colo. 345, 386, 281 
Reed. Robert Ramsey '65, 123 Sexton St., Struthers, Ohio 165 
Reichman, James A. '66, 

5812 Osceola Rd., Hiehpoint, Md 164. 405, 281 

Reid, Sidney W., Jr. "65. 

Robertsville Road, Box 302B, Freehold, N. J. 
Reiffel, James Andrew "64, 

15 Harcourt Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 386, 97 

Reiger, John Franklin "65, 57 Continental Ave, Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Reisman, Terence Nat "65, 288 NW 109 St., Miami 50, Fla 386 

Reiss, Charles Allan "65, 9136 N. Swan, St. Louis 17, Mo 386 

Rekate, Harold L. '66, 811 Chesapeake Ave., Annapolis, Md. 405 
Remigailo, Richard V. "65, 

4727 Dittmar Rd., Arlington 7, Va 189, 226, 386 

Renfro, Carl Brown, Jr. "65, 

301 LaFayette Drive, Wilson. N. C 169, 368 

Repass, Randolph K. "66, 

Green Street, Norwell, Mass 172. 405, 251 

Reynolds, Benoni O. V. "66, 

4074 35th St. N.. Arlington 7, Va 166, 406 

Reynolds, John C. "66. 

1158 5th Ave., Apt. 16B., New York City, N. Y 162, 406 

Reynolds, Jon Roger "64, Rt. 1. Lewisville. N. C. 161, 368, 303 
Reynolds, Samuel F. "66. 

3736 N. W. 16th St.. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma 406 

Reynolds, William V. "63. 

901 West Avenue, Charleston, W. Va 96, 63 

Reynolds, William Roscoe "64. 

1305 South Askin Street. Martinsville. Va 368 

Rhoads. Michael David '63. 

Stockton Road, Meadowbrook, Pa 175, 345, 280 

Rice, John Russell '64, 

c/o Leighton Machine Co., Manchester. N. H. 
Rice, Leon Leftwich, III '65, 

2550 Warwick Road, Winston-Salem, N. C 161. 386 

Richardson. David P. "64, 

1449 East Goodrich Lane, Milwaukee 17, Wis. 
Richardson, James M., Jr. '63, 1117 Texas Ave.. Houston 2, Texas 
Richmond, Howard A., II '63, 

Pinecrest Road, Riverside, Conn 189, 345 

Rickards, Edward S.. Jr. '63. 

161 Highland Drive. Milltown. N. J 345, 254, 258 

Ridenhour, Robert B. '66, 

602 Edgevale Rd., Baltimore 10, Md 406 

Riddick, Daniel H. '63, 

744 Sherman Drive, Lynchburg, Va 187, 345 


Ridout. Edw:ii(J Murtin "63, 

2(124 Riddle Rd.. Durh;im, N. C 34"; 

Kienstra, Jo^L■ph D. '66, 

7 McCormick Rd., Newport. R. I 406 

Riley, William C. •66, 300 Laurel Lane. Haverford, Pa. 174. 406 
Rimer. Alan L. '64. Glass Cont. Mfg. Inst., 

99 Park Ave., New York 16, N. Y 167. 210, 368 

Ripple, Joseph L. '66, 

Bon. Dir. Court US 17, Myrtle Beach, S. C 386 

Rivera, James Rodolfo W. '65, 

University Libraries. Univ. of Puerto Rico. Rio Piedras. P. R. 
Roane, Daniel Kearney '63, 1126 Noyes St., Evanston. III. 
Rr.bbins. Boyce Morris '65, 

>59 Houston St., Spartanburg, S. C 165. 386, 280 

Roberson. Michael B. "63, 

South Court Street, Maryville, Tenn 345, 290, 232, 233 

Roberts. William A. '64, 244 Wilson St.. Toledo 16. Ohio 36S 

Robertson, James H. '66, 

1797 W. Union Blvd.. Bethlehem, Pa 176, 406 

Robinson. Charles Daniel '65, 1920 Robin Ridge Rd., Fairfax, Va. 
Robinson. Hugh B.. Jr. '64, 

1914 Stonehurst Rd., Winter Park, Fla 368 

Robinson. James T. '66, 

1664 Aberdeen Rd.. Baltimore, Md _ ...406 

Robinson. Peter Alfred '64, 

1001 East Oxford Lane, Englewood, Col 175, 187, 368 

Rodin, Steven G. '66. 61 Catherine Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 406 

Roediger. John Harger '64. 

119 Jefferson Ave., We,stfield. N. J 161 368 

Rogers. Charles H. '66. P. O. Box 306, Lockhart, Fla 406 

Rogers, Dilworth T., Jr. '65, 43 Bedford Rd., Summit, N. J 386 

Rogers, Edward David '64, 51 Ely Dr., Fayetteville, N. Y. 193, 368 

Rogers, James T.. Jr. '63, Box 426. Greenwood. S. C 345, 178 

Rogers, William Freeman '65, 

210 East Academy St.. Fuquay Springs, N. C 386 

Rohrman, Douglass F. '63, 

830 W. Outer Drive. Oak Ridge, Tenn 345 

Rolle. Carl F. '63, 9225 Levelle Drive, 

Chevy Chase. Md 205, 345, 310, 262. 308, 230 

Rollert, John Michael "65, 

3510 Parkside Drive, Flint, Mich 175, 368, 64 

Rollins. Overman Randolph '65, 

103 West Muting St.. Morganton, N. C 201. 386. 276 

Roman. William Bradford, Jr. '64, 

7025 Mindello St., Coral Gables, Fla 167, 368 

Romp, Thomas Lee '65, 

550 E. Liberty St.. Vermilion. Ohio .187. 386 

Romp, Walter G. '66. Box 7, Avery. Ohio 226, 406. 243 

Rosehen. George Henry "64. 

640 Salford Ave.. Lansdale, Pa 167 368 

Rose. Charles P. '64. 

1644 Oakdale Circle. Henderson, N. C 169. 200 368 

Rosenfeld. Terry M. '63, 

409 Sanhican Drive, Trenton 8. N. J 345, 254. 257 

Rosenstein, Larry M. "63. 

1818 Cloister Drive. Charlotte 7, N. C 194. 195, 346 

Ross. Courtney B.. Jr. '63. 

206 Hawthorne Rd.. Elkin. N. C. .. 368 "'3'' 

Ross. Dean Mansfield. '63. 

P. O. Box 4551 Duke University, Durham, N. C. 97, 90, 280 
Ross, Henry F., Jr. '66. 

2 Bennett Street, Greenville, S. C 184 406 

Roth. William J., Ill '66, 

41 Inwood Rd.. Chatham, N. J 406. 281 

Roughton. Arthur C. '63. 

500 George St. Pennside. Reading, Pa 193 346 

Rouse, Welby Corbett, Jr. '63. 

200 Woodburne Rd.. Greensboro, N. C. 368 

Rowe. Vernon Dodds, III '65, 

803 Old Spartanburg Rd., Hendersonville. N. C. 386 

Rowell. William J. '63. 4826 La Vista Rd., Tucker, Ga. 346 

Rubenstein. Jack '64. 

1145 Elm Park Dr.. Cincinnati 16. Ohio 206 195 

Ruby. Lucien. II '65. 

c/o Ruby Lumber Co., Madisonville, Ky 185, 386 

Rudin. John Jessee, 111 '66, 

1640 Marion Ave.. Durham. N. C. 216 406 

Rudisill. Ben Richard. II '65. 

409 South Elm St.. Cherryville, N. C .169. 214. 2S6. 275 

Rudoy. Herbert Lewis '64. 131 Dewey. Evanston. III. 
Runyan. Darrell Wesley '64. 

19 Crescent Dr., Star Lake, Pensacola, Fla. 
Rupp, Daniel R. '66, 

2056 Waltham Rd.. Columbus 21. Ohio 174.406 273 

Rupp, Glenn N. '66. 851 Nancy Way. Westfield, N. J. 160 

Rushforth. George M. "66, 

250 Seneca Place. Westfield. N. J. 160. 406 


65, 243 

9, 386 

.169, 346 


165, 369, 280 

Rushton, Stewart, Jr. '64. 

504 Grassmere Ave., Interlaken, N. J 
Rutkin. Stuart Ivan "64, 

303 N. Wyoming Ave., South Orange, N. J. 
Ryan. John Austin. Jr. "65, 1707 Wealthy S E 

Grand Rapids 6. Mich JVs, 210, 223, 386 

Ryon. Thomas Shipley, Jr. 65, 

P. O. Box 336. Farmville, N. C. 
Saalfield. John Robert "63. 

2729 Manchester, Toledo 6, Ohio 175 345 

Sahn, Steven Alan '64, 14 Nancy Blvd., Merrick. N. Y ' 195 

Salisbury, Stephen Robert "64, 

719 Everett Ave.. Collingswood 7. N. J. lyg 357 

Salo. Kenrick V. '64. 840 North Gate Rd., Manchester N 'h 
Salter. Lowell Scott. Jr. "65. 

7407 Glenview Dr. W., Indianapolis 50, Ind. 167 386 

Salter. Mark H. "66. 5005 Ave. O, Galveston, Texas ' 406 

Sammons, William Cary '65, 

810 Tanley Rd.. Silver Spring, Md 163 386 

Sanders, Richard T., Jr. "66. 913 Urban Ave., Durham N C " 406 
Sanders. Robert W.. Jr. '63. 

1007 Gregg Ave.. Florence, S. C 346 318 303 

Sandlin, David Edward '65. ' ' " 

107 Stedman St., Fayetteville, N. C 178. 386 280 

Sandstead. Morris Wm., Jr. '64, 

517 Broadway. Sterling. Colo I87 369 

Sanstrom, Frederick H. '63. 

66 Maple Dr.. Great Neck. N. Y 

Sapp. Robert Holmes '66. 

198 Wyoming Ave.. Maplewood. N. J. 
Sarafian. Peter G. "64, 

830 Chestnut St.. Albany. N. Y. 
Sasser, William Earl "65. 

320 Warren St.. Walterboro. S. C 183 386 

Satterfield. Robert Wm. "64. W. Waldheim Rd.. Pittsburgh 15. Penn 
Saunders. Harvey R. "64. Box 4414 Duke University, Durham N C 
Sawers, Jerry Brian "64, 359 Grove St., Needham, Mass. . 243. 257 
Sawers. Larry Bruce '64, 359 Grove St.. Needham. Mass 
Scala. Daniel Joseph "64. 929 Avenue C. Bayonne. N J 
Schaidt. Leander. Ill "66. 

2404 Norfolk Rd.. Orlando. Fla 4O6 ■'7S 

Schenck. Garrett M. '63. 191 Mountainview Rd., 

East Longmeadow. Mass 184, 346 270 

Schenck, Timothy T. '66. 100 Hampton Rd., Syracuse. N. Y ' 406 
Schick, Gustav A. '66, 

550 W. Main St., Millville. N. J. 166 406 

Schlosser. Paul M. '66. 404 Elmont St., Lynn Haven, Va. 406" 233 
Schmidt, Clifford M., Jr. '63. P. O. Box 186, Newton, N. J. 
Schmidt. Frederick K. "63. 

3222 Englewood St., Philadelphia 49, Penn. 170. 171 346 96 
Schroeder. Jacob M. "64, 

36 Welwyn Rd., Riverside, Conn 369 273 

Schuller, Christopher C. '63, 

401 Burrows Ave., Fairfax, Va 346 301 ->8I 

Schulman. Robert D. "63. 

1331 Harbor Rd.. Hewlett Harbor, N. Y. 195 346 

Schultz, Frederick L., Jr. "65, 

485 Hillside Dr.. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 386 258 

Schumer. Dennis R. "66. 

1428 Isted Rd.. Glen Burnie, Md. 190 406 

Schwartz. James P. "66. W Club Dr.. Pittsburgh 36, Penn. ' 406 
Schwartz. Jeffrey L. "66. 5345 S. W. 92nd St., Miami, Fla. 98 

Schweistris. John E. "63. 1819 Rolling Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. 346 
Scott. Francis Thurber. Jr. "65, 

307 Medical Arts BIdg., Jacksonville 4, Fla. 
Scott, James Matics, 64. 

933 Old Gulph Rd.. Bryn Mawr, Penn. 171 369 96 

Scott. Michael H. '66. 719 College Ave.. Rock Hill. S. C 188. '4O6 

Scott, Watson T. "66, 

4125 Leiand St., Chevy Chase 15, Md . .186, 406 

Scuffham, James Ross, Jr. '65, 

318 Scenic Dr.. Concord, N. C. 
Scull. Ward Robinson. Ill "65, 

2 Milford Rd., Newport News, Va. 181 387 
Seagreaves. Warren F., Jr. "64, 

39 E. Susquehanna St., Allentown. Penn 369. 98 

Seckinger. Ronny L. "63. 

1549 Townsend Blvd., Jacksonville 11, Fla. 210 346 ''54 T57 
Selden. Stephen J. "66, 22 Pleasant St. W.. Hartford. Conn. ' 406 
Self, Michael M. "66, 

2630 Marion Dr.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 406. 273. 279. 259 

Sellers, John G.. Jr. "66. 610 Barcliff Rd.. Norfolk. Va 182. 406 

Seningen. Ronald Perry "65. 

109 Lyndhurst Ave.. Wilmington 3. Del 167. 226, 387 

Senkus, Neal John "63, 422 Avalon Rd.. Winston-.Salem. N. C. 
Senturia. Ben Harlan, Jr. "65. 

3 Clermont Lane. St. Louis 24, Mo 337 


Sessoms, Howard C. '66, 604 E. Seventh St.. Lumberton. N. C. 406 
Settlemyer, William B. '66, 

58 Minnisink Rd., Short Hills, N. J 406. 243, 279 

Sewell. Robert Alvin "64, 

239 Jennings St.. Franklin. Tenn 169, 369 

Seymour. Richard G. '66. 

223 Pine Grove Rd.. Southern Pines, N. C 18(1. 406 

Seymour, Robert D. "63. 

811 Rockwood Ave., Mt. Lebanon. Penn 167, 210, 346 

Seymour, William M. '66. 

5712 27th St. N. W., Washington. D. C 407 

Shackford. James H. "66, 

812 Northwest 41, Oklahoma City, Okla 186 

Shackford, John Starling '64, 

812 Northwest 41, Oklahoma City, Okla 187, 369 

Shannon, John Bonnar '63, 

7622 Sweet Briar Rd., Richmond. Va 163, 347 

Sharp, Christopher P. '66, 

108A Fr. Crodkett. Oaiveston. Texas 407 

Sharp, Robert R. '66. 700 Milltown Rd., Wilmington 8, Del 407 

Sharpe, Louis K.. IV '66. Box 155, Checotah, Ukla 407 

Sharpe, Richard Dewey '65, 

1232 Newnham Dr.. Columbia, S. C 387 

Shartle, John Adam '64, 518 East Water St.. Troy. Ohio 

Shearin. Ronald V. "65. Box 365, Warrenton, N. C... ...387 

Shearon. Elder L., Ill '66, 

2826 Lombardy, Memphis. Tenn 407, 258 

Sheffield, Arlis A. '65. 

4536 Nandina Dr., Columbia, S. C 174, 387 

Sheffler. Fred W., Jr. '65, 

992 Nome Ave.. Akron 20, Ohio... 387, 251, 275 

Sheheen. Robert J. '65. 

169 Chestnut St., Camden. S. C 183, 210, 387 

Sheldon, Cliftord G. "64. 

39 Hendrickson PI., W. Long Branch, N. J. 369, 303 

Shelton, Ruffin P. "63. University Apts. D 2 B. Durham, N. C 34/ 

Shenk. David S. "65, 

700 McGrann Blvd.. Lancaster. Penn .171, 387, 243 

Sherman, Michael L. '63. 

7023 Wallis Ave.. Baltimore 15. Md .....195. 214. 347 

Sherrard, Thomas J.. Ill '66, 

1936 S E 17th Court, Pompano Beach, Fla 407, 233, 178 

Sherrill, William F, '66, 

101 Avalon Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 407 

Shillito. Melvin L. "63, 2404 Vesson St.. Apt. 7. Durham. N. C. 
Shinn, Harry L., Jr. "64. 

1600 Meadowood Lane. Charlotte 7. N. C 165, 369 

Shinn, Robert M. '63, 75 Brumley St., Concord, iM. C 347 

Shives. Aubrey C. '65. 25 Ashely Ave.. Greenville, S. C 165, 387 

Shives, William B. "64, 98 Shives St.. Salisbury. N. C 165, 369 

Shull, Bobbie L. "65. 19 Laney St., ihelby, N. C 173, 387 

Shyers, Richard H. '66, 737 Evergreen Parkway, Union, N. J. ..407 

Sidbury, James R. "65, 1309 Heather Lane. Charlotte 9. N. C 387 

Siebold, Guy L. "66. 

1121 North Church, Rockford, 111 407, 270. 98. 279 

Siegel, Lawrence B. "64. 29 Ridge Ave., Spring Val.ey, N. Y 97 

Sigmon, Donald N. "65, 

3117 Tuckaseegee Rd., Charlotte 8, N. C 387. 243 

Silberberg. Wm. Paul '63. Jenick Lane. Woodbridge 15, Conn. 
Siler. Jack G. '63. 401 Clifton. Waynesville, N. C. 
Silver. Martin D. '66. 

10217 Conover Dr.. Silver Spring. Md 194. 407 

Simmonds. Robert M. "64. 

3 Hathaway Lane. Verona, N. J 177, 369 

Simmons, Douglas E. "66, Rt. 2. Box 587, Easley, S. C 407 

Simmons. Steven D. "65, 118 Beach Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
Simmons, William B., Jr. "66. 

130 W. Lebanon St.. Mount Airy. N. C 407 

Simon, Joseph S. '65. 411 Edgewood. Columbia, Mo 187, 96 

Simpson. Joe L. '65, 323 Seventh St.. McComb, Miss 226, 387 

Simpson, Robert L. "65, 

1602 Challen Ave., Jacksonville 5. Fla .169, 357, 96 

Simpson, Terry A. '65, Lake Killarney Apts., 

208, 151 N. Orlando Ave., Winter Park. Fla 189. 387, 275 

Simpson, William A. '65, Box 188, Dublin, Va 387 

Sims, Larry D. "66, 

3629 Northwest 12th St.. Oklahoma City 7. Okla 407 

Sinclair, Timothy A. "66. 

Otter Creek Rd.. Rt. 2. Brentwood. Tenn 407. 168, 275 

Sing, Frederick W. '64, 

524 Jackson Ave., Charlotte, N. C 165. 369 

Sisk. Michael. "64. 329 N. 6th St.. Reading. Penn... 369 

Sites, James R. "65, 101 Powell Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn 387 

Skinner, Robert N. "64, 1202 Vickers Ave , Durham. N. C 97 

Slater. Frank M. "66, 

4503 Orly PI., McGuire AFB, N. J 176, 407 

Slease, Clyde H., Ill "66, 

637 Pitcairn PI.. Pittsburgh. Pa 407. 178 


Sloan, Cyrus H. '63, Drawer 30, Sanford, N. C 347 

Slotkin. Alan R. '65, 

2955 North Bay Rd., Miami Beach 40. Fla 191. 387, 270 

Small. Alder T. '65. 118 Chestnut St., Garden City, N. Y...171, 387 
Smiley, Barry A. '63. 

239 Normal Ave.. Slippery Rock. Pa 187, 347 

Smith, Brian C. '66. 1310 Lawrence Rd.. Chattanooga, Tenn. 407 
Smith. Brian E. '64, 

24 Tunstall Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 171 369 99 

Smith. Calvin D. "64, 835 Small St., Port Charlotte, pia 161, '369 

Smith, D. Laurence '65, 2236 Cranford Rd.. Durham. N. C 387 

Smith. Clayton F. '64. 6 Estes St.. Thomasville. N. C 369 

Smith, Dana G. '64. 

4600 Kanawha Ave., S. E.. Charleston. W. Va 169. 369 

Smith. Dennis M. '63. 

1315 Oak Knoll Dr., Cincinnati 24, Ohio 181, 347 

Smith, Donald E. "64, So. Main St.. Granite Falls, N. C 187, 369 

Smith, George G. "64, 4503 Greenview. New Bern, N, C. 347 

Smith. George T. "65. 3912 Arrow Dr.. Raleigh, N. C 387 

Smith, Jerry H. "64, 316 N. Market St., Staunton. Va 369 

Smith. John A.. Ill "65, Talbotton, Ga 387 

Smith, Lewis A., Jr. "65, 843 Azalea PI.. Aiken, S. C. 
Smith. Norman A. "66. 

6914 Linda Lake Dr.. Charlotte 5, N. C 407, 280 

Smith. Paul D. "63. 

1042 Queens Rd., West, Charlotte, N. C 348, 243 

Smith. Rex K. '63. 6831 E. 57 PI.. South. Tulsa, Okla 348 

Smith. Richard W. '63, 201 Miller Blvd.. Havelock. N. C 348 

Smith. Robert E. '63. 

3235 Wilmot Ave.. Columbia. S. C. 348, 311 

Smith, Robert Gibson '63, 

6100 S W 44th Terrace. Miami 55, Fla 348 

Smith. Robert K. '66. 721 York St., Rocky Mount, N. C 407 

Smith. Robert Z. '66. 16 Hazelton St.. Falls Church, Va 407 

Smith, Thomas S. "64. 291 Lebanon Ave.. Pittsburgh 28. Pa. 
Smith. Walter A. "65. 

1170 Mount Paran Rd., N. W., Atlanta 5, Ga 387, 249 

Smith, Walter M. '65, 60 Anita Dr„ Charleston, S. C 387 

Smotherman, Robert R., Jr. '64. 

2915 Woodlawn Dr., Nashville 12, Tenn 183, 210, 361 

Smull, Michael W. '66, 4200 Forest Lane, McLean, Va 190, 407 

Smyth, Robert D. '63, 

400 Verna Hill Rd., Fairfield. Conn 173, 348 

Snider, Richard H. "66. Rt. 2, Box 48, F 1, Sumter, S. C... 407 

Snow. Sabin T. '64, 

600 Belvidere Ave.. Plainfield, N. J 171, 369 

Snyder, Earl B. "66. 2416 Bradford Rd., Baltimore, Md 407 

Snyder, Edward W. "63. 

5212 Belleville Ave.. Baltimore 7, Md 348, 311 

Snyder, Stephen "65. 

900 W. Moss Ave., Peoria. Ill 176. 387. 281 

So. Philip K. "65, 

2207 Lido Lane, Holiday Hills. Wilmington 3, Del 387 

Sollner. Richard H. "66. 

3203 Enterprise Dr., Tallahassee, Fla 407 

Solomon. Rodger E. '66, 

1909 Haverford St., Durham, N. C 216, 407 

Somers, Robert B. '63, 155 Crary Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 
Somers. William R. "66, 

102 Norton Rd.. Oak Ridge. Tenn 186. 407 

Sommermeyer. Wade "63. 

2716 Woodland Rd.. Northbrook. Ill 167. 348 

Southern. Samuel O. "66. 

2715 Barmettler St.. Raleigh. N. C 407. 243 

Speiden. Joseph H. "63. 565 Upland Rd.. Louisville, Ky 175. 348 

Spencer. John C. '65. 104 Elmire St.. Milton. Fla 175, 387 

Spencer, Richard P. "66. 121 Ash Lane. Portola Valley, Cal 407 

Spencer, Stewart T., Jr. '64. 

4 Manning Dr.. Barrinuton, R. I 189, 369 

Spencer, Virgil S. '63. 1820 Townsend Ave., Charlotte 5. N. C...348 
Spencer. William S. "64, 

1600 Rodman St.. Hollywood. Fla. 161, 369 

Spicer, William L. "63, 

2421 Charlotte Dr., Charlotte 3, N. C 193, 348 

Spigener, Marion P. "63, 

1533 Scotland Ave.. Charlotte 7. N. C 348 

Spranklin. John W. "63. 3606 Buckingham, Baltimore 7, Md 348 

Spray, Joseph S. '66, 1006 N. Main St.. Newton, N. C 407, 279 

Springer, John W. "64. 

1225 Wayne St.. Sandusky. Ohio .167, 370, 357 

Sproul. Robert G., Jr. "63. 

2426 N. George Mason Dr.. Arlington. Va 187, 348, 230 

Spruill, John R. '64. Box 96. Roper. N. C 370 

St. Petery, Louis B. '64, 754 Riber Rd., Orange Park, Fla 387 

Stafl'ord, Joe R. '63. P. O. Box 26. Julian, N. C 348, 303, 280 

Stallings, Daniel L.. Jr. '63. 1706 River Dr., New Bern, N. C 348 

Stallings. Kenneth '64. 

1508 S. Miami Blvd.. Durham. N. C 216. 370. 99 


Staniile, Patrick M. '66, 13 Milton St., RFD 1, Sayville, N. Y 194 

Stanfield, Harry T. '65. 2347 Huron St., Durham. N, C 276 

Stanford, Herschel E. '66, 

310 King Rd., N. W., Atlanta, Ga .160, 224, 407 

Stanier, Charles E. '63, 715 Garfield St., Gary, Indiana .175, 348 

Stanley, Allen E. '65, 5343 Robinhood Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C 387 

Stapleford, Harry E. "64, 

338 So. Columbia St., Woodbury, N. J 349 

Starling, James '63, P. O. Box 902, Lumberton, N. C 225, 349 

Starmer, Charles F. '63, 64 Madison Ave., Demarest, N. J. 
Starns, Byron E. '66. 

1123 N. W. 1st Place, Apt. 18, Gainesville, Fla 174, 407, 233 

Starret, Randall M. "66, Box 65, Morganton, N. C 169, 387, 96 

Statenfield, Daniel B. '64, 49 Hedges Ave.. Chatham. N. J 370, 97 

Stauffer. Robert E. '66. 353 Oakridge Dr.. Rochester. N. Y 407 

StaufTer. William R. "66. 

605 Wimpleton PI., Louisville 6, Ky 226, 408 

Stavins, Charles F. '66, 1215 92 St., Niagara Falls, N. Y 408 

Steckel, Martin H. '65, RFD 2, Holcomb. N. Y 165. 387 

Steed, Ronald C. '64, 

2920 Freeman Mill Rd., Greensboro, N. C 193, 370 

Steele, Herbert D. '65, 

1215 Summit St., McKeesport. Penn 163. 387 

Steele. Richard S. '66. Route 1. Kennett Square. Pa 408 

Steele. Ted W. '65, 

610 Walnut Ave., Charlotte 8, N. C 387, 281, 282 

Steele, Thomas W. '64. Route 3. Spartanburg. S. C...189. 214. 370 
Steer. Paul L. "63. 

Fitsimmons Army Med. Center. Denver, Col 195. 349. 273 

Steib, Russell J. '66, 167 Wilson Ave.. Niles, Ohio 408 

Stein. Richard N. "64, I 14 Martinque. Tampa 6. Fla. 
Steinkuller, Paul G. '63. 

10001 Wildwood Rd., Kinsington, Md 177, 349 

Steinman, Kurt W. '63, 

Springdale Farm, Millersville, Pa 349, 97, 90 

Stengl, Gary R. '66, 1 16 Marlboro Dr., Greenville, S. C .408 

Stephen, Frederick R. '64, 

1608 University Dr., Durham, N. C 370, 276 

Stephens, Charles G. '65, 

1105 Circle Dr., Talahassee, Fla. .. 165. 387 

Stettler, Kathleen C. '64, 105 Highland Ave., Passaic, N. J. 
Stevens, Barry W. '66, 

1306 Abbeville Ave., N.W., Aiken. S. C 408. 281 

Stevens. James H.. Jr. "66. 

5827 Falkirk Rd.. Baltimore 12. Md., 192, 408, 243 

Stevens, Joel B., Ill '64, 

4527 Brookridge Dr., Kingsport, Tenn. 193, 370 

Stevens, Thomas J. '64, 52 Cisco Rd.. Asheville. N. C 370 

Stewart. Kenneth R. '65. 

414 Sheridan Circle. Charleston. W. Va 169. 370 

Stewart, Robert L. "63, 

112 Fairway Circle, Bridgeville, Pa 161, 349, 309 

Stewart, Rodney O. "66, 

1717 Foster Ct., Burlington, N. C .186, 408 

Stiles, Christopher S. "66, 

630 27th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Fla 172, 408. 279 

Stith, Frank A., Ill "63. 

174 Idlewild Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 214, 349, 232 

Stith, Wilmer C, Jr. "63, 37 Warrenton Rd., Baltimore, Md. 349 
Stitt, Thomas P., "65, 

110 Upper Shawnee Ave., Easton, Pa 387, 261 

Stivers, James R. "65, 140 Highland Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky 387 

Stockton, Michael D. "65, Box 1164, Charlotte, N. C 387 

Stockton, Robert F., II "65. Van Dyke Rd.. Princeton. N. J 387 

Stollwerk. David "64. 27 Carter Ct.. Lynbrook, N. Y 191, 270 

Stoltz, Jerry D. '63, 

3416 Valley Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 349, 9.'. 

Stone, Bernell K. "64, 1403 Palmer Dr., Blacksbura, Va 370 

Stone, Samuel M., IV "63, 

4113 Staunton Ave. SE, Charleston, W. Va 232, 223, 349 

Stone, William F. "66, 2100 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro, N. C 408 

Stoner, Michael A. "66. 235 Brandon St., Danville, Va 408 

Stoppelman, John S. "66. 

3415 Franklin PI., Wilmington, Del 408, 184 

Stout, Michager D., Ill "63, 

301 N. Ridgeway Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 109, 349 

Strackbein, William C. "65. 

3505 N. Abingdon St., Arlington 7. Va 189, 388 

Straten, Roland F. "63, 17 Sunset Ter., Wayne, N. J 171. 349 

Straw, Dennis J. "65, 987 Kingston Dr., Cherry Hill, N. J 388 

Stribbling, James W. "63, 3847 Ivy Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 349 

Strickland. James E. '64. 2206 Wallace St., Columbia, S. C. 
Strickland. William F. '65, 

4421 Iroquois Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla 388 

Stroud. John B. '65. 

US Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune, N. C 388, 280 

Stroupe, Stephen D. '66, 

Box 7323 Reynolds Sta.. "\Vinslon-.Salem. N. C 408 

Stuart, Charles E. "63, 

2204 Woodrow St., Durham, N. C 187, 349, 96 

Stubbs, Allston J. '63, 1035 Westwood Dr., Durham, N. C 349 

Studstrup, Stanley K. '66, 

1928 Boscobel Ct., Rockford, III 186, 408 

Stuebner, Jon W. "66, 18 Dromara Rd., St. Louis 24, Mo.. 408, 198 
Stummer. John R. '63, 

P. O. Box 396. Quaker Hill. Conn 350. 178. 281 

Sullivan, John H. '64, 114 Cambridge Rd., Asheville, N. C. 

Sullivan, John L. '65, 12916 Cristield Rd., Wheaton, Md 187, 387 

Sullivan, John J. '64, 200 SE lOth St., Pompano Beach, Fla 370 

SutclifTe, Ralph J. '64, 52 Beechwood Dr., Wayne, N. J. 
Sutherland, John D. '66, Rt. 1, Box 374R, Port Clinton, Ohio. .408 
Swain, Ronnie E. "63, 

330 Beverly Ave., Town of Mt. Royal. Quebec, Canada 167 

Sweger, Daniel M. '64, 

707 Gallio Ave.. Pittsburgh 26. Pa 193. 370 

Swinney. John G. '66. 

201 Hempstead PI., Charlotte 7, N. C 408, 391. 168 

Sziarto. Stephen F. '63. 

2010 Yorktown Rd. NW. Washington 12, D. C 370 

Tackney, David T. '65. 

709 Berry St., Falls Church. Va.. 169. 388. 168. 281 

Taft. Charles V. '64. 

1707 E. 5th St.. Greenville, N. C 175, 370, 356 

Tanner, William D. '65, 7723 Morton St., Dallas 9, Tex. 
Tarpley, John J. '65, 

Hq. 1st Log Command., Ft. Hood, Tex 192, 226, 388 

Tate, James K.. IV '66, 416 S. Union St., Bolivar, Tenn 164, 408 

Tate, William S., Jr. '63, 

4101 Van Buren St., Hyattsville, Md.. 189. 350, 279 

Tausig, John G., Jr. "65, 3326 N. Albemarle St.. Arlington 7. Va. 
Tavernise. Emilio J. "63. 

208 Watts St., Durham. N. C 350. 300, 274 

Tavernise. Silvio "63. 

208 Watts St.. Durham. N. C... 300. 276. 210, 216, 350 

Taylor. Allen M. "63. 1010 NE 147 St.. N. Miami Fla 195. 350 

Taylor, Benjamin C III "65, 

110 Cedar Lane. Mount Holly, N. C. . ...388 

Taylor, Douglas M. "66, 501 Valley Brook Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 
Taylor, Edward C, III "64, 901 N. Coalter St., Staunton, Va. . 370 

Taylor, Edward C. '65, Rt. 2, Box 143. Lynhaven. Va .388 

Taylor Joe T.. Ill '65. 

222 N. Milford Dr.. Salisbury, N. C 187, 388 

Taylor, Joseph F. '63, lOIO Cambridge Rd., Coshocton, Ohio .189 

Taylor, Richard K. "66, Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C. 408 

Taylor, Thomas N. '64, Rt. 5. Box 650 X. Charlotte. N. C 99 

Taylor. William R. '66. 

1409 Lyndhurst Dr.. Emerywood Forest, High Point, N. C 408 

Teague, William E. '66, 

1317 Remount Rd., Charlotte, N. C 408, 281 

Terentiev, Alexei V. '63, 25 Highfield Rd., Glen Cove, N. Y. 

Terrell, John C. '65, 1646 Pasadena Dr., Dunedin, Fla 370 

Tewell. Michael L. '65. Box 144, Piedmont, S. C 388 

Thackrey, Kent D. '66, 

102 W. Rosemary Lane, Falls Church. Va. 186, 408 

Thomas, Charles A., Ill '64, 

1390 Pinetown Rd., Ft. Washington, Pa. 
Thomas Douglas A. '64, 

18 Marly Lane, East Hampton, N. Y 171. 213, 370 

Thomas. Richard S. '66. 

1604 Camellia Rd.. Beaufort. S. C ...408. 280 

Thomas. Robert G. '63. 1852 Cassamia PL. Charlotte. N. C. 178 

Thomas. Roy Z.. Ill '63. 1852 Cassamia PI.. Charlotte. N. C 350 

Thomas. William L.. Ill '65. 211 Scott Dr.. Fairfax. Va 281 

Thompson. Edward C. '66. 

113 Melbourne Ave.. Silver Spring. Md. 172. 408. 281 

Thompson. Eugene H. '63, 

289 Marion Ave., Spartanburg, S. C 183, 213 

Thompson, Joseph M. '66, 515 Gardner St., Raleigh, N. C 408 

Thompson, Kenneth W. '63. 

317 Rutherford St., Lunchburg, Va 161, 350, 96 

Thompson, Richard M. '64, 

52 A Glover Ave., Langley AFB, Va 350, 370 

Thompson, Robert M. '63, 

615 N. Madison St., Whiteville, N. C 173, 303, 280 

Thompson, Wesley M. '63, 

Box 2, Dunn, N. C 169, 214, 350, 96, 290 

Thomy, Vincent A., Jr. '64. 

208 McAllister St.. Lake City. S. C 183. 370 

Thornberry. Robert E. '63. 

Route 4. Box 220, Vienna, Va.. 350, 300, 274 

Thornton, Thomas S. "66, 

945 Kenleigh Cr.. Winston-Salem, N. C 408, 170 

Thurman, Terry T. '64, 

1002 Crownpoint Rd., Signal Mt., Tenn 370, 65 

Ticktin, Thomas L. "65, 

341 Pinewood Lane, Rock Hill, S. C 171, 388 

Tieger, Joseph H. '63. 

32 South Miinn Ave., East Orange. N. J 350, 309 

Tilley, David H. "65, Route 2. Box 46, Durham, N. C. 
Tilton. James T. '65, 4562 Pate Dr., Columbus, Ga. 
Timberlake, Joe E. Ill '64, 

1287 Jackson Springs Rd.. Macon, Ga 187. 351, 303 

Tise. Larry E. '65, 

302 Norman Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 161, 388 

Tison, R. Haskell '65. 125 Charles, Geneva, III 388, 96 

Tittle, David M. '63, 

4321 Wright Ave.. Ft. George G. Meade, Md 189. 351 

Titus, Donald R. '64, Box 134. Crane. Ind 370, 300, 243. 277 

Todd. Joseph H. '64. 

122 Magnolia Ave.. Fayetteville. N. C 189, 370, 281 

Todd. Peyton H. Ill '64. 

416 Callan Cr.. NE, Atlanta, Ga 186. 370. 261 

Todd. William M. '65. 

1827 Keys Crescent Lane, Cincinnati 6. Ohio .163. 388 

Tomko, David J. '66. RFD 14. Box 332. Richmond, Va 186. 408 

Townsend. Dabney W. '63, 

6125 12th Rd.. North. Arlington 5. Va 351. 311 

Tracy. William F. '64, 

Horse Shoe Lane, Lakeville. Conn 163, 370 

Tredick, Trafton '66. 131 Lanning Ave.. Pennington. N. J 408 

Treptow. Thomas V. '65, 

4622 N. Idlewild Ave., Milwaukee 11. Wis 388 

Trexler. William B. '66. 2 Berryhill Rd.. Greenville. S. C 4(18 

Trickey. Robert K. '65. 112 W. Lavender St.. Durham. N. C. 
Trott. David W. '64. 176 Wetherill Rd.. Garden City, N. J. 
Trout. John H. '64. 2404 Vesson Ave.. Durham. N. C. . 370 

Trudesdell, John A. '64. 

1419 Ridgelawn. Flint. Mich 189. 370. 253 

Truitt. David J. '65. St. Francisville, La. 

Truitt, John W. '66. 115 Gardendale Rd.. Terre Haute. Ind. 174 

Truslow, John D. '66. (S21 Transylvania Ave., Raleigh, N. C 408 

Tucker. William H. 64. 

3960 Vernon, Memphis 12. Tenn 370. 303 

Tucker. William Y. '65. 

Route 6. Winston-Salem. N. C 172. 398. 255 

Turner. Dudley P. '65. Hillcrest Dr., Great Falls, S. C 178. 388 

Turner, George R. "66. 

1515 Andover Rd.. Charlotte. N. C - 408. 280 

Turner, Jack S. '63. 1115 Woodburn Rd.. Durham. N. C. .183. 370 
Turner, Martin S. '63. P. O. Box 151, Tallahassee, Fla. 
Turner, Neil E. '65, Sutton Rd.. Rt. 2. Trucksville. Penn. 
Turner, Thomas E. '63, 

105 Deepwood Rd.. Naugatuck. Conn 163. 351 

Turner. Webb W. '63. 9 Trinity Apts., Durham, N. C ._ .178 

Tuttle, Lynn S. '63. 2502 White Oak Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 351 

Tuttle. Robert G. '63. 83 Evelyn PI.. Asheville. N. C 161, 351 

Tvndall, Leslie G. '63. 713 Jones Ave.. Kinston. N. C 351, 243 

Tvrrell, David J. '66. 

3940 Eveningside Dr.. Cleveland. Tenn 184. 408 

Uhden. Henrv O. ■61. 309 Curtis Ave., Point Pleasant Beach. N. J. 
Uible. David R. '64. 

2686 Cranlyn Rd.. Shaker Heights, Ohio 175, 370, 96. 99 

Ulrich. William P. '64. 

343 Walnut St.. Audubon 6. N. J 171, 371, 96 

Umstead. Alexander B. '65. 

1109 Englewood Ave.. Durham. N, C 388. 281 

Underbill. John G, '65, 

1603 30 St.. N. W.. Washington 7, D. C 189, 388. 253 

Underwood. Milton J. '64. 

648 Cranford Ave., Durham. N. C 169. 351. 96 

Unger. Wayne V. '66. 2801 Northampton St., Easton. Penn 408 

Upehurch. Herbert J. '65. 

306 N. Trenholm Rd.. Columbia. S. C 388, 281 

Urban. Richard B. '65. 1017 Terrace Blvd.. Orlando, Fla. .181. 388 

Urquhart. James B. '66. 1407 22nd St.. South Arlington. Va 408 

Vacendak. Stephen T. '66. 

1805 Sanderson Ave.. Scranton. Pa 408. 178 

Vahaly. John '66. 

302 Rushmore Ave.. Carle Place. N. Y 172. 408, 279 281 

Valle. David L. '65. 

9428 Wenonga Rd.. Shawnee. Mission. Kan .185, 388. 98 

VanDerHorst. Brian C. '66. 

9 Serpentine Trail, Larchmont. N. Y 409. 243 

Van Dyck, Louis B. '63. 

24 Sunnyside Rd., Scotia 2. N. Y 167, 351, 97, 91. 88 

Van Hettinga. John Q. '64. 

Daleshire Apt. 2. 307 W. Harris Ave.. La Grange. 111. 317. 270 

Van Ryzin, Peter J. '63. 

Staff Box 87. CINCNELM. c/o FPO, New York. N. Y. 
Van Sciver. Peter T. '65, 

1013 Hardee Rd., Coral Gables. Fla... 163. 210, 388 

Vandenheuvel, David T. '66. 

1600 S. Joyce St.. Apt. B 109, Arlington 2, Va 408 

Vanderbilt, F. Bedford '65, 569 Sasco Hill Rd.. Southport. Conn. 
Vanderbloemen, Richard L. '66. 527 W. View St.. Lenoir, N. C. .409 
Vanlandingham. David J. '66, 

1003 Meadow Heights Dr., Jackson, Miss 409, 98 

Vaudreuil, Wilfred J. '63, 

1540 Roselyn St., Philadelphia. Pa 279, 230, 301 

Vaughan, Ronald J. '65. 

36 Paxon Dr. Penarth. Wilmington 3, Del 388 

Velie. Kenneth R. '66. 

17 Lindy Rd.. Charleston, W. Va 409. 168, 281 

Verhey. Robert S. '65. 

1686 Eleanor Ave.. St. Paul 16, Minn 185. 388 

Vick, Paul A. '65. 1543 Iredell. Raleigh, N. C 388, 276 

Vickery. Raymond E. '64. 

601 Marshall Rd., SW. Vienna. Va 200, 183, 210. 371 

Vieregg, Arthur B. '64. 

4310 South 36th. Arlington 6. Va \Ti. 371. 96 

Villani, Angelo J. '63, 293 Virginia Ave.. Welch, W. Va. 

Vincent. Roger S. '64. 788 High St.. Dedham, Mass .163, 371 

Vinten, Johansen P. "66, 

7105 Wilson Lane, Bethesda 14, Md 162, 409 

Vogt, Larry C. '63. 7208 Denton Rd.. Bethesda 14, Md 351 

Volberg, Frank M. '65. 

532 Forestdale Rd., Kingsport, Tenn 187, 388 

Volland. Craig S. '66, 

2117 Heritage Dr. NE. Atlanta. Ga 164, 409 

Vollmer, Robin T. '63, 

2191 Millvale Rd., Louisville 5, Ky 189, 226, 351 

Volz, Marlin M. '65. 

1819 Woodfill Way, Louisville 5. Ky 388. 228, 277 

Voncanon, Charles A. '65, 642 Sunset Dr.. Sanford. N. C. 
Von Salzen. Kirk K. '66. 

118 Forxcroft Rd., West Hartford. Conn 180, 409 

Waddell. John L. '65. 

490 Courtland Terrace. Marion. Ohio 161. 210, 388 

Waggoner. David M. '63. 

807 Lakeland. Grosse Pointe 30. Mich .175. 352, 319 

Waggoner, John P. '65, 

1017 Lakewood Va.. Durham. N. C. 216, 388 

Wagner, Dennis W. '63. 

3572 Chapin Ave., Niagara Falls. N. Y 18?. 352 

Waite. Leslie S. '64, 23 Adams St.. Batavia, N. Y 96 

Waite, Robert S. '65. 

4674 Lake Forrest Dr.. NW Atlanta 5, Ga 388, 97 

Wald, Harlan I. '64. 

9 Secor Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y 226, 388, 258 

Waldchen, Alfred J. '65, 

414 Grove St.. Westfield, N. J 189, 388 

Walden. John F. '64. 

422 Peerman PI.. Corpus Christi. Tex 167, 371 

Waldron, Jonathan C. '66. 

31 Lookout Rd.. Mountain lakes. N. J 186. 409 

Waldron. Pendleton G. '63. 

2715 Camden Rd.. Greensboro. N. C 352, 178 

Walker. Charles D. '63. 

4867 Christopher Dr., Allison Park, Pa 187, 352, 96 

Walker. David N. '64. 6324 Curzon. Fort Worth 16, Tex 388 

Walker. Fielding L. '64. Box 113. O.xford, N. C 352, 178 

Walker. John A. '63, 

202 West Redbud Dr.. Knoxville 20. Tenn 214. 225, 352, 304 

Walker, Samuel A. '66. 1859 Yorkshire. Birmingham, Mich 409 

Walker, Thomas L. '64. 2014 Wilson St., Durham, N. C. 
Walker. William M. '64. 3615 14th St.. Rock Island. 111. 
Wall. Jack G. '63. Route 5. Burlington, N. C. 
Waller, Richard H. '66. 

3639 Old Ivy Lane. NE Atlanta, Ga 184. 409. 279 

Walsh. Michael S. "65. 1717 Feffords, Clearwater, Fla 173, 388 

Walters. Jeffrey L. '65. 158 Spruce Dr.. Shrewsbury, N. J. 388 

Walters. Louie M. "63. 

1001 Memory Lane. Monroe. N. C 187. 352, 230 

Wang, You L. '65, 

3501 Quebec St.. NW, Washington 16, D. C 388 

Wanklyn. John A. '63. 

Prospect Ridge. P. O. Box 933. Nassau. N. P.. Bahamas 371 
Ward, Allan '6.3. 

2407 Vinewood Dr.. Durham, N. C 173, 352, 281 

Ward, David E. '63. 4417 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa. Fla 352 

Ward, Geoffrey D. '63. 2429 Perkins Rd.. Durham, N. C 216 

Ward. Peter R. '64, 

209 W. Highland. Sierra Madre. Calif 161, 371 


Ward, Robert L. '66, 1309 Varnitz St., Middletown, Ohio 409 

Ward, Stanley S. '65, 307 Fleming Ave.. NE, Roanoke, Va 388 

Ward, Terry E. '64. Box 1771, Lakeland, Fla 193, 371, 243 

Ward, Thurman R. '64, 

908 East Park Dr., Lincolnton, N. C. 16";, 3<i2 

Ward, William E. '65, 721 Kimball Ave., Westfield, N. J 389 

Warder, Frank F. '64, 

15 Professional BIdg., Anderson, S. C 178, 371 

Warfield, William R. '66. 640 Prospect St.. Maplewood 1, N. J. 409 
Warner, David M. '66, 

200 Shady Circle Dr., Rocky Mount. N. C 409, 182 

Warner, Jonathan F. '65, 

Hegemans Lane, Old Brookville, N. Y 389. 281 

Warner. Thomas F. '66. 

1319 Hayward Court. Cincinnati, Ohio 409 

Warren. John H. '63. 1 1 1 N. 4th St.. Allegany, N. Y 352 

Warren. William T. '65. 

1209 E. Beech .St.. Goldsboro. N. C 389, 251 

Waterman. John A. '63. 

405 Prosperity Ave.. Fairfax. Va 181, 352 

Waters, Roger '66, 509 47th St., Vienna, W. Va 409 

Watkins, David M. '63, Box 615, Belmont, N. C 169 

Watkins. William S.. Jr. '64. 

1022 W. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C 171. 371 

Watkinson, James F. '66. 

113 Wagush Trail, Medford Lakes. N. J 172. 409 

Watson, Alan Douglas '64, 

406 Piedmont Ave.. Rocky Mount. N. C 371 

Watson. David '66. 

2723 Two Woods Rd.. Bayside. Va 192. 409, 280 

Watson, William Edward '66. 

603 Sunnyside Lane, Wilson. N. C. _ 371. 243 

Watters, Albert F.. Jr. '63. Sunset Hill Rd., Redding Ridge, Conn. 
Waud, Charles B. '63, 

2123 North Ash St., Waukegan, 111 185. 221, 352 

Waxman, Edward R. '66, 

102 S. Lynnhaven Dr.. Staunton, Va 409. 25'! 

Weatherspoon, William H. '65, 125 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Webb. Richard Stanley '64, 

1260 N. E. 143 St., N. Miami 61. Fla 185. 371 

Webster, Arthur D., Jr. '65. 

241 Murry Hill Dr.. Lancaster, Penn 189. 389 

Wehrle. Richard Tell '63. 

61 10 Creola Rd., Charlotte, N. C 353. 178 

Weidman, Harold R.. Jr. '64, 

2619 Hilliard Rd.. Richmond, Va 169. 371. 96 

Weingarten. Jon "65, 

983 Park Ave.. New York 28. N. Y 195, 189. 271 

Weinhardt. Lewis W.. Jr. '66. 

26 Dunmore Rd., Baltimore 28. Md _ 164. 439 

Weinstock, Barry Joseph '65, 

874 Northeast 82nd St.. Miami 38. Fla _ 191. 389, 258 

Weir, Michael Waller '63. 6 Hubbard Court. Stamford, Conn. .353 
Weisiger, John Boiling '65, 

1880 Oakdell Dr.. Menio Park. Calif 161. 210. 389, 91 

Wells, Keith S. '63. 1223 Lexington Ave.. Charlotte 3, N. C. 
Wells, Richard Douglas '64, 31 Edgemont Rd., Glen Rock. N. J. 
Wells, William Allen '64, 

14 Belfield Rd.. Alexandria, Va 175, 17] 

Welsh, John M. '63. 

5301 Purlington Way, Baltimore 12, Md 185, 210, 363. 303 

Wertz, Kenneth L. '66, 5814 Ashland St., Springfield, Va...l82, 409 

West, David Leroy '64, Main St., Woodland, N. C 178, 371, 97 

West, Milton L. '66, Warsaw, N. C 409 

Westerman, Charles E., Jr. '64. 

1500 Sheffield Ct.. Falls Church. Va 187, 321 

Westmoreland, Jimmie D. '65, 

2224 S. W. 13 St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 389, 281 

Wharton. Paul Burke '64, 23 St. Peter PI., Keyport, N. J. 243 

Wheatley. John H. '63, 

1525 Front St., Beaufort, N. C 173 353 ''43 

Wheeler. Harold Neil '64. 

324 S. Olive Ave.. West Palm Beach, Fla 169. 210 371 

Wheeler, John Law '65, 

P. O. Box 1071. Tryon, N. C 389. 160, 161 351 

Wheeler, Kermh D. '63, Box 605, Raeford, N. C 
Wheeler. Michael Olson '64, 

607 Lakepointe Rd., Crosse Pointe Park. Mich 189, 371 

Wheland, Robert C. '66, 9033 S. Bell Ave., Chicago, III. 409 

Whisnant, John K. '64. 800 Philips St., Shelby, N. C. 371 

White, Charles Denny. Jr. '65, 

512 Cliff Rd.. Asheboro, N. C 210, 389, 243 

White, James M. '63. 4000 Fitzbugh Dr., Annandale, Va.. 193,' 353 
White, Richard M. '66. 

3254 Central Ave.. Memphis, Tenn 192, 409 

White, Robert M. '66, 

314 Stratford Ave.. Fairfax, Va 409, 178, 280 


White, Thomas S. '64, 

106 East Hillcrest Dr., Greenville, .S. C 173. 371. 281, 259 

White, Thomas Stuart, Jr. '65, 1212 16th St., Wilmette, III 
Whitehead. Philip G. '66, 3111 Palmira, Tampa, Fla. 180, 409 

Whitford, Jerry L. '64, 146 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 
Whitley, Robert B. '66, 

4667 Verona Ave., Jacksonville, Fla 186, 409 280 

Whittle. Reed L. '64, 279 Virginia Dr.. Winter Park, Fla. 371, 228 
Whorton. Jmimy Clifton '64, 211 Court St.. Portsmouth, Va 
Widen, Robert W. '66. Box 545. Balboa, Canal Zone 
Widener. Paul Thompson '63, 

923'/2 Dacian Ave., Durham, N. C. 96, 67 T> 74 75 ''77 
Wierenga. Harold L. '66. 1216 Tyler Ave, Annapolis, 'Md" " 
Wiggins, Robert S., Jr. '64, 

1805 Ponce De Leon Ave., Atlanta 7. Ga 389, 97 

Wilbur, Henry M. '66, 843 Greenway Circle, Waynesboro "Va 409 
Wilcox, Everett H., Jr. '66, 

810 E. Turner St., Clearwater, Fla 186, 409 

Wilcox, John Frank '65, 

2430 N. E. 31st Ct., Lighthouse Point. Pompano Beach Fla 
Wilder, Donald Allen '63. 

No. 208 Jiyugoaka. Meguro Ku. Tok>o. Japan 
Wilkes. Kenneth E. '66. 

3 109 Brandon Rd., Huntington, W. Va. 225 4()9 

Wilkins. Lucien S. '63, 346 Carthage St., Sanford, N. C. 210, 231 
Wilkins, William Thomas '64, P. O. Box 1366, Durham. N. C. 
Wilkinson. James Glenn '64, 

1408 Brookside, Norman, Okla 206, 96, 67 69 74 76 

Will, Donald P.. Jr. '63. " ' 

3509 Whitechapel Rd., Norfolk 9. Va. 353 ''59 

Williams, Alvah T., Jr. '64, 

P. O. Box 67, Naval Weapons Sta.. Va 165, 225, 371 

Williams, Donald Lee '65, 

3001 West Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, N. C 389 

Williams. Edmond Brady. '65. 

46 Mitchell Ave., Asheville, N. C 389 

Williams, Edwin Joseph '64, 

2 Crystal Rd.. Levittown, Pa 201, 371 

Williams. Gene H. '66, 

2024 N. W. I 1th Rd.. Gainesville. Fla 160. 409 

Williams, Herbert H. '65, 2842 Superior St.. Columbia, S. C 371 

Williams. James Wendel '64, 

1824 Pine, Birmingham. Mich 178, 171 

Williams, Keary R. '66, Box 849 Hill St., Grundy. Va 409 

Williams, Kenneth M. '63. 

College Ave.. Washington, N. C 169. 353. 96, 70. 73 

Williams. Lyie K., II '63. 

22 The Terrace, Katonah, N. Y 354. 229 

Williams, Melvin Guy '64. Box 177. Kenansville. N. C. 171 

Williams, Neil C. Ill '63, 

140 S. Elm, Asheboro, N. C 161, 220, 290, 221. 1*14 

Williams. Richard G., Jr. '63, 

2 Briarfield Rd.. Barrington. R. 1 163, 372 

Williams, Samuel Harrison '65. 

407 Woodland Terrace, Alexandria, Va 372 

Williams. Wayne Donald '66. 

2840 Edgehill Rd., Huntingdon Valley. Pa 409. 280 

Williamson. John N. '64. 218 E. Elm St.. Wauseon. Ohio.. 167. 372 
Williamson, Joseph E. '65. 

Box 2303. c/o Aramco. Dhahran. Saudi Arabia 188 

Williamson, Monroe S. '63. Rt. 3. Sanford, N. C. 354, 96 

Williamson, Wilbur Hitt '63. 

P. O. Box 114. Denmark, S. C. 354, 230, 308, 281 

Willwerth, Ben M. '63. 

105 Genesee St.. Montour Falls, N. Y 183, 372 

Wilson. Charles E. '66, 

1206 Simpson, Evanston. Ill 186, 226, 409 

Wilson. Charles M. '66 

P. O. Box 1027, Charlotte, N. C 162, 409 

Wilson. Claude T. '66, 1542 Kings Rd., Shelby, N. C 172, 410 

Wilson. Donald George '65, 

15 East Maple Rd., Greenlawn. N. Y 389. 279 

Wilson. James Augustus '65, Pond Lake. Armonk, N. Y 163, 389 

Wilson, Mark Kammer '65, 

422 Fisher Rd.. Pointe 30. Mich 389 

Wilson. Stephen J. '66, R. D. 1. Chester Springs, Pa 410 

Wilson, Wayne Richards '65. 

5600 Ogden Rd.. Washington 16. D. C 389 

Winchester, Charles Lee '64. 

Box 5818 Duke Stat.. Durham. N. C 354, 96 

Winchester, James Cyrus '65. 

1104 Lakewood Dr., Monroe. N. C. .171, 389. 277 

Winkler. Arthur Dulanv '64, 2510 Leclede St., Hannibal, Mo. 
Winslow. Worth Ronald '66, 

1007 Salisbury St., Asheboro. N. C 410 


Winston. Arthur Michael "65, 

79 Fernwood Lane. Roslyn. N. Y 195, 389 

Winston. James F. "64. 3601 Toledo St., Coral Gables 34, Fla 372 

Winzeler. William C. "64, Lynn Ave., Napoleon, Ohio 189, 372 

Wirschnitzer. J. M., Jr. "64, 

4501 Hampnett Ave., Baltimore 14. Md 354. 257 

Wirth. Frederick H., Jr. "63. 

212 Audubon Blvd.. New Orleans. La... 185, 221. 354 

Wise, Hiram J.. HI '66, Route 2, Box 40, Gibsonville, N. C 410 

Wisecarver, George J. "63, 

1200 Queens Rd. West. Charlotte 7. N. C 354, 178 

Wiser, Robert Vincent '63, 

1215 N. Orange Ave.. Winter Park, Fla 189. 354 

Witzenburg. Gary Lee "65, 

2667 Cranlyn Rd.. Shaker Heights 22, Ohio 167, 389. 279 

Wohlford. Reuben F. "66. 

727 Chappell Rd.. S. Charleston 4. W. Va 176. 410 

Wolter. Carl S. "66. 

R. R. 2, Bo.v 53. Charlottesville. Va 410. 178 

Womble, William F., Jr. "64, 

2027 Virginia Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 175. 201. 372 

Wonsidler. Robert Ray "64. 1311 Main St., Hellertown, Pa 372 

Wood, Matthew L., Jr. "63, 1 Calycantnus Rd., Richmond, Va. 
Wood, Robert S. "63. 

2028 Velmetta Circle. Knoxville. Tenn 221. 354 

Wood. William H. "66, R. F. D. 1, Luray. Va 162. 410 

Woodard, William T.. Jr. "63, 

511 Tibidabo Ave.. Coral Gables 43. Fla 354. 178 

Woodard. Willie S. "66. 2356 Pruitt St.. Charlotte, N. C 410 

Wooden. Ernest E., Ill "66, 

5200 Edaewater Dr., Norfolk, Va.. - -.- 410, 186 

Woodruff. William R. '65. 

7412 Sheffield Dr.. Knoxville, Tenn 181. 389. 280 

Woods, Richard Byrd, Jr. "65, 

2504 Parkwood Rd.. Chattanooga 4. Tenn 389, 232 

Woodworth. John A. "63. 

19070 Fairmount Blvd.. Shaker Heights 18. Ohio. .162, 355, 98 

Woody, Edmond D. "66. 901 Markham Ave.. Durham, N. C 410 

Wooldridge, Robert Thomas "65, 

3105 Churchill Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 389 

Woolsey. Frank Mahlon "64. 684 Madison Ave. Albany, N. Y...372 
Worsham, Joseph A. '63. 

4335 Belclaire. Dallas. Texas 175. 355. 301. 281 

Worthington, Craig W. "65. 

Route^l, Box 575, Ayden, N. C 186, 258 

Worthington, Josh Bob "65, 

104 East Capitola Ave., Kinston. N. C 163. 389. 279 

Wray. Albert Victor "65. 

600 Westover Terrace. Shelby, N. C 185. 389 

Wright. Charles T.. Jr. "65. 

2348 Grant Ave.. Raleigh. N. C 181. 389. 279 

Wright. Harold Everett "65. 

4220 Firwood Lane. Charlotte 9, N. C 183, 389, 281 

Wright, James Dixon, Jr. "65, 

846 Davis Dr., N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga 281 

Wright Joseph D. "63, 

1321 A Turley Rd., Charleston 4, W. Va 282 

Wright, Thomas Oscar '63. 2425 Cahaba Rd.. Birmingham 9. Ala. 
Wufsberg. Einar John "64. 

5518 Williamsburg Blvd., Arlington 7. Va 175, 372, 96 

Wyatt. Robert Harris, Jr. "63. 807 Green St.. Durham. N. C. 

Wyatt. Robert L.. Ill "66, 330 Janice Dr.. College Park. Ga 410 

Yaeger, Carl Frederick "65. 

1800 N. E. 43rd St.. Fort Lauderdale. Fla 389 

Yake, Jeffry Thomas "64, 

Nursery Rd.. Titusville. N. J 173. 372. 279 

Yarbrough, John W. "63. 102 Rolling Rd., Burlington. N. C... 355 
Yarger. Greig Toms "63, 

525 E. Angela, South Bend. Ind 210. 221. 35S 

Yarnall. Wayne H. "64, 

154 106th St., Stone Harbor, N. J 372. 2S1. 253 

Yates, Earl W. '66. Route 2. Box H 30, Hamlet, N. C 186, 410 

Yeaton. Richard L '66. 92 Oaks Rd., Framingham. Mass. 
Yocum, Edward S.. 11 "64. 

4 Oak Ave.. Larchmont. N. Y 163. 372. 98 

Yodzis. Peter Paul "64, 2608 Liberty Pkwy., Baltimore 22, Md. 258 
Young. Charles G.. Ill "65. 2037 W. 96th St.. Leawood. Kan. 

Young. Donald F. "66, 4911 N. 35th St., Arlington, Va 410 

Young, George M.. Jr. '63. 

416 West Second St., Madison. Ind. . .215. 355. 255 

Young, Paul C. '63, 4817 Meadow Lane N. W. 

Canton. Ohio... 128. 173, 200, 355. 254 

Young. William Wilson '65. 

East Market St.. Marietta, Pa... 187, 389, 97 

Youngstrom, Richard Earl "65, 

4301 West 90th St. Terr., Shawnee Mission, Kan 389 

Zavelson, Thomas Michael '65, 

666 W. Andover, Mansfield. Ohio 389, 195 

Zeren, John Charles '65, 1 102 Hampton Garth. Towson 4. Md. 389 
Zeren. Richard William '64, 

1102 Hampton Garth, Towson 4. Md 193. 210. 372. 311 

Zide. Elliott Lawrence '64, 

82 Summer St.. Fitchburg, Mass ...191, 372 

Zielonka. Carl L. '63, 

819 South Edison Ave.. Tampa 6, Fla 128, 191, 355, 270 

Zimmer, Carl Thomas '65, 

1709 East Cedar St.. South Bend 17. InJ 173, 389 

Zimmer, Charles F. '63, 

901 Sassafras Land, Niles, Mich 128. 167. 210. 355, 96 

Zimmer, William A. '66. 133 Diana Dr.. Poland. Ohio 401 

Zimmerman. John C. Jr. '66, 

223 Sumter Ave.. Summerville, S. C 410 

Zipse. William P. '66, 

10 Cherry Hill Terrace, Waterville, Maine 410. 188 

Zoubek. Charles Louis '63, Meads Point, Greenwich, Conn. 
Zupanic. George Ivan "65, 

2424 Waite Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich 175, 389 

Zwerner, John S. "63, 4201 Massachusetts Ave.. 

Apt. 7027 C, Washington 16, D. C 167, 205, 355, 262