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chanticleer WK^ 1964 



fwr ^ 



'Duke. U^'^v-e^sijj ) J)url-^$^^^ a/' 

chan ticleer %i964 

duke university I durham, north Carolina 
Stuart g. barr I editor in chief 
peter nicholas / business manager 



administration and faculty 6 
classes 36 

• • m • 


student government 128 

service and guidance 146 

religion 160 

music and drama 164 

media 1 82 

recreational 198 

professional 210 

military 216 

honoraries 226 


fall sports 256 

winter sports 274 

spring sports 288 


greeks 302 

beauties 368 

in retrospect 386 


And I am bold enough to think 
that the pioneering days have not 
altogether gone here. Here, I 
believe, the chance is at its 
most favorable. Duke is inde- 
pendent, and has a vision of 
excellence. Best of all, you have 
chosen a man to lead you who is 
learned and wise, young and 
experienced, energetic but with 
judgment. He has, too, the im- 
agination to see what the times 
require, and the courage to per- 
form it. I doubt not that he will 
deserve and win your help and 
understanding, and be a pioneer 
in the South in terms of excel- 
lence. You are wise to have 
chosen Douglas Knight to be 
your president, and you are 
fortunate that he and Mrs. 
Knight have come at your call. 
Dr. William C. DeVane,/o/- 
mer Dean of Yale College, at a 
University dinner honoring Dr. 

faculty & administration 


hility this morning, I ask you to re- 
member your own. For this brief 
moment oj time, we are Duke Uni- 
versity. May men say oJ us in years 
to come that, every man according to 
his talent, we made it a place of wit, 
of wisdom, of high civilization and 
great service.'' — From "Three 
Roads of Learning," Dr. Knight's 
Inaugural Address 

Following are excerpts from a Feb- 
ruary IS inter\-ie\v with President 

What are your thoughts, sir, after 
some five months in oflice? How do the\' 
contrast with those with which you 
entered upon your office? 

/ had hopes and some knowledge of a few 
if the kinds of problems I thought we would 
he siilniit^ lhi\r iirxl few years. Vve been 
conjumnl in Imlh ihi' hopes and the problems. 
I've J mind that the hopes for the leadership 
that the University could exercise in the 
South and through the whole country have 
been confirmed. There are so few universities 
in the Southeast that can really hope to do a 
job that is comparable, in every way, with 
the job done in certain other parts rf the 
country. .And this is the place, above all, that 
can hope to do it and should hope to do it. 
I've brrn confirmed in this. I see as much 
to do as ever, and I'm even surer than I was 
that the things can be done. 

Has your position here in any way 
affected or altered your personal goals? 

That leads one to a dangerous sort of 
specuhition. I don I have any personal goals, 
really, except ones that are somehow wrapped 
up with the university world, with this Uni- 
versity world in particular. I would think 
that some of what I tried to say back last 
December, when I was installed, and back 
before that, I think some of that would still 
hold as personal ambition for the place. One 
thing that has to be remembered is that I 
need to measure mysef against a twenty-year 
time span. W hen I think about goals, I 
have to do it in the light of twenty-year am- 
bitions. What I am trying to do right now, 
in my personal assessment of the University, 
is to find a base for working that twenty 
years from now will bring us out on a level 
of parity with the four or five other strongest 
universities in the country. And I have to ' 
ask what will do that in the long run. And 
then I have to ask what also is unusual 

The six members of the University's "first family": Dr. and Mrs. Knight and their four sons, 
Stephen. Thomas, nouijias. Jr.. and Christopher. 

The President's office 
view of West Campus. 

rds a commanding 

ahaiit us, given our location, our traditions, 
our past — what do we expect? And so when 
you ask what my personal ambitions are, in 
the long run, they are of that order oj magni- 
tude. My own life, obviously, would be, 
ni my eyes, a very considerable success if I 
could say, when I retired, that we had seen 
the University come to a point where most 
of its graduates, most of its faculty, most of 
Its students really knew that it was as strong 
rn <nir iniirn^ilx in the Vmted States; 
ll:iil i/\ liiii/tnii; avn as good, that its inde- 
I'liiiliiit ■.Jmldily work was as good, that its 
iiiij;i,l III! it^ regional community and on the 
if/ml, ■ iniiuirr was as great. If we could say 
ilii'w lhin!^\, my personal interests would 
h, ijiiili' hill taken care of. My existence is 
really lud up, on a constant, round-the- 
clcck basis with what goes on in the Uni- 
versity. This is what I think about all the 
time. So far as my ambition is worth any- 
thing, it has to be the University s ambition. 
There is a real interaction; my life will not 
be a success without the success of the Uni- 
versity. The President really commits him- 
u'lj la the place. He has to. He has to feel 
(ijjii liiiii Jiir il, and he has to build his loyalty 

Sir, do you haxe any suggestions as 
to how each one of us can contribute 
to Duke's success? 


ask, " WhaCs the place going to 
give me now?", there's some chance it will 
ntvit give you anything. If you ask what 
)(iu can do in it (not necessarily for it), 
theie's a chance you will get a great deal from 
it. Tour relationship to the University isn't 
!usl a matter of these four years. The Uni- 
insity will be with you all the rest of your 
life I would say that the biggest thing you 
I an do for the University is to prove, in a 
vanity of ivay-. tlint xmi nrtually did begin 
to hi iducali'd jiiiipli hhilf you were here. 
Ton prove this in the things you do later. 
And the thing that cheers the University most 
is to see its graduates doing a variety of ex- 
citing things, and creative things, and useful 
things. This is the most wonderful thing 
you can do for the University. This is what 
will make us feel, and you feel, that your 
time here was worthwhile. 

nt Knight, Chairman of the Board of 
s Bunyan S. Womblc, and President 

\n historical and solemn moment in the life of the University: Dr. Douglas Maitland Knight is installed as Duke's fifth preside 

In the face of an almost mipossible schedule, Dr. Knight took time to address the chilly partici- 
pants in an eaily-mornmg pep lallv and cheered them with his warm humor. 

duke university trustees 

T. A. Aldridge Durham, N. C. 

George V. Allen Washington, D. C. 
Rev. Charles P. Bowles 

Charlotte, N. C:. 
Rev. Robert \V. Bradshaw 

Durham, N. C:. 
*Kenncth M. Brim Greensboro, N. C. 
Dr. Merrimon Cluninggim 

St. Louis, Mo. 

N. E. Edgerton 
*B. F. Few 
Thomas A. Finch, 

Raleigh, N. C. 
New York, N. V. 

ThomasviUe, N. C: 

P. Huber Hanes, Jr. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
J. Welch Harriss High Point, N. C. 
C. B. Houck Roanoke, Va. 

Edwin L. Jones Charlotte, N. C. 

Sen. B. E. Jordan Washington, D. C:. 

*Meinber of the Executive Committee 

*Amos R. Kcarns High Point, N. C:. 
George C. McGhee 

Bad Godesberg, Germany 
Dr. Ben N. Miller Columbia, S. C. 
Rev. Edgar H. Nease Stanley, N. C. 
*Thomas L. Perkins New York, N. \' . 
Marshall I. Pickens Charlotte, N. C. 
R. H. Pinnix Gastonia, N. C. 

Rev. Henry G. Ruark 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Charles S. Rhyne Washington, D. C:. 
Mrs. Mary D. B. T. Semans 

Durham, N. C. 
*Frank O. Sherrill Charlotte, N. C. 
J. Raymond Smith Mount Airy, N. C. 
Thomas F. Southgate, Jr. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Mrs. Estelle F. Spears Durham, N. C;. 
R. E. Thigpen Charlotte, N. C. 

*Wright Tisdale Dearborn, Michigan 
Fred Von Canon Sanford, N. C. 

George R. Wallace 

Morehead City, N. C. 


Sidnev S. .Mderman 


re-et-Loire, France 

C. A. Cannon 

Concord, N. C. 

Norman A. Cocke 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Donald S. Elias 

AsheviUe, N. C. 

J. Paul Frizzelle 

Snow Hill, N. C. 

P. Huber Hanes, Si 


iston-Salem, N. C. 

Josh L. Home Rocky Mount, N. C. 

R. A. Mayer 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Dr. J. B. Sidbury 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Kenneth C. Towe 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Earl W. Webb 

New York, N. Y. 

B. S. W^omble W 

nston-Salem, N. C. 

Retiring Trustees B. S. Womble and R. \. Mayer chat with George C. McGhee (righl). 

- ^: 

' •X* 



general administration 

R. Taylor Cole, Ph.D. 

G. C. Hendricksen. M.,^., C.P.A. Everett H. Hopkin.s, LL.D. 

Vice President for Bu.siness and Finance, Vice President for Planning and Insiitii 

Treasurer Studies 

Frank L. .\shmore, A.B. 
\"\cf President for Institutional .\d\ancement 

Charles E.Jordan, LL.D. 
Vice President for University Relations 

general administration 

John M. Dozier, A.B. 

Business Mana-.r 

Stephen C. Harward. A.B.. C.P.A. 

Comptroller and Internal Auditor 

Ri(n\RD L li I mil I.i D 
University Registrar 

Craufurd D. Goodwin, Ph.D. 

Edwin C Brvson, LL.l 
University Counsel 

H^RoiD \V Lewis, Pli.D. 


trinity college 

the complete text of the 
'ss President Knight de- 

Following ii 
inaugural addi 
livered at the Indoor Stadiui 

This is a moment of great and sombre 
privilege for me. I shall do my best 
to fulfill your expectation: I shall even 
try to surprise you once in a while, if 
I can, by doing more than you expect. 
But I cannot pretend that I look upon 
this da\- with the same festive e\e that 
I bring to a spring morning or a fall 
afternoon. The nature of our world, 
and the place of a major university 
in it are such that no man can look on 
them, indeed, without a sudden catch 
at the heart. This would have been so 
even without the brutal e\ents of the 
last few weeks; e\'cnts which force us 
back to our primal convictions, and are 
the starkest example of that age-old 
struggle between ci\ilized and bar- 

HowARD A. Strobel, Ph.D. 
Assistant Dean of Trinity College 


baric, between the sane and the mad, 
which has always been the arena of a 

Today I want to talk about the 
arena for a few minutes; but I do not 
want to do so by telling you what great 
things we shall accomplish. There is 
a kind of trivial arrogance about this, 
an idle boasting that has no place in 
our world. We shall simply do our 
best; and today I want to suggest 
what that best includes and whv it is 

JoNts. BD, Ph.D. 
.Assistant Dean of Trinity College 

important to our society and to 
useKcs. There are some ob\ious rea- 
iis for us to accomplish here e\'ery- 
in'4 tiiat is humanly possible; we 
i\c .111 ohiination to several thousand 
lie -tiiilrnis, and we have an equal 
ilit;,itiun 1(1 the research, the public 
r\ice, the support and stimulus of 
ic arts and sciences which ha\e be- 
lli. i- ilir 111-, iil\- automatic concern and 
spdiiMbiliu of American academic 
immunities. But these enterprises, im- 

K. M.'\NCHESTF.R, Ph.D. 
Dean of Trinity College 

portant as they are, do not stand alone; 
and unless we understand the true 
heart of imiversity life, its teaching, its 
research and its public duties are likely 
to become stereotyped, con\entional, 
finally dead. 

Where, then, shall we turn if we are 
to understand the enduring best of the 
university? To those great patterns of 
thought which animate the human 
mind and spirit, patterns which lie 
beneath and beyond the standard aca- 
demic enterprises of our da\-, just as 
they surrounded the academic world of 
Huxley, of Isaac Newton, of Thomas 
More, Augustine, Aristotle or Plato. 
These are, as I see it, the patterns liv 
which both the uni\crsity and indi- 
vidual creati\e mind work when they 
are everything that they might be. 

The first of them can only be caught 
in an image, I think, the image of the 
unknown frontier on the one hand, 
and on the other, the heartland, the 
abiding community. As a metaphor, a 
bright dream and a reality, this op- 


Charles B.Johnson, Ed.D. 
Assistant Dean of Trinity College 

position of the secure and the balflint; 
is as old as man. It represents two 
things for us in the university world 
— the way formal knowledge grows, 
and the way the individual mind 
works. In each case, we reach toward 
what we do not know from a center of 
knowledge; but we modify and we 
change that center by our \ery act 
of reaching beyond it. In our own 
mythic and religious past, Adam and 
Eve are, I suppose, the greatest ex- 
amples of this constant, reiterated 
human event; but it is central to the 
hope of any great teacher, any great art- 
ist, any great scientist, any great prophet . 
The heartland for any of these dis- 
tinguished iiuman beings is the im- 
mediately known, fully loved world — 
the world of our most intimate ex- 
perience. It has about it a sense of 
security, a sense of abiding attachment 
and constantly reaffirmed meaning. In 
a university the ritual heartland of 
life is Matriculation Day, Founder's 
Day, Commencement; its intellectual 

heart is the security of the honestly 
inquiring mind, which has the right 
to feel at any time confidence about 
the great traditions of learning, and 
the great traditions of civilized human 
conduct — no matter how these great 
traditions are called into question by 
the madness of some particular mo- 

But this assurance of the known and 
lo\ed is, as you realize, only half of 
the uni\crsitv world. In order to main- 

RoBERT B. Cox, A.M. 
Dean of Undergraduate Men 

tain our confidence in our own great 
traditions, we must revere them on 
the one hand and test them on the 
other. This is the law for any truly 
democratic society; it is more than 
law for the university. It is the breath 
of life; unless we put ourselves con- 
stantly to the test in the quality, the 
range, and the hungering variety of 
our work, we do not deserve to exist. 
We cannot be merely a snug, com- 
fortable, pleasant place, the place it is 

good to come back to because it has 
never changed. We are obviously the 
place of constant returning, but equally 
we are the new, the untried, the hoped 
for and not yet found. Between Eden 
and Paradise lies the university world; 
it lives by memory, it lives by hope, and 
it lives through its faith in a promised 
land of insight and knowledge, which 
is ne\er to be fully possessed. 

What power in the university holds 
this heartland of knowledge and this 
frontier of discovery together? The 
second of its unique talents, I think — 
a talent for reconciling to one another 
immediate confusions of knowledge 
and steadily more complex, and yet 
more coherent, ideas of order. One 
major element of Western society is 
embodied in this battle between growth 
and stability. In the last 5,000 years 
wc ha\c found ourselves again and 
again at critical points in our develop- 
ment; and we are at one of them to- 
day. Over and over we have had to 
find more complex ways of li\ing, or 



r, >*b ^ 


Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Men 


college of engineering 


we have had to perish in the effort. 
Those societies which slipped into 
darkness would not, or could not, 
reconcile the changing demands of his- 
tory and the unchanging demands of 
individual human life. We ourselves, 
in our tiny fragment of time since the 
18th century, have fought four major 
wars which were the tragic outer signs 
of our disorder and our attempt to deal 
with it. But we meet the same issue 
constantly in the rise and decay of 
cities, of industries, even of indi\idual 

In the uni\'ersity world, a need to 
face both the turning points of history 
and the pivotal, disruptive moments 
of human thought is the most relent- 
less of the tasks laid on us. And we 
have a duty, furthermore, to develop 
the very ideas that will be so trouble- 
some as we assimilate them. A city or 
a country often has the problem of 
growth and change thrust upon it; 
here in the university, we create the 
very problem which we have to solve. 
To be quite specific and quite aca- 
demic for a moment, my own discipline 
faced a generation ago the question of 
what was the most important about 
the study of literature. Was it the 
biography of the writer, or was it the 
inner, somehow independent life of 
the work he wrote? The truth, of course, 
turned out to be neither of these ex- 
tremes, but a new synthesis in literary 
studies, a demanding new kind of 
insight about the art of literature and 
about the societies which literature 
embodies and brings to conscious, 
understanding life. If we had not 
moved to this new level of complexity, 
however, we would have seen the de- 
cline of the whole discipline. No 
thoughtful man would have continued 
to spend time on it. 

And the same burden of synthesis is 
laid upon every other discipline of the 
mind, every individual faculty mem- 
ber, and upon e\er\ university that 
jiretends to real accomplishment. .\X 
our point in time, for instance, we 
are faced with the need to nourish the 
arts equally with the sciences — not at 

the expense of the sciences, but equally 
with them, and indeed by means of 
them; we are faced with the need to 
move into areas of study that our col- 
leagues a generation ago did not even 
imagine; and as a result, we are faced 
with a need to see much of university 
life oriented to the solution of complex 
interdisciplinary problems rather than 


Dean of the College of Engineering 

toward the mere continuance of tradi- 
tional disciplines and f.elds of study. 
Tiie uni\ersity that ignores these shifts 
of concern will be second rate 20 years 
from now. These are not fads of the 
moment; they are a bold attempt to 
master the fantastic momentum of 
human knowledge by coming at it in 
some new ways. As you look at a major 
university today, you may not think 
of this mastery as our most critical 

Charles R. \.^ 
( Ihairman of the Department of Ele 

problem, but it is; either we explore 
and bring to useful order the wilder- 
ness of new knowledge, or we shall no 
longer be an effective force in our 
society — and all our brick and stone 
will simply build a memorial to our 

In this attempt (which our whole 
society must make) to bring order into 
its world, the university has a third 
contribution to offer. It can support tlie 
most difficult of all human enterprises — 
one even more demanding than the 
constant assimilation of knowledge 
which I ha\c just described. This dif- 
ficult enterprise is tlie re\isiting of 
basic reality itself — that rare disco\ery 
of the radical order in experience, a 
discovery which goes so far that it 
becomes simple again. Simple is a de- 
cepti\e word in this setting, howexer; 
four of the best examples of this special 
quality in our century are Einstein, 
Yeats, Whitehead and \'an Gogh. 
These men ha\c in common one 
thing; each of them, in resisiting a 


fantastically complex tradition of 
thought and experience, is able to 
bring out of it a new kind of basic 
insight about the nature of things. 
This is the precious simplicity of truly 
creative thought (and thought is, I 
suspect, an inadequate word for it); 
it is the clarity which comes only at 
the far edge of human accomplishment, 
but it exists. It is our greatest reminder 
that all the fragments of thought and 
experience which are the common ma- 
terial of our lives can be caught up in 
some one pattern of colierence, com- 


Chairman of the Dtpaitrntnt of Mecha 

pleteness and therefore — in the deepest 
sense of the word — sanity. This kind 
of sanity is a return to the root of things; 
most of us are allowed only glimpses 
of it; but the university must gi%c 
constant testimony, and must be a 
constant witness, to its presence in our 

If the process of university life is a 
constant alternation between frontier 
and heartland, if the daily task of a 

university is the assimilation of knowl- 
edge into new patterns of order, then I 
suggest that its final, almost mystical 
obligation is to the recognition, and 
indeed the veneration, of significance 
itself. This is the sense in which a uni- 
versity is most truly a religious in- 
stitution; within and beyond the welter 
of experience, it testifies to coherent 
reality. And it testifies to that reality 
wherever it can be truly found 
For us, the common distinctions be- 
tween the sciences and the arts, be- 
tween theology and engineering, be- 
come meaningless. We do not choose 
among a good poem, a great bridge, i 
brilliant equation, a conquered virus. 
as educated people we owe our respeei 
to them all, and as members of tii( 
iini\'ersity communit)- we owe oiii 
understanding to them all. 

From these qualities and loyalties ol 
the university world flow all its prac- 
tical, public achievements, and all its 
relevance to our inner lives. The scholar 
and the student are at the university's 


t: ,^^ 

Earl I. Brown II, Pli.I). 
Chairman of the Department of Civil Engi- 

EuwAki) K. Kravbii.l, M.S.E. 
.'kssistant Dean of the College of Engineering 

heart, not just because our society 
depends upon educated people, but 
above all because human beings cry 
out for knowledge, order and insight. 
Our kind of education is not, then, 
just the means to life; it is a way of 
life. The whole universe is its prov- 
ince; but it is justified only by what 
it brings to pass within us. As we come 
to love equally the bright field of knowl- 
edge and the dark wood beyond our 
understanding, as we develop the 
courage to confess ignorance, and the 
modesty to articulate true learning, 
then we begin, not only to under- 
stand the university but to embody it. 
And this we must do, we who have 
the rare privilege of being here. It is the 
expectation put upon us all, and as I 
accept my share of responsibility this 
morning, I ask you to remember your 
own. For this brief moment of time, 
we are Duke University. May men 
say of us in years to come that, every 
man according to his talent, we made 
a place of wit, of wisdom, of high 
civilization and great service. 


woman's college 

M. Margaret Ball, l>h.U., Dr. ii 
Dean of the Woman's College 

Following are excerpts from an ad- 
dress by Dean M. Margaret Ball at 
the Honors Convocation, September 
30, 1963. 

The Woman's Clollege was estab- 
lished to facilitate the education of 
those students at Duke University who 
happened to be women — not to draw 
them out of the larger University 
community, but to give them the op- 
portunity to develop their several 
talents both within the smaller com- 
munity which is the College and within 
the larger one represented by the 

The C'oUege was created not with 
the thought of developing a different 
kind of education for women than for 
men, but of safeguarding equal access 
with men students to the University's 
best minds, while providing facilities 
designed to pron:ote both the intel- 

Ellen H. Huckabee, M.A. 
Dean of Undergraduate Instrucnon 

Jane Philpott, Pli.p. 
Associate Dean of Undergraduate 

lectual growth and the capacity for 
leadership of the women members of 
Duke's academic society. . . . 

As a center of extracurricular educa- 
tion, the Woman's College is, and 
should remain a place where Duke 
women, with or without the presence 
or concurrence of their peers at the 
other end of the bus line, may con- 
sider and take positions on matters 
of interest and importance either to 
themselves or to society at large — not 
with the thought that Duke women 
have the answer to all of society's 
problems, but that as women and schol- 
ars, they have a valid interest in both 
the problems and their solution. 

As an intellectual community, the 
Woman's C.oUege has operated, and 
will continue to operate on the assump- 
tion that the best road to education 
lot most iiiuicrgr.Rluate women is 
through the siu<l\ of the Liberal Arts. 
Not because knowledge of the Liberal 
Alts is a special responsibility of 
women in an age in which the nation's 
culture triids to be left more and more 
ni thciL li.iiKJs as potential or actual 
wises and mothers, but in the con- 

\iction that the Liberal Arts curriculum 
is the best yet developed both to ac- 
quaint students with the heritage of 
Western culture and to instill in them 
tiiose disciplined habits of mind which 
can, and should, enable most persons 
subjected to it to come to grips with 
the problems which they will encounter 
in that portion of tiieir li\es that comes 
after College. . . . 

The present members of this College, 
whether students or administrators, 
have inherited from generations of 

Mar\- Crack Wilson, A.M. 
Dean of Undcigraduate VVomei 

past students and from the two dis- 
tinguished women who guided them — 
Dean Alice Baldwin and Dean Flor- 
ence Brinkley, a College with a fine 
tradition of excellence and intellectual 
leadership within the Uni\crsit\. It is 
my present concern that this tradition 
shall both continue and be reinforced 
— that this College shall continue to 
be — not predominantly a geographical 
expression — but an open community of 
mind and spirit. . . . 

VVc shall continue to work on pro- 
grams of various kinds designed to 
enlarge the horizons of students living 
on this campus — perhaps in the form 
of resident scholars brought to live 
among us for a time; perhaps in the 
form, so successfully emplo\'ed in the 
past, of sponsoring symposi.i nf inlcrrNl 
to various and sundry disi i|)lin(s; per- 
haps in the form of student cxclKuigcs 
of one sort or another; perhaps in the 
form of other programs designed to 
bring students into closer contact 
with people of other nations; perhaps 
in still other forms. . . . 

Holding fast to existing programs 
of proven value, then, we shall none- 
theless look for new ways of furthering 
our principal objectives, of realizing 
our intellectual potential. For we are a 
College in transition from the excellence 
that has been, and is, to the excellence 
that may be, if we — faculty, students. 
Administration — have the insight and 
will to achieve it. We are, after all, a 
Commumtv of Scholars. 

Assistant Dean ul L 







CLASsicAi.s 1 1 nils /u./w,,s i;„ii,..rii.t).. 

F.A.A.K.. (.'.hiin 1,1,1,1. llii- iiuiiur in (..ircrk is 
concerned with the Uteiature and history 
of Ancient Greece. In the second year, the 
student is introduced to Herodotus and 
Xenophon, Third year courses increase the 
student's knowledge of Greek language and 
literature. The student is familiarized with 
Greek dramatic poetry in the fourth year. 
The major program of the Department of 
Latin and Roman Studies involves the study 
of the works of Latin authors, leading to an 
intimate acquaintance with several great 
rose and poetry — 

and their 



GERMAN- Hrrman Salmon. PhD. Cha 
A German major is lequued to take 
semestei couises m the Depaitment I 
eaily stages of study, the fiist two 
language laboratoiy facilitus ak 
The ma]or is also asktd to elect couiscs m the 
othei humanities, as the Depaitment aims 
to place language and liteiatuic study within 
the fiamewoik of Geiman cuilization and 
Euiopean tultuK g<n(ialK 


ARI: G. Mu.ll.i. Ph.D.. C/iainiian. The 
art major will elect either art history or de- 
sign for concentrated study. In design, he will 
follow a prescribed sequence of courses designed 
to lead him from basic problems in design 
and drawing to the art of painting and graph- 
ics. In the history of art, he will effect a chrono- 
logical spread of area courses and select one 
area for concentration. 

ENGLISH: Arlin Turner, Ph.D., Chamnm,. 
The English Department has a varied pro- 
gram of offerings; the major is required to 
satisfy a pattern of distribution rather than 
to take specific courses. He may follow his 
preferences within a wide range of English 

rea — Elizabethan drama, 1 9th century Eng- 
contemporary fiction, poetry, 

HISIORi: Ruhard L. 
Chmrman. The History 1 
unusually wide range o 
are: American (includi 
lonial, nth Clentury, 

sance. thr French Krx,,l,,tio, 
Century), English History 
Commonwealth, Russian. I 
Indian and Pakistani, and 
well as Military and Na\ il 


crs an 
, Co- 
, the 

I. and 

h Mu\ 20th 
the British 

and drama, etc. 


.\IVSIC: Minn H. Bom. M.M.. Chairman. 
The study of music is usually approached 
through one of three differeSnt divisions of 
the field. While each of these may be con- 
sidered a specialty, a well-balanced knowledge 
of all three is essential to the training of an 
accomplished musician. These branches are: 
musical performance, musical theory and 
composition, and musical history and musi- 

i'H/IOSOPH) Charles A. Bcylis, Ph.D., 
( hail man Philosophy oflfers considerable lati- 
tude m dcKmg mto the several areas within 
thi disciplme It docs not itself lead directly 
to a cam I c\cept that of teaching. Indi\iduals 
Tccogni^t hov\c\er. the general value of 
philosophic studv in creating an awareness 
ol tht mtthods. assumptions, and goals of 

lam.s L. Piur, J,.. I'h IK. Ch.n- 
uoik in this depailiu. Ill |ii..\ idi s 
111 history of Clinsti.niit\ . .is well 
\ ing leligions, serving as a back- 
undei standing the meaning of 
Tiodein life and as a basis for 
lefltction upon individual and 
ms Courses are offered in such 

giound loi 


social piobk 

aieas as the systematic or historical study of 

Chiistian doctiines marriage and the family, 

non-C hiistian lehgions, and religious values 

inothd fidds 

Ph.I).^ Chaiiman. Courses in oral or v 
French. Spanish, Italian, or Portugiu 
tend and strengthen the skills of sp 
and reading these languages and enal 
student to gain insights into and toapp 
the literary works of national literatures 
class activities may include honorary fi;^ 
weekly, informal supper meetings of tli 
ous language groups, or participation 
production of, say, a French play. 

RCfSS/AA: Broniilas dr Leva/ Je-Jerski. Ph.D. 
Chairman. Like the more traditional language 
majors, the major in Russian emphasizes the 
study of culture, literature, and history as 
well as language. Both pre- and post-revolu- 
tionary Russia are included in thrse studies. 
Thorough and thoughtful study of the Russian 
language and Soviet institutions may pro- 
vide the foundation for understanding and 
interpreting the Russian world. 




social sciences 

ECONOMICS Frank T dt Vvier, PhD., 

Chairman All majors in the Department of 

Etonomics and Busmess Admmistiation take 

l'rin<ipl(-. of Economics and "Principles of 

\( I (jiiiitiiiL, The coie courses — "Business 
S^l[l^tll^ C oipoiation Finance and The 

llicon ul thi Fiim are also requiied \t 
this point specialization begins 

Fl)iCiT10\ WilhamH Cmtttnght PhD.. 
Chill wan Prospectue secondaiv -school teich- 
eis an encouia9;ed to ni i| i in the ii i i( niic 
dtpaitment ol then piin i| il ml i I iiid Id 
choost uUted woik ^ In 1 ill li ii^tli n 
thin piepaiation foi i li k Inn i m i In- 
tioductory Psycholo^N and Son il tounda- 
tions of American Education aie pieuquisitc 
to all piogiams in teacher education \n tn- 
tiie semestei ot tht senioi veai is de\oted to 
courses in professional education and to stu- 
dent teaching. 

POLIIIC.iL SCIE.KCE: Robert S. Rankin, Ph.D.. 
Chan man. The student majoring in political 
science begins with the study of American 
and European political systems. Although it 
is desirable for the student to elect course 
work in each of three major areas — Political 
Theory and Comparative Government, Ameri- 
can Go\er/iment and Public Administration, 
and International Law and Relations — he is 
encouraged to develop a program suited to 

P.S)CH()L()ai.- Karl E. ~en,'r, Ph.D., Chair- 
man. Beyond the introductory course, the 
student who majors in psychology is required 
to complete seven semester courses in the 
Department, including a one semester course 
in statistics. .Studies not covered by specific 
requirements may be chosen from among 
offerings in biological psychology, child 
psychology, tests and measurements, applied 
psychology, and social psychology. 


•cy. Ph.D., Chair- 
ilogy introduces 
irepares him for 
ireas. These in- 

.SOCIOLOG)': John C. .McKi. 
man. A general roursi- in snc 
the student tn \\i<- hrl.l .ni<i 
further work ni .,„•, ,,,l,/r,l 
elude race nl.iiic jii^. mdnsirial relations, the 
city, mass euiuniuiuealions. public opinion 
and propaganda, social stratification, social 
institutions, occupations and professions, the 
sociology of art, collecti\ e behavior and social 
movements, case investigation, social statistics, 
and social theory. These may be augmented 
by work in the related field of anthropology. 



hOl-iM Teny II J >lm,on, J, PhD 
C hainnan \ broad undei^iaduate program 
in botanv is offeied Botanical studies can 
be duided into two aieas. — field and laboia- 
tory. The botany major must take two field 
courses (from among plant identification, 
ecology, and taxonomy of lower groups! 
and two laboratory courses (from among 
physiology, bacteriology, genetics, and 

CEOLOar.- E. Willaid Berry, Ph.D., Channinti. 
Geology is a discipline which tries to explain 
the earth, its surface history, and its interior 
development. The majority of students take 
geology in an effort to grasp a general view 
of the how, when, and why of the earth. Others 
may prepare themselves for advanced work 
leading to professional careers. 

natural sciences 

CHE.UISTRr: John H. Say/or. Ph.D., Chair- 
man. The program for the chemistry major 
is designed to give a basic understanding of 
the fundamentals of chemical science and 
laboratory techniques and experimental pro- 
cedures. In both major programs — B.S. and 
B.A. — the course sequence is: General Chem- 
istry, .Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chem- 
istry, and Physical Chemistry. 

.M.iTHEM.'iTICS: John J. Gergen, Ph.D., 
Chairman. A mathematics major may concen- 
trate in the branches of algebra, geometry, or 
analysis. The student interested in applied 
mathematics should elect courses in analysis, 
computing, probability, statistics, and mathe- 
matical logic. He should also have a strong 
interest in the related fields — physics, eco- 
nomics, etc. 

PHySICS: Henry A. Fatrbank, Ph.D., Chairman. 
The University offers a full program for phys- 
'cs majors. The sequence of courses usually 
s: introductory physics, intermediate physics, 
ntermediate mechanics and electricity, e'lec- 
tronics, kinetic theory of gases and thermo- 
dynamics, advanced laboratory, electromag- 
netic theory and physical optics, and atomic 
and nuclear physics. 

ZOOLOGY: Edward C. Horn, Ph.D., Chairman. 
The zoology major must take one course in 
each of three areas — morphology, physiology, 
and genetics. Many recent advances in biology 
have resulted from the application of bio- 
chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, and 
mathematics to biological investigation. New 
areas, such as biochemical genetics, bio- 
physics, and molecular biology have, as a 
result, become interdisripHnnr\- A modern 



. i 

military sciences 

AIR SCIENCE: John SchlogL B.S., Ll. Col. 
USAF, Chairman. As a cadet airman, the stu- 
dent learns about weapons systems, the 
foimdations of aerospace power, the role of 
the staff officer, navigation, and global geog- 
raphy. In addition, the cadet must complete 
a training program in leadership laboratories 
and on the drill field. Upon graduation, he is 
commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 
United .States .Mr Force, 

health & physical education 

NAVAL SCIENCE: Edward W. Durani. Jr.. 
B.S.. Col., USMC. Chanman. In his freshman 
year, the student is introduced to the basic 
elements of seamanship and naval history. 
As a sophomore, he learns about naval weap- 
ons £md takes an elementary course in psy- 
chology. The final two years include courses 
in naval engineering and leadership. The 
curriculum is supplemented by summer 
cruises. Successful completion of the program 
brings the cjisign's gold bar. 

Grout, M.S., Chairman. The major program 
in physical education in the Woman's Col- 
lege has as its purpose the developing of 
teachers whose understanding of basic theory 
as well as skill in peVformance makes them 
worthy leaders of youth. The broader her 
educational background and her understand- 
ing of people, the more valuable the sudent 
will be as a leader and teacher. 


."^ ^' 


Irudtuh. Ph D.. Chairman. Courses in physical 
education aie arranged and designed to meet 
the mcieasmg demand for teachers who are 
qualified to coach and to teach physical edu- 
cation They may be taken for credit only by 
students in the High School Teaching Pro- 
giam ot bv majors in Education. Six semester 
hours mav be elected from courses in Special 
Methods in Physical Education, nine hours 
fiom those dealing with Theory and Practice 
in Physical F^ducation, and three hours from 
Health Education, 



The several collections which make 
up the Duke University Library form 
a firm foundation to support the edu- 
cational, research and scholarly ac- 
tivities at Duke. With approximately 
1,600,000 volumes and a staff of 134, 
the Library is the largest university 
library in the South and the sixteenth 
largest in the nation. 

The Library has seen its most rapid 
clcxelopment and expansion take place 
in the years since World War IL 
Since 1946, about 900,000 volumes 
have been added. In addition to the 
General Library on West Campus, 
distinguished collections are housed in 
the \Voman's C'ollege Library, the Law 
School Library, the Medical School 
Library, the Divinity School Library, 
the College of Engineering Library, 
and in the areas of biology-forestry, 
chemistry, and physics-mathematics. 

Librarian Benjamin E. Powell is 
understandably proud of the special 
collections which have contributed to 
the Library's strength over the years. 
The leading collection of Methodist 
literature and Wesleyana, including 
roughly 1,500 editions of the writings 
of John and Charles Wesley, is part of 
the Librarv"s collection. The Flowers 


Collection of Southern Americana has 
been built up over the last forty years. 
It consists of books, manuscripts, music, 
photographs, and broadsides. The Walt 
Whitman Collection is the strongest of 
any such collection held by an aca- 
demic institution. The Library is also 
the respository of important source 
materials on Southern Asia, notably 
India and Pakistan, and Latin Amer- 
ica, with special emphasis given to 
C'olombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and 

The Library now looks forward to 
an era of expansion and consolidation. 
Construction will soon begin on a 
$5,000,000 addition, to be located 
adjacent to the present General Li- 
brary. The new structure will provide 
almost twice as much floor space as 
is currently available. There will also 
be open stacks and five times the study 
space for undergraduates. 

The Woman's College Library at night. 

graduate and professional schools 

LAW, Etvin R. tally, J.D., J. Sc. D.. Dean. 
Duke University's Law School, on the basis 
of its record, ranks high among the nation's 
best. Coupling physical with academic excel- 
lence, the Law School last year moved into its 
new building, erected and equipped at a cost of 
more than 12,000,000. The Duke Law School 
is a national school, and as national schools go, 
a small school. Its ratio of faculty to students is 
among the highest of the leading law schools. 

FORESTRY: Ellnnnd S. Harrar, Sc.D.. Ph.D.. 
Dran. Duke vva.s the first institution to offer 
the Doctor of Forestry degree. The LIni\ersity 
maintains one of only two graduate schools 
of forestry in the nation, the other being at 
Yale. A 7,000-acre, self-supporting forest 
serves a three-fold purpose: to demonstrate 
methods of timber growing and forest manage- 
ment, to develop an experimental forest for 
research in forestry and related sciences, and 
to serve as an outdoor laboratory for instruc- 
tion in forestry. 

MEDICI.NE: Barnes U'onMall. M.D., Dean. 
Thirty-seven years ago, the Duke Medical 
Center was merely a dream. There is nothing 
visionary, however, about the more than 
700,000 patients who have received treat- 
ment there, or the 2,177 M.D. degrees that 
have been awarded since 1933. Further ex- 
pansion is now necessary. Ground will soon 
be broken for a $4,000,000 main entrance 
building and diagnostic and treatment center. 
The School of Medicine will also increase the 
size of its entering class from 80 to 100 — "as 
soon as faculty and facilities are available." 
An enrollment of 128 in each class is ultimately 


M'RSIMG: Ann M. Jacobansky, R.JV., M.Ed., 
Dean. Some 275 students are enrolled in the 
School of Nursing. After graduation, some 
will begin careers in general nursing, while 
others will elect to specialize in fields such 
as psychiatric nursing, post-operative nursing, 
and nursing in clinical research units. Others 
will take graduate work to prepare for service 
in nursing education. Besides the bachelor's 
and master's degree curricula, the School of 
Nursing offers programs that enable nurses to 
advance professionally and to make special 
contributions as members of a health team. 

DIVINITY: Robert E. Cushman, B.D., Ph.D., 
Dean. Divinity School administrators are 
aware of the problem of a "preacher shortage" 
and are hoping to alleviate it — in the immedi- 
ate sense of preparing for greater numbers of 
students who will be studying to enter the 
ministry. The renovation of Divinity and Gray 
Buildings will begin next year. The work is 
the first step in a long-range plan for the ex- 
pansion of facilities. The most modern teach- 
ing accommodations, plus new areas for work, 
worship, library ixsearch, and C'liristian liv- 
ing will be included. 

.'iRTS AND SCIENCES: Richard L. Predmore. 
D.M.L., Dean. A student seeking admission 
to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 
must have received an A.B. or B.S. degree 
(or its equivalent) from an accredited in- 
stitution. His undergraduate program should 
be well-rounded and of such quality as to give 
positive evidence of a capacity for graduate 
study. The School now offers work leading 
to the following degrees: Master of Arts, 
Master of Science, Master of Education, 
Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Hos- 
pital Administration, Doctor of Philosophy, 
and Doctor of Education. 



In a recent issue of the Alumni 
Registn, Mr. Brinkley outlined tlie 
policies governing undergraduate ad- 

"The history of admissions at Duke 
and other institutions is one composed 
of stages. At first, or in stage one, an 
institution is seeking desirable students 
and is concerned with filling its beds. 
In stage two, the institution is able to 
fill its beds and also to select its students 
as to those who are judged most likely 
to succeed. The third stage is reached 
when the institution has many more 
candidates who are qualified to do its 
academic work than it can admit. This 
last stage is one in which Duke now 
finds itself. 

"For a number of years, the average 
scores of the entering freshman classes 
have been rising along with a corre- 
sponding increase in the quality of the 
school records. On the basis of these 
objective measurements, it can be 
said that Duke enrolls a freshman 
class which ranks favorably with col- 
leges and universities commonly re- 
garded as the best. . . . 

"Duke faces the following dilemma 
in its deep concern with and for its 
policy on admissions: (1) it recognizes 
the limitations involved in drawing 
fine lines on the basis of objective 
measurements; (2) it has decided to 
limit its undergraduate enrollment for 
the express purpose of maintaining and 
enhancing a quality program in ed- 
ucation for its students and also in 
recognition that this is the best use of 
its resources because it cannot be all 
things to all men; and (3) the large 

Elizabeth \. Persons, A.M. 
Director of Admissions, Woman's College 




number of candidates presenting them- 
sehes for admission are more and more 
clustered at a high level of academic 
achievement and aptitude. . . . 

'"The Office of Admissions has an 
aggressive program to search out and 
seek to enroll talented, intellectually 
curious, hard working, and dedicated 
students. With the assistance of ap- 
proximately thirty faculty and staff" 
members, plus its own staff, the Office 
visits over 300 secondary schools each 
year in some twenty-five states. In 
addition to this, it runs a Counselor 
Conference Program for three days each 
October, at which time it brings to the 
Duke Campus secondary school officials 
from all over the United States for on 
the spot orientation about Duke Uni- 

4 ^' 

William L. Bkinki kv, Jr., M.P.S. 
Director of Undergraduate Admissions 


Director of .Admissions, Trinity College 
and the College of Engineering 


financial aid 

Duke is concerned with the educa- 
tion of students with abihty and am- 
bition. It is the aim of the University 
Scholarship Committee and other or- 
ganizations and individuals affiliated 
with the Student Aid Program to pro- 
vide, insofar as possible, financial as- 
sistance that may be required by stu- 
dents, accepted for entrance, who are 
unable to defray the expenses of col- 
lege from their own resources. Such 
assistance may take the form of a 
scholarship, a grant-in-aid, a loan, 
or part-time employment. 

The figures relating to student aid 
are impressive. The total amount of 
assistance is now in the neighborhood 
of $1,500,000. Over half of this amount 
was allotted to over 1,000 under- 
graduates in scholarships, grants-in- 
aid, and remissions of tuition. Students 
borrowed upwards of 1300,000, and 
they earned, through part-time em- 
ployment on campus and in the Dur- 
ham area, over S400,000. 

appointments office 

The Appointments Office is con- 
cerned with assisting undergraduates — 
and now, with an expanded program — 
alumni who may wish to avail them- 
selves of the resources of the Office, 
in the search for summer employment 
and permanent, post-graduate posi- 
tions. Approximately six hundred pro- 
spective employers visit the campus 
each year to meet with students. 

Robert L. Thompson, .^.M. 
E.xecutive Secretary, University Schola 

F.^NNiE Y. Mitchell 
Director, Appointments Office 


house counselors 

The twelve house counselors play 
an important role in the everyday 
life of the Woman's College and 
School of Nursing dormitories. The 
resident women act in an advisory 
capacity, assisting the dormitory as 

a whole and individual students as 
well. When the offices of the Woman's 
College and the School of Nursing are 
closed, the house counselors officially 
represent the University. 

Seated, left to miht. Mildred Durden, Brown, Nancy Carroll, Aycock, Barbara Shephard, .'Mspaugh, Carol Lynn Garris, Addoms. Second row: Joyce 
Harris, Giles, Mae Braswell, Pegram, Ella Shore, Southgate, Elizabeth Hawks, Gilbert. Absent: io&nn. Brabson, Bassett, Lynn Lanham, Jarvis, Dorothy 
Wilkinson, Hanes. 


alumni affairs 

The Department of Alumni Affairs 
coordinates the various activities ol 
the respective alumni organizations of 
all of the Uni\ersity schools and col- 
leges. The Department was established 
with the special purpose of serving 
former students and enabling alumni to 
serve the University and its present stu- 
dent body. The Department's program 
is diverse: it is responsible for the an- 
nual giving program (the Loyalty 
Fund), the local alumni clubs, the 
programs initiated by individual classes, 
alumni publications and literature, 
special campus events which may at- 
tract alumni participants (Homecom- 
ing), and so on. 

The Duke University National Coun- 
cil is a working body for alumni in- 
terests and alumni activities. Its ef- 
forts are devoted to advancing the 
welfare of the University by appropri- 
ate means. The Council holds two 
meetings annually, one at Commence- 
ment and the other in the fall. The 
governing body is composed of rep- 
resentatives from each class, local 
alumni associations, students, mem- 
bers of the faculty and administration, 
parents, representatives-at-large, hon- 


Director of .Muinni .\ffairs 

orary members, officers of the General 
Alumni and Alumnae Associations, 
and representatives from the alumni 
and alumnae organizations of the pro- 
fessional schools. 

The Alumni Association is composed 
of former students of Duke and Trinity 
C!ollege. The Alumnae Association, a 
division of the Alumni Association, is 

Alumni buffet. 

Anne G.arrard, A.M. 
tant Director of Alumni Affairs 


alumni affairs 

took top honors with their ingenious Homecoming 

What ever happened to --Wrcct; Tech"? 

made up of the women graduates and 
former students of Duke and its prede- 
cessor, Trinity College. The Alumnae 
Council, established by the Alumnae 
Association in 1925, is the working or- 
ganization of the latter group. The 
Council attempts to bind more closely 
the alumnae and the University and 
to advance the interests and aims of 

The Department of Alumni Affairs 
and the Alumni Association publish 

Tin Alumni Register ten months of the 
\tai, to meet the interests of both 
alumni and the University. The peri- 
odical hopes to keep alumni in toucli 
with one another and with what is 
now going on at Duke. The Alumni 

\tus IS sent to all alumni four times 
duiing the year. 


■^i I ^ ,/ f '^^ 





FICERS: Lrfl I,. /,;•/,/ S, , I . lary-Treasurer Al 
Home, Presidciii |.ll Mullms, Vice-President 
Trent Harkrader. 

COLLEGE OF E.NGLNEERWG: Lejl to ri,t;li/: 
President Art Hutzlcr, Secretary-Treasurer 
Bill Springer. 




OFFICERS: Lrfl to right: Secretary Suzanne 
Gronemcyer, Vice-President Susan Klein, 
President Beserly Neblett, Treasiuer Mary 

'IFFICFRS- Sraird: President Jenifer Gum- 
in \ s ■ .' ' /' /"/ t'l lislil: Secretary Marcia 
l\ii(.ii \ I. . -I'l rxi.lrnt Ginnv Kline. Treasurer 


ABBOTT, John Alfred, Waynesboro. Pa. : Cipil Engineering; 
Delta Mu Tau: Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; ASCE 
3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ACKERKNECHT, William Edward. Ill, Arlington, Va.; 
Eleclrieal Engineering; Sigma Pi Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu, Sec. 
4; .\IEE 4; Chapel Choir 2. 3; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; 
Lutheran Student Association 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
ADAMS, Charles Fletcher, Java, Va.; English; Phi Eta 
Sigma: Duke Players 2. 3; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; 
Peer 3; Student Union 2, 3; YMCA 1. 

ADAMS, James Albert, Roscoe, N. Y.; English: Alpha Tau 
Omega; Student Union 1. 

S,,,ni,l inw: 

\n\MSON, Joan Lee, Rockville, Md.; Business Admints- 
■ : Delta Delta Delta; House Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; 

WM.A 4. 

ADKI.NS. Mary Judith, Louisville, Ky.; Chemisry: Campus 

Chest 2; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2; 

Social Standards 1 . 3. 

ALLEN. William Fred. Jr.. Kalamazoo, Mich.; Politico/ 

'\, : ,. Pep Board 3, Project Committee Chairman 4; 

\l, il„,ilist Student Fellowship 1. 2. 3, 4. 

\l I SHROOK, William Calvin, Jr., Clayton, N. C; Pre- 

\/, ,'.. Delta Phi Alpha; Prc-Med .Society 1, 2, 4; Shoe and 

Slipper Club 1. 2; YMC:A 1. 2. 3. 4. Co-op Committee 3, 

4; Chapel Usher 3. 4. 

Third ran-: 

ALTMAIER. Martin David. Marion, Ohio; Hislmy; Bench 
and Bar 4; Campus CHiest 4; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 4; Men's 
Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Lutheran Student Association 4; 
Student Union 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2. 3. 4. 
AMBLER. C. Merrill. Jr., Jenkintown, Pa.; Religion; Alpha 
Tau Omega; Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 
AMBLER. Sally Ann, Abington, Pa.; .Nursing; FAC 2; 
Joe College Committee; Homecoming Co-chairman, 2_ 
ANDERSON, Harry Kemp, Jr., Jacksonville. Fla.; Eco- 
nomics; Sigma Chi; Pep Board 1. 

Fourth row: 

ANDERSON, William R.. Huntington, \V. Va.; Bolauy; 

Phi Beta Kappa. 

APPLESTEIN, Jeffrey Mark, Trenton. N. J.; Hisriy: 

Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med 

Society 3, 4; .Symposium Committee 1, 2, 3; Student Union 

2. 3; Tennis L 

\KMFIELD, Howard Monroe, Jr., Middleburg, Va.; 

\I<\()LD. Richard Ernest, Nudey, N. J.; History; FAC 4; 
\IM..\ 3, 4; .Student Union 2, 3; Traditions Board 2. 3. 
Chairman 4; YMCA 2. 3. 4; House Pres. 4; Baseball 1. 

N. Y.; History: 
1; YMCA 1, 2; 


Fifth roir: 
!' ARTHUR, William B.. Mamaroncck 

A.nnld .\\v Society; AFROTC 1 , 2, 3 

MiHlrl UN 2, 3, 4. 

AMI LEY, Terry Fay, Gainesville, Fla.; Botany 
.Clubl.2, 3, 4. 
' ATKINSON. Sid Eugene. Durham, N. C; Ehctrical 

Engineering: Pi Kappa Phi; Corsairs; AIEE 4; Marching 

Band 1; NROTC 1, 2. 3, 4; YMCA L 2, 3, 4; Commodore 

Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ATWATER. Luther Edmund, HI, Columbia, S. C; 

Economics; lllio's IVhn; Pi Kappa Phi; Campus Chest 3; 

FAC 2, 3, 4; YMCA 2, 3, 4. 

i^ o ^ 




-1 f-^ ^ 

O f^ Cj (^ 

AUSTELL, Adelaide, .Shelby, N. C; Economics; Concert 

Band 2; Pep Board 3, Co-Chairman 4; Baptist Student 

Union 1 ; Social Standards 4; Student Union 3, 4; YWCA 

1, 2, 3, 4; House Council 4. 

AUSTIN, George Maynard, Evansville, Ind., Psychology- 

Pre-Med; NROTC 1; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, Freshman 

Advisor 4; YMCA 1; Golf 1, 2, 4. 

AUSTIN, Harriet Lindsay, High Point, N. C; English: 

Chapel Choir 1 ; Women's Glee Club 2; Methodist Student 

Fellowship 1 ; ^'VVCA 1 , 2, 

AUZAT, Barbara Ann, Columbus, Ga.; History; Pep Board 

1, Sec-Treas. 2, Chairman 3; YWCA 1, 

Second row: 

BAGLEY, Carol Anne, Washington, D. C; Sociology; 
Delta Gamma; Pre-Med .Society 1 ; YWCA 3, 4. 
BAKER. Janet Louise, Summit, N. J.; .Nursing; Who's Who; 
Santa Filomena; NSGA Student Faculty Committee Sec. 
3, Chairman 4; NSGA Executive Council 4. 
B.ARAN, Janet Eileen, Columbus, N. J., Eronomics; Delta 
Gamma; Co-ordinate Board 3; Hoof n' Horn 3, 4; New- 
man Club 1, 2, 3, 4; .Symposium Committee 4; .Student 
Union 2; Pan-Hel 4. 
BARDEN, Nancy Carolyn, Philadelphia, Pa.; .Nursmg. 

Third row: 

BARKER, Dorothy Mira, Sag Harbor, N. \',; Music; 
Svinphony Orchestra 4; Harlequins 3, 4. 
BARKER, John Kilbourne, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Political 
S. ,,„,,■: Phi Delta Theta; FAC 3; Pre-Med. Society 1; IFC 
2, Rush Committee Chairman 3. 

BARNH.ARDT, Zeb Elonzo, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C; 
History: Who\ Who; Old Trinity Club; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Beta Omega Sigma; Corsairs; .Mpha Tau Omega; 
\\\C\ Freshman Cabinet; YMCA 2, 3, 4; FAC 2, Junior 
( h.niMian 3, 4; Men's Judicial Board 3, 4; NROTC 1, 
2. V 1; Shoe and .Slipper Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Student Union 2; 
( i.Mim.cdorc Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Commencement Marshal 3. 
BARK, Stuart George, Staten Island, N. Y.; English: 
( :ii AN ncLEER, 1, Copy Editor 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 
4; Student Union Educational Affairs Committee 4; Publi- 
cations Board 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Commence- 
ment Marshal 3; YMCA I, 2, 3. 4. 
Fourth row: 

BATES, May Joan, Bethesda, Md.; French: Women's Glee 
Club 1,2; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigal 
Singers 4. 

BATES, Robert Carl, Delmar, N. Y.; Civil Engineering; 
ASCE 2, 3, 4; Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; 

BATTE, Cynthia Anne, Concord, N. C; English; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Phi Kappa Delta; Ivy; Student Union 3, Fine Arts 
Committee Chairman 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Class "Vice-Pres. 
2, Pres. 3; UN Model Assembly 3, Registrar of Secretariat 4. 
BATTELLE, Nicholas Smith, South .\mboy, N. J.; English; 
Alpha Tau Omega; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 
Fifth row: 

BAYLIN, Stephen Bruce, Durham, N. C; Pre-Med; Kappa 
Sigma; Pre-Med Societv 1 ; Shoe and .Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 
BECTf )N. F.iiiilv All.n. W.ikr r.,r. si, X C ; Miiuc: .Mpha 

.Ir, C 

, Wc 

BEIMFOllR, Carl Edward, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Polit- 
ical Science: Pi Kappa Phi, .Sec. 3; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Bench 
and Bar 1. 2; House Vice-Pres. 1; FAC 2, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 
4: Semper Fidrlis 3, Pres. 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 
BI,I.\IX, Wilh.un Long, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; History; Pi 
K.ipp.i I'hi, Sci\ 2, I'ri-s. 4; Campus Chest 3; Student Union 
2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BENSON. Karl Theodore, Falls Church, Va.; Mathematics; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sis;ma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Arnold 
Air Society; Pi Mu EpsilonT Delta Sigma Phi; AFROTC 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Drill Team 1, 2); Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; Men's 
Glee Ckib 1, 2. 3. 4. 

BERNSTEIN. Frank Hutzler, Baltimore, Md.; Ehctrical 
/.•„„,„,.,,".■: /.-ta Beta Tau; Varsity D; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. 
i;l K I I \l |nhn Thomas, Lake Jem, Fla.; Psyc/iology: 
■^^„. ,,n.l sli|,|.rr Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
i;|l< I l< \\l>, Barbara Barclay, Clearwater, Fla.; .\«M7n!;.- 
Cil.iss Prrs. 1; Nurses' Honor Council 2; Westminstrr 
Fellowship 1 ; Religious Council 3. 

tfss Adminis- 

.\nne Evans. St. Petersburg, Fla.; English; 
; I. 2; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. 
ni;R. Brent Francis, Washington, D. C; 
I'lii Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, Sec; Pi 
Ircas.: C:ampus Chest 1; Golf 3; Episcopal 
nvship I, 2. 3. 4. 
BI..\(:KW1.I.I)I:R. WilUam Cludd, Charlotte, N. C:.; 
M/ilhfmatirs; Plii Beta Kappa; Plii Eta Sigma; Pi Mu 
Epsilon; Pi Kappa Phi. 

Tlin,/ ,011. ■ 

BLAIR. Richard Walter. Hinsdale, 111.; Hislurr: Delta 

Tau Delta; NROTC 1, Color Guard 2. 

BLAKELY. Mary Eleanor, Rock Hill. S. C; French; Phi 

1 Kappa; Ivy; Who's JVho; Tau Psi Omega; Class Treas. 

Vomen's Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Chapel Choir 2; Westmin- 
Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Commencement M.irslial 3. 
BLOUNT, Susan Hill, Raleigh. N. C: Mu.„: K.ipp.i 
Delta; Sandals; Methodist Student Fellowslii|. 1. 2; Sinclrui 
Union 1, 2; YWCA 1, 3, 4. 

BOERICKE, James Ferguson. Haverford. Pa.; M,ch>viic„l 
Engineering.; Varsity D; ASME 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1. 2, 3, 4; 


BONHAM, Thirwall William. Charlotte. N. C; Economics; 
Phi Kappa Psi; NROTC 1. 2. 

BOSWELL, Ann O'Hara Maria, Atlanta, Ga.; Accmnting; 
Zeta Tau Alpha; Homecoming Committee 2, 3, 4; Chan- 
ticleer 1, 2, 3; Social Standards 2. 3, Chairman 4; Student 
Union 2, 3; WSGA 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3; Publications Board 4. 
BOWDEN, Virginia Ruth, Summerfield, N. C; Zoology; 
Campus Chest \; YWCA 1, 4; Methodist Student Fellow- 
ship 1, 2. 

BO\\T)REN. Dorothy Jean, Maiden, Mass.; Chemistry; 
Delta Phi Alpha; Alpha Chi Omega; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

Fijth row: 

BOWER, Linda Gail, Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary 

Education; Alpha Phi; Chanticleer 1 ; FAC 4; YWCA L 

BOYCE, Samuel Alexander, Charlotte, N. C; Accounting; 

Westminster Fellowship 1. 2, 3. 4. 

BOYD, Jerry Anne, Charlotte. N. C; Chemistry; Zeta Tau 


BREAZEALE. James Anderson, Memphis, Tenn.; Business 

Administration; Deha Tau Delta; Campus Chest 3; Pre-Med 

Society 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 


© f^ P 


fi m ^ g 

^ f^ r^ f^ 

BREMER, Barbara Waaland, Corning, N. Y.; Nursing: 
Who's Who: Santa Filomena; NSGA 1, 2, Corresponding 
Secretary 3, 4;" Honor Council 1, 2. 
BRENIZER, Meredith B., Concord, Mass.; An History: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pan-Hel 1, 3, Vice-Pres. 4. 
BRENN.AN. James, Jr., Durham, N. C; Ehclrical Engineer- 
ing; Engineers' Radio Council 1, 2, 3, 4; ,MEE 3; Engineers' 
Guidance Council 2. 

BRIDG£RS, John Furman, Wilson, N. C; Eammmcs: 

HRII)(;KS, Wayne Eugene, Hialeah, Fla.; Electrical 
l-jigni,'nthg: .^lEE 4; Engineers" Guidance Council 2, 3; 
Methodist Student Fellowship 4. 

BRIGH.\M, John Carl, Durham, N. C; Psychology: Kappa 
Sigma; WDBS 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; House Council 1. 
BRISENDINE. Barbara .Annette, Atlanta, Ga.; Music: 
Delta Mu Tau; YVVCA 1, 2, 3, 4; House Council 2. 
BROWN, Douglas Coleman, Alexandria, Va.; English-Pre- 
Mr,l: Old Trinity Club; Phi Delta Theta, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; 
Pre-Med .Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1 , 2, 3, 4. 

BROWN. Stanley Christopher, New Bedford, Mass.; Cnnl 
Engimering: ASCE 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; 
YMCA 1,2, 3. 

BROWNE, Joseph D., Jr., Ashland, Ky.; Education: 
X'.irsitv D: K.ippa Sigma; Newman Club 1.2, 3, 4; .Shoe 
,,,,.1 Sl,,,|„ , Cluh 1,2; Basketball 1 ; Baseball 1, 2, 3,4. 
I'.KI I ( ,(,I.\I \NN, Bonnie Jean, Cincinnati, Ohio; Music 
Kj|i|.,i K,i|)|).i (lamma; Hoof 'n' Horn 3. 
I'.K\ AN. luliii Rupert Gunter, Durham, N. C; Sociology: 
S.n.n.i Nu; .\ROTC 1; Pep Board 1, 2, 3; Methodist 
Mil. I.. It Irlli.uship 1; YMCA. 1, 2; Commodore Club 1; 
Dr.Ulr.un I . Wrestling 1. 

Enurlh row: 

BRYDGES. James Edward. Jr.. Lynchburg. Va.; History 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BUCKLEY, Jay Lynn, Cheyerly, Md.; Physics: Sigma P 

Sigma; Varsity D; Phi Kappa Sigma; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2, 3, 4. 

BUCKNER, Spencer Ariss, Jr.; Falls Church, Va.; Eln 

trical El gineering: .Sigma Pi Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; P 

Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi. 

BUDDINGTON, Richard Spencer, Hyattsville, Md. 

Chemistry; Pi Kappa Alpha; FAC 3, 4; Pre-Med Societ; 

1,2, 3, 4; House 'Treas. 1; Campus Party Treas. 

/•■(///( row: 

BULOW, Barbara Cordes, Owensboro. Ky.; Psychology: 

Campus Chest 4; FAC 3; Women's Glee Club 1; 

Student Fellowship 1 ; YWCA 2; House Council 3. 

BlIRDGE. Lawrence Reid, Red Bank, N. J.; History: Pi 

Ka|>pa Phi; Westminster Fellowship. Pres. 4; NR'OTC 

2; YMCA 4. 

lU Kf^l'.SS Stanley Edward, Alexandria, Va.; Sociology: 

l,|,is, ,,,,.il Sinclrnt Fellowship 4; WDBS 2; YMCA 3. 

lU KKl SS. Margaret .Anne, Roxboro, N. C; Elrmentaiy 

l-.fliinitiiiii: l)clta Gamma, 

First row: 

BUTTS, Edward Barfield, Salem, Va.; Pre-Med; Lambda 

Chi Alpha Sec. 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Baptist Student 

Union 1; YMCAl. 

CALLAHAN, Joseph Brodhead, Durham, N. C; Ptf- 

Med; Delta Mu Tau, Treas. 3, 4; Concert Band 2, 3, 4; 

Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1; YMCA 1, 

2. 3. 4. 

CALVERLY, Diana Roberts, Clarksburg, \V. Va.; 

Chemistry: Sandals; Kappa Kappa Gamma, 

CAMFIELD, Clarissa Louise, Miami, Fla.; English; Delta 

Delta Delta. 

Second row: 

CAMP, Ernest, IH, Atlanta, Ga.; English; Beta Omega 
Sigma; Alpha Tau Omega; FAC 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 
4; YMCA Council, 

CAMPBELL, Robert Clarke, Clearwater, Fla.; Civil 
Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; ASCE 3. 4; FAC Junior 
Chairman 3. 4; Track 1. 

CANNON. Linden Kinder, III. New York, N. Y.; Hislorr: 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; NROTC 1; Lacrosse 2. 
CANTRELL, Lydia Nelle. College Park, Ga.; Spanish: 
Phi Kappa Deha; Sigma Delta Pi; Delta Mu Tau; Alpha 
Delta Pi; Student Union 1, 2, 3; Chairman Fine Arts Com- 
mittee, Board of Governors Sec. 4; Symphony Orchestra 
1, 2, 3. 

Third row: 

CAPPS, Nancy Ellen, Rockville, Md.; English; Ivy; Wom- 
en's Chorus 1. 

CARL. Mary Beth, Lifitz, Pa.; History; Zeta Tau Alpha 
Social Standards 2; WDBS 1; YWCA 1. 
CARLSON, Edwin Allen, Jr.. Florence, S. C; Chemistry: 
Sigma Chi; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CARLSON, Richard Bruce, Geneva, 111.: Pre-Med: Pi Kap- 
pa Alpha. Sec. 4; Pre-Med .Society 1, 2. 3, 4; YMCA 1. 2, 
3. 4. 

CARMICHAEL. William Leighton, Nashville, Tenn.; 
Mathemalics: Alpha Tau Omega; AFROTC 1; FAC 3, 4; 
.Student Union 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3. 4. 
CARPENTER. Caroline Mathilda, Arlington, Va.; Latin; 
Eta Sigma Phi; Coordinate Board 2; FAC 4. 
CARPENTER, Lesley-Ann. Fort Lauderdale, V\a..; Nursing; 
Campus Chest 3; Newman Club 1, 4. 

CARTWRIGHT, M. Ann, Durham. N. C; Mat-hematus; 
Concert Band 1; Religious Council 3; Unitarians 1, 2, 3; 
Madrigal Singers 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fijth row: 

CEDER, Nancy Peach. Moraga, Calif.; Xursing; Duke 

Players 2; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2; Nereidians 2, 

CHAFKIN. Michael Jay. Brooklyn, N. Y,; Mechanical 

Engineering; Zeta Beta Tau; ASME 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2, 

CHANDLER, Susan Louise, Tulsa, Okla.; Coohgy; Pi 

Beta Phi. 

CHAPMAN, Leonard Fielding, III,; Alexandria, Va.; 

Mathematics; Pi Kappa Phi. 


f> a a iri 



'XICK., Maxine Lenore, Nashville, Tenn.; Sociol- 
Iplia Epsilon Phi, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Hillel Society 
-CA 2; NSA 1. 

UI.S, Rachel Diana, Greensboro, N. C; .Nursing; 
I ( :lii>ir 1 : Class Treas. 4; Terpsichorean 1; Women's 


ion James, Durha 
I're-Med Society 1 

n, N. 
2, 3, 

Llll.l.R. James H., Nashville, Tenn.; Political Snrnrr: 
Varsity D; Bench and Bar 4; Campus Chest 2; Fellowship 
of Christian .\thletes 4; MSGA 2, 3; Episcopal Student 
Fellowship 1; Shoe and Slipper Club 1. 2, 3, 4; .Student 
Union 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2. 3, 4. 

Second row: 

CHOMICZ, Carol Ann, West Lafayette. Ohio; Psychology; 
Alpha Phi. 

CHURCH, .Scott Larson, Miami, Fla.; Enqlish; Pep Board 
1, 2; YWC.\ 1, 2, 3. 

CLARK, Eeryle Lee, Tulsa, Okla.; English; U^; Pi Beta 
Phi; YWCA 1, 2; Pan-Hel 2, 3. 

CLAYTON, Lawrence Anthony, Plainfield, N. J.; Hislory; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Chronicle 1; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; West- 
minster Fellowship 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1. 2, 3, 4; 
YMC;A 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1. 

Third row: 

CLEMENTS, Joyce Maxine, Arlington, Va.; Philosophy; 

Pi Beta Phi; Archive J; Hoof 'n' Horn 3; YWCA 4. 

COAN, Glen Austin, Jr., Charlotte, N. C; Business Ad- 

mimslralion; Campus Chest 2; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 

1, 2, 3. 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CI )HB. Sarah Elizabeth, Waynesville, N. C; Economics; 

(linwi.le. Co-ed Business Manager 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 

^ C.ibinet 1; House Treas. 3; House Judicial Committee 

COLLINS, Richard Fuller, Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Pre-Med- 
Psychology; Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Med Society 1 , 2, Religious 
Council 2; YMCA 1,2, 3, 4. 

l-„u,ih low: 

(:i)MBS. Isabel Meekins. Raleigh, N. C; 

K.ipp.i Delta. Treas. 3; Peer 1; Student Un 

\\1)1',S 1; YWCA 1. 

(iiMBS, Samuel Leslie, III, Lexington, K 

SrjnLL t:hi; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2 

iiiuii; 1,2, 3, 4. 

C:OMER, Emily Jeanne, Durham, N. C:.; Art 

CONNER, Eliza Carroll, Milwaukee, W 

Nurses' Judicial Board; NSGA Executive Coi 

Ctouncil Chairman 4. 

Pitth tou 

CnNWW Fugenn Cecelia Dallas Texas English; ICAo'j 

II / Phi Kippi T) Iti }• \( ( >\\( \ 1 3 4 

( ( K Ik 1 ,1. K I N u il \ 1 I // I Ddta Dtlta Delta. 

\ I I , 1 1 \( 1 W iiiiin I 1 I lliiuship I Student 

I 1,1 n ^ \\( \ 1 \\K \ I _ I) nil Iieas 

tOOK. JosLph Wdham Ji Charlotte N C Physics; 

Pi Mu Epsilon Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 

M-iiching Band 1 2 Shoe and Slippei Club 1 2, 3, 4; 

Sin l<nt 1 nimi 2 > Mf ^ 1 2 3 4 

( I ^ II W infield Jr GaflTney S C English; 

s, „,, (I,, I I, M,,, „, Sigma Pies FAC 2 NROTC 
I 1 1 I I.I III III lis Boaid 3, Chronicle 1 2 

COOLIDGE, David Alan, Bethesda, Md.; Electrical Engi- 
neering; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi 4; 
Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Delta Sigma Phi; Chapel 
Choir, 2, 4; Men's blee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineers Guidance 
Council 2. 

COOPER, Annette, Morehead City, N. C; French; Alpha 
Delta Pi; Pep Board 1; FAC 4. 

COOPER, John C, Arlington, Va.; Prc-Med; Delta Phi 
Alpha; Sigma Nu, Social Chairman 2, 3, Treas. 4; Pre-Med 
S,Hlrt\- 1,2, 3, 4; Student Union 2, 3, Social Committee 
(1,111 man 4; YMCA 1, 2; Joe College Steering Corn- 

el )()PER, Langdon M., Fort Morgan, Colo.; Soc. 
Delta Sigma Phi; AFROTC: 1, 2; Pre-Med Society 
Episcopal Student Fellowship 1. 

Second row: 

COPLON, Fredricjay, Sparta, Ga.; Pre-Mec/.: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, Chair- 
man, .Advisory Council 4. 

CORDLE, Margaret Mayo, Augusta, Ga.; Chemislry: 
Christian Science Group 1, 2, 3, 4. 

COSENS, Sara Louise, Anderson, S. C; History; Who's 
Who; Phi Kappa Delta; Ivy; Kappa Delta; FAC 4; Wom- 
en's Judicial Board 3. 

COTHRAN, Joyce Ann, Travelers Rest, S. C; French; Tau 
Psi Omega, Sec.-Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Chronicle 3; WRA 1, 2, 3. 


Third row: 

COUGHLAN, Peter Van Schaick, Boca Raton, Fla.; 
Fsychology-Polilical Science: Arnold Air Society; Lambda Chi 
Alpha; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; .Swimming 2, 3, 4; La- 
crosse 1, 2, 3, 4. 

COULTER, John Mansfield, Jr., Washington, D. C; 
French: Arnold Air Society; Theta Chi; AFROTC 1, 2, 3; 
YMCA 1,2, 3. 

COURTNEY, Lina Lucinda, Orange Park, Fla.; Elemen- 
tary Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
COURTNEY, Marion Walter, Aiken, S. C; Eeortomics: 
.•\rnold .^ir Society; .Alpha Kappa Psi; AFROTC 1. 2, 3. 4; 
YMCA 1.2. 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

COX, Ray Lawrence, Durham, N. C. ; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing; Order of St. Patrick; Who's Who; Phi Kappa Sigma; 
Engineers Student Council 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Class Pres. 
2; Engineers Guidance Council 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Track 1, 2; Fellowship of Christian .Athletes 2, 3, 4; ASME 
2, 3, 4. 

CRAIG, Barbara Jenn, Durham, N. C; Science Education; 
Alpha Chi Omega. 

CRAIG, Nancy Edgar, Asheville, N. C; English: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1, 2, YWCA 1, 3, 
4; Nereidian 1, 2, Sec. 3, 4. 
CRANE, Carol Laura, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Nursing. 

Fifth row: 

CREECH, Franklin Underwood, Smithfield, N. C , Art. 

Kappa Alpha; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 

1, 2. 3, 4. 

CREWS, John Hunter, III, .Asheville, N. C; Englnh, 

Sigma Nu; MSGA 1; Pre-Med Society 1; Westmmstei 

Fellowship 1, 2, 3; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4. 

CRISSON, John Stanley, Mt. Holly, N. C; Education 

Kappa Alpha; Football 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4. 

CROFTS, John Lawton, Jr., Nokomis, Fla.; Pre-Med- 

Zoology; Chapel Choir 4; Chronicle 1 ; Men's Glee Club 2, 3, 

4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. 



\r>^ ^ 

C'RL^MLEY, Mary Louise, Johnson Gity, Tenn.; English; 

v\vc:a 1,2, 3, 4. ■ 

CULBERTSON, Norman Alexander, Greenville, S. C; 
Electrical Engineirwg; Pi Mu Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu, Pres. 
4; House Pres. 4; Engineers Guidance Council 3, 4; Engi- 
neers Student Gouncil 4; Pep Board 2; YMCA 2; NSA3; 
MSG.\ Student Life Committee 3. 

CURTIS, Luke, Ossining. N. Y.; Forestry: Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon; Radio Council 3, 4; VVDBS 1, 2, Production 
Manager 3, Station Manager 4. 

DAI LEY, Nancy Lane, Durham, N. C; EJementarv Edu- 
cation; Pi Beta Phi; Women-s Judicial Board 4; YVVCA 1, 2. 

Second row: 

DALBEY, Earle Gordon, Jr., Pascagoula, Miss.; Math- 
ematics: Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Peer 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3; U.N. Model 
Assembly 3. 

DAMSCHRODER, Diana Lee, Hilton, N. Y.; French; 
Who's Who: Phi Kappa Delta; Tau Psi Omega; Pi Sigma 
Alpha; Alpha Chi Omega; FAC 3; Chapel Choir 2; Wom- 
en's Glee Club 1, 2; Symposium Committee 2, 3; Pan-Hel 
2; House Pres. 4. 

DANKEL, Thaddeus George, Jr., Brunswick, Ga.; Math- 
ematics: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-Pres. 2; 
Pi Mu Epsilon, Pres. 4; Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice-Pres. 4; 
Campus Chest 3; Men's Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4; MSGA 3; 
Religious Council 1, 2, 3. 

DAl'L. George Cecil, Morristown, N. J., Pre-Med-Chem- 
nirr. Campus Chest 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 

rhird low: 

DAVIDSON, Susan Stokes, Winston-Salem, N. C; Geology; 
Alpha Chi Omega; Student Union 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 
DAVIS, Doreen Carol, Rochester, N. Y.; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; 
Pi Beta Phi; Symposium Committee 4; WSGA 3, 4; NS.-K 
2, 3; Class Sec. 3. 
DAVIS, Rockwell Furman, Elmira, N. Y.; Pre-Dental- 

~oology; Pi Kappa Phi; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3 4. 

DEE, Larry Gene, Hollywood, Fla.; Psychology: Pre-Med 

Society 1, 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth roiv: 

DEGOOYER, John G., Silver Spring, Md.; History; Beta 

Omega Sigma; Delta Tau Delta; Chanticleer 1; FAC 2; 

Pre-Med Society 1; Shoe and SUpper Club 1, 2; YMCA 2. 

DERRYBERRY, Eugene Everett, Signal Mountain, Tenn.; 

History; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Chi; MSGA 3, 4; NROTC 

1, 2, '3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; NROTC Drill 

Team 1, 2, 3. 

DEUTSCHER, Eugene Francis, Tarrytown, N. Y. 

Political Science: Kappa Sigma; FAC 3; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4 

Semper Fidelis 3, 4; Commodore Club I, 2, 3, 4; IFC 3, 4 

Cross-Country 1, 2. 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

DICKH.^UT, John Wilson, Columbus, Ohio; English 

Beta Theta Pi; Duke Players 2, 3. 

Fifth roil': 

DIEHL, Earl Henry, Plant City Fla.; Pre-Med; Pre-Med 

Society 2, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Sailing Club 4. 

DIERAUF, Eline Gade, Weston, Mass.; Nursing. 

DILLON, Ralph George, Danville, Va.; ^oology; MSGA 1 ; 

Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3; Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 

2; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

DITMARS, David Thompson, Palos Verdcs, Calif,; History; 

Pi Kappa Alpha; Chapel Choir 1, 2; Men's Glee Club 1,2; 

Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 

1, 2, 3, 4. 

DIXON, Walter Herbert, Jr., Danville, Va.; History; Old 
Trinity Club; iVho's Who; Beta Omega Sigma; Beta Theta 
Pi, Sec. 4; FAC; Housemaster 3, 4; House Pres. 1; MSGA, 
.Attorney General 3, Elections Board Chairman 4; Lacrosse 
1 ; Commencement Marshal 3. 

DODD. Mary Irene, Athens, Ga.; Psychology; FAC 3; 
Chapel Choir 1; WRA 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2. 
DODGE, Caroline Gwynne, Fort Monroe, Va.; Malh- 
emaliis; Delta Delta Delta; YVVCA. 

DONNELLY, Dennis William. Bryn Mawr, Pa.; His/orr: 
Varsity D; Delta Tau Delta; MSGA 1; Pre-Med Society 1 . 
2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. 

DOUGLAS, Donald A. Miami Beach, Fla.; History; Beta 

Theta Pi; Bench and Bar 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1. 

DOUGLASS, William Frank, Arlington, Va.; History; 

Arnold Air Society; Sigma Nu; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; FAC 

3, 4; Student Union 1, 2; YMCA 1. 2, 3, 4; IFC 3, 4; Young 

Democrats Club 3, 4; Track 1. 

DOW, Jeffrey L., Radnor, Pa.; English; Varsity D; Beta 

Theta Pi; Chronicle 1, 2, 3. 4; Publications Board 3, 4; 

Cross-Country 1. 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2; Track 1, 2. 

DOW, Karen Krueger, Havertown, Pa.; French; Ivy; 

Svmphonv Orchestra 1; House Treas. 2, Vice-Pres. 3; 

YWCA 1 .' 

DRIESSEN, Joseph Patton, Milwaukee, Wis.; Accounting; 
Kappa Alpha. 

DUKE.Janet Woods, Kent, Ohio; History; Phi Mu; YWCA 
1. 2, 3, 4; Pan-Hel 2, 3, Sec. 4; Westminster Fellowship 4. 
DUTTERA, M. Julian, Jr., West Point, Ga.; Chemistry; 
Pi Kappa Phi; Court of Appeals 3, 4; FAC 2; Men's Glee 
Club 1,2; Housemaster 4; Methodist Student Fellowship 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

ECKERSON, Russell Gilbert, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Civil 
Engineering; ASCE 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Engineers Guid- 
ance Council 3; Engineers Student Council 4. 
EDENS, Joanne, Richmond, Va.; Nursing; Student Union 
2, 3, 4. 

EDWARDS, Charles C, Silver Spring, Md.; Political 
Science; Alpha Tau Omega; FAC 2; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; 
House Pres. 1; MSGA Senator 1, Sec. 2, Chairman Stu- 
dent Life Committee 2. 

EDWARDS, Marv Carol. Asheville, N. C; English; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Coordinate Board 2; FAC 4; Peer 2; YWCA 
1 , 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1 , 2, 3, 4; Duke Players 1 , 2. 

Fifth row: 

EGGERS, Walter F, Jr., Syosset, N. Y.; English. 
ELLIS, Jenifer Louise, Birmingham, .Ma.; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Kappa Delta; Chapel Choir 3; Women's Glee Club 3. 
ELZ.AY, Michael Paul. Port Washington, N. Y.; German; 
Delta Phi Alpha, Pres. 4; AFROTC 1,2; Student Union 
Board of Governors 4; Soccc-r 1, 2; Track I, 2; Fencing 2, 
3, 4; IDC 2; MSGA 3. 

EMLET, Susan Ellen, New York, N. Y.; Spanish; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Ivy; Sigma Delta Pi, Treas. 4. 


Q f-^ c 

-r^ 1^ ,f^ 




p p p 

p 1^1 1^ 


I.l'I.S. (:li,iil(s l\i< hard. Newport News, Va.; Chemislry: 
II '/r.. H/-, < )|(1 I 1 initv Club: Beta Ome^a Sigma; Sigma 
Chi: I AC 2, 3. 4: Siudent Union 2. 3; Class Scc.-Treas. 2, 
Vicc-Prcs. 3: MSGA 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Campus Chest 1. 
ERGOOD, Foster Coffman. Haddonficld, N. J.: Pie-Law: 
Kappa Sigma; Bench and Bar 3, 4: Golf 1. 4. 
ESPY, Kip McKinney. Dothan, Ala.; Political Safme: Red 
Friars; D'Ao'v Who; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Omega 
Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha: Phi Delta Theta; MSG.A Senator 
1, Treas. 2, Vice-Pres. 3. Pres. 4; Bench and Bar 4; Pre- 
Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ETHERIDGE, Jeanne, Shawboro. N. C; History: House 
Pres. 4. 

EWING, Frank Harrison, HI, Hopewell, Va.; -Zoology; 
Delta Sigma Phi; .\FROTC 1; Pre-Med .Society 1, 2, 3, 4; 
VMCA 1, 2. 3. 4; MSGA .Student Life Committee 3. 
FABER, Lee Edward, Dearborn, Mich.; ^Toology; Pre-Med 
Snrirtv 1. 2. 3. 4. 

I \I)I.K, SiHilord S., .South Orange, N. J.; Education; 
\ .iisiiN I), K.ippa Sigma; Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. 
I \1 K, J.u (|iMlinc. Wynnewood. Pa.; English: Kappa Alpha 

Third row: 

FAIR, Richard Barton, Fallston, Md.; Electrical Engineering; 

Engineers Guidance Council 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 1. 

FARMER, Muriel Gene, Atlanta, Ga.; History: Phi Kappa 

Delta; Alpha Delta Pi, Sec. 4; Women's Judicial Board, 

3; .Social Standards 2; Class Pres. 1; Student Union 3; 

Pan-Hel 2. 

I'.XRKIS. William Anthony, Dallas, Texas; Pre-Med: Pre- 

M.-.l ,S,KH-tv 1. 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 

FAUST, Jody M., Arlington, Va.; Psychology: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sandals; Ivy. 

Fourth row: 

FIELDS, Michael Stuart, Hempstead, N. Y.; Psychology: 

Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society 1; IFC Investigating 

Committff Chairman 4; Hillel Society 1, 2. 

FINCH, I'.HiI .\, Thomasville, N. C; Sociology: 

.Mpha K,i|,|>.i I'm; !>' I<a Mu Tau; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 

4; Tennis I: NMC.X 1.2, 3,4. 

FLEISCHER, Robert Stephen, West Hartford, Conn.; 

Accounting; Beta Theta Pi. 

FOSTER, Sandra Ann, Siler City, N. C; .\ursing. 

Fifth row: 

FRANK, Herman Randolph, Gadsden, Ala.; Chemistry: 

Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Kappa Phi; Pre-Med Society 2; Golf 

1: ^MCA 1: Westminster Fellowship 1. 

Ik ASl.K, I'.nnela Ann, Fort Bragg, N. C; English; Delta 

I'hi Alnh.i: Delia Gamma, Pres. 4; Student Union 2; New- 

luu, Cliil, .\ V 1, WSCA 3. 4: VWCA 3. Y-Cnhinrt 1. 


FRICKE, Elke Lieselotte, Recklinghausen, Germany; 

FULTZ, John McDowell, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C; Pn- 
Med: Pi Kappa Phi; MSGA 2, 3; Pre-Med Society 1 , 2, 3, 
4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3; 
YMCA 1,2. 3, 4; Soccer 1. 

FUQU.4, Jimmv Ray, Spray, N. C; Pre-Dental: Varsity D; 
Kappa Alpha; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 
GABRIEL, John R., Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J.; Civil Engineering: 
Kappa Sigma; ASCE 4; Lutheran Student Association 1, 2. 
GAIGE, Lois Ann, Falls Church, Va.; Nursing. 

GARDNER. James E., Jr., Independence, Mo.; French: 

Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Psi Omega; Pi Kappa 

Phi; Student Union 2. 

GARDNER, William Leonard. 

Polilicat Science; Pre-Med Societv 

ship 3; Shoe and Slipper Cluli 1 . 2. 3. 4. 

GATES, Douglas Shcrwc.nd. City. Kan.; Eng/is/i. 

GEARHART, .Sara Alice Kinqsp.ut, Tenn.; Delta Phi 

Alpha; Kappa Kappa Gamin.i: F.\(: 4; Religious Clouncil 4. 

Third row: 

GECKELER, Judy .\nn, Middletown, Ohio; Political 
Science; Zeta Tau Alpha; Chanticleer 1 ; YWGA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
GEHRIG. June Evelyn, Hasbrouck Heights, N. J.; Nursing. 
Student Union 1. 

GEIGER, Keith Winfield, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Rus- 
sian; Arnold Air Society. 

GEORGE, .Albert Sumner, Jr.. River Forest, 111.; Polilic.l 
Science; Sigma Chi; Bench and Bar 1 ; YMCA 2, 3; Tennis 1. 

Fourth row: 

GETZ. Carol Ann. Nazareth, Pa.; Mathemalics; Phi Beta 

Kappa; Ivv; Pi Mu Epsilon; Delta Phi .Alpha; Chanticleer 

1 ; Women's Glee Club 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1.2,3, 4. 

GILBERT. Lynn Patricia. West Orange, N. J.; Sociology; 

Sigma Delta Pi; Chanticleer 1; Coordinate Board 3, '4; 

Women's Glee Club 1, 2, 4; Hillel Society 1, 2, 3, .Sec. 4; 

Nereidian 2, 4. 

GILLIES, Herbert Bates, Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J.; Paluuai 


GILLOOLY, Linda Lee, Sylvania, Ohio; Science F.du- 

caiion: Zeta Tau .Alpha; Coordinate Board 2; Pep Board 

1; YWCA 1, 2; Pan-Hel 2; Vic?-Pres. 3, Pres. 4. 

Fifth row: 

GLOVER. Clarence Howard. Jr.. Spartanburg, S. C; 

Economics; Pi Kappa Phi; NROTC 1, 2, 3. 4; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1. 2. 3. 4. 

GODWIN. Ruby Walnita, Wilmington, N. C; Music; 

Chapel Choir 1,2; Women's Glee Club 1,2; Student Union 

2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Chancel Singers 2; Delta Mu Tau 3, 

Sec. 4. 

GOLD.STEIN, Frank Robert, Baltimore, Md.; Pre-Law; 

Zeta Beta Tau; .Archive 4; Bench and Bar 1, 2; Playbill 4; 

Student Union 3; 

GOODNER, David Marshall, Santurce, Puerto Rico; 

Zoology-Pre-.\Ied: Delta Phi .Alpha; Varsity D; Phi Kappa 

Sigma; FAC 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Student Union 4; 

YMCA 4; Swimming 1. 2, 3, 4; Fellowship of Christian 

Athletes; House Vice-Pres. 1 . 

^ O ^ 




■-- k-^ 


(;()Rn()N, Michael Kenneth, Monroe, N. C; History; 

I'l K.i|)paPhi;BenchandBar3, 4;FAC3; YMCA 1, 2,3,4. 

G( )L LD. Rebecca Ann, Cocoa, Fla.; French. 

GRAY. Frank Benton, Durham, N. C: Pre-.\t,d: Pi Kappa 

Phi; Pre-Med Society 2; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1; 

Town Men's Club 1. 

GRAY. Thomas Nickolson. Durham. N. C. ; Accounting; 

Varsity D; Pi Kappa Phi. Treas. 3: FAC 4; Cross-Country 

1. 2, 3. 4: Track 1, 2. 3. 4. 

;i.KAI\ Judith Estes, Nashville, Tenn.; Political 
\\'lin\ Who; White Duchy; Phi Kappa Delta; 
\i( r-l'rrs. 3, 4; House Pres. 3. 
)RY, David Dolliver. Owls Head. Me.; History. 
)RY, Richard M., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; History; 
1); Beta Theta Pi; Baseball I, 2, 3. 4. 
l.N, Cornelia Ann. Robersonville, N. C; .Vursing. 

I hinl luic: 

GRII.LI. Donald Anthony. Clifton. N. J.; .iccaunlw^; Phi 
Delta Theta. Treas. 4; Peer\: Football 1.2. 
(;R()NEMEYER, Suzanne Carol. Pensacola. Fla.; History; 
Sandals; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club 1. 2. 3, 4; WSGA 
R. pi.^.rnt.itive 3. Class Sec. 4; NSA 1. 

(,l<l 111 N\l \N.\. Linda Ann, Laurinburg, N. C; .Nurs- 
11/ n : N'urses Judicial Board 4; Nurses Executive 
( :. i )ii, ;1 I ■ i 4; Nurs.:s Social Standards Chairman 4. 
GLLlA.ill.R, Richard Paul, Port Edwards, Wis.; Malh- 
nmitus; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon. Delta Mu Tau, 
Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Conc_-rt Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching 
Band 1. 2. Vic;--Pres. 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; Symphony 
Orchestra 3. 4. 

Fourth row: 

GUERRY, Alice Catherine. Lake City, S. C; .Mathematu 

Pi Mu Epsilon; Ivy; Women's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; We; 

Gladwyne, Pa.; Nursing; Santa 
icial Board 3; Nurses 
-Faculty Committee 

\\ K A 1 ; F.\C 2; Nurses Judicial Board 3; Nurses 
t:ouncil 3; Nurses Student-Fact 

4; t :hiss Pres. 4; NSG.\ Recording Secretary 3. 
caiRl.EY. Paul Clayton. Jr., Charlotte. N. C; Civil Engi- 
iiriiiiio; Delta Chi Epsilon, Pres. 4; Delta Mu Tau; ASCE 

2. 3. Vice-Pres. 4; Marching Band 1. 2, 3. 4; NROTC 1, 2, 

3. 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Commodore Club 1 , 2. 3, 4. 

GU'FHRIE. George Garland. Charleston, W. Va.; History; 
]Vh„\ Who: Kappa Alpha; Old Trinity Club; MSGA 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

H.\AS, Rebecca .\nn Bain, Metairie, La.; Fnnch: I au Psi 
Omega; Pi Beta Phi; FAC 3; YVVCA 1. 3; NSA 3. 
H.^LEY, Jo Harriet, Houston, Texas; English: IVho's Who: 
Pi Beta Phi- F.\C 3; Religious Council 2, 3; Student Union 
2. 'v CI, IS. Tir,,s, 2: WSGA 4; YWf:.\ 1, 2; House Pres. 4. 
||\|l (li.iil.s 111. nil, IV l.iinrstiiun. .N. Y.; Accounting; 
\l|,li,i K,iii|.,i I'si \ i(,-l'rcs. 3. Pics. 4; Kappa Sigma; 
\Ki I I ( I, .?, 1, 4; \rwnian Club 1 . 2. 3, 4. 
Il\l.l..\. Frances Byrd, York, Pa.; Elementary Education; 
K i|.|..i Alpha Theta, Vice-Pres. 3; Women's Judicial Board 
I \ \\ ( :A 1, 2, 3, 4; Nereidian 2, 3, 4; Coordinate Board 2. 

First row: 

HANJA, Yuri Thomas, Huntington, N. Y.; Polttical Science; 
Varsity D; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HANSBERRY, Sally Ann. Lunenburg, Mass.; HtUory; 
Methodist Student Fellowship 1. 2. 

HARDY, Richard Wavne. New York, N. Y.; Potilical 
Science; Corsairs; Lambda Chi Alpha; NROTC 1, 2, 
3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HARKNESS. Richard L., Wilmington, Del.; Eleclncnl 
Engineering; Corsairs; Theta Chi; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Com- 
modore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Second row: 

HARRIS, Christopher Bertram. Southport, Conn.; 
connling; NROTC 1. 2. 3. 4; Commodore Club 1.2,. 
Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Sports Car Club 3, 4. 
H.-KRRLS. Richard Foster. HL Charlotte. N. C; Pre-: 
Alpha Tau Omega; Football 1.2. 3. 4; Track 1,2,: 
Pre-Med .Society 2; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 
HARRISON. Frank Late. Jr., South Charleston, \V. 
Pre-Med; Who's Who: Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Ka 
Sigma; Religious Council 3, Vice-Pres. 4; House Vice-1 
1; Commencement Marshal 3; Pre-Med Society 1 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Basketball 1, 2, 3 
FAC 3. 4. 

HART. Antoinette Raub, New York. N. Y.; Nur. 
Sigma Delta Pi; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Social Standar 

Third row: 

HASH. Edward J.. Arlington. Va.; Po/ilical Science: Phi 
Eta Sigma; Bench and Bar 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
YMC'V 1, 2, 3, 4; House Treas. 3. 

HASKELL. Richard Alan. Chumblee. Ga.; Potilical Science; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Team 4; Duke 
Players 2; NSA 2. 3; YMCA 1. 2; Young Democrats. 
HAYNES. Baxter M.. Jr., Durham. N. C; History; Alpha 
Tau Omega; NROTC 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and 
Slipper Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2. 
HAWORTH. Allan Robert. Westfield. N. J.; Mechanical 
Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha; Men's Chours. Pres. 1; 
Harlequins 2, Business Manager 3, 4; Chapel Choir 1; 
AFROTC 1; ASME 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2. 3. 
4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

H.\ZLETT. J. Sandra. Durham, N. C; .\uning; Student 

Union 1. 2. 

HECHT. Stephen Samuel. West Orange. N. J.; Chemistry; 

Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Lambda Upsilon 3. 4; Hillel Society 

1; YMCA 1. 2. 3. 4. 

HEER. Rosemary Frances. High Point, N. C. ; History; 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Newman Club 1 . 2. 3, Sec. 4; FAC 4; 

House Treas. 2, Vice-Pres. 3; WSGA 2, 3; YWCA 1. 

HELLMAN. Peter, Falls Church, Va.; English; Concert 

Band 1, 2; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Hillel .Society 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. 

N. C; Pre-Med: 
.Shoe and Slipper 


Fijlh row: 

Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-Med Society 
Club 1. 2. 3. 4. 

HENDERSON. William T., Princeton. N. 
matics; Alpha Tau Omega; Football 1; Lacrosse 2. 3, 4; 
NROTC 1, 2. 3. 4; Semper Fidelis 3, 4. 
HERRIN, Helen Kay, Gastonia, N. C; Chemistry; Who's 
Wh„; Alpha Delta Pi; YMCA 1. 2, 3, 4, Methodist Student 
Fellowship 4. 

HERTSLET, Barry Shaw. Baltimore. Md.; Civil Engineer- 
ing; Pi Kappa .Mpha; Lacrosse 1. 2; ASCE 4; Engineers 
Guidance Council 2, 3; Shoe and Slipper Club 1 , 2, 3, 4. 


p r> p 1^ 

^» If^ p. 



III K/,()G, George G., Alexandria, Va.; Physics: Arnold 
\i. S(K icty; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1. 
III.SI'I.NHF.IDE, Henry August. Ill, Norfolk, Va.; 
^'^^':l, I'lii Beta Kappa; Lutheran Student Association 

MIA l,k. K.ilM-rt Ward, Jacksonville. Fla.; Electrical Engi- 
„,,',,„<:: Corsairs; AIEE 2. 3, 4; NROTC and Drill Team 
1, 2. 3. 4; II^C; 2, 3; Shoe and Slipper Club 2, 3, 4; YMCA 
1 . 2. 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

I1L\DS, Duu^las Paul, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Poli/ical Scinice; 
Kappa Sigma: Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 
1, 2, 3, 4. 


Second row: 

HINM.-XN, Susan Lee, Fort Washington. Pa.: 

Kappa Gamma; Psychology; FAC 4. 

HOBBS, Jerry Robert, .South Bend, Ind.; Malhnnaiics; 

Pi Mu Epsilon; Theta Chi; Archive 3, Editor 4; Duke 

Players 1. 

HOESER, Marv Lynne, Atlanta, Ga.; English: Kappa 


IIOLLETT, Grant Thomas, Jr., Richmond, Va.; Mecham- 

,iil l-'.iiiiniinnio: I'i T.iu Sigma. Treas. 4; Sigma Nu; .\SME 

1 , 2. 1, I r. .IS. 4: l.nmnrrrs Guidance Council 2, 3; NROTC 

I, 2, 1. 4: Shoe .,11(1 Slipper Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Union 

1 , 2, 3. B.i.ikI olGuNrrnors 4; YMCA 1. 2, 3. 4; Commodore 

Club I. 2. 3, 4. 

Third row: 

IIOLI.MAN, Douglas Clark. Sea Cliff. N. Y.; Hislory; 
SiL^Tii.i \l|ili,i Epsilon; IFC; Student LInion Educational 
Ml, IMS Co,„iniiiee 1, 2, 3; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; MSGA Student 

l.ll. ( o,„M,.llrr 2, 3. 

llOL.MULlSr, Jean B., Rockford, 111.; French; Phi Beta 

Kappa; Who's II ho; White Duchy; Phi Kappa Delta; Ivy; 

Tau Psi Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Kappa Gamma; 

Women's Judicial Board 3, Chairman 4; .Student LInion 2, 

3;YVVCA1,2, 3, 4. 

HOLT, John Sanders, Nashville, Tenn.; Music: Delta 

Mu Tau. 

HOPPIN, Charles T., Westfield, N. J.; Economics; Phi 

Delta Theta. 

HORN, Edward Gustav, Durham, N. C; Chemis:ry. 
HC~)RNE, Perry Alwyn, Fayetteville, N. C; Lambda C;hi 
Alph.i; Bench and Bar 1; Campus Chest 1; CHANricM.i-R 
I ; Stnd<nt Union 3; YMCA 1 . 2, 3. 4; Class Sec.-lV.-as. 4. 
IIOKR, Nancy Louise. Portsmouth. Ohio; English. 
IIORTON, Lewis William Wyche.Jr., Chapel Hill, N. C.; 
Econmnics: Pi Kappa Alpha; FAC 2. 

Eiflh raw: 

HOWE. Marilyn Ruth. Mcdford, Mass.; .Vursing: Who's 
Who; Santa Filomena: C:hanticleer 1, 2, 3; Episcopal 
Student Fellowship 1; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; FAC 2: 
NSGA 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Nurses Student Faculty Commit- 
tee 1, 2; Ihmi-r.iniin.,' Committee 4. 

HUBBI 11 Willi. iMi Lee, Shreveport, La.; Mechanical 
Enoiuci,' (I'll .■.-. ASME 2. 3, 4; DukEngineer 2, 3, 
Editor 1 I iiiii (.ludance Council 3; Cha' 

'iiMiiiir'li.iiM \\a. At counting; Kappa 
..Mthliiii I iiion 1 . 2. Board of Chair- 
1, I'au-IUl licis. 3; House Council 3. 
William, IH, Beaufort, N. C; Ac- 

V 2; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, Treas. 3; 

HUNYADI, Susan Carole, Canton, Ohio; Chemisliy: Delta 
Delta Delta; Pan-Hel; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med 
Society 2, 3, 4; YVVCA 2. 3. 4; NSA 2; FAC 3; Social 
Standards 4. 

HUTCHESON, Joan. Wilmettc. 111.; History; Phi Kappa 
Delta; Ivv; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pres. '4; Coordinate 
Board 3; YWCA 3. 

HUTZLER, Arthur Charles. Delray Beach. Fla.; Electrical 
Engmcrrirg: Who's It lo; Old Trinity Club; Order of St 
Patrick; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi 
Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Sigma; AIEE 3, Vice 
Chairman 4; Engineers Guidanc- Council 4; Engineers 
Student Coimcil 3. 4; FAC 3, 4; YMCA 1. 2, 3. 4; Class 
Pres. 3, 4. 

INGERSOLL. DeForest Peter. Milwaukee. Wis.; Htslori: 
Theta Chi; Duke Players 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2. 3, 4. 

INGRAM. Nancv Sloan, Rockwood. Tenn.; Psvclwhsv: 
Delta Phi Rho Alpha; YWCA 1, 2; WRA 1, 2. Vice-Pres. 
3, Pres. 4; Pegasus 1. 2, 3. 

IVEY. Adelyn Sherrill, Hickory, N. C; Psychology. 
JACKSON. Charles Rankin, Salisbury. N. C; History: 
Campus Chest 1, 2; Pep Board 3, Chairman 4; Home- 
coming Committee 4. 

JACOBUS. Marie Elaine, MiUburn, N. J.; E„glish: Chapel 
Choir 1. 2; Women's Glee Club 1, 2; Chancel Singers 2. 

Thirii row: 
JAMES. Patricia Talhyn, Princeton, N. J.; Economics: 

Episcopal Student Fellowship 1; Campus Chest 3; YWCA 

1, 2, 3. 4. 
JENSEN, John Howard, Fort Pierce, Fla.; Mechanical 

Engineering; ASME 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 4; 

Shoe and Slipper Club 1.2; IDC 2, Vice-Pres. 3; House 

Pres. 4; Homecoming Committee 3, 4. 
JOHNSON, Gary Herbert, North Miami, Fla; Mechanical 

Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 

1 ; ASME 4; DukErgineir 4; Engineers Guidance Council 4. 
JOHNSON, L. Peter, Coral Gables, Fla.; History; Alpha 

Tau Omega. 

Fourth row; 

JOHNSON. Margaret Wheeler. New Delhi, India; Mirs- 
vig; Nereidian 1 , 2, 3. 

JOHNSON, Mary Jane, Wilmington. Del.; Elementary 
Education; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Gamma, Rush Chairman 
3, Vice-Pres. 4; Pep Board 1.2; WRA 2, 3. 
JOHNSON. Robert Arnold, Hopewell, Va.; History; Alpha 
Tau Omega. Pres. 4; Football 1, 2. 3. 4. 
JOHNSON, Roy Clarence. Jr.. Worcester, Mass.; Civil 
Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; AFROTC 1; Engineers 
Guidance Council 2, 3; .\SCE 4. 

Fifth row: 

JOHNSON, Wendy Leigh, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Elementary 
Education; Delta Gamma, Sec. 4; Chanticleer 1, 2; WDBS 
1; YWCA 1, 4; FAC 4. 

JOLLEY. Ronald Scott, Gaffney, S. C; Mechanical Engi- 
neering; NROTC 1. 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and 
Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; IDC 
2; ASME 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 4. 

ONES, David Currier. Locust Valley, N. Y.; Psychology; 

'arsity D; Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med .Society 1, 4'; Soccer 
1. 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1. 2; Lacrosse 1. 2, 3, 4. 
JONES, Diana Adele, Wayne, Pa.; Political Science. 





f*) /^ f^ f^ 

P frl T- P 

o p. p 

JONES, James Fly, Houston. Texas; Pre-Med-Psychology; 
Varsity D; Kappa Alpha; Campus Chest 2; Pre-Med 
Society 1. 2, 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1,2; Shoe and 
Slipper Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JORD.^N. Dorothy Susan, Nashville, Tenn.; French; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3; FAC 4; YWCA 
1, 2, 3. 

JORDAN, Gail, Suitland, Md.; Elementary Education; Stu- 
dent Union 1,2,3, 4. 

JORDAN, Patricia Brown, Washinijton, D. C; Spanish; 
VWCA 1, 2; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; Wesley Players 2. 

JORDAN, Susan Patricia, Westfield, N. J.; Eni^luh; Delta 
Delta Delta; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

KADASTER, Mahmut Esat. Ankara, Turkey; Civil 
Engineering: Chi Epsilon, Treas. 4; Theta Chi; ASCE 4; 
Engineers Student Council 4; Student Union 2, 3; Inter- 
national Club 1, 2, 3; Housemaster 3, 4. 
KAHN, Michael Fader, .\tlanta. Ga.; Psychology; Zeta 
Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society 1; Hillel .Society 1 , 2; Football 
Manager 1, 2. 

KAHNER, Steven, Jamaica, N. Y.: English; Zeta Beta 
Tau; Archire 2, 3; FAC 2, 3; Playbill 1, 2; Pre-Med. Society 
1 , 2, 3, 4; Hillel Society 1 , 2, 3, 4. 

fhn,/ row: 

K.VIHOLI, Richard Evers, South Charleston, W. Va.; 

Chemistry; Concert Band 1. 3. 4; Pre-Med Society 1 , 2, 3, 4; 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 3, 4. 

KATSON, Constance, .Albuquerque, N. M.; History; 

Episcopal Student Fellowship 1, 2, 4; Social Standards 2; 

YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; WSGA 4, 

KATZ, Lawrence Myers, Baltimore, Md.; Accounting; Zeta 

Beta Tau; Chanticleer 1 ; Peer 2; Student Union 1 , 2, 3, 4. 

KELLER. Edward Lee, Norfolk, Va.; Ma/hematics; Phi 

Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi 

Sigma; Delta Mu Tau, Vice-Pres. 4; Ck^ncert Band 1, 2, 3, 

Pies. 4, Hoof n' Horn 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 

Business Manager 3, Pres. 4; Symphony Orchestra 2, 3, 4. 

oiirlh ,ow: 

.1.1. LEY, .\ndre 

rr-Med Society 

I >:,:!■ 

V Franklin. Jr., Victoria, Texas; English; 
I. 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 3. 
1. L.msford, Pa.; Nursing; FAC 2. 

h Durwood, Jr., Wilson, N. C; 

riii Kappa Sigma; AIEE 3, 4; Campus 
. I V 4; Engineers Guidance Council 3, 
Union 1 , 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Home- 

; Baptist Stude 

, 2, 3. 4; .Student Unii 

oming Committee 4. 

LENT. Nelson Rutledge, Miami, Fla. ; Electrical Engineer- 

,g: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE 

. 4; DukEngineer 4; Engineers Guidance Council 4. 

Fifth row: 

KENYON. Lewis Waynick, Hillsboro, N. C:.; Mechanical 

Engine,rin!>; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; 

Pi Tau Sigma. 

KERCMINER. Gary Raymond, Pottstown, Pa.; English: 

Sigma Chi; Lutheran Student .Association 3, 4; Shoe and 

Slipper Club 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

KERR, Harry Davidson, Hunkers, Pa.; His'.roy; Bench and 

Bar 3, 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship I. 

KERSHAW, Roxanne Edgecomb, Columbia, S. C; History; 

Pep Board 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; FAC 4; Women's Glee 

Club 1. 

KIEN. Grant Teirence, Cincinnati. Ohio; Pre-M,;l; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Psi Chi Delta; Shoe and Slipper Club 1. 2. 3, 
4; Pre-Med Society 1,2, 3,4. 

KIENZLE. Kathleen J., Columbus, Ohio; French; Ivy Kap- 
pa .Alpha Theta. Vice-Pres. 4; Chanticleer 1 ; Symposium 
Committee 2. 

KIMMERLE. Nancy Jo, Tarrytown, N. Y.; Potilunl 
Science: Whns Who; Phi Kappa Delta; Pi Si^ma .Alpha 
3, Vice-Pre.s. 4; Kappa Delta. Pies. 4; Concert Band 1, ?; 
Student Union 3; UN Model .Assembly 3; C:lass Vicc-Pres. 3. 
KINARD. William Frank, Simpson\ille, S. C; Chemistn; 
Sigma Chi. 

KING, Elmer Richard,Jr., Richmond, Va.; H.slorr; Kappa 

Sigma; Football 1. 

KINSLER, James Williams, Short Hills, N. J.; Mechanical 


KITTELLE. Katherine .Allen. Larchmont. N. Y.; French; 

Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Terpsichorean 1. 2. 3. 4. 

KLEIN. Susan June. Columbia, S. C; Psychology; Phi Beta 

Kappa; Ivy; Phi Kappa Delta; Psi Chi Delta. Pres. 4: 

Ch-^ntici EER 1. 2. Co-d Business Manager 3, .Assistant 

Business Manager 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Publications Board, 

Sec. 3; Class Vice-Pres. 4. 

Thirri row: 

KLINER. Virginia Ann, North Plainfield, N. J.; .Vursing; 

Nurses Judicial Board 1, 2, 4; CUass Vice-Pres. 4. 

KNAPP. Kristina Margaret. Richmond. Va.; Political 

Science; ICAo'i U'l-.o; White Duchv; Sandals; Pi Beta Phi; 

House Sec. 2; WSGA 3; UN Model Assembly 2; NSA 

Coordinator 3. 4; Chronicle 4; FAC 4. 

KNEEN. Judith O., .Ashtabula, Ohio; Political Science; 

Delta Delta Delta, Pres. 4; YWCA 1, 2. 3, 4; Terpsichorean 

1 ; FAC 3. 

KNOTT, Marcia Elaine, .Arlington, Va.; Mirsing; Class 

Sec. 3, 4; Symposium Committee 4. 

Fourth row: 

KOHN, Adrienne Carole, Merrick. N. V.; Ma h:matics; 

IV7: Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vice-Pres. 2. Pres. 3; Chanticleer 

1; Symposium Committee 2. 

KOONCE, John Edward, Raleigh, N. C; Accountwg; Pi 

Kappa .Alpha. 

KR.AUS. Elizabeth Katherine, Washington, D. C; German. 

KRAUS, Kenneth Wayne, Titusville, N. J.; Electrical 

Engineering; Shoe and Slipper Club 1,2,3; YMCA 1 , 2, 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

KREDEL, Olivia Orme. Charles 

Nereidian 1, 2, Treas. 3. 


LADD. James Roger, Bellevue, Wash.; Accounting; Alpha 
Kappa Psi; Sigma Chi. Vice-Pres. 4; House Pres. 1. 
LANGDON, Susanne Fowler, Durham, N. C; English. 
LAiNING, Peter Huston, Bridgeton, N. J.; Mi/or),- Theta 
Chi; Concert Band 1 ; Marching Band 1 , 2, 3. 





1^ JSUiiM 


First row: 

LAULA, Otto, Birmingham, Mich.; English; Beta Theta Pi. 

LEE, Linda Joanne, Chatham, N.J.;.\'urst,:g. 

LEE, Margaret Eileen. Willoughby, Ohio; History: Delta 

Delta Delta; Campus Chest 2; YWCA 3. 

Lin.AND. Stuart Day, New Canaan. Conn,, Civil Erigi- 

m-n„i>i: Delta .Sigma Phi; ASCE 2, 3, 4; AFROTCl; 

VMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Second low: 

LENN.VRD. Beverly Self, Atlanta, Ga.; Oiemislry: Chanti- 

c I I I r 1 Ciptions Editor 2; P,,, 1, 2; Publications Board 

1 N W ( \ I 2 V 4; Young Republicans 2. Treas. 3. 

I I I )\ \l<li ( '.itherine Grace. Madison, N. J.; English; 

\l|.li , ( 1,1 (; Pan-Hcl 4; Chanticleer 2, 3, 4. 
I I SI II CiiniU Ann, ArUngton, Va.; Hnlorv: Phi Beta 
Ki|>|j,i l\\ I )ilta Gamma; Commencement Marshal 3. 
I.IA I.K 1 ( ).\. Roger Walker. Jr., Cheverly, Md. ; Mechani- 
,al l:nont,,u,i<-; Pi Kappa Phi; ASME 3, 4; NROTC 1. 

lett B.. Akron, Ohio; Hu 

Beta Theta Pi; 

I, I, WIS. Wilciir \nn. biDnx, .\. ^^ : -Z"<'l''Sy< Ivy; Sigma 
K,,|,|M. I'ms I. I', .-Mr,! S.K.rtv 2; \WCk 1. 
I.IA'Kl.R. i:,ul I h.inias. Hamilton, Ohio; Pre-Med; Delta 
Tau Delta; Pre-Med .Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2. 
LILLY, Ruth Virginia, Indianapolis, Ind.; English: Who's 
Who: White Duchy; Phi Kappa Delta; Sandals; Pi Beta 
Phi; House President 4; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1; 
Student Union 2; YWCA 1 , 2. 3, 4; FAC 3. 

LIME. Eli 
Phi; Con. r 



( ),Hr.4., Sigma; Cl.ronol.' i: ,S\ ii,|..,s,, 
Sdiilint Union 1, 2. 
LOCKE, Curtis Alan, MartinssiUe, 
iieering; AFROTC 1 ; Shoe and Slipp, 
2, 3, 4; AIEE 3. 4. 

ton. N. C. ; .^onlngy; Alpha 
Med Society 2; Westminster 
Council 4;Y\VCA 1 , 2, 4. 
\'orth Tonawanda, N. Y.; 

sn, S.,. 4; AIEE 2, 3, 4; 

M<( lie 1; Newman Club 

V ^ MCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
siri , |i., Arlington, Va.; 
1.1,1 Sigma, Pres. 2; Beta 
. iii|ii)siiiin Committee 3, 4; 

/a.; Elfclriail Ensi 
Club 1 ; YMCA I 

Fifth row: 

LbEB, Linda Marie, Luthervillc, Md.; History: Phi Beta 

Kappa; Ivy; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3. 

I OM \\ X'.in.i H.ilin. Mount Pleasant. X, C.; /.«-/(«/;.■ 

(, ,,„,., ,s ( :li.M I : Wnincn's Judicial Boar.l 1;^\\(\ 1.2. 

|i)\(, D.iM.I Willi. un, Punxsutawn.A I'.i. //,.'. .m'.' 

\,us,iv I); l)<lt., I.ui Delta; IFC Exr,,ihx. lin.iid 4; 

Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4; Bench and Bar 4; KAC 3; 

Student Union 2, 3. 

LOVELACE, Grace lone. Rye, N. Y.; Political Science. 

Flrsl row: 

LOWENSTERN, Burt Harris, Newport News, Va.; 
Miilhrmiilics; Zeta Beta Tau; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot- 
ball 1. 2. 3; Track 1, 4. 

LOWENTHAL, Donna Duhy, Larchmont, N. Y.; Mirsing; 
FAC:; Nurses Judicial Board; Nurses Honor Council; Class 
Vict-Pres. 2; Class Pres. 3. 

LUCIAS, Mary Davidson, Charlotte, N. C; History; 
Sandals; Pi Beta Phi; Women's Judicial Board 4; FAC 3; 
Symposium Committee 4; Student Union 2; YWCA 1, 
2, 3, 4. 

LUREY. Alfred Saul, Greenville, S. C; History: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Zeta Beta Tau; NROTC 1. 

LV\N. Marshall William, Jr., Haworth, N. J.; History. 
M\, DONALD, Robert Anderson, Springfield, N. J.; 
//,.',.,,. VMCA Council 1; Young Democrats 2, 3, Treas. 4. 
MAC:K., David Edward, Bethesda, Md.; English: Chronicle 
1; MSGA 1; NROTC 1, 2, 3; Shoe and Slipper Club, 
1, 2, 3; Elections Board 4; Latter-Day Saints Youth Group 
1, 2, Pres. 3, 4. 
MacROBERT, Peggy, Flint, Mich.; .\ursing; 

Third row: 

MAHER, William Fredrick, Boca Raton, Fla.; Psychology; 
Pi Kappa Phi; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MARCHESE, Don Patrick, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; History: 
Who's Who; Phi Kappa Psi, Sec. 4; Football 1, 2; IFC 
Executive Board 4. 

M.XRKHAM, John Calvin, III, Gastonia, N. C; Pre-Med; 
Hrt.i ( )mcga Sigma; Sigma Chi; FAC 2, 3; Marching Band 
1.2; ll'C 3; Swimming 1; Class Pres. 1. 
M.VRLEY, Roy Lee, Jr., Siler City, N. C; Business Ad- 
ministration; Phi Delta Theta; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

Foialh row: 

MARSH, Frances Stewart, Monroe, N. C; Chemistry; 
\\.i,,,.n-s Glee Club 3. 

MARSHALL, Neal W., Woodmere, N. Y.; History; Varsity 
1); /rta Beta Tau; Vice-Pres. 3. 4; Campus Chest 2; Play- 
bill 2. 3; WDBS 1,3,4; Track 1 ; Soccer 1 , 2, 3, 4. 
MARTIN, Henry Frederick, III, Bethesda, Md.; Pre-Med; 
Theta Chi; Chapel Choir 2; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Prc-Mcd Society 1, Treas. 2, 3, 4; Methodist Student Fel- 
lowship 1; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2. 

MARTONE, Peter Wayne, Norfolk, Va.; Pre-Lmv; Beta 
Theta Pi; Bench and Bar 2, 3; Newman Club 2. 

/,,,.;, ,„,,,. 

M \N< )N, Charles Gilbert. Cheverly, Md.; Electrical Engi- 

■ . ;■. Phi Kappa Sigma; .\IEE 4; NROTC 1. 2, 3, 4; 

.Siiiipcr Fidelis 3, 4. 

M.MHESON, Barbara LeMay, Boone, N. C; Elementary 

Educiium; Zeta Tau Alpha: Chanticleer 1; Student Union 

~ ■ ''egasus 1,2; YWCA 1,2, 4. 
,M.\THEWS, Emmett Carlysle, Jr., Richmond, Va.; Pre- 
\Med; Campus Chest 3, 4; FAC 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; 


ey o (Ti 


iVicrf,- Campus Chest 3, 4; FAC 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2 3 4- Jm ^^^^ W^ 

Student Union 1,2, 3; YMCA 1,2, 3, Treas. 4; Wrestling L ^^L^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ 

MATHEWS, Janet Allen, Wallingford, Pa.; History; 
Sandals; White Duchy; Pi Beta Phi; YWCA 1, Treas. 2 '3- 
I Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; House Pres. 4. 

ff*) lf^ 1^ 


First row: 

MAY, James Norris. Charlotte. N. C: Political Science; 

Baptist Student Union 1 ; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MAYER, Barbara Hamilton, Rock Hill, S. C: Zoology; 

Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Peer 2, 3; Student Union 3, 4; YVVCA 

2, 3, 4. 

McCAUSLAND, Charles Patterson, HI, Baltimore, Md.; 

Pre-Med-C/temislry; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

McCULLOUGH, Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, Ga.; Polili- 

cal Science; Alpha Tau Omega; YMCA 1, 2, 3. 4; Tennis 

1, 2, 3, 4. 

Mr:FARLAND, Sandra Cecile, Durham, N. C; Nursing. 
M( 1 ARLANE, Juretta Creighton, Atlanta, Ga.; Chemistry: 
Diikr Players 2; Women's Glee Club 1; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; 

^ wcA 1. 

.Mi.GEE. Virginia Allison, Durham, N. C; Nursing; 
McGEHEE, Mary Harriette, St. Louis, Mo.; English; Ivy, 
Sec. 2; Kappa Delta; FAC 4; Women's Glee Club 1; Stu- 
dent Union 2. 

Thud row: 

McGHEE, Barry Lewis. Fredericksburg, Va.; Electrical 

Engineering: AIEE 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 

3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse Manager 1. 

McGOVERN, Diane Neilson, Greenwich, Conn.; Nursing; 

Women's Glee Club 1,2. 

McKAIG. Sylvia Jean. Atlanta, Ga.; History; White Duchy; 

Who's Who: Phi Kappa Delta; Sandals, Pres. 2; Pi Beta 

Phi; F.A.C 3; WSGA, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; NSA 3, 4; Class Vice- 

Pres. 1. 

McKENZIE, Donald Keith, Bluefield, W. Va.; Chemistry; 

Debate Team 1. 2; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Student 

Union 2, 3, 4; House Vice-Pres. 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MgLEAN, Lawrence Evans, Hasbrouck Heights, N. J.; 
Economics; Alpha Kappa Psi; Archive 4; Episcopal Student 
Fellowship 1; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 
4; Baseball 2. 

McLEAN. Roger Thomas, Jr., Glen Ridge, N. J.; Electrical 
Engineering: Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Kappa Sigma; 
AIEE 4; YMCA 1. 

McQUOWN. Dorothy Inza, Winston-Salem, N. C; 
Psychology: Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Who's Who. 
McWHORTER. E. Elaine. Charleston, W. Va.; Chemistry; 
Chapel Choir 1. 2. 3, 4; Women's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Vice- 
Pres. 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2. 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

ME.'\DORS, Marilyn Elaine, Cincinnati, Ohio; Political 

Science: WDBS 4; NSA 4. 

MEANS. Deborah Elizabeth, Buffalo, N. Y.; Nursing. 

MEEKER. James Bernard, Charleston, W. Va.; Psychology; 

MELTON, Thomas H.. Huntington, W. Va.; History: Beta 

Thcta Pi, Pres. 4; Chanticleer 1, 2; Shoe and Slipper 

Club 3, 4; Harlequins 2; Baseball 1. 

Fnsl row: 

MENGE, Steven Reid, Dayton, Ohio; Economies; Phi Pappa 

Psi: YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; NSA 3; Wrestling 1, 2; Golfl. 

MERKEL, Lee Ferguson, Nashotah, Wis.; Polilical Science; 

Episcopal Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper 

Club 1. 2, 3; YMC;A 1, 2, 3, 4; Y Council 1; Track 1. 

MICHAEL, Gavlo Edwin. Salisbury, N. C; Geology; Theta 

Chi; Chronicle 1 ;' Marching Band 1, 2. 

MILES, James M., Pink Hill, N. C; Political Science; Phi 

Delta Thcta; Bench and Bar 1, 
FAC 2, 3. 

3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Second row: 

MILLER, Robert Michael. Memphis, Tenn.; Pre-Merl: 

Who's Who; Old Trinity Club; Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec. and 

Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3; IFC. Pres. 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; 

MSn.\ Student Life Committee 2. 

Mll.I.ER, Robert Steven, New Brunswick, N. J.; History; 

/.!,, Beta Tau: Bench and Bar 2; Hillel Society 1; Cross- 

(...untry 2, 3; Track 2, 3. 

Ml.SNER. Rav Hunting, III, Ocean Grove, N. J.; History; 

IVp Board 1. 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3; Track 1; 

Mirt:llELL. Meriel Bull. Winston-Salem, N. C; History; 

Alpha Delta Pi. Vicc-Prcs. 4; Coordinate Board 2. 

MI1C;HELL, Terence Robert, Washington, D. C; 

l\\rhalaoy: Pi Kappa Alpha; Pres. 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 

1.2. 3. 4; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

MOCK, Victoria Leola, Beaufort, S. C; Nursing; Nurses 

I Iniiiir Council 1. 

MOI.HLMANN, Holly Ellen, Richland, Pa.; History; 

W.nn.n's Judicial Board 4; FAC 3; YWCA 2. 

\li )1 l'.\T, Elizabeth Ann, Pittsburgh, Pa.; History: Chan- 

iiM MR 1; WSGA4; WRA1,2, 3; YWCA 1,2, 3, 4; House 

)NrGOMERY. Diana Bess, Smithfield, N. C; Music; 

. , Who; Phi Kappa Delta; FAC 3; WSGA 4; House 

V 4. 

>NrGOMERY, Thomas George. Glen Rock, N. J.; 

■nnnics: Lambda Chi Alpha. Pres. 4; AFROTC 1; 

'iiuif 2, 3, Business Manager 4. 

X )RE, George Sorrelle, Jr., Greensboro, N. C; Electrical 

in,, -ring; Varsity D; AIEE 3. 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 

nmodore Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 

. 3: Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; House Pres. 4. 

i( )RE, James Thomas, Jr., Birmingham, Ala.; Chemistry; 

t.i Phi Alpha; Methodist Student JFellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. 

M( )ORE,Jean Rich, Plea 

Clioir 4; Nurses Honor Council 3; N 

He, N. Y. ; Nursing; Chapel 

Rebecca Ann, Lexington, Mass.; Elementary 
Alpha Chi Omega; Chanticleer 1 ; WRA 2, 3; 

Ml )( )RE, Thomas Franklin, Jr., Charlotte, N. C; History; 
K.ipp.i .\lpha; Methodist Student Fellowship 1; Shoe and 
M.|i|.rr Club 1 . 2; YMCA 1 ; Soccer 4. 

M< )()RMAN, Kenneth Allen, Martinsville, Va.; Electrical 
Engine/ring: Lambda Chi Alpha; AIEE 4; Shoe and Slipper 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineers Radio Associ- 
ation 1, 2. 





O O P ^r, 

o a (^ ^ 



A ft Q ^ 

O (^ o 

ft ^ pE © 


!*» (^ O Q 

MOREFIELD, Robert Edward Lee, III, Winston-Salem, 
N. C. ; Business Adminislration; Kappa Alpha; Shoe and Slip- 
per Club 1;YMCA1,2. 

MORENG, Joseph H., Ridgefield, N. J.; Civil Engineering; 
Phi Kappa Psi; ASCE 2, 3. 4; Engineers Guidance Coun- 
cil 4. 

MORRIS, Douglas Claude. Americus. Ga.; Pre-Med: 
Willi's Who: Phi Kappa Sigma, Pres. 4; Campus Chest 1; 
!• AC: 3; MSGA 4; YMCA 3; Chairman, Y Campus Co- 
iip(iati\c Committee; Chairman, MSGA Educational 
AfTairs Committee. 

MORRIS, Elizabeth Carey, Washington, D. C; Hislory: 
Zcta Tau Alpha, Vice-Pres. 4; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MdkKISSEY. Sheila Noel. New York. N. Y.; History: 

Nr\Mii,iii Club 3. 4; Foreign Student Committee 3, 4; 

lloMsr \R-e-Pres. 3. 

Mi>Slll.R, .Sandra Sue, Arlington, Va.; German; Ivy; 

K.i|>|i,i Delta; Methodist Student Fellowship 1. 

M< )SS, Judith Adele. Buffalo. N. Y.; Economics; Delta 

(... i: Women's Glee Club 1; YWCA 1. 2; WRA 1, 2. 

Ml I, IK ;AN, James Bruce. Paducah. Ky.; Hislorr; Chapel 
(:li.>n I. 2; Men's Glee Club 1, 2; Hoof 'n' Horn '3; MSGA 
Senate 4; Harlequins 2, 3, 4. 

,INS. Jeffry Vincent. Lexington. Ky; Business Atl- 
iiiiiu; Who's Who; Old Trinity Club; Varsity D; Phi 

Siirma; Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4; Class Pres. 3. 4. 

I . I'rances Hilda, Ellicott City. Md. ; Political Science; 

Choir 1. 2; Chronicle 1. 2. 3, 4; Duke Players !; 
IS (;lee Club 2; Newman Club 1. 2. 3. 4; .Symposium 
me,- 4; N.SA 4. 
KS, Wallace Johnston, Wilson, N. C; Political 

Kappa Sigma, Sec. 3; Bench and Bar 1. 2; Episcopal 
t Fellowship 1, 2; YMCA 1. 2. 3, 4. 

M.I S< ).NI. Gary Rohde. Charleston. S. C; Mathematics: 
W hn\ Who: Old Trinity Club; Pi Kappa Phi; Chronicle 1. l.ilitor 2, Managing Editor 3. Editor 4; FAC 2; 

I'll!, In ,,ii..m-; Hoard 3, 4: track 1. 

\I,\\M>\||, !),,mJ Anthony. Winston-Salem. N. C; 
/,'/..,,;, keel I 11, lis. II //fi\ Who; Omicron Delta Kappa: 
Delia I'lii .\l|,h,i. i.iiniiuile 2. 3. 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2; 
Rehgious t;ouneil 4; Episcopal Student Fellowship 3. 4; 
Symposium Com. 3. 4; NSA Coordinator 4; Pub. Bd. 4, 
NEY, Richard Joseph, Washington, D. C; History; Zcta 
Beta Tau, Sec. 2; IFC 4; Bench and Bar 1; Playhill. Busi- 
ness M.iii,,... I 1. Publications Board 4: T.nnis I. 
M(l|()| \s l'et<-r Michael. Sanlure.-. I'lieii,, Kie,,; 

is; Ch.^nticleer 1. ^ 
, Theta; NROTC I, 
ations Board 4; Comii 
2; Baseball 1. 2. 


N. Y. 

\I(II<)I.S. William James, Ma 
r' ; U'll liiars; Who's IVko; Omicron Delta Kappa; 

lie 111 I'lii \1(iIm: Sigma Nu; Chronicle 4; Pre-Med Society 
I .' . 1 \ I. I 1m iilist Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3; Symposium 

( (ill le 1 ' i < Miairman 4; Student Union Educational 

Ml. Ill- ( iiiiir.- I, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; NSA 4. 

\|( KIIMU K(i. Michael. Arlington, Va.; Electrical 
/. ., ,,/ ', Air.l-, 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 2, 
1. I. .XKorc 1. 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 1,2,3. 
M I .SS( )N. Jonathan Nils. Wilmette. 111.; Civil Engineer- 
,.,;', Deh.i Tau Delta; Chi Epsilon, Vice-Pres. 4; ASCE 3, 
I; Cuid. Council 2, 3; Pep Bd. 1, 2; Cheerleader 2, 3. 
NIMNICHT, Elizabeth Anne, Jacksonville, Fla.; History; 
Delta Phi Rho Alpha; Kappa Kappa Gamma; FAC 3; 
Pep Board 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4, 

NOBLETT, Sara Carey, Kilmarnock. Va.; Political Science; 

Delta Gamma. 

NOLAN, Pamela, Spartanburg, S. C; English; Alpha 

Delta Pi; Coordinate Board 2, 3; YWCA 4. 

NOLL, Emmctt Eugene, Millerstown, Pa.; Chemistry; Phi 

Kappa Psi; Concert Band 2; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4; Semper Fidelis 3, Sec.-Treas. 4; Commodore 

cilub 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer L 

NORTON, James Larry, Thomasville, N. C; Electrical 

Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha; AIEE 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 

4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4; WDSB 2; Commodore 

Club I, 2, 3, 4; Class Pres. 2. 

Second roic: 

NORTON. James Randolph. Charlotte. N. C; History. 
NUNEZ. Peter Kent. Highland Park. N. J.; Political 
Science; Delta Sigma Phi. Pre.s. 4: NROTC 1. 2. 3. 4; Shoe 
and Slipper Club 1. 2, 3; YMt:A 1. 2. 3, 4. 
OELSCHLEGEL, Judith Anne. Terry ville. Conn.; .Viirs- 
ing; Women's Glee Club 1. 2. 

OGDEN. Phillip Case, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C; History; 
Old Trinity Club: Beta Omega Sigma; IVho's H'ho: Phi 
Kappa Psi; Student LInion 2^ Educational Affairs Com- 
mittee Chairman 3. Chairman of Board of Governors 4; 
NSA 1; U.N. Model Assembly 1, 2. 

Third roiv: 

OGLESBY, Thomas Ray, Jr., WinterviUe. N. C: History; 
Delta Sigma Phi; Chanticleer 1; Head Photographer 2 , 
4; Chronicle 1; Men's Glee Club 2; Wrestling 1. " 
OGLETREE, Mildred Gillespie, Durham, N. C; English; 
Pep Board 1; YWCA 2; House Council 2. 3. 
O'KELLEY, James Thomas. Jr.. Asheville. N. C; Cinl 
Engineering; L ko's Who; Order of St. Patrick; Pi Kappa 
Phi; ASCE 1. 2, 3, 4, 5; Campus Chest 4; Engineers Student 
Council 4, b; FAC 3; Peer Business Manager 3. 4; YMCA 
1, 2, Treasurer 3, Pres. 4; Publications Board 3, 4, 5. 
O'KENNON, Robert James. Jr., Hopewell, Va.; In- 
dustrial Engineering; Varsity D; Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha 
Tau Omega; Campus Chest 1; Methodist Student Fel- 
lowship 1; YMCA 1; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

O'MEARS, Marilyn Ann, Erie, Pa.; .Nursing. 

OSTHOFF, Anita Marie, Hinsdale, 111.; Political Science; 

Pi Beta Phi. 

P.SDGETT, Roy Allen, Jr., Charlotte, N. C; History: 

Campus Chest 2; Chapel Choir 1, 2; Men's Glee Club 

1. 2; Hoof n' Horn 2; Methodist Student Fellowship 3; 

Shnr and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

1' Al.rSCH. Johanna, Trumbull, Conn.; Psychology; Chron- 

1,1, 1. 2; FAC 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 

PAGE. Jerrv D., Jr.. McLean, Va.; Electrical Engineering; 
\.n„ld Air Society; Delta Sigma Phi; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 
PAINTER, Prudence Steele, Baltimore, Md.; History; 
YWCA 4. 

I'AKKER, Marilyn Jan, Bethpage, N. Y.; Nursing; Stu- 
ilriit Union 1, 2, 3, Board of Governors 4; Nurses Judicial 

':>, X. f 



^ Q f^ 

O ,^1 Q ^• 

:KER. Mary ."^nn. Virginia Beach, Va.; Botany; Phi 
Kappa; Sandals; Ivy; FAC 4. 


S'y& f^ k^ > 

PARSONS. Thomas Harold, Salem, Oregon; Business Ad- 

mmislratwti; Arnold Air .Society; .-XFRdTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 

YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; NSA 2. 

PATTERSON, John Wallace, Jacksonville, Fla.; Philosophy: 

Corsairs; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-Pres. 2, 3; NROTG 

and Drill Team 1. 2, 3, 4; Drill Team Commander 4; 

Dolphin 1, 2, Editor 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1; YMCA 1, 

2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PATTERSON, Laird Dean, Stroudsburg, Pa.; History; 

Lambda Chi Alpha; Chanticleer 1, 2, 3; MSGA 1, 2; 

Pluybill Editor 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4; Union Party Vice-Chairman 4. 

P.A.TTON, Sheila Margaret. Miami, Fla.; English- Delta 

Delta Delta; Chontcle 2, 3; Student Union 1. 

Second row: 

PEARSON, Charles Almond, Falls Church, Va.; Mathe- 
matics; Duke Ambassadors 1, 2, 3, 4. 

FERINE. Philip Condit, West Orange, N. J.; Political 
S,„„<e: Phi Kappa Psi; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 
I; ( :..inmodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

I'IRKV, James Hilliard, Jr., Greensboro, N. C; Business 
Adiiiinisttalion: Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Sigma; .Mpha Phi 
Omega 1, 2; Chronicle 1, 2; NROTC 1, 2. 3. 4; Shoe and 
.Slipper Club 1. 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 
1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3. 

PETERS, Donna Sue, Cayce. S. C; Punch: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Ivy; Tau Psi Omega, Sec.-Treas. 4; .Alpha Delta 
Pi; Chanticleer 1; .Social Standards Sec. 2; Pan-Hel 4; 
Commencement Marshal 3; Homecoming Committee 4. 

k,,|i|M \ii l>. Il.i I ,iu II. ll.i, All.l. _\ . 1. l',U:-x:,irer 
1. .i. liu.->in>x. .\Kuum<r 4. l.nninrr,. L.i,id.i.icc Ciuuncii 2, 
3, 4; Engineers Student Council 3, 4; Publications Board 
4; Cross Country 1,2, 3; Track 1, 2. 

PICCIRILLO. John .Anthony, Westburv. N. Y.; His oiy: 
Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club 1 . 

PICKETT, Helen Louise, Alexandria, Va.; Spanish; Pi 
Beta Phi; Women-s Glee Club 1. 2; .Social Standards 1, 2, 
Chairman 3; WSGA 3; YWC.A 1, 2, 4. 
PIERCE, Sara Hunt, Kinston, N. C; Psychology: Chapel 
Choir 1. 2, 3; Women's Glee Club 2, 3;' Methodist Stu- 
dent Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PIERPONT, Carolyn Elizabeth, Westfield, N. J.; History; 
K,i|.|..i Alph.i Theta, Treas. 3; Women's Glee Club 1; 

\'\ I I M \\ I .rrinaine, Los .-\ngeles, Calif.; Political Science; 
I'l NiL'in.i \l|.li,i; Delta Gamma^ Student Union 2, 3, Social 
( niiiinini I ( Id-t Chairman 4; Episcopal Student Fellowship 
I ^ WCA 1. 2. 3. 
\'\ < >\K. l.iMHs Wendell, Kings Mountain, N. C; Chemistry; 

\\< -\\>A s tv 3, 4; YMCA 3. 

I'f ik( iK \^ \,,diew, Newell, S. D.; Hislmy: Bench and B.n 
1 I). ImIi h ,1111 1; Pre-Med .Society 1; Lutheran Student 
.VsMxi.aiun 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Davies, Louisville. Ky. 

Winnetka, 111.; English: Phi 
2. 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3; Li 

PRICE, Jeanie, Kannapolis, N. C; English: Kappa Alpha 
Theta; Pan-Hel Executive Council 4; Chapel Choii I; 
Women's Glee Club 1 ; YWCA 1. 2, 3. 4. 
RABENHORST. James Forrest. Louisville, Ky.; Mechanical 
Engme,r,ng; Sigma Nu: AFRO! C 1 . 2; ASME 2, 3, 4; Engi- 
neers Guidance Council 3; Baptist Student Union 1; Stu- 
dent Union 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3. 4; Cross-Country 1; Track 
1, 2, 3. 

RAINEY, Charles Clark, Wellesley Hills, Mass.; Political 
Science; Kappa Sigma; Basketball Manager 1,2,3. 
RAKER, Herbert Thompson, Crawfordville, Fla.; FiniclK 
Tau Psi Omega; Men's Glee Club 1. 

Second row: 

RAMAGE, Joseph Covifan, Baltimore, Md.; Economics: .Shoe 

.111.1 Slipper 1,2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 3, 4. 

KAMSEUR. Mary Rast, Anderson. S. C; C/iemislry: Alpha 

( ;hi ( )me£;a: Concert Band 1, 2; FAC 4. 

RA.MSl.N-. William Carev. Atlanta. Ga.; Pre-Med; Chapel 

Cliuii 2. 3: Mrns Glee Club 1. 2. 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 

3. 4: MrthcHiist Student Fellowship 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

K ANSEV, Anne Lee. Hollywood, Fla.; English: Delta 

1). It., Delta: Pre-Med Society 1. 

RA.NSON. Richard Cobb, Charlotte, N. C; Accounlini;: 
Alph.i Kappa Psi, Vic;-Pres. 4; Sigma Nu; FAC 2. 3; Shoe 
.111.1 Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3; YMCA 

RAS FALL. Peggy Lang, Sea Girt, N, J,; ./V«n»)§. 
KAT, Ronald Walter, Villa Park, 111.; Electrical Eiigi- 
«.,y A!,.; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Ep.silon; Tau Beta Pi, Sec. 
4: Sii.;ina Chi; DukEngimir 3, Managing Editor 4; Engineers 
Ciii.l.ince Council 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1." 

RA\-. Andrena Elizabeth, Sumter, S. C; French; Phi Beta 
K.ipiia; Ivy; Sigma Delta Pi; Tau Psi Omega; Delta Phi 
Rill. Alpha: Phi Mu. Pres. 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
W KA 2. 3. 

R.\V. Mary Janice, Hendersonville, N. C; Music, Ele- 

m.ul.ny Education: Pi Beta Phi; FAC 4; Women's Glee Club 

1,2; Social Standards 3; Student Union 3; WSGA 1, 2, 3, 

4; YWCA L 2, 3. 4. 

R ANSOR, Frank Wannamaker, II, Richmond Va.; Ac- 

r,.„.iii„g: Phi B.-ta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Rl-.DMOND, Larry Hollis, Asheville. N. C; Pre-Med: Pre- Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA Executive Council 4. 

Rl.l.l). Brenda Ann, Camd ;n, S. C; .\iiising: Nursts 

S.I. i,il Standards 3, 4. 

,VES, Elizabeth James, Durham. N. C; .Vursin^; 
ipus Chest 3; FAC 2; Class Treas. 1; Nurses Honor 
m il 3. 

vlRO, Carl Brown. Jr., Wilson, N. C; Geology: Kappa 
..i: Pre-Med Society 1; Shoe and Slipper Club 2. 

\OLDS, Jon Roger, LeAisviUe, N. C; Business 

«;. lation; Alpha Kappa Psi. Pres. 4; Alpha Tau Omega; 

and .Slipper Club 1, 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2; Football 1. 

.N'OLDS, William Roscoe, Martinsville, Va.; Political 
: I : Alpha Tau Omega. 


1^ ^1 M 

n ^■■■", ^ 

;-. J 



1^^ p rb c 
^ jf,> p 

RICE, John Russell, Pensacola, Fla.; Zoology: Alpha Phi 
Omcea 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Shoe and Slipper 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA, 1,2,3,4. 

RIDGE, Martha Cole, High Point, N. C; Religion; Chanti- 
cleer 1 ; Student Union 2, 3; WRA 3, 4. 
RIMER, Alan E., Larchmont, N. Y.; Ciml Engineering; 
Order of St. Patrick, Treas. 4; Beta Omega Sigma, Sec. 2; 
Chi Epsilon, Sec. 4; Delta Tau Delta; ASCE 2, 3, 4; 
DukEngineer 3, 4; Engineers Student Council 3; FAC 3; 
Housemaster 4; Religious Council 3; Student Union 1, 2. 
3, Board of Governors 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3; Swimming 1, 2; 
Lacrosse 1. 

ROBBINS, Chandler, III, Biddeford Pool. Me.; German; 
Varsity D; Delta Phi Alpha; Delta Sigma Phi; NROTC 1; 
Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Second row: 

ROBERTSON, Sandra Margaret, Greenwich, Conn.; 
Hislorv: Zeta Tau Alpha; Pep Board 2; YVVCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Pan-Hel 4. 

ROBINS, Judith Alan, High Point, N. C; Psychology; 
Kappa Alpha Theta. 

ROBINSON. Hugh Burgess. Jr.. Winter Park, Fla.; Pre- 
Med: Sigma Chi; Pre-Med Society 1. 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Track f, 2. 


Third row: 

ROBINSON, Susan, Nashville, Tenn.; English; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Ivy; Kappa Alpha Theta. Pres. 4; Ch.anticleer 
1, 2; Pep Board 1; Student Union 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2, 4; 
Pan-Hel 3. 

ROEDIGER, John Harger, VVestfield, N. J.; Electrical 
Engineering; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Omega Sigma; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Tau Omega; 
AIEE 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 3; FAC 2, 3; Pre- 
Med Society 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4. 
ROGERS, Carol Anne, Haworth, N. J.; Nursing; FAC 2; 
Pep Board 3, 4; Nurses Social Standards 3; Student Union 
2; Cheerleader 2. 

ROGERS, Edward David, Fayetteville, N. Y.; History: 
Theta Chi; Peer 2; Shoe and Slipper Club 1. 

Fourth row: 

ROM, Karen Therese, Notodden, Norway; ^oology. 

ROMAN, William Bradford, Coral Gables, Fla.; Histon: 

Delta Tau Delta. .Sec. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ROSE, Charles Peete, Henderson, N. C; Pre-Med; Beta 

Omega Sigma; Kappa Alpha; MSGA Senator 3; Pre-Med 

Society l;'Student LInion 2; YMCA 1; Class Pres. 1. 

ROSS, Courtney Beaman, Jr., Elkin, N. C; History; 

Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Omega Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; 

Phi Beta Kappa; MSGA Senator 2; Symposium Committee 

2, 4; YMCA Handbook and Directory Editor 3. 

K( )rsi:. Welby Corbett. Jr., Greensboro, N. C; English; 
l'ii-Mi(i .Society 1, 2. 

K( >\\ LAND, Elizabeth Ann, Chappaqua, N. Y.; Mursing; 
II A,, ir//... S.inta Filomena; Nurses Judicial Board 3, 4; 
Niii ■ Standards 2; Nurses Executive Board 4; 

I \( ( Ik.IIIILMI 4. 

Kl lilNM I I X.Jack C, Cincinnati, Ohio; /"rc-Z-aw; Who's 
Who; Red Friars; Zeta Beta Tau, Pres. 4; Bench and Bar 1, 
2; Men's Judicial Board 3, Chairman 4; Shoe and Slipper 
Club 2, 3; Union Party Chairman 4. 

RUDIGER. Rosalind Louise, Hawthorne, N. Y.; Mallu- 
rmilics; Zeta Tail Alpha; Women's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Student Union 2, 3, 4; YWCA 4; NSA 2; WRA 1; Outing 
Club 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 4. 

RUDOY, Herbert Lewis, Evanston, 111.; History; Old 
Trinity Club; Zeta Beta Tau; Bench and Bar 4; Shoe and 
Slipper Club 2, 3; Student Union 3, 4; NSA 1; Swimming 


RUSHTON, Stewart, Jr., Interlaken, N. ].; Ohmisliy. 
Sigma Chi; Pre-Med Society 1. 

RUTKIN, Stuart Ivan, South Orange, N. J.: Eleiliic Engi- 
nmnig; AIEE 3; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Cheer 
leadeV 2, 3, 4. 

Second row: 

RYAN, Florence June, East Grand Rapids, Mich.; I'litilicnl 

Science; Who's Who; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1, 2, 4; 

Symposium Committee 2. 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

SADER, Martha Maxwell, Brevard, N. C; Sociology: 

Chanticleer 1, 2; Concert Band 1, 2; Duke Players 1; 

Hoof 'n' Horn 1,2, 3; Pep Board 3, 4; International Club 

1, 2, 3. 

SAHN, Steven Alan, Merrick, N. Y.; Pre-Med; Zeta Beta 

Tau; Playbill 2, 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 

1, 2, 3. ' 

SALISBURY, Stephen Robert, Collingswood, N. J.; 

Political Science; Pi Sigma Alpha, Pres. 4; Phi Kappa Sigma; 

Basketball 1, 2; IFC Investigating Committee 3. 

Third row: 

SANDERS, Mariann Kirven, Winston-Salem, N. C; 
Mathematics: Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Phi Kappa Delta; 
Women's Glee Club 1, 2; Episcopal Student Fellowship 3, 
Sec. 4; Symposium Committee 4; Madrigal Singers 3. 
SANDSTEAD, Morris William, Jr., Sterling Colo.; 
History; Old Trinity Club; Sigma Chi; Bench and Bar 1, 2; 
Track 1; ,Student Union 1, 2, 3, Board of Governors 4. 
SARAFIAN, Peter Gregory, Albany, N. Y.; Chemistry: 
Delta Sigma Phi. 

SAWYERS, Jerry Brain, Needham, Mass.; History; Men's 
Glee Club 2, 3; Peer 1, 2, 3, 4; Publications Board '4. 



SAWERS, Larry Bruce, Needham, 

Men's Glee Club 1,2; House Treas. 2. 

SCHROEDER, Jacob Michael, Riverside, Conn.; History; 

Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-Pres. 4; Mens Glee Club 1, 2: 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Shoe and Slipper Club 2; YMCA 

1, 2, 3; Elections Board 2; Young Republicans 3. 

S( :( )TT, James Matics, Brvn Mawr, Pa.; Psychology; Kappa 

Smma; Football 3. 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SC :( )TT, William Horace, Durham, N. C.-.Snence Education; 

II.Hif 'n' Horn 1; Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2. 

Fifth row; 

SEAGREAVES, Warren Frank, Jr., Allentown, Pa.; Civil 

SELLERS, V. Carol, Durham, N. C; Political Science; 
Sandals; YWCA 4; House Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. 4. 
SEWELL, Robert Alvin, Franklin, Tenn.; Electrical Engi- 
neering; Eta Kappa Nu; Kappa .Mpha, Pres. 4; Pre-Med 
Societv ^. 1: Flrrtions Board 3, 
SHACK I ( )l<l 


^ O f^ f^ 

J*. O f^ O 

in Starling, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Sec. 3; Men's Glee Club 1, 2; Reh- 



), Diana Victoria, Bogota, Colombia; Zoology: Pre- 
...riety 2, 3, 4; International Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

, Knsalif Ann. Richmond. Va.; Nursing; Chapel 
1 : \\ (inirii's ( ;iri- Club 1 ; Nurses Social Standards 1; 

1)().\, Clillord (Icorgc. West Long Branch, N. J.; 
> Ailniiiiisliahivi: Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec. 4; Campus 
V I'rer Business Manager 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3; Soccer 1. 
I DAN, Alice Murrell, Chicago, 111.; Psychology; 

Alpha Thcta; WSGA 4; YWCA 1, 2; Campus 

Co-Chairman 4. 

Sn-„i„l roiv: 

SHINN, Harry Livingston, Jr., Charlotte, N. C; Accoiwling; 

Bench and Bar 4; C^ANTICLEER 1, 2; Student Union 2. 3, 

Board of Chairmen 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SIEGEL. Lawrence Bruce, Spring Valley, N. Y.; Political 

\--i H , . Varsity D; Pi Sigma Alpha; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel 

S,„„iv 1: Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 

VI, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SIMI.c ).X, Carole Lee, High Point, N. C; Elemenlary Edu- 

,,iiinii. .\lph.i Delta Pi, Pres. 4; Women's Judicial Board 

3; ^'WC.X 1, 2, 3.4; Pan-Hel 4. 

.SI.SK, Michael, Reading, Pa.; Psychology; Pre-Med .Soci- 

ne, Glassport, Pa.; Xiirsing; Pep Board 

ard, Mesa, Ariz.; History; Varsity D; 
4; Archive 4; Campus Chest 1, 2, 3, 4; 
d Slipper Club 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Third row: 

SKODOL, Hollv Anne, Glassport, Va..; Nursing; Pep Board 

1; Newman Club 1. 

SMMII. Brain Edv 

.S,,j,n,, Delta Pi, Pre:, 

NK( ) IX : 1; Shoe and Slipper 
l',,lsrl,,,ll 1. 2. 3. 4. 
SMI I II. C.iKin De Friest, Jr., Bryn Mawr. Pa.; Business 
1 /'•,.,, ,„/,„», .\lpha Kappa Psi; .Alpha Tau Omega; 
Campus Chest 1, 2, 3. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3. 4. 
SMITH, Clayton Fitzhugh, Jr.. Thomasville, N. C; 

I'ouilh i.,w: 

SMIIII, Dana Gibson. Charleston. W. Va.; Sociology: 

K..|,|,.i Alpha; Football 1. 2. 

SMI I II, Donald Edward, Granite Falls, N. C; Economics; 

SMIIII. I'.li/al):-th Ann. Kennesaw. Ga.; Eigtish; Delta 
Phi .Mpii.i; Dilta Mu Tau; Alpha Chi Omega; Concert 
Band I, 2, 3, 4; Methodist Student Fellowship 1. 2, 3, 4. 
SMITH, Frances Ann, Atlanta, Ga.; Science Education; 
Kappa Delta. 

SMIIII. Letitia .■Xnne, Charlotte. N. C; History: Who's 
117,,,. IWC 3; Student Union 3; WSGA 4; YWC.\ 1. 2. 4; 
I l.iusc President 4. 

SMI 111. Marcia Sharon. Hampton, Va.; French; Phi Beta 
K.ipp.i; Ivy; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Society 1, 2, 3, 4; 
WDHS I; YWCA 2, 4. 

SMiril, Thomas Sidney, Pittsburgh, Pa.; History: Delta 
I. Ill Delta; Pre-Med Society 1. 

SM( lor, Edith A., Atlanta, Ga.; Nursing: Nurses Social 
St.mdards 3; FAC 2. 

iTHERMAN. Robert Ridley. Nashville, Tenn.; 
1. Pi Kappa Phi; FAC 3. 4; MSGA 1; Religious 
eil 3: Methodist Student Fellowship 1; Shoe and 
rrClub2, 3; YMCA 1, 3, 4. 

:K. Linda Jean. Raleigh. N. C; Music: Phi Beta 
),i; Who's ]\ hn: Phi Kappa Delta; Tau Psi Omega; 
Mil l\ni: I'lii Mu; Chapel Choir 2, 3. 4; Concert 
1. : V 1. Women's Glee Club 2; Chancjl Singers 
^^.n|.lH.llv ( )i(lK-stra 1. 2. 3,4. 

^( IK. Stewart Thorne, Pensacola, Fla.; Malhematics: 
L, s.jina; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Nu; NROTC 1, 2; 

•Sl'l.Mil.R, Willian 
Alplia Tau Omega. 


Dd, Hollywood, Fla 


SPETH, Bonnie Jean, Jacksonville, Fla.; .Nursing; Women's 
Glee Club 2; Pre-Med Society 1; Chancel Singers 2. 
SPRINGER, John William. Sandusky, Ohio; Meclmnual 
Engineering: Delta Tau Delta; ASME 4 Engineers Guid- 
ance Council 4; Class Sec.-Treas. 3, 4. 

SPRUILL, John Reynold, Roper, N. C; Malhernalics: 
Men's Glee Club 2. 

STALLINGS, Kenneth Maynard, Durham, N. C; Ai- 
counting: Varsity D; Town Mens Club 1. 2, Vice-Pres. 3. 4; 
Baseball 1. 2, 3. 4. 

Third row: 

STATTENFIELD, Daniel B., Oklahoma City, Okla.; 
Mechanical Engimenng: 'Varsity D; ASME 3. 4; Engineers 
Guidance Council 2, 3; Soccer 1. 2, 3, 4. 

STEED, Ronald Craig. Greensboro, N. C; Mechanical 
Engtmenm: Theta Chi; ASME 3, 4; Chapel Choir 1, 2; 
Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigal Singers 3, 4. 
STEELE, Thomas Wesley, Spartanburg, S. C; History; 
Who's Who: Red Friars; Beta Omega Sigma; Corsairs; Sig- 
ma Nu, Pres. 4; Court of Appeals 3; Men's Judicial Board 4; 
NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3; Semper 
Fidelis 3, 4; Commodore Club 3, 4; Housemaster 4. 
STEEN, Marcia Lynne, Manhasset, N. Y.; Nursing: Peer 
2; Nurses Honor Council 3; Class Sec. 2. 

STEIN, Richard Nathan, Tampa, Fla.; Economics; Tau 
Epsilon Phi; Duke Players 2, 3; Business Manager 4; 
Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3; Business Manager 4; Hillel .Society 1, 2. 
.STEPHEN, Frederick Ronald, Durham, N. C; Polilical 
Science: Varsity D; AFROTC I. 2, 3, 4; Football Manager 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

STERLING. Lance Frankhn, Miami, Fla.; English. 
STETll.l'.R. R.itlileen Carol, Clifton, N. J.; El-ctrieal 
Eng,n,r,in«. II/m', Who: Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Pi Mu 
Epsilon; l.iu liit.i Pi; Eta Kappa Nu Vice-Pres. 4; Alpha 
Phi AIEE 4; UukEm^mar 4. 

/•',///, raw: 

SI l,VENS,Joel Bartlett, III, Kingsport, Tenn.; Mechanical 

I :n-,,u,g: Theta Chi; ASME 4; Episcopal Student Fel- 

lo^^^llip 1, 2; Sailing Club 2, Pres. 3, 4. 

.SI EVENS, Thomas Joseph. .Asheville, N. C; History: 

Alpha Phi Omega 4; Bench and Bar 3, 4; Campus Chest 1 ; 

Newman Club 4; YMCA 1. 2. 3, 4; Young Democrats 

Vice-Pres. 3. 4; IDC 3. 

SI ll.WELL, Louise Alison, San Francisco, Calif., Sociology; 

\'''\> Hoard 1, 2; Student L'nion Major Attractions Com- 

nnttre 1 , 2, 3. Board of Governors 4; Westminster Fellow- 

^lii|. 1. 2. 3. 4; Pegasus 1 , 2. 3. 

s|i)M,. linn. -11 Kenneth, Blac'isburg, Va.; Physics; Phi 

H. lA K,,|,|,.,; iieta Omeea .Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu 

I,|>mI,,ii. \ u.--Pres. 4; .Sigma Pi Sigma, Pres. 4; Wresthng 


^ ,a p p 

p e ^ 

c ^ 


P P (^ O 


^ <^ P ft 

(^ /^ ^^ 

'^, ^ ^ p 

STRAYHORN, Martha Davis, Nashville, Tenn.; Maih- 
emalics and Economics: Who's Who: Phi Kappa Delta; Pi 
Mu Epsilon; Delta Phi Rho Alpha; Alpha Chi Omega- 
FAC 3; WSGA 4. 

STRICKLAND, James Edward, Columbia, S. C; Math- 
nnaltcs: Per Copy Editor 2, 3; YMCA 1, Dad's Day Com- 
inittrr2, 3, 4;Fencing2. 

S riBHS, Thomas Harold, II, Middletown, Ohio; History. 
SircKEV, Carol LaOrande, Charlotte, N. C; History; 
Methodist Student Fellowship 1 ; 

NSA 2; House Pres. 4; 


Second row: 

SULLIVAN, John Hansell. Asheville, N. C; English, Phi 

Kappa Sigma; Bench and Bar 3; YMCA 1. 2, 3, 4. 

SUN, Pamela Powers, Toledo, Ohio; History: Zeta Tau 

Alpha; Chanticleer 1. 2; Social Standards I; .Student 

Union 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2. 

SriTil irrr,. R,,l|,h [oe, Durham, N. C; Electrical Engi- 

' , .;■ K,,|,|M Si, Ml.,: AIEE 2; NROTC 1; Shoe and 


rdinate Board 


Third row: 

SWEGER, Daniel Marion, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Physics; Theta 
Chi; Chapel Choir 2; Men's Glee Club 2; Me'thodist Stu- 
dent Fellowship 1; Shoe and Slipper Club 2; YMCA 4. 
SYDNOR, Caroline Meade, Alexandria, Va. ; Religion; 
Pi Beta Phi. 

TAFT, Charles Van, Greenville, N. C; Pnliliial Science; 
Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Med Society 1; YMCA 1; House 
Council 1 ; Class Sec.-Treas. 3. 

TAGGART, Barbara Josephine. Pitman, N. J.; French: Tau 
Psi Omega. 

Fourth row: 

TAYLOR, Edward Cvrus, III.. Staunton, Va.; Mechamcnl 
Engineering; ASME 3, 4. 

TAYLOR, Thomas Newton, Charlotte, N. C; Electrical 
Engineering: AIEE 3. 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. 
TII\>'r,K All). Wli.uton, Greensboro, N. C; Economics: 
i'l r.ri,, I'hi ( nxMh I I iR 3; Pep Board 4. 
I I |i i\l \s Dill I. 1,1- \ , East Hampton, N. Y.; Mechanical 
/..,,;,,,,. . . K,,pi.., Sinnia; ASME 2, 3. 4; Engineers Guid- 
ance- Ciouncil 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2, 3;'NROTC 1; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

THOMPSON, Richard Miles, Newburgh, N. Y.; Math- 
ematics: Phi Kappa Psi; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper 
Club 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 
THOMY. Vincent Anthony, Jr., Lake City, S. C; Psy- 
chclogy; Pi Kappa Phi; Men's Glee Club 1 ; Hoof 'n' Horn 
3, 4;' Pre-Med .Society 1; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; 
Student Union 2. 3, Board of Governors 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
THURMAN. lerrv Tim, Signal Mountain, Tenn.; Reli- 
on.n: \',iiMi\ 1); Al ROTC 1; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, 
\ir.--l'irs 1 \1S(, \ 1, 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 3; 
l.l)isi()|),il Siuil'iii I I llowship 4; YMCA 1; Cheerleader 
2, 3, 4, (Juuul; Club 1, 2; Campus Party Chairman 4. 
Tl'lUS, Donald Ray, Crane, Ind.; Political Science; AF- 
ROTC 1, 2, 3; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3; Men's Glee Club 1, 
2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3. 

TOBIN. Sammie Lou, Dayton, Ohio; Psychology; Alpha 

Phi: Campus Chest 2, 3; Pep Board 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

TODD. Joseph Hampton, Fayetteville, N. C; Accounling: 

\Ipha Kappa Psi; .Si^ma Nu; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and 

Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 

3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 4. 

TODD, Margery Lee, Johnstown, Pa.; Polilkal Science; 

Sandals; I\y: Phi Kappa Delta; Kappa Kappa Gamma; 

House Council 1, 2. 

TODD. Peyton Henry. HL Atlanta. Ga.; Psychology: Sigma 

Chi; Chanticleer 3; YMCA 3, 4. 

Second roiv: 

TOUSEY, Gail Marie. Jacksonville. Fla.; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Who's Who; Phi Kappa Delta; Sandals; Kappa 
Delta; FAC 3; Women's Judicial Board 4; YWCA L 2, 3, 
4; Westminster Fellowship 4. 

TRENT, Mary Elizabeth, St. Petersburg Beach, Fla.; 
French; Tau Psi Omega; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Chapel 
Choir 1 ; Women's Glee Club 1,2; YWC.^ UN Coordinator 
4; WSG.A. Foreign Student Committee 4; Pan-Hel 4, UN 
Model Assembly 4. 

TRENT, Rebecca Grev, Durham. N. C: Pre-Med: Alpha 
Delta Pi. 

TRIMBUR, Nancy Jean. Warren. Ohio; English: Zeta 
Tau Alpha; Campus Chest 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3; WRA 1, 2. 

Third row: 

TROTT. David Walter. Garden City. N. Y.; Mechnnual 
Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma, Sec. 4; AS ME 3. 
Chairman 4; Engineer's Guidance Council 4; IDC 3; 
Engineers Student Council 4. 

TRUESDELL. John Alan, Flint, Mich.; History: Sigma 
Nu; Bench and Bar 1, Sec. 2. 3; Pep Board 1; Chairman 
2; WDBS Sales Manager 4; Elections Board 4. 
TUCKER. William Hiram. HL Memphis, Tenn.; Ac- 
counting: Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Kappa Psi. Treas. 4; 
Archive 3. Business Manager 4; Concert Band L 
TURNER. Jack Sherrill," Durham. N. C; Physics: Pi Kappa 
Phi; MSG A 3; Town Men's Club 1 . 

I< iG. Margaret Jane. High Point. N. C; .Nursing: FAC 
lass Pres. 3; Nurses Judicial Board, Chairman 4; 
.A Executive Council 2. 4. 

I)1:N, Henry Otto, Point Pleasant Beach, N. J., Civil 
ne.nng; ASCE 3, 4; Wrestling 3. 

il.E. David Robert. Shaker Heights. Ohio; Economics: 
Delta Theta; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, Captain 

<1C:H. William Paul. Jr.. Audubon, N. J.; History: 
.pa Sigma; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Athletic Re- 
rntative 2, 3, 4. 

l-ifih ,„w: 

I'MSIEAD. Merle Bradley, Durham, N. C:.; Pohlunl 

S,-„„ir: Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA Cabinet 1; NSA 

1. 2. 4; House Treas. 3. 

Ll'CllURCH, Mabel Stuart, Raleigh, N. C; History: 

White Duchy; Who's Who; Phi Kappa Delta; Sandals; Ivy; 

Alplui Delta Pi; FAC 3. Chairman A; Student Union 1. 3 

Hnii.i of Governors 4; WSGA 2. 

\A|[,. Helen Winifred, Durham. N. C; Sociology: Zeta 

Liu .\lpha; YWC:A 1. 2. 3. 4; Westminster Fellowship 

\"A\ HETTINGA. John Quincy, La Grange, 111.; Psychol- 
"i). IJuke Players 2; Hoof 'n' Horn 2. 


^- f^' d o 

f^ a t' 



1 -»* ^ -^ ^-1 


9 ^ ^ t*> 

F/jj-/ row: 

VICKERY, Raymond E.. Jr., Vienna. \'a.: /'-,',',, „/ S, ,, ,,, ■ 

Phi Beta Kappa; Red Friars; Wlw'i WIkk :. ■ n 1 ). Ita 

Kappa; Beta Omega Sigma; Sigma Drh.i I'l. I'l Nimn.i 
Alpha; Pi Kappa Phi; AFROTC: 1 ; CImmuU 4. I .\C 2. 3; 
Men's Judicial Board 4; MSGA Senator 2, Treas. 3, 4; 
NSA 4. 

VINCENT, Roger Sherman, Dedham, Mass.; History; Beta 
TIm I,, Pi; MSGA 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2. 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2. 
\I\II\M,K. Jane, Franconia, N. H.; French: Chapel 
i:li..i- l.J. 1 Chancel Singers 2; Women's Glee Club 1,2, 4. 
\\ A1,SM.\N, Margaret, Tampa, Fla.; Chemistry; Chronicle 2; 
Womens Judicial Board 3; Peer 2; Pre-Med. Society 2, 3, 
4; Student Union 2, 3, 4; Symposium Committee 4. 

WALD, Harlan Ira, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Pre-Med; Pre-Med 
Society 1, 2. Secretary 4; Chronicle 1, 2. 4; Marching Band 
1, :■. 4: 2. 4; Hillel Society 1 . 2, 4. 

W AIDKOP, Gwendolvn Johnston, Richmond. Va.; Chem- 
,~in. n.jta Phi Rho .\lpha; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 
V 4; \\"R \ 2. ^. 4. 

W \l KI.K ( iM.les David, .-Mlison Park, Pa.; Political fe- 
ll ■ M -.. Varsity D; Sigma Chi. Pres. 4; .\FROTC 
1. I'm-\i,,| s,„irty 1, 2; Newman Club 1. 2, 3, Pres. 4; 
I ( ll.iwslilp of C:hristian Athletes, Sec.-Treas. 4; Football 
I. 2, 1. Captain 4. 

W AIKER, David Neal, Fort Worth, Texas; Political Science; 
Vuung Republicans; Golf 1. 

R, Elaine Jenkins, Durham. N. C; German; Ivy; 
;hoir 1, 2; Chancel Singers 2; Women's Glee Club 
ipus Chest 1 ; Student Union 2. 
R. Thomas Lee. Durham, N. C; Psychology; Duke 
, 3; I loof 'n' Horn 3; YMCA 1, 2; Pre-Med. Society 

R. William Montgomery, Rock Island, 111.; 

'.: n, 1, ,,n.l I!ai 1 . 2, 3, 4; Methodist Student Fel- 
;■ W' .i,„iMsiri Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. 
I \l,ii\ I liri. s, Morehead City, N. C; .Varying; 

siii-i N s,,i lal St.indards 1; Nurses Honor Council 
Pulilications C:hairman 4. 

W \l lACE, Sue D., Chapel Hill, N. C; History: Concert 
I'..iimI I . Baptist Student Union 1,2; YWCA 1, 2. 
W Mil). Trias Emerson, Lakeland, Fla.; Electrical Engi- 
• I'l Mil r,| Theta Chi; Engineers Guidance 

W \KI>I l< liaiik K. hi, Anderson, S. C; Pre-Med; Phi 
Kappa ^i^ilia. (.,/,;,»;,,.', 1; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3; West- 
mmster Fellowship 1, 2; YMCA 1. 2. 3. 4. 
WASHBURN, Barbara Jane. Bloomington, 111.; History; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Phi Kappa Delta; Kappa Alpha 
Theta; Nereidian 1. 2; Student Union 2. Educational 
AfTairs Committee Co-Chairman 3. Board of Governors 4. 

Fijth row: 

WATSON, .Man Douglas. Rocky Mount, N. C; liiisiness 


\\\ I S( )N, Katrinajohnsi.n. R.iln.J,. \. il: English: fVho's 

II ';. I'lu Kappa Delta: I), h i I'ln Mpha: Alpha Delta Pi; 

Si I la! Standards 2; SviiipoMniii ( i iiiiiiiittee 4; Student 

I III.. II 1,2, 3, 4; Pan-Hel 1,2. ^ W ( A 1 , 2, 3, 4. 

W \ I S( )\. WHIiam Edward, Wilson, N. C; Mathematics; 

rill III la Ka|i[..i: Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Chapel 

(hi. II I. .\lrii\ Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper 

Club I. 2. 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WEAVER, Janet Marie, Nashville, N. C.; English; Alpha 

Phi, Pres. 3; Methodist Student Fellowship 1 ; YWCA 1 , 2, 4. 

WEBBER, Winona Louise, Winter Park, Fia.; Enalish; 

Methodist Student Fellowship 1; YWCIA 1, 2, .^; Nercidian 

1, 2; Terpsichorean 1, 3, 4. 

WEEKS, Barbara Kay, Aiken, S. C; Elementary Education; 

Phi Mu; Chanticleer 1. 

VVELDON. Nancy Leila. Greensboro, N. C; Religion: 

Religious Council 2. 3, 4; Methodist Student Fellowship 

1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 4. 

WELLS, Richard Douglas, Glen Rock, N. I.; C™/"?!'.' 

Delta Sigma Phi. 

Second row: 

WEST, David LeRoy, Woodland. N. C; Sociology: Varsity 

D; Phi Kappa Sigma; Fellowship of Christian' Athletes; 

Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4. 

WESTERMAN. Charles Edward. Jr.. Falls Church. Va.: 

Economics: Sigma Chi; NROTC 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Union 2. 

WHARTON, Paul Burke, Keyport. N. J.; History: Chapel 

Choir 1, 2, 3. 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 

WHE.AT, Mary Erskine, Aiken, S. C; Music; Ivy; Who's 

Who; Delta Mu Tau; Concert Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Hoof "n" 

Horn 2. 3; Episcopal Student Fellowship L 2; Student 

Union 2. 3; Symphony Orchestra 2. 3. 4; WSGA 4. 

Charlotte. N. C.; Religu 

Third row: 

WHEELER. Harold N 

Kappa Alpha. 

WIllSNANT. John Keenan. Jr.. Shelby. X C. P, -\l,.i 

Phi Beta Kappa; Chapel Choir 1. 2; M.-n\ < ,|. . ( I,, I, I ' 

M.iRhing Band 2. 3. 4; MSGA 1. 2; l',.-\|.,| s,„,.ix 

1. 2. 3. 4; Baptist Student Union 3. 4; YM( : A 1. V Mnns. - 

\M 11 IE. Jane Dale, Shelby, N. C; History: Sigma Delta 
Pi. < li.ncert Band 1. 2; Westminster Fellowship 1. 2, Vice- 
I'l'v 3. 4; Campus Chest 3; Chronicle \, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 3. 4. 
WHIFE. Thomas Sherwell, Greenville, S. C; Sociology: 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Chronicle 3; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep 

W HITTLE. Reed Lavzelere. Winter Park. Fla.; Psychology: 
Pi .Sigma .\lpha; Bench and Bar 1, 2. 3; Debate team '3; 
Episcopal Student Fellowship 3. 4; YMCA 1, 2. 3. 4; 
.Swimming 1. 

\\ILB()URNE. Harriet Sharon. Lillington. N. C; Politi- 
,.// \-„nce: Pi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Phi; Chronicle 1; YWCA 
1 : ^ oung Democrats 4. 

.C:OX. Landis Melrose. Winston-Salem. N. C; English- 

1; FAC 4; YWCA l'. 

Delta Delta; Chai 

-KINS. William Thomas. Durha 

n.cjwg: AIEE 3. 4. 

N. C; £/,., 


WILKINSON, James Glenn. Norman. Okla • I'olilual 
Sn.ncr: Whos Who: Varsity D; Old Trinity Club; Phi Delta 
I ii.i.i: Men's Judicial Board 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Fellow- 
sliip i]l Christian Athletes. 

WILKINSON. Lillian Anne, Charleston, W. Va ■ Malh- 
emaius; Alpha Delta Pi; .Social Standards 2, 3. 
WILLIAMS. Alvah Tennyson. Chesapeake. Va.; Political 
Science; Tau Kappa Alpha, Sec. 3; Delta Sigma Phi. Sec. 3- 
Debate Team 1 , 2, Pres. 3. 4; YMCA 1 . 2. 3. 4. 
WILLIAMS, Edwin Joseph. Durham, N. C; History 
YMct ,^'1"'^^"°"^' Affairs Committee Chairman '3; 


r^ p __ 

\-s feyry f-^ -f--^- 

I--' ^ (% O^ 


, K.,|> 

llr, Haywood, Columbia, S. C; English: 
.,i: ,l,,/»,v4: Pen2, 3. 


Cli.l,' WVndel, Birmingham, Mich.; History: 
quia; Bench and Bar 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and 
; Student Union 1, 2. 


Martha Elizabeth, Alcoa, Tenn.; Malh- 
Ir 2, Offce Manager 3, 4; Methodist Student 
2, 3; YWCA 1. 

A MS. 
lui Ba 

Melvin Guy, Pink Hill, N. C; History; 
2, 3, 4; Pep Board 2, 3, 4; Methodist Student 
2, 3, 4; .Student Union 1, 2. 3, 4; YMCA 
ung Democrats 1, 2, Vice.-Pres. 3. Pres. 4. 

WILLIAMS, Richard Gordon. Jr., Harrington. R. I.; 
Pre-Med: Beta Thcta Pi; Pre-Med Society 1. 2. 3. 4; MSGA 
Student Life Committee 3. 4; Lacrosse 1, 4. 
WILLIAMSON. John Neville. Wauseon. Ohio; Mathe- 
matics: Who's IVho: Phi Beta Kappa; Red Friars; Pi Mu 
r.psilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Tau Delta, Pres. 4; 
Chaijrl Clhoir 1, 2; FAC 4; Mens Glee Club 1, 2; Men's 
JiHlual Board 4; Housemaster 3. 

WILSON. Patricia Gail. North .Arlington. Va.; Geology; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Chapel Choir 2, Women's Glee 
Club 2. 

WINSTON, James Fallon, Coral Gables, Fla.; Electrical 
Engineering; AIEE 3, 4. 


Thtrd row: 

WINZELER, William Charles, Napoleon, Ohio; Prr-Med- 

F.nglish; Sigma Nu. 

\VIKSC:HNITZER. Justus Mueller. Jr., Baltimore, Md.; 

.\,.,:u„i„ig: NROTC 1; Peer 2, 3, 4; WDBS 2, 3, 4; YMCA 

WISE, Nancy Marie, Raleigh, N. C; .Kursing; Student 
Union 1 , 2. 

WOLF. Mary Magdalene, Cicero, 111.; Spanish: Delt.i 
Delta Delta. 

\\i IMHLE, William Fletcher, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C; 
l\,liii,,d Science; Who's Who; Beta Omega Sigma; Phi Delta 
Iheta; Bench and Bar 1. 2; Campus Ches't 2; MSGA 2, 
Student Life Committee Chairman 3, Senator 4; Newman 
Club 1,2, 3, 4; .Soccer I, 2. 

WONSIDLER, Robert Ray, Hellertown. Pa.; Electrical 
Engineering; AIEE 3, 4; DukEngineer 3, 4; Track 1. 
WORDEN, Susan Frances, Falls Church, Va.; History; 
Zeta Tau Alpha. 

WLTLFSBERG, Einar John, Arlington, Va.; Pre-Med; Phi 
1). li.i Iheta; Pre-Med Society 3, 4; Lutheran Student As- 
s.., i.iiion 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; 




Fifth row: 

YAGER, Sue, Silver Spring. Md.; Political Sciei 
Psi Omega; Ivy; Zeta Tau .Alpha. 
YAKE, Jeffry Thomas, Titusville. N. J.; Mechanical Engi- 
neering: Arnold Air Society; Lambda Chi Alpha; AFROTC 
1, 2, 3, 4; ASME 3, 4; YMCA Dad's Day Committee 1. 
YARGER, Greig Toms, South Bend, Ind.; Eleclrical Engi- 
neering: Sigma Nu; AIEE 2, 3, 4; FAC 3, 4; Methodist 
Student Fellowship 1; Student Union 4; Sailing Club 1, 2, 
3, Pres. 4. 

Y.ARNALL, Lynn Louise, Greensboro, N. C; History; 
Sandals, Vicc-Pres. 2; Kappa Alpha Thcta; Women's 
Glee Club 1 ; YWCA 2. 

First row: 

YARNALL, Wayne Heritage, Stone Harbor, N. J.; FJec- 

trical Engineering: AIEE 1, 2, 3; Radio Council 4; WDBS 

1, 2, 3, 4; Sailing Club 1. 2, 4; Swimming Manager 2; 
Engineers Radio Association 1, 2, 3, 4. 

YEH, Betty, Lynchburg, Va.; Mathematics; Ivy; Pre-Med 
Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Chorus 1; WRA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
YOCUM, Edward Strickland, Larchmont, N. Y.; History: 
Varsity D; Beta Thcta Pi, Vice-Pres. 4; Men's Glee Club 1 ; 
IFC 3; Swimming 1, 2, 3. 4. 

YODZIS, Peter Paul, Baltimore, Md.; Physics; Chronicle 2; 
3, 4; Unitarians 2, 3. 

Second row: 

YORK, Tekla ,\nn, San Antonio, Texas; History: Sigma 

Delta Pi; Delta Delta Delta; FAC 4; YWCA 1. 2, 3, 4; 

/\r(;G, Mary Cecile, Annandale, Va. ; History: Alpha 
rill < >inega, Pres. 4. 

Zl.REN, Richard William, Towson, Md.; Mechanical 
Engineering; Phi Beta Kappa; I17ki'.( ll'ho; Order of Saint 
Patrick; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Omega Sigma; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; 
Theta Chi, Pres. 4; ASME 1, 2, 3. Vice-Chairman 4; Court 
of Appeals 2, Chairman 4; Engineers Guidance Council 

2, 3, 4; Engineers Student Council, Vice-Pres. 4; FAC 2, 
Junior Chairman 3; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1; 
WDBS 1, 2. 

ZIDE. Elliott Lawience, Fitchburg, Mass.; Pre-Med: Tau 
Epsilon Phi, Pres. 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, Pre-Med Society 1, 
2, 3, 4; Religious Council 3, 4, Methodist Student Fellow- 
ship 1, 2, 3, 4; N.SA 1, 2, Wesley Playeis 3, 4. 



seniors not pictured 

BENNETT, Frank White, HI, Durham, N. C; Music; Delta Mu Tau; 
Concert Band 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4; Duke Ambassadors 2, Leader 3, 4; Hoof 
'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2; Student Union Fine Arts Com- 
mittee 2; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Town Men's Club 1, 2; 
Madrigal Singers 4. 

CONROY, Dale Daniel, Bethpage, N. Y.; Political Science: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Kappa Sigma; Bench and Bar 2; Swimming 2. 

MULLEN, James NichoUs, Gastonia, N. C; History; Tau Psi Omega; 
Kappa Sigma; Student Union Fine Arts Committee 3; YMCA 1, 2, 
3, 4; NROTC 1. 

.SNOW, Sabin Tucker, Durham. N. C; Spanish; Kappa Sigma; 
NROTC 1, 2; Commodore Club 1, 2; Lacrosse 1, 2. 

EMLET. Jackie Ward, Rowland, N. C; Music: Delta Delta Delta; 
Chapel Choir 1; Women's Glee Club 1. 

Duke Players 3, 4; He 
.Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 

I, Lynbrook, N. Y.; English: Tau Epsilon Phi; 
)f 'n' Horn 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Hillel 


OFFICERS: Lejt to right: President Dennes 
Seailes, Secretary Libba Barnett. Treasurer 
|()vce Harrold, Vice-President Dolores 

OFFICERS: Left to right: Secretary-Treasurer 
Phil LaMotte, President Sherif Nada, Vice- 
President Tom Zavelson. 




> vf 

SC:H00L of NURSING junior CLASS 
OFFICERS: Left to right: Treasurer Caroline 
Lewis, President DeeDee Farnham, Vice- 
President Hettie Garland, Secretary Tharon 



CLASS OFFICERS: President JohnMcClain. 
Absent: Secretary-Treasurer Scott Salter. 


Mary Alice 
Clifford S. 
Patricia Lee 
lames Kenneth 
,bT, Arnold Lorentz 

Danville, Kv. 

San Mateo, Calif. 

McLean, Va. 

Jenkintown, Pa. 

Denver, Colo. 

Sfcnnd roit 

AI.BERS. Barbara Jan East Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Al.nRIDGE, John Graves Mt. Airy, N. C;. 

ALI,1:N. Margaret Bothwell Edina, Minn. 

.\LLVN. Donald Lancv Moorestown, N. J. 

.\NDERS, Charles Alan Hyattsville, Md, 

Thud row: 

ANDERSON, C. Robert 
ANDERSON. Thomas J. 
ANDREWS, Craig Neal 
.VNUTT.A, Lucile Jamison 
APPLETON, Susan Elizabeth 

Fourth row: 

ARENSON, Ronald Lee 
ARGY, John 

B.\CHM.^N, Walter E., Ill 
BADGETT, Alice Sheppard 

Fifth row: 

BAER, George James 
BAILEY, Alice Jean 
BAIRD, Edward F. 
BAKER, Judith .•\nn 
BAKER, Susannah Carlin 

.Springfield, 111. 

.\tianta, Ga. 

Manchester, Pa. 

Watford, England 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Glenview, III. 

Pensacola, Fla. 

Hollywood, Fla. 

Easton, Pa. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 

Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Wilmington, Del. 

.Alden, Pa. 

Ashland, Ky. 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Sixth row: 

BALDERSTON, Barbara Glen Mills, Pa. 

BALITSARIS, Peter M. Knoxvillc, Tcnn. 

BANKS, Lawrence Kirk Greensboro, N. C. 

BANKS, Wendell Phillips Blagden Atlanta, Ga. 

BARBEE, Ronald Mills ■" MorrisviUe, N. C. 

Seventh row: 

BARLOW, Richard Smith Bardstown, Ky. 

BARNES, .Stephen P. Huntington, N. Y. 

BARNETT. Elizabeth Anne Atlanta, Ga. 

B.ASS. Kenneth Carrington, III Wilmington, Del. 

BAUER, Euphemia Church, II Westfield, N. J. 

E,i!,hlh row: 

BAUMGARTNER, Bruce Richard Ft. Thomas, Ky. 
BAY, Edna Grace Dover, Ohio 

BAYES, Guy Anthony Falls Church, Va. 

BEASLEY, Frederick Alexander Aiken, S. C. 

BELL, Sarah Ellen Spruce Pine, N. C. 

Ninth row: 

BELL. Virginia Douglas Greensboro, N. C. 

BENJAMIN. Albert Edward, Jr. Baltimore, Md. 

BENJAMIN, Lucinda Moore New Fairfield, Conn. 
BENNETT, Ann Louise Raleigh, N. C. 

BENNETT, Bruce Rittenhouse Atlanta, Ga. 

Tenth row: 

BENNETT, Diane Carol 
BENNETT, John Herbert 
BERGQUIST, Linda Ruth 
BERRY, Thomas Cornell, Jr 
BERTSCH,John Roger 

Chicago, 111. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Lake Worth, Fla. 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

O P f^i 

(^ O O !^' ^ 

O B ^ f)0l 

f^ O O P 

P r #?, o .. 

Q f^ P P f) 




P ^ ^ P 



I',1M<FELD, James L. Highland Park, 111. 

m.ACK. Jane Elizabeth Columbia, S. C. 

BLAC;KARD, William Raymond, Jr. 

Jacksonville. Fla. 
BUCK, John S. St. Simons Island. Ga. 

BLOHM. Barbara Ann Greenwood, S. C. 

Second row 
BOGGS, Parker T. 
BOND. James A. 
BOST.Juanita Mae 
BOSVVELL. Richard Neal 
BOUMAN, John Karl 

T/iird row: 

BOYD, Mary Brantley 
BOYLES. Sandra Kay 
BRACY. Benjamin Franklin 
BRADING, Barbara Alice 
BRADSHER. Patricia Marv 

Fo„rll, row: 

BRANN0C;K, Larry Richard 
BRANSC:OMB. Ernest Jack 
BREDDER. Roy Stanley 
BREWSTER. John Edwards. Ji 
BRIDGEMAN, Kenneth Sterlir 

Fiflh row: 

BRILL, Howard Walter 
BROKER, Nathanael 
BROOKS, Charles Irving 
BROOKS, Donald Bradley 
BROWN, Diane Elizabeth 

Slxlll row 

BROWN, Paul Frederick, Jr. 
BROWN. Timothy Scott 
BROWNELL. Tempe Currv 
BRUMMETT. Barbara Sue 
BURCKEL. Mary Augusta 

Falmouth, Mass. 

Lutherville, Pa. 

Eagle Springs, N. C. 

Brunswick, Ga. 

Binghamton, N. Y. 

Seirnlh row: 

KlRKl. ]■ 

.\ndrcw Lynn. Jr 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Orangeburg, S. C. 

Sumter, S. C. 

Durham. N. C. 

Reidsville, N. C. 

Chattanooga. Tenn. 

Morristown, N. J. 

Wheaton, 111. 

5 Richmond, Va. 

Daytona Beach. Fla. 
Concord, N. H. 
Memphis, Tenn. 
Durham, N. C. 
Durham, N. C. 

Clearwater, Fla. 

Sharon. Conn. 

Bethesda. Md. 

Norwalk. Conn. 

Wilmington. Del. 

.■\rlington, Va. 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 

\Vinchester, Mass. 

Richmond, Va. 

Hyattsville, Md. 

Eighth row: 

BURWELL. Jeanne Drost Greensboro, N. C. 

BUTLER, Marilyn Kay McComb, Miss. 

CALDWELL, Elizabeth Kennedy Dillon. S. C. 

CALEEN. Reynold Laurence, Jr. Palm Beach, Fla. 

CAMERON, Betty Sue Atlanta, Ga. 

.Vinlh row: 

f:AMi:RON, Donald Curtis 
( : Wll'HI.II., .\nita Carol 
( \\l ri',1 I I , James Stewart 
( \1<. \\\ \^ . James Spcncc 
LiARDLN, Gary Russell 

Tenth . 

Upper Montclair, N. J. 

Savannah, Ga. 

Ill Charlotte, N. C. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

CARDONA, Ginny Ft. Belvoir, Va. 

CARITHERS, Susan Jacksonville, Fla. 

CARPENTER, Thomas Sheridan Attleboro, Mass. 

CARROLL, Dorothy Constance Chappaqua, N. Y. 

CASHWELL, Leon Franklin, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. 

CASTLE, Tniman R. 
CAUDLE. Bctsv Kathivn 
CAWLEY.John Arnold. Jr 
CAYCE, E. Evans 
CHAMBERS, John Alfred 

CH.\MBLEE, Carole Annette 
CIIE.\THAM, Robert Lee 
C:H0TINER. Gerald 
CLARK. Doiit;las Mason 
CLARK. Jean Elizabeth 

Tliml rmv: 
CL.\Y, Gertrude Linda 
COBB, Lawrence Wells 
COCKER, Wesley Louis 

COHOE. Geraldine .\nn 
COLCLOUGH, Andrew Eve 
COLEMAN, Linda Lorraine 
COLL. John Peter 
COLVIN. Beverly Jean 

F,Jlh row: 

COMBS. Mary Camille 
CONN. Judith 
CONNOR, Henry David 
CONRAD. Carl Edward 
COOEY, Karen Maureen 

Sixth row: 

COOK, Barbara Ellen 
COOPER, Be.ty PhiUips 
COOPER, Larry Allen 
CORBIN, Lee Lewis 
CORDY'ACK, Cathrvn Anne 

Glenview. Ill 

Greensboro. N. t: 

Elkhart, Ind 

Virginia Beach. Va 

Birmingham, .\la 

High Point, N. C. 

Pulaski. Tenn. 

McKeesport. Pa. 

Rye. N. Y. 

Stratford. Conn. 

Denver. Colo. 

Sao Paulo. Brazil 

.\tlanta. Ga. 

.\rlington. Va. 

Westport, Conn. 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Arlington, Va. 

Sunbury, Pa. 

Carnegie. Pa. 

Dillsburg. Pa. 

Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Summit. N.J. 

Louisville. Kv. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Hagerstown, Md. 

Dayton, Ohio 

Durham. N. C. 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Livingston. N. J. 

Frederick. Md. 

Seventh row: 
CORN, Lila Carol 
CORNWELL. Susan Hipson 
COTTER. Douglas .\drian 
COTTERILL. Susan Elizabeth 
COVINGTON, James Edwin 

Eighth row: 

COWAN. Florence AUene 

COWHERD. Frank Garnett. HI 

COX, Gwin Lee 

COX, Joseph Harper 

GREAVES. Donald Winston 

\ineth row: 

CREDLE. Laney Tilson 
CREWS. Rebecca Elaine 
CRIST. Peter Beardsley 
CROSBY. Marshall Robert 
CROTHERS, Phyllis Jean 

Shelby. N. C. 

Lincolnton. N. C. 

Skvland. N. C. 

Chapel Hill. N. C. 

Whiteville. N. C. 

Sweetwater, Tenn. 

N. Laurel. Md. 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Evanston, 111. 

Bristol, Tenn. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Downingtov\'n. Pa. 

Gainesville. Fla. 

Elkton, Md. 

Tenth row: 

CRUIKSHANK, Dwight P. Parkersburg. W Va 

CUBRETH. Thomas Verona. N. J. 

CURRY. James Lawson Reidsville, Ga. 

CUTCHIN. Carolyn Jane Sherrills Ford, N. C. 

DAVIDSON, Noel Roanoke, Va. 


f" o o 

O (^ '^ P ^ 

^ ^ r^ p a 

^ ^ ^ 

fl ^ f^ ^ P 

Ct ^ ^ O 

P *~ ^ Cs (^ 

t^ ^ f^ 0^ 


DAVIS, Anne Elizabeth 
DAVIS, Carol Ann 
DAVIS, Robert Errol 
DAVIS, Wayne E.,Jr. 
DECKERT, Susan Pepper 

. I.imes Edward 
111. Cathy Lewis 
li/abi-th Clare 

R. Susan Kay 

, John C:harles Gr 

Tkird row: 

DOGGETT. Maurine 
DONKIN, Deborah 
DOYLE. Larry James 
DRALEY, Mary Ellen 

:on-Salem, N. C. 

Boonsboro, Md. 

Aiken, S. C. 

Annandale, Va. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Hinsdale, 111. 

Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Plainfield. N.J. 
Pointe Park. Mich. 

Lakeland, Fla. 

State College, Pa. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 

Simsbury, Conn. 

Hampton, Va. 

Fourl/i rotv: 

DREISINGER. Leanora Ann Cleveland. Ohio 

DULA, Clyde Stephen Winston-Salem. N. C. 

DUNCAN, Alfred Tawresey San Diego; Calif. 

DUNCAN. Susan Gary North Wilkesboro, N. C. 

DUNLAP. Joseph Christopher Raleigh, N. C. 

F,Jlh row: 

DUNN, Ernest Lloyd Fayctteville, N. C. 

DUSBABEK. Susan Margaret Chevy Chase. Md. 

DUTTON, Robert Wavne .Atlanta. Ga. 

DYE, John Michael ' Anderson, S. C. 

LAKES, Sylvia F. San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C. A. 

Sixlh row: 

EARNHARDT, Kent Cline 
EASLEY, William King 
EASON, William Everette. Jr 
ECKERD, John Marcus 
ECKERT, Alan Walter 

Ursula Marga 

1.1 .1 JS, Jenny Rose 
I.RICKSON, Linda Elise 
LRICKSON, Roger Carl 
ERNST, Mary Lucille 

inston-Salem, N. C. 

Rock Hill. .S. C. 

Four Oaks, N. C. 

Marion. N. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

Wilmington. Del. 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Greenville, S. C. 

Akron. Ohio 

Nyack,N. Y. 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Glenview, 111. 

Kettering, Ohio 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

1.1 Dale 

Roanoke. Va. 

Signal Mountain, Tenn. 

Avondale Estates. Ga. 

South Salem. N. Y. 

Parksley, Va. 

\lkBANKS,James Harold 
.\ IK FAX, Nancy Ellen 
Al.CIANI, Ronald Brita 
ARNHAM, Elsie Edith 
.\i:i,KNER, Virginia 

Panama City, Fla 
College Park, Md 

Hammonton, N. J 
Wynnewood, Pa 

New Vernon, N.J 


FEAZELL. Geore;p Landon. 
FERr,rS(-)\, Barbara Ann 
FERCl'-i )N. l).„nis Henry 
FEKKI.I.I.. \ ..Iin Rca 
FESMII.R. Barbara Joan. 

Second row: 

FEW. \Vimam Preston 
F1NC:HER, Doloris Ann 
FISCHER. Martin Dous^las 
FISHBACK. Edward Wilmo 
FISHER. Carl Ellis 

Third row: 

FISHER. Rita Carol 
FLINT. Beverly Hitchcock 
FLOWERS, George Horace, 
FOGLE. Robert Hart 

Falls Chinch, Va. 

StatcsN-iUe, N. C. 

Springdale, Pa. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

New Haven, Conn. 


Fourlli rate: 

FOSTER. Eleanor Carolina 

FOX. Patrick B. 

FOX. Stephen Douglas 

FRANCIS. Jerrv Douglas 

FRANK, Rebecca Joan 

Fijlh row: 

FR.VSER, Edith Anne 
FRAZER. Richard Andrew 
FREE. MeUnda Leigh 
FREUND. Henrv Louis. Jr. 
FURNESS, Thomas Adrian. 

Sixth row: 

FURSTE. Nancy Dianne 
GAMBILL, Linda Kay 
GAMMILL, Kenneth MacNaii 
GARAND, Eugene ..\rmand 
GARLAND. Hettie Lou 

Sevnilh row: 

GATEWOOD. Thomas Schley 
G.\TTIS. Daniel Richard 
GEGAUFF, Carol Louise 
GIBBONS, George Michael 
GIBBONS. William Henry 

Eighth row: 

GIBSON. Norman Thomas 
GILLEN, Marilyn Joyce 
GILLILAND, Margaret Ann 
GITTINGS. Karen Jeanne 

Xinth row: 

GNUSE. James Richard 
GOODY. John Burton 
GRAHAM. Robert Bruce 
GRANEY, Michael P. 
GRANT, Norman C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Durham. N. C. 
Richmond. Va. 
Marietta, Ohio 
Basking Ridge, N. J. 

Sarasota, Fla. 
Charleston. \V. Va. 

Roanoke. Va. 
Caroleen, N. C. 
Mt. Airy. N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Jacksonville. Fla. 

Columbus. Ohio 
Wilkesboro, N. C. 

.Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Centerport, N. Y. 

Shelby. N. C:. 

Americus, Ga. 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Gillette, N. J. 

Lenoir, N. C. 
Houston. Texas 

Hamlet. N. C. 

Wantagh, N. Y. 

Scarsdale. N. Y. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Annapolis, Md. 

Bethel Park, Pa. 
Severna Park. Md. 
Silver Spring. Md. 
Middletown. Ohio 

Lakcwood. N. J. 

Tenth row: 

GRANT. Wesley Bennett Kannapolis, N. C. 

GR.\YBEAL. Robert Thomas Marion. Va. 

GREEN. David Louis Darragh 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
GREEN. Robert E. Alexandria, Va. 

GREENLEAF, Henry McClellan, Jr. 

West Newton, Mass. 

^ f) m p o 

# P ff» p 


fP^ Q p O C) 

r^ (r^, p o 

o p ^ (^ p 

^ 1^ f^ f # 

ff^ .^ o c^ <^ 

1^ |P!^ o a (f^ 

f) ^ (^ /-l r^ 

^^^ ^ a p a 

p n ^ ^ r. 

GREENLY, Michael Steven 
GREENWOOD, Roger Kent 
GREIG, Elizabeth Boswell 
GRIGSBY.John Taze,Jr, 
GUDEN, Paul Alexander 

Second row: 

GUEST, Susan Elizabeth 
GULLEDGE, Irene Vertna 
GUNTER, Richard Arnold 
GUPTON. Brenda Ann 
GURLEY, Hubert Taylor 

Third row: 

HAGAMAN, Margaret Lynn 
HAGOOD, Louis Reeve 
HAIRE, Koleen Alice 
HALL, Clem Maurice 
HALL. Sandra Elizabeth 

Beaufort, S. C. 
Schenectady, N. Y. 
Glenshaw, Pa. 
Richmond, Va. 
Babylon, N. Y. 

Darien. Conn. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Newport, Va. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Boone, N. C. 

Savannah, Ga. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Si!\'er Spring, Md. 

Fourth row: 

H.ALL, Sara Elizabeth Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

HAMILTON, Martha Frances St. Petersburg, Fla. 
HANDY, Susan Elizabeth Crisfield, Md. 

HANNA, John Edward Sarasota, Fla. 

H.A.RDING, Bunnie 

Ft. Buchanan. Puerto Rico 

Fij!h row: 

HARDING, Richard Hunt Falls Church, Va. 

HARGRETT, Haines HiUsman, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. 

HARPER, Wilmer Milton 
HARRIS, Charles Marcu 
HARRIS, John Weiss 

iherstdale, W. Va. 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Dallas, Texas 

HARRIS, Judith Hoyt 
I l.XRWOOD, Stephen Louis 
HAWKEY, Richard Stevenson, Jr. 
H.^YGOOD, Robert Earl 

Albemarle, N. C. 

Bronxville, N. Y. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

ran, Saudi Arabia 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

HEALD, Mary Caroline 
HE.ATH, George Seaborn 
HEEFNER, Elizabeth Gray 
HELMES, Charles Tucker, Jr. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Waycross, Ga. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Wilmington, Del. 

.South Salem, N. Y. 

Eighth row: 

HELMS, Grady Thomas, Jr. 
HELMS, Kenneth Dean 
HENDERSON, Harvey EUett. Jr 
HENDERSON, Marv Shepard 
HENRY, Hugh Litteil 

Monroe, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Concord, Va. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Greencastle, Ind. 

HERBERT, Anne Elizabeth Washington, D. C. 

HERBERT, Chesley Carlisle, III Gastonia, N. C. 

HERBSTER, Ronald William Chester, Pa. 

HERIN, Thomas James Miami, Fla. 

HESS, Allan Pitner River Forest, 111. 

Tenth row: 

HESS, Doren Willard, Jr. 
HESS, Richard Mason 
HEUGH, William Richard 
11EU.SNER, Barbara Jeanne 
HILL, Herbert Morrison 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Wheeling, W. Va. 

Port Jefferson, N. Y. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Sylvania, Ga. 


IIOR ION. Bettvjane 
llt)L'C;H, William Colt, Jr. 
HOUYOUX, Jacques Richa 

Clayton, N. C. 

Iharleston, .S. C. 

Clonover, N. C. 

Elkin, N. C. 

.\idcn, N. C. 

Concord, N. C. 

Reading, Mass. 

Durham, N. C. 

East VVilliston, N. Y. 

Kensington, Md. 

riuul row: 

HOVV,\RD, William Kenneth, Jr 
HUBBARD, Kenneth Walton 
IIUBB.ARD, Robert Phillip 
HUDSON, Wilham Hill, HI 
11UD.SON, William James, Jr. 

HUGHES, Patricia Jane 
HUGHES, \Villiara Frank 
HUNTLEY, Janet Taylor 
HYDEMAN, Elaine Louise 
HYERS, Thomas Morgan 

Durham, N. C. 

Riverside, Conn. 

Urbana, 111. 

Shelby, N. C. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Englewood, N. J 

Wllmette, 111, 

Ellicott City, Md, 

Kansas City, Mo, 

Palatka, Fla 

Fifth ,ow: 

HY'RE. Nancy Jane Boalsburg, Pa. 

INGRAM, Doris Anne Charleston, W. Va. 

JACOBSEN, Arthur Francis Winston-Salem, N. C. 

JAC:KS0N, Ann Louise Quincy, Mass. 

JENNISON, Clint Clarinda Norfolk, Va. 

JEROME, Forrest Lenox, III 
JOACHIMI, Carroll Liggett 
JOHNSEN, William Charles 
JOHNSON, Albert Foster 
JOHNSON, Barbara Kay 

Sei'enlh row: 

JOHNSON, Betty Ruth 
JOHNSON, Carl Anderson 
JOHNSON, James Richard 
JOHNSON, Jerry M. 
JONES, James McAndrew, Jr. 

Eighth row: 

JORDAN, Ann Myers 
JORDAN, Robert Richard 
KAIGHIN, James Griffith 
KASMAR, Particia Mary 
KEESING, Hugo Arnold 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Washington, D. C. 

Mt. Gilead, N. C. 
Washington, D. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Bethel Park, Pa. 

Lebanon, Ind. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Durham, N. C. 

iton-Salem, N. C. 

Warren, Ohio 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Minth rdw: 

KEHAYES. Alexander Ryland Edenton, N. C. 

KEIM, William Albert Washington, D. C. 

KELLOGG, James McNaughton Chicago, 111. 

KELLY, Mary Elizabeth Lynchburg, Va. 

KERMAN, David Douglas Davtona Beach, Fla. 

Tenth row: 
KERN,: Alice C. 
KILLINGER, Arthur Gordon 
KIMBALL, Robert David 
KIN.ARD, Gail Edith 
KING, CalJ. 

Durham, N. C. 

Severna Park, Md. 

Burlington, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Dallas, Texas 

ii^. p 

9 f> 

9 ^ <^ ^ 

O o e p |f^ 

9 (^ (^ 

f% ^ 

f^ f^y ^j f) 6| 

^ 1^ e p' 

o p o ^^ a 

f^ O O |l* ^ 

^ (T^ Q p p 
I?) P f!*> P p 

f^ f^ P P P 

f.' P ^ f^) a 

p e. e Q f^ 

O f^ "^ ^- M 

KING, HoUis Heaton 
KING. Richard Hartwick 
KINNAMON, Noel James 
KINSLEY, Cheryl Elaine 
KIRBY, Paul Vernon 

Chula Vi,sta. Calif. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Kernersville, N. C. 

La Grange. Ga. 

Silver Spring. Md. 

S.rnnd row: 
KIRK, Barbara Jean 
KIK\V.\N, Patrick Bruce 
RISER. |.,ui.s Jacob. Ill 
KISSI.INC. Anthony Miller. Jr. 
KriCllIN, John SiHiimerell 

Wilmington, Del. 

Atlanta. Ga. 

Hickory. N. C. 

Pleasantville, N. Y. 

Wake Forest. N. C. 

r/,n,l row: 

KITCHING, Brent Gordon Sharon Hill, Pa. 

KITSINGER, Otto Cobb, II Kermit, Texas 

KITTERMAN, James .Sidney. Jr. Norfolk, Va. 

KLESMER, Harold Newport News, Va. 

KLOCK. Douglas M. Hilton, N. Y. 

Foinlh ,ow: 


Eindhoven. The Netherlands 
K( l/.ICKl. I'.iula Louise Jacksonville. Fla. 

KRASIN. Ran Las Vegas. N. M. 

RR.VLiSE. Leonard Holden Jaffrey Center, N. H. 

KRAYBILL. Susan Emilv Durham, N. C. 

/■',///' nr.r: 

RRl.HS. Richard Dietrich 
RRL'HiER. Evelyn Jeannine 
KUNSI'LING. Ted Richard 
KUNTZ. Lee Allan 
LAKIN, Clifford .-\llen 


Richard Conrad 
\M( VITE, PhiUips Gibbs 
Wt;, Jane Estelle 
\i\G,'Noel Elizabeth 
\Nn:R. Irving William 

.ANNING. Thomas Pincknev 
ARSIl. K,,l,rrt Neal 
, \NN| I IK. \iui Rosena 
\ I I \ll k l.lianor Sue 
\\\^. I.K, William Grove 

Eighlh row: 

LEE. Ja.k^..,, f.r.lrn.k, Jr. 
LEFLER, Will, ,111 C , |r. 
LEMLY. Ihunias .Ulger 
LEWELLEN, Charles Ralph 
LEWIS, Marv Caroline 

Nnilh row: 
LII TON. Roll 

Tenth row: 

LONG, Donald Finley 
LOOPER, William Curtis 
LOPP, Jerrell Eugene 
LOTSPEICH, Edgar Sevier 
LOVE, Catherine Jane Reeve 

Washington, D, C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Staten Island, N. Y. 

Miami Shores, Fla. 

Miami Beach, Fla. 

Farmington, Mich. 

Salisbury. Md. 

Raleigh. N. C. 

FarmviUc, N. C. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Durham, N. C. 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

.Sarasota, Fla. 

ayettevillc, N. C. 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Shreveport, La. 

Louisiana, Mo. 
FarmviUc, N. C. 

Park Ridge. 111. 
s Burlington. N. C. 

HI Frankfort, Ky. 
Rocky River, Ohio 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Gastonia, N. C. 
Lexington, N. C. 
Cincinnati, Ohio 
New York, N. Y. 


LOW. Heather Jane 
LOWE. Frank Rockwell 
LOWE. Rick Best 
LOWERY, Thomas Andr 
LOWRY, Michael Leo 

Second rmr: 
LUCE. Kar< 
LUKl.NS. |.i 

Ihird row: 

LYON, Carl Francis, Jr. 
M.-icDON.^LD, Henry John 
M.\CE, .-Knn Elizabeth 
NL^cL.^NE, Charles Newell 
M.\NN, Glenn Edward, Jr. 

Fourlh rotv: 

M.\NN. Ralph Emerson, II 
.M.VRTIN. Mary Bynum 
NL\THEW,S, Patricia Lee 
M.ATUZ.X. .Albert Charles, Jr. 
MAUNEY. James Patrick 

itrona Heisrhts, Pa. 

Brunswick. Ga. 

Pepper Pike, Ohio 

Tyler, Te.xas 

Charleston, S. C. 

Metuchen, N. J. 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Louisville, Ky. 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Fairfield, C;onn. 

Sumter, .S. C. 

New Bern, N. C. 

Richmond, Va. 

Toledo, Ohio 
Durham, N. C. 

Jacksonville. Fla. 

Tarboro. N. C. 
.Atlanta, Ga. 

Morrisville. Pa. 
Fort Lawn, .S. C. 

F,fll, rotv: 

MAXWELL. Jane Meredith Durham, N. C. 

McBRIDE, Robert Elliott Winston-Salem, N. C. 

McCarthy. Frederick .Anthony Greenbelt, Md. 
McCARTY. Kristine Marie Durham, N. C. 

McCLAIN.John Clinton, Jr. Anderson, S. C. 

Stxih row: 

McCLEARY. Jane Robinson 
McCONNEL. Diana Cecelia 
McCONNELL. Tharon Cccile 
McDORMAN. Marshall Duer 

Mcdowell, c. Biake. hi 

Seventh row: 

McINTIRE, Joseph Neely 
McLAIN, Milton S. 
MEEKER, Ellis Emily 
MELCHIOR, Thomas F. 

Eighth row: 

MELTON, Charles Reid 
MERRITT, Susan Gorham 
METZ, Walter Cade, Jr. 
MEYER, Alan Howard 

Ninth row: 

MIDGETT. Bernard W. 
MIGA. Andrew Charles 
MILLER. .\nn Elizabeth 
MILLER, Chris Glendon 
MILLER, F. William 

MILLER. Grayson Brownlee.Ji 
NULLER.John Meredith 
MILLER, Lawrence Everett. Jr 

MINARD, Alan L. 
MINIER, Margaret Susan 

Baltimore, Md. 
AsheviUe, N. C. 
ooresviUe, N. C. 

Houston, Texas 
Akron. Ohio 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

Washington, D. C. 

La Grange, 111. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Houston, Tex. 

Woodsdale, N. C. 

Elkin, N. C. 

Great Neck, N. Y. 

Engelhard, N. C. 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Morrisville, Pa. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Metairie, La. 

C:hattanooga. Tenn. 

Evanston, 111. 

Williamsburg. Va. 

ft p o « 

n 9 P ?^. ^ 

p a ^ p P 

a g ' ^ o 

r^ fl la a o 

^ A P, P 

o f% n & 

P ,P ,p P #^ 


!f^ p p ff^ ^ 


p r^ ei rt n 

fi 9 :' r^ ^ 

^ fl ^T p 

c: r 1?^ 


\I I WOTTE, David William Pittsburgh, Pa. 

M I 1 ( :l I ELL, John Wayne Arlington, Va. 

.Ml rt:HELL, Perry Bedell Atlanta, Ga. 

MOELING, Walter Goes, IV Alexander City, Ala. 
MONTGOMERY, Alexander Cochran, III 

Highland Park, 111. 

Second row: 

MOnur., Aiilran Caro 

Aiken, .S. C. 
( lockrill Memphis, Tenn. 

Henry Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 

y Dawn Mt. Rainier, Md. 

V Lee Baltimore. Md. 

MOORE. Richard Horton 
MOOREFIELD, William Guerr 

MORGAN, Barbara Agnes 
MORGAN, Zeb Brent 
MORRIS. John Edward 

; )KRlSON, Amy 
1 iK TON, John Broten 
: )S1:R, Robert Lee, Jr. 
;).SS, John David. Jr. 
;).S,SBURG. Richard Hvatt 

Fifth row: 

MURLLESS, Richard .Spragu 
MURR.W, Nancy Mcintosh 
\n IRS, Marcia Rebecca 
\n l.kS, Samuel Maxwell, Jr. 
N ADA, Sherif A. 



Martinsville, Va. 

Asheville, N. C. 

Marietta, Ohio 

Washington, D. C. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Wayne, 111. 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Tampa, Fla. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Staunton, Va. 

Westport. Conn. 

Lynchburg, Va. 

Olanta, S. C. 

Cairo, Egypt 

.SV.v(// row: 

NARTEN, Lyman Foote, II 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

NASI I, Theodore Elliot Miami Beach, Fla. 

NEUFELD, Ronald Charles Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

NEWTON, Barbara Lillian Wilson, N. C. 

NEWTON, Dorothy Louise Old Greenwich, Conn. 

Seventh row: 

NORCROSS, Regina Gertrude Miami, Fla. 

X( )R TON, Richard Allen Greenwich. Clonn. 

( K;i)l..NI,John Robert Lake Bluff, 111. 

( )(;l<!N/, Alexander John, III Baltimore, Md. 

( )1.S()N, William Cannicott Arlington Heights, 111. 

( )1,S()N, William Howard 
( )Xi:.\LL, Marjorie Ann 
(JRR, Linda 

OSBORNE, Margaret Alice 
PAGE, Lynn 

New York, N. Y. 

Orlando, Fla, 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Taylorsville, N. C. 

McLean, Va. 

.Vnuh row: 

PAPPS. f :.,iol R.ildwin 
I'\RKI:R. |(,lin |.i, ksoii 
l'\KKI,K, I.Mi, ii.uM.t 
rAKKlll KSI, Ch.n Irs Jackson 
I'AKKS, I.Hicl.i Warxn 

Morristown, N. J. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Madison, N.J. 

Clcmson, S. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Tenlh row: 

PARSLEY, James McNeill Archer 
PATE, James Thayer, Jr, 
PATRICK. Camilla Norton 
I'MI I.KS( )N, .Michael .Scott 
I'AI 1 l.kSO.N, Svlvia Faith 

. Hillsboro, N. C. 

Orlando, Fla. 

Richmond, Va. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Burlington, N. C. 

PATTON, Robert James 
PAULEY, Margaret Katherine 
PAULY. Ann Florence 
PAULY. Susan Jane 
PEABODY, Arthur William, Jr 

Ft. Worth, Texas 
Merrick, N. Y. 
Teaneck, N. J. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Holden, Mass. 

Secmid ro; 


PERMAR, David Hayes 

Thm/ row: 

PERSONS, Susan Lapsley 
PETERS, Franklin Elliott 
PETERS, Richard Douglas 
PETERSON, Gail Melinda 
PETERSON, Michael I. 

Fourth row: 

PETERSON, Wayne Terryl 
PHYFER, Daniel Wade 
PIGNONA, James Buckley. 
PILCHER, Charles A. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
•dge. Ill Norfolk, Va. 

t:raig Glen Ellyn, 111. 

glas C:hattanooga, Tcnn. 

Chew Chase. Md. 

Durham, N. C. 

High Point. N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Takoma Park, Md. 

Springfield, Va. 

East Hampton, Conn. 

Geneva, 111. 

Durham, N. C. 

St. Albans, Vt. 

Juneau, Alaska 

Fijlh row: 

PILGRAM, .^nn Tonnelicr 
PITTMAN, Frances Elizabeth 
PLACE, Jeffrey Wayne 
PLANT, Mary Ann 
PLUMER, William Sloan, Jr. 

.S-(.v//, row: 
POE, John Robert 
POLING, Don Robert 
POLLARD, James Edward 
PORTER, Stephen TuUis 

Smnlh row: 

POWI l,l„ 
POWl.K, .' 

Eigluh row: 
PRICE, Thomas O. 
PRITCHARD. Paul Baker. 
PUGH, Pamela LeRoy 
PURDOM, Ray Caldwell 
PURSLEY, William Elgin 

Frederick. Md. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Pahokee, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Estes Park, Colo. 

Nome, Alaska 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Middlesex, N. C. 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Monkton, Md. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Decatur, Ga. 

Ware Shoals, S. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Owensboro, Ky. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Mnlh row: 

QUATTLEBAUM. Ann Louise Monetta, S. C. 

RACKELMAN, Susan Janet Satellite Beach, Fla. 

RAMSEY', Sarah Helen Sandston, Va. 

RAND.A.LL, Elizabeth Wilson Baltimore, Md. 

RANKIN, Rush McClurc, Jr. Belmont, N. C. 

RATLIFF, Rav Edmond 
REAGAN, Robert Brian 
RECTOR, Judith Ann 
REED, Robert R. 
REID, Sidney W., Jr. 

Bluefield, W. Va. 

W. Boylston, Mass. 

North Merrick, N. Y. 

Struthers, Ohio 

Freehold, N. J. 

£' ^t^ ^f 

ft, o p c 

^ i^ p 

C" ^ P f"^ ^-^ 

^ ^ (^ f^ p 

o o 

Fhsl row: 

REIFFEL, James A. Scarsdalc, N. Y. 

REIGER, John Franklin Forest Hills, N. Y. 

REISMAN, Terence Nat Miami, Fla. 

REIS.S, Charles Allan Durham, N. C. 

REMIGAILO, Richard Vladimir Arlington, Va. 

REYNOLDS, Anne Kathryn 
RI K:)DE.S, Linda Sue 
RICE, Leon L., Ill 
RICKETT.S, Maryann 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

■ Bethesda, Md. 

nston-Salem, N. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

RIVERA, James Rodolfo Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 

Thirti row: 

ROBB, Mary Dyer Durham, N. C. 

ROBBINS, Jane T. Washington, D. C. 

ROBERTS, William A. Toledo. Ohio 

ROBERTSON, Deanna Lynn Savannah, Ga. 
ROBERTSON, Martha Elcene 

Camp Lejeune, N. C. 

Fo,„/h r 

Judith Leslie 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Lexington. N. C. 

Wilmington. Del. 

Freeman Fuquay Springs, N. C. 

T.RT.John Michael 

Fiflh row: 

ROLLINS, Overman Randolph Morganton, N. C. 
RdSS, Marcia Moore Columbus, Ohio 

K( iWi:, Vernon Dodds, III Hendersonville, N. C. 
Kl liV. Lucien Madisonville, Ky. 

Kll )ISILL, Ben Richard, II Cherryville, N. C. 

Si.M/i low: 

RUNDLES, Charlotte Durham, N. C. 

RYAN. John A. E. Grand Rapids. Mich. 

SAINT-AMAND, Emilia Alice Gaffney, S. C. 

.ST. PETERY. Louis Bert. Jr. Orange Park. Fla. 

SAMMONS, William Carv Silver Spring. Md. 

SANDLIN. David Edward 

S\SSr,R. Willi. 1111 l'.,irl 

Fayetteville. N. C. 

Walterboro. S. C. 

High Point. N. C. 

Wyomissing. Pa. 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Eig/il/t row: 

SCHULTZ, Frederick L., Jr. 
.SCUFFHAM. James Ross. Jr 
SCULL, Ward Robinson, HI 
SEARLES, Mary Alyce 
SEARS, Barbara Ruth 

maid Perry 
ird Dewey 
I aid Vance 
rlis Adelbert 

I.nll, 1 

SHEFFl.ER. Fred William. Jr 
S11KI11:EN. Robert J. 
SllL.NR. I)a\id .Scott 
SllLI.L, B<il)bv Lewis 
SI1^M\V.\^■. Robin Elizabeth 

New York. N. Y. 

Concord. N. C. 

Newport News. Va. 

Baltimore. Md. 

Dayton, Ohio 

Wilmington, Del. 

Cupertino. Calif. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Warrcnton, N. C. 

.•\tlanta. Ga. 

Akron, Ohio 
Camden, S. C. 
Lancaster. Pa. 
Durham. N. C. 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Finl row: 

SIDBURY, James Richard 
SIGMON, Donald Ncal 
SIMMONS, Judith Ann 
SIMON, Joseph S. 
SIMPSON, Joe Leigh 

Second I 






SMITH, Mary Katheiine 
SMITH, Sandra Glynn 
SMITH, Sara Lvnn 
SMITH, Susan Elizabeth 
SMITH, Walter Aldine,Jr 

Fourth row: 

SNYDER, Stephen Wilson 
SO. Philip Kin-Lok 
SOUTHMAYD, Carol Jean 
SPENCER, John ClalloWay 

Fijth row: 

STANFIELD, Harry Terrell 
STECKEL, Martin Hall 
STEPHENS, Charles Gaion 
STETZER, Sharon C. 

.S/.v//i row: 

STEVENSON, Monica Lynne 
STITT. Thomas Paul 
.STONE, Margaret Priscilla 
.STRACKBEIN. William C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Columbia. Mo. 
McComb, Miss. 

Orlando. Fla. 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Garden City, N. Y. 

Raleigh. N. C. 

Larchmont, N. Y. 

Durham. N. C. 
Covington, Va. 
Covington, Va. 
Glenwood, 111. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Peoria, III. 
Wilmington, Del. 

Massapequa, N. Y. 

Washington, D. C. 

Milton. Fla. 

Durham. N. C. 

Holcomb, N. Y. 

Birmingham. Ala. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Geneva, 111. 

Santiago, Chile 

Easton, Pa. 

Martinsville, Va. 

Arlington, Va. 

STRICKLAND, William Franklin Jacksonville, Fla 

STROUD. John Burke 
SULLIVAN. John Lawr 
SUTCH. Ruth M. 
SWAIN, Lamar Marie 

Eighth row: 

TART, Lois McPhail 
TAYLOR, Benjamin Cicer 
TAYLOR. Joe Todd 
TEETS. Catherine .-\nnc 
TEMPLE. Nancy Lloyd 

Newport. R. I. 

Wheaton. Md. 

C:heshire, Conn. 

Washington, N. C. 

Fayetteville, N. C:. 

York, Pa. 

II Mount Holly. N. C. 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Miami, Fla. 

Winter Park, Fla. 

TEWELL, Michael Lee, Jr. 
THOMASSON, Sara Kathryn 
THORNTON, June Williams 
TICK.TIN, Thomas Lee 
TISE, Larry Edward 

Tenth row: 

TISON, R. Haskell 
TITUS. Jane Wallace 
TODD. Norma Lee 
TODD, WilUam Miller 
TREPTOW, Thomas V. 

Piedmont, S. C. 

Martinsville, Va. 

Macon, Ga. 

Rock Hill, S. C. 

ston-Salem, N. C:. 

Geneva, III. 

Schenectady. N. Y. 

Hampton, Va. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

<y p (a» p p 

fS IB ^ .*j « 

f^w ^i. «^i ^' « A-w 

P if* ^ (*^ 

o e n (^ f^ 

e^ pi C^ f^ ^ ^ 

p ^ ^ a fs 

P f\ P C '^ 



p^ r n p f^ 

lf^ ^ ^ (-^ j^ 

f^ f^ 1% ni a 

^^ f-i n ^ f.-> 

^ ^ ^-J -,V!r<?' ^% '^ 


TRICKEY, Robert Kent 
TUCKER, William York, Jr 
TURNER, Dudley Pierce 
TUTTLE, Wendelin Holly 
TUUL, Mall 

Second row: 

Durham, N. C. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Great Falls, S. C. 

Mountainside, N. J. 

Yonkers, N. Y. 

ULLENBERG, Judith Ann Chattanooga, Tenn. 

UMSTEAD, Alexander Bruce, Jr. Durham, N. C. 
UNDERHILL, John Garrett, III Washington. D. C. 
UPCHURCH, Herbert Jackson Columbia, S. C. 

VALE, Kathrvn Ann Goldston, N. C. 

T/ii,ii row: 

VALLE, David Lee 
VAN DE REE, Carol Emily 
VAN SCIVER, Peter Travis 
VAUGHAN, Ronald James 
VERHEY, Robert Seymour 

Leawood, Kan. 

Clinton, Md. 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

Wilmington, Del. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Fourlh row: 

VICK. Paul Allen 
VOGEL.SBERG, Nancy Jeanne 
VOLZ, Marlin Milton, Jr. 
W.^DDELL, John Layton, Jr. 
W.AGGONER, John Philip, HI 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Radnor, Pa. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Marion, Ohio 

Durham, N. C. 

Fiflh row: 

WAGONER, Judith Ann 
WAITE. Robert Sears 
WALDCHEN, Alfred Jefferson 
WALDEN, John Franklin 
WALSH, Michael Sherman, Jr. 

Scotia, N. Y. 

.\tlanta, Ga. 

Westfield, N. J. 

Corpus Christi, Texas 

Clearwater, Fla. 

Sixl/, row: 

WANG, You Lue Washington, D. C. 

WARD, Stanley Sidney Roanoke, Va. 

WARNER, Jonathan F. Old Brookville, N. Y. 

WARREN, William Thomas Goldsboro, N. C. 

WATERMAN, Patricia Buffalo, N. Y. 

WATSON. Barbara Grace 
WATSON, Wendy Patricia 
WE.AVER, Sarah Lynn 
WEBER, Joan Condit 
WEBSTER, Arthur Davidson, Ji 

Rowland, N. C. 

McLean, Va. 

Catonsville, Md. 

Malverne, N. Y. 

r. Lancaster, Pa. 

Eighth row: 

WEINGARTEN, Jon New York, N. Y. 
WEINGARTH, Judith Ann KernersviUe, N. C. 
WEISIGER, John Boiling Menlo Park, Calif. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
WHEELER, John Law Tryon, N. C. 

jVnUh row: 

WHEELER. Michael Olson 
WHITE, Charles Denny. Jr. 
WHITE, Thomas Stuart, Jr. 
WHITLEY, Lynda Carole 
WIGGINS, Robert Sterling, Jr. 

Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Wilmette, III. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Tenth row: 

WILLIAMS, Ann Malloy 
WILLIAMS, Donald Lee 
WILLIAMS, Edmond Brady, Jr 
WILLIAMS, Mary Frances 
WILLIAMS, Samuel Harrison 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

BoonviUe, N. C. 

Alexandria, Va. 


First rmc; 

WILSON, Donald George Greenlawn, N. Y. 

WILSON, Mark K. Crosse Pointe, Mich. 

WILSON, Mary Pittman Gainesville, Fla. 

WILSON, Wayne Richards Washington, D. C:. 

WINCHESTER, James Cyrus, III Monroe, N. C. 


WINSTEAD, Betty Dallas, Texas 

WINSTON, Arthur Michael Roslyn, N. Y. 

WlTHERSPOON.Jane Catherine 

Hagerstown, Md. 
WITZENBURG, Gary Lee Shaker Heights, Ohio 
WOODBLIRN, Judith Irene Littleton, N. C. 

WOODRUFF, Mary Kathrvn 
WOODS, Richard Bvrd, Jr. 

Fourth rmc: 

WRAY, Albert Victor 
WRKUir, Charles Thomas 
WRRUII', Harold Everett 
YAEGER. Carl Frederick 

Englishtown, N. J. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Kingsport, Tenn. 

ton Aydcn, N. C. 

Kinston. N. C:. 

Shelby, N. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C:. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Thomasvillc, N. C:. 

YOUNG, Charles Granville 
YOUNG, William W.,Jr. 
YOUNGSTROM, Richard Earl 

YUCEL, Guler F. 
ZAVELSON, Thomas M. 

Sixth row: 

ZBIKOWSKL Gwendolyn Ann 
ZEREN,John Charles 
ZIMMER, Carl Thomas 
ZLOTOWITZ, Ruth Carolyn 

rie Village, Kans. 
Istanbul, Turkey 
Mansfield, Ohio 

Terryville, Conn. 

Towson, Md. 

South Bend, Ind. 

Baltimore, Md. 

T^yp f"^ v- "1 


o ^ g 

f^ ^ O ^ f^ 

1 At^dlmb^ 


CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right: President 
Elizabeth McComb, Vice-President Jeremy 
Hewes, Secretary Kathy Reeves, Treasurer 
Mary Potoclii. 

CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right: Secretary- 
Treasurer Robert Foote, President Herschel 
Stanford, Vice-President Frank Mock, Ath- 
letic Representative Doug Jones. 

CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right: President 
Liz Kennedy, Vice-President Sally Peterson, 
Secretary Susan Young, Treasurer Mary 

MORE CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right: 
President Tom Edgar, Secretary-Treasurer 
Hal Byrd. 



Fnsl row: 

ABERNETHY, Roy Franklin 
ADAMS, Dorothv Ann 
ADAMS, Robert Charles 
ADEE, M. Diane 
ADERHOLD T, Linda Diane 

Greenville, S. C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

St. Albans, \V, Va' 

Atlanta. Ga. 

Huntington, N. Y. 

Charlotte. N. C. 

AHRENDT. Thais Edwina Rjdgcfield Park, N. J. 
AKE. James L. Dover, Del. 

ALBERT, Nancy Karen Trenton, N. J. 

ALBRIGHT, William Umstead.Jr. Durham, N. C. 
ALEXANDER, Bruce Jarrard White Plains, N. Y. 
ALEXANDER, Eloise Porter Savannah, Ga. 

ALEXANDER. James Patrick 
ALLEN. Philip Henrv.Jr. 
ALTNLXN. Charles Frederick 
ALVAREZ. William Jan 
AMEN. Karen Sue 

Marietta, Ga. 

Geneva, 111. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Alexandria, Va. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

AMLEY, Robert B. 
ANDERSON, Marilyn Ruth 
ANDERSON, Marjorie Clare 
ANDERSON, William Eugene 
ANDREWS. Robert Dunten 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Winter Haven, Fla. 

Asheville, N. C. 

Oxford. N. C. 

Clayton, N. Y. 

Fijik row: 

ANNA, Timothy Eagan 
ARCHIE, William CounciU. Jr 
ARMSTRONG, Charlton P.. I 
ARNOLD, Ingrid Dagmar 
ARNOLD, William Lawton 

Clearwater, Fla. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

II Greenville, S. C. 

Enka, N. C. 

Tullahoma, Tenn. 

Canfield, Ohio 

Sixlk row: 

ARTHUR, Katherine Miller 
ASH, Andrew William 
ASHBY, Donald Arthur 
ASTLEY. Robert F. 
AVERY. Dianne 
.WETT, Alice Ruth 

Burlington, N. C. 

Dayton, Ohio 

Nassawadox, Va. 

Miami, Fla. 

Mc,Lean. Va. 

Hudson, N. C. 

Seventh row: 

BACH, Thomas William 
BACKUS, Michael Edward 
BAGLEY, Faye Stevens 
BAILEY, Richard Allen 
BAILEY, Susan Rebecca 
BAILLEU, Cheryl Adair 

Marion. N. C. 
Johnson City. Tenn. 
Atlanta, Ga. 
Baldwin. N. Y. 
.\rlington, Va. 
St. Charles, III. 

E.ghlh row: 

BAKER, Alan Wade Hollywood. Fla. 
BAKER, Sarah Louise Decatur. 111. 
BAKER, William H. Leavenworth, Kan. 
BALDWIN, Elizabeth McMartin Wayland, Mass. 
BALESTRA, Melanie Leah Waynesboro, Pa. 
BANNERMAN, Jeanne Elizabeth Baton Rouge, La. 

.\,nth row: 

BARBARE, Drayton West 
BARNES. Pamela Sue 
BASWELL. David Lee Porter 
BATTLES. Philip Morton, III 
BAXTER, Thomas William 
BAYLES, Susan Wintfield 

Rock Hill, S. C. 

Oceanside, N. Y. 

St. Charles, III. 

Tewksbury, Mass. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

.-Arlington, Va. 

Tenth row: 

BEACHAM, Dolly Elizabeth 
BEAM, Carole Yan 
BEAM, Michael Garey 
BECKER, Dennis H. 
BECK, Alan Dodge 
HEAVEN, Warren Sterrett 

Norfolk, Va. 
Americus, Ga. 
Westlake, Ohio 
Roslyn Hgts., N. Y. 
Elmont, N. Y. 
Baltimore, Md. 

m^ f^^ 9^f> 

Q p <rs ^ f^hCj 
^ P n p i% 

(f^ (W C p C !> 

C\ f% P -f"' ft P 


f^ O f^ i^ a 

n e^ C: n f^ A 

p a p a (^ 

BEILY, Alan John 
BEINEKE, Betsy Lee 
BELL. Alexander Wavne 
BELL. Barbara Lynn ' 
BELLEW. Frances Lorine; 
BELLMAN. Donald H.. Jr. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Ft. Thomas, Kv. 
Shreveport. La. 
Milwaukee. Wis. 
Greenville. S. C. 
ChiUum, Md. 

SW,w,/ w,r: 

BI-.MIS. I.inda Kay Webster Groves. Mo. 
lil'.NIK )i\, J.imes Albert Fort Lauderdale. Fla. 
HI.NNI.R, 1 lanv Robinson Wilmington, Del. 
BI.XM.i 1. Lvnne Maxton. N. C. 
BKRt;. .Stelan David White Plains. N. Y. 
BKKCiEl.IN. Kristine Eig Rapids. Mich. 

T/urd row: 

BERGEN. Robert E. 
BERN.STEIN. Jerry Charles 
BESTIC. Philip Brereton 
BILE.S. Brian 
BILLINGS, Marv Ellen 
BINGHAM, Frederick Conant 

Wilson. N. C. 

Arlington, Va. 

Hutchinson. Kan. 

Clark, N. J. 

.HI Kershaw, S.C. 

Foii,l/i ww: 

BIRKEL.J. Wayne 
BI.SCHOFF, Douglas Knowles 
BLACK, George Browne, Jr. 
BLACK, Loyd Hall, Jr. 
BLACKSHEAR, William M.. 
BLAC:KVVELL. Sally Anne 

Eau Gallic. Fla. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Malvern, Pa. 

The Rock, Ga. 

Jr. Panama City. Fla. 

Kernersville. N. C. 

Fijlh imv: 

BLAKELY, John Treleaven 
Bl.nCII. James B.. Jr. 
Hl.l 1 ZI-.R, Sidney M.. Jr. 
BLONDKAU. Judith Elaine 

Beloit. Wis. 

Bethlehem. Pa. 

Springfield, Va. 

Baton Rouge, La. 

Clinton, N. J. 

Glen Burnie, Md. 

Sni/i row: 

BL<)( )MI.R. Elaine Jude 

B( )B( 1. Il.irold Thomas 

Bi )1,M(;. C.ibrielle Regina 

Bon.X. Clytle Markell" 

BOIINEL. .Ann Louise 

BOND. Stephen Elliott 

Old Saybrook, Conn. 

Burlington. N. C. 

Muskegon, Mich. 

Frederick, Md. 

Lyndonville. N. Y. 

St. Petersburg. Fla. 

Sivcnlh row: 

BOOHER. Kermit Rex. Jr. Parkersburg. W. Va. 
BOONi:. Leslie Rae Rio de Janeiro. Brazil 
B( )( )|'. |,,hn .Martin Jacksonville. Fla. 

B II. Indvth Elavne Oklahoma City, Okla, 

B,( )I<(,M \NN. William F.. Jr. Fort Wayne. Ind. 
B( )VVA\\ (JN. James Murray Lafayette, Ind. 

/•.■/I,'/;//; low: 

B( i\\R|). Brian Edward 

B( )\\I,RMAN, Sharon Marie 

B( )\\ I.KS, Susan Belvin 

B( )\\ I'RS, William Randolph 

BcnVMAN, Frank Lee 

B( )^D, Mary Stowe 

Jackson, Mich. 

Darby, Pa. 

Gainesville, Fla. 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

MuUh row: 

BOYER, Barry B. 

lU )^1 ,L. \\illiam Johnston. Jr 

BR \(:^. Christopher William 

BR ADI.IA', Samuel Mauney 

BK.\I)^■. .\lonice Marie 

BRAIBANTI, Claire Joy 

Miami. Fla. 

. Panama Clity. Fla. 

Allentown, Pa. 

Arlington, Va. 

Portage, Pa. 

Durham, N. C. 

■J mill row: 

BRAUCH, Catherine Carol 
BREDENBERG, Allan Nelson 
BRICK, Jeffrey Michael 
BRIENZA, Nicholas 
BRIGMON, Mary Kathlyn 
BRIM, Thomas Pittman 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Bethany, Conn. 

Prairie Village, Kan. 

College Park, Md. 

Candler. N. C. 

Mount .Mry, N. C. 

BRI NDLE, James H. 
BRINTON. Margo Ann 
BRiriON. Ernest Loiing 
BRODIE, George Franklin 
BRODSKV. Barry Howard 
BRCJOKS, Eleanor Randolph 

1 larrisburg. Pa. 

Hanover, Pa. 

Kingsport, Tenn. 

Robins A.F.B., Ga. 

Charlotte, N. C, 

New York, N. Y.,„ln.r: 

BROdKS, j,,.s,, Davie 
BROWN, lliniM Clilic.rd 
BROWN. In. .1.1 \\N.itt 
BROWM.OW. |anr Elizabeth 
BRCnVN.STEIN, Kenneth R. 
BROYLES.John Douglas 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Riviera Beach, Fla. 

Alexandria, Va. 

.Skokie, 111. 

Raleigh, N. C. 


BRYANT. Michael Lee 
BRYCE, George Bennett 
BUCHANAN, William E. 
BUCK, George Stephen 
BUFFINGTdN,Joan Kathlyn 
BUNCH, Charlotte Anne 

Cocoa, Fla. 

Alexandria, Va. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

CatonsviUe, Md. 

Artesia, N. M. 

Fo,„lh ,n,r: 

BUNCK. Sue Ann 
BURGESS, Becky Sue 
BURNS, John Gordon 
BURNS, Stanley Theodore 
BURRICE,John Walter 
BURRISS, George Franklin, I 

Racine, Wis. 

Newport News, Va. 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Kingsport. Tenn. 

Louisville. Ky. 

I Bala-Cvnwyd, Pa. 

F,fl/, roiv: 

BURTON, Richard Spencer Honeoye Falls, N ^ 
BUSSARD, Frances Ann Alexandria. Va 
BYERS, Maribeth Winston-Salem, N ( 
BYERS, Thomas Burwell Forest City, N ( 
BYRD, Hal Clifford, Jr. Spartanburg. S C 
CAMP, Mary Frances Forest City, N ( 

Sixth row: 

CAMPBELL. John Lawrence 
CAMPBELL, Stephen Edward 
CAREW, Joan Frances 
CARLTON, Cynthia Dean 
CARNEY. Eugene Joseph 

Waynesboro, Pa 
Barre \t 
Wilmington, Del 
Charlotte, N ( 
Charlotte, N ( ' 
■d Durham, N C 

Seve„th row: 

CARRUTH. Carolyn Elizabeth Houston, Tex 
CARRUTHERS, Robert Bruce Clearwater. F'la 
CARSON, Edith Jane Pilot Mountain, N C 
CARTER, Rilla Louise Commerce, Ga 
CASKIE, Cabot R. Arlington Va 
CAUSEY. Brent Eugene Sanford, N C 

Eighth row: 

CAVALARIS, Pamela Anna Greenville, S. C. 
CHALK, Dorothy Squires Morehead City, N. C. 
CHAMBERLAIN, Christine Scarsdale, N. Y. 
CHAMBERLIN, Cheryl Jean Dansville, N. Y. 
CHAMBERLIN, Gail H. Syracuse, N. Y. 
CHAMPION, Mary Julia Wilson, N. C. 

Ninth row: 

CHANEY. Stephen Gifford 
CHAPMAN, Russell 
CHAPMAN, Walton Ford 
CHEN, Melvin C. 
CHEWNING, Thomas O., Jr. 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Christiana, Pa. 
Alexandria. Va. 
Bowling Green, Ohio 
Falls Church, Va. 
Richmond, Va. 

Tenth row: 

CHRISTY, Carol Anne 
CLAIRMONT, Nancy Eileen 
CLARK, Ann Martin 
CLARK, Kenneth Paul 
CLARKE, Jon Ovid 

Wassanaak, Ncth. 
Marietta, Ohio 
Lynchburg, Va. 

Silver Spring, Md! 
Springfield, Va. 

o ^ m Of^ 

0^ ;- n a ^ a 
f^ r- a p 

;, ' ^'^ ^ l^i ^ ^ 

O f) ^ f^ ^ 

f^ o r^ f^< r) A 

^ c\ ^ !!-^ r5 ,p 

CLATANOFF, William B., Jr. 
CLAYTON, Carlyle Andrew 
CLEMENT, Neal Carver 
CLIFT. Robert C. 
CLINE, Janet Arlene 
CLO.S.SER, Bruce McGee 

Annapolis. Md. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Andover, Mass. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Marquette, Mich. 

Sramd raw: 

CI.YDI.. Samuel Dyer, III 
(:< )Hri<.\, Carol Ann 
<:( )(:11RANE. Camilla McKee 
tXJFFLN, Carl Van Martin 
COFFIN, Patricia Jean 
COHEN, Michael Edward 

Wallingford, Pa. 

Middletown, Ohio 

Levittown, N. J. 

Midland, Mich. 

Dover, Del. 

Pulaski, Tenn. 

Thud row: 

COLEMAN, Theodore H., Jr. 
C:OLLETTE, Elizabeth G. W 
COLLIN.S, Robert Marcus 
COMFORT, Joseph Albert. Jr. 
CONANT, Talitha Niite 
CONE, .^rthur Read. Ill 

Jacksonville, Fla. 
inston-Salem, N. C. 
Middletown, N.J. 
Haddonfield, N. J. 
Durham, N. C. 
East Aurora, N. Y. 

Fuurlh row: 

CONKEY, C. S.,Jr. 
CONN, Claudia Gail 
COOKE, Lide Taylor 
COOPER, Susan Elizabeth 
(!( >P1,I,V. Cathy Jane 
CI )L(:ll. Lois Ruth 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Columbus, Ga. 

Shreveport, La. 

Houston, Tex. 

Miami, Fla. 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Fifth row: 

COULTER, Ann Carroll Washington, D. C. 
COURSEN, James Richard Palmyra, N. J. 
COVINGTON, Donald Kingsley Baltimore, Md. 
COX, Carolyn Annette Los Angeles, Calif. 
COZART, Elizabeth McDonald Durham, N. C. 
C;RANMER, Carol Jean Zanesville, Ohio 

Sixth row: 

GRAVER, Leonard Hoyle, Jr. 
CROMER, William E..Jr. 
CRUMLEY, Carole Anne J 

c;rump, Philip H. w. 

C:RUSE. Charles Howard 
CRUTCHER, Bryan Patterson 

Lexington, N. C. 
Rocky River. Ohio 
ohnson City. Tenn. 

Memphis, Tenn. 
KingsviUe, Md. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Savnth row: 

CULBRETlLJohn Thomas, II 
<:LNNIN(;HAM, M. .Suzie 
Cl'R 1 IS. Lawrence Hugh 
D.VLION, Diana Savre" 
DANLUCK, Thomas R. 
DANNER, Mary Fay 

Lumberton, N. C. 

Houston, Texas 

Columbus, Ohio 

Oakland, Calif. 

Miami, Fla. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Eighth row: 

DANTZLER, Martha Lou 
DAVENPORT, James Purnell 
DAVENPORT, Richard Drake 
DAVIDSON, Leslie La Verne 
DAVIS, Allan Holderness 
DAVIS, Douglas Edward 

Columbia, S. C. 

Garner, N. C. 

Evanston, 111. 

Kennett, Mo. 

Richmond, Va. 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Nuilh row: 

D WIS, Tarqueline Ruth 
I)\\'IS,\N,lliam 11., HI Wii 
1)1 A 1,, D.nul Franklin 
DI.CKi ), K.nneth Owen 
DEES, Nancy 
DEL.\NEY, Gale P. K. 

Baltimore, Md. 

nston-Salem, N. C. 

Decatur, Ga. 

Windsor, Conn. 

Durham, N. C. 

Miami, Fla. 

Tnilh row: 

DERAMUS, Judson D., Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
DEVALON, Gerald W. Westfield, N. J. 
DIXRILS. Suzanne Alice Maracaibo, Venezuela 
DLW \K, l).,uald Bernard Bethel, N. C. 
DIM >. Iiniiian Eugene, II Oxford, Md. 
1 1 1( K 1 .\S( ).\, Roger Bradley Lancaster, Pa. 


niLLARD. Nancv G? 

DININ. [amrs Oax id 

i:)()RriA'. Barbara Ann 
n(1RK()S. George Leon 
1X)\\ l)V. William LeRov 
DOWLING. Louise Helen 
DOYLE, William S., Ill 
DREW, William Franklin, 


DUKE. Michael Austin 
DUNN. Jeffrey Da\ id 
DUNN. Karen Ellen 
DURANA.Joan Christi: 
EAGLE. Robert Lee 
EASTBURN. Joseph R. 

Fourlh rcu:- 

EDGAR. Thomas Richard 
EDGERTON. Donald Kenneth 
EDWARDS, David Joel 
EHLERS, Bonnie Lu 
EKVALL, Victoria Jean Wi 

Lvnchburg. Va. 
Valhalla. N. V. 
Roxborc. \, C 
Dall.iv I-,. 
Nash\ill.. I. MM 


Manha.sset, X. V. 

Lowell, Mich. 

Anderson, S. C. 

Temple Terrace. Fl 

ELBERT, Jaret Gay 

Fiflh rozv: 
ELLLS. Alfred Je 
ELLIS. Philip (V 

ELi.K )rr. 1..1... 

ELl.K )ll . Willi 
EMSi.ll.. RkIi.ii 

Sixlh row: 

ENGEL. Darby Ann 
ENGLE, Russell Wesley 
ENSIGN. Joan Jarrett 
ERVIN. Reid Hart 

Snrnl/i row: 
EVANS, Edith V. 
EVANS, Janet Ellen 
EVANS, Jean Ury Tur 
EVANS, Sara Mar£;are 
EWALD, Frederick Ha 
FACKLER, Peter Cole 

Eighth row: 
FAIRBANK, William Guv 
FALK, Elizabeth Owen 
FARBER. Mark Bernard 
FARRELL. Frank Dan. Jr 
FAY, Wayne Richard 


Athens. Tenn 

Goldsboro. N. C 

Durham, N. C 

Pittsburgh. Pa 

iston-Salem. N. C. 

w Rochelle, N. Y 

Houston. Tex 

Easton. Pa. 

Los Altos. Calif, 

Hartsville. S. C:. 


S. c: 

Chapin, S. C. 

Evanston. 111. 

Ridgewood. N. J. 

Washington. D. C. 

Virginia Beach. Va. 

Washington, D. C:. 



C:amp 1 

Durham. N. C. 

Dhahran. Saudi Arabia 

Baton Rouge. La. 

Petersburg, Va. 

Aberdeen. N. C. 

Villanova, Pa. 

.Mnlh row: 

FENTIN. Garv Steven 
FENTRESS. Kathryn Jean 
FERGUSON. Elizabeth Brow 
FIACCONE. Katherine .-Xnn 
FIEDOREK. Bonnie Lee 
FIELDS, Glenn Dixon 

Hollywood. Fla. 

Ormond Beach, Fla. 

ling Memphis, Tenn. 

.Summit. N. J. 

North Canton. Ohio 

Annandale. Va. 

laith row: 

FITTS. Sanford Burton. Ill Wi 

FITZSIMONS. James Phillip 

FLEC:K. Donald Randolph 

FOl.l/. [nlin .\ 

F( )( ) I I.. Roll. 1 1 Stephens 

FORBL.S. Su. Black 

nston-Salem, N. C. 

Gillette. N. J. 

Flushing. N. Y. 

Watertown. Conn. 

Nashville. Tenn. 

Wilson, N. C. 


(> r^ e ^ (^ a 
n o c. ^ o P 
p a a (^ ^ f^ 

a ^ ^ ^ o m 

t\ -^ f% ^^ ^ ^ 

f) f!) f^: f^ 

§ Q f^ o r^ ^ 

^. ^*ft 



p 0m o a p 

© (^ r^ f"^ r^. 

FORD, Hoyt Stan 
FORTH, PaulTaber,Jr. 
n >l MM X.John Nicholas 
I < H s| 1 1 I Leon. Jr. 

Fi n\ LFK. Winston G. 

FREEMAN. Alan Giant 

Luniberton, N. C. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Hioih Point, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Long Beach. Calif. 

USAF Academy, Colo. 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Weston, Conn. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Florham Park, N. J. 

Sarasota, Fla 

FREEMAN, John Richard West Hartford, Conn. 

Third row: 

FREEMAN, Millard Phillip 
FRIEDMAN, Larry Alan 
FUTCH, Judith Anne 
GABB, Sally Slater 
GALANT, benise 

Foiirt/i row: 
GATES, Ronald M. 
GAY, Ellen Griffith 
GILBERT, Ripple Erskine 
GILBERT, Terry Scott 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Greenwich. Conn. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Burgaw. N. C. 

Richmond. Va. 

Falls Clhurch, Va. 

Newport News, Va. 

Dallas, Texas 

Poland, Ohio 

Washington, D. C. 

Phoenix, Ariz. 

GILES, Harlan Raymond Avondale Estates, Ga. 

F,J,h row: 

GILES, William Fenn 
GILLIATT, Cynthia Gros 
GILLMAN, Lynn Thomas 
GITHENS, Nancy Lassiter 
GLASS, Herb G. 
GODFREY, Jean Lee 

.SVv//( > 

Savannah, Ga. 
Pointe Woods, Mich. 
Decorah, Iowa 
Durham, N. C. 
BuUville, N. Y. 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 

GOODMON, James Fletcher Raleigh, N. C. 

GOODRICK, William Francis Springfield, Va. 

GORDON, Thomas Frederick, Jr. Durham. N. C. 
GOSNELL, Jack Leslie, Jr. Aiken, S. C. 

GOTER, Carol Jean Kings Mountain, N. C. 

GRAGG, Margaret Elizabeth Boone, N. C. 

rC:ER, Phi 

(,KI.I M, \ II ginia Louise 
(,R1,1,.\\\( )i )1), Phyllis Kent 
GRlX,OR\, Linda Belle 
GRIMES, Judith Anne 

F,!^/,lh ,,>!,■: 

( ; R I M M , Karen Louise 

( iR( )SS. I'.itricia Carin 

GROSS, WUham Hunt 


GUTEKUNST, John William 

GUTH, David Lee 


Landsdowne, Pa. 

Charlotte, N. C, 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Enka, N. C. 

Sandston, Va. 

Orangeburg, S. C. 

Short Hills, N. J. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Los Altos, Calif. 

rrey, N. L.. Mex. 

Sellersville, Pa. 

Baltimore, Md. 

.y,nl/, row: 

, Linda Dian 

lomas Sawyer 
Howard, III 

I I \I.M,>. M.iigaret Bower 
IIALFMAN, Marsha Anne 
HALEY, Betty Bradley 

Media, Pa. 

Lampeter, Pa, 

Ashcville, N. C. 

South Bend, Ind. 

Chatham, N. J. 

Rock Hill, S. C. 

'J.;ilh row: 
HAMMf:)ND, Evelvn Braden 

II \X\A. Si, A,,, I Triirll 

I I \KI1I \m K( , Iniii\ Aline 

1/ . t^ 


Honolulu, Hawaii 
Nashville, Tenn. 
Staunton, Va. 
College Park, Md. 
iid Rock Hill, S. C. 

Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

HARNED, Margaret Lynn 
HAROLD, Oaxid William 
HARRLXC; li )X. Kriii M„ 
HARRINC 11 >N I li-m..- 1 
HARRIS, K,iilii\ii \iin 
HARRLS, .\1„ h,,.-| \.,ih,ni 

Second row: 

HARRISON. Fenton l\. 
HARRLSCW, Russfll .Sag. 
HARRY. Kathrvn Alice 
HART. Judv Lee 

Ihird row: 

HARTMAN, George Henrv. I 
HASKETT. Barbara Jane 
H.VSSK, i;,,n.\l,ert.Jr, 
HAI S( III K, i,,.,iueline M. 
HA\ IRK K. Si. phen Drake 
HAY. Iluuaid C:lmton 

Fourth row: 
HAYDEN, Marvlou 
HAYES. Caroline Ruth 
HAYES. Margaret Sii<- 
HEBBLE, Lorene Douglas 
HELBIG, Herbert Russell, HI 

Fijlh row: 

HELLEKSON. Judith Bea 
HELLER, Julian Dean 
HELLER, Sally Katherine 
HELSTEIN. Richard S. H 
HEMPHILL, Brenda Stewa 

e, Ky. 
1 cnn. 

N. Y. 

BlulTton, S. C;. 

Lexington, Kv. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Lampeter, Pa. 

Portsmouth. Va. 

Philadelphia. Pa. 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Columbus, Ohio 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Melbourne. Fla 

Baltimore. Md 

West Hartford. Clonn, 

Swarthmore. Pa, 

Clarion. Pa 

Scarsdale, N. Y, 

Greenville, Del. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Scarsdale! N. Y. 

Baltimore, Md. 

HENDLER. Margaret Frances Lakewood. N. Y. 

Sixth row: 

HENLINE. Barry Hampton Vienna. Va. 

HENRY, Elizabeth Michael Coral Gables. Fla. 

HERITAGE. William Holt, Jr. Arlington, Va. 

HEROY, John Newman West Haven, Conn. 

HERVEY, Martha Cole Bethesda, Md. 

HEWES, Jeremy Joan Maumee. Ohio 

Seventh row: 

HEYMAN, Mical Barbara 
HICKMAN, Scot George 
HIGDON, Wendy Lou 
HIGH, Harold G. 
HIGHT, William Patterson 
HILEY, Elizabeth Anne 

Eighth row: 

HILL, Charles Alfred. Jr. 

HILL, Dan Winfield, HI 

HILL, Lester 

HILL, William Ausband 

HITCHCOCK, Bouldin Stark 

HOAGLIN, David Caster 

Durham, N. C. 

DeKalb, 111. 

State College. Pa. 

Anchorage. Ky. 

Salisbury, N. C. 
Rockville. Md. 

Akron, Ohio 

Durham, N. C. 

WiUiamsviUe, N. Y, 

Denton, N. C. 

LawrenceviUe. N. J. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Ninth row: 

HODGES, Carol Ann Westfield. N. J. 

HOELLE. Mary Christine Marblehead, Mass. 
HOLBERT, James M. Lookout Mountain, Tenn 

HOLDER, John Fleming Highland Park, 111 

HOLMES, Frances Lynn Winston-Salem, N. C. 

HOLMQUIST.Jill Robie Rockford, 111, 

Tenth row: 

HOMER, Edwin Nicolaides 
HOOKER. Elizabeth Kinard 
HOOVER, Merilyn Ann 
HOPKINS, David Harold 
HOPPE, Jean Ellen 
HORSLEY, Joyce Ann 

Wilton, Conn. 

Chapel Hill. N. C. 

Wheeling, W. Va. 

Durham, N. C, 

Alexandria, Va^ 

Belmont, N. C 


€" i'^ r^ f%0 c> 

0^ c, n ^ .p i?^ 

.^ ^ Cs fT:] p p 

i1ii>^'l iti^^i^4%k 

a |5 /-• Ci „. o 

p a f!) p c^ 1^ 

r^ ^ 1^ p '^^^ p 

c> r^ .^. o n .f*| 

^ n a P r^ 

„-- a T' {^ o (^ 

HORTON, Elizabeth Ann 
HOWARD, David Kelly 
HOWARD, Deryl Johnson 
HOWSER, Roy Davis 
HL'IKMAN, Frank Jackson, Jr 

.Arlington. Va. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Jacksonville. Fla. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Myrtle Beach, S. C. 

Steele, Mo. 

Second row: 

in'dlir.S. R,,o,., Willi.un 
HI X II 1 ^ , K- l„,, ,, Anne 

HI X l< X )\ ,..■ Criixsjs 

liriCIII SOX. Allen 
HLTCHINS, Melissa .Ann 
HYBARGER, Charles Patrick 

Summit, N. J. 
Monroe. N. C. 
Palm Beach. Fla. 
Wilmette. III. 
Terre Haute. Ind. 
BeltsviUe. Md. 

T/nr<i roiv: 

ICELAND, Steven 

IMERSHEIN, Allen Wallace 

l.XCi:. Ann 

IXC I.E. Frank W. 

IXC RAM, John Edgar 

ISR \|.:l, Linda Lee 

Svosset, N. Y. 

Miami, Fla. 

Houston, Texas 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Garden City, N. Y. 

Marietta, Ohio 

/■oiiil/i uiw: 

1 \(KS( IX. j.n.ur Cl.iire 
1 \( KS( IX |,u Willi.un 

1 \( 1 ii;m X \i,,m1i i,.r 

J \R\I \X, Jnlui 1 Ir.uv 

JEFFORD.S, Dexter Lee 
JENKINS, James Jay 

White Plains, N. Y. 

Petersburg. Va. 

Tulsa, (Jkla. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Roslyn, N. Y. 

Greenville, N. C. 

F^Jlh row: 

JOHNSON, David Moise 
JOHNSON, James Warren 
|( 1HX.S( IX. jn. lull ll.irris 
|( i|IXS( )X. ,\li, h.i.l l.lliott 

|i >IIX,S( )X. R ,1 .Mclntire 

JOILX.SOX. Shaiuu .\. 

Skaneateles, N. Y. 

Logan, Ohio 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Arlington, Va. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Short Hills, N.J. 

S.UI, .o,r: 

JOIIX.S. IX ,Sur \\\nm- 

]U\LS. Lois Catlicune 
JONES, Margaret Carnwath 
JONES, Michael Fisher 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Houston, Texas 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Shelby, N. C. 
Wallingford, Pa. 
Fairfield, N. C. 

Se!vr}lh row: 

JONES, .Susan Ellen 
VlX'r.S, Willi.,,,, Duiyht 
K \ll\SI 1 R ( ),,„ , 1 

K \1 11 \l \X. .S„llie\ l.lovd 

K.\UFFNL\N. Susan Lane 

East Orange, N.J. 

Richmond, Va. 

Ankara, Turkev 

Mebane, N. C. 

Ridley Park, Pa. 

Crystal Lake, III. 

Eighth row: 

KAUFHOLD, Francis F., St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Isl. 
KAUFMAN, John Pearse Roanoke, Va. 
KAUSCH, James Walter Winston-Salem, N. C. 
KAYE, David E. Manchester, Conn. 
KEITH, Samuel John Nokom.s, Fla. 
KELLER, Robert Graham, Jr. Naperville. 111. 

Viiilh row: 

KELLl'.R. Robert G. Center Sandwich, N. H. 
Kl.l.l.l.R, Robert Jeremiah Miami Beach, Fla. 
kl 1 1 1 II slierrv .Ann Greensboro, N. C:. 
Kl 1 M 1 \l.ii\ Lynn New Bern, N. C. 
Kl XXI 1 l^ , i.lizajane Shaker Heights, Ohio 
KENNEDY, Louise Brown Buies Creek, N. C. 

J rnlh ro!t: 

KENNEDY, WiUiam Ellis, Jr. 
KERNODLE,John Robert, Jr 
KERZ, Leonore 
KETNER.Jack Caldwell, Jr. 
KIMREY, James Otis, Jr. 

Owatonna, Minn. 
Burlington, N. C. 
New York, N. Y. 
Hickory, N. C. 
Short Hills, N. J. 
Durham, N. C. 


Fint row: 

KINER, Frances Atlee 


■ N.J. 

KING, David IIastini;s 


N. V. 

KIXXI.Y, ■Il„.n,as RobcLs 


N. C. 

KIR KM ^^ Willi, i,n Elton 


N. C. 

KIWI II 1 1 K, M.nsaixt Ann 


D. c:. 

KI.I.IU.Kc;, S.rlK Nearly 



SnotiJ row: 

KNODE. Charles Stephen 


D. C. 

KOESIER. Mari^aret llaynes 


;•, Md. 

KOI'l', Stephen Andrew 

Long Beach, 

N. V. 

KOlll.KR. Janus Bernard, 11 


N. Y. 

KOM MINSK, Dianne 

New Bremen 

, Ohio 

KOVAC, Karen Taliaferro 


:, Fla. 


KRAFT, Richard William New Orleans, La. 

KREGLOW, .\lan Frank, Jr. Washington, D. C. 
KRONCKE. Fred G., Jr. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 
KRONENFELD, Jerrold E. Hendersonville, N. C. 
KUNZ, Susan Margaret Pittsburgh, Pa. 

LACY, Carol Sue Tucson, Ariz. 

Fourth row: 

LAMONT, Eugenia Grayson 
LAND, Katharine Northern 
LARSON, Charles. Ill 
LASOFF. Marjo Lynne 
LATIMER, Elease C. 
L.-\VIA, Dennis A. 

Fijlh row: 

LAWSON. David Hardman 
LAWYER, Mary Patricia 
Lt:CR.AFT, Joan Karen 
LEETE, Jerome Burr 
LEFTWfCH, Linda Allison 
LELAND, Linda Diane 

Sixth row: 

LERNER. Leigh David 
LEVINE,Jane Rue 
LEVINE, Michael H. 
LEWIS. Harvie Huey 
LEWIS, Jeffrey Edward 
LICHTY, Myron Roy 

Sfvi-nth row: 

LIEBER, Todd Michael 
LIGHT, Frank G. 
LIGON. Edward Stovall 
LINDS.\Y. Walter Hill, Jr. 
LOCKHART, Martha Anne 

New York, N. Y. 

Durham, N. C. 

Lakeland, Fla. 

Manhasset, N. Y. 

iston-Salem, N. C. 

Rahway, N.J. 

Perrv, Ga. 

t Palm Beach, Fla. 

Oberlin. Ohio 

Durham, N. C. 

CuUowhee, N. C. 

Millbrae, Calif. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Bethesda. Md. 

New York, N. Y. 

Bessemer, Ala. 

Delaware, Ohio 

Port Edwards, Wis. 

Lansdowne, Pa. 

CoUegeville, Pa. 

Manhasset, N. Y. 

Hinsdale, III. 

.^iken, S. C. 
LONDON, Robert Warren, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. 

Eighth row: 

LOSEE, Alan Wilmot 
LOW, Thomas Aiken 
LUCAS, Andrew John 
LUNDRY, Karen Muriel 

Ninth row: 

LUNSFORD, Dennis Lee 
LUSK, Rodney Hammond 
LYLE, Susan Wendy 
LYONS, Douglas Scott 
LYONS, Henry Thomas, Jr. 

Tenth row: 
M.^cLEOD, Rod 
MADDEN. Michael Grant 
MALLEY, Kathleen Pendleton 
MALMSTROM. Richard A., Jr 
MALONE, Margaret Ann 

Verde, Puerto Rico 

Houston, Texas 

Damascus, Md. 

Richmond. Va. 

Hialeah. Fla. 

Summit, N. J. 

Severna Park, Md. 

Gallipolis, Ohio 

Hawthorne, N. J. 

.Shalimar, Fla. 

.Allentown, Pa. 

n Durham, N. C. 

Chillicothe, Ohio 

Waterville, Maine 

Fairfield, Ala. 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Verona, N. J. 

Ft. Riley, Kan. 

p ^ ^ P la fi 

rs o ^ (^ f^ p 

c. C' c^ a 

p f^ .r> /% n 




a m p o r 
a o 

a ^^ 

a a 1^ 

MANES, Michael Randolph Alexandria, Va. 

MANNING, Donald O. Arlington. Va. 

MANfM.A. Frank Albert Alexandria, Va. 

MARCIK. I),,n..ld Miami, Fla. 

M AKIN. j..l,n W.ur.n Karrell. Pa. 

.MARKS. M.iry .Ann Huntington, Ind. 

MARSI !. 1 lerbert Arnold Petersburg, Va. 

M. \R.SI1AI. I. , Holcombe Tucker, III Rome, Ga. 

^r-*^ T~ "•' BF~ "^ W^ 'H V-^ ""^ \l.\RSnAI,l..Juhan Randolph, Jr. Durham, N. C. 

.\1.\K.S| l.Xi.l.. Marianna Hingham, Mass. 

.\1.\SIIBURN. Anne .Simmons Charlotte, N. C. 

MAIllEW.S. Louise Ann Wallingford, Pa. 

a a p c a ^ 
e a ft ^ a* f?> 

O mo P '^ f^ 

a 1% ct f^ 

M.\ 11 IIS. William Stanford Baltimore, Md. 

\I.\ 1 I I ll-.WS, Harriet Leanna Batesburg, S. C. 

.\I.\ r n IF.WS. Walter Sid Parris Island, S. C. 

.\l.\^■. .\laiilyn Franklin, La. 

.\l.\^ i;S. Indith Carol Southington, Conn. 

\L\Y( ). K. Jean Tallahassee, Fla. 

M. f ;i .FX.\1 IAN, William L. Hillsborough, Calif. 
McCK )MH, F.lizabeth Ellen Greensboro, N. C. 

.M(:(:Ri;.\l<\'. Robert Hodge St. Petersburg, Fla. 
M,;(:1:|.I.1:RS, Edwin Randolph Durham, N. C. 
McCULLERS. Linwood Arnold Durham. N. C. 
McDOUGLE, Dorothy Ellen Charlotte, N. C. 

Fiflh ,ou 

McDOWELI Jack R Ji .South Boston. Va. 

MrG\RRir\ Das id Michael Trenton. N.J. 

\1. JUNklN Howaid P Ji Charleston, W. Va. 

\lc kl 1 William Haiold Charlotte, N. C. 

^ \1, \ \HB )ohn Fhomab II Charleston, W. Va. 

\U \ M 1 \ William John III Fairfax, Va. 


W IMIl kSOM Alexandei 
\l k \l 1 hii Mtxandei 
\1 1 |( 1 1 1 C iiyn Lynne 
\IL\kS SLOtt OUett 
MELKS Marcia Kay 
MEH^FFEY Peggy Jeannett 

Orlando, Fla. 

Fort Belvoir. Va. 

Narberth, Pa. 

Bolivar, Pa. 

CamiUus, N. Y. 

e Rockdale. Texas 

Srvynlh row: 

MEIKLE, R. Bruce 
MENDLNMIAI.!.. Diannejov 
\II.\Xr, |, lines 
Ml.KKM,, Willi,,.,, laylor 
MIDI RA, R.inri Bernard 
MILl.KR, A. Edgar, Jr. 

Glenview, 111. 

■ce Johnstown, Pa. 

Dover, Mass. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Wilmington, Del. 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

E,ghlh row: 

MILLER, Bruce Gregory 
MILLER, Diann Marie 
MILLER, Edward Keith 
MILLER, Joan Jackson 
MILLER, John Cleveland, J. 
MILLER, Robert J. 

Honolulu, Hawaii 

Winter Park, Fla. 

BrooksviUe, Fla. 

.Annapolis, Md. 

Mobile, Ala. 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

,\V;,//( roir: 

MILLER. Thomas R. 
NUI,1.1:R. Wayne Hamilton 
Mills, Claire 
MILLS, |,,.in Elizabeth 
Mirclli.LI.. Susan Lee 
M(X;K, Frank Mackenzie 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 

Arlington, Va. 

N. Wilkesboro. N. C. 

Seaford, Va. 

Glenview, 111. 

Los Angeles, Calif 

\|i i(,l,R, s. I'.sther Lexington, Va. 

M( IN I c ;i iMERY, Jane Wise Orlando, Fla. 

MiK)Ri:, I liaddeus David Greensboro, N. C. 

MOORE, William Bryan N. Charleston, S. C. 

MORALES, Edith M. San Juan, Puerto Rico 

MORENG, James Robert Ridgefield, N.J. 

First row: 

MORGAN, Charles Eugene 
MORRIS, John Gideon, Jr. 
MORRIS, Robert F. 
MORRISON, Michael Lewis 
MOSS, Beverly Jean 
MOSS, Sara Frances 

Second roiv: 

MOUNT. Zrlma Frann 
MOXI.FV, Jnhn I Van, Jr 
MOYK. |„,sr|,l,in.- Kemp 
MUC:KK. Jane l.vnn 
MULDER, Sallv Marion 
MUNNS, Harris Alton, Jr 

.•\shcboro, N. C). 

Geneva, .Ma. 

Winter Park, Fla. 

Oak Ridge. Tenn. 

Ocala. Fla. 

Washington, N. C. 

Manasquan, N. J. 

C:lear\vater. Fla. 

Cairo, Ga. 

Minneapolis. Minn. 

Villanova, Pa. 

High Point, N. C. 

MURRAY, Harry Murphy, Jr. 
MURRAY, William Terrence, Jr 
NADLER,J. Victor 
NELSON, Kristen Carol 
NEWBY. Thomas A., Jr. 
NEWMARK, Howard 

HuntsviUe, Ala. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Paramus, N. J. 

Dayton, Ohio 

Richmond, Va. 

Colonia, N. J. 

Fourth row: 

NEWTON, Fred Whitaker, Jr 
NEWTON, Richard Burton 
NICHOLS, Barbara Carolyn 
NIXON, .Sarah Jane 
NORBY, Laurence Harvey 
NORRIS, Kenneth E. 

Henderson, N. C. 

Hagerstown, Md. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Osage, Iowa 

Alexandria, Va. 

Fijlh row: 

NORWOOD, Larrv R. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

NURKIN, Harry Abraham Durham, N. C. 

NUZUM, Linda Lee Aiken, S. C. 

O'CONNOR, Eileen Theresa Atlanta, Ga. 

OLIVER, Paula Elizabeth Houston, Texas 

OMAN, Laura Virginia Scranton, Pa. 

Sixth row: 

OSMUN, Richard George 
OVERMAN, Betsy Lee ■" 
PAGE, James Frederick 
PAGE, Robert Foster 
PANDOLFO, Andrea V. 
PARSONS, Donald Oscar 

Seventh row: 
PATCH, Teresa Ann 
P.A.TTERSON, John C, Jr. 
PATTERSON, Sharon Kay 
P.A.TTON, David Drake 
PATTON, George Wood, Jr. 
PAYNE, Lura Rudisill 

Toledo, Ohio 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Wheeler AFB, Hawaii 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Montgomery, .\la. 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

New Canaan, Conn. 

Dearborn, Mich. 

Macon, Ga. 

Belmont, N. C. 

Eighth row: 

PAYNE. Sloane Waller, Jr. Taylorsville. N. C. 

PEAK, Marilyn Jeanne Hudson, Ohio 
PENFIELD, Cameron Wallace Greensboro, N. C. 

PENNINGTON, Charles W. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

PERRILL. Debbie Lynn .Scarsdale, N. Y. 

PERRY, Clifford W., Jr. Winston-Salem N C 

.Ninth row: 

PETERSEN, Robert .Samuel, Jr. Wheaton, 111. 

PETERSON, Sallv Machen Hvattsvillc, Md 

PFETZING, Virginia Ann Virginia Beach, Va. 
PFIZENMAYER, Rickard F. Rocky River, Ohio 
PH.JiRR, Diana Louise Montgomery, .\la. 

PHILBRICK, Janice L. East Greenwich, R. 1. 

Tenth row: 

PHILLIPS, Elisabeth Leigh 
PHILLIPS, Glenn Patrick 
PHILLIPS, Katharine Allen 
PHILLIPS, William Hart 
PHIPPS, Roy Mangum, Jr. 
PICKENS, Marshall Ivev, Jr, 

Durham, N. C. 
New Orleans, La. 
Memphis, Tenn. 
Durham, N. C. 
Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Charlotte, N. C. 

f^ ^ P ?^ a 

^. o <^ /^ ^ ^ 

p f^ e- o fi c- 

f^ r^ O^ ^ ^ 

p O f> 1^ .^ ^) 

a ^ - r^ B A 

^ f^ f^ fi .r- 

^tk 1 itefc. iTiii-fcrili 

f^ |.^ c ,n (^ > 

^a a a a 

a m ^ :, AP 

PICKERING. Mary Elizabeth 
PICKETT. Anne Caldwell 
PIERCE, Peter Wood 
PIFER. Ronald Jan 
PIRTLE, Ronald Clayton 
PIXLEY, Stephen Snyder 

Second rnw: 

POI.ITANO. Paul Michael 
POI.K. Raemon Maurice 
P( )1,1.( )K. fames Lawrence 
P( VIOCKT. Mary Jane 
PtJWEl, L.Julia Hester 
PRIDEAUX. Penelope Ann 

Thud rnw: 

PRIMM. Richard Kirbv 
PROCTOR, Marciajoellvn 
PRUITT. Louise Tupper 
PURNELL. Frederick, Jr. 
PYNE. R. David 
QV.W. Bert Wells 

Fourth row: 

R.\MI',^-, Charles Wayne, Jr. 

KA'i . ( :,ii.>l\'n Lenora 

RANI )AI,I„ David Stewart, Jr 

KA.XKl.X. Rosalie Annette 

RANSDELL. James Morton 

RASNICK, William Horton 

Fifth row: 

REEVES, Sara Kathryn 
REICHMAN, James Alexander 
REKAIE, Harold Louis, Jr. 
REPASS, Randolph Kent 
Ri;ri l.k. )crilyn G. 
REM.l.NC;; Theodora Ruth 

Sixth rnw: 

KIA M II. US, Benoni Orrin 

Kl ^ \i M l)S, John Charles 

Un \i li DS. Susan V. 

Kl( .1 . ( :.ii(il .Ann 

RICE. Sheila S. 

RIDENHOUR, Robert Burks 

Raleiijh. N. C. 
Durham, N. C. 
Bethel, Maine 
Durham, N. C. 
Stone Mount, Ga. 
Batavia, N. Y. 

St. Albans, W. Va. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Robbins, N. C. 

Winter Park, Fla. 

Gainesville, Fla. 

wostiuR Hewit, N.J. 

homasviUe, N. C. 

.Athens, Ga. 

Pelham, N. Y. 

Norwood. Mass. 

Lauderdale, Fla. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Dayton, Ohio 

BurnsviUe, N. C. 

New York, N. Y. 

.Arlington, Va. 

Portsmouth. Va. 

Bristol, Tenn. 

.Atlanta. Ga. 

Washington, D. C. 

Annapolis, Md. 

Norwell, Mass. 

We.xford, Pa. 

Roslyn, N. Y. 

Arlington, Va. 

Metairie, La. 

Lewisville, N. C. 

MiUedgeville. Ga. 

Riverside, Conn. 

Baltimore, Md. 

SiTHilh row: 

RIPPLE, Joseph Lawrence 
RITTER, Martha Lucille 
ROBERTSON, James Hoge 
RODIN, Steven Geoffrey 
RODRIAN, Susan Kay 

Fis;hlh n„r: 

R( ICI'.RS, C:harles Henry 
R( )(;i,RS, Myra Stewart 
ROMP, Walter Gary 
R(;PER, Emily Rebecca 
ROSER, Antoinette Camil 
ROTH, William J. 

Myrtle Beach, S. C. 
Atlanta, Ga. 
Bethlehem, Pa. 
Baltimore, Md. 
Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Evansville, Ind. 

Lockhart. Fla. 

.AsheviUe. N. C. 

Avery, Ohio 

McLean, Va. 

Washington. D. C. 

Chatham. N.J. 

Sumter, S. C. 

Westport. Conn. 

Durham, N, C. 

Ncenah, Wis. 

Clolumbus, Ohio 


RUSHFORTH. George Marshall 
SALINGER, Jill Hudson 
SALTER, Mark Heath 
SAMPSON, Eleanor A. 
SAPP, Karen Lewis 
S.APP, Robert Holmes 

Westfield. N.J. 

Durham, N. C. 

Galveston. Tex. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Leaksville, N. C. 

Maplewood, N. J. 


First row: 

SAWYER, Martha Jane 
SCHAFFER, Toni Anne 
SCHICK, Gustav Albeit 
SCHLOSSER, Paul Michael 
SCHMIDT, Barbara Lee 
SCHUMER, Dennis Robert 

Elizabeth Citv, N. C. 

Granville, Ohio 

MillviUe, N. J. 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Glen Burnie, Md. 

Second row: 

SCOTT, Elisabeth Carolyn 
SCOTT, Julia Ann 
SCOTT, Watson T. 
SCRIBNER, Hillis Mairy 
SEAHOLM, Elizabeth Annt 
SELDEN, Stephen James 

Rock Hill, S. C. 

Asheville, N. C. 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Rochester, Mich. 

Richmond, Va. 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Third row: 

SELF, Michael Marvin Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

SELLERS, John G.. Jr. Norfolk, Va. 

SESSOMS, Howard Clifton Lumberton, N. C. 
SETll IAIN fK. William Boyd Short Hills, N.J. 

SEVMiMK \,,M. \ Duff Fair Haven, N. J. 

SEYM I )l K. Ri. Ii.mi G. Southern Pines, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

SEYMOUR, William Marti 
SHARP, Robert Randolph 
SHEARON, Elder Leconis 
SHERRARD. Thomas J. 
SHERRILL, William F. 

1 Washington, D. C. 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Fifth row: 

SHORE, Carey Deane 

SHERMAN, Carolyn Louise 


SIJHOFF, Hendrik Gerard M. 

SILER, Becki A. 

SILVER, Martin David 

Sixth • 

Charlotte, N. C 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Rockford, III. 

Port Chester, N. Y. 

Dayton, Ohio 

Silver Spring, Md. 

SIMMONS, Douglas Edward Easlcy, S. C. 

SIMPSON, Lucia Elisabeth Winston-Salem, N. C. 
SIMS, Larry Don Oklahoma City, Okla. 

SINCLAIR, Timothy Anderson Nashville, Tenn. 
SITTERLEY,Jean Elizabeth Bethlehem, Pa. 

SLATER, Frank M. Winter Park, Fla. 

Seventh row: 

SLAUGHTER, Celia Roan 
SLOCUM, Nancy Elizabeth 
SMELTZ, Carol Jane 
SMITH. Barbara Hamilton 
SMITH, Brian Campbell 
SMITH, Julie A. 

Eighth row: 

SMITH, Margaret Lylc 
SMITH, Mary Beth 
SMITH, Norman Austin 
SMITH, Robert Kinsey 
SMITH, Robert Zane 
SMULL, Michael Warner 

.\inth row: 

SNELLER, Kathleen Ann 
SNIDER, Richard Hoy, Jr. 
SNOW, Elizabeth B. 
SNYDER, Carol Ann 
SNYDER, Mary Ann 
SNYDER, Marv Elizabeth 

Columbia, S. C. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Westfield, N. J. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Springfield, Va. 

New Orleans, La. 

Ripley, N. Y. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Falls Church, Va. 

McLean, Va. 

Cleveland Hgts., Ohio 

Valparaiso, Fla. 

Huntsville, Ala. 

Morristown, N. J. 

High Point, N. C. 

Darling, Pa. 

Tenth i 

SOUTHERN, Samuel Ogburn 
SPECK, Martha Loraine 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 
SPI VEY, Peggy Jolene Oklahoma City, Okla. 

SPREY, Joseph Sheridan Newton, N. C. 

STAMILE, Patrick Michael Sayville, N Y 

STANFORD, Pete Evans Atlanta, Ga. 

W c-' ^ f% cx 

(^ o o 


(^ f^ a Q r^ a 

o r^ p i", 
r^ f^ ^ /^ f^ r"» 

n f 




h;- r^l b<? )^ H^ 

O f% o 

^ C> 1^ #^ 1*^ 


F/;j/ roiv: 

STANSBURY. Dale Guinn 
STARNS, Byron Eugene. Jr. 
STAUFFER. William Roy 
STE.AD, Nancy White 
STENGL, Gary Richard 
STEVENS, Barry Wade 

.STEVENS. James Hervy, Jr 
SIIAl.NS.'Lynn Baxter 
SI I .WART. James E. 
M 1A\ ART, Rodney O. 
SI lElvS, Ghristopher Scott 
SEINE, Doris Mae 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Carbondale, 111. 

Louisville. Ky. 

Durham, N. C. 

Greenville, S. C. 

.Mken, S. C. 

Baltimore. Md. 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Beaufort. S. C. 

Burlington. N. C. 

St. Petersburg. Fla. 

Trenton. N. J. 

7 km! row: 

STONER, Michael Alan 
.STOPPELMAN, John Stephen 
Sl'KdUPE. Sandra Patricia 
SI l<i H I'l,. Stephen D. W 

s I I r.l'.s. S.ira Margaret 
Ml DSI RUP, .Stanley Kirk 

Fimrl/i row: 

SIT M:BNER. Jon Woodford 
SI RH \l ■( ;H, Georgcann 
SIM 1 1 1. R I. AND. John David 
S^ Kl S, Cathleen 
1 AKW.VrER. Nancy Penelope 
r.A I E.James Knox. IV 

F,flli row: 

T.-\YL0R, William Ralph 
TEAGUE. William Edward 
IHAflKREY. Kent Dean 


II K )MAS, Richard .Stanley 

Danville. Va. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Charlotte. N. C. 

iston-Salem, N. C. 

Denver, Colo. 

Rockford, 111. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Anderson. Ind. 

Port Clinton. Ohio 

Great Neck. N. Y. 

llarriman. Tenn. 

Bolivar. Tenn. 

High Point, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Falls Church. Va. 

Hockessin. Del. 

Beaufort. S. C. 

)N. Edward Claude Silver Spring, Md. 

IHOMPSON, Janet Mills Bellaire, Tex. 

I III IMI'SON. Joseph Madison Raleigh, N. C. 

I III iRMURY. Elizabeth Port Washington. N. Y. 
I I K iR.N ION. Thomas Spruill Delray Beach, Fla. 
I INSLEY. Ethel Marion Tokyo. Japan 

[ODD, Brcnda Gay Frcdericktown, Ohio 

id Joseph 

Richmond, Va. 

Cartersville, Ga. 

Pennington, N. J. 

Greenville, S. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

/un/il/i row: 

I LRNKR. Elaine Ward 

I rRNi:R. Sandra Jane 

Baltimore, Md. 
Carrizozo, N. M. 
nizanne Louise Wooster. Ohio 

1 ALER. Margaret Carolyn Jacksonville, Fla. 

FYRRELL. David James Cleveland, Tenn. 

URQUH ART. James Burwell, III Arlington, Va. 

Scranton, Pa. 

Lenoir, N. C. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Larch mont, N. Y. 

Phomasville. N. C. 

Jackson, Miss. 

h'Ulll »«r; 

\'l,l,ll K. nil. til R.ibert 
\ l\ I IN li III \\SI„NI, Peter 
\ I H .1 , \M 1, ( 1 iii: Stevens 
VON SAl./LN. Kirk Keyes 
VOSE. Martha Dunbar 

Charleston, W. Va. 
Bethesda, Md. 
.Atlanta, Ga. 
W. Hartford. Conn. 
Charleston, S. C. 
WALDRON. Jonathan C. Mountain Lakes, N.J. 

Firsl row: 

WALKER. Beatrice Anne 
WALKER. Margaret Bates 
VVAL.STflX. n.iisN I'mvell 
WANLI.Ss. |„l,,, \UNeil 
WAR! II 1 II. Willi. im Ross 
WARNLR. D.iMil Michael 

WARNER, Janet Lancaster 
WARNER, Thomas Klaycr 
WATERS, Roger T. 
WATSON. David N. 
WATSON, Susan Dale 

St. Petersbin-K, Fla. 

Durham. N. C. 

Tarboro, N. C. 

Springfield, 111. 

Maplewood. N.J. 

Rocky Mount, N. C:. 

Palm Beach, Fla. 
Cincinnati, Ohio 
Vienna, W. Va. 
Medford Lakes, N. J. 
Virginia Beach. Va. 
Great Lakes, 111. 

Third row: 

WAXMAN, Edward Richard Staunton, Va. 

WEIDEMANN, Michael Thomas Newport, R. L 
WEINILVRDT. L.wis William. Jr. Baltimore. Md. 
WEI.F.\R1,. K.iihl.rn Winstcm-Salem. N. ( :. 

WER 1/,. K.nnrih I.. Sprinufu-ld. Va. 

WE.ST. \.rr Warsaw. N. V.. 

Fourth row: 

WEST, Ruth TinSley 
WESTCOTT, Julianna 
WHITE, Richard Mahaffey 
WHITE, Robert M. 
WHITE, Sarah Noyes 

Clark's Summit. Pa. 

Tenafly, N. J. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

.Arlington, Va. 

Greenville, S. C. 

/.',///, ,ow: 

WHITEHEAD. Philip Granthar 
WHI'lENIGH T. Patricia Ellen 
WHITLEY. Robert Benjamin 
WIDELL, Robert Warner 1 


Tampa, Fla. 

Westfield. N.J. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Manhasset, N. Y. 

a, Canal Zone 

Hammock, Jr. Cleaiwater, Fla. 

Sixth row: 

WILKES, Kenneth Earl Huntington, W. Va. 

WILLERT, Lorraine Vee Forest Hills, N. Y. 

WILLIAMS, Alice June Raleigh, N. C. 
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Kemper Cartersville, Ga. 

WILLIAMS. Frances Gay Charlotte, N. C. 

WILLIAMS, Gene Herbert Alexandria, Va. 

Seventh row: 

WILLIAMS, Keary Robert 
WILLIAMS, Martha Lee 
WILLIAMS, .Schuyler Landi: 
WILLIS, Mary Hazel 
WILSON, Charles Edward 
WISE, Hiram Joseph 

Eighth row: 

WISHART, Elaine Florence 
WOBUS, Elizabeth Anne 
WOLTER, Carl Senning 
WOOD, William Henry 
WOOD.\RD, Dee Anne 
WOODEN, Ernest Elmer, II 

.Vinth row: 

WRIGHT, Ola Rinda 
WRIGHT, Robin Ann 
WRIGHT, Susan Foye 
YATES, Earl Wesley 
YEATON, Richard Iva 
YOUNG, Candace 

Tenth row: 

YOUNG, Donald Francis 
YOUNG, Robert 
YOUNG, Susan Gaynelle 
ZIMMER, William Allen 
ZIPSE, William Paul 

Grundy, Va. 

Houston, Te.xas 

Midland, Mich. 

Hickory, N. C. 

Evanston, 111. 

Gibsonville, N. C:. 

Union, N. J. 

Belleville, 111. 

Charlottesville. Va. 

Luray, Va. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Washington, D. C. 

Houston, Texas 

Annandale, Va. 

Hamlet, N. C. 

Framingham, Mass. 

Durham, N. C. 

Arhngton, Va. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Poland, Ohio 

Summerville, .S. C. 

Maplewood, N. J, 

A P p P f ^ 

^ A^ 

Q O ^, P p p. 



CLASS OFFICERS: Left to nghl: Vice- 
President Betsy Strawn, President Kathy 
Irwin, Treasurer Betsy Harmanson, Secre- 
tary Mary Lowe. 

OFFICERS: Lrft lo rig/il: President Ross 
Arnold, Vice-President Guy Solie. Secretary 
David Pace, Treasurer William Trippe. 

C:LASS OFFICERS; Lfjt lo right: Treasurer 
Janet Stroud, Secretary Maureen Ward, 
Vice-President Kris Wolfe, and President 
Alice Ann Kiincl. 



ABKE, Helen Lucille 
ACKERMAN, William Jackson 
AGREE, Jackie 
ADAMS, Douijlas Glenn 
AHMANN, Gerald Black 

Orlando, Fla. 

Richmond, Va. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Rockford, 111. 

Charlottesville, Va. 

St. Charles, Mo. 

Secon{i row: 

AITKEN, James LeMaster 
ALBRECHT, Jerry Linn 
.\LCOCK, Jane Moore 
ALDEN, John Thomas, Jr. 
ALDRIDGE, Virginia Kern 
ALEXANDER, Pamela Gay 

Third rmv: 

ALEXANDER, Randolph F. 
AI.FORD, Judith Eleanor 
ALLEN, llnllis 
.\I.LEN. |ohn Robert 
ALLEN, "Margaret .Vshby 
ALLISON. Nancy Elinor 

Fourth row: 

ALPER, Harvey Paul 
ALTER. Carol Ann 
ALTHOUSE, Sandra Louise 
ALTREUTER. Richard Willie 
ALVAREZ. Richard Michael 
AMERY.Joe Alan 

Lincoln, Neb. 

Endicott, N. Y. 

New York. N. Y. 

RockviUe, Ind. 

Rockv Mount. N. C. 

King, N. C. 

outhport. Conn. 

.\rlington. Va. 

Richmond. Va. 

Riverside. 111. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Toledo, Ohio 
Swarthmore, Pa. 
Fair Haven, N.J. 
Roanoke, Va. 
Wilmington. Del, 

Fifth row: 

ANDERSON, Erik Marshall St. Petersburg. Fla. 

ANDERSON, Jane Clatherinc New York, N. Y. 

ANDERSON, Lawrence W., Jr. Dallas, Texas 

ANDERSON, McCutchen Brooks BishopviUe, S. C. 

ANDERSON, William Holt Burlington, N. C. 

ANDREWS, James Kenneth Lexington. N. C. 

Sixth row: 

ANSELL, David Raymond 
ARNOLD. Herman Ross, U 
ASKEW, Elizabeth Anne 
ASTIN, Charles Frederick 
ATWILL, Lionel Anthony 

Alliance, Ohio 

Richmond, Va. 

Atlanta. Ga. 

Hamilton. N. Y. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Willsboro, N. Y. 

Seventh row: 

AUMAN, James Richard Garner, N. C;. 

AUSTIN, John Charles Pittsburgh, Pa. 

AVERITT. Richard G.. HI St. Petersburg. Fla. 

BACHMAN. Thomas Michael Malta. Ohio 

BAGGS, William Jerold Clentreville, Va. 

BAILEY, C:lairc Grace Staten Island, N. Y. 

Eighth row: 

BAILEY. Hoyt Spurgeon 
B.MLY, Lorianne 
B.\LL, Ann Katharine 
BALLEW, Steve Early 
BALLOU, Charles W., Whi 
BALUSS. Mary Eleanor 

Macon, Ga. 

Englewood, Colo. 

Geneva, III. 

Inman, S. C. 

■ Sulphur Sprgs.,W.Va. 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

.\inlh row: 

BARBOUR, Carol Goodwin 
BARGMAN, Alan Richard 
BARHAM, James Eldren 
BARK.SDALE, Edgar Wilson 
BARNES, Leroy Robert, Jr. 
BARR, W. Tomas 

Tenth row: 

BARRETT, Drew James, III 
BARRINGER, Jerry Allen 
BARRY, Thomas Ross 
BARTON, James Clyde 
BARTON, William John 

Morganton, N. C. 

Buffalo. N. ^■. 

Columbia. S. C 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Fairfax. Va. 

Dallas, Texas 

New York, N. Y. 

Concord, N. C. 

Tupelo, Miss. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Maple Glen, Pa. 

^^ f^^ f^>^' 


C^^ !^ 

P f fl f\ p Ti 

(^ ^ 

p (-^ f^ e '^ 1^ 

Mk ^ ^ M!^ 

f) a c "^ p f^ 

f^ p '^" ^- f^ r" 
fy e e r f^ ^ 

o r^ f^' f^ t 




4 k^M 

^ ,^\ ^^ ^ ^, 



r^ ^ 

P r' f-^ ^- P |-_-^^ 

BASHAM. Gcoiixc Verner, 111 
BAUER, Richard Allen 
BAUKNIGHT. Lillian Marie 
BAY, Barbara Ann 
BAYLIN, Eric Alfred 
BEACH, Lawrence Murphy 

Dallas, Texas 

Bethlehem, Pa. 

W. Columbia, .S. C. 

Tampa, Fla. 

Durham. N. C. 

Westfield, N.J. 

Second row: 

BEACfL Roberta Kay 
BEALE, David Brooks 
BEALE. Deloresjaneil 
BECK, Jean Marie 
BECK, Laurence David 
BEDINGER, .Samuel Dav 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Centerville, Tenn. 

Winter Park, Fla. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mexico City, Mex. 

m Charleston. W. Va. 

llnul luiv: 

BEllNKEN. Kenneth Charles 
BEISCMIER. Rose Marie 
BELCHER. John Clifton 
BELL, James Douglas 
BELL, Susanna Marie 

Fomlh row: 

BE.IA'IN, Jeanne Love 
H1:.M)I:R.' Houglas Edward 
HLNNl.l 1. Donald Edward 
HI:NS()N, Clark William, H 
BENSON, Chaig Burgess 
BENSON, George Goodwin 

Woodbridge. Conn. 

Painter, Va. 

Pensacola, Fla. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Milwaukee. Wis. 

High Point, N. C. 

Savannah, Ga. 

Freeport, III. 

Reisterstown, Md. 

Murphy. N. C. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Fiflfi row: 

BENSON. Jo Richmond. Va. 

BERGER. Johnny Mervvn Mechanicsburg. Pa. 
BERKOWITZ. Leonard Jay Coral Gables, Fla. 

BER.MAN. Richard K. Jackson Heights. N. Y. 

Bi:sl . Alexander Hulvei Towson. Md. 

BES r. Paul Wesley Houston, Tex. 

SrUli row: 

BETHEL. James Eugene 
Bi:V.\Cr)UA. Donna Gayle 
BIBB. Louise Randolph 
BK;11.\M, Edward Maurice 
BINGHAM. James Carleton 
BINKLEY, VVilham Edward 

Snrnlll ,aw: 

BIRKIIEAD. David Kcehn 
BI\'1NS. William Pannill, Jr. 
HL\<:K\V1:1.DER, Blake W. 
HI.AKL. Kiihert Lincoln 
lil. AKI.M.LE., Carol Lillian 
Bl..\l 1. Vuginia Elizabeth 


l',( )|.ilM. (;.-rhard. A, W. 
H( )l lANM >N, Larry Eugene 
BOL roN. Peter Kemble 
BOONE, Worth Howard. Jr. 
BOOTH, Lyndall Lee 

.\uUh I 

Rome, Ga. 
Vienna, Va. 

Charlottesville, Va. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Kershaw. S. C. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Falls Church, Va. 
Maitland, Fla. 
Washington, D. C. 
Durham, N. C. 
Baltimore, Md. 
Chatham. N. J. 

Denver. Colo. 

lluntsviUe, .Ma. 

ilmington. N. C. 

Cheraw, S. C. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

BOOTH. Michael Chancy \' 
BOSL(nT;ll. James Gibson 
BOUCIl \l<n. ITiine Marilyn 
BOVl.NDIK. J.i.k Oliver. Jr. 
BOWl.N. I i.,i,iuk Hardy 
B0\\1:R. I'aulme Hamilton 

t Palm Beach. Fla. 
Denver, Colo. 
Springfield, N. J. 
Rural Hill, N. C. 
Jacksonville, Fla. 
Annapolis, Md. 

■/mill row: 

BOWERS, Elizabeth Ann 
BOYDEN, Thomas Willard 
BOYER, Brian Edward 
BOYLAN, Kathleen Ford 
BR.XDEN, Judith 
BRAREN, Richard Eugene 

Wheeling, W. Va. 

Santa Monica, Calif. 

Springfield, Mass. 

New Orleans, La. 

Wilmette, 111. 

Sarasota, Fla. 


BRASHLER. Richard John Geneva, 

BRATER. Carl Timothv Ann Arbor, Mr 

BRATER, Donald CraiE; Oak Ridi;<-, Ici 

BREEDLOVE, Kendall Harold Arlington, ^ 
BREWER. Bryan Allen Miami, !• 

BRIDGE, Thomas Peter Charlotte, N. 

Second rote: 

BRIGH.\M, James Rcmmers, Jr. Carbondale, 111. 
BRIGHT, Robert Null Richmond, Va. 

BRINKMEYER. Mary E. Washington. D. C. 

BROCK., Elizabeth Steen Winston-Salem, N, C. 
BROCKETT, Peter Charles Daytona Beach. Fla. 
BRODNAX. Lewis Meriwether, Jr. Eutaw. Ala. 

Third row: 

BROOKS, James Clyde, Jr. 
BROWN, Archie Watt. Jr. 
BROWN. Edward Blackshear 
BROWN, Louise Lambeth 
BROWN, Martv Loure 
BROWN, Rose Virginia 

Fouil/i roic: 

BROWN. Sallie Louise 
BROWN, Sheila Gayle 
BROWN, Steven Ravett 
BROWN, William Baldwin 
BROWNE, Charles Gerrall 
BRUHWEL, Roger Alfred 

Fiflh row: 

BRY.ANT, C:harles Alfred 
BRYANT, James Nehrig 
BRYCE, John Stephen 
BUCK, William Peter 
BUDD, William Isaac 
BUDER, John Joseph 


a. Ga. 


N. C. 


a. Ga. 


N. C. 


. Neb. 

Vest Columbia 

. S. C. 

Hvattsville. Md. 

Landis. N. C. 

Chevy Chase. Md. 

Midland, Mich. 

Cherryvillc. N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

TaylorviUc. 111. 

State College. Pa. 

Rennett .Square. Pa. 

Portland. Ore. 

Haddonfield. N. J. 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Sixth row: 

BULLINGTON, Richard Earle 
BULLOCK, Calvert Riggs 
BUMG.\RNER, John Edmond 
BURCH, Barbara Anna 
BURCHESKY, Kenneth Micha 
BURKE, Betty Edwards 

Hollywood, Fla. 

Miami. Fla. 

Lexington. N. C. 

Edgewatcr. Md. 

Utica, N. Y. 

Houston, Tex. 

Smnlh row: 

BURLEY. Katharine Duell Richmond, Va. 
BURNINGHAM. Kent Sessions Alexandria, Va. 

BURTON, Edward Miles Miami Beach, Fla. 

BURTON, Judith Murdock Knoxville, Tenn. 

BURTS, Richard Clyde, III Davidson. N. C. 

BURWELL, James Henry Greensboro. N. C. 

Eighth row: 

BUTLER, David Harry 
BUTLER, Katherine Alice 
BUTLER, Warwick Woods, J. 
BUTT, Barbara Shepherd 

.Adanta, Ga. 

Chappaqua, N. Y. 

San Juan. P. R. 

Pensacola. Fla. 

Newport News. Va. 

uart Richvill.-, N. Y. 

.Vmth row: 

BYRNE. Suzanne Barding Norfolk, Va. 
CABLE, Sam Keith Canroe, Texas 
CAINE. Thomas P. Summit. N. J. 
CALABRESE, Jay William CloUege Park. Md. 
CALDWELL. James Eugene Memphis. Tenn. 
CALLAWAY, Frederick Lucien Durham, N. C. 

Tenth row: 

CAMERON, Jean Jameson Shaker Heights, Ohio 
CAMPBELL, Barbara C. Cannon A.F.B., N. Mex. 
CAMPBELL. Dennis Marion Elmwood Park, 111. 
CAMPBELL, James Barry Savannah, Ga. 
CAPEHART, Gretchen Hall Riverton, N. J. 
CARLILE, Catherine Jane Winnetka, 111. 

f*' O f^ r> ,^ r^ 

^ fl p O ?^ :^ 

f^ f^ rt Q p p 

^ (?^ P ^ p ^ 

n :-*^ p ^ n 

9 ^ a P P ^ 


CARLISLE. Louise Green Tarboro, N. C. 

CARLTON, Caroline D. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

r:ARMK;HAF.L, Georse J., Ill Manhasset, N. Y. 
( AKNl'A', KoliiTt Spt-nn-r Memphis, Tenn. 

CAKR. \.ilr,i,- C.uliciinr Garden City. N. V. 

CAKXI.R. Alrx.inciiT II., Ill Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

(:ASF>'. William (i.seph Arlington, Va. 

CX.SI IIS, St,|,l„„ Henry Big Pine Key, Fla. 

(:IIAMI'H)\, |,inr Kirby Danyille, Va. 

( :l I \.\( I,. I i.u.k ( :i.iwford Lake Mary. Fla. 

t;ii.\NULhR, James Gordon .\lexandria, Va. 

CHARLES. Nancy Louise Ft. Hood, Texas 

SWORTH, Donald R. S. Pasadena, Calif. 
\.\1. Kenneth Dale .Silver .Spring, Md. 
S. (icralrl Edward Oradell. N.J. 

, K.iiliKiin Elizabeth .-Mexandria. Va. 

I.IA . W.uv Lou Greensboro. N. C. 

Cnolvii VanDuyn Alexandria, Va. 

?ett Denver, Colo. 

nus University Park, Md. 

>ld, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
IcCord Nashville, Tenn. 

jre AsheviUe, N, C. 

<uth Vero Beach. Fla. 

Fijih row: 

CLIFF, William Alan Chatham, N. J, 

CLINTON, Barbara Broughton Memphis, Tenn. 

CLOSE. John Phelps Madrid, Spain 

COATE.S, Richard Julian, III Leesburg, Va. 

COCKi:, Norman .Atwater Radnor, Pa. 

CCKiGlN, John Thomas Elmira, N. Y. 

COIL, I.nii.s Huli.rt, III Mobile, Ala. 

(:()l,l,\l W. |mIiii L.iwrence Miami, Fla. 

COI.IAI AN. M.u.M Ethel Mooresville, N. C. 

COI.EM.W. Rii luird Lindahl Jacksonville, Fla, 
C;OLEMAN, Samuel Thomas, Jr. Tulsa, Okla. 

COLEY, Stephen Craig Washington, D. C. 

Houston, Texas 

Lakcvvood, Ohio 

.Summit, N.J, 

East Williston, N. Y. 

Drake Monroe, N. Y. 

r^ o '^ f^ f^- 

ft ,C) (^ C ^ C- 

\^ k^ ^a^'^ fc^ CiONNOLlA . Aiihur Worden Hamden. Conn 

(;( )( Mil IK, l.iln, Bee Brooksville, Fla. 

(:( i( )kl. Kms.. II \,,lr Greenvale, N. Y. 

(:(i()n,K, l),.M.l liancis Norfolk, Va. 

t:CJOI'LRll)LR, Michael Martinsburg, W. Va. 

COREY, Steven James Charleston, W. Va. 

CORNWELL, Gary Tyler Houston, Texas 

.\'i>il/i rntv: 

C:ORWIN. James Albert East Hampton, N. Y. 
C(I,SLI:R. ('iin-iianee Hoagland Columbus, Ohio 

CI >M IN, \Ih I. i.-| .\vent Fuquay Springs, N. C. 

( :( II RM \. D.iiial,! Frank Palmyra, N.J. 

(:()\IA. l.iinic (,rline Richmond, Va. 

c;()\\ AR 1 . Donnhy .\nne .Atlanta, Ga. 

COWI.II.. I..ali Leslie Washington, N. J. 

(KIWM.W, lr\in Hamden, Conn, 

(K i\. ,\l„.un Jones Hendersonville, N. C. 

COX. Monty Woodall Durham, N. C. 

CRAR;, Margaret Corinne McComb, Miss. 

CR.\N1);\LL, Bowen S.,Jr. Port Republic, Md, 


First row: 

CRANE. Harold Edwards, III 
CRATER. Hfl.Ti C;ra\fs 
CRAWrORn. I.,. |ii.Hm- An. 
CROSI.WIi 1.1, . W.uherly 
CROSSM 1 |,i'in I <,„, 
CROW. \\.ll..i.n C.V.I. Jr. 

Pittsbure;!!, Pa. 

Dobbs Ferry, N. V. 

Miami. Fla. 

Dallas, Texas 

Enfield, N. C. 

Arlington, Va. 


CROWl I 1 \ 
CROW Mil ,..ii. II. 
CRL'ICIII.K. .\l mill .' 
CUBBI.SON. Edwin Pri 
CUDEIN. Joseph John 

F.. Ill Baltimore. Md. 

St. Joseph, Mich. 
..Ill Ponte Vedra. Fla. 

.Shackford Nashville, Tenn. 
itchett Clearwater. Fla. Northport, N. Y. 

Third row: 

GULP, Rebecca Ann 
CURCdit. .S,,s,,„ Marv 
CUSll.M \\. KnI" II Francis 

CUT'll.K. .\ ,,,, Crais 

CUTTl.XO.John Imdal 

Gold Hill. 
VV. Roxbury. Mass. 
Clifton. N. 
Park Ridge. 

Baltimore. Md. 
Charleston, S. C. 



nil I 

DAC:K0, Douglas Mitchell 
DADSON, Dana Irving 
DAI. Ping 

DALEY, C. Michael 
DANDREA. Frederick Edw 
DANIEL, Henry Stapleton 

Full row: 

DANIEL, John Harrison. Jr 
DANIELS. Da- id L. 
DAR1..\.\I). !.!!,. Ci.viston 
DARl.l.Xt.. M.,1, .1,,, Breed 

DARK. I l.u;<' , I'iMie 

D.WIS. D.nnis .Nh.irelle 

Sixlh row: 

DAVIS, Donald Arthur 
DAVIS, Edward 
DAVIS, Holly Wilson 
DAVIS, Kathleen Anne 
DAVIS, Laurel Rhea 
DAYTON, Nancy Elizabeth 

San,/h row: 

DEAN. Clinton Woodhouse 
DEAN. J. Gar 

Monessen. Pa. 

Pompano Beach. Fla. 

Durham. N. C. 

Falls Church. Va. 

rd Warwick. R. I. 

Waynesboro, Va. 

Washington, D. C. 

New York, N. Y. 

Mason City. Iowa 

Groton, Mass. 

Sparta, N. C. 

Maple Heights, Ohio 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Nashville. Tenn. 

Richmond. Va. 

Casper. Wyo. 

Chatham. N. J. 

Towanda. Pa. 


Wilmington. Del. 
DEC.A.PR10,Jack Irwin Chatham, N.J. 

DEEGAN. Sandra Jean C. San Francisco. Calif. 
DEEMER. Alexandra Jane Brockville. Pa. 

deGROOF, Robert Clifford Eau Gallic, Fla. 

Eighth row: 

DeMONTREUX, Helene M. 
DeMURO, Deborah 
DENTON, Dianna Lee 
deVYVER, Mary Elizabeth 
DEWAR, Sam Davis. Jr. 
DICK, Frances Colclough 

.\V;i//i , 

Ridgewood, N.J. 

Kinnelon. N. J. 

Clamp Springs. Md. 

Hartsdale. N. Y. 

Bethel, N. C. 

Durham. N. C. 

DILTZ, Peter Colfax Winnetka, 111. 

DIVINE, Jennie Lou Winston-Salem, N. C. 

DODDS, Ann Margaret Dallas. Texas 

DOMMERICH, Rosemary J. Coral Gables, Fla. 
DONALDSON. Terry George Schenectady, N. Y. 
DONOHUE, Marv Virginia Evanston, 111. 

Tenth row: 

DONOHUE, Patricia Can 
DORSETT. Marion Nash 
DOTY, Ralph Edward. Jr 
DOUGL.\S. Margaret .\n 
DRAPER. Daniel, Jr. 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Mt. Gilead. N. C. 
Falls Church, Va. 
Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Chevy Chase, Md. 
Winter Park, Fla. 

f^ (T^ C 

_ a ^ ^ n o 

^ "^ |:l i-flfH 

e (% r* f^ f*"* « 




n o 








f^"^ f^ O #' <^ 

r o ^ :^ p (^ 

f^ (5 ^* P f^ ^ 

.Mf J 

DROITCOUR.John Michac 

nUBIN, Alan Leslie 

III BOIS. Mollv 

DICKLR, Stuart Reilev, III 

1)1 ( Kl.n. Laura J. 

1)1 IM.V. Nora Edith 

Srcond row: 

ni'FFY, Edward Joseph 
nrKL. R,>bert Lee 
DINAWAV. Dave Harry 
1)1 NAW AY, John Marson 
DUNFORD, Sylvia Diane 
DUNN, Gary Brewton 

Thud nnv: 

DUNSMOOR. David Miles 
DUNSMORE, Carolyn Marv 
DURRETT, Joe Park 
DLTTKC), Paula Helen 
DYBDAHL, Rand Edwin 
EARLE, Mary Elizabeth 

Fdtirth row: 

EARLE, Mary Elizabeth 
EASON, Frederick Jackso 
EATON, Janet 
EBBERT, Susan Marcia 
KBERT, Sally Tuck 
ECK, Linda Ann 

Warwick, R. I. 

Baltimore, Md. 

iiingham, Mich. 

E)ayton, Ohio 

Ashevillc, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Newsoms, Va. 

Jacksonville, N. C. 

Rockmart, Ga. 

V'inston-Salem, N. C. 

Short Hills, N. J. 

South Salem, N. Y 

West Orange, N. J 

Tampa, Fla 

Little Falls, N.J 

Wichita, Kan 

Dayton, Ohio 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Wake Forest, N. C. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Wyomissing, Pa. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Fijth row: 

EC;KER, Gharlotte Martin Washington, D. C. 

EDENFIELD, Edith Etrulia HendersonviUe, N. C. 
EDGERTON. Charles N., Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. 

EDGERTON, Jane Ellen Marion, Ind. 

EHRENSPERGER, Elaine College Park, Ga. 

EHRH.\RDT, Rolf Frederick 

Mh , 

Akron, Ohio 

IK 1 ll.R I, Martha Jane Hollywood, Fla. 

1,1,1 |;N, Martha Candice West Palm Beach, Fla. 
1.1. IAS, William Alan Stratford, Conn. 

i:i,l,lN(; 1 ON, Elizabeth Gill Kittrell, N. C. 

ELLIS, Framp Erroll Washington, D. C. 

ELLIS, Peggy Jo Greenville, S. C. 


.Sfrnifh If.:, ■ 
l,MFlNc:l,R. C; 
LNGEL, Wilson F., Ill 
ERVIN, Sarah Ruth 
EVANS, Mary Christine 
EVANS, Ronald Gomer 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Hamden, Conn. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Dayton, Ohio 

Eigh/h row: 

EV.^NS, Samuel Moore Bound Brook, N. J. 

EYSENBACH, Wendell E. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

FAGAN, Brenda Lynn Jacksonville, Fla. 

FAIREY, Philip Washington, III Columbia, S. C. 

FARRAH, Jere Tiffin Glen Cove, N. V. 

FASSINO, Stephen Woodbury, N. Y. 

Minlh row: 

FEENEY, Dorothy Lorene 

FEGLFA', Thomas Lee 

Fi:i,nM,\NN. Peter 

FI.RRIS. John 

1 I.\K1.1,.\, Samuel Leon, III 

FISHER, \V. Robinson 

II .1, 1 ( :ll I, R, Brenda Elaine 
f I, lNt;ini,\UGH, Judith Anne 
FLIN I OM, Sarah Ann 
FLYNN, Thomas Earl 
FOLLIN, Jo Anne 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 

Lakewood, N. J. 

Sarasota, Fla. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Bnmswick, Ga. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Mansfield, Mass. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

BayviUe, N. Y. 

Dunedin, Fla. 


FONDREN. Frank Burkrtt Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 


FOIKI,. lii.lii 
FRASI K. \\,,li 

FREDIANI, Dale Steven 
FRENZEL, James Chailes 
FRE\S, Claudia 
ERISA. Edward Elwood.Jr, 
FRCOHWIRTH. Riciiard A. 
FROST, Jack Nowell 

I liiid row: 

FROST, Marsha Lynn 
FULLER. Ford P.. Ill 
FULLERTON. Richard S. 
FURBISH, John Franklin 
FURGASON, Samuel L., Jr 
FUTRELL, Betty Brookes 

Fomlh row: 

GADDIS, Geoffrey Beach 
GAHAGAN, Luther Powell 
G.^LT, Susan Thomas 
GALLOP, Marshall Aubrey 
GARDINER, Judith Kay 
GARLAND, William Arthur 

Fifth row: 

GARNER, Alice Lynne 
GARRETT, Bowman Staples, Jr 
GARSIDE, Nancy Jo 
GATEWOOD, Arthur Smith 
GAUNT. David Hamilton 
GAUS, Elizabeth Ann 

Beach, Fla. 

Dayton. Ohio 

Raleigh. N. C. 

lickory. Tenn. 

West Chester, Pa. 


Manlius, N. Y. 

Durham, N. C. 

ginia Beach, Va. 

Arlington, Va. 

Fairfield, Conn. 

ton-Salem, N. C. 

Ridgcwood. N. J. 

New York. N. Y. 

Vinston-Salem, N. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 

Lynchburg, Va. 

Butler, Pa. 

Savannah, Ga. 

Cocoa Beach. Fla. 

izabeth City. N. C. 

Dallas, Texas 

Kensington, Md. 

Rome, Ga. 

Perkasie, Pa. 

Chicago, 111. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Hadley, Mass. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Sisth row: 

GAW, Donald Stephen 
GELLER, Roger J. 
GIBBS, George Edward 
GILES, Geoffrey Novash 
GILLESPIE, Winifred Ruth 
GLASS, Frank Walter, Jr. 

Arlington, Va. 

Brookline, Mass. 

Beaufort. N. C. 

Severna Park, Md. 

Franklin, N. C. 

Norton. Va. 

Sevnilh row: 

GNUSE, Mary Kathryn Bethel Park. Pa. 

GODDARD, Sarah Lane Gainesv iUe. Fla. 

GONET, Richard Frank Arlington, Va 

GOODRIDGE, David Ransom Vero Beach, Fla. 

GOODYEAR, Glenn Johnson Lumberton, N. C: 

GORMAN. Henry Westminster. Clalif. 

Eig/ilh row: 

GOTLIEB. Edward Marvin 
GOULD. Robert W. 
GRAGG. Judith Lynne 
GRAHAM, Andrew Tredway 
GRAHAM, Robin Elizabeth 
GRANT, Edward Donald, III 

Ninth i 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Rocky River, Ohio 

Memphis. Tenn. 

Madison, Wis. 

Silver Spring. Md. 

Baton Rouge, La. 

GRANTHAM, Diane Wood Bethesda Md 

GRAVES, William Thompson Wilson, N C 

GREEN, Dale F. Rochester, N. Y. 

GREEN. Jade Noel Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

GREGORY, Claiborne B. San Antonio, Texas 

GRIER, Richard Lowry Charlotte N C 

Tenth row: 

GRIFFETH, Betty Marie 
GRIFFITH, William Patrick 
GRIM, Carolyn Ruth 
GROSS, Richard Rutter 
GROVES, Nicholas Thomas 
GRUBB, Wyndl Theron 

Greenville, S. C. 

Marion, N. C. 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Cranford, N. J. 

Winter Park, Fla. 

High Point, N. C. 

£ 6 fi f ' 

# P A -^ ^ P 

ill > ^Mdrk^M£;k 



p a p a ^^ 

v% f% ^ ^^' C - 

p O f, :^ t\. o 

i^i ^ r c, n r^ 

^ O: !^ P 



ft o ^ ^ ^ p 

a t c* o ^ ^ 

O p P r '^ p^ 

f. f -*. Q p f^ p 

First row: 

GRUMAN, Sunny Gav 
GUDEN, Judith Creech ' 
GUNTHER, Albeit Charles 
GURKIN, Janet Elizabeth 
HAAS, Peter Hudson 


Third row: 

HAMBY, Sandra Alice 
HAMILTC5N. Carol Ann 
HAMILTON, Tyler Grant 
llANES, Eldridge Copenhav 
llANNA. Frank Piquet 

Fourth row: 

HANNON.John Robe, 
HARDIN, Brenda Sue 
HARLAN, Roberta De 
1 lARMANSON, Betsv 
HARRIS, Henry Paul 
HARRIS, Joe Frank 

Westficld, N.J. 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Babylon, N. Y. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Raleigh, N, C. 
Darien, Conn. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mascoutah, 111. 

Miami Beach, Fla. 

Miami, Fla. 

s Catskill, N. Y, 

Jr. Durham, N. C. 

Dobson, N. C. 

WiUiamsville, N. Y. 

Chesterland, Ohio 

Pfafftown, N. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

laitland, Fla. 
ncaster, S. C. 
umbus, Ohio 
rlington, Va. 
tlantic, N. C. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Fifth row: 

HARRIS, William Natson Memphis, Tenn. 

HASSLER, Diane Jane San Tome, Venezuela 

H.XSSnx f,„,„s K.ith, Jr. Knoxville, Tenn. 

IIASWI I I 1 ,!,K Sir.uns Wayne, N. J. 

IIAICIIM \.\ Mr. ILL- Elizabeth Aberdeen, Md. 
ll.MCLA.M). Cli.nirs CMavton Seattle, Wash. 

Lakewood, Ohio 
.Atlanta, Ga. 

Marietta, N. C. 

C:oncord, N. C. 
Iter Haven, Fla. 

AM'.S. K .1 (:,u„i..n 

.\^■.^t.\N■, I<ivcr Lee 
A\'NES, Katherine Dar 

HEBERLING, Jon Leland 
Hl.M.\li:.\\V.\S'. Piter Willi. 

lil,RR.\I.\.\.\, W.iilIv 
llE.SS,Jellrey Bruce 
HESTER, James Scott 



ll.\ir. )()seph S., HI 

IK ;KS, '.Marion Laurence, J 

IlI-.SLKMAN, James Edwar 

IIGM. William Lank 

I KU IS.\1 11 II, Jim Lindsay 

IILD, Marilyn Jean 

lenth row: 

HILL, Harry Edward, Jr 
HILL, Malone V. 
HILL, Rufus Carter 
HINES, John Moore 
IIINSON, Molly Jo 
HIPP, Kenneth Bvron 

Dallas, Texas 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Moline, III. 

Summit, N. J. 

Caroleen, N. C. 

Ocala, Fla. 

Elkins Park, Pa. 

Wilmington, Del. 
High Point, N. C. 

hern Pines, N. C. 

ort Worth, Texas 

Decatur, Ma. 

Boone, N. C. 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Monessen, Pa. 

Arlington, Va. 

.\ustin, Texas 

Park Forest, 111. 

Houston, Texas 

Whitcvillc, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 


lirrCH, Robert Russell 
llOCKER, Beverly Jean 
HODGE. Susan Irene 
HOKANSON. Dean Thomas 
HOLMES, Barrv Luther 

Second row: 

HOME, George Everette 
HOMER. Lauren Booth 
HONEYCUTT, Michael Ry 
HOPKINS, Shelton George 
HORN, Judith Cecelia 
HORN, William Gharlcs 

1 hird row: 

HORWITZ. Patricia Gail 
HOUGH, Zoe Anne 
HC:)UGHTON, Dudley VV. 
HOWARD, George Rogers, Jr 
HOWARD, Penny Dianne 
HOWIE, Robert George, Jr. 

Milford. N. J. 

Littleton. Golo, 

.Alexandria. Va. 

Bethesda. Md. 

Jersey City. N. J. 

Tulsa. Okla. 

Sewance. lenn. 

Pelham. N. Y. 

Durham. N. C. 

Houston, Texas 

Chappaqua, N. Y. 


N. C 

.Atlanta. Ga. 

Huntersville. N. C. 

Midland, Texas 

Washington. D. C. 

Durham. N. C. 

Rapid City, S. D. 

HOY. John Julian 
HUBER. David Garrett 
HUGGINS. Michael 
HUGHES. Lowry Daws. 
HUMPHREYS. Josephii 

Swansea. Mass. 

Indianapolis. Ind. 

Ormond Beach. Fla. 

Tulsa. Okla. 

HoHoKus. N. J. 

Charleston. S. C. 

Ftflh row: 

HUNNIC:UTT. Bruce Alan Pottstown. Pa. 

HUNT. David Arthur Transfer. Pa. 

HUNT. David Jeffrey Caracas, Venezuela 

HUNTER, David Lamson Leominster. Mass. 
HUNTINGTON, William Richard Wayne. N. J. 

HURST. Carol Jean Durham, N. C. 

Sixth row: 

HURTER. Ellenmarie East Haddam. Conn. 

HUTCHISON, Hugh Joseph Stratford. Conn. 
HUTCHISON. Kathleen Eleanor Nashville. Tenn. 

HYDE. Robert Todd. Jr. .Atlantic Beach. Fla. 

I()B,ST. Frederick William Metuchen, N.J. 

IRWIN. Kathy Ann Midland, Texas 

Sevenlh row: 

JABBOUR,Jane Linda 
JACK. Patricia Marie 
JACKSON, Grace Tyler Hl 
JACOBS, Mark Neil 
JACOBSON. Harvey Lewis 
JACOBUS. Everett Franklin. Jr 

Jacksonville. Fla. 

Levittown, N. Y. 

tington Beach, Calif. 

Staten Island, N. Y. 

Coral Gables, Fla. 



Eighth row: 

JAMES, Christopher Wolfe 
JAMES, Margaret Louise 
JARDEN, George W. 
JARRARD. Jerry Michael 
JENSEN. Paul Edward 
JOHNSON. Annette Karen 

,\'(«//( row: 

JOHNSON. C:arol Lynne 
JOHNSON. Edwin Jcthro 
JOHNSON. John Douglas 
JOHNSON, Robert Alan 
JOHNSON. Robert Clover 
JOHNSON. Sandra Leigh 

JONES. Carol Rae 
JONES. HamiU Dice. Jr. 
JONES. John Michael 
JONES. Paul William 
JONES. Rochelle Pamela 
JONES, Roy Bradley 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Charlotte, N, C. 

Short Hills, N. J. 

White Plains. N. Y. 

Lafayette Hill. Pa. 

Hollywood, Fla. 

Richardson. Texas 

Springfield. Pa. 

War. W. Va. 

Falls Church. Va. 

Durham, N. C. 

Lillington. N. C. 

Madison. N.J. 

Falls Church. Va. 

C:harlotte. N. C. 

Burlington. N. C. 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

(p a a o. ^^ 

|ft ^ |ft P 
P f%, a ^ a ^fl 

fAf^ p O O ^ 


^ O "^ fh ^ f!^ 

fl '*> A '" P f> 

g „ , f^ ^ n ^ 

if> r^' <f^ a r> ^^ 

i!^ D t^ (.■,,. j^ 



JORDAN, Robert Wood 
JOSLIN, Frances Lydia 
KAl ZBERG, Richard VVier 
KARMIOL, Mary Anne 
KAUFFMAN, Bruce Lee 
KEELER, Robert J. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Myrtle Beach. S. C. 

Garden City, N. Y. 

AUentown. Pa. 

Bolivar. Colombia 

SWoml raw: 

KEEN. Barbara Anne 
KEEVER. John Francis. Jr. 
KEl.M. .\llied Sylvester 
KELLEV. Nancy Jane 
KENDALL. Gene Ro?er 
RENERLV. William Dudley 

Vero Beach. Fla. 
Hickory, N. C. 
Middletown. Pa. 
Carbondale, 111. 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Salisbury. N. C. 

Third row: 

KENNERLY, John Charles Belmont. N. C. 
KENWORTHY, Deane Center Square. Pa. 
KERN, Karen Louise New Orleans. La. 
KEI 1 l.RING.James R.,Jr. Fairmont. W. Va. 
Kl 11 I.ESIRINGS, Robert David Oak Park. 111. 
KII.I'.MRICK, Judith Anne Akron. Ohio 

Fouith row: 

KIM El . Al.rr Ann 
KINCAll) D.iniH l.,lward 
KINi;.S( .\ (,r,„L',.i l.ion 
KIN.\ W. |ms.|,|, 1 lancis 
KIRK. Scott .\lontt;omery P. 
KISER, .Sylvia Dianne 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Bessemer City, N. C. 

New York, N. Y. 

Bradenton. Fla. 

Oxon Hill, Md. 

Landis, N. C. 

F.Jll, row: 

KITTRELL, Warren Gary 
KLEIN. Dorianne Babbitt 
KLEIN, Jane Lee 
KLUTTZ. June Carol 
KNOX, Elizabeth Anne 
KNUTSON. Carole 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Madison, N. J. 

Darien. Conn. 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Akin. Texas 

Millbrook, N. Y. 

Sixlh row: 

KC:)LL, Brenda Kristen 
KOLODNY, Margaret Joan 
KONANZ, H.Jacqueline 
KRAMER, Robert B., Jr. 
KR 1ST. Joseph Leonard 
KUC:K. Barbara Marie 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Englewood, N. J. 
Belle Vernon, Pa. 
Broad Brook, Conn. 
Watchung, N.J. 

Seventh row: 

KYLE, Albert Sidney 
L^MASON, Robeit Bauv 
1 \MB Ilaiold L 
I Wini R I Glenn E'll Jr. 
I WGSK )N Victoi \ ann 
L\Pt)IM L.John G 

Washington. D. C. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Henderson, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Fii^hth loa 

1 \RS( )\ \Idi\ Anne 

1 \s|| 11 Basil Geoige F.. J 

i \1 1 \ Rub. It LtsUi 

1 \LnLR, Luitis Allan 

L WELY, Kaaren Ann 

L^WRENCE, William Leroy 

Gloucester, Mass. 

r. FayetteviUe, N, C. 

Basking Ridge, N.J. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Montclair, N.J. 

Ninth row: 

LEACH. Richard McPhail 
l.EAR. R..bert Tallman 
1,1,1 ( :,il>,ni 
111, \l,u\ Dean 
1,1,1 1 . ,\lul,,.rl Gary 
I.LIKl.NSOlIN.John Robert 

Washington, N. C. 

Favetteville. N. Y. 

Durham. N. C. 

MiUedgeville, Ga. 

.\tlanta, Ga. 

Staten Island. N. Y. 

7,7,//, ,,.,T.- 

I,I,I,\M1. I'.i.T II.Milvn 

1 l,\ l,K l< ).\, llrl.n Kimbroi 

1,1, WIS. ,\nM. ,\l..ii. 

L1A\ IS. Donald Alexander, J: 

LEWIS, Seth Victor 

LINDEGREN, John Emory 

Baldwin, N. Y. 

.igh Norfolk, Va. 

Morehead City, N. C. 

Oswego, N. Y. 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

Mullins, S. C. 

LIPE. Joseph A. 
LITTLE. Dora A. 
LIVIN(;S1()N. |„l,n S. 
LOEllS, K.MM W. 
LORCH, Robert K. 

Landis. N. C. 

Wadesboro. N. C:. 

Kensington, Md. 

Cincinnati. Ohio 

East Cleveland. Ohio 

Roanoke, Va. 

Second row: 

LORD. Jay \V. 
LOVELESS, Lucinda 
LOW. Louis G. 
LOWE, Mary Spalding 
LOWE. Thomas J.. Jr. 

Wernersville. Pa. 

Roswell, N. MeN. 

Rocky Mount. N. C. 

Jacksonville. Fla. 

Jackson. Miss. 

Wilmette. 111. 

Thtul row: 

LUNSFORD. Ernest J. 
LUTWICK, William'R. 
LYERLV, Ralph T., Jr. 
LYONS. Karlen R. 
MAAS. Frederick 11. 
MABR^■. Larry D. 

Roxboro. N. C. 

Richmond, Va. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Sheffield, Ala. 

McLean, Va. 

Albemarle, N. C. 

Fomth row: 

MacDONALD, Sarah H. 
MACDUFF, Robert Bruce 
MACK, Johnny J. 
Mac LEAN, Lynwood A., Ill 
MADISON, James B. 
MAGEE, George B. 

Severna Park, Md. 

Durham, N. C. 

MooresNille. N. C. 

Rome. N. Y. 

Springfield. 111. 

Cape May. N. J. 

F,/th row: 

M.\JOR, Nina L. 
MALLAHAN, Mehnda S. 
MALONE. William B. 
MALONEY. Patricia A. 
MANN. James D. 
MANN. John B. 

Washington. D. C. 

Balboa. Canal Zone 

Fort Riley, Kan. 

Orlando, Fla. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Richmond, Va. 

Sixlh row: 

MANNERS. Sandra J. 
MARBLE. Sara L. 
MARKEL. Marian K. 
MARSHALL. Thomasin L. 

Glen Head, N. Y. 

Charleston. W. Va. 

Social Circle. Ga. 

Rochester. N. Y. 

Springfield. Pa. 

Hillsboro. N, C. 

Seventh row: 

MARTIN, Albert P. 
MARTIN, James A., Jr. 
MASON, Linda B. 
MASSEY, David S. 
MATHESON. Robert E. 

Milwaukee. Wis. 

Danville. Va. 

Yorktown. Va. 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Boone, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Eighlh row: 

MATTOX. Wendy L. 
MAZZA, Jeffrey P. 
McAFEE, Roy D. 
McALPIN, Malcolm M. 
McCANTS. Carol M. 

Summit. N. J. 

Columbia. S. C. 

Lake Worth, Fla. 

Kirkwood, N. J. 

Convent, N. J. 

Oklahoma City. Okla. 

.Vmlh row: 

Mccarty, Kenneth s, 
McCOLLUM. Douglass J. 
McCONEGHY. Matthew H. 
McCREERY. Richard A. 
McCURDY. John A.. Jr. 
McDERMOTT. Malcolm E. 

Durham. N. C. 

Washington. D. C. 

Tucson, Ariz. 

San Francisco. Calif. 

Fort Lee, Va. 

Houston, Texas 

Tenth row: 

McDonald, Joe h. 

McFARLANE. Carolyn 
McGHEE, James B. ' 
McGINTY, David J. 
McGINTY. Herbert K. 
McGUIRE, Judith H. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Summit, N. J. 

Durham, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

c a '^ C^ P P 

c o c (^ ft 

^* c\ ^ ^ ^ - 

a «^ ^ ^ ^ r . 

c^^ f^ O P #% 

O f^^ "'^ ^ f^ C^ 


O r% (* ^' "^ r"-. 

j^i ^ r '•^ ^ 

^ p ^. ,.. p. ^ 


^ #^ ^ C" ^ G / 

e 1^ l|^ m f) -'-^ 

McINTIRE, William Ray 
McKAIG. Albert S., Ill 
M. KEE. Andrea Evnne 

M. KNicirr. luiiith i:i,,is. 

,X, M 
.AN. I 


MrWII.I.IAMS, F. Barry 
.M1-..\N.S, ChrLstina Frances 
.\ll,l 1 II. .Nikkijane 
.\IEI.S( ).\, Janet Louise 
MERtlATORLS. Morris D., Jr 
MEREXM, Melissa Lee 

Newport News, Va, 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Bradford, Pa. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 

Akron, Ohio 

Portsmouth. N. H. 

Fairfax, Va. 

Wyomissing, Pa. 

Meadville, Pa, 

Durham, N. C. 

Ihlid loiv: 

MERRITT, William Eaton Atlanta, Ga. 

MER.SEREALI. [ohn Bradford Augusta, Ga 

MI:S.SII;r. p,„,|,nr.Iudith West Orange, N.J. 

^II,^I.K. X.iiM V I ,Mui Temple Terrace, Fla. 

.MK 11 \l.l . l-liTi Kh.ides Falls Church, Va. 

.MICK.M., M.iii. \irginia Metairie, La. 

Fourlh roiv: 
MILES, John Blair 
MILLER, Craig Scott 
MILLER, Jay Britten, Jr. 
MILLER, John Cassel,Jr. 
MILLER, Kenneth Thompson 
MILLS. Sally Ingram 

Fanwood, N. J. 

Wilmington, Del. 

ArUngton. Va. 

AUentown, Pa. 

Jamestown, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

F,Jlk row: 

MILNER, Laura Moss 
MITCHELL, Harold Alden 
MITCHELL, Mary Vastie 
MOCK, Charles A. 
MODLIN.John Frederic 
MONROE, Mary Eugenia 

.Si xlh row: 

.\I()NI.\C;UE, Martha Wray 

MOXr.VGliE, Richard B. 

.\I( K )RL. Frank Durword, Jr. 

.\1( )ORL, George Daniel 

MOORE, Martha Claire 

MOORE, Natalie Christine W. Palm Beach. Fla. 

Clary, N. C. 

Arlington, Va. 

Durham, N. C. 

Trappe, Md. 

Columbia. Mo. 

High Point. N. C. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Spruce Pine, N. C. 

Mobile, Ala. 

Warwick, R. I. 

Camden, S. C. 

Granite Falls, N. C. 

Toledo, Ohio 

Rio Piedras. P. R. 

.Americus. Ga. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Floral Park, N. V. 

F.i^lU rmc: 

\\( iRkl.SON, Pamela Gay Falls Church, Va. 

M( >.sr. R,,l>crt King Canton, Pa. 
.\ILMI ( )kD. Herbert W.. HI Gaithersburg, Md. 
MUNSON. Kathryn Talcott Gr. Pte. Farms, Mich. 

MURPHY, John Michael Louisville, Ky. 

MURRAY. Katherine G. Schenectady. N. Y. 

MYERS, Mark Withington 
X.Vnr.l , I!.i.l..n.. Slirrry 
X,\M 1 R. Im , , , M.liidge 
X,\,S1I 1 1mm, i.r. Il.iukes. HI 
X.\ri( iX.s. .\I„l,.,.l Ihomas 
NAYI.l )R. \'irginia Wright 

Naperville, III. 
New York. N. Y. 
Durham, N. C. 
Durham, N. C. 
Macon, Ga. 
Baltimore, Md. 

laah row: 

NEAL, Kent Conrad 
NEHMS, Jeffrey Howard 
NELSON, Marsha Lynn 
NELSON, Nancy Lea 
NEWLIN, Victoria Elizabeth 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Darie-n. Conn. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Meridian, Miss. 

Randleman, N. C. 

NEWTON, Joseph Edward Old Greenwich, Conn. 


First row: 

NICHOLSON. Judith Ann 
NICKLE, Norman Samuel 
NICKLESS, James Peck 
NIELD, Thomas Van Doren 
NIX. Katharine Sutton 
NOLPH. Frances Louise 

Second row: 

NOR I II, |,.s, |,li < )sv 
N<)\lc K. |)..i,,,l.l \ 
O'HRII.X. l,u.. Asl.t 
OULLL. I'liiiK la Xri 
ODOM. Linda Ann 
O^DONNELL, Willi; 


Short Hills. N. J. 

Chiton I Its.. Fa. 

Clemson. S. ( :. 

Akron. Oliic, 

Knoxville, Tcnn. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Jrcenvvich, Conn. 

Akron. Ohio 

C;harlottc, N. C. 

Maitland. Fla. 

Macon. Ga. 

Pottstown, Pa. 

Ihircl row: 

OGLETREE. Rosalind Olivia 
OKELI.Y, Ronald Lee 
OLIVER. )amcs Howard 
ORPEN. (;av Sandra 

)RR. p. 

Ill, , 


Moscow, Idaho 

AshcviUe, N. C. 

.\rlington, Va. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Glenside, Pa. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 


ORVALD, Todd Busse 
OVERAKER, Sally Johann, 
OWENS. Edward J., Jr. 
OWENS, Louis Fairfax. Jr. 
OZBOLT. Judy Grace 
PACE. Da\id Wilson 

Wyncote, Pa. 

I Springfield, 111. 

Ft. Richardson, Alaska 

Whaleyville. Va. 

Walterboro, S. C. 

.Alexandria, Va. 

F,fll, row: 

PACE. John Sanderson Tallahassee, Fla. 
PACKARn. Rnhrrt Alan Winston-Salem. N. C. 

PAIICI 11 n.iM.I I'.merson FayetteviUe. N. C. 

PA(;l,. R. nil' ih llu.mas Wareham, Mass. 

PAl.N 1 l,R, W illi.ini CJraham Ft. Defiance, Va. 

PALMER. Ph. lip Gendron .Sumter, S. C. 

Sixlh row: 
PARKER, Daniel 
PARKER, Jonathan Haves 
PARKER, Mary JuHa 
PARKER, Rodger Brigham 
PARSONS, Thomas Lyr 

.'Arlington, Va. 

Egypt, Mass. 

Hagerstown, Md. 

'' Hialeah, Fla. 

Bcthesda. Md. 

PASOTTO. Frederick Watford Charlotte. N. C. 

Seventh row: 

PATE, Sara Elizabeth 
PATTERSON, Barbara J. 
P.ATTERSON. Clharles G.. I 
PATTERSON. David Rober 
PATTON, Vicky Lee 
PAUW, Michael John 

Etghlh row: 

PECK. Donald Allen 
PERANTIE. Thomas Mark 
PERETT. William Gregory 
PERSONS. Walter .Scott, III 
PETERLIN, Tatjana Marija 

.\inlh row: 

PETERSEN, Stephen H. 
PETTES. David Moon 
PFEIFFER. Carl Frederick 
PFOHL. Barbara Ann 
PHILLIPS, Donald .'Xrthur 
PHILLIPS, John Gray 

Rowland. N. C. 

Wilmington. N. C. 

I Lvnchbiu-g. Va. 

Randolph .\FB, Tex. 

Mebane. N. C. 

Columbia, Mo. 

Miami, Fla. 

.Arlington, Va. 

Balboa, Canal Zone 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Durham. N. C. 

Downers Grose. 111. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Morristown, N. J. 

Jacksonville. Fla. 

Silver Spring. Md. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Tenth row: 

PHILLIPS, Lawrence Vince, Jr 
PHILLIPS, Paula Ruth 
PIERCY, Glenn Thomas 
PILLING, Cynthia Lynn 
POE, George Jona. Jr. 

McLean, Va. 
Lakewood, Ohio 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Durham, N. C. 
Alexandria, Va. 


^ f> p a (%f\ 

r p ri ^ ^1 f^ 

PI p r ^r 

O n f^' r^> ^ f^ 

p r f^ r: e O 

P <^ '>:"• ^N 

C ^ £■ 9^^ 

f^. p n f^ ,o n 


p ^ p ^ ^ ^. 



If a 


-- • "V. 





^^ ^ f^ C f" P 
f^ !f^ '^ f^ ^-^^ p 

r- ^ ^ C) f^ z: 

.1^ £^. ^^ ^^ 



1^ f%^^ ' aft 

First row 

PORTER. Judy Ann 
POST. Brenda Mae 
POST. Richard Edmond 
POTTER. Grafton M., Jr 
POWELL, James Lee 

Wilmington, Del. 

East Haven, Conn. 

Houston, Texas 

Shawnee Mission, Kan. 

Avondale Estates, Ga. 

Shelby, N. C. 

POWERS. Charlotte Anne Winston-Salem, N. C. 
\'i )\VERS. Ervin Townsend BennettsviUe, S. C. 

PRANCE, Norman R. Bloomfield Hills. Mich. 

PR.XrilER. Patricia Joan Meadville, Pa. 

PR.\T T, George Thomas. Jr. Northampton. Mass. 
PRIEST, Fred Owen, Jr. Oak Park, 111. 

PRINGLE. .Ashmead F.. II 
PR1TC:IIARD. Richard H. 
IT l/.i:i.l., Edwin J.. Ill 
RA.MHO. [ini 
RA.MSl.'i', Frank David 
RANSBURG.Jean Elizabeth 

Charleston, S. C. 

Ware Shoals, S. C. 

Webster Groves, Mo. 

Shaw AFB. S. C. 

Charlotte. N. C. 


lapolis. Ind. 

Fourlh rnic: 

RAPER. Julian Robert. Ill Barrington. R. I. 

R.ATELLE. Michael John Miami, Fla. 

RAY. Marv Elizabeth Birmingham. Ala. 
RAY. Michael Evan Jacksonville Beach, Fla. 

KI.A.MER. Richard Rankin Salisbury, N. C. 

Rl.(:r( )R. Rondall Charles Washington, D. C. 

Fijlh row: 

REDDING. Rosemary Leigh 
REDINGER. Robert Paul 
REED, Gregory Lee 
REED, Mary Margaret 
REIDER, Richard Koons 
REILLY, Susan Jane 

SiMh I 

Kensington, Md. 

Dover, Ohio 

Brookeville, Md. 

Jackson, Miss. 

LaPorte, Ind. 

Garden City. N. Y. 

RENNEKER. Michael Thomas Columbus, Ohio 
REUBEN, Wilhelmina Matilda Sumter. S. C. 

REYNOLDS. Julia Lyn Charleston, W. Va. 

REYNOLDS, Staton Chryst Piqua, Ohio 

RHOADS, Rebecca Ann Durham, N. C. 

RICE. Charles Edgar, III Falls Church, Va. 

Srvenlh rotv: 

RICH. Elizabeth Holmes 
RIC:H.\R0S0N, James G., II 
RICHMO.ND, Ann Louise 
RK:KE'rSON, Greer Homer 
RIEDY, Robert Frederick 

Eighth row: 

RIGBY, Rebecca Naille 
RIGGS, Robert Thomas 
RINKEMA, Marsha Lynn 
RIVERA. Phoebe Joan 
R0AC:H. Hugh \Villiam 
ROBB. George Willard 

Mnilh row: 

ROBERTS, David M. 
ROBERTS, Patricia Anne 
ROBERTS, Thomas L., Jr. 
ROBERTSON. David Fudge 
ROBERT.SON. Jock D' Albert. 
ROBERTSON, Victoria Jean 

Fairfax, Va. 
Gainesville, Fla. 
RussellviUe, Ky. 
Forest Park, Ga. 
Nashville, Tenn. 
Allentown, Pa. 

Ahoskie. N. C. 
McKeesport. Pa. 

P. R. 
S. C. 
, Ore. 

Mechanicsburg. Pa. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Pittsfield, Mass. 

Alexandria, Va. 


tailh ,ow: 

ROBBINS. Henry Haywood 
ROBIN.SON, Beth .Ann 
ROBINSf^N, Lindsay Opie 
ROBISON, William Robert 
R ( )( :( ; 1 1 K ), Diane Leighton 
ROGERS, Nora Lea 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Metuchen. N. J. 
Richmond, Va. 
Falls Church. Va. 
Midland, Texas 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 


ROMANO, Dennis Michael Wcstport, Conn. 

ROMIG, Bruce Annandale, Va. 

ROPER. Jane McXeill Pliiladclphia. Pa. 

RO.SE, Bruce .McNander Winston-Salem, N. C. 

ROSE, John William. Jr. Birmingham, Ala. 

ROSE, Marvin Bruce. Jr. Petersburg, Va. 

ROSS, Alan Lawrence 

Stamford. Conn. 

ROSS. Alfred Kern 

Elkin, N. C. 

ROTHMAN, Bonnie Sue 

New Hope, Pa. 

ROTH MAN, George K. 

O.xford, Pa. 

RUBIN, Hyman Sylvan 

Columbia, S. C. 

RUBIN, Peter Jonathan 

Bath, Me. 


RUGGERO, John Clement Raleigh, N. C. 

RUGGLES. William Miles Columbus, Ohio 

RUMSEV, John Almy, Jr. Chatham, N. J. 

RUNDLES. Ward Frederick Durham, N. C. 
RiJTENBERG. David C. Jackson Heights, N. Y. 

RUTLEDGE, Thomas Franklin Wilmington, Del. 

Fomih row: 

SALMON Helen Ja 
SAMMONS, Jack Lee 
SAMUELS, William Oscar 
SANDS, Alexander Paul 
SANDUSKY, Chad Bingly 

F.Jth row: 

S.^NG, Lance Andrew 
SCH.^DT, Charles F., Jr. 
SCHENCK, Ralph Frederick 
SCHIPKE, Michael Hardy 

Sheralyn Clarendon Hills, If 

Houston, Texas 

Decatur, Ga. 

Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Reidsville, N. C. 

College Park, Ga. 

New York, N. Y. 

Elizabeth Citv, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Memphis, Tenn 

Avon, N J 

Hartford, Conn 

SCHIRO, Gregory W. Hasbrouck Heights, N 

SCHLOGL, John George 
SCHMID, Ronald Francis 
SCHMIDT, Havard Ewin 
SCHMIDT, James R.,Jr. 



H. Baltimore, Md. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Pottstown, Pa. 

Seventh row: 

SCHMITT, Leslie Elaine 
SCHORR, Stephen Arthur 
SCHWAB, Joseph Richard 
SCOTT, Bernadette Frances 

Eighth row: 

SCOTT, David Steele 

SCOTT, Kathryn Phillips 

SCOTT, Susan 

SCRUGGS, James Thomas, Jr. 

SEAMANS, Richard Eraser 

SELLERS. William Porter, IV. 

.\mth row: 

SENSENEY, David Barton 
SERBELL, John Dorner 
SERRAVEZZA, William James 
SHARR.ATT, Julie Marie 
SHASBY, Douglas Michael 
SHAWGER, Helen Martha 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Elkins Park. Pa. 

Chappaqua, N. Y. 

Oak Park, 111. 

Highland Pk., 111. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

AsheviUe, N. C. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Weston, Conn. 

Orlando, Fla. 

Concord, Mass. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Florence. S. C. 

Dauphin, Pa. 

New York, N. Y. 

.Norfolk. Va. 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Summit. N. J. 

Tenth row: 

SHEPPARD, Margaret Emily 
SHOEM.AKER, Raleigh .\. 
SHOOP, Richard Arthur 
SHORT. Beverly Arlene 
SHORT, Nancy Pelton 
SIEGEL, Jerrold Stanley 

Nokomis, Fla. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Salem. Ohio 

BridgeviUe, Pa. 

Columbia. S. C. 

Silver .Spring, Md. 

P ^^ O P ^ 

(Ts p p f*^ n p 

fS f i ^:^ p ip a 

9 m Ci f^ ^ 9 

o c p p A a 

|p| p :a, i^ O ^ 

e p et P o 

^ p P f^ ^ p 

r, f^ ^ f^ f^ r\ 

f r o f^ ^ p 

C '*" ^ f>~ V ^ ^ 

T' f^ t' Z*^ 


SIKES, Walter Edwin 
SILVERFORB. David Bruce 

SINTF.. Ju.liil, r.ilrn 
SI\I\|i )XS. \-., Paul 
SI\II'S( )\. |,,„ I I, 111, Id 

Charlotte, N, C. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Westfield, N. J. 

Atlanta Ga. 

Cottonwood, Ariz. 

Arlington, Va. 

Second row: 

n Ellen Charlottesville. Va. 

W luslow Charlotte, N. C. 

( .i^sjii,li,i K. Winston-Salem. N. C. 

1 ),n ul W r.lev N. Caldwell, N. J. 

Donald Douglas Tulsa. Okla. 

Edward Hughes, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. 

riurd row: 

SMITH. Howard William 
SMITH. Michael E. 
SMI 1 II. Ralph Wilson 

.SMI I II, .s.nidra Luise 
.SMI 111, St.-xen Lee 

SOUTHERN, Gilbert E., Jr. W 

Yardley. Pa. 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

Dallas. Texas 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Fort Monroe, Va. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Spray, N. C. 

Madison, Wis. 

Beaufort, S. C. 

nston-Salem. N. C. 

Fijlh row: 

SPADER, Bruce Edward 

SPEIGHT, Margaret Lot 

S1'RI.\(.I'.R, Gregg E, 


SI W 1 ( iRD, Susan Graham 

SI. M. LINGS, Alice Leone 

Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Farmville, N. C. 

Bloomfield Hills. Mich. 

Glenview, 111. 

Matthews. N. C. 

ThomasviUe, N. C. 

SI.WII.S. r.iiil I hcologytis 
S I \M.I A'. l.ll.M ll.iil 
SI. MM. 1.1 I iRI). David Clay 
sr.XRRLli. Andrea Lynn 
STAUSS, Benjamin George 
STEAD, Lucy Ellen 

Seventh row: 

STEITZ. Mollv DeKl 
.STLPITENS, Donald 1 

Ju'^hlh ,ow: 

s M.W \R r, William Roy 
s I I MSI )\, William Richard 
SIINS< >.\. Nancy Ellen 
STI'lT, James Roger 
STOAK'S, Joy Elizabeth 
STOGNER, Kathryn Joyce 

mnlh row: 

Matawan, N. .J. 
Columbia, S. C. 
Woodbury, N. J. 

East Point. Ga. 
Fasten. Md. 

Durham, N. C. 

Glenview. 111. 

Aurora. 111. 

Hanford. Calif. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Easton, Md. 

Wilmington, Del, 

Southbridge, Mass. 

Miami, Fla. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Bcachwood, Ohio 

Bangkok, Thailand 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

W. Medway, Mass. 
I.'\iiii;t(in. Mass. 
( Lake. 111. 

CI,.,. Intl.-. N. C. 

I.uirel. Fla. 
C:liarlotte, N. C. 

)avid Prince Richmond, Va. 

., Robert Stuart Houston, Texas 

\.\D, Diannc Claire Mayport, Fla. 

,LI.( i\V, Walter A,, III Winnetka, 111. 
N. I ),„uthy Mae Mt. Pleasant, S. C. 
I1,M, I, met Charlotte, N. C. 

SULLIVAN, Elizabeth Ann 
SUMNER, William Emslie 
SUERKEN, Susan Ann 
SWAGART, Harry A., Ill 
SWAN, Richard Henry 
SWENNES, Robert Harvey, 

iWomi row: 

SWINDEN, Klh.-it n 
S\V()(,i,l R KhImx 
TAM. Ki. t,,,,,l ( h.-. 
TAKA.s( II 1 . li.ii.s I 
TASRhk. Ricliard \' 
TATE. Jacqueline Cli 

Wayland, Mass. 

Gaffney. S. C. 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

Gaithersburg, Md. 

Kerrville, Texas 

El Paso, Texas 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Chesterland, Ohio 

Greenville, N. C, 

Plainfield, N. J. 

Lvnnfield. Mass. 

Lake Worth, Fla. 

Thml row: 

T.ATE, Judith Ruth 
T.'WLOR, Jeremy Wade 
TEAL, James Robert 
THOM.AS. Larry Walter 
THOMPSON, Arthur S. 

Dallas, Te.x. 

Arlington, Va. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Pilot Mountain, N. C. 

Beaufort, S. C. 

Southern Pines, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

THOMPSON. Richard B. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

THOMl'SOX. Willi.nn H.,Jr. .South Bend, Ind. 

THORI.. R.ilH ,1 l.ldie Charlotte, N. C. 

THR.XM U.K. Mu li.icl A. McLean, Va. 

TIL'IO.N. Grace Louise Arlington. Mass. 

TODOROVIEN, Michael Bruce St. Louis, Mo. 

Fi/lh row: 

TODT. Barbara Jean 
TOKAZ, Arthur Tik 
TR.^DER, Ronald Gibson 
TR.AVIS, Frances Virginia 
TRIPPE. William Lambert 
TROTMAN, Richard C. 

Sixlk row: 

TUDOR. Michael Simon 
TURBIVILLE, Richard Butler 
TURNER. Arthur Frederick, I 
TWITCHELL, Patricia Ann 
TWOMEY, Judith .^nne 
V.ALIN, Margaret Suzanne 

Havertovvn, Pa, 

Columbia, S. C 

Princeton. N. J. 

England AFB, La, 

Atlanta, Ga, 

West Orange, N. J 

Pineville, La. 

San .\ntonio, Texas 

I Orlando, Fla. 

Miami. Fla. 

Quakertown, Pa. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Sei'cnlh row: 

VANDALE. Susan Elizabeth 

VAN DYKE, Allan Holstead 

VAN HOY, Milton Spangler 

VANN. .\rthur. Ill 


VAREL.-\, Arthur Alexis, Jr. 

Charleston. W. Va. 

Greenville. N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

'. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Alexandria, Va. 

Eighth row: 

VERGA, Robert Bruce 
VINCENT. Wendv Can 
VOGDES. James M., II 
VOLK, Laura Zelle 
VOLZ. Karen Diane 
VOS, Elizabeth Louise 

Sea Girt, N. J. 

Glen Ridge, N. J. 

CoUingswood, N. J. 

Flemington, N. J. 

Louisville, Ky. 

McLean, Va. 

.\inlh row: 

VOSS. Richard Philip Sarasota, Fla 

VREELAND, Arthur .Mexander Ridgewood, N. J 
WADE. John Barrett. Ill Summit, N. J 

WAGNER. William Orr Allentown, Pa 

W.\LKER. .Ann K., La Romana, Dominican Repub 
W.\LKER, Leo Lauhon Washington, D. C. 

Tenth row: 

WALKER. Linda Ann 
W.M.KELR. Stephen Lawrence 
WALL. Joseph Edward 
W.\LL.\S, Jonathan Paul 
WALSH, Kathy Lynn 
W.ALTERS, Bonnie Lee 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Summerville. S. C. 
Burlington. N. C. 
Charlotte. N. C. 
Quito, Ecuador 
Middlesex, N. J. 

(T. p p P; f^ f? 

ilk ". ^tUik^i^m 

fV P P ^^. P P 

f, P p o f^ a 
P ^-i P 

I ^gmmi 

t^ P (Ts C^ 





^ f^ ^ r i 9 ^' 
1^ ^ f ) .f^ "^ f> 

p f> ^ a ^ r 

a #^ t ^ 1" ^ 

#f ^^ C^ ^' A ^ 

WARD. Mary Elizabeth 
WAKI), Maureen Louise 
\\ AkING, Marv Randolph 
WARREN, Linda Ruth 
WARREN, Mary Lou 
WATERFALL, Mary Kathleen 

Chesapeake, Va. 

Hockessin, Del. 
Elkin, N. C. 

Richmond, Va. 
Lutherville, Md. 
Stillwater, Okla. 

WATSON. Richard Lvness 
WAYNE, James Henry. Jr. 
\\ r.ART, Christine Gulp 
\\ I.HB. Sarah Gorham 
WLHER, John Edward 
WEBSTER. Charles Marshall 

Third roiv: 

WEBSTER. Dana Lehr 

WEILAND, Barbara Jean 


Wl.ISXER. John Ralph 

W 1,1, BORN, Harold Craig 

Wia.CH, David Sewall 

Durham, N. C. 
Jacksonville, N. C. 

Arlington. Va. 
Washington. D. C. 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Rumson. N. J. 

New Canaan, Conn. 

Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Langhorne, Pa. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Branford, Conn. 

Greencastle, Pa. 

WELDON. Wilson O., Jr. 

W 1,1,1. ER, Joe Michael 

\\ I II.S, Rita Gertrude 

W I.R.XER. Jeffrev Smith 

W L.S 1 FORT. Ronald Edward 

WHEELER, William Henry 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Wallace, N. C. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Meriden, Conn. 

Gaffney, S. C. 

Fijlh row: 

WHITE. Jan Raleigh, N. C. 
WHITE, Mary Evelyn Forest City, N. C. 
WHITE. Nathaniel Bradshaw, Jr. Durham, N. C. 

WHITENER. John Morgan Gastonia, N. C. 

WHITLEY. Richard James Nutley, N. J. 

WIESLEY, D. Bruce, Jr. Darien. Conn. 

Sixlh row: 

WIGGINS, Richard Calvin Durham, N. C. 

WIKE, .Antoinette Ray Lexington, N. C. 
WILCOX, Kent Westbrook Winston-Salem, N. C. 

WILCOX. Margaret Moore Charleston, S. C. 

WILFONG. Walter Thomas Athens, Ga. 

WILKINSON, Jerry Coker Louisville, Tenn. 

StTHilh row: 

WILLI.AMS, .Mice .Sue Arlington. Va. 

WILLIAMS, Beatrice Barbara Garden City, N. Y. 

WILLL\MS, Da%id Lee Columbus, Miss. 

W1I.1,I.\MS, James A. \Vest Point, Miss. 

Wll.Ll.VMS, Janet Greensboro, N. C. 

WILLI.AMS, Richard .\llan Auburn, Mass. 

WILLIAMS, Robert Browning Walnut Cove, N. C. 

WILLSON, Donna Je 
WILMOT. Barbara Mary 
WILSON, C:harles Clinton 
WILSON, Helen 
WILSON, John Page 

North .Augusta, S. C. 

Gainesville, Fla. 

Wheaton, 111. 

Atlanta. Ga. 

Durham, N. C. 

M,Uh row: 

WILT, David Ellsworth Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

WINKLER. Wendv West Caldwell, N. J. 

\\1S(:11M1:YER, Nancy Louise St. Louis. Mo. 

W 1 I i 11, RS. C:arolyn Leslie Spartanburg. S. C. 

\V1 1 n.MlKRG, Pauline Hicksville, N. Y. 

\\ 11 lER. Lon Laverne Crown Point, Ind. 

Tinlh row: 

WOLBERT, Timothy Hamilton Ell! 

WOLFE. Kristenjanc " ' ' 

WOOD, Donald Robinson 

WOOD, Janet Linda 

WOOD, Robert Gary. Jr. 

WOOD, Robert Lewis 

City, Md. 

Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. 

Dallas, Texas 

Tobaccoville, N. C. 

Pasadena, Calif. 

Rye, N. Y. 

First row: 

WOOD, Sara Lynn 
WOODARD, Stcplu-i 
WOOI.I.F.V. Patti 
WORI ri,. Strph.n ( 
WORl lllNc; l( >.\. I 
WYATl, I.inilv lluul 

Second row: 

YEARWOOD, Susan Carol 
YETTER, Da\ id John 
YOUNGER. John Jenkins 
ZAISER. Kent Ames 
ZAMBETTI. Victor John 
ZEGER, Dennis Anson 

Third row: 

ZELLER, Michael Ravinond 
ZIEGLER, Richard Dell 
ZIMMER, Herbert Jerome 
ZIMMERMAN, Carolyn F. 
ZUKER, Raymond Fred 

Siler City, N. C. 
Closter, N. J, 

Oak Park, 111, 
Anchorage. Ky. 
'hiiadelphia. Pa, 

Raleigh, N. C, 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

.Scotia, N. Y. 

Champaign. 111. 

St. Petersbtn-g. Fla. 

Jacksonville. Fla. 

Mercersburg, Pa. 

Jamaica. N. Y. 

W'ilmington. Del. 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

p^ p ^. r r p 

p p ,|S P 


Freshmen queue up to receive room key,s — a mad rush only to end up six to a room. 



:m- af =« «•=«'•*«»--■ • 


t. s . ...- ;..■■ ■ ■ ■ ■" ■ 

t -^ ■- ":■'■' ..-. __;___ 

gji miA4i^- ' 

;^- ^£/Jg. i:yr:R:-'-^. ;f ■■;,::•'-■•• ;^ 

f r :^ - z§i 

I Be 

yjjBifrt- '"' ^'^"- '-"^-f"! 


U' **i - ■ -msi 


■'I'j' f- 



J.m^i :> ^11 ^.. 


t ^-^ 



i ' 1 I J!41 



;;^»8C :«5.r..3|^«aAA 




The role of extracurricular or- 
ganizations in undergraduate 
education is often and easily 
overlooked or misunderstood. 
Their function ought, perhaps, 
to be re-evaluated and re -em- 
phasized. Duke is, in a sense, 
fragmented. The four undergrad- 
uate divisions — Trinity College, 
the Woman's College, the Col- 
lege of Engineering, and the 
School of Nursing — are at once 
independent and interrelated. 
Extracurriculars contribute to 
the desired and necessary unity 
of these schools. Each body 
boasts its own government, its 
own distinctive academic and 
social groups, although in many 
of these areas a real inter-college 
relationship exists. "Something 
for everyone" appears to be the 
prevailing attitude, as the range 
of activity is broad indeed. The 
major areas of interest are: stu- 
dent government, service and 
guidance, religion, music and 
drama, media, recreational, pro- 
fessional, military, and honor- 

student government 



t m m Ml 

MSGA President Kip Espy. 

A/SC, I Sf \Aff-:, Left to right: J. Miller, R. Ratliff, \V, Hiyht. \V. Womble, President Kip Espy, R. Epes. R. Lam, J. Durrett. J. Schwab. 

f UiI\FI, Ljt in ng. 

Ray Ratliff, Vice-President Dick Epcs, Secretary Dick 

esident Kip Espy. 


The MSGA Constitution reads, in 
part, as follows: 

We, the students of Duke University, 
in order to further the activities of 
student life, promote a widespread 
interest in student affairs, govern our- 
selves by just and righteous laws, and 
develop a greater spirit of progressive 
citizenship, in accordance with the 

powers granted to us by the admmis- 
trative authorities of Duke University, 
do hereby establish this constitution . . . 
. . . The purpose of this organiza- 
tion shall be: to promote the best 
interests of Duke University; to advance 
the welfare of the individual students; 
to cooperate with the administration 
and faculty in regulating matters per- 
taining to the conduct of male under- 
graduates; to represent student opinion 

in student-faculty-administration 

Executive, legislative, judiciary 

The powers of the MSGA President 
include chairing the Senate and making 
appointments to the various MSGA 
offices. The President also serves as a 
vital link between the student body and 
the often-maligned, though no less 

Editor Brian Smitii. 

lolit: Attorney G.?neral Herb Di.s 

Freshman Government Coordina 

»n-Johansen, Handbook 


MK a SS 

|i .ii 

# % J ^J^f ^-^-y^ 

ME.VS JUDICIAL BOARD, lefl to right: iohn Grigsby, Barney Barnhaidt, John Willi 
Ken Bass, Ray Vickcry, Jay Wilkinson. 

Jolin Ryan, Cliairman Jack Rubcnstein, Tom Steele, 


COURT OF APPEALS, lejl to right: Trudge Herbort, Chairman Dick Zeren, Phil Lader. Absent: Julian Duttera, Tom Zavcli 


essential administration. Aiding the 
President in fulfilling his duties are the 
members of the Cabinet— the X'ice- 
President, the Secretary, and the 
Treasurer. Completing the executixc 
branch of student government are the 
several MSGA committees: Student 
Life, Investigating, Academic Freedom, 
Educational Affairs, Campus Relations, 
Publicity, Freshman Government, and 
NSA. The Newsletter Staff and the 
Attorney General are executive aides. 

The legislative functioning of MSGA 
depends upon the Student Senate. This 
body is composed of two representati\'es 
from each of the four undergraduate 
classes and the MSGA executive ofli- 
cers. The Interfraternity Council and 
the newly-formed Association of In- 
dependent Houses work under and 
with the Senate. 

The Judicial Board and the Court 
of .Appeals make up the judicial arm of 

COMMITTEE CHAIRME.V, lejl to nghl: Doug Morris, Ge 

rge Guthrie, Robert Smith, Roger 

MSGA. Founded to protect the in- 
dividual student, the two courts exercise 
jurisdiction over cases in\olving the 
misconduct of students in Trinity 
College or the College of Engineering, 
including instances of traffic violations, 
dormitory damage, physical irresponsi- 
bility, and the like. 

Also included in the structure of 
MSG.A are the Traditions Board, 
charged with instructing each incoming 
class in the traditions and ways of the 
University, the Elections Board, which 
arranges, regulates, and conducts all 
elections within the jursidiction of 
MSGA, the Student-Faculty-Adminis- 
tration Committee, which brings to- 
gether representatives of each body in 
an atmosphere of cordiality and under- 
standing, the State Student Legislature, 
the Collegiate Council for the UN, the 

TRADITIOXS BOARD, left to right: Frank Bowman, Butch Starns, Jack Waddell, Roger Erickson, 
Chairman Dick Arnold, Sid Blitzer. 

Freshman Ciouncil and the freshman 
organs of self-government. 

It would be difiiciilt, if not impos- 
sible, to total the MSGA balance sheet 

for the year. As a student organization, 
it achieved notable "successes" and 
equally notable "failures." The pub- 
licized highlights of the MSGA year 
were: the censure of a senator, the 
rejection of the Honor Code, a Senate 

resolution voicing opposition to the 
North Carolina "Speaker-Ban," the 
appearance on campus of Governor 
George Wallace, under the auspices of 
NSA, the formulation of an overall 
"student philosophy," revision of the 
University policies regarding the pos- 
sesion and use of alcoholic beverages, 
examination of the reasons for a short- 
age of "date tickets" and the high cost 
of renting a chapter room, with ac- 
companying recommendations, an 
evaluation of courses and instructors, 
a Senator's resignation over the dis- 
missal of four students, and a vigorously 
campaigned three-way election for 
MSGA President in 1964-1<)65. 

In reviewing his administration. 
President Kip Espy drew attention to 
the following: "Practically, MSGA 
cannot use a system of strict direct 
democracy, but it does sound out 
campus opinion by formal methods of 
questionnaires, opinion polls, and, for 
the first time, open forums. Through 
the representation of your officers on 
the University committees, SFAC, and 
on a personal basis, MSGA has in- 
creased administrative awareness of 
student participation in the day-to-day 
running of Duke and in the planning 

ASSOCIATION OF INDEPE.\DE.>^T HOUSES, row 7, left lo righl: R. Arnold, D. Rollo 
W. Pyper. Row 2: J. Charlesworth, T. Wood, C. Ludington, D. Newsome, G. Moore 

President Jack Jt 


... A committee headed by the 
Attorney General and including mem- 
bers of MSGA, the political parties, 
and interested students completed a 
study on the structure and purpose of 
political parties . . . MSGA has also 
been working to improve the structure, 
finances, leadership, and facilities of 
the intramural program. 

Of course, the problem of the drink- 
ing policy was readily apparent to all. 
From a student group on campus, 
opinion was solidified on this point and 
brought to the Administration through 
MSGA. After three months of careful 
consideration by students, Deans, and 
the President, the passage and adminis- 

XF.WSLETTER STAhF, Irfl lo ,,g/,l: Glenn Lambert, Editor Jim Elli., 

of Duke's future. Therefore, I believe 
that the parking fee levy effected with- 
out student representation is a matter 
of the past and never to be repeated. 

Evaluation of past dormitory reno- 
vations and plans for future housing 
facilities has been accomplished through 
student go\ernment representation. 
Working with IFC!, the inequit.iblc 
housing contracts for fraternities were 
held in abeyance and finally cancelled. 
The ma.ximum number of date and 
guest tickets to athletic contests was 
offered. Parking spaces for under- 
graduates were reserved before football 
games. A more adequate bus schedule 
was worked out. . . . 

FRESHMAN CABINET, seated, left to right: M. Jones, J. 
H. .\nderson. Roiv 2: J. Durrett, J. Schwab, K. Zaiser 
J. Ketterins;, W. Stewart, Ahunl: H. Rubin. J. Poe, J. B 

Martin, J. Coil, \V. Smith, D 
C. Matthies, W. .Ackerman, 
■IhJ. MacDonald, S. Sands. 

J. .\lden, 

tration of the rule change was accom- 
plished tlirough MSGA. The current 
policy demands student responsibility, 
is consistent with social reality, and 
allows cllceti\e and equitable enforce- 

. . . Open forums for the student 
body were held on every substantive 
campus issue — the honor system, the 
penal code, political parties. Meetings 
were broadcast periodically over WDBS 
and Senate reports were made avail- 
able to each living group. In addition, 
the M.SGA .Xewsletter was carried over 
in expanded form from last year. 

FRESHMAN JUDICIAL BO IRD, seated, I, ft lo right: P. Rubin, R. Keeler, J. Stewart, J. Serbell, 
K. Page. Row 2: D. Wood, \V. Kennerly, L. Walker, E. Weber, R. Hyde. 


Sealnl, left In right: Beth Phillips, Pepper Deckeit, Puddy Greenleaf, President Sally McKaig, Ann Moffat, Joan Holmquist, Heather Low. Row 2: 
Suzie'cunningham, Cynthia Gilliatt, Edie Fraser, Tish Smith, Phyllis Greenwood, Jane Levine, Becky Frank, Barbara Sears, Marcia Ross. Missing: 
Doreen Davis, Polly Wheat. 


President Sally McKaig. 

Beginning the year with a new and 
revitalized structure, the Women's 
Student Government Association was 
determined to be an effective means of 
representing the women students. The 
elected legislators brought back ideas 
from their respective houses for pos- 
sible student government action; weekly 
newsletters and bulletin boards kept 
the entire campus informed as to what 
the Legislature was doing. Represent- 
ative government, then, became a 
reality. In addition to the WSGA ex- 
ecutive officers and the dormitory 
representatives, the NSA Co-ordinator, 
the Judicial Board Chairman, the 
House Presidents' Board Chairman, 
and the Dean of the Woman's College 
served on the Legislature in an ex- 
officio, non-voting, advisory capacity. 
To aid the legislators, a Secretariat of 
ten freshmen was selected to attend to 
the seemingly endless run of office tasks 
and details, which had previously been 
assigned to the elected representatives. 
The Secretariat thus reduced the "busy 
work" of the legislators, and, at the 
saine time, served as a training ground 


throughout the year. Planning for an 
exciting program for next year, dealing 
with the American presidency, was 

Structural changes 

Another important change which 
the Legislature formulated this year 
was a new committee structure. The 
recently reformed committees will have 
better defined areas of concern and 
will investigate many of the problems 
and proposals in which the Legislature 
is interested. 

Dynamic govt 


WSGA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Left lo rig/il: President Sally McKaig, Treasurer Beth Phil 
Vice-President Puddy Greenleaf. Absent: .Secretary Heather Low. 

I lie new Legislature has helped to 
make this a dynamic year on the 
Woman's College campus. It has at- 
tempted to reflect the changing opinions 
and ideas of the students and to relay 
these to a receptive administration. 
Dean Ball attended the weekly meetings 
of the Legislature; President Knight 
accepted an invitation to a student 
government banquet, and the four 
undergraduate student governments 
jointly sponsored a luncheon for the 

for freshmen interested in student 

Concrete improvements 
Following student opinion, the Leg- 
islature was able to work closely with 
the University administration in ob- 
taining vending machines for tiie 
dormitories. An extension of library 
hours was also granted, as was the 
request for the Union to remain open 
longer for breakfast. Extensive work on 
the Honor System was carried on, and 
the "traditional" Pay Day was found to 
be unnecessary. Reports on other areas 
of campus life, in which student in- 
terest had been expressed, were also 

Programs to meet problems 
W.SGA this year initiated other 
programs. The International Relations 
Forum sponsored four dinner meetings 
with experts in particular areas of 
current international concern; the 
guests delivered after-dinner speeches, 
and led the discussion. The program 
was very well received and supported 

WSGA COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: Lift to right: Jan Huntley, Alice Sheridan, O'Hara Boswell, 
Edie Fraser. 




WOMEN S JUDICIAL BOARD, seated, left to right: }e.inmntt Kicu^iei, Mary Lucas, Linda Orr, Chairman Joan Holmquist, DeDe Campbell, Holly 
Moehlmmn, Maryann Ricketts. Standing: Nancy Dailey, Susan Smith, Fran Halla, Gail Tousey. Ann McNally. 

University Trustees. These and other 
developments indicate liow student 
government is helping students to have 
a real voice in the policies and planning 
of the Uni\'ersity. 

S.-^LLY McK.-MG 

The juridicial arm of the Women's 
Student Government Association, the 
Women's Judicial Board, founded in 
1949, is made up of twelve members — 
one representative from each East 

Campus dormitory and a chairman 
and a secretary, elected by the entire 
student body. The philosophy of the 
Board demands that the individual 
student be granted as much freedom 
and responsibility as is consistent 
with the welfare of the Woman's 
College and the well-being of the stu- 
dent body. The regulations of the 
Woman's College are, therefore, sub- 
ject to periodic reevaluation and re- 
vision. At the present time, the Board 

is completing work on a new edition 
of the Woman's College Handbook. 
The Board is also responsible for the 
Code of Campus Living and the experi- 
mental Honor Code. 

Admimslraiion, improvemenl 
The primary functions of the Board 
are to review instances of major rules 
infractions and to act as an appellate 
body for cases referred from House 
Councils and the Traffic Court. In 

MSA, row /, left to right: F. Bagley, R. Koningsberger, J. Shaban. K. Esslinger, C. Heald, S. Bailey. Chairman Edie Eraser. 
E. Bloomer, M. Dubois, 0. Christie, J. Holmquist, G. Yucel, L. Rogers, C. Combs, S. Wood, M.Jones. 


recent years, however, fewer cases in- 
x'oK'ing rules infractions liave come 
before the Board, and more time has 
been spent on non-disciplinary mat- 
ters. Thanks to the Board's efTorts, 
sophomores now ha\e tweUe o'clock 
permission on Monday through Thurs- 
day evenings, and all students ha\c 
been granted midnight permission dur- 
ing examination periods. The advisa- 
bility of allowing juniors to ha\e cars 
on campus has also been discussed. 
Early in the year, the Board sent let- 
ters of welcome to freshmen and upper- 
classmen and sent copies of East Iidusc 
rules to the Interfraternity C^ouncil 
lor reference during Rush. 

A VVSGA auxiliary, the Coordinate 
Board serves as an intermediary be- 
tween the administration, faculty, and 
student body. Seeking to improve re- 
lations between these "factions" and 
to create a clearer understanding of 
issues, the Board polls student opinion 
in areas which merit its concern and 
in\'estigates problems brought to its 
attention by the WSGA legislature. 
.After reviewing the facts it has gathered, 
the Board may suggest eflfective so- 
lutions to the problems it has surveyed. 

HOUSE PRESIDENTS' BOARD, kneeling, left to right: Chairman Janet Mathews, ' 
Ginny Lilly. Seated: Carol Stuckey, Dede Damschroder. Judy Weingarth. Thud i 
Etheridge, Diana Bess Montgomery, Jo Harriet Haley, Joan .\darason. 

h Smith, 
I.- Jeanne 

STUDENTS' CONCERN, row ?, /,;// / 
Co-Chairman Alice Sheridan, Co-Ch 
Susie Dittmar, L. Tart. Row 2: K. Welfa 
B. Newton, R. Godwin, M. Mellencamp. 


/.\fI-:ii.\A/Il).\.tL SI [DEXT COMMITTEE. i,ju 1. In u, n,ii/,t: K. M. Mrllriii.iin|j. 1., 
Sheridan, A. PandoUb, M. Reed, M. Hatschek, J. Mayo. 

Improvements meet student needs 

The Board this year studied book 
prices and the feasibility of estabhsh- 
ing a student exchange for used books. 

The possibility of installing a stamp 
machine in the East Dope Shop was 
also considered and a pre-Rush letter 
sent to freshman women. Through the 
Board's work, bus service has been 

improved, library hours extended, 
vending machines installed in East 
dorms, and an informal, voluntary 
"dead week" before exams adopted. 

COORDINATE BOARD, sealed, left to right: Bunnie Harding, Beth Swain, Chairman Jan Huntley, Jane Montgomery, Schuyler Williams, Martha 
Franck, Joyce Harrold. Standing, left to right: Corby Corbin. Zoe Hellekson, Betsy Wobus, Judy Hydcr. Barbara Kirk, Marietta Guidon. Penny 
Pilgram, Diane Rocchio, Mitzi Peak, Terry Patch, Jackie Davis, Lynn Gilbert. Sally Stubbs, Karen Amen. 

Rn.L /, l.Jt u> iiQht E Kadaster, B. Scull, L. (laij.jod. Rmv J: A. Hutzlcr, T. Edgar, B. Hubbcll. AhsenI: U. Zcrcn, D. Avcntt, J. McClain 

engineers' student council 

Chartered by the MSGA in 1952, 
the Engineers' Student Council is the 
chief governing body of engineering 
students. The Council is composed of 
a President, Vice-President, a Secre- 
tary, Treasurer, and representatives 
from the professional societies, engi- 
neering honoraries, and the separate 
classes of the College. Council meetings 
are open, and suggestions from ob- 
servers are welcomed. 

The Council coordinates the ac- 
tivities of the various student organi- 
zations within the College. Council 
members planned and directed the 
annual Engineers' Show, supervised 
elections, and maintained the engi- 
neer's student lounge. The group also 
sponsored freshman orientation lec- 
tures and published the College's 
magazine, the DukEngincer. 

ESC President Ray Co.x. 


executive board 

The Nurses' Executive Board co- 
ordinates and supervises the diverse ac- 
tivities of the Nurses' Student Govern- 
ment Association. Tlie Board is com- 
posed of NSGA officers, the chairmen 
of the various NSGA committees and 
auxiliaries, and the president of the 
freshman class. 

The work of the Board 
The Board attempts to assure the 
enforcement of the NSGA Constitu- 
tion and, through the Nurses Honor 
Code, to instill in each student nurse 
a sense of personal and professional 
responsibility. The Board is constantly 
re-evaluating the Honor Code, with 
the aim of making this unique s\stem 

NSGA President Marilvn Howe 

Rcw 1, left to right: B. Bremer, J. Appleyard, President M. Howe, E. Dierauf, M. Robertson. Row 2: P. Twigg, C. Conner, N. Furste.J. Baker, L. 
Grubenmann, K. Smith. Rcw J: B. Rowland, M. Free. B. Johnson. L. Kennedy, M. Wallace, A. Kimel. 

'%.- ^ 


... . I 


nurses' student 
faculty committee 

a nicanint;lul icalit\- m the lues ul the 
student bod>- which it represents. 
Members of the Board ha\e also 
worked closely with their counter- 
parts in the Men's and Women's 
Student Government Associations, dis- 
cussing areas and problems of mutual 
concern and exploring the possible 
means whereby the \arious organs of 
student government may function most 

A trend-setting vehicle of com- 
munication, the Nurses' Student Facul- 
ty Committee seeks to unite student 
and faculty opinion, or, at least, to 
seek out both student and faculty 
thinking on issues and problems con- 
fronting the School of Nursing, thus 
creating an atmosphere of understand- 
ing and cooperation. The Committee 
sponsored several student-faculty cof- 
fee hours and discussion groups to 
bring undergraduates and professionals 

The West Campus Lib 

Ik from Hancs Ilousf. 

Sealed, left lo right: A. Kern, Faculty Advisors L. Collins and V. Cover, J. Baker. Standing: ]. Gummey, V. Pfetzing, J. Moore, L. Kennedy. .\, Kii 
B. Hardin, B. Rowland. E. Farnham. Missing: Faculty Advisors C. Ho^shed and R. Caddell. 





f ^ ^ ^ ^^. 

The Board's composition 

Integration of the Nurses' Judicial 
Board and the Nurses' Student Govern- 
ment Association is effected tlirough the 
Board's membership. The seats on the 
twelve-member council are occupied 
by a Chairman, the Chairman of the 
Nurses' Honor Council, the Chairman 
of the Nurses' Social Standards Com- 
mittee, the Recording Secretary of the 
Nurses' Student Government Associ- 
ation, the vice-presidents of the four 
classes, and one additional representa- 
tive from each of the four under- 
graduate levels. 

judicial hoard 

The co-ordinating judiciary body of 
the Nurses' Student Government As- 
sociation, the Nurses' Judicial Board 
prefers to address itself to legislative 
rather than punitive action. Narrowly 
interpreted, the Board's responsibility 
is to try infractions of the rules legis- 
lated by the Nurses' Student Govern- 
ment Association. But in a broader 
sense, the Board is responsible for 
supervising all phases of student con- 
duct which concern Hanes' residents. 
Ultimately, the Board's goal is to 
encourage each student nurse to govern 
herself responsibly — academically, 
socially, and professionally. 

»i(fe*. - -• *-• 

Hanes House and Hanes Annex, adjoinjuL; 


the campus homes of student nurses. 

honor council 

The Honor S\stem has become a 
tradition and a way of life in the School 
of Nursing. Its purpose is to secure 
the cooperation of the entire student 
body in assuring honorable conduct in 
all areas of student life — academic, 
professional, and social. Each fresh- 
man formally becomes a member of the 
Honor System by signing a pledge of 
acceptance in the presence of the entire 
student body. It is hoped that living 
under the Honor System will promote 
in each student an increasing aware- 
ness of individual freedom and re- 
sponsibility, which will continue to 
serve her in the years after graduation. 

Sealed, left to nohi: G. Pcterst 
Futicll, B. Todt. K. Haidenl: 

M. Wallace, R. Shaw. D. Lowenthal, C:hairman C:. Ck 
,r. Si,ui,lnig: B. Fesmier, D. Willson, B. Ehlers, K. Grimir 

Members of the Council 
The Nurses' Honor Council consists 
of a Chairman, the Vice-President of 
the Nurses' Student Government As- 
sociation, three representatives from 
each undergraduate class, and three 
faculty advisors. Recognizing that ac- 
ceptance of an honor system demands 
a certain maturity, the Council, in try- 
ing breaches of the Honor Code, 
concerns itself with encouraging stu- 
dents to govern themselves responsibly. 
The Council, therefore, bases its de- 
cisions on how the growth and learning 
of the individual and the interests of 
the School of Nursing will best be 

A post-operative case. 


service and guidance 






Wilson, M. FailxT, Di 


President Jim O'Kelley, writing in a 
brochure, "... this is the Y" has 
outhned the purposes and organization 
of the YMCA. He writes: "The YMCA 

is an organization dedicated to service 
to Duke students, Duke University, and 
the Durham community. The 'Y' is 
guided by tlie conduct and principles of 
Christianity. We are a union of students 
and faculty members who have joined 

together to try to fulfill this purpose by 
1) Service to the University and com- 
munity, 2) Dialogue on the committee, 
cabinet, and Board of Directors levels, 
3) Social Action where considered neces- 
sary and proper." 

CABI\ET, l,fl lo ng/il L Redmond E Bark'sdalc F Huffman R Woods, C Hams, R -^lenson T E\ans, President Jim OKelley, M. Farber, 
E. Mathev\s,J PtaU G P. 17. 11 I ( ishu.ll J fh.,k I Atwatei ibstnl Adsisoi Re\ \ Jack Wilson 


Program and committees 
The organization influences virtually 
e\ery phase of University life; its ac- 
tixities affect almost all undergraduate 
men. "Service" and "fellowship" are 
perhaps most characteristic of the "Y." 
With a viable religious and ethical 
framework within which to work, 
the group is devoted to positive action 
and service to the entire University 
community; its program is designed 
to enhance campus life, and its com- 
mittees structured to allow for per- 
sonal development. The Committees 
are: Campus Chest, Freshman Advis- 
ory Council, Youth Welfare, National- 
International Affairs, Public Relations, 
Religious Life, Publications, Com- 
munity Development, Campus Co- 
operati\e, and Dad's Day. 

TMCA government 
The several committee chairmen, 
along with the President and other 
"Y" officers, form the Y-Cabinet, the 
governing body of the YMCA. Cabinet 
members meet once each week to 
formulate policies. When these guide- 
lines are set forth, it is through the 
individual committees that concrete 
goals are achieved. 

YMCA President Jim O'Kelley. 

FRESHMAN CABINET, row 1, lejt to right: \V. Graves, J. Poe, VV. Enger, D. Campbell, President Ed Barksdale. Ro 
B. Keeler, B. Clarke, R. O'Kelley, B. Oppenheimer. 

AdvisoT Fi ink 




]^^n fi 

mk > ^Hi 

•m .^ 

* Vfl 

Sealed, left lo nghl: P. Fraser, L. Credle, P. Evans, B. J. Albers, A. Uoki, President Adair Prewitt, P. Cuninggim, Miss Barbara Benedict, E. WooUey, 
L. Trent, P. Spivey. Slandtng: M. Franck, D. Ingram, C. Bunch, A. Halsted, B. Bell, J. Titus, R. Norcoss, S. Dittmar, P. Adams, S. Allen, J. Theobald, 
P. Lawver, J. Lecraft. 

UlVCtt Women's CUiristian Association today forums, and otiier programs, "'\'" 

offers many new opportunities to its members, wlio number more tlian 

Recognized mainly as a service membersliip, in addition to tlie eighty per cent of Duke coeds, are 

group for many years, the Young ciiance to serve. Through seminars, introduced to tlie "full and creative 

FRESHMAN CABINET, hu;-li„g, left lo ughl: B. Wilmot, C. Smith, C. McFarlane. Sealed: 
B. Plolil, A. Uoki, Ad\isor Sandy Allen, Prcsidrnt Paula Phillips. S. Wood. J. Rambo, R„:r .1- 
BeKin. D. Dunlord, J. Poppenditck, C 

life" which may be theirs "through 
tiie growing knowledge of God" and 
are challenged to make a rewarding 
life possible for all. 

"Forums" were held to stimulate 
interest in controversial areas. Such 
topics as "Why I Went to Cuba," the 
"Honor System," and "Conscientious 
Objector — Norman Whitney" were 
featured at these times. In addition to 
panel treatment of current issues, first- 
hand observation and study were pos- 
sible on seminar trips to New York 
City and the United Nations, Wash- 
ington, D. C, and a neighboring 
Cherokee Indian Reservation. Mem- 
bers were given free rein to put their 
ideas into practice. Social service pro- 
grams, at the Edgemont Community 
C^enter and the Veterans' Adminis- 
tration Hospital, tutoring, and work 
with the "Y-Teens" were all coordi- 
nated bv the YWCA Cabinet. 

Y\VC.\ Meeting: D 

and note-taking. 












men's freshman 
advisory council 

Established seven years ago as a 
YMCA committee, the Men's Fresh- 
man Advisory Council begins its work 
at the end of the summer, when "Y- 
Men" welcome their "boys" to Duke 
in an informal letter. Later, during 
Orientation Week, FAC's are on hand 
to assist and advise the new student. 
Y-Men help carry baggage, proctor 
placement tests, supervise physical ex- 
aminations, usher at administrative 
functions, and smooth over the rough 
spots of registration. During that first 
critical week, members of the advisory 
group counsel their boys collectively 
and individually regarding the adjust- 
ment to college life. 

.■1 helping hand 
A second phase of FAC service con- 
tinues throughout the academic year. 
On his periodic visits, a Y-Man may 
discuss — on a personal basis — such 
topics as class attendance and the ex- 
tracurricular program. Working closely 
with housemasters, FAC's also aid in 
the solution of scholastic and /or social 
problems that may arise. 

C:iuurman Butch ,\twater, flanked by Bob Campbell, John .\lcClain, and Emmett Mathews 
studies the program for incoming frosh. 

Row 7, left to right: Chairman Butch Atwater, W. Hight, P. Lader.J. Moxley, M. Peterson, R. Arenson, L. Rice, J. Aldridge, R. Mossburg, M. Walsh, 

B. Starns, S. Southern, J. McClain. Jiow 2: \V. Pursley, R. Campbell, T. Simpson, G. Feazell, C. White, M. Stoner, F. Bowman, H. Upchurch, 

C. Clayton, E. Mathews, D. Heller, B. Barnhardt, L. Carmichael. Row J: J. Covington, M. Bryant, J. Jarman, J. Lukins, E. Lotspeich, D. Epes, 
C. Herbei 
W. Dougl 


women's freshman 
advisory council 

Each year there descends upon the 
Woman's College campus another ava- 
lanche of freshman girls, each of whom 
will approach her new s'tuation with 
butterflies, dreams, and a self-confi- 
dence which she hopes will pass for 

poise. Awaiting her arrival is a mem- 
ber of the Freshman Advisory Council, 
who knows how past successes are soon 
dimmed and how easily an artificial 
self-confidence will wither. From the 
first day, when she helps "her girls" 
move in, the FAC personalizes Duke 
University. She introduces the girls 
to Downtown Durham, to the library, 
to Wash Duke, to the traditional flag- 
raising. .She imparts a knowledge both 

of the University and of the spirit of 
college life. 

Prerequisites for Leadership 
Selected from the rising junior and 
senior classes, the freshman advisor 
combines qualities of understanding, 
responsibility, leadership, and the de- 
sire to help. Her own experience is 
augmented by a series of training ses- 
sions in the fall and spring. 

Those first days . . . fifty minutes fly by 

and then off to another class. 

Kneeling, lejt to right: R. Kershaw, S. Cosens, M. Edwards, L. Dreisinger, J. Rodrigues, P. Powell, L. Wilco.x, D. Fincher, R. Heer. Row 2: M. Tuul, 
A. Pickrell, M. Burckel, K. Knapp, L. .Swain. Chairman .Stuart Upchurch, N. Murray, J. Cook. J. Ray. .S. .Mien. J. Paetsch. A. Cooper. Row .J.- 
T.York. R. Taylor. I. . Meeker. M. RamseiM , .S. f:„ttrrill. I., Etheridge. S. .Schumacher, K. Krasin. H. Frank. F. Hollar. G. Cohoe. J. Bost, M. Parker. 



Row J, !,'/! to nghl: P. Prideaux, L. Kennedy, E. Turner, S. Peterson. J. Blondeau, P. Gross, E. Wishart, Chairman Carol Hodges. Row 2: M. Kix- 
miller, L. Kilpatrick, S. Patterson, B. Hemphill, N. Clairmont, P. Hendler, B. Schmitt. 

Back to the dorm, after "sightseeing" on West. 

advisory council 

An outgrowth of the old Nurses' 
Orientation Committee, the Nurses' 
Advisory Council acquaints freshmen, 
attiliated, and transfer students with 
the patterns and practices of the School 
of Nursing. 

Orientatwh and before 

Eefore the arri\al of new students, 
members of the C^ommittee are hard 
at work writing letters from ''big sisters" 
and planning the orientation program. 
During the rush of Orientation, Com- 
mittee members assist in registering 
new students, instructing them in 
the rules and regulations outlined in 
the student handbook, conducting tours 
of the campuses and Duke Hospital, 
and introducing new students to the 
social life of the University. 


A full couise-load for 

guidance council 

Founded six years ago and com- 
pletely revamped last year, the Engi- 
neers' Guidance Council is a valuable aid 
to freshman engineering students. Espe- 
cially helpful during the first weeks 
of classes, the Council provides indi- 
\idual counseling. Stressing scholarship, 
the group offers review sessions in 
preparation for hour quizzes and pro- 
\ides individual tutoring for students 
in "problem areas" — calculus, descrip- 
tive geometry, and physics. 

The Advisors 
Chosen each spring on the basis of 
academic record, maturity, and re- 
sponsibility, the forty-two members of 
the Council attempt to instill in their 
advisees a sense of their unique posi- 
tion and an awareness of the duties 
and challenges that confront them. 

Row 1, left 10 right: K. Kennedy, R. Wonsidler, Chairman Bill Hubbell, J. Walden. Row 
G.Johnson. Row 3: D. Cotter, L. Norwood, J. Cox, R. JoUey, T. Edgar. 

D. Trott, D. Mi 

R. Rau, R. Graham, T. Treptow, 


Left I, 

■ighl: J. North, M. Hicks, H. Bailey, Chairman Ron Arenson, L, Beck, D. Da 
'. Shearon. 

campus chest 

The YMCA Campus Chest Com- 
mittee held its annual drive during 
the week of November 5-11. Previously 
under MSGA jurisdiction, the Chest 
last year became a YMCA committee, 
with its chairman a member of the 

Helping the needy and the worthy 
The Committee selected appropriate 
charities and canvassed all of West 
Campus. The organizations aided this 
year were CARE, World University 
Service, the American Cancer Society, 
the American Heart Association, the 
American Association for the Blind, 
Edgemont Community Center, and the 
Durham County Mental Health As- 
sociation. Posters, room to room col- 
lections, and cannisters in the dining 
halls and at the Wake Forest football 
game increased the amount collected. 

alpha phi omega 

Founded in May, 1955, the local 
chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, national 
service fraternity with over 300 chap- 
ters, brings together college men — in 

the fellowship of the Scout Oath and 
Law — to develop friendship and to 
promote service. Serving both the 
University and the Durham communi- 
ties, the fraternity provides a con- 
structive link between the two. 

Proceeds from the auction of lost and 

found articles and the annual spring 
rummage sale were used to aid the 
Durham Heart Fund, local Boy Scout 
Troops, and needy families. The mem- 
bers of Alpha Phi Omega also ushered 
at basketball games in the Indoor 

Left to right:]. Mazza, J. Wade, R. Penick, R. Erickson, President Jack .A.bbott, M. Chen, R. Burts, D. Mack, J. Powell. 


Chairman 0"Hara Boswel 


social standards 

Almost as old as the Woman's Col- 
lege itself, the East Campus Social 
Standards C'ommittee is a special 
auxiliary of the Women's Student 
Government Association. The Com- 
mittee attempts to instill in coeds a 
healthy respect for those patterns and 
practices of behavior which are in keep- 
ing with the traditions and best in- 
terests of the University. Two represent- 
atives from each East dormitory and 
three freshman representatives-at-large 
make up the Committee. 

.-1 busy and diverse schedule 
"Design for a Duchess" was mailed 
to incoming students during the sum- 
mer, and another handy publication, 
the "Duke Pictorial C^alendar" was 
published during the fall. Social Stand- 

ards sponsored the MSGA-\VSGA ban- 
quet in October, when Dr. Knight 
spoke on the role of student govern- 
ment, and the Coed Ball, when the 
Ch.'^iNticleer Queen was crowned. The 
Committee also assisted in preparations 
for the regional United Nations Model 
Assembly, held informal coffees for 
University visitors, and attended to the 
arrangements for a luncheon for Uni- 
versity Trustees. Social Standards also 
sponsored picnics, "Twilight Hours" 
concerts in the Sarah P. Duke Memorial 
Gardens, and the annual WSGA- 
Sandals banquet in the spring. 

Change and the Committee 
After studying the Committee as it 
now exists, the Woman's Student 
Government Association has decided 
to restructure Social Standards; the 
Clommittce will no longer exist in its 
present form, but its work will be 
carried on through other WSGA com- 

Row J, left to right: A. Austell, K. Krasin, L. Erickson. Chairman O'Hara Boswell. J. Witherspoon, .S. Dittmar, W. Wat; 
low, M. Meriam. J. Bowers. R. We'it, S. Hunyadi, J. Miller, J. Salinger, K. Kovac. L Grrijorv, J. .Stanlev, R. ,Smch. 

Roiv 2: J. Booth. J. Brown- 



social standards 

A standing NSGA committee, Nurses' 
Social Standards establishes rules and 
guidelines in order to maintain high 

standards of personal conduct, in- 
asmuch as these determine the individ- 
ual's relations with fellow students, 
the University, and the nursing pro- 
fession. The Committee, composed of 
two elected representatives from each 
class and a chairman chosen by the 
entire student body of nurses, hopes 

that its regulations will encourage the 
formation of practical professional 


Orientation, Evaluati, 
The Committee sponsors an orienta- 
tion program for freshmen and grad- 
uate Hanes residents, evaluates its own 
policies and regulations, with an eye 
to making changes and suggestions 
when necessary, and hears instances 
of rules infractions. In addition to 
its regular bi-monthly meetings and 
monthly business meetings, the Com- 
mittee ma\' "call" a session to discuss 
new issues and problems, or to meet 
with the undergraduate classes and. or 
NSGA to announce changes, or to 
clarify policy. Financial support for the 
Committee's program comes from the 
proceeds gathered from the sale of 
Social Standards Calendars and bids 
to the C^oed Ball. 



^^ ' 1 

Row /, /(■/■/ /<> ng/il: Buzzy Harrison, James Kitterman, Chairman J. Harris Proctor, Dee 
Morgan, Miss Barbara Benedict, Maurine Doggett, Trudge Herbert, Dr. Durden. 

Row 3: Chaplain \\ ilivr 

religious council 

The Duke University Religious 
Council, established as a successor to 
the old Duke University Church, was 
organized in 1955. Since that time, it 
has served as the center of religious 

life on the Duke campus. From the 
various committees of this interdenom- 
inational, student-faculty group come 
the plans for campus-wide religious 
programs and events designed to en- 
rich the life of members of the Uni- 
versitv communitv. 

Special Services and Events 

The responsibilty for supervising 
the planning of special religious serv- 
ices and events lies with the Special 
Observances Committee. Leaders in 
many fields are asked to share their 
knowledge and insights with the Uni- 
versity community. Science and re- 
ligion, moral concerns, marriage and 
the family, religion and the arts were 
some of the themes discussed during 
the past year. Dr. Charles A. Coulson, 
a Methodist preacher and Director of 
the Mathematical Institute, O.xford 
University, was one of the major figures 
to appear in 1963-1964. 


International Flare 

The Interfaith and Fellowship Com- 
mittee aids in planning events for stu- 
dents of diverse religious, racial, and 
national backgrounds. The major ac- 
tivities of the Committee are the spon- 
sorship of an international, interfaith 
group of students from Duke, the Uni- 
versitv of North Carolina, and North 

Carolina College, the annual inter- 
national reception, antl the Interlaitli 

Edgemont Center, originally estab- 
lished by the Duke University Church, 
is still another concern of the Religious 
Council. The Center has the dual 
|jurpose of providing leisure activities 
for Edgemont residents and provid- 
ing Duke students with the opportunity 

to develop leadership skills, learn pro- 
gram planning, and gain some ap- 
preciation of the value of social service. 

Dennnnnaliunal Crtinips 
The Religious Council also serves to 
co-ordinate the programs of the various 
denominational groups on campus. 
Through services of worship, social ac- 
tivities, dinner-discussions, and recrea- 
tional and service outlets, group mem- 

Sunday worshipers. 

!-u of thf Chapel. 

bers are united by the bonds of fellow- 
ship. The organizations represented are 
the Baptist Student Union, the Chris- 
tian Science Organization, the Episco- 
pal Student Fellowship, the Society of 
Friends, the Lutheran Student As- 
sociation, the Methodist Student Move- 
ment, the United Student Fellowship, 
the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, and 
the Newman Club. Additional oppor- 
tunities for religious affiliation and ex- 
pression are provided by non-denomi- 
national groups: the YMCA, the 
^'^VCA, the Religious Activities Com- 
mittee in the School of Nursing, the 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and 
the Inter-\'arsity Christian Fellowship. 


music and drama 

Denny White, President Marty Altma 

ighl: Business Manager Don Titus. Publicity Manager 
■. Personnel Manager Neal Sigmon. 

men's glee club 

Now in its seventy-eightli year, thie 
Men's Glee Club promotes interest 
in good music and presents polished 
performances of selected works. The 
Club offers a rich musical experience 
to its sixtv members, as well as the 
opportunity for social and educational 

A traveling Iroupe 
The C^lub's appearances are not 
limited to the Duke-Durham com- 
munity; members have traveled to cities 
across the country. The thirty-sixth an- 
nual Spring Tour included concert 
stops at Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ocala, 
and Jacksonville, Florida. The Club 
also sang for the Durham Lion's Club, 
the Carolinas Kiwanis Convention, and 
the North Carolina Press Association 
Conference. Other acti\ities during 
1063-1964 included a concert for fresh- 
men during Orientation Week and fall 
and spring concerts with the Women's 
Cilee Club. Some twenty men joined 
members of the Women's Glee Club on 
a short tour of North Carolina. 

Acting Director James Young 
Professor Paul Young was on a leave 
of absence during 1963-1964, and Mr. 
James Young directed the Glee Club. 
Mr. Young joined the organization last 
year as accompanist and assistant to 
Professor Young. The Club rehearses 
regularly on Tuesday and Thursday 


First Tenors 
Lcroy Barnes 
Samuel Bedinger 
Donald Davis 
Roi^ert Eagle 
Jere Farrah 
Ford FuUer 
Douglas Lyons 
Frederick Mahla 
John Miller 
Samuel Southern 
William Watson 
Charles White 

Second Tenors 
William Archie 
Philip Bestic 
John Crofts 
Thaddeus Dankel 
Gerald Dexalon 
John Edlin 
Geoffrey Gaddis 
Frank Glass 
Gerald Hallenbeck 
Drew Heitzenrater 

Quincy Hocutt 
Frederick lobst 
Noel Kinnamon 
Alan Kreglow 
Frederick Kroncke 
Henry Martin 
Richard Pritchard 
Jerry Sawers 
Bruce Spaker 
William Strickland 
Paul Wharton 
First Basses 
Karl Benson 
George Brodie 
James Campbell 
David Coolidge 
Thomas Fegley 
Paul Forth 
Russell Harrison 
Robert Howie 
David Hunt 
Ronald Lamb 
Myron Lichty 
Stephen Loescher 
Frederick Maas 

William Moorefield 
Donald Phillips 
John Pierce 
Donald Sigmon 
Ronald Steed 
Brian \'an derHorst 

Second Basses 
Martin Altmaier 
Charles Anderson 
Andrew Ash 
Steve Ballew 
William Cromer 
Thomas Culbreth 
Robert Dow 
Kent Earnhardt 
Ronald Gates 
Thomas Herin 
John Lindegren 
William Malone 
Charles Pennington 
Walter Romp 
Michael Schipke 
Donald Sommerville 
Donald Titus 


women 's glee club 

The Women's Glee Club is dedicated 
to introducing music into the life of 
the University. In a typical Glee Club 
concert, the audience may be treated 
to familiar and favorite compositions, 
while, it is hoped, learning to appreci- 
ate other musical concepts and forms. 
Selections may range from folk songs, 
Negro spirituals, and musical comedy 
numbers to the works of traditional 
masters, notably Palestrina and Bach. 

Major concerts 

The 1963-1964 season included three 
major concerts. The first of these was 
scheduled for Dad's Day, in Novem- 
ber, and was a joint performance with 

the Men's Glee Club. Highlighting 
the evening were selections from George 
Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess" and 
the first movement of Vaughan Wil- 
liams' exciting work, "A Sea Sym- 
phony." Mr. James Young took the 
podium on this occasion, while Pro- 
fessor Paul Young was on a brief lease 
of absence. Professor Young returned 
second semester to direct the remainder 
of the season — another concert and 
the annual Spring Tour. 

Auditions and training 
Glee Club auditions are held twice 
annually. At these times, members 
are also chosen for an apprentice 
group, the Women's Chorus, where 
\oice-training and technical profici- 
ency are emphasized. 

Loud and clea 

T (,.nl K.n.inl, Pn-Md.,,, 

V \I in i 
\I tn iL 

III McWhoitei 

^ ^ 


^^^Hi:|i;r ^ l^Si 


v^' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^IL 



First Sopranos 
Sally Baker 
Jacqueline Crawford 
Kathleen Davis 
Carolyn Dunsmore 
Carol Emfinger 
Jo Follin 
Virginia Greene 
Alice Kimel 
Gail Kinard 
Sylvia Kiser 
Carole Knutson 
Elizabeth Mayo 
Patricia Prather 
Sarah Ramsey 
Lucia Simpson 
Alice Williams 
Virginia Yarbrough 

Second Sopranos 
Cheryl Bailleu 
Mary Blakely 
Mary Briscoe 
Maribeth Byers 
Susan Cooper 
Helena deMontreux 

Susan Doerner 
Elizabeth Grieg 
Elizabeth Hiley 
Elizabeth Horton 
Judith Housekeeper 
Evelyn McWhorter 
Virginia Pfetzing 
Rosemary Redding 
Toni Roser 
Carolyn Sherman 
Lynn Stevens 
Anne Stovall 
Daisy Walton 

First Altos 
Elizabeth Baldwin 
Lynn Bloemeke 
Judith Braden 
Rilla Carter 
Betsy Caudle 
Judith Flinchbaugh 
Lynn Gilbert 
Koleen Haire 
Carol Hamilton 
Jacqueline Hatschek 
Betty Johnson 
Judith Kiepe 

Anne Lewis 
Sandra Manners 
Jean Moore 
Mary Pickering 
Shirley Powell 
Elizabeth Vos 
Kathy Walsh 
Susan Wright 
Candace Young 

Second Altos 
Lucinda Benjamin 
Sharon Bowerman 
Valerie Carr 
Susan Cornwell 
Gwin Cox 
Elizabeth Gaus 
Carol Getz 
Alice Guerry 
Brenda Gupton 
Carol Lacy 
Mary Marks 
Amy Morrison 
Rosalind Rudiger 
Jane Titus 
Mall Tuul 


chapel choir 

Selection as a mez-nbcr of tlic Uni- 
versity Chapel Choir is one of the 
highest honors that may be conferred 
upon a singer at Duke. The principal 
function of this fine choral group is to 
provide appropriate music each Sun- 
day morning for the interdenomina- 
tional service of worship, held in the 
Uni\ersity Chapel. Through member- 
ship in the CUioir, students ha\'e an 
excellent opportunity to master some 
of the great choral works. 

Handel and Mendelssohn 
Along with its regular Sunday per- 
formances, the Choir gives two con- 
certs each year. The first concert of 
the past season was a stirring perform- 
ance of Handel's "The Messiah," pre- 
sented in December. The same pro- 
gram was later repeated as a feature of 
the Founder's Day program. The 
second concert, the Mendelssohn ora- 
torio, "Elijah," was presented in the 

Consideral^le time and effort must 
be expended if the high standards, 

demanded of the Choir in every per- 
formance, are to be maintained. Under 
the firm but sensitive direction of 
Professor Paul Young, rehearsals are 
held each Wednesday evening. On 
Sunday morning, there is a final re- 

Fnst Sopranos 
Sarah Baker 
Kathleen Davis 
Carol Emfinger 
Virginia Greene 
Carol Hamilton 
Judith Housekeeper 
Alice Kimel 
Carole Knutson 
Virginia Pfetzing 
Gretchen Rufty 
Linda Speck 
Virginia Yarbrough 

Second Sopranos 
Barbara Bay 



Maribeth Byers 
Melody Dickinson 
Susan Doerner 
Gloria Hayes 
Roberta Harlan 
Mary Karmiol 
Gail Kinard 
Diane Morrison 

Margaret Osborne 
Rosemary Redding 
Maureen Ward 

Firsi Alios 
Patricia Barrier 
Sharon Bowerman 
Gwin Cox 
Carolyn Dunsmore 
Peggy Handlee 
Karen Heitzenrater 
Elizabeth Horton 
Milling Kinard 
Nancy Koffke 
Nikki Meith 
Jean Moore 
Jeanie Richichi 
Susan .Suerken 
Kimi Tanaka 
Grace Tilton 
Kathy Walsh 
Sue Wright 

Second Altos 
Susan Cornwell 
Helene De Montreu 

working and polishing of that day's 
music. Moreover, every member of the 
Choir is asked to participate in another 
campus choral organization, so that 
voices are always at their best level 
and pitch. 

.Allaire George 
Carol Lacy 
Judith McKnight 
Evelyn McWhorter 
Joan Peters 
Toni Roser 

Fust Tenors 
Ford Fuller 
John Hanks 
Drew Heitzenrater 
Steve Hughes 
Charles White 

Second Tenors 
Grier Davis 
James Hayes 
Richard Pritchard 
Glenn Tyndall 

First Basses 
Karl Benson 
John Cleveland 

Steve Foster 
Geoffrey Gaddis 
Richard Heitzenra 
Stephen Loescher 
Stephen Petersen 
Donald Phillips 
Thomas Richichi 
Donald Sigmon 
Yugo Suzuki 

Second Basses 
Martin Altmaier 
Richard Burts 
James Campbell 
David Coolidge 
John Lindegren 
William Malone 
Charles Penningtoi 
William Raynor 
Richard Seamans 
Bruce Spader 
Donald Titus 
Peter Weigl 

chancel singers 

Fust Sopranos 
Sarah Baker 
Rosemary I.emmond 
Lucia Simpson 
\'irginia Yarbrougli 

Second Sopranos 
Mary Briscoe 
Melody Dickinson 
Judith Housekeeper 
Carol Kreps 

First Altos 
Ruth Arichea 
Patricia Barrier 
Lucinda Benjamin 
Toni Roser 
Linda Speck 

Second Altos 
Cheryl Bailleu 
Gail Kinard 
E\el\n McWhort 
Audrey Melman 

First Tenors 
John Miller 
John \'incs 

Second Tenors 
Daniel Arichea 
Donald Slocum 
William Watson 

First Basses 
Riley Brown 

Second Basses 
Steve Foster 
Peter Weiffl 

With a full complement of singers — 
approximately forty upperclassmen and 
graduate students — the Chancel Sing- 
ers perform major works from the li- 
brary of choral literature. This year, 
the group's expanded repertoire in- 
cluded portions of the "Magnificat," 
by C.P.E. Bach, presented in Decem- 
ber, and the "Symphony of Psalms," by 
Igor Stravinsky, performed in April 
in Alice M. Baldwin Auditorium. 
The Chancel Singers also participated 
regularly in the YWCA Vespers, held 
in East Duke Chapel. 

Open Rehearsals 
In Monday practice-sessions, the 
group is presented with challenging 
music; they work not only to improve 
their musicianship, but also simply for 
the pleasure of singing. The rehearsals 
are open to the public, enabling the 
University community to witness and, 
more important, to hear outstanding 
music performed. 


the harlequins 

The unique, entertaining style that 
characterizes the HARLEQUINS was 
ofiicially brought into being in the 
spring of 1961. The group has, since 
its founding, appeared regularly be- 
fore Duke audiences, while extending 
its reputation beyond these sacrosanct 
halls of ivy. The "style" — close har- 
mony, likeable and listenable — has been 
beamed to radio and television listen- 
ers and viewers in Boston and Phila- 
delphia. The dozen personable young 
men are, understandably, very much 
in demand at dances and parties, 
particularh' at women's schools and 

The HARLEQUINS' repertoire, a 
subtle combination of modern melodies 
and songs with a "barbershop" flavor, 
enlivened the banquet for freshman 
women and the Coed Ball this vear. 

he Harlequins entertained at the Coed 

In a tape 
ond albun 

session, the HARLEQUINS' see- 
aptly titled "Second Half," takes 

The HARLEQUINS Director Dick Dozior, Business Manager Al Haworth, Jack AlUson, Phi: 
Elhs, Bruce MulliEran, Dick Best, Bill Ackernecht, Bill C:le%eland, Rick Gross, Bill Settlemeyer, 
Russ Engle, Ned Lisfon. 


concert hand 

The Concert Band began the year 
with its traditional Fall Retreat at 
Camp Chestnut Ridge. The week- 
end was filled with rehearsals and op- 
portunities to get acquainted with new 
members and tcj de\clop an '"esprit de 

.1 varied and rewarding program 
Highlights of the year were the 
two formal concerts, one in the fall 
and one in the spring, when guest 
artists and composers-conductors per- 
formed. Vincent Abato, saxophone, 
and Philip Farkas, French horn, have 
appeared as soloists, while Charles 
Delaney, Norman Dello Joio, and Iain 
Hamilton have written works com- 
missioned especially for the Band. 

Other major activities included the 
three and one-half day Spring Tour 
to neighboring cities and states, lawn 
concerts in the Sarah P. Duke Me- 
morial Gardens, and the gala Beach 
Weekend at the end of the year. 


Alto Clarinet 


Nancy Githens 

Carol Papps 

Edward Keller 

Rosalie Rankin 

Mary L. Chumbley 

Richard Shoop 

Kathryn Davis 

Carl Conrad 

Bruce Hunnicutt 

Donald Covington 

Bass ClarwH 

Sheila Brown 

Carol Cianmer 

Wilhelmina Reuben 

Lawrence Misenheimer 

Leslie Withers 


Carl Coffin 

Melinda Mallahan 

Ronald Vaughn 

Linda Speck 

Contra-Bass ClannH 
Jerald Lopp 

John McCurdy 



Mary Erskine Wheat 


Robert Trickey 

Cary Kittrell 

Joseph Callahan 

Benjamin Peck 

Karen .Sjostrom 

Mary .\nn Plant 

John Waggoner 

Alio Saxophone 

Frank Manola 


Richard Guelcher 

John Lindegren 

David Beale 

James Oliver 

Edward Bennett 

John Pooler 
John Foltz 

James Brooks 

Baritone .Saxophone 


Thomas Anderson 

Robert Latta 

W. L. Clarke 

Irene Gulledge 

Tenor Saxophone 

Herbert Marsh 

Douglas Bender 

Knox Tate 

Leonard Berkowitz 


Thomas Nash 

Harvey Jacobson 

James Rivera 

J. C. Barton 

Freneh Horn 

Richard Paddock 

Carol Coter 

Nancy Temple 

Richard Gross 

Michael Cohen 

James Hiserman 


Margaret James 

William Mclntyre 

Frank Bennett 

Ann Smith 

Joan Weber 

Judith Rector 

Jerald Baggs 

Lanny Hiday 

Doren Hess 

James Andrews 







'^M f:' 


aiM— ■■ •■ -rn,imHi>^»^-^i^- - ■ 


symphony orchestra 

Skilled amateur musicians, under the 
direction of Dr. Allan Bone, aim to 
present good music and to maintain 
high performing standards. Members 
are drawn from the student body and 
from the ranks of interested and quali- 
fied musicians in the Research Triangle 

Musical activity 

Three Symphony concerts in Page 
Auditorium featured works from the 
classical repertoire and also the debuts 
of "Four Movements for Chamber 
Orchestra," by Phillip Rhodes, and 
"Serenade for Orchestra," by Richard 
Trevarthen. Both modern pieces were 
written while the composers were 
studying under Iain Hamilton, Mary 
Duke Biddle Professor of Music. Soloists 
this year, Loren Withers and Susan 
Starr, were both pianists. Selected 
members of the Symphony also ap- 
peared with the Schola Cantorum. 

Violin I 
Joseph Pepper, Con- 

Thomas Lowe 
Susan Green 
Kaye Franklin 
Jean Marie Beck 
Linda Walker 
Phyllis Garriss 
Dorothy Barker 
Roberta Heaton 
Jean Maclin 
Lawrence Wallace 
Earl Wolslagcl 
Earl Sanders 
Maya Powell 
Charlotte .'\tkinson 
.Sadye Ann Boyd 
Suzanne Parker 
Larry Turner 
John Kelingos 

Vwtrn II 
Richard Leshin, 

Oliver Miller 
Pearl .Alden 
Marian Turner 
Ellen Clark 
Olivia Stockard 
Carolyn Raye 
Ann Bennett 
Ann Gilliland 
Marv Parker 
Anne Walker White 
Isabelle Robertson 
Jill Salinger 
Edward Anderson 
R. P. Ellington 


Linda Speck, Principal 
Marjorie Renner 
Christian Kutschinski 
Cheryl Swaringen 
Ruth Boal 
Arthur Springer 
Larrv C.ohh 
Don Groton 


Barbara Pepper, 

Donald Young 
Doris Garb 
Christian Gerhard 
Linda Brookover 

Contra Bass 
Virginia Bryan, 

Martha Sptck 
Thomas Nash 
Judy Lee Hart 
Ray Ellington 


Peter Hellman 
Nancy Githens 
Steven Brown 
Sabra Brew Taylor 
(Piccolo I 


Barry I lannegan 
Gary Kittrell 
Mary Erskine Wheat 
Karen Sjorstrom 
(English Horn) 


Richard Guelcher 
James Oliver 
Doren Hess 
Robert Latta 

Bass Clarinet 
Lawrence Misenheimer 

Contra Bass Clarinet 
Jerrel', Lopp 

James Henry 
Mary Ann Plant 

French Horn 
Steve Seawright 
William DeTurk 
Nancy Temple 
James Hiserman 
Curt Savilb 


David Edwards 
Edward Keller 
Harry Day 


Thomas .Anderson 
Robert Trickey 
John Pooler 

James Rivera 

Frank Bennett 

Judith Rector 
Robert Kiesau 

marching hand 

Ranked among the \ery top bands 
in the South, the Duke University 
Marching Band has, in its fifty years 
of existence, grown into an organiza- 
tion of o\er eighty men. The Band is 
w'ideK- acclaimed for its clever half- 
time shows, musical proficiency, and 
rousing, nay deafening spirit. 

March, play, travel, and yell \ 
The Band performs at all home 
games and travels to nearby awa\' 
games and one distant game. In recent 
years, the DUMB has journeyed to 
Richmond, Jacksonville, and Dallas, 
where it appeared on coast-to-coast 
television in the Cotton Bowl. Per- 
formances during the 1963 season in- 
cluded a salute to ACC schools, a 
medley of Broadway show tunes, and 
an original arrangement by Richard 
Trevarthan of the Music Department. 

;\ clo 

ty D-U-K-E R.\f 

M.'^RCHING B.'^ND: John .\bbott, Robert .Andrews, Thomas .Anderson. J. C. Barton, David 
Beale, Douglas Bender. Leonard Berkowitz. James Brindle. James Brooks, James Bruce, Joseph 
Callahan, IDennis Campbell, Stephen Chancy, Kenneth Clark, Bruce Closser. Carl Coffin, Mi- 
chael Cohen, Joseph Comfort, Donald Covington, John Dunaway. Joseph Eastburn, Randall 
Edwards, William Elliott. Paul Finch, Dale Forsman. Jerry Goodmark, Norman Grant. Richard 
Gross, Richard Guelcher. Paul Gurley, John Hanna, Eddy Haswell, Harvey Jacobson, Paul 
Jensen. Jerry Jerome. Edward Keller. Gary Kittrell, .Stephen Koff, Thomas Lowe, Thomas 
Lowerv. Robert MacDuff. Frank Manola, Herbert Marsh, Anthony McCarthy, John McCurdy, 
Randell McDowell, William Mclntire. Michael McMillen. John Marcile, Bruce Mcikle. Wayne 
Mitchell. Zeb Morgan, Robert Morris, Thomas Nash, James Oliver. Carl Patterson. Vaughn 
Pearson. Benjamin Peck. Ste\en Peterson. Joseph Rienstra, James Scuffham, Jerrold .Siegel, Joe 
Simpson, James Sites. Richard Shoop. Walter A. Smith. Jr.. William Stauffer, Benjamin Taylor, 
John Waggoner, Harlan Wald, David Watson, John Whisnant, Richard Youngstrom. 

\ tiaditional part of the Band's halftinie performances. 

,if Mil rH^ 



madrigal singers 

The mixed group of twenty-five 
voices has as its purpose the study and 
occasional public performance of vocal 
chamber music which is beyond the 
scope of the larger chorus. The rep- 
ertoire draws upon the "classical" 
madrigal and past song literature of 
the 16th and 17th centuries and, being 
performed in its original condition and 
language, is of interest to language 
students, as well as musicians and 
singers. A demanding vocal medium, 
the experience offers rewards in prac- 
tical musicianship, ear training, and 
sight reading. The discipline also helps 
to develop musical style and taste. 

Cheryl Bailleu 
May Bates 
Frank Bennett 
Don Bell 
Polly Bower 
Ann Cartwright 
Thad Dankel 
Frank Glass 
Emily Hespenheide 
Mardi Jacobsen 
Jerry Johnson 
Tom Lowe 
Mike Menne 
Ron Steed 
Nancy Temple 
Alice Williams 



Tcrpsithorean pro\'iclcs girls who 
who ha\e a background in the dance 
and who wish to continue their train- 
ing with an opportunity to express 
themselves and to share their talents 
and interests with others. 

The art of the danee 
The modern dance club has, during 
the past year, contributed to the 
cultural life of the University on several 
fronts. The group sponsored a "master 
class," conducted by Alvin Alley, an 
authority on and innovator in creative 

dance, thus making it possible for 
members to develop this form of ex- 
pression. Additionally, in a series of 
lecture-demonstrations, the attempt 
was made to introduce to the campus 
modern dance performers, the basic 
philosophy and thought of this art, 
and the methods of choreography, 
including an explanation of labanota- 
tion — the system of recording move- 
ments. Terpsichorean also produced a 
spring concert, which featured dances 
inspired by contemporary music and 
literature, notably interpretations of 
North Carolina folk ballads and popu- 
lar traditions. 

h'nedmg, tffi to uohi 1 f II- s S iti 111 i I nt 1 _ \ S| i\ \ I W 
K. Butler, .\. Loflm I 11u_1r W Wcbbu K KittLlk J buiudl 

Straighten your back and touch your 


Mary Willis and Jay Campbell rehearse 
scene from "The Pleasure of His Company 

EXr.Cl'ini < (X \( // Ijl I iijii Rai 1 \' \Iatht\ss C Kiausc, R. Chapman, R. Stein. 
Row 2: C. Combs J Van Hettmgd, Piesident C aiol Jennmtjs R. Lo\e. D. Klock, A. Frank, 
R. Ensle. F Kaufhold 

An emotional 

,s, r W iMi.inis- ■■The Glass Menafferie."' 


duke players 

An organization as old as the Uni- 
\ersity itself, the Duke Players has, 
o\er the years, established a firm tra- 
dition of fine theater — he it classical, 
comic, dramatic, or "absurd." Any 
student may join the troupe, as full 
membership is based on the amount 
of time spent with and interest shown in 
the work of the Players. 

The 1963-1964 season included a 
number of fine performances. In Octo- 
ber, Samuel Taylor's "The Pleasure of 
His Company" was presented in Page 
Auditorium. Later, in December, came 
"The Glass Menagerie," by Tennessee 
Williams, given in Branson Hall, and, 
finally, in March, "The Zoo Story" 
and "The American Dream," two 
plays by a new light in American 
drama, Edward Albee. 

Making pn 

Row 7, left 10 right: C. Krause, P Matthews, R Love, C Jennings, J. Van Hettinga, C. Combs, M. Proctor. Row 2: T. Warner, R. Chapman, C, 
Anders, M. McDermott, R, Engle B Wilhams, L Misenheimcr, D. Klock, R. Tripp. Row 3: H. Helbig, B. Gupton. K. Lundry, A. Frank, R. Stein. 
J. Campbell. 


hoof 'n ' horn 

The annual Hoof "n' Horn produc- 
tion is staged during Joe College 
Weekend and at Commencement. The 
group, self-supporting and run entirely 
by students, has the distinction of being 
the oldest musical comedy organization 
in the South. The club's history may 
be traced back to the 1930's, when it 
was founded to encourage and imple- 
ment the writing and staging of original 
pla\s. Formerly, every production was 
written, directed, and staged by stu- 
dents. Recently, however, the club has 
turned to the popular repertoire of 
Broadway and off-Broadway musical 

By contributing to the annual pro- 

duction, students may dcxelop their 
special talents, whether "up front" or 
as a member of the production crew. 
The club's policy-making e.xecutive 
council is made up of approximately 
ten students. Anyone who works with a 
show, in whatever capacity, is thereby 
received into full membership. 

This year, Hoof "n' Horn presented 
C^ole Porter's Can-Can, with two pre- 
formances during the Joe College fes- 
tivities and two at Commencement. A 
visual and musical delight, the popular 
classic was directed by President Carol 
Jennings in the Hoof 'n' Horn tradition 
of fun and good entertainment for cast, 
crew, and the audience. 

Director Carol J 
Adams plan the 

nings and President Chuck 

PRODVCI lOA COllWIL, l,Ji l„ ,i«l,l, A',-,( 1: W. Doyle, C. Blankenship, R. .Stein, C. Combs, 
B. Tripp. Rmv 2: M. Hayden, S. Hall, C. Jennings. 

CAST, left to right: Row 1: N. Temple, E. Latimer, M. White, L. Parks, C;. Combs, K. Nelson, A. Horton, S. Cooper, A. Stovall Ron 3. K. Kovac, 
P. Spivey, K. Butler, R. Graham, W. Lyle, R. Love. L. Hammond, C. Hamilton, J. Harrold, B. Williams. Row 3: C. Adams, F. Kaufhold, B. 
Settlemeyer, E. Baylin, S. Iceland, N. Nickle, P. Siddall. R. Lichty, V. Thomy. J. Miller. Row 4: D. Forsman, D. Hunt, T. McCarthy, C. Krause, 
T. Warner, P. Neil, J. VanHettinga, M. .Schipke. 

Faces in the crowd. 




MEMBERS 1963-64 

Voting Members 

Mr. William J. Griffith 

Dr. .Simeon K. Heninger 

Dr. Ricliard Leach 

Mr. Roger Marshall 

Dr. Pelham Wilder 

Mr. S. C. Harvvard 

Jeff Dow 

Craig Worthington 

Dave Newsome 

Jerry Sawers 

Jim O'Kelley 

Ann Mace 

Virginia Faulkner 

Kaye Vale 

O'Hara Boswell 

Clhairman Roger Marshall confers with Secretary Ann Mace. 

Sharon Porter Sitton Tom Montgomery 

Bill Tucker Jo Ellen Sheffield 

Stuart Barr Clifford Sheldon 

Peter M. Nicholas Laird Patterson 

Gary Nelson Richard Ney 

A regular B...u<l imrtini; 


301 Flowers. A red couch, old A>- 
chiirs, free books from Random House 
addressed to our imaginary Book Re- 
view Editor, a poster in big purple 
letters — "Help! Students! Join Our 
Campaign Against Illiteracy!" Jerr\- 
Hobbs, a hitchhiking math major who 
likes American fiction — he read 11(1 
books one summer while operating an 
elevator between the first and second 
floors of a clothing store in Indiana — 
and wTites some himelf; Jini Rambo, 
the freshman ' from the little town in 
Pennsylvania "where people didn't 
write poetry," except that she did, 
beginning when she was eight; Alex 
Raybin who wrote a letter to the 
Chronicle about the distressing lack of 
a lunatic fringe at Duke and promptly 
dropped out of school — Duke's only 
representative of that fringe; Brian 
\'an der Horst departing after spending 
the first semester trying to write a 
single sensuous poem about a girl he 
once loved; Scooter Woodruff" in black 
boots and plaid wool jacket, inspired 
by Whitman, but not imitative, 
thoughtful in his criticism and wild 
in his imagery; Kaye Vale, who writes 
stories out of an unexpectedly lyrical 

-ink and wash drawing by Eric Baylin 

and powerful imagination hidden by 
her graying hair; Aileen Fletcher, 
happy and relaxed, with a good eye 
for art; Bill Tucker, an economics 
whiz, fascinated by history and frus- 

trated by the Archive staff, surviving by 
dint of his dry wit; and the contribu- 
tors, from freshman poe's struggling 
with Life, Love, and Literature to 
story writers who never come in except 
to submit a finished product. 

We've had activities: public read- 
ings and extracurricular but serious 
poetry and fiction seminars con- 
ducted by Jim Applewhite and Fred 
Chappell respectively. Romantic poets 
aren't "in" right now, but Jim is one 
anyway and a good one. Fred is both 
poet and novelist (// is Time, Lord) 
and this year was chairman of the 
Literary Arts Celebration, held April 
16th and 17th. Guest critics were 
Andrew Lytic, novelist and editor of 
The Sewanee Review, poet Robert Wat- 
son (A Paper Horse), and Doris Betz, 
short story writer and novelist {Tall 
Houses in Winter). So the Archive is a 
story of people, and its list is not com- 
plete without Dr. Blackburn, the 
sustaining force behind much of the 
creative writing at Duke, not just be- 
cause of his criticism but because of 
his compelling personality and his 
caring so very much about helping 
and encouraging writers that they 
cannot but respond. 

Sherry Sitton, Editor 

Lejt to ,,gl,l: Ti 
Rambo. Paul Sommei 

Sherry Sitton, Jerry Hobbs, Aileen Fletcher, Jini 


chan ticleer %i964 


business mana 

Stuart g. barr 

peter m. nicholas 

business staff: 

neal ijosvvell 

editorial staff: 

susan dittmar 

liruce liaumgartner 

susan klein 

david harold 

henry freund 

ann mace 

mary pickering 

general staff: 

Judith rudolf 

Jackie acree 

norman smith 

mary bartlett 

thomas stitt 

bonnie bauer 

martha vose 

betty brinkmeyer 

ann cavanagh 

fran darr 

laura duckett 

brenda fagan 

karen gittings 


penny hovvard 

forrest Jerome 
barry henline 

judy Johnson 
mary macomber 

judy meguire 

barbara patterson 

susan reynolds 

judy rodrigues 

i^crnadctte scott 

general staff: 

margaret sheppard 
beth slocum 

peter bridge 

susanne turner 

roger bruhwel 

judy twomey 

John freeman 

kris walker 

al ross 

Janet wood 

phil small 

gwen zbikowski 

SniART Bakr 

Peter Nicholas 
Business Manager 

Posing bil'uif samples ul' tlu'ir work. Photography Editor Jerry Jerome 
and Head Photographer Barry Henhne. 

EDITORIAL STAFF, hjt lo right: Ann Mace, Norm Smith, Judi 
Rudolf, Bruce Baumgartner, Mary Pickering, Hank Freund. 
Absenl: Dave Harold, Tom Stitt. 

BVSLXESSSl AFF, Irji m ng/i/: Susie Dittmar, Neal Boswell, Sue Klein 

STAFF, Sealed, left to right: L. Duckett, S. Reynolds, M. Macomber, F. Darr. Standing: J. McGuire, K. Gittings, M. Bartlett, J. Johnson. J. Twomey, 
K. Walker, G. Zbikowski. B. Scott, P. Bridge, B. Patterson, R. Bruhwel, M, Vose, M. Sheppard. 

ame HMott of <tampns 

Zt<mbt anH Action 

tCte Bufefi^fjronicle 

Gary R. Nelson 

Founded in 1905 

Thomas G. Montgomery 
Business Manager 

The immediate objecti\es of tlie 
Duke Chronicle are to inform the 
campus and to keep abreast of, if not to 
anticipate, student opinion. In a year of 
change and planning for change, edito- 
rials, features, and special articles 
focused on the concepts and the realities 
of undergraduate life in an expanding 
University community. Occasional con- 
tributions to "The Chronicle Forum" 
and a steady stream of "Letters to the 
Editor" gave real meaning and urgency 
to the word "debate." 

Advertising revenues sufTered with 

the loss of almost 3,000 inches of space 
ordinarily devoted to cigarette pro- 
motion. Notwithstanding, the C:hroni- 
CLE was able to maintain a full publi- 
cation schedule of six and eight-page 
issues, twice each week. A special 
edition was devoted to the inauguration 
of Dr. Knight as Duke's fifth president. 
Later in the year, an extensive four- 
part series, "The Negro's Status," an- 
alyzed the dynamics and progress of the 
civil rights movement, with an histori- 
cal approach to the problems in the 
Durham-Chapel Hill area. 

Gary Nelson 

EDirORIM. STAFF. I.-fl In ns^hi: Manaffinq F, 

■e Nevvsomc, Senior Edii 


Tom Montgomery (;K\ERAL STAFF. Sealed, left lo r?ghl: F. Danner.J. Buffington. Row 2: J. Bie.rfeld, D. Bellman, 

Business Manager C, Hall, S. Latimer, M. Van Dyke, Row 3: H. Greely, T. .Schweitzer, D. Birkhead. J. Johnson. 

BirSl.VESS STAFF, left lo rig/il: Herb .Schluderberg, Bruce Carriithers, Mike .Self, Sarah Cobb, Pat Fox. 

•^' "fiBtJL 


Alitor Bill HublK-ll. 

Originally published as a mimeo- 
graphed paper in 1940, the Diik Engineer 
has since grown into a sleek quarterly, 
with a circulation of over 1,000 copies. 
Recognized as one of the leading 
collegiate engineering journals, the 
magazine reflects both technical profi- 
ciency and vocational enthusiasm. 
Table of contents 

Semi-technical in nature, the Duk- 
Engineer publishes articles of general 
interest and importance in the fields 
of ci\il, electrical, and mechanical 
engineering. Readers arc informed of 
the new developments in these areas 
and of current projects and research. 
Regular features include news of the 
seN'cfal engineering societies, the Girl 
of the Month, and "Lub," the popular 
humor page. 

Row 7, /(// to right: R. Rau, G. Johnson, \V. I tubbt-ll, D. Minnotte. Rotv 2: L. Norwood. K. Kennedy, .\. Burgess. R. Hubbard. 


Once more Duke University's "fea- 
ture" magazine (wliich featured rib- 
aldry too subtle for the pub board — and 
many of our readers — and some of our 
editors — to catch), romped through 
another year. Peer, guided by mystic 
editor Jo Ellen Sheffield, adopted its 
"new look." Or rather four-and-a-half 
new looks, one for each issue. The key- 
word became "balanced magazine," a 
term which theoretically meant a com- 
bination of purely humorous and purely 

"feature" (or, non-humorous) mate- 
rial, but which more accurately de- 
scribes the tightrope between what 
tlic students wanted (Peer is a four- 
letter word) and what the powers-that- 
be would tolerate. The result was a 
cross between Pollyanna and Christine 
Keeler — which is pretty funny when 
you think about it. Only in Peer is 
found an extemporaneous interview 
with Pete Seeger on the value of tran- 
scendentalist experience (if one wants 
to find it) juxtaposed with original 
light fiction, clever but not always 
original cartoons, and funny but not 
the least bit original jokes. Plus vi- 
gnettes, sketches, scenarios, satire, paro- 
dies, travesties, and pertinent editorial 
comment. Plus girls a la Duke (m 
color). As long as its students can 
stop, look, listen (or perhaps one rcad'^ 
for oneself) and laugh, Duke can ne\ ( i 
be a peerless university. 



PEER STihF Jmv Sdweis Managing Editor : Lynn Hammond, Feature Editor; Reeve Love, 
Fiction Edito) Harlan Wald, Photography Editor; Maria Shavi-, Assistant Managing Editor; Camille 
Combs Ken Mc&mty, Dean Heller, Bill Harris, Bunny Bedworth, Writers and Layout; Bill Farris, 
Phil Fitzsimmons Photoguipin Phil Crump, Assistant Buuness Manager; Roy Bredder, Ad Salesman; 
Pat Horwitz, Chi,J Typnt, Bttsv Snow. Lvnn StcNcr 

Jo Ellen Sheffield 

Cliff Sheldon 
Business Manager 


The T>ukQ^ 


Pulolishcd fourteen times each year, 
the Playbill furnishes critical reviews, 
program notes, and brief biographical 
material to inform Duke audiences. 
All major University attractions — pro- 
ductions of the Duke Players, the an- 
nual Hoof 'n' Horn show, the concerts 
of the Men's and Women's Glee 
Clubs, the Artists' Series, etc. — are 
provided with appropriate programs 
by the Playbill stafT. With a literate 
and sophisticated flavor, each issue 
is attractively designed to capture the 
mood of the particular performance. 

^ '^ ■^^^^^^^^^^Bm-^ 


Business Manager Dick Ney and Editor Laird Patterson. 

radio council 

Now in its fifteenth year, the Radio 
Clouncil oversees the operation of the 
the Duke Broadcasting System. The 

Council is made up of student repre- 
scnatives, the Dean of Men, the Dean of 
Women, the WDBS station managers, 
and a faculty advisor. The Council es- 
tablishes the basic policies of WDBS; it 

approves the broadcasting format and 
the station's budget. At the annual May 
banquet, the Council presented out- 
standing service awards to WDBS 

Lefl lo riglil John Tiuesdell, Elizabeth Falk, Tom Yaigei Dean Wilson LukeCuitis JohnHiiiis Robert Fkischti James Bouirhton. Ahi, 
J. Wetherbv, H Owen D?an Cox. \V. Yarnall, D MrConnel Mr Gnftith 


debate team 

In NoNeml^er, Dr. J. C. Wethcrby, 
coach of the University debate team, 
noted that there was a critical lack of 
interest in debating. He added that 
"Duke has had one of the best debating 
teams in the South down through the 
years . . . debating is the only purely 
intellectual University competition, and 
Duke should be at the top." For a 
while, it looked like the lack of student 
participation would cause the Univer- 
sity to cancel its appearance in several 
major tournaments. 

In December, Dr. Wetherby an- 
nounced that ". . . there was a fine 
response, not only from regular de- 
bators, but from new members as well." 
The team then entered the Dixie Classic 
at Wake Forest, the Atlantic Coast 
Conference Tournament at South Car- 
olina, the William and Mary Tourna- 
ment, the Camellia Tournament, the 
Navy Tournament, the West Point Re- 
gionals, also playing host to the Duke 
Invitational Tournament in March. 

Row 1, left to ng/tl: Coach Bond N 
well. Captain Tennyson Williams 
D. Colclough. 

Bi isco 

Rou 2 

J Mia 
R Bai 

Seated, lejl to right: Faculty Advisor J. Edwards, W. Plumer, President Doug Cotter, \V. \Vi 
R. Repass. Row 2: D. Hoaglin, J. Mclntire, F. Maas, W. Smith. 

^ 1% 


S Hodge R. Beach. C. Carlton, T. Card- 
A \meiy, E. .Southern, K. Ditto, R. Blaice, 




Since its founding in the 1930's, the 
Engineers' Radio Association has pro- 
vided Duke engineers with the means 
and equipment for amateur radio 
operation, while advancing the study 
of radio telephony and telegraphy. 
Work with the "rig" has continued as 
in the past, but added emphasis this 
year was placed on distance work, as 
members sought to establish com- 
munications with Europe. 

Competition and the CSACA 
The engineers also worked to con- 
tact as many stations as possible within 
a specified length of time. And the 
Association again sponsored the Con- 
federate States of America Centennial 
Award, presented each year during 
the Civil War Centennial to the mem- 
ber who communicated with each state 
of the Confederacy at least once dur- 
ing the year. 



The Duke Broadcasting System was 
founded in 1950. WDBS is completely 
self-supporting, deriving its income 
from local and national advertising. 
The station's staff is divided in four 
major areas: production, engineering, 
business, and sales — all under the 
direction of student managers who, in 
turn, are responsible to the station 
manager. Within each division, there 
are special departments, such as remote 
engineering, programming, publicity, 
recordings, and copywriting. 

Good listening 
A new program of round-the-clock, 
24-hour-a-day transmission has meant 

that WDBS has brought the best in 
music, news, sports, and features to 
East and W'est campuses, including 
Hanes House, and the Men's Graduate 
Genter. UPI and local news is presented 
every hour on the half hour, and there 
is a 1 5-minute summary of world and 
campus events at 7:00 P.M. Adopting a 
"good music" format, WDBS maintains 
an extensive collection of record albums. 
"The University Hour," from 7:15 to 
9:00 each evening, is devoted to class- 
ical music. A complete sports roundup 
is featured at 10:45. The station's 
coverage of Duke games — at home and 
away — is of special interest. 

KneHing, Iff I to right: ]. Underbill, W. Elliott, W. Yarnall, J. Boughton, D. Davis. J. Marcille. Row 2.- J. Futch 
K. Kicnzlc, E. Falk; R. Fleischer, G. Yarger. Row 3; J. North. VV. Dovle. J. Harris. Station Manager Lukt C 
N. Gibson, J. Truesdell. 

\ Freiberg M Moore S Patterson, 
uitis V Peaison H Giles R Smith, 


Tlic sleepy niglit watch downstairs in Gray Building, 

John Wheeler at the control 

Stali,ui Luke Curtis. 

Chairman Bill Nichols 

The Symposium Committee was 
established six years ago. At that time, it 
was pointed out that "... members of 
the student bodv and faculty ha\e 


recognized the need for a symposium 
where eminent scholars and specialists 
could gather to discuss with the student 
body topics of current interest." In 
bringing to the campus each year a 
distinguished group of thinkers and 
practitioners in a given field of interest 
to take part in a symposium, the Com- 
mittee hopes to contribute substantively 
to a li\cl\, intellectual University at- 
mosphere. The eighteen student mem- 
bers of the Clommittee are carefully 
selected through interviews; five faculty 
members, with full membership status, 
are also invited to aid in the planning. 
The Committee is unique in that it is 
supported almost entirely by contri- 
butions from other student organi- 

Informative discinsuni, a lojucal issue 
The theme of the 1963 Symposium 
was "Contemporary Literature ... A 

Post-Human Age?" Speakers presented 
their views on the effects a changing 
society and a culture in a state of 
flux many have on the modern writer. 
In the afternoons, the four guests 
participated in informal seminars 
on both campuses. Dr. Tom Driver, 
drama critic for The Christian Century 
and Professor of Christian Theology at 
Union Theological Seminary, delivered 
the keynote address, "Poetry, Prose, 
and People." On the following even- 
ings, speeches by Jules Feififer, satirical 
cartoonist and humorist, W. D. Snod- 
grass, Pulitzer Prize poet, and Ralph 
Ellison, novelist and lecturer, were 
heard. A student-moderated panel 
discussion followed the major speakers; 
the Reverend Robert Mill, Chaplain 
to Episcopal Students, Reynolds Price 
of the English Department, and Dr. 
VV. D. White of the Religion Depart- 
ment exchanged views and comments. 

Sealed, left In nt;ht: T. Hi 
man, F. Muth, B K(.«. 
VV. C:i)ckci, \\ Till si, A, 

Baran, P. Vintrn-Johanscn, D. Hopkins, K. Wats 
C. Worthington. Sl.„iiili,i<i. left In ns/,1: M. Luca 
jlloiish, Mrs. Pratt. Mr. CriHith. 

m, U. Ehrhardt, Chai: 
, J. Ryan, M. Knott. 

in Bill Nichols, M. Sanders, M. VVais- 
I.i\crmoro, J. Grigsby, D. Newsome, 



it mklWT - 


^ ^MHI9MIMHMMl£ 'i 


r:, ii 

i . * .^ii. 




.^-. ,^ 



w V 

' ^^'^'^' 


k M t 1 



student union 

BOARD OF CHAIRMEN: Left to right: Jack Cooper, Mimi Pittman, Lee Kuntz, Roddy Cooke, 
Moe Sandstead, Cyndy Batte, Bob Sheheen, Mike Peterson, Ellen Pressman, Harry Shinn. 

The Student Union seeks to stimu- 
late, promote, and develop social, rec- 
reational, cultural, educational, and 
spiritual activities within the Uni- 
versity. Directed by the Board of 
Governors and the Board of Chair- 
men — the latter composed of the heads 
of the seven Union committees — 
the Union plans and carries out several 
programs throughout the academic 
year for the benefit of the University 
community. It i.s largely through the 
events sponsored by these seven com- 
mittees — Educational Affairs, Major 
Attractions, Social, Special Services, 
Fine Arts, Publicity, and Special Ac- 
ti\ities — that members of the Duke 
community come in contact with the 

The Spread oj Ideas 

Educational Affairs presented din- 
ner seminars, short courses, and several 
speakers. Featured this year as major 
speakers were Serge Lentz, of Paris- 
Match, who spoke on conditions in 
Clommunist China today; Sergio Rojas, 
at one time associated with the Castro 

BOARD OF GOVERNORS: Left to right: Mike Flzay Joanne Fdens Kdtima Watson, Mr. Griffith, Barb Washburn, Moe Sandstead, Chairman .Sandy 
Ogden, Lydia Cantrell, Vin Thorny, Mis Piatt \1 Rumi Stuait Upchuich Terry HoUett, Kiki Stilwell, 


regime, who spoke on the Communist 
infihration of Cuba; and Dr. Harold 
Taylor, former president of Sarah 
Lawrence College. Duke professors 
who participated in the "Last Lecture" 
series were asked to speak as if th(\ 
were delivering their final address ti> 
a group of students. In these artificial 
circumstances, the lecturers emphasized 
personal experiences and/or philoso- 

Social and Cultural All, a, /ions 

Lender the auspices of the Fine Arts 
Committee, Page audiences were 
treated to the minstrelsy of Richard 
D)er-Bennet, the piano artistry- of 
Susan Starr, and the skill and co- 
ordination of the Alvin Alley Dance 
Theater and the Riverside Singers. 
The Committee also sponsored the 
North Carolina Symphony and a Side- 
walk Art Exhibit. A film festival and 
the Music Lounge in Flowers also 
attracted the connoisseur and the 

Major attractions this year brought 

to the campus the road company of 
the prize-winning Broadway play, "A 
Man for All Seasons," the Smothers 
Brothers, comic folksingers, and the 
Boston Pops Orchestra, directed by 
.\rthur Fiedler. The Social Committee 
organized open houses after home 
football games, Candlelight Cabarets 
after home basketball games, the 
Homecoming Dance, and freshman 
open houses. Special Activities pre- 
sented Max Morath, ragtime pianist, 
sponsored tournaments in table tennis, 
golf, and bridge, and maintained a 
talent bureau. 

Commlllees In serve 
During Orientation Week, Special 
Services sponsored a "major fields" 
program, a question and answer ses- 
sion, at which freshmen were intro- 
duced to the undergraduate curriculum 
and possible majors. The Committee 
•ilso held receptions after L^nion at- 
tractions, maintained a ride bureau, 
and published an activities calendar. 
Publicity produced attractive and eye- 
catching banners, posters, and flyers 
to publicize the Union's busy schedule. 



Sealed, left to right: l).i\i(l ( )nn. i;ik<- l-i ickc, Liiiiin Chu. 
Long, Fouad Moughraby, George Breckenridge, Peter Jc 

As proclaimed by its membership, 
the purposes of tlie International Club 
aie "... to foster mutual under- 
standins; between the students and 
peisonnel from foreign countries, the 
•\mencan students, and the local com- 
munitN , . . to encourage an exchange 
ol ideas toward better international 
undei standing; . . . and to provide 
an effective means of communication 
between the members of the Unixer- 
sit\ community." Upon payment of 
dues, an\ member of the University — 
student, staff, faculty — is received into 

Under the flags of many 

A serious discussi 

International interests 
Social and cultural exchange and 
just plain fun are incorporated into the 
Club's program. There are dinners, 
dances, picnics, panel discussions, ath- 
letic events, and foreign film festivals 
to broaden individual horizons. The 
Club works closely with the Interna- 
tional Student Committee, a X-VSGA 
auxiliary, in organizing various fund- 
raising projects. The proceeds from these 
activities are used to aid a foreign 
student in residence at the Uni\ersitv. 


greek week 


81 . fl ^ 

t*^ ^ 




, . . while others looked on. 



A frantic chase for a greased pig. 

ikiiii; liLr P.. 11-1 liu ,mcl in the Duke Circus MaNiinus, tlie Ijrotlurs those who finished — won points and glory. 



Representing students in the Wom- 
an's College and the School of Nursing, 
WRA offers various opportunities for 
coeds to participate in both individual 
and team sports. Tournaments are held 
in badminton, table tennis, volleyball, 
basketball, bowling, and archery. Points 

are awarded to each individual and 
to each dormitory; certificates and 
trophies are awarded at the Spring 
Honors Assembly to those groups and 
individuals with the highest point- 

Activities and interest groups 
In conjunction with other North 
Carolina colleges and high schools, 
WRA sponsored a Sports Day in 

the fall and again in spring. The 
program included volleyball and tennis 
tournaments, and tennis and swimming 
demonstrations. The annual Freshman 
Picnic during Orientation Week ac- 
quainted freshmen with the intramural 
program and featured a short skit by 
WRA members. Special interest groups 
under WRA auspices are: Nereidian, 
Terpsichorean, and Tennis Club. 

Row ?, left to right: A. Ray, N. Tucker, J. Ewell, B. Hak-y. Row 2: L. Nimnicht, T. Carr, J. Gamei-on, E. Bloomer, E. Wishart, N. Major. Ro, 
M. Macomber, Chairman Nancy Ingram, J. McClcary, J. LeGwin, Miss VVoodyard, T. Reyling, S. Smith, R. Stubbs. 


Since its organization o\er ten years 
ago, Nereidian has contributed, in 
large measure, to the success of the 
WRA program. The club promotes an 
interest in and the development of 
synchronized swimming skills, stunts, 
and di\ing. 

Aquamaids and Aquacades 
Weekly meetings and practice ses- 
sions in the pool enable the swimmers 
to perfect their routines for presenta- 
tion in the annual Nereidian Water 
Show in March. Later in the spring, 
the aquamaids participated in the 
regional Synchronized Swimming 
Meet, held annually at Converse Col- 
lege, Spartanburg, South Carolina. 

ftoit. r, /f/( /o n^A/.- O. Kredel, N. Dayton. J. Westcott. S MacDonald .\ DiUaid S PauK Rua 2 K Luce J Benson \ .\f.iior. E. Bloomer. R. 
Shumway, M. Walker, President Libba Barnett. Dwmg Board P Kozicki M \Iacombei D Millei B Huntlev, L Gilbert J. Hendlcy, M. Haver- 
field, C. Rice, N. Craig. 

Oscar Brown, Jr. 

Maurice Willi. 


joe college 

Thursday, April 23 
Float Building 
Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs 

Friday, April 24 

Joe College Parade 
Hoof 'n' Horn Show: "Can Can" 
First Annual Duke University Jazz 
Festival, with Bob Hope, Gloria 

DeHaven, and the Mitchell-Ruff 

Saturday, April 25 
Box Lunches 

Lawn Concert, with the Serendipity 
Singers, Fred Smoot. 
Hoof 'n' Horn Show: "Can Can" 

Sunday, April 26 
Chapel Service 
Open Houses 


Carl Lyon 
Steering Committee Chairman 

STEERING COMMITTEE, left to right: E. Pressman, P. Ogden, S. Blitzer, Dean Wilson, P. Deckert, Chairman Carl Lyon, C. Conrad, B. Mulligan, 
C. Adams, C. Conner, P. Coll, J. Weingarten. 



The Pre-Medical Society and the 
program it implements are designed to 
help the pre-medical student bring his 
plans of a career in medicine into 
proper focus. Since undergraduate 
preparation is essential and basic ex- 
perience for future work in medical 
school, the Society is now sponsoring 
a revised program, which is expected 
to give the prospective doctor a clearer 
picture of his future in medicine. 

T/„- Pre-Maliral Program 
A series of project tours is an im- 
portant part of this new program. 
The tours present members of the 
Society with a comprehensive view of 
medical techniques, by having them 
observe actual practices, including op- 
erations and clinical and laboratory 
procedures in the various departments 
of Duke Hospital and the University 
Medical Center. The program also in- 
cludes publication of the monthly, 

G. Ahmann 

D. Cruikshank 

P. Hemmcnwav 

M. Major 

T. Roberts 

J. Allen 

K. Cunningham 

C. Herbert 

M. Marks 

J. Roediger 

R. Altreuter 

J. Curtis 

J. Hess 

W. Mattox 

B. Rose 

J. Argy 

D. Dacko 

J. Hiatt 

J. Mazza 

B. Rothman 

T. Bachman 

M. Daley 

B. High 

K. McCarty 

C. Rundles 

.]■ BasTgs 

11. Daniel 

J. Holbert 

B. McCreary 

\V. Samuels 

K. Ball 

R. Davenport 

'G. Howard 

R. McCreery 

A. Sands 

C:. Ballon 

B. Davis 

J. Hoy 

E. McCullers 

C. Sandusky 

J. Barham 

K. Davis 

G. Hudgins 

J. McCurdv 

L. Sang 

R. Barnes 

A. Davidson 

F. Hughes 

E. McWhorter 

R. Sayetta 

D. Baswell 

.S. Deegan 

S. Hunvadi 

C. Melton 

R. Schmid 

R. Beach 

D. Dewar 

R. Hyde 

G. Miller 

D. Schumer 

A. Beck 

R. Dewitt 

P. Jack 

J. MiUei- 

n. Senseney 

E. Bennett 

R. Dillon 

M: Jacobs 

'H. Mitchell 

k. Sliarp 

R. Borman 

VV. Disotell 

11. jacobson 

D. Moore 

|, Sh.uratt 

W. Birkel 

J. Doelle 

D. Jeflords 

B. MooreficUl 

R. Shoop 

B. Blackshear 

M. Dralcy 

J. Jenkins 

A. Morrison 

11 Short 

R. Blake 

E. Duffy 


R. Murlless 

S. Simon 

J. Blitch 

R. Duke 


H. Murray 

J. Simpson 

L. Bohannon 

J. Durana 

D. Jones 

K. Neal 

H. Smith 

\V. Boone 

■ . Eckerd 


H. Newmark 

R. Snow 

J. Bovender 

" . Edlin 


J. Nickless 

R. Stauffer 

T. Boyden 

D. Edwards 

C. Jordan 

L. Norby 

J. Stewart 

R. Brashlcr 

R. Edwards 

R. Katzberg 

R. Norcross 

\V. Stewart 

B. Brewer 

E. Ehrensperger 

D. Kayc 

J. Pace 

K. Stogner 

P. Bridge 

R. Ehrhardt 

J. Keever 

A. Pandolfo 

J. Sullivan 

M. Brinton 

W. Engel 

C. King 

D. Parson 

E. Swinden 

B. Brodsky 

G. Feazell 

J. Kitchin 

C. Patterson 

A. Thompson 

A. Brown 

I. Fitzsimons 

"S. Koff 

L. Pearlstein 

B. Tucker 

.S. Brown 

]. Fleet 

C. Koon 

I. Phillips 

A. Turner 

S. Brown 

L. Friedman 

G. Lambct 

L. Phillips 

M. Tyler 

K. Burchesky 

E. Frisa 

J. Lapointc 

D. Pierce 

M. Vanhov 

D. Burton 

P. Gahagan 

J. LeGwm 

C;. Pilcher 

M. Waisman 

E. Burton 

G. Giles 

J. L.vine 

R. Pirtle 

L. Whisnant 

R. Carney 

J. Gosnell 

j. Lewis 

J. Pollard 

T. Wilfong 

W. Casey 

M. Guidon 

J. Lipe 

D. Post 

M. Wilson 

M. Chamblee 

P. Halford 

S. Loescher 

T. Powell 

E. Wooden 

M. Chen 

J. Hanna 

R. Lvcrly 

P. Pritchard 

M. Wooten 

VV. Clarke 

E. Haswell 

D. Lyons 

J. Raper 

C. Worthington 

R. Coates 

J. Hayes 

L. Mabry 

R. Reamer 

R. Worthington 

L. Coleman 

G. Heath 

C. MacCaughelty 

H. Rekate 

J. Younger 

J. Corwin 

C. Helmes 

J. Madison 

G. Ricketson 

M. Zeller 

\V. Crow 

H. Zimmer 


ADllSORl- CIJ[-.\'CIL. Sa:,':/, l.J'l 10 iigln: B. Rancla 
F. Cowherd. R. Collins, G, Romp, W. Baker, S. Ford, 
S. Moss, P. Gold. 

F. Coplon, A. ..\hnfeldt. President Ron Seningen, II. Wald, C:. Ray, J. Pliilbrick. Ruiv J: 
I. Marshall, D. Donnelly, P. Forth, W. Strickland, J. Caraway. R. Davis. B. Dezell, 

Caduccus, a periodical de\oted to news 
of progress in the medical profession 
and articles to guide the individual 
in his preparation for medical school. 
Guest lectures at the regular meetings 
of the Society provide insights into 

important problems confrontin 
pre-medical student. 

Emphasis on Achievement 
Freshman members may avail 
selves of the counseling and tt 


ser\'ices of the Society's Ad\isory Coun- 
cil. The Order of Hippocrates, the 
pre-medical honorary, inducts mem- 
bers annually, recognizing those stu- 
dents who have compiled exceptional 
undergraduate academic records. 


bench & bar 

Offering counsel to students pre- 
paring for a career in tlie law has 
been the major concern of Bench and 
Bar throughout its thirty-year history 
on campus. In an effort to introduce 
its members to the subtleties and com- 
plexities of the legal profession, the 
society makes frequent use of films, 
lectures, mock trials, and other in- 
structional aids. 

An introductian to the law 

Bench and Bar presented several 
speakers at its regular meetings during 
1963-1964. Elvin R. Latty, Dean of the 
Duke Law School, C. Hilburn Womble, 
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Men, 
a local attorney engaged in the current 
civil rights controversy, and represent- 
atives from leading national law firms 
presented their views and punctuated 
their talks with advice to future col- 

Bench and Hai m 

ly use tlie facilities of the new Law Buildi 

. ^M 

■L^ ** X ^ 

G 1 



Row 7, left 10 nglit: B. Wade, G. Schii 
S. Blitzer. 

M. Volz, President Ken Uubbaid, D. Hopki 

ighland, 13. Birl<h. 

R. .\rnold, S. Fu 


I he Duke chapter of the American 
Society of Civil Engineers is designed to 
promote balanced growth and advance- 
ment on the part of the student engi- 
neer. ASCE proN-ides opportunities for 
the beginning of professional associa- 
tions, while demonstrating the practical 
applications of knowledge acquired in 
the classroom and the laboratory. 
Membership in the local chapter admits 
students to Society meetings and en- 
ables them to subscribe to ASCE pub- 
lications, Transactions and Civil Engineer. 
The Society also publishes manuals of 
engineering practice, a directory, and 
an annual Official Register. 

The Society's monthly program of 
movies, slides, and speakers acquaints 
members with new developments and 
opportunities in civil engineering. The 
ASCE meeting is also a forum for the 
presentation of papers and the dis- 
cussion of engineering problems. 

engineers worked on displays featured in the annual Engineers' Show. 

Rniv I. I,ji 10 right: C. Wright, P. Gurley. President Russ Eckerson, G. Garand, S. Brown, .\dvisor .\. E. 
Rimer, H. Uhden, W. Seagreaves, B. Simpson. Row 3: S. Simon, R. Bates, C. Bowman, J. Gabriel, B 
Abbott, A. Duncan, L. Hagood, B. Scull, J. Wanklyn. Row 6: H. Haines, E. Bryan, A. Vaughan. 

Palmer. Rotv 
Hertslet. R. 

-'.J. O'Kelley.J. Nilsson, A. 
Jrown. Row 4: M. Walsh, J. 




The Air Force Reserve Officer Train- 
ing Corps prepares selected students to 
help fill the officer needs of the United 
States Air Force in both regular and 
reserve units. The program consists 
of two years in basic and two years in 
advanced training. Organized in 1949, 
the AFROTC cadet corps is managed 
by the cadets themselves, as they 
advance from cadet airmen to cadet 

AFROTC activities 

Several extracurricular activities are 
sponsored by the Air Force. Any in- 
terested cadet may join the Precision 
Drill Team. The local unit has, ad- 
ditionally, one of the few MARS ama- 
teur radio stations in the nation. The 
cadets also publish Contact, the corps 
newspaper. The unit is proud of its 
Arnold Air Society chapter, the na- 
tional AFROTC honorary fraternity. 
Finally, all cadets are members of 
the Duke Air Force Club, which spon- 
sors parties, picnics, and the Militai\ 

O/IKIRS U„, 1 I // i„ , ahl t aptdin L 
RuLt 2 SSi;t B Hi Witt, T.S^t F Posey Mbg 


DRILL IL:AM. l-'nint: C lomniandcr 1. Simpson. A'™ /. /,;// lo nghl: R. Moms. J. Linclrnni rn. II. \V.-ll)orn. S. Kirk, C. Knodr. R„:c _'.• S. Bradley, 
D. Rutenbei-g, R. Pritchard, 1". Lone, M. Nations. Rozc J; J. Jackson, W. Conklin, VV. Butler, D. Welch, J. Taylor. Row I: H. High, D. Smith, 
D. Hunt, A. Tokaz, L. Walker. 

Colonel Schlogl extends congratulations to the top cadet graduates — Bill Douglass, Karl Benson, 
and Jerry Page. 

.\FROTC Review. 


flight a 

FtnnI- Commander J. Yake. Row 7, /,// to iig/it: G. Biodie, J. Pate, J. Bryant, J. Coulter, K. Cun- 
ningham. Row 2 G. Siebold, A. Best, H. Stanfiekl, R. Kramer, N. Cooke, D, Charlesworth. 
Row3:1. iimcUn 1 SI,. 111. i W Bn ins S ( ,,|,-„,.u,, J D.nii.L F. Furness. 

flight b 

l-,o„l: Commander D. Titus. Row I. I.JI lu,n:hl:]. Hi .n.ll,-,,I. M..xl< v, J. I lasson. J. 1 lester, J. Cor- 
win, D. Bennett, R. Patton. Row 2: IF Mu.iay, S. Fmkler, j. Br>cr, R. Gross, B. Garrett, V. 
Pearson, O. Rollins. Row 3: H. Hclbig, J. Dye, R, Moser, 'I'. Culbreth, T. Donaldson, R. Neufeld, 
K. Cunningham. 


Front: Commander F. Stephen. Row 1, left to right: D. Bellman, G. Huntoon, L. MacLean, W. Mer- 
uit. E.Johnson, D Dadson, C. Stiles,}. Ingram. Roit 2 M Self. R Hayes. J Moss, C. Miller, 
n Wilson. J Feins. B R(\nolds. CI lluiu\tutt Uoa i ] Moms R k.aft. S BdUew, J. Mcr- 
seieau, D Shdik I M lu ill. 1 s, , ,v 

flight c 


ifr B 

Front: Clommander T. Parsons. Ron- 7, /,// to right: A. Baker. B. Closser, H. McGinty. B. Romig, 
B. Miller. R. McCreery. A. Montgomery. Roiv 2: \V. Fowler. E. Schweitzer. J. Williams. R. Tiirbi- 
ville, L. Owens, R. Trotman. Row 3: E. Gustafson, J. Rumsey, W. Plumer. R. Trader. R. Hoad- 
ley, J. Gnuse. 

flight d 



Established July 1, 1941, the Duke 
NROTC Unit had an initial enroll- 
ment of 100 students; the Unit today 
numbers 154 midshipmen, who are 
being trained as future officers in the 
United States Navy and Marine Corps. 

The objectives of the Department 
of Nav-al Science are (1) to provide 
midshipmen with a rounded cur- 
riculum in basic naval courses whicli, 
with a bachelor's degree, will quality 
them for a commission in the Navy; 
(2) to develop an interest in the Na\\- 
and to encourage a real understanding 
of Naval customs, traditions, and 
practices; (3) to develop leadership 
abilities through both precept and 
example; and (4) to introduce mid- 
shipmen to the Naval way of life 
through practical experience. 

The local Unit includes the Regi- 
mental Band, Drill Team, and The 
Dolphin, a Unit newsletter. A Flight 
Indoctrination Program — leading to a 
career in Naval A\iation — is available 
to qualified senior midsliipmen. 

Row 2: T. Andc 

\FF. Ri 


righl: P. Sarafian, Z, Earnhardt. T. Steele, R. Hardy, C. Harri 
P. Nicholas. 

STAFF, sealed, left lo right: Col. Durant, Cdr. Le Tou 
Boyles, Sgt. Gurry, YNC Gillie, GySgt. Bowen, SKI 

neau. Row 2: Maj. Twomey, LCdr. Goben, Lt. 
Lowdermilk. Absent: GMGC Knowles. 



SEMPER EIDELIS. left to right: ]. Wright, C. Bason. C. Bcimfohr, W. Hender 

Bl\D.,n,t IJifttought S Atkinson. P GuiIey.J Kennedy, L Cashwell, D. Robei ts. J Hnuvoux. L. Cla 
P H. Ilim R Falciani. T Ed!?ar, T. Cooley. Row i P Jensen, J Tate, D. Gattis. C r,,r,,,i,i \V Y.,i,ni; 

Row 2- B. McGhee, D, Watson, 



company a 

OFI'ICl.RS: A Burn. ss. Jr., Company Commander; G. Coan, Jr., Executive Offcer. FIRST 
PLAl < )( ).\: (:. Hciiiitolu. Platoon Leader; First Squad: J. Chambers, A. Ogrinz. J. Sammons, 
VV. Raynor, J. Mauney. Second Squad: A. Minard, R. Mossburg, M. Mouse, B. Beyer. Third 
Squad: R. Whitley, A. Ross, C. Hall, L. Miller. SECOND PLATOON: E. Deutscher, Platoon 
Leader. First .Squad: \V. Henderson, R. White, J. Stroud, A. Buttcrworth, P. Siddall. Second 
Squad: M. Manes. J. Stewart, R. Morales, R. Krebs. N. Smith. Third Squad: C. Joachimi, 
R. Stokes, B. Crandall.J. Hightower, P. Guden, R. Dutton. 

OFFICERS: R. Ilarkness. Company Commander; C. Closer. Jr., Executive Officer. FIRST 
PLATOON: C. Mason, Platoon Leader. First Squad: R. Ervin. P. LaMotte, E. Carlson, T. 
Hackett, G. Hallenbeck. Second Squad: J. Perry, P. Pierce. C:. Porter. K. Zaiser. Third Squad: 
D. Burke, F. Beasley, W. Anderson, A. Kyle, W. Miller. SECOND PLATOON: E. Noll, Platoon 
Leader. First Squad: P. Nunez, G. Moore, B. Crutcher, T. Barry, R. Graham, S. Coley. Second 
Squad: R. Denton, W. Mathis, C. Bullock. G. Kellev. Tliir<l Squad: R. Newton. D.' Webster. 
T. Berry.. |. Parker. C. LaX'arre. 

company b 


I ill -^ llilll 

()1I'1C:I:RS: J. X,.it(in. ( :<impany Commander; K. l)r,i\l„,iv. V.\,-vuUm- ()llirr,. FIRST 
IM.AroOX: G. Ilollctt. I'l.itoon Leader. First Squad: W . Kstal>n,c,k. C. I'enninstDn, P. Ferine, 
II. Kerr, J. Westmoreland. Second Squad: W. Dowdy, G. Bryce, L. Curtis, J. Weber. Third 
Squad: D. Tackney. R. Green, J. Warner, A. McKaig, L. Thomas. SECOND PLATOON: 
J. Wright, Platoon Leader. First Squad: J. Reichman, R. Packard, C. Wright, R. Howser, 
\V. Roth. Second Squad: T. Cosgrove, W. McNally, D. Daniels, J. Dunaway, C. Gregory. Third 
Squad: J. Todd, L. Cooper, F. Hanna, J. McCarthy, R. Hubbard, E. Baird. 

company c 

headquarters co. 

OFFICERS: R. Heyer, Company Commander; M. Nickelsburg, Executive Officer, S. Atkinson, 
Headquarters Band Clommander. DRILL PLATOON: J. Patterson, Drill Platoon Leader. 
Fust Squad H Wright, S Peteison, R LaMason D Randall, A Caiver III, J. Clarke, W. 
Blackard.Jt Second Squad S Snydei,G Mooie, F Kaufhold, R Riggs, F. Bowman, S. Foushee. 
Thud Squad W K< nned\ , f Hannon, G Phillips D Edgeiton, D Gaw, E. Miller. Fourth 
Squi.l I WInt. r \h(iill,is k Ihoni.s R k, II, , W Huton.D Stapltford. 



Judith Estes Gieenleaf 


Joan B. Holmqi: 

Kiistina Margaret Knapp 

Ruth Virginia Lilly 

!|^ ^^ ff 

Janet Allen Mathews 

Sylvia Jean McKaig 

Mabel Stuart Upchurch 

*^% Ifm^ 

^^^^^^ ^^ 

Kip McKinney Espy 



David iVnthori)- Ncwsome 

William James Nichols 

Jack C. 


Thomas Wesley Steele 

Raymond E. Vickcry John N. Williamson 


santa filomena 



Janet Louise Baker 



Barbara Waaland Bremer 


ibeth Ann Rowland 

Jenifer Gummey 

Marilyn Ruth Howe 



old trinity 

Zeb Elonzo Barnhardt, Jr. 

Douglas Coleman Brown 

Walter Herbert Dixon, Jr. 

C:harles Richard Epes 


Philip Case Ogden, Jr. 

Herbert Lewis Rudoy 

Morris William .Sandstead, Jr 

James Glenn Wilkinson 

I ^1^ 





George Garland Guthrie 
.-Arthur Charles Hutzler 
Robert Michael Miller 
Jeffry Vincent Mullins 
Gary Rohde Nelson 

J . ff 

phi beta kappa 

Phi Beta Kappa, founded on De- 
cember 5, 1776, at the College of Wil- 
liam and Mary, is the oldest honorary 
scholastic society in the United States. 
There are now 170 local chapters. The 
Duke chapter was chartered in 1919. 
Phi Beta Kappa's emphasis is on the 
liberal arts and sciences, and it leaves 
to other organizations the recognition 
of academic success in other fields. 

To be considered for election, under- 
graduate students must have a 3.30 
quality-point average for six semesters 
while earning a minimum of 90 se- 
mester hours. Elections are made in 
October, Febru- ■■'. and 'aring Com- 
mencement \\ "t-K. A i!.<' Commence- 
ment meetiiii; 'ii.nt;d number of 
Ph.D. candidcaes are .'l-o elected. 

Members Elected October 23, 1963 

William Howard Akins, Jr. 

William R. Anderson 

Jeffrey Mark Applestein 

Cynthia Anne Batte 

Karl Theodore Benson 

Brent Francis Blackwelder 

William Cudd Blackwelder 

Mary Eleanor Blakely 

Margaret Elaine Moss Borcherding 

Carol Ann Himelick Cole 

Dale Daniel Conroy 

Frederic Jay Coplon 

Nancy Edgar Craig 

Fred Allen Crawford, Jr. 

Thaddeus George Dankel, Jr. 

Doreen Carol Davis 

Mary Carol Edwards 

Susan Ellen Rmlet 

Josephine Murdock Faust 

Herman Randolpli Frank 

Sandra Wayne T. Frederick 

James Eldridge Gardner, Jr. 

Carol Ann Getz 

Stephen Samuel Hecht 

Henry August Hespenheide, IH 

Joan B. Holmquist 

Mary Jane Johnson 

Edward Lee Keller 

Nelson Rutledge Kent 

Lewis Waynick Kenyon 

Grant Terrence Kien 

Katherine Allen Kittelle 

Carroll Ann Leslie 

Gordon Dexter Livermore, Jr. 

Linda Marie Loeb 

Alfred Saul Lurey 

Barbara Hamilton Mayer 

Roger Thomas McLean, Jr. 

Dorothy Inza McQuown 

Mary .^nn Parker 

Donna Sue Peters 

Charles William Phelan 

Rebecca Sue Adams Pipkin 

Miriam Jo 
Ronald \Mi 
.^ndrena E 

Frank War _. k, , , 

Susan Robinson 
John Harger Roedlger 
Mariann Kirven Sane 
Marcia Sharon Smith 
Linda Jean Spet 
Kathleen Carol ^i ettlei 
Bernell Kenneth Stone 
William Hiram Tucker, HI 
Raymond Ezekiel Vickery, Jr. 
Barbara Jane Washburn 
William Edward Watson 
John Keenan Whisnant 
James Clifton Whorton 
Herbert Haywood Williams 
John Neville Williamson 
Patricia Gail Wilson 
Barbara Lynn Wishnov 
Richard William Zeren 

who's who 

Concci\-ed and inasiurati-d exactly 
thirty \-ears ago, \\'lni\\ Who Among 
Students in American Colleges and Uni- 
versities has a dual purpose; the publi- 
cation provides recognition for 
deserving students and also serves as 
a valuable reference guide and file for 
employers. Committees of adminis- 
trative officers anc' icaltv members in 



institutions across the country nominate 
candidates. Selection is ultimately 
based on scholarship, citizenship, lead- 
ership, participation in campus activi- 
ties, and general service. The fifty- 
eight students whose names appear 
below have, by their superior records, 
indicated that they may be assets to 
the community upon graduation. 

Luther Edmund Atwater, III 
Janet Louise Baker 
Zeb Elonzo Earnhardt, Jr. 
Mary Eleanor Blakely 
Barbara Waaland Bremer 
Eugenia Cecelia Conway 
Sara Louise Cosens 
Ray L-iwrence Cox 
Diana Lee Damschroder 
Walter Herbert Dixon, Jr. 
Charles Richard Epes 
Kip McKinney Espy 
Judith Estes Greenleaf 
Linda Ann Grubenmann 
George Ciarland Guthrie 
Jo Harriet Haley 
Mary Hanes 
Frank Late Harrison, Jr. 
Helen Kav Herrin 

Joan B. Holmquist 
Marilyn Ruth Howe 
William Lee Hubbell 
Arthur Charles Hutzler 
Nancy Jo Kimmerle 
Kristina Margaret Knapp 
Caroline Holden Krause 
Ruth \'irginia Lilly 
Don Patrick Marchese 
Sylvia Jean McKaig 
Dorothy Inza McC^uown 
Robert Michael Miller 
Diana Bess Montgomery 
Douglas Claude Morris 
Jeffry Vincent MuUins 
Gary Rohde Nelson 
David Anthony Newsomc 
William James Nichols 
Philip Case Ogden, Jr. 
James Thomas O'Kelley, J 

Charles William Phelan 
Elizabeth .'\nn Rowland 
Jack C. Rubenstein 
Florence June Ryan 
Letitia Anne Smith 
Linda Jean Speck 
Tliomas Wesley Steele 
Kathleen Carol Stettler 
Martha Davis Strayhorn 
Gail Marie Tousey 
Mabel Stuart Upchurch 
Raymond Ezekiel Vickery, Jr. 
Charles David Walker 
Katrina Johnson Watson 
Mary Erskine Wheat 
James Glenn Wilkinson 
John N. William.son 
William Fletcher W'omble, Jr. 
Richard William Zercn 

omicron delta kappa 

Omicron Delta Kappa is a national 
honorary for senior men who have 
distinguished themselves by demon- 
strated leadership ability, personal 
character, and service rendered to the 
University. In recognizing men who 
have attained a high level of success, 
Omicron Delta Kappa hopes to in- 
spire others to strive for conspicuous 
excellence in similar fashion. 

Bringing together men representing 
all areas of collegiate life, the honorary 
hopes, additionally, to create an or- 
ganization which will help to mold 
University opinion on questions of 
local and/or intercollegiate concern. 
To further this latter aim, Omicron 
Delta Kappa sponsored a student- 
faculty retreat and a dinner meeting 
with President Douglas M. Knight. 

Zeb Elonzo Earnhardt, Jr. 
Walter Herbert Di.xon, Jr. 
Kip McKinney Espy 
Frank Late Harrison, Jr. 

Arthur Charles Hutzler 
Douglas Claude Morris 
David Anthony Newsome 
William James Nichols 
C'ourtney B. Ross, Jr. 

Raymond Ezekiel Vickery, Jr 
John Neville Williamson 
William Fletcher Womble, Jr. 
Richard William Zeren 

phi kappa delta 

Phi Kappa Delta is a senior honorary, 
which recognizes those members of 
the Woman's College who have, dem- 
onstrably, met high standards of schol- 
arship, leadership, and service to the 
University community. Founded in 
1944 by Omicron Delta Kappa, the 
"brother"" fraternity on West Campus, 
Phi Kappa Delta frequenth- holds joint 
meetings with ODK. 

Both groups assembled in the fall 
for dinner with President Douglas 
Knight. At Phi Kappa Delta meetings 
on Sunday evenings, campus problems 
were discussed, and a booklet contain- 
ing biographical sketches of members of 
the administration and faculty was 
outlined for publication ne.xt year. 

CXnthia A. Batte 
Lydia N. Cantrell 
Eugenia C. Conway 
Sara L. Cosens 
Diana L. Damschroder 
Doreen C. Davis 
Muriel G. Farmer 
Judith E. Greenleaf 

Judith A. Grigsby 
Joan B. Holmquist 
Joan Hutcheson 
Nancy Jo Kimmerle 
Susan J. Klein 
R. \'irginia Lilly 
Sylvia J. McKaig 
Diana Bess Montgomery 

Beverly A. Neblett 
Mariann K. Sanders 
Linda J. Speck 
Martha D. Strayhorn 
Margery L. Todd 
Gail M. Tousey 
M. Stuart Upchurch 
Barbara J. Washburn 


The sophomore women's leadership 
honorary, Sandals, was organized in 
1932 as an auxiliary of the Women's 
Student Government Association. San- 
dals members are concerned with 
stimulating intellectual achievement 
and social development. They also aid, 
in whatever ways possible, various 
campus organizations. 

The year's activities included help- 
ing during Orientation Week, ushering 

at Freshman .'\ssemblies, working with 
the Homecoming Committee, and as- 
sisting WSGA with Pay Day collec- 
tions. With Beta Omega Sigma, its 
West Campus counterpart, Sandals 
co-sponsored afternoon teas during the 
.Symposium; a tea was also given for 
Trustees of the University in the spring. 
A Sandals' scholarship is awarded 
each year to an outstanding rising 

Marjorie D. .\dee 
Dorothy B. .^ydlett 
Elizabeth M. Baldwin 
Barbara L. Bell 
Joan F. Carew 
Camilla M. Clochrane 
Talitha N. Conant 

.Sara M. Evans 
Cynthia A. Gilliatt 
Phyllis K. Greenwood 
Kathryn A. Harris 
Jane R. Levine 
Marianna Marshall 

Elizabeth E. McComb 
Caryn L. McTighe 
Sara H. Middlebrooks 
Christine NicoU 
Sara K. Reeves 
Nancy P. Tarwater 
Elizabeth R. Weatherford 


beta omega sigma 

Organized forty-se\en years ago 
to recognize leadership potential, Beta 
Omega Sigma taps men from the 
rising sophomore class each spring who 
have excelled in scholarship, leadership 
and service to the University. The 
honorary attempts to arouse student 
interest and participation in campus 
affairs and to develop individual re- 

Beta Omega Sigma members work 

"behind the scenes" during Home- 
coming, assisting in the election of the 
Homecoming Queen and her corona- 
tion. They also serve as representatives 
of the University, welcoming return- 
ing alumni and visiting educators. 
BOS is also prepared to serve, when 
called upon by the Administration 
or by the Men's Student Government 

John T. Blakely 
Frank L. Bowman 
Jeffrey M. Brick 
Hal C. Byrd, Jr. 
Michael L. Bryant 
Robert S. Foote 
William P. Hight 

David H. Hopkins 
Frank J. Huffman, Jr 
Douglas L. Jones 
Philip P. Lader 
Douglas S. Lyons 
John C. Miller, Jr. 
Frank M. Mock 
Harry A. Nurkin 

John C. Reynolds 
Thomas J. Sherrard 
Samuel O. Southern 
Herschel E. Stanford, Jr. 
Byron E. Starns, Jr. 
Peter Vinten-Johansen 
Ernest E. Wooden 


Founded in 1937 by the Woman's 
College Class of 1940, Ivy encourages 
scholarship and intellectual achieve- 
ment among freshman women. Mem- 
bership requirements are a 3.5 average 
either for the first semester or for both 
semesters of the freshman year. Mem- 
bers are, accordingly, tapped after the 
first semester of their freshman year 
or in the fall of their sophomore year. 

With its West Campus counterpart. 

Phi Eta Sigma, Ivy sponsored a ban- 
quet honoring all freshmen with a 3.0 
average at mid-semester. Other ac- 
tivities included welcoming and guid- 
ing high-school students on campus 
for the Angier B. Duke Scholarship 
Finalists' Weekend and presenting the 
Dorm Scholarship Cup — won this year 
by Alspaugh House — awarded an- 
nually to the East Campus house with 
the highest academic average. 

Marjorie C. Anderson 
Ingrid D. Arnold 
Betsy L. Beineke 
Linda K. Bemis 
Barbara G. Buckman 
Rilla L. C:arter 
Janet A. Clline 
Martha L. Dantzler 

Sara M. Evans 
Elizabeth O. Falk 
Margaret E. Gragg 
Linda B. Gregory 
Martha C:. Hervey 
Jill R. Holmquist 
Melissa A. Hutchins 
Charleene L. Jordan 
Sherrv A. Kellett 

Jane L. Mucke 
Teresa A. Patch 
Carolyn L. Ray 
Lucia E. Simpson 
Celia R. Slaughter 
Margaret L. Smith 
Bett\- L. Whisnant 
Frances G. Williams 

phi eta sigma 

Setting, by example, high standards 
lor academic leadership. Phi Eta Sigma, 
national sophomore honorary, rec- 
ognizes and encourages excellence in 
scholarship. Freshmen who attain a 
3.5 quality point ratio for the first 
semester or a .i.5 average for the en- 
tire freshman vear are eligible for mem- 

bership. The honorary publishes a 
list of tutors, both student and pro- 
fessional, for the benefit of the under- 
graduate student body. An annual 
banquet, sponsored by Phi Eta Sigma 
and Ivy, honors all freshmen who 
have earned a "B" average at mid- 

Dennis H. Becker 
John T. Blakely 
Barrv R. Bover 
William J. Boyle, Jr 
Nicholas Brienza 
Carlyle A. Clayton 
Lynn T. Gillman 
Julian D. Heller 

D. C:. Houglin 
T. M. Hyers 
Dexter L. Jeffords 
Clifford R. Johnson 
Charles D. Joynes 
Da\id H. Lawson 
Holcombe T. Marshall 
A. Edgar Miller, Jr. 

Frank M. Mock 
Wayne Peterson 
William R. Somers 
Joseph M. Thomp.son 
Craig X'olland 
Kenneth L. Wertz 
Robert C. Wheland 
Donald F. ^'oung 

Sealed, left to right: W. Douglass. J. Page, D. Titus, W. Arthur, S. Tavernise, G. Herzog, K. Benson. Row 2: J. Gnuse, T. Furness, H. Fox, T. .Simpson, 
P. Coughlan, J. Yake, C. Huneycutt, R. Neufeld, J. Coulter, A. Montgomery, F. Sheffler, H. Stanfield, J. Moss, M. Courtney. 

arnold air society 

The William A. Sally Squadron of 
the Arnold Air Society was established 
at Duke in 1950. The Arnold Air So- 
ciety is the national AFROTC honorary 
founded, in 1944, in honor of General 
"Hap" Arnold, Commander of the 
Army Air Forces in World War II. 
The purpose of the honorary is to 
honor both Advanced and Basic Ca- 
dets who have maintained an overall 
2.0 average and have demonstrated 

outstanding leadership ability. 

The Society assists in enrolling 
prospective cadets in the AFROTC 
program during Orientation Week. 
In the spring, Sally Squadron members 
are in charge of the annual AFROTC; 
drill competition, held in Raleigh. 
The Squadron hopes to again begin 
instruction for members of the Civil 
Air Patrol and to organize an Angel 
Flight, a coed auxiliary. 


Row 7, lejl to right: J. Wright, T. Steele, R. Heyer, S. Atkinson. Row 2: P. Nicholas, R. Hardy, Z. Earnhardt, R. Harkness, J. Patterson. 

corsairs society 

The Corsairs Society was founded 
in 1958 to recognize significant student 
contributions to the NROTC program. 
The aims of the Society arc to honor 
outstanding midshipmen, to increase 
esprit de corps within the NROTC 

Unit, and to stimulate local interest 
in the Navy. Membership is open to 
juniors and seniors who have main- 
tained a 3.0 average in Naval Science 
courses and an overall 2.0 average. 


Row 7, /,// to right R Rau Picsident Chuck Phclan, L Kenvin R Zeien Rmt 2 T Ward, W. Ackerknecht, G. Hollett, P. Brown, A. Hutzlc 
G. Flowers, N. Culbertson. 

Tau Beta Pi recognizes academic 
excellence and exemplary character 
traits demonstrated by students in the 
College of Engineering. The top twelve 
per cent of the junior engineering class 
and the top twenty per cent of the senior 
engineering class are eligible for mem- 
bership. The local chapter, established 
in January, 1948, also honors alumni as 
well as undergraduates. 

tau beta pi 

As a service to freshmen, the society 
sjionsored a series of lectures on the 
slide rule — its operation and uses in 
engineering. Tau Beta Pi also studied 
classroom procedure and evaluated 
the current academic atmosphere, with 
emphasis given to the needs of the 
student engineer. Tapping of new 
members, followed by an initiation 
banquet, is on a biannual basis. New 

inductees are asked to write a 500- 
1,500-word essay on a non-technical 
suijject. Each chapter awards a prize to 
the best pledge essay; these, in turn, 
are entered in national competition, 
where the best themes are reprinted 
in Bent, the Tau Beta Pi quarterly. 
The national society also awards several 
fellowships, paid for by contributions 
from industry. 


R,Kr /, /,// lu lig/il; K. Bridgeman, J. WaddfU, J. Boop, S, Nada, R. Q-Kennon, R. Ranson, C. Smith, L. Atv 
B. Rudisill, M. Volz. President Jon Reynolds, C. Adams, C. Sheldon, \V. Tucl^er. P. Nicholas. 

Ron- 2: J. Wcisiger, R. Passantii 

Eeta Eta Chapter of the largest 
and oldest professional business fra- 
ternity was chartered in 1929. The 
society furthers student-faculty rela- 
tions by inviting outstanding profes- 
sors in the several departments to 
speak on topics in their areas of con- 
centration. Moreover, the group hopes 
to advance its membership from a pure- 

alpha kappa psi 

ly theoretical grasp of its discipline 
to a real understanding of the me- 
chanics of the business world. Through 
a series of informal discussions with 
leading local businessmen and similar 
programs, members witness closeup 
the problems they may expect to face. 
Accepting business, accounting, and 
economics majors with a 2.0 overall 

average. Alpha Kappa Psi affords 
members a chance to improve their 
academic standing and to derive per- 
sonal satisfaction from their work. 
The attempt is also made to aid the 
public in appreciating and demanding 
high standards in commerce, ac- 
counts, and finance. 


Seated, lej, 

M. Malone, J. Mullen. 

In 1932, Dr. and Mrs. Neal Dow 
organized "Le Salon Frangais," an 
informal group for students interested 
in France — its language, literature, 
history, traditions, and contributions 
to Western culture. "Le Salon" has 
since become the Alpha chapter of 
Tau Psi Omega, national French 

tau psi omega 

honorary. A 3.0 average in French, a 
2.0 overall average, and "reasonable" 
fluency in the language are prerequisites 
for membership. 

A French table, "La Table Fran- 
gaise," convenes each Tuesday evening 
in the East Campus Union. This 
weekly gathering is open to all students 

who may wish to further their knowl- 
edge of things French. Alpha Chapter 
also sponsors several French picnics and 
assists Mme. Dow in the annual pro- 
duction of a major French play, which 
features an all-student cast. 


Row 1, le/l to right: Dr. Davis, M. Dosifctt, G. Stevens, Piesident Brian Smith, G. Gi 
J. Renter, L. Cantrell, T. Patch. Row J: T. Anna, C. Gegauff, L. Gilbert, R. Carter, Dr 

■ie, 1). West. Row 2: R. Vickery, J. Mayo, Dr. Castellano 
Torre, M. Boyd, T. Brownell. 

The Spanish honorary, Sigma Deha 
Pi, was founded in 1948 to advance 
learning in Spanish and to cukivate 
"el amor por todo lo noble y bello que 
haya salido de la venerable Espana." 
Prerequisites for admission are a 3.0 
average in Spanish through Spanish 
91 and an overall quality-point-ratio 
of 2.85. 

sigma delta pi 

Highlights of the year were the fall 
initiation of new members, followed by 
a banquet and a speech by Dr. Bruce 
VVardropper, and the spring picnic at 
the home of the group's advisor, Dr. 
Juan Castellano. Other special ac- 
tivities included a mi.xer for prospec- 
tive members at the beginning of the 
fall term and parties at Thanksgiving 

and Christmas. 

Through its activities, Sigma Delta 
Pi hopes to instill in its members 
a greater appreciation of Hispanic 
contributions to world culture and 
to provide a program for those with 
special interest and aptitude in the lan- 
guage and culture of Spanish-speak- 
ing countries. 


I? ^1^ '»:!"5*? fitf "^^ •««• 

Row 1, left to right: S, Githens, VV. Stumpf, A. Ray, M. Wallace, H. Tyer, W. Cartwright. Row 2:]. McDanif 
J; J. Collins, P. Peddicord, J. Cory, O. Petty, C. Parker, F. Hill. Row 4: C. Dickens, H. Peddicord, T. Ben 

R. TiM-ne 
in, M. Hi: 

L. Byrd, S. Gelin 

The local chapter of Kappa Delta 
Pi, national education honorary, was 
founded on campus thirty-six years ago. 
The organization encourages high per- 
sonal, professional, and intellectual 
standards and recognizes the contri- 

kappa delta pi 

butions made by those who plan to 
teach. To be eligible for membership, 
juniors, seniors, and graduate students 
must rank in the upper fifth of their 
class and must maintain a "B" average 
in education courses. To prepare 

teachers to meet the changes and 
challenges which may be expected in 
education in the future, Kappa Delta 
Pi holds monthly meetings and lunch- 
eons, to w inch noted guest speakers are 




*? n 9p 

Raw 1, lejl 10 righl: P. Brown, J. Sites, T. Price, B. Reed, W. Watson, B. McDowell, B. Stone, D. Sharpe. Row J: T. Treptow, B. Blackwelder, T. 
Warren, J. Parsley, R.Woods, J. Elias, H. Henry, B. Simpson. Row 3: D. Minnotte, W. Metz, S. Simon, President Thad Dankel. AhsenI: J. Hobbs. 

North Carolina Alpha, the local 
chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, was founded 
in 1932 to promote interest and scholar- 
ship among engineering students and 
those majoring in science and /or mathe- 
matics. To effect its aims, the honorary 
elects members twice annually accord- 

pi mu epsilon 

ing to their performance in mathema- discuss developments and opportuni- 

ties. Membership requirements are a 
3.0 average in mathematics, through 
twelve semester hours and two years 
of calculus, and an overall 3.0 average. 
At the induction ceremonies, pro- 
fessors and senior mathematics majors 

ties in mathematics and the related 
technical fields. Pi Mu Epsilon also 
sponsors several lectures during the 
year, featuring guest speakers. 

Row 1, left to right: Faculty Advisor Mr. Edward Bryan, President Paul Gurley. J. Nilsson 

A. Rimer, B. Bates. .S. .Simon, B. Simpson. 



In April, 1959, eight senior civil 
engineering students and a representa- 
tive of the College of Engineering 
faculty founded Delta Chi Epsilon, a 
local scholastic honorary. This local 
body successfully petitioned for mem- 
bership in Chi Epsilon, the national 
civil engineering honorary and, hav- 

ing been accepted, received its charter 
on February 28, 1964. 

"Dedicated to the purpose of main- 
taining and promoting the status of 
civil engineering as a . . . profession," 
C'.hi Epsilon was organized to recognize 
the characteristics of the successful 
engineer and to aid its members in 

developing these same chacteristics. At 
the same time, the group promotes the 
extension and the exercise of technical 

To qualify for membership, the 
civil engineering student must rank 
in the upper fifth of the junior class or 
in the upper third of the senior class. 



Ray Cox William Hubbrll Arthur Hutzler James Q-Kelley 

Charles Phelan 

order of (^nl^v^ st patrick 


eta kappa nu 

■igfti: VV. Warren. P. Brown, President Norman Culb' 

Generally, the purposes of the so- 
ciety are to promote and reward 
scholarship in electrical engineering. 
Juniors and seniors at the head of 
their respective classes, and of proven 

character and ability, are considered 
for election to Eta Kappa Nu. With 
its ideals of leadership, scholarship, and 
integrity, the organization works to 
achieve better student-faculty relations 

and to assist the College of Engineering 
and its student body where and when 

order of hippocrates 

Left to right: Bill Moorefield, President I'red C:oplon, Bill Nichols, and Jeff .\pplestein 


Chartered in 1955, the Order of 
Hippocrates, the Duke pre-medical 
honorary, amended its constitution in 
January to allow the tapping of any 
pre-medical student, even those who 
may not be members of the Pre- 
Medical Society. The Order recognizes 
those who ha\-e compiled outstanding 
scholastic records. To be eligible, a 
student must have completed 75 se- 
mester hours, with an overall 3.0 
a\erage and a 3.0 average in the pre- 
medical sciences. 

With its "new look," the Order has 
become an active organization, one 
which performs many useful services 
fur future phxsicians. Members con- 
tribute articles to Caduceus, the pre- 
medical monthly, and edit, in con- 
junction with the office of the Dean 
of Undergraduate Men, a handbook 
for pre-medical students. In the future, 
members of the Order will serve as 
student advisors to underclassmen in 
the Fre-Medical Societ\'. 

Sigma pi sigma 

\f mf , PiesRknt Bern II Ston. 1 I) ink. I D H< ss J Sit( s \\ \ckpinecht R. Bair, J. Buckley, S. Clay, D. Coolidge, 
.S Mvers, E KelleiJ Cook J Hobbs H Henry N kent R Rau S Buckner K. Benson, J. Roediger, C. Phelan. 

Sigma Pi Sigma lionors students of 
demonstrated proficiency in physics. 
To qualify for membership, a student 
must maintain an overall 3.0 average 
and a 3.0 in physics, with at least 

pi sigma alpha 

eleven hours work in the field. Under 
the leadership of a new faculty ad- 
visor, Dr. Richard Walter, the hon- 
orary this year sponsored formal and 
informal gatherings, where students 

might meet and hear lectures by dis- 
tinguished physicists. Picnics were held 
in the fall and in the spring. 

MEMBERS: D. Damschroder, E. Eraser, J. Geckeler, M. Heald, G. Holsinger, N. Kimmerle, P. Kozicki, H. Low, M. Meadors, B. Neblett, M. Pitt- 
man, S. Robertson. L. Rogers, V. .Sellers, R. Sutch, M. Umstead, B. Washburn, S. Wilbourne. S. VVorden, .S. Yager, D. Conroy. J. Coulter. K. Espy, 
T. Evans, E. Hash, R. Haskell, C. Herbert, A. 1 
R. Vickery. 

Pursley, R. Ratliff, R. Rollins. .Steve Salisbury, President R. Sheheen, L. Siegel, J. Truesdell, 

The national political science honor 
fraternity. Pi Sigma Alpha, fosters 
student interest in governmental ac- 
tivities and attempts to create an 

awareness of public affairs by focusing 
on current issues. To qualify for mem- 
bership, a student must maintain a 
3.0 average with 10 semester hours in 

the department. Gamma Theta Chap- 
ter this year held an open forum, "The 
Coalition Crises," led by Dr. Kulski, 
Visiting Professor of Russian AfTairs. 


pi tau Sigma 

Left to right: D. Minnotte, R. Jolley, R. Parker, D. Trott. 

Pi Iota Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma 
has, since its founding in May, 1944, 
stressed the high ideals of the engineer- 
ing profession and the cultivation of 

those attributes necessary for effective 
professional leadership. The honorary 
recognizes "... those men in the 
study and the profession of mechanical 

engineering who, by their academic or 
practical achievements, manifest a real 
interest and marked ability in their 
chosen work." 

J. Van He 

theta alpha phi 

Reactivated locally in 1958, North 
Carolina Alpha of Theta Alpha Phi 
is concerned with stimulating interest in 
the dramatic arts and developing an 
actixe theater on campus. Students who 
have made significant contributions to 
the stage through acting or the exer- 
cise of allied skills are inducted as 
members at the beginning of each 
semester; initiation also occurs twice 

Delta Phi Rho Alpha, a local hon- 
orary for women established forty- 
three years ago, recognizes athletic 
leadership. Above and beyond this 
purpose, the organization encourages 
participation in sports, while helping 
to create spectator interest in the 
athletic programs of the Woman's 
College, \olleyball and basketball 
games between East and West were 
tentatively arranged to call attention 
to the group's aims. 

delta phi rho alpha 


Left 10 nghl: J. Ewell, T. Carr, N. Ingram, L. Niramicht, S. Smith, A. Ray, J. McCleary. 

delta mu tau 

A local honorary and service or- Mu Tau usher at concerts, sponsor 
ganization, Delta Mu Tau, was es- fund-raising activities for the Delta 
tabiished in 1962, when Kappa Kappa Mu Tau Scholarship, and may meet 
Psi, tlie national band fraternity, be- with \isiting artists — Susan Starr, mem- 
came inactive. The members of Delta bers of the New York \Voodwind and 

Brass Quintet and others. The social 
highlight of the year was a Christmas 
dinner with the faculty of the Music 

Members: L. Cantrell. B. Brueggeman, P. Wheat, B. Brisendine. B. Watson. C. Bray. E. .Smith. P. Gurley 
P. Finch, D. Hess. F. Bennett. R. Vaughan, N. Grant. R. Guelcher. J. Callahan. E. Keller, R. Tiickey. 

R. Godwin, N. Temple, .\. Bennett, 

\^ -' 


There is something quite spe- 
cial about Duke athletics. When 
the last whistle has sounded, 
when the faithful have filed out 
of the cavernous hole in Meth- 
odist Flats or the stolid, spacious- 
but-cramped Indoor Stadium, 
some intangible element remains. 
It is a fifth essence, part memory, 
part lasting emotion, almost a 
state of mind. This elusive, in- 
definable, though precious 
quality must be added to the 
glittering roster of greats — Wade, 
Parker, McAfee, Hill, Sime, 
Groat, Moorman, McGee, 
Souchak, Wall, Heyman, Wil- 
kinson, Mullins — and to the 
moments of glory down through 
the years. It is present when 
alumni regroup, when students 
celebrate, when the cheers go 
up, when the grit and glamor 
fade. It is a special commitment 
that is demanded, a unique, 
undying devotion. For we, too, 
are Duke athletics. 

fall sports 


Front row, left lo right: Jay Wilkinson, Jerry Stoltz, Danny Lonon, J. V. McCarthy, Bobby VVeidman, Bob Beasley. Jim Scott. Stan Crisson, Dave 
Burdette, Danny Litaker, Billy Futrell. Srcoiid rnw: Bill Baird. Einar VVulfsberg, Chuck Walker, Fred Cromartie, Bobby Johnson, Jim Fuqua. Rich 
Harris, Dale Ramey, Mike Curtis, Dave Uible, Doug Brown. Don Lynch. Third now: Milliard Shackford. Frank Creech. Mark Caldwell, Chuck 
Drulis, Al Matuza, Bobby Dean, Joel Goldman, Roy Marley, Bill Thomas, Jim Luciano, Biff Bracy. Fourth row: Bob Davis, Steve HoUoway, Earl 
Yates, Jerry Huneycutt, Bob O Kennon. Art Vieregg, Gordon Burns. Jerry Francis, Alex Bell, Scotty Glacken, Neal Clement. Fifth row: Luke Sharpe, 
Bob Astley, Bob Dow, Bobjamieson. Bob Fogle, Walt Moeling. John McNabb, Kent Denton, Wes Grant. Bob Larsh, Steve Simon. Sixth row: Dave 
Tyrell, George Burris, Chuck Sta\ins. Don Ashby. Ron Winslow. Joel Ripple, John Lucas, Bill Alvarez, Sonny Morris. Bill Jones, Alan Berry. Seventh 
rnu : John Crerch, Rod Stewart. Bill Simpson, Rogci- 1 Inolir^. Jolui Gutekunst. Rirh Kraft, Bob Williams. Dave Tomko. 

iJi^r-i^. ■-X^.MfS^i, '4.'-% *: 

Bill Murray, Head Coach 
Carl James, Assistant Athletic Directo 
Doug Knotts, defensive line 
Herschel Caldwell, defensive ends 
Ace Parker, offensive backfield 
Ted Youngling, offensive line 
Carmen Falcone, defensi\-e backfield 
Marty Pierson, offensi\e ends 
Bob Cox, freshman coach 
Mike McGee, assistant freshman coac 
Bob Chambers, head trainer 
Bill Harvey, reserve unit coach 
Max Crowder, assistant trainer 
Dixon Owens, assistant trainer 
Lloyd Griffith, student assistant fresl 
man coach 

A pcnsi\f Bill Mu 

Row 1, left to right: Falcone, Chambers, Murray, Cox, Caldwell. Row 2; James, Knotts. Pierson, Parker, Youngling. Row 3: Harvey, McGee, Crowder, 
Owens, Griffith. 


duke 22 

south Carolina 14 

DURHAM, September 21. Hard run- 
ning and a pinpoint-sharp passing 
attack enabled the Blue Devils to 
overcome an early South Carolina 
lead and start the season on a winning 
note. Led by Quarterbacks Dave 
Uible and Scotty Glacken, the green 
Duke squad outplaced their more 
experienced but fumbling opponents. 
The Gamecocks elected to receive 
the opening kickoff; with Dan Reeves 
at the helm, they marched 71 yards 
for the touchdown. Early in the second 
period, Mike Curtis cut the South 
Carolina lead in half with a 30-yard 
field-goal. While Curtis' kickoff was in 
the air, a controversial offensive hold- 
ing penalty gave Duke the ball on 
the visitors' 47. Si.\ plays later, Curtis 

crashed over from 1-yard out, and 
Duke took a 9-6 lead. 

Kept deep in their own territory 
by Rod Stewart's booming punts and 
a tenacious Duke defense, the Gam- 
cock offense stalled. In the third 
quarter, a 14-yard pass from Glacken 
to Stan Crisson capped a 70-yard 
touchdown drive, and, in the final 
period, Curtis bulled over from the 1, 
running the Blue Devil lead to 22-6. 
With four minutes remaining, the 
Gamecocks rallied for a final touch- 


duke 30 
Virginia 8 

yds. rushins 



yds. passing 

1 3-26 


intercepted by 
fumbles lost 




yds. penalized 




Dave Uible, the promising senior quaterback whose career was halted by an unfortunate injury, 
is brought down by a Gamecock tackier. 

Duke defender Bob Jamieson and a Cavali 
receiver battle for the ball. 

28. Facing their first road test, the 
youthful Blue De\ils responded with 
a convincing win over the Cavaliers. 
The fine quarterbacking of sophomore 
Scotty Glacken and the return to 
form of senior halfback Jay Wilkinson 
highlighted Coach Bill Murra\ "s 200th 

An early Duke threat ended at the 
\'irginia 10-\ard line, but the De\ils 
managed to pick up two points on a 
safety. Duke maintained this narrow 
margin until early in the second 
quarter, when a Cavalier fumble and 
Wilkinson's 64-yard touchdown gallop 

turned a close contest into a rout. 
Glacken replaced Dave Uible, the 
game senior who suffered a season- 
ending knee injury, and directed the 
Devils to their second touchdown, 
tossing 15 yards to Stan Cirisson and 
upping the Duke lead to 16-0 at the 

Duke opened the third quarter uitii 
a 75-yard touchdown march, capjx'd 

by Curtis' 1-yard plunge. Minutes 
later, Bill Baird intercepted a pass and 
returned it 40 yards to the Virginia 
23. Pass interference put the ball on 
the 2-yard line, where Glacken skipped 
into the end zone for the final Duke 
score. The Virginians garnered 8 
points in the closing minutes, as the 
Duke bench was emptied. 

Chuck Drulis makes , 

, cflort in Scott .Stadii 










1 St downs 



\ ds. rushing 



Nds. passing 



1 i.tsses 


1 1-28 

intercepted by 






fumbles lost 



yds. penalized 





duke 30 

maryland 12 

RICHMOND, October 5. The Blue 
Devils scored their 1 1 th consecutive 
ACC victory before 22,000 C;ity Sta- 
dium fans and a national television 
audience, coming on like a tropical 
storm in the final quarter to blow 
Maryland out of the Tobacco Bowl. 
In the first period, the Devils and the 
Terrapins exchanged touchdowns, but 
• in extra-point and a field-goal gave 
Duke a 10-6 lead at the half. 

Taking the opening kickoff, the 
lilues rolled for 75 yards in 14 plays, 
(ilacken rolled around end for the 
tcjuchdown. The Terps struck back 
c|uickly, on a scoring pass from Dick 
Shiner to Darryl Hill. Billy Futrell re- 
turned the kickoff 64 yards, to put the 
Dukes within field-goal range. Mike 

Mai viand ahead 12-10 in the third 
quai tei \\ ith nine minutes remaining 
to be played, the slumbering Devils 
suddenly came to life. Glacken and 
Cnsson collaborated on an electrifying 
60-\aid touchdown pass. Minutes later, 
the De\ ils lit up the scoreboard again, 
sueepmg 48 yards in 10 plays, with 
\\ ilkmson sprinting the final 5 yards. 
Mai \ land was forced into a punt situ- 
ation, and sophomore John Gutekunst 
laced back 76 yards to complete the 
the scoiing 

Cal Quarterback Craig Morton is rushed 
hard by Danny Lonon, typical of the pressure 
applied by the Devils. 

Curtis split the uprights from 26 yards 
out for the 3 points. 

Shiner's short touchdown run put 





1st downs 



yds. rushing 



yds. passing 






intercepted by 




fumbles lost 



yds. penalized 




ce 20,000 





BERKELEY, October 12. The Blue 
Devils had to settle for a tie in a wild 
skirmish with the Golden Bears. In 
the first period of play, Glacken passed 
to Wilkinson for a TD; Cal also scored 

Dropping back to pass, .Scotty Glacken is protected by Billy Futrell, Mike Curtis, John Gutekur 
-,nd J. V. McCarthy 

through the air. During the second 
quarter, Billy Futrell charged over 
from the 3 to run the score to 14-7 at 
the half. 

The Dukes faltered in the third 
period. Glacken's touchdown pass to 
Wilkinson was called back — for of- 
fensive interference. A field-goal at- 
tempt was short and downed on the 
10. The Bears were forced into a punt 
situation; the snap from center sailed 
into the endzone, presenting the Devils 
with a safety and two points. Not to 
be outdone, the Dukes fumbled the 
kickoff on their own 34, and the Bears 
crossed the goal in 4 plays. The PAT 


one that hurt; Duke defende 
Jainieson and John Gutekunst go up against 
the Bears" Jack Schraub. Schraub made the 
catch, and the two-point conversion tied the 


was true, and Duke led, 16-14, at the 
start of the final quarter. 

The halfback pass, Futrell to Wilkin- 
son, clicked for a 47-yard touchdown. 
Then, with 4th and long yardage on 

the Duki- 31, Cal's Ciais; Morton 
wound up and threw into the end- 
zone, were Schr.iulj linahy gathered 
it in. A 2-point conversion tied the 
score. On the CaUfornia 13 witli 
7 seconds to play, the Dukes were 
penalized 15 yards when a kicking tee 
was "illegally" thrown onto the field. 
With only 1 second Iclt, Mike Curtis" 
field-goal attempt was short. 

duke 35 
clemson 30 





1st downs 



yds. rushing 



yds. passing 






intercepted by 





fumbles lost 


yds. penalized 





e 36,000 

DURHAM, October 19. Gridiron im- 
mortals, the 1938 Iron Dukes — un- 
beaten, untied, and unscored upon in 
regular season play — looked on, while 
their heirs rolled to an exciting Home- 
coming win over Clemson. Many 
observers felt that the game was the 
greatest passing duel ever in Duke 

The 1963 Dukes exploded earl\, as 
Glacken flipped a screen-pass to \\ ilkm- 
son, and Jay, voted "Back of the Week" 
by the Associated Press, outmaneu\eied 
eleven Tigers to score. Courtis added the 
PAT. After threats by both squads 

Jay Wilkinson hauls in a bomb, thrown by 
.Scotty Glacken. On this occasion, the half- 
back went tlie route for a touchdown. 

went for naught, Clemson returned a 
punt to the Duke 26 and went on to 
tie at 7-7. The Devils and Wilkinson 
bounced right back. Jay returned the 
kickofiT to the 28, where Glacken passed 
to Crisson for the score. Clemson's 
Hugh Mauldin dashed 50 yards to 
the 12, before Bob Jamieson ran him 
out of bounds. The Tigers settled for 
a field-goal. 

With Clemson in possession again, 
Mark Caldwell intercepted a pass and 
scooted 44 yards to the 10, where, 
again, Glacken hit Crisson. Down by 
21-10, Frank Howard's boys reeled 
off a 68-yard scoring pass to close the 
gap to 21-17 at the half. On the first 
play of the third period, Wilkinson 
rolled out, faked the pass, and just 
kept on rolling — 67 yards to .score. 
Ale.x Bell converted. After trading 
touchdowns, it looked lik? gravy for 
the Blues with only 3:55 to play. But 
frantic passing by the Tigers kept the 
outcome in doubt until the final gun. 

Stan Crisson, a Cherryville, N. C. senior, rewrote Duke pa 
looking on, Stan plucks another one from the air-lanes. 

ching records. With three Tigers 





1st downs 


16 rushing 



xcls. passing 






intercepted by 






fumbles lost 



yds. penalized 




It was a long afternoon in kuldirk Stadium ( oai h \liiii.n and Jav \Vilkinson, Duke's leading 
rusher, anxiously survey the action and map an offenbue counter-attack 

duke 7 

no, Carolina state 21 

RALEIGH, October 26. The Blue 
Devils' thirteen-game Atlantic Coast 
Conference winning streak was rudely 
halted in ancient Riddick Stadium 
by an emotionally charged, Liberty 
Bowl-bound North Carolina State 
Wolfpack. The State victory was the 
first 'Pack win over Duke since 1946. 

The Wolfpack forward wall, led by 
Don Montgomery and Bert Wilder, 
and the Duke defensive brigade, headed 
by Captain Chuck Walker and Mike 
Curtis, battled to a standstill during 
the first fifteen minutes. Neither team 
was able to move the ball efficiently or 

Early in the second quarter, the home 
forces reeled ofT a sustained drive of 
80 yards; Tony Koszarsky crashed 

o\er from 6 yards out for the score. 
A 55-\ard run Ijy Mike Clark sparked 
the dri\e. W ith only a minute left 
to pla\- in the half, Quarterback Jim 
Rossi galloped 55 yards and followed 
up his own effort by pitching 39 yards 
to Joe Scarpati in the endzone, stretch- 
ing the State lead to 14-0. 

In the second half, the Blue De\'ils 
picked up 8 first downs. But the name 
of the game is "Score," and the Dukes 
failed in this department until the 
final quarter, when the issue was 
fairly well decided. Scotty Glacken, 
rushed hard all afternoon, tossed 19 
yards to Stan Crisson, setting the stage 
for the lone Duke touchdown, a 37- 
yard pass to Jay Wilkinson. 

A desperate effort to overcome 

State's 7-point advantage went awry. 
The Devils continued to strike through 
the air, but the strategy backfired, as 
Montgomery picked off a stray aerial 
bomb and returned it 11 yards in to 
the endzone, clinching the State victory. 

N. C. 





1st downs 



yds. rushing 



yds. passing 






interc_-pted by 






fumbles lost 



yds. penalized 




ndance 21,500 




Hobbled by a knee injury through 
the season, Mike Curtis played well on offense 
and defense. Here, he brings down a State 
back with a bear-hug tackle. 


duke 6 

georgia tech 30 

ATLANTA, No\cml)er 2. Hampered 
by injuries, ijad lireaks, and spott>- 
pla\, the Blue Devils succumbed to 
a well-oiled machine, headed by Billy 
Lothridge and manned by a strong 
supporting cast. In the opening min- 
utes, it looked like an upset might be 
brewing; sharp on both offense and 
defense, the Blues had the Techmen 
\\ell in hand. Driving 64 yards in 10 
plays, the Dukes jumped to a 6-0 
lead. Halfback John Lucas rushed 
over from the 4; the PAT attempt 

OfT to a slow start, the Engineers 
finally began to move. They drove 70 
yards in 7 plays and went ahead 7-6, 
when Lothridge's PAT was on target. 
5:30 showed on the clock, when an 

attempted quarterback sneak on 4th 
and 23 at the Duke 40 failed, giving 
the ball to Tech on downs and allow- 
ing Lothridge to kick the first of three 
field-goals. Seconds later, Tech inter- 
cepted a pass, setting up a second 
successful field-goal on the Duke 28 
with one second left in the half. 

Billy Futrell flashes through a hole opened b\- 
Fred Cromartie. 


Down 1 3-6 at the start of the third 
quarter, the Devils moved the ball 
well, dri\ ing deep into Tech territory, 
only to stall on 4th down and inciies to 
<^o. Then the roof collapsed. Lothridge 
passed for two TD's, converted twice 
and added another field-goal to break 
the NCAA record for field-goals in a 

.An ol)\iously disappointed Bill Mur- 
ray said, after the defeat: "We came 
into this ball game feeling we had an 
excellent chance to win. . . . It's just 
a shame to have so much overall team 
cfTort spoiled by a few mistakes. . . . 
We went at them as well as we have 
anybody, but poor play at times 
killed our chances." Injuries to key 
personnel set back the Duke cause. 
Workhorse Mike Curtis was injured 
on the second play of the game; Billy 
Futrell went to the sidelines in the 
first quarter, and John Lucas and 
Bob Jamieson joined him in the second 






1st downs 



yds. rushing 



yds, passing 






intercepted by 





tumbles lost 


yds. penalized 







duke 34 

wake forest 7 

DURHAM, November 9. Six inter- 
ceptions and six Duke touchdowns 
more than compensated for the fact 
that Wake Forest nudged across its 
second touchdown of the season at the 
expense of the Blues, as the Devils 
demolished the Demon Deacons. 

The home forces gathered in an easy 
six points early in the "contest," when 
Rod Stewart blocked a punt, and an 
alert Stan Crisson pounced on the 
loose ball in the end zone. The Deacon 
quarterback, Karl Sweetan, then engi- 
neered a 59-yard scoring drive and 
kicked the PAT to catapult the visitors 

The Devils increased their 20-7 half- 
time lead in the third period, marching 
61 yards. Again it was Wilkinson, 
scoring at will, carrying for six points. 
Rich Kraft and Jim Luciano both 
scored in the final fifteen minutes, as 
Duke waltzed to a 27-point "victory." 

With Billy Futrell and Mike Curtis 
sidelined by injuries sustained in the 
Tech game. Biff Bracy, performing 
for the first time at full-strength, took 
up the slack and relieved the "pres- 
sure" on Wilkinson. While the Deacons 
keyed their defenses on Wilkinson, 
who, notwithstanding, had a field day, 
Bracy easily swept around the ends 
for 65 yards in 7 carries, setting up 
several scores. 


Led by Rod Stewart, Chuck Walker, and Bob Da\is, the Duke hne eliarges in to block a Wake 
Forest punt. After the game, one fan was heard to ask if the hapless Deacons were still in the ACIC 
The following week, the Deacs broke the victory fast with a 20-1 9 win over South Carolina. 

into a short-li\ed 7-6 lead. With 35 
seconds remaining in the first quarter. 
Jay Wilkinson returned a Wake punt 
72 yards for what proved to be the 
winning touchdown. In the second 
quarter, the Dukes negotiated 71 yards 
in 9 plays, as Glacken flipped a 9-yard 
touchdown pass to Wilkinson. 

The best pair of hands in the ACC, belong- 
ing to Stan Crisson, get set for another re- 


Duke Wake 

1st downs " 20 11 

yds. rushing 
yds. passing 

intercepted by 

fumbles lost 
yds. penalized 









Attendance 18,000 

Iback Rich Kraft picks up good 

it .V 


zone. With two seconds remaining on 
tlie clock, Jay Wilkinson scored from 
the one, closing the gap to 31-25 at the 

The next thirty minutes proved to 
be a stand-off. Both coaches adjusted 
their defenses, and neither team could 
mo\-e the ball with any great success. 
The Devils advanced across midfield 
on se\eral occasions, but failed to 
pick up key first downs. Sai rushed 
through the Duke line and raced 93 
yards for the touchdown to "ice" 
the proceedings for the Clotton-Bowl- 
boimd Midshipmen. 

duke 25 
navy 38 

DURHAM, November 16. Duke's 
determined effort to tip the Na\y 
\ictory canoe fell short, as Heisman 
Trophy winner Roger Staubach steered 
the nation's second-ranked team to a 
38-25 win. 

\\'ayne Hardin's forces wasted no 
time, marching 68 yards for a touch- 
down the first time they had possession. 
.Staubach cruised around end for the 
final 5 yards. The Blue Devils countered 
with a balanced running and passing 
attack in a 64-vard drive, as Halfback 

Biff Bracy rambled into paydirt. 
.Sparked by Staubach's 44-yard run. 
Navy scored again on a plunge by 
Johnny .Sai. Now it was the Devils' 
turn again, with Scotty Glacken di- 
recting his team downfield and scoring 
himself from 5 yards out. Na\-y added 
a field-goal, but Glacken threw to 
Stan Crisson for 1 1 yards and 6 points. 
With five minutes to go in the first 
half, Duke held a 19-17 lead. Then the 
blistering Navy attack shifted into high 
gear; the Middies drove 68 yards in 5 
plays for the go-ahead touchdown. The 
Duke aerial attack backfired, when 
Glacken's screen pass was picked off 
and returned 36 vards into the end 

Directing tfie Devil attack, Quarterback Scott\ Glacken makes like Staubach scampenn? aic 
in the backfield before being brought doun 

'Wm. :^. 


John Gutekunst brings down a Middle back. 






■<t downs 



.Is. rushing 



lis. passing 



iitercepted by 






ds. penalized 






AU-Ameiican in action: after taking a screen 
pass, Wiltcinson roclsets downfield, while thi 
Tarlieels look on in admiration. 

duke 14 

north Carolina 16 

DURHAM, November 28. For the 
tliird straight year, a field-goal made 
the difference in the Duke-Carolina 
CUasslc. This year, as fate would have 
it, the field-goal, the game, the ACC 
title, and a Gater Bowl invitation be- 
longed to the 'Heels. 

Neither team could manage a sus- 
tained drive in the first quarter. On 

the strength of Willard's legs. Edge's 
underrated arm, and Lacey's over- 
rated hands, the Tarheels scored in the 
.second period and held a 7-0 ad\'antage 
at the half. Midway in the third 
quarter, their pro-set, control offense 
enabled the visitors to gain a 14-0 
lead. Then, to the delight of the faith- 
ful, sensational Scotty Glacken found 
a hole in the vaunted Carolina pass 
defense and flipped to Billy Futrell, 
who streaked 70 yards for the TD. 
All-American Jay Wilkinson sparked 


cted bv Davis, Cromartie, and Bell, Duke's potent o 


unleash a 

Dr. Futrell cuts through a gaping incision in the Clarolina line. 

the next drive, zigging and zagging 42 
yards with a screen and then dart- 
ing up the middle 24 yards for the 
score. With time running out, Caro- 
lina moved upheld. The Duke de- 
fense dug in and then Max Chapman 
(who.^) kicked a 41 -yard field-goal. 





1st downs 



yds. rushing 



yds. passing 






intercepted by 






fumbles lost 



yds. penalized 



Attendance 47,500 

freshman football 

V, left III, mht: Ken Chatham, Bob Matheson, John Coleman, Jim Coil, Fred Zubei, Mike Murphy, Roger Hayes. Johnny Bumgarner. Second 
row: Ass't. Coach Mike McGee, Bruce Wiesley, Rodger Parker, Dave Cooper, Wayne (Juckenbeigei, Ross Arnold, Dave Rutenberg, Joe VVeller, Tom 
Haas Thud row: 'Bucky Fondren, 'Richard Reamer, Jim Barrett, Mike Shasby, Todd Oisald, Art Vann, Bill Serravezza, Jerry Barringer. Fourth 
row. David Butler, John Johnson, Jay Calabrese, Robin Hayes, Dave Dunaway, Richard Auman, Pete Brockett, Head Coach Bob Cox. Fifth row: 
Page Wilson Tom Shuford, Ron Westfort, Joe Kinnan, Rick Reider, Kit James, Mike Rcnneker, Assistant Coach F.loyd GriHith. 





21 CLEMSON 14 

MARYLAND Cancelled 




The Duke soccer team, 1963 edi- 
tion, finished with a frustrating rec- 
ord of 3 wins, 6 losses, and 1 tie. 
A single goal spelled defeat no less 
than three times. Co-Captains Davey 
Jones and Alex Epanchin led the team 
on the field and in the post-season 
honors derby. Halfback Jones was voted 
"most valuable player" by his teain- 
mates, while Forward Epanchin was 
named to the 4th Team All America. 

The Devils opened the campaign 
at home against an overrated Wash- 
ington Uni\ersity squad and out- 
kicked the visitors, 5-3. The following 
three games were also against non- 
league competition, but the Blymen 
ran into some hard-nosed opposition. 
Davidson managed a tense 3-2 win, 
and then Trenton State Teachers 
College and West Chester both de- 
feated the touring Duke team, 3-2 
and 2-0. 

North Clarolina State was the op- 
ponent in the league opener; the Wolf- 
pack fell to the hungry Dukes, 3-0. 
A 2-1 victory over Roanoke preceded a 

Taking a pass from Captain Boericke, Davey Jones sends the ball 

Kneeling, lejl to right: Larry Siegel. Alex Epanchin, Steve Power, Colt Hough, Pat Coiighlin, Mike Erisman, Do 
Bill Conkey. Standing: Asst. Coach Roy Skinner, Bill Roth, Steve Selden, Bo Hitchcock, Hank Hartman, ^ 
Bob Burgstahler, John Morton, Dave Jones. Dan Stattenfield, Bill Young. Coach Jim BIv. 

Hinds, Dick Helstein. Barry Stevens, 
11 Boericke, Bob Holt, Doug HoUma, 

tough 3-2 setback in the mud, at the 
feet of Virginia. Powerful Maryland, 
never defeated by an ACC opponent, 
handiK- disposed of the Devils, 4-0. 
Following a 4-1 loss to Lynchburg, 
Duke went to C hapel Hill for the game 
with UNC. The fired-up Blues scored 
first and played well, but Carolina 
forced the Devils to settle for a 1-1 tie. 
Other fine performers were Full- 
liack Larry Siegel and Goalie Mike 
Erisman, anchoring a defense that was 
much tougher than the balance-sheet 
might indicate. Halfback John Mor- 
ton, Captain-elect, played a hard, 
hustling game all year long. C'olt 
Hough and Jim Boericke provided 
additional scoring punch as memi:)<Ts 
of the front line. 












Wash. U.ofSt. Louis 




Trenton State 


West Chester State 


Roanoke College 


N. C. State 





Lynchburg College 


North Carolina 


Coach Ji: 

Bly directs the 

from the Goalie Mike Erisman halts a Maryland 

penetration. The Terps, however, won this 
one, 4-0. 

Alex Epanchin and 

near midfield. 


DUKE 28 

N. C. State 


DUKE 27 

Wake Forest 


DUKE 25 



DUKE 27 



DUKE 38 



State Meet 



ACC Meet 



John \V( 

the speed. 

Kneeling, left to righl: Randy Repass, George Flowers, John Wcisigcr, Bob VVaite. Standing: Nick Gray, Art Jacobson, Bob Wiggins, Coach Al Buchli 
Jim Robinson, Steve Iceland. 




It 'cf^'' ' 



mM tSMi 



The harriers finislicd the season a 
close second to North CaroHna in the 
ACC Meet. After suffering only one 
defeat in regular dual-meet competi- 
tion (also to North Carolina), the 
Iron Dukes saw their hopes for the 
Conference championship go up in 
smoke for the fourth straight year. 

The season opened with a triangular 
meet, as the Devils beat N. C. State 
and lost, by the slimmest of margins, 
to Wake Forest, 27-28. Bob VVaite 
finished first,- turning in a 22:23 per- 
formance. Sophomore Randy Repass 
placed 4th, and George Flowers and 
Nick Gray took 8th and 9th respec- 
tively. After a triangular meet with 
South Carolina and Virginia was can- 

celled, the Dukes moved on to con- 
quer Maryland for the second straight 
>ear by the same score — 25-30. The 
Terps' Kreuger took first, but John 
VVeisiger ran 2nd, Repass 3rd, Flowers 
5th, and Waite 6th. The Dukes then 
eked past Clemson, 27-28. George 
Flowers romped home first, with Wei- 
siger following in 3rd, Repass in 6th, 
and Waite in 7th place. In the final 
dual meet of the season, the Ironmen 
lost to Carolina. Two Tarheel thin- 
clads tied for first, with Bob Waite and 
John Weisiger right behind in 2nd 
and 3rd places. George Flowers, a 
strong contender, was forced to drop 
out of the race after 300 yards owing 
to sudden illness. Repass placed 7th, 
Gray 8th, and Dave Johnson finished 
13th. Four days later, after having 
lost 21-36, Duke placed a distant 

second to the 'Heels, 33-65, in the 
State Meet. Weisiger placed 6th, Re- 
pass 10th, Gray 11th, Johnson 15th, 
and Flowers 23rd. 

It was a stolid, determined Duke 
team, bent upon an upset, that en- 
tered the ACC Meet. Before the race. 
Coach Al Buehler remarked: "The 
story of our team this year is that we 
have never had five men doing what 
they are capable of doing, and I don't 
mean superhuman effort." Super- 
human effort was what was needed. 
The outcome was in doubt until the 
final half-mile. Fighting for the lead, 
Weisiger injured his leg at this point, 
leaving UNC's Maillet unchallenged 
for top honors. The Dukes still ran 
well, though, with Bob Waite in the 
8th spot. Flowers 12th, Nick Gray 
14th, Repass 16th, and Johnson 18th. 
Carolina won, 52-68. Coach Buehler 
has commended Billy Rose and Bill 
Weldon, who placed 1-2 in the race 
against the Clemson freshmen. Beuh- 
ler added: "They will be a great asset 
to the varsity ne.xt year." 

Freshman Cross-Couniry: Bruce Rose, Billy Weldon, Don Couiscn, John Hoy, Harry Bpyte, Dick 
Burts, Greg Springer, Buck Raper. 


winter sports 


With no intention of downgrading 
swimming, wrestling, and fencing, the 
term "winter sport" has, of late, come 
to mean "basketball." Nothing, it is 
said, succeeds like success. It might be 
added that nothing is more difficult 
than to be successful — consistently. 
And yet, in the past two years. Duke's 
basketball team has finished third, 
and now second in the nation. The 
obvious question is "Why?" To find 
the answer, you need only consider 
one man, we should say gentleman, 
and his name is Victor Albert Bubas. 
More about his feats later. Now to 
the story of the team that came within 
twenty minutes or so of being the 
NCAA Champion. 

Back before the season began, the 
usual predictions and forecasts were 
made. In November, as is his way, 
Coach Bubas laid it on the line. He 
called December and its near-impos- 
sible schedule "the most challenging 
month" in Duke basketball history, 
not without some basis. There was the 
problem of replacing Art Heyman, 
1963 Player of the Year and AU- 
Everything. Actually, there wasn't any 
problem here at all. You just don't re- 
place Heyman. You do try to get 
along without him. Your job is made 
easier, howcx'er, with the likes of Jeff 
MuUins, Jay Buckley, Buzzy Harrison, 
and a host of others. Pressed for honest 
self-appraisal. Coach Bubas gave out 

"We'll have a good club. We'll 
have good speed and good depth. 


ih^ iff" jH^^^ 

Coach Vic Bubas, the man largely responsi- 
ble for Duke's phenomenal success on the 
hardwood, calls a time-out to de\ise strategy. 

THE GAME: Victory, for which there is no substitut 
hands. Jeff MuUins was every inch an All-.\merican : 

,as so close you could , 
losing effort. 

but the NCA,\ Championship slipped through 

Kneeling, left to right: Ray Cox. Denny Ferguson, Coach Vic Bubas, Captain Jeff Mullins. Asst. Coach Bucky Waters, Ron Herbster, Steve Vacendak. 
Standing: Manager Dave Long, Buzzy Harrison, Terry Murray, Brent Kitching, Hack Tison, Jay Buckley, Jack Marin, Ted Mann, Jr., Phil Allen, 
Frank Harscher. 

1963-1964 RESULTS 



Penn State 

62 (Mullins 25) 



82 Davidson 

75 (Mullins 29) 




*Ohio State 

75 (Mullins 32) 



71 Wake Forest 

72 (Buckley 26) 




*V\'est X'irginia 

81 (Mullins 28) 



84 Maryland 

63 (Mulhns 27) 




Vanderbilt (OT) 97 (Buckley 23) 



98 Wake Forest 

83 (Mullins 26) 





52 (Buckley 21) 



104 North Carolina 

69 (Harrison 28) 




South Carolina 

70 (Mullins 26) 



75 tN. C. State 

44 (Buckley 21) 





73 (Mullins 30) 



65 {North Carolina 

49 (Buckley 20) 





83 (Mullins 22) 



80 iwake Forest 

59 (Mullins 24) 



84 fAuburn 

67 (Mullins 23) 




73 (Mullins 43) 





81 (Tison 27) 



101 ^Connecticut 

54 (Mullins 30) 




N. C. State 

70 (Mullins 23) 



91 §Michigan 

80 (Buckley 25) 





75 (Tison 23) 



83 §UC.LA 

98 (Mullins 22) 




North Carolina 

64 (Mullins 25) 




Tennessee (2 OT)65 (Mullins 33) 




South Carolina 

67 (Mullins 25) 


*VVest Virginia Centennial Champs 




63 (Mullins 25) 


fSugar Bowl Tournament B 




N. C. State 

48 (Tison 19) 


{ACC Tournament Champ 




72 (Mullins 25) 


'[NCAA Eastern Regionals Champs 




59 (Mullins 25) 


§NCAA Championships Second Place 


"At the forwards . . . i 
tucky . . . Number 44 . 
lins. ..." 

ngton, Ken- 
Captain Jefi' Mul- 

Our scoring will be better balanced. 
We may not be as explosive as last 
year and perhaps not as productive — 
but we should do all right." (Under- 
statement of the year — ed.) "Our No. 1 
objective, of course, will be to win 
the ACC Championship. Our style 
will be the same as last season. We'll 
run when we can — and we are ex- 
perimenting with a few new things 
to see how they work out. We'll prob- 
ably use the man-to-man defense more 
this year, although we still believe in 
the multiple offense and defense. In 
this connection, our defense could 
be stronger than any year I've been 
at Duke." The team was, then, called 
upon to find itself, while taking on 
some rough customers, and to make 
as few mistakes as possible in the pro- 
cess, which is asking for a lot. But this, 
as many were to learn, was no ordi- 
nary team. 

When the wraps were finally taken 
off and the latest model of the Duke 
basketball machine put on display 
for the first time, the results were 
generally promising. Here was Penn 
State, a team picked to make some 
noise in Eastern basketball circles. 

Here was Jeff MuUins — if he has a 
weakness, Villanova's Jack Kraft would 
appreciate hearing about it. And here, 
finally, was the end of the ball game, 
with Penn State on the short end of 
the stick, 92-62. MuUins canned 25 
— not bad for a start. 

Although it was only the second 
game of the season, you would have 
thought, by the rousing send-off, that 
the NCAA Championship was at stake 
right then and there. The Devils were 
on the road for the first time, on a 
junket to Morgantown, West Virginia, 
to meet perennial basketball powers 
West Virginia and Ohio State. The 
team came away with top honors in 
the West Virginia Centennial Tourna- 
ment, beating Ohio State by 1 and 
West Virginia by 5. MuUins' two-game 
point-total was 60, which is okay in 
anybody's book. The point was made 
in Morgantown that you must have 
rebounding strength, especially against 
fellows like Gary Bradds, Tom Lowry, 
et. al. Still on the road, the Devils 
tasted defeat for the first time. A little 
Vanderbilt guard, name of John Ed 
Miller looked ten feet high, as he 
pumped in 30 points from all over the 

Record: 26-5 (ACC: 16-1) 


MuUins, Jeff, f 












Buckley, Jay, c 












Tison, Hack, f 












Harrison, Buzzy, g 












Marin, Jack, f 












Vacendak, Steve, g 












Ferguson, Denny, g 












Kitching, Brent, f 












Herbster, Ron, g 












Harscher, Frank, g 












Mann, Ted, f 












Cox, Ray, g 




50 . 








Allen, Phil, f 






II. . 





Murray, Terry, f 


1. . 

0, . 





Team Rebounds 



DUKE Totals 












OPP. Totals 












Big man under the basket — Hack Tis 
scores from close in. 

court. The Dukes were embarrassed, in 
ox'ertime, 97-92. Jay Buckley was high 
scorer for our side with 23. 

Opening the defense of their ACC 
title, the Devils methodically disposed 
of Clemson, 75-52. Jay Buckley again 
took scoring honors for Duke, flipping 
in 21. It was a little different in Colum- 
bia, South Carolina; the Gamecocks 
decided that weren't up for rolling 
over and playing dead, even if you 
did have DUKE written across the 
front of your uniform. The Collins 
boys made it close, too close, at times, 
but Duke prevailed, 77-70. MuUins 
was back on the beam, this time with 
26 points. A third Conference foe, 
Virginia, found little truth in the 
famous line "Yes, Virginia, there is 
a Santa Claus." Saint Nick missed 
C:harlottesville this year, and it was a 
long night for the Cavaliers, as the 
iiome-standing Dukes pinned them 
with an 84-73 loss. 

It is quite one thing to talk like a 
world-beater, quite another to act 
like one. Michigan's Cazzie Russell 

and Fill Runtin made believers of the 
Duke raithful. The Wolverines played 
as if the\- invented rebounding, killing 
the Devils off' the boards, and, face it, 
it just wasn't our night. You can't 
keep a good team down, though, as 
Messrs. Russell and Buntin were to 
find out in Kansas City. 

From Ann Arbor to New Orleans 
and the Sugar Bowl Tournament. The 
first night was easy, as Auburn out- 
shuffled itself, 84-67. Jeff" MuUins 
followed up his 22 points against Michi- 
gan with 23 against the Plainsmen. If 
you look at anything but the score, the 
next night in Mardigrasville was easy 
too. The Devils outshot, outrebounded, 
and outhustled the Wildcats from 
Kentucky, then the top-ranked team 
in the nation. But somehow, and we 
are still trying to figure this one out, 
Duke lost, 81-79. Hack Tison, who 
had missed the Michigan debacle be- 
cause of illness, was very much in the 
lineup against Baron Rupp's boys. 
Coming into his own. Hack tossed 
in 27. 

Before the mid-season break for 
exams, the Dukes fattened up their 
record at the expense of Conference 
opposition, such as it was. Ailing Ever- 
ett Case, the man responsible for big- 
time basketball in Tarheelia, brought 
his deceptively sick-looking Wolfpack 
to Duke. Of late, State has not had 
anything to compare with its famous 
teams of the mid-fifties, but never, 
on any account, is the "Grey Fox" to 
be taken lightly, especially when he 
meets his former pupil, \'ic Bubas. 
Things were a little tense in the first 
half. State played its game — slow- 
down, wait-for-the-good-shot. It al- 
most worked, as the ball was worked 
in to Larry Lakins for easy lay-ups. 
But in the second half, class began to 
tell; with Mullins pacing the attack, 
Duke exploded and blew the Wolf- 
pack right off the court. Then there 
was a dangerous excursion to "Death 
Valley," South Carolina. It was close, 
but Duke was not inclined to be upset. 
In another top performance. Hack 
Tison hit for 23. And that was all she 
wrote, 81-75. Then it was Carolina's 
turn. Carolina pundits had been boom- 
ing the Billy Cunningham bandwagon. 
They pulled out all the stops — "Kanga- 

burns his man for 

roo Kid," "best ever at UNC," "All- 
America," etc. Coach Dean Smith 
pulled Cunningham into the back- 
court to control the ball, set up a pat- 
terned offense, and draw Buckley and 
Tison out from under the basket. Well, 
sir, Tison came out and covered 
Cunningham like a blanket. Billy 
got only 14 points and looked like he 
forgot how to jump. Tison got 23, 
Jeff was there with 25, and Carolina 
went down, 84-64. 

Duke fans were remembering what 
happened to West Virginia (annihila- 
tion), when Duke met the Mountain- 
eers after a two-week break for exams 
in 1963. In 1964, the Devils met Ten- 
nessee and barely escaped with their 
lives. Scouting reports indicated that 
we would be happy to win. Happy 
and lucky. On a neutral court in 
Greensboro, the Volunteers were plenty 
tough. They grabbed the lead late in 
the second half, on the strength of 
some fantastic shooting by Danny 
Schultz. With about a minute to go 
and a 5-point deficit, it looked like 
curtains. But with the aid of a succes- 
sion of minor miracles, Duke tied it 
and won in double overtime. The key 
play came with seconds left, when 
Denny Ferguson dove for the ball; in 
one motion, he took it away from 
Schultz and flipped it to Buzzy Har- 


rison, who layed it in. That seemed to 
talic some of the starch out of the Vols. 

Dul<.e really began to roll. Sout 
Carolina paid a visit to Durham and 
was manhandled. 80-67. Navy came to 
town and was slaughtered. It may 
have had something to do with a 1 
in football. It was shameful, nonethe- 
less, with a new school scoring record 
to boot— 121-63. Shell-shocked, the 
Middies departed. Over in Raleigh, 
it was, as always, touch-and-go with 
State. But Tison contributed 19 to 
spell defeat for the 'Pack. Against 
Maryland, it was strictly no contest, 
104-72. With 25 against the Terps, 
MuUins added another 25 at the ex- 
pense of Virginia in Charlottesville, 
Duke 80, Virginia 59. 

Interest and speculation were at a 
peak, and emotions a little raw, when 
"the game" finally arrived. It was 
billed as a David and Goliath affair, 
little Davidson against mighty Duke. 
Which is so much nonsense, since it 
only takes five men to play the game. 

Hack Tison (in ttie foreground) loolcs on as Jay Buckley lofts a sweeping hook. 

MuUins, with 29 points, prevailed 
over Fred Hetzel in the duel of All- 
America nominees. But it takes more 
than one man, and Duke proved it 
had the horses. Davidson didn't and 
lost, 82-75. It was here that Jay Buck- 
ley, fired up over being called a "weak 
link" in the lineup, proved that he 
was anything but. The Bird was un- 
stoppable the rest of the way, averaging 
20 points per game and almost an 
equal number of rebounds. What 
happened after the game is best for- 

gotten. Steamed up over the loss, 
Lefty Driesell (a Duke alumnus, no 
less) said his conquerors were "yellow" 
if they did not play Davidson at home 
ne-xt year. Gentleman that he is. 
Coach Driesell publicly apologized for 
his loose words. The Davidson game 
must hax-e taken some of the sharp 
edge oil the tram. Against Wake at 
Winstoii-S.ilini. they managed to beat 
themsehcs, 72-~l. 

Now it was the home stretch. First 
it was Maryland's turn to be demol- 


ished, S4-6.1, and then Wake was 
con\incin,e;ly l)eatcn, 08-83. Mullins 
collected 53 points in the two games. 
Luckily, Euzzy Harrison does not suf- 
fer from claustrophobia. In the close 
confines of Woollen Gym, he dis- 
played a beautiful shooting eye and 
touch. When the Tarheels jammed 
the middle, Buzzy blazed away from 
the outside. He continued to blaze 
and wound up with 28 points. At the 
end, it was 104-(.'), the highest score 
ever run up against L'NC at home. 

For all their finesse and polisii, 
these would not amount to a hill of 
beans, if the Devils lost during the 
ACC Tournament. State made it 
close, but succumbed 75-44, in the 
first round. Carolina was even at the 

The littlt 

outside shot, Dennv 


l)orn: coming into his own as a ballplaye 
Billy Cunningham to 14 points, while la 
tap against Carolina's "Kangaroo." 

half, 20-20, but finally gave in, 65-49. 
.\s for Wake, Ol' Bones just doesn't 
know when he's licked. The Deacons 
ran with us; they are still running. 
Duke won, 80-59, repeating as AC;C: 
Champions and claiming the right to 
enter NCAA competition. 

In the Eastern Regionals, held in 
Raleigh, it was generally conceded 
that the winner of the first game (Duke- 
\illanova) would be favored over the 
winner of the nightcap (Connecticut- 
Princeton). The problem, then, was 
beating the 7th-ranked Wildcats. Wally 
Jones, Jim Washington, and Coach 
Jack Kraft had their doubts. Until 
they met the man from Le.xington. 
Duke followers say it was the greatest 
exhibition since Dick Groat set the 
varsity scoring record of 48 points; 
some even say it was the greatest one- 
man performance ever by a player wear- 
ing the Blue and White. You had 
to see it to believe it. Mullins dropped 
in 28 in the first half, 43 for the night. 

Buzzy Harrison pumps from the circle. 


Slick Buzzy 11, 
in Kansas City 

Try as he might, he simply could not 
miss. As the first-half buzzer sounded, 
JefT let one fly from the backcourt. 
Swish. It was just one of those nights, 
87-73, favor of Duke. The Huskies 
from Connecticut surprised Princeton 
and then were surprised themselves. 
Coach Fred Shabel, who made a lot 
of friends in this area, built a winner 
at Storrs in one year's time. But as 
he himself admitted, there are different 
brands of basketball; and you don't 
challenge the Duke brand. It was 
sometliing ridiculous at the end, like 
101-34, if you can count that high. The 
hit tune in the Duke dressing room was 
"CJoin' to Kansas Cit\'." 

We went. Along with past nemesis 
Michigan, UCLA, and Kansas State. 
The coaches and scribes were divided 
over a favorite, although a majority 
appeared to favor the Devils. Friday 
night you could see why. Buckley was 
great. Not good, great. As the game 
jjrogresseci, Buckley invented shots — 

Coming through in the clutch: as the pressure 
mounted, Buckley seemed to get better and 
better. Here, Bird arches his famous hook 
over Michigan's brawny Bill Buntin. 

and made them. He hooked left, hooked 
right, faked this way and that, showed 
moves no one knew he had or even 
existed. The Dukes were "up" — no 
mistake. Bird's 25 points put us in the 
finals against UCLA, an unknown 

There can be no mistake that LICLA 
won — or deser\ed to win. It's all 
down in black and white, in the game 
statistics, and in the memory of those 
who watched. But \ou can't hel|) 
thinking that on another night, it 
might have been different. The Bruins 
pressed, and that upset our poise, as 
no one expected it would. They shot 
well, but you might concede that. But 
— they outrebounded the taller Devils, 
and outhustled them, and that is our 
game. Through most of the first half, 
the issue was in doubt, With Duke 
up by 3, UCLA was overwhelming in 
a two-minute point-burst. The hand- 
writing was on the wall. Final score 


freshman basketball 









East Carolina 




N. C. State 










North Clarolina 







Charlotte Coll. 










Wake Forest 




Wake Forest 







N. C. State 
North Carolina 





Edwards Mlty. 
Wake Forest 







N. C. State 
Virginia Tech 




North Carolina 


A scene from the 
Una's Bob Lewis 
in which the Ta 

■ 1 



heralded duel between Caro- 
and Duke's own Bob Verga, 
rbabies barely edged by the 

Front row, left to right: Manager Bill Heritage, Student Assistant Bill Ulrich. Second row: Hyman Rubin, Dick Alvarez, Dan Moore. Third row: ]ay 
Lord, Bill Stewart, Stuart McKaig, Bob Verga, Doug McCollum. Fourth row: Coach Chuck Daly, John Schlogl, Kim Bitterman, Tom Allen, Bob 
Riedy, Tom Coleman, Jerry Wilkinson, Jim Conace, Roy Jones, Student .Assistant Scott Williamson. 


The swimmers finished the season 
with a creditable 5-4 record. Led by 
Captain Dave Goodner, juniors Jim 
Caraway and Cal King, and sopho- 
more Beau Hitchcock, the De\ ils 
placed fourth in the Atlantic Coast 

Conference Meet at Chapel Hill, 
behind North Carolina, Maryland, 
and North Carolina State. 

Defeats during the regular season 
were at the hands of powerful Navy, 
North C^arolina, Maryland, and State 

?, lejl to right: R. Houyou.x, R. Moore, Y. Hanja, D. Goodner, J. Caraway, C. King, S. Porter. Row 2: G. Siebold, D. Randall, .\. Imenslu-in, 
W. Zipse, J. Steubner, R. Osmun, P. Halford.J. Dunn, W. McKee, B. Hitchcock, J. Keller. Row 3: R. McDuff, S. Castles, J. Burwell, R. Seamans, 
E. Duffy, J. Younger, K. Wilkes, R. Whitley, Coach Persons, E. Gustafson. 


clubs. Victories were recorded over 
Davidson, Wake Forest, Clemson, 
Georgia Tech, and Virginia. 

Caraway and Hitchcock turned in 
consistently outstanding performances 

in the individual events. Both were 
strong entrants in the freestyle sprints, 
and Caraway also did well as a back- 
stroker. Captain Goodner's versatility 
was an added asset. 

The di\ing board . . . 

. . . where competition is keen and form counts 
for eveiything; 


Although the grapplers carded 
another losing season, they showed 
marked improvement over last year, 
and look forward to next winter with 
justifiable optimism. The entire squad 
will return, and this year's undefeated 
freshman team should provide addi- 
tional support. Duke finished the sea- 
son 2-7, with wins over North Carolina 
State and Davidson. Standout per- 

formers were: Captain Dick Lam, 
John Holder, and Luke Sharpe, who 
suffered only one loss and then re- 
bounded to win the ACC heavyweight 
title. Jon Clarke, Sam Walker, and 
Bill Hough also turned in notable 
performances. The Devils compiled 28 
points in the Conference tournament, 
the greatest point-total in recent years. 

Dick Lam uses his 177 lbs. to good advantage in downing liis opponent. 


Get yourself out of this one ! 


In its thii'cl season, the fcncint; 
team eoni|)ilecl a 5-2 record. As yet. 
the team does not have varsity status; 
the majority of fencers are freshmen, 
and the coaches are unsalaried, al- 
though the Duke University Athletic 
Association docs finance the equip- 
ment. Some of the fencers also double 
as coaches. In winning the last match- 
against North Carolina — the team 
ti.eldcd thirteen men, all but two oi' 
whom will be back next year. 

.-1 gK.wing sport 
\()lunlcer Head Coach Da\id Eva is 
is assisted by Dr. \\'alker of the French 
Department, who acts as freshman 
coach and epee coach, and by Steed 
Rollins, who serves as foil coacli. 
Fencing was offered by the Physical 
Education Department for the first 
time this year. C:oach E\ans looks to 
the future, when there will be a full- 
fledged varsity, along with an intra- 
mural program. This will include be- 
ginners' classes and a club for those 
interested in fencing. 

Thrust and pa: 

Row 7, Irft m right: ]. Hannon, M. Elzay, R. Blanqir 
Coach Evans, Coach Walker, M. McMillen, E. Bri 

,J. Green. 
OT.J. Fow 

Roii<2: S. Tuan, R. Doty, D. Houghton, G. Perett.J. Miller, D. .Simmons 
r, B. Kauffman, R. Dvbdahl, Coach Rollins, Coach Faraone. 



■ miRv^ ^ • ^ ^ ^^ ? 1 


1 f^r^ r*o^ wr.^ %1 







spring sports 



varsity baseball ^ '""''"'" ^^""-"'"S-- Merrm Ambler, 

•^ ,]■ D- Browne, Stan Crisson, Ken 

Stallings, Gary Stephens, Dave West, 

Charley Young, Dave Uible, Bucky 

Fader, Tommy Taylor, Steve Hollo- 
\va\. Biff Bracy, Roy Marley, Sonny 




-Lost 10 



Nicholls State 
















North Clarulina 



Nicholls State 


Florida State 





South Carolina 












Wake Forest 









North C:arolina 



South C'arolina 



Wake Forest 



N. C. State 



N. C. State 






Notre Dame 







Notre Dame 

freshman baseball 


Won 3-- Lost 9 



North Carolina 




Wake Forest 




N. C. State 




Wake Forest 




North Carolina 




N. C;. State 




North Clarolina 




North Carolina 




N. C. State 












N. C. State 


Ooach Art- Paj 

The Devils met the third-ranked Demon Deacons of Wake Forest. 





rr— :f— -=^ 

Won 6— Lost 2 

Z- s 




South Carolina 




The Citadel 















Wake Forest 





N. C. State 



721 2 

North Caroline 



ACC— Second, 46. 

Lettermen i 


Steve Barnes, Mike Curtis, 

George Flowers, R, 

sen, Jim J 

ones, Ted Mann, Bob O'Kennon, Jack 


addell. Bob W , 

Sprinter Boh (VKcnnon, team capta 

Mike Furlong, Nick Gray, Rich Harris, Robert Hubbard, Art Jacob- 


1963 RESULTS: 
Won 1 — Lost 6 

Brown 7 

Amherst 12 

New Hampshire 6 

Maryland 18 

Washington & Lee 9 

\'irginia 14 

Great Grads 3 

Leitermen reluming: Larry Banks, Neal Boswell, John OoII, Pete Coughlan, James Covington, Bill Henderson, Trudge Herbert, Dave Kerman, Frank 
Lowe, Charles McCausland, George Moore, John Morton, Dave Peterson, John Roediger, Dave Valle, Dick Webb. 

^ ---^> -O-" 





llilSHMW TE\MS Roa J li/lloni;/ M 
uirk Butlei Bob Holhnijshead NoimPidiu, l)i-^ 
Ron E\ans, BUI Rose, Tom Coleman, Le\ Vaiela. 

tuacli Bunk /u- 


Won 9— Lost 7 



















JacksonN-ille Navy 












South Carolina 










North C;arolina 




Wake Forest 







N. C. State 









: 3rd, 10 

Hi; Km \1, ( nllnu.'l, ( ,. n \ Mattson, Jmi C'hi t k Nat Bioher. 



Won 5— Lost 6— Tied 2 



Ohio University 






Wake Forest 






Wake Forest 




" 1 



South C^arolina 




Wake Forest 










Wake Forest 



















Georgia State 








Georgia Tech 


DUKE l()i2 


101 2 







N. C. State 


ACC— Third, 610. 


1 Buzz Lewis 

practices putting, the 

key to 

winning golf. 

Lettermen returning: Tom Closgrosc, Buzz Lewis, John M 


I J pep board 

The main concern of i 
is maintaining scliool spi 
tlie year. Activitie 
executive council, ; 

p Board 


planned by an 

carried out by 

Sealed, left lo nglil: Adelaide Austell, Love Meeker. Roxie Kershaw. Charlie Jackson. Ro, 
Caine. Sam Walker. Charlton Armstrong, Fred Allen. George CrowcU. 

the staff and by representatives from 
each dorm on East and West. The 
Board also supervises the annual elec- 
tion of cheerleaders and selects the 
Blue Dc\il mascot each year. 
I'ear-round spirit 
Noise from rallies preceding home 
football games echoes through the 
main quad during the fall. Telegrams 
oi encouragement, signed by the stu- 
dent body, are sent to the team on the 
load. With the arrival of winter and 
basketball, additional rallies are sched- 
uled in support of the "fabulous five." 
Board members paint the trestle be- 
tween campuses, sell lapel badges and 
ribbons, and make decorative banners 
and posters, urging athletes to "Wreck 
Tech" or "Demolish Davidson." 

Pep Board Chain 
Charlie Jackson 
Adelaide Austell 




A cheerleader was heard to remark 
during the year: "It's hard to make 
an audience yell when it doesn't want 
to, but I'm often amazed at the support 
we do get, in spite of the celebrated 
Duke Apathy." Representing the four 
undergraduate schools and colleges, 
the yell squad is devoted to creating 
and leading student body support of 
athletics. Cheering at football and 
basketball games, pep rallies, and send- 
ofTs, are a few occasions on which 
school "spirit" may be demonstrated. 
This was the year, too, of the Dancing 
Cheerleaders, decked out in pert new 
uniforms, performing ten colorful rou- 
tines, and backed by the Pep Band 
in straw hats and blazers. 

PW, Wl 


Practicine: foi handball competition. 

men s 

The late Kenneth C. (Gerry) Ger- 
ard said: "Intramural Athletics not 
only de\elop the individual phys- 
ically, but they train his mental, 
moral, and social nature as well. 
Through this form of activity he 
learns the meaning of sportsman- 
sliip, fair play, and sacrifice of self for 
the best interest of the group. The 
returns which come from exercise can- 
not help contributing to a more com- 
plete living. .\s a cardinal principle, 
we have established the fact that fa- 
cilities of the Intramural Department 
be always open to the use of the stu- 
dents." Directed by Senior Manager 
Bob \erhey, the IM program spon- 
sored leagues in basketball, football, 
volleyball, and softball. There were 
also tournaments in horseshoes, bad- 
minton, tennis, handball, and golf. 

Jumper from the top of ihi k' 

:'s ious:h under the boar 

%u Li 

women s 

The Woman's Recreation Associa- 
ation sponsored dormitory and sorority 
competition in a well-rounded ath- 
letic program. Tliere were tournaments 
in tennis, badminton, table tennis, 
archery, basketball, softball, volleyball, 
bowling, and two swimming meets. A 
publicized record of the results and 
standings helped stimulate interest in 
the program. 

It looks like she'll 

herself a possible 

How do you defense against a spike? 
The East versions of Buckley and Tison jump center. 


In a Phi Beta Kappa address 
at Harvard, Woodrow Wilson 
spoke of the community of 
scholars and pupils as being, 
more properly, a "mode of as- 
sociation." So too, the relation- 
ship of the individual to the 
University, outside of the class- 
i-oom, is a mode of association. 
With a wealth of activities before 
him, there is a tendency for 
these to be blurred in memory, 
piled one on the other: colorful 
combos, "the game," formal 
dances, parties, the coming and 
going of vacations, open houses, 
intramurals, concerts both for- 
mal and informal, dates, sun- 
bathing, coats and ties on 
Sundays, chariot races, coffee 
breaks, quad ball in its several 
variations, penny pitching, 
ducats, bridge, big weekends, 
sings and serenades, the late 
show, and so on and so on. 
These myriad associations may 
make an important contribution 
to "the college experience." 



The Duke I'anhellenic Council works 
to promote better relations among 
the sororities and between Duke and 
the Durham community. Two rep- 
resentatives from each of the twelve 
national sororities on campus and the 
sorority presidents meet weekly to co- 
ordinate Pan-hel activities. A Greek 
Day program during Orientation Week 
made use of discussion groups and dis- 
plays to present freshman women with 
a comprehensive view of sorority life 
at Duke. The Council supervised Rush 
during the first week of classes and then 
turned its attention to the campaign 
for a new Student Activities Building. 
Council members participated in sev- 
eral funcl-raisin<4 projects to help bring 
the needed structure closer to reality. 
A major goal was realized when 
Hanes House was included in .Spring 
Rush; a new channel for unity between 
East and Hanes was thus opened. 

<^'iA ft 

Seateil, hjl to righ 
2: M. Wilco.x.J. Hu 

Meredith Brenizer. C. Weait, President .\nn Dodds, 
iphreys, M. Allan, P. Dutko, M. Dommerich, S. Ebert. A 

Haskett. Row 
srnl:J. Heneslee. 

Front row, left to right: M. Brenizer, President Linda Gillooly. Row 2: J. Price, K. Reynolds, .S. White, D. Peters, J. Baran, S. Hall, M. O'Neall. Row 3: 
F. Danner, S. Robertson, D. Galant, C. Cochrane, S. Saunders, L. .Snyder. B. Nicholds, B. Ramsey, C.Jordan, C. Leonard. 

alpha chi omega 

Rush Week for Alpha Chi was filled 
with memories and merriment. (We 
never will forget our last-minute panic 
at the enormity of the task of trans- 
forming our classroom into an under- 
sea wonderland, or the yards and yards 
of cheesecloth that seemed to take 
forever to hang!) Our eighteen lively 
pledges were a thrilling reward for 
our labors, though; and the Pledge 
Banquet at Schrafft's the following 
week was a joyful affair. 

A happy and full fall semester fol- 
lowed — our party with the Lambda 
Chi's, the round of Homecoming ac- 
tivities, and plans for our semi-formal 
dance being highlights. And there was 
the fun-filled Saturday afternoon that 
we spent making toys for the children 
at the Cerebral Palsy Hospital, our 
spirits dampened only slightly by 
listening to the radio, as we lost to 
Georgia Tech. We remember the 

Sorority Sing, our musical theme of 
"Brigadoon" and the perky tarns we 
wore. A gay Christmas party at Trinka's 
house filled us with Christmas cheer, 
which lasted through the holidays. 

Spring brought the gala Pledge Dance 
at Schrafft's. Large golden lyres, one 
for each pledge, lined the walls. The 
girls, dazzling in their white gowns, 
were formally presented to their sisters- 
to-be. A short while later, they were 
initiated and proudly wore their new 
pins. March brought Peanut Pal Week, 
a dinner in the Union, and work with 
the Easter Seals Foundation. Close 
on the heels of these activities came 
the whirl of events accompanying 
Greek Week and Joe College. Then, 
suddenly, the Honors Convocation, 
e.xams, and Commencement were upon 
us — and another memorable year was 

f^f^ kit 4 

S^ >^ >^ 



l3uUc Umucrsilij 

^ ^1^ a ^^ 


Founded nationally 
Founded locally 
Number of Chapters 

Scarlet and Olive Green 
October 15, 1885 
January 30, 1942 




h h C: ,1 ^^ 


Rockin' Rush. 

September swept the Omicron 
ADFi's into Rush. Under Russell's 
superb leadership, we had a ball and 
found our ranks swelled by eighteen 
of the finest young ladies. Pledge- 
swaps at Duke and Carolina, the Big- 
Little Sister Banquet, bake sales and 
projects kept our new Pi's busy. Our 
usual Saturday trips to C. P. were made 
in the company of our sisters from the 
Ch.'^iNTicleer Beauty Court, and 
weren't we pleased to have Annette as 
Eeauty Queen? Wedding bells rang 
for Lady Bugg, Lillian, and Nancy T. 
And we had a visit from Trish and 
Kelly that left us laughing. Our 
Halloween party was a riot, with 
masks, ghost stories, and goblins. 
Meetings, speakers, banquets, and re- 
citals carried us up to Christmas and 
our traditional party at C.P. with 
the KA's. Christmas caroling with 
the Beta's reminded us of the fun we 

alpha delta pi 

had in the Sororit\- Sing, under Anne's 
talented direction. After vacation, a 
dive for the books and a long period 
of study got us through exams. 

Into second semester, after helping 
our favorite fraternities with Rush. 
The pledges were presented at the 
pledge dance, while pins, lavaliers, 
and rings occupied others now. Off to 
Spruce Pine Lodge for retreat, mak- 
ing plans for next year and having 
fun in the meantime. Secret Buddies, 
Friendship Week, and Founder's Day — 
seeing lots of blue and white. Spring 
made it hard to study with warm 
weather calling. Greek Week, Senior 
Banquet, Joe College, and Beach Week- 
end brought us to exams. Then we 
headed back to Pawley's Island for sun 
and surf. Tanned, or burnt, we headed 
our separate ways, remembering a 
grand year together and looking forward 
to the next. 

Pawley's Island 

<5 «? »1 i5 <^ f5 !> ^ <> f? f^ ' 

(i "> *? 4'f§'qY4^ f5 f* 

(? (| Q 'I 'f^T'l «1 "^ ^ '^? 

9 (1 (5 fj r> ® <? if f^ r? f? 

<| # ^ i> 5 =- :r- Q (^ tj ff .?■ 

"C5 ^' Q fi '<? ^ '^'Offl'a ■*!►" 

„c.. ...... „„,.„. -„..,.,„,.o.. .,,.« ,».«,>«,. «.,..„» .,-...-,.«.. .»,.,«.„ „o...„»«« 0..,.^., ,....,„ 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Azure Blue and White 
May 15, 1851 
June 2, 1911 

alpha phi 

nor lends adxice. 

Beta Nu got off to a "huenoxious" 
start with the initiation of Shirley 
.111(1 Di.nine preceding Rush. Under 
Sh(|)|)ic's direction, the "Madras Mexi- 
cans," teaturing "Jose Colegio," starred 
in our new South-of-the-Border party. 
The highlight of Rush was our formal 
Uiirdcn p,irt\, with informally gathered 
i\y. .\cti\ities combined to make 
studies almost non-existent. It was 
well worth it, though, since "Happiness 
is honorable mention on a Home- 
coming poster." At a Big-Little .Sister 
Bancjuet at the Festa Room, the 
pledges received their lavaliers. Beta 
Nu vocalized at a hootenanny and 
picnic and continued singing as "the 
Blue and Grey" became less civil during 
song practices under Amy's capable 
direction. Candy and messages on 
doors gave us energy to pack for 
Thanksgiving. The traditional Christ- 
mas party given by the Durham alum- 
nae was as enjoyable as e\er, with 

the exchange of gifts and light-hearted 

After Christmas, Alpha Phi went 
into hibernation for exams. After a 
"relaxing" break, a new round of 
activities was planned. The programs 
instituted first semester — the revamped 
scholarship dri\e, the acti\e-of-the- 
month award, and bingo parties at the 
VA Hospital were all continued. "In- 
spiration Week," ending in the pledge 
dance, prepared us for a meaningful 
initiation and the welcome addition of 
new sisters. Orchids to the acti\'ities 
chairman for her devoted work on 
the Follies skit and the Greek Week 
booth. Momentum continued in a "fun" 
Spring Rush, regretfully slowed down 
by exams and the Senior Party. Beach 
Weekend rounded out the fun, and 
successful exams proved that work 
and play can be combined, as Beta 
Nu completed another wonderful year. 

Watch those feet! 

^f<t^^^^ ^ 

9 *i5i* 64 

Suhc IWocrsiiy 

Colors X V©\r^X Silver and Bordeaux 

Founded Nationally /^ ^^HVl /t\ October 10, 1872 

Founded Locally V /t^A r\ J ^^y- ■'^'^^ 

Number of Chapters V>r-^-^\/ 82 ' 


delta delta delta 

A burgundy-clad vulture sits on 
the trunk in the hall, eyeing the fresh- 
men walking past. By the basin lounges 
a hygienic miss, brushing her teeth — 
for thirty minutes. 

These are upperclassmen 

See the upperclassmen? 

They see you ! 
For Rush has begun, with smiles, 
whispers, calloused knees, occasional 
shrieks, and tears. But soon, thank 
heavens, it's over. Dorrie Delta has 
eighteen pledges; sweet fresh faces; 
let's hope they are smart, too. It is 
cold and clear early in the morning 
by the summer house. But the ritual is 
brief. Delta Delta Delta and a green 
triangle pin. 

Cur district advisor is coming, 
starch and iron the chapter. What 
do you mean, Pegram stole our pedes- 
tal.-' The Rathskellar is warm on Hallo- 
ween, as we toil and trouble over a 

ff ^5! 


^r| '^B 





A bit of Tri-Delt nostalgia. 

pitcher of cider. There's something 
good about this party — skol and sister- 
hood. Before Thanksgiving is Founder's 
Day and our annual banquet. Margaret 
is such a nice alum; she bakes cakes and 
puts up with us, too. The chicken and 
pie are good, and the Chapel Hill 
Deltas are nice. 

Christmas is a'coming, and our stu- 
dies do increase, but we'll study ajter 
the Pine Party, the Power Puff Bowl, 
and singing at the retirement home. 
The band plays a gentle tune, and 
the pledges are presented in white 
dresses, all scrubbed, with shiny hair 
and embarrassed smiles. The sisters 
look good, too, but maybe they're 
feeling a little bit old. So the rest of 
the year flies by. Greek Week, parties, 
and exams. Down at Myrtle, we gather 
on a blanket, play cards, and tan, not 
knowing how to say goodbye. 



and Lauren, plus plt-dge paddle. 

Pledges at the Pine P, 


^(5 '~"a4^f%qq'ri ^ ^ 

i ^'J <5 " ■^' " <? ^ a i 

9uhc Uniocrsilu 


^ (5 Q «J a 't ^5 9 t| 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Silver, Gold, and Blue 
Number 25, 1888 
November 7, 1931 

"And in the sweetness of friendship 
let tliere be laughter, and the sharing- 
of pleasures." Gibran 

So it is with Delta G. from the or- 
derly chaos of Rush Retreat to the 
poignant recap of the year at the Senior 
Banquet. We had more than our share 
of pinnings, engagements, and wedding 
bells. Jann, Connie, and DiAnna 
were still with us after summer wed- 
dings. Our nineteen pledges, plus the 
girls from Hanes in the spring brought 
the excitement of expanding friend- 
ship. In the best tradition of the 
'■.\nch(ir Clan," we linked friendship, 
Inn, ,iiul hard work, and came up with 
Phi Bcte's, beauties, and campus 

The year was a full one: blue and 
white stripped dresses — orchid leis and 
DG Aloha — seven Carols and how 
many Johnsons? — the wonderful glow 
of that girl from Idaho — Mary Wine- 

delta gamma 

gar will always be a special part of 
Beta Theta memories — pledging, big 
sisters and S. J. giving the spirit of 
"D, Delta DG" — the special joy of 
wearing the anchor — champagne — 
Leslie and the alto's fatal first note — 
"I'm just a Girl Who Cain't Say No"— 
Schraflft's and the beginning of the 
Christmas spirit — caroling — papers and 
quizzes — Long white formals and roses 
— Initiation and what it means to be 
a Delta G — working with the Lyons — 
"It is when you give of yourself that 
you truly give." — Letters from Hong 
Kong and friendship reaching across 
the world — slumbering.^ in the gym — 
Founder's Day. Greek Week — Spring 
Frolics — quizzes and papers — beach 
parties — the Senior Banquet and to- 
tomorrow's dream. — Another year with 
Beta Theta fills the need of fraternity, 
gives depth and meaning to friendship. 


[q q i 

<| § fj f? 9 ^ 

q *?<! 

1 c\ "^Ajf r 1 

^' i g 

tluhc Umucrsilu 


Colors ^§r Bronze, Pink, and Blue 

Founded Nationally f'^r\ ^^^-^ 

Founded Locally . ^^~) . 1939 
Number of Chapters 

kappa alpha theta 

The first week back in these hal- 
lowed halls found Thetas knee-deep 
in unpacked belongings, promises of 
hour quizzes to come, and Rush. When 
the rush was over and the dust had 
settled, Thetas welcomed their new 
pledges at the annual Pizza Party, 
where big and little sisters were mu- 
tually adopted. October brought Home- 
coming and the campaign, adopted 
by our sanitation committee, to "Cllean- 
up Clemson." Thursdays in Novem- 
ber found secret buddies stealthily 
slithering between dorms on their 
appointed rounds to deliver gifts and 
general cheer. Nor to be forgotten 
were the monthly Kite Nights, spon- 
sored by one of the representative 
classes, especially the October Christ- 
mas party, given by the seniors, that 
finally revealed Alice to be the tree ! 
The heavy burden of responsibility 
for creating lilting melod;,- in a group 

of dedicated monotones fell on Joann's 
frail shoulders, and a final might v 
effort brought us second place in the 
Sorority Sing. 

After managing to weather e.xams, 
Thetas launched a new semester with 
Kite Day. Descending upon an un- 
suspecting West Campus, the pledges 
took advantage of brisk March winds 
to lift their creative efforts above 
James B. Duke's \enerable head. That 
month also hosted the solemn moment 
of initiation, when pledge pins ga\c 
way to pearled kites and a new .sense 
of responsibility and belonging. The 
Golden Triad spotlighted fun, frolic, 
and the presentation of our new sisters 
to society. Clima.xing the newest Chap- 
ter in Theta annals was the Senior 
Banquet, when we said good-bye to 
those who would disappear in the 
golden graduation sunset. Thetas, you 
had a good Year ! 

.Another shake 


^^f^QQ .---.. e^^r^fi 

i^'^k'^ ^^ ^ 1^ '"i^ 



Colors ■i^lK' ^^^'^*' ^""^ ^°^^ 

Founded Nationally .-:^S|m^v> January, 1850 

Founded Locally ''-^^f '^''^^ 

Number of Chapters Xo^V ^^ 


Back from vacation and raring to 
go, Kappa Deltas plunged headlong 
into a Rush retreat and discussions of 
our Farm Party, Buddha Party, and 
Garden of Dreams. With Minnie 
steering us through Rush, plans worked 
out fantastically, and nineteen new 
pledges were our rewards. Although 
we were scarcely through polishing 
our trophy from last year's Follies, 
Sugar helped us cop first place in 
the Homecoming Displays. October 
brought our annual fun dinner at 
the Angus Barn — steak and chicken 
to the gills. Then came the get-to- 
gether with the Kappa Deltas from 
UNC at the Holiday Inn. Never ones to 
be out-eaten, we dived into plans for a 
supper at Annamaria's, so that the 
pledges could present their skit. With 
Clhristmas, came our party with the 
AX"s at the VA Hospital and a pri- 
vate party just for ourselves. Sandy 

kappa delta 

showed slides of Germany, .so that we 
could have something to dream about 
over the holidays. Devoting some of 
our energies to Edgemont, we chap- 
eroned teenage dances and sponsored 
a senior citizens' club. We were proud 
of our 'I'KA's — Nancy Jo, Gail, and 

Second semester, we laughed with 
the pledges at the pledge banquet, 
when sisters exchanged poems and 
gag gifts. Now, we couldn't wait to 
get our pledge crew initiated, so after 
White Rose Week and the pledge 
dance, we said "Hi!" to new sisters. 
After Greek Week, we turned again 
to banqueting, this time for scholar- 
ship. Those with a 3.0 had steak, but 
most of us relished luscious, juicy, 
taste-tempting beans. After we sadly 
said good-bye to seniors at their spe- 
cial party, we finished off a glorious 
year at the beach. 

^ g © .f (^ (5 ^5 ^ *? ^ 

, § a <?«?(? ^ fj ^ (h 

'i% O <9i'"';^'"s.,^...« q^ i^ ^ '^' 

iJuhc Uuiocrsily 

f^" a «? « o n rt (^ (^ 

<^" S <i a ^ «^ f^ ^ (i 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Green and White 

April, 1912 


kappa kappa gamma 

The year 1963-1964 leaves the wear- 
ers of the golden key with many things 
to remember . . . Rush, under the 
leadership of B. J. Albers . . . the 
parties, the confusion of faces and 
names . . . finding twenty wonderful 
pledges in 106 Carr, the slow Southern 
accents predominating for the first 
time . . . meeting Kappas at the 
Founder's Day Banquet with the UNC 
chapter and the alums . . . retreat at 
Camp Kanata ... a huge fire, some- 
mores, "Drunken Sailor," poetry, and 
five blankets each. Duke football and 
Kappa football . . . our athletes chal- 
lenged by the Betas . . . Halloween 
witches, and Dr. Sullivan explaining 
the suspicions surrounding that day 
... the Sorority Sing . . . long hours 
of practice, Joyce exasperated, and 
then her big smile as the final hour 
made it all worthwhile . . . the ADPi- 
KKG cabin party. 

December, the Christmas spirit 
touching us . . . caroling with the 
Deltas, the party for the Edgemonl 
children with the ATO's, and even 
Santa Claus . . . January resolutions 
and exams . . . the pledge breakfast 
. . . days of rest and then a new se- 
mester. The Golden Triad ... Pi 
Phi's, Thetas, and Kappas at Hope 
Valley, initiates in white dresses with 
red roses. 

Spring . . . the St. Patrick's Day 
Party . . . Monmouth Duo . . . Elec- 
tions and new officers . . . Spring 
Retreat, warm weather and plans for 
the summer . . . Greek Week and Joe 
College . . . the frantic rush to finish 
the float . . . the Senior Banquet in 
the Old Trinity Room . . . guilty and 
not guilty . . . sad goodbyes . . . exams 
and the beach. Another year behind 
us, but the girls of the key look for- 
ward to the next one. . . . 

K.qjpas signal for a fair-catcli i 
"luotball" game (?) with tlic Bi 

? I ^M •■ 

' f^ f^^ f^ f)(^ n^o ^ qq <) ^ 


'? <> *? a '? Q 

'■"- c^f^n^t'y 

19 m 

tluUe lluiocr 

CI (fi f^ f^(^ ^rt 

(^ f| (^ ^ .? <^ 

t3 f5 «•! *3 '? ^ « Q ^^ <1 ^ 

'— ~ — — — -■ -' 


Light and Dark Blue 

Founded Nationally 



October 13, 1870 

Founded Locally 

^'"" -^ 


October 25, 1930 

Number of Chapters 



phi mu 

hi Mu C:ircus Party. 

Gamma Epsilon has a new look, a 
new outlook, and a new lease on life. 
The year began with an enthusiastic 
group returning for the rush work- 
shop, and before we could say "Hello !"", 
Rush was upon us. V\'e welcomed our 
District President and our National 
PiesidiMit, who spent Rush Week with 
us, working as hard as we did. High- 
lighting the week was Bobbie's un- 
forgettable Circus Party, complete with 
wild animals, sno-cones, and Phi Mu 
clowns. When rush was over, the alums 
honored the new pledges with a de- 
lightful dinner at Ruth's. 

This was a big year for Phi Mu. 
Janet ser\'ed Pan-hel as secretary, and 
Linda and Deanie were elected to 
Phi Beta Kappa, as the Pan-hel schol- 
arship trophy came our way for the 
fourth straight semester. Bobbie taught 
first grade, and Susan finally met 
her knight in shining armor. Pam 

journeyed to Atlanta to witness the 
November massacre, while Martha 
became president for seven weeks as 
Deanie practice-taught in Charlotte. 

So much to remember . . . dinners 
in the Union, tlie Big-Little Sister 
Banquet, the Halloween party at 
Sue's, the music from "Hans Christian 
Andersen" in the Sing, and the pledg- 
ing of Harriet. And will we e\er forget 
the Phi Mu-tual? Or how proud the 
pledges were when they presented us 
with their project? Or Susan's "book?" 

The pledges contributed immensely 
to the high spirits and fun. How did 
we ever get along before the inimitable 
Margie? And Jean 'n' Margaret, the 
"Gruesome Twosome?" Spring brought 
Initiation, and we happily welcomed 
our new sisters into our bond. All too 
soon came the senior farewell picnic, 
and Phi Mu's greatest year drew to a 

^ ^ ^ Q ^ 



*? *? 

W psitt 


SuUe llniuersltij 



Q Q ^ 9 ^ 



Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Rose and White 
January 4, 1852 


pi beta phi 

Pi Phi's liacl just a week of reunion 
l)cfore plunging into Rusli with char- 
acteristic enthusiasm. Soon, t\vent\ 
superlative pledges were added to 
our number — a real pirate treasure 1 ! ! 
They were welcomed into Pi Phi 
with the annual "cookie shine"" and 
the pledge banquet at Hope \'alle\-. 
The seasons passed so quickly for us 
. . . fall brought with it Homecoming 
and lovely Queen Ginny, a hilarious 
Big-Little Sister Banquet at the Rat, 
a "spook party," and hasty retreat 
to Spruce Pine Lodge. With rising 
spirits and scholarship (4th place 
this year!), we welcomed several fasci- 
nating faculty speakers and discussed 
"intellect" at a tea and panel with the 

The holiday season was highlighted 
by the Pledge's Christmas party and 
playing Santa with the Beta's at a 

party for the Edgemont cliildren. 
Encouraged by last year's "most ath- 
letic"' trophy, we quickly replaced 
the annual Pi Phi-Phi Belt "Hoc 
Down" with an arousing volleyball 
tourney with the Sigma Chi's — add- 
ing them to our tally of conquests. 

Exams over, those eager pledges 
were finally initiated and presented 
at an impressive Golden Triad. Then 
more serious doin's. . . . We enthusi- 
astically joined our sisters at Carolina 
in celebrating Founder's Day and 
kept our traditional rendezsous witli 
the Kappa's on Monmouth Duo Da\ . 
The rest of spring passed by in rapid 
flashes. . . . Greek Week, Joe College, 
the '64 National Convention. Then — 
all too soon — it was time for a nostalgic 
senior banquet, Myrtle Beach . . . and 
\ery regretable good-byes. 

They're not weeds, they're flowers. 

II yuu duii't like it, don 

Q I? (9 tf ^ CJ ^? ^ f| f ^ e| 

'^''^Q *? *? ^ Q 9 <t ^ f| 

Qt ^'3 ^ Q ^'''^^"'' ^09^ 

tluUe llniucrsil «3 

(^ (i<^ f} f^ Q q Qfi q i^Q 

t f? 1 -? •? «? '^ t3 © « 

^? f? o (? «l (5 a ^ ^ *? »? ^ 


Founded Nationally- 
Founded Locally 
Number of Cihapters 


Wine and Silver Blue 
AprU 28, 1867 
February, 1933 


Sigma Kappa Tea. 

Rush. Rush. Rush. These were 
the words which heralded the Alpha 
Phi's as the\' returned for another 
year of work and fun together. Be- 
ginning with a retreat at the Forest 
Hills Club House and ending with the 
pledging of seven wonderful girls, rush 
was everything and much more than 
had ever been anticipated. We were 
especially ,glad to have two of our 
national traveling secretaries with us 
during the festivities. The pledges 
were honored twice — once the night 
of bidding for pizza at the Festa Rooin 
and again at a formal banquet in 
the Union. 

Right after rush, we put everyone 
to work — first on our Homecoming 
poster and then on the Thanksgiving 
basket for an Edgemont family. We 
also visited our "grandmothers" at the 
King's Daughters Home. During these 
busy days, we also found time to give 
a shower for one of our sisters, who 

sigma kappa 

had recently been married. At a 
No\ember tea in East Duke, we 
celebrated the founding of Sigma 
Kappa 89 years ago. We were pleas- 
antly surprised on this occasion by a 
visit from last year's president. 

December brought the Christmas 
pledge formal with Gamma Phi at 
North Carolina State, a mucho fun 
Christmas party, and ole Saint Nick. 
With the traumas of exams over, we 
emerged into the new semester with 
renewed enthusiasm. With spring came 
initiation and the traditional banquet, 
our fun-type work on the Greek Week 
Carnival, the Follies, and Joe College. 
\'alentine's and Saint Patrick's Day- 
parties also added to the semester's 
enjoyment. As the school year drew 
to a close and exams stared us in the 
face, we said farewell to our seniors. 
Then to the beach and "goodbye" 
until next September. 


A good night serenade. 


^ ^ ri ^ 











Q 5 '3 '3 a 



Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Lavender and Maroon 
November, 1874 

zeta tau alpha 

September saw the return of the 
clan, a little regretful about the gradu- 
ated Zetas. Ho\ve\er, we managed to 
get organized enough to get out to 
Camp New Hope for a Rush retreat — 
a strategy session held between bridge 
games, visits from grads, and dis- 
cussions of the summer's developments. 
After a successful Rush and the pledging 
of our seventeen new sisters, a busv 
semester followed — each week ended 
uproariously with the traditional 
Happy Hours at the UG. 

The Sorority Sing heard our melo- 
dious voices (improved by many prac- 
tices) rendering Jerome Kern with 
professional skill. In athletics, the Zetas 
excelled, trouncing the Tri-Delts in 
touch football and defeating the ADPi's 
in volleyball. CUiristmas came, high- 
lighted by the C^hristmas party for 

the children at the CP Hospital. 
After C:hristmas, the Zetas prepared 
diligently for exams and came through 
them in stellar fashion. 

Zeta Week finally arrived — bringing 
with it secret buddies, the anxiously 
anticipated pledge dance, and initia- 
tion. The next event on the Zeta 
calendar was Greek Week. Zetas 
worked long and hard on their Fol- 
lies entry and managed to look like 
the original Ziegfeld troupe. Saturday 
night was strictly for relaxing, which 
all Zetas did with gusto. We had 
great fun preparing for and participat- 
ing in Joe College. The ine\-itablc 
exams rolled around again and, once 
more successfully passed, our best 
year so far was climaxed by the tradi- 
tional trip to the beach. 

19 W^ 64 

tluUc Uniocrsil'iJi 

ll Q <^ f? Q g <?>! j^ (} 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey 

October 15, 1898 




The Duke Interfraternity Council is 
concerned with furthering fraternity 
relations, unifying fraternity action on 
common problems, serving as an organ 
of cooperation between the Uni- 
versity and the individual brother- 
hoods, and serving as a forum for in- 
terfraternity problems. Two governing 
bodies make up the council: the eigh- 
teen fraternity presidents sit on thc 
Council of Presidents, the legislative 
branch; IFC judicial and executive 
affairs are referred to the Executive 
Board. Appointed committees — In- 
vestigating, Scholarship, Rush, Public- 
ity and Public Relations, Social, Pledg- 
ing, Publication, and Help Week 
assist the E.xecutive Board in its work. 
This year, necessary revisions were 
made concerning relations with fresh- 
men, providing for a more satisfactory 

COMMllTEE CH.AIRMEN: Seated, lejl to right: Jan Evans, Publications, Diclv Buddington, 
Scholarsliip, Bruce Baumgartner, Public Relations. Row 2: Gerry Chotiner, Help Week, Herb 
Steele, Rush. Absent: Phil LaMotte, Pledge, Ken Hubbard, Greek Week. 

EXECUTIVE BOARD Lfttotight George Guthne, Dav 
Dick Ney, Don Marchese 

Long, Doug HoUman, Gene Deutschcr, President Mike Mil 

ill Douglass, Art Vieregg, 

alpha tau omega 

Fall found 
read\' and eas 
year. Football 

the suntanned Tans 
er for another banner 
season was a roaring- 

success with hamburger fries and all- 
day rites at Spruce Pine Lodge. 
President Bob (Groundhog) Johnson, 
Hollow Folk, Wink, Hairy, Vag, 
Grundy, and Lucky Touchdown 
brought new glory to Taus on the 
gridiron. Meanwhile, Tau intramural 
footballers, led by Leon (VMnston 
flash) Rice and Jon (Big Dadd\) 
Reynolds, rocketed to the under- 
graduate championship, only to be 
upset by the Law School. Fall Sigma 
Betas were again a highlight, as only 
a minimum of brothers suffered in- 
juries. Homecoming found the Dur- 
ham merchants with a keen aesthetic 
sensibility; they awarded top honors 
to Kadink's water-wheel. The Taus 
and Kappas celebrated Christmas with 
a party for the Edgemont children. 

Topping the holiday festixities was the 
traditional Christmas party — this year 
a Roman orgy featuring Nero Luciano. 
Second semester saw the Taus bring 
home the cream of the freshman crop. 
Under the able leadership of "R," 
Stump, Packy, Bugs, Guppy, and 
Pumpkin, aspirants for initiation into 
Sigma Beta were instructed in tlie 
high standards expected of all par- 
ticipants. Parties were enhanced by 
the "new sound" of Cess Poel and the 
Septics, ably assisted by Little Frankie 
and the Four Woom-pahs. Sweet- 
heart Ball saw the end of Jane Mucke's 
reign and the crowning of the new 
Tau Sweetheart. Kadink again 
achieved Rose Bowl excellence, as 
our Joe College float was applauded 
by cheering throngs. Festivities ended 
at the Chapel Hill Legion Hut with 
the incomparable LJntouchables. Cli- 
maxing the greatest year yet was the 
ATO return to the beach, a most 
stimulating experience. 

Taus on the march. 

s* 'X '^ «J\ 

Alpha <iau (Iomega 

, i. 

19 E^ b4 

c^ r, 7, a> fli!^ q c% •^^ :.-^:' c:^. qr ^ t-^ 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Blue and Gold 

September 11, 1865 




Bang, vou"re dead 

Under the sound, if not wholly 
exemplary leadership of Brother 
"Melts," who early in the year in- 
formed us of a seeming excess of 
"breath" within the chapter, Beta 
Theta Pi embarked upon some of its 
finest hours. Under the jaundiced 
eye of "Worv," the Betas staged an 
unexcelled Homecoming exhibition, 
hinhlishtod by the antics of the "peren- 
nial plcclge" and "Nail," who allowed 
liimself to be talked out of fhcking- 
out for the fourteenth consecutive 
night, so that he might help "Kai- 
C'.ollins" herd cattle. All is not mean- 
ingless folly. The Christmas season 
brought this home, as Betas redis- 
covered the joy of giving. At our party 
with the Pi Phi's at Edgemont, the 
children showed an uncanny ability 
to discover just who the "Goat" was. 
Heartwarming fraternity spirit was 
further demonstrated at the annual 
Gross Gift party. The atmosphere 
here was somewhat destroyed by the 
dispute between Williams, \'incent. 

beta theta pi 

and Pettit, each shouting that the 
party should be held in his room, in 
view of his monumental accomplish- 

The brothers of Gamma Rho fi- 
nally settled down to academics, in- 
spired by "R.P." and "JellyroH's" 
edifying, illustrated speech on fifteen 
new, exciting, and feasible methods 
for success. "John CHiarles," "Nail," 
and "PGH," who wears Dope Shop 
ties, rounded up the best of the frosh, 
in wheat-jeans and turtlenecks, un- 
aware that they had passed chapter 
over the limp but contented bodies 
of "Foggy," "Sceever," and the 
"Hopper." The air gets warm, and 
as "Guinea's" pipe-dream explodes 
and the boys embark on Beach Week- 
end, the sounds of laughing girls, 
sports cars, and "Key-Mons" tells 
that Betas live on, rex'eling in the throes 
of "Kai." 

^^JkJk 19 ^' 64 iiili/iiiri 

L:^ -rtf r:=t "^ 

t'f, f-1 ,:% ^\ '-1. 

O f?^ r^-fj q r:i ^f .-Mi r-^ ^ (f^ qp 
l^r^e^f^,f%^ ^ (H af ct^' -% 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Red and Blue 
August 8, 1839 

delta Sigma phi 

One more year has passed, with the 
Delta Sigs "hummin' in there," as 
usual. Homecoming found us "Punt- 
ing the Pussycat," with the able as- 
sistance of our exceptional engineers? 
Needless to say. Delta Sigs came up in 
academic status from last year. How 
could we help doing otherwise? The 
tube crew was really up this past year, 
never missing an episode of "The 
Fugitive." (We finally saw the one- 
armed man !) 

Rush this past year was a tremendous 
success. The painting of the chapter 
room and the addition of new furni- 

ture really helped. (Come through 
one time, weasel!) Rush also witnessed 
the saga of the flying ham and the 
installation of a new, foolproof, trash- 
can burglar-alarm system. 

The coming of Joe College gave 
birth to memories of Yogi Bear, Jelly- 
stone, Picnic Box lunches, and trophies. 
All in all, things have progressed 
beautifully and smoothly in the Delta 
Sig section this past year. But then, 
with guys like "The Shadow," 
"Flower," "Stump," "Worm," et. al., 
low could life be anything else than 
an esoteric bowl of cherries? 

Lynn Krau 

a a e!^ t? ff TTTf!J ^TTTT 



lluho Uufuovsili^ 4 a Bklfe ^k\fe Alii 


Founded Nationally 

Founded Locally 

Number of Chapters 

Nile Green and White 
December 21, 1899 


Delt cabin party. 

A completely refurnished chapter 
room, a great social calendar, and an 
inspired academic attitude set the 
stage for the Delts of '63-'64. The 
"Hinge," though folding in may ways, 
chd not collapse as our Social General. 
The party with the Tri-Delts started 
the social year off on a high note, 
and we continued the pace with cabin 
parties and the Christmas dinner- 
danct-. Charlie's became the Delts' 
•■Shelter away from the Shelter" and 
a favorite with the Delt girls. Under 
the direction of an enthusiastic and 
well-organized Rush Committee, the 
Delts shook up twenty-seven top fresh- 
men. This successful Rush was an 
indication of our fall semester spirit, 
which also helped us to produce a 
miraculous fraternity average of 2.51, 
with twenty brothers over 3.0. 

Notable events of the year were the 

delta tau delta 

flood. Whale's Christmas present. 
Grape's horseback ride, Hicky's let- 
ter to the editor, our first case of pin- 
ning at first sight, Grape's showers, 
the near shotgunning of P-2, formal 
meetings, and Witz's comment, "What 
do you mean, she's not on the plane?" 
Second semester was highlighted by 
our annual "Queen Dance" and the 
old reliable "Beach Week." Under a 
revised pledge program, twelve men 
became brothers of Delta Tau Delta. 
We owe much of our success this past 
year to the fine leadership of President 
John Williamson and the capable as- 
sistance of John Walden and Marc 
Harris. Their inspired administration 
was happily combined with the never- 
flagging "Delt spirit" — to make Delta 
Tau Delta truly a Fraternity of 

Let's twist again, like we did 

1 Cfj C^l' c=ti 


^ ^% &% ^"? ""t^ Delia ^u llcUa 

cj^, o, ---^ (^ i'-i, cr^. ' rs 1^^ ::^ '^ g 


*^„ r^, e^ c^, :r», c::^, r!>, ^ 

rr^, '..| ^..i; '.^tf .J, i..\ r-;^, c^ r:i, ..i, o^, fni, r-^! CTf 

f,3 ,'--', a ■■.:% a fti* 9"^S'^ a« tij r^i 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Purple and Gold 
February, 1859 

kappa alpha 

It seemed as if someone was out 
to get the KA's. Hog-Body was run 
off the road in Willy John's car; the 
next night, Karate suffered a similar 
fate. Hot Dog was slashed to pieces 
by a Turkish sword, while V.I. quivered 
after suffering a 12-guage shotgun 
blast. Snake, ( loud, and Driessen be- 
gan the year with tiieir usual amorous 
advances but soon discoxered a pref- 
erence for booze. Aristotle helped keep 
Frog, Velie, and D.H.'s son in awe, 
while providing food for thought. 
B-b-bobby was about to say "I d-d-do," 
while Dean-O escaped the terrible 
vows with mutterings about the Air 
Force. Baby David was never in the 
dorm, preferring Pegram. KA's con- 
tinued their perennial search for di- 
version from study. There was bridge 
in the chapter room, pinochle in 210, 
and "crazy eights" in any available 
space. With exams, the boys put away 
their cards and played chess. 

Shocking in his horn-rimmed glasses. 
Chip was a jo\-ial Santa at the KA- 
.\DPi Christmas party. Sissy was one 
of the cutest "fairies" ever seen, and 
Doug played the part of the man in 
bed to perfection. Rush was another 
superhuman effort, thanks to Fred, 
Chuck, and the infinitely resourceful 
Conrad. The parties with Converse 
girls and John Law's raiding five were 
immensely enjoyed. Poopsie really 
showed his intuitive charm and poise, 
while Peni exhibited his basic moti- 
vation for petty theft. Half-Mind and 
Davie D. kept everyone dishe\cled 
with their inane altercations. "Euro- 
pean" and "niggar" Bugg kept to 
themselves, a veritable blessing. The 
seniors ha\e more-or-less been en- 
snared by the opposite sex, except 
Driess, Moto, and ever-popular, af- 
fable Vee. They too will soon fall, no 

The section \\ ickv and Ben. 

raifUR* ^1^,, cs, c%. -rs -J c^ T!^ e^: 

a a a '^„ r.appa Alpha p^^'^,^ f-^,. 

^i^tii ^i^r^ . .. . i^ . . d<M AtM JiM iri 



^, ^TTTl 

^iM mk M/k 4fi ouuc iimuo.-.(>.^ H^i i^t i jvi .^.Yi 

^^^ a, eri e'l a c^, o, 

i^ q (^ .-15 C-'i o 'f-^ .rcf TT .ti, c-?! 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of CUiapters 

Crimson and Old Gold 
December 21, 1865 


Kappa Sigs staggered back lo a 
newly unrenovated section for another 
year of hosing, liorror sliows, and 
N.P.F.VV. Led by Farley, Rocky, 
W'ilkie, and Deacon, everyone hit 
the books and the bottles, while Booloo 
set up a fitting social program to cele- 
brate the end of social pro. Zan 
climaxed a season of catching passes 
by being elected King of the Animal 
Quad Ball, and then fading back to 
pass. The Redecoration Committee 
attacked the chapter room, and e\ery- 
one was delighted to find the only 
two-tone blue and burgundy chapter 
room on campus. As Christmas ap- 
proached. Bulldog took the lead as 
most hosable, but Oinkgraves and 
Hand J. also caught their share. The 
CUiristmas Party resulted in only four 
horror shows, two broken chairs, and 
one total LOP. 

When exams hit, the scholarly sopho- 

kappa sigma 

mores led the way and the fraternity 
average climbed to new heights, while 
Scott the Shot hung on for his sixth 
consecutive last semester. Inspired by 
Fairvines, we turned on the charm 
for Rush and came out with another 
group of studly shakeups. Beauvines 
whipped the pledges into shape, while 
everyone enjoyed the spring social 
schedule and occasional trips to the 
infamous Dildo House. Basketball gave 
Kappa Sigs a chance to show what 
athletic supporters they are, and cabin 
parties and open houses gave Skip 
and John a chance to see who could 
get pinned and unpinned the fastest. 
With spring came weekly beach week- 
ends and snaps, and the inex'itable 
Joe College acts. Moon Memorial 
Games were the thing to do, and some 
outstanding performances in the Hun- 
dred Yard Hash and the Lager Mile 
Relay produced the usual grins. 

ft fj (S' Q, (^ Ck'nvfU^Cji p^'"Hp 

10 '^ 64 

1^ f*! r\7% a 'Z!' "^ ^. !^ ^ ^ 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Red, White and Green 
December 10, 1869 

lambda chi alpha 

September saw Duke's "Foo's" flock 
back to the protective wing of Presi- 
dent "Bird" Montgomery. They started 
the ball rolling with a Saturday after- 
noon of football, "prince," and the 
like with the AXO's. The fall semester 
social calendar was marked by one 
wild party after another, highlighted 
by Homecoming, with music by the 
"Invisible Men." Brother LaVarre's 
brilliance as social chairman was 
matched only by his ability to lose 
soap and toothpaste. "Grub" Bond 
came through by winning the Cake 
Race and then proving he wasn't out 
for glory by winning the Ugly Man 
Contest. In December, Lambda Chi's 
and KD's played Santa Glaus for 25 
children. This proved rewarding for 
all, especially for Kausch, despite his 
little "accident." 

John Cawley, whose platform is still 
being deciphered, headed the list of 

new officers. Action, however, is what 
counts in leadership; plenty of action 
took place around the Foo section 
during spring semester, including a 
highly successful Rush. Ski Weekend at 
Hot Springs highlighted the winter 
social schedule; the brothers stayed at 
the winter home of Barfield Butts. The 
inventive genius of "Uli" and "Oilcan" 
produced another first for AXA's in a 
custom-built skateboard, to warm up 
for Myrtle. Lambda Chi's snowed hell 
out of their dates at the annual White 
Rose formal. By some stroke of good 
fortune, AXA has been allowed to re- 
turn to the scene of last May's demoli- 
tion derby. We promised to replace all 
broken windows and clean all eggs from 
the walls. The prince t*am will enter 
the Myrtle Invitational without Cap- 
tain "D.D." Gondit. It remains to be 
seen how well this team will fare. Let's 
do it again ! 

TIr- "bond- of br 
gaged brother is gli 

he pond 

Lambda Clii's on a lofty perch 
and stuffing napkins. 

r^ f»« r^ c^ ci Q L.«^ a'^r.1 r^' a r^ 

Colors 6<\/(MM\\^ Purple, Green and Gold 

Founded Nationally \qAo'^V\1^\ November 2, 1900 

Founded Locally y®(/®^Cv/ ^^""^ 

Number of Chapters '^StV/^^©/ 138 


Setting forth in September, a Ijand 
of Greeks bearing azure colors marched 
boldly into the new year. Archon 
Erovvn led his noble band into new 
territory over favorable terrain, which 
enabled his lively Greeks to turn their 
attentions to many extracurricular 
endeavors. Many of his warriors prosed 
their Spartan abilities on the gridiron. 
All-American ^Vilkinson, flanked by 
Curtis and Eracy, anchored the team, 
and, after an enemy blow felled the 
noble Uible, a brash Greek took 
o\'er command. A Greek wearing 
tweed frequented the battlefield, and 
the mysterious Holloway unlimbered 
his secret weapon weapon on occasion. 
Dionysus Espy controlled the affairs 
of state and ran his principality on the 
foundation of three C's. A Southern 
Greek (Grit) planned activities for 
leisure time, and the social activities 

phi delta theta 

of this band were cn\ied by all, reach- 
ing legendary proportions. 

At the change of seasons, a wise 
Greek cal'ed Barker took up the argent 
standard and ed his band through 
fierce competition to the most success- 
ful Rush ever, garnering many sturdy 
young neophytes. The strength of the 
new members, coupled with the return 
of many lost comrades, who earlier 
had fallen to the lunar enchantment 
of Diana, greatly bolstered the ranks 
of the Phi's nob'e band. Thus strength- 
ened, and encouraged by a narrow 
victory in academic combat the band 
of Greeks known as the Phis plunged 
into the ad\'enture of the n.w semester, 
featured encampments on sunny M\rtle 
shores and nights in Southern tropic 
climes and made, for all who saw them 
passing by, their legend of greatness a 

I'uutball .suiisjav WilkiiiMji. Julm Carlo explain the In 
points ol' the game to some Durham youngsters. 

^^iklfe ill dM^W^ di di ^ ^ J2 


O. r^ r-\ llhC Bcll-a iTha-a fpp (^ ^ 

r:%, n ..^ t3i f5f' :":♦ '-^ ^ c-r* 

^i^4ii^ iM 9">>^- U"<"^-^<>3 MiiM^ ik^ih iM 

o fi ,-1 n r\ r^' r^ r.s'W^'c:^ ^-<'' r^ ( * rr 
i^.^.M^^kM^nhk I. mm. A, ikil dk 4\M dk dk iA 

; ^ r*\ • ) (^ CS . -> t'f C^ n r1 r-> > ^:-^i 



Blue and White 

Founded Nationally 

December 26, 1848 

Founded Locally 



Number of Clhapters 



phi kappa psi 

The Brothers of Phi Psi returned 
with the hope that the year would 
bring forth a fresh social life for all 
of us. But instead, we were greeted 
by the perennial problem of no grass 
in front of the section, so that all 
thoughts were turned to a renovation 
of the area. In January, Mac and Bo 
finally came upon the .solution, and 
we became the only fraternity on 
campus with a private ice rink. With 
the advent of February and the moun- 
tain snows, many brothers left the 
rock pile to lieacl for the slopes. As 
February pressed on, old rivalries were 
renewed and new ones were found. 
Bill and Van led us through a very 
successful social program for the year, 
with the Rites of Spring party and 
Beach Weekend as the highlights. 
With the addition of new pledges, the 

fraternity took on a new spirit, as 
many brothers and pledges began to 
migrate to points North for social fulfill- 

Melvin and Tony the Tiger became 
honorary members, as the Undertakers 
continued to be a source of much 
abuse from the Brothers. Chell con- 
tinued the old spirit by wrecking his 
XK-E. The Owl kept up his vigil in 
G-A at the tube with his favorite 
gapers. The hair-hat became popular 
even before the Beatles and died out 
with them. The approach of exams 
saw the annual migration to the beach 
on more weekends than one, and 
finally the year was at an end, with 
all extremely anxious to be back next 
year — in the "renovated dorms with 
drains in each floor." 

ftl D Cif -^ 1% »iappa llsi 

' -'■- -- •••• - __ C\^ ^ — — -"• 


ili^^yi #Aiiir^ Jiiy;i£i ^^ 


Founded Nationally 

Founded Locally 

Number of Chapters 

Cardinal Red and Hunters Green 

February 19, 1852 


phi kappa sigma 

Anne Ko,e;ers, Phi Kappa Sigma Sweethe 

With the new year, the halls of the 
Skull House reverberated once again 
with Phi Kap \'oices. Fog's "rooster" 
jokes, Jeff's Hollins fiasco, and Rita 
created a somewhat mystic season. 
Quisti's "John Brown" in the third 
floor head; Zan's belt-buckle and 
Razor's sailboat at Bugg's; the 
"Beatles"; Bobby Dick, a brother; 
Battle's amazing command of elocu- 
tion; Bird's philosophical prognostics; 
Santa Slum's off-and-on pin; Droopy 
and Goo-Goo; Trudge's ? love-affair; 
and Little Stevie Wonder's whirlwind 
dating combined to make life most 
enjovable. Winter found us at Bugg's 
Island: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" 
was the theme, and Slum's Aqua Show, 
T's midnight stroll, and Sandy will 
not be soon forgotten. Homecoming 
"Tiger Stew" and the Christmas Party 
added to the Holida\ Season. 

Spring semester found thoughts of 

love. Buzz and UMOC! worried by 
baldness, and R.D.'s infamous return. 
Black and Gold's trips to the ski slopes 
took their toll of brothers. Notable 
performances included Bill Hill's de- 
feat of Oliver Cool as top-tuber; 
Pistji's and Pinky's academic degrees 
in Bridge and Cribbage; Thomas' cer- 
tificate in barbering; Herbie's pledging; 
Jamieson's defeat of Uncle Sam; K.D.'s 
and Preston's Mr. Gross contest; 
Spunky's cheerleading; Huneycutt's in- 
terception on the last play of the game; 
Razor's victory over Flip in pre-game 
warm-ups; Fireball's everpresent 
"Yeah"; and Monk's pinning to every- 
one's Sweetheart. Under the leader- 
ship of Sphinx and Goody, Phi Kaps 
enjoyed a year of pleasure interrupted 
only by laughter. Memories remain 
as the last page in another chapter 
of the Skull Book is completed. 

A bevy of beauties at Bugg's. 

.\s the sessel sink.s. Ears, UMOC:, W < 
BuiTalo, Goo-Goo, and Trudge stage a n 

^TT rr^^'KpWI^ 

Mi Ak d 


19 (or> 64 

^'fUis .««l.«^'* 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Black and Old Gold 
August 16, 1850 


pi kappa alpha 

To the strains of the "King of the 
Surfing Guitars,"' tlie Pika Gremmies 
left Malibu, trading boards for books 
and descending upon Tliinksville. Far 
from cramping our social style, how- 
ever, the academic life made our free 
time all the more precious. A quick 
profile of the hotdoggers would reveal 
the Pika football jocks tied and failing 
to score . . . Mr. B. recruiting a top 
name vocal group to entertain the 
Astros . . . the Delts electing the leader 
to the presidency of the Mickey 
Mouse Club . . . G-II relinquishing 
the chairmanship of the local SPONGE 
chapter to join C;ORE . . . Horrible 
jellybean is "right in there" . . . Farber 
wearing Hannukah bush to Snowijall 
. . . Keller lubricating the Brown 
House sofa . . . Guden med cutting 
church chie to swollen uvula . . . 

Pledging not shaping up the fox . . . 

And Bobo dazzling the frosh with 
a pulchritudinous array of imports . , . 
Mercer and Miller pearling . . . Hawk 
and Cookie amazing the frosh from 
the balcony of Hertslet's Hideway . . . 
the Spic being deported from Cigars- 
\ille . . . Hopeless is . . . Kyle snowing 
Cajun Queen with hair hat and wild 
threads . . . Mingus Bings us . . . Koonce 
is tiie httlest surfer . . . Trol leading 
the Gremmies to academic victory 
. . . Bunny honoring Barry with 
godson, then going to jail . . . Giles as 
a packrat . . . Bod stumbling, stammer- 
ing, and stuttering his way through 
Pika Rush meetings. And as the sun 
sinks slowly in the west, with boards 
stacked high in the woodies, the Pikas 
once again shag for the surf. 

Pika's party on Wannamakcr Terrace. 

kidi . . . hiya, li. 

A Homecoming display— be 

fore chicken ^^i^e and napkin?. 







ig" a fr^ cj, c^ c^ ^1 iji ai '::i ^ r% .ti 

a ^<^' 'H' ■■ •:'! c% 

])i ^lappa Alpha 

19 '^": G4 



Founded Nationally- 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Garnet and Gold 
March 1, 1868 


Tliis was the Year of the Wall, as 
the Pi Kapps erected a barrier dixiding 
the cliapter room into (a) a suave den 
and (b) into a giant, unfurnished 
barn. With Archons Goose Belvin 
and Super-Luther Atwater in com- 
mand, the fraternity soared to un- 
heard of lieights. Trashmouth passed 
Accounting. Osmun grossed out chap- 
erones. Blossom got a guitar, and T- 
Bear got a five-foot boa constrictor. 
Even the Era of the Four-door Sedan 
passed: Rhesus Monkey, Graybeal, 
Gripes, and Zeke all appeared on 
campus with rapid, new, "boss" 
machines. And the Bird only got pinned 

pi kappa phi 

Socially, we attempted suaveness. 
Everybody quit cigarettes to take up 
smoking pipes. With the help of the 
obliging KD's, we polished off four 
kegs in one afternoon. During spring 
vacation, we held chapter meetings 
in Nassau, where we dreamed up the 
idea of in\iting Maurice Williams and 
the Zodiacs to the Pledge Formal. 
Somehow, in the midst of all of this, 
five of our noble order were tapped 
for membership in Phi Beta Kappa. ^ 
And throughout the year, our smiling 
Rose, Betsy Ree\es, managed to put 
up with us — how, we'll never know. 
But it was a great year. 

^^i ^ ^ ^ idl ^4l^tti M^^k dL^iM 

.^^ b 4 

7.f''C:^'^ o ty r^ ~t Hi i:^ '::» '-»■' .";) r^ 

ikji ii^ilii tfH^iili ii<44ki^ j^i^i^ 

Colors Q^^V ^^^'^ 3"^ White 

Founded Nationally . (P^Sm^ December 10, 1904 

Founded Locally 'v^^PSr? 1915 

Number of Chapters ^l^y 50 

Sigma alpha epsilon 

B\ the sliorcs of ijotcha-glooms- 
By the shining gothic towers 
Stood the wigwam of Minerva 
Daughter of the rote, Minerx'a 

Henry Worthlesswads Longfellow 
The "E"s" are still here with their 
usual assemblage of "tubers" and 
social guffaws. An isolated group of 
self-proclaimed lovers is a new (and 
fictitious) addition to the spirited 
screamers and gapers of yesteryear. 
A semester of domestic academics with 
less dating has skyrocketed our average 
from 2.4 to astronomical heights. The 
pledge class was a welcome addition, 
for their average shows them to be 
much smarter than we are (a big 
concern to upperclassmen who have 
managed to fool preceding classes). 
Our spring schedule was composed 
of many organized functions, which 
led us away from the gothic splendor 
of our fair Alma Mater. 

Last fall's inno\ations included free 
babysitting for professors and a new 
Homecoming display, although two 
sentimental brothers did provide the 
perennial wrecked-car display in a 
peep show. For the first time in years 
we had a really formal part)-. Antici- 
pating fun-filled hours, we invited a 
veritable host of Duke's crop of play 
l)oy-type professors and administra- 
tors. We enjoyed all five who came, 
indicating tremendous interest and 
helping the cause of student-faculty 
relations. Noticeable absences were a 
repeated hird fioor di\c by "Twitch" 
and frequent isolated thunder showers. 
Voted most respectful and quiet by the 
fine corps of Campus Security officers, 
we emerged in the spring again as 
the reserved gentlemen our mothers 
have raised us to be. So, we dedicate 
this space to our mothers. 

the colorful countryside 





Who .shall we drink i 

.f!^" g ^ SCg^a Alpha ^psClou ^ ^ ^, 

iik^iii iof^G4 m^M 

n c:i a t^ ' n e^ o ,e5l 

Q a. (:ti a /*^ r:i( f^ '^^ e^ ^J^ ■ 

cti 9 a(. a, n W a»'^"^ 9 a a 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Purple and Gold 
March 9, 1856 


Sigma chi 

The year started off with a bang as 
Consul Chuck Walker was elected 
C^aptain of the football team, which 
included eleven other Sigs — notably 
Hog-Bod, Baby VVes, Rodney, Johnny, 
Gute, and the Hamlet Flash. Many 
Y-Men, Epes in MSGA, Moe on the 
Student Union Board, VVorthington 
on the Chronicle, Symposium, and Model 
U.N., and many committee member- 
ships kept us busy "down campus," 
while our grades soared to impressive 
heights. Studies didn't keep us from 
having some fun, though. A strong 
group of loyal seniors, led by Dirty 
Ed (the last of a legendary breed) 
kept the Tube warm and left it only 
for food, a flick, or a trip to the Owl. 
The social calendar was one of the 
best ever. The first Animal Quad 
Ball in several years also proved to 
be the last ! Stinky built us a Home- 
coming display, but the party was a 
lot of fun. And despite the ever- 
present "gaping fi\'e," e\-eryone en- 
joyed himself. 

We serenaded East and Hanes as a 
prelude to Sweetheart Weekend. Hubs' 
friend, Joann Downing, was crowned 
our new Sweetheart by the "new Chris 
Miller," who, with a small amount 
of supervision, organized the entire 
weekend at the Plantation Inn. Kung- 
Fu never really caught on (despite the 
40 select members), Chuck graduated, 
Uno missed, and second semester 
started. Jim Ladd was elected Consul, 
and Melch led us through a most 
successful Rush. "The breeze" Hamil- 
ton returned to strengthen Sig intra- 
murals, and we were well on our way 
to an eighth consecutive High Point 
Trophy. Studying ga\e way to Spring 
Recess and assorted jaunts. Greek 
Week, Joe College, and the Hawaiian 
Party followed — then, the grand finale. 
Beach Weekend, a great conclusion to 
a great year. 

dk 1^ dk ^^M^JtkH^mMflSt^M^ 

C\ ':-» 1*^ 

-.s r_-^ ^ c^ rs, V- :-^ (-^ fr-!^ r^ a 

•^ prf^ :a ca q '4 n :^ 'A a .4 l-% ;-!| 

^iii jjil ilii ^ik ^JlJ. ii Jkdtk 

a "»' c^, :/j O f::t o. ct^ ---> ':^^ gi di -.3 

Colors Pf4P2lt«^ Blue and Old Gold 

Founded Nationally M plf^ ^a June 28, 1855 

Founded Locally M^N^^^ 1912 

Number of Chapters /^RVA 134 


Sigma nu 

The year of the ofl'-campus brothers 
was highUghted by Porter's gradua- 
tion, the Kraft Hoax, a high average 
and another intramural football trophy. 
Mother guided his flock through the 
year with the Sigma Nu Girl at his 
side, but JB took over during Rush. 
The pledges couldn't play football but 
pulled a sneak play with the furniture. 
On a more personal front, HDN 
further asserted his reputation as Gross- 
est Man on the Eastern Seaboard. 
Nichols ended a three-year hiberna- 
tion with a move to the stellar third 
floor, Fog lived with his ".rnagination," 
and Jolly John, after a successful reign 
as KK, moved on to harass the pledge 
class with Pig Pen. The third floor 
gents had trouble with cars — Crash 
Douglass pulled a Sterling turn, G. T. 
snubbed his nose, R-squared scored 
with the Pumas on Myrtle Drive, 
and Simpson's TR started once. 

From the off-campus side came a 
baby VVoose. Truesdell came to two 
consecuti\e meetings (the second was 
Father Bob's after-dinner talk to the 
Pi Phis and Sigma Nus on sex), Ole 
squeaked through with only one ac- 
cident, and Skipper (Bunny Jr.) joined 
the CIA. The Zerot returned, wiiile 
Pear and Bergen strummed for free 
beer at the U.G. And while everyone 
was watching Annabelle and the 
Sceptres, Blick found a new girl(?) 
friend. Chief Worm Bredenberg stirred 
the hearts of all during Rush with his 
meaningful oratory. During the spring 
the Flatt and Scruggs fan club en- 
joyed Greek Week; after the brothers 
ran the torch from the Clapitol in 
Raleigh, Adams was put out to sea 
in a dinghy after a mutiny on the 
Nassau trip, and Beach Week ran 
for a month — all to round out a top 
flight year in our enviable quad. 


.Sigma Nu Sliislikebab. 

Sing Along. 

q C| r^ e^, "Wj Sigma Xu ,-^ ^ ^f , ^ ^1 

::\ tA g rf" q a Oi ..:) rl^ r^ giWr^ff 



Gold, Black and While 

Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 


January 1, 1869 

Number of Chapters 


tau epsilon phi 

Look, our maid's in Plajib 

This was another outstanding year 
for Tau Epsilon Phi. We particd at 
Clarohna, went into debt, buih a 
gigantic Buddha for Homecoming, 
went into debt, redecorated the chapter 
room, and went into debt. E. Z. arrived 
early and confiscated half the chapter 
room for his boudoir. Lums, Trots, 
and Rezdic started their own fraternity. 
Chcchel had the whole campus doing 
the "Schumes," while Knarf gave up 
I'olaroids for beer. East wept as Kit- 
chakoff became ineligible but was 
cheered by the return of Phil Fra- 
ternity to the ranks. Da\e, PLG, and 
Knarf broke all existing records by 
demolishing 82,300 worth of automo- 
biles. Wheeze gave up studying for 
dancing, crashing, and horseshoe pitch- 
ing, while continuing to store the 
fraternity "medicine" in his refrigera- 
tor. El Gayo continued to dabble in 
self-proclaimed philosophic wisdom 

and Ed out-grossed the Hot Nuts. 
Athletically, the Flaming Five never 
cjuite made it onto the court, but 
Newie Hymarks was the sentimental 
wrestling champ. 

TEP pledges again showed who was 
tops with the highest pledge average 
and q.p. gain, while the entire brother- 
hood placed high in the academic 
standings. A week of hard work at 
IJncoln Hospital captured the Help 
Week trophy, while continued effort 
earned us a spread in the Durham 
Morning Herald. Who could forget Httle 
Johnny at the Christmas Party? Crash 
ran a successful Rush, while Schumes 
headed an outstanding pledge pro- 
gram, resulting in new TEPs and a 
new bench. Ski Weekend, Greek Week, 
Joe College, and Beach Weekend 
brought the year to a resounding 
close, so ending the reign of Czar Zide. 

Congratulations, pledge! 






^;»1f»i^ \^ ^^ 



OkJkJkJkmk £k^ 




Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of C:hapters 

@©Q _ 



Lavender and White 
October 19, 1910 

theta chi 

Returnino tu Methodist Flats, the 
HXeii set the l^all rolhng with another 
Bird production, our "Fiesta del 
Toros" party, and followed up this 
success by capturing the Clemson 
"Tiger" and chaining him in the quad 
in time for Homecoming. To alleviate 
"Study's" scholastic fears, much ink 
was used first semester — "How's \er 
shirt, Peebs?" "Who's Who" Zot led 
us through both semesters, trouncing 
two of the largest and most sensational 
armies of pledgii on campus. Bruce- 
baby returned from a year's coal- 
shovelling just in time for another 
climactic spring, highlighted by our 
not-so-Hidden Desires party. "Oink" 
aced C:ar Wrecking 101 and managed 
to keep University Motors in business 
for yet another year. Rafnu was kept 
busy bestowing his baptism rituals, as 
the Modulus of Vegetation of pinnings 

rose to new heights. 

And it was a big year for extra- 
curriculars, with one marriage and 
three engagements. The brothers 
walked all over the pledges at our 
pledge-brother ball game, but no one 
quite remembered the score. Boss 
I imey hit East with a final four-wheel 
drift, before answering the President's 
greetings for two years, unless he can 
get married fast. The achievement 
of the year came with the announce- 
ment of our long-awaited mo\'e to a 
larger section on the main quad. To 
balance the intellectual atmosphere, 
the Iron Chi's then went on to further 
heights at Greek Weekend and Joe 
College, squeezing in a fabulous Dream 
Girl formal and a serenade a la Martin, 
winding up the year with a pre-e.xam 
blast at Mvrtle Beach. 

Before taking the fi 
with cold brew. 

Yoii say it's set at only 

,a c^ c\ a> r^ chd-acfhi :-^ tr* ^ 

kk ,Ak diM aM ^M ^, ;^i g^ All ^i JL'i^^iiiiil 

L-^'rrTy^^'^'^^ -:r ^'» a o c* -% e* 
^ j^ ^ ii ^i^ ^ ^ ii4 ^ ^ A^i Aii Ali 

^^ ^ ill ^ ^ ^ jA £k^ik^A)kmMmk 

' >iHiiajr' ^ "' -^ '•'^ ^ r^ ^ 

^ ^^ ^ 2 ji^ ^ ^ jki^ii^ill 


Colors /^^^^^ Military Red and White 

Founded Nationally r(^^^^ April 10, 1856 

Founded Locally lif/vT^ ^'^'^'^ 

Number of Chapters \®\X X^/ ^^^ 


zeta beta tau 

The ZBT watchword this year was 
FTH. It was, unfortunately, a year 
like all years. Monk and Cheeks led 
us to the top academically, and Panda 
was AU-ACC in football. Abe and 
Louie look like good bets for Olympic 
weightlifting, and Hi Fred was Presi- 
dent of the Order of Hypocrisy. 
Hatchetman Fat Jack had an excellent 
year as Judi Board head and is cam- 
paigning for re-election. Rudox led 
us to a fine basketball season, and 
Spook's slow. Southern drawl was 
perfect as the Voice of Northern High. 
lloinciDniing was a success, due to 
ilii- line hcind of Ace and the Christian 
Bruihcrs. Wam starred in intramural 
basketball, and Dizzy became Billy 
Budd's little bo\-. Thanks to J. Quasi- 
modo and L. Tank, ZBT had a fantas- 
tic Rush; nineteen swell guys came 
our way, and P. Gold can't be far 
beliind. Fat Bookworm got thinner and 

Tlie Old Man dis- 
ss not quite too old. 

Flesh got fleshie 
covered that he 

Leon said "The whole hall's gonna 
pay" — they did, with mono-measles. 
P. Fog was best pledge and S. Rocco 
was brother with the most interest. 
Crude demonstrated that he wasn't 
Crude, only vulgar and common. Dizzy 
made a fortune on Cassius, while Zig 
proved we could afford senior cham- 
pagne. Enjoying the law boards, many 
decided to take them twice. Blitz was 
Mr. Bullock, and Pidgc informed us 
that he's been setting us up. Klesmer 
led Hillel, and Don won at hearts — 
once. P. Coast assured us "if it is to 
be, it is up to me" was more than a 
slogan — a way of life; C, F, and S 
was thus shortened to CS. Learning 
that ZBT and gentleman were 
synonyms, Ney epitomized the year — 
"Sarnc play. Act IV." 

Q e^ ai q 

g ^ /r!^ (^ 

10 |fc G4 

JjJ^{||||j|^^ t)uUo Umuv.'s% 

O r^. a («^ n ri r^, .-^ c^ r^ ::» r^, .-:> 

"^'-^ :-» 

rs ^'^r^ a, t\ ^ a 

Mii^ jiJii^ Jil AiiiH^iilmll di ii dU 


Founded Nationally 
Founded Locally 
Number of Chapters 

Blue and White 
December 29, 1898 




,s.-yii ) i ni^M ii aff«| lli Hgg 

chanticleer queen 

Jack l.nnnn,,. , 

iric of America's 


coniRs in.l in , 

Hcomplished actoi 

r, chose 

Annette Cooper 

as the 1964 Chai 


Beauty Queen. 

Master of Ceremonies Terry Murrav plant 
kiss on th.- lovrlv I.kIvs rlirrk. uliil,- > 

The new Queen with her escort, Oharles Smith, and Ginny Lilly, squired by Peter Nicholas, 
Chanticleer Business Manager. 















ittering tiara was merely "gilding the 
in the case of our lo\ely Homecoming 


The beaming Queen is tscoitid in ( 
Walicer and Steve Kniglit 

C:aptain of tlie Blue Desiis Ginn 

. CIV of surprise and 

1963 Homecoming Court, left to rigiit: Carol Rogers, Hancs, Janet Mathews, Bassctt, Diana Montgomery, Addoms, Cinda Cburtney, Pegram, Bebe 
Ramseur, Alspaugh, Jody Faust, Faculty Apartments, Ginny Lilly, Gilbert, Bonnie Brueggemann, Giles, Stuart Upchurch, Jarvis, Lynn Yarnall, 
Brown, Wendy Johnson, Southgate, Nancy Dailey. Aycock. 


may queen 

nurses' beauty 

Peggy Twigg 

Left, Bill Douglass crowns Toni Ferris as AFROTC Queen; right, Tom Steele places the tiara on 
Robin Wright's pretty head. 

military queens 

Rip Gill> 

Annette Cooper 

Jeri Reuter 

^ beauties 


"^ beauties 


in retrospect 

i ^^^ 



' ^^^^ ^^BBi^^ 


^ 1 


/ could perhaps like others have as- 
tonished thee with strange improhahle 
Tales; but I rather chose to relate plain 
Matter of Fact in the simplest Manner and 
Style; because my principal Design was to 
inform, and not to amuse thee. 

— Lemuel Gulliver 

Apropos ol' tlic Duke undergraduate 
student body, which is really what this 
entire book is about, one is reminded 
of an interesting remark, which will 
soon, it is believed, have attained the 
distinction of a classic. The comment 
was made by an alumnus (anonymous, 
of course) of late vintage. Our graduate 
conspired with a Newsweek reporter 
in the September 9, 1963 issue of that 
magazine. The dissatisfied alum and 
the journalist had this to say about us. 

".!: // hiijpeiis, ihc students at Duke 
have tiinsliluli'd one of llie schooPs biggest 
handicaps in its drive for academic rec- 
ognition. 'The administration has al- 
ways gone in big for the "well-round- 
ed" student,' says a recent alumnus, 
'the extracurricular people. I think 
you might class them "achievers," 
but they didn't learn a damn thing. 
The faculty is excellent, but it's often 
been like casting pearls before vi ///( . 
There wasn't an intellectual on the 
campus'." (italics supplied — ed.) Now 
wait just a cotton-pickin' minute. 
Whatever else people may say in the 
way of criticism, "handicapped swine," 
you must admit, is just a little hard to 
take. At any rate the battle lines were 
rather clearly drawn and a sense of 
excitement and anticipation ligered in 
the air before the year actually got un- 
der way, which it promptly proceeded 
to do. 

As a capricious fate would have it, 
the Class of 1967 invaded Durham on 
Friday the thirteenth. It made little 
difference, though, since few admit to 
a firm belief in superstition, and most 
of the newly-arrived were too involved 
in the frenzy of Orientation to really 

care. On hand to greet them were 
— Y-FAC's, Band-Aides, Peer solicitors. 
Chanticleer photographers, ROTC 
personnel, faculty members waving 

registration forms, Durham merchants 
with age-old, inflationary "student 
specials.'' All of these professionals were 
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, in strik- 

a ^ 

Wash, drv. and I'ol 

An East ■•Y''-group departs for West. 

ing contrast to the bleary-eyed fresh. 
1,035 strong, from 44 states and six 
foreign countries, the novices struggled 
manfully through the ordered chaos of 
Orientation. On schedule, the Admis- 
sions Ofiice released the expected, 
though no less oi;noxious figures. Tin- 
outline of the new class presented an 
impressive statistical profile. With a 
little juggling here and there, in fact, 
you could have every freshman a 
valedictorian, football captain, or both! 
The largest class in school was also the 

brightest in Duke history, which came 
as news to no one. The average SAT 
scores were 625 (verbal) and 652 
(mathematics). Thirty-one had been ex- 
ecutives in secondary school student 
government, 51 were presidents of their 
class, 42 were editors of annuals, 28 had 
been newspaper editors, and so on. 34''( 
of the neophytes were benefiting from 
financial aid, courtesy of the L'ni\er- 
sity, to the tune of some $300,000. With 
the batteries of tests behind them — 
placement tests, the traditions question- 

naire, and the cute quiz, labeled "per- 
sonality inventory," with the delicious 
questions: "Are you plagued by in- 
cestuous desires?" and "Is your sex 
life satisfactory.'" (silh), the Jjewii- 
dered or frustrated frosh settled down 
to more serious business, whatever 
that might be. 

Those who keep track of trivia point 
out that September is the month of, 
by, and for freshmen, much as June is 
designed for seniors and brides. The 
month and the campus are the private 


preserve of freshmen, granted, but only 
briefly. Until such time as the hordes 
of upperclassmen — tanned, healthy, 
and incredibly suave, return and reas- 
sert their legitimate claims. The well- 
dressed upperclassmen — in dark-dark- 
but-never-black loafers, ratty pants, 
and button-downs — and even the 
not-so-natty, found a host of changes 
awaiting their approval. Dr. Douglas 
M. Knight now occupied the executive 
suite in Allen Building. Dean Ball was 
in charge of East Campus, and Dr. 
Meriam directed the College of Engi- 
neering. There was "free" bus service, 
so long as those with cars donated thirty 
bills; this was a parking fee, for the 
privilege of operating and parking (if 
you could find a space) a car on cam- 
pus. Sufficient hell having been raised 
about this, the assessment remained in 
force when the screaming subsided. 

The traditional flag-raising cere- 
monies on September 18 officially 
opened the academic year. Despite 
rumors to the contrary, the rules gov- 
erning "voluntary" class attendance 
were still in effect. Alas, it was true that 
you flVinked — no questions asked, please 
— if you failed to attend class re- 
ligiously, but )'0M did not have to go. The 
Dope Shop, neon, glass, and formica 
hub of the campus, abandoned the 
time-honored practice of serving 
"mixed" drinks: no more five-cent 
Pepsi, no more Cherry Coke, no more 
fresh Whammy. And gone, too, was 
the grilled cheese sandwich. Good 
grief! Then there were new University- 
issue id cards, with hilarious snap- 
shots of your favorite person, bearint; 
a resemblance to Cro-Magnon man. 
Gone, then, too, were the student 
books of old. Textbooks were bought, 
borrowed, put on the shelf, and tlie 
long grind rammed into high gear. 

But not right away. There was, for 
example, the annual rite of passage 
known as Women's Rush. 311 females 
undertook the ordeal of twenty-four 
smiles, sore knees, and hoarse throats. 
With days and nights of tears and 
laughter behind them, 175 pledges 
were welcomed into the warm embrace 
of sisterhood. But a pledge pin is onl\ 
the outward sign of inner grace. More 
important were the sense of security, 
the opportunity for new friendships. 


Give 'em hell, Duke ! 

Here, Jay receives appropriate recognition 
as All-America and the Atlantic Coast Con- 
ft-rence Player of the Year. 

the feeling of "belonging." 

There were other diversions. The 
University power plant failed, and first 
East, then West went without light. 
And you can't study in the dark, what- 
ever else you may do. The delicate 
question of race relations and altering 
the existing order is certainly not new. 
It took on a new sense of immediacy, 
however, when a small, but vocal cadre 
of activists — CORE — began to flex its 
muscles in and around the University. 
The face on the other side of the coin 
was that of Governor George Wallace, 

he of the famous schoolhouse door 
confrontation with Federal oHicials. 
The good Governor expounded the 
views of those, some of those, whom he 
represents; this, before a packed (and 
integrated) Page audience. 

"A Man for All Seasons," one of the 
best Broadway dramas of late, was 
staged on campus by the road company 
of that show. Would that the Honor 
Code for all seasons were: it wasn't 
and was loudly rejected by all but 10% 
of the classes voting. 

Fall means football. The famed Iron 





The Gaslight Singers appeared in Page. 

Dukes of '38, untied and unscored on 
during regular-season play, only to 
lose the all-time heartbreaker in the 
Rose Bowl (to Southern Cal on a last- 
ditch TD pass with 40 seconds to go), 
were reunited. The stars of yesteryear 
looked on approvingly, as the '63 
Blues took Clemson in a fierce Home- 
coming aerial battle. It may not have 
been football, but the Booze Bowl 
participants went at it tooth and nail, 
with Peer "smearing" the Chronicle. The 
paper came back with a "smear" 
review of Peer. There mav not have 

been a connection, but the Chronicle 
received an All-American rating 
shortly thereafter. 

For the intellectually-inclined, there 
was the Symposium. The topic was 
"Contemporary Literature — A Post- 
Human Age?", and the participants 
included Dr. Tom Driver, Ralph 
Elli.son, VV. D. Snodgrass, and Jules 
Feiffer. For the less serious, there were 
\isits to the "new" Mayola's, the 
Carolina game, and the UMOC Con- 

Two major changes in the LIni\ersity 



A mad dash foi- gloi\ 

A gracious Homecoming Queen accepts congratulations 


All the glitter and glamor of Times Square- 
right here in Durham. 

administration were made official. 
Wright Tisdale became Chairman of 
the Executive Committee of the Board 
of Trustees, and Dr. Douglas M. Knight 
was formally installed as Duke's fifth 
and youngest president. 

The change of seasons was heralded 
by the Chapel Choir, now in rehearsal 
for its annual presentation of Handel's 
"The Messiah" and by the seniors 
starting to sweat. Job interviews could 
be a mite discouraging. Die-hard 
liberal arts people wondered if it was 
too late to switch to engineering; 
scientists were readv to turn in their 

labcoats for a banker's gray suit. All 
the doors that a Duke education would 
magically open seemed, somehow, to 
have rusted hinges. 

Christmas is a very merry and very 
personal time of year. "There's no 
place like home for the holidays." 
Just to make sure you realized the 
meaning of this, pre- and post-holiday 
doings removed any doubts you might 
have had. There was, for example, the 
first and last annual Animal Quad Ball, 
with a glass flying through the air one 
minute, a Ijody being propelled after 
it the next. There were the forty days 

and forty ni<>hts shortened into one 
down in Wannamaker; some bright 
pledges were testing the wetness of 

As holiday smiles turned into scowls 
with the thought of approaching exams, 
as news of a blessed event traveled 
over the grapevine, as Cassius Cla>-, 
alias Cassius X., alias, Muhammed Ali 
said "I'm the greatest" and proceeded 
to convince Mr. Liston, the normality 
of second semester imposed itself. The 
Robot Room was an accepted insti- 
tution, Rush went smoothly and suc- 
cessfully, as 234 pledged. The Angus 

Let" s go ! 

Barn burned, and Davidson College 
felt the heat generated by the "flaming 
five" in the Indoor Stadium. 

A chain letter, unrivaled means for 
making money, made the rounds, until 
it was rudely intercepted by the U. S. 
Post Office and the Dean of Men, who 
announced that it was "illegal." The 
engineers made ready for their annual 
Show, and the basketball team made 
ready for Michigan. A giant pep rally 
sent the boys off to Kansas City, where 
they did us proud and came so painfully 
close to bringing home the grand prize. 

Politics, in and out of the limelight 

throughout the year, was back in. 
There was a bitter fight for the riglit 
to live in the Governor's Mansion, but 
that seemed once removed. Five mem- 
bers of the faculty were hauled into 
court in connection with the uprising in 
Chapel Hill. They threatened to make 
federal cases out of the whole thing. 
There was, too, the annual horse race 
for the MSGA presidency, this time a 
three-way afTair, surprisingly close. 
The Regional Model United Nations 
Assembly made some noise; the resigna- 
tion of a senator made even more. 
Woodrow Wilson fellowships were an- 


nounced, twice the number of Angier 
B. Duke Scholarships were awarded, 
and, suddenly, it was spring. 

The slow trickle of announcements 
began: acceptances from graduate 
school, prayed-for draft deferments, 
wedding invitations, and the fact that 
the long-awaited new men's dormitory 
would be ready by 1965. Greek Week- 
end came and went, Joe College did the 
same, and the mass exodus to the Beach 
began, as Sunworship proved the most 
popular religion. 

In recapping what has been said 
and anticipating what will be said 

about our coUcctixe career in the L'ni- 
versity, it must be remembered that 
mere words are inadequate. In the final 
and lasting analysis, Duke is an expe- 
rience, in the fullest sense of the word, 
with many levels of meaning. Depart- 
ing graduates may look back on four 
years of experience: on growth, awaken- 
ing, change, and unexpected, new- 
found maturity. The pattern, if it 
exists, that characterizes these years is 
like unto a surrealist work of art: eerie, 
mysterious, even nightmarish; but with- 
al light, hope, and reason for optimism. 


1960-1961: we were the last males to 
sport singular collegiate chapeaux — 
"dinks"; the SPE's were banished from 
the campus; President Hart underwent 
his sternest trial in dealing with the 
rioters who demonstrated for an extra 
day of \acation to root for our Cotton 
Bowl team; the demonstrators failed; 
but the team won over Arkansas, 7-6. 
The long chain of changes in the Univer- 
sity administration began — new ideas 
and new faces to guide Duke through 

an era of transition; a favorite watering 
place, the "Null and Void" was also 
subjected to a face-lifting, ultimately to 
emerge as something called the "Trian- 
gle Coffee House," with the accent 
falling not on food and drink but on 
something called culture; we lived 
another chapter in the book of chang- 
ing race relations, and the University 
announced the desegregation of the 
graduate and professional schools; new 
buildings to house the above-mentioned 


all hell broke loose the next night. 

A blue book, a pen, cram sheets, and 



Come rain or come shine — or even snow — the familar orange and silver coach wends its weary way 'tween West and East, East and West. 


new ideas were laid out on the drawing 
boards and slowly took shape in brick 
and mortar; a long line of personalities, 
with their various talents and skills, 
passed by and challenged us to take 
notice, to look', listen, enjoy, and per- 
haps think: Ray McKinely, Les Brown, 
Will Herberg, Walter Kaufmann, Adlai 
Stevenson, E. Power Biggs, Marcel 
Marceau, the Brothers Four, and six 
different kinds of a nut, the self-styled 
"King of the World." 

1961-1962: the >ear, like all years, 
was a time of coming and going. A new 
singing group, the HARLEQUINS, 
made its debut; the Campus Security 
Force withstood internal changes and 
acquired a new arsenal of equipment 
in its never-ending struggle to maintain 
peace and order in the midst of an- 
archy; the University adopted a new 
official seal; fraternities approved 
"open" relations; two dedicated edu- 
cators announced their retirement, Dr. 
Davison, who led the Medical School 
from infancy to maturity as a leading 
research and treatment center, and 
Dean Brinkley, who graciously and 
skillfully presided over the Woman's 
C:ollege; tragedy struck, when five 
seniors in the School of Nursing were 
killed in an automobile wreck return- 
ing from a spring recess in Florida; 
the discordant shouts of the chowmen, 
proN'isioners to West Campus, were 
stilled, and a coat and tie was a ticket 

Spring fever . . . the universal disease. 

The midnight oil faintly flickering. 

to the Oak Room for Sunday brunch; 
"outside" contributors to Duke hfe 
included John Ciardi, Henry Kissinger, 
Lionel Hampton (not again!), the 
Weavers, the Robert Shaw Chorale, 
Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, Bo 
Diddley, and a host of others. 

T 962-1963: a year of pause and a 

time to quickly regroup forces in 
preparing for our grand finale: another 
Duke institution, Ralph, the only 
bootblack who could polish suede 
or shine tennis shoes, passed from the 
scene; the long lines in the heretofore 
nameless main dining hall gave way to 
equally long lines in the free-flow Blue 

and White Room, student go\crnments 
took a close, hard look at themselves 
and began debate on the putative 
merits of an honor system; the faculty, 
top-salaried body, was still caught up 
in the "publish or perish" dilemma, 
while, at the same time, more properly 
concerned with the dissemination and 

. ,p.r r^- 

Goin' to Kansas City ... it was 
surprisingly easy against Michigan . . . 
unexpectedly rough against UCLA . . . 
Pain and disbelief are reflected on the 
bench, as the handwriting on the wall 
is made plain ... but second place 
honors are not to be scorned. 

Iriiitlul discussion of ideas; the ex- 
perimental dorms were no longer an 
experiment, but a you-better-learn-to- 
live-with-us reality; the campus was 
heartened ijy the incredible success of 
the basketball team, by the lonsr- 
awaited concession to voluntary class 
attendance, and by the announcement 
that a new President, youtliful and 
\is"orous Douglas M. Knight, had 
been chosen. In the midst of this 
gaiety came the sad news of the death 
of a popular and promising historian. 
Dr. Alfred Tischendorf. The parade of 
indixiduals who visited the campus 
continued: .-Xllen Dulles, Ray CHiarles, 
Gerry Mulligan, Earl Warren, Mary 
Bunting, Edward Teller, Germaine 
Bree, Margaret Mead, the Chad 
Mitchell Trio, the Four Preps, Joan 
Baez, and such. 

What does the balance-sheet look 
like. At this point, it is impossible to 
sav. Certainlv, we are not the same 

New game. 

Commencement — an end and a new beginning. 

people who ari-i\ed four years ago. 
Time and man have seen to that. 
But now, the merry-go-round slows to 
a stop. Vertigo overcome, you stumble 
about looking for your "self," as you 
have not done these four years. And 

where, what, why, and who are you? 
Your buoyant idealism has been tem- 
pered by all manner of chilling real- 
ities; your outlook has changed, your 
ideas been refashioned, your character 
molded, your personality altered. You 

ha\e trouble latching on to the word 
"goodbye." The new you, having 
established new norms, pauses, perhaps, 
for a few final sentimental gatherings. 
A last look from the circle, and then 



Adams, Dorothy Ann ■66. 978 Laing St.. .St. Albans. W. Va. 
Aderholdt, Linda Diane '66. 1232 Bethel Rd.. Charlotte 8. N. C. 
Alexander, Mary Beth "66. 1429 Marion Court. Geneva. 111. 
Alli-son. Virginia Wright '64 

2320 Queens Rd. East. Charlotte. N. C. 
Ambler. Sally Ann '64, 2U66 Parkview Ave., Abington, Pa. 
Anderson, Mildred Anne '64 

164 E. McCormick St. Apt. 8, State College, Pa. 
Appleyard, Jo Ann '65, 1209 Milwaukee Ave., Glenview, 111. 
Avett. Alice Ruth '66, Bo.\ 25, Hudson, N. C. 
Bailey. Alice Jean "65, 2523 Blackwood Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del. 
Baker, Janet Louise '64, 137 Blackburn Rd., Summit, N. J. 
Balestra. Melanie Leah "66. 950 Sunset Ave., Waynesboro, Pa. 
Barden. Nancy Carolyn "64 

8635 Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia 18, Pa. 
Bartlett. Mary Lee '67. 900 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore 29, Md, 
Bauer, Euphemia C, II "65, 1171 East Broad St.. Westfield, N, J, 
Bellew, Frances Loring "66, 144 Sunset Dr., Greenville, S. C. 
Bertrand, Barbara Barclay "64 

1940 Rainbow Dr., Clearwater, Fla. 
Bevacque. Donna Gayle "67, 203 Branch Rd., Vienna, Va. 
Billings. Mary Ellen "66. 24 Acken Dr., Clark, N. J. 
Blakeslee, Carol Lillian "67, 1002 Argonne Dr.. Baltimore 18, Md. 
Blatt, Virginia Elizabeth "67, 276 Hillside Ave.. Chatham, N. J. 
Blondeau. Judith Elaine "66 

29 Country Club Dr.. Glen Burnie. Md. 
Bohnet, Ann Louise "66, 8 Eagle St.. Lvndonville. N. Y. 
Brauch, Catherine Carol "66, 530 Van Buren St.. Ridgewood. N. J. 
Bremer, Barbara Waaland "64, 65 East Third St.. Corning. N. Y. 
Brown, Rose Virginia "67, 1037 Augusta St.. West Columbia. S. C. 
Burton, Judith Murdock '67 

3904 Tazewell Pike, Knoxville 18, Tenn. 
Bussard, Frances Ann "66, 402 Belle Vista Dr., Alexandria, Va. 
Butt, Barbara Shepherd "67, 511 West Moreno St.. Pensacola. Fla. 
Caldwell, Elizabeth K. "65. Box 126. Dillon. S. C. 
Capehart, Gretchen Hall "67. 600 Overlook Rd.. Riverton, N. J. 
Cardona, Virginia D. "65 

525 Thayer Ave. Apt. 119, Silver Spring, Md. 
Carpenter, Lesley Ann "64 

1201 Southwest 18 Crt., Fort Lauderdale. Fla. 
Cavalaris, Pamela Anna "66. 114 Robinson St.. Greenville, S. C. 
Chamberlin, Cheryl Jean "67, 73 Main St.. Dansville. N. Y. 
Chamblee. Carole Annette "65, 622 Westwood, High Point, N. C. 
Charles, Rachel Diane "64, 1903 Rolling Rd., Greensboro. N. C. 
Christensen, Signe Ann "66 

Schouvlaan 10, Wassenaar, Netherlands 
Clairmont, Nancy Eileen "66, 2118 Westerly Dr., Lynchburg. Va. 
Clay, Gertrude Linda "65, Caixa Postal 2009, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Clayton. Jean Moore "67, 17 St. Charles Place, Asheville, N. C. 
Conner, Eliza Carroll '64 

3427 N. Maryland Ave. Milwaukee II, Wis. 
Cordyack, Cathryn Anne "65. 406 Fairview Ave . Frederick. Md. 
Cowell. Leah Leslie "67. Rt. 2, Washington, N. J. 
Cozart. Elizabeth M. "66. 814 Berkeley St., Durham. N. C. 
Crane, Carol Laura, "64, 321 Parkside Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pa. 
Crothers, Phyllis Jean "65. 305 Hermitage Dr., Elkton, Md. 
Crowell, Ann Leete '67, 420 Ridgeway, St. Joseph, Mich. 
Curtiss. Linda Ann "64, 1733 Central St.. Yorktown Hts.. N. Y. 
Davis, Adrienne R. "66, 1 1 Morningside Ave.. Yardley. Pa. 
Davis, Carol Ann "65, Rt. 2, Boonsboro, Md. 
Davis, Laurel Rhea "67, 45 Rose Terrace, Chatham, N. J. 
Dayton, Nancy Elizabeth '67, Box 190, Towanda, Pa. 
Deemer, Alexandra Jane "67. 135 Jefferson St.. Brookville. Pa. 
Demontreux. Helene M. '67. 227 McKinley Place, Ridgewood, N. J 
Dierauf. Eline Gade '64. 221 North Ave., Weston 93, Mass. 
Disco. Elizabeth C. '65. 100-48 75th Ave.. Forest Hills 75. N. Y. 
Donkin. Deborah. "65. 777 W. Park Ave.. State College. Pa. 
Doswell. Susan "67, 407 Valleybrook Dr.. Falls Church. Va. 
Douglas. Margaret Ann "67. 7315 Delfield St.. Chevy Chase. Md. 
Cuckett. Laura Jean "67. 112 Louisiana Ave.. Asheville. N. C. 
Dunn. Karen Ellen "66. 35 Rockledge Rd., Hartsdale. N. Y. 
Dunsmore, Carolyn Mary "67 

28 Randolph Place, West Orange, N, J. 
Dusbabek. Susan Margaret '65 

5315 Chamberlin Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Earle, Mary Elizabeth "67, 1115 Wilson Dr.. Dayton 7, Ohio 
Ebbert. Susan Marcia "67, Fox Lake, R,D. 1, Leesport, Pa. 
Ecker. Charlotte Martin "67 

3701 Upton St. N.W.. Washington 16, D. C, 
Edens, Joanne "64. 8139 Grimsby Rd., Richmond 25. Va. 
Ehlers. Bonnie Lu '66. 714 Country Club Dr., Pittsburgh 34. Pa. 
Ellis. Peggy Jo '67, 1205 North Main St.. Greenville. S. C. 
Engel. Darby Ann '66. Rt. I. Box 40, Chapin, S. C. 
Ensign. Joan Jarrett '66, 221 Beechwood Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. 
Evans, Jean Ury Turner '66, 3005 Lincoln St.. Camp Hill. Pa. 
Fairfax. Nancy Ellen '65. 4900 Lackawanna St., College Park, Md. 
Farnham, Elsie Edith '65, 402 Penn Rd., Wynnewood. Pa. 
Fesmier. Barbara Joan '65 

Newton Rd. Woodbridge, New Haven 15, Conn. 

Flinchbaugh. Judith .Anne "67. 852 Lehigh Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 
Flint. Beverly Hitchcock "65 

Jericho Manor. BIdg. 16. Apt. 245, Jenkintown, Pa. 
Flintom. Sarah Ann '(i7. h2 1 Candlewood Dr., Greensboro, N, C, 
Foster, Sandra Ann '64. 314 L. Dolphin St.. Siler City, N. C. 
Fouke. Judith Lvnn '67. 4351 Overland Trail. Dayton 29, Ohio 
Fra\. ( aihcnne Elizabeth '67 

,SI4 ( eicJo Ave.. West Chester. Pa. 
Free. \1cIiikI.i l.eigh '65, 301 Baer Ave.. Hanover. Pa. 
Frias. Claudia ■(.7. 301 Langston Rd., Princess Anne, Va. 
Furste, Nancy Dianne "65, 3125 Bembridge Rd.. Columbus 21, Ohio 
Futrell, Betty Brookes '67 

1 1 1 1 Rhode Island Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Gaige. Lois Ann '64, 1520 Siron St., Falls Church. Va. 
Garland. Hettie Lou "65. 826 W. Elm St.. Shelby, N. C. 
Garside, Nancy Jo "67, 6254 N. Kilpatrick. Chicago. 111. 
Gehrig, June Evelyn "64, 304 Burton Ave.. Hasbrouck Hgts., N. J. 
Graham, Robin Elizabeth '67 

904 Brantford Ave., Silver Spring, Md. 
Griffeth, Betty Marie "67, 235 Lowndes Ave., Greenville, S. C. 
Griffin, Cornelia Ann '64, Box 34, Robersonville, N. C. 
Grimm. Karen Louise '66. 18 Kilmer Dr.. Short Hills. N. J, 
Gross, Patricia Carin '66 

3481 Principio Ave., Cincinnati 26, Ohio 
Grubenmann, Linda Ann '64, Morrison Lane, Laurinburg, N. C. 
Gruman, Sunny Gay '67, 127 S. Euclid Ave.. Westfield, N. J. 
Guest, Susan Elizabeth '65, Stony Brook Rd. S., S. Darien, Conn, 
Gummey, Jenifer '64, 1138 Youngsford Rd., Gladwyne. Pa. 
Habbersett. Linda Dian '66. 143 Valley Rd.. Media, Pa. 
Hagaman, Margaret Lynn '65, 301 Cherry Dr., Boone, N. C. 
Hagist, Susan Lee '67, 113-A East Main St.. Mascoutah, 111. 
Halfman, Marsha Anne '66, 12 Inwood Rd., Chatham, N. J. 
Hamilton. Carol Ann '67 

166 Los Robles, Williamsville, Buffalo 21, N. Y. 
Handy, Susan Elizabeth '65, Main St., Crisfield, Md. 
Hane^. Mary Louise '64. Rt. I. Box 292. Morehead City, N. C. 
Hardenbiui;. Kuthryn A. '66 

7505 Hopkms Ave., College Park, Md. 
Hardin. Brenda Sue '67, 137 Hillcrest Ave.. Lancaster. S. C. 
Harlow, Judith Elaine '64, 29 Troy Hole Rd,, Darien, Conn. 
Hart. Antoinette Raub '64. 420 East 5 1st St., New York, N. Y. 
Hayes, Caroline Ruth '66 

1 1 N. Symington Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. 
Hayes, Margaret Sue '66, 48 Stoner Dr., W. Hartford 7. Conn. 
Hayman. Joyce Lee '67, 1800 16th St. N.W.. Winterhaven. Fla. 
Hazlett. Judith Williams '64 

Dellcroft Cross Lane, Harpenden, Herts, England 
Hemphill, Brenda S. '66, 103 Glenrae Dr.. Baltimore 28. Md. 
Hendler. Margaret F. '66, II Sunset Ave.. Lakewood. N. Y. 
Henry. Elizabeth M. '66. 525 Sevilla Ave.. Coral Gables 34, Fla, 
Heusner, Barbara Jeanne '65, 2209 Garden Dr.. .Schenectady, N. Y. 
Higdon. Wendy Lou '66, 914 Robin Rd.. State College. Pa. 
Hild, Marilyn Jean '67, 103 Scenery Blvd.. Monessen. Pa. 
Hodges. Carol Ann '66. 3 Radlev Court. Westfield. N. J. 
Holland. Rebecca May "67. 1512 Edith St.. Burlington. N. C. 
Housekeeper. Judith Kav '67. 576 Austin Ave.. Pittsburgh 16. Pa. 
Howe, Marilvn Ruth '64. 47 Whitney Rd.. Medford 55, Mass, 
Hurter, Ellenmarie '67, Main St., East Haddam, Conn. 
Hydeman. Elaine Louise '65, 6101 McGee, Kansas City, Mo. 
Hyre. Nancy Jane '65. Box 45-B, Rt. I, Boalsburg, Pa. 
Inglis. Marion C. "66. 3018 Mossdale Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Jackson. Janice Claire "66 

60 Grandview Ave.. White Plains, N. Y. 
Johnson, Barbara Kay "65, 6613-31 St. N.W.. Washington. D. C. 
Johnson, Margaret Wheeler "64 

24-39 Kaukilya Marg. Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi, India 
Karmiol. Mary Anne "67, 36 Clinton Rd„ Garden City, N. Y. 
Kellow, Margo "64, 110 E. Ridge St., Lansford, Pa. 
Kennedy. Eliza Jane "66 

21249 Colby Rd., Shaker Hgts. 22, Ohio 
Kenworthv, Deane "67 

1422 Walnut St., Dekalb Park, Center Square, Pa. 
Kern. Alice Corblv "65. 3623 Dover Rd., Durham, N, C. 
Kiepe, Judith Ann "64, 115 Tudor Oval, "Westfield, N. J. 
Kilpatrick. Lynn "66. 2 Burnside Dr., Short Hills, N. J, 
Kimel. Alice Ann "67 

c/o Wessel Nursing Home, 515 Templeton Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Kinsley. Cheryl Elaine "65, 705 Piney Woods Dr.. La Grange, Ga. 
Ki,\miiler. Margaret Ann "66 

5305 Duvall Dr.. Washington 16. D. C. 
Klein, Jane Lee "67, II Wilson Rd.. Darien. Conn. 
Kliner. Virginia Ann '64 

118 Meadowbrook Rd., N. Plainfield, N. J. 
Knott, Marcia Elaine '64, 1712 N. Highland St.. Arlington. Va. 
Knutson. Carole "67. Millbrook School for Boys. Miilbrook. N. Y. 
Kunz. Susan Margaret "66. 6908 Thomas Blvd.. Pittsburgh 8. Pa. 
Larson. Maryanne "67. 5 N. Kilhy St.. Gloucester. Mass. 
Lasoff. Marjo Lynne "66, 177 Rockcrest Rd.. Manha.sset. N. Y. 
Lavely, Kaaren Ann "67, 4309 Esteswood Dr., Nashville 12. Tenn. 

Lee. Linda Joanne '64, 20 Yarmouth Rd., Chatham. N. J. 
Leland. Linda Diane "66. 241 Willow Ave.. Millbrac. Calif. 
Lewis. Mary Caroline "65. Box 5. Farmville, N. C. 
Lowenthal, Donna Duhy "64. 51 Cooper Lane, Larchmont. N. Y. 
Lilly. Helen Spark.s "65, 2530 Fairway Dr.. Vero Beach. Fla. 
Lundholm. Barbara Ruth '65, 190 Orchard PI., Ridgewood. N. J. 
Mac Robert, Mary Margaret '64 

919 S. Franklin Ave., Flint 3. Mi.h. 
Malevan. Gail Ann '64 

22375 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Hts.. Ohio 
Markel. Marian Kay '67. 421 Larchwood Rd.. Springfield. Pa. 
Marshall. Thomasin Lee '67, Rt. 3. Hillsboro. N. C. 
Matthews. Mary Louise '67 

1311 Lakewood Dr., Greensboro. N. C. 
Mayes. Judith Carol '66. 66 Alexander Dr.. Meriden. Conn. 
McConnell, Tharon Cecile '65, Rt. 4. Box 437. Mooresville, N. C. 
McFarland. Sandra M. '64 

5020 Ortega Farms Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. 
McGovern. Diane Neilson '64, 40 Glen Rd.. Greenwich. Conn. 
McKee, Andrea Lynne '67. 441 Parkdale Dr.. Charleston 45. S. C. 
Means. Deborah Elizabeth '64 

18 St. Andrews Walk. Buffalo 22, N. Y. 
Meeks, Marcia Kay '66, 203 Farmington Dr., Carmillus, N. Y. 
Mills, Elizabeth Claire '66, 1 108 J St., N. Wilkesboro. N. C. 
Mills. Joan Elizabeth '66. Scaford. Va. 

Minier, Margaret Susan '65. 494 Burnham Rd., Williamsburg. Va. 
Mock, Victoria Leola '64, 1700 Pigeon Foint Rd., Beaufort, S. C. 
Moore. Jean Rich "64. 84 Pierce Dr.. Pleasantville. N. Y. 
Morrison, Diane Elizabeth '67 

41 Mayfair Ave.. Floral Park, N. Y. 
Mount. Zelma Frann '66. 82 Pearce Ave.. Manasquan. N. J. 
Moye, Josephine Kemp '66, 294 I Ith Ave. N.W.. Cairo. Ga. 
Newton. Dorothy Louise '65 

22 Lockwood Ave.. Old Greenwich. Conn. 
Nolph, Frances Louise '67, 860 Olstrom Rd., Syracuse, N. Y. 
O'Brien. Jane Ashton '67. 6100 Lansing Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 
Oelschlegel. Judith Anne '64. Burger Rd., Terryville, Conn. 
Oman. Laura '66, 1704 Clay Ave.. Cunmore. Pa. 
Omeara. Marilyn Ann '64. 1741 W. 26th St.. Erie, Pa. 
Orpen. Gay Sandra '67. 228 Berkeley Rd.. Glenside. Pa. 
Ozbolt. Judy Grace '67. 405 Ravjnwood Rd.. Walterboro. S. C. 
Page. Lynn '65. 5010 Maunh Rd.. McLean, Va. 
Parker. Lois Harriet '65. 25 Ferndale Rd.. Madison. N. J. 
Parker. Marilyn Jan '64. 3 Corona Dr.. Bethpaae. N. Y. 
Parker, Mary Julia '67, 304 Bickett Rd.. Raleigh 9. N. C. 
Patterson, Sharon Kav '66 

9 Sleepy Hollow Rd.. New Canaan. Conn. 
Peach, Nancy Gayle '64 

Qtrs. B. Navy Supp. Corps Sch., Athens, Ga. 
Perrill. Deborah Lynn '66. 19 Downer Ave.. Scarsdale. N. Y. 
Petch. Kristin Elizabeth '64, Rt. I. Box 204A. Durham, N. C. 
Peterson. Gail Melinda '65 

12(10 Jackson Ave.. Takoma Park 12. Md. 
Peterson. Sally Machen '66 

3572 Dean Dr.. Apt. M, Hyattsville. Md. 
Pfelzing. Virginia Ann '66 

14705 Kelvin Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Poupalos. Irene John '64, 105 W. Ashley Ave., Folly Beach, S. C. 
Preston. Carol Ann '64. 390 Jefferson Ave., Morrisville. Pa. 
Prideaux. Penelope Ann '66. 13 Cupsaw Ave.. Ringwood. N. J. 
Rastall. Margaret Lang '64, 301 Trenton Blvd.. Sea Girt. N. J. 
Ray, Mary Elizabeth '67, 1409 17th Way S.W.. Birmingham. Ala. 
Reed. Brenda Ann '64, 1214 Fair St.. Camden. S. C. 
Reeves. Elizabeth James '64. 920 Anderson St.. Durham. N. C. 
Reilly, Susan Jane '67, 67 Transverse Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. 
Rice. Sheila Sanford '66, 18 Bayside Terrace. Riverside. Conn. 
Richmond. Ann Louise '67 

Provost Marshal, Atlanta Army Depot, Forest Park, Ga. 
Rinehart. Carol Brisbane '65 

1861 Westview Rd.. Charlottesville. Va. 
Rinkema. Marsha Lynn '67, 333 Spruce Dr.. Naperville. 111. 
Robertson. Martha Eleene '65, M.O.Q. 2116, Camp Lejeune. N. C. 
Robertson. Victoria Jean '67, 119 Wiltshire Blvd.. Biloxi. Miss. 
Robinson. Beth Ann '67. 22 Beech Lane. Metuchen. N. J. 
Rogers. Carol Ann '64. 204 Garfield St.. Haworth. N. J. 
Root. Janice Ann '65. 963 Lochmoor, Grosse Point 36. Mich. 
Roser. Antoinette C. '66. 2716 3ht St. S.E., Washington. D. C. 
Ross. Suzanne Meador '64. 1016 Wendover Rd., Charlotte. N. C. 

Rowland. Elizabeth Ann '64 

12 Lawrence FM Crossway, Chappaqua. N. Y. 
Sawyer, Martha Jane '66, 101 South Ash St., Elizabeth City. N. C 
Scarborough, Lynn '67, 4610 Club Terrace N.E., Atlanta 19, Ga. 
Schaffer, Toni Anne '66, Box 381, Phillips Rd., Granville. Ohio 
.Schmidt, Barbara Lee '66, 13 Shady Lane, Scarsidale, N. Y. 
Scott, Susan '67, Lyons Plain Rd., Weston, Conn. 
Seaholm. Elizabeth Anne '66 

8658 Riverwood Dr., Richmond 29, Va. 
Searles, Mary Alyce '65. 5916 Evrith Ave., Baltimore 6. Md. 
Seymour. Nancy Duff '67, 71 Riverlawn Dr., Fair Haven. N. J. 
Shaw. Rosalie Ann '64. 4206 Hickory Rd.. Richmond Va 
Shawger. Helen Martha '67. 23 Highland Dr., Summit,' N. J. 
Shumway. Robin Elizabeth '65 

2164 Chatfield Dr.. Cleveland Heights 6. Ohio 
Sime. Judith Ellen '67. 137 Washington .St., Weslfield. N. J 
Simmons. Judith Ann '65, 313 Old Trail. Baltimore 12. Md 
Sinclair, Kathleen Isabel '67, 5612 N. 32 St., Arlington. Va. 
Sitterly, Jean Elizabeth '66, 10 W. Langhorne Ave., Bethlehem. Pa 
Skodol. Holly Anne '64 

3240 Comanche Rd.. Brookside Farms, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Smith. Mary Beth '66. 116 West Main St., Ripley," N. C. 
Smith. Mary Catherine '65. 1817 Glendale Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Smith. Sandra Louise '67. 56 Elmore Rd.. Rochester 18 N Y 
Smoot. Edith Annabelle '64 

2010 Black Fox Dr. N.E., Atlanta 6, Ga. 
Sneller. Kathleen Ann '67 

3368 Chelsea Dr., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 
Snyder. Carol Ann '66. 62 Lake Rd.. Morristown. N. J. 
Solomon, Joan '65, 118 Alhambra Rd.. Massapequa, N. Y. 
Speth. Bonnie Jean '64. 1073 Gunka Rd.. Jacksonville. Fla. 
Steen, Marcia Lynne, 48 Andrew Rd,. Manhasset, N. Y. 
Stetzer. Sharon Caria '65, 1727 Kaneville Rd.. Geneva. III. 
Stine. Doris Mae '66, 23 Merritt Dr., Trenton 8. N. J. 
Stroud, Dixie Janet '67 

2522 Country Club Lane, Charlotte, N. C. 
Suerkin. Susan Ann '67, 98 Mohican Park Ave.. Dobbs Ferry N Y 
Swatzburg. Susan '65, Scotland Rd., Norwich. Conn. 
Sykes. Cathleen '66. 26 Meadow Woods Rd., Great Neck. N Y 
Tate. Jacqueline Crawford '67. 723 S. Palmway. Lake Worth. Fla 
Taylor. Beverly Ann '67 4 Dervend Circle. Matamoras, Pa 
Thornbury, Elizabeth H. '66 

18 Cornwells Beach Rd.. Port Washington, N. Y. 
Tilton. Grace Louise '67. 1 Lanark Rd., Arlington 74, Mass. 
Todd, Norma Lee '65, 182 Beach Rd., Hampton, Va. 
Todt, Barbara Jean '67. 428 Virginia Ave.. Havertown. Pa. 
Towslee. Polly Ellen '67, One Jones St., Cartersviile, Ga. 
Turner. Elaine Ward '66 

1523 Park Grove Ave.. Baltimore 28, Md. 
Turner, Sandra Jane '66. P. O. Box 7, Carrizozo, New Mexico 
Twigg, Margaret Jane '66. 509 Birchwood Dr.. High Point. N C 
Twomey, Judith Anne '67, Rd. 1. Box 295. Quakertown. Pa. 
Valin. Margaret Suzanne '67 

1605 S.E. 9th St.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Vincent. Wendy Carolyn '67. 98 Sunset Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. 
Vogelsberg. Nancy Jeanne '65. 127 Pine Tree Rd., Radnor, Pa. 
Vose, Martha Dunbar '66 

HDQTR 6th Naval Dist., U. S. Naval Base. Charleston S C 
Walker. Ann Kristine '67 

Central Roinana. La Romana. Dominican Republic 
Walhi.c. \l;,i\ Hanes '64. Rt. I, Box 292. Morehead City, N. C. 
Wallcis. Bonnie Lee '67. 137 .Stout Ave.. Middlesex. N. J. 
Ward. Maureen Louise '67. Horseshoe Hill. Hockessin. Del. 
Waring. Mary Randolph '67. 155 Victoria St.. Elkin N. C 
Waterfall. Mary Kathleen '67 

1917 West Admiral Rd.. Stillwater. Okla. 
Westcott. Julianna '66. 19 Woodhill Rd., Tenafly, N. J. 
Whitenight, Patricia E. '66. 731 Lenape Trail. Westfield. N. J. 
Whitmore, Jean '66, 130 Country Club Dr.. Manhasset. N. Y. 
Williams. Martha Lee '66. 11752 Taylorcrest, Houston," Texas 
Willson, Donna Jean '67, 662 Hutchinson Dr.. N. Augusta S C 
Wilson. Helen Waldo '67 

4010 Parian Ridge Rd. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Winkler. Wendy '67. 173 Forest Ave.. West Caldwell. N. J. 
Wise. Nancy Marie '64. 229 Woodburn Rd.. Raleigh. N. C. 
Wishart. Elaine Florence '66. 502 Whitewood Rd.. Union N J 
Wolfe, Kristen Jane '67. P. O. Box 632. Valparaiso. Fla. 
Wright. Susan Foye '66. 1002 Hillcrest Lane. Annandale. Va. 
Young. Susan Gaynelle '66. 231 Mellwood Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. 

undergraduate women 

Abercrombie. Brenda L. '66, Rt. 2. Greenville, S. C. 
Abke. Helen Lucille '67, 935 27th St.. Orlando. Fla. 
Acree. Jackie '67, 1702 Council Bluff Dr. N.E.. Atlanta. Ga 
Acton. Mary Alice '64, Green Acres, Box 784, Danville. Ky. 
Adams, Patricia Lee '65. 4228 Dalmation Dr., McLean, Va. 
Adamson. Joan Lee '64, 14706 Carrolton Rd., Rockville, Md. 
Addington. Ann Marie '67 

327 Dover Rd.. Carrsbrook, Charlottesville, Va. 

Adee. Marjorie D. '66. Camel Hollow Rd., Huntington. N. Y. 
.4dkins. Mary Judith '64, 1109 Powerhouse Lane. Lyndon. Ky. 
Ahrendt. Thais E. '66, 54 Union Place, Ridgefield Park, N. J. 
Albers. Barbara Jan '65 

1838 Argentina Dr. S.E.. E. Grand Rapids. Mich. 
Albert. Nancy K. '66. 15 Cadwalader Dr.. Trenton. N. J. 
.Alcock. Jane Moore '67, Spaulding Lane, Bronx 71, N. Y. 

Aldridge, Virginia Kern "67 

1106 Lafayette Ave., Rocky Mount. N. C. 
Alexander. Eloise P. "66. 11 31st Ave.. Savannah. Ga. 
Alexander. Pamela Gay, Box 144, King, N. C. 
Alford, Judith Eleanor '67. 3 Wake Robin Rd.. Westport. Conn. 
Allen. Mollis '67. 46 Willow St., Southport, Conn. 
Allen, Margaret Ashby "67, 213 Lock Lane, Richmond 26, Va. 
Allen. Margaret Bothwell '65 

4208 Sunnyside Rd. Edina. Minneapolis. Minn. 
Allison. Nancy Elinor '67. 342 Northwood Rd., Riverside, III. 
Alsobrook, Ann Lewis "64, Rt. 1, Pfafttown, N. C. 
Alter, Carol Ann '67, 2818 Kendale, Toledo, Ohio 
Althouse, Sandra Louise "67, 50 Woodbrook Lane, Swarthmore. Pa. 
.Amen. Karen Sue "66, 255 Hempstead Place, Charlotte, N. C. 
Andersen, Marilyn Ruth "66, 540 Ave. F S.E., Winter Haven, Fla. 
Anderson. Carol G. "66. 3421 Highview Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Anderson. Jane Catherine '67 

826th Medical Group, APO 843, New York, N. Y. 
Anderson, Marjorie C. "66. 33 Forest Rd., Asheville, N. C. 
Anutta. Lucile Jamison "65 

1310 Des Moines Ave., Andrews A. F. Base, Wash. 25. D. C. 
Apgar, Bonnie G. "66. 95 Pengon Circle, E. Meadow, N. Y. 
Appleton, Susan Elizabeth "64 

1808 Truman Rd., Charlotte 5, N. C. 
Arnold, Ingrid D. "66, 211 Park Circle, Tullahoma, Tenn. 
Arthur, Katherine M. "66. 312 Glenwood Ave., Burlington, N. C. 
Ashley, Terry Fay "64, 1772 S.W. 35th Ave.. Gainesville, Fla. 
Askew. Elizabeth Anne '67. 9 E. Kendrick Ave.. Hamilton. N. Y. 
Austell. Mary Adelaide '64. 522 West Marion St., Shelby, N. C. 
Austin, Harriet Lindsay '64, 500 Lindale Dr., High Point, N. C. 
Auzat, Barbara Ann '64, 1600 16th Ave.. Columbus, Ga. 
Avery, Dianne '66, 5908 Lemon Rd.. McLean. Va. 
Aydlett. Dorothy B. "66, 420 W. Main St.. Elizabeth City. N. C. 
Badgetl. Alice Sheppard "65 

767 Braemar Ave. S.W., Atlanta II, Ga. 
Bagley, Carol Anne '64, 2351 Que St. S.E., Wash. 20, D. C. 
Bagley, Faye S. '66, 5353 Northside Dr. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Bailey, Claire Grace '67, 508 Clove Rd., Staten Island 10, N. Y. 
Bailey, Lorianne "67, 15 South Lane, Englewood, Colo. 
Bailey. Susan R. '66, 4313 N. 39th St.. Arlington 7, Va. 
Bailleu. Cheryl A. "66, 1035 S. Sixth St.. St. Charles. III. 
Baker. Judith Ann '65. 618 Amanda Dr., Bellefonte, Ashland. Ky. 
Baker, Sarah L. '65, 42 So. Shore Dr., Decatur, III. 
Baker, Susannah Carlin '64, 120 Round Hill Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y. 
Balderston, Barbara '65. Box 190, Glen Mills, Pa. 
Baldwin, Elizabeth M. '65, Moore Rd., Wayland, Mass. 
Ball, Ann Katharine "67, 13 15 W. State St., Geneva, III. 
Baluss, Mary Eleanor "67, 2315 Westdale Dr.. Fayetteville. N. C. 
Bannerman, Jeanne E. "65, 655 Nelson Dr., Baton Rouge. La. 
Baran, Janet Eileen "64, RFD 1, Box 27, Columbus, N. J. 
Barbee. May W. "64, Yaupon Beach, Southport, N. C. 
Barbour. Carol Goodwin "67, P. O. Box 801, Morganton, N. C. 
Barker. Dorothy Mira '64 

West Drive North Haven, Sag Harbor, N. Y. 
Barnes. Pamela S. '66, 2456 Rockville Centre Pk.. Oceanside, N. Y. 
Barnett, Elizabeth Anne "65, 2628 Rivers Rd. N. W.. Atlanta 5. Ga. 
Bates, May Joan "64, 9107 Lindale Dr.. Bethcsda 14. Md. 
Batte. Cynthia Anne "64, 70 N. Spring St., Concord, N. C. 
Bay, Barbara Ann "67, 1499 Rivershores Way, Tampa 3, Fla. 
Bay, Edna Grace "65, 300 E. 12th St., Dover. Ohio 
Bayles, Susan W. "66, 3525 N. Delaware Ave., Arlington, Va. 
Beach, Roberta Kay "67 

2319 Maplewood Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Beacham, Dolly E. "66, 181 E. Evans St., Norfolk 3, Va. 
Beale. Delores Janeil "67, 120 Benmore Dr.. Winter Park. Fla. 
Beam. Carol Y. "66, 307 Judy Lane, Americus, Ga. 
Beck, Jean Marie "67, 7438 Normandy Lane, Philadelphia 26, Pa. 
Becton. Emily Allen "64, 559 North College St.. Wake Forest, N. C. 
Beineke. Betsy L., "66, 158 Holiday Lane, Ft. Thomas. Ky. 
Beischer, Rose Marie '67, 847 Gerhardt Dr., Pensacola, Fla. 
Bell, Barbara L. "66, 318 E. Willow Rd., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bell, Sarah E. "65, Box 162, Spruce Pine, N. C. 
Bell, Susanna M. '67, 1203 Greenway Dr., High Point, N. C. 
Bell, Virginia Douglas '64 

208 Country Club Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Belvin, Jeanne Love. "67, 19 Flinn Dr., Wymberley. Savannah, Ga. 
Bemis. Linda K. "65, 673 Elmwood Ave.. Webster Groves. Mo. 
Benjamin. lucinda Moure "64, P. O. Box 3. New Fairfield, Conn. 
Bennett, Ann Louise 'r.?. 2638 Kilgore Ave., Raleigh. N. C. 
Bennett. L\nnc '(id. Maxton, N. C. 

Benson, Jo "h?, 7113 Pine Tree Rd., Richmond 29, Va. 
Bergelin, Kristine "66. Rt. 1, Big Rapids, Mich. 
Bergquist. Linda Ruth "65. 183 Auburn Dr., Lake Worth, Fla. 
Beswick, Anne Evans "64 

501 Lake Maggiore Blvd., St. Petersburg. Fla. 
Bibb. Louise Randolph "67, 1545 Dairy Rd., Charlottesville, Va. 
Black, Jane Elizabeth "65, 1518 Adger Rd., Columbia, S. C. 
Blackwell, Sally A. "66, 131 Hastings Dr., Kernersville, N. C. 
Blakely. Mary Eleanor "64, 761 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill, S. C. 
Blankenship. Carol K. '66, 1832 Eastman Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Bloemeke, Lynn J. '66, 47 Main St., Clinton, N. J. 
Blohm, Barbara Ann '65, 108 N. Cedar Dr.. Greenwood. S. C. 
Bloomer, Elaine J. '66, P. O. Box 323, Old Saybrook, Conn. 

Blount, Susan Hill '64, 2614 Cooleemee Dr., Raleigh. N. C. 
Boenig, Gabrielle Regina '66, 3363 Scenic Dr., Muskegon, Mich. 
Boll, Sarah Virginia "65 

209 Washington St. W., Charleston 2, W. Va. 
Boone. Leslie R. "66 

Rua Gen Artigas 511, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 
Booth, Judyth E. "66, 3017 N.W. I6th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Booth, Lyndall Lee "67, 1310 Peachtree Battle Ave., .Mlanta, Ga. 
Bost, Juanita Mae "65, P. O. Box 4, Eagle Springs, N. C. 
Boswell, Ann O. M. '64, 171 Blackland Rd. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Bouchard, Elaine Marilyn "67 

253 Hillside Ave., Springfield, N. J. 
Bouknight, Lillian Marie "67, 326 N. Lucas St., W. Columbia. S. C. 
Bowden, Virginia Ruth '64, Box 66. Summerfield. N. C. 
Bowdren, Dorothy Jean "64, 240 Lebanon St., Maiden 48, Mass. 
Bower. Linda Gail "64 

Old Orchard Rd.. RFD 1. Silver Spring, Md. 
Bower, Pauline Hamilton "67, Rt. 2, Box 54, Annapolis, Md. 
Bowerman, Sharon M. "66, 921 Main St.. Darby, Pa. 
Bowers, Elizabeth Ann "67, 28 Oak Park, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Bowers, Susan Belvin "66, Rt. 3, Box 359, Gainesville, Fla. 
Boyd. Jerry Anne "64, 1515 Stanford Place, Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Boyd, Mary Brantley "65, 5630 Timber Lane, Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Boyd, Mary S. "66. 2206 Madison Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 
Boylan. Kathleen Ford "67 

6 Dunleith Ct., New Orleans 18, La. 
Boyles, Sandra Kay "65. 4009 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro, N. C. 
Braden, Judith "67, 1234 Ashland Ave., Wilmette, III. 
Brading, Barbara Alice "65, 1 1 Swan Dr., Sumter. S. C. 
Bradsher, Catherine Ward "65, 118 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Bradsher. Patricia Mary "65, 421 Carolina Circle, Durham, N. C. 
Brady, Monica M. "66, 926 Gillespie Ave.. Portage. Pa. 
Braibanti, Claire J. "66. 2614 Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Brenizer. Meredith Berry '64, Crescent Rd., Concord, Mass. 
Brigmon, Mary K. '66. Rt. 3. Candler, N. C. 
Brinkmeyer, Mary E. "67, 5913 Welborn Or., Wash. 16, D. C. 
Brinton. Margo A. "66, Rt. 5, Hanover, Pa. 
Briscoe. Mary L. "65, 105 S. Parkview Ave., Columbus 9. Ohio 
Brisendine. Barbara A. "64 

1735 Childress Dr. S.W., Atlanta 11, Ga. 
Brock. Elizabeth Steen "67 

960 Kenleigh Circle, Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Brooks. Eleanor R. "66, 125 East 92 St., N. Y., N. Y. 
Brown. Diane E. "65, 1709 Vista St., Durham, N. C. 
Brown. Linda W. '66, 215 Sandal Lane PBS, Riviera Beach, Fla. 
Brown, Louise Lambeth "67, 2415 Sharon Lane, Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Brown. Mary Loure "67, 806 N. Ninth St., Beatrice. Neb. 
Brown. Sallie Louise "67 

6513 40th Ave.. Univ. Park, Hyattsville, Md. 
Brown, Sheila Gayle "67, Box 119, Landis, N. C. 
Brownell, Tempe Curry "65, 9702 Parkwood Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Brownlow. Jane E. "66. 811 S. Overlook Dr., Alexandria, Va. 
Brueggemann. Bonnie J. "64 

2614 Fleetwood Ave., Cincinnati 11, Ohio 
Brummett, Barbara Sue "65, Belair Rd., Norwalk, Conn. 
Buckman. Barbara G. "66. 2637 Red Fox Rd.. Orange Park, Fla. 
Buffington. Joan K. "66 

6008 Edmondson Ave., Catonsville 28. Md. 
Bulow. Barbara Cordes "64. 433 Wesleyan PI., Owensboro, Ky. 
Bunch, Charlotte A. "66, 702 Mann Ave., Artesia, N. M. 
Bunck. Sue A. "66. 725 Kentucky St.. Racine, Wis, 
Burch. Barbara Anna "67, Rt. 4, Box 524, Edgewater, Md. 
Biuckel. Mary Augusta "65 

601 Ashford Rd.. Sharpley. Wilmington 3, Del. 
Burgess. Beckv S. "66. 414 Woodroof Rd.. Newport News, Va. 
Burgess. Gail Merrell "65 

2505 North Riverside Dr., Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Burk. Adrianne Bacon "64. 3311 D. Glasson St., Durham, N. C. 
Burke. Betty Edwards "67, 1832 Lexington, Houston 6, Tex, 
Burley. Katharine Duell "67. 8207 Metcalf Dr.. Richmond 27, Va. 
Burns. Judith Kaye "65, 1256 Henrietta, Birmingham, Mich. 
Burruss, Margaret A. "64, 300 S. Main St.. Roxboro. N. C. 
Burwell. Jeanne Drost "65, 110 Homewood Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Butler. Katherine Alice "67, 15 Woodland PL, Chappaqua, N. Y. 
Butler. Marilyn Kay "65, 526 Burke St., McComb, Miss. 
Byers. Maribeth '65, 2841 Monticello Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Byrne. Suzanne Barding "67 

Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk II, Va. 
Calverly, Diana R. "64, 263 Carr Ave., Clarksburg. W. Va. 
Cameron. Betty Sue "65, 335 Brentwood Ter. N.E., Atlanta. Ga. 
Cameron. Jean Jameson "67 

2961 Manchester Rd., Shaker Hts. 22, Ohio 
Camfield, Clarissa L. "64, 1730 Nocatee Dr.. Miami 45, Fla. 
Campbell. Anita Carol "65 

4 Bransby, Wymberley on Marsh, Savannah, Ga. 
Campbell, Barbara Carol "67 

1708 B Kasscrine Place. Cannon AFB. N. M. 
Campbell. Ruth Hallock "65 

4838 Rockwood Pkwy., Washington. D. C. 
Cantrell, Lydia Nelle "64, 412 W. Lyle Ave.. College Park. Ga. 
Capps. Nancy Ellen "64. 11501 Monogahela Dr.. Rockville, Md. 
Garden, Gary Russell "65, 434 S. Crest Rd., Chattanooga 4, Tenn. 

Carew, Joan F. '66 

412 Stafford Rd., Woodbrook, Wilmington 3, Del. 
Carithers, Susan '65 

3010 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville .\ Fla. 
Carl, Mary Elizabeth "64, 106 West End Ave., Lititz, Pa. 
Carlile, Catherine Jane '67, 518 Elder Lane, Winnetka. III. 
Carlisle, Louise Green '67, 805 Main St.. Tarboro, N. C. 
Carlton, Caroline Dearing '67 

1644 Reynolds Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Carlton, Cynthia D. '66 

2211 Mecklenburg Ave., Charlotte 5, N. C. 
Carpenter, Caroline M. '64 

1543 S. 28th St., Apt. 5, Arlington, Va. 
Carr. Edith Patricia '65, 6951 Louis XIV St., New Orleans 24. La. 
Carr. Valerie Catherine '67, 23 Chestnut St.. Garden City, N. Y. 
Carroll, Dorothy C. '65, 2 Southview Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y. 
Carruth, Carolyn E. '66, 5545 Candlewood Dr., Houston, Texas 
Carson, Edith J. '65, Main St., Pilot Mountain, N. C. 
Carter. Rilla L. '65, Rt. 2, Commerce, Ga. 
Cartwright, Margaret A. '64, 2114 Myrtle Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Caudle, Betsy Kathryn '65 

1202 Northwood St.. Greensboro, N. C. 
Cavanaah, Mary Ann '65, 215 N. 17th St., Wilmington. N. C. 
Cawley. Judith Ann '66. 3606 Gordon Rd., Elkhart, Ind. 
Chalk. Dorothy S. '66, 2800 Evans St.. Morehead City. N. C. 
Chamberlain. Christine '66. 89 Highland Rd.. Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Chamberlin. Gail H. '66. 183 Oakley Dr., Syracuse 5, N. Y. 
Chambers. Josephine R. '65, 2311 Prince St., Durham, N. C. 
Champion, Jane Kirby '67, 122 Layton Ave., Danville. Va. 
Champion. Mary J. '66, 1601 Branch .St., Wilson, N. C. 
Chandler. Margaret H. '66 

107 Glenview St., Lookout Mt., Tenn. 
Chandler, Susan L. '65, 2511 East 28th St.. Tulsa 14, Okla. 
Chapman, Russell '65, R.D. I, Christiana. Pa. 
Chapnick, Maxine Lenore '64 

Box 2215 Station B, Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn. 
Charles. Nancy Louise '67 

5580 I Carter St., Pershing Park. Killeen. Texas 
Childs, Kathlynn E. '67, 1107 Pinchrook Rd., Alexandria, Va. 
Chomicz. Carol Ann '64. 627 E. Russ,,-ll Ave.. W. Lafayette. Ohio 
Christy, Carol A. '65, R.F.D. 3. Marietta. Ohio 
Chumbley, Mary Louise '67 

3500 Normandy Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 
Church. Scott Larson '64, 325 N.W. 194 Ter., Miami 69. Fla. 
Clark, Ann Martin '66. Rt. I. Box 134. Sweetwater, Tenn. 
Clark, Beryle Lee '64, 2656 E. 35th St., Tulsa, Okla. 
Clark, Carolyn Vanduyn '67, 609 N. Paxton St.. Alexandria. Va. 
Clark, Jean Elizabeth '65. 196 Anson St.. Stratford, Conn. 
Cleary. Geraldine Ruth '67, 2609 Victory Blvd.. Vero Beach. Fla. 
Clements. Joyce Maxine '64, 5220 North 31st Rd., Arlington 7, Va. 
Cline, Janet A. '66, 18 Crestfield Rd.. Wilmington, Del. 
Clinton, Barbara B. '67, 298 Wallace Rd., Memphis 17. Tenn. 
Coburn, Carol A. '66, 3204 Poinciana Rd., Middletown. Ohio 
Cochrane, Camilla M. '66. 76 Hawthorne Lane. Levittown, N. J. 
Coffin. Patricia J. '66. 213 N. State St., Dover, Del. 
Cohoe. Geraldine Ann '65, 310 26th Ave. N.. St. Petersburg 4, Fla. 
Coleman, Linda Lorraine '65, 666 Ninth St., Sunbury, Pa. 
Coleman. Marcia Ethel '67, Rt. 4, Box 364, Mooresville, N. C. 
Collette, Elizabeth G. '66 

1830 Robin Hood Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Collier, Vivian '67, 1 Birdsall, Houston 7, Texas 
Collins. Karen '65, Qtrs. 78 USMA, West Point, N. Y. 
Collins, Sandra Mary '65, 41 Fenwick Rd., Fort Monroe, Va. 
Colvin, Beverly Jean '65, Rt. 3, Dillsburg, Pa. 
Colwell, Carolyn Kay '67, 1088 Kenneth Dr., Lakewood 7, Ohio 
Combs, Isabel Meekins '64, 2125 White Oak. Raleigh. N. C. 
Combs. Mary Camille '65. 245 Fairview Ave., Mount Airy. N. C. 
Comer. Emily Jeanne '64. 2419 W Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Compton, Susan Victoria '67, 6 Beekman Terrace, Summit, N. J. 
Conant. Talitha N. '66, Rt. 3, Garrett Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Conn. Claudia G. '66. 2800 Gardenia St., Columbus, Ga. 
Conn. Judith '65. 23 Knob Hill Dr., Summit. N. J. 
Conway, Eugenia Cecelia '64, 3049 Wildflower. Dallas, Texas 
Cooey, Karen Maureen "65, 947 Forest Dr., Hagerstown, Md. 
Cook. Barbara Ellen '65, 2545 Auburn Ave., Dayton 6. Ohio 
Cook, Jan Rae '64. 8 Pennsbury Court. Yardley. Pa. 
Cooke, Lide T. '65, 119 Taliaferro Place. Shreveport. La. 
Cooke, Rosalind Y. '64, 21 Addison Lane, Greenvale. N. Y. 
Cooper. Annette '64, 108 S. 10th St., Morehead City, N. C. 
Cooper, Betty Phillips '65. 2413 Prince St., Durham, N. C. 
Cooper. Susan E. '66, 202 Kinkaid School Dr.. Houston. Texas 
Copley. Cathy J. '66, 6150 S.W. 112 St.. Miami, Fla. 
Corbin, Lee Lewis '65. 354 Beaufort Ave., Livingston, N. J. 
Cordle. Margaret Mayo '64, 961 Russell St.. Augusta, Ga. 
Corn, Lila Carol '64. 512 W. Warren St., Shelby. N. C. 
Cornwell. Susan Hipson '65. 812 N. Oak St.. Lincolnton. N. C. 
Cosens, Sara Louise '64, 707 Whitehall Rd.. Anderson. S. C. 
Cosier, Constance H. '67, ISIS. Dawson Ave., Columbus 9, Ohio 
Cothran, Joyce Ann '64 

Holly Tree Farm, Rt. I, Travelers Rest. S. C. 
Cotterill, Susan E. '65. 413 Gooseneck Rd.. Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Couch, Lois R. '66. 1011 S. Best St.. Goldsboro. N. C. 
Coulter. Ann C. '66, 5407 Sharon Rd., Washington, D. C. 

Courtney, Lina L. '64, 2687 Holly Point Rd., Orange Park, Fla. 

Covey, Eunice Geline '67, 5001 New Kent Rd., Richmond 25, Va. 
Cowan, Florence Allene '65. 313 Central Ave., Sweetwater, Tenn, 
Cowart. Dorothy Anne '67. 18 Blackland Rd. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Cox, Carolyn A. '66. 1064 Brenner Dr., tiardena. Calif. 
Cox, Gwin Lee '65, Box 223, Mt. Olive, N. C. 
Craig. Linda H. '64, 1207 Roosevelt Dr.. Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Craig, Margaret Corinne '67. 81t> N. Street, McC omb. Miss. 
Craig. Nancy Edgar '64. 382 Montford Ave., Ashevillc. N. C. 
Cranmer. Carol J. '66. 3300 Dresden Rd.. Zanesville. Ohio 
Crater, Helen Graves '67. 12 Parkway Dr.. Dohhs Ferry, N. Y. 
Crawford, Jacqueline Ann '67. 18440 Caribbean Blvd., Miami. Fla. 
Credle. Laney Tilson '65. 708 Vance Dr., Bristol. Icnn. 
Crews. Rebecca Elaine '65, 2426 Vista Dr., ( liailoltc 5, N. C. 
Crumley, Carole A. '66, 811 W. Maple St., Johnson ( ity. Tenn. 
Crumley, Mary Louise '64, 8 I 1 W. Maple St., Johnson City, Tenn. 
Crutcher, Martha S. 67. 895 Oak Vallev 1 ane. Nashville 4, Tenn. 
Culp. Rebecca Ann '67, Rt. 2, Gold Hill. N. C. 
Ciininggim, Penelope A. '66, 8000 Crescent Dr.. Clayton, Mo. 
Cunningham, Marianne S. '66, 405 Timberwild, Houston 24, Texas 
Curcio, Susan Mary '67 

Caixa Posta 14 F., Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Cutchin, Carolyn J. '65, Sherrills Ford. N. C. 
Dailev, Nancy Lane '64. 2216 Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Dalton, Diana S. '66 

AP 204 255 MacArthur Bv.. Oakland 12, Calif. 
Damschroder. Diana Lee '64, 1184 West Rd., Hilton, N. Y. 
Daniel, Dorothy H. '66, 5502 Cromwell Dr., Washington 16, D. C. 
Danner, Mary F. '66, 5539 Pinecrest Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Dantzler, Martha L. '66. 3520 Wilmot Ave.. Columbia, S. C. 
Darden. Carolyn R. '66. 1509 Elm St.. Conway, S. C. 
Darland. Jane Creviston '67. 839 First St. N.W., Mason City, Iowa 
Darr, Frances Payne '67, Box 235, Sparta, N. C. 
Davidson. Leslie L. '66. fi()3 College Ave., Kennett, Mo. 
Davidson, Noel 'h5. 2033 Darlington Rd. S.W., Roanoke, Va, 
Davidson, Sus.ui Stokes '64 

1733 Buena Visla Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Davis, Anne Elizabeth '65. 235 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Davis, Holly Wilson '67, 3308 W. Franklin St., Richmond 21. Va. 
Davis, Jacqueline R. '66. 2910 Dunleer Rd., Baltimore 22, Md. 
Davis. Kathleen Anne '67. 623 E. 13th, Casper, Wyo. 
Deckert, Susan Pepper '65, 4 Devondale, St. Louis 30, Mo. 
Deegan, Sandra Jean C. '67 

Navy 990 c/o FPO, San Francisco, Calif. 
Dees. Nancy '66, 413 Carolina Circle, Durham, N. C, 
Demuro, Deborah '67, Boonton Ave., Kinnelon, N. J. 
Denton, Dianna Lee '67, 5474 Lorraine Dr., Camp Springs, Md. 
Devries, Suzanne A. '66, Apt. 234, Venezuela, South America 
Devyver. Mary Elizabeth '67 

123 Caterson Terrace, Hartsdale, N. Y. 
Dezell. Helen E. '66, 1309 Hollywood Ave., Jacksonville. Fla. 
Dick, Francis Colclough '67, 3005 Norwich Way, Durham, N. C. 
Dillard, Nancy G. '66. 3301 Wilson Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Dilworth, Cathy Lewis '65, 112 N. Washington St.. Hinsdale, 111. 
Dittmar, Su.san Kay '65, 956 Lcland Ave.. Plainfield, N. J. 
Divine, Jennie Lou '67, 2027 Faculty Dr.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Dobson. Susan H. '65. 4942 Crooked Lane. Dallas, Tex. 
Dodds. Ann Margaret '67, 6054 Waggoner Dr., Dallas 30, Tex. 
Doerner, Susan E. '66. 600 Doepke Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Doggett, Maurine '65, 504 South Lake Ave., Lakeland, Fla. 
Dommerich. Rosemary J. '67 

6910 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables 46, Fla. 
Donohue. Mary Virginia '67. 2226 Hartzell, Evanston, III. 
Donohue, Patricia Carol '67 

23 Heather Hill Lane, St. Louis 32. Mo. 
Dorsett. Marion Nash '67, 206 W. First Ave.. Mt. Gilead, N. C. 
Dow. Karen Krueger '64, 3002 Guess Rd., Durham, N, C. 
Dowling. Louise H. '65, 21 Revere Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. 
Downing, Barbara Joann '65 

1711 Barnesdale Way. N.E., Atlanta 9, Ga. 
Draley, Mary Ellen '64. 157 East Ave., Hampton. Va. 
Dreisinger, Leanora Ann '65 

20125 Scottsdale Blvd., Shaker Hts. 22, Ohio 
DuBois, Mary '67, 185 Tilbury Rd.. Birmingham, Mich. 
Duffey. Nora Edith '67, 2124 Sprunt St., Durham, N. C. 
Duke, Janet Woods '64, 7530 Skyview Dr., Kent, Ohio 
Duncan. Susan Gary '65, 101 Pilson St„ N. Wilkesboro, N. C. 
Dunford. Sylvia Diane '67 

910 N. Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Dunn, Mary Brewton '67, 70 Minnisink Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 
Dunn, Nancy A. '64, 425 Jackson St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 
Durana, Joan C. '66, 857 Kenwick Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Dutko, Paula Helen '67, 26 Reiners Rd., Little Falls, N. J. 
Eakes. Sylvia Faye '65 

Apartado 64, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America 
Earle, Mary Elizabeth '67, 307 Mimosa Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Eaton. Janet '67. 5356 Rolling Oaks Dr., Memphis 17, Tenn. 
Ebert, Sally Tuck '67. 216 Spring Valley. Wilmington. Del. 
Eck, Linda Ann '67, 314 Broadmoor Rd.. Baltimore 12, Md. 
Edenfield. Edith Etrulia '67 

502 Lyndhurst Ave.. Hendersonville, N. C. 
Edgerton, Jane Ellen '67, Rt. 3. Marion. Ind. 
Edmonson, Olivia Root '65, 725 Crescent Dr., Smithfield, N. C. 

Edwards. Mary Ann "65. 140 Fernwood Lane, Greenville, S. C. 
Edwards, Mary Carol '64, 8 Brookdale Rd.. Asheville, N. C. 
Ehrensperger. Elaine "67, 508 Oakhill Dr., College Park, Ga. 
Ehrhardt. Ursula Margaret '64 

547 Overwood Dr., Akron 13, Ohio 
Eicherl. Martha Jane "67, 2847 Lincoln St.. Hollywood. Fla. 
Ekvall. Victoria J. "66. 300 Fairfax Dr., Winston-Salem. N. C, 
Elbert, Jaret G. '65, 554 Webster Ave., New Rochelle. N. Y. 
Elfen. Martha Candice '67 

216 Bunker Ranch Rd.. W. Palm Beach. Fla. 
Ellington. Elizabeth Gill '67. RFD I. Kittrell. N. C. 
Ellis. Jenifer Louise '64, 2708 Overhill Rd.. Birmingham 13. Ala. 
Ellis. Jenny Rose '64. 805 N. Audubon Ave. Goldsboro. N. C. 
Ellis, Madonna Ann '64. 510 Tennessee Ave.. .Alexandria. Va. 
Emfinger. Carol Ann '67. 5400 62nd Ave. N.. Pinellas Park. Fla. 
Emlet, Ella Ward '64. 602 Gattis St., Durham. N. C. 
Emlet, Susan Ellen '64 

200 E. 71st St., Apt. 11-C. New York 21. N. Y. 
Endsley, Margaret M. '66. 1313 Peachtree St.. Sweetwater, Tenn. 
English. Loellen Kay '65. Box 87, Navy 100 FPO, New York. N. Y. 
Erickson. Linda Elise '65. 2011 E. Burr Oak Rd.. Glenview. III. 
Ernst. Mary Lucille '65. 1921 N.E. 7th PI.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 
Ervin. Sarah Ruth '67. 2035 Sharon Lane. Charlotte, N. C. 
Esslinger. Karen Joy '65. 1 Clayton Downs. St. Louis 31. Mo. 
Estes. Alice Holland '65. 2306 Mt. Vernon Rd. S.W., Roanoke, Va. 
Etheridge. Jeanne '64. Shawboro. N. C. 
Etheridge. Lynn '65. Deer Hill Dr., Ridgefield. Conn. 
Evans, Edith V. '66. P. O. Box 146. Centreville. Va. 
Evans, Janet E. '66. 817 Mathis St., Sumter, S. C. 
Evans, Mary Christine '67 

3599 Flintpoint Way. Cincinnati 27. Ohio 
Evans, Orinda Dale '65, 61 Berkeley Rd., Avondale Estates, Ga. 
Evans. Sara M. '66. 3542 University Blvd.. Dallas. Tex. 
Everhart. Anne C. '66 

Poplar Hill Rd.. P. O. Box 226. Churchland. Va. 
Ewell. Judith '65. Parksley, Va. 
Fagan. Brenda Lynn '67 

Qtrs. H. Naval Air Station, Jacksonville 12, Fla. 
Fair. Jacqueline '64. 526 Hansell Rd.. Wynnewood. Pa. 
Fairbank. Mary '66. 1515 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Falk. Elizabeth O. '66. 1457 Pollard Parkway. Baton Rouge. La. 
Farmer. Muriel Gene '64. 37 Putnam Dr. N.W.. Atlanta 5. Ga. 
Faulkner, Laura Virginia '65, Sand Spring Rd.. New Vernon. N. J. 
Faust, Josephine M. '64, 4212 31st St. N., Arlington 7. Va. 
Fead, Sally G. '66. 4210 Orchard Way. Birmingham, Mich. 
Feeney. Dorothy Lorene '67, 1633 Oakdale Rd., Charlotte 8. N. C. 
Fentress, Kathryn J. '66 

359 John Anderson Dr.. Ormond Beach. Fla. 
Ferguson. Barbara Ann '65. Rt. 4. Statesville, N. C. 
Ferguson, Elizabeth B. '66. 2805 Lombardy Ave.. Memphis. Tenn. 
Fiaccone. Katherine A. '66. 35 Dale Dr., Summit, N. J. 
Fiedorek. Bonnie L. '66. 234 Weber Ave.. North Canton. Ohio 
Fillmore, Harriet '66. Linitv Village. Lee's Summit. Mo. 
Fincher. Doloris Ann '65. Rt. 4. Box 520-B. Charlotte 8. N. C. 
Fisher. Rita Carol '65. 227 Lonaue Vue Dr.. Pittsburgh 28. Pa. 
Fletcher. Aileen B. '64. 804 Onslow St.. Durham. N. C. 
Fletcher. Brenda Elaine '67. 42 Park St.. Mansfield, Mass. 
Follin. Jo Anne '67. 1655 Santa Ana Dr.. Dunedin, Fla. 
Forbes. Sue B. '66. 317 Lafayette Dr.. Wilson, N. C. 
Forrester. Sandra Nadine '67. Box 243. Atlantic Beach. Fla. 
Foster. Eleanor Carolina '65. 2026 Seventh St.. Sarasota. Fla. 
Fox. Barbara N. '65. 945 W. Outer Dr.. Oak Ridge. Tenn. 
Franck, Martha Dill. ml (vv kl I. ( \l.u linsville. Va. 
Frank, Rebecca Joan (o. i,^, 1 W i!lo« Si . XK.imi Airy, N. C. 
Franklin. Emily K.ixc (.-, :(,ll^ \\.,>lc \\c. R.iieigh, N. C. 
Eraser. Edith Anne 'hx 4()i)" ( lub Dn\c N,l .. ,A.tlanta 19. Ga. 
Eraser. Pamela Ann '64. 29 Donelson St., Fort Bragg, N. C. 
Frederick. Sandra Wayne '64 

122 Cranford Rd.. Box 6I53W. Asheville, N. C. 
Freiberg. Ann H. '66. Mayfair Lane. Greenwich, Conn. 
Frost. Marsha Lynn '67. 273 Eastside Ave.. Ridgewood. N. J. 
Fuller. Beckwith L. '66. 302 N. Wayne St.. Milledgeville. Ga. 
Futch, Judith A. '66, Box 245, Burgaw. N. C. 
Gabb. Sally S. '66. 43 Old Mill Rd.. Richmond. Va. 
Galant. Denise "66, 710 Meridian St.. Falls Church. Va. 
Galland. Anne Freeman '65. 14(13 Bishop Lane. Alexandria. Va. 
Gait, Susan Thomas '67. 2041 Bali Rd.. Cocoa Beach. Fla. 
Gambill. Linda Kav '65. 4(11 ( urtis Bridge Rd.. Wilkesboro. N. C. 
Gamelin. Susan W idstmni '65. 3310 A Glasson St.. Durham. N. C. 
Gardiner. Judith Kav '67. 55l)(i Druid Lane. Dallas, Texas 
Garner, Alice Lynnc "67. 210 W. Lakeshore Dr., Rome, Ga. 
Gaus, Elizabeth Ann '67 

Apt. 108, 7400 Lakeview Dr.. Bethesda, Md. 
Gay. Ellen G. '66. 5346 Wenonah. Dallas, Tex. 
Gearhart. Sara A. '64. 1545 Crescent Dr., Kingsport, Tenn. 
Geckeler. Judy Ann '64. 43 12 Walton Court. Middletown. Ohio 
Gegauff. Carol Louise '65. Kll Western Blvd.. Gillette. N. J. 
Getz. Carol Ann '64. 217 VV. Center St.. Nazareth. Pa. 
Gilbert. Lynn Patricia '64. 36 Westminster Ter.. West Orange. N. J. 
Gilbert. Ripple E. '66. 3711 Huntington St. N.W.. Wash. 15, D. C. 
Gillen. Marilyn Joyce '65, 2072 Beech St.. Wantagh, N. Y. 
Gillespie, Sara Jean '65, 14 Sage Terrace, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Gillespie. Winifred Ruth '67, 35 Porter St., Franklin, N. C. 

Gilliatt, Cynthia A. '66. 780 Moorland Dr.. Grosse Pte. 36. Mich. 
Gilliland, Margaret Ann '65 

4587 Huntingdon Rd.. Jacksonville 10. Fla. 
Gillooly, Linda L. '64, 5023 Allen St.. Svlvania. Ohio 
Githens. Nancy L. '66, 4427 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Gittings. Karen Jeanne '65. Rt. 3. Box 88. Annapolis, Md. 
Gnuse. Mary Kathryn '67, 2614 Strathmore Lane, Bethel Park, Pa. 
Goddard. Sarah Lane '67, Rt. 3. Box 312. Gainesville. Fla. 
Godfrey, Jean L. '66, 313 Hillcrest Rd.. Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Godwin, Ruby Walnita '64. 4907 Oleander Dr., Wilmington. N. C. 
Gohdes. Eleanor Clara '65. 2737 Circle Dr.. Durham. N. C. 
Goter. Carol Jean '66. 606 Hillside Dr.. Kings Mountain. N. C. 
Gould. Rebecca Ann '64. 7 Wodenethe Dr., Beacon. N. Y. 
Gragg. Judith Lynne '67. 3361 Northwood Dr., Memphis, Tenn. 
Gragg, Margaret Fli/abclh (16. 125 Orchard St.. Boone, N. C, 
Gram. Caroline Lewis 'ds t cJar Creek Court, Dunedin, Fla, 
Grantham, Diane Wood (.7. 5423 Northfield Rd.. Bethesda 14, Md. 
Green. Alma Sue 'dd. 2022 East Ninth St.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Green, Jade Noel '67 

872 Caledonia Ave,, Cleveland Heights 12. Ohio 
Greene. Virginia L. '66 

1941 Shades Crest Rd.. Birmingham 16. Ala. 
Greenleaf. Judith Estes '64. 604 Westover Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 
Greenwood. Phyllis K. '66. 13 Orchard Ave.. Enka. N. C. 
Gregory. Linda B. '66. 214 Early Ave.. Sandston, Va. 
Greig. Elizabeth Boswell '65 

Bedlam Manor. 110 Shadycrest Dr., Glenshaw, Pa. 
Grey. Leslie C. '66. 604 Narvaezi St., Venice, Fla. 
Grigsby. Judith A. '64. 1721 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Grim. Carolyn Ruth '67. 716 W. Henderson St.. Salisbury, N. C. 
Grimes. Judith A. '66, 1185 Wilson St. N.E.. Orangeburg. S. C. 
Gronemeyer, Suzanne Carol '64, 1750 Texar Dr., Pensacola, Fla. 
Guden. Judith Creech '67, 131 Paumanake Ave.. Babylon, N. Y. 
Guerry. Alice C. '64. 118 Lake Dale Ave., Lake City, S. C. 
Guidon. Marietta F. '65 

Oneens Mansions, Bastion Rd., Box 773. Bombay 1, India 
Gulledge, Irene Vertna '65. 2111 Mimosa Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Gupton. Brenda Ann '65. Box 18. Rt. 2. Newport. Va. 
Gurkin, Janet Elizabeth '67. 3021 Medlin Dr.. Raleigh. N. C. 

Haas. Rebecca Anne '64. 147 East Oakridge. Metairie. La. 

Haberstick. Kathy Fair '67. 2183 Garrick Dr.. Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Haines. Margaret B. '66. 821 Gartner Ave.. South Bend 17. Ind. 

Haire. Koleen Alice '65. 1455 Mitchell, Tallahassee. Fla. 

Haley. Betty B. '66. 1508 Greenwood Lane, Rock Hill, S. C. 

Haley. Jo Harriet '64. S I ,S Azalea St.. Houston 18. Tex. 

Hall, Clem Maurice 65. 4210 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh 13, Pa. 

Hall, Patricia Elaine -67. 6252 S.W. 50th St.. Miami 55, Fla. 

Hall. Sandra Elizabeth '65. 9218 Glenville Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 

Hall. Sara Elizabeth '65 

1788 Middlehurst Rd.. Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Halla. Frances Byrd '64, 199 Edgewood Dr.. York. Pa. 

Halstead. .^knu Watson '64 

8305 N. .Alien Lane, Milwaukee 17, Wis. 

Hamhy. Sandra Alice '67. Rt. 1. Dobson. N. C. 

Hamilton. Martha Frances '65 

440 Coffee Pot Riviera. St. Petersburg. Fla. 

Hammond. Evelyn B. '66. 519 Belle Meade Blvd.. Nashville, Tenn. 

Hansberry. Sallv Ann '64. 44 Whiting St.. Lunenburg. Mass. 

Harding. Mary Howard '65 

ATO Hq Antilles Command. APO 851. N. 't'.. N. >'. 

Harlan. Roberta Deann '67. 27 Garden Rd.. Columbus 14. Ohio 

Harmanson. Betsy Hutton '67, 3607 N. Nelson St.. Arlington 7. Va. 

Harned. Margaret L. '66. 4530 Meridale Ave.. Louisville, Ky. 

Harris. Judith Hoyt '65, Box 286, Albemarle, N. C. 

Harris, Kathryn A. '66. 501 Walnut St., Newport. Ark. 

Harrold, Jovce '65, 2 The High Rd.. Bronxville, N. Y. 

Harry. Kathryn A. '66, Bluffton, S. C. 

Hart. Judy L. '66, 1104 Zimmer Dr. N.E., Atlanta 6, Ga, 

Hart, Mary Ann '64, 325 Horace Mann Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Haskett. Barbara J. '66. 114 Seagrove Rd.. Portsmouth, Va. 

Hassler. Diane Jane '67 
c/o Int. Pet. Co., Apt. 45, Barcelona, San Tome, Venezuela 

Hatschek, Jacqueline M. '66, 216 Elmwood Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Hauchman. Maxine E. '67, Hillcrest Dr., Aberdeen, Md. 

Haverfield. Marcia Mae '67, 18093 Clifton Rd.. Lakewood 7, Ohio 

Hayden, Marylou '66, 131 Minton Rd.. Melbourne. Fla. 

Haynes, Katherine D. '67, 6454 Westlake, Dallas 14, Tex. 

Haynes. Mary Gingrey '66. 400 Windsor Place. Aiken, S. C. 

Heald. Mary Caroline '65, 208 Thornton Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Hebble. Lorene D. '66. 306 N. Chester Rd.. Swarthmore. Pa. 

Hebblewhite. Mary Croft '67 

52 Interlochen Dr. N.E.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 

Heefner. Elizabeth Gray '65 

450 Westover Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Heer. Rosemary F. '64. 718 W. Farriss Ave.. Hich Point. N. C. 

HelleKson. Judith B. '66. 601 Old Kennett Rd.. C.rcenville, Del, 

Hellekson. Zoe Ann '65. 601 Old Kennett Rd.. Cieernille, Del. 

Heller. Sally K. '66. 813 Copley Lane. Silver Spruig. Md. 

Henderson. Mary Shepard '65 

2115 Radcliffe Ave.. Charlotte, N. C. 

Hendley, Joyce Clarisse '67, Rt. 2. Box 2I5A. Ocala. Fla. 

Henney. Susan Jeannette '67 

2395 Kensington Dr.. t~olumbus. Ohio 

Henslee, Judith Gwen '67 

Apt. 3, 21 Hutton Ave.. West Orange. N. J. 
Hensley. Julia Alice '65. Box 109. Ruthert'ordton. N. C. 
Herbert. Anne Elizabeth '65. Glenn Hts.. Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Herrin. Helen Kay '64, 1204 Fairfield Dr.. Gastonia. N. C. 
Herrmann. Wendy Elizabeth '67, 3435 S. 8th St., Arlington 4, Va. 
Hervev. Martha C. '66 

Apt 101, 10307 Montrose Ave., Bethesda 14. Md. 
Hewes, Jeremy J. '66. 307 Mohawk Place. Maumee. Ohio 
Heyman, Mical B. '66, 1216 Woodburn Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Hiley. Elizabeth A. '66. 13111 Evanston St., Rockville, Md. 
Hinman. Susan Lee '64, 275 Campbell Rd.. Fort Washington, Pa. 
Hinson, Molly Jo '67, Rt. 3. Box 26, Whiteville, N. C. 
Hocker. Beverly Jean '67. 1450 Crestridge Dr., Littleton. Colo. 
Hodge. Susan Irene '67, 6014 Lomack Court, Alexandria, Va. 
Hoefle, Mary C. '65. 48 Harbor Ave., Marblehead. Mass. 
Hoeser, Mary Lynne '64, 4005 Statewood Rd. N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Hoffman. Jacqueline '65 

Box 3348, St. Andrews Br., Charleston, S. C. 
Hoffman, Joan '65. 407 Benton Ave., LaGrange, III. 
Hollar. Frankie Huitt '64, Rt. 3, Conover, N. C. 
Holmes. Frances L. '65 

520 Buckingham Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Holmes. Helene S. '65, Rt. I. Box 25A. Arden. N. C. 
Holmquist. Jill R. '66. 2304 Hickory Lawn Dr., Rockford. III. 
Holmquist. Joan B. '64. 2304 Hickory Lawn Dr.. Rockford. 111. 
Holsinger. Barbara Craig '64. 711 Knox St., Durham, N. C. 
Holsinger. Gretchen Mane '64. 3808 Nottaway Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Homer. Laijren Booth '67, 66 Highbrook Ave., Pelham, N. Y. 
Honeycutt, Judy C. '66. Route I. Box 221, Troutman, N. C. 
Hooker. Elizabeth K. '66. 508 Pittshoro St., Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Hoover, Merilyn A. '65. 38 Orchard Rd., Wheeling. W. Va. 
Hoppe. Jean E. "66. 1314 Trinity Dr.. Alexandria, Va. 
Horn, Judith Cecelia '67, 25 Westorehand Rd., Chappaqua. N. Y. 
Horr. Nancy Louise "64. 1554 22nd St., Portsmouth. Ohio 
Horsley. Joyce A. '66, South Point Rd., Belmont, N. C. 
Horton. Betty Jane '65. 2403 Prince St.. Durham. N. C. 
Horton. Elizabeth A. '66, 2861 So. Abingdon St.. Arlington. Va. 
Horton. Janet Samonds '64. Rt. 3, Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Horwitz. Patricia Gail '67. 1650 Pelham Rd. N.E., Atlanta 9. Ga. 
Hough. Zoe Anne '67. Rt. I, Huntersville. N. C. 
Howard. Penny Dianne '67, 2320 Huron Cr., Durham, N. C. 
Huck. Mary Lou 64 

2542 Mountain Brook Circle. Birmingham 13. Ala. 
Hughes. Patricia Jane '65, 75 Booth Ave.. Englewood, N. J. 
Humphreys. Josephine T. '67, 29 Tradd St., Charleston, S. C. 
Humpton. Gaye Brown '65, 130 W. Sproles Ave.. Greenwood. S. C. 
Huntley. Janet Taylor '65, 717 Whitehall Rd.. Ellicott City. Md. 
Huntley. Rebecca A. "66. Lakewood Dr.. Monroe, N. C. 
Hunyadi. Susan Carole "64. 352(1 Fulton Rd. N.W.. Canton 8, Ohio 
Hurst, Carol Jean "67, Tanglewood Dr.. Durham. N. C. 
Hutcheson, Joan "64. 1000 Chestnut Ave.. Wilmette, 111. 
Hutchins. Melissa A. "66 

1160 Gilchrist Rd.. Terre Haute. Ind. 
Hutchison, Kathleen E. '67 

160 Haverford Dr.. Nashville. Tenn. 
Hyder, Judy F. '66 

23 Brdwy.. Alexander Mills. Forest City, N. C. 
Ince, Ann '66, 1914 Dunstan Rd.. Houston 5. Texas 
Ingram, Doris Ann '65, 806 Main St.. Charleston 2, W. Va. 
Ingram, Nancy Sloan '64 

130 N. Kingston Ave.. Rockwood. Tenn. 
Irwin. Kathy Ann '67, 1911 W. Missouri, Midland, Texas 
Israel. Linda L. '66, 705 Ward St., Marietta. Ohio 
Ivey, Adelyn Sherrill '64. 359 Second St. PI. N.W., Hickory, N. C. 
Jabbour. Jane Linda '67 

1954 Greenwood Ave.. Jacksonville 5, Fla. 
Jack. Patricia Marie '67, 78 Stonecutter Rd., Levittown, N. Y. 
Jackson, Ann Louise '65. 142 Davis St., Wollaston 70, Mass. 
Jackson. Grace Tyler '67 

5972 Sans Souci Circle, Huntington Beach, Calif. 
Jacobsen, Mardi L. '66, 5918 S. Marion Place. Tulsa, Okla. 
Jacobson, Marsha D. '66, 216 Brightwood Rd.. Wilmington. N. C. 
Jacobus. Marie Elaine "64, 123 Greenwood Dr., Millhurn, N. J. 
James. Margaret Louise '67 

519 Meadowbrook Rd., Charlotte 7. N. C. 
James, Patricia Talfryn '64, 148 Poe Rd.. Princeton. N. J. 
Jankle. Benita Burton '65, 173 Merrimon Ave.. Asheville, N. C. 
Jennings, Frances Carol '65, 4021 Wolf Rd., Western Springs, III. 
Jcnnison. Clint Clarinda '65 

Armed Forces Staff College. Norfolk 11, Va. 
Johnson. Annette Karen '67 

927 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Fla. 
Johnson. Betty Ruth '65. 2702 Fairview Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 
Johnson. Carol Lynne '67, 901 Newberry Dr.. Richardson, Texas 
Johnson. Judith Harris '66 

1235 West Henderson St., Salisbury, N. C. 
Johnson. Mary J. '64 

216 Oakwood Rd.. Fairfax, Wilmington 3. Del. 
Johnson. Sandra Leigh '67, Box 146. Lillington. N. C. 
Johnson, Sharon A. '66, 103 Browning Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 
Johnson, Sue W. '66, 407 Hammell Rd.. Greensboro, N. C. 
Johnston. Sallie E. "65. 314 Birnam Rd.. Fayetteville, N. C. 

Jones, Barbara Jean Ross 64, Fair "View Dr., Mountainside. N. J. 

Jones, Carol Rae '67, 5 Arlena Ct., Madison, N. J. 

Jones. Diana Adele '64. 211 W. Wayne Ave.. Wayne, Pa. 

Jones, Lois C. '66, 210 Grover St., Shelby, N. C. 

Jones. Margaret C. '66, 207 Country Club Lane, Wallingford, Pa. 

Jones, Pamela Louise '64, 1407 Stafford Ave., Fredericksburg, "Va. 

Jones. Rochelle Pamela '67 

1509 N. Victoria Park Rd.. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. 
Jones. Susan E. '66. 17 Schuyler Terrace. East Orange, N. J. 
Jordan, Ann Myers '65, 147 Pinecrest Rd., Durham. N. C. 
Jordan. Charleene Lance '66, 224 N. 27th St., Wilmington. N. C. 
Jordan. Dorothy Susan '64. 2500 Hobbs Rd., Nashville. Tenn. 
Jordan. Gail '64. 205 Swann Rd.. Suitland. Md. 
Jordan, Patricia Brown '64 

4915 Van Ness St. N.W., Washington, D. C. 
Jordan. Susan Patricia "64. 42 Fair Hill Rd.. Westfield, N. J. 
Joslin, Frances Lydia "67, 1500 Ferncliff Rd.. Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Kasmar, Patricia Mary "65. 6613 Williams Rd.. Charlotte 5, N. C. 
Katson, Constance '64 

4426 Constitution N.E., Albuquerque, N. M. 
Kauffman, Susan L. '66, 831 Lake Ave., Crystal Lake, III. 
Keen, Barbara Anne '67 

Rt. 1, Box 260, Citrus Rd.. Vero Beach. Fla. 
Kellett, Sherry A. '66. 1400 Seminole Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Kelley. Karen Marshall '66, 3012 N. Trinidad St.. Arlington 13. Va. 
Kelley. Nancy Jane '67, Rt. 3. Carbondale. III. 
Kelly. Mary Elizabeth '65. 320 Langhorne. Lynchburg. Va. 
Kelso, Mary Lynn '66, 1212 Green Spring Rd.. New Bern, N. C. 
Kennedy, Louise B. '66, P. O. Box 85. Buies Creek, N. C. 
Kerbow. Sandra Clay '64. 1022 Alabama Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Kercher. Diane Grotz '64 

Apt. 2E. Lakewood House, Lakewood Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Kern. Karen Louise '67. 1319 Mendez St.. New Orleans 22, La. 
Kershaw. Roxanne Edgcomb '64 

3217 Amherst Ave.. Columbia, S. C. 
Kerz. Lenore "66. 333 East 79th St., N. Y., N. Y. 
Kienzle. Kathleen J. '64, 99 S. Columbia, Columbus. Ga. 
Kilpatrick, Judith Anne '67, 98 Gilpin Rd., Akron 13, Ohio 
Kimmerle. Nancy Jo '64. 116 McKeel Ave.. Tarrytown. N. Y. 
Kinard. Gail Edith '65, 5825 Lansing Dr.. Charlotte 11. N. C. 
Kiner. Frances A. "66, I 1 Lawrence Rd.. Madison. N. J. 
Kingson. Georgia Lion "67, 1050 Park Ave., N. Y., N. Y. 
Kirk. Barbara Jean "65 

3213 Centerville Rd.. Sedgely Farms. Wilmington 7, Del. 
Kiser. Sylvia Dianne "67. 404 5th St.. Landis, N. C. 
Kittelle, Katherine A. '64, 7 Dundee Rd., Larchmont, N. Y. 
Kleberg. Sally S. '66. King Ranch. Box 1353, Kingsville. Texas 
Klein, Dorianne Babbitt "67. 143 Woodland Rd.. Madison, N. J. 
Klein. Susan June '64. 6601 Wisteria Lane. Columbia, S. C. 
Klopfer. Martha S. '65. Rt. I, Durham, N. C. 
Kluttz. June Carol '67, 230 N. Jackson St., Salisbury, N. C. 
Knapp. Kristina Margaret '64 

6823 Edmonstone Ave.. Richmond. Va. 
Kncen, Judith Oakes '64, Highland Lane, Box 514, Ashtabula, Ohio 
Knox. Elizabeth Anne '67. 26 Hurstgreen Lane. Alvin, Texas 
Koester. Margaret H. '66. 703 W. Lake Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. 
Kohn. Adrienne Carole '64, 2 Arbor Lane. Merrick, N. Y. 
Koll. Brenda Kristen '67 

2611 N.E. 4th St.. Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Kolodny. Margaret Joan '67 

1121 Barkley Rd.. Charlotte 9. N. C. 
Komminsk, Dianne '66. 427 W. Monroe St., New Bremen. Ohio 
Konanz. H. Jacquelin '67. 130 Walnut St., Englewood. N. J. 
Kovac, Karen T. '66. 322 Fourth Ave., Indialantic, Fla. 
Kozicki. Paula Louise "65, 7339 San Carlos Rd.. Jacksonville, Fla. 
Krasin, Karalyn Emilie "65, Box 886, Las Vegas, N. Mexico 
Kraus, Elizabeth K. "64 

6813 Tulip Hill Terrace. Washington 16. D. C. 
Krause, Caroline H. "64, Box 493, Jaffrey Center, N. H. 
Kraybill, Susan Emily "65. 2726 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Kredel, Olivia Orme "64, 60 Montague St.. Charleston. S. C. 
Kreuger, Evelyn Jeannine '65, 3088 Lenox Rd. N.E.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Kuck, Barbara Marie '67 

Edgemont Rd., Watchung, Plainfield, N. J. 
Lacy, Carol S. '66, 4034 E. Burns St., Tucson, Arizona 
Lamont, Eugenia G. '66. 345 W. 58th St., N. Y. 19. N. Y. 
Land, Katharine N. '66. 402 Morehead Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Lang. Jane Estelle "64. 2112 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 
Lang. Noel Elizabeth "65. 106 E. Church St.. Farmville. N. C. 
Langdon, Suzanne F. "64. 4016 Bristol Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Lassiter, Ann Rosena "65, 211 South 2nd St., Smithfield, N. C. 
Lassiter, Mildred Anne "65, 302 Sewell St., Murfreesboro, N. C. 
Latimer. Eleanor Sue '65. 1108 Ferndale Dr.. High Point. N. C. 
Latimer. Elease C. "66. 131 Buckingham Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Lawver. Mary P. '66. 217 Elwa Place. W. Palm Beach. Fla. 
Lecompte, Margaret Leannebrown "65 

1500 13th St. North. St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Lecraft. Joan K. "66. 166 S. Cedar St., Oberlin, Ohio 
Lee, Margaret E. '64. 4908 Highland Rd., Willoughby. Ohio 
Lee, Marydean '67, 120 S. Clark St.. Milledgeville, Ga. 
Lee, Maybelle Fay "64, 408 Morgan St.. Durham, N. C. 
Leftwich, Linda A. '66. P. O. Box 114, Cullowhee, N. C. 
Legwin. Jean E. '66, 3240 Ramey Cr., Orlando. Fla. 

Lennard, Beverly Self '64, 1729 Dyson Dr. N.E., Atlanta 7, Ga. 
Leonard, Catherine G. '64, Green Hill Rd., Madison, N. J. 
Leslie. Carroll Ann '64. 1614 N. Greenbrier St.. Arlington 5, Va. 
Leverton, Helen Kimbrough "67, 112 Forrestal Dr., Norfolk. Va. 
Levinc. Jane R. '66. 6203 Melvern Dr.. Bethcsda, Md. 
Lewis, Anne Marie '67. 2911 Arendell St., Morehead City, N. C. 
Lewis, Valerie Ann '64. 3296 Perry Ave., Bron.\ 67, N. Y. 
Lilly. Ruth Virginia '64 

7.W5 N. Pennsylvania St.. Indianapolis, Ind, 
Lime. Elizabeth Louise '64. 20 Division St., Canton, N. C. 
Little. Dora Anne '67, 602 S. Greene St., Wadesboro, N. C. 
Little, Georgiandra '66, 940 Hunakai St., Honolulu, Hawaii 
Livingston, Barbara Janet '65, 161 High St., Amherst, Mass. 
Locke. HIizLibeth Hughes "64 

3 ( .in.lcc Apl.. Elder St., Durham, N. C. 
lixkiL.ii MaiilKi A. '66, .'il6 Piatt Terrace, Aiken, S. C. 
Locl\ 1 iiuL. \Luic "64. 138 Warwick Dr.. Lutherville. Md. 
Lolha. Ann Elizabeth '64 

901 Orchard Park Dr.. Rocky River. Ohio 
Lomax. Verna Sigmon '64, Box 146, Mt. Pleasant, N. C. 
Longstreet, Susan V. '66 

Pine Grove Apts. 61-A, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico 
Love, Catherine J. Reeve '65 

525 E. 89th St., Apt. IC, N. Y. 21, N. Y. 
Lovelace, Grace lone "64, 47 Milton Rd.. Rye. N. Y. 
Loveless. Lucinda '67. 1508 W. 8th. Roswell, N. M. 
Low. Heather Jane "65. 1124 Cambridge St.. Natrona Hts.. Pa. 
Lowe, Mary Spaldinu "67, 1573-B N. Vandorn St., Alexandria, Va. 
Lowenbach. Torry '66, Route 3, Box 309, Durham, N. C. 
Lucas. Mary D. '64. 265 Cherokee Rd.. Charlotte 7. N. C. 
Luce. Karen Wiman '65. Plainfield Rd., Metuchen, N. J. 
Ludwi^sen. Joy E. '66. 6245 W. 10 Ave., Hialeah, Fla. 
Lundry, Karen M. "66. 91 Woodland Ave., Summit, N. J. 
Lyle, Susan W. "66. 88 Parmelee Ave., Hawthorne. N. J. 
Lyons, Karlen Ruth '67, 111 Hiwassee Dr., Sheffield, Ala. 
MacDonald. Sarah Harris '67 

8 Evergreen Trail, Severna Park. Md. 
Mace, Ann Elizabeth '65. 4309 Cary .St. Rd.. Richmond 21. Va. 
MacLean, Ann Wilkie, "65 

1521 E. Wash. Ave., South Bend 17, Ind. 
Macomber, Mary J. "66 

Roberts Union, Colby Collene, Waterville, Me. 
Major, Nina Louise '67, 3708 R. St. N.W., Washington 7, D. C. 
Mallahan, Melinda Sue '67, Box 321, Balboa, Canal Zone 
Malley, Kathleen P. '66, 24 Quincy St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. 
Malone, Margaret A. '66. 331 Pershing Ave., Fort Riley, Kan. 
Maloney, Patricia Ann '67, 1227 Crystal Lake Dr., Orlando, Fla. 
Manners, Sandra Jewell '67. 19 Orchard St.. Glen Head, N. Y. 
Marble, Sara '67, 1404 Woodmere Dr., Charleston 4. W. Va. 
Marcellus. Kate E. '67, 1312 W. Lake Rd., Williamson. N. Y. 
Marks, Mary A. '66, 1120 N. Jefferson St., Himlington. Indiana 
Marsh. Frances S. '64. 507 S. Church St., Monroe, N. C. 
Marshall. Marianna '66. Off Martins Lane. Hingham, Mass. 
Martin. Joanna Siblev '65, 210 Osceola Way, Palm Beach, Fla. 
Martin. Mary Bynum "65. 1209 Main St.. Tarboro. N. C. 
Mashburn, Anne S. "66 

410 Mammoth Oaks Dr., Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Mason, Linda Brown "67, Artillery Rd., Yorktown, Va. 
Mathejon. Barbara Lemay '64. 101 Fdgewood Dr., Boone, N. C. 
Mathews, Janet Allen "64. 21 Brookside Rd.. Wallingford, Pa. 
Mathews. Louise A. "66. 21 Brookside Rd.. Wallingford, Pa. 
Mathews. Patricia Lee "65. 1136 Flamingo S.W.. Atlanta, Ga. 
Mathis, Cynthia '66, Esso Standard 1 ib\:i, Ho\ 3S5, Tripoli, Libya 
Matthews, Harriet L. '66, 301 Acadcnu Si . H.iicsburg, S. C. 
Mattox, Wendy Lee '67, 205 Tram Kvl . ( uliinihi,!. S. C. 
Maxwell. Jane Meredith "65, 142 Piii.uLsi Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
May, Marilyn '66, 913 First St.. Franklin. La. 
Mayer, Barbara Hamilton '64, 1050 Ridg; Rd., Rock Hill, S. C. 
Mayo, Elizabeth J. '66, 1548 Lee Ave.. Tallahassee, Fla. 
McCants, Carol Margaret '67 

2101 N.W. 62nd, Oklahoma City 12, Okla. 
McCarty, Kristine Marie '66, 2713 Dogwood Rd., Diuham. N. C. 
McCleary. Jane Robinson '65 

4310 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10. Md. 
McComb. Elizabeth E. "66, 3909 Henderson Rd.. Greensboro, N. C. 
McConnel, Diana Cecelia "65, 373 Vanderbilt Rd.. Asheville, N. C. 
McCrary. Blanche C. '66, Live Oak Plantation, Ravenel, S. C. 
McDoiM-^lc. Dorothy E. '66, 1820 Sterling Rd., Charlotte. N. C. 
Mel .11 1. inc. ( .irolvn '67, 11 Twombly Dr.. Summit. N. J. 
Mel inknic. luictta C. '64 

I I'M \\ Wesley Dr. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Mel.eliee M,ii\ H. '64, 149 Gay Ave., Clayton 5, Mo. 
Me( e, hiJiili Hoover '67 

(U~ \\ ^sih SI. Terrace, Kansas City, Mo. S\Im.i Jean "64, 2710 Sharon Rd., Charlott:, N. C. 
MeKnmhi. Jiidilh Eloise '67, 25 Oakwood Ave., Bradford, Pa. 
McNalh. Ann 65. 4579 Lakeshore Rd., Port Huron, Mich. 
Me<,)iKnMi. Dorothy Inza '64 

708 Melrose St., Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Mel ighe, Caryn L. "66 

221 North Wynnewood Ave., Narherth, Pa. 
McWhorter, Evelyn E. '64 

1622 Virginia St. East. Charleston, W. Va. 

Meadors, Marilyn Elaine '64 

7801 Pinemeadow Lane, Cincinnati 24, Ohio 
Means, Christina Frances '67, Rt. 1, Box 370, Greenland, N. H. 
Meeker, Ellis Emily '65, 5012 Worthington Dr., Wash. 16, D. C. 
Mehaffey, Peggy J. '66, 516 Bell, Rockdale, Texas 
Meith. Nikki Jane '67, Rt. I, Box 580, Fairfax. Va. 
Mellencamp, Mary Case '65 

2937 North Summit Ave.. Milwaukee 11, Wis. 
Melson, Janet Louise '67, 1128 Lehigh Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. 
Mendenhall. Dianne J. "66, 114 Alberta Ave.. Johnstown, Pa. 
Meriam, Melissa Lee '67, 3434 Rugby Rd., Durham. N. C. 
Merritt, Susan Gorham '65, Rt. 2, Woodsdale, N. C. 
Messier, Pauline Judith '67 

19 Orange Hts. Ave., West Orange, N. J. 
Meyer. Nancy Lynn "67. 307 Bannockburn Ave., Temple Ter., Fla. 
Miekal. Mane Virginia "67, 40 Nassau Dr., Metairie, La. 
Middlebrooks, .Sara H. "66 

4723 Prince Edward Dr., Jacksonville 10, Fla. 
Miller. .•\nn Elizabeth "65, 6 Radcliffe St.. Morrisville, Pa. 
Miller. Christie P. "65, 2500 Wisconsin Ave., Wash. 7, D. C. 
Miller. Diann Marie '66, 1410 Gene St.. Winter Park, Fla. 
Miller. Elizabeth G. '64, 766 Spring Lake Rd., Columbia, S. C. 
Miller, Joan J. '66, 1928 Carrollton Rd., Annapolis, Md. 
Mills. Sally Ingram '67, 51 Blackland Rd. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Milner. Laura Moss "67, Box 87, Cary, N. C. 
Mitchell. Mary Vastie '67. 916 Plum St.. Durham. N. C. 
Mitchell. Meriel Bull '64. 372 Fairfax Dr., Winston-.Salem. N. C. 
Mitchell. Priscilla G. '66. 176 East 77 St.. New York 21. N: Y. 
Mitchell. Susan L. '66, 925 Golfview Rd.. Glenview. 111. 
Moehlmann. Hollv Ellen '64. South Park St., Richland, Pa. 
Moffat. Elizabeth Ann 64. 13.s Derwent Dr.. Pittsburgh 37. Pa. 
Moger. S. Esther "66. .s06 Jaekson Ave., Lexington, Va. 
Monroe. Mary Eugenia '67, 128 Penny Rd.. High Point, N. C. 
Montague. Lmda Dean "64. Windy RiJge. Spiiice Pine, N. C. 
Montague. Martha Wray "67 

1306 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville. Fla. 
Montgomery. Diana B. '64. R.F.D. 3. Smithfield, N. C. 
Montgomery. Jane W \ '66. 1306 Edaewater Court. Orlando, Fla. 
Moore. Ardean Carol '64. 818 Boardman Rd.. Aiken, S. C. 
Moore. Martha Claire "67. 1507 Park Cr.. Camden, S. C. 
Moore. Merry Dawn "65, 4605 29th St., Mt. Rainier, Md. 
Moore, Nancy Lee '65, 207 Taplow Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Mooie. Natalie Christine "67 

Box 6574 Southboro Sta., W. Palm Beach, Fla. 
Moore. Rebecca Ann '64, 14 Eairland St., Lexington, Mass. 
Moore. Sara Nell '67. Box 100. Falls Ave., Granite Falls, N. C. 
Moore, Susan Caroline '67, 2331 Hempstead Rd., Toledo 6, Ohio 
Morales, Edith M. '66, Box 4472, San Juan, Puerto Rico 
Morgan, Barbara Agnes "65, 3 Deerfield Rd., Asheville, N. C. 
Morris, Elizabeth C. "64, 5205 Albemarle St., Wash. 16, D. C. 
Morris, Sarah Katherine '67, 415 Judy Lane. Americus, Ga. 
Morrison. Amy '65. 4450 North Park, Indianapolis 5, Ind. 
Morrison. Pamela Gay '67, 602 Eppard Cr., Falls Church, Va. 
Morrissev. Sheila N. '64 

c/o Navy Hq. Act. Navy 570, c/o O.F.P.O.. San Francisco, Calif. 
Moshcr, Sandra Sue "64, 2343 N. Vernon St., Arlington 7, Va. 
Moss. Beverly J. "66. 1839 Duval Rd.. Ocala. Fla. 
Moss. Judith Adele "64. 849 Richmond Ave.. Buffalo 22. N. Y. 
Moss. Sara F. "66, 727 Short Dr.. Washington. N. C. 
Motch. Patricia Pecor "65, Shelburne Shore, Sheiburne. Vt. 
Mucke. Jane L. "65. 4516 Bru:e Ave., Minneapolis 24. Minn. 
Mulder. Sarah M. "66. 109 Burnside Rd., Villanova, Pa. 
Munson. Kathrvn Taleott "67 

167 Moross kj.. (,,„sse Pi, larms 36. Mich. 
Muii.iv. Kalhenne ti, (.7 I 191 Kiiffner Rd.. Schenectady 9. N. Y. 
Muriav. Nane\ Mclniosh '65. .si Hillspoint Rd.. Westport. Conn. 
Muth. Frances Hilda '64. Old Annapolis Rd.. EUicott City, Md. 
Myers, Marcia Rebecca '65, 1616 Langhorne Rd.. Lvnchburg, "Va. 
Nadel, Barbara Sherry '67, 917 Ogden Ave., New York 52, N. Y., Rebecca Aldridge "67, 1800 Sprunt St.. Durham, N. C. 
Naylor. Virginia Wright '67. 401 Hawthorne Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 
Neblett. Beverly Ann '64. 3528 Marquette, Dallas, Tex. 
Nebon. Kristen C. '66. 249 E. Dixon Ave., Dayton 19, Ohio 
Nelson, Marsha Lynn '67. 4 Brennon St., Charleston, S. C. 
Nelson, Nancy Lea '67 

909 Murray Rd., Naas Meridian, Meridian, Mass. 
Newlin. Victoria E. "67. 208 Shaw St., Randleman, N. C. 
Newton. Barbara Lillian "65. 1309 West Nash St., Wilson, N. C. 
Nichols. Barbara C. "66, 516 Glen Park Dr.. Bay Village 40. Ohio 
Nicholson. Judith Ann '67. 46 Farley Rd.. Short Hills. N. J. 
Nicoll. ( hristine '66. 4 Third St.. Col. Springs. Col. 
Nininielil. 1 li/abelh '64. 6959 Almours Dr.. Jacksonville. Fla. 
Ni\. kjlh.nine Siillon '67 

^s:"\ Rd. S.W., Knoxville 20, Tenn. 
Ni\on. S.u.ih I (.(.. 1401 West Wabash Ave.. Crawfoidsvillc. Ind. 
Noblell. S.u.i ( aie\ '6s. Irvington Rd., Kilniainoek. \'a. 
Nol.m, I'.iniefi ■|>4, 4 Vi Forest Ave., SparlanlMim, S ( 
Noieinss. kesiin.i (.eiliiide '65. 515 N.E. lOM Si., Mi.imi 3S. Fla. 
Norns. Kalhenne Cecilia '66. Rt. 1, Box 78(1' j, Salisbury. N. C. 
Norton. Lois Beard '65. 129 liern.nd Rd,. El. Monroe. Va. 
Nuzum, Linda I . '66, 11)2 1 lleiilcn Si,. Aiken. S. C. 
O'Connor. Eileen T. "66, 360 Kohin Hood Rd, N.E.. Atlanta, Ga. 
Odell, Pamela Neepier "67, 1850 Chinook Trail. Maitland. Fla. 

Odom. Carolyn Suzanne '64 

Dept. of Neurosurgery. Duke Hospital, Durham, N. C. 
Odum, Linda Ann "67. 3707 Overlook Dr., Macon, Ga. 
Ogletree. Mildred G. "64 

311 W. Trinity Ave.. .Apt. 3. Durham. N. C. 
Ogletree, Rosalind O. '67 

Det. 180 AFROTC. Univ. of Idaho. Moscow. Idaho 
Oliver. Paula E. '66, 2224 Albans. Houston 5. Tex. 
O'Neall. Marjorie Ann '65. 1111 Bryn Mawr Ave.. Orlando. Fla. 
Onley. Helene Carter '65. A2A Univ. Apts.. Durham. N. C. 
Orr. Linda '65, 2241 Sanford Lane, Charlotte, N. C. 
Osborne. Margaret Alice '65. P. O. Box 353. Taylorsville. N. C. 
Osthoff. Anita Marie '64. 617 North Oak St.. Hinsdale. 111. 
Overaker. Sally Johanna '67. 2505 Lowell Ave., Springfield, 111. 
Overman. Betsy L. '66. Bo.x 844. Goldsboro. N. C. 
Paetsch. Johanna '64. 20 Woodlawn Dr.. Trumbull. Conn. 
Painter. Prudence Steele '64 

3427 Guilford Terrace. Baltimore 18. Md. 
Palmer. Margith Janice "64 

549 Ozbourn Ave.. U. S. Naval .Station. Mayport. Fla. 
Pandolfo. Andrea V. "66 

705 B Wriaht Ave.. Wheeler A. F. Base. Oahu. Hawaii 
Papps. Carol Baldwin '(i5. Fiuht Mackenzie Rd.. Morristown. N. J. 
Parker. Mary Ann '<^A. 3S()| Ocean Ave. Virginia Beach. Va. 
Parker. Marv lavloi (.5. 33'i \ andcrhilt Rd.. Asheville. N. C. 
Parks. Linda Warren 65. 3 110 Buckincham Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Patch. Teresa A. '66, 7904 College I ane, Annandale, Va. 
Pate. Sara Elizabeth '67. Box 356. Rowland, N. C. 
Patrick, Camilla Norton '65, 1623 Pope Ave.. Richmond 27, Va. 
Patterson. Barbara Jane '67 

110 S. Audubon Blvd.. Wilmington, N. C. 
Patterson. Josephine ■fi4. 10(1 Marshall St.. Tarboro. N. C. 
Patterson. Sylvia Faith d?. 2706 .-Mamance Rd.. Burlington, N. C. 
Patton. Sheila M. '64. 625(1 C hapman Field Dr., Miami 56, Fla. 
Patton. Vickv Lee '67. Rt. 4. Mehane. N. C. 
Paulev. Maruaret K. '65. 107 Frankel Blvd.. Merrick. N. Y. 
Paulv. Ann Florence '65. 1305 Sussex Rd., W. Englewood. N. J. 
Paulv. Susan Jane '65. 3600 Mound Way. Mariemont 27. Ohio 
Payne. I ura R. '66, Box 425, Belmont. N. C. 
Peace. JacqucKn "65. 416 Springdale Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Peak. Marilvn'j. "66. 7690 Huntington Rd., Hudson, Ohio 
Perham, Andrea Jean '64, 1105 Foxcroft Rd.. Richmond. Va. 
Persons. Susan Lapsley '65. 723 Anderson St., Durham. N. C. 
Peterlin. Tatjana Marija '67. 1212 Arnette Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Peters. Donna Sue '64. 1024 O Ave., Cayce, S. C. 
Pfohl. Barbara Ann '67. 3829 Bess Rd.. Jacksonville 11. Fla. 
Pharr. Diana L. '66. 625 E. Patton Ave.. Montgomery. Ala. 
Philbrick. Janice L. '66. 15 Friendly Rd.. E. Greenwich. R. 1. 
Phillips. Elisabeth L. "66. 2517 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Phillips. Katharine A. "66. 999 Audubon Dr.. Memphis. Tenn. 
Phillips. Paula Ruth "67. 1537 Larchmont Ave.. Lakewood 7, Ohio 
Pickering. Mary E. '66. 315 Cutler St.. Raleigh. N. C. 
Pickett. Anne C. "66. 1700 Duke University Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Pickett. Helen Louise "64. 914 Vicar Lane. Alexandria. Va. 
Pickrell. Anna May "65. 3 Sylvan Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Pierce. Sara Hunt '64, 1710 Cambridge Dr.. Kingston, N. C. 
Pierpont. Carolyn E. '64, 129 Woodland Ave.. Westfield. N. J. 
Pilgram. Ann Tonnelier "65, 311 Rockwell Ter.. Fredrick, Md. 
Pilling, Cynthia Lynn '67, 401 E. Gittings Ave.. Baltimore 12. Md. 
Pittman. Frances E. '65, 6700 Monroe Rd., Charlotte 5, N. C. 
Pittman. Germaine '64 

315 South Beverly Glen, Los Angeles 24. CaliL 
Plant. Mary Ann '65, 230 Westminster Dr., Tallahassee, Fla. 
Poppendieck. Janet E. '67. 1118 Valley Dr.. Alexandria. Va. 
Porter. Judy Ann '67 

2005 Kynwyd Rd.. N. Graylyn Crest. Wilmington 3. Del. 
Post. Brenda Mae "67. 49 Chidsey Ave.. E. Haven 12. Conn. 
Pctocki. Mary J. "66. 2102 Howard Dr., Winter Park, Fla. 
Potterton. Carol Thayer "67 

3214 Majestic Cr.. Avondale Estates, Ga. 
Powell. Eleanor P. "64. 804 Park Ave.. Goldsboro. N. C. 
Powell. Julia H. "66. 2227 N.W. 5th Place, Gainesville, Fla. 
Powell. Shirley Ann '65. Box 219. Middlesex. N. C. 
Powers. Charlotte Anne '67. 529 Jersey Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Powers. Marilyn Ellis '65, 211 Gibson Rd.. Louisville 7, Ky. 
Prather. Patricia Joan '66. 396 Sunset Dr.. Meadville, Pa. 
Pressman. Ellen Martha '65, 5615 Southwestern, Dallas 9, Tex. 
Prewitt. Alice Adair '64 

No. 1 Fairyland Club. Lookout Mtn.. Chattanooga. Tenn. 
Price. Alma Jean '64. P. O. Box 1145. Kannapolis, N. C. 
Proctor. Marcia J. '66. 211 University Dr.. Athens. Ga. 
Pruitt. Louise T. '66. 235 Eastland Ave., Pelham. N. Y. 
Pugh. Pamela Leroy '65. 6342 Burlwood Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Purkerson. Polly Friend '64 

2100 B, Van Dyke Ave.. Raleigh. N. C. 
Quattlebaum. Ann Louise '65, Rt. 1. Box 9, Monetta, S. C. 
Rackelman. Susan Janet "65, 109 Anona Place, Satellite Beach. Fla. 
Rambo. Jini '67 

517 B. Willow St., Shawview Hts.. Shaw AFB. Sumter. S. C. 
Ramseur, Mary Rast "64. 305 North St.. Anderson. S. C. 
Ramsey Elizabeth A. "66. 2901 Clover Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Ramsey, Sarah Helen "65. Rt. 1, Box 295, Sandston, Va. 

Randall. Elizabeth Wilson '65 

Randolph. Marjorie A. "64 

723 Oaklawn Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rankin. Rosalie A. "66, 3801 N. Nelson St., Arlington 7, Va. 

Ransburg. Jean Elizabeth "67 

5615 Washington Blvd., Indianapolis 20, Ind. 

Ransey. Anne Lee "64, 1825 Roosevelt St., Hollywood, Fla. 

Ray. Andrena E. "64, 112 Tucson Dr.. Sumter. S. C. 

Ray. Carolyn L. "66. P. O. Box 181. Burnsville. N. C . 

Ray, Mary Janice "64, 1824 Kanuga Rd.. Hendersonville. N. C. 

Reback, Diane J. "66. 1218 Devere Dr.. Silver Spring. Md. 

Rector. Judith Ann "65, 15 Abbott Ave.. North Merrick. N. Y. 

Redding. Ro.semary Leigh "67, 9809 Hillridge Dr., Kensington, Md. 
723 St. Johns Rd.. Bahimore 10. Md. 

Reed, Mary Margaret '67. 105 Robinhood Dr.. Jackson 6. Miss. 

Reeves, Sara Kathrvn "66. 4382 Skvland Dr. N.K.. .Atlanla 5. Ga. 

Reuben, Wilhelmina M. "67, Morris C oliegc, Snmlcr. S. C . 

Renter, Jerilyn G. "66. Little Meadows Rd., Rt. I. Wexford, Pa. 

Reyling. Theodora R. "66. 300 Bryant Ave.. Roslyn. N. Y. 

Reynolds. Anne Kathryn "65 

1822 McGougan Rd.. Fayetteville, N. C. 

Reynolds. Julia Lyn "67. 860 Edgewood Dr.. Charleston. W. Va. 

Reynolds. Susan V. "66, 717 Shallowford Rd., Icwisxillc. N. C. 

Rhoads. Rebecca Ann "67. 2404 Pi nice Si.. Duiham. N. C. 

Rhodes. Linda Sue '64, 9916 Holmhiirst Rd.. Bellicsoa 14, Md. 

Rice. Carol A. '66. P. O. Box 202, Milk\lue\ illc. C.a. 

Rich. Elizabeth H. "67. 609 Spring lake Terrace. Fairfax, Va. 

Richardson. Susan V. '67. 407 Churchill Rd., McLean, Va. 

Rickells. Marvann "^5. P. O. Box 10727. Raleigh. N. C. 

Riddick. Louisa Spruill "64. 2613 Legion Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Ridge. Martha Cole "64. 407 Vine St.. High Point, N. C. 

Rigby, Rebecca Naille '67, 809 W, Church St., Ahoskie. N. C. 

Ritter. Martha L. '66, 5904 Greenbrier Rd. N.E.. At.anta 5, Ga. 

Rivera. Phoebe Joan '67, Univ. of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, P. R. 

Robb, Mary Dyer '65. 3902 Eton Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Robbins. Jane Turney '65, 3100 Foxhall Rd.. Wash. 16. D. C. 

Roberts. Diana M. '64. 20 Davie Circle. Chapel Hill. N. C. 

Roberts, Patricia Anne '67, 904 Tremont Rd.. Wilson, N. C. 

Roberts. Sheila R. '66. Elkhorn, Nebraska 

Robertson, Deanna Lynn '65, 29 E. 67th St.. Savannah. Ga. 

Robertson. Sandra M. "64. Belle Haven Place. Greenwich. Conn. 

Robins, Judith Alan '64, 1415 Wendover Dr.. High Point. N. C. 

Robinson. Lindsay Opie "67 

101 Tuckahoe Blvd.. Richmond 26, Va. 

Robinson, Susan "64, 4000 Harding Place, Nashville 12, Tenn. 

Rocchil. Diane Leighton "67. 1205 Community Lane, Midland, Tex. 

Rodrian. Susan K. "66, 1320 Greenfield Rd., Evansville, Ind, 

Rodrigues, Judith Leslie "65 

6400 White Hall Drive, Fayetteville, N. C. 

Rogers. Beekv Ann "65. 202 Woodhaven Dr., Lexington, N. C. 

Rogers. Linda Sue "65. 1105 Greenhill Ave, Wilmington, Del. 

Rogers. Mvra S. "66. 99 Gracelyn Rd.. Asheville. N. C. 

Rogers, Nora Lea "67 

239 Marboro Lane, Rt. 7, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rom. Karen Therese "64, 1213 Watson Dr., Wilson, N. C. 

Roper, Emily R. "66. 110 Woodside Dr.. McLean. Va. 

Roper, Jane McNeill "67, 7805 Winston, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ross, Marcia Moore "65, 107 Ashbourne Rd., Columbus. Ohio 

Rothman, Bonnie Sue '67. Rt. 2. New Hope, Pa. 

Rowland. Suzanne E. "66. 718 W. Hampton Ave.. Sumter. S. C. 

Roznoy. Carol J. "66. 141 North Ave., Westport. Conn. 

Rudiger, Rosalind Louise '64, 522 Sherman Ave., Hawthorne, N. Y. 

Rudolf. Judith A. '66. 716 Reed St., Neenah, Wis. 

Rundles. Charlotte '65. 132 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Ryan. Florence June '64 

1707 Wealthy St. S.E.. E. Grand Rapids 6. Mich. 
Sader. Martha Ma.xwell '64. Grand View. Brevard, N. C. 
Safford. Barbara S. "67, 81 Norfolk Ave., Clarendon Hill, 111. 
Saint Amand. Emilia A. '65. 802 College Dr.. Gaffnev. S. C. 
.Salinger. Jill H. '66. 3444 Rugby Rd., Hope Valley, Durham, N. C. 
Salmon, Helen Jane "67, 2122 McClendon, Houston 25, Tex. 
Sampson. Eleanor A. '66. 110 River Dr., Lancaster, Pa. 
Sanders, Mariann Kirven "64 

755 Sylvan Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Sapp. Karen L. "66. 102 Hamilton St.. Lcaksville. N. C. 
Saunders. Mary M. "67. 504 W. Main St.. Elizabeth City. N. C. 
Saunders. Sylvia Anne '65. 1322 Greenway Dr.. High Point. N. C. 
Sayetta. Rona Beth '67. 2502 Randolph Place, Birmingham 13, Ala. 
Schad. Susan Patterson '65. 1405 Van Steffy Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. 
Schlesinger. Sally Anne '65 

3173 Fairmount Blvd.. Cleveland Heights 18. Ohio 
Schmidt. Havard Ewin '67. 3760 Upper River Rd.. Louisville 7, Ky. 
Schmitt. Leslie Elaine '67. 1170 Prospect Rd.. Pittsburgh 27, Pa. 
Schuerman. Karen Kay '67. 45 Meadow Lane. Chappaqua, N. Y, 
Schumacher, Sally Ann '65, 1017 Wilhert Rd.. Lakewood 7, Ohio 
Scott, Bernadette F. '67. 221 Wales Ave.. Charlotte 9. N. C. 
Scott, Elisabeth C. "66. 719 College Ave.. Rock Hill. S. C. 
Scott, Julia A. '66. 170 Beaverdam Rd.. Asheville. N. C. 
Scott, Kathryn Phillips '67, 1307 Hillcrest Rd., Lancaster, Pa. 
Schribner. Hillis M. '66, c/o Remington Rand. New York, N. Y. 
Searles. Dennes Leigh "65. 3130 Elms Park Dr.. Missoula. Mont. 
Sears, Barbara Ruth "65, 411 Marathon Ave.. Dayton 6. Ohio 
Sellers, Viola Carol "6.5, 115 .South Briggs Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Shaban, Janet Anne '65. 1075 Mango Ave., Sunnyvale, Calif. 
Shaio. Diana Victoria '64 

Carrara 9 86 85, Bogota, Columbia, S. A. 
Sharratt. Julie Marie '67, 7403 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, Va. 
Shaw. Maria S. '66. Rt. 1. Brentwood, Tenn. 
Sheffield. Jo Ellen "65, N. 55 Pharr Rd. N.W., Atlanta. Ga. 
Sheppard. Margaret Emily '67 

First National City Bank. N. Y.. San Juan. P. R. 
Sheridan. Alice Murrell "64. 1326 E. 58th, Chicago 37, 111. 
Sherman. Carolyn L. '66. 1303 Carner Ave.. Schenectady. N. Y. 
Shore. Carey D. '66. 901 Colville Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Short, Beverly Arlene '67, 217 John.ston Rd.. Bridgeville. Pa. 
Short, Nancy Pelton '67. 3840 Edinburgh Rd.. Columbia 4, S. C. 
Sifers. Christina '66. 5735 High Dr.. Shawnee Mission. Kan. 
Siler. Becki Alice '66. 50 Woodcrest Ave.. Dayton. Ohio 
Simeon, Carole Lee '64. 810 Ferndale Dr.. High Point. N. C. 
Simpson, Lucia E. "66. 763 Barnsdale Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Sitton. Sharon Porter '64. 106 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham. N. C. 
Sjostrom, Karen Ellen '67 

2111 Dominion Dr.. Charlottesville, Va. 
Slaughter. Celia R. '66. 810 Linwood Rd.. Birmingham 5. Ala. 
Sloeum. Nancy E. '66. 1539 Kathwood Dr.. Columbia, S. C. 
Smeltz. Carol J. '66. 419 Concord Ave.. Wilmington 3. Del. 
Smith. Barbara H. "66. 795 Knoliwood Terrace. Westfield. N. J. 
Smith, Carolyn Linwood "65, 2221 Whitman Rd.. Raleigh, N. C. 
Smith. Cas.sandra E. "67. 3000 Fondly Rd., Win.ston-Salem, N. C. 
Smith. Elizabeth Ann "64. Lewis Dr.. Kennesaw. Ga. 
Smith. Frances Ann "64. 2707 Sharondalc Dr. N.E.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 
■Smith. Heather Howard "65. 8 Franco Place. Larchmont. N. Y. 
Smith. Julie A. "66, 7415 Falmouth St.. Sprineficld. Va. 
Smith. Letitia Anne "64. 2300 Wcllc-,lc\ \\c.. ( harlotte 7. N. C. 
Smith. Marcia Sharon "64. 116 [';irku:iv. Hampton. Va. 
Smith, Margaret L. "66. 1119 Jefferson A\c,. Now Orleans. La. 
Smith. Patricia G. '66. 3443 N. Venice St.. Arlington 7. Va. 
Smith. Sally Lynne "67, 1517 Friar Tuck Rd. N.E., Atlanta 9, Ga. 
Smith, Sandra Glynn "65, Rt. 3. Box 401. Covington. Va. 
Smith, Sarah Lynn "65, Rt. 3. Box 401. Covington. Va. 
Smith, Susan Elizabeth "65, 172 Elatan Dr.. Pittsburgh 16. Pa. 
Snow, Elizabeth B. "66. 1712 Hermitage Ave. S.E.. Huntsvillc. Ala. 
Snyder, Mary A. "66, 1315 Green Way Dr.. High Point. N. C. 
Snyder, Mary E. '66. Darlington Rd.. Darlington. Pa. 
Southmayd, Carol Jean "65. 4902 Fort Sumner Dr.. Wash. 16. D. C. 
Speck, Linda Jean "64. 3204 Churchill Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 
Speck, Martha L. "66. 3204 Churchill Rd., Raleigh. N. C. 
Speight, Margaret Louise "67, Rt. 1, Farmville, N. C. 
Spivey, Peggy Jolene "66, 2312 N.W. 52. Oklahoma City. Okla. 
Springman, Janet Elaine "67, 1215 Elm St.. Glenview. 111. 
Stafford. Susan Graham "67, Box 314A, Rt. 1. Matthews. N. C. 
Stallings. Alice Leone "67. 125 Cloverleaf N.W., High Point. N. C. 
Stanley, Ellen Gail "67, 3915 Devine St.. Columbia, S. C. 
Stanley. Margaret J. "66. 3915 Devine St.. Columbia. S. C. 
Stansbury. Dale G. "66. 2116 Wright Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 
Starrett. Andrea Lynn "67. 2685 Kimmeridge Dr., East Point. Ga. 
Stead. Lucy Ellen "67. 2122 Myrtle Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Stead. Nancv W. "66. 2122 Myrtle Dr.. Durham. N. C. 
.Steitz, Mollv Deklvn "67. 2015 Grove St.. Glenview. III. 
Stephens. Ann I vn "hy (,20 Manchester Lane. Birmingham 9. Ala. 
Stephens. Sharon Paine "67 

Apt. 5-2(iOI Wesiovcr Ave., Roanoke, Va. 
Sterling. Lesley J. ^h. P. O. Box 1163. Raleigh, N. C. 
Stettler. Kathleen C. "64. 105 Highland Ave.. Passaic, N. J. 
Stevens. Lynn B. "66. P. O. Box 11252. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Stevenson, Monica Lynne "65, American Embassy, Santiago, Chile 
Steward. Clorea Elizabeth "67. P. O. Box 66. Fasten. Md. 
Stilwell. Louise Alison '64 

Hq. US Army Supp. Group, Vietnam APO 143, San Fran.. Calif. 
Stinson. Nancy Ellen "67 

1926 Cambridge Ave. S.W., Roanoke. Va. 
Stoaks, Joy Elizabeth "67 

c/o US Embassy APO 146. San Francisco. Calif. 
Stogner. Kathryn Jovcc "67. 212 Nellis Dr., Goldsboro, N. C. 
Stone. Margaret Priscilla "f,5. 801 Starling Ave.. Martinsville. Va. 
Stovall. Anne Wynan '(i7. 1734 Tippah Ave.. Charlotte 5, N. C. 
Stover, Pamela Anne "65. 502 Station Ave., Langhorne, Pa. 
Strawn, Betsy Ann "67. 2108 Sherwood Ave.. Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Strayhorn. Martha Davis "64. Woodmont Blvd.. Nashville. Tenn. 
Strickland. Dianne Claire '67. 1438 Palmer St., Mayport, Fla. 
Stroman, Dorothy Mae '67, 119 Simmons St., Mt. Pleasant. S. C. 
Stroupe. Sandra P. "66. 2300 Laburnum Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Stubbs. Rowena M. "66 

4975 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville 10, Fla. 
Stubbs. Sara M. "66. 3080 S. Detroit Way. Denver. Colo. 
Stuckey. Carol L. "64, 2219 Beverly Dr., Charlotte 7. N. C. 
Sullivan, Elizabeth Ann "67, 36 Orchard Lane. Wayland. Mass. 
Sun, Pamela Powers "65, 3304 River Rd.. Toledo. Ohio 
Surbaugh. Georgeann "66. Rt. 6, Box 78, Anderson, Ind. 
Sutch, Ruth Marian "65. 148 Cedar Lane, Cheshire. Conn. 
Swain, Elizabeth '64, 2824 Wesleyan Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Swain, Lamar Marie '65, 603 Small St.. Wash. Park, Wash., N. C. 
Swaringen. Cheryl Clinton "66 

705 B West Wendover Ave.. Greensboro, N. C. 
Sydnor. Caroline Meade '64, 920 Vicar Lane, Alexandria, Va. 
Taggart, Barbara "64, 516 Ardmore Ave., Pitman, N. J. 

Tart, Lois McPhail '65, 454 W. Market St., York, Pa. 
Tarwater, Nancy P. "66, Rt. 4. Box 65. Harriman. Tenn. 
Tate. Judith Ruth '67, 6530 Robin Rd., Dallas 9, Tex. 
Tavernise, Pia '65, 208 Watts St.. Durham. N. C. 
Taylor, Rebecca J. '65. Gatesville. N. C. 

Teets, Catherine Anne '65, 7621 S.W. 64th Court, Miami 43. Fla. 
Temple. Nancy Lloyd '65. 271 Brewer Ave., Winter Park, Fla. 
Templeton. Sharon E. '67, Box 321, Pilot Mountain. N. C. 
Thayer, Ann W. '65. 3804 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Theobald. Joan L. '66. 108 Meriden Dr. CH. Hockessin. Dal. 
Thomasson. Sara Kathryn '65, 616 Mulberry Rd.. Martinsville, Va. 
Thompson, Janet M. "66. 4610 Cedar Oaks Lane, Bellaire, Tex. 
Thompson, Rebecca Jean "65 

632nd Radar Sqdn.. Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 
Thornton, June Williams, "65, 2765 Hillandale Circle, Macon, Ga. 
Tinsley, Ethel M. "66. 3M BIdg. No. 1 3-Chome 

Omote Cho Akasada, Minato-Ku Tokyo, Japan 
Titus, Jane Wallace "64, 2060 Grand Blvd.. Schenectady 9. N. Y. 
Tobin, Sammie L. "64. 733 Schrubb Dr.. Dayton 29, Ohio 
Todd, Brenda G. "66. Rt. 2, Fredericktown, Ohio 
Todd, Margery L. '64. 53 Monteray Rd., Dayton 19. Ohio 
Tousey, Gail Marie "64 

4401 Country Club Rd.. Jacksonville 10, Fla. 
Travia, Frances Virginia "67, 3602 Royce Dr.. England AFB. La. 
Trent. Mary Elizabeth "64 

7000 Beach Plaze. St. Petersburg Beach. Fla. 
Trent. Rebecca Grey "64. 1415 Bivins .St.. Durham. N. C. 
Trimbur. Nancy Jean '64, 3204 Crescent Dr. N.E., Warren, Ohio 
Tucker, Nancy A. '66. 25 Jefferson Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Turner. Suzanne L. '66. 751 College Ave., Wooster. Ohio 
Tuttle. Wendelin Holly '65 

1000 Mary Allen Lane. Mountainside. N. J. 
Tuul, Mall "65, 90 Caryl Ave.. Yonkers, N. Y. 
Twitchell. Patricia Ann "67. 971 N.E. 115 St., Miami. Fla. 
Tyler. Margaret C. "66. 6103 Temple Rd., Jacksonville 17. Fla. 
Ullenberg. Judith Ann "65 

1317 Woodhill Dr., Chattanooga 5, Tenn. 
Umstead. Merle Bradley "64, 1552 Hermitage Ct., Durham, N. C. 
Upchurch, Mabel Stuart "64 

1724 Canterbury Rd.. Raleigh. N. C. 
Vail. Helen Winifred "64. 2730 Circle Dr.. Durham, N. C. 
Vale. Kathrvn Ann "65. Box 85. Goldston. N. C. 
Van De Ree, Carol Emily "65. Box 20. Rt. 2. Clinton. Md. 
Van Dyke, Maureen K. "66. 5916 E. Seventh St.. Tulsa. Okla. 
Van Landingham. Carol L. "66, Erwin Hts.. Thomasville. N. C. 
Vandale, Susan Elizabeth "67 

2416 E. Washington St.. Charleston. W. Va. 
Vintinner. Jane M. "64. 35 Academv St.. Franconia, N. H. 
Volk, Laura Zelle "67. Rt. 5. Flem'ington. N. J. 
Volz. Karen Diane "67, 1819 Woodfill Way, Loiii.sville 5, Ky. 
Vos. Elizabeth Louise '67, P. O. Box 37. McLean. Va. 
Wagoner. Judith Ann "65. 155 Spring Rd., Scotia 2. N. Y. 
Waisman. Margaret "64, 33 Ladoga Ave.. Tampa 6, Fla. 
Waldrop, Gwendolyn J. "64, Rt. 5, Box 243, Richmond 31, Va. 
Walker. Beatrice A. "66 

1885 Shore Dr. S. Apt. 314. St. Petersburg 7, Fla. 
Walker, Linda Ann '67, 3237 Coral Park Dr.. Cincinnati 11. Ohio 
Walker, Nancy Jenkins "64, 438 Burrage Rd.. Concord. N. C. 
Walker. Margaret Bates "66. 2223 West Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C. 
Wallace. Sue Daniel "64. P. O. Box 875. Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Walsh. Kathy Lynn "67, c/o American Embassy, Quito. Equador 
Walston. Daisy P. "66, Box 122, Tarboro, N. C. 
Wanless. Julia M. "66. 2024 Wiggins, Springfield. 111. 
Ward. Mary Elizabeth "67 

1639 Great Bridge Blvd.. Norfolk 22. Va. 
Warner. Janet L. "66 

251 Royal Palm Way. Ap 11. Palm Beach. Fla. 
Warren, Linda Ruth "67, 8437 Larkspur Rd.. Bon Air, Va. 
Warren. Mary Lou "67. 211 Meadowvale Rd.. Lutherville. Md. 
Washburn, Barbara Jane "64, 1906 E. Oakland. Bloomington, 111. 
Waterman. Patricia "65, 185 Saranac Ave.. Buffalo 16. N. Y. 
Watson. Barbara Grace "65, Box 185, Rowland, N. C. 
Watson, Katrina J. "64, 2123 Woodland Ave.. Raleigh. N. C. 
Watson, Susan D. "66 

1928 Ranger Ct. USNTC. Halsey Village. Great Lakes. III. 
Watson. Wendy Patricia "65. Box 419. Rt. 2. McLean, Va. 
Weart. Christine Culp "67. 2812 N. Dinwiddie St.. Arlington 7, Va. 
Weatherford. Elizabeth R. "66 

1625 Peabody Ave.. Memphis 7. Tenn. 
Weaver, Janet Marie "64, Box 138, Bailey, N. C. 
Weaver. Sarah Lynn '65 

Fresno 211. Colonia As;uila. Tampico Tamps. Mexico 
Webb S.iiidi (,oili:Mn '(,"' :niiii ,(ii1i Si. N.W.. Wash. 7. D. C. 
Wehbd Winon,. 1. (14. 244 1 Knipk Dr.. Winter Park. Fla. 
Wclu;. loan ( ondil (iX I (,' V.n.lillc O,.. Malverne. N. Y. 
Weeks. Barbara Kay (14. 1445 C aiUcrbury Ct. S.E., Aiken, S. C. 
Weiland, Barbara Jean '67 

7817 Jackson Park Blvd., Wauwatosa 13, Wis. 
Weingarth. Judith Ann '65. 285 S. Main St., Kernersville, N. C. 
Weldon. Nancv Leila "64. 2100 W. Market St.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Welfare. Kathleen "66. 2641 Revnolds Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Wells. Rita Gertrude "67. 120 E. Cliff St.. Wallace. N. C., Ruth T. "66, 120 Midway Ave., Clarks Summit, Pa. 

Wheat, Mary Erskine '64. 133 Greenville St. S.W., Aiken, S. C. 
Whisnant, Betty L. "66, 2917 Crosby Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. 
White, Anne Walker -67. 3208 Birnam Wood Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 
White, Frances Randolph "65 

Caixa 878 Campinas, Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil 
White, Jane Dale '64, 921 Elizabeth Rd.. Shelby, N. C. 
Waite, Mary Evelyn '67, 500 Elizabeth Ave., Forest City. N. C. 
White. Sarah N. '66. 106 H. Hillcrest Dr., Greenville, S. C. 
Whitley. Lynda Carole '65. 1823 Mallory St.. .lacksonville. Fla. 
Wike. Antoinette Ray ^f^^. .<i Woodcresl Dr.. Lexington. N. C. 
Wilbourne. Harriet S. '64. Box 308. Lilhnglon. N. C. 
Wilcox, l.andis Melrose ■fi4. 35h Fairfax Dr.. Winston-Salcm, N. C. 
Wilcox. Margaret Moore '67, 86 Lenwood HKil,. ( liai legion, S. C. 
Wilkinson. Lillian Anne '64, 718 Garden St.. ( li.nlcsioii .:. W. Va. 
Willcrt. Lorraine V. '66, 111-1.5 75 Ave.. Lorcst HilK 75, N. Y. 
Williams. Alice J. '66. Blue Haven. Leesville Rd.. Raleigh, N. C. 
Williams. Alice Sue '67, 1411 N. Wayne St., Arlington 1, Va. 
Williams. Ann Malloy '65. 43 Red Cloud Rd.. Fort Ru:ker, Ala. 
Williams, Beatrice B. 67, I I I Meadbrook Rd., Garden City. N. Y. 
Williams. Elizabeth K. '66 

N. Tennessee Rd.. Box 324, Cartensville, Ga. 
Williams. Frances G. '66. 2147 Roswell Ave.. Charlotte 7. N. C. 
Williams, lanet '67. 606 Rollingwood Dr , Greensboro, N. C. 
Williams. Martha E. '64, 1441 Pcilin Si. \lcoa. Tenn. 
Williams. Mary Frances '65. P. O Ho\ r^.s. Hoonville. N. C. 
Williams. Schuyler L. '66, 13 SnowlicKI ( i.. Midland. Mich. 
Willis. Barbara Johnson '64. 3 126 Oaklvn Dr.. lampa, Fla. 
Willis. Mary Alice '64. 7737 N. t lub ( ir., Milwaukee 17, Wis. 
Willis. Mary H. '66. 407 4th St.. Hickory, N. C. 
Wilmot, Barbara Mary '67. 3945 S.W. 3rd Ave., Gainesville, Fla. 
Wilson, Mary Pittman '65, 1729 N.W. Ilth Rd„ Gainesville, Fla. 
Wilson. Patricia Gail "64. 5925 N. 5th St.. Arlineton 3. Va. 
Winstead. Elizabeth '65. 4507 Bordc.iux Ave., Dallas, Texas 
Wischmeyer, Nancy Louise '67, 21 Danfield Rd.. St. Louis 24, Mo. 
Wise. Alethea Stewart "65 

1857 Louden Hts. Rd.. Charleston 4, W. Va. 
Wisecarver, Marva A. '66, 1200 Qu=ens Rd. W.. Charlotte, N. C. 
Withers, Carolyn Leslie '67. 216 Clifton Ave.. Spartanburg, S. C. 

Witherspoon. Jane C. '65, 1332 The Terrace, Hagerstown, Md. 
Wittenberg. Pauline '67, 12 Ingram Dr., Hicksville. N. Y. 
Wobus. Elizabeth A. '66, 20 Juanita PI., Belleville, III. 
Wolf. Mary Magdalene '64. 2217 S. 61st. Ave., Cicero 50, 111. 
Wood. Janet Linda "67, Old Richmond Rd., Tobaccoville, N. C. 
Wood. Sara Lynn '67, 508 N. Garden Ave., Siler City, N. C. 
Woodard. Dee A. '66 

514 Idaho Ave.. Hunley Park, Charleston, S. C. 
Woodhiiin. JiKlilh Irene '65, 316 Mosby Ave., Littleton, N. C. 
WiiiHliiin. M;n\ kathryn "65, 7 Main St., Englishtown, N. J. 
Woollcv. I loisc C . '66, 418 W. Main St.. Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Woollcy, Palti 67. 221 South East Ave., Oak Park. ill. 
Wooten. Mary Bryan '64. Rt. 1. Kinston. N. C. 
Worden. Susan F. '64. 6920 Greentree Dr.. Falls Church, Va. 
Worley. Judy Jo '65. 1130 Catawba, Kingsport, Tenn. 
Worthington. Robin Lee '67 

7430 Normandy La.. Philadelphia 26. Pa. 
Wright, Ola R. '66, 4201 River Rd. N.W.. Washington 16, D. C. 
Wright. Roberta A. '66, 4327 Wigton Dr., Houston, Texas 
Wyatt. Emily Hughes '67, 1012 Vance St., Raleigh, N. C. 
Yager, Sue Ann '64, 2745 Borden La., Silver Spring, Md. 
Yarbroiigh. Virginia Ileen "65 

105 College Ave., Thomasville. N. C. 
Yarnall. Lynn Louise '64. 122 Keeling Rd. E., Greensboro, N. C. 
Yearwood, Susan Carol '67, 1 15 Maple La., Oak Ridge, Tenn 
Yeh, Betty "64. 108 Walton Dr.. Vista Acres. Lynchburg. Va. 
York. Tekia Ann '64, 4502 Fairchild Loop, Larson AFB. Wash. 
Young, Candace '66, 1110 Shepherd St., Durham, N. C, 
Yucel. Guler F. '65 

Moda Caddesi No. 7. Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey 
Zaugg, Mary Cecile "64, 4721 Columbia Rd.. Annadale. Va. 
Zbikowski. Gwendolyn Ann "65 

2 Fairmount Ave., Terryville, Conn. 
Zimmerman, Carolyn F. "67 

5512 W. Market St., Greensboro, N. C. 
Zlotowitz. Ruth Carolyn "65 

3625 Forest Garden Ave.. Baltimore 7. Md. 

undergraduate men 

Abbott. John Alfred "65. 127 Clayton Ave.. Waynesboro. Pa. 
Abernethy, John A. "64 

403 East Market St., Johnson City. Tenn. 
Abernethy, Roy F.. Jr. "66, 625 Briarwood Ave.. Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Ackerknecht. William E., Ill "64 

6247 N. 22nd. Rd., Arlington. Va. 
Ackerley. Robert E. "66, 3 Leaf PI.. Elmsford. N. Y. 
Ackerman William Jackson "67 

4309 Stuart Ave., Richmond 21. Va. 
Adams, Charles F. '64. Java, Virginia 

Adams, Clifford Sweet '65. 515 Warren Rd.. San Mateo. Calif. 
Adams. Douglas Glenn '67. 1840 Harlem Blvd.. Rockford, III. 
Adams, James Albert "64. Box 391. Roscoe, N. Y. 
Adams. Robert C. '66. 895 Davis Dr. N.W.. Atlanta. Ga. 
Adiam. James Kenneth '65, 1731 Hilltop Rd.. Jenkintown. Pa. 
Ahmann. Gerald Black "67. 217 N. 3rd St.. St. Charles. Mo. 
Ahnfeldt. Arnold L., Jr. "65 

1301 S. Scott St., Arlington 4. Va. 
Aitken. James Lamaster "67, 2733 Sheridan Blvd.. Lincoln. Neb. 
Ake, James L. "66. Lynnhaven Dr.. Dover, Del. 
Akins. William H.. Jr. "64. 9202 Duke Sta.. Durham. N. C. 
Albrecht. Jerry Linn "67. 3001 Vale St.. Endicott. N. \. 
.Mbright, William U.. Jr. "66. 2107 Ruffin St., Durham, N C. 
Alden. John Thomas "67, 303 N. College St., Rockville. Ind. 
Aldridge. John Graves '65 

Country Club Dr., Rt. 6, Mt. Airy, N. C. 
Alexander, Bruce J. "65, 41 Prescott Ave.. White Plains, N. Y. 
Alexander, James P. "65. 149 Terrell Mill Dr.. Marietta, Ga. 
Alexander. Randolph Foote '67. 2233 Schiller St., Wilmette, III. 
Allen, John Robert '67. 6212 30th ,St. N., Arlington, Va. 
Allen, Philip H. "66, 216 Parsons Dr., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Allen, Thomas Stringfield "67. 1027 Pine St.. Burlington. Vt. 
Allen, ■William Fred "64. 4101 Bronson Blvd.. Kalamazoo. Mich. 
Alley. James Carl "64, 150 N.W. 100th Ter.. Miami Shores. Fla. 
.^Ilsbrook, William Calvin "64. Box 303, Clayton, N. C. 
Allyn, Donald Lancy "65, 612 N. Wash. Ave.. Moorestown. N. J. 
Alper. Harvey Paul "67, 4722 Gaynor Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 
.-Xltmaier. Martin D. "64. 669 Bexley Ave., Marion. Ohio 
Altman, Charles F. "65. 814 Morningside Rd.. Ridgewood, N. J. 
.Altreuter. Richard W. '67, 31 Lockwood PI.. Fair Haven, N. J. 
Alvarez. Richard Michael '67. 3235 Mud Lick Rd., Roanoke, Va. 
Alvarez, William J. '66. 3235 Mud Lick Rd.. Roanoke. Va. 
Ambler. C. Merrill. Jr. '64. 828 Glen Rd., Jenkintown. Pa. 
Amery, Joe Alan '67. 126 Rockingham Rd.. Wilmington, Del. 
Amley, Robert B. "66. 950 41st Ave. N.. St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Anders. Charles Alan "65. 8105 Old Riggs Rd.. Hyattsville. Md. 
Anderson, Charles R. '65, 826i/2 S. Lincoln Ave.. Springfield, III. 
Anderson, Erik Marshall "67, 666 49 St. S., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

,\nder;oii. Harry Kemp. Jr. '64 

713 1 Andalusia Ave.. Jacksonville 7, Fla. 
Anderson. Lawrence W. '67 

4665 Meadowwood Rd.. Dallas 20, Texas 
Anderson, McCutchen B. "67, 211 S. Heyward St.. Bishopville. S. C. 
Anderson. Thomas J. "65, 100 Fn-st Ave. S.E., Atlanta 17, Ga. 
Anderson. Thomas P. '64 

Office Chief of Naval Opera., Navy Dept.. Washington 25. D. C. 
Anderson, William Eugene "66, 100 E. Front St.. Oxford. N. C. 
Anderson. William Holt '67 

415 E. Willowbrook Dr.. Burlington, N. C. 
Anderson. William R. '64, 1205 First St.. Huntington 1. W. Va. 
Andrews, Craig Neal '65 

c/o Allis Chalmers, York Works, York. Pa. 
.-Xudrews, James Kenneth "67, Rt. I, Box 448. Lexington. N. C. 
Andrews. Robert D. "66. Rt. 2, Clayton, N. Y. 
Anna. Timothy E. '66, 1001 Jeffords St., Clearwater. Fla. 
Ansell. David Raymond '67. 1072 Kingsway. Alliance. Ohio 
Applestein. Jeffrey M. '64, 245 Ardmore Ave., Trenton 9, N. J. 
Archie, William C. Jr. '66, 3101 Churchill Rd.. Raleigh, N. C. 
Arenson. Ronald Lee '65, 1900 E. Leonard St.. Pensacola. Fla. 
Argy. John '65, 1058 Polk St.. Hollywood. Fla. 
Armbrecht. David Lee '67. 7666 Yarmouth Dr.. Richmond 25. Va. 
Armfield, Howard M.. Jr. "64. Middleburg. Va. 
Armstrong. Charlton P. Ill "66, 406 Belmont Ave.. Greenville, S. C 
Armstrong, Robert N. "66, 3 Lake Dr.. Enka, N, C. 
Arnold, Herman Ross III "67 

5130 Powers Ferry Rd. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Arnold, Richard Ernest "64. 81 Mapes Ave.. Nutley 10, N. J. 
Arnold. William L. "67, Canfield Salem Rd.. Rt. 3. Canfield. Ohio 
Arthur, William B.. Jr. '64. 715 Bleeker Ave.. Mamaroneck. N. Y. 
Ash. Andrew W. "66, 130 Beverly Place, Dayton 19, Ohio 
Ashby. Donald A. "66, Nassawadox. Va. 
Ashmun. Raymond V.. Jr. '65 

3505 West Scott Place. Denver 17. Colo. 
Astin, Charles Frederick "67. 15 Forestwood Lane, Atlanta, Ga. 
Astley. Robert F. "66. 270 N.W. 110 St.. Miami, Fla. 
Atkinson, Sid Eugene "64. 2705 Elgin St.. Durham, N. C. 
Atlee. William A., Jr. "64. 1414 Ridge Rd.. Lancaster, Pa. 
Atwater. Luther E.. Ill "64, Arcadia. Rt. 3. Columbia. S. C. 
Atwill, Lionel Anthony "67. Skydrift Farm. Willsboro, N. Y. 
Auld, Frederick H.. Jr. "66 

1404 Oakmont Rd., Charleston. W. Va. 
Auman. James Richard "67, 206 Penny St., Garner, N. C. 
Austin. George M. '64, 2163 Bayard Park Dr., Evansville 14, Ind. 
Austin. John Charles '67, 229 Yarrow Lane, Pittsburgh 36, Pa. 
Averitt. Richard G.. Ill '67 

1300 74th St. N.. St. Petersburg 10. Fla. 
Bach, Thomas W. '66. 210 Ashworth Circle, Marion, N. C. 

Bachman. Thomas Michael "67. Box 307, Malta. Ohio 
Bachman, Walter E., Ill '66, Bethman Rd., Easton. Pa. 
Backus. Michael E. '66 

Dogwood Acres, Rt. 6. Johnson City, Tenn. 
Baer. George James '65 

829 Balfour Rd., Grosse Pointe Pk. 3, Mich. 
Baggs, William Jerold '67. Rt. 1, Box 86, Centerville. Va. 
Bailey. Hoyt Spurgeon '67. 785 Forest Hill Rd., Macon, Ga. 
Bailey. Richard A. '66, 464 Derby Rd.. Baldwin, N. Y. 
Baird. Edward Forrest '65, 429 Aldan Ave., Aldan, Pa. 
Baird. William J., Ill '66. Box 351. Pikeville, Ky. 
Baker. Alan W. '66. 122 Hollywood Parkway. Hollywood. Fla. 
Baker. William H. '65 

QTRS 3 USP Reservation. Leavenworth, Kan. 
Balitsaris, Peter M. '65, Rotherwood Dr.. Knoxville, Tenn. 
Ball. Marshall '64. Rt. 4, Box 154A, New Bern, N. C. 
Ballew, Steve Early '67, P. O. Box 362, Inman, S. C. 
Ballou, Charles Wilkins '66 

The Greenbrier. White Sulphur Spgs., West Virginia 
Banks, Wendell P. B. '65, 73 17th St. N.E.. Atlanta 9. Ga. 
Banks. Lawrence Kirk "65, 1 10 Beverly Place, Greensboro, N. C. 
Bannerman. Ian C. '65, 142 Revere Rd., Manhasset. N. Y. 
Barbare, Drayton W. '66, 1516 India Hook Rd.. Rock Hill. S. C. 
Barbee, Ronald Mills '65, Rt. 1, Morrisville. N. C. 
Bargnian, Alan Richard '67 

182 Commonwealth Ave.. Buffalo. N. Y. 
Barham. James Eldred "67, 3001 Exmoor Rd., Columbia. S. C. 
Barker, John K. '64. 1764 N.E. 16th St.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 
Barksdale. Edgar Wilson '67 

3766 N. Stratford Rd., Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Barlow, Richard Smith '65. 506 N. Third St.. Bardstown. Ky. 
Barnes, Leroy Robert, Jr. '67. 403 Beaumont St.. Fairfax. Va. 
Barnes. Stephen P. "65. 287 W. Neck Rd., Huntingdon, N. Y. 
Barnhardt. Zeb Elonzo, Jr. '64 

1713 Virginia Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Barr, Roger Coke "64, 385 Tallulah Ave., Jacksonville. Fla. 
Barr, Stuart George "64 

29 Cottage Place. Staten Island 2. N. Y. 
Barr, William Tomas. Jr. "67 

1323 Medical Arts Bldg., Dallas 1, Texas 
Barrett, Drew James, III "67, USNSA 133, FPO N. Y.. N. Y. 
Barringer, Jerry Allen '67. 203 Franklin Ave.. Concord, N. C. 
Barry. Thomas Ross '67. 1104 Armstrong Lane, Tupelo, Miss. 
Barton, James Clyde "67, 104 Decatur Rd.. Oak Ridge. Tenn. 
Barton, William John, Jr. "67 

1605 Ft. Washington Ave.. Maple Glen. Pa. 
Basham, George Verner, III "67, 6339 Desco Dr., Dallas 25, Texas 
Bass, Kenneth C. Ill "65 

402 Crest Rd. Carrcroft, Wilmington 3, Del. 
Baswcll, David Lee P. "65, 970 N. Second Ave., St. Charles, 111. 
Bates. Robert Carl '65. 92 Orchard St., Delmar, N. Y. 
Battel Ic. Nicholas Smith '64 

li)(t Alliens Ave.. Madison Township. SO Amboy P. O.. N. J. 
H.iiik. P., I \1. (,6. 3800 James Dr., Metarie, La. 
H.iiiks, IMiihp M.. HI '66. 1002 N. St.. Tewksbury. Mass. 
Bauer. KiLhaid Allen "67. 803 W. Market St.. Bethlehem, Pa. 
Baumgartner, Bruce R. "65. 36 Earnscliff Ct.. Fort Thomas. Ky. 
Baxter. Thomas W. "66. 1803 W. Market St.. Green.shoro. N. C. 
Bayes, Guy Anthony "65. 5524 Park Rd.. Falls Church, Va. 
Baylin. Fric Alfred "67. 2534 Wrightwood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Baylin. .Stephen Bruce "64, 2535 Wrightwood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Beach. 1 awrencc Murphy "67. 716 Saunders Ave.. Westfield. N. J. 
Beale. David Brooks "67. 109 Arnold St., Centerville. Tenn. 
Beam. Miehacl (1. "hd. 234(12 Westwood Rd.. Westlake, Ohio 
Be,l^le^, 1 ledeoek Alex 65. 205 Barnard Ave.. S.E.. Aiken. S. C. 
Be,isle\. Rdberl I awson 64. 417 Walker St.. Durham. N. C. 
Beaven, Warren S. "66. 12 Seminole Ave., Baltimore 28. Md. 
Bebout. David Denton "64 

20975 Fairmount Blvd.. Shaker Heights, Ohio 
Beck, Alan D. "66. 688 Doblin St., Elmont, N. Y. 
Beck. Laurence David "67. 7004 Wilson Lane. Bethesda 14. Md. 
Becker. Dennis H. "65, 5 Old Brick Rd.. Roslyn Heights. N. Y. 
Bedinger, Samuel D. "67, 1031 Beech Ave., Charleston. W. Va. 
Bedworth. Griffith B. "67. Deer Run Rd., Woodbridge, Conn. 
Behnken. Kenneth Charles '67, Box 156 A, RFD, Painter, Va. 
Beily. Alan J. '66. 1119 Fourth Ave.. Berwick. Pa. 
Beimfohr. Carl Edward "64 

2280 S.W. 15th St.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Belcher. John Clifton "67 

234 University Blvd., Jacksonville 11, Fla. 
Bell. Alexander W. "66, 3316 Alexander, Shreveport. La. 
Bell. James Douglas "67, 6405 N. Lake Dr., Milwaukee 17. Wis. 
Bell. Oliver Alexander "65, 2604 Garner Rd.. Raleigh. N. C. 
Bellman. Donald H., Jr. '66 

5807 Chillumgate Rd.. Hyattsville, Md. 
Belvin, William Long, Jr. '64, 19 Flinn Dr., Savannah. Ga. 
Bender, Douglas Edward '67, 24 W. Empire St., Freeport. III. 
Bendon, James A. '66, 2230 N.E. I7th St.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 
Benjamin, Albert E., Jr. '65 

6300 Holly Lane Apt. C, Baltimore 12. Md. 
Benner. Harry R. "66. 10 "White Oak Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del. 
Bennett. Bruce R. '65. 3600 Cantrell Rd.. Atlanta. Ga. 
Bennett, Donald E. '67, 9 Austin Rd.. Reisterslown. Md. 

Bennett. Frank W., Ill '64, 1609 Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 

Bennett, Gene S. '66, 436 E. Meyer Blvd.. Kansas City, Mo. 

Bennett. John H. '65. 6413 Marjory Lane. Bethesda, Md. 

Benson. Clark W.. II '67. P. O. Box 86. Murphy, N. C. 

Benson, Craig B. '67, 4202 Grandview, Memphis, Tenn. 

Benson, George G. '67, 34 Hillman St.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Benson. Karl T. '64. 729 Chestnut Ave., Falls Church, Va. 

Berg. Stefan D. '66. 14 Sandview Ave., White Plains. N. Y 

Bergen. Robert E. "66, 600 Wilson Dr., Lancaster, Pa. 

Berger. Johnny M. "67 

302 E. Portland St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Berkowitz, Leonard J. "67 
4420 Toledo St., Coral Gables, Fla. 

Berman. Richard K. "67, 31-40 89 St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. 

Bernstein, Frank H. "64, Naylors Lane, Pikesville, Md. 

Bernstein. Jerry C. "66, 205 E. Vance St., Wilson, N. C. 

Berry, Alan D. '64, 77 Taylor Ave., Fort Thomas, Ky. 

Berry, Thomas C. Jr. '65 

104 Lake Shore Dr., Virginia Beach. Va. 

Berson, Robert C, Jr. '66 

1902 National Bank Commission Bldg.. San Antonio 5. Texas 

Berteau. John T. '64. Box 45. Lake Jem, Fla. 

Bertsch, John R. '65. 3131 Midland Dr.. Grand Rapids. Mich. 

Best. Alexander J. '67. 934 Eliendale Dr., Towson. Md. 

Best, Page H. '64. Rt. 2. Brevard, N. C. 

Best, Paul W., Jr. '67, 3665 Wickersham Lane. Houston. Texas 

Best, Richard A '64, 905 Exum St.. Durham. N. C. 

Bestic, Philip B. '66. 2525 N. Ridgeview Rd.. Arlingion, Va. 

Bethel. James Eugene '67. 8 Ridgewood Rd., Rome, Ga. 

Beirfield. James L. '65. 275 Ivy Lane. Highland Park. HI. 

Bigham. Edward M. '67. Rt. 6, Ward Rd.. Greensboro, N. C. 

Biles, Brian L. "66. 8 Lazy Lane, Hutchinson. Kansas 

Bingham, Frederick C. HI "67 

Mineral Mining Corp. Kershaw. S. C. 

Bingham. James C. "67, Mineral Minina Corp., Kershaw. S. C, 

Binkley. William E. "67 

1891 SW 37 Terrace. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 

Birkel, Jack W. '66, 245 Alma Drive, Eau Gallic, Fla, 

Birkhead. David Keehn '67 

653 Queen Anne Ter, Falls Church, Va. 

Bischoff, Douglas K. '66 

6421 N. Berkeley Blvd.. Milwaukee. Wis. 

Bittermann. Kim A. "67, 3717 Chesterfield Dr.. Wash.. D. C. 

Bivins. William P.. Jr. "67. 2343 Hunterfield Rd.. Maitland, Fla, 

Black, George Browne, Jr. "65. Live Rd., Rt. 2, Malvern, Pa. 

Black. Loyd H.. Jr. "66, 2960 King Alfred Dr., Macon. Ga. 

Blackard. William R. '65, 3531 Hedrick St.. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Blackshcar, William M.. Jr. '66 

i:i5 Wesi II Ih St., Panama City, Fla. 

Blaekueklei, William C. '64 

414: SiaiesMlle Hwy.. Charlotte. N. C. 

Blaekw elder. Blake W. '67, 3419 Lowell St. N.W., Wash., D. C. 

Blackweldcr, Brent F. "64. 3419 Lowell St. N.W., Wash., D. C. 

Blair, Richard W. "64. 425 S. Garfield, Hinsdale, 111. 

Blake, Robert Lincoln. Jr. "67. 609 Rubv St.. Durham. N. C. 

Blakely. John T. "66. 1810 Sherwood Dr.. Beloit. Wis. 

Blick. John S., Ill '65. Box 1184. St. Simons Island. Ga. 

Blitch. James B., Jr. "66. 6104 Backlick Rd.. Springfield, Va. 
Blitzer, Sidney M.. Jr. "66. 2445 Terrace Ave.. Baton Rouge, La. 
Blunt. Peter H. "h7. 2075 Ash St.. Denver. Colo. 
Bobo. Harold T. "66. Rt. I. Burlington, N. C. 
Bcchm. Gerhard A. '67. 1311 Hermitage Ave.. Huntsville. Ala. 
Boehm. Michael W. "66. 115 Woodlawn Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Boericke. James F. "64. 134 Grays Lane. Haverford. Pa. 
Boggs. Parker T. "66, Box 552, Falmouth. Mass. 
Bohn, Clyde M.. Jr. '66. 1603 Rosemont Ave., Frederick. Md. 
Bohannon. Larry E. '67. I 1 14 S. Kerr Ave.. Wilmington. N. C. 
Bolton. Peter K. '67. Old Camden Rd., Cheraw, S. C. 
Bond. Stephen E. '66 

810 Snell Isle Blvd., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Bonham. Thirwall W. '64. 1323 Bywood Lane. Charlotte, N. C. 
Booher. Kermit R.. Jr. '66 

601 Hillcrest Terrace, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Boone. Worth Howard, Jr. '67, 2801 Carolina Ave.. Roanoke. Va. 
Boop, John M. '66, 5160 Emory Circle, Jacksonville. Fla. 
Booth. Michael C. '67. 4915 S. Olive Ave., W. Palm Beach. Fla. 
Borgmann, William F., Jr. '66, 1137 Illsley, Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Boslough. James G. '67. 2073 Bellaire St., Denver. Col. 
Boswell, Richard N. '65. Rt. 2, Canal Rd., Brunswick, Ga. 
Bottcher. Dana C. '64, 44 Highland St., Holden. Mass. 
Boughton. James M. '66. 2105 Crestview Court. Lafayette. Ind. 
Bouman. John Karl "65, 8 Westerly Way, Binghamton. N. Y. 
Bourianoff. Gleb C. '64. 4629 Mokry Dr.. Corpus Christi. Texas 
Bovard. Brian E. '66. 766 Bloomfield Blvd., Jackson. Mich. 
Bovender, Jack Oliver '67, Rt. 2. Rural Hall, N. C. 
Bowen. Frederick H.. Jr. '67 

4102 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville. Fla. 
Bowers, William R. '66, Rt. 3, Butler, Ind. 

Bowman. Charles R. "64, Remsens Lane. RFD 1, Oyster Bay, N. Y. 
Bowman, Frank L. '66, 4403 Kemp Dr.. Chattanooga. Tenn. 
Boyce, Samuel A. '64. Rt. 10, Box 421. Charlotte, N. C. 
Boyden. Thomas W. '67. 349 21st PI., Santa Monica. Calif. 
Boyer, Barry B. '66, 5801 .S.W. 86th St., Miami, Fla. 

Boyer, Brian E. '67, 91 Jeffrey Rd., Springfield, Mass. 
Boyett. Robert L., Jr. "64, 2272 Wineleas Rd., Decatur, Ga. 
Boyle, William J., Jr. "66 

235 Bunkers Cove Rd., Panaina City, Fla. 
Boyte, Harry C. '67, 1574 Clifton Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Bracy, Benjamin F. '65 

550 Middleton St. N.E., Orangeburg, S. C. 
Bracy, Christopher W. '66, 1936 Wash. St., Allentown, Pa. 
Bradbury, Paul T. "64, 1661 Ml. Paran Rd. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Bradley, Samuel M. '66. 2324 N. Powhatan St., Arlington, Va. 
Braibanti, Ralph L. "67, 2614 Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Brannock, Larry R. '65, Rt. 1, Reidsville, N. C. 
Branscomb, E. J., Jr. '65, 506 Acorn Court, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Brantley, Robert L. '64. Rt. 4. Box 249 D, Durham, N. C. 
Braren, Richard E. '67. 455 Poinciana Dr., Sarasota, Fla. 
Brashler. Richard J.. Jr. "67, 406 Peck Rd., Geneva, 111. 
Brater, Carl T. '67, 1503 Brooklyn. Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Brater. Donald C. '67. 104 Hillside Rd., Oak Ridge. Tenn. 
Breazeale, James A. '64. 1040 Twinkletown Rd., Memphis, Tenn. 
Bredder, Roy S. '65, 49 Skyline Dr.. Morristown, N. J. 
Bredenberg. Allan N. '66. Hophrook Rd., Bethany, Conn. 
Breedlove, Kendall H. '67. 2629 N. Florida St., Arlington, Va. 
Brennan, James. Jr. "64. 2111 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Brewer, Bryan A. '67, Courthouse, Titusville, Fla. 
Brewster, John E., Jr. '65, 1220 N. Main St., Wheaton, III. 
Brick, Jeffrey M. '66 

5516 W. 81st Terrace, Prairie Village, Kan. 
Bridge, Thomas Peter '67, 6305 Barcliff Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 
Bridgeman, Kenneth S. '65, 2517 Milliard Rd., Richmond, Va. 
Bridgers, John f: '64, 503 W. Nash St., Wilson, N. C. 
Bridges, Wayne E. '64, 814 East 22 St., Hialeah, Fla. 
Brienza, Nicholas '66, 3502 Duke St., College Park, Md. 
Brigham, James R., Jr. '67, 909 Chautauqua St., Carbondale, III. 
Brigham, John C. '64. 212 Fernwood Ave.. Upper Montclair, N. J. 
Bright, Robert N. '67, 1204 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Brill. Howard W. '65, 2725 Dach Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 
Brim. Thomas P. "66, Rt. 2, Mount Airy. N. C. 
Brindle, James H. '66, 3334 N. Third St., Harrisburg. Pa. 
Britton, Ernest L. '65, 1010 Wateree St.. Kingsport, Tenn. 
Brockett. Peter Cha. '67. P. O. Box 1070 Daytona Beach. Fla. 
Brodie. George F. '66, 469 Officers Cr. East, Robins AFB. Ga. 
Brodnax, Lewis M. '67, Rt. 2, Box 145, Eutaw. Ala. 
Brodsky, Barry H. '67, 4226 Castlewood Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Broker, Nathanael '65, 18 Rockland Rd., Concord, N. H. 
Brooks, Charles I. '65, 135 E. 42nd St., New York, N. Y. 
Brooks, Donald B. '65, 831 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro. N. C. 
Brooks. James C. '67. 35 Alden Ave. N.W.. Atlanta, Ga. 
Broome, Ernest H., Jr. '64. 705 Lancaster Ave., Monroe, N. C. 
Broske, Stuart P. '67, 1457 Edwards St.. Huntington 1, W. Va. 
Brown, Archie W., Jr. '67, 207 Lenoir St., Morganton, N. C. 
Brown, Douglas C. '64, 8012 Vale St., Alexandria, Va. 
Brown. Edward B., Jr. "67, 883 Plymouth Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 
Brown. Harold C. '65. 68 Chesopeian Trail, Lynnhaven, Va. 
Brown. Paul F., Jr. '65, 904 Allen Dr., Clearwater, Fla. 
Brown, Ralph E. '65. 1631 Marion Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Brown. Stanley C. '64, 18 Rounds St., New Bedford, Mass. 
Brown. Steven R. 67, 4607 Norwood Dr., Chevy Chase. Md. 
Brown, Timothy S. '65, Stonewall Farm, Sharon, Conn. 
Brown, William B., Jr. '67. 2012 E. Sugnet Ave.. Midland, Mich. 
Browne, Charles G. 67. Rt. 2, Cherryville, N. C. 
Browne. Joseph D.. Jr. '64, 1550 Prospect PI.. Ashland, Ky. 
Brownstein, Kenneth R. '66, 8823 Forest View. Skokie, III. 
Broyles, John D. '66. 2132 Buckingham Rd.. Raleigh, N. C. 
Bruce. James W. '66. 1300 Clifford Rd.. Wilmington, Del. 
Bruhwel, Roger A. '67, 4816 Lamont Dr.. Charlotte, N. C. 
Bryan. John R., Jr. '64, 402 Pine Valley Dr., Wilmington, N. C. 
Bryant. Charles A. '67. 400 N. Cherokee St.. Taylorville. III. 
Bryant, James N. '67, 1340 Park Hills Ave., State College. Pa. 
Bryant, Michael L. "65, 717 N. Indian River Dr., Cocoa. Fla. 
Bryce, George B. '66. 211 Windsor Rd., Alexandria, Va. 
Bryce, John Stephen '67 

Lincoln and Fairthorne St.. Kennet Square, Pa. 
Brydges. James Edward. Jr. '64 

1679 Spotswood Place, Lynchburg, Va. 
Buchanan. William E. '66. Apt. 22, 3903 Riverside Dr.. Tulsa. Okla. 
Buck, George S. '66. 4059 Abingdo Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Buck. William Peter '67, 2770 S.W.. Patton Lane. Portland I, Ore. 
Buckley. Jay Lynn '64. 3007 Laurel Ave., Cheverly, Md. 
Buckner, Spencer A.. Jr. "64 

209 E. Woodlawn Ave.. Falls Church. Va. 
Budd. William Isaac "67. 544 Maple Ave., Haddonfield. N. J. 
Buddington. Richard S. "64. 3902 Commander Dr.. Hyattsville. Md. 
Buder. John Joseph "67. 59 Carman Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Bugg. John E. '65, 1544 Hermitage Court. Durham. N. C. 
Bullington. Richard Earleff "67 

420 S. 57th Terrace. Hollywood. Fla. 
Bullock. Calvert Riggs "67. 7631 S.W. 53 Court, Miami 43, Fla. 
Bumgarner. John Edmond "67. 1521 Winston Rd.. Lexington. N. C. 
Burchesky. Kenneth M. "67. 1 Brantwood Lane, Utica 3, N. Y. 
Burdette. Marvin David "65 

500 W. Mercer Ave., College Park. Ga. 
Burdge, Lawrence Reid "64, 46 Hilltop Terrace, Red Bank, N. J. 
Burgess, Andrew L., Jr. '64, Cratra Staff NAS, Pensacola, Fla. 

Burgess, Stanley E. '64. 400 Bluebill Lane. Alexandria, Va. 
Burgstahler, Robert J. "66, 6246 Hills Dr., Birmingham, Mich. 
Burke, David Lawrence '65, 51 Emerson Rd.. Winchester, Mass, 
Burke, John Robert '65, 3017 Seminary Ave.. Richmond, Va. 
Burningham. Ken Sessions '67 

704 S. Lincoln Ave.. Alexandria. Va. 
Burns, John G. '65, 1126 Lynbrook Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 
Burns, Stanley T. '66, 4407 Glen Eden Rd., Kingsport, Tenn. 
Burrice, John W. '66. 712 Greenridge Lane, Louisville, Ky. 
Burriss, Georue F., Ill '66, 126 Cynwyd Rd., Bala-Cynwyd. Pa. 
Burslem, William A.. Jr. '65, 5710 38th Ave., Hyattsville, Md, 
Burton. Edward Miles '67 

1720 S. Treasure Dr.. Miami Beach 41, Fla. 
Burton, Richard S. '66, 7 Boughton Hill Rd., Honeoye Falls, N. Y. 
Burts. Richard Clyde, III '67, Box 485, Davidson, N. C. 
Burwell, James Henry '67. 1 10 Homewood Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 
Butler. David Harry '67, 1598 Beecher St. S.W., Atlanta 10, Ga. 
Butler, Warwick Woods '67, Box 2371, San Juan, Puerto Rico 
Butlerworth, Alvin S., Ill '67, 40 Milford Rd., Newport News, Va. 
Butterworth, Robert S. '67, Main St.. Richville, N. Y. 
Butts, Edward B. '64. 153 Lewis Ave., Salem, Va. 
Byers, Thomas B. '66, Box 350. Forest City, N. C. 
Byrd. Hal C, Jr. '66. 1009 Glendalvn Circle, Spartanburg. S. C. 
Byrum. James Charles '67. Rt. 7. Box 265. Raleigh. N. C. 
Cable, Samuel Keith '67. Box 1066, Conroe, Texas 
Caine. Thomas Powers '67. 57 Beekman Rd., Summit, N. J. 
Calabrese. Joseph W. '67, 4614 Amherst Rd.. College Park. Md. 
Caldwell, James Eugene '67. 320 Colonial Rd., Memphis 17, Tenn. 
Caldwell, Mark Jeffrey "65. 113 Timothy Ave., Clinton, Tenn. 
Caleen. Reynold Laurence "65 

221 Jamaica Lane, Palm Beach, Fla. 
Callahan, Josph B. "64. 162 Kennedy St., Bradford, Pa. 
Callaway. Frederick L. "67, 828 Anderson St., Durham, N. C. 
Caltagirone. William A. "65. 10 Tuttle Rd., Briarcliff Manor. N. Y. 
Cameron. Donald Curtis '65 

41 Marquette Rd., Upper Montclair, N. Y. 
Camp. Ernest. Ill "64, 2579 Birchwood Dr. N.E.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Campbell. Dennis Marion '67 

7909 Oakleaf Ave.. Elmwood Park. 111. 
Campbell. James Barry '67. 4 Bransby Dr.. Savannah, Ga. 

Campbell. James S.. Ill 65, 6711 Burlwood Rd.. Charlotte 7. N. C. 

Campbell, John L. '66 

230 Philadelphia Ave.. Waynesboro, Pa. 

Campbell. Robert Clarke "64. 1239 Keene Rd., Clearwater, Fla. 

Campbell. Stephen E. '66. Orchard Terrace, Graniteville. Vt. 

Cannon, Linden Kinder, III '64, H.Q. Sotee APO 163, N. Y., N. Y. 

Caraway. James Spence '65 

1981 Greenwood Ave.. Jacksonville 5. Fla. 

Cardwell, Josph T., Jr. '64, 863 Park Ave.. N. Y. 21, N. Y. 

Carlitz. Robert David '65, 2303 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Carlo, John W. '66. 121 W. Cameron Rd., Falls Church, Va. 

Carlson, Edwin Allen, Jr. '64 

1314 Rutledge Ave.. Florence, S. C. 

Carlson, Richard Bruce '64. 307 Anderson Blvd., Geneva, III. 

Carmichael. George J., Ill '67, 591 Park Ave.. Manhasset, N. Y. 

Carmicael. Wm. Leighton '64 

1223 Chickering Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 

Carney. Eugene J., Jr. '66, 831 Queens Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. 

Carney. Robert S.. Jr. '67, 500 Colonial Rd., Memphis. Tenn. 

Carpenter. Thomas S. '66. Ridgewood Rd., Attleboro, Mass. 

Carrington. James E. '66. 1905 Erwin Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Carruthers. Robert B. '65. 1768 Druid Rd.. Clearwater, Fla. 

Carson. Robert D.. Jr. '66. 212 Hawkins Ave.. Sanford, N. C. 

Carty. James B.. Jr. '67. 2217 Winding Way, Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Carver. Alexander H.. Ill '67 

1 100 Ave. of Americas. New York 36. N. Y. 

Carver. Stephen G. '65, Rt. 1, Box 216. Franklinville. N. C. 

Casey. William Joseph, Jr. '67 

1983 N. Montana St.. Arlington 5. Va. 

Cashwell. Leon Franklin "65. Rt. 6. Raleigh, N. C. 

Caskie, Cabot R. '66, 3700 Roberts Lane, Arlington, Va. 

Castle. Truman Rose '65, 334 Wilmette Ave.. Glenview. 111. 

Castles. Stephen Henry '67, Box 420, Big Pine Key, Fla. 

Gates, Aubrey M., Ill '66, 2804 N. Colonial Dr.. Montgomery. Ala. 

Causey. Brent E. '66, 526 Chisholm St.. Sanford. N. C. 

Cawley. John Arnold. Jr. '65. 3606 Gordon Rd.. Elkhart. Ind. 

Cayce. Edgar Evans, Jr. '65 

1565 Michigan Ave., Virginia Beach. Va. 

Chafkin. Michael Jay '64. 95 Eastern Parkwav. Brooklyn 38. N. Y. 

Chambers. John Alfred '65, 453 Sunset Dr., Birmingham 16, Ala. 

Chance. Frank Crawford '67. P. O. Box 493. Lake Mary. Fla. 

Chandler. James Gordon '67, 601 Stillwell Ave., Alexandria, Va. 

Chaney. Stephen G. '65, 1000 Glen Eden Dr.. Raleigh. N. C. 

Chang. Jack Han Teh "64 

Apt. 1-B. 647 W. 207th St., New York 34. N. Y. 

Chapman. Leonard Fielding "64 

5314 Truman Ave.. Alexandria. Va. 

Chapman. Walton F. "66. 5314 Truman Ave.. Alexandria. Va. 

Charlesworth. Donald R. "67 

1303 Lyndon St.. S. Pasadena, Calif. 

Charlwood. Wm. W. '64. 114 West Trinity Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Chatham. Kenneth Dale "67. 317 S.W. Dr.. Silver Spring. Md. 

Cheatham, Robert Lee '65, First Natl. Bank BIdg., Pulaski, Tenn. 

Cheek, Hannon J. '64, 919 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N C 
Cheek, James Howe, III '64, 221 Evelyn Ave., Nashville "; Tenn 
Cheetwood, John S. "66, 333 N. Main. Bowling Green Ohio 
Chelius, Gerald Edward, Jr. "67 

1030 Marleigh Circle. Towson, Md. 
Chen, Melvin Chia '66, 2123 Willow Lane. Falls Church. Va 
Chewning. Thomas O., Jr. '66, 6719 Davista Ave.. Richmond, Va 
Chotmer, Gerald '65. 3609 O'Neil Blvd., McKeesport. Pa 
Churchill. Neil E. "64, 15 Madison St., Cortland, N. Y. 
Clark. Douglas Mason '64, 110 Drake Smith Laiie, Rye, N Y 
Clark, Dumnt Fasset '67, 674 Franklin St., Denver, Col. 
Clark, Kenneth P. '66. 2505 Eccleston St., Silver Spring, Md. 
Clark. Richard F. '65, 15 Sholes Ave., Norwich, Conn 
Clarke, Jon Bruce '65, 2501 Albion St., Denver 7 Col 
Clarke, Jon O. '66. 6609 Kentland St., Springfield Va 
Clarke, William Linus '67 

4105 Tennyson Rd.. University Park. Md. 
Claro, Kenneth Joseph '65, 7411 Gerryndale Dr., Clinton. Md. 
Clatanoff. William B. '66. 26 Franklin St., Annapolis Md 
Clauset, Karl Harold, Jr. '67 

2532 Buena Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Clayton, Carlyle A. '66, 2607 Van Dyke Ave., Raleigh N C 
Clayton, Everett M., Ill '67, 109 Blackburn Dr., Nashville S, Tenn 
Clayton, Lawrence A. '64. 1023 Central Ave.. Plainfield, N J 
Clement, Neal G. '66, 3657 Oakley Ave.. Memphis 11. Tenn 
Cleveland, Michael E. '66, 4731 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Cleveland, William W. '66 

136 25th Ave. S. Zone 5, St. Petersburg, Fla 
Cliff. William Alan '67. 555 Main St., Apt. 9A, Chatham, N. J. 
Clift, Robert C. '66. 34 Salem St., Andover, Mass 
Close, John Phelps '67 

P. O. Box 12011. APO 285, New York, N. Y. 
Closser, Bruce M. '66, 1 Marquette Drive, Marquette, Mich 
Clyde, Samuel D., Ill '66, 28 Brookside Rd.. Wallingford, Pa. 
Coan, Glen Austin, Jr. '64, 2753 Picardy Place, Charlotte 9, N. C 
Coates, Richard J., Ill '67, Rt. 1, Box 51, Leesburg. Va. 
Cobb, Lawrence Wells '65, 212 Midvale Dr. N.E., Atlanta 5 Ga 
Coble, Thomas S., Ill '66, 2005 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Cocke, Norman Atwater '67, 865 Tall Oaks Rd., Radnor, Pa. 
Cocker, Wesley Louis '65, 5904 N. 1 0th Rd., Arlington S, Va 
Coffin, Carl V. '66, 630 Hillcrest Rd., Midland. Mich 
Coggm, John Thomas, Jr. '67. 1222 W. Clinton St.. Elmira, N. Y. 
Cogswell, Jack Dye. Jr. '66, 8 Lockwood Circle, Westport. Conn. 
Cohen. Michael E. "66, Sunset Dr.. Pulaski, Tenn. 
Coil, James Hubert. Ill '67. 65 Kingsway, Mobile Ala 
Colclough, Andrew E. '65, 3608 N. Albemarle St., Arlington 7, Va 
Coleman. John Lawrence '67, 255 N.W. 47th St.. Miami, Fla 
Coleman, Richard Lindahl '67, 6601 Sunset Dr., Jacksonville 8 Fla 
Coleman, Samuel Thomas. Jr. '67 

3055 E. 38th Place, Tulsa 5, Okla. 
Coleman. Theodore H., Jr. '66, 6601 Sunset Dr., Jacksonville 8. Fla. 
Coley, Stephen Craig '67 

3941 Van Ness St. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. 
Coll, John Peter. Jr. '65. 315 Thomas St., Carnegie. Pa. 
Collins. Richard Fuller '64, 357 Neuburn Dr., Pittsburgh 16 Pa 
Collins. Robert G. '66, 72 Libby Place, Middletown, N. J 
Combs. Samuel L. "64. 782 Abbott Rd., Lexington, Ky. 
Comfort, Joseph A. '66 

421 Kings Highway W., Haddonfield, N. J. 
Conace, James Francis '67. 15 Summit Ave., E. Williston N Y 
Cone, Arthur R. "66. 1781 Hubbard Rd., East Aurora N. Y 
Conkey. Clement S., Jr. "67. 14 Hesketh St., Chevy Chase 15 Md 
Conklin, Wendell Drake "67 

Box 422, Old Mansion Rd., Monroe, N. Y 
Connolly. Arthur Worden "67, 175 Tokeneke Dr., Hamden, Conn 
Connor. Henry David '64, 205 Sherrin Ave.. Louisville 7 Kv 
Conrad. Carl Edward '65 

1209 Redleaf Carrcroft, Wilmington 3, Del 
Coogler, John Bee "67, 175 Mt. Fair Ave., Brooksville, Fla 
Cook, Joseph William, Jr. '64, 5934 Creola Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Cooke, Russell Yale '67, 21 Addison Lane, Greenvale N Y 
Cooley, Thomas W.. Jr. '64. 112 Pacolet Dr., Gaffney. S. C 
Coohdge, David Alan '64. 7403 Denton Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Cooper, David Francis '67 

1016 Cambridge Crescent, Norfolk 8, Va 
Cooper. John C, III '64, 5209 N. 16th St., Arlington S. Va 
Cooper, Larry A. "65, 2933 Ivanhoe Rd., Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 
Cooper, Richard A. "66, 2374 Timber Ridge Court, Decatur Ga 
Cooperider. Michael "67, Box 675. Martinsburg. W Va 
Copeland. Alexander, III "65, 2332 Crogdon Rd., Charlotte, N C 
Coplon, Fredric Jay "64, Box 305, Sparta, Ga 
Corey, Steven James "67, 900 Maple Rd., Charleston, W Va 
Cornwell, Gary Tyler "67, 9226 Timber.side, Houston 25 Texas 
Corson. Frederic C. "65, 10 St. Paul's Crescent. Garden City N Y 
Corwin, James Albert '67. Box 966, E. Hampton N Y 
Cosgrove, Thomas Joseph '65, 103 Belmore Rd.. Lutherville, Md 
Gotten, Michael Avent '67 

611 Aiken Parkway. Fuquay Springs, N. C. 
Cotter, Douglas Adrian '65, Box 56, Skyland, N C 
Coughlan. Peter V. '64. 120 N.E. 5th Ave., Boca Raton Fla 
Coulter. John Mansfield '64, 7413 Lansing Dr S E Wash D C 
Coursen, Donald Frank '67, 514 Morgan Ave., Palmyra, N J 
Coursen, James R. '66, 514 Morgan Ave., Palmyra, N. J. 

Courtney, Marion Walter '64. Rt. 2. Box 407, Aiken S C 
Covington, Donald K., Ill '66 

4205 Elsrode Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Covington. James Edwin '65, 103 Richardson St., Whiteville N C 
Cowherd, Frank G., Ill '65, Baltimore Ave.. N. Laurel Md 
Cowman. Mark Irvin '67, 80 Richard Dr.. Hamden 14 Conn 
Cox, Abram Jones. Ill "67. 804 5th Ave. W., Hendersonville N C 
Cox. Frederick O. "64. 26 Morewood Dr., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Cox, Joseph Harper, Jr, "65 

126 Green Forest Dr.. Wilmington, N. C. 
Cox, Monty Woodall "67, 1718 Vista St.. Durham. N C 
Cox, Ray Lawrence "64, 1913 University Dr.. Durham N C 
Crandall, Bowen S., Jr. "67 

Scientists Cliffs. No. 348. Port Republic, Md. 
Crane. Harold E., Ill '67, 321 Parkside Ave., Pittsburgh 34 Pa 
Craver. Leonard H.. Jr. '66. 102 Magnolia Rd.. Lexington, N. C. 
Creaves, Donald W. '64, 618 Sheridan Rd., Evanston. III. 
Creech, Franklin U. '64, 111 Parker St., Smithfield, N. C 
Creech, John H. '65. 448 Goldsboro Ave., Carolina Beach N C 
Creswell, Jay S.. Jr. "67, 802 Summerlin Ave. S.E.. Orlando, Fla 
Crews, John Hunter "64, 450 New Haw Creek Rd., Asheville, N. C. 
Crisson. John Stanley "64, Box 361, Belmont, N. C. 
Crist, Peter Beardsley "65, 3 Taylor Rd.. Downington. Pa 
Crofts, John Lawton. Jr. "64. P. O. Box 707, Nokomis, Fla. 
Cromartie. William F. "64, 1228 Skyview Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Cromer, William E., Jr. '66 

20801 Avalon Dr., Rocky River 16, Ohio 
Crosby, Marshall Robert '65, 1854 N.W. 1 1th Rd.. Gainesville, Fla. 
Crosland, Jack Weatherly '67. 3546 Colgate. Dallas 25, Texas 
Crossno, Johnny Leon "67, 211 Whitfield St.. Enfield, N. C. 
Crow, William Cecil. Jr. "67, 1258 Buchanan St., Arlington 5, Va. 
Crowding, Edward F., Ill "67, 915 Dunellen Dr., Baltimore 4, Md 
Crowell. George H., Ill "67, Box 646 Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla 
Cruikshank, Dwight P.. IV "65. 1201 16th St.. Parkersburg W Va 
Crump, Philip H. W. "66, 4110 Tuckahoe Lane. Memphis, Tenn. 
Cruse, Charles H. "66, Box 273 Miller Rd., Kingsville. Md. 
Crutcher. Bryan P. "66. 1514 Scotland Ave., Charlotte, N. C 
Cubbison, Edwin Pritchett "67. 1311 Weber Dr., Clearwater, Fla 
Cudlm, Joseph John "67, 13 Barry Dr.. E. Northport, N. Y. 
Culbertson, Norman A. "64, 117 Buist Ave., Greenville. S. C 
Culbreth. John T. "66. RFD 4. Lumberton, N. C. 
Culbreth, Thomas Franklin "65, 8 Birdseye Glen, Verona N J 
Cunningham. Kenneth Earl "67, 28 Wren St., W. Roxbury, Mass. 
Curry, James Lawson "65, Reidsville, Ga. 

Curtis, James Michael "65, No. 4, Wesley Court, Rockville, Md, 
Curtis. Lawrence H. "66 

Columbus Gen. Depot U.S.A.. Columbus, Ohio 
Cushman, Robert F., Jr. "67. 154 Pascack Rd., Park Ridge, N. J. 
Cutter. Norman Craig "67, 3117 Weaver Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 
Cuttino, John Tindal. Jr. "67, Rt. 5. Box 362. Charleston. S. C. 
Dacko, Douglas Mitchel "67. 400 Motheral Ave., Monessen, Pa. 
Dadson, Dana Irving "67. 421 S.E. 4th St.. Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Dai. Ping "67, 2404 Perkins Rd., Durham. N. C. 
Dalbey, Earle G.. Jr. '64 

Sup. Ships Navy Ingalls. Pascagoula, Miss. 
Daley, C. Michael '67, 1037 Beechwood Lane, Falls Church, Va. 
Dandrea. Frederick Edward '67 

1 1 1 Ticonderoga Dr., Warwick, R. I. 
Daniel, Amiram '64, Box 4753 Duke Station, Durham N C 
Daniel, Henry S.. IV '67, Parklaan 10, Dordrecht. Holland 
Daniel, John Harrison, Jr. '67 

5502 Cromwell Dr., Washington 16, D. C. 
Daniels. David Longsworth '67 

Hdqts. U. S. Eucom., M. A. D., APO 128. New York, N. Y, 
Dankel. Thaddeus G.. Jr. '64, 3100 Parkwood Dr.. Brunswick, Ga, 
Danluck, Thomas R. "66, 112 N.E. 11 1st St., Miami Shores, Fla. 
Darling, Malcolm Breed "67. Lawrence Ac. Groton. Mass. 
Daul, George Cecil, Jr. '64, 6 Wedgewood Lane, Morristown, N. J. 
Davenport. James P. '66, 403 Virginia Ave.. Garner N C 
Davenport, Louis L.. Ill "64. 403 Virginia Ave.. Garner, N. C. 
Davenport, Richard D. "66. 1212 Central St., Evanston. III. 
Davis, Allan H. '66. 12 South Wilton Rd., Richmond, Va. 
Davis, Dennis Morrelle "67 

5345 Beechwood, Maple Hts. 37. Ohio 
Davis, Donald Arthur "67, 209 Avon Dr.. Raleigh N C 
Davis, Douglas E. "66, 1533 Bunts Rd., Lakewood. Ohio 
Davis, George Edward "67, 210 Emery Dr.. Nashville 14, Tenn. 
Davis. Robert Errol "65. 1004 Byrnes Rd.. Aiken. S. C. 
Davis. Rockwell Furman '64. 322 Larchmont Rd., Elmira, N. Y. 
Davis. Ronald E. '65. 4507 Columbia St.. Portsmouth. Va. 
Davis, Waynelee Ellis, Jr. '65 

4800 Ravensworth Rd., Annandale, Va. 
Davis, William H.. Ill '66 

723 N. Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Deal, David F. '66, 755 Scott Circle, Decatur. Ga. 
Dean. Clinton Woodhouse "67. 4401 Versailles Ave.. Dallas 5, Tex. 
Dean, John Gary "67, 107 Edgeroad Lane, Wilmington 3, Del. 
Dean, Robert Berry "65, 117 Oakdale St.. Mt. Airy. N. C. 
DeCaprio, Jack Irwin "67, 37 Runnymede Rd., Chatham, N. J. 
Decko, Kenneth O. "65, 792A Windsor Ave., Windsor, Conn. 
Dee, Larry Gene "64, 2864 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Fla. 
Deegan, James E. "65, 2635 Sherwood Ave.. Charlotte 7, N. C. 

DeGooyer. John Gobel, Jr. '64 

1112 Meurilee Lane, Silver Spring, Md. 
DeGroof. Robert Clifford '67, 294 Magnolia Ave.. Eaii Gallic, Fla. 
DeLaney. Gale P. K. '66, 2026 Ashton Circle, Salt Lake City, Utah 
Deleot, Charles Frederick '67 

729 Barnsdale Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Densmore, Richard Ervin '64, 18 Mass. Ave., Portland, Maine 
Denton. Kent Swindell '65, 342 E. Second St., Washington, N. C. 
Denton, Robert Elmo 'b5. 5474 Lorraine Dr., Camp Springs, Md. 
Deramus, Judson D.. Jr. '65 

2201 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Derby, Glenn E. '67, 205 Church Lane, Pittsburgh 38, Pa. 
Derryberry, Eugene E. '64 

621 Mississippi Ave., Signal Mountain, Tenn. 
Deutscher, Eugene F. '64, 8 Washington PI., Tarrytown, N. Y. 
Devalon. Gerald W. '66, 1040 Seward Ave., Westfield, N. J. 
DeWar. Donald B. 66. James St., Bethel, N. C. 
DeWar, Sam Davis. Jr. '67, Box 38, Bethel, N. C. 
Devo, Truman E. '66, Box 223, Oxford, Md. 
Dickhaut, John Wilson '64, 100 W. Schreyer, Columbus, Ohio 
Dickinson, Roger B. '66, 1294 Hillside Dr., Lancaster. Pa. 
Diehl, Earl H., Jr. '64. 302 West Reynolds, Plant City, Fla. 
Dillon. Ralph George '64, 814 Lee St.. Danville, Va. 
Dillon, Robert Gwyn '65, 164 Dillon Ave., Elkin, N. C. 
Diltz, Peter Colfax '67. 576 Oak St., Winnetka, III. 
Dinin, James D. '66, Hammond House Rd., Valhalla, N. Y. 
Disotell. William James '66, 505 Lamar St., Roxboro, N. C. 
Ditmars, David Thompson '64, 816 Van Nes Lane. Glendale, Ohio 
Ditto, John K. '65, 756 Arnold Ave., Greenville, Miss. 
Dixon, Walter Herbert, Jr. '64, 118 Oakwood Circle, Danville, Va. 
Dodson. Kemper H. '66, 1012 Tyne Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. 
Doelle, John Charles '64 

829 Grand Marais. Grosse Pointe Pk. 30, Mich. 
Donaldson. Terry George '67 

1331 Baker Ave., Schenectady 9, N. Y. 
Donnelly, Dennis William '64, 128 l,ee Circle, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Dorros, George L. '66, 4000 Tunlow Rd. N.W.. Wash. 16, D. C. 
Doty. Ralph Edward, Jr. '67 

2616 N.W. 15th St., Oklahoma City 7, Okla. 
Douglas, Donald A. '64 

415 E. Rino Alto Dr., Miami Beach 39, Fla. 
Douglass, Michael A. '66, 1 Ridgewood Dr.. Frankfort, Ind. 
Douglass. William Fiank '64, 3141 S. Stafford St., Arlington 6. Va. 
Dow. Jeffrey Lane '64, 45 Ivywood Lane, Wayne, Pa. 
Dow. Robert E. '66, Rockland Park, Short Beach, Conn. 
Dowdee. John W. '66. 2522 Rochelle St., Durham, N. C. 
Dowdy, William L. '66, 506 Sunset Dr., Lebanon, Tenn. 
Dovie, Larry James '65. 6 Wescott Rd., Simsbury, Conn. 
Dovle. William S. '66. Hillside Dr., Lowell, Mich. 
Drake. Arthur S. '65. 1S88 Faculty Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Draper. Daniel. Jr. '67. 2171 Glencoe Rd., Winter Park, Fla. 
Drew, William F.. Jr. '56. 409 Westview Ave., Anderson, S. C. 
Driessen, Joseph Patton '64 

6135 N. Kent Ave., Milwaukee 17, Wis. 
Droitcour. Jon Michael '67, 310 Kirby Ave.. Warwick, R. L 
Drulis, Charles Richard '65, 13 Tealbrook Dr., Ladue 41, Mo. 
Dubin, Alan Leslie '67, 8519 Stevenswood Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 
Ducker, Stuart Reiley, III '67, 223 Harmon Blvd., Dayton 19, Ohio 
Duffy. Edward Joseph '67, 721 S.E. 7th St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Duke. Kenneth Miles '65, 918 Lancaster St.. Durham. N. C. 
Duke. Michael A. '66. 209 S. Lockmoor Ave,, Temple Ter., Fla. 
Duke. Robert Lee '67. Newsome. Va. 
Dula. Clyde Stephen '65 

3389 Nottingham Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Dunaway, David Harry '67, 607 Jarman St.. Jacksonville, N. C. 
Dunaway. John Marson '67, 534 N. Marble .St.. Rockmart, Ga. 
Dunbar. Franklin W. '64, 82 Pond St., Cohasset, Mass. 
Duncan, Alfred Tawresey '65, 2125 Central Ave., Alameda, Calif. 
Dunlap. Joseph C. '65, 2213 Lash Ave., Raleigh. N. C. 
Dunn. Ernest Lloyd '65 

1019 Hay St., P. O. Box 3246, Fayetteville, N. C. 
Dunn, Jeffrey David '66, 2860 San Fernando Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Dunn. Jesse T.. IV '64, 1592 Quarrier St., Charleston 1. W. Va. 
Dunsmoor. David Miles '67. Truesdale Lake, S. Salem, N. Y. 
Durrett. Joseph Park '67. 2416 Sunset Dr., Tampa 9, Fla. 
Duttera. Maurice J., Jr. '64, 1101 Fourth Ave., West Point, Ga. 
Dutton, Robert Wayne '65, 483 E. Wesley Rd. N.E.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Dybdahl. Rand Edwin '67, 2319 N. Yale, Wichita 20. Kansas 
Dye, John Michael '65. Old Portman Rd.. Anderson. S. C. 
Eagle. Robert L. '66. 4047 Hiddenbrook Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 
Earnhardt, Kent Cline '64 

2619 Glenhaven Lane, Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Easley, William King '65, 844 Myrtle Dr.. Rock Hill. S. C. 
Eason, Frederick Jackson '67, 922 W. Johnson St.. Raleigh, N. C. 
Eason. William E.. Jr. '65. Stanley St.. Four Oaks. N. C. 
Eastburn, Joseph R. '66, 3327 Meadowbrook Dr.. Columbus, Ga. 
Eckerd. John Marcus '65. Box 29, Marion, N. C. 
Eckerson. Russell Gilbert '64 

1601 S.W. 47th Terrace. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 
Eckert. Alan Walter '65. 4584 Indian Rock Ter.. Wash. 7. D. C. 
Edgar, Thomas R. '66. Rt. 5. Box 200. Athens, Tenn. 
Edgerton. Charles N,. Jr. '67 

1600 E. Mulberry St., Goldsboro, N. C. 

Edgerton, Donald K. '66, Rt. 6, Box 356, Goldsboro. N. C. 
Edlin, John Charles '65 

107 Blue Rock Rd., Edgewood Hills, Wilmington, Del. 
Edwards, Charles C. '64. 8405 Park Crest Dr.. Silver Spring, Md. 
Edwards. Charles Randall '65. Rt. 6. Box 488, Goldsboro, N. C. 
Edwards. David J. '65, 1700 High St.. Durham. N. C. 
Eggers. Walter F.. Jr. '64. 320 N, Rainbow Dr., Hollywood, Fla. 
Ehrhardt, Rolf Frederick '67. 547 Overwood Dr., Akron 13, Ohio 
Elias, John Albert '65, 1584 Elm St., Stratford, Conn. 
Elias, William Alan '67, 1585 Elm St.. Stratford. Conn. 
Elliott. James V. '66, Nad Bangor. Bremerton, Wash. 
Elliott, Paul W. '64, 1206 Mangum St., Durham, N. C. 
Elliott, William B. '66. 1503 Richardson Circle, Hartsville. S. C. 
Ellis, Alfred J.. Jr. '66. 8138 Pilot St., Houston 34, Texas 
Ellis, Frampton E.. Ill '67. 5308 Portsmouth Rd., Wash. 16, D. C. 
Ellis. Philip C. '66. 625 Hamilton St.. Easton, Pa. 
EUwanger, Frederick, III '64. 904 Miami Ave., Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Elv. Richard M. '66, Qtrs. IIA. Ft. Myer, Va. 
Elzav. Michael Paul "64 

Hilldalc Lane. Sand Point, Port Washington, N. Y. 
Emslie. Richard H. '66, 114 Gyles Road, Aiken. S. C. 
Engelhardt, Edward August '67 

890 Evergreen Ave.. Hamden 18. Conn. 
Engel. Wilson F.. Ill '67, 1026 Manchester Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Engle. Russell W. '66, 26405 Ross Dr., Detroit, Mich. 
Epanchin. Alexis '64. 27 Brown St., Sea Cliff, Long Island, N. Y. 
Epes, Charles R. '64 

213 Ferguson Ave., Warwick, Newport News, Va. 
Ergood. Foster Coffman '64, 180 Upland Way, Haddonfield, N. J. 
Erickson. Roger Carl '65. 109 Foxridge Dr., Kettering 29, Ohio 
Erisman, Henry Michael '64, 2068 Ursinus Ave., Lancaster. Pa. 
Ertzinger. Richard P. '66 

4422 Ellicatt St. N.W.. Washington. D. C. 
Ervin. Reid Hart '66, 115 77th St.. Virginia Beach. Va. 
Espy. Kip McKinney '64, 503 N. Cherokee Rd., Dothan. Ala. 
Estabrook. Watts T., Ill '66, 5822 Ogden Court, Chevy Chase. Md. 
Etheridge, Ransom W. '64. 6239 Tidewater Dr., Norfolk, Va. 
Evans. Jan Marion '65. 606 James Blvd., Signal Mt., Tenn. 
Evans, Ronald Gomer '67, 3516 Glaser Dr.. Kettering 29. Ohio 
Evans. Samuel Moore '67, 141 W. Union Ave.. Bound Brook, N. J. 
Evans. Thomas Steven '65. P. O. Box 116. South Salem. N. Y. 
Ewald. Frederick H. '66. 3825 S. Miller Way, Birmingham, Mich. 
Ewing Frank H.. Ill '64, P. O. Box 435. Hopewell. Va. 
Eysenbach, Wendell Elliot '67 

2484 Lyndhurst Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Faber. Lee Edward '64, 10375 Morrow Circle S.. Dearborn. Mich. 
Fackler, Peter C. '66. Jondel Farm. Embreeville. Pa. 
Fader. Stanford Stewart '64 

72 S. Wyoming Ave.. S. Orange, N. J. 
Fair, Richard Barton '64, Friendship Rd., Fallston, Md. 
Fairbank. William G. '66 

c/o Aramco, Box 331, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 
Fairbanks, James Harold '65. 1607 Lake Ave.. Panama City. Fla. 
Fairey. Philip W.. Ill '67. 909 Woodland Dr.. Columbia, S. C. 
Falciani, Ronald Brita '65, 22 Allen Lane, Hammonton. N. J. 
Falcone. David J. '66. Woodburn Rd., Durham. N. C. 
Farber. Mark B. '66. 410 Oak Hill Rd.. Petersburg, Va. 
Farrah, Jere Tiffin '67, Sunview Dr.. Glen Cove. N. Y. 
Farrell. Francis D.. Jr. '66. Forest Hills. Aberdeen. N. C. 
Farris. William Anthony '64, 4025 Greenbrier, Dallas 25, Texas 
Fassino. Stephen '67, 5 Stafford Ave.. Woodbury. N. Y. 
Fay. Wayne R. '66. 707 Knox Rd.. Villanova. Pa. 
Feazell. George Landon. Jr. '65, 516 Courtley Ct., Fairfax. Va. 
Fegley, Thomas Lee '67, 247 Stein Lane, Lewisburg. Pa. 
Feldmann. Peter '67. 1050 Ridge Ave.. Lakewood, N. J. 
Fentin. Gary S. '66. 4110 Taylor St., Hollywood. Fla. 
Ferguson. Dennis Henry '65. 380 School St., Springdale, Pa. 
Ferrell. Malcolm Rea '65, 2 Fleming Circle, Greensboro, N. C. 
Ferris. John '67. 2424 Hamlin Lane. Sarasota, Fla. 
Few. William Preston '65. 208 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham. N. C. 
Fields, Glenn O.. Jr. '66. 1112 Lake Blvd., Annandale, Va. 
Fields. Michael S. '64, 536 Front St., Hempstead, N. Y. 
Finch, Paul Andrews '64, 222 Spring St., Thomasville, N. C. 
Findlay. Andrew G., Jr. '64. 35 Piatt Place, White Plains. N. Y. 
Finklea. Samuel Leon, III '67 

Sun View Lake, Rt. 4. Columbia. S. C. 
Fischer, Martin Doualas '65. 227 Delphi Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Fishback. Edward Witmott '65, 2507 Shrewsbury Rd.. Orlando. Fla. 
Fisher, Carl Ellis '65, 2111 Church St., Selma, Ala. 
Fisher. William Robinson '67 

Jekyll Island Branch. Box 52, Brunswick. Ga. 
Fitts. Sanford B., Ill '66, 519 Oaklawn Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Fitzsimons. James P. '66, 39 Norwood Dr.. Gilette. N. J. 
Fleck. Donald R. '66. 43-01 169 St.. Flushing 58. N. Y. 
Fleet. Jack '67, 825 Waterman Rd. S.. Jacksonville 7. Fla. 
Fleischer. Robert S. '64. 45 Middlebrook Rd.. W. Hartford. Conn. 
Flowers. George H.. Ill '65. 11 Oak Lane. Richmond 26. Va. 
Flynn. Thomas Earl '67, 32 Godfrey Ave.. Bayville, N. Y. 
Fogle, Robert Hart '65. 424 Fifth St.. Marietta, Ohio 
Foley, Robert E. '66. 1 1 Chappelle St.. Warrenton. Va. 
Folger. William H. '66. 1702 Glendale Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Foltz. John A. '66. 45 Trumbull St.. Watertown. Conn. 
Fondren. Frank B., Ill '67, 302 Jackson St., Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 

Foote, Robert S. '66, 2917 22nd Ave. S., Nashville, Tenn. 
Ford. Hoyt S. '66, RFD 3, Lumberton, N. C. 
Forsman, Dale Henry "65, 23 Tysley St., Basking Ridge, N. J. 
Forth, Paul T., Jr. '66, 3321 Heywood Ave., Roanoke. Va. 
Foster, Charles Stephen "64 

1020 Stadium Place, Charleston, W. Va. 
Fountain. John N. '65, 1105 W. Wood Ave., High Point, N. C. 
Foushee, Sam L., Jr. '66, 1524 Fairfax Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Fowler, James T., Ill '66, 24 Rivo Alto Canal, Long Beach 3, Calif. 
Fowler, Preston L., Ill '66, 709 W, Cobb St., Durham, N. C. 
Fowler, Winston G. "66, Quarters 4120, U S A Academy, Colo. 
Fox, Patrick Boyd '65, 658 Gordon Dr., Charleston 4, W. Va. 
Fox, Stephen Douglas "65, 3767 Wilmont Ave. N.W., Roanoke, Va. 
Foxley, Griffith W. '66. Blueberry Hill Rd., Weston, Conn. 
Francis, Jerry Douglas '65, Box 211, Caroleen, N. C. 
Frank, Alan H. '66, 6112 N. Lake Dr., Whitefish Bay, Wis. 
Frank, Herman Randolph "64, 208 Argyle Circle, Gadsden. Ala. 
Fraser, Walter Bayard H. '67. 1301 Birdsall St., Old Hickory, Tenn. 
Fraser, Richard A. '64, 4520 Anvers Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Freeh, Laurence W. '66, 51 Afton Dr., Florham Park, N. J. 
Frediana, Dale Steven "67, Rt. 2, Manlius, N. Y. 
Fredo, Bart J. '64. 106 Wash. Village, S. Norwalk, Conn. 
Freeman, Alan G. '66, 1220 S. Jefferson Ave., Sarasota, Fla. 
Freeman, John R. "66, 407 Fern St., W. Hartford, Conn. 
Freeman. Millard P. '66, 1312 Meadowbrook Rd.. Asheboro, N. C. 
Frenzel, James Charles '67, 3950 Bristol Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Freund, Henry Louis, Jr. '65, 2 Ladue Acres, Ladue 24, Mo. 
Friedlein, David H. '64, Elkton Rd., Rt. 2, Newark, Del. 
Friedman, Larry A. '66, 810 Hyde Court, Silver Springs, Md. 
Frisa, Edward Elwood '67, 4000 N. Tazewell St., Arlington 7, Va. 
Frohwirth, Richard Arnold '67, 35 Livingston St., Fairfield, Conn. 
Frost, Jack Nowell '67, 623 Oaklawn Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Fuller. Ford Prilleau, III '67 

Hq. Setaf Comptroller. APO 168, New York, N. Y. 
Fullerton. Richard S. '67 

2421 Country Club Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Fuhz, John M., Jr. '64, 264 Knollwood St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Fuqua, Jimmy Ray '64, 107 Hickory St., Spray, N. C. 
Furbish. John Franklin '67 

5107 Middleton Lane S.E., Washington 22, D. C. 
Furgason, Samuel L., Jr. '67, 710 S.E. 6 Ter, Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Furlong, Richard Michael '65, 6 W. Lake Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. 
Furness, Thomas A., Ill '65, 13 Hillcrest St., Enka, N. C. 
Gabennesch. Howard R. '66, 102 Hartweg Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky. 
Gabriel, John Richard '64, 67 Arbor Dr., Ho Ho Kus, N. J. 
Gaddis, Geoffrey Beach '67, 228 W. Penn St.. Butler, Pa. 
Gahagan. Luther Powell, Jr. '67, 215 E. 46th St., Savannah, Ga. 
Gallop, Marshall Aubrey "67 

705 N. Road St., Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Gammill, Kenneth MacNair '65, 26 Mt. Joy Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Garand, Eugene Armand '65, Prospect Rd., Centerport, N. Y. 
Gardner, James E., Jr. '64, 1948 Lake Terrace, Independence, Mo. 
Gardner. William Leonard '64 

4284 Echo Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 
Garland, William A., Jr. '67, 11410 Lund PI.. Kensington, Md. 
Garrett, Bowman S., Jr. '67, Box 269. Rt. 2, Perkasie, Pa. 
Garrett, Thomas H., Ill '67, 780 Goodrich Ave., St. Paul 5, Minn. 

Gates, Douglas S. '64, 3818 West 52nd PI., Kansas City 3, Kan. 

Gates, Gilbert Lawrence '65 

Emerywood Court Apts., High Point, N. C. 

Gates, Ronald M. "66, 1 Miles Cary Road, Newport News, Va. 

Gatewood, Arthur Smith '67, 773 I Lakeview Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

Gatewood, Thomas Schley '65, Macon Rd., Americus, Ga. 

Gattis. Daniel R. '65, 418 Lyllteton Dr., Charlotte 7, N. C. 

Gaunt, David Hamilton '67, 23 N. Maple St., Hadley, Mass. 

Gaw, Donald Stephen '67 

Nav. Comm. Sta. Navy 535, FPO San Francisco, Calif. 

Gebbie, Thomas Edward '64, 1024 S. Peale Ave., Park Ridge, III. 

Gee, John Buxton, Jr. '64, 908 Chestnut St., Henderson, N. C. 

Geiger, Keith W. '64 

Box 1525, c/o Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 

Geller, Roger Joseph '67, 57 Berefoed Rd., Brookline, Mass. 

George, Albert S. '64, 706 Franklin Ave.. River Forest, III. 

Gibbons, George Michael '65, 215 Highland Ave., Lenoir, N. C. 

Gibbons, Thomas Field '67, 4808 Camellia Lane, Victoria. Texas 

Gibbons, William H., Ill '65, 9946 Rockbrook Dr., Dallas 20, Tex. 

Gibbs, George Edward '67, P. O. Box 246, Beaufort, N. C. 

Gibson, Norman T. '65, 106 Charlotte St., Hamlet, N. C. 

Giering, John L. '66, 89 Katahdin Dr.. Poland, Ohio 

Gilbert. Terry S. '66, 480 E. Ocotillo Rd., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Giles. Geoffrey Novash '67 

208 Old County Rd., Severna Park, Md. 

Giles, Harlan R. '66, 848 Stratford Rd., Avondale Estates, Ga. 

Giles, William F., II '66, 411 E. 45th St.. Savannah. Ga. 

Gillies, Herbert Bates '65, 50 Ardmore Rd., Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J. 

Gillman. Lynn T. '66. 918 Pleasant Ave., Decorah, Iowa 

Gillman. Michael Ira '64 

69-39 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. 

Glacken, Edward Scott '66, 5113 Manning Dr., Bethesda, Md. 

Glass, Frank Walter, Jr. '67, 1124 Virginia Ave., Norton, Va. 

Glass, Herbert G. "66. P. O. Box 25. Bullville, N. Y. 

Glover, Clarence H.. Jr. '64. 397 Forest Ave.. Spartanburg. S. C. 

Gnuse, James Richard '65, 2614 Stratmore Lane, Bethel Park, Pa. 

Gold, Philip W. '66, 856 I8th St., Newport News, Va. 
Goldman, Joel A. '67, 31 Griffin Dr., Kingston, N. Y. 
Goldstein, Frank R. '64, 2700 Lightfoot Dr.. Baltimore 9, Md. 
Gonet. Richard Frank '67, 4007 N. Woodstock St., Arlington 7, Va. 
Goodmark, Jerry J. '66 

130 Greenwood Dr., West Palm Beach, Fla. 
Goodmon, James Fletcher '65, 615 Spring St., Raleigh, N. C. 
Goodner, David Marshall '64 

Box 11155, Fernandez Juncos, 603 Calle Del Parque 
Goodrick, William F. '66, 5214 Elgar St., .Springfield, Va. 
Goodridge, David Ransom '67, P. O. Box 1268. Vero Beach. Fla. 
Goody, John Burton '64, 7 Sullivan Dr., Severna Park, Md. 
Goodyear. Glenn Johnson "67 

Barken Ten Mile Rd., Lumberton, N. C. 
Gordon, Michael Kenneth '64, 921 S. Johnson St., Monroe, N. C. 
Gordon, Thomas F., Jr. '66, 2715 Augusta Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Gorman, Henry '67, 7 Maloclap Dr., Honolulu 18, Hawaii 
Gosnell, Jack L., Jr. '66, 1015 Kerr Dr.. Aiken, S, C, 
Gotlieb, Edward Marvin '67, 889 Vedado Way N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Gould, Glenn H. '67, 13544 Glen Mill Rd., Rockville, Md, 
Gould, Robert W. '67. 21846 Roveroaks. Rocky River 16, Ohio 
Graham, Andrew Tredway "67, 2927 Harvard Dr.. Madison 5, Wis. 
Graham, Otho L.. Jr. '66, 1180 Hermosa, Bartow, Fla. 
Graham. Robert Bruce "65, 904 Brantford Ave., Silver Spring. Md. 
Graitcer. Philip L. "66, 157 E. Plumstead Ave., Landsdowne, Pa. 
Graney, Michael Proctor "65 

2706 Sherman Ave., Middletown, Ohio 
Grant, Edward Donale, III "67 

735 Richards Dr., Baton Rouge, La. 
Grant, Norman Charles '65, 131 First St., Lakewood, N. J. 
Grant. Wesley Bennett '65, 303 William St.. Kannapolis, N. C, 
Grant, William Robert "65, 33 Indian Hill Rd., Winnetka, lU. 
Graves. William Thompson "67. 1213 Watson Dr., Wilson, N. C. 
Gray, Frank Benton "64, 519 E. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Gray, Harry P. "66, 773 Palmetto St.. Spartanburg, S. C. 
Gray, Thomas N. "64, 124 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Graybeal, Robert Thomas '64, 222 North St., Marion, Va. 
Green, Dale Frederick '67 

Lost Mt. Manor 3D. Rochester 25. N. Y. 
Green, David Louis D. '65 

1172 South Hawthorne Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Green. Robert Ethan, III '65, 1399 Condit Court, Alexandria, Va. 
Greenleaf, Henry M., Jr. '65, 32 Prince St., West Newton, Mass. 
Greenlv, Michael Steven '65 

404 Meritta Ave.. Box 950, Beauford, S. C. 
Greenwood. Roger Kent '65 

1701 Dorwaldt Blvd.. Schenectady 9. N. Y. 
Gregory, Claiborne B., Jr. '67. 636 Lamont. San Antonio, Texas 
Gregory, David D. '64. 38 Summer St., Rockland, Maine 
Gregory. Richard M. "65 

908 South East 12th Crt., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Gregory. Thomas H. '64. Box 326. Granville, Ohio 
Grier, Richard Lowry "67, Rt. 2, Box 1133A, Charlotte, N. C. 
Griffith, William Patrick "67, 26 S. Main St., Marion, N. C. 
Grigsby. John Taze, Jr. "65. 5300 Caledonia Rd.. Richmond, Va. 
Grilli, Donald Anthony "64, 217 Grove St., Clifton, N. J. 
Grogan, Eugene Leo "66, 7825 4th Ave.. Brooklyn 9. N. Y. 
Gross. Richard Rutter "67. 116 Orange Ave.. Cranford, N. J. 
Gross, William H. "66. 11791 Plateau, Los Altos, Calif. 
Groves, Nicholas Thomas "67, 1142 Wash. Ave., Winter Park, Fla. 
Grubb. Wyndl Theron "67, 217 Bayer St., High Point, N. C. 
Guckenberger. Wayne Bing "67 

546 Woodbrook Lane, Cincinnati 15, Ohio 
Guden, Paul Alexander "65, 131 Paumanke Ave., Babylon, N. Y. 
Guelcher, Richard P. "64, 1170 First St., Port Edwards, Wis. 
Gunter, Richard Arnold "65, 4515 Eden Dr, N.W., Roanoke, Va, 
Gunther, Albert C, Jr. "67 

1001 E. Donges Lane. Milwaukee 17. Wis. 
Gurley, Hubert Taylor "65, 1205 Frederick Rd., Baltimore 28, Md, 
Gurley, Paul Clayton "64, Rt. 9, Box 222D, Charlotte 8. N, C, 
Gustafson, Eric W, '66 

Rio Guayalevo 304 Nte, Monterrey N. L., Mex. 
Gutekunst, John W. '66, 55 Grandview Ave.. Sellersville, Pa. 
Guth, David L. '66, 6434 Hartwait St., Baltimore, Md. 
Guthrie. George Garland '64 

4603 Kanawha Ave.. Charleston. W. Va. 
Guthrie. Richard Y. '66, 547 Belleforte, Oak Park, 111. 
Haas, Peter Hudson "67, 191 W. Norwalk Rd., Daricn, Conn. 
Haas. Thomas Leonard '67 

2860 Ridgewood Cr. N.W., Atlanta 27, Ga. 
Hackett. Thomas S. '66. Box 105, Lampeter, Pa. 
Hagood. Louis Reeve. Ill '65, 119 E. 64th St., Savannah, Ga. 
Haigh. Arthur H.. Ill '66. 29 Westridge Dr., Asheville, N. C. 
Hakim, Khalil Ali '64, Singer Co., Hillah, Iraq 
Hale, Michael Kenneth '67, 775 W. 50th St., Miami Beach 40, Fla, 
Halford, Peter '66, 2022 Kakela Dr., Honolulu, Hawaii 
Hall, Charles Thomas '64, 211 Lakeview Ave., Jamestown. N. Y. 
Hallenbeck, Gerald Thomas '67, 33 James PI., Catskill, N. Y. 
Hallowell. John H., Jr. '67. 2709 Augusta Dr.. Durham, N. C. 
Hamilton. Roger C. "65, 34 Highland Ave., Westerly, R. I. 
Hamilton. Tyler Grant "67, 9021 Mayfield Rd.. Chestcrhind. Ohio 
Hanes. Eldridge C. "67. Box 1413. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Hanja. Yuri Thomas '64. 25 Highview Dr., Huntington 12, N. Y. 

Hanna, Frank Piquet "67, 4000 Massachusetts Ave., Wash., D. C. 
Hanna, John Edward "65, 25 N. Blvd. of Presidents. Sarasota, Fla. 
Hanna. Stevan T. '66, 201 Edgewood Rd., Staunton, Va. 
Hannon. John Robert "67. 840 Arapaho Trail. Maitland, Fla. 
Hardin, Marvin O. "66, Box 789, Rock Hill, S. C. 
Harding, Richard Hunt '65, 6936 Greentree Dr., Falls Church, Va. 
Hardy. Richard Wayne '64 

Box 4. Staff Cincusnaveur, Fleet Post Office, New York, N. Y. 
Hari;rott. Haines Hilsman '65 

.Vs5 Hillside Dr. N.W.. Atlanta 5. Ga. 
Harkness, Richard C. "64 

1121 Wilson Rd., Graylyn Crest, Wilmington .3, Del. 
Harkrader. Winfred T., Jr. '64 

1315 Crescent Dr., Mount Airy, N. C. 
Harmon, Perry Grant. Jr. '66 

2310 Bucna Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Harold. David W. '66, 735 North Belvedere, Memphis, Tenn. 
Harper, Harry Williams '65, 626 Peachtree St., Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Harper, Wilmer Milton '65, Amherstdale, W. Va. 
Harrington, Kent M. '66, 386 Oakridge Dr„ Rochester 17, N. Y. 
Harrington, Thomas E. '66 

715 Maybank Dr., Hendersonville, N. C. 
Harris, Charles Marcus "65, 305 Victoria St., Greensboro, N. C. 
Harris, Christopher B. '64. 382 Mill Hill Lane, Southport, Conn. 
Harris, Henry Paul '67, Atlantic, N. C. 

Harris, Joe Frank '67, 4764 Mystic Dr. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Harris, John Weiss '65, 4407 Glenleigh Dr., Dallas, Texas 
Harris, Michael N. "66, 1752 Homestead Ave. N.E.. Atlanta, Ga. 
Harris, Richard Foster "64, 665 Llewellyn PI., Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Harris, William W., Ill "67, 1 108 Kings Park Rd., Memphis, Tenn. 
Harri'on. Fenton F.. Jr. "66 

213 Lchn Springs Dr., Williamsville 21, N. Y. 
Harrison, Frank Late, Jr. '64 

1017 Montrose Dr., S. Charleston 3, W. Va. 
Harrison, Michael B. '66, 2722 Circle Drive, Durham, N. C. 
Harrison, Russell S., Jr. "66, Box 1032, Lumberton, N. C. 
Harscher, Frank, III "67, 1944 Fontaine Rd., Lexington, Ky. 
Hart. William Johnson '67, 2324 Duke Univ. Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Harluen. David T. '66, 109 Forest Ave.. Orono, Maine 
Hartman. George H., Ill '67, Lampeter, Pa. 
Hartwell. John W, '65, 4517 S. Cameron St., Tampa 11, Fla. 
Harwood. Stephen Louis '65, 9159 Garber Rd., Crestwood 26, Mo. 
Haseltine, Frederick P.. II '67 

4520 Grove Ave., Apt. 1, Richmond 21, Va. 
Hash. Edward Joseph '64 

1884 N. Patrick Henry Dr., Arlington 5, Va. 
Haskell, Bruce Vinal '65, 113 Laredo Way St„ Petersburg, Fla. 
Haskell, Richard A. '64, 2467 Peachwood Cr. Apt. 3. Atlanta, Ga. 
Hasse, Gordon A., Jr. '66, 210 Loney St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hasson, James Keith, Jr. '67 

6425 Sherwood Dr., Knoxville, Tenn. 
Haswell. Eddy Stearns '67, 16 Beech wood Dr., Wayne, N. J. 
Haugland, Charles Clayton "67 

1011 Olympic Nat. Life Bl., Seattle 4, Washington 
Haus, Rein "65, 1050 Ridge Ave., Lakewood, N. J. 
Haverick, Stephen D. "66. 272 Eastmoor Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 
Hawkey, Richard S., Jr. "65 

Box 1802, Arabian American Oil Co., Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 
Haworth, Alan Robert "65, 520 Cory Place, Westfield, N. J, 
Hay. Howard C. "66. 109 Columbia Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Haydock, John Spahr "67, 3236 Spreading Oak Dr., Atlanta I I, Ga. 
Hayes, James Craig "67, P. O. Box 4, Marietta, N. C. 
Hayes, Robert Cannon '67, Box 884, Concord, N. C. 
Hayes, Roger Grayson '65, Rt. 8, Box 469, Monroe, N. C. 
Haygood, Robert Earl '65, 177 Warwick Dr., Pittsburgh 34, Pa. 
Haynes, Baxter Morgan, Jr. '64, Tryon, N. C. 
Hays, Davis Addison '65, 1611 N. Greenbrier St., Arlington 5. Va. 
Heath, George Seaborn '65, P. O. Box 332, Homerville, Ga. 
Heberling. Jon Leiand '67, 1001 26 Ave., Moline, 111. 
Hecht, Stephen Samuel '64, 4 Collamore Ter.. W. Orange, N. J. 
Heitzenrater. Wilson D. '67, 1072 Sunset Dr., Clarion, Pa. 
Helbig, Herbert R.. Ill '66, 29 Tunstall Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Heller. Julian D. '66, 6139 Riviera Manor Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Heller, Ralph S., Jr. "66, 1510 Myrtle Dr., Danville, III. 
Hellman, Peter "64, 212 Waterway Dr., Falls Church. Va. 
Helmes, Charles Tucker '65, RED 1, South Salem, N. Y. 
Helms, Grady Thomas, Jr. '66. 805 W. Franklin St., Monroe, N. C. 
Helms, Kenneth Dean '65 

2643 Clydesdale T599A35, Charlotte 8, N. C. 
Helms, William R., II '64, 620 Fast Holly St.. Goldsboro, N. C. 
Helstein, Richard S., II '66, 23 Fenimore Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Hemmenwav, Peter William '67, 35 Badeau Ave.. Summit, N. J. 
Hemphill, David C. '67, Box 52, Caroleen, N. C. 
Henderson. Grover C, II '64, 2 1 1 W. Harnett St., Dunn, N. C. 
Henderson, Harvey Ellett '65. Rt. 1, Concord, Va. 
Henderson. William Taylor '64, 167 Laurel Circle. Princeton, N. J. 
Henkin. Maurice. Jr. "67, 8206 Aspen Way, Elkins Park 17, Pa. 
Henline. Barry H. '66, 1911 Syracuse Circle, Vienna, Va. 
Henry, Hugh Littell '65, 404 Linwood Dr., Greencastle, Ind. 
Henry, Randall A. "67, 1930 Pembroke Lane, Topeka, Kan. 
Herbert, Chesley C, III '65, 1200 South St., Gastonia, N. C. 
Herbster, Ronald William '65 

28 W.. Roland Rd.. Parkside, Chester. Pa, 

Herin, Thomas James '65, 153 S.E. 15th Rd., Miami 36, Fla. 
Heritage, William H., Jr. '66, 2904 N. Dinwiddle St„ Arlington, Va. 
Heroy, John N., Jr. '66, 23 Forest Ter. W., Haven 16, Conn. 
Hertslet, Barry Shaw '64, 704 Thornwood Ct., Towson 4, Md. 
Herzog, George Gary '64. 3914 Mt. Vernon Hwy., Alexandria, Va. 
Hespenheide, Henry A., Ill '64, 1315 Sussex PI., Norfolk 8, Va. 
Hess, Allan Pitner '65, 914 Lathrop Ave., River Forest, III. 
Hess, Doren Willard, Jr. '65, 1518 Grant Dr. N.E., Atlanta 19, Ga. 
Hess, Jeffrey Bruce '67, 4601 Beechwold Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. 
Hess, Richard Mason "65. 20 Birch Ave., Wheelim?, W. Va. 
Hester, James Scott '67. 309 Woodrow Ave., High Point, N. C. 
Heugh, William Richard "65, Belle Terre, Port Jefferson, N. Y. 
Heyer, Robert Ward '64. 57(11 Salerno Rd., Jacksonville 10, Fla. 
Hiatt. Joseph S.. Ill '67, Box 85, Southern Pines, N. C. 
Hickman, Scot G. '66, 228 Knollwood Dr., Dekalb, III. 
Hicks. Marion L., Jr. '67. 500 Hazelwood Dr., Ft. Worth, Texas 
Hiday, Lanny L. '66, Box 321, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Hieserman, James Edward "67, 2202 .Stratford Rd., Decatur, Ala. 
High, Harold G. '66, 204 Dorchester Rd., Anchorage, Ky. 
High, William Lank '67, 235 Oak St., Boone, N. C. 
Hight. William P. '66. 1624 Statesville Rd., Salisbury, N. C. 
Highsmith, James L.. Jr. '67, 2152 Cloister Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 
Hightower, John H., HI '66 

HQ USASA Europe APO 757, New York, N. Y. 
Hill. Charles A., Jr, "66, 572 Vinita Ave., Akron, Ohio 
Hill, Dan W.. Ill "66, 4014 Dover Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Hill, Harry E., Jr. '66, 172 Berkshire La., Virginia Beach, Va. 
Hill. Herbert Morrison '65, 200 Curtis St., Sylvania, Ga. 
Hill, Lester '66, 91 Fleetwood Ter., Williamsville 21, N. Y. 
Hill, Malone Vincent, Jr. '67, 3703 Eastledge, Austin 3, Texas 
Hill, Rufus Carter "67, 150 Lester, Park Forest, III. 
Hill, William A. '67, P. O. Box 338, Denton, N. C. 
Hillerhrand. Dieter '64 

851 Furth Bayern, Konigstrasse 125, Germany 
Hinds, Douglas Paul '64, 413 Lawrence Ave., Westfield, N. J. 
Hines. John Moore '67, 5309 Mandell, Houston. Texas 
Hipp, Kenneth Byron '67, 127 Bradford Dr., Charlotte 8, N. C. 
Hitch. Robert Russell '67, Spring Acres Rt. I, Milford, N. J. 
Hitchcock, Bouldin S. '67, 58 Green Ave., Lawrenceville, N. J. 
Hoadley, Richard A. '66, 1411 Newton Rd., Lancaster, Pa. 
Hoaglin, David C. '66, 103 Gabriel. S. Charleston. W. Va. 
Hobbs, Jerry Robert "64. 1329 E. Monroe St.. South Bend 15, Ind. 
Hobbs, William K. '66, 1201 Northwood St., Greensboro, N. C. 
Hocutt, Ouincy Barham '65, 328 S. Barbour St., Clayton, N. C. 
Hodges, Stephen M. '64, 1838 Grandin Rd. S.W., Roanoke, Va. 
Hoffman. David S. '66. 4424 N. 25th. St.. Arlington, Va. 
Hokanson. Dean Thomas '67, 3505 Burling Ter., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Holbert, James M., Jr. '66, 415 Park Rd., Lookout Mt., Tenn. 
Holder, John F. '66. 408 Prospect Ave., Highland Park. 111. 
Hollander. David B. '66, 811 Parkview Ave., Martinsville, Va. 
Hollett, Grant T., Jr. "64, 1502 Bexhill Rd., Richmond 29, Va. 
Hollingshead. Robert L. "67 

133 Manhattan Ave., Jersey City 7, N. J. 
Hollman, Douglas Clark "64, 9 Tanglewood La.. Sea Cliff, N. Y. 
Holloway, Stephen M. "65, 1318 North Bridge St., Elkin, N. C. 
Holmes. Barry Luther "67. 1110 E. 24th PI., Tulsa 14, Okla. 
Holmes. Eric Mills "65. 77 Brumley St., Concord, N. C. 
Holt, Douglas L. '64, 120 Ridgeside Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Holt, John Sanders '64, Scarritt College, Nashville, Tenn. 
Holt, Robert Alan '65, 8 Gardner Rd., Reading, Mass. 
Home, George E., Ill '67. Sewanee, Tenn. 
Homer, Edwin N. '66, 323 Olmstead Hill Rd., Wilton, Conn. 
Honeycutt. Michael Ryan '67. 33 Hawthorne Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Hopkins. David H. '66. 2016 Myrtle Dr.. Durham. N. C. 
Hopkins. Jay E. "64, 2016 Myrtle Dr., Durham, N, C. 
Hopkins, Shelton George "67, 4527 Ivanhoe St., Houston 27. Texas 
Hoppin. Charles Tracy "64 

712 Scotch Plains Ave., Westfield, N. J. 
Horn. Edward Gustav "64, 818 E. Forest Hills Blvd.. Durham, N. C. 
Horn. William Charles "67 

818 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Home, Perry Alwyn "64, 2115 Morganton Rd., Fayetteville, N. C. 
Horton, Lewis W.. Jr. '64, 1313 Kent St., Durham, N. C. 
Hosier, lee A. '67. 10101 E. Bexhill Dr., Kensington, Md. 
Hough, William Colton, Jr. '65 

18 Meadow La., East Williston, N. Y. 
Houghton, Dudley W, '67. 904 W. Storey, Midland. Texas 
Houyoux, Jacques Richard '65, 6006 Walton Rd.. Bethesda. Md. 
Howard. David K. '66. 3326 Lakeshore Blvd., Jacksonville. Fla. 
Howard. Deryl J. "66. P. O. Box 1995, Raleigh, N. C. 
Howard, George Rogers, Jr. "67 

3117 38th St. N.W.. Washington 16, D. C. 
Howard, William K.. Jr. "65. 106 Pine Crest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Howie, Robert Georgie, Jr. '67, MOQ 2113, Camp Lejeune, N. C. 
Hoy. John Julian '67, 56 Pearse Rd., Swansea, Mass. 
Howser. Roy Davis, III "66 

5717 Woodside Ave., Myrtle Beach, S. C. 
Hubbard. Kenneth Walton "65, Gilliam La., Riverside, Conn. 
Hubbard. Robert Phillip "65, 2106 South Race St.. Urbana, III. 
Hubbell, William Lee '64, 171 Lynn St.. Shreveport. La. 
Huber, David Garrett "67, 490 Westwood Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Hudgins. Guy '67, 3600 N. Ocean Shore Blvd., Ormond Beach. Fla. 
Hudson. William Hill. Ill "65, 916 Elizabeth Rd., Shelby, N. C. 

Hudson, William James, Jr. "65, 11214 Bybee St., Silver Spring, Md. 

Huffman, Frank J., Jr. '66, 319 Missouri St., Steele, Mo. 

Huggins, Michael Olaf '67, 5523 E. 37 St., Tulsa 35, Okla. 

Hughes, Lowry Dawson, III '67, 1 10 Arbor Dr., Ho Ho Kus. N. J. 

Hughes, Roger William '66, It) Warwick Rd., Summit, N. J. 

Hughes, Stephen T. '66. 49 Hillcrest St., Auburn, Me. 

Hughes, Terry R. '66, 6 Deer Trail Rd., Saddle River, N. J. 

Hughes, William F., Ill "65, 4073 Bunker La., Wilmette, 111. 

Huneycutt. Charles J., Jr. '65 

3 East Devonshire St., Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Hunnicutt, Bruce Alan "67. Crestwood Dr., Rt. 18, Pottstown, Pa. 

Hunt, David Arthur '67, R. D. 1, Rt. 18, Transfer, Pa. 

Hunt. David Jeffrey "67, Apartado 329, Caracas, Venezuela 

Hunter, David Lamson 67, 79 Orchard St., Leominster, Mass. 

Huntington, William R., IV '67. 2 Lake Dr. W., Wayne. N. J. 

Huntley, George William "64. Box 60, Beaufort. N. C. 

Huntoon, George G. '66, 215 Seaspray Ave.. Palm Beach, Fla. 

Huston, William G. "66, Trefethens Landing, Peaks Island, Maine 

Hutcheson, Thomas A. '66, 1000 Chestnut Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

Hutchison. Hugh Joseph '67, 32 Laurel St.. Stratford, Conn. 

Hutzler, Arthur Charles '64, 926 Banvan Dr., Delray Beach, Fla. 

Hybarger, Charles P. '66. 4308 Kenny St., Beltsville, Md. 

Hyde, Robert Todd, Jr. "67, 386 lOth St., Atlantic Beach, Fla. 

Hyers, Thomas Morgan "65, 119 South 2nd St., Palatka, Fla. 

Iceland, Steven D. '66, 32 Marlene Dr., Syosset, N. Y. 

Imershein, Allen W. '66, 6440 S.W. 82nd St., South Miami, Fla. 

Ingersoll, Deforest P. '64, 5128 N. Lake Dr., Milwaukee 17, Wis. 

Ingle, Frank W. '66, 2929 Doric Ave., Jacksonville 10, Fla. 

Ingram, Franklin W, '64, 2701 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Ingram, John E. "66, 167 Tullamore Rd., Garden City, N. Y. 

Innis, James R. '66, 102 Nottmgham Rd., Richmond, Va. 

lobst, Frederick William '67 

100 Woodbridge Ave., Metuchen, N, J. 
Jackson, Charles R. '64, 1131 Richard St., Salisbury. N. C. 
Jackson, Jav William "66, 1847 Walton St„ Petersburg, Va. 
Jacobs, Mark Neil "67 

Willowbrook State School, Staten Island 14, N. Y. 
Jacobsen, Arthur Francis '65 

2040 Willowce La., Winston-.Salem, N. C. 
Jacob^on, Harvey Lewis '67 

1243 Catalonia Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 
Jacobus, Everett F., Jr. '67, 9 Glendale Rd.. Madison, N. J, 
James, Christopher Wolfe '67 

2440 Driftwood Rd, S., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Jamieson, Robert James '64 

P. O. Box 545, 3125 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 
Jarden, George Whitfield "67 

21 Wordsworth Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 
Jarman, John H. '66 

144 Old House Office Bldg., Washington, D. C. 
Jarrard, Jerry Michael '67, 2 Clifton La., White Plains, N. Y. 
Jeffords, Dexter L. "66, 2 Greenway Flower Hill, Roslyn, N. Y. 
Jenkins, James J. '66, 605 E. Fifth St., Greenville, N. C. 
Jennings, Theodore W. '64 

20620 N.E. 13th Ct., N. Miami Beach, Fla. 
Jensen, John Howard '64, 4026 Greenwood Dr., Ft. Pierce, Fla. 
Jensen, Paul Edward "67 

4126 Presidential Dr., Lafayette Hill. Pa. 
Jerome, Forrest Lenox '65, 421 Como Ave., Coral Gables. Fla. 
Joachimi, Carroll Liggeth "65, 3958 Central Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Johnsen, William Charles "65 

4711 44th St. N.W., Washington, D. C, 
Johnson, Albert Foster '65, Box 302, Mt. Gilead, N. C. 
Johnson, Bruce H. "65, 1618 E. 3rd St., Duluth 12, Minn. 
Johnson, Carl A., Ill '65, 1 1 1 N. Driver St., Durham, N. C. 
Johnson, Clifford R. "65, 806 Enderby Dr., Alexandria, Va. 
Johnson, David M. "66, 30 Lakeview Cr., Skaneateles, N. Y. 
Johnson, Edwin Jethro '67, 420 Prospect Rd., Springfield, Pa. 
Johnson, Gary H. '64, 810 N.W, 96th St., Miami 50, Fla. 
Johnson, James Richard '65, 5397 Brightwood Rd., Bethel Park, Pa. 
Johnson, James W, "66, 309 N. Mulberry St., Logan, Ohio 
Johnson. Jerry Mychyle "65, 1907 N. Lebanon, Lebanon. Ind. 
Johnson, John Douglas '67, P. O. Box 633, War. W. Va. 
Johnson, Leroy Peter '64 

4924 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables 46. Fla. 
Johnson. Michael F. 'hh. 4223 S. 36th St., Arlington, Va. 
Johnson. Robert Alan 67 

1419 Farm Hill ( ircle. Falls Church. Va. 
Johnson, Robert Arnold "64, 201 Lafayette St., Hopewell, Va. 
Johnson, Robert Clover "67, 3107 Cornwall Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Johnson, Robert Mclntire "65 

1934 Walnut St., Montgomery 6, Ala. 
Johnson. Robert Wesley '64 

200 N. Rolling Rd.. Catonsville 28, Md. 
Johnson, Rov Clarence, Jr. '64 

207 W. Mountain St., Worcester 6, Mass. 
Johnston, Robert Milton "65, 2310 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Jolley, Ronald Scott "64, Rt. 1. Box 307, Gaffney, S. C. 
Jones, David Currie "64, Piping Rock Rd., Locust Valley, N. Y. 
Jones, Douglas L. "66, 406 Fall River Rd.. Houston 24, Texas 
Jones, Edwin L., Ill '66, 1800 Queens Rd. W., Charlotte, N. C. 
Jones, Hamill Dice, Jr. '67 

1402 Claremont Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

Jones, James Fly '64, 406 Fall River Rd., Houston 24, Texas 
Jones, James McAndrew, Jr. '65 

953 E. Fairview Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 
Jones, John Michael '67, 1233 Heather Lane, Charlotte 9, N. C. 
Jones, Michel Douglas '64, 1955 Overhill Rd., Charlotte, N, C, 
Jones Michael F, '66, P. O. Box 66, Fairfield, N. C. 
lones, Paul William '67, 1336 W. Davis St.. Burlington. N. C. 
Jones, Ralph W., Jr. '65, 6 Ferndale Rd., Chatham, N, J. 
Jones, Roy Bradlev '66, 2622 Piclett Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Jones, William D. '66, 711 Glendale Dr., Richmond 29, Va. 
Jordan, Robert Richard "65 

Box 5197 Ardmore Station. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Jordan. Robert Wood "67, 2445 E, 36 PL, Tulsa 5, Okla. 
Jordan, William Jennings "65, Rt. 3, Smithfield, N. C. 
loynes, Charles D. "66, 6288 Powhatan Ave.. Norfolk 8, Va. 
Kadaster, Mahmit Esat '64 

Ziraat Fakultesi, Ziraikimya Kursusij, Ankara, Turkey 
Kadaster, Omer I 66, Ziraat Mahallesi Sok N. 5, Ankara, Turkey 
Kahn, Michael F. '64. 4560 Powers Ferry Rd. N.W., Atlanta, Ga, 
Kahner, Steven '64, 8301 169th St., Jamaica 32, N. Y. 
Kaighin, James Griffith "65, 543 Butler Rd„ Warren, Ohio 
Kale, Richard B., Jr., 601 S. Fifth St., Mebane, N. C. 
Katholi. Richard Evers "64 

930 Woodland Ave., S. Charleston 3, W. Va. 
Katz, Lawrence M. "64, 6615 Park Hts. Ave. 15, Baltimore, Md, 
Katzberg, Richard Wier "67 

765 Hickory Cr., Myrtle Beach AFB, S. C. 
Kauffman, Bruce Lee "67, 2825 Liberty St., Allentown, Pa. 
Kauffman, Sidney L. '66, 634 Clymer Lane, Ridley Park, Pa. 
Kaufhold, Francis F. '66 

Gen. Del. Christiansted, St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands 
Kaufman, John P. '66, 2511 Cornwallis Ave., Roanoke, Va. 
Kausch. James W. '66, 230 Chester Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Kaye, David E. '66, 109 W. Center St., Manchester, Conn. 
Keagy, Blair A. '66, 1113 Twenty Fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Keates, Donald T. '64, Rt. 2, Box 780, Richmond, Ind. 
Keeler, Robert Jerome '67 

Sagoc Corozal, Dept. De Bolivar, Colombia, S. A. 
Keesing, Hugo Arnold '65, 7809 Greentwig Rd.. Bethesda, Md. 
Keever, John Francis, Jr. '67, 1021 5th Ave. N.W., Hickory, N. C. 
Keim. Alfred Sylvester '67, 8 E. Main St., Middletown. Pa. 
Keim, William Albert '65 

5006 Klingle St. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. 
Keith, Samuel J. '66, Rt. I, Box 514, Nokomis, Fla. 
Keller, Edward L. "64, 122 Dover, Circle, Norfolk, Va. 
Keller, Robert G. "66, 117 Thrush Lane, Naperville, 111. 
Keller, Robert J. '66, 1844 W. 23rd St., Miami Beach, Fla, 
Kelley, Andrew F., Jr. '64, c/o Box 83, Wedowee, Ala. 
Kelley, George Paul '65, 116 Forest Rd., Mooreslown. N. J. 
Kellogg, James McNaughton '65 

232 E. Walton Place, Chicago 11. 111. 
Kelts, Richard Goddard '65, 82-F Lionel Ave.. Waltham, Mass. 
Kempner, Marion L. '64, 4810 Denver Dr., Galveston. "Texas 
Kendall, Gene Roger '67. 1608 S, Benbow Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 
Kenerly, William Dudley '67 

1040 Roundknob Ave., Salisbury, N, C. 
Kennedy, James Madison '64, V.A. Hospital, Richmond 19, Va. 
Kennedy. Kenneth D., Jr. '64, 117 Ripley Rd„ Wilson, N, C. 
Kennedy, William E., Jr, '66, 1211 Kast Ave., Owatonna, Minn. 
Kennerly, John Charles '67, Box 265, Belmont, N. C. 
Kent, Nelson Rutledge '64. 7967 S.W. 96 St., Miami 56, Fla. 
Kenyon. Lewis Wavnick "64, Rt. 2. Hillsboro, N. C. 
Kcrchner. Gary R. '64, 829 Worth Blvd., Pottstown, Pa. 
Kerman, David Douglas '65 

2616 S. Peninsula Dr., Daytona Beach, Fla. 
Kerr, Harry D. '64. R.D. 1. Hunkers, Pa. 

Ketner. Jack C, Jr. '66, 154 13th Ave. N.W., Hickory, N. C. 
Kettering, James R., Jr. "67, 729 Coleman Ave., Fairmont, W, Va. 
Kettlestrings, Robert D. '67, 835 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, III. 
Kien, Grant T. '64, 8796 Colerain Rd., Cincinnati 39, Ohio 
Kiesau. Robert F. '65, 13075 S.W. 60th Ave., Miami 56, Fla. 
Killingcr. Arthur G. '65 

216 Pine Ave., Cape Arthur, Severna Park, Md. 
Kimball. Robert David '65, 522 Parkview Dr., Burlington, N. C. 
Kimrey. James O., Jr. '66, 807 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Kinard, William Frank '64, Box 693, Simpsonville. S. C. 
Kincaid, Daniel Edward '67 

202 W. Virginia Ave., Bessemer City, N, C. 
King. Caleb Jewette '65 

Apt. 510, 1062 Lancaster Ave., Rosemont, Pa. 
King. David H. '66, 1364 Belmont Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 
King, Elmer Richard, Jr. '64 

8928 Cherokee Rd., Richmond 25, Va. 
King. Hollis H. '65, 3064 Main St., Chula Vista, Calif, 
King, Richard Hartwick '65 

834 Last Kendall Dr.. Nashville 9, Tenn. 
Kinnamon. Noel James '65. Rt. 1. Kernersville, N. C. 
Kinnan. Joseph Francis '67, 3309 2nd Ave. W., Bradenton, Fla. 
Kinney. Ihomas R. '65, D. U. Medical Center, Durham. N. C. 
Kinslcr, James W. '64, 12 Ridge Ter., Short Hills, N. J. 
Kirbv. Paul Vernon '65, 2009 Lanier Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 
Kirk. Scott Montgomery P. "67. 5406 Boulder Dr., Oxon Hill, Md. 
Kirkscy. William E. '66. 204 Homewood Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 

Kirwan. Patrick Bruce '65, 306 Woodward Way N.W., Atlanta. Ga. 
Kiser, James Jacob, III '65, 824 7th St., N.W., Hickory, N. C. 
Kissling. Anthony M., Jr. '65, 72 Stephen Dr., Pleasantville, N. Y. 
Kitchin. John Summerell '65, Rt. 2, Wake Forest, N. C. 
Kitching. Brent Gordon '65, 308 Oak Ave.. Sharon Hill. Pa. 
Kitsinger. Otto C, II '65, Box 131, Kermit, Te.xas 
Kitterman, James S., Jr. '65. 1105 N. Shore Rd.. Norfolk. Va. 
Kittrell. Warren Cary '67. 7625 Forest Rd., Cincinnati 30, Ohio. 
Klesmer, Harold '65. 1109 Wickham Ave., Newport News, Va. 
Klock. Douglas M. '65. 125 Brook St.. Hilton, N. Y. 
Knode, Charles S. '66. 2333 Q. Street S.E., Washington, D. C. 
Koch, John L. '66, 175 W. 12th St., New York 14, N. Y. 
Koff, Stephen A. '66, 840 East Broadway, Long Beach, N. Y. 
Kohler. James B.. II '66, 184 Willmont St.. Rochester. N. Y. 
Koon. Crawford B., Jr. '66. 1141 8th Dr. S.E., Hickory, N. C. 
Koonce, John E., Ill '64, 3347 Alleghany Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 
Kraft. Richard W. '66, 5413 Franklm Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Kramer, Robert Baltzer '67. Rt. 1. Box 369, Belle Vernon, Pa. 
Kraus. Kenneth Wayne '64. Forrest Blend Dr., Titusville, N. J. 
Krebs. Richard Dietrich '65. 7613 Halleck St. S.E,. Wash. 28. D. C. 
Krist. Joseph 1,., Jr. '67. RED Box 248, Broad Brook, Conn. 
Kroncke. Fredrick G., Jr. '66, 623 Cedar St., Roanoke Rapids, N. 
Kronenfeld, Jerrold E. '66 

205 S. Carolina Ave., Hendersonville, N. C. 
Kiinstling. Ted Richard "64 

U.S.P.H.S. Hospital, Stapleton. Stat. Isl.. N. Y. 
Kuntz, Lee Allan '65, 975 N.E. 94th St., Miami Shores, Fla. 
Kurtz, William J. '65, 179 Robert Treat Parkway, Milford, Conn. 
Kyle, Albert Sidney '67, 3157 N. Pollard St.. N. Arlington, Va. 
La Varre. Claude A.. Jr. '65 

106 Thunderbird Apts.. Whitland Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 
Ladd. James Roger "64, 9633 Hilltop Rd., Bellevue. Wash. 
Lader, Philip P. '66, 5680 Grove St. South, St. Petersburg. Fla. 
Lakin, Clifford A. '65, 6953 Harding Ave., Miami Beach, Fla. 
Lam, Richard C. '65, 28130 Westbrook St., Farmington, Mich. 
Lamason. Robert B. '67. 2612 Westworth Rd.. Baltimore 34, Md. 
Lamb, Harold L., Jr. '67, 521 S. Fort Dr., Charleston, W. Va. 
Lamb. Ronald L. "66. 2215 S. Union St., Roswell, N. Mex. 
Lambert, Glenn E., Jr. '67, Quarters St., 34C NAS, Norfolk, Va. 
Lamotte. Phillips G. '65. 317 Newton St., Salisbury, Md. 
Landerman, Lawrence R. '66, 15 Sequin Rd.. W. Hartford. Conn. 
Lane. William C. '65, 7539 Byron Place, St. Louis, Mo. 
Langbauer, Delmar N. '65, 227 Dean Lane, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 
Langston, Victor V. '67, 442 Norvell St., Henderson, N. C. 
Lanier, Irving W. '65. 1813 Holly Hill Dr., Falls Church, Va. 
Laning. Peter H. '64. 291 W. Commerce St.. Bridgeton. N. J. 
Lanning, Thomas P. '65. 3007 Surrey Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Lapointe, John G. '67, 1626 Hertford Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Larsen. Charles, III '66 

991 Lake Hollingsworth Dr.. Lakeland, Fla. 
Laslett, Basil G., Jr. '67, 314 W. Park Dr.. Fayetteville, N. C. 
Latta, Robert L. "67, 76 Culbertson Rd.. Basking Ridge, N. J. 
Lauber, Curtis A. '67. 1111 Ormond Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Laula, Otto W. '64, 1220 Brook wood St.. Birmingham. Mich. 
Lavia, Dennis A. '66. 626 Elm Ave., Rahway, N. J. 
Lawrence, William L. '67, 16 Clairidge Ct., Montclair, N. J. 
Lawson, David H. '66, 1736 Houston Lake Rd.. Perry. Ga. 
Lawyer, William G., II '65, 2928 Tanglewood Way. Sarasota, Fla, 
Leach, Richard McPhail '67, Box 804, Washington, N. C. 
Lear, Robert Tallman '67, 2 Thornwood Lane, Fayetteville, N. Y. 
Lee, Calvin '67, 408 Morgan St.. Durham, N. C. 
Lee. Jackson Frederick. Jr. "65, 114 Hale St., Fayetteville, N. C. 
Leete. Jerome B. '66. 417 W. Maynard Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Leff. Michael Gary '67, 1249 Spring Vallev Lane, Atlanta, Ga. 
Lefler, William C, Jr. '66, 614 Audubon Ave., Pittsburgh 34, Pa. 
Leikensohn. John Robert '67 

30 Walnut St., Staten Island 10, N. Y. 
Leland, Peter Himlyn '67, 1540 Cooledge Ave., Baldwin, N .Y. 
Lemly. Thomas A. "65. 947 Ontario. Shreveport. La. 
Lerner, Leigh D. '65. 313 Laurel Ave., Highland Park, III. 
Leverton. Roger W., Jr. "64, 5715 Jason St., Cheverly, Md. 
Levine. Michael H. '66, 5251 Fieldston Rd.. New York 71. N. Y. 
Lewellen. Charles Ralph '65, 5 Grandview Hts., Louisiana, Mo. 
Lewis, Clarence Henry. Jr. '67, 2506 2nd St. S., Arlington 4, Va. 
Lewis. Donald A., Jr. '67. 10 Draper St.. Oswego, N. Y. 
Lewis, Emmett Boaz, III "64, 836 Colonial Ct.. Birmingham. Mich. 
Lewis, Harvie H. "66, 305 S. 7th St., Bessemer, Ala. 
Lewis, Jeffrey E. "66, Armstrong Rd., Delaware, Ohio 
Lewis, Seth Victor "67. 3915 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. 
Leyrer. Earl Thomas '64, 1303 Cereal Ave., Hamilton, Ohio 
Liccardo, James Frank '66, 43 Conforti Ave., West Orange, N. J. 
Lichty. Myron R. '66 

1091 Wisconsin River Dr.. Port Edwards, Wis. 
Lieber. Todd M. '66, 345 Lincoln Ave.. Lansdowne, Pa. 
Lifton. Robert John '65, 925 S. Western, Park Ridge, 111. 
Light, Frank G. "66. 82 Sixth Ave.. Collegeville, Pa. 
Ligon. Edward S. '66, 15 Whistler Road, Manhasset, N. Y. 
Lindegren, John Emory "67, Box 384, Mullins, S. C. 
Lindsay, Walter H.. Jr. "66. 919 S. County Line Rd., Hinsdale, III. 
Linger. Richard Clifton "64 

644 Woodbury Rd.. N. Tonawanda, N. Y. 
Linnemann. Richard Thomas '65 

591 Parkview Dr., Burlington, N. C, 

Lipe, Joseph Alexander "67, Box 187, Landis, N. C. 

Litaker. Herbert D. '64, 510 42nd St. S.E., Charleston, W. Va. 

Livermore. Gordon Dexter '64 

3554 N. Dickerson St., Arlington, Va. 
Livingston, John Scott '67, 3315 Wake Dr., Kensington, Md. 
Livingston, William C. "65, 121 Tanglewood Dr., Frankfort, Ky. 
Locke, Curtis Alan "64, 805 Hundley St., Martinsville, Va. 
Loescher, Stephen Charles "67 

6028 Oakwood Ave., Cincinnati 24, Ohio 
Loftus, Kevin Wesley "67. 16281 Oakhill Rd.. E. Cleveland 12, Ohio 
Long, David William "64, Box 325, Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Lonon, Daniel Johnson '64, Rt. 4, Box 164, Marion, N. C. 
Lonon, Robert W., Jr. '65, Rt. 8, Box 92A, Charlotte, N. C. 
Looper, Wiiliam Curtis '65, Box 177, Salemburg, N, C. 
Lorch, Robert Knieling '67 

2561 Inglewood Rd. S.W.. Roanoke, Va. 
Lord. Jay Weyant "67, 507 W. Penn. Ave.. Wernerville, Pa. 
Losee, Alan W. "66, 147 Hickory Ridge Dr., Houston 24, Texas 
Lotspeich, Edgar S., Ill "65 

518 Evanswood Place, Cincinnati 20, Ohio 
Loveland, Richard A. "65, Box 31, New Canaan, Conn. 
Low. Thomas A. '66. 26630 Ridge Rd., Damascus, Md. 
Lowe. Frank Rockwell "65 

Qtrs. A. Glynco Naval Sta., Brunswick, Ga. 
Lowe. Richard Best "65, 2832 Brainard Rd., Cleveland 24, Ohio 
Lowe, Thomas Jasper, Jr. "67, 3810 Rebecca Ct.. Jackson 6, Miss. 
Lowenstern, Burt H. "64. 44 Elm Ave., Newport News, Va. 
Lowerv. Thomas Andrew "65. 614 Windsor PI., Tyler, Texas 
Lowie,' Dwight M. '66, 912 S. Main, Wake Forest, N. C. 
Lowry, Michael Leo '65 

7 St. Denis Dr.. Moreland. Charleston, S. C. 
Lucas, Andrew John '66, 3301 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Lucas, David Owen '65 

803 Demerius St., Apt. H-l, Durham, N. C. 
Luciano, James Thomas "65, 2121 Peachtree Dr., Wilmington, Del. 
Ludwig, Ronald Lewis '65, 3337 Aberdeen Rd.. Shaker Hts., Ohio 
Ludwigson. Robert '66. 4050 Monticello Ave.. New York 66. N. Y, 
Luecker, John Howard '67, 629 Gregory Ave., Wilmettc, III. 
Lukins. Joseph Lanier '65 

1228 Eastern Parkway. Louisville 4, Ky. 
Lunsford. Ernest J.. Jr. '67, Wesleyan Hts., Roxboro, N. C. 
Lurey, Alfred Saul '64, 315 Riverside Dr., Greenville, S. C. 
Lusk. Rodney Hammond "66. Lower River Rd., Gallipolis, Ohio 
Lutwick, William Roy '67, 4306 Grove Ave., Richmond 21, Va. 
Lyerly. Ralph Thomas '67 

2105 Woodhue Cr., Birmingham 16, Ala. 
Lynch, Donald Michael '65, 908 Burr St.. Fairfield, Conn. 
Lynn. Marshall William. Jr. '64, 350 Whitman St.. Haworth, N. J. 
Lyon, Carl Francis, Jr. '65, 2 Frank Clark St., Sumter, S. C. 
Lyons, Douglas S. '66 

27 Carl Brandt Dr., P. O. 293, Shalimar, Fla. 
Lyons. Henry T., Jr. '66. 915 North 15th St., Allentown, Pa. 
Maas, Frederick Henry '67. 526 Churchill Rd., McLean, Va. 
Mabry. Larry David "67. 420 Cannon Ave.. Albemarle. N. C. 
MacCaughelty. Thomas C . "66. 2416 Acadia St., Durham, N. C. 
Mac Donald. Henry John '65, 1607 Tryon Rd., New Bern, N. C. 
MacDonald. Robert A. "64 

302-A Short Hills Ave., Springfield, N. J. 
MacDuff, Allen Nelson "65, 2733 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C. 
MacDuff. Robert Bruce '67. 2733 Dogwood Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Mack. David Edward '64, 9125 Aldershot Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Mack, Johnny Joseph '67, 313 E. Center Ave., Mooresville. N. C. 
MacLane. Charles Newell '65. 2503 Manchester, Toledo, Ohio 
MacLean, Lynwood Alva, III '67 

3201 Orion Cr. GAFB, Rome. N. Y. 
MacLeod, Roderick A. '66, 56 Fruit Hill Dr., Chillicothe, Ohio 
Madden, Michael G. '66, 221 Flint Dr.. Fairfield, Ala. 
Madison. James Beauregard '67, 2120 Illini Rd., Springfield, 111. 
Magee. George '67, Box 672, Rt. 1, Cape May, N. Y. 
Maher, William F. '64, P. O. 374, Boca Raton, Fla. 
Mahla. Frederick T. '66 

128 Marcella Rd.. Web. Fm., Wilmington, Del. 
Mahoney, John E. "66, 7018 Charles Ridge Rd., Towson, Md. 
Maimstrom. Richard A., Jr. '66, 26 Birdseye Glen, Verona, N. J. 
Malone, William Benjamin '67, 613 N. Ripley St.. Alexandria, Va. 
Manes, Michael Randolph "66, 437 Argyle Dr., Alexandria, Va. 
Mann, Glenn E., Jr., '65 

Rt. 2, Box 9, Cole Mill Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Mann. James Dendy "67, 425 Crest Dr., Birmingham 9, Ala. 
Mann, John Bertram '67, 6801 Park Ave.. Richmond 26. Va. 
Mann. Ralph Emerson. II '65 

4108 Sudbury Ave., Jacksonville 10, Fla. 
Manning. Donald O. "66, 617 N. Jackson St.. Arlington, Va. 
Manola, Frank A. '66, 1606 Fort Hunt Rd., Alexandria, Va. 
Marchese, Don P, '64, 34 James St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Marcille, John Alan '67, 120 Melville St., Rochester 9, N. Y. 
Marger, Donald "65, 2510 S.W. 4th St.. Miami. Fla. 
Marin, John W. "66, 1215 Washington St.. Farrell, Pa. 
Markham. John C, III '64, 509 Eastwood Dr.. Gastonia. N. C. 
Marley, Roy Lee, Jr. '64, 705 E. Raleigh St.. Siler City, N. C. 
Marsh, Herbert A. '66, Rt. 5, Box 384, Petersburg, Va. 
Marshall, Holcombe T. "66, 4 Robin St., Rome, Ga. 

Marshall, Julian R., Jr. "66 

706 E. Forest Hills Blvd.. Durham, N. C. 
Marshall, Neal William '64 

15 Pine St., Woodmere, Long Island, N. Y. 
Martin, Albert Peter '67, 2669 N. Terrace Ave., Milwaukee 1 1, Wis 
Martin, Henry F., Ill '64, 9507 Lindale Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Martin, James A., Jr. "67, 156 Capri Ct., Danville, Va. 
Martin, John D. '64, 155 Brixton Rd., Garden City, N. Y. 
Martone, Peter Wayne '64, 7461 N. Shore Rd., Norfolk, Va. 
Mason, Charles Gilbert '64, 19 Cheverly Circle, Cheverlv, Md. 
Massey, David Sanders '67, 232 A. Market St., Smithfield, N. C. 
Matheson, Robert Edward '67, 101 Edgewood Dr., Boone, N. C. 
Mathews, Emmett C, Jr. '64, 16 Maxwell Rd.. Richmond 26, Va. 
Mathis, William S., Jr. '66, 6 Terrace Rd.. Baltimore 21, Md. 
Matthews, Walter S., Ill '66, Quarters 205, Parris Island. S. C. 
Matthies, Carl Prince '67, 99 Fernwood Rd., Summit, N. J. 
Mattson. Gerald Arthur '64 

751 17th Ave. South, St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Matuza, Albert C. '65, 211 Louise Dr., Morrisville, Pa. 
Mauney, James P. '65, P. O. Box 8, Ft. Lawn, S. C. 
May, James N. '64, 2611 Knollwood Rd., Charlotte 7, N, C. 
May, James V, '64, Hotel Goldsboro, Goldsboro, N. C. 
Mazza. Jeffrey P. '67 

6641 High Ridge Rd., Lake Worth, Fla. 
McAfee, Roy D. '67, White Horse Rd., Kirkwood, N. J. 
McAlpin, Malcolm M. '67, Treadwell Ave., Convent, N. J. 
McBride, Robert E. '65 

126 Buckingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
McCarthy, F. Anthony '65, 6 J Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Md. 
McCarthy, James V. '64, 19 Ridge Rd., Rumson, N. J, 
McCarty, Kenneth S. '67, 2713 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C. 
McCausland, Charles P. '65, 605 W Joppa Rd., Towson 4, Md. 
McClain, John Clinton, Jr. '65 

416 North Street, Anderson, S. C. 
McClenahan, William L. '66 

20 Acorn Dr., Hillsborough, Calif. 
McCollum, Douglass J. '67 

5129 Macomb St. N.W., Washington, D. C. 
McConeghy, Matthew H. '67 

1940 Tan Oshanter Ave., Tucson, Ariz. 
McCreary, Robert H. '66 

2653 W Bay Isle Dr. S.E., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
McCreery, Richard A. '67, Usom APO 146, San Francisco, Calif. 
McCullers, Edwin R. '66, 517 E Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
McCullers, Linwood A. '66, 112 E. Maynard Ave., Durham, N, C. 
McCullough, Kenneth R. '64 

3822 N. Stratford Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
McCurdy, John A., Jr. '67, 312 Bataan Rd., Ft. Lee, Va. 
McDermott, Malcolm E. '67, 10501 Memorial Dr., Houston, Texas 
McDonald, Joe H. '67, 2358 Armand Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
McDorman, Marshall O. '65 

327 Chapel Bell Lane, Houston 24, Texas 
McDowel, Jack R.. Jr. '67, 1306 Beach Ave., South Boston, Va. 
McDowell, C. Blake, III '65, 2260 Tinkham Rd., Akron 13, Ohio 
McGarrity, David M. '66, 107 Palmer Lane, Trenton, N. J. 
McGhee, Barry L. '64. 510 Charlotte St., Fredericksburg, Va. 
McGhee, George D. '66 

315 W. Trinity Ave., Apt. 10, Durham, N. C. 
McGhee, James B. '67, 714 Hammond St„ Durham, N. C. 
McGinty. David J. '67, 2200 Pembroke Ave., Charlotte 7, N. C. 
McGinty, Herbert K., Ill '67, 6517 Broad St., Wash. 16, D. C. 
Mclntire. Joseph N. '65, 1311 Robin St., Goldsboro, N. C. 
Mclntire, William R. '67, 3803 Orchard Dr., Midland, Mich. 
McJunkin, Howard P. '66, 920 Newton Rd., Charleston, W Va. 
McKaig, Albert S., Ill '67, 4513 Club Circle N.E., Atlanta 19, Ga. 
McKee, William H. '66, 1121 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte, N. C. 
McKenzie, Donald K. '64, 505 Mt. View Ave., Bluefield, W. Va. 
McLain, Milton S. '65, 3400 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh, N. C. 
McLean, Lawrence E. '64 

212 Springfield Ave., Hasbrouck Hts., N. J. 
McLean, Roger T., Jr. '64, 13 Cambridge Rd., Glen Ridge, N. J. 
McMahon, John Dennis '67, 118 Amherst St., St. Paul, Minn. 
McMillen, Michael C. '67 

200 W. Pembrey Dr., Wilmington 3, Del. 
McNabb. John T., II 

4110 Lancaster Ave. S.E., Charleston, W. Va. 
McNally, William J., Ill '66 

Box 13, APO 63, San Francisco, Calif. 
McPherson, Alexander, Jr. '66, 4707 Larado PI., Orlando, Fla. 
McQuillan, Hugh D., Jr. '67, Rt. 2, Terre Haute, Ind. 
McRae, John A. '66, Quarters 52, Fort Belvoir, Va. 
McWilliams, Frederick B. '67, 201 Hampshire Rd., Akron, Ohio 
Mears, Scott O. '66. Shaffer St.. Bolivar, Pa. 
Meek, Perry R. '67. 1264 Golden Hill Dr., Indianapolis 8, Ind. 
Meeker, James B. '65, 120 Britton St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Meikle, R. Bruce '66. 2231 Grandview Place, Glenview. 111. 
Melchior, Thomas F. '65, 5325 Stone Ave., La Grange. Ill 
Melton, Charles R. '65 

7019 Northampton Way, Houston 24, Texas 
Melton, Thomas H. '64, 219 Holswade Dr., Huntington, W. Va. 
Menge, Steven R. '64, 4621 Briarwood Ave., Royal Oak, Mich. 
Menne, Michael J. '66, Crest Dr., Dover, Mass. 
Mercatoris, Morris D., Jr., 1120 Lakemont Dr., Meadville, Pa. 

Mercer, Guy B., Jr., '67, 519 Ash St., Winnetka, III. 

Merkel, Lee F. '64, Rt. 1, Box 70, Nashotah, Wis. 

Merkel, William T. '66, 1 1 Annwood Land, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Merritt, William E., Jr. '67 

184 Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
Mersereau, John B. '67, 758 Tripps Court, Augusta, Ga. 
Meshaw, John C, Jr. '67, 215 Brightwood Rd., Wilmingtoii, N. C. 
Metropol, Jimmy J. '64, Manning, S. C. 
Metz, Waller C, Jr. '65, 457 Hawthorne Rd., Elkin, N. C. 
Meyer, Alan H. '64, 48 Wensley Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. 
Michael, Gayle E. '64, Rt. 7. Box 400, Salisbury, N. C. 
Michael, John R. '67, 3942 Suitland Rd. S.E., Washington, D. C. 
Midgett, Bernard W.. Englehard. N. C. 

Midura, Roger B. '66, 410 Tyrone Ave., Wilmington, Del. 
Miga. Andrew C. '65, 110 West Avondale, Greensboro, N. C. 
Miles. James M. '64, Pink Hill, N. C. 
Miles, John Blair '67, 30 Farley Ave., Fanwood, N. J. 
Miller, Bruce G. '66 

5889 A Kalanianaole Hwy, Honolulu, Hawaii 
Miller, Chris G. '65, 1855 East 42nd St., Tulsa, Okla. 
Miller, Craig S. '67 

108 Chatham PI., Windy Bush, Wilmington, Del. 
Miller, A. Edgar, Jr, '66 

4205 Anderson Rd., Coral Gables, Fla. 
Miller, Edward K. '66, 6 Crosby St., Brooksville, Fla, 
Miller, F. William '65, 240 Arlington Dr., Metairie, La. 
Miller, Grayson B. '65, 1540 Boiling Ave., Norfolk 8, Va. 
Miller, Jay B., Jr.. 5101 8th Rd. S., Arlington 4, Va. 
Miller, Jay R., Jr. '64, 1034 Highland Ave., Abington, Pa. 
Miller, John C, Jr. '66, 2029 Poont Legere, Mobile, Ala. 
Miller, John Cassel, Jr. '67, 447 S. 17th St., Allentown, Pa. 
Miller. John Meredith, Jr. '65, Qtrs 8 N A S, Pensacola, Fla. 
Miller, Kenneth T., Jr. '67, Box I, Jameston, N. C, 
Miller, Lawrence E. '65, 3616 Anderson Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn, 
Miller. Robert J. '66 

16732 Scottsdale Blvd., Shaker Hts. 20, Ohio 
Miller, Robert M. '64, 4400 Poplar Ave., Memphis 17, Tenn. 
Miller. Robert S. '64 

200 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, N. J. 
Miller. Thomas R. '66, 2550 S.E. 7th Dr., Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Miller. Wayne H. '66, 4509 N. Dittmar Rd., Arlington 7, Va 
Miller, William B. '64, 407 Washington St., Cumberland, Md. 
Minard, Alan L. '65, 1311 Monroe, Evanston, III. 
Mincher. Thomas D., 42 Carolina St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 
Minnotte, David W, '65, 310 Oak Forest Dr., Pittsburgh 16, Pa. 
Misenheimer, Lawrence G. '65, Box 477, Rockwell, N. C. 
Misner, Ray H, '64, 79 Inskip Ave., Ocean Grove, N. J. 
Mitchell, Arthur W. '65, 23 Runde Lane. Bloomfield, Conn. 
Mitchell. Harold A. '2947 N. 26th St., Arlington 7, Va. 
Mitchell, John W., Jr. 

1538 N. Ivanhoe St., Arlington 5, Va. 
Mitchell. Perry B. '65, 3986 Club Dr., Atlanta 19, Ga. 
Mitchell. Terence R. '64, 5410 Conn Ave.. Wash. 15, D C, 
Mock, Charles A. '67. Trappe. Md. 

Mock. Frank M. '66, 6600 West 6th St.. Los Angeles 48. Calif. 
Modlin, John F. '67. 706 Thilly, Columbia, Mo. 
Moeling, Walter G., IV '65 

Graves Sub Division, Alexander City, Ala. 
Montague, Richard Bidwell '67, Spruce Pine, N. C. 
Montgomery, Alexander C. '65 

370 Barberry Rd., Highland Park, III. 
Montgomery, Thomas George '64 

167 Pinelynn Rd., Glen Rock. N. J. 
Moore, Dan Cockrill '64, 1871 Snowden Ave., Memphis 7. Tenn. 
Moore, Frank Durwood, Jr. '67, P. O. Box 4012, Mobile, Ala. 
Moore, Fred Henry '65, 101 Eastview St., Lookout Mt., Tenn. 
Moore, George Daniel '67, 135 Cove Ave., Warwick, R. I. 
Moore. George S., Jr. '64, P. O. Box 1591, Greensboro, N. C. 
Moore, James Thomas, Jr. '64 

841 Fancher Dr., Birmingham 16, Ala. 
Moore, Richard Horton '65, 7505 Walton Lane. Annandale, Va. 
Moore, Thaddeus D. '66, 612 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Moore. Thomas Franklin, Jr. '65 

1828 Maryland Ave., Charlotte 9, N. C. 
Moore, William B. '66. Rt. 6, Box 175. N. Charleston. S. C. 
Moorefield, William G.. Jr. '64 

1110 Mulberry Rd., Martinsville, Va. 
Moorman, Kenneth Allen '64, 1210 Spruce St., Martinsville, Va. 
Morales, Reginald Wilfred '67, Box 4472, San Juan, Puerto Rico 
Morefield, Robert E.. Ill '64 

2727 Bitting Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Moreng, James R. '66. 527 Bergen Blvd., Ridgefield, N. J. 
Moreng, Joseph Henry '64, 527 Bergen Blvd.. Ridgefield. N. J. 
Morgan, Charles E. '66, 1025 Parkview St., Asheboro, N. C. 
Morgan, Zeb Brent '65, 1412 Colgate Rd., Marietta, Ohio 
Morris, Douglas Claude '64, 415 Judy La., Americus, Ga. 
Morris, John Edward '65, 5205 Albemarle St., Wash. 16, D. C. 
Morris, John G., Jr. '66, N. Trinity St., Geneva, Ala. 
Morris, Robert F. '66, 1607 Aloma Dr., Winter Park, Fla. 
Morrison, Andrew Lewis '67 

445(1 N. Park Ave., Indianapolis 5, Ind. 
Morrison, Michael L. '66, 104 Gordon Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Morton, John Broten '65, Box 126 Surrey Rd., Wayne, III. 

Moser, Robert Lee, Jr. '65, 600 Huske St., Fayetteville, N. C. 
Moss. John David. Jr. -(,5. 2909 Aquilla St., Tampa, Fla. 
Mossburg. Richard Hyatt '65 

8907 Sudbury Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 
Most, Robert King '67, 25 1st St.. Canton, Pa. 
Motch. Elton Franklin '65 

22250 McCauley Rd., Cleveland 22, Ohio 
Moughraby, Fouad M. '64. Anatra St., Bethlehem, Jordan 
Moursund. Andrew '66, 3419 Quebec St., Wash. 16, D. C. 
Moxley, John D., Jr. '66. 2001 Croydon Dr., Clearwater. Fla. 
Mullen. James Nicholls '64, 210 W. 5th Ave., Gastonia, N, C. 
Mulligan, James Bruce '64, 3239 Monroe St., Paducah, Ky. 
Mullins, Jeffry Vincent '64, 528 Chinoe Rd.. Lexington, Ky. 
Mumford, Herbert W., Ill '67 

202 Cedar Ave., Gaithersburg, Md. 
Munns, Harris A., Jr. '66, 2426 Hivett Dr., High Point, N. C. 
Murlless, Richard Sprague '65 

312 Valley View Dr., Staunton, Va. 
Murphy, John Michael '67, 3819 Poplar Level Rd., Louisville, Ky. 
Murray, Harry M., Jr. '66, 1006 Cole Dr., Huntsville, Ala. 
Murray, William T., Jr. '66, 171 Rumson Rd. N.E., Atlanta. Ga. 
Myers, Mark Withington '67, 324 S. Loomis St., Naperville, 111. 
Myers, Randall Lee '65 

700 Greencastle Rd., Lynnhaven Station, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Myers, Samuel Maxwell, Jr. '65, Olanta, S. C. 
Nabers, Wallace Johnston '64, 1411 W. Nash St., Wilson, N. C. 
Nada. Sherif Amin '65. 159 26 July Ave., Zamalek Cairo, Egypt 
Nadler, Julian V. '66. 721 Chadwick Dr., Paramus, N. J. 
Narten, Lyman Foote, II '65 

2566 Wellington Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 
Nash, Theodore Elliot '64, 810 11th St.. Miami Beach, Fla. 
Nash, Thomas Hawkes, III '67 

916 Monmouth Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Nations, Michael Thomas '67, 4416 Old Club Rd., Macon, Ga. 
Neal, Kent Conrad '67, 1344 Brooks Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 
Nehms. Jeffrey Howard '67, 10 Hamilton Lane, Darien, Conn. 
Neil, Loyd E. '65, 244 Deming Rd., Berlin, Conn. 
Nelson, Gary Rohde '64 

4 Brennon St., Westwood, Charleston, S. C. 
Neubauer, Laurens H. '64, 28 Jefferson Apts., Rockingham, N. C. 
Newfeld, Ronald Charles '65 

1222 Bay View Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Newby. Thomas A.. Jr. '66, 2426 Mcrae Rd., Bon Air, Va. 
Newmark, Howard '66, 152 Midfield Rd., Colonia, N. J. 
Newsome, David Anthony '64 

2845 Bon Air Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Newstedt, Stephen P. '64, 235 Stanbery Ave., Columbus 9, Ohio 
Newton, Fred W., Jr. '66, Rt. 2. Henderson, N. C. 
Newton, Jerry Lewis, III '65 

1616 Reynolda Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Newton, Joseph Edward '67 

22 Lockwood Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn. 
Newton, Richard B. '66. 38 Coffman Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 
Ney, Richard J. '64. 4618 Reno Rd. N.W., Wash. 8, D. C. 
Nicholas. Peter Michael '64 

52 Calle Barranquitas, Santurce, Puerto Rico 
Nichols, William J. '64 

139 Brendan Ave.. Massapequa Park, N. Y. 
Nicholson, Roscoe Fisher "64 

3402 Powhatan Ave., Baltimore 16, Md. 
Nickelsburg, Michael '64, 5907 North 18 St., Arlington 5, Va. 
Nickle, Norman Samuel '67 

34 W. Baltimore Ave., Clifton Hts.. Pa. 
Nickless. James Peck '67, 216 Duke St., Clemson, S. C. 
Nield, Thomas Vandoren '67. 219 Clemmer Ave., Akron, Ohio 
Nilsson, Jonathan Nils '64. 2020 Highland Ave., Wilmette, 111. 
Nolan. Harry Lee. Jr. '64. 203 Thompson St., Shelby, N. C. 
Nolan, Terence H. '66, 835 W. Wilson Ave.. Barton. Fla. 
Noll, Emmett Eugene '64, 31 W. Market St., Millerstown, Pa. 
Norby, Laurence H. '66, 416 S. Seventh, Osage. Iowa 
Norris, Kenneth E. '66, 1606 Old Stage Rd., Alexandria, Va. 
North, Joseph Oswell, Jr. '67. Deer Park. Greenwich, Conn. 
Norton, James Larry '64, 303 Fairview Rd., Thomasville, N C. 
Norton, James Randolph '64, 5201 Sardis Rd.. Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Norton, Richard Allen '65, Pinecroft Rd.. Greenwich, Conn. 
Norwood, Larry R. '66. 630 N.W. 40th St., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 
Nottingham. Hohn M. '64. 1821 Birmingham St., Durham, N C. 
Novick, Donald Nathan '67, 1998 Larchmont Rd., Akron, Ohio 
Nunez. Peter Kent '64 

140 Montgomery St.. Apt. IF, Highland Park, N. J. 
Nurkin. Harry A. '66. 112 N. Dillard St., Durham, N. C. 
Nye, Richard A. '66. Hawkhill Rt. 2, McLean, Va. 

Odom, David S. '65, 5705 Brooks Lane, Greensboro, N. C. 
O'Donnell. William A., Ill '67. 635 King St., Pottstown, Pa. 
Ogden. John Robert '65, 230 E. Woodland Rd., Lake Bluff, 111. 
Ogden, Philip Case, Jr. '64 

2425 Walker Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Oglesby, Thomas R., Jr. '64, Box 113, Winterville, N. C. 
Ogrinz. Alexander John '65. 3200 Parkside Dr., Baltimore 14, Md. 
O'Kelley. James T., Jr. '65 

158 Brucemont Circle. Asheville. N. C. 
O'Kelley, Ronald lee '67, 158 Brucemont Circle, Asheville, N. C. 
O'Kennon, Robert James, Jr. '64, 108 Williams St., Hopewell, Va. 

Oliver, James Howard '67, 2750 S. Ives St., Arlington, Va. 
Olson, William Cannicott '65 

1840 N. Fernandez Ave., Arlington, Hts., 111. 
Olson. William Howard '65 

7766 JRRU Box 40 FPO lOOC/O P M, New York, N. Y. 
Oppenheimer. Robert Henry '67, 10 Enfield Rd., St. Louis, Mo. 
Orr. Peter Allen '67, 2931 Windsor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 
Orr, Samuel M., Ill '65, 2931 Windsor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Orvald, Todd Busse '67, 250 N. Bent Rd., Wyncote, Pa. 
Osmun, Richard G. '66, 3543 Edgevale, Toledo, Ohio 
Owens, Edward J., Jr. 

Apt. C BIdg. 202 Richardson Dr., Ft. Richardson, Alaska 
Owens, Louis Fairfax, Jr. '67, Box 158, Whaleyville, Va. 
Ozag, John William '67, 823 N. Marion St., Oak Park, 111. 
Pace, David Wilson '67, 6405 Brookside Dr., Alexandria, Va. 
Pace, Hohn Sanderson '67, 1307 Dillard St., Tallahasee, Fla. 
Packard, Robert Alan, Jr. '67 

671 Chester Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Padgett. David Emerson '67 

807 Cape Fear Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. 
Padgett, Ray W.. Jr. '67. 144 Briarwood Rd., Spartanburg, S. C. 
Padgett, Roy Allen, Jr. '64, RED 11, Box 560, Charlotte, N. C. 
Page, James F. '66, 3115 Westover Dr. S.E., Wash. 20, D. C. 
Page, Jerry D., Jr. '64. 5010 Maugh Rd., McLean, Va. 
Page, Kenneth T. '67, 186 High St., Wareham, Mass. 
Page. Robert F. '66, 803 Sycamore St., Rocky Mount, N. C, 
Painter, William G., Ill '67, Fort Defiance, Va. 
Palmer, John A., Jr. '66, Massanutten Mil. Acad., Woodstock, Va. 
Palmer. John H., Ill '67. 3695 Harrison St., Arlington, Va. 
Palmer, Philip Gendron '67, 19 Palmer Dr.. Sumter. S. C. 
Palmiter, Richard D. '64. 1009 Oakland Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Parker, Daniel '67. RAC Sta. Field Office 

ARPA OSP RAD APO 14, San Francisco, Calif. 
Parker, John Jackson '65, 1714 Sunset Lane, Tallahassee, Fla. 
Parker, Jonathan Hayes '67, 59 Dreamwold Rd., Egypt, Mass. 
Parker, Leighton Brown '65, P. O. Box 478, Manning, S. C. 
Parker, Rodger Brigham '67, 275 W. 63 St.. Hialeah, Fla. 
Parkhurst, Charles J. '64. 221 Riggs Dr., Clemson, S. C. 
Parlsey, James McNeil A. '65, P. O. Box 598, Hillsboro, N. C. 
Parsons, Donald O. '66, 474 Summit Dr., Pittsburgh 34, Pa. 
Parsons. Thomas Harold '65, 2665 Bolton Terrace S., Salem, Ore. 
Parsons, Thomas Lynn '67, 6521 Wilmett Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Pasotto, Frederick W. '67, 3427 Barringer Dr., Charlotte 8, N. C. 
Passantino, Robert J. '65, 498 West End Ave.. New York 24, N. Y. 
Pate, James Thayer, Jr. '65, 775 Ellwood St., Orlando, Fla. 
Patterson, Charles G.. Ill '67 

1611 Langhorne Rd., Lynchburg, Va. 
Patterson, David Robert '67, Box 574, Randolph AFB, Texas 
Patterson, John C, Jr. '66, 1319 Betton Rd., Tallahassee, Fla. 
Patterson, John W. '64. 4636 Cardinal Blvd.. Jacksonville 10, Fla. 
Patterson, Laird Dean '64. Dreher Ave., Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Patterson, Michael Scott '65, 1004 Fairmont, Greensboro, N. C. 
Patton, David D. '67, 15812 Middlebury Dr., Dearborn, Mich. 
Patton, George W.. Jr. '66, 3257 Ridge Ave., Macon, Ga. 
Patton. Robert James, Jr. '65 

6844 Brants Lane, Ft. Worth 16, Texas 
Paul, Michael '67, 305 McNab Dr., Columbia, Mo. 
Paune, John Edward '64, 536 Hamilton St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 
Payne, Sloane W., Jr. '65, 85 Highland St., Holden, Mass. 
Peabody, Arthur W., Jr. '65, 85 Highland St., Holden, Mass. 
Peake, James Rutledge '65, 900 Larchmont Crescent, Norfolk, Va, 
Pearlstein, Leslie '67, 2451 Brickell Ave., Apt. 5E, Miami, Fla. 
Pearson, Charles A. '64, 7726 Dockser Ter.. Falls Church, Va. 
Pearson, Vaughn Craig '65, 795 Hill Ave., Glen Ellyn, 111. 
Peck. Benjamin S. '66. 701 Sunset Dr.. High Point, N. C. 
Peck. Donald Allen '67, 2530 N. Vernon St., Arlington, Va. 
Penfield Cameron W. '67, 1005 Meade Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Penick, Robert Douglas '65 

503 Las Lomas Dr., Chattanooga II, Tenn. 
Pennington, Charles W, '66 

4713 Biltmore Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Perantie, Thomas Mark '67, Box 324, Balboa, Canal Zone 
Perett, William Gregory '67, 1315 S. Sandusky, Tulsa, Okla. 
Perine, Philip Condit '64, 3 West Rd., West Orange, N. J. 
Permar. David Hayes '65, 5110 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda, Md. 
Perrine, Kenneth P. '65 

116 N.E. 97th St., Miami Shores 38, Fla. 
Perry, Clifford W.. Jr. '66 

2443 Reynolds Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Perry, James Hilliard, Jr. '64 

1 1 8 Homewood Ave., Greensboro. N. C. 
Persons, Walter Scott '67, 612 Swift Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Peters, Franklin Elliott '65, 822 Quaker Lane, High Point, N. C. 
Peters. Richard D. '66, 1804 Forest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Petersen, Robert S., Jr. '66, 839 James Court, Wheaton, III. 
Petersen, Stephen Haynes '67, 4434 Prince St., Downers Grove, III. 
Peterson, Atley '67, 346 Seabrese Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. 
Peterson, David Dean '64, 8022 Dalesford Rd., Towson, Md. 
Peterson. Michael Iver '65 

Student Detachment. Army War College. Carlisle Barracks, Pa. 
Peterson, Wayne T. '65 

Lake Ridge Dr.. RED 2. E. Hampton. Conn. 
Pettes. David Moon '67. 1749 Hummingbird Lane. Atlanta 7, Ga. 

Pettit, Randall S. '65. 1408 Wesley Ave., Ocean City. N. J. 
Pew, William M. •66. 12 Welwyn Rd., Wayne, Pa. 
Pfeiffer, Carl Frederick '67, 109 Wash. St., Morristown. N. J. 
Pfizenmayer. Rickard F. '66 

20050 Parkview Ave.. Rocky River 16. Ohio 
Phelan. Charles Wm. '64. 410 S. I. Oka Ave.. Mt. Prospect, 111. 
Phillips. Donald Arthur '67 

10.^21 Crestmoor Dr.. Silver Spring. Md. 
Phillips, Glenn P. '66. 61 Ok Ave.. New Orleans 23. La. 
Phillips. John Gray '67, 201 Kent Ct.. Pittsburgh 34. Pa. 
Phillips, Lawrence V., Jr. '67, P. O. Bo.x 283. McLean. Va. 
Phillips, William H. '66. 1212 Landon St.. Durham. N. C. 
Phipps. Roy M. '66. 1416 West Haven Blvd., Rocky Mount. N. C. 
Phyfer. Daniel W. '66, 1016 Ray St.. Geneva, ill. 
Piccirillo. John A, '65. 612 Dwyer PI., Weslbury. N. Y. 
Pickens. Marshall 1.. Jr. '66. 1730 Brandon Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. 
Pierce. Daniel G. '66. 205 Elmwood Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Pierce. Peter W. '66. Box 14. Bethel. Maine 
Piercy, Glenn Thomas '67 

161 Locust Hill Dr., Rochester 18, N. Y. 
Pifer, Ronald J. '66, 2110 Woodrow St.. Durham, N. C. 
Pignona. James Buckley '65. 15 Farrar St., Saint Albans, Vt. 
Pilcher. Charles Alan '65. 533 Main St.. Juneau, Alaska 
Pirtle. Ronald C. '66 

1201 Valerie Wood Dr.. Stone Mountain, Ga. 
Pixley. Stephen S. '66. 218 East Ave.. Batavia. N. Y. 
Place, Jeffrey Wayne '65 

705 E. Worthington Ave., Charlotte. N. C. 
Plonk, James Wendell '64, 906 Crescent Circle, Kings Mt., N. C. 
Plumer. William Sloan. Jr. '65. 2360 E. Main St., Pahokee. Fla. 
Podger. Kenneth A.. Jr. '66. 217 E. Markham Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Poe, George Jona. Jr. '67. P. O. Box 1514. Durham, N. C. 
Poe. John R.. Jr. '66. 2524 Banner St., Durham, N. C. 
Poel, Charles M, '64 

1210 Bruce Rd. Carrcroft. Wilmington, Del. 
Pokorny. Andrew '64. 320 Third St.. Newell. S. Dak. 
Polevitzky. Gergei Igor '64. 250 N.E. 18th St., Miami. Fla. 
Poling, Donald R. '65, 1203 First Ave.. Fairbanks, Alaska 
Politano. Paul M. '66, 1610 Hollywood St.. Durham, N. C. 
Polk. Raemon M. '66. 1362 Seminole Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Pollard. James Edward '65 

2831 Edwards Ave. S., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Pollok. James L. "66. Box 188. Robbins. N. C. 
Ponder, Joe Walder '64, Center Ave.. Mt. Pocono, Pa. 
Pope. Liston. Jr. '65, 400 Canner St.. New Haven. Conn. 
Porter. Charles Robinson '67 

Sealight 45 Dresser St.. Newport. R. L 
Porter, John T. '64. 1003 Russell Ave.. Salisbury. Md. 
Porter, Stephen Tullis '65. 726 Fairhill Dr.. Louisville 7. Ky. 
Postlethwait. Raymond. Jr. '67, 1513 Pine:rest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Post. Richard Edmond '67. 5333 Doliver. Houston 27, Texas 
Potter, Elisha Lindsay '65. 2700 Rothwood Dr.. Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Potter, Grafton Moore, Jr. '67 

2700 W. 67th St.. Shawnee Mission. Kan. 
Powell. James Lee '67. 805 Jefferson St.. Shelby, N. C. 
Powell. Richard A. '64, 110 Highlands, Leaksville. N. C. 
Powell. Thomas C. '66, 4421 Kelnepa Dr., Jacksonville. Fla. 
Powell, Willis Warren, III '65 

6311 Normandy Ave., Norfolk 2, Va. 
Power. Stephen Varrell '65. Pearce Rd.. Monkton. Md. 
Powers. Ervin Townsend '67, 825 W. Main St., Bennetsville, S. C. 
Prance. Norman Randolph '67 

1500 Kirkway. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 
Prange. Henry Davies '64. 508 Ridgewood Rd.. Louisville 7, Ky. 
Prather. William G. '65. 396 Fusset Rd., Meadville, Pa. 
Pratt, George Thomas, Jr. '67 

83 Round Hill Rd.. Northampton. Mass. 
Prentiss, Donald K. '64. 85 High St.. Winnetka, 111. 
Pressfield, Steven '65, 20 Sarles Lane, Pleasantville. N. Y. 
Price. Thomas O. '65. 2722 Fairoaks Rd.. Decatur. Ga. 
Priest. Fred Owen '67. 505 Superior St., Oak Park, III. 
Primm. Richard K. '66. 511 Primm Circle. Thomasville. N. Y. 
Prinelc. Ashmead F.. Ill '67. 32 S. Battery. Charleston 2, S. C. 
Prilchard. Paul Baker '65. I 1 Saluda Hts.. Ware Shoals, S. C. 
Pntchard. Richard H. '67. 11 Saluda Hts., Ware Shoals. S. C. 
Purcell. David M. '66. 5102 Valerie, Bellaire, Texas 
Purdom. Ray Caldwell '65, 3113 Imperial Place, Owensboro. Ky. 
Purnell, Frederick. Jr. '66. 38 Earle St., Norwood, Mass. 
Pursley, William Elgin. Jr. '65 

Rt. 3, Whipporwill Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 
Putzell, Edwin Joseph. Ill '67 

800 N. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis 66, Mo. 
Pyne. Robin D. G. '66, Freeport, Gran Bahama Island. Bahamas 
Quay. Bert W. '66. 2608 Barmettler St.. Raleigh. N. C. 
Quesenberry. William O., Jr. 

10506 Greenacres Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 
Rabenhorst, James F. '64 

3703 Old Brownsboro Hill. Louisville 7. Ky. 
Rainey. Charles Clark '64 

54 Thackeray Rd.. Wellesley Hills 81, Mass. 
Raker, Herbert Thompson '64, Rt. 2, Crawfordville, Fla. 
Ramage, Joseph Cowan '64, 105 Bellemore Rd.. Baltimore 10. Md. 
Ramey, Charles W., Jr. '67, 520 Glasgow Place, Dayton 59, Ohio 

Ramsey. Frank David '67, 1918 West Blvd.. Charlotte 8. N. C 
Ramsev. William C. '64 

3218 Nancy Creek Rd. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Randall. David S., Jr. '66 

Division P & P Shape, APO 55, New York, N. Y. 
Rankin. Rush McClure. Jr. '65, 315 Dogwood Lane, Belmont, N. C 
Ransdell. James M. '67. 409 Duke Dr., Portsmouth. Va. 
Ranson. Richard Cobb '64. 236 Huntley Place. Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Rapcr. Julian Robert. Ill '67, 275 Rumstick Rd., Barrington, R. I. 
Rasnick. William Horton '66 

104 Hemlock Lane. Tyler Pk., Bristol. Tenn. 
Ratelle, Michael John '67, 6935 N.W. 3rd Ave., Miami 50, Fla. 
Ratliff, Ray Edmond '65, 2915 Oak Grove, Bluefield, W Va. 
Rau, Ronald Walter '64, 36 E. Highland Ave., Villa Park, lU. 
Ray. Michael Evan '67, 218 19th Ave. N., Jacksonville Beach, Fla. 
Raybin, Alexander L. '66. 1400 Mace Ave.. New York. N. Y. 
Raymen. Steven A. '66, 1794 Walker Ave.. Irvington, N. J. 
Raynor, William Lane '67, 4044 S.W. 8th St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Raysor, Frank W., II '64 

3218 Chamberlayne Ave.. Richmond 27, Va. 
Reagan, Robert Brian '66, 163 Prospect St., W. Boylston, Mass. 
Reamer. Richard Rankin '67. 1 1 1 W. Colonial Dr., Salisbury, N. C. 
Rector, Rondall Charles '67 

7415 Hansford St. S.E., Washington 28. D. C. 
Redinger. Robert Paul '67. 503 N. Walnut St., Dover. Ohio 
Redmond. Larry Hollis '64, 29 Lakeshore Dr.. Asheville, N. C. 
Reed. Donald B. '65. 104 Park Place, Cheshire, Conn. 
Reed, Gregory Lee '67, Rt. 1. Box 20B, Brookeville. Md. 
Reed. Robert Ramsey '65, 123 Sexton St.. Struthers, Ohio 
Reichman. James A. '66, 5812 Osceola Rd., Highpoint, Md. 
Reid. Sidney W.. Jr. '65 

Robertsville Rd., Box 302 B, Freehold, N. J. 
Reider, Richard Koons, Jr. '67, 2115 Woodlawn Dr.. LaPorte. Ind. 
Reiffel. James Andrew '65, 15 Harcourt Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Reiger. John Franklin '65. 57 Continental Ave.. Forest Hills, N. Y. 
Reisman. Terence Nat '65. 288 N.W. 109th St.. Miami 50, Fla. 
Reiss. Charles Allan '65. 2501 Pickett Rd.. Apt. 5, Durham. N. C. 
Rekate. Harold L. '66. 811 Chesapeake Ave.. Annapolis, Md. 
Remigailo, Richard V. '65. 4727 N. Dittmar Rd., Arlington 7, Va. 
Renfro, Carl Brown Jr. '65, 301 Lafayette Dr., Wilson. N. C. 
Renneker. Michael Thomas '67 

75 Blenheim Rd.. Columbus 14, Ohio 
Repass, Randolph K. '66, Green St., Norwell. Mass. 
Reynolds, Benoni O. V. '66. 4074 35th St. N., Arlington 7, Va. 
Revnolds. John C. '66 

1158 5th Ave.. Apt. 16B, New York, N. Y. 
Reynolds. Jon Roger '64, Rt. 1, Lewisville, N. C. 
Reynolds. Staton Chryst '67, Rt. 3, Box 324. Piqua. Ohio 
Reynolds. Wm. Roscoe '64. 1305 S. Askin St.. Martinsville, Va. 
Rice. Charles Edgar, III '67. 438 Argyle Dr., Falls Church. Va. 
Rice, John Russell '64, 2 Bay Blvd.. EPH, Pensacola. Fla. 
Rice, Leon Leftwich. Ill '65 

2550 Warwick Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Richardson. James G.. Ill '67. 2200 N.W. 9th PI.. Gainesville, Fla. 
Richman. Charles H. '64. 3903 Madison Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 
Ricketson. Greer Homer '67. 4300 Estes Rd.. Nashville 12. Tenn. 
Ridenhour. Robert B. '66. 602 Edgevale Rd.. Baltimore 10, Md. 
Riedy. Robert Frederick '67, 621 N. Graham St.. Allentown, Pa. 
Riggs. Robert Thomas '67. 1512 Summit St.. McKeesport. Pa. 
Rienstra. Joseph D. '65, 4641 N. 24th St.. Arlington. Va. 
Riley, William C. '66. 300 Laurel Lane. Haverford, Pa. 
Rimer. Alan E. '64, 2 Wash. Sq., Apt. 6, E. Larchmont, N. Y. 
Ripple. Joel L. '66. 1708 N. Blvd., Myrtle Beach. S. C. 
Bivera. James Rodolfo W. '65 

Univ. Libraries. Univ. of Puerto Rico. Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico 
Roach, Hugh William '67, Box 342, Chesnee. S. C. 
Robb. George Willard '67. 2660 Skopil Ave. S.. Salem, Oregon 
Robbins. Chandler. Ill '64. Sugar Island Camps, Greenville, Me. 
Robbins. Henry H., Jr. '67. 2115 Providence Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Roberts. David M. '67. Rt. 3, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Roberts. Thomas L.. Jr. '67 

1029 S.E. 12th Way. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 
Roberts. William A. '(.5. 244 Wilson St., Toledo 16, Ohio 
Robertson. David Fudge '67. 25 Elmview Ter., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Robertson. James H. '66. 1797 W. Union Blvd.. Bethlehem, Pa. 
Robertson. Jock Dalberto '67 

411 Westgrove Blvd., Alexandria. Va. 
Robinson. Hugh B., Jr. '64, 1914 Stonehurst Rd., Winter Park, Fla. 
Robinson, James T. '66, 1664 Aberdeen Rd.. Baltimore, Md. 
Robinson, Peter Alfred '64 

1001 East Oxford Lane. Englewood. Col. 
Robison. William Robert '67 

812 Whispering Lane, Falls Church. Va. 
Rodin. Steven G. '66. 61 Catherine Rd., Scarsdale. N. ^^ 
Roediger. John Harger '64. 119 Jefferson Ave.. Westfield. N. J. 
Rogers. Charles H. '66, Box 306, Lockhart. Fla. 
Rogers, Dilworth T., Jr. '65, 43 Bedford Rd., Summit, N. J. 
Rogers. Edward David "64, 51 Ely Dr.. Fayetteville, N. Y. 
Rogers. John Stuart '66 

1502 Blue Ridge Dr. N.E.. Gainesville, Ga. 
Rogers. William Freeman '65 

210 East Academy St., Fuquay Springs. N. C. 
Rollert. John Michael '65, 3410 Parkside Dr., Flint, Mich. 

Rollins. Overman Randolph "65 

103 W. Muting St.. Morganton. N. C. 
Roman. Wm. Bradford, Jr. '64 

7025 Mindello St.. Coral Gables, Fla. 
Romano, Dennis Michael '67, 41 Guyer Rd.. Westport. Conn. 
Romig. Bruce "67. 85.3 Ridge Rd.. Annadale, Va. 
Romp. Thomas Lee '65, 550 E. Liberty St.. Vermilion. Ohio 
Romp. Walter G. '66, Box 7, Avery, Ohio 

Rose, Bruce Alexander '67, 668 S.E. Badger Dr.. Palm Bay, Fla. 
Rose, John William. Jr. '67 

1785 Shades Crest Rd.. Birmingham 16. Ala. 
Rose. Marvin Bruce. Jr. '67. 168.3 Mt. Vernon Ave.. Petersburg, Va. 
Rose, Charles P. '64. 1644 Oakdale Circle. Henderson. N. C. 
Ross. Alan Lawrence '67. ]79 Hunting Ridge Rd.. Stamford, Conn. 
Ross. .-Mired Kern '67. 206 Hawthorne Rd.. Elkin. N. C. 
Ross. Courtney B.. Jr. '64. 206 Hawthorne Rd., Elkin, N. C. 
Roth. William' J.. Hi '66. 41 Inwood Rd.. Chatham. N. J. 
Rothmun. George Kopel '67, 85 Pine St., Oxford. Pa. 
Rouse. Welby Corbett, Jr. "64 

200 Woodhourne Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 
Rowe, Vernon Dodds. Ill '64 

803 Old Spartanburg Rd., Hendersonville, N. C. 
Rubenstein. Jack C. '64. 1145 Elm Park Dr.. Cincinnati 16, Ohio 
Rubin. Hvman Sylvan "67. 306 Saluda Ave., Columbia, S. C. 
Rubin, Peter Jonathan '67, 684 High St.. Bath, Maine 
Ruby, Lucien, II '65, Park Ave., Madisonville, Ky. 
Rudin, John Jesse, III '66, 1640 Marion Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Rudisill, Ben Richard, II '65. 409 S. Elm St.. Cherryville, N. C. 
Riidoy. Herbert Lewis '64. 131 Dewey, Evanston, 111. 
Ruggero. John Clement '67, 1500 College Rd., Raleigh. N. C. 
Ruggles. William Miles "67 

295 S. Parkview Ave.. Columbus 9, Ohio 
Rumsey, John Almy Jr. '67, 12 Duchamp PI.. Chatham. N. J. 
Rundles. Ward Frederic '67. 132 Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Rupp. Daniel R. '66, 2001 Tremont Rd.. Columbus 21. Ohio 
Rupp. Glenn N. "66, 317 Partridge Run. Mountainside. N. J. 
Rushforth. George M. '66, 250 Seneca PI.. Westfield, N. J. 
Rushton, Stewart Jr. '64, 504 Grassmere Ave., Interlaken, N. J. 
Rutenberg, David Charles '67. 34-35 76 St., Jackson Hts. 72. N. Y. 
Rutkin, Stuart Ivan '64, 303 N. Wyoming Ave.. South Orange. N. J. 
Rutledge. Thomas F. Jr. "67 

206 Cordon Rd.. Blue Rock Manor, Wilmington 3, Del. 
Ryan. John Austin, Jr. "65 

1707 Wealthy S.E., Grand Rapids 6, Mich. 
Sahn, Steven Alan "64, 14 Nancy Blvd., Merrick, N. Y. 
Salisbury. Stephen Robert "64 

719 Everett Ave.. Collingswood 7, N. J. 
Salter, Lowell Scott, Jr. "65. 7407 Glenview Dr. W., Ind. 50. Ind. 
Salter. Mark H. "66, 5005 Ave. O, Galveston. Texas 
Sammons, Jack Lee, Jr. '67, 2753 Ponderosa Cr.. Decatur. Ga. 
Sammons, William Cary '65, 812 Tanley Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 
Samuels, William Oscar "67 

1020 Nine Acres Lane, Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
Sandlin. David Edward "65, 107 Stedman St., Fayetteville. N. C. 
Sands, Alexander P.. Ill "67, 1118 S. Main St., Reidsville, N. C. 
Sandstead. Morris Wm., Jr. '64, 617 Broadway, Sterling, Colo. 
Sandusky. Chad Bingly "67, 3906 Northwest Dr., College Park, Ga. 
Sang, Lance Andrew '67 

3755 Henry Hudson Parkway, New York 63, N. Y. 
Sapp. Robert Holmes '65. 198 Wyoming Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 
Sarafian. Peter G. '64, 830 Chestnut St., .(Mbany. N. Y. 
Sasser. William Earl '65. 320 Warren St.. Walterboro. S. C. 
Saunders. Harvey R. '64. Box 4414. Duke Univ., Durham, N. C. 
Sawers. Jerry Brian '64. 359 Grove St.. Needham, Mass. 
Sawers. Larry Bruce "64. 359 Grove St.. Needham, Mass. 
Sayer. Alan Brooke "67, Rt. 4, Box 575A, Charleston, S. C. 
Scala, Daniel Joseph '64, 2200 Lafayette St., Durham, N. C. 
Schadt. Charles F.. Jr. "67, 4281 Montrose Dr., Memphis 17, Tenn. 
Schenck. Ralph F.. Jr. "67 

311 Woodland Ave., Avon-By-The-Sea. N. J. 
Schenck. Timothy T. "66. 100 Hampton Rd., Syracuse. N. Y. 
Schick. Gustav A. "66. 550 W. Main St., Millville. N. J. 
Schipke. Michael Hardy '67. 18 Briarwood Rd.. W. Hartford, Conn. 
Schiro. Gregory William '67 

150 Berkshire Rd.. Hasbrouck Hts., N. J. 
Schlogl. John George '67. 132 Radcliff Cr., Durham, N. C. 
Schlosser, Paul M. "66. 404 Elmont St., Virginia Beach, Va. 
Schluderberg. Herbert H. "67 

5023 Gwynn Oak Ave.. Baltimore 7. Md. 
Schmid. Ronald Francis "67. 5520 S.W. 3rd St., Plantation, Fla. 
Schmidt. James Ross. Jr. '67. 417 Highland Rd.. Pottstown, Pa. 
Schorr. Stephen Arthur '67. 815 W. Church Rd.. Elkins Pk. 17, Pa. 
Schroeder. Jacob M. '64. 36 Welwyn Rd.. Riverside. Conn. 
Schultz. Frederick L.. Jr. '65. 485 Hillside Dr. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Schumer. Dennis R. '66. 1428 Isted Rd.. Glen Burnie. Md. 
Schwab. Joseph Richard '67, 1015 N. Elmwood Ave., Oak Pk.. 111. 
Schweitzer, Edward C, Jr. "66. 487 Broadview. Highland Pk., III. 
Scott. David Steele '67. 170 Beaverdam Rd.. Asheville, N. C. 
Scott, James Matics '64. 933 Old Gulph Rd.. Bryn Mawr. Pa. 
Scott, William Horace "64, Box 133. RED I, Disputanta. Va. 
Scott, Watson T. '66. 4125 Leland St.. Chevy Chase 15, Md. 
Scruggs, James T., Jr. '67. 1415 Chichester Ave.. Orlando, Fla. 
Scuffham, James Ross. Jr. '65, 318 Scenic Dr.. Concord, N. C. 

Scull, Ward Robinson. Ill '65, 2 Milford Rd., Newport News, "Va. 
Seagraves, Warren F., Jr. '64, 39 E. Suquehanna St., Allentown, Pa. 
Seamans, Richard Eraser "67, New Monument St.. Concord, Mass. 
Selden, Stephen J. '66. 22 Pleasant St.. W. Hartford, Conn. 
Self, Michael M. '66. 2630 Marion Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Sellers. John G.. Jr. '66. 610 Barcliff Rd., Norfolk, Va. 
Sellers. William P.. IV '67, 111 Oak Grove Rd.. Norfolk 5, Va. 
seningen. Ronald Perry '65 

109 Lyndhurst Ave., Wilmington 3. Del. 
Senseney. David Barton '67. 1018 Jackson Ave.. Florence, S. C. 
Serbell, John Dorner '67, Hillside Rd., Dauphin, Pa. 
Serravezza, William J. '67, 1835 Bussing Ave., Bronx 66, N. Y. 
Sessoms. Howard C. '66. 604 E. Seventh St., Lumberton, N. C. 
Settlemyer, William B. '66. 58 Minnisink Rd.. Short Hills, N. J. 
Sewell, Robert Alvin '64, 239 Jennings St.. Franklin, Tenn. 
Seymour. Richard G. '66 

223 Pine Grove Rd.. Southern Pines, N. C. 
Seymour. William M. '66, 5712 27th St. N.W.. Wash.. D. C. 
Shackford. James H. '66. 812 Northwest 41, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Shackford. John .Starling '64. 812 N.W. 41, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Sharp, Christopher P. '66, 108-A Ft. Crockett. Galveston, Texas 
Sharp, Robert R. "65, 700 Milltown Rd.. Wilmington 8, Del. 
Sharpe. Louis K., IV "66. Box 155, Checotah, Okla. 
Sharpe, Richard Dewey "65, 1232 Newnham Dr., Columbia, S. C. 
Shartle, John Adam "65. 518 East Water St.. Troy. Ohio 
Shasby. Douglas Michael '67. 146 Wildwood, Youngstown 12. Ohio 
Shearin, Ronald Vance '65, Box 365. Warrenton. N. C. 
Shearon. Elder L., Ill '66. 2826 Lombardy, Memphis. Tenn. 
Sheffield, Arlis Adelbert '65, 55 Pharr Rd. N.W., Atlanta. Ga. 
Sheffler, Fred William '65, 992 Nome Ave., Akron 20. Ohio 
Sheheen, Robert Joseph '65, 169 Chesnut St.. Camden. S. C. 
Sheldon. Clifford George '64 

39 Hendrickson PI., W. Long Branch, N. J. 
Shenk. David Scott '65, 700 McGrann Blvd.. Lancaster, Pa. 
Sherrard. Thomas J.. Ill "66 

1936 SE. 17th Ct.. Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Sherrill, William F. "66, 101 Avalon Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Shinn. Harry L.. Jr. "64, 1600 Meadowood Lane. Charlotte 7, N. C 
Shives. William B. "65, 98 Shives St., Salisbury, N. C. 
Shoemaker. Raleigh A. "67 

1220 E. Morehead St.. Charlotte 3. N. C. 
Shoop. Richard Arthur '67. 364 W. 9th St., Salem, Ohio 
Shuford, Thomas W.. Ill "67. 308 Third Ave. S.E., Lenoir, N. C. 
Shull. Bobbie Lewis "65. 19 Laney St., Shelby, N. C. 
Sidbury. James Richard '65, 1309 Heather Lane. Charlotte 9, N, C. 
Siddall. Patrick '67. 5419 Taney Ave.. Alexandria. Va. 
Siebold. Guy L. '66. 1121 North Church. Rockford. 111. 
Siegel. Jerroid Stanley '67. 8805 Leonard Dr.. Silver Springs. Md. 
Siegel. Lawrence Bruce "64. 29 Ridge Ave.. Spring Valley. N. Y. 
Sigmon, Donald Neal "65, 3117 Tuckaseegee Rd.. Charlotte 8, N. C. 
Sijthoff. Hendrik G. M. '67. 2 Robins Roost, Port Chester, N. Y. 
Sikes. Walter Edwin '67. 2424 Barry St., Charlotte 5, N. C. 
Silberberg, William Paul '64, Jenick Lane, Woodbridge 15, Conn. 
Silver, Martin D. '66. 10217 Conover Dr., Silver Springs, Md. 
Silverford, David Bruce '67, 7315 Holmes. Kansas City. Mo. 
Simmons. Douglas E. "66. Rt. 2. Box 587. Easley. S. C. 
Simmons, Vaughan Paul '67, 1140 Vista Trail, Atlanta 24. Ga. 
Simmons, William B.. Jr. "65 

130 W. Lebanon St.. Mount Airy, N. C. 
Simon. Joseph Stephen "65. 411 Edgewood. Columbia. Mo. 
Simpson. Joe Leigh "65. 323 Seventh St., McComb, Miss. 
Simpson. Jon Harold '67. Box 14. Cottonwood, Ariz. 
Simpson. Terry Allen "65 

3207 Cullen Lake Shore Dr., Orlando, Fla. 
Simpson. William A. '65, Box 188, Dublin, Va. 
Sims. Larry D. "66 

3629 Northwest 1 2th St.. Oklahoma City 7. Okla. 
Sinclair. Timothy A. "66, 1688 Otter Creek Rd.. Nashville. Tenn. 
Sisk. Michael "64. 329 N. 6th St.. Reading. Pa. 
Sites, James Russell '65, 101 Powell Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Slater. Frank M. '66. 175 13th St.. Atlantic Beach, Fla. 
Slease. Clyde H.. Ill '66. 637 Pitcairn PI.. Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Small. ,\lden Thomas '65. 118 Chestnut St., Garden Citv. N. Y. 
.Small. Philip Winslow '67. 1932 Sharon Lane. Charlotte 7. N. C. 
Smith. Brian C. '66. 1310 Lawrence Rd.. Chattanooga. Tenn. 
Smith. Brian Edward '64. 26 1 N. 55 Place. Mesa. .^riz. 
Smith. Calvin Defriesi. Jr. '64. 835 Small St.. Port Charlotte. Fla. 
Smith. Clayton F., Jr. '64. 6 Estes St.. Thomasville. N. C. 
Smith. Dana Gibson '64 

4600 Kanawha Ave. S.E., Charleston, W. Va. 
Smith, David Wesley '67, 58 Evergreen Dr.. N. Caldwell, N. J. 
Smith. Donald Douglas '67, 314 S. Darlington. Tulsa 12, Okla. 
Smith. Edward Hughes. Jr. "67 

1107 Brookside Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Smith. Howard William '67. 11 Twin Circle Ct.. Yardley. Pa. 
Smith, Jerry Harvey '64. 108 Robinhood Rd.. Staunton, Va. 
Smith. Michael Edward '67, 218 Saratoga Ave.. Spartanburg, S. C. 
Smith, Norman A. '66, 6914 Linda Lake Dr.. Charlotte 5, N. C. 
Smith, Ralph Wilson "67, 4632 Fairfax Ave.. Dallas 9. Texas 
.Smith. Richard W. '64. 201 Miller Blvd.. Havelock. N. C. 
Smith. Robert K. '66. 505 S. Taylor St.. Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Smith, Robert Z. "66, 16 Hazelton St.. Falls Church. Va. 
Smith. Steven Lee "67. 917 Wellington Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 

Smith, Thomas Sidney '64. 291 Lebanon Ave., Pittsburgh 28, Pa. 
Smith. Walter Aldine. Jr. '6.^ 

1170 Mount Paran Rd. N.W.. Atlanta 5. Ga. 
Smith. William S.. Jr. "67. 47 A Bernard Rd.. Ft. Monroe. Va. 
Smithson, Frank Woodward "67 

207 N. Bellevue Dr.. Nashville. Tenn. 
Smotherman, Robert R.. Jr. "64 

2915 Woodlawn Dr.. Nashville 12, Tenn. 
Smull. Michael W. "66, 4200 Forest Lane, McLean, Va. 
Snider. Richard H., Jr. "66. Rt. 2, Box 48 F-1, Sumter, S. C. 
Snow. Rodney Wayne "67. Stadium Dr., Spray, N. C. 
Snow, Sabin Tucker "64, 203 Watts St.. Durham, N. C. 
Snyder, Stephen W. "6.^. 900 W. Ave.. Peoria. III. 
So, Philip K. "65. 2207 I ido Lane. Wilmington, Del. 
Solie. Guy T. '67. 4213 Vuma Dr.. Madison 11. Wis. 
Somers. William R. '66 

421 W. Vanderbilt Dr.. Oak Ridge. Tenn. 
Sommermeyer. Wade '64. 2716 Woodland Dr.. Northbrook, 111. 
Sommerville. Donald P. '67 

1509 Pigeon Point Rd., Beaufort, S. C. 
Southern, Gilbert E., Jr. '67 

2447 Jefferson Ave., Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Southern. Samuel O. '66, 2715 Barmettler St.. Raleigh, N. C, 
Spader, Bruce E. '67, 5406 Grand Central Ave, Vienna, W. Va. 
Spencer. John C. '65, 104 Elmira St., Milton, Fla. 
Spencer. Stewart T.. Jr. '64 

4025 Hallmark Cordova. Pensacola. Fla. 
Spencer, Wm. S. '64. 1600 Rodman St., Hollywood. Fla. 
Spray, Joseph S. '67. 1006 N. Main St.. Newton, N. C. 
Springer, Greeg E. '67, 719 Pine Tree Rd., Pittsburgh 16, Pa. 
Springer, John W. '64, 1225 Wayne St.. Sandusky, Ohio 
Spruill, John R. '64. Box 96. Roper. N. C. 
St. Petery. Louis B. "64. 754 River Rd., Orange Park, Fla. 
Stallings, Kenneth M. "64. 1508 S. Miami Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Stames. Paul T. '67. 304 Main St.. Matawan, N, J. 
Stamile, Patrick M. '66. 13 Milton St.. RED I, Sayville, N. Y. 
Stanfield, Harry T. '65. 3101 Hope Valley Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Stanford, Herschel E.. Jr. '66, 310 King Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 
Stapleford, David C. '67. 338 S. Columbia St., Woodbury, N. J. 
Stapleford. Harry E. '64, 338 S. Columbia St., Woodbury. N. J. 
Starns, Ryron E.. Jr. '66. 1123 N.W. 1st PI.. Gainesville. Fla. 
Stattenfield. Daniel B. '64 

5101 Hales Dr., Apt. 237. Oklahoma City. Okla. 
Stauffer. Robert E. '66, 353 Oakridge Dr., Rochester, N. Y. 
Stauffer, William R. '66 

605 Wimpleton PL. Louisville 6. Ky. 
Stauss, Benjamin G. '67. Rt. 4, Box 69. Easton. Md. 
Stavings, Charles F. '66. 1215 92 St., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Steckel, Martin H. '66, RD 2, Holcomb, N, Y. 
Steed. Ronald C. '64, 2920 Freeman Mill Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Steele. Herbert D. '65, 1215 Summit St., Mckeesport, Pa. 
Steele, Thomas W. '64, Rt. 3. Spartanburg, S. C. 
Steele, Ted W. '65. 610 Walnut Ave., Charlotte 8. N. C. 
Stein, Richard N. '64. 114 Martinique, Tampa 6, Fla. 
StengI, Gary R. '66, 116 Marlboro Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 
Stephen. Frederick R. '64, 1608 Univ. Dr.. Durham, N. C. 
Stephens, Charles G. '65. 1105 Circle Dr., Talahassee, Fla. 
Stephens. Donald L.. Jr. '67, 1440 Garfield Ave., Aurora, III. 
Stephens. Michael A. '67. 415 E. Malone St., Hanford. CaliL 
Stevens, Barry W. '66, 1306 Abbeville Ave.. Aiken. S. C. 
Stevens, James H.. Jr. '66, 5827 Falkirk Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Stevens, Joel B.. Ill '64. 4527 Brookridge Rd.. Kingsport. Tenn. 
Stevens, Thomas J. '64. 52 Cisco Rd., Asheville. N. C. 
Stewart, James E. '66. Berdiers Bluff. Beaufort. S. C. 
Stewart, John D. '67, 1204 Covington Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del. 
Stewart, Rodney O. '66, 1717 Foster Court. Burlington, N. C. 
Stewart, William R. '66, 137 Country Club PI.. Southbridge. Mass. 
Stiles, Christopher S. '66. 630 27th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. Fla. 
Stimson, William R. '67, 621 S.W. 37 Ave.. Miami. Fla. 
.Stitt. James R. '67. 26603 N. Woodland Rd., Beachwood 24, Ohio 
Stitt, Thomas P. '65, 110 Upper Shawnee Ave.. Easton, Pa. 
Stoebe, Edward R. '67. 308 Rano Boulevard, Vestal, N. Y. 
Stokes. Roncr W. '67. 467 Main St.. W. Medway, Mass. 
StoUwerk, David '64. 27 Carter Court, Lynbrook, N. Y. 
Stoltz. Jerry D. "64. 3416 Valley Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Stone. Bernell K. '64, 1403 Palmer Dr.. Blacksburg. Va. 
Stone, Bruce W. '67, 5 Berwick Rd., Lexington, Mass. 
Stone. Sam G. '67. 367 Richmond Lane, Crystal Lake, 111. 
Stone, William F. '67, 2100 Walnut, Goldsboro, N. C. 
.Stoner. Michael A. '66, 235 Brandon Court. Danville, Va. 
Stoppelman, John S. '66. 3415 Franklin PI.. Wilmington, Del. 
Strackbein. William C. '65. 3505 N. Abingdon St., Arlington, Va. 
Stratton, Sherman L. '67. Box 274. Laurel. Fla. 
Street. David P. '67. 8026 Spottswood Rd.. Richmond. Va, 
Strevell, Robert S. '67. 5254 Indigo. Houston. Texas 
Strickland, James E. '64, 2206 Wallace St., Columbia. S. C. 
Strickland, William F. '65 

4421 Iroquois Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Stringfellow, Walter, III '67, 964 Cherry St., Winnetka, 111. 
Stroud, John B. '65. 35 Champlin St., Newport. R. I. 
Stroupe, Stephen D. '66 

Box 7323 Reynolds Sla.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Stubbs, Thomas H., II '64, 3106 Poinciana Rd., Middletown, Ohio 

Studstrup, Stanley K. '66, 1928 Boscobel Court, Rockford, III 
Stuebner, Jon W. '66, 18 Dromara Rd.. St. Louis, Mo. 
Sumner, William E. '67. 144 Anthony St., Gaffney, S. C. 
Sullivan, John H. '64, 114 Cambridge Rd., Asheville, N. C. 
Sullivan, John L. '65, 12916 Crisfield Rd., Wheaton, Md. 
Sullivan John J. '64, 200 S.E. 10th St.. Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Sutcliffe. Ralph J. '64, 52 Beechwood Dr., Wayne, N. J. 
Sutherland, John D. '66. Rt. I, Box 374 R., Port Clinton, Ohio 
Swagart, Harry A. '67 

14100 River Rd., RED 3, Box 118 A, Gaithersburg, Md, 
Swan, Richard H. '67, Rt. I, Box 267 A, Kerrville. Texas 
Sweger, Daniel M. '64, 707 Gallion Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Swennes. Robert H. '67, 8424 Mt. Tibet Dr., El Paso, Texas 
Swinden, Elbert D., Jr. "67 

480 S.W. 55th Ave., Plantation Park, Fla. 
Swinney, John G. '66, 201 Hempstead PI.. Charlotte, N. C. 
Swogger, Richard L. '67, 12580 Chillicothe Rd., Chesterland, Ohio 
Tackney, David T. '65, 709 Berry St., Falls Church, Va. 
Taft. Charles V. '64, 1707 E. 5th St., Greenville, N. C. 
Taft, Richard C. '67, 1707 E. 5th St., Greenville, N. C. 
Tarasoff, Barry J. '67, 567 Greenbrook Rd.. N. Plainfield, N. J, 
Tarpley, John J. '65. 3629 Drayton Rd.. Fayetteville, N. C. 
Tasker. Richard W. '67, 96 Locksley Rd., Lynnfield, Mass. 
Tate. James K., IV. '66, 416 S. Union St.. Bolivar, Tenn. 
Tavernise. Silvio '64, 208 Watts St.. Durham, N. C. 
Taylor. Benjamin C, III '66, 1 10 Cedar Lane, Mount Holly, N. C. 
Taylor. Edward C, III '64, 901 N. Coalter. Staunton, Va. 
Taylor, Edward C. '65. 3844 Thalia Dr.. Virginia Beach, Va. 
Taylor, Jeremy W. '67, 1211 S. 25th St.. Arlington, Va. 
Taylor, Joe T., Ill '65. 2222 N. Milford Dr., Salisbury, N. C. 
Taylor. Joseph F. '64, 1010 Cambridge Rd., Coshocton, Ohio 
Taylor, Richard K. '66. Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C. 
Taylor, Ronald C. '67. 1509 Overbrook Cl.. High Point, N. C. 
Taylor, Thomas N. '64, 808 Onslow St., Durham. N. C. 
Taylor, William R. '66 

1409 Lyndhurst Dr., Emerywood Forest, High Point, N. C. 
Teague, William E. '66, 1317 Remount Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Teal. James R. '67. 520 Grandin Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Tewell. Michael L. '65, Box 144, Piedmont, S. C. 
Thackrey, Kent D. '66. 102 W. Rosemary Lane. Falls Church, Va. 
Thomas. Douglas A. '64, 18 Marley Lane, East Hampton, N, Y. 
Thomas. Larry W. '67, 1604 Camellia Rd., Beaufort, S. C. 
Thomas, Richard S. '66, 1604 Cammellia Rd., Beaufort, S. C, 
Thomas, William L.. Ill '65, 211 Scott Dr., Fairfax, Va. 
Thompson. Arthur S. '67. Box 1135, Southern Pines, N. C. 
Thompson. Edward C. "66, 1 13 Melbourne Ave., Silver Spring, Md. 
Thompson, Joseph M. '66, 517 Gardner St., Raleigh, N. C. 
Thompson, Richard B. '67, P. O. Box 1098, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 
Thompson. Richard M. '67 

2616 6th St., Apt. IB, Newburgh, N. Y. 
Thompson. William H.. Jr. '67. 1912 Piedmont Way, S. Bend, Ind. 
Thomy. Vincent A., Jr. '64, 208 McAllister St.. Lake City. S. C. 
Thore, Robert E. '67. 2543 Pinckney Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Thornton, Thomas S. '66, 730 Lake Shore Dr.. Delray Beach, Fla. 
Thrasher, Michael A. '67, 5960 Poppy Dr., McLean, Va. 
Thurman. Terry T. "64 

1002 Crownpoint Rd. W.. Signal Mt., Tenn. 
Ticktin, Thomas L. "65, 341 Pinewood Lane, Rock Hill, S. C. 
Tiffany, Terence N. "67. 300 Forest Dr.. Short Hills, N. J. 
Tilley, David H. "66, 938 Lambeth Circle, Durham, N. C. 
Tilton, James T. "65, 4562 Pate Dr.. Columbus, Ga. 
Tisdale, Ralph C. "67, 1131 N.E. 140 St., N. Miami, Fla, 
Tise, Larry E. "65, 302 Norman Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Tison. R. Haskell "65. 125 Charles. Geneva. 111. 
Titus, Donald Ray "64, Box 134, Crane, Indiana 
Todd, Jo::eph H. "64. 122 Magnolia Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. 
Todd, Pe\ton H., Ill "64, 416 Callan Circle N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Todd, William M. "65. 1827 Keys Crescent Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Todorovich, Michael B. "67, 9846 Waterbury Dr., Ladue, Mo. 
Tokaz, Arthur T. '67. 4452 Wostfield Rd.. Columbia. S. C. 
Tomko. David J. '66. RED 14, Box 332, Richmond, Va. 
Tracy, William Ferber '64, Twin Lakes Rd., Salisbury, Conn. 
Trader, Ronald G. '67. 116 Poe Rd., Princeton, N. J. 
Tredick. Trafton, Jr. '66, 131 Lanning Ave., Pennington, N. J. 
Treptow. Thomas V. '65, 4622 N. Idlewild Ave., Milwaukee, Wis, 
Trexler, William B. '66, 2 Berryhill Rd., Greenville, S. C. 
Trickey, Robert K. '65, 112 W. Lavender St., Durham, N. C. 
Trippe, William L. '67, 380 Argonne Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 
Trotman, Richard C. '67. 20 W. View Rd.. W. Orange. N. J. 
Trott. David W. '64. 176 Wetherill Rd., Garden City, N. Y. 
Trout. John H. '64. 2906 Roxhoro Rd.. Apt. 2, Durham, N. C. 
Truesdell. John A. '64. 1419 Ridgelawn, Flint, Mich. 
Truslow. John D. '66, 621 Transylvania Ave., Raleigh. N. C. 
Tucker, William H., Ill '64, 3960 Vernon, Memphis. Tenn. 
Tucker, William Y., Jr. '65, Rt. 6, Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Tudor, Michael S. '67. 1500 Military Hwy., Pineville, La. 
Turbiville, Richard B. '67. 220 Gardenview. San Antonio. Texas 
Turner, Arthur F.. Ill '67. 930 N. Texas Ave., Orlando, Fla, 
Turner, Dudley P. '65. Hillcrest Dr., Great Falls, S. C. 
Turner. George R . Ill '66. 1515 Andover Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
liirnci, Jack^S. '64. 1115 Woodburn Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
luincr. Neil L. '65. Sutton Rd.. RD 2. Trucksville. Pa. 
Tyrrell. David J. '66, 3940 Eveningside Dr., Cleveland, Tenn, 

Uhden, Henry O., Jr. '64, 309 Curtis Ave., Point Pleasant, N. J. 
Uible. David R. "64, 2686 Cranlyn Rd., Shaker Hts., Ohio 
Ulrich, William P.. Jr. "64, 343 Walnut St., Audubon, N. J. 
Umstead, Ale.xander B., Jr. "65 

1109 Englewood Ave.. Durham, N. C. 
Underbill, John G., Ill '6.^, 1603 30 .St. N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. 
Underwood, Milton J. ■6.S. 2.'i09 Barclay Ave., Portsmouth. Va. 
Upehurch. Herbert J., Jr. '65 

306 N. Trenholm Rd.. Columbia, S. C. 
Urban. Richard Bruce '65. 1017 Terrace Blvd.. Orlando, Fla. 
Urquhart. James B., Ill '66, 1407 22nd St. S., Arlington, Va. 
Vacendak, Stephen T. '66, \$05 Sanderson Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
Valle. David L. "64. 9428 Wenonga Rd., Shawnee Mission, Kan. 
Van Der Horst, Brian C. "66. 9 Serpentine Trail. Larchmont, N. Y. 
Vandyke. Allen Holstead '67 

1101 W. Rock Spring. Greenville, N. C. 
Van Hettinga. John 0- "64 

1041 Hillsboro Beach, Pompano Beach. Fla. 
Vanhoy. Milton Spangler "65 

2204 Crescent Ave., Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Van Sciver. Peter Travis '65 

1013 Hardee Rd.. Coral Gables. Fla. 
Vandenheuvel. David T. "66. Office Air Attache 

Amer. Embassy Box 36, Navy 100 FPO N. Y.. N. Y. 
Vanerbloemen. Richard L. "66. 527 W. View St., Lenoir. N. C. 
Vanlandingham. David J. '66, 1003 Meadow Hts. Dr., Jackson, Mis 
Vann. Arthur. Ill "67, 111 Oakland Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Vannortwick, William A., Jr. "67 

4129 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville 10, Fla. 
Varela, Arthur Alexis, Jr. "67 

234 Belle Haven Rd.. Alexandria, Va. 
Vaughan. Ronald James "65 

36 Paxon Dr. Penarth, Wilmington 3. Del. 
Velie. Kenneth R. "66. 17 Lindy Rd.. Charleston. W. Va. 
Verga. Robert Bruce "67. 416 Wash. Blvd., Sea Girt, N. J. 
Verhey. Robert Seymour '65. 1686 Eleanor Ave., St. Paul 16, Minn. 
Vick. Paul Allen "65. 1543 Iredell, Raleigh, N. C. 
Vickery. Raymond E., Jr. "64, 601 Marshall Rd. S.W.. Vienna, Va. 
Vieregg. Arthur B., Jr. "64, 4310 S. 36th St., Arlington 6, Va. 
Vigil, Ronald E. "65 

c/o American Consulate. Mazathan Sinaloa, Mexico 
Vincent, Roger Shermah "64. 788 High St.. Dedham. Mass. 
Vinten, Johansen Peter "66, 7105 Wilson Lane, Bethesda 14, Md. 
Vogdes. James M., Ill '67. 809 Colford Ave.. Collingswood, N. J. 
Volberg, Frank M.. Jr. '65. 532 Forestdale Rd.. Kingsport, Tenn. 
Volland. Craig S. "66. 2117 Heritage Dr. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Volz. Marlin Milton, Jr. '65, 1819 Woodfill Way. Louisville, Ky. 
Voncanon, Charles Alfred "64. 642 Sunset Dr., Sanford, N. C. 
Von Salzen Kirk K. "66. 118 Foxcroft Rd., W. Hartford, Conn. 
Voss. Richard Philip "67. 3244 Webber St., Sarasota. Fla. 
Vreeland, Arthur Alexanden "67 

324 Beechwood Rd.. Ridgewood, N. J. 
Waddell. John Layton, Jr. "65. 490 Courtland Ter.. Marion, Ohio 
Wade, John Barrett, III '67, 26 Valley View Ave., Summit. N. J. 
Waggoner, John Philip, III '65 

1017 Lakewood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Wagner. Harold H. '66. 25 Main St., Dennisville, N. J. 
Wagner, William Orr '67, 330 Harford Place. Puland, Calif. 
Waite. Robert Sears '64 

4674 Lake Forrest Dr. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Wald. Harlan Ira '64. 9 Secor Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Waldchen. Alfred J. '65. 414 Grove St., Westfield, N. J. 
Walden. John F. '64. 422 Peerman PI.. Corpus Christi, Texas 
Waldron. Jonathan C. '66. 31 Lookout Rd., Mountain Lakes. N. J. 
Walker. Charles David '64, 4867 Christopher Dr.. Allison Pk., Pa. 
Walker. David Neal '65, 6324 Curzon, Ft. Worth 16, Texas 
Walker, Fielding Lewis, IV '64, Box 1113, Oxford. N. C. 
Walker Leo Lauhon II '67 

St. Elizabeths Hosp. Sta. L. Washington, D. C. 
Walker, Samuel A., Ill '66. 1859 Yorkshire. Birmingham. Mich. 
Walker. Stephen Lawrence N. "67 

Rm 609 Peoples BIdg.. Charleston. S. C. 
Walker. Thomas Lee "64, 2014 Wilson St., Durham, N. C. 
Walker. William M. "64. 3615 14th St., Rock Island. 111. 
Wall, Jack G. "64, Rt. 5. Burlington. N. C. 
Wall. Joseph Edward "67. Rt. 5, Burlington, N. C. 
Wallas. Jonathan Paul "67. 1901 Shoreham Dr.. Charlotte 7. N. C. 
Waller. Richard H.. Ill "66 

3639 Old Ivy Lane N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Walsh, Michael Sherman, Jr. "65. 1717 Jeffords, Clearwater. Fla. 
Wang. You Lue '65, 3501 Quebec St N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. 
Wanklyn. John A. '64 

Prospect Ridge. P. O. Box 933. Nassau N. P.. Bahamas 
Ward, Stanley Sidney "65. 307 Fleming Ave. N.E.. Roanoke, Va, 
Ward. Terry Emerson "64, Box 1771. Lakeland, Fla. 
Ward. William E.. Ill "66. 721 Kimball Ave.. Westfield. N. J. 
Warder. Frank Reid "64, 15 Professional BIdg.. Anderson. S. C. 
Warfield. William R. '66, 640 Prospect St.. Maplewood I. N. J. 
Warner. David M. '66. 200 Shady Circle Dr.. Rocky Mount. N. C. 
Warner. Jonathan F. '65. Hegemans Lane. Old Brookville. N. Y. 
Warner. Thomas K. "66. 1319 Hay ward Court. Cincinnati. Ohio 
Warren. William Thomas '65, 1209 E. Beech St.. Goldsboro, N. C 
Waters. Roger '66, 509 47th St.. Vienna. W. Va. 

Watkins, William S., Jr. '64, 1022 W. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Watkinson, James F. '66, 113 Wagush Trail, Medford Lakes, N. J. 
Watson. Alan Douglas '64 

406 Piedmont Ave.. Rocky Mount. N. C. 
Watson. David "66, 2723 Two Woods Rd., Bayside, Va. 
Watson. Richard 1.. Ill "67. 109 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Watson. William Edward "64, 603 Sunnyside Lane, Wilson, N. C. 
Waxman. Edward R. "66, 102 Lynnhaven Dr., Staunton, Va. 
Wayne. James Henry, Jr. '67 

115 Westminister Dr.. Jacksonville. N. C. 
Weatherspoon. William H. '65, 125 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Webb, Richard Stanley '64, 1260 N.E. 143 St., N. Miami 61, Fla. 
Weber, John Edward '67, 459 Jayson Ave., Pittsburgh 28, Pa. 
Webster, Arthur D., Jr. '65. 241 Murry Hill Dr., Lancaster, Pa. 
Webster. Charles Marshall '67. 4 Circle Dr.. Rumson, N. J. 
Webster, Dana Lehr '67, 79 Lake Wind Rd., New Canaan, Conn. 
Weidemann, Michael T. '66 

U. S. Naval Hospital. Newport. R. I. 
Weidman, Harold R.. Jr. '65. 2619 Hilliard Rd.. Richmond, Va. 
Weingarten. Jon '65. 983 Park Ave., New York 28, N. Y. 
Weinhardt. Lewis W.. Jr. "66. 26 Dunmore Rd.. Baltimore 28. Md. 
Weisner. John Ralph "67 

1107 New Garden Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 
Weir, Jeremy "67, 304 W. Fairview Ave., Langhorne. Pa. 
Weisiger. John Boiling "65. 1880 Oakdell Dr.. Menlo Pk.. Calif. 
Welborn, Harold Craig "67. 18 Riverside Dr., Branford, Conn. 
Welch, David Sewall "67, 54 N. Carlisle St., Greencastle, Pa. 
Weldon. Wilson O., Jr. '67, 2100 W. Market St., Greensboro, N. C. 
Weiler. Jo:eph Michael '67 

306 S. Howell Ave., Chattanooga 11. Tenn. 
Wells. Richard Douglas '64, 31 Edgemont Rd.. Glen Rock, N. J. 
Wells, William A. '65. 24 Via Aventina, Rome, Italy 
Werner, Jeffrey Smith '67 

5026 3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis 19, Minn. 
Wertz, Kenneth L. '66. 5814 Ashland St.. Springfield, Va. 
West, David Leroy '64. Main St.. Woodland. N. C. 
West. Milton L. '66, Warsaw. N. C. 
Westerman, Charles E., Jr. '65 

1500 Sheffield Ct., Falls Church, Va. 
Westfort. Ronald Edward '67, 42 Sperry Lane, Meriden, Conn. 
Westmoreland, Jimmie D. '65 

2224 S.W. 13 St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Wharton. Paul Burke "64, 23 St., Peter Place, Keyport. N. J. 
Wheeler. Harold Neil '64. Box 5552 Duke Sta.. Durham, N. C. 
Wheeler, John Law '65. P. O. Box 1071, Tryon, N. C. 
Wheeler. Michael O. '65 

607 Lakepointe Rd.. Grosse Pt.. Park 30. Mich. 
Wheeler. William Henry '67. Limestone College. Gaffney, S. C. 
Wheland. Robert C. '66, 9033 S. Bell Ave.. Chicago, 111. 
Whisnant. John K. '64. 800 Philips St.. Shelby, N. C. 
White, Charles Denny, Jr. '65. 512 Cliff Rd.. Asheboro, N. C 
White. Nathaniel B., Jr. '67. 1501 S. Alston Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
White. Richard M. "66. 3245 Central Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
White. Robert M. "66, 210 S. Abingdon St.. Arlington, Va. 
White. Thomas S. "64. 106 E. HillcresI Dr., Greenville, S. C. 
White, Thomas Stuart. Jr. "65. 1212 16th St.. Wilmette. III. 
Whitehead. Philip G. "66, 3116 San Jose St.. Tampa 9, Fla. 
Whitener, John Morgan "67. 1854 Montclaire. Gastonia, N. C. 
Whitley. Richard James '67. 192 Whitford Ave., Nutley 10. N. J. 
Whitley. Robert B. '66. 4667 Verona Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla. 
Whitsett. Gavin Crawford '67, 1319 Willow Ave.. Louisville, Ky. 
Whittle, Reed L. '64, 279 Virginia Dr.. Winter Park. Fla. 
Whorton. Jimmy Clifton '64. 211 Court St.. Portsmouth, Va 
Widen, Robert W. '66. Box 545. Balboa Canal Zone 
Wiesley D. Bruce, Jr. "67 

Amer. Can. Co. 100 Park Ave., N. Y.. N. Y. 
Wiggins. Richard Calvin "67 

603 N. Hyde Park Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Wiggins. Robert S.. Jr. '65 

1805 Ponce-De-Leon Ave.. Atlanta 7. Ga. 
Wilbur. Henry M. "65. 843 Greenway Circle. Waynesboro, Va. 
Wilcox, Everett H.. Jr. '66. 810 E. Turner St.. Clearwater, Fla. 
Wilcox. Kent Westbrook '67 

356 Fairfax Dr., Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Wilfong. Walter Thomas "67. 1679 S. Milledge Ave.. Athens, Ga. 
Wilkes, Kenneth E. '66. 3109 Brandon Rd.. Huntington. W. Va. 
Wilkins. William Thomas "64, P. O. Box 1366. Durham. N. C. 
Wilkinson. James Glenn '64, 1408 Brookside, Norman. Okla. 
Wilkinson. Jerry Coker '67, Rt. 2, Louisville, Tenn. 
Williams. Alvah T., Jr. "64 

P. O. Box 67, Naval Weapons Sta., Yorktown, Va. 
Williams. Boykin F.. Jr. "67. 1411 HerHn Ave.. Charlotte 5. N. C. 
Williams, David Lee "67, 979 Ponderosa Ave.. Sunnyvale. Calif. 
Williams. Donald Lee "65 

3001 West Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Williams. Edmond Brady "65. 3026 Sunset Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Williams. Fdwin Joseph "64. 2 Crystal Rd.. Levittown. Pa. 
Williams. Gene H. "66. 2024 N.W. 11th Rd., Gainesville, Fla. 
Williams. Herbert H. "64. 2824 Superior St.. Columbia. S. C 
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organizations index 






Greek V\ eek 


Pi Beta Phi 






Pi Kappa Alpha 




Homecoming Queen 


Pi Kappa Phi 




Hoof 'n' Horn 


Pi Mu Epsilon 


Alpha Chi Omega 


House Counselors 


Pi Sigma Alpha 


Alpha Delta Pi 


House Presidents Board 


Pi Tau Sigma 


Alpha Kappa Psi 






Alpha Phi 


In Retrospect 


Pre-Medical Society 


Alpha Phi Omega 


Interfraternity Council 


President Knight 


Alpha Tau C^mega 


International Club 


Publications Board 


Alumni Affairs 


International Student Committee 140 

Radio Council 






Red Friars 


Arnold Air Society 


Joe Clollege 


Religious Council 






ROTC Queens 




Kappa Alpha 






Kappa Alpha Theta 


Santa Filomena 


Bench and Bar 


Kappa Delta 


Scholarship and Appointments 


Beta Omega Sigma 


Kappa Deha Pi 




Beta Theta Pi 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 




Kappa Sigma 


Sigma Chi 


Board of Trustees 




Sigma Delta Pi 


Campus Chest 


Lambda Chi Alpha 


Sigma Kappa 


Chancel Singers 




Sigma Nu 




Madrigal Singers 


Sigma Pi Sigma 


Chanticleer Queen and Court 


Marching Band 




Chapel Choir 


May Queen and Court 


Social Sciences 




Men's Glee Club 




Chi Epsilon 


Men's Intramurals 


Students Concern 




Men's Judicial Board 


Student LInion 


College of Engineering 


Men's Student Government 




Concert Band 


Military Sciences 


Symphony Orchestra 


Coordinate Board 


Natural Sciences 








Tau Beta Pi 


Court of Appeals 




Tau Epsilon Phi 






Tau Psi Omega 


Debate Team 


Nurses Advisory Council 




Delta Delta Delta 


Nurses Beauty Queen 




Delta Gamma 


Nurses Executive Board 


Theta Alpha Phi 


Deka Mu Tau 


Nurses Honor Council 


Theta C'hi 


Delta Phi Rho Alpha 


Nurses Judicial Board 




Delta Sigma Phi 


Nurses Social Standards 


Traditions Board 


Delta Tau Delta 


Nurses Student-Faculty Clommittee 143 

Trinity Clollege 




Old Trinity 




Duke Players 


Omicron Delta Kappa 


White Duchy 


East Social Standards 


Order of Hippocrates 


Who's Who 


Elections Board 


Order of St. Patrick 


Woman's College 


Engineers Guidance C;ouncil 




W'omen's FAC 


Engineers Radio Association 




W'omen's Glee Club 


Engineers Show 




Women's Intramurals 


Engineers Student Council 


Pep Board 


Women's Judicial Board 


Eta Kappa Nu 


Phi Beta Kappa 


Women's Recreation Association 


Phi Delta Theta 


Women's Student Government 




Phi Eta Sigma 






Phi Kappa Deka 






Phi Kappa Psi 






Phi Kappa Sigma 




Graduate & Professional 

Phi Mu 


Zeta Beta Tau 




Physical Education 


Zeta Tau Alpha 


acknowledgemen ts 

The 1964 Chanticleer wishes to 
thank the following persons for their 
assistance in the production of this 
year's annual: 

Dr. Douglas M. Kmght, President of 
the University, for his cordial warmth 
and advice. 

Chairman Roger Marshall and I he Publi- 
cations Board for their counsel. 

Mr. William J. Griffith, Mrs. Margaret 
Wilkins, and the Office oj Student Activities 
for invaluable assistance. 

Mr. Sle\>lten C. Harward, Comptroller 
and Internal Auditor, for his interest 
and concern; Mr. Floyd D. Sawyer for 
assistance on financial matters. 

Dr. Richard /,. Tulhill, University Regis- 
trar, for his advice concerning the 
coverage of the administration and 

Dr. Clarence E. Whiiefield, Director, and 
Mr. William B. Strawn of the Bureau of 
Public Information, and Mr. Glenn E. 

.Mann, Director of Ike Office of .Athletic 
Information, who contributed profes- 
sional knowledge and skill and allowed 
us to make of their materials and 

Mr. Thad W. Sparks, University Pho- 
tograjiher, and .Mr. Jim Wallace, who 
took many of the excellent photographs 
in the book. 

Mr. 11'. F. Strayhorn and the StafJ oj the 
Information Desk, who assisted us and 
answered many questions. 

.Mr. Joseph F. Phelps, Edwards & Brough- 
ton Company, friend and mentor. 

.Mr. Price Coursey, Charlotte Engraving 
Company, for his patience, skill, and 
buoyant spirit which made our job 
so much easier and more enjoyable. 

.Mr. Fay .Smith, Mr. James Churchill, and 
.Mr. William Judd, all of Smith Studio, 
for excellent work in portrait photog- 

Mr. Gene Burton and I'antine Studios, for 

superior fraternity and sorority com- 

.Mr. Ed Roseberry, Corks and Curls, Uni- 
versity of \'irginia. 

.ASL'C Photography, University of Cali- 
fornia at Berkeley. 

.Mr. Bill Sumits, Georgia Institute of 

Mr. Charles Cooper, Herald-Sun Papers. 

Most of all, to the Chanticleer staff, 
whose enthusiasm carried from Sep- 
tember to the end. Their loyalty, co- 
operation, and superhuman efforts 
were more than we deserved. 

(.'\n aside to our fellow-tra\elers on 
Pub Row: thanks for the free coffee, 
the free cigarettes, the borrowed bent 
paper clips, staplers, dictionaries, the 
stale jokes, countless games of hall 
ball, memorable hours of small talk, 
and good fun.) 





^'""^ynrversity Libraries 





HIil!' '