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1967 Chanticleer 



JO HUMPHREYS/Associate Editor 

VIC ZAMBETTI/Business Manager 

A complete answer would require total understanding of my 
needs and motives, an understanding which I do not have. 

Reynolds Price 


' :!■-■} 

■ ',/;,';,.TV-i-|*-;i«y' 



COPYRIGHT 1967— Publications Board, Duke University 


lot many students, in the course of 
four years as undergraduates, spend time 
formulating a definition of education. 
Education is simply something you get, 
not something you think about, or talk 
about, or worry about. 

Perhaps, in fact, not many students 
even get education. But most receive a 
degree, an implication that something has 
happened to them in college, some trans- 
formation has taken place which merits 
recognition. Every now and then though, 
at odd moments, one does find himself 
actually thinking about education — seeing 
changes in himself, noticing a slow meta- 
morphosis. Some students even possess 
the faculty of discovering the logical 
causes of the changes. Others simply 
know that four years at Duke, four years 
of studying, talking, and partying have 
produced a person unlike the one who 
graduated from high school, the golden 
boy with straight A's, "most likely to 

What happens in college is difficult to 
analyze, especially if one is still im- 
mersed in it. One view, which professors 
of the old school fight against but which 
the existence of the Engineering and 
Nursing Schools substantiate, is that 
education is preparation for a vocation. 
The value of this concept is an implica- 
tion that education provides channels 
through which one can discover what he 
can do. Not doing in the strict sense of 
accounting or microbe analysis, but do- 
ing as the activity which can best fill one's 
life, the purpose which can provide the 
best structure for the remaining two 
score and ten years. 

gj^A;^V v^/:.^^^ 

The sad aspect of college education is 
that so many people submit themselves 
to it. They get the idea that education is 
entirely preparation, and that life, real 
living, does not begin until one has an 
A.B. or a B.S.; a college diploma is con- 
sidered a birth certificate. In truth, if one 
is ever to experience "genuine life", he 
must keep himself alive and growing 
even before he obtains the haUowed de- 
gree. The great and important questions 
of life are therefore valid concerns of 
the college student. Not only has he 
rights to such questions, but he has duties 
to these questions. The cloisters of the 
university do not shield him from ele- 
mental problems of humanity. 

The college years ought to be a time 
for introspection, experiments, discoveries, 
and maturation. One is suddenly sep- 
arated from family ties which, although 
intensely meaningful, can also prove 
stifling; one is suddenly presented with 
certain raw materials otherwise not 

available to him. The degree of freedom 
with which he can combine quantities of 
these raw materials, in any pattern, is 
unparalleled in other phases of life. And 
in each combination lies always some- 
thing to be discovered, an idea, another 
person, or just a nameless realization 
which can enable one to come to terms 
with himself. 

Reynolds Price, novelist, professor, and 
Duke alumnus, views his own education 
as the discovery of work — not just as 
some preparation for graduate study but 
as the slow development of his own gifts. 


by Reynolds Price 

Mottoes, like heroes, are out of fashion. 
Perhaps wars have come too closely on 
us lately and we have not had time to 
forget the savage poverty of wartime 
mottoes, the brief and lethal imperatives 
— Remember the Alamo! Remember the 
Maine! Lafayette, we are coming! Re- 
member Pearl Harbor! Oddly, the Korean 
War and now the Vietnamese seem to 
lack battlecries. Perhaps their purposes 
and possibilities have been and are too 
complex and appalling to submit even to 
the simpletons who manufactured our 
earlier shouts. (That might be our hope 
— that now we at least know the density 
of war — were the hope itself not such a 
black end.) 

But when I was a child in North Car- 
olina in the Second World War, private 
mottoes stiU had almost magical power 
for me and my elders. Several of my 


grammar school teachers urged us to 
choose our mottoes then, in time, as 
though a motto were as vital as one's 
health, one's name. (What did one do 
with one's motto, once found? — write it 
on one's walls? tattoo it on one's chest? 
One lived by it, was the answer of 
course. ) 

I looked for years, without satisfaction. 
Surrounded in the threatened air of that 
wartime America by a cloud of service, 
corps, battalion mottoes dedicated to de- 
struction — Semper Fidelis, Semper Para- 
tus, Keep Em' Flying — I was relieved to 
discover that the motto of my family had 
been for a long time Vive Ut Vivas — 
Live That You May Live — but while I 
saw even then how vigorous it was, it 
seemed nothing personal; an old Welsh 
family's slogan, not mine. So I lacked a 


But when I reached college — Duke, 
September 1951 — I almost at once en- 
countered a sentence that steered a large 
part of my time for those years. Harold 
Parker said it to his freshman history 
class of which I was a member in my 
second semester (he was quoting Waldo 
Beach of the Divinity School) — "Edu- 
cation is an ever-widening vision of 
greatness." It seemed long for a motto 
(though my dictionary conceded that a 
motto might be "a maxim adopted as a 
principle of behavior'), its verb should 
have been conditional and it ended vague- 
ly — what was the "greatness" of which I 
was to be seeking an ever-widening 
vision in these four years, had presum- 
ably been seeking for twelve years al- 
ready? "Greatness" was, even in the fif- 
ties, a word tarnished nearly beyond 
cleaning. What was the meaning of any 
quality which common speech agreed to 
accord to, say, Napoleon, Hitler, Roose- 
velt and Gandhi.'' 

Beach and Parker were right however. 
Thanks to them and to a handful of other 
remarkable teachers, I came in that four 
years to know fewer an<I fewer things 
worthy of an educated man's pursuit and 

That is to say, education had been for 
me — and I hoped would continue to be, 
hoped my life would be — an understand- 
ing of that in the world and beyond the 
world (people, things, abstractions) 
which was worth one's life, worth the 
full exercise of the mind and strength of 
a single human being, complex as that 
mind and strength are, appallingly fragile. 
(Another sentence which I discovered in 
my sophomore year was important for 
me also, both a confirmation, expansion 
and deepening of the other. It is Milton's 
famous definition of education from his 
essay Of Education: 

The end then of learning is to repair 
the ruins of our first parents by re- 
gaining to know God aright, and 
out of that knowledge to love Him, 
to imitate Him, to be like Him . . . ) 


It was in England, at Oxford — after 
my graduation from Duke in 1955 — that 
I encountered still another sentence which 
seemed to have both steering and braking 
power. It was told to me by my teacher, 
Lord David Cecil; and it had been said 
by his grandfather Robert Cecil, Lord 
Salisbury, Victoria's Prime Minister. As 
I recall the story, Lord David's mother 
had said to the old man, "Father, don't 
you think it matters very much for the 
children to do thus and so. . . .?" And 
Lord Salisbury had replied, "My dear, 
nothing matters very much and few 
things matter at all." 

The remark seemed to me then — as it 
does now — both moving and shocking. 

consolatory and subversive. It is not at 
all a new observation. It appears at first 
sight to share the weariness of Marcus 
Aurelius, the easy disillusionment of Ec- 
clesiastes, the Rubaiyat and a million 
sophomores' diaries — Vanity of vanities, 
all is vanity. But that is not what Lord 
Salisbury said (though well he might, 
having presided for years over the largest 
empire in the history of the world) — 
not "All is vanity" nor "Nothing matters" 
but "Nothing matters very much and few 
things matter at all." — 'What few things? 
My own formal education lasted nine- 
teen years (my whole education will be, 
I hope, conterminous with my life), and 
the list I have made of the few-things- 


that-matter would be irrelevant and in- 
tolerably presumptuous here now. In any 
case, the list has altered, is altering year- 
ly; and the fullest record of the effort to 
make it and keep it (such as it has been) 
is contained or implied in my stories and 
novels. Summary, as usual, would only be 
a lie. 


One of the things, however, has be- 
come so central to the continuation of my 
own life, to my slim convictions about 
the needs of others and to my few cer- 
tainties about the ends of education that 
I must discuss it. It is something which 
I learned in the process of the inadequate 
life and education which I have had — 
ridden by the seven sins, most heavily by 
sloth — but which I assert as universal. 
And it can be briefly stated, almost a 
motto, a hated motto — Work Makes Free. 
I could even extend it (truly, I think) 
to make my own definition of education 
— Education is the process by which a 
man discovers, as early as possible in his 
brief life, the nature and duties of his 
personal work. 


There may be no reason why a man 
should work, provided he lives in a so- 
ciety which charitably supports its un- 
employed. The only abstract reason for 
working may in fact be that a God exists 
who created man and set man to work 
to glorify His creation. (The second 
chapter of Genesis says that God made 
Adam "and put him in the garden to 
tiU it and keep it.") If a man does not 
acknowledge such a God — and his own 
duties to God — then perhaps he is a fool 
to work. Let him sleep till noon seven 
days a week, leave the house only to cash 
his welfare checks, buy his beer and re- 
turn to watch television all afternoon, 
half the night, surrounded by his loud 
and growing family. 

Yet — to speak of myself — even if I 
did not acknowledge God, even if I were 
adequately supported by the state, I am 
sure that I would work. And my first, 
simplest reason for working would be 
one universally expressed in proverbs — 
that "The Devil finds work for idle 
hands." But my next reason would be 
that one expressed in the motto which 
Adolf Hitler cruelly inscribed across the 
one-way gates into many of his death 
camps: Arbeit Macht Frei — Work Makes 
Free. Few if any men freed themselves 
from Dachau or Belsen or Auschwitz by 
the work required of them there. But the 
truth of the motto survives that hideous 
distortion. Work frees a man. Frees him 
from what, though? 


First, from want — physical want, hun- 
ger, cold, disease. But I have suggested a 
society which would supply these wants. 
Exactly so. 

In such a society I would work to be 
free of others. Free from prolonged eco- 
nomic obligation to the state, which is 
self-diminishing (and a man's obligations 
to his state increase paradoxically and 
terrifyingly as that state becomes increas- 
ingly impersonal, unreachable ) . But at 
least as necessary, free through the exer- 
cise of my proud and growing skill from 
other human beings, free even from those 

people I love, especially them. This will 
require explanation. I do not mean that 
I would wish to be — or would ever be- 
come — free of the duties and debts of 
love toward my kin, partners, friends. 
What I mean is that only through my 
own early discovery of, cultivation of, 
absorption in some work — building 
houses, teaching school, laying roads, 
writing novels — could I free myself from 
the crippling emotional dependence upon 
other human beings which infects and 
afflicts any man who has nothing in his 
life upon which he can rely, nothing 


more permanent than other people. A 
craft, a skill may — given good health — 
last a man all his life; very few friends, 
wives, sons, daughters will prove as en- 
during. Age, disease, death — and worst, 
disloyalty — exist and will in time win all 
that we love. The hardest shield for our- 
selves will be our work, if we have 
troubled to discover and master and com- 
mit ourselves to some rewarding work. 
But our selves also exist and are as 
frail, vulnerable as any other person we 
may have loved. Yet it is ourselves which 
will remain true to us longest of all. All 
our weaknesses — our vanity, greed, dis- 
honesty, cruelty, fickleness — will accom- 
pany us closely to our graves. What shield 
is there then against our own loyal flaws? 
What may free us from ourselves, our 
final enemy? — work, perhaps only work, 
the daily commitment to a task which 
will demand from us full and strenuous 
exercise of our strongest selves; our com- 
prehending, foreseeing, order-creating 
minds, our miraculously complex physical 

. So work frees a man. Yet I have only 
spoken negatively, denyingly of the things 
work frees us from. The difficult but 
necessary question remains — what things 
can a man's work free him for? 


I will — can only — answer for myself, 
by attempting to explain briefly but 
truthfully my discovery of my own work, 
its nature and function in my life, per- 
haps in the life of the world. I was the 
son of parents who, like most Americans 
at the time of the Great Depression, suf- 
fered profound humiliations — economic 
and, thus, emotional — which were inevit- 
ably filtered through their screening love 
to me, their first child, born in the black 
winter of 1933. Yet though I was faced 
in my early years not with actual poverty 
but certainly with the threat of poverty 

(the Depression continuing into the Sec- 
ond War) and though my father (a 
small-town North Carolinian with only 
a small-town high-school education) 
hoped that I would want to study medi- 
cine, I have no memory of ever wishing 
to be anything but an artist. At first, a 
painter; then a musician. But when I had 
tried and proved to myself that my gifts 
for painting and music were insufficient; 
that whatever my ambitions, I could not 
implement them, then (in my last years 
of high school) I began to write — poems, 
stories, novels. Through all those years of 


school and college I worked naturally, 
almost unthinkingly, never seriously won- 
dering why I was painting, or, finally, 
writing. Yet since college had given me 
freedom to choose, I had chosen for my- 
self an education likely to feed my wish 
and ambition (the study of language, 
literature, history, art, religion, anthro- 
pology, psychology) — had chosen without 
seeing that the wish to become an artist 
was more than a wish, more than a bent, 
more than a choice made for me by 
elimination of all I could not do. What 
I had not seen was that my wish was a 
need, forced on me apparently by two 
large forces — birth (gifts, talents) and 
environment — and it was only towards 
the end of my formal education (and 
largely I think, through the gathered 
weight of comprehensions and failures 
which comprised that education) that I 
came to understand that what I had 
wanted was what I had needed, that my 
wish was work, that most of my educa- 
tion — my life — had been a process both 
of creating a need for my particular work 
and of preparing me for it. But why is 
the writing of fiction my work? 



lit ill) 


A complete answer would require total 
understanding of my needs and motives, 
an understanding which I do not have. 
Yet this much at least is true. I have 
worked for twelve years now in the soli- 
tude necessary to a writer, then subjected 
by work to the judgment of an unpre- 
dictible, often uncomprehending public 
so that I might, first, understand (or at 
least examine and set in order) the 
threatening mysteries of the world, of 
my fellow human beings and of myself; 
second, that I might communicate my 
understanding, however, inadequate, to 
other human beings as baffled and en- 
dangered as I by all the controllable and 
uncontrollable mysteries of the universe, 
God, human nature. 

■ - H l Xl»W; « » i l fe t l';i»-»-»*'*-*-VX »'-T^,y 


My work then is what all honorable 
work is — the attempt to control chaos. 
It has freed me till now from physical 
want, from prolonged dependence on my 
fellows and — occasionally — from myself. 
It has freed me for the attempt to under- 
stand, if not control, disorder in myself 
and in those I love. It has even freed me, 
at times, to participate in the richest, 
most dangerous mystery of all — the love 
of what otherwise I should have feared 
and fled — a few human beings. 



The University provides, among other things, gym suits, 
throat lozenges, and semester calendars. But one must 
admit that it also gives some larger, more significant raw 
materials which exist for the benefit of the transient 
student population. 

They are the donnee — the given — base materials from 
which one may draw the fundamental resources for 
building his education. The potential wealth of these 
resources is quite often overlooked; it is difficult, after 
all, to recognize familiar things as valuable things. The 
campus itself — buildings, gardens, the Quad — ^is one of 
these given things. It exists when we arrive and remains 
when we leave. And Durham, though not a part of the 
university, is complexly related to Duke and its students. 
The campus and the city together form the environment 
to which thousands of people are suddenly transplanted 
at the age of twenty or so. What these people then do, 
how they make use of the resources offered, and how 
they in turn contribute their own resources to the en- 
vironment are determining factors in the college ex- 

In a certain sense the administration and faculty are 
also components of the environment. That is not to 
imply any strict parallel between the buildings on campus 
and the professors in classrooms, though certainly some 

professors have been here as long as the buildings and 
are equally dynamic; but from the student viewpoint, 
the faculty and administration do represent permanent 
aspects of Duke. And surely the faculty and administra- 
tion present some of the most worthwhile resources of- 
fered to students. Reynolds Price has emphasized the 
effect of certain professors on his education and life; we 
perhaps will be able to make similar acknowledgements. 
A college student has access to more learned minds than 
he will probably ever have again, and most students 
seem to be aware of this. One sometimes feels the urge 
to approach a professor and say, "Tell me what you 
know." Of course, it's not that easy, and some people 
probably never achieve the sort of relationship with pro- 
fessors which a genuine "educated man" has experienced. 

Student-administration relations are now somewhat un- 
easy; but certainly the existence of a group of men whose 
primary interest is the growth of a great university repre- 
sents as potentially educational an experience as classroom 
lectures or research papers. 

And then there are always girls. This aspect of life at 
a coeducational university offers a myriad of untapped 
resources. Again, the benefits of this part of the college 
depend upon the individual method of learning and his 
own definition of education. 







«•.■ -iT: 






Girls . . 


Orange block signs in Belle's and Roses' 
Ten Cent Store — WELCOME STU- 
DENTS — and in the window next 
DANCERS. Mayor Grabarek speaks to 
the newly arrived freshmen and hands 
out business maps of Durham. Newcom- 
ers discover the University Grill and the 
eighteen year old drinking age. At noon- 
time a throng of students crowds A.B. 
Morris' Cafe, perhaps a symbol of the 
relationship between university and city. 

Durham is full of drawls, tobacco men, 
furniture stores, and loan companies. Lig- 
gett and Myers, American Tobacco, North 
Carolina Leaf Warehouses, Lucky Strike 
— the names attest to the industry of the 
city. A pungent odor permeates the 
downtown area, forcing recognition that 
in this part of the South, tobacco is king. 


,> i ii ., ..,niji i ) i iiiiijhiiii« i i 


Within sight of factories and smell of 
tobacco lies Duke, strangely amalgamat- 
ing intellect and athletics, tradition and 
progress. North and South. Seeking great- 
ness in scholarship, finding prestige in 
athletics, the University calls attention to 
its surroundings, and especially to E>ur- 
ham. The indirect result of the tobacco 
industry, Duke finds its position difficult. 
Its quest to establish a role in national 
affairs is felt in some circles to be ham- 
pered by lack of an influential metropoli- 
tan center. Duke is affiliated with a pro- 
vincial and distinctly Southern city; but 
to deny the ciry would be to deny the 
power that spawned the University's life. 

The University, then, has a symbiotic 
relationship with Durham. Although Dur- 

ham exists in and of itself, the University 
qualifies that existence. For Duke, as an 
expanding university, must necessarily 
draw the city along in its wake. Duke, 
on the other hand, is obliged to aid Dur- 
ham in solving its urban problems. 

To many of its citizens, Durham is a 
progressive city now. Its economy is ex- 
panding, unemployment is low, integra- 
tion has come rapidly and without no- 
table distress. Durham is, in their words, 
"making a bid to become part of the 
New South." 

But in the opinion of others, Durham 
is making no real bid at all, giving token 
regard to integration, almost totally dis- 
regarding the miserable conditions that 
prevail in predominantly Negro sections. 


In truth, Durham is struggling for its 
place in the "New South," but is ham- 
pered by vestiges of the backward years 
which strike a strangely incongruous 
note. A huge Klan rally on the out- 
skirts of town contrasts vividly with the 
modern structure of the Negro-owned 
N.C. Mutual Building. Schools may be 
more completely integrated than in the 
North, but extensive block voting by 
Negroes signifies the presence of dissatis- 
faction and perhaps an incipient "Black 
Power" drive. The Research Triangle is 
vociferously proclaimed by the city fathers 
as an example of area progress, and yet 
the best answer for an evening of intel- 
lectual entertainment in Durham is still 
probably a foreign movie at the Rialto. 

All too often, Durham appears dull 
and uninspiring to Duke students. Their 


participation in its affairs seems largely 
confined to patronizing its businesses and 
complaining of its inadequacies. To be 
sure, there are exceptions in individual 
students who are aware of the university's 
obligation to the city. They devote time 
and energy to programs such as Opera- 
tion Breakthrough and various tutoring 
projects designed to channel some of the 
benefits of the university climate into the 
underprivileged areas of town. Other stu- 
dents are active in city politics, campaign- 
ing for Galifianakis or taking a stand on 
local issues. In fact, student activities 
beyond the wall of East Campus have 
greatly increased in past years. Still, for 
the average student now, contact with 
Durham is mainly derived through the 
search for relaxation and entertainment. 


Any weekday at noon the line of peo- 
ple outside A.B.'s waits in anticipation 
of the meal within. A.B. and his family 
scurry busily behind the counter serving 
up Brunswick stew, chicken livers, and 
sliced barbeque. Carrying the plate, coke, 
and glass of iced tea to a table of green 
linoleum, one jostles overalled tobacco 
workers, a buyer, and other college stu- 
dents. The greasy pie tin sitting on the 
vinegar bottles is periodically refiUed with 
crisp hush puppies. The conversations 
overheard are common talk. It's the weath- 
er, the Durham Bulls, or the new Fords 
and it's friendly. The men in blue jeans 
and the boys in Gants lean their elbows 
on the same table, and for ten minutes 
they're in the same world, relaxing for 
lunch in a crowded, southern cafe. 



To a freshman driving for the first 
time around the main quad with his 
parents, Duke is the embodiment of his 
college vision. To the newly graduated 
senior, the campus evokes more than just 
the physical scene accounts for. The 
chapel seen for the first time, breathtak- 
ing though it may be, does not touch the 
same mind that takes it in for the last 
time. To the student, who must see it 
every day, the campus lacks both the 
initial glamour and the final wistfulness. 
Yet, in isolated snatches of time, the 
chapel, dorm lights behind trees, a statue 
at night do make their impression. His 
mind takes these various scenes and molds 
them into a larger vision. In describing 
that vision, however, the student usually 
extracts from his mind only one facet of 
the whole. More often than not the im- 
pression he chooses depends less on his 
actual concept of the campus than on his 
mood at the time. 


The freshman football player, battered 
and downhearted, may limit his concept 
of the Duke campus to the tunnel lead- 
ing from the practice field. The physical 
influence of Duke seems concentrated 
into the solitary walk, in the half-light, 
with others before and after. He finds a 
minute of freedom, to refortify himself 
for an evening of study, morning of 
classes, and practice the next day. And 
then the respite of the tunnel. . . . 

V \ 


A freshman girl who throws herself 
into her work may find her image of 
Duke enclosed by the four walls of the 
reference room. Perhaps she remembers 
one night, a Friday, when only two or 
three others studied with her — and a 
thunderstorm. The lightning, thunder 
outside, the cathedral-like arched ceiling 
within, and herself, protected, but yearn- 
ing to dash open the windows — furious. 


The freshman in an East dormitory, 
shattered by mid-term grades, may be 
impressed by the inside of a phone booth, 
may mark it, hard with a pencil, as if to 
engrave her own desolation there. Or 
she may relate to some special spot on 
East, some stretch of lawn beneath a tree, 
where she goes when the world is too 
much for her and only the familiar pat- 
tern of branches overhead can console. 

Still, the freshman escapes from the 
confining, small impressions to broader 
visions that imprint a sense of liberation 
on his mind. The forcefulness of the 
Gothic on West can dissolve the limited 


reaction to isolated parts of the campus. 
Turrets, gargoyles, towers and rock sweep 
over the whole scene, force the mind out- 
ward and upward, outside of itself. Walk- 
ing on West at night, the ghostly chapel, 
lit and seeming on the verge of toppling 
forward; the street lights stretching paral- 
lel away down the entrance drive; the 
mass of library, Allen, of Flowers pulling 
the eye from one grouping of rock to the 
next — liberates the soul almost; the mo- 
ment admittedly soon dissolves. But the 
impression sinks into the amalgam of 
isolated memories and gives strength to 
smaller concepts. 


Once the student has experienced the 
campus as something which evokes a re- 
sponse from him rather than a sounding 
board for his own vacillating emotions, 
both his own creative capacity and the 
vision itself are transformed. He no long- 
er ventures forth from his warm, tangled 
bed to vent his outrage on the shabby 
classroom in Carr. Now the classroom, 
the deep-wrinkled wood of desks, the 
bare blackboard are seen as new material 
for the mind to work with. The student 
can now be objective, appraise the par- 
ticular room, the quality of the water 
fountain in the hall, without thinking, 
"It's against me, the water is hot because 
I'm miserable." With time, he may dis- 
cover that the water gets cooler, if he 
but hold the handle down long enough. 

The process of reacting to the environ- 
ment, rather than investing it with one's 
own neuroses, may lead inevitably, es- 
pecially among the more witty of our 
community, to a pointed degradation of 
Duke. The upperclassman, bolstered by 
the possession of a car and his own girl, 
may react unfairly to his surroundings. 
The Gothic tradition in Piedmont, N. C, 
the symmetry of buildings' positions, and 
even the placement of trees provide fuel 
for his ridicule. He takes his fellow stu- 
dent to the center of West quad, points 
him toward the hospital, then toward the 
fraternity sections, and says exultantly, 
"See how they've got you — like in the 
sights of a gun." 




In time, he will regress, to the moment 
when that same symmetry and blocking 
of masses impressed him with their pow- 
er — power to liberate, not to confine. 

The girl on East may experience a sim- 
ilar liberating sensation. Walking to the 
bus stop, the wind gusty and fresh, dry 
leaves eddying around the bases of trees — 
the sun on Baldwin, white columns, dome; 
a single bird flying up, disappearing for a 
moment behind a gabled roof, to reappear 
against the blue sky. The scene, though 
not so forcefully as the Gothic, passes 
into her subconscious like a pebble in a 
pool — bringing ripples to the surface in 
widening circles. Her smile, her quick- 
ened pace may be noticed by others, 
caught up and extended. Walking back 
and forth beneath the trees, across lawn, 
girls acknowledge the beauty of the place, 
and imbue their wall-enclosed world with 
their appreciation. 

The two campuses, besides evoking in- 
dividual moods, impulses, provide a set- 
ting for the growth of a wider view of 
life. Both give room for one to unfold 
within — to reach out to things greater 
than oneself. The function of widening 
the student's self vision seems to be the 
very characteristic of the two campuses 
underlying the administration's plans for 
future construction. The new men's 
dorms, set off the main quad, the library 
going up behind the Language Building, 
the prospective plans for the Engineering 
Complex are not replicas of the old 
Gothic on West. But they expand the 
mood of the Gothic, the explosive uplift 
of line controlled by heavy massing of 
stone. Gothic for the sake of Gothic 
holds little meaning. The essence of the 
style, however, the power it represents 
and evokes is inherent in the "new" 
Gothic of Duke's expansion program. 



The Duke campus in its entirety may 
be ignored by some, who are too involved 
with their own introverted tendencies; 
it may be attacked by the sophisticated 
upperclassmen. But to anyone who sees 
it, reacts to it with a freedom of mind, 
the Duke campus is a puissant molder of 
the individual. Each is affected only in- 
sofar as he opens himself to that power. 
With time, however, whatever impression 
he does experience — intense, personal, iso- 
lated within the broader flow of his col- 
lege days — brings about a change in atti- 
tude, the way he looks at his world. The 
campus, his learning environment, is as 
well a teaching environment. 




It was about five of four when Walt 
the photographer and I walked into Dr. 
Knight's office. I was kind of nervous 
because I hadn't reaUy thought up any 
questions, so I asked Walt to throw out 
anything that might come to mind during 
the interview, because one thing I wanted 
to avoid in the confrontation was a dead- 
ly silence. Besides, Susie, the other inter- 
viewer, hadn't shown, and I had figured 
that she could maybe carry us through 
on charm if nothing else worked. 

Dr. Knight wasn't there either, it 
turned out, so we sat down and talked 
to the two secretaries awhile. They were 
friendly and sipping tea out of china 
cups; it was really cold outside so we 
could talk about the weather without 
making it seem like talking about the 
weather. It was about ten minutes before 
Dr. Knight came through the door; he 
paused and smiled at us and then ex- 
changed a few words with one of the 
secretaries. I remembered the last time 
I'd seen him; it was after the Sunday 

night Symposium session and my room- 
mate and I had ducked out the back of 
Page. We were walking along complain- 
ing about the Dope Shop being closed 
on Sundays when we heard somebody 
from behind say, "Yes, that's the first 
thing that ought to be changed," kind of 
disgustedly and with a sigh, and we turned 
around and there was Dr. Knight, who 
had apparantly ducked out the back way 
too. We paused and talked with him for 
maybe half a minute, and then he walked 
on ahead of us. 

It was different now — this was his of- 
fice — Page Auditorium was very definitely 
not his auditorium that Sunday night — 
and here he appeared to manage with 
dignified and understated authority. He 
chuckled about something — I don't know 
what — with one of the secretaries, and 
glancing at us momentarily, motioned 
with his hand towards his office: "Go 
inside; I'll be there in a minute." 

The office is large — about the size of 
Flowers Lounge cut in half — and has 


floor-to-ceiling bookcases on three sides. 
All the leatherbound books, a glass-topped 
coffee table, a sofa, and two parlor chairs 
make it seem more like a living room 
than an office. The mahogany desk is vast; 
a button phone, a dictation machine 
(that's more like it — "College is just an- 
other business," somebody said) and a 
can of tobacco, plus all the papers you'd 
expect. I looked out the bay window that 
surveys the Main Quad — there was a bus 
going by. On the ledge by the window is 
a framed picture of the 1965 basketbaU 
team — "To President Knight," signed by 
all the players. 


Dr. Knight came in and we introduced 
ourselves. I thought maybe he'd sit be- 
hind his desk because, you know, every- 
one's talking about our condescending, 
patronizing President these days, and that 
would be the obvious way to assert su- 
periority, remain aloof — it's about a mile 
away behind that desk. He didn't though 
— sat instead in a chair between 'Walt 
and me so we were in a tight circle. He 
took a pipe off the desk, filled it with 
tobacco, and lit it. I grabbed an ash tray 
off the coffee table for myself and plunged 
into the interview. 

The first question was about students 
— how he thought the Duke student was 
likely to change in ten years, taking into 
consideration changing admission policies. 
Yes, the student was certainly changing, 
he said; you could see differences between 
freshmen and senior classes now. He men- 
tioned the Psychology Department's cur- 
rent study of admission policies. 

The key phrase was "initial compet- 
ence": as high schools across the nation 
improve, we can expect the Duke fresh- 
man to be not only better prepared to deal 
with more challenging disciplines, but 
to be increasingly motivated towards a 
particular field of interest. In ten years, 
Duke will provide a forum for students 
of "greater initial competence" to inte- 
grate theii diverse capabilities. 

Though he'd probably faced the same 
question a hundred times at Alumni din- 
ners across the country, he spoke slowly, 
almost cautiously, with a wrinkled fore- 
head and a well-timed smile — self-con- 
sciously unaffected, perhaps. It was clear 

Harold W. Lewis, Ph.D., Vice Provost 

Frank Leon Ashmore, Vice President for 
Institutional Advancement 


Frank Traver deVyver, Ph.D., Vice Provost 

he'd never phrased the answer quite this 
way before, anyway, and that put Walt 
(who was cHcking away) and me at ease. 
There was a short silence after Dr. 
Knight's reply, and then Susie showed up 
and sat on the sofa. 

Dr. Knight got out another match and 
relit his pipe (he must have done that 
fifteen times during the interview) and 
then he moved one of his legs so that it 
hung over an arm of his chair — sort of a 
plea for informality. We took him up 
on it. The interview turned into a bull 
session; everybody got pretty relaxed. I 
figured it was as good a time as any to 
hit him with a question about student 
activism — how would you define it? What 
place does it have at Duke? 

Robert Taylor Cole, Ph.D., Provost 

S. C. Harward, Comptroller 

He answered the question slowly but 
articulately — it was obvious he'd given 
the issue some thought. As he replied, 
his pipeless hand, which he had placed 
high on his cheek against his brow, slow- 
ly drifted to his side. I don't know — may- 
be he thought we were representatives of 
the Campus Left — his words were certain- 
ly measured. He made a clear distinction 
— repeated it several times — between con- 
structive and destructive activism. At its 
best, he said, activism is meaningful — a 
vital part of any university community. 
Such students are interested in a respon- 
sible way in matters of ultimate concern 
to them; matters such as curriculum re- 
form, work conditions of University em- 
ployees. Operation Breakthrough, etc. It 
is "political activism" that Dr. Knight 
deplores — students who feel that it is 
their right to attempt to embed them- 
selves into the University power struc- 
ture. This is unwise and irresponsible, he 
said; it is the administration, after all, 
that has to live with major decisions. 
"Legitimate decisions inevitably must 
emanate from educational responsibili- 

"That sounds pretty good to me, long 
hair norwithstanding." I said, and he 
laughed. Which isn't really what I feel, 
I suppose, but I guess when you're walk- 
ing a tightrope, as he is, you've got to 
keep your balance or else you fall. 'When 
he says, "Beards aren't the norm on the 
Duke Campus" to the Durham Civic Club 
luncheon, what he's really saying, perhaps 
is, "If you idiots want to believe that 
beards are per se a bad thing, go ahead; 
as long as the money keeps pouring in, 
I won't chaUenge you." A well-placed 
white lie sometimes keeps you in business. 

James Lathrop Meriam, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Engineering 


Mary Margaret Ball, Ph.D., Dean of the Woman's College 

Mary Grace Wilson, A.M., Dean of Under- 
graduate Women 

Everett Harold Hopkins, M.A., 
President for Regional Programs 

LL.D., Vice 

William Lambreth Brinklen, Jr., M.P.S., Di- 
rector of Undergraduate Admissions 

We brought up the fact that Duke is 
more highly respected as an undergrad- 
uate school than as an institution for 
graduate instruction. Yes, he agreed. At 
the same time he was quick to point out 
that society deals harshly with schools 

that do not have a long-standing tradition 
of excellence. "Our graduate schools are 
ahead of their reputation," he said; "Right 
now most people know that Duke has 
one of the finest medical schools in the 
country, and our law school is fast gain- 

ing a similar respectability. We're a little 
worse off, I'll admit, in the graduate 
schools of the arts, but that's mostly a 
function of our youth. People are begin- 
ning to realize the high quality of many 
of our graduate departments." 


I remembered a discussion I'd had a 
few weeks before with a professor, who 
told me he thought Duke was heading 
in too many directions at once, that it 
was unfortunate, but when you strive for 
'A's' in all departments, you tend to end 
up with an overall 'B-|-,' if that." I asked 
Dr. Knight for comment. "This is patent- 
ly false," he commented; "In an age where 
there is so much emphasis on the neces- 
sary need for integrating various fields of 
inquiry, you've got to be strong all across 
the board; otherwise your field of vision 
is disastrously narrowed. To be an excel- 
lent scientist these days, you've got to be 
somewhat of a philosopher; to be a philos- 
opher, you've got to have insights into 
psychology, sociology, and religion. Mas- 
tery in one field implies knowledge in 

Then we talked about music and art 
at Duke, about expansion of our facilities 
in these areas, about Edward Stone, who's 
going to design our new Music building 
— "Best senior architect in the country." 
And about fraternities: "They serve a 
definite function at Duke as long as they 
don't completely control the campus — and 
they certainly don't here." About athletics: 
"I doubt that many students came to 

William J. Griffith, A.B., Assistant to the Provost 

Henry Weitz, Director of the University 
Counseling Center 

Duke because of the basketball team. 
Sure we have a few major spectator 
sports, but keep in mind the fact that 
we have a highly diversified intramural 
program open to all students. And you 
know as well as I do that a basketball 
game is a great way to reduce pressure 
on you in academics. It's a great outlet 
for students." And finally about how in 
hell you stop Lew Alcindor, which was 
on everybody's mind after that weekend. 
The interview lasted more than an 
hour. Dr. Knight had just finished an- 
swering a question. There was a silence, 
and then all of us put our hands on the 
arms of the chair, started to get up, said 
'"Well . . .," (like you always do when 
you know there's nothing else to say), 
shook hands all around, and exchanged a 
few pleasantries. The strange thing was 
that after we'd left his office I didn't feel 
particularly patronized, and God knows 
I was ready to feel that way after all I'd 
been told. And what I felt later was this: 
that regardless of whether the University 
is in "the best possible presidential 
hands," it is certainly in hands that are 
competent to deal with 'he crises that 
inevitably arise in a University making 
a bid for greatness under a southern sun. 

Fannie Yarbrough Mitchell, Director, Appointment Office 

Anne Garrard, A.M., Assistant Director Alumni Affairs 





Of the ■ 872 full-time Duke faculty 
members, the average student comes into 
direct contact with approximately forty. 
These forty men and women are the focal 
point of his college education; they are 
specialists who, at the minimum, mold 
a corner of his mind into a crude and 
partial micro-image of their own. What- 
ever more they inspire is a measure of 
their success in the art of teaching, in 
the art of extending something of them- 
selves beyond the dead-end point of the 
"required." The Duke student begs for 
this, for what he calls an "inspiring 
course" or a "stimulating teacher." He 
is quick to distinguish the meek and the 
dogmatic and is satisfied with neither, 
but wants a synthesis of both into some- 
thing greater — a teacher-learner, a Sopho- 
clean sympathetic mind, a versatile wis- 
dom. The faculty at Duke is a multi- 
sided body, partly by definition because 
of the many varied fields of interest it 
represents, and partly because its person- 
alities are as diverse as those of the stu- 
dent body. The student by necessity is re- 
stricted to a small sampling of what is of- 
fered him, he chooses only a few of the 
many faces as those which will confront 
him during his fifteen weekly hours in 
class, and of that number, fewer will stay 
with him when he leaves Duke. Forty 
professors influence his four-year educa- 
tional process; three or four influence his 
life as well. After a semester of indoctrin- 
ation to a face, a voice, a mind, each pro- 
fessor becomes a distinct character — a 
fake, an idol, an annoyance, an anathema 
... or a Mentor. The classroom offers a 
blackboard and a rostrum; the university 
offers payment to 872 men for wielding 
a learned piece of chalk and fifty minutes- 
worth of notes; the student offers an 
empty notebook and an anxious pen. For 
three months the professor offers his 
mind; his notes are transferred to thirty 
notebooks and his personality eflpuses to 
the space between the page. If the ma- 
terial is valuable the student will occa- 
sionally refer to the first; if the professor 
is valuable he will often refer to the 
second. Duke University gives both the 
student and the faculty member the op- 


portunity for a mutually constructive re- 
lationship — both taking part in deciding 
the future of the empty notebook. 

The Duke faculty member must juggle 
his four main areas of commitment with 
a dexterity upon which his value to the 
university depends. His two foremost 
concerns are teaching and research, both 
of which must, by contract, demand the 
greater part of his time. Secondary to 
these are his obligations to the function- 
ing of his intellectual community, Duke, 
and his social community, Durham. His 
general commitment to an educator's life 
implies the integration of these foiu: into 
his own successful interpretation of the 
professor's place within the university. 

Just as the student is confronted with 
choices in learning — choices between de- 
partments, between professors, between a 
three-paper course and a one-test course, 
between a first period class and a "bad" 
professor — so also is the professor con- 
fronted with choices in teaching. 

What is it that makes one professor 
say, "student apathy is part of the Duke 
myth" and another answer to the same 
question, "after two or three years I get 
tired of trying?" 

Contrary to a favorite and nearly uni- 


versal student grievance, very few pro- 
fessors believe in the straight lecture 
course. Most would far rather teach a 
small and alert seminar than speak for 
fifty minutes to an unresponsive mass ear. 
The difficulty for most, however, lies in 
the fact that "the same three or four 
students are over and over again the only 
participants." Dr. Krueger, in fact, a rel- 
atively young member of the English De- 
partment, has occasionally been known 
to walk out on a class when he feels that 
its degree of preparation fails to merit his 
time and eflfort. Although he feels that the 
quality of the students at Duke is high, he 
is sometimes disappointed in the extent of 
class participation and interest. 



The professor, then, sometimes feels 
himself left with the decision of forcing 
embryonic opinions from lazy minds or 
giving them the easier task of imbibing 
his own. Dr. Mahoney of the Philosophy 
Department feels that this relative apathy 
is inherent in Southern upbringing, that 
the student comes to Duke predisposed to 
work hard for good grades with a mini- 
mum of "intellectual curiosity." Dr. WiUis, 
a member of the Classics Department 
who has previously taught at Michigan, 
believes in the high quality of students 
at Duke and says that students here tend 
to over-criticize themselves. "North Car- 
olina is its own best advertisement," he 
says, "whereas Duke is continually run- 
ning itself down." He finds that classes 
vary greatly both within a single year 
and from one year to the next, but that 
Duke compares favorably to other uni- 
versities in the number of outstanding 
students and in the average level of par- 
ticipation and curiosity. Although many 
professors favor the theory of special pro- 
grams for superior students from the be- 
ginning of their sophomore year, most 
agree that the practice of such programs 
would be financially unfeasible without 
the improbable reorganization of the en- 
tire United States school system. If any 
generalization can apply to as diverse a 
group as the faculty, it is that university 
professors are not only professionaUy com- 
mitted but personally devoted to educa- 
tion. Teaching methods may vary from 
the aloof lecturer to the group therapy 
leader, but all are concerned with the 
handing down of specialized knowledge 
— mingled with a personality which lends 
it a voice far more powerful than that of 
the textbook. 

Implicit in the life of any individual 
is a conflict between responsibilities and 
often incompatible interests. The college 
student likes to view his personal crisis as 
unique under the sun. Whosoever dares 
to spend four years wearing a path be- 
tween library and dorm leaves himself 
wide open for taunts of "academic steril- 
ity." Yet coffee houses and girl friends 
present obvious risks: the diploma and 
the draft, as young collegians well know, 
wage unending internal warfare. 



What the student too frequently ig- 
nores is that the professor sits astride the 
horns of a related and pressing dilemma: 
the question of research versus teaching 
is his bugbear, and the student's conflict 
pales in comparison when one considers 
that the professor is not only inevitably 
drawn but also contractually obligated to 
both. The "publish or perish" philosophy 
has been batted around ad infinitum in 
universities across the country; in truth 
Duke provides a relatively flexible frame- 
work in which the professor can integrate 
the classroom and his research success- 
fully. With external pressures at a mini- 
mum, the focus of the conflict shifts in- 
ward to the individual professor. His de- 
gree of involvement in the classroom in 
large part determines the student's reac- 
tion to him. Yet the professor may feel 
an overwhelming personal obligation to 
do research. 

Self-interest makes reconciliation dif- 
ficult. The Duke student who finds that a 

professor freezes on him outside the class- 
room is likely to feel sorely and unreason- 
ably neglected. He may view himself as a 
bright young visionary, may feel that the 
professor who ignores him is shirking his 
responsibility to society: to provide the 
future potentate with insights that he 
may absorb, ponder, perhaps reject. Dr. 
Willis, however, while not denying the 
value of the classroom experience, believes 
that a professor's research is "the most 
significant contribution he can make not 
only to the University, but also, ultimate- 
ly, to the students." 

Dr. Parker, professor of history, claims 
that the contribution of research to the 
student is not only material but psycho- 
logical: "A professor's aloofness is often 
carefully calculated." He feels that the 
professor who creates for himself the 
image of the academician devoted utterly 
to problems of research inspires awe in 
the student, somehow manages to awaken 
his own creative impulses. 



But at Duke, as a general rule, the dis- 
tinguished professor is a dynamic force 
in the classroom as well. Mr. Miller, a 
young member of the Political Science 
Department, suggests a reason for this: 
'The professor who can combine his tal- 
ents for research and teaching emerges 
not only profoundly enlightened but psy- 
chologically sound — the classroom experi- 
ence can be terribly frustrating if the pro- 
fessor cannot find a point of contact be- 
tween a student's interests and his own. 
What a student should realize when de- 
bating whether to raise a question in class 
is that he is not the only one who bene- 
fits from the classroom environment." 

The faculty member must interact not 
only in a community of scholars but in a 
larger social constuct as well. Duke is 
surrounded by a community that is mark- 
edly and almost universally anti-intellec- 
tual; the University has reacted to this 
social rejection by backing off even far- 
ther: students must live on campus; many 


professors live in a tiny Utopia on the 
periphery of the Duke Forest. 

And because only a handful of out- 
standing universities exist in a culturally 
sterile environment, the "ivory tower" 
philosophy raises both practical and ac- 
ademic questions. 

From a practical standpoint, the profes- 
sor moving to Durham is confronted with 
an urban area that is culturally sparse as 
well as intellectually alienated. Certainly 
the high pay scale and the caliber of the 
student is enough to attract a professor to 
Duke, particularly a young one, but 
whether he will stay in the area for a 
prolonged period is as much a function of 

his personal motivations as of his oppor- 
tunities to rise in the ranks. One well- 
known professor at Duke admits that he 
has not been to a movie in thirty years, 
that he gave up his last Durham friends 
twenty years ago; another runs for Con- 
gress in Durham. For a professor whose 
life interest is sharing his scholarly pur- 
suits with his students, a dynamic com- 
munity is only of incidental importance. 
But a man who is more socially oriented, 
who is used to spending Saturday nights 
at the theater, might well find Durham's 
culnyal environment fairly unrewarding. 
"All things being equal," says Mr. Miller, 
"a man will not come to Durham." 


Most professors will come to Durham; 
those who are more oriented to a large 
urban environment may not stay. Is it 
possible that Durham might in time be- 
come culturally compatible with Ehike? 
Dr. Krantz of the History Department 
says, "Involving the townspeople financial- 
ly in the University community might 
well bring about a cultural burgeoning 
that would make Duke much more attrac- 
tive to the prospective professor and stu- 

A University policy of involvement in 
the community might call into question 
the residential college philosophy, the 
reason for the existence of the wall around 
East Campus, the advisability of a blanket 
board rate for women. Yet, other things 
being equal, such a program might en- 
courage a professor to think seriously 


about making the move, for instance, 
from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Dur- 

The broader question of a university 
cutting itself off from a larger social 
structure concerns many professors: "A 
college student who is confronted with a 
community antipathetic to his own narrow 
social base is going to enter the society 
already alienated from his community," 
says Mr. Miller. Dr. Parker, on the other 
hand, perceives an inevitable, endless 
struggle between the intellectual and the 
rest of society. "Durham," he says, "can 
do nothing but hold us back. A recon- 
ciliation in the future is not only unlikely 
but unnecessary." 


The four areas of faculty commitment 
are dynamic ones; the teaching-research 
conflict is perpetual, as are questions re- 
lated to Durham, the social community, 
and Duke, the intellectual one. The last 
of these has been of particular interest in 
1966-67; both the professor and the Duke 
community have been questioning their 
reciprocal roles. Inspired individuals have 
headed committees and programs with 
the particular intent of improving and 
personalizing a now dated concept of 

Dr. Anne Scott, at the head of an in- 
vestigation of the possibilities of an Ex- 
perimental College, explains the enthusi- 
asm toward the movement in terms of in- 
terest of both students and faculty mem- 
bers in critical re-evaluation. The publi- 
cation of Student Government's Teacher- 
Course Evaluation, she says, has necessi- 
tated individual re-assessment among fac- 
ulty members confronted with unsubtle 
caricatures of their course handling. Stu- 
dent enthusiasm toward the Experimental 
College is somewhat too rampant; there 
are too many difficulties for it to be feasi- 
ble as soon as a student would like. In 
addition to the problem of finding a qual- 
ified faculty member willing to take the 
necessary year off for heading intensified 
discussion in a Student-Faculty Commit- 


tee, there is the always annoying prob- 
lem of University appropriations — of 
which there will be none until a specific 
program is evolved. The program itself 
must be not only extensive and interest- 
ing, but also acceptable to graduate 
schools. For these reasons the Experi- 
mental College is still a rather dim Uto- 
pia, but definitely not a mirage. 

Inspired by Muscatine's statement at 
Symposium that "student activism needs 
faculty guidance," an ad hoc committee 
was formed under the direction of Dr. 
Osborn. The committee, which meets ev- 
ery two weeks, is based on the need to 
reach immediate as well as long range 
goals through viable, responsible pro- 
grams of change. It provides the faculty 
with the chance to discuss not only stu- 
dent — but also faculty-sparked issues 
which are not always aired in the official, 
and thereby far more conservative, Under- 
graduate Faculty Council. Dr. Osborn 
stresses the importance of the combina- 
tion of faculty integrity and student in- 
fluence in bringing about workable 
changes for the University's future. 



Shadows slowly move over grassy lawns, 
across slated pathways, from one Gothic 
arch to the next. Leaves drift downward 
in the afternoon breezes. The calm of 
evening comes, and the chill. Chapel bells 
ring above the lonely campus. A girl ap- 
pears walking from a late class, studies 
the tower for a moment, then disappears. 
Another follows, later another, until it is 
too dark to see. Then they come in groups, 
after supper, each passing lamplight up 
the walk, shadows flickering on Gothic 
granite. In the morning she returns, to 
class or lab unidentified. She is nameless, 
and somehow anonymity seems to render 
her merely "part of the environment." 

Not until you know the girl does she 
emerge from the background and become 
an individual. She may be the girl who 
sits behind you in Spanish class or the 
girl your roommate used to date, but 
over coffee in the Dope Shop or beer 
in the Ivy Room she becomes something 
special — Anne or Janet, the girl who 
waves across a room, the one who listens. 
And sometimes, she is even more. She can 
make you listen, to thoughts, to feelings 
that you couldn't know without her. The 
beauty will remain whether you meet 
again or not; it is unimportant. For a 
memory of things tangible makes the 
difference — her smooth cheek, quiet kiss. 







»S»i' _^^i.5».: ^-feKJI 





The class is over. Boys light cigarettes, 
moving toward the door. One girl stays 
to ask a question. She leans against a 
desk and frowns a little; you wait for her, 
but she forgets, intent on the professor's 
answer. Finally they finish, and you follow 
them out. Only on the stairs does she 
turn to you, remember, and smile. She 
has destroyed the curve in psych class; 
now she offers sympathy for your gentle- 
manly C. 

In the autumn of a freshman year, there 
is only the anonymity of a strangely se- 
rene and beautiful new place; the single 
girl is but a fleeting impression tempered 
by colors; a flash of white on the deep 
green of a quad, oranges, yellows, reds. In 
a crowd of girls at the bus stop you watch, 
unnoticed, imable to claim acquaintance; 
yet with days, or weeks, you come to rec- 
ognize them, like the separate buildings 
on West. 

By spring of a senior year, the girl is 
still a complement to campus beauty; but 
she is also a part of your four years' ex- 
perience. She says hello as you pass her on 
the way to class. She knows you as you 
know her. She is the individual with 
whom you have spent your years at Duke. 
As a person, not as a nameless face, she 
has helped you get by. 



Out of the basic given resources of the university en- 
vironment are generated the many outlets for student in- 
terests known as "activities" or "organizations." There 
seems to have been a basic change in attitude toward such 
activities in the past several years, away from just "join- 
ing" and toward "student activism." Perhaps the change 
is simply one of semantics. There remains a strong em- 
phasis at Duke on joining for its own sake, and the un- 
popular word "extracurricular" still comes up as a cri- 
terion for many honoraries and other groups. Job-seeking 
seniors are asked the question, "What has been your most 
meaningful extracurricular activity?". And there are any 
number of students who still worry about the number of 
organizations that will appear under their name in the 

To a large degree, however, student activities witness 
to real interest and support, in areas from music and drama 
to religion and service. In fact, a great deal of everything 
that goes on at Duke outside of class depends directly 
upon student initiative and effort. And if the process of 
education involves more than academic learning, then the 
structures of activity created by students not only offer 
further possibilities for growth but signify a growth al- 
ready in progress. 

Student organizations fall roughly into two categories. 
In the first are those activities which form a sort of social 

machine, providing services which facilitate the actual 
functioning of community life. Perhaps these structures 
are not essential, but they allow students to perform many 
of the functions which would otherwise have to be done 
by someone else — the administration for example. At 
any rate, in the fields of service, religion, and student 
government, such as it is, the social machine continues 
moving — at times effectively, at times with incredible 

The second sort of activity comprises organizations 
whose existence is perhaps less necessary, but whose con- 
tributions and opportunities are often even greater than 
those of the first group. The distinction between the two 
is admittedly tenuous; it might be said that the second 
sort of organization administers more to the pleasures of 
the community than to its needs. Intramural sports, the 
Duke Players, or the Forum all offer chances for partic- 
ipation in affairs which are not absolutely necessary. Some 
of these exist for the express purpose of enjoyment and 
recreation. Often, however, what begins as pleasant use of 
spare time develops into a creative interest, expanding the 
scope of one's education and even revealing the kind of 
work through which one can focus his life. At the same 
time, the efforts of those students who do participate in 
the Glee Club, Hoof 'n' Horn, or varsiry football provide 
entertainment for the rest of the university community. 



The Social Machine 
Service . . 
ROTC . . 

Grand Diversion 

Sports . . 
Arts . . . 
Media . . 

Ways of Life 







A number of campus organizations form a social struc- 
ture wliich is basically parallel to the essential framework 
that exists in any society. In government, service, and reli- 
gion these organizations fulfill certain fundamental student 

The principal question seems to be whether or not such 
organizations really play a vital role on campus or whether 
they are simply play-pretend imitations of the adult world. 
Some functions of student government, of the service and 
religious groups, are obviously superfluous — useless wastes 
of time and energy. The disillusionment of many students 
who have tried to do meaningful work in these areas at- 
tests to this fact. And yet the organizations themselves 
have continued to exist over the years. One suspects that 
if certain of these organizations disappeared, their loss 
would be deeply felt in spite of the amount of unnecessary 
work they often seem to do. 

Student government is bewildering. Is it really a form 
of self-government, or is it merely a token concession by 
the administration, strictly limited in power, offering su- 
perficial importance to aspiring politicians? As it exists on 
the Duke campus, student government is, in fact, hard to 
define. Not only do the participants change every year, 
but the basic ideas and policies behind it also change pe- 
riodically. It does seem, however, that students of this 
generation are anxious to prove that their government is 
not simply for the enjoyment of those who are allowed to 
play senators. It is either designed to deal with the rather 
mundane intricacies of making student life easier and less 
oppressive — or else it is meant to allow students to have a 
genuine voice in the decisions which shape life at Duke, 
and to further involve smdents in extra-university con- 
cerns. Those in office this year have generally tried to 
move toward the second concept, although in practice the 
first has often seemed to prevail. 

Indeed, at the beginning of the year, there was a wide- 
spread, vague feeling that radical changes were in the air. 
With Schwab, Earle, Birkhead and their cohorts in office, 
with the immediate squaring-off at Convocation, and after 
at least three years of relative stagnation, everyone was 

anticipating something extraordinary. Anything extraor- 

Perhaps this year has turned out little different from 
any other. And yet many people feel that an important 
change in attitude has taken hold, especially in the areas 
of some organizations which had previously been rather 
unexciting, familiar, and accepted as dull necessities. Signs 
that students are at least taking their education more seri- 
ously by re-examining the roles which such basic organiza- 
tions perform on campus have appeared not only in stu- 
dent government, but in the YMCA and YWCA, the 
various religious groups, and the Student Union. To on- 
lookers, such reevaluations were often interpreted as con- 
troversy. The experimental chapel services, for example, 
were seen by some as unnecessary spectacles; they were in 
fact a genuine effort to revitalize the religious center of 
the campus. 

There is some validity in the charges of sensationalism 
which have been leveled at student organizations this year. 
But there is also some validity in controversy for the sake 
of controversy, with the implication that it at least infuses 
some life and energy into a university which otherwise 
easily might become somewhat sleepy and provincial. 
Duke has been alive this year. For once, the cry of 
"Apathy!" has been drowned out by the cry of "Activism!" 
It is possible that changes made this year, issues raised and 
traditions challenged, have not yet led to pragmatic solu- 
tions of problems. But at least more students are thinking, 
more students are weighing the values of education and 
utilizing the existing structure of social machines to ques- 
tion their roles in society. 

The Reserve Officers Training Corps has been catego- 
rized with student government, service, and religion as 
part of the social machine at Duke; like the others it is an 
institution with a parallel in the outside world. Unlike the 
others it is not exaaly a student organization. ROTC 
itself has not been involved in any controversies on cam- 
pus this year; however, with the war in Viet Nam and the 
draft frequent topics of discussion, ROTC is indirectly 
related to the new awareness of Duke students. 




Within the normal stream of student, 
faculty and administrative activity at 
Duke, the movement in student govern- 
ment has cut a noticeable current. This 
current is neither strong nor swift, but it 
is constant and heavily trafficked. In the 
past years it was characterized by several 
separate and distinct sources. This year, 
however, there has been cooperation 
among almost all of the student govern- 
ment leaders working together in close 
communication with an overriding philos- 
ophy of government. 

The year began with an explosive set 
of speeches at Convocation by Mary 
Earle and Dr. Knight. Their conflict of 
ideas and objectives electrified the cam- 
pus; upperclassmen were sure that this 
was to be the year when 'something big' 
would happen. Throughout the fall a 
number of social and academic changes 
did occur, but the average srudent was 
only indirectly aware that a larger strug- 
gle was taking place. It transcended the 
particular issues that engaged the campus 
— commons room hours on West, open- 
opens, the East Judicial Board's attempt 
to lift hours for girls, representation on 
University committees, academic reforms. 
This larger struggle was behind all such 
issues, occasionally breaking into the 
open over the table at a Student-Faculty- 
Administration Committee meeting, or in 
an open hearing with Dr. Knight. 

For in all these things student leaders 
were demanding prerogatives, rights not 
doled out by the Administration but rec- 
ognized, respected. They didn't just want 
certain hours rules passed; they had some- 
how glimpsed a new concept of the stu- 
dents' role in a university. 


Joe Schwab, president of MSGA, ex- 
pressed a discontent in his role through- 
out the year. He claimed people in stu- 
dent government tend to divorce them- 
selves from student ideas and a student's 
sense of humor. They become adminis- 
trators lacking insight and a kind of 
"creative disruptive ability." Schwab 
thought the accomplishments of the past 
were simply saident compromises with 
the deans. MSGA didn't legislate; it sim- 
ply advised. What needed to be done, he 
thought last May after taking office, was 
to gain a perspective on what student 
government was and what it could do. 

However, Schwab was disappointed 
with the accomplishments of his own 
government this year. What was done was 
mostly the result of individuals, not 
formal legislative bodies. The Senate did 
not govern; they did not lead. In his per- 
sonal efforts, Schwab also met frustration. 
He saw his attempts to meet with ad- 
ministrators on a common basis prove 
unfruitful. After the deans overruled an 
MSGA resolution on house autonomy 
with regard to open commons rooms, 
Schwab resigned. In his statement he 
said, "I no longer respect enough ad- 


ministrators as people, as individuals, to 
fulfill my official responsibilities. I could 
not respond to the Dean of Trinity Col- 
lege's request to return to the conference 
table with any degree of personal integrity. 
I have cared too much and by caring have 
found myself capable of a bitterness and 
disillusionment that I could not have 
imagined a year ago." Such dramatic in- 
tensity was characteristic of student lead- 
ership this year. 


Guy Solie, vice president of MSGA 
and chairman of the Inter-Governmental 
Council, thought that a unitary govern- 
ment of East, West, and Hanes would al- 
low students to meet specific problems 
without reference to the deans. The con- 
cern for changing forms and the disre- 
gard for involved political moves would 
vanish, for under the proposed govern- 
ment, broad executive powers would al- 
low a student leader to form definite stu- 
dent policy and to implement changes 
more readily. 

Mary Earle, the striking, articulate 
president of WSGA, embodied the more 
radical spirit that swept the campus this 
year. One of her major themes was that 

"students are people." As such, they should 
be treated with respect, she felt, given a 
say in how their lives should be run. This 
she maintained was what student govern- 
ment was for. "It is not merely for say- 
ing thank you when the East Campus 
deans say one may have two o'clock per- 
mission. Rather it should be utilized to 
organize students, so that when the ad- 
ministration says no, students can collec- 
tively reply no. With a unitary student 
government, she thought, the concerns 
for structure and form would be mani- 
fest in more appropriate directions. Stu- 
dents would have the opportunity for 
direct and effective action. She claimed 
that under the existing system where lack 

of structure and power abounds, student 
government leaders find themselves in a 
deadlock. Unified government would be 
able to change with the times and main- 
tain a national outlook. 

A distaste for the ineffectiveness of 
present governmental structure resulted 
this year in the Duke University Caucus. 
It began as a forum for liberal voices who 
lacked offices in the existing system. Con- 
cerned about the university, feeling them- 
selves improperly represented by their 
leaders, these people banded together, 
pledging open discussion which would 
culminate in action. Initial liberal ca- 
cophony soon crystallized in definite, 
often excellent, suggestions. 



Due to the good leadership of Joe 
Harris, Doug Adams, and others, and 
because it had definite ideas and objec- 
tives, the Caucus expanded and gained 
influence. It began acting for academic 
and social reform through various com- 
mittees, but then relinquished claim when 
the normal governmental channels took 
them over. In this manner, the curriculum 
reform committee, the opening of upper 
level courses, and various social reforms 
on East and West were developed within 
the Caucus and then picked up by MSGA 
and WSGA. On its own, the Caucus 
initiated and pursued to fruition the 
change in the administration's student 
records policy. Next year, if a unified stu- 
dent government materializes, the need 
for the Caucus might diminish. But an 
avenue for discussion and coordination 
of the Y's, the Student Union, and the 
living groups with the larger unitary stu- 
dent government would still be advan- 

Student government involves more 
than communication with Allen Building 
or concerns with academic reform. The 
Interfraternity Council and the Associa- 
tion of Independent Houses govern liv- 
ing groups and as such contribute an im- 
portant part to Duke life. 

This year independent living groups 
have established themselves as a force on 
campus. Some houses have become so 
highly organized and selective that they 
resemble local fraternities. But this runs 
counter to the nature of independent life. 
The philosophy of independent living is 
centered around freedom and the option 
of non-involvement for the individual. 
In keeping with this philosophy, AlH 
passed a resolution allowing those fresh- 
men assigned to live in independent 
houses the option of remaining there 
without reapplying for admission, in lieu 
of the old system of selection after fresh- 
man year. This resolution met opposition 
from those living groups which had been 


moving in the direction of local fratern- 
ities. They wished to retain some sort of 
selective process for admitting people 
into the group. In reaction to the AIH 
resolution these living groups have con- 
sidered joining the IFC. 


The fraternity system at Duke is in a 
state of flux. As the student body is 
changing, so is the image of the fratern- 
ity. Glen Goodyear, president of IFC, 
believes that the system at Duke will ex- 
pand. It is enjoying a favorable anitude 
from the administration and there is an 
strengthening of the academic atmosphere 
within the individual fraternities. 

Goodyear sees no threat to the system 
from the changing admissions policies. 
"People wiU always seek some way of liv- 
ing together, doing things together. Fra- 
ternities offer a ready-made opportunity 
for this." 

On East, the efforts of WSGA, the 
Judicial Board, and a special committee 
formed to examine women's rules gave 
rise to a hope among students for a major 
change in this area. The two o'clock 
permission granted by East deans caused 
a split reaction: some scoffed, and some 


saw it as a prelude to future changes. 
The double standard was perhaps not 
lessened in principle, but in praaice the 
new hours strengthen the movement to 
bring the women's rules philosophy up 
to date. 

In many other capacities, students en- 
gaged in government this year- — executive 
committees, judicial boards, house coun- 
cils. All were influenced by the liberal 
currents that swept across campus, some 
adding to the flow, others resisting it. The 
future of student government is most un- 
certain; leaders can vary widely in attitude 
and approach from year to year. But 
strong currents form deep channels that 
cannot totally be avoided. And next year's 
government can only build on the accom- 
plishments of this year. 



College students are typically and some- 
what truthfully characterized as egoma- 
niacs, with Duke students no exception. 
Yet Time Magazine must have seen some 
legitimate basis for their existence when 
they proceeded to name everyone under 
twenty-five their Man of the Year for 
1966. Although the basis for this rather 
astounding recognition is not readily 
evident, Duke has witnessed a trend to- 
ward interest and involvement in issues 
beyond the personal realm among cer- 
tain sectors of the smdent body. Tradi- 
tionally, the principle outlets for any such 
enthusiasm have been on campus; but, 
the last two years have seen Duke sm- 
dents thrust themselves significantly into 
Durham social problems. One result has 
been to divide service activity at Duke 
into two major categories. University 
service and Community service. 

Perhaps the most obvious examples of 
University service are such long-estab- 
lished activities as publishing informa- 
tion for freshman, orienting new stu- 
dents, and providing tours of the campus 
for visitors. These activities are efficient, 
well-run, and appreciated. There is a new 
service emphasis at Duke, however — a 
movement to significantly expand the 
cultural, intellectual, and entertainment 
possibilities of the University community. 


In accordance with this new interpre- 
tation of service Bob Jordan, chairman of 
the Student Union Board of Governors, 
expresses the desire to see the Student 
Union become a progressive force spon- 
soring such things as co-curricular pro- 
grams and exhibits of new art forms, "a 
vitalizing experience to be a part of." He 
feels that the Student Union has done a 
good job with its arts programs, but has 
not led in such other areas as Major 
Attractions. The student body he thinks 
is "growing up" culturally, and its major 
attractions should reflect this new sophis- 
tication. "With the changing student 
body, the Student Union should be re- 
sponsive to these changes and not cater 
to the same mentality as in the past." The 
University should provide exposure to cul- 
ture and entertainment equivalent to that 
available in a big city complex. A direct 
result of this new philosophy is the Stu- 
dent Union's nightclub. Drawing pro- 
fessional entertainers from New York's 
Bitter End Club, an acknowledged home 
of serious folk music, the Lookaway 
promises the campus public regular 
glimpses of first-rate talent. 


As another part of this movement to- 
ward cultural expansion the Student Un- 
ion has reorganized its Educational AflFairs 
Speakers Committee, renaming it the 
Major Speakers Committee. Its function 
now is to bring to Duke the prominent 
figures in currently controversial areas, 
and this year it has brought in the some- 
what heretical Bishop Pike, a courageous 
Wayne Morse, and former Kennedy aide, 
Ted Sorenson. 

The Student Union is also formulating 
a new Speaker policy which would grant 
to student organizations total freedom in 
this area. The present policy states that 
the final approval of speakers rests with 
Dr. Knight. Although Dr. Knight has said 
that he feels there is no reason for cen- 
sorship unless the organization issues an 
invitation for the specific purpose of em- 
barrassing the University, the Student 
Union Board of Governors feels this 
policy needs clarification. 

The YMCA and the YWCA are also 
sponsoring a major speakers program on 
Viet Nam and open discussions with stu- 
dents and members of the administration. 
Representative of these small discussion 
groups have been the rather lively dis- 
cussions on the coordinate college system 
led by Deans Ball and Price and the 
spirited exchange on academic freedom 
led by Dr. Knight. 




Aware of the growing concern with the 
problems of Durham which had mani- 
fest itself in well-meaning but somewhat 
hap-hazard and overlapping activities by 
various campus organizations, the YMCA, 
the YWCA, and the student governments 
have attempted to unite theit efforts in 
the area of Community service. The result 
has been the proposal for a Community 
Concerns Committee. This committee 
would co-ordinate all existing Duke 
projects so that they may have a united 
and more effective impact on Durham. 

The most significant focus of existing 
projects has been the Edgemont Commu- 
nity Center. The Center sponsors tutor- 
ing and group activities, emphasizing 
personal relationships between the Duke 
volunteers and the children in the interest 
of cultural enrichment. Alpha Phi Omega, 
the national service fraternity, also spon- 
sors a Cub Scout pack at Edgemont and 
has plans to start a Boy Scout troop there 
this semester. In connection with the 
Edgemont Center is a living-learning ex- 
periment in which Duke students spend 

a year away from air-conditioned dorms, 
living and studying in Edgemont Com- 
munity, getting to know the residents as 
neighbors and holding weekly seminars 
with professors and Durham officials. 

Operation Breakthrough is the other 
major area of student attention to Dur- 
ham problems. This organization is sup- 
ported by the city government and by 
federal funds. Duke students work in par- 
ticipation with the governing board of 
Operation Breakthrough as it relates to 
the Edgemont Community. One of the 
harder working members of this group, 
MSGA Recording Secretary, Tom James, 
has campaigned throughout the year to 
involve students in Durham affairs. There 
has been some opposition, he admitted, 
from "conservative and reactionary sen- 
ators (of MSGA)" who questioned 
whether students have the right to make 
any suggestions to the city. James asserts, 
however, since Duke students are resi- 
dents of Durham for four years, they 
have not only the right but the obligation 
to participate in civic affairs. 


The major efforts of Duke students in- 
volved with Operation Breakthrough have 
been concentrated in gathering informa- 
tion on the Durham Building and Hous- 
ing Code. Disturbed by substandard hous- 
ing in Edgemont, Hayti, and other areas 
of the city, James and others made ex- 
tensive inquiries into the situation. Their 
insistent efforts, including a confrontation 
with the city Council and several meet- 
ings with Durham's Mayor Graberick, re- 
sulted in a report which will give direc- 

tion to students participating in civic 
issues and form a major step toward stu- 
dent involvement in city government. 

Student participation also extends be- 
yond the sphere of Duke and Durham. 
Campus Concern, which for the first time 
this year was a coordinated effort of the 
two Y's, contributed to five charities of 
campus, local, national, and international 
service. This drive enables students to 
give to charities which are of more rele- 
vance to them than are those of the Dur- 
ham United Fund. 

Tom McLain, president of AIESEC at 
Duke, describes his organization as pri- 
marily a service group which enables 
Duke students to travel abroad and ex- 
perience the cultural benefits of living 
and working with people of other coun- 
tries. Duke AIESEC has grown one hun- 
dred per cent in the last year, due to the 
increased support of the Administration 
and of North Carolina businesses. The 
program has expanded to include a branch 
at Chapel Hill under the sponsorship of 

Dennis Campbell, president of the 
YMCA, described the activities of his or- 
ganization during the past year as largely 
a matter first of re-evaluation of old 
methods and institutions and then read- 
justment of the organization to fit the 
current campus movement toward "ecu- 
menicalism." This description aptly fits 
the general campus trend toward co- 
ordination and expansion. The mainte- 
nance of institutional status quo has 
ceased to be the most dominant concern. 
Although the credo of the majority of 
Duke students seems to remain "They 
also serve who only stand and wait," a 
growing number are intensely concerned 
with this indifference both to Duke and 
to the larger society. These people are act- 
ing to combat this attitude on the campus 
and to work real changes in the commu- 
nity beyond the East Wall. 



The chapel — the most elaborate build- 
ing on the campus and the symbol of 
the University — is pictured in the stu- 
dent handbook above an advertisement 
for the Duke University Laundry. Gro- 
tesque? Perhaps. But indicative of the 
actual impact the main religious center 
of the University has on the student. 



By operating the chapel on a non- 
denominational basis, the University pro- 
vides services for a notably large per- 
centage of the students at Duke. Indeed, 
through alternating regular speakers with 
occasional guest speakers, active attempts 
are made to keep the scope and appeal 
of the services broad. Although they 
are applicable to a large and varied 
group of people, such sermons cannot 
stem from an intimate understanding of 
the students at Duke. More often than 
not they sound like formal classroom 
lectures — not challenging, personal mes- 
sages. Generally, for those who have ap- 
proached religion through the channels of 
a particular denomination, the chapel ser- 
vices are impersonal and inadequate. 

Aware of this problem, those concerned 
about the chapel initiated a series of ex- 
perimental worship services this winter. 
One Sunday, the pop song "Winchester 
Cathedral" was read instead of Scripture. 
Another service saw Reverend William 
Patton challenged in the middle of his 
sermon by several "planted" students, who 
rose and took issue with his remarks. By 
the end of the sermon, four students 
were standing close to the pulpit, dis- 
cussing the implications of Patton's words. 

Response to these experiments varied. 
One Durham citizen, listening to Patton's 
sermon on the radio, called the police 
and reported a demonstration in the 
chapel. A student called it "a real break- 
through, one of the most inspirational 
things I've ever seen here." Most, how- 
ever, were somewhat less enthusiastic. 
Glad that those in charge of the chapel 
realized their problems and were con- 
cerned to overcome them, they yet viewed 
the experimental services as improvident 
signs of unrest, not significant answers. 


The feeling of identity within the church 
has in the past been more easily achieved 
within the denominational groups spon- 
sored on campus. Students who want to 
participate in a more definite religious 
community have found the lectures, dis- 
cussions, week-end retreats, dramatic in- 
terpretatioas, and voluntary charity work, 
as well as weekly services, satisfying. 

Participation in these groups, however, 
has been minimal. Unquestionably, those 
who are active truly feel involved and 
inspired by the work they are doing. But 
they are the very students who would be 
active regardless of the situation in which 
they found themselves. Few attempts to 


interest new members have been made. 
Thus many potentially interested partic- 
ipants have not discovered the possibil- 
ities which are open to them. Because of 
the small number who are active, the 
centers can achieve but little. This in 
turn discourages enthusiastic participa- 
tion, and so the circle continues. 

The Duke University Religious Coun- 
cil, strongly concerned about this prob- 
lem, undertook a detailed study this fall. 
They singled out denominational em- 
phasis as one of the major errors in ap- 
proach. In agreement and cooperation 
with a national "grass-roots" organization, 
the United Christian Movement, they de- 

cided that university students tend to 
attach themselves to specific areas of in- 
terest — poverty, arts, drama, theolgical 
studies — not to particular religious de- 
nominations. They call for a reorganiza- 
tion of the campus' religious resources 
along these lines and foresee one ecu- 
menical, centrally-controlled religious body 
which could draw on large financial re- 
sources, involve many more students, and 
cooperate with the various campus or- 
ganizations on a far larger scale than do 
Duke's present fragmented religious 
groups. The enthusiasm and influence of 
the DURC will undoubtedly help to de- 
velop a solution to the present problems. 


Religious apathy, most agree, will never 
vanish from the campus. But the DURC 
and many others feel they have impor- 
tant things to offer; they are not satis- 
fied to see so many go unreached by the 
traditional system. 



These caps, they say, are made to keep 
the sun from blinding us all. But the 
green-grained underside of the brim 
helps only very little as the baked and 
grassless ground reflects hot light to our 
eyes. We stumble over a field rutted 
by the automobile tires of alumni returned 
for a wet weekend. Kicked dirt rises and 
swirls, and covers shoes, polished the 
night before, with a brown dust, and then 
rises further to fill our eyes and nostrils. 
Looking down, tve are dismayed at work 
ruined with just a few steps. 

ViLU iLun 


Another Monday. Wednesday, and 
through Venetian slats the morning ap- 
pears, wet and gray. Rain in the night 
has filled every crack and depression in 
the walks with water. From class to class 
a thin mud spatters shoes, and the fog 
that hides the campus ruins tight creases 
and tarnishes polished metal. On the field, 
through the mist, black phantoms form 
in long lines, wearing their white halos 
and carrying their weapons in rehearsal 
of future events. Again and again we 
follow the shaven head before us and 
pursue directionless squares and face left, 
then right, then turn about altogether to 
retrace steps already taken. Halted finally, 
we lift our rifles from shoulder to should- 

er as nearly in unison as possible, and 
move off again only to wait, and march, 
and wait for the tuneless bugle to sound, 
that we may all be reprieved. 

We stand in long, motionless lines 
again and are told that we must do bet- 
ter, that our shoes must he shined to per- 
fection, and that our uniforms must be 
perfect (everything tucked, polished and 
positioned) for inspection is far nearer 
than we realize and want to believe. 
Finally freed, we stand one behind the 
other to place the rifles upon their racks, 
and although our uniforms are now two- 
toned with sweat, and our shoes mottled 
with mud, we are freed from our acting 
for at least another week. 


ROTC at Duke trains men for service 
as officers in the Navy and Air Force. 
Each man spends hours in the classroom 
and on the drill field. Summers are spent 
training aboard ship and on military 
bases. In the course of four years, stu- 
dents learn something about the tech- 
niques of modern warfare, about naviga- 
tion or flying — how to follow orders and 
to give them. While others sleep, they 
polish boots, mutter oaths, and learn dis- 
cipline. Under a warm autumn sky, they 
grow to appreciate precision, teamwork, 
authority. In class they come into ac- 
quaintance with modern technology and 
with tactics as old as Alexander's. And 
upon graduation, they are qualified to take 
responsible positions in the service of the 
United States. 




When a university attracts and enrolls students of 
diverse interests and talents, as Duke professes to do, it 
must provide opportunities for furthering these talents. 
There has been criticism this year that Duke does not 
fulfill this sort of obligation. With ten per cent of the 
freshman class supposedly possessing outstanding ability 
in art, music, drama, and other fields, this responsibility 
and hence the seriousness of such criticism increases. The 
rumor that many of the ten per cent have plans to transfer 
raises important questions about Duke's de facto attitude 
toward these specially talented. 

One of the most important sources providing outlets 
for special interests lies in student organizations. The gen- 
eral advantage of this kind of activity is that while stu- 
dents with special interests participate, the end result is 
also of general enjoyment to the university community. In 
such organizations as the Chapel Choir, the Duke Players, 
or the Madrigal Singers, this double benefit is obvious. 
No less are the major spectator sports in this category. 
Basketball, for example, is usually considered from the 
fan's point of view; few realize that this is also the outlet 
for student talent. In other sports however, those which do 
not draw a large spectator crowd, individual enjoyment 
and growth are obviously the prime functions. Especially 
in intramural sports one can see that the greatest benefits 
accrue to the participants. 

The pressure to "join" seems less in force here than in 
the organizations of the social machine. This may be the 
reason for a greater degree of enthusiasm and dedication 
among participants. Active participation in many of these 
organizations is, of course, contingent upon ability and 
talent, but there is also opportunity somewhere for those 
who do not have a special outstanding skill. A Student 

Union committee, whose work involves the arrangement 
of an art exhibit or an orchestra, provides satisfaction for 
students interested, but not talented, in arts or entertain- 

In modern society, media have become a fundamental 
part of the social machine, and perhaps they should be 
so categorized in this book. But the largely entertainment 
value of most Duke media, including the Chronicle at 
times, forced us to put it in this second group. In the past, 
campus media have not wholly performed with success 
their functions — the Chronicle wasn't read. Peer never 
arrived, WDBS broadcast over dead wires. But this year, 
media seem to have got a shot of adrenalin. Pub Row is 
not only awake; it's loud and important. A new concept 
for the Chanticleer, unprecedented signs of activity in the 
Peer office, and tremendous renewal of effort by WDBS 
characterize the new spirit. With Archive realizing quality 
issues for the first time in several years and with Birkhead 
a household word, Duke media promise to be one of the 
more exciting areas of student interest; the publications, 
the radio station, and the Forum together comprise a 
student voice which is indeed being heard. 

One might wonder, if students are here to earn a de- 
gree, just why so many choose to spend their time in stu- 
dent organizations. Evidence indicates that though some 
activities do merely fill up time, many offer gratifying 
educational benefits. The Symposium is an excellent ex- 
ample of student initiative at work in the creation of some- 
thing contributory to the entire community. Through such 
frameworks, students can readily pursue non-academic in- 
terests; and through them, the collective population of the 
university can make good use of this student interest and 


-^ • >;► ' '. * 



•■^.^.■■>^.''t- :"■" 



From high in the stands at the fifty 
yard line you can see it all, or almost all: 
the crou'ds pouring in at the entrance 
gates, boys sellifig cokes and peanuts, and 
out in front of you that field obscenely 
green and cut by crisp, white ten-yard 
lines. Press photographers swarm behind 
the benches on the black asphalt track and 
the cheerleaders begin their chanting to 
an increasingly eager stadium. A small 
plane circles overhead, pulling the in- 
evitable "Jesse Jones" banner. Straining, 
you can almost hear the tiny sound of the 
engine over the growing roar of the 
crowd. The crowd flows in over the top 
of the stadium, a red, brown, blue-dappled 
mass changing deserted benches into a 
tvarm confusion of color surrounding the 
field. A plume of yellowish smoke rises 
from the track, blown by a light breeze 

across the field, and the band comes on. 
First the drummers to the thirty, who 
hammer out the Duke beat while others 
enter betiveen the goalposts to form ranks 
which stretch from sideline to sideline. 
Then the team, blue jerseys streaming 
from a black tunnel under a cloud- 
freckled sky in early autumn. Football, 
on Saturday afternoon at Duke Stadium. 
Maybe you're there because it's a 
beautiful afternoon and you ivant to be 
outside, but likely it's because you like the 
action — the crushing power of blocks and 
tackles; the hurried, then lazy precision of 
a quarterback fading to arc a long comple- 
tion downfield; the beauty of a weaving 
punt return or the power and speed of an 
end sweep. The excitement is infectious, 
and it builds until you're on your feet, 
and screaming for the opening kickoff. 







First the Mountaineers of West Vir- 
ginia. The visitors forged ahead in the 
first quarter, 9-0; after a 55 yard scoring 
pass on the initial play from scrimmage, 
the Mountaineers got a safety, the off- 
shoot of a bad Duke center snap. Early 
in the second period, end Bruce Wiesley 
fielded a Mountaineer fumble in mid-air 
and carried it over from the 21 for the 
first Devil score. Seconds later, Wiesley 
grabbed another fumble in West Virginia 
territory to set up the second Duke TD. 
Another score gave the Blue a 20 point 
second quarter and a 20-9 halftime edge. 

The Mountaineers managed a six point 
tally in the third quarter, but a weaving 
55 yard scoring run by sophomore quar- 
terback Al Woodall put the game on ice. 
End Dave Dunaway grabbed seven passes 
for 85 yards and fullback Jay Callabrese 
scored three touchdowns in the 34-15 

Highlighted in the Pittsburgh contest 
was a powerful Duke rushing game. Half- 
back Jake Devonshire and fullback Cala- 
brese sliced the Pitt interior line while 
Orvald, replacing an injured Woodall, 
picked up yardage on sweeps to the out- 

side.The Panthers rolled 72 yards with the 
opening kickoff for a 7-0 lead, but a 49 
yard punt return by defensive back Andy 
Beath knotted the score. In the third 
quarter Calabrese smashed over from the 
three to end all scoring — Duke 14, Pitt 7. 
The Devils stopped Virginia and high- 
ly touted quarterback Bob Davis, 27-8, 
in a wet contest played under a steady 
rain. Calabrese and Devonshire led an 
offense which rolled up 263 yards, while 
a defense led by Foyle, Wiesley, Hayes, 
and Matheson held the Cavaliers to 137 
net yards. 



Maryland began Duke's demoralizing 
four-game losing streak which ended only 
in a 9-7 upset over a strong Navy eleven. 
Against the Terrapins Duke pushed over 
twelve quick points in the first quarter, on 
a 17 yard reverse by wingback Frank 
Ryan and a 3 yard rollout. But Maryland 
roared back for 14 in a disasterous sec- 
ond period, which saw Orvald sidelined 
for the season with a shoulder separation. 
The Terrapins scored once more in the 
last quarter, and a valiant comeback try 
led by Woodall, who completed 5 out of 
7 passes in a last minute touchdown drive, 
stalled three points shy of victory. Dun- 
away grabbed 11 passes, an ACC record; 
AU-American linebacker Bob Matheson 
made 11 tackles and 6 assists in the 21- 
19 loss. 

Clemson, eventual ACC champion, 
edged the Dukes in a 9-6 heartbreaker. 
With center Mike Murphy smashing 
huge holes in the Tiger line for Calabrese, 
Ryan, and Devonshire, and a defense led 
by tackle Bob Lasky, Matheson (who 
made 15 tackles and 8 assists), and de- 
fensive backs Mike Shasby, Art Vann, and 
Mark Telge, the Devils carried a 6-3 lead 
into the fourth period. After stopping a 
Tiger drive at their own six, the Blue 
drove out to the 33 on seven straight 
carries by Calabrese before giving up the 
ball to a stiff Tiger defense. Eight plays 
later, Clemson hit paydirt for the game- 
winning margin. A last-ditch drive with 
passes from Woodall to Dunaway sput- 
tered and died at the Clemson twelve to 
end Duke victory hopes. 

The Devils were completely intimi- 
dated in successive contests with N.C. 
State and Georgia Tech. A tough Wolf- 
pack defensive line limited the hereto- 
fore powerful Duke rushing game to 8 
net yards, the Blue's lone scoring coming 
on a 56 yard TD strike from Woodall 
to Dunaway. The Pack amassed 362 total 
yards and 23 points in a wide open final 
period to sink the Devils, 33-7. 



Bowl-bound Georgia Tech handed 
Duke a second straight drubbing, 48-7, 
to put a damper on Homecoming festiv- 
ities. Three lost fumbles and as many in- 
tercepted passes weighed heavily in the 
Duke defeat. With Woodall benched for 
the season from an ankle sprain sustained 
against State, quarterback Larry Davis 
piloted Duke's only scoring drive in the 
waning minutes of the second period. A 
26 yard gain on a quarterback keeper, and 
passes of 20 and 26 yards to Dunaway, 
set up a 1 yard plimge by Calabrese for 
the Devil's lone TD. Defensive back 
Vann was outstanding in a backfield 
which held the Yellow jackets to 66 pass- 
ing yards. But Tech's rushing game and 
Duke's mistakes decided the contest. 

The Devils rebounded to the winning 
column with a hard-fought 9-7 upset over 
favored Navy at Annapolis. The Mid- 
shipmen held a 7-0 edge at halftime, but 
late in the third period Duke narrowed 
the margin to one point with a 51 yard 

touchdown drive. Minutes later, Mathe- 
son crashed through the Middle line to 
block a punt and set up the game-winning 
field goal. The Duke defense, brilliant all 
afternoon, was superb in the final period, 
as Navy tried desperately to regain the 
lead. Beath and Roger Hayes intercepted 
passes in the end zone and on the Duke 
32 respectively, to squelch Navy drives. 
Middle guard Bob Foyle blocked a Mid- 
die field goal attempt. In the closing sec- 
onds of the game, Wiesley recovered a 
Navy fumble to clinch Duke's victory bid. 
After being whitewashed by national 
champion Notre Dame, 64-0, in a contest 
of hopeless inequality Duke met arch- 
rival U.N.C. in the season finale at Kenan 
Stadium. The Tarheels unveiled a tough 
aerial attack with 22 of 50 passes com- 
pleted for 268 yards; the Blue's balanced 
offense, however, ground out 145 yards 
rushing and 167 in the air. Coupled with 
an alert defense, this attack carried the 
Blue to a 41-25 victory. 


After a scrambling 32 yard run by 
Ryan, which carried to the U.N.C. four, 
the Devils took the lead, 6-3, as Cala- 
brese smashed over from the one. Caro- 
lina countered with a 63 yard TD drive, 
but Duke pulled ahead again on a Davis 
to Dunaway scoring aerial. The see-saw 
contest took another turn minutes later 
as the Tarheels connected with a 34 yard 
touchdown pass. Late in the second quar- 
ter, U.N.C. punted to the Duke 29, but a 
personal foul on the line of scrimmage 
gave the Devils possession on the Tar- 
heel 28. From there the Blue converted 
to go ahead for good. A Carolina field 
goal with seconds remaining made it 
Duke, 20, U.N.C. 19 at the halftime 
break. Both teams went scoreless in the 
third period, but early in the fourth de- 





fensive back Larry Dempsey grabbed a 
Tarheel pass to set up Duke's fourth 

Carolina bounced back with a 71 yard 
scoring drive. But then Dempsey inter- 
cepted his second pass of the day and 
ran 26 yards for a Duke tally. Several 
seconds later, Beath grabbed another, 
lateraled to halfback Don Brannon, who 
lateraled to Foyle. The big middle guard 
carried it over for the second Devil score 
in less than a minute, running up the 
Duke victory margin to 16 points and 
breaking the Tarheels' back. 

And so the season went, disappointing 
for many, undoubtedly. But the promise 
of a new coach, who turned in a credit- 
able first season's record against strong 
opposition, foreshadows a progressive 
future for the Blue Devils. 


Cross country, unlike football, emphas- 
izes the individual. Most team sports 
mesh the performer into a working unit 
with his teammates; while one member 
can star, it is the squad that is stressed. 
Cross country on the other hand is a sport 
that places complete responsibility on the 
runner alone. 

Granted, the yardstick in judging a 
meet is the overall score of the placing 
runners. Of the twelve men on the squad, 
the numerical positions of the first five 
are added for a score. But the critical dif- 
ference is that each man competes for 
himself. Once he crosses the line his time 
is recorded for all to see. 

Those numbers recording a time mean 
everything for they indicate hard work. 
No one is born a runner. Ordinarily the 
body is not forced to sustain a maximum 
effort for the more than twenty minutes 
that cross country requires. A man must 
train himself slowly. 

Training is a tedious business. It means 
getting up in the morning and jogging 
before classes. A good workout takes too 
much time in the afternoon, so the ses- 
sions are split. It means running sprints 
over and over again. It means jogging 
over-distance for hours. It means going 
out on those "off" days. It is always the 
same thing: the runner trying to go faster 
and for a longer period. 

The story of Duke's cross country team 
this year is the story of a single person — 
Ed Stenberg. In his first varsity season the 
sophomore set the record for the Duke 
course, at 20:50:3, won the NCAA Re- 


gion Three Meet, finished second in the 
ACC Championships, and had the win- 
ning time in eight of Duke's nine dual 
meets. An impressive record to say the 
least, but Duke needed all his efforts to 
finish fourth in the ACC, and post a 5-4 
dual meet record. Stenberg, of course, had 
some help, mainly from Paul Rogers and 
Bill Weldon. Often, however, Stenberg 
finished so far ahead of the other Duke 
harriers that he could have showered, 
dressed, and then watched his teammates 
cross the finish line. If Coach Al Buehler 
can develop better support for Stenberg, 
the Iron Dukes can truly challenge for the 
ACC title next year. 



The potential of the Duke soccer team 
was higher at the beginning of the 1966 
season than it had heen for several years. 
For a team with no scholarships and no 
recruiting program, the talent was un- 
usually good, and as things took shape 
in the pre-season drills and scrimmages, 
openings in the lineup were filled with 
more competent players than had been 
even hoped for earlier. It soon became 
obvious that the strength of the team 
would lie in its balance, for there were 
no stars, and many substitutes were as 
skilled as the starters. 

Though somewhat improved over the 
past few years, the final 4-6 record large- 
ly reflects the team's inability to capitalize 
on this balance. It is the policy of Coach 
Skinner to play the very best teams in 
the East, balancing out the schedule with 
schools much below Duke's caliber. The 
mark of a Duke team's success, then, is 
how it fairs against the four or five teams 
it plays on equal terms. The play against 
these best teams was marked by intense 
competitiveness, but also by a tendency 
to commit the same mistakes game after 
game. It was, in fact, this inability to 
refine its play — to eliminate mistakes 
through developing teamwork — which 
kept the team from winning more. 

The emotional peak of the season is 
usually reached at the Navy game, and 
this season was no exception. The phys- 
ical and mental conditions of the Blue 
Devils could not have been better. Duke 
ran with Navy as well as they had hoped, 
but numerous lapses in the defense and 
the inability to "finish" on offense re- 
sulted in a lopsided score. The Lynchburg 
game was also a characteristic defeat, 
though in a diflferent manner. The Lynch- 
burg team scored in the opening minute 
of play on a mixup in the Duke back- 
field, and the offense was unable to score 
on any of over forty shots — ordinarily 
enough for four or five goals. The result: 
1-0. Thus the losses were truly team 

Spirit, however, remained remarkably 
high — a tribute to Coach Skinner's deter- 
mination. The season effort was one from 
which the pride to build a fine team next 
year could be drawn. Hard-fought vie- 




tories over Virginia and North Carolina 
State gave the Blue Devils a third place 
in the ACC, and well-played games 
against Springfield and Carolina proved 
that the talent was there. For a team 
which rarely gets a superstar, defense 
must be the key. It is here the Blue Devils 
must improve if they are to utilize their 
seven returning starters and numerous 
lettermen next season. 

In post-season honors, Captain Curtis 
Lauber and junior Hank Walters made 
the All-South team at outside right and 
right fullback positions. Special mention 
should also be made of the fine play of 
senior goalie Jim Bell, who was consistent 
and at times spectacular in his attempts 
to keep the opposition from scoring. 




You can feel the anticipation about the 
last week of the football season, the first 
weeks of winter. You sit there studying, 
and all of a sudden, it surfaces in your 
mind — basketball is here. But, having to 
study, you push the thoughts back where 
they came from and start reading again. 
It's still there however, and later on that 
night, you begin talking with some other 
guys, and everything they say fust confirms 
what you knew all along; that the time 
is here. "We've got a real good chance 
this year . . . Is the V gonna bomb! . . . 
Tough on the boards, good depth . . . Re- 
member that Michigan game?" the talk 
becomes louder and louder. Somebody 
gets carried away, and he pounds out the 
"Let's Go" theme on a table, just to let 
off steam, and you go back to the room 
amused, but still more excited than you 
were before. You try not to think about 
it because you have to work; you can 
save it until game time. But it's every- 
where. The newspapers and ivireservices 
with their preseason polls; the casual con- 
versations which inevitably begin to turn 
to basketball. All you can do is live with 
it, and wait until those Tuesday nights, 
or Saturday afternoons, when everybody's 
jammed in the stadium, the air is hazy 
blue with smoke, and those blue and 
white jerseys take the court. 

Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday night; 
yotive come early to get a seat. The frosh 
game ends, and in a few minutes the pep 
band weaves its way through the crowd 
at one end of the court; striped coats 
and straw hats waving above their heads. 
The "Let's Go" cheer set to music and 
the clapping tvhich spreads throughout 
the student section. The excitement builds 
until the team comes on, and a tremen- 
dous roar seems to shake the stadium. 
Sometimes you abstract yourself from 
those around you, and it all seems odd 
and sort of amusing. The team, looking 
calm, professional, ready — the paying cus- 
tomers, here to see good basketball — and 
the students, yelling and clapping ivhile 
the cheerleaders dance and the band blasts 
out music. Yet, you feel it. The team is 
you; you are caught up in this thing. It 
means something to lose or win; some- 
thing personal, and so you forget your 
abstract thoughts and surrender to emo- 
tion, and clap too, and sing, and yell. 


Watching the warmups, you see the 
snappy layup drill, Verga burning the net 
from outside, Lewis and Riedy putting up 
short jumpers or an occasional hook. Your 
attention goes to the other team, and you 
look with interest and sometimes a pre- 
mature superiority. "We'll kill them!' (It's 
always "we"). All this, the cheers, the 
yells, the noise, the drills, just whets your 
appetite, and the tension grows until the 
tap-off, and after. You feel with the team, 
more than in any other sport, and when 
they are tight or loose, so are you. You 
protest, vehemently , every foul and every 
call, inevitably bad. You suffer, or tri- 
umph, and when the game is over and you 
leave the stadium, you suddenly realize 
that you're drained, emotionally. You've 
won or lost, and there's always that 
washed out feeling. No more tension, that 

tightness in your stomach is gone; leaving 
behind a satisfaction or a disappointment, 
and a particular kind of emotional fatigue. 
And each game night you come back, 
suffer with the team, cheer, sing, yell, 
protest, and become an integral part of 
the game of Duke basketball. 

Duke's preseason basketball bubble ex- 
ploded with a bang in the season opener 
against VPI. The Devils, tense and tight, 
were outplayed, outshot, and outhustled 
by the deadeye Gobbler quintet, 85-71. It 
was a different Duke team however, that 
faced Michigan the following night. Re- 
serve guard Dave Golden, winning a 
starting berth with a dazzling display of 
ballhandling and outside shooting, con- 
verted a phenomenal 12 of 15 for 25 
total points to spark a 96-75 Duke victory. 

With appetites whened for national 


acclaim, the Devils traveled to Los An- 
geles for back-to-back contests with top- 
ranked UCLA. They emerged sadder but 
wiser, as Alcindor and Co. romped to 
88-54 and 107-87 victories. Poor shoot- 
ing and costly turnovers hurt the Duke 
cause, but linle could avail against the 
highly talented Bruins. Held to only 19 
points in the first game by Duke's double 
coverage, Alcindor exploded for 38 points 
and 22 rebounds in the second to sink 
Duke victory hopes. 

Back before the home fans, the Blue 
cut down undefeated Vanderbilt in a 
closely contested thriller. The Devils 
swept the boards for a decisive 43-28 ad- 
vantage while Captain Bob Verga pumped 
in 31 points and Lewis canned 33. 

In their final action before the holidays, 
the Blues handily took one from Virginia, 
98-82. Resuming play following the 
Christmas break, the Devils were downed 
by a hot-shooting Ohio State squad 83-82, 
after a ten point comeback in the second 
half failed. All-America Bob Verga broke 
the Greensboro Coliseum scoring record 
with 41 points, but it was not enough, 
and Duke suffered its fourth defeat in 
seven outings. On the heels of a close 
78-73 decision over Wake Forest, the B'ue 
met Penn State in the Indoor Stadium 
with only a six-man squad to carry Duke 
victory hopes. Nine team members, in- 
cluding four starters, were suspended by 
Coach Vic Bubas due to a curfew viola- 
tion, but Verga, who burned the nets for 
38 points, and able reserves C. B. Clai- 
borne, Bob Francis, Stuart McKaig, Fred 
Lind, and Steve Vandenberg, launched a 
spirited attack which downed the Lions 

Poor shooting (33%) and sixteen 
turnovers were decisive as Duke dropped 
an exciting contest against nationally 
third-ranked UNC. Coach Dean Smith's 
stall with the Tarheels ahead by eight 
midway in the second half almost back- 
fired. Duke knotted the score with 16 
seconds remaining on two successive steals 
by ball-hawking guard Stuart McKaig. 
But a Larry Miller basket in the closing 
seconds handed the Dukes a heartbreak- 
ing 59-56 reversal. 

Duke smashed the Tigers of Clemson 
85-61 in a game marred by errors and 
poor play on the part of both teams. The 
Devils, guilty of 22 turnovers to Clem- 
son's 16, cleaned the boards for a crush- 
ing 51-22 rebound edge, but the offense, 
despite excellent playmaking and floor 
leadership by Verga, was often erratic. 
IXike then came back with two crushing 
victories, over State, 99-60, and Virginia, 

A tremendous individual effort by 



Lewis sparked the Devils to a 91-75 win 
over West Virginia. Canning 33 points 
on 13 of 19 from the floor and 7 of 7 
from the line, the big center almost sin- 
glehandedly wrecked the Mountaineer 
defense. Lewis, with 19 rebounds, and 
forward Tim Kolodziej with 1 3, led a 
Duke front line which consistently swept 
the boards. In their second meeting with 
N.C. State, the Blue Devils had consid- 
erably more trouble than in their first 
romp, but with Verga pumping in 28 
points, Duke pulled it out 69-65. 

The fantastic shooting of forward Bob 
Riedy and Verga pushed the Blue to a 
94-83 victory over surprisingly scrappy 
Southwestern Louisiana. Duke led by only 
three points with four minutes remaining 
before clutch baskets by Verga and Riedy 
put the game on ice. 

After a see-saw first half which saw 
the lead change hands 1 1 times, the 
Tigers of Clemson raced to a 12 point 
lead in the opening minutes of the sec- 
ond period ro hand Duke a 73-68 de- 
feat. The usually powerful Duke rebound- 
ing game was virtually non-existent, with 
only 26 recoveries to Clemson's 47. Ver- 
ga's 31 points marked the only bright 
spot in what was undoubtably Duke's 
poorest effort of the season. 

The Blue bounced back in style to 
drop Maryland's Terrapins 81-58, then met 
Wake Forest for the final home contest 
of the season. A brilliant three-way effort 
by Riedy, Verga, and Lewis sparked a 
second half comeback which toppled the 
Baptists 97-84. Lewis all but owned the 
boards, snatching 24 of Duke's 42 re- 
bounds, and collected 28 points besides 
in his finest performance of the season. 
Verga pumped in 30, and Riedy 20, to 
cap a year of exciting basketball under 
the lights in the Indoor Stadium. 

Following a 77-65 decision over Notre 
Dame, the Devils produced their peak 
offensive performance in routing Wake 
Forest 113-71. Duke out-rebounded, out- 
shot, and outplayed the Deacons as 'Verga 
collected a Winston-Salem Coliseum rec- 
ord with 39 points on 15-20 from the 
floor and 9-10 from the line. Riedy 
canned 20 points, and Kolodziej 12, as 
the Devils shot a phenomenal 64^^ from 
the floor. 



The hectic regular season reached its 
fitting climax in a head-to-head show- 
down with nationally third-ranked North 
Carolina for the conference title. The 
Tarheels emerged victorious, completely 
outplaying the Blue Devils in a tension- 
packed, heart-breaking contest. All-Amer- 
ica Bob Verga was a ball-hawking, play- 
making wonder for the Blue, making 
numerous steals and assists in addition to 
canning 34 points on long outside bombs 
and spectacular twisting layups. Verga's 
heroics were the only bright spot how- 
ever, and Duke settled for second seed 
in the Conference tourney. 


Duke met Virginia in the first round 
of the annual ACC classic and overpow- 
ered the Cavaliers 99-78, behind a tough 
defense and the 35 point performance 
of Verga. 

"Bring on Duke" was the South Car- 
olina battle cry during most of the regu- 
lar season, and that challenge almost bore 
fruit, as the Blue pulled out a narrow 
69-66 victory over the upset-minded 
Gamecocks. Duke canceled both season 
contests with the South Carolineans be- 
cause of repercussions over the Mike 
Grosso case, and the ACC semifinal was 
their first hardwood meeting. With less 
than two minutes remaining, the score 
tied at 62-all, Carolina playing for a last 
second shot, Riedy stole the ball from 
playmaker guard Jack Thompson and 
fired to Verga for a three-point play, to 
finish off the Gamecocks. 

The ACC finals marked the third 
meeting between arch-rivals Duke and 
UNCCH, and again, the Tarheels were 


victorious. The cold-shooting Blue Devils 
were hampered by poor rebounding, the 
outstanding play of Carolina All-Ameri- 
can Larry Miller, and a tenacious Tarheel 
defense. With Wendelin, Lewis, and 
Riedy in foul trouble early in the second 
half, UNC opened up a 14 point lead, 
and never again did they fall behind, 
despite a courageous Blue Devil rally 
which narrowed the margin to 5 with 
four minutes remaining. It was a tough 
one to lose, as Carolina advanced to the 
Eastern Regionals, and Duke traveled for 
the first time to the National Invitational 
Tournament in New York. 

-if '> ^ ^ .-_ 



If one walks into Card Gym on an 
early February afternoon, he's probably 
on his way to the Indoor Stadium to play 
basketball, or to the weight room to get 
ready for the beach. But there are sixty 
men who spend winter's afternoons in 
Card. It is this group of athletes who 
make up the minor indoor sports pro- 
gram at Duke. 

Just into the lobby and to the right, 
one can look out onto the gym floor 
where twenty men are doing calisthenics 
and drills or fencing with their own 
equipment. Practice is noisy; the small 
gym echoes as a man with an epee calls 
the coach over to check his form. Coach 
for the Duke fencers is John LeBar. LeBar 
came to Duke to assist the swimming pro- 
gram but began working with the fencing 
team instead. Since his arrival the Duke 
team has lost but one of rwenty-three 


meets and is now beginning to move into 
big-time competition. 

The team itself is even more remark- 
able than its record; only one man had 
ever fenced in high school. LeBar must 
teach his men even the most basic skill, 
and only what seems a limitless enthus- 
iasm for the sport has enabled his ath- 
letes to absorb so much so quickly. More- 
ever, as he admits, Coach LeBar is 
forced to recruit his team from those boys 
who never really got involved in ath- 
letics before, or who couldn't quite make 
it in the more popular sports. LeBar him- 
self is not a veteran of the sport; he only 
began to fence as a graduate student. But 
with the least experienced athletes on 
campus, the Duke fencing is rapidly be- 
coming a national power — primarily be- 
cause of the kind of enthusiasm that 
keeps men on the floor two hours after 
formal practice is over. "Someday," says 
John LeBar, "Duke will produce a truly 
great fencer." If the exuberant dedication 
that characterizes the fencing team con- 
tinues, he should be proven correct. 

If one walks across the lobby to the 
balcony of the swimming pool however, 
he can see practice of an entirely different 
character. The atmosphere is gloomy, but 
it is not the dingy pool or the dim light- 
ing that makes it so. One only has to 
check the record books to confirm what 
he sees in the faces of the men in the 
water; swimming at Duke is dying out. 
Having won only rwo meets in two sea- 
sons — both against Appalachian State — 
team morale is understandably low. The 
brilliant efforts of captain Jim Burwell 
can't produce a winning season, and dis- 
couraged swimmers are quitting in droves. 



The ones who remain are far from con- 
tent. They walk into the pool frowning, 
work out disinterestedly for an hour, and 
leave wondering why they didn't spend 
the afternoon studying. Coach Jack Per- 
sons appears to be unable to remedy the 
situation, which is gtowing steadily worse. 
As one dejected swimmer put it, "When 
I left high school half my life revolved 
around a starting block. Now it's a 
struggle just to make myself go to prac- 
tice. This will probably be my last sea- 

Upstairs and at the other end of the 
gym, are the wrestlers, just the sort of 
minor sports team one expects at Duke. 
Although one team member said, "Except 
for Mac (McAlpin, the co-captain) no- 
body really gives a damn," the wrestlers 
are not troubled with any sort of mass 
exodus. Theirs is the sort of team that 
is better described in comparatives than 
in superlatives. The Duke wrestlers will 
never beat Maryland, but they won't lose 
to East Carolina either. 

Perhaps the best description of the 


wrestling team comes from one of its 
more promising members: "Generally, 
very few of us cut practice. But few of us 
are above cutting to study for an im- 
portant quiz or to catch a really good 
flick on the tube." The Duke wrestlers 
are adequately coached, adequately trained, 
and adequately inspired — nothing less, 
but certainly nothing more. 

The principal value of individual sports 
like fencing, wrestling, and swimming 
seems to lie not so much in the glory of 
success, as in the personal qualities the 
struggle for success fosters. In a sense, 
Jim Burwell's .21.6 in the fifty yard free- 
style is much less important than the 
tenacious aggressiveness his effort re- 
quired. In giving Jim and his fellows in 
minor sports the opportunity and the 
encouragement to compete on a collegiate 
level, Duke is aUowing, even urging them 
to develop their personalities more fully. 
To deny them either this opportunity or 
the encouragement would be to deny 
them a part of the personal developmental 
process called education. 






The frenzied excitement of football 
and basketball are gone. Spring comes to 
Duke; and with it a different mood 
among students — a relaxed, leisurely feel- 
ing. Required by this carefree tempera- 
ment are different sports — sports with 
less pomp, less prestige, and their own 
kind of spectacle. Students no longer 
want to watch sports as Duke students 
anxious for prestigious victories but as 
individuals content to see a good save, 
a line drive to left, or a pitch shot arch 
toward the eighteenth green. So, in spring 
the Duke spectator becomes a different 
breed. He cares little of the outcome. He 
cares little that the sport he is watching 
is considered minor. He cares little that 
the athletes are not training to be pro- 
fessionals. He cares only to relax, and 
watch a game. 

The golf team plays from a winning 
tradition. Since 1933 when converted 
football coach, E. P. "Dumpy" Hagler, 
took charge of the team, the linksmen 
have registered eighteen conference cham- 
pionships. Last year the team added an- 
other as it posted a 9-1 record. 

Although golf is a game that can be 
played alone, it is too a team sport. The 
team tours the different courses that it 
plays and plans its strategy together. Each 
individual knows that his performance 
counts toward the team standing, as well 
as his own. This helps generate a strong 
team spirit. In the past players have sacri- 
ficed a chance to play in tournaments for 
the good of the team — an indication of 
the strength of spirit which has con- 
tributed to the making of one of the 
"winningest" teams at Duke. 



One of the greatest unifying forces on 
Duke's golf team is the coach. Team 
members have indicated their respect and 
admiration for Dumpy. "We believe in 
winning," says Coach Hagler. This sea- 
son's team is captained by Trip O'Don- 
nell. Dumpy welcomes the return of 
juniors Dave Millar and Hi Young, and 
sophomore Bob Martin. Marry Falk, Bill 
Stevenson, John Willey, George Benson, 
Tad Clawsen, and Mike Strickland are 
fine backup men. 

The philosophy of the tennis team is 
different. '"We play for fun," says Coach 
Bob Cox. The sport awards no scholar- 
ships, and does not have a glorious tradi- 

tion to attract outstanding players, as does 
the golf team. 

Even so, last year was the nerters' first 
losing season (8-9). They lost points 
because of inexperience. Fortunately, 
however, all members except one have 
returned to play this year. 

Expecting leadership from Captain 
Fred Turner and Bruce Mahler, Coach 
Cox looks for additional support from 
Tom Coleman, Bob Roth, Warwick But- 
ler, and John Calb. This season the net- 
ters engaged several strong teams includ- 
ing Ohio State, Williams, Rollins, Am- 
herst, and Davidson. Duke also partici- 
pated in the usual conference schedule. 


Although Cox anticipates a better sea- 
son, fourth or fifth ranking in the con- 
ference is the most he will predict. "We'll 
be a representative team," said Coach Cox. 
"They'll have to come out on the court 
to beat us." 

"We're out to win and to have fun," 
says lacrosse coach Roy Skinner, combin- 
ing the philosophies of coaches Hagler 
and Cox. For that reason the lacrosse club, 
which has played major powers like 
Navy, Maryland, and Denison in the past, 
plans in the future to play teams more 
of their caliber. 



Although Duke was a National Cham- 
pion in 1951, academic pressures and a 
dearth of scholarships have reduced the 
quality of the sport; two years ago the 
team was forced to accept varsity club 

Coaches Skinner and Cory hope to 
regain team status, but to do this they 
need more support. Although the club 
draws most of its experienced players 
from Eastern prep schools, several foot- 
ball players, encouraged by Coach Tom 
Harp, have gone out for the team. 

Duke's best was again expected to be 
sophomore Steve Sachs, who should lead 
the players in their attempt at improving 
last season's 5-5 record. 

Lacrosse at Duke was organized by 
Jack Persons. Roy Skinner has succeeded 
Persons as the club's mentor. A recent 
addition to the lacrosse coaching staff is 
Coach Cory. Some people close to the 
lacrosse club feel that Cory's enthusiasm 
is just the thing to improve Duke's pres- 
tige in this sport. 




Some Duke coaches are known for 
their sense of humor. Coach Bob Cox is 
one of them; Jim Bly, new as head 
coach of the baseball team, is another. It's 
a good thing, too, because last season 
the batsmen compiled an 8-16 record 
and a 4-9 conference record, placing it 
seventh in the league. 

The '66 season started well with the 
Duke team winning four of its first six 
games. The next nine, however, were 
straight losses. 

Coach Bly isn't too hopeful for an im- 
proved record this year. Basically the 
same team returns: Carter Hill, pitcher; 
Jerry Barringer, first base; Dick Warren, 
second base; Stan Coble, third base; and 
Carl Chronister, John Hines, and Frank 
Ryan, outfield. 




BIy does hope the hitting improves. 
As a team last season, the Dukes batted 
.209 and scored 88 runs, while the opposi- 
tion batted .239 and scored 135 runs. 

Track coaches Al Buehler and his as- 
sistant Jack Hall are more optimistic. Last 
season the Iron Dukes had a 6-2 season 
and won the first annual WTVD State 
Track and Field Championship of North 
Carolina. Five school records were broken 
or tied. Jimmy Martin ran the 440 low 
hurdles in 54.5 seconds; Clint Brown set 
a pole vault record of 14' 834"; and Rod 
Stewart wrote two new records: shotput 
—59' 11" and discuss— 168' 8". Dave 
Dunaway tied Tom Bazemore's old rec- 
ord of 48.5 seconds in the 440. 

Last season the thinclads began in 
Florida with a victory over Rochester and 
a loss to Florida. Another early loss, a 

74-70 upset by the Gamecocks, gave them 
their only conference setback. The victory 
over State was dearly bought, for Dun- 
away pulled a leg muscle, preventing his 
participation in the conference champion- 
ships. As a result, Duke emerged fourth 
in the A.C.C. 

Three of last season's top four point 
producers have returned: Dave Dunaway, 
Jimmy Martin, and Paul Rogers. Other 
good point getters include Clint Brown, 
Fred Zodda, Bob Matheson, and Robin 

Spring is the time of sunny days, green 
turf, and "minor" sports. The players are 
more interested in competition and in- 
dividual prowess than in the fruits of 
victory; their spectators who share in the 
experience of the game perhaps are as 
glad to sit in the sun, in the open air. 





"Study this afternoon? How can we 
possibly be having an hour quiz already?" 

All of a sudden you just can't stand 
the thought of an eight o'clock class, one 
more bus ride, or the paper that's got to 
be in by next Friday. There comes a time 
when all of this must be forgotten, and 
you long for the Lancelot world of heroes 
and conquest. For almost any interested 
person at Duke, at least one retreat to this 
world is available. Classified generally and 
perhaps slightly derogatorily as recreation, 
several groups exist on both campuses that 
permit exactly the kind of release many 
students have in mind. Requirements: 
enthusiasm. Donation; time. And you 
give these only in proportion to what 

you can spare. No severe training pro- 
grams are involved. The University 
doesn't know when a game is won or 
lost. It is you who benefit; your honor 
and satisfaction are pampered. If climbing 
a mountain or making a solo trip through 
the goal posts — instead of sleeping on 
Saturday morning — appeals to you, you 
can be off in a minute with rope and pick 
or football gear. 

"Hey Jack, we're playing Law B." 
"Yeah, but I've got to study." 
"Come on. We've got to get that left 

"Is he on Law B?" 


"CK. I'm up." 


You rise to the call of blood and sweat. 
Fraternity brothers unite, spirit and en- 
thusiasm revive, individual prowess is 
spotlighted. The players meet, clash on 
the field, and you — if it's your day — hang 
on to a long pass. The game is a world 
away from academic pressures; you are 
the hero, your team is victorious, and 
your girl sits safely outside the boundaries 
of the field observing the battle within. 

The Duke Sports Car Club appeals to 
the man of another mind. To satisfy that 
desire for a feeling of power and im- 
portance, those who own sports cars pe- 
riodically hold small races. But the club 
is not limited to car owners. Information 
concerning local events and opportunities 
for jobs at nearby raceways is also pro- 
vided. Some students find it exciting just 
to be at the track. Though participation 
in this club is not nearly as large as in 
the intramural games, the satisfaction and 
the relaxation involved are no less com- 

To create the feminine counterpart to 
men's intramural games, the Women's 
Recreation Association sponsors inter- 
sorority and inter-dormitory competition. 
These, however, are not as popular as 
Nereidians, the WRA-sponsored syn- 
chronized swimming group. Requests for 
Nereidian membership have been so 
large that tryouts have been adopted. The 
actual time spent swimming each week is 
minimal; the only additional cost, a wet 
head once a week. The creative aspect of 
the club and the pride the girls have after 
completion of a spring program add to 
their enjoyment of swimming. 






Coeducational recreational activities are 
also generally supported and appreciated. 
The Duke Outing Club, otherwise known 
as DOC, awakens the inert Davy Crocken- 
ness of its members. In the true Boy Scout 
tradition, the peak of a mountain is 
achieved, step, by crack, by mountain 
path. The inside of a cave is taken for all 
it has to offer, whether that includes an 
animal's home, a small spring, or just 
shelter from the rain. No protected col- 
lege students are these, but those for 
whom discovery and adventure are the 
most exciting things in life. 

While the Outing Club appeals to the 
adventurer, the Sailing Club attracts the 
strategist. Outwitting the wind and the 
weather and possibly the other boats, 
members find a kind of satisfaction that 
few non-sailors can understand. Even 
after defeat, the closeness of sun and wind 
and water brings a feeling of achievement. 

The recreational organizations at Duke 
do almost no soliciting for membership. 
There is just enough to alert the inter- 
ested people without annoying the dis- 
interested ones. And though the bulk of 
the participants seem to be from West 
Campus, East girls are nonetheless en- 
thusiastic. Reading a book or climbing a 
mountain are both, in their different 
ways, relievers of pressure. Who can say, 
after all, which is more wonhwhile? 







Entertainment at Duke University, de- 
pending on where you grew up, looks 
either very lively or very depressing. Its 
attraction is contingent on one's imagina- 
tion and need for social outlets. The cul- 
tural side of Duke's night life is generated 
by the University itself; for the personal 
touch, students migrate to the big city. 

Durham offers drinking and movies in 
the way of distraction. The various es- 
tablishments catering to these activities 
vary in quality from the Cement Block 
atmosphere of the U. G. to the quasi-ac- 
ceptable veneer of Mayola's; from the arty 
discomfort of the Rialto to the plush, 
middle-class rocking seat experience at 
the new Center. 

Beer is by definition, though not by 
price, the same everywhere. J. and S. 
draught wins more adherents than the 
Ivy Room luxury brand; most students 
prefer the low-rent atmosphere of the 
J. and S. anyway. It makes one say, if 
facetiously, so this is college life. 

Movies, on the other hand, cost the 
same, but contrast drastically in caliber. 
The quad flicks offer the best films of the 
past; this year Phaedra, Black Orpheus, 

and A Patch of Bli/e appeared on the 
University screen. One Page patronizer 
terms these films "the easiest, cheapest 
entertainment in town, and many times 
the best." A more pessimistic student 
notes the endless green scratches and 
splices on these old classics. The voices 
just can't get together with the lips. 

While not all of the movies receiving 
acclaim in New York make it to Durham, 
those that do are usually found at the 
Rialto; notable this year were The Shop 
on Main Street, Morgan, and A Man and 
a Woman. The remaining films, broadly, 
fall into the category of Trash, subdivided 
into Smut and Walt Disney. The Crite- 
rion is the home of Adam and the Snake 
Girls, and little more need be said about 
that. Walt Disney can be found at almost 
any time in the majority of Durham 
Theaters, and is normally not frequented 
by Duke students. 

Drinking and movies can now be com- 
bined, through the courtesy of the Hous- 
ing Bureau. Refrigerator-cooled beer and 
flicks on television are the final answer 
to the Duke students' entertainment prob- 
lem on the personal level. 


For live professional entertainment one 
looks first to the Student Union. The 
Major Attractions Committee draws big 
name performers to the public on 
campus, usually during the big Week- 
ends. This year we were graced by the 
presence of Brasil '66, the Four Seasons, 
Peter Nero, and the Righteous Brothers. 
The Loving Spoonful is supposedly on tap 
for Joe College, but the Supremes have 
cancelled four times. Las Vegas Night 
and other S. U. open houses are staged 
by the Social Committee and are usually 
well-attended by freshmen and members 
of the committee. 

One of the major innovations in en- 
tertainment this year was the Student 
Union's on-campus coffee house. 

The first performer was Jake Holmes, 
a rising folk singer who does most of his 

own material. The campus cofFee house 
idea, backed with a college tour for young 
entertainers trying to break into the 
business, will probably be continued and 
will widen the students' choice of diver- 

The rest of campus activities are 
largely student organized, to a lesser or 
greater degree. The Spring Hoof 'n' Horn 
production, Guys and Dolls, will follow 
in the tradition of Hoof 'n' Horn quality 
presentations. The hit Broadway musical 
should lend itself to an energetic treat- 
ment by the players. This year fifty per 
cent of the entirely student supervised 
cast, and three of the five leads, were 
taken up by freshman. Director Joe 
Stokes says this freshman invasion makes 
the 1967 presentation "special," in addi- 
tion to the perennial distinguishing 
character of Hoof 'n' Horn plays — that 
nobody ever sees them until opening 
night, not even the Deans. 

The lesser organized activities ranged 
from the Archive Happening of the Fall 
(mathematical equations being read to 
the tune of Chinese gong) to the Spring 
rite of the Order of the Chair, with its 
customary . . . well that's the better part 
of discretion. Entertainment at Duke is 
stereotyped and restricted by the nature 
of the community and campus. The in- 
dividual, however, who makes a con- 
scious effort will have no trouble keeping 
amused. The student stepping from a 
small town environment onto Duke's 
spacious campus may even find enter- 
tainment here quite exciting. 



Look through dirty glass in frames of 
peeling paint to treetops green. The sky 
is summer's, bleached to white and hang- 
ing high. Beneath is spring, still damp 
in shadows of the old brick building, but 
the sun is hot so pigeons roost in cool 
eaves beside old cob webs. 

"In three years' time," said President 
Knight, as if it is the most important 
thing in his world, "Asbury will go down 
. . . and in its place a new dimension . . . 
exciting . . . not something we want to 
grow ivy over. " 

Adjacent Bivins, nursery school chil- 
dren shout above the controlled persis- 
tence of the String Quartet. A girl in blue 

shorts and a WRA sweatshirt saunters 
across the concrete parking lot and almost 
to the front of Asbury, retrieving a far- 
flown tennis ball. She runs back toward 
the court like a trespasser. Classes change 
and from the practice rooms, students 
come, instruments and notebooks in their 
arms, by way of drink machine and 
bulletin board; they are the reasons that 
the arts must prosper here. 

"I see the past five years at Duke as 
one period and this year as a new one," 
Iain Hamilton said proudly. And Mr. 
Bone: "It's an 'in' thing to do. While 
people used to stay away in droves, this 
is a whole new day." 




■ .^'•- 

There is a new attitude toward fine 
arts in the university-civic community 
that is Duke in Durham. Some caU it an 
outgrowth from student reaction to zo- 
ologist Ward's suggestion that "a Fine 
Arts Center located between the two 
campuses could serve as a unifying cul- 
tural and intellectual force." Allan Bone 
sees the transition as pan of a greater na- 
tionwide rearrangement of values. Stu- 
dents enthusiastically credit the Ciompi 
String Quartet, professionals in residence, 
with creating a pattern of excellence that 
permeates the less skilled. Mrs. Pran, pro- 
gram director of the Visual Arts Com- 
mittee, speaks with eagerness of the Uni- 
versity liaison with Durham's Allied Arts 
Council. 'Whatever the reason, the impact 

of the arts is what Dr. Knight termed "a 
response to a felt need, members of the 
community stirring one another to ac- 
tion." And he is right. 

Students gathered on the front porch 
of Asbury place bets on whether or not 
the once white pillars will hold up the 
roof until the time when the whole 
building is leveled. But they also meet 
in classroom and rehearsal hall to pre- 
pare for the most rewarding element of 
the artistic world — performance. Wheth- 
er it be a formal organizational concert, 
a one-act play, or a student recital, there 
is continuous year-round involvement in 
these functions, for the general IJniver- 
siry community the most significant of 
the arts' contribution to university life. 


Groups are numerous and varied, pro- 
viding an opportunity for expression for 
anyone who has the desire and time to 
participate. The Drama Department is a 
small but important part of university 
Hfe. With Mr. Reardon's enthusiastic 
support and directing abilities, several 
plays are presented throughout the year. 
This year, artists-in-residence Richard 
Gray and Mayo Loiseau conducted a 
workshop aimed at developing the talents 
of actors on campus. In the spring, the 
group helps with the Hoof 'n Horn pro- 
duction and combines with the Music 
Department to do an opera workshop. 

The Madrigal Singers, meeting under 
the dynamic direction of Mrs. Saville, 
gives singers an opportuniry to perform 
on an initimate and individual basis. The 
Glee Clubs, under Paul Young, are larg- 
er choral groups which present major 
fall and spring concerts. 

Under the direction of Paul Bryan, the 
Duke Concert Band opens each year by 
playing at Convocation, then competes 


with radios and wind at the 'Lawn Con- 
cert under the Clock Tower. The group 
has established a tradition of providing 
an opportunity to hear the best in con- 
temporary music, by commissioning works 
which are given major emphasis, such as 
John Duffy's concerto for jazz artist and 
concert baod, featuring Stan Getz, and 
this year's "Soundboard," composed and 

played by Willie Ruff with the coopera- 
tion of the Concert Band. 

The Duke Symphony, under Allan 
Bone, is a meeting ground for students, 
faculty, and non-University musicians 
from Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, 
all combining with eminent guest solo- 
ists to perform major works from the 
orchestral repertoire. 



There are also numerous smaller groups, 
brass and woodwind ensembles, string 
quartets, where vitally interested students 
can develop their talents to the utmost. 

The Student Union, perhaps more than 
any other organization on campus, has 
made the arts at Duke a functioning part 
of the average student's life. Three com- 
mittees, the Performing Arts, the Visual 
Arts, and the newly formed Drama Com- 
mittee, led by students interested in bring- 
ing arts out of Asbury and into the actual 
performer-audience relationship, have 
succeeded in attracting artists of high 
quality to Duke. The reception of Ali 
Akbar Khan's classical music of India, 
or of Pete Seeger's guitar presentation, 
as evidenced in attendance and general 
praise among students, speaks not only 
for the value of the presentations them- 
selves but for the students' growing un- 
derstanding of all types of art. The Mar- 
tha Graham dance troupe exemplifies this 
trend in arts; neither the quality of the 
troupe nor the excitement generated in 
the audience could have been finer. The 



new Drama Committee has followed the 
lead of the two older committees; The 
Odd Couple, presented through their ef- 
fort, the elaborately done Royal Hunt of 
the Sun, and the modern classic Porgy 
and Bess demonstrate the promise of this 

new committee. Receptions and seminars 
sponsored by the Drama Committee make 
possible an even closer interchange be- 
tween artist and audience, for each stu- 
dent can hear and speak to the perform- 
ers on an informal level. 



The Duke campus boasts its own pro- 
fessional artists as well. One of the 
most important aspects of the birth of the 
arts here has been the formation of the 
Ciompi String Quartet of Duke Univers- 
ity with Giorgio Ciompi, Arlene and Luca 
Di Cecco, and Julio Mueller. They sym- 
bolize the changing attitude toward the 
arts that has become a nationwide move- 
ment to bring professional musicians on 
an individual level into the university 

Whether playing for a small gathering 
in Southgate's parlor or a formal concert 
in East Duke, the group feels a respon- 
sibility to bring the highest standards 
of artistic skill to their audience. "We 
try to make every performance perfect," 
Mr. Ciompi says. He feels that the "in- 
timacy" of the chamber music medium is 
invaluable in precipitating a reciprocal 
emotional experience between audience 
and performer. 

Like other professional musicians on 
campus such as John Hanks and Ruth 
Friedberg, whose recording "The Art 
Song in America" has won international 
acclaim, the Quartet feels a responsibility 
to establish the Duke name in music. Ac- 
cordingly, they travel extensively, this 
year to South America. This new group 
hopes to grow with the expanding De- 
partment, helping to establish a graduate 
program in music that is expected to 
begin within the next several years. 



In the fall of 1969 the new music 
building will be completed, if as Iain 
Hamilton ruefully foresees, the procedure 
follows the usual custom of allotting one 
year to discussion, one year to plan- 
ning, and one to actual construction. 
Instead of the complex of performance 
and exhibition facilities for drama, music, 
art, and dance proposed by Dr. Ward 
and excitedly supported by the student 
body, there will be a single structure de- 
signed by senior architect Edward Dur- 
rell Stone for the listening arts. Propon- 
ents of an Arts Center to be located across 
Alexander Avenue from the gardens ob- 
jected to the site behind the East Campus 
Library as "neither aesthetically pleasing, 
conveniently accessible, nor conducive to 

exciting architectural concepts," and the 
entire campus community became em- 
broiled in the issue late last spring. 

Now the controversy over the Arts 
Center is past, people are saying the 
present plan is not so bad after all. One 
reason for this change in atmosphere ar- 
rived on campus last June. The Brummer 
collection of medieval art objects was 
unpacked and stored in a locked room 
in the basement of the Chapel until a 
museum building equipped with adequate 
display facilities can be completed. For 
this purpose the decision has been made 
to renovate the East Campus Science 
Building into what Dr. Knight refers to 
as a "living-teaching museum" for the 
worM-famous collection. 


Dr. Knight negotiated with the estate 
lawyer of Ernest Brummer, one of three 
collector brothers, for approximately two 
hundred and eight items of sculpture, 
painting, furniture, woodcarvings, ala- 
baster, marble reliefs, and other objects of 
religious art amassed in the past half cen- 
tury, and he takes pride in the acquisition 
— "You can't just talk about them, you 
must see . . . How can you estimate the 
value of 'only in the world?' " In the 
collection are twenty to thirty pieces 
unique to their kind, and as many with 
just one counterpart. There are other 
pieces of which there may be perhaps 
five or ten or fifteen replicas in existence. 

There is a second collection of over 
one hundred paintings ranging from the 
late Medieval period into the eighteenth 
century with primary concentration upon 
the Renaissance. It took thirty-five years 
to assemble the masterpieces which in- 
clude one Hieronymus Bosch original. 


These are the nucleus for what will 
come to be one of the country's finest 
university-owned collections. Dr. Knight 
comments, "We are moving slowly, but 
at a steep angle of climb . . . Princeton's 
museum which just opened is not far 
ahead of us, and they have been build- 
ing longer . . . We're going farther: 
We're even going to humanize Allan 
Building." The son of American impres- 
sionist artist William Chadwick has pre- 
sented the University with fine contem- 
porary works which will hang in the 
newly remodelled second floor corridors 
of the building many students think 
houses only computers. This is a matter 

of institutional pride, and with so dedi- 
cated a sponsor as Dr. Knight, the birth 
of the arts at Duke cannot help but lead 
to a continuing growth toward established 

A new awareness is manifest this 
year, physically, with plans for a new 
Music Building and a prominently re- 
spected art collection; scholastically, with 
the addition of a music graduate school; 
and individually, with administration, fac- 
ulty, and students willing to participate in 
expansion. Whether for life, or but the 
moment, the new awareness has put down 
roots. Its growth and fruition depends 
ultimately on the depth of those roots 


and the ground which they encompass. 
Those who have experienced the arts 
at Duke know the profundity of the ini- 
tial impact. But whether arts can main- 
tain their position among the various 
interests at the University hinges on 
Duke's willingness to support them as 
they begin to branch out, gain refine- 
ment, and engender that power peculiar 
to themselves — aesthetic appreciation. 



Beginning at the end of last year, when 
we heard The Chronicle being put togeth- 
er to the sound of "I'm Looking Through 
You," we should have known that this 
year's paper, led by its manic editor Dave 
Birkhead, was going to be interesting. It 
was. For in its "Rage, rage against the 
dying of the light," it never went "gentle 
into that good night." It criticized be- 
nightedness in everything from the Ad- 
ministration to the unintended dual mean- 
ing of the Nurses' "White Christmas" 
parry. And it is certain that at some time 
during the year, The Chronicle looked 
through us all, finding almost always 
either the darkness of the hypocrite, or 
the dusk of the fool. Yet we read it, and 
it was occasionally enlightening, but con- 
tinually discussed. 

The editorials, though not strialy lim- 

ited to the editorial pages, called for 
academic reform, administrative reform, 
draft reform, human reform, social re- 
form, and war reform. Its crusades were 
enthusiastic and very often worth con- 
sidering. The general coverage was usual- 
ly sufficient, concise, and informative, 
though in several instances the effective- 
ness of the paper was destroyed by the 
appearance of a too obvious bias, an 
incomplete argument, or an inattention 
to accuracy. 

For in these cases, the reader became 
more interested in requesting reporter 
reform than in responding to the subject 
presented. But the staff was at least aware 
of its failings, as could be gathered from 
its frequent high-volume "discussions," — 
arbitrated by The Archive, The Chanti- 
cleer, and Bob Carney, — which covered 





^ f^ 


an effective range including the Page 
Auditorium concert audiences. 

These friendly gatherings brought up 
such things as the running of photographs 
upside-down, allowing the Administration 
to "get away" with a few of the things 
it did, and the possibilities of the paper 
being sued for libel. But these sessions 
were not useless tirades of name-calling, 
for The Chronicle consciously and effec- 
tively improved its writing, its intention, 
and its accomplishments through Mark 
Pinsky's yelling at Dave, or Dave's yell- 
ing at Alan Ray and Steve Johnston. 




It was a very difBcuIt year for The 
Chronicle. Deadlines were never more 
than hours away, if not past. And, feel- 
ing most directly the paper's chronic ill- 
ness of being disgracefully understaffed, 
Dave Birkhead could often be found 
working until tomorrow had long since 
crept upon Pub Row, stealing the time 
from either sleep or study. Those who 
knew him well worried about his physi- 
cal health, just as those who knew him 
not at all worried about his mental. 

Business staffers. Bill Ackerman, Mike 
Shahan, and Mason Holmes had to avoid 
over-selling, under-selling, and the loss 
of advertising due to typographical errors. 
And in doing so, they had to co-operate 
with a relatively unknown and inconstant 
placement and spacing of copy. Their con- 
cern for the quality of the paper was 
demonstrated by their agreement to the 
retraction, reprinting, and redistribution 
of one entire Symposium issue due to a 
single, but crucial printing error. And it 
was almost entirely due to the ultimate 
co-operation, even of those with dissent- 
ing opinions, and the unanimous staff 
desire to produce an actively aware and 
responsible, though highly critical, news 
paper, that The Chronicle came as close 
as it did to achieving its potential. The 
results were not only interesting, but well 
worth their efforts. 

The Playbill continued its services to 
Duke audiences despite its financial dif- 
ficulties this year. The Publications Board 
provided some help in the form of a sub- 
sidy, but even with that the editor, Stuart 
Roberts, and the Business Manager, John 
Ruey, barely made enough salary to justi- 
fy the amount of time they spent in put- 
ting together this year's issues for the 
Duke Festival of the Contemporary Arts. 
Their work, as usual, was an informative 
and appreciated gift to the audiences of 
such varied and well presented programs 
as The Martha Graham Dance Company, 
The Royal Hunt of the Sun, and the 
Hoof 'n' Horn presentation. 




The DukEngineer, although seldom 
seen by a majority of the student body, 
maintained its reputation as one of the 
best magazines put out by any School of 
Engineering. Editor, Robert Gould, and 
Business Manager, Tom Fegley, and their 
all-srudent staff produced articles on the 
developments of engineering technology, 
the role of its students, and the changes 
in their studies. These articles were well 
written and created a unified understand- 
ing between several different technical 
fields both for engineers and for laymen. 

Peer resurrected itself from last year's 
crumpling philosophy of non-appearance, 
but many internal and external difficul- 
ties kept the magazine from attaining the 
heights that had been hoped for it. Editor 
Charlie Williams organized a new staff 
with the intention of publishing original 
cartoons and jokes, rather than re-printing 
those from other college magazines, but 
the debatable quality of several issues cast 
some doubt upon the humor of the stu- 

dent body it was supposed to reflect. The 
magazine suffered from what seemed to 
be a lack of coordiation between the edi- 
torial staff and its business managers, Bob 
Banta and John Krampf, which placed a 
strain upon all those involved and re- 
stricted their unified achievement. 

But Peer's greatest problem this year, 
as in the past, was the truly apathetic 
support given it by the saident body. The 
low sales and the nearly total lack of out- 
side contributions combined in an arch- 
etypical vicious circle which, building 
into a whirlpool, quickly drained both the 
technical and the content quality. The 
staffs tried desperately to stop this out- 
flow, but non-constructive and caustic cri- 
ticism from both within and from without 
worked like Drano in dissolving their 
efforts, and their hopes. That the Peer 
suffered the difficulties it did this year is 
a permanent and a pathetic monument to 
the lack of initiative and the peerless ster- 
ility of many, if not most, Duke students. 


Pub Row's genie vanished with a puff 
of smoke into a cup of coffee, leaving the 
ancient Archive in the hands of our 
friendly neighborhood charlatan, Fred 
Daugherty, and his business manager, 
Dorothy Ghodes, who, in their attempts 
to create some respect for the South's old- 
est collegiate magazine, celebrated its 
eightieth anniversary. They were success- 
ful, even though The Archive was only 
seventy-nine years old. But this was tra- 
ditional, and anything which celebrates 
its twenty-fifth anniversary at twenty- 
six, its fiftieth at fifty-three, and issues 
two Volume 75's, neither of which men- 
tions its Diamond Anniversary, should not 
be held responsible for its mathematics. 

But respect for a literary magazine 
should come for the quality of its contents 
and their presentation. And this year, as 
always, the quality of The Archive varied. 
The stories of Charlie Smith, the poems 
of Aden Field, the photographs of Paul 
Seder, and the art work of Lynn Whis- 
nant were surprisingly good, as were the 
works of many others. But much was 
flawed, or immature. The staff changed 
the format, but their first issue was, "a 
regrettable experience." With the aid of 
several books on magazine design, the en- 
couragement of several professors, and the 
money of a generous Publications Board 
subsidy, they were able to improve their 
technical work, and improve the appear- 

ance of the next three issues. But the time 
this required, and editor's inability to or- 
ganize and use his staff effectively, great- 
ly limited the magazine's efforts to en- 
courage and assist student writers through 
its usual program of workshops and read- 

Only two readings were given in the 
fall, though more were added in the 
spring, and several workshops were held. 
The editors, however, sat in front of the 
office's pseudo-psychodellic polar projec- 
tion of an Achama Indian pot and were 
willing to talk about anything from The 
Chronicle to Ultimate Being to James 
Joyce, or from silk screening to the 
Shadow Society. Perhaps it helped. 



While the majority of Pub Row's 
printed media were hard pressed by a 
lack of active participants and by ineffi- 
cient organization, their electromagnetic 
counterpart, WDBS, became a radiant 
example of enthusiasm and professional 
operation. Station Manager Bill Veatch 
played perhaps the most central role, but 
each of the five student managers were 
important in the development of the sta- 
tion from its essentially static program- 
ming and greatly improved transmission. 

The station, with its staff of more than 
seventy-five students working in areas 
from ad sales to technical maintenance, 
provided twenty-four hour a day pro- 
gramming designed with the Duke au- 
dience in mind. The music played ranged 
from rock 'n' roll to classical selections, 
and included pure folk, folk-rock, pop, 
and jazz, with requests and dedications 
always accepted. The types of music were 
scheduled to match the listener's prob- 

able mood, but the announcers. Kip Vos- 
burt, Francis Shurcliff, Pender McCarter, 
and many others were free to select ac- 
cording to their own tastes within their 
category, which gave programs a dis- 
tinctive flavor. 

The new coverage included biased re- 
porting of Duke sports events and slightly 
more objective announcements concern- 
ing campus activities. 

WDBS even occasionally admitted 
there was a "real world" beyond the walls 
of East Campus; broadcasts from its UPI 
wire service were often more current than 
the local commercial stations. 

The special features, such as the inter- 
view with comedian Fred Smoot, broad- 
casts of the Symposium proceedings, 
coverage of MSGA Senate meetings, pro- 
grams of campus talent, the open-mike 
forum, and the Focus program centering 
on pertinent campus issues, added much 
to the regular WDBS programming. 

During the year, WDBS engineers 
worked to perfect the recently purchased 
restricted free radiation AM transmission 
system in the Duke dorms. They also in- 
vestigated the possibility of putting in a 
signal to the new dorms on West and to 
Epworth on East. In addition, several 
members of the staff, including engineer- 
ing manager T. Lee Steckmest, were mem- 
bers of a University-wide committee ap- 
pointed by President Knight to formulate 
a proposal for a high power FM educa- 
tional station; the proposal is to be pre- 
sented to the Board of Trustees in late 

John Kernodle and the Duke Forum 
gave us another year of open-air-over- 
cold-wet-ground discussion. The topics 
were wonderfully unrestricted. They 
ranged from eulogies for the on-campus 
coffee house to the Concepts of a Univers- 
ity as presented by the four speakers 
from the Symposium. Featuring such oc- 


«5 m 

casional side entertainments as dog fights 
and impromptu concerts of electronic 
feedback music, the Forum produced a 
verbal version of, and perhaps some con- 
tradictions to the Chronicle. But no mat- 
ter what the subject nor what the view- 
point, the speeches (or simply amplified 
conversations) were well attended, and 
offered a much appreciated method of 
rapid communication within the Univers- 
ity community; at least on West Campus. 
This book is the Chanticleer for 1966- 
1967. Jack Boger, Editor, and his staff 
have tried to present the personality of 
this year in an interesting, literary man- 
ner. There are fewer grim photographs of 
grinning groups, several exciting nude 
shots of Duke Chapel, and much more 
written copy. But when this article was 
submitted, this book did not exist, and 
this article could not judge it. Its judg- 
ment, appreciation, and criticism, belongs 
to the audience which was its subject. 



The printed programs which informed 
the large, Hvely audience of the particulars 
of Symposium '66 contained the obser- 
vation that "our concepts of a university 
will change, perhaps drastically so"; and, 
for a great many among the thousands of 
members of the University community 
who attended the Symposium, change 
they did. To be sure, the alterations in 
each individual's philosophy of higher 
education ranged considerably from per- 
son to person, in depth and latitude. Thus 
it was neither a disappointment nor a 
surprise to anyone who took part in Sym- 
posium '66 that sweeping, universal agree- 
ment was not reached. Perhaps everyone 
who attended, however, felt that they had 
been involved in a meaningful, educa- 
tional experience. In this respect, if in 
no other, the Symposium was a success. 

During the three days of speeches, 
panels, forums, seminars (either in the 
more austere confines of Flowers or the 
relaxed informalit)' under the statue of 
James B. Duke), and finally, in the dis- 
cussion of 3:00 A.M. dormitory bull ses- 
sions, cynics were heard questioning aloud 
whether the atmosphere of the University, 
which seemingly was undergoing an elec- 
tric and exciting transformation during 
the Symposium, would remain as stimu- 
lating the rest of the year. The comment 
"this is what an education should be" was 
voiced many times indeed. However, and 
hopefully as a sign of things to come, 
class discussions during the Symposium in 
many instances centered on what had been 
said by Paul Goodman, Charles Musca- 
tine, David Harris, and E. G. William- 
son. Thus the University came under close 
and thoughtful scrutiny from a variety 
of perspectives and through a variety of 
structures. And while no one can assess 
the permanent effects of Symposium '66, 
it would probably be agreed in most quar- 
ters that, by the final night at the formal 
program, a "Commencement" had indeed 
begun — a commencement among and be- 
tween individuals within the University 
which might lead to beneficial re-evalua- 
tion and change. 




It would be difficult to attempt to pin- 
point the beginning of Symposium '66; 
dialogue concerning "the role of the in- 
dividual in the university and the role of 
the university in society" began long be- 
fore November 6 and continued well after 
November 8. Perhaps Dr. Muscatine 
found the starting point of the dialogue 
when he referred to Mrs. Anne Scott's 
widely applauded "Last Lecture" of the 
previous spring, wherein she advocated 
the establishment of an experimental 
college on the Duke campus. Perhaps it 
began with the students' questioning of 
the residential and co-ordinate college 
philosophies. Perhaps the catalyst was the 
series of spontaneously organized pre- 
Symposium seminars which punctuated 
the fall. Or perhaps, finally, the ferment of 
campus interest in "concepts of a univers- 
ity" was part of a new and concerted 
examination on campuses across the coun- 
try — by smdents, faculty, and administra- 
tion alike — of the responsibilities of the 
university. In all likelihood, each of these 
causes contributed to a vital interest 
among many persons on campus in defin- 
ing afresh the purposes of higher educa- 

The discussion which unfolded during 
the Symposium came, as it was pointed 
out the first night, "at a most propitious 
moment"; the timeliness of the topic was 
attested to by the greatest campus recep- 
tion yet given the Symposium in its eight 
years' existence. Significantly, conversa- 
tion generated by the panelists continued 
long after Tuesday's concluding panel, in 
the form of dormitory discussions, the 
organization of smdent and faculty efforts 
for change in many spheres of the life of 
the university, and, most crucially, in the 
"rooms and minds" of the individuals who 
were captured by the spirit of critical in- 
trospection. Thus Symposium '66 proved 
itself to be a year-long activity. 

But the formal thiee-day program re- 
mained the central event of the Sympo- 
sium. The variety, in focus and context, 
of its many segments, held appeal for a 
spectrum of preferences. For some, the 
evening programs with the major ad- 
dresses (ranging from Dr. Douglas 
Knight's keynote speech delivered from 
the perspective of a vice-chancellor of 
Newcastle College, to Mr. Harris's sensi- 

tive "ultimate talk") and fast-paced panel 
discussions, punctuated by the brisk inter- 
change of ideas among the participants, 
were the most vital aspects of Symposium 
'6G. For others, the individual seminars, 
which allowed for more personal contact 
and questioning with the participants, 
were more valuable. Still others preferred 
the spontaneity and variety of topics pro- 
vided by the Open Forum. 


■Ij ' < l » l ' 

Similarly, different ideas expressed by 
the four participants caught the imagi- 
nation of the different quarters of the 
University. Although one of the most ex- 
citing aspects of the Symposium was the 
noticeable change in the attitudes and 
ideas of the participants, there were still 
ideas delineated by each of the panelists 
which had uniqueness and merit: Dr. 
Williamson's admonition that "freedom 
from restraint ... is license and anarchy"; 
Dr. Goodman's conception of the univers- 
ity as a "communiry of professionals"; Mr. 
Harris's observation that "education is the 
process of . . . people taking hold of and 
understanding their own mind"; and Dr. 
Muscatine's assertion that "what is wrong 
with the modern American university is 
the responsibility, not of the Administra- 
tion, but of the faculty." 

It is difficult, finally, to determine ex- 
actly how or why Symposium '66 had such 
profound impact. Dr. Muscatine, how- 
ever, may have described the meaning of 
the Symposium for Duke University when 
he said that "if the existence of the uni- 
versity is a style of behavior, a stance to- 
ward the profession ... it is made or de- 
stroyed by individuals." That he and his 
colleagues reached many of those indiv- 
iduals is beyond question. 



■ •^'•\ X 



The Concept of the Residential College has been under 
fire this year. No one quite understands what it means — 
when the Deans speak of it, with reverence, the Concept 
is a mysterious, divinely given plan of living which pro- 
vides the Best of Everything for all students. To most it 
simply means that students are not allowed to live off 
campus. Not even if one thinks the Best is not what it's 
cracked up to be. Not even if the noise of dorm life pre- 
vents concentrated study. Not even if moving into Dur- 
ham could save money. 

At any rate, the Concept has suffered only verbal at- 
tacks, and students still live in University housing. This 
existence is a basic factor in one's education; unless he is in 
class or in the library or out at night, a student is likely to 
be in his University-owned room. 

Various living situations naturally tend to produce 
different ways of life, and the variety of living systems 
at Duke have created several diverse patterns. Students fall 
into these patterns either by chance or by choice — chance 
determines the assignment of East Campus dormitories 
and West freshmen houses, choice figures in the fraternity 
sections and some of the independent houses. 

Strangely enough, in view of the opposition to the con- 
cept of the residential college, a questionnaire on East 
Campus recently revealed that dormitory living was con- 
sidered one of the most meaningful aspects of Duke life. 
The growth on East of "living-learning" groups and the 
solidification of previously amorphous living groups on 
West demonstrate the importance of this part of the col- 
lege environment. For housing is not simply a convenient 
method of tucking away students for the night after class- 
room education ceases; on the contrary, it is here that a 
great part of the educational process goes on. Mutual 
education, or the pooling of knowledge and ideas in 
reciprocal relationships, can flourish if the living group 
allows it to do so. Some of our present systems profess to 
this; Faculty Apartments and Tabard project an image as 
havens for intellectuals. But other living groups accom- 
plish much the same thing, though perhaps on a less 
recognizably intellectual plane. How can a large group of 
students, all living close together and with some common 
purpose, avoid an interplay of thought? 

In fact, interplay can actually be inter-play and still re- 
main educational. In the living groups, the opportunities 

for relaxation and conversation are greater than anywhere 
else on campus. If one is to arrive at an understanding of 
himself he must do so in the context of social relationships. 
Having a roommate can be a very harrowing experience, 
but it can also bring one to terms with himself and at the 
same time open up a range of possibly rewarding relation- 
ships. All this could be accomplished, of course, without 
dormitories. But the residential college is what we have, 
and the best is made by taking advantage of its opportu- 

The necessity for privacy is the most disturbing draw- 
back in the residential structure. Almost nowhere in any 
living unit can a student retreat with the assurance of 
solitude, silence. And these two things are necessary, are 
indispensable, to a true education. Not only does a student 
lack the chance for solitary introspection, but the most per- 
sonal events of his life are often on display to everyone 
near him. Grief, or love, are almost never private affairs, 
but are shared by roommates, suite-mates, the people on 
the hall. It is often a struggle to hold secret emotions. 
It is always a struggle to work effectively when the noise 
of typewriters, radios, card games, and other miscellaneous 
sounds filter through the walls. 

The living group provides, to some extent, not only a 
personal environment but an external identity. This is 
more pronounced on West, where the seleaive process 
does do something to give a group recognizable character, 
but everyone also carries around in his mind a vague image 
of a Giles girl, which is somehow different from his con- 
cept of a Southgate girl. Part of this tendency is idle 
thought, but perhaps it is based on a truth of sorts: any 
group tends to find a common denominator, a set of in- 
formal rules which come into play when more than two 
or three get together. Fraternities are often thus distin- 
guishable by the special vocabularies they employ; inde- 
pendents are rapidly developing in the same direction. 
This often discourages individual growth. Habits of speech 
and consequently, of thought, are heard and acquired 
without reflection. 

With all their faults, the different ways of life at Duke 
do manage a positive influence on most students' growth. 
Having lived for a year down the hall from a talented 
drummer may have been noisy, but in retrospect, it can 
not fail but be seen as educational. 




A freshman's first contact with fratern- 
ity life at Duke comes in the reserved at- 
mosphere of the dining halls. The picture 
of fraternity life presented in the Union is 
obviously not complete or even adequate, 
but nonetheless, it is impressive. This pic- 
ture, enhanced by talk of girls, parties, 
homecoming, last year's beach weekend, 
and recent infamous grads, is painted with 
great skill, yet without obvious effort. 
This is the image which fraternities de- 
sire to put forth. It is reinforced by in- 
cidents of fraternity men capturing the at- 
tention of beautiful coeds on the main 
quad, of girls apologetically breaking 
dates with freshmen to go to a fraternity 
party, of notable and easily noticeable big 
men on campus. To many freshmen, the 
ideal of the sophisticated, easy going, fun- 
loving fraternity man becomes something 
to emulate. 

Fraternity life is more than pins and 
parties though, more than the image put 
forth to attract the freshmen. It is a 
gathering of individuals united by the 
common experience of pledging. And 
from this ordeal the rudiments of an 
intangible relationship called brother- 
hood emerge. This relationship is the 

major difference which separates fratern- 
ity life from independent life. 

Through the circumstance of living to- 
gether, of sharing common experiences, 
individuals within a fraternity become a 
part of the larger group. Collectively, the 
individual personalities become a larger 
personality of the whole. It is in this 
manner that a fraternity assumes a stereo- 
type. This is not to say that fraternities 
inhibit individualism. For instance, while 
it is the stereotype of Beta's to be rich, 
northern prep school boys or to be 
apathetic in campus activities, it is not 
true that all Beta's fit this image. The 
non-fraternity man, or the member of 
another fraternity, offers these stereotypes 
as definitions. The Sigma Chi's have their 
Derby Day. Theta Chi's have their rock. 
Sigma Nu's have campus leaders. Pi Kap's 
cheer the loudest at football games. Phi 
Delt's have an Out House instead of 
an Open House for freshman girls. The 
Delt's have a Western Weekend and 
seem to stay Western most of the year. 
Zebe's have a Chinese Open House for 
the entire campus on the last day of rush. 
SAE's have their chamelionated lion. The 
ATO's win the competition for displays. 


The fraternity is an island of insanity 
within the sea of structure and order in 
the University environment. It is an es- 
cape. It is a place where the individual 
can relax from the demands of edifica- 
tion. Each fraternity has its own appear- 
ance, language, and self-image. The self- 
image is distinct from the stereotype of 
the fraternity. For, while the stereotype 
is a convenient means of identifying any 
particular fraternity, the self-image is the 
view which the fraternity holds of itself. 
It is the motif through which the indivi- 
dual member looks at his brother. It is 
an image perpetuated from within. 

But each fraternity means something 
different to every member. The individ- 
ual's involvement with, or separation 
from, his fraternity is one form in which 
he can express himself, the way he is. He 
can react passively and graduate having 
been a Sigma Nu or an ATO; or he can 


give something of himself to his group. 
The decision is his, regardless of the 
stereotype. Indeed his own view of the 
fraternity is what ultimately determines 
the image of the whole. Thus fraternity 
life is not just a system to propagate a 
stereotype. The individual can alter the 
fraternity as much as it can him. The 
fraternity man, in fact, if he is "trained" 
properly, will be a person capable of 
leaving his mark on the system that 
spawned him. This is what the fratern- 
ity, after all, wants. 



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^. (^ ^ i!^ ^ O 
f^i P !?) .f!"^ j^ 

C^ ftt* ^ f^ C O p. 

O f ^ a O a O pi 

i^M^^kkikdk^. ^k 

p P 1^ (^^ C (B 1?^ 


Tschan, Donald N., Jr. 
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|f^. t^f <^ t?Vf 

(^ 0. p ^ (^ O O 

p. (??) ^ pf ^ 1^ ^ 

o ft p a. p p, ^/' 

© (^ ^ f>. 1^ ^ 
dhJ^h^k^ i ' ^M£ik 

(T) ^ ,r^. 

Albright, Roben P. 
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ff^ ^ (^ (f^ p P ^ 

O u* P O P ^ (^ 

^ 1^ ^ p o .^ (l^ 



es a f^. a o. ... ,_ 

^ ^ ^ ^ O ^ f"} 

^ P) ^ r^* 3 P f^ 

P ^ ^ i& ^ P ^ 

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5 1^ ,P^ .f^ (f^ P> "^ 

mrkd\k^ kJ» lii^Acfe^f 


O ip e p» § 

f^ Cj C) ^ Q 0^ Ol 

e^. #*^ ^ a a p !^ 


^ ^ O p f :*• f^ n 

^- O f^^ C^' 


^ ^ 

VanNortwick, William Aiva, Jr. 
Wickersham, John Richard 
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Q 0^ ,p |!^ C?* O ^ 

> © ^ lf^ ^ f^ p 

© f - 1? f^ p '^- 

^ .ff^ (f^ .f^i f) e ^ 

^ p ,f^ ^ 

(H^ €T* f^ ^ f^ i^, 

^ ^ ^ Cj 

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P .pl |!f^ ^ P f^ 

p* p a f> a p o 

p (:-:. p p .a p 


(^ (^ p f^ CS Pi 

a a e> (^ ^ 

if ^ ^ 




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p> ^ a i^' ^ a a 

o fh fs f% (h 

^ p ^' e>f^-. Q ^ 


V'"- A 









, 1 J 







Hollomon, Quinn G., Jr. 
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lobst, Frederick W. 
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.P f?!) P 

Jpj^ W«l }^»y^ 

h^ 1^ ^7|^ 


-^ -H W P 
f^ f^ f^ 




Ackerman, William J 

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B fl^ f) f^ p> Co ^ 

n f^, e f 

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^^. C^ ^ P H^ (^ 

(^ P O f^ 0^> H^ f^ 
^ r^ (^ G ip^ ft f *i 

^^drk^h^ t^k£-^dik 



Adler, Kenneth Elliot 

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Fried land, 





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f .4 ft 


1 -» «•' 























Independent life at Duke is in a state 
of ttansition, and to get an accurate 
glimpse of it, one must first understand 
something of its history. 

An independent cosmogony would be- 
gin some five years ago. Then, there were 
two utterly distinct divisions: a glamorous 
fraternity world, resplendent with parties, 
brotherhood, and majestic rites; and 
Chaos, an unformed, whirling mass of 
individuals who were thrown side by side 
and knew not the face next door. Dis- 
pleased with their lot, some of these in- 
dependents, encouraged by the Adminis- 
tration, grouped themselves into houses, 
set up governments, and began encourag- 
ing an esprit de corps. The experiment 
was imitated, and its success has nur- 
tured a hardy product, relatively healthy 
and destined for a long life. Independents, 
particularly since their acquisition of the 
most luxurious living accommodations on 
this residential campus, can with some 
justice call themselves "an alternative to 
the fraternity way of life." 


Just what alternative they offer is at 
present unclear. Tabard Hall, one of the 
early experiments, would speak proudly 
of an intellecaial community. The men 
of Tabard are well aware that a university 
is for education, and they look for mem- 
bers with a deep intellecutal tolerance. 
Lancaster and Taylor, on the contrary, 
emphasize men with breadth of activity 
— men whose main interests are social 
and extra-curricular. Their ideals seem 
close to those of Duke fraternities, though 
they pride themselves on a diversity 
which they claim fraternities cannot offer. 
York House attempts to win everybody's 
"best all-around" award, and this year 
they probably could. Their social pro- 
gram would awe independents of earlier 
years, and they have followed Tabard in 
initiating a non-credit course. Tabard 
established a seminar this fall on urban 
problems, under the guidance of Karl 
Clauset; York has begun its own seminar 
on contemporary poetry, featuring read- 
ing and discussions with poets in the 
Durham area. BOG views itself as a 
group of close friends, men ready to ac- 
tuaHze the concept of brotherhood. Their 
strong unity, and a preoccupation with 
house pins and sweatshirts, have caused 
some to call them a local fraternity, 
though many in the group deny this. 


The other independent houses have not 
gained sufficient identity to be charac- 
terized so readily, but present indications 
suggest that they will within several 
years. The development of aaive social 
and intellectual programs is a good thing; 
the upsurge of independent living has en- 
riched the overall life of the University. 
But the real status of independent living 
remains unsettled. An increasing urge 
on the part of independents to be selec- 
tive in house admission was thwarted this 
year by a resolution of the AIH, which 
made selectivity more difficult. Those op- 
posed to the resolution attributed the 
rapid growth of the independent system 
largely to this selective process. 

Though probably erroneous, this no- 
tion underlined the confusion about in- 
dependent living. If independent houses 
are to be based on selectivity, they are to 

be fundamentally very similar to frater- 
nities. The proclivity toward strong "in- 
dependent rush," rumors of York pledge 
paddles, and BOG pins reinforce that 

But this trend goes against the very 
grain of an independent system. Inde- 
pendent life cannot escape more diversity, 
if only by necessity, and its spirit is less 
tightly demanding on individual mem- 
bers. Forces at work within and without 
this system will not allow independent 
life to maintain these opposite tendencies. 

The days of chaos are gone forever. 
The intellectual richness, the parties, the 
sense of unity and friendship present in 
today's houses spark an enthusiasm that 
independents do not want to lose. But 
the final form of their efforts is yet to 
be determined. And, as we know, if not 
by students, then by Brother Allen. 




Ballew, Steven E 

Barnhart, Philip W., Jr 

Brown, Clinton M., Jr 

Brown, Paul D 

Burchesky, Kenneth M 

Crater, Richard R 

Culver, John P., Ill 

DePuey, E. Gordon 

Duffy, Edward J. 

England, Robert S. 

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Gibson, Thomas B. 

High, William L. 

James, Thomas, III 

Jones, Ross E. 

Kennerly, John C. 

Kramer, John R. 

Krenkel. John M. 

Lawrence, William B. 

Lippard, Daniel B. 

Lord, Richard S., Jr. 

Martin, James A., Jr. 

Maynard, James B. 

Padgett, David E. 

Prindle, William S. 

Pritchard, Richard H. 

Riley, James T. 

Ryder, Timothy W. 

Sheron, Brian W. 

Size, Tim K. 

Smith, John H. 

Smith, Ralph W. 

Stark, Steven Z. 

Thomas, Isaac C. 

Thompson, William H. 

Wall, Joseph E. 

Wells, James H. 

Weir, Jeremy 

Wheeler, William H. 

Whitelaw, Robert S., Jr. 

ir> 00 e f^ n 

o p (^^ e^ omo^ 
a c\ ^ f^ o e"* -^ 

^- o Q m p ^i 

^ f^ o o o 

P P) H^ ^ p 

Arnold, Richard M 

Arthur, Thomas C 

Bergman, Eric C 

Brantley, Bert A., Jr 

Carney, Robert S., Jr 

Charlesworth, Donald R, 

Chisholm, Paul S., Jr, 

Corey, George N 

Crow, William C 

Derrenbacher, William P., Jr 

DiPasquale, John W 

Dye, Joseph E 

Ellis, Alfred J, 

Fehler, John R, 


p pl Q, ^ f^ i3 

O -^ 1^ P 




(^ O f^ k^ f> ^ 

'*^ %yr^- r*^ 1^^ *^*' "^"^ts^ ■?- -^ 

o o c^ e^f o a f*,^ 



i^: *' 


Q p O f^ O 




P ^ p if^y O C^ ^ 

ikk^kmk^ km kMk£^M 
f^ O f-^ ^ f!|^ 1^ 

!!I^ ^ff ^ ^). ,C> O -1" 

Fineman, Alvin J. 
Foreman, John W. 
Glass, Frank W., Jr. 
Gotlieb, Edward M. 
Gray, Joseph H., Ill 
Green, James E. 
Greene, James B. 

Hanson, John B. 
Harris, Robert B. 
Haswell, Eddy S. 
Hogue, Richard D. 
HoIIingshead, Robert L. 
Holmes, V. Mason, Jr. 
Hughey, Patrick M. 

Hume, Nicholas 
Hunnicutt, Bruce A. 
Jarrell, Bethel K. 
Hunter, David L. 
Johnson, Robert A. 
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Jordan, Joseph E., Jr. 

Karver, Stephen J. 
Keen, Donald M. 
Knight, James P. 
Koeppel, Ronald C. 
Kohn, James C. 
Landis, Michael E. 
Lawson, George M., Jr. 

Lenz, James E., Jr. 
Logan, Dennis T. 
Lunson, James E., Jr. 
Mahone, Michael A. 
McAllister, John F. 
McClellan, George J., Jr. 
McCuUough, James A. 

Morgan, Horace P., Jr. 
Mumford, Herbert W., Ill 
Newton, Richard E. 
Northrop, Thomas W., Jr. 
Pearce, Robert H. 
Perry, Thomas G. 
Pitts, Rodney C. 

Robertson, David F. 
Rojas, Fernando R. 
Rowles, John M. 
Schaich, Terry L. 
Schiro, Gregory W. 
Scott, Richard L. 
Settle, Henry C, Jr. 

Slikas, Jonathan M. 
Southern, Gilbert E., Jr. 
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Stanley, Ronald J. 
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Streets, Benjamin F., Ill 
Thies, Austin C, Jr. 

Veatch, Jesse W., Ill 
Walter, Joseph D. 
Watson, Thomas R. 
Wilkerson, Richard N. 
Williams, James A. 
Williams, Robert B. 
Witter, Lon L. 



Abernethy, John L. 

Bailey, Robert W. 

Breedlove, Kendall H. 

Bright, Robert N. 

Calver, James S. 

Cozrens, William A. 

Crosby, Paul D. 

D'Annunzio, Albert M. 

Darling, Malcolm B. 

Davant, Charles 

Davis, Wesley S., Jr. 

DeCarlo, Alan N. 

Downs, Robert W., Jr. 

Eddy, James H., Ill 

Feick, John W. 

Flitter, Jonathan E. 

Frenzel, James C. 

Frost, Jack N. 

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Garavelli, John S. 

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Wayne, James H., Jr. 

Whitted, Michael C. 

Wilkins, Jesse T. 

Worthington, John W. 

Yehling, George C, III 

Zwelling, Leonard A. 

J^ ^^ ^> 

■h" ^ £"* 

p P ^ a p @ 


p a p, p i?fe^ © j?^' 

^^ m (^ p o ^ f^ 

^tsJ f^ ^^ fTJ l^r^ C3 

(-J f^ ^ f^^ 



^ ^ f^ 




-^ P f^ P* ^ P^ ^ 

P O '1^ ^ O ^ 

o e^ 1^1 O P 1^ f?^ 

i^Tf |!P ,-^^. .fm .fT^ .^^- P^. 

p e> o e:. ^ f^ 

^ ^ ty 0. ff^ ^ 

o^ ^ f^ ^ p. m 

^ P> 0^5 ^ ^ 1^ j^ 

.^. (^ ^ u:i O 

Ahmann, Gerald b. 
Albrecktson, John R, 
Andrews, Michael L. 
Arlen, Daniel C. 
Bald, William A. 
Blackwelder, Blake W. 
Blanks, Wayne A. 

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Deneen, William D. 

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York, David E. 

Zellinger, Michael J. 

^ ff^. \f^ Cj pf -^ f^ 

Ahrens, Kenneth G. 

Altreuter, Richard W. 

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McKellar, Chnton 

McLain, Thomas E. 


^ff ^ f^ c^ o ^* .a 

ff^ p O .pi p P) 


p pi (^ P Q 

\ fB f ^ a a p 

P ^ f3 |f) 

k r 4\id <feil^iirl 

^1 o ea O 

f^ m f^ a p P © 



O (?^ p p Q p» 

"^ P p- P ^ P 

f^ ^ C POP 

{•s». - 

t tf^ifv^iiti '''" ^^ 


^ .fT^J fl, Cj .fT) CVf £5 

f-^-J f*^ .f^TTf >T!Tt!7 J^^ t^G^ 

Miller, Craig S. 
Nelson, Hugh T. 
Nelson, William H. 
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Werner, Jeffrey S. 
Williams, Richard L. 
Wisiackas, John S. 
Wolfe, John F. 
Young, David R. 
Zeger, Dennis A. 


(^ f^ |r^ O 

■p P f^ p Q. ^ 

Beatry, Wayne A. 
Beckwith, Edmund R. 
Bennett, George J. 
Blackwelder, Jeffrey A. 
Boehm, Douglas W. 
Boyd, Howard M. 
Bradley, Walter S. 

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Henry, Fred E. 


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Wilson, Blake F. 

Withers, Alan W. 

Yoder, Larry A. 


^.^ ^Tf Cj ^J) 

J^ O ^ ^ P O P 

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ f^ 

© f^ e^ if^ a c p 


4 -- -' 

* o o 




^ O M ^ ^ 

p> p g5 n ^ .^ D 
p p-0 f^ f^ ^ O 

Anlyan, Frederick H., Jr. 
Batty, Kerry K. 
Bennett, Roland K., Jr. 
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Miles, Duke 

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Zehner, Michael M. 

m-^ W' 







(^ ^ f^ f^ 

f^ t3 Q a> 

l<5' -C-t 


P C< (^ (^ f^ ^ 

fS i!^ f:^ ^ (^ Q P 

^ f^ f^ ^^f Q. p ,p 

.^ ?^ ^ a p f^ Q 

e r> (^p p ^ o 

Anderson, Augustus S. 
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Joslin, John D. 
Kien, Craig L. 



.,C^ ^^ ^Irs! ^ZJ vf-J f-»* f^ 


^ fT^ f^ O O O 



# p p f^ f^» cl c^ 

Kinard, Carl O. 
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l*y P^ ^ C^ (?> (3l 

^p F ' h^ (^ ^^ r"^ rp 


^ ^ h^ ^ tP ^ -O 

£:md:kJ^k^ki^^k tin 


Schlesinger, Martin 
Shore, Philip L. 
Sneeringer, William J. 
Walker, Leo L. 


f^ Q P\ (^ ^ ^^ 


Jt'^' f^ ^^ {^'-^ CisJ 

m ^' es (^ tf^ p <^ 

B f^ C> ft"^ 

p O O O r^ rr 

fj^f fTti O- i!^ w f^ ^f 

e^ P p ^ ^ p. p 

0^ f^ p f- f^ ^ B 

\ — ■ 

Batts, Richard T. 
Beall, Ninian, Jr. 
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O r^ IPj ^y 

f^ .^ 

p f^ p p* a B 

O ^^ 1^ (^ ^ ^ f^\ 



Adams, Alfred G. 

Adams, Douglas G. 

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m a .© p D a a 

^ O O (T^ O f^ f^^ 
iMi^M^Mitk^k^ kk' 


P-, ^ p p 


.^ ^^ 1^ p f^ 

^' f^ if^ O D ^ O 

P*' U^^ ^ v .- C^ ^^ |*v^' 1^51^ 

r)*' It5^ 15^ •^•^ 


iT^^ ^i^^ft ir^iY^^^ 

X- ^ ^- Q ^ Q ^'^ 

Glover, Claiborne V., Ill 
Goodman, Lee A. 
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W Ifv^* f'"' ^ 



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Huggins, Michael O. 

Irvine, F. O. 

Ishmael, William E. 

i^ C^ ^A ip '^ ^ 

dik£tk ^tMSkdik^k^h 

!f^ p f?^ a f^i ^ 

^ "- ^^ P^' P^ t-"* W^ -'^' 

P fh CX O £v"l^< 


f^. m f^f ^^ f> 

Hh^^kgr.k^k ri , 
€> ^ ^ p> O Cj 

(^ ^f?^ .p 1^ ^ w ^^ 
f^ (^ i... (f^ ^ |r.% fT^ 


f^ O ^ f^ ,Q ^ ^?> 

Jordan, Robert W. 
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Tally. Robert T. 


Thomas, Wilbur W., Ill 

White, Nathaniel B., Jr. 

Wilcox, Kent W. 







.j^ f^ ^ f^ ^-f ^r^ f'^^ 

f^ ^^ h^ W ^ cr^ vi^ 

■Cr^ ^ a n a f n .(5 

a ej a f*«> a 

(f!y P #:! p |3 jf^ ^ 

p! ^ ^ (^ jS |i J O 

O ^ O ft ^ © ?^' 

Altrnan, Stephen D. 
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Mcjimpsey, James L. 
McLean, Bruce A. 
Meisner, Richard C. 
Meizlik, Joel D. 
Miller, Robert L., Jr. 


^ ^. pt p © 

§ a- p o <f^ © 

^ p ft ^f p ^ 

^ (^ © ©' 

(t? ^ i-^, ft 

* -" 'Vl-v VCrcr- fr'^ 

. Ij.* 

Murray, Steven M. 
North, James W. 
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HH 1 

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^i '^ 

'T^'fi ^ 

^ f^ © P 


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'^ Q (^ ^ Pi fS ,.- 

,0 f^P ^ f^ ^ 


^ cp^ C^ O p £p» ^ 

^ ^r f^ ^i (T^ ^ 

, ^ f^ j??» O p P 

Herman, Walter R. 
Brown, Archie W. 
Calvin, Richard T. 
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Woodbury, Max T. 

Woods, Randolph J. 

Worful, Stephen C. 

p p p n p^ P 

^ P f^ O 

-^ . 4, 


Cj g O P' ^ P 

! ( 




Kilgo Quad that first night was mas- 
sive, noisy. Our Y-man had been by to 
see us, checking to be sure we would all 
be up for the language placement tests 
the next morning; we had appreciated 
his self-conscious attempt to become 
acquainted. My room mate was a pleasant 
surprise, and the room a rather unpleas- 
ant one. 

Across the hall we soon met one of 
the IBM's bigger mismatches. Bert had 
walked in the room wearing an Elkin 
High letter sweater and glenplaids; Fred 
had got in several hours earlier and was 
sitting on the edge of his bed, idly 
practicing scoops with an old lacrosse 
stick. Somehow though, the two had 
become rather good friends, and when 
Bert pulled a 3.1 mid-term, Fred began 
to doubt the "natural advantage" his head- 
master and prep school friends had postu- 

We all did a lot of mental rebuilding 
that fall. Having never seen fifteen boys 
play football in a hall four feet wide, 
having never met an artist, having never 
flunked a quiz, there was a lot to learn. 
After six or eight weeks, even the special 
collegiate vocabulary came naturally; 
"poly sci, " "commons room," "the Dope" 
no longer sounded affected. 

Classes went fairly well. Most of us 
had first periods and went to them. We 
learned about English-theme allnighters 
J and became convinced that the same B- 
1 would come on the two-hour paper that 
disappointed us when we saw it on the 
one we labored over two days. 

Quickly we picked up first names, 
which gradually became coupled with last 
names and hometowns, girls on East and 
stories about best friends or golf courses 
once played. Certain of our number en- 
tered freshman government and were 
transformed into, we thought, campus 
figures. One boy down the hall played 
freshman football; we went out to see him 
play and were impressed. Together, some 


of us went to the first home varsity game, 
felt strange but proud to cheer for Duke 

The Y-group split up in a way, but 
there was a kind of permanent bond left; 
new friends were passed around our old 
group, and we around theirs, so that by 
late October, everyone in the house knew 
each other. The wealth of new people 
was at times intoxicating. Nearly every- 
one was bright and had some interesting 
story — composed music, had spent two 
years in Tangiers, was All-State in soccer. 
One night we sat up until four, talking 
with a boy who had been in Cuba when 
Castro took over. Our view of life 
widened that night as we heard him tell 
how he had escaped the island — strangling 
a guard, bribing a port official. His 
hatred was beyond our world; we had 
not known of such things. 

So we lived together, grew together, 
novitiates in the Duke order, apart from 
our mentors, apart from the upper classes, 
fresh men of this Gothic world. 



Banks, Thomas Allen, Jr. 

Bell, Thomas M. 

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Fraser, James A. 

Freeman, Jan H. 

Friedlander, John R. 

Gilbert, Robert W. 

Goedde, Alan G. 

ft s r?i ,p .p ift 
ry § (^ m p g^ f^ 

O (?5 155 ^ f^ O ^ 

f^ O ,.3 




(^ P !^ O ^ fl^ 

=s.-ir*. m 

^-»-* ^rvf f^^ >s*»H<t W--^ * 

f^ ^ (^ f:", (5? f^ 

O ^ P # r.:- p 

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o p fs:^ P Q p 

f^ p ^4 m n. a '^ 

p e ^ o ^ 

(*»*-! 1'^"=^ •5^^(3* ^ "^ ^ v^^^' 


p pt ^ p a » f?^ 

^J E-_« J^^'jf. ^^*rp f--' 

^ 1^ f^ .r±! f^ P 

^ O ^ ^ © 

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,- o a p ^ o P 

p ft if!^ © a rh 1^ 

^^ ^? F^ vv ^p rr^- l^^^f 

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^-1 l^p h-' .Cv fTIf ^^ fR^ 

.sf^ ^ O ^ O f^ f^f- 

f.^ p ^ ^ 

9 ^ © p © p 

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r^ ^ p f% 

^ P, ^ fn 


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P g5'^ fa P P» f!f^ 

\o--^ fo - ' 1^1^ Z^ |z*.f f- 

P tti O p I& 

^ ^ p) .p p .p (^ 

f^ ^p f^ f^i ^ O 1^. 

D- ^'ft"' f:^- O:- ^ O 

1^ P (?^ |f^ ft ^^ f^. 

© P' P .^ ^ 1^ 1^ 


Jite^ S^^ M^^ 

f?9 f^ fTi^ 


^ ^ ,Ct (^ ipj p o 

|f^ ^ f^ ,^ ^ j!!^. !^ 

'(v^ C^ f?*' '^ *— ^ 

Takacs, Stephen G. 
Traylor, Ronald D. 
Tweed, Douglas S. 
Weinstein, James G. 
Williams, James A. 
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Young, Roy E. 




i^^^^^ ^ 

Q f^ ^ 

ui ^ 


^ p^ 

a a 



^ O pj> P ^ 

P t^ P V,. 

Bernhard, Alan C. 
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J»^ n p 1^ © (^' 
^> f^ f ^ a a 

^) f^t ^ .|??l © ^ fv'^ 


C^. ?T ^ f!^ P p {?:?>. 

^ O f^ C^ 

^ I^ 

Bc.r *Bi 

O ^% p ^ H c>f p 

p m ^v ^ 

m p n p f^ a P 


Hunting, James W. 
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Taylor, Steven H. 
Todd, Robert F. 
Walker, Henry H. 
Warran, Jason R. 
Wiseman, Andrew 
Young, James M. 








The long white walls of the hall stand 
always still. 

They echo the watm, infectious chaner 
of a pre- football atmosphere: the un- 
mistakable monotone of Bob Dylan's 
persistent plea; the commercial and famil- 
ar Southern twang of a local disc jockey; 
the constant running of bath water; the 
snipping of hair-trimming scissors; the 
brisk click of heels on the hard floor. 

They generate the happy anticipation 
of the week before Christmas vacation; 
a paper Santa Claus on the door; Christ- 
mas cards from friends; snow falling in 
the dark outside the window; fur-lined 
boots in the hall; plane reservations; 
studying at night in the parlor for a last 
minute quiz: sitting next to the cheerful 
blinking colors and sparkles of a deco- 
rated tree; a blazing fire in the fireplace; 
thoughts of home. 

They resound with the glowing ex- 
citement that dominates semester break; 
preparation for fraternity rush parties; 
freedom from books and forced thought; 
time for laughter; new faces of guests; 
rooms full of cots; trying on new clothes 
after a downtown shopping spree. 

They reel and spin in the one A.M. 
daze that follows a Saturday night of loud 
combo music, fast dancing, cold beer, 
cigarette smoke, and special company; the 
isolated recollection of a quiet moment 
or remark; the smiling satisfaction of a 
promising beginning; the melting away 
of anxieties. 

They reflect the light from a roomful 
of friends: the guitar-strumming unify of 
singing together; the carefree gossip of a 
late popcorn party the night before 
Thanksgiving vacation; the whispering 
groups huddled around windows in dark 
rooms listening to a fraternity serenade; 
music students trying to catch the mood 
of Beethoven on tape; a few free mo- 
ments to stop by a friend's room to watch 
the Sunday night movie on T.V.; the 
surprise of returning from the shower to 
a burst of friends, a candle-laden cake, 
and a somewhat baritone version of 
"Happy Birthday." 

They hold the fulfillment of com- 
panionship: a sorority sister from down 
the hall; a group of girls struggling with 
their obligation to speak French for a 
year; student nurses comparing notes on 
the last med film and discovering they 
are in love with the same intern; two 
bleary-eyed freshmen marching down the 
stairs in G-A for an early breakfast. 

The walls are part of the triumph of 
success: the sudden dancing joy in break- 
ing the news of a newly acquired fratern- 
ity pin; the glowing newness of a first 
place swimming certificate on the wall; 
pleasure from congratulations on making 
Phi Beta Kappa; the letter of acceptance 


to grad school, disbelieved, even on the 
third reading; the beauty of the red letter 
"A" on the title page of a 30-page term 
paper; the smiles and recognition that 
attest to first-rate performance in a stu- 
dent play; the portable, all-day sensation 
of having done well. 

They witness creative beginnings; a 
charcoal sketch on an easel; an intricate- 
ly-cabled ski sweater lying on a towel 
ready to be blocked; the first draft of a 
poem scribbled urgently on the back of a 
Psych 91 syllabus. 


They are the familiar walls of home 
after a difficult exam: the welcome relief 
of relaxing, reading a favorite magazine, 
listening to records, writing a letter home; 
the lifting of tension; the comforting 
silence just before sleep, the room dark- 
ened against the afternoon sun. 

They stretch deserted in the isolated, 
exhausted relief of four A.M. after a 
night of frenzied typing in the kitchen: 
two long rows of doors with strangers 
tucked away behind their "asleep" signs; 
the steady sound of rainfall outdoors; the 
dreary blur of artificial lights in the halls; 
the dismal revelation from the clock on 
the wall. 

They stand empty and strange after an 
early return from spring vacation: the 
slickness of newly polished floors; the un- 
friendly bareness of the room — no cur- 
tains or rug, stripped beds, a single book 
abandoned at the last minute on a desk, 
an unwashed pair of socks hanging on 
the doornob, a blinding ray of sunshine 
pouring in the window. 

They seem confining during the Satur- 
day night closing desk shift: the lack of 
phone calls and visitors; the procrasti- 
nation from study; the boredom and 
restlessness; an occasional caller, five 
minutes of much-needed communication, 
the departure, the relatching of the front 

They go unnoticed during the moments 
of concentration; reading a familiar poem, 
seeing the words even more carefully; 
composing the letter that wiU end a rela- 
tionship; conceiving a design for a dress 
— trying to imagine unseen shapes and 
effects; staring at the picture on the dress- 
er until judgment of appearances is lost. 
They oflfer no company when friends 
are unavailable: the absence of people in 
the dorm during a football game; the 
strangeness of the room while one room- 
mate is out of town for the weekend; 
Looking at last year's yearbook — pictures, 
clubs, classes — that bring some sm'les, 
some satisfaction, some yearning, some 
wonder, some sadness — too many memo- 
ries; a long look in the mirror — with the 
sudden decision to get a drastic haircut. 



Adams, Sarah M. 
Andresen, Carol L. 
Andrews, Andrea R. 
Bacon, Carol O. 
Barker, Jane C. 
Bay, Barbara A. 
Beach, Margaret A. 

Booth, Lyndall L. 
Brown, Darlene E. 
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Harkrader, Sarah G. 

Hartsfield, Anne W. 
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Hellmers, Rosemary L. 
Herrmann, Wendy E. 
Hill, Elizabeth E. 
Hobson, Joyce A. 
Hapman, Mary S. 

Hurst, Carol J. 
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Johnson, Kathryn H. 
Kerner, Susan E. 
Leight, Elizabeth M. 
Lewis, Anne M. 
Leyhe, Nancy L. 

Little, Dora A. 

McDuffie, Mary S. 

Mohler, Julia B. 

Moore, Kathryn S. 

Munson, Kathryn T. 

Nash, Rebecca A. 

Nordstrom, Alene 

Page, Nancy B. 
Peake, Mary P. 
Peery, Alice P. 
Sapp, Janet M. 
Schreiber, Merle F. 
Shockey, Dolores D. 
Simons, Sara E. 

Sims, Barbara L. 

Stack, Elizabeth L. 

Staple, Elizabeth A. 

Stuart, Lee A. 

Thomas, Nancy L. 

Tuten, Lois A. 

Willey, Joan D. 

^ f^ i) d-l« <^f 



Williamson, Katherine E. 
Wilson, Elizabeth B. 
Workman, Kathryn A, 




m &&tf^^ ^^^ ^^^ 


■f > 




ttiik ^^li 


Acree, Jackie 
Addington, Ann M. 
Althouse, Sandra L. 
Arnold, Carolyn M. 
Babcock, Catherine R. 
Barker, Melinda D. 
Baxt, Betty J. 

Beach, Robert K. 
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Botsford, Lydia W. 

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Crowder, Janice L. 
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Emerson, Margaret J. 
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Konanz, H. Jacqueline 
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Livingston, Alayne K. 
Louderback, Jean L. 
Lynch, Frances H. 


McAdams, Ann E. 

McDonald, Gail M. 

McSwiney, Carol A. 

Moody, Jane D. 

Newlin, Victoria E. 

Paschall, Claire A. 

Pfohl, Barbara A. 

Prio, Maria E. 
Radovich, Barbara J. 
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Regan, Sheila 
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Smith, Page H. 

Smith, Sharon A. 

Smith, Sharon A. 

Smith, Sheryl Jean 

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Younger, Mary M. 

B 1^ f B n 


Ashcraft, Jane E. 

Badenhoop, Judith E. 

Bisgard, Kathryn A. 

Blessing, Katherine A. 

Bonney Sharon L. 

Brown, Linda J. 

Brown, Martha C. 

Byrne, Suzanne B. 

Carson, Christina Y. 

Colburn, Barbara A. 

Cowart, Dorothy A. 

Cozart, Sally W. 

Currie, Mary C. 

Curtis, Judith M. 




tr- •n 

(^ © in' 


t^fc bM ^.4 

Darr, Judy A. 
Dejager, Gretchen E. 
Dommerich, Rosemary J. 
Ear'?, ivlary E. 
Evans, Nancy E. 
Fowlkes, Martha L. 
Fruitstone, Helen A. 

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Johnson, Janis 

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Dubois, Mary 

Duffey, Mary E. 

Dulaney, Ruth M. 

Duncan, Trilby M. 

Forrester, Terri L. 

Frederick, Constance 



h~l ir.1 f^ »i:--) 

Gates, Mary K. 
Gentithes, Cynthia 
Gosnell, Katharine A. 
Gunther, Jeanette M. 
Hancock, Ellen P. 
Helm, Gail A. 
Henney, Susan J. 

Hensley, Patricia 
Hopkins, Elizabeth A. 
Hopkins, Vera K. 
James, Margaret L. 
Johnston, Martha M. 
Kilpatrick, Judith A. 
Klaif, Judi A. 

Kornet, Christine A. 
Kurtz, Phyllis H. 
Lund, Ingrid E. 
Luper, Anne H. 
McCall, Linda L. 
McCartt, Anne T. 
McGuire, Judith H. 

McMurray, Sandra G. 
McNeill, Beverly J. 
Maloney, Patricia A. 
MacPherson, Ronni E. 
May, Betsy 
Mendez, Maria V. 
Meriam, Melissa L. 

Metzger, Kazie 
Meyer, Anne S. 
Mosher, Lynn 
Moss, Ann H. 
Mullen, Beverly L. 
Parker, Marlie S. 
Phillips, Paula R. 


Rhett, Nancy A. 
Rice, Betsey M. 
Richards, Lillian C. 
Richardson, Kim M. 
Robertson, Jane G. 
Rocchio, Diane L. 
Sancrant, Linda B. 

Sanders, Merle A. 
Saunders, Sandra C. 
Sheppard, Margaret E. 
Shrewsbury, Mary A. 
Simpson, Emily C. 
Smith, Deborah L. 
Sopousek, Jan 

Spinelli, Betty J. 
Strawn, Betsy A. 
Sohlberg, Linda G. 
Taylor, Linda R. 
Thompson, Agnes W. 
Thompson, Sally M. 
Turner, Ann R. 

Turner, Linda K. 
Wade, Ruth E. 
Wakeland, Robin G. 
Wende, Janis A. 
Whittaker, Tracy M. 
Williams, Deborah S. 
Wilmot. Barbara N. 

Witty, Susan J. 


^ C5 r^>T i^, 

Aliard, Sandra 
Anderson, Sarah G. 
Angler, Liba R. 
Bachelor, Edith L. 
Baluss, Mary E. 
Bayly, Bryce M. 
Belton, Katherine A. 

Blasingham, Mary C. 
Boylan, Kathleen F. 
Brennen, Judith M. 
Brewer, Nancy 
Brimm, Martha C. 
Brown, Susan E. 
Cannon, Eileen E. 

Chase, Linda J. 
Chenoweth, Anne Starr 
Cochran, Georgia C. 
Cockrill, Betty B. 
Cole, Elizabeth A. 
Crowell, Dale J. 
Darland, Jane C. 

Delony, Patty L. 
DeVyver, Mary E. 
Dodds, Ann M. 
Dunlap, Louise C. 
English, Maiian E. 
Farmer, Elizabeth B. 
Fenelon, Christine 





Fischer, Cindy A. 
Fortune, Deborah A. 
Gallman, Donna M. 
Garvin, Patricia C. 
Graves, Denyse L. 
Greenlee, Sally K. 
Hales, Celia E. 

Harriman, Connie S. 
Harrington, Sarah 
Harrison, Velma G. 
Herlocker, Betty 
Hodge, Susan I. 
Holmquist, Julie B. 
Humphreys, Katherine K. 

Hurdle, Patricia A. 
Jackson, Grace T. 
James, Edyth M. 
Jennings, Jerri L. 
Johnson, Linda S. 
Johnson, Susan T. 
Johnson, Terry 

Jones, Janey H. 
Jones, Leslie M. 
Kellett, Mary J. 
Kilpatrick, Clarinda A. 
Knott, Mary V. 
Leath, Mary J. 
Leininger, Lynne A. 

Leland, Candace M. 
Lowry, Susan E. 
McCants, Carol M. 
McLeod, Harriet A. 
MacDonald, Sarah H. 
MacLeod, Connie C. 
Maher, Karen A. 

Martin, Marilyn L. 
Mees, Patricia A. 
Melson, Janet L. 
Miller, Sally E. 
Moore, Kathleen B. 
Murray, Lauren R. 
Nielsen, Lois C. 

Olsen, Virginia A. 

Owens, Roselyne Y. 

Pannill, Linda S. 

Perez, Carmen L. 

Perrin, Sally A. 

Pickard, Tempo O. 

Prescott, Susan M. 

Redd, Susan M. 

Rogers. Carol 

Rogers, Nora L. 

Rurak, Nancy E. 

Safford, Barbara S. 

Sargent, Betsy 

Schmidt, Havard E. 

Schupper, Linda N. 

Shackford, Virginia P. 

Shepherd, Joan R. 

Spencer, Mary I. 

Stafford, Susan G. 

Stone, Susan B. 

Tall, Julia L. 

Tate, Jacqueline C. 

Tenenblatt, Marian R. 

Titue, Ellen G. 

Turner, Emily B. 

Walder, Susan E. 

Weaver, Carolyn M. 

Weldon, Alice A. 


Werber, Carol S. 
West, Helen M. 
Whitney, Pamela E. 
Wood, Sara L. 


Allen, Cora A. 
Beaver, Patricia D. 
Bimel, Natalie S. 
Borbely, Julia A. 
Cockram, Carol A. 
Cohn, Jacqueline E. 
Collins, Catherine E. 

Davis, Mary A. 
Dell-Ross, Patricia J. 
Dyson, Paulette K. 
Eierman, Barbara E. 
Freeman, Phyllis K. 
Fulchiero, Anita 
Gleaton, Sara F. 

Grant, Cheryl E. 
Hill, Mary L. 
Howe, Doria W. 
Kadick, Mish A. 
Kimball, Susan J. 
King, Judith E. 
Kneeskern, Lois J. 

Kuck, Kathie D. 
McKnight, Judith E. 
McNeely, Mary J. 
Mims, Leslie A. 
Newman, Mollie L. 
Partridge, Ann E. 
Patterson, Sarah E. 

Petersen, Marsha C. 
Reed, Glenda E. 
Roberts, Pamela 
Rogers, Judith C. 
Rohlf, Jane L. 
Ross, Florence A. 
Rothstein, Susan J. 

Ruby, Mary M. 
Schneider, Ann L. 
Sheip, Ellen K. 
Smith, Elizabeth H. 
Smith, Marsha L. 
Toyzer, Betsy L. 
Ward, Leslie J. 

Warren, Camille M. 
Weekley, Linda A. 
Williams, Penelope 
Winge, Mary E. 
Wolf, Mary J. 
Young, Dorothy C. 



Barthcl, Carol A. 

Brown, Sallie L. 

Bryan, Yvonne M. 

Butler, Katherine A. 

Cleary, Geraldine R. 

Davis, Pamela C. 

Deegan, Sandra J. 

Dick, Frances C. 

DiUard, Sandra J. 

Erlanger, Peggy R. 

Few, Ellen H. 

Gilchrist, Linda 

Green, Kathleen E. 

Gurkin, Janet E. 

Henderson, Ann M. 

Horn, Judith C. 

Jackson, Constance E. 

Johnson, Marcia H. 

Keen, Barbara A. 

Kiser, Sylvia D. 

Klutz, Vivian P. 

Lowenbach, Trude S. 

Mallahan, Melinda S. 

Mickens, Alma R. 

Mize, Anne B. 

Nixon, Sharyn A. 

Orvin, Donna C. 

Porter, Judy A. 

Posey, Susan P. 

Ransburg, Jean E. 

Ringwald, Barbara L. 

Rivera, Phoebe J. 

Rock, Elizabeth A. 

Rupp, Dorothy E. 

Scott, Bernadette F. 

Sheppard, Margaret A. 

Starrett, Andrea L. 

Stephens, Sharon P. 

Stroman, Dorothy M. 

Vos, Elizabeth L. 

Wall, Doris C. 

Walsh, Kathy L. 

Wilson, Elizabeth A. 

Wyatt, Emily H. 

Yearbook, Susan C. 

Arthur, Kay K. 

Barbour, Carol G. 

Bartholomes, Kathryn L. 

Bassett, Sandra V. 

Bell, Barbara E. 

Belvin, Jeanne L. 

Bogard, Rebecca L. 





Bouknight, Lillian M. 
Bowers, Betsy 
Bowles, Linda L. 
Branch, Betty 
Braun, Kathleen 
Brown, Louise L. 
Caputo, Patricia J. 

Carlson, Brenda J. 
Cole, Susan A. 
Collier, Vivian 
Correll, Alma J. 
Court, Sarah L. 
Craft, Alice M. 
Dixon, Antoinette L. 

Druse, Mary 
Dudley, Ann F. 
Dysart, Mary L. 
Earnhardt, Ann E. 
Edgerton, Jane E. 
Ellington, Elizabeth G. 
Fallis, Sara J. 

Feder, Elizabeth H. 
Franklin, Emily K. 
Galloway, Angle 
Gardiner, Judith K. 
Gitenstein, Rose B. 
Griffin, Karen L. 
Groce, Mary A. 

Haberstick, Kathy F. 
Hagaman, Barbara D. 
Hanabury, Susan J. 
Harris, Marilyn 
Hauser, Sandra L. 
Haverfield, Marcia M. 
Hebblewhite, Mary C. 

Henderson. Margaret A. 
Hoffner, Linda C. 
Jenkins. Patty L. 
Johnson, Carol L. 
Johnson, Kathleen B. 
Jonas, Galen 
Kamlukin, Nina C. 

Kis.aer, Sandra H. 
Krupp, Christen L. 
Lombardi, Donna M. 
Loudermilk, Carol A. 
McBride, Amanda S. 
Manalan, Jo E. 
Mann, Sally N. 

Milner, Laura M. 
Morrison, Jane C. 
Musser, Kathleen M. 
Naylor, Virginia W. 
Nelson, Meredith A. 
Nicholson, Judith A. 
Nims, Martha J. 

Norton, Carolyn R. 
O.^kes, Cynthia A. 
Oswald, Susan D. 
Parker, Carol M. 
Payne, Margaret T. 
Porter, Margaret A. 
Porter, Nat-lie 

Richardson, Susan V. 
Rose, Patricia S. 
Russell, Nancy A. 
Samples, Cathryn L. 
Scarbrough, Roxanne 
Schambach, Maria L. 
Shirley, Susan O. 


Springer, Georgia M. 

Steel, Janet P. 

Stoessel, Doris A. 

Stotzcr, Teresa A. 

Thornhill, Maria L. 

Tyler, Joan F. 

Ward, Mary E. 

Weikert, Surannc 

Wcstberg, Carol S. 

White, Anne W. 

Wigrcn, Pamela A. 

Williams, Jo Ann 

Wittenberg, Pauline 

York, Kathryn F. 

Zidanic, Lynn M. 



Abke, Helen L. 
Alford, Judith E. 
Allison, Nancy E. 
Allred, Linda J. 
Avery, Sally J. 
Baily, Lorianne 
Bennett, Linda G. 

Biggers, Barbara G. 
Blackmore, Elizabeth A. 
Bowers, Deborah L. 
Brannon, Linda J. 
Brown, Joy A. 
Caldwell, Courtney L. 
Cary, Janice K. 

Chunn, Cloe 
Clark, Theodosia D. 
Cobb, Linda J. 
Cross, Katherine L. 
Crutcher, Martha S. 
Cunning, Katharine G. 
Dame, Dianne E. 

Dedmond, Susan A. 
Divine, Jennie L. 
Dutko, Paula H. 
Eyier, Maryetta 
Farmer, Ruth B. 
Foote, Sally H. 
Foster, Jean S. 

Gibson, Russell D. 
Giordano, Patricia M. 
Glover, Miriam A. 
Green, Martina E. 
Gruy, Lucy 
Harmanson, Betsy H. 
Harris, Allison B. 

Harting, Patricia M. 
Harvey, Janice L. 
Hearn, Memri D. 
Herring, Monnie T. 
Hickenbottom, Nancy L. 
Higgins, Beverly A. 
Holzapple, Lynn 


Ivie, Ann M. 

Jackson, Margaret D. 

Johnson, Joan E. 

Johnson, Kate 

Jones, Rochelle P. 

Kalmback, Sharon A. 

Kelly, Leslie M. 

Kneipp, Judith E. 

Kolodny, Margaret J. 

Lee, Gayle B. 

Leith, Betsy W. 

Lewis, Mary K. 

Long, Pamela R. 

Lowe, Mary S. 

McCooI, Ellen K. 
McFi.rlane, Carolyn 
McLellan, Donna S. 
Marias, Carrie 
Matheson, Katherine P. 
Mechling, Martha T. 
Meith, Nikki J. 

Mettelka, Kathryn A. 
Monger, Sue A. 
Moon, Alma G. 
Murray, Katherine G. 
Nobles, Russell A. 
Ott, Deborah L. 
Palmer, Patricia L. 

Paris, Jacqueline K. 
Parker, Kathleen J. 
Pickard, Ann 
Plant, Margaret A. 
Powers, Charlotte A. 
Pyle, Peggy M. 
Rawlings, Ann E. 

Raynor, Susanne 
Reinhard, Dale E. 
Reuben, Wilhelmina M. 
Reynolds, Pam A. 
Robbins, Rosalind J. 
Sexton, Jane E. 
Shurcliff, Frances M. 

Stewart, Clorea E. 
Sullivan, Virginia E. 
Tewksbury, Carol A. 
Tribley, Nancy J. 
Tyor, Regina L. 
Warren, Ann C. 
Waterman, Barbara A. 

Watson, Linda L. 
West, Tommi 
Whitton, Mary C. 
Willis, Helen E. 
Wolfe, Virginia B. 
Wood, Janet L. 
Zeller, Margaret S. 


Aikens, Nancy 
Alter, Carol A. 
Bailey, Sharron K. 
Balfour, Marcia E. 
Bibb, Louise R. 
Bobo, Martha A. 
Boehm, Bonnie L. 




m^^^ ^^iM^^M^ik. ^Am^ 

V-1 ^> 


Bordeaux, Iris D. 
Braley, Judith A. 
Brandon, Diane L. 
Brittingham, Marion A. 
Brown, Barbara A. 
Brown, Pamela L. 
Camp, Gail 

Chepko, Bonita D. 
Conklin, Andrea R. 
Copeland, Judith C. 
Darr, Frances P. 
Day, Carolyn E. 
Dornseif, Carol 
Dunitz, Rebecca 

Eichert, M. Jane 
Gailey, I. Jean 
Geier, Gail E. 
Gissen, Elizabeth 
Graves, Pamela A. 
Grogan, Marian H. 
Hamby, Sandra A. 

Hargan, Carol S. 
Harvey, Nancy S. 
Humphreys, Josephine T. 
lUston, Susan Y. 
Jack, Patricia M. 
Johnson, Annette K. 
Johnson, Judy L. 

Jones, Carolyn P. 
Jones, Linda G. 
Jones, Michael A. 
Joslin, Frances L. 
Ketelhut, Narna P. 
Knapp, Andria S. 
Knowlin, Josie A. 

Koon, Judith F. 
Kuhn, Ellen K. 
Leggett, Camalla H. 
Loewenstein, Jane 
Long, Joan C. 
Lyons, Karlen R. 
McCartt, Mary M. 

McCormick, Nancy C. 

McLaurin, Mary L. 

Major, Nina L. 

Manbeck, Deborah J. 

Mason, Linda B. 

Morrison, Elizabeth C. 

Mossman, Martha L. 

Mullane, Celia A. 

Myatr, Linda M. 

Parker, Pamela A. 

Perry, Susan W. 

Pettit, Judith A. 

Reith, Paula J. 

Rogg, Katherine L. 

Snotherly, Jane D. 

Sparkes, Heidi J. 

Stewart, Frances L. 

Stokes, Linda K. 

Taft, Katharine P. 

Tager, Shelley V. 

Tayloe, Helen R. 

Talton, Jenny L. 

Taylor, Katherine B. 

Wasdell, Diann 

Webb, Betty A. 

Webb, Sarah G. 

Wehrle, Karen J. 

Wells, Rita G. 



Wherrett, Whitney L. 
Williams, Laura K. 
Williamson, LaDane 
Wootten, Kathleen S. 
Young, Suzanne E. 




Abernethy, Susan G. 
Abtams, Judith E. 
Adkinson, Margaret J. 
Agan, Bonlyn E. 
Alexander, Nancy J. 
Andrews, Karen L. 
Baird, Janet G. 

Barron, Gene G. 
Benton, Betty L. 
Bers, Ellen S. 
Binns, Patricia 
Birkness, Kristin A. 
Blackwell, Tuppence H. 
Bowers, Elizabeth A. 

Brinkmeyer, Mary E. 
Carpenter, Judy L. 
Cherry, Dianne K. 
Colwell, Carolyn K. 
Cooke, Cindy L. 
Cowdrick, Cheryl A. 
Daetwyler, Martie L. 

DeMuro, Deborah 
Donald, Alice W. 
Dresser, Anita E. 
Eck, Linda A. 
Fagan, Brenda L. 
Fox, Susan S. 
French, Christie C. 

Fulton, Penny 
Gesecus, Jean M. 
Goldstein, Edythe J. 
Gondek, Diana S. 
Guth, Gloria J. 
Guthrie, Rose P. 
Hall, Patricia E. 


Heard, Elizabeth R. 
Henry, Sally M. 
Henyey, Gayle L. 
Hian, Jean E. 
Hicks, Donna J. 
Hiemstra, Sherry 
Hilder, Mary J. 

Hill, Connie A. 
Homer, Lauren B. 
Howard, Bertie R. 
Irwin, Kathleen E. 
Jenkins, Karen S. 
Johnson, Rebecca K. 
Kelso, Christine W. 

Kluttz, June C 
Kuntz, Susan A. 
Locke, Elizabeth L. 
Lustig, Carma L. 
McArtor, Mary M. 
McGredy, Carolyn H. 
Martin, Nancy J. 


Matthews, Anna R. 

Meacham, Matilyn R. 

Meyer, Karen S. 

Miller, Nan L. 

Montgomery, Marilyn I. 

Monthan, Margaret R. 

Moore, Mary B. 

Moore, Nancy J. 

Morris, Sarah K. 

Mullis, Sylvia A. 

Naumuk, Maryanne 

Palmer, Teresa D. 

Phillips, Janet M. 

Piper, Pat E. 

Pitts, Emma E. 

Plumb, Cynthia L. 

Pons, Claudia M. 

Powell, Deborah L. 

Pringle, Margaret G. 

Randolph, Dolores A. 

Reed, Carolyn F. 

Reid, Caroline B. 

Rich, Elizabeth H. 

Richardson, Geraldine 

Roberts, Carole A. 

Rohrbacher, Judith A. 

Ross, Marion L. 

Rouse, Doris J. 

Salmon, Helen J. 

Screws, Peggy M. 

Seidel, Diana M. 

Sethness, Sally E. 

Scheckells, Joyce I. 

Sjostrom, Karen E. 

Small, Bunny 

Smith, Sheryl L. 

Straley, Pamela J. 

Strock, Elizabeth M. 

Thiers, Virginia E. 

Triplet!, Merry L. 

Uddstrora, Kristi B. 

Vanderburg, Sharon F. 

Voigt, Virginia L. 
Waidner, Flewellyn 

Walrond, Betty A. 

Weart, Christine C. 

Weiland, Barbara J. 

Whitehead, Mary E. 

Williams, Camilla M. 

Woodward, K. C. 




Adams, Mary E. 

Alexander, Pamela G. 

Baar, Leslie A. 

Barnes, Judith A. 

Bauer, Marilyn 

Berghorn, Linda C. 

Blackmore, Alice C. 







Borders, Frances J. 
Brown, Helen K. 
Carlisle, Louise G. 
Carlton, Caroline D. 
Chapman, Julie B. 
Colton, Elizabeth L. 
Cope, Diane A. 

Cowgill, Carol A. 
Dears, Frances A. 
Deibel, Mary L. 
Delany, Dishie 
Denton, Dianna L. 
Duckworth, Diana L. 
Eblen, Anna L. 

Edwards, Catherine S. 
Fain, Deborah 
Field, Julia D. 
Folin, Claire F. 
Freeman, Judith L. 
FuUerton, Maryellen 
Gait, Susan T. 

Gnuse, Mary K. 
Graffy, Linda 
Gray, Rebecca A. 
Green, Jo A. 
Groich, Mary M. 
Hand, Phyllis E. 
Hasskamp, Kristi M. 

Haynes, Katherine D. 
Haywood, L. Fern 
Holshouser, Carolyn V. 
Holt, Janet L. 
Horwitz, Patricia G. 
Hultgren, Claudia R. 
James, Alice R. 

Kendall, Mary E. 
Kenyon, Minerva S. 
Kitson, Lynn 
Knapp, Nancy L. 
Lang, Regina S. 
Leavengood, Diana L. 
McKissack, Linda J. 

McVay. Martha V. 
MacDonald, Sharon L. 
Markarian, Beverly R. 
Matthews, Charlene O. 
May, Barbara M. 
Metcalf, Yvonne A. 
Montague, Martha W. 

Montgomery, June A. 
Moore, Mary M. 
Moore, Natalie C. 
Mordaunt, Diane S. 
Murton, Mary K. 
Nadel. Barbara S. 
Nelson, M. Parrish 

Nilanko, Sirkka A. 
Nolting, Sara F. 
Oliver, Anne W. 
Overaker, Sally J. 
Pace, Susan M. 
Partney, Patricia A. 
Fatten, Laura L. 

Petrosino, Maryanne E. 
Prothro, Nancy L. 
Rigling, Kay E. 
Roper, Jane M. 
Rothman, Bonnie S. 
Rudin, Welda R. 
Saalbach, Ann V. 



Sapinsley, Carol A. 
Scott, Beth R. 
Scott, Kathryn P. 
Sharpe, Janet E. 
Small, Mary B. 
Small, Merlynne R. 
Smith, Jaquelin L. 

Smith, Karen L. 
Snidow, Anne W. 
Stallings, Alice L. 
Stanford, Ann L. 
Stanley, Ellen G. 
Steitz, Molly D. 
Stewart, Barbara J. 

Stogner, Kathryn J. 
Stopper, Constance N. 
Strawther, Teri F. 
Thomas, Deborah J. 
Trent, Carol S. 
VanAntwerp, Margaret A. 
Volk, Laura Z. 

Waldenfels, Kathleen 
Wanless, Sarah R. 
West, Susan T. 
White, Victoria J. 
Wilkerson, Deborah C. 
Williams, Evelyn 
Wilson, Laura E. 

Wofford, Carole 
Wyatt, Mary P. 
Zappala, Christine 


Campbell, Karen V. 

Cooper, Barbara J. 

Crawford, Jacqueline A. 

Gardner, Mary R. 

Giles, Elizabeth G. 

Harris, Mary M. 

Jacobus, Carol-Rae 

Long, Pauline J. 

Rankin, Nancy C 
Rhoads, Rebecca A. 

Thomas, Susan L. 
Willets, Virginia H. 



Abshire, Nancy S. 

Agnew, Mary E. 

Anderson, Susan C. 

Anderson, Virginia L. 

Bages, Marcia L. 

Baker, Karen J. 

Barrett, Jay E. 


'-A. t,. 'V 

£^^ ^^&k^K i^Ji^^ 


r^> fS ^ r:-ir--l h-' k'.i 




^ €^ ^ W- 

Bartlett, Mary L. 
Bates, Barbara A. 
Benson, Gladys B. 
Birchall, Cheryl J. 
Bittner, Beverly A. 
Blakeslee, Carol L. 
Blanton, Judy B. 

Blatt, Virginia E. 
Blevins, Patricia E. 
Bloomer, Rebecca J. 
Bowman, Jacquelyn C. 
Bradley, Diana L. 
Brown, Donald W. 
Brown, Edith L. 

Brown, Elizabeth 
Brown, Rose V. 
Brown, Wendy E. 
Brownell, Mary E. 
Burwell, H. Katherine 
Butler, Jean M. 
Butler, Kathleen J. 

Butt, Barbara S. 
Byrne, Karen V. 
Bye, Sally 
Cameron, Mary E. 
Canning, Joann E. 
Capehart, Gretchen H. 
Carnahan, Ellen D. 

Carpenter, Elizabeth R. 
Carson, Sally 
Castle, Mary 
Chapman, Kathryn E. 
Clark, Janice L. 
Clark, Patricia L. 
Cole, Linda A. 

Comfort, Beverly J. 
Compton, Pamela C. 
Conner, Patricia A. 
Corner, Nancy F. 
Crane, Karen M. 
Crawley, Patricia L. 
Crowell, Ann L. 

Cunningham, Martha H. 
Currie, Candace G. 
Darby, Lynne 
Dayton, Nancy E. 
Deaton, Aundrea J. 
Deemer, Aleandra J. 
Denny, Barbara J. 

Douglas, Margaret A. 
Earle, Mary E. 
Ellis, Peggy J. 
Ether, Deborah J. 
Ewing, Elizabeth A. 
Farmer, Susan C. 
Fine, Marjorie S. 

Flagler, Joan H. 
Flinton, Sarah A. 
Floyd, Judith L. 
Forsythe, Marilyn J. 
Foster, Linda P. 
Fouke, Judith L. 
Frey, Joanne L. 

Frias, Claudia 
Futrell, Betty B. 
Gallagher, Karen M. 
Gaulkin, Frances J. 
Gelling, Carol 
Gerhold, Carol D. 
Gillis, Betty 


1 ^> Ti f^ ^ ^ 



Glover, Susan M. 
Godwin, Nancy A. 
Graham, Robin E. 
Green, Heather C. 
Griffeth, Betty M. 
Griffith, Susan T. 
Grier, Betsy J. 

Grove, Marcia L. 
Gruberg, Harriet D. 
Guazzo, Shelby P. 
Gustafson, Mary L. 
Haggstrom, Jane M. 
Hagist, Susan L. 
Haldeman, Beverly A. 

Hall, Suzanne K. 
Hamilton, Carol A. 
Harrell, Susan M. 
Hart, Anne S. 
Havranck, Sarah L. 
Hayman, Joyce L. 
Heape, Carol L. 

Hendershot, Marsha L. 
Henderson, Martha L. 
Hendrick, Lucy E. 
Hendrix. Susan G. 
Hess, Margaret V. 
Hild. Marilyn J. 
Hinds, Kathryn L. 

Hoadley, Jean E. 
Hoefflinger, Susan S. 
Hurter, Ellenmarie 
Hussey, Julia A. 
Hutton, Elizabeth E. 
Jacobs, Jo-Ann 
Jamison, Betty L. 

Jarrell, Nancy E. 
Jeffords, Susan E. 
Johnson, Lucy G. 
Johnston, Susan J. 
Kandra, Karen A. 
Kane, Valerie 
Karmiol, Donna J. 

Katilius, Ruth A. 

Kellogg, Elizabeth J. 

Kenworthy, Deane 

King, Clare V. 

King, Elizabeth B. 

Klise, Betsy W. 

Kiser, Rebecca L. 

Knapp, Linda H. 

Knobe, Noelle J. 

Knutson, Carole 

Kramer, Patricia J. 

Kutsche, Mary M. 

Laiminger, Catherine A. 

Lamason, Ruthanne 

Layton, Robin 

Leitch, Alae R. 

Lieb, Margarete N. 

Link, Heidi A. 

Lipshitz, Martha 

Lockhart, Kathleen A. 

Long, Christine A. 

Macgahan, Susan W. 

Markel, Marian K. 

Marshall, Thomasin L. 

Matthews, Charlotte A. 

McKee, Andrea L. 

McQueary, Pamela K. 

Meyer, Nancy L 

^ f^ ^ B ^ 5-^ t -i 

difM^atk laJk i^M2^^i^dC^ 


, ^,.;^ . -t »- '-■ ^J' 'V. r-^ - -I, 




Miller, Connie J. 
Mitchell, Bobby J. 
Mizell, Catherine L. 
Moeller, Marilyn A. 
Monk, Mary B. 
Moorhead, Besse D. 
Morris, Nancy A. 

Morrison, Diane E. 
Morse, Mary E. 
Moye, Christina A. 
Murphy, Linda L. 
Murphy, Linda L. 
Musselman, Lynn A. 
Myslicovan, Lynda G. 

Nash, Lenore J. 
Newlin, Anne E. 
Newton, Laura D. 
Nichols, Betsy B. 
Norfleet, Abigail F. 
North, Jane E. 
Olson, Kxistine E. 

Ominslcy, Donna B. 
Ozbolt, Judy G. 
Pearl, Susan W. 
Pickard, Susan J. 
Plamondon, Paula B. 
Prall, Robin L. 
Price, Christina L. 

Raetz, Stephanie L. 
Ramsey, Ginger L. 
Randecker, Carolyn A. 
Reaney, Ann C. 
Reed, Barbara P. 
Reid. Judith A. 
Reilly, Susan J. 

Reynolds, Rebecca R. 
Richmond, Ann L. 
Rinkema, Marsha L. 
Roberts, Pamela 
Robertson, M. Kae 
Robinson, Beth A. 
Robinson, Janice L. 

Roe, Sheila J. 
Rogers, Margaret A. 
Roome, Anne R. 
Roth, Joanne 
Ruby, Christine A. 
Sargent, Pamela 
Schinnerer, Sandra J. 


Schlutter, Jo Anne 
Schweickart, Joan A. 
Scott, Susan 
Shawger, Helen M. 
Shenk, Sally A. 
Sherrard, Marcia J. 
Shields, Kathleen B. 

Shultz, Peggy S. 
Singleton, Sandy L. 
Skolny, Mary Ann 
Smilari, Lauren K. 
Smith, Linda B. 
Smith, Sandra L. 
Spurlock, Jeail M. 

Stanley, Bonnie L. 
Stanley, Sharon L. 
Starn, Cynthia E. 
Stroud, Dixie J. 
Suerken, Susan A. 
Taylor, Linda F. 
Taylor, Susan L. 


Titton, Grace L. 
Twomey, Judith A. 
Valin, Margaret S. 
VanMeter, Anne J. 
Vannest, Elizabeth P. 
Vincent, Wendy C. 
Wagner, Linda C. 

Walker, Ida D. 

Ward, Maureen L. 

Wardle, Joann 

Waring, Mary R. 

Waterfall, Mary K. 

Waugh, Marilyn 

Wechsler, Lynette H. 

Whitley, Helen W. 

Whittemore, Cynthia L. 

Wiggs, Carol A. 

Wilcox, Peggy L. 

Wild, Jane M. 

Wilhoit, Alice S. 

Williams, Peggy A. 

Willson, Donna J. 

Wilson, Anne F. 

WindmiUer, Jan A. 

Wolfe, Kristen J. 

York, Elizabeth C. 

York, Monica L. 

Young, Deborah L. 



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Alpha Sella Ih 

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iDcUa Delia OcUa 

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i Q 'i 1 It <? a t ''ll 

Delia (Oatnma 

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Jiappa Delia 

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Vi 8-3cla Vhi 

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Zcba 5'au Alpha 

19 ^, 6 7 

tluUc Uniocrslly 



In the next eight pages are listed officers and members of the 
student organizations and honoraries at Duke which have tradi- 
tionally been pictured in the yearbook. Some of these groups 
deserve great recognition. There are also some organizations not 
mentioned which have done excellent work this year and deserve 
to be remembered. To these we apologize; our time and space 
unfortunately were limited. 

We think, in faa, that such organizations might well have 
replaced a number of groups listed within the next few pages — 

lethargic organizations which apparently do not want to keep 
pace with the University's growth. These groups seem often in- 
grown, obstructive, a hindrance to the best interests to the Duke 
community. We hope construaive leadership, and membership, 
might render them again complements to undergraduate life. 
Here then, in eight pages of lists, we present the names that 
helped make the year 1966-1967 at Duke, though undoubtedly, 
as Jack Douglas once said of famous bastards, "You all know 
who you are. " 




Mary Earle 

Josephine Humphreys 
Janet P. Kernodle 
Katherine Nix 
Paula Phillips 
Wilhelmina Reuben 
Pauline Wittenberg 


David K. Birkhead 
Robert T. Hyde, Jr. 
Robert W. Jordan 
William D. Kenerly 
Joseph R. Schwab 
D. Michael Shasby 
John D. Stewart 


Peggy Jo Ellis Delaney 
Margaret Douglas 
Brenda Hardin 
Deane Kenworthy 
Susan Suerkin 
Margaret Valin 


George H. Oowell 
Thomas L Fegley 
Robert W. Gould 
Albert S. Kyle 
Jerry C. Wilkinson 


James H. Coil, III 
Eldridge C. Hanes 
John F. Modlin 
Guy T. Solie 
Donald R. Wood, Jr. 


H. Ross Arnold 
Jerry A. Barringer 
James H. Coil 
George H. Crowell 
Jajnes C. Frenzel 
James K. Hasson 
John F. Modlin 
William A. O'Donnell 
Peter J. Rubin 
Guy T. Solie 
William E. Sumner 
Donald R. Wood 
Robert L. Wood 
Kent A. Zaiser 


Nanq^ Elinor Allison 

Carol Goodwin Barbour 

Eric Alfred Baylin 

Patricia Gray Berg 

Elaine Marilyn Bouchard 

Donald Craig Brater 

Robert Nail Bright 

Barbara Carol Campbell 

Geraldine Ruth Cleary 

James Hubert Coil, III 

Vivian Collier 

Jasper Lee Cummings, Jr. 

Dana Irving Dadson 

Holly Wilson Davis 

Francis Caiclough Dick 

Elaine Ehrensperger Castles 

Mary Kathryn Gnuse 

Richard Rutter Gross 

Janet Elizabeth Gurkin 

John Spahr Haydock 

Susan Jeannerte Hermey 

William Lank High 

Josephine Trenholm Humphreys 

Katherine Kirk Humphreys 

James William Kalet 

Barbara Anne Keen 

Janet Poppendieck Kernodle 

Brenda Kristen KoU 

Karlen Ruth Lyons 

David Jackson McGinty 

William Ray Mclntire 

James Dendy Mann, Jr. 

Natalie Christine Moore 

Kathryn Talcott Munson 

Katherine Greenwood Murray 

Barbara Sherry Nadcl 
Judith Ann Nicholson 
Bruce D. Noe 
Gwynne Lula Ormsby 
Sally Johanna Overaker 
Philip Gendron Palmer 
Leslie Pearlstein 
Donald Allan Peck 
Donald Arthur Phillips 
Wilhelmma Matilda Reuben 
Elizabeth Holmes Rich 
John Clement Ruggero 
Edward Charles Schweitzer, Jr. 
Douglas Michael Shasby 
Raleigh Alexander Shoemaker 
Ann Leslie Stanford 
Sharon Paine Stephens 
Sherman Lee Stratron 
Robert Harvey Swennes, II 
William Roy Taylor 
John Seaman Townsend 
Karen Diane Volz 
William Orr Wagner 
John Ralph Weisner 
Anne Walker White 
Donald Robinson Wood, Jr. 
Emily Hughes Wyatt 
Richard Dell Ziegler 


Gerald B. Ahmann 

Virginia K. Aldridge 

Nancy E. Allison 

Roberta K. Beach 

David K. Birkhead 

Lewis M. Brodnax 

Dennis M. Campbell 

Brenda J. Carlson 

James H. Coil 

Stephen C. Coley 

George H. Crowell 

Joseph P. Durrett 

Mary E. Earle 

Tames G Frenzel 

Betty B. Futrell 

Glerm J. Goodyear 

Janet E. Gurkin 

Brenda S. Hardin 

Betsy H. Harmanson 

John M. Hines 

Josephine T. Humphreys 

Robert T, Hyde 

Kathy A. Irwin 

Robert W. Jordan 

William D.'Kenerly 

Janet Poppendieck Kernodle 

John R. Kernodle 

Albert S. Kyle 

Karlen R. Lyons 

Albert S. McKaig 

Frederick B. McWilliams 

John C. Miller 

[ohn F. Modlin 

Joseph E. Newton 

Katherine S. Nix 

Paula R. Phillips 

Tini Rambo 

Rosemary L. Redding 

Wilhelmina M. Reuben 

Elizabeth H. Rich 

Peter J. Rubin 

loseph R. Schwab 

Douglas M. Shasby 

Guv T. Solie 

Molly O. Steitz 

Tohn D. Stewart 

Kathryn T. Stogner 

Betsy A. Strawn 

William E. Sumner 

Maureen L, Ward 

Richard T. Whitley 

Jerry K. Wilkinson 

Barbara M. Wilmot 

Pauline Wittenberg 

Robert L. Wood 

Kent A. Zaiser 

Viaor J. Zambetti 

Men's Senior 
Leadership Honorary 
William J. Ackerraan 
Dennis M. Campbell 

James H. Coil, III 
George H. Crowell, III 
James C. Frenzel 
J. Keith Hasson, Jr. 
William R. Huntington 
Robert W. Jordan 
John F. Modlin 
Peter J. Rubin 
Joseph R, Schwab 
Douglas M. Shasby 
John D. Stewart 
William E. Sumner 
Donald R. Wood 
Robert L. Wood, Jr. 


Women's Senior 
Leadership Honorary 
Virginia K. Aldridge 
Nancy E. Allison 
Roberta K. Beach 
Brenda J. Carlson 
Ann M. Dodds 
Mary E. Earle 
Janet E. Gurkin 
Roberta D. Harlan 
Betsy H. Harmanson 
Josephine T. Humphreys 
Kathy A. Irwin 
Jane L. Jabbour 
Alice Vinten-Johansen 
lanet Poppendieck Kernodle 
Brenda K. KoU 
Karlen R. Lyons 
Judith E. McKnight 
Katherine G. Murray 
Katherine S. Nix 
Barbara A. Pfohl 
Jini Rambo 

Wilhelmina M. Reuben 
Elizabeth H. Rich 
Marcia Coleman Slease 
Andrea L. Srarrert 
Kathryn J. Stogner 
Betsy A. Strawn 
Jacqueline C. Tate 
Jan White 
Barbera M. Wilmot 


Women's Sophomore Leadership 
Bonlyn E. Agan 
Linda L Black 
Nancy L. Cardwell 
Patricia K. CoirneU 
Carol Dornseif 
Phyllis M, Eagan 
Linda J. Heath 
Kristina M. Hokanson 
Jan is Johfison 
Elizabeth S. Lamason 
Jean E. Martin 
Lucille K. Mason 
Martha A. Miller 
Ann H. Moss 
Lauren R. Murray 
Catherine E. Ramsey 
Susan S. Schreiber 
Deborah L. Smith 
Merry L, Triplett 
Tracy M. Whirtaker 


Men's Sophomore Leadership 
William Arnold 
Guy Bates 
Robert Brent 
Marc Caplan 
Charles Clotfelter 
Robert Creamer 
Peter Culver 
Sean Devereux 
James Dover 
Lee Eckhardr 
Peter English 
Nick Gibson 
William Goodrich 
Robert Hosea 
Craig Kessler 
John Krampf 

Robert Li lien 
Stephen McLeod 
Lyndon Molzahn 
Wade Norris 
Bert Park 
Steven Sachs 
Scott Seltzer 
Charles Smith 


Women's Sophomore 
Scholarship Honorary 

Bonlyn E. Agan 

Carol M. Anderson 

Patricia Biruis 

Tuppence H. Blackwell 

Sharon L. Bonney 

Margaret J. Danieison 

Sandra J. Dillard 

Mary E. Eyler 

Julie Holmquist 

Mar>' J. Kellett 

Mary K. Lewis 

Susan M. Lucas 

Carrie Marias 

Jean E. Martin 

PoUey C Ott 

Teresa Palmer 

Meredith E. Parkyns 

Carolyn F. Reed 

Dorothy E. Rupp 

Merle F. Schreiber 

Jane E. Sexton 

Deborah L. Smith 

Helen R. Tayloe 

Ellen G. Tirus 

Margarer Van Antwerp 

Whitney L Wherrett 


Men's Sophomore 
Scholarship Honorary 
John M. Adler 
David J. Bailey 
Samuel L. Barton 
Thomas H. Beckett 
John A. Bonavita 
Walter S. Bradley 
Charles T. Clotfelter 
Dorian H. Coppenhaver 
George N. Corey 
Robert B. Creamer 
Willard L. Eckhardt. Jr. 
John D. Englar 
George E. Felton 
William R. Finger 
Richard F. Fox 
George C Fuller 
John P. Harper, Jr. 
Mark J. Hauser 
Dallas K. Holoman 
James R. Jackson 
Stephen I. Johnson 
John H. Judd, Jr. 
James R. Koonce 
William B. Lawrence 
John A. Manger, Jr. 
Jeremiah R. Marion, III 
Joseph P. Metz 
John B. Mickey 
Lyndon C, Molzahn 
Anthony D. Morgan 
Orrin R. Musser 
Roger H. Ostdahl 
Bert E. Park 
Donald W. Pearce 
Henry B. Perry 
David A. Poleski 
Thomas A. Powers 
Frederic M. Ramsey 
Jeffrey D. Rochen 
Robert E. Ross 
Dale R. Shaw 
RosweK H, Spears, III 
Douglas G. Sprugel 
Douglas M. Toot 
Martin T. Wertheim 
James G. Whildin, Jr. 
lohn C. Wilkinson 
Eric V. Witt 
Mark N. Yorra 
Frederick Zengel, Jr. 




Woman's College: 

Pres. — Betsy Harmanson 

V. Pres. — Susanna Bell 

Sec. — Anne Marie Lewis 

Treas. — Barbara Burch 


Pres. — Hyman Rubin 

V. Pres. — Alexander Sands 

Sec.-Treas. — John Crossno 


Pres. — Jerry Wilkinson 

Sec.-Treas. — Nina Major 


Woman's College: 
Prei.—Kiki Mitchell 
V, Pres. — Julie Davis 
Sec. — Gwyn Robertson 
Treas. — Ann Blessing 

Pres. — Randy May 
V. Pres. — Steve Golden 
Sec.-Treas. — Chris Edgar 
Pres. — Rick Myers 
Sec.-Treas. — Doug Boehm 


Woman's College: 

Pres. — Carolyn Currie 

V. Pres. — Melinda Barker 

Sec. — Julie Holmquist 

Treas. — Judy Darr 


Pres. — Robert Lillien 

V. Pres. — Guy Bates 

Sec.-Treas. — William Arnold 


Woman's College: 

Rotating Chairman 

V. Chairmen — Nancy Hickenbottom, 

Janie Jones 
Sec. — Linda Stokes 
Treas. — Marsha Smith 

Pres. — Tommy Banks 
V. Pres. — Mike Chapman 
Sec. — Harry Stokes 
Treas. — Roy Maurer 


Pres. — Joseph R. Schwab 
V. Pres. — Guy T. Solie 
Sec. — Jonathan C Kinney 
Treas. — John F. Modlin 

Joe A. Amery 

Markey B. Coplan 

Robert B. Creamer 

James R. Fox 

James C. Frenzel 

Gordon F. Grant 

Craig M. Kessler 

John C. Miller 

Bert E. Park 
Attorney General: Jim Bell 
Committee Chairmen: 

Academic Affairs — Mike Huggins 

Traditions Board — John Haydock 

Campus Life — Dave Roberts 

Elections Board — Banny Lesesne 

Public Relations — Stef McLeod 


Pres. — George Croweli 

V. Pres. — Parrish Nelson 

Sec.—Al Kyle 

Treas. — Tom Davenport 

Pres. — Class of '67 — Jerry Wilkinson 

Pres. Class of '68 — Rick Myers 

Pres.—C\is% of '69— Stef McLeod 

Pres. — Class of '70 — Mark Lucas 

Chairman of Engineers' Show — 

Chuck Moore 
l.G.C. Representative — Sreve Coley 


Chairman — Peter J. Rubin 

Mark Heaney 

Kelly J. Morris 

Edwin L. Norris 

D. Michael Shasby 

John D. Stewart 

William E. Sumner 

Donald R. Wood 

Robert L. Wood 

Freshman Judicial Board: 

Jack Burwell 

Ben Cirtadino 

John Diffy 

Mike Dclaney 

Tom Forrester 

Tom Gray 

Randy Long 

Rich Riesman 

Dale Wilkinson 


Chairman — William Kenerly 
Wm. Penn Croom 
James Dover 
James Hackett 
Carl Tobias 




Executive Committee: 

Chairman — Dr. Thomas E. McCollough 

V. Chairman — Miss Sandra Forrester 

Sec. — Miss Ella Jean Shore 

Treas. — Monty W. Cox 

Asst. Treas. — Michael C Whitted 

Mr. Floyd D. Sawyer Dr. Howard C Wilkinson 
Nancy Richardson 
Elmer O. Hall 
Dr. James T. Cleland 
Richard C Prust 
Marilyn Waugh 

Joe F. Harris 
Wilhelmina Reuben 
Dr. Richard H. Leach 
John M. Hines 
Jere Farrah 
Judy Ann Porter 


Pres. — Jock Robertson 

V. Pres. — John DiPasquale 

V. Pres. — Judy Henslee 

Sec. — Carolyn McFarland 

Trear.— Rick Gross 

Program Coordinator — Mary Thrall 

Missions Chairman — Dianne Dame 


Pub. Bus. Mgr. — James D. Hackett 
Campus Cooperative — John S. Haydock 

Pres. — Dennis Campbell 


Coordinator — Hamill 

V. Pres. — Jim Waldo 

fy4C— Will 

Treas. — John Redmond 

am D. Kenerly 

Executive Cabinet: 

Nat.-Internat. Affairs — John Kernodle 

Campus Chest — Steven E. Ballew Public Relat 

ions — Thomas McLain 

Religious Life — Ninian 


r. Dad's Da) — Stephen Sapp 

Publications Editor — Roger Bruhwel . , _ . 

Fr. Y Council Advisor— 

-Patrick D. Y.W.C.A. 


Pres. — Barbara Wilmot 

Community Development — Chi 

istian V. Pres. — Patty Webb 


Sec. — Tami Hultman 

Youth Welfare— ]esc T 


Treas.— Pitty Maloney 


Chairman — Wilhelmina Reuben 




Helen Crater 

Brenda Fagan 

Betty Burke 

Mary Anne Davis 

Sue Kunrz 

Dora Little 

Mary Hill 

Kay Morris 

Nancy Meyer 

Judith McKnight 

Elizabeth Rich 

Katherin; Munson 

Mary Jane McNeely 

Carole Ann Roberts 


Marsha Petersen 

Jane Salmon 

Dorothy Cowart 



Natasha Geren 

Kris Arthur 

Maryellen FuUerton 

Brenda Koll 

Vivian Collier 

Betsy Link 

Carolyn Zimmerman 

Jane Edgerton 

Marsha Nelson 


Kathy Haberstick 

Day Piercy 

Rosemarie Beischer 

Jan Nicholson 

Kathy Scott 

Constance Frederick 


Molly Steitz 

Sandra Johnson 

Judy Alford 

Anne Meyer 

Nancy Allison 

Ann Turner 

Lynn Frost 

Linda Warren 

Susie Herring 



Katherine Humphreys 

Bonnie Brittingham 

Sally MacDonald 

Jeannie Gailey 

Janet Melson 

Karlen Lyons 

Virginia Shackford 

Peggy McCam 

Jackie Tate 

Sally Webb 



Prei. — Mary E. Earle 
V. Pres. — Brenda J. Carlson 
Sec. — Rebecca L. Bogard 
Treas. — Karlen R. Lyons 


Bonnie Agan 
Mary Baluss 
Linda Black 
Bonnie Leigh Boehm 
Gigi Burcham 
Betsy Cockrill 
Mary Druse 
Gail Fox 
Phyllis Freeman 
Joyce Hobson 
Jane Hoover 
Janis Johnson 
Judy Johnson 
Rochelle Jones 
Sandi Kisner 
Rosie Redding 
Diane Rocchio 
Gretchen Schroeder 
Kathy Stogner 
Ann Stone 


Connie Thetford 

Tracy Whittaker 
Committee Chairmen: 

Social-Cul rural — Sally Foote 

International Student — Jane Hoover 

Student Welfare — Cathy Jones 

Educational Affairs — Jan Kernodle 
Freshman Cabinet: 

Sandy AlJard 

Courtney Caldwell 

Taffy Cannon 

Julie Contole 

Diane Cope 

Ann Donnell 

Janet Dornberger 

Margy Emerson 

Rosemary Hellmers 

Party Jenkins 

Valiie Jones 

Marilyn Meacham 

Celia Mullane 

Diane Perret 

Betsy Rice 

Jane Rohlf 

Connie Stopper 


Chairman: Paula Phillips Cathy Losey 


Secretary: Lucy Brady 

Jane Dewalt 

Diane Dunford 

Linda Eck 

Pat Jack 

Judy Kilpatrick 

Maggie Moore 
Meredy Nelson 
Sally Nolting 
Sally Patterson 
Loretta Perez 
Paige Wenrich 


Committee Chairmen: 

Honor Council — Judy Ozbolt 

Pres. — Betty Futrell 

V. Pres. — Mary Agnew 

Sec.-Treas. — Deane Kenworrhy 

Barbara Butt 

Jackie Bowman 

Beverly Bittner 

Margaret Lieb 

Kris Olson 

Diana Bradley 

Judicial Board — Maureen Ward 
Social — Robin Prall 
Orientation — Cathie Helm 
Publications — Margaret Douglas 
Public Relations — Martha Henderson 
Religious Activities — Marilyn Waugh 
House Committee — Libby Earle 
SFAC — Joyce Hayman 
Student Nurses Assn. — Judy Twomey 


Pres. — Guy Solie Jim Frenzel John Modlin 

Sec. — Betsy Strawn Betr)' Futrell Karhy Murray 

Mary Agnew Glen Goodyear Joe Schwab 

Steve Coley Brenda Hardin Student Committee on Curriculum and 

Brenda Carlson Deane Kenworthy Academic Reform — Doug Adams 

Mary Earle Karlen Lyons Teacher-Course Evaluation — Irv Cohen 


Chairman: Maureen Ward 

Sec: Debbie Ether 

Pat Blevins 

Julie Hussey 

Carole Knutson 

Tina Meservey 

Diane Morrison 

Ann Newlin 

Ann Reaney 

Carol Wood 


Randy Alexander 
Andy Andersen 
Steve Ballew 
Joel Barr 
Bill Berkey 
Don Barns 
Jack Boger 
George Byrne 
Marc Caplan 
Ed Carter 
Jack Censor 
Charlie Clotfelter 
Corby Considine 
Mark Coplan 
Abe Cox 
John Crawford 
Bob Creamer 
Scott Cross 
Woodie Cross 
Chip Dameron 
Win Deal 
Sean Devereaux 
John Dingle 
Lee Eckhardt 
Chris Edgar 
Tom Farquhar 
George Felton 
Ernie Ferguson 
Jim Fox 
Bill Francis 
Don Frazier 
Sandy Gable 
David Garr 
Joe Gauthier 
Ron Gerbe 
Mark Gitenstein 
Steve Golden 
Don Goodkin 
Glenn Goodyear 
Jim Hasson 


Jon Heberling 
Fred Henderson 
Bob Henry 
Bob Hosea 
Jerry Hunt 
Rick Huntington 
Mike Jarrard 
Paul Johnson 
Greg Jones 
Hal Kammerer 
Lee Kenna 
Craig Kessler 
Win Knight 
Nate Lane 
Banny Lesesne 
Bob Levine 
Richard Lieb 
Randy May 
Joe Metz 
John Miller 
Lyn Molzahn 
Kelly Morris 
Bob Most 
Rick Myers 
Jim Nellis 
Jim Nunley 
Sutton O'Neal 
Dale Norton 
Wayne Parrish 
Ken Pittman 
Joe Poe 

Wayne Preisman 
Dick Pritchard 
Rich Reifsnydcr 
Terry Rettig 
Ed Savitz 
Gary Schoonover 
Joe Schwab 
Dick Seamans 
Bill Simons 

Trip Sizemore 

Bob Snell 

Bill Staples 

Mike Suffness 

Bill Sumner 

Charlie Sweet 

Jack Taurman 

John Thompson 

Carl Tobias 

Jim Waldo 

Doug Ward 

Jack Wilkerson 

Charlie Williams 

Jeff Wilson 

Tim Wolbert 

Bill Wonnacott 

Bob Wood 

Dave Woodford 

Dell Ziegler 

Chairman — BiU Kenerly 

Jr. Chairmen: 

Bob Newton 

Gary Stubbs 

Dave Young 


Chairman — Cathie Helm 
Assistant — Debbie Ether 
Mary Agnew 
Becky Bloomer 
Lynn Brown 
Karen Crane 
Aundie Deaton 
Debbie Ether 
Carol Farmer 

Chairman — Bob Jordan 
V. Chairman — Rick Huntington 
Secretary — Susan Hodge 
Co-Treasurer — Jim Coil 
Co-Treasurer — Mary Lowe 
Historian — Brenda Post 
Larry Beck 

Jim Hasson 

Anne Powers 

Guy Solie 

Rich Whitley 

Director — Mr. William J. Griffith 

Program Director — Mrs. Ella K. Pratt 

Asst. Director — Mr. Allan M. Parrent 


Advertising — Tempa Pickard 
Campus Services — Bob Banta 

Teesue Herring 
Drama — Claire Murphy 
Educational Affairs — Rich Reifsnyder 
Major Attractions — Steve Corey 


Pres, — James Powell 
V. Pres, — Thomas Harris 
Cor. Sec. — Theodore Hall 
Rec. Sec. — John Ogburn 
Treas. — BiU Rugh 

Performing Arts — Bill Prizer 
Social — Rich Meyers 

Jan Harvey 
Special Activities — Tim Wolbert 
Visual Arts — Ted Cubbison 


Chairman — Steve Ballew 
Junior Chairmen: 
Phil SmaU 
Dick Crarer 
Truman Donaho 
Reed Kramer 


Marsha Hendershot 
Karen Kandra 
Beth Monk 
Anne Newlin 
Lindi Smith 
Sharon Stanley 
Marilyn Waugh 
Peggy Wilcox 
Carol Wood 

Chairman — Jerry Wilkinson 

Richard Alvarez 

Thomas Beckett 

Ben Cooksey 

Tom Davenport 

Jim Dover 

John Feick 

Mike Holloway 

Bill Ishmael 

Jack Kennerly 

Jack Hayes 

Richard Lord 

Robert Packard 
WilUam Patton 
Dave Petty 
Erwin Powers 
WiUiam Rugh 
Russell Shoudt 
Lee Steckmest 
Pete Stetler 
Roger Stokes 
Jack Walnes 
Bruce Wiesley 
Richard Wilkerson 




Pres. — Robin Beach 

V. Pres. — Dana Anderson 

Sec. — Dave Wellman 

Gail GrifBth 
Treas. — Dan Zeidner 
Bus. Editor Caduceus — Bill Nelson 


Gerald B. Ahmann 
Roberta K. Beach 
D. Craig Brater 
Jory L. Braun 
Archie W. Brown, Jr. 
Linda A. Eck 
Jon R. Fichtieman 
Kenneth C. Fischer 
WiUiam L. High, Jr. 
David A. Hughes 
John F. Modlin 
Louis F. Owens, Jr. 
Leslie Pearlstein 


Pres. — David M. Bachelder 

V. Pres. — Michael B. Todorovich 

Treas. — Bert E. Binder 


Pres. — Nina Major 
V. Pres. — Marvin B. Rose 
Sec. — Russell L. Schoudt 
Treas. — Thomas L. Fegley 
Advisor — Prof. Paul Harrawood 


Chairman — Gary R. Stengl 

V. Chairman — Donald W. Brown 

Sec.-Treas. — Randall A. Hetiry 


Chairman — Jock D. Robertson 
V. Chairman — Joseph E. Newton 
Sec.-Treas. — Charles N. Moore 


Pres. — Thomas McLain 
V. Pres. — Elizabeth Hastings 
Sec. — Betty Brinkmeyer 
Treas. — Louise McLaurin 
Reception Officer — Jack Boger 


Cadet Staff: 
Squadron Commander — 

James A. Corwin 
Spec. Asst. to the Commandant — 

Richard R. Gross 
Squadron Exec. Officer — 

Robert E. Thore 
Squadron Training Officer — 

Richard H. Pritchard 
Squadron Administrative Officer — 

Louis F. Owens 
Squadron Operations Officer — 

David C Rutenberg 
Squadron Information Officer — 

John E Lindegren 
Squadron Personel Services Officer — 

D. Bruce Wiesley 
Asst. Squadron Pers. Serv. Officer — 

Richard C. Trotman 
Squadron Acct.and Finance Officer — 

Harold C Welborn 

Squadron Supply Officer — 

George G. Benson 
Squadron Hdqirs. Control Office — 

Thomas V. Nield 


Battalion Staff: 
Battalion Commander — A. S. Kyle 
Battalion Exec. Officer— A. S. McKaig 
Staff Section: 

Operations Officer — L. W. Thomas 

Adjutant — R. B. Lamason 

Rec. and Pub. Officer— 
G. T. HaUenbeck 

Supply Officer— K. W. Stokes 
Headquarters Company: 

Commanding Officer — G. D. Moore 

Exec. Officer— D. S. Gaw 
Band Platoon: 

Commander — P. E. Jensen 
Drill Platoon: 

Commander — G. D. Moore 
A Company: 

Commanding Officer — J. L. Sammons 

1st Platoon Commander — T. R. Barry 

2nd Platoon Commander — R. T. Riggs 
B Company: 

Commanding Officer — S. C. Coley 

1st Platoon Commander — 
R. A. Packard, Jr. 

2nd Platoon Commander — 
J. D. Stewart 



Dixon Abdella 

Bucky Fondren 

Todd Orvald 

John Alexander 

Bob Foyle 

Vernon Padgett 

Ross Arnold 

Carle Gersbach 

Rodger Parker 

Jerry Barringer 

Herb Coins 

BiU Phipps 

Samuel Barton 

Charles Grace 

Rick Reider 

Andy Beath 

Charles Guy 

Mike Renneker 

Robin Bodkin 

Roger Hayes 

Terry Richardson 

Don Brannon 

Herman Hedgepeth 

Danny Rose 

Joe Bussey 

Robert Henry 

Peter Royal 

Jay Calabrese 

Edward Hicldin 

Frank Ryan 

Bedford Cannon 

Kenneth Homa 

BiU Serravezza 

Henley Carter 

Jim Hysong 

Mike Shasby, co-captmn 

Ken Chatham 

George Joseph 

Jeff Snyder 

Joseph Compitello 

James Kidd 

Mike Swomley 

Dan Crouch 

John Krimmel, Jr. 

Mark Telge 

Larry Davis 

Bob Lasky 

Malcohn Travelstead 

Larry Dempsey 

Eddie Leinster 

Richard Unser 

Jake Devonshire 

Gerald Lundy 

Art Vann 

Dick Dixon 

Bob Matheson, co-captain 

Tim West 

Bob Dow 

Arthur Morgan 

Bruce Wiesley 

Dave Dunaway 

John Munn 

Jay Wilson 

Thomas Edens 

Mike Murphy 

Page Wilson 

J. B. Edwards 

Glenn Newman 

Al Woodall 

Rick Everstine 

Tom O'Bryon 

Fred Zuker 



Mark Arnold 

Bob Hepler 

Jack Rasberry 

Don Baglien 

Tom Hightower 

Bruce Reynolds 

John Barfield 

Pete Hires 

Fred Rojas 

Dick Biddle 

Danny Hitchcock 

Pete Schafer 

James Blake 

Chris Hume 

Frank Simpson 

Ken Bombard 

Mike McCormick 

Randy Stevenson 

Henry Broadway 

BiU McKee 

Art Tremaine 

Bruce Campbell 

Len McNeil 

David Trice 

Dennis Cassidy 

Bob Morris 

Ron Valent 

Marcel Courtillet 

Earl Mowry 

Tom Wilson 

Ben Cittadino 

Jerry Musarra 

Greg Wuerstle 

James Dearth 

Jim Mussleman 

Bob Zaleski 

Mike Fitzpatrick 

Joe Newman 

George Henry 

Alien Parks 


Tony Barone 
Warren Chapman 
Claudius Claiborne 
Bob Francis 
Dave Golden 
Joe Kennedy 

Tim Kolodziej 
Mike Lewis 
Jim Liccardo 
Fred Lind 
Stewart McKaig 
Bob Riedy 

Dale Stubbs 
Steve Vandenberg 
Bob Verga, captain 
Ron Wendelin 



Tom Banks 
. Bob Chase 
Steve Denison 
Wib GuUey 
Bob Hughes 

Doug Jackson 
JareU Jones 
BiU King 
Ray Kuhlmeier 
John Posen 

Glen Smiley 
Tim Teer 
Dave Thompson 
Skip Walters 
Phil Weaver 


Randy Alexander 

Bing Guckenberger 

Terry Rettig 

Dwight Bayne 

Kenneth Heckert 

Robert Riesenfelt 

Jim BeU 

David Jubanowsky 

WiUiam Rohde 

lim CampbeU 

WiUiam Kurtz 

Steve Sachs 

Chris Dame 

Curtis Lauber, captain 

Steve Smith 

Mark DonneU 

Rob Oppenheimer 

Gordon Snyder 

Ryan Dybdahl 

David Osberg 

WiUiam Tita 

Jim EUett 

Steve Place 

Len Tylka 

Jon Elmendorf 

Ashmead Pringle 

Henry Walter 



Howard Calvin 

Robert LippreUe 

Thomas Rockwood 

James CromweU 

Thomas Lloyd 

Gilbert Scharf 

John Friedlander 

Michael Lyle 

Douglas Schocken 

James Furniss 

Ramez Maluf 

Richard Semple 

PhiUp Hardee 

Edwin Meissner 

John Simpson 

Douglas Henry 

Robert Morrison 

WiUiam Thomas 

Jon Isley 

Charles Oberbach 

Henry Wilson 

Lanning Jones 

John Plowden 

Charles Woodman 

Philip Krone 

Frederick Richardson 




George Benson 

Bob Martin 

Mike Strickland 

Jerry Barringer 

Gaiy Bross 

Dave Millar 

Doug Ward 

Henly Carter 

Ted Clawson 

Ttip O'Donnell, captain 

John Wilie 

Carl Chxonister 

Mardn Falk 

Bill Stevenson 

Henry Young 

Stan Coble 
Larry Davis 


John Dennington 

Gus Anderson 

Louis Hubener 

Terry Schaich 

Carter HiU 

Holt Anderson 

Redge Hanes 

Gil Scharf 

John Hines 
Mike Holloway 

Bob Booth 

Robert Laughlin 

Phil Snead 

Robett Clift 

William Mathis 

Jeff Snyder 

Lowry Hughes 

Chuck Clark 

Edward Muller 

William Snyder 

Jim Hysong 

Matk Colvin 

James Neffgen 

Jeff Smith 

John Krimmel 

Edward Doyle 

Jack Neithammer 

Wood Struthers 

Bob Miller 

Lance Elliott 

Morty Orman 

Malcolm Travelstead 

Jeff Mitchell 

John Foreman 

Tom Parrott 

Arthur Tremaine 

Bob Moore 
Terry Richardson 

Robert Fox 

Roger Peterman 

James Watson 

Bing Guckenbergei 

Richard Poland 

Marion Williams 

Frank Ryan 

Frank Hanna 

David Poleski 

David Williamson 

Barney Smith 

Philip Hardee 

Fred Ramsey 

Bob Steinbfuegge 

George Harwell 

Steve Sachs 

Dick Warren 
Phil Wilhelm 



Bob Albright 

Craig Fraser 

Paul Rogers 

Don Berns 

Dick Altreutor 

Bob Henry 

Ed Stenberg 

Allan Bellman 

Ed Hicklin 

Tom Talbott 

Robin Bodkin 

John Hoy 

Will Von Klempercr 

Tom Coleman 
Bill Finger 

Clint Brown 

Phil Lacy 

BiU Weldon 

Bertie Butts 

Jim Martin 

Turner Whitted 

Tom Farquhar 

Andy Copenhaver 
Pete Culver 

Jack Morse 
Fraser Owen 

Fred Zodda 

Bill Garrison 
Bob HoUingshead 

Pat Feely 

Roger Parker 

Bruce Mahler 
Charles Meek 



Robert Morgan 
Roswell Spears 

Bill Allen 

Bill Goetz 

David Novick 

Fred Turner 

Steve Altman 

Cliff Hickman 

Rick Palmer 

Jim Blake 

Jeff Hower 

Tom Rainey 

Charles Carter 

Mike Jeffrey 

John Scott 

Joe Cox 

Bill LeDain 

Dave Smith 

Jim Dearth 

Chris Lee 

Mac Summer 

Jim Dorsey 

Dana Macklin 

Skip Waters 

Bob Dresher 

Dwight Morris 


Bob Albright 

Gary Feichtinger 

Tom Talbott 

Al Bellman 

Phil Lacy 

WiU Von Klemperer 

Bertie Butts 

Jack Morse 

Billy Weldon 

Chuck Clark 

Paul Rogers 

Fred Zodda 

Andy Copenhaver 

Ed Stenberg 


David Daniel 

Tom O'Bryon 

Malcolm Darling 

Richard Reamer 

Jack Derryberry 

Robert Van Asselt 

James Dubuar 

Curt WeUs 

Charles Fyfe 

Dan Zeidner 

Mac McAlpin 

Dave Lavine 

Art Morgan 



John Abernathy 

Art Harris 

Alan Bloom 

Gill Johnson 

Carl Bose 

Bob Koons 

Mark Colvin 

William Rhyne 

Mark Furniss 

Lewis Sculman 


Walter Bradley 

Steve Karver 

Murry Brown 

Gerry McKenzie 

Frank Craig 

John Melville 

Ryan Dybdahl 

Al Moretz 

Kevin Durham 

Gieg Perett, Captain 

George Ganaway 

Bob Sweimes 

Walter Green 

Fred Zengel 

Dudley Houghton 

Wyatt Brown 

Mike Insel 



Roy Albrektson 

Mike Matros 

Jeff Blackwelder 

Stewart McClausland 

Truman Donoho 

Chuck McMains 

W. Neil EUiott 

Bruce McLean 

J. Richard Fehler 

Randy Peyser 

Sammy Fox 

Jim Roush 

Frank Herlong 

Andrew Rose 

Rick Hopkins 

Frank Sherwood 

Stewart Johnson 

Jerry Spits 

Vincent Juska 

Mark Tager 

David Klarer 

Dan Walter 

Erik Knud-Hansen 

W. Preston White 

Philip LaUy 


Jim Burwell 

Bob MacDuff 

Tom Clark 

Allen Mayo 

Richard Crowder 

Meridith Park 

Sean Devereux 

Donald Peck 

Tom Gotlieb 

Thomas Powers 

Jim Kennedy 

Michael Rothrock 

Walter Levy 

Tom Snell 



Gary Ayers 

John Reed 

Del Bissett 

Thomas Reid 

George Cahill 

Edward Rice 

Thomas Davison 

Jonathan Ries 

Timothy Dietz 

Ralph Rodgers 

Alan Goedde 

James Russell 

Randall Long 

Walter Schmitt 

James Morris 

Stephen Schwartz 

Darrell Olson 

George Watkins 

Robert Pearson 

David Williamson 

John Plowden 






Pres. — Barbara Campbell 

Pres. — James D. Charlet 

V. Pres. — Brenda Fagan 

V. Pre/.— David K. Henny 

Sec. — ^Jane Snotherly 

Sec.-Treas. — Henry H. Robbins 

Treas. — Marilyn Montgomery 



Pres. — Gary F. Feichtinger 

Prei. — Sam Stone 

V. Pres. — George Millikan 

V. Pres. — Bob Johnson 

Sec. — Kathy Gosnell 

Sec. — Micki Page 

Treaj.— Worth H. Weller 

Treai. — Pete Stetler 

Fleet Capi. — Ken Breedlove 

Racing Team Capt, — Haring 



Pre/.— Brenda KoU 

Sally Greenlee 

Gwynne Ormsby 

V. Pres. — Nina Major 

Carol Griffith 

Paula Reith 

Sec. — Marilyn Moeller 

Janet Holt 

Jane Rolfe 

Treas. — Carol Hargan 

Ginny Joslin 

Kathy Scott 

WRA Rep.—^ue Werber 

Kathy Matheson 

Gail Singletary 

Ann Blessing 

Sally McDonald 

Jo Ann Yoder 

Betsy Bowers 

Susan Newbold 

Denny Graves 

Sally Nolting 





Executive Council: 

Pres. — Joe Stokes 

V. Pres. — Bob Levine 

Rec. Sec— Mary Hill 

Cor. Sec. — Pam Parker 

Bus. Mgr. — Howard Nathanson 

Kerbey Alcmann 

Jerry Jernigan 

Welda Rudin 

Scott Seltzer 

Bill Spenser 

Vera Vento 

Production Council: 

Director — Joe Stokes 

Choreographer — Camille Hardy 

Producer — Bob Levine 

Choral Director — Jack Parkhurst 

Technical Director — -Kerbey Altmann 


Director — Mr. James Henry 
Pres. — Richard Gross 
V. Pres. — Paul Jensen 
Drum Major — Buzz Hudgins 
Bus. Mgr. — Dave Beale 
Equip. Mgr. — Wayne Parrish 
Pub. Director — Doug Archer 
Librarian — Tom Nash 


Pres. — Frank Glass 
V. Pres. — Tom Riggs 
Business Mgr. — Mike Pearlman 
Set Chief — Kerbey Altmann 
Lighting Chief — Biil Spencer 
Make-up Chiefs — Dave Elwell and 

Donna Giles 
Costume Chief — Deborah Fain 
Sound Chief — Dave Sorkey 
Publicity Chief — Alma Moon 


Giorgio Ciompi, 
Suzanne Parker 
Kaye Franklin 
Howard Nathanson 
Phyllis Garriss 
Helen Fruitstone 
Roberta Heaton 
Lawrence Wallace 
Robert Cunningham 
Ellen Carlson 
Earl Wolslagel 
Sadye Anne Broadway 
Dorothy Kitchen 
Lawrence Evans 
Maya Powell 
Dr. Larry Turner 

Arlene Di Cecco, 

Olive Miller 
Robert Kerr 
Eleanor Kinnaird 
Nancy Spaulding 
Sylvia Hyden 
Edward Bryan 
Julia Field 
Ellen Clark 
Isabel Samfield 
Kristin Arthur 
Norman Owsley 
Susan C. Speck 
Cynthia Crisp 
Christine Phelps 
Susan Kirkman 

Julia Mueller, 

Marian Scott 
Marjorie Renner 
Christian Kutschinski 
Ruth K. Boal 
Shirley Jones 
Francisco Espinosa 
Jean Alderman 


Luca Di Cecco, 

Carey Fuller 
Susan Zarr 
Linda Bourque 
Gary Hardie 
Thel Boyette 
Neill McLeod 
Muriel G. Nash 
Fran Dcats 
Karin Phelps 
Elizabeth Stoney 

Don P. Bourque. 

Evan Webster 
Michael Pearlman 
Alice Craft 
Thomas H. Nash 
Charles Franklin Jones. Jr. 

Jean T. Russ 
Clifford David 
Terry Boyarsky 

James Weber 
Judith T. Chotiner 
Leslie Withers 
Peter Standaart 


Leslie Withers 

James E. Lenz, Jr. 

Robert Miller 
James E. Lenz, Jr. 
Dean Morgan 
Edythe Goldstein 

John LeSueur 

James Henry 
Kern Holoman 
Karen Jenkins 

William R. Ballowe 
James David Grief 
William Mclntire 
John Cheeseman 
Diane Clayton 
Charles Winton 
Kay Maves 
Robert Winton 

William F. Prizer 
Charles Leach 
Robert Challen 


Pres. — William F. Prizer Assist. Bus. Mgr. — D. Kern Holoman 

V. Pres. — Diane Clayton 

V. Pres. — C. Turner Hudgins 

BustTiess Mgr. — Leslie Withers 

Librarian — Linda McKissack 
Equipment Manager — David Beale 

John Pooler 
Robert Fleming 
David Beale 

Stephen Young 


Jeff Pendergrast, 

Kenneth Ross 

Mitchell Bassman 
James Jackson 


Jeff Pendergrast 


Pres. — Steve Gaddis 
Sec.-Treas. — Donna McOmpbell 
Librarian — John Swemam 
Publicity — Nick Groves 
Accompanist — Bill Gudger 
Student Directors: 

Rick Burts 

Steve Gaddis 

Jack Parkhurst 
Carolyn Arendt 
Rick Burts 
Diane Clayton 
Jackie Crawford 
Mary Ann Davis 
Frances Dick 
Deb Fortune 
Jim Fraser 


Jackie Crawford 
Carole Hamilton 
Claudie Hullgren 
Connie Jackson 
Edyth James 
Dianne Kiser 
Carol Knutsen 
Candy Leland 
Giimy Olsen 
Nancy Page 
Joyce Reiss 
Kathy Ramerman 
Joyce Sheckells 
Ellen Sheip 
Winnie Simpson 

Linda Tall 
Sharon Vosberg 
Pam Wigren 


Kris Arthur 
Linda Berghorn 
Paula Brewer 
Linda Cobb 
Susan Cornwell 
Allaire George 
Joan Gratz 
Ann Groce 
Cathy Lambe 
Tina Meservey 
Mary Potts 


Pres. — Dianne Kiser 
Business Mgr. — Nancy Page 
Personnel Mgr. — Margaret Ann Porter 
Publicity Mgr. — Candy Leland 
Treas. — Libby Lamason 

Steve Gaddis 
Nick Groves 
Bill Gudger 
Ann Horton 
Polly Jackson 
Donna McCampbell 
Terry McCoy 
Sally Notis 
Jack Parkhurst 
Mark Rowles 
Wendy Salinger 
John Swetnam 
Kathy Walsh 
Wayne Woodward 
Lyim Zidanic 

Miriam Pravda 
Ann Reaney 
Lee Ann Stuart 


Wayne Arrowood 
Dana Dadson 
Jim Fraser 
Ford Fuller 
John Gale 
James Hayes 
Dan Kincaid 
Paul LaFollette 
John Simpson 
Dale Slivinske 
Paul Stokes 

Tommy Watson 
Denny White 

Mark Arnold 
Kent Batty 
Rick Burts 
Bob Behringer 
John Fair 
Don Gale 
Vinton Geistfeld 
Phil Graham 
Bill Gudgere 
BiU Oelfke 
Roger Porter 
Pete Weigl 
George Yehling 


Pres. — Lin Coleman 
Business M^r.— Dale Slivinske 
Personnel — Don Gale 
Publicity — Dan Kincaid 
Trear.— -George Yehling 




Editor — Charles Williams 

Editor — R. Frederick Daugherty 

Editor — Stuart Roberts 

Business Mgrs. — Bob Banta, John Krampf 

Business Mgr. — Dorothy Gohdes 

Business Mgr. — John Ruey 




Walt Chapin 

Bob Rhodes 

Worth Boone 

Neil Friedman 

Marshall Checker 

John Sanders 

Roben Carney 

Eric Gordon 

Jim Cronwell 

Mary Small 

John Close 

Woodie Cross 

Rob Smith 

Larry Fiznk 


Mark Gitenstein 

Bill Wallace 

Steve Garavelli 

Editor — Robert Gould 

Walter Green 

George Williams 

Maria Jones 

Managing Editor — Bob Bright 

Liz Locke 

Marion Williams 

Mike Jones 

Associate Eds. — Ken Page, Ed Reefe 

Niki Meith 

Rick Williams 

Linda Panhill 

Feature Ed. — Randy Henry 

Ben Miller 

George Wilson 

Charlie Smith 

Business Mgr. — Tom Fegley 

Buz Minor 

Jim Wise 

Heidi Sparkes 


Gus Anderson 
Mac Mcjunkin 
Harry HiU 

Jeff Park 

Bud DeWinter 

Paul Sommerville 

Randy Peyser 

Rick Poland 

Harry C. Stokes 
Tim Valentine 




Executive Committee: 

Chairman — Dr. Joel Colton 

Sec. — Pam Graves 

Finance Committee Ckm. — Tom McLain 

Mr. William J. Griffith 

Kathy Gosnell 

Voting Members: 

Gus Anderson 

Caroline Carlron 

Dr. Joel Colton 

Margaret Douglas 

Dr. Oliver Ferguson 

Mike Flick 

Kathy Gosnell 

Robin Gould 

Pam Graves 

Mr. William J. Griffith 

Mr. S. C Harward 

Dr. J. Woodford Howard 

Dr. Robert Krueger 
Nancy McCormick 
Tom McLain 
Jim Powell 
Al Ross 
Mike Shahan 
Phil Snead 

Non-Voting Members: 

Bill Ackerman 

Bob Banta 

Dave Birkhead 

Jack Boger 

Fred Daugherty 

Dorothy Gohdes 

John Krampf 

Stuart Roberts 

John Ruey 

Charles Williams 

Vic Zambetti 


Editor — Jack Boger 
Assoc. Editor — Jo Humphreys 
Copy Editor — Kaki Humphreys 
Managing Editor — Tom McLain 
Assist. Managing Ed. — Joyce Denman 
Office Managers — 

Dave Wuehrmann 

Nina Kamlukin 
Photography Editor — Jim Sneeringer 
Head Photographer — Walter Chapin 


Ken Boger 

Bill Boyarslcy 

Mike Boyd 

Roger Geller 

Don Hughes 

Steve Karver 

Jeff Kaye 

David Rubenstein 

John Sacha 

Debra Thomas 

Business Mgr. — Victor John Zambetti 

Co-ed Bus. Mgr. — Fran Datr 

Assist. Bus, Mgr. — David Bachelder 


Editor — Dave Birkhead 
Managing Editors — 

Alan Ray 

Steve Johnston 

Editorial Staff: 
Hairy Boyte 
Howard Copeland 
Maggie Douglas 
Bob England 
Aden Field 
Huck Gutman 
Chuck Ingraham 
Greg Perett 
Mark Pinsky 
Al Ross 

John Whitehead 
Cartoonist — Larry Funk 

News Staff: 
Gus Anderson 
Bob Ashley 
Tupp Blackwell 
Mike Brondoli 
Courtney Caldwell 
Pete Chikes 
Teddie Clark 
Carol CowgiU 
Kathy Cross 
Blair Edlow 
Cathy Edwards 
Neil Friedman 
Steve Garavelli 
Kathy Gosnell 
Pam Graves 
Gayle Heney 
Bill Holt 
Janis Johnson 
Marc Kaplan 
Cheryl Kohl 
Jack LeSeur 
Marty Lloyd 
Mark Lovington 
Don Manning 
Al Martin 
Peg McCartt 
Nancy McCormick 
Jim McCullough 
Kathy Parker 
Bill Prindle 

Susan Rice 
Fred Richardson 
Dave Shaffer 
Alan Shusrerman 
Kathy Shields 
Art Spector 
John Stevens 
Vickey White 
Bob White 
Bruce Yuzna 


Editor — Dick Miller 

Associate Ed. — Jim Wunsch 

Photographer — Sreve Conaway 


Jack Fleet 

Bruce Roberts 

Dick Van Dusen 

Steve Worful 

Steve Johnson 

Fred D'Andrea 

Editor — Jim Powell 
Ron Black 
Bill Boyarsky 
Ridge Cotton 
Sam Finklea 
Ned Fody 
George Cahill 
Eaton Merritt 
Cliff Rose 
Cole Thies 
Bruce Vance 


Business Mgr. — Bill Ackerman 

Assist. — Mike Shahan 

Co-ed Bus. Mgr. — Pam Graves 

Advertising Manager — Mason Holmes 

Advertising Staff — • 

Harold Brody 

Geoffrey Decker 
Office Manager — Diane Wolf 
Circulation Manager — Erik Anderson 


Station Manager — Bill Veatch 
Production Mgr. — Bob Conroy 
Business Mgr. — Bill Erwin 
Sales Mgr. — Steve Sapp 
Engineering Mgrs. — 

Lee Steckmest 

Wyatt Brown 


Ken Ahrens 
Dick Averitt 
Joe Baden 
Mike Balog 
Steve Beach 
Greg Bowcott 
Mike Brondoli 
Chajlie Brown 
Jack Browning 
Aaron Cahn 
Bill Opel 
Bob Chapman 
Bill Cobb 
Julie Contole 
Chip Cox 

Chief Announcer — Kip Vosburgh 
News Director — Dan Nagel 
Sports Director— Fred Henry 
Publicity Director — Pender McCarcer 

Bob Creamer 
Steve Davies 
David Dean 
Jennie Lou Divine 
Howard Dubose 
Pete Engel 
Bill Graves 
Steve Hawkins 
Gerry Horovitz 
Bob Inskeep 
Lila Jenkins 
Joe Johnson 
Mark Kaplan 
Chris Kohn 

Lonnie LaRoche 
Bill Lawrence 
John "McAllister 
Tom Moser 
Norm Prance 
Jim Prestwood 
Ken Pugh 
John Rairigh 
Ken Ross 
Pam Sargent 
Dick Saunders 
Terry Schaich 
Bob Seidel 
Bob Shenkin 

Francis Shurdee 
Al Shusterman 
Bill Simon 
Wilson Smith 
Susan Strozier 
Mark Tager 
Bill Treut 

Dick Vanvalkenberg 
John Wallace 
Gerret Warner 
Rick Watson 
Evans Wetmore 
Amelia Young 
Bruce Yuzna 



Pres. — Bob Murphy 

Sec. — Ginger Garvin 

Robin Blake 

Bill Rugh 

Bryan Sharratt 

Sam Slade 


Chuck Ingraham 

Bill Piatt 

Prof. Joseph C. Wetherby 


chairman — John Kernodle 

Doug Adams 

Mary Earle 

Dr. Frederick Krantz 

Jeff Van Pelt 

Polly Wittenberg 

Tony Wood 

Dusty Grey 
Michael Jones 
Judy King 
Russ Nieli 
David Rubenstein 
Mary Ruby 
William Tobb 
Gerry Wasserman 
Michael Zellinger 


Pres. — Barry McWilliams 
V. Pres.— Ken Griffiths 
Sec.-Treas. — Tom Powers 
Bill Rugh 
John Rarigh 


Dean Robert B. Cox 
Mr. William Griffith 
Dr. Harry Owen 
Dr. Joseph C. Wetherby 
Dean Mary Grace Wilson 
Wyatt Brown 

Paul Robert Conroy 
Jennie Lou Divine 
Bill Erwin 
Norm Prance 
Sreve Sapp 
Pam Sargent 

Francis Shurcliff 
Lee Steckmest 
Bill Veatch 
Rick Watson 




chairman — Bob Hyde 

Treas. — David Henderson | 

Sec, — Rosic Redding 

Financial Chm — 

-Karl Clauset 

David Andeison 

Pete English 

Rosie Redding 

Gerry Ahmann 

Sally Foote 

Rich Reifsnyder 

Jim Bethel 

Gordon Grant 

Con Smith 

Kent Burningham 

Joe Harris 

Kay Smith 

Dennis Campbell 

David Henderson Phil Snead | 

Nancy Cardwell 


Guy Solie 

Karl Clauset 

Bob Hyde 

Connie Stubbs 

Abbie Doggett 

Cheryl Kohl 

Bob Waldman 

Maggie Douglas 

Dale Norton 

Sally Webb 

Joe Diirrett 

Wayne Parrish 

Dave Young 

Mary Earle 




Queen — Brenda KoU 

Queen — Pam Davis 



Judy Alford 

Kit Butler 

Lyndall Booth 

Mary Earle 

Kit Butler 

Natasha Geren 

Roberta Harlan 

Kathy Humphrey 

Kay Morris 

KaK Humphreys 

Girma Naylor 

Ginna Naylor 

Loretta Perez 

Sally Patterson 

MulT Shawger 

Tina Weart 

Margaret Sheppard 

Gail Stanley 




— Mimi Ruben | 



Mary Earle 





Executive Board: 

Pres. — Glenn Goodyear 

V. Pres. — Lewis Brodnax 

Sec. — David Bachelder 

Treas. — -Jack Wilkerson 

MSGA Representative — Bill Clifton 

Council of Presidents: 

Alpha Tau Omega — Trip O'Donnell 

Beta Theta Pi — John D. Stewart 

Delta Sigma Phi — J. Michael Jarrard 

Delta Tau DW/a— Richard E. Post 

Kappa Alpha — Jerry A. Barringer 

Kappa Sigma — James W. Tredway 

Lambda Chi Alpha — Joel Barr 

Phi Delta Theta— Victor J. Zambetti 

Phi Kappa Psi — M. Lawrence Hicks, Jr. 

Judicitd Board: 
Chairman — Jim Hasson 
Ross Arnold 
Ted Fillette 
Mark Gitenstein 
Lee Kenna 
Trip O'Donnell 
Kip Rice 
Trip Sizemore 

Committee Chairmen: 

Social — ^Tom Roberts, Mac McAlpin 

Scholarship and Pledging — Ed Norris 

Publications — Howard NathansOQ 

Publicity — Pat Wright 

Public Relations — Carl Tobias 

Rush—]oYia Miller 

Phi Kappa Sigma — G. Edward Davis 

Pi Kappa Alpha — James Caldwell 

Pi Kappa PAi— Bill VanNortwick 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon — William L Trippe 

Sigma Chi — Roy B. Jones 

Sigma Nu — Doug Dacko 

Tau Epsilon Phi — Leonard J. Berkowitz 

Theta CW— Chad Goff 

Zeta Beta Tau — ^Laurence D. Beck 


Pres. — Aim Dodds 
V. Pres. — Patricia Berg 
Sec. — ^Judy Abrams 
Treas. — Jo Alice Bennett 
Chairman of Rush Advisors — Betty Burke 
Panhellenic Handbook Editor — 
Emily Walker 



Chairman — Polly Wittenberg 
Addoms — Rebecca Nash 
Alspaugh — Roberta Harlan 
Aycock—K^y Nix 
Bassett — Betsy Strawn 
Brown — Kathy Belton 
Epworth — Jane Jabbour 
Giles — Ann Powers 
Gilbert — Polly Wittenberg 
Jarvis — Jo Humphreys 
Pegram— Peggy Pringle 
Southcaie — Carol'ne Carlton 



Pres. — Gerald B. Ahmann 

GG#2— Walt Green 


V. Prej.— Richard 

James Whitley 

HH#;— Jim Hardekopf 1 

Sec. — Robert F. Sikora 

HH#3— Sam Roberson 1 

Treas. — Joseph E. Newton 

Lancaster — Bucky Owens | 

House Presidents: 

Mirecourt — Joe Hyatt 


BOGV— Steve Ballew 

Tabard — John Lindegren | 

Buchanan — Greg 


Taylor — Don Smith 

Canterbury-A — Roy Moon 

yof;^— KeUy Morris 

Canterbury-VA — 

Jim Frenzel 


Charles Adams 

Frank Campbell 

Bob Johnson 

Bill Parsley 

Bruce Alexander 

Bill Comstangy 

Ross Johnston 

Raine Remsberg 

Jim Alexander 

Richard Cox 

Roger Kissam 

Jim Safley 

Father Bennish 

Lyman Dillon 

Ed Malinzak 

Lee Spence 

Bill Black 

Charles Ingraham Jim Mullen 

Clif Traver 


Gerry Ahmatm 

Will Graves 

Jon Kiimey 

Guy Solie 

Peter Chikes 

Joe Harris 

Tom McLain 

Tom Taft 

Jim Coil 

David Henderson John Modlin 

Bob Waldman 

Ed Crowding 

John Hines 

Bob Newton 

George Oowell 

Bob Hyde 

John Pace 



ABKE, Helen Lucille, Orlando, Fla.; Spanish; Alpha Chi Omega. 
ACKERMAN, William Jackson, Richmond, Va. ; Mathematics; 
Theta Chi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Chronicle 2, Bus. Mgr. 
3, 4; IFC 2; MSGA 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Omega Delta Kappa. 
ACREE, Jackie, Atlanta, Ga. ; Political Science; Zeta Tau Alpha, 
President; Pi Sigma; WSGA 1. 

ADAMS, Douglas Glenn, Rockford, 111.; Political Science; Phi Eta 

Sigma; Forum 2, 3, 4; Model U.N. 1, 2, 3, President 4; SCLC 1, 2, 

3, 4; Board of Governors of Forum 3, 4. 

ADDINGTON, Ann Marie, Charlottesville, Va. ; French: Kappa 


AHMANN, Gerald Black, St. Charles, Mo.; Pre-Med; FAC 2, 3; 

Pre-Med. Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Symposium Committee 4; AIH President 

4; Ass't. Housemaster 4; House President 3. 

ALBRECHT, Jerry Linn, Endicott, N. Y.; History: Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon, Secretary 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Fencing 1. 
ALDEN, John Thomas, Jr., Rockville Ind.; Business Administration; 
Phi Delta Theta; Beta Omega Sigma; AIESEC 2, V.P. 3, 4; Chan- 
ticleer L 2, 3; FAC 2, 3; Joe College Steer. Com. 3, 4; MSGA 1, 2, 
3, 4, Senator 4, Chm. Freshman Gov't. Com. 2; Symposium Com. 

2, 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; House President 
1 ; Cross Country 1. 

ALEXANDER, Pamela Gay, King, N. C; Spanish; Alpha Chi 
Omega; Women's Glee Club 1; Pan-Hellenic Council, Treasurer 3; 
WSGA 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; WRA Board 3, 4; YDC 1; Baptist 
Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Duplicate Bridge Club 4; Rush Advisor 4. 

ALEXANDER, Randolph F., Akron, Ohio; Pre-Med; Delta Tau 
Delta, Social Chairman 4; FAC 4; MSGA 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 

3, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3; Pre-Med Advisory Council 2, 3; Soccer 
1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1; Baseball 1. 

ALFORD, Judith Eleanor, Westport, Conn.; Psychology; Kappa 
Delta; FAC 4; WSGA 2; Sigma Delta Pi. 

ALLEN, Margaret Ashby, Richmond, Va. ; Political Science; Sigma 
Kappa, Sec. 2, V.P. 3, President 4; Pi Sigma Alpha; WSGA 2; 
YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2. 

ALLEN, Thomas Stringfield, Burlington, Vt. ; Electrical Engineering; 

Pi Kappa Alpha; Engineering Student Council 2; Class President 2; 

Basketball 1; Golf 1. 

ALLISON, Nancy Elinor, Riverside, 111.; English; Ivy; Campus 

Chest 2, 3; FAC 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 

WRA 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Delta, President 4; Student Concern, 

Chm. 3. 

ALPER, Harvey Paul, Charlotte, N. C. ; History; Religious Council 

3, 4; CCUN 1, 2; LAC 4; Forum 3; Hillel, Rel. Chm. 1, V.P. 2, 

President 3, 4. 

ALTER, Carol Ann, Oregon, Ohio; English. 

ALTREUTER, Richard William, Fair Haven, N. J.; Physics; Sigma 
Pi Delta; Pre-Med Society 1, 4; Track 1, 3, 4; Swimming 2. 
ALTHOUSE, Sandra Louise, Swarthmore, Pa.; Political Science; 
Alpha Chi Omega, Treas. 3, President 4; Pi Sigma Alpha; Campus 
Chest 2, 3; FAC 3; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Model U.N. 2, 3; 
YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Chm. Student Concern Drive 3. 

ALVAREZ, Richard Michael, Roanoke, Va. ; Electrical Engineering; 
Phi Kappa Sigma; Engineer's Guidance Council 4; Basketball 1. 
ARMBRECHT, David Lee, Richmond Va.; Accounting: Theta Chi; 
Duke Players 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 3, 4; Outing Club 2, 3, 4; Pep 
Board 1; YMCA 1, 2; Wesley Players 4; Swimming 1. 
ASHBY, Donald Arthur, Nassawadox, Va.; Electrical Engineering; 
Alpha Tau Omega; Engineers Guidance Council 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

AVERITT, Richard G., St. Petersburg, Fla.; Political Science; Delta 
Sigma Phi; Engineering Student Council 1; WDBS 1, 2, 3, 4; Presi- 
dent Freshman Engineering Class. 

BAILY, Lorianne, Englewood, Colo.; Polticial Science; Kappa Kap- 
pa Gamma, Sec. 4; Rush Advisor 4. 

BALLEW, Steven Early, Inman, S. C. ; English; Campus Chest 3, 
Chm. 4; Chapel Choir I, 2; FAC 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, Executive Cabinet 4; Baptist Student Union I, 2, 
Treas. 3, 4; BOG, Sec. 2, President 4. 




BALUSS, Mary Eleanor, Fayetteville, N. C. ; Political Science; 
Delta Gamma; Pi Sigma Alpha, President 3, 4; AIESEC 2; Student 
Union 1, 2, 3, 4; WSGA 4; YWCA 2, 4. 

BARBOUR, Carol Goodwin, Morganton, N. C; Psycholog\: Stu- 
dent Welfare Committee 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

BARGMAN, Alan Richard, Buffalo, N. Y.; History; Zeta Beta 
Tau ; House Council 1; IM Manager 1. 

BARNES, Leroy Robert, Jr., Fairfax, Va. ; Mathematics; Kappa 
Sigma, Treas. 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1; 
Golf 1. 

BARRY, Thomas Ross, Tupelo, Miss.; Sociology; Sigma Chi; Bench 
and Bar 1 ; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
BARTLETT, Mary Lee, Baltimore, Md.; Nursing; CHANTI- 
CLEER 1 ; FAC 2. 

BAUER, Richard Allen, Bethlehem, Pa.; Pre-Med; Pre-Med So- 
ciety 3 ; House Treasurer 3. 

BAY, Barbara Ann, Tampa, Fla. ; Political Science; Chapel Choir 
1, 2; Women's Glee Club 1, 2; Religious Council 4; United Campus 
Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4. 

BEACH, Roberta Kay, Winston Salem, N. C. ; Zoology; Ord. of 
Hippocrates, Sec. 4; Debate Team 1, 2, Sec. 3, 4; FAC 4; Pre-Med 
Society 1, Sec. 2, 3, President 4; Student Union 2; YWCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

BEALE, David Brooks, Centerville, Tenn. ; Music; Delta Mu Tau, 

V.P. 4; Air Force ROTC 1; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching 

Band 1, Librarian 2, 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; Symphony Orchestra 4; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4; Brass Ensemble 4. 

BECK, Jean Marie, Philadelphia, Pa.; English: Chapel Choir 1; 

Symphony Orchestra 1, 2; Student Union 3, 4; International Student 

Committee 2. 

BECK, Laurence David, Mexico; Political Science; Zeta Beta Tau, 

President 4; Pi Sigma Alpha; Campus Chest 1, 2; IFC 2, 3, 4; 

MSGA 1, Student Union 3, Board of Governors 4; YMCA 1, 2. 

BEHNKEN, Kenneth Charles, Painter, Va.; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing; Pi Tau Sigma, V.P. 4; ASME 4; Men's Glee Club 2; Outing 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BEISCHER, Rose Marie, Pensacola, Fla.; History: FAC 4. 
BELL, James Douglas, Milwaukee, Wise; Psychology : Beta Theta 
Pi; FAC 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; House President 1 ;' MSGA 3, At- 
torney General 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BELL, Susanna Marie, High Point, N. C; Elementarv Education: 
Alpha Delta Pi; Treas. 4; Class V.P. 4; Rush Advisor 4; YWCA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

BELVIN, Jeanne Love, Savannah, Ga. ; Political Science: Zeta Tau 
Alpha, Rush Chrm. 3, V.P. 4; Pi Sigma Tau; YWCA cabinet 1; 
Student Union 2; Rush Advisor 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
BENDER, Douglas Edward, Freeport, 111.; Accounting: Alpha Kap- 
pa Psi; Concert Band 1, 2; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BENNETT, Donald Edward, Reisterstown, Md. ; Economics; Delta 

Tau Delta; AFROTC 1, 2; Concert Band 1; Pre-Med Society 1. 

BENSON, Clark William, II, Tryon, N. C. ; Electrical Engineering: 

Pi Kappa Phi; Student Union 2; Religious Council 3; YMCA 1, 2, 


BENSON, Craig Burgess, Memphis, Tenn.; History; Beta Theta 


BENSON, George G., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Economics; Pi Kappa Phi; 
Alpha Kappa Psi; AFROTC 3, 4; FAC 2, 3; Golf 1, 3, 4; YMCA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

BERKOWITZ, Leonard Jay, Coral Gables, Fla.; Psychology: Tau 
Epsilon Phi, V. Chancellor, Rush Chm. 3, Chancellor 4; Concert 
Band 1; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pepband 2, 3, 4; IFC 2, 3, 4. 
BERMAN, Richard Kenneth, Port Washington, N. Y. ; History; 
Zeta Beta Tau; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Hillel 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 



BEST, Alexander Hulvei, Tovvson, Md.; Mechanical Engineering; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Arnold Air Society; Student Union 2, 3; Engi- 
neering Newsletter, Editor. 

BETHEL, James E., Rome, Ga. ; Economics; Beta Theta Pi; Chron- 
icle 1; Campus Chest 2, 3; IFC 3; Housemaster 3; Symposium Com- 
mittee 4. 

BIBB, Louise Randolph, Charlottesville, Va. ; English; Phi Mu; 

BINGHAM, Frederick Conant, III; Kershaw, S. C. ; English; Phi 

Delta Theta; Navy ROTC 1, 2. 

BITTERMANN, Kim Allan, Washington, D. C. ; Political Science; 

Pi Kappa Phi, Sec. 3; FAC 2, 3; YMCA 3, CHM Internat'l Affairs 


BIVTNS, William Pannill, Jr.; Maitland, Fla.; History; AFROTC 

1; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 3, 4; Trent Prize 4. 

BLACKWELDER, Blake Winfield, Washington, D. C; Geology. 
BLAKE, Robert Lincoln, Jr.; Durham, N. C. ; Chemistry-Pre-Med; 
Order of Hippocrates; Delta Sigma Rho; Tau Kappa Alpha; De- 
bate Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 4; Town Men's Club 
2, 3, 4; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 
BLAKESLEE, Carol Lillian, Baltimore, Md., Nursing. 

BLATT, Virginia Elizabeth, Chatham, N. J.; Nursing; Nurses Choir 

1, 2, 3, 4; Ways and Means Committee 1 ; Chm. Future Perspectives 

Comm. 4; Class Parlimentarian 3, 4. 

BLUNT, Peter Howe, Denver, Colo.; Psychology ; Sigma Alpha 

Epsilon; Bench and Bar 1. 

BOOTH, Lyndall Lee, Atlanta, Ga. ; Elementary Education; Kappa 

Kappa Gamma; Sandals; Campus Chest 2; FAC 3; Rush Advisor 4. 

BOOTH, Michael Chaney, West Palm Beach, Fla. ; Civil Engineer- 
ing; ASCE 3, 4. 

BOUCHARD, Elaine Marilyn, Springfield, N. J.; English; Kappa 
Delta; Pep Board 1 ; Student Union 2, 3, 4; Rush Advisor 4; YWCA 
1,2, 3. 

BOUKNIGHT, Lillian Marie, W. Columbia, S. C; History: Chapel 
Choir 1, 2, 3; Women's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Joe College Steering 
Comm. 2, 3; U N Model Assembly; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BOVENDER, Jack Oliver, Jr., Durham, N. C; Psychology; Lamb- 
da Chi Alpha; MSGA 2; Freshman Government Comm. 2; YMCA 
1, 2, 3. 4. 

BOWERS, Elizabeth Ann, Wheeling, W. Va. ; German; Westmin- 
ster Fellowship 1 ; Social Standards 1 ; Pep Board 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
BOYLAN, Kathleen Ford, New Orleans, La.; History; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, Membership Chm.; YWCA 1. 

BRAREN, Richard Eugene, Sarasota, Fla.; Accounting; Delta Tau 
Delta; Bench and Bar 1, 2; Chronicle 2; Sports Car Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Track 1, 2, 4; Cross Country 1; Young Republicans I, 2, 4; YMCA 

BRATER, Carl T., Ann Arbor, Mich.; Botany; Sigma Alpha Ep- 

BRATER, Donald Craig, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Pre-Med; Chemistry; 
Sigma Chi; Order of Hippocrates; Pi Mu Epsilon; FAC 2, 3; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BRAUN, Jory Lewis, Atlanta, Ga. ; History; Zeta Beta Tau, Schol- 
arship Chm.; Order of Hippocrates; IFC 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 
2, 3, 4. 

BREEDLOVE, Kendall Harold, Arlington, Va.; Economics; Sailing 
Club 2, 3, 4; House Judicial Board 3; House Treas. 4. 
BRIDGE, Thomas Peter, Chapel Hill, N. C; English; CHANTI- 
CLEER 1; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 




BRIGHAM, James Remmers, Jr., Carbondale, 111.; History; Sigma 

Nu; Baseball 1; IFC 2; Student Union 2; BBC 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 

3, 4. 

BRIGHT, Robert Nail, Richmond, Va. ; Mechanical Engineering; 

Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Phi; ASME 4; The 

Dukengineer 4; Phi Beta Kappa. 

BRINKMEYER, Mary Elizabeth, Washington, D. C. ; History; 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Corr. Sec. 3, V.P. 4; CHANTICLEER 1, 2, 3; 

Pep Board 1, 2; AIESEC, SEc. 4; Rush Advisor 4. 

BROCKETT, Peter Charles, Ormond Beach, Fla.; Electrical En- 
gineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Football 1, 2; Soccer 3; Peer 1; 
IEEE 4. 

BRODNAX, Lewis M. Jr.; Eutaw, Ala.; Electrical Engineering: 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Beta Phi, Pres. ; Eta Kappa Nu; Engi- 
neers Guidance Council 2; The Dukengineer; IFC, V.P. 4. 
BROOKS, James Clyde, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Mathematics; Theta Chi; 
Arnold Air Society; Delta Mu Tau, Pres. 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BROSKE, Stuart Page, Huntington, W. Va. ; Chemistry Pre-Med; 
Phi Delta Theta; Baseball 1; FAC 2; IEEE 2; Men's Judicial 
Board 1; YMCA 1,2,3. 

BROWN, Archie Watt, Morganton, N. C; Pre-Med; Order of 
Hippocrates; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1. 
BROWN, Edward Blackshear, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. ; Electrical Engi- 
neering; Theta Chi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Stu- 
dent Council 2 ; YMCA 1,2. 

BROWN, Louise Lambeth, Charlotte, N. C. ; History; Alpha Delta 
Pi; WRA2; YWCA 1,2,3,4. 

BROWN, Rose Virginia, West Columbia, S. C; Nursing; NSGA 
1, 2, 3, 4; Nurses' Publications Comm. 1, 2, 3, 4; Nurses' Notes 

1, 2, 3, Editor 4; Future Perspectives Comm. 3, 4; Honor Council 

2, 4. 

BROWN, Sallie Louise, University Park, Md. ; Art History; Sigma 
Kappa, Pan Hel 2, Social Chm. 3, Treas. 3 ; Terpisichorean, Treas. 
3; Pan-Hellenic Council 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BROWN, Sheila Gayle, Landis, N. C. ; Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma, 
Sec. 4; Concert Band 1; Pep Board 1, 2; WRA 1; AIESEC 3; 
YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BROWN, Steven Ravett, Chevy Chase, Md.; Pre-Med-Physics ; 
Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Symphony Orchestra 1 ; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 
BRUHWEL, Roger Alfred, Charlotte, N. C; Mathematics ; CHAN- 
TICLEER I ; AIH Pub. Editor 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, Pub. Editor 3, 4. 

BRYCE, John Stephen, Kennett Sq., Pa.; Mechanical Engineering; 
AFROTC 1 ; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BULLOCK, Calvert Riggs, Miami, Fla.; Mathematics; Tau Ep- 
silon Phi; Navy ROTC 1,2. 

BURCH, Barbara Anna, Edgewater, Md.; French: Zeta Tau Alpha 
Women's Glee Club 1 ; Joe College Steering Comm. 1 ; Chronicle 2 
Class Treas. 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 3; Student Union 1, 2, 3 
^'WCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BURCHESKY, Kenneth Michael, Utica, N. Y.; Chemistry; Pre- 
Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Board 2, 3, 4; Track 3; Chronicle 4; 

BURKE, Betty Edwards, Houston, Tex.; History; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Rush Advisor 3; Chm. of Rush Advisors 4; FAC 4. 
BURNINGHAM, Kent Sessions, Alexandria, Va. ; Electrical Engi- 
neering; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Phi; Eta Kappa Nu, Sec. 4; 
AFROTC 1 ; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1 ; Out- 
ing Club 1, 2; IEEE 4; Engineering Student Council 4; Symposium 
Comm. 4. 

BURTS, Richard Clyde, III, Davidson, N. C; Music; Delta Mu 

Tau; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chapel 

Choir 1, 2, 3; Chancel Singers 2, 3, 4; Madrigal Singers 2, 3, 4; 

Hoof 'n' Horn 3. 

BURWELL, James Henry, Greensboro, N. C. ; History: Phi Kappa 

Sigma; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain 4. 

BUTLER, Katherine Alice, Charlotte, N. C; Psychology; Hoof 

'n' Horn 1; Terpsichorean 1, 2, 3, 4; House Pres. 3. 


BUTLER, Warwick Woods, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Business Ad- 
ministration; Delta Sigma Phi, Social Chm.; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; 
AFROTC 1, 2; Campus Chest 2; AIESEC 3. 

BUTT, Barbara Shepherd, Pensacola, Fla.; Nursing: Alpha Delta 
Pi; Student Union 3; Class V.P. 4. 
BYRNE, Suzanne Barding, Fort Bliss, Tex.; English; WSGA 3, 4. 

CAINE, Thomas Powers, Summit, N. J.; Economics; Sigma Chi 
Pep Board, Chm. 3, Exec. Advisor 4; Joe College Steering Comm. 
3, 4; Steering Comm. for Univ. Week-ends 3, 4. 
CALDWELL, James Eugene, Memphis, Tenn.; Accounting; Pi 
Kappa Alpha; Traditions Board 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
CAMERON, Jean Jameson, Shaker Hgts., Ohio; Science Education; 
Phi Mu, V.P. 2; Pledge Trainer 3, Pres. 4. 

CAMPBELL, Barbara Carol, Ormond Beach, Fla.; Civil Engineer- 
ing; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Phi; Chi Epsilon, Pres. 4; WRA 
1, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; House Council 2, 3, 4; ASCE 3, Pub. Chm. 4; 
Nereidian 2, 3 ; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

CAMPBELL, Dennis Marion, Elmwood Park, 111.; English; Cam- 
pus Chest 1; Marching Band 1, 2; Religious Council 2, 3, 4; Sym- 
posium Comm. 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4. 
CAMPBELL, James Barry, Maxwell AFB, Ala.; Chemistry; Delta 
Tau Delta; Pep Board 1 ; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CAMPBELL, Karen Volz, Durham, N. C. ; Political Science; Kappa 
Alpha Theta; Ivy; Pi Sigma Alpha; Sigma Delta Pi; Women's Glee 
Club 1, 2, 3; Class Scholar 2; Phi Beta Kappa 3, 4. 
CAPEHART, Gretchen Hall, Riverton, N. J.; Nursing; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; Student Union 1; Class Treas. 2. 
CAPUTO, Patricia Joanne, Hollywood, Fla.; Zoology; Delta Gam- 
ma, Social Chm. 3, 4; Newman's Club 1, 2; Women's Chorus 1; 
House Treas. 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

CARLISLE, Louise Green, Tarboro, N. C. ; English; Alpha Delta 
Pi; FAC; Class Council 2. 

CARLSON, Brenda Jean, Chappaqua, N. Y. ; History; Delta Gam- 
ma; Bench and Bar 1, 4; Pep Board 1; Student Union 2, 3; WSGA 
2, 3, V.P. 4. 

CARLTON, Caroline Dearing, Winston-Salem, N. C. ; English; De- 
bate Team 1 ; Student Union 1 ; Peer 3, 4; WSGA 3, 4; House Pres. 
4; YWCA 1, 2, 3,4. 

CARMICHAEL, George J., Manhasset, N. Y. ; Electric Engineer- 
ing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Engineers Guidance Council 2; IFC 2, 3; 
IEEE 2, 3, 4; Golf 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CARNEY, Robert Spencer, Jr.; Memphis, Tenn.; Zoology; Pre-Med 
Society 1 ; Peer 1, 2, 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; Archive 3, Ass't. Ed. 4; Chron- 
icle 4. 

CARVER, Alexander Henry, III, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Political Sci- 
ence; Alpha Tau Omega; Swimming 1; Lacrosse 2, 3; Navy ROTC 
1, 2; WDBS 1 ; Student Union 2, 3, 4. 

CHAMPION, Jane Kirby, Danville, Va.; Mathematics; Ivy; Sigma 

Pi Sigma; Chronicle 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CHANDLER, James Gordon, Alexandria, Va. ; History; Pi Kappa 

Phi; Soccer 1; MSGA 3. 

CHARLESWORTH, Donald Rodey, Pasadena, Calif.; Psychology; 

Pi Mu Epsilon; AFROTC L 

CHARLET, James David, Baton Rouge, La.; Political Science; 

Sports Car Club 1, 2, 3, V.P. 3. 

CHATHAM, Kenneth Dale, Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology; Phi 

Delta Theta; Track 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; IFC 3; Fellowship of 

Christian Athletes 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CHILDS, Kathlynn Elizabeth, Alexandria, Va.; Psychology; Zeta 

Tau Alpha; Eta Sigma Phi; Rush Advisor 4. 



CLARKE, William Linus, University Park, Md., Mathematics; Pi 

Mu Epsilon; Concert Band 1; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 

L 2, 3, 4. 

CLAUSET, Karl Harold, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C. ; Chemistry: 

Student Union 1, 2; UN Model Assembly 2, 3; Symposium Comm. 

2, 3, 4, Treas. 3; YMCA 1. 

CLEARY, Geraldine Ruth, Jacksonville, Fla.; Spanish; Ivy; Sigma 

Delta Pi; WSGA; Duke Calandar Editor 3; YWCA 2, 3. 

CLIFF, William Alan, Chatham, N. J. Psychology: Delta Tau 

Delta; Eta Sigma Phi. 

COGGIN, John Thomas, Jr., Elmira, N. Y. ; History; Pi Kappa 

Phi; IFC 3. 

COIL, James Hubert, III, Mobile, Ala.; Business; Alpha Tau 

Omega, V. P. 3, Treas. 4; Beta Omega Sigma; FAC 2, 3; IFC 

Treas. 3; MSGA 1 ; Student Union 2, 3, 4; ODK 4; Old Trinity 4; 

Order of Excalibar 4; Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1 ; Class Treas. 

1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

COLEMAN, Richard Lindahl, Jacksonville, Fla.; History; Men's 
Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4. 

COLEMAN, Samuel Thomas, Jr., Tulsa, Okla.; Political Science; 
Phi Delta Theta ; Basketball 1 ; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Bench and Bar 4. 
COLEY, Stephen Craig, Joppa, Md.; Electrical Engineering; Lamb- 
da Chi Alpha, Pres.; Engineering Student Council 4; IFC 3, 4; IGC; 
Eta Kappa Nu V.P.; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

COLLIER, Vivian, Houston, Tex.; Spanish; Sigma Delta Pi; 
4; House Treas. 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

COLWELL, Carolyn Kay, Lakewood, Ohio; Political Science: 
pa Alpha Theta, Rec. Sec. 4; Sandals; WSGA Comm. Chm. 3 
COMPTON, Susan Victoria, Summit, N. J.; History; Pi Beta 
Pan-Hellenic Council 3 ; FAC 4. 


COURSEN, Donald Frank, Palmyra, N. J.; Religion; Cross Coun- 
try 1. 

CO WART, Dorothy Anne, Atlanta, Ga.; History; Kappa Delta, 
Sec; FAC 4; Pep Board 1; Class Council 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
COWMAN, Mark Irvin, Tarpon Springs, Fla.; Political Science; 
AFROTC 1; Y'oung Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4. 

COX, Abram Jones, III, Concord, N. C. ; English; Kappa Sigma, 
Pres. 4; Student Union 2, 3; IFC Court of Appeals; Track 1, 2, 3; 
AFS Pres. 4; Dad's Day Chm.; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
COX, Monty Woodall, Durham, N. C. History; Alpha Phi Omega 
2, 3, 4; Men's Chorus 1; Religious Council Treas. 3. 
CRAIG, Margaret Corinne, McComb, Miss.; Chemistry: Westmin- 
ster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, V.P. 2; House Treas. 4; YWCA 1, 2, 4. 

CRANE, Harold E., Ill, W. Caldwell, N. J.; History; Sigma Nu; 

Track 1 ; YMCA 4. 

CRAWFORD, Jacqueline Ann, Miami, Fla.; Political Science: Pi 

Sigma Alpha; Sigma Delta Pi; Chapel Choir 1; Chancel Singers 4; 

Duke Players 2, 3; Women's Glee Club 1; AIESEC 3; Student 

Union 1,2, 3; YWCA 1,2, 3,4. 

CROSLAND, Jack Weatherly, Dallas, Tex.; Economics; Phi Delta 


CROSSNO, Johnny Leon, Enfield, N. C. ; History; Delta Phi Alpha, 
Pres. 4; Class Sec.-Treas. 4; Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 
1,2, 3, 4; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

CROW, William Cecil, Arlington, Va. ; Religion; Pre-Med Society 
1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 4; International Club 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
CROWDING, Edward F., Ill, Baltimore, Md.; Mathematics; 
Delta Sigma Phi, Treas. 3, V.P. 4; Phi Eta Sigma; University Mar- 
shall 3 ; YMCA 1,2. 



CROWELL, Ann Leete, St. Joseph, Mich.; Nursing. 
CROWELL, George Henry, III, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.; Elec- 
trical Engineering: Phi Delta Theta ; Old Trinity Club; Order of 
St. Patrick; Omicron Delta Kappa; Housemaster; Track 1, 2; Beta 
Omega Sigma; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; The Dukengineer 4; Engineers 
Guidance Council 2, 3, 4; Engineering Student Council 2, 3, 4; FAC 
3; IEEE 4; Joe College Steering Comm. 1, 2; MSGA 1; IGC ; 
Who's Who; Pep Board, Chm. 1, 2; House Pres. 1; Class Pres. 3; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CRUTCHER, Martha Shackford, Nashville, Tenn.; French; Delta 
Delta Delta; WSGA 2; Class Treas. 2. 

CUBBISON, Edwin Pritchett, Clearwater, Fla.; English: Sigma 

Delta Pi; Student Union 3, 4, Board of Chm. 4. 

CUTTER, Norman Craig, Baltimore, Md.; History: Chronicle 1; 

YMCA ], 2, 3, 4; Publications Comm. 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CUTTINO, John Tindal, Jr., Matthews, N. C. ; Chemistry-Pre- 

Med: YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

D'ANDREA, Frederick Edward, Warwick, R.I., History; House 

Council 1, 3, 4; Football Mgr. 3; Chronicle 3, 4. 

DACKO, Douglas Mitchell, Monessen, Pa.; Pre-Med-Chemistry : 

Sigma Nu; Delta Phi Alpha; Campus Chest 1; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 

3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society I, 2, 3, 4; WDBS 

1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

DADSON, Dana Irvin, Pompano Beach, Fla.; History; Tau Psi 

Omega; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Chanel Singers 3, 4; Men's Glee 

Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

DANIEL, Henry Stapleton, III, Durham, N. C. ; Business Admin- 
istration: Theta Chi; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Young Republicans 
Club 1; YMCA 1,2, 3, 4. 

DANIEL, John Harrison, Jr., Washington, D. C. ; Mechanical En- 
gineering: Kappa Alpha, Rush Chm. 4; ASME 4; Student Union 
1,2, 3; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

DARLAND, Jane Creviston, Mason City, Iowa; English; Archive 
1, 2, 3; Student Union 1, 2, 3. 

DARR, Frances Payne, Sparta, N. C. ; Elementary Education: Alpha 

Delta Pi; CHANTICLEER 1, 2, 3, Co-ed Bus. Mgr. 4; WRA 3; 

Rush Advisor 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

DAVIS, Allan Holderness, Richmond, Va. ; History; Beta Theta Pi; 

Student Union 2, 3; Campus Chest 4; Beanbirds. 

DAVIS, George Edward, Nashville, Tenn.; Pre-Med; Phi Kappa 

Sigma; Pre-Med Society 3, 4. 

DAYTON, Nancy Elizabeth, Towanda, Pa.; Nursing: Nereidian 


DEAN, John Gary, Wilmington, Del.; History; Theta Chi; Track 

1,2,3; Campus Chest 2; MSGA 2, 3,4; YMCA 1,2,3, 4; LSA 1, 2. 

DECAPRIO, Jack Irwin, Chatham, N. J.; Economics; Campus 

Chest 2, 4; Religious Council 2, 3, 4; Student Union 2; YMCA 1, 2, 


DEEGAN, Sandra Jean, Santa Ana, Calif.; Zoology: Pre-Med So- 
ciety 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Advisor 2. 

DELEOT, Charles Frederick, Pfafftown, N. C; History; Beta 
Theta Pi; Navy ROTC 1. 

DEMURO, Deborah, Kinnelon, N. J.; Sociology; Zeta Tau Alpha; 
Sec. 3; Women's Judicial Board 1, 4; Peer 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

DENTON, Dianna Lee, Camp Springs, Md.; Mathematics; Ivy; Pi 
Mu Epsilon; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

DEVYVER, Mary Elizabeth, Harkdale, N. Y.; English; Pi Beta 
Phi; Women's Glee Club 1; AIESEC 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 



DEWAR, Sam Davis, Jr., Bethel, N. C; Economics: Beta Theta Pi; 
Alpha Kappa Psi; MSGA Comm. 1, 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
DICK, Frances Colclough, Durham, N. C. ; Music; Student Union 
2; Delta Mu Tau 2, 3, 4; Madrigal Singers 3, 4; Symphony Or- 
chestra 3. 

DIVINE, Jennie Lou, Winston-Salem, N. C. ; Latin: Alpha Chi 
Omega, V.P. 4; Eta Sigma Phi; Radio Council 4; WDBS 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Wesley Players 1, 2. 

DODDS, Ann Margaret, Dallas, Tex.; English: Kappa Alpha Theta; 
Sandals; Sigma Delta Pi; Joe College Steering Comm. 3, 4; Dean's 
List; Pan-Hellenic Council 2, 3, Pres. 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 
DOMMERICH, Rosemary Jeanne, Coral Gables, Fla.; Elementary 
Education: Kappa Delta; Delta Phi Rho Alpha; House Sec. 3; WRA 
3; WSGA Comm.; Rush Advisor 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
DORSETT, Marion Nash, Mt. Gilead, N. C. ; French: Zeta Tau 
Alpha; Tau Psi Omega; Student Union 2; WSGA 2; YWCA 1, 3, 4. 

DOUGLAS, Margaret Ann, Chevy Chase, Md.; Xursing; Campus 

Chest 1 ; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; NSGA 4; Symposium Comm. 3, 4; Santa 

Filomena 4 ; Who's Who 3. 

DRAPER, Daniel, Jr., Winter Park, Fla.; Psychology ; Pi Kappa 

Alpha, Sec. 3; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

DUBOIS, Molly, Versailles, France; French; Pi Beta Phi, Rush 

Chm. 3 ; Pres. 4. 

DUCKER, Stuart Reiley, III, Dayton, Ohio; Political Science: Sig- 
ma Nu. 

DUNAWAY, Dave, JacIcsonviUe, N. C; History; Pi Kappa Phi; 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
DURRETT, Joseph Park, Tampa, Fla.; Economics: Lambda Chi 
Alpha; Beta Omega Sigma; IFC 3; MSGA 1, 2, 3; Symposium 
Comm. 4. 

DUTKO, Paula Helen, Little Falls, N. J.; Psychology: Alpha Chi 
Omega, Corr. Sec. and V.P. ; Pan-Hellenic Council 1; YWCA 1, 2, 
3, 4. 

DYE, Toseph Ellison, Anderson, S. C. ; English; MSGA 2. 
EAGLE, Robert Lee, Durham, N. C. ; History; Theta Chi; Men's 
Glee Club 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

EARLE, Mary Elizabeth, Dayton, Ohio; Nursing; Chm. House 


EARLE, Mary Elizabeth, Greensboro, N. C. ; History; Sandals; 

Women's Judicial Board 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 2; Symposium 

Comm. 3, 4; Duke Forum 3; Phi Kappa Delta 4; White Duchy 4; 

UN Model Assembly 3; WSGA Pres. 4; YWCA 2. 

EASON, Frederick Jackson, Jr., Spindale, N. C. ; English: Theta 


ECK, Linda Ann, Baltimore, Md.; Chemistry, Pre-Med; Kappa 

Kappa Gamma; Order Of Hippocrates; Women's Glee Club 1; 

Outing Club 2; Women's Judicial Board 4; Pre-Med Society 3, 4; 

YWCA 2. 

EDGERTON, Charles Newton, Jr., Goldsboro, N. C; Economics; 

Chronicle 1, 2; Outing Club 1, 2, 3; Sailing Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sports 

Car Club 12; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

EDGERTON, Jane Ellen, Marion, Ind.; History; FAC 4; YWCA 

1, 2, 3, 4. 

EDWARDS, Joseph B.,, N. C. ; Psychology: Sigma Nu; 
Chronicle 3, 4; IFC 2, 3, 4; Men's Judicial Board 4; Radio Council 
1, 2, 3, 4; WDBS 1, 2, 3, 4; Class V.P. 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
EICHERT, Martha Jane, Hollywood, Fla.; Sociology: YWCA 1, 3. 
ELLINGTON, Elizabeth Gill, Kittrell, N. C; English; Alpha Phi; 
Delta Phi Alpha; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 



O 0^ 


ELLIS, Alfred Jennings, Houston, Tex.; Chemistry; Duke Players 
3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; AIH 4. 

ELLIS, Peggy Jo, Greenville, S. C. ; Nursing; Santa Filomena 3, 4; 
FAC 2. 

ENGLAND, Robert Stowe, Gastonia, N. C; English; Chronicle 1, 
3, 4; Sailing Club 1; AIH 4; U. S. Student Press Association, Na- 
tional Executive Board 4. 

ERVIN, Sarah Ruth, Charlotte, N. C. ; History; Pi Beta Phi; 

YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ESTEY, James Arthur, Swarthmore, Pa.; History; Beta Theta Pi, 

Rush Chairman 4. 

EVANS, Ronald Gomer, Jefferson City, Mo.; History; Sigma Chi; 

Tennis 1, 2. 

FAGAN, Brenda Lynn, Granada Hills, Calif.; Economics; AIESEC 
3, 4; CHANTICLEER 1 ; FAC 4; WRA, V.P. 3, 4. 
FARRAH, Jere Tiffin, Glen Cove, N. Y.; Religion; Religious Coun- 
cil 4; YMCA 1, 2, Cabinet 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 
President 4; Chm. Youth Welfare Committee. 

FEENEY, Dorothy Lorene, Charlotte, N. C. ; English; WSGA 3; 
YWCA 3. 

FEGLEY, Thomas L., Lewisburg, Pa.; Civil Engineering : Tau Ep- 
silon Phi, Treas. 4; ASCE 3, Treas. 4; Dukcngineer 1, 2, Bus. Mgr. 
3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 2; IFC 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Order of St. Patrick; Engineering Student Faculty Committee. 
FICHTELMAN, Jon Robert, Lake Worth, Fla.; Pre-Med; Pre- 
Med Society 3, 4. 

FINKLEA, Samuel Leon, III, Columbia, S. C; Physics; Alpha Phi 
Omega 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Duke Players 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 

FISCHER, Kenneth C. ; Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Pre-Med; Phi Eta Sigma. 
FISHER, William Robinson, Pittsburgh, Pa.; History of Art; Pi 
Kappa Alpha; Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Stu- 
dent Union 4; YMCA 2, 3. 

FITZGERALD, John Edmund, Altavista, Va. ; Chemistry; Campus 
Chest 4; Outing Club 2; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, Sec. 4; YMCA 3, 4; 
House Treas. 4. 

FLEET, Jack, Jacksonville, Fla.; Chemistry; Zeta Beta Tau; 
CHANTICLEER 1; Chronicle 1, Ass't. Sports Ed. 2, 3, 4; Pre- 
Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Publications Board 3. 
FLINTOM, Sarah Ann, Greensboro, N. C; Nursing; Student 
Nurses Association Committee, Chairman 3. 

FORRESTER, Sandra Nadine, Atlantic Beach, Fla.; Religion; 
Chapel Choir 2, 3; Women's Glee Club 2, Treas. 3, 4; Religious 
Council 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, Cabinet 3, 4. 

FOUKE, Judith Lynn, Ketteting, Ohio; Nursing; Kappa Alpha 

Theta; Rush Advisor 4; Standards Committee 3; Social Publications 

Committee 3. 

FRANKLIN, Emily Kaye, Raleigh, N. C; Music; Delta Mu Tau, 

Sec. 3; Chamber Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Student Union 3, 4; Student String Quarter 3, 4. 

ERASER, Linda S., Bay Village, Ohio; Psychology; Delta Delta 

Delta, Social Chairman 4; Women's Glee Club 1; Pep Board 1; 

Student Union 1, 2; YWCA 1. 

ERASER, Walter Huey, Old Hickory, Tenn.; History; Beta Theta 

Pi, Social Chairman 3; IFC 3. 

FREDIANI, Dale Steven, Manlius, N. Y. ; Business Administration; 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

FRENZEL, James Charles, Durham, N. C. ; History; Chronicle 1; 

MSGA 3, Senator 2, 4; IGC 4; AIH; Teacher Evaluation; Omicron 

Delta Kappa, V.P.; Old Trinity Club; House President. 


IC? ^' 

te ^ 


FRIAS, Claudia, Virginia Beach, Va. ; Nursing; Kappa Delta. 
FROHWIRTH, Richard Arnold, Fairfield, Conn.; Psychology; Pre- 
Med Society 2. 

FROST, Jack Nowell, Winston-Salem, N. C. ; History; Bench and 
Bar 1 ; Outing Club 2; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; \'oung Republicans 
Club 2; AIH. 

FULLER, Ford Prioleau, Media, Pa.; Political Science: Pi Kappa 

Alpha; Chancel Singers 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee 

Club 1, 2, Bus. Mgr. 3; Soccer 1. 

FUTRELL, Betty Brooks, Lynchburg, Va. ; Nursing; FAC 2, 3; 

NSGA 1, 2, 3, President 4; Honor Council 1, 2; Student-Faculty 

Committee 4; IGC 4. 

GADDIS, Geoffrey Beach, Butler, Pa.; Political Science; Chapel 

Choir 1; Men's Glee Club 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Harlequins 2, 3, 

Bus. Mgr. 4. 

GALLOP, Marshall Aubrey, Jr., Elizabeth City, N. C. ; Electrical 


GALT, Susan Thomas, Cocoa Beach, Fla. ; Psychology; Kappa Alpha 


GARDINER, Judith Kay, Dallas, Tex.; History; Kappa Kappa 

Gamma; FAC 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3; Rush Advisor 4. 

GAW, Donald Stephen, Falls Church, Va. ; Mechanical Engineering; 
Theta Chi; ASME 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
GELLER, Roger Joseph, New York, New York; History; Beta 
Theta Pi; Chanticleer 4; IFC 3, 4; Peer 4. 

GILES, Elizabeth Gaus, Durham, N. C; Psychology; Women's 
Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 

GILES, Geoffrey Novash, Severna Park, Md.; Zoology; Sigma Nu; 
Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1,2; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GILL, James C, Patton, Pa.; Economics. 

GLASS, Frank Walter, Jr., Norton, Va. ; English; Delta Mu Tau ; 
Chapel Choir 1 ; Duke Players 1, 2, 3, President 4; Men's Glee Club 
1; Hoof 'n' Horn 4; Madrigal Singers 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Wes- 
ley Players 3, 4; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4; Studio Opera 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GNUSE, Mary Kathryn, Bethel Park, Pa.; Chemistry; Alpha Chi 
Omega, Rush Chairman 4; Ivy. 

GOODRIDGE, David Ransom, Vero Beach, Fla.; Business Admin- 
istration; YMCA 1,2, 3,4. 

GOODYEAR, Glenn Johnson, Lumberton, N. C. ; History; Sigma 
Nu; FAC 3, 4; IFC 3, President 4; Joe College Steer. Com. 3, 4; 
YMCA1,2, 3, 4;Soccer 1,2. 

GOTLIEB, Edward Marvin, Atlanta, Ga.; Chemistry: Pre-Med 
Society 3, 4; Hillel Society 1, Publicity Chairman 2; Swimming 1, 2, 
3, 4; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GOULD, Robert W., Rocky River, Ohio; Engineering; Delta Tau 
Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon; The Dukengineer 3, Editor 4; Engineers 
Guidance Coun. 3; Engineering Student Coun. 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
GRAGG, Judith Lynne, Memphis, Tenn. ; Science Education: Delta 
Delta Delta, Vice President; Rush Advisor 4; WSGA 2, 3; YWCA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

GRAHAM, Robin Elizabeth, Silver Spring, Md.; Nursing: Chapel 
Choir 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GRANT, Edward Donald, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; English; Chron- 
icle 3, Managing Editor; Student Union 2, 3; YMCA 2. 


GRAVES, William Thompson, Wilson, T<i.C.; History ; Phi Kappa 

GREGORY, Claiborne Barksdale, Jr., San Antonio, Tex.; History; 
Phi Kappa Sigma; IFC 3 ; Tennis 1, 2. 

GRIER, Richard Lowrv, Charlotte, N. C. ; Economics; Chapel Choir 
1, 2, 3; Men's Glee Club 2, 3; Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres.; Duke Com- 
merce Club. 

GRIFFETH, Betty Marie, Greenville, S. S. ; Nursing; Pi Beta Phi; 

Chapel Choir 1; Freshman Advisory Coun. 2; NSGA. 

GROSS, Richard Rutter, Cranford, N. J.; Mathematics; Phi Eta 

Sigma; Arnold Air Soc. ; Delta Mu Tau ; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Beta 

Kappa 3, 4; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 1, 2; Concert Band 

I ; Men's Glee Club 2, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, Equipt. Mgr. 3, Pres. 

4; Student Union 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Harlequins I, 2, 

Musical Director 3, 4; Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 

Treas. 4. 

GROVES, Nicholas, Thomas, Winter Park, Fla. ; Latin; Men's Glee 

Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigal Singers 4. 

GUCKENBERGER, Wayne, Cincinnati, Ohio; Economics; Beta 
Theta Pi, V.P.; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Soccer 3, 4. 
GURKIN, Janet Elizabeth, Raleigh, N. C. ; French; Ivy; Tau Psi 
Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; House Pres. 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; 
YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HABERSTICK, Kathy Fair, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Sociology; Pi Beta 
Phi; FAC4; YWCA 1,2,3. 

HAGIST, Susan Lee, Mascoutah, 111.; Nursing; Pi Beta Phi, Hist. 
3, Corr. Sec. 4. 

HALL, Patricia Elaine, Miami, Fla.; Rdigion; Zeta Tau Alpha, 
Soc. Chmn. 2, Treas. 3; Women's Glee Club 1; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
HALLENBECK, Gerald Thomas, CatskiU, N. Y. ; Business Admin- 
istration: Hoof 'n' Horn 3, 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HALLOWELL, John Hamilton, Jr., Durham, N. C. ; English. 
HAMBY, Sandra Alice, Dobson, N. C; Sociology. 
HAMILTON, Carol Ann, Williamsville, N. Y.; Nursing. 

HANKS, Eldridge Copenhauer, Pfafftown, N. C. ; Economics; Beta 
Theta Pi; Order of Excaliber, Lacrosse 4; Rugby 1. 
HANNON, John Robert, Durham, N. C. ; Business Administration; 
Delta Sigma Phi, V.P. 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Fencing 1, 2. 

HARLAN, Roberta Deann, Columbus, Ohio; Latin; House V.P. 3; 
House Pres. 4; Eta Sigma Phi, Pres. 3; Sandal; Phi Kappa Delta 4; 
Chapel Choir 1 ; FAC 3; WSGA 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HARMANSON, Betsy Hutton, Arlington, Va. ; Mathematics; Alpha 

Delta Pi, V.P.; Class Treas. 1; Class Pres. 4; Phi Kappa Delta; 

U.N. Model Assembly; AIESEC 2; Student Union 1; WSGA 2; 

YWCA 3. 

HARRIS, Mary Mitchell, Durham, N. C; Pre-Med, Psychology; 

Pre-Med Soc. 1, 2, 4; WSGA 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2, 4. 

HASSON, James Keith, Jr., Knoxville, Tenn. ; Economics ; Sigma 

Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Old Trinity 4; AFROTC 1; FAC 2, 

3, 4; IFC 3, Judi. Bd. Chm. 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3, Bd. of Govs. 4; 

YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HASWELL, Eddy Stearns, Wayne, N. J.; Chemistry; Men's Glee 

Club 1, 2; Marching Band 1, 2; Pre-Med Soc. 1, 2. 

HAUGLAND, Charles Clayton, Seattle, Wash.; History; Bench and 

Bar 1,2,3,4. 

HAVERFIELD, Marcia Mae Ring, Lakewood, Ohio; Elementary 

Education; Delta Delta Delta; Nereidian 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2. 


HALDOCK, John S., Atlanta, Ga.; English; Campus Tours 1, 2, 3, 

4, Chm. 2; Chapel Usher 1, 2, 3, 4; Traditions Board 3, Chm. 4; 

YMCA 1, 2, Cabinet Chm. 3, 4. 

HAYES, James Craig, Marietta, N. C. ; Zoology, Pre-Med; Sigma 

Nu; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HAYMAN, Joyce Lee, Winter Haven, Fla. ; Nursing; Delta 

Gamma; NSGA 4. 

HAYNES, Katherine Darreline, Dallas, Tex.; Spanish; Sigma Delta 
Pi; Duke Players, Costume Chm. 1, 2; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2; Outing 
Club 3; Sailing Club 4; YWCA 3. 

HEBBLEWHITE, Marv Croft, Atlanta, Ga.; English: Delta Delta 
Delta, Chaplain 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 
HEBERLING, Jon Leland. Moline, 111.; Accounting: Pi Kappa Phi; 
FAC3, 4; YMCA 1,2, 3,4. 

HELBIG, Herbert Russell, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Electrical Engineer- 
ing: AFROTC 1, 2; Duke Players 1, 2, 3; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; WDBS 

HEMMENWAY, Peter William, Wallingford, Pa.; Political Sci- 
ence; Pi Kappa Alpha; IPC 4; Pep Board 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
HEXNEY, Susan Jeannette, Columbus, Ohio; Spanish; Kappa Delta; 
Sigma Delta Pi; Women's Glee Club 1; Pre-Med Society 1; YWCA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

HENRY, Randall A., Topeka, Kans.; Mechanical Engineering; 
Sigma Chi; ASME 2, 3, Sec-Treas. 4; The Dukenginecr 3, 4; Stu- 
dent Union 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HENSLEY, Patricia, San Antonio, Tex.; History; Zeta Tau Alpha, 
Treas; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

HERRMANN, Wendy Elizabeth, Oxford, Md. ; Art History: Delta 
Delta Delta. 

HESS, Jeffrey Brule, Wilmington, Del.; Economics, Pre-Med; Sigma 
Chi; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 
HIATT, Joseph Spurgeon, HI; Southern Pines, N. C. ; Psychology; 
Men's Glee Club 1, 2; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; House Pres. 3, 4; AIH 
3,4; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

HICKS, Marion Lawrence, Jr., Fort Worth, Tex.; History: Phi 
Kappa Psi, Pres. 3, 4; Sigma Delta Pi; Campus Chest 1; IFC 3, 4; 
Student Union 1, 2, 3; YMCA 1. 

HIESERMAN, James Edward, Decatur, Ala.; Chemistry: Delta 
Mu Tau; Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Pre-Med Society 3; Symphony Or- 
chestra 1, 2, 3. 

HIGH, William Lank, Boone, N. C. ; Pre-Med, Chemistry: Order of 
Hippocrates; Delta Phi Alpha; Pi Mu Epsilon; Concert Band 3, 4; 
Marching Band 3; Pep Band 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; House 
V.P. 3 ; House Sec. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
HILD, Marilyn Jean, Monessen, Pa.; Nursing. 

HILL, Harry Edward, Jr., Fairfax, Va. ; Mechanical Engineering : 

ASME 4; The Dukenginecr 4; Navy ROTC 1. 

HINES, John Moore, Greenwich, Conn.; English; Phi Delta Theta, 

Sec and Chaplain; Housemaster; Football 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Religious Council 3, 4; YMCA L 

HIPP, Kenneth Byron, Charlotte, N. C; History: Theta Chi; Pep 

Board 1 ; YMCA 1. 

HITCH, Robert Russell, Milford, N.J.; Chemistry: Outing Club 

3, 4; Sailing Club 1, 2, 3, 4, V.P. 3; WDBS 1. 

HODGE, Susan Irene, Alexandria, Va. ; Psychology ; Zeta Tau 

Alpha; Debate Team 1, 2; Joe College Steering Comm. 2, Sec. 3; 

Class Sec. 3; Rush Advisor 4; Student Union 2, Board of Governors 

3 4 Sec. 3 4 • YWCA 1 2. 

HOKANSON, Dean T., Bethesda, Md.; Psychology: Delta Tau 

Delta; FAC 3; IFC 3; MSGA 1; Golf 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 


HOLLINGSHEAD, Robert Lawrence, Jersey City, N. J.; History; 

Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Bench and Bar 2, 3, 4; Campus Chest 1,2; YMCA 

1, 2. 

HOLMES, Barry L., Tulsa, Okla. ; Economics; Beta Theta Pi, 

Alumni Sec. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HOMER, Lauren Booth, Pelham, N. Y. ; Art History; Delta Delta 

Delta, Social Chm. 3, Pres. 4; Class V.P. 2; WSGA 2; YWCA 

1, 2, 3. 

HOPKINS, Shelton George, Houston, Tex.; Prc-Mcd; Pi Kappa 

Alpha; MSGA 1, 2, 3; Pre-Mcd Society 3, 4. 

HORWITZ (Segal), Patricia Gail, Atlanta, G.; Psychology; Peer 

1 ; Hillel Society 1, Treas. 2, 3. 

HORN, Judith Ceclia, Chappaqua, N. Y. ; Psychology; Tau Psi 

Omega; CHANTICLEER 3; House Treas. 4. 

HOWARD, Penny Dianne, Durham, N. C. ; English; Zeta Tau 
Alpha; Sigma Delta Pi. 

HOWIE, Robert George, Jr.; Denver, Colo.; History: Men's Glee 
Club 1; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Student Union 2, 3; WDBS 1; Sem- 
per Fidelis Club 1, 2, 3, 4; House Treas. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
HOUGHTON, Dudley Woodward, Monroe, La.; Chemistry; Fenc- 
ing Club 1,2, 3, 4, Capt. 3. 

HUBER, David G., Indianapolis, Ind.; History. 

HUDGINS, Guy Itschner, Ormond Beach, Fla.; Biological Psy- 
chology: Tau Epsilon Phi. 

HUGGINS, Michael Olaf, Tulsa, Okla.; Economics: MSGA 3, 4; 
Student Union 1, 2. 

HUGHES, David Alan, Rapid City, S. D.; Psychology, Pre- Med 
Marching Band 1, 2, 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 4. 
HUMPHREYS, Josephine Trenholm, Charleston, S. C. ; English 
Pi Beta Phi; Ivy; FAC 3; CHANTICLEER 3, Assoc. Ed. 4; Pan 
Hellenic Council 1; Phi Beta Kappa; White Duchy; House Pres. 4 
YWCA 1. 

HUNNICUTT, Bruce Alan, Pottstown, Pa.; History; Concert 
Band 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HUNTER, David Lamson, Leominster, Mass.; History. 
HUNTINGTON, William Richard, Wayne, N. J.; History; Sigma 
Nu; FAC 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3, Board of Governors 4; Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa. 
HURST, Carol Jean, Durham, N. C; Mathematics: YWCA 3, 4. 

HUTCHISON, Hugh Joseph, Stratford, Conn.; Political Science; 

Theta Chi, Rush Chm. 3; Pres. 4; IFC 4; MSGA 1, 2; Student 

Union 1,2, 3; YMCA 1,2. 

HYDE, Robert Todd, Jr., Fernandina Beach, Fla.; English; Beta 

Theta Pi; Beta Omega Sigma; Duke Players 1; FAC 2; MSGA 1; 

Symposium Comm. 2, 3, 4, Chm. 4; Red Friars. 

lOBST, Frederick William, Metuchen, N. J.; History; Sigma Nu; 

Men's Glee Club 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

IRWIN, Kathy Ann, Midland, Tex.; Psychology; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Sandals; Phi Kappa Delta; Pep Board 1; WSGA 3. 
JACHYM, James Gerhard, Winnetka, 111.; Psychology; Kappa Sig- 

JACK, Patricia Marie, Levittown, N. Y. ; Sociology: Pre-Med So- 
ciety 1 ; Women's Judicial Board 4. 







TACKSON, Grace Tyler, Placentia, Calif.; Mathematics; Student 

Union 1,2; YWCA 1,2,3,4. 

JACOBUS, Carol-Rae, Durham, N. C. ; History. 

TACOBUS, Everatt Franklin, Jr., Durham, N. C; French; Theta 

Chi; Chronicle, News Ed. 1, 2; WDBS I, 2; Soccer 1. 

JAMES, Margaret Louise, Charlotte, N. C; Zoology; Delta Gam- 
ma; Concert Band 1, 2, 3. 

JARRARD, Jerry Michael, New Canaan, Conn.; Economics : Delta 
Sigma Phi, Pres. 4; Baseball 1; FAC 2, 3, 4; MSGA 1; YMCA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

JENSEN, Paul Edward, Lafayette Hill, Pa.; History; Theta Chi; 
Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Board 3; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JOHNSON, Annette Karen, Hollywood, Fla. ; Psychology; Sigma 
Kappa ; YWCA 4. 

JOHNSON, Carol Lynne, Fallbrook, Calif.; Political Science; Delta 
Delta Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Student Union 1; UN Model Assem- 
bly 3. 

JOHNSON, Robert Alan, Falls Church, Va. ; Mechanical Engineer- 

JOHNSON, Robert Clover, Durham, N. C. ; English. 
JONES, Hamill Dice, Jr.; Economics; Pre-Med Society I, 2; Stu- 
dent Union 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3; Membership Coordinator 4. 
JONES, Rochelle Pamela, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Political Science: 
WSGA 1, 2, 3, 4; UN Model Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 4; 
YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JORDAN, Robert Wood, Tulsa, Okla.; Political Science; FAC 2, 3; 
Student Union 1, 2, 3, Chm. of Board of Governors 4; SFAC; Red 
Friars; Omicron Delta Kappa; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
JOSLIN, Frances Lydia, Raleigh, N. C. ; Psychology ; Elementary 
Education; YWCA 1,"2, 3, 4. 

KAUFFMAN, Bruce Lee, Allentown, Pa.; Mathematics: Kappa 
Sigma; Pre-Med Society 2; Duke Athletic Council I, 2, 3, 4; Base- 
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Fencing 1. 

KEEN, Barbara Anne, Vero Beach, Fla.; Psychology ; Ivy; Sigma 
Delta Pi; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

KENERLY, William Dudley, Salisbury, N. C; Political Science; 
Sigma Nu, Pres. 4; Beta Omega Sigma; Court of Appeals 3, Chm. 4; 
FAC 2, 3, Chm. 4; IFC 4; Red Friars; YMCA 3, 4, V.P. 3. 
KENNERLY, John Charles, Mt. Holly, N. C; Civil Engineering: 
Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 3; ASCE 3, 4; Engineers 
Guidance Council 4; Engineering Student Council 4. 

KEN WORTHY, Deane, DeKalb Park, Center Sq., Pa.; Nursing; 
Santa Filomena; FAC 2; Joe College Steering Comm. 3; NSGA 3, 
Sec. 4; IVho's Who; IGC 4; Nurses Choir 1, 2. 

KERN, Karen Louise, New Orleans, La.; Religion; Student Union 
2 ; YWCA 3. 

KERNODLE, John Robert, Jr., Burlington, N. C; History; Tradi- 
tions Board 2; Duke Forum Treas. 3, Chm. 4, 5; AIH 4, 5; Uni- 
versity Caucus 5; Who's Who; UCCF 1, 2, 3, 4, Nat'l. Chm. 5; 
House Pres. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Chm. 

KETELHUT, Narna Page, N. Plainf^eld, N. J.; History; Women's 
Judicial Board 4; Class Council 3, 4. 

KETTERING, James Richard, Jr.; Fairmont, W. Va.; Economics; 
Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi; House Pres. 1. 




KETTLESTRINGS, Robert David, Oak Park, 111.; Psychology; Pi 

Kappa Alpha, Sec. 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

KILPATRICK, Judith Anne, Akron, Ohio; Economics: Sigma 

Delta Pi; Women's Judi. Bd. 4; Sailing Club 3; Student Union 2, 

3, 4; YWCA 1,2, 3,4. 

KISER, Sylvia Dianne, Landis, N. C. ; Mathematics : Pi Mu Epsi- 

lon; Women's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Chancel Singers 3, 4; 

Chapel Choir 3; WSGA 2. 

KLUTTZ, June Carol, Miami Beach, Fla. ; Science Education: Delta 

Gamma; Rush Advisor 4; Nereidian 1. 

KNUTSON, Carole, Millbrook, N. J.; Nursing. 

KOLL, Brenda Kristen, Pompano Beach, Fla.; Psychology; Pi Beta 

Phi; FAC 4; Secretariat 1, Chm. 2; Tudi. Bd. Sec. 3 ; Cheerleader 4; 

Nereidian 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Phi Kappa Delta 4; NSA 1; SSh 1. 

KOLODNY, Margaret Joan, Charlotte, N. C. ; Political Science; 

Kappa Delta, Pres. 4. 

KONANZ, H. Jacqueline, West New York, N. J.; Political Science; 

Delta Gamma. 

KYLE, Albert Sidney, Arlington, Va. ; Electrical Engineering; Pi 

Kappa Phi, Sec. 3; Order of St. Patrick, Pres. 4; Engineers Guidance 

Coun. 3; Engineering Student Coun. 3, Sec. 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

LAMASON, Robert Barry, Baltimore, Md.; Psychology; NROTC 

1,2, 3, 4; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

LAMB, Harold L.. Charleston, W. Va.; Psychology. 

LAMBERT, Glenn Earl, Jr., McLean, Va. ; Pre-Med, Chemistry; 

Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas., V.P. ; MSGA 1, 2; Pre-Med Soc. 1, 2, 3, 4. 

LASLETT, Basil George Frederick, Jr., Fayetteville, N. C. ; Poli- 
tical Science: Pi Kappa Alpha; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
LAUBER, Curtis Allan, Drexel Hill, Pa.; English; Bench and Bar 
1, 2, 3 ; Soccer 2, 3, Capt. 4. 

LAWRENCE, William Leroy, Montclair, N. J.; Sociology; Men's 
Glee Club 1 ; YMCA 2; Track 1. 

LEAR, Robert Tallman, Fayetteville, N. Y.; Political Science; Pi 
Kappa Alpha, Bench and Bar 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer L 2, 3. 
LEWIS, Anne Marie, Morehcad City, N. C. ; Elementary Educa- 
tion: Alpha Chi Omega, V.P. ; Rush Advisor; Class Sec. 4; Chapel 
Choir 1; Women's Glee Club 1, 2; Pep Bd. 2; YWCA 1. 
LEWIS, Clarence Henry, Jr.. Arlington, Va.; Philosophy : Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon; Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4; Class V.P. 3; Bench and Bar 
4; Student Union 2, 3, 4. 

LINDEGREN, John Emory, Mullins, S. C; Physics; Arnold Air 
Soc; Delta Mu Tau ; Sigma Pi Sigma; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha 
Phi Omega \, 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 1, 2; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Duke Ambassadors 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2; Student Union 1, 2, 
3, 4; International Club 1, 2, 3. 

LIPE, Joseph Alexander, Landis, N. C. ; Business Administration; 
Pi Kappa Alpha, V.P.; Pre-Med. Soc. 1, Adv. 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
LITTLE, Dora Anne, Wadesboro, N. C. ; Religion; House V.P. 3; 
FAC 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

LIVINGSTON, John Scott, Kensington, Md.; English; Lambda 

Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma. 

LOFTUS, Kevin Wesley, East Cleveland, Ohio; Economics; Sigma 

Alpha Epsilon. 

LONG, Pauline Judith, Durham, N. C. ; French; Women's Glee 

Club 1 ; YWCA 2. 


LORCH, Robert Knieling, Roanoke, Va. ; Accounting : Phi Kappa 

Sigma, Housing Chm. 3, Pres. 4; IFC 3, 4; MSGA 1; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4. 

LOWE, Mary Spalding, Falls Church, Va.; Political Science; Alpha 

Delta Pi, Sec. 4; Student Union 2, 3, Board of Governors 4; WSGA 

2; Class Sec. 1 ; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

LUECKER, John Howard, Wilmette, 111.; Electrical Engineering; 

Hoof 'n' Horn 3; IEEE 4; NSA 2. 

LUTWICK, William Roy, Richmond, Va.; Accounting; Zeta Beta 
Tau; Hillel Society 1, 2; Student Union 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
LYONS, Douglas Scott, Shalimar, Fla. ; Political Science; Phi Delta 
Theta ; Beta Omega Sigma; Chapel Choir 1; Campus Chest 2; 
Bench and Bar 4; Men's Glee Club 1; Wrestling 1; Pre-Med So- 
ciety 1 ; Traditions Board 2. 

LYONS, Karlen Ruth, Sheffield, Ala.; Psychology: Alpha Delta Pi; 
Sandals; Ivy; Phi Kappa Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; SFAC; IGC; 
FAC 4; Student Union 2, 3; WSGA 3, Treas. 4. 

MACDONALD, Sarah Harris, Severna Park, Md. ; English: Zeta 
Tau Alpha; FAC 4; Nereidian 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 3, 4; YWCA 
1, 2. 

MAJOR, Nina Louise, Washington, D. C. ; Civil Engineering; Chi 
Epsilon; Delta Phi Rho Alpha; ASCE 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; House Treas. 
2; Engineers Guidance Council 4; Engineering Student Council 4; 
Nereidian 1, 2, 3, V.P. 4; Class Sec.-Treas. 4; Pre-Med Society 1; 
Religious Council 3; Sailing Club 1 ; WRA 1, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
MASON, Linda Brown, Yorktown, Va.; Psychology; Phi Mu ; 
Chronicle 1; German Club 4; YWCA 1, 2. 

MALLAHAN, Melinda Sue, Beaumont, Tex.; Spanish; Delta Mu 
Tau; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Judicial Board 3. 
MALONEY, Patricia Ann, Orlando, Fla.; History; Alpha Phi, 
Rush Chm. 3; UN Model Assembly 3, 4; Rush Advisor 4; YWCA 
1, 2, 3, Treas. 4. 
MARKEL, Marian K., Springfield, Pa.; Nursing. 

MARSHALL, Thomasin Lee, Hillsborough, N. C; Nursing; Nurses' 

Publication Board 1,2; SNA 1. 

MAULDIN, Lennox Caroline, Biltmore, N. C; English; House 

Treas. 2; YWCA 3. 

McALPIN, Malcolm Mitchell, Convent, N. ].; Economics; Phi 

Delta Theta; Wrestling I, 2, 3, Capt. 4; IFC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4. 

McCOLLUM, Douglass John, Washington, D. C. ; History; Phi 

Delta Theta; Eta Sigma Phi; Basketball 1; Bench and Bar 4; IFC 

2; MSGA 2; Sports Car Club 4; Traditions Board 4; Dean's List; 

YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

McCONEGHY, Matthew H., Tucson, Ariz.; Zoology; Soccer 3; 

Sailing Club 4; Sports Car Club 1, 2. 

McFARLANE, Carolyn, Summit, N. J.; French; Ivy; Tau Psi 

Omega; YWCA 1,2,3,4. 

McGINTY, Herbert Kendrick, Washington, D. C; History; Theta 

Chi; AFROTC 1; Outing Club 3, 4; Peer 1. 

McGUIRE, Judith Hoover, Kansas Citv, Mo.; History; Delta Delta 

Delta, Athletic Chm.; CHANTICLEER 1. 

McINTIRE, William Ray, Midland, Mich.; Physics; Delta Mu 

Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Treas. 3; Pres. 4; Concert 

Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Symphony Orchestra 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

McKEE, Andrea Lynne, Charleston, S. C. ; Nursing. 
McWILLIAMS, Frederick Barry, Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; En- 
gineering Student Council 1; Engineers Radio Assoc, Pres. 4; IEEE 
3; IFC 1. 

MACK, Johnny Joseph, Mooresville, N. C; History; Alpha Tau 
Omega; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2. 





MANN, James D., Jr., Birmingham, Ala.; Mathematics; Pi Mu 


MANN, John Bertram, Richmond, Va.; Prc-Law, History: Zeta 

Beta Tau, Housing Chm., Athletic Chm.; Golf 1; Bench and Bar 4: 

Campus Chest 3; IFC 2; Joe College Steering Comm. 2, 3, 4; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4. 

MARTIN, Albert Peter, Milwaukee, Wise; Rdigion: Swimming 1; 

Hillel 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3; Religious Council 3. 

MARTIN, James Addison, Jr., Danville, Va. ; Political Science. 
MATHEWSON, James W., LyndonviUe, N. Y. ; Pre-Mcd, Psy- 
chology: Pre-Med Society 3, 4; Sailing Club 3. 

MEITH, Nikki Jane, Fairfa.x, Va. ; Zoology: Chapel Choir 1, 3; 
Women's Glee Club 1, 3; Peer 4; Pep Board 3, 4, Chm. 4; Pre-Med 
Society 3 ; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

MELSON, Janet Louise, Wyomissing, Pa.; Psychology : Delta Delta 

Delta ; FAC 4. 

MENDEZ, Maria Victoria, Mexico, D. F. ; Political Science: Delta 

Delta Delta. 

MERIAM, Melissa Lee, Durham, N. C. ; History: Eta Sigma Phi; 

FAC 3; Sailing Club 3; Student Union 1, 2, 3. 

MERSEREAU, John Bradford, Augusta, Ga.; Zoology: Delta Sig- 
ma Phi; AFROTC 1; Campus Chest 1, 2, 3; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Skydiving Club 1 ; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MICKAL, Marie Virginia, Metairie, La.; Science Education: Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; Delta Phi Rho Alpha; WRA 1, 2, 3, 4; WSGA 
Comm. 2, 3; Rush Advisor 4; FAC 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
MILLER, Craig Scott, Wilmington, Del.; History. 

MILLER, Jay Britten, Jr., Ellicott City, Md.; Zoology. Pre-Med: 

Sigma Nu; IFC 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2; 

BBC 1,2, 3, 4; YMCA 1,2, 3,4. 

MILLER, John Cassel, Jr., Allentown, Pa.; Psychology; AIH 3, 4; 

MSGA 2, 3, 4. 

MILLER, Kenneth Thompson, Jr., Jamestown, N. C. ; Pre-Med: 

Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Basketball 1, Mgr. 2, 3, 4; 

YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MILLER, Robert J., Shaker Hgts., Ohio; Chemistry: Kappa Sigma. 
MILNER, Laura Moss, Cary, N. C; Zoology, Pre-Med; Delta 
Gamma; Student Union 3, 4; Class Treas. 3; YWCA 2, 3, Comm. 
Chm. 2. 

MITCHELL, Harold Alden, Durham, N. C; Zoology: Phi Kappa 
Psi; Soccer 1 ; Pre-Med Society 1. 

MODLIN, John Frederic, Columbia, Mo.; Chemistry: Phi Delta 
Theta; Beta Omega Sigma; Order of Hippocrates; Order of Ex- 
caliber; Omicron Delta Kappa; Old Trinity; IGC; Ruby 4; Chron- 
icle 3; FAC 2, Jr. Chm. 3; Hoof 'n' Horn 4; IFC 2; MSGA Treas. 
4; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MOFFETT, John Aubrey, Carney's Point, N. ].; Zoology, Pre-Med: 
Housemaster; YxMCA 3. 

MONTAGUE, Martha Wray, Jacksonville, Fla.; History: Alpha 
Delta Pi; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MOORE, G. Daniel, Brunswick, Me.; Mathematics: Delta Tau 

Delta, Exec. Sec; Basketball 1, Mgr. 2, 3; Track 1; Navy ROTC 

1,2, 3, 4; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

MOORE, Sara Nell, Granite Falls, N. C. ; English: Duke Players 

2, 3 ; Student Union 1, 2. 

MORRIS, Sarah Katherine, Americus, Ga. ; Political Science: Kappa 

Kappa Gamma; FAC 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 



MORRISON, Andrew Lewis, Indianapolis, Ind.; Pre-Med; Phi 
Delta Theta; House Treas. 1; CHANTICLEER 2; FAC 2 3; 
IPC 3; Pre-Med See. 1; Student Union 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
MORRISON, Diane Elizabeth, Floral Park, N. Y.- Nursing; Kappa 
Delta; Class Sec. 4; Nurses' Judi. Bd. 3, 4; FAC 2; Chapel Choir \. 
MOSS, Richard Tilton, Wyomissing, Pa.; Political Science: Pi Sigma 
Alpha; Bench and Bar 2, 3; MSGA 4; Outing Club 2; Student 
Union3, 4; YMCA2, 3, 4. 

MOST, Robert King, Canton, Pa.; Psychology, English; Sigma Nu; 
FAC 4; Pre-Med See. 2, 3; Student Union 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Lacrosse 1. 

MUMFORD, Herbert Windsor, III, Gaithersburg, Md.; Mechan- 
ical Engineering. 
MUNSON, Kathryn Talcott, Grosse Pointe, Mich.; English; FAC 4. 

MURRAY, Katherine Greenwood, Schenectady, N. Y.; Greek; Pi 
Beta Phi; Sandals V.P.; Eta Sigma Phi Treas. 3; Phi Kappa Delta 
Treas. 4; IGC 4; WSGA 2, 3, Treas. 

NADEL, Barbara Sherry, New York, N. Y. ; English: CHANTI- 
CLEER 4; Judi. Bd. 3; YVVCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

NASH, Rebecca Aldridge, Durham, N. C. ; Elementary Education: 
House Pres. 4; Judi. Bd. 3; YWCA 1, 3, 4. 

NASH, Thomas Hawkcs, III, Durham, N. C; Botany; Theta Chi, 
Sec. 3; Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 
NAYLOR, Virginia Wright, Baltimore, Md.; Political Science; Pi 
Beta Phi, V.P. 4; Rush Adv. 4. 

NELSON, Marsha Parrish, Charleston, S. C. ; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing: Engineering Student Coun., V.P. 4; FAC 4; Pep Board 4; 
YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

NEWLIN, Victoria Elizabeth, Randleman, N. C.; History. 
NEWTON, Joseph Edward, Old Greenwich, Conn.; Electrical En- 
gineering; Eta Kappa Nu 3, Treas. 4; House Treas. 3; AIH, Treas. 
4; Engineers Guidance Coun. 3; IEEE 3, 4; Joe College Steer. Com. 
2; Outing Club 2. 
NEWTON, Laura Duckett, Asheville, N. C; Nursing; FAC 2. 

NICHOLSON, Judith Ann, Short Hills, N. J.; Sociology; Alpha 
Delta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Rush Adv. 3; FAC 4. 

NICKLE, Norman Samuel, Lansdowne, Pa.; History; Theta Chi, 
V.P.; Hoof 'n' Horn 4; YMCA 4; Lacrosse I. 

NIELD, Thomas Van Doren, Hillsdale, N. J.; Electrical Engineer- 
ing; Pi Kappa Phi; AFROTC 3, 4; IEEE 4. 

NIX, Katharine Sutton, Knoxville, Tenn. ; English; Kappa Alpha 
Theta; Sandals; Ivy; House Pres. 4; AFS 1, 2, 3, 4; FAC 3; White 
Duchy; Student Union 2; WSGA 4. 

NOVICK, Donald N., Akron, Ohio; Pre-Med, Chemistry; Zeta 
Beta Tau. 

ODELL, Pamela Neepier, Maitland, Fla. ; Economics; Delta Gam- 
ma, Pres. 4; WSGA 1, 2, Sec. 3. 

O'DONNELL, William A., Pottstown, Pa.; Business Administra- 
tion; Alpha Tau Omega, Pres.; IFC 3, 4; Old Trinity; YMCA 3; 
Golf 1,2,3, Capt. 4. 

O'KELLEY, Ronald L., Asheville, N. C; Mathematics: Sigma Chi; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ORR, Peter Allen, Winston-Salem, N. C. ; Business Administration: 
Alpha Tau Omega; Student Union 2. 



OPPENHEIMER, Robert Henry, St. Louis, Mo.; Political Science; 
Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; House Sec. 3, 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 2, 3, 4; MSGA 
1, 2; YMCA 1. 

OVERAKER, Sally J., Springfield, l\l.; English; Kappa Alpha Theta. 
OWENS, Louis Fairfax, Jr., Whaleyville, Va.; Chemistry; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Arnold Air Society; Order of Hippocrates; Phi Lambda Up- 
silon; AFROTC I, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 4; AIH 4; House 
Pres. 4. 

OZBOLT, Judy Grace, Walterboro, S. C. ; Nursing; NSGA 4. 
PACKARD, Robert Alan, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C. ; Mechanical 
Engineering: Phi Kappa Psi, V.P. 3; ASME 4; Engineers Guidance 
Council 4; Engineering Student Council 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Pep Board 1. 

PADGETT, David Emerson, FayetteviUe, N. C; Rligion; Track 
1, 2, 3; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1, 2, 3; Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; 
Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PAINTER, William Graham, IH, Ft. Defiance, Va. ; Zoology; Pi 
Kappa Phi; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PALMER, Philip Gendron, Sumter, S. C. ; Accounting ; Sigma Chi. 
PATTERSON, Charles Greenwood, III, Lynchburg, Va. ; Zoology, 
Pre-Med; Sigma Nu, Sec. 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2; Pep Band 1, 2; 
Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PATTERSON, David Robert, Randolph AFB, Tex.; Mathematics; 

Men's Glee Club 2, 3, 4. 

PEARLSTEIN, Leslie, N. Miami Beach, Fla.; Chemistry, Pre-Med; 

Phi Eta Sigma; Order of Hippocrates, Pres.; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi 

Lambda Upsilon, Treas.; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 


PECK, Donald Allen, Arlington, Va. ; Business Administration; Phi 

Eta Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PERETT, William Gregory, Tulsa, Okla.; History; Fencing 1, 2, 
3, 4; Capt. 4; Chronicle 2, 3, 4. 

PEREZ, Carmen Loretta, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Mathematics ; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Women's ludicial Board 4. 
PERSONS, Walter Scott, Durham, N. C. ; Philosophy. 

PETERLIN, Tatjana Marija, Durham, N. C. ; Physics. 
PETTES, David Moon, Atlanta, Ga. ; History; Pi Kappa Phi; IFC 
4; MSGA 2, 3. 

PFEIFFER, Carl Frederick, St. Morristown, N. J.; Psychology; Phi 
Delta Theta, Alumni Sec, Treas.; Wrestling 1, 2; Bench and Bar 
2, i; Peer 1 ; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

PFOHL, Barbara Ann, Jacksonville, Fla.; Mathematics; Pi Mu 
Epsilon, Pres. 4; YWCA 1, 2, Treas. 3, Exec. Ass't. 4. 
PHILLIPS, Donald Arthur, Silver Spring, Md.; Botany; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Chapel Choir 1, 2; Men's Glee Club 1, 2. 
PHILLIPS, John Gray, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Pre-Med. Zoology; Sigma 
Chi; Pep Board 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PHILLIPS, Lawrence Vince, Jr., McLean, Va. ; Chemistry; Theta 

PHILLIPS, Paula Ruth, Lakewood, Ohio; Political Science; Pi Beta 
Phi, Pledge Trainer; Sandals; White Duchy; FAC 3; Women's 
Judicial Board Chm. 4; WSGA 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2. 
PITTARD, Edwin Albert, Jr., Manassas, Va. ; Electrical Engineer- 
ing; IEEE 3, 4; Outing Club 2, 3; Sailing Club 4. 










POE, George Jona, Jr., Durham, N. C. ; Psychology ; Lambda Chi 
Alpha; Beta Omega Sigma; Archive 1; Debate Team 1; Duice Play- 
ers 2; FAC 2, 3, 4; Karate 2, 3, 4; House Pres. 1 ; MSGA 1, 2, 3; 
SSL 2, 3, 4; UNMA 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PORTER, Judy Ann, Wilmington, Del.; Spanish; Hockey 2; New- 
man Sec.-Treas. 2, V.P. 3, 4; International Club 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 
2; Religious Council 4. 

POST, Richard Edmond, Houston, Tex.; Economics: Delta Tau 
Delta, Pres. 4; Pre-Med Society 1, Treas. 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

POWERS, Charlotte Anne, Winston-Salem, N. C; History: FAC 3; 
Student Union 2, 3, 4; WSGA 4; House Pres. 4. 

POWERS, Ervin Townsend, Bennettsville, S. C. ; Mechanical En- 
gineering: Delta Sigma Phi; Pi Tau Sigma; Engineers Guidance 
Council 1. 

POWELL, James Lee, Sylva, N. C. ; Rdigion: Alpha Phi Omega 
1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4; Pub. Board 4; Religious Coun- 
cil, Treas. 3. 

PRANCE, Norman Randolph, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; Political 
Science; Tennis 1; FAC 2, 3; Radio Council 4; WDBS 2, 3, 4; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PRATT, G. Thomas, Jr., Northampton, Mass.; History; Beta Theta 

PRINGLE, Ashmead Forrester, Charleston, S. C. ; Mechanical En- 
gineering: Beta Theta Pi; Soccer 3. 

PRITCHARD, Richard Halford, Warf Shoals, S. C. ; Chemistry: 
Arnold Air Society; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Lambda Upsilon; AFROTC 
L 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 1, 2; FAC 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PRIZER, William Flaville, Petersburg, Va. ; Music History; Pi 
Kappa Alpha; Delta Mu Tau; Chamber Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Concert 
Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Duke Ambassadors 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphony 
Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 2, 3, Comm. Chm. 4. 
PUTZELL, Edwin Joseph, IH, St. Louis, Mo.; Psychology: Theta 
Chi; Duke Players 1, 2, 3; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2. 

RANKIN, Nancy Charles, Charlotte, N. C. ; English. 

RANSBURG, lean Elizabeth, Indianapolis, Ind.; French: Kappa 

Delta; YWCA 1,2, 3,4. 

RARER, Julian Robert, III, Barrington, R. I.; Chemistry: Cross 

Country 1 ; Track 1 ; Phi Lambda Upsilon. 

RATELLE, Michael John, Miami, Fla.; Political Science; Beta 
Theta Pi, Social Chm. 4; CHANTICLEER 2, Ass't. Bus. Mgr. 3. 
REAMER, Richard Rankin, Salisbury, N. C. ; Political Science; 
Sigma Chi; Football 1; Lacrosse 1, 2; IFC 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med So- 
ciety 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2. 

REDDING, Rosemary Leigh, Kensington, Md. ; History; Chapel 
Choir 1 ; Duke Players I, 3; FAC 3; Symposium Comm. 4; WSGA 4. 

REED, Gregory Lee, Brookeville, Md.; Political Science. 
REIDER, Richard Koons, Jr., LaPorta, Ind.; History: Phi Delta 
Theta; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1. 
REILLY, Susan Jane, Garden City, N. J.; Nursing. 

REUBEN, Wilhelmina Matilda, Sumter, S. C; Political Science; 
Ivy; Sec; Pi Sigma Alpha, Sec; Concert Band 1; FAC 3, Chm. 4; 
Religious Council 3, 4; Phi Kappa Delta; White Duchy; YWCA 
1, 2, 3, V.P. 4. 

Rh'oADS, Rebecca A., Durham, N. C. ; History; Alpha Delta Pi. 
RICH, Elizabeth Holmes, Milwaukee, Wise; English; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Sandals, Sec; Phi Kappa Delta, V.P. 4; WSGA 3 ; YWCA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 




RICHARDSON, Susan Virginia, Langley AFB, Va.; English; Al- 
pha Delta Pi; Madrigal Singers 3. 

RICHMOND, Ann Louise, Louisville, Ky. ; Nursing; Kappa Delta. 
RIGGS, Robert Thomas, McKecsport, Pa.; Philosophy: Theta Chi; 
Theta Alpha Phi; Duke Ambassadors 1; Duke Players 2, 3, V.P. 4; 
Fencing 2; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Sports Car Club 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

RINKEMA, Marsha Lynn, Stamford, Conn.; Nursing; Kappa Del- 
ta; Rush Adv. 

RIVERA, Phoebe Joan, Humacao, Puerto Rico; History. 
ROBB, George Willard, Bend, Ore.; Political Science; Delta Tau 
Delta; Bench and Bar 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ROBBINS, Henry Haywood, Charlotte, N. C. ; Mathematics; Sigma 
Pi Sigma 3, 4; Duke Sports Car Club 1, 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 4. 
ROBERTS, Patricia Anne, Wilson, N. C. ; Elementary Education: 
Alpha Delta Pi, Soc. Chm. 4; Class V.P. 3; Class Scholar 3; FAC 
4; Pre-Med Soc. 4; Student Union 2, 3, 4; WSGA 1; YWCA 1, 2, 

ROBERTS, Thomas Luther, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Pre-Med, 
Zoology: Delta Tau Delta; IFC 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Soc. 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Student Union 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ROBERTSON, David Fudge, Pittsfield, Mass.; Mathematics. 
ROBERTSON, Jock D'Alberto, Alexandria, Va. ; Electrical Engi- 
neering: Delta Sigma Phi; Hoof 'n' Horn 1; IEEE, Chm., Sec.- 
Treas.; Inter-Varsitv Christian Fellowship, Pres., V.P. 
ROBINSON, Beth Ann, Metuchen, N. J.; Nursing; Class Treas. 3. 

ROBINSON, Lindsay Opie, Richmond, Va. ; Electrical Engineering ; 
Engineering Student Coun. 4; IEEE 1, 2. 

ROCCHIO, Diane Leighton, Midland, Tex.; Political Science; Kap- 
pa Kappa Gamma; AIESEC 4; WSGA 1, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
ROGERS, Nora Lea, Winston-Salem, N. C. ; History; Alpha Delta 
Pi; CHANTICLEER 2, 3; Chronicle 1; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; WRA 
1,2, 3; IRE 1,2. 

ROMIG, Bruce, Annandale, Va. ; Chemistry; Arnold Air Soc; 

AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Outing Club 1; Student Union 3, 4; YMCA 

1, 2. 

ROPER, Jane McNeill, Philadelphia, Pa.; History; Delta Gamma; 

Rush Adv. 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 3, 4; YWCA 1, 4. 

ROSE, Marvin Bruce, Jr., Petersburg, Va. ; Civil Engineering; ASCE 

3, V.P. 4; Engineering Student Coun. 4; Chi Epsilon, Sec.-Treas. 

ROSS, Alfred Kern, Walkertown, N. C; History; CHANTI- 
CLEER 1, 2, 3; Chronicle 4; Pub. Bd. 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 1; YMCA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

ROTHMAN, Bonnie Sue, New Hope, Pa.; Psychology; Outing 
Club 3, 4; Sailing Club 4; YWCA 1, 2. 

RUBIN, Peter Jonathan, Bath, Maine; Political Science; Zeta Beta 
Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon; Pi Sigma Alpha; Judi. Bd. 3, Chm. 4; IFC 2; 
MSGA 2, 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa, Treas.; Old Trinity. 

RUTENBERG, David Charles, Jacksons Heights, N. Y.; Political 
Science; Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec; Arnold Air Soc; AFROTC 4; Bench 
and Bar 1, 2; Football 1, 2. 

SAFFORD, Barbara Sheralyn, Hendersonville, N. C; History; 
Alpha Chi Omega; Terpsichorean 1, V.P. 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 
SALMON, Helen Jane, Houston, Te.x. ; Psychology; Zeta Tau 
Alpha; House Treas. 2; FAC 4; Judi. Bd. 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 
2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 



SAMMONS, Jack Lee, Decatur, Ga.; Political Science; Pi Kappa 
Phi; Navy ROTC 1,2,3,4. 

SAMUELS, William Oscar, Mamaroneck, N. Y. ; Pre-Med. Chem- 
istry; Zeta Beta Tau ; Baseball 1; Soccer 1; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 
3, 4; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

SANDS, Alexander Paul, IH, Reidsville, N. C. ; Political Science; 
Sigma Chi; Basketball Mgr. 1, 2, 3, 4; House Pres. 1; Class V.P. 4; 
MSGA 1; FAC 2, 3; IFC 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SANDUSKY, Chad Bingly, College Park, Ga.; Zoology, Pre-Med; 

Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 

1,2, 3,4; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

SCHADT, Charlec Frederick, Jr., Memphis, Tenn. ; History; Beta 

Theta Pi. 

SCHIRO, Gregory William, Hasbrouck Hgts., N. J.; History; 

Bench and Bar 1, 2, 3, 4; MSGA 2, 3; Young Republicans; AIH; 

House Sec. 2, Social Chm. 3, Pres. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SCHLOGL, John George, Jr., Durham, N. C; Sociology; Basketball 

1 ; AFROTC 1,2." 

SCHLUDERBERG, Herbert Henry, Baltimore, Md.; History; Phi 

Kappa Psi, Treas. 3; Delta Phi Alpha; Chronicle 1, Circulation 

Mgr. 2. 

SCHMIDT, Havard Ewin, Louisville, Ky. ; French; Sandals; FAC 

3; WSGA 1. 

SCHWEITZER, Edward Charles, Jr.; Highland Park, 111.; Eng- 
lish; Phi Eta Sigma; Chronicle 1, Photo Ed. 2. 

SCOTT, Bernadette Frances, Charlotte, N. C. ; French; Tau Psi 
Omega; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; CHANTICLEER 1, 2, 3; FAC 
3 ; Student Union 1 ; WSGA 3. 

SCOTT, Kathryn P., Lancaster, Pa.; Psychology; FAC 4; Nerei- 
dian 2, 3, 4; WSGA 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SEAMANS, Richard Eraser, Concord, Mass.; Mathematics: Lamb- 
da Chi Alpha; Sigma Pi Sigma; Swimming 1, 2; Chapel Choir 1, 2; 
FAC 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 

SELLERS, William Porter, IV, Norfolk, Va. ; History: Pi Kappa 
Phi; YMCA 1,2, 3, 4. 

SERBELL, John Dorner, Dauphin, Pa.; Political Science; Pi Kappa 

SERRAVEZZA, William James, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Business Admin- 
istration; Sigma Chi; Track 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 
SHAND, Beth, Kirkwood, Mo.; Religion: Pi Beta Phi; CHANTI- 
CLEER 1; FAC 3; Nereidian 1, 2; Pan-Hellenic 3; Student Union 
2, YWCA 1, 2, 3. 

SHASBY, Douglas Michael, Bay Village, Ohio; Chemistry; Phi 
Delta Theta, Sec; Beta Omega Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Football 
1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2; Baseball 1; Men's Judicial Board 3, 4. 

SHAWGER, Helen Martha, Summit, N. J.; Nursing; Kappa Kappa 

Gamma; NSGA 1, 2, 3, 4; Rush Advisor 4. 

SHEPPARD, Margaret E., Bradenton, Fla. ; English: Delta Delta 

Delta; CHANTICLEER 1 ; Rush Advisor 4. 

SHOEMAKER, Raleigh Alexander, Charlotte, N. C. ; Economics; 

Pi Kappa Phi, Pres. 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Eta Sigma 

Phi; Student Union 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SIKES, Walter E., Durham, N. C. ; Mechanical Engineering; Alpha 
Tau Omega. 

SIMMONS, Vaughan Paul, Atlanta, Ga. ; Electrical Engineering: 
Campus Chest 1 ; Engineers Guidance Council 3; IEEE 2. 
SIMPSON, Jon Harold, Cottonwood, Ariz.; Chemistry; Delta Tau 
Delta; IFC 2, 3, 4; MSGA 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 



SJOSTROM, Karen Ellen, Charlottesville, Va.; Zoology; Concert 
Band 1, 2; Hoof 'n' Horn 1; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2. 
SMALL, Philip Winslovv, Charlotte, N. C. ; History; Phi Delta 
Theta; Campus Chest 3, 4; CHANTICLEER 1, Sports Ed. 2; 
Cheerleader 2. 

SMITH, Donald Douglas, Tulsa, Okla. ; Chemistry; AIH 4; House 
Pres. and Treas.; YMCA 3, 4. 

SMITH, Michael E., Spartanburg, S. C. ; Economics; Phi Kappa 

Psi ; Campus Chest 2; Student Union 3, 4. 

SMITH, Robert Zane, Falls Church, Va. ; Pre-Law; Track 1, 4; 

Bench and Bar 2, 3; Hoof 'n' Horn 2; MSGA 1, 2, 3; Traditions 

Board 3. 

SMITH, Sandra Louise, Rochester, N. Y. ; Nursing; Delta Delta 

Delta, Bus. Rush 3; Rush Advisor 4; Chapel Choir 1 ; Student Union 


SMITH, Steven L., Baltimore, Md. ; Political Science; Delta Sigma 

Phi; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1; IFC 2. 

SNIDOW, Anne Wallingford, Spartanburg, S. C; English; House 

Treas. 4; Student Union 4; YWCA 1, 2, 4. 

SNOW, Rod W., Spray, N. C; Pre-Mcd; CHANTICLEER 2, 3; 

Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3; YMCA 2, 3. 

SOLIE, Guy Thomson, Madison, Wise; Economics : Sigma Chi; 
Beta Omega Sigma; IGC; Order of Excaliber; Old Trinity; SFAC; 
Campus Chest 3; MSGA 3, V.P. 4; Symposium Comm. 3, 4; Student 
Union Board of Governors 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
SOUTHERN, Gilbert Edwin, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C. ; Political 
Science; Eta Sigma Phi, Treas. 2; Pi Sigma Alpha; Delta Sigma 
Rho; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Team 1, 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
SPEIGHT, Margaret Louise, Farmville, N. C. ; Religion; YWCA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

STAFFORD, Susan Graham, Matthews, N. C. ; Economics; Kappa 
Alpha Theta; Rush Advisor 3; Student Union 2, 3, 4; Winter Week- 
end Steering Comm. 3 ; YWCA 1, 2. 

STALLINGS, Alice Leone, Thomasville, N. C. ; English; Sailing 
Club 3, 4. 

STAMES, Paul Theologytis, Matawan, N. J.; Religion: Lambda Chi 

STANLEY, Ellen Gail, Spartanburg, S. C] English; Alpha Delta Pi; 

AIESEC 3 ; FAC 3 ; House Social Chra. 

STARRETT, Andrea Lynn, East Point, Ga.; Psychology, Pre-Med; 

Tau Psi Omega; Pre-Med Society 4; House Pres. 4; YWCA 1, 2, 

3, 4. 

STAUSS, Benjamin George, Easton, Md.; Accounting; Alpha Kappa 

Psi, Treas.; YMCA 1,2,3,4. 

STEITZ, Molly Deklyn, Glenview, 111.; English; Kappa Alpha 
Theta; Sandals; Theta Alpha Phi; Wesley Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Chron- 
icle A; Duke Players 1, 2, 3, 4; FAC 4; Hoof 'n' Horn 3; Student 
Union 3, 4. 

STEPHENS, Michael Allan, Hanford, Calif.; Political Science; 
Kappa Sigma. 

STEPHENS, Sharon Paiw, Roanoke, Va. ; Psychology ; Symposium 
Comm. 3. 

STEWART, Clorea Elizabeth, Easton, Md.; Mathematics; Kappa 

Delta; Pep Board 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

STEWART, John Douglas, Wilmington, Del.; History; Beta Theta 

Pi, Pres. 4; Beta Omega Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Court of 

Appeals 3; FAC 3; IFC 2, 4; Men's Judicial Board 4; Navy ROTC 

1, 2, 3, 4. 

STOESSEL, Doris Anne, Burbank, Calif.; Chemistry: Alpha Phi, 

Social Chm. 2, Rush Chm. 3; Delta Phi Alpha; Pi Mu Epsilon; 

YWCA 1, 2, 3. 


STOGNER, Kathryn Joyce, Wichita, Kan.; Zoology ; Phi Kappa 
Delta, Sec. 4; House Sec. 2; House V.P. 3; FAC 3; Pep Bd. 1; 
Pre-Med. Soc. 1; WSGA 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

STOKES, Roger William, Medway, Mass.; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing: ASME 3, 4; The Dukengineer 4; Engineers Guidance Coun. 4; 
Engineering Student Coun. 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2. 
STONE, Bruce Winchester, Lexington, Mass.; History; Outing 
Club 2, 3, 4; Pep Bd. 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

STRATTON, Sherman Lee, Laurel, Fla. ; English; Phi Beta Kappa 

4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

STRAWTHER, Tcri Frances, Lake Hiawata, N. J.; Psychology; 

YWCA 3. 

STRAWN, Betsy Ann, Charlotte, N. C. ; Latin: Pi Beta Phi, Sec. 3; 

Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Kappa Delta; Class V.P. 1; House Pres. 4; IGC, 

Sec. 4 ; WSGA 2, 3 ; Student Union 2, 3. 

STREETS, Benjamin Franklin, III, Largo, Fla.; Pre-Med; Debate 

Team 1, 2, 3; Phi Theta Kappa 1, 2; Phi Rho Pi 1, 2; Pre-Med 

Soc. 3, 4. 

STRICKLAND, Dianne Claire, Mayport, Fla.; Jrt History; Sigma 


STRINGFELLOW, Walter A., Ill, Winnetka, 111.; History; Phi 

Delta Theta. 

STROMAN, Dorothy Mae, Mt. Pleasant, S. C. ; English; House 
Sec. 3; YWCA 1,2,3,4. 

STROUD, Dixie Janet, Charlotte, N. C; Nursing; FAC 2; NSGA 
1,2, 3,4; Nurses Choir 2. 

STUDSTRUP, S. Kirk, Milwaukee, Wis.; History; Sigma Chi; Soc- 
cer 1,2, 3; YMCA 1,2,3. 

SUERKEN, Susan Ann, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.; Nursing; Santa Filo- 

mena, Pres. 4; NSGA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SUMMERLIN, Daniel Clayton, Jr., Mt. Olive, N. C; Pre-Med, 

Chemistry; Lambda Chi Alpha; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med. Soc. 


SUMNER, William Emslie, Gaffney, S. C. ; Political Science; Sigma 

Chi, V.P. 3, Pres. 4; Pi Sigma Alpha, V.P.; Omicron Delta Kappa; 

Old Trinity; FAC 3, 4; IFC 2, 3, 4; Judi. Bd. 4. 

SWAN, Richard Henry, Kerrville, Tex.; History: Pi Kappa Alpha; 
AIESEC 4; CHANTICLEER 1 ; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 1. 
SWEiNNES, Robert Harvey, II, El Paso, Tex.; English; Delta Phi 
Alpha, Pres. 3, V.P. 4; Archive 1, 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Pub. Board 
3; Fencing 1, 2, 3, 4; WDBS 1. 

TAFT, Richard Chesson, Greenville, N. C. ; Pre-Med, Political Sci- 
ence; Phi Delta Theta; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4; YMCA 2, 3. 

TARASOFF, Barry Joel, N. Plainfield, N. J.; Mathematics; Beta 
Theta Pi. 

TASKER, Richard William, Lynnfield, Mass.; Accounting-Econom- 
ics; Hoof 'n' Horn 1, 2; Symposium Comm. 3; Town Men's Club 
2, 3, 4; Bus. Club; Investments Club; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
TATE, Jacqueline Crawford, Newtown, Conn.; English: FAC 4. 

TEAL, James Robert, Charlotte, N. C; Religion; Phi Kappa Psi ; 
Alpha Phi Omega; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

THOMAS, Larry Walter, Beaufort, S. C; Mechanic Engineering; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Phi; New- 
man Club, Pres.; ASME 3, 4; Navy ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 
THOMAS, Susan Lane, Crystal Lake, 111.; Religion. 



THOMPSON, William Horace, South Bend, Ind.; Chemistry; 
MSGA 1 ; Pre-Med Society 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
THORE, Robert Eddie, Charlotte, N. C. ; Economics; Arnold Air 
Soc; Alpha Kappa Psi ; AFROTC 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4; 
MSGA 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Soc. 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Stu- 
dent Directory Editor 4; Crosscountry 1 ; Track 1. 
THRASHER, Michael A., Norfolk, Va.; Philosophy; MSGA; Track 

TICE, Stephen Alonzo, Tice, Fla.; English; Theta Chi; Chronicle 3; 
Duke Players 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2. 

TILTON, Grace Louise, Arlington, Mass.; Nursing; Chapel Choir 
1 ; Women's Glee Club 1. 

TODOROVICH, Michael Bruce, St. Louis, Mo.; Business Admin- 
istration; Phi Delta Theta; Bench and Bar 3, Vice President 4; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Basketball 1. 

TROTMAN, Richard C, West Orange, New Jersey; Business Ad- 
ministration; Delta Tau Delta, Vice President; Arnold Air Soc; 
AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Campus Chest 1 ; IFC 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
TRIPPE, William L., Atlanta, Ga.; Political Science; Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon, Vice President and President; Treas. Of Fresh. Class; IFC 
3, 4; Gymnastics Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

TUDOR, Michael Simon, Pineville, La.; History; Pi Kappa Alpha; 
MSGA 1, 2. 

TURBIVILLE, Richard Butler, San Antonio, Texas; Economics; 
Pi Kappa Phi, Historian; Student Union 4; YMCA 4; Duke Uni- 
versity Forum. 

TURNER, Arthur Frederick, Orlando, Fla.; Religion; Chronicle 
2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Soc. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sports Car Club 4; Tennis Team 
1,2, 3, Captain 4. 

TWOMEY, Judith Anne, Quakertown, Pa.; Nursing; CHANTI- 
CLEER 1; Chronicle 1; NSGA 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union I; Pub- 
lications Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; Charge, Editor 3; SNA 3; Young 
Republicans 4. 

UDDSTROM, Kristi Blair, Pittsburgh, Pa.; History; Kappa Alpha 
Theta, V.P. 2, President 4; Sandals; Student Union 1, 2; WSGA 2. 
VALIN, Margaret Suzanne, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Nursing; Kappa 
Delta; Santa Filomena; FAC 2; Class V.P. 1; Judicial Board 1, 2, 3; 
SFAC, Sec. 4. 

VanDYKE, Allen Holstead, Greenville, N. C. ; Chemistry; Lambda 
Chi Alpha; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 

VanNORTWICK, William Alva, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Economics; 
Pi Kappa Phi; Student Union 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
VINCENT, Wendy Carolyn, Glen Ridge, N. J.; Nursing; Edge- 
mont Community Center 1 ; Public Relations 4. 
VOLK, Laura Zelle, Flemington, N. J.; French; Terpsichorean 1, 2. 

VOS, Elizabeth Louise, McLean, Va.; Religion; Women's Glee Club 
1 ; Baptist Student Union 1, 2. 

VOGDES, James M., Ill, CoUingswood, N. J.; Pre-Law; Zeta 
Beta Tau; Bench and Bar 3, 4; Chamber Orchestra 2; Marching 
Band 2; Symphony Orchestra 1,2; WDBS 1 ; Soccer 1 ; Wrestling 2. 
VREELAND, Arthur Alexander, Ruxton, Md.; Accounting; Lambda 
Chi Alpha, Treas.; MSGA 1, 2; Wrestling 1, 2. 

WAGNER, William Orr, Upland, Calif.; Pre-Med; Theta Chi; 
Outing Club 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1. 
WALKER, Leo Lauhon, Springfield, Va. ; Zoology; AFROTC 1, 2; 
Chapel Choir 1 ; Men's Glee Club 2; Student Union 2; WDBS 1, 2. 
WALKER, Stephen Lawrence, Summerville, S. C; Economics; Beta 
Theta Pi; MSGA 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 



WALL, Joseph Edward, Burlington, N. C. ; History; WDBS 1. 
WALSH, Kathy Lynn, Balboa, Canal Zone; History; Chancel Singers 
1 ; Chapel Choir 1 ; Women's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Madrigal Singers 4; 
Terpsichorean 3, 4. 
WALTERS, Bonnie Lee, Middlesex, N. J.; Nursing. 

WARD, Mary Elizabeth, Chesapeake, Va. ; Russian; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Women's Glee Club 1, 2; WSGA 2. 

WARD, Maureen Louise, Hockessin, Del.; Nursing; Kappa Alpha 
Theta; FAC 2; NSGA 2, 3, 4; Class V.P. 3; Judicial Board, Chm. 4. 
WARING, Mary Randolph, Elkin, N. C; Nursing; NSGA 1; Class 
Treas. 4. 

WATERFALL, Mary Kathleen, Stillwater, Okla.; Nursing. 
WATSON, Richard Lvness, IH, Durham, N. C. ; History; Lambda 
Chi Alpha; Religious Council 2, 4; WDBS 1, 2, 3, Production Mgr. 
4; Lacrosse 1, 2. 

WAYNE, James Henry, Jr., Jacksonville, N. C.; History; Sailing 
Club 2, 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2. 

WEART, Christine Culp, Cocoa Beach, Fla.; Zoology; Delta Delta 
Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council 1, 2, V.P. 3; WSGA 2; YWCA 1, 2. 
WEAVER, Carolyn Marguerite, Greenville, S. C. ; Religion; Pi Beta 
Phi, Rush Chm. 3; WSGA, Secretariat 1; YWCA 1, 2, 3. 
WEBB, Sarah Gorham, Washington, D. C. ; English; Pi Beta Phi; 
FAC 4; Symposium Committee 4; WSGA 1; YWCA 2, 3. 

WEBER, John Edward, Pittsburgh, Pa.; English; Kappa Sigma; 

Elections Board 2; Judicial Board 1. 

WEBSTER, Charles Marshall, Rumson, N. J.; History; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4; Duke Forum 3, 4; Tennis 1, 4; Basketball Mgr. 1, 2. 

WEILAND, Barbara Jean, Wauwatosa, Wise; Psychology; Pi Beta 


WEIR, Jeremy, Langhorne, Pa.; English; Duke Players 2, 3, 4; 
Student Union 3, 4; YMCA 2, 3, 4; Joe College Steer. Com. 3. 
WELLS, Rita Gertrude, Wallace, N. C; English; Religious Council 
3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WEISNER, John Ralph, Greensboro, N. C. ; Chemistry; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega 2, 4, Sec. 3; Phi Lambda Upsilon 4. 

WELBORN, H. Craig, Burlington, Calif.; Civil Engineering; Delta 

Tau Delta; Air Force ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WELDON, Wilson Osbourne, Jr., Greensboro, N. C; History; 

Phi Kappa Sigma; Beta Omega Sigma; FAC 2; YMCA 2; Track 

2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2, Captain 3. 

WERNER, Jeffrey Smith, Minneapolis, Minn.; Accounting; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4; House Treasurer 4. 

WHITE, Anne Walker, Raleigh, N. C; Political Science; Alpha 
Delta Pi, President 4; Ivy; Pi Sigma Alpha; Marshall 3, 4; Class 
President 2. 

WHITE, Nathaniel Bradshaw, Durham, N. C; Mathematics; Al- 
pha Phi Omega; Relious Council 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Operation 

WHITLEY, Helen Wilson, Atlanta, Ga.; Nursing; Kappa Alpha 
Theta; Chapel Choir 1 ; NSGA 1, 2, 3, 4; Rush Advisor 3, Co-Chm. 





WHITLEY, Richard James, Nutley, N. J.; Chemistry; Pre-Med 
Society 1, 2, 3; Student Union 1, 2, 3, Board of Governors 4; Swim- 
ming 1,2, 3, 4; AIH, V.P. 

WIGGINS, Richard, Calvin, Durham, N. C. ; Zoology; Town Men's 
Club 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2,3. 

WIGREN, Pamela Ann, Signal Mountain, Tenn.; Economics ; 
AIESEC 4; Chapel Choir 3, 4; Women's Glee Club 3, 4; YWCA 
3, 4; Student Concern 3. 

WILCOX, Kent Westbrook, Winston Salem, N. C. ; Chemistry; 
Phi Eta Sigma. 

WILCOX, Margaret Moore, Charleston, S. C. ; German; Delta Phi 
Alpha; YWCA 1. 

WILFONG, Walter Thomas. Athens, Ga.; History; CHANTI- 
CLEER 2, 3; MSGA 2, 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 

WILKINSON, Jerry Coker, Alcoa, Tenn.; Electrical Engineering: 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Engineers Guidance Council, Chm. 4; Engineer- 
ing Student Coun. 3, 4; IEEE 4; Order of St. Patrick, Treas. 4; 
IFC; Basketball 1; Class President 4; Class Sec.-Treas. 3. 
WILLIAMS, James Alexander, West Point, Miss.; Political Science; 
Bench and Bar 1, 2, 3. 

WILLIAMS, Robert Browning, Walnut Cove, N. C. ; Accounting: 
Bench and Bar 2, 3, 4; Alpha Kappa Psi 3, V.P. 4; Forum 2, 3, 4; 
Teacher Evaluation. 

WILLETS, Virginia H., Durham, N. C. ; £.iementary Education; 

WILLSON, Donna Jean, North Augusta, S. C; Nursing; Chron- 
icle 1 ; Nurses' Honor Council 1, 2. 

WILMOT, Barbara Mary, Gainesville, Fla. ; History; Campus 
Chest 2; Religious Council 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, President 4; Student 
Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Model U.N. 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Delta 4; YWCA 
Cabinet 1. 

WILSON, Charles Clinton, Wheaton, 111.; Political Science; Pi 

Sigma Alpha; Bench and Bar 1,2; Forum; Operation Breakthrough; 

University Caucus. 

WILSON, John Christian, Winston-Salem, N. C. ; History; Student 

Union 3, 4; Forum 3, 4; MSGA 4. 

WISCHMEYER, Nancy Louise, St. Louis, Mo.; Mathematics; 

Alpha Chi Omega; Chronicle 1; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Peer 4; 

Lutheran Student Assn. 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WITHERS, Carolyn Leslie, Spartanburg, S. C. ; Music; Delta Mu 
Tau, Sec; Chamber Orchestra 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Bus. Mgr. 
4; Hoof 'n' Horn 1; Symphony Orchestra 3, 4; YWCA 2. 
WITTENBERG, Pauline, Hicksville, N. Y.; History; YWCA 2, 
3, 4; White Duchy; Forum 2, Board of Gov. 3, 4; Dormitory Presi- 
dent 4; House Presidents Board, Chairman 4. 

WITTER, Lon LaVerne, Crown Point, Ind.; Elementary Educa- 
tion; Duke Players 1, 4. 

WOLFE, Kristen Jane, Hampton, Va.; Nursing; FAC 2; Class 
Secretary I ; Social Standards Board 2. 

WOOD, Donald Robinson, Houston, Tex.; Phi Kappa Sigma; Beta 
Omega Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon ; IFC 2; Men's Judi- 
cial Board 3, 4; MSGA 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Order of Excalibur; Omicron Delta Kappa; Old Trinity Club. 
WOOD, Janet Linda, Winston-Salem, N. C; Elementary Educa- 
tion; CHANTICLEER, 1, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WOOD, Sara Lynn, Silver City, N. C; Religion: Campus Chest, 
Chm. 2; Religious Council 3; Student Union 1, 2, 3; YWCA 1, 4, 
Cabinet 2, 3 ; NSA 1 ; Methodist Center 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Chorus 1. 
WOODARD, Stephen Charles, Closter, N. J.; Economics; Delta 
Tau Delta, Treasurer. Campus Chest 1, 2; Soccer 1; Track 1. 



1^4 ^^ 

WORFUL, Stephen Craig, Anchorage, Ky. ; History; Cross Coun- 
try 1,2; Track 1. 

WYATT, Emily Hughes, Raleigh, N. C. ; German: Phi Mu; Delta 
Phi Alpha, Sec. 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi; YWCA 1, 2, 3; Baptist Stu- 
dent Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Marsha! 3; Summer Study Abroad Program 
3 ; BSU Council 2, 3, President 4. 

YEARWOOD, Susan Carol, Oak Ridge, Tenn. ; History; Delta 
Delta Delta; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

YOUNGER, John Jenkins, Champaign, 111.; Economics; Alpha Tau 
Omega, Sec. 4; Pre-Med Society 1; Swimming 1, 2; Tennis 1. 
ZAISER, Kent Ames, St. Petersburg, Fla. ; History; Lambda Chi 
Alpha; Beta Omega Sigma; Chronicle 4; FAC 2, 4, Jr. Chm. 3; 
Joe College Steer. Com. 3, 4; MSGA 1, 2, Sec. 3, 4; YMCA 1, 3, 4, 
Sec. 2; Old Trinity Club 4; IGC 3, 4. 

ZAMBETTI, Victor John, Jacksonville, Fla.; Economics; Phi Delta 
Theta, President 4; CHANTICLEER 2, 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; FAC 3; 
^Fho's Who: YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ZEGER, Dennis Anson. Mercersburg, Pa.; Political Science; Delta 
Phi Alpha; Bench and Bar, Treas. 2, V.P. 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
ZIEGLER, Richard Dell, Kennett Square, Pa.; Accounting; Sigma 
Nu, Soc. Chm. 2, 3, V.P. 4; Student Union 4; YMCA 2, 3, 4. 
ZIMMER, Herbert Jerome, Wilmington, N. C. ; Chemistry; Zeta 
Beta Tau; Joe College Steering Com. 3; Peer 2; Pre-Med Society 
1, 2; Hillel 1. 

ZIMMERMAN, Carolyn Frances, Greensboro, N. C; English; Pi 
Beta Phi; FAC 4; WSGA 2; YWCA 1. 

ZUKER, Fred Raymond, Chattanooga, Tenn.; History; Alpha Tau 
Omega, V.P.; Newman Club 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 


Student Directory 



Abdella, David D. '69, 137 Crestview Dr., Middletown, N. J. 

Abernethy, John L. 70, 1825 Sterling Rd., Charlotte, N. C 218 

Ackerman, William Jackson '67, 

4309 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va 208, 283 

Adams, Alfred G. '70, 715 Owens Dr., Huntsville, Ala 226 

Adams, Douglas Glenn '67, 

2931 30 St., Rock Island, 111 226, 283 

Adams, Lee W. '69, Route 20, Brimfield, Mass 198 

Adler, Kenneth Elliot '68, 

4 Upland Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y 209 

Ahmann, Frederick R. '70, 

217 N. Third St., St. Charles, Mo 227 

Ahmann, Gerald Black '67, 

217 N. Third St., St. Charles, Mo 219, 283 

Ahrens, Kenneth G. '69, 61 Elmwood Ave., Chatham, N. J 220 

Albrecht, Jerry Linn '67, 

3001 Yale St., Endicott, N. Y 205, 283 

Albrektson, John R. '70, Edgehill Ct., Covington, Ky 219 

Alden, John Thomas '67, 

303 N. College St., Rockville, Ind 201, 283 

Alexander, John C. '68, 

3821 Hawthorne Rd., Rocky Mount, N. C 199 

Alexander, Randolph Foote '67, 

1609 Ridge Ave., Evanston, 111 198, 283 

Allen, Charles E. '70, 4005 St. Germaine Ct., Louisville, Ky 227 

Alper, Harvey Paul '67, 

4722 Gaynor Rd., Charlotte, N. C 226, 283 

Alstrin, John C. '68, 422 Abbotsford Rd., Kenilworth, 111. 
Alterman, John S. '69, 12 N. High St., Selinsgrove, Pa. 

Altman, Stephen D. '70, 4919 E. Lake Rd., Cazendvia, N. Y 229 

Altmann, Kerbey Taylor '68, 32 West Kirke St., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Altreuter, Richard W. '67, 

31 Lockwood Place, Fair Haven, N. J 220, 283 

Amery, Joe Alan, '68, 126 Rockingham Rd., Wilmington, Del. 
Andersen, Dana Kimball '68, 

5 New Woods Road, Glen Cove, N. Y 227 

Anderson, Charles A. '68, 

502 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Anderson, David L. '69, 

666 49th Street S., St. Petersburg, Fla 208 

Anderson, Erik M. '68, 666 49th Street S., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Anderson, H. Russell '69, 

3565 Eldorado Dr., Rocky River, Ohio 204 

Anderson, McCutchen B. '68, 

211 S. Heyward St., Bishopville, S. C. 
Anderson, William H. '68, 

415 E. Willowbrook Dr., Burlington, N. C. 
Andrews, Michael L. '70, 

159-02 95th St., Howard Bch., N. Y 219 

Anlyan, Frederick H., Jr. '70, 

300 Wooster St., New Britian, Conn 222 

Anthes, Gary Harrison '68, 324 Snuff Mill Rd., Wilmington, Del. 

Appier, Charles I. '69, 1011 Alice Court, Fairfax, Va 200 

Archer, James Douglas '68, 

5501 Washington Ave., S.E., Charleston, W. Va 220 

Arlen, Daniel C. '70, 129 N. St. George, Allentown, Pa 219 

Armbrecht, David Lee '68, 

7666 Yarmouth Dr., Richmond, Va 208, 283 

Arnett, Carroll Dwight '68, 

P.O. Box 275, Rowlesburg, W. Va 226 

Arnold, Herman Ross, III '67, 

5130 Powers Ferry Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Arnold, Richard M. '70, 

5130 Powers Ferry Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 216 

Arnold, William '69, 3624 Castle Dr., Waco, Texas 200 

Aronin, Neil '70, 1121 Quebec St., Silver Spring, Md 227 

Aronofi, Stephen Louis '68, 5551 Drane Dr., Dallas, Texas 209 

Arthur, Richard H. '69, 

715 Bleeker Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y 203 

Arthur, Thomas Carlton '68, Ferrum Junior College, Ferrum, Va. 

Ashford, William H., Ill, '68, 

152 Biddulph Rd., Radnor, Pa 203 

Ashley, Robert H. '70, P.O. Box 383, Mount Airy, N. C 237 

Atkins, Jimmy Dale '68, 1039 N. Main St., Mount Airy, N. C. 

Atkinson, Richard B. '68, 551 W. Main St., Elkin, N. C 200 

Auld, Robert Hunt '68, 1404 Oakmont Rd., Charleston, W. Va. 
Auman, James Richard '67, 417 Roxanne Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 
Auryansen, Randall Evan '69, 14 Stell Lane, E. Northport, N. Y. 
Averitt, Richard G., Ill '67, 

1300 74th St. N., St. Petersburg, Fla 198, 283 

Aycock, Anthony W. '69, 406 Weaver Dr., Lexington, N. C 230 

Aycock, Thomas J. '69, 2769 N. Chadwick Dr., Mobile Ala 205 

Ayers, Gary W. '70, 

American Embassy— ARS, APO N. Y. 09675 241 


Bach, Thomas W. '67, 210 Ashworth Circle, Marion, N. C. 
Bachelder, David Macleod '69, Campos Eliseos 232, 

Colonia Polanco, Mexico D. F., Mexico 201 

Bacon, David Gardner '68, 401 Newfield St., Middletown, Conn. 
Baglien, Donald N. '70, 15 Douglas Dr., Newport, Ky. 
Bailey, David J. '69, P.O. Box 2, Griffin, Georgia 
Bailey, Hubert V. '70, 

6204 N. Barnes, Oklahoma City, Okla 229 

Bailey, James H. '68, Box 1916, Raleigh, N. C. 

Bailey, Robert W. '69, Box 26, Woodleaf, N. C 218 

Bald, William A. '70, 5354 Whitney St., Jacksonville, Fla 219 

Ballew, Steve Early '67, Box 362, Inman, S. C 216, 283 

Ballowe, William R. '69, 3822 S. 16th St., Arlington, Va 224 

Balog, Michael C. '69, 417 Tryon St., Burlington, N. C 198 

Banker, Michael Ian '69, 

35 Larchmont Rd., Binghamton, N. Y 209 

Banks, Thomas A., Jr. '70, 101 Garner Rd., Garner, N. C 235 

Banta, Robert Mason '68, 1520 Palisades Dr., Appleton, Wis. 
Banzhaf, Henry B. '68, 2815 E. Lake Bluff, Milwaukee 11, Wis. 
Bargman, Alan Richard '67, 

182 Commonwealth Ave., Buffalo, N. Y 209, 284 

Barlow, Ted S. '70, c/o Dula Hospital Inc., Lenoir, N. C 229 

Barnes, Leroy Robert, Jr. '67, 

403 Beaumont St., Fairfax, Va 200, 284 

Earnhardt, Roland T. '69, 

1713 Virginia Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 198 

Barnhart, Philip W., Jr. '69, 

2398 N. Quincy St., Arlington, Va 216 

Barnhart, William G. '69, 

514 Tulip Cr., Clarks Summit, Pa 204 

Barnston, Anthony G. '70, 

Ox Bow Lane, Woodbridge, Conn 223 

Barone, Anthony Andrew '68, 1335 Addision St., Chicago, 111. 
Barr, Joel '68, 1909 Gerda Terr., Orlando, Fla. 
Barringer, Jerry Allen '67, 203 Franklin Ave., Concord, N. C. 
Barry, Thomas Ross '67, 

1104 Armstrong Lane, Tupalo, Miss 206, 284 

Barton, Samuel L. '69, 3540 S. Belmont Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Bassman, Mitchell J. '69, 910 Sunset Ave., Petersburg, Va 207 

Bate, Richard C, Jr. '69, 

808 W. Apple Tree Rd., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bates, Guy P. '69, 808 Kingsbury, Springfield, Mo 206 

Batts, Richard Thomas '68, 

6832 Latonia Dr., Indianapolis, Ind 225 

Batty, Kerry K. '70, 8606 Henrico Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Bauer, Richard Allen '67, 

803 W. Market St., Bethlehem, Pa 223, 284 

Bayne, Dwight M. '69, 142 Mountain Ave., Summit, N. J 197 

Beach, Lawrence M. '68, 716 Saunders Ave., Westfield, N. J. 
Beale, David Brooks '67, 

109 Arnold St., Centerville, Tenn 227, 284 

Beall, Ninian, Jr. '68, Rt. 2, Box 236, Edgewater, Md 225 

Beam, Michael G. '67, 23502 Westwood Rd., Westlake, Ohio 



Beasley, William H., Ill '68, 

3701 Greenbrier Dr., Dallas, Tex 204 

Beasley, William L., Ill '69, Lanier Ct., Tarboro, N. C 204 

Beath, Andrew Findley '68, 1741 Golfview Dr., Clearwater, Fla. 

Beatty, Wayne Arthur '68, Rt. 8, Box 204, Statesville, N. C 221 

Beck, Laurence David '67, 

Calle de Tres Picos 102, Mexico 5 D.F., Mexico 209, 284 

Beckett, Leslie '69, 306 Montgomery St., Blacksburgh, Va... . 224 
Beckwith, Edmund R., Ill '70, 

8920 Indian Ridge Rd., Cincinnati Ohio 221 

Bchringer, Robert P. '70, 1111 Arran Rd., Baltimore, Md 241 

Bell, Dan W. '69, 251 Marchmont, San Antonio, Tex 200 

Bell, James Douglas '67, 

6405 N. Lake Dr., Milwaukee 17, Wis 197, 284 

Bell, Keith Whitman '68, 

6506 Bells Mill Rd., Bethesda 34, Md 230 

Bell, Kenneth Louis '68, Newtown Turnpike, Weston, Conn. 

Bell, Thomas M. '70, 2335 Echocliff Cr., Atlanta, Ga 235 

Bell, William Henry, Jr. '68, 

280 Vee Lynn Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa 200 

Bellman, Allan E. '69, 5807 Chillumgate Rd., Chillum, Md 220 

Bender, Douglas E. '67, 

Rt. 4, W. Stephenson St. Rd., Freeport, 111 230, 284 

Beninati, Francis A. '69, Via San Senatore 6/1, Milan, Italy.. .201 
Bennett, Donald Edward '67, 

9 Austin Rd., Reisterstown, Md 198, 284 

Bennett, Donald Y. '70, 2517 Valencia Dr., Sarasota, Fla 239 

Bennett, George J. '70, 13 Stuyvesant Dr., Wilmington, Del 221 

Bennett, Gregory Charles '68, 406 S. 4th Ave., Maywood, 111. 
Bennett, Roland K., Jr. '70, 

10225 Kensington Pkwy., Kensington, Md 222 

Bennett, Ronald H. '69, 261 Wesley Cr., Macon, Ga 205 

Benson, Craig Burgess '67, 

4202 Grandview, Memphis, Tenn 197, 284 

Benson, George Goodwin '67, 

3623 Mapleview Dr., Bethel Park, Pa 204, 284 

Benson, Lance Stewart '67, 605 Greenwich St., Falls Church, Va. 

Benz, Charles R. '70, 20 Ertman Dr., Whippany, N. J 229 

Berenson, Irving B. '70, 305 Mavbelle Ln., Nashville, Tenn 241 

Berger, Frederick Allen '68, 7415 Byron PI., Clayton, Md 209 

Bergman, Eric Charles '68, 

22 Riverledge Rd., Hudson, N. Y 216 

Berkey, William Gordon '68, Shirley Ave., Fishkill, N.Y 230 

Berkowitz, Leonard Jay '67, 

4420 Toledo St., Coral Gables, Fla 207, 284 

Berman, Gordon E. '69, 9303 Singleton Dr., Bethesda, Md. 
Berman, Richard Kenneth '68, 49 Wood Valley Ln., 

Flower Hill, Port Washington, N. Y 209, 284 

Berman, Walter Ray '69, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio 231 

Berney, Richard Thomas '68, 

74 White Oak Dr., South Orange, N. J. 

Best, Philip M. '69, 934 Ellendale Dr., Towson, Md 200 

Bestic, Philip B. '67, 2525 N. Ridgeview Rd., Arlington, Va. 
Betancourt, Raul L. '70, 

3850 Hudson Manor Te., New York, N. Y 235 

Bethel, James Eugene '67, 8 Ridgewood Rd., Rome, Ga 197, 285 

Beyer, Alexander W. '69, 107 Hillair Cr., White Plains, N. Y. 

Biddle, Richard '70, 940 Juliana St., Parkersburg, W. Va 237 

Bieber, Kenneth D. '70, 

2271 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Meyers, Fla 235 

Big, Neil A. '69, 

US Army Sec MAAG, c/o Dept of State, Washington, D.C. 

Binder, Bert E. '69, 104 Pearl St., Lawrence, Mass 209 

Bindewald, Richard A., Jr. '70, 

1309 Glendale Ave., Durham, N. C 236 

Bingham, Frederick C, III '67, 

Mineral Mining Co., Kershaw, S. C 201, 285 

Birkhead, David Kechn '67, 

653 Queen Anne Ter., Falls Church, Va. 

Bissett, Del W. '70, Rt. 1, Box 216, Accokeek, Md 229 

Bittermann, Kim Allan '67, 

3717 Chesterfield Dr., Washington 22, D.C 204, 285 

Bivins, William P., Jr. '67, 

2343 Hunterfield Rd., Maitland, Fla 227, 285 

Bjorlo, Philip A. '70, 205 Abbey Ln., Titusville, Fla 235 

Black, Ernest P. '70, 1604 W. Main St., Clarksville, Tex 225 

Black, William R. '70, 

825 W. Henderson St., Salisbury, N. C 228 

Blackman, Labarre W. '70, 

1118 Parkins Mill Rd., Greenvaie, S. C 226 

Blackwelder, Blake W. '67, 

3419 Lowell St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C 219, 285 

Blackwelder, Jeffrey A. '70, 

530 Braeburn Rd., Hohokus, N. J 221 

Blaine, Richard C. '70, 73 Middlesex Rd., Darien, Conn. 229 

Blake, Patrick B. '69, Box 187, Rt. 537, Colts Neck, N. J. 

Blake, Paul A. '70, Box 187, Colts Neck, N. J 229 

Blake, Robert L., Jr. '67, 609 Ruby St., Durham, N. C 285 

Blanchard, James R., Jr. '69, 

432 Harpersville Rd., Newport News, Va. 

Blanks, Wayne A. '70, 6 Gleneida Main St., Carmel, N. Y 219 

Blattau, Steven Joseph '68, 

II St. Ives Dr., Severna Park, Md 223 

Bleckivenn, Brian Michael '68, 

710 Barbara Blvd., Franklin Sq., L.I., N. Y 223 

Blue, Neill J. '69, 209 E. 3rd Ave., Red Springs, N. C. 201 

Blunt, Peter H. '68, 2075 Ash St., Denver, Colo 205, 285 

Board, Robert J. '70, 615 N. Royal Ave., Front Royal, Va 238 

Boaz, Wayne M. '69, 

125-10 Queens Blvd., Kew Gardens, N. Y 208 

Bodkin, Robin Orr '68, 2617 Glendale Ave., S. Charleston, W. Va. 
Boehm, Gerhard Arnold '67, 

1311 Hermitage Ave., S.E., Huntsville, Ala. 
Boger, John Charles '68, 

III Country Club Dr., Concord, N. C 225 

Boger, Kenneth Snead '68, 111 Country Club Dr., Concord, N. C. 

Boger, Samuel P. '70, 1007 Rickenbaker Rd., Columbia, S. C 239 

Bombard, Kenneth M. '70, 

2713 Flyers Mill Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 
Bond, Stephen E. '67, 810 Snell Isle Blvd., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Boone, Worth Howard, Jr. '67, 2801 Carolina Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

Booth, Robert H., Jr. '69, P.O. Box 152, Gibson Isle, Md 204 

Borasky, Michael R. '69, 

525 Thayer Ave., Apt. 212, Silver Spring, Md 206 

Bose, Carl L. '70, 734 E. 73 St., Indianapolis, Ind 229 

Boswell, Louis K. '69, 

1071 Pennfield Rd., Cleveland Hgts., Ohio 198 

Boswell, Peter Bruce '68, 1419 National Ave., Rockford, 111. 

Bovender, Jack Oliver '67, Rt. 2, Rural Hall, N. C 200, 285 

Bowcott, Gregory J. '69, 10 W. Geyer Ln., St. Louis, Mo 205 

Bowen, Freferick Hardy, Jr. '67, 

4102 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville 10, Fla. 

Bowman, Neil O. '70, 3551 Flair, Dallas, Tex 220 

Box, Patrick '68, 7843 Wildwood Rd., Jacksonville, Fla 230 

Boyarsky, Myer W. '69, 2713 Sevier St., Durham, N. C. 

Boyd, Joseph B. '70, 1406 S. Riverside Dr., Indialantic, Fla 237 

Bovd, Howard M. '70, 

Chapel Grove Rd., Rt. 1, Gastonia, N. C 221 

Bovd, Richard C. '69, 

8560 Howard Dr., Williamsville, N. Y 202 

Boyte, Harry C. '68, 1275 Briardale Ln., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Bragg, Alfred O. '69, 2565 Habersham Ave., Columbus, Ga 200 

Braibanti, Ralph Lynn '67, 2614 Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Brannon, Donald Ray '68, 601 Johnson Ave., Graham, N. C 197 

Branscomb, Earl S. '70, 3519 Oregon Trail, Decatur, Ga 221 

Branse, Mark K. '69, 3314 Weller Rd., Silver Spring, Md 200 

Brantlev, Bert A., Jr. '70, 220 Kalmia Dr., Columbia, S. C 216 

Braren, Richard E. '68, 

455 Poinciana Dr., Sarasota, Fla 198, 285 

Brasher, Charles D. '70, 

24 Oak Ridge Rd., Basking Ridge, N. J 241 

Brasher, John L. '69, 

265 Kinderkamack Rd., Westwood, N. J 225 

Brashler, Richard J., Jr. '68, 406 Peck Rd., Geneva, 111 198 

Brater, Carl Timothy '67, 

1503 Brooklyn, Ann Arbor, Mich 205, 285 

Brater, Donald Craig '67, 

104 Hillside Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn 206, 285 

Braun, Jory Lewis '67, 

2255 Lenox Rd., N.E., Apt. C5, Atlanta, Ga 209, 285 

Brecher, James O. '70, 6842 Estrada Rd., Jacksonville, Fla 229 

Breedlove, Kendall H. '67, 

2629 N. Florida St., Arlington, Va 285 

Brent, Robert S. '69, 12 Doane Rd., Barrington, R.l 200 

Brett, John W. '70, Rt. 2, Box 260-A, Ahoskie, N. C 235 

Bridge, Arthur '68, 2144 Thornwood Ave., Wilmette, 111. 
Bridge, Thomas Peter '67, 

312 Glendale Dr., Chapel Hill, N. C 225, 285 

Bridgers, Barrie L. '69, 4006 Linwood Rd., Columbia, S. C 206 


Briggs, Thomas P. 70, 

22639 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Hgts., Ohio 220 

Brigham, James R., Jr. '67, 

909 W. Chautauqua St., Carbondale, 111 206, 286 

Britt, Wade Hampton, III '68, 

37 Knob Hill Dr., Summit, N. J 226 

Britten, Charles V. '69, 

1010 Wateree St., Kingsport, Tenn 226 

Broadway, Henry J. '70, 2936 Welcome Dr., Durham, N. C 223 

Brodie, George F. '67, 

USAF Mission to Peru, US Embassy, Lima, Peru 

Brodsky, Donald W. '70, 3027 S. Braeswood, Houston, Tex 220 

Brody, Harold J. '70, 220 Haynsworth St., Sumter, S. C 221 

Bromfield, Wayne A. '69, R.D. 1 Westlawn, Lcwisburg, Pa. 

Brondoli, Michael P. '70, 153 Valley Rd., Waynesboro, Va 223 

Bronson, Albert Michael '68, 

3545 Bankhead Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 
Brooks, James Clyde '67, 

35 Alden Ave., N.W., Atlanta 9, Ga 208, 286 

Brooks, John M. '69, 7 Pembroke Ter., Danbury, Conn. 
Brooks, Stephen C. '70, 3601 Traylor Dr., Richmond, Va. 
Broske, Stuart P. '67, 

1425 Edwards St., Huntington, W. Va 201, 286 

Bross, Gary Wayne '68, 

6600 Spring Valley Dr., Alexandria, Va 228 

Broughton, Ben '70, 1200 Gilroy, Jackson, Miss 229 

Browder, David Castner '68, 

3253 Beals Branch Rd., Louisville, Ky. 
Brown, Archie Watt, Jr. '67, 

207 Lenior St., Morganton, N. C 231, 286 

Brown, Clinton Marion, Jr. '68, 

174 Hedgerow Rt. 2, Lewisville, Tex 216 

Brown, David K. '67, 8317 Robert Bruce Dr., Bon Air 35, Va. 
Brown, Geoffrey R. '70, 

158 Fieldstone Rd., Wcstwood, Mass 221 

Brown, Jack G. '69, 72 W. Lakeside Ave., S. Ft. Mitchell, Ky. 

Brown, John J. '70, Diane Ln., Biglerville, Pa 221 

Brown, Murray L. '69, 124 N. Riverside Dr., Edgewater, Fla. 

Brown, Paul D. '69, 1100 Prospect Ave., Plainfield, N. J 216 

Brown, Stephen H. '70, 

1705 Monroe Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 237 

Brown, Steven Ravett '67, 

4607 Norwood Dr., Chevy Chase 15, Md 224, 286 

Brown, Wyatt L., Jr. '68, 

1905 E. 6th St., Greenville, N.C 221 

Browning, Jackson B., Jr., '70, 

48 Taunton Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 235 

Bruhwel, Roger Alfred '67, 

4816 Lamont Dr., Charlotte 9, N. C 225, 286 

Bryant, Martin L. '70, 

9050 1st View St., Apt. 208, Norfolk, Va 219 

Buck, Peter C. '69, Rt. 2, Box 295-A, Kinston, N. C 223 

Buck, William Peter '67, 

2770 S.W. Patton Ln., Portland 1, Ore 222 

Bullington, Richard Earle, '67, 

420 S. 57 Terr., Hollywood, Fla. 
Bullock, Calvert Riggs '67, 

7631 S.W. 53 Court, Miami 43, Fla 207, 286 

Burch, Warren A. '70, 

Box 276, 605 W. McGreg, Pageland, S. C 229 

Burchesky, Kenneth M. '67, 

1 Brantwood Ln., Utica 3, N. Y 216, 286 

Burke, William S. '70, 

Chief of Army Element, Jusmmat APO New York, N. Y 236 

Burket, David A. '70, 10322 Belinder Rd., Leawood, Kan 240 

Burkey, David F. '69, 766 State St., Hamburg, Pa. 

Burn, Keith S. '70, 401 W. Ethel Dr., Las Cruces, N. M 240 

Burr, Robert M. '68, 20 Raynor Rd., Morristown, N. J 208 

Burton, John Tyson '68, Rt. 1, Thomasville, N. C. 

Burton, Theodore Hughes '69, 145 Locust Ave., Springfield, Pa. 

Burts, Richard Clyde, III '67, Box 485, Davidson, N. C 223, 286 

Burwell, Jackson P. '70, 

1405 E. Olive Dr., S.E., Huntsville, Ala 241 

Burwell, James Henry '67, 

110 Homewood Ave., Greensboro, N. C 202, 286 

Butler, Warwick Woods '67, 

Box 2371, San Juan, Puerto Rico 198, 287 

Butler, William M. '69, 

Box 267, Rt. 1, Elizabeth, N. C 226 

Butterfield, Nicholas A. '69, 

219 E. Elizabeth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa 224 

Butts, Bertie N., Ill '69, 44 Poplar St., Closter, N. J 225 

Butts, John Davis, Jr. '68, 44 Poplar St., Closter, N. J 225 

Byrne, George W. '69, 715 E. Beach, Pass Christian, Mass 203 


Cabiness, John W. '70, Rt. 4, Shelby, N. C 237 

Cadwallader, Robert T., Jr. '69, 

437 Garnette Rd., Akron, Ohio 200 

CahiU, Howard J. '69, 

600 S. Washington St., Winchester, Va 230 

Cahill, James D., Jr. '69, 

3915 Haverhill Dr., Charlotte, N. C 206 

Cahn, Aaron R. '70, 371 Kenridge Rd., Lawrence, L.I., N. Y 240 

Caine, Thomas Powers '67, 

57 Beekman Rd., Summit, N. J 206, 287 

Calabrese, Joseph W. '68, 4614 Amherst Rd., College Park, Md. 
Caldwell, James Eugene '67, 

320 Colonial Rd., Memphis 17, Tenn 203, 287 

Calender, Kenneth E., II '70, 

6220 S.W. 123 Terr., Miami, Fla 208 

Calestro, Kenneth Michael '68, 970 First Ave., West Haven, Conn. 
Call, John L. '69, 622 Chester Ave., Moorestown, N. J. 

Callison, Tolliver C, III '68, 202 Pine St., Gaffney, S. C 225 

Calver, James Stevan '68, 

1614 Oxford Rd., Charlottesville, Va 218 

Calvin, Richard T. '69, 1326 Van Buren St., Hollywood, Fla 231 

Campbell, Bruce E. '70, 3600 Orion Rd., Lake Orion, Miss 223 

Campbell, Dennis Marion '67, 

7909 Oakleaf Ave., Elmwood Park, 111 220, 287 

Campbell, James Barry '67, 

Qurts #533 B Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Ala 198, 287 

Campbell, Thomas H. '70, 961 King Rd., Malvern, Pa 229 

Campbell, Willard S., Ill '70, 

131 E. Delaware Ave., Pennington, N. J 235 

Canipe, Walter K. '69, 

785 Moores Mill Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 206 

Cannon, David R. '70, 

198 Orchard Hill Dr., Fairfield, Conn 237 

Cannon, Eugene Bedford '68, 366 Lexington Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 
Cannon, John B. '70, 

420 S. Fairview Ave., Spartanburg, S. C 220 

Capel, William R., Ill '70, 

2108 Dilworth Rd., Charlotte, N. C .240 

Caplan, Joel P. '70, 131 W. Renovah Cr., Wilmington, N. C 229 

Caplan, Marc M. '69, 505 Harvey St., Raleigh, N. C 209 

Caplin, Lee E. '69, 4536 20th St. N.W., Washington, D. C 197 

Carmichael, Gordon G. '70, 

3039 Willow Rd., N.W., Roanoke, Va 228 

Carney, Robert S., Jr., '67, 

500 Colonial Rd., Memphis 17, Tenn 216, 287 

Carpenter, Kenneth G. '69, 

1892 Camellia Dr., Decatur, Ga 228 

Carrithers, Ashley Kent '68, Epping Rd., Gates Mills, Ohio 
Carter, Edward Bates '68, 

18 Wayne Dr., Woodside Mnr., Wilmington, Del 208 

Carter, Robin Charles '68, 

20 Masconomet Rd., Ipswich, Mass 199 

Carter, Samuel H., Jr. '69, Orchard Hill, Ft. Defiance, Va. 
Carter, Stanley R. '69, Rt. 6, Box 388, Reidsville, N. C. 
Carver, Alexander H., Ill '67, 

2833 N.E. 35th Ct., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 197, 287 

Case, James M. '70, 2952 Claremont Rd., Raleigh, N. C 240 

Case, Marshall C. '70, 1714 Auburn Ave., Dayton, Ohio 240 

Cassidy, Dennis M. '70, 

4906 Scarsdale Rd., Washington 16, D. C 220 

Castles, Stephen Henry '67, Box 420, Big Pine Key, Fla. 

Cates, Banks R. '70, 2833 Sunset Dr., Charlotte, N. C 238 

Cates, Jonathan H. '69, 

5803 W. 77th Terr., Prairie Village, Kans 221 

Causey, Omer S., II '70, 1266 40th St., Sarasota, Fla 223 

Caveny, John C, Jr. '69, 

Rt. 1, Dogwood Farm, Kings Mtn. N. C 226 

Censer, Jack Richard '68, 

753 N. Hollywood, Memphis, Tenn 223 

Challen, Robert H. '70, 1917 Walton St., Petersburg, Va 237 

Chandler, James Gordon '67, 

601 Stillwell Ave., Alexandria, Va 204, 287 



Chaney, Michael T. 70, 

1516 Bedford Rd., Charleston, W. Va 241 

Chapin, Walter T. '69, 

3375 Dell Glade Dr., Memphis, Tenn 226 

Chapman, Hugh M. 70, 714 Grove Rd., Greenville, S. C 226 

Chapman, Robert L., Ill '69, 

5198 39th St., S., St. Petersburg, Fla 206 

Chapman, Thomas A. '70, 

5198 39th St., S., St. Petersburg, Fla 235 

Chapman, Warren Arthur '69, 207 Denton Dr., Seabrook, Tex. 

Chappell, Michael S. '70, P.O. Box 68, Creedmoor, N. C 241 

Charlesworth, Donald R. '67, 

3770 Carfield Rd., Pasadena, Calif 216, 287 

Charlet, James David '68, 

4900 Claycut Rd., Apt. 20, Baton Rouge, La 231, 287 

Chase, Robert J. '70, 2 Cornwallis Rd., Setauket, N.Y 229 

Chatham, Kenneth Dale '67, 

317 Southwest Dr., Silver Spring, Md 201, 287 

Checket, Marshall S. '69, 4024 Essex Rd., Baltimore, Md 207 

Cheeseman, John M. '70, 18 Manor Dr., Hudson, Ohio 229 

Chelius, Gerald Edward, Jr. '67, 

4517 Wagonwheel Dr., Birmingham, Mich. 
Chen, Melvin Chia '67, 2123 Willow Ln., Falls Church, Va. 

Cherry, Kenneth J., Jr. '70, 219 Ross Rd., Richmond, Va 235 

Chikes, Peter George '68, 

4401 Burlington PL, N.W., Washington 16, D.C. 
Chisholm, Paul Stuart, Jr. '68, 

95 Revere Rd., Manhasset, N. Y 216 

Choate, John Lee '68, 

2095 W. Commerce Rd., Milford, Mich 201 

Chotas, Elias N. '69, 212 N.W. 32rd St., Gainesville, Fla 198 

Christian, John Thomas, II '68, 1312 Dollar Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Chronister, Carl Stewart '68, 

422 Park Terr., Harrisburg, Pa 225 

Ciompi, Niccolo Arthur '68, 

33 Kimberly Dr., Durham, N. C 206 

Cittadine, Benjamin N. '70, 3 Royal PI., Elberon, N. J 239 

Clark, Charles B., Jr. '69, Upper Iowa Univ., Fayette, Iowa.. ..223 
Clark, Dumont Fasset '67, 674 Franklin St., Denver, Colo. 

Clark, Tommy C. '69, Box 704, Barbourville, Ky 226 

Clarke, Paul Graham '68, 

1950 S.E. First Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 225 

Clarke, Richard D. '70, 

206 Division St., E. Greenwich, R.I 237 

Clarke, William Linus '67, 

4105 Tennyson Rd., University Park, Md 228, 288 

Clarkson, William, IV '70, 

1429 Oaklawn Dr., Corsicana, Tex 221 

Clauset, Karl Harold, Jr. '67, 

2532 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 224, 228 

Clawson, Tad R. '69, Rt. 24, Mendham, N. J 226 

Cliff, William Alan '67, 

555 Main St., Apt. 9A, Chatham, N. J 198, 288 

Clifton, Guy D. '69, 6100 Landon Lane, Bethesda, Md. 

Clifton, William Lacy, Jr. '68, 2601 Austin Ave., Waco, Tex 200 

Clinton, Howard L., Jr. '69, Rt. 1, Clover, S. C 221 

Close, John P. '68, Plaza Salamanca 9, Madrid, Spain 
Clotfelter, Charles T. '69, 

4270 E. Brookhaven Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 205 

Cobb, William J. '70, 814 Collett Ave., Terre Haute, Ind 235 

Coble, Thomas S., Ill '67, 2005 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 

Cochran, James R. '70, 22 Komar Dr., Ballston Lake, N. Y 241 

Coggin, John Thomas, Jr. '67, 

1222 W. Clinton St., Elmira, N. Y 204, 288 

Coggins, John B. '70, 3028 Airlie St., Charlotte, N. C 219 

Cohen, David Louis '68, 

10304 Cherry Tree Lane, Silver Spring, Md. 

Cohen, Gary I. '70, 6316 Cross Country, Baltimore, Md 225 

Cohen, Irvin Morris '68, 4176 Crestheights Rd., Baltimore 15, Md. 

Cohen, Russell D. '70, 102 Valentine Rd., Milton, Mass 235 

Cohen, Mitchell L. '70, 6 Circle Dr., Greensboro, N. C 240 

Cohn, Peter D. '70, 15 Brainard Rd., W. Hartford, Conn 228 

Coil, James Hubert, III '67, 65 Kingsway, Mobile, Ala 197, 288 

Coker, John Leslie '68, P.O. Box 1485, La Jolla, Calif 200 

Colborne, Robert Alan '68, 

2635 Woodstock Rd., Columbus, Ohio 226 

Colburn, Charles Robert '69, 19 Royal Oak Dr., Roseburg, Ore. 

Cole, Thomas A. '70, 4009 State Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa 239 

Coleman, Howard C. '70, 

1407 S- Fernwood, Pascagoula, Mass 237 

Coleman, John Lawrence '67, 255 N.W. 47th St., Miami, Fla. 
Coleman, Patrick Daniel '68, 

7311 Dunleith Ct., Cincinnati 43, Ohio 
Coleman, Richard Lindahl '67, 

6601 Sunset Dr., Jacksonville 8, Fla 225, 288 

Coleman, Samuel Thomas, Jr. '67, 

3055 E. 38th PI., Tulsa 5, Okla 201, 288 

Collier, Mike Warren '68, Rt. 4, Box 327, Ft. Myers, Fla 200 

Collins, Thomas A., Jr. '70, 

Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, N. C 223 

Colman, John Peter, Jr. '68, 

7108 Garth Rd., S.E., Huntsville, Ala 206 

Colvin, Howard M. '70, 6100 Rusk Ave., Baltimore, Md 229 

Combs, Douglas E. '70, 248 Desoto Dr., Miami Springs, Fla 229 

Conaway, Stephen W. '69, 

308 S. Marion St., Cardington, Ohio 225 

Cone, Alan Craig '68, 

1781 Hubbard Rd., East Aurora, N. Y 204 

Conker, Robert S. '69, 212 Bird Ct., S. Charleston, W. Va 230 

Conn, John M. '69, 23 Knob Hill Dr., Summit, N. J. 
Connor, Anthony Joseph '68, 

9 Quorn Hunt Rd., West Simsbury, Conn 206 

Connors, Bruce Hartmann '68, 

57 Kings Rd., Little Silver, N. J 208 

Conroy, Paul Robert, Jr. '68, 4510 Saul Rd., Kensington, Md. 

Considine, James Corbin '68, 2500 Neely, Midland, Te.x 198 

Coogan, John W. '69, 85 Broadway, Pleasantville, N. Y. 
Cook, Robert Franklin '68, 

5934 Creola Rd., Charlotte, N. C 206 

Cooke, Bruce E. '69, 100 Tanglewood Lane, Newark, Del 228 

Cooke, Russell Y. '68, 21 Addison Lane, Greenvale, N. Y. 

Cooper, Charles H. '70, 6 Lucerne Ln., Durham, N. C 236 

Cooper, Dennis B. '69, 7505 Buckingham Ct., Washington, D. C. 
Cooper, Larry A. '67, 2933 Ivanhoe, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Cooper, Robert Macadam '68, 

1 1 Lansdowne Estates, Lexington, Ky. 

Cooper, Walter A. '69, 1341 Surrey Crescent, Norfolk, Va 208 

Copeland, Howard C. '69, 1850 Maryland Ave., Charlotte 9, N. C. 

Copenhaver, William A. '69, 3 Forest Dr., Cumberland, Md 206 

Coplan, Markey Beryl '68, 

1619 Wyndham Rd., Columbia, S. C 209 

Coppenhaver, Dorian H. '69, 

2916 Ambergate Rd., Winter Park, Fla 221 

Corey, George N. '69, 205 Lovell Dr., Charleston, W. Va 216 

Corey, Gordon R. '70, 2305 Forestview, Evanston, 111 221 

Corey, Steven James '67, 900 Maple Rd., Charleston, W. Va. 

Corley, Ronald B. '70, 12423 Broken Bough, Houston, Tex 241 

Corneliussen, Steven T. '70, 

4412 Delrav Dr., Virginia Beach, Va 238 

Corriher, Arnold D. '70, 126 W. Ashe Ave., Lenoir, N. C 222 

Corwin, James Albert '67, Box 966, E. Hampton, N. Y. 
Couch, Clay C. '70, 

900 Cedarbrook Dr., Rocky Mount, N. C 223 

Couch, Paul L. '69, nil S. Best St., Goldsboro, N. C. 
Couric, Charles Maturon '68, 

1520 Scotland Ave., Charlotte, N. C 205 

Coursen, Donald Frank '67, 

514 Morgan Ave., Palmyra, N. J 231, 288 

Courtillet, Marcel C. '70, 5219 Auth Rd., Camp Springs, Md. 
Cowman, Mark I. '68, 

519 Desoto Dr., Tarpon Springs, Fla 228, 288 

Cox, Abram Jones, III '67, 

804 5th Ave. W., Hendersonville, N. C 200, 288 

Cox, James C, Jr. '70, Forest Ave., Tabor City, N. C 225 

Cox, TefTrey E. '70, 304 Wildwood Ln., Muncie, Ind 237 

Cox, Joseph B., Jr. '70, 

1406 Evergreen Dr., Greenville, N. C 239 

Cox, Monty Woodall '67, 

1718 Vista St., Durham, N. C 222, 288 

Cox, Nathan, Jr. '70, Clarkton, N. C 235 

Cozzens, William A. '69, 4410 Enfield Dr., Dallas, Tex 218 

Craig, Denis J. '70, Rt. 1, Box 220U, Havelock, N. C. 
Craig, Francis S., Ill '69, 

3033 McCarroll, Baton Rouge, La 221 

Craig, Timothy T. '67 

1132 E. Sugar Creek Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Crandall, Bowen S., Jr. '67 

Scientists Cliffs No. 348, Port Republic, Md. 
Crane, Harold E. Ill '68, 

3 Storybrook Rd., W. Caldwell, N. J -206, 288 


Carry, Donald '68, 5323 Jackwood, Houston, Tex. 
Crater, Richard Riker '68, 

132 Dwight Rd., Springfield, Mass 216 

Crawford, John C. '69, 1128 N. 32nd St., Billings, Mont 204 

Creamer, Rohert B. '69, 3300 Fairfield, Shreveport, La 220 

Cromartie, Thomas Houston '68, Adelade St., Parksley, Va 226 

Cromwell, James R. '70, 3319 Rocky Mt. Rd., Fairfax, Va 241 

Croom, William P., Jr. '69, 

4300 Tremont St., Lynchburg, 'V^a. 

Crosby, Paul D. '70, 11 Euclid Ave., Neenah, Wise 218 

Crosland, Jack Weatherly '67, 

3456 Colgate, Dallas 25, Texas 201, 288 

Cross, Charles Joseph '68, 

230 East 239 St., New York 70, New York 225 

Cross, William Wood, Jr. '68, 

910 E. Forest Ave., Neenah, Wise 197 

Crossno, Johnnv Leon '67, 

211 Whitfield St., Enfield, N. C 223, 288 

Crouch, Gary D. '70, R.R.4, Tipton, In 202 

Crouse, Gary F. '70, 1011 F. St., N. Wilkesboro, N. C 239 

Crow, William Cecil, Jr. '67, 

1258 N. Buchanan St., Arlington 5, Va 216, 288 

Crowder, Richard F. '69, Rt. 2 Box 198, Mechanicsville, Va 199 

Crowding, Edward F., Ill '67, 

915 Dunellen Dr., Baltimore 4, Md 198, 288 

Crowell, Clarence E. '70, 189 Lincoln, Danville, Ky. 
Crowell, James S., Jr. '69, 

3319 Kenmore Rd., Shaker Hgt., Ohio. 
Crowell, John David '68, 81 Fillmore Dr., Sarasota, Fla. 
Crowley, Christopher O. '69, 

J-4 MAC-V APO, San Francisco, Calif. 
Crowley, Edward F., Jr. '70, 

Quarters 256, West Point, N. Y 241 

Cubbison, Edwin Pritchett '67, 

1311 Weber Dr., Clearwater, Fla 224,289 

Culver, John P., Ill '69, 

2575 Ridgewood Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 216 

Cummings, Jasper Lee, Jr. '68, 

1118 West Haven Blvd., Rocky Mount, N. C 199 

Cunningham, Kenneth Earl '68, 

28 Wren St., West Roxbury, Mass. 
Cunningham, Robert E., Jr. '70, 

4608 Ritt St., Raleigh, N. C 237 

Cureton, Kenneth Allison '68, Station A Box A, Anderson, S. C. 

Curlee, Roy M., Jr. '70, 309 Collett St., Morganton, N. C 229 

Cutter, Matthew '68, 67 Mill Rd., Durham, N. H 221 

Cutter, Norman Craig '67, 

3117 Weaver Ave., Baltimore 14, Md 289 

Cuttino, John Tindal, Ir. '67, 

101 Highland Forest D., Matthews, N. C 220, 289 


Daane, Robert B. '69, 

2984 Brighton Rd., Shaker Hgts., Ohio 208 

Dacko, Douglas Mitchel '67, 

105 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa 206, 289 

Dadson, Dana Irving '67, 

421 S.E. 4th St., Pompano Beach, Fla 228, 289 

Dale, John, IV '69, 112 Linden, Vidalta, La. 
Dame, Christian William '68, 

62 Cedar St., Old Orchard Beach, Maine 223 

Dameron, Charles F., Jr. '69 

9450 Folkston Rd., Dallas, Tex 204 

Damon, Frederick H. '70, 

Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis, Mn 219 

D'Andrea, Frederick Edward '67, 

111 Ticonderoga Dr., Warwick, R. 1 223, 289 

Daniel, David O. '69, 3820 Somerset Dr., Durham, N. C 222 

Daniel, Henry S., IV '68, 

Kogin Bekkan 45 5-Chome, 

Koraibashi Higashiku, Kita-Ku Osaka, Japan 208, 289 

Dannunzio, Albert Michael '68, 

1624 Meyer Ave., Port Vue, McKeesport, Pa 218 

Darling, Malcolm Breed '68, Lawrence Ac, Groton, Mass 218 

Darwin, John R. '70, 604 S. Neil St., Gastonia, N. C 239 

Daugherty, Robert F. '68, 904 Dacian Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Daul, Charles Reems '68, 

6 Wedgewood Lane, Morristown, N. J 201 

Davant, Charles '68, 

Blowing Rock Hospital, Blowing Rock, N. C 218 

David, Clifford Baynes '68, 

1237 Campbell Ave., Jacksonville 7, Fla 228 

Davidson, Kenneth H. '70, 731 Alderson, Billings, Mt 241 

Davies, James A., II '68, 

102 Artillery Post Rd., Ft. Sam Houston, Texas 221 

Davies, Stevan L. '70, 

743 Crystal Dr., Mt. Lebanon 28, Pa 239 

Davis, Allan H. '67, 

12 South Wilton Rd., Richmond, Va 197, 289 

Davis, George Edward '67, 

210 Emery Dr., Nashville 14, Tenn 202, 289 

Davis, Jeffrey W. '69, Split Rock Rd., RED, Syosset, N. Y 197 

Davis, John Jefferson '68, 2589 Date Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Davis, John R., Jr. '70, Baldwin Woods, Whiteville, N. C 220 

Davis, Larry Edward '68, 

4507 Columbia St., Portsmouth, Va 197 

Davis, Nicky S. '68, 

20 Whitewood Ct., Huntington, L.I., N. Y 209 

Davis, Roger K. '68, Murraysville, West Virginia 231 

Davis, Wesley S., Jr. '70, 2805 Laurel Lane, Camp Hill, Pa 218 

Davison, Thomas C. '70, 

Rt. 1, Box 21-B, Hillsborough, N. C 240 

Dawson, Douglas Scott '68, 

7899 North Central Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Day, Gale Unger, '68, 1862 Greenwood Rd., Roanoke, Va 225 

Debolt, Lester Eugene '70, 

1760 Oakwood Ave., Columbus, Ohio 
De Carlo, Alan N. '64, 

8 Overlook Rd., N. White Plains, N. Y 218 

DeVos, Robert C. '70, 5 Burley St., Wenham, Mass. 

De Winter, Walter J. '69, 2 Oak Dr., Mt. Vernon, Ohio 

Deal, Winfred Watt '68, 

2805 S.W. 5th Court, Fort Lauderdale, Fla 203 

Dean, David L. '70, 56 Wall St., Wellesley Hills, Mass 239 

Dean, John Gary '67, 

107 Edgeroad Lane, Wilmington 3, Del 208, 289 

Dearth, James C. '70, Rt. 3, Box 157 Monroe, Wise 222 

DeCaprio, Jack Irwin '67, 

37 Runnymede Rd., Chatham, N. J 228, 289 

Decker, Geoffrey F. '70, 

1241 Morse Blvd., Riviera Bch., Fla 239 

Delaney, Christopher K. '69, 

Meridian St., Falls Church, Va. 
Delaney, Ernest S., Ill '70, 

4033 Beresford Rd., Charlotte, N. C 219 

Deleot, Charles Frederick '67, 

729 Barnsdale Rd., Winston Salem, N. C 197, 289 

Dellerson, Michael, '69, 1249 Polk, Hollywood, Fla 223 

Demik, Harry E. '69, 3825 Annll' Ave., Charlotte, N. C 223 

Dempsey, Lawrence H. '69, 

3004 New Hanover Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Deneen, William D. '70, 75 Pharr St., Canton, N. C 219 

Denenberg, Steven L. '69, 270 Willard Dr., Hewlett, N. Y. 
Dennington, John H. '69, 

3704 ToUgate Terrace, Falls Church, Va. 
Depriest, Thomas Baxter '68, 

201 Worthington St., Shelby, N. C 224 

Depuey, Ernest G. '68, 4804 Great Oak Dr., Roekville, Md 216 

Derrenbacher, William P. '70, 

3520 Wheat St., Columbia, S. C 216 

Derryberry, Dack W., Jr. '70, 

1138 Battery Lane, Nashville, Tenn 237 

Devereux, Sean P. '69, 5118 Shirley Jacksonville, Fla. 
Devonshire, James Leroy' 69, 

180 Jefferson St., Carneys Point, N. J. 

Dewar, Sam Davis, Jr. '67, Box 38, Bethel, N. C 197, 290 

Deyo, Truman E. '67, Box 223, Oxford, Md. 

Dickman, Robert N. '68, 70 Buckingham Rd., Quincy, Mass 207 

Dickson, Richard J. '70, R.D. 3, Emmitsburg, Md. 

Dietz, Philip T. '70, 845 Pueblo Dr., Franklin Lakes, N. J 235 

Diffey, John A. '70, 5909 Shady River, Houston, Tex 237 

Dileo, Michael Joseph, '68, 

2 Country Club Dr., Port Washington, N. Y. 
Dillon, George S., Jr. '70, 

Todd Lane, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y 239 

Dingle, John Patrick '68, 14 Norman Ave., Fairfax, Va 204 

Dipasquale, John Wood '68, 254 Grant St., Buffalo 13, N. Y 216 



Dixon, John H., Jr. '69, 

2327 Dennywood Dr., Nashville, Tenn 206 

Diz, Harry R. '69, 1620 4th St. N., Jacksonville Bch., Fla 199 

Dobbins, Burns A. '70, 

1600 S. Ocean Drive, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 228 

Dobson, Stephen B. '69, 3350 Geddes Rd., Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Dolian, Robert P. '69, Revonah Woods, Stamford, Conn 225 

Donnell, Mark Lindsey '68, 113 S. Tarver, Lebanon, Tenn. 
Donovan, Gregory Alden '68, 

4820 Stillwater Ave., Alexandria, Va 230 

Dorsey, Glenn F. '70, 16 E. Walnut St., Richwood, W. Va 238 

Dorsey, James S. '70, 327 Jersey St., Cherow, S. C 219 

Dorval, Bruce R. '70, 314 Benjamin St., Winchendon, Mass. 
Downs, Robert W., Jr. '70, 46 Riverside Dr., Greenville, S. C...218 

Doyle, Brent W. '70, 3053 Shool View, Eden, N. Y 237 

Dozier, Lewis B. '69, 

407 Piedmont Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Drake, Kelly T. '69, RFD 2, Richwood, Ohio 

Drake, Wilton Rodwell '68, Macon, North Carolina 206 

Draper, Daniel, Jr. '67, 

2171 Glencoe Rd., Winter Park, Fla 203, 290 

Drennen, David Holmes '68, 

8001 Aberdeen Rd., Bethesda 14, Md 197 

Dresher, Robert M. '70, 2320 Clearview Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa...238 
Dubin, Alan Leslie '67, 8519 Stevenswood Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. 

Dubose, David McClean '68, RFD, Gable, S. C 198 

Dubose, Howard McRoy, Jr. '68, 

2130 Benford, Lakeland, Fla 230 

Dubuar, James F. '69, 8 S. Main, Sherburne, N. Y. 
Ducker, Stuart Teiley III '67, 

223 Harmon Blvd., Dayton 19, Ohio 206, 290 

Dudley, David L. '70, 4503 Dabnev Dr., Bockville. Md 219 

Duerr, Eric R. '69, 230 Forest Hills Rd., Rochester, N. Y 201 

DuflFy, Edward J. '69, 112 Penn Ave., Towson, Md 216 

Duke, Robert L. '69, Newsome, Va 220 

Duke, Thomas A. '69, Jersey Ridge Rd., Maysville, Ky 226 

Dugger, George L. '70, 1023 Kathryn Rd., Silver Spring, Md...235 
Dunaway, David H. '68, 

607 Jarman, Jacksonville, N. C 204, 290 

Duncan, Douglas Wadsworth '68, 

2213 Roswell Ave., Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Dunigan, Thomas H. Jr. '70, 

414 New York Ave., Oak Ridge, Tenn 239 

Dunn, Bruce C. '70, 831 Alexander, Kingsville, Tex 235 

Dunn, Charles W. '69, 

1215 Oakwood Dr., Rocky Mount, N. C 226 

Dunnington, Gansevoort H. '68, 

2397 W. 18th St., Wilmington, Del. 

Durham, Kevin D. '69, 914 Harvard, Midland, Tex 220 

Durrett, Joseph Park '67, 

2416 Sunset Dr., Tampa 9, Fla 200, 290 

Dury, David S. '70, 5510 Cornish Rd., Bethesda, Md 226 

Dussia, Evan E. '69, 1117 Lasswade Dr., Tallahassee, Fla 204 

Dybdahl, Rand E. '68, 2319 N. Yale, Wichita, Kansas 208 

Dybdahl, Ryan R. '69, 2319 N. Yale, Wichita, Kansas 207 

Dye, Alan Page '68, 530 Washington Ave., Eustis, Fla. 

Dye, Joseph E. '69, RFD 3, Anderson, S. C 216, 290 

Dziuban, Robert L. '69, 314 W. Columbia St., Falls Church, Va. 


Eagle, Robert L. '67, 

4047 Hiddenbrook Dr., Charlotte, N. C 208, 290 

Eason, Frederick Jackson, '67, 

106 Pleasant St., Spindale, N. C 208, 290 

Eckert, David G. '70, 

80 Remsen Ave., Wappingers Falls, N. Y 239 

Eckhardt, Willard L. Jr. '69, 

206 Bingham Rd., Columbia, Md 201 

Edens, Thomas A. HI '69, 70 Paisley Park, Sumter, S. C. 
Edgar, Christopher L. '68, 

1534 Crestway Dr., Rt. 5, Athens, Tenn 198 

Edgerton, Charles N., Jr. '67, 

1600 E. Mulberry St., Goldsboro, N. C 223, 290 

Edlow, Robert Blair, '68, 

2861 Brandyvvine St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C 225 

Edwards, Charles T. '70, Box 56, Pactolus, N. C 237 

Edwards, Daniel K., Jr.'69, 

406 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C _ 201 

Edwards, Joseph Byron '67, 

619 W. Polo Dr., Clayton, Md 206, 290 

Edwards, Steven J. '70, 209 Calhoun St., Clover, S. C 240 

Eggleston, John Fred, Jr. '68, 

6708 Tuchassegee Rd., Charlotte, N. C 222 

Egloff, Frank R. L. '70, 31 Main St., Farmington, Conn 226 

Eisenacher, Craig E. '69, 

50 St. Stephens Lane N., Scotia, N. Y. 

Eisenband, Robert M. '70, 1032 E. 82nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y 240 

Eisman, Mark E. '70, 236 Cross St., Belmont, Mass 237 

Eitel, James Riley, '68, 1502 Braeburn Rd., Flossmoor, 111 200 

Ellett, James W. '69, 1040 Valley Green Dr., Aiken, S. C. 

Elliott, David U. Jr. '69, 1450 Waylan Ave., Norfolk, Va 206 

Elliott, Jeffrey Lance '68, 200 Valley Rd., Montclair, N. J 220 

Elliott, Warren N. '70, 15 Harvard Rd., Fair Haven, N. J 241 

Ellis, Alfred J. Jr. '67, 

8138 Jet Pilot St., Houston, Tex 216, 291 

Ellis, Frampton E. Ill '67, 

5308 Portsmouth Rd., Washington 16, D. C. 
Ellis, Robert Lindley '68, 

211 Norwood Dr., Colonial Heights, Va 224 

Ellis, Samuel L., 4024 Seminole Ave., Tampa, Fla 229 

Ellwanger, Christopher S. '70, 

904 Miami Ave., Pittsburgh 28, Pa 226 

Elmendorf, Jon Rice '68, 

102 Buckingham Rd., Evansville, Indiana _ 206 

Ely, Christopher N. '70, 

11 W. Chestnut Hill A, Philadelphia, Pa 238 

Emswiller, Thomas E., '70, 126 Baker Dr., Clairton, Pa 238 

England, Robert S. '67, 

1703 E. Perry St., Gastonia, N. C 216, 291 

Englar, John D. '69, 228 Homevale Rd., Reisterstown, Md 200 

English, Peter C. '69, 136 Ball Rd., Mt. Lakes, N. J. 

Erickson, Robert Alan '68, 3110 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria, Va. 

Ervin, Stephen C. '70, 115 77th St., Virginia Beach, Va 228 

Erwin, William R. '69, 4732 Thornhill, Shreveport, La 198 

Eskridge, James H. Jr. '70, 

2210 Roswell Ave., Apt. 5, Charlotte, N. C 230 

Estey, James Arthur '67, 

730 Ogden Ave., Swarthmore, Pa 197, 291 

Etheridge, Richard G. '70, Box 132, Woodleaf, N. C 231 

Etheridge, Larry Clayton '68, 

3603 HyclifiEe Ave., Louisville, Ky 203 

Evans, Frederick V. '69, 1702 Cambridge Dr., Kinston, N. C. 
Evans, John Oliver Jr. '68, 2201 Beechridge Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Evans, Ronald G. '67, 3516 Glaser Dr., Dayton, Ohio 206, 290 

Everett, Stephen R. '70, 201 Buxton Rd., Falls Church, Va 237 

Everstine, Richard L. '69, 369 East 250 St.. Euclid, Ohio 
Ewing, James C. '69, 2418 Dunkeith Dr., N.W., Canton, Ohio 


Faber, Robert D. '70, 1 Carnegie Rd., Edison, Ga 236 

Fackler, Peter C. '67, RFD #1, Enbreville, Pa. 

Failing, George R. Jr. '69, 212 Miller St., Westernport, Md 199 

Fallat, Andrew G. Jr. '69, 28 S. 16th St., Allentown, Pa 203 

Farber, Harrison W. '69, 

228 Emerald Hill Dr., Washington, D. C 228 

Farlow, John W. '69, 

1014 Twyckenham Dr., Greensboro, N. C 198 

Earned, Charles Albert '68, Robertson St., Ololona, Miss. 

Farrah, Jere Tiffin '67, Sunview Dr., Glen Cove, N. Y 231, 291 

Farrington, Buford L. '69, 1613 Main St., Joplin, Missouri.. ..200 
Fassino, Stephen, '67, 5 Stafford Ave., Woodbury, N. Y. 

Fay, Robert Woods '68, 707 Knox Rd., Villanova, Pa 205 

Feely, Patrick Scott '68, 

Ivy Hill Mountain Ave., Mountainside, N. J 228 

Feezor, Allen D. '70, 602 Shamrock Rd., Asheboro, N. C 229 

Fehler, John R. '70, 

5123 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla 216 

Feichtinger, Gary Richard '68, 

5618 N. 33 St., Arlington, Va 230 

Feldman, Robert C. '70, 

2143 Myrtledale Ave., Baton Rouge, La 241 

Felton, Carle A. '70, 8035 Naranja Dr., Jacksonville, Fla 236 

Felton, George E. '69, 301 Lafayette St., Marion, Ohio 
Fergeson, James O. Jr. '70, 

1749 Cherokee Dr., Sarasota, Fla 236 

Ferguson, Ernest E. '69, 200 Lake St., Laurens, S. C 203 

Ferris, John '68, 2424 Hamlin Lane, Sarasota, Fla. 


Fichtelman, Jon R. '67, 

1750 15th Ave N., Lake Worth, Fla 228, 291 

Fidelman, George R. '70, 

808 SE 24th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 240 

Field, Arthur M. Ill '70, 

1514 Westwood Ave., Richmond, Va 235 

Fields, George Stone '68, 1950 Hunter Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Fillette, Theodore O. '68, 

3976 North Byronall Dr., Mobile, Ala 205 

Finch, Phillip Randolph '68, P.O. Box 862, Henderson, N. C. 

Findlav, John B. '69, 3330 Knob Hill Ct., Charlotte, N. C 230 

Fineman, Alvin Jay '68, 80-80 Kent St., Jamaica 32, N. Y 217 

Finger, William R. '69, 301 Hillwood Dr., Nashville, Tenn 203 

Finklea, Harry O. '70, Rt. 4, Sunview Lake, Columbia, S. C 229 

Finklea, Samuel Leon III '67, 

Sunview Lake, Rt. 4, Columbia, S. C 291 

Fiore, Thomas A. '70, 1507 Ainsley Rd., Silver Spring, Md 237 

Fischer, Kenneth Clyde '67, 

385 East 18th St., Brooklyn 26, N. Y 220, 291 

Fischer, Paul E. '70, 46 Hubert St., W. Haven, Conn 240 

Fisher, Joel R., '70, 1352 Garden Dr., Newport News, Va. 

Fisher, John D. '69, 1216 Chestnut St., Wilmette, 111 220 

Fisher, William Robinson '67, 

#4 Lynton Lane, Pittsburgh, Penn 203, 291 

Fitzgerald, John Edmund '67, 603 8th St., Altavista, Va 228, 291 

Fitzpatrick, Michael J. '70, 

6008 Chatsworth Lane, Bethesda, Md 225 

Fleet, Jack '67, 

825 Waterman Rd. S., Jacksonville 7, Fla 209, 291 

Fleischer, Leslie R. '69, 2013 Beechwood Rd., Hyattsville, Md. 
Flick, Michael Robin '68, 

Sierra Vertientes 585, Mexico 10 D.F., Mex .206 

Fliflet, Arne W. '70, 

American Embassy, Freetown, Sierra Leone, W. Africa 225 

Flitter, Jonathan E. '70, 270 Ellis Rd., Havertown, Pa 218 

Flynn, Thomas L., '70, 1002 Hill St., Stone Mountain, Ga 235 

Fody, Edward P. '69, 426 Cornwall St., Baltimore, Md. 
Foeller, Carl Walter, Jr. '68, 

114 Brunswick Dr., Warwick, R. 1 226 

Poland, William J., '69, 

UA Aid Asunction, Dept. of State, Washington, D. C 204 

Fondren, Frank B. Ill '68, 

302 Jackson St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 
Ford, Nelson M. '69, Horseshoe Hill, Hockessin, Del. 

Foreman, John W. '69, 5815 Oland Dr., Hyattsville, Md 217 

Forer, Richard P. '70, 20 Patton Dr., Trenton, N. J 239 

Forgy, Byron Keith '68, 

2735 N.E. 25th Court, Fort Lauderdale, Fla 198 

Forrester, William T. '70, 

4502 Ferncroft Cr., Tampa, Fla 240 

Forster, Jeffrey H. '70, 1419 Valley Rd., Lancaster, Pa 229 

Forth, David Stephens '68, 

3321 Heywood Ave., Roanoke, Va 206 

Fowler, Robert J., '70, 3724 Virgil Blvd., New Orleans, La 225 

Fox, James Robert '68, RFD 5, Box 593, Hickory, N. C. 

Fox, Richard F. '69, 7601 Biscayne Rd., Richmond, Va 207 

Fox, Robert Edward '68, 

4920 Wakefield Chapel Rd., Annandale, Va 228 

Fox, Samuel J. '70, 528 16th St., Newport News, Va 223 

Foyle, Robert Michael '68, 

115 Diamond Bridge Ave., Hawthorne, N. J. 

Francis, Robert D. '69, West Jefferson, N. C 226 

Frank, Grady C. '69, 2509 Coventry Rd., Alexandria, Va 205 

Franklin, Earl R. Jr. '69, 2605 Wade Ave., Raleigh, N. C 225 

Franks, Douglas M. '69, 

3410 Mountainbrook Rd., Charlotte, N. C 225 

Eraser, James A. '70, 815 Forest Hills Dr., Wilmington, N. C. 
Eraser, Craig Booth '68, 

4502 West 8th Terr., Prairie Village, Kans 235 

Eraser, Walter Bayard H. '67, 

1301 Birdsall St., Old Hickory, Tenn 197, 291 

Frazier, Donald Hoagland '68, 

8290 Remington Dr., Pittsburgh 37, Pa 200 

Frediani, Dale Steven '67, Rt. 2, Manlius, N. Y 205, 291 

Freedman, Leon David '68, 64 Sunset Rd., Bay Shore, N. Y. 
Freeman, Barney L. Ill '69, 

1 St. Dennis Dr. Moreland, Charleston, S. C. 
Freeman, William M. Jr. '69, 225 Bost St., Statesville, N. C. 
Freeze, Baxter P. Jr. '70, 

1108 Wynnewood Ave., High Point, N. C 241 

French, John H. '70, 

684 Rudgate Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich 238 

Frenzel, James Charles '67, 

3950 Bristol Rd., Durham, N. C 218, 291 

Friedland, James T. '69, 8 Pine Court, Westfield, N. J 209 

Friedlander, John R. '70, P.O. Box 686, Moultrie, Ga 235 

Friedman, Neil D. '70, 88 Carthage Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 219 

Friesen, Robert Hattan '68, 

3725 West 64 St., Shawnee Mission, Kan 206 

Fritz, Robert Leslie '68, 

22 Pennsylvania Ave., Flemington, N. J 203 

Froelich, Philip Nissen '68, 

725 Blackwood Ave., Winston Salem, N. C 225 

Frohvvirth, Richard Arnold '67, 

35 Livingston St., Fairfield, Conn 220, 292 

Frost, Jack Nowell '67, 

623 Oaklawn Ave., Winston Salem, N. C 218, 292 

Fuller, Ford Prioleau '68, 

HQ Setaf Comptroller, APO 168 N. Y., N. Y 203, 292 

Fuller, George C. '69, 

710 Forest Heights Drive, Knoxville, Tenn 226 

Fuller, Richard Boiling '68, 

2923 Bellevue Terrace N.W., Washington 16, D. C 205 

Fuller, Russell Benton '69, 6015 Ranger Trail, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
Fuller, Thomas Ralph, Jr. '68, 

1202 Weaver Ave., Johnson City, Tenn 203 

Funk, Laurence L. '69, 630 S.W. 27th Ct., Gainesville, Fla 228 

Furman, Wyndol C. '70, 1911 Forest Dr., Camden, S. C 237 

Furniss, James M. '70, 47 Concord St., W. Hartford, Conn 225 

Fyfe, Charles Raymond, Jr. '68, 

Evergreen St., Elk Grove Village, 111. 


Gabel, Edward A. '69, Peacearle Hill Rd., Ridgefield, Conn. 
Gabrielli, John J. '70, 

81 N. Cedar St., N. Massapequa L.I., N. Y 223 

Gaddis, Geoffrey Beach '67, 

228 W. Penn St., Butler, Pa 223, 292 

Gaddis, Steven Earl '68, 

920 E. Sprague St., Winston Salem, N. C 221 

Gahagan, Luther P., Jr. '68, 215 E. 46th St., Savannah, Ga 208 

Gaillard, Richard K., Jr. '70, 

Numertia Plantation, Eutawville, S. C 241 

Gale, Donald Ira, Jr. '68, 24915 Ridge Rd., Damascus, Md 231 

Gale, John H. '70, 24915 Ridge Rd., Damascus, Md 238 

Ganaway, George Kenneth '68, 

3315 Eastview Ave., West Palm Beach, Fla 221 

Garavelli, John S. '69, 3699 Huntington, Memphis, Tenn 218 

Gardiner, Henry G. '669, 2520 S. Adams, Ft. Worth, Tex. 
Gardiner, Josef M., Jr. '70, 

P.O. Box 17067, Washington, D. C 228 

Gardner, William S. '70, 

8408 Allenswood Rd., Randallstown, Md 239 

Garner, Robert W. Ill '70, 

123 W. Second St., Frederick, Md 238 

Garr, David Ross '68, 1779 S.W. 16th Terrace, Miami, Fla 205 

Garrett, Bowman S., Jr. '67, Box 264, Rt. 2, Perkasie, Pa 
Garrett, Wayne M. '69, 160 17th Ave., N.W., Hickory, N. C. 
Garrett, William M., Jr. '68, 135 Avant St., Spartanburg, S. C. 
Garrison, William B., Jr. '70, 

41 McCollum Dr., Franklin, N. C 240 

Garrison, William D. '70, 7301 Shirland Ave., Norfolk 5, Va. 
Garson, Frank II '69, 2022 W. Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 
Gattis, Daniel R. '67, 24111/2 W. Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Gauthier, Joseph Harold '68, 

15 Lochinvar Lane, Oak Brook, 111 199 

Gaw, Richard A. '70, 4326 Lorcom Lane, Arlington, Va 219 

Geist, Robert M., Ill '70, Timberline, Joliet, 111 228 

Geller, Roger Joseph '67, 

Apt. 4n, 151 Central Pk W., New York, N. Y 197, 292 

Gentry, Benjamin F., Jr. '69, 

5622 Old Stage Rd., Raleigh, N. C 223 

Geoffrey, Alan Francis, '68, 

2000 S. Fads St., Apt. 612, Arlington, Va 221 

George, Thomas E. '68, 706 Franklin, River Forest, 111 199 

Gepp, Peter A. '70, Garges Dept. of State, Washington, D. C...219 
Gerbe, Ronald William '68, 

1619 Tulip Ave., North Merrick, N. Y 201 



Gerken, Thomas Michael '68, 

95 Foxwood Rd., Stamford, Conn 199 

Gersbach, Carl R., '69, 500 N. Chester Rd., Swarthmore, Pa. 
Gibson, John McNeill '68, 

709 McLean St., Laurinburg, N. C 206 

Gibson, Herbert M., Jr. '70, 113 Chisholm St., Sanford, N. C...220 

Gibson, Dean '70, Box 158, Chesapeake, Ohio 229 

Gibson, Nicholas S. '69, 

3150 Rockingham Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 197 

Gibson, Thomas Benjamin '68, 

105 Fall View Terrace, Ithaca, N. Y 216 

Gilbert, Robert W. '70, 97 N. Drexel Ave., LaGrange, 111 235 

Giles, Christopher '70, 

208 Old Country Rd., Severna Pk., Md 241 

Giles, Geoffrey Novash '67, 

208 Old Country Rd., Severna Park, Md 206, 292 

Gill, James C. '67, 201 Brewer Ave., Patton, Penn 230, 292 

Gingher, Clair H. Ill '70, 

3801 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C 236 

Gitenstein, Mark Henry '68, P.O. Box 327, Florala, Ala 209 

Gitomer, Mark P. '69, 55 Mont View St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Glass, Frank Walter Jr. '67, 

1124 Virginia Ave." Norton, Va 217, 292 

Glass, Richard Casper '68, 1930 Sycamore St., Bethlehem, Penn. 
Glover, Claiborne V. Ill '69, 

2841 Careycate N.W., Atlanta, Ga 227 

Glover, Richard K. '70, 30 Wayside Lane, Scarsdale, N.Y 220 

Goerner, Michael C. '70, 8 Kona Rd., Darien, Conn 236 

Goetz, William F. '70, 77 W. 16th St., Ocean City, N. J 220 

Goff, Charles Austin '68, P.O. Box 1046, Winter Haven, Fla. 
Goins, Herbert Lee Jr. '68, 

2301 Sharon Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Goldberg, Stephen Norman '68, 

3420 Manor Hill Rd., Pikesville 8, Md. 

Golden, David D. '69, #5 Starcevich Ct., Pekin, 111 201 

Golden, Joseph L. '70, 34 Richbell Rd., White Plains, N. Y 241 

Golden, Stephen Charles '68, 

34 Richbell Rd., White Plains, N. Y 203 

Goldman, Harvey Joseph '67, Crestivew Ave., Madison, N. J...209 
Goldman, Joel A. '67, 31 Griffin Dr., Kingston, N. Y. 
Goldman, Stephen Mark '68, 

3091 S. Filmore Wav. Denver 10, Colo 207 

Goldner, Richard D. '70, 602 E. Forest Hills, Durham, N. C...235 
Gonet, Richard Frank, '67, 

4007 N. Woodstock St., Arlington 7, Va. 
Goodkin, Donald Elliot '68, 

830 N.E. 179 Terr., N. Miami Beach, Fla. 

Goodman, Lee A. '69, 2102 Northcliff Dr., Baltimore, Md 227 

Goodrich, William W. Jr. '69, 4833 N. 30th St., Arlington, Va. 
Goodridge, David Ransom '67, 

87 Sandfly Lane, Vero Beach, Fla 220, 292 

Goodwin, William Olin '68, 

612 Country Club Rd., Fairmont, W. Va 201 

Goodyear, Glenn Johnson '68, 

Barken Ten Mile Rd., Lumberton, N. C 206, 292 

Gordon, Eric M. '70, 35 Peacock Farm Rd., Lexington, Mass...240 
Gorman, Henry '67, 6228 Kellogg Dr., McClean, Va. 

Goss, Roy Alfred '68, P.O. Box 229, Ashburn, Ga 228 

Gotlieb, Edwin Marvin '67, 

1333 Stillwood Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 217, 292 

Gotts, Harvey S. '69, 11411 Rockbridge Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 
Grace, Walter C. '69, Rural Route #3, Carbondale, 111. 
Gradman, Alan Howard '68, 

5436 Los Santos Way, Jacksonville 11, Fla 209 

Graham, Andrew Tredway '67, 

2927 Harvard Dr., Madison 5, Wisconsin 

Graham, Philip W. '68, 2809 Pearl Ave., Joplin, Mo 231 

Grant, Edward Donald, III '67, 

5837 Boone Dr., Baton Rouge, La 220, 292 

Grant, Gordon Fowler '68, 

11200 Lockwood Dr., 1718, Silver Spring, Md 220 

Grasso, Donald Joseph '68, 436 Ridge St., Newark 4, N. J 204 

Graves, William Thompson '67, 

1213 Watson Dr., Wilson, N. C 203, 293 

Gray, Glen B. '69, 4818 Prestwick Dr., Fairfax, Va 197 

Gray, Joseph H. '70, 91 Park Ave., Freeport, N. Y 217 

Gray, John William '68, RFD 316-A, Burton, S. C 198 

Gray, Thomas A. '70, 

200 Pine Valley Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 238 

Green, James E. '70, Beecher Rd., Woodbridge, Conn 217 

Green, Tohn D., Jr. '69, 

816 Pine Valley Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 200 

Green, Philip B. '69, 2001 Grant St., Evanston, 111 201 

Green, Walter Guerry, III 68, Box 621, Burlington, N. C 221 

Greenberg, Lawrence Allan '68, 

327 Stratford Rd., Asheville, N. C 231 

Greenberg, Leonard D. '70, 

1730 Doncaster Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Greenberg, Phillip H. '70, 

411 Country Club Blvd., Florence, S. C 235 

Greene, James B. '69, 100 Frances St., Auburn, N. Y 217 

Gregory, Claiborne B., Jr. '67, 

636 Lamont, San Antonio, Tex 203, 293 

Gregory, Jacob F., Jr. '70, Box 1, Roebuck, S. C 235 

Greif, James D. '70, 64 Bradford Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 225 

Grey, Hugh M., Ill '70, 

Rm. 513, 1601 Hillsbor, Raleigh, N. C 235 

Grier, Richard Lowry '67, 

Rt. 2, Box 1133 A, Charlotte, N. C 231, 293 

Griffin, Fred B. '69, 2704 N. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va. 
Griffith, William Patrick '67, 26 S. Main St., Marion, N. C. 
Griggs, Farrar O., Jr. '70, 

213 Idlewood Dr., Kannapolis, N. C 219 

Griggs, Thomas S., Jr., '68, 4411 Palm Lane, Miami 37, Fla. 
Grimwood, James M. '69, 

152 Laurel Hill Dr., Burlington, Vt 224 

Gross, Richard Rutter '67, 

116 Orange Ave., Cranford, N. J 228, 293 

Groves, Nicholas Thomas '67, 

1142 Washington Ave., Winter Park, Fla 230, 293 

Guckenberger, Wayne Bing '67, 

546 Woodbrook Lane, Cincinnati 15, Ohio 197, 293 

Gudger, William D. '69, Rt. 3, Box 93, Candler, N. C 227 

Guess, Gregory T. '70, 508 Mohegan Tr., Frankfort, Ky 218 

Guest, James H. '70, 17 Nelson St., Savannah, Ga. 

Gulley, Wilbur P. '70, 4820 Stonewall, Little Rock, Ark 239 

GuUey, William H. '70, 4820 Stonewall, Little Rock, Ark 235 

Gulli, Francis X., Jr. '70, 

3128 Willow Oak Rd., Charlotte, N. C 240 

Guy, Charles H., Ill '69, 4208 Piatt St., Tampa, Fla. 

Guy, David M. '70, 6944 Claridge PI., Pittsburgh, Pa 2V1 


Haas, Peter Hudson '67, 191 W. Norwalk Rd., Darien, Conn. 
Hackett, James Davis '68, 

2884 Brewster Rd., Cleveland 24, Ohio 220 

Hadley, Charles M. '70, 167 Seaview Ave., Swansea, Mass 238 

Hagan, James A. '70, 3053 Argonne Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 239 

Hagar, James N. '69, 21 Cleveland Rd., Caldwell, N. J 227 

Hagens, Richard B. '70, 236 Merrie Way, Houston, Tex 228 

Haggar, Douglas J. '69, 7203 N. 32rd Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. 
Halderman, John Ray '68, 1591 Gasche St., Wooster, Ohio 
Hall, John Raymond '68, 

1701 Forest Glen Rd., Silver Spring, Md 205 

Hall, Samuel T. '69, 1400 Osceola St., Dothan, Ala 222 

Hallenbeck, Gerald Thomas '67, 

33 James PL, Catskill, N. Y 230, 293 

Hallidav, Stephen D. '70, 4027 Monitor Dr., Hampton, Va 237 

Hallowell, John H., Jr. '67, 

3606 Darwin Rd., Durham, N. C 231, 293 

Hamill, David N. '69, 1106 W. 43rd St., Richmond, Va 221 

Hamilton, Tohn B. '69, 

Box 217 OSC, Walter Reed G. H., Washington, D. C 225 

Hammond, Joseph Samuel '68, 

407 W. Hill St., Americus, Ga 224 

Hand, John W., Jr. '70, 305 Kearney St., Denver, Colo 219 

Handelsman, Stephen H. '70, Logan Rd., Owings Mills, Md 241 

Handler, Eric Paul '68, 2529 Perkins Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Hanes, Eldridge C. '67, Box 1413, Winston-Salem, N. C 197 

Hanlon, Francis Berneard '70, 

415 Biddle Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa 240 

Hanna, Frank F. '68, 4000 Mass Ave. N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Hannon, John Robert '67, 841 Arapaho Tr., Maitland, Fla 198 

Hanson, John B. '70, 645 Campus Cr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 217 

Hardee, Philip E. '70, 

Box 305 Boxer Hill Rd., Cockeysville, Md 229 


Hardekopf, James Douglas '68, 

7010 Carissa Cr., W. Palm Beach, Fla 230 

Hardie, William G. 70, 

395 Pacific Rd., Key Biscayne, Fla 239 

Harding, Bertrand M., Jr. '68, 

1304 Park Terrace Dr., Alexandria, Va 205 

Harding, Joseph H. '70, Box 257, Rt. 2, Mocksville, N. C 219 

Hargis, Richard C, Jr. '70, 

911 Wilaka Lane., Richmond, Va 241 

Hargraves, Stephens T. '70, Oldwood Rd., Stony Brook, N. Y...229 
Harmon, John Calvin, III '68, 

7412 Carmine St., Annandale, Va 225 

Harper, Edward J. '70, Box 251, Snow Hill, N. C 230 

Harper, John Fitch '68, 

1713 Massey Cr., S. Charleston 3, W. Va 227 

Harrell, Haywood S. '69, 

218 N. Elliott St., Elizabeth City, N. C 221 

Harris, Arthur '70, 1130 W. Conway Dr., Atlanta, Ga 219 

Harris, Henry P. '68, Atlantic, N. C 203 

Harris, Joe Frank '67, 4764 Mystic Dr., N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. 
Harris, Joe Newton '68, 

1446 E. San Miguel, Colorado Springs, Colo 198 

Harris, Robert B. '70, 1360 Belleview Ave., Plainfield, N. J 217 

Harris, Robert T. '70, 3257 Kingsdale Dr., Atlanta, Ga 219 

Harris, Stephen K. '69, Rt. 5, Box 403, Martinsville, Va. 
Harris, Thomas Adams '68, 

305 Victoria St., Greensboro, N. C 199 

Hartgrove, Joseph D. '69, Rt. 1, Pfafftown, N. C 227 

Hartley, Henry Hibbard, Jr. '68, 

200 Seventh St., Winter Haven, Fla 208 

Hartness, John D. '70, 

1703 Westover Ct., Rocky Mount, N. C 240 

Hartz, Jay N. '70, 8 Holland Rd., Pittsburgh 35, Pa 229 

Hartz, Richard L. '70, 

5 Leathersticking Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y 220 

Harvey, Kenneth C. '69, 443 Atkins, Shreveport, La. 
Hasson, James Keith, Jr. '67, 

6425 Sherwood, Dr., Knoxville, Tenn 206 

Haswell, Eddy Stearns '67, 11 Riverview Dr., Wayne, N. J 217 

Haugland, Charles Clayton '67, 

1011 Olympic Nat. Life Bl., Seattle 4, Wash 230 

Hauser, Mark J. '69, 5969, S.W. 16 Terr., Miami, Fla 207 

Hawkins, Stephen S. '70, 

2638 Portland Ave., Charlotte, N. C 218 

Hawley, Lewis L., Jr. '70, 

700 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 225 

Hay, James Thomas '68, 

1742 Norristown Rd., Maple Glen, Pa. 
Haydock, John Spahr '67, 

3236 Spreading Oak Dr., Atlanta 11, Ga 230, 294 

Hayes, James Craig '67, Box 4, Marietta, N. C 206, 294 

Hayes, Robert C. '67, 

60 N. Spring St., Box 884, Concord, N. C. 
Hayes, Roger Grayson '67, Rt. 8, Box 469, Monroe, N. C. 
Haynes, Edward S. '70, 

211 Dwyer Lane, Lewisburg, W. Va 240 

Head, Charles E. '70, 1209 Emerald Dr., Quincy, 111 220 

Heaney, Mark '68, 908 Fariston Dr., Drexel Hill, Pa 204 

Hearn, James C. '68, 231 Tara Tr., W. Atlanta 27, Ga 200 

Heath, Bayard W. '70, 904 Locust Ln., Robinson, 111 203 

Heaton, Alan Parker '68, 

Everglades Nat'l Park, Box 279, Homestead, Fla. 
Heaton, David William '68, 13 Chipper Rd., St. Louis 31, Mo. 

Heberling, Jon Leland '67, 1001 26 Ave., Moline, 111 204,294 

Heckert, Kenneth M. '69, 172 Fairfax Blvd., Wilmington, Del. 
Heller, John William '68, 21 Pheasant Dr., Asheville, N. C. 

Heller, Peter R. '70, 814 Nella Dr., Goodlettsville, Tenn 238 

Hellmann, Richard, II '68, 

Clearview Ln. N. 5th St., Stroudsburg, Pa 227 

Helpin, Mark L. '68, 43 Summit Ave., Brookline, Mass 200 

Hemmenway, Peter W. '67, 

35 Badeau Ave., Summit, N. J 203, 294 

Hemphill, David C. '67, 

2928 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C 200 

Henderson, David M. '68, 908 Donnybrook, Tyler, Tex 201 

Henderson, Frederick L. '68, 

506 S.W. 21st Ave., Gainesville, Fla. 

Henderson, John B. '70, 416 Malabu Dr., Lexington, Ky 240 

Hendrich, Peter B. '69, 38 Bayview Rd., Wellesley, Mass. 
Henry, Douglas D. '70, 

Qtrs 2 Fort Adams, Newport, R. I. 



Henry, Frederick E., Ill '69, 

440 Quan Ave., Kirkwood, Md 221 

Henry, Howell G. 70, 404 Linwood Dr., Greencastle, Ind 227 

Henry, Robert C. '68, 1930 Pembroke Ln., Topeka, Kans. 

Henry, Robert N. '69, 205 South St., Cumberland, Md 206 

Hepler, Robert W. '70, 921 Chester St., Springdale, Pa 235 

Herbert, Stephen R. '70, Goodhill Rd., Weston, Conn 239 

Herbst, Paul M. '70. 7714 Lister St., Philadelphia, Pa 219 

Herlong, Homer F. '70, Rt. 1, Box 19, Ridge Spring, S. C 239 

Herman, Alan F. '70. 4900 Cary St. Rd., Richmond 26, Va 241 

Hernandez, Michael Dave '69, 6915 Red Rd., S. Miami, Fla 197 

Herncall, Daniel W. '70, Box 56, Appomattox, Va 220 

Herold, Richard A. '69, 

225 N. Gordon Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Herr, John D. '70, Middle Rd., Martinsville, N. J 236 

Herrin, Robert A. '69, 1204 Fairfield Dr., Gastonia, N. C. 
Hertel, David H., Jr. '69, 30600 Salem Dr., Bay Village, Ohio 

Herzberg, Donald D. '68, Box 130, Rt. 5, Vienna, Va 208 

Hess, Jeffrey B. '67, 

4601 Beechuold Rd., Wilmington 3, Del 206, 294 

Hiatt, John R. '69, 

Midland Rd., Box 85, Southern Pines, N. C 200 

Hiatt, Joseph S. Ill '67, Box 85, Southern Pines, N. C 223, 294 

Hibler, Thomas D., Jr. '69, 

2311 Dennvwood Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 
Hickey, Edu-ard J., Ill '68, 

4803 Broad Brook Court, Bethesda 14, Md. 
Hicklin, Edward M., Jr. '69, 

2507 Saddle Club Rd., Burlington, N. C. 
Hicks, Larry W. '70, 

2739 Waughtown St., Winston-Salem, N. C 219 

Hicks, Marion L., Jr. '67, 

700 Hazehvood Dr., Ft. Worth, Tex 202 

Hieserman, James S. '67, 

2202 Stratford Rd., Decatur, Ala 225, 294 

High, William L. '67, 235 Oak St., Boone, N. C 216, 294 

Highsmith, James L., Jr. '68, 

2152 Cloister Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 
Hildebrand, Henry J., Ill '70, 

215 Magnolia Dr., Metairie, La 223 

Hill, Jesse W. '70. 1115 Whispering Pine, Albany, Ga 219 

Hill, Rufus C. '67, 925 Barbara Cr., S.W., Moultrie, Ga. 
Hillenbrand, David M. '69, 

44 Turmstrassc, Bad Godesberg, Germany 
Hillovv, George J., Ill '69, 

3641 Van Ness St., Washington, D. C. 

Hillson, Marc R. '69, 155 Mason Terr., Brookline, Mass 207 

Hines, John Moore '67, 

338 Round Hill Rd., Greenwich, Conn 201, 294 

Hinson, Howard Jeffrey '68, 

127 Parkway Dr., Newport News, Va. 
Hipp, Frederick L., Jr., '69, 

8 Burning Tree Ln., Trenton, N. J 205 

Hipp, Kenneth B. '67, 

127 Bradford Dr., Charlotte, N. C 208, 294 

Hires, Pete V. A. '70, Box 127, Jessup, Ga. 

Hitch, Robert R. '68, R. D. 1, Milford, N. J 231, 294 

Hitchcock, Dannv M. '70, 123 Wood Valley Rd., Mableton, Ga. 
Hobbs, Peter B. '70, 13405 Ridge Dr., Rockville, Md. 
Hodges, Samuel D., Ill '70, 

815 Evansdale Dr., Nashville, Tenn 229 

Hodgman, Robert S. '69, 104 Kinwood, Morganton, N. C 222 

Hodskins, Paul D. '70, 15 Hansell Rd., Murray Hill, N. J 228 

Hoeg, Arthur E., Ill '69, 5027 Eighth Rd., Arlington, Va 201 

Hoffman, David S. '67, 4424 N. 25th St., Arlington 7, Va. 
Hoffman, Steven K. '70, 

109 Overbrook Pkwy, Philadelphia, Pa 240 

Hogue, Richard D. '68, 2226 Cascade Rd., Atlanta, Ga 217 

Hokanson, Dean Thomas '67, 

3505 Burling Terr., Bethesda 14, Md 199, 294 

Holland, Jack C. '70, 

805 Monument Rd., Ponca City, Okla 236 

Hollander, David B. '67, 811 Parkview Ave., Martinsville, Va. 
HoUingshead, Robert L. '67, 

133 Manhattan Ave., Jersey City 7, N. J 217, 295 

Hollomon, Quinn G., Jr. '69, 

4907 Newport Ave., Washington, D. C 207 

Hollon, John T. '68, 507 N. Broadway, Blanchester, Ohio 

Holly, David B. '70, 

329 N. West End Ave., Lancaster, Pa 237 

Holmes, Barry L. '67, 1110 E. 24th PL, Tulsa 14, Okla 197, 295 

Holmes, David C. '69, 53 Maple Rd., Baldwinsville, N. Y 220 

Holmes, Volney M. Jr. '69, 112 Kelvin Dr., Buffalo, N. Y 217 

Holoman, Dallas K. '69, 2912 Hostetler St., Raleigh, N. C 227 

Holt, William R., Jr. '70, 1309 Main St., S. Boston, Va 229 

Honeycutt, Truett M. '68, 229 Drake Ave., Huntsville, Ala 200 

Hopkins, Charles W. '69, 2202 N. 29th St., Richmond, Va 231 

Hopkins, Richard A. '70, 2016 Campus Dr., Durham, N. C 229 

Hopkins, Shelton G. '67, 

4527 Ivanhoe St., Houston 27, Tex 203, 295 

Horn, William C. '69, 818 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Horovitz, Gerald N. '70, 

43 Lake Shore Ct., Brighton, Mass 237 

Horvitz, Gary A. '69, 3115 Eton Rd., Raleigh, N. C 207 

Hosea, Robert H. '69, 81 Country Ridge Dr., Rye Town, N. Y. 
Hottenstein, Thomas B. '68, 

412 Berrysburg Rd., Millersburg, Pa 201 

Houck, Robert N. '69, 12418 Turner Cr., Omaha, Neb. 
Houghton, Dudley W. '67, 

214 Country Club Rd., Monroe, La 225, 295 

House, Larry D. '69, 905 Moran Dr., Greensboro, N. C 205 

Howard, Bruce C. '70, 1108 Prince St., Georgetown, S. C 241 

Howe, Robert H. '68, 810 S. 4th St., Hamilton, Mont 231 

Howie, Robert G., Jr. '67, 

5001 New Kent Rd., Richmond, Va 231, 295 

Howser, James F. '70, 1168 Kings Dr., Charlotte, N. C 229 

Hoy, John J. '68, 56 Pearse Rd., Dansea, Mass. 

Hoyle, Joe B. '70, Box 434, Drexel, N. C 241 

Hube, Stephen K. '70, 1505 Pine View St., Raleigh, N. C 235 

Hubener, Louis Frederick '68, 

703 N.W. 19th St., Gainesville, Fla 199 

Huber, David Garrett '67, 

490 Westwood Rd., Indianapolis, Ind 223, 295 

Hudgins, Clifton T., Jr. '68, 

6 Overhill Rd., Falls Church, Va 208 

Hudgins, Guy '67, 

3600 N. Ocean Shore Blvd., Ormond Beach, Fla 207, 295 

Huff, Martin S. '70, 

92 S. Clinton Ave., Bay Shore, N. Y 222 

Huggins, Michael Olaf '67, 

5523 E. 7th St., Tulsa 35, Okla 228, 295 

Hughes, David Alan '68, 6748 Avalon, Dallas 14, Tex 227, 295 

Hughes, Donald E. '69, 5708 Euclid St., Cheverly, Md. 
Hughes, Lowry D., II '69, 

2016 Main St., Apt. 902, Houston, Tex. 
Hughes, Robert G. '70, 

338 Ruby St., Clarendon Hills, 111 237 

Hughey, Patrick M. '69. 3404 Mason PL, Raleigh, N. C 217 

Hull, Harry F. '70, 817 Hillaire Dr., Mt. Lebanon, Pa 218 

Hull, Terry Wayne '68, Kernersville, N. C 224 

Hume, Christopher G. '70, 53 Clarise Cr., Mobile, Ala 241 

Hume, Nicholas '68, 75 Cowdin Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y 217 

Hunnicutt, Bruce Alan '67, 

Crestwood Dr., Rt. 18, Pottstown, Pa 217, 295 

Hunt, David J. '68, 

Apt. 5222 Del Este, Caracas, Venezuela, S. A. 
Hunt, Jerry B. '69, 103 E. Pawley Ln., Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Hunter, David L. '67, 

79 Orchard St., Leominster, Mass 217, 295 

Huntington, William R., IV '67, 

2 Lake Dr., Wayne, N. J 207, 295 

Hursey, Marvin D. '70, 63 Blanton St., Asheville, N. C 222 

Hutchens, James C. '70, 420 Spring St., Mt. Airy, N. C 238 

Hutchison, Hugh J. '67, 32 Laurel St., Stratford, Conn 295 

Hyde, Robert T., Jr. '67, 

386 10th St., Atlantic Beach, Fla 197, 295 


Iceland, Steven D. '67, 916 Lancaster St., Durham, N. C. 

Iden, Robert W. '68, 1267 Lisa Ann Dr., Akron, Ohio 222 

Ingalls, Robert L., Jr. '70, 

1251 Peachtree St., Montgomery, Ala. 
Ingold, John R. '70, 3530 Hamstead Ct., Durham, N. C 238 


Insel, Michael S. '69, 140 Grove Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Inskeep, Robert R. 70, 144 Nelson Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 227 

lobst, Frederick W. '67, 

100 Woodbridge Ave., Metchen, N. J 207, 295 

Irby, Gfeorge S., Ill '69, Warren St., Raynham, Mass 227 

Isley, Jon M. '70, 1207 S. 1st St., Smithf5eld, N. C 241 


Jachym, James G. '68, 

148 Devvindt Rd., Winnetka, 111 200, 295 

Jacobs, Ivan H. '69, 

2520 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, N. J 218 

Jacobsen, Glenn C. '69, Locust Lane, Huntington, N. Y 203 

Jacobus, Everett F., Jr. '67, 

9 Glendale Rd., Madison, N. J 208, 296 

James, Thomas, III '68, 

240 S. Peterson Ave., Louisville, Ky 216 

Jarden, George Whitfield '67, 

1714 Riverview Rd., Gladvvyne, Pa. 
Jarrard, Jerry Michael '67, 

25 Butler Lane, New Canaan, Conn 198, 296 

Jarrel, Bethel K. '70, 406 22nd St., Pt. Pleasant, W. Va 217 

Jeffrey, Michael J. '70, 

401 S. George Mason, Arlington, Va 229 

Jenkins, Gordon Womble '68, 

2137 Warwick Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 201 

Jennings, John D. '69, 5901 Cooper Rd., Westerville, Ohio 
Jensen, Paul Edward '67, 

4126 Presidential Dr., Lafayette Hill, Pa 208, 296 

Jernigan, Jerry Wyche '68, 3415 Dogwood Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
John, David Vaughn '68, 

929 Magnolia St., Winston-Salem, N. C 197 

Johnson, Allen C. '70, 784 N. 12th W., Salt Lake City, Utah..229 

Johnson, Brooks S. '69, 102 Westover PL, Lancaster, S. C 201 

Johnson, David L. '70, Box 423, Sparta, N. J 220 

Johnson, Harold A. '69, 5 Baldwin Lane, Glastonbury, Conn. ..203 
Johnson, Jeffrey W. '69, 

4875 Northway Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 206 

Johnson, Joseph H. '70, 50 Twombly Dr., Summit, N. J 237 

Johnson, Melvin J. '69, 3400 S. Delaney, Orlando, Fla 225 

Johnson, Paul Edward '68, 

3907 N. Chesterbrook Rd., Arlington 7, Va. 
Johnson, Robert Clover '67, 

3107 Cornwall Rd., Durham, N. C 231, 296 

Johnson, Robert Tracy '68, 

1021 Buckingham Way, Morrisville, Pa 205 

Johnson, Samuel W. '69, Hamilton, N. C 198 

Johnson, Stephen I. '69, 

1417 Chelsea St., Winston-Salem, N. C 225 

Johnson, William R. '70, 136 Lindy Lane, Lincroft, N. J 238 

Johnston, Stephen T. '69, 

2001 Fairfield Dr., Wilmington, Del 224 

Joki, Erik '69, 60 Short St., Taunton, Mass. 

Jones, Glenn W., Jr. '70, Rt. 2, Brentwood, Tenn 219 

Jones, Gregory Oilman '68, 

63 Prospect, Apt. 31, New York, Hewlett, Long Island 204 

Jones, Hamill Dice, Jr. '67, 

1402 Claremont Dr., Falls Church, Va 220, 296 

Jones, Joseph Walter '68, 

2045' Myra St., Jacksonville 4, Fla 217 

Jones, Lanning D. '70, 

Creole Petroleum Corp., Caracas, Venezuela 237 

Jones, Michael W. '70, 856 S. Greer St., Memphis, Tenn 235 

Jones, Michael C. '70, 116 Argonne Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Jones, Quenlan M. '69, 65 College PI., Hampton, Va 223 

Jones, Robert P., Jr. '69, 

7501 Old Dominion Dr., McLean, Va. 

Jones, Ross E. '69, 484 Lake Ave., St. Louis, Mo 216 

Jones, Roy Bradley '67, 2622 Pickett Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Jones, William C. '69, 

2364 Henry St., N. Bellmore, N. Y 222 

Jones, William J. '70, P.O. Box 125, Brooklet, Ga 218 

Jordan, David M. '69, 

1520 Lynwood Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 203 

Jordan, Joseph E., Jr. '69, 

1107 S. First St., Smithfield, N. C 217 

Jordan, Robert Wood '67, 

2445 E. 36 PI., Tulsa 5, Okla 228, 296 

Josephy, George E. '69, 34 M. Second St., Allentown, Pa. 

Joslin, John D., Jr. '70, 3207 Coleridge Dr., Raleigh, N. C 223 

Jossi, Frederick C. '70, 113 Harmony Lane, Irwin, Pa 219 

Jubanowsky, David Lyon '68, 

310 Indian Trail, Mountainside, N. J. 
Juska, Simon V. '70, 1610 Knoll Ct., High Point, N. C 237 


Kahl, Stephen Bruce '68, 222 Watauga Ave., Corning, N. Y. 

Kalat, James William '68, 126 Castle Dr., Kettering, Ohio 218 

Kammerer, Hal '68, Box 225, Windermere, Fla. 

Kane, Terry R. '70, 17 Bosco Dr., Jacksonville, N. C 229 

Kane, Thomas V. '70, 27 Oriole Way, Huntington, N. Y 238 

Kaper, Michael J. '69, 243-02 73rd, Douglaston Queens, N. Y. 
Kaplan, Marc A. '69, 333 Richmar Dr., Birmingham, Ala. 

Karver, Stephen J. '69, 901 E. 56 St., Brooklyn, N. Y 217 

Kasch, John A. '68, 965 Hawthorne Ln., Northbrook, 111. 

Kase, Stephen A. '68, 3100 Cranston, Wilmette, 111 201 

Katz, Alan M. '70, 1180 Terrace Ct., Glencoe, 111 235 

Katzberg, Richard Wier '67, 47 B. Bowen St., Langley AFB, Va. 
Kauffman, Bruce Lee '67, 

2825 Liberty St., Allentown, Pa 200, 296 

Kaye, Jefferson J. '69, 

5801 Maynada St., Coral Gables, Fla 227 

Keel, James F., Ill '70, Rt. 2, Box 175 A, Hockessin, Del 229 

Keen, Donald M. '69, 

1419 E. Stop 10 Rd., Indianapolis, Ind 217 

Keenan William M., Jr. '69, 

1315 Meetinghouse Rd., Meadowbrook, Pa 199 

Keever, John Francis, Jr. '67, 

6 E. Forest Rd., Asheville, N. C. 

Kellen, Peter W. '69, 5108 Sardis Rd., Charlotte, N. C 199 

Kelley, Alan G. '70, 213 Hun Rd., Princeton, N. J 220 

Kelley, Richard H. '70, 

% HQ TAC DES/CE, Langley AFB, Va 239 

Kenerly, William Dudley '67, 

1040 Roundknob Ave., Salisbury, N. C 207, 296 

Kennedy, James J. '69, 

5308 Falmouth Rd., Washington, D. C 201 

Kennedy, James K. '70, 1211 Kast Ave., Owatonna, Mn 229 

Kennedy, Joseph A. '68, 12611 Brunswick Lane, Bowie, Md. 

Kennerly, Michael D. '70, 8421 Kalb Rd., Richmond, Va 229 

Kennickell, David '68, 

508 Kerry Lake Dr., Newport News, Va 222 

Kent, Richard H. '69, 5822 S. Ridgeway Dr., Orlando, Fla 205 

Kern, Stephen A. '70, 41 Smith St., Ware Shoals, S. C 200 

Kernodle, John R., Jr. '67, 

2465 Edgewood Ave., Burlington, N. C 296 

Kerr, Michael H. '69, 3153 Utica, Tulsa, Okla 203 

Kerst, Kenneth A. '70, 4044 N. Stuart St., Arlington, Va 236 

Kessler, Craig M. '69, 201 W. Hillcrest Ave., Richmond, Va...209 
Ketchum, Steven A. '69, 3005 Wendys Way, Anchorage, Alaska 
Kettering, James R., Jr. '67, 

729 Coleman Ave., Fairmont, W. Va 201, 296 

Kettlestrings, Robert D. '67, 

835 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, 111 203, 297 

Kidd, James E., Jr. '69, 3016 Kennedy St., N.E., Roanoke, Va. 

Kieffer, John E. '70, 3 Carteret Ct., Allendale, N. J 227 

Kien, Craig Lawrence '68, 

8796 Colerain Pike, Cincinnati 39, Ohio 223 

Kilpatrick, Frederick D. '70, 

38 Clinton Rd., Glen Ridge, N. J 229 

Kime, Roy Caldwell '68, 87 Glenbrook Rd., Stanford, Conn 205 

Kimmel, Joseph W. '69, 112 N. 7th St., Vincennes, Ind 200 

Kimmel, Robert A. '70, 

34 Orchard, Dr., Woodbury L.I., N. Y 239 

Kinard, Carl D. '70, 921 Janice Dr., Columbia, S. C 224 

King, Peter F. '68, Red Oak Farm, Rt. 2, Folsom, La. 

King, William B. '70, 7204 Cedar Ave., Pennsauken, N. J 237 

Kinney, Jonathan C. '68, 3636 N. 38th St., Arlington, Va 228 

Kirby, John M. '68, 715 Leeward Dr., Baton Rouge, La. 
Kirby, Ronald E. '69, 122 Louisiana Ave., Asheville, N. C. 
Kirchhoff, Terence A. '68, 

1814 15th Ave. N., Texas City, Texas 222 



Kirsch, M. Lee 70, 2812 University Dr., Durham, N. C 235 

Kittrell, Warren C. '67, 7615 Forest Rd., Cincinnati 30, Ohio 

Klarer, David M. '70, 573 Mclntire Dr., Fairborn, Ohio 237 

Klauss, Raymond J. '68, 207 Morevvood Rd., Glenshaw, Pa 203 

Klein, Bruce W., Jr. '70, East Acres Troy, N. Y 229 

Klein, James E. '69, 379 Highland Dr., Adrian, Mich 207 

Klein, JefErey J. '69, 

3594 Warrensville Center, Shaker Hgts., Ohio 227 

Klontz, David S. '70, 3821 Gramercy St., Washington, D. C 241 

Knape, Frederick P. '68, 2809 Willow St., Wilmington, N. C...224 
Knapp, David T. '68, 28 Bradford Dr., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Kneapler, David L. '68, 5313 Collins Ave., Miami, Fla 209 

Kneisel, Edmund M. '68, 

1540 Mt. Paran Rd., N.W., Atlanta 27, Ga 208 

Knight, Arthur W., Jr. '69, 

2211 Arrington St., Durham, N. C 207 

Knight, James P. '70, Corapeake, N. C 217 

Knupp, David H. '70, 57 Pinecrest Dr., Rochester, N. Y 237 

Koeppel, Ronald C. '70, 438 Burd St., Pennington, N. J 217 

Kohn, James C. '70, 7501 Axton St., Springfield, Va 217 

Kolodziej, Timothy M. '68, 72 James St., Amsterdam, N. Y 201 

Koman, Louis A. '70, 211 Roszel Rd., Winchester, Va 241 

Koonce, James R. '69, 283 Edenwood, Jackson, Tenn 228 

Koons, Robert D. '70, 12323 Cobbleston Dr., Houston, Texas..222 

Kopp, Thomas G. '69, 836 Kendall Dr., Nashville, Tenn 222 

Kornman, Kenneth S. '69, 815 Argyle Ave., Madison, Tenn. 
Korschun, Howard M. '68, 

601 S. Oleander St., Goldsboro, N. C 224 

Kraas, Robert A. '68, 7101 Longwood Dr., Bethesda 34, Md. 
Kraft, Richard W. '67, 1111 Maris Stella Ave., Slidell, La. 

Kramer, John R. '69, 2201 Woodmere Dr., Knoxville, Tenn 216 

Kramm, Douglas J., Jr. '68, 3343 Trexler Blvd., Allenton, Pa. 
Krampf, John E. '69, Box 394 Myrtle Beach, S. C. 
Kreger, David L. '68, 408 Sycamore Rd., Portsmouth, Va. 
Krementz, Edward T., Jr. '70, 

500 Walnut St., New Orleans, La 237 

Krenkel, John M. '69, 4259 Brooklyn Rd., Jackson, Miss 216 

Krimmel, John H. '68, 110 South Parkway Rd., Allentown, Pa. 
Kroepsch, David W. '70, 

#3 Command Circle Altus AFB, Okla 225 

Krone, Philip S. '70, 477 Berheley Ave., Winnetka, 111 241 

Kronmiller, Theodore G. '70, 

3790 N. Dumbarton St., Arlington, Va 228 

Kuhn, Glenn L. '70, 917 Powers Dr., Orlando, Fla 222 

Kumpe, Peter G. '69, 8 Patricia Lane, Little Rock, Ark. 
Kundzins, Tohn L. '68, Rt. 2, Box 363, McLean, Va. 
Kurtz, William B., Jr. '69, 

4509 Congress St., Fairfield, Conn 199 


Lacayo, Raul A. '70, 8a CSO Y lA Ave., Managua Nicaragua..229 
Lacks, Stephen A. '70, 90 Webb St., Weymount, Mass. 
Lacy, Alfred J., Jr. '68, 

5049 W. Belmont Rd., Richmond, Va 198 

Lacy, Kenneth E. '68, 324 Avondale Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 
Lacy, Philip T. '69, 52 W. Clinton Ave., Irvington, N. Y. 

Lafollette, Paul S. '69, 1216 Erie Blvd., Sandusky, Ohio 227 

Lally, Philip J. '70, 1512 N.W. 20th St., Gainesville, Fla 229 

Lamason, Robert B. '67, 

2612 Westworth Rd., Baltimore 34, Md 225, 297 

Lamb, Harold Leon, Jr. '67, 

521 S. Fort Dr., Charleston, W. Va 231, 297 

Lambert, Glenn Earl, Jr. '67, 

1712 Maxwell Court, McLean, Va 203, 297 

Lambert, Steven C. '69, 

1420 Brightridge Dr., Kingsport, Tenn 200 

Landerman, Lawrence R. '67, 

15 Sequin Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 

Landis, Michael E. '70, 458 Queen St., Woodbury, N. J 217 

Lane, Nathan, III '68, 

27 West Amherst Rd., Bala-Cynwyd, Pa 205 

Lang, Alan Robert '68, 

25 Malubar Lane, Newton Centre, Mass 222 

Lang, John A., Ill '70, 

2430-32nd St., S.E., Washington, D. C 224 

Lange, David G. '70, 955 Brinsmere Dr., Elm Grove, Wise 227 

Langer, John H. '70, 1389 Harbor Dr., Sarasota, Fla 235 

Langston, Victor Vann '67, 1118 Parker St., Raleigh, N. C. 
Laroche, Alonzo S. '70, 

201 B Buist Ave., N. Charleston, S. C 224 

Larson, Ray R. '70, 

A.I.D. Missouri, C/O Amer. Embassy, Tunis, Tunisia 240 

Lasky, Robert Emerson '68, 3106 Crest Ave., Cheverly, Md. 
Laslett, Basil George, Jr. '67, 

314 W. Park Dr., Fayetteville, N. C 203, 297 

Lassiter, Thomas W. '69, 726 Sunset Dr., Smithfield, N. C 204 

Latham, Mark H. '70, 7609 Twining Dr., Knoxville, Tenn 235 

Latham, Robert S. '70, 

C/O Imeg Yi Savile Row, London W.I., England 238 

Lathram, Thomas Wade '67, 5829 Doris Dr., Alexandria, Va. 
Latiff, George Sam '68, 4401 Worth Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Lauber, Curtis Allan '67, 

nil Ormond Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa 231, 297 

Laufer, Daniel A. '70, 72 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Laughlin, Robert Newton '68, 22 Kempster Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Lavine, David Maurice '68, 

4101 Underwood St., Hyattsville, Md 199 

Lawrence, Glenn Robert '68, 

20 Nakomis Dr., Ularwick, R. 1 198 

Lawrence, William B. '68, 1 William St., Nanticoke, Pa 216 

Lawrence, William Leroy '68, 

16 Clairidge Ct., Montclair, N. J 231, 297 

Lawson, Charles Andrew '68, 570 Adrian Place, Macon, Ga 231 

Lawson, George M., Jr. '68, 

3631 Castlegale Dr., N.W., Atlanta, 217 

Lawson, John R. '69, 903 Forest Ave., Johnson City, Tenn. 

Lawton, Thomas P. '70, Box 455, Debary, Fla 241 

Lazarus, Jeffrey S. '70, 

Gold 2 Ser Del Dr., Parsippary, N. J 239 

Lazarus, Lewis Terry '68, 

Woodvalley & Marcie Dr., Pikesville, Md 228 

Le Sueur, John H., Jr., '69, 277 Jefferson St., Meadville, Pa. 
Lear, Robert Tallman '67, 

2 Thornwood Lane, Fayetteville, N. Y 203, 297 

Leath, Roland M. '69, 208 Worthington St., Shelby, N. C. 

Leavens, Arthur B., Ill '69, 900 N. Taylor, Kirkwood, Mo 201 

Ledain, William J. '70, 1305 Lehmann Ln., Appleton, Wis 235 

Led with, Ronald W., Jr. '70, 

17-04 Eberlin Dr., Fair Lawn, N. J 239 

Lee, Calvin, '67, 408 Morgan St., Durham, N. C. 

Lee, Christopher L. '70, 1325 Adger Rd., Columbia, S. C 241 

Lee, Richard H. '69, 204 Long\vood Dr., Newport News, Va...209 
Lees, Robert Gerald '68, 

617 East 73 St., Kansas City 31, Mo 220 

Leff, Michael Gary '68, 560 Pine Forest Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 
Lehman, Herbert E. '69, 2001 Ave. P, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lehne, Gregory K. '69, 440 Bracken Lane, Northfield, 111 224 

Leighton, William Rado '68, 97 Sunset Dr., Chatham, N. J. 
Leikensohn, John Robert '67, 

30 Walnut St., Staten Island 10, N. Y. 
Leinster, Roy E. '69, 5327 Baltimore Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Leiter, Michael P. '69, 69 Broadway, Hagerstown, Md. 

Lemly, Jim H. '70, 506 Clairmont Ave., Decatur, Ga 239 

Lesesne, Joseph Bancroft '68, 

1340 Pinecrest Rd., Spartanburg, S. C 207 

Lesher, Ronnie E., '69, 4118 Palmira St., Tampa, Fla. 

Lester, John A. '70, Rt. #2, Box 2050, Ft. Pierce, Fla 222 

Leupold, Stephen W. '69, 8129 Jose Circle W, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Levine, Joseph A. '69, 2401 Joel Dr., N. Bellmore, L.I., N.Y. 
Levine, Robert Stephen '68, 2401 Joel Dr., N. Bellmore, L.I., N. Y. 

Levy, Keith C. '70, 108 Harrison St., Lawrence, N. Y 239 

Le\T. Walter J., Tr. '69, 

5820 Brookgrecn Rd., N. E., Atlanta, Ga 231 

Lewis, Clarence Henry, Jr. '67, 

2506 2nd St. S., Arlington 4, Va 205, 297 

Lewis, Michael James '68, 27 Marylin Drive, Missoula, Montana 
Lewis, Seth Victor '68, 1108 Schuyler Apts., Spartanburg, S. C. 
Liccardo, James Frank '67, 357 Berryman Place, Orange, N. J. 

Lieb, Richard B. '69, 28 Ivy Rd., Belmont. Ma 225 

Lightfoot, William M. '70, 

2230 Woodley Rd., Montgomery, Ala 228 

Lilien, Robert S. '69, 514 Country Club Dr., Burlington, N. C. 
Lilly, Francis X. '69, 3245 Beech St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Lilly, Jeffrey Arnet '68, 53 Starlake Dr., Pensacola, Fla 222 

Lind, Frederick G. '69, 2725 Roslyn Lane, Highland Park, 111. .201 
Lindberg, Steven E. '69, 2036 Miraflores Ave., Waukegan, I11...204 


Lindegren, John Emory '67, 

P.O. Box 384, Mullins, S. C 224, 297 

Lipe, Joseph Alexander '67, Box 187, Landis, N. C 203, 297 

Lippard, Daniel Brooks '68, 

293 Jackson Ave., Lansdowne, Pa 216 

Litle, David K. '70, Rt. 4, Zanesville, Ohio 240 

Little, Prescott M., Jr. '68, 

616 Rockford Rd., Greensboro, N. C 205 

Livingston, John Scott '67, 

3315 Wake Dr., Kensington, Md 201, 297 

Lloyd, Marshall O. '69, 360 Knox Dr., Glynco, Ga. 
Lloyd, Thomas R. '70, 19 Wellington Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Lockwood, Jerry L. '70, 1331 W. Granville Ave., Chicago, I11...237 
Loescher, Stephen Charles '67, 

6028 Oakwood Ave., Cincinnati 24, Ohio 
Loftus, Kevin Wesley '67, 

16281 Oakhill Rd.', E. Cleveland 12, Ohio 205, 297 

Logan, Dennis Theodore '68, 

1230 Country Club Dr., Lancaster, Pa 217 

Lokker, Brian N. '70, 2 Longwood Ct., Wayne, N. J 235 

Lomax, John H., Jr. '70, 

5730 Farmbrook Dr., Charlotte, N. C 235 

London, Michael '70, 7 Carol Rd., Marblehead, Ma 237 

Long, John D. '69, 102 Kemp Rd., East, Greensboro, N. C. 
Long, Lawrence R. '69, 

Alamance Acres, Box 1355, Burlington, N. C. 

Long, Randall R. '70, 190 Harold Dr., Athens, Ga 229 

Lorch, Robert Knieling '67, 

2561 Inglewood Rd., S.W., Roanoke, Va 203, 298 

Lore, Randolph R. '69, 809 S. Elm Blvd., Champaign, 111. 

Lothman, Eric W. '69, 1304 Lindgate, Kirkwood, Mo 203 

Loudermilk, Glen A. '69, 

2126 Parkwood Dr., Brunswick, Ga 225 

Loverde, Charles C. '70, 3648 N. Springfield, Chicago, 111 228 

Lovington, Mark R. '70, 4709 33 St. N., Arlington, Va 219 

Lowder, James L. '69, 408 N. 5th St., Albemarle, N. C 231 

Lowry, Charles W., Jr. '70, 

1327 Burlington PL, Burlington, N. C 237 

Lowson, Ian Patrick '69, Brantridge Park, Balcombe, Sussex.. ..220 

Loytty, Charles E. '70, 43 Forest Hill Dr., Corning, N. Y 241 

Lucas, Eugene C. C. '70, 

1822 Cassamia PL, Charlotte, N. C 219 

Luer, Carl A. '70, 3222 Old Oak Dr., Sarasota, Fla 239 

Lundholn, Richard H. '69, 190 Orchard PL, Ridgewood, N. J...201 
Lutwick, William Roy '67, 

4306 Grove Ave., Richmond 21, Va 209, 298 

Lyle, Michael S. '70, 1042 Ardsley Rd., Charlotte, N. C 229 

Lynch, Raymond S. '70, 

4416 Old Columbia PL, Annandale, Va 220 

Lyon, Vernon F., Jr. '70, 8615 Cyrus PL, Alexandria, Va 219 

Lyons, Douglas S. '67, 

515 N. First St., Titusville, Pa 201, 298 


Maas, Frederick Henry '67, Peechcroft Rd., Bernardsville, N. J. 
MacCaughelty, Robert J. '70, 

4016 Bristol Rd., Durham, N. C 239 

Macduff, Allen N. '67, 2733 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Macintosh, Alexander T. '69, 

615 Morgan Cheek Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C 227 

Macivor, Angus N. '69, 804 West 7th, Marysville, Ohio 
Mack, Johnny Joseph '67, 

313 E. Center Ave., MooresviUe, N. C 197, 298 

Maclean, Douglas M. '70, 

413 Spring Green Rd., Warwick, R.l 235 

Macklin, George D. '70, 2143 Sharon Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Maddox, Raymond M. '70, The Oaks, Hartford City, Ind 237 

Madison, James B. '68, 2120 Illin Rd., Springfield, 111. 

Mahler, Louis Bruce '68, 61 Fair Oaks Pk., Needham, Mass...220 

Mahone, Michael A. '70, 100 W. Dogwood, Hobart, Okla 217 

Makol, George J. '70, 

18920 N.E. 20th Ave., N. Miami Beach, Fla 229 

Malley, John W., Jr. '69, 

24 Quincy St., Chevy Chase, Md 204 

Maloney, Robert W. '69, 4009 Oliver St., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Maluf, Ramez B. '70, Rue Ghasalieb, Beirut, Lebanon 237 

Mandel, Dale M. '70, 

2523 Elderberry Rd., N. Bellmore, N. Y 222 

Mangan, John M. '69, 4515 25th Rd. N., Arlington, Va 201 

Manger, John Anthony '69, 

1525 Coles Ave., Mountainside, N. J 231 

Mann, James Dendy '67, 

425 Crest Dr., Birmingham 9, Ala 231, 299 

Mann, John Bertram '67, 

6801 Park Ave., Richmond 26, Va 209, 299 

Manning, David Huntington '68, 

9 Cleverdon Road, Ho Ho Kus, N. J 225 

Manning, Donald Earl '68, 715 Willis St., Batesburg, S. C 225 

Manning, Harris Robert '69, 

1300 Edgewater Dr., Charleston, S. C 231 

Manship, John Calvin, III '68, 

2412 Hatherly Rd., Charlotte 9, N. C 228 

Maples, Francis K., Jr. '70, 

664 Foothill Rd., Somerville, N. J 235 

Margolin, James R. '69, 7530 S.W. 59 PL, S. Miami, Fla. 
Margulies, Robert Elliot '68, 231 Orr Rd., Pittsburgh 34, Pa...207 
Marion, Jeremiah R., Ill '69, 

2523 Reynolds Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 224 

Markel, John R. '69, 

9349 Rivershore Dr., Niagara Falls, N. Y 227 

Markman, Alexander J. '70, 919 Urban Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Markus, Andrew J. '70, 190 Gradin Rd., Akron, Ohio 222 

Marnell, Joseph P., Jr. '70, 

124 Overbrook Pkwy., Philadelphia, Pa 228 

Marshak, Robert Joseph '68, 130 Park Ave., Williston Park, N. Y. 
Martin, Albert Peter '67, 

2300 E. Glendale Ave., Milwaukee, Wis 224, 299 

Martin, James A., Jr. '67, 156 Capri Ct., Danville, Va 216, 299 

Martin, Robert S. '69, 2824 Bartram Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Martz, David Joshua, Jr. '68, 

531 Buena Vista Ave., Tacoma, Washington 222 

Mason, John Dwight '68, 

28 Cedar Ave., RockviUe Center, L.I., N. Y 204 

Matheson, Robert Edward '67, 101 Edgewood Dr., Boone, N. C. 
Mathewson, James W., fr. '67, 

10177 W. LyndonviUe" Rd., Lvndonville, N. Y 231, 299 

Mathis, William S., Jr. '68, 1931 Morehead Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Matros, Michael J. '70, 317 Kimberly Ave., Asheville, N. C 229 

Matthews, Lawrence Ryder '68, 

2540 Canterbury Rd'., Mt. Brook, Ala 205 

Matthews, Robert E. '70, 113 Grandin Rd., Charlotte, N. C 241 

Matthies, Carl P. '68, 99 Fernwood Rd., Summit, N. J. 

Mattox, Nollie H. '69, 1404 Gates St., Lynchburg, Va 222 

Maurer, Roy G. '70, 

2856 N.E. 30th St., Pompano Beach, Fla 218 

May, Dennis Eugene '68, 2510 State St., Durham, N. C. 

May, Gary Lee '68, 2669 Black Forest Trail, Atlanta, Ga 201 

May, Randolph Joseph '68, 

1132 Country Club Rd., Wilmington, N. C 201 

May, Thomas P., Jr. '70, 

1338 Churchill Dr., Wilmington, N. C 229 

Maynard, James Barry '68, 

407 Meeting St., Georgetown, S. C 216 

Maynard, John S. '70, 116 Beall St., Lenoir, N. C 239 

Mayne, Alfred P., Jr. '69, 1811 Silverside Rd., Wilmington, Del. 
Mayo, Louis A., Jr. '69, 

791 Roslyn Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 199 

McAfee, Roy D. '69, White Horse Rd., Kirkwood, N. J 201 

McAllister, John F. '69, P.O. Box 471, Chapel Hill, N. C 217 

McAlpin, Malcolm Mitchell '67, 

Treadwell Ave., Convent, N. J 201, 298 

McCarter, Pender Munro '68, 

1540 N.E. 140th St., N. Miami, Fla. 
McCartv, Kenneth S., Jr. '67, 2713 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C. 
McCask'ill, Samuel G., Jr. '69, P.O. Box 275, Elizabeth City, N. C. 

McChesney, David D. '70, Bellport Lane, Bellport, N. Y 236 

McClain, David E. '69, 

Intell. Div. HQ. USAREUR, APO 403, New York, N. Y. 
McClatchey, William M. '70, 

3355 Ridgewood Rd., Atlanta, Ga 237 

McCleery, Gerald M. '70, 

RFD #4 Deer Pk. Ave., Huntington, N. Y 219 

McClellan, George J., Jr. '69, 

29 Godfrey Ave., Roseland, N. J 217 



McCormack, Mark A. 70, 

67 Wesskum Wood Rd., Riverside, Conn 239 

McCormick, Michael D. '70, 2500 Grandview D., Vincennes, Ind. 
McClure, Charles Gettys '68, 

2920 Clairmont Rd., Atlanta, Ga 220 

McCoUum, Douglas John '67, 

5129 Macomb St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C 201, 298 

McConeghy, Matthew H. '67, 

1940 Tarn Oshanter Ave., Tucson, Ariz 298 

McCuUough, James D. '69, Rt. 3, Honea Path, S. C 217 

McCurdy, John Andrew, Jr. '67, 

25 Indian Springs Dr., Newport News, Va. 
McDermott, Malcolm E. '67, 10501 Memorial Dr., Houston, Tex. 
McDonald, Gordon Paul '68, 

7111 Broxburn Dr., Bethesda, Md 201 

McDonald, Joe Howard '67, 2358 Armand Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
McDonough, James D. '70, 

335 Dennywood Dr., Nashville, Tenn 239 

McElyea, David E. '69, Rt. 1, Box 475, Calwdler, N. C. 

McGhee, James Brian '67, 714 E. Hammond St., Durham, N. C. 

McGinty, David Jackson '67, 

2200 Pembroke Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
McGinty, Herbert K., HI '67, 

6517 Broad St., Washington 16, D. C 208, 298 

McGraw, Geoffrey Ray '68, 

South Millbrook R.F.D., Millbrook, N. Y. 
McHugh, William R., Ill '68, 

7911 Freret St., New Orleans, La 204 

Mclntire, William Ray '67, 

3803 Orchard Dr., Midland, Mich 220, 298 

McJimpsey, James L. '70, 435 Cudd St., Spartanburg, S. C 229 

McKaig, Albert Stuart, III '67, 

1728 Cypress Ave., Belleair, Clearwater, Fla. 
McKellar, Clinton '68, 

3625 N. Stratford Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 220 

McKenzie, Michael D. '70, 11745 Valley Dale, Dallas, Tex 238 

McKenzie, Robert G. '69, 

6214 Rosecrest Dr., Charlotte, N. C 207 

McKnight, David P. '70, 2008 Truman Rd., Charlotte, N. C...222 
McLain, Thomas Elliott '68, 

6101 W. 85th Terrace, Overland Park, Kan 220 

McLean, Bruce A. '70, 71 Laurel Ave., Binghamton, N. Y 229 

McMains, Francis C. '70, 

8170 Old Hammond Hwy., Baton Rouge, La 235 

McMillan, Robert G. '69, 

901 Pembroke Rd., Greensboro, N. C 198 

McMillen, Michael Carlton '67, 

200 W. Pembrey Dr., Wilmington 3, Del. 
McNeil, Leonard G., Ill '70, 

200 S.W. 97th St., Miami, Fla 238 

McNiff, David K. '70, 47 Cutler St., Watertown, Conn 240 

McRoberts, Reed '68, 3627 New Castle Dr., Houston, Tex 204 

McSpadden, Jack Dobbs, Jr. '68, 

2641 Crest Rd., Birmingham, Ala 205 

Meadows, Linville M. '70, 

340 Silversmith Lane, Jacksonville, Fla 219 

Meats, Scott O. '67, Shaffer St., Bolivar, Pa. 
Meek, Charles S. '69, 

1712 Christmas Tree Lane, Ponca City, Okla 200 

Meisner, Richard C. '70, 

1103 Loxford Terr., Silver Spring, Md _ 229 

Meissner, Edwin B., Ill '70, 

7 Maryhill Lane, St. Louis 24, Mo 240 

Meizlik, Joel D. '70, 137 Kingfisher Rd., Levittown, N. Y 229 

Melville, John A. '69, 

200 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 197 

Mendall, Geoffrey S. '70, Grove St. Rd., Plympton, Mass 236 

Menkes, Douglas '70, 19 Nottingham Rd., W. Orange, N. J 241 

Merritt, William Eaton, Jr. '67, 

184 Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
Mersereau, John Bradford '67, 

758 Tripps Court, Augusta, Ga 198, 299 

Messick, Paul Saunders, Jr. '68, 

30 Hawthorne Dr., Durham, N. C 204 

Messmer, Terence B. '70, 

218 Riverside Dr., Morganton, N. C 235 

Metz, James D. 70, 46 Fayette Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 235 

Metz, James L. '69, 1010 Lockvvood Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Metz, Joseph P. '69, 1 Valley View Terr., Wayne, N. J 199 

Metz, Pichard H., '69, 12411 Stirrup Lane, Bowie, Md. 
Michael, John Rhodes '67, 

3028 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
Michel, Randall George '68, 

343 Oak Knoll Dr., Glendora, Calif 205 

Michel, Robert B. '70, 10 River Edge Dr., Little Silver, N. J. 

Miles, Duke '68, 249 E. 6th Ave., Tallahassee, Fla 223 

Miley, Alan Douglas '68, P.O. Box 167, Annadale, Va 231 

Millar, David Bruce '68, 313 Summit Ave., Legonier, Pa 198 

Millen, Ronny S. '70, 9711 Brixton Lane, Bethesda 14, Md 236 

Miller, Benjamin Neely '68, 

766 Spring Lake, Columbia, S. C 225 

Miller, Craig Scott '67, 

204 N. Spring Valley Rd., Wilmington, Del 221, 299 

Miller, Craig Stephen '68, 

2424 Addison, Houston 25, Tex 197 

Miller, Grady Wilson, III '68, 

4207 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N. C. 
Miller, Jay B., Jr. '67, 

5101 8th Rd. S., Arlington 4, Va 207, 299 

Miller, John Cassel, Jr. '67, 

447 S. 17th St., Allentown, Pa 224, 299 

Miller, John Randolph '68, 

4605 Venable Ave., S.E., Charleston, W. Va 207 

Miller, Kenneth T., Jr. '67, Box 1, Jameston, N. C 203, 299 

Miller, Randall Clifford '68, 

8818 James Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Miller, Richard Sterrett '68, 50 Rotary Dr., Summit, N. J 225 

Miller, Robert Alan '68, 

214 Augur Ave., Ft. Leavenworth, Kan 199 

Miller, Robert J. '67, 

16732 Scottsdale Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 200, 229, 299 

Miller, Robert L., Jr. '70, 

363 Bunkers Cove Rd., Panama City, Fla 229 

Miller, Stephen M. '70, 

3201 W. Market St., Greensboro, N. C 236 

Miller, Thomas R. '67, 

2520 S.E. 7th Dr., Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Miller, William P., Jr. '69, 

208 Tuckahoe Lane, Memphis, Tenn 203 

Mills, James W. '70, 375 Park Rd., Metairie, La 237 

Milspaw, Luther Emerson '68, 

Ridgeview Dr., Rd. 1, Venetia, Pa 207 

Mininsohn, Harvey William '68, 

818 Princeton Ave., Lakewood, N. J 222 

Minor, Robert A. '70, 315 Pondfield Rd., Bronxvillc, N. Y 240 

Mitchell, Harold Alden '67, 

2947 N. 26th St., Arlington, Va 201, 299 

Mitchell, Jeffrey Guy '68, 200 Lawndale, Wilmette, 111. 

Mitchell, Mark S. '70, 1802 Neuse Blvd., New Bern, N. C 241 

Modlin, John Frederick '67, 706 Thilly, Columbia, Mo 201, 299 

Moffett, David F., Jr. '69, 

2715 Peachtree St., Raleigh, N. C 228 

Moffett, John Aubrey, Jr. '68, 

104 B St., Carneys Point, N. J 231, 299 

Moffitt, William P., Ill '69, 

7820 Edgewater Dr., W. Palm Beach, Fla 228 

Molzahn, Lyndon C. '69, Lake Quivira, Kansas City, Kan 201 

Monagin, John A., Jr. '68, 418 N. Park, Uvalde, Tex 231 

Monteith, Gary V. '69, 5725 E. 30th St., Tulsa, Okla. 
Moore, George Daniel '67, 

Qtrs. E A USN Air Station, Brunswick, Me 199, 299 

Moore, Richard W., Jr. '70, 5115 Chatham Vy., Toledo, Ohio..223 
Moretz, Joseph Alfred, III '68, P.O. Box 579, Hickory, N. C. .222 
Morgan, Horace P., Jr. '70, 2833 Concord Dr., Decatur, Ga...217 
Morgan, Joseph A., Jr. '68, 

103 West Delafield Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Morgan, Kenneth B. '69, 2705 Brighton Rd., Durham, N. C 231 

Morin, Craig R. '70, 14 Wellington Hgts., Avon, Conn 222 

Morris, Dwight A. '70, 

5220 Patridge Ln., N.W., Washington, D. C 219 

Morris, James R. '70, 630 Mattison Ave., Sumter, S. C 237 

Morris, Kelly Jon '69, 11710 Emack Rd., Beltsville, Md 228 

Morris, Paul W. '69, 3020 Rollins Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Morris, Robert C. '70, 3109 E. 7th St., Anderson, Ind 240 

Morrison, Andrew Lewis '67, 

4450 N. Park Ave., Indianapolis 5, Ind 201, 300 

Morrison, Robert S. '70, 84 Dundee Lane, Barrington, 111 236 

Morse, Jack O. '69, 4200 Carmain Dr., Atlanta, Ga 205 

Moseley, Merritt W., Jr. '70, 

102 Camellia Dr., Dothan, Ala 219 

Moser, Thomas Elmer, II '68, 

The Red House, Eleanor, W. Va 198 

Moses, Alan C. '69, 196 Logan St., Gardner, Mass 209 

Moses, William C. '70, 

5320 Hampden Lane, Washington, D. C 219 

Moss, Richard Tilton '67, 

1516 Dauphin Ave., Wyomissing, Pa 228, 300 

Most, Robert King '67, 25 1st St., Canton, Pa 207, 300 

Moursund, Andrew '68, 

3419 Quebec St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
Mowbray, Barry N. '69, 17 Ellenwood Dr., Asheville, N. C. 

Mowry, Earl G. '70, Rt. 2, Waynesboro, Va 240 

Mulhern, Michael E. '69, 

2021 Georgia Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Munn, John W. '69, 346 Kramer Dr., Carrolton, Ga. 

Murkland, Chris P. '69, Green Acres, Roxbury, Conn 201 

Murphy, Gates E. '70, 2206 Lytle St., Huntsville, Ala 227 

Murphy, John M. '68, 3819 Poplar Level Rd., Louisville 13, Ky. 
Murphy, Robert Paul '68, Rva Do Passeio Alegre, 

918 3D Foz Do Dovro, Porto, Portugal 228 

Murphy, Stephen C. '69, 500 N. Taylor Ave., Kirkwood, Mo. 

Musarra, Gerald A. '70, 301 Rose Ln., Marietta, Ga 225 

Musselman, James C. '70, Box 566, Albany, Tex 219 

Musser, Orrin R. '69, 14 Clock Ave., Darien, Conn 205 

Myers, Berlin G., Jr. '69, 

502 W. 5th North St., Summerville, S. C 222 

Myers, Francis E. '69, 1720 S. Center St., Ashland, Ohio 201 

Mvers, Kenneth F. '70, 

1825 Brighton Ave., Oklahoma City, Okla 239 

Myers, Wilbur Leonald, Jr. '68, 

1372 Carolyn Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 


Nagel, Dan A. '69, 2875 Montana Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 208 

Napier, John G. '70, 1407 Granville St., Burlington, N. C 237 

Nash, Thomas H., Ill '67, 

2527 Wrightwood Ave., Durham, N. C 208, 300 

Nathan, Michael R. '69, 

1036 University Blvd. E., Silver Spring, Md. 
Nathanson, Howard G. '68, 110 Draper Lane, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 
Nations, Michael T. '67, 4416 Old Club Rd., Macon, Ga. 

Naulty, Stephen J. '68, 1240 Wendover Ave., Rosemont, Pa 223 

Nauta, Haring J. '68, 196 Kent Rd., Newton, Mass. 

Neal, Joseph W., Ill '69, 1344 Brooks Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 

Neal, Kent C. '68, 1344 Brooks Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 

Neeland, David B. '69, 1506 Grove St., Wilson, N. C 199 

Neffgen, Jane M. '70, 

121 Edwards St., N. Massapequa, N. Y 224 

Neithammer, John E. '68, 515 Kathmere Rd., Havertown, Pa. 

Nellis, Janes '68, 223 Claremont, Elmhurst, 111 231 

Nelson, Hugh T. '68, 6933 Madrid Ave., Jacksonville, Fla 221 

Nelson, William E. '68, P.O. Box 325, Beaufort, S. C 231 

Nelson, William H., Jr. '68, 

1137 Summit Dr., Albans, W. Va 221 

Ness, Dale S. '68, 6520 Walters Woods Dr., Falls Church, Va. 
Neumann, Charles P., Jr. '68, 

River House 143 Val Rd., New Canaan, Conn. 
Neville, Thomas A. '69, 7017 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, Va. 

Newbern, Walter S. '70, 250 Sanford Ave., Palm Bch., Fla 237 

Newman, Glenn E. '69, 405 Cooper Dr., Clinton, N. C. 

Newman, Jimmie L. '69, Rt. 1, Box 175, Henderson, N. C 228 

Newman, Walter J. '70, 405 Cooper Dr., Clinton, N. C 219 

xNewrock, Scott L. '70, 8 Charles Ln., Pt. Chester, N. Y. 
Newton, Richard E. '70, 

49 Wardwell Rd., W. Hartford, Conn 217 

Newton, Robert O. '68, 

6038 Maple Ave., Shawnee-Mission, Kan 204 

Nichol, Robert B. '70, 8 Arbor Dr., Lexinton, N. C. 

Nichols, John W., Jr. '68, 7707 Idlewood, Dallas, Texas 201 

Nickle, Norman S. '67, 68 Sayers Ave., Lansdowne, Pa 208, 300 



Niele, Russell K. 70, 160 Marion Ave., Merrick, N. Y 241 

Noblitt, John H. 70, 915 Kenreed Dr., Thomasville, N. C 235 

Noe, Bruce Douglas '68, Rt. 3, Ada, Ohio 227 

Nolan, Charlie C, Jr. '67, Box 248, Welcome, N. C. 
Norburn, Russell L., Jr. '67, 133 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Norris, Edwin L. '68, 2713 Wexford Rd., Columbus 21, Ohio.. 199 
Norris, Kenneth '67, 1615 Sedgefield St., Durham, N. C. 

Norris, Mark D. '70, 10 Victory Ave., Greenville, S. C 236 

Norris, Reginald W. '69, 

411 Woodlawn Ave., Gastonia, N. C 228 

North, James W. '70, Tanglewood Lane, Sea Cliff, N. Y 230 

North, Ronald L. '69, 7606 Winterberrv PL, Bethesda, Md 200 

Norton, William D. '69, 1221 Luttrell St., Knoxville, Tenn 225 

Nourafshan, Bahman '70, 

314 Lockwood Dr., Paramus, N. J 238 

Novick, David M. '70, 5 Hatavvay Ln., White Plains, N. Y 236 

Novick, Donald N. '67, 

1998 Larchmont Rd., Akron, Ohio 209, 300 

Nowak, Elliott B. '69, 2438 McCord Ave., Merrick, N. Y. 
Nunley, James A., II '69, 1534 Summit Dr., Charleston, W. Va. 


Oberbeck, Charles D. '70, 20 Northcote Rd., Brentwood, Md. 219 
Obryon, Tom W., II '68, 

7905 Cvpress Place, Chevy Chase, Md 199 

Odonnell, William A., Ill '67, 

635 King St., Pottstown, Pa 107, 300 

Oesterle, James L. '68, 7048 Knickerbocker, Hammond, Ind. 
Ogburn, John F., Ill '69, 

2601 Country Club Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 222 

Ogrodnick, David M. '69, 27 Mitchell Dr., Toms River, N. J...201 
Okelley, Ronald L. '67, 

158 Brucemont Cr., AsheviUe, N. C 206, 300 

Oldfirld, Baird D. '70, 401 Woodland Terr., Alexandria, Va 238 

Oliver, Victor M. '69, 

10453 Goodwood Blvd., Baton Rouge, La 228 

Olson, Darrell B. '70, 682 Millsboro Rd., Mansfield, Ohio 235 

Olson, David G. '70, 701 Westwind Dr., N. Palm Bch., Fla. 
Olson, George E., Ill '70, 

Rt. 1 Lake Dalewav, Clemmona, N. C 225 

Olson, John William '68, 

3301 Sunnybrook Dr., Charlotte, N. C 231 

O'Neal, Sutton L. '69, Pinehill, Hazel Green, Ala. 
Oosting, Timothy M. '69, 

3234 Sunny Crest Ln., Kettering, Ohio 205 

Oppenheimer, Robert H. '67, 

10 Enfield Rd., St. Louis 32, Mo 224 

Orman, Morton C, 3908 Clarinth Rd., Baltimore, Md. 
Orr, Donald S. '70, 3281 PI., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Orr, Peter A. '67, 

2931 Windsor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 197, 300 

Orrick, Herbert P. '69, 136 Kentucky Ave., Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Orvald, Todd B. '67, 250 N. Bent Rd., Wyncote, Pa. 

Osberg, David K. '69, 5029 Bedford Ave., Edina, Minn 226 

Ostsahl, Roger H. '68, 

202 Haystack Ln., Wilmington 7, Del 201 

Osterwise, Laurence L. '69, 

Columbia Ave., Ballston SPA, N. Y 200 

Otte, Alan H. '69, 7046 Berrywood Ln., Jacksonville, Fla 231 

Owen, Frazer N. '69, 

17 Robin Rd. Box 353, Rt. 5, Cumming, Ga 227 

Owens, Clayton S. '70, Rt. 1, Box 27, Elizabeth City, N. C 230 

Owens, Edward J., Jr. '67, 

Apt. C Bldg., 202 Richardson Dr., Ft. Richardson, Alaska 

Owens, Louis, F., Jr. '67, Box 158, Whaleyville, Va 221 

Owens, Ted R., Jr. '69, 2085 Trailmark Dr., Decatur, Ga 201 

Oyster, James L. '69, 914 Tulsa Ct., Alexandria, Va 222 


Pace, John S. '67, 1307 Dillard St., Tallahasee, Fla. 
Packard, Michael D. '68, 

312 W. Gonzalez St., Pensacola, Fla 226 

Padgett, David E. '67, 807 Cape Fear Ave., Fayetteville, N. C...216 
Padgett, Vernon M., Jr. '69, 212 Dale Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 
Paine, Maurice T., Ill '70, 

2350 Greenwood Ave., Wilmette, 111 239 

Painter, George L. '68, 283 Main St., Woodbridge, N. J 224 

Painter, William G., Ill '67, Ft. Defiance, Va 204, 301 

Palmer, Philip G. '67, 19 Palmer Dr., Sumter, S. C 206, 301 

Palmer, Richard I. '70, 

554 Pepper Ridge Rd., Stamford, Conn 239 

Palmer, Thomas E. '68, 2525 Highland Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Pardo, Pedro L. '69, Caixa Postal 8200, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Parham, Marcellus E. '70, 64 Howe St., Milton, Mass 230 

Park, Bert E. '69, 814 E. Portland Springfield, Md 206 

Park, Jeffrey J. '68, 

5762 North Shore Dr., Milwaukee 17, Wise. 
Park, Meredith T. '68. 5421 Dutchess St., Charlotte, N. C. 224 

Parker, Benjamin H. '70, P.O. Box 478, Manning, S. C 236 

Parker, Daniel '67, 4300 No. 39th St., Arlington, Va. 
Parker, Rodger Brigham '68, 275 W. 63 St., Hialeah, Fla. 
Parkhurst, Chailes J. '67, 221 Riggs Dr., Clemson, S. C. 

Parks, Allen L. '70, 203 F. St., Lynchburg, Va 230 

Parmesano, Philip M. '68, P. O. Box 869, Elkins, W. Va. 232 

Parrish, Richard W. '69, 5322 Parker St., Richmond, Va 226 

Parsons, David B. '70, 104 S. Tampa Ln., Oak Ridge, Tenn 235 

Parthum, Lawrence C. '69, 

106 B Golkana Ave., APO 949 Seattle, Wash 198 

Patch, Stanley J., Jr. '69, 2762 Lantern Ln., Audubon, Pa. 

Patrick, Carl L. '68, 1818 Preston Dr., Columbus, Ga 208 

Patterson, Charles G., Ill '67, 

1611 Langhorne Rd., Lynchburg, Va 207, 301 

Patterson, David R. '67, 

Box 574, Randolph A.F.B., Texas 228, 301 

Patterson, Lee A., II '70, 3930 Plymouth Rd., Durham, N. C...237 
Patton, George A., Jr. '68, 

2414 Sterling Rd., Nashville, Tenn 207 

Pauw, Michael J. '67, 305 McNab Dr., Columbia, Mo. 

Pavne, Joe L. '70, 1710 Montdale Rd., Huntsville, Ala 241 

Peabody, Robert B. '70, 85 Highland St., Holden, Mass 219 

Pearcc, Donald W. '69, 

6232 Rocky Falls Rd., Charlotte, N. C 231 

Pcarce, Robert H. '70, 503 Twinbrook Pkwy., Rockville, Md...217 
Pearlman, Michael A. '68, 809 Malcolm Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 
Pearlstein, Leslie '67, 

1451 N.E. 169 St., Apt. 115, N. Miami Beach, Fla 232, 301 

Pearson, Paul C, III '69, 27 Rotary Dr., Summit, N. J 199 

Pearson, Robert D., Jr. '70, 60 Lynwood Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y...237 

Pearson, Sanyles '70, Rt. 1, Box 33A, Endree, S. C 230 

Peck, Donald Allen '67, 

2530 N. Vernon St., Arlington, Va 232, 301 

Peeples, James M. '69, 2458 N. Decatur Rd., Decatur, Ga 227 

Pendergrast, William J., Jr. '68, 

3398 Briarcliff Rd., Atlanta, Ga 221 

Perchan, Robert J. '69, 

2269 Mt. Vernon Blvd., E. Cleveland, Ohio 

Perett, William G. '67, 1315 S. Sandusky, Tulsa, Okla 226, 301 

Perry, Gregory B. '69, 436 Bayside Dr., Webster, N. Y. 
Perry, Henry B. '69, 208 Homewood Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 

Perry, Thomas G. '68, 33 Fair Oaks, St. Louis, Mo 217 

Persons, Walter S., Ill '67, 

612 Swift Ave., Durham, N. C 232, 301 

Peterlin, Boris M. '68, 1212 Arnette Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Peterman, Roger C. '70, 142 Doremus Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. ..228 

Petrich, Carl H. '69, 950 Uhler Rd., Marion, Ohio 199 

Pettes, David M. '67, 

1749 Hummingbird Ln., Atlanta 7, Ga 204, 301 

Peyser, Jay R. '70, 

2 Redwood Dr., RFD #1, Huntington, N. Y 230 

Pfefferkorn, David F. '70, 

525 Jersey Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 228 

Pfeiffer, Carl F. '67, 109 Washington St., Morristown, N. J...301 
Phelps, Robert B. '70, 

1001 Bayous Oaks Ln., Lake Charles, La 219 

Phelps, William C, Jr. '68, 10008 Holmhurst Rd., Bethesda, Md. 
Phillips, Donald A. '67, 

10321 Crestmoor Dr., Silver Spring, Md 224, 301 

Phillips, John G. '67, 201 Kent Ct., Pittsburgh 34, Pa 206, 301 

Phillips, Lawrence V., Jr. '67, 

8003 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Va 208, 301 

Phillips, William B. '68, 

Box 186 Setauket, Long Island, N. Y 197 

Phillips, William H. '67, 210 Watts St., Durham, N. C. 
Phipps, William L. '68, 3207 Hargill Dr., Orlando, Fla. 

Piech, Richard F. '70, 211 Augustine St., Wilmington, Del 230 

Pieklik, John R. '68, 33 Louise St., Worcester, Mass 222 

Pierce, Ray V., Ill '68, 14 Tillinghast PI., Buffalo, N. Y 223 

Piercy, Glenn T. '67, 161 Locust Hill Dr., Rochester 18, N. Y. 


Pierson, Henry O. 70, 6306 Pinehurst Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 

Pinsky. Mark I. 70, 5065 Clayton Ave., Pennsauken, N. J 232 

Pittman, Dewitt K., Jr. '68, 6700 Monroe Rd., Charlotte 5, N. C. 

Pitts, Rodney C. '68, 429 Eastover Rd., Charlotte, N. C 217 

Place, Stephen R. '68, 

30525 Ednile Dr., Bay Village, Ohio 197 

Plowden, John G., Jr. '70, 53 Winthrop Dr., Riverside, Conn.. .235 

Poe, George J., Jr. '67, P.O. Box 1414, Durham, N. C 201, 302 

Poland, Richard L. '70, 322 Retford Ave., Cranford, N. J 239 

Pollard, David W. '70, 

3610 Gen. Bates Dr., Nashville, Tenn 230 

Pollard, Raymond D., Jr. '69, 1141 Watauga, Kingsport, Tenn. 

Pond, Roger A. '69, 7813 Moorland Ln., Bethesda 14, Md 201 

Pope, Nicholas A. '70, 9004 Lake Charity Dr., Maitland, Fla...241 

Porter, William A. '70, Rt. 3, Kernersville, N. C 221 

Porto, James V., Jr. '68, 

1011 Cherokee Rd., Florence, S. C 203 

Posen, John F. '70, 2311 S. 49 Ave., Cicero, 111 235 

Post, Richard E. '67, 5333 Deliver, Houston 27, Texas....l99, 302 
Poucher, Steven F. '70, 

725 Foulkstone Rd., Wilmington, Del 236 

Pousner, Michael M. '68, 

1905 Wildwood PI., N.E., Atlanta 24, Ga 209 

Powell, James L. '67, Box 296, Sylva, N. C 223, 302 

Powers, Scott E. '70, HQ. U.S. Eucom J2, APO, N. Y 241 

Prance, Norman R. '67, 

1500 Kirkway, Bloomfield Hills, Mich 221, 302 

Pratt, George T., Jr. '67, 

83 Round Hill Rd., Northampton, Mass 197, 302 

Preisman, Wayne A. '68, 

3181 North Pollard St., Arlington 7, Va 198 

Prestwood, James F. '70, Rt. 3, Box 638, Lenior, N. C 230 

Priest, Fred W. '67, 505 Superior St., Oak Park, 111. 
Primmerman, Charles A. '68, 

88 Fletcher Rd., Bedford, Mass 223 

Prince, Chesley J. '68, 2 Woodland Ct., LutherviUe, Md 228 

Prindle, William S. '69, 6120 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, Md 216 

Pritchard, Richard H. '67, 

11 Saluda Hgts., Ware Shoals, S. C 216, 302 

Prizer, William F., II '67, 

220 E. Fillmore St., Petersburg, Va 203, '302 

Prodgers, Toby B. '68, 

Waldstrasse 31. Bad Godesberg, Germany 201 

Prosser, Peterman R. '68, 

6724 Esplanade Ave., Baton Rouge, La 221 

Prout, Andrew W., Ill '69, 

1000 Fairwav Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 224 

Pultz, Frederick R. '69, 5309 Denwood Ave., Memphis, Tenn...231 
Pulver, Douglas S. '70, 

235 N. Pleasant Ave., Ridgewood, N. J 208 

Putzell, Edwin J., Ill '67, 

9884 Copper Hill Rd., St. Louis, Mo 208, 302 



Quan, Alaric '70, 1705 Oxmoor Rd., Birmingham, Ala 

Quinn, Graham E. '69, 

807 Closse St., St. Lambert, Quebec, Canada 227 


Rabin, Randy D. '69, 3516 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

Rainey, Thomas G. '70, 1400 S. Joyce St., Arlington, Va 236 

Ramsey, Gaylon E. '69, 13 Del Mar Cr., Savannah, Ga 200 

Raper, Julian R., Ill '67, 

275 Rumstick Rd., Barrington, R. 1 231, 302 

Raper, Thomas E. '69, 

2446 Lyndhurst Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 223 

Rasberry, Hugh J. '70, 5003 Pine St., Wilminton, N. C 227 

Ratelle, Michael J., 

6935 N.W. 3rd Ave., Miami, Fla 197, 302 

Rawlings, John B., II '69, 

1312 Eastwood Rd., Pascagonla, Miss 232 

Ray, James C. '68, Washington St., Ashburn, Ga 228 

Ray, Ronald A. '69, 2305 Cherokee Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Reamer, Richard R. '67, 

111 W. Colonial Dr., Salisbury, N. C 206, 302 

Reames, Calvin E., Jr. '69, R.R. 3, Box 618, Lake Wales, Fla...223 
Redmond, John Andrew '68, 17 Ivey Trail, Greenville, S. C 221 

Reed, Elliott W. '70, 

581 Sasco Hill Rd., Southport, Conn 230 

Reed, Gregory L. '67, Rt. 1, Box 20 B, BrookeviUe, Md 224, 302 

Reed, James S. '68, 320 Lincoln Ave., Lansdowne, Pa 204 

Reed, John K. 303 Milton Ct., Middletown, Ohio 221 

Reed, Thomas C. '70, 414 Spruce Ln., Crystal Lake, 111 219 

Rehkamp, Charles J. '70, 

Box 488 Main St., Woodbury, Conn 219 

Reich, Charles F. '68, 108 Hilltop Rd., Naugatuck, Conn. 

Reichle, Robert R. '70, 77 Colt Rd., Summit, N. J 218 

Reider, Richard K., Jr. '67, 

2115 Woodlawn Dr., Laporte, Ind 201, 302 

Reifsnyder, Richard W. '68, 

477 Leonard Rd., Huntingdon Val., Pa 221 

Reisman, Richard A. '70, 

1285 Peachtree St., N.E., Atlanta 9, Ga 236 

Renneker, Michael T. '68, 75 Blenheim Rd., Columbus 14, Ohio 
Ressetar, Robert M., 75, Clifton Ave., Clifton, N. J. 
Rettig, William T. '69, 990 Woodmere Dr., Westfileld, N. J...228 
Reynolds, Bruce C. '70, 

9 Fols Crescent Dr., New Castle, Del 230 

Rhoades, Robert W. '70, 414 Springlake Rd., Columbia, S. C...230 

Rhyne, William S. '70, 2621 Foxhall Rd., Washington, D. C 221 

Rice, Charles E., Ill '67, 438 Argle Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

Rice, Edward T. '70, 600 Notley Rd., Silver Spring, Md 219 

Rich, Simon '67, New Lake Farm, Belhaven, N. C. 
Richardson, Fredrick S. '70, 

2200 N.W. 9th PI., Gainesville, Fla 238 

Richardson, John T. '68, 910 Liberty Dr., Thomasville, N. C. 

Richardson, Robert K. '70, 1017 S.W., Richmond, Ind 219 

Richmond, Keith J. '70, 5 Rosalie Ave., Rumson, N. J 219 

Riedy, Robert F. '67, 621 N. Graham St., Allentown, Pa. 

Ries, Jonathan '70, 1604 E. Jefferson, S. Bend. Ind 238 

Riesenfeld, Robert J. '68, 561 Summit Ave., Oradel, N. J 199 

Riggs, David A. '67, 46 Charles St., Auburn, N. Y 199 

Riggs, Robert T. '67, 1512 Summit St., McKeesport, Pa...208, 303 

Riolo, Robert A. '70, Chestnut St., Sharon Springs, N. Y 237 

Ris, Howard C, Jr. '70, 74 Third St., Garden City, N. Y 230 

Roach, John T. '70, Brentwood Dr., Johnson City, Tenn 241 

Roach, Thompson M. '70, Parrich Hill Farm, Midway, Ky 235 

Robb, George W. '68, 1492 Saginaw Ave., Bend, Ore 199, 303 

Robbins, Henry, H., Jr. '67, 

2115 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C 218, 303 

Robbins, John C. '68, 809 Parkway, High Point, N. C. 

Roberson, Samuel E. '68, 1504 Court St., Maryville, Tenn 227 

Roberts, Bruce A., 7367 Old Lake Shore, Lake View, N. Y. 

Roberts, David M. '68, Rd. #3, Mechanicsburg, Pa 199 

Roberts, Michael A., Jr. '68, 

57 Canterbury Dr., Ramsey, N. J 198 

Roberts, Michael B. '69, 2913 Damascus Rd., Augusta, Ga 226 

Roberts, Michael F. '69, 

1081 N. Jamestown Rd., Apt. F, Decatur, Ga 206 

Roberts, Stuart D. '69, 

1163 Ballytore Rd., Huntington Vy., Pa. 
Roberts, Thomas L., Jr. '67, 

1029 S.E. 12th Way, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 199, 303 

Robertson, David F. '67, 

25 Elmview Ter., Pittsfield, Mass 217, 303 

Robertson, Donald W. '69, 

1797 W. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa 204 

Robinson, Gregory N. '69, 

Qtrs. A USN Hospital, Oakland, Calif. 
Robinson, Richard D. '69, 

998 Ascat AF'Sec MAAG, APO San Francisco, Calif 203 

Robinson, William R. '70, 

3901 Whispering Ln., Falls Church, Va 224 

Roche, Kerry J. '69, 1200 S. Hillcrest Cr., Hollywood, Fla. 

Rochen, Jeffrey D. '69, 4 Hampton Rd., Lynbrook, N. Y 227 

Rock, Jay T. '68, 701 Academy PI., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Rodgers, Ralph J., Ill '70, 

683 Winding Way, Kettering, Ohio 227 

Rogers, Gordon C. '70, 

597 Beachview Dr., Ft. Walton Bch., Fla 230 

Rogers, Paul H. '68, Rt. 1, Hartsville, S. C. 

Rogers, Reginald C, Jr. '69, 1224 Landon St., Durham, N. C. 

Rhode, William C. '69, 606 Main St., Reisstertown, Md 199 

Rollins, Vinton L. '68, 

103 W. Meeting St., Morganton, N. C 226 

Romand, Dennis M. '67, 41 Guyer Rd., Westport, Conn. 
Romig, Bruce '67, 853 Ridge Rd., Annadale, Va 221, 303 



Root, Mark W. '68, 3924 Dupont Cr., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Rose, Andrew W. 70, 2525 Hartzell St., Evanston, 111 230 

Rose, Clifford H. '69, P.O. Box 369, Jamestown, N. C 224 

Rose, Danny O. '70, 1157 Pickney Ave., Florence, S. C. 
Rose, John W., Jr. '67, 

1785 Shades Crest Rd., Birmingham 16, Ala. 

Rosen, Michael L. '70, 103 Market St., Fairmont, N. C 222 

Rosen, Robert A. '70, 215 Penn Ave., Dover, N. J 224 

Rosenberg, Stuart A. '69, Waverly, Va. 
Rosenfeld, Joseph M. '70, 

9511 Seminole St., Silver Spring, Md 241 

Rosenthal, Robert M. '68, 

2475 Nicholson Dr., Baton Rouge, La 209 

Roser, Robert H. '68, 4 Prade Lane, Massapequa Park, N. Y. 
Ross, Alan L. '67, 179 Hunting Ridge Rd., Stamford, Conn. 

Ross, Alfred Kern '67, Box 8 Walkertown, N. C 223, 303 

Ross, Kenneth C. '70, 806 W. Mayward Ave., Durham, N. C...235 
Ross, Robert E. '69, 5' Count Rd., Demarest, N. J. 
Ross, Robert M. '70, 

589 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, Pa -237 

Rotella, Peter A. '69, 96 E. 12th St., Huntington Sta., N. Y...199 
Roth, Robert A., Jr. '68, 102 Oklahoma Ave., Wilmington, Del. 

Rothman, George K. '67, 85 Pine St., Oxford, Pa 209 

Rothrock, Michael E. '69, Rt. 1, Lewisville, N. C 199 

Rowles, John M. '70, 3224 Main Ave., N.W., Hickory, N. C...217 
Royal, Peter A. '70, 47 Beechtree Rd., Levittown, Pa. 
Rubenstein, David M. '70, 

4213 FallstaflF Rd., Baltimore 15, Md 219 

Rubin, Hvman S. '67, 306 Saluda Ave., Columbia, S. C. 

Rubin, Peter J. '67, 684 High St., Bath, Me 209, 303 

Rubiner, Mark M. '70, 4313 E. Glenn, Tucson, Ariz 223 

Rudberg, Joe A. '68, 6124 Meadow Crest, Dallas 30, Texas 

Rudisill, Jay S. '70, 2200 Norwich PI., Charlotte, N. C 236 

Ruey, John S. '69, 744 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge, Pa 207 

Ruggerd, John C. '67, 1550 College Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Ruis, Ronald Harold, U '68, Box 5072 D S, Durham, N. C 199 

Rundles, Ward F. '67, 132 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Rushforth, George M. '68, 250 Seneca PI., Westf^eld, N. J. 

Russell, James S. '70, 40 Wall St., N. Y. C, N. Y 238 

Rutenberg, David C. '67, 

34 76th St., Jackson Hgts., N. Y 203, 303 

Rutherford, Kenneth A. '68, 213 N. Madison St., Tupelo, Miss. 
Ryan, Francis W. '68, 324 W. Mowry St., Chester, Pa. 


Saacke, Charles W., Jr. '70, 

266 Weed St., New Canaan, Conn 238 

Sacha, John F. '70, 1281 Swims Valley Dr., Atlanta, Ga 240 

Sachs, Steven W. '69, 7004 Deerfield Rd., Baltimore, Md. 
Saks, Jerome Harold '68, 

423"Woodlawn Ave., Beckley, W. Va 207 

Salsburv, Stuart Marshall '68, 

4108 Ritchie Hwy., Baltimore, Md 228 

Salter, Manuel Lee, Jr. '68, 

187 West Hills Rd., Huntington Station, New York 200 

Salvage, Robert T. '70, 

4811 Malibu Dr., Bloomf^eld Hills, Minn 241 

Sammons, Jack Lee, Tr. '67, 

2753 Ponderosa Cr., Decatur. Ga 204, 304 

Samson, Willis Kendrick '68, 

609 Broad Syracuse, Syracuse, N. Y 204 

Samuels, William Oscar '67, 

1020 Nine Acres Lane, Mamaroneck, N. Y 209, 304 

Sanders, John R. '70, 975 Green St., Norfolk, Va 235 

Sanderson, Timothy Alonzo '68, 

432 Warley St., U. S. Naval Station, Newport, R. 1 223 

Sands, Alexander P., Ill '67, 

118 S. Main St., ReidsviUe, N. C 206, 304 

Sands, Blase Dale '68, 

6144 N. 12th Rd., Arlington, Va. 
Sands, James L. '70, 

1118 S. Main St., ReidsviUe, N. C 238 

Sandusky, Chad Bingly '67, 

3906 Northwest Dr., College Park, Ga 224, 304 

Sapp, James Stephen '68, 

10 Forest Rd., Asheville, N. C 204 

Sardeson, Charles T., Ill '70, 

109 E. High St., Carlisle, Pa 228 

Saunders, Richard J. '69, 

534 Patricia Dr., San Antonio, Texas 
Savitz, Edward O., Jr. '69, 

3301 Lykes Ave., Tampa, Fla 205 

Sawyer, John W., Jr. '70, 

116 Belle Vista Ct., Winston-Salem, N. C 238 

Scarborough, William R. '70, 

692 First St., N.W., Hickory, N. C 230 

Schaaf, David W. '70, 

21 St. Johns Ave., Valley Stream, N. Y 237 

Schadt, Charles F., Jr. '67, 

4281 Montrose, Dr., Memphis, Tenn 197, 304 

Schafer, Peter P. '70, 184 Airmount Ave., Ramsey, N. J. 

Schaich, Terry L. '70, 1149 Elco Dr., Maumee, Ohio 217 

Scharf, Gilbert D. '70, 

Sea Coast Lane, Sands Point, Long Island, N. Y 238 

Schechter, Arnold Morris '68, Box 614, Kinston, N. C 228 

Schenck, Ralph F., Jr. '68, 

311 Woodland Ave., Avon by the Sea, N. J 232 

Scherer, Glenn D. '69, 6267 S.W. 57th St., S. Miami, Fla. 
Scherf, Chrisman G., Jr. '68, 

102 06 Ascan Ave., Forest Hills, N. Y 232 

Schiro, Gregory William '67, 

150 Berkshire Rd., Hasbrouck Heights, N. J 217, 304 

Schlesinger, Martin '69, 126 Va. Ave., Hampton, Va 225 

Schlogl, John George '67, 

132 Radcliff Cr., Durham, N. C 232, 304 

Schluderberg, Herbert H. '67, 

5023 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore, Md 201, 304 

Schmalzl, Steven B. '70, 

266 W. Wendy Way, King of Prussia, Pa 241 

Schmidt, James Ross, Jr. '67, 417 Highland Rd., Pottstown, Pa. 
Schmidt, Timothy T. '70, 

901 Spencer Ave., Santa Rosa, Calif 239 

Schneider, David C. '69, 1874 Virginia Ave., Mclean, Va. 
Schneider, Mark N. '70, 5451 Highland Rd., Cleveland, Ohio..226 
Schocken, Douglas D. '70, 5040 Finn Rd., Virginia Beach, Va...223 
Schodde, Joseph Albert '69, 

820 Morris Way, Sacramento, Calif 224 

Schoenfeld, Brian L. '68, 1028 Covington Lane, Norfolk, Va...223 
Schopmeyer, Craig C. '70, 

2024 Forest Hill Dr., Silver Spring, Md 236 

Schorr, Stephen Arthur '67, 

815 W. Church Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. 

Schrumpf, John D. '70, 408 E. Penn., Urbana, 111 238 

Schumann, Larry P. '70, 352 Newark, Aurora, Colo 238 

Schurlknight, Donald E. '69, 

1392 Sarazen Dr., Rockledge, Fla 208 

Schwab, Joseph Richard '67, 

1015 N. Elmwood Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Schwartz, Stephen E. '70, 

76 Gorham St., Canandaigua, N. Y 236 

Schwartz, Theodore '69, 

3600 Conshahocken Ave., River Park Apts. 911, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Schweiger, Don Albert '68, 316 Arizona St., Portsmouth, Va...223 
Schweitzer, Edward C, Jr. 

487 Broadview, Highland Park, 111 223, 304 

Scott, David Steele '67, 3700 Freedom Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 

Scott, John G. '70, Tillar, Ark 221 

Scott, [ohn R. '70, 

2650" Strathmore Lane, Bethel Park, Pa 224 

Scott, Joseph Peter '70, 

1011 Seven Springs Rd., Spartanburg, S. C 219 

Scott, Richard K. '69, Box 357, Bramwell, W. Va 223 

Scott, Richard Lynn '68, 4706 Kittyhawk, Louisville, Ky 217 

Scotten, Stephen L. '69, 1306 Evans Rd., Aiken, S. C. 
Scrivner, Thomas W. '70, 

2100 Jefferson St., Madison, Wis 230 

Seaman, Noel W. '70, 1554 Ramona Dr., Camarillo, Calif 237 

Seamans, Richard Eraser '67, 

New Monument St., Concord, Mass 201, 304 

Seamon, James M. '70, 11021 S. Lawdale Ave., Chicago, 111 230 

Seaton, Henry E., Ill '70, 

4332 Beekman Dr., Nashville, Tenn 221 

Seidel, Robert K. '68, 102 Clarendon Court, Metuchen, N. J...207 
Sellers, Thomas B. '69, 610 Barcliff Rd., Norfolk, Va. 
Sellers, William P., IV '68, 

111 Oak Grove Rd.. Norfolk, Va 204, 304 

Seltzer, Scott L. '69, 341 Dewey, Evanston, 111. 


Semple, Richard H. 70, Pink House Rd., Sewickley, Pa 230 

Serbell, John Dorner '67, Hillside Rd., Dauphin, Pa 203, 304 

Serravezza, William J. '67, 

12 Robert Martin Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y 206, 304 

Settle, Henry C, Jr. '70, 

2845 Oak St., Paso Robles, Calif 217 

Severance, Harry W., Jr. '70, 

1603 Highland Dr., Wilson, N. C 219 

Severson, Gerald Raymond '68, 

14825 Westover Rd., Elm Grove, Wise 204 

Sexton, Daniel L. '69, 

14 Crestwood Dr., Clayton, Md 204 

Seymour, Stephen M. '70, 

1633 River Lane Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 228 

Shaefer, Richard L. '69, 

Box 51, HQ 3rd Air Force, APO, New York 226 

Shafer, Irving E., Ill '69, 

618 Margaret Dr., Statesville, N. C. 

Shafer, Thomas H. '70, 2435 Fair Ave., Columbus, Ohio 237 

Shaffer, David F. '70, 8940 Rustic Rd., Richmond, Va 226 

Shahan, Michael Ellsworth '68, 

504 Driftwood Dr. West, Palm Harbor, Fla 208 

Shannon, Randolph W., Ill '69, 

RFD 1, Society Hill, S. C 208 

Shapins, Frank Donald '68, Box 952, Vero Beach, Fla 207 

Sharofif, Barry Lee '68, 

5735 E. Cedar Ave., Denver, Colo 207 

Sharratt, Bryan E. '69, 

7403 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, Va. 
Shasby, Douglas Michael '67, 

267 Parkside Dr., Bay Village, Ohio 201, 304 

Shaw, Dale R. '69, R D 1, Stewartstown, Pa 227 

Shearer, Rees Rucker '68, 

3125 N. Abingdon St., Arlington, Va 228 

Shelor, Larry J. '70, 212 Oak Ave., Severna Park, Md 230 

Sherrard, John E. '70, 

1936 S.E. 17th Ct., Pompano Beach, Fla 237 

Sherwood, Frank G. '70, Box 140, Bridgeville, Del 241 

Shlimbaum, Charles D. '70, 72 Wingam Dr., Islip, N. Y 241 

Shoemaker, Raleigh A. '67, 

1220 E. Morehead St., Charlotte, N. C 204, 304 

Shoneman, Charles H. '69, 

604 Elkins Ave., Elkins Park, Pa 209 

Shore, Philip L., Ill '69, 

1409 Lyndhurst Dr., High Point, N. C 225 

Shorenstein, Stuart Alan '68, 

55 Spruce Dr., Roslyn, Long Island, N. Y 207 

Shulman, Lewis, Jr. '70, 

6404 Powhatan Ave., Norfolk, Va 223 

Shusterman, Alan J. '70, 

28 Manavon St., Phoeniville, Pa 239 

Sigmon, John T. '69, 1144 Norland Rd., Charlotte, N. C 198 

Sikora, Robert Francis '68, 

256 22 Kensington Place, Great Neck, N. Y. 
Silverforb, David Bruce '67, 209 Brush Creek, Kansas City, Mo. 
Silverman, Frederick I. '69, 

86 Bay Heights Dr., Miami, Fla 224 

Simon, Steven Edward '68, 

57 Westridge Rd., New London, Conn 218 

Simon, William A., Ill '69, 

155 Secor Lane, Pelham, N. Y 232 

Simons, Robert Alan '68, 

1236 W. 69th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Simons, William John '68, 614 Raleigh Rd., Wilson, N. C 203 

Simpson, Frank M. '70, 

1560 Sheffield Rd., Baltimore, Md 228 

Simpson, Glenn D. '70, 

609 Edmonston Dr., Rockville, Md 237 

Simpson, John W. '70, 16 Orchard St., Laconia, N. H 218 

Simpson, Jon Harold '67, Box 14, Cottonwood, Ariz 199, 304 

Sippel, William A. '70, 

1111 Montgomery St., Laurel, Md 236 

Sipprelle, Robert C. '70, 117 W. View Dr., Athens, Ga 241 

Sizemore, Frank Julian '68, 

629 Colonial Dr., High Point, N. C 203 

Slade, William Samual '68, RFD 4, Baxley, Ga. 
Slaughter, Richard Groos '68, Rt. 5 Box 62, Austin, Texas. 
Slikas, Jonathan M. '70, 

10230 Green Lane, Tacoma, Washington 217 

Slivinske, Dale Arthur '68, 

11 Dobson Rd., E. Brunswick, N. J 208 

Sloan, Allen D. '70, Sunnyside Dr., Columbia, Tenn 222 

Small, Phillip W. '67, 

1932 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, N. C 201, 305 

Smalley, Lee A. '69, Rt. 17, Knoxville, Tenn 226 

Smiley, Richard G. '70, Rt. 2 Box 149, Boxeman, Montana 236 

Smith, Bradford W. '70, 

104 Oneida Lane, Oak Ridge, Tenn 239 

Smith, Bruce M. '70, 4967 Briarcliff, Memphis, Tenn 237 

Smith, Burton C, Jr. '70, 

100 Cortez Rd., W. Palm Beach, Fla 224 

Smith, Charles O., Ill '69, 

207 11th Ave., S.W., Moultrie, Ga. 
Smith, Daniel T. '70, 

3300 S. Clayton Blvd., Englewood, Colo 238 

Smith, Darland Conrad '68, 

110 Leavell Woods Dr., Jackson, Miss 232 

Smith, David K. '69, 652 Beechwood Lane, Butler, N. J. 

Smith, David M. '70, South Hero, Vermont 239 

Smith, Donald Douglas '67, 

314 S. Darlington, Tulsa, Okla 226, 305 

Smith, Donald F. '67, 8154 S. Clyde Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Smith, Herbert G. '70, 3307 Rowan Rd., Greensboro, N. C 230 

Smith, Tames H. '70, 3003 Knobview Dr., Nashville, Tenn 200 

Smith, Jeffrey K. '69, 1107 Dorsh Rd., S. Euclid, Ohio 239 

Smith, Joel T. '70, 18 Howes St., Merrick, N. Y 241 

Smith, John Howard '68, 

1109 N.E. 2nd Ave., Delray Beach, Fla 216 

Smith, Kingston Earl '68, 141 Pasture Rd., Poquoson, Va 201 

Smith, Michael Edward '67, 

218 Saratoga Ave., Spartanburg, S. C 201, 305 

Smith, Richard A. '70, 2826 Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C 240 

Smith, Robert F. '70, 2202 N. Wheeler, Victoria, Texas 226 

Smith, Robert Z. '67, 

3030 Hazelton St., Falls Church, Va 221, 305 

Smith, Steven Lee '67, 

917 Wellington Rd., Baltimore, Md 198, 305 

Smith, Thomas M. '69, 700 Merrifleld Rd., Louisville, Ky 228 

Smith, William T., Jr. '69, 353 Maple Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Smithson, Frank W. '69, 

6325 Robin Hill Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 
Smoland, Paul N. '69, 1116 Conger Dr., Aiken, S. C. 
Smolen, Peter N. '69, 810 Memorial Dr., Ahoskie, N. C. 
Smythers, Alex Jackson '68, 58 Park St., Warsaw, N. Y. 

Snead, Philip Trout '68, 6915 York Rd., Baltimore, Md 206 

Sneeringer, William James, IV '68, 

906 Poplar St., Annapolis, Md. 

Snell, Robert D. '69, 4008 Texas, Vernon, Texas 204 

Snell, Thomas E. '69, 2414 Cortland St., Waynesboro, Va 201 

Snow, Rodney Wayne '68, Stadium Dr., Spray, N. C 226, 305 

Snyder, Jeffrey B. '69, 27 Kelly St., Metuchen, N. J. 
Snyder, William Gordon '68, 

840 Midland Rd., Cradell, N. J 199 

Sobell, Maurice H., Ill '69, 

30091 Ponds View Dr., Franklin, Mich. 
Solie, Guv Thompson '67, 

4213 Yuma Dr., Madison, Wise 206, 305 

Somershein, Ralph H. '70, 77 E. 208th St., Bronx, N. Y 236 

Somerville, David H. '70, 624 Murdock Rd., Baltimore, Md 238 

Sommerville, Donald Paul '67, 

1509 Pigeon Rd., Beaufort, S. C. 

Sorkey, David P. '70, 36 Ridgewood Place, Asheville, N. C 219 

Southern, Gilbert E., Jr. '67, 

2447 Jefferson Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 217, 305 

Spader, Bruce Edward '68, 

19 Willowbrook Acres, Parkersburg, W. Va 224 

Sparks, James D. '70, 310 S. Oakland St., Gastonia, N. C 239 

Spears, Drew S. '69, R D 1, Riegelsville, Pa. 
Spears, Roswell H., Ill '69, 

803 Woodland Ave., Johnson City, Tenn 208 

Spector, Arthur G. '70, 

6219 Beachway Dr., Falls Church, Va 230 

Spencer, David Bruce '70, #9 Central Dr., Metairie, La 238 

Spiegel, Mark Alexander '68, 

807 N. Elm Dr., Beverlv Hills, Calif 209 

Spiegel, Timonthy M. '70, Box 903, Ft. Myers, Fla 218 

Spitz, Gerald B. '70, 27 Madison Ave., Maplewood, N. J 220 

Sprague, Stuart R. '69, 8101 Edinburgh, Clayton, Md 222 



Spraitzar, Stephen S. '69, 1 Joanna Way, Chatham, N. J. 

Spong, Timothy A. 70, 25 Rodney Rd., Dover, Del 238 

Sprugel, Douglas G. '69, 

Rt. 2 S. First St. Rd., Champaign, 111 227 

Squires, Willard D., Jr. '69, 

185 Gordon St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Stackhouse, Douglas E. '68, 

315 Muriel Ave., N. Plainfield, N. J. 

Stadiem, Hyman '68, 1201 Sutton Dr., Kinston, N. C 197 

Stames, Paul T. '67, 304 Main St., Matawan, N. J 201, 305 

Standaart, Adrian P. '70, 

9 Canterbury Rd., Asheville, N. C 217 

Stanley, Ronald Jay '68, 

134 Stanley Dr., Kernersville, N. C 217 

Stansfield, Alan V. '70, 

1242 Brookwood Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 223 

Staples, William C. '69, 

1202 Crescent Dr., Mt. Airy, N. C 205 

Stark, Steven Zachary '68, 

1908 Millersville Pike, Lancaster, Pa 216 

Staten, Lyle V., Jr. '69, 

3225 Memorial Blvd., Kingsport, Tenn 227 

Stauss, Benjamin George '67, 

Rt. 4 Box 69, Easton, Md 226, 305 

Stead, William W. '70, 2122 Campus Dr., Durham, N. C 221 

Steele, David L. '69, 55 Sandra Dr., Newport News, Va. 

Stein, Elliot S. '70, 10 Gateway Rd., Yonkers, N. Y 236 

Stein, Richard Allan '68, 

102 St. Lawrence St., Rehaboth Beach, Del 207 

Steinberg, Herman W., Jr. '69, 

687 Park Ave., Paterson, N. J 218 

Steinbruegge, Robert W. '69, 

1446 Rainier Falls Dr., Atlanta, Ga 201 

Stenberg, Edwin S., Ill '69, 

U.S. Army Gen. Hospital, Landstuhl APO, N. Y 221 

Stephens, Charles D. '70, 

2355 Champion Court, Avent Ferry Rd., Raleigh, N. C 222 

Stephens, Michael Allan '68, 

415 E. Malone St., Hanford, Calif 200, 305 

Stephens, William P. '70, 6 Searles Rd., Darien, Conn 220 

Stephenson, William Henry '68, 

267 Woodbery Dr., Bloomfield Hill, Mich 197 

Stern, Eugene B. '70, 

4139 Shelmsford Rd., Charlotte, N. C 240 

Stevens, John R. '70, 

1845 Coolidge Ave., Altadena, Calif 231 

Stevens, Pierre Vandale '69, 

307 Belmont Ave., Cannonsburg, Pa 204 

Stevenson, James R. '70, 747 Washington, Elyria, Ohio 
Stewart, David W. '70, 

2619 Washington Blvd., Huntington, W. Va 236 

Stewart, John Douglas '67, 

1204 Covington Rd., Carrcroft, Wilmington, Del 197, 305 

Stewart, Samuel K., Jr. '68, 15 Cushman St., Plymouth, Mass. 
Stewart, William Ray '67, 

137 Country Club Place, Southbridge, Mass. 
Stewart, William W. '70, 

41 12 Revere Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa 220 

Still, John T., Ill '69, 

2426 E. Lake Dr., Raleigh, N. C 207 

Stimpson, Peter G. '70, 117 Newberry Cr., Oak Ridge, Tenn 241 

Stimson, William Richard '68, 

950 N.W. 8th St., Apt. #88, Boca Raton, Fla. 

Stitt, Craig R. '70, 1070 Hereford Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 239 

Stoebe, Edward R., Jr. '68, 

Riverfield Dr., Weston, Conn 203 

Stoel, Peter F. '69, 

01411 S.W. Radcliffe Rd., Portland, Or 232 

Stokes, Harry C. '70, 157 Hun Rd., Princeton, N. J 222 

Stokes, Joseph Powell '68, 

1324 Highland Ave., HendersonviUe, N. C 217 

Stokes, Paul Mason '68, 

1071 Falcon Ave., Miami Springs, Fla 198 

Stoler, Stanley '68, 

2612 Sawmill Rd., North Bellmore, N. Y. 
Stone, Bruce Winchester '67, 

5 Berwick Rd., Lexington, Mass 224, 306 

Stone, Gary M. '70, 25 Munford Rd., New Haven, Conn 220 

Stone, Richard E. '69, RFD 2 Box 181, Pound Ridge, N. Y. 
Stone, Sam George '67, 367 Richmond Lane, Crystal Lake, 111. 

Stoney, James Richard '68, Box 28, Warrenton, N. C 223 

Straight, David L. '70, 1132 Village Way, Fairmont, W. Va 236 

Stratos, Milton S. '69, 

1301 Russell Dr. N., St. Petersburg, Fla 199 

Stratton, Sherman Lee '67, Box 274, Laurel, Fla 223, 305 

Street, David P. '68, 

Box 17 Rt. 3, Reservoir Rd., Charlottsville, Va. 
Streets, Benjamin F., Ill '67, 

12891 Oakhurst Rd., Largo, Fla 217, 306 

Strickland, Roy M. '70, Box 331, Smithfjeld, N. C. 

Striker, James R. '70, 634 W. State St., Trenton, N. J 236 

Stringfellow, Walter, III '67, 

964 Cherry St., Winnetka, 111 201, 306 

Strohaker, Thomas C. '70, 

1122 63rd Ave., South, St. Petersburg, Fla 239 

Strohl, Daniel Schuyler '68, 

320 S. Harrison St., East Orange, N. J 209 

Struthers, William W. '70, 

145 Ashbourne Rd., Columbus, Ohio 227 

Stryker, Henry B., Ill '69, 

1 Holiday Lane, Texarkana, Texas 

Stuart, Robert W. '70, 7 Dudley Lane, Larchmont, N. Y 239 

Stuart, William Kelly, '68, 

2234 Woodrow St., Durham, N. C 221 

Stubbs, Gary Winterson '68, RD 5, Carlisle, Pa 207 

Stubbs, Robert D. '69, 

Rt 3, Sedge Garden Rd., Kernersville, N. C 203 

Studstrup, Stanley K. '67, 

8815 W. Hampton Ave., Milwaukee, Wise 206, 306 

Stuecker, Richard C. '70, 

919 Ardmore Dr., Louisville, Ky 239 

Stull, Harold E. '70, 6805 Braddock Rd., Springfield, Va 218 

Stulting, Robert D., Jr. '70, 

506 Rockingham Dr., Knoxville, Tenn 241 

Suffness, Michael B. '69, 

408 Pingree Ave., Trenton, N. J 209 

Suhrer, Julian S. '70, 

2303 Saragossa Ave., Jacksonville, Fla 220 

Sullivan, Edward Joseph '68, 

39 Bamford Place, Irvington, N. J 226 

Summerlin, Daniel C, Jr. '67, 

615 W. Main St., Mt. Olive, N. C 201, 306 

Sumner, Edmund C. '69, 1209 Wilton Lane, Kirkwood, Mo 218 

Sumner, Robert L. '70, 144 Anthony St., Gaffney, S. C 236 

Sumner, William Emslie '67, 

144 Anthony St., Gaffney, S. C 206, 306 

Sutta, Elliott N. '70, 1335 Sorolla Ave., Coral Gables, Fla 222 

Swan, Richard H. '67, 

Rt 1, Box 267-A, Kerrville, Texas 203, 306 

Sweet, Charles Vann '68, 

4985 Lake Forrest Dr. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Swennes, Robert Harvev, II '67, 

8424 Mt. Tibet Dr., El Paso, Texas 232, 306 

Swetnam, Wilber '68, 

1702 South Lakewood, Tulsa, Okla 227 

Swiger, Ernest C, Jr. '69, 

525 Stanley Ave., Clarksburg, W. Va 218 

Swinden, Elbert Dennis, Jr. '68, 

381 1 N.W. 8th, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Swomley, Michael Thomas '68, 

3212 Brightwood Ave., Baltimore, Md. 


Taft, Edmund M. '69, 405 E. H. St., Erwin, N. C. 

Taft, Richard C. '67, 1707 E. 5th St., Greenville, N. C 201, 306 

Taft, Thomas F. '68, 119 W. 3rd. St., Greenville, N. C. 

Tager, Mark J. '70, 2266 Smith St., Merrick, L. I., N. Y 222 

Talley, John R. '70, 215 E. 68th St., New York 21, N. Y 218 

Tally, Robert T. '70, 

3100 Tallywood Dr., Fayetteville, N. C 228 

Tanenbaum, Marc A. '69, 

108 Romaine Dr., Spartanburg, S. C 227 

Tanner, William D., Jr. '68, 

1234 N. Washington St., Rutherfordton, N. C 232 

Tarasoff, Barry Joel '67, 

567 Greenbrook Rd., N. Plainfield, N. J 197, 306 

Tarasuk, William Elarion '68, 

306 Marion St., Bridgeport, Conn 198 


Taslcer, Richard William '67, 

96 Locksley Rd., Lynfield, Mass 232, 306 

Taurman, John David '68, 

350 Greensboro Dr., Dayton, Ohio 207 

Tavernise, Michele '68, 208 Watts St., Durham, N. C. 
Taylor, William Roy, Jr. '68, 

801 S. Mecklenburg Ave., South Hill, Va 231 

Teal, James Robert '67, 

520 Grandin Rd., Charlotte, N. C 201, 306 

Teer, Seymour E. '70, Box 284, Hillsborough, N. C. 
Telge, Mark Charles '68, 1779 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. 
Thies, Austin C, Jr. '69, 

2429 Red Fox Trail, Charlotte, N. C 217 

Thomas, Cornelius B., Jr. '69, 

2069 Springlake Dr. N.W., Atlanta, Ga 222 

Thomas, Edmund W., Jr. '69, 

1411 Siena Ave., Coral Gables, Fla 207 

Thomas, Isaac C, Jr. '69, 506 Belmont Rd., Belmont, N. C 216 

Thomas, Paul E. '69, Box 60, Etowah, N. C. 

Thomas, Wayne E. '69, 850 Loridans Cr. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 205 

Thomas, Wilbur Wells, III '68, 

8308 Fenway Rd., Bethesda, Md 229 

Thomas, William Allen '68, 500 North St., Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Thomas, William L. '70, 234 Cheshire Rd., Pittsfield, Mass 236 

Thompson, Arthur Blair '69, 40 Old Range Rd., Wilton, Conn. 

Thompson, David M. '70, 5859 E. 54, Indianapolis, Ind 236 

Thompson, James D. '70, 425 Pike Blvd., Orangeburg, S. C 230 

Thompson, John Gill '68, 113 College Ave., Centerville, Tenn. 

Thompson, Ronald N. '70, Box 403 RobersonviUe, N. C 240 

Thompson, William H., Jr. '67, 

1912 Piedmont Way, South Bend, Ind 216, 307 

Thore, Robert E. '67, 

4100 Leeds Dr., Charlotte, N. C 307 

Thornton, Robert Bannaton '68, 

1701 E. Pine St., Goldsboro, N. C. 
Thrasher, Michael A. '67, 

1628 Morris Ave., Norfolk 9, Virginia 218, 307 

Thurber, James M., '69, 

2022 Innwood Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 201 

Thurston, Thomas E. '69, 

162 27th Ave., N. St. Petersburg, Fla 227 

Tibone, James E. '68, 

25 So. Long Beach Rd., RockviUe Center, N. Y 201 

Tice, Stephen A. '67, P.O. Box 434, Tice, Fla 208, 307 

Tiffany, Terence N. '67, 300 Forest Dr., Short Hills, N. J. 

Tigner, Richard F. '70, 908 Hawthorne Rd., Shelby, N. C 238 

Tilman, Stephen G. '70, 

2921 Good Hope Rd., Winston Salem, N. C 223 

Timin, Gary P. '69, 500 Roosevelt Blvd., Falls Church, Va. 
Timmerman. William B. '68, 

1960 Queens Rd. W., Charlotte 7, N. C 200 

Tisdale, Norwood B. '68, 

431 W. Longlake Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 

Tobias, Carl W. '68, 918 Sunset Ave., Petersburg, Va 209 

Todd, Robert F. '70, 331 N. Pearl St., Granville, Ohio 241 

Toddrovich, Michael B. '67, 

9846 Waterbury Dr., Ladue 24, Mo 201, 307 

Tomchin, David L., Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. 

Tomes, James R. '69, 7318 Glen Arbor Rd., Louisville, Ky 218 

Toot, Douglas M. '69, 66 Edgewater, Poland, Ohio. 
Topping, Joseph C, Jr. '68, 

Liverman Heights, Plvmouth, N. C 224 

Toth, Barry D. '69, 31 Green St., Mumcy, Pa 218 

Townsend, John S. '68, 

1624 Alexander Ave., Chambersburg, Pa. 
Townsend, Robert M. '70, 

1624 Alexander Ave., Chambersburg, Pa 238 

Traderr, Ronald G. '68, 2116 Post Rd., Vienna, Va. 
Travelstead, Malcolm P. '68, 

4304 Keswick Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 
Traver, Lewis H. '70, 

1224 Evergreen Rd., Morrisville, Pa 220 

Tredway, James W., Ill '68, 

1106 W. Durwood Crescent, Richmond 29, Va. 

Tremaine, Arthur J. '70, 1117 Forest Ave., Evanston, 111 236 

Tremlett, Robert S. '68, Rt. 8, Greenville, Tenn 198 

Treut, William D. '69, 257 Tuttle Pky., Westfield, N. J. 
Tria, John J., Jr., '68, 

Rt. 2 Box 446A, Bethleham Rd., Kings Mountain, N. C 227 



Trice, David A. 70, 

1719 King Mt. Rd., Charlottesville, Va 221 

Trimbur, Thomas J. '70, 

3204 Crescent Dr., Warren, Ohio 226 

Trippe, William L. '67, 380 Argonne Dr., Atlanta, Ga 205 

Trotman, Richard C. '67, 

20 M. View Rd., W. Orange, N. J 199, 307 

Truax, Allen B. '68, 5382 D. S., Durham, N. C 221 

Tschan, Donald N. '68, 

1100, Clover Hill Rd., Wynnevi^ood, Pa 201 

Tudor, Michael S. '67, 

1500 Military Highway, Pineville, La 203, 307 

Turbiville, Richard B. '67, 

220 Gardenview, San Antonio, Texas 204, 307 

Turner, Arthur F., HI '67, 

930 N. Texas Ave., Orlando, Fla 221, 307 

Tweed, Douglas S. '70, 

1504 Wakefield Dr., Virginia Beach, Va 240 

Tylica, Leonard C. '68, 25 Third St., Fords, N. J 221 


Ulrich, Dorn W. '68, 115 Richards Ave., Paxton, Mass. 
Urquhart, Glen T. '70, 1513 Crestwood Ln., McLean, Va. 
Umbrett, Thomas H. '69, 527 Prospect St., Westfield, N. J. 
Underbill, Frederick H., Jr. '69, 
305 Kishwaukee Dr., Sycamore, 111. 

Unser, Albert R. '69, 2428 Thrasher Rd., Chesapeake, Va 203 

Upmeyer, Neil A. '68, 1333 Indian Rocks Rd., Clearwater, Fla. 


Valdes, James F. '70, 484 Bryn Mawr Ln. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Valent, Ronald E. '70, Rt. 1, Oakdale, Pa 230 

Valentine, Timothy F. '70, 210 Grove St., Brevard, N. C 227 

Van Dusen, Richard A. '68, 4606 Chestnut St., Bethesda, Md. 
Van Hoy, Philip M. '70, 

3735 Abingdon Rd., Charlotte, N. C 220 

Van Nostrand, Douglas, '69, 

2312 S. Brink Ave., Sarasota, Fla 203 

Van Valkenburgh R. Dirk '70, 

125 Central Ave., Rye, N. Y 224 

Vance, Robert B. '70, 24 Oakwood Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J 220 

Vandenberg, Jan S. '69, 40 Grant St., Cresaptown, Md. 
VanderVerf, Joseph N. '69, 

314 Arrowhead Ln., New Kensington, Pa 203 

Vandyke, Allen H. '67, 

1101 W. Rock Spring, Greenville, N. C 307 

Vann, Arthur III '67, 111 Oakland Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Vannortwick, William A., Jr. '67, 

4129 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville 10, Fla 205, 307 

Varela, Arthur A., Jr. '68, 

234 Belle Haven Rd., Alexandria, Va. 
Veatch, Jesse W., Ill '68, 

373 Pinetree Dr. N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 217 

Verga, Robert Bruce '67, 

416 Washington Blvd., Sea Girt, N. J. 
Vickery, Kenneth P. '70, 

601 Marshall Rd. S.W., Vienna, Va 240 

Viets, Robert W. '70, 4345 Trails End Dr., Kettering, Ohio.. .240 

Villa, John K. '70, 32550 Plumwood, Birmingham, Mich 224 

Vincent, Bruce H. '69, 945 N. Lebanon St., Arlington, Va 198 

Vincent, Dale Leon, Jr. '68, 

945 N. Lebanon St., Arlington, Va 198 

Virgin, Edward W. '68, 910 Alabama Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Vlahov, Eric '70, 

1535 Hemlock St., N.W., Washington, D. C 238 

Vogdes, James M., Ill, 

809 Colford Ave., Collingswood, N. J 209, 307 

Von Klemperer, William J. '69, 

P.O. Box 361, Hill Neck L.I., N. Y. 

Vosburgh, George S., Ill '69, Box 212, Tryon, N. C 227 

Voss, Richard P. '69, Box 5054 Duke Station, Durham, N. C. 
Vreeland, Arthur A. '67, 

1802 Indian Head Rd., Baltimore, Md 201, 307 


Waddell, Mark C. '68, 815 S. Columbine, Denver, Colo 201 

Wade, Andrew Stuart '68, 

Sheeder Mill Farm Rd., Spring City, Pa. 

Wade, John B. '67, 26 Valley View Ave., Summit, N. J. 

Wagner, Steven R. '70, R.D. #1, Huntingdon, Pa 222 

Wagner, William O. '67, 

330 Harford Place, Upland, Calif 208, 307 

Waldman, Robert J. '68, 94 Emily Ave., Elmont, L.I., N. Y 207 

Waldo, James R. '68, 1923 N. Broadway, Shawnee, Okla 207 

Walker, Henry H. '70, 202 W. Redbud Dr., Knoxville, Tenn.. 241 
Walker, Leo L. '67, 

St. Elizabeth's Hosp. Sta., Washington, D. C 225, 307 

Walker, Louis A. '70, 306 Walton Rd., Morganton, N. C 236 

Walker, Roscoe '68, 1900 Security Life Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
Walker, Stephen L. '67, 

Rm. 609 Peoples Bldg., Charleston, S. C 198, 307 

Wall, Joseph L. '67, Rt. 5, Burlington, N. C 216, 308 

Wallace, John F. '70, 111 Lee Dr., Belmont, N. C. 

Wallace, William B. '69, P.O. Box 129, Morehead City, N. C. 

Wallace, William O. '68, P.O. Box 295, Washington, N. C 224 

Wallas, Jonathan P. '67, 1901 Shoreham Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 
Walsh, Nicholas S. '70, 15 Turner Dr. S., Chappaqua, N. Y...238 
Walstad, Paul S. '69, 

286 Shady Brook Lane, Princeton, N. J 221 

Walter, Henry '68, R.D. 3, Lititz, Pa 199 

Walter, Joseph '70, 642 S. Main St., Urbana, Ohio 217 

Walters, David L. '70, 5744 Castle Rock Rd., Roanoke, Va 238 

Walters, James M. '70, 517 W. Main St., Somerset, Pa 218 

Walther, Bruce E. '70, 416 E. Spring Ave., Ardmore, Pa 227 

Ward, Douglas Alan '68, 

1804 Westhill Blvd., Westlake, Ohio 203 

Warlick, Paul W. '68, 398 Vanderbilt Rd., Asheville, N. C 208 

Warner, Gerret P. '68, 

Hegeman's Lane, Old Brookville, Glen Head P.O., N. Y 198 

Warner, James R. '68, 916 Hay St., Fayetteville, N. C 203 

Warran, Jason R. '70, 4220 Dresden St., Kensington, Md 241 

Warren, John C. '70, 3600 Pickwick Lane, Charlotte, N. C 226 

Warren, Lawrence N. '69, 501 Cedar St., Clinton, S. C 203 

Warren, Richard P. '68, 2600 Brentwood PI., Charlotte, N. C...203 
Washburn, John W. '69, Ruffin, N. C. 
Wasserman, Gerald D. '70, 

5406 Hewes St., New Orleans, La 220 

Wasserman, Mark '68, 14 Ralph Rd., Marblehead, Mass 209 

Waterfield, William C. '68, 

302 Oreland Mill Rd., Oreland, Pa 205 

Watkins, George T., 507 Skyline Dr., Pullman, Wash 239 

Watkins, John B. '70, 21 Nichols Rd., Armonk, N. Y 224 

Watrous, Thomas S. '70, 

32A Eagan Ave., Langley A.F.B., Va 238 

Watson, James B. '70, 109 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 220 

Watson, John Q. '70, 713 S. Main St., Red Springs, N. C 224 

Watson, Lawrence F. '70, Robin Dr., Monroe, N. C 238 

Watson, Richard L. '67, 

109 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 201, 308 

Watson, Thomas R. '68, 603 Sunnyside Lane, Wilson, N. C 217 

Watt, Robert M. '69, Fern Lake, Middlesboro, Ky 204 

Wayne, James H. '67, 

115 Westminister Dr., Jacksonville, N. C 218, 308 

Wayne, Roger A. '70, 

2236 Stanhope, Grosse Pnt. Woods, Mich. 236 

Weaver, James W. '69, 5103 Acacia Ave., Bethesda, Md. 
Weaver, Philip A. '70, 

4204 Henderson Rd., Greensboro, N. C 230 

Weber, John E. '67, 459 Jayson Ave., Pittsburgh 28, Pa 200, 308 

Webster, Charles M. '67, 4 Circle Dr., Rumson, N. J 221, 308 

Webster, Dana L. '68, 1116 Fox River Dr., E De Pere, Wis. 

Webster, Evan H. '69, 322 Foxdale Rd., Media, Pa 222 

Weed, William C. '69, 1525 Dufossat St., New Orleans, La. 

Weeks, Paul D. '69, 4274 Valencia Rd., Knoxville, Tenn 201 

Weinstein, James G. '70, 1037 N. Kenilworth, Oak Park, III 240 

Weir, Jeremy '67, 

304 W. Fairview Ave., Langhorne, Pa 216, 308 

Weisbach, Philip '70, 1240 Oakcrest Cr., Beaumont, Tex 238 

Weisner, John R. '67, 

1107 New Garden Rd., Greensboro, N. C 223, 308 

Weiss, Jerome S. '69, 212 Shore Dr., Miami, Fla 207 

Weldon, Wilson O. '67, 

2100 W. Market St., Greensboro, N. C 203, 308 

Weller, Worth H. '68, 417 Gerona Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 
Wellman, David K. '68, 1820 Wiltshire Blvd., Huntington, W. Va. 

Wellman, Henry M. '70, 3071 Lejeune Cr., 29 Palms, Calif 236 

Wells, Carl F. '68, 8615 S.W. 125 St., Miami, Fla 224 

Wells, Earl C. '69, 420 4th St., Carnegie, Pa 226 


Wells, Guy E. '69, 131 Park PL, Wellington, Ohio 
Wells, James H. '68, 

234 Gueensbury Dr., S.W., Apt. 3, Huntsville, Ala 216 

Wells, Jeffrey M. '70, 18530 Caribbean Blvd., Miami, Fla 221 

Wells, Kentwood D. '70, 7101 Woodland Dr., Springfield, Va...220 

Wells, Roger A. '70, 4622 Browning Ave., Tampa, Fla 240 

Wendelin, Ronald L. '69, 1106 S. Edwards, Peoria, 111. 
Wenham, Frederick L. '69, 

20050 Shaker Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 
Werner, Jeffrey S. '67, 

4208 Linden Hills Blvd., Minneapolis, Minn 221, 308 

Wertheim, Martin J. '69, 506 Conkey Ave., Rochester, N. Y 226 

Wessels, John A. '70, 

49 Northridge Rd., Old Greenwich, Conn 240 

West, Walter C. '69, 3352 Willow Oak Rd., Charlotte, N. C...197 
Westberry, William H. '69, 6129 Wales Court, Fort Worth, Tex. 

Whalin, David M. '68, 108 Eastway Dr., Richmond, Ky 223 

Wheeler, Roscoe N. '69, 

1723 Massey Cr., S. Charleston, W. Va 226 

Whicker, Samuel C. '70, 

165 Green Valley Rd., Winston Salem, N. C 239 

Whildin, James G. '69, 1849 Arlington St., Bethlehem, Pa 227 

White, Frank A. '68, 79 Carriage Dr., Avon, Conn 201 

White, Joseph K. '69, 1212 16th St., Wilmette, 111. 
White, Nathaniel B. '67, 

1501 S. Alston Ave., Durham, N. C 229, 308 

Whitehead, John F. '68, 

4900 Rockmere Ct., Washington 16, D. C 222 

Whitelaw, Robert S. '68, 3433 Springside Dr., Decatur, Ga 216 

Whitley, Richard James '67, 

192 Whitford Ave., Nutley, N. J 224, 309 

Wickersham, John R. '68, 

Gran Hotel, Managua, Nicaragua 204 

Wiesenburg, Denis A. '70, 250 Lake St., Pascagoula, Miss 240 

Wiggins, James F. '69, 3105 Preston Hollow, Ft. Worth, Tex...226 
Wiggins, Richard C. '67, 

603 N. Hyde Park Ave., Durham, N. C 232, 309 

Wilcox, Clark R. '70, 356 Fairfax Dr., Winston Salem, N. C.-.226 
Wilcox, Kent W. '67, 356 Fairfax Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C...309 
Wilfong, Walter T. '67, 

1679 S. Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga 226, 309 

Wilhelm, Phillip H. '69, 1100 Greenwood, Wilmette, III 206 

Wilkerson, Jack C. '68, 210 Preston Ave., Shreveport, La. 

WiUard, James A. '68, 8610 Whipps Bend Rd., Lyndon, Ky 203 

Williams, Charles B. '69, 5126 San Juan Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Williams, Charles D. '68, Munfordville, Ky. 
Williams, David L. '70, 

1001 Raleigh St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C 236 

Williams, George S. '69, 

704 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C 202 

Williams, James A. '67, 

Rt. 1, Box 288, West Point, Miss 212, 309 

Williams, James A. '70, 

4711 N.W. Flagler Terr., Miami, Fla 240 

Williams, Jay C. '69, 12 S. Tealbrook, St. Louis, Mo 207 

Williams, Keith C. '68, 

412 Montanas Rocallosas, Mexico 10 DF, Mexico 208 

Williams, Marion E. '69, 

Woodridge Dr., Murfreesboro, N. C 198 

Williams, Phillip G. '68, Harshbarger Apts., Norton, Va 231 

Williams, Richard B. '69, 510 Boundary St., Sewickley, Pa. 
Williams, Richard B. '69, 5818 Ipswich Rd., Bethesda, Md. 
Williams, Richard L. '69, 

1025 S. Alhambra Cr., Coral Gables, Fla 221 

Williams, Robert B. '67, Box 193, Walnut Cove, N. C 217, 309 

Williams, Robert L. '70, 

606 Cedar St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C 236 

Williams, Sterling G. '69, 

7730 Dunfield Place, Norfolk, Va 226 

Williamson, David L. '70, 27 Swann Rd., Suitland, Md. 
Willis, John K. '68, 106 Belmeade Cr., Johnson City, Tenn. 

Wilson, Charles C. '67 214 E. Elm St., Wheaton, 111 227, 309 

Wilson, David B. '68, 707 Chappell Ct., Mayfield, Ky 226 

Wilson, George G. '70, 400 4th St., Radford, Va 238 

Wilson, Henry M. '70, 3603 Oval Rd., Alexandria, Va 230 

Wilson, James C. '68, 1729 N.W. 11th Rd., Gainesville, Fla. 

Wilson, James D. '70, 1202 Norbee Dr., Wilmington, Del 226 

Wilson, Jeffrey W. '68, 485 Melbeth Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa 207 

Wilson, John C. '67, Box 5005, Winston-Salem, N. C 224, 309 

Wilson, John D. '69, 52 N. Alicia, Memphis, Tenn 231 

Wilson, John P. '67, 2815 Chelsea Cr., Durham, N. C. 
Wilson, Thomas M. '70, 2815 Chelsea Cr., Durham, N. C. 
Wingate, Larry L. '69, 2117 Timber Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 
Winkler, Ronald L. '69, 6413 Earlham Dr., Bethesda, Md. 
Winters, Paul R. '68, 38 Samana Dr., Miami 33, Fla. 

Wise, James E. '70, 725 N.E. 7th St., Gainesville, Fla 230 

Wise, Robert E. '70, 

1857 Louden Hgts. Rd., Charleston, W. Va 236 

Wiseman, Andrew '70, 6400 Randall Rd., Jamesville, N. Y 241 

Wistackas, John S. '70, 

4 Richards Grove Rd., Quaker Hill, Conn 221 

Witter, Lon L. '67, Rt. 1, Box 295, Crown Point, Ind 217, 309 

Wohlford, R. Frank '67, 727 Chappell Rd., Charleston, W. Va. 
Wolbert, Timothy H. '67, 182 Valley Rd., Ellicott City, Md. 

Wolf, Harry Lee '69, 1 Slade Ave., PikesviUe, Md 232 

Wolf, Robert G. '68, 2810 Huey Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Wolfe, James D. '69, Tara Dr., Johnstown, Pa 201 

Wolfe, John F. '68, 408 Carolina Cr., Winston-Salem, N. C 221 

Wonnacott, William C. '68, 

70 Richard Lane, Thornwood, N. Y 200 

Wood, Donald R. '67, 

12511 Boheme Dr., Houston, Tex 203, 309 

Wood, Robert C. '68, 1315 Fair Lawn Way, Pasadena, Calif. 
Wood, Robert L. '67, 105 Hix Ave., Rye, N. Y. 
Woodall, Frank A. '68, Old Post Rd., Erwin, N. C. 
Woodard, Stephen C. '67, 

742 Closter Dock Rd., Closter, N. J 199, 309 

Woodford, David K. '69, 343 Mt. Airy Dr., Paris, Ky 208 

Woodman, Charles A. '70, 9317 Harding Ave., Evanston, 111 230 

Woods, Randolph J. '70, M 2 B Univ. Apts., Durham, N. C 232 

Woodside, Joseph H. '69, 2419 N. Woodrow St., Arlington, Va. 
Woodward, Everett W. '69, 1221 Edgewood Rd., Havertown, Pa. 
Woodward, William W. '70, 13 Batany Rd., Greenville, S. C...230 

Worden, Dee W. '70, Box 538, Hope Hills, N. C 236 

Worful, Stephen C. '67, 

Owl Creek Lane, Rt. 3, Box 199A, Anchorage, Ky 232, 310 

Work, Jack '68, 2026 Deborah Dr., Atlanta, Ga 205 

Workman, Erwin F. '68, Ardith Dr., Orinda, Calif 207 

Worthington, John W. '68, 1524-27th N.W., Canton, Ohio 218 

Wright, Archie T. '68, 

4829 Ft. Sumnea Dr., Washington, D. C 205 

Wright, Glenn P. '68, 1945 E. 9th St., Charlotte, N. C. 

Wuehrmann, David B. '68, 80 May Dr., Chatham, N. J 227 

Wuerstle, Gregory R. '70, 1021 N. 5th St., Perkasie, Pa. 
Wunsch, James S. '68, 7133 E. Shore Rd., Traverse City, Mich. 
Wyckoff, Geoffrey M. '70, 321 Concord Ave., Trenton, N. J...238 
Wylie, John C. '68, 4200 Torringford St., Winstead, Conn 202 


Yaeger, William L. '69, 1752 Woodland Dr., Charlotte, N. C...198 
Yarborough, William D. '70, 

441 Westwood Dr., Maryville, Tenn 230 

Yehling, George C. '69, 27 E. 67th St., Kansas City, Mo 218 

Yoder, Larry A. '69, 3519 Jacksonwald Ave., Reading, Pa. 

York, David E. '70, 501 Kimberly Ave., Asheville, N. C 220 

Yorra, Mark N. '69, 2001 S. Surf Rd., Hollywood, Fla 209 

Young, Claiborne C. '70, 131 Hillside, Dr., Burlington, N. C 240 

Young, Charles H. '69, 2504 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Young, David R. '68, 237 Schilling St., West Lafayette, Ind 221 

Young, Henry N. '68, Province Line Rd., Princeton, N. J. 
Young, James M. '70, 

116 Palmera Blvd., N.E., St. Petersburg, Fla 241 

Young, Kenneth W. '68, Box 270, Burlington, N. C. 

Young, Roy E. '70, 63 Brook Rd., Falmouth, Me 240 

Young, Stephen E. '70, Kings Hwy., Mickleton, N. J 230 

Younger, John J. '67, 803 S. McKinley, Champaign, 111 197, 310 

Yuzna, Bruce J. '69, 1566 Coralwood Ct., Decatur, Ga. 


Zaiser, Kent A. '67, 

1248 Monterey Blvd., St. Petersburg, Fla 201, 310 

Zaleski, Robert J. '70, 103 N. 10th St., Wheeling, W. Va 238 

Zambetti, Victor John '67, 

4114 Alhambra Dr. W., Jacksonville 7, Fla 202, 310 

Zaritzky, David R. '70, 2539 Rodman St., Hollywood, Fla 236 

Zeese, Gordon R. '69, 2205 Devon Dr., Albany, Ga 224 

Zeger, Dennis A. '67, 

34 E. Seminary St., Mercersburg, Pa 221, 310 



Zehner, Michael M. 70, 

3469 N. Roberts Lane, Arlington, Va 223 

Zeidner, Daniel L. '69, 

145 B. Fort Lee Rd., Leonia, N. J 227 

Zellinger, Michael J. 70, 245 33 St., N.W., Canton, Ohio 220 

Zengel, Frederick, Jr. '69, 1033 State St., New Orleans, La. 
Ziegler, Richard Dell '67, 

Sunstone Farm Bayard Rd., Kennett Sq., Pa 207 

Zimmer, Herbert Jerome '67, 

1401 Hawthorne Rd., Wilmington, N. C 209, 310 

Zimmerman, Todd '69, 413 Braeburn Rd., Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J. 
Zipser, Michael R. '70, 

1172 Country Club Rd., Wilmington, N. C 230 

Zodda, Alfred Travis, Jr. '68, 25 Elm St., Woodbury, N. Y. 
Zuker, Fred Raymond '67, 

913 McHann Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn 197, 310 

Zwelling, Leonard A. '70, 1073 Ida PI., N. Bellmore, N. Y 218 



Albright, Robert P. '69, 

625 Pembroke Rd., Greensboro, N. C 202 

Allen Thomas Stringfield '67, 

1027 Pine St.. Burlington, Vt 203, 283 

Allen, William G. '70, 14543 Braddack Rd., Centreville, Va 237 

Alper, Jonathan '70, 1125 Hawthorne Rd., Wilmington, N. C...241 
Altschuler, Daniel R. '69, 

Cascadilla Correds 506, Nontevides, Uruguay 
Alvarez, Richard Michael, '67, 

3235 Mud Lick Rd., Roanoke, Va 202, 283 

Anderson, Ferdinand A. '69, 2717 Van Dyke Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 
Ashby, Donald A. '67, Nassawadox, Va 197, 283 


Baden, Joseph H. '70, 1044 N.E. 94th St., Miami Shores, Fla...229 

Barfield, John M. '70, 710 Montague Ave., Ayder, N. C 226 

Bates, William R., Jr. '70, P.O. Box 271, Gloucester, Va 227 

Beckett, Thomas H. '69, 

48 Bay Way Ave., Brighwaters, N. Y 201 

Behnken, Kenneth Charles '67, 

Box 156 A.R.F.D., Painter, Va 220, 284 

Benson, Clark William '67, 

P.O. Box 86, Murphy, N. C 204, 284 

Bernhard, Alan C. '70, 890 N.W. 65 Ave., Plantation, Fla 240 

Berns, Donald F. '69, 

6140 N. Meridian, Indianapolis, Ind 206 

Best, Alexander Hulvei '67, 

934 Ellendale Dr., Towson 4, Md 200, 285 

BiUinger, William C. '70, Rd. 1, Evans City, Pa 240 

Bishop, Robert W. '70, 1300 Lloyd Court, Annapolis, Md. 
Bishop, William A. '70, 

109 Norwood Dr., Colonial Hgts., Va 238 

Black, Ronald L. '70, Raphel Rd., Upper Falls, Md 237 

Blackwell, William C, Jr. '70, 

4228 Caldwell Mill, Birmingham, Ala 239 

Blake, James R. '70, 108 Sheridan Rd., Poland, Ohio 239 

Bloom, Alan M. '70, 802 Ponus St., New Canaan, Ct 229 

Boehm, Douglas Waterman '68, 

1044 South 26th St., Arlington, Va 221 

Boettner, Robert L. '70, 9518 Crosby Rd., Silver Spring, Md 236 

Boley, Morris V., Jr. '70, 7513 Marbury Rd., Bethesda, Md...225 
Bond, Robert Stephen '69, 

1904 Winford Rd., Baltimore 14, Md 208 

Bonney, Sharon L. '69, 91 N. Ferr Ave., Ft. Walton Bch., Fla. 
Booth, Michael Chaney '67, 

4915 S. Olive Ave., Palm Beach, Fla 225, 285 

Bowman, Neil O. '70, 3551 Flair, Dallas, Tex. 

Bradley, Walter S. '69, 209 Wesley Dr., Hagerstown, Md 221 

Bright, Robert Nail '67, 

1204 Confederate Ave., Richmond 27, Va 218, 286 

Brockett, Peter Charles '67, 

P.O. Box 1070, Davtona Beach, Fla 197, 286 

Brodnax, Lewis M. '67, Rt. 2, Box 145, Eutaw, Ala 205, 286 

Brohard, Thomas W., Ill '69, 

73 Weeks Ave., Cornwall Hudson, N. Y 200 

Brown, Donald Walter, Jr. '69, 6727 South Atlanta, Tulsa, Okla. 
Brown, Edward B., Jr. '67, 

883 Plymouth Rd., Atlanta 6, Ga 208, 286 

Brown, Wendell E. '70, 748 Iwwood Dr., Athens, Ga 240 

Brown, William B., Jr. '68, 4602 Roanoke Ct., Midland, Mich. 
Browne, Charles Gerrall '67, Rt. 2, Cherryville, N. C. 
Bryce, John Stephen '67, 

Lincoln & Fairthorne St., Kennett Sq., Pa 228, 286 

Buch, Stephen A. '70, 2930 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa 241 

Buchanan, William E. '67, 4512 South Lewis PI., Tulsa, Okla. 

Buckley, Mark R. '70, 2 Spring St., Westerly, R. 1 229 

Burningham, Kent Sessions '67, 

5005 Lincoln Ave., Alexandria, Va 228, 286 

Busch, Gerald K. '68, 100 Portland Rd., Sumit, N. J. 
Bussey, Joe Paynter, Jr. '69, 

1406 Willow Ave., Chesapeake, Va 202 

Butner, John C, IV '70, 

2309 Prince St., Durham, N. C 219 

Butterworth, Alvin S., Ill '68, 

40 Milford Rd., Newport News, Va. 
Butterworth, Robert S. '68, Main St. Richville, N. Y 204 


Cahill, George P. '70, 

119 Knollwood Dr., Carle Place, L.L, N. Y 235 

Cahill, Patrick J. '70, 6811 N.W. 30th Ct., Hollywood, Fla. 
Campbell, Barbara Carol '67, 

18 South Stewart St., Winchester, Va 251, 287 

Campbell, Ronald Michael '69, 

165 Williams Dr., Adm. Hts., Annapolis, Md 230 

Carmichael, George J., Ill '67, 

591 Park Ave., Manhasset, N. Y 205, 287 

Carroll, Phillip P., Ill '70, 

3210 Delwynn Dr., Wilmington, De 222 

Carter, Charles D. '70, 950 N. Marlyn Ave., Baltimore, Md 241 

Carter, Charles S. '69, 400 Grove St., Salisbury, N. C 204 

Chandler, Donald P. '69, 

213 Beard Ave. APO 96553, San Francisco, Calif 201 

Chestnut, Kenneth S. '68, 37 Mercer Ave., Wilmington, N. C...223 
Chewning, Charles C, Jr. '68, 4109 Exeter Rd., Richmond, Va. 
Chrisman, Calvin L. '69, 225 Ridgewood Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Churchman, Charles Wesley '68, 

20 S. Britton Rd., Springfield, Pa 201 

Claiborne, Claudius B. '69, 

144 Cedar PI., Apt. 1, Canville, Va 209 

Clark, Henry L., Jr. '69, 

3806 Leland St., Chevy Chase, Md 204 

Clift, Robert C. '68, 34 Salem St., Andover, Mass. 

Cocke, Norman Atwater '68, 865 Tall Oaks Rd., Radnor, Pa. 

Coffin, Jeffrey T. '70, 672 S.E. Badger, Palm Bay, Fla 237 

Colby, Tames E. '70, 4543 Emerson Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla...219 
Colden, William C, III '68, 12 Slater Dr., Scottia, N. Y. 

Coleman, Donald Bruce '68, 348 Henry Ave., Sewickley, Pa 225 

Coley, Stephen Craig '67, 

403 Gilmor Rd., Joppatowne, Joppa, Md 200, 288 

Coman, James H., Ill '69, Rt. 3, Hillsboro, N. C. 
Compitello, Joseph L., Jr. '69, 

51 Lincoln Ave., E. White Plains, N. Y. 
Coogler, John Bee '67, 175 Mt. Fair Ave., Brooksville, Fla. 

Cook, Larry F. '69, 940 Turquoise, New Orleans, La 200 

Cooksey, Benjamin H., Ill '69, 

615 E. Main St.. Clarksburg, W. Va 204 

Cotton, Robert B., Jr. '68, 

1503 Old Orchard Rd., Media, Pa 226 

Cox, John M. '70, 3746 Aldington Dr., Jacksonville, Fla 236 

Crane, Allan D. '70, 6061 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Va 239 

Cross, Robert Scott '68, 1458 Parkwood St., Clearwater, Fla...200 

Crow, David S. '70, P.O. Box 395, Robbing, N. C 228 

Crowcll, George H., Ill '67, 

Box 646, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla 201, 289 

Cudlin, Joseph John '67, 13 Parry Dr., E. Northport, N. Y. 
Custer, Richard '70, 55 Oakland Place, Hamburg, N. Y 238 


Dana, Richard L. '70, Linden Rd., Pinehurst, N. C 240 

Daniel, John Harison, Jr. '67, 

5502 Cromwell Dr., Washington, D. C 199, 289 


Davenport, Thomas Earl '68, 1210 McRee Dr., Valdosta, Ga...204 
Davis, Clayton William '68, 

440 E. Mass. Ave., Southern Pines, N. C. 
Denison, Stephen R. '70, 

6917 W. 68th St., Overland Park, Kan 219 

Dermon, John A. '69, 3634 Poplar, Memphis, Tenn. 

Dickinson, Roger B. '67, 1310 Meadowbrook Rd., Lancaster, Pa. 

Dietz, William A. '70, 6516 Broxburn Dr., Bethesda, Md 235 

Donald, James C. '70, 

24 Birchwood Dr., Valley Stream, N. Y 238 

Donoho, Truman D. '70, 715 Maplewood, Anniston, Ala 238 

DorrcU, Charles E. '69, Main St. Sturbridge, Mass 226 

Dover, James R., Jr. '69, 

1146 Hermitage Rd., Rock Hill, S. C 228 

Dow, Robert E. '67, Rockland Park, Short Beach, Conn. 

Downes, Arthur '70, Remsens, Lane, Oyster Bay, N. Y 229 

Doyle, Edward J., Jr. '70, 4814 S. 8th Rd., Arlington, Va 239 

Dresher, Robert M. '70, 2320 Clearview Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Daugherty, Robert F. '68, 904 Dacian Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Daul, Charles Reems '68, 

6 Wedgewood Lane, Morristown, N. J 201 

Davant, Charles '68, 

Blowing Rock Hospital, Blowing Rock, N. C 218 

David, Clifford Baynes '68, 

1237 Campbell Ave., Jacksonville 7, Fla 228 

Davidson, Kenneth H. '70, 731 Alderson, Billings, Mt 241 

Davies, James A., II '68, 

102 Artillery Post Rd., Ft. Sam Houston, Texas 221 

Davies, Stevan L. '70, 

743 Crystal Dr., Mt. Lebanon 28, Pa 239 

Davis, Allan H. '67, 

12 South Wilton Rd., Richmond, Va 197, 289 

Davis, George Edward '67, 

210 Emery Dr., Nashville 14, Tenn 202, 289 

Davis, Jeffrey W. '69, Split Rock Rd., RFD, Syosset, N. Y 197 

Davis, John Jefferson '68, 2589 Date Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Davis, John R., Jr. '70, Baldwin Woods, Whiteville, N. C 220 

Davis, Larry Edward '68, 

4507 Columbia St., Portsmouth, Va 197 

Davis, Nicky S. '68, 

20 Whitewood Ct., Huntington, L.I., N. Y 209 

Davis, Roger K. '68, Murraysville, West Virginia 231 

Davis, Wesley S., Jr. '70, 2805 Laurel Lane, Camp Hill, Pa 210 

Duncan, Vernon W. '70, 

807 Nightingale Rd., Jacksonville, Fla 238 


Eddy, James H. '69, 103 Harding Rd., Wyckoff, N. J 218 

Edwards, Jens B., Jr. '69, 600 Hermitage Dr., Chesapeake, Va. 
Ellis, Thomas S. '69, 

620 S. 3rd St., Winconsin Rapids, Wis 220 

Emerick, Harold R. '69, 1394 N. Main St., Washington, Pa 228 

Enholm, Barry W. '70, Green Pond Rd., Rockaway, N. J 225 

Evans, Robert H. '70, 

2009 Ridge Place S.E., Washington, D.C 237 


Falk, Martin Elmer '68, 7828 Lee Ave., Alexandria, Va 223 

Farquhar, Thomas L. '69, 

17 Country Club Place, Belleville, 111 206 

Fegley, Thomas Lee '67, 

247 Stein Lane, Lewisburg, Pa 207, 291 

Feick, John W. '69, 1316 Doves Cove Rd., Towson, Md 218 

Ferguson, John Howe '68, 

10024 Reddick Dr., Silver Spring, Md 226 

Finley, Michael J. '69, 26 Hawthorne Place, Summit, N. J. 

Fisher, Steven B. '70, 3521 N. 57th St., Omaha, Neb 235 

Fleming, Stewart '69, 2013 Beachwood Rd., Hyattsville, Md...200 
Fletcher, John W. '70, 

3707 Bangor St., S.E., Washington, D. C 235 

Flynn, Thomas E. '68, 

32 Godfrey Ave., Bayville, L.I., N. Y 205 

Foss, Philip Theodore, Jr. '69, 

828 S. Oak St., Hinsdale, 111 200 

Francis, William P. '69, 131 Lafitle Dr., Waveland, Miss. 

Franklin, Marvin A. '70, Box 401 Kent Sch., Kent, Ct 229 

Franks, Warren G., Jr. '70, 

Rt. 1, Box 164, Pollocksville, N. C 238 

Freeman, Jan H. '70, 1296 Kelton Rd., Camp Hill, Pa 235 

Fry, William G. '69, 333 Sycamore Rd., Sewickley, Pa 200 

Fyfe, Malcolm D., Jr. '69, 

110 E. Wm. David Pkwy., Mctairie, La. 


Gallagher, Glen M. '70, Drawer K, Scotland Neck, N. C 218 

Gallop, Marshall Aubrey '67, 

705 N. Road St., Elizabeth City, N. C 225 

Gaw, Donald Stephen '67, 

735 Guadalupe Avenue, Coronado, Calif 208, 292 

Geer, Michael R. '70, 313 Dunstan St., Durham, N. C 239 

Gilbert, Ronald L. '69, 

167 Hirschfield Dr., Williamsville, N. Y. 

Goedde, Alan G. '70, 24 Alden Rd., New Providence, N. J 235 

Goforth, Michael G. '70, 

104 Goforth St., Kings Mountain, N. C 219 

Golembeske, Gerald R. '69, 

54 Lanesville Road, New Milford, Conn. 
Gordon, Richard E. '69, 2702 Riviera St., Washington, D. C...201 
Gottlieb, Paul A. '69, 

43 Quarterturn Road, W., Levittown, Pa 207 

Gould, Robert W. '67, 

21846 Riveroaks, Rocky River 16, Ohio 199, 292 

Graffy, Richard, Jr. '70, 

4224 Ben Gunn Rd., Virginia Beach, Va 235 

Graves, William W., Ill '69, 

300 Kimberly Drive, Greensboro, N. C 221 

Greene, Ralph C. '70, 

2450 Steiner St., San Francisco, Calif 241 

Gregg, William M. 70, 

ins. Everett St., Bennettsville, S. C 240 

Grey, Hugh M., Ill '70, 

Room 513, 1601 Hillsboro Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 
Griffiths, Kenneth H., Jr. '68, 

269 Glenwood Ave., Leonia, N. J. 

Griggs, Joe L. '70, 707 Craig Dr., Kirkwood, Missouri 235 

Grossman, Ethan C. '69, 7100 Marbury Rd., Bethesda, Md 209 

Gunn, Thomas Edward '68, 

10820 Lewis Road, Lynwood, Calif 201 

Gurley, Thomas M. '70, 

1332 Sycamore St., Rocky Mount, N. C 240 


Haas, Thomas Leonard '68, 

2860 Ridgewood Cr., N.W., Atlanta 27, Ga 197 

Hack, Frederick C, Jr. '68, Hilton Head Island, S. C 231 

Hahlbohm, Virginia Ellen '68, 

147 Payne Whitney Lane, Manhasset, N. Y. 
Hall, Charles Anthony '68, P.O. Box 215, Windsor, N. C. 

Harper, John P., Jr. '69, 1501 Eleanor Ct., Norfolk, Va 223 

Harper, Michael D. '69, 4712 Tartan Drive, New Orleans, La. 
Harris, Henry T. '69, 369 Byllesby Ave., Meadville, Pa. 
Harrison, Robert K., Jr. '70, 

Upper House, Lawrenceville, N. J 218 

Harwell, George K., '70, Box 685, Orange, Va 237 

Hattan, John A. '69, 221 N. Abilene, Vy Center, Kansas 201 

Hayes, John McWane '68, 1610 Lawndale Rd., Elkhart, Ind...205 
Hedgepeth, Herman P., Jr. '69, 

813 Buchanan Blvd., Apt. 2, Durham, N. C. 
Helbig, Herbert R. '67, 

29 Tunstall Road, Scarsdale, N. Y 220, 294 

Henney, David K. '67, 6 Euston Road, N. Merrick, N. Y 201 

Henry, Randall A. '67, 

1930 Pembroke Lane, Topcka, Kansas 206, 294 

Heroy, William B. '69, 

23 Forest Terrace, West Haven, Conn 220 

Hickman, Clifton C. '70, 

87 Old Farm Road, Pleasantville, N. Y 236 

High, James R., Jr. '70, 

519 S. Hay%vood Street, Raleigh, N. C 236 

Hightower, Thomas E. '70, 

4636 McEwen Road, Bloomfield Hill, Mich 236 



Hill, Harrv E., Jr. '67, 

9121 Horner Court, Fairfax, Va 225, 294 

HoUoway, David Michael '68, 

901 S.W. I9th Ave., Miami 31, Fla 205 

Homa, Kenneth J. '69, 131 Woolston Dr., Morrisville, Pa. 
Hooks, Alfred J. '68, 

1000 Crosby St., Savannah, Ga 228 

Hughes, Kenneth M. '68, 

4 Little Ln., Westport, Conn 205 

Hunting, James W. '70, 20 A Smith St., Babylon, N. Y 241 

Hurlburt, John A. '69, 

112 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C 197 

Hurst, Gary S. '70, 

743 Country Drive, Barrington, 111 218 

Hysong, James B. '69, 

Rt. 5, Box 54, Hendersonville, N. C 199 


Impey, William R. '70, 

6021 Craig St., Springfield, Va 241 

Ireland, Richard D. '70, 

1013 Green Acre Rd., Townson, Md 238 

Irvine, Frank D., Jr., '69, 

1219 Duke Glouchester Dr., Colonial Heights, Va 228 

Ishmael, William E. '68, 

Brier Hill Motel, Mt. Sterling, Ky 228 


Jackson, Douglas R. '70, 

6912 W. 78th St., Overland Park, Kan 219 

Jackson, James R. '69, 

1923 Arrowhead PI., N.E., St. Petersburg, Fla 227 

James, Alice R. '69, 1420 26th St., Newport News, Va. 
Jenks, Barton P., IV '69, 

4103 Blackthorn St., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Jennings, John H., II '70, 

#2 Niblick Lane, Littleton, Colo 227 

Jensen, Carlo J. '70, 

515 Queens Ct., Statesville, N. C 235 

Johnson, Edwin J. '68, 420 Prospect Rd., Springfield, Pa. 
Johnson, Raymond E. '70, 

2026 Dellabrook Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 235 

Johnson, Robert A. '67, 

1419 Farm Hill Circle, Ralls Church, Va 217, 296 

Johnson, Stewart S. '70, 121 Circle Rd., Syracuse, N. Y 236 

Joki, Erid '69, 60 Short St., Taunton, Mass. 

Judd, John H., Jr. '69, 4302 Scenie Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 


Kannenberg, Christopher P. '70, 

3000 Veazy St., N.W., Washington, D. C 227 

Kelly, Edwin R. '69, 1040 Delaware, Shreveport, La 231 

Kelsey, John R., Ill '70, 5929 Crab Orchard, Houston, Tex 225 

Kemp, James D. '69, Rt. 1, New Oxford, Pa 200 

Kenna, Lee Mountcastle, Jr. '68, 

114 Ashby Ave., Charleston, W. Va 197 

Kennerly, John Charles '67, Box 407, Mt. Holly, N. C 216 

Keyser, John P. '70, 726 Coleman Ave., Fairmont, W. Va 220 

Kincaid, Daniel E. '68, 

202 W. Virginia Ave., Bessemer, N. C 204 

Kirkpatrick, Albert B. '70, 

4210 Sentinel Post R., Atlanta, Ga 220 

Knud-Hansen, James E. '70, Box 277-H, Rt. 4, Easton, Md 219 

Krist, Joseph L. '69, RED Box 248, Broad Brook, Conn 199 

Kuhlmeier, Ray J. '70, 130 Market St., Aurora, Ind 222 

Kvle, Albert Sidney '67, 

3157 N. Pollard St., N. Arlington, Va 204, 297 


Lane, Bernett N., Jr. '69, 

29 Carol Lane, Sportswood, N. J 201 

Lane, Harold Hooker, Jr. '69, 

3960 Langley Ct., N.W., Washington, D. C 224 

Lang, Benjamin Gaines '68, 

1617 N.W. 10th Ave., Gainesville, Fla. 
Lang, Philip C. '70, Good Hope Rd., Landenberg, Pa 219 

Lapham, Samuel Peyre '68, 4 Greenhill St., Charleston, S. C...222 
Leach, Charles Howard, Jr. '68, 

173 Middlesex Rd., Darien, Conn 228 

Leavell, William H. '69, 3213 Denise St., Durham, N. C. 
Lenz, James E., Jr. '69, 

804 Gerald Lane, Hendersonville, N. C 217 

Lexow, Stephen S. '70, 318 Island Cr., Sarasota, Fla 229 

Little, Henry W. '70, 602 S. Greene St., Wadesboro, N. C 222 

Llewellyn, Jonathan F. '69, 

21 Meadowbrook Ct., Appleton, Wis 205 

Loftin, Robert '70, 229 S. Lloyd St., Salisbury, N. C 219 

Long, David C. '70, 1240 W. 11th Ave., Albany, Ore 225 

Long, James R. '69, Rt. 2, Box 166, Bryson City, N. C 201 

Lord, Richard Stockton, Jr. '68, 

306 E. Forest Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn 216 

Lucas, Mark M. '70, 38 Via A Gramsci, Rome, Italy 222 

Luecker, John Howard '68, 

629 Gregory Ave., Wilmette, 111 224, 298 

Lundy, Gerald V. '69, 1313 Oakwood Dr., Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Lunsford, Ernest G., Jr. '69, 

R.F.D. 2, Box 423, Manassas, Va 220 

Lunson, James Eugene, Jr. '68, 5600 N. 34th, Arlington, Va...217 


Macduff, Robert B. '68, 2733 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Mailman, Albert J. '70, 408 Hastings Ave., Chester, Pa 239 

Major, Nina Louise '67, 3708 R St. N.W., Washington, D. C...298 
Marlay, Robert C. '69, 

Qtrs. R U.S. Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Md 207 

Marsilius, Richard A. '70, 

86 Hill Brook Lane, Fairfield, Conn 238 

Matthews, Marvin M. '69, 324 Treva Rd., Sandston, Va 203 

Matthias, Dennis Howard '68, 

520 North Shore Rd., Norfolk, Va 231 


Mayo, Alvin Herod, Jr. '68, 

31001 Edgewood Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

McAdams, John R. 70, 2214 Wheeler Rd., Raleigh, N. C 219 

McCrary, William V., Jr. '68, 

5A Chunns Grove Rd., Asheville, N. C. 
McCrearv, Jeremy A. '70, 

1539 Wickham Ln., Charlotte, N. C 236 

McGlothlin, Clifton Lee '68, 

1111 Pauline Ave., Charleston, S. C 231 

Mcjunicin, Howard P., Jr. '67, 

920 Newton Rd., Charleston, W. Va. 
McKee, William R. '70, 441 Parkdale Dr., Charleston, S. C. 
McLeod, Stephen J. '69, 

Rt. 1, Box 187-A, Hope Mills, N. C 209 

McWilliams, Frederick B. '67, 

201 Hampshire Rd., Akron, Ohio 204, 298 

Mecham, Randall B. '69, 

11541 Margie Lane, Garden Grove, Calif 205 

Meier, George Ernest '69, 113 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C...231 
Meldrum, Thomas W., Jr. '70, 

8630 Lem Turner Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Mickey, John V. '69, 

Bevin Rd., Eaton's Neck, Northport, Long Island, N. Y 225 

Milbourne, Robert Earl, II '69, 

2606 Stanbery Dr., Columbus, Ohio 198 

Miller, William E. '69, 115 Washington Rd., Westminster, Md. 

Mitchell, Douglas S. '70, 220 Jasmine, Denver, Colo 239 

Monk, Robert T., Jr. '70, 

300 W. Church St., Farmville, N. C 229 

Monleon, Roberto Robledo '70, 

5-44 Calle 10 A, Panama, Panama 231 

Moon, Roy Dunwoody '68, 544 South Parkway, San Angelo, Texas 
Moore, Charles N., Jr. '68, Box 706, Creedmoor, N. C. 

Moore, John L., Jr., 1404 Woodland Ave., Sanford, N. C 238 

Moore, Robert L. '69, 921 N. Madison St., Arlington, Va. 231 

Morency, Michael '70, The Plains, Va 239 

Morgan, Anthony D. '69, 

2216 Cheltenham Blvd., Greensboro, N. C 225 

Morgan, Arthur D. '69, 510 Latham Dr., Newport News, Va...206 
Morgan, Robert T. '69, 

724 W. Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, Ga 208 

Moricle, Charles H., Jr. '70, 

1223 Crescent Dr., Reidsville, N. C 237 

Motley, Walter R. '70, 347 N. Bradford St., Dover, Del. 
MuIIer, Edward A., '70, 

87 Washington Ave., Garden City, N. Y 236 

Mumford, Herbert W., Ill '67, 

202 Cedar Ave., Gaithersburg, Md 217, 300 

Mumma, Robert Mann, II '68, 

Pennsboro Manor, Wormleysburg, Pa 206 

Murray, Steven M. '70, 

30 Tip Top Way, Berkeley Heights, N. J 230 

Myers, Eric Robert '68, 

28 Cedar Cliff Dr., Camp Hill, Pa 204 


Nay, Richard A. '69, 7520 Jervis St., Springfield, Va 231 

Neale, David F. '70, 4105 Charles Dr., Memphis, Tenn 238 

Nelson, Marsha Lynn '67, 

4 Brennon St., Westwood, Charleston, S. C 300 

Newlon, Thomas H. '69, 

1824 Highland Oaks Dr., Arcadia, Calif 205 

Newman, Steven R. '69, 136 31st St., N.W., Canton, Ohio 
Newton, Joseph Edward '67, 

22 Lockwood Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn 221, 300 

Nicoll, Phillip G. '70, 

4 Third St., Colorado Springs, Colo 241 

Nield, Thomas Vandoren '67, 

77 Chadwick Rd., Hillsdale, N. J 204, 300 

Noble, Roger F., Jr. '70, 1914 Enfield St., Camp Hill, Pa 241 

Nomina, James J. '69, 16008 4th St. E., St. Petersburg, Fla 228 

Norris, James B. '70, 2713 Wexford Rd., Columbus, Ohio 241 

Northrop, Thomas W., Jr. '70, 

333 E. 41st St., New York, N. Y 217 


Ohms, Edward W. '70, 1729 Dekalb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y 230 

Ordway, John G., Ill '70, 

Dellwood, White Bear Lake, Minn 219 


Packard, Robert Alan, Jr. '67, 

671 Chester Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 201 

Padgette, Robert Lewis '68, 

3172 Rockingham Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 205 

Page Kenneth T. '68, 186 High St., Wareham, Mass 199 

Parker, Robert R. '69, 3 Corona Dr., Bethpage, Long Island, N. Y. 
Patton, William Joseph '68, 

1008 Daniel St., Jacksonville, N. C 222 

Pelican, Anthony J. '70, 262 John St., S. Amboy, N. J 219 

Petty, Lee Davis, Jr. '68, 

3310 Monroe St., Columbia, S. C 203 

Phares, Robert Charles '68, 

150 N. Beverly Cr., Oak Ridge, Tenn 222 

Phelan, Robert A. '69, 31 Park Lane, Golf, 111. 

Pifcr, James L. '69, 3817 Somerset Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Pittard, Edwin Albert, Jr. '67, 

1285 Centreville Rd., Manassas, Va 218, 301 

Poe, Donald Bryce '68, 5314 Danville St., Springfield, Va. 
Poleski, David A. '69, RED 1, Box 154 Y, Holmel, N. J. 
Post, Phillip N. '68, 6203 Colmac Dr., Falls Church, Va. 
Powers, Ervin Townsend '67, 

825 W. Main St., Bennettsville, S. S 198, 302 

Powers, Thomas A. '69, 6133 Chickering Ct., Nashville, Tenn...208 
Pratt, Dennis K. '69, 3735 Leewood Lane, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Pribyl, Richard Edward '68, 80 Mason Dr., Metuchen, N. J...227 
Pringle, Ashmead F., Ill '67, 

32 S. Battery, Charleston, S. C 197, 302 

Pugh, Kenneth H. '70, 

1284 N.E. 94th St., Miami Shores, Fla 241 


Rabin, Randy D. '69, 3516 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 
Rairigh, Jonathan W. '69, 

3 Old South Lane, Andover, Mass 205 

Ramsey, Frederic M. '69, 

1025 Great Springs Rd., Rosemont, Pa 197 

Raynor, Charlotte B. '69, 323 Rivermont Dr., Spartanburg, S. C. 
Raynor, William L. '68, 4044 S.W. 8th St., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Reefe, Edward Michael '68, 

456 Alexander Palm Rd., Boca Raton, Fla 199 

Reid, Thomas A. '70, 1540 S.E. 10th St., Deerfleld Beach, Fla. 
Rice, Burton W. '69, 5904 Sedberry, Nashville, Tenn. 

Riley, James T. '69, 131 Academy Lane, Winchester, Va 216 

Roads, Michael Blaine '68, 

2731 N.E. 52nd St., Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Robert, Craig E. '70, 

Aronimink Arms Apt., Drexel Hill, Pa 235 

Robertson, Dan Greer '68, 1247 Terrace Dr., Salem, Va 207 

Robertson, Jock Dalberto '67, 

1212 Westgrove Blvd., Alexandria, Va 198, 303 

Robinson, Lindsay Opie '67, 

8000 Cameron Rd., Richmond, Va 250, 303 

Rockwood, Thomson W. '70, 

212 Carswell Lane, Glodsboro, N. C 239 

Rojas, Fernando R. '70, 825 S.W. 5th St., Miami, Fla 217 

Rose, Marvin Bruce, Jr. '67, 

1683 Mount Vernon Ave., Petersburg, Va 232, 303 

Roush, James E. '70, 540 Banyan Rd., Vero Beach, Fla 224 

Royall, Richard W. '69, Box 270, Lottsburg, Va 200 

Roznoy, Richard L. '70, 141 North Ave., Westport, Conn 222 

Rugh, William B. '69, 3410 Morkel Dr., Godfrey, 111 222 

Ruis, Robert G. '70, 1916 S. Ferncreck Ave., Orlando, Fla 230 

Ryder, Timothy White '68, 21 Sunset Dr., Summit, N. J 216 


Sabel, Richard S. '69, 11315 Frankstown Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa 232 

Schmitt, Walter H., Jr. '70, 271 Beaupre, Grosse Point, Mi...236 
Schoonover, Gary K. '69, 

5718 Tallahassee Ave., Rockville, Md 204 



Schoudt, Russell Lawrence '68, 

4801 Kenmore Ave., Alexandria, Va 224 

Scull, John Corson '68, 2 Milford Rd., Newport News, Va. 

Selden, Ramsey W. '70, 3317 Prosperity Ave., Fairfax, Va 236 

Shantz, Roger M. '69, Box 5681, Nassau, Bahamas 

Sharp, George H., Jr. '70, 102 N. Holden Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

Shelton, Charles A. '69, 1020 26th St., Newport News, Va. 

Sheron, Brian W. '69, 3 Cobb Court, Huntington, N. Y 216 

Shipp, Robert Turner '68, 2054 Kirby Rd., Mclean, Va. 
Shuford, Thomas W., Ill '68, 308 Third Ave., S.E., Lenoir, N. C. 
Sijthoff, Hendrik G. M. '67, 20 Mansion Place, Greenwich, Conn. 
Sikes, Walter Edwin '67, 

2424 Barry St., Charlotte, N. C 197, 304 

Simmons, David T. '70, Rt. 2, Box 31, Crestwood, Ky 236 

Simmons, Vaughan Paul '67, 

1140 Vista Trail, Atlanta, Ga 221, 304 

Size, Timothy K. '69, 

3287 Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley, Pa 216 

Sjoberg, Eric S. '70, 203 Pine Shadows Dr., Seabrook, Texas. .236 
Slater, Frank M. '67, 1730 Legion Dr., Winter Park, Fla. 

Smith, Byron C. '69, RFD 2, Easton, Maine 198 

Smith, Craig D. '70, 6012 Jennings Lane, Springfield, Va 241 

Smith, Jeffrey O. '69, 6001 Lux Lane, Rockville, Md 197 

Smith, Paul D. '69, 1601 Brooklyn Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich 227 

Smith, Ralph W. '68, 4632 Fairfax Ave., Dallas Texas 216 

Smith, Robert K. '70, 540 Miranda Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa 239 

Smith, Thomas R. '70, 308 Moring Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C...219 
Snell, Thomas E. '69, 2414 Cortland St., Waynesboro, Va. 

Snyder, David E. '70, 1312 BerryhiU St., Harrisburg, Pa 238 

Snyder, William G. '70, Box 517 Old Fort, N. C 236 

Soady, Edward D., Jr. '70, 

Box 500-U, FDR 8, Jacksonville, Fla 238 

Spencer, William T. '69, 

1508 Paula Dr., Silver Spring, Md 224 

Stanger, Richard M. '69, American Con., 

Fort de France, Martinique, French West Indies 232 

Stapleford, David C. '69, 338 S. Columbia St., Woodbury, N. J. 

Steckmest, Thomas Lee '69, 66 Beverly Dr., Rye, N. Y 204 

Stengl, Gary R. '67, Rt. 1, Box 314, Ooltewah, Tenn. 
Stetler, Peter Miles '68, 

6683 Woodchuck Hill Rd., RayetteviUe, N. Y 205 

Stiegman, Lloyd J. '70, 329 Sherwood Dr., N.E., Vienna, Va...240 
Stitt, James Roger '67, 

26603 N. Woodland Rd., Beachwood, Ohio 
Stokes, Roger William '67, 

467 Main St., W. Medway, Mass 226, 306 

Stromberg, Robert H. '70, 1621 Forest Lane, Mclean, Va 238 

Styers, Walter W. '69, 360 Lynn Ave., Winston-Salem, N.C 199 

Summers, Jack M., Jr. '70, 716 Baldwin Dr., Sumter, S. C 230 

Summers, Robert Taylor '68, 

1010 East 8th Ave., Johnson City, Tenn 204 


Takacs, Stephen G. '70, 

400 Wilson St., Phillipsburg, N. J 240 

Talbott, Thomas M. '69, 

2719 San Juan Loop, HoUoman AFB, New Mexico 200 

Tarkington, Richard E. '69, Box 388, Rour Oaks, N. C 227 

Taylor, Jeremy W. '68, 1211 S. 25th St., Arlington, Va. 

Taylor, Johnny C. '69, 908 Trade St., Tarboro, N. C 201 

Taylor, Richard S. '70, Sedgely Farms, Wilmington, Del 226 

Taylor, Steven H. '70, 3021 Loch Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 241 

Terry, Ronald E. '70, Main Rd., Orient, Long Island, N. Y 238 

Thomas, Larry Walter '67, Box 355, Beaufort, S. C 218, 306 

Thomas, Paul E. '69, Box 60, Etowah, N. C. 
Thompson, Richard M. '67, 

26 Valerie Dr., Greenville, S. C 232 

Thoms, Richard W. '69, 1172 Main St., Niagara, Wis. 

Tita, William T. '70, CDC Head Office, West Cameroon.. ..224 

Tompkins, James L. '69, 76 River St., Montgomery, N. Y 201 

Traylor, Ronald D. '70, Rt. 2, Clinton, S. C 240 

Tseng, Lorenzo S. W. '70, 

Tim E. Ed Co, Box 4, Jes Sabah, Malaysia 240 

Tuite, James P. '70, 9259 Vinewood Dr., Dallas, Texas 236 

Turnbull, Donald Hamilton '68, 

509 Highgate Terr., Silver Spring, Ma 218 

Turner, William C. '70, 3807 Delmont St., Richmond, Va 240 


Van Asselt, Robert L., Jr. '69, 

155 White Oak Dr., Lancaster, Pa 199 

Vandewater, William J. '68, 

201 Austin Ave., Staunton, Va 224 

Vaughn, William David '70, 

4357 Verona Ave., Jacksonville, Fla 230 

Verkler, Kenneth L. '70, 

64 Deacon Hill Rd., Stamford, Conn 227 

Vernon, Ferol B., Jr. '69, 

99 Wardwell Dr., New Canaan, Conn. 
Vickers, Ronald, Jr. '68, 

6809 Kirk Dr., Fort Worth, Texas 


Wackenheim, George E. '70, 

447 Central Park Dr., New Milford, N. J 236 

Waldman, Joel M. '70, 235 Albert Place, Elberon, N. J 236 

Walnes, Jack R. '69, 6706 Doane Ave., Springfield, Va 218 

Walters, David L. '70, 

2921 Phillips St., S. Charleston, West Va. 
Webb, William Calvin, Jr. '68, 9816 Shadydale Lane, Dallas, Tex. 

Welborn, H. Craig '67, Burlingame, Calif 308 

Wetmore, Robert E. '70, 

Three Sisters Rd., Rockville, Md 226 

Wheeler, William Henry '68, 

Limestone College, Gaffney, S. C 216 

White, Charles David '68, 

2217 Island Home Blvd., Knoxville, Tenn 231 

White, King P., Jr. '70, 

421 C Larchmont Acres, Larchmont, Ky 220 

Whitted, John T. '69, 

3710 Kirkless Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Whitted, Michael C. '69, 601 Potter Rd., Chesapeake, Va 218 

Wiesley, D. Bruce, Jr. '68, 

15 Shady Acres Rd., Darien, Conn. 
Wilkerson, Richard Nathan '68, 

MOQ 8 M C R D, Parris Island, S. C 217 

Wilkins, Jesse T. '69, 

1411 N. Jackson Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 218 

Wilkinson, Dale S. '70, 

Creole Petroleum Corp., Apt. 889, Caracas, Ven 236 

Wilkinson, Jerrv Coker '67, Rt. 2, Louisville, Tenn 201, 309 

Wilkinson, John C. '69, 1317 Duke Dr., Vinton, Va 208 

Williamson, Steven T. '69, 

8 Tower Lane, Old Greenwich, Conn. 199 

Wilson, Blake S. '70, 87 Thurston Terr., Glen Rock, N. J 222 

Wilson, George G., Ill '70, 400 4th St., Radford, Va. 
Withers, Alan William '68, 

928 N. Irving Hights Dr., Irving, Texas 222 

Witt, Eric V. '69, Rt. 1, Box 142, Manassas, Va 204 

Wollaeger, David Paul '68, 

565 Orchard Rd., Southern Pines, N. C 207 

Woodard, Thomas M. '69, 

742 Closter Dock Rd., Closter, N. J 199 

Woodbury, Max T. E. '70, 4008 Bristol Rd., Durham, N. C 232 

Woodward, Stephen C. '70, 

Hubbardston Rd., Princeton, Ma 223 


Young, James Albert '68, 474 Cary Dr., Auburn, Ala 201 


Zegeer, John D. '70, Box 606, Jenkins, Ky 237 



Abbott, Betty W. 70, 436 St. Nick Dr., Memphis, Tenn. 
Abernethy, Susan G. '70, 

1610 Vaughn Rd., Burlington, N. C 260 

Abke, Helen L. '67, 935 27th St., Orlando, Fla 257, 283 

Abrams, Judith Ellen '68, 7236 S.W. 55th Ave., Miami, Fla 260 

Acree, Jackie '67, 

1702 Council BlufF Dr., N.E., Atlanta 6, Ga 248, 283 

Adams, Mary E. '69, 5036 N. 25th St., Arlington, Va 261 

Adams, Sarah M. '70, Rt. 414 Hector, N. Y 247 

Addington, Ann Marie '67, 

327 Dover Rd., Carrsbrook, Charlottesville, Va 248, 283 

Adkinson, Margaret Jane, '68, 

5907 Welborn Dr., Washington 16, D. C 260 

Agan, Bonlyn E. '69, 1314 Pembroke Lane, Topeka, Kansas 260 

Aikens, Nancy '69, 698 Fernfield Cr., Wayne, Pa 258 

Aldridge, Virginia Kern '67, 

1106 Lafayette Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Alexander, Nancy J. '70, 1429 Marion Ct., Geneva, 111 260 

Alexander, Pamela Gay '67, Box 144, King, N. C 261, 283 

Alford, Tudith Eleanor '67, 

3 Wake Robin Road, Westport, Conn 257, 283 

Alland, Sandra '70, 5611 Ladd Rd., Suitland, Md 252 

Allen, Cora A. '70, P.O. Box 186 Louisburg, N. C 254 

Allen, Deanna Ruth '68, 15 Carnegie Ave., Huntington, N. Y. 
Allen, Margaret Ashby '67, 

213 Lock Lane, Richmond 26, Va 251, 283 

Allison, Nancy Elinor '67, 

342 Northwood Rd., Riverside, 111 257, 283 

Allred, Linda J. '69, 

1080 N. Leak St., Southern Pines, N. C 257 

Alter, Carol Ann '67, 3606 Brown Rd., Oregon, Ohio 258, 283 

Althouse, Sandra Louise '67, 

Yale Ave., Swarthmore, Pa 248, 283 

Anderson, Carol M. '69, 2020 Sunset Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Anderson, Jane Catherine '67, 

2845th USAF Hosp., Griffiss AFB, N. Y. 
Anderson, Nancy Ruth '68, 2020 Sunset Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Anderson, Sarah Graham '68, 

Physics Dept., The Citadel, Charleston, S. C. 252 

Andresen, Carol L. '70, 

1330 Woodlawn Rd., Glenview, 111 247 

Andrews, Andrea R. '69, 

2620 West St., Falls Church, Va 247 

Andrews, Karen L. '69, 219 S. Main, Mt. Gilead, N. C 260 

Angier, Lida R. '70, 

The Mountain Lodge, Flat Rock, N. C 252 

Anitas, Lale Fatma '68, 93 Summit St., Pawtucket, R. I. 
Arena, Roberta J. '70, 

1602 River Bluffs, Allenwood, N. J. 
Armstrong, Brenda E. '70, 

823 Leggett Rd., Rocky Mount, N. C 251 

Arnold, Carolyn M. '70, 2507 Burney Dr., Columbia, S. C 248 

Arnot, Adrienne '70, 1175 York Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Arthur, Kay Kristin '68, 

522 Shadowbrook Dr., Burlington, N. C 255 

Ashcraft, Jane E. '69, 

Biesalskistrasse 4A, 1 Berlin 37, W. Germany 249 

Austin, Ellen Vann '69, 1111 Oakland Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Austin, Emily H. '69, 

Apt. 2-C 100 Biscayne Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 
Avery, Sally J. '69, 54 Bayview Ave., Pt. Washington, N. Y 257 


Baar, Leslie Ann '68, 

987 Three Mile Rd., N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich 261 

Babcock, Catherine Ruth '68, 

979 Garden City Dr., Monroeville, Penn 248 

Bachelor, Edith L. '69, 1662 S.W. 18 Ave., Miami, Fla 252 

Bacon, Carol O. '69, Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Conn 247 

Badenhoop, Judith E. '69, 

Apt. 1026 Bricin St., Forest Hill Apts., Annapolis, Md 249 

Badger, Barbara B. '69, 1031 Ashland, River Forest, 111. 
Baglev, Nancy Lu '68, 

5353 Northside Dr., N.W., Atlanta 27, Ga. 
Bailey, Sharron Kay '68, 

125 Harbor View Lane, Largo, Fla 258 

Baily, Lorianne '67, 15 South Lane, Englewood, Col 257, 283 


Baird, Janet G. '70, 6021 Bonneau Rd., Richmond, Va 260 

Baker, Mary E. '70, 870 U.N. Plaza, New York City, N. Y. 
Balfour, Marcia E. '70, 

1900 Whispering Pine, Albany, Ga 258 

Ball, Anne Katharine '67, Geneva, 111. 
Baluss, Mary Eleanor '67, 

2315 Westdale Dr., Fayetteville, N. C 252, 284 

Barbour, Carol Goodwin '67, 

P.O. Box 489, Morganton, N. C 255, 284 

Barker, Jane C. '70, 

700 Bunkers Cove, Panama City, Fla 247 

Barker, Melinda D. '69, 

1930 W. 101 Place, Chicago, 111 248 

Barnes, Judith A. '70, Rt. 5, Box 115, Raleigh, N. C 261 

Barnes, Susan J. '69, 928 Hill St., Athens, Ga. 
Barnhill, Peggy Elaine '68, 

4790 S.W. 78 St., Miami 43, Fla 251 

Barron, Gene Gordon '68, 

1009 Townley Dr., Madison, Tenn 260 

Barron, Janice E. '67, 508 Riverside Dr., Morganton, N. C. 

Barthel, Carol Ann '68, 4 Morgan St., Wayne, N. J 255 

Bartholomes, Kathryn L. '70, 

607 Galloway Dr., Fayetteville, N. C 255 

Bassett, Pauline M. '70, 

7515 Creighton Dr., College Park, Md. 
Bassett, Sandra V. '68, 

13600 Sunset Canyon Dr., Albuquerque, N. M 255 

Batten, Pamela S. '70, 720 Sunset Dr., Smithfield, N. C 251 

Bauer, Marilyn '70, 110 Brighton Rd., Springfield, Ohio 261 

Baxt, Betty J. '70, 6023 Burgundy Rd., Dallas, Tex 248 

Bay, Barbara Ann '67, 

1499 Rivershores Way, Tampa 3, Fla 247, 284 

Bayly, Bryce M. '69, 33 Upshur Rd., Annapolis, Md 252 

Beach, Margaret A. '70, 130 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 247 

Beach, Roberta Kay '67, 

2319 Maplewood Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 248, 284 

Beaird, Marjorie A. '69, 7030 E. Ridge, Shreveport, La. 
Beale, Delores J. '67, 120 Benmore Dr., Winter Park, Fla. 

Beaver, Patricia D. '70, 25 Arthur Rd., Asheville, N. C 254 

Beck, Jean Marie '67, 

7438 Normandy Ln., Philadelphia 26, Pa 251, 284 

Beischer, Rose Marie '67, 

847 Gerhardt Dr., Pensacola, Fla 251, 284 

Bekaert, Marjorie D. '69, 

2704 Churchill Dr., Wilmington, N. C. 

Bell, Barbara E. '70, 905 Barton Woods Rd., Atlanta, Ga 255 

Bell, Susanna Marie '67, 

1203 Greenway Dr., High Point, N. C 248, 284 

Belton, Katherine Ann '68, 

2319 Shakespeare, Houston, Tex 252 

Belvin, Jeanne Love '67, 

19 Flinn Dr. Wymberley, Savannah, Ga 255, 284 

Bennett, Jo Alice '68, 135 Lookout Dr., Asheville, N. C. 
Bennett, Linda Gates '68, 

7 Lippincott Rd., Little Silver, N. J 257 

Benson, Barbara E. 4005 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Benton, Betty L. '69, 218 Lawndale Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Bentson, Barbara A. '70, 

26 Duxbury Ln., Longmeadow, Mass 248 

Berg, Barbara K. 3108 Woodbury Rd., Shaker Hgts., Ohio 251 

Berg, Patricia Gray '68, 1607 W. Tennessee, Midland, Tex. 
Berg, Sarah H. '70, 2055 Pt. Legere, Mobile, Ala. 
Berghorn, Linda Christine '68, 

5 Crestwood Dr., Chatham, N. J 261 

Bers, Ellen Sue '68, 175 Peyton Rd., York, Pa 260 

Bibb, Louise R. '67, 1545 Dairy Rd., Charlottesville, Va 258, 285 

Biggers, Barbara G. '70, 70 Fairway Dr., Asheville, N. C 257 

Billings, Ann H. '69, 3906 Woodlawn Dr., Nashville, Tenn 248 

Bimel, Natalie S. '70, 

2458 Rockwood Ct., Cincinnati B, Ohio 254 

Binns, Patricia '69, 5835 N. 19th St., Arlington, Va 260 

Birkness, Kristin A. '69, 2730 Chayes Ct., Homewood, 111 260 

Bisgard, Kathryn A. '69, 

691 W. Kathleen Dr., Des Plaines, 111 249 

Black, Carolyn K. '70, Rt. 2, Gold Hill, N. C 248 

Black, Linda L. '69, 4609 S. Delaware, Tulsa, Okla 248 

Blackmore, Alice C. '69, 

800 N. Stratford, Winston-Salem, N. C 261 



Blackmore, Elizabeth Anne '68, 

25 Lexington Dr., Livingston, N. J 257 

Black well. Tuppence H. '69, 

6812 Valley Brook Dr., Falls Church, Va 260 

Blasingham, Mary C. '70, 

4150 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind 252 

Blessing, Katharine Ann '68, 

6 Cherry Hill Dr., Waterville, Me 249 

Bobo, Martha A. '70, Rt. 1, Burlington, N. C 258 

Boehm, Bonnie L. '69, 850 Wynnewood Rd., Camp Hill, Pa 258 

Bogard, Rebecca L. '69, 

4765 Baptist Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa 255 

Bole, Roberta Susan '68, 39 Dan Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Bolinger, Janet Marie '68, 2 Overhills Dr., St. Louis, Mo. 
Booth, Lyndall Lee '67, 

1310 Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta, Ga 247, 285 

Borbely, Julia A. '70, 92 Guiden St., New Brunswick, N. J 254 

Bordeaux, Iris D. '69, Box 5183, Ingold, N. C 259 

Borders, Frances J. '69, 

518 Summit Dr., Greenville, S. C 262 

Boreman, Judith Ann '68, 

3474 Hawthorne Dr., S.W., Wantagh, N. Y. 
Botsford, Lydia Ware '68, 

1427 Ferncliff Rd., Charlotte, N. C 258 

Bouchard, Elaine M. '67, 

253 Hillside Ave., Springfield, N. J 251, 285 

Bouknight, Lillian Marie '67, 

326 N. Lucas St., W. Columbia, S. C 256, 285 

Bowers, Deborah L. '69, 

Rt. 3, Box 359, Gainesville, Fla 257 

Bowers, Elizabeth Ann '67, 

28 Oak Pk., Wheeling, W. Va 260, 285 

Bowers, Elizabeth J. '69, 

55 N. Gordon Way, Los Altos, Calif 256 

Bowles, Linda L. '70, 

Park Sumter Terr., #23, Shelby, N. C 256 

Boyarsky, Terry L. '70, 2713 Sevier St., Durham, N. C. 
Boylan, Kathleen F. '67, 

6 Dunleith Ct., New Orleans 18, La 252, 285 

Bradley, Nancy C. '68, 505 Gulf St., Sanford, N. C. 
Brady, Lucy Birnie '68, 25 Mark Ln., Portsmouth, R. I. 

Braley, Judith Ann '68, 1062 Fountainhead Dr., Largo, Fla 259 

Branch, Betty '69, Smelter Hill, Copperhill, Tenn 256 

Brandon, Diane L. '70, 

1710 Leon C. Simon Dr., New Orleans, La 259 

Brannon, Linda J. '70, 133 Hillbrook Dr., Spartanburg, S. C 257 

Braun, Kathleen '70, 

226 Ashby Ave., Charleston, W. Va 256 

Brecht, Susan M. '69, 900 B. St., Scott AFB, 111. 
Brennan, Judith M. '70, 

49 Hillcrest Rd., W. Caldwell, N. J 252 

Bressman, Barbara A. '69, R D 1, Tulli, N. Y 251 

Brewer, Nancy '69, 133 N. Irving St., Arlington, Va 252 

Brimm, Martha C. '68, 

A1095 N. Jamestown Rd., Decatur, Ga 252 

Brinkmeyer, Mary E. '67, 

5704 Rockmere Dr., Washington 16, D. C 260, 286 

Brittingham, Marion A. '68, 

358 Fordham Dr., Davtona Beach, Fla 259 

Broderson, Janet C. '68, 60 S. Main St., Pittsford, N. Y. 
Brooks, Suzanne B. '69, 41 Baldwin Ln., Glastonbury, Conn. 

Brown, Barbara A. '70, Box 1941, Ormond Beach, Fla 259 

Brown, Brenda C. '70, 625 Asheboro St., Greensboro, N. C 248 

Brown, Darlene E. '69, 401 Belleair Ln., Bristol, Va 247 

Brown, Helen K. '70, Box 82, Mt. UUa, N. C 262 

Brown, Joy A. '69, 

48 E. Washington Ave., Atlantic Highlands N. J 257 

Brown, Linda J. '68, 

27 Georgeff Rd., Rolling Hills, Calif 249 

Brown, Louise L. '67, 2415 Sharon Ln., Charlotte, N.C 256, 286 

Brown, Martha C. '70, 500 Ash St., Erwin, Tenn 249 

Brown, Pamela '69, 

48 Turtle Bake. W. Ln., New Canaan, Conn _ 259 

Brown, Sallie L. '67, 

6513 40th Ave., Univ. Park, HyattsviUe, Md 255, 286 

Brown, Sheila G. '67, 

611 W. Ridge Ave., Landis, N. C 247, 296 

Brown, Susan E. '69, 43 Arrowhead Way, Darien, Conn 252 

Brunazzi, Cecile '70, 2719 Wood St., Texarkana, Tex. 

Bryan, Yvonne M. '70, 217 Faculty Apts., Durham, N. C 255 

Buerger, Barbara C. '69, 283 Millwood Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y. 

Burch, Barbara A. '67, Rt. 4, Box 524, Edgewater, Md 251, 286 

Burcham, Genevieve R. '68, 138 Glan Park Ave., Gary, Ind. 
Burford, Frances H. '70, 

16 Highland Dr., Bowling Green, Ky 248 

Burgess, Rebecca H. '69, 

414 Blue Ridge Rd., Black Myn., N. C. 

Burke, Betty E. '67, 1832 Lexington, Houston 6, Tex 247, 286 

Burke, Maria I. '70, 9 Taft St., Marblehead, Mass. 
Butler, Katherine A. '67, 

20 Beardslee Rd., Somerville, N. J 255, 286 

Bvrne, Suzanne B. '67, 

542 Dickman Rd., Fort Bliss, Tex 249, 287 


Caine, Mauryne P. '70, 57 Beekman Rd., Summit, N. J 247 

Caldwell, Courtney L. '70, 

2539 N. Upland St., Arlington, Va 257 

Callaway, Catharine R. '70, 828 Anderson St., Durham, N. C. 
Cameron, Jean J. '67, 

2961 Manchester Rd., Shaker Hgts., Ohio 248, 287 

Camp, Gail '69, Wakefield Chapel Rd., Burke, Va 259 

Campbell, Karen Volz '67, 

1819 Woodfill Way, Louisville 5, Ky 263, 287 

Cannon, Eileen E. '70, 9933 S. Damen, Chicago, 111 252 

Caputo, Patricia J. '67, 

4621 W. Park Rd., Holly\vood Hills, Fla 256, 287 

Carder, Carolyn E. '69, 

2208 Divot Dr., St. Louis, Mo 251 

Cardwell, Nancy L. '69, 863 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Carlisle, Louise G. '67, 805 Main St., Tarboro, N. C 262, 287 

Carlson, Brenda J. '67, 

243 Hamilton Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y 256, 287 

Carlson, Leta S. '70, 

1774 65th St., St. Petersburg, Fla 248 

Carlton, Caroline D. '67, 

1644 Reynolds, Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 262, 287 

Carmichael, Mary L. '69, 

1223 Chickering Rd., Nashville, Tenn 247 

Carpenter, Judith L. '69, 

Ridgewood Rd., Attleboro, Mass 260 

Carson, Christina Y. '68, 

16 Essex PI., Bronxville, N. Y 249 

Carter, Lucille S. '68, McDonough Rd., Pikesville, Md. 
Cary, Janice K. '69, 

4825 Willow Woods Dr., Annandale, Va 257 

Castles, Elaine E. '67, 3935 Oakhill Dr., College Park, Ga. 
Caudill, Janet R. '70, 

#2 Swarthmore Ave., Charleston, W. Va 251 

Champion, Jane K. '67, 122 Layton Ave., Danville, Va 251, 287 

Chapman, Carol '68, 6207 Hardy Dr., McLean, Va. 
Chapman, Julia B. '69, 

132 MacArthur Ln., Tarrytown, N. Y 262 

Chase, Linda J. '69, 1715 Millard St., Bethlehem, Pa 252 

Chelius, Jane A. '67, 5253 Sycamore Ave., Riverdale, N. Y. 
Chenoweth, Anne S. '70, 

321 S. 19th St., Richmond, Ind 252 

Chepko, Bonita D. '70, 

85 W. Green St., Westminster, Md 259 

Cherry, Dianne K. '70, 

3420 Lewis Farm Rd., Raleigh, N. C _ 260 

Childs, Kathlynn E. '67, 

4007 Pine Brook Rd., Alexandria, Va 251, 287 

Chockley, Nancy D. '69, 

18106 Clifton Rd., Lakewood, Ohio 
Chotiner, Judith T. '69, 3419 E. Glasson St., Durham, N. C. 
Christy, Genevieve '69, 

1927 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Chunn, Clorinda '69, 

1002 Frankland Rd., Tampa, Fla 257 

Church, Frances D. '67, 3307 F. Mordecai, Durham, N. C. 

Clark, Carolyn J. '69, 101 E. Main St., Westminster, Md 248 

Clark, Theodosia D. '69, 25 Green Hill Rd., Madison, N. J. 
Clayton, Diane M. '68, 32 Tamarac Rd., Westport, Conn. 
Cleary, Geraldine R. '67, 

1856 San Marco Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla 255, 288 


Cobb, Linda J. '69, 206 E. Lawrence, Royal Oak, Mich 257 

Coble, Anna B. '69, 2602 Louis Dr., Tallahassee, Fla. 

Cochran, Georgia C. '70, 3208-27th St., Lubbock, Tex 252 

Cockram, Carol A. '70, 6212 N. 28th St., Arlington, Va 254 

Cockrilt Betty B. '68, 

1810 Susquehannock Dr., McLean, Va 252 

Cody, Carolyn '69, 3543 Woodhaven Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Coe, Katharine B. '69, 6 Hobby Dr., Ridgefield, Conn. 
Cohen, Donna L. '69, Rt. 1, Box 214, Fallston, Md. 

Cohn, Jacqueline E. '70, 1528 S. 24 Ave., Hollywood, Fla 254 

Colburn, Barbara A. '70, Staff Residence, Helmuth, N. Y 249 

Cole, Elizabeth A. '70, 

2903 Milton Rd., Middletown, Ohio 252 

Cole, Stella J. '68, 2723 Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C 251 

Cole, Susan A. '68, 313 Mt. View Dr., Charleston, W. Va 256 

Collier, Vivian '67, 1 Birdsall, Houston 7, Tex 256, 288 

Collins, Catherine E. '70, 

14 Country Club Rd., Birmingham, Ala 254 

Collins, Myra L. '68, Rt. 3, Marshville, N. C. 
Colton, Elizabeth L. '70, 

251 Loring Ave., Pelham, N. Y 262 

Colwell, Carolyn K. '67, 

1088 Kenneth Dr., Lakewood 7, Ohio 260, 288 

Compere, Catherine L '67, 

29 N. Washington Cr., Lake Forest, 111. 

Compton, Susan V. '67, 6 Beekman Terr., Summit, N. J 248, 288 

Conant, Marsha N. '69, 

1502 Brandywine Blvd., Wilmington, Del. 

Conklin, Andrea R. '68, 10854 Stanmore Dr., Potomac, Md 259 

Connell, Patricia K. '69, 

130 Marcella Rd., Wilmington, Del 247 

Conner, Elaine L. '69, 1657 Sylvan Rd., Atlanta, Ga 251 

Contole, Julie T. '70, 

1760 Delaware Ave., N.E., St. Petersburg, Fla 248 

Conyers, Anne M. '70, 385 Godwin Ave., Ridgewood, N. J 251 

Cook, Darby L. '69, 256 Bradley Rd., Bay Village, Ohio 
Cooke, Cindy L. '69, 

3124 Battersea Ln., Alexandria, Va 260 

Cooper, Barbara J. '69, 2413 Prince St., Durham, N. C 263 

Cope, Diane A. '70, Cope, S. C 262 

Copeland, Judith C. '69, 

330 S. Main St., Wake Forest, N. C 259 

Corbell, Dee '68, 3100 Minart Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Cornwell, Elizabeth L. '69, 

Sugarberry Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C 251 

Correll, Alma J. '70, Box 912, Concord, N. C 256 

Cosier, Constance H. '67, 181 S. Dawson Ave., Columbus, Ohio 

Cottle, Martha M. '70, 1006 Forest Dr., Wooster, Ohio 251 

Court, Sarah L. '68, 608 Pollard Pk., Williamsburg, Va 256 

Covey, Eunice G. '67, 5001 New Kent Rd., Richmond 25, Va. 
Cowart, Dorothy A. '67, 

18 Blackland Rd., N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga 249, 288 

Cowdrick, Cheryl A. '70, 

111 Nottingham Rd.. Romsey, N. J 260 

CowgiU, Carol A. '68, 7228 Millwood Rd., Bethesda, Md 262 

Cozart, Sally W. '70, 

216 Pine St., Fuquay Springs, N. C 249 

Craft, Alice M. '69, 

4826 Drummond Ave., Chevy Chase, Md 256 

Craig, Margaret C. '67, 816 N. St., McComb, Miss 247, 288 

Crampton, Victoria E. '69, 

3725 W. Barrett, Seattle, Wash. 
Crane, Katherine A. '69, 

18 DeKalb Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 
Crater, Helen G. '67, 12 Parkway Dr., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 
Crawford, Jacqueline Ann '67, 

18440 Caribbean Blvd., Miami, Fla 263, 288 

Crommelin, Kathryn S. '69, 

2743 Hampton Rd., Rocky River, Ohio 251 

Cross, Katherine L. '70, 

314 Golf Course Rd., Owings Mills, Md 257 

Crosson, Virginia S. '69, 

41 Bellevue Ave., Summit, N. J. 
Crowder, Janice L. '69, 

6312 Wiscassett Rd., Washington, D. C 248 

Crowell, Dale J. '68, 339 Buna Rd., Ft. Lee, Va 252 

Crutcher, Martha S. '67, 

895 Oak Valley Ln., Nashville 4, Tenn 257, 289 

Cunning, Katharine G. '69, 

General Delivery, Lake Toxaway, N. C 257 

Currie, Mary C. '69, 12 Rosedale Rd., W. Hartford, Conn 249 

Curtis, Judith M. '69, Rt. 5, Chinquapin, Greenwood, S. C 249 


Daetwyler, Martha L. '70, 2965 Stepp Dr., Columbia, S. C 260 

Dalton, Mary M. '70, 200 Church Rd., Winnetka, 111 248 

Dame, Dianne E. '69, 

1115 Savoy St., San Diego, Calif 257 

Dame, Suzanne P. '69, 1115 Saboy St., San Diego, Calif 248 

Danahy, Susan A. '68, 412 Wildwood Dr., Pearisburg, Va. 
Danielson, Margaret J. '69, 

220 Overlook Dr., Greenwich, Conn. 
Darland, Jane C. '67, 

839 First St., N.W., Mason City, Iowa 252, 289 

Darnell, Sue E. '70, 

1608 Division Ave., Lutherville, Md 248 

Darr, Frances P. '67, Box 235, Sparta, N. C 259, 289 

Darr, Judy A. '69, 59 Twin Brook Dr., Stamford, Conn 250 

Davis, Holly W. '67, 

3308 W. Franklin St., Richmond 21, Va. 

Davis, Julie A. '68, 10203 Candlewood Dr., Houston, Tex 248 

Davis, Mary A. '68, 3785 Castlegate Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 254 

Davis, Pamela C. '68, 

723 N. Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 255 

David, Patricia E. '70, 

235 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Day, Carolyn E. '70, 2910 Hanes Ave., Richmond, Va 259 

Day, Marianne L. '69, 638 Hillside Ave., Elmhurst, 111. 
Deal, Mary Christina '68, 3817 Startford, Dallas 5, Tex. 
Dean, Barbara '68, 

1349 Lenox Rd., S.E., Grand Rapids 6, Mich 248 

Deats, Frances A. '70, 

106 Berkeley St., W. Newton, Mass 262 

Dedmond, Susan A. '70, 

706 Penarth Rd., Spartanburg, S. C 257 

Deegan, Sandra J. '67, 

2717 W. Harvard St., Santa Ana, Calif 255, 289 

Deibel, Mary L. '70, 

3725 Dogwood Ln., S.W., Roanoke, Va 262 

Dejager, Gretchen E. '68, 

818 Lancewood Ct., Cincinnati 43, Ohio 250 

Delany, Dorothy P. '68, Pickens St., Joanna, S. C 262 

Dell-Ross, Patricia J. '70, 9925 S.W., 139th St., Miamia, Fla 254 

Deloney, Patty L. '70, 

3108 Forrest Park Ave., Nashville 12, Tenn 252 

Demuro, Deborah '67, Boonton Ave., Kinnelon, N. J 289 

Denman, Joyce M. '68, 

6 Lakeview Dr., The Grove, Mt. Pleasant, S. C. 
Denton, Dianna L. '67, 

5474 Lorraine Dr., Camp Springs, Md 262, 289 

DeVyver, Mary Elizabeth '67, 

123 Caterson Terr., Hartsdale, N. Y 252, 289 

Dewalt, Jane D. '68, 

Beaver Hill, Apt. B-26, Jenkintown, Pa 247 

Dick, Frances C. '67, 

3005 Norwich Way, Durham, N. C 255, 290 

Dickinson, Anne-Marie '69, RFD Box 139, Fredericksburg, Va. 
Dillard, Sandra J. '69, 

609 W. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C 255 

Divine, Jennie Lou '67, 

2027 Faculty Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 257, 290 

Dixon, Antoinette Lynn '68, 

346 E. L St., Chula Vista, Calif 256 

Dodds, Ann M. '67, 

6054 Waggoner Dr., Dallas 30, Tex 252, 290 

Doggett, Abigail '68, 504 S. Lake Ave., Lakeland, Fla. 
Dommerich, Rosemary J. '67, 

6910 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables 46, Fla 250, 290 

Donald, Alice W. '70, 527 Hillyer Rd., Anniston, Ala 260 

Donker, Mary A. '69, 313 Weatherbee Rd., Baltimore, Md. 
Donnell, Ann E. '70, 

1207 Whitebridge Hill, Winnetka, 111 251 

Donohue, Mary V. '68, 2226 Hartzell, Evanston, 111. 
Dornberger, Janet R. '70, 

10 Hathaway Ln., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 



Dornseif, Carol '69, 1359 Thomas Rd., Wayne, Pa 259 

Dorsett, Marion N. '67, Box 52, Mt. Gilead, N. C 248, 290 

Dotson, Barbara B. '68, 

97706 Geranium St., Bethesda 34, Md 247 

Dresser, Anita E. '68, 5000 Allen Rd., Charlotte, N. C 260 

Druse, Mary J. '68, 3019 N. Chatham St., Racine, Wise 256 

Dubois, Mary '67, 

95 Avenue Des Ternes, Paris 17, France 290 

Duckworth, Diana L. '69, 

1435 Northw-ood Cr., Lynchburg, Va 262 

Dudley, Ann F. '70, 

313 SpringAvater Ln., New Canaan, Conn 256 

Duffey, Mary E. '70, Sunset Dr., Denton, Md 251 

Dulaney, Ruth M. '69, 997 Citadel Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 

Duncan, Trilby M. '70, 1 Halealii Rd., Honolulu, Hi 251 

Dunford, Diane '67, 

910 N. Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Dunitz, Rebecca '68, 414 Old Mill Rd., Easton, Pa 259 

Dunlap, Louise C. '68, 1209 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, Pa 252 

Dunn, Mary E. '67, 70 Minnisink Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 

Dutko, Paula H. '67, 26 Reiners Rd., Little Falls, N. J 257, 290 

Dysart, Mary L. '69, 3401 Caldwell Dr., Raleigh, N. C 256 

Dyson, Paulette K. '70, 120 Jones Franklin, Raleigh, N. C 254 


Eagan, Phyliss M. '69, 159 E. Oakridge Pk., Metairie, La. 
Earle, Mary E. '67, 

307 Mimosa Dr., Greensboro, N. C 250, 290 

Earnhardt, Ann E. '69, 

310 Ingleside Dr., Fredericksburg, Va 256 

Ebert, Sally T. '67, 216 Spring Valley, Wilmington, Del. 

Eblen, Anna L. '69, Cedar Ln., Rt. 2, Arden, N. C 262 

Eck, Linda A. '67, 

314 Broadmoor Rd., Baltimore 12, Md 260, 290 

Edgerton, Jane E. '67, RR 3, Marion, Ind 256, 290 

Edwards, Catherine S. '69, 318 Trimble Rd., Joppa, Md 262 

Edwards, Jill '69, 1199 E. River St., Elyria, Ohio 

Edwards, Judith A. '70, 

5405 Brillwood, Cincinnati 43, Ohio 247 

Edwards, Judith Austin '70, 3 Whiton Ave., Hingham, Mass. 
Eichert, Martha Jane '67, 

2847 Lincoln St., Hollywood, Fla 259, 290 

Eierman, Barbara E. '70, 

860 Hersdale Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich 254 

Ellington, Elizabeth G. '67, RED 1, Kittrell, N. C 256, 290 

Ellis, Deborah L. '70, 6427 Fair Oaks Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Ellis, Susan E. '69, 1514 S. Delaware, Springfield, Mo. 
Emerson, Margaret J. '70, 

1505 Pacific Ave., Natrona Hgts., Pa 248 

Emerson, Sandra L. '69, 340 Swift Ave., Charleston, S. C. 

Enfield, Lucy E. '68, 6344 Wake Forest, Houston, Tex 248 

Engel, Susan J. '68, 2501 Wrightwood Ave., Durham, N. C 247 

English, Marion E. '70, 

2908 Macon St., S. Charleston, W. Va 252 

Ennis, Kathleen M. '69, 62 Bridge St., Lexington, Mass. 

Erlanger, Peggy R. '68, 34 Gail Dr., Waterbury, Conn 255 

Ervin, Sarah R. '67, 2035 Sharon Ln., Charlotte, N. C 247, 290 

Evans, Nancy E. '69, 750 Harrison Ave., Boston, Mass 250 

Everhart, Margaret S. '68, 3107 Lincoln St., Camp Hill, Pa. 

Ewing, Catherine M. '70, 1834 Waverland Cr., Macon, Ga 248 

Eyler, Mary E. '69, 120 Sherwood Dr., Hopewell, Va 257 


Fagan, Brenda L. '67, 

17851 Minnehaha St., Granada Hills, Calif 260, 290 

Fain, Deborah '69, 115 Henderlite St., Salisbury, N. C 262 

Fallis, Sara J. '68, 1519 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C 256 

Farmer, Elizabeth B. '68, 

1011 Country Club Dr., Greensboro, N. C 252 

Farmer, Jeanette W. '68, 37 Putnam Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Farmer, Ruth B. '70, 37 Putnam Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 257 

Farmer, Sally A. '70, 609 Windsor Dr., Birmingham, Ala 248 

Feder, Elizabeth H. '70, 

U.S. Naval Hosp. Qtrs B., Charleston, S. C 256 

Feeney, Dorothy L. '67, 

1633 Oakdale Rd., Charlotte 8, N. C 247, 290 

Fenelon, Christine '70, 200 Pineville Rd., Spartanburg, S. C 252 

Few, Ellen H. '69, 208 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C 255 

Field, Julia D. '70, 1014 Castleton Way, Lexington, Ky 262 

Fischer, Cindy A. '70, 79 Connecticut Ave., Freeport, N. Y 253 

Florv, Katherine K. '68, 

3301 Eastburn Rd., Charlotte 10, N. C. 

Folin, Claire F. '70, 42 Meadow PI., Rye, N. Y 262 

Foote, Sally H. '68, American Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden. -.257 
Forrester, Sandra N. '67, 

3055 Seminole Rd., Atlantic Beach, Fla 248, 290 

Forrester, Teresa L. '68, 4502 Ferncroft Cir., Tampa, Fla 251 

Fortune, Deborah A. '70, 

7009 Hampshire Dr., KnoxviUe, Tenn 253 

Foster, Jean S. '69, 410 Verbena Ave., Foley, Ala. 257 

Fowble, Barbara L. '68, 2116 York Rd., Timonium, Md 247 

Fowlkes, Martha L. '70, 

224 S.W. 11th Ct., Pompano Bch., Fla 250 

Fox, Gail M. '69, 605 Currituck Dr., Raleigh, N. C 247 

Fox, Susan S. '69, 67 Ingalls Rd., Ft. Monroe, Va 260 

Franklin, Emily K. '67, 2605 Wade Ave., Raleigh, N. C 256, 291 

Fraser, Linda S. '67, 

287 Bradley Rd., Bay Village, Ohio 249, 291 

Frederick, Constance '68, Box 327, Rancho Sante Fe, Cal 251 

Freeman, Judith L. '68, 110 S. Layton Ave., Dunn, N. C 262 

Freeman, Phyllis K. '70, 

1101 University Ave., Palo Alto Cal 254 

French, Christie C. '68, Norris Rd., Denville, N. J 260 

Froeber, Sarah M. '68, 

227 Roslyn Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 248 

Frost, Marsha L. '70, 273 Eastside Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 
Fruitstone, Helen A. '70, 

1512 Robbia Ave., Coral Gables, Fla 250 

Fudge, Mary B. '68, Rt. 3, Hillsborough, N. C 250 

Fulchiero, Anita G. '70, 9 Laurel Hill Dr., Niantic, C 254 

Fuller, Cheryl L. '68, 

1776 Lincoln Way E., Chambersburg, Pa 250 

Fullerton, MaryEllen A. '68, 

2722 N. Yucatan St., Arlington, Va 262 

Fulton, Penelope '68, 

1717 Alta Mura Rd., Pacific Palisades, Cal 260 


Gailey, Irma, J. '68, 62 Chenocetah Dr., Cornelia, Ga 259 

Galbraith, Jennet O. '69, 1014 Anderson St., Durham, N. C. 
Gallagher, Helen F. '68, 

1906 N.W. 36th Ct., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 250 

Gallman, Donna M. '70, 3927 Sheridan Dr., Charlotte, N. C 253 

Galloway, Jo A., 105 Pine Lane, Chapel Hill, N. C 256 

Gait, Susan T., '67, 

2041 Bali Road, Cocoa Beach, Florida 262, 292 

Gardiner, Constance S., '69, Wandering Ln., Mocksville, N. C. 
Gardiner, Judith K., '67, 

5506 Druid Ln., Dallas, Tex 256, 292 

Gardner, Mary R., '68, 601 Hyde Park Ave., Durham, N. C 263 

Garner, Alice L., '67, 210 Lakeshore Dr., Rome, Ga. 
Garrett, Patricia L., '67, 

1104 S. Shannon Ave., Indialantic, Fla _ 250 

Garvin, Patricia C, '70, 

4608 Amherst Rd., College Park, Md _ 253 

Garvin, Virginia M., '69, 

4608 Amherst Rd., College Park, Md 248 

Gates, Mary K., '69, 970 Park Ave., New York, N. Y 251 

Geier, Gail E. '68, 4036 Overbrook Ct., Nashville 4, Tenn 259 

Gentithes, Cynthia, '69, 2505 E. Market, Warren, Ohio 251 

Gerald, Ann '69, 1802 N. Elm St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Geren, Natasha '68, American Embassy, APO, New York 250 

Gesecus, Jean M. '70, 10 Nassau St., Massapequa, N. Y 260 

Gibson, Russell D. '69, 51 Avista Cr., St. Augustine, Fla 257 

Gilchrist, Linda '69, 4006 Terrace Dr., Annadale, Va 255 

Giles, Donna L., '69, 344 Lansbury Dr., Danville, Va. 
Giles, Elizabeth G. '67, 

11010 Gainsborough Rd., Potomac, Md 263, 292 

Giordano, Patricia M. '69, 

79 Newark Ave., Bloomfield, N. J 257 

Glssen, Elizabeth '70, 30 Concord St., Westbury, N. Y 259 

Gitenstein, Rose B. '70, Box 206, Florala, Ala 256 

Gleaton, Sara F. '70, 206 Woodroff Rd., Newport News, Va 254 


Glendinning, Carol I. 70, 8 Riverfield Dr., Westport, Conn. 
Glover, Linda K. '69, 5060 Silver Hill Ct.-Apt., Suttland, Md. 

Glover, Miriam A. '69, 1680 Adams St., Macon, Ga 257 

Gnuse, Mary K. '67, 

2614 Strathmore Lane, Bethel Park, Pa 262, 292 

Godwin, Jane C. '68, 510 N. Mendenhall St., Greensboro, N. C. 
Goethals, Marion M. '68, 2737 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Gohdes, Dorothy M. '68, St. Marks Rectory, Highland, Md. 
Goldstein, Edvthe J., '69, 421 Wavland Ave., Providence, R. L..260 
Gondek, Diana S. '70, 

U.S. Army Sect. JUSMAGG, APO, N. Y 260 

Goodwin, Nancy S. '70, 20 Homesdale Rd., Bronxville, N. Y...250 

Gosnell, Katharine A. '68, 803 N. Siemens, Monticello, Ark 251 

Graffy, Linda B. '68, 4224 Ben Gunn Rd., Virginia Beach, Va...262 
Gragg, Judith L. '67, 

3361 Northwood Dr., Memphis, Tenn 248, 292 

Grant, Cheryl E. '68, 15158 Beech Valley N.E., Atlanta, Ga 254 

Graves, Denyse L. 1375 Pinecrest Rd., Spartanburg, S. C 253 

Graves, Pamela Ann. '68, 

1401 Trevalley Rd., Wilmington 3, Del 259 

Gray, Rebecca A. '70, 201 N. Main St., Petal, Ms 262 

Grcich, Mary M. '68, RR. 4, Box 347, Valparaiso, Ind 262 

Green, Jade N. '67, 

872 Caledonia Ave., Cleveland Hgts. 12, Ohio 

Green, Jo A. '69, 281 E. Dayton, Fairborn, Ohio 262 

Green, Kathleen E. '68, 486 W. Overbrook St., Largo, Fla 255 

Green, Martina E. '70, 486 W. Overbrook St., Largo, Fla 257 

Green, Mary F., 328 Sims Ave., Columbia, S. C. 
Greenlee, Sally K. '70, 

3686 Rawnsdale Rd., Shaker Hgts., Ohio 253 

Gregory, Linda J. '69, 3024 Covenant Rd., Columbia, S. C. 

Griffin, Karen L. '70, 6913 Southridge Dr., McLean, Va 256 

Griffith, Beverly C. '68, 

1041 Sunset Dr., Lake Wales, Fla 248 

Griffith, Gail '69, 2095 Burton Plaza Ln., Atlanta, Ga. 

Groce, Mary A. '69, Rt. 2, Silas Ct., Winston-Salem, N. C 256 

Grogan, Marian H. '69, 46 Steeplechase Rd., Devon, Pa 259 

Groves, Nancy L. '70, 115 Westvvood Rd., New Haven, Conn. 
Gruy, Mary L. '69, Box 957, Beeville, Tex. 
Gunther, Jeannette M. '70, 

11 Dieskau St., Lake George, N. Y 251 

Gurkin, Janet E. '67, 3021 Medlin Dr., Raleigh, N. C 255, 293 

Guth, Gloria J. '69, 116 Oklahoma Ave., Oak Ridge, Tenn 260 

Guthrie, Rose P. '70, 1000 Textile Rd., Spartanburg, S. C 260 


Haberstick, Kathy F. '67, 

2183 Garrick Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa 256, 293 

Hagaman, Barbara D. '70, 220 Edgewood Dr., Boone, N. C 256 

Hales, Celia E. '68, 805 Church St., Zebulon, N. C 253 

Hall, Patricia E. '67, 

6252 S.W. 50th St., Miami 55, Fla 260, 293 

Halliday, Laurie A. '69, 

7341 Overbrook Dr., St. Louis, Md 250 

Hamby, Sandra A. '67, Rt. 1, Dobson, N. C 259, 293 

Hamill, Martha J. '69, 1106 W. 43rd St., Richmond, Va. 
Hamilton, Elizabeth K. '67, 326 Hurstgreen Ln., Alvin, Tex. 
Hamm, Nancy A. '68, 629 Countess Ln., Yardley, Pa. 

Hamrick, Florence C. '68, 600 Petty St., Gaffney, S. C 248 

Hanabury, Susan J. '68, 

4201 Mason Ridge Dr., Annandale, Va 256 



Hancock, Ellen P. '69, 27 Tide Mill Ln., Hampton, Va 251 

Hand, Phyllis E. 70, 5 Jason Lane, Mamaroneck, N. Y 262 

Hanks, Shirley T. 70, 1810 Glendale Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Hanson, Lucy '69, 4200 Harding Rd., Nashville, Tenn 247 

Harbin, Sadie K. '68, 801 Lexington Ave., Cayce, S. C 247 

Hardy, Diane H. '67, C/O Intercol, Apt. Aereo 3533 

Hargan, Carol S. '69, 4008 St. Germaine Ct., Louisville, Ky 259 

Harkness, Mary J. '70, 

Apart Postal #669, Cuer Moreles, Mexico 247 

Harkness, Nancy J. '70, 

Apart Postal #669, Cuer Morelos, Mexico 247 

Harkrader, Sarah G. '68, 

1315 Crescent Dr., Mt. Airy, N. C 247 

Harlan, Roberta D. '67, 

27 Garden Rd., Columbus 14, Ohio 248, 293 

Harmanson, Betsy H. '67, 

3607 N. Nelson St., Arlington 7, Va 257, 293 

Harrell, Elaine A. '69, 19 Silber Ave., Bethpage, N. Y 248 

Harriman, Connie S. '70, 

301 Palm Circle, Lake City, Fla 253 

Harrington, Sarah '70, 6500 Dryden Dr., McLean, Va 253 

Harris, Allison B. '70, Box 286, Albemarle, N. C 257 

Harris, Doris A. '69, 1608 Jackson St., Durham, N. C. 
Harris, Frances E. '69, 

P.O. Box 6023 Brentwood, Pensacola, Fla. 

Harris, Marilyn '70, 4764 Mystic Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga 256 

Harris, Mary H. '67, 4411 Cherry St., Erie, Pa 293 

Harris, Mary M. '67, 916 Plum St., Durham, N. C 263 

Harrison, Margaret H. '68, 

2324 Duke University Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Harrison, Velma G. '69, 

211 Smithwick St., Williamston, N. C 253 

Harting, Patricia M. '70, 23 Conway Ln., Ladue 24, Mo 257 

Hartsfield, Anne W. '68, 

135 W. Sycamore Ave., Wake Forest, N. C 247 

Harvey, Janice L. '68, 54 Keswick Rd., Buffalo 26, N. Y 257 

Harvey, Nancy S. '69, 231 Hector Ave., Metairie, La 259 

Hasskamp, Kristi M. '69, 

405 Lakeshore Drive, Bennettsville, S. C 262 

Hastings, Elizabeth A. '68, 288 Spring Ave., Glen Ellyn, 111. 

Hatchell, Janice M. '68, P.O. Box 289, Lumberton, N. C 250 

Haugk, Isabella K. '70, 120 Oak St., Lincroft, N. J. 
Hauser, Sandra L. '70, 

853 Kenvvick Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 256 

Havens, Cynthia J. '69, 

219 Palisade Ave., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y 247 

Haverfield, Marcia M. '67, 

1809 Clifton Rd., Lakewood 7, Ohio 256, 293 

Haynes, Katherine D. '67, 

6454 Westlake, Dallas 14, Tex 262, 294 

Hays, Frances P. '69, 924 Brunswick Ln., Rockledge, Fla 250 

Haywood, Loula F. '69, 3512 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C.-.262 
Head, Mary Corinna '68, 1003 Urban Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Healy, Julie M. '68, 400 Tun Law, Washington, D. C. 

Heard, Elizabeth R. '70, Merriman Rd., Sewickley, Pa 260 

Hearn, Memri D. '70, 231 Tara Trl., Atlanta, Ga 257 

Heath, Linda J. '69, 7718 Viceroy St., Springfield, Va. 
Hebblewhite, Mary C. '67, 

52 Interlochen Dr., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 256, 294 

Heidtman, Susan G. '69, 7703 Meadowglen Dr., Orlando, Fla. 

Hellmers, Rosemary L. '70, 1012 Norwood, Durham, N. C 247 

Helm, Gail A. '69, 969 N. Longfellow St., Arlington, Va 251 

Henderson, Ann M. '69, 

Faith Hill Rd., 2, Bethany, New Haven, Conn 255 

Henderson, Margaret A. '68, Rt. 4, Mooresville, N. C 256 

Henley, Charlotte A. '68, 25 E. 54th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Henney, Susan Jeannette '67, 

2395 Kensington Dr., Columbus, Ohio 251, 294 

Henry, Sally M. '70, 109 S. Florida Rd., Mattydale, N. Y 260 

Henslee, Judith G. '67, 

8 Undercliff Terrace N, West Orange, N. J 248 

Hensley, Patricia '67, 

2027 Flamingo Dr., San Antonia 9, Tex 251, 294 

Henyey, Gayle L. '70, 4301 Burger Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 260 

Herlocker, Betty '68, 1426 White Oak Ave., Albemarle, N. C...253 

Herring, Monnie T. '68, 600 L. Ave., Cayce, S. C 257 

Herrmann, Wendy E. '67, Avon Light, Oxford, Md 247, 294 

Heyman, Leslie A. '68, 1216 Woodburn Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Hiatt, Jean E. '68, 1519 Brooklyn Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich 260 

Hickenbottom, Nancy L. '70, 

20 Bellegrove, Upper Montclair, N. J 257 

Hicks, Donna J. '69, 

86 River Dr., Bay Ridge, Annapolis, Md 260 

Hiemstra, Sherron L. '70, 1829 Campbellton Rd., Atlanta, Ga...260 

Higgins, Beverly A. '68, 5305 Greenland Rd., Atlanta, Ga 257 

Hilderbrandt, Sallie E. '70, 

5301 Glenham Dr., Charlotte, N. C 250 

Hilder, Mary J. '70, 

2682 Endsleigh Dr., Birmingham, Mich 260 

Hill, Constance A. '68, 1131 Pinewood Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa 260 

Hill, Elizabeth E. '68, 3005 Argonne Dr., Atlanta, Ga 247 

Hill, Mary L. '68, 3815 Claridge Rd., Mobile, Ala 254 

Himadi, Linda L. '69, 720 Belmont Rd., Ridgewood, N. J 250 

Hinson, Sara P. '67, Box 356, Rowland, N. C. 
Hobson, Sara P. '67, Box 356, Rowland, N. C. 

Hobson, Joyce A. '68, 225 E. 15th St., Richmond, Va 247 

Hodge, Susan I. '67, 6014 Lomack Ct., Alexandria, Va 253, 294 

Hoffner, Linda C. '69, 5613 Charing PI., Charlotte, N. C 256 

Hokanson, Kristina M. '69, 1861 E. Fox Ln., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hollenbeck, Mary '68, 42nd Ave., Gloversville, N. Y. 
Holloway, Susan C. '68, 7409 Old Dominion Dr., McLean, Va. 

Holmquist, Julie B. '69, 2624 Norwood Dr., Rockford, 111 253 

Holshouser, Carolyn V. '70, 261 Ashley Rd., Charlotte, N. C 262 

Holt, Janet L. '68, 715 W. 33rd St., Richmond, Va 262 

Holzapple, Lynn '69, 2712 S. Ives St., Arlington, Va 257 

Homer, Lauren B. '67, 

66 Highbrook Ave., Pelham, N. Y 260, 295 

Honeycutt, Judith C. '68, Rt. 1, Box 221, Troutman, N. C. 
Hoover, Jane W. '69, 537 Evanswood PI., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Hoover, Judith E. '70, 537 Evanswood PI., Cincinnati, Ohio....248 
Hopkins, Elizabeth A. '70, 

Meadow Estates, Wheeling, W. Va 251 

Hopkins, Vera K. '69. 570 Bob-O-Link Dr., Lexington, Ky 251 

Horn, Judith C. '67, 

25 Westorehand Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y 255, 295 

Horn, Kathy M. '69, 818 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C. 

Horton, Vangie M. '69, 322 Wingrave Dr., Charlotte, N. C 248 

Horwitz, Patricia G. '67, 

1650 Pelham Rd., Atlanta, Ga 262, 295 

Howard, Bertie R. '69, 

Box 1858 State College, Orangeburg, S. C 260 

Howard, Penny D. '67, 2320 Huron Cr., Durham, N. C...248, 295 

Howe, Doria W. '70, 180 Long Neck Pt., Darien, Conn 254 

Hudson, Laura L. '70, 3914 Jackson Blvd., Birmingham, Ala. 
Hultgren, Claudia R. '70, 

2160 Princeton Ave., St. Paul, Minn 262 

Hultman, Tamela J. '68, 902 Peach Blossom Ave., Cambridge, Md. 

Humphrey, Sue K. '68, 7902 Kentbury Dr., Bethesda, Md .248 

Humphreys, Josephine T. '67, 

7 Trad'd St., Charleston, S. C 259, 295 

Humphreys, Katherine K. '68, 7 Tradd St., Charleston, S. C...253 

Hupman, Mary S. '70, Box 147, Mebane, N. C 247 

Hurdle, Patricia A. '68, 

2504 S. Edgewater Dr., Fayetteville, N. C 253 

Hurst, Carol J. '67, Tanglewood Dr., Durham, N. C 247, 295 

Hurst, Susan L. '69, 28 N. 25th St., Wilmington, N. C 250 


Illson, Susan Y. '70, 5019 Eighth Rd., Arlington, Va 259 

Irwin, Kathleen Elizabeth '68, 

162 Wyoming Ave., Maplewood, N. J 260 

Irwin, Kathy A. '67, 1911 W. Missouri, Midland, Tex 247, 295 

Isherwood, Juliet K. '68, 

Judiths Fancy, Christiansted, St. Crois, US Virgin Islands 
Ivie, Ann M. '70, 209 Lynwood Terr., Nashville, Tenn 258 


Jabbour, Jane L. '67, 1954 Greenwood Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Jack, Patricia M. '67, 

78 Stonecutter Rd., Levittown, N. Y 259, 295 

Jackson, Caroline W. '69, 124 E. Elsmere, San Antonio, Tex. 

Jackson, Constance E. '68, 1927 Cecil St., Durham, N. C 255 

Jackson, Grace T. '67, 

1501 A. Prospect, Placentia, Calif 253, 296 

Jackson, Margaret D. '69, 27 S. Reese, Memphis, Tenn 258 

James, Edith M. '69, 240 S. Peterson Ave., Louisville, Ky 253 


James, Margaret L. '67, 

519 Meadowbrook Rd., Charlotte, N. C 251, 296 

Jenkins, Karen S. '68, 971 Burrage Rd., Concord, N. C 260 

Jenkins, Lila '69, 2137 Warwick Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Jenkins, Patty L. '70, 1413 Milford Rd., Columbia, S. C 256 

Jennings, Jerri L. '68, 2923 Ravogli Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 253 

Joerg, Karen E. '69, 2424 Wrightwood Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Johnson, Annette K. '67, 

927 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Fla 259, 296 

Johnson, Carol L. '68, 

2567 Wilt Rd., Fallbrook, Calif 256, 296 

Johnson, Deborah D. '69, 524 Watson Ave., New Bern, N. C...250 

Johnson, Janis '69, 4019 Abingdon Rd., Charlotte, N. C 250 

Johnson, Joan E. '69, 31 Righters Mill Rd., Gladwyne, Pa 258 

Johnson, Judy L. '69, 930 Catherine St., Birmingham, Ala 259 

Johnson, Katherine E. '70, 

109 Davis Ave., White Plains, N. Y 258 

Johnson, Kathleen B. '70, 

216 Oakwood Rd., Wilmington, Del 256 

Johnson, Kathryn H. '70, 

1235 W. Henderson St., Salisbury, N. C 247 

Johnson, Linda S. '70, 354 Mills Ave., Spartanburg, S. C 253 

Johnson, Marcia H. '69, 146 Balsam Rd., Wayne, Pa 255 

Tohnson, Mary E. '69, Box 318, West End, N. C 250 

Johnson, Rebecca K. '69, Box 5193, Ingold, N. C 260 

Johnson, Sandra L. '67, Box 146, Lillington, N. C. 

Tohnson, Susan T. '69, 190 E. Hayward, Phoenix, Ariz 253 

Johnson, Terry '68, 404 Spring Valley Rd., Columbia, Mo 253 

Johnston, Martha M. '70, 

506 Buchanan Blvd. #7, Durham, N. C 251 

Jonas, Galen '70, 1854 Mallard Ln., Villanova, Pa 256 

Jones, Annabel L. '68, 1800 Queens Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Jones, Carolyn P. '70, 205 Hillside Ave., Fayetteville, N. C 259 

Jones, Catherine '68, 1233 Westlake Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Jones, Janey H. '70, 2508 Van Dyke Ave., Raleigh, N. C 253 

Jones, Leslie M. '68, 4045 Peachtree Dunwoody, Atlanta, Ga...253 

Jones, Linda G. '70, 2772 Ashburn Ln., Chamblee, Ga 259 

Jones, Michael A. '69, 1782 Rocky Point Rd., Pewaukee, Wis...259 
Jones, Rochelle P. '67, 

1509 N. Victoria Pk. Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 258, 296 

Tones, Sarah S. '70, 881 N. Village Dr., Newark, Ohio 248 

Jones, Vallie C. '70, 412 Birmingham Ave., Norfolk, Va 250 

Jordan, Patsy J. '68, 147 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Joslin, Frances L. '67, 

3207 Coleridge Dr., Raleigh, N. C 259, 296 

Joslin, Virginia L. '70, 15 Doris Rd., New Hartford, N. Y 250 


Kadick, Mish A. '70, 6914 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Va 254 

Kalmbach, Sharon A. '68, 6310 Cherry Tree Ln., Atlanta, Ga...258 
Kamlukin, Nina C. '69, 8017 N. Links Way, Milwaukee, Wis...256 
Kane, Susan E. '69, 64 Chapel Rd., New Hope, Pa. 
Kavanaugh, Sandra S. '69, 47 Cedar Rd., Watchung, N. J. 
Kaye, Linda J. '70, 6 Quacker Ridge Rd., Brookville, N. Y. 
Keen, Barbara A. '67, 

Rt. 1, Box 260, Citrus Rd., Vero Beach, Fla 255, 296 

Keene, Barbara S. '70, 211 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore, Md. 

Keim, Joanna C. '70, 22 Narbrook Pk., Narberth, Pa 250 

Kellett, Mary J. '69, 124 Kemp Rd., Greensboro, N. C 253 

Kelly, Barbara J. '69, 810 S. Wayne St., Arlington, Va. 

Kelly, Leslie M. '68, 375 Gilpin St., Denver, Colo 257 

Kelman, Edith A. '70, Main St., Sag Harbor, N. Y. 
Kelso, Christine W. '68, 

16 W. Montclair Ave., Greenville, S. C 260 

Kendall, Mary E. '68, 

9907 Indian Queen Pt., Washington, D. C 262 

Kenyon, Minerva S. '70, Rt. 2, Hillsborough, N. C. 
Kern, Karen L. '67, 

1319 Mendez St., New Orleans, La 248, 296 

Kern, Rosella M. '68, 712 Jefferson Ave., Charlcstown, W. Va. 

Kerner, Susan E. '70, 318 S. Main St., Kernersville, N. C 247 

Kernodle, Ann C. '68, 2465 Edgewood Ave., Burlington, N. C. 
Kernodle, Janet P. '67, 804 Onslow St., Durham, N. C. 
Ketelhut, Narna P. '67, 

531 W. Eighth St., Plainfield, N. J 259, 296 

Kiefer, Mary J. '68, 120 S. Rolling Rd., Baltimore, Md. 
Kiger, Sandra L. '69, 2011 10th St., PI., Hickory, N. C. 

Kilpatrick, Clarinda A. '70, 901 N.W. 50th St., Miami, Fla 253 

Kilpatrick, Judith A. '67, 98 Gilpin Rd., Akron, Ohio 251, 297 

Kimball, Susan J. '68, 

631 Mt. Vernon Ave., Haddonfleld, N. J 254 

Kimel, Alice A. '68, 2119 Princeton Ave., Charlotte, N. C 250 

King, Judith E. '70, 

Office of CNO Op002, Navy Dept., Washington, D. C 254 

King, Mary A. '68, 512 Dogwood Dr., Chapel Hill, N. C 248 

Kinney, Eleanor D. '69, 3120 Devon Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Kirk, Judith G. '67, 131 Paumanake Ave., Babylon, N. Y. 

Kirkman, Susan G. '70, 501 W. High St., High Point, N. C 250 

Kiser, Sylvia D. '67, 400 5th St., Landis, N. C 255, 297 

Kisner, Sandra H. '69, 

273 Carroll St., New Bedford, Mass 256 

Kitson, Corrie L. '70, Box 8, Henry, Va 262 

Klaif, Judith A. '70, 

650 Salisbury Pk. Dr., Westbury, N. Y 251 

Kluttz, June C. '67, 

230 N. Jackson St., Salisbury, N. C 260, 297 

Klutz, Vivian P. '69, Rt. 1, Box 584, Hickory, N. C 255 

Knapp, Andria S. '70, 6825 Edmonstone Ave., Richmond, Va 259 

Knapp, Nancy L. '68, 661 Forest Hill Rd., Macon, Ga 262 

Kneeskcrn, Lois J. '70, 203 Tarrytown Dr., Richmond, Va 254 

Knehr, Patricia S. '69, 1 Fairview Ln., Glen Cove, N. Y. 

Kneipp, Judith E. '69, 12301 Stony Creek Rd., Potomac, Md 257 

Knott, Marv V. '69, 613 Cedar St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C 253 

Knowlin, Josie A. '70, 335 W. Marion St., Florence, S. C 259 

Kohl, Cheryl A. '69, 23 Berkeley Terr., Livingston, N. J. 
Koll, Brenda K. '67, 

2611 N.E. 4th St., Pompano Beach, Fla 250, 297 

Kolodny, Margaret J. '67, 

1121 Barkley Rd., Charlotte, N. C 258, 297 

Konanz, Jacqueline '67, 

6600 Kennedy Blvd., W., New York, N. Y 248, 297 

Koon, Judith F. '70, 

4027 St. Germaine Ct., Louisville, Ky 259 

Kornet, Christine A. '70, 

Watervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, N. Y 251 

Kronenfeld, Nancy S. '67, 3840 Edinburgh Rd., Columbia, S. C. 
Krupp, Christen L. '70, 5494 Bellaire Dr., New Orleans, La...256 

Kuck, Kathie D. '70, Edgemont Rd., Watchung, N. J 254 

Kuhn, Ellen K. '70, 308 Maxwell Ln., Newport News, Va 259 

Kuntz, Susan A. '68, 322 S. Second St., Philadelphia, Pa 260 

Kurtz, Phyllis H. '70, 

3 Reeve Rd., Rockville Centre, N. Y 251 


Lamason, Elizabeth S. '69, 444 Fayette Pk., Lexington, Ky 250 

Landberg, Jean E. '68, 815 La Jolla, Sun City Ctr., Fla. 
Lang, Enid D. '68, 13 Chatham Cr., Kankakee, 111. 

Lang, Regina S. '69, 5652 Sagamore Ave., Teaneck, N. J 262 

Lang, Tania K. '68, Plnehurst, Rt. 2, Iowa City, Iowa 
Lavarre, Lucy S. '67, 701 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C. 

Leath, Mary J. '70, 1244 Briarwood Ave., Columbus, Ga 253 

Leavengood, Diana L. '70, 

1000 Park St., St. Petersburg, Fla 262 

Lee, Gayle B. '68, 40 Countryside Ln., St. Louis, Mo 258 

Leggett, Camilla Hodges '68, 

Rt. 3, Box 104, Washington, N. C 259 

Leight, Elizabeth M. '70, 2 Roides Psychico, Athens, Ga 247 

Leininger, Lynne A. '69, 3 Tufts Ln., Newark, Del 253 

Leith, Betsy W. '68, 2323 Tracy PI., Washington, D. C 258 

Leland, Candace M. '68, 

Osecy Shape APO 55, New York, N. Y 253 

Lennox, Barbara C. '69, 4610 Weldin Rd., Wilmington, Del 248 

Lewis, Anne Marie '67, 

2911 Arendell St., Morehead City, N. C 247, 297 

Lewis, Mary K. '69, 143 Park Ave., Sarthmore, Pa 258 

Leyhe, Nancy L. '70, 330 Gill Ave., Kirkwood, Mo 247 

Libbey, Andrea R. '68, 

4104 Little Beaver Rd., Chesapeake, Va. 
Lindgren, Sandra M. '69, 

1535 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C 248 

Link, Betsy B. '68, 306 Burton Rd., Oreland, Pa. 
Litaker, Margaret E. '68, 

1600 Queens Rd., Charlotte, N. C 248 

Little, Dora A. '67, 

602 S. Greene St., Wadesboro, N. C 247, 297 

Livingston, Alayne K. '70, 2819 Boas St., Harrisburg, Pa 248 

Locke, Elizabeth L. '70, 474 Ott St., Harrisonburg, Va 260 



Loewenstein, Jane '70, 

444 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, N. C 259 

Lombardi, Donna M. '69, 

5129 Carmel Club Dr., Charlotte, N. C 256 

Long, Joan C. '69, Rt. 4, Mebane, N. C 259 

Long, Pamela R. '70, 1112 Steele Blvd., Baton Rouge, La 258 

Long, Pauline M. '67, 

19 Orange Hghts. Ave., West Orange, N. J 263, 297 

Losey, Cathy H., '68, 6969 S. W. 82 Court, S. Miami, Fla. 

Louderback, Jean L. '69, 732 Braeburn Lane, Narberth, Pa 248 

Loudermilk, Carol A., '70, 9717 Hale Dr., Clinton, Md 256 

Lowe, Mary S., '67, 

6171 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Va 258, 298 

Lowenbach, Trude S., '68, Box .309 Rt. 3, Durham, N. C 255 

Lowry, Susan E., '70, 5908 5th St., N., Arlington, Virginia....253 
Lucas, Susan M., '69, 15 Warfield Place, Lavale, Md. 

Lund, Ingrid E., '69, 222 Woodcrest Dr., Johnstown, Pa 251 

Luper, Anne H., '70, 

1443 Pine Valley Loo, Fayetteville, N. C 251 

Lustig, Carma, '68, 

Reynolds Memorial Park, Clemmons, N. C 260 

Lymberis, Sandra J., '68, 2514 Red Fox Trail, Charlotte, N. C. 
Lynch, Frances H., '68, 

435 Wonderwood Dr., Charlotte, N. C 248 

Lyons, Karlen R., '67, 

111 Hiwassee Dr., Sheffield, Ala 259, 298 


MaCarthur, Elizabeth H., '69, 7 Louise Lane, New Canaan, Ct. 
MacDonald, Sarah H. '67, 

8 Evergreen Trail, Severna Park, Md 253, 298 

MacDonald, Sharon L. '70, 

310 E Friar Tuck Lane, Houston, Tex 262 

MacLeod, Constance C. '68, 

2880 Fairgreen Drive, Miami Beach, Fla 253 

MacPherson, Ronni E. '68, 

110 West Overlook Dr., Oak Ridge, Tenn 251 

Mahaffey, Marcia S. '69, 

2550 N.E. 51st St., Apt. 302, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Maher, Karen A., '69, 89 Newport Ave., W. Hartford, Ct 253 

Mallahan, Melinda S. '67, Box 321, Balboa Canal Zone....255, 298 
Maloney, Patricia A. '67, 

3226 Jersey St., Orlando, Fla 251, 298 

Manalan, Jo E. '69, 214 Essex Lane, W. Palm Beach, Fla 256 

Manbeck, Deborah J. '70, 16 Ashwood Dr., Vienna, W. Va 259 

Mann, Sally N. '69, 369 Ivy Cr., Elkin, N. C 256 

Marias, Carrie '69, 209 AA Piney Mt. Rd., Durham, N. C 258 

Markarian, Beverly R. '70, 

71 Franklin St., Englewood, N. J 262 

Marquis, Mary B. '70, 503 Terrace Rd., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Martin, Anne C. '69, 1101 Longbrook Rd., Luterville, Md. 
Martin, Jean E. '69, 4 Crescent Rd., Florham Pk., N. J. 
Martin, Joan K. '70, 184 W. Passaic Ave., Rutherford, N. J. 
Martin, Marilyn L. '69, 

225 Margaret PI., Perrysburg, Ohio 253 

Martin, Nancy J. '69, 

1911 Parkview St., Huntington, W. Va 260 

Mason, Linda B. '67, Artillery Rd., Yorkton, Va 259, 298 

Mason, Lucille K. '69, 3800 Knollwood Dr., Birmingham, Ala. 
Matheson, Katherine P., '70, 

1512 N. Highland St., Arlington, Va 258 

Matthews, Anna R. '69, 

3200 Coleridge Dr., Raleigh, N. C 261 

Matthews, Charlene O., 803 Boykin Rd., Camden, S. C 262 

Mattox, Teresa Faye '68, 263 Tram Rd., Columbia, S. C. 
Mauldin, Lennox C. '68, 

12 Hilltop Rd., Asheville, N. C 250, 298 

May, Barbara M. '70, 180 Ruckman Rd., Hillsdale, N. J. 

May, Elizabeth C. '69, 66 Patton Dr., Yonkers, N. Y 251 

Mayfield, Shervl L. '69, 

2284 Greenglade Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 250 

McAdams, Ann E. '68, 2214 Wheeler Rd., Raleigh, N. C 249 

McArtor, Mary M. '70, 610 N. Pickett St., Alexander, Va 260 

McBride, Amanda S., '69, 

126 Buckingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 256 

McCall, Linda L. '70, 

3905 Madison Ave., Greensboro, N. C 251 

McCampbell, Donna J. '68, 533 First St., N.W., Hickory, N. C. 

McCants, Carol M. '67, 

49 Pitt St., Apt. F, Charlestown, S. C 253 

McCartt, Anne T., '70, 

2700 Buffat Mill Rd., Knoxville, Tenn 251 

McCartt, Mary M., '68, 

2700 Buffat Mill Rd., Knoxville, Tenn 259 

McCool, Ellen K., '70, 34 Oxford Ave., Clarendon Hills, lU. 

McCormick, Nancy C. '68, 110 Atlanta Ave., Stuart, Fla 259 

McCulIoch, Marilyn E. '69, 2113 Dean St., Schenectady, N. Y. 
McDonald, Gall M. '70, 

1 1 Edgewood Parkway, Fayetteville, N. Y 249 

McDuffie, Mary S. '70, 1217 Junction Rd., Durham, N. C 247 

McFarlane, Carolyn '67, 

11 Twombly Dr., Summit, N. J 258, 298 

McGrane, Margaret '68, 

2305 Elizabeth Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
McGredy, Carolyn H. '70, 

18 Red Coat Lane, Greenwich, Ct 260 

McGuire, Judith H. '67, 

647 W. 58th St. Terrace, Kansas City, Mo 251, 298 

Mclntyre, Marcia L. '70, 

1460 S. McElrov Rd., Mansfield, Ohio 250 

McKissack, Linda J. '68, 

810 Mockingbird Lane, Carthage, Tex 262 

McKnight, Judith E. '67, 25 Oakwood Ave., Bradford, Pa 254 

McLane, Martha A. '70, 

Black Mt. Rch., Box 871, Scottsdale, Ariz. 

McLaurin, Mary L., '68, 502 Railroad Ave., Bamberg, S. C 259 

McLellan, Donna S. '69, 6014 Walton Rd., Bethesda, Md 258 

McLeod, Harriet A. '70, Norwood, N. C 253 

McMurray, Sandra G. '70, 

3214 Wintergreen Ave., Washington, D. C 251 

McNeely, Mary Jane '68, 

9805 Hillridge Dr., Kensington, Md. 
McNeill, Beverly J. '70, 

2705 13th St., N.E., Washington, D. C 251 

McSwiney, Carol A. '70, 19 Ridgewood Rd., Rome, Ga 249 

McVay, Martha J. '69, 121 N. Main St., Rome, Ga 262 

Meacham, Marilyn '70, 12 Albrook Dr., London, Ohio 261 

Mechling, Martha T. '69, Bohemia Farm, Earleville, Md 258 

Mees, Patricia A. '69. Country Club Rd., Lumberton, N. C...253 

Meith, Nikki J. '67, Rt. 1, Box 580, Fairfax, Va 258, 298 

Melson. Tanet L. '67, 

1128 Lehigh Ave., Wvomissing, Pa 253, 299 

Mendez, Victoria M. '67, Farallon 305, Mexico 20, D. F 299 

Meriam, Melissa Lee '67, 

3434 Rugby Rd., Durham, N. C 251, 298 

Metcalf, Yvonne A. '70, 1105 Stella Ave., Lakewood, Fla 262 

Mettelka, Kathryn A. '69, 

120 Maple Lane, Oak Ridge, Tenn 258 

Metzger, Mary C. '68, 

418 Pennington, Corpus Christi, Tex 251 

Meyer, Anne S., 68, 6905 Lemon Rd., McLean, Va 251 

Meyer, Karen S. '68, 18 Roclare Lane, St. Louis, Mo 261 

Meyer, Nancy L. '67, 2228 Coachman Rd., Clearwater, Fla. 

Mickal, Maria V. '67, 40 Nassau Dr., Metairie, La 250, 299 

Mickens, Alma R. '69, 7202 Erskine St., Richmond, Va 255 

Miller, Martha A. '68, 216 W. Detweiller Dr., Peoria, 111. 

Miller, Nan Leslie, '68, 4 Lee Ave., Patchogue, N. Y 261 

Miller, Sally E. '69, 47 Four Seasons W., Buffalo, N. Y 253 

Milner, Laura M. '67, 9 Stephens St., Westover, Mass 256, 299 

Mims, Leslie A. '70, 122 Pastime Dr., Thomasville, Ga 254 

Mitchel, Karen Louise '68, 5124 Skyline Dr., Edina, Minn. 
Mize, Anne B., '68, 4836 Van Ness N.W., Washington, D. C...255 
Mohler, Julia B. '70, 

971 Ridgemont Rd., Charleston, W. Va 247 

Monger, Sue A. '70, 3810 W. 213 PL, Matteson, 111 258 

Montague, Martha W. '67, 

1306 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville, Fla „ 262, 299 

Montgomery, June A. '70, 

405 Alpine Terr., Ridgewood, N. J 262 

Montgomery, Margaret D. '69, 

202 Churchill Ct., Apt. E, Elizabethtown, Ky. 
Montgomery, Marilyn I. '68, 

167 Pinelyn Rd., Glen Rock, N. J 261 

Monthan, Margaret R. '70, 

1808 Copper Rd., Virginia Beach, Va 261 

Moodv, Jane D. '68, 1653 Hertford Rd., Charlotte, N. C 249 

Moon, Alma G. '68, 10 Sandys Cr. Mounted Rt., Rome, N. Y. 


Moore, Kathleen B. '69, 

612 Cornwallis Drive, Greensboro, N. C 253 

Moore, Kathryn S. 70, 23 Walnut PI., Huntington, N. Y 247 

Moore, Martha C. '67, 1507 Park Cr., Camden, S. C. 
Moore, Mary B. '68, 

3128 Wilmington Rd., New Castle, Pa 261 

Moore, Nancy J. '68, 818 Boardman Rd., Aiken, S. C 261 

Moore, Natalie C. '67, 

Box 6574, Southboro Sta., W. Palm Beach, Fla 262 

Moore, Sara N. '67, 

Box 100 Falls Ave., Granite Falls, N. J 250, 299 

Moore, Stephanie M. '70, 446 Harristown Rd., Glen Rock, N. J. 
Mordaunt, Diane S. '69, 

711 Camilo Ave., Coral Gables, Fla 262 

Morris, Sarah K. '67, 415 Judy Lane, Americus, Ga 261, 299 

Morrison, Elizabeth C. '70, 1127 Wimberly Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 
Morrison, Jane C. '69, 

165 E. Beechwold Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 256 

Mosher, Linda L. '69, 43 Woodcrest Dr., St. Louis, Mo 251 

Moss, Ann H. '70, 1911 Old Shell Rd., Mobile, Ala 251 

Mossman, Martha L. '69, 5 Locust Lane, Glen Head, N. Y 259 

Mullane, Celia A. '70, 18660 S.W. 89 Ct., Miami, Fla 259 

Mullen, Beverly L. '70, 

67 Woodland Pk. Dr., Tcnafly, N. J 251 

Mullis, Sylvia A. '70, 903 Duke St., Shelby, N. C 261 

Munson, Kathryn T. '67, 

167 Moross Rd., Grosse Pt. Farms, Mich 247, 300 

Murphy, Claire L. '68, 3690 Northside Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 
Murphy, Meredith K. '70, 

1750 Windsor Dr., Winter Pk., Fla 250 

Murray, Katherine G. '67, 

1191 Ruffner Rd., Schenectady, N. Y 299 

Murray, Lauren R. '69, 3913 Linden Rd., Rocky River, Ohio....253 
Murray, Winifred S. '70, 2054 Long Ridge Rd., Stamford, Ct. 

Murton, Mary K. '70, 1906 Burshcliff Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa 262 

Musser, Kathleen M. '68, 527 Devon Rd., Camp Hill, Pa 256 

Myatt, Linda M. '70, 

2005 Morganton Rd., Fayetteville, N. C 259 


Nadel, Barbara S. '67, 

917 Ogden Ave., New York, N. Y 262, 300 

Nash, Rebecca A. '67, 1800 Sprunt St., Durham, N. C 247, 300 

Nations, Mary Jane '69, P.O. Box 5642 D.S., Durham, N. C. 

Naumuk, Mary A. '69, P.O. Box 681, Burgaw, N. C 261 

Naylor, Virginia W. '67, 

401 Hawthorne Rd., Baltimore, Md 256, 300 

Neely, Mary L. '70, 4740 Lawnview Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa 250 

Nelson, Meredith A. '68, 

7536 N. Boyd Way, Milwaukee, Wis 256 

Newbold, Susan G. '70, NewBold Gap, Black Mtn., N. C 250 

Newlin, Victoria E. '67, 208 Shaw St., Randleman, N. C.-.249, 300 
Newman, Barbara A. '70, Larchmont Acres, Larchmont, N. Y. 
Newman, Mollie L. '70, U.S. Army Combat Dev Co, 

Judge Advocate Agen., Charlottesville, Va. 254 

Newman, Susan E. '68, Lafayette 105, Mexico D.F., Mexico 

Newton, Jenny L. '70, 607 W. Ray Ave., High Point, N. C 250 

Nicholson, Judith A. '67, 

46 Farley Rd., Short Hills, N. J 256, 300 

Nielson, Lois C. '69, 9001 S. Bell Ave., Chicago, 111 253 

Nims, Martha J. '70, 7134 Card Ln., Pittsburgh, Pa 256 

Nix, Katharine S. '67, 

3829 Maloney Rd., Knoxville, Tenn 250, 300 

Nix, Nancy '69, Martin St., Evergreen, Ala. 

Nixon, Sharyn A. '69, 3408 Pamlico Cr., Norfolk, Va 255 

Nobles, Russell A. '69, 

Circle F. Ranch, Hazelhurst, Miss 258 

Nolting, Sara F. '68, 3310 S.W. 13th St., Gainesville, Fla 262 

Nordstrom, Alene '70, Box 332, Crossnore, N. C 247 

Norton, Carolyn R. '68, Pinecrest Rd., Greenwich, Conn 256 

Notis, Sally M. '67, 51 Blackland Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 


Oakes, Cynthia A. '70, 859 Central Rd., Glenview, 111 256 

O'Brien, Judith E. '68, 37 Red Cross Ave., Newport, R. I. 
O'Brien, Mary J. '69, 5504 Selton Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Odell, Pamela N. '67, 1850 Chinook Tr., Maitland, Fla 250, 300 

Oetter, Cheryl L. '69, 9 High Acres, St. Louis, Mo. 

Oliver, Anne W. '70, 4720 Quebec St., Washington, D. C 262 

Olsen, Virginia A. '70, 93 Chestnut Ave., Closter, N. J 253 

O'Neal, Nancy J. '69, 107 Pembroke Cr., Edenton, N. C. 
Ormsbv, Gwynne L. '68, RFD 7, Box 191 H, Chesapeake, Va. 

Orvin, Donna C. '69, 164 Maple St., Charleston, S. C 255 

Oster, Svea S. '68, 2163 Waldemere St., Sarasota, Fla 250 

Oswald, Susan D. '70, 5 Euston Rd., Garden City, N. Y 256 

Ott, Deborah L. '69, 38 S. Terr., Short Hills, N. J 258 

Ott, PoUey C. '69, 1229 Lockett Ln., Kirkwood, Md. 
Overaker, Sally J. '67, 

2505 Lowell Ave., Springfield, 111 262, 301 

Overholser, Linda E. '69, 101 Cahill Ln., Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Owens, Roselyne Y. '68, 1751 Hardee Rd., Kinston, N. C 253 


Pace, Susan M. '70, 401 Cumberland Dr., Columbia, S. C 262 

Paddock. Patti W. '68, 221 S. East Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

Page, Nancy B. '68, 1910 Greenbriar Rd., Kinston, N. C 247 

Palmer, Patricia L. '68, 1110 Signal Hill Ln., Berwyn, Pa 258 

Palmer, Teresa D. '69, 1702 Forest Ln., McLean, Va 261 

Pannill, Linda S. '68, 418 Locust Dr., CatonsviUe, Md 253 

Paris, Jacqueline K. '70, 

Rt. 4, Warfield Rd., Lynchburg, Va 258 

Parker, Carol M. '70, Box 532, Yadkinville, N. C 256 

Parker, Elizabeth G., '70, 

3801 Atlantic Ave., Virginia Bch., Va. 
Parker, Kathleen J. '69, 

16 Grove Terrace, Box 744, Sparta, N. J 258 

Parker, Marlie S. '69, 1671 Garand Dr., Deerfield, 111 251 

Parker, Pamela A. '68, 

412 Pinecrest Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 259 

Parkyns, Meredith E. '69, 

148 River Park Apts., White Plains, N. Y. 
Partney, Patricia A. '68, 

8800 S.W. 114 Terrace, Miami, Fla 262 

Partridge, Ann E. '70, 511 Janneys Ln., Alexandria, Va 254 

Partridge, Christine E. '68, 

616 Perugia Way, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Paschall, Claire A. '70, 

7312 Chatham St., Springfield, Va 249 

Passantino, Claire B. '67, 

508 Clove Rd., Staten Island, N. Y. 
Patterson, Patrice E. '68, 3930 Plymouth Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Patterson, Sarah E. '68, 

1405 Juliana PI., Alexandria, Va 254 

Patton, Judith A. '70, 36 Peguot Tr., Westport, Conn 250 

Fatten, Laura L. '70, 36 Pequot Tr., Westport, Conn 262 

Pauli, Mary L. '70, Ameri. Embassy USIS, APO, N. Y. 
Payne, Margaret T. '70, 2231 Mimosa PL, Wilmington, N. C...256 

Peake, Mary P. '69, 900 Larchmont Crescent, Norfolk, Va 247 

Pearce, Keren M. '68, 273 N. McLean, Memphis, Tenn. 
Pearson, Diane L. '69, 8634 Lyons St., Des Plains, 111. 
Peeler, Ruth E. '69, 3838 Havengood Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 

Peery, Alice P. '70, 20000 Cloister Dr., Charlotte, N. C 247 

Perez, Carmen L. '67, 

331 61st N., St. Petersburg, Fla 253, 301 

Ferret, Diane E. '70, 

6530 Louisville St., New Orleans, La 250 

Perrin, Sally A. '70, 66 Concord St., W. Hartford, Conn 253 

Perry, Elizabeth A. '69, 2443 Reynolds Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Perry, Susan W. '69, 321 Vista Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn 259 

Peterlin, Tatjana M. '67, 

1212 Arnette Ave., Durham, N. C 250, 301 

Petersen, Marsha C. '68, 34 Timber Ln., Avon, Conn 254 

Peterson, Cynthia L. '69, 12400 Casa Mia Way, Los Altos, Calif. 
Petrosino, Maryanne E. '68, 

2303 Lednum St., Apt. F., Durham, N. C 262 

Pettes, Sara M. '68, 1749 Hummingbird Ln., Atlanta, Ga. 

Pettit, Judith A. '70, 1408 Wesley Ave., Ocean City, N. J 259 

Pfohl, Barbara A. '67, 

3829 Bess Rd., Jacksonville, Fla 249, 301 

Phillips, Janet M. '69, 

525 E. Massachussetts, Southern Pines, N. C 261 

Phillips, Paula R. '67, 

1537 Larchmont Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 251, 301 

Pickard, Ann '68, 1001 Edwards St., Greenville, S. C 258 

Pickard, Tempa O. '68, 403 N. Vandeveneer, Kennett, Mo 253 

Pierce, Hannah L. '69, 1938 Foxhall Rd., McLean, Va. 



Piercy, Elizabeth D. '68, 161 Locust Hill Dr., Rochester, N. Y. 
Pilling, Cynthia L. '67, 401 E. Gittings Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Piper, Patricia E. '68, 980 E. Water St., Lock Haven, Pa 261 

Pitts, Emma E. '70, 1001 N. Carter Rd., Decatur, Ga 261 

Plant, Margaret A. '68, 2311 Woodside, Ann Arbor, Mich 258 

Plumb, Cynthia L. '70, 

60 Old Orchard Rd., Riverside, Conn 261 

Poe, Susan F. '68, 2524 Banner St., Durham, N. C. 

Pons, Claudia M. '70, Box 580, Valdese, N. C 261 

Porter, Candace S. '69, Armstrong Ln., E. Liverpool, Ohio 
Porter, Judy A. '67, 

2005 Kynwyd Rd., N. Graylyn Crest, Wilmington, Del...255, 302 
Porter, Margaret A. '68, 

3146 Valley Ln., Falls Church, Va 256 

Porter, Natalie '70, 

440 Both Way, St. Petersburg Beach, Fla 256 

Posey, Susan P. '68, 530 Biltmore Ave., Asheville, N. C 255 

Post, Brenda M. '67, 49 Chidsey Ave., E. Haven, Conn. 

Powell, Deborah L. '68, 100 College Ave., Haverford, Pa 261 

Powers, Charlotte A. '67, 

529 Jersey Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 258, 302 

Prescott, Susan M. '69, 

Metcalf Rd., RD #2, Willoughly, Ohio 253 

Price, Merrilvn L. '69, RD 1, New Columbia, Pa. 

Pringle, Margaret G. '68, 32 S. Battery, Charleston, S. C 261 

Prio, Maria E. '70, 5070 Alton Rd., Miami Beach, Fla 249 

Prothro, Nancy L. '70, 6051 S.W. 26 St., Miami, Fla 262 

Puis, Barbara L. '69, 2708 Bellevue, Bettendorf, Iowa 

Pyle, Peggy M. '69, 932 Old Hickory Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa 258 


Radovich, Barbara J. '70, 

8327 Bound Brook Ln., Alexandria, Va 249 

Rambo, Jini '67, 

517 B. Willow St., Shawview Hts., Shaw AFB, Sumter, S. C. 

Randolph, Dolores A. '68, 3 Cherry St., High Shoals, N. C 261 

Rankin, Nancy C. '67, 

Lib Univ. Apt. 15, Duke Rd., Durham, N. C 263, 302 

Ransburg, Jean E. '67, 

5615 Washington, Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind 255, 302 

Rawlings, Ann E. '70, 128 Ridgeside Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn.. 258 
Raynor, Charlotte B. '69, 323 Rivermont Dr., Spartanburg, S. C. 
Ravnor, Susanne '70, 

8204 Seminole Ave., Philadelphia, Pa 258 

Reardon, Bonita K. '68, 2516 Winton Rd., Durham, N. C 249 

Redd, Susan M. '70, Rt. 2, Beaverdam, Va 253 

Redding, Rosemary L. '67, 

9809 Hillridge Dr., Kensington, Md 250, 302 

Reed, Carolyn F. '69, 

217 N. Fairview Ave., Spartanburg, S. C 261 

Reed, Claudette D. '70, Rt. 3, Box 958, Asheville, N. C. 

Reed, Glenda E. '70, 123 Brown Ave., Marietta, Ga 254 

Regan, Sheila '70, 545 E. 14th St., New York, N. Y 249 

Reichert, Peggy A. '70, 5934 Carrollton Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Reid, Caroline Baskin '68, 820 Greenwood Rd., 

Westover Hills, Wilmington 7, Del 261 

Reinhard, Dale E. '69, 6 Windsor Dr., Livingston, N. J 258 

Reiss, }ovce B. '67, 857 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C. 

Reith, Paula J. '70, GWSF, Warm Springs, Ga 259 

Reuben, Wilhelmina M. '67, 

Morris College, Sumter, S. C 258, 302 

Reynolds, Pamela A. '69, 500 lona St., Metairie, La 258 

Rhett, Nancy A. '68, 3866 iNorthwest Dr., College Park, Ga...252 
Rhoads, Rebecca A. '67, 

2404 Prince St., Durham, N. C 263, 302 

Rice, Betsey M. '70, 505 Bolivar, Bellaire, Tex 252 

Rice, Catherine M. '70, 44 Gregg Cr., Columbia, S. C. 
Rice, Mary M. 68, 125 B. Logan Loop, Ft. Sheridan, 111. 
Rice, Susan '70, 7 Cold Spring Rd., Barrington, R. I. 
Rich, Elizabeth H. '67, 

4747 N. Lake Dr., Milwaukee, Wis 261, 302 

Richards, Lillian C. '68, 

6114 Amherst Ave., Springfield, Va 252 

Richards, Verna N. '69, 

623 Montgomery Ave., Elizabethtown, Ky 249 

Richardson, Geraldine '68, 12100 S.W. 64th Ave., Miami, Fla...26I 
Richardson, Kim M. '69, 

33 Country Ridge Dr., Port Chester, N. Y. 

Richardson, Susan V. '67, 

QTRS 4 B Eagan St., Langley AFB, Va 256, 303 

Rigling, Kay E. '69, 

1378 Simpson Ferry Rd., New Cumberland, Pa 262 

Ringwald, Barbara L. '68, 1021 Warren Ave., Cary, N. C 255 

Rivera, Phoebe J. '67, 

Univ. Of Puerto Rico, Rio Picdras, P. R 255, 303 

Robbins, Rosalind J. '68, 

5617 Bellington Ave., N. Springfield, Va 258 

Roberts, Carole A. '68, 606 Caroleen Rd., Forest City, N. C 261 

Roberts, Lucy A. '68, 4811 Monumenta 1 St., Richmond, Va. 

Roberts, Pamela '70, 197 Aurora Dr., Asheville, N. C 254 

Roberts, Patricia A. '67, 

904 Tremont Rd., Wilson, N. C 249, 303 

Robertson, Jane G. '68, Box 69, Orange, Va 252 

Robinson, Jennie N. '68, 41 1 E. 52nd St., Savannah, Ga. 
Rocchio, Diane L. '67, 

1205 Community Ln., Midland, Tex 252, 303 

Rock, Elizabeth A. '69, 

3906 Hill Monument Pkway, Richmond, Va 255 

Rock, Leslie U. '68, Apt. 10, Campus Apt. Elf St., Durham, N. C. 

Rogers, Carol '69, 420 Yorkshire PI., St. Louis, Mo 253 

Rogers, Judith C. '70, 

1638 Chimney House Rd., Reston, Va 254 

Rogers, Nora Lea '67, 

239 Marlboro Ln., Rt. 7, Winston-Salem, N. C 253, 303 

Rogg, Katherine L. '70, 1718 Que St., Washington, D. C 259 

Rohlf, Tane L. '70, 277 Sheridan Rd., Waterloo, Iowa 254 

Rohrbacher, Judith A. '70, 11011 Dobbins Dr., Potomac, Md...261 

Roper, Jane M. '67, 7805 Winston, Philadelphia, Pa 262, 303 

Rose, Patricia S. '68, 3604 Pinetree Terr., Falls Church, Va 256 

Roseman, Lisa E. '70, 2419 Hunt Dr., Baltimore, Md. 

Rosendorf, Linda L. '69, 431 Cadima, Coral Gables, Fla 249 

Rosett, Margaret J. '70, 1713 James St., Durham, N. C. 
Ross, Florence A. '70, 

Malonev Rd., Wappingers Falls, N. Y 254 

Ross, Marion L. '68, 2811 Chelsea Cr., Durham, N. C 261 

Rothman, Bonnie S. '67, Rt. 2, New Hope, Pa 262, 303 

Rothstein, Susan J. '70, 4 Dog\vood Rd., Asheville, N. C 254 

Rottenberg, Nancy '68, 1601 Hermitage Ct., Durham, N. C. 
Rouse, Doris J. '70, 200 Woodbourne Rd., Greensboro, N. C...261 
Rouzer, Patricia E. '69, 610 Hermitage Ct., Charlotte, N. C...249 
Rowland, Miriam C. '69, 

35 W. Mountain View Ave., Greenville, S. C. 

Roxbv, Judith L. '69, 215 Vassar Ave., Swarthmore, Pa 250 

Ruark, Nancy E. '70, 714 St. Marys St., Raleigh, N. C 253 

Rubv, Mary M. '70. Rt. 2. Lucasville, Ohio 254 

Rudin, Welda R. '68, 1640 Marion Ave., Durham, N. C 262 

Rupard, Christine '69, 114 N. Eighth St., Independence, Kans. 

Rupp, Dorothy E. '69, 1102 Rowan Ct., Baltimore, Md 255 

Rush, Cvnthia L. '69, 

3801 HGS Area Command, APO, New York 250 

Russell, Nancy A. '70, 826 Forest Dr., Hagerstown, Md 256 


Saalbach, Ann V. '70, 30 Sanford Ave., Emerson, N. J 262 

Safford, Barbara S. '67, 

Rt. 3, Box 209 D., Hendersonville, N. C 253, 303 

Said, Grace H. '68, Box 1076, Beirut, Lebanon 
Salinger, Wendy L. '69, 

3444 Rugby Rd., Hope Valley, Durham, N. C. 

Salmon, Helen J. '67, 2122 McClendon, Houston, Tex 261, 303 

Samples, Cathryn L. '69, 

3511 Somerset Dr., New Orleans, La 256 

Sancrant, Linda B. '69, 1305 Brookwood, Birmingham, Mich. ..252 
Sander, Joyce E. '69, 

3319 Prince Charles Ct., Falls Church, Va 250 

Sanders, Merle A. '70, 108 Jennings Ln., Durham, N. C 252 

Sanning, Linda W. '67, 924 Lambeth Cr., Durham, N. C. 

Sapinsley, Carol A. '69, 25 Cooke St., Providence, R. 1 263 

Sapp, Janet M. '68, 50 Hickory Dr., Maplewood, N. J 247 

Sargent, Mary E. '70, 109 Rodney Cr., Bryn Mawr, Pa 253 

Satterfield, ilargaret J. '70, Box 175, Norwood, N. C. 

Saunders, Sandra C. '70, 3609 Westover Rd., Durham, N. C 252 

Scarbrough, Roxanne '70, 

193 Lake Forest Ln., Atlanta, Ga 256 

Schambach, Maria L. '70, 

3601 Dewsbury Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 256 


Schiess, Judith E. 70, 

690 Old Kensico Rd., Thornwood, N. Y 249 

Schmidt, Havard E. '67, 

3760 Upper River Rd., Louisville, Ky 253, 304 

Schneider Ann L. '70, 1406 Bedford Rd., Charleston, W. Va 254 

Schreiber, Merle F. '69, 

2133 N.E. 17th Terr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 247 

Schreiber, Susan S. '69, 7 Bayberry Dr., Saddle River, N. J. 

Schroder, Gretchen W. '68, 932 Russet St., Racine, Wis 249 

Schroeder, Ann C. '70, 9813 Cottrell Terr., Silver Spring, Md. 

Schupper, Linda N., '69, 2802 Welcome Dr., Durham, N. C 253 

Scott, Bernadette F. '67, 

3023 Arundel Dr., Charlotte, N. C 255, 304 

Scott, Beth R., '68, Sharonwood Ln., Rt. 2, Rock Hill, S. C 263 

Scott, Elizabeth S., '68, 498 Highland Ave., Athens, Ga. 
Scott, Kathryn P., '67, 

1397 Hillcrest Rd., Lancaster, Pa 263, 304 

Screws, Peggy M. '68, 3513 Howard Ave., Columbus, Ga 261 

Seibel, Molly J., '68, Rt. 2, Box 419A, Durham, N. C. 
Seidel, Diana M., '70, 

9020 W. Shorewood Dr. #379, Mercer Island, Wash 261 

Senechal, Virginia A., '70, 

1811 N. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va. 

Sethness, Sallv E. '70, 1195 Spruce St., Winnetka, 111 261 

Sexton, Jane E. '69, 3142 W. 17 St., Topeka, Kan 258 

Shackford, Virginia P. '68, 

812 N.W. 41 St., Oklahoma City, Okla 253 

Schand, Beth '67, 74 Thorncliff, Kirkwood, Mo ...249, 304 

Schaner, Barbara E. '69, 1530 Farview Rd., Villanova, Pa 249 

Sharpe, Janet E. '70, Box 377, Rt. 1, Durham, N. C 263 

Sharratt, Julie M. '67, 7403 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, Va. 
Shearin, Sherra J., '69, 1706 Southgate St., Durham, N. C. 

Sheckells, Joyce I. '70, 

5442 Jamestowne Ct., Baltimore, Md 261 

Sheip, Ellen K. '70, 601 Main St., Chattahoochee, Fla 254 

Shelton, Ann P. '69, 911 W. 6 St., Columbia, Ind 250 

Shepherd, Joan R. '70, 3939 Rim Rd., Youngstown, N. Y 253 

Sheppard, Margaret A. '68, 

311 Montrose Ave., Catonsville, Md 255 

Sheppard, Margaret E. '67, 

10212 Kingfisher Rd., Bradenton, Fla 252, 304 

Shirley, Susan O. '68, 

1947 Faculty Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 256 

Shockey, Dolores D. '69, 800 Banta PI., Ridgefield, N. J 247 

Shrewsbury, Mary A. '70, 

RFD Box 2725, Upper Marlboro, Md 252 

Shurcliff, Frances M. '68, 

307 W. Grizzard, Tullahoma, Tenn 258 

Siler, Leslie M. '70, 2303 22 St., Wyandotte, Mich. 

Simons, Sara E. '69, 1520 Beacon Hill, Lexington, Ky... 247 

Simpson, Emily C. '69, 123 Westwood Rd., Asheville, N. C 252 

Simpson, Winifred D. '70, 1055 Manship, Miss 249 

Sims, Barbara L. '69, 1213 Maple Ln., Glenview, 111 247 

Singletary, Gail D. '68, 32 Beverly Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Sjostrom, Karen E. '67, 

2111 Dominion Dr., Charlottesville, Va 261, 305 

Small, Margaret H. '68, 564 Fairmont Rd., Linthicum, Md 261 

Small, Mary B. '68, RFD 2, Glade Spring, Va 263 

Small, Merlynne R. '70, 

2021 Dartmouth PI., Charlotte, N. C 263 

Smith, Deborah L. '69, 2655 Chilton PL, Charlotte, N. C 252 

Smith, Dinah Y., '68, P.O. Box 322, Kahuku Oahu, Hawaii 
Smith, Elizabeth H. '70, 

3443 N. Venice St., Arlington, Va 254 

Smith, Taquelin L. '68, Greenwood Farm, Hay Market, Va 263 

Smith, Karen L. '70, 1606 Brookside Rd., McLean, Va 263 

Smith, Marsha L. '70, 

The Old Mansion Ewelme, Oxfordshire, Eng 254 

Smith, Page H. '69, 917 Wellington Rd., Baltimore, Md 249 

Smith, Sharon A. '70, P.O. Box 117, Umatilla, Fla. 
Smith, Sharon A. '68, 

2 E. Cadillac Dr., Somerville, N. J 249 

Smith, Sheryl J. '69, 2788 Edgewood, Columbus, Ohio 249 

Smith, Sheryl L., 2 E. Cadillac Dr., Somerville, N. J 261 

Smythers, Ann R., '68, 1105 Crestover Rd., Wilmington, Del. 

Snavely, Janet B. '70, 2201 Heywood Ave., Charlotte, N. C 249 

Snidow, Anne W. '67, 

364 Connecticut Ave., Spartanburg, S. C. 263, 305 

Smotherly, Jane D. '68, 

1001 Westwood, High Point, N. C 259 

Sohlberg, Linda G. '70, 

3035 E. California Blvd., Pasadena, Cal 252 

Sopousek, Jan '69, 631 Highland Dr., Sanford, N. C 252 

Sparkes, Heidi J. '70, 

324 N. Madison St., Arlington, Va 259 

Speight, Margaret L. '67, Rt. 1 Farmville, N. C 250, 305 

Spencer, Mary I. '69, 315 Bromley PI., Mobile, Ala 253 

Spinelli, Betty J. '68, 207 Lee St., Sumter, S. C 252 

Springer, Georgia M. '70, 

15 W. Lenox St., Chevy Chase, Md 257 

Springman, Janet E. '67, 1215 Elm St., Glenview, 111. 
St. Clair, Mary D. '68, 108 W. Va. St., Beckley, W. Va. 
Stack, Elizabeth L. '70, 

1838 Queens Rd. W., Charlotte, N. C 247 

Stafford, Susan G. '67, 

Box 314 A Rt. 1, Matthews, N. C 253, 305 

Stallings, Alice L., '67, 

222 E. Lake, Dr., Thomasville, N. C 263 

Stallings, Bonnie K., 500 Maegeo St., Lexington, N. C 249, 305 

Stanford, Ann L. '68, 

1285 Forest Glen Dr. N., Winnetka, 111 263 

Stanley, Ellen G. '67, 

410 Parkdale Dr., Spartanburg, S. C 263, 305 

Staple, Elizabeth A. '70, 

116 Princeton Rd., Fair Haven, N. J 247 

Starrett, Andrea L. '67, 

2685 Kimmeridge Dr., East Point, Ga „ 255, 305 

Steel, Janet P. '69, 

61 S. Windsor Ave., Brightwaters, N. Y 257 

Steitz, Molly D. '67, 

2015 Grove St., Glenview, 111 263, 305 



Stephens, Sharon P. '67, 

Apt. 5-2601 Westover Ave., Roanoke, Va 255, 305 

Stewart, Barbara J. '69, 

12623 Farnell Dr., Wheaton, Md 263 

Stewart, Clorea E. '67, P. O. Box 66, Easton, Md 258, 305 

Stewart, Frances L. '68, 

77 Warrior Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa 259 

Stoaks, Joy E. '67, 2030 F. Street N.W., Washington, D. C. 
Stoessel, Doris A. '67, 

520 E. Tujunga Ave., Apt. F, Burbank, Cal 257, 305 

Stogner, Kathryn J. '67, 

2916 Vandenberg, Wichita, Kansas 263, 306 

Stokes, Linda K. '70, 62 Fairfield Dr., Coldwater, Mich 259 

Stone, Ann L. '69, 533 Ridgewood Rd., Huntington, W. Va. 

Stone, Araminta W. '70, All Saints School, Vicksburg, Miss 249 

Stone, Susan B. '70, 1207 Royal Ave., Louisville, Ky 253 

Stopper, Constance N. '70, 312 Indian Ln., Media, Pa 263 

Stotzer, Teresa A. '70, 400 Ditto St., Archbold, Ohio 256 

Stanley, Pamela J. '70, 

Old Yorke Rd., Hightstown, N. J 261 

Strawn, Betsy A. '67, 

2108 Sherwood Ave., Charlotte, N. C 252 

Strawther, Teri F. '67, 

43 Mara Rd., Lake Hiawatha, N. J 263, 306 

Strickland, Dianne C. '67, 

1438 Palmer St., Mayport, Fla 249, 306 

Strock, Elizabeth M. '70, 

612 Wilton Rd., Baltimore, Md 261 

Stroman, Dorothy M. '67, 

119 Simmons St., Mt. Pleasant, S. C 255, 306 

Strope, Cynthia A. '70, 

3531 Half Moon Cr., Falls Church, Va 249 

Stroud, Susan E. '70, 

2101 Powermill Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 
Strozier, Susan H. '70, 

305 E. 86th St., New York, N. Y 250 

Stuart, Lee A. '70, 

250 Greenbrier Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 247 

Stubbs, Constance L. '68, 

3106 Poinciana Rd., Middletown, Ohio 
Stubbs, Jane E. '70, 

3080 S. Detroit Way, Denver, Colo 249 

Sullivan, Virginia E. '68, 

303 Burke Ave., Apt C, Towson, Md 258 

Summers, Linnea A. '68, 

5406 Dorset Ave., Chevy Chase, Md ...249 

Swanson, Karen J. '68, 63 Darwin Dr., Snyder, N. Y. 


Taft, Katherine P. '70, 

8725 Blome Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 259 

Tager, Shelley V. '70, 832 Paramount Cr., Gastonia, N. C 259 

Tall, Julia L. '69, 1642 Medford Dr., Charlotte, N. C 253 

Talton, Jenny L. '69, 315 N. Third, Smithfield, N. C 259 

Tate, Jacqueline C. '67, 

56 Appleblossom Ln., Newtown, Conn 30, 253 

Tayloe, Helen R. '69, 

4404 Bedford PI., Baltimore, Md 259 

Taylor, Jane E. '69, 606 Nebraska St., Spindale, N. C. 
Taylor, Katherine B. '70, 

114 Fisher Park Cr., Greensboro, N. C 259 

Taylor, Linda R. '69, 4501 Fenwick Ct., Charlotte, N. C 252 

Taylor, Martha A. '68, 2507 Carver St., Durham, N. C. 
Tenenblatt, Marian R. '69, 

12817 Lacey Dr., Silver Spring, Md 253 

Tewksbury, Carol A. '69, Box 44, Rt. 4, Rochelle, Va 258 

Thetford, Constance E. '69, 68 South St., Eatontown, N. J. 

Thiers, Virginia E. '70, 143 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 261 

Thomas, Deborah J. '70, 

1719-8th St., St. Petersburg, Fla 263 

Thomas, Debra J. '70, 

1230 W. Virginia Ave., Dunbar, W. Va. 

Thomas, Nancy L. '70, Rt. 2, Box 100, Pittsboro, N. C 247 

Thomas, Susan K. '67, 

831 Lake Ave., Crystal Lake, 111 263, 306 

Thompson, Agnes W. '69, 

700 N. Washington St., Shelby, N. C 252 

Thompson, Sally M. '70, 15 West St., Mansfield, Mass 252 

Thornhill, Maria L. '70, 

3021 Granville Dr., Raleigh, N. C 257 

Thrall, Mary E. '69, 953 Spring St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Titus, Ellen G. '69, 

2060 Grand Blvd., Schenectady, N. Y 253 

Toyzer, Betsy L. '70, 

832 Anchorage Dr., N. Palm Beach, Fla 254 

Tracy, Carol C. '67, 2721 Brown Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Travelstead, Brooke M. '68, 

Box 505, RFD 1, W. Joppa Rd., Lutherville, Md. 
Trent, Carol S. '69, 

1330 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach, Fla 263 

Tribley, Nancy J. '68, 213 Lewis St., Greenville, N. C 258 

Triplet, Merry L. '69, 

3112 Ardsley Dr., Orlando, Fla 261 

Turner, Ann R. '68, 1831 E. 31st PI., Tulsa, Okla 252 

Turner, Carmen I. '68, 271 W. Main St., Newark, Del 250 

Turner, Emily B. '70, 2605 Jefferson, Paducah, Ky 253 

Turner, Linda K. '69, 60 Waldron Ave., Glen Rock, N. J 252 

Tuten, Lois A. '69, 

AF Section Jusmagg, APO 223, New York, N. Y 247 

Tyler, Joan F. '68, 21 Bickfield Dr., Hampton, Va 257 

Tyor, Regina L. '70, 810 E. Forest Hills, Durham, N. C 258 


Uddstrom, Kristi B. '67, 

800 Larchmont Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa 261, 307 

Upham, Rowena R. '69, 3274 Overland PI., Memphis, Tenn. 
Urbanus, Patricia A. '69, 

1414 Somerville Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Urquhart, Mary L. '69, 85 Crossover Rd., Fairport, N. Y. 


Vala, Charlene R. '68, 1940 Sunnyside Ave., Westchester, 111. 
Van Antwerp, Margaret A. '69, 

61 Lyons PI., Westwood, N. J 263 

Vandale, Susan '68, 314 Second Ave., S. Charleston, W. Va. 

Vanderburg, Sharon F. '69, Rt. 4, Box 154, Concord, N. C 261 

Vaughan, Pamela '69, 3038 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Myers, Fla. 

Vento, Vera C. '68, 452 Hamilton Ave., Trenton, N. J 249 

Viccellio, Vicki '68, 450 Officers Cr., Robins AFB, Ga. 
Voigt, Virginia L. '70, 

337 Mountain Ave., Berkeley Hgts., N. J 261 

Volk, Laura Z. '67, Rt. 5, Flemington, N. J 263, 307 

Vos, Elizabeth L. '67, Box 569, McLean, Va 255, 307 

Voss, Leita E. '70, 5900 Gloster Rd., Washington, D. C 249 


Wade, Ruth E. '68, 

756 Pine Valley Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 252 

Waidner, Flewellyn '70, 

1228 N. Cedar St., Glendale, Calif 261 

Wakeland, Robin G. '70, 610 Cedar Ln., Seabrook, Tex 252 

Waldenfels, Kathleen '70, Box 1132, Tryon, N. C 263 

Waldron, Melissa '70, 4516 Fairfax, Dallas, Tex. 
Walker, Emily E. '68, 

2301 Roswell Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Walker, Susan E. '68, 3031 Sulkirk Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Wall, Doris C. '68, 1840 S. Alston Ave., Durham, N. C 255 

Wallin, Janine L. '69, 

409 Hempstead Rd., Newtown Sq., Pa 250 

Walrond, Bettv A. '70, 

107 Navajo Rd., Springfield, Mass _ 261 

Walsh, Kathy L. '67, Box 2694, Balboa Canal Zone 255, 308 

Walton, Carolee A. '68, 

36 Herrontown Cr., Princeton, N. J 249 

Wanless, Sarah R. '69, 2024 Wiggins Ave., Springfield, 111 263 

Ward, Leslie J. '70, 20 S. Crescent, Maplewood, N. J 254 

Ward, Mary E. '67, 

1639 Great Bridge Blvd., Chesapeake, Va 257, 308 

Warder, Nancy S. '70, 

21950 Shelburne Rd., Shaker Hgts., Ohio 249 

Warder, Sarah E. '68, 

21950 Shelburne Rd., Shaker Hgts., Ohio 
Ware, Christine L. '68, 37 Park Rd., Short Hills, N. J 249 


Ware, Linda L. '69, 20 Reymont Ave., Rye, N. Y 249 

Warren, Ann C. '69, 3 Rockdell Ln., Birmingham, Ala 258 

Warren, Camille M. '70, Box 218, Garland, N. C 254 

Warren, Linda R. '67, 8537 Larkspur Rd., Bon Air, Va. 
Warren,' Mary L. '67, 

Apt. K, 10314 Malcolm Cr., 

Cockeysville, Md. 

Wasdell, Diann '70, 1603 Acadia St., Durham, N. C 259 

Waterman, Barbara A. '70, 55 Snowball Dr., Huntington, N. Y. 

Watson, Linda L. '70, Bo.x 5638, Sarasota, Fla 258 

Weart, Christina C. '67, 

QTRS 3 NAS, Pensacola, Fla 261, 308 

Weaver, Carolyn M. '67, 

Windy Ridge Farm, Rt. 2, Greenville, S. C 253, 308 

Webb, Betty A. '70, 508 Tiffany Ln., Louisville, Ky 259 

Webb, Patricia L '68, 1430 Henri St., Mt. Airy, N.C. 

Webb, Sarah G. '67, 2800 36th St.. Washington, D. C 259, 308 

Webster, Judith C. 70, 

1305 Kensington Ct., High Point, N. C 249 

Weekley, Linda A. '70, 5765 Lake Cable Ave., Canton, Ohio.. .254 
Wehrle, Karen J. '70, 

3509 Virginia Ave., Charleston, W. Va 259 

Weikert, Suzanne '68, 1166 Monterey Dr., Mansfield, Ohio 257 

Weiland, Barbara J. '67, 

7817 Jackson Park Blvd., Wauwatosa, Wise 261, 308 

Wells, Rita G. '67, 120 E. Cliff St., Wallace, N. C 259, 308 

Welsh, Anne K. '70, 1351 N. Shore Rd., Norfolk, Va 249 

Wende, Janis A. '70, 4059 Tartan, Houston, Tex 252 

Wenrich, Paige L. '69, Fac Apts, Durham, N. C. 
Werber, Carol S. '69, 

7001 Forest Hill Dr., Univ. Park, Md 254 

Wertman, Virginia E. '70, 

17302 Riverway Dr., Lakewood, Ohio 

West, Helen M.''68, 914 Delaware Ave., Suffolk, Va 254 

West, Susan T. '70, 53 Barbara Ln., Atlanta, Ga 263 

West, Tommileigh '69, 406 W. E St., Erwin, N. C 258 

Westberg, Carol S. '70, 

1205 S. Center St., Shenandoah, Iowa 257 

Wester, Dolores S. '70, 

24 Primrose Dr., New Providence, N. J 249 

Wherrett, Whitney L. '69, 

4213 Wooster Ave., San Mateo, Calif 260 

Whetstone, Carol J. '68, 1360 Edgecomb, St. Paul, Minn. 
White, Anne W. '67, 

Box 326-A, Rt. 1, Six Forks, Raleigh, N. C 257, 308 

White, Mary L. '70, 5315 Pine St., Bellaire, Tex. 
White, Nancy E. '70, 125 Heritage Cr., Birmingham, Ala. 
White, Victoria J. '70, 

5264 Loughboro Rd., Washington, D. C 263 

Whitehead, Mary E. '70, Box 310, Chatham, Va 261 

Whitley, Judith A. '69, Box 468, Wilson, N. C 249 

Whitware, Sara E. '69, 508 Insurance Bldg., Greenville, S. C. 

Whitney, Pamela E. '69, 280 Patton Dr., Cheshire, Conn 254 

Whittaker, Tracy M. '69, 

332 Hempstead PI., Charlotte, N. C 252 

Whitton, Mary C. '70, 676 Hempstead PI., Charlotte, N. C 258 

Wigren, Pamela A. '67, 

1014 Crown Point Rd., Signal Mountain, Tenn 257, 309 

Wilcox, Margaret M. '67, 

86 Lenwood Blvd., Charleston, S. C 249, 309 

Wiles, Marion B. '69, 446 Washington, Glencoe, 111. 
Wilkerson, Deborah C. '69, 

211 Wilmington Rd., Fayetteville, N. C 263 

Willets, Virginia H. '68, 

1116 Wells St., Durham, N. C 263, 309 

WiUey, Joan D. '69, 623 Olive St., Pittsburgh, Pa 247 

Williams, Camilla M. '69, 

2209 Arno Rd., Shawnee Mission, Kans 261 

Williams, Deborah S. '70, 

2312 Spring Creek Rd., Decatur, Ga. 252 

Williams, Evelyn '70, 622 Woodburn Rd., Raleigh, N. C 263 

Williams, Jo Ann '70, Box 2895 Salisbury, Rhodesia 257 

Williams, Laura K. '70, 

4310 3rd E. Beach, St. Simons Isl., Ga 260 

Williams, Penelope '70, 

QTRS 16, US Coast Guard Base, Governors Island, N. Y 254 

Williams, Wendy '68, Douglas Rd., New Vernon, N. J. 
Williamson, Katherine E., '70, 

660 James St., Pelham Manor, N. Y 248 

Williamson, Ladane, '70, Ocean Isle Beach, N. C 260 

Willis, Helen E., '68, 

407 Fourth St., N.W., Hickory, N. C 258 

Willis, Lisa K., '70, 1419 Dollar Ave., Durham, N. C 249 

Wilmot, Barbara M. '67, 

3945 W. W. 3 Ave., Gainesville, Fla 252, 309 

Wilson, Audret G., '69, 616 N. Rio Grande, Orlando, Fla. 
Wilson, Elizabeth A. '68, 

Spy. 224, 800 Longview Rd., Knoxville, Tenn 255 

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224 Hillside Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
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607 Briar Hill Rd., Louisville, Ky 263 

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21 Danfield Rd., St. Louis, Mo 249, 309 

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12 Ingram Dr., HicksviUe, N. Y 257, 309 

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1541 Euston Rd., San Marino, Cal 263 

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7216 Fontana Dr., Columbia, S. C 261 

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2222 Dalewood Rd., Timonium, Md... 260 

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Workman Memorial Clinic, Woodruff, S. C 248 

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Wright, Nina R. '69, 2102 Companero Ave., Orlando, Fla. 
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1012 Vance St., Raleigh, N. C 255, 310 

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1114 Wynden Ave., Rosemont, Pa. 250 


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MG 1st Armored Division, Ft. Hood, Tex 254 

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801 Long Point Ln., Point Pleasant Bch., N. J 260 

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1107 Westbriar Dr. N.E., Vienna, Va 263 

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320 Extension St., Hazlehurst, Miss 258 

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6400 Lafayette, Independence, Ohio _ 257 

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3552 Vigilance Dr., Palos Verdes, Peninsula, Calif 263 

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1544 Rose Virginia Rd., Wyomissing, Pa 263 

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Dst. Leg. Office Hdgrs. 10 Na\y, U. S. Naval 

Station Box 3, FPO N. Y 264 

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639 Chesopeian Trail, Virginia Beach, Va 264, 292 

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835 W. North Street, Carlisle, Pa 264 

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6254 N. Kilpatrick, Chicago, 111. 
Gaulkin, Frances J. '70, 

111 N.E. 121st St., N. Miami, Fla 264 

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626 Charles St., Towson, Md 264 

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904 Brantford Ave., Silver Spring, Md 265, 292 

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8704 Hartsdale Ave., Bethesda, Md 265 

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3812 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C 265 

Gustafson, Mary Lucille '68, 

855 Bruce Ave., Clearwater Beach, Fla 265 


Haggstrom, Jane McClung '69, 

386 Spring Ave., Ridgewood, N. J 265 

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113 A East Main St., Mascoutah, 111 265, 293 

Haldeman, Beverly A. '70, 

102 Bevington Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa 265 

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822 Great Springs Road, Rosemont, Pa 265 

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166 Los Robles, BufFalo, N. Y 265, 293 

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16046 Redington Dr., Redington Beach, Fla. 
Hardin, Brenda Sue '67, 

137 Hillcrest Ave., Lancaster, S. C. 
Harrell, Susan Melvena '70, 

5213 Falmouth Rd., Washington, D. C 265 

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915 Norwood Ave., Elberon, N. J 265 

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1800 16th St. N.W., Winterhaven, Fla 265, 294 

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Guyasuta Road, Pittsburgh, Pa 265 

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Hendershot, Marsha Lynn '68, 

2407 Lakewood Ave., Lima, Ohio 265 

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203 N. Harding St., Greenville, N. C 265 

Hendrick, Lucy Elizabeth '69, 

Piedmont Rd., Rutherfordton, N. C 265 

Hendrix, Susan Gray '68, 

4623 Catherine Blvd., Jackson, Miss 265 

Hess, Margaret Vandyke '69, 

4601 Beechwold Rd., Wilmington, Del 265 

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103 Scenery Blvd., Monessen, Pa 265, 294 

Hinds, Kathryn L. '70, 825 Brice Rd., Rockville, Md 265 

Hoadley, Jean Elizabeth '69, 

999 Green St., Apt. 2701, San Francisco, Calif 265 

Hoefflinger, Susan Scott '69, 

Brigham Rd., Gates Mills, Ohio 265 

Hudson, Annette '68, 

6414 Walnut St., S.E., Washington, D. C. 

Hurter, Ellenmarie '68, Main Street, East Haddam, Conn 265 

Hussey, Julia A. '70, 612 Pinetree Dr., Indialantic, Fla 265 

Hutton, Elizabeth '70, 

112 Hings Hwy., North Haven, Conn 265 


Jacobs, Jo Ann '70, 

4280 S.W. 13th St., Miami, Fla 265 

Jamison, Betty L. '70, 405 Balmoral Rd., Winter Park, Fla 265 

Jarrell, Nancy Eileen '69, 

475 Armstead St., Apt. 5, Alexandria, Va 265 

Jeffords, Susan Elizabeth '70, 2 Greenway, Roslyn, N. Y. 265 

Johnson, Lucy G. '70, 

313 Oak Grove Ave., Greenville, Tenn 265 

Johnston, Susan J. '70, 

4424 Old Columbia Pike, Annandale, Va 265 


Kandra, Karen Ann '68, 

149 South Euclid, Westfield, N. J 265 

Kane, Valerie '70, 93 Old Hw^., Wilton, Conn 265 

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36 Clinton Road, Garden City, N. Y 265 

Katilius, Ruth A. '70, 3625 Watchill Rd., Murhall, Pa 265 

Keane, Lindsay Ann '70, 

2514 Valleyview Drive, Huntingdon, Pa. 

Kellogg, Elizabeth J. '70, 910 W. First St., Elmira, N. Y 265 

Kenworthy, Deane '67, 

1422 Walnut St., DeKalb Park, Norristown, Pa 265, 296 

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King, Clare Vickers '68, 

4313 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Md 265 

King, Elizabeth B. '70, 

5533 Bryant St., Minneapolis, Minn 265 

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4764 N.W. 6th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 265 

Klise, Elizabeth Wren '68, 5380 S.W., 76th St., Miami, Fla 265 

Knapp, Linda Hedges '70, 534 Lower Lane, Berlin, Conn 265 

Knoze, Noelle Janet '69, 

13698 W. Bonnie Lane, Menomonee Falls, Wise 265 

Knutson, Carole '67, 

Millbrook School For Bovs, Millbrook, N. Y 265, 297 

Kohms, Patricia Kay '68, 22 N. 43rd St., Irvington, N. J. 

Kramer, Patricia J. '70, 11313 Stephen Lane, Beltsville, Md 265 

Kutsche, Mary Margaret '68, 

13 Berkeley Rd., Avondale Estates, Ga 265 


Laiminger, Catherine A. '70, 

6077 S. 11th St., Ft. Pierce, Fla 265 

Lamason, Ruthanne '69, 

292 South Metape, Bound Brook, N. J 265 

Larson, Maryanne '67, 5 N. Kilby St., Gloucester, Mass. 

Layton, Robin '70, Old State Rd., Berwyn, Pa 265 

Leitch, Alae Risse '68, 

1817 Charline Dr. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 265 

Lieb, Margaret Nadine '69, 

107-24 108th Street, Richmond Hill, N. Y 265 

Link, Heidi Ann '68, 26 Brook St., Warren, Pa 265 

Lipshitz, Martha '70, 

613 Holland Dr., StatesviUe, N. C 265 

Lockhart, Kathleen A. '70, 

516 Piatt Terr., Aiken, S. C 265 

Long, Christine A. '70, 

1905 Gaymoor Terr., Lynchburg, Va 265 


MacGahan, Susan Whitney '69, 

310 Kenwood Ave., Delmar, N. Y 265 

Markel, Marian Kay '67, 

421 Larchwood Rd., Springfield, Pa 265, 298 

Marshall, Thomasin Lee '67, Rt. 3, Hillsboro, N. C 265, 298 

Matthews, Charlotte Ann '68, 

829 Wilkerson Ave., Durham, N. C 265 

McKee, Andrea Lynne '67, 

441 Parkdale Dr., Charleston, S. C 265, 298 

McQueary, Pamela Kay '69, 

1739 S. National, Springfield, Md 265 

Meservey, Kristina '69, 43 Park St., Wcllaston, Mass. 



Meyer, Nancy Irene '69, 

135 Beverly Ave., Massapequa Park, N. Y 265 

Miller, Connie J. 70, 1958 Trentway, South Bend, Ind 266 

Mitchell, Bobby Jean '69, 

1710 Mount Vernon Rd. S.W., Roanoke, Va 266 

Mizell, Catherine Leah '68, 

2107 S.E. 21st St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 266 

Moeller, Marilyn Ann '69, 

825 Grassy Hill Rd., Orange, Conn 266 

Monk, Mary Beth '68, 135 N. Strathcona Dr., York, Pa 266 

Moorhead, Besse Douglas '69, R.D. 2, Gettysburg, Pa 266 

Morris, Nancy A. '70, 

7502 Harwood Rd., Washington, D. C 266 

Morrison, Diane Elizabeth '67, 

41 Mayfair Ave., Floral Park, N. Y 266, 300 

Morse, Mary Ellen '69, 

932 Scott Blvd., Decatur, Ga 266 

Moye, Christina Anita '69, 

130 Pearl Croft Rd., Cherry Hill, N. J 266 

Murphy, Linda L. '70, 348 S. Westdale, Decatur, 111 266 

Murphy, Linda Lee '68, 

River Dr., Box 335, Titusville, N. J 266 

Musselman, Lynn A. '70, 201 Pearl St., Lancaster, Pa 266 

Myslicovan, Lynda Gay '69, 

242 Milltown Rd., East Brunswick, N. J 266 


Nash, Lenore Jane '69, 

276 Lafayette Pkwy., Lexington, Ky 266 

Newlin, Ann Elizabeth '68, Route 2, Liberty, N. C 266 

Nichols, Betsy Berrier '69, V. A. Center, Biloxi, Miss 266 

Nolph, Frances Louise '67, 

860, Ostrom Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Norfleet, Mary Abigail F. '69, 

2012 Minor Rd., Charlottesville, Va 266 

North, Jane E. '70, Deer Park, Greenwich, Conn 266 


O'Brien, Jane Ashton '67, 6100 Lansing Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 
Olson, Kristine E. '70, 

1856 Nettle Creek, St. Louis, Mo 266 

Ominsky, Donna Bevacqua '68, 

203 Branch Rd., Vienna, Va 266 

Ozbolt, Judy Grace '67, 

405 Ravenwood Rd., Walterboro, S. C 266, 300 


Pearl, Susan W. '70, 

132 Thatch Palm Cove, Boca Raton, Fla 266 

Pickard, Susan Jane '69, 

108 Gillwood Dr., Anderson, S. C 266 

Plamondon, Paula Bridget '68, 

627 Calle Rinconada, Santa Barbara, Calif 266 

Prall, Robin Louise '68, 

231 Hamilton Rd., Merion Station, Pa 266 

Price, Christina Louise '69, 

1712 N. Veitch St., Arlington, Va 266 


Raetz, Stephanie Lynn '69, 

73 Tamaques Way, Westfield, N. J 266 

Ramsey, Ginger Layne '69, 

Warners Rd., Box 1550, Syracuse, N. Y 266 

Randecker, Carolyn Ann '68, 

1321 Park Glen Rd., Knoxville, Tenn 266 

Reaney, Ann C. '70, 

861 Kimball Rd., Highland Park, 111 266 

Reed, Barbara Patterson '68, 

427 Plymouth Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 266 

Reid, Judith Ann '69, 

324 Banbury Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 266 

Reilly, Susan Jane '67, 

67 Transverse Rd., Garden City, N. Y 266, 302 

Reynolds, Rebecca Ruth '69, 

Rt. 1, Box 220, Pelham, N. H 266 

Richmond, Ann Louise '67, 

3105 Deibel Ct., Louisville, Ky 266, 303 

Rinkcma, Marsha Lynn '67, 

333 Spruce Dr., Naperville, 111 266, 303 

Roberts, Pamela '68, 

21 Kenwood Rd., Tenafly, N. J 266 

Robertson, Mellissa Kae '69, 

3301 N. Wilson Ave., Tucson, Arizona 266 

Robinson, Beth Ann '67, 

Esso Pappas Metropoleos, P. O. Box 404, 

Athens 118, Greece 266, 303 

Robinson, Janice L. '70, 

97 Sundrow Dr., Weston, Ont., Canada _ 266 

Roe, Sheila Jeanette '69, 

157 Lamden Ave., Winchester, Va 266 

Rogers, Margaret Ann '70, 

43 Bedford Rd., Summit, N. J 266 

Roome, Anne R. '70, 15 Pilgrim Rd., Darien, Conn 266 

Roth, Joanne '68, 

10203 McKenney Ave., Silver Spring, Md 266 

Ruby, Christine A. '70, 

115 Rocky Brook Rd., New Canaan, Conn 266 


Sargent, Pamela '69, 68 Ridgewood Rd., W. Hartford, Conn 266 

Sawyer, Martha Jane '67, 

101 South Ash St., Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Schinnerer, Sandra Jean '68, 

5015 River Hill Rd., Washington, D. C 266 

Schlutter, Jo A. '70, 

215 Forest Spring N., Catonsville, Md 266 

Schvveickart, Joan A. '70, 

64 Primrose Dr., New Providence, N. J 266 

Scott, Susan '68, Lyons Plain Rd., Weston, Conn 266 

Shawger, Helen Martha '67, 

23 Highland Dr., Summit, N. J 266, 304 

Shenk, Sally '69, 40 Alwin Terr., Little Silver, N. J 266 

Sherrard, Marcia Jeanne '68, 

43 Crocus St., Woodbridge, N. J 266 

Shields, Kathleen Blaine '69, 

3726 Cardiff Rd., Chevy Chase, Md 266 

Shultz, Margaret Susan '69, 

707 Vermont Ave., Glassport, Pa. 266 

Singleton, Sandra Louise '68, 

201 Murry Hill Dr., Lancaster, Pa 266 

Skolnv, Mary Ann '70, 

1047 Cherry Hill Lane, Webster, N. Y 266 

Smlari, Lauren Kathleen '68, 

8 West Glen Ave., Ridgewood, N. J 266 

Smith, Linda Brooke '69, 

420 Randolph Rd., Silver Spring, Md 266 

Smith, Lindi Kay '68, 7415 Falmouth St., Springfield, Va. 
Smith, Sandra Luise '67, 

56 Elmore Rd., Rochester, N. Y 266, 305 

Spurlock, Jean M. '70, 

7335 Juler Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 266 

Stanley, Bonnie Lee '69, 

14 Richford Rd., Kendall Park, N. J 266 

Stanley, Sharon Lea '68, 

3 Adams St. NHA, Fort Bragg, N. C 266 

Starn, Cynthia E. '69, 

741 E. Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood, N. J 266 

Stroud, Dixie Janet '67, 

4004 Larkspur Lane, Charlotte, N. C 266, 306 

Suerken, Susan Ann '67, 

98 Mohican Park Ave., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y 266, 306 


Taylor, Linda F. '70, 501 Dillard Rd., Roanoke, Va 266 

Taylor, Susan L. '70, 1233 15th St. N.W., Canton, Ohio 266 

Tilton, Grace Louise '67, 

1 Lanark Rd., Arlington, Mass 267, 307 

Turner, Carlan '69, 2833 Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Twomey, Judith Anne '67, 

Rd. 1, Box 295, Quakertown, Pa _ 267, 307 



Valin, Margaret Suzanne '67, 

1605' S.E. 9th St., Fort Lauderdale, Fla 267, 307 

Van Meter, Anne Jarleth '68, 

86 Strathmore Rd., Manhasset, N. Y 267 

Van Nest, Elizabeth Pratt '69, 

633 Watchung Rd., Bound Brook, N. J 267 

Vincent, Wendy Carolyn '67, 

98 Sunset Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J 267, 307 

Voclkel, Roger R. '70, Rt. 1, Box 24, Mansfield, Ark. 


Wagner, Linda Cherl '69, R.D., Annandale, N. J 267 

Walker, Ida Diane '70, 

112 Addison Dr., De Witt, New York 267 

Walters, Bonnie Lee '67, 

137 Stout Ave., Middlesex, N. J 308 

Ward, Maureen Louise '67, 

R.R. #2, Box 291, Hockessin, Del 267, 308 

Wardle, Joann '68, 

313 Delaware Ave., McDaniel Crest, Wilmington, Del 267 

Waring, Mary Randolph '67, 

155 Victoria St., Elkin, N. C 267, 308 

Waterfall, Mary Kathleen '67, 

1917 West Admiral Rd., Stillwater, Okla 267, 308 

Waugh, Marilyn '68, 329 Cherry Lane, Westbury, N. Y 267 

Wechsler, Lynette H. '70, 73-04 193rd St., Flushing, N. Y 267 

Whitley, Helen Wilson '67, 

4010 Parian Ridge Rd. N.W., Atlanta, Ga 267, 308 

Whittemore, Cynthia L. '70, 

114 Lockwood Rd., Riverside, Conn 267 

Wiggs, Carol Ann '69, 

16 Oakland Ave., West Caldwell, N. J 267 

Wilcox, Margaret Lee '68, 

84 Coleman Ave., Chatham, N. J 267 

Wild, Jane M. '70, 

1391 Springhouse Rd., Allentown, Pa 267 

Wilhoit, Alice S. '70, 

1711 E. Lakeview Ave., Pensacola, Fla 267 

Williams, Peggy Ann '68, 

417 Venice St., Falls Church, Va 267 

Willson, Dona Jean '67, 

Rt. 1, Box 246 East, N. Augusta, S. C 267, 309 

Wilson, Anne Francine '68, 

410 Glenview Dr., Tallahassee, Fla 267 

Windmiller, Jan Alleta '68, 

210 South Glenwood, Columbia, Mo 267 

Winkler, Wendy '67, 

173 Forest Ave., West Caldwell, N. J 267, 309 

Wolfe, Kristen Jane '67, 

334 Castle Wood Court, Hampton, Va 267, 309 

Wood, Carol Anne '68, 

121 Ashbrook Rd., Cherry Hill, N. J. 
Woods, Jane Mansfield, '69, 61 Fenwick Rd., Fort Monroe, Va. 


York, Elizabeth C. '70, 1006 Baywood Ct., Richmond, Va 267 

York, Monica Louise '69, 

34 Ridgeway Dr., Greenville, S. C 267 

Young, Deborah Laureen '69, 

50 Symonds Ave., Collinsville, Conn 267 



This book is the work of a great many 
people, and it is my pleasure as editor to 
have a page on which to thank them. 

A small group were with me at the 
beginning last April; they formed a core 
from which emerged a concept of the 
book. And I am grateful that throughout 
this year, they have remained to give 
substance to our concept — working hard, 
offering suggestions, bearing responsibil- 
ity, giving personal support. This group 
includes Jo Humphreys, Vic Zambetti, 
Tom McLain, Kaki Humphreys, and al- 
though he probably would deny it, my 
brother Ken. 

In the course of the year, we picked 
up a number of people whose aid has 
been invaluable. Nina Kamlukin, Dave 
Wuehrmann, Debra Thomas, John Sacha, 
Joyce Denman, Mike Boyd, and David 
Rubenstein were mainstays in whatever 
organization I managed to have. 

It seems that to be a photographer on 
this year's book, one had to possess a 
cheerful cynicism, an irreverent disdain 
for all authority that made the office loud, 
and most enjoyable. The work produced 
by these boys, both in quantity and qual- 
ify, was considerably more than I had 
expected. I can only repeat my statement 
of gratitude to Walt Chapin, Bill Boyar- 
sky, Don Hughes, Steve Karver, Jim 
Sneeringer, Jeff Kaye, Gail Helm, Ann 
Saalbach, and Steve Conaway. Thanks 
also go to Steve Kanar and Hugh Cashion 
for their special photographic aid. 

Due to our special emphasis on copy, 
I desperately needed fine writers. I think 
we were fortunate to find quite a few. 


Drew Spears, Roger Geller, Susie Prescott, 
and Sally Simmons all made at least two 
written contributions, as well as impor- 
tant general suggestions. Dave Roberts, 
Nanqf Brewer, Peggy Pringle, Sarah An- 
derson, Wendy Salinger, Anne Mize, John 
Lindegren, JeflF Davis, Ken Boger, Bruce 
Roberts, Steve Worful, John Willis, Tom 
James, Ann Moss, Diane Clayton, Nelson 
Ford, Fred Daugherty, Bob Hyde, Roger 
Bruwell, Charlie Cross, and Chris Ware 
all wrote significant segments of the book. 
And of course, I am especially apprecia- 
tive for the contribution Reynolds Price 
made to our publication. 

There is another group of people who 
somehow helped bring about this book, 
friends across and down the hall. Fred 
Daugherty, Charlie Williams, Dave Birk- 
head — editors who have kept each other, 
certainly kept me going; and even Bob 
Carney, editor emeritus of the Row. 

Finally, there are the people outside 
third floor Flowers Building who are im- 
portant: the Publications Board for their 
confidence, Mr. Stephen Harward, Mr. 
William Griffith, Mr. Smith of Smith 
Studios and his photographers, and Mr. 
Harrell Brooks. Mr. Brooks, our represen- 
tative at Foote & Davies, was our most 
astute critic and our valued friend. 

I hope you enjoy your book. 







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Duke University Libraries 


1967 Chanticleer 



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