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'I-. ■*-■■■, ■ 1' ^ 1 

•■\.' -I.'..- ,',■■ iv> ' ■- ' 

" • ;.i!'-'i f'-',-' «ii^? - "i< vA*"- ij--^' 


't\r. .'■■■■. :. 

Existence is beyond the power of words 

To define: 

Terms may be used 

But are none of them absolute. 

In the beginning of heaven and earth 

There were no words, 

Words came out of the womb of matter; 

And whether a man dispassionately 

Sees to the core of life 

Or passionately 

Sees the surface, 

The core and the surface 

Are essentially the same, 

Words making them seem different 

Only to express appearance. 

If name be needed, wonder names thenn both: 

From wonder into wonder 

Existence opens. 



the Chanticleer 

published by the publications board 
of Duke University 

copyright 1971 
Durham, North Carolina 







1 1 

'.■,'"'' ■ 


Just as existence is beyond the 
power of words to define, so also 
is art — for the two are synony- 
mous. We can understand being 
only by viewing it as art. This pub- 
lication is a meager attempt to 
convey the art-of-being in the 
Duke community. The views ex- 
pressed in the copy and photo- 
graphs are individual impressions 
and are therefore not intended as 
fact. Neither does each individual 
view necessarily express the sen- 
timents of the university as a 


• »■ 





t» ik^^^H ^^^^^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^r ^"^^HH^^^^HBk^^^^^^^^^^^H 


M.*^y -.A 

.r / 






■ -■^.A'.-ajSiiisirjsPsam 

I'll send this to ARCHIVE 

English end-thought . . . initially irresponsible 

thought transfers to 


so relevant and descriptive 

and everything else that I don't 

know and haven't experienced. 

Perhaps this could explain 

why the typewriter crashes from 

end to end 

on the table . . . perhaps not . . . 

And the BBC 

BB King 

Doris Day 

Max Bugby Dig It Dig It Dig It 

By Georged Arch the Angels 

Like a rolling stone 

Like a rolling stone 

Like a rolling stone 

Like the F.B.I. 

and the C.I. A. 

and the B.B.C. 

B.B. King 


Doris Day 

fallen archangel 

Max Bugby 

Dig It! 

Dig It! 

Dig It! 

Dig It! 

"By George we'd like to do" 

Arch the Angels come Hark! 

Q.M.D. Completion 

off the l,B,M,e,x,e,c,u,t,i,v,e Max Bugby 

Screaming guitars 

and then . . . 

end-thought of the road 

that we walk upon 

daily through this 

(fill in blank) 

Mother Mary COMES!! 

Dig It! Wavy Gravy morphine-morphine 

can't be wound Let It Be Led Zeppeling III 

Good Year 

Where did D.P. go? 

TO NC 751 
Duke Univ. 

;> -> 










w 1 


■f { 








~" -"l^' 



^^^ -'■JJJ'-^^ 

^^ /- - 




i*- ;^->^ 





; ■ -"^i t.. * ^ 

ffVT^'VK:. - ..; 

r -r - 




r. »C 

. . four letter words have no place 
in a university publication" 

p. Huber Hanes, D*ke University Trustee 

Due to the controversy generated by the 1970 Chanticleer, 

the Publications Board would appreciate any comments 

about your reactions towards the book. 

It is not the sort of book I would 
be proud to show my children 
in telling them of the wonderful 
years I spent at Duke. It will not 
be included on the shelves in 
my home with high school year- 
books and the 1968-69 Chanti- 
cleer. I am sorry to say the 
memories of 1969-1970 at 
Duke will end up at the bottom 
of a box in the attic because 
the 1970 Chanticleer is not a 
book to be proud of. I do not 
wish to show it to any of my 
friends because they might 
accept it as a sample of Duke's 
atmosphere. I love Duke and 
would not want this piece of 
trash to be associated with the 
school as I know and will re- 
member it. 

Fantastic — shows the student 
body that if they just sit back, 
they won't always get what 
they want!!!!!! 

A yearbook should be some- 
thing to save, cherish and brag 

The 1970 Chanticleer is def- 
initely a work of art, as any 
yearbook should be. For those 
who want to see only their 

homecoming queen and a re- 
view of social events — let 'em 
take instamatic shots. 

There were . . . few photo- 
graphs of our beautiful campus. 
I would like to see color pictures 
of the chapel, gardens and 
campus. I would like individual 
pictures of all faculty members 
. . . Individual student photo- 
graphs should be larger. 

Book I was excellent for those 
who desired that common- 
place, ordinary, nauseously 
trite type of yearbook. But it 
was Book II that presented 
extraordinary photography, 
pointed articles, and ail too real 

There was entirely too much 
writing in the '70 Chanticleer. 
Photographs are much more 
pleasing to the human eye than 
pages and pages of black and 
white print. 

The book is a delight to read 
because you can always find 
something you have overlooked 
before. You can't skim through 
and forget it. It presents a real- 
istic expression of student life 
at Duke, complete with ugly 

and beautiful moments. 
My disappointment is almost 
as great as my embarassment 
that my Alma Mater would pub- 
lish such a thing — and put 
D U K E on it. 

I enjoyed the yearbook and 
think I learned a few things 
from it. I can't say that I was 
offended by the language used, 
which is what I suppose caused 
the controversy. I thought it 
was kind of funny and ap- 

How the heck could you print 
the second book? It wasn't fit 
to let my dog read. 

It was a beautiful thing and 
very much needed on campus. 
That it was accepted with so 
little grace is proof positive of 
the need for it and for other 
serious and creative student 
literary efforts. Keep it up, and 
don't let these absurd ana- 
chronistic trustees get you 

I burned mine. Next year it 
won't be only books that burn. 
Garbage! I use it as a step for 
my kitten so she can reach her 
litter box. 

I don't quite understand how it 
got published without being 
censored. I'd like to meet the 
individuals on the staff just to 
see what kind of people they 

As for charges about obscen- 
ity, I think they are ridiculous. I 
found nothing offensive about 
the yearbook. Frankly, I think 
the staff should continue the 
trend and perhaps the whole 
damn board of trustees will 

Second rate imagination. 
Horrible waste of money 
Idiotic content 
Terrible binding 

. . . too literary, too aesthetic. 
I myself would love to see a 
hard-back book full of candid 
shots of students and the 

Very well done — the 1970 
Chanticleer generated contro- 
versy only because it applied 
itself to areas of valid concern 

. . . too much emphasis was 
given to artistic endeavors . . . 
I also felt that the way you took 
apart our football team was dis- 
graceful. Being a ballplayer, 
being and playing for a school 
may be old-fashioned to some 
— but not to me. How many of 
you people know ... a member 
of the team? Know how they 
feel about their playing? Their 
school? You'll find they are 
much more human than you 

Don't let the Jocks get you 

I gave mine away! 

. . . my friends from home 
thought everyone at Duke had 
a beard, smoked grass, and 
demonstrated instead of at- 
tending class! 

I felt it to be the highlight of the 
year. Perfect, excellent, un- 
believably funny. The prose 
was remarkable. Cannot con- 
ceive of anything surpassing it! 
Too bad everyone at Duke 
doesn't have the creativity it 
exhibited. Friends at other 
schools ate it up. Literally 
became the fit of parties . . . 
P.S. Did anyone not like it? 
They could always throw the 
good part out and keep the 

We all look forward to the day 
the yearbook is distributed, but 
this year the day was met with 
displeasure and outrage. 
I wouldn't have paid over $5.00 
for it. 

I hope that Chanticleers of that 
type will be avoided like the 
plague in the future! 
The 1970 Chanticleer was a 
first rate yearbook. I can see 
how the rah, rah Duke frat man 
might have been upset that the 
yearbook did not have your 
pictures of beer guzzling and 
good, clean fun, but I think the 
Chanticleer would make a mis- 
take not to continue along the 
70 book's lines this year. I do 
not believe in excessive praise 
of anything, but the Chanti- 
cleer, along with the Chronicle, 
leaves me with vestiges of hope 
for dear ole Duke. 

A yearbook is something people 
look back to fifty years later 

. . . when they're wrinkled and 
arthritic. No one ever reads a 
yearbook. They look at pictures 
and remember. My parents 
still look at and reminisce over 
their college yearbooks. 

Polarization celebrated; syn- 
thesis denied as it is by the 
university structure in general. 
In general people snurled and 
chalked up another mess to the 
freaks . . . their laughter at the 
expense of the student bodies 
further frowns at the damn- 
sect. come on. Love to the 

It is absolutely ludicrous that 
anybody would be appalled by 
the most creative yearbook 
Duke's ever come up with. If 
Duke is ever going to break 
away from its generally shame- 
fully conservative Southern tra- 
dition, it must not only tolerate 
yearbooks such as this, but 
must welcome and encourage 
them. The use of four-letter 
expletives and a mere handful 
of nude pictures (or was it 
one?) indeed enhance one's 
understanding of life at Duke 
and elsewhere. The puritanical 
absence of such valid literary 
and artistic devices in previous 
yearbooks only served to falsify 
our understanding of Duke. 

... a yearbook's purpose is that 
of presenting a school as it is; 
not as alumni, parents, admin- 
istration, and trustees wish it 
to be. 

Print the yearbook for the 













* mt' 




The Trustees and Faculty 


Duke University 

request the honor of your presence 

at the Inauguration of 

Terry Sanford 

as President of Duke University 

on Sunday, the eighteenth of October 

nineteen hundred and seventy 

at half past three o'clock 

The Main Quadrangle 

in front of Duke Chapel 

Informal reception 
following the ceremony 
Campus Quadrangle 

Demonstrate Dec. 30 


SDS National 

Convention <^ 

Register: 12-27, 12 n > n 
Chicago Colloseum 
1513 S. Wabash 
Phone: (312) 528-9735 

/ f'/ P'^'Tr^' 



Ihere^ something in Duriiani for you. 




COU«H»M ~^^ HOMt 

,'>-^ , 







.i\.\\^ ^ 

Life at Duke is a Game. 


The instructions are very simple: find your- 
self and those people and things around you 
somewhere within the confines of the Duke 
Game — up, down, forward, backward, diag- 
onally, reversed. Mark your presence and their 
presence as indicated. After you've found 
everything there is to be found in the Game, 
erase all your pencil marks and leave for ten 
years. When you return to' Duke, look: how many of 
these things will you find again? How many vestiges 
of the past will remain? How much will have 

*< ■>-■" '», 

.: ■ ;^.-' 

D O O 

K H A 

N 1 

M D E 


U N G 

R E 

D 1 

N A R 

S G 



A U J 

1 R 



T S R 

E D A E 

L R E 

E H 


X O S 

G S E 

V 1 

T A V 


E S N O G O H 

1 X M 

1 L 


M D H 

S E R 




E S K 

G O 

J P 

1 B A T S 


O K R 

1 H R 

N K 

H S L 


A B T 

O O 

F O 


1 R 


D R U 

A 1 O 




L 1 V 

E F 

1 L 

T H O N D 


E P H 

P F E 


N E G 


E S G 

A L 

1 N 

E R S 

R F 


R A S 


S E 

E 1 1 


N O 1 

T A 

R T 

S 1 G 

E R 


O C G 

R 1 T 

S A 

S 1 D S 

L S O 

R F A E 

B R 1 

T 1 




E L 

H 1 L 



S K G 1 

D Q U A E 


X E S 

H 1 Z 

T O 

O F E 


1 A R 

O D 

E R 

U T P 

R N 


E T R 

E R s 

B V 

N G L 



S C O A 

G R A 

F D 


V S E 


S E 

E T S 



L F 

D N 




1 S E 

D S u 

N W 



N O L 

N D 

R F 

O T Z 

T E 




E 1 

S A R 


S A A 

O E 

E E 

U H A 

1 R 


G R G 

K 1 E 

S 1 



R S 

L A 


B H 


R E 1 

U K R 

G L 



K S A 

S S 

T L 

G K K 

B H 



E E A 

E 1 

G L E 


P A O 

1 T 

S 1 


1 N 


G 1 N 

P R p 



U R M 

1 S 

B E 

E R P 

L N 



O A 1 

P U 

S S Y 


S G L 

D E 

E N 

N J 1 

S O 


L P H 


B A 



N 1 P 

S T 

P A 

L O N 



D N G 

S G A 

B N 


1 LA 

N O 

1 T 

G E S 

E S 


D G K 

O 1 L 

1 S 

A R A 



G R 

H 1 


M 1 


1 K B U G U 

L T 

U R E 


H S A H P 

1 O 

L O Y 

O V 


B R O 

T G K 

J A Q B L 



S A 

B N 




FDR THE-«WEEt«' -' 

.ON 7 HiLLEL Film 

■■"- '^ Chapel Service 
! Hillel Stu-Fac 
3 30 Retired Fac J 
akjRS '10 House Chu 
i> 8 DUES . 

NOV 16- 22 

'Border ^STRgET 


T^ 10 House Church 1 Div bi7, 

, 017 DI 
■*" BIO SCI 

8 15 D U (lORALE • , fWCE 

AC 130 D U vs, 
P 7&9 OUad PiX' 

?' 9 15 N C Stk 

EEL i 
.^^ «JAD PIX 

7 HtBtEL Fi 

I ' J>flCZ 

'Quartet .„,MUS RM 


Seem _W0RSE^ A SuNDAY —- 

^b^O R 





-■rWft '^> 

9 ^^P*f 



► • fitV ' M 






"The attitude I try to take in my column is basi- 
cally t^at the human body is not obscene . . . 
People seem to relate more easily to four-letter 
words when talking about parts or functions of 
their bodies." 



' Mr\ 




This was the fourth Thanksgiving since he had gone forth 
from that bastion of secondary learning, the citadel of educa- 
tion, the building of which at once he was the nnaster and at the 
same time the pawn. With what kudos he had left four years 
earlier! It had been a long time, and looking back at that building, 
he felt a strange mixture of nostalgia and cynicism. 

But wait a minute, just put on that old mono copy of Blonde 
on Blonde and roll back into the not-so-distant past. Walk along 
the street, and there it is, the high school that spawned succeed- 
ing generations of world leaders, heads of corporations, profes- 
sors, professional students, housewives, auto repairmen, wel- 
fare recipients, drug addicts. 

Perhaps with a little trepidation, he opened the door. Nothing. 
He walked in. But there was the same bulletin board with what 
could have easily been the same faded news clippings. Across 
the hall, the same college counseling sessions as always; it 
might have been 1967. Maybe the faces had changed, but the 
spectre of the place hadn't. 

The mimeograph machine spits and spews forth a stream of 
announcements, the nurse is still coping with the black kid who's 
vomiting his guts out in her office but with the most amazing 
smile on his face, and then even the stench of the printing ink, 
the clanking of the 1940 Multigraph 215, and the light bulb — 
had it been changed in four years? — still radiated forth a naked 
140 watts. 

Somehow, though, there was a relationship somewhere, neb- 
ulously defined, hopelessly jumbled up with thousands of other 
past incidents. He felt he couldn't relate to it then, and he cer- 
tainly felt he couldn't relate to it now, but yet just beyond his 
fingertips, just past the barrier of expression there was a kinship. 

He turned. Yes, this is the same education factory that had 
cut his umbilical cord so long ago and sent him off to New York 
City, Boston, San Francisco, Durham, Hanover, New Hampshire 
... it really didn't matter where. It was nothing but a mother, 
bringing forth her youth with relentless effort, sending out her 
idealistic young warriors to do battle with the tribunals of higher 
education, but perhaps a bit wistfully because they'd be back 
later, just as he stood there, and it would never be quite the 
same. The first Thanksgiving or Christmas there was a strange, 
fanciful combination of old and new; the old pro back to his old 
haunts with new stories of new places. The next year, the 
glitter had disappeared and the tarnish was starting to show 
through a little, the alienation had progressed slightly further. 
Then finally a real relationship difficulty, bitterness, frustration, 
resentment. The final result is just cynicism tinged with a little 
nostalgia. A little less innocent, a little more hardened, a little 

V I- 


^1 !-' 














Monograms. Exclusive moniedmen. Threepieced 

stagnation. Hateheritage. 

Alien triads of ancient alphabet, emblazoned on 

the left tits of bodies richly endowed in Spartan 


Bridge? change channels 

I'm approaching A.'s room at The Section with 
apprehension. All the way down the hall. Noise 
(jackson-five and a sports argument). Do the 
doors to the left and right of me lead to the rooms 
of the Future Real Estate and Insurance Agents 
of America, Inc.? 

Alone. In the hall of The Fraternity, and it's physi- 
cally obvious that I don't belong, (cold-stare. The 
Discus Thrower has just emerged from the 
shower. Notes my presence with a scowl.) I feel 
sorry for every inch of my hair. 
A noisy hall, but no beer stench (did I honestly 
expect it on a Wednesday?); preconception be- 
coming misconception? 

My mind moves now in all directions for fear of 
the strange surroundings. I am realizing the ounce 
of grass in my pocket and an alien atmosphere 

paranoia). A. is waiting (hope the stuff is good — 
20 a lid, but RS is known to own stock in an ore- 
gano plantation, a blatant conflict of interests). 

A brother, a Hercules-Medusa amalgam with a 
touch of Phyllis Diller (hair like cascades of Brillo) 
(would DK call him a "New-Old World pastiche??") 
is rather obligingly asking me if I'm looking for 
anyone in particular. A., I say, and now I'm being 
led to his door. I thank Brillo, he nods, (is he 
stoned? no, it's Wednesday. 

so, it's Wednesday, that's never stopped me be- 
fore . . . .) and leaves. 

A candle burns as I enter (red, bayberry-scented, 
homemade). A. is seated Indian-style on those 
uncarpeted fratfloors with rolling papers between 
his feet. I'm thinking about the end of last year, 
sitting with A. in that unbelievably boring theory 
class while the world burned around us (we both 
got P's, thank God for Cambodia). 
It is hard for my freak-acquaintances back in the 
independents to comprehend that, even with our 
disparate backgrounds and polarized lifestyles, 
we are friends: more resembling Abbott and Cos- 

tello than Damon and Pythias, but a working re- 
lationship nonetheless, coming about through 
some intangible social chemistry I have yet to 
fully understand. A Rousseau and Revolution 
ivory-tower dweller and a potential gladiator for 
Suitcase Simpson. 

A. is a jock to some: he's able to pass for the kind 
of kid who'd sell Readers Digest subscriptions 
during his spare time (i.e. after wrestling prac- 
tice). Not so. 

Sight impact. Smile. Door closed (locked) and 
now we're exchanging informal plaisanteries. 
Gone is the tightness I felt. A haven. My coat's 
off, the candle projects uneasy patterns of 

now we're wrecked; RS didn't fail me this time 
(seedy but, wow, potent). How will I write all 
this down? — this is a Chanticleer EXCLUSIVE. 
Muscles around my cheeks are hurting from the 
grins. A. has this stoned-satisfied look on his 
face, and I'm wondering how to start asking . . . 
oh, Christ, how do you interview a friend? 

Q. Quick, before we get hungry, let me ask you 
some questions. Do you think of yourself as 
a freak? 

A. I dislike the category as much as you do; what 
do you think? I know I need a sign that says 
"FREAK" for anyone to know it, but I think 
that I'm as much a freak as anyone else. 

Q. But why do you think you're a freak? Because 
you smoke? Can you . . . 

A. Lots of guys smoke in the frats, constantly. 
They're a little bit more clandestine about it, 
you know, towel under the door, incense burn- 
ing, utter secrecy — but they do it. But I'm 
a freak basically by nature, I'm not like the 
others who live here. I like to think of myself 
as a more individualistic person. Drugs isn't 
the thing to categorize people by — just look 
at the real jocks! I've never seen so many 

stoned jocks as this year — acid jocks, mesc 
jocks, grass jocks. And no wonder ... no one 
realizes what abuse these guys suffer! 

Q. What do you mean? Can you be specific? 

A. Well, like . . . the stress that's placed on those 
guys in the locker room before the football 
games. They become superpsyched muscle- 
machines. It's unhuman, it's not right. 

Q. But . . . 

A. and Hair. Those guys get so much shit if 
they've got the balls to grow their hair longer 
than normal. We look like the straightest team 
in the conference, like marines! There's no ex- 
cuse for that at Duke: these guys go through 
physical abuse, feel unappreciated, are 
allowed so little freedom; no wonder they're so 
belligerent when they're let loose! And DUAA 
and the coaches are very much to blame. I've 
never heard so much dissatisfaction on the 
part of the players as this year. I can't condone 
some of the antisocial things that the jocks do 
(certain individuals do, I should say), but many 
are perfectly normal guys who are warped by 
DUAA demands. But they're changing. As a 
whole, I think Duke's athletes are becoming 
much more openminded, more personable, 
more human. 

Q. Are many of the jocks and frats thinking more 
about politics and social problems? Anti-war 
sentiment and inequality . . . 

A. I can't speak for everyone, but generally, we're 
all becoming more open. They may not be acti- 
vists or protesters yet, but I think that things 
are changing. I'm personally very much 
against the war, but I won't protest: I look so 
straight . . . 

Q. Why are you so straight-looking by the way? 

A. Simple — facial hair annoys me, it itches me, 
and I don't think I look good in shoulder-length 

hair. Come on, I'm not that straight-looking, 
ann I? 

A. Sorry, but yes. 

Q. Well, I'll have to work on it. I hope my straight- 
ness doesn't intimidate anyone. I feel that 
everyone should do whatever they feel like 
doing — no holds barred (that's a jock term, 
you know.) 

Q. How are you doing socially at Duke? Did you 
have any problems adjusting, any undue pres- 
sures on you because you're athletics-prone? 

A. I found it harder to get accepted socially, but 
not because I'm athletic, but because I'm not 
outgoing or conversational, so there's no one 
to blame except myself for any of my social 
problems. My grades are better than average, 
I work pretty hard, and I'm rarely at my fra- 
ternity functions, because I'm either working 
or too wrecked to go! I'm really fed up right 
now, I'm not thinking very logically. 

Q. When did you first experience drugs? 

A. First semester freshman year. Probably be- 
fore you did! 

Q. I'm embarrassed - — • hey, I'm supposed to be 
the freak! I started during sophomore year. 
But I bet I've seen more basketball games 
than you! 

ested, except that many of those guys out 
there are my personal friends, some of whom 
I've gotten stoned with, off season, of course. 

Q. Of course. What are you going to do with your 

A. I'm not sure — you know, I think pretty deeply 
about things like life and death, my future and 
my existence. Drugs help me to see falseness 
in things about me: I would hope that there is 
more to life than constant struggles and prob- 
lems and testing. I don't want to be forced, I 
want to be my own boss — no nine-to-five 
suburban-straight-life crap for me. I think a 
lot about love, too, and people. It's really im- 
portant that I'll be able to be with people. Love 
is a common denominator — we all have to 
love, because very little else has any meaning. 
I worry about how far apart we're all going — 
I can see it and even feel the separation hap- 
pening when I'm stoned. But it's real — we're 
falling apart. There is nothing lasting, every- 
thing is transient. How unloving this crazy 
human race is becoming! We all have to die 
together on this earth: why shouldn't we all 
make living together more enjoyable? I some- 
times feel our lives are only dreams, each of 
us in a different dream, and we're all interact- 
ing in one large dream-trip . . . 

Q. But this is a dream, isn't it? 

A. Probably, I go to games, but I'm rarely inter- A. 



. . . for a moment I lost myself — actually 
lost my life. I was set free! I dissolved in 
the sea, became white sails and flying 
spray, became beauty and rhythm, be- 
came moonlight and the high dim-starred 
sky! I belonged, without past or future, 
within peace and unity and a wild joy, 
within something greater than my own 
life, or the life of Man, to Life itself! To 
God, if you want to put it that way. 


^ -.^^.r-'t. 

- ■•'->» -T^J- 

-*- --^JT— -.v- 




. 4.-- 

• S^iTjjfir'- ■ 




All the local pharmacies had been cracking down. First 
off, the owner, who doubles for a full-time pharmacist, 
hadn't been coming off for anybody recently, and that 
includes 80-year-old women with asthma. In fact, it was 
all but a lost hope, or so we thought. But then, for some 
unknown reason, we decided we'd give it one last try. In 
retrospect, I guess we would have done anything to evade 

The honeymoon was sweet but quite short: at first Ced- 
ric would come off for Cos, but that lasted exactly four 
days. One day a week later a friend went in with a handful 
of scripts to be filled, and then hit Cedric for A-C, and he 
came off grudgingly. He won't do it again. 

Filled with false confidence, I ripped the label off the 
bottle and went in for the score. And damn if Cedric, Dur- 
ham's equal of the Praetorian Guard, wasn't sick that day! 
There was some old man who looked like a retired bus 
driver, you know the kind who pastes bumperstickers 
saying, "If you don't like police, then next time you're rob- 
bed, call a hippie," on the bumpers of their Impalas, and he 
was standing back there, counting pills, with this "I am the 
official Pharmacist" look plastered all over his face, just 
like you see in Reader's Digest. I figured I better throw him 
a curve ball, so I asked for Actifed. In fact he had a whole 
bottle poured, labelled, and ready to go when his pharma- 
cist-companion (who had appeared out of nowhere) 
reminded him that he couldn't sell that "without a preeee- 
scription." He came back with this disgusted look on his 
face and said he couldn't sell that one, but offered me 
something else. I asked him what he had in mind. 

"Wellll, I can give you the Cheracol, the Cosadein, the 
Elixir of Terpin Hydrate . . ." 

"How about the Robitussin with codeine?" He thought 
for a second, walked off behind the counter and looked 
around for a while. Then he looked up and shouted half- 
way across the store, "I can give you the Robitussin WITH 
THE A-C if you want that." 

I paid the going price, which is up a few shickles from 
last year by the way, and while I was inventing some name 
to sign the book with, I thought to myself why can't all the 
pill-counters be like this? 

For those of you who get your aesthetic pleasures out of 
fine cocillana compounds, I am sorry to report that as of 
this time, times are rough again. But if you find any obscure 
druggists, do let me know; I would treasure the information. 


■ '■■,■■>■ ^jtwK^jitfa,i> 







r ^'A^ 





■2? , .--.i % 



.net God? Zen Enlightenment Duke r»^-^-'^« Buqc 
.iC Purusha Salvation Avalokitesvara Prakriti lansv 
.al Meditation Isvara Rama Rama Yang Diiciiii Om mc 
adme hume /oga Billy Graham Hare Krishna Campus C 
ide for Christ Brahman-Atmar Shiva ^^-"^-^^ Have yo 
t God? Zen Enlightenment Duke Buddha .m UM( 

^usha Salvation Avalr^'-' ^rakriti i ranscendenti 

ditation Isvara Ramr 

Tie Yoga Billy Grah 
rist Brahman-Atm< 
1 Enlightenment D 
vation Avalokitesv; 
ara Rama Rama Y< 
)illy Graham Hare 
Tian-Atma^ Shiva 
ment Dui 

liokitesvarr Prakri 
la Rama Yang Bh^ 
iham Hare Krishna 
man Shiva 
Duke i;nanp' 

i^lii vailci 




Om mani padm 
Campus Crusade fc 
lave you met God 
I UMC Purush 

li padme hume u 

usade tor Christ E 

let God? Zen Enlig 

Purusha Salvatio 

an Isvara 

le hume Yoga Bill 

for Christ Brahn - 

God? Zen Enlightenm 

Buddha Yin UMC Purusha balvation Avaio 
suara Prakriti ^r^i^^^^'^H^^'^t^i MpHst^tion Isvara Rama 
a Yang dh^iivu Om mani padme hume Yoga Billy Grahar 
> Krishna Campus urusaae Tor unrist Brahman-Atm' 
(Njirvania Have you met God? Zen Enlightenment D 

Qiirlriha Vin iIMP Piiriicha Q^i%#^tinn CiM^lnklfr 

UMC Purusha Sa. 

^nfM Mpflit^tion ISVck 

Dadme hume Yoga Bi 
>ade for Christ Brahm 
et God? Zen tnlightenm 
jrusha Salvation ^^'^'^^ 
Isvara Rama Rarr^ 

ara Prakriti Transo 
Yang Rh-tk*s Om m; 

lare Krishna Campus 
Shiva la Have V( 

Buddha Yir Ul\ 

jra Prakriti Tranc/-or»Hnfn 

/ang i\ii Om mani padr 

jme oga Billy Graham Hare Krishna Campus Crusade 1 
irist Brahman-Atman Shiva Have you met Go 

m Enlightenment Duk^ Buddha Yin UMC PurusI 

sivation Avalokitesvara Prakriti i ranscender " 
\iara Rama Rama Yang Bhakti Om mani padme hume Y 
Billy Graham Hare Krishna Campus Crusade for Christ 
iman-Atri Shiva Have you met God? Zen Enlij 

nment C Buddha Yin UMC Purusha ti( 

J '"i, i #•** 8.^' 

Prakriti Transcend 


_ ara 

na Rama Yang Bhakti Om mani padme hume ^^^^^ Bi 
raham Hare Krishna Campus Crusade for Brahm 

tmar Shiva Have you met God? Zen Enlightenr 

^.-^ Buddha /in UMC Purusha Salvation ^^^^t 

^^vara Prakriti n u^^cndental Medi^ition Isvara Rama 
na Yang mani padme h^ le Yoga Bill; 

Crusade for 

met God^ 


are Krishna Cami 

iiva Have 

Buddha Yir 

^akriti iranscende 

rist Brahman-Atm 

Enlightenment Du 

i^ation Avalokitesva 

ra Rama Rama Yai 





■' ^^1^^. 


!„ii il 

Note to West Campus Living Groups: 
Experience with irresponsible 
people, especially trespassers who 
have no connection with the univer- 
sity, indicates the necessity of re- 
stating the policy that has been and 
continues to be in effect. 

Except for through traffic using the 
drive between East and West cam- 
puses, the Woman's College campus 
in general and specifically the area 
surrounding the dormitories is closed 
at night to non-residents after the 
closing hours of Woman's College 

Any and all violators are liable to 
arrest by officers of Duke University 
Security Department. 



i"*- / . ■ ; 

. tT. 



■ X 








Women at Duke and elsewhere are dis- 
carding the female stereotype placed on 
them by society. And men are beginning to 
realize that women are their equals — if not 
their superiors. Only by stopping the pro- 
cess of socialization by which both men and 
women are fitted into their respective sex 
stereotypes can the full potential of the 
male-female relationship be expressed. 

>N. "Ml* 




This method is 100% effective 


This method is 100% effective 

for those who use it consistently 




•^ v*. 


the sun shines for you he said 

and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well 
as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask 
again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my 
mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and 
drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume 
yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will 



*?i "'' 










y ¥t 









fx^ I'Fi ''^H^ 



• i' :2 

-*■ "r ^kfi' 

"^ >^ 




/**w^v . • ■. 



■^ ^^^W> 

»S?3^'::y'-- iJ^'v. 




i ( 

-'4 *'^^' 

) branches 
ever-thickgrown as they are, 

may these solid, growing limbs 
hold me 
and you this 
winter? (acorns 

ever-falling as they are, 

may these tiny sprouts of tree 
shade you 
and me some 
summer? (friends 

ever-loving as they are, 

may these trees of loving 
become me 
and you some 
always? (ever 


> ^ 




it's time to die 

just when all the raining's 

finally turned to dry 

it's time to die 

i miss the past 




John Clum, English 



:.' .4 

Richard Kramer, Psychology 

Vernon Pratt, Studio Art 

Mac Linscott Ricketts, Religion Thomas Langford, Religion 

William Poteat, Religion 

Steven Vogel, Zoology 

James Bonk, Chemistry 

Robert Cook, Physics 


They'll stone you when you fell all alone 


How you say? 

you say? 

Credit card call into oblivion 

% 1500.00 tax included a mere 5% plus investigation charge 

And I say Dig It! 


They'll stone you dead! 

Rain/terminate . . . 

Germinate. Sociology/Klopfer/Vogel insanity 

genes, lab. Oh God! 

Will you/Can you shut up! Mind-fuck. 




F£ t^ - J 

i^i: . • 


?'V7'.** '•'^'-.- 











lA' Aj 

Dario Covi, Art Calvin Davis, History 
R. L. Watson, History IVlartin Black, Management Sciences 

Wallace Fowlie, Romance Languages 
Helen Bevington, English Jon Crocker, Anthropology 

Dwight House, Mathematics 



C3 •-» 

UJfc^ :— . — ! Cl-T-D ^{,C3 "^ □ 

rrr ,m> * C3 . t n 

William Griffith, Dean of Student Affairs 
Paula Phillips, Dean of Women 

Joe Martin, Director of Student Activities 
Jane Philpott, Dean of Undergraduate Instruction 

Gerald Wilson, Dean of Junior and Senior Men Ann Jacobansky, School of Nursing Dean 

Hugh Hall, Dean of Trinity College 

James Price, Dean of Undergraduate Education 


William Yohe, Economics 

Paul Bryan, Music 

Hilda and Michael Pavlov, 
Slavic Languages 


Pelham Wilder, Chemistry 

Robert Menkens, Chemistry 


'•••n'fn'TMifciM<il)mHi,-,„iii I I ih 

Bruce Corrie, Physical Education 

^^^^^^"^'^ "i^ 


^^^^^^f?f^ .^ 



^^^Hp¥^ r" 


^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^'^'^^H^^^^B- ' ^f ''J^l^^^^ '■^^^kA^ritf 


■H^H 4iPiPP}i^H^^^ 






Wj *w 4 '*r . ^^iP^^^^I 



i^ ^v 


iS%wrf^ mi^ 















South Carolina 98 



Virginia Tech 




Wake Forest 




North Carolina 83 







Santa Clara 








Penn State 




Wake Forest 




North Carolina 79 



N. C. State 








South Carolina 71 







Wake Forest 
















N. C. State 




Seton Hall 








North Carolina 


Jocks? They're people. People immediately 
stereotype people here. KA — fratman — jock — 
animal. Well, just a beautiful case of stupidity 
was B.S. in this dorm complaining that in the 
federation next year the SAE's would be across 
the quad from us. I couldn't believe it; it wouldn't 
matter if they put nurses or anyone across from 
us. People are people. (Except for profs, that is. 
Some profs on this campus just can't be human; 
they're more like Simon LeGree.) One thing I 
never liked about the KA's was the way they 
would just look at someone with long hair and 
immediately call him a creep. Bingo. Immedi- 
ately stereotype them. They never looked at 
someone inside. But then, everyone labelled the 
KA's animal or something like that. Even the 
freshman girls on East Campus were told to stay 
away from KA's. I just can't tolerate that. It's 
unjustifiable to catagorize people by outer ap- 

1 have a lot of non-athlete friends; it inst takes 
getting to know someone and not tryit ^ to make 
them into something they're not. A lot of the 
people here are in their own little world, though; 
they're unfriendly and don't seem to care about 
other people. I mean you walk down the quad 
and smile at someone, and they look at you like 
you're an utter fool! If you meet a girl walking 
along, she sticks her head down. You want to 
say, 'Watch out or you'll walk into something!!' 
I guess it's just the school. You're always under 
pressure — always worried that you're going to 
get screwed. I've visited other schools, and the 
people really caught me off guard — they were so 
warm and friendly. I thought for a while it was 
just the intellectual atmosphere here, but I was up 
at Yale recently and the people there were really 
friendly. They'd smile at you and talk to you. 
Definitely one factor that contributes to this at- 

titude at Duke is the segregation of campuses. 
Hopefully that'll change next year. It should; it has 
to! It's not normal. Another thing that probably 
introverts people at Duke is the zero social life. 
It would be nice, I guess, if articles like this in the 
yearbook would make people think, but I guess 
that's a lot to hope. I don't know. I didn't like last 
year's yearbook. I mean I don't think a nude girl 
is symbolic of Duke. It's something ten years 
later I wouldn't want to say, 'Look, son, here's 
where I went to school,' and there stands this big- 
tittied girl. Ideally everyone should participate in 
the yearbook, but I guess that's impossible. Most 
people don't have time to participate in things 
like that. They just sit back and bitch without 
doing anything. But, also, a lot of people just 
jump on the bandwagon and don't give a damn 
about what they're doing. Like the 'militant.' 
Some black guy will grow his hair long — Go 
Blacks! Wow! He's a black panther! And he 
doesn't give a damn about black people. We 
need to be dedicated. I don't care what someone 
does if they're dedicated. Then, it's beautiful. 
You've got to be dedicated to play good collegi- 
ate football; everything you do has got to be for 
football! Like at Tennessee and some other 
places you go to school to play football. You 
can't do that at Duke because of the academic 
standards. You can't devote everything to foot- 
ball here — Duke doesn't offer basket weaving 
for athletes like at some of the big state schools. 
I must say, though, that I've never had any bum 
breaks from professors because I'm an athlete. 
But it's never been any easier for me because I 
played football. Crip courses can be found for 
everyone — not just athletes, and we get no 
special treatment. 

Sports are a mental and physical release for me, 
but it's not fun anymore. Athletics at Duke are 

conducted under adverse conditions. People 
don't support the teams that much — probably 
because the teams haven't been winning. There's 
nothing better than running out onto the field and 
seeing a full house and hearing the crowd cheer 
— to know that they've all come to see you play. 
I'm not saying that football players should be 
viewed as gods; that's wrong. But even the few 
people that do support the teams are hypocriti- 
cal. They'll cheer you on the weekends and 
heckle you on the quad. They don't like the fact 
that we're being paid — while academic scholar- 
ships keep going down. Well, like one of the 
ASDU presidential candidates called J. and me 
'ignorant jocks.' J. almost killed him. 
High school football was fun whereas college 
football is a business; as soon as you sign that 
scholarship, you've somehow signed your life 
away to a business for four years. You're an 
investment trying to make money for them. It's 
so easy to lose all interest in the game when it 
ceases being a sport. This year the whole thing 
was like a Mickey Mouse show. Even when not 
playing, I should have been able to give some- 
thing morally to the team, but I just didn't have 
the desire. It got to be a drag. Yet, we had to 
win in spite of all this! 

You know the athletes, though, have changed 
here. You don't hear about people being beaten 
up by jocks anymore because it doesn't happen. 
Most athletes used to try to show their physical 
prowess, to try to play badman, but, it's different 
now. And this could be the reason we're having 
losing football teams. 

You see, football is war. You've got to hate the 
other guy; you've got to want to hurt him. It may 
be a savage way of thinking, but it's the only way 
to play the game good. 

Duke 19 
Duke 13 
Duke 17 
Duke 10 
Duke 21 
Duke 22 
Duke 21 
Duke 16 
Duke 14 
Duke 42 
Duke 34 

Florida 21 
Maryland 12 
Virginia 7 
Ohio State 34 
West Virginia 13 
N. C. State 6 
Clemson 10 
Georgia Tech 24 
Wake Forest 28 
South Carolina 38 
North Carolina 59 





< /< 

■'^ '%-• 










t ^ 



3 o 

''^■\MiBIP*5" - 

\o<3r f^ \<iT'^d av\d 

\^ *^ . i\ ^'.orv'-v n\o 


» r 


r^» * -,#%• 




' / 



he not busy being born 
is busy dying. 

Student Directory 

Since organizations were required organizations ... p. 306 

to purchase space, they, in most portraits ... p. 336 

cases, furnished the material and index ... p. 360 

designed their pages themselves. credits ... p. 374 


Duke Players 

Finale of Shakespeare's Love's Labors Lost in Tom Bynum's gleaming aluminum set for Branson 
Theatre Hugh Helm was Berowne. Nancy Campbell was Rosaline. Rick Kuhn, the King, Susan 
Chambers, the Princess and Brian McNally played Don Armado. Directed by Earl McCarroll. Cos- 
tumes by Fran Brassard. December 1970. 

Gayle Everhart in the title role of Lysistrata, delivers the epilogue as the entire bare cast waits to 
sing the stirring final chorus. Page Auditorium. March 1970. Directed by Ear! McCarroll. Set by 
Bill Bates. Costumes by Babs Bell. 

Diane Brandon comforts her dying husband. Stomil 
(Hugh Helm) as his niece (Chris Waggoner) looks on 

and grandfather Eugene (George Rand) remains impas- 
sive in Slawomir Mrozek's Tango. Branson Theatre. 
May 1970, Directed by Don Cellucci. Set by Bill Bates. 
Costumes by Babs Bell. 


Richard Cytowic (Bishop) speaks for Hugh Helm (General) and Ken Allison (Judge) as Jim Maher (Envoy) and Judy 
OIney listen and George Rand lurks in the background. Genet's The Balcony. Branson Theatre. October 1970. 
Directed by Earl McCarroll. Sets, costumes & Lighting by Fran Brassard. 

Judy OIney, Glamorous guest star, 
as Madame Irma in The Balcony. 



Hugh Helm: 
Vice President; 

Chris Melchoir; 

Sally Ann Munro. 

Resident Professional 
Director, 1970-71: 

Earl McCarroll. 

Resident Professional 
Designer, 1970-71: 

Fran Brassard. 


Duke University Union Executive and Program Committees 


The Major Attractions Committee 

. ^(»r-^y' 





51/' -^"^V- 


^ ^^ 


Preservation Hall Jazz Band 

Murray Louis Dance Company 

The Book of Job 

The Nutcracker 

The Performing Arts Committee 



The Duke University Union Drama Committee Presents 

Broadway at Duke 


Major Speakers 

David Frye — April 22, 71 

Edwin Reischauer — April 22, '70 


^Bw^*^x«yu-'iwix * 


CONTEXTS — This work in acrylic by 
Frank M. Faulkner of Chapel Hill. "Con- 
texts of Grey. White and Brown", is among 
50 pieces in the Springs Mills Traveling 
Art Show to go on exhibit at the Duke 
University Art Center Jan* 31-Feb. 28. 

FROM CHAPEL HILL — "Metallic Space", an acrylic 
painting by Doug Gilchrist of Chapel Hill, is one of 50 
works by artists of the Carolinas in the Springs Mills 
Traveling Art Show. The show will be exhibited at the 
Duke University Art Center Jan. 31-Feb. 28. 

LIPS WITH NO NAME — Maria Lindsay of Chapel Hill 
sculpted this untitled work out of styrofoam. marble 
dust and fabric. The work is one of 50 by artists of 
the Carolinas in the Springs Mills Traveling Art 
Show to be exhibited at the Duke University Art 
Center Jan. 31-Feb. 28. 

The Graphic Arts Committee 

FIRST PRIZE — David L. Shirey (left) chose this untitled sculpture for first 
place and a purchase prize of $1,000 in the 12th Annual Springs Art Contest 
and Show. Shirey and Stephen R. McCrae. director of the show, discuss the 
winning entry created by Rickey W. Booth of Charleston. S. C. Shirey is art 
critic for NEWSWEEK Magazine. The show is sponsored by Springs Mills, Inc. 


:,•■,:- fiiC 



;■ ibC 


^^[Bij^' .n 


^ -■ 










hI .;:. 





"Duke is three schools, 
really. Where they come to- 
gether is DBS. Ideas in fine 
arts, creative engineering and 
social services make WDBS-FM 
the most uniquely different 
communications experiment 
in North Carolina." 


The Duke University Athletic Association is proud of its 1970-71 ath- 
letic teams, their achievements, leadership and sportsmanship. Below 

IS a list of the Duke students that participated m athletics during the 
past year. 




Phil Asack. Dave Atkins. Todd Auryansen. Bill 
Baker, Nader Baydoun. James Bethel, Dick 
Biddle. John Blount. Pete Bozick. L. G. Bryant. 
Tom Cam, John Cappellano. Randy Chambers, 
Tom Chambers. Wes Chesson. Jack Childress. 
Willie Clayton. Mike Davies. John Dull. Dana 
Eckel. Brad Evans, Bob Fitch, Hank Fletcher, Jim 
Forbis, Daryl Fox, David Gibbs, Jerry Giffin. Bob 
Goins. Dale Grimes, Gay Guthrie. Bill Hanenberg. 
Skeet Harris. Leo Hart. Newt Hasson, Bob Hayes, 
Ernie Jackson. Dan Jacobs. Ric James. John 
Johnston. Paul Johnstone. Steve Jones. Tom 
Kehl. Ken Krueger. Bob Lebby. Rusty McDow, 
Jim Madden, Ken Marinak, Bruce Mills, Lanny 
Murdock, Ed Newman, C. G. Newsome. Bob 
Parish. Mike Peck. Dan Phelan. OIlie Phillips. 
Joe Politan. Dave Pugh. Curt Rawley. Fred Rojas. 
Gary Rute. Dennis Satyshur. Rich Searl. Bob 
Shinn. John Spoganetz. Bill Thompson, Stuart 
Todd. Jim Tomancheck. Tom Ussery. John Van 
Norman. Bob Wenzel. David Wright, Bob Zwirko. 


Judge Carr, Jeff Dawson. Randy Denton, Dick 
DeVenzio, Pat Doughty, Rick Katherman, Steve 
Litz, Gary Melchionni, Richie O'Connor, Larry 
Saunders. Alan Shaw. Robby West. Stu Yar- 


Bill Bostic. William Brown. Jeff Burleson. Pat 
Casey. Greg Chizmar. Charles Cox. David Crago. 
Lewis Curran. Steve Davies. Bob Dixon. Greg 
Garvin. Peter Good. Dean Greenwalt. Mike Ham- 
schin. Gary Heady. David Kraft. Ray Lark, Jack 
Lawson. Ed Michael, Chuck Mohn, William Mon- 
roe. Chuck Munday. Steve Poole. John Ricca, 
Robbie Rice. George Richards. Terry Ricks. 
Dennis Ryan. Joe Salvato. Mike Sammis, Don 
Sizemore. Don Staley. Tom Torrey. Bob Tretter, 
James Turner. Jack Wagoner. Clark Ward, Jeff 
Weber, Joe Wolfe. 


Jeff Burdette. Zeno Edwards. Dave Elmer, Budd 
Flesh, Danie Germ, Fred Hockenios, Chris Larkin, 
Dave Mauerhan. John Poff, Chris Redding. Ron 
Righter, Larry Zipf. 

Bruce Battjer. Bo Bochow. Craig Buschman. 
Dick Bersin, Tom Colantuono, Mike Davies, 
Steve Davies. Budd Flesh. Bill Hanenberg, Bob 
Hayes, Gordy Jackson. Johnny Johnston. Sid 
Jones, Stuart Meadows, Chuck Mohn, Chuck 
Munday. Ralph Palaia. Dan Phelan, John Poff, 
Ron Righter, Al Schwartz, Steve Setteducato, 
Doug Stoehr. Jimmy Thompson, Dave Troyan. 
Steve Warner, 


Dan Barth. Roger Beardmore. Tom Dittmar, 
Larry Forrester, Mike Graves. Tom Hirsch. Tom 
Hoffman. Ward Irvin, Paul Redlien, Randy Rost. 
Phil Sparling. Mark Wellner, Bob Wheeler, Steve 
Wheeler, Phil Wilson, Paul Winterhoff. 


Robert Atcheson,Tony Axam, Dave Barber, Bob 
Beard. Tom Berry, Tom Clark, Jim Frazier, Bob 
Friend, Chuck Gallegos, Mike Hayes, John Heard. 
John Huff. Keith Jenkins, John Kador. Nick 
Kaluk, Curt Kimball, David Mather, Tom Mofatt. 
Ed Prettiss, Richard Roache, Neil Roberts, Wil- 
liam Short, Bruce Taylor, Dennis Turner, Bob 
Vol berg. 


Harry Cashin, John Hoehl, Thorny Hoelle. Dave 
Lind, Bill Mallon, Greg Smith, Greg Wall, Hank 


Doug Barley. Jon Brodskey, Tom Brodskey, 
Asher Carey, Rob Comfort. Al Coltrone. Val Cur- 
ran, Jeff Davidson. Bob Douglas, Ken Fanfoni, 
Joel Goodman. Sam Grant. Newt Hasson. John 
Hill. Don Hull. Gary Lachman. Frank Lewis. Steve 
McCoy. Steve Meixel. Lee Miller. Doug Moore. 
Chris North, Bill Overend. Bob Parrish. Chip 
Pettebone. Bob Pinella. Stu Popkin. Rick Preiss. 
Bill Pugh. Bob Rice, George Richards, Mark 
Sammis. Pete Shihadeh. Pete Thurston. Gary 
Townsend. Steve Van Wickler. Greg Vaniglia, Ric 
Vosburgh. Tom Winterbottom. 

Carlos Berrendero. Mike Bigsby. Dave Carpenter. 
Dale Cheek. Tom Colantuono. Mike DeCroce. 
John Fortune, Pato Gutierrez, Scott Hutchinson, 
Bob James, Tom Lane, John Leavens, Lou Loth- 
man, Hank Minor, Ted Rhoads. Craig Tymeson. 
Dan Wallis. Dave Woodyard. Joe Wooley. 


Mark Allsopp. David Baker. Jeff Boswell. Wayne 
Brooks. James Brotherson. Carl Curry. Alan 
Flesh. James Hogg. Tom Huff. Bruce Johnson. 
Mike Jones. Nels Leinmger. Stu Lilly. George 
Long. Bill Malik, Dave Mautner, Bob McCutheon. 
Bill McDaniel. Gary McLaughlin, Daniel Mc- 
Mahon, Ken Miner, John Moore, Steve Morgan, 
Don Neilson, Jim Purdie, Steve Rawlings, Jon 
Red, Bob Reeves. Chris Roberts. John Roden- 
hauser. Paul Rudolph. Bill St. Clair. Byron 
Sanders, Larry Shapiro. Charles Van Horst. Doug 


Jeff Appelbaum. Paul Auerback. Charles Bene- 
dict. John Buckey. Jamie Cerutti. Peter Frank. 
Ozey Horton. Victor Kit. Scott Loring, John 
Lerch. Chris Massad. Blair Sanders. Paul 
Smolen. Jim Strawinski. Stephen Want. 


Tim Baker, Roger Beardmore, Brion Black- 
welder, Scott Eisemann, Larry Forrester, Mike 
Graves. Tom Hoffman, John Holskin, Jeff How- 
ser. Ward Irvin. John Krassny, Ken Krueger, Art 
Lamon, David Makous. Britt Mayo, Paul Mazza- 
rella, Mike Murphy, Paul Redlien, Mike Roe, Walt 
Rogers, Randy Rost, Phil Sparling, Bill Thomp- 
son, Bob Tretter. Steve Vogel. Mark Wellner. Phil 
Wilson. Paul Winterhoff. Bob Wheeler. Steve 


Mark Allison. John Andrum. Andre Coulter, 
David Cutty, David DesMarias, Winifield Fisher, 
Jack Gibbons, Dan Marano, David Marsh, Ed 
Newman. Chris North, Mark Reinhardt, Walt 
Reinhardt, Ken Shapiro, Dan Staverosky. Glenn 
Summers. John Van Norman. Dennis Wedg- 
worth. Seth Whitaker, Dale Williams. 


The 1970 Duke University Symposium Committee 

Sonny Grady 
Michael Freedman 
Steve Dunn 
Jim MacDonald 


Blue Jeans 

Blue Jeans is a group of enthusiastic Duke coeds dedicated 
to service to the Duke and Durham community. Each girl is 
asked to give a minimum of eight hours of service each 
semester. Blue Jeans' service projects include: a faculty work 
weekend where the girls donate a few hours of their time to do 
)Obs for the faculty: a campus clean-up week where the mem- 
bers wash windows, polish trophies and handrails, and tear 
down old signs: painting one of the downtown YWCA's: usher- 
ing for home basketball games and Duke Artists' Series: and 
babysitting and other miscellaneous jobs for the faculty. Any 
money earned by the Blue Jeans goes toward their current 
project of building a ram shelter for the students waiting 
for buses on East Campus. 

Alpha Phi Omega 



the chronicle 





1. Jeanne Gibson 

2. Laura Forgeron 

3. Peggy Galle 

4. Chris Mundie 

5. Mary Putnam 

6. Judy Furman 
7, Carol Marquett 

8. Amy Everhart 

9. Sally Myers 

10. Marjie Sauber 

11. DeeDee Rainey 

12. Mary Ann Igna 
13, Erika Vogel 

14, Bonnie Reyle 
15. Ellen raymond 

16. Emily Smith 


Beth Bridgers 

Laura Butler 

Marsha Carroll 

Cramer Davis 

Virginia Eaton 

Sue George 

Margaret Gobbel 

Kathy Gracely 

Gigi Graham 

Artyn Haig 

Patty June 

Marlene Kraus 

Jackie Lundmark 

Carol Noble 

Cheryl Noncarrow 

Holly Palmer 

Klo Spencer 

Joan Stanley 

Alison Street 

Beth Taylor 

Jackie Tucker 

Margie Turbyfill 

Elaine Uchiyama 

Delta Gamma 

1. Echo Wright 

2. Nancye Brown 

3. Julie Horvath 

4. Nancy Johnson 

5. Melinda Dempster 

5. Fern Siegler 

7. Connie Vaught 

8. Anne Peaslee 

9. Sue Spencer 

10. Gayle Smith 

1 1. Diana Pinckley 

12, Martha Gay 

i3. Reade White-Spunner 

14. Joanne Piratzky 

15. Kathy Hudson 

16. Kat Preston 

17. Kathy Hafford 

18. Jean Parsons 

19. Gayle Kenny 

20. Debby Day 
21. Carol Springer 

22. Linda Duke 

23. Linda Hurst 
24. JaneStallard 

25. Phyllis Sudduth 

26. Phyllis Holshouser 

27. Nancy Councill 


Carol Dabbs 

Sheila Watkins 

Ann Franck 

Sharon Murphy 

Jean Alderman 

Holly Fox 

Susan Perten 

Carolyn Young 

Carolyn Pedley 



1. Mane Lewis 

2. Diane Harbuck 

3. Sarah Simms 

4. Ruth McCormack 

5. Linda Parker 

6. Jeanne Ross 

7. Laurie Earnheart 

8. Nancy Williams 

9. Nancy Furgurson 

10. Sue Robinson 

1 1. Carlyn Horning 

12. Kathy Beamer 

13. Dianne Miller 

14. Gail Smith 

15. Susie Dye 

16. Becky Corns 

17. Joanne Johnson 

18. Bev Peirce 

19. Jeanine Carver 

20. Nancy Redfearn 

21. Cathy Jones 

22. Jan Wellons 

23. Betty Turbyfill 
24 Carol Rogers 

25. Kathy Downs 

26. Ellen Snyder 

27 Elizabeth Gibson 

Alpha Chi 

28. Linda Beauregard 

29. Debby Wright 

30. Dara DeHaven 

31. Andrea Archie 

32. Linda Gage 

33. Carol Shirley 

34. Jan Mattison 

35. Helen Sadd 

36. Diana Daftin 

Pi Beta Phi 


1. Debbie LynnSmith 

2. Margaret Pointer 

3. Marilyn Wright 

4. Holly Geer 
5- Janie Reid 

6. Mary Wiebmer 

7. Robin Bounous 
8 Gigi Sanders 

9. Jane Dunning 
10. Irish Youngs 
1 1 Hanna Powers 

12. Nancy Bradley 

13. Payge Hodapp 

14. Marty White 

15. Elizabeth Hanifin 

16. Elaine Whitesides 

17. Tillie Perkins 

18. Cathy McCormick 

19. Dolly Madison 

20. Sallie Smith 

21. Nancy Hendricks 

22. Margie Weeks 

23. Sally Verner 

24. Barb Hupp 

25. Diane Mahoney 

26. Pam Beam 

27. Beth Muzzy 

28. PatStrane 

29. Babs Savin 

30. PhylScholl 

31. Talmadge Allen 

32. Missy McMorries 
33- Michele Ruddy 

34. Connie Travillion 

35. Susie Haumerson 


Ellen Banks 
Janet Berg 
Judy Brunso 
Betsy Cuddy 
Kathy Nordstrom 
Diane Stahl 
Lynn Stone 

36. Mary Wilson 

37. Gail Arneke 

38. Marcia Kyzer 

39. Catherine Everett 

40. Kathy Jaquette 


Karen Amrhine 
Rachel MacGruder 
Mary Sapp 

Linda Burdette 
Nancy Brey 
Cathy Ayoub 
Janet Thompson 
Cathy Usdin 
Connie Winstead 
Lydia Eure 
Marty Earhart 
Anne Beach 
Sara Welsh 


^ -^rf: >:••:'- 


.-V. r'V..'- 




I. Lyn Phillips 
2 Terry Carpenter 

3. ChrisReheis 

4. Janet Amriati 

5. Sandy Bubas 
. Nancy Hunnemann 

7. Nancy Weigle 

8, Janice Moore 
9. Melody Pierce 

10. Sandy Spitz 

II. Mary Burt 
12. Patti Alfred 

13. Allison Halton 

14. Linda Kreer 

15. Gail D'Onofno 

16 Katie Fetterolf 


17. Jean Taylor 

18. Laura Meyer 

19. BarbFletctier 

20. AnnGurtler 

21. Wendy Augustus 

22. June Jeffcoat 

23. Wendy Wertheimer 

24. Leslie Hankins 

25. JillMcCarren 

26. Katie Heidlebaugh 

27. Carol Perkerson 

28. Betty Smithwick 


Lyn Gundry 
Janet Lemon 


Susie Luongo 

Tanya Blackman 

Kathy Zinsmeister 

Marsha Hallman 

Marcia Bade 

Dale Hardesty 

Janet Matena 

Linda Hudak 

Janet Ondek 

Valerie Blish Goodwin 

Helen Hanes 

Julie Kinbrell 

Linda Schmidt 

Lyn Yeiser 


1. Margie Sllverton 

2. Nancy Frees 

3. Molly Barber 

4. Mary Bergson 

5. Bootsie Johnston 

6. Hope Evans 
7 Suzie Perlee 
8- Lyn Sellers 
9. Sue Darrow 

10. Susan Nobles 

11. Sarah Scott 

12. Bonnie Lamb 

13. Betsy Callaway 

14. Trish Kellett 

15. Lisa Powell 

16. Linda Collins 

17. Betsy BIythe 

18. Kim Greene 

19. Mary Lou Anderson 

20. Joanna Moorhead 

21. Kit Manning 

22. Charlie Springer 

23. Dede Dalton 

24. Jon Ward 

25. Christy Stauffer 

26. Cissy Gentry 

27. Sandy Ambrose 

28. Margie McKelvey 

29. Marilyn Biggs 

30. Carol Williams 

31. Amy Fuller 

32. Mimi Henson 




33. Melinda Agsten 

34. Molly Ingram 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 

1. Karen Stafford 

2. Margie Burrell 
3. Tracey Potts 

4. Ernie Newman 

5. Kathy Magruder 

6. JaneGoodfellow 

7. Nancy Ward 

8. Jane Rippe 

9. Lee Davidson 

10. Stephle James 

11. Tassle Bosher 

12. Marianne Jackson 

13. Kathy Deliastatious 

14. Marilyn McKIm 

15. Carolyn Fisher 
16. Janice Welker 

17. Kathy Robinson 

18. Meredie Burke 

19. Claudia Ramsland 

20. Marian Stone 

21. Carol Crowgey 

22. Jayne Booker 

23. Betty Briggs 

24, Frances Leftwich 

25. Pam Stone 

26. Chula Reynolds 

27. Alice Martin 

28. Linda Witte 

29. Liffy Keck 

30. Gerry Gilmore 

31. Ann Ward 

32. Ann Bushyhead 




1. Debby Stevenson 

2. MaryLitle 

3. Marty Reese 

4. Judy Smith 

5. Karyn Browne 

6. Ann Mente 

7. Liz VanVolkenburgh 

8. Kassy Zerbe 

9. Carol Frank 

10. Deb Stuart 
11. Karen Colwell 

12. Linda Koch 

13. Mary Jane Watkins 

14. McGee Nimnicht 

15. Linda Parsons 

16. Donna Dennis 
17. Carolyn Mewborn 

18. CaliMcGahan 

19. Lida Whitaker 

20. Sharon Cooper 

21. Susan Hopkins 
22. Carol Friedenberg 

23. Emily Chrlstenberry 

24. Kay Guillory 

25. Donna Richter 

26. Carolyn Bythewood 

27. Janet Zimmer 

28. Dotty Lynn 


VIcki Bowman 

Jane Clayton 

Mindi Fuller 

Debbie Haan 

Betsy Hoggard 

Gall McConnel 

Bren Mismas 

Tucker Morgan 

Sally Roftman 

Marianne Rogers 

Emily Sadler 

Linda Williams 


! \ 

■ h^-iv 



% . ; 




1. Mandy Mathis 

2. Holly Chambers 

3. Nancy Maressa 

4. Selah Stumm 

5. Julie Wannamaker 

6. Patty Leight 

7. Erica Caruso 

8. Debbie Arnold 

9. Beth Butler 

10. Suzy Miiller 

11. Judy White 

12. Cheryl Hara 

13. Judy Perry 

14. Kathleen O'Connor 

15. Debbie Darmstaetter 

16. BethChockley 

17. Helen Hand 

18. Di Butler 

19. Cindy Maher 

20. Joyce Slusher 

21. Karen Fitzpatrick 

22. Jamy Lambert 

23. Cora Pensyl 

24. Ram Armstrong 

25. Donna Mothershead 

26. Sindy Wiley 

27. Anne Constant 

28. Lucy Bagby 

29. Pat Ward 

30. Gwynne Young 

31. Judy Hamburg 

32. Margaret Marshburn 

33. Liz Ehinger 

34. Beth Ferris 

35. Ellen Smith 


Barb Meier 


Laurie Eisenberg 
Lucy Ellis 
Barb Heath 
Claudia Camp 
Harriett Fox 
Meg McLaurin 
Carolyn Miller 
Susie Mott 
Laurie Plumstead 
Connie Stevenson 
Susie Hoop 
Mary Bigelow 
Linda Blair 
Jan Coddington 
Donna Humphrey 
Gail Eggleston 
Joan Logan 
Anne McQuilkin 
Sue Mizell 






Carolyn Swaim 
Jan Arrowsmith 
Nancy Nieman 


House P 

11. Bill Hale 

12. Dave Barnes 

13. Bob Parker 

14. Frank Gadusek 

15. Nick Sherman 

16. Rick Graen 

17. PhihpThor 
18. Den Fanfoni 

19. Robert Jaworowski 
20. Budd Flesh 

21. Dave Cuddy 

22. John Puffer 
23. Jeff Ginsburg 

24. Anton F. Nielsen 
25. Bill Clarke 

26. Marc Dawson 

27. Phil Fernsten 

I.Pat Casey 

2. Ross Foote 

3. Ross Donseath 

4. Steve Melcer 

5. Jan Kaplan 

6. Art Berger 

7. Deryl W. Martin 

8. Mark G. Johnson I 

9. Mike Castle 

10. Steve Reinstein 


Richard Preiss 
Darren Kloomok 
Edgar Holloman 
Mark Walling 
Mark Dickson 
Bob Stabe 
Mark Howard 
Jim Durfee 
Ron Keefe 
George Hearn 
Dave Baker 
Calvin Warren 
Michael Cooke 
Ralph Kerr 
Mark Upham 
Ralph Marshall 
Roy Laughlin 


House H 

1. William Ferber 

2. Peter Gozinya 
3. Robert Hughes 

4. David Diggs 
5. Robert Bissett 

6. Joe Rowan 

7. Rich Forth 

8. Stephen Lewis 

9. LeeMauroner 
10. Ross Connelly 

1 1. Sam Joseph 

12. Jon Parker 

13. Sammy Owen 

14. George Maxwell 

15. Paul Wischow 

16. Richard Shyrock 


18. Wayne Clontz 


19. Paul Meyer 

20. Jay Sweezey 

21. Randy Colahan 

22. Thomas Schlegel 

23. Keith Gross 

24. Richard Hurt 

25. Sam Waters 

26. Joseph Gehrett 

27. Larry Zipf 

28. Lance Mynderse 

29. Jack Wood 

30. Craig McEnan 

31. Rick Oristian 

32.ChuckF-. Gibbs 

Doug T'. Beckstett 

34. Ben Franklin 

35. Never seen him 



HOUSE OFFICERS: Rick McFayden, House President. Mark Bowyer, House Treasurer; CHRISTMAS 1970 at House G included this elaborately decorated 
Jim Douthat. Housemaster: Steve Veatch, House Vice-President: not present, John tree featuring hand-made decorations like popcorn and cran- 
Stryker, House Secretary. berry chains. 

Gloucester House 


Lee Aiken 
Jeff Appelbaum 
Randy Atkins 
Michael Baker 
Steve Black 
Ken Blumemthal 
Bob Bostwick 
Mark Bowyer 
Jeff Burleson 
Clyde Butler 
Bo Callaway 
John Calomiris 
Stacy Coggins 
Steve Crane 
Mick DelCollo 

Don Detweiler 
Drew Diehl 
Craig Dillman 
Bill Easton 
Charlie Ellington 
Don Etherldge 
Wink Fisher 
John Ford 
Milt Frenzel 
Mike Gaither 
Ben Garrett 
Rich Goldstein 
Dave Griffith 
Richard Hadlow 
John Hahn 
Wayne Harper 
George Harrison 
Tom Hoffman 
Wes Hutchinson 

Greg Jacobs 
Bob Johnson 
Sid Jones 
Mike Kalson 
Harry Kaufman 
Mark Keeler 
Ted Keenan 
Nick Kelly 
Shawn Kelly 
Wayne Kempson 
Bob Kuehn 
Art Lamon 
Jay Lawson 
Carl Lehman 
Bill Long 
Tony Lynn 
Gary Manko 
Randy Mason 
Chris Mathers 

Steve Mauney 
Mick McCoy 
Rick McFayden 
John Miller 
Gary Monroe 
Steve Montgomery 
Larry Morrell 
Henry Nathan 
Bob Nesbit 
Mike Nolan 
Kirk Oppenlander 
Scott Paine 
Ken Peoples 
Dion Petaros 
John Peterson 
Dana Pfaff 
Roy Polayes 
Steve Roark 

Ken Rudd 
Dennis Ryan 
Bob Schmidt 
Lee Schrepple 
Rip Scott 
Howie Shapiro 
Elvin Small 
John Smith 
Ron Smith 
Keith Starnes 
Jon Steer 
Hal Stine 
John Stryker 
Bob Sullivan 
John Thompson 
Pete Thurston 
Tony Tinari 
John Todorovich 
Lance Tunick 

J.T. Turner 
Jay Van Santen 
Steve Veach 
Joe Vogel 
Doug Walters 
Doug Watson 
Erby Wilkerson 

Jim Douthat. 

Bill Kamenjann 
Larry Robbins 
Tom Fine. 
Ass't Housemasters 


1. Richard Cooper 

2. Charles Hamilton 

3. Charles Burhan 

4. Jeffrey Sontag 

5. Lou Adams 

6. William Davis 

7. Thomas Anderson 

8. James Jones 

9. Warren Olds 

10, Eric Johnson 

11, Troy Lassiter 

12, Michael Roe 

13, Lee Curtis 

14, Lee Wright 

15, Jim Roach 

16, Hunter Orr 


Neil Pearson 
John Whaley 
Larry Segall 
Danny Sullivan 
Michael Sullivan 
Charles Munday 
Gregory Garvin 
David Darling 
Steven Lauer 





Delta Sigma Phi 

Dave Anderson 
Dave Atwell 
Jim Baden 
Del Bitter 
Jeb Briley 
Bill Brown 
Dale Carpenter 
Kevin Counlhan 
Cliff Garden 
Jon Dodrlll 
Jack Dozier 
Bob Giles 
Lon Glover 
Jerry Green 
Ed Hanson 
Monty Hill 
Jeff Holcombe 
Bruce Johnson 
John Klonick 
Tom Levine 
Richard McCune 

Tim Mersereau 
Curt Mueller 
Buzz Myers 
Jim Nicholas 
John Olds 
Mark Olinger 
John Pittenger 
Lee Popham 
Jim Retter 
Chris Roberts 
Bob Ross 
Warren Shaw 
John Shiner 
Jim Strawinski 
Bill Tinkler 
Mike Vincent 
Joel Wagoner 
Larry Walther 
Scott Weaver 
Hugh Wells 
Mike Wolfe 
Bob Wolfe 
Dave Work 

I.John Piatt 

2. BillKuck 

3. Steve Ratcliffe 

4. Bill Hanenberg 

5. Bob Haley 

6. Bob German 

7. Sandy Wilcox 

8. Ted Bogosian 

9. Dan Reinhardt 

10. Bob Drake 

11. Jim Dean 

12. Mark Anderson 

13. John Holmquist 

14. Joe VanderHamm 

15. Dwight Robertson 

16. John Frank 

17. Tom Oxenham 

18. Dave Atkins 

19. Mark Fischer 

20. Artie Chambers 

21. Ed Snyder 

22. Don Moore 

23. Fido 

24. Pete Seamen 

25. Beau Anders 

26. Bob Knight 

27. John Parkinson 

28. Kris Arnold 

29. MikeKopen 

30. Tom Buescher 

31. Brent Hyder 

32. Don Piper 

33. Jim Bradley 

34. Dave Carpenter 

35. Greg Wall 

36. WesVick 

37. Dick Bersin 

38. Roger Lidman 

39. Mike Klein 

40. BobRastall 

41. Bob Ansley 

42. Max Gardner 

43. Eric Kruger 

44. Mike Bigsby 


Fred Aten 
Tom Huff 
Tom Kehl 
Cary Lacklen 
Taylor Shipley 














Sioma Alpha *psilon 






President . . . 

Gaines M. Mimms 
S^^Fj Vice-President . . . 

Thomas A. Philbrick 
Secretary . . . 

Thomas F. Fitz. Jr. 
Treasurer . . . 

William C. Lapworth 

^ ^ (^ © 


& 9 ^ ^ 

Nick Anas 
Fred Butner 
Harry Cashin 

Renny Domske 
George Glasson 
Dave Hay 
Randy Jordan 

Jim Miller 
Marshall Mintz 
Bruce Reynolds 
Claron Robertson 

Fred Robertson 
Blair Sanders 
Mark Stem 
Dave Woodyard 

Pi Kappa Phi 


Jim Cooke 

Stu Lilly 

John Copacino 

Rob Peyton 

Dick Davies 

Jim Prentiss 

Lou Donelson 

Bob Shaw 

Chris Eaal 

Bill Singer 

Mike Egan 

Don Sinkiewicz 

Sandy Epstein 

Reed Spangler 

Mike Goldwasser 


Roy Hammock 

Geoff Waggoner 

John Heard 

Mike Waters 

Ralph Heil 

Tom Weaver 

Doug Johnson 

Bob Wenzei 

Dan Kirk 

Bob Worster 

Steve Lawrence 

Jim Zahrn 


Phi Kappa Psi 

L Dave Matthews ("Mattle") 

2. KeithUpchurch("A|ax") 

3. Dick Caldwell C'Tncky Dick") 

4. Norm Baur ("Pigpen") 

5. Charlie Schroeder ("Pretty Boy") 

6. John Jennings ("J. J. Flash") 

7. Charlie Umberger ("Chaz") 

8. Mac Phillips. President ("Poom Pah") 

9. Jeff Smith ("Smitty") 

10. John Williamson ("Bloopy Baby") 

11. John Nicholson ("Nick") 

12. Rich Epling("Quad Dog") 

13. Bill Koons ("Snoopy") 

14. Jimmy D. Henderson ("Bloopy Sr.") 

15. Mike Tudeen ("Tudy") 

16. Lee Overington ("Southern Comfort") 

17. Larry Davis ("Ratso") 

18. Wes Willis ("Squirt") 

19. JohnRudd("J.R.") 

20. Chuck Simpson ("Chuckles") 



Sigma Chi 

1. Eric Sedwick 

2. George Pretty 

3. Charles Ringgold 

4. Gary DeMack 

5. Ralph Palaia 

6. Mark Neuhart 

7. Christopher Ross 

8. Stephen Vogel 

9. John Collins 

10 Charles Elliott 

1 1. Robert Henry 

12. Joseph Piepmeier 

13. Jim Gober 

14. Dennis McCarty 

15. Michael Kennedy 

16. Jim Thompson 

17. Don Sizemore 

18. Dave Mauerhan 

19. Robert Hayes 

20. Robert Wason 

21. Tom Rich 

22. Rick Hurt 
23. Rusty Carolan 

24. Robert Rice 

25. Mac Emerson 

26. JamesCallahan 

27. Thomas Brodsky 

28. Richard Katherman 

29. David Lawer 

30. Gregory Vaniglia 


32. Alex Jacocks 

33. David Talley 

34. Thomas Bulle 

35. Thomas Robinson 

36. Dominic Mona 
37. Robert Yeoman 


Gerald Williams 

Fred Gober 

Thornton Helm 

Jonathan Brodsky 

Scott Sanborn 

David Pritchard 

Philip Lehr 

Steven Bentson 

David Secrest 

Robert Stemper 

Edward Buckley 

Edward Nease 

Thomas Chambers 

Robert Eidson 







1 J^^^^pj 




1. Mark R. Wellner. President 

2. James W. Johnson 

3. William H.Callaway Jr. 

4. Stephen W. Anderson 

5. Paul E. Von Nessen 

6. Gregg A. Schwotzer 

7. George D.Shahadi 

8. Horace L. McSwain 

9. William C. Buchanan 

10. Louis 0. Scott 

11. Charles N.Jess 

12. Donal I. MacGregor Jr. 

13. William D. McEachern, Secretary 

14. Marc D. Newman 

15. Robert R. Boyles 

16. Larry Burton 

17. Peaches 

18. James J. Gehrig Jr. 

19. PaulJ. Brown 

20. Joseph L. Hutchens 

21. Micheal E. Dougherty 

22. Jeffrey R. Boswell 

23. Bradley A. Peete 

24. Merrell M. Fuson 

25. Glen M.Gallagher 

26. Robert C. Bauroth 

27. John A. Miller 

28. Paul L.Hawthorne 

29. James R. Shannon 

30. Michael L. Pawlowski 

31. Michael C. Stuntz 

32. Edgar C.Scofield 

33. Donald W. Codding 

34. Richard H. Jones 

35. James A. Zellinger 


Lofti A. Ah 
John S. Cowdery 
David G. Marcelli 
Raymond J. Toher 
Walter L.Sheffield III 
William B. Rawleigh 
Robert R. Hayter 
William J. Ritger 
Daniel A. Dell'Osa 
Thomas C. Nolte 
Thomas J. Swilling 

Kappa Sigma 

Peter Van Trigt 
John E. Blount 
John F. Heth 
Emerson N. Gardner Jr. 
Daniel Karp 

Luther S.Dockery III 
JohnC. Kelley 
Kenneth M. Kirkman 
Thomas G. Mundhenk 


Beta Theta Pi 

Work is a four letter word. 



The only thing I have to do, Madam, 
is die . . . 

-Will Rogers 


The Moose Who Came For Dinner 

by Samuel Beckett 

Summary of last five installments: 

Once upon a time there was a little boy whose parents were so mean that they 
locked him up in the attic and only let him out at night when he would go to the 
park. There he met a little girl whose parents only let her out at night, too. She 
became pregnant and the little boy ran away and only wrote her a letter now and 
then and even then mostly asked for money. Though life had been cruel the little 
girl vowed she wouldn't lock her son up in the attic so he grew up and became a 
lumberjack on the Dudley Do-Right Show. 

Meanwhile, through a combination of events too numerous to enumerate. Nell 
Fenwick was tied to a log and was about to be put through the sawmill. (Nell is the 
only girl on the Dudley Do-Right Show and our hero had never seen her before and 
so consequently she was the first girl he had ever seen.) Our hero fell immediately 
in love with her and strove mightly to figure out a way to save her. Crazed with lust 
as he was, the only thing he could think to do was throw himself on the sawblade 
which brings us to our present episode entitled: 

Is God Dead, Again? 
Cosmic Longing — played by a Moose beset by A Creeping Sense of Absurdity and 

philosophical muddleheadness. 
Material Values — played by three Eskimos who are restless in the midst of their 

Setting: an igloo 

Eskimo mother: We're having moose for dinner. 

Eskimo children: No, not moose again! 

Afro-American Eskimo: I want lasagna. 

Italian Eskimo: The man's been messing with your mind. You're a dupe of the 
chain food stores, a pawn of the military industrial complex. Let's have hog jowls 
and grits. 

Afro-American Eskimo: Don't badmouth lasagna to me, cracker, or I'm gonna 
stomp you real mean! 

(Pan camera to moose at window, who shakes his head and walks away.) 

Compliments of 

Zeta Beta Tau 



^ f^€^ 

Alderman. Jean Music 

All, Lotti Elementary Education 

Allen. James Spanish 

Aitman, Gary Management Science 

Anderson, Christine Music 

Anderson. David . Psychology 

Andrews, Vereen Political Science 

Angier, Lida Psychology 

Anz, Bertrand Psychology 

Appelby David Psychology 

Applebome, Peter History 

Arnold. Luther Zoology 

Arrowsmith, Janet Zoology 

Asack. Philip Psychology 

Attendg. Ellen Psychology 

Ayres, Sandy Zoology 

Badger. David English 

Baer, Richard Psychology 

Baker, Elizabeth Chemistry 

Baker, Timothy Chemistry 

Ball, Marci English 

Ballantyne. David Chemistry 

Balles. Nancy Sociology 

Barlow Jeffrey Psychology 

Barnes, Malvin Mathematics 

Barritt, Winnie English 

Barrow, Carol History 

Barry. Pamela Sociology 

Barry Paul Political Science 

Basha Robert Art 

Baskin, Sherry , Political Science 

Baydoun. Nader . Sociology 

Beaman, Susanne Elementary Education 
Becker, Donald History 

Bernetich. John Economics 

Berns Kathleen Religion 


Beron, Edward Psychology 

Berry. Linda French 

Biersach. Nancy Psychology 

Birnbaum. David Mathematics 

Bittle. Elizabeth English 

Blackwell. William English 

Blair, Linda Elementary Education 

Blake. Gary Chemistry 

Blount. Marion Electrical Engineering 

Biythe, Elizabeth Design 

Bohannon, Jane - Zoology 

Bolmg, James Geology 

Bost. Linda Physical Education 

Boutenett, Alex Zoology 

Bowers. John English 

Bowman. William . . History 

Bray. Nancy Nursing 

Breitmger. Dean Political Science 

Brierley, Douglas English 

Bntton, Ann Psychology 

Bntton, Edward Mathematics 

Brosius, Carolyn French 

Brown. Darrell Physics 

Brown. Leonard History 

Brown. Nancye Religion 

Brown. Salhe Psychology 

Brown, Thurletta Sociology 

Bryant, Lloyd History 

Bulleit, William Political Science 

Bunting, Mitchell Sociology 

Burdon. Paula Zoology 

Burrell, Margie History 

Buttertiled. Nicholas Political Science 

Byrd, Isaac Physics 

Cannon, Stephen Psychology 

Carr. Robert Civil Engineering 

Carro, Richard Economics 

Cartier, George Mathematics 

Cashin, Harry . Accounting 

Cashman, Jay Zoology 

Cates, Ward English 

Caudill. Lucy Management Science 

Chambers, Terry Psychology 

Cheney. Robert Engineering 

Chin. Janet , . Psychology 

Clark. Peter History 

Clark. Pnscilla Music 

Cline, William Economics 

Coates, Nancy Psychology 

Cockrell. Jeanne French 

Coggins, Bill History 

Colglazier, Carolyn Nursing 

Collins. Jimmy Chemistry 

Collins, Linda Psychology 

Comyn, Christine Nursing 

Conn, Ruth Nursing 

Constant, Anne English 

Cook. Catherine Nursing 

Cooke, Melanie Economics 

Corns, Rebecca Nursing 

Coulter. Cynthia Mathematics 

Council. Charlie Russian 

Cowdery. John History 

Crawley. Pat - . English 

Crenshaw. Elizabeth Psychology 

Croom. Miles Zoology 

Crowe, Danny Political Science 

Crunkleton, Martha Religion 

Culp. William Economics 

DAngelo. Diane Zoology 

Dabbs, Carol Spanish 

Oaffin, Diana Psychology 


1^ ^ P 

f^ r-i 9 p 

^ rP F^ © 

i Mh 


Da^' """yus English 

Dale. Mitchell Political Science 

Dangertieid, Jeanne Anthropology 

Garden. Paul History 

Darmstaerter. Deborah Religion 

Darnley, Fred Psychology 

Dauphin, James Zoology 

Davis, Cramer .French 

Davis. James Electrical Engineering 

Dawson, Chris Sociology 

Dean, James Psychology 
Dicicco. Thomas 

Ditlman. James Psychology 

Dorman. Stephen Zoology 

Dougherty. Michael Political Science 

Doyle Christine History 

Draftin, Richard Chemistry 
Dubar, Pearson , Political Science 

Duggan, Ethel Psychology 

Earle, Lmda Nursing 

Earnheart. Laurie French 

Edmunds. Jane Nursing 
Efird. Grace Elementary Education 

Ehinger, Elizabeth French 

Eisenberg. Laurie English 

Eldridge. Wade Political Science 

Elliott, Charles Psychology 

Elliott. Paul Mathematics 

Ellis, Diane Nursmg 

Emerson. Leigh History 

Enoch. Larry Zoology 
Entman. Robert Political Science 

Erdman. David Engineering 

Erhardt. Caryl Nursing 

Erickson. Diane Nursmg 

Evans. Hope English 

Farr. Stanley Religion 

Fassino, Michele Psychology 

Femgold, Clifford Chemistry 

Ferns, Elizabeth History 

Fine, Thomas History 

Fischer, Mark English 

Fisher. Carolyn ..._..,, Economics 
Fisher, Steven Psychology 

Fitz. Thomas Economics 

Fitzgeraid, Nancy Nursmg 

Fleming. Sundar Mathematics 

Fowler. Patricia Psychology 

Fraile. Robert English 

Frank. Russell History 

Franklin. Benjamin Psychology 

Frazier. James Zoology 

Frees. Nancy Nursmg 

Freeze. Baxter Management Science 

Frisco. William Economics 

Gabriel. Richard History 

Galle. Phillip Zoology 

Garbee. William Psychology 

Gardner, Simmons Religion 

GeierCari English 

Gerbe, Thomas Psychology 

Getz. Mary Mathematics 

Gibson. Mary History 

Gifhn. Gordon History 

Gilbert. George History 

Gilmore, Geraldme English 

Glasgow. Stetani History 

Glover. Adrenee Psychology 

Glover, Lon Political Science 

Gobbei. Margaret Zoology 

Gober. Fred Zoology 

Godfrey, Deborah Nursmg 


^^Pk ^^^ ^^1^ ^ "^ f0t4 ^^^ M^ ^^^^ ^f^^ 

Graves, Michael Psychology |f 1 ^^V\ ^^^A tf|^ M T B^^^ M \ ^IB^ ^^ ^^ 

Greene. Kim Elementary Education ■s>« vB MK^ H' ^- «.A W^ -T jh»- »- ■^<>f ■^■1 W^'^ B* ''"M 

Gregory. Vance Electrical Engineering \ v / M:'^!!^'- B J ' :i 'l - - I A J- B^^- ■'! Wl -A^ A, "" ^k 

so^y J£>1 irfclh4i ftl \i\^L.J^'^ ^ Ji& 

Guinn. Guy ^j^^ ^1^^ ^^^W .^tf^^ i)^!^ ^M^ 

^^Hk ^^1 ^^^1 ^^^^1 f "1H|| ^^^k 

Guthrie, Robert Sociology M|Rf k'^^i V* ~ ' WKrfHf "W F"^ ^X ^^ *V W^ *' 

Gwinn.Mansel Political Science I ^ ^ i^ -" « Y'-'- J l^' <■ W \ "' ^ tk.t''lA \) '" Afc- 

Gwynn.Vicki Nursing 1^ iT^k^ ^"^ 7 , ^k_>, 't-.M Al ".X J\_i 1 

Hager. Robert Accounting _^^^1^^^ .^^"^ ^M -T^Br i ^^S^^k^ ^ .^* ^■i*' li,..,. ^' rw'« ^ 

Mechanical Engineering ^^|D^^| ^^B ^^| i \Wi i ^^BB^I J 

Hall, Robert History ^^^ ^^^ ^|^ ,^lSt ^Ib ,^^^ ^'"'^ .^*V .^-^fc^ 

Hall, Ruth Music Education #1 M. i m^^^ ^^C^ ^T^m ^^^^ '■"'^^ ff 1 ABkB 

Halle, Diane Psychology h>) '^ 1 F? ""I ^ ^ T*^^ i^ >• ii^ - ■ 4^ «l • 1» ^ CT^ 

Nance, Erich Management Science \ <•■ ■ «■ v # A^ i. ■ I ^ / ■ » H JH -B S I^ TSi*' V..' 

Hand. Linda . History V'/'i. Jfc^"^ ^^"M JC ' L ^'A A''J^ V"--^*" \-- V^:^/ 

French ^B&.^H T ^^^^^B ^A CV^I ■HIHV' ^'^ll ^K # ^■.^■A.^^l 

Botany ^^ ^^^ .^^^l ^1 ».x ^i^k ^^^^ ^^^^ J0^^\. ^H^ 

Hanson. Maureen Botany ^ ^ ^^^^^ fi^\' if \ jT W ^^^1 ^^^1 tl 1 ^^^» 

Harbuck. Diane Mathematics if» "^V. ^ » B ftr -M B^W ** f*- *>■■ ^^ "^T ^^ ""^ f?!^'"*! ^B^^^ 

Hardy. Margaret Philosophy Ki-v i| ^1- ■ 14 - » Hk "• I 1^ I \ " / A -■■'. ^ ' '''^' ^^ '^ 

Harkey. Bonnie . - Music Education j^r — R^ m^ j^ IV' Jf BK, ' f W^^^^^^t J^_ ^^^^S^U 4 h, ^ ^^Li^_^ 

Harkey. Martin Psychology |Mial^ JB''^t lAJl^Wi ^B^feK'. JB"''^*! -j^lW^iv. ^^ ^'^ ^jLi i» .^^^""^ 

Harris. Ellie Political Science JB^mM^^WT^. M^U I^Bf P^ Sk ^Im^rV^ ^ ^ -? '^ "^ ^^ 

Hams, Kent English ^^^^BIB ol^^^ •' 

Harris, Linda Psychology BIHRbB I ■ A . ^ > ''^. ^ 

Harris. Mariorie Psychology .^fck, ,^-tt .^B^. ,^^^ ^^^^ .^flR^ .^i^ .^B^ 

rrt-inr ..■ .■..:.. -psycX; ^^J f 4 ^^ ^^ ^ fT^ f^ fl^ 

Hastings. Douglas History ■t'^-^ h^'l V*'^' '^ -^ -''£ M.- ' ' l' J >V'' T£-' k. 

History ^n^^H Ik I, l?^. ,^B \ " ^ '^ ^^H( ^I^^H^I' 

Hayter. Robert Engineering ^^^. ^^^ ^^^ .^^fc, .^^^ .^fl^. .^^^ .^^^ .^'Mk. 

Russian ^^BV^ ^t^\. r^^^ ^F^\ ^^t^^ ^^r^^ ^^^^k ^^^^^ r^^^ 

Barbara Sociology ■Kdl CTj IT^^ Kk «^4 ^^51 Ik « ■ K. ■^ ^^m fci "S^ T 

Hebrank.John Electrical Engineering C^ ^ W^ *^ ■**• Vl IP' HF T* " »7. l V* T H' • 

Hedgecock. Ralph Geology sJ^'I » -5/ A'^i \ ~" ^^i' ' V ' wLF ' M * !*>. ^ Y" v 

Hedges. Thomas Chemistry _^^>j^^. -A^Vr ^^^f a/^^^ ^ -^fcr ll*^V ^Bv' ^M •».*/ 'V ^V-'" ^ 

Elementary Education ^^^^^^^^| ^^^ 01^^ ^^^fc^^^^ OTJL A^^^ ^ ^^t 

Chemistry ^^^H|^^| ^^^ H^B ^^^^^^H ^^yM^9 

Accounting ^^^^l^^H ^^^W^^H ^^^^|^| ^^K^HR 

Herman. Gary Electrical Engineering ^^^ ^^^ _ ^^^ ^^^ _ ^— ^ ^^^^ 

^^^^^ ^^^^^ /^l^k. V^^^k ^^^^k ^9^^^ ^^V^ a^^ft 

Hoffman. Les Economics \ k. ^_^' V / y ^^..'■^k. ^^^^'j^* ^ ^^K^J Jfe>- Wj 

Hofmann. Marilyn Psychology .^^TiT ^B V^ .^^ m WL^^^t&tlSim . Af .^^k^L X^K - 

Hogshead. Charles English H.ff^H ^ ^idMm^MfWt ^ -S^' "^ ^^ P ^11^ ' I 

Holland. Jack Chemical Engineering ^BH^^I >4, I ^| AN ^| SP^ '^7 ^ 1B .^^^ > V) '' / ^ ^^ ^ ^|^ | 

Holshauser. Joann Zoology ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ 

Honegger, Michael History ^^fl|^^ ^^Hjj^ ^^"^"^Ik ^^E^ ^^^^^ 

^^^^^k ^^^^m tut' 9^^l vPP^k 

Hope. John Economics ^^^ *■ w'-^ *^ B^^ -' 7 ^ *^ K*< '«^P 

Horvath. Julie French ^fc .T-. * ^ -"Si ' W . . ^ I ^",. P 

Howard. Leslie Chemistry ^t ^ J^ >, jfc^ < > i^ w i 'r i^JIK k^ ^^J» ^ A, 

Hubbard. Margaret Nursing j ^^T I ^ ivft^^a -^S^' I ^A fl\ ^B T^-' -^^K J^^ JS^^^ .^W^^^Md 

Hubbard. William ^ '^L^i \Vtj!^ ^ "'^^ ^^^X^l ^^BH^I ^tf^^B^B*^^! \l\ 



^ ^ ft £? iP ^ 

Hurst. Herbert Economics 

Hutchinson, Gordon Religion 

Irvine Melmda French 

Jacobs. Linda English 

Jann. Rosemary English 

Jenkins, Vicki Psychology 

Joannides. Minas Psychofogy 

Johnson. Charles Political Science 

Johnson. Lynne Nursing 

Johnson. Sylvia . Psychology 

Johnstone. Jinx .Political Science 

Jones, Lucy , Nursmg 

Jones. Michael Engineering 

June. Patti Zoology 

Kahan, Allen Sociology 

Kaiuk, Margaret Psychology 

Kaluk, Nick Chemistry 

Kamenjann. William Political Science 

Kantor, Charles Psychology 

Kasden, Allen Civil Engineering 

Keck, Elizabeth Psychology 

Kelcec, Thomas Mechanical Engineering 
Kemple, Arlon Political Science 

Kenworthy. Patricia Spanish 

Keplinger. Craig Bio-Medical Engineermg 
Kern. Stephen Management Science 

Kimball. John History 

King. Peter English 

Kinney, Lois History 

Kirkland, Karen Nursmg 

Klein. Robert Anthropology 

Klomch. John Electrical Engineering 

Kraus, Marlene Nursing 

Kreisle. James Psychology 

Krieger. Christine Art History 

Kronenfeld. Michael History 

Kuhn. Peter History 

Kyzer, Marcia Science Education 

Landry. Thomas History 

Laws, William Zoology 

Lebetkin. Edward Zoology 

Leblanc- Catherine Sociology 

Leblanc. Michael History 

Lee, Janet Nursing 

Lee. Robert Chemistry 

Lees. Mark Zoology 

Lemley, Diana Zoology 

Lesnik. Larry History 

Levine, Tom Psychology 

Lewis Janet Economics 

Lewis Mane English 

Lhotsky. Dora Psychology 

Liberman, Alise , French 

Lind. David History 

Little. Chris History 

Litz, Stephen Sociology 

Lockhart, Brenda History 

Lottus, Elizabeth English 

Logan, Joan Nursmg 

Long, Mary History 

Loope, David Zoology 

Love. Elsie Political Science 

Lucas Guy English 

Lux. Paul Political Science 

MacDonald. James Political Science 
MacEwen. Bruce Management Science 

Macintosh, Victor Chemistry 

Magnuson. Phillip Music 

Magruder, Kathryn Psychology 

Maher, James History 

Maiesiic, Henry Psychology 

Manoogian. Sam Psychology 


Manter.John Psychology 

Marcelli, David Civil Engineering 

Marion. Joseph Economics 

Markman. Stephen . . Political Science 
Marold. John Electrical Engineering 

Marshall, Walter History 

Marshburn. Margaret Psychology 

Martin, Anne Botany 

Martin. David History 

Martin, Elbert Religion 

Martin, Hunter Zoology 

Martin. Lelia Polrtical Science 

Mason. Paul Zoology 

Mason, Rose History 

Matas, Francme Psychology 

Matlock, Thomas Mechanical Engineering 
Mattison. Janet English 

May, Michael History 

McBride, Michael Physics 

McCarthy, Gerald English 

McCarty, Brenda . . English 

McCracken, Laurence . . . Engineer 

McCrady, William . . English 

McCrone. Lawrence Zoology 

McDonald. Russ English 

McDonough, James Music 

Mclntyre, Barbara Psychology 

Mclntyre, James . . . English 

McKinney, Anne French 

McKinney, James Zoology 

McLarty, Charles Sociology 

McLaughlin, Nancy . Mathematics 

McNeil. Mark Political Science 

McSwain, Horace Economics 

Meadows, Robert . . Religion 

Medvin, Mark Economics 

Meixel, Steven Chemistry 

Melchior, Christine Psychology 

Mente, Ann English 

Merritt, Brett Physics 

Meyer, Christopher Zoology 

Miller, Carey History 

Miller. Carolyn Nursing 

Miller, Eleanor French 

Miller, William Physics 

Mitchell, Carl . . Sociology 

Montgomery, Charles History 

Montgomery, Renee . . . Psychology 

Moorhead, Joanna History 

Moran, Robin Anthropology 

Morgan, Stephen . , Chemistry 

Morgan. Tucker Sociology 
Morris. Douglas Mechanical Engineering 

Mosher. Beverly Anthropology 

Munro, Lauren Psychology 

Murdock, Theodore Political Science 

Murphy, Sharon Psychology 

Nelson, Henry Chemistry 

Neuhart, Mark English 

Newell, John Music 

Newton, Nolan Zoology 

Nicoll, Susan French 

Nieman, Nancy Economics 

Nims, Barbara Nursing 

Nissen, James . , . . Civil Engineering 
Nitterhouse, Denise Accounting 

Nordin, Jane Music Education 

Nordstrom, Kathryn , , History 

Nutwell, Peggy Nursing 

Olivere, Robert Bio-Medical Engineering 

Ondek, Janet Economics 

Owens. Susan Political Science 








;> ft ^ A ?^ f) 

Pace. David Electrical Engineering 

Padgett. Barbara Management Science 

Painter. Claire English 

Palashak, Elon Psychology 

Palmer, Kendall Religion 

Parker, Erngst Geology 

Parker, Theodore Chemistry 

Pascul. Irwin Psychology 

Payne, William History 

Peach. Ellen Nursing 

Pechenik,Jan Zoology 

Penrod. Bruce Economics 

Perry, Douglas Engineering 

Perry, Judy Elementary Education 

Perten. Susan Spanish 

Peterson, Mark History 

Peterson, Nancy Nursing 

Petticrew. Jeffrey . Chemistry 

Philbrick. Thomas Zoology 

Phillips, Edith Economics 

Phillips, John Business Administration 

Pinsker, Jerrold Economics 

Pitt, Daniel Mathematics 

Pittenger, John Zoology 

Pittman, Warren Religion 

Pohl, Janet Nursing 

■ Popham, William Management Science 

Porter. Edward English 

Porter, William Political Science 

Potter, William Mechanical Engineering 

Pournaras, Georgia Economics 

Powell. Benjamin . . Psychology 

Pozner. Mark Psychology 

Prather. Patricia Nursing 

Pnour. Harlan Physics 

Pugh, David Electrical Engineering 

Pumphrey. David . , . , Economics 

Queen, Mary English 

Rahatl.Nick Political Science 

Ransley, Pat Music 

Ratliff, Alice Economics 

Rawieigh, William Economics 

Ray, Michael Political Science 

Rebucci. Pamela Elementary Education 

Redfearn, Nancy Chemistry 

Reel. Margaret English 

Reel. Thomas Chemistry 

Reese, James .Mechanical Engineering 

Reinhardt. Daniel History 

Reynolds. Bruce History 

Robbins, Laurence Chemistry 

Robertson. Fred Psychology 

Robinson, Susan Nursmg 

Romero. Silvia . , Mathematics 

Rose, Esme . . History 

Ross. Jeanne Nursmg 

Ross, Roger Civil Engineering 

Ross, Virginia English 

Rowetl, Nancy Nursmg 

Ruby, Barbara History 

Rudd, John Mechanical Engineering 

Ruppe, David History 

Russell, Lance History 

Sack. Kristine Art History 

Sadd. Helen Economics 

Sales, Thomas History 

Sanborn. Scott Chemistry 

Sanders. Georgiana Psychology 

Sanford, Lyie English 

Santy, Albert History 

Sapp, Mary Mathematics 

Sarbo, Anita Music 


Sattertteld. Margaret Botany 

Sauber. Mar)orie . , Religion 

Saunders, Larry Political Science 

Sauler. Mictiael Management Science 

Savage. William . Political Science 

Saville. Lynn Antt^ropology jr ^ I^^^^B ^^^^'V^^k ^^^F ' ^It ^^r~ 

Sctiolls. Susan Elementary Education V^ ^H ^^^^^^^| MbEV' ^H ^^B^ '^ K^ti^ 

Scott, Cary Psychology ii \» «1 ^HH^^^H I^IH W ^^^" ^^W 

Paul ^^^ ^^^^ ^Mb^ J^^^ ^W 

Scott. Stieryl .Zoology ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ i^^^m i 

Seamen, Peter Accounting 

Seddelmeyer. John History ^ - - ^ .- 

Seear, Suzanne Psychology XT' v jL."' / ^**^^ W-^^w 

Seibert, Beth Class Student V^ ^^ .^TW ^^ ^^^^ ^T^ ^^ 

^^Ay^H^^^^ Hk T^A ^A *« ^H I' 

Sociology ^^■■^H^^^^^A H^^j^^H ^A^^H I 

Zoology BHiB^^H ^^^^^A i^HB^HHM>. ^^■'i 

Sharpe, Alice Psychology ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^M^ 

Andrew History ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ -i ^^B^ 

Shelton. Larry History ^^^^^| J*¥4*^« Vh^ vl lr*> '*' >^ 1M^«T 

Shipley. Edward Accounting ^p;. .gV ^."— ' ■ ^2"" \ \ t: - 

Shivers, Jeffrey Zoology V?*^? — ' ^*-^yV .^V / ^^ "^'j 

Skinner, Charles Engineering Jli^9tt^ _^^ ^^ .X ^^^ ^^^^T ^fc ^"^^'"'^^fc 

David History ,,y||^?m> ^ A ^ ^BA ^H ^^VH ^^ #tH 

Accounting :|^<i . ^M ^| IC^^H ^^Vl^^l ^^^A^H ^^ftjk ^| 

Political Science ^/ ^ Hi^flH HIBl^^l ^Hl^^l ^Biw^B 

Smith. Gayle English 

Smith. Louise Latin 

Smith. Mowry Russian 

Smurthwaite. Richard Political Science ■ ^. V ^^'^^^^l 

Smythe. Tarilyn Psychology ^^J" " k BO" J 

Snartemo. Christine Psychology ■Hj^-'i. ^NtiB* '"^^^^^^^ ^" ^^. 

Snell. Peter History 5» -^M** ^^^^ ^^K- J^^ 

Snow. Jean Psychology i^||^' K ^^tkW^^ 

Snow. Susan . . Mathematics i ^ K ^^^^k^g^H 

Solomon. Roger Mathematics ^«^ ^^^^ ^^^^ 

Southerland, Sydney -Mech Engineering ^^^1 ^^^^ ^^P^S 

Spears. John English fe- --•f ICmM »«- '1 

Speicher. Ann Nursing 1^ *~ I %^^ \"L 

Sperling. Daniel Psychology \^ J 1l ~ lL"""l^ 

Sprowls. Jeffrey Economics ^jf**^W ^^C'l W^ ^^^^^^fe 

Nursing ^^B jl^ ^^ ^^r^^^fe ^^^^^^B 

Carol Psychology ^^k V ^H ^H ^^H ^^^^^^1 

German ^^Aft^JIH^B ^^H iJ^^^^^H 

Steinman. Clayton History ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^j^^ j4B* 

Mathematics ^^H^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^BB^ ^^^\ ^ ^~ 

Stephens. Margaret Spanish ^f ,V f ^^ ^T 1 iP»f ^S « T 4^ JlH 

Stewart. Darcy Physics ^T^ W J'^ ' T " ' ■I"" "I <l' "I \ I \ ^ 

Stolarek,John Political Science Z^ I* sjr. w| -^. k."?" tT- ' ^ *^? ' ^^ 

Stone, Edith Psychology ^^^^^^fc .^T' W W^^ ^^•^ ^JV ^B ^ 

- - .^^^H^^B ^B « ^B ^L.^*l^ ^^^<(Pr^K ^B^^H v-v 

James , , English ^^^^^^^B ^B " ^H ^"^^ "^ ^^^^i^ ^^ • ^^ 

Stuart. James Mechanical Engineering ^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^ ^^^^| 

Suit. Allen Mechanical Engineering ^^ j^ttb^ ,^fl^^ ^^^ ^^^^, 

Eric Physics ^S>S^ M^^^ m^^^\ ^^^^^ ^^Tl^ ^^^Blk 

Swain. Carolyn Chemistry ^^^^i t_ -f ft>> «»« M ^B IK - r B^*^»k 

Swarthout. Susan English ^ ~ # T**"' *" ' «^ '■ ^ ^^W T'' ~ T jM ". ■ 

Switzer. Robert History Ijn, « \-^ ' ^tl I^ ^L:' S l ^ • / ^ '^ 

Tannenbaum. Bruce Zoology \ ^^ ^^^ W ^^^N^^B ^^^^^^ .^^1^^^^ ^^^wlij 

Nursing ^^KM^^M^^^ ^M ■ 4. ' U^B ^l^^^l ■Hnl JH 

Taylor. Jeanie English i ^^^ , _ ^^^ 

Taylor, Maravene History ^0^^^ ^^r^ ^BB^ ^^^^^ ^BmI^ 

Templeton. Clarence Psychology ^^^^^L ^F^ Jj ^^^^1 ^P^^B ^B»^^ 

Teslik. Randolph Economics V^ ^?^H ^T^ ''l 5*^^^^ ■** *^f «^^^ '^T 

Thomas. Clarence Engineering ff^ F9 ^^i'^'M t'^*' \ ***' ' 


^ Q (^ 




^ ^ f^ A 

^ ^ P\ 


Torrington. Mary Zoology 

Traver. Hutch History 

Trexler. Ltllian Political Science 

Turner. Ana History 

Turnipseed. Spencer History 

Turyn, Walter Chemistry 

Uchiyama. Elaine Nursing 

Uhde. Thomas Psychology 

Valentine, William Psychology 

Vance, Bruce Mathematics 

Vaughn. James History 

Vinson. John History 

Von Nessen. Paul , . Accounting 

Wade. Sally .English 

Waggoner. Kathryn English 

Wagoner. Joel , Psychology 

Waldruff. John Electrical Engineering 

Walker. William History 

Wallace. Harold Religion 

Wallace. Randall Religion 

Wallis. Donald History 

Walsh, William History 

Ward. Eleanor Psychology 

Ware. Merrill History 

Warren. Richard , .Bio-Medical Engineering 
Warren. Thomas . Mechanical Engineering 
Warrick. David Psychology 

Watkins. Carol Chemistry 

Watkins. Maryjane Zoology 

Watkins. Polly Art History 

Watson, Patricia History 

Webb, James History 

Webster, Deborah Sociology 

Wein.Gary Psychology 

Welch. Mary Zoology 

Welker. Janice Spanish 

Wellner.Mark Economics 

Wellons. Jan English 

Wells. Hugh Chemistry 

Wells. Robert English 

Werner, Catherine French 

Whetzel, Stanley English 

White, Clair Political Science 

White. George , Mechanical Engineer 

White. Judith Psychology 

Whitehill, Judith Psychology 

Whitted. Francis History 

Wiebmer, Mary Nursing 

Wier, Stuart Physics 

Wilhelm, Donald Zoology 

Williams, Barbara Physics 

Williams. Dale Sociology 

Williams. Donald Psychology 

Williams, Emily English 

Williams, Gerald Psychology 

Williams. Stephen Accounting 

Willtg, Robert Electrical Engineering 

Wilson, Wayne Political Science 

Wingerter, Nicholas Management Science 

Winkler. Carolyn Sociology 

Witherspoon, Wendy Political Science 

Witt. Thomas Chemistry 

WoUe. Robert Mathematics 

Woodyard, David . Management Science 

Wright, Russell Psychology 

Wult, Linda Mathematics 

Yeiser, Joslm Political Science 

Young. Gwynne History 

Young, Mary English 

Young, Suzanne .Nursing 

Zapf. Charles Chemistry 

Zimmer. Janet English 



Adams, Charlotte 


Adegbte Dami 


Agsten, Melinda 


Akel, Edward 


Allen, Etres 


Altschulef Lawrence 


Ames, Carolyn 


Amrhine, Karen 


Anas, Nick 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Anderson, Stephen 

Kappa Sigma 

Ansley, Robert 

Delta Tau Delta 

Archie, Andrea 


Arnold, Deborah 


Ashe, Elaine 


Atwell David 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Bacon. John 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Baird, Gregory 

Phi Gamma Tau 

Banks, Ellen 


Barber Molly 




Baichelor. Steve 


Beach. Anne 


Seal, Pheon 




Becker. Jane 


Beetham. Nancy 


Behrens, Catherine 


Bell, Donnei 


Bernanke David 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Berry David 


Bigetow. Mary 


Bishopric, Frances 


Black, Beniamm 


Blakely. James 


Bland Thomas 


Borshay, Barbara 


Bottom, Daniel 


Bounous Robin 


Bowers, Arlene 


Bowman, Viclona 


Bragg. Arnold 


Brandt. Chns 


Braumiller, Karen 


Brenner, Mark 


Briggs Elizabeth 


Bnggs Patricia 


Bnttingham, Suzanne 


Brooke Candace 


Browarsky, Phillip 


Brown. Milo 


Browne, Gordon 


Brunso Judy 


Bryson Rosalyn 


Bryson Sheila 


Buchanan, William 

Kappa Sigma 

Burke Mered.lh 


Burk.ns, Donald 


Burn, Diane 


Burns Ronald 


Buschman, Craig 


Butler Diane 


Bylhewood, Carolyn 


Campbell. John 


Carpenter, David 

Delta Tau Delta 

Carroll, Christine 


Caruso. Enca 


Carver Jeanine 


Cassano, William 


Cayer Mildred 


Cehan, Gregory 


Cheesborough, John 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Cherewaty, Stephen 


Ch. Ids. Michael 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Christenberry Emily 


Clark, Susan 


Cochran, William 


Cole. Arthur 


Colgan, Jean 


Copeland, Wade 


Corley Brenda 


Counihan Kevm 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Coyle. Peter 


Crennel, Juliet 


Crowder John 


Crum, Deborah 


Curtis Linda 


Cushing, Sara 


Daniel Jerome 


Darrow, Susan 


Davies, Michael 


£a ^ m) ^^ f\ f^ ^^ 

^ f> (^ t\ H^ Pi /Tk f^ 

^ j^ ^ Ci fit ^ © 










^ . ..-.1 


F=) ^^ ^^ 





































Davis, Mark 

Tau Epsilon Pt>i 

OeirOsa Damel 

Kappa Sigma 

Dempsler Melinda 


Dennis Donna 


Denn.s Paul 


D'ckerson D«bO'ab 


DillarO Clilton 


Omhins. Mafy 


DiKon Annette 


Oomske Rennoia 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Dorset Richafd 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Downs Kathryn 


Duke L.fiOa 

Graduate Center 

Dunn Susan 


Eaton Maf/|3ne 


Eisemann Scott 


ElliKer John 


Ingle Ralph 


Eshefman, Ba'tiara 


Eure, Lydia 


Ewe'ett. Catherine 


Falk, Susan 


Farber Allen 


Fay Steven 


Ferguson. Oonna 


Ferguson John 


Fernandez Jimmy 


Fetterolf Katie 


F.ore Joan 


Fogg, Suellen 


Foltl Ronnie 


Fo« Holly 


Ffagas^y Rick 

Chi Delta Phi 

Francs Jean 


Franco. Joseph 


Frank Amy 


Franck Ca'Otyn 


Frantz Bevefly 


Frederick Marianne 


Freedman, Michael 


Fritz, Deborah 


Ffosher Marguerite 


FuMe' Amy 


Gage L'nda 


Gardner. Jeffrey 


Gentry Robert 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Gewanler Harry 


Gibson Ei.zabeth 


Gibson Margaret 


Gober James 

Sigma Chi 

Gold Jellry 


Goodleiiow Jane 


Gordon Kenneth 


Gosey James 


Gracely Katharine 


Grassia Janet 


Greenspan. Eric 


Gulledge, Sidney 


Guthrie, Doug 


Hair Virginia 


Hall Charles 


Mailman. Marsha 


Halsey Donald 


Halton Allison 


Handrahan. Deborah 


Hansen Karen 


Hardtngham, Kim 


Harkms William 


Harris Joel 


Harris. William 


Harrison Edward 


Harwich Nikita 


Haumersen Susan 


Hawthorne Paul 

Kappa Sigma 

Hemme, Hal 


Hendricks. Nancy 


Henshaw. Douglas 

Sigma Nu 

Henson Ellen 


Hess Marilyn 


Hicks. Cheryl 

Graduate Center 

Hilbig, Peter 

Delia Sigma Phi 

Hinhel Judith 


Hmkle Bonnie 

Graduate Center 

Hirvela Elsa 


Hoffman, Byron 


Holly Jon 


Holmquist John 

Delta Tau Delta 

Hopkins Barbara 


House Donald 


Howell. John 


Hower Sandra 


Huneycutt. Alice 


Hunnemann. Nancy 


Hunt Donald 

Sigma Phi Epsiion 

Hyatt. Lmda 


Isat Fred 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Jackson. William 


Jamerson Robert 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Jamieson, Biii 


Jenkins Charles 



Johnson, Fran 


Johnson Robert 

Sigma Nu 

Johnston Dora 


Joines Douglas 


Jones Chrisly 


Jones Slella 


Joseph Timothy 


Kald.s Alexandra 


Kam, David 


Karpinos. Ralph 


Kieler, John 


Kimball. Curtis 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Kline, Chrysee 


Koch. Linda 


Koons Willtam 

Phi Kappa Psi 

Korn. Murray 


Kraft JeMrey 


Lacklen Gary 

Delta Tau Delta 

Lamb Robert 


Lambert Paul 

Phi Gamma Tau 

Lamkin, Patricia 


Leftwich Frances 


Leggett Margaret 


Leight Patty 


Leighton. John 


Levy. Miguel 


Lewis Lynette 


Linder. Ha'vey 


Ling. Oavid 


Lipscomb, Lowndes 


Littman, James 




Lynch Robert 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

MRabel Mohamed 


Maass Dafyl 


Magfuder. Rachel 


Maressa. Nancy 


Marines. Joan 


Maru Robert 


Mason Sarah 


Massmgill. Douglas 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Matthews. David 

Phi Kappa Psi 

May. Leonard 


McCormick Kathy 


McCoy Stephen 




Mease. Joyce 


Medeiros. Alan 


Middleion, Susan 


Millard. Mafh 


Miller, James 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Mismas. Brenda 


Molten Linda 


Monlu". Jane 


Moore Gerald 


Moore Larry 


Moore Richard 


Morns Kellum 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Mu«y. Beth 


Myers Sally 


Nichols. Fenwick 


Nicholson, John 

Ph. Kappa Psi 

Nicrosi Frar>ces 


Nolte Thomas 

Kappa Sigma 

Noncarrow Cheryl 


Olenbush Elizabeth 


dinger Mark 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Olson Donald 


Oppelslrup Hanne 


Orman Jamce 



Chi Delia Phi 

Orr. Mane 


Packard, Michael 


Page Margaret 


Palevitz. Marc 

Tau Epsilon Ptii 

Palmer Holly 


Parker Jay 


Parrell Rita 


Parsons Jeanne 


Pearson. Mike 


Peaslee Anne 

Graduate Center 

Peck. Kathenne 


Peet. Gary 


Peithman, Robert 

Sigma Nu 

Pelo, Joan 


Pillinger, Lynn 


Poe Weyland 


Preston Kathryn 


Rainey Lydia 


Ramsiand Claudia 

Graduate Center 

Rappaport Candy 


Reese Marty 


Register Charles 


Reinharbt. Walter 

Pht Gamma Tau 

Re«road Debbie 


Rice. Craig 


Rippe Jane 


Rivenbark. Jan 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Rivoer Michael 

Zeia Beta Tau 

Roaf Marilyn 




a f4 A, <^ ^ f> 

,. p ^ (^ 

^ jp) A <^ A A ^ 


l11> 1 



? ^ r-i «-= 


<^ A 


Robertson Cla'On 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Rodgman Paul 


Rogers Paific. a 

Graduate Center 

Sabin Barbara 


Sands Edwafd 


Scarano. Francsco 


Scarborougti Paul 


SchaHr>ef Lawrence 


Schuli David 


Scott Ruth 


Scott, Sarah 


Scott. Susan 


Seitzinger M.chael 


Sherrod. Lonnie 


Silverton Margery 


Simmons. Bryan 


S-mmons. Edward 


Sheen. Sandra 


Slaughter Mark 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Slocum Kennedy 


Smtlti, Eilen 


Smith Janvier 


Smith Sallie 


Sodaro Gloria 


Spencer Kiobia 


Spencer Susan 


Speros, Thomas 


Stattof d, 


Stainbach, Preston 

Sigma Phi Cpsilon 

Stallard. Jane 


Steele. Peter 


Stem. Mark 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Stevens Georgia 


Stevenson Constance 


Stevenson Deborah 


Stiles. Susan 


Sudduth, Phyllis 


Summers Lou Anne 


Suppiee Angela 


Swilling. Thomas 

Kappa Sigma 

S/verson. Peter 


Takacs Ste-e 


Taylor Robert 


Thomas. Davd 


Thompson, Janet 


Thompson. Margaret 


Tidwell, Darren 




Townsley, Robert 


Travillion. Corione 


Turbyfill Elizabeth 


Turner, Althea 


Tyor Jacquelyn 


Upchorch. Keith 

Phi Kappa Psi 

Usdm Cathy 


VandenBurg Scott 




Vollmer Gustavo 


Waddeii Cher. 


Waddell Franklin 


Wagner Joliann 


Wagoner Howard 


Walker Chris 


Wallace, Nancy 


Wallinglord David 


Wannamaher Julia 


Ward Jon 


Ward. Martha 


Warme Ellen 


Warren Robert 


Washington, John 


Watkins Sheila 


Weaver Daisy 


Weiss Robert 

Beta ThetaPi 

Wenzel Valerie 


Wessmger Anna 


West, Lmda 


Wheeler Duna 


Whitney Wayne 

Chi Delta Phi 

Whitt, Gerald 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Widdersheim Lmda 


Williams Aihanasia 


Williams. Mary Anne 


Williams, Theodore 


Wiii.s Elizabeth 


Willis Wesley 

Phi Kappa Psi 

Wilson Clive 


Wilson David 


Wilson Richard 


Woltord. L.nda 


Woirf, Terns 


Wright Deborah 


Wright, Mane 


Young Janet 


Young- William 

Ch. Delta Phi 

Zinsmeisief Kathy 




Abetli Frank 


Ad3ms. David 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Aiken Pamela 


Akers. Susan 


Alampi. Richard 


Allred Palti 


Allen. Talmage 


Ambrose Sandra 


Anderson, Robert 


AnOo, Robert 


Angell, Catherine 


Ankrum. John 


Archbell, James 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Armstrong, Anne 


Arnold. Bruce 


Atkins. John 

Delta Tau Delta 

Auerbach, Paul 


Ajielrod, Glenn 


Baden. Thomas 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Baker Peter 


Ballard. Robert 

Chi Delta Phi 

Bargefson. Robm 


Barlow. Linda 


Bassett Robert 


Battier Btuce 


Bayes James 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Beaudrot, Charles 


Beck, Henry 

Chi Delta Phi 



Berg. Janet 


Berry. Thomas 


Bierman. Alice 


Biggs, Marilyn 


Birch. Anita 


Bishopnc, Nanette 


Bilner David 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

Blanton, Patricia 


Boldizar, Bunny 


Booker, Jayne 


Boone, Barbara 


Bordeaux, Barbara 


Boscia, John 

Zela Beta Tau 

Boswetl, Jeffrey 

Kappa Sigma 

Boyles, Robert 

Kappa S'gma 

Bradley, James 

Delta Tau Delta 

Bradley Nancy 


Brady Mary 


Brake Myrna 


Braley Sue 

Aycock Mary 


Brandt, Thomas 


Brennan, Thomas 


Bridgers. Beth 


Brinkmeyer. Robert 

Sigma Nu 

Broadbent, Peter 

Chi Delta Phi 

Brodsky, Thomas 

Sigma Chi 

Brooks. Janet 


Brooks. Wayne 


Brovter Robert 


Brown Paul 

Kappa Sigma 

Browne. Kalhy 


Bunn, Charles 

Chi Delia Phi 

Burke. Barbara 


Burke, Eleanor 


Burton, Larry 

Kappa Sigma 

Butler. Laura 



Pi Kappa Phi 

Cahoon. Tula 


Caldwell. John 

Phi Kappa Psi 

Callihan. Henry 


Camp, James 

Chi Delta Phi 

Caraway. Melissa 


Carlile. Ronald 


Carmack, Cathy 


Carpenter. Grady 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Carroll Virginia 


Carter Bruce 


Cassiing. Donald 


Chambers, Holly 


Chambiiss. dnda 


Chase. Candy 


Cheek Dale 


Chin, Pamela 


Christian John 


Clarke George 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Clayton Jane 


Coals Cariie 


Cohen Stephen 


Coleman, William 


Cook, Robert 


^ #• ^ ^ f^ C5 

^ fr^ #J 

^ ^ P ^ A Q 



Cooper Sharon 


Cofnell Ffedcf-ck 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

Council Nancy 


Coiart Wiley 


Cra.g Cynthia 


Cross William 


Crowgey Caroi 


Cunningham Anne 


Cunningham Dewey 


Cunningham Henry 

Theta Chi 

Curtis Barbara 


Curt.s Michael 


Oa.ley Micfiael 

Phi Delta Theta 

Davidson. Jeffrey 


Davidson Lee 


Davies Rachel 


Davis Dale 


Davis. Wiii.s 

Ph, Kappa Psi 

Davison Kathleen 


Deal John 

Beta Theta Pi 

Deberry Yolanda 


Dechow.ii Gary 


Dehaven Dara 


DiCks. Thomas 

Theta Chi 

Dickson Alhsoo 


Donofr.o Gail 


Dudley John 


Dunlap John 

Delta Tau Delta 

Earhart Marty 


Ebel Charles 


Edwards Bruce 


Eichhoff. Sue 


Elder. Andrew 


Ellin. Martin 


Elliot, Henry 


Ellis. Lucy 


Epstein Bruce 


Evans Cleveland 

Phi Gamma Tau 

Farler Sam 


Fletcher Barbara 


Fletcher William 

Chi Delta Ph. 

Forgeron. Laura 


Franh Carol 


Frank Constance 


Freemann. Dad 


f rese, Raymond 

Sigma Alpha Epsiton 

Froling Robert 


Galle Peggy 


Galloway Teresa 


Gaston Whiiet'eld 


Gay Martha 

Graduate Center 

Gentry Mary 


Giles. Robert 

Delta Sigma Ph. 

Gtasson. George 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Glover Durant 

Tau EpsplonPhi 

Glover Sarah 


Goms James 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

Goldsborough. Cynthia 


Goodman Danald 

Chi Delta Phi 

Gorai. Janet 


Gordon. Judy 


Gorey Thomas 

Delia Sigma Phi 

Graham. Georgean 


Gray. Joann 

Graduate Center 

Gray Patrick 


Green Bob 


Greenberg Frances 


Gronich Leigh 


Gross Robert 


Gullberg. Karen 


Gundry Lynn 


Gutierrez Richarj 


Madam Susan 


Haflord Kathryn 


Hall. William 


Hanna EMen 


Hansen Patncu 


Hanson Edward 

Delta Sigma Ph. 

HarKins Harry 


Masselbach Nancy 


Massed Gerald 


Hatfield Christine 


Hawkins David 


Hedfick Robert 


Hege Alice 

Graduate Center 

Menoe'son James 

Ph. Kjppj Pv 

Herring Helen 


Hill Victor 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Hodges Paul 


Hoggard Betsy 


Morning Carlyn 


Hoyle Chris 


Hudak Linda 


Hughes Doreen 


Hughes Rita 


Hunt Susan 


Muse Eliiabelh 


Ingram M.iriha 


Ireland Maureen 

Hanes Anne* 

Jack. Pnsciiia 



Jackson, Helen 


Jackson, Marianne 


James, Stephan-e 


Jasperse, Brian 


Jetlcoat, Betty 


Johnroe. Andrew 

Sigma Nu 

Johnson. Anne 

Graduate Center 

Johnson, Nancy 


Johnston. Laurie 

Hanes Annex 

Jones Dianna 

Graduate Center 

Jones, Richard 

Kappa Sigma 

Jordan. Randall 

Pi Kappa Ph. 

Kador, John 


Kane Terrence 


Kehl, Thomas 

Delta Tau Delta 

Keirsey. Knslen 


Kellett, Patncia 


Kennedy, John 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Kenny Gayle 


Killam. Nanetle 


King. Ronald 


Kinnear, Robin 


Kiser, Raymond 


Kit. Victor 


Knighi, Robert 

Delta Tau Delta 

Knight, Theodore 


Koch. Marilyn 


Kyle. Elizabeth 

Graduate Center 

Lambert. Jamy 


Lane, Charlotte 


Larnola. Christina 


Ledbetter. Scott 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Lee, James 


Leech. Dav.d 

Sigma Nu 

Lemen. Janet 

Hanes Annex 

Lindsay, Stoart 


Little. Mary 


Littlelield, Karen 


Logan Ben 


Long, Oebra 


Long, George 


Loveless Scott 


Lumsden. Kenneth 


Lunson. Charles 


Luongo. Susie 


Luther. David 


Lynch, Richard 


Lynne Dotty 


Mack. Jacqueline 






Mandeville, Barbara 


Manning, Kit 


Martin. Oonatd 


Martin. Waldo 


Mason. Scott 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Matena. Janet 


Mathis. Mandy 


McAfee Mary 


t^flcConnel, Gail 


McOanieL William 

Delta Sigma Phi 





McGarry. Sharon 


Mcintosh. Thomas 

Beta Theta Pi 

McKelvey. Margaret 


McKim. Marilyn 


McKinney Ruth 


McMorries. Melissa 


McQuilkm Anne 


Meier, Margaret 


Meierkord. Marce 


Melchionni. Gary 


Melton Robert 

Sigma Nu 

Meyer Laura 


M.chelson. Lynne 


Miller Dianne 


Miller James 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Miller Suzanne 


Milloy Elizabeth 


Mint;, Marshall 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Mizell. Susan 


Mohr Lizabeth 


Moonie Gregory 


Moore Jamce 


Moran. James 


Morgan Hope 


Moshef Wendy 


Molhershead. Donna 

Graduate Center 

Mueller Curl 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Mundie. Christine 


Nathan Michele 


Newman Ernestine 


l^ewman. Marc 

Kappa Sigma 

Nicholas. James 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Nicolai. Nancy 


Nimnicht Margaret 


Nobel Carol 


Nobles Susan 


O'Hare, Thomas 

Phi Gamma Tau 









%*"'\ 1 


OBnen Je'em/ 


OConnor Kathleen 


Otis Card 


0»enham, Thomas 

Delta Tau Delia 

PacJdoch. Janet 


Page Mary 


Parker Linda 


Parr. Davifl 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

Pa'sofis James 

Sigma Phi Epstion 

Parsons L-nda 


Peeler Michael 


Perkins Don 


Perlee Suzanne 


Perlei Jerrold 


Phelps Jean 

Hartes Annei 

Phillips Lynn 


Pinckley 0-ana 


PitIS, Cheryl 


Potts. Tracy 


Powell L'sa 


Pretly George 

Sigma Chi 

Putnam Mary 


Ramsey Charles 


Randall. Richard 

Beta Theta Pi 

Reese M.tcheli 

Sigma Phi EpSilon 

Reheis Chr.sime 


Reichardt Glenn 


Reyle Bonnte 




Ricca Bettie 


Rice Richard 


Rich Thomas 

Sigma Ch. 

Richards John 


RiChter Donna 


Roache Richard 


Robertson Michelle 


Rodenhauser, John 

Tau EpsilonPhi 

Roftman. Sally 


Rogers, Carol 


Rogers. Marianne 




Rosenberg Ann 


Rost Randal! 

Phi Gamma Tau 

Ruddy Michele 


Russell Wilham 


Sadler Em.iy 


Sanders Blair 

Pi Kappa Pht 

Sanders Irene 


Sanders James 


Saunders Clara 


Schapiro William 


Schmidt Hugo 


Schoolfield Henry 


Scott Jane 


Scrivner. Douglas 


Secrest Phil 

Sigma Chi 

Sellors Evelyn 


Shaw. Barbara 


Shaw. Warren 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Shelhoss. Barbara 


Shelley. Becki 


Shirley. Carol 


Shoemaker Ritchie 


Short. William 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Siegler Fern 


Sink. John 


Smith Barbara 


Smith David 


Smith Deborah 


Smith Gregg 


Smith. Jeffrey 

Phi Kappa Psi 

Smith Linda 


Smith Mark 


Smith Susan 


Somerville William 


Spears. Joseph 


Sprol Jane 


Stahl. Diane 


Slaten Charles 


Street Ahson 


Strohmaier John 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Stroud Joe 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Succop. Alice 


Sulier John 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Summerlee Kathy 


Surias Jeffrey 


Swearengen Phyllis 


Terry. Timothy 


Thomas Barbara 


Thomas Joseph 


Tnommen Kenneth 


Thompson Paige 


Tnorner, John 


Threatt Eii/abeth 


Trofatter Kenneth 


Tucker Jacqueline 


Turbylill Margaret 


Tyson George 

Sigma Phi Epsiton 

Ussery Thomas 

Alpha Tau Omega 

VanTrigt Peter 

Kappa Sigma 


Van Vol ken burgh. Lt2 


Varney. Nocman 


Vaught. Constance 


Vernon, John 




Walker. Susan 


Walls. Michael 


Wantocfi, Richard 


Ward, Lucia 


Warren. William 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Watts. David 


Weaver. Scott 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Weems. Betty 


Weigle Nancy 


West. Henry 

Phi Gamma Tau 

West. Jade 


Wh.taker Lida 


White-Spunner. Reade 


Whitehead. Oebra 


WhitehufSt Sharon 


Whitesides, Elaine 


Wilcox. Sanlord 

Delta Tau Delta 

Wilder Pelham 


Wiley. Sandra 


Willet. Richard 

Phi Gamma Tau 

Williams. Anne 


Williams, Carolyn 


Williams. John 

Sigma Nu 

Williams, Linda 


Williamson. John 

Phi Kappa Psi 

Willis. Donald 


Wilson, Dorothy 


Wilson, Mary 


Wilson, Michael 


Wilson, Wilham 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Winkeiman, Peter 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Witt. William 


Wolfson Jay 


Wood Philip 


Woodward Arthur 


Wrigl.t. James 


Wright. Marilyn 


Wychoff, Lael 


Yates Kathy 


Youngs, Maralee 


Zahniser. Sarah 




Zerbe Kathryn 


Zimmermann, Alfred 





Abbott, David 


Adams. Ctittord 

House J 

Adams. Robert 

House 1 

Aiken. Leiand 

House G 

Albert. Bruce 


Albertson. Jane 


Alexander. Ann 


Allen. Mary 


Allen. Richard 

Sigma Nu 

Allen, Suzanne 


Allison, Susan 


Allocca Steven 


Allran. Austin 

House M 

Alton, John 


Alvarei. Joseph 

House M 

Anderson, Debbie 


Anderson, Robert 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Anderson, Thomas 

House 1 

Ansley. Uz 


Apple. Jerry 


Appy, Karen 


Ashton. Jane 


Aslon. Dwight 


Auerhahn, David 


Bacon. Kim 


Bam. Beth 



ft f! © ^ 





r; ^mSm 


^ f^ 


ji>« ^ <^ 

^ ^ ni» 

Baher Cathie 


Baker Mary 


Baldwin Don 


Bane John 

House L 

Banhus. DavO 


Barat) Ronald 


Barnes David 


Barnes. Donna 


Barrett Robert 


Bartow, Roberta 


BasTress Susan 


Beck James 


Beckenbach. Leslie 


Becker Marione 


Behnke Betsy 


Berio Susie 


Benedict Mark 


Bernard Sheilah 


Bias Richard 


Bisset. Robert 

House H 

Black. Donald 


Bialock Deborough 


Blasi Janet 

Graduate Center 



Biumenthal Kenneth 

House G 

Boddie John 


Bonner Robert 

House J 

Bostw'Ch. JafT>es 

House G 

Bowdttch. Martha 

Graduate Center 

Bowers. Jack 

House L 

Bowers Mary 


Bradley Beverly 


Brahana Elizabeth 


Brauer Joyce 


Brewer Gary 


Bnnkiey Pamela 


Bfitz. Dyann 


Brock Dean 

House H 

Brooks, Deborah 


Brooks. Joann 


Brotherson, James 


Brown Eliiabeth 

Brundred. Beniamm 


Brunson. Verona 


BuMe. Thomas 


Bump Pamela 


Bunce Barbara 


Byerly James 

House L 

Byrne Denison 

Phi Gamma Tau 

Calomens John 

House G 

Campbell. Sandra 


CarmichaeF K.m 


Carruthers. Joseph 


Carson. Ralph 

House J 

Carstens. Mary 


Carter Kr.sten 


Carter Susette 


Carvey Douglas 


Casey Patrick 

House P 

Cato, Karen 


Cerutti. Jamie 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Cham Herbert 


Chambers John 


Chambhss. Artene 


Chaney Malcolm 


Chapa Ph.l.p 

House H 



Christman. Lmda 


C-acc Deborah 


Clapp Susan 


Classen. Mary Alice 


Clayman. Mary 


Clement Patnca 


eleven Dane 


Cloniz Wayne 

House H 

Clower. John 


Cochran. Ed>th 


Coler Charles 


Colahan Randolph 

House H 

Conneely, Bnan 

House J 

Conslam Mickey 


Cooley, Edward 

House L 

Cooper Micheal 


Cooper W. Ilia m 

House J 

Copeland Luther 

House J 

Gotten Cathy 


Cotton Pamela 


Crago David 

House L 

Cramer Carol 


Cramer Chns 


Crane Patrick 


C ran lord John 


Crisp Gregory 


Crosby James 


Cuddy David 

House P 

Cummmgs Ellen 


Curr-c Alan 


Cufr.e Paul 


Curtis Edward 

House 1 

Curtis Wilham 

House K 


Cuthbertson Frank 
Cylowic Richard 
Dahl Chfis 
Dahm Lisa 
Dahnk Cynlhia 
Oalton David 
Darling. Davd 
Darragh Sharon 
Davis. Collelt 
Davis, William 

Decarlo Phyllis 
Delong Marsha 
Desmara>s. David 
Delweiler Donald 
Deuel Peggy 
Devecchio Jay 
Oewar John 
Diehl. Drew 
Diennger Eugenie 
Dillon Kathryn 

Dodsoo Nalhan 
Dorsey Stiaron 
Dow Wayne 
Doyle Ale» 
Dudley Martha 
Dur>can Henry 
Dunhin William 
Dunn Christie 
Dunn Elaine 
Dunn, Thaddeus 

DuDler Connie 
Durham Mignon 
Dute Sue 
Earnhardt, Edward 
Eddy Melissa 
Edwards, Anne 
Edwards, Susan 
Edwards. Zeno 
Egasli Joan 
Emiet Patricia 

Engle. Marilyn 
Ensor Eric 
Erb Betty 
Erdman, Theodore 
Ervin. Cynthia 
Estrada, Elizabeth 
Ethendge. Donald 
Fanfoni. Kenneth 
Fariss Albert 
Farrington. Joann 

Fascell. Toni 
Fay. Marshall 
Feidler Beth 
Ferrigni Janet 
Fetter Susan 
Fick, Lasley 
Figueroa, Dinae 
Finkle. Susan 
Fisher Robert 
File Barbara 

Fitzgerald Sharon 
Fleming, Patncia 
Flesh, Budd 
Florence, Joseph 
Foard, Deborah 
Forney Rulledge 
Forrester, Cynthia 
Forlson. Clark 
Foster Mane 
Frank Peter 

Frattini. Randall 
Frincke. Robert 
Fuechsel John 
Fuller Manley 
Furey Patricia 
Gabriel. Jane 
Gaither Michael 
Galloway Martha 
Gardner Alison 
Garner Bennett 

Gehretl. Joseph 
Geiger Nancy 
Genster Pamela 
Gent John 
Gibson Stephen 
Gilman. Roxanne 
Ginsburg, Jettrey 
Gladden Cynlh.a 
Glass. Torrey 
Glennon Joe 

Glennon Mary 

Goalslone Clifford 
Golden Jacob 
Golden Joan 
Goundry Gail 
Graen Richard 
Graves Jettrey 
GraybiM Chris 
Greenleat David 
Gregg Jennet 



Zeta Beta Tau 

House 1 
House I 


House G 
House J 
House L 
House G 


House J 


House K 










House P 













House G 

House P 




House O 





Graduate Center 




House P 
House J 

Sigma Nu 
Sigma Nu 

House G 




House H 



House P 



House P 

Graduate Center 


House L 

Phi Gamma Tau 
House K 
-House P 
House M 

^ ^ ^ 

^ <^ A 


e\ (% <^ 

i ^ ^ f^ f ^ ^ 

Q,^ ^ ^ f^ 

Gr>f1<th David 


Groves Debbie 


Gunter Deborah 


Hahn John 

Mouse G 

Hall Chnstina 

Graduate Center 

Hal). Lida 


HaHer Elizabeth 


Hambnghl Rulus 


Hamilton, Claries 

House 1 

Hamnck Slephen 

Phi Gamma Tau 

Hamnch William 

House L 

Hanna Mary 


Hansen William 

House J 

Haf bison Cathy 


Haffis Joe 

House O 

Harrison JeMrey 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Hafwaro Kathleen 


Hatcher, Ann 


Hauser Gary 


Hawran John 

House M 

Haworth Jean 


Hettner Lucy 


Helms Deborah 


Helms Michael 

Mouse K 

Helms Peter 


Hensi.hen, Mary 


Hibbs B 


Hill John 

House P 

Hoehi Johanna 


Hoeizel Christine 


HogseO Joe 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Hollomon Edgar 

House P 

HooK Mary 


Home Edward 


Howard Thomas 


Huang, MeiKu 


Hull, Donald 


Hurt, Richard 

House H 

Hutchinson James 


Hutchinson. Nancy 


Ideson Lindsay 


Ingraham LmOa 


Iseman James 

House L 

Isennower Lynn 


Ives. Michael 


Izard Mary 


Jacobs Catherine 


Jardno Dianne 


Jaworowshi Robert 

House P 

Jenkins. Cathy 


Johnson Craig 

House J 

Johnson Renee 


Johnston Robert 


Joines Cathy 


Jones, Bonnie 


Jones. Judith 


Jones Richard 

House J 

Jones Susan 


Joseph Sam 

House H 

Kaenzig WiMiam 

House H 

Kanik Jean 


Kaplan Laurence 

Mouse J 

Katz Kathy 


Kaufmann Harry 

Mouse G 

Kearney Stuart 


Keeler Mark 

Mouse G 

Kelly Linda 


Kelly Shawn 

House G 

Kerr, Ralph 

House P 

King Dennis 


Kinney Janet 


Kirk Kenneth 

House L 

Klebanotf Steven 

House J 

Klein James 


Klemsasser Olga 


Klieger. Michael 

ZelaBeta Tau 

Koch, Martin 


Komodowski Diane 


Kraus Shane 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Kreisie Margaret 


Knske Carol 


Kuehn Robert 

House G 

Kuhn Marsha 


Kuhn, Richard 


Lachman Gary 


Lagueruela Richard 

Phi Gamma Tau 

Lamb Donna 


Ljmb Kathenne 


Lang Adnenne 


Lark Raymon 

House M 

Larhin Chris 

Mouse L 

LJsSiler Troy 

House 1 

Latta Kenneth 


Lauer Edward 

House 1 

Lauzen Chns 

Phi Gamma Tau 

L,iwrence Elizabeth 


Lazar William 


Lee Kenneth 


Le'iwich Heiga 


Lehman Joan 



Leininger Nels 


Lewis. Linda 


Lewis. Paul 

House N 



Little. Ann 


Lloyd, Theresa 


Lochhaft, Kit 


Loeser Lawrence 

House L 

Lofing. Scott 


Loufdeaux. Stanley 


Lukoshi Deirdre 


Mabey T^elanie 


MacFarlane Mark 


MachI, Linda 


Madey. Ooren 


Manger, Jon 

House K 

Mango. Louise 



House G 

Mann Kalhryn 


Marino, Antnony 


Marhham Mary 


Marsh, Oavid 


Marshall. Gail 


Marshall, Nancy 


Marshall Ralph 

House P 

Martin, Curtis 


Martin, Elia 


Mason. Randall 

House G 

Massimiano Paul 


Mathieu Lynn 


Matlock, Beth 


Matthews. Paul 


Mauroner Norman 

House H 

Mautner David 


McAlister Frank 


Mc Alpine. Barbara 


McConnell, Patrick 

House K 

McCoy Michael 

House G 

McCrachen Elizabeth 


McCrary Sharon 


McDuMie, Robert 


McElfoy Georgia 


McGehee, Marilyn 


McGimsey Judith 


McKmghl Robert 

House G 

McLean, Jeremy 

House N 

McLeod Mary 


McMahon. Darnel 


McMurray, Julie 


McNair. Hermione 


McWiitiams. Leslie 


Menaker, Howard 


Mende Gregory 


Miller. Felii 

House L 

Miines. Peter 

House H 

Mihdell. Kenneth 


Minor Sterling 

House K 

Mishkm David 


Miichall. Darlene 


Monroe William 

House G 

Montgomery Stephen 

House G 

Moran Sarah 


Morell Larry 

House G 

Morns. David 


Morns. James 


Morns. LiZa 


Morrison, Leland 


Mortensen. Charles 

House L 

Mosser Jedery 


Motley, Rose 

Graduate Center 

Mullen. Peter 

House M 



Murdaugh, Robert 

House J 


Graduate Center 

Neill, James 


Nelson, Clifford 

House M 

Nesbit Robert 

House G 

Newhouse Neil 


Newkirk. Cassandra 


Norsworthy, Margaret 


Norton, Thomas 


Olive Mary 


OMahoney Margaret 


Neal. Donald 


Opoenlander. Robert 

House G 

Of d Anita 


Orr Hunter 

House 1 

Otto Brian 


Olio Kathenne 




Overall. Elaine 


Ovington. Jelf 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Owen Linda 


Paletla Christian 

House M 

Palm. William 

House J 

Papa Frances 

Graduate Center 

Papas Pamela 


Patterson, Timothy 

House K 

Palton David 


Pauley Cindy 


^ ^ jP» 
^ fS Pi f^ 

^ f ^^ © © ^ . 
A a f 8 A f^ ^ P 

k n 

iSk 'a 



^ ^lA^^i 

"' -^i ^i^a 

^ f^ Q ^> 

^ fi ^ f^ 

fPi f^ ^ ^ f^ !^ ifi^ 

a III ^ A A iQ A A (^ €^ 

^^^ J^.A J£.i ^ji ^^ni i^*^-S^ 

Paustian Deborah 


Pearson, Ne.l 

House 1 

Pearson Roberta 


Peeler AitreO 


Peer. Gary 


Pehora. Sally 


Pelham Ann 


Pelr.r>e Diane 


Penn Robert 

House J 

Percival Tnsh 

Graduate Center 

Perry Linoa 


Pettit, Barbara 


Phihpson. James 

House J 

Phillips, Charles 

House 1 

Pichus Gary 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Plyier Louisa 


Pogmore Sherry 


Polayes Roy 

House G 

Pope, Anne 


Porch Pnscilla 


Porter Jennifer 


Pftce Ce'i 

Graduate Center 

Price. Stanley 


Protsman Kerne 


Pruce, Steve 


Quinr John 

House J 

Rader Shawn 

House M 

Rainey Francs 


Rasm Gale 


Reagan. Walker 


Record, Walt 

House M 

Red, Jonathan 

House L 

Reel Martha 


Re.d Roddey 


Reinhardt Mark 


Remstein. Stephen 

Phi Gamma Tau 

Rhoads. Margaret 


Rich, Marshall 

House J 

Richards, Cathy 


Richardson Cynthia 


Richardson, Jim 

House L 

RichmiHer. Carol 


Rickard Randall 


Riley, John 


Ripley, Julie 


Roach James 

House 1 

Robinson, Kenneth 


Robinson Patricia 


Rochwell, John 

House H 

Rodnguei. Nancy 


Roe, Michael 

House 1 

Rogers Clark 


Rogers, Daniel 


Ross. David 




Ross, Stephen 


Rowner, Ronald 


Rudolph Paul 


fluhl Zachary 


Russell, William 


Salesbury, Robert 


Santord, Jon 


Savona, Steven 

House L 

Schlachter Joan 


Schmidt Becky 


Schmidt, Robert 

House G 

Schoenberg, Christine 


Scott Catherine 


Segall, Larry 

House 1 

Seid, Norman 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Setteducato Steven 


Shapiro Laurence 


Shaw Robert 

House L 

Shelden, Kathenne 


Shelton, Joanne 


Shenton, Darlene 


Shepherd, Joanne 


Sherman. Nich 

House P 

Sh.lrin Ken 


Shottner Mary 


Shumate Martha 




Simmons, John 



House L 

Small, Gaston 

House G 

Smart Margaret 


Smith Arthur 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Smith, Deborah 


Smith. Helen 


Smith Janice 


Smith, Pamela 


Smith Thornton 

House J 

Sontag Jeflrey 

House 1 

Sowell John 


Spaulding, Kermit 


Specht Robin 


Spigener, Margaret 


St Amant, William 


Staals, Carolyn 


Stabe Robert 

House P 


StaHord, Laura 


Stall. ngs, Jon 

House J 

Stanley, Gordon 

House J 

Slarks. Beverly 


Starnes. Keith 

House G 

Stautler. Laune 


Steele Rachel 


Sternberg. Adam 


Stewart, M.chele 


Stewart Pamela 




Struchen, Deborah 


Stryhet. John 

House G 



Summers, Glynn 


Sutton. Marshall 


Swalm, Pr.scilla 


Tapp, Barbara 


Tate. Robert 


Taylor, Doug 


Tchorni, tllen 


Teachworth, Gary 

House 1 

Terhurie. Ano 


Terr.berry, Judy 


Thompson, Michael 

Phi Gamma Tau 

Thompson. Nancy 


Thorne, Julie 


Thornton. Ann 


Tillany, Jill 


Tman Anthony 

House G 

Tipping. Margaret 


Todorovich, John 

House G 

Tolley. Richard 

House K 

Tonka Janet 


Toulme. Nill 


Trimble, Barbara 


Turner, Mary 


Upchurch, Louise 


Upham, Dav'd 

House P 

Ussery, Norman 

House L 

Van Buren, Susan 


Van Epp. Timothy 

House J 

Van Lawick. Marsha 


Vansanten, Jay 

House G 

Vining, Deborah 


Vollbrecht, Jack 

House P 

Waldorf. Sandra 


Walker, Mark 


Wallace, Ma. 


Wall.s. Jud'th 


Walsh, James 

House P 

Ward. Catherine 


Warden, Tamara 


Watts, Ellen 


Watts, Harriet 


Wedgeworth, Dennis 


Weitz, Eric 


Welch Robert 

House J 

Wells, Sharon 


Westfall, James 

House M 

Whaley, John 

House 1 

Wheeler Steven 

House H 

White Betsy 


White, Gigi 


Whiteside, Stephen 

House J 

Wicker James 


Wicker Vanessa 


WilCOSky. Tim 


Wildman, Russell 

House L 

Williams, Barbara 


Williams, Calherin.' 


Williams. Sarah 


Williams. Steve 


Williamson. Jana 


Willingham, James 


Wilmer, John 


Wilson. Frances 


Winthrop. James 

House K 

Wischow, Paul 

House H 

Woltr, Louise 


Wood, John 

House H 

Woodard, Richard 


Woodard. Suzi 


Woolley. Thomas 

House J 

Wooten, Ray 

House L 

Worrell, William 


Wright, Deborah 


Wright, Ellen 


Wright. Harry 


Wright. Hiilsman 

House 1 

Wright, Scott 


Wrigley, Leslie 

Pi Kappa Ph. 

Wyers, Mar ion 


Yokel David 


Young, Jan 


Young, King 


Zapl, Richard 


Zeiaites. Laura 


Zeni Kathleen 


Zipt, Lawrence 

House H 

^, H^Q^ Hli^B BHA^H 

€? f> © 


$t% ^ 0f 

^ ^ f^ A ^ 9 
f) ^ P ^Pi^ 


WILLIAM OAVIO AARON. JR.. 3929 Mithra Street New Orleans Louisiana 70126 
OAVIO H, ABBOTT. Oklahoma Mii.lary Academy Clafemore. Oklahoma 74017 
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ADAM. 352) 0*e«ei Dallas Texas 75205 CItfford L. Adams, 605 East 
Mjfks Street Oflanao. Florida 32803 DAVID L. AOAMS. 608 Meadow* Lewis 
burg Tennessee 37091 CHARLOTTE BURTON ADAMS. 9021 CHjries Augustine 
Ofn/e Aie»anar.a 22308 KIRKWOOO F ADAMS. 240 While Avenue 
Roanohe Rap.ds North Carolina 27870 ROBERT L ADAMS. 1 1 10 Audubon Dnve 
Memphis Tenresset- 38117 SHELTON J ADAMS. 200 Churth Street Eatonton 
Georgia 31024 THOMAS R ADAMS. 179 South Tuipehocken Street Grove 
Pennsylvania 17963 WILLIAM H. ADAMS IV. 3608 HiK.ard Road Jacksonville 
Florida 3221 7 KAMBIZ AFRACHTEH. 4059 D S. Durham. Nortr. C^rniin.-, 27706 
JOYCE N ADLER. 12 Polo Field Lane Great Neck New York 110.^0 ADOUR G 
ADROUNV. 2325 Je'lerson Avenue New Orleans Louisiana 701 IS GREGORY J, 
AGAMY. 5425 Berkley Dnve New Orleans Louisiana 70114 THOMAS D AGOS- 
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London Heights Road Charleston West Virginia 25314 RICARDO A AGURCIA. 
6 Avenue B Number 612 Tegurigaipa Honduras OLUDAMILOLA A ADEGBIe! 
21 Falolu Road Sufu Lere L.i^t:- r-t.^Pn^ JOHN C. AIKEN. 2 Smugglers Cove 
Lloyd Harbor Huntington Ne.-. ■ .-i- LELAND AIKEN. 7418 Ricksway Road Batti 
more Maryland 21208 PAMELA A. AIKEN. 905 Suber Street Columbia South 
Carol-na 29205. EDWARD C.AKEL, 391 J uj- Sfreel Jacksonville FlonOa 32205 
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AKERS. 5214 Green Tree Houston Te»as 77027 BRUCE M. ALBERT. 2877 AnOer 
son Street North Belimore Ne*Yorkn710 RICHARD J, ALAMPI, Penmngton 
TituSvilleRoad Penmngton New Jerse/ 08534 JANE C AL8ERTS0N. 2250 South 
Glenmoor Road Clearwaler Florida 335l>-_- JEAN E. ALDERMAN. 701 Lakest&ne 
Drive Raleigh North Carolina 27609 MARY B, H ALDRIDGE. 1 555 SeUa Manna 
Drive Atlantic Beach Florida 32003 ANNE D- ALEXANDER; JOHN C. ALEXANDER 
III. 104 Mountain Terrace Road West Harllord Connecticut 06107 PATTI L. 
ALFRED. 201 Forest Terrace Apartments 2000 North Beltlme Boulevard Colum- 
bia South Carolina LOTFl A. ALL 21 13 Nelson Street. Rale>gh North Carolina 
27601 PETER J. ALLATT JR., 205 Sm.thneck Road South Dartmouth Mame 
0210& WILLIAM R, ALLDER. 7222 M.nter Place Tahoma Park Maryland 2001 2 
DONNA M. ALLEN, 505 Walker Avenue Elizabeth C.ty No'ih Carol. na ETRES 
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51 Pine Point Road Rowayton Connecticut 06853 JAMES W. ALLEN. 61 1 New 
Street Graham. North Carolma 27253 JAN L. ALLEN. 4203 Edgemont Austin 78731. MARY M. ALLEN. Forest H-ll Crcle Vidaha Georgia 30474 MARY 
S. ALLEN, 1607 St Annes Road Charlottesville 22901 RICHARD S 
ALLEN. 3632 Verona Terrace Southwest Roanoke Virginia 240iy ROBERT C. 
ALLEN. 3532 Verona Trail Southwest Roanoke Virginia 24018 SUZANNE ALLEN 
14 Uhjon Slreei North Concord Nort>- r.^-.n-i.^SOP^ TALMAGE ALLEN. Pnsi 
OtdceBo. 186 Lou.sburg North Carr,:,; ---4. THOMAS B. ALLIN. 3816 North 
30th RoaO Arlington 22207 HAROLD R ALLISON JR.. 1 Summit Dr,ve 
Hasttngs-On-Hudson New York 10706 KENNETH D ALLISON, Route 2 Bo. 723 
Asrieville North Carolina 28805 MARGARET S. ALLISON. 1869 Greenwood Road 
Roanoke Virginia 24015 STEVEN ALLOCCA, 453 Fa. rway Road Ridgewood New 
Jersey 07450 AUSTIN M. ALLRAN. 359 2nd Sireel Place Northwest H.ckory 
North C.ifolin:, 28601 MICHAEL P. ALLRED. 25 Carson Dnve Charleston South 
Caioiir.,) CHARLESM ALLSOPP. 426 Oakland Avenue indralantic Florida 32901 
CHARLOTTE A ALSPACH. J38 Highland Dnve Moorestown New Jersey 08057 
ROBERT W ALTHAUS. 1210 Yorkshire Road Grosse Pomte Park 
48230 GARY N. ALTMAN. 222 Derrick Avenue Uniontown Pennsylvan.3 15401 
JOHN M ALTON. 1377 South Roosevelt Avenue Columbus Ohio 43209 LAUR- 
ENCE H ALTSHULER, 1225 Glenbrook Terrace OklahomaCity Okiahorr^a 731 16 
JOSEPH F ALVAREZ. 9920 Belgrade Road Miami Flonda 33157 SANDRA J 
AMBROSE, 510 Huske Street Fayettev.lle Norlh Carolina 28jO^ BARBARA 
ALICE AMEN, 2770 Woodscrest Avenue Lincoln Nebraska 6850:' CAROLYN S 
AMES, JS09 Keswick Road Baltimore Maryland 21210 KAREN J. AMRHINE. 
1210 Havenwood Road Baltimore Maryland 21218 JANET £. AMRIATI. 101 
Meadbrook Road Garden City New York 1IS30 NICK G ANAS 3501 Riverview 
Drive Weirion West Virg.n.a 26062 WILLIAM THEODORE ANAS. 3501 Riveryiew Weirron West Virginia 26062 STANLEYS ANDERS (M. Johnson Road Nor 
r.slown Pennsylvania 19401 CHRISTINE H ANDERSON, 3844 Club Drive North 
east Atlanta Georgia 30319 CRAIG KERMIT ANDERSON, 875 Park View Street 
Asheboro North Carolina 27203 DAVID B ANDERSON. 1013 H.ghland C-rcle 
Southeast Blacksburg 24060 DAVID EDWARD ANDERSON. 2020 Sunset 
Avenue Durham North Carolmj 27705 DAVID S ANDERSON, 2427 Le»ington 
Road F.ilK Church Virginia DEBORAH L ANDERSON. 991 :.:... i.,ei Ridge Somer 
villp N.-.-, <'-".^, 0^.r.'K KIM ANDERSON, 986 JatksLjne Lansdale Pennsylvania 
1944. MARYL ANDERSON. ; ■. . .;-.■> Avenue Northeast St Petersburg Flor.da 
3370.* MARK MICHAEL ANDERSON. 732 Timberlme Drive Glenview 
*S00-, ROBERT B ANDERSON. 116 Marion Avenue Mernck New York 11S66 
ROBERT H ANDERSON III. 1212 Woodrow Avenue Norfolk 23507 
ROBIN L ANDERSON, 460 Evanston Circle Fort Lauderdale Florida STEPHEN 
W ANDERSON, 400 West Windsor Avenue Alexandria Virginia 22302 THOMAS 
P. ANDERSON IV, 3375 Steed Drive Flonss.^nt Missouri 63033 ROBERT R ANDO, 
5415 Brookland Road Alexandria 22310 JULIE A. ANDRESEN. 1330 
Woodlawn Glenview llimo-s 60025 LOUISE BRIGGS ANDREW P.>sMjtli, t. Bo. 
510 Point North r „v,n , r-r^j DEBORAH B. ANDREWS. 7 Tapoan Road 
Richmond Virginia :3,'-' MARIAN H ANDREWS. 1 72 B Memtt Avenue Fort 
R.ley Kansas 66442 MARK D ANDREWS, I /n 1 t^.rdy Court Baltimore Maryland 
21093 SUSAN T. ANDREWS, M,l /.,..i.r Pij, ^ Nashville Tennessee 3720S 
VEREEN LOUISE ANDREWS, 253 Easl Mam SCeei Eikton M.iryland 21921 
LUCIEN A, ANGBO, Bg. 143 Adzope Ivory Coast RUTH C. ANGE. 1301 Cl.nion 
Road DL.rhjrti No'lh Carol. n.. 27703 CATHERINE ANN ANGELL. 2907 Coral 
Shores Drive f on Lauderdale F lor. O.i 33306 LIDA RUTH ANGIER. The Mounla.n 
Lodge Flat Rock North rjroi,.,a 28731 JOHN P ANKRUM. 107 Oak Hill Road 
Ithaca New York 14850 MARY E. ANSLEY. 3310 H.N.scub Dnve Fort Myers 
Florida 33609 ROBERT E. ANSLEY JR.. 4050 Bayou Boulevard Pensacola Florida 
32503 KATHARVN S. ANTLE. 600 Midlantj Circle Berwyn Penn^ylvan..) 19312 
BERTRAND M, ANZ. 21 Jolimj Road Paoh Pennsylvania 19301 ANDREW S 
APPEL. 3009 Arundel Charlotte North Carolina 28209. JEFFERY H, APPEL- 
BAUH. 7900 Soulhwest 57th Court Mijmi Florida 33143 JERRY S. APPLE. 502 
East Cavenaugh Street Wallace North Carolina 28466 PETER C APPLEBOME. 
39 Tanners Road Great Neck New York 1 1020 DAVID M. APPLEBY. 300 South 


Student Index 

Cuyer Avenue Oak Park, Illinois 60302 DIANE L. APPLETON. 760 Waveland RoaO 
Lake Forest Illinois 60045 KAREN R. APPY. II Blue Ribbon Drive Westport 
Connecticul 06880 JAMES B-ARCHBELL. Route 1 Aurora North Carolina 27806 
ANDREA M. ARCHIE, Route I Bo. 647 Salisbury North Carolina 28144 JOHN 
M. ARIANO. 5447 Firethorn Court Cmcnnali Oh.o 45242 PAUL ANTHONY AR- 
MONO JR., 183 Ciough Road Waterbury Connecticut 06708 ANNE M. ARM- 
STRONG, 2917 North Front Street Harnsburg Pennsylvania 17110 CHRISTINE 
M ARMSTRONG. Old While Plains Road Mamaroneck New York 10543 JAMES 
D ARMSTRONG. 6432 Eastleigh Court Sprmgfieid Virginia 22152 LOUISE D. 
ARMSTRONG. 2019 Skyline Road flu»ton Maryland 21 204 PAMELA W ARM- 
STRONG. 13 Br.dle Lane Si Louis Missouri 63131 GAIL C ARNEKE, 709 D,j't 
moulh Road North Carolina 27609 BRUCE D, ARNOLD, 7 1 Arrov-heao 
Place Stratford Connecticut 06497 DEBORAH G. ARNOLD, 1 Weirwood Road 
Radnor Pennsylvan.a 19087 JOAN D ARNOLD. 331 West Northlield Road Living- 
ston New Jersey 07039 LUTHER K ARNOLD. 1614 Woodland Avenue Burling- 
ton North Carolina 27215 PAULETTE K. ARNOLD. Route 1 Box 17 Creedmoor 
North Carolina 27522 CLAY T ARRINGTON. 2412 Pennyiano Southeast Decatur 
Alabama 35601 JANET B- ARROWSMITH. 5S2l Magnolia Street New Orleans 
Louisiana 70115 NANCY J, ARVAY. 3449 Northshore Road Columbia South 
Carolina 29206 PHILIP P. ASACK. 221 Norlh Mam Street. West Bndgewaler. Mas 
sachuselts. ELAINE HOWELL ASHE, 221 Ravine Circle Concord North Carolina 
28205 JANE G. ASHTON, 3515 Northwest 12th Avenue. Gamesvtlle Flor.da 
32601 MARGARET E. ASHWORTH. 5 Acron Lane Larchmont. New York 10558 
DWtGHTS. ASTON. 3301 Biuebonnet Houston Te. as 77025 ROBERT G. ATCHE- 
SON, 5302 ira Street Orlando Florida 32807 FRED G. ATEN. #10 Squires Court 
Medina Ohio 44256 WILLIAM G. ATCN IM. 640 Northeast 101 Street Mtam. 
Shores. Florida 33138. JOHN D. ATKINS. Route 1 Box 224 Aikms Virginia RAN- 
DALL W. ATKINS. 602 Amanda Drive Ashland. Kentucky 41101 SAMUEL J. AT- 
LEE. 1414 R.dge Road Lancaster Pennsylvania 17603 ELIEN LOUISE ATTERIOG. 
123 Plantation RoaO Houston Te«as 77024 DAVID M. ATWELL, 1964 Collmgs 
wood Road, Columbus Ohio 43221 JANE M. ATWOOD. 9201 Marseille Drive. 
Potomac Maryland 20854 DAVID M. AUDET, 46 Farmer Street Canton New 
York 13617. PAUL S- AUERBACH, 118 Tappan Avenue North Plamfield. New 
Jersey 07060 WENDY A, AUGUSTUS, 19101 South Park Boulevard Shaker 
Heights Ohio 44122 ELLIOT S. AUERHAHN, 2517 Fla.r Knoll Dnve Northeast 
Atlanta Georgia 30329 TODD S. AURVANSEN. 14 Slell Lane East Northport 
New York 11731 JAMES M. AVENT. 2611 Dogwood Lane Norr.stown Pennsyl- 
vania 19401 ANN L- AVERY, 1796 Prescott Road York7Pennsylvania 17403 
CLARA HAYLEY AXAM. 2919 Larchmont Court Northwest. Atlanta Georgia 
30318 GLENN S. AXELROO. 36 Clifton Road. Newton Centre. Massachuselts 
0:1 s>. MARJORIE S, AXELROD. 29 Andover Road Stamford Connecticut 06902 
JOHN E AYOUB, :413 Palm Road West Palm Beach Florida 33406. SANDRA L. 
AYRES. B . 77 .!,-'r^onRo3d Sicklerville. New Jersey 

ROGER BARR. 210 Bird Key Sarasota Florida 33577 CAROLYN S, BACAL. 
29 Corell Road Scarsdaie New York 10583 JOHN 0. BACON. 921 Beachside 
Lane Huron Ohio 44839 PHOEBE E. BACON. 8o> 76 Belfast Road Sparks Mary- 
land 21152: MARCIA L. BADE. 114 EasI Shore Drive Massapequa. New York 
11758 THOMAS J. BADEN. 1044 Northeast 94 Street Miami Shores Florida 
33138 DAVID P. BADGER. 636 Park Ken.iworth Iliinois60043 RICHARDO. 
BAER. 829 Balfour Road Grosse Pomle Park Missouri MARTHA L, BAGBY. 518 
Newtown Road Berwyn Pennsylvania 19312 CATHERINE E. BAIN. 9306 West- 
moor Dnve Richmond Virginia 23229, GREGORY BAIRD, 4796 McGreevy 
Fairt.eld. Ohio 45014 MARY J. BAIRD. 1036 'Woodgate Dnve St Louis M.ssoun 
63122 CHARLES C. BAKER JR.. Route" I Bo» 3A-1 Piltsboro. North Carolina 
27312 DAVID B. BAKER Ml, Cooleys Pond Road Gibson Island. Maryland 21056 
ELIZABETH R. BAKER, PosI Otf.ce Bo. 537 Newberry South Carolina MARY E. 
BAKER, r.iv. M., ' sifeet Newberry. Soulh Carolina 29108, MICHAEL S, BAKER. 
1601 vv.i)i.:gM.jfT, Road Richmond Vire.n,.:, ?3r33 PETER BAKER, 1605 Pme- 
crest RoaO, Durham Norm Carolma 27-^1^ SARA K BAKER. 231 Buena Vista 
Place Memphis, Tennessee 38112 SHERRYL D BAKER. 1206 Murray Avenue 
Durham North Carol. na 27704. SUSAN R. BAKER, 4808 Bon Air Drive Monroe 
Louisiana 71201 TIMOTHY S. BAKER. 319 Norman Dnve Ramsey New Jersey 
07446 WILLIAM M. BAKER. 105 Underwood Avenue Elm.ra. New York 14905 
DON W. BALDWIN, 1121 Richmond Road Lancaster Pennsylvania 17603 
MARCIA A. BALL. 160 Ro.bury Road Niant.e Conn. , ii, ut DAVID R, BALLAN- 
TVNE; 30025 Bolingbrook Road Cleveland Ohi- 411:4 ROBERT C, BALLARD, 
3913LongslreetCourt. Annandale Virginia 32003 NANCY J BALLES, 23 18 
well Drive Bethel Park. Pennsylvania 15102 JOHN G. BANE III, 749 Hertrord 
Road Winston Salem North Carolina 27104 CATHERINE K- BANG. 4208 Wick 
(ord Road Baltimore Maryland 21210 ELLEN P, BANKS. 1524 Shades Crest 
Road Birmingham Alobama 35226 THOMAS A, BANKS JR.. lOl Garner Road 
Garner North t jr. in. 1 DAVID A, BANKUS. 800 Chateaugay Road Knoxville 
Tennessee 37H1':* RONALD E BARAB, 101 I Byrnes Road Aiken. South Carolina 
29801 DAVID H BARBER. I .M Spruce Street Moorestown New Jersey 08057 
MOLLY A, BARBER. •>>? l-.-nle.Rh Court. Winston Salem. North Carolina 27106 
ELAINE S. G, BARDES. 504 W Meadecresl Drive, KnoKville Tennessee 37919 
ROBIN N BARGEHON. Post 0»ice Box 71 Reidsville Georgia 30453 STEVEN R, 
BARKER, 27 Siaylon Short Hills New Jersey 07078 DOUGLAS B, BARLEY. 
5 Candlewood Path North D'« Mills New York 1 1 746 JEFFREY N. BARLOW, 101 
Danforth Place Wilmington Delaware 19803 LINDA JEAN BARLOW. 217 Wash 
tngton Road Princeton New Jersey 08540 DAVIDS BARNES, 4:'0 16th Avenue 
Southwest Rochester Minnesota 55901 DONNA BARNES. 27008 Sweetbnar 
Onve North Olmsted Ohio 4407O MALVIN P. BARNES. 1 312 F.kewood Dnve Wil- 
son North Carotin 27893 MARC B. BARON. 122 Hjvilands Lane While Ptams 
New York FRANK E. BARONE, 2841 West, hesler Toledo Ohio 43615 JOHN C. 
BARRETT. 120 Oxbow Road Needham Mame 02192 ROBERT C. BARRETT. Dog 
wood Road Pmehurst North Carolina 28374 CATHERINE J BARRIE. Mountain 
View Drive Chester New Jersey 07930 WINNIFRED C BARRITT, 6 W.ill.Hr Sireel 
LeNmRlon Virfir-.i 24450 CAROL A, BARROW. 1341 Owen Brown Elliott 
Cily Marylan ! GEORGE WESLEY BARRY JR, 1 104 Armstrong Lane UyTrW; M.s 
s'Ssippi 38801 PAMELA BOMBERGER BARRY. 2IOChurch Street Richland Penn 
sylvjn.d 17087 PAUL D BARRY, 73^^ W Sumter Sireel Shelby Norlh Carnimj 
28150 DANIEL J. BARTH. 721 Wicklow Road Louisv.lle Kentucky 40.''07 DIANE 
L. BARTHEL, 4 Morgan Street Wayne New Jersey 07470 ROBERTA R, BARTOW. 
Headquarters 565lh Eng.neering Battalion New York New York 09164 BRIT J. 


BARTTER. 1404 Hanshaw Road Ithaca New York 14850 ROBERT MKHEl 
BASHA. 381 Rutfedge Avenue Charleston Sout^- C-ir^lma 29403 ROY H BAS 
KIN. 2832 Braemar Waco Texas 76710 SHERRY E BA5KIN 400 s, 
Street Harnsburg Pennsylvania 17109 ROBERT L BASSETT JR - 
Road BloomI.eld Connecticut 06002 LARRY F, BASSMAN 910SL.r.5t.' ' 
Pet^--r..-. .■■ .- n , SUSAN B. BASTRESS. Todd Pond RoaO L.ncc-i'- V -* 
or ■ STEVE A 8ATCHEL0R. Route 1 Beuiav.iie Nonh Carol. na 28618 HERB- 
ERT R BATSON, :_ .. ..^r." Drve Wifm-ngton Delaware 19803 BRUCE H, 
BATTJER. c04 bc..:,c f<^^a Asoury Park New Jersey 07712 STEPHEN B 6AU- 
MANN, 9701 Conn Avenue Kensongton Maryland 20795 DONALD L BUM- 
GARTNER. 175 North Beacon Street Wateriown Massachuset'E :■: r DAVID 
A. BAUR. 211 Seneca Road Rochester New York 14622 NORMAN C Sauh 
8 Packer Avenue Rumson New Jersey 07760 ROBERT C BAUROTH 
Charier House Lane Creve Colur Missouri 63141 NADER BAYDOLJN 
Amazon Dearborn Michigan 48120 PHILIP A. BAYER. 9 C er . Stn^'-t C 
New Hampshire 03743 JAMES R. BAYES. 6275 Park Road McLean . ■, .) 
22101 RUSSELL S.BAVLES, 9615 State Line Road Kansas dty M.ssour 64114 
ANNE S, BEACH. 412 Enendaie Drive Nashville Tennessee 37205 PHEON E 
BEAL. 1340 North Mam Street Wmslon Salem North Carolina 27105 JAMES 
A. BEALES JR. 11215 Oak Leaf Dnve Silver, Maryiano 20901 JOHN C 
BEALL. 6132 Leeland Street South Bayway Isles St Petersburg Fionoa PAMELA 
CARROLL BEAM, 2131 Beechwood Avenue W.imette, Illinois 60091 SUSANNE 
BEAMAN. 109 Kemp Road East Greensboro North Carolina 27410 KATHRyn 
M, BEAMER. 4503 LaurelwooO Dnve Southwest Roanoke Virgma STEPHEN 
E. BEAR. 21 Colgate Road Mapiewood New Jersey 07040 ROBERT W, BEARD. 
3149 Kingsdale Dnve Southwest Atlanta GecBia 30311 ROGER 0, BEARD- 
MORE. 127 Lonsdale Avenue Dayton Ohio 45419 MARY E. BCATH. 4551 Reno 
Road Northwest Washington D C 20008 ALAN W, BEATTIE. 199 Clay HiM Road. 
Stamford Connect.cut 06902 LEE A. BEATTV, 315 South Mam Street Mo.M 
Holly North Carolina 28120 CHARLES R, BEAUDROT JR. 120 R.dgewor 1 
Greenwood South Carolina 296-l<:, RALPH H. BEAUMONT, 19 Srookwor 
Laiham New York 12110 LINDA L BEAUREGARD. 1025 Beverly Dnve 
Nebraska 681 14 ROBERT E, BECHTOLO. 700 K.iiyhjwk Way North Pain 
Flor.da 33403 CHRISTOPHER W. BECK. 905 Castiegate Court Lakr 
Illinois 60045 DAVID C. BECK. 294 Oid Farm Road Pittsburgh Penr ■ . 
15228. HENRY M, BECK JR, ColumOia Lake Columbia' , ■_ . _ 
JAMES S. BECK III. 118 Kensington Road Greensboro North Carolina 27403. 
JANET R. BECK. 4076 East 104ih Street Cleveland Ohio 44105 LESLIE BECKEN^ 
BACH. 115 Pal. sadeDrtve Poland Oh, 44514 MARJORIE R. BECKER. 4626 
Oak Drive Macon. Georgia 31204 NANCY S, BECKER. 28 Oakland Dnve *''■.. 
News 23601 JANE FRANCES BECKER. 130 John Streel R.o. 
New Jersey 07450 RONALD L BECKER. ib69 East Landis Avenue Vinei ■ 
Jersey 08360 ROBERT J BECKMAN JR.. 2229 Blackhorse Dnve Wa"...E,iv... 
Pennsylvania 18976 DOUGLAS G BECKSTETT. 1975 Wynwood Onve, Rocin 
River Oh.o 44116 JAMES D BECKWITH, 2519 Lewis Farm Road Raleigh. Noffll 
Carolina 2760S ARTHUR L 8EC0FSKY. 264 1 Gregory Dnve Yorktown He.ghl3 
New York 1059>. CHRISTOPHER L BEEBE. 1420 Franklin Dnve Virgima Beach. 23454 MARYL BEEDE. 7 18 College Avenue Richmond Indiana 47374. 
JEANNE E. BEERS, ^"t ii'.r.j Drwe Orlando Florida 32804 NANCY L. BEET- 
HAM. 22 Wals^in R^jd r,,,iwood New Jersey 07023 CATHERINE J BEHRENS, 
82 Weslledge Road West S.msbury Connecticut 06092 BETSY A BEHNKE. 79 
Llewellyn Drive New Canaan Connecticut 06840 DONNEL I. BELL, 2409 Bel 
Air Avenue Wilson North Carolina 27893 SUSAN E. BELLO, 2514 Mea^j. i - .e 
Raleigh North Carolina 27608 ROBERT F, BENCZE. 107 North Mam Strei' 
bury New Jersey 08512 CHARLES C. BENEDICT. 4106 North River Stree' 
ton 22207 MARK A. BENEDICT. Perr, H.ll Apartments 5H P 
West Willington Connect.. ui06.'^79 BETH BENNETT. 2606 Gregory Stre. ■ ' 
son Wisconsin 5371 1 FREDERICK R BENSON. 3215 Monlcrest Road C 
South Carolina 29210 JOHN J. BENTON, Bo. 9043 D S Durham North i 
STEVEN R. BENTSON, 26 Du.bufy Lane Longmeadow Massachusetts ...,,0 
JANETI. BERG. 345 Meadowbrook Road WyckofI New Jersey 07481 THOMASC. 
BERG, 800 Vaiieyview Road P.ttsburgh Pennsylvania 15243 ARTHUR W BER< 
GER,2100ak Sireel LakeCity South Carolina 29560 PAUL R. BERGER. S\ G.v- 
den Boulevard Garden C'ty New York 11530 MARY K. BERGSON. 2015 Pi.m- 
oulh Street Northwest Washington C 20012 ANDREW MARK BERLIN. Apart- 
ment 280? 1901 JFK Boulevard Philadelphia Pennsylvan.,! 19102 STEPHANIC 
A. BERMAN. 492 West Englewood Avenue Teaneck New Jersey O^bO;, DAVID H. 
BERNANKE: 420 Soulh Petty Street Gaffney South Carolina ,^^.u.' CAROL 
WOODSON BERNARD, 1910 Silver Bank Court Houston Texas 7^,,- SHEILAH 
A. BERNARD. 381 Munroe Circle South Des Pla.nes Illinois et'JIt JOHN 0. 
BERNETKH JR. 4909 Tacoma Avenue Fon Wayne Indiana 4680^ KATHLEEN 
E. BERNS, 6140 North Meridian Street Ind.anapoliS Indiana ROBERT E BERN- 
STEIN. 1 1 5 Pawnee Road Cranford New Jersey 07016 EDWARD S BERON '■ ' 25 
Harrow Street Foresi Hills 75 New York CARLOS BERRENDERO. llOi 
Tower Apartments Isia Verde Puerto Rn j 00913 DAVID E. BERRY. 3i- 
Avenue West Bradenlon Florida 33505 JOHN M. BERRY. 21^ 68 St'e- ■ 

thon Flor.da 33050 LINDA R. BERRY. 1439 Delaware Avenue Wycm.ssm^ 

Sylvan. a 19610 THOMAS K. BERRY. 1534 Autumn Road Charleslon West vir- 
ginia 25314 WILLIAM J. BERRY. 1021 Green Street Durham North Carol. na 
27701 GEORGE E. BERS, 1 75 Peyton Road York Pennsylvania 17403 MICHAEL 
D. BESANCON, 3722 Fair Avenue Davenport Iowa 52806 RtCHARD A. BERSIN. 
113 Spill flail Court Cherry Hill New Jersey 08034 NATHANIEL J, BETHEL. 
1285 Pa. ton Street Danv.lle 24541 HENRY P. BCTZ 294 6- ^■ i -o.- 
Chambersburg Pennsyivam:! I '201 RICHARD R. B(AS, 352 Newman i. 
Fori Thomas Kentucky 4 10^5 FRANK J. BIBA JR.. 7909 Westwood Cou- ■ 
ton Maryland 20735 JOHN E, BICKEL. 1235 Woodmere Lane Owensbn 
fucky 42301 RICHARD BIDDLE. 940 Juliana Street Parkersburg West \ , 
ALICE J. BIERMAN. 99 Poe Street Haitsdale New York 10530 NANCY J BIER- 
SACH. 2260 Auer Park Pewaukee W.sconsm 53072 ANDREW A, BIEWENER. 1 
8 Weidei Penmngton New Jersey 08534 MARY A. BIGELOW, 10' % > 
Lane Oak Ridge Indiana 37830 MARILYN C. BIGGS. 11710 Magruo. 
flockvilie Maryland 20852 MKTHAEL H. BIG5BY. 3030 Grant Street E. 
Illinois 60201 LAURIE K, BING. 4309 St P.iui Si'eet Baltimore Marylan ■ 
JOHN H, BINGHAM JR. 112 Santord Street E.tst Ot,in»'e Npw i...vr. .0 

ANITA J. BIRCH. 4 Roberts Street Kendall Park N^v. |,.,.,..-^-i KAREN RUTH 
BIRD, Whulr 1 Box 600 Lakeland Florida 33803 FRANK BIRINYI, 'i ,^ M,.neiti 
Avenue Lancaster. Pennsylvania 17603 DAVID H, BIRNBAUM, 33:s St, ii^yhrat 

Of>«e FjMs Chu'Ch Virginra TODD C. BISHOP. U! Lawrence Road Mahwah 
New Jef!.ev 07430 WALTER J. BISHOP. 61 ?0 Eastern Avenue Norlheast Washing- 
ton C :0011 F ALICE BISHOPRIC. :o:' Montice'lo Sireet Edem Norlh Caro- 
lina NANETTE H BISHOPRIC, 1479 Tangier Way Sarasota Florida 33579 
ROBERT K. BISSET. 561 Seton.j Avenue Saleline Be.irh Finrid.i 32935 DAVID 
A. BiTNER. 102 Piper Dnve. P.ttsburgh Pennsvlvamj 15?3d DEL S. BITTER, 
143ra Street Lochport Illinois 60441 JEAN WEARN BITTER. 17 Round Pond 
Road Greenville South Carolina 29607 ELIZABETH B. BITTLE. 27 Beverly Drive 
Durham North Carolina 27707 BENJAMIN F. BLACK. Route 2 Bo. 483 Durham 
North Carolina 27705 DONALD N. BLACK. 2121 Boston Mills Road Biecksviiie 
Ohio 44141 KENNETH A. BLACK. 2401 Hatherly Road Charfotte North Carolina 
28209 RICHARD G. BLACK. 42 Reussner Road Southmgton Connecticut 06489 
STEVEN D BLACK, 521 Deiaruey Street Philadeiohia Penns^tvanta 19101 
RICHMOND L BLACKSTONE JR.. 2634 Maytlower Road College Park Georgia 
30337 BRION L. BLACKWELDER. 3419 Lowell Street Northwest Washington 
D C 20016 LOIS J BLACKWELL. Bo. 185 Ouncar> South Carolina 29334 
WILLIAM C, BLACKWELL JR.. 4228 Caldwell Mill Road BifTimgham Alabama 
35243 WILLIAM H. BLACKWELL. 1837 Indra Rock Road Rock Hill South Caro- 
lina 29730 CONSTANCE A. BLAIR. Bo- 3373 University Station Charlottesville 
Virginij LINDA H. BLAIR. 4421 Sheppard Place Nashville Tennessee 37205 
STEPHEN L. BLAIR. Route 9 Box 209A Charlotte North Caroline 2820S GARY 
D. BLAKE, 7 Viscount Road. LongmeadOw Maine 01106 MICHAEL E. BLAKE. 
967 Lmwood Place Mansdeld Ohio 44906 PAUL A. BLAKE. Route 537 Goiter 
Neck New Jersey 07722 ROBERT J- BLAKE. 3218 Ance Court Falls Church 
Virg.nia BRUCE F. BLAKELY, Route 1 Bo» 30 Ellerbe North Carol. na 28338 
JAMES A. BLAKELY, 321 Colly Toste Street Hato Rey Puerto DEBOROUGH 
C. BLALOCK, 4316 Etwm Road Durham North Carolina 27705 LAWRENCE E. 
BLANCHARD III, 4101 Sulgrave Road Richmond V.rgm.a 23221 THOMAS S, 
BUND, Bo. 67 Sonora Kentucky 42776 CONSTANCE E. BLANKENSHIP. E E 
7569 Pepita Way La Jolla Calilomia 92037 PATRICIA J, BLANTON, 179 Paphos 
Street. Washington Pennsylvania 1530!, JANET L. 8LAS1. Route 4 Bon I79D 
Pensacola. Flor.da 32504 BARBARA L. BLAYLOCK, 1025 Huntington Road Wins- 
ton Salem. North Carolina 27104 LINDA JUNE BLAZER 1 I 46 Narragansett Boule- 
vard Cranston. Rhode Island 02905 BRUCE E BLEVINS. Detachment 6 1141 
Spactron. APO New Yorh New York 090 I 2 CHRISTINE S, BLISH, 107 Rockwood 
Road Wilmington Delaware 19809 JOHN E. BLOUNT, 4212 Kecoughtan Road 
Hampton Virginia 23369 MARION L. BLOUNT. 324 Tru. ton Avenue Portsmouth 
Virginia 23701 THOMAS M. BLOWER. 246 Wolcotl Road Akron Ohio 44313. 
CATHERINE A. BLUE. 941 Peace Haven Road Winston Salem North Caroima 
27104 JULIEE.BCUME. II Balmoral Drive O.on Hill, Maryland 20021 KENNETH 
W, BLUMENTHAL, 8801 Gulf Apartment 55. Des Plames Illinois 60016 ELIZA- 
_BETH B. BLYTHE. 2525 Sharon Lane Charlotte North Carolina 28211 BRIAN 
Q. BOCHOW, 19 Archer Avenue IWIt Vernon New Vork 10550 JOHN H, BODDIE. 
3227 Sus5e< Road. Raieigh North Carolina 27607 HENRY E. BOECKING III, 1503 
Dorchester Drive. Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73120 ROBERT SHIELDS BOGAN. 
1431 Cambridge Street Natrona Heights Pennsylvania 1 ^06^- DAVIDS BOGER. 
Union Street North Concord. North Carolina 28025 MICHAEL B BOGER, 1007 
Rickenbaker Road, Columbia. South Carolina 29205 THEODORE J, BOGOSIAN. 
8 Kathleen Place Somerville New Jersey 08876 JANE E. BOHANNON, 526 Hill- 
cresl Circle. Bridgeport West Virginia 26330 BARRY A, BOHRER. 88 Troy Dnve 
Short Hills. New Jersey JOAN BOLDIZAR. 1048 South McKmghl Road, St Louis. 
Missouri 63117 KATHY J. BOLICK. 40 Fairfield Road Pamesville Ohio 44077. 
MARGARET R. BOLICK. Arden Forest Court Clemmons North Carol. na'270l2 
JAMES K, BOLING JR.. Route 3 Bo. 309 SHer City North Caroima 27344 JOHN 
C BOLLINGER. Nashawtuc Road Concord Maine 01742 CHARLES F. BOND II. 
187 Woodway Drive Derwood Maryland SALLY E. BONO. 1831 Bayiar. an Boule 
vard Orlando Florida 32806 VALERIE A. BOND, Route 1 Box 93 Sunbury. North 
Carolina 27979 ERNEST L. BONNER. 312 Providence Street. Galtney South 
Carol. na 29340 ROBERT C. BONNER III. 3416 Alhamera Circle Coral Gables 
Florida 33134 STEPHEN M. BONWICH. 1550 North Parkway Memphis Ten- 
nessee 38112 JAYNE M. BOOKER. 208 Medtord Road WooObrooh Wilmington. 
Delaware 19803 JANICE C. BOON. 616 Albert Street Charleston West Virginia 
25302 BARBARA J, BOONE. 121 Greylyn Drive. Charlotte North Carolina 2821 1 
DAVID A. BOONE. 704 Oahdale Drive StatesviKe North Caroima 28677 JOSEPH 
A. BOONE. 704 Oakdale Drive, Statesvtile. North Carolina 28677 MARK N. BOOR- 
MAN, 3504 Preston Court Chevy Chase Maryland 20015 BARBARA R. BOR- 
DEAUX, Bo« 5183 Ingold North Carolina 28446. JOHN J, flORGSCHULTE. Apart 
ment 2 2020 Northeast 56 Court Fori Lauderdale Florida 33308 FRANK BORN, 
301 4lh Avenue Port Arthur Texas 77640 BARBARA A. BORSHAY, 351 Hope 
Terrace Maitland Florida 32751 GEORGE S. BOS, 207 Vassar Place Ale.andna 
Virginia 22314 JOSEPH C. BOSCH. 122 Rose Avenue. WoodcliK Lake New Jersey 
07675 JOHN A, BOSCIA, 2303 Chiiham Place Rockville Maryland 20854 
ARTHUR E, BOSETTI. Pik.^moni Dnve Route #2 Wexlord Pennsylvania 15090 
CATHERINE S. B05HER, 103 Seneca Road Richmond Virginia 23226 'LINDA W. 
BOST, 4600 Randolph Road. Charlotte North Carolina 2821 1 VlftLLIAM C. BOST. 
Post Of'ice Box 202 Pmehurst North Carolina 28374 WILLIAM M. BOSTIC, 907 
Tanglewood Dnve Gary North Carolina 27511 JAMES R. BOSTWICK JR.. 907 
Saddle Rock, Houston Texas 77018 JEFFREY R. BOSWELL. 2308 Valtey Road 
Harnsburg Pennsylvania 17104 DANIEL L- BOTTOM. 18 Lochhaven St Louis 
Missouri 63011 ROBIN E. BOUNOUS. 106 Mimosa Street Morganton North 
Carolina 28655 ALEXIS C.BOUTENEFF. 18 Fenimore Road, Scarsdale New York 
10583 MARTHA E. BOWDlTCH. Route 1 Box 555 Valdese North Carolina 28690 
ARLENE D. BOWERS. Route 2 Fickling Drive Lancaster South Carolina 29720 
JOHN M, BOWERS. 2302 Spnngdale Road Richmond Virginia 23222 MARY N, 
BOWERS. 240 Howard Dnve Salem Virginia 24153 RICHARD J. BOWERS IM. 
180 5f Albans Fairway Memphis, Tennessee 38111 JAMES T- BOWMAN. 814 
Nortn Graham Hopedale Road Burlmgion North Carolina 272 1 5 LEWIS H. BOW- 
MAN, 2928 Craydon Road Northwest. Canton Ohio 44718 VICTORIA E. BOWMAN. 
20 Green Lane Drive Camp Hill Pennsylvania 1 701 1 WILLIAM J BOWMAN, jfeg 
Eastside Avenue Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450 MARK W. BOWYER III. 1642 
Ingram Road Baltimore Maryland 21212 HANNAH GAIL BOYARSKY. 2713 Street. Durham North Carolina 27705 MYER WILLIAM BOYARSKY, 45 
Portland Placd St Louis Missouri JOEL E. BOYD. 1406 Riversicle inOialantic 
Florida 32901 ROBERT R. BOYLES. 221 Pennlon Avenue Lenoir North Carolina 
28645 PETER A. BOZICK JR. 5606 Lansing Drive Camp Springs Maryland 
20031 BEVERLY A BRADLEY, Post Office Bo- 441 Andrews North Carolina 
28901 JAMES K. BRADLEY. 8958 Park, Shawnee Mission Kansas 66215 NANCY' 
C. BRADLEY, 892 Lovingston Dnve Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15216, ROBERT H, 
BRADLEY. 1026 North Street Mount Airy North Carolina 27030 MARY J. BRADY, 
Bo. 368 Mount Hope West Virginia 25880 ARNOLD W. BRAGG JR., 2126 Spruni 
Avenue Durham North Carolina 27705 ELIZABETH A. BRAHANA. 163 Home- 
wood Drive. Athens Georgia 30601 MYRNA I BRAKE, 5081 B.smark Street 
Winston Salem North Carolina 27105 SUZANNE E. BRALEY. 40 Forrer Boule- 
vard. Dayton Ohio 45419 MARY L. BRAMEIER, 41 Huckleberry Lane Danen 
Connecticut 06820 SUZANNE L. BRANCH. 168 Branford Road. Rochester New 
York 14618 JAMES R. BRAND. 5523 Ledgestone Dallas Texas 75214 JEFFREY 

L. BRANDON, 31 16 Eton Road Raleigh North Carolina 27608 CHRISTOPHER M. 
BRANDT. 844 S Garfield Hinsdale Illinois 60521 THOMAS M. BRANDT JR.. 
8205 Tyson Road El'icott City Maryland 21043 WILLIAM D. BRANTLEY. 627 
South 29th Road Arlington Virgmia 22202 CHARLES DAVID BRASHER, 24 Oak 
RicJge Road. Basking Ridge New Jersey 07920 JOYCE A, BRAUER, 131 Kensmg 
Ion Avenue. Jersey City New Jersey 07304 KAREN A. BRAUMILLER, 4401 Gor 
man Drive Lynchburg Virginia 24503 KATHRYN A. BRAUN, 14601 Crossway 
Road Rockville Maryland 20853 NANCY E. BRAY. 7 Wilco. Dnve Mountain 
Lakes. New Jersey 07046 MICHAEL J. BREEN, 31 3 East 89 Street New York New 
Vork 10028 DEAN G. BREITINGER. 26 Warner Avenue Roslyn Heights New York 
11577 JOHN T. BRENNAN JR.. 990 River Road Youngslown New York 14174 
MARK J. BRENNER. 46 Crattsland Road Chestnut Hill Maryland 02167 GARY 
C- BREWER. 1403 Hardee Road Kmslon North Carolina 28501 STEPHEN W 
BREWER. 1703 Glendale Avenue Durham North Carolina 27701 ROBERT MARK 
BRE2SNY, Box 1323 Orangeburg. South Carolina 29115 DEBORAH A. BRIAN. 
3104 Krashey Way Louisville Kentucky 4021 3 BETH C. BRIDGERS. 1 1924 Qden 
Courl Rockville Maryland 20852 DOUGLAS S, BRIERLEY. 17 Oakland Road 
Stiorl Hills New Jersey 07078 ELIZABETH A. BRIGGS, 23 Arundel Streel And 
over Maine 01810 HELEN H. BRIGGS. 648 Crestwood Road Wayne Pennsyl 
vania 1908? PATRICIA L. BRIGGS. Sierra Paracaima 740 Mexico tO DF WILLIAM 
0. BRIGGS, 642 Meadowlane Ro.3J Dearborn Michigan 48124 DAVID E, BRIGHT, 
Route 1 Box 440C Lutherville Maryland 21093 JAMES E. BRILEY III, Valley Hilt 
Road Route 1 Malvern Pennsylvania 19355 JOHN H. BRINK, 1416 Wilson 
Avenue Cnambersburg Pennsylvania 17201 PAMELA J BRINKLEY. 157 Circle 
Drive Thomasvil'e North Carolina 27360 ROBERT H. BRINKMEYER JR.. 5704 
Rockmere Dnve Washington D C 20016 JUDY D BRINSON. _U44 Shendan 
Drive Durham North Carolina 27707 JONATHAN D. BRITT, 1-1938 5f:irmoun( 
Drive. Greensboro North Carolina 27410 SUZANNE E. BRITTINGHAM, 123 Hen 
lopen Avenue Rehoboth Beach Delaware 19971 ANN HARTWELL BRITTON, 
1010 Gloria Avenue Durham North Caroima 27701 EDWARD G. BRITTON. 229 
Sunset Dnve Charleston West Virginia 25301 DIANE E. BfllTZ. 44 Taunton Road 
Scarsdale New York 10583 BARBARA J. BRITZRE, 16 Suf rey Road New Canaan 
Connecticut 06840 CATHY S. BRIZENOINE. 3225 Chnst-an Avenue Roanoke Vir- 
ginia 24012 PETER E. BR0AD8ENT JR.. 21 Ampthill Road Richmond Virginia 
23226 CHARLES K. BROADHURST, 1404 Evans Street. Morehead City North 
Carolina JARVIS D. BROCK. Route 7 Box 505 Easley South Carolina 29640 
DAVID A, BRODSKY. 2840 Lorcom Lane Arlington Virgm.a 22207 THOMAS C, 
BRODSKY, 401 Jordan Street Oceanside New York U572 CANDACE A. 
BROOKE. 6335 Southwest 44th Street Miami Florida 33155 DEBORAH J. 
BROOKS, 1906 Vandover Road Richmond Virginia 23229 JANET BROOKS. 
2110 Queens Road East. Charlotte. North Carolina 28207 JOANN M. BROOKS. 
81 Dora Avenue Waldwick New Jersey 07463 MARCIA L. BROOKS. 403 Wood- 
'em Circle Anderson South Carrjiina 29621 WAYNE H. BROOKS, 12 Eariwood 
Dnve While Plains New York 10606 DARRELL H. BROOKSTEIN, 1 27 15 Parkland 
Drive Rockville Maryland 20853 CAROLYN F, BROSIUS. S906 Fernwood Road 
Belhesda Maryland 20034 JAMES R BROTHERSON. 15i2 Cottonwood Dnve 
Elkhart Indiana 46514 ROBERT A. BROUGHTON. 1628 Fifth Street Oaytona 
Beach, Florida 32017 PHILLIP D. BROWARSKV. 669 Coleman Road Mansfield 
Ohio 44903 MARGARET L. BROWOER, Oiunuy Club Weldon North Carolina 
27890 DOROTHY L. BROWER. 1439 Pepper Road Jenkmlown Pennsylvania 
19046 ROBERTS BROWER. 107 Mornmgside Drive KansasCity M.ssoun 64113 
MICHAEL H. BROWDEH. Route 1 Box 95 Mad.son Heights Virginia 24572 
BONNIE NANCYE BROWN, 3704 Shadybrook Drive Raleigh North Carolina 
:v.09 DARRELL R BROWN. 2558 Northwest I9th Oklahoma dly Oklahoma 
ELIZABETH A BROWN. 6 Leiavour Avenue Beverly Maine 01915 ERIC R 
BROWN. Mpg-.-.k . P.-_.,j Nafici- Maine01760 HELEN M. BROWN, 200 Chestnut 
Winnetka Illinois KIMBALL H. BROWN. 241 Gardner Road Ridgewood New Jer- 
sey 07450 LEONARD LEE BROWN JR., Box 4323 S Durham North Carolina 
27706 MARY J. BROWN, 2415 Sharon Laie Charlotte North Carolina 28211 
MELVILLE S. BROWN. 280 Riverside Dnve New York New /ork 10025 MILO C. 
BROWN, 2126 Mediamolle Drive New Orleans. Louisiana 701 14 PAUL J, BROWN, 
104 Ocean Boulevard Atlantic Highland New Jersey 077 16 RALPH L, BROWN III, 
3255 Minglewood Drive Beaumont Texas 77703 ROBERT BROWN; Route 3 Box 
530 Wilson North Ca'olma 27893 SARAH M. BROWN. 702 North 6th Street 
Tacoma Washington 98402 SUSAN EVANS BROWN. 3002 Third Avenue Hunt 
ington West Virginia 25702 THURLETTA M. BROWN. Post Ofdce Box 421 War- 
renton North Carolina 27589 TOM WALKER BROWN. 708 Heights Road Ridge- 
wood. New Jersey 07450 WILLIAM C, BROWN. 106 North Cherry Street Falls 
Church Virginia WILLIAM GEORGE BROWN. 607 Pickett Court Washington D C 
20023 WILLIAMMOOREBROWN, 507 Brandon Road LouisviHe KPntu..- y 40207 
WILLIS E. BROWN III. 2727 Pembroke Toledo Ohio 43606 GORDON L BROWNE, 
340 Wonderwood Drive Charlotte North Carolina 2821 1 KARYN D BROWNe' 
2201 Clannda Wichita Fjli 76308 KATHRYN A. BROWNE, 2201 ^Unnoa 
Avenue, Wichita Falls Texas 76308 BENJAMIN F. BRUNDRED III, 10805 Fox Hunt 
Lane. Potomac Maryland ELIZABETH M, BRUNNER, 70 Blackhawk Street Park 
Fores! Illinois 60466 RICHARD A. BRUNO. 505 Elm Street Clairton Pennsyl- 
vania 15025 JUDY K, BRUNSO. 6669 Apache Circle Cincinnati Ohio 45243 
VERONA L. BRUNSON, 241 Wevbossel Street New Haven Connecticut 06513 
FRED B. BRYANT II. 1204 W.ihjmsburp Way Charleston West Virginia 25314 
LLOYD G, BRYANT JR.. Route 2 Chatham Virgima 2453 1 MARTIN L, BRYANT. 
5687 D South Durham North Carolina 27706 MAYNARO D BRYANT. Route 3 
Box 381 A Chesterfield South Carolina 29709 ROSALYN BRYSON, 3008 Batter 
Sea Lane Alexander Virginia 22309 SHEILA B. BRYSON, 25^0 Northeast 51 
Street Fort Lauderdale Florida 33308 SANDRA LEE BUBAS. 4040 Nottaway 
Road Durham North Carolina 27707 RICHARD DEAN BUCHANAN. 1362 Second 
Street Lorain Ohio WILLIAM CHARLES BUCHANAN, k v. "'Bo. 31 Flemmgton 
New Jersey 08822 JOHN E, BUCKET. 3525 R.agewGoo t-'.— - ■-)- ■ d3(:,n6 
MARK W. BUCKHOLZ. 5832 Grove Street Edina Minnesol,5 :.-.4 (■■ EUGENE H 
BUCKLE. 219 Queen Charlotte Richmond Virginia 23221 EDWARD G BUCKLEY, 
309 Northwest 43 Avenue Plantation Florida 33313 SANDRA M BUDNER, 2040 
Southwest 20 Street, Miami Florida 33145 THOMAS B. BUESCHER. 3020 East 
Rahn Road Kettenng Ohio 45440 THOMAS M, BULLE, 9336 Buxton Drive Crest- 
wood. Missouri 63126 WILLIAM W. BULLEIT. 547 Hillcest Place Gettysburg 
Pennsylvania 17325 CLEMENTINE L. BULLOCK. 215 East End Avenue. Durham 
North Carolina 27703 SCOTT B. BULLOCK, 20 Hancock Road Hmgham Massa- 
chusetts 02043 WILLIAM F. BULTMAN. 309 West Bartlette Street Sumter South 
Carolina 29150 PAMELA A. BUMP. L.ikeview Dnve Cooperstown New York 
13326 BARBARA A- BUNCE, Box 593 Ml Harmony Road BemardSvdle New 
Jersey 07924 CHARLES I BUNN JR.. Route t Box 103 Hope North 
Carolina 27882 WILLIAM B. BUNN III. 1826 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh North 
Carolina 27608 MITCHELL M. BUNTING. 1231 West 62nd Street Kansas Cty 
M-ssouri 64113 WILLIAM M, BURDETT. 6360 Cavalier Corridor Falls Church 
Virginia 22044 JEFF J BURDETTE. 249 Timber Drive Berkely Heights New 
Jersey 07922 LINDA J. BURDETTE, 171 Borcl.)y Drive Stamford. Connecticul 
06903 PAULA HELEN BURDON, 382 Broadway New Orleans Louisiana 701 18 
HARRY J, BURGESS II. 520 North Charles Street Avenue Towson Maryland 

."1.'04 STEPHEN F BURGESS. 100 Notlh Delaware Avenue Mart. nsburg West 
Virj!!'".! .^"iJOl ROBERT E BURGIN. 319 Bergin SIreel Spindale. North C.iroim.] 
28160 CHARLES H BURHAN, 32 Lyman Circle Shaker Heights Ohio 44122 
BARBARA BURKE, I 34: v iii-v i-'"Ml New Canaan Connecticut 06840 ELEANOR 
C. BURKE. 507 Hothbuiy Wilmington Delaware 19803 MEREDITH L. 
BURKE. 50 Sunrise Hill Drive West Hartlord Connecticut 0610^ DONALD E. 
BURKINS. 1650 Church Road York Pennsylvanu 17404 DIANE E 8URKLEY. 
2916 North St.illord Street Arlington Virginia 22207 JEFFERY LANE BURLESON. 
83 Pmedjle Road Ashev.He North Carnlm.i .'■HHU'^ DIANE BURN, 602 Orjnge 
Center Road Ot.inge Conneclicul 06477 ANDREW I BURNESS, 64 Lmnard 
Road West Harllorrt Connecticut 06107 FREDERICK R BURNETT. 665 Sooth 
Lakemor.l Winter P., rk finr.d.i JAMIE H. BURNS, 1 1 5 Norlh Wheeler Saginaw 
Mil higjti 48602 ROBERT E. BURNS, 207 Norwood Avenue Collmgswnod New 
lersey 08108 RONALD G BURNS. 4506 Sylvan Dnve Columbia South Carolina 
29206 STEPHEN J BURNS, 225 Warwick Drive Pitlshurgh Pennsylvmi,! 
15241 MARGIE ANN BURRELL, 153 Avenue Cherry Hill New Jersey 
08034 MARY F BURT, 10857 Larkspur Terrace Rockville M.irylanil 10850 
LARRY W BURTON. Route I Box 108 Thomasville Norlh Carolina 27360 CRAIG 
E. BUSCHMAN, 157 Park Boulevard Malverne New York 11565 ANN L. BUSHY- 
HEAD. 31 Portland Drive St Louis Missouri 63131 CLYDE R BUTLER JR, Route 
2 Ho. 9A Lawrenceville Virginia 23868 DIANNE E- BUTLER. 2.S50 Galsworth 
Drive. Winston Salem North Carolina 27106. ELIZABETH A, BUTLER. Route 1 
Box 247 Colorado Springs Colorado 80907 JAMES F BUTLER III, DET 3 6003 
Supplement Squadron APO San Francisco California 96346 LAURA V BUTLER. 
Route 1 Box 247 Colorado Springs Colorado 80907 FRED R. BUTNER, 397 
Plymouth Avenue Winston Salem North Carolina 27104 ALEXANDER BUTTER- 
FIELD JR., 74 16 Admiral Dnve Alexandria Virginia 22307 NICHOLASA BUTTER 
FIELD, 219 East Elizabeth Avenue Bethlehem Pennsylvani.j itiOl.-; BARBARA A, 
8UZUN.46 Woodbnjr Road Wakefield Maine 01880 ALVIN BYARS, 184."' Evelyn 
Streel Cayce South Carnima 29033 JAMES A. BYERLY JR., 11727 Green Bay 
Drive Houston Texas 77024 ISAAC BYRD. Route 4 Box 242 Columbia South 
Carolina ROBERT LOWE BYRD, 2722 Colonial Dnve Montgomery Alabama 
361 1 I DENISON E, BYRNE. 502 Heavitree Lane Severna Park Maryland 21 146 
JANET M BYRON, 2979 Observatory Avenue Cincinnati Ohio 45208 CAROLYN 
ANN BYTHEWOOO, 2390 Glendale Dr. ve Decatur Georgia 30032 

TULAP CAHOON. 2418 Perkins Road Durham North Carolina 27706 GEORGE 
E.CAIN JR. Grey Hills St Paul Virginia 24283 ROBERT T. CAIN JR.. 1 Pmewood 
Drive Quitman Georgia 31643 THOMAS P. CAIN, 3450 Ward StrePl PiflsDurgh 
Pennsylvania 15213 CATHLEEN D- CAKE. 307 Orf-nda Circle Westf>eld New 
Jersey 07090 DAVID B. CALDWELL. Quarters B Porler Road AFSC Norlolk Vir 
ginia 23511 JOHN R, CALDWELL JR.. 404 Colonial Heights Road Kingsporl fen 
nessee 37663 THOMAS S. CALDWELL. 950 Van Leer Drive. Nashville Tennessee 
37220 JOHN W CALIFF III. 1442 Idatia Road Columbia South Carolina 29206 
ROBERT M. CALIFF. 144? Idalia Road Columbia South Carolina 29206 JAMES 
M CALLAHAN JR., 34 F.iirfield Terrace Norwalk Connecticut 06851 MARLA 
CALMENSON. 812 Highland Park Court Nashville Tennessee 37205 HOWARD 
H, CALLAWAY JR.. Route 1 Pine Mountain Georgia 31822 ELIZABETH W CAL- 
LAWAY. Callaway Gardens Pme Mountain Georgia 31822 WILLIAM H CALLA- 
WAY JR.. 5722 Arlington Boulevard Arlington Virginia 22204 HENRY C. CALLI- 
HAN JR.. 3905 FelKway Charlotte North Carolina 28209 JOHN C. CALOMIRIS. 
104 Slonehenge Orchard Park New York 14127 CLAUDIA V- CAMP. 26 Long 
Point Lane Rose Valley Pennsylvania, JAMES C. CAMP. 21 Pnmsetl Avenue 
Greenville South Carolina 29601 GARY P CAMPANELLA, 33 Capitol View 
Avenue North Providence Rhode Island 0:9"- ARTHUR R. CAMPBELL, 23 Old 
Village Road Acton Maine 01720 DAVID A CAMPBELL, 1004 Parkwood Street 
Cottage City Maryland DAVID F. CAMPBELL, M OQ :-iiii,..j Onve Annandole 
V.-Kinia 22003 JOHN LAWRENCE CAMPBELL. 131 2 Hall Moon Drive LasCruces 
New Me., CO 88001 NANCY E. CAMPBELL, Quaker Neck Road Salem New Jersey 
08079 SALLY LOUISE CAMPBELL, 779 Summit Avenue Westlield New Jersey 
0^090 SANDRA A. CAMPBELL. 803 Longf.etd Road Philadelphia Pennsylvania 
I911fi DOUGLASA CANAVELLO. 6 Westview Drive Huntington New York 1 1 743 
STEPHEN R CANNON, .■■00 Timber Jump Lane Media Pennsylvania 19063 JOHN 
M CAPPELLANO. 203 Nu-th 7lh Streel Easton Pennsylvania 18042 SUSAN M. 
CARAWAY, 48 Cheese Road Willon Connectic uf 06897 JOHN FRANCIS 
CARDARELLI. 4420 Wildamstown Drive North Olmsled Ohio 44070 ASHER B. 
CAREY III, McCabe Street Box 88 Selbyville Delaware 19975 RONALD C. CAR- 
LILE, 8341 Chesapeake Road Norfolk Virginia ,"'3518 DOUGLAS B. CARLSON. 
1872 39th Avenue Vero Beach Florida 32960 PETER E- CARLSON, 70 Mohawk 
Trail Sl.imlord Connecticut 06903 CATHLEEN H. CARMACK. 1275 Hill Crest 
Avenue Pasadena Calilorma 911136 JONATHAN I CARMEL. 2253 Keystone 
Boulevard North Miami Florida 32161 JAMES H CARMICHAEL. 591 Park 
Avenue Manhasset New York 11030 KIM A. CARMICHAEL, 3039 Willow Road 
Northwest Roanoke Virginia 24012 JAMES P CARMODY. 625 West Scott 
Avenue, Rahway New Je-sey 07065 JAMES V. CARNEVAL. 25 Constantme Place 
Summit New Jersey 07901 JOSEPH P, CAROLAN III, 232! Forrest Road Winter 
Park Florida 32789 ROGER E. CARP, ( jpiioi Industries Inc . 1750 North Vine 
Street Hollywood Calilorr.,., 90028 ANNE BETTS CARPENTER, 209 Berkshire 
Road, Richmond Virgini,i DAVID E, CARPENTER, Oakley Greenwich Con 
necticut 06830 GRADY S, CARPENTER JH,, 163 Lnuise Dnve SoutheasI, Concord 
North Carolina 28025 TERRY A CARPENTER. 3169 North Pollard Street Arling 
ton Virginia 22207 GEORGE E. CARR, 6633 Lynnwood Boulevard Richfield 
Minnesota 55423 ROBERT W. CARR. 73 Beverly Drive Durham North Carolina 
27707 CANDACE E CARRAWAY. 486 Stall Loop Tinker AFB Oklahoma 73145 
RICHARDS CARRO. 21 Lake Road South Great Neck New York 11020 CHRIS- 
TINE A CARROLL. 1026 St Albans Road. Baltimore Maryland 21212 MARSHA 
R CARROLL. 4^1 I WiIIqw Woods Drive Annandole Virginia 22003 PATRICIA B 
CARROLL. S52 Wellington Road Winston Salem North C.iroima 27 106 VIRGINIA 
M. CARROLL. 190 Linden Streel Winnelka Illinois 60093 WILLIAM E. CARROLL, 
54 Murray Place Princeton New Jersey 08540 CAROL S. CARRUTHERS. 3809 
Dogwood Drive Greensboro North Carolina 27403 JOSEPH T CARRUTHERS 
IN, 3809 Dogwood Drive Greensboro Norlh Carolm.i .""7403 MICHAEL L, CAR- 
SON. 5631 Tall Oaks Birmingham Michigan 48010 RALPH E. CARSON. 84 
School Street. New London Connecticut 06320 MARY M, CARSTENS. 1202 2nd 
Avenue Ackley Iowa 50601 BARRY R CARTER. 4404 Hyer Dallas Texas 75205 
BRUCE R, CARTER, 523 McDonogh Road Pikesville Maryland 21208 KRISTEN 
CARTER. 236 Richmond Road Salisbury North Carolina 28144 SUSETTE D. 
CARTER,61 Sears Road Wayland Mjssachusetts 01 778 GEORGE T CARTIER III. 
315 North Wayne Avenue Wayne Pennsylvania 19087 ERICA A, CARUSO, 194 
Montross Avenue Rutherlord New Jersey CANDACE E. CARVER, 442l North 
25th Street Arlington Virginia 22207 ELIZABETH J, CARVER. #8 O. lord Apart- 
ment Banbury Lane Chapel Hill North Carolina 27514 IRENE L. CARVER. 3277 
Ivanhoe Drive Northwest Atlanta Georgia 30327 DOUGLAS B. CARVEY. 3601 
Overton Park East. Fort Worth Texas 76109 JEAN M. CARY. 4001 Nupanee Road 


LoutsviUe, Kentucky 40207 PHYLLIS S. CASAVANT, 305 Signal Moonto.n Boule 
*Jf<J S.ROal Moontjio, Tennessee 37377 PATRICK J. CASEY JR.. 5903 Ann.sion 
Rood Bethesrt.i M-iryland ?003a HARRY X CASHIN. 64 Pejch Orchjrd Road 
Walerbury Connecticul 06706 JAY S, CASHMAN. 145 Gntlin Avenue Brrdge 
port Connecticut 06606 WILLIAM f. CASSANO. :5 Hollow Ojk Chappoqua 
New York 10514 JUDE A. CASSIOV. 201 Lytlon A^enu-^ Pittsbufgr^ Pennsylv ini j 
15213 DONALDR. CASSLING. 3?3 Duntasler HoiiMon Te.a', 77024 MICHAEL 
A, CASTLE. Rpv.^r R,-,;,d hflleF.ilts New Yofk I 3365 WARD M. GATES. 6!4 Mjple 
Avenue Richmon.l v, -(■.->,, ?3_''?6 KAREN L. CATO, 105 Gilley Dr-ve Wm.ams 
t.urg 23185 LUCY H. CAUDILL. 2 Sw.irthmore Avenue Charleston West 
V.rg.nta 2S3C2 MILDRED A, CAYEfl. 2754 Robm HoocJ Roari Winston Salem 
North Carohn.j 27106 GREGORY E CEHAN. Post Ott.ce Bo» 31583. Dallas Te«3S 
75231 BARBARA L CENCE. 2641 Mondamm r.irm Road L.incaster Pennsyl 
van, 3 17601 TERESA C CERAVOLO. 242 Mernch Awenue New York 
11566 JAMIE F CERUTTt. 31 16 VifRima Avenue Chjrieston West Virgmia 25304 
HERBERT M CHAIN. 88 04 63 Dnve Rego Park New York New Y.jfk DONA C. 
CHAMBERLAIN. 4315 Morriswood Drrve Nashville Tennessee 37204 DOUGLAS 
J CHAMBERLAIN, 13454 Ronnie Way SJf.ilogj Cahlornu 95070 ARTHUR L. 
CHAMBERS 111. 34 Windsor Terrace Yonkers New York 10701 DOROTHY A, 
CHAMBERS. 105 Gill.can C-rc'e Homerville. Georgia 31634 HARRY R. CHAM- 
BERS. 2544 SneM.eld Onve Gastonia North C.irolm.i 28052 HOLLY S CHAM- 
BERS. 602 Dunt an Road Wilminglon Delaware 19809 JOHN E CHAMBERS JR, 
323 E P.i'kinsM.II Road Greenville South C.-.-. ...n , ?9b07 TERRANCE A. CHAM- 
BERS. 2544 Sheft.eid Dnve Gostonia North (. ,<, i,,, , THOMAS M CHAMBERS 
518 East FiMfi East Liverpool Ohio 43920 ARLENE B. CHAMBLISS. 30 Mm k^nr, 
Dfve New Providence New Jersey 07Q74 LINDA R CHAMBLISS. 30 Hicks^n 
Drive New Providence. New Jersey 0'9'J RONALD B. CHANCE. 133 Hors'^shne W.lliamsburg 23185 CANDACE IRENE CHANDLER. 5500 Greenleal 
Road B.iltifnnre. Maryland 21210 MALCOLM L CHANEY, 1209 Williamsburg 
W.iy Charleston West V.rgima 253M RICHARD G. CHANEY. 545 Garren Avenue" 
Norfolk Virginia 23509 WILLIAM A. CHANTRY JR.. 1 708 St George Place Km 
si.m Norm Carotin,-. 28501 PHILIP J, CHAPA. 1 9 Br oartway Hagerslown Mary- 
'-irv! .•'1740 FREDERIC W. CHAPIN. Rive- Road Deerheld Massachusetts 01 34? 
DOUGLAS A. CHAPMAN. H,.^n!er Terrafe New HarHord. New York 13413 ROB- 
ERT L. CHAPMAN III. t.l^H 39th Street South St P«lersburg Florida 33711 
THOMAS ALSTON CHAPMAN. 5198 39th Street South Sl Petersburg Flo-.da 
33^11 TIMOTHY S.CHAPPARS. I 158 fudge Drive Xenta Oh.o 45385 CANDACE 
D. CHASE. 1460 Snuthdnwn Road Hillsborough. Cahlo'ma 94010 CLAYTON 
T.CHASE, 41 Hampton Knolls Road. Holyoke Massachusetts 01040 CONSTAN- 
TINS.CHATIRAS.40AvenueK,ngCiinstantm Athens Greere ALBERT B. CHAT- 
TIN. 3415 Morlock Lane Bowip Maryland 20715 DALE E. CHEEK. 7104 Waverly Oklahoma City Oklahoma 731 16 JOHN T. CHEEK. 2053 Russed Bellmnre 
New York 11710 JOHN D CHEESBOROUGH. 4 Road AshevUle North 
Carolina 28803 ROBERT E CHENEY, 3711 Whispering Lane Falls Church Vtr STEPHEN N CHEREWATY, 19 East Russell Street CnHon New Jersey 
07011 WESLEYM.CHESSON HI. 118 West Queen Street Edenton North Carolina 
27932 WILLIAM J. CHICKERING. 2016 Lakeview St Joseph Mirh.gan 49085 
JACK R. CHILDRESS. 1007 East Linville Mount Airy North Carolina 27030 
LINDA D. CHILDS. 139 8th Street Court Southeast Hickory North Carolina 
28601 MICHAEL E. CHILDS. 4007 Pinebrnok fllp.,,nilf,a Virem, i ''23 10 
JANET L. CHIN. 1907 Wilson Street FayetteviiiP Nn-tt. Cjr.-,i,i,,j PAMELA M. 
CHIN, 328 Linden Avenue W.lmette Illinois 6009 1 GREGORY ALAN CHIZMAR 
8535 Selwick Drive Parma Oh,o441?9 LIZABETH A, CHOCKLEY, 18106 CMton Lakewood. Oh,r, ERIC S. CHOFNAS, Newton Bake VA Hospital Martms 
burg West Virginia 25401 EMILY E CHRISTENBERRY. 2883 E«ter Drive Moh.le 
Al.iham.i 36606. MARY J. CHRISTENSEN. 3308 Culver Street Evanston Illinois 
60.^01 JOHN W.CHRISTIAN III. 2529 Holgate Road Akron Oh.o44313 ROBERT 
B. CHRISTIAN. 18 North Cherry Lane. Rumson New Jersey 07760 KATHRYN 
CHRISTIE. 4006 Gallows Ro.jd Annaridale Virginia 22003 LINDA S CHRISTMAN, 
1 137 Bel Aire Drive Daytnna Beach Florida 3201S JOSEPH F CHUDECKI, IM 
Hayes Street New Bern Connecticut 06053 RUSSELL GORDON CHUTE. 108 
James Dnve Southwest Vienna Virginia22l80 DEBORAH A. CIACCI. S' .,jih M.nn 
Slreel. Phoenixville. Pennsylvania 19460 SUSAN £. CIARROCCA. I 594 I Dornoch 
Round. Miami Lakes Flnnda 33014 JAMES C, CIFELLI, 27 Wedgewood 
Easton Connecticut 06612 PHILIP D CITRON. 3401 Foxcrolt Ro.^d Charlotte 
North Carol. na 28211 MARY L. CITTAOINO. 3 Rnyal Place. Elberon New Jersey 
07740 SUSAN M. CLAPP. 9 Datebrooh Road Bloomlield, New Jersey 07003 
DARRYL E. CLARK. 83 Chestnut Street Saugus Massachusetts 01906 GEORGE 
P CLARK III, inn7F Rob.n Hood Road High Point North Carolina 27260 PETER 
HARDIN CLARK. 1 US Paridise Way ScoMsdale Arizona 85251 PRISCILLA A 
CLARK. 726 Florham Point North Carolina 27260 ROBERT G. CLARK, 
75 East 5th Street. Corning. New York 14840. SUSAN J. CLARK. 19 Dn«e 
nurh.,m North Carolina THOMAS C. CLARK. 3708 North 0,,ktar.d Street 
ton i/ire.inia GEORGE G. CLARKE, 201 1 0»lord Street Rocklord lllino-s 61 103 
WILLIAM R. CLARKE. 1364 Coltmsdale Oh.o 45230 RICHARD S. 
CLARKSON. 222 Martroy Lane Wallinglprd Pennsylvania 19086 WILLIAM W. 
CLARKSON. 1 121 Eastm.nster Drive. Columbia, South Carr,i,na 29204 ROBERT 
H. CLASEN. 7613 Miam. Avenue C.ncmnatr Oh.o 45243 MARY A. CLASSEN. 
1911 Cf.ol Spring Drive Alexandria V.rgm.a 22308 MARY A, CLAYMAN H... 
931 Columbia Maryland 21043 MARTHA JANE CLAYTON, 6909 Artjot Ljne 
M. Virginia 22101 RALPH W. CLAYTON, 1821 Northgate Street Durham 
North Crohn.. 27704 THOMAS H, CLAYTON. 424 S Woodlanv* Drive, Manetla 
Genrg.d 30060 WILLIE J CLAYTON. 22 N.-wl,y Unve Hampton V.rg.ntj 23366 
CAROLYN M. CLAYTOR, 5008 Indian Mound Road, Columb.a. South Carolina 
29209 PATRICIA A CLEMENT. 5024 Baltimore Nat.onal Baltimore Ma-y 
land 21229 DANE H CLEVEN. 3 Berkshire Ml Prospect Illinois 60056 
WILLIAM C. CLINE. d4:'3 ^'c-ntiekl Woodland Hills Cat. lorn. ,^ WAYNE CLONTZ. 
Post Ofl.ce Bo* 182 Gle.i, North Carotm.i 2862R WILLIAM M CLOWDUs! 
2309 Reed Street Wiltiamsporl, Pennslyvania 17701 JOHN W CLOWER. 4446 
Fontaine Drive Southwest Roanoke Virginia 24018 CHARLES J COATES. 314 
G'..r.,,w....i.t r,,,;p,.j K,,n'..,s66606 NANCYR.COATES.314Gr<.ei,woMd Top.'ka 
H. U.S. IS (;,ij605 CARLIE J, COATS JR.. Route 4 E.isley South Carotin,. 29640 
JOAN L COBB, Uiq F?ohinhood PLue I ynrhi.urf! Virginia 24503 NANCY L. 
COBLE. 2005 ^e^l Llub Boulevard Durh mi N-i-th ' .ir'-ihn,, ''7;05 VIRGINIA 
A. COCHEU, 3519 Hiltiar.l Ro,Kl Jarksf-wille li,.r„i, i??\7 EDITH A, COCH- 
RAN. 5502 Longniont Houston Te.,.s 7702? WILLIAM 0. COCHRAN, .',' K. i. 

D-wc H.illslon l.ik<-. New York 12019 KIMBERLY P. COCHRANE 1 N,.hir- \Uw. 
W.ii.ngbofo New Jersey 08046, MICHAEL J. COCKAYNE, ?m\' s,>„ii, Oovff. 
ridRe Dnve Palos Vffrdes Pe Calilorr.,., 90274 JEANNE E COCKRELL. 1170? Dnvo Poloniac, 208S4 DONALD W CODDING 1133 
Wz-stdal.- Drive Jat ksonville Flond.. JANICE R CODDINGTON. 326 Manor 
Ro.>d New Millord New Jersey 0764*. CHARLES G COFER, 6599 Braddoth 
Road Alex,jndr.,. 22312 DENNIS K COFFEY, llbl NoflhweM 15 
Street (nrl L,.uderd..le Flond.. JEFFREY TRISTRAM COFFIN. Bo< 127 North 
v.lle New Yn,. JOHN P COFRIN. 903 S Quin.y Street Green Bay Wisconsin 
54301 DAVID CHARLES COGGIN.P O Bo. 148, Durham North Carol.Sw 


STACY N. COGGINS It, 937 Cromwell Bridge Road lowson Maryland 21204 
WILLIAMA COGGINS. Si. iflord Hills Apartments 16G Chapel Hill North C.irolma 
27SI4 MICHAEL PHELPS COHEN. Millers Mill Road Bedford Villiage New York 
STEPHEN MICHAEL COHEN. 4608 South Knoxville Tulsa Oklahoma 74135 
J- REAGAN CORER. 511 Charlton Road Rome Georgia 30161 NEWTON J. 
COKER. Post OHi.e Bo. 51 1 Granco Circle Canton, Georgia 301 14 JOSEPH R. 
COLAHAN. 163 B'l^ton Road Garden C"ly New York 11530 THOMAS P COLAN- 
TUONO. 32 Penny Meadow Road Sudbury Massachusetts 01776 SHARON L. 
COLDREN. 34 Hills Point Road Weslport Connecticut 06880 ARTHUR M COLE 
JR.. 1601 Fairburn Road Southwest Atlanta Georgi.j VALERIA A. COLE 1601 
Fairburn Road Atlanta Georgia 30331 WILLIAM L COLEMAN. R.ute 7 B-'. .^09 
Durham North Carolina 06830 JEAN ANN COLGAN. 273 Hollywood Avenue 
Rochester New York 14618 CAROLYN A COLGLAZIER, 102 Pmeview Street 
Havelock. North Carolina 28532 LEONARD B COLLARD, 5505 North Shannon 
Road. Tucson Arizona 85704 JAMES M. COLLIER. Bo. 196 Route 1 Cec.lia Ken 
lurky 42724 EMILY GRUELLE COLLINI. 106 Partridge Road Wilmington North 
Carolina 28401 GREGORY KIMERSON COLLINS, 2819 Newbury Road Louisville 
Kentucky 40205 JAMES D. COLLINS, 562 West Davis Boulevard Tampa Ftonda 
33606 JIMMY H.COLLINS, 2048 Camp Greene Street Charlotte North Carolina 
28208 JOHN C. COLLINS. 39 Ontario Road Bellerose. New York 1 1426 JOHN M. 
COLLINS. ! 1016 Edpemere Road Dallas Texas 75230 LINDA W. COLLINS 2415 
Jomla Avenue Lakeland Florida 33803 JANET A. COLM. 2227 49th Street North 
west Washington. D C 20007 ALICE M. COLVIN. 1508 Sunset Drive Clearwater 
Florida JESSE M. COLVIN. 6100 Rusk Avenue Baltimore Maryland 2120'i 
KAREN A. COLWELL. 1834 Courser CoufI McLean Virgin.,.-. 22101 ROBERT F. 
COMAN. Route 3 Hillsborough No-n. . ,.,.nn, y!:r^ JOHN A. COMBS, il6 
The Crescent. Babylon New York 1170: ROBERT M COMFORT, 2256 Rudy Road 
Harnsburg. Pennsylvania 17104 JOSEPH LOLJIS COMPITELLO, 51 East Lincoln 
Avenue Wh.te Plains New York CHRISTINE A. COMYN, 3414 Turner Lane Chevy 
Chase Maryland 20015 JERE CONFREY. 6509 Laverock Lane Bethesda Mary- 
land 20034 WILLIAM H. CONGDON, 141 Algonquin Trail Medtord Lake New 
Jersey 08055 RUTH A. CONN. 4601 Roberts Road Fairfax Virginia 22030 
ELIZABETH A. CONNAR. 4308 Woodmere Road Tampa Florida 33609 BRIANS. 
CONNEELY, 1074 Lake Shore Dnve Massapequa Park New York 11762 ROSS J. 
CONNELLY. 340 Wellerburn Avenue Severna Park Maryland 21146 BURTON 
C.CONNER. 6910 22nd Street West Bradenton Florida 33505 PAULA CONNOR, 
24 Beacon Avenue Auburn Mame 04210 JOSEPH P. CONNORS JR.. 2905 Hardy 
Avenue. Whealon Maryland 20902 STEPHEN P. CONOVER. 6409 Inlerlachen 
Boulevard Edma Minnesota 55435 MILTON M. CONSTAM III. 2305 Famngdon 
Road Bait. more. Maryland 21209 ANNE P. CONSTANT. 116 Talbot Hall Road 
Norfolk V.rg.n.a 23505 CAROLINE L. COOK, 1709 Old Forge Road Charlottes- 
ville Virginia 22901 CAROLYN A. COOK. Bo. 32 Georges Road Dayton New 
Jersey 08810. CATHERINE M. COOK. 1210 Whitebndge Lane. Winnetka Illinois 
60096 JOHN S. COOK III, 32 Ridgeland. Tuscaloosa. Alabama 35401 ROBERT 
D. COOK. 245 Pineville Road Spartanburg South Carolina 29302 ROBERT L. 
COOK, 8214 Aspen Dnve Kno.viiie Tennessee 37919 RUSSEL C. COOK. 3280 
Fairhill Drive Rocky River Ohio 44116 JAMES H. COOKE. 709 Grove Street 
Wilson. North Carolina MELANIE S. COOKE, 6103 Ha-mon Place Springfield 
Virginia 22101 MICHAEL A. COOKE, 4719 Bass Place Southeast Washington 
D C 20019 EDWARDA. COOLEY. 108N Hermitage Road Beaufort South Caro- 
lina 29902 ALAN W. COOPER. 1017 South Howard Circle Tarboro North Caro- 
lina 27886 CHARLES F COOPER II. I 5 Northlake Road Columbia South Caro- 
lina 29204 MICHAEL L. COOPER. 6733 Front Royal Road Springfield Virginia 
22151 RICHARDS COOPER. 34 Aus'm Avenue Pittslield Massachusetts 01201 
SHARON E. COOPER. 19 HHls-de Avenue Short Hills New Jersey 07078 WILLIAM 
S. COOPER, I 300 Chatham Road Waynesboro Virginia 22980 JOHN M. COPA- 
CINO. 26 Knollwood Dnve Murray Hill New Jersey 07971. HERBERT W COPE- 
LAND. 1850 Maryland Avenue Charlotte North Carolina 28209 LUTHER C 
COPELAND JR.. Mam Slreel Woodland North Carolina 27897 WADE K. COPE- 
LAND, 424 Pamela Circle Hinsdale Illinois 60521, MARTHA J. COPONY. 514 
Douglas Road. Salisbury Maryland 21801. BRENDA NEVIDJON CORLEY. 21 
Norman Avenue. East Norwalk Connecticul 06855 FREDERICK L. CORNNELL 
JR., 1215 Warrington Place Alexandria Virgin..-. 22307 REBECCA H. CORNS. 
1619 Oberlin Road Raleigh North Carolina 27hOS GEORGE FRANK CORRENt! 
3-10 17th Street Fair Lawn New Jersey 074 10 DARRYL K CORRIHER, Rnut^ l' 
Box 197 China Grove North Carolina 28023 STEPHEN M, CORRIHER ^1 1 Mil 
torrj Drive Salisbury North Carolina 28144 EDUARDO ROLANDO COSTA. Las 
Magnolias No 2602 Lima Peru ALAN P- COTRONE. 2 Willow St-eet Bethpage 
New York 11714 CATHY D. GOTTEN. Route 1 Box 144 Angier North Carolina 
27501 PAMELA COTTON, 900 Howard Road Slarkville Mississippi 39759 
ANDRE C COULTER, 5234 Central Avenue Southeast Washington D C 20019 
CYNTHIA E COULTER. 342 Prestonlield Lane Severna Park Maryland CHARLIE 
T, COUNCIL, 51 1 Spruce Street Durham North Carol. n,i NANCY C. COUNCILL. 
Lake Shore Drive Pasadena Maryland 21122 KEVIN P COUNIHAN. 9709 Ton' 
nerlicul Avenue. Kensington, Maryland. JOHN R. COUPLAND. 40S G Forest Hills 
Boulevard Durham, North Carolina 27707 JACQUES R. COURTILLET. 5511 
Auth Road Camp Springs Maryland 20023 CHARLES D COURTNEY, 1903 St 
George Place, Kinston North Carolina 28501 JOHN WESLEY COVINGTON. I 
Creslview Rockingham North Carolina 28379 JOHN A. COVINGTON, 11103 
Gunston Road Lorton Virginia 22079 JOHN S COWDERY, 318:* Doctors Lake 
Drive Orange Park Florida 32073 RICHARD P COWPERTHWAIT. Steamboat 
Lane Hingham Massachusetts 02043 CHARLES EDMOND COX, 332 Howard 
Street. Mount Airy. North Carolina 27030 JEFFREY ELLIS COX. Apartment 19G 
Terrace Valley Durham North Carolm,, KAREN LEA COY. 12 IWonticello Boule 
vaid New Castle. Delaware 19270. PETER J COYLE, 5 Cambridge Avenue Port 
Washington New York 11050 PAULINE HOLT COZART. 276 Pine Street Fuquay 
Varina North Carolm, i 27526 WILEY S. COZART III. 218 Pine Fuquay-Vanna 
North Carolina 275.''6 BARNETTE C CRABTREE, 117 Baldwin Drive Durham 
North Carolin,. 27705 RICHARD M, CRAFTS JR.. 545 Laramie Trail Cincinnati 
Oh.o 45215 JUDITH REAGAN CRAGGS. 79 Churth Street Weaverville North 
Carolina 28787 THOMAS F. CRAGGS III. 3000 Tremont Drive Apartment A 7 
Durham North Carolina 27705 DAVID C. CRAGO. Route 2. Plain City Ohio 
43064 CYNTHIA A. CRAIG. 505 Greeny.. le Road Lake Forest Illinois 60045 
CAROL P- CRAMER, 542 Allen Creek Road Rochester New York M6ia CHRIS- 
TOPHER J. CRAMER, 545 Ash Street, Winnetka. Illinois 60093 STEPHEN C 
CRANE, 2316 L. ill. .M Road #102 Aushn Texas 78703 PATRICK T. CRANE. 337? 
AidleyLuu.t ialKLhurch Vir^mi i 1^:^04 1 JOHN R. CRANfORD, 1032 Woodgale 
Drive. Kirkwood Missouri 63122 JEAN H CRAVEN, "'i)>. Wesf ."^nd Avenue Lexing 
ton. North Carolm.. 27292 ROBERTO CRAWFORD, I 'I VilLi.-l Avenue Hastings 
On Hudson New York 10706 SCOTT A CRAWFORD. 3b' P. ir.idise Avenue Mid 
diolown Rhode Island 02840 CAROLYN M. CRAWLEY, Route 1 Box 1 1 1 Nebo 
North Carolin,! 28761 PATRICIA L CRAWLEY, 54 Marquette Road Upper Mont- 
r.l.iir New Jersey 0704 3 RUSSELL L CREIGHTON. 32 Devon Road Delmar New 
York l,''054 JULIET E CRENNEL, Riute 3 Bo. 694 Madison Heights Virginia 
?4572 FLORENCE E. CRENSHAW. l4.-'4 W.iRHjmao Circle McLean Virginia 
22101 GREGORY H CRISP, 716 Ea>t Union Street Morganlon, North Carolina 

.^8655 LUCYG CROCKETT. 21 15 West Club Boulevard Durham North 
2'M: DOUGLASH. CROMWELL. 18 ArdsleyRoJd Yardley Pennsylvan.a 19067 
BARBARA CRONtN. .''002 Prites Lane Alexandria Virginia 223D8 MILES M. 

CROOM. j ,■ ih.5ven Drive Lexington North Carolina 27292 JAMES R, 

CROSBY. ■- ' ■>;,..; ,..Rn„i A^stm Texas 78746 PAUL CROSBY. 1 1 Euci-d 
AvenueLo.-, ■\ ■.■-,■,, ,- WILLIAM A. CROSS. Route I Bo. 341 . Raleigh North 
Carolina 2^^.'- JOHN N CROWDER, 1020 Sweetbner Road High Pomt North 
Carolina 27:60 DANNY C CROWE. 1704 Terrace View Dnve West Columbia 
South Carolina 29169 CAROL ANN CROWGEY, 5047 Sharonwoods Lane Char 
lotte North Carolina CYNTHIA J- CROXTON. Star Route Coopersburg Pennsyl 
vania 18036 DEBORAH A, CRUM, Pnsi Othce Box 44 Osgood Indiana 47037 
1539 9lh Avenue Anchorage Alaska 99501 ROXANNA ELIZABETH CUODy! 
1539 9ih Avenue Anchorage Alaska 99501 WILLIAM S. CULP, 1505 B'aotiey 
Rojd KannapoliS North Carolina 28081 ANNE CUNNINGHAM, Sky Ridge Road 
Landenberg Pennsylvania 19350 OEWEY J CUNNINGHAM. 209 Bedlord Road 
Greenwich Connecticut 06830 HENRY V CUNNINGHAM JR., 3323 Alamance 
Drive Raleigh North Carolina 27609 LEWIS VALENTINE CURRAN, 3 K.ltredge 
Lane Baltimore Maryland 21 204 HENRY R. CURRIN. 2802 Devon Road Dur 
ham North Carolina 27707 JERRY C CURRIN. R.-ule 3 Box 145 Laurmburg 
North Carolina 28352. LEE C, CURRIN, 6n, i 16 Route 1 Gafesville North Caro- 
lin.T 27938 CARL E. CURRY. 1 I Allen Bend Place Decatur Illinois 62521 DIANE 
B. CULP, 988 Gallon Street Harnsburg Pennsylvania 171 1 1 ELLEN D. CUM- 
MtNGS. Bramble Circle — St Marys Road Long Ditton— Sur Greal Bntam ALAN 
S. CURRIE. 6 Daggett Road Attleboro Massachusetts 02703 PAUL M CURRIE. 
6 Daggett Road Attleboro Massachusetts 02703 BARBARA J. CURTIS. 15 Over- 
land Road East Brunswick New Jersey 08816 EDWARD LEE CURTIS JR.. 2830 
39th Street Northwest Washington D C 20007 GARY M CURTIS. 102 Alien 
Avenue Spartanburt South Carolina 29303 LINDA JEAN CURTIS. 2820 39th 
Street Northwest, Washington D C 20007 PETER S. CURTIS, 5901 Craig Road 
Durham North Carolina 33432 ROGER W CURTIS JR.. Pos' Olhce Box 358 
Hayesvifle North Carolina 28904 SARA E. CUSHING, 3724 Pneasant Lane End 
well New York 13760 ELIZABETH J CUSHMAN, 27 19 Spencer Street Durham 
North Carolina 27705 FRANK E. CUTH6ERTS0N, 115 14 220th Street Cambria 
Heights New York 11411 JAMES A CUTRARA, 11039 103 North 
Largo Honda 33540 JOSEPH J CZARNECKL 1265 Old Colony Road Waiting 
lord Connecticut 06d92 RICHARD E CYTOWIC, 2502 Nottingham Way Trenton 
New Jersey 08619 KRISTINA I, CZERSKI, 1209 Airdale Drive Bethel Park. Penn 
sylvania 15102 

DIANE M. D'ANGELO. 6o. 156 Route #1 Fairview Pennsylvan... 16415 GAIL 
DONOFRIO. Cedar Grove Road Media, Pennsylvania 19063 CAROL J, DABBS. 
106 Osage Road Oak Ridge Tennessee 37830 CHARLES A. DACKIS. 2416 
Meadow Drive Wilmette Illinois DIANA LYNNE DAFFIN. 415 Bunkers Cove Road 
Panama City Florida 32401 CHRISTOPHER A. DAHL. 2 Washington Square Vil 
lage New York. New York 10012 TYRUS V. DAHL, 1 100 West Ehnnghaus Street 
Elizabeth City North Carolina ROBERT W, OAHLBERG. 6102 Elmhurst Road 
Amarillo Texas 79106 CYNTHIA \. DAHNK. 3567 North 36th Street Arlington 
Virginia 22207 LISA L. DAHM. 75 River Court Parkway Northwest Atlanta 
Georgia 30328 MICHAEL A. DAILEY, 4)00 Wild Partridge Road Charlotte, North 
Carolina 28211 MARK A- DALE, 7306 Lancet Lane Oklahoma City Oklahoma 
73120 MITCHELL W DALE. 1421 Herschet Avenue Cincinnati Oh.o 45208. 
DAVID A. OALTON, SI 1 Hiilcresl Dnve High Point North Carolina 27262 EDITH 
G. DALTON. 5900 Sardis Road Charlotte. North Car,-.i.r..i :S21] JOHANNE H. 
DAME. Route 5 Penacook New Hampshire 03301 LAUREN D DAME, 2 14 Ridge 
wav Avenue Stalesville North Carolina 28677 ROBERT J. DAMIGELLA, 26 
Waltham Street. Woburn Massachusetfs 01801 JEANNE C. OANGERFIELD. 202 
Governors Dnve. Chester PennsylvTi,. :, l-aoiS JEROME M. DANIEL. 115 Oak 
Road Williamsburg Virginia 23185 ROBIN L. DANIEL, 4 100 Gronmetown Road 
Greensboro. North Carolina 27407 ANNE E DANTZLER. 300 Kalmia Dnve Co- 
lumbia South Carolina 29205 PAUL C. DARDEN III. 504 South Deans Street 
Wilson North Carolina 27893 DAVID B, DARLING, 3145 Sr^-er Lake Boulevard 
Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 44224 DEBORAH L DARMSTAETTER, 1 429 Center Road 
Lancaster Pennsylvania 17603 FREDRICK DARNLEY, 500 Leawood Dnve. 
Greensboro North Carolina 27410 SHARON J DARRAGH. 1851 South Ocean 
Drive Fort Lauderdale Florida 33316 SUSAN E OARROW. 459 Hoyt Street 
Danen Connecticut 06820 JOHN F. DAUGHERTY, 1 1020 Lewis Drive Huntsv.lle 
Alabama 35803 JAMES M, DAUPHIN. 41 1 Rosemar Road Vienna. West Virgmij* 
26105 JEFFREY J, DAVIDSON, 500 Devon Road Haddonheld New Jersey 08033 
LEE A. DAVIDSON. 4301 Rosemary Street Chevy Ch.ise Maryland 20015 WIL- 
LIAM L- DAVIDSON. 203 Hartsdale Avenue White Pl,.<ns Uf^ York 10606 JO- 
SEPH P. DAVIES. 7002 Kenfig Unve Falls Church V.r,^n,a 22042 MICHAEL E. 
DAVIES, 29101 Wol! Road Bay Village Ohio 44140 RACHEL MARY DAVIES. 228 
Monhceilo Avenue North Carolina 27707 RICHARD L. DAVIES. 160 
Sagamore Dnve Rochester New York 14617 STEVEN WALKER DAVIES, 29101 
Woll Road. Bay VilLige. Ohio 4A140 WILLIAM R. DAVIES. 5450 Sanger Avenue 
Alexandria Virginia 22311 ANNIE F. DAVIS, 3958 North Galiow..y Dnve 
Memphis Tennessee 381 1 1 COLLETT G- DAVIS, 404 West loHon Street Lillmg. 
ton North Carolina 27546 CRAMER T. DAVIS, 404 Lotion Street Lillmgton North 
Cirolina 27546 DALE G. DAVIS; 271 Streeishoro Street Hudson Ohio 44236 
EDWARD M. DAVIS. 960 Hightower Iran Dunwoody Ceorca 30043 JAMES W. 
DAVIS. 216 Wessex House St Davids Pennsylvania 19087 MARK C. DAVIS. 21 13 
Woodburn Avenue Colorado Springs Colorado 80906 RALPH M DAVIS Route 
1 Bo. 68 Sandston Virginia 23150. TERRY A. DAVIS. 1 1003 Witkw,iod Houston 7 7024 WILLIAM S. DAVIS, 10 Guyenne Road. Montchamn Delaware 197 10 
WILLIS L. DAVIS JR.. 283! Wevbndge Road Shaker Heights Ohio 44120 JEANA 
G DAVISON. Route 1 Bo. 31 Hillsborough North Carolina 27278 KATHLEEN 
L DAVISON, 5321 Baltimore Avenue Chevy Chase Maryland .^0<-)l5 ALLEN W, 
DAWSON JR., Route 2 Pinewood Acres Cornmg. New York 14830 CHRISTOPHER 
M DAWSON. 329 Bayside Road Palm Springs Florida 33460 JEFF CRAWFORD 
DAWSON. 4248 Saratoga Avenue, Dnwners Grove lllmos fiH'. i s MARCH DAW- 
SON. 501 Wytkoff Avenue WytkoH New Jersey 07481 DEBORAH A DAY. 230? 
Winchester Road South Charleston West Virginia 25303 MARIANA DEBERHY 
5818 Pine Street Ph.ladetphi.t Penrisylvama 19143 YOLANDA F DEBERRy! 
Route 7 Box 156 Fayetleville. North Carolina 28306 MICHAEL J DECROCE JR., 
1653 Springfield Avenue Maplewood New Jersey 07040 CYNTHIAA DEFRANCE, 
143 Jackson Street Garden C-ly New Yorh 11530 CRAIG P DEHAAN, .''0852 
Greenwood Drive Olympi.i Fields Illinois 6046 1 DOUGLAS M DELONG, 14313 
Northwyn Drive Silver Spring. Maryland 20-^04 DAVID H DEACON JR., 25 Oruid 
Lane Riverside Connechcul 06878 BARBARA J DEAL. - 1 s ,!'.s,-,t 184th 

Line Miami Florida 33157 JOHN L. DEAL. 306 W i, n,.t '^ .,,,]>>rt News 

Vir^-irni 2 3606 DOUGLAS P DEAN, 310 1 1th Street Carrotlton K u,.ky 41008 

JAMES S DEAN, Ro.,d Route « 2 Box 10 Wexford. Pennsylvania I 5090 
CHARLES H. DEARBORN III. 18 Ridge Acres, Danen, ConnecLcul 06820 MARV 

L, DEARBORN. 18? 75 Radnor Road New YLirl* 1 1432 PHYLLIS A. DE- 
CARLO. 4428 First Sireel South Arlington, Vifpiri,,i .■>2:04 GARY D. DECHOWITZ, 
3507 Mjfyvale Road Baltimore, Maryland 21 . '^07 ANDREW J. DECKER lir, 4939 
Tunl-iw Street Ale«andria Virginia 22312 MICHAEL W DECKER. 72b Azjleo 
Court Plantation Florida 33313 JACQUELINE A. DECOLA. 41 3 Pmehurst Avenue 
Salisbury Maryland .''1801 JOSEPH E DEESE. Route 3 Bo» 131C Maxton Norlh 
Carolina 28364: DARA L. DEHAVEN. 30Q ^unsel Boulevard Carrollton Georg.a 
30117 PAUL WILLIAM DIENER lit. 14.^ Soulh 30th East Camp Hill Pennsylvan.a 
17011 EUGENIA C DELAMOTTE. 332b Tanglewood Drive Augusta Georgia 
30904 MICHAEL J- DELCOLLO JR. 3."'lOSt Davids Road, Newtown Square Penn 
sylvania 19073 KATHLEEN M. DELLASTATIOUS. 2003 Paul Spring Road. Ale. 
.vidna Virginia 22307 DANIEL A. DELL OSA. 105 Hastings Avenue Havertcwn 
Pennsylvania 19083 MARSHA J. DELONG. Box 91 Bowers. Pennsylvania 19511 
BRIAN R, DELONG. 27 Churc'iville Road Bel A.r Maryland 21014 GARY C. DE- 
MACK. Coral Reel Hotel 1500 Gull Boulevard St Petersbtjfp, H-i.-o FiAr..T,-, 
MELINDA L.DEMPSTER, 4222 Tazewell Pike Kno.v.lle Tenness- .VJl-^ SUSAN 
DENISE, S5 Mason Drive Princeton New Jersey 08540 FRED W DENNERLINE 111, 
1010 Wfsl 86th Street Indianapolis Indiana DONNA M, DENNIS, h ioirii,-,rid 
Avenue, Bethel North Carolina 27812 PAUL M. DENNIS JR.. 228 Moore Street 
ThomasviKe. North Carolina 27 360 MtfK W. DENNY, 512 Redbud Road Chapel 
Hill North Carolma 275)4 PRESTON H. DENTON, 4412 Oakdale Road Smyrna 
Georgia 30080 RANDALL D. DENTON. 509 Sunnybrook Road Raleigh North 
Carolina 27610 HENRY R. DERR. 2616 Lanark Road Birmingham Alabama 
35223 DAVID J DESMARAIS II. 121 Cove Avenue Warwick Rhode Island 02886 
DONALD G. DETWEILER, 618 South Galena Avenue. Dixon Illinois 61021 ALAN 
L. DETWILER, 17720 Larkspur Lane Homewood. Illinois 60430 MARGARET L 
DEUEL. 104 Norlti Wiike Road. Palaline Illinois 60067 WARREN J. DEVECCHIO, 
4841 Rodman Street Northwest Washington, D C 20016, RICHARD D, DEVEN- 
ZIO. 8470 Ridgemoni Road, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15237 JAMES LEROY 
DEVONSHIRE. 180 Jetlerson Street Carneys Point New Jersey JOHN E. DEWAR 

II, 245 West King Street. Littleslown, Pennsylvania 17340 JOSHUA V, DEWEESE. 
2315 Mount Vernon Avenue Point Pleasant West Virginia 2^550 WALTER 
JOSEPH DEWINTER: 2 Oak Drive Mount Vernon Ohm 43050 JOHN B. DEWOLF 

III. 240 Pugn Road Wayne Pennsylvania 19087 FRANCISCO Dl BELLA JR., Aij 
meda B-irao De L.meira 579 Apartment 42 Sao Paulo Brazil ROBERT C. Dl PAS- 
QUALE. 254 Grant Street Buttalo New York 14213 RICHARD P. DIBALA. 3709 
Randolph Road. Wheaton Maryland 20902 THOMAS M. DICICCO. 137 Shade 
Street Lexington Massachusetts 021 73 ROBERT E. DICKENS. 27 1 7 Cirr le Drive 
Durham North Car,,l.-i,i .'7705 DEBORAH D. DICKERSON, 912 Messinj Avenue 
Coral Gables Florul.i JAMES W DICKEY III, 3018 Norlh Atlantic Boulevard Fort 
Lauderdale Florida JOHN A DICKIE, 3720 C resthaven Terrace Fort Worth Te»as 
76107 JOAN DICKINSON, 10^ M.ipiewood Place Glasgow Kentucky 4214 | TODO 
W, DICKINSON. Cat Rock Hoad Cos Cob. Conner dcul 06807 CHARLES M. DICK- 
SON. 9278 Kempwood Houston, Tenas 77055 THOMAS L. DICKS. 520 5lh Street 
Northwest Hickory North Carolina 28601 , ALLISON D- DICKSON. 3014 Potomac, 

D, , T,-,. ,. 7^,?0^. RICHARD JOSEPH DICKSON. Route I Orrtanna Pennsyl- 

V, DREW STEWART OIEHL. 1320 Meadow Lane Yellow Spr-nss Ohio 45387 

EUGENE H. DIERINGER, !,"'01 Sl.ible Gate Court McLean Virgin.j 22101 DAVID 
S. DIGGS.biO: Bv .■.■-■■;-: Road Baltimore Maryland 21212 CLIFTON E. DILLARD. 
Route 1 Box 43, Cary North Carolina 27511 MARY K. DILLARD. 907 Orange 
Avenue Eustis Florida 32726 CRAIG S. DILLMAN, 5161 North 38 Street Arling- 
ton Virginia 22207 JAMES R, DILLMAN. 1551 Stanford Lane Paoli Pennsyl- 
vania 19301 KATHRYN P. DILLON. 1005 Minerva Avenue. Durham North Caro- 
lina 27701 MARY E. DINKtNS, 539 Washington SIreet Plymouth, Norlh Carolina 
27962 THOMAS E. DITTMAR, 50 Winthrop Avenue Elmslord New York 10523 
ANNETTE DIXON, 1637 Academy Street Charlotte North Carolina 28205 
ROBERT HARRY DIXON. 414 flaleigh Street 0«tord, North Carolina 27565 
JAMES J DOBSON, 722 Ncrlh Shore Drive MillorO, Delaware 19963 LUTHER 
S, DOCKERY 111. 2602 Monet Dnve Greensboro, North Carolina 27407 WALLACE 
R. OODD JR., 1208 Pembroke Road Greensboro North Carolina 27408 ROBIN 
0. DODDS, 2809 North Florence El Paso Texas 79902. JON W. DODRILL. 2085 
Cheshire Road Columbus Ohio 43221 NATHAN LEE DODSON. Route 2 So- 140 
Ptaltlown North C.i'olma 27040 RENNOLO W. DOMSKE, Route /fl Box 134 
Washington Pennsylvania 15301 PATRICIA L. DONALDSON. 3533 Redbud Road 
Cedar Rapids lowa 52402 LEWIS R OONELSON. 134 East Cherry Drive Mem 
phis Tennessee 381 17 BRIAN R. DONNELLY, 3 1 ■.'w:r,dland Place Pompton Plain 
New Jersey 07444 TRUMAN 0. DONOHO. ,"'420 Cinud View Drive Ann.slon Ala 
bama 36201 DANIEL H DONOVAN. ?5 vVrnmus Road Woodclill Lake New 
Jersey 07680 RICHARD K DONOVAN. 57 13 Ciover Court Worthington, Ohio 
430S5 BRAD L. OOORES, 39 West Brother Drive Greenwich Connecticut 06830 
STEPHEN M. DORMAN, 395 Balsam Road Hendersonville North Carolina 28739 
RCHARD M. DORSET, 122 Live Oak Lane Harbor Blutls, Largo Florida SANDRA 
R. DORSEY. Route 3 Box 1438. Avon Park Florida 33825 SHARON M. OORSEY. 
2 Beach Avenue Larchmont New York 10538 ROBERT R, DOSS. 5950 Wilson 
Drive Huntington West Virginia 25705 STEVEN R, DOTTHEIM. 7545 0«lord 
Drive Clayton Missourt 63105 KAREN L. DOUGHERTY. 106 Hillsboro Parkway, 
Syracuse New York 13214 MICHAEL E, DOUGHERTY. 1905 Sherwood Hall 
Alexandria Virginia 22306 PAT J DOUGHTY. 2602 North Saraloga Tempe 
Arizona 85281 ROBERT C. DOUGLAS. 8423 Thornton Road Lulherville Mary- 
land 21093 JAYR. DOVE, 259 Kent Pla.t Boulevard, Summit New Jersey 0790 1 
WAVNEJ. DOW. 5 Holhswood Drive, Latham New York 12110 ARTHUR OOWNES, 
Remsens Lane Oyster Bay New York 11771 SAMUEL D, DOWNING, 27 Indigo 
Dam Road Newport News Virginia 23606 KATHRVN N, DOWNS. 46 Riverside 
Drive Greenville South Carolina 29605 ALEXANDER J. DOYLE. 15 Saratoga 
Way Short Hills New Jersey 07078 CHRISTINE DOYLE. 100 Hillside Dnve Lowell 
Michigan 4933! JACK C. DOZIER. 52 Woodland Dnve Slaunlon Virginia 24401 
RCHARD M. ORAFFIN, 1427 Healherwood Road Columbia South Carolina 
29205 ROBERT W. DRAKE, !43 Sheridan Road Kenilworth Illinois 60043. 
THOMAS L, DREW, 409 Westview Avenue. Anderson South Carolina 29621. 
WILLIAM W, OREYFOOS, 4627 Tall Pines Drive Northwest Atlanta Georgia 30327 
KAREN L DRIVER, 11541 Northwest 58th Place Hialeah Florida 33012 PEAR- 
SON E DUBAR JR., Star Roule Box 49 Shallotle North Carolina 28459 CLIF- 
FORD B, DUBBIN, 6015 Southwest 64 Place South Miami Flondj 33143 KEITH 
B. DUBOFF. 592 South Mam Street West Hartlord Con':-- in ut nF,llO JOHN 
W, DUCHELLE, 971 South St Andrews Dnve Fairta., , JOHN G DUDLEY, 
19 Oanburry Drive GreenvHie. South Carolina 29607 MARTHA M. DUDLEY. 6,''03 
Blackburn Lane Bait. more Marylan-J 21212 JOHN ANTHONY DUFF. 1277 Bun 
Oak Road Lake Forest Illinois 60045 ETHEL DUGGAN. 1 300 Swilt Street, Pe-ry 
Georgia 31069 GORDON H DUGGINS, 1112 Ple,.isant View Drive Winston Salem 
North Carolina 27105 RICHARD W. DUGGINS, 15 Robin Hood Road, Sutfem, 
New York 10901 LINDA A- DUKE, 57 Timber Drive, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey 
07922 KRISTIN DULCAN, 31 16 Cathedral Avenue Northwest Washington D C 
20008, JOHN C. DULL. 380 Park Avenue Rutherford New Jersey 07070 RE- 
BECCA A. DULL, 1652 Gen.a Drive, Winston Salem, North Carolina 27103 JANET 
M, DUNBAR. 86 Churchill Road. Tenally New Jersey 07670 GARY H. DUNCAN, 
306 West Edgerlon Street Dunn, North Carolina 28334, HENRY C. DUNCAN JR., 

12 Porter Road, Annapolis Maryland 21402 STEPHEN J. DUNHAM. 42 Newgate 
Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202, WILLIAM C. OUNKIN, 1408 Crosgrove 
Street, Linwood, Pennsylvania 19061 VIRGINIA A. DUNKLEY, Hospital Road, 
Roxboro North Carolina 27573, JOHN F. DUNLAP, Mam Street Walnut Cove 
North Carolina 27052 CHRISTIE ANN DUNN. 1376 Caballero Street Makati Rizal 
Phillipines ELAINE A, DUNN. 8908 Braeburn Dnve. Annandale. Virginia 22003 
JONATHAN S. DUNN, 408 High Street Moorestown. New Jersey 08057 MICHAEL 
T. DUNN, 33 Abingtnn Avenue, Ardsley New York 10502, ROBERT C. DUNN, 21 1 
Pine Grove Road Newport News. Virginia, ROBERT K. DUNN, 34 Woodcrest Elk 
Grove Village, Illinois 60007 SUSAN K. DUNN. 114 Gnswold Street. Delaware, 
Ohio 43015, THADDEUS L. DUNN, 1408 Bacon Park Drive Savannah Georgia 
31406 JANE E. DUNNING, 2335 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, Norlh Carolina 28211, 
WILLIAM J DUNSCATH JR., 107 Enlield Road Baltimore Maryland 21212 CON- 
NIE S. DUPLER, 5309 Inverchapel Road, Springfield Virginia 22151 ERIK R- 
DURMER. Parker Station Gotlstown New Hampshire 03045 JAMES H, DURFEE 
JR.. 8312 Aqueduct Road Potomac Maryland 20854 MIGNON DURHAM, 300 
Banbury Road Winston Salem, North Carolina 27104 RICHARD M, OURRER. 
5608 Bismach Drive Alexandria. Virginia 22312. SUSAN L. DUTE. 455 Hilldale 
Drive, Ann Arbor Michigan 48105 SUSAN J. DUVALL, 307 Patleigh Dnve, Balti- 
more, Maryland 21228. ANNEL. DUVOSIN, 60 Wyandemere Drive, Woodclill Lake, 
New Jersey 07675. SUSAN E- DYE. 3460 East Floyd Drive, Denver, Colorado 
80222, CANDACE LESLEY DYER, 127 Beacon Avenue. Warwick Rhode Island 
02889 JAMES R. DYKES, 212 West Erie Street Blauvelt New York 10913 

RKHAROW. EAKIN, 21 Scarlet Oaks Road Council Blutl lowa 5101 MARTHA A, 
EARHART. 1513 Crestview Dnve Ironton Ohio 45638 LINDA A EARLE, 2039 
Howe Avenue, Columbus, Georgia 31093 SAMUEL W. EARLE IV, 191 1 Rosecrest 
Drive, Greensboro North Carolina 27408 DONNA J. EARLY, Post Ofhce Box 152, 
Oak City North Carolina 27857 LAURIE J, EARNHEART, ,"'5 Diann Dnve Lake 
Valhalla Montville New Jersey 07045 EDWARD L, EARNHARDT, 310 Ingleside 
Drive, Fredericksburg Virginia 22401 BARBARA J, EASON, 1201 Orville Avenue 
Chesapeake. Virginia 23324 JAMES W. EAST, 4940 East End Avenue, Chicago 
Illinois 60615 WILLIAM S. EASTON JR., 5164 Elmcrest Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 
45242 MARY JANE EATON, Semple House Williamsburg, Virginia 23185, VIR- 
GINIA T. EATON, Cai. a Postal 8177 Soa P.iulo. Brazil, CHARLES W, EBEL, 5703 
Broad Bndge Road, Washington, D C 20015 MELISSA J, EDDY, 142 Mills Avenue 
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29302: GEORGE D. EDENS. 58 1 3 Morganton Road, 
Fayetteville North Carolina JANE V, EDMUNDS. 24 Rosslyn Court, Little Silver 
New Jersey RICHARD DAVID EDRINGTON, 3746 Gienmeade Road, Louisville. 
Kentucky 40218 ANNE R. EDWARDS, 2721 Hampton Avenue, Charlotte, North 
Carolina 28207 BRUCE J. EDWARDS, Atlantic Avenue Amagansett, New York 
1 1930 CHARLES H, EDWARDS III. lb Woodland Avenue Glen Ridge New Jersey 
07028, JOHN P, EDWARDS JR.. 1304 Western Avenue, Rocky Mount North Caro- 
lina 27801 JONATHAN P. EDWARDS, 610 West Polo Drive. Clayton, Missouri 
63105, MENCER D. EDWARDS. 51 Poinsett Street. Charleston, South Carolina 
29403, SUSAN D. EDWARDS. !05 Glenn Wayne Road, Roanoke Rapids, North 
Carolma 27870 WILLIAM J. EDWARDS III, 105 Glenn Wayne Road Roanoke 
Rapids North Carolina 27870 ZENO L, EDWARDS, 212 Riverside Dnve, Washing 
ton. North Carolina 27889. GRACE E. EFIRD, 1815 Buena Vista Road Winston 
Salem, North Carolina MAURICE M, EGAN. 15 Avenue Foch Pans 16 France 
JOAN A. EGASTI, 29 Francme Road, Framingham. Massachusetts 01701 GAIL 
L. EGGLESTON, 46 Jacobs Highway, Binghamton, New York 13901 BARBARA 
L. EGO, 2330 East Cedar Road, Bay City, Michigan, ELIZABETH W, EHtNGER, 41 
Sweetbnar Road, Summit New Jersey 07901, MITCHELL EHRENBERG, 227 Wil 
lard Drive. Hewlett, New York 11557 JANE E. EHRENSALL. 1 12 Turtle Cove Lane 
Huntington NewYorkll743 SUE ANNE EtCHHOFF, 151 Clapboard Ridge Road, 
Greenwich, Connecticut 06830 SANDEE L EICKHOFF. 1 1 Deerwood Road, Spring 
Valley, New York 10977, JOSEPH J, EIDEN JR. 2819 Wnghtsville Avenue Wilming- 
ton, North Carolina 28401 THOMAS W. EIDEN. 2819 Wnghtsville Avenue, Wil- 
mington North Carolina 28401 ROBERT B. EIDSON. 6812 Newbold Drive Be- 
thesda. Maryland 20034, FREDERICK S. EISEMANN, 744 Bellefonte Avenue, Lock 
Haven, Pennsylvania 17745. DAVID M. EISENBERG, 2296 Woodland Road. 
Henderson, North Carolina 27536, LAURIE J. EISENBERG, 9041 Lowell Avenue, 
Skokie, Illinois 60076 ANDREW W. ELDER. 74075 Setting Sun Palm Desert. 
California 92260 ANNE A. ELDRIDGE. 202 Georgetown Road Charlottesville 
Virginia 22901 WADE H, ELDRIDGE. 61 1 Brookwood Road, Wayne Pennsylvania 
19087 DAVID H. ELEBASH, 1902 Esse. SIreet, Kinston, North Carolina LYNN 
C. ELIA. 3 Franklin Avenue Bayville New York 11709. SARAH M. ELLETT. 1904 
Field Road, Wilmington Delaware 19806 JOHN S. ELLIKER JR., 3600 May Street 
Wheaton Maryland 20906 MARTIN L. ELLIN. 3508 Old Post Dnve Baltimore 
Maryland 21208, CHARLES P. ELLINGTON JR., 9200 Dewberry Lane College Park 
Maryland 20740, HENRY J. ELLIOT, 404 Circle Drive, Delumak Springs Florida 
32433 CHARLES M. ELLIOTT, 884 Stone SIreet. Rahway, New Jersey 07065, 
PAUL C. ELLIOTT. 1 1000 Dobbins Dnve Potomac. Maryland 20854. BRUCE R, 
ELLIS. 63 Park SIreet Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1 5205. DIANE ELLIS, 81 Howland 
Road. Westport, Massachusetts 02801, LUCY M. ELLIS, 2381 Eastway Road, 
Decatur, Georgia 30033 MICHAEL J. ELLSWORTH, 152 Dnve Long 
meadow Massachusetts 01 106 DAVE M, ELMER, 7349 Harold Dnve, Fort Wayne, 
Indiana 46805 MARTHA J. ELSON. 416 New York Avenue, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 
37830, ROBERT B. ELWOOD JR., 15 Queens Park West Port Spam, West Indies, 
EUGENE W. ELY, 10 Mount Vernon Avenue. Norlhtield New Jersey 08225, LEIGH 
E. EMERSON. 954 ivycfoly Road Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087 GEORGE M. EMER- 
SON, 770 Green Oaks Court, Winter Park Florida 32789, STEPHEN M. EMERSON. 
Route 2 Amherst, Massachusetts 01002 PATRICIA W. EMLET, 608 Bay CliMs 
Road. Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561, ANNE S. EMMENEGGER, 120 Kensington Road 
Garden City, New York 11530 ALLEN MICHAEL ENDE, 3830 Northwood Road, 
Cleveland Ohio, ROGER A. ENGEBRETSON. 2757 Cosmos Dnve Northeast, 
Atlanta, Georgia 30329 MARILYN E. ENGLE. 1 Country Club Lane, Pelham Manor, 
New York 10803, RALPH L. ENGLE III, 1 Country Club Lane Pelham Manor, New 
York 10803 LARRY S. ENOCH, 15 Avery Avenue, Patchogue, New York 11772 
ERIC F. ENSOR, 1315 Vista Leaf Dnve Decatur, Georgia 30033, SUE A. ENSOR, 
621 Hastings Road lowson Maryland 21204 ROBERT M. ENTMAN, ISOChace 
Avenue. Providence Rhode Island 02906. RICHARD L. EPLING. 23 East Washing 
ton Avenue Lake Bluff Illinois 60044 BRUCE A. EPSTEIN. 205 Webster Avenue 
Bangor, Maine 04401. EDWIN S. EPSTEIN. 401 Shenandoah Street Portsmouth 
Virginia 23707, NORMAN S. EPSTEIN, 825 Wildwood Road, Atlanta Georgia 
30324, BETTY J. ERB, 501 Shelmire Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111, 
DAVID W. ERDMAN, Bo. 338 Bndgeton North Carolina 28519 THEODORE L. 
ERDMAN, Post Office Bo. 338, Bndgeton. North Carolina 28519 CARYL R. ER- 
HARDT, 6582 Devonwood Drive Cincinnati. Ohio 45224 DIANE M. ERICKSON. 
1149 Randalph Road, McLean Virg-ma JAMES C. ERICKSON, 1125 Keystone 
River Forest, Hlinois 60305, CYNTHIA J. ERVIN, 316 Beechview Avenue James- 
town. New York 14701, JOHN A. ERWIN, 5532 Peachtree-Dunwoody Atlanta 
Georgia. LINDA L. ERWIN, 3123 Oaklyn Drive. Tampa Florida 33609 BARBARA 
A, ESHELMAN. 250 tshelman Road, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601, JAMES R, 

ESKEW. 28 Holly Road, Wheeling WesI Virginia 26003 SARA JEAN ESTES, 3542 
Hamstead Court, Durham North Carolina 27707 ELIZABETH A. ESTRADA, 6537 
West Flagler Street 15, Miami finn.l.i 33144. SUE E, ESTROFF. 2710 Berkley, 
Lakeland. Florida 33803 DONALD M, ETHERIDGE JR.. 3205 N..rihamplon SIreet, 
Raleigh Norlh Carolina 27609, LYOIA G, EURE. Court Street, Gatesville North 
Carolina 27938 ROBERT B. EULER, 1224 Shamrock Lane, Waynesboro Virginia 
22980, BRADFORD L, EVANS, 1201 North Duke Street Durham North Carolina 
27701, CAROLYN C. EVANS, Morrison Lane Launnburg North Carolina 28352, 
CLEVELAND R, EVANS, 5109 Inglewood Road Lynchburg V.rgmia 24503, DAVID 
S. EVANS JR., 380 Montgomery Avenue Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 19096, 
SAMUEL B. EVANS, 8006 Alpme Road Roanoke. Virginia 24019 SARAH H. EVANS. 
303 Kenwilh Road, Lakeland, Florida 33801 STEVEN A, EVANS. 1 702 Cambridge 
Drive. Kinston, North Carolina 28501 SUSAN D, EVANS. Pm^y Mounlain Road 
Roule 2, Chapel HiM North Carolina 27514 THOMAS C. EVANS, 380 Montgomery 
Avenue Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 19096 DEBRA J. EVELAND, 545 Northwest 
102 Street Miami Florida 33150 CLYDE P, EVELY JR., S Circle Dnve. FaifChild 
Air Force Base Washington 9901 1 CATHERINE J, EVERETT. Route 1, Roberson 
ville. North Carolina 27871 JAMES L. EVERETT IV, 743 Mancill Road, Wayne, 
Pennsylvania 19087 AMY D. EVERHART. 407 Leonlord Street, Lexington North 
Carolina 27292 ROBERT JAMES EVERHART JR., 8 Adams Street, Fort Bragg, 
North Carolina 28307 ANN EXLEY. 420 East 46lh Street Savannah Georgia 
31405. DOUGLAS R, EYBERG, 4510 Stark Avenue Woodland Hills, California 

MICHELE E. FABER, 518 Northeast 94 Street. Miami. Florida 33138. MARGARET 
L, FAIRGRIEVE, 55 Knollwood Lane, Williamsville, New York 14221 EDWARD J. 
FALCONE. 1402 Woodburn Road, Durham. North Carolina 27705, SUSAN KATHE- 
RINE FALR, 207 Country Club Drive, Danville, Virginia 24541, JANE WOOD FAL- 
LER. 3020 Hyman Place, New Orleans Louisiana 70114 KENNETH H. FALLER, 
2914 Palmer Avenue New Orleans. Louisiana 70118. KENNETH J. FANFONI. 160 
Brewster Road, Massapequa, New York 1 1 758. ALLEN V- FARBER. 8219 Taunton 
Place SpnnglieiO Virginia 22152, ALBERT N. FARISS, Route 2 Box 205, Rust- 
burg. Virginia 24588 JOEL S. FARKAS, 3687 Daisy Dnve Decatur, Georgia 30032 
CHARLES S. FARLER, 5815 East 47fh Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135, MARTHA 
C, FARMER, 802 Jenlyn Drive Charlotte North Carolina 28212 WILLIAM D. 
FARMER III, 1011 Country Club Dnve, Greensboro, North Carolina 27408. CAN- 
DACE MAYO FARNHAM. 791 Roslyn Road, Winston Salem, Norlh Carolina, MAT- 
THEW A. EARNER, 507 Rivard Boulevard, Grosse Pointe. Michigan 48230, STAN- 
LEY M. FARH, 518 Fairmont Road, Morgantown. West Virginia 26505 CHARLES 
E. FARRELL, 1 190 Johnslon Drive Watchung.New Jersey 07060 JO A. FARRING- 
TON. 625 Northeast 1 1th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304 TONI F, FAS- 
CELL. 6300 Southwest 99th Terrace, Miami Florida 33156 MtCHELE M. FASSINO. 
5 Stafford Avenue, Woodbury, New York 1 1 797 MARSHALL L, FAY, 833 Wildwood 
Road Northeast Atlanta Georgia 30324. STEVEN J. FAY. 707 Knox Road. Villa 
nova, Pennsylvania 19085. STEVEN J. FEAGIN, Post Office Box 967. Henderson- 
ville, North Carolina 28739, ZOU A. FEAGIN. )6 Fern Glade Road, Woodland Hills, 
North Carolina 28804. ALWYN L. FEATHERSTON JR., 3734 Cambridge Road, 
Durham North Carolina 27707 HENRY A. FEDZIUR, 34 Ivy Home Road. Hamp- 
ton, Virginia 23369 CRAIG M, FEENEY. 3540 Carlelon Street San Diego Cali- 
fornia 92106 FRED M. FEHSENFELD JR., Roule 2 Box 435 Martinsville Indiana. 
BETH L. FEIDLER, 37 Laurel Lane Road 1 Center Valley, Pennsylvania 18034 
CLIFF O. FEINGOLD, 11 Alclare Drive, Asheville, North Carolina 28804 JACK T. 
FELDMAN. 35 Hamburg Turnpike Rrverdale New Jersey 07457 WILLIAM L. 
FERBER. 212 Meadowood Lane Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022, DEBORAH L. FERGU- 
SON, 77 Middlebrook Farm Road, Wilton, Connecticut 06897. DONNA R. FERGU- 
SON, 1812 Huber Road, Charleslon, West Virginia 25314 JOHN R, FERGUSON, 
301 West Walnut Streel, Clinton South Carolina 24325 JIMMY HINSON FERNAN- 
DEZ, 1966 Duncan Street Mobile Alabama 36606 PHILIP D, FERNSTEN. 16025 
Jerald Road Laurel, Maryland 20810 EUGENE A. FERRERI JR., 2940 Money Road 
Shaker Heights Ohio 44122 JANET S, FERRIGNI, 62 Glenmere Drive. Chatham, 
New Jersey 07928 ELIZABETH G, FERRIS. 3731 Rue Denise New Orleans Loui 
Siana 70114, SALLY A. FETTER. 1980 Cruntry Club Dnve Huntington Valley. 
Pennsylvania 19006 SUSAN L. FETTER. 3102 Harlord Road, Baltimore. Mary 
land 21218, CATHERINE J. FETTEROLF, 4405 36th Street North, Arlmgton, Vir- 
ginia 22207, LASLEY FICK. 506 Parkway Drive, High Point. North Carolina 27262 
JAMES E. FIELD, 149 Ann Rustm Drive Ormond Beach, Florida 32074 TED K. 
FIELD. 1507 Rivershore Road. Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909 JOHN T- 
FIELDER JR.. 1220 Carmel Road, Charlotte North Carolina 28211 DIANE C. 
FHjUEROA, 366 Gallup Road Princeton New Jersey 08540 RICHARD J FILDES. 
163 Great Oak Lane Pleasantville, New York 10570 CHRISTOPHER M, FILIACI. 
103 Lori Circle, Exton Pennsylvania 19341 MARION L. FINE, Buckberg Mountain 
Road, Tomkins Cove, New York, THOMAS F. FINE. Beaver Pond Road Beverly, 
Massachusetts 01945 SUSAN R. FINKLE, 14 Hatfield Street, Caldwell New Jersey 
07006 JANET FINRLEA. Sun View Lake Route #4 Columbia, South Carolina 
29209. VARY B. FINLAY, 10 Golf Links New Delhi, India, JOHN IMMACULATE 
FK)RE, 720 Orangeburg Road River Vale New Jersey 07675 CHARLES H. FI- 
SCHER. 2223 West Summit San Antomo Texas 78201 MARK S. FISCHER. 6482 
Bougainvilla Avenue St Petersburg Florida, MARK STEPHEN FISCHER, 980 
Plymouth Street, Pelham Manor New York 10803 CAROLYN B- FISHER, 1405 
Sussex Court, Woodbndge, Virginia 22191 LAURENCE E. FISHER, Box 234 La 
Plata Maryland 20646, LAWRENCE P, FISHER, 45 East Webster Street North 
Merrick, New York 1 1566 LOIS A. FISHER, 13019 Margot Dnve Rockville Mary- 
land 20853, ROBERT B. FISHER, 9224 Inlet Road Norlolk Virginia 23503. STEW- 
ART W. FISHER, 2128 La Gorce Drive. Charlotte. North Carolina 2821 ! WINFIELD 
S. FISHER III. Spring Creek Road Barnngton Illinois 60010 ROBERT D, FITCH, 
1304 College Park, Fairmont West Virginia 25554 BARBARA K. FITE, 1377 Park 
Avenue, Piqua Ohio 45356 THOMAS E, FITZ JR., 21339th Street Northwest, 
Hickory, North Carolina 28601 NANCY S. FITZGERALD. 172 Wesimmslei Court, 
Danville Virginia 24541, SHARON A. FITZGERALD, 306 Wake Drive Winston 
Salem. North Carolina 27106, JAMES RONALD FITZNER, 26 West 144 Blackhawk 
Drive Wheaton Illinois 60187 FRANCES BELL FITZPATRICR, Post Office Box 95, 
Burner, Norlh Carolina 27509 HUGH A, FITZPATRICK. 486 Rosedale Road, 
Princeton, New Jersey 08540 KAREN A, FITZPATRICK, 486 Rosedale Road, 
Princeton New Jersey 08540 JOSEPH G, FITZSIMONS III, 1030 Edgehill Road. 
Charlotte. North Carolina 23207 STEVEN A. FLAGEL, 1518 Burbank Dnve Day- 
ton. Ohio 45406 PATRICIA L, FLEMING, 2416 Beretania Circle Charlotte North 
Carolina 2821 1 RICHARD PETER FLEMING JR., 1484 South Woodhaven Baton 
Rouge. Louisiana SUNDAR W, FLEMING. 2208 Woodchuck Place, Raleigh, Norlh 
Carolina 27610 ALAN ROBERT FLESH. 513 West Windsor Avenue Alexandria. 
Virginia 22302, HENRY FLESH JR., Hjgaman Avenue. Hagaman, New York 12086. 
BARBARA A. FLETCHER. 833 West Chestnut, Hinsdale Illinois 60521 FRANK 
E FLETCHER III, 2329 Wildwood Road. Chesapeake Virginia 23323 WILLIAM 
C. FLETCHER JR.. 3604 BarcroM, View Terrace Apartment 303 Falls Church 
Virginia CHRISTOPHER E. FLKIR, Sierra Vertientes 585 Mexico 10 DF Mex-co 
CHARLES R. FLIFLET, Route 1 Bo. 87 Aiken, South Carolina 29801 JOSEPH A. 
FLORENCE IV, 1840 Longdale Drive Norfolk, Virginia 23518 KATHERINE A. 


FLORINI. Hillcrest Road, Beverly Farns. Massachusetts 01915 SARA P. FLOWER, 
225 Burns Avenue. Cincinnati, Ohio 45215, RICKY L. FLOYD. 307 Moore Slreei, 
Tnomasville, North Carolina 27360. DEBORAH A. FOARD. Park Ave Extension 
Manchester MaryianO 21 102 CHARLES B. FOELSCH. 407 Bnerhill Road. Deer- 
l.eid. Iirinois 60015. SUELLEN FOGG. North East Harbors North East Maryland 
21901 RICHARD N. FOGOROS. 231 Evergreen Poland Ohio 44514 KEN- 
NETH S. FOLK JR.. 1636 Delaney Avenue Orlando, Florida 32806 PAUL S. FOL- 
LANSBEE. 5941 Wymore Way Sacramento California 95822 RONNIE G- F0LT2. 
3235 Old Vineyard Road Winston Salem North C3rolir>a 27103. WILLIAM R. 
FOOTE. 2538 Avenue C, Alexandria, Louisiana 71301 JIMMY S. F0R8IS. 2235 
Weddingion Road Matthews, North Carolina 28105 JOHN B. FORD. MOQ 670 
NAS Oceana. Virginia Beach. 23460, LINDA S. FORE, 8325 Still Spring 
Court, Selhesda, Maryland 20034 LAURA S. FORGERON, 927 Lincoln Avenue 
Baldwin New York 11510 VIRGINIA R. FORNEY. 321 2 Salisbury Road. Birming- 
ham Alabama 35213 JOHN WENDELL FORREST JR.. 2552 Tangfewood Road, 
Decatur. Georgia 30033, CYNTHIA P. FORRESTER, 2020 Aloma Avenue Winter 
Park Florida 32789 LARRY W, FORRESTER. 805 Kemp Road West, Greensboro 
North Carolina 27410 RICHARD V, FORTH, 3321 Hey«ood Avenue Southwest. 
Roanoke Virginia 24015 CLARK R. FORTSON. 310 Milledge Heights Athens 
Ge<:.rgia 3060! JOHN B. FORTUNE. 7898 Ridge Road. Indianapolis Indiana 
46240 MARIE M. FORTUNE. 66 School Road, AsheviHe North Carolina 28806 
JAMES K. FOSKETT, 34 Perth Place East Northporl, New York 11731, CAROL 
L, FOSTER. 4000 73r(] Avenue Hyattsvifle Maryland 20784, MARIE C. FOSTER, 
892 Oeseo Avenue. Camantlo. California 93010 MARY L. FOSTER. 4103 David 
Lane Ale>.andria Virginia 2231 1. JEAN ROBIN FOWLER. Oak Tree Lane. Rumson 
New Jersey 07760. PATRICIA C. FOWLER, 1514 Edgevaie Road, Durham North 
Carolina 27701. WALTER E. FOWLER. 1821 Lake Shore Drive. Chapel Hill North 
Carolina 27514. FREDERICK G. FOWLES. Route 3. Indiana, Pennsylvania 15701, 
DARYL K. FOX, 2408 Woodbine Road Ahquippa, Pennsylvania 15001. HARRIETT 
E. FOX. 855 Ridgewood Road. Bioomtieid H. Michigan 48013 HOLLY ANN FOX, 
520 Gordon Circle Hegerslown. Maryland 21740 THOMAS P. FOY. Columbus 
Road Burlington New Jersey 0801 6 RICHARD J. FRAGASZY. 33 West 63 Street, 
New York. New York 10023 ROBERT E. FRAILE, 45 Kane Avenue Hempstead 
New York 11550 JEAN M. FRANCIS. 330 Arrowhead Boulevard. Jonesboro. 
Geor^.j CAROLYN A- FRANCK. Route 1 Chalmoss Martinsville. Virginia 241 12 
JOSEPH A. FRANCO. 561 47lh Street. Brooklyn. New York 11220. WILLIAM A. 
FRANCY, C O A Jacob 53 Old Post Road. Crolon-On-Hudson New York 10520. 
AMY JO FRANK. 3 Fairway Drive, Mamaroneck. New York 10543. CAROL L- 
FRANK. 1319 St Aleans Road Baltimore. Maryland 21208. CONSTANCE F. 
FRANK. 223 Pme Way. New Providence, New Jersey 07974 HAROLD L. FRANK, 
3426 Lynne Haven Drive. Baltimore. Maryland 21207. PETER M. FRANK. Route 1 
Box 234. C Ridge Drive Mars, Pennsylvania 16046 RUSSEL M. FRANK, 13 Living- 
ston Avenue, Kearny New Jersey 07032. BENJAMIN W. FRANKLIN. 1442 Powder 
Springs Road. Marietta Georgia 30060 DAVID M. FRANKLIN. 820 Santa Fe 
Avenue. Stanford. California 94305. BEVERLY GAIL FRANTZ, Route #1. Henry- 
ville Pennsylvania 18332 JAMES A FRASER, 1 169 Forest Hills Drive. Wilmington 
North Carolina 28401 RANDALL T. FRATTINI, 24 Three Elm Road. Branford 
Connecticut 06405 FREDERIC D. FRAVEL. 3218 Nealon Dnve Falls Church 
Virginia 22042 SUSAN W. FRAYSSE. 225 Garden Springs. Columbia. South Caro- 
lina 29209 JAMES BAIRD FRAZIER, Route 3, Dayton. Tennessee 37321, MARCIA 
ANN FREDERICK, bO\ NoMh Willow Street. Stanberry Missouri 64489. MARIANNE 
L. FREDERICK. 146 Pvrmvlvania Avenue. Winston Salem. North Carolina 27104 
ALEGRIA ESTHER FREEDMAN. 1200 Leon Street Apartment F 4. Durham, North 
C,3r.-,;,r,,, MICHAEL 1. FREEDMAN. 30 Forest V,ew. Ashev.lle. North Carolina 
28804 ROBERT E. FREEMAN. Box 305, Talbotton Georgia 31827 DALE L. FREE- 
MAN. 1032 Fairway Lane Gladwyne. Pennsylvania 19035 LERLIE D. FREER. 
6300 Southwest 109 Street. Miami, Florida 33156, NANCY J. FREES, Santa Anita 
235 Me. 1.0 10 DF Me.ico. BAXTER FREEZE, 1108 Wynnewood Avenue. High 
Point. North Tarolina ALICE i. FRELL, 32 Country Club. Bloommgton. Illinois 
61701 JOHN FRENCH. 684 Rudgate Road Bloomfield Hills. Michigan 48013 
MILTON W, FRENZEL. 6740 Supervisor Avenue. Colden. New York 14033 RAY- 
MOND A FRESE, 47 Stoneham Place, Meluchen New Jersey 08840, DANIEL K. 
FREYMEYER II. 217 North Drive Franklin Virginta 23851 ELLEN C. FRIEDBERG, 
301 L.ikf. Bnon^ Trail. Raleigh. North Carolina 27607. JOAN M. FRIEDBERG. 301 
L.ikP Boone Trail, Raleigh North Carolina 27608 CAROL A. FRIEDENBERG, 4705 
Grandway Road. Richmond. Virginia 23226 KENNETH H, FRIEDLEIN, 2010 Gran- 
ville Circle Durham. North Carolina 27707. GREGG A. FRIEDMAN. Jamestown 
Ap-sftment 4214, Bethel Church Road, Columbia South Carolina. ROBERT L. 
FRIEND. 102 Cresswood Drive. Elizabeth. Pennsylvania 15037 ROBERT B. 
FRINCKE JR., Post OMice Box 22, Tornado, West Virginia 25202 RICHARD H. 
FRISCH. 300 Edwards Street, Roslyn Heights. Long Island New York 11577 
WILLIAM E, FRISCO, 4232 East 25lh Place, Tulsa. Oklahoma 74114 DEBORAH 
L. FRITZ, 6347 Divme Street, McLean Virginia 22101 , ROBERT 0. FROLING JR., 
2781 South Fillmore Street, Denver. Colorado 80210 MARGUERITE M. 
FROSCHER. Quarters Q NAEC. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 19U2 THOMAS D. 
FUCHS. 620) Robinwood Road Bethesda. Maryland 20034 JOHN R. FUECHSEL 
74?5 Street Springfield Virginia 22151 AMY L, FULLER. 525 Washington 
Highway BuKalo. New York 14226 LESLIE H. FULLER, 4101 Forrest Hills Drive 
Portsmouth. Virginia 23703. MANLEY K. FULLER III, 500 16th Avenue Northwest 
Hickory. North Carolina 28601 BARBARA A. FUNGER. 104 Galewood Road 
Wilmington. Delaware 19803 WILLIAM E. FURBER, 4 1 Beacon Street Bath Maine 
04530 PATRICIAK.FUREV, 143 Oval Road Essex fells New Jersey 07021, JUDY 
FURMAN. 10 Capers Street Greenville South Carolina 29605 MERRELL M 
FUSON.riio Route Bo. 25 Williamsburg, Kentucky 40769 

CHRISTOPHER S GAAL, 1700 East Marquette Street Applelon Wisconsin 
54911, KENNETH A. GABARD, r-?0 North Peace Haven Road Winston Salem 
North Carolin.j 2710.1 JANE L. GABRIEL, Route 3 Box 135-B Oxiord North 
Carolina 27565 RICHARD W. GABRIEL, 3918 StarmonI Drive Greensboro North 
Carolina 27410 FRANK J. GADUSEK. 2190 Ferguson Road Allison Park Peon 
syivama 15101 PAULA M. GAEBELEIN, Stony Brook School Stony Brook New 
York 11790 PATRICIA A. GAEDEKE. 34 Fair Street, Nunda New York 14517 
WILLIAM J. GAFFEY, 15 South View Dnve, Wallmglord, Connecticut 06492 LINDA 
L. GAGE. 1172 Alabam.i Avenue Fort Lauderdale Fiond.i 33312 JUNIUS M. 
GAITHER, Bo. 850. Newton North Carolina 28658 WILLIAM D, GAITHER, 601 
Partridge Drive Thomasville Georgi.i 31 792 GLEN M. GALLAGHER. 141 1 Clarks 
ville Drive. Scotland Neck Nnrth r,-,,,,li,Ki 27874 PEGGY A. GALLE, Callaway 
Gardens Pine Mountain. Geor.-. , i\.^.?? PHILLIP C. GALLE. Calloway Gardens 
Pine Mountain. Georgia 31822 CHARLES L. GALLEGOS. 4016 Simms Drive Kens- 
inglon. Maryland 20795 ANN W. GALLIE. 2740 Montgomery Street Durham 
North Carolina 27705 MARTHA Y GALLOWAY. 36 Manchester Drive Basking 
Ridge New Jersey 07920 TERESA K. GALLOWAY. 1 120 Eoglewood Drive Ashe 
boro North Carolinj 27203 ERtC R GALTON. 84 Road Plamdeld New 
Jersey 07060 JEAN G, GAMBLE, 3886 Paces Ferry Road Northwest Atlanta 
Georgia 30327 KURT L, GANDENBERGER. Route 5, Flemmgton New Jersey 

08822. KATHERINE A. GANT. 717 West Davis Street. Burlington North Carolina 
27215 WILLIAM H. GARBEE JR.. 236 Melrose Drive. Danville, Virginia 24541 
MARK E. GARBER III. 527 Mooreland Avenue Carlisle Pennsylvania 17013 
ROBERT EDWARD GARBER, 9 Imne Street Randolph Massachusetts 02368 
JOSEF GARDINER. 618 LaSalie Street, Durham. North Carolina 27705 ALISON 
M, GARDNER. 18719 East Shoretand, Rocky River Ohio 441 16 CARL L. GARD- 
NER, 1409 Dellwood Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607, EMERSON N. GARD- 
NER JR.. 901 Bethany Court Annapolis Maryland 21403 JEFFREY E, GARDNER. 
1755 East 55th Street Chiraeo in. n,-,,.: 606! 5 MAX L. GARDNER JR., 233 Lewis- 
ton. Grosse Poml Farm Mii.i..^'r 4L-.,"'>: SIMMONS S GARDNER, Bo. 160 Roca 
Raton. Florida 33432. BENNETT W. GARNER, -^l?.f; i.ier.u.jry Dnve Northeast, 
Atlanta. Georgia 30305 BEN C GARRETT. 2708 Colonial Parkway Fort Worth 
Texas 76109. PATRICIA LYNN GARRETT. 245 Nicholson Drive, Moorestown New 
Jersey 08057 GREGORY R. GARVIN, 832 South Wisconsin Villa Park, Illinois 
60181 RONALD S. GASS, 8809 Maxwell Drive. Potomac. Maryland 20854 
WHITFIELD GASTON JR.. 4021 Broadview Drive. Charlotte, North Carolina 28210 
MARTHA L, GAY. 7905 West 127th Street Palos Park Illinois 60464. ANNE H. 
GEER. 601 Fagan Springs Drive Huntsville Alabama 35801. WALTER T. GEER 
JR„ 910 Coppin Court. Baltimore, Maryland 21225, JOSEPH 0. GEHRETT JR., 
830 Missouri Avenue Deer Lodge, Montana 59722, JAMES J. GEHRIG JR., 1118 
Gatewood Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22307, CARL D. GEIER. 4036 Overbrook 
Court, Nashville, Tennessee 37204, GREGORY C. GEIGER, 115 Maytair Avenue 
Leesburg. Virginia 22075 NANCY E, GEIGER, 213 Sunnyside Avenue Route 1 
Ctarks Summit. Pennsylvania 18411 JOHN GEIST. Route #1 Trmberline Joliet 
Illinois 60435 ARTHUR L, GELSTON. 374 Laurel Road Rockville Centre New 
York, BRUCE R. GENDERSON. 9726 Admiralty Drive. Silver Spring Maryland 
20910. PAMELA GENSLER. 10521 Morning Wind Lane. Columbia, Maryland 
21043 JOHN E. GENT, 550 South Green Bay Road. Lake Forest. Illinois 60045, 
MARY C. GENTRY. 2654 Ellwood Drive, Atlanta. Georgia 30305 ROBERT E, 
GENTRY. 5104 Wedgewood Road Lynchburg, Virginia 24503 MARGARET A 
GENTRY. Route 8. Clarksville. Tennessee 37040 MARY S. GEORGE. 4036 B-^r^s 
ford Road, Charlotte. North Carolina 2821 1 THEODORE CARINS GEORGE 619 
Northwest 23rd Street, Gainesville Florida 32601 JEFFREY M. GEORGI Branch 
Road. Far Hills. New Jersey 07931 ROBERT C. GEORGIADE. 2523 Wnghlwood 
Avenue, Durham North Carolina 27706 THOMAS K. GERBE. 1619 Tulip Avenue 
North Merrick. New York 11566 DANIEL N. GERIN. 1017 Sladelman Avenue 
Akron Ohio 44320 PAUL W. GERKE, 2806 Ranch Road South Charleston West 
Virginia 25303 GEORGE J, GERMAINE. 39 East Case Hudson Ohio 44236. 
ROBERT C. GERMAN, 3921 Ashwood Dnve Canton. Ohio 44708: LEE G. GEHSCH 
1556 Walthall Court. Atlanta. Georgia 30318 MARY L. GETZ. 217 West Center 
Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064 FREDERICK B. GETZE. 326 Cherry Lane 
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 19096 HARRY L. GEWANTER. 2112 Baker Avenue 
East. Schenectady. New York 12309 JOHN J. GIBBONS. 1006 Windsor Avenue 
Windsor Connecticut 06095. JOHN A GIBBONS JR., 225 Graceford Drive Aber- 
deen Maryland 21001 JOHN K. GIBBONS, 2019 Douglas Drive San Angelo 
Texas 76901 STEVEN T. GIBBONS, 1309 Stagecoach Road Southeast Albu- 
querQue New Mexico 87! 12 DAVID M, GIBBS, 202 Fairview Road Thomasville 
North Carolina 27360. CHARLES R. GIBBS, 576 North Academy Street Galesbure 
Illinois 61401 JEANNE C. GIBSON. 9 Wniard Street. Greene New York 13778 
MARGARET C. GIBSON, Post Office Bo. 267 lllmo Missouri 63754 MARY S. 
GIBSON, 3551 Mooney, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 SARAH E. GIBSON. 2533 York 
Road Raleigh North Carolina 27608 STEPHEN M. GIBSON, Route 9 Winston 
Salem. North Carolina 27107, GORDON D. GIFFIN. 13 Colonial Dnve Allendale 
New Jersey 07401. JERRETT L. GIFFIN. 11 Boxwood Lane Camp Hill Penn 
sylvania 17011. GEORGE R. GILBERT. Beaver Falls. New York 13305 MARK S, 
GILBERT. 86 Wannamaker Avenue, Oradell New Jersey 07649. ROBERT 
WAYNE GILBERT. 97 North Drexel Avenue, La Grange. Illinois 60525 JOHN T. 
GILCHRIST, 4006 Terrace Drive Annandale, Virginia 22003, ROBERT C. GILES. 
146 Heritage Place Mooresville, North Carolina 28115. JO ANN GILLERMAn' 
9 Ladue Forest, SI Louis Missouri 63124 THOMAS J. GILLESPIE, 126 Richland 
Lane, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1 5208 MICHAEL F. GILLIGAN, 394 Cataling Drive 
Newark, Ohio 43055 JEFFERY BOTHE GILLINGHAM. 7720 Southwest 130 Street 
Miami, Florida 33156, HOWARD M.GILLIS. Ill Upland Avenue Newton Massa 
chuselts 02161. CATHERINE LYNCH GILLISS, 137 Riverbank Road Stamford 
Connecticut. THOMAS N. GILLIS. 32 Yowago Avenue Branford Connecticut 
06405 ROXANNE L. OILMAN. 409 King Street. Fort Chester, New York 10573 
GERALDINE GILMORE. 700 East Indiana Avenue, Southern Pines, North Carolina 
GARY S. GILPIN, 2820 Nela Avenue, Orlando Florida 32809, ASHLEY A. GILSTER. 
1240 Swainwood Drive, Glenview, Illinois 60025 JILL N. GILTENBOTH, 1810 
President Dnve. Glenshaw. Pennsylvania 15116 JEFFREY J. GINSBURG, 170 
Southern Boulevard. Danbury, Connecticut 06810 DAVID J. GIPE. 8511 Spring 
Mill Road. Indianapolis. Indiana 46260 RICHARD E. GITHENS 111. 13 Wordsworth 
Drive Hyde Park, Wilmington. Delaware 19808 CYNTHIA D. GLADDEN. Route 1 
Box 443. Harrisburg, North Carolina 28075 VAUGHN CHARLES GLAPION. 1962 
Treasure Street. New Orleans. Louisiana 70122 STEFANI GLASGOW. 2815 64Jh 
Avenue. Cheverly. Maryland 20785. ROBERT D, GLASS. 6o« 195 South Joan Drive 
Route 5. High Point North Carolina 27263 TORREY A. GLASS, 37 Club Dnve 
Massapequa. New York 11758 GEORGE E. GLASSON. 615 Swilt Avenue Durham 
North Carolina 27701. DOUGLAS E. GLENN. 92 Four Mile Road West Hartford 
Connecticut 06107. JOSEPH C. GLENNON. 321 Meadowbrook Dnve Northeast 
Atlanta Georgia 30305 MARY M. GLENNON. 4856 Yorktown Boulevard Arling- 
ton. Virginia 22207 ROBERT C- GLINERT. 46 Aspen Road New Rochelle New 
York 10804 ADRENEE G. GLOVER. Bo. 210A Route #1 . BIythewood South Caro- 
lin.i ,-^9016 DURANT M. GLOVER. 905 Street, Durham North Carolina 
27701 LON G GLOVER. 2341 Careygale Northwest Atlanta, Georgia 30305 
SARAH F, GLOVER, 1680 Adams Street, Macon, Georgia 31204 CLIFFORD D 
GOALSTONE, 5015 Southwest 88lh Court, Miami, Florida 33165 MARGARET E 
GOBBEL, 217 Baskm Dnve, Nashville Tennessee 37205 JAMES A. GOBER, 4358 
Norlhside Drive Northwest, Atlanta Georgia 30327 DEBORAH A. GODFREY 
Quarters C 550 G Street Naval Air Station Memphis Mniingtnn Tpohps',.^^* 
STEVEN A. GODFREY, 543 Bishop Drive. Orange Conneclicut 06477 JAMES R 
COINS, 2301 Sharon Road Charlotte, North Carolina 28207 ROY L. COINS JR., 
6174 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, Virginia 22044 JEFFREY W, GOLD, 801 South 
Chester Road, BnarcliM «207 Swarthmore. Pennsylvani,:i JACOB B. GOLDEN JR., 
1003 Lakewood Drive Monroe North Carolina 281 10 JEFFREY B. GOLDEN. M 
Wilcox Avenue South River, New Jersey 08882 JOAN B. GOLDEN, F-f-ut^ : B,.. 
1281 Melbourne Florida 32901 ROBERT GOLDMAN, 1 4 1 44 p,-,sh,nf riesr^ni 
Jamaica New York 11435 CYNTHIA ANN GOLDSBOROUCH, Post OMice Box 
1148 Easton Maryland 21601 RICHARD P. GOLDSTEIN. 1 2 Glenn Drive Wood- 
bury New York 1 1 797 CHESLEY S GOLDSTON, b J2 I Ridgeway Road Richmond 
Virginia 23226 MICHAEL S. GOLDWASSER, 1 302 Stnrkton Road Kinston North 
Carolina 28501 GERALD ROBERT GOLEMBESKE. 36 Lanesville Road New Mil 
lord. Connecticut 06776 PETER M. GOOD, .^63 North Coldbrook Avenue, Cham 
bersburg Pennsylvania 17201 JANE B GOODFELLOW, 5104 Baltimore Avenue 
Washington. D C 20016 ANITA R GOODMAN. 1206 Ross Avenue. Greensboro 
North Carolina 27406 DONALD W GOODMAN. 3740 Cloudland Drive Atlanta 

Georgia 30327, JOEL GOODMAN. 2102 NorthcHlf Drive Baltimore Maryland 
21209 VALERIE BLISH GOODWIN, 107 Rockwood Road WHmmgton Delaware 
19809 JANET E. CORAL. 1075 Wood Avenue. Bridgeport Connecticut 06604 
WILLIAM H. GORDH, 815 Chester Avenue Northwest. Roanoke Virgim.i 24019 
JUDITH A. GORDON, 565 Birch Avenue. Westfield New Jersey 07nQn KENNETH 
M. GORDON. 2200 Thunderbird Terrace, Maifland Florida 32-M SUSAN E 
GORE, 1 WinneOago Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, JOHN B. GONTRUM, ■.' -. .ni 
Visia Road Kingsv.lle Maryland 21087. THOMAS HAMMOND GOREY 4606 
Tournay Road Washington C 20016 LOUISE ANN GORFAIN. 501 North 
Bristol Los Angeles Calilornia 90049 JONATHAN M. GOROG. 125 Park Avenue 
Dayton. Ohio 45419 ROBIN ELISABETH GOROG, 12sr-j._ ^,enue Dayton Ohio 
45419. MARK S. GOROVOY. 7 Terkuile Road Moi.;.aie New Jersey 07645 JAMES 
R. GOSEY. 2214 Pleasant Drive Caionsville Maryland 21228 VICKI A GOSS 
Goss Street. Ashburn. Georgia 31714. MARK J. GOTAY. 2 Engel Dnve OelraJ 
Beach Florida 33444 GAIL D. GOUNDRY. 579 Church Street Royersford Penn- 
sylvania 19468 LEWIS ALLEN GRABOW. 383 Route 306 Monsey New York 
10952. KATHARINE A. GRACELY. 202 High Point Lane Broomali Pennsylvania 
19008. RICHARD A. GRAEN, 713 14fh Street Northeast. Rochester Minnesota 
55901 BEVERLY P. D. GRAHAM, 1036 Somerset Drive Northwest Atlanta Geor- 
gia 30327 GEORGE D. GRAHAM. 3 Birkett Street. Carbondale Pennsylvania 
18407, GEORCEAN E. GRAHAM, 425 Colonial Court Grosse Pointe Farms Michi- 
gan 48236 THOMAS PETER GRAINGER. 1015 South Aldine Street Park R.dge 
Illinois 60068 OAYNA F. GRANT, 2770 North Terrace, Huntington West Virginia 
25705, DEBORAH T GRANT, Scientific Street, High Pomt. North Carolina 27260 
SAMUEL M. GRANT, 6103 Western Run Drive Baltimore Maryland 21209 
BUNCHARD 1. GRANVILLE, 463 North Beach Street OrmonO Beach Florida 
32074. RANDALL F. GRASS, 776 Hedges Lane. Strafford. Pennsylvania 19087 
JANET L. GRASSIA. 1920 Boena Vista Road. Winston Salem North Carolina 
27104 JAMES A. CRASSO JR.. 1811 Colden Avenue Bronx New York 10462 
JEFFREY M. GRAVES, 2328 Aetna Drive. Upper St Clair, Pennsylvania 15241 
MKHAEL A, GRAVES. 4816 Grantham Avenue. Chevy Chase, Maryland 20015 
FRANK DOUGLAS GRAY, 6832 Glenwood Court, Glendale, Maryland 20769 
HOWARD GRAY JR., 201 South Pine Valley Road, Winston-Salem North Carolina 
27104, JO A GRAY, 4011 North Hills. Austin. Texas. PATRICK H. GRAY, 3011 
Magazine Drive. Winston Salem North Carolina 27106. WILLIAM L. GRAY, 200 
Pine Valley Road, Winston Salem, North Carolina 27104 CINNY L. CRAYBILL. 
4026 Guernsey Lane Northwest. Roanoke, Virginia 2401 "" CRISPIN A. GRAYBCAL.' 
Rural Route 1 Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania 17563 CHRISTOPHER 8. GRAYBILL, 
315 North Garfield Street. Arlington, Virginia 22201 BOBBY MACBRYAN GREEn! 
1006 Mebrose Avenue, Johnson C-tv Tennessee JERRY J. GREEN. 926 South 
Warren Avenue. Columbus. Ohio 43204 LEONARD J. GREEN, 2209 Wynnewood 
Drive. Valpariaso. Indiana 46383. PATRICIA C. GREEN. 1725 Vista Street Dur- 
ham. North Carolina 27701 . DEAN LEROY GREENAWALT JR., Bo. 31 SliGO Penn- 
sylvania 16255 DANIEL M, GREENBERG. Ill Greenbnar Street Bergenfield 
New Jersey 07621. FRANCES K, GREENBERG. 425 Brookside Drive Chapel Hitl 
North Carolina 27514 ELIZABETH T. GREENE. 1 103 Country Club Road Kinston 
North Carolina 28501 JOHN G. GREENE, 555 Ridge Road Kemiworth Illinois 
60043 KIMBERLY K. GREENE. 2707 Greenway Road. Ashland Kentucky 41101 
DAVID W. GREENLEAF, Pleasant Street. Lee Massachusetts 01238. ERIC H. 
GREENSPAN. 200 Rogers Drive. Scarsdale New York 10583 JENNET C. GREGG, 
3702 Randolph Road. Durham, North Carolina 27705 DANIEL A. GREGORIE. 36 
Bartlett Parkway. Wmthrop. Massachusetts 02152 BARBARA L. GREGORY 3702 
Cavitt. Bryan, Texas 77801, DOUGLAS A. GREGORY, 536 Lamoni ^an Antonio 
Texas 78209. LILLIAN G. GREGORY, 5025 Riverway 05 Houston Texas 770^7 
VANCE D. GREGORY JR.. 2708 Pembroke Terrace. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma 
LYDIA GREY, I 7 Spring Street Exeter New Hampshire 03833 THOMAS L. GRIER. 
#1 Wistar Road. ViHanova Pennsylvania 19085 TYLER UNDERWOOD GRIESe! 
6126 Wellesley Drive, West Bloomfield Hill. Birmingham Mirhi^: ,. GEORGE w! 
GRIFFIN. 965 Crescent Lane. Grosse Pointe. Michigan 48236 DAVID L GRIFFITH. 
11 Cardinal Lane. Lincoln Park. New Jersey 07035 DAVID M. GRIFFITH. 1550 
Lake Shore Drive. Barnngton. Illinois 60010 DIANE L. GRIFFITH, 1041 Sunset 
Drive, Lake Wales Florida 33853, JAN S. GRIFFITH. 8704 Harlsdale Avenue 
Bethesda, Maryland 20034. THOMAS S. GRIGGS. 1227 Nahonal Avenue Rock- 
ford Illinois 61103 ALBERTO GRIGNOLO. II Via Germane Ivrea Italy 10015 
ANDREW E. GRIGSBY JR.. 6649 Locust Street. Falls Church, Virginia 22046' 
DAVID E. GRIM. 716 West Henderson Salisbury, North Carolina 28144, DALE m! 
GRIMES. 3185 Green Garden Road. Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 15001 LEIGH BOW- 
EN GRONICH, 90 Blue Hill Terrace Milton, Massachusetts 02187 LESLIE C. 
GROPP. 15 Four Brooks Circle. Stamford. Connecticut 06903 KEITH H. GROSS. 
343 Riviera Drive South. Massapequa New York 1 1 758 ROBERT D. GROSS. 320 
Woodrow Avenue. High Point, North Carolina 27262 SETH GROSSMAN. 3303 
Pacific Avenue Atlantic City. New Jersey GARY E. GROTENHUIS, 4600 Deer Park 
Road, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066 TIM D. GROTTS, 311 North Palisades 
Dnve, Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377 CAROLYN L. GROVER. 1612 Dutchess 
Avenue. Kettering, Ohio 45420 DEBORAH GROVES. 292 Folly Road Route 1 
Chalfont Pennsylvania 18914 MARY LOUISE GRUBER, 342 Highland Road! 
Pottslown, Pennsylvania 19464, RONALD CLAY GRUNKE, Route 1 Box 5d' 
Durham North Carolina 27705 RENEE J. GUBERNOT, 19930 Beach Cliff Place 
Rocky River, Ohio 441 16 MARY K. GUILLORY. 5586 Stage Road, Memphis. Ten 
nessee 38128, GUYF.GUINN. 1035 Westwood Road Woodmere NewYorklI598 
GARY W. GULDEN. 32 Sutton Dnve Berkeley Heights. New Jersey KAREN i. 
GULLBERG. 32207 Cross Bow Drive Birmingham, Michigan 48010. SIDNEY L. 
GULLEDGE, 3356 Alamance Dnve. Raleigh North Carolina 27609 LYNN M. 
GUNDRY, 6105 Chesapeake Pomte Northwest, Atlanta. Georgia DURWARD F. 
GUNNELLS, 2300 Sedley Road, Charlotte North Carolina NORA GUNNENG, 
3401 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest. Washington D C 2000^ CARL SHU- 
MATE GUNTER. 544 Valley Road Northwest Atlanta Georgia 30305 DEBORAH 
L. GUNTER. 544 Valley Road No. thwest Atlanta Georgia 30305 ANN R. GURT- 
LER, 561 1 San Vicente Coral Gables Flonda. ARTHUR A. GUTHRIE, 7312 Gor- 
dons Road Falls Church Virginia JACK D. GUTHRIE. 4739 Rivoli Dnve Macon 
Georgia 31204 ROBERT G. GUTHRIE, 118 Eight Street. Turtle Creek Pennsyl- 
vania PATRICIO GUTIERREZ. Post Office Box 835 Hillside New Jersey RICHARD 
GUTIERREZ. Industrial Post OMice Box 835 Hillside New Jersey MANSEL B. 
GWINN. 2715 Normandy Road Charlotte North Carolina 28209 VICKI J. GWYNN. 
I 1 Evergreen Lane Rochester New York 14618 


DEBBORAH J. HAAN. 6618 Foiger Drive Ch.iriniir Nnnh Carolina 2821 1 PETER 
HUDSON HAAS. Bo. 630 Acwo-M. New H^impsi-n- 03601 SUSAN C. MADAM. 56 
Birch Ro,id Andover M.isvK huselts 01810 RICHARD B HAOLOW, 4627 Ivanhoe J.KksoMvitle Flond, 132210 BRUCE HAEHTLEIN. 633 Boulevard Westlield 
New Js^rsryO'iT-iiiKATHRYN A. HAFFOHO, 1 2 Virt;inij Avenue Babylon NewYork 
11702 TERRY M HAGANS: 2145 Northeast 61 Court Fort Lauderdale Florida 
33308 CHRIS E HAGBERG. 500 Gilbert Avenue Fullansbee West Virginia 26037. 
GALIL.HAGEL.o70 5Mi^nvP'j.lo.Cor,)l Gables Flonda 33156, LYNN HAGEL. 114 
West Street Cromwell Connetticul 06416 ROBERT H. i4AGER. Route 2 Harts- 
ville South Carolina 29550 WENDY A. HAGSTROM. 94 Ledgewood Road, West 


Harltord Connecticul 06107 ANDREA R HAHN. 133 Forest Avenue Verona New 
Jersey 07014 JOHN S- HAHN, 1838 SloddJrcJ, Cape Girardeau. Missouri 63701 
ARTYN HAIG. :'853 Norlh Hachelt Avenue. M.lwauhee, Wisconsin 53211, CHRIS- 
TOPHER T, HAILEY. 1535 Versailles Avenue, Nortolk. Virginia 23509. JOHN R. 
HAIN. 100 G'jnilviev, Boule«jrd. Wyomissmg Hills Pennsylvania. VIRGINIA 
CLOTtLDE HAIR. I?? Rockingham Orwe WilmmHton Delaware 19803. LUCY B. 
HAISLIP, 209 Overlook Road. Staunton. Virginia 24401 ROGER W, HALE, 10436 
Brookmcor Onve. Silver Spring. Maryland 20901 R08ERT P. HALEY. 53 Cheltield 
Road Noflt> Hills Per>nsylvania 19038 CHARLES T, HALL, Route 1 Hunter Road. 
Winston Salem North Carolina 27106. CHRISTINA HALL, 819 South Wash.ngton 
Street Hinsdale. Illinois 60521 DAWN H. HALL. 1305 Green Street Durham, 
North Carolina. Fatrborn Ohio JAN T. HALL. 3537 Hamstead Court. Durham. 
North Carolma 27707. LIDA R. HALL. 314 Eatman Avenue. Eutaw. Alabama 
35462 ROBERT C. HALL. 8615 Piney Branch Road S'lver Sprmg. Maryland. 
RUTH A. HALL. 421 Rightmyer Dnve. Roanoke Rapids North Carolina. SUSAN J. 
HALL. 4249 Sunken Court Port Arthur 77640 THOMAS C. HALL II, 2419 
West Avenue J San Angelo. Texas 76901 WILLARO W. HALL II, 1 1 120 Southwest 
58 Court M.ami Flor.da 33156. WILLIAM S. HALL. 8500 Lynwood Place, Chevy 
Chase Maryland 20015 DIANE G. HALLE. 1407 Chapel Hill Drive. Baltimore. 
Maryland 21206 ELIZABETH H. HALLER. 51 25 Westpath Way. Washington, C 
20016 MARSHA L. HALLMAN. 213 North Star Road Newark. Delaware 19711 
DONALD P. HALSEY. 43 Hasthorne Place. Monlclarr New Jersey 07042 NANCY A. 
HALTOM. Box 155 Denlon North Carolina 27239 SUSAN HALTIWANGER, 1212 
Bacon Park Dnve Savannah. Georgia 31406 DONALD M. HAMADA, 3138 Uni 
Street, tihue Kauai, Hawai. 96766. MARY SUE HAMANN. 1 302 Beniamm Parkway. 
Greensboro North Carolina 27408 RUFUS R HAMBfltGHT JR.. 2322 Danbury 
Road. Greensboro North Carol. na 27408 JUDY J HAMBURG. 1640 Fort Washing- 
Ion Maple Glen Pennsylvania 19002 CHARLES S. HAMILTON tl, 15 Onole Drrve 
Norwalk Connecticul 06851 JAMES G. HAMILTON. 403 Royal Palm Boulevard, 
Charleston. South Carolina 29407 WILLIAM M. HAMILTON JR.. 1100 Roebuck 
Drive Meridian. Mississippi 39302. KAREN M. HAMMETT. 104 Broadview Drive. 
Waynesv.lle. North Carolmj 28786 ROY WILKS HAMMOCK. Bo. 188. Phen.x CHy 
Alabama 36867 STEPHEN D. HAMPTON, 209 Forestdale, Jamestown 
North Carolina 27282 STEPHEN H. HAMRICK. 36 Ford Street Moundsville, West 
Virginia 26041 WILLIAM C HAMRICK. 1 30 Sunset Drive. GaMney South Carolina 
29340 MICHAEL C. HAMSCHIN, 582 WeslMcMurray Road. Canonsburg Pennsyl 
vania 15317 CHRISTOPHERS. HANBACK, 2152 F Street Northwest Washington 
D C 20037 ERICH J. HANCE, Bo« I 16 B Route #2 Waverly Ohio 45690 HELEN 

A. HANCOCK. 149 P.newood Road Virgm.a Beach. Virginia 23451 KENNETH D. 
HANCOCK. 16525 Bachelors Forest Road Olney Maryland 20832. HELEN H. 
HAND, 305 Kearney Street, Denver Colorado 80220 LINDA C. HAND, Box 45 
Gatesviile North Carolina 27938 DEBORAH A. HANDRAHAN, 131 Oakdale Ave- 
nue Baltimore Maryland ?\??S WILLIAM J. HANENBERG, 103 MacDonald Dnve 
Wayne. New Jersey DANIEL R HANES. 202 Hotly Lane. Morehead City North 
Carolina 28557 HELEN J HANES. S25 North Hawthorne Road Winston Salem 
North Carolina ELIZABETH C HANIFIN. 2687 Cranlyn Road Shaker Heights 
Ohio 44122 KATHLEEN M HANIGAN, 5722 Rupert Lane. Charlotle North Caro- 
lina 28205 LESLIE K. HANKINS. 8 Be.ich Road Cape Arthur. Sevema Park Mary- 
land 21146 LINDA MARIE HANKINS. 8 Beach Road Severna Park. Maryland 
21146. SUSAN L. HANKINS. 9 Walker Drive Simsbury. Connecticut 06070 PHILIP 
R. HANLON, 556 Earlslon Road. Kemlworth lltmois 60043 ELLEN F. HANNA. 
250 Mam Street Oak Hill West Virginia 25901 MARY A. HANNA. 518 Northeast 
4lh Avenue Gainesville Florida 32601 DAVID W. HANNON. 46 Minnehaha Circle, 
Ma. Hand Florida 32751 PATRICIA J. HANSEN. 1 1 Bacon Street. Wellesley. Mass- 
achuselis. WILLIAM D, HANSEN, 1272 Zimmer Drive Northeast. Atlanta Georgia 
30306, CHRISTINE L. HANSON, 5829 Drew Avenue South Edma Minnesota 
55410; EDWARD M.HANSON JR.. 546 Elm Street Winnetka Illinois 60093 JOHN 

B. HANSON. 645 Campus Circle Fort Lauderdale. Florida 33312. JUDY KAYE 
HANSON, 910 Lancaster Street Durham North Carolina MAUREEN R. HANSON. 
2300 Foster Place Southeast. HiHcrest He.ghts Maryland MARY E. HAPALA. 
Sweet Briar Virgima 24595 MILAN E. HAPALA. Box S. Sweet Briar College. Vir- 
gir>ia 24595 CHERYL K. HARA, 23 Pme Manor Onve. Little Rock Arkansas 72207 
ROBERT M. HARBRECHT, 347 Blandford Dnve. Worthington Ohio 43085 CATHY 

D. HARBISON. 103 York Street Morganlon North Carolina 28655 SUSAN D. 
HARBUCK. 435 Wmgrave Drive. Charlotte North Carolina 28211 DALE A, 
HARDESTY, 102 Dexter Road. Wilmington. Delaware 19803 SARAH E. 
HARDESTY. Parsonage Road Greenwich Connecticul CLYDE D HARDIN JR., 
13420 Glen Lea Way Rockville Maryland 20850 KIM D. HARDINGHAM. 490 
Bleeker Avenue Mamaroneck New York 10543 GARVIN B. HARDISON JR., 
Arapohoe North Carolina 28510. DAVID A. HARDY. 3324 Sunny Crest Lane Ket 
tenng Ohio 45419 DOUGLAS A. HARDY, 62 Oakley Street Basking Ridge New 
Jersey 07920 MARGARET A. HARDY. Batchelors Forest Road, Olney. Maryland 
20832 SYLVIA A. HARGETT. Post OtticeBox 130 Trenton North Carolina 28585 
JEFFREY K. HARING. 6 Piedmont Drive Cranbury New Jersey 08512 BONNIE L, 
HARKEY. 1633 Scotland Avenue Charlotte North Carolina 28207 MARTIN L. 
HARKEY. 1501 College Avenue. Anderson South Carolina 29621 HARRY H. HAR- 
KINS JR.. 337 North Shore Drive Sarasota Florida 33580, WILLIAM D. HARKINS, 
1630 Warner Avenue Virginia 22101 JOSEPH A. HARLANO, 7929 Robi 
son Road. Bethesda Maryland 20034 DAVID S- HARNETT. 86 Cedar Dnve Great 
Neck New York 11021. GERALD D. J. HARNETT. 621 Deaver Drive Blue Bell 
Pennsylvania WAYNE L. HARPER, Box 121 Kmghldale N --Ih r ». .i.-.j 27545. 
ANN L, HARRIS, 305 Victoria Street. Greensboro North Cj^ ■■ , ' •■un ELLIE G, 
HARRIS. 5409 Duvall Dnve. Washington. C 20016 GAYLE BRIDGES HARRIS, 
517 East End Avenue Durham North Carolina 27703 JAMES A HARRIS JR.. 246 
Kennedy Road Paducah Kentucky 42001 JOE L. HARRIS. Box 35 Lake Wacca 
maw. North Carolina 28450 JOEL M. HARRIS. 515 Baslogne Dnve Akron Ohio 
44303, RENT T. HARRIS 6642 Williamsburg Boulevard Arlington. Virginia LINDA 

E. HARRIS 1702 North Roxboro Durham North Carolina. MARJORIE A, HARRIS. 
962 Summer Place Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15216 RKHARD A, HARRIS, 62 
Phoenix Street Hempstead New York 11550 SUE E, HARRIS. 2024 Kynwyd 
Road Wilmington Delaware 19803. THOMAS B. HARRIS JR., 6912 Park Road 
Charlotte. North Carolina 28210 VAUDE S. HARRIS III. 862 Kathenne Circle. 
Concord North Carolina 28025 WILLIAM F HARRIS II, 330 Flicker Dnve, 
mond Virginia 23227 ARTHUR B. HARRISON. 2900 West Dnve Zanesville. Ohio 
43705 EDWARD C. HARRISON. 63-1 7 Clyde Slreel Forest Hills. New York 1 1375 
JENNY M HARRISON, i '64 Wesbrook Crescent Vancouver. British Columbia 
Canadj GEORGE A HARRISON. 21 1 North Mam Street. Berlin Maryland 2181 1 
HELEN BRUCE HARRISON. 915 Lambelh C.rcle, Durham North Carolina 27408 
JEFFREY 0, HARRISON, 1210 Highland Avenue, Jackson, Tennessee 38301 JON 
J HARRISON, 400 East 3rd Avenue. Red Springs. North Carolina 28377 MARCIA 
R. HARRISON, 259 Lenn. Road Glen Riddle. Pennsylvania 19037 BARBARA E. 
HARROD. 2401 Pot Spnng Road. Timonium. Maryland 21093 MARION L. HART, 
1307 North McAdoo Kmston. North Carolina 28501 PATRICIA L, HART, !14 
Soulhern Parkway Rochester New York 14618 LINDA A. HARTER. 24 Grandview 
Drive Route 2 Holmdel New Jeisey PAUL J, HARTMANN. 712 Lathrop Avenue, 
Rwer Forest lllino.s 60305 KATHLEEN R. HARWARD. 1 7704 Vinyard Lane, Der- 
wood Maryland 20855 FRANCES FREEMAN HARWELL, 1913 Datura Street Sara- 

sola Florida 33579 GEORGE K. HARWELL. Bo« 685 Orange Virginia 22960. 
NIKITA L. HARWICH. Apanado No 61-350 Caracas V.-ne/ui'L.i HELEN W. 
HASKELL, 548 Pierce Avenue Macon Georgia 31204 EDMUND C HASKINS. 
8212 Hawthorne Road. Bethesda. Maryland 20034 ELIZABETH HASKIN. 645 
South Randolphville Road P.scataway. New Jersey ORR54 NANCY L HASSEL- 
BACK, 3440 Old Gun Road Virgin. ..i .^3113 GERALD L HASSELL. 
3916 Northwest 4lh Slreel Miam.. Florida 33126 NEWTON E HASSON, 73 0ak 
way Road. Timomum. Maryland 21093 DOUGLAS A. HASTINGS, 28H S|. ring Ave- 
nue GlenEllyn Illinois 601 37 ANN D. HATCHER. 2083 Lee Highway Road South- 
west Roanoke Virginia 24018 CHRISTINE A. HATFIELD. 5 Easy Street Hudson, 
New Hampshire 03051 ROBERT G. HAUGHTON. 2533 Canterbury Road. Birming- 
ham Alabam.i ^S."":^? SUSAN G HAUMERSEN, Hatsawap Circle. Cambridge 
Maryland 2\b]i JONATHAN E HAUSBURG. 6 Redwood Road, Norwalk Con 
necticul 0685 1 GARY EUGENE HAUSER. 2302 Dogwood Lane Decatur Alabama 
35601 JAY L. HAVICE. B... 16b Ljkp Lu-e North Carolina 28746 JOHN P. HAV- 
RAN. 2099 Clarence Avenue Lakewood Ohio 44107 DAVID ANDREW HAWKINS. 
514 Avenue Gadsden, Alabama 35901 WILLIAM A, HAWLEY. 2424 
Taylor Avenue Alexandria V.rgmia 22302 JEAN E, HAWORTH. 15 Woodbme 
Place H.lton Head Island South Carol. na 29928 PAUL L, HAWTHORNE, 221 Gun 
Club Road RiLhmond Virginia 23221 DAVID S. HAY. 2366 Dresden Road Zanes- 
ville Ohio 43701 MICHAEL S. HAY. 6 Guerard Road Charleston South Carolina 
29407 MATTIE HAYES. 1302 Magr.oha Street Thomasv.ile Georgia 31792 
MCHAEL J. HAYES, 98 Linden Avenue Emerson New Jersey 07630 MICHAEL R. 
HAYES 56 Seaview Onve Ormond Beach Flonda ROBERT B, HAYES. 1611 
Grc-enview Circle Windsor Ontario Canada ROBERT R. HAYTER. 3131 Dogwood Pin-. T--.ji75'lbO GARY J. HEADY. 1238 Myrtle Avenue Danville V.rgm.a 
24541 JOHN P. HEARD. 1750 West Sussex Road Northeast. Atlanla Georgia 
30306 LAURENCE S. HEARD, 49 Woodr.dge Road Westwood Maryland 02090. 
WILLARDC. HEARIN III, 1 12 Twill Lake Road Greenville South Carolina GEORGE 
M HEARN JR.. 151 7 Clarendon Place Rock Hill South Carolina 29730 PAUL P 
HEARN. 206 Sweelbner Road. Greenville, South Carolina 29607 BARBARA S, 
HEATH. 11708 Eden Road S'lver Spnng Maryland JOSEPH J. HEBERT, 7054 
M.-.Ond Avenue Jacksonville Flrinj,.! JOHN H. HEBRANK. 102 Tanglewood Drive 
Lansdale Pennsylvania 19446 KIMBERLY E HEDGECOCK. 198 A Kooycng Road 
Toorak Victoria 3142 Auslraiu RALPH E HEDGECOCK. Route 5 Box 395 Ker- 
nersville North Carolina 27284 THOMAS R. HEDGES. 756 Slanwick Road 
Moorestown New Jersev 0805? BARBARA L. HEDMAN. 39 Ridge Road. Roseland. 
New Jersey 07068 ROBERT M HEDRICK. 300 ChasseUe Lane Saint Louis. Mis- 
souri 63141 JOHN MICHAEL HEFFERNAN. 839 Nancy Way Westlield New Jer- 
sey 07090 LUCY L. HEFFNER, Route 1 Bo. 301 Walnul Cove. Norlh Carolina 
27052 ALICE G, HEGE, 414 Leander Street Shelby North Carolina 28150. GWEN 
F. HEGYAN, 170 Mohawk Dnve Pittsburgh Perinsylvama 15228 PETER J, 
HEIDENGREN, 349 Easiem Avenue Hampton M Renss New York KATHRYN L. 
HEIDLEBAUGH. 1280 Overlook Road Lakewood Ohio 44107 RALPH J. HEIL JR., 
10 Highledge Drive Penheld New York 14526 RONALD E, HEIMANN, 737 Grand 
Concourse Miam. Florida 33138 OAVID B. HEINZ. 709 RoHmgwood Dnve 
Greensboro North Carolina 27410 MARTIN J. HEITNER. 14 Ph.lup Prince- 
ton New Jersey 08540 SARAH A. HELDRICH. 216 Wendover Road Baltimore 
Maryland DONALD M. HEIFER. 035 Sky Top Terrace Fairlield Connecticut 
06604 JOHN T. HELGESON, 714 North School Street Normal Illinois 6176! 
RCHARO M. HELLER, Sunny Ridge Road Harnson New York 10021 ROBERT C. 
HELLER, 4525 North Wildwood Shorewood Wisconsin 53211 ELIZABETH SARAH 
HELLMAN, 6505 Waterway Dnve Falls Church Virgin. a 22044 HUGH B. HELM 
III, 1005 Congress Lane, McLean, THORNTON M. HELM. 1607 Bon Air 
Drive Lexington, Kentucky 40502: DEBORAH L, HELMS. Route 8 Bo. 381. Mon- 
roe. North Carolina 28110. MICHAEL P. HELMS, 6 Mj. ilyn Drive Scotia New York 
12302. PAMELA S. HELMS. Route 8 Box 287 Monroe Nmlh C.ri.l.n.i 28110. 
PETER N. HELMS. 7458 East Visia Dnve Scottsdale Ari,Mri,i MS."":J HAL S. 
HEMME. 385 Howard Drive Youngston New York 14174 JAMES D. HENDERSON. 
1 132 Cherry Slreel. Wmnelka Illinois 60093 PAMELA K- HENDERSON. Route 3 
BoK 136 Mineral. Virginia 23117 ROBERT C, HENDERSON, 5101 Neptune Way. 
Tampa Louisiana 33609 NANCY C HENDRICKS. 203 Auburn Road Waynes 
ville North Carolina 28786 LEE H. HENKEL III. 2645 Sue Mack Dnve Columbus. 
Georgia 3190h KATHEfllNE A. HENNESSEY. 3260 Lansmere Shaker He.ghts. 
Oho JOHN FREDERICK HENRY JR,. 107 East MoHoy Road Syracuse New York 
13211 ROBERT NELSON HENRY. 205 South Street Cumberland Maryland 
21502 MARY A. HENSCHEN, 2515 Morganlon Road. Fayeltev.lle North Carolina 
28303 DOUGLAS R HENSHAW. Wood Road Mornstown New Jersey 07960 
ELIZABETH J. HENSLEIGH. 1145 Harrogate Lane Northeasl. Atlanta Georgia 
30328 ELLEN W, HENSON. 949 Holly Hill Road, Monroe Georgia 30655. WILLIAM 
S. HERALD. 735 Hamilton Road Bryn Mawr. Pennsylvania 19010 STEPHEN 
HERBERT, 1609 Sedget.eld Streef Aparlment G. Durham Norlh Carolina GARY 
E, HERMAN. 7408 Chatham Street Spnnglield Virginia HARRIET C. HERNDON. 
Route 2 Box 388. Matthews. North Carolina CHERYL TEMPLE HERR. 19 South 
Kirklyn Avenue Upper Darby. Pennsylvania 19082 HELEN A HERRING, 6555 
Camino De La Kanna. Tucson Arizona 857 IS ANDREA HERRON, rrPO Viala 
Brea, Palos Verdes Est. Calilorn.a. MARILYN K. HESS, 460 I B.--.-^ h^ R^.ad Wil- 
mington Delaware 19803 ROBIN M. HESSEY, Box 231. Sparks. Maryland 21 1 52 
JOHN F, HETH. 205 Holly Lane Clarks Summit. Pennsylvania 18411. ROBERT 
WILLIAM HEWGLEY, 2454 East 30lh Tulsa Oklahoma 741 !4 JANE A. HEWITT. 
211 West Road, Timomum M.srylaml 21093 JANET L. HIBBS, Post 
Ollice Box 1013 Richardson, Texas 75080 KATHERINE M HIBLER, ! 703 Bivins 
Street. Durham. North Carolina CHERYL SUSAN HICKS. (-■■ u'. -i S Monllord Ave- 
nue. Inman. South Carolina 29349. THOMAS R HICKS. ,"'0h i.i^n.jun Streel North- 
easl, Vienna Virginia 22180. PETER FOSTER HIESTAND, 7828 Hampden Lane. 
Bethesda Maryland 20014. BILL YE L. HIGDON. 7 100 South Watterson Trail, Fern 
Creek. Kentucky 40291. INEZ M. HIGGINS. 238 South Grant Street. Wilkes-Bsrre. 
Pennsylvania 18702 JULIA W. HIGGINS, 6o» 23052. Charlolte, North Carolina 
28212 NANCY S. HIGGINS. Route 3 Bo« 76AA Wilmington. North Carol-na 
28401 VIRGINIA W. HIGGINS, Post Otiice Box 23052 Charlotte North Carolina 
28212 BRUCE P. HIGHLEY, 45 Fremont Road Newark Delaware 1971 1 PETER L. 
HILBIG, 912 Elm Avenue River Edge New Jersey 07661. JOSEPH F, HILOEN- 
BRAND JR.. 4202 Linden Street Fairlax Virginia 22030 CHRISTOPHER 0. HILL. 
Courdand Virginia 23837 ERIC C. HILL. 1 14 Sunset Avenue LaGrangp Illinois 
60525. HARRIET A. HILL. 1800 Meredith Road Virginia Beach Virginia 23455 
JOHN A. HILL. 270 West 56 Street Hialeah Fionda 33012 JAMES L. HILL, 14 flio 
Vista Drive Louisv.lle. Kentucky 40207 LEE H, HILL III. 356 Central Park Avenue 
Scarsdale, New York 10583 MARCIA MULLINIX HILL. 251 Chamoun.x Road. St 
Davids. Pennsylvania 19087 PATRICIA A. HILL. Route 3 Box 139, Ninety Six 
South Carolma 29666 VICTOR L. HILL. 226 Hillsboro Northwest. Orangeburg 
South Carolina 291 15 WILLIAM AUSBAND HILL. Bo» 338. Denton, North Carolmj 
27239. RAMA H. HILLMAN. 340 Fairlax Dnve W.nston Salem North C.Kolin.i 
27104 SUSAN HILLS, 1010 West Markham Avenue, Durham. Norlh Carolina 
27701 ROBERT LEE HINES, 1561 Harper Street. Rocky Mount Nnrlh Cjrolm.i 
27801. TERENCE M, HINES, 5 Kmgslord Road. Hanover New H.mrpshirp 03755 
BONNIE K.HINRLE, Box 205 Welcome North Carolma 27374 JUDITH C HINKEL. 
423 Catalpa Avenut Norlh Plamtield, New Jersey 07063 WALTER E HINSHAW. 

Route 3 Box 524, Graham North Carol. na 21253 HOWARD JEFFREY HINSON, 
127 Parkway Drive. Newport News Virgtm.j 23606 MICHAEL T, HIPPLER, 6465 
Colebridge Road Atlanta Georgia 30328 LINDA JOY HIPPS, 122 06 135 Avenue, 
Queens. New York 11420, MICHAEL B. HIRSCH. 715 Oakwood Onve Hamilton, 
Ohio 45013, PAUL T.HIRSCH, 22 Ash Lane Sherbom Mar /land 0(770 ELSA fl, 
HIRVELA. 260 Fier Island Avenue. Babylon, New York 11702 DONALD P, HIX. 
Route 1 Box 200-C Launnburg, North Carolina 28352 THOMAS E, HOAR JR., 
105 Abbey Road. Manhasset New York 11030 RANDALL D. HOBBET. 8 Heath 
Place. Durham, North Carolina 27705 SUSAN M. HOBBS. 721 Soult) Church 
Street, Brookhaven, Mississippi 39601 BARRY D HOBERMAN. 417 Yale Avenue, 
Woodmere, New York 11598 FREDERICK W. HOCKENJOS. 3! Seminole Way. 
Short Hills. New Jersey 07078. PAYGE M. HOOAPP, 320 Denms Adrian. Michigan 
49221 PAUL G, HODGES. Route 5 Bo. 374 Mount Airy North Carolina 27030 
JOHANNA W, HOEHL. 5455 Southwest 100 Street Miami. Florida 33156 JOHN 
R. HOEHL Jr.. 5455 Southwest 100 Street Miami Florida 33156 THORNTON E. 
HOELLE, 615 Ocean Drive Apartmenl 9A, Key Biscayne, Flonda 33149 CHRIS- 
TINE A. HOELZEL, 2927 Ivanhoe Road Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 44224 STEPHEN G 
HOFFIUS, 2730 Bonnell Grand Rapids Michigan 49506 BYRON J. HOFFMAN JR.. 
1 148 Springdale Road. Atlanla Gtor^u 30306 LES A. HOFFMAN, 904 lola Road. 
Louisville Kentucky 40207 ROGER ALLAN HOFFMAN. Cedar Road Bradford 
woods, Pennsylvania 15015 THOMAS G HOFFMAN. 95 Oakndge Road West 
Orange, New Jersey 07052 ROSEMARY HOFFMANN, 351 Grand Court Winston 
Salem, North Carolina 27104 MARILYN A. HOFMANN, 70 Greenhaven Road. Rye. 
New York 10580 JAMES WESLEY HOGG, 124 Shelbourne Dnve York Pennsyh 
vama 17403. BETSY J. HOGGARD. 511 South Haughton Williai-ston. Norlh 
Carolin..! 27892 JOE L. HOGSED. 407 Edgehill Avenue. Kmston, North Carolina 
28501 CHARLES R HOGSHEAD. 230 West Park Drive Morganton North Carolina 
28655 AMY D HOGUE. 2696 Elame Dnve Lower Burrell Pennsylvania 15068 
JEFFREY W. HOLCOMBE. 18 Mountain View Road. South Windsor Connecticut 
06074 ARTHUR G, HOLDER, 690 Gladstone Road Northwest. Atlanta Georgia 
30318 DIANE L. HOLDITCH. 7305 Post & Rail Lane. Cincinnati. Ohio 45243 JACK 
C- HOLLAND. 805 Monument Road. Ponca City. Oklahoma 74601 JEAN C. HOL- 
LEY. 2506 Wnghlwood Avenue Durham. Norlh Carolina. DORIS L. HOLLINGS- 
WORTH, 2313 Lake Avenue. Fayetteville, North Caiolina 28301 EDGAR W. HOLLO- 
MON. 303 Ned Dnve, Hampton. Virginia 23366 JOHN 0. HOLLY. 1632 Timothy 
Street, Charleston. South Carolina 29407 DAVID C, HOLMES. 3734 Northshore 
Road. Columbia. South Carolina 29206 MARILYN J HOLMES. 121 North Wakedeld 
Street. Arlington Virginia 22203. STEPHEN D HOLMES. 6732 Newbold Dnve 
Bethesda. Maryland 20034 CHARLES J. HOLMQUIST, 2624 Norwood Drive, Rock 
lord Illinois 61107 JO A. HOLSHOUSER. Box 235 Rockwell North Carolina 
28138 PHYLLIS K, HOLSHOUSER, Route 1 Bo. 301 Gold Hill North Carolina 
28071 JONATHAN L-HOLSKIN. 46 North Court. Roslyn He.ghts New York 11577, 
GEORGE M. HOLT. 6745 South 69lh East Avenue Tulsa Oklahoma 74133 KNUT 
HOLTE. Raelingin Norway BRUCE L. HOMER, 3200 Sheridan Road Chicago 
Illinois 60657 MICHAEL S. HONEGGER. 825 Upton Way Somerdale New Jersey 
08083 MARY R. HOOK, 1019 Woodland Dnve Rock Hill South Carolina 29730 
HAROLD L, HOOKS JR.. 3003 Strallord Drive Augusta Georgia 30904 SUSAN 
V. HOOP. 3521 Royal Palm Drive Virginia Beach Virginia 23452 JOHN C HOPE, 
1815 Indian Creek Drive Mobile Alabama 36607 BARBARA SUSAN HOPKINS. 
180 Hampton Court Athens, Georgia 30601 CATHERINE DABNEY HOPKINS, 
1102 Oakwood Drive Southwest Roannke Virgjn...i 2401:. JAMES F. HORN, 25 
Westorchard Road, Chappaqua. New York 10514 EDWARD C. HORNE. 3 13 i47th 
Place, Whitestone. New York 1 1357, JANICE A. HORNER, 2301 Laburnum Avenue 
Southwest, Roanoke. Virginia 24015. CARLYN A. HORNING, 4393 Pobmhood 
Circle. Westerville, Ohio 43081 LEE J. HORNSTEIN, 21 1 Park Road Porlsmouth. 
Virginia 23707 FRANK S. HORSLEV, 102 Merewood Road. Belmont North Caro- 
lina 28012 ANNE M. HORTENSTINE, 119 Hawthorne Drive Winchester Virginia 
22601 CATHY JO HORTON. 7129 Maytield Avenue. Madeva Ohio 45243 DEB- 
ORAH L. HORTON. ."'OS fast Ring Factory Road. Bel A.r Maryland 2101 4 EUGENE 
T. HORTON JR., 614 Manning Drive, Charlotte North Carolina 23209 JAMES M, 
HORTON, 4305 Regency Court, Jackson Mississippi 3921 1 KATHY A. HORTON, 
610 Gillespie Avenue Charlottesville Virginia 22901 NANCY H. HORTON. 384 
East Drive. Oak Ridge Tennessee 37830 OZEY K. HORTON JR.. MOCarfoll L ane 
Belton. South Carolina 29627 JULIE R HORVATH, 242 Concord Road Wayland 
Massachusetts 01778 HENDEY HOSTETTER, 2204 Via Tuscany Winter Park, 
Flonda 32789 DEBORAH F HOTCH. 48 > .jr (., Conors Road Wayland Massa 
chusetts01778 DONALD F, HOUSE JR., 4i I Margaret Avenue Baltimore Mary- 
land21221 CHARLES W. HOUSTON JR., Box 500 Jamesburg New Jersey 08831 
ALISON R. HOWARD. 3714 Carditf Court Chevy Chase Maryland 2001 5 ELEA- 
NOR H. HOWARD. 1105 East Cheves Streel Florence South Carolina 29501 
LESLIE M HOWARD. 12 Garlield Place East Rockaway New York 11518 
THOMAS P HOWARD, 595 Wedge Dnve. Naples Flonda 33940 MARK R, HOW- 
ARD. 34 n Ro^err. Road. Jacksonville Florida 32211 LISE C. HOWE, 3017Cathe- 
deral Avenue Northwest Washington. D C 20009 JOHN A. HOWELL, 5835 
Lebanon Road Alexandria Virginia 22310 SANDRA M HOWER. 5515 Country 
Club Drive, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577 JAMES F HOWSER, 1 168 Kings 
Drive. Charlotte. North Carolina 28207 MEI-KU HUANG. 315 Colesville Manor 
Drive Silver Spring. Maryland 20904 CHRIS L, HOYLE. 108 Maxwell Road, 
tanburg. South Carolina 29302 PHILLIP HSU. 44 Carnarvon 8> 8/F Kowl.'nn 
Hong Kong, MARGARET C. HUBBARD. 7 Sackoll Circle Larchmonl New Y,.rk 
10538, WILLIAM E. HUBBARD. 3045 Montrose Avenue Richmond Virginia 23,\\' 
LINDA G. HUDAK. 8509 Fo. Run Potomac Maryland 20854 JOHN L. HUDGINS. 
Halatax Street South Hill Virginia GEOFFREY RALPH HUDSON. 3101 Aberl,.ylf 
Place Northwest Washington D C 20015 KATHRYN A. HUDSON. 501 C'-wn 
View Drive Alexandria Virgima 22314 RANDALL B, HUDSON. 50 F.ske Road Wo' 
lesley Hills Massachusetts 02131 KLAUS KARL HUEBNER. Route 2 North [ isl 
Maryland 21901 JOHN C. HUFF. 1 Alden Court Greenville, South Carolina 2961 I 
THOMAS C HUFF. 454 Shend^r Road W.nnetka Illinois 60093 STEPHEN D 
HUFFMAN, 198 McAdenville Belnioni No'lh C.i'oi.n i ,"^801 ,■ DOREEN L 
HUGHES, Post OHice Bo. 326 Y.idk.nville Nnrlh Cjrolmj 2705^ GREGORY D 
HUGHES. 2404 Scenu Drive Mnbou-iie Fl,.r.<t.. 32901 JANET G. HUGHES, 3/U7 
Jones Bridge Rojd Chevy Ch.ise M.iryi..M,i .''OOI^ MICHAEL A. HUGHES. 404 
Virginia Drive Melbourne flondi 32901 RICHARD J. HUGHES, 3708 K-Miiwuod Du'h.1... Norlh Corolin.i 07042 RITA A HUGHES. 225 West W.eui .i 
Northe.isl GeorgM 30iOs ROBERT E HUGHES JR., P>.sl OMm> Hox 
1821 Greenv'lle South Cin-l.' i ^m i RUTHANN HULING, 395 SH- Avtvuit' 
Collegeviile Pennsylvani.i 194.^ DONALD F HULL III. 448 C''.i"0"l«' Dnwp 
Citonsville Maryl.ind 21228 DONNA L HUMPHREY. 2b49 Sl'.]r..rKt.ilc Cir. It- 
Atljot.i Geor^i.i 30305 SARAH HUMPHREY, >.n.e<.ii Delivery Fr^-.leMksteil Sr 
Crni. U S Virgin Isl.iiuK CAROL M HUMPHRIES. 162 E.isl 8u1U>< Avenuo New 
Bril.iiM Pennsylv.ini. I 1S90I ALICE fl HUNEYCUTT, 111 M.ircySlreel Gtoonv 
born N.irtli C.irolin.. 27408 NANCY R HUNNEMANN, ."'603 Wesi M.irkot Sirwl 
Greensboro North C.iroiiri.i 2 Mu i DONALD B HUNT, Route 1 H<.» 888 
H.lll Nortti C.irol.ivi 27045 SUSAN HUNT. 1 400 ( ..nterbury Ralenih 
Nprll-iC.iriiii.i.i 27608 BARBARA A, HUPP. .'71 S^'utliwesl 4|li Street, Bo. .i 
Flond.i 33432 JOHN A HURLBURT. 1 1 10 Woodhurn NoMhC.ifo 
lin.i 27705 MARVIN HURSEY. 63 Bl.inlon SUeet Asheville North C.irolm.i 


HERBERT H- HURST, 328 Hailett Road New CJStle Oeloware 19720 LINOA C. 
HURST, ^bSb Ryef.efd Dnve Dunwoody Georgia 30338 RICHARD T. HURT, 4416 
Jamersor. Place, Orlando Flof.Ja 32807 MICHAEL A. HURWITZ. 3310 Woodnpple 
Road Bairimofe M.jfyland :?1307, ELIZABETH N. HUSE. ?800 Fo. Mill Road 
Horndo.. Vif^ifii.i .■'?070 FREDERIC J. HUSER. 3913 West 60m Street Edma 
Minrei't, SUSAN D HUSSAR. 1 Sunrise Drive Armonk New Yorh lO^Od 
JOSEPH L HUTCHENS. P .st Oft-ce Box 492 Mounl Airy North Carolm.i 27030 
ROBERT W HUTCHESON, 3101 Cranston Court Witmette Illinois 60091 JOHN 
W HUTCHINSON. ?739 Lincoln Street Hollywood Florida 33020 NANCY A. 
HUTCHINSON, -I U^i South BirmingMdm Piare Tulsa Oklahoma 74105 SCOTT 
L HUTCHINSON, 102 Fo-top P.ttsburgh Pennsylvania 15238 JAMES M, 
HUTCHISON JR., 6o. 81 Route 2 West Grove Pennsylvania 19390 CLINTON B. 
HUTTO JR.. 1S90 Scr.Bner Road Penlieid New York 14526 RICHARD R, HUX- 
FORD, 91 7 Five Pent Road Virgmia Beach Vifgima 23454 LINDA S. HYATT. 5009 
Wesipori Road Chevy Chase Maryland 20015 ROBERT A. HYDE. 8 Twin Oaks 
Drive Edison New Jersey 08817 BRENT ROWAN HYDER. 4910 Crestl. he Road 
Fort Worth Te»as 76107 

SUE E- IDDINGS. 1214 Marlborough Road Raleigh No'lh Carolina 27610. LINO- 
SAY IDESON, 1652 Srjndywme Drive Charlottesville Virginia 22901 MARY A, 
IGNA. 584 lakeland Grosse Pomte Michigan 48230, LINOA D. INGRAHAM, b07 
NoFih P.3rk Avenue Dunn North Carnlma 28334 JONATHAN 0. INGRAM. 4774 
North 33rd Street, Arlington Virginia 22207 WALTER W, IMPERT, 147 Sunset 
Drive Horsehead New York 14845 JOHN R, INGOLD. 3530 Hamstead Court 
Durham North Carolina 2770? ANN E. INGRAM. Bo. 57 Walkertown. North 
Carolina 27051 MARTHA C. INGRAM. 710 Broadland Road Northwest Atlanta 
Georgia 30328 WILLIAM H, INMAN II, 1611 Rutlner Road Ale«andria Virginia 
22302. JOHN S, IRELAND, 322 Kensington Avenue. Montreal. Quebec Canada. 
MAUREEN L. IRELAND. 4213 North 39th Street Arlington Virginia 22207 CRAIG 
R, IRISH. 20185 Parkside Drive Rocky River Ohio 44) 16 FRANK W, IRVIN III. 
1 329 Gleniean Court Cenlerville Ohio 45459 MELINDA NIELD IRVINE. 54 Reeder 
Lane New Canaan Connecticut 06840 FRED T, ISAF. 139 Scenic Drive Ho'Se- 
heads New York 14845 JAMES M, ISEMAN JR.. 1008 Ann Street Rockingham 
North Carolina 28379 MARIAN L. ISENHOWER, 520 Fourth Street Drive North 
west Conover North Carolina 28613 MICHAEL S. IVES. Route 4 0o» 4058, Vir 
gmia Beach Virginia 23457. DAVID M. IVEY. 109 Dogwood Drive Black Mountain 
North Carolina 2871 1 LAURIE IV1NS, I 1 18 Plummer Circle. Rochester Minne- 
sota 55901 STEPHEN P. IVY. 25 Brewster Hill Road. Selauket. New York 11733 
MARY K, IZARD. 186 Central Avenue Murray Hill. New Jersey 07974 

PRISCILLAC JACK, 5 Mohawk Trail Chatham New Jersey 07928. PAMELA JACK- 
EPSON, }? ■ .niinentat Drive Middlelown. Rhode Island 02840, BARBARA 
MERYLE JACKSON, 2418 Colgate Drive. Fayetleville North Carolina 28304 
DAVID V JACKSON. 169 Cooper Avenue, Upper Monlectair. New Jersey. EARNEST 
JACKSON, Rnule 1 Box 169, Hopkins South Carolina 29061 GORDON S. JACK- 
SON JR., CMR Bo. 4131, APO New York. New York 09825. HELEN E. JACKSON. 
19 Salem flidge Dfive Huntmgton New York 1 ! 743, JAMES K, JACKSON. ."'409 
luckahoRoad Loui=,vHIp Kentu.-l-v 40207 JOHN G, JACKSON, Suulhdown, Grejl 
Falk. Virginia 22066 LEE FRANKLIN JACKSON. 57 Shaughnessy, Willowdale 
Ontario. Canada LEONARD C JACKSON, 388 Hawthorn Street. New Bedford. 
Massachusetts 02740 MARIANNE JACKSON. 210 Park Lane, Concord. Massa 
chusells WALTER A. JACKSON III. 3558 Cowden. Memphis Tennessee 381 1 1 
WILLIAM H JACKSON. 12365 Ravenna Road, Chardon Ohio 44024 CRIS W 
JACOBS, 808 North Street Greenwich Connecticut 06830 BARRY M, JACOBS. 
845 Park Drive Wantjgh New York 1 1793. CATHERINE J. JACOBS. 1527 West 
San Bruno Fresno Calitornia 93705 DANIEL H. JACOBS. 1 Mam Street, St 
Johnsbury Vermont 05819 DAVID H. JACOBS. 5555 Everett Chicago. Illinois 
60637 GREGORY R. JACOBS. 155 Beach Avenue Larchmonl New York 10538 
LINDA L JACOBS. 1 1 Preston Court Le«inglon Kentucky 40508 ROY STEVEN 
JACOBSON, 28 Sunset Road, Pomplon Plains New Jersey 07444 MAC A. 
JACOCKS. 1340 Ouai' Lane, Ponca City Oklahoma 74601 CAROL A. JAFFE. 90 
Chestnut Hill Drive Murray Hill New Jersey 07971 WILLIAM J. JAFFURS JR.. 
5811 Riggs Road Gaithersburg Maryland 20760 ROBERT L. JAMERSON, 225 
North Daniel Creek Collmsvide Virginia 24078 RICHARD L, JAMES, 445 Oak 
Knoll Northeast Warren Oh.o 44483 ROBERT G. JAMES JR., SO Ludlow Drive 
Chappaqua New York 10514 STEPHANIE K- JAMES. 9318 Cedar Lane Bethesda 
Maryland 20014 WILLIAM MORRIS JAMIESON, 699 Morns Road Blue Bell Penn 
sylvania 19422 CHRIS P. JAMISON, P. ute ? EHKOttCiy Maryland RICHARD J. 
JANECEK. 343 Cornell Avenue DesPl.-.mes ili.... .- hOu I 6 MARK E, JANKE. Brook 
dale Drive Clemmons North Carolina 2701 ."^ ROSEMARY JANN. 9122 Sudbury 
Road Silver Spring Maryland. KATHRYN JEANNE JAQUETTE. Route 3 Bo. 12 
HendersonvMle North Carolina 28739 OIANNE M, JARDNO. Route 1 Prosperity 
South Carolin.5 29127 KENNETH M. JARIN. 1009 Pheasant Lane Oreland Penn 
sylvania 19075 BRIAN H, JASPERSE. 1 1 Carmall Street Thomasvilie North Caro 
lina 27360 ROBERT A. JAWOROWSKI. 73 Arbor Drive Hohokus, New Jersey 
07423 JOSEPH G, JAY. 76 North Crest Road. Chattanooga Tennessee 37404 
WENDY JAY, 516 Lynne Avenue, Wyomissmg, Pennsylvania 19610, BETTY J, 
JEFFCOAT. 156 Boone Trail Severna Park Maryland 21 146, CATHERINE M. JEN- 
KINS. 3912 Benton Street Northwest, Washington D C 20007, CHARLES B. 
JENKINS. 1011 Magnolia Street W/mston Salem North Carolina 27 103 KEITH L. 
JENKINS. Box 468. Shokan, New York 12481. VICKI L. JENKINS. Post OHice Bo. 
174 Aui.inder North Carolina 27805. FREDERIC M. JENNES. 162 West Ridge 
Drive Wjterbufy. Connecticut 06708, JOHN HAROLD JENNINGS. 154 San 
Vicente Boulevard Santa Monica. California 90402 CHARLES J, JESS. 6842 
North 36(h Drive. I'hoeni.. An/ona 85019 TEDD H, JETT. Bo« 236 Windy HiH 
RandalMown Maryland 211 33 BARBARA L JETTON, 1226 Greylyn Drive Char 
lone. North Cirolin.i 28211 DAVID M JEUDA, 86b i' r.inford Avenue North Wood- 
mere New York 11581 MINAS C. JOANNIDES III, 470 3rd Street South St 
Petersburg, Florida 33701 MICHAEL R. JOE. 189 Norwood Avenue North Plain- 
lield. New Jersey 07060 ANDREW J JOHNROE, 2770 Cedar Hill Road, Cuyahoga 
Falls Ohio 44233, ALETHIA J JOHNSON. 198 Rutledge Avenue, Charleston 
SouItiC.irolinj 29403 ANNE J JOHNSON, 6740 South Oglesby Avenue Chicago 
lllir,...'. 601^,49 CATHERINE SUE JOHNSON. 315 North Van Buren, Versailles, Mis- 
■,M.,,, I, M-.l CHARLESA JOHNSON, 6522 Euclid Avenue Cincinnati Ohio45243 
CRAIG M JOHNSON, H.oitiuii -.K,,jd Louisville Kentucky 40222, ERIC PAUL 
JOHNSON, 3 L..Mi,;.v..<.J DMjt- H.impion. New Hampshire 03842. FRANCES J. 
JOHNSON, 1235 West Henderson Street Salisbury North Carolina 28144; 
FRANCES M. JOHNSON. 121 North Union Street Warsaw, Indiana 46580 JAMES 
W JOHNSON JR„ 150 Cassatt Road Berwyn Pennsylvania 19312 JOHN W. 
JOHNSON. 5408 Atlee Pl.jce Sprmgtield Virgim.i 22150 LYNNE E. JOHNSON. 
4411 Dresden Street Kensington Maryland 20795 MARK G. JOHNSON. 3290 
F..,.hill Drive Rocky River Ohio 44116 NANCY G, JOHNSON. .^65 Huiim, utt 
Drive, Athens Geo-Ri.i 30601 PAUL A. JOHNSON JR.. 798 GoUview Avt-nu.' 
>OungsIown OtMtj 44512 PHYLLIS C. JOHNSON. Route 3 Benson North 
lifW 27504 RENEE L. JOHNSON, 9706 Norit, Sunset lane 28 West Meqvon Wis 

consin 53092 RICHARD C. JOHNSON. 100 Wanng Road Memphis Tennessee 
38117 ROBERT B. JOHNSON. 21 12 Grange Drive M.ssissauga Ontarro Canada. 
ROBERT B JOHNSON. .:'431 Norlhwest 45, Oklahoma Cily Oklahoma 73112. 
STEPHEN M JOHNSON, Post OHice Bo« 318, West End North Carolina 27376 
STUART K JOHNSON, ^025 Carol Lane Northwest Atlanta Georgia 30327 SYL- 
VIA D JOHNSON, 61 1 Camellia Street Northeast. A.ken South Carolina 29801 
SYLVIA M. JOHNSON. 903 Murray Avenue, Durham North Carolina 27704. WIL- 
LIAM B, JOHNSON. 4429 Stark Place Annandale Virginia 22003 DORA J, 
JOHNSTON, 1812 Barnngton Road, Columbus Ohio 43221 HUGH S. JOHNSTON, 
120 Hillcrest Road Concord Massachusetts 01781 JEFFREY D JOHNSTON, 
803 North Race Street Slatesville, North Carolina 28677 JOHN E JOHNSTON, 
6 Rutgers Lane. Middlesex New Jersey 08846 LAURIE A, JOHNSTON. 7034 
Chill Rega Center Road. Churchvilte New Yorl. MARY L, JOHNSTON, Plymouth 
Road Gwynedd Valley Pennsylvania 19437 ROBERT W, JOHNSTON. 26Easton 
Road, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15238 WILLIAM E, JOHNSTON, 1517 Meadow- 
brook Road, Jackson. Mississippi 3921 1 ALAN DAVIS JOHNSTONE. 2055 Brent- 
wood Drive, Houston. 77019 JINX HELEN JOHNSTONE. 6 Edgemere Ave- 
nue Plainsboro New Jersey PAUL S. JOHNSTONE, 69J- .- - mese Coral Gables 
Florida 33146 CATHY G. JOINES. Puil Otdct Bu» 21 Sparla. North Carolina 
28675 DOUGLAS H, JOINES. Post Office Bo. 21 Sparta North Carolina 2867S 
BONNIE L, JONES. 2465 Vestava Drive Birmingham, Alabama 35216 CAROLINE 
B. JONES. 205 Boulevard Gainesville Georgia 30501 CATHY K. JONES. Creeds 
Station, Virginia Beach Virginia 23450. CHARLES 0, JONES. 5821 Euclid Road 
Cincinnati Ohio 45236 CHRISTY JONES, 5250 Fields-Ertel Road Cincinnati. 
Ohio 45241 CYNTHIA B. JONES. 487 Kell Place Sealord New Yo'k 11783 
CYNTHIA L. JONES, 316 Edgewood Road, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15221 
DIANNAG. JONES. 1413 Hudson Avenue. Durham North Carolina 27705 GREGG 
H. JONES. 2208 Wooded Acres Drive Waco. Te»as 76710 JAMES 0. JONES. 2 
Berkley Drive. Middletown Pennsylvania 17057. JEFFREY M. JONES. 21 125 Shel- 
burne Road Shaker Heights Oh.o 44122 JOHN T. JONES. 909 Re.daie Dnve 
Nashville Tennessee 37217 JOHN W. JONES. 3715 Pomfrel Lane Charlotte 
North Carolina 2821 1 JUDITH A. JONES, 433 Old Stamford Road New Canaan 
Connecticut 06840 LAWRENCE M. JONES. 2116 Ri/er BluM Road, Louisville 
Kentucky 40207 LUCY G, JONES. 1055 Wade Lane Oakmont Pennsylvania 
15139 MICHAEL D JONES, Route 2 Box 75. Jamestown. North Carolina 27282 
MICHAEL WEST JONES, 7325 West 96lh Street. Zionsville. Indiana 46077 OWEN 
A. JONES. 1605 19th Place Vero Beach. Florida 32960 RICHARD H, JONES. 325 
Roslyn Drive Lumberton North Carolina. RICHARD M. JONES, 2312 Pratt Ave- 
nue Apartment 3 Durham North Carolina 27705. RUSSELL E. JONES. 412 Bir- 
mingham Avenue. Norfolk Virginia 23505 SIDNEY C. JONES. 195 Mernweather 
Drive. Longmeadow Massachusetts 01 106 STELLA P, JONES. 2622 Pickett Road 
Durham North Carolina 27705 STEVE H, JONES. 109 East Chisholm Street. 
Sanlord North Carolina 27330 SUSAN A. JONES, 190 Parker Road. Needham 
Massachusetts 02194 EDWARD G- JORDAN, 11 Brookside Circle. Wilbraham 
Massachusetts 01095 GLENN DAVIS JORDAN JR.. 180 Commodore Dnve Nor- 
folk Virginia 23503 RANDALL A- JORDAN. 229 Umon Street Brunswick Georgia 
315.''0 SAMUEL G, JOSEPH. 518 Front Street Brownsville. Pennsylvania 15417 
TIMOTHY W. JOSEPH, 2023 Parkwood Road Charleston, West Virginia 25314 
JOHN MICHAEL JOYNER, 1201 Corby Boulevard. South Bend Indiana 46617 
PATRICIA L, JUNE, 3036 Patch Drive. Bloomfield Hills. Michigan. DENI5E L. 
JUPPE. 404 Hollyday Street. Easton, Maryland 21601. ELIZABETH A. JURV.Casilla 
9392. Santiage. Chile 

JOHN J KADOR. 154-55 25 Drive. Flushing New York 1 1354 WILLIAM W KAEN- 
ZK; jr., Cologne Avenue Cologne, New Jersey 08213 THOMAS R, KAGARtSE, 
339 Onondaga Drive, Oxon Hill Maryijnd 20021 ALLEN KAHAN, 37 Hutchinson 
Court, Great Neck. New York 1 1023 ALEXANDRA KALDIS. 1812 Soulh Boulevard 
Houston Texas 77006 MICHAEL J. KALSON. 2915 Fernwald Road. Pittsburgh 
Pennsylvania 15217 MARGARET TORRANS KALUK, Oldstone Road K2 Kennett 
Square Pennsylvania NICK S. KALUK JR.. 1 130 Pontiac Street Denver. Colorado 
80220 OAVID R. KAM. 2010 Curtis Drive Apartment 04 Atlanta. Georgia 30319 
MKHAEL G. KAM. 2010 Curtis Drive Northeast Atlanta Georgia 30319. WILLIAM 
C. KAMENJARIN. 9719 South Hamilton Chicago Illinois 60643 TERRY G. KANE. 
911 Murray Avenue Ravenna. Ohio 44266 JEAN A. KANIK. 239 Benedict Street 
Carrolltown Pennsylvania 15722. BARBARA J. KANN, 4525 Nautilus Drive Miam, 
Beach Florida 33140 KEVIN L. KANTER; 1305 Windsor Poml Road Norlolk 
Virginia 23509 MITCHEL A, KANTER, 11704 Milbern Drive. Potomac. Maryland 
20854 CHARLES KANTOR. 4113 Aberdeen Road Nashville Tennessee 37205 
LAWRENCE D. KAPLAN, 1 41 2 Stephens Drive Northeast Atlanta Georgia 30329 
PETER M. KAREIVA. 1941 Pentieid Road Penfield New York 14625 DANIEL 
KARP. AmcoHEen So. 30 FRO 96659 San Francisco. Calilorma RALPH 0. 
KARPINOS. 3502 May Street Wheafon Maryland 20906 LINDA R, KARTOZ. 7 
Plymouth Road. Glen Rock. New Jersey 07452 SHARMAN V. KASDAN. 2155 
BonnycasMe Avenue Louisville Kentucky 40205 ALLEN J KASDEN, 11^7 
Camino Manade'o Santa Barbara California 93105 OEBRA L KASPER, -ICS 
Cedar Street Roanoke Rapids North Carolina 27870 RICHARD R KATHERMAN, 
8 Hickory Hill Road Manchester Massachusetts 01944 KATHERINE L. KAT2, 
1 118 Woodburn Road Durham North Carolina 27705 JEROME C. KATZ, 74 Pay- 
son Road. Brooktine Massachusetts 02167 LAWRENCE B. KATZ. Whippjny Road 
Morristown N.-,v I. . '-..-y 07960 MARIE E, KATZ. 1 1 18 Woodburn Road Durham 
North CiroiiM, .-■,'■'.', NEIL H. KAUFMAN, Pinecrest Road Wakefield Virginu 
23888. ROBERT C KAUFMAN, 562 Wendel Place Oradell New Jersey 07649 
HARRY J, KAUFMANN III, 228 Magnolia Avenue St Simons Island Georgia 
31522. CHRISTINA KAUPE. 6 Alden Place. Bron.ville. New York 10708 NEAL S- 
KAYE. 90 Stevenson Road New Haven Connecticut 06515 STUART D. KEARNEY 
III. 7606 Shadywood Road Bethesda Maryland 20034 ELIZABETH A, KECK. 4633 
Crestwood Dnve Fort Wayne Indianj 46807 RONALD B, KEEFE. Indiana Cave 
Road. Bndgefield Connecticut 06877 LEROY H. KEELER III, 1527 Monticello 
Drive. Gladwyne Pennsylvania 19035 MARK H. KEELER, 54 Shell Street Mill 
Valley Calilorma 02162. THOMAS D. KEENAN. 61 Overluok Road Caldwell New 
Jersey 07006 CAROL L. KEENE, 83 Skyview Lane. Rochester Nr-w York 14625 
THOMAS E, KEHL. 203 Briarclifl Road Warner Robins Georgia 31093 ROBERT F. 
KEHM. :07 South Keesey Street York Pennsylvania 17402 PATRICE I. KEHOE. 
4132 Be-es'cr^ Road C^a-'otte Nort- Car-r ■" j :S2! 1 KRtSTEN A. KEIRSEY.603 
Ba t?e" A.enue Frjn Ben" og Geo'gi3 31905 WENDY A KEITEL, 131 B'-^kst^ne 
D' .e P' nce-or^ New Jersey 08540 WALTER S KEITH. ^PJ^r■^er" g 2612 
Kecoug-tan Road Hamoto" V-'g." a 23361 THOMAS KELCEC. ?0 fj.rt e'd 
D' .e Ccnve"! Stat on New Je-sey 07961 LAWRENCE S KELLER, S54 v'.esi 
St'«t P tts'ie d MassJC-usetts 01201 PATRICIA L KELLETT i:JkempRi>jo 
Eas! G'censDo'o Nori^ Ca-oi "a 2'410 JACQUELYN MARIE KELLEY. Route 3 
Be 66 H iisDorou.:" No't- C.'c"". JOHN C. KELLEY, 4605 Great Oak Rojc 
Rockv'tie Ma-^and 20855 LINDA A. KELLY, Meadow Sp' ng G'en Cove New 
Yo'k 11542 LOYD P, KELLY, 11095 So.i"west 53':: Avenue Mijm. Fionda 
33:56 NANCYN. KELLY. 3123 231a S!'ee* Sj" Oego Cai'orma 92106 NICHO- 
LAS D. KELLY, 11095 S?utnwesf 53 Ave-^ue Mam. Fionaa 33156 PETER B. 
KELLY. 3:03E-re'D'seD' ve ^a la^assee F^O'da 32303 SHAWN L. KELLY. J16 

R .e'-'CA Lar^e B-e le New Je-se, 0S730 ERVIN H KELMAN, 153 Pen~sy vj- s 
4ve"ue Bry" Maw Pe'"-sv'*j" .i 1?":: AHLON K KEMPLE. Rc-ie 2 Bo« 238 
S-ntnte'c Ncf Ca-? -a 2''^"''' ALEXA A KEMPSON. 3749 Mo'jree D' .e 
Pe-^sacoia Fionaa 32503 WAYNE R KEMPSON, 313 Srp- j A,e"je i".esi-" n 
Ste' Ma'yiana 21157 CARLTON J KEMPTER.3'32 i -i-^PaceNo'tnwest WaS" 

ngion D C 20016 BRYAN C, KEMPTER. 3732 Alton Place '^ortr-wesf Wasnog 
(on C 20016 MICHAEL E. KENNA. 1982 West Paces Fer.yNort'iwesf Atlanta 
Georgia BRIAN H, KENNEDY, 178 '/orns Avenue Mountain Lakes New Jersey 
07046 CHARLES B KENNEDY JR., 1306 Oclava St New Or'eans Louvana 
^0115 JOHN D KENNEDY JR., 10300 Duryea Dnve Bon Air 23235 
KATHARINE D KENNEDY, ."634 St Marys Street Raiegh Nortf> Carolina 27609 
MCHAELK, KENNEDY. 256 HajieyAveriue Oayto-- 0" o454J9 WILLIAM A. KEN- 
NEDY, 203 Mitchell Avenue StatesVe Ncfi Ca'O'nj 28677 WILLIAM T, KEN- 
NEDY, 17 Heroert Read Bramtree Massac-'usetts 02184 ANNE R, KENNEY. 750' 
Do' Was*^'ng!on C PETER B. KENNEY JR.. 4 Faf-->,r>gtcr- Cc j" C-'f., 
C^ase Maryland 20015 JANICE C, KENNERTY. 9 Srenno" St'ee: C-3'ieston 
Sout'' Ca'oi'r^a 29407 GAYLE M, KENNY. 2020 G^endae Avenue No'thbrook 
III no'S 60062 PATRICIA A, KENWORTHY. '»4 Lcgmeadow Read W-ffon Cc 
nectcui 06897 MARK J, KEOUGH. 5^ Casne "-lartsor ise For* LauOe'daie Fio'iOa 
33308 CRAIG A, KEPLINGER, 610 Soutn La Sa^e Srreet .7F Do'-^a'-n v-t- 
Ca-o'ina 27705 GREGORY A, KERN. 502 Scoto Sfeet U'Dana O'^'O 43073 LEE 
S. KERN. 255 Be-ge' Avenge Oa-nursf Ne* Je'sey 07755 STEPHEN S, KERN. 26 
Barfam G'ove Greeny. iie Sout^- Ca-?' -: 29605 CLARK R. KERR III. 434 Ma r 
Street LatroDe Pennsylvania 15650 MARY M, KERR. 1001 West Ma- St'ee* 
Ber'neitsv.Me South Caroi-^a 29512 RALPH S, KERR. J26 S/wa^ P'ace Hawo"- 
New Jerse* i"64l DEBORAHS KETCHAM, 60! 79 S"eer Brook yn \ev. v?'. 
11209 MICHAEL H KETTERING, :: 13 Sp' r^g Garden Drive Biue'-e'd Wes- V ' 
g,- a 24701 NORMAN P KMOURY, 108 Sj uda A.en^e Cdymbia Sour-> Ca-c 

nj 29205 DAVID W KIBLER. 75 .Ves' Ma" St'ee! Le'Cy New Yon. 14482 JOHN 
F, KIEFER. 5421 P'cv.dence Road Beach 23462 PAUL A. 
KIEFER, 1032 Regency Dnve Cha'otte North Carolina 28211 ERNEST C, 
KIEHNE. 1310 A.niree Road Towso" Ma'yiand 21204 JANET 0. KILBV. 3900 
Jun.oe' Road Ba'-iTio-e Ma-y ao^; 21218 BRIAN W, KILDARE. 15 Ledge Road 
Rowayior- C?nnec*.CLj' 06853 KEITH KILEY, 530 Susse. Road Wynr^ewccd 
Pennsyivan a 19096 NANETTE G, KILLAM. 124 Pieasam Sfeet Manchester 
Massac-usens 01944 CURTIS R. KIMBALL. 131 Roya Paim Dnve Fort Lauder- 
da-e Fir- 3.1 33301 JOHN D KIMBALL. 11 Dogwood Dnve Madison New Jersey 
07940 JULIA DURANT KIMBRELL. 33 SunturfC-'de Columbia South Caro'-i-a 
JOHN A. KINDZIERSKl. 21 '3v :-Avenue Carte'et New Jersey 07008 DENNIS J, 
KING. 9401 S-ufiwestSSf-^Ter.ace M-ami Ftonda 33143 JUOFTH A. KING. 770^ 
Cnaikstone D- we Dallas Texas 75240 PETER F. KING. Route 3 Bo. 77 C-^ape 
Hill Nor-n Carolina RONALD 0. RING. 191 Roosevelt Avenue Carteret New je-- 
sey 07008 ROBIN W. KINNEAR. Tacon,c Road Greer^wich Connec'rcui 06830 
JANET S. KINNEY. 3120 Devon Road Durham Nort-i Carol "a 27707 LOIS KIN- 
NEY. 3116 Victoria Avenue Cmcmnat. Ohio 45208 ROBERT E. KIRCHNER. 1513 
Woodacre Dfwe McLean Virgm.a 22101 JAMES D, KIRK, 520 Ri.-nmo-^d Sfeet 
Hunl.ngTon West Virgin. 3 25702 KENNETH P, KIRK, 5811 AM;ey D'.ve New 
Orleans Louisiana 70114 JOHN D, KIRKLAND. 18 Hosp.ta' Ro.'d Tuxedo New 
York 10787 KAREN L. KIRKLAND, 582 Fork Cree^ Road Severna Park Maryland 
ALICE t KIRKMAN, 604 nenmo-e Road C^apei m.h North Caron^j 27514 KEN- 
NETH M KIRKMAN, 1011 CreekS'de Dnve Higi- Pom- Nort^^ Caro'-na 2726: 
SONYA A. KIRKWOOD, 716 Cay Street Henderson Kentucky 42420 RAYMOND 
D. KISER, MjL-.^ Avenue Weic-^ West Virginia 24801 VICTOR KIT, 2922 Bu'-o^ 
H.r Drive Ker-smgtcn Maryland 20795 STACY A, KIVEL. Post O'tice Bo. 636 
Andrews No't*^ Carolina 28901 LARRY E. KLAYMAN, 810 Margo Lane Narbe-T- 
Pennsylvania 19072 STEVEN M. KLEBANOFF. 6412 Tone D've Sefiesaa Mary 
'and 20034 JAMESD. KLEIN. 1424 Sieito" Avenue Nas^vife Te^'^essee 37216 
MICHAEL S. KLEIN. 18 LrngTieadow Road Wmr-etka 'H.nos 60093 ROBERT P. 
KLEIN. Route 1 Bo. 328 Matthews North Ca-oii-'a OLGAC. KLEINSASSER. 7230 
Eudora Dallas 75230 MICHAEL J. KLIEGER. 6302 W/nk.-oc Bcuievj-d 
Bethesda Ma-yiana 20034 ANDREW 0. KLtGERMAN. 1436 Ode' Street No't- 
Beiimore New York 11793 CHRYSEE LYNN KLINE, 1689 Ncth Charlotte Potts- 
tn,sr^ P?"nsyuan,a 19464 BRUCE KLITZMAN, 96 1 1 ingier^ere Dnve Bethesda 
M.1- , -.r ■ .--0034 JOHN A, KLONICK. 1 1 1 Rowigna Parnway Rochester New Yo-k 
:-i^:: OARREN H KLOOMOK. 15 B.s^opLane Br.archtt Manor New Yo". 10510 
JEFFREY V KLUMP, 12: Kmc-e'Dccker Road Dema-est New Jersey JOHN Q. 
KLUTTZ. 161 j .'. s;n Poi->! Road Bailimo-e Ma-yia^i 21220 NANCY KNIGHT. 
8004 Mendoza Jacksonville Florida 32217 ROBERT A KNIGHT. 7u 
Erskine Street Northwest Hunlsville Alabama 35805 ROBERT N KNIGHT JR,. 
P-ne Street Wenden North Carolina 27591 THEODORE H KNIGHT, 2101 No""- 
west 3ro Avenue Defray eeac■^ Fior.aa 33444 STEPHEN B. KNISLEY. 40 S:.;-t^ 
Th.r3 St'eet Lew.sbu'g Pennsylvania 1783? HEIOI KNOTT, Be 1 734 O'a^^-ar- 
Saudi Arabia LINOA L. KOCH. 13 Tamwortn R?ad Ba't'm-i'e Ma-yiano 21210 
MARILYN A. KOCH. 50 Esse. Road Wnnetka I" no.s 60093 MARTIN R. KOCH. 
1035 41 Avenue North St Petersburg Fio' da 33703 STEVEN H. KOEHLER. 7301 
Marsuryfload Bethesda Maryland 20034 STEPHEN G. HOERNER, 3'3 ••emcmt 
Road AKfon On.o 44313 STUART A. KOHLER. 95 Un.e's'v A.e'>^e B'.dgeton 
New Jersey 08302 MARGUERITE M. KOHN. '^oa-'-ent 103 1006 Quebec T^rrjce 
S.iver Spring Mary and 20903 DIANE C, KOMODOWSKL 600 Soaidmg O'-ve 
Northeast Atlanta Georeu 30328 WILLIAM D, KOONS, B-ando" D'.ve Moun- 
¥:',.-: N.?w York 10549 MICHAEL J, KOPEN. Bo. 266 Dentcr> Mjryiand 21629 
MURRAY A. KORN, 12107 L'ttie Creek D'.ve Po'omac Maryland 2085J PIERCE 
A KOSLOSKY. 1 1 Redmoni Road Watchung New Jersey 07060 THOMAS J, KOS- 
NIK, 4316 Po"derosa Drive Annandale Vi'g.n,a 22003 LAWRENCE C. KOWAL. 
15 North Hardee C"Cie Rockledge Fio'ida 32955 DAVID OWEN KRAFT. 2068 
Oullock Drive Upper St Clair Pennsylvania 15241 JEFFREY J. KRAFT. 32 KnoD 
Hill Drive Summit New Jersey 07901 JANETL-KRAHLER, 305C'ej'view Avenue 
Wilmington Delaware 19809 KERRY CHRISTINA KRAMER. R.-er Bend Road 
Route2 Allentown Pennsylvania 181 n3 PATRICIA J KARMER. 3563 F,:.rt Meade 
Road "124 Laurel Maryland 20810 PETER R KRAMER, :^ ■.emon Or, ve Scars- 
dale New York 10583 MARCt J KRAMISH. 8:i4 Ljrr, pijce Chew Chase 
Maryland 20015 JONATHAN T KRASSNY. 3021 Rue Pjrc fo-'tJine NewOneans 
Louisiana 701 14 STEPHEN R KRATZKE, 14 Westmoreland Road Hicksv-He New 
York 11801 MARLENE A. KRAUS, West Street Miiiviiie Massachusetts 01 529 
SHANE J. KRAUS, 33 Hickory Derby Connecticut 0641S STEPHEN M. 
KRAYfllLL. 305 Lau'et Avenue IMz Pennsylvania 17543 JOHN P KREAGER, 
9250 Northeast 19ii Street Beiievue Washington 98004 LINDA KREER, 1904 
Glen Oak Drive Gien.iew iiinms 60025 JAMES E. KREISLEJR,, 2509 b^-^une A. e 
nue Austin Texas 78703 MARGARET H KREISLE II. 2509 Schu'ie Avenue 
ALSlin 78703 JAMES E KREKORIAN. 9407 Wa"en Street Silver Sp'-ng 
Maryland 20910 JOHN M, KRENKEL, »G 7 The Colony Chapel HiM Nortti Caro 
iini CHRISTINE KRIEGER, 2508 Wendell Avenue LouiSvillc Kentucky 40205 
SETH R KRIEGER. 66 Rivera South Massapegua New Yo'k 11758 JANET 
A. KRIGBAUM. 2504 Wiison Street Ou'ham No'th Caro'ma 27705 CAROL A. 
KRISKE. 25 Lj-e Lea Road Rochester New Yo'k 14617 MICHAEL R. KRONEN- 
FELD. 7556 Thomctitf Onve Charlotte North Carol. -^a KIP R KRONES. 3490 
Via Guadalupe Tucson Amona 85716 DARRYL L. KROPF, 1990 Pie.iS3nt Mih 


Ro.iO Pleasant Hill Cahlomia 94563 AL MARK KROTIN. 535 Hauemeyet Avenue 
B'onn New Y^srh 10473 KENNETH D. KRUEGER. SOS West Adams S.mdusky 
Ot-.o 44870 CATHY E. KRUG. 175 55th Avenye Si Petersburg Flonda 33706 
ERIC N. KRUGER, 306 CrestAOod Avenue Haddonheld New Jerse/ 08033 JAMES 
A. KRUIDENIER. Post Ott.ce So. 368 Pa.nted Post New Vnrk 14870 PETRA E. 
KRUITHOF. 6815 Srjdg'ove Circle Bethesda Maryland :003-l LARRY A KUBAL. 
6940 Ncifth Beechtree Drive Milwaukee Wiscosm 53^0° ROBERT R KUEHN, 
2211 10th Street North Naples. Flnnda 33940 WILLIAM M. KUCK, • Uiemoni 
Road Watchijng New Jersey 07060 RALPH L. KUGLER. Edwards Puint Rojd 
Rumson New Jersey 07760 MARSHA J. KUHN, 2300 Metieroli Road Adeloh' 
Maryland 20783 MARK KUHN. 2856 Nortneast 26 Court Fort Lauderdale Flon 
da 33306 PETER A, KUHN, 17804 L3ke Road Lakewood O^io 44107 RICHARD 
W.RUHN, 17804 Lake Road Lakewood Ohio 44107 RICHARD K. KULL. 3804 St 
Marks Road Durham North Caroi-na 27706 FREDERICK C, KULOW JR., 11 
Colonial Way Weston Massachusetts 02193 MARK J. KUNKEL. Moliy Nouse 
Apartments Woodbury Connecticut STEPHEN C. KURACHEK. 19 Academy 
Street Pleasantviile New York 10570 EDWARD L. KURTH, 2635 Longwood Dnve 
Wilmington Delaware 19803 JEFFREY KURZWEIL. 32 Cameron Road Sergen- 
f.eid New Jersey 07621 STUART L. KUTZ JR.. 1961 Northeast 168 Street North 
Miami Beach Fionda ELIZABETH A. KYIE, 1 1 1 Roosevelt Road Clarksburg West 
Virginia 26301 LINDA S. KYNETT. Post Ot'ice Bo. 2814 Pompano Beach Flori- 
da MARCIA J.KYZER. PosiOfiireBo-406 Danngton South Carolina 29532 

DENNIS RICHARD LAFIURA. 242 S'a^dish Road Ridgewooc New Jersey 07450 
GARY S. LACHMAN. 44 8' !e Avenue Scarsaaie New <ork 10583 CARY C, LACK- 
LEN. 2712 Jc-r^ Ma's-^aii Ari,->gton V"gi"'a 22207 DUDLEY B. LACY. 52 .Vesl 
-.■cr ■-..reior- New v-'k 10533 PATRICK W. LAFFEY. 45 Doug'as n^iad De ■ 
"■i- NeA vo'- 12054 RICHARD G LAGUERUELA, 7150 Southwest 130 Street 
Mot- fo'":J 331=6 JOHN C LAIRD. 7 Di..e D'.ve Bel A.r Wa-yiand 21014 
CHARLOTTE RHODA LAITE, :'8 Element' Street Brooklyn New York 11215 
CHARLES LAKIN, 1149N:'t»^M3' on Street Oak Park mmois ROBERT P. LALOR. 
Ajaiea Road Pne-urst Non- Caro'^na :S374 CHUN H. LAM, 313 Anderson 
St'eeT Dur-am No'th Caroi'r^a 27705 DOUGLAS E. LAM. 28130 Weslb'ook 
Fa-m ngTon 48024 DONNA I, LAMB. 8701 H,iitcp Road Vienna V.r. 
i'"a 22180 KATHERINEH. LAMB. 461 East Street Asheoo'o No'th Caro- 
■ng 27203 ROBERT V LAMB III. 125 Sou'" Park Str^^t Ash-eboro No'tn Caro- 
lina 27203 RUTH ANNE LAMB. Bo. 295 Enswo'th PAUL R, LAMBERT. 
2617 W?oOi3'-J Aver-ue Scuth Charleston West v-R.-a 25303 SUSAN F. LAM- 
BERT. CNATRa Styit nas Pensacoia Fiona 32508 PATRICIA J. LAMKIN. 6000 
No't-^ 27th Road Afhnglon Virginia 22207 MARGARET ANN LAMMERT. 3017 
No'i-40t"St'eet M-iwaukee^s^n 53201 ARTHURC. LAMON, ^10 ThQ-^as 
Avenue Riverton New jersey 08077 MICHAEL S LANCASTER. 6417 Seriha 
Drve NewOreans Louisiana 70122 THOMAS W LANDRY. 4510 Hallmark Da'- 
las 75229 ANN WILLIAMS LANE. 2608 N3r.o- Avenue Durham North 
Ca'ni.r'^ 2770' CHARLOTTE W. LANE. 5610 K.-ks-de Drive Chevy Chase Mar- 
ijr-iroOIS JOHN R. LANE, l28CouniryCiubOrive Eden North Carolina 27288 
THOMAS K LANE, 27 West Amherst Road Ba'a-Cynwyd Pennsylvania 19004 
ADRIENNE C LANG. 33 A'dndge Road Chaopaoua New York 10514 SUSAN E. 
LANGHAM. 1 104 Concord'3 D've Bait-more Maryland 21204 HEBE LANtTIS. 
Pes; OH. ce Bo. 1511 Nicosia Cyprus VLADIMIR LANITIS. Box 1511 10 Methods 
St'eet Nicosis CyO'us LINDA J. LAPLANTE, 3423 Mickory Lane Rock'ord nii- 
nos 61107 BARBARA A. LAPP. 293 Gold'mc'i D'.ve SomervMe New Jersey 
08876 WILLIAM C. LAPWORTH. 1850 Popiar Estates Germantown Tennessee 
38038 RAYMON E LARK JR.. 607 Sycomore Dnve Anderson South Carohna 
29621 CHRISTOPHER P. LARKIN. 176 Massachusetts Avenue Congers New York 
10920 CHRISTINA H LARNOLA. 31 Orcha'C Court Portman Square London Wl 
Er^ea-r KENNETH E. LARSEN, 1407 Granville St'eet Burlington North Carol. na 
2721; WILLIAM G LASHBROOK II. 283 Honzon Hills Dnve Ei C3|0n California 
92020 THOMAS V LASKA. 50 Woodcr^este-- Dnve Weston Wassac^-uset's 02193 
ABRAM T, LASSITER III, 7413 Oak Ridge Richmond Virginia 23229 JOY P LATI- 
MER. 1108 Femdaie Boulevard High Pomi North Ca'Olma 27260 KENNETH W, 
LATTA. Post O'lice 8o» 493 Hiiisboroug'^ North Cafoima 2727? EDWARD S. 
LAUER. 1014 Barter- Avenue Rockledge Fio'ii:3 32955 KAREN L. LAUGHLIN, 
66 Sout*' Portage Street Westt.eid New York 1475' ROY B. LAUGHLIN JR.. 2061 
Rock'edge Dr-ve Rockieoge Finnda 32955 STEVEN VICTOR LAWRENCE. 20 
Campeiio Road Ffammg^am ■.•■-., ..^-■■: : ■ -■ , CHRISTOPHER J. LAUZEN. 
621 Ha'd'n Avenue Aurora I ■ :> DAVID A LAWER ?.S1 Bergen Boule- 

vard Oradeli New Jersey 076-; ■ DEBORAH J LAWRENCE. "lOOO Floyd Avenue 
Lumberton No'th Carolma 263:- DEBORAH M, LAWRENCE. 3525 Arrowhead 
Drive Dallas 75204 ELIZABETH LAWRENCE. 6501 Three Chopi Road 
Richmond 23226 JOHN C. LAWRENCE. 3000 Floyd Avenue Lumberton 
North Carolina 28358 JOHN S. LAWRENCE JR., 505 Dumas Street LynchOufg 
Virginia 24502 GARY W. LAWS. 5239 Navajo Dnve^na v rgm a 22312 
WILLIAM J. LAWS, 114 Hariey Street 6a. ley Georgia 31513 JACK A. LAWSON 
JR.. 1325 Chesapeake Avenue Hampion Virgmia 23361 JAMES D. LAWSON. 903 
Forest Avenue Johnson City Tpnnp^vee ROBERTO. LAWTON. 1403 N^rth Ran- 
dolph Tallahassee Fionda 32303 WILLIAM B. LAZAR. 464 Wmthfop Road Tea- 
neck New Jersey 07666 CATHERINE WATSON LEBLANC. 6635 Paulme Dnve 
New Orleans Lou'S3na 70126 LYNNE ANN LEATHAM, Route 2 Wemman Road 
We.'i-r Pm'-w.;- ": IrO^O SUSAN L. LEAVELL. 321 3 Den, se Street Durhar^ 
No"- : - ■:":-: JOHN H leavens, 554 Oak V.3Mey Onve Frontenac Mis- 

sou' >:i::\ ROBERT A lEBBY, 'j',lb Rawnsdsie Road Shaker Heights Ohio 
441:2 EDWARD H. LEBETKIN. ^-iS G^anD, Street Hartford Connecticut 06112 
MCHAELJ LEBLANC, 6635 Pauline Dnve New Oceans Lou'S>ana 70126 SCOTT 
N LEDBETTER, -J&i Round Hiii Road Greenwich Connecticut! 06830 CHARLES 
LEE, Bo. 166 '/..r.'^omerv West Virgm. a 25136 JAMES W. LEE. 1414 Eagle Pomt 
Court Lataye'te Ca ■torn, a 94549 JEFFREY R, LEE. 1033 Ontario Apartment 2A 
Oak Park Illinois 60302 KENNETH M, LEE. 8560 Chapm Street. Norfolk Virg-ma 
23503 RICHARD CAVETT LEE. 1500 Guiiiord Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73120 
ROBERT M. LEE. 1414 Eagle P^mr Court Lala/ette California 94549 DAVID A. 
LEECH. Post OH.ce Bo. 601 I'liaOei Oklahoma 74745 FRANCES E. LEFTW1CH. 
Route •2 Lynrnourg Virginia 24501 HELGA L, LEFTWICH. Route -2 Lynchburg 
Virginia 24501 MARGARET I. LEGGETT, 8444 Old Mount Vernon Road Aie.- 
andna V,rg,n.a 22309 CARL E LEHMAN JR., 1 Nurmi Drive Fort Lauderdale 
Florida 33301 JOAN K, LEHMAN. Qus'le's B Un-ied States Navy Hospital Camp 
Lejeune North Caroima 2854? MARK E. LEHMAN. 2001 Avenue P Brooklyn 
New York 11229 DONALD A. LEICHTER. ' Brookshire Dnve Cedar Grove New 
Jersey 07009 PATTY S, LEIGHT. RoiJes 2 Athens Greece RUTH A. 
LEIGHT. Bo. 703 Athens O'eece JOHN R. LEIGHTON, 97 Sunset Dnve Chatham 
New Jersey 07928 NELS R. LEININGER, 1973 Milden Road Columbus Oh,o 
43221 JANET M. LEMEN. 450 Oemarest Avenue Oradeil New Jersey 07649 
DIANA K. LEMLEY. Bonar Avenue Waynesburg Pennsylvania 15370 LANCE L, 
LEONAITIS,2606 Birchwood Dnve Northeast Atlanta Georgia 30305 PATRICIA 
G. LEONARD, 88 Goifside Parkway Rochester New York 14610 JOHN DOUGLAS 
LEflCH, 2 Garden Ptace Chatham New Jersey 07928 JOEL J. LERNER 7505 

Democracy Boulevard Beihesda. Maryland 20034 LAWRENCE K. LESNIK. 19 
Hosk'er Road Soylh Orange New Jersey 07079 STEPHEN H. LETZLER, 86 Pck 
wick Road Manhasset New York 11030 DANA J. LEVESQUE. 7 Tjtt Street Nas- 
hua New Hampshire 03060 TOM S. LEVINE. 619 North HiH HoCart Oklahoma 
73651 MIGUEL LEVY. Bo. 508 Correo Central Lima Peru CHRISTOPHER B. 
LEWIS. 701C JOOO Piaia Dnve State Conege Pennsylvania 16801 FRANK L 
LEWIS III. 52 Hastings Dnve Stony Brook New York 1 1790 JANET S. LEWIS. 1026 
Mulberry Road Martinsville Virginia 241 12 LINDA L. LEWIS, 400 East 57 Street 
New York New York 10022 LYNETTE P. LEWIS. Route 1 Bo" 46 OrewryviHe 
Virginia 23844 MARIE A. LEWIS. 5416 Ruth Charlotte North Caroim.a 
28205 PAUL A, LEWIS, 4843 Westbourne Road Lyndhurst. Oh>o44124 STEPHEN 
R. LEWIS, 8721 Southwest 159 Street Miami Florida 33157 DORA MARATKA 
LHOTSKY. 1105 Douglas C224 Durham Ncth Carolina 27705 ROBERT Y.Ll. 817 
Filth Avenue Greensboro North Carolina 27405 JOHNM. LI8BEY. CompMinera 
De Salvador Portrer-llos Chile ALISE J. LIBERMAN. 1 1 703 Tarrytown Drive St 
Louis Missouri 6314! ALEXANDER C, LICHTLER. 281 7 West Esse. Street Onan 
do Florida 32803 ROGER W. LIDMAN, 1416 West Pnncess Anne Norfolk Virgimg 
23507 ROBERTA LINDAU. 5340 Truman Ale.andna Virginia 22304 JOHN H. 
LINDEN JR.. 8963 Coiesbury Place Fairfax Virginia 22030 HARVEY D. LINDER. 
415 Houston Street Kno«viiie Tennessee 37914 LAURA G LINDGREN. 4,g8 T.vr. 
Springs Road Northwest Atlanta Georgia 3032^ STUART F LINOSEY, l ] 3C 
Westndge Road Greensboro North Caroima 27410 DAVID CARYL LING, fr;.-: 
Hill Road Sturbndge Massachusetts 01566 KENNETH H. LINGO, 607 North Du 
Dont Road. Wilmington Delaware 19S07 NANCY LINK, 206 West Irvm Avenue 
Hagerstown Maryland 21740 JOHN H, LtNVILL II, 1 Barry Avenue Fort R.ley 
Kansas 66442 LISA LINKHAW. Route 1 Bo. 504a Lumberton North Carolina 
28358 CHRISTINE A. LINTZ. 45 Hillside Road Bron.v.Me New York 10708 
RICHARDP.LINTZ. 45 Hillside Road BronKville New York 10708 CATHY A. LIP- 
CIUS. 820 Meredith Drive Med'a Pennsylvania 19063 WILLIAM H, LIPPITT. 519 
East 45th Street Savannah Georgia 31405 MARY ALICE LIPSCOMB, 616 Colon- 
ial Drive High Point North Carolina 27262 WILLIAM L. LIPSCOMB. 404 Spnng 
Street ThomasviHe North Carolina 27360 JAMES A. LITLE, 155 Wilmont Avenue 
Washington Pennsylvania 15301 MARY V, LITLE, Route 4 Zanesville Ohio 
43701 DEBORAH S. LITMAN. 120 Saluda Avenue Columbia South Caroima 
29205 ANN B. LITTLE. 3427 Hall Dnve Aiken South Carolina 29801 CHRIS- 
TOPHER H- LITTLE, 4000 Valley Green Road Greenville Delaware 19807 JOAN R. 
LRTLE, 2425 Wenlworih Street Raleigh North Caroima 27609 PAUL LITTLE III. 

7 Cotswoid Way. Scarsdaie New York 10583 KAREN L- LITTLEFIELD. 21173 
Endsfey Rocky River Ohio44ll6 PAMELA A. LITTLE. 9 Countr/side R-iad Fair- 
port New York 14450 JAMES A. LITTMAN, 61 Woodland Manor Tmlon Fails New 
Jersey 07724 STEPHEN F, LIT2. 1409 Westlield Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 
15216 SUSANNAH M. LIX, Buckhorn Road Gatlinburg Tennessee 37738 LOU- 
ELLA A. LLOYD, 5921 Ridgewood Road Kno.viHe Tennessee 37918 ROBERT M. 
LLOYD. 3275 Evergreen Dnve Murrysv.lle Pennsylvania 1566S THERESA A. 
LLOYD, Post Ottice Son 233 Walnut Cove North Carolina 27052 HARRY DAVIS 
LOCKEY JR., Route3 8o. 331 Newport North Carolina 28570 BRENDA K. LOCK- 
HART. 12804 Kirton Avenue Cleveland Ohio 44135 KATHERINE P. LOCKHART. 
6820 Wheatley Court. Falls Church Virgin. a 22042 LAWRENCE T, LOESER, 100 
Highland Road Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15238 ELIZABETH C. LOFTUS. 809 East 
Ellsworth Lane Milwaukee Wisconsin 53217 BEN H, LOGAN III. 1 14C9 Lakeshore 
Drive East Carmel Indiana 46032 JOAN M. LOGAN, 140 West Englewood Ave- 
nue 3C Teaneck New Jersey 07666 JULIE LOGAN. Post OMice Bo. 428 PmeviUe 
Kentucky 40977 JOHN M. LOGSDON. Post Qttice Bo. 597 Paiatka Fionda 
32077 CATHERINE D. LOHMANN. 1232 Maple Avenue Evanston Illinois 60202 
WILLIAM T, LOHMANN, 8 Huron Avenue MassapeQua New York 11758 MAR- 
GARET I, LOM AX, 1008 North Fairfax Street Alexandria Virginia 22314, STEPHEN 
C. LONERGAN, 102 Mountain View Avenue Kingston New Yorh 12401 DEBRA J. 
LONG. Route 3 eo< 297 Matthews North Carolina 28105 GEORGE S. LONG. 1 71 1 
Deer Creek Lane St Louis Missoun 63124 JOHN R. L0NG,"5 Tanager Trail Sum- 
ter South Carolina 29550 MARY B. LONG, 1400 Kyneton Road Villa Nova Penn- 
sylvania 19085 THOMAS S. LONG, 102 Kemp Road East Greensboro North 
Carolina 27410 WILLIAM J. LONG III, 4144 Sharpsburg Drive Birmingham Ala- 
bama 35213 DAVID B. LOOPE. Bluemonl Virginia ROBERT P. LORDI, 187 Manor 
Avenue Westbury New York 11590 SCOTT W. LORING, 610 La Fonda Roswell 
New Mexico 88201 SUSAN HUBEL LOSITO. 6722 Midnight Pass. Sarasota Flor 
'da 33581 LOUIS R. LOTHMAN, 1304 Lmdgate Dnve Kirhwood Missouri 63122 
STANLEY J. LOURDEAUX JR.. 333 Sunk. St Court Los Altos California 94022 EL- 
SIE L. LOVE. 1500 Tamworth Drive Charlotte. North Carolina 28210 SCOTT E. 
LOVELESS. 501 Baynard Boulevard Wilmington. Delaware 19803 CRAIG 0. LOV- 
ETT.8025 North Ciippmger Drive Cincinnati Ohio45243 SYLVIA J, LOWOER, Bo. 

8 Walkertown North Caroima 27051 JOHN M. LOWE III. 6723 Gettysburg Syl 
vania. Ohio 43560 ORVEY P, LOWREY III, 86 East Wharl Road Madison ConnecH- 
cul 06443 MICHAEL J. LOZANOFF. 557 Dewey Parker Avenue Audubon New 
Jersey 08106 MYRNA B. LUBIN, 4122 South Birmingham Tulsa Oklahoma 
74105 JEFFREY W LUBOWICKI, 1744 Meadow Lane East Meadow New York 
11554 DIANE LUBOVSKY, 26 Ralph Road Marblehead Massachusetts 01945 
GEORGE P. LUCACt, 14528 Alger Road Cleveland Ohio 44|U SALVATORE 
LUCARELLO. 169 Washington Avenue M.iltown New Jersey 08850 GUY B, 
LUCAS. 3040 Churchill Road Raleigh North Carolina 27607 JOHN C. LUCAS, 
Box 37 Virginia Center Martinsburg West Virginia ROBERT B, LUCAS, 1 01 1 
Hunter Road. Glenview. Illinois 60025 PENELOPE A- LUCK, 2926 F St M.srks 
Drive Winston Salem North Carolina 27 103 DEIRDRE I, LUKOSKI. 6025 Luana 
Lane South GuHport Florida 33707 MICHAEL M- LUMPKIN, 21 Healhwood 
Circle Columbia South Carolina 29205 JOHN T- LUMPKINS, 1603 Dubim Drive 
Stiver Spnng Maryland 20902 KENNETH W. LUMSDEN. 1 1 7 19 Bnggs Court Fair- 
fa. Virginia 22030 BRUCE D LUND. 685 Cayuga Dnve Lewiston New York 
14092 JACQUELINE G, LUNDMARK. 56 Kemlworth Dnve East Sfamlord Con- 
necticut 06902 CHARLES T LUN50N. 5600 North 34 Street Arlington Virginia 
22207 SUSAN R, LUONGO. 1670 VVamwnght Drive Reston. Virginia 22070 
STEPHEN LUPTAK. 471 Upper Terrace Holden West Virginia 25625 DAVID 
G. LUTHER JR.. 491 1 H.impsh, re Avenue Memphis Tennessee 381 1 7 EMILY 
R. LUTKEN. 3831 Shenandoah Dallas 75205 WILLIAM C. LUTTON. 
93 Beekman Road Summit New Jersey 07901 PAUL S- LUX. Three Mill Hill Road 
Middlebury Connecticut 06762 EVELYN M- LYLES. Route 4 Bo. 4 Winnsboro 
South Carolina 29180 MARVIN E. LYMBERIS, 2514 Red Fo. Trail. Charlotte 
North Caroima 2821! RAYMOND SCOTT LYNCH, 4416 Old Columbia Pike 
Annandale Virginia 22003 RICHARD J LYNCH JR., 14305 Merton Court Rock- 
ville Maryland 20853 ROBERT J LYNCH, 171 Tooker Avenue Spnnglield New 
Jersey 07081 ANTHONY J. LYNN. 12 Buckmmster Lane Manhasset New York 
11030 DOROTHY A. LYNN, 247 Baysnore Drive, Valparaiso Florida 32580 
KATHRYN A. LYNN, 3028 Beebe Road Newfane. New York 14108 MELANIE S. 
LYONS, 3606 Canlerberry Road New Bern North Carolina 28560 

RABET MOHAMED M, 229 Avenue Mohamed V Kenitra Morocco DARYL L 
MAASS, Deiiwood Park South Madison New Jersey 07940 MELANIE H MABEY. 

4421 Elmwood Parkway Metaine. Louis-anj 70003 BRENDA L, MABRY, 688 All- 
good Road Stone Mountain Georgia 30083 JEFFREY M. MACAULAY, 103 Brooh 
wood Lane Beckley West Virginia 25801 ANDREA LYNN MACDONALD -is Lock 
wood Avenue 0>d Greenwich Connecticut 068^0 JAMES A MACDONALO. 753 
Lynn Dee Drive Winston Salem North Cj'0||"i JAMES C MACDONALO. 209 
0«'ord Street Chevy Chase Mj'/inj SHARON LEE MACDONALO. 310 East 
Ficiar Tuck Houston BRUCE W. MACEWEN, 108 Stuwesjni Ashe- 
ville North Carolina 28803 MARK D. MACFARLANE, 9220 Roe Avenue Prjine 
Village Kansas 66207 DONAL I. MACGREGOR JR., 114 Wesley Avenue Port 
Chester New vork 10573 LINDA L. MACHT, 304 Shelley Road Towson Mjryljnd 
21204 VICTOR H. MACINTOSH. 615 Mor^.m treek Road Chapel Hiii North 
Carolina 27514 SALLY MACINTYRE, 205 Cou"t'y Club Lane Wjlimglo'd Penn- 
sylvania 19086 JACQUELINE R. MACK. 7 Parker Street Lexington Massachusetts 
02173 JAMES B. MADDEN, I 722 Eastway Dnve Charlotte North Caroimj 28205 
MCHAEL K, MADDEN. 1709 Sherman Dnve Ufica New York 13501 PAUL W. 
MADDEN, 9908 Carter Bethesda Maryland 20034 MARK E, MADDOCKS. 
52 Coooers Run Dnve Cherry Hiii New Jersey 08034 ANITA R. MADEA. I 144 
River Road Ewmg Township New Jersey 08628 D0RENL.MADEY.Ri-.u1h1 Pots 
dam New York 13676 DOLLY MADISON. 202 Capn LJKewjy Aust.- Te.js 
EULISS D MADREN. Route 10 Winston Salem North Caroima 2?107 ANGELO 
HARRY MAGAFAN. 6109 Ciearwood Road Bethesda Maryland 20034 TALMADGE 
P. MAGGARD. 5219 North 32nd Street Arlington Virginia 22207 PHILLIP C. MAG- 
NUSON. 3756 Road Toledo Ohi... J36I3 KATHRYN M MAGRUDER. 
307 Bro.ton Road Baltimore Maryland ." 1 : 1 ."' RACHEL M, MAGRUDER. 307 
Bro.fon Road Baltimore Maryland 21 21 2 CYNTHIA B MAHER, .■'.'^ N..'.-.t. .n Ave 
nue West Harllord Connecticut 06107 JAMES F, MAHER. 10 Pau\. C.>..'l Com. 
wall New York 12520 DIANE MAHONY. 2740 Terra^a Place Fuilerion California 
92632 MARTHA E. MAIDEN. 3403 Highland Part Memphis Tennessee 38111 
WILLIAM R. MAIEH. 12 Soieburg Mountain Road New Hope Pennsylvania 18938 
HENRY W MAJESTIC, 871 Northwest 173 Terrace Mumi Florida 33169 DAVID 
N MAKOUS. 688 South Highland Avenue Menon Station Pennsyivsmj 19066 
WILLIAM C. MALIK. 1030 South Western Avenue Park Hidge iHino's60068 TODD 
\. MALKOFF, 25 Bla- Dnve Hunlmgton. New York 1 | 743 WILLIAM J, MALLON. 
14 Bradford Road Sa.onvitie Massachusetts 01"'0I ANGELETTA MALLOY. 1213 
Lincoln Streel Durham North Carolina 27701 MARK N. MALLUS. P07 Holly 
Street Northwest Washington D C 20012 DEBORAH MALONE. S Poplar 
Street Newport Rhode ■■ .i- .- ::f-iO CHARLES A. MALONEY. Rrute 2 Bo. 6? 
Denton Maryland 2162'^ JANE MANDEVILLE. 4 1 Stay«esani Avenue Ljrchmont 
New York 10538 JON J MANGER. -^ '06 Gijn.lway Road Richmond Virgmij 
23226 LOUISE F. MANGO, 2b Mjd.sun Naha Ai- Base Nahj Okinawa GARY A. 
MANKO, 3864 Darlington Road Southwest Rojnoke V"gi"ij 24018 KATHRYN 
J. MANN, 255 Pean Winchester nimois 62694 THOMAS D, MANN, 119 Monre 
Drive Belmont North Carolina 28012 RICHARD E MANNERS. 1497 MarshjM 
Street Elmont New York 11003 KATHRYN A, MANNING, 1 300 N. Mh Edeewaler 
Drive Cha'leston South Caroi na 29407 CHARLES P MANOLAKOS. 307 West 
38th Street Wilmington Delaware 19802 SAM T. MANOOGIAN, -10 Beechmont 
Street. Worcester Massachusetts 01606 JOHN 0. MANTER, 1614 Pendetcn Road 
Augusta Georgia 30904 GEORGE E MANTELL. 1 148 Ricknmmo" Road 
ford Connecticut 00903 CYNTHIA B. MANUEL. 509 Lmwond Avenue 
North Carolina 27701 DANIEL J, MARANO, 235 P.vkview Drive Sprmgtield 
Pennsylvania 19064 DAVID G. MARCELLI. 1901 5lh Avenue Beaver Fai's Penn- 
sylvania NANCY L. MARCHAK. 41 HiNcrest Road Martmsvilie New Jersey 08836 
PETER B. MARCO. 305 E.jst New Hampshire Southern Pmes North Caroima 
NANCY L. MARESSA. 123 Webster Avenue Strattord New Jersey 08084 ROBERT 
D, MARGOLIS, 55 Coven Road New Rochelle New York KENNETH W MARINAK, 
617 H,3i.jpmdn Avenue New Cumberland Pennsylvania 17070 ANTHONY J. 
MARINO, 120 Sawmill Road Cherry HiH New Jersey 08034 JOAN CHANDLER 
MARINOS. 1600 Anderson Street. Durham North Carolina 2770^ JOSEPH W 
MARION. 2523 Reynolds Drive Wmston Sa'em North Carolina BRUCE E MARK- 
GRAF. 212 North E'le Avenue Lmdenhursl New York 11757 MARY E MARK- 
HAM. 606 North Pmeview Avenue Goidsboro North Caroi-n , :-'^:jri THOMASC 
MARKHAM, 3521 Windsor Drive Ch.jriotte North Carm"-, 1 ■■-■■- STEPHEN J 
MARKHAM. 21841 Church Oak Park Michigan 48237 FRANCES S MAROCCHI, 
Headqua'ters United Stales European Command J2 APO Npvs 1 i'-091.''S JOHN 
S. MAROLD, 12 Leewood Road Newton Massachusetts 02lbl CAROL A. MAR- 
QUETT. 800 Indian Hill Road Terrace Park Ohio46174 JULIA B. MARQUIS. 2201 
Chestnut Avenue Wilmerie liimois 60091 DAVID S, MARSH, 1-^ Tb-^-j. Dnve 
Perth iftiiim.ngton Deb.-, i-.- ;9SC3 CAROLYN MARSHALL. 3341 Br.^wnsboro 
Road Louisville Kern,;., .:.-■:,— GAEL MARSHALL. 812 Hazeiwood Lane Mjr- 
tmsville Virginia 24112 NANCY E MARSHALL. Route 17 Emory Road. Knoxville. 
Tennessee 37921 RALPH A MARSHALL, 3022 Secon^' Avenue Baltimore M.iry- 
land 21234 ROBERT B. MARSHALL, 6530 Foiger Drive Charlotte North Caroima 
28211 ROSALIA MARSHALL, 2703 Fourth Avenue Richmond Virginia 23222 
WALTER L MARSHALL JR.. JVhiiney Avenue Glassboro New Jersey 08028 MAR- 
GARET P. MARSHBURN, 510 Davie Avenue Statesvilie Nprth C.mif-, 2Sf' 
DAVID L. MARTEL, 1 15 Magnolia Street Boston Massachusetts 02 I 25 ALICE A 
MARTIN, 1 100 Wesfover Road Wilmington Delaware 19807 ANNE ELIZABETH 
MARTIN. 2525 Vail Avenue Charlotte North Caroima 28207 CURTIS W. MARTIN, 
994 Oakview Drive Highland Heights Ohio44U3 DAVID C. MARTIN, 50 Stratio" 
Street London Wl England DERYL W. MARTIN, 103 South Salem Street Ape. 
North Carolina 27502 DONALD L. MARTIN JR.. 134 Wildwood Court Athens 
Georgia 30601 ELIA M. MARTIN. 420-802 Va;quei De Meiij Me.'co 
ELBERT G. MARTIN, 712 K.mbrougn Street Raleigh North Cjroimj 27608 
HILARY J MARTIN. 51 Cleveland Lane Princeton New Jersey 08540 HUNTER G. 
MARTIN, 300 Conodoguinet Drive Camp H, 11 Pennsylvania 1 701 1 JACQUELYN 
A. MARTIN, 640 South Tenth Street New Hyde Park New Vork 11040 JOHN R. 
MARTIN, 9200 Sardon Road Bethesda Maryland 20014 KEITH W. MARTIN. 228 
46th Street Union City New Jersey 07087 LELIA C. MARTIN. 720 Graiian Road 
Martinsville V.'gmia 24112 PATRICK E. MARTIN, 8444 Southwest 103 Avenue 
Miami Florida PAUL J. MARTIN, Route 8 Bo. 30 Jim Lyon Road Durham North 
Carolina 27704 TERESA H, MARTIN. 1260 East Lcen'.eld M'ssour. 
65804 WALDO E, MARTIN JR., 1814 Muntey Lane Greene---- -j ■■■ - ,- 
27401 LOUISE L. MARTORELLI, 30 Evergreen Lane O. • 

07757 ROBERTO, MARTZ, 755 Si. th Street Boulder Coi'.' - ■ EMMETT 
D.MARX. 99 Weaver Street Scarsdaie New York 10585 BRUCE A MASER, 1-1. ■ 
Prospect Ridge Haddon Heights New Jer ,.^, i>:0 3S JAMES K- MASON. 55 East 
End Avenue New York New York 1002!- PAUL MASON. 175 Forsythia Dnve 
North Levittown Pennsylvania 19056 RANDALLS MASON. 6412 Crane 
Bethesda Ma'yiand 20034 ROSE LILLISTON MASON, 3809 Rose Lane Annan- 
dale Virginia 22003 SARAH J. MASON. 5416 Clear Run Dnve Wiimmgton North 
Carolina 28401 SCOTT A. MASON. 6412 Crane Terrace Bethesda Maryland 
20034 PAUL J, MASS, 418 Otisno Drve Weslheid New Jersey 07090 CHRISTO- 
PHER M, MASSAD. 14 Roslyn Road Richmond Virgimj 23226 CATHERINE E. 
MASSEY, 56 East Stanton Avenue Baldwin New York 11510 JOSEPH P. MASSEY. 
1585 Wesieyan Dnve No'lolk Virginia 23502 DOUGLAS L, MASSINGILL. 82? 
37th Avenue Northeast St Petersburg Florida 33704 PAUL S MASSIMIANO. 
231 William Street Pittsfieid Massachusetts 01201 LINDA J MASTRON. 9040 


Coachman CoufI Pensacoia Fronda 3250-1 SUSAN M MATAMOROS. 311 Bios 
som Hill Drive Lancaster Pennsvlvar>.a I760l FHANCINE M MATAS. 1670 Hart 
fofd TuropiKe New Haven Conn-r|,cji06J73 JAN£T T. MATENA. 38 Farm Roaa 
M.ddletowfi New Je'se^ 07748 DAVID T MATHER, 4503 Soyi" Park Road Loms- 
v.lie Kentuchy 40219 CHRISTOPHER C MATHERS. 166 Fa. rvew Avenue Broch- 
tOf> Massachusetis 02401 ROBERT H MATHESON JR,. 8545 Old Cutler Road 
Miami Florida 33143 LYNN P. MATHIEU. ONR Brancf' OMice Bo- 39 FPQ New 
Yorh New Yo'k 09510 AMANDA J. MATHIS. 3709 Chanel Road Annanoaie Vir- 
gir^ia 22003 BETH A, MATLOCK 9'bb N of'r. Cnjriolle Street Poilstown Penn 
sylvan.a 19464 THOMAS D MATLOCK, '^bl, N.i'f> C-'arlotte Street Pottstown 
Pennsyl^rania 19d6J OAVID ROBERT MATTHEWS Jfl,. 2407 NorcfOSS Sfeet Mar 
low Heights Maryia^J 20031 MARK W MATTHEWS. Aoartment 201 I9S0 Bright- 
seat Landove' Maryond 96525 PAUL A. MATTHEWS. 8998 Barret Road Milling- 
ton Tennessee 38053 CHRISTOPHER L. MATTIL. 1636 Barak tane Bryan 
77801 JAVE.MATTINGLY. 5680 Sy^amo'e Grove Memph.s Tennessee 381 1 7 
JANET L. MATTISON. II Soutn FrankUn Sl'eel CattaraugLJS New Vn'k I47I9 
DAVIO R. MAUERHAN. 502 Colony Court Perrsyburg C^o 43551 ANNE E, 
MAUMENEE. 226 Nofthway Baltimore Maryland 21218 STEPHEN T, MAUNEV. 
9305 Ivanhoe Road Oxor. Hill Maryland 20022 NORMAN L MAUflONER JR.. 
852 East River Road Shrevepo'l Louisiana 7] i05 DAVID M. MAUTNER. 1 10? 
Oak Ridge Dri^e Gtencoe liimois 60022 GEORGE M. MAXWELL. 2721 Bnarwood 
Place eetnienem Pennsylvania 18017 SCOTT E MAXWELL, 1218 Wedgewood Winston Salem North Caroiini ?7io? THERESE A. MAXWELL. 2808 Barber 
Hill Lane Knoxville Tennessee 379:0 LEONARD Z MAY. 1610 Country Club 
Roao Wilmington North Carolina MICHAEL DENNIS MAY, 2025 Cresttand Dnve 
Ann Arbor Mich.gan 48104 SAMUEL PERSON MAY. 1605 South Yakima Street 
Tacoma Washingio^^ 9840S SUSAN J. MAY. 1610 Robert L Lee Boulevard New 
Orleans Louis. anj ^0]?: MICHAELS MAYER. 5004 Alia Vista Road Bethesda 
Maryland 20014 CHRISTINE B MAYFIELD. Post Ot'ice Bo. 312 Swamsboro 
Gen'g.a3040l ROBERT D. MAVNARD, 167 Oonnybrooh Dnve Hagerstown Mary 
lar,;2!-'40 RICHARD B, MAYO. 4152 Trayior Dnve R.chmond V.rgima 23235 
PAUL D. MAZZARELLA. 121 Magnolia Lane Pnncelon New Jersey 08540 
JOANNE L MAZURKL 12 Salem Road New Providence New Jersey 07974 MARY 
JEANNE MCAFEE. 4011 Br.stol Road Durham North Carolina 27707 GARY 
MCALISTER, fi.ule 4 Bo» 235 Lmcolnton North Carolina 28092 JAMES F 
MCALISTER JR., 6508 Rosemary Lane Charlotte North Carolina 28210 BAR- 
BARA E MCALPINE, 4444 CtiUdaie Road Fayetteviiie North Carolina 28304 
MICHAEL R MCBRIDE, ^?i Pyracantha Drive La Grange Georgia 30240 WIL- 
LIAM ALLEN MCCADDEN, 322 Bibb Street Tuskegee Institute Alabama SHARON 
B, MCCALL, 8'XiO..^ h, , fyurl Baltimore Maryland 21 212 WILLIAM M. MCC A BE 
III. 1006 Barley Mill Road Wilmington Delaware 19807 JANE T. MCCALLISTER. 
1115 Red Rose Lane Villanowa Pennsylvania 19085 JILL M. MCCARREN, 10015 
Renfrew Road Silver Spring M.iryiand 20901 THOMAS L. MCCARRIAR JR., 9918 
Deiiwood Avenue EU.cot! r.-^ f/.,.,,V..! :i043 GERALD J. MCCARTHY, 1032 
Locust Road Wilmette IMtm ■ ►„«■..:,! BRENDA J MCCARTY, 14 Wodsey Road 
Hampton Georgia 30228 DENNIS G MCCARTY, I 1 15 Gypsy Lane West Towson 
Maryland 21204 GALE VANPELT MCCARTY. 3719 Hermme Street Durham 
North Carolina 27705 BERNIE L MCCASKILL. 319 Hyian Avenue Hamlet North 
Carolina 28345 MARY L MCCLINTON, ."'04 Edgewood Street Baltimore Mary 
'and 21229 MICHAELE MCCLOSKEY, .■'B48 Pegency Drive Winston Salem North 
C.-.-.-. .-, .'''inh GAIL P MCCONNEL. 373 Vanderbilt Road Asheville North Cam 
IT .--■ ■ HELENH MCCONNELL,Bo*67Roule3 Arden North Carolina 28704 
PATRICK W MCCONNELL, _^'_-. i.Diestone Dnve Au-ora lUmois 60506 RANOY 
MCCONNELL. i-.',^^!^ .t, bu- ^jjy Moo'esvU.? *J -ri- -" .'.-i na 28)1 5 DAVID M. 
MCCORD, 735 Pmetree Drive Oecaiur Ge' -i . ' v RUTH MCCORMACK, 44 
A.teu Dnve Starsdale New York 10583 KATHY MCCORMICK, 2 Kmgstord Drive 
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15202 MICHAEL W MCCORMICK, ESSO Europe Inc 50 
Stratton Street London Wl England J. M. MCCOY. 101 Columbia Avenue E.lyna 
Ohio 44035 STEPHEN A, MCCOY. 105 Wn.iamsburg Dnve Silver Spring Mary, 
land 20901 ELIZABETH A, MCCRACKEN, 1001 Park Avenue Henderson North 
Carolina 27536 LAURENCE W MCCRACKEN. 27 Armstrong Road Mornslowr. 
New Jersey 07960 WILLIAM F MCCRADY, 505 Dorseyvlle Road Pittsburgh 
Pennsylvania 15238 MARCELLA N MCCRARY. Vmton Avenue Bedford New York 
10506 SHARON L MCCRARY, 3632 Royai Palm Dnve Beach Virginia 
23452 LAWRENCEE MCCRONE. 877 Holly Dnve South Route 6 Annapolis Mary 
land 21401 PETER A MCCUE. 69 Mount A.ry Road SernardSviKe New Jersey 
07924 STEPHEN MCCULLERS, 11? Ejst M.ivnard Avenue Durham North 
Carolina 27^04 CHRISTOPHERS MCCULLOUGH, 640 Marshall Road Vienna 
Virginia 221>-|' KAREN GOELLER MCCULLOUGH, yl9 No-rh Buchanan Boule 
vard DurhK' U. !■■ ,r ., , PAGE HARRIS MCCULLOUGH, Route 3 Cedarhurst 

Honea Pair. , .,,tr i ,. , ,^9h^4 WILLIAM R MCCUNE JR, Roule H I Showers 

Lane Marlmsburg West Virginia 25401 ROBERT R MCCUTCHEON JR, 624 Or 
chard Hill Drive Pitlsburgh Pennsylvania 15238 SUSAN H MCDANtEL, 2501 Del 
Lago Dnve Fort Lauderdale Florida 33316 WILLIAM F MCDANIEL III. 891 1 Brae 
burn Dnve Annandale Virginia 22003 ALEXANDER J MCDONALD III. 360 long 
view Dnve Mountainside New Jersey 07092 CAPERS W MCDONALD. 10 Willow 
bank Road Georgetown South Carolina 29440 RUSS F MCDONALD, 1 7406 Anvil 
Court Houston 77016 JAMES 0. MCDONOUGH, 335 Dennywood Drive 
Nashville 14 Tennessep RUSSELL E, MCDOW. 2001 Forest Onve Waynesboro 
Virginia 22980 MARY S, MCDUFFIE. 1 21 7 Junct-on Road Durham North Caro- 
lina ROBERT S. MCDUFFIE JR.. 325 Vanderbilt Road Ashevule North Carolina 
28803 WILLIAM D. MCEACHERN. 3? Greenway South Forest HiUs. New York 
1 I 3 ", GEORGIA ANN MCELROY, 284 lOlh Avenue South Naples Florida 33940 
WILLIAM J MCEVOY. 1211 P.^arro Street. Coral Gables Florida 33134 CRAIG D. 
MCEWAN. y7u i^norewood Dnve Medina, Ohio 44256 RICHARD E. MCFAYDEN. 
2005 South 85 Avenue Omaha Nebraska 68124 CAROLYN L MCGAHAN. 49 
Wesi Long Drive Lawrenceville New jersey 08648 SHARON J MCGARRY, 1723 
Spring Creek Drive Sarasota Florida 32300 JOY V, MCGEHEE. 2075 Shj.jy l irif 
AltaVista Virginia 24517 MARILYN R. MCGEHEE. 9403 Woodhaven Road Jark 
sonville Florida 32217 JAMES F MCGIMSEY III. 4325 Hawbirech Way Stone 
Mountain Georgi.t JUDITH MCGIMSEV. 108 Valdese Avenue Morganton North 
Cafodn.) 28655 FRANK W MCGINNIS JR.. 142 South Park Road La Gf.jnge llli 
nois 60525 KATHLEEN R MCGRATH, 650 Banyan Circle Naples Florida SCOTT 
A. MCHUGH, 1981 k -ni. r .-, , .. iv.jd Media Pennsylvania 19063 THOMAS I. 
MCINTOSH. 1754 N..rM M.,„i.., ,r,, Houston Te«as 77006 BARBARA A, MCIN- 
TYRE, 3558 Roswell Road NorihwesI Atlanta Georgia 30305 JAMES C. MCIN- 
TYRE. I 37 Hill Avenue Sanlord North Carolina 27330 MICHAEL J MCKEARNEY. 
20 Marion Street Hingham Ma'.sachusetis 02043 JOHN C. MCKEE. 24 1 I Sunset 
Drive Orange Te.a^ 77630 THOMAS W. MCKEE. 3 Guerard Road Ch.irleslon 
South Carolina 29407 MICHAEL W MCKEEVER, 8305 Bn.lon Street Spnngtield 
Virginia ELIZABETH A MCKEITHEN, 401 ■-.ountl Beach Avenue. Old Greenwich 
Connecticut 06870 MARGARET J MCKELVEY, 743 Oakndge Dnve Rochester 
New York 14617 EDWARD S MCKENNA, 103 Pheasant Drive, Pittsburgh Penn 
sylvania 15238 MILTON S MCKIBBEN JR., 736 Spring Lake Road Columbia 
South Carolina 29206 MARILYN MCKIM, 2690 F.eldstream Lane Idaho Falls 
Idaho 83401 ANNE ZENNI MCKINNEY, 111 Oahlahoma Avenue Oak R.dge 
Tennessee 37830 JAMES M MCKINNEY, 120 Regent Circle Oak Ridge Tennes- 


see 37S30 RUTH A, MCKINNEY, 424 Upper Mountain Avenue Upper Moniclair 
New Jersey 07043 ROBERT N. MCKNIGHT, Post Office Bo» 487 YadkmviMe 
North Carolina 27055 THOMAS D, MCKNIGHT. 1002 Bryan Drive South Euclid 
Ohio 44121, STEVEN D MCLAM8. 636 Eleventh Avenue Prospect Park Pennsyl- 
vania 19076 CHARLES F MCLAHTY.'297 Haywood Street Asheville North Caro 
lina 28801 GARY D MCLAUGHLIN, 2333 Schiller Avenue Wilmetle Illinois 
60091 HARRIET A MCLAUGHLIN, 1709 South Benbow Road, Greensboro, North 
Carolina 27406 NANCY D MCLAUGHLIN, 2333 Schiller Avenue Witmette Illinois 
60001 MARGARET S. MCLAURIN. 2461 Grandm Road Cincinnati Ohio 45208 
JEREMY D MCLEAN, Seigniory Club Post Office Papineau County Connecticut 
MARY MCLEOD. Route I Bo. 354 Eastfield Road. Huntersville North Carolina 
280 7.H DANIEL P MCHAHON. 456 Barton Dnve, Lewiston New York 14092 
DIANE W. MCMAHON. 12028 Creekhaven Drive Des Peres, Missouri 63131 WIL- 
LIAM JAMES MCMAHON. 515 3rd Street NiagaraFalls New York 14302 JAMES J. 
MCMILLAN. 3621 Beach Dnve. Tampa Florida 33609. LINDA T. MCMILLAN, 218 
High Slreet. Mount Holly New Jersey 08060 MELISSA E. MCMORRIES. 441 1 Ran 
dom Court. Annandale. Virginia 22003 JULIA E. MCMURHAY, 129 Hillside Drive 
Shelby North Carolina 28150 HERMIONE B. MCNAIfl, 807 Cumberland Street 
Norfolk. Virginia 23510 BRIAN J. MCNALLY, 1460 Mercury Street Mernit Island 
Florida 32952 EDWARD P. MCNAMARA. 8503 Van Buren Drive, Oxon Hill. Mary- 
land 20022. CHARLES R. MCNEILL M. 301 Holly Lane. Morehead City North Caro- 
lina 28557 MARK SANFORD MCNEIL, 507 Zecca Dnve Gallup New Me.ico 
87301 ANNE V. MCQUILKIN. 2000 Fernchft Road. Charlotte. North Carolina 
28."'ll HORACE L MCSWAIN. 1 164 South Jackson Spring. Macon Georgia 31201 
CAROL ANN MCSWINEY, 19 Ridgewood Road. Rome. Georgia 30161. LESLIE A. 
MCWILLIAMS. Route 1 Box 298 Trattord. Pennsylvania 15085, SUSAN L. MCWIL- 
LIAMS. 546 Northwest 38. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma 73118, ROBERT D. 
MEADOWS. 515 Westview Boulevard. Mansfield. Ohio 44907. STUART N. 
MEADOWS. 17 Sherwood Dnve Longmeadow. Massachusetts 01 106. BEVERLEY 
H, MEANS. 759 Cross Hill Avenue. Columbia. South Carolina 29205 JEFFREY R. 
MEANS. 8135 Anemone Lane Indianapolis Indiana 46219 JOYCE A. MEASE. 
Post Office Bo. 97 Richlands North Carolina 28574. CLYDE H, MEASEY, . Route 
1 West Shoru Drive Pennington. New Jersey. CONSTANCE L- MECK, 300 North 
28th Street. Camp Hill. Pennsylvania 17011 ALAN B, MEDEIR05. 149 Berkley 
Street Taunton Massachusetts 02780 THOMAS H. MEDLIN. Route 6 Bon 79 
Durham North Carolina 27704 MARK S. MEDVIN. 7223 Beechwood Road, Alex- 
andria. Virginia 22307 DENNIS N. MEHRING. 915 Highview Road. Pittsburgh 
Pennsylvania 15234 BARBARA SUSAN MEIER. 514 Maple Avenue. Wilmette, 
Illinois 60091 MARGARET S. MEIER, Apartment B-16Comley Road Lincoln New 
Jersey 07035 MARTHA M. MEIERKORD, Lequeitio 8 Colonia De L. Madrid Spam 
ROBERT R MEINIG, 1801 Cambridge Avenue A-8 Wyomissing Pennsylvania 
19bl0 CRAIG L MEISEL, 2691 Wadsworlh Road. Shaker Heights. Ohio 44122. 
STEVEN A- MEIXEL. 65 Cherry Lane Basking R.dge New Jersey STEPHEN G. MEL- 
CER, 5 WesI Mall Drive Huntington New York 11743 RICHARD A. MELCHEH, 
2835 Verona Road. Shawnee Mission Kansas 66208 GARY D. MELCHIONNI. 304 
Bowman Dnve Woodbury. New Jersey 08096 CHRISTINE L, MELCHIOR, 31 Sher 
wood Road, Kemlworth. New Jersey 07033 ROBERT W. MELTON, 109 Edgewood 
Drive Boone. North Carolina 28607 HOWARD N. MENAKER, 120 South Morning- 
Side. Wichita. Kansas 67218 RICHARD G, MENDE. 7035 Southwest 71 Avenue 
Miami. Florida 33143. JEFFREY C. MENDEL. 926 Grassmere Avenue Wanamassa 
New Jersey 07712 DANIEL L. MENNIS, 361 1 Milton Avenue. Dallas. Texas 75205. 
ANN R. MENTE, Altawood Farm Roule 3 Box 334. Anchorage, Kentucky 40223 
ANNE P. MERCER. 210 Euclid Avenue. Loram. Ohio 44052. ROBERT B. MERCER. 
15316 Bitterrool Way Rockville Maryland 20853 ALAN J. MERIN. 464 Bloomlield 
Avenue Bloomlield Connecticut 06002 MICHAEL W, MERIWETHER. Route §] 
Bo. 264 16 Durham North Carolina HELOISE C. MERRILL. 346 Hawser Lane. 
Naples Florida 39340 CLAUDIA R. MERRITT. 284 Upper Mountain Avenue, Upper 
Montclair. New Jersey 07043 BRETT D. MERRITT. 5205 Burke Drive. Alexandria 
Virginia 22309. MARGARET E. MERRY. 6916 Thomas Boulevard Pittsburgh 
Pennsylvania 15208 TIMOTHY P. MERSEREAU. 758 Tnpps Court Augusta 
Georgia 30904 PETER A. MERTS, 1809 Hilltop Drive Albany Georgia 31705 
CAROLYN D. MEWBORN. 461 Cedarwood Drive, Burlington. North Carolina 
27215 BEVERLY V. MEYER. 202 Ruelle Apartment B San Antonio. Texas 78209 
CHRISTOPHER L. MEYER, 18 Roclare Lane St Louis Missouri 63131 DOUGLAS 
R, MEYER. 48 Wensley Onve Great Neck. New York I 1021 LAURA L, MEYER, Old 
Roaring Brook Road. Mount K.sco New York 10549 MORGAN P. MEYER. 573 
South Lombard Lombard. Illinois 60148. NANCY B. MEYER. 27 Road 
Stanford ConnectK lj! 06923 LEE MEYERHOFF. Caves Road Owings Mills, Mary- 
land 21117 LEON E. MEYERS. 4908 Northwest 31. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
73122. GEORGE E.MICHAEL. 3124 Spring Valley Road Charlotte North Carolina 
28210 RENE LUCILLE MICHEL. 343 Oak Knoll Drive Glendora^rn, , Ql 740 
LYNNE S, MICHELSON. 8001 Davis Drive. Clayton. Missouri 6JlMb RICHARD E- 
MICHOD. 529 Keystone Avenue River Forest Illinois 60305. JANE M. MICHOLET. 
5117 Marigny Sireey. New Orleans. Louisiana 70122 WILBERT L. MICKENS JR,. 
7202 Erskine Street Richmond. Virginia 23228 THOMAS P. MICKLE, .\'l £..s! 
2nd Street Media Pennsylvania 19063 THEODORE A MIDDLEBURG, b834 M.if 
shall Road Upper Darby Pennsylvania 19082 SUSAN MIODLETON, 2201 £. 
position Boulevard. Austin Te-as 78703 JAMES H. MIDKIFF, 740 East 42nd 
Street. Hialeah Florida 33013 JUDITH A, MIGLIORI, 367 Hamilton Avenue Tren- 
ton New Jersey 08609. SUZANNE E. MIILLER. 2319 Schiller Avenue Wilmette 
Illinois 60091. EDMUND D- MILAM JR., 6236 Hillsboro Road. Nashville Tennessee 
37215. CURTIS R. MILES. 777 Elysian Fields. Nashville Tennessee 37204 MARK 
W.MILLARD. 3900 6akones Austin Texas 78731 BRUCE G, MILLER. Box 5875 
DS Durham North Carolina 27706 CAREY R. MILLER. 41 12 Wyoming Avenue 
Tampa Florir),^ 33616 BARBARA A, MILLER. 259 B 49th Street Long Beach 
Calilornia 90805 BARBARA G. MILLER. 2508 Oakfield Lane. Wilmington Dela- 
ware 19803 CAROLYN A. MILLER, 1218 CrestOver Road, Wilmington Delaware 
19803 DAVID H. MILLER. 4806 Arbutus A-enue. Rockville Maryland 20853, 
DIANNE B. MILLER. 43 Slurgis Road Bronxville New York 10708 DONALD L. 
MILLER, 105 Rosewood Avenue Catonsville Maryland 21228 ELEANOR C. 
MILLER, 818 Worth Street Asheboro North Carolina 27203 FELIX F. MILLER III. 
J831 North Mam Street. High Point North Carolina 27260 JAMES A, MILLER. 
Miller Lake Road Wooster Ohio 44691. JAMES P. MILLER. 603 Chatin Drive 
Manchester Georgia 3I8I6 JAMES R. MILLER. 6836 North Barnetl Lane Mil 
waukee Wiscnnsm 53217 JAY W, MILLER. 507 Club Lane. Louisville Kentucky 
40207 JEFFREY S. MILLER. Route 1 Box 42 Swansboro North Carolina 28584 
JOHN A, MILLER. 302 Berkeley Road Debon Pennsylvania 19333 JOHN R. 
MILLER. DonhPad Lodge Shaltesbury. Great Britain JUNE E. MILLER. 125 
Willow Street Chelsea, Massachusetts 02150 MARK P MILLER. 1031 Cove Road 
Mamaroneck New York 10543 RICHARD H. MILLER. 310D Agustin Athumada 
Mexico City. Mexico SCOTT A. MILLER. 7103 Purdue Place McLean Virginid 
22101 STEVEN R. MILLER. 1031 Cove Road. Mam,,roneck New York 10543 
WENDY K. MILLER, 196 Oakland Street Stratford Conne, in uf 06497 WILLIAM 
H, MILLER, 71 ;>3 Westmoreland Falls Church Virgmu WILLIAM T. MILLER. 302 
Berkeley Devon. Pennsylvania 19333 ELIZABETH B. MILLOY. 9419 Rose 
hill Drive Bethesda Maryland 20034 GARY B. MILLS, 701 Liberty Drive Thom 
asville. North Carolina 27360, JO A. MILLS, Rouie 1 Box 733A Gary North Caro 

lina 27511 SIDNEY EARL MILLS JR.. 2012 C Jersey Avenue Durham North 
Carolina 27707 PETER T MILNES. ?--'-. 202" United Slates Navy Hosp-tal 
Great Lakes Illinois 60086 WARREN E MILTIMORE JR.. 4620 Yarmouth Avenue 
South St Petersburg Flo- -r i KENNETH D MINOELL. 3479 Wellington 

Road Fori Woflh Texas 761 le STERLING A MINOR. Marpeth Hills Dnve Route 3. 
Franklin Tennessee 37064 GUY B- MIOTON JR.. 2828 State Street NewOfleans 
Louisiana 70118 DAVID A. MISHKIN, 4800 Ritch.e Highway Baltimore Maryland 
21225 GAINES M. MIMMS, 69 Tangiewylde Avenue. Bronxville New York 10708 
WILLIAM K. MINER. 147 West Montrose Avenue South Orange New Jersey 07079 
HENRY H, MINOR III. Tower Road Wyoming New York 14591 GARY J. MINTER. 
435 Lowell Avenue Glen Ellyn Illinois 601 37 MARSHALL C. MINTZ. 11 Normandy 
Parkway Momstown New Jersey 07960 BRENDA J. MISMAS. 8815 Postoak 
Road Poiomac Maryland 20854 CARL I. MITCHELL. 51 Laurens Street Charles- 
ton South Carolina 29401 CURTIS C. MITCHELL. 459 Dune Circle Koduo 
Hawaii 96734 DARLENE D. MITCHELL. 3223 Gw.n Street Portsmouth Virginia 
23704 JOSEPH D. MITCHELL. 3500 Mitchell Road Waco Texas 76708 SUSAN J. 
MIZELL. 2107 Southeast 21 Street Fort Lauderdale Florida 33316 JAMES C. 
MOFFATT, 34 Commodore Place MiHofd Connecticut 06460 THOMAS L. MOF- 
FATT. 3007 Luierne Avenue Silver Marylantl ANNE G. MOFFETT. 808 
Laheview Road Tampa Fiondj 33609 LIZBETH M. MOHR. 1501 Stevenson Road 
Hewlett New York 1 1557 CHARLES N MOHN JR., l203Green Springs Road New 
Bern North Carolina 28560 EARL D MOHR JR.. 185 Beacom Drive Beaver Penn 
sylv,)n.d 15009 RONALD A. MOLINAS. 2934 Fa.rlee Dnve Fairfai. Virginia 22030, 
LINDA J MOLTEN, 2307 Woodland Terrace Scotch Plain, New Jersey 07076 
DOMINIC F MONA, 5602 Henderson Road Camp Springs Maryland 20031 
ROBERT T MONK JR.. 300 West Church Street Farmville North Carolina 27827 
SUSAN JANE MONLUX, 3430 72 Place Southeast Mercer Island Washington 
98040 MADRED B. MONROE. Route 5 Box 128 Oelavan Wisconsin 53115 
MARTHA A. MONROE. 3608 Mound Way Cincinnati Ohio 45227 WILLIAM F. 
MONROE, 121 19 Cobblestone Houston Texas 77024 CHARLES MONTGOMERY. 
15 Warren Court. Greenville Sooth Carolina 29607 STEPHEN J MONTGOMERY 
107 Ardoon Road. Lutherville Maryland 21093 MICHAEL T MOONEY. 202 Mii- 
lord Hills Road Salisbury North Carcmj r;-:i44 GREGORY J MOONIE. 40 Taun 
ton Road Scarsdale New York 105^3 BARBARA JO MOORE. 4520 North 15th 
Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85015 DAVIO H MOORE, t>^:' Mor^awk Lane India 
napolis. Indiana 46260 OE 5AUSSURE P. MOORE. 405 Pjr^ Avenue Hopewell 
Virginia 23860 DONOVAN B. MOORE JR.. 31 7 Kimberiy Avenue Asheville North 
Carolina 28804 GERALD MOORE. Route 2 Box 144 Grand Bay Alabama 36541 
JAMES L. MOORE, 26 Sunset Terrace West Hartford. Connecticui06107 JANICE 
L. MOORE. 209 Rulherlord Street Salisbury North Carol. na 28144 JOHN R. 
MOORE. 1823 Baldwin Onve McLean Virginia 22101 LARRY JOE MOORE. 106 
East Madison Street York South Carolina 29745 LINDA FERRERI MOORE, 2206 
Walton Avenue Bluetield. West Virginia 24701. MARCIA L. MOORE. 109 East Han- 
over Place. Peoria Illinois 61614 NANCY 0. MOORE. 645 Spruce Street. Erwin 
Tennessee 37650 PEARL A. MOORE. 905 Prmceton Midland Texas 79701 
RICHARD D. MOORE, 240 Oak Ridge Road FCi Lempoc. Caiiiomia 93436 ROBIN 
A. MOORE, 978 Cheltenham Road Santa Barbara Calilorma SALLIE A. MOORE. 
1525 Oakdale Circle Henderson North Carolina 27536 TERRY D. MOORE. 5233 
Kelsey Road. Dallas. Texas 75229 WALTER T, MOORE JR., 2206 Walton Avenue 
Bluelield West Virginia 24701 RICHARD FOY MOORER. Quarters 6 Fort Myers 
Arlington, Virginia 22211 JOANNA L. MOORHEAO. 3311 Avon Road Durham 
North Carolina 27707 PEDRO N- MORALES. 972 Banyan Dnve Delray Beach 
Florida 33444 JAMES D. MORAN III. 16 Lyons Place Larchmoni New York 
10538. ROBIN KATHLEEN MORAN. 5601 Hugh Onve. Dayton Oh.o 45459 SARAH 
E. MORAN, 38 Chnstme Drive Grosse Pointe Farms Michigan 48236 DOUGLAS 
G. MORE, 3404 Croydon Road Baltimore Maryland 21207 JUDITH A. MORE- 
LAND. 152 Warren Road. Toronto 7. Ontario Canada LARRY J. MORELL. 1440 
Northwest 56th Avenue. Lauderhili Florida 33313 BETH K. MORGAN. 705 
Brighton Road Durham North Carolina 27707 CATHY A MORGAN. 401 West 
Marshall Street Elhhorn Wisconsin 53121 CHARLES R. MORGAN. 1311 Meadow- 
brook Heights Charlottesville Virginia 22901 CLARENCE E. MORGAN. 1904 Oak 
Street, Columbia South Carolina 29204 DORIS H. MORGAN. Corapeake North 
Carolina 27926 JAMES K. MORGAN. 7507 Whiitier Boulevard Bethesda Mary 
land 20034 STEPHEN L. MORGAN. 4123 Leno. Drive Fairla- Virgm.j 22030 
TUCKER G MORGAN. 816 College Avenue Fredericksburg Virgin 3 CHARLES H. 
MORICLEJR,, 1223 Crescent Drive ReidSviUe North Carolina JACQUES ROLAND 
MORIN. Box 211 Piscataqua Road. Durham New HampsKn*. O6OOI DOUGLAS L. 
MORRIS. Calxa Postal 4753 Sao Paulo Brae-i DAVID CLARENCE MORRIS. 5608 
Winthfop Drive Raleigh North Carolina 27609 ELIZABETH H MORRIS. 1117 
Adger Road, Columbia South Carolina 29205 JAMES L. MORRIS, 3413 Meadow 
Drive, Aiken South Carolina 29801 KELLUM MORRIS. 1111 Maple Cliff Dnve 
Lakewood, Ohio 44107 OLA CANNON MORRIS, 3 '2 Sf Andrews Street Spartan- 
burg, South Carolina 29301 LELAND N. MORRISON, 1896 Meadowbrook Drive 
Winston Salem, North Carolina 27104 CHARLES E MORTENSEN. 2516 Timer 
Lane. Greensboro, North Carolina 27408 BRADLEY H MORTON. 4709 Villa Green 
Drive Nashville Tennessee 37215 BEVERLY A MOSHER, 112 Cedar Avenue 
Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871 , WENDY A. MOSHER, b2 7 Cayuga Heights Road 
Ithaca New York 14850 JEFFREY F. MOSSER. 902 Slarbil Road, Towson. Mary- 
land 21204 DONNA L. MOTHERSHEAD. 2305 Lackawanna Street Adelphi. Mary- 
land 20783. ROSE M. MOTLEY, Roule 2 Bo. lOA Ringgold. Virginia 24586. MARY 
S. MOTT. 1119 Lake Shore Boulevard L.jke WjiPi ri,,n,lj 33853 BRUCE A. 
MOVER, Post Of lice Box 522 Lake Mary Fli>r„j,, 3,'^4i. CURT D. MUELLER, 1319 
Linden Road. Homewood. Illinois 60430 JAMES R MUELLER. 9205 Roe Avenue 
Prairie Village Kansas 66207 LAWRENCE H MUHLBAIER. Route #1 Box 353 
Swedesbofo New Jersey 08085 DAVIO W. MULENEX. 1 724 Gartield Street Sleii 
acoom, Washington 98388 PETER L MULLEN. 210 West 5th Avenue Gastoma 
North Carolina 28052 DENISE A. MUMMERT, 1006 East Walnut Street Hanover 
Pennsylvania 17331 CHARLES R MUNOAY JR.. Route 9 Box 135 Salisbury 
North Carolina 28144 CHRISTINE L MUNDIE. 901 Winhall Way Silver Spnna 
Maryland 20904 DOROTHY J MUNKENBECK. Route I Schenevus New York 
12155 THOMAS G- MUNDHENK. 212 drnwood Onve Centerville Ohio 45459 
NANCY W. MUNKENBECK, Route #1 Schenevus New York 12155 DUNCAN 
E. MUNN, Post Office Box 393 Kingston Ontario Canada LAUREN J. MUNRO. 
537 Lakeside Drive Statesville North Carolina SALLY ANN MUNRO. 737 
Remington Avenue Thomasville Georgia 31792 F E MUNSCHAUER 111, 303 
Ruskin Road Eggerlsville New York 14226 ROBERT E MURDAUGH, 3.''07 Hope 
Valley Road Durham North Carolina 27707 THEODORE L MUROOCK. 514 An- 
Jona Drive, Lower Burrel Pennsylv.m, . 1 SOhS THEODORE R, MUROOCK. 980 
Upland Drive Elmira New York HEATHER MURPHREE, 3440 Dogwood Trail 
Cleveland Tennessee 37311 CATHERINE J MURPHY. Post OHice Box 1387 
Winter Haven Florida 33880 IRIS M MURPHY, '.^01 Fjrrow Road Columbia 
South Carolina 29203 MARILYN A. MURPHY. 939 Greendale Dnve Charleston 
West Virginia 25302 MKHAEL G MURPHY. 424 lona Street Metaine Louisiana 
70005 SHARON A, MURPHY. 310 Singiefary Lane Frammgham Mass.ichusetls 
01 701 WILLIAM M. MURPHY. 601 West North Street Victoria 77901 
EDWIN L MURRAY. .■>540 Chapel Hill Road Durham North Carolina 27707 MARI- 
LYN M MURRAY, 23 Drum H.ll Dnve Summit New Jersey 07901, MARK R.MUR- 

RAY 2671 Covered Bridge New Yoft' l!56b TIMOTHY M, MURRAY, 
1360 Trapp Lane. W.nnetah. Illinois 60093 MARV E. MURRELL. Bo. 253C Castle 
Hayne North Carolina 28429 CHARLES W. MURTtASHAW III. 1635 Roslyn Drive 
Columb.a South Carolina 29206 JAMES C MUSSELWHITE JR.. Route §6 Box 
117 C Fayettew'lle North Carolma 28301 MICHAEL A MUSSELWHITE. Route 6 
Box 117 C Fayettev.lle, North Carolina 28301 BETH S. MUZZY. 1910 Rathmor. 
Bloomlield Hills 48013 CHARLES DAVISON MYERS. [:^?.9 Pinewood 
Drive Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15243. JANET L. MYERS. 600 Glenayre Drive, 
Glenv.ew Illinois 60025 SALLY A. MYERS. Box 548. Candor. North Carolina 
27229. LANCE A. MYNDERSE. C Unbrako Limited Power Road Chiswick Lon- 
don W-4 England 19006 


STEVEN A, NAGEL. 60 Chaucer Street Hartsdale New York 10530 STEPHEN J, 
NASSOF. 2608 R V C Parkway. Oceaside. New York 1 1572 HENRY P. NATHAN. 
45 Peler Ljne New Hyde Park. New York 1 1040. MiCHELE NATHAN. 1 189 Soulh- 
west Tamjtind Way Bocj Ralon Florida 33432 ROBERT 0. NATHAN, 1602 Easl 
36 Court Tulsa. Oklahomj 74105 STEVEN J. NAUMAN. Route « 1 Casf Sl-ouds- 
burg Pennsylvania 18301 WILLIAM F NEAL JR.. Route 1 Bo. 397 Grover Ncth 
Carolina 28073 DEBORAH J. NEARING. 46 Brentwood Road WeslHarrio-j Con- 
necticut 06107 EDGAR H. NEASE III, Post Oltice Sox 67. Lake JunalusKa Norlh 
Carolina 28745 WILLIAM D. NEEDHAM. 5001 Chanticleer Avenue. Annandale. 
Virginia 22003. CARLA A. NEELEY. 224 North SeacresI Circle. Delray Beach, 
Florida 33444 JAMES T, NEILL. 3611 Dorado Court. Fairfax, Virginia 22030, 
BARBARA K. NELSON, 1201 North Miami Boulevard, Durham, Norlh Carolina 
27703, CLIFFORD H NELSON JR.. 218 Canterbury Road Westheld New Jersey 
07090 HENRY N. NELSON III. 1701 Wensley Drive Charlolle Norlh Carolina 
28210 WALTER G. NELSON. 2205 Woodview Road Kinston, North Carolina 
28501 ROBERT W, NESBIT JR.. 3933 Hawthorn Road, Ellicott City, Maryland 
21043 FLORENCE ELEANOR NETTING, 1150 Kalawea Street Kingsport Tennes- 
see 37660 MARK D, NEUHART. 8413 Conover Place, Alexandria, Virginia 22308, 
CAROL A. NEVIN. 730 Kaye Street. West Palm Beach. Firoida 33405 GEORGE P. 
NEVIN. 8 Bellevue Avenue Corlland, New York 13045 LAWRENCE M. NEWARK, 
Quarters 400 Fort Adams Newport Rhode Island 02840 EDWARD T. NEWBILL, 
5815 Cromwell Drive Washington, D C 20016 NEIL S. NEWHOUSE, 6725 West 52 
Place Apartmeni 3B Shawnee M.ssion Kansas 66202 CASSANDRA F, NEWKIRK. 
803 South 15lh Street Wilmington, North Carolina 28401, CAROL L. NEWSHAM, 
Route 2 Gettysburg. Pennsylvania 17325 BELVA D. NEWSOME, 4613 Patrick 
Avenue Wilmington, North Carolina 28401 JOHN L. NEWELL, Roule 2 Bo- 820, 
Charlotte North Carolina 28210 EDWARD K, NEWMAN. 4 Fair banksCourt, Wood- 
bury New York 11797 ERNESTINE L. NEWMAN; 601 North First Street. Lufkin, 
Texas 75901 MARC D. NEWMAN. 433 Maple Lane Danville Virginia 24541 
MARTHA A, NEWMAN. 1147 Rimer Drive, Moraga, California 94556. PAULA B. 
NEWMAN, 8816 Montgomery Avenue. Chevy Chase. Maryland 20015 SCOTT 
LESLIE NEWROCK. 8 Charles Lane, Port Chester New York, CLARENCE G. NEW- 
SOME, 405 Holloman Avenue. Ahoskie, North Carolina 27910, NOLAN H. NEW- 
TON. Route 1 Bostic, Norlh Carolina 28018 THOMAS A. NEWTON JR., 2100 Pal- 
lets Court Virginia Beach, Virginia JOHN B. NEZLEK. 2600 Oceanside Road 
Oceanside, New York 11572 JAMES B. NICHOLAS, 375 North Abmgton Road 
Clarks Green. Pennsylvani^j 1841 1 DAVID P. NICHOLS, 2721 Evans Road, Ocean- 
side. New York 11572 FENWICK T NICHOLS. 5727 Sweelbner Circle Savannah 
Georgia 31406 JANET C. NICHOLSON. 2219 Brookhaven Dnve, Sarasota, Florida 
33580, JOHN H. NICHOLSON, 306-160th Terrace, Red.ngton Beach, St Peters- 
burg, Flnrrda NANCY A. NICOLAI. 58 Jeflerson Avenue, Short Hills. New Jersey, 
SUSAN HAMILTON NICOLL, 812 Chalfonte Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22305 
JAMES R. NICOTERA. Bayne Road Ridge, Maryland 20680. FRANCES S. NICROSI, 
1244 Gregory Street Monlgomery Alabama 3611 1 C.C. NIEDRINGHAUS JR., Bo. 
424 Route 1 Matthews North Carolina 28105 EDWIN R, NIEHAUS III, 861 East 
5550 South Street Ogden Utah 84403 ANTON P. NIELSEN, 705 Cadiz Road 
Venice Florida 33595 DONALD A. NIELSEN, 731 Clinton Place. R.ver Forest, Illi- 
nois 60305 NANCY B. NIEMAN. 2733 Ridgewood Avenue. Cincinnati, Ohio 45213, 
EDWARD NIEMANN III. 761 Redoak Terrace, Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087, MAR- 
GARET E. NIMNKHT. 6959 Almours Drive, Jacksonville Florida 32217, BARBARA 
NMS. 206 Huron Road. Baltimore Maryland 21228 JAMES A, NISSEN; 50 
Shawnee Trail Sparta New Jersey 07871 DENISE NITTERHOUSE. Route #6. 
ChambersburR Penn5vlv,3ni,-) JAMES H. NIX. 3829 Matoney Road. Kno.ville 
Tennessee 37920 CAROL L NOBLE, 503 Chinquapin Lane, New Bern, North Caro- 
lina 28560, ROGER F. NOBLE JR.. 12 Solebury Road New Hope Pennsylvania 
18938, SUSAN R. NOBLES. Circle F Ranch, Hazlehurst Mississippi 39083, 
TIMOTHY A. NOE. 4203 Woodberry Street, Hyattsville, Maryland 20782, DAVID B. 
NOLAN. 2310 South Fort Scott Drive. Arlington. Virginia 22202 MICHAEL C. 
NOLAN, 10904 Stanmore Drive Potomac, Maryland 20854, THOMAS C. NOLTE. 
1441 MiHord Road Columbia, South Carolina 29206 CHERYL A. NONCARROW. 
24 Colonial Road, Mornstown. New Jersey 07960 JAMES f . NORCROSS. 90 Oak- 
land Place BuMalo, New York 14222 JANE M. NORDIN. 1449 Sunsel Northeast, 
Orange, South Carolina 29115 KATHRYN S. NORDSTROM. 2512 Norlh Duke 
Streel, Durham, North Carolmj NANCY K, NORRIS. 2713 Wexford Road, Colum- 
bus, Ohio 43221, MARGARET L. NORSWORTHY. 2005 Poly Drive. Billings, 
Montana 59102 CHRISTOPHER C. NORTH, 16 Mystic Lane, Danien. Connecticut 
06820 THOMAS C NORTON, Posi Oldce Bo. 477 Old Fori North Carolina 
28^62 ALISON J. NOURSE, Calumet Lane Marblehead. Massachusetts 01945 
ALBERT J. NOVAK JR.. 2220 Nclheast 52 Court, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308 
THOMAS LEONARD NOVICK. 5426 Pawnee Shawnee Mission Kansas 66205 
NITA L. NOVY. 215 Courtbale Avenue Courtdale, Pennsylvania 18709, DEBORAH 
L, NOWACK. 6802 Trexler Road, Landam, Maryland 20801 , PAUL H. NOYES. Sealo 
Medical Research Laboratory. APO San Francisco, California 96346, PEGGY D. 
NUTWELL, 6806 Pamela Lane. Clinton Maryland 20735 

JOAN A. O'CONNOR. 2650 Northeast 25 Street Lighthouse Poml Florida 33064 
KATHLEEN O'CONNOR, 931 1 Kendale Road Polomac, Maryland 20854, THOMAS 
H. O'HARE. 1332 Johnson Street, Menio Park, California 94025 RICHARD M. 
O'CONNOR 2409Pali5ade Avenue, Union Ctly New Jersey 07087 GRANTLAND L. 
O'NEAL. Pine H. It Hazel Green Alabama BRENDA SHAW O'GRADY. It 1 7 North 
Ouantico Street. Arlington Virginia 22205 MARGARET A. O'REILLY. 3315 Gar- 
land Dnve. Falls Church, Virginia, BERL R. OAKLEY. Route 1 Temberlake, North 
Carolina 27583 JEREMY K. O'BRIEN. 14 Glenbrock Avenue Yonkers New York 
10705, JEREMY K. O'BRIEN, 14 Glenbrock Avenue Yonkers. New York 10705 
LYDIA A, OCHOA. Post OHice Box 1087 Quito. British Columbia, Canada, SARAH 
ALICE OGDEN. 446 Oakland Drive. Burlmglon North Carolina 27215. JOHN P. 0. 
OLDS, CO Gar W Vates Co Inc , Bassm T Cntiansled, United States Virgin 
Islands 11030 WARREN W. OLDS. 1407 Southern Avenue Wasmgton, D C 
20032, ELIZABETH H. 0LENBU5H. 2519 Blackwood Road Wilmington. Deiaward 
19803 JOHN M. OLESIUK, 234 Pmegrove Avenue, Rochester. New York 14617 
MARK B. ©LINGER, 7015 Maple Terrace Wauwatosa Wisconsin 53213 JOHN C. 
OLIVE, 1414 Henn Street, Mount Airy, Norlh Carolina 27030, MARY JANE OLIVE. 

712 North Church Street Zebulon, North Carolina 27597 ROBERT F. OLIVERE, 
27I2 Baynard Boulevard, Wilmington Delaware 19802 JUDITH A. OLSEN, 
1250 Ayrshire Avenue Orlando Florida 32803 OLAF H. OLSEN. 145 Hollywood 
Drive Metairie Louisiana 70005 DONALD F. OLSON, 2437 North 90 Street 
Wauwatosa Wisconsin 53226, MARGARET M. O'MAHONEY, 28 Oakland Pt.^ce. 
Summit New Jersey 07901 JANET E. ONDEK. 134 Martm Road Pittsbufgti 
Pennsylvania 15237 DONALD fl, O'NEAL, Route 1 Bo. 525 Williamston, North 
Carolina 27892 ROGER A. OPEL, 914 West Lincoln Boulevard, Freeporl, Illinois 
61032 ROBERT K, OPPENLANOER. 39444 Powers Ferry Northwest. Atlanta 
Georgia 30305 HANNE E, OPPELSTRUP. Kyrkogardsv 145, Enske Stockholrrr 
Sweden ANITA G, ORD. 1482 Clover Road Camp Hill Pennsylvania 17011 ERIC 
A ORISTIAN 3108 LeUnd Street Chevy Chase Maryland 20015 ERIC J. ORITF. 
624 Meadowbrook Dnve, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania 19006 SUZANNE S, 
ORKIN 2924 Allen Street, Allentown Pennsylvania 18104 JANICE C, ORMAN, 
Route #3 Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18951, JOHN D, ORR, 185 Beaver Streel. 
Beaver Pennsylvania 15009, JOHN H. ORR. 1401 Penn Avenue, Wilmington 
Delaware 19806 MARIE E. ORR. 137 Canoe Brook Parkway, Summit, New Jersey 
07901 ZOYA L. ORYSHKEBICH. 1602 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 
11210 GARD W, OTIS. 5715 Ellis Road. Ypsilanii, Michigan 48197 BRIAN E, 
OTTO. 257 Hiilberg Aven<,e, Brockton, Massachuselts 02401 KATHARINE C, 
OTTO. 8816 Ferguson Avenue, Savannah Georgia 31406 KATHERINE F, OU. 
House 1 Castle Peak Hospital, New Territories, Hong Kong, LUCILLE £, OVERALL. 
7100 Southwest Renee Drive. Portland, Oregan 97225 WILLIAM F OVEREND. 
Meadow La^e Route 3, Lloyd Harbor New York 11743 JEFFERY L, OVINGTON, 
5 Comstock Place, Charleston, West Virginia 25314 DAVID H, OWEN, .^741 
McDowell Street Durham North Carolina 27705, EDWARD EUGENE OWEN JR,. 
1324 Auburn Street Lakeland Florida 33801 LINDA P. OWEN. 1 75 Gotham Ave- 
nue Elmont, New York 1 1003, SAMUEL A. OWEN JR,. Post Otlice Bo. 247 Jarratt, 
Virginia 23867 SUSAN J. OWENS. 803 College Street Kmston, Norlh Carolina 
28501, THOMAS H. OXENHAM III, 8101 Longwood Road Richmond.Virgima 

DAVID H PACE, 918 Mohawk Drive West Columbia, South Carolina 29169, MI- 
CHAEL DAVID PACKARD. 1544 Panorama Drive Vestavia Hills Alabama 35216 
JANET LYN PADDOCK, 4521 Northwest 32nd Place Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
73122 ALEXANDER G PADEREWSKl. 1519 Blue Heron Drive Sarasota Florida 
33579 BARBARA E. PADGETT. 807 Cape Fear Avenue Fayelleville, North Caro- 
lina LYNN PAfF. 83 Harvest Road, Levitlown, Pennsylvania 19056, EDWIN H. 
PAGE JR.. 2209 Huron Road, West Lafayette. Indiana 47906, MARGARET A, PAGE. 
268 Woodland Avenue. Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17701 MARY ELIZABETH 
PAGE. 1525 Cloncurry Road, Norfolk. Virginia 23505 DALE A, PAHL. 4611 
Kemper Street RockviHe Maryland 20853 PETER S. PAINE. 2350 Greenwood 
Wilmette Illinois 60091 CLAIRE LYNN PAINTER. 29 Bretton Road. Scarsdale, 
New York 10583 KERRY GLENN PAINTER. 2765 Eastwood Drive York Penn- 
sylvania 17402 RALPH F. PALAIA. 1028 Mason Avenue Dre.el Hill, Pennsylvania 
19026, ELON PALASCHAK, Grandview Avenue, Hopewell, New Jersey 08525, 
CHRISTIAN E. PALETTA. 822 Hawbrock Road, Glendale Missouri 63122, MARC S. 
PALEVITZ. 2708 North Jefferson Street. Arlington, Virginia 22207 STEPHEN F. 
PALEVITZ. 2708 North Jellerson Street Arlington Virgmu 22207 WILLIAM E. 
PALIN JR.. Box 637 Bedford Pennsylvania 15522 HOLLY A- PALMER. 6100 
Brooklyn Bridge Laurel, Maryland 20801 KENDALL CASSERES PALMER, hca 
Londres40-1, Mexi-io 60 D F Mexico, DANIEL PALUBNIAK. 58 Commerce Street, 
Garfield, New Jersey 07026, FRANCES P. PAPA. 3241 Williamsburg Street, Sara- 
sota, Florida 33577 PAMELA G. PAPAS, Apartado 80165, Caracas, Venezuela, 
JOSEPH E. PARENTEAU JR.. 806 East Meadow Drive, Bound Brook, New Jersey 
08805 SUSAN HARRIET PARIS, 69 Crown Point Drive, Hyde Park Massachusetts 
02136 LYNN S, PARISI. 5 Campbell Lane, Larchmont, New York 10538 ANDREW 
C. PARKER. 39 Qumn Road BnarcliM Manor New York 10510, ERNEST F. 
PARKER JR.. Route 2 Bo. 311 Reynolds Road, Lewisville North Carolina JAY T. 
PARKER. 19 Rasberry Lane, Levittown, New York 11756, JOHN H. PARKER JR.. 
901 West Pearsall Street, Dunn, North Carolina 28334, JON W. PARKER. 124 
Soundview Terrace, Norfhport, New York 11768 LINDA L. PARKER. 503 Parker 
Drive Clinton North Carolina 28328 ROBERT S. PARKER, Box 15 Mount Suna 
pee New Hampshire 03772 THEODORE L PARKER. 4535 25th Road North Ar- 
lington Virginia 22207, JOHN PARKINSON, 2156 Eakle Drive, Rock Hilt South 
Carolina 29730, TIMOTHY EDWARD PARKS. .? 163 Dalura Sireel. Sarasota Florida 
33579, PATRICK J. PARMA. 406 Wmdcresl Drive. San Antonio, Texas 78239, 
BONNIE K, PARR, 3 Hopecresl Avenue Savannah Georgia 31406, DAVID D. PARR, 
Heron Lane, fi^litlville. New Jersey 08332 RITA G, PARRELL. 422 Sisson Court, 
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902 DIANA LEE PARRISH, 919 Demenus Street, Dur. 
ham. North Carolina 27701 EDWARD J, PARRISH, 216 Church Street, Kerners- 
ville North Carolina 27284 ROBERT B. PARRISH. 26 Oakwood Courl Jackson- 
ville Beach 32250 MIKE C, PARROTT. 8103 Glen Valley Drive, Houston 
Te',)i WILLIAM L, PARRY. 894 Locusi Lane. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 15238 
JAMES T, PARSONS. 104 South Tampa Lane, Oak Ridge Tennessee 37830, 
JEANNE E, PARSONS. 1913 Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514. 
LINDA D, PARSONS. 626 Ferndeld Circle Wayne Pennsylvania 19087 NANCY B. 
PARSONS, 111 Garfield Road West Hartford Connecticut 06107 BARBARA L. 
PARTENHEIMER. 1 Silver Lake Drive Summit New Jersey 07901 RUTH E, PAR- 
TIN. 2739 Spencer Street Durham Norlh Carolina 27705 JOHN R. PASCHALL. 
833 Lewis Street Gastonia, North Carolina 28052 IRWIN T, PASCUL. 3751 South- 
west 27 Terrace Miami Florida 33134, SHERYL A, PASTRYK. 4776 Edenwood 
Road South Euclid, Ohio 44121, JANE W, PATRICK. 1014 Oaklawn Avenue Win 
ston Salem, North Carolina 27104, MICHAEL W. PATRICK. 49 Vincent Dnve, 
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464, TIMOTHY J, PATTERSON. 68 Cleveland 
Road, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 02181 DAVID E. PATTON. 2452 Lisburn 
Road, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011 OEIDRA M, PATTON. 5109 Lobaugh Drive 
Virginia Beach Virginia 23462 CYNTHIA LOUISE PAULEY. 841 Chester Road, 
Charleston, Wesi Virginia 25302 WILLIAM H. PAULEY III. 1 North Street, Glen 
Cove. New York 1 1542 DEBORAH J, PAUSTIAN. 38 Adams Drive, Whippany. New 
Jersey 07981 JOAN C, PAVLOVICH, 26 East Old Baltimore Place Media, Penn- 
sylvania 19063, MICHAEL L. PAWLOWSKI. 714 Somerville Avenue Manville, New 
Jersey 08835, JANE E. PAXTON, 138 Brookside Avenue, Cresskill, New Jersey 
07626. ANNA E, PAYNE. 41 Hollow Tree Ridge. Danen. Connecticut 06820, 
KELLY C, PAYNE. 2202 Big Cove Road Huntsville, Alabama 35801 WILLIAM J. 
PAYNE. 90 New Hartford Street Wolcott New York 14590 ELLEN H PEACH. 
117 Roger Street, Aberdeen Maryland 21001 CRAIG ALAN PEARSON, 22 West 
106 Sheffield Court Glen Ellyn Illinois 601 37 MICHAEL A. PEARSON. Box 121 1 , 
Tryon, North Carolina 28782, NEIL R. PEARSON. 316 Chilton Street, Elizabeth 
New Jersey 07208, ROBERTA E. PEARSON. 676 Highland Avenue Newark, New 
Jersey 07104 ANNE C. PEASLEE, 14 Hamelin Cres Narrabundah Australia, 
JAN A. PECHENIK. 218 South Centre Avenue Rockville Center New York 1 1570, 
KATHERINE S. PECK. 127 Second Avenue Gloversville New York 12078 MIKE 
E. PECK. 4036 West Lake Road Ene Pennsylvania 16505 CAROL PEDEN. 51 
Fair Cakes, St Louis Missouri 63124 CORT A, PEDERSEN. 24 White Hill Onve 
Rochester New York 14625, CAROLYN F. PEDLEY, 314 21st Street Southeast. 

Charleston, West Virgmi.i 25304 ALFRED O. PEELER, 60 Crestmont Avenue. 
Ashev.lle North Carolina 28806. MICHAEL R, PEELER, Bo. 35, Rockwell. North 
Carolina 28138 GARY W. PEER. Route 2 Kitthel Road Mouni Kisco, New York 
10549 GARY R. PEET, Quarters B Little Creek Naval Base Norfolk, Virginia, 
BRADLEY A. PEETE. 2018 Mariposa Lane Billings Moniana 59102, BEVERLY A. 
PE1RCE. 1243 Clifl Lame Drive Cincinnati Ohio 45226 ROBERT C. PEITHMAN. 
Woodlawn and Allen, Farmer City, Illinois 61842 SALLY M. PEKORA. 479 Green- 
way Avenue, Satellite Beach Florida 32935 ANN M. PELHAM. 1 1 Lakecresl Dnve, 
Greenville South L,ir.ji,n,i 29609, KIRK P, PELLAND. 152 Grayling Drive Akron, 
Ohio 44313 JOAN M PELLETTIER. 1950 Laurel Avenue Northeast Salem. Ore- 
gon 97303, DIANE M, PELRINE. Post Qltice 60. 2214 Burlington North Carolina 
27215 ROBERT D. PELTZ. 301 Barbara Road MiOdletown, Connecticut 06457, 
ROBERT R. PENN. 2620 Spring Lane Austin Te. as 78703 BRUCE PENROD. 913 
Lasswade Drive Tallahassee Florida 32303 CORA L. PENSYL. 560 Putting Green 
Lane Sarasota Florida 33577 KENNETH L, PEOPLES. Route 2 Box 222 Roanoke, 
Virvin... .MOjc, JOSER. PEREZ, Post Office Box 293, Kings Park New York 11754, 
PATRICIA M. PERCIVAL, 5133 Mount Vernon Way Atlanta, Georgia 30338 CATH- 
ERINE A, PERILLO. 33 Holbrook Lane Manor, BnarcliM New York 10510 DON E. 
PERKINS JR.. 11943 Wink Houston Texas 77024 MATILDA PERKINS, 5101S 8th 
Apartment 201 Arlington Virginia 22204 VIRGINIA CAROL PERKERSON. 61 3 
Kimberly Dnve Greensboro, North Carolina 27408 HARRY E. PERKINSON JR.. 
128 East Gilpin Avenue Norfolk Virginia 23503 SUZANNE M, PERLEE. M Clyde 
Avenue, Jamestown New York 1 4701 BRUCE A. PERLER. 10 Florence Street. New 
Bedford Massachusetts 02740 JERROLO C, PERLET. 10 Ox Bow Lane, Summit, 
New Jersey 07901 MARK L, PERLMAN, 2210 Luzerne Avenue, Silver Spring, 
Maryland 20910 DOUGLAS S. PERRY. 2010 Thayer Circle Greensboro. North 
Carolina 27407 JULIA C PERRY, 2443 Reynolds Drive Winston Salem, North 
Carolina, LINDA J. PERRY. 3741 Donnell Drive Forestville Maryland 20028. 
WILLIAM T- PERRY. Quarters C United States Submarine Base Groton, Connecti- 
cut 06340, SUSAN C, PERTEN. Post Office Box 805 Wilmington North Carolina 
28401 DION PETARDS. 28 Lougheed Avenue, West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006, 
DOROTHY M. PETEET, 808 Lullwaler Road Northeast Atlanta, Georgia 30307 
MARY N, PETER. 6904 Armat Drive Bethesda Maryland 20034 JOHN D. PETER- 
SON JR.. 912 Woodbine Avenue Narberfh Pennsylvania 19072 MARK C, PETER- 
SON. 10 Ivins Place Rumson New Jersey 07760 MICHAEL R PETERSON. 7506 
Donset Court Mannassas, Virginia NANCY A. PETERSON, 16 Southmmsler 
Drive, White Plains, New York JOAN H. PETO. 36 Morningside Circle, Litlle Falls, 
New Jersey 07424 CHARLES D. PETTEBONE. Route 2 Bay Head Road, Annapolis. 
Maryland 21401, JEFFREY 6. PETTICREW, 366 West 62 Street. Indianapolis, Indi- 
an.i 46260 EDMUND B. PETTISS JR.. 16 Bluebird Lane, Huntington New York 
11743 BARBARA J, PETTIT. 65 Walnut Road, Ocean City New Jersey 08226, 
DORIS E. PEW, 701 Menon Square Road, Gladwyne Pennsylvania 19035 ROBERT 
J, PEYSER. 1212 Oxford Road Cleveland Heights Ohio 44121 ROBERT B. PEY- 
TON. 15 Grey Oaks Lane Greenwich Connecticut 06830 DANA S. PFAFF. 435 
Franklin Avenue, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221 WILLIAM C. PFISTER. 1501 Grif- 
fith Road, Monroe, North Carolina 28110 DANIEL C. PHELAN. 143 Englewood 
Avenue Buffalo New York 14214 JEAN A, PHELPS. 5009 Scarsdale Road, Wash- 
ington D C 20016 THOMAS H. PHILBRICK. Box 56 Route 2 Stuart Florida 
33494 JAMES G. PHILIPSON, 2912 Greeniree Lane Idaho Fails Idaho 83401, 
CHARLES V. PHILLIPS III. 7301 Venice Sfeet Fails Church Virginia 22043 
DONALD E, PHILLIPS. Dow Quimica Do Brasit Caixa Postal 30037 San Paulo. 
Brasil South America EDITH A. PHILLIPS, 2 Wesskum Wood Road Riverside 
Connecticut 06878 GEORGE 0. PHILLIPS JR.. 521 Nelson Durham North Caro- 
lina 27707, JOHN R, PHILLIPS. 2B 331 Homeland South Way Baltimore Mary- 
land 21212 LAWRENCE V, PHILLIPS JR.. Highlands Farm Round Hill Virginia 
22141, LYNN A. PHILLIPS. 115 Goodhue Drive Akron Ohio 44313 OLIVER J. 
PHILLIPS JR.. 1660 McFarland Road Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15216 ROBERT 
M- PHILLIPS JR.. 12514 South Petersburg Chester Virginia 23831 SUSAN JANE 
PCKARD, 108 Gillwood Dnve Anderson South Carolina MARK H. PICKETT. 
623 29th Road South Arlington, Virginia 22202 GARY RICHARD PICKUS. 17 
Jerome Drive Farmmgdale New York 11735, JOSEPH M. PIEPMEIER, 2017 
Stonehurst Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37215 KARA MELODY PIERCE, 77 West 
Washington, Chicago, Illinois 60602, ROBERT A. PIKE, 83 Palmer Avenue Stam- 
ford, Connectiryi 06902 LYNN E. PILLINGER. 107 Cedarwood Park Aiken South 
Carolina 29801 ROBERT B PINCKNEY. Route 1 Box 137 Awendaw South Caro 
lina 29429 DIANA D PINCKLEY, Post Office Box 610 Jamestown Tennessee 
38556 ROBERT E. PINNELLA, 35 Qnole Way Hunlmgton Station New York 
11746 JERROLD BERNARD PINSKER. 4114 Dogwood Drive Greensboro North 
Carolina 27410 DONALD P. PIPER. 9929 Hign Drive Leawood. Kansas 66206, 
JOANNE H. PIRATZKY. 64 Logan Lane Wyckoff New Jersey 07481, DAVID C. 
PISHKO, 1 19 Rathbone Road. Manelta Ohin 45750 DANIEL A, PITT. 6810 North 
Neil Place Milwaukee Wisconsin 53209 JESSE C PITT ARD. 909 Hillside Avenue. 
Charlotte North Carolina 28209 JOHN W PITTENGER, 4 1 1 Carta Road Knox- 
ville Tennessee 37914 WARREN L. PITTMAN. 161 Ashedaie Place Los Angeles, 
California 90049 CHERYL ANN PITTS. Box 305 Glen Alpine North Carolina 
28628 JOHN C, PLATT. 50 Hilltop Drive, Trumbull Connecticut 0661 I LYNNE 
D, PLATT. 1417 Russell Street Charlotte Norlh Carolina 28208 MICHAEL D. 
PLONOWSKI, 206 Palm Drive Thomasville, Georgia 31 792 WILLIAMS PLOTKIN, 
56 Littleheld Road, Newton Center Mississippi 02159 LAUREL C PLUMSTEAD, 
23 Ave DeLa Sapmere. Brussells 18 Belgium LOUISA B. PLYLER, ::-.:-. '^ , .■. ."1 
Street Columti.a South Carolina 29205 WEYLAND 0. POE, 4 10 N.j.Ti,i. -.tnut- 

Norma nn,s61761 JOHN W. POFF, 400 Baldwin Avenue Fmdiay Oh.o45840 

GEORGE R, POGMORE. Route 1 Box 259 Middiedeid Connecticut 06455 SHER- 
RY L POGMORE, Bo. 259 Mam Street Middlelield Connecticut 06455 JANET 
L. POHL, Route 1, Moravian Falls. North Carolina STEVEN R, POINTER. 21 W- 
622 22nd Street, Glen Ellyn Illinois 601 37 JOSEPH G POLANIK. 1 lO Pmeland 
Avenue, Worcester Massachusetts 01604 ROY P POLAYES. 49 North Racebrook 
Road Woodbndge Connecticut 06525 JOSEPH C. POLITAN, 727 West Pike 
Street Houston Pennsylvania 15342 SUSAN F. POLLARD, 43 Deshler Lane Fori 
Thomas Kentucky 41075 MARK A. POLOKOFF, 46 Woodley Road, Buffalo. New 
York 14215 AMANDA G. POOL. 2809 31st Street Nonhwest Washington, D C 
20008 ROBERT S. POOLE. 2913 Kennedy Street, Columbia South Carolina 
29205 STEPHEN E, POOLE, 240 Fairview Avenue Mounf Airy, North Carolina 
27030 STEPHEN P. POOLOS. 2848 Wesl«yan Lane Winston Salem North Caro- 
lina ANN G, POPE. Route 1 Box 37 Ivanhoe. Virginia 24350 MARVIN H. POPE 
JR.. 250 West Rock Avenue New Haven. Connecticut 06515 WILLIAM L POP- 
HAM. 12635 Southwest 67 Court. Miami. Florida 33156 SAMUEL S POPKIN, 
1009 Vernon Drive Jacksonville Norlh Carolina 28540 PRISCILLA E, PORCH. 
210 Lakeside Avenue Pitman New Jersey 08071 DEBRA J. PORETSKY. 7501 
Helmsdale Road Bethesda, Maryland 20034 EDWARD T PORTER. 2 Fernway 
Winchester Massachusetts 01890, JENNIFER J. PORTER, 53? Idaho Avenue 
Charleston South Carolina 29404, PAUL CROSSON PORTER. WILLIAM A. POR- 
TER. Bo. 585, Kernersville North Carolina 2728-J WINSTON ALLEN PORTER JR., 
Armstrong Lane East Liverpool. Ohio 43920 ARCHIE R, PORTIS JR.. 261 Glen- 
dale Avenue, Lexington Kentucky 40505 WILLIAM R. B. POTTER. 1639 Ashe- 
wood Road, Lexington, Kentucky, TRACEY L, POTTS. 2328 Dorset Road. Colum 
bus Ohio 43221 JAMES W. POU, 2195 Nellie Road Memphis Tennessee 381 16 


ARTHUR T POULOS. ?52 Palmer Road Route 1. Dover, New Jersey 07801 
GEORGIA S. POURNARAS. 614? Tompkins Drive. McLean Virginia ??10l BEN- 
JAMIN B, POWELL. 103 North High Street Franhlio Virginia 23851 LISA H. 
POWELL. 3609 Hathawa/ Roafl Durham North Carolina 27707 JOHANNA S. 
POWERS, 2734 Sharon Road, Charlotte North Carolina ?8211 TOOD M. POW- 
ERS. 2734 Sharon Road Chanotte North Carolina ^SD 1 MARGARET S- ROY- 
NER. 710 Smedes Place Raleigh North Carolina 27605 MARK S POZNER, 1 7 A 
Ounbar Apartments Astieville North Carolina 28801 ROBERT I POZNER. 4028 
Anne Drive Sealord New York- I 1783 PATRICIAF.PRATHER, 3 Cuu. hman Slreel 
Fori Bragg. North Carolina 09026 RICHARD ELIAS PREISS. 23 Easlon Avenue 
Wh.te Plains, New York 10605 JAMES H, PRENTISS. 1 "jiO Summit Df ive Charles- 
ton West Virginia 25302 CAROLYN ANNETTE PRESCOTT. 607 S Buchanan 
Boulevard Durham North Carolina 27707 KATHRYN G PRESTON, 69 Outer 
Octagon Randolph Air force Base Teicas 78148 GEORGE H PRETTY II. Ill 
Laurel Lane Williamsburg Virginia 23185 CEIL E. PRICE, 5^40 Guitton #44 
Houston Teias 77036 STANLEY J, PRICE III. 4344 Brc^n^vii't Road Pitts- 
burgh Pennsylvanij 15236 WILLIAM G, PRICE. Route 2 Bo« 86 Monroe North 
Carolina 28110 HARLAN LARY PRIOUR, Box 264. Ingram 78025 AN- 
TOINETTE M. PRISTERA, E 3ST McFarljjn Street Dover New Jersey 07801 DAVID 
T. PRITCHARO. 1085 Ejv! Mipr, Street. Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370 JO- 
SEPH G, PRITCHARO. 1 1 North Greenwood Extension Ware Stioals South Caro- 
in,. 29692 MARY A, PRITCHARO. 113 Adams Onve Princeton, New Jersey 
08540 WILLIAM H PRITCHARO JR.. 534 Bird Key Drive Sarasota Florida 33577 
WILLIAM HtRBERT PRIVETTE. 323 Robert E Lee Drive Wilmington North Caro 
ini KERRIE L PROTSMAN. 6108 Sherborn Lane Springfield, Vrrgmia 22152, 
MICHAEL PROTZEL, 62 eurnett Terrace West Orange New Jersey MICHAEL 
T PROULX. 1226 New Haven Avenue Milford Connecticut 06460 MARK J. 
PROVOA. Route 3 Lahewood Circle Hendersonville North Carolina 28739 
STEVEN P, PRUCE. 6702 Darwood Drive Baltimore. Maryland 21209 KATHRYN 
A. PUCKETT, 113 Boonsboro Drive Lynchburg 24503 JOHN E. PUFFER. 
5 EdgehiH Road Winchester Massachusetts 01890 DAVID L. PUGH. 4515 Ala 
bama Avenue Lynchburg 24502 GARY F. PUGH, 768 Eaton Road. 
Springfield Pennsylvania WILLIAM M. PUGH. Quarters C United Stales Naval 
Station 136 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn New Vo-*- OAVIO L PUMPHREY. 10109 
Forest Avenue. Fairfan. Virginia 22030 JAMES L. PUROIE. 503 Cliffside Drive. 
Fayetteville. North Carolina 19711. SALLY J. PURINTUN, 3601 North Lake Drive. 
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53211. MARY-ANN PURNELL, 1153 Bay Road, Amherst. 
M..ssjchusetls 01002 MARY E, PUTNAM. 1719 Dysard Hill Ashland. Kentucky 
4H01 WALTER C. PUTNAM III, 51 il Quail Lane. Columbia South Carolina 
29206 PAUL L. PYLE. 7017 Donna Circle. Annandale Virginia 22003. HARMON 
M, PYLES 2651 Nancy Drive, Macon. Georgia 31206 

MARY RACHEL QUEEN. Route 5 Waynesville North Carolina 28786 FREDRIKA H. 
OUINN, Gibson Avenue Narraganset, Rhode island 02882, JOHN P. QUINN, 6840 
Lansdown Drive Dimondale Michigan 48821 

DANIEL P RACE, Locust Avenue, Patterson New York 12563 DENIS M. RACZ- 
KOWSKI. 15 North 8lh Avenue Manville, New Jersey 08835 WANDA T. RACZ- 
KOWSKI. 251 Woodside ftoad. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15221 CHARLES W. 
RADER, 539 West Lowrance Avenue Mooresville North Carolina 28115 SHAWN 
C. RADER. 6160 Barberry Hollow. Columbus, Ohio 43213 JAMES M. RADFORD, 
3301 Berkley Drive Chatlanooga Tennessee 374 15 CATHERINE M. RADOVKH. 
3002 Wessynton Way Alexandria Virginia 22309 NKK J. RAHALL II, 703 Wood- 
lawn Avenue Beckley West VirRima 25801 GEORGE K. RAHOERT. Route 3 Mitch- 
ell Bowling Green Ohio 43402 ALAN RAICER. 9 Normandy Parkway Morns- 
town. New Jersey 07960 ROBERT J. RAIDER. 6 Perry Road Natick Massachu 
setts 01760, FRANCIS J RAINEY JR,. 7500 Elmhurst Street District Heights 
Maryland 20028 LYDIA A, RAINEY, 625 Wayland Road Plymoutti Mee Penn- 
sylvania 19462 RICHARD J RAMAN. 1 30 North Symington Avenue Catonsville 
Maryland 21228 WARREN A, RAMEY. 3911 Rhodes Avenue. Charlotte North 
Carolina 28210 CHARLES F. RAMSEY JR.. 912 Fairlane Avenue. North Augusta. 
South Carolina 29841 ROBERT D, RAMSEY III. 210 Sweetbnar Onve. Richmond. 
Virginia 23233 CLAUDIA J, RAMSLANO. 1204 West Cuthbert Midland Texas 
79701 KIRK F.RANDALL. 1823 Deer Drive McLean Virginia 22101. RKHARD R. 
RANDALL, 115 Oxford Road Newton Centre Massachusetts 02159 DOUGLASS 
E. RANKIN. Post OMice Box 876 Fayetteville, North Carolina WILLIAM READ 
RANKIN, 104 Ramsey Road Middlesex New Jersey 08846 PATRICIAL RANSLEY. 
163 West Shore Trait Sparta New Jersey 07871 EDITH C. RAPPAPORT. 13 
Broadnpple Onve Princeton New Jersey 08540 CLIFFORD A, RAPPOPORT. 45 
Timber Lane Fairfield. Connecticut 06430 GALE E, RASIN. 205 Valley Road. 
Chestertown Maryland 21620 JOHN R. RASTALL. 301 Trenlon Boulevard Sea 
Girl New Jersey 08750 STEVEN S. RATCLIFFE. 2335 Margaret Avenue. Terre 
Haute Indiana 47802 ALICE A, RATLIFF, 301 Pmecrest Davidson. North Caro 
lina 28036 LUCY 0, RAUCH. 125 College Onve St Charles, Missouri 63301. 
RICHARD HAVITS. 721 Summit Avenue Hackensjck New Jersey 07601 WILLIAM 
B. RAWLEIGH JR.. 31 1 Ardmore Circle High Pomt. North Carolin.j 27260 CURT 
A, RAWLEY, 41 Pme Plam Road. Wellesley Massachusetts 02181 DOUGLAS M. 
RAWLINGS, 1312 Eastwood Road Pascagoula Mississippi 39567 STEVEN L. 
RAWLINGS, 1312 Eastwood Road Pascagoula Mississippi 3956/ EBENTRAWLS 
HI, 855 ShorelantJ Road. Winston Salem North Carolina BETSY J, RAY, 222 Hun- 
ter Lane Charlotte North Carolina 2821 1 GENE LIVINGSTON RAY. 2102 Sunset 
Avenue Durham North Carolina 27705 MICHAEL EVAN RAY, 3390 H McGehee 
Road Montgomery Alabama 36111 ROBERTS RAVBURN, 188 Gateshead Onve 
McMurray Pennsylvania 1 531 7 ROSLYN E RAYMOND. 7645 Seneca Turnpike 
M.mlius New York 13104 OWEN W. REAGAN lit. 624 h ,ng Richard Road Raleigh 
North Carolina 27610 REBECCA C REARDON. 2511 Winton Road, Durham 
North Carolina 27707 PAMELA J. REBUCCI. 9 Belknap Road Medlield Massa 
fhusetis 02052 WALTER A RECORD III, 2223 California Street, Huntsvilte Ala 
ti.jrr. , ^SBOl JONATHAN B RED. 8439 Eliwanda Avenue Norlhndge. Caltlorma 
9H,^'l JAMES C REDOING, 9909 Derbyshire Lane. Belhesda Maryland 20034 
NANCY L, REDFEARN, y/urr. Wickharr, Road Spnngtield Virginia 22150. ROBERT 
PAUL REOINGER, 503 Nur in Walnut Street. Dover Ohio 04462 PAUL C. REDLIEN. 
1265 Mar.ola Court. Coral Gables. Florida 33134. ELLEN B. REED. 333 Wheat 
tand Avenue Sh.llmgton Pennsylvania 19607 JOHN T. REEO. 1402 East State 
Line Fulton Kentucky MARGARET A. REED. 1918 South 13lh Rogers Arkansas 
72756 PETER H. REED. 104 Park Place, Cheshire Connecticut 06410 MAR- 
GARET A, REEL, 131 Williams Street Bel Air Maryland 21014 MARTHA J. REEL. 
2914 Cle.ive Drive Falls Chyrch Virginia 22042 THOMAS R. REEL. 291 4 Cleave 
Onve F.,iis Church Virj.. ma 22042 JAMES L- REESE, 858 South Hillward Avenue 
WestCovina Calilorm,. 91 790 RICHARD S. REESE, Pnnces Pine Road Notwalk 
Connecticul 06850 MARTHA J. REESE, 329 Elm Avenue. Hershey. Pennsylvania 
17033 MITCHELL C. REESE, 603 E.isl Mam Street Dillon South Carolina 29536 
WILLIAM S, REESE. 515 South Boulevard Hontingion, West Virginia 25701 
SHARON L, REESE, 2408 North Louise, Santa Ana. California 92706. MICHAEL 

LEO REEVES. Route 1, North Carolma 28455 ROBERT N REEVES JR., 
1932 Papermill Road Huntingdon Valley Pennsylvania 19006 PAMELA A. RE- 
GAN, 13919 Edgewater Drive Lahewood Ohio 44107 CHARLES M, REGISTER. 
202 Carver Avenue Durham North Carolina 27704 FRED P, REGISTER. 71? 
Cordova Street. Alhambra California STEVE E. REGLI. 34-41 78fh Street Jack 
son Heights New Vofi- CHRISTINE E. REHEIS. 30 Wordsworth Road Short Hills 
New Jersey 07078 ANNMARIE REHM, 145 Mountain Avenue Summit New Jer- 
sey07901 GLENN R. REICHARDT. 1 06 Foxwood Terrace Toms River New Jersey 
08753 CAROLYN P. REIO. 6631 South Kings Highway. Alexandria Virginia 22306 
CATHERINE J. REIO, 15 East Wheeler Drive, Fort McPherson Georgi.j 30330 
JANE M, REIO, 317 Dublin Court Gastoma North Carolina RODDEY REIO III, 
2406 West 1 7th Sireel. Wilmington. Delaware 19806 WALTER E. REIFSLAGER III, 
4 Green Lanes Austin Texas 78703 JOHN 0. REILLY, 8027 Pace Road Norfolk. 
Virginia 23518 PATRICK T. REILLY, I 7 Ruth Avenue Clifton New Jersey 07014 
DANIEL S. REINHAROT. 270 Highland Road South Orange New Jersey 07079 
MARK S REINHAROT, 1236 Keflield Street Northwest Roanoke Virginia 24019 
MARK W REINHAROT. 605 Pin Oak Road Sevema Park Maryland 21 146 WAL- 
TER R REINHAROT, 1236 Keffield Street Northwest Roanoke Virginia 24019 
STEPHEN IAN REINSTEIN, 8 East 83 Street New York New York 10028 MARCIA 
L. REMENTER, 1152 Oak Onve Dover Delaware 19901 MARY E, RENAUD, 2901 
Dunlavin Way Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 RICHARD J RENDLEMAN JR.. 
11 Pine Tree Road. Salisbury North Carolina 28144 CONSTANCE A. RENZ. 1335 
Sr>ady Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylv.^ima 1 521 7 JAMES A, RETTER. 26 Eastover 
Road Stamford Connecticul 06905 DEBORAH J REXROAO. 1111 Bombury 
Trail Maitlaod Florida 32751 BONNIE L. REYLE. 6 Eagewood Drive, Newburgh 
New York 12550. BENJAMIN J, REYNOLDS. 1006 Easi Forest Hill Boulevard Dur- 
ham North Carolina 27707 BRUCE C, REYNOLDS, 9 Fols Crescent Drive New 
Castle Delaware 19720. CURTIS L REYNOLDS III, 36 Old Farm Road Beilair 
Charlollesville Virginia 22901 KATHERINE B. REYNOLDS. 2403 Pemberlon 
Place Austin Texas 78703 EDWARD J RHOADS. 2404 Prince Street Durham 
North Carolina 27705 MARGARET A RHOADS. 2404 Prince Street Durham 
North Carolina 27707 KAREN MARGARET RHODES. 36900 Eagle Road Wil 
toughby Ohio 44094 LINDA 0, RHODES, 614 Goodyear Drive Spring Lake, Nortti 
Carolina 28401 WILLIAM M. RHODES. 7 Guerard Road. Charleston South Caro- 
lina 29407. BETTIE N. RICCA. 1514 Rosedale Avenue Durham North Carolina 
27707, JOHN P, RICCA, 9900 Derbyshire Lane. Belhesda Maryland 20034 CRAIG 
W, RICE. 3101 Hunlleigh Drive Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73120 RICHARD T. 
RICE. 2550 Warwick Road Winston Salem. North Carolina 27104 ROBERT EMER- 
SON RICE. 7715 Ruxwood Road Baltimore Maryland 21204 MARSHALL H. RICH. 
1588 Gienmonl Drive Glendale. California 91207 PAUL A. RICH. 1604 Margo 
Lane West Chester Pennsylvania 19380 THOMAS N. RICH. 2274 Ogoniz Avenue 
Lakewood Ohio 44107. CATHY J, RICHARDS, 5502 New. ngton Road Washington 
C 20016 GEORGE M. RICHARDS. 101 Tunbndge Road Baltimore. Maryland 
21212 JOHN H RICHARDS. !9PardoeRoad Princeton New Jersey 08540 CYN- 
THIA L, RICHARDSON, 2709 Saybrook Drive Pitlsburgh Pennsylvania 15235 
HOWARD V RICHARDSON III. 608 Kings Grant Road Virginia Beach Virginia 
234S,'' JAMES K RICHARDSON. 4551 LaSalle Avenue. Alexandria. Virginia 22304 
THOMAS L RICHARDSON. 4870 Highland Drive, Willoughby Ohio 44094 CAROL 
M, RtCHMILLER, 618 Glen Echo T'ail Winston Salem. North Carolina 27106 
DIANE RICHMOND, 88 Meadowbrook Lane Challonl, Pennsylvania 18914. DON- 
NA L, RICHTER, 960 North Shem Dnve Mount Pleasant. South Carolina 29464. 
RANDALL C RICKARO. Redwood Avenue Route 4. Spartanburg, South Carolina 
29302 TERRY 0. RICKS, 495 Kenbrock Dnve Northwest Atlanta. Georg-a 30327. 
JUDITH E. RIDDLE. 549 Adams Slreei Erwm Tennessee 37650 ROBERT A. RID- 
DLE. 1701 Cascio Drive, Beiievue Nebraska 68005 JAMES K. RIDGE. 438 Rad- 
cliMe Dnve. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15235 MARY T. RIDGE. 519 Dover Road 
Louisville Kentucky 40206 NANCY B. RIEOER. Route 1 Box 201 J Manassas. 
Virginia 221 10 DONALD fl, RIEKERT. 3 Dean Street, Lynbrook New York 11563 
RONALD LESLIE RIGHTER. 521 Lexington Avenue Chal'ont. Pennsylvania 18914 
STEPHEN R, RIHNER. 5201 Pratt Drive. New Orleans Louisiana 70122. JOHN 
V. RILEY, 540 South Summit Street Iowa City Iowa 52240 CHARLES L, RING- 
GOLD JR.. 1000 Katy Lane. Towson Maryland 21204 JULIE D. RIPLEY. 2324 
Massachusetts Avenue Northwest. Washington. D C 20008 JANE E, RIPPE. 3 
Parsons Drive Weatogue, Connecticut 06089 WILLIAM J. RITGER. 172 Common- 
wealth Avenue New Providence New Jersey JAN M, RIVENBARK, Route 1 Box 
66 Burgaw North Carolina 28425, MICHAEL H, RIVNER. 1355 East 49 Street 
Brooklyn New York 1 1234. JANE C. ROACH. 3550 Dumbarton Road Norlhwest, 
Atlanta. Georgia 30327 JAMES P. ROACH. Hill Farm. Midway Kentucky 
40347 RICHARD P, ROACHE, Route 2 Box A Pamplico South Carolina 29583 
MARILYN L. ROAF. 70 Dayton Street Danvers Massachusetts 01923 STEVEN F, 
ROARK. 1 Brookview Lane WaMingford Pennsylvania 190S6 RICHARD W. ROAN, 
500 Maine Avenue. Clifton Heights Pennsylvania 19018 DALE C ROBBINS, 1 15 
Franklin Street Lakewood. New York 14750 LAURENCE J ROBBINS. 2109 
Southclitf Drive Baltimore Maryland 21209 CHRISTOPHER E ROBERTS. 
Post Office Box 194 Nassau Bahamas DEBORAH K ROBERTS, F .it ' Hi, ^ 8... 
11256, Charlotte North Carolina 28209 WILLIAM N. ROBERTS JR , 2121 [\jni 
barton Road, Richmond, Virginia 23228 ALLYN B. ROBERTSON, Bn. 192 Due 
West, South Carolina 29639 CLARON A ROBERTSON, 7506 Lauralm Place 
Springfield Virginia 22150 DWIGHT L, ROBERTSON. 327 Greenwood Acres, De 
Kalb. Illinois 601 15 FRED V. ROBERTSON, h-16 tdgeboro Boulevard. Bethlehem. 
Pennsylvania 18017 LESTER P, ROBERTSON. 3529 North Dru-d Hills Road, De 
catur Georgij. 30033 MICHELLE f, ROBERTSON. 1 1 7 Windsor Road Savannah 
Georgia 31406 BRUCE A ROBINSON, 9526 48th Place College Park Maryland 
20740. DANIEL L, ROBINSON, 6801 Ronda Avenue Charlotte Nortti Carolina 
28211 DAVID E, ROBINSON. 6302 Hollms Drive Bethesoa Maryland 20034 
JOHN M ROBINSON. 595! Grand River Dnve Ada Michigan 49301 KATHERINE 
L ROBINSON, 4438 voiia Place Northwest Washington D C 20007 KENNETH 
G- ROBINSON. 6801 Ronda Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina 28211. MARY L. 
ROBINSON, 201 North Old Stage Road, St Pauls, North Carolina PATRICIA B. 
ROBINSON, 1 15 Gnffin Street Eliiabelh City North Carolina 27909 ROGER W. 
ROBINSON JR.. 154 Dalmeny Road Briarclitl Manor, New York 10510 SUSAN E. 
ROBINSON, 1931 Duncan Dnve Scotch Plains New Jersey 07076 THOMAS K, 
ROBINSON, 207 Emmett Place Ridgewood New Jersey 07450 SUSAN D ROBIN- 
SON, 3018 Shenandoah Valley Road Atlanta Georgia 30329 LEE R, ROCAMORA, 
14 St Charles Place Asheville Nnrih r ,rn!in,T 28804 MARY A. ROCAP. 4 Pniu.e 
Edward Lane Media Pennsyiv i m r^n. < MICHAEL R. ROCHELLE. 4001 Green 
brier Dallas Texas 75225 SARAH A ROCK. Post Office Box 465 Gordonsville 
Virginia 22942 STANLEY G. ROCKSON. i ,..i-iO Terraie 5 Island Avenue Miami 
Beach Flond- 311 <9 JOHN A ROCKWELL, 1 Gray Birch Lane Wayland Massa 
chusettsOl ^ '- JOHN F RODENHAUSER,200Midway Island Clearwater Florida, 
PAUL A, HODGMAN, ;s,:-. f-,' , ii^.. ...d Drive Winston Salem, North Carolina 
27103 NANCY E. RODRIGUEZ. 14701 Southwest 79th Court Miami Florida 
331 58 MICHAEL W, ROE. 104 Overlook Road llhaca. New York 1 4850 SALLY A, 
ROFFMAN, 107 Soutti W.ilon Road. Richmond Virginia 23226 ARABELLA T, 
ROGERS. 7832 Aberdeen Road Belhesda Maryland 20014 CAROL E ROGERS. 
Alexander Lane Box 87. Croton On Hudson New York 10520 CLARK S. 
ROGERS. 1620 Maple Street. Golden Colorado 80401 DANIEL A. ROGERS. 210 

East Academy Street. Fuquay-Vanna North Cafolir>a 27526 JOE MARK ROGERS. 

910 SiKlh Avenue Southwest De'a'j- ft'3^:'rT-T 3560! JULIE L. ROGERS. 7609 
LoannesCourl Cincinnati Oh. i'?.:; MARIANNE E ROGERS. 440 Steeplechase 
Lane. St Louis Missouri 63131 PATRICIA L ROGERS. 5002 Worinmgton Way 
Elliott Cily Maryland 21043 STEPHEN B, ROGERS, 1 1601 Old Cutler Road Coral 
Gables, Flonda 33156 WALTER I. ROGERS. Route 2 Box 68 Chapel Hill North 
Carolina 27514 WALTER R ROGERS JR.. 335 Dabney Onve Henderson North 
Carolina 27536 WILLIAM M, ROGERS II. 4513 Carnco Dnve Annandale Virginia 
22003 FERNANDO R. ROJAS. 825 Southwest 5 Street Miami Flonda WILLIAM 
VINCENT ROKICKI. 33 Brown Andove- Massaciosetis 01810 OELPHINE ROL- 
LINS. Route 1 Box 27 Newsoms Virginia 23874 ROBERT L. ROLNICK, 555 Lake- 
v.ew Road Orange. Connecticut 06477 SILVIA PACIN ROMERO. 3230 So>jth«est 
27 Street Miami Florida 33133 PETER R. ROMEYN. 40 Brian Road Wappmg 
Connecticut 06087 JUSTIN T, ROSCOE. flv tpiranga 901 Sao Pauio Brazil 
ROBERTF. ROSCOW. Be 777 Inverness Flonda 32650 CAROL G. ROSE. 14700 
Baugher Dnve Centre. 'V V •>: . :.; 22020 ESME E. ROSE. 210 Creek Onve 
Sewickiey ■ : - , ^ < RUSSELL A. ROSE. 400 Wiisonia Drive Nashville 
Tennessee 37205 RKHARD NEIL ROSEN. 7 Rock R.dge Terrace Dover New Jer- 
sey 07801 ANNF. ROSENBERG, ::06 Kenoak Road Baltimore Maryland 21209 
OAVIO A. ROSENBERG. Post OHice Bo. 7 Wave'ly Virginia 23890 ANTHONY D. 
ROSENTHAL, 2538 Midwjy Road Decatur Georgia 30030 CHARLES C. ROSS, 
1402 Ellengien Road Towson Maryland 21204 DAVID L. ROSS. 2811 Chelsea 
Circle Durham. North Carolina 27707 JEANNE M. ROSS, 345 Lexington Road 
Asheboro North Carolina 27203 MARGUERITE E ROSS. Post Office Box 8 
Walkertown North Carolina 27051 OTHO B. ROSS III, 2050 Stonebridge Lane 
Charlotte North Carolina 2821 1 ROBERT H. ROSS. Box 269 Prmce Frederick. 
Maryland 20678 ROGER ROSS. De- 3 6003 Sup Squadron APO San Francisco 
California 96346 STEPHEN W ROSS. 420 East Wade Street Wadesboro North 
Carolina 28170 VIRGINIA P. ROSS. 7U Shady Lane P.lisburgh Pennsylvania 
15228 PATRICIA A. P. ROSSITER. 34 Hawthorne Dnve Summit New Jersey 
07901 RANDALL J ROST,7317SpringV3lley Road Dallas 75240 CHERYL 
A. ROUGE. 561 Lake Forest Dnve Bay Village Ohio 44140 ANNE M. ROUSSELL. 
11 Tremont Street Melrose Massachusetts 021 76 RONALD ROVNER. 403 Can 
diewood Road Broomall Pennsylvania 19008 JOSEPH S. ROWAN. 52 Liberty 
Street. Dansville. New York 14437 NANCY J. ROWELL. 206 Church. ll Drive 
Wilmington Delaware 19803 DAVID S. RUBIN, 225 Walnut Street New Orleans 
Louisiana 70118 FREDERIC P RUBIN. 791 3 Maryknoll Avenue Bettiesda. Mary- 
land 20034 HERBERT C RUBRIGHT JR.. 11 Hillcrest Avenue Schuylkill Haven 
Pennsylvania 17972 BARBARA C, RUBY, 704 Slaley Dnve Raleigh North Caro- 
lina 27609 JOHN H, RUDD. 14 Bumside Street Upper Montclai' New Jersey 
ORRIN K. RUOO III. 33 East 60th Street Savannah Georgia 31405 MICHELE 
RUDDY, 8520 Southwest 104 Street Miami Florida 33156 PAUL N. RUDOLPH, 
550 Dunmoreland Dnve Shreveport Louisiana 71106 ZACHARY E. RUHL. 
3101 North Meridian Wichita Kansas 67204 ALBERT RUMAKS, 27 Miller Place 
Hempstead, New York 11550 ROBERT S RUNNION III, 541 Tarlelon Avenue 
Burlington. North Carolina 27215 DAVID R, RUPPE. Route 2 Box 12?X. Forest 
City North Carolina 28043. MARY J, RUSHING, Route 1 Monroe North Carolina 
28110 BYRON 0. RUSSELL, 23 Gobblers Green New Canaan Connecticut 
06840 OUANE J. RUSSELL, 181 Buckingham Road. Rocky River Ohio 44116 
ERNEST J. RUSSELL, Route 1 Bo. 232. Midland North Carolina 28107 JOE W. 
RUSSELL JR.. Post Office Box 712 Beaufort South Carolina 29902 LANCE A. 
RUSSELL. 100 West 57th Street New York New York 10019 MICHAEL P. RUS- 
SELL. 1151 Firwood Drive Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15243 WILLIAM M. RUS- 
SELL. 9827 Vale Road Vienna Virginia 22180 WILLIAM M RUSSELL. 10 Taun 
ton Road East Scarsdale New York 10583 WILLIAM T RUSSELL JR.. 3216 
Wesley Avenue Brunswick Georgia 31520 ANTHONY PAUL RUSSO, 1339 North 
Woodline Avenue Narberth. Pennsylvania 19072 GARY HOBERTT HUTE. 1000 
Ruby Street Apartment 43 Durham North Ca-oimj DENNIS R. RYAN. 414 
Garden Street West Islip New York 11795 LAWRENCE J. RYAN. 1508 Harbor 
Avenue Merntt Island. Florida 32952 WILLIAM F. RYAN JR.. 297 Moose Hill 
Parkway Sharon. Massachusetts 02067 JOHN J RYNASIEWCZ. 5245 East Farn 
hurst Road, Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124 

RCHARD S. SA8EL; BARBARA K. SABIN. 4903 Rockwood Parkway Northwest 
Washington D C 20016 SANDRA L. SACHS. 83 Merbrook Lane. Menon, Penn- 
sylvania 19066 KRISTINE W. SACK, 23 Orchard Lane Villanova Pennsylvania 
19085 PAMELAA.SACRISON. 37 Kenilworth Drive East Stamford Connecticut 
HaEN A. SADD, FreeviMe New York EMILY M. SADLER. 151 1 West Joppa Road 
Towson Maryland 21204 ROBERT N. SADLER. 1 1 1 1 Stonewall Onve Nashville 
Tennessee 37220 ROYOEN P. SAFFORES. 801 Carson Street Monroe North 
Carolina WILLIAM H, SAKOLSKY. 676 Lincoln Avenue Pompton Lakes New 
Jersey 07442 PAUL S. SAKSA. 7113 Glenellyn Dnve Cincinnati Ohio 45236 
ELIA J. SALEE8Y, 1318 Clarendon Avenue Florence South Carolina 29501 
THOMAS 0, SALES JR., 11 Kendon Drive Easton Pennsylvania 18042 ROBERT 
G. SALISBURY JR,, 116 Ashland Road Summit New Jersey 07901 JULIEN L 
SALLEY. 200 Monlvue Dnve. Charlottesville Virginia 22901 SCOTT W. SALON. 
4935 Old Mill Road, Fort Wayne. Indiana 46807 PATRICIA F. SALTER. 11122 
Candlelight Dallas Texas 75229 TERESA PALMER SALTER. 1702 ForesI Lane 
McLean Virginia, JOSEPH A. SALVATO. 796 Weymoulh Court. Cincinnati Ohio 
45240 MARK F, SAMMIS. 65 Fort Hill Road, Huntington, New York | 1 743 ED- 
WARD 8- SAMUEL, 2307 Silverside Road Wilmington Delaware 19803 MICHAEL 
J, SAMUELS. 79 Ridgewood Avenue Walerford Connecticut 06385 SCOTT C, 
SANBORN. 1174 Lakeside Birmingham Muhigon CHARLES G SANDELL. 1815 
Northeast 154 Terrace North Miami Beath Flonda 3316: BLAtR B SANDERS. 
3702 Cedar Elm Wichita Falls Texas 76308 BYRON A SANDERS, 26^-1 Jeffer 
son Circle Sarasota F\o•■■^.? 33579 CHRISTIE B SANDERS, lOe^i 5 sntue Lane 
Potomac Maryland POS'^J GEORGIANA M SANDERS, 2.\" F. i^t F im Road 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 JAMES G. SANDERS. .l|:- Fnfi..n,,,n -V.^nuH B,,ri, ngton 
North Carolina 27215 BARBARAS. SANDERSON. 8603 Whippy Bend Hood Louis- 
ville Kentucky 4022.^ TERESSA I. SANDERS. 206 Upland Road. Decatur Georgia 
30030 GEORGE E SANDERSON. 98 Walworth Avenue Scarsdale New York 
10583 EDWARD P. SANDS, 2601 Woodscresl Avenue Lincoln, Nebraska 68502 
JON A. SANFORD, 1 1 Dorothy Place Lynbrook New York 1 1563 LVLE M. SAN- 
FORD, Bom 165 Orange Virginia 22960 ALBERT C. SANTY. 1192 Park Avenue 
New York, New York 10028 MARY MANLEY SAPP, 8705 Eagle Brook Court 
Alexandria Virginia 22308 ANITA J. SARBO. 1290 Willow Avenue Louisville 
Kentucky 40204 FLAVIA VAZQUEZ SARJI. 1 707 Woodburn Road Durham North 
Carolina 27705 ROBERT E SARNATARO. 3? 29 162 Street Flushing New York. 
New York 11358 MARGARET J SATTERFIELD. Box 175 Norwood, North Caro 
lina 28128 JANE S SATTERWHITE, 1616 North Howard Street Alexandria. Vir- 
gin, j 22304 DENNIS MICHAEL SATYSHUfl, 1128 8th Street Erie Penn- 
sylvania MARJORIE N SAUBER. 6905 Park Height Avenue Baltimore Maryland 
21215 CLARA M. SAUNDERS, b30 Parkway Boulevard Reidsville North C.iro 
lina 27320 KARL C. SAUNDERS. Box 122 Duncan Falls Ohio 43734 LARRY 
C, SAUNDERS, 903 Mtii hell Elmhurst Illinois 60126 PAUL G. SAUNDERS II. 


3705 Lynnt.eld Virginia Beach Virgmu 2345.^ MARK A SAUEH. 4844 
Ungdfum Lane Che«y Chase Mafyiand 20015 SALLY ANNE SAUNDERS, 41?l 
Oah Foresr Drive Atlanta Georgia 30319 MICHAEL A. SAUTER. ^548 ?9th A,/e 
nue Court Molme, Illinois 61265 WILLIAM EARL SAVAGE II. Harr odsburg Road 
Route 2 Lexington Kentucky 40S04 MANUEL H SAVATGV. 24 Berwyn Slreel 
East Orange New Jersey 07018 LYNN A. SAVILLE. 1103 Anderson Street Dur 
ham North Carolina 27705 STEVEN R SAVONA. 4216 Core Kennedy Street 
Bayside New Ycrk 1 1361 THEODORE C. SCALTSA5. 66 Sygroy Avenue Athens 
Greece FRANCISCO A SCARANO. S Minerva Street Homacao Puerto R-co 
00661, PAUL R SCARBOROUGH, 441 Hempstead Place Charlotte North Caro- 
lina 28207 ZEPHIA B. SCARBOROUGH, 5109 Sylvan Road R-chmond Virginia 
23225 STEPHEN F, SCHALL, 6817 Wise Street McLean Virginia 22101, WILLIAM 
KRESS SCHAPIRO. 3511 Old Post Dnve. Baltimore, Maryland 21208 GUS A. 
SCHATTENBERG, 1925 Madison Road. Columbia. South Carolina 29204 LAW- 
RENCE H, SCHATTNER. 4701 Willard Avenue Chevy Chase Maryland 20015 DA- 
VID B. SCHAUB. 60Church Lane Scarsdale NewYork 10583 RICHARDP SCHEL- 
LENS Weslbfook Road. Essex Connecticut 06426. NICHOLAS R SCHELLER. 
Eben Hill Farm. Dover Delaware 19901 MARK L. SCHENLEY, 15 Nnrfh Pl,.,;j 
Place Atlantic City. New Jersey 08401 STEPHEN M. SCHEWEL, 4316 Gorman 
Drive, Lynchburg, Virginia 24503 JOAN E. SCHLACHTER. 720 Wesi Conway 
Drive, Atlanta Georgia 30327 THOMAS R, SCHLEGEL, 2808 College Drive 
Allenlown. Pennsylvania 18104. GARY S. SCHLEITEH, 61 Melrose Avenue, 
Lynbrook New York 11563. DONALD A. SCHLITZ JR., 3121 Hope Valley Road. 
Durham North Carolina 27707 LYNNE CAROL SCHLACK. 2131 El.zabeth 
Avenue Westt.eld New Jersey 07090 TEDDI A. SCHLOSSMAN, 143 Haddon- 
lield Road Cl.fton New Jersey 07013 JOSEPH H. SCHMID, 578 East J Street 
Chula Vista, CaCitomia 92010. HUGO SCHMIDT JR.. 3311 Jean Circle Tampa 
Florida 33609 JOHN D. SCHMIDT, 1119 Maxine Drive Fort Wayne Indiana 
46807, LINDA S, SCHMIDT. 750 New Endland Avenue, Summit. New Jersey 
07901 ROBERT J SCHMIDT. 92 Aleanne Terrace, Bardono New York 
10954 REBECCA S SCHMIDT. 2319 Swamwood Glenview Illinois 
60025 JOHN B, SCHMITT. Route 8 Box 187 Frederick, Maryland 21701 
JAMES G, SCHNAKENBERG. 537 Wmgrave Drive Charlotte, North Carol-na 
28211 EDWARD E SCHNEIDER. 22 Coleridge Street Brooklyn, New York 
11235 RANDOLPH H. SCHNEIDER. 432 Beach 141 Street Belle Harbor 
New Yoik ROBIN L SCHNITZER, 9 Maplewood Dnve. Closter New Jersey 07624 
CHRISTINE A, SCH0EN8ERG. 47 Linmouth Road Malverne New York 11565 
DAVID A. SCHOENHOLZ. 6936 North Ottawa Avenue Chicago Illinois 60631 
PHYLLIS N. SCHOLL. 728 MacLean Avenue Kenilworth Illinois 60043. SUSAN C. 
SCHOLLS. 816 Fayetteville Road Rockingham North Carolina 28379 ROY A. 
SCHONBRUN. 41 Park Avenue New York City New York 10016 HENRY 0. 
SCHOOLFIELD III, 3426 Rugby Road Durham North Carolma 27707 LINDA 
GWYN SCHOONOVER. 1919 Shirley Dnve Burlington. North Carolina 27215. 
MARK K SCHOTT. 1503 Westndge Road Greensboro, North Carolina 27410 
LEE 0. SCHREPPLE. 560 Dorset Avenue. Glen Ellyn. 60137 CHARLES A. 
SCHROEDER. S05 South Madison LaGrange. Illinois 60525 HARRY ARTHUR 
SCHROEDER. 2324 Date Palm Road. Boca Raton. Florida 33432 FREDERICK A, 
SCHUENAMAN. 31000 South Woodland Road Cleveland. Ohio 44124, ELIZABETH 
A. SCHULTZ. 166 Brewster Road Massapequa New York 11758 DAVID R. 
SCHULZ. #2 Campus Circle, Roswell, New Mexico 88201 STEPHEN R. SCHULZ, 
2260 Pimmit Drive Apartment 103. Falls Church Virginia 22043, ALAN D. 
SCHWARTZ, 3050 Morgan Drive, Wanlagh, New York 11793 WYNN R. 
SCHWARTZ. 3238 Deerwood Road, Gaston.a, Norlh Carolina 28052, RUDOLPH 
C. SCHWEIZER. 903 Dover Road, Greensboro, North Carolina 27408 GREGG 
ADAM SCHWOTZER. 145 Rockingham Lane, McMurray, Pennsylvania 15317 
EDGAR C. SCOFIELD, 37 Park Lane Northeast, Atlanta Georgia 30309, CARY G, 
SCOTT, Elm Street, Fair Blutt North Carolina 28439 CATHERINE L. SCOTT. 25 
Prospect Avenue Garden City. New York 11530 DOUGLAS W. SCOTT. 52 Boul- 
derol Road. Slamlord. Connecticut 06903, GEORGE W. SCOTT IN. 1307 Hillcrest 
Road, Lancaster. Pennsylvania 17603 JANE DILLIARO SCOTT. 26 Prospect Ave 
nue Garden C'ty New York 11530 LOUIS 0. SCOTT. 927 Terry Lane Lake 
Charles. Louisiana 70601. PAUL W, SCOTT. Bo. 203 Spencer. North 
28159 RAYMOND P. SCOTT III. 1211 Youngslord Road Gladwyne Pennsylvania 
19035 REBECCA S. SCOTT. 151 Maple Street Framingham Massachusetts 
01701 RICHARD L. SCOTT II. 8503 JeMerson Road 0«or> Hill Maryland 20022 
RUTH W. SCOTT. 5015 White Oak Road Charlotte North 28210 SARAH 
E. SCOTT, 9142 San Tayana Dnve. Fa.rlax. Virginia 22030 SHERYL A. SCOTT. 
4706 Kitty Hawk Way. LouiSv.lle. Kentucky 40207 STEPHEN W, SCOTT. 5205 
Purl.ngton Way. Balhmore Maryland 21212 SUSAN M. SCOTT, 5205 Purlmgton 
Way Baltimore- Maryland 21212 WILLIAM G. SCOTT III. 310 58th Place 
Place. DesMo.nes lowa 50312 STEPHER'LtESCOTTEN, r30^Evans"Road Aiken 
South Carolina DOUGLAS G. SCRIVNER, 2011 Jetterson Street Mad.son W.s 
consin 53711 PETER W- SEAMAN. 1712 Crestwood Dnve Northwest Washing- 
ton 1 1 DC ELIZABETH L. SEARS. 2 Pickwick Lane. Mountain Lakes. New Jersey 
07046 RICHARD LEAR SEARL, 265 Lew.s Street North Plaintield New Jersey 
07060 LINDAS. SECORD. 145 West 38th Street Hialeah Florida 33012 ANDREW 
P. SECREST, 624 TinkerbeM Lane. Chapei H.ll North Carolina DAVIO R. SE- 
CREST. 110 Huckleberry Drive. Cheraw, South Carolina 29520. JOHN E. SED- 
DELMEYER. 643 173rd Street, Hammond Indiana 36324 ERIC A. SEDWICK, 
2033 Cove Tra.l, Mailland Florida 32751 SUZANNE SEEAR. 938 Paramount 
Circle Gaston.a, North Carolina 28052 WILLIAM C. SEEFELD, 9 Cedar Lane 
Chappaqua New York 10514, RICHARD D. SEEKER; LARRY M SEGALL. 4205 
Swann Avenue, Tampa Florida 33609 ELIZABETH A. SEIBERT, 7914 Del Ray, 
Houston, Texas 77071, NORMAN SEID. 447 North Shelby Street Greenville 
Massachusetts 38701, WILLIAM B. SEITH. 3150 Ravenwood Drive Falls Church 
Virginia. MICHAEL V. SE1TZ1NGER, 1004 First Avenue. Fayettev.lle. Tennessee 
37334. BAYARD R, SELLARS, 306 Northeast I61h Avenue, Fort Lauderdale Flor- 
ida 33301, THOMAS B- SELLERS, 508 West Club Boulevard. Durham, North Caro 
Una EVELYN L, SELLORS. 2836 Drummond Road, Shaker Heights. Ohio 44120 
PETER K, SENECHAL. 1811 North Waket.eld Street Arlington Virginia 22207 
VIRGINIA SENECHAL. 1811 North Wahelield SIreel. Arlington. Virginia 22207 
SCOTT E. SETESAK, 455 Hockhouse Road Easton Connecticut 06612 STEVEN 
W SETTEDUCATO. One Ciinlon Road Glen Ridge New Jersey 07028 BONNIE C. 
SEVIER. Route 1 Dacula Georgia FRANCIE SEYMOUR. 1633 R.ver Lane Dnve 
Fort Lauderdale. Florida 33316, GEORGE D, SHAHADI. 20 Hackett Place Ruther 
tord New Jersey 07070, WILLIAM H, SHAIA JR.. 2245 Mecklenburg Avenue Char- 
lotte North Carolina 28205 JAMES R, SHANNON. 3035 Baltersea Lane 
Ate«andr.a 22309 KEVIN A. SHANNON, 773 Norgate Wesllield New 
Jersey 07090 BETH SHAPIRO, 5713 Bradley Boulevard Belhesda Maryland 
20014 HOWARD SHAPIRO. 19 Marshland Street Massachusetts 01830 
KENNETH E, SHAPIRO. 2250 NortheasI 32nd Court. Lighthouse Florida 
33064 LAURENCE J. SHAPIRO. 23 Arundel Road Wayne New Jersey 07470 
ALICE LAVERNE SHARPE. 2505 Janet Street, Durham Norlh Carolina 27707. 
ROBBIN E. SHARPE, 509 North Maple Street. Durham North Carolina CRAIG S. 
SHATZER. 222 Greenfield Avenue Maugansv.lle. Maryland 21 767 ALAN RICHARD 
SHAW. 222 South Third Street. M.llv.lle, New Jersey 08332. ANDREW SHAW. 619 

Owl Way Bird Key Sarasota Flor.da 33577 BARBARA J. SHAW, 666 Forest Ave 
nue Glen Ellyn Illinois 60137 JANE E. SHAW. 935 R.ver Road Youngslown. New 
York 14174 ROBERT H. SHAW m. 1905 Wakeheld Place High Point North Caro 
lina 27260. ROBERT A. SHAW. 1824 Angei.que Drive Decatur Georg-a 30033 
WILLIAM E. SHAW. #6 Larchwood Court, Newton Iowa 50,?0l-"; WARREN B. SHAW. 
84 West Market Street. Red Hook NewYork 12571 JEFFREY H SHEETZ. Lotus! 
Street Route #2 O.tord, Pennsylvania 19363 WALTER L SHEFFIELD III, 114 
Ma.son Place Northwest, Atlanta Georgia 3032^ VICTOR B SHELBURNE III. 10 
Vincent Court Stamford, Connecticut 06905 KATHERINE C SHELDEN. 616 Wcs.! 
58 Terrace Kansas City Missouri 64113 JEFFREY B SHELDON, 67 Wh,teoak 
Dnve. South Orange, New Jersey 07079 BARBARA C SHELHOSS. 303 Ch.,pel 
Wood Lane Lutherville Maryland 21093 REBECCA A. SHELLEY. 22 Bradwahl 
Drive Convent Slat.on. New Jersey 07961 JOANNA R. SHELTON, 2615 Turnstone 
Drive Wilmington. Delaware 19808. LARRY W. SHELTON. Roule 1 Bo« 97. Java 
Virgin. J 24565. OARLENEK. SHENTON. Taylors Island Maryland 21669 PHILLIP 
M. SHEPARD, 2711 Buena Vista Road. Winston Salem North Carolina. JOANNE 
C SHEPHERD. 4626 Knox Road. College Park. Maryland 20740 JOHN B. SHEP- 
HERD JR., 560 Lake Forest. Bay Village, Ohio 44140 NANCY J, SHEPHERD. 
25 Woodhill Road, Tenally New Jersey 07670 DOUGLAS P, SHERMAN. 2425 
Lake Sue Drive Orlando Florida 32803 NICHOLAS H, SHERMAN, 69 North Mam 
Street, Woodslown, New Jersey d8098 SCOTT B, SHERMAN. 575 Haddon Lane 
East Meadow New York 11554 GWENDOLYN L, SHERRILL. Route 1 Box 278 
Huntersville North Carolina 28078 LONNIE R. SHERROD, 1323 Spruce Street. 
Knoxville Tennessee 37920. ALAN D. SHERWOOD. 759 Madison Street. Neenah. 
Wisconsin 54959 KENNETH A. SHIFRIN, 9018 Wjiden Road Silver Spring Mary- 
land 20901 PETER L. SHIHAOEH, 2042 Ivywood Lane. Villanova Pennsylvania 
19085 MARTHA A SHINDELMAN. 8325 Southwest 161 Street, Miami Florida 
33157 JOHN S- SHINER. 310 Oak Ridge Court, Front Royal Virginia 22630 
ROBERT L. SHINN. 7118 Wayne Annandale Virginia 22003 EDWARD T, 
SHIPLEY. 987 Wellington Road Winston Salem, North Carolina CAROL J. SHIR- 
LEY, 36 Glen Road Greenwich. Connecticut 06830, JEFFREY C. SHIVERS, South 
Washington Ridge West Chester Pennsylvania 19380 KATHERINE L. SHOCK- 
LEV. 2646 Reeds Lake Boulevard, Grand Rapids Michigan 49506 RITCHIE C. 
SHOEMAKER, Roule K4 Carlisle Pennsylvania MARY A. SHOFFNER. Greenb.-iar 
Street Liberty North Carolina 27298 RALPH H, SHORT JR.. 2209 Hastings 
Charlotte North Carolina 28207 WILLIAM P. SHORT III. Post Ollice Bo. 157. 
Bethany Beach Delaware 19930 RICHARD PAINTER SHRYOCK. 6213 Redwing 
Court Bethesda Maryland 20034 PAUL WAYNE SHULTS. 354 Norlh Cabell 
Drive Charleston South Carolina 29407 MARTHA G. SHUMATE, Route I Bo. 
123A North Wilhesboro North Carolina 28659 WILLIAM B. SICELOFF, 1039 
Rocklord Road High Point Norlh Carolina 27262 KYLE SIEBRECHT. 1 37 Royal 
Palm Way Palm Beach. Flor.da 33480 FERN M. SIEGLER, 1910 Hampton Road, 
Kinslon North 28501 DIANA R SILIMPERI, 323 East Locust Street, 
Bethlehem Pennsylvania 18018 MARGERY S, SILVERTON, 502 West 26Ih Street, 
Lumberlon North Carolina 28358 RICHARD N. SIMELS. 21 Center Drive, Syos- 
set New York 11791 BRYAN P. SIMMONS, 3958 Twinmont Street, Memphis, 
Tennessee 38128 EDWARD B. SIMMONS, 202 East Baker Street Tarboro. Norlh 
Carolina 27886 JOHN E. SIMMONS. iIjpumI Towers Apartment 1010. Nashville, 
Tennessee 37219 ROBEROEAU 0, SIMMONS, Woodstown-Alloway Road, Allo- 
way New Jersey 08001 SARAH H, SIMMS. 711 Marlowe Road, Raleigh, North 
Carolina 27609 SERENA G. SIMONS, 3722 South Darlington Road. Birmingham. 
Michigan 48010 DAVID R. StMONSEN JR.. 52 Oakr.dge Drive, Rochester, New 
York 14617 CHARLES C SIMPSON III. 808 Lenlock Street Southeast Huntsvilie, 
Alabama 35802, EDITH L. SIMPSON, 2275 Delaware Dnve Cle./eland Heights, 
Ohio 44106 KATHLEEN SIMS. 1313 Bruton Lane Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451, 
KAREN A SINDELAR. 5 18 South Spring Avenue, La Grange, Illinois 60525 FRAN- 
CIS P SINGER, 2601 East Oakland Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308. 
WILLIAM M SINGER. 2900 Northeast 37th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308, 
MACON M- SINGLETARY. 32 Beverly Drive, Durham, North Carolina 27707, RANI 
W, SINGLETARY. Four Bridge Road. Somers. Connecticut 06071 WILLIAM V. 
SINGLETARY JR.. 32 Beverly Drive Durham. Norlh Carolina JOHN R. SINK, 
Route 6 Raleigh North Carolina 27609 DONALD F. SIZEMORE. 629 Colonial 
Drive. High Point North Carolina 27262 SANDRA I, SKEEN. 1880 SI Elmo Ave 
nue. Memphis Tennessee 38127 HENRY GRADY SKELTON III. 2025 Hollidon 
Road Decatur Georgia 30033 CHARLES M. SKINNER. 2510 York Road Raleigh 
Norlh Carolina WILLIS H. SLANE III. 720 Rocklo-d Road High Point North C.vo 
hnj 27260 CLAY SLATE, 8 Ruby Ridge Road. Anmston Alabama 36201 MARK 
E. SLAUGHTER. 2400 Paddock Lane Reston Virginia 22070 CHRISTOPHER E, 
SLITOR. 9000 Burning Tree Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20034 BARBARA L. 
SLOAN. 69 Norlh Harr.son Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15202 DEAN D. 
SLOAN. 160 Oak Street Tenafly New Jersey 07670 ERNEST G. SLOAN. 1102 
Sunnyside Dnve Columbia Tennessee 38401 CHARLES K. SLOCUM. 1904 
Hampstead Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1 5235 LARRY L. SLUOER II. 101 West 
Longview Chapel Hill North Carolina 27514 JOYCE ELIZABETH SLUSHER. 420 
Shanks Street Salem Virginia 24153 GASTON E. SMALL III. Roule 1 Box 270. 
Elizabeth City North Carolina 27909 DAVID SMALLEN. 1020 Grand Concourse 
Bfonn New York 10451 MARGARET M. SMART, 2200 Fernclilt Road Charlotte 
North Carolina 28211 ALEXIS A, SMITH. 1017 Palmer Street Portsmouth Vir 
ginia 23704 ALICE CHRISTINE M. SMITH. 2105 Harper Road Beckley West Vir 
ginij 25801 ARTHUR L. SMITH, 267 Planlalion Road Houston Texas 77024 
BARBARAL. SMITH. CO Bahraian Petroleum Awali Bahrain, ArabunGull BARRY 
L. SMITH, 516 Julia Avenue, Belmont. North Carolina 28012. CHANDLER C. 
SMITH. 612 Redbud Lane Columbia Missouri 65201 CHARLES OWEN SMITH 
III. Tallokas Road Moullne Georgia 31768 CHERYL M. SMITH, 155 Knollwood 
Drive Murray Hill New Jersey 07971 CHERYL P. SMITH, 106 Fite Street Carters- 
v.lle Georgia 30120 DALE C. SMITH, 1317 West Mam Street Leesburg Florida 
32748 DAVID F. SMITH. 4315 Vork Road Colleee Park Georeia 30337 DAVID 
W.SMITH. 100 Taylor Street. Summerville Georgia 30747 DENNIS CRAIG SMITH. 
13 Toboggan Trail Kinnelon New Jersey 07405 DIANE M, SMITH. 1005 Balmoral 
Drive Nashville. Tennessee 37220 DEBORAH H. SMITH. 23 Redmond Drive. Mad 
ison New Jersey 07940 DEBORAH LYNDALL SMITH. 715 West Broadway New- 
Ion Kansas 67 1 14, ELLEN G, SMITH. 2700 Meadow Lark Avenue, Fort Collins, Col- 
orado 80521, EMILY T, SMITH. Greenwood Farm Haymarket Virg.nia 22069, 
EVELYN G. SMITH. 1108 Truman Road Sullolk Virginia 23434 FRANCIS H. 
SMITH JR.. 93 Empire Avenue Perth Australia GAIL F. SMITH. 6! H.llsboro Drive, 
West Hartford Connechcui 06107 GAYLE L. SMITH. 12 Reservoir Road, West 
Chester Pennsylvania 19380. GREGG S. SMITH. 2 Putter Dnve Wescosville. Penn- 
sylvania 18049 GREGORY D. SMITH. 121 Danbury Circle. Rochester. New York 
14618 GREGORY L.SMITH, 14 South Main Street Jacobus, Pennsylvania HELEN 
A. SMITH. 2711 Circle Drive Durham. North Carolina 27705 HERMAN D. SMITH 
II. 103 Heritage Court Belmont North Carolina 2801 2 JANICE M. SMITH. 5306 
Guida Drive Greensboro North Carolina 27410 JOHN R. SMITH, 726 Warwick 
Place Orlando Florida 32803, JANVIER R. SMITH, 2229 46th Street Northwest, 
Washington D C 20007 JEFFREY CHIPPS SMITH. 159 Ave Du Gui Bru.elles 18, 
Belgium JEFFREY CLARK SMITH, 290 Orchard Avenue Battle Creek Michigan 
4901 7 JEFFREY 0, SMITH, 6001 Lu. Lane, RockviMe Maryland 20852 JEROME R. 

SMITH, 13630 Sanford Avenue Flushing New York 11355 JOHN C SMITH, 
14621 Crossway Road Rockville Maryland 20853 JUDITH T SMITH, 1612 
Northeast 17 Street Fort Lauderdale Florida 33305 LINDA CAROL SMITH, 
1263 Emory Street San Jose Cal.lorn.a 95126 LOUISE P. SMITH, 911 East 
Sireet, Norlh Wilkesboro North Carolina MARJORIE E. SMITH, 413 EaslChesnut 
Street. Stanley North Carolina 28164 MARK G. SMITH. 101 Edgewood Road 
Wilmington Delaware 19801 MOWRY SMITH, Bo. 7 Neenah Wisconsin 54956 
PAMELA L. SMITH. 6 Tothill Road Esse. Fells New Jersey 07021 RICHARD C. 
SMITH. 5915 Braeburn Place P.tlsburgh Pennsylvania 15232 RONALD C, 
SMITH, 827 Lake Ridge Drive Tallahassee Florida 32301 SALLIE L. SMITH. 
Route |K2 Dover Delaware 19901, SALLY SMITH. Wooded Road, Watchung New 
Jersey07060, SIDNEY W.SMITH, 210 Abbey Rod.i b.r.T>,M,;h ,-i^ Michigan 48008 
SUSANS, SMITH. 6678 Louis XIV, New Orleans n- . THORNTON S. SMITH. 
Bo. 447 Summerville. Soulh 29483. VIRGINIA A SMITH. Route 2 Valley 
View Road. Rochester. Minnesota 55901 WILLIAM A, SMITH, 139 Lojise Drive 
Southeast, Concord, North Carolina 28025 RICHARD E. SMITHERMAN, 326 Cen- 
ter Drive MAF6. Montgomery, Alabama 36113 MAUREEN E SMITHWICK, 38 
Winged Foot Drive, Larchmont New York 10538 PAUL M. SMOLEN. 46 Dullield 
Drive, South Orange New Jersey 07079, RICHARD K. SMURTHWAITE. 249 Tram 
Road, Columbia, South 29210 VICTORIA H, SMURTHWAITE. 249 Tram 
Road, Columbia, South 29210 TARILYN A. SMYTHE, 7573 College Sla- 
tion, Durham, North Carolina, CHRISTINE A. SNARTEMO. 5529 West Jackson 
Park Drive. Milwaukee Wisconsin 53219. JOHN A. SNEAD, 275 Rumson Road 
Athens. Georgia 30601 PETER L. SNELL, 1422 Mandel Road Fort Myers. Florida 
33901, JEAN L. SNOW. Route 14 Wrights Corners. Baldwmsville. New York 13027 
SUSAN F. SNOW. 757 Longfellow Road Charleston Soulh Carolina 29407 
EDWARD R. SNYDER, Bo. 888, Elkins Norlh Carolina 2862! ELLEN M. SNYDER. 
327 Easton Road Riegelsville. Pennsylvania 18077 PAMELA ANNE SOBEK. 720 
South 7th Street. Lake City. Flor.da 32055 GLORIA MARIE SODARO. 418 Oak 
Lane Towson Maryland 21204 STANLEY D SODERSTROM, Route 4 Box 243. 
Wilmington North Carolina 28401 ROGER R SOLOMON. 1161 Lalchwood 
Dayton, Ohio 45405 BENJAMIN L. SOMBERG, 2231 Pinecrest Drive Nacog- 
doches, Texas 26830 WILLIAM G. SOMERVILLE, 1020 Windmg Way Bait. more. 
Maryland 21210 JEFFREY A. SONTAG. 226 Engleside Avenue Beach Haven. New 
Jersey 08008 SCOTT E. SORENSEN, 550 Belden Hill Road. Wilton Connecticut 
06897 HUGO J. SOTOLONGO, Gay Street Live Oak Florida 32060, SUSAN T. 
SOUTHARD. 7217 Atlantic Avenue Ventnor City New Jersey 08406 SYDNEY D, 
SOUTHERLANDJR,. 203 Newsom Avenue, Durham North Carolina 27704 JOHN 
M. SOWELL. 182 M.dlield Road Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003 THOMAS E. SOX, 
Route 4 Box 297-A. Le.mgton. South Carolina 29072 MADISON S. SPACH JR., 
2632 McDowell Street. Durham North Carolina 27705 GAIL L. SPAIO, 22 Man 
anne Dnve Southeast. Mom.ngside Maryland 20023 PHILLIP B. SPARLING. 
2410 Coventry Road Columbus Ohio 43221 KERMIT G. SPAULDING. Route 2 
Box 261 Clarkton North Carolina 28433 JOHN W, SPEARS JR.. Old Santord 
Road, Lillington, North Carolina 27546 JOSEPH G. SPEARS, 30 Inwood Road 
Danen Connecticut 06820 ROBIN D. SPECHT, 316 Summil Avenue, Summit 
New Jersey 07901 ANN B, SPEICHER, ^.<b Grjndview Boulevard, West Lawn 
Pennsylvania 19609 JANE SINDEN SPEIGEL. 2582 70th Avenue South, St 
Petersburg Florida SANDRA M. SPEIDEL, 1233 Goshen Pike, Milford, Ohio 
45150 CAROL D. SPELLEN. 2169 Rolling Brook Drive Southwest. Atlanta Georg.a 
30311 KLOBIA G. SPENCER. 226 Cheltenham Road. Newark Delaware 1971 1 
SUSAN P. SPENCER, 1508 Paula Silver Spring. Maryland 20903 DANIEL 
L. SPERLING. 3600 Spruell, S.lver Maryland. THOMAS L, SPEROS, 
322 Shoe Heel Street. Ma.ton. North Carolina 28364, MARGARET A, SPIGENER. 
1533 Scotland Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina 2820? SANDRA M SPITZ, 
608 Berwick Road Edenridge Wilmington Delaw^rp JOHN W. SPOGANETZ. 147 
Frederick Street. Carteret New Jersey 0700fi ANN WOOD SPRAGENS, Route 1, 
Tobaccoville, North Carolina 27050 CYNTHIA C SPRAGUE, 11534 East Ricks 
Circle Dallas. Texas 75230. CAROL A. SPRINGER, 104 Muimt vernon Drive Cm- 
naminson New Jersey 08077 CHARLOTTE J. SPRINGER, 5980 Shore Drive 
North Madison. Ohio 44057 WARREN H. SPRINGER. 12305 T.lbory Lane. Bow.e 
Maryland 20715 JANE L. SPROL. 406 Northway B.Htimore Maryland 21218. 
JEFFREY P. SPROWLS. 53 Stockton Avenue Umontown. Pennsylvan.a 15401 
MARK STEPHEN SPURLOCK. 118 River Dnve Logan West Virginia 25601 WILLI- 
AM C. ST AMANT. Route 2 Bo. 65R Hammond Louisiana 70401 EUGENE W. 
ST. CLAIR, 1510 Mount Vernon Road. Charleston WesI Virginia 25314 CAROLYN 
A. STAATS. Miller Hill Drive, LdGrangeville New York 12540 ROBERT J STABE. 
3709 Burnett Lane Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania 1900b KAREN L. STAF- 
FORD. 2036 South 86 Avenue Omaha Nebraska 68124 LAURA L. STAFFORD. 
523 North Paxton Street Ale.andna Virginia 22304 JUDITH A. STAFFORD. 523 
Paxton Sireet Ale.andna Virginia 22304 DIANE STAHL. 934 Thompson Dnve. 
Bay Shore New Yo-h 11706 JACK P. STAINBACK. 27 10 Cooksbury Dnve Dur. 
ham North Carolina 27704. DONALD W. STALEY. 232 East Avenue Batavia New 
York 14020 JANE E. STALLARD. 126 Main Street Hingham. Massachusetts 
02043 PATRICK J. E. STALLARD. 2245 Tiebout Avenue Bronx New York 10457 
JON J. STALLINGS. 2503 Areola Avenue, Wheaton Maryland 20902 MARK E. 
STALNECKER. 1909 Robmdale Avenue Lancaster Pennsylvania 17601 DAVID 
M. STANBURY. 43 Circuit Road. Chestnut Hill Massachusetts 02167 ELISABETH 
M. STANGER. 13 Wilson Ridge Road Danen Connecticut 06820 WILLIAM H. 
STANHOPE, 362 McKell Road Chiltir<..tN.- n.. , 15601 GORDON E. STANLEY. 
One Marian Lane Warren New Jersey 070,1 1 JOAN M STANLEY. 3299 Braemar 
Road Shaker Heights Ohio 44120 THEODORE A STANLEY. '-lO Gardner Dnve. 

Port Charlotte Florida 33950 ALAN STANSFIELD. /|)9 -.i w.jII Dnve. Front 

Royal, Virginia 22630 BEVERLY C. STARKS. 1462 Spring Road Northwest, Wash 
inglon D C 20010 KEITH J, STARNES, Route 3 Bo« 396 Gran.le Falls Norlh 
Carolina 28630 CHARLES E STATEN, 2005 14lh Sireet Bessemer Alab.ima 
35020 CAROL C. STAUFFER, 2254 Fair Oaks Road Deciiur Georgia 30033 
LAURIE V STAUFFER. 2254 Fair Oaks Road Decatur Georgia 30033 A. DANIEL 
5TAVER0SKY JR , 980 Norlh Warren Street Potlslown Pennsylvania 19464 
BETTY A- STEEDLEY. Post Ollice Box 86 McRae Georgi.j 31055 ROBERT K. 
STEEL. 1409 Dollar Avenue. Durham. North Carolina 27701 JOHN C, STEELE. 
806 Jackson Avenue North Augusta South Carolina 2984 1 PETER W, STEELE. 
806 Jackson Avenue North Augusta South Carolina 2984 1 RACHEL L, STEELE. 
1001 Overton Lea Road Nashville Tennessee 37220, JONATHAN A, STEER. Box 
121, Ivy Virginia 22945 DAVID B. STEIN. 19 Druid Hill Road Newton Highland 
Massachusetts 02161 LOIS STEIN. 2511 Jennings Court Silver Spring Mary 
land 20902 MARKS. STEIN. 6477 General Diaz New Orleans Louisiana 70124 
CLAYTON M STEINMAN. 275 Garheld Avenue OakhursI New Jersey 07755 
ROBERT A. STEMPER. 699 Winding Way Kettering Ohio 45419 MARK R, STCN- 
ERSON. 79 Grande Paseo San Rafael Calilorma 94903 WOODY V, STENZ. 1835 
Rogers Avenue Southwest Atlanta Georgia 30310 DENNIS P. STEPHENS. 2611 
Schooley Dnve. Alexandria. DONALD S. STEPHENS, 306 Norlh Enn.s 
Street North Carolina 27526 JOHN R D STEPHENS. 4! l Tutlle 
Parkway Westlield New Jersey 07090 MARGARET V STEPHENS, 2311 Pine 
Lane Reidsville North Carolina 27320 WILLIAM B STEPHENS JR.. 1420 Grana- 
da Boulevard Coral Gables Florida 33134 JOAN P STEPHENSON. 16 Bnarf.eld 


Lane. Hunlmgton New York 11743 ERNEST W STERNBERG Ml. 8 Hraoar'^oe 
Road West Haftfoft) Connect.cut 06107 CAROL A STERN, 2ib Ridgewood Awe 
nup Macon Georgia 31204 ADAM STERNBERG. 1292 Coronet Drive Baldwin, 
New York I 1510 KATHI STERTZ8ACH. 64 Audubon Road Poland Ohio 44514 
BRADFORD L, STEVENS. 10428 Rockviiie Pike 202 Rockwiile Maryland 20906 
GEORGIA LINTON STEVENS. 1 1 Wes-t LJke Avenue Ballimore Maryland 21?10 
No'th C.iroiir... P7«q3 WILLIAM H- STEVENS. 204 Prospecl Avenue. Highland 
Park Illinois 60035 CONSTANCE STEVENSON. 377 Alwood Place Wyckofl. New 
Jersey 07481 DEBORAH A STEVENSON. 7443 Toph.ll Lane Prestwood Estates 
Dallas GORDON M STEVENSON. Bogola Department ol State, Washing 
ton D C 20521 LYNN A- STEVENSON. 30 Adams Lane Wayiand Massachusetts 
01778 DARCY S. STEWART. 106 Eaton Street Somerset Kentucky 42501 
ELIZABETH STEWART. 1214 Croton Dnve Alexandria 22308 JOHN 
K STEWART III, 3635 Highland Street Allentown Pennsylvanra 18104 MARY 
WILLIAMS STEWART. Cerrodel Tigre 32 Me-co 5 DP LEONARD C. STEW- 
ART. 321? Walton Way Augusta Georgia 30904 MICHELE A, STEWART. 1939 
2lst Avenue Vero Beach Florida 32960 NANCY J STEWART. 2412 Beachvew 
Df've Columbia Missouri 65201 PAMELA ANNE STEWART, 231 Plumosa Drive Island Flonda 32952 GARY M STICKLEY. 14 18 Woodland Drive. Durham 
North Carolina 27701 JAMES L STIEPAN. 200 Seven Oahs Road Aparlment 3B 
Durham North Carolina 27704 SUSAN W. STILES. 2 Rockdell Lane Birm.ngham 
Alabama 35213. GEORGE WtNSLOW STILLMAN. 3192 Gum Bridge Road V.rgmia 
Beach V.rgima 23456 HAROLD E STINE JR.. Quarters 4007A Marine Corps 
yuantico Virginia .''.''134 OAVIO A. STIRLING, 3619 Deerlield Columbia 
South Carolin.:, 29.^04 PAUL H, STOCK. Route 5 Bon 214 Florence South Caro- 
lina 29501 ROBERT H STODDARD. 145 Downey Drive Tenatly New Jersey 
07670 DOUGLAS E STOEHR. 185 Parsons Drive Hempstead New York 11550 
BETTY S- STOFFREGEN, 715 Mormngside Drive. Towson Maryland 21204. 
HARRY C. STOKES. 157 Hun Road Princeton New Jersey JOHN S. STOLAREK. 
533 Irvine Avenue Newport Beach Cal'lorma ANN LOUISE STONE. 1507 Wil- 
shire Oklahoma Cily Oklahoma 73116 MARIAN C. STONE. 1100 West Forest 
Hills Durham North Carolina 27707 PAMELA L. STONE. 625 West Jewel Street 
Ki'kwood Missouri 63122 CHARLES P. STORCH, 2065 Ennabroch Road North 
Bellmore New Yorh 11710. EDITH L. STORtE. 4737 North lllh Street Arlington 
Virginia 22205 ALAN L. STOSKOPF, 165 Claremonl Road. Ridgewood New Jer- 
sey 07450 CYNTHIA J. STOUDT. 195 Tudor Oval. Westlield New Jersey 07090 
PAUL M. STOUFFER, 6808 Gammer Drive fort Worth, Texas 761 16 ELMER HAN- 
COCK STOUT III, 109 Starvtew Avenue. Lehigh Acres Florida 33936 ROBIN J. 
STOUT. 2610Shroyer Road. Dayton. Ohio 45419 DAVID L. STRAIGHT. 1132Vil 
lage Way Fairmont West Virginia PATRICIA J. STRAINIC, 401 Parry Drive 
Mooreslown New Jersey 08057 PATRICIA C STRANE. 2601 Parklawn Dnve 
Lou-sville Kentucky 40217 MARK J. STRAUBE, Taimage Road Mendham New 
Jersey 07945 GUILLERMO M. STRAUSS. Acassuso 2143 Beccar Fcgem Ag 
JAMES S. STRAWINSKI. 3701 Camelot Dnve Annandale Virginia 22003 ALISON 
V. STREET. 38 Stone Ledge Road Upper Saddle River New Jersey 07458 RAY- 
MOND C STRICKLAND. Post Office Bo« 732 Vero Beach Flor.da 32960 ROBERT 
A STRICKLAND. 4202 Manchester Road. Portsmouth Virginia 23702 JOHN E. 
STROHMAIER. 10009 Woodhill Road. Bethesda Maryland 20034 SIGRID A. 
STRONG. 503'^ Overlook Road Northwest Wash.ngton, C 20016. JOSEPH 
E. STROUD JR , SI 3 Easl Spnng Street FuQuay-Varina Norlh Carolina 27526, 
ROBERT E STROUPE JR., 1313 Robin Hood Road High Poml. North Carolina 
27:60 DEBORAH L, STRUCHEN. 2175 Valley View Dnve Rocky River Ohio 
44116 DIETER G STHUZYNA. 311 W Carolina Avenue Summerville South Caro 
line, 29483 JAMES A STRYCHARZ. 10 F.rsl Avenue Easthamplon Massachusetts 
01027 JOHN G STRYKER JR.. 97 Grover Avenue Princeton New Jersey 08540 
CHARLES F. STUART JR.. 10612 Gtenhaven Drive Silver Spring Maryland 20902 
DEBRA J. STUART. 121 Chisolm Trail Greenville South Carolina 29607 JAMES 
L, STUART, 12607 Kemmerton Lane Bow.e Maryland 20715 SELAH P STUMM, 
261 Nassau Avenue Manhasset New York 1 1030 MARTIN C STURZENBECKER, 
11 10 Chester Road Winston Salem. North Carolina 27104 MICHAEL C. STUNTZ. 
110 Green Spring Dnve Annapolis. Maryland 21403 ALICE M SUCCOP. 6953 
Rosewood Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15208. DAVID L. SUDDENDORF, 637 
Vmcennes Court Cmcinnal.. Ohio 45231 PHYLLIS A. SUDDUTH. 2600 Thomas 
Trail. Gastonia. North Carolina 28052 SARA K- SUDDUTH. 2600 Thomas Trail. 
Gastonia North Carolina 28052 THOMAS L- SUHRSTEDT. 310Seminole Avenue. 
Ballimore Maryijn.l ALLEN F. SUIT. 5135 Easl 4 Avenue Hialeah Florida 33013 
DANIEL J. SULLIVAN JR., 4 Tr.ipman Streel. Charleston South Carolina 29401 
CHARLES R. SULLIVAN III, 247 Morganton Road Southern Pines North Caro- 
ling 28387 MICHAEL E.SULLIVAN. 6404 Lyric Lane Falls Church Virginia 22044 
MICHAEL J. SULLIVAN. 22 Bonme Bnar Lane. Larchmont New York 10538 
ROBERT B. SULLIVAN JR., 321 Seventh Street Findlay Ohio 45840 JOHN M 
SULZER, 204 Hemlock Drive Lmwood New Jersey 08221 KATHY L. SUMMERLEE, 
1324 Jamaica Court. Jacksonville Florida 32216 GLENN E. SUMMERS. 3809 
Seminary Avenue Richmond Virginia 23227 LOU ANNE SUMMERS. Route 1 Bo. 
406 Gibsonville North Carolina 27249 JIMMY L. SUMNER, fJ.jufe 1 Bo» 589 St 
Pauls North Carolina 28384 ANGELA T. SUPPLEE. 161 Easi 79th Street New 
York City New Yo'^ lOOPl JEAN A. SURAT. 63 Kirshon Avenue Staten Island 
New York 10314 JEFFREY RAND SURLAS, 108 North Edgewood Road Mounl 
Vernon Ohio 43050 ORVILLE R. SURLA. 1 McKmley Avenue Malvern. Penn 
sylvama 19355 LEWIS F SUTHERLAND III. 1907 Woodside Cifcle Charleston, 
West Virginia 25314 LESLIE N SUTTON. 65 Upper Guiph Road Wayne Penn- 
sylvania 19087 MARSHALL A SUTTON. 220 Marvin Ridge Road New Canaan 
Connecticut 06840 MARGERY S, SVED. 38 North 8th Avenue Highland Park New 
Jersey 08904 ERIC W. SVENSON, 24944 Ward Street Taylor Michigan 48180 
HARRY AUGUSTUS SWAGART, 31 1 South LaSalle Streel Apartment 31 Durham 
North Carol, nj 27705 CAROLYN J. SWAIM. 1606 Pans Drive Godfrey. Illinois 
62035 DEBORAH E SWAIN. 1905 Glenwood Avenue. Raleigh North Carolina 
27608 PRISCILLAL SWALM. 873 Emerald Trail Marhosville New Jersey 08836 
SUSAN L. SWARTHOUT. 604 Poplar Drive, Falls Church Virginia DAVID C. 
SWARTS. 1210 Harrison Street Rushville Indiana 461 73 PHYLLIS A. SWEAREN- 
GEN, 5054 North 37lh Street. Arlington, Virginia 22207. ROBERT G. SWEENY. 
79KeaneLane Easl Northport New York 11731 JAY K. SWEEZEY. Double Creek 
Road. Chestertown. Maryland 21620 MARK M, SWEITZER. 2902 GuiHord Avenue 
Baltimore Maryland 21218 THOMAS J. SWILLING. 8661 Southejsl 63rd Streel 
Mercer Island Washington 98040 GAIL E SWINGER. 1201 Creonough Slfeel 
Sunbury Pennsylvania 17801 H. ROBERT SWITZER. 374 Kresson Road Cherry 
Hill New Jersey 08O34 LAWRENCE J. SYNAL. 30 Burton Road, Thornwood. New 
York 10594 PETER SYVERSON, 84? Whann Avenue, McLean. Virginia 22101 


CAROL H TAAFFE, 3?1 Castlewood Drive Devon Pennsylvam.^ 19333 JOHN J. 
TACKACH, 30 Sunrise Lane Upper Saddle River New Jersey ROBERT G, TAGUE 
JR,, 416 bouth Mam Street New Lexington Ohio 43764 JOHN A TAINER. 6508 
Birchdale Drive Fort Wayne Indiana 46805 STEPHEN GEORGE TAKACS. 26 Four 
Seassons Apartments, Durham. Norlh Carolmj 27707 MARGUERITE L. TALIA- 

FERRO. Route 2 Bo> 6, Center Cross Virgin. a DAVID RILEY TALLEV. Post Office 
Box 21 St Michaels Maryland 21663 ELIZABETH EBBS TALMADGE. 1633 Kings 
down Circle, Ounwoody Georgia 30043 BRUCE TANNENBAUM. 4029 Park Dnve 
Seaford. New Yorh 11783 SIGMUND I TANNENBAUM. 2904 Wynnewood Dnve 
Greensboro North Carolina 27408 MARY L, TAPAGER, Maryland 21654 
BARBARA A. TAPP. 4142 Minton Dnve Fairfa. Virginia 22030 PRISCILLA L. 
TATE. 6530 Robm Road. Dallas. Texas 75209. ROBERT S. TATE. 428 Shanks 
Sireet Salem Virginia 24153. ALICE M, TAYLOR. Box 707 Chatham Virginia 
24531 ARTHUR L. TAYLOR. 841 East Sparrow Road Virginia Beach Vir^.n,.^ 
2346.^ BARBARA J. TAYLOR. 109 French Road Rochester New Yori. UeiS 
BRUCE J. TAYLOR, hmgs Mill Road. Chapel Hill North Carolina 27514 JANtCE E 
TAYLOR. 6962 Salamanca Avenue. Jacksonville Florida 32217 JEAN P. TAYLOR. 
8220 Stone Trail Dnve Bethesda Maryland 20034 JENNIFER E, TAYLOR, 308 
Dartmoor Road Lulherville Maryland 21093 MARAVENE E, TAYLOR. 123 Old 
Colony Road. Stamford Connecticut 06907 MARK D. TAYLOR. 1S15 Easl forest 
Avenue Wheaton Illinois 601S7 MICHAEL G. TAYLOR, 4 Hedgerow Place Wil- 
mington Delaware 19807 ROBERT T TAYLOR, 222 North Milford Drive Salis 
bury North Carolina 28144 SUSAN RANDOLPH TAYLOR. 70 West 1 1 Street New 
Yorh New York lOOll SUSAN W. TAYLOR. 610 Miller Street Oalton Georgia 
30720 SUZANNE E, TAYLOR. 606 Nebraska Sireet. Spmdale North Carolina 
28160 WILLIAM D. TAYLOR, 4232 Ferndale Port Arthur, 77640 ELLEN 
J, TCHORNI, 50 Balsam Lane Princeton. New Jersey 08540 GARY R, TEACH- 
WORTH. 836 Silver Lake Road Fenton Michigan 48430 JOAN A. TEITELBAUM. 
5605 Greenspnng Avenue Baltimore Maryland 21209 CLARENCE M, TEMPLE- 
TON III, 1430 Muggins Street Stalesville North Carolina 28677 NICHOLAS J- 
TENNYSON. 357 North Elm Colville Washington 99114 ANNE H. TERHUNE. 
401 Fairmouni Avenue Chatham New Jersey 07828 JOHN F. TERRELL. 108 
West Price Lane Oak R.dge Tennessee 37830 JUDY C. TERRIBERRY. 1507 Park 
Hill Drive Gainesville Georgia 30501 DORIS E, TERRY, Route 2 Bo> 60 Norlma 
North Carolina 27563 RICHARD L- TERRY. 337 Washington Street Newton 
Massachusetts 02158 TIMOTHY WAYNE TERRY. 13 Darrell Drive Hammond 
Louisiana 70401 JENNIFER W, TESCHNER, 578 Yarmouth Lane Bay Village 
Ohio 44140 W. RANDOLPH TESLIK. Bo« 172 Route 11. Brandywme Maryland 
20613 JEFFREYS. THARLER, 844 West Street. Leominster. Massachusetts 01 453 
BETSY B. THATCHER. 1282 Paces Forest Dnve Northwest Atlanta Georgia 
30327 BARBARA A. THOMAS. 2870 East 33fd Street Tulsa Oklahoma 74105 
BEN D, THOMAS. 709 Church Street. Zebulon. North Carolina 27597 CLARENCE 
E. THOMAS. 206 Hams Avenue Panama City Florida 32401 DAVID E, THOMAS. 
206 Harris Avenue Panama City. Florida 32401 DAVID J. THOMAS. 616 Glen- 
dale Drive Stalesville. North Carolina 28677 DEBRA ANN THOMAS, 614 Sunrise 
Drive Plainstield Indiana 46168 IDA M. THOMAS. Bo. 63 Etowah North Caro- 
lina 28729 JOSEPH M, THOMAS. 2934 Woodcliff East Grand Rapids Michigan 
49506 MARGARET A, THOMAS. 2013 Forest Dale Drive Silver Spring Ma'.'v-' 
20903 KENNETH THOMMEN. 70 Slony Ridge Drive Hillsdale New Jers.^, m^* ^. 
ELLEN M.THOMPSON. 6530 Dykes Way Dallas 75230 JAMES G THOMP 
SON JR.. 544 Sfevens Avenue. Ridgewood New Jersey 07450 JANET L THOMP- 
SON, 251 Bal Bay Dnve. Bal Harbour Florida 33154 JOHN P. THOMPSON. 2725 
Emerson Drive Cleveland. Ohio 44124 MARGARET G THOMPSON. 618 South 
east 4th Street Belle Glade. Florida 33430 MICHAEL W. THOMPSON, 27 O.tord 
Drive. Enlield Connecticut 0608? MELANIE A. THOMPSON. 800 Crestndge Dnve 
East, Atlanta. Georgia 30306, NANCY S, THOMPSON, 1606 Andover Road South- 
east Easl Grand Rapids Mich.^.an 49506 PAIGE THOMPSON. Bo. 107 Talamy 
Pennsylvania 18085 ROBERT H. THOMPSON. 2 Corey Lane Benmngton Ver- 
mont 05201 SCOTT A THOMPSON. 1 Princes Gale Flat 10 London Great Brit 
am STEVEN ROBERT THOMPSON, 1000 Ruby Street #70 Durham North Caro 
lina 27704 WILLIAM L THOMPSON JR.. 5280 Tulane Avenue Jachsonv.lle Flor 
Ida 32207 PHILIP W. THOR. 4042 Bellord Street Southwest Roanohe Virginia 
24018 ALFRED J. THORN. 845 Darlington Avenue Iwlahwah New Jersey 07430 
JOHN A. THORNER. 15 Stoner Avenue Great Neck New York 11021 JULIE D, 
THORNE. 3802 Balcones Drive Austin 78731 ANN T- THORNTON. 3286 
Avenham Avenue Southwest Roanoke Virgima 24014 JUDITH M THORPE. 341 
West 39th Place, Hialeah. Florida 3301 ? ELIZABETH M. THREATT. 4542 Old Cus 
seta Road Columbus Georgia 31903 PETER N, THURSTON, 127 Ten Eyc.k Street 
Watertown New York 13601 DARRELL V. TIDWELL. 144? Northwest 13th Ter 
race Miami. Florida 33125 JILL E- TIFFANY, 2040 Robert Road. Meadowbrooh 
Pennsylvania 19046 SUSAN E. TIFFT. 1 1615 Serama Drive Des Peres. Missouri 
63131 BARBARA A. TILEY, 1450 Loudon Heights Road. Charleston WesI Virginia 
25314 ROBERT S TILLETT JR.. ?330 Broadmeade Road Louisville Kentucky 
40205 RAYMOND V. TILTINS. 1156 Denms Circle South Euclid Ohio 44121 
CAROL R TIMMONS. 2063 Grand Street Scotch Plains. New Jersey 07076 AN- 
THONY P TINARI, 2325 Valley Road Huntingdon Valley Pennsylvania 19006 
DEL W TINKLER, 4020 Emma Lane Northeast Atlanta Georgia 30305 JOSEPH 
W TINKO. 1223 West 7 Ene Pennsylvania 1650? JOHN M. TINSLEY. 27850 
Fairmount Boulevard Pepper Pihe Ohio 44124 MARGARET S. TIPPING. 250 
Outlook Drive Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15228 JACQUELINE A. TODD. 441 Pep 
perndge Tree Kinnelon New Jersey 07405 NANCY TODD. 1330 Easton Dnve 
Lakeland flonda 33803. STEPHEN M. TODD. 10109 Lloyd Road Potomac Mary- 
land 20854 STUART A. TODD. Military Dnve. Chatham Virginia 24631. JOHN 
B TODOROVICH, Matthiessen Park Irvmgton New York 10533 RAYMOND J. 
TOHER JR.. 3061 Huntington Dnve, Spartanburg, South Carolma 29302 RICH- 
ARD T. TOHER JR., 4328 Clagelt Road. Hyattsv.lle. Maryland 20782 SALLY A. 
TOM. 450] Starr Jordan Road Burke Virginia 22015 JAMES E. TOMANCHEK, 
633 Mayview Drive Charlotte. North Carolina 28205 WILLIAM M. TOMASELLO. 
Post Office Drawer #30 Bartow Flonda 33830 DAVID R TOMASETTI. 103 Mas 
sasoit Sireet. No'thampton Massachuselts OlO^O FRANK P TOMCZYK. 908 
McNeilly Road Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 15226 WENDELL M TOMLIN, 2900 Mill 
wood Avenue Columbia. South Carolina 29205 MARIE S. TOMLINSON. 1517 
Crestwood Lane McLean NANCY K. TOMLINSON, 5113 New Kent Road 
Richmond Virginia 23225 ELAINE F. TOMPKINS. Hardscrabbie Road North 
Salem, New York 10560 JANET E, TONKA, 2032 South Akm Drive Atlanta 
Georgia 30329 NANCY L. TOPHAM. 5 Green Ridge Road Pittslord, New York 
14534 MARGUERITE J. TORMOLLAN, 2912 Guilford Avenue Baltimore Mary- 
land 21218 THOMAS F TORREY JR., Bo* 343, Republic, Pennsylvania 15475 
MARY C TORRINGTON. 3409 Willuw Tree Lane Falls Church, Virginia 22044 
FRANCIS E, TOSCANO. State Park Health Center Stale Park South Carolina 
.^9147 GALE NADINE TOUGER, 7 Hawlhoffie Dnve Cherry Hill New Jersey 
08034 NIU V. TOULME, 7010 T^ndale Sfreel McLean Virgm-a 22101 DIANE 
C. TOURET. 803 Paradise Way Sarasota, Florida 33581 ROY C TOWLEN. 54 
Grandview Avenue, Glen Rock New Jersey 07452 GARY MILES TOWNSEND. Old 
Mill Road Martinsburg. West Virginia 25401 KATHERINE I TOWNSEND. 529 
Pine Road Sewichley Pennsylvir.M 15143 ROBERT H TOWNSLEY. 89 07 MSth 
Street Jamaica New York I Mi- BYRON R TRAUGER. 510 Delaware Avenue 
Oak R.dge Tennessee LEWIS HUTCHISON TRAVER. I 305 Green Sireet Durham 
Norlh Carolina 27706 CORINNE f TRAVILLION. 611 Hempstead Place Char 
lone North Carolina 28207 ARTHUR J TREMAINE. 505 Norih Lahe Shore Drive 
Chicago Illinois 60611 CAROL P TRESOLINI. Route il Coopersburg Penn 

sylvama 18036 ROMRT D, TRETTER. 16 Squire Hiil Road North Caldwell New 
Jersey 07006 LILLIAN G TREXLER. Bo- 927 Route 4 Marion North Carolina 
28752 BARBARA A TRIMBLE, 0325 Pender Place Charlotte North Carolina 
28209 KENNETH F TROFATTER JR.. 5 Deer Head Dnve Bound Brooh New Jer- 
sey 08805 BRUCE G TROWBRIDGE. 5092 Bronson Dnve Lewiston New Yorh 
14092 DAVID T TROYAN. Bo. 1 13 Church Lane Aquebogue New York 11931 
ROBERT C TRULL, 1906 University Drive Durham North Carolina 27707 
GANO TSCHUOY. 7000 Beimder Road Shawnee Kansas 66208 LORENZO 
S, W. TSENG, Post Office Bo. 4 Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia JACQUELINE M. 
TUCKER. General Motors 767 5th Avenue New Yorh New York Venezuela 10022 
MCHAEL D. TUDEEN, 650 65 Street South St Petersburg Florida 33707 JOHN 
DENNIS TULEV. 1670 Woodview Lane Hamilton Ohio 45013 STEVEN H. TUL- 
SKY. 2026 East 7?nd Street Chicago Miino.s 60649 LANCE E. TUNCK. 1 175 East 
Broadway Hewlett New Yorh 11557 ELIZABETH P. TURBYFILL. 110 Longwood 
Drive. Newport News. Virginia 23606 PAUL L, TUNIS. 1 Middle Honow Road 
Huntington, New York 11743 MARGARET A. TURBYFILL. 110 Longwood Onve 
Newport News Virginia 23606 ANDREW G TURNBULL. 509 Highgale Terrace 
Silver Spring Maryland 20904 ALTHEA A. TURNER, Mead Ridge Ridgefield 
Connecticut 06877 ANA H. TURNER. 233 Fenton Place Charlotte North Caro- 
lina JAMES D, TURNER, 132? Kmgs Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122 
MARY E.TURNER. 721 MitcheH Avenue Salisbury North Carolina 28144 PAUL 
H. TURNEY. Post Office Bo. 183. Aurora North Carolina 27806 ANDREW S. 
TURNIPSEED. 175 Wilboughby Street Brooklyn New York WALTER W. TURYN 
JR.. 130 Cove Road Huntington New York 11743 KATHERINE A. TWOMBLY. 
827 Legare Road Aihen South Carolina 29801 JOHN R TYGARD, 1437 Park 
Hills Avenue East State College Pennsylvania 16801 JEFFREY C. TYLER, 1216 
o'"!"!^,S^'i"J*''^''^ Wilmington Delaware 19803 CRAIG S, TYMESON. Caua 
Postal 30052 Sao Paulo Brazil JACQUELVN A. TYOR. 810 East Forest H.iis Dur- 
ham Norm Carolina 27707. GEORGE H. TYSON JR., Bo. 147 Nancy Street Lahe 
Waccamaw, North Carolina 28450 JAMES K, TYSON JR.. 8961 Colesbury Place 
Fairla« Virginia 22030 ' 


ELAINE M. UCHIYAMA. 1 1622 Laheshore Drive. St Louts. Missoun 63141 KATH. 
RYN ALLENE UHALLEV. 2432 Tfyon Road Durham North Carolina 27705 THOM- 
AS W. UHOE. 708 Circle Hill Road, Louisville. Kentucky 40207 SARAH K UIH- 
LEIN. Bo. 1082 Rochester Minnesota 55901 CHARLES D. UMBERGER JR.. 
2516 State Street Durham North Carolina 27704 GAIL L, UNTERBEHGEr' 
3706 Oak Ridge Drive Bryan 77801 KEITH A. UPCHURCH 3206 Sprunt 
Street. Durham North Carolina 27705 LOUISE G. UPCHURCH. 3729 Pomfret 
Lane, Charlotte North Carolina 28211 DAVID M. UPHAM. 501 Woodhill Road 
Mansfield Ohio 44907 CECILE C. USDIN. |3 Newcomb Boulevard New Orleans" 
.c^.s.ana 701 18 NORMAN E. USSERV. 83 JudHhs Fancy Christ-ansted V-remia 
.aS20 THOMAS L.USSERY.Bo. 126 Ridgeway, Virginia 24148 


PAUL A. VADNAIS, 920 Uniondale Avenue Umondale New York 11553 JOHN P. 
VAETH JR.. 120 Hollyvale Drive Rochester New York 14618 JOHN A. VALEN- 
TINE. 105 DodOs Lane Princeton New Jersey 08540 WILLIAM E. VALENTINE. 
16 East Glen Circle, Media Pennsylvania 19063 HENRY L. VALK JR.. 2828 Tub 
Park Road Winston Salem North Carolina 27104 STEPHEN A. VAN ALBERT. 
12620 Spnngloch Court Silver Spring Maryland 20904 SUSAN VAN BUREn! 
185 Knollwood Dnve Watchung New Jersey 07060 TIMOTHY D. VAN EPP. 1807 
Baldwin Dnve McLean Virginia 22101 LORRY VAN HAASTEREN. 329 Spring- 
field Avenue Pme Beach New Jersey 08741 HOUSTON L VAN HOY. 3735 Ab- 
ingdon Road, Charlotte. North Carolina 2821 1 MARSHA L. VAN LAWKK. 639 
Forest Road Glenview Illinois 60025 MARY WILKES VAN NEST. 633 Watchung 
Road Sound Brook New Jersey 08805 JOHN W VAN NORMAN III. 1013 IrdeM 
Streel Durham North Carolina NICHOLAS P VAN SANT. 118 Wilherspoon 
Road, Baltimore. Maryland ?121? JAY P. VAN SANTEN. 923 Sunset Road 
Geneva Illinois 60134 MIRIAM G. VAN STEEN. 2326 doverdale Avenue Wmston 
Salem North Carolina 27103 PETER VAN TRIGT III, 1706 Southlawn Avenue 
Aurora Illinois 60506 E. VAN VOLKENBURGH. 2009 Pnest Road Nashv.De 
Tennessee 372 ] 5 STEVE H, VAN WICKLER. 1 58 First Street. Hicksville New Yorh 
11801 ROBERT BRUCE VANCE. Post Office Bo. 1795 Sante Fe New Me.ico 
87501 SCOTT R VANDENBERG, 108 L.^urel Place New Kensington Pennsylvania 
15068 JOSEPH L. VANOER HAMM. 6?40 Loche Fort Worth 76116 
CHARLES M, VANDERHORST. Hiiicrest Avenue Route 1 Otean New York 14760 
MARY E- VANDERWILT. 1208 Upper Ridgeway Charleston West Virginia 25314 
GREGORY N, VANIGLIA. 123 Skyline Dnve Cold Spnng Kentvjchy 41076 JOSEPH 
G- VARNADORE. 808 East 16th Street Alma Georgia 31510 CAROLINE H VAR- 
NER. 2853 Rosweil Lane Columbus Georgia 31906 NORMAN A, VARNEY. 4 
Point Woods Road Danen Connecticut 06820 CAROLYN H. VAUGHAN 2305 
Prince Street Durham North Carolina 27707 CHARLES R. VAUGHAN JR.. 2312 
Culver Place. Anchorage. Alaska 99503 JAMES T. VAUGHN. Washington Street 
Clayton. Delaware 19938 CONSTANCE E. VAUGHT. North Mam Street Stephens 
City. Virginia 22655 JOHN S, VEATCH. 805 East Washington Street Bloommg- 
ton Illinois 61701 MICHAEL A. VEATCH. 373 Pmetree Drive Northeast Atlanta 
Georgia 30305 SALLY L, VERNER, 1400 Easton Drive lakeland Florida 33803 
JOHN A. VERNON, 39 Carnage Lane New Cansan Connecticut DOUGLAS S 
VETTER. 6802 Gala« Court Spnnglield Virginia 22151 SARA E, VIA. Bo. 2006 
Chapel Hill North Carolina 27514 GILES W. VICK. Old Wadesboro Route 1 Mon. 
roe North Carolina 28110 SCOTT C. VtEBRANZ. 49 Eton Road Larchmont New 
York 10538 STEVEN L. VIEHL 599 Hudson Avenue Albany Nevs York 12203 
MICHAEL P. VINCENT, 6826 Glen Cove Drive Clifton Virginia 22024 DEBORAH 
F. VINING. 479 Broadway Long Branch, New Jersey 07740 JOHN C. VINSON 
JR.. 175 Greenwood Drive Athens Georgia 30601 ERIKA J, VOGEL. 2 Wellington 
Downs Scotch Plains New Jersey 07076 JOSEPH V VOGEL. Route 1 Murphy 
School Road Durham North Carolina 27705 STEPHEN P. VOGEL. Route 1 Mur- 
phy School Road Durham, North Carol-nj 27^05 ROBERT L, VOLBERG. 4409 
Chickasaw Road Kmgsport. Tennessee 37^64 JAMES R VOLKER, 13 Washington 
Avenue, Andover Massachusetts 01810 JACK VOLLBRECHT 995 Singing 
Wood Drive, Acadia California 91006 GUSTAVO VOLLMER. 1 San Bernardino 
Caracas Venezuela PAUL EDWIN VON NESSEN, 3330 Wilmot Avenue Columbia 
South Carolina 29205 TIMOTHY JAMES VRANA. 2724 South Arlington Ridee 
Arlington Virginia 22202 


MILTON M WACHSBERG. 5833 Morrowlieid Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 
15217 CHERI RILEY WADDELL. 17215 Walden Avenue Cleveland Oh,o 44128 
FRANKLIN BWAODELL. 17215 Walden Avenue Cleveland Ohio441.-'8 SALLY R 
WADE. '>3'> Elizabeth Lane Charleston South Carolma 29407 GEOFFREY H. 
WAGGONER. / Brunswick Road Montclair New Jersey 07042 KATHRYN M WAG- 
GONER, 2812 Devon Road Durham North Carolina 27707 JOSEPH WAGGON- 
NER III. Post Otiice BoK 158 Plom Dealing Louisiana CHRISTINE A WAGNER. 
1450 Avenida Magdalena Apt 5A, Santurce Puerto Rico JULIANN M WAGNER, 


5 Beach Streel. Farmmgdale. New Yofk 11735 MARY E. WAGNER. 1820 Home 
stead Avenue, Bethlehem Pennsylvania 18018 HOWARD E. WAGONER III. Post 
Ott.ceBo* 67? Ewa Station Ewj Beach Oahu Hawaii 96706 JOEL M. WAGONER. 
Bo. 445 Liberty North Cafolina, JOHN Y. WAGONER JR.. 3224 James Place 
Greensboro North Carolina 27405, GLENN THOMAS WALBRIDGE, 6300 Aber 
deen Dnve Aiijnta Georgia IAN S. WALDIE. 666 Broadway, Hasi On Hudson 
New Vori. SANDRA J. WALDORF. !605 Greenway Drive. Augusla. Georgia 30904 
JOHNL. WALDRUFF. 10 Via Ma|Or<.a Rolling Hills Estate. California CHARLOTTE 
GILBERT WALKER. 432 Delaware Street Shfeweport. Louisiana 71106 CHRIS- 
TOPHER H. WALKER. 1 14 Windsor Road Ashev.lle North Carolina 28804 IRVING 
E. WALKER. 3310 Midtield Road Baltimore Maryland 21208 MARK C. WALKER. 
1446 Granville Avenue. Park Ridge. Illinois 60068, SUSAN ELIZABETH WALKEr! 
Bo. 2185 Nev Circ'e Davidson NoUh Carolina 28036. WILLIAM R. WALKER. 
2419 Wooldridge Drive. Austin. 78703 GREGORY A. WALL. 4 H, Merest Road 
Honesdate. Pennsylvania 18431 DANIEL E, WALLACE. 1302 Orchard Hills Park 
way Hagerstown Maryland 21740 HAROLD M, WALLACE. So. 817 Lynn Road 
Durham North Carolina 27703 MAX N- WALLACE, 5210 Northeast 3! Avenue 
Fort Lauderdale. Florida 33308 NANCY R. WALLACE, 1018 Glendalyn C.fCle 
Spartanburg South Carolina 29302 RANDALL T. WALLACE, 3634 East Woodside 
Lynchburg V..g,n,a 24503 MARK R. WALLING. 64 Wiltshire Road Williamsville 
New York 14221 DAVID N. WALLINGFORD. 8 Ogden Avenue Swarlhmofe Penn 
sylvan.a 19081 DONALD W. WALLIS, 388 West Shore Drive WychotI New Jersey 
07481 JUDITH J, WALLIS. 38S West Shore Drive WyckofI New Jersey 07481 
MKHAEL J. WALLS, 197 Old Connecticut Path, Wayfand Massachusetts 01778 
RICHARD K. WALN. 308 East Cassilly Street Spnngttetd. Ohio 45503. JAMES V. 
WALSH. 7909 Greenlree Road Bethesda. Maryland 20034. WILLIAM E. WALSH. 
104 Dale Wood Dnve Spartanburg. South Carolina 29302 EDWARD L. WALTER. 
1220 Hyman Avenue. Hendersonv.lte Norlh Carolin., DOUGLAS P WALTERS. 
2039 Dogwood Lane Bethlehem Pennsylvania 18018 EDWARD T. WALTEHs! 
231 Anne Burras Lane Newport News, Virginia 23606 HENRY C WALTERS JR.. 
708 Wisteria Drive Florence South Carolina 29601 LAWRENCE A. WALTHEr! 
5462 South Franklin Lane Littleton, Colorado 80120. CHILUN WANG. 1 7 Paisley 
Drive Hyde Park Wilmington Delaware 19808, STEPHEN A. WANK. 40 Bayview 
Avenue Great Neck NewYorkll02l JULIA L. WANNAMAKER. 1484 West High- 
way 96. St Paul Minnesota 55112 RICHARD C. WANTOCH, 2663 Clydesdale 
Court Oceanside. New York 11572 JOHN P. WAPPETT. 3 Meadow Dnve Glen 
Falls, New York 12801 JOANNA G. WAPPLER, 8130nsiow Street Durham North 
Carol. na 27705 CATHERINE F WARD. 2908 Harvard Dnve W.lmmgton North 
Carolina 28401 CLARK ANDERSON WARD. 1 43A Benedict Avenue Langley Field 
Virg.nia 23365 DAVID J. WARD, 1 305 Oben.n Road Wilmington Delaware 19803. 
DAVID W. WARD. 20 South Crescent Maptewood New Jersey 07040 ELEANOR 
A. WARD. Camolor Durham. North Carolina 27705 JON P. WARD. Post 
Office Bo. 157 Plymouth. North Carolina 27962. LUCIA A. WARD. 494 River 
Road, Bogota New Jersey 07603 MARTHA P. WARD, Post Office Bo. 4 Wulsan 
Kyungsangnamd. Korea NANCY LOU B. WARD, Post Office Box 157 Plymouth 
North Carolina 27962 PATRICIA C. WARD. 433 North Montana Avenue Morton 
Illinois 61550 LEWIS O. WARDELL III, 99 Blake Road Hamden Connecticut 
06517 TAMARA L. WARDELL. 698 Lindsay Road Carnegie Pennsylvania 15106 
GENEVIEVE MERRILL WARE. Ltoyd Lane Huntington, New York 1 1 743, JENNIFER 
L. WARLICK, 1111 Dogwood Drive Kingston. Tennessee 37763 ELLEN D. WARME 
298 Whiilock Avenue Marietta. Georgia 30060 GEORGES WARNER. 3109 '^trai 
ford Drive Greensboro North Carolina 27408 ROBERT H. WARNER. 844 Elm 
Spring Road Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15243 WILLIAM C. WARNER. 403 Aflaniic 
Avenue. Rocky Mount. North Carolina 27801. CALVIN WARREN. Route 1 Bo-. 1 16 
Cedar Grove North Carolina 27231. EDWARD S. WARREN. 203 Pine Road New 
Bern. North Carolina 28560. GEORGE K- WARREN, 917 North Mam Louisburg 
North Carolina 27549 JAMES F, WARREN. East Nelson Street Robersonville 
NctK C>...\-n, r7871 ROBERT B. WARREN. 8616 Buckboard Dnve Alexandria 
Vir.- , .jM- THOMASL. WARREN, 129 Upland Road Decatur Georgia 30230 
WILLIAM W WARREN. 7215 4th Avenue North. St Petersburg Flor-da 33710 
DAVID A WARRICK, 2019 Sunnylawn Drive Toledo Ohio 43614 DENNIS YULAN 
WASHBURN, Route 1. W.ngate North Carolina 28174 JOHN L. WASHINGTON 
3308 Faring Road Birmingham Alabama 35223 ROBERT A. WASON IV. 185 Mor' 
ns Avenue, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. LINDA A. WATERMAN, 10748 Main 
Street Apartment 301 Fairla. Virginia 22030. MICHAEL DAVID WATERS 110 
Mitchell Road. Cullman. Alabama 35055. SAMUEL S. WATERS IV, 1009 Brittany 
Hills Dnve. Dayton. Ohio 45459 CAROL J. WATKINS. 2501 State Street Durham 
North Carolina 27704 MARY JANE WATKINS. 600 Parker Court Wilmington Del- 
aware 19808 PAMELAJ.WATKINS.810East Main Street ForestCity NorthCaro- 
lina 28043 SALLY A. WATKINS. 129 West Belle Street Henderson North Caro- 
lina 27536 SHEILA M. WATKINS. 507 Skyline Drive. Pullman Washington 99163 
DOUGLAS J. WATSON. 1295 Inverlieth Road, Lake Forest Illinois 60045 PATRI- 
CIA A- WATSON, 109 Pinecrest Road, Durham. North Carolina 27705 STEVEN J 
WATSON, 5401 South 98th Street. Hales Corners, Wisconsin 53130 WAYNE E 
WATSON. Robm Dnve Monroe. North Carolina 28110 HARRIETT D WATTS 
5617 North Prospect Road Peona, Illinois 61614 ELLEN WATTS. 1272 Rockland 
Avenue Northwest Roanoke. Virginia 24012 DAVID H. WATTS. 8053 Mernt 
Street. Norfolk Virg,nia23518. PETERS. WEARS. 5 Sylvan Road Durham North 
Carolina 27701 BENNY SCOTT WEAVER. 2240 Mecklenburg Avenue Charlotte 
North Carolina 28205 DAISY E. WEAVER. 3103 Hanes Avenue. Richmond Vir- 
ginia 23222 SCOTT C.WEAVER.6314NewburnDrive Bethesda Maryland 20016 
THOMAS B. WEAVER. 21 Fo.boro St Louis Missouri 631 24 THOMAS W WEAV- 
VER. 22329 Bartlett Dnve Rocky River Ohio 44116 WILLIAM B. WEAVER 705 
Yarmouth Road. Raleigh North Carolina 27607 DEBORAH J WEBB Route 1 
Box 16. Brancheville New Jersey 07826. JAMES H. WEBB. 4335 Lakeside Dnve 
Jacksonville Flonda LINCOLN P. WEBB. 1348 Steward Boulevard Clearwater 
Florida 33516 ERIC WEBER; GARY H. WEBER. 2005 Welsh Valley Road Valley 
Forge Pennsylvania 194S1 JEFFREY fl. WEBER, 2410 Sylvester Dnve Kettenne 
Ohio 45409 CHRISTOPHER R.WEBSTER, 1 509 Canterbury Road Raleigh North 
Carolina 27603 DEBORAH MILLER WEBSTER. 2719 May Drive Burlington North 
Carolina 2721 S STANLEY N WEBSTER, Route 2. Mebane North Carolina 27302 
JOHN IRVING WECHSLER. 1316 Inverness Avenue. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 
15217. PATRICIA D. WEDDINGTON. 304 Cadillac Street Kannapolis North Caro- 
lina 28081 DENNIS G. WEDGWORTH, East Palm Beach Road. Belle Glade Florida 
33430. MARGARET L, WEEKS. 72 Fron, Street. Exeter New Hampshire 03833 
ELIZABETH S. WEEMS.,. Alfa.s Otfice. Headquarters 8th United States 
Army APO Sa.i Francisco NANCY SHAVNE WEIGLC. 1350 West Richey Road Port 
Clinton Ohio 43452 GARY A. WEIN. 107 Queen Street Beckley West Virginia 
25801 MARGARET H. WEISKOTTEN. Vyne House Park Road Banslead Great 
Britain. ROBERT F. WEISS. 91 i Ruth Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15243 
ERK P. WEIT2, 8 Silwen Lane Norwalk. Connecticut 06851 DIANNE M- WELCH. 
3107 Venus Dnve. Raleigh North Carolina. MARY ELIZABETH WELCH. 907 West 
First Street. Oil City Pennsylvania 16301 RICHARD J. WELCH. 508 South Chest- 
nut Street. Kewanee. Illinois 61443. ROBERT D. WELCH. 4103 Tidewater Court 
Alexandria. Virgmia 22309 JANICE RATLIFF WELKER, 6806 Avondale Drive' 
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 731 16 MARK R. WELLNER. 233 Treherne Road Tim- 
onium, Maryland 21093 JANICE F. WELLONS. 203 Woodlawn Drive Smithtield 
North Carolina 27577 HUGH H. WELLS. 200 Daniel Avenue Seneca South Caro- 

lina 29678 ROBERT N. WELLS JR.. 1208 Windsor Road, Florence South Caro 
Una RONALD W. WELLS. 10021 Commonwealth Boulevard Fairfax Virginia 
SHARON E. WELLS. Ivy Hill. Harlan Kentucky 40831 SARA J. WELSH. 1325 
Norlh Slate Parkway. Chicago Illinois 60610 SARAH M. WENDT, 3406 Noble 
Avenue Richmond. Virginia 23222. ROBERT R- WENZEL, 41 Hillvale Road Al- 
bertson New Ynrk I 1 507 VALERIE E. WENZEL, 3131 Green Dolphin Lane, Naples 
Flonda 33940 ANNA G, WERNER. 1 70 East 83 Streel, New York. New York 10028 
CATHERINE JANE WERNER, 322 Blackstone Avenue. La Grange Illinois 60525 
WENDY J. WERTHEIMER. 4273 Colonial Park Drive. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 
15227 ANNA M WESSINGER. 15 Jamaica Drive. Charleston, South Carolina 
29407 CELESTE L. WESSON. 4511 Shannon Springs. Columbia. South Carolina 
29206 HENRY M. WEST, Route 1. Nicholasville. Kentucky 40356 JADE C. WEST. 
231 5 No'-theast 27th Street Pompano Beach. Florida 33064. LINDA ADELE WEST, 
5040 Upton Street. Washington D C 20016. ROBERT S- WEST. 311 Meeker 
Street, South Orange. New Jersey 07079. STEVEN RAY WESTBY. 903 3rd Avenue 
Madison Minnesota 56256 JAMES S. WESTFALL. 2043 Ewing Avenue Evanston 
Illinois 60201 ROBERT CHARLES WESTON, Duke Apartments 4600 Duke Street 
Alexandria. Virgin,., BARBARA A. WESTRV. 1004 Otis Place Northwest. Washing- 
ton D C 20010 JOHNG.WHALEY.42.\-' Willow Grove Road, Dallas, Texas 75220 
DIANA E. WHEELER, 28 Mount Bolus Road, Chapel Hill North Carolina 27514 
GEOFFREY LYNN WHEELER, Post OMice Bo. 85 Silver Lake Wisconsin JOHN R. 
WHEELER, 605 1 6th Street North. Arlington Virginia 22203. ROBERT T. WHEELER 
III, 206 Welford Road Lutherville Marylan.-l 21093 STEVEN WHEELER. 963 Mears 
Court. Stanford Connecticut 06880 STANLEY W. WHETZEL JR-, 600 Reta Road 
Durham. North Carolina 27704 SETH W WHITAKER. Four Bridge Road Somers 
Connecticut 06071 ANDREW R. WHITE. 5425 Shenandoah Drive Knoxville 
Tennessee 37919 ANNETTE M. WHITE. 5307 Sangamore Road Washington 
D C 20016 BETSY A. WHITE, 19 Ave De LAmandolier, Geneva Switzerland 
BRENDA S. WHITE. 3501 3rd Avenue North St Petersburg. Flonda 337 1 3 CLAIR 
F, WHITE. 224 Franklin Road Northeast Atlanta. Georgia 30305 DAVID J, WHITE. 
llOValley View Road. New Cumberland Pennsylvania 17070 GEORGE J. WHITE* 
36 Cypress Street. Millburn. New Jersey 07041. JEFFREY L. WHITE. Route 2 King' 
North Carolina 27021. JUDITH L. WHITE. 1268 Northeast 93 Street Miami 
Shores Florida MARTHA L. WHITE. 680 Davis Road, Coral Gables. Florida 33143 
VIRGINIA F. WHITE. 208 Sycamore Lane, Watlinglord. Pennsylvania 19086, WILLI- 
AM I. WHITE JR., 1 1 5 Bellemore Road Baltimore. Maryland 21210 FRANCES R. 
WHITE-SPUNNER, 352 McDonald Avenue. Mobile Alabama 36604 DEBRA WHITE- 
HEAD, 9 Harvard Dnve Media. Pennsylvania 19063. JUDITH WHITEHILL, 25243 
Bryden Roao Cleveland. Ohio 44122 KENNETH L. WHITEHURST 913 William 
Street New Bern North Carolina 28560. SHARON D. WHITEHUflisT 904 Mam 
Creek Road. Chesapeake Virginia 23320. STEPHEN L. WHITESIDE, 4701 Wren- 
wood Lane Columbia. South Carolina 29206 ELAINE K. WHITESIDES 2147 Ros 
well Avenue, Charlotte North Carolina 28207 PAUL C. WHITESIDES JR Char- 
lotte Highway York South Carolina 29745 ANNE T, WHITFORD. 2162 Paddock 
Circle. Dunedin. Florida 33528. FRANKLIN P. WHITLEY lit. 311 Hazelwood Road 
Warrenton. North Carolina 27589. SUSAN V. WHITLOCK. 4 Sauer Terrace Dur- 
ham New Hampshire 03824 ANGELICA S- WHITMAN. 16 Girard Avenue Apart- 
ment 302 Hartford Connecticut 06105 WILLIAM L. WHITMORE. 1 Vista Avenue 
Lynchburg, Virginia 24503. WAYNE W. WHITNEY; Bo> 51. Kenduskeag Maine 
04450. GERALD R. WHITT; 701 Meadow Lane V.enna. Virginia 22180. FRANCES 
S- WHITTED, 3710 Kirklees Road. Wmston Salem. North Carolina JAMES W 
WICKER JR-, Route 5 Box 40 Santord. North Carolina 27330 VANESSA L. 
WttKER. 1315 South Nancy Street Bloommgton. Indiana 47401 LINDA CHERE 
WIDDERSHEIM, 7825 Southwest 50 Court South Miami. Florida 33143 MARY 
K- WIEBMER, 1501 Liberty Street. Alton. Illinois 62003 STUART K. WIER 1459 
Willow Lane. Wichita Kansas 67208 ALEC WIGHTMAN. 117 Easl 212 Street 
Euclid Ohio 44123 ANN M. WIGHTMAN, 4532 Lilac Road South Euclid Ohio 
44121 JOHN 0- WIGODSKY. 300 Primera Dnve San Antonio Texas. TIMOTHY 
C, WILCOSKY, 700 Northeast 17th Way. Fort Lauderdale. Florida 33304 SAN- 
FORD P WILCOX. Woodmont Route 1 Crozet, Virginia 22932 CLAUDEC. WILD III. 
5716 Bent Branch Road Washington D C 20016, PELHAM WILDER III. 2514 
Wrightwood Avenue Durham. North Carolina 27705 RUSSELL L. WILDMAN II, 
651 Beech Avenue, Charleston. West Virginia 25302, CHARLES H, WILE. 7 Orchard 
Farm Road. Port Washington. New York. SAMUEL A. WILEN, 7937 Long Meadow 
Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21208, BRUCE MARKSON WILEY, 1214 Westndge 
Road. Greensboro. North Carolina 27410. SANDRA A WILEY. 869 Amaryllis Ave- 
nue Oradell. New Jersey 07649 DONALD L. WILHELM, 3100 West 67 Street 
Shawnee Mission Kansas WILLIAM V. WILKERSON, 1932 Sweetbnar Lane Jack 
sonville Florida 32217 JOHN E WILKINSON. Route 3 Louisville Tennessee 
37777 RICHARD SMITH WILKINSON, 3bi> Sandy Court Kensington Maryland 
ELVIN J. WILLCOCK JR.. 419 Rallms Slreti Falls Church. Virginia 22046. RICH- 
ARD A. WILLET, 285 Prospect Avenue. Hamburg, New York 14075 SUSAN L 
WILLEY, 1273 Garman Road, Akron, Ohio 44313. ANNE E. WILLIAMS, 2792 Dover 
Road Northwest, Atlanta Georgia 30327. ATHANASIA MARIA WILLIAMS. 1011 
Palisade Avenue. Palisade New Jersey 07024 BARBARA E. WILLIAMS. 3828 Balti- 
more. Shreveport. Louisiana 7U06 BARBARA S, WILLIAMS, Douglas Road New 
Vernon. New Jersey 07976. CAROLYN R. WILLIAMS. Lakeside Manor Laurel Del- 
aware 19956 CATHERINE P. WILLIAMS, 2831 Chestnut Street New Orleans 
Louisiana 70115 DALE E. WILLIAMS. 6908 Oakndge Avenue Chevy Chase 
Maryland 20015 DENNIS E. WILLIAMS. 6331 Southwest 18 Terrace Miami Flor- 
ida 33155. DONALD N, WILLIAMS. 1 Castle Wood Drive Wilmington North Caro- 
lina 28401. EDGAR W, WILLIAMS JR.. 1560 Hillcrest Avenue Winter Park Flonda 
32789. EMILY F. WILLIAMS, 19 Williams SIreet. Rockville. Maryland 20850, FRED 
J. WILLIAMS, 4308 Ward Road. Durham, North Carolina 27704 GERALD A. WILLI- 
AMS. 12 South Tealbrook St Louis, Missouri 63141, HOWARD J, WILLIAMS. 306 
Grandview Circle. Waynesville, North Carolina 28786 JAMES E. WILLIAMS JR 
Route ! Box 361A, Plymouth North Carolina 27962 JANICE GILL WILLIAMS, 
3609 Blue Spring Road. Huntsville. Alabama 35810 JOHN C. WILLIAMS, 570 
Northeast 106 Streel. Miami Shores Florida 33138 JOHN M WILLIAMS. 1627 
Hoover Avenue, South Bend Indiana 46515. LEE K. WILLIAMS. 104 Wmdmere 
Dnve Chattanooga Tennessee 37411 LINDA S. WILLIAMS. 7549 Tanglewood 
Road, Richmond Virginia 23225 MARY ANNE WILLIAMS. 1248 Farmmgton Ave- 
nue. West Hartford Conneclicul 06107 ROBERT D. WILLIAMS JR.. 476 Laurel 
Lane, Kinnelon. New Jersey 07405 ROBERT LEE WILLIAMS. 1 f.astte Wood Drive 
Wilmington. North Carolina 28401. RUSSELL R. WILLIAMS, 1552 Albatross Sun- 
neyvale California 94087 SARAH I. WILLIAMS. 2344 McClendon Houston Texas 
77025. STEPHEN G. WILLIAMS. 720 Maple Court, Moorestown New Jersey 
STEVEN P. WILLIAMS. 904 Euclid Carthage Missouri 64836 STEVEN D. WILLI- 
AMS. 20 Hillside Drive Greenwich Connecticut 06830 THEODORE R. WILLIAMS. 
710 Volts Sireet, Greensboro. North Carolina 27406. DEBORAH C WILLIAMSON, 
20 Althea Parkway. Savannah. Georgia 31405 JANA L. WILLIAMSON. Lastlebar 
Drive, Glenwood, Maryland 21738 JOHN A. WILLIAMSON. 7800 Pawnee Prame 
Village, Kansas 66208. ROBERT S, WILLIG. 619 Aster Boulevard Rockville Mary- 
land 20850. JAMES E. WILLINGHAM JR., 408 Painfree Courl Winter Park Florida 
32789, CHARLES W- WILLIS. 9582 Riverview Road Brecksville Ohio 44141 
DANIEL A. WILLIS. 261 Hughes Road King Prussia. Pennsylvania 19406. ELIZA- 
BETH B. WILLIS, 442 Ontario, Shreveport, Louisiana 71 106 DONALD L WILLIS 
4814 Wilby Courl Alexandria. Virginia 22310, ROBERT D. WILLIS. 563 Melville 

Street Rochester, New York 14609 JOHN G. WILMER JR.. 2740 Habersham Road 
Northwest. Atlanta, Georgia 30305 FRANK H, WILMOT. Summit Hall Turl Farm, 
Gaithersburg. Maryland 20760 BERNARD E. WILSON. Box 499 Radio Heights, 
Wytheville, Virginia 24382 BLAKE S, WILSON, 87 Thurston Terrace. Glen Rock, 
New Jersey, CLIVE G. WILSON. 4847 Langdrum Lane Chevy Chase. Maryland 
20015. DAVID A. WILSON, 1408 Margarette Avenue. Towson. Maryland 21204. 
DOROTHY S. WILSON, 4700 North Sharon Amity Road. Charlotte, North Caro- 
lina 2820S. FRANCES R, WILSON. 2011 West Club Boulevard Durham, North 
Carolina 27705 JAMES O, WILSON. 58 Hanover Street. Aberdeen. Maryland 
21001 MARY M. WILSON. 9818 Culver Street, Kensington. Maryland 20795 MI- 
CHAEL E, WILSON, !00 Bellwood Lane. Spartanburg. South Carolina 29302: 
PETER C. WILSON, 4 St Johns Road Baltimore Maryland 21210. PHILLIP S. WIL- 
SON, 2128 Forest Drive East. Charlotte. North Carolina 28211 RICHARD WAV- 
ERLY WILSON, 2500 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greenville. South Carolina 29607, 
SUESIMPSON WILSON, 2803 Legion Avenue, Durham North Carolina WAYNE L. 
WILSON. Route 1 Box 90. Campobello South Carolina 29322 WILLIAM S, WILSON 
JR.. 568 Church Street. Bound Brook, New Jersey 08805 BARRY E. WIND, 106 
Clydelan Court Nashville Tennessee 37205. MARK S- WINDISCH, 6604 Spnng- 
park Avenue #4. Los Angeles. California 90O56 ROGER G. WINDSOR JR., 5701 
Greenleaf Road. Baltimore. Maryland 21210 CHARLES L. WINGATE, 309 North 
Princeton Avenue. Wenonah, New Jersey 08090 NICHOLAS C. WINGERTEH, 103 
Gatewood, San Antomo. Texas PETER A, WINKELMAN. 7053 WoUfee Lane Rock- 
ville, Maryland 20852 CAROLYN JUNE WINKLER. 6413 Earlham Drive. Bethesda, 
Maryland 20034 CONSTANCE WINSTEAD, 4507 Bordeaux, Dallas Texas 75205. 
THOMAS D. WINTERBOTTOM, 3 Rosewood Drive. New City, New York 10956, 
PAUL A. WINTERHOFF. 242 South Bird Road. Spnnglield Ohio 45505 KURT D. 
WINTERKORN. 69 Pinnacle Road. Pittsford New York 14534 CAROL A. WINTER- 
TON. 200 Maple Street. Haworth. New Jersey 07641 RICHARD M- WINTERS. 1 19 
Fairview Avenue. Frederick Maryland 21701. JAMES D. WINTHROP, 81 12 Saga 
more Road, Leawood Kansas 66206 PAUL L. WISCHOW, 9009 Rouen Lane Poto- 
mac, Maryland 20854 VIRGINIA FLEMING WISEMAN. 106 Hopewell Road, South 
Gfasfanbury. Connecticut PHILIP R, WISIACKAS, 4 Richards Grove Road Quaker 
Hill. Connecticut 06375 WENDY DEE WITHERSPOON, 1015 Malibu Pocatelloo. 
Idaho 83201. THOMAS R. WITT. 55 Kynlyn Road, Radnor Pennsylvania 19088 
WILLIAM J. WITT III, 3109 Meridian Court. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma 73122 
LINDA A. WITTE, 1 72 6th Street St James. Long Island, New York 1 1 780 GRACE 
M. WITTER. 550 Morgan Street Oberlin Ohio 44074 LINDA DELL WOFFORD, 
Post Office Box 156. Hartsville. South Carolina 29550 JOSEPH G, WOLFE JR., 
3016 Oxford Drive, Durham, North Carolina 27707 MICHAEL M. WOLFE, 2293 
Titan Ridge Dnve, Decatur. Georgia 30032 ROBERT L. WOLFE, 300 South An- 
drews Avenue. Goldsboro North Carolina 27530 SUSAN L. WOLFF, 1812 East 
Dean Road. Fox Point, Wisconsin 53217 TERRIS B- WOLFF. 524 North Arden 
Drive. Beverly Hills, California 90210 WILLIAM A. WOLFF, Quarters K USNPGS 
Monterey California 93940. JAY M, WOLFSON, 222 Waverly Avenue. Easl Rocka- 
way. New York 1 1518 STEVEN J. WOLK. 1 15 East Dover Road, Maitland. Florida 
32751. LOUISE E. W0LT2, Green Hill Road Route 4. Mount Airy. North Carolina 
27030, GEORGE R. WOOD. Route 3 Box 423 Greensboro, North Carolina JOHN 
C, WOOD. 7905 Neuson Court Richmond Virginia 23229 PHILLIP C- WOOD. 
Route 4 Glora Road. Zebulon, North Carolina 27597 STEVEN L, WOODALL. Route 
1 Clayton Georgia 30525 LYNN M. WOODARD. 12400 Pinecrest Road Hemdon 
Virginia 22070 RICHARD C. WOODARD. 1 1955 Southwest Parkway Avenue Port- 
land. Oregon 97225 SUSAN E, WOODARD. 4869 Chuck Avenue, Memphis. Ten- 
nessee 38118. JOHN A- WOODFORD, 1512 Spring Lane, Wilmington Delaware 
19809 BRUCE R. WOODIN, 3930 Cedarbrush, Dallas. Texas 75229. MARY N. 
WOODS, 2320 Mount Vernon Road, Roanoke, Virginia 24015, ARTHUR F. WOOD- 
WARD JR.. ! 15 North Van Buren Street, Rockville, Maryland 20850 WARREN D. 
WOODWARD. 615 North Lake Trail. Palm Beach. Flonda 33480 DAVID H. WOOD- 
YARD. 445 Black Swan Lane, Berwyn Pennsylvania 19312 SHELLEY W WOOD- 
YARD. 1521 Riverview Drive Palm Bay Florida 32901 BYRON C WOOLARD. 612 
East Mam Street Washington Norlh Carolina 27889. THOMAS F. WOOLLEY, 1 553 
Montclair Circle Mobile. Alabama 36609 JOSEPH L. WOOLLEY JR.. 6 Kirby 
Street Fort Leonard Wood Missouri 65473 RAY I. WOOTEN. 522 Ellsworth Road 
Charlotte. North Carolina 2821 1 REBECCA A. WOOTEN, 904 South Brady Ave- 
nue Newton Norlh Carolina 28658, DAVID M- WORD. 310 Worthington Avenue 
Wyoming Ohio 45215 DAVID S. WORK, 1750 Terr Road. Homewood Illinois 
60430. WILLIAM A, WORRELL, 509 Elm Street. Clairton. Pennsylvania 15025 
ROBERT A. WORSTER. 1 705 Alexander Avenue Merrick. New York 1 1 566 SAND- 
RA LEE WRENN, Route 4 Roxboro, North Carolina 27573. DEBORAH F. WRIGHT- 
EDWARD DAVID WRIGHT. 43 Countryside Lane St Louis Missouri 63131 DEB- 
ORAH WRIGHT. 1241 Manola Court Coral Gables, Florida 33134 ECHO G. 
WRIGHT. 9201 WilOwood Street Lorton. Virginia 22079 ELLEN E. WRIGHT. 2128 
Chilton. Houston Texas 77019 HARRY E, WRIGHT JR.. 20;6 Spencer Avenue 
New Bern. North Carolina 28560 HILLSMAN L. WRIGHT. 535 Haynes Memphis 
Tennessee 38111. JAMES L, WRIGHT. 1016 Worth Street. Asheboro, North Caro- 
lina 27203. MARIE C WRIGHT. 1060 Fort Sumter Drive. Charleston South Caro- 
lina 29407. MARILYN K. WRIGHT. 427 Creek Crossing Road, Vienna Virgmia 
22180 MAURICE W WRIGHT, Route 1 Stephens City Virginia 22655 RUSSELL 
S. WRIGHT. 1241 Mariota Court Coral Gahles Florida SCOTT A. WRIGHT. 2510 
South 24 Lincoln Nebraska 68502 SCOTT W WRIGHT. 2016 Spencer Avenue 
New Bern North Carolina 28560. SHARON WRIGHT, 1906 House Avenue Dur- 
ham North Carolina 27707. LESLIE G. WRIGLEY JR.. 258 Hillcrest Road Grosse 
Pointe Farm Michigan 48236 BARBARA LYNN WUEHRMANN, 80 May Dnve 
Chatham. New Jersey 07928 PATRICIA G. WUENSCH. 102 Brookhill Avenue 
Colonial Heights. Virginia 23834. LINDA J, WULF. 10702 Creektree Drive Hous- 
ton 77040 MARGARET L. WYCKOFF. 409 Bunker Hill Road Houston 77024 MARION C. WYERS. 12 Rue Robert De Traz 1206 Geneva Switzer- 
land BARBARA B. WYGALL. 11 Deer Run Drive Wilmington Delaware 19807 
BARBARA L. WVLLY. 940 Fo.croM Road Northwest Atlanta Georgia 30327 
JOANNA WYNGAARDEN. ?07 Morehead Avenue Durham North Carolina 27707 
LISA DEAN WYNGAARDEN, 707 Morehead Avenue Durham, Norlh Carolina 


RICHARD K YARDUMIAN, 95 Parkridge Lane Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 15228; 
STUART J- YARBROUGH. 3225 Surrey Road, Durham, North Carolina 27707, 
JAMES C. YAROLEY. 65 Paul Revere Road. Needham. Massachusetts 02194. 
KATHY C. YATES, Route 1 Box 49. Milters Creek North Carolina 28651 JOSLIN 
YEISER. 9300 Shawnee Run Road Cincinnati Ohio 45243. ROBERT D, YEOMAN. 
1355 Ashland Avenue, Wilmette Illinois 60091 TIMOTHY S, YOCUM. 175 East 
Deieware Place 5819, Chicago Illinois 60611 DAVID A. YOKEL, 316 Northwest 
22nd Street. Fort Lauderdale Florida 3331 1 ALEECIA A. YOUNG. 604 East Club 
Boulevard. Durham North Carolina 27707 BRUCE W. YOUNG, 27 1 Seaview Ave- 
nue, Daylona Beach. Florida 32018, CAROLYN B, YOUNG. 2504 White Oak Road 
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609 GWYNNE A, YOUNG, 4207 Beach Park Dnve 
Tampa, Florida 33609. (AN C. YOUNG. Apaitado 709 Caracas. Venezuela. JANET 
L. YOUNG, Kings Highway. Micklelon New Jersey 08056, KING M. YOUNG, Calle 
Los Dolores. Tegucigalpa. Honduras. MARYELLEN YOUNG. 384 Third Street 
Atlantic Beach Flonda. ROBERT A. YOUNG. 2721 Southwest 20 Street. Miami. 
Florida 33145, ROBERT B. YOUNG. 708 Drexei Hills Boulevard New Cumberland. 


Pennsyl^ariia i 7070 RUTH T. YOUNG. 1 549 Faindge Drive, Kmgsport, Tennessee 
37664, SUZANNE E- YOUNG. 801 Long Po-ni Lane Po'nl Pleasani Beach New 
Jersey WILLIAM A. YOUNG. I 7 Suniel Hiil Road S'msbury Connecticut 06070, 
RICHARD C. YOUNGREN. 82 Osktvood Drive Peace Dale Rhode Island 02879 
MARALEE T, YOUNGS. Brch Knoll Columbus, New Jersey 08022. PATRICIA E. 
YOUNGS, 18 MdpieLJne, Pennington New Jersey 08534 


SARAH C. ZAHNISER, 12 Lundy Lane Larchmont New York 10538 JAMES f. 

ZAHRN. 197 Beverly Road Danville Virgtma 2J54I KAREN M. ZAMAN. 4804 Kil- 
kenny Place Raleigh NoMh Carolina 27609 RICHARD M. ZAPF. 591 3 Meado- 
wood Road Balt.more, Marylano 21212. CHARLES A, ZAPF. 5913 Meadowood 
Road Baltimore Maryland 21212, SEAN SHAHROKH 2ARINTASH. 3510H Beacon 
H.ll Winston Salem North Carol-na 27106 PAUL W. 2ARUTSKIE. 501 Ellis Ave 
nue. Newtown Square Pennsylvania 19073 ELLEN 2ASL0W. 10802 Lockridge 
Drive Silver Spring Maryland 2090! SANDRA L. ZEESE. 2205 Devon Dnve Al- 
bany Georgia 31701 LAURA L. ZELAITES. 212 Alpern Avenue Elberon New 
Jersey 07740 VICTORIA L. ZELIN. 40 Pmendge Road White Plams New York 
10603, ROBERT J. ZELLER. 4331 West 212 Street, Fairv.ew Park Ohio 44126 
JAMES A. ZELLINGER, 980 Peace Street Pelham Manor New York 10803 KATH- 
LEEN ANN ZENI. 45 Cornwall Road Glen Rock, New Jersey 07452 KATHRYN J, 
ZERBE. 2828 Fairvtew Road. Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011. ALFRED E, ZIMER- 
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1405 Clayton Road Lancaster Pennsylvania 17603 CRAIG LEE ZIMMERS, M 
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Haddonlield, New Jersey 08033. STUART A. ZIPPER. 3608 Gardenv.ew Road 
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Virginia 2220? LINDA S. ZURN. 752 Fettersmill Road Huntington Valley Penn- 
sylvania 19006 ROBERT ZWIRKO, 535 Pleasant Street, Hotyohe. Massachusetts 


The 1971 Chanticler was produced in 
a quantity of 4500 copies by Delmar 
Printing Company of Charlotte. North 
Carolina. Mountie Matte paper is used 
for the first 304 pages of the book and 
Mountie Gray Matte is used for the 
final 72 pages. The type style used is 
News Gothic regular and extended. 
Cover material is Roxite C56575 Black 
Vellum book cloth. 


TIM BAKER . . . .Photography Editor 


DOUG GUTHRIE . . Associate Editor 
MARK LEES . . . .Business Manager 


LYNN SMITH . .Organizations Editor 

BUSINESS: Liz Ansley, Cathy Behrens, 
Betsy Hoggard, Bill Shaw, Irv Walker, 
Gary Wein, Bruce Vance; CLASSES: 
Steve Dorman, Byron Sanders: PHO- 
TOGRAPHY: Jack Bernetich, Dave 
Darling, Taylor Moore, Ric Yardumian, 
Lin Yeiser, Scott VandenBerg. 



COPY: Bob, Don Burkins. Cornonda Cobb, Rob Haughton, 
Le Hebb, Howard Johnson, Mark Kuhn, Jimmy Musselwhite, 
William L. Parry, Robeman, K. Sarah Sarah, Luke Wharmme, 
Guillaume le Fils de Wilker; IDEAS: Julie Andresen; 
GRAPHICS: Ray Lonwell: pp. 128, 153; Richard Miller: 47, 

The copy on the back of the front end-sheet is verse one 
from The Way of Life According to Lao Tzu, 1962 edition. 
Witter Bynner, translator, Capricorn Books, New York. 

The idea for the photo composite on page one was derived 
from a painting by Rene Magritte. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: ED AKEL: pp. 77d, 96b, Ilia, 257d, 262, 
266a, 279a; CHARLOTTE ALSPACH: 12, 13, 108c, d, 116, 188; 
TIM BAKER: front endsheet, lb, 4-5, 7, 10, 14, 15, 22, 23, 
24, 25, 27, 28. 29, 30, 32. 33, 34, 35. 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 43, 
45, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63b, 64, 65, 76, 77a, b.c, 
81, 82, 83, 84a, 85. 87, 88, 89, 91, 92, 93, 94a, b,c, 95c, d, 
96a,c, 97, 98. 100a, b, 101a, 106, 107, 108a, 109c. 110. 
Uld.e, 114, 115a, b, 119c,d, 122a, c, 125, 123c, 127b, 129c, 
132, 134, 135b, 136, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142e, 143, 144, 
145a, b,d, 146, 147, 148, 155, 156, 161, 165, 166, 178, 179, 
180, 181, 190, 191, 194b, 195, 196, 199a, 200-201, 206b,c, 
207, 208, 209a, 210a, 211a, 214. 215, 216, 217, 218b, 219b,c. 
220, 221, 222a, 223b, 223 '/2b, 226, 227, 230, 234, 235, 236. 

237, 239, 242, 243a, b,c, 246, 247, 261, 265, 268, 269c, d, 
270, 271a, b,c, 272, 273, 274, 275, 276b,c,d, 277, 278, 280a, c, 
281b, 282, 283 except a.d, 284, 285, 286, 287, 288b, 290, 
291, 292, 293, 297, 299a, 302; JACK BERNETICH: 19, 20, 39, 
44, 51, 53a, b, 68, 77e, 94d, 95a, b, 96c, 100c, 103, 104, 105, 
108b, 109b, lUb, 112, 115c, 117a, 118, 119a, b,e, 123a, 126, 
127a, 129a, b, 130, 133, 135a, c,d, 137, 142b, c, 162, 164. 
167. 169b, c. 170-171, 173, 192, 193, 194a, 197, 198, 199b.c, 
206a, 209d,e, 212, 213, 222b, 223a. 241, 243d. 250a, 258, 
266b. 267a, 269b, 279c. d,e, 280b, 283a, d, 288a, 320, 321. 
322, 323, 324. 327; DAVE DARLING: 42, 101b, 124, 127d,e. 
131, 145c,e. 175, 184, 185. 186, 187, 252, 253b, 263, 264, 
267c, d, 279b, 281a, c; JAMES DAUPHIN: 122b, 142d, 296; 
STEVE DUNN: 151a; NED EARLE: la, 225, 228, 232, 233. 

238, 240; TY GILCHRIST: 219c, 244, 294, 295; WAYNE 
HARPER: 271b; MIKE HIRSCH: 52, 53c, 63a, c, 256, 257a, b,c, 
259, 269a; TONY KORODY: 17, 299b; RICHARD MILLER: 249; 
TAYLOR MOORE: 16, 84b,c, 109a, 113, 117b, 122d, 142a, 
168a, 250b, 251, 260a, b, 266c, d, 267b; LYNN SAVILLE: 123b, 
3, 11, 210b, 229, 231; RICHARD YARDUMIAN: 8, 46, 48, 67, 
101c, 120, 149, 150, 151b, 163. 174, 203, 204, 211b, 218a. 
222a, 245. 253a, 289; LIN YEISER: 111c, 123d, 154, 157, 
209c; TERRY WOLFF: 276a. 

The copy on page 19 is an editorial comment. 

The quotation on page 73 is an excerpt from an article in the 
Durham Morning Herald concerning Mr. Hanes' resigna- 
tion in protest of the 1970 Yearbook. 

The paragraphs on pages 74-75 are direct quotations in reply 
to a student body survey conducted by the Publications 

Dr. Hip's quotation, page 140, is from his February 8 address 
in Page Auditorium. 

The copy on page 164 is an excerpt from Act Four of Eugene 
O'NeiU's Long Day's Journey Into Night. 

The copy on page 188 is a memorandum to residents of 
West Campus from Mr. C. J. Viza, Director of University 

The heading on pages 200-201 is paraphrased from a state- 
ment in the 1970 edition of the Duke University Guide to 
Contraception and Abortion. 

The copy on page 205 is an excerpt from Molly Bloom's 
soliloquy in James Joyce's Ulysses. 

The phrase on page 301 is by Bob Dylan. 

The statue in the photographs on pages 180-181 was fur- 
nished by Dr. Mac Linscott Ricketts. 

Complaints, praises, suggestions, etc., concerning the 
Chanticleer may be mailed to Box 4873. Duke Station, 
phoned in to 684-2920, or delivered with that personal touch 
to room 304, Union Tower. 

It has been a pleasure to serve you. Thank you. Come again! 


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,■ V . ■ ■ .■■ ■ I' ■ 

> 1 V, J-l7.4-i'J 

oriJty Libraries 


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