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I^e CAaritidUvi 

Duke University 


Edited bv Melissa I. Bermudez 

C O JV <7 

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CficLpter 3 








166-176 112 


176 112-219 


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Chanticleer — Why this university's yearbook is called the Chanticleer is anybody's guess, considering no one at this school 
would have any clue what a chanticleer is without consulting some kind of reference book, but Nan Keohane, trying to divert 
attention from her hairstyle, suggested to yours truly that the significance of the word Chanticleer be the subject of this essay, 
and for some reason she said that it had something to do with Walt Disney, so I initially assumed that Chanticleer had 
something to do with cryogenics, but I kind of wondered why the University of Coastal Carolina Chanticleers would name 
their athletic teams after a cartoonist who is colder than the average Kappa (no harm intended to above average Kappas), and 
setting out to research the etymology of the word Chanticleer (as well as that of the word Nannerl, which, as it turns out, is 
ancient Norse for ancient Greek for ancient Norse for Nannerl) I left the warmth of her wood-paneled office that reminded 
me of my grandparent's old station wagon (because of the wood-paneling, not because my grandparents knew Nan Keohane), 
which curiously enough had the wood paneling on the windshield, not the body, which explains why grandma crashed into 
that French pastry chef (the pastries, not the chef, were French, and while the chef was cold and flat, the pastries were still 
warm and flaky — just like grandma actually) and why, by the transitive property of automotivity, Nan had such a proclivity 
for the backseat of her car — 1 called her "Alf ' which she assumed meant something out ot this world, but was actually short 
for Alfred, and, as I am assuming that there must be at least one Alfred in the Duke University class of 1993, this 
conveniently brings me to my thesis, (so pay attention, Alf) — (not you, Nan, I'm talking to Alfred) — TANGENTS, and 
not the kind we learned about in geometry class (not the same geometry class, as that would require a very large classroom), 
ARE BAD, as are periods (notice that I have no periods, a point of fact that disqualifies me from being a woman, but the fact 
that women aren't funny should have alerted you to this fact already) and political correctness, a subject that every Duke 
student encounters innumerable times during his (you won't catch me writing "his or her" or "his/her" or any similar bunk — 
the last I checked men still made up 54 percent of the student body — if you don't like it then go to Wellesley — (nothing 
personal, Alf)) college career; the problem with P.C. is that it focuses its censure on words and not actions and institutions — 
what really is the problem here?: it can't he the work of frat intelligence for many reasons apart from the simple oxymoron of 
the term itself; it's not sororities because making those cool name tags is too time consuming to allow for plotting and 
scheming, much less thinking; I'd say it was a selective house, but I'm in one and nobody let me in on any plan, so that's ruled 
out; that leaves only the-whiny-don't-judge-me-as-King-as-I-can-judge-you-ni)n--cliquish-every--man-um-person-for-him/ 
herself- West-sucks-men-suck-frats-suck-the-administration-sucks-you-suck-I'Suck-but-only-if-l-choose-to-do-so- 
independents: that's the logical conclusion, but if I had to tender a guess, I'd say it's the man who wields the real power here, 
who affects your lives every day and could kill all iA us just like so many Branch Davidians if he wanted to — that's right: 
Duke Rathskellar Cafe and Sports Bar proprietor James "Zeke" Zechini — that's who is responsible for the deteriorating 
values in America: the lack of moral fiber (as well as lack of dietary fiber in our Duke cuisine) that plagues our great 
institutions, both academic and psychiatric, is clearly evident in Duke student's tendency to read magazines in the Lobby 
Shop without paying for them, to eat cookies on line in the C.I., to consume alcoholic beverages on Thursday nights, to vote 
Republican, and to sit on the T.V. side of Cameron; but notice that Duke made the Final Four six out of seven years before 
the Rat became a yuppified Burger King, then the cardboard cutouts go up, Zeke steals the celebrity from Coach K, and bam, 
Cal beats us and what we are left with is anarchy, chicken Italienne, and stacks of T-shirts attempting to convince us what a 
great year it was for Duke basketball (Hurley's accomplishment's: 2 NCAA championships, 3 Final Fours, 1 DWI, 34 bad 
haircuts; Coach K's accomplishments: 2 NCAA titles, 1 gold medal, 6 Final Fours, $1,000,000 from Nike, 1 consistently bad 
haircut, and of course the team shirts — Duke 105, Southern Illinois 70, on to the Thrilling 32! (and on the back, "Duke spays 
the Salukis", complete with a graphic depiction of a dog on the tip of a pitchfork — Ouch!) — and March 18, 1993, Duke 
105, Southern Illinois 70, "I was in the Bahamas!"); but as well-educated individuals we cannot accept everything we read, 
hear, see, smell, touch, or drink; things often are not what they seem — for instance the chicken Italienne of which I spoke 
earlier is actually pigeon, and it's not even Italian, it's Pakistani, but Pigeon Pakistani, while alliterative, doesn't sound 
particularly appetizing — we must delve deeper, unlock the world's great mysteries, to "tunnel" our way beneath the great 
Gothic edifices of our lives (you can start by attempting to decipher this essay); as my grandmother once said, "Look out!" - 
as you too drive your wood-paneled station wagon through the pastry chefs that impede your path to success in life, don't 
forget that the word chanticleer actually means chicken Italienne in Pakistani — Got it? 










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1992 The 


Respect for human life, respect fat human dignity, for the 
common thread that unites all oj humankind, seems far 
too scarce m the world as >i days 


President Keith Brodie, to the ( llassof 1996 at the 

155th Opening I "iiv, nation 

With all this emphasis on researt h, I think we should ■.ell 
the I niversity to IBM and aUou lerry Lewis to run a 
telethon for it. 

Rick Roderick questioning the University's commit- 
ment to teaching. 

The teacher was m Ice, a lot nv rre so than 

most oj the students. 

Freshman Will Henson, on his 8a.m University 

Writing Course. 

Nowadays you can't do anything u ith . 
small segment oj the pi 

Plymouth Nelson, president ol Phi I Vlu Theta, on 
the fiver the fraternity posted advertising a part} 

ViiK will find pticms m the faces o) yout friends Look in 
thi ist faces 

Maya Angelou speaking to the i )lass of 1996 

Her eve.s were si i expressive, mi o/icn Vmi could see her 
fear and excitement for us . 

Trinity freshman v i; . \ngelou 

/; any group understands what constitutes contempt, 
this fra 

The written opinion of the Undergraduate Judicial 
Board on the Sigma Tin Epsili in fraternity 

There has been a sort of lament of the loss of heritage that 
ating here. . . But perhaps BOG 's time has come 

■ oi BOG, on their recent 

Hey, we're the ones losing the election. Either he's going 
is, oi we end up where tee are. losing. It simply 
hurl us. 

K Senioi Bu h tide, on Perot's entering the campaign 

I was raised to believe, when I was the age oj the students 
in this audience, thai this is a 'can do' country, not a 
'can't do' country And it's time we say Weca 
We can. 

Bill Clinton at a rally in Raleigh 

■■.a again. 

The report ol the Warren C "ommiMon, uhk h 
completed a five month stud} of the Los Angeles 

:., [ help it 

Nell Gilbert, one of the four women held hostage in 
the hospital K a gunman 

C )i<r frrsi priority mm must he to provide support and 
counseling to the courageous members of the Medical 
(. lenter staff and th< sse . .[/u i > u h • u ere dtrecth 
by Mi i .>((ni 
i iio hearts go out to the family and friends oj Ricks 

toungman who somehow became lost in our 

President Keith Brodie, in a statement following the 
hospital hostage crisis 

/( doesn't (eel like they did anything except paint lines on 
the street 

Trinity junior Kurt Lutgert, on the hike path 

The people have spoken, and we respect the majesty o) the 
democratic system. 

1 wouldn't say it if i 

Men's Baskethall Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski m 
the importance of fan support. 

fWe are] trying to strike a balance between being avaikd 
and non-ii 

George Bush, on his defeat to Bill Clii 

Sue Wasiolek, [Van of Student Life, following the 
bus accident that took the life of freshman Amy 

Review 1993 

J, tL ,„-s me up that we I ist , mly because I J. m't hate the I thmk we need to combat the middle school behavior that 

Some tough choices will need to be made, since none o/ i 
i's critical times, but 
riling mood is noi one o] retrenchment and 
despair, but 0/ prudent, steady, creativi pi 

Nannerl Keohane, the eighth president of the 

Icanthinkoj no bettei firsi woman president foi 
are happy (or you, but sadfm us. 

Nancy Kolodny, Dean of the college ai Welleslc \ 

opportunity to coach these guys anymore. Every time we 
u ent out on the court I knew they would give me their 
bodies, their minds and their hearts. Losing a game 
doesn't mean a damn thing. 

Mike Krzyzewski on Duke's loss to California in the 
1993 NCAA Tournament 

/ thmkit's important to haw something in your life which 
is meaningful to you, something thai you really like to do, 
that will help you stay away from drugs and alcohol. 

Bobby Hurley, ( to ( aptian of the Men's Basketball 
team, on the dangers of driving drunk 

I think he's learned a lesson from it 

Esther Vice, a ninth grader al Jordan High Scho 
on Hurley-. Ma\ 5 arrest. 

seems to be an outgrowth of male fraternity houses 

Janet Dickerson, Vice President of Student Affairs, 
on fraternity housing 

The I 'niversity's social problems won't go away just 
because fraternities do. 

Trinity junior Chetan Ghai, on fraternity housing 

In the ueu of the faculty. ROTC should be able to cease 
discrimination within five years or else cease its relation- 
ship with the University. 

Religion professor Dale Martin, chair ofa University 
committee on non-discrimination 

I (usi hope that they properly nam people so you guys 
won't gel pandemonium. 

Susan ( 'outu. U S. Postal Service- employee at Duke 
( ;Iinton is not the most eloquento] speakers. Foi me, Station, on the new University management of the 

missing a speech by BiII< Imton is like missing a Seattle postoffices 

Seahauks game .1 don't think he's JFK', control 
pr fulai opinion 

Rick Roderick, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 
President Clinton's Inaugural Address 

It's the best thing to happen to the disease since Koch 
Hudson... the only thing better would be 1/ ( reorge Bush's 

Due to the fact that [David] Augustine was not in the 
a Minos . I think his campaign manager would have had a 
hard time persuading members oj the Duke community to 
vote for him. 

Trinity sophomore Brett Busby, on the absence of 
David Augustine, a candidate tor student body 

I harles Van Per Horst, director of the AIDS clinical ^ ^ ^ ^ . ( ^^ ^ ^.^ ^.^ ^ 

rnal unit at UNC-Chapel Hill, on Magic Johnson's (l , ik , Uilv Vm hentm get ang this done, deadly serious. 

announcement that he is HIV positive 

Hardy Vieux, ASDU President, >>n the new resmic- 

turing proposal. 
How many times do wehave tohavea speak-out? Win 
can't you gel <f) youi benches and ualk Wfeei toheai 

what ice hare to say? Why can't you put down your hall / was Just frying ,,, stay alii e, sn I hi > m 1 
and bat and walk 30 feel tohearwhai wehave to say? chuiuc to stay still 

Trinity freshman Shay ar |effi ies to trarernirv 
members surrounding a BSA-ASA tolls 

Rodney King, testifying aboul In- M 

I e H ing 

Maya Angelou 

10,000 Maniacs 

Clinton Rally 

Inauguration Day 

Naomi Wolf 









^r ** ^^W 



4— 1 










l( -Eiqoijdouioij ^H^U o:i 

Take Back the Night 

I -^9 

- * w 


I /a [] 




They Might Be Giants 

Toad the Wet Sprocket 




Soul Asylum 

Reggae Jam 

Earth Day 

Jacob Holdt 

rhe Meeting 

Jesse Jackson 



1 J 

Hoof n' Horn 


Duke Drama 

Three Sisters 


tilt*** •«'.', 

\ v V » , tt 


Duke Dance 

Lunar New Year Festival 

Edward Kennedy 

Carlos Fuentes 

Mark Mathabane 

Leonard Jeffries 

Spin Doctors 


Tom DeLuca 


Myrtle Beach 

Women's Soccer 

Men's Soccer 

->.•»» i ■ 

4* /**#> 

~ X 

• s^ 

. " ^ -• ' 

t v', ^ 

I s 

I ikM m ||j 



> t 

Field Hockey 






! M 

9 \ % 

Women's Basketball 

■ Hi 


Men's Basketball 


Women's Tennis 

Men's Tennis 

+ * + + + W 


Track and Field 

Women's Golf 


Men's Golf 






19 9 2 


Record: 2-9 (ACC 0-8) 

Men f s Soccer: 

Record: 154-3 (ACC 3-24) 

Advanced to NCAA semi-finals 

Women's Soccer: 

Record: 17-5-2 (ACC l-2-l) Men's Swimming: 

Advanced to NCAA Championships Record: 3-9 (ACC 1-4) 

Field Hockey: 

Record: 13-7 (ACC 2-3) 
Advanced to 2nd round of NCAA 

All-ACC & Regional All-Americans: 

Mary Dye 

Laura Gentile 

Patti Stein 
ACC Rookie of the Year: 

Heather Moles 


Record: 5-9 (ACC 0-5) 


Women's Swimming: 

Record: 4-8 (ACC 1-4) 


Record: 26-5 (ACC 6-1, 1st) 
1st Team All-ACC: 

Amy Verhoeven 

Ashley Wacholder 
ACC Tournament MVP: 

Amy Verhoeven 
ACC Rookie of the Year: 

Cappy Meyer 

19 9 3 


Men's Tennis: 

Record: 24-5 (ACC 8-0, 1st) 
Advanced to NCAA semi-finals 


Women's Fencing: 

Record: 5-9 

vlen's Fencing: 

Record: 143 
Matt Andresen (4-time) 

/[en's Basketball: 

Record: 24-8 (ACC 10-6, 2nd) 
Advanced to 2nd round of NCAA 

Women's Tennis: 

Record: 21-2 (ACC 7-0, 1st) 


Record: 39-19-1 (ACC 11-13) 


Record: 9-5 (ACC 1-2) 
Matt Ogelsby 

Men's Golf: 

Placed 10th in NCAA Champion- 
Jason Widener (3 -time) 

Vomen's Basketball: 

Record: 12-15 (ACC 3-13, 9th) 

Women's Golf: 

1st, ACC Championships 



Study Abroad 

Id* afasi 









P h 

B e t 

Dewesh Agrawal, Jenny Carson Aker, Tiberio Richard Altonsi, James Justin Angelo, Vasilis Bahaliaros. 
Donna F. Baysinger, Zygmunt Ronald Bialkowski III, David Edwin Blacka, William Huit Blackmon. 
Mathew Brock, Elena Nicole Broder, Jason Andrew Burgess, Sarah Wells Caldwell, Stephen Michae! 
Cattaneo II, Leo C. Chen, Julie Michelle Cohen, Jennifer Kathleen Connor, Cathleen Elise Corbitt, Anne 
Elizabeth Croteau, Timothy E. Curley, Rahul Vinod Deshmukh, Tiffiny Leigh Diers, Helen Irene Dooley 
David Lawrence Elsberg, Christopher Joffre Gamard, Sarah Jane Gayer, Eric Mather Goldberg, Willian 
Bruce Goldsmith, Melinda Monaghan Good, John Miguel Guerrero, Leland Mark Gustafson, Mark L 
Haas, Valerie Nicole Hanft, Alexander John Hartemink, William Byron Harvey II, Emily J. Hauber 
Heather Lynn Heiman, Samuel Lyon Hendrix, Ryan Brooks Holifield, Kristi Ellen Jacobson, Jennifej 
Jewett, Nancy Lynn Johnson, Meredith Temple Joyner, John M. Kiang, Meggan Leigh Kinum, Michelk 
Anne Kisloff, Kathryn Klibanoff, Daniel Brian Kosove, Joshua David Kun, Verachai Lohavichan, Johrj 
Stephen Lutz, Jeffrey Michael Maher,Carolyn Syue McCracken, Gerald Francis Meek, Gretchen Ellerj 
Meyers, Neal Kenneth Moskowitz, C. Tyler Mulligan, Benjamin Alan Nemo, Minh-HaNguyen, Krista Fayij 
Olson, Lee M. Miller, Lee Dawn Parrish, Samantha Joan Pelosi, Audra Marie Plenys, David Jason Reiteij 
James Adelbert Renigar, James Fotios Rorer, Camille Danielle Samuels, Anthony Joel Sauvageau, Daniej 
Schlueter, Dean Paul Schuster, Melissa Diane Segal, Jennifer Selber, David Minsuk Seo, Andrea Hopj 
Shapiro, Barbara Lynn Shatz, Joseph Purser Smith III, Egwin Ling Feng Sung, Joan Chun-HwanTao,Jame 
Kenneth Thomas III, Victoria Cobbe Vandenberg, Jeffrey M. Vanderkam, Brian C. Walsh, Amy Laurei 
Weed, Brian David Weiss, Mark William Wilson, Edward Te-shen Wu, Allana Paige Yoelson, David Sung 
Hyun Yoo, Darren Edward Zinner 








v ^/ 




i % t f J . I f 

4 f ff t * I i ! |f | 


)indy Jill Adelman, David Justin Augustine, Kathleen Elizabeth Alhus, Kent Altsuler, Susannah Lane 
Lrwood, Lisa Meredith Bahiskin, Reva Bhatia, Franc Boltezar, Josheph Nicolas Bou-Saba, Joanna Helen 
uck, Richard E. Burket, Sonya Genell Carmical, Sheila Chuang, Lawrence Perley Cogswell III, David A. 
)eal Jr., Daniel David Dressier, Wetona Suzzane Eidson, Patrick Christopher Fragile, Maria C. Garci, 
Honne Renee Gonder, David Vincent Harhach II, Peter George Hartigan, Julie Heutel Hedenkamp, Jeffrey 
dan Hendrickson, Stephen Jon Hess, Donna Hoghooghi, Tobias Martin Hohl, Russell Kenneth Jackson, 
hilip Dean Kenneson, Michaela Ann Kirk, David Reed Kram, Nicole Lassiter, Brian F. Loss, Sarah Ruth 
lanning, Mary Carolyn Maycock, Todd Patrick McFarland, Winifred Ann Meeker, Elizabeth J. Misol, 
)ean F. Moyer, Pravene Alexander Nath, Gregory Michal Organ, Christine Monea Petry, Brian Alex 
ietrewicz, Ramon Robinson Plowden, Robert Lewis Plummer, William Stephen Poole, Emily Hope 
ortney, Sharon Celeste Posey, Alexandra Newlin Powell, Kristy Irene Price, Gregory Britton Reece, 
.obert Pearson Sanders, David William Sar, Shiva Sarraf, Kirsten Marguerite Schimpff, David Andrew 
chlesinger, Kate Louise Shapira, Sameer K. Sharma, Jennifer Robin Slimowitz, Shelby Haas Snyder, 
.obert Dahn Sullivan, Benjamin D. Terk, Gregory McKinley Underwood, Dade Geren VanDerWerf, 
)avid Stanley Wasik, Brett Lawrence Wasserlauf, Brent Thomas White, Charlotte Susan Wood, Stewart 
• Worrel, Torunn Ingrid Yock 

The Black Faculty Initiative 

Until thirty years ago, black students were denied 
admission to this University. Today, they make up about 
seven percent of the University population. Black students 
bring diversity and the African American experience to this 
campus, but Duke's commitment to offering all aspects of 
educational experiences has so far failed. One of the main 
reasons for this failure is that blacks are still greatly under- 
represented among Duke faculty. 

In 1985 efforts were begun by many students to 
pressure the University into hiring more black faculty. It 
wasn't until April 21, 1988, that the University passed an 
official document that mandated the hiring ot more black 
faculty in each department. The document's goal was to 
have one new faculty member in each university "hiring 
unit," by the fall of 1993. This would amount to fifty-six 
black faculty on campus. To date, nineteen new black 
faculty have been hired, but fourteen of the black professors 
that were here in 1988 have left, leaving us with only a gain 
of five. This is a serious problem that must be addressed. 

The Duke community as a whole fails to be diverse 
and well rounded when there is an obvious void of black and 
other minority professors, who bring a unique view to each 
subject. Duke has repeatedly promised its students a more 
diverse learning environment through its "Black Faculty 
Initiatives," and "Duke's Vision." Yet the learning environ- 
ment has not changed dramatically enough to fit the chang- 
ing world outside Duke's walls. Demographic changes 
mandate that we not only learn about other cultures, but also 
learn to interact with different cultures and ethnic groups to 
ensure success after graduation. Duke University is cheating 
its students by not providing the most diverse learning 
environment possible. Students are being denied the expo- 
sure necessary to excel in a world that has a population 
make-up much different from Duke's. It is necessary to 

examine Duke's commitment to diversity and find out wh 
its students continue to be cheated out of the diversity the 
were promised. 

As stated in the Academic Council's resolution, e 
department must provide documentation on its efforts to 
recruit black professors. Students must examine those 
documents and meet with the administration to clear up t|| 
many ambiguous statements within the actual resolution 

Without a clear understanding of what must be do 
and what steps will be taken if the resolution stipulations 
not met, the University will continue making excuses to 
avoid fulfilling its commitment. More promises on paper 
not acceptable. Rather, resources and mechanisms must 1 
put in place. The goal is to see the University hold to its 
commitment and set up each and every structure set forth I 
the initiative to aide in the process of hiring black faculty 
Accountability must also be made clear. An effective sys 
of checks and balances must be established so that respon 
sible parties can no longer shirk their responsibilities. 

It is important to note that the overall purpose of 
initiative is not to flood the campus with new black faces 
The intent of the resolution is to increase the overall qua 
of education here at Duke University by hiring more Qucltv 
Minority professors. 

Too often in the past, this problem has been ad- 
dressed but never resolved because the proposed steps we 1 
not followed through. This issue must be resolved once afl 
for all. The support of the entire Duke population is impjra- 
tive. As a community, we must see to it that the Univer V 
sets up the structure to ensure the successful completion 
the initiative. Duke University has made a commitmento 
hire more Black Faculty. This must become a reality. 

-BSA, 1992-1993 

Fear and Loathing 

Tim Lomperis is a white professor of political science 
at Duke University, the school from which he earned his 
Ph.D. A Vietnam veteran with a background in intelli- 
gence, he has published four books focusing on international 
relations and insurgencies. He is one of the highest rated 
undergraduate teachers at the University and the top-rated in 
his department. 

Darryl Roberts is an African-American professor in 
the same department. He also studies international conflict, 
focusing on the technology of war. He has received moderate 
marks for his teaching and has published no books to date. 

These two very different men need only look across 
the hall out their office doors to see each other. This year, 
they have had much to talk about, for despite their differ- 
ences, they have much in common. Both Lomperis and 
Roberts were denied tenure this year. Both claim that per- 
sonal biases played into their cases. Both have filed griev- 
ances with the University and are contemplating lawsuits. 

departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies, two "work 
class bullies" made a concerted effort to prevent Lomperis 
from gaining tenure. Shortly after Lomperis became a tenui|. 
track scholar, one professor allegedly told him "You don't 
belong here. You should leave." After writing an opinion- 1 
changing dissent on a faculty search committee, the chair o 
that committee allegedly told him, "1 don't believe in this 
democracy bullshit. You know that assistant professors whc 
make waves don't become associate professors." 

Dr. Peter Lange, a professor in the department said, 1 
find the language Ole used objectionable. I don't think 
anyone did anything to characterize them as a bully.. This 
was fundamentally an academic disagreement. Reasonable 
people can disagree with one another." 

Although Holsti has not named the "bullies" public 
he has been a chief defender o{ the embattled assistant 
professor. "No one deserves tenure more than Tom," Hoist 
said. "Sin >\v me another major university where an excelle 

"I thought this was an environment 

There are stark differences in their cases, but in both deci- 
sions one thing is clear: Politics, backstabbing, and the 
keeping of secrets currently pervade the Political Science 
Department of Duke University. 
Lomperis: Victim of a "Stalinist Purge?" 

When Dr. Timothy Lomperis first entered his office in 
Perkins Library, he heaved a heavy sigh of relief. He had 
recently left Louisiana State University, where he says the 
atmosphere in the Political Science Department was "so 
acrimonious that faculty would regularly scream and throw 
things at each other in the hall." Now, returning to Duke he 
felt, "like he had finally found a place where a scholar could 
work without rancor." 

Sitting in the same office almost eight years later, 
Lomperis weaves a tale literally oozing with rancor and 
deceit. "I've found that the problems [between faculty] are 
really much worse at Duke," he said. "At least people were 
open about it at LSU." 

Certain members of the Duke Political Science 
community are overt about their dislike of Lomperis. Ac- 
cording to a letter in Duke Magazine by Dr. Ole Holsti, 

professor with four well-received books would be denied 
tenure — there just isn't one." 

Lomperis concedes that he does not necessarily foil * 
the vogue in his field. He has two chief differences with 
many political scientists. 

"I'm a Vietnam veteran," he said. "I worked in the 
intelligence community. 1 make no apologies for it. Radicl 
souls find that horrifying. Some members of this departmtt 
rode to glory on an anti-war chariot and I took their sacrecj 
cows away from them. They couldn't go on making wild 
accusations about the war because they knew I'd be lookin 
over their shoulder." 

The second difference lies in the area of political II 
theory. Many contemporary scholars advocate an analytic! 
approach to political science. "It's not as if I'm ignorant oj» 
these rational actor theories as some people would have yci 
believe," Lomperis said. "I am very aware of them and rej^t 
them. I thought this was an environment where many vidi 
could be accepted." 

Student concern over this case prompted a flurry c 
letters to the Chronicle and legislation from ASDU suppot- 

in Political 


g Lomperis' struggle tor tenure. That legislation was passed 
i to the Board of Trustees by Damon Wilson, who is a 
udent representative on the Academic Affairs Committee 
the Board. In an unprecedented move, the Board broke 
am the order of business to discuss the issue. 

"The attitude was that they should defer to the aca- 
:mics on decisions like this," said Wilson. "Thomas 
mgord [the University Provost] made an impassioned 
eech about how the Trustees were overstepping their 
Hinds it they overturned the decision and none of them 
lew enough about it to argue with him." 

Lomperis' problems have gone outside the confines of 
e University. He alleges that a member of the department 
lied the University of Kentucky and made claims that 
iused him not to get a job there. 

"I wish I knew why they [opponents within the de- 
irtment] dislike me so intensely," he said. "I have to protect 
yself now... I don't know if they've stopped, because I can't 

scale, one of the lowest ratings in the department. "I am a 
good teacher," Roberts said. "I am not a great teacher. I 
never claimed to be." 

Although other tenured professors have similar 
ratings, what many see as Roberts' greatest liability is the fact 
that although he has written numerous journal articles, he 
has not published a book. He does have a manuscript that 
had been on contract with Duke Press for three years. The 
book was dropped shortly before his tenure vote. Although 
Duke Press Director Lawrence Malley "can unequivocally 
deny" that there was any impropriety in the process, Roberts 
claims that the book was dropped under pressure from mem- 
bers of the department. 

Roberts now intends to put his case in the hands of 
the Board of Trustees. When asked what he will do if it fails 
there, Roberts quietly said, "I'll sue." 

Although the Roberts case has not engendered the 
kind of adamant outcry that Lomperis' has, there has been 

Lere many views could be accepted." 

ie a job anywhere. It's a Stalinist purge to get me out of the 

isiness altogether." 

Roberts: "The Civil War has not had a sufficient impact" 

Darryl Roberts is only the second tenure-track Afri- 
n-American in the history of the Duke Political Science 
epartment, a department that currently has no black gradu- 
e students. Although he was hired in a "race search" to 
id minority candidates, he now cites institutional racism as 
principal reason for his tenure denial. 

The other reason he cites is an alleged personal bias 
i the part of former department chair Allan Kornberg. 
irnberg acted unethically, says Roberts, by serving as chair 
his tenure committee after the two had engaged in a 
"tancial deal that went sour. A faculty hearing committee 
led that such action was a "professional mistake." 

Roberts' case is made more difficult by the fact that 
ie decision to deny him tenure was unanimous. Although a 
imber of members of the department indicated moral 
pport, none would go so far as to say that he deserved 

Roberts' TCEB ratings in 1991 averaged 3.5 on a 1-5 

some support from student groups. Tim'm West, outgoing 
BSA President, said that some letter writing had been going 
on within his organization. "I think it's sad that things like 
this happen to discourage young blacks trom pursuing careers 
in academia." 

"The problem," said Roberts, "is that this department 
and this University are full of old men from another genera- 
tion who have never matured. Out ot 1 ,600 professors, only 
35 are black. The Civil War has not had a sufficient impact 
at Duke." 
Tallying the Score 

Whatever the outcome oi these two cases, "rancor" 
between members of the department abounds. The depart- 
ment is rife with infighting and bad blood. The question is 
not only whether or not the University will lose these two 
scholars, but also this: What kind of scholarship can take 
place in such an environment? 

by Michael Orren; Spring, 1993 

Professor Darryl Lamont Roberts 

denied tenure 1992-1993 

'Each generation must out of relative obscurity discover 

its mission in life and fulfill it or betray it. " 



Professor Tim Lomperis 

denied tenure 1992-1993 

'Duke is most dramatically its imposing buildings and glorious setting, 

but it is the people that stay with you. In these memories, 

I have been richly blessed. " 


Rick Roderick 

'Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. 

Professor Jan Riggsbee and son Jacob 

Program in Education 
"Celebrate the joys and wonders of childhood. " 

Jean O'Barr, MWF, 50, 63", not slim, gray/blue, Ph.D., Director of Women's Studies 
Program. 23 years feminist advocacy, still advocating. Loves students, learning, 
organizing, politics, family, friends, flowers. Hates arrogance, many customs, some rules. 
Values commitment and community. Seeks to grow more radical with age, in company 
of lifetime partner WMO. 

William O'Barr, MWM, 50, honest six-footer, mane long gone. Ph.D. Professor of 
Cultural Anthropology. Recent exotic destinations: Madison Ave. and Wall St. Avid 
runner/biker/gardener. Seeks continuities in relationships (including marriage) along 
with new experiences. Some favorites: great food, outdoor adventures, engaging 

Jane Tompkins 

Professor of English 
Stanley Fish 

Professor of English and Law 

'In Motorcycle Maintenance, you must rediscover what you do as you go. 
-Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 

William Reynolds Harris with his puppet Hector, 
Marearet Sartor, and Alex Harris 

Margaret and Alex are documentary photographers associated with the 
Center for Documentary Studies. Margaret is a lecturer in Public Policy 
Studies and Alex is a Professor of the Practice of Public Policy Studies. 

Elizabeth Mudimbe-Boyi 

Associate Professor of French 
Romance Studies Department 

"The first impulse of a transplanted population which is not sure of maintaining the old 
order of values in the transplanted locale is that of reversion. Reversion is the obsession 
with a single origin : one must not alter the state of being. (...) to diversion .(...) Diversion 
is not a useful ploy unless it is nourished by reversion: not a return to the longing for ori- 
gins, to some immutable state of Being, but a return to the point of entanglement, from 
which we were forcefully turned away; that is where we must ultimately put to work the 
forces of creolization, or perish. " 
-Edouard Glissant, Caribbean Discourse 

V. Y. Mudimbe 

R. F. Devarney Professor of Romance Studies, 
Professor of Comparative Literature and Cultural Anthropology 

Senol Utku 

Professor of Civil Engineering, 
Department of Computer Science 

Bisulay Utku 

Adjunct Associate Professor 
of Civil Engineering 

'Measure your success in life with what you contribute towards the well-being and diversity 
of the next generation . " 

Richard Hodel 

Associate Professor, 
Department of Mathematics 

'We are about to prove one of the great theorems of mathematics . 

Margaret Hodel 

Department of Mathematics 

'What about this series? Does it converge or diverge! 

Ariel Dorfman 

Research Professor of Literature and Latin American Studies 

"To you I lift this cup, here, on the stage, 

I, one voice, no more, in the vast theater. 

Against closed eyes, bitter lips. 

Against silence, which is slavery. " 

-Czeslaw Milosz 


"A woman's life can really be 
around some emotionally compelling situation or 


-submitted by her re- 

Professor Stiles' split-portrait testifies to her post- 
a concurrence not only between varied fields of study, 

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Dr. Frances White 

Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy 
"I hope my students enjoy the Primate Center as much as I do. " 

David Page 

Fine Arts Photographer 

"In 1 972 when I started working with students wishing to use photography as a means of 
expression, the Art Museum held an annual exhibit of student work in their north gallery. 
Photographs had to be exhibited in a separate (but equal?) gallery at the top of the stairwell, 

as photography was considered a lesser medium. The photographers secretly enjoyed the 

space, as all visitors to the second floor had to pass our exhibit. Twenty-one years later, the 

medium of Photography has been accepted and embraced. On the other hand, student art 

work, in general, is currently relegated to lesser and lesser gallery space. 

Win some-lose some." 

Barbara Buschman 

Housing Coordinator 

Barbara Buschman has been determining housing for Duke 

students for the last 25 years. She has spent a total of 51 years 

at Duke, including 4 as a student. 


Hanes House 

Decker Tower 

220 Alexander 

a 3sno H 


Jonah Hodge 

President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the first historically 
black fraternity to move to West Campus. 

Kendra Bankston 

Shari Green 

Karyn Couvillion (not pictured) 

Founding members ofTheta Beta Sigma, 
in April 9, J 992 as 8 women; presently 42 sisters. 

Some SPE's 

LaTarsha Russell: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Basileus 

Darriel M. Hoy: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., President 

Sharon D. Morgan: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Basileus 

Lori Woods 

inhel President 

fhotophtst 93 



13 ^ 

m O 

H O 


Lieutenant Samuel G. Williamson 

Lieutenant Scott C. Barber 

Lieutenant Michael S. Zummer 

Lieutenant Matthew C. Anderson 


The Marines I knew were about as ruthlessly bullheaded and foulmouthed a collection of juvenile 
delinquents and intellectual malcontents as could be assembled without cages, whips, and 

chains . " 
- James P. Steiba, Wall Street journal : December 16, 1986 

"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled or 

where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually 

in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly ; who 

errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, 

and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high 

achievement; and who, at the worst, if he fails at least fails while daring greatly so that his place 

shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. " 

-Teddy Roosevelt 


BSA President, 19924993 

"The human spirit is not one which finds contentment in containment 
but is one which will seek or create those spaces where all of its char- 
acteristics (namely the oppressor in each of us and the longing for 
love that we all need for survival) can be constructively critiqued and 
positively valued. In these spaces the liberated self is best able to 
transform hate into love, make friends out of enemies." 

Hardy Vieux 

Student Body President, 1992-1993 

"Men may grow weary and faint, they may stumble and fall; but 

those who look to the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount 

up on wings as eagles, they will run and not be weary, they will walk 

and never grow faint. " 

-Isaiah 40:30-31 

Kira Dale 


'Still waters run deep' 

Jenny Carroll 
Mindy Good 



"We can sit in our corners mute forever while our sisters and our selves 

are wasted. ..We can sit in our safe corners mute as bottles, and we 

will still be no less afraid. And I remind myself all the time now that if 

I were to have been born mute, or had maintained an oath of silence 

my whole life long for safety, I would still have suffered, and I would 

still die." 

- Audre Lorde 

"And this is why we can't give up. 

Kendrick Jahng 

Oscar Rodriguez 

Creators of Purgatory 

"Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? 
- The Joker 

The House of Id 

'A horse is a pig that don't fly straight' 
- Ice Cube 

And 1 may not know why 

But I know 


; ^x 

w-~ 1 $' " -i ft ■ 1 


1 ^/Y% 

ft J^M 1 



Abo Simpson 

Lisa Costantino 

Valerie Hillings 

Co-curators, SoHo at Duke 

"Welcome to your life 
there 's no turning back 
- Tears for Fears 

Sarah Baldwin 

'M)> name is Sarah, and I lived on the second floor' 

"And I have known the eyes already, known them all. 


Matt Andresen 


'After 4 years All- America, 5 Olympic Festivals, and three National Championships, 
I'm just relieved 1 was never Chronicle Athlete of the Week . " 

David Lauren 

Founder, Swing Magazine 

"I began Swing Magazine as my way to contribute to and improve 
our college environment. I dedicated three years of my life to unify- 
ing and electrifying our campus with something that was new and 
different. I was pleased to receive the accolades and following that 1 
did, but I was taken by the pessimism and negativity which I found 
amongst some of my fellow students. History has shown us that 
every novel idea has a critic and as students it might behoove us to 
remember this as we grow and are met by life's challenges. If David 
Lauren has a legacy, I hope that it is that we must believe in who we 
are and what we are doing. Only then can we inspire great ideas, 
progressiveness , and the integrity to nurture our individuality." 

Annabeth Gish & Jessica Balis 

Jess: "AB, are you smiling?" 
Annabeth: "Uh. . .yeah. Are you? ' 

Amy Vernick 
Lesley Berson (not pictured) 

Co-founders of Women's Selective Dorm on West Campus 

"It's time for a change." 

Catalina Marcela Boggio 


"A woman whose occupation is to spin participates in the whirling movement of 

creation. She who has chosen her Self, who defines her Self, by choice, neither in 

relation to children nor to men, who is Self -identified , is a Spinster, a whirling 

dervish, spinning in a new time/space." 

"Abstraction has to create a working space in which both the limits and the 

accomplishments of the past can be envisioned as expanding in a meaningful 

way under the pressure of our everday efforts . " 

-Frank Stella 


Professor of Art and Art History 

a succession of lives , each revolving 
challenge , and each marked off by some 
Duchess of Windsor 

search assistant, 


modern condition, the essence of an interdisciplinary lift 
but also between faculty and students. 

< Connect to page 153 

What I 'm saying is that the truth of ourselves is the root of 

our acting. 
-Sanford Meisner 

Chris Rico 

Chair, Major Attractions 

'The ideal listener, above all else, possesses the ability to lend 

himself to the power of the music. " 

-Aaron Copland 

Freewater Productions 

"They'll fix it in the lab. " 

Brian "Keykamaoakamalahia" Clise 

darling companion 

Johny Alias 

Chad "White trash" Dickerson 

Coffeehouse Attendants 

"These are some mo' jo' good cookies. All chewy and shit. " 
-John McClain, Drummer, Picasso Trigger, on tasting a Coffeehouse cookie 


Former Living Group 
'If confronted by a figure of authority , run away . If caught , lie . " 

Tim Robertson 


'Have a good time. . .all the time. 
-Viv Savage 

Sarah Dodds 
Christina Wang 

Co-Founders of Spectrum House, 
the first multi-cultural theme house on West Campus 

'Multi-cultural equality is not sameness. Therefore, we ought 

not to impose a unicultural perspective upon the diversity of 

persons who comprise the human family. " 

-Duke's Vision 

Mi Gente 

'Cuando caminamos con firmeza, dejamos pasos que el viento 
no puede borrar. " 

Melissa Dishop 

Hold Infinity in tht 

Jenny Frankenberger and Jackie Riggsbee 

Student Activist University Housekeeper 

Participants in the Partnership for Literacy program, 
winner of the 1993 Senior Class Gift 

"Most Americans have never seen the ignorance , degradation , hunger, 

sickness, and futility in which many other Americans live.. . They won't 

become involved in economic or political change until something brings 

the seriousness of the situation home to them . " 

-Shirley Chisholm 

Interns in Conscience 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, commited citizens can 

change the world. Indeed it's the only thing that ever has." 

-Margaret Mead 

Kent Altsuler 

Tre-School Teacher 
Ashury Pre-School 

Senior Class President 

'. . .and know they love you. 

Spokescouncil of the Environmental Alliance 

"Live happy and green. " 


p ^ 

^^lk / %l 

1 B^^^f 



gjt ^^K 


Publications Board 

Michelle Littlewood and Mike Orren 

Treasurer Chair 

"But on ;you will go 
though the weather be foul. 

On you will go 

though your enemies prowl. 

On you will go 

though the Hakken-Kraks howl. 

Onward up many a frightening creek , 

though your arms may get sore 

and your sneakers may leak. " 

-Dr. Seuss 

Oh, the Places You'll Go 

Jeffrey Domina 

a creative writer 

"just so. I am what I am. 

To look for reasons is beside the point. 

-Joan Didion 


Phil and Matt Harrel 


'I 'm the pitcher, he 's the catcher. I know what he wants me to throw even 
before he gives me the sign . " 

Natasha Mack and Michelle Rhone 


Tvfy lovely friend, how can I change towards you who are so beautiful? " 


FAC Board 

'It's Bulls season, do you know where your FAC's are: 

Cameron Crazies 

photographed in Cameron Indoor Stadium during the UNC game 

Heidi Mauger and Jen Lewis 

Captains of the 1992 NCAA Finalist Women's Soccer Team 

"We're so happy for the whole team because together we 
achieved virtually every goal. " 

> v 

mW 4a 


'Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Top 93 Things to do before you 

Graduate from Duke 

(aside from the basic 5) 

in no specific order... 

1 . drink all drinks on the Satisfactions 
drink list 

2. eat every dish at the Pits in one 

3. memorize the Hideaway closing song 

4. start a new Cameron cheer (please! ) 

5. go to the quarry 

6. win the national championship in 

7. impersonate a rich French banker 
and rush SAE's 

8. burn a bench 

9. spell Coach K's name correctly 

10. camp out for the UNC game 

11. get dissolved by the Undergraduate 
Judicial Board 

12. win the Chronicle prize for your 
academic nightmare 

13. eat southern barbecue 

14. go bar-hopping on Franklin Street 

15. eat at Steak 'n Egg after midnight 

16. have a picnic in the gardens 

17. bill long distance calls to Aces or 
Public Safety (it works) 

18. get a ROTC cut at Duke Barber 

19. call Domino's and Public Safety 
and see who arrives first 

20. go mudsliding and then eat at the 
Oak Room 

21. go running through the sprinklers 

on East at 4 in the morning 


22. take over WXDU and play top 40 

23. pull an all-nighter, or two or 

24- get charged for everything you buy 
at the CI 

25. try to explain to the Judi Board why 
you were found naked in a stolen 
East -West bus with 20 goats 

26. steal the SAE bench 

27. meet elevator inspector 
extraordinaire Don Eudy 

28. play chopsticks on the chapel 

29. put a huge nipple on top of Baldwin 

30. feed a quad squirrel 

3 1 . drop a slinky down Gross Chem 

32. hit on your fac-lets 

33. watch sunrise from top of Chapel 

34. dress up in a gorilla costume and 
attend Human Origins class 

35. dress up as a Domino's pizza deliv- 
erer to get in to the UNC game 

36. form a secret society 

37. pick a flower in the gardens and pay 
up $500 

38. eat at the Magnolia Room 

39. take the same classes as your scope 

40. try to get in a movie filmed on 

4 1 • do community service 

42. get hypnotized by Tom De Luca 

43. make a suggestion in one of the 

campus eateries 


44. hitch hike from East to West 

45. run the stadium steps 

46. go to an old Phi Kap party 

47. snag UNC's national Champion 

48. shoot a basket in Cameron 

49. lie out at the stadium 

50. bounce a super ball off the top of 
the Chapel 

5 1 . steal Pedro from South of the 

52. study at Ninth Street Bakery 

53. paint the bridge 
54- date someone 

55. use your Duke Card as a credit cart 
outside of Duke 

56. get a personal in or write a letter tt 
the Chronicle 

57. get through to ACES on the first 

58. find out someone else's PIN# anc 
re-register their courses 

59. get an English speaking TA 

60. christmas carrol in Perkin's during 

61. have dessert at Francesca's 

62. become a big brother/sister to a 
child in Durham 

63. go to Rocky Horror Picture Show 

on Halloween 
64- sneak into the Hideaway 

65. use a U-room tray to go sledding 

66. vote 

67. pick styrofoam out of your under 


wear after Mirecourt Ski Lodge 

play strip-I-never 

drink home-brewed beer from the 

French Quarter 

go to Kyoto's before a semi-formal 

hook-up on a friend's bed 

ride on a sand tricycle in Myrtle 

get breakfast at the U-room in a 


have dinner at a professor's house 

get on T.V. during a Duke basket 

ball game 

get on T.V. during a Duke football 

game (difficult, even for the team) 

see an a cappella concert 

take a ride with Scarlett 

go to a step show 

have sex sober 

throw food across the archway 

between the Pits and the CI 

blow off Mid-terms to go to 

Mardi Gras 

play on Rick Roderick's Softball 


go to Reggae Jam 

dress up for Bourbon St. 

say hi to someone you don't know 

get a brightleaf I.D. 

go to a Durham Bulls game 

play an I.M. sport 

do Project WILD or Project BUILD 

see Paul Jeffrey at Anotherthyme 

go to the NC State Fair 

graduate 223 


$ n p a 

i- * 


£ 0£L" 

Lonia F. Abbott 
ElspethN. Ablorh 
Walter D. Accles 
AriJ. Ackerman 
David B. Ackerman 
Pete J. Ackerman 

Gregory S. Acton 
Jennifer L. Adamiec 
Amelia Adams 
James M. Adams 
Laura L. Adcock 
Cindy J. Adelman 

Alexander S. Adkins 
Shilpa Agarwal 
Dewesh Agrawel 
Elizabeth J. Aheron 
Jenny C. Aker 
Christopher E. Albee 

Kathleen E. Albus 
Joeseph E. Aldy 
Anastasia M. Alexander 
Kirsten A. Alexander 
Melanee A. Alexander 
Robert W. Alexander 

Tiberio R. Alfonsi 
Jennifer Allan 
Kathleen M. Allen 
Amy M. Allshouse 
Angela Alsobrooks 
Kevin L. Alston 

Kent Altsuler 
Christine M. Amer 
Ramin Amir Arjomand 
Edward A. Amley 
Alyson L. Amonette 
Matthew C. Anderson 

Cristina Andre 
Edward C. Andrews 
Nichole R. Andrews 
James J. Angelo 
Katherine B. Angelo 
Emily S. Angerer 

Jeffrey P. Anton 
Rudolph A. Antoncic 
Matthew A. Anzaldi 
Edith E. Arensman 
Wendy G. Arrington 
Daniel R. Asch 



Elizabeth K. Ashley 

Katherine M. Ast 

Jennifer V. Atler 

Nicolas Auhert 

liam T. Auchincloss 
James T. Auman 

Ashley E. Austin 

Elizabeth M. Ayers 

Luke M. Babcock 

Lisa M. Babiskin 

Anna W. Bacon 

Michael D. Bailey 

Theodore C. Bailey 
Allison C. Bain 
Eunice M. Baird 
Pamela M. Bayo 
Elizabeth R. Baker 
Karen D. Baker 

Rutland R. Baker 

Rupinder S. Bal 

Sarah J. Baldwin 

Jessica A. Balis 

Filip Banovac 

Kavita Bansal 

Mary W. Barber 

Scott C. Barber 

Kristy L. Barnes 

RolfN. Barth 

Michele M. Barwell 

Sridevi V. Basavaraju 

Charles W. Bass 

Timothy C. Bass 

William S. Bass 

Julie L. Bassett 

Robert L. Bassett 

Susan P. Bate 

Valerie L. Bauerlein 

William G. Beamer 

Ashley J. Beasley 

Jameson A. Bechtold 

Bethann J. Beck 

Christian L. Beck 

Douglas S. Beck 

Joseph H. Becker 

Suzanne R. Begnoche 

Ajay Behari 

Annalisa G. Behling 

Jason B. Bell 




Rae Jean E. Bell 
Samuel R. Bell 
Tracy E. Bell 
Sashi K. Bellam 
Shannon E. Belveal 
Douglas S. Belvin 

Aaron R. Benay 
Julie C. Benda 
Erik S. Benson 
James P. Benton 
Scott A. Berdan 
Evan R. Berg 

Tracy M. Bermont 
Maurice V. Berns 
Pamela M. Berkowitz 
Erica R. Berry 
Karen L. Bernstein 
Allison R. Best 

Margaret M. Best 
Mary A. Bethel 
Lara L. Bethke 
Ann Betterton 
David J. Bettman 
Erica K. Beyer 

Reva Bhatia 
Anjali Bhatt 
Zygmunt R. Bialkowski 
Linda Bianchi 
Mark C. Bieniarz 
Jessica L. Bier 

Elizabeth L. Biffl 
Kristen H. Bigelow 
Alan J. Birney 
Angelique P. Blackwel 
Thurman M. Blake 
William R. Blank 

Caroline B. Blitzer 
Barbara H. Bodenstein 
Catalina M. Boggio 
Maike L. Bokkers 
Michele M. Bolzan 
Edward A. Bond 

Patricia A. Booth 
Joseph Bou-saba 
Anita R. Bowles 
Neeraja Boyapati 
Andrea L. Boyd 
Margaret-Sarah Boyd 


David G. Brackett 
Scott M. Bradfield 
Richard C. Bradley 

Sonia M. Braithwaite 
Laura M. Brannen 

William B. Breedlove 

Timothy B. Breen 
Matthew Breuer 
George D. Brickhouse 
Jason A. Bridges 
Donna M. Brock 
Elena N. Broder 

Laura M. Broderick 

Douglas S. Brown 

Forrest B. Brown 

Susan I. Brown 

William R. Brown 

Yolanda T. Brown 

Rene E. Browne 

Douglas E. Brunt 

Joanna H. Buck 

Sheron T. Buckland 

Catherine E. Bucks 

Scott R. Burba 

David F. Burch 

Heidi M. Buretta 

Jason A. Burgess 

Meredith A. Burke 

Jeffery D. Burkland 

Charles G. Burns 

Heather G. Burns 

Laura M. Burns 

Jason S. Burr 

Jason T. Burroughs 

Dina H. Busch 

Andrew T. Busey 

Seth Bush 

Alexious M. Butler 

Kwanza R. Butler 

Jennifer E. Byrne 

David W. Cahill 

Jill J. Calahan 

Sarah W. Caldwell 

Patti A. Calkosz 

John F. Callender 

Esther J. Calzada 

Barbara M. Caminos 

Catherine M. Canaday 



Florinda C. Canazares 
Christine E. Cannavo 
Wade M. Canter 
Christopher H. Carey 
Sonya G. Carmical 
Gayden L. Carr 

Stefanie M. Carr 
Jenny E. Carroll 
Sean T. Carson 
William L. Carson 
Bill Carter 
Marcus A. Casal 

Bradley J. Casolo 
Adam W. Cates 
Stephen M. Cattaneo II 
Kimherly A. Cayce 
Kristin M. Celona 
Paula M. Chaiken 

Christina M. Chan 
Esther Y. Chan 
Elizabeth L. Chandler 
David P. Chang 
Linie Y. Chang 
Ruth S. Chang 

Arlo M. Chase 
Eric D. Chason 
Herlene Chatha 
Stephen M. Chen 
Kendra M. Chencus 
Sang H. Chin 

Adam P. Chodikoff 
Danielle E. Christie 
Sheila Chuang 
Emil T. Chuck 
Donald D. Chung 
Mark H. Churchill 

Jason E. Claire 
James D. Clark 
Bryan R. Clarke 
Jose D. Clay-Flores 
Tamara E. Cleveland 
Rebecca N. Clifton 

Laura E. Cochrane 
Erica D. Cofield 
Jared S. Cohen 
Julie M. Cohen 
Milondra B. Coleman 
Robert S. Collins 


Krustin L. Collister 

Marty P. Combs 

Aliki T. Compos 

April D. Conner 

Caitlin A. Connolly 

Jennifer K. Connor 

Teresa A. Connors 

Aidan K. Conti 

Laura L. Cook 

Barry C. Coplin 

Kevin C. Cops 

Kelly M. Corbett 

CristinN. Corless 

Gabrielle J. Cornwall 

Jennifer L. Cosme 

Helen E. Costantino 

Worth B. Cotton 

Allison A. Cowett 

William P. Cox 

John B. Cramer 

Mary Alice Crespo 

Lisa G. Criscione 

Cameron J. Crise 

Anne E. Croteau 

Alice A. Crowder 
Scott L. Crutchfield 
Anthony J. Culotta 

Timothy S. Curry 

Colin K. Curvey 

Randy A. Cuthbert 

Scott C. Dacko 

Sara E. Dailey 

Mina B. Damani 

Ruth C. Damaso 

Kyra R. Darnton 

Neil A. Das Gupta 

Natalie A. Daub 

Patricia L. Daughtry 

Tanyiki M. Davenport 

Scott I. Davidoff 

Jonathan S. Davidson 

Christopher J. Davis 

Lisa M. Davis 

Scott J. Davis 

Shelley C. Davis 

Michael L. Davitt 

Jennifer L. Dawes 

David A. Deal Jr. 






^ W 


Robert A. Dean 
Anahita Deboo 
Todd R. Decker 
Britta S. Dagenshein 
Alberto J. Delgado 
Lisa K. Demik 

Buckley K. Dempsey 
Jennifer L. Dennis 
Rahul V. Deshmukh 
Isaac Deutsch 
Gerald C. Dey 
Blayne C. Diacont 

Ena T. Diaz 
Stephen C. Dickey 
Marjorie J. Dickman 
Megan K. Dishop 
Melissa A. Dishop 
Teri J. Dobbins 

Kendra T. Dockery 
Wendy L. Dodson 
Kirsten J. Doig 
Ian C. Doiron 
Jeffrey C. Domina 
Mark M. Donahue 

Heidi K. Donaldson 
Denise Dragoni 
Vanessa A. Drake-Johnson 
Daniel D. Dressier 
Andrew Droney 
Matthew B. Dubin 

Edward K. Dubose 
Andrea E. Duncan 
James E. Duncan 
Tanara M. Duncan 
Delicia J. Dunham 
Ridgely B. Dupont 

Pete H. Dosik 
Kathleen Dwyer 
Marc L. D'Silva 
Kirk M. Easton 
Charles R. Eaton 
Christopher L. Ede 

Krista L. Edlund 
Christy M. Edwards 
Derek W. Edwards 
David M. Egan 
Erin E. Ehlert 
Wetona S. Eidon 


Scott B. Ellis 

Allison C. English 

Aaron J. Enrico 

Thomas S. Eppinger 

Hillary J. Epstein 

Jennifer D. Epstein 

Nadine S. Etienne 

Julie A. Exum 

Sean P. Fahey 

Louis A. Falvo 

Scott A. Fargher 

John A. Farrington 

Lisa S. Farrington 

Sharyn F. Feinbloom 

Jeffrey R. Feldstein 

Catherine A. Fellows 

Chet M. Fenster 

April L. Fields 

Ronald C. Fiore 

Gillian L. Fischback 

Lisa A. Fischer 

Scott V. Fisher 

Julie A. Fishman 

Gahriella Fitzgerald 

Hugh S. Fitzpatrick 

Christina Flood 

Kirsten M. Fondren 

Reed N. Fountain 

James F. Fox 

Daniel W. Foy 

Patrick C. Fragile 

Jenny L. Frankenberger 

Bevin E. Franks 

Christian S. Frant: 

Stephanie L. Freese 

Erin L. Freund 

Ronald S. Friedman 

Sarah L. Friend 

Angela J. Frith 

Adam T. Frost 

Elizabeth G. Frost 

Yolanda E. Fuller 

Eleanor R. Fuqua 

Lee Ann Furrow 

Anne S. Gallagher 

Leroy W. Gallman 

Vishnu P. Gangadharan 

Beatriz M. Garcia 

f? C? ^ 



Rachana V. Garde 
Geoff B. Gardner 
Randy J. Gardner 
Robert B. Garner 
Julie L. Garrison 
Jason R. Garverich 

Christine E. Gauld 
Rohin R. Gault 
James D. Gay 
Sarah J. Gayer 
Robin P. Gehris 
Derek E. George 

Matthew R. Gephardt 
Dana S. Ger 
Gabriela S. Gergely 
Christopher G. Gergen 
Ronald J. Gerstle 
Elizabeth A. Gerwe 

Swarna Ghanta 
Norissa E. Giangola 
Randall R. Gibeau 
Jeffrey M. Gibson 
Matthew Q. Giffuni 
Corinna C. Gilfillan 

Brian H. Gilpin 
Karen M. Ginsberg 
Neil A. Giordano 
Craig J. Girvan 
Anne E. Gish 
Stacy J. Glass 

Deidre M. Glasser 
Ronna S. Glick 
Eric M. Goldberg 
Alexandra E. Goldsmith 
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Oliver M. Goldstein 

Anna M. Gonzaga 
Melinda M. Good 
Jennifer S. Goodman 
Catrina Y. Goodwin 
Gene I. Gorman 
Jonathan S. Gowdy 

David C. Grabowski 
Geary J. Graham 
Ame K. Graitcer 
Eric L. Grant 
Frank T. Grassi 
Brett I. Gratz 


Roger E. Gravlin 

G. Jason Greenberg 

Amanda Green 

Katherine L. Green 

Adam M. Greene 

Cynthia M. Greene 

Kevin K. Greenslade 

Jason Y. Greenwald 

John H. Gregory 

Laura F. Greiner 

Katja C. Grier 

Gregory J. Griffith 

Sarah E. Griffiths 

David M. Grigg 

Robin A. Grimes 

David E. Grogan 

Jeffrey S. Gross 

Alyssa M. Gsell 

Cristina M. Guardiola 

Katherine K. 


Brian D. Guehring 

Michael L. Guhl 

Shonnese D. Guion 

Jodi L. Gumson 

Michael R. Gustafson 

Andrea R. Guthrie 

Victor L. Ha 

Eric J. Haag 

Alfred M. Haas 

Joseph H. Hadley 

Brack W. Hale 

Clover L. Hale 

Anders W. Hall 

David P. Hall 

Jeffrey B. Hall 

Scott D. Hall 

Jocelyn A. Hamilton 

Wendy A. Hamilton 

Robert M. Hammock 

Jacquelin R. Hampton 

JohnN. Hanches 

Lesley E. Hanchrow 

Jeff H.Hancock 
Lauren B. Hander 
Valerie N. Hanft 
Mary L. Hannah 
Jordan B. Hansell 
David B. Harbach 


t^ €% f% £5 






Anne C. Hardick 
Edward M. Hardin 
Tracey A. Hardin 
Charles S. Hargrove 
Kathryn E. Harllee 
John V. Harmon 

Kyle C. Harner 
Thomas L. Harper 
John D. Harrah Jr. 
Matthew P. Harrell 
Philip J. Harrell 
Ann E. Harrington 

Mark W. Harrington 
Jacqueline A. Harris 
Michelle L. Harris 
Robbyn L. Harris 
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Michael J. Harrison 

Thomas G. Harrison 
Peter G. Hartigan 
Ann M. Hartung 
Thomas W. Hash 
Emily J. Hauher 
Peter T. Haughton 

Kimherly A. Haynes 
Mustafa M. Haziq 
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James J. Hegarty 
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Sara E. Helfrich 
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Patricia G. Hendren 

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H.P. Hess Jr. 
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Margaret H. Hill 


Courtney A. Hillegas 

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Johanna K. Hunston 

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Holly N. Iglehart 
Liana K. Ingersoll 
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Amy V. Isenberg 
Dartaganan L. Jackson 

Doniel L. Jackson 

Jeffrey C. Jackson 

Jennifer Jackson 

Ted K. Jackson 

Jennifer L. Jacobsen 

Kristi E. Jacobson 



I vfttonIL 

Kendrick K. Jahng 
Doug A. Janette 
Joanna Jann 
Silvia Jansen 
Rima J. Jarrah 
John C. Jaye 

Robert C. Jenkins 
Tiffany Jerome 
Jennifer Jewett 
Mi-Yeoung Jo 
Young M. Jo 
Julie B. Joftus 

Katherine E. Johnson 
Mary Suzanne Johnson 
Michael W. Johnson 
Nancy L. Johnson 
Nicole S. Johnson 
Alphonso Johnson Jr. 

James F. Johnston 
Shannon S. Joines 
Christopher A. Jones 
Christopher H. Jones 
Matthew B. Jones 
William F. Jones 

George W. Jordan 
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Julie A. Juengling 

Tiffany M. Jurgens 
Pamela A. Jutte 
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Andrew S. Kaminsky 

Doug B. Kandt 
Madan N. Kandula 
Kimberlee A. Kane- 
Sang J. Kang 
Chivi T. Kapungu 
Josh D. Karas 

Sean M. Karp 
Jill L. Karpa 
Anjali Kataria 
Kelly M. Kattman 
Deborah J. Katz 
David O. Kaz 


Emily L Kazaks 
Derek D. Kaznoski 
Matthew T. Keadey 
Sosena Kebede 
Aaron J. Keith 
Susan V. Keith 

Micaela A. Kelley 

Kristin Kelly 

Melissa G. Kelman 

Nicole L. Kenney 

Erin B. Kenny 

Bradley C. Keoun 

Hannah E. Kerby 

John Kiang 

Megan S. Kilbreath 

Matthew A. Kilgore 

Jennifer E. Killam 

Christine Y. Kim 

Eun-Sook Kim 

Julie S. Kim 

Preston Y. Kim 

Kevin B. King 

Leidene C. King 

Reginald G. King 

Meggan L. Kinum 
Michael H. Kinzer 
Charlene Y. Kirby 
Michaela A. Kirk 
Melissa M. Kirkman 
David G. Kirsch 

Michelle A. Kisloff 

Nelson C. Klaus 

Rachel A. Kleinberg 

Stacy N. Kleiner 

Max A. Kleinman 

Ian D. Klein 

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Frank H. Koch Jr. 

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Tara G. Koppel 

Erica S. Kornblau 

Suzanne T. Korostoff 

Karl W. Kottke 

Lisa A. Kouri 

Michael L. Krachon 

David R. Kram 

Kama Kramer 

Jennifer A. Kraynak 



r ma 

Beth C. Krodel 
Matthew G. Kropf 
Geoffrey R. Krouse 
Paul D. Krushelnycky 
Jennifer Krzyminski 
Tracy L Kuczac 

Matthew L. Kuiper 
Devendra T. Kumar 
J ash D. Kun 
Amy C. Kunstling 
Suzanne G. Kurad 
Craig A. Kurland 

Sharon Kushner 
Derek B. Lachman 
Tonya L. Lacy 
Jennifer L. Ladd 
Georgine M. Lamvu 
Shannon F. Landry 

Caroline W. Lanier 
Dustin Lanier 
Armond M. Lapine 
Alissa B. Lash 
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David R. Lauren 

Christopher Lawrence 
Maria G. Lawrence 
Peter J. Laz 
Matthew P. Lazarus 
Charles J. Lee 
Dorothy E. Lee 

Jennifer Lee 
Michele J. Lee 
Wilson Y. Lee 
Mark B. Lefevre 
Alexandra B. Lehr 
Mollie Leib 

Catherine R. Leining 
Peter A. Lemieux 
Nancy A. Lengers 
Robert Lenkowicz 
Brent E. Lenz 
Kathryn O. Leonard 

Michael A. Lesick 
Julie A. Levey 
Joshua D. Levine 
Magdelena A. 
Elizabeth A. Lewis 
Jennifer L. Lewis 


Jenny H. Liang 

Eric C. Lim 

Sylvia S. Lin 

Douglas J. Lindquist 

Jeffrey Lippman 

Gregory P. Lissy 

Douglas W. Lito 

Mark A. Livingston 

Theresa M. Lloyd 

Darlene A. Lobel 

Leonard Locastro 

Jonathan R. Locklear 

Rickard C. Loftman 
Kevin M. Loftus 
Joseph M. Loong 
Jeffrey K. Lopez 
David P. Lorenz 
Martin A. Loser 

Dan H. Loughlin 

William G. Loventhal IV 

Matthew N. Lovern 

Chris W. Lucius 

Laura L. Lucke 

George W. Luckhardt 

Kelly A. Luongo 

Wendy R. Lyda 

Kevin M. Lyman 

Robert J. MacKenna 

Kathryn A. Mack 

Natasha Mack 

Brian E. Mackay 

Angus D. Madden 

Jonathan S. Maggio 

Laura L. Magistro 

Jeffrey M. Maher 

Christine M. Mahler 

Alison A. Malawer 

Lisa J. Maiden 

Kristin Malone 

Jody M. Maney 

Jill A. Manning 

Sarah R. Manning 

James C. Mannino 

Heather R. Manry 

Kimberly S. Mantooth 

Barbra L. Marcus 

Brian P. Marger 

Scott R. Marion 

L Q£T* 


i miy y* 


1* &£ 

Spiro J. Maroulis 
Melissa J. Marshall 
Elizabeth W. Martin 
Janeice T. Martin 
Clair E. Mason 
Heidi A. Mauger 

Kathleen A. May 
Mary C. Maycock 
William D. Mayer 
Alexandra L. Maynard 
David K. Maynard 
Christopher L. McAllister 

John F. McCaffrey 
Tess M. McCann 
Monica McClain 
Stephen P. McConnell 
Kathi L. McCracken 
Seth P. McCulloch 

Dana M. McDonald 
James A. McDonald 
Duston K. McFaul 
David M. Mcintosh 
Stephen C. Mcintosh 
Michael G. Mclntyre 

Heather H. McKaig 
Karen M. McKaig 
Janet D. McKay 
Caray S. McKearnan 
Michael McKinney 
Jackie A. McKisson 

Rodney D. McLamh 
Dennis T. McLaughlin 
Ian K. McLeod 
Lorraine M. McRae 
Winifred A. Meeker 
Kevin G. Meeks 

Catherine A. Melnicki 
Patrick J. Melnik 
Jane E. Mendez 
Julia L. Mendez 
Kelly J. Merical 
Ann L. Mermelstein 

Jacq H. Merrick 
Alsion C. Meyer 
Jennifer L. Meyer 
Peter V. Meyer 
Joseph S. Miles 
Lee M. Miller 


Christopher B. Millner 

Nancy I. Minis 

John T. Miranowski 

Kimberly D. Mirsky 

Melinda S. Mische 

Elizabeth J. Misol 

Scott C. Mitzner 

Jay A. Moller 

Meg A. Monahan 

Brandon C. Moore 

Eric S. Moore 

Heather K. Moore 

Jennifer L. Moore 

Richard Moore 

Steven D. Moore 

Walter H. Moore 

Lew J. Moorman 

Eduardo L. Morell 

Adam D. Morenoff 

Jason A. Moret 

{Catherine E. Morgan 

Houy E. Morris 

Lawrence E. Mortenson 

Neal K. Moscowitz 

Gloria Msheila 

Rama krismna Mukkamala 

Robert A. Mullane 

C. Tyler Mulligan 

Lee S. Murnick 

Bryant A. Murphy 

Sean P. Murphy 
Amy E. Murrell 

James E. Myers 
Mason L. Myers 

Jennifer J. Nail 
Gina G. Nam 

Mark O. Nasoni 

Pravene A. Nath 

Amber E. Nattin 

Tracy Nayer 

Marife Nazario 

Jason W. Near 

Matthew C. Needes 

Margo R. Needleman 

John-Phillip M. Neill 

Brett A. Nelson 

Julie E. Nelson 

Mark E. Nelson 

k A :*i 


I Benjamin E. Nemo 

I Marie-Laure Nevoret 
Amy K. Newkirk 
Adam J. Newman 
Joseph A. Newsome 

Bradford B. Newton 
Hung-Anh B. Nguyen 
Minh-Ha Nguyen 
Henry R. Nickel 
David M. Nickum 
Cheryl D. Niehaus 

Andrea L. Nix 
Susanne L. Nobles 
Shannon D. Norris 
Mark A. Nugent 
Erin L. O'Donnell 
Erik N. Obere 

a A. Oberoi 
Susan M. Ochs 
Jonathan G. Odom 
Erin L. Olivo 
Adam D. Olmsted 

Krista F. Olson 
Stirling E. Olson 
Kevin P. O'Neill 
Anthony A. Onorato 
Jeff J. Opperman 
Christopher J. OReill 

Gregory M. Organ 
Sean P. O'Brien 
Graham A. Orriss 
Sean M. Oser 
Patricia Ospina 
James M. Ottley 

Walter W. Overby 
Mark Pafumi 
Natalie A. Pages 
Abraham D. Palmer 
Adam D. Palmer 
nifer L. Palmer 

Malcolm E. Palmer 
Anthony V. Pantin; 
Michael A. Papazog 
Elaine T. Pappas 
William Pappas 
AH S. Parekh 


Mark A. Paresky 

Dena L. Paris 

Debra M. Parisi 

Andy Park 

John S. Parker 

Joseph C. Parker 

Sarah G. Parker 

Lee D. Parrish 

Mark A. Parrish 

Pratik H. Patel 

Penelope A. Patterson 

Gregory M. Paul 

Travis R. Pearson 
Rachel A. Peavyhouse 
Aaron T. Pellman 
Samantha J. Pelosi 
William B. Peltier 
Jeannette C. Pena 

David M. Pennock 

Colin D. Pennycooke 

Garrett J. Pensell 

Robyn A. Perelman 

Edna E. Perez 

Mark C. Perreault 

Dorothy E. Perry 

Miranda Perry 

Charles A. Peterson 

James B. Peterson 

Christine M. Petry 

Robert S. Phang 

Christopher B. Phillips 

George C. Phillips 

Elizabeth A. Pickett 

Brian A. Pietrewicz 

Dori A. Pietrowicz 

Mary R. Pickens 

Deborah F. Pilkey 

Candice Pinchart 

Ngai L. Pindell 

Louis V. Pinkham 

Erna A. Pinnex 

Michael J. Pishvaian 

Christopher T. Pitman 

Kimberly D. Pittman 

Lonnie M. Player 

Ramon R. Plowden 

Robert L. Plummer 

Marizelle Poblete 

HS21A ? 




Sean B. Pocock 
Scott K. Pohlman 
Jeffrey A. Poley 
Thanai Pongdee 
William S. Poole 
Emily H. Portney 

Sharon C. Posey 
Alexandra N. Powell 
Vibhav N. Prasad 
Kristy I. Price 
Kamala L. Prince 
Stephen E. Prince 

Laura S. Prochnow 
Joseph E. Proud 
Wendy C. Purtle 
Amy D. Quinn 
Karl Radke 
Africa T. Ragland 

Nancy D. Ragland 
Chet S. Ranawat 
Viji L. Rangaswami 
Sherri L. Rankin 
Veena M. Rao 
Stephani L. Ratkin 

Amy L. Rawl 
Jason I. Ray man 
Selwyn A. Rayzor 
Randall M. Raziano 
Brian S. Reale 
Gregory B. Reece 

Kara D. Reed 
Kerrie M. Reed 
Donna C. Reefe 
Gordon R. Reeves 
David J. Reiter 
Charles A. Rempel 

James A. Renigar 
Adam P. Resnick 
Nancy L. Reynolds 
Maria C. Rhee 
Richard T. Rhee 
Paul S. Rhim 

Anne G. Rhodes 
Jennifer E. Rhodes 
Michelle M. Rhone 
Sahrina E. Ricci 
Brooks A. Richardson 
Michael Q. Richardson 


Thais L. Richardson 

Merritt C. Richmond 

Eric R. Richter 

Mark T. Rickling 

Chris E. Rico 

Kristin A. Riekert 

Amy J. Riess 

Julie M. Riewe 

Marcus R. Ringheim 

Andrew W. Ritter 

Michael H. Robbins 

Danielle M. Robinson 

Lara C. Robinson 

Elizabeth M. Rockwell 

John P. Rodgers 

Liza M. Rodriguez 

Oscar E. Rodriguez 

Meredith R. Rolfe 

Jamie T. Rollins 

William L. Rollins 

Jodi A. Rosenbleet 

Jeffrey A. Rosenkrantz 

Debra L. Rosenthal 

Andrea J. Ross 

Matthew L. Rotando 

Beth A. Rotman 

Whitney N. Royster 

Melissa C. Ruby 

Andrea C. Rudolph 

Kerry K. Rupp 

Emma V. Russell 

Kent G. Rutter 

Michael K. Ryan 

Sarah C. Ryan 

Nicole M. Sabine 

Marcus S. Sacks 

Deborah J. Sager 
Cynthia L. Saiter 

Ernesto Salcedo 

Jessica Salzberg 

Jennifer E. Salzer 

Jason R. Samose 

Jason M. Sample 
Cami D. Samuels 
Eve A. Samuels 
Jason D. Sanders 
Regina C. Sanders 
Robert L. Sanders 





\& 1 V 


Robert P. Sanders 
Thomas J. Sandora 
Michael Sapienza 
David W. Sar 
Michele Saracino 
Michael C. Sardone 

Elizabeth B. Sasser 
Shawn P. Saunders 
Todd A. Sawicki 
Michael N. Schafer 
Joesph E. Schafstall 
William J. Scheessele 

Kirsten M. Schimpff 
Philip M. Schlakman 
David A. Schlesinger 
Daniel H. Schlueter 
Erik W. Schmidt 
Justine M. Schmidt 

James M. Schmidt 
Scott R. Schoenlebe 
Tony M. Schopen 
Hillary J. Schubach 
Scott A. Schube 
Todd S. Schulman 

Jason M. Schult: 
Gregor W. Schuurman 
David J. Schwartz 
Mindy L. Schwartz 
Ann M. Scott 
Laura M. Scott 

Michael L. Scott 
Suzann W. Scott 
Richard T. Scrugham 
Justin P. Seamonds 
Stacy A. Seawright 
Melissa Segal 

Henry E. Seibert 
Nancy E. Seigle 
Taras M. Semchyshyn 
Robert L. Sent 
Richard S. Senzel 
David M. Seo 

Cheryl E. Seward 
Franz S. Sewchand 
Stephen L. Sgan 
Moorari K. Shah 
Homa Shahnawaz 
Leah C. Shahum 


Kate L. Shapira 

Sameer K. Sharma 

Barbara L. Shatz 

Jennifer L. Sheffield 

Harriet J. Shelley 

Lesli L. Sheppard 

Halle R. Shilling 

Matthew Schulman 

Marc J. Siegal 

Steven A. Siegal 

Bennett T. Siew 

Marc R. Silherman 

Scott E. Silver 

Vanessa A. Simmons 

Daniel R. Simon 

Jonathan Simon 

Julie R. Simon 

Ershela L. Sims 

Rita K. Singh 

Alexander P. Skarulis 

Jeffrey T. Skinner 

Matthew P. Slaven 

Jennifer R. Slimowitz 

Christopher W. Smith 

Geoffrey L. Smith 

Susan A. Smith 

Tyrone C. Smith 

Julie E. Snell 

Shelby H. Snyder 

Paul E. Solomon 

Mee A. Song 

Chris S. Sorenson 

Kimberly J. Soucy 

Darren R. Spedale 

DarrellJ. Spells 

Rebecca Stager 

Renae M. Stahl 
Marc K. S tames 

Hans P. Steege 

Matt V. Steffora 

Patricia K. Stein 

Ilka L. Stepan 

Alice L. Steuby 

Tracy M. Stevenson 

Janine C. Steyn 

Erin E. Stiles 

Christy D. Still 

Karen B. Stilwell 

Akfcifi Attain 




Sandra A. St. Laurent 
Amy E. St. Oakley 
Hilary F. Stockdon 
Brennen W. Stollfus 
Brian Stone Jr. 
John L. Stout 

Roger W. Strickland 
Traci L. Stroupe 
David Suh 
David J. Sullivan 
Robert D. Sullivan 
Joshua N. Sun 

Burton M. Sundin 
Egwin L. Sung 
Alicia M. Sutherland 
Regina C. Sutton 
Barry W. Svrluga 
Doris R. Swann 

Derek M. Sweeney 
Stacey L. Swiantek 
Robert C. Swinson 
Angela H. Swyers 
Petra L. Symister 
Timothy E. Symons 

Samir M. Tamer 
Shirlee W. Tan 
Mami Taniuchi 
Stacey J. Tannenbaur 
Joan C. Tao 
Anne L. Taylor 

Cathy L. taylor 
Joshua D. Taylor 
Amie L. Tedeschi 
Paul S. Teller 
Joshua D. Tepper 
Ben D. Terk 

Jon R. Tervo 
Sonal N. Tejani 
Grace M. Thomas 
Heather J. Thomas 
Patrick B. Thomas 
Robert P. Thomas 

Scott C. Thomas 
Celena L. Thompson 
Kristen M. Thompson 
Nicole L. Thompson 
Kenneth D. Thomson 
Sony a A. Thorpe 


Adrianne G. Threatt 

Christopher J . Todd 

Carrie L. Toler 

David C. Tong 

Kim L. Toro 

Beth K. Toussaint 

Chris R. Travers 

Kory A. Tray 

Erin N. Treschuk 

Andrew R. Trickey 

Neal F. Triplett 

Alissa W. Trollinger 

Jeffrey J. Tsai 

James R. Tully 

Lisa L. Turner 

Cynthia S. Tuttle 

Dawn L. Uhrick 

Gregory M. Underwood 

Amy L. Updike 
Sarah E. Urech 
Alexander S. Urioste 
Marta B. Urquilla 
John J. Uyham 
Thomas Uzzell 

Joshua S. Vance 

Dade G. VanDerWerf 

Angelica J. Vargas 

Dave K. Varshal 
Alexander R. Vaughn 

Todd D. Verdun 

Amy J. Verhoeven 

Gustavo J. Vergara 

Paul A. Vichot 

Stephen R. Viess 

Timothy P. Vieth 

Hardy Vieux 

Lara G. Villanueva 

Mylan T. Vu 

Heyward G. Wall 

Ashley I. Wallace 

Brian C. Walsh 

Anita L. Walter 

Alex L. Wan- 

Staci M. Ward 

Julie B. Wargo 

John W. Warner 

David S. Wasik 

Brett L. Wasserlauf 



MM* P £ 

11^ j 




Walter D. Watkins 
Cary M. Watson 
Eloise B. Watson 
Kevin P. Watters 
Laura J. Weatherly 
Eric J. Weaver 

Kimberley S. Weber 
Amy L. Weed 
David T. Wei 
Anne S. Weintraub 
Johanna K. Weiss 
Austin C. Wells 

Talley Wells 
David A. Werner 
Todd F. Werwa 
Chaffm L. Wesley Jr 
Brian R. West 
James J. West 

Matthew R. Westfall 
Barbara J. Wetsig 
Stephen M. Whearty 
Julia C. Wheeler 
Heather E. Whitaker 
Brent T. White 

Daniel C. White 
Jennifer L. White 
Laura J. White 
Jonathon J. Whitton 
Kirstin K. Widding 
Heidi Wiedemann 

Kevin J. Williams 
Stephen D. Williams 
Torraine A. Williams 
Victor G. Williams 
Mary Beth Williamson 

Samuel G. Williamson 
Stephen A. Windham 
Daniel G. Winklosky 
Jamie A. Winnick 
Nathaniel S. Winstead 
Andrea E. Witt 

Michael C. Wittmann 
Susan V. Wohlfort 
Jessica M. Wolf 
Josiane M. Wolff 
Lok H. Wong 
Charlotte S. Wood 


Jason S. Wood 

Mary M. Wood 

Nathan J. Wood 

Daniel W. Woodford 

Pamela E. Woodside 

Kristin K. Woody 

Morgan A. Word 

Jason N. Workman 

Stewart S. Worrell 

Chnsti L. Wright 

Jonathan D. Wry 

Joshua M. Wulf 

Elizabeth B. Wyatt 

Robert A. Wyatt 

Brian K Yamanouchi 

Rika M. Yano 

Matthew T. Yeatman 

Chandra D. Yoder 

Allana P. Yoelson 

William C. Yoh 

David S. Yoo 

Torunn I. Yock 

Alan K. Young 

Jessica T. Young 

Scot A. Youngblood 

James R. Yu 

Sounil Yu 

Anne L. Zachry 

Sal Zaftuto 

Seth R Zalkin 

Jason M . Zand 

Zargon Z. Zeema 

April Y. Zeigler 

Karen S. Zemble 

Susan P. Zentay 

Christopher C. Zimmer 

Gregory S. Zittr 

Michael S. Zummer 


i =1 "iSS 

Bill Bradley 

May 16, 1993 


In Memoriam 

Amy Geissinger 
Harry G. Rainey 




^SksbSkSkst&Si* w 

- 1 . . : ' 1 i 


fa A ■:-•.- 9 1 B ,.»& 



EiV Ml ^^4 

1 j 

^ * <,, tf^^^i^|>pl 

r ■ ^-- 




li f r % 5hilP 

J?-- '^J*B|'' ■-"■ • ;,', 

R0flffl| Pflfi 

^^HUp*P£ro^^<3;,!; :.'.^?^#5:^ffi 






■ ; 

. -• 


* «*- 

K£: ■ . 

V Zr 


■ •* ■ 


■ ----* 

















School of Smooth eHp e^ 

J must resist the sandpaper 

that wears my mind 

into convention, 

conforms to grain. 

Tasting the grit 

and swallowing one 

thousand bits 

1 am shamed. 

The carpenters grind away: 

carving fingers , 

moulding head, 

casting eyes. 

How easy to yield 

the jagged borders 

to smoothing down, 

wooden beasthood. 

The sandpaper smooths 

ragged edges 

forming a prettier 

weaker frame. 

If 1 do not rebuff the 

shaving down 

shaping of me 

1 will 


-Catherine M. Dent 



Because of his everlasting commitment to every aspect of this Uni- 
versity, his generosity, his inspirational strength of character, his 

encouragement and support, his curiosity about Duke's inhabitants, 

and his constant endeavors to improve our lives, we dedicate the 

1992-1993 Chanticleer to President Brodie. 

H. Keith H. Brodie 

Seventh President of Duke University, 1985-1993 

"Let your imagination be stirred by the unusual or the unknown; 

allow yourself to be attracted to the provocative , the challenging, the 

unconventional. In the long run you will find that the greatest benefit 

to be derived from your Duke education is the willingness to be curious 

about everything you encounter. It is a habit of mind that will serve 

you well in all walks of life , and it is this very thing that academic 

freedom seeks to protect — to insure that human curiosity will never be 








<t J* ! 


■'Hi 1 J- 4 

4p 1 

Back: Ben Kao, Alison Crary, Mike Arlein, Mel Bermudez, Dave Chang 
Front: Alex Shaw, Mark Gerhardt, Noah Hendler 

Events Photi 

[■•! ir 

Alison Crary 
Not pictured: Jennifer Pottheiser, Portrait Editor 

Rising Photograph* 

Orlander and Alle 

Jamey Schall, Brian Scully, Noah Hendler, Kristi Woods, Luke Dollar 
its: Jen Byrne, Justine Schmidt, Michelle Barwell, Kristin Collister, Janet Dia:, Mirm Kriegel 

Photo Credits 

Front and back cover artwork photographed by David Page 

Melissa Bermudez: 7, 10a, b, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17b, 20, 23, 26,28, 29, 30,31, 34, 35, 39, 46, 47, 52, 53, 56, 57a, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64b, 71, 79, 80, 116, 
117, 118, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 152, 153, 154, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 
183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 190, 191, 192, 193, 194. 195, 196, 197, 199, 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212b, 213, 214, 
216, 218, 221, 222b, 223, 224, 253 b,c, 254, 255, 256, 258, 259, 263b, 264, 265, 266, 267, 269 a,c, 271, 272, 273, 274, 275, 276a, 277b, 279, 280, 281b 
285, 286 c, d,e,g. 

Ak-x Shaw: 2, 3, 4, 17d, 42, 50, 51, 54, 58, 59, 72, 222A, 260, 286 b 

David Chan-: 24,41,82,83,84,85,88,89,90,91,92,93,98,99, 101, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 119, 124, 125, 126, 127 

Imifer Pottheiser: 17c, 25b, 27, 64 a,c, 66, 68, 145, 151, 164a, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 186, 189, 190, 191, 192, 198, 201, 203, 206, 
207, 212a, 213, 214, 215, 217, 219, 270, 276b, 277a, 286 i 

Brian Scully: b on photophest phold-out, 32, 36,37, 40, 44, 73b,c, 97, 176, 269b 

ImeySchall: 11, 19, 57b,c, 70, 81, 139 
foahHendler: 21,38,257,262 
Iristi Woods: 5, 18, 261 
Ben Kao: 73a, 76 
Alison Crary: 17a, 78 
Chnssie Anderson: 43, 220 
Courtney Kolar: 131a 
feott Taylor (Beaufort): 134-135 
Mark Wasmer: 159, 268 
AnnO'Hara Wilkiemeyer: 130, 132a 
Kristin Collister: 17f, 33,45b 
John Germanotta: 86-87 

rian Biel: 263 a 
Brooke Bowman: 131b 
MikeOrren: 286 a 

Lev Todd: 49, 69, 136, 137, 166-175 and a of photophest phold-out 
RonFerrelh 67,74,94,95,96, 102, 103, 112c, 113, 115, 120, 121, 122, 123,253 
Jim Wallace: 75 
Jenny Carroll: 55 b 
firm Kriegel: 55a 
luke Dollar: 25a, 48, 281a, 281c 
Nancy Mims: 6 
from Bollington: 155 
Mem, 45a 
Navin Mahabir: 284 
The Chronicle . Volume 88, 1992-1993: 65b, 77, 1 12a, b, 1 14 

Melissa Bermudez painted the photographs that appear on pages 2, 3. 

Sarah Baldwin painted her portrait that appears on page 189. 

Marshall Bachelder created the tattoos that appear in photographs 178b, 179a 

Bill Weydig produced the artwork/graffiti that appears in the photograph on page 18. 

All handlettering drawn by Liza Motsinger of Josten's Creative Resources department. Liza also helped to design the transparent pages, the cover, and 

pages 8 and 9. 

Special Thanks to: Tom and Denise Adams, Terry Poovey, Liza Motsinger, Joel Siegel, Linda Studer-Ellis, Fannie Castillo, Lou-Ann Martin-Rogers, 
Homai McDowell, Duke Postal Service, Steve Bliss, Maine Photo School, Kodak, Peggy Krendl, Jason Claire, David Page, Jason Greenwald, Mark 
Wasmer, Dean Richard Cox, Professor Knstine Stiles, President Brodie, BJB, GAB, DSB, KLB, DWB, ADB, MAS. 

The 1993 Chanticleer was printed by Hunter Publishing, a subsidiary of Jostens' Inc., of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Senior portraits were 
taken by Varden Studios, Rochester, New York. The cover of the 1993 Chanticleer is a black, unvarnished Roxite cover with gold silk-screen. 

The Chanticleer uses three types of paper, 90 lb. Eloquence, 80 lb. MOE and 14 lb. UV Ultra II (transparent pages). The endsheets are black-tinte 

lb. paper. 

All color photos except those pages 2,3,189, and 192 are 4-color produced from color transparencies. Photos on 2,3, and 189 were hand-painted 
black and white photos. Photo on 192 was a hand sepia-toned black and white photo. All black and white photos are laser-scanned halftones using a 
150 line scteen. 

Flats 1,2,34,35 and 36 as well as the transparent pages used Pantone 8580C Metallic Spot Color. 

Cover and front endsheets were die-cut. 

Copyright 1993, Duke Undergraduate Publications Board. No parts of this book shall be reproduced without the express written consent from the 
board. All correspondence regarding this issue should be sent to: The Chanticleer, 101-3 Bryan Center, Durham, NC 27706. Tel (919) 684-2856. 






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