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.> . ^ ^ • -c?^ . . 


^^^^^^ ~ w 


Lecture: Mr. P. Meek of 
Sikoresky Aircraft. 

Here is my song for the asking This is my tune for the taking 
Ask me and I will play Take it, don't turn away 

So sweetly, I'll make you smile. I've been waiting all my life. 

John Sader, John Ryan, Chris Plummer, Ellen Glosser. 

Thinking it over, I've been sad 
Thinking it over, I'd be more than glad 
To change my ways for the asking 

Ask me and I will play 

All the love that I hold inside. 

Jerry Petrecca, Peter Lawson, Gary Bianchi performing 
at Alpha Phi Omega Coffeehaus. 

You only go around once in life . . 

TKE's doing their thing in their natural state of mind. Jack Geddes, Frank, Dave, John Martucci, Billy Stapleton. 

so grab for all the gusto you can get! 

NERDS doing their thing in SOME sort of mind. Kevin Meehan, Richard Veilleux, "Freak, " Tony Crocamo. 

Claudia Stephens and "Freak" 

laJMiii^^ i> 111 a iif% 

ly lover for tl}.e.|irstjt^ 
lind can feel }% 

eel sorrow oh i f eel gnc 
everything is clear in mv. 
feel life oh » feel lovr 
verything is clear in 

- * 


uJe^db (M JMuna m Ml jmalm Jm. mh apapM. cup , 
iL Jim, idildliJ obimMf stJoju achm ik miOmi . 


im dij)mo}i),ii)(imci Jou om (wmo vmmjm dpmjrmd, 
pmm'ma ml cojmma mi ... 

Jfwj cctll ML on, am en. achoM m imMM, . 

dmQnib jmmM Jm JmiJm u)m k a Jm/i Jbox. , 

im imwbk IJu/nSu oa tL jwok wiA m acJim tk u/nhMu... 


James Rothgeb 

>n.»liP ^*^^ 



•* ;-* ■.: 


— Cheerleaders — Glory 
George, Marie Magnoli, 
Cheryl McHugh, Susan 
Lucibelli, Carolyn Prato, 
"Clancy" Walsh, Barbara 

.'^■^fgt*.'*#>'^ % '■ - \ >«» 

# • > ' > # • ^ 

*-. •'.ifc ■» 


S-U-C-C-E-S-S — Thai's the way we spell Success! 
V-I-C-T-O-R-Y - Victory, Victory, that's our cry! 

The Baseball Team started the day with a 2-1 victory over arch- 
rival Quinnipiac College. On the nir\th-ir\ning, junior shortstop 
Mark Kilmurray scored the winning home run. In the afternoon. 
Charger's Soccer Team posted its fourth straight shut out behind 
Co-Captain and Goalie Joseph DiCostanzo with a 5-0 win over C. 
W. Post. Sophomore Neville Brown paced the attack with 2 goals 
followed by Kelvin Hazzard, Ruben Salas, and Ike Lieberman 
with single tallies. 

Neville Brown - UNH's Black Pearl 


Coach McHugh tells it like it is. 

The day's activities were concluded 
when the Club Football Team posted 
its first win of the season with a 48-0 
rout over Lowell Tech. The day's ac- 
tivities combined with the dedication 
of our $1.8 million Phys Ed Building. 

Rav Connolly — ("Dotes") dis- 
plays graceful form. 

i V*" -» 

Makin' friends for the world to see 

Let the people know you got what you need with 

A friend on hand you will see the light 

Your friends are there, then everything's all right 


Shelley" Spaulding. 

Chris Tigano 

When I was young and they packed me off to school 

And they taught me how not to play the game 
I didn't mind if they groomed me for success 

Or if they said that I was just a fool 
So I left there in the morning with their God tucked underneath my arm 

Their half-assed smiles and the Book of Rules 



Howie Nitchke and Betsy Gilbert dancing up a storm 


Lynn DiLieto and Howard Nitchke represented UNH the 
Second Annual "Dance For Those Who Dance Marathon" 
for Muscular Dystrophy were in competition with 18 other 
schools and the winner was based on money each school col- 
lected. UNH came in 18th place. Many notable personalities 
performed to keep the dancers going. 

(Can you hear and do you 

care and can't you see 

we must be free to teach 

our children what you 

believe in, make a world 

that we can believe in 






Frank Grazioso, New Haven 
Attorney, Public Interest 

Scheduled for the Spring Semester: Bill Haley] 
and the Comets, Seals and Crofts, The Marc-i 
Almond Band, and John Kolisch, master mental- 
ist and hypnotist. Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown 
& John Baldry will give a concert in March, spon- 
sored by The Day Student Government. 

Reed Banson "John Birch Society' 


^^f JP^f^^ik 

Irving Stolberg, New Haven State Representa- q Masterson, Wood Seminar 

tive, on Continuing State Tax Crisis' 

Uncle Dirty 

English Club.STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Adamski, Professor Bertrand 
Mathieu — Faculty Advisor, Professor Lynn Hagman, Professor Ramona Beeken, Pro- 
fessor Kay Stevenson, Professor Carroll Cole, Chris Hogan. SEATED, LEFT TO 
RIGHT: Phyllis Ceccolini — Co-President, Ellen Glosser, Craig Whitham. Members 
Not Present: Professor Srilekha Bell, Anthony Crocamo, Robert Finley, Tony Lacerda, 
George Montano, Professor Douglas Robillard, Arnold Zaglauer, Jim Zaino — Co- 

The major objective of the University of 
New Haven's EngHsh Club is to pronnote a 
sincere interest in Uterature among the stu- 
dents and to create a desire for a better 
understanding of all its forms. We intend to 
provide a congenial atmosphere for the dis- 
cussion of literature, and to sponsor lectures, 
readings and other related activities. One of 
our major goals each semester is to publish a 
magazine which represents the creative writ- 
ings of the student body. Through the merits 
of this club we hope to enhance the image of 
the university and bring credit to its student 

(American Society of Mechanical Engineers) 

A. S. M. E. 

The Student Section of A. S. M. E. is 
primarily concerned with the improvement 
of the field of mechanical engineering on a 
student basis with an emphasis on ecologi- 
cal needs. It also introduced the members of 
the A. S. M. E. to the people currently in- 
volved in the field today. The Society's 
functions promote a closer relationship 
between the students and practicing engi- 
neers for the benefit of both. 


(L-R): Art Mantlik, Chip Silvestri, Henry Ellenbast, Frank M. Rose, Frank Dwarak, Jeff Golarz, Ed 
Armstrong, Ralph Barone, Fred Blakeslee, Ed Stapleton, Bob Stango (Secretary). Officers: Harold 
Ryder, President; Jeff Golarz, Vice-President; Bob Stango, Secretary. 


(Day Student 


Our hard-working Day Student 

Government in action. 

Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity is the de- 
velopment of the oldest fraternal organi- 
zation on the University campus. The 
International motivates individuals to 
their highest capacity and is an inspira- 
tion for men to achieve high ideals, noble 
actions, and outstanding scholastic 
achievement. As an organization, it is an 
outlet for all male college students to 
mold their inner thoughts and to obtain 
the realization of true friendship and 







Ir .«ti^ 



^^Bi^B m 


1 'J^tJ 





€J^ ^ 



'f >' 






FRONT ROW (L-R): Debbie Piscitelli, 
Ann Ciarlone, Chris Tigano, Marie 
Magnoli, Glory George. BACK ROW 
(L-R): Rhonda Mills. Julie McManus, 
Alethea Tenedine, Mindy Medway, Ellen 
Glosser. Barbara Pelluse, Kathy Kear- 
ney. Missing: Lyn Hottes, Josephine 

Leadership, Friendship, Serv- 
ice, the bywords of U.N.H.'s 
oldest service fraternity. Coffee 
Hauses, blood drives, Campus 
Queen, Orientation, the actions 
of U.N.H.'s Brotherhood of 
Alpha Phi Omega. 


FIRST ROW (L-R): Art LaMontagne, Charlie Rosabianca 
(Pledgemaster), Rich Grich (President), Greg Losee (Secre- 
tary). SECOND ROW (L-R): Dick Drew, Al Ambrossini, 
Mike Epstein, Donny OHara, Mark Worley. THIRD 
ROW: Kevin Falcioni, Ray Tilki, Ed Drew, Mike Mc- 
Grath, Bob Reutenauer, Danny Burban. FOURTH ROW: 
Bill Swatkowski, Dave Villa, Bruce Lieberman, Chris 
DeLeone, Joe Lovallo, Joe Rosabianca. Missing: John Rie- 
ger (Vice-President), Andy Passarelli (Treasurer), Tom 
Marchessault, Paul Bourdan, Wayne Ciano, Garry Grant, 
Oleh Podryhula, Carl Scarpelli, Kevin Monohan. 

Chi Kappa Rho, service sorority of UNH is 
the oldest sorority on campus. During nine 
years of existence along with providing a so- 
cial life for the women on campus, we have 
also been of service to the Salvation Army, the 
Virginia M. Parker Scholarship Fund, and the 
UNH Library Building Fund. We hold annual 
projects such as the Thanksgiving Basket, 
Toys for Tots, and our Annual Card Party- 
Fashion Show held in May, mixers, and bake 

Ai,^ ^^ (L-R): J. Mohs, P. Esrok, T. Branco, W. E. Lawson, 6. Bruce, H. J. Ryder, J. Petrecca, 
C|) ^^ J Golarz, S. Dykty, D. DeLucia,J DiMaio. 


Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity is 
the second oldest national 
social fraternity on campus. 
Sponsoring social events is 
the prime concern of the 
brothers. Service projects, 
however, also play a large role 
in ZBT. Collecting money for 
Muscular Dystrophy and the 
Library Building Fund-Rais- 
ing Committee are two pro- 
jects the brothers are involved 
with every year. 

'V O T^ FRONT ROW (L-R): Ted Kunkel, Dennis Hart, Gary Hodgdon, Gary Rosenberg, 

Zy Ij I Michael Ferrucci. BACK ROW (L-R): Stan Hall, Gene Telker, Frank A. Rodrigues, 
Joseph Fazzino, Richard Losh. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon, International Fraternity, is a network of 
individual chapters throughout the United States and Canada. 
The philosophy that motivates men to band into groups, that of 
being able to accomplish things as a unit that would be unattain- 
able as individuals, is also the impelling force that causes individ- 
uals to join together into this international society. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon has gained a position of strength - not by 
luck or lowered standards - but by detailed planning, devoted 
service, and spirit that has characterized TEKE from its beginning 
and farsighted leaders who have had the fortitude to accept the 
challenge of the unknown. 


KNEELING (L-R): Bob Hardy, Phil Pessina, Rich Rowe, Paul Guarino 
Steve Farruggio. SECOND ROW, SEATED (L-R): Rich Varga, John 
Martucci, Brian Hutchinson, Dave Roche, Dave Nana, Mike D- 
Eugenio, John Hunn. THIRD ROW, STANDING (L-R): Bill Stapleton, 
Frank Murphy, John Swidrak, Rich Mingrone, Kevin Denny Tom For- 
tune. FOURTH ROW, STANDING (L-R): Jim Vaspasiano, Steve Ben- 
ko. Chuck Livellini, Ray Sutyak, Tony Simonelli, Bob Cangelosi. 

Chapel, Dwight, and Whalley conferences on the 
stairs Frisbee on the lawn . high on the green a 

generation lost and spaced 


Unlimited Freak Outs 

Up Against The Wall: Sundo, The Bear, Diane, The Rifton Rebel, Larry Stephen 

Katz", Footsie, Diddy, Big Daddy, DiCo, Al. 
Up Close: Squeek, Dirty Harry, Jimmie, Sunan. 

Outta- Sight: Jesus, Harry Krishna, Speedo, Half-A-Head, Debbie Pow-Wow Spear 
Head, Hot-Turia Linda, Bobby-On-The-Flute, Ponch, Hens, Jay, The Horizontal Man 
Lynn Fonda, Abe, The Admiral Baccala, Beppo The Drawf , Therese Cliff Aqualung 

Evening Student Council Christmas Party. 

KoKo The Clown and Friends at the Christmas Party . 

Evening Student Council L-R: Ronald Kelly, Night Beat Chairman; Morton Evening Student Council Officers L-R: E. James Kazaleh, Vice President; 
Denerstein, Faculty-Student Relations Chairman, Mary Ann Mikosky, Social Austin Ford, President, Lydia Romanik, Secretary; James Criscuola, 
Chairman; Esther Tafler, Representative; Lydia Romanik, Secretary, Frank Cas- Treasurer, 
sello. Representative; Austin Ford, President; James Criscuola, Treasurer; E. J. 
Kazaleh. Missing: Fiore Carusello, Representative; Raymond Flinn, Representa- 
tive; Mary Ann Machoevski, Representative. 

Evening Student Council 

Evening Student Council Spring Dance held on Saturday, February lb at Rapp s Paradise Inn, Ansonia, Connecticut. 


Easter Seal Drive 

A )'^^ 

The Annual Easter Seal Campus Queen is not just another 
ordinary queen. After winning the Contest, our Queen 
represents the school in a tri-school contest against Southern 
Connecticut State College and Quinnipiac College. Groups from 
each school raises money for Easter Seals in the name of their 
Queen. The Queen with the most money donated in her name is 
named Area Easter Seal Queen. 

Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity does this on our campus. They 
first held nominations, then election of the Queen. This year, 
APO had a benefit mixer. Benefit Hockey Game, and a few other 
events planned in the near future to raise money for Easter 
Seals. APO also has a Christmas Party for the children at the 
Rehabilitation Center. 

Some of the activities the Queen will participate in are the 
Easter Seal Kick-Off Dinner, the Benefit Movie for Easter Seals, 
and the Queen will also be at The East Rock Flower Show. There 
will be numerous other events the Queen will participate in, rep- 
resenting her duties during her reign. 

A special "Thank You" goes to our Easter Seal Chairman, Jer- 
ry Petrecca of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Harry Ryder, Presi- 
dent of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity and West Haven Easter Sea! 
Chairman, and Richard Liebler, who planned the Benefit Hockey 
Game held on February 22. They have contributed their time and 
effort for a successful Easter Seal Campaign. And "Good Luck" 
to our Queen, Jo Ellen Anyzeski. 

Jerry presents roses to Queen Jo Ellen Anyzeski. 

™y'c,CncS''"'' ^"^"^ESTANTS, (L-R): Jo Ellen Anyzesk. Chr.s T.gano, Barbara Mar- 

Jerry Petrecca, Jo Ellen Anyzeski, Queen, Barbara Gene 
Marden, 1st Runner Up, and Harry Ryder. 


Tony Marion Cheever" Giaimo is inspect- 
ed, detected, injected, infected, and selected 
by Carolyn "Sgt. Thetch ' Roche. 

The Foundling Theatre Group, FRONT 
ROW (L-R): Christopher Ostergren, Direc- 
tor; John Cavoto, Vice President; Jak Festa, 
Treasurer; Anthony Giaimo, President, 
Carolyne Roche, Secretary. BACK ROW (L- 
R): Paul Kine, Dennis Sowers, Joanne 

Sgt. Thatch: Drop That Flag! 

Marion Cheever: O, I was just admiring it 

It's the same color, same shape, same design 

I have one at home just like it. Isn't it amazing? 

John "Irwin" Covoto, Arthur "Malcolm" Caisse, and Ernie "Wick " French at a dramatic 
ment during Little Malcolm '. 


Arthur "Malcolm Scrawdvke Caisse 

The Foundling 
Theatre Group 

Nestled in between the comic strips and 
the English books adding significantly to 
the cultural development of the University 
of New Haven, are the students in The 
Foundling Theatre Group, whose purpose 
is to produce, dramatic works of art rang- 
ing on the continium from traditional 
dramatizing to experiemental pieces. 

Through the professional assistance of 
Christopher Ostegren, this small group 
has been extremely effective in producing 
for its auidence some of Broadway's finest 

The Fall production of "Little Malcolm 
and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs" 
gave an insight into man's struggle with 
his environment and what he has created. 

In the Spring, the tide turned to "Apple 
Pie " and the audience was made aware of 
the irony existing in America today . 

While the comic strips are more fre- 
quent and the English books less remem- 
bered, the Foundling Theatre Group of 
University of New Haven has left an in- 
dellible effect on the minds and ideals of 
the student body and community at large. 

Carolyn Roche 

Members of the Cast in "Little Malcolm and His 
Struggle Against The Eunuchs ' after a marvelous 
performance (L-R): Jon "Ingham " Cavoto, Regina 
"Ann" DeSiero, Arthur "Scrawdyke" Caisse, An- 
thony "Nipple Giaimo, and E. J. "Wick" French. 

Regina "Ann"' DeSireo comforting Arthur "Mal- 
colm" Caisse while he ponders when to let her 
have it. 

Malcolm: Come on Irwin, you could do it! 
Irwin: Sorry, Mai, but I just don't have any 

James DeMarest, George Rand, and Coach Machnik. 


Yearbooks tell us of the Super- 
star, the Home Run Hitters, the 
High Goal Scorers, the Graduating 
Seniors. Little is ever said about the 
unsung hero, those underrated stal- 
warts, who were spark plugs of the 
universal motor which can and did 
lead a Soccer Team to headlines. 

This season's Team highlighted a 
defensive style of attack which was 
responsible for the 7 shutouts dur- 
ing the regular season. Co-Captain 
Rheinhard Steinsdorfer guided the 
Chargers with his intelligent ap- 
proach along with a superior talent. 
And perform he did — both offen- 
sively as penalty kicker and defen- 
sively as "The Sweeper". He rarely 
excited the average fan with spec- 
tacular displays of dribbling; in- 
stead he worked neat and single 
passed between John Kowalski, 
Ruben Salas, and Tom Kowalski, 
and provided much experience and 
confidence to Goaltender Joe Di- 
Costanzo. Then there was Kelvin 
Hazzard, the boy from Trinidad, 
the fan's favorite. He possessed a 
smooth, quick style and worked 
adroitly with teammates Neville 
Brown and John Kydes. This trio, 
along with Salas, rounded out the 
offensive punches with expert ball 
control and powerful shooting. 

Coach Joe Machnik's experience 
as a national contender in collegiate 
soccer rounded out this team's suc- 
cess. Also, much must be accredit- 
ed to Armando Touron, Ike Lieber- 
man, and Ray Conolly, who per- 
formed steadily and contributed 
their excellent talents to a most 
successful season. 

. . Joseph DiCostanzo 

Ruben "The Wizard" Salas in action during 
one of his decisive moments. 

LOWER LEFT: Enthusiastic and dependable Joseph DiCostanzo guarding the goal. 
LOWER RIGHT: Ike Lieberman says to Joe DiCostanzo: It's all yours, CiCo. 
UPPER RIGHT: Neville The Black Pearl" brown shielding the ball. 
UPPER LEFT: John Kowalski defends the ball . 

^ 1 

\l A 


i* ^ 

Hazzard attempts to get 
possession of the ball. 
BOTTOM: The Black 
Pearl heading away. 
LEFT: Ruben 'The 
Wizard" Salas on the 
goal during one of his 
momentary leaps to 
score for UNH. 



Co-Captains: Clifford Bush and William Potter. 




Club Football 

The UNH Club Football Team ended its season last year with a 3-5 rec- 
ord, closing out its most successful season ever. UNH competed in the 
Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Collegiate Club Football Confer- 
ence, the first conference for club football teams in the country. By play- 
ing as a member of the E.C.C.F.C., UNH played the best football teams 
who compete on the "club" level. 

UNH opened its season against a perennial club football power in the 
University of Hartford on a cold, windy night at Dillon Stadium. In a 
rugged defensive battle the Chargers lost 22-6 to the Hawks, their only 
score coming on an electrifying 85 yard touchdown kickoff return by Co- 
Captain Cliff Bush. 

During the second game of the season, the Football Chargers of Head 
Coach Joe McHugh displayed some offensive punch to go along with its 
stingy defensive. UNH busted loose with 3 touchdowns in the last half tc 
win 18-0 over a stubborn South Central team. 

Homecoming proved to be an extremely pleasing event for UNH as it 
returned home to the friendly confines of Quigley Stadium. Six different 
Chargers pushed the ball over the goal-line as UNH exploded for 48 
points while the defense recorded its second straight shutout and scored 2 
touchdowns on interception returns by Tom Alexander and Rich Doran 
as they stunned Lowell Tech . 

At their fourth game, on the road against powerful Marist College, the 
Chargers played their best defensive game of the year. UNH held the Vi- 
kings to 13 points but was unable to score although the offens moved the 
ball well against a highly touted defense. 

The defense foynd out why Westchester Community College was 
ranked as the best club team in the nation when they were ravaged for 42 
points by the Viking's explosive offense. Westchester's defense proved 
just as tough as they only allowed UNH to cross mid-field twice during 
the game without UNH scoring. 

lona College was the Number 1 club football team in the nation before 
they met New Haven, but the contest between the two teams ended UNH 
had tumbled the Gaels from the top-spot even though they lost 40-18. 
Down 27-0 at the half, UNH unlashed a savage offensive assault against 
lona and scored 3 times, once on a run by Paul Feeley, and twice on bombs 
from Ray DellaMura to Ben Graves. The large crowd which saw the game 
left knowing they had seen two of the best "club " football teams in the 

Fairfield University fell 16-b to the Chargers as once again the UNH 
defense proved how tough it could be. Allowing the Stags to score on a 
blocked punt, the Chargers hung on stubbornly to repulse two last ditch 
Fairfield drives into their territory. 

Norwalk ended UNH's season by drubbing the Chargers 35-2 in New 
Haven's last game at Quigley Stadium. UNH scored first on a safety by 
Ron Sambrook, but could not maintain its momentum and eventually col- 
lapsed during the last half of the game. 

Although New Haven did not post a winning record last year, it 
marked an epoch-making season due to the competitive level on which it 
played as a result of being in the E.C.C.F.C. Nine of the starters on last 
season's squad were freshmen who will return to bolster the UNH Team 
for the next several seasons. Steve DiMugno was selected as a First Team 
All-Conference Defensive Back while Paul DeRosa received honorable 
mention as a Guard for the All-Conference Offensive Team. With both of 
these top-flight players returning with the rest of the rest of the young 
highly promising veterans from last year, Head Coach Joe McHugh defi- 
nitely has the material to be THE Team in the E.C.C.F.C. next season. 

E. J. Roslon 

Steve DiMugno and Coach McHugh, proud recipients of the Sports- 
manship Award and the All Conference Award. 


Club Football , FIRST ROW (L-R): Jack Starbuck, Lewis Cameloin, Harry Baker, Al Jacobs, Chip Baldino, Lewis Adams, Billy Clark, James Fripp, Leo Val- 
lee, Desmon Bohen, Walt, Paul DeRosa, Marty Kuchinski, Raymond Smith, Roz Day, Paul Feeley. SECOND ROW (L-R): Benny Mondrose, Ron Gagg, 
Pat Silutelo, M. Riodran, Bobo Potter, Fred Masentonio, Ronny Sawbrook, Cliff Bush, Frank DeGennaro, Nick CoGuidice, Steve DiMugno, John Smith, 
Tom Alexander, Kenny Kreed, Richard Rowe. THIRD ROW (L-R): Mike Zuccarelli, Fred Yale, Garry Randell, Butch Blackwell, Bob Phillips, John Beffes, 
Milt Smith, Ricky Doren, Steve Osterhouse, Steve Carmeloniz, Douglas DeFonso, Billy Lee, Dallis Collins, Ray DellaMura, Ben Groves. 

•%<»'»*X »»••«• ••»•« 

/^' «-— * •• '^ \^ ^ ' * 


Cliff Bush brings down Westchester split end. 


Tony Simonelli, 

Peter Perhach, 

The UNH Basketball Team completed a winning season j 
once again this year. The Chargers, who were off to a 1 in 5 
start, fought back to win 12 of the next 19 games. The high- I 
light of the season was the capturing of the Charger Invita- 
tional Tournament. Pete Perhach led New Haven in the I 
Tourney and was not only named to the All Tourney Team, 
but also the Most Valuable Player of the Tournament. For 
his fine play during the season, Perhach was four times 
named to the Weekly E.C.A.C. Division III All East 
Basketball Squad. 

After a heartbreaking overtime loss to Rhode Island Col- 
lege and a win over neighboring Southern Connecticut, the 
Chargers departed for Canada. They won the first 3 games 
of the trip, taking the measure of Loyola of Montreal, Otta- j 
wa, and St. Lawrence. In these games Co-Captain Jim Ston- I 
ick showed his cool as a floor general, often getting up hot- 
handed Bob Foglio or Nick Crismale. 

In the next 2 games. New Haven ran into two small col- 
lege powerhouses in Brockport State and St. John Fisher, j 
and were defeated. After coming home, the Chargers upset a 
highly talented Jersey City quintet, which boasted an 18-1 
record. Co-Captain Tom Fortune and Bob Foglio paved the 
way for the Charger win. New Haven then lost to Quinni- 
piac. After being 12 points ahead at half time. New Haven 
faltered and lost by 4 points. The Chargers then went up 
against a highly-favored Central Connecticut quintet. Led 
by Bill Kirkpatrick's and Pete Perhach's strong rebounding 
and stingy defense. New Haven took the measure of Cen- < 
tral. To close out the season. New Haven took 2 out of 5 
beating Nichols and Southeastern Mass., while losing to 
Merrimack, and Marist, and Babson, finishing the season 

continued on page 51 

Varsity Basketball Squad, BACK ROW (L-R): Coach Libertore, Rich Yaldizian, 
Kevin Finucane, Joe Novak, Skip Gillman, Bob Foglio, Coach Burns. FRONT 
ROW (L-R): Tony Simonelli, Bill Kirkpatrick, Jim Stonick, Greg Jones, Tom 
Fortune, Vic Kirilichian, Nick Crismale. 

Junior Varsity Basketball Squad, (L-R): Rich Yaldizan, Pat McCarthy, Joe 
Novak, Leo Calderone, Vic Kirilichian, Joe Bujalski, Kevin Finucane, Lenny 
Paglialunga, Skip Gilman, Coach Gary Libertore. 


Jim Stonick shoots over Quinnipiac's Benz. 

continued from page 48 

Next season looks like a promising one for New Haven. The Chargers will un- 
doubtedly miss the services of Co-Captains Jim Stonick and Tom Fortune, also 
Pete Perhach, and Nick Crismale who will leave via graduation. Leading the re- 
turns will be Bill Kirkpatrick, Bob Foglio, Tony Simonelli, all juniors, and fresh- 
man Vic Kirilichin, who gained a lot of varsity experience. 

With this core of solid Basketball players, the UNH Chargers will have the 
foundation they need to have another winning season. 


Jim Stonick shoots and scores 2 more. 

Tom Fortune, 

Victor Kirilichin, 

Jim Stonick, 

Tom Fortune leaps to score 2 easy points 


At 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, 
March 1, 1972, the UNH Hockey 
Team walked into their dressing room 
after just beating Babson 11-6 to bring 
the season to a close. In that dressing 
room many thoughts passed through 
the players' minds. Players exchanged 
thoughts of the season, perhaps the 
most important thought of all was 
their record. The Charger Sectet had 
boasted a 20-9-0 record, their best in 
over 8 years. Some of the players be- 
gan talking about next season and 
what to expect. For one of the players 
there was definitely no next season. 
For senior Forward and Captain Jeff 
Andrews, it was his last season, and 
after that Babson game, Jeff pulled off 
his Charger jersey for the last time, 
bringing to an end 4 active and suc- 
cessful years with the Charger Sextet. 

There was a big difference in this 
year's squad in more than one way. 
For the past several years teams would 
just push the Chargers all over the 
rink. But not this season, for the 
Chargers had finally built themselves 
into a winning team. Members of the 
team remembered when they only 
drew 5 spectators for last year's open- 
ing game, but they will now remember 
the 400-plus fans they drew for a pre- 
season game, and the crowd of nearly 
1,000 they drew for the Easter Seals 
Benefit Game. They remember being 
almost humiliated by other teams and 
fans from other schools. Not this 
year, for the Chargers were respected 
by the other teams and fans. 

Yes, the 1971-1972 season was a 
season of many highlights. Some of 
these highlights included: 
5-4 and 6-5 wins of U Conn and Holy 
Cross, respectively. 
The 23-1 laughter over Queens 

The physical beating given to a num- 
ber of schools who had before taken 
our team lightly. 

The Championship in the South 
Mountain Arena (New Jersey) Tour- 
nament, and Runner-Up in the Na- 
thaniel Hawthorne (New Hampshire) 
Invitational Tournament. 

But none of these could be accom- 
plished if it wasn't for the full effort 
given by the Team. Our men had fi- 
nally brought U.N.H. into the hockey 

continued on pa^e 37 

.•\irt Crou 

Easter Sea! chiHren meet The Big Boys 

Center Jack Nick pumps one home in Chargers 23-1 laughter over Queens. 

Right Winger Joe Muskin lines up for a booming slapshot at Babson's goal. 

Won 20; Lost 9: Tied 0. 




Worcester State 



Wesley an 






North Adams State 



Rochester Tech. 


Bridgewater State 









University of Connecticut 



Holy Cross 



A. I.e. 



New England 





New England 



Wesley an 



North Adams State 



Lowell Tech 


St. Anslems 















Bridgewater State 



Nathaniel Hawthorne 



New England 






Worcester State 



Yale J. V. 


Salem State 



Best season in Charger ice history. 


Joe "Muskie" Muskin 
Right Wing 

Center Larry Tomaselli prepares to fake out attack 
ing forward. 

:h drew some 1,000 

Easter Seal Child, Johnny Ward meets with Jim 

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Next year's squad, at this time, looks very promising. The 
Club should be much more improved over this year's squad, 
which was excellent. For next year, the Chargers have some- 
thing to work for, the E.C.A.C. Hockey Playoffs, something 
which was never heard of on the UNH campus these past 
years. With such players as high-scoring Forward Jack Nick 
and the excellent Goaltending of Buddy Heany returning, those 
Playoffs could just be knocking on the Chargers' front door. 


John "Mac" MacMahon, 

Jay "Julius August" Dahlgard, 
Right Wing 

Glenn "Black Bart" St. Jean 

Bob "The Senator" Hutchinson, Center 

Mark Kilmurray gets UNH runner into scoring 
position by laying down a bunt. 

Q i f S 1 

^ ^ i^ 

• S 9 

Baseball Team FRONT ROW, KNEELING (L-R): Bill Hanley, Richard Anderson, John Basso, Scot Rahl, Henry McNeil, James Pascarella, Joseph 
Liberatore, Mark Kilmurray. BACK ROW, STANDING (L-R): Coach Frank Vieria, James Galbreath, Kevin Sheehan, Dennis McNemey, Tony 
Zezima, Bobby Ives, Frank Santino, Carl Malmquist, Stan Thomas, Coach Joseph Tonelli. 

The Baseball program at the Univ. of New Haven is well developed 
and comprehensive, but above all, it is highly successful. Head Coach 
Frank Vieira on the eve of his eleventh season with New Haven is the 
man most responsible for the remarkable success of Charger Baseball 
teams. His won-loss record over the years presently stands at 208-43. 
Together with his assistant coach Joe Tonelli, Vieira has establish 
New Haven as an Eastern Baseball power. 

Yearly New Haven plays some sixty games, which include Fall and 
Spring schedules and a ten day trip to Miami for Spring Workout. 
With the recent switch from the National Ass. of Intercollegiate Ath- 
letics (N.A.I. A.) to the prestigious N.C.A.A. competition has grown 
increasingly stronger. The New Haven schedule includes the likes of 
N.C.A.A. strongman St. Johns, Central and Southern Connecticut, 
Univ. of Bridgeport, Fairfield Univ. as well as meeting Yale in the 
annual New Haven City Series, to name a few. 

The Chargers typically posted a 16-6 record during the Fall of '71. 
However, even more essential. Coach Vieira tested the talents of many 
young ballplayers in anticipation of the all-important Spring season. 

The Varsity Baseball Team opens the 1972 season on April 5 
against Adelphi, however, not without some question marks. The two 
mainstays of the mound staff, Richard Anderson and Stan Thomas, 
are gone. Both hurlers were drafted by professional teams and denied 
themselves a year of college eligibility by signing contracts, Anderson 
going to the World Champion Pittsburg Pirates and Thomas with the 
Washington Senators now the Texas Rangers of the American Base- 
ball League. 

Hard-working Frank Santino watches his drive to left field 

Kevin Sheehan shows excellent form in pitching. 

Senior All-American Scott Rahl and Captain Jim Pascarella form 
the nucleus of this years Charger team. The pitching staff, headed by 
veteran Kevin Sheehan and senior Jim Galbraith, is relatively young 
and inexperienced. Mark Kilmurray, who was an honorable mention 
AU-American as a freshman, returns in '72 as a junior. But basically, 
the Chargers are a young team . 

The Chargers are coming off a 30-6 season which saw them travel 
as far as Pennsylvania in the N.A.I. A. Area 8 Playoffs. Anderson and 
Thomas totaled 25 of those wins. Obviously, the key to the coming 
season is pitching. 

Despite the shortage of seasoned veteran ballplayers, one can't help 
but envision another fine season at New Haven. When it comes to 
baseball, the "V " in Vieira stands for victory. 

. John Basso 

Lenny Paglialunga aggressively awaits Quinnipiac's 
pitch . 


JohfVj'C'Qc'^BSsso sdie <it 3rd. 








Mar 27 


at Broward J.C. 

Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 

Mar 28 

(Tues ) 

at Broward J C 

Ft Lauderdale. Fla. 

Mar 29 


at Miami-Dade North 

Miami. Fla 

Mar, 30 


at Broward J C 

Fl. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Apr 2 


at Mlami-Dade South 

Miami. Fla 

1:00 PM 

Apr 3 

iMon 1 

at Miami-Dade South 

Miami. Fla 

3:00 PM 

Apr 4 


at Miami-Dade South 

Miami. Fla 

3:00 PM 

Apr 5 


at Adelphi 

Garden City. NY. 

3:00 PM 



Gotham State 

New Haven 

3:00 PM 

Apr 7 


at Southeastern Mass 

North Dartmouth, Mass. 

3:00 PM 

Apr- 8 



New Haven 

1:00 PM 

Apr 1(1 




3:00 PM 

Apr 13 


Stony Brook 

New Haven 


'\pr 14 



New Haven 

3 00 PM 

Apr 15 


Babson College (2) 

New Haven 

12 noon 

Apr 16 



New Haven 


Apr 20 



New Haven 

3 00 PM 

Apr 22 



New Haven 

12 noon 

Apr 23 


Central Connecticut 

New Haven 

1:00 PM 

Apr 2t> 



Jamaica, NY. 

3:00 PM 

Apr 28 


at Rhode Island College 

Providence. R I 


Apr, 29 


Bryant (2) 

New Haven 

12 noon 

Apr, 30 


Eastern Connecticut 

New Haven 

1:00 PM 

May 2 


at Sacred Heart 

Bridgeport. Conn. 

3:00 PM 

May 3 


at Siena 

Loudonville, NY. 


May 4 



New Haven 

3:00 PM 

May 6 


at Stonehill 

North Easton. Mass 

1:00 PM 

May 7 



Yale Field 

May 9 


at Stony Brook 

Stony Brook. NY. 

3:00 PM 

May 12 



New Haven 

3:00 PM 

May 13 


Pace (2) 

New Haven 

12 noon 

May 14 


at Assumption 

Worcester. Mass. 

2:00 PM 

Members of UNH's Scotland-bound Golf Teann. 

Herb Dunn, UNH's Track Star, 4th in 
N.A.I. A. District 32 Cross Country 

Lacrosse Club, BACK ROW (L-R): 
Gary Bianchi, Coach: Bruce, Tom Ric- 
cio, Joe Gilpacci, Dean Guidicca, Rich- 
ard Veilleux, Tom Vanasco, Jim Mc- 
Kinnon. FRONT ROW (L-R): Ralph 
Rogers, Frank Capalbo, Bill Hewitt, 
Dennis Sowers, George Sexton, Steve 
McCauley, Ken Schwartz, Tim Cox, 
Charlie Roctel, Keith Katcher, Harry 
Nye, and Larry Baccari, Trainer. 

The UNH Stickmen enter their first 
complete season with a mere half dozen 
experienced players. However, under 
the hard working Gary Bianchi, and a 
good attack and defense, the crew has 
high hopes of a winning season. 

UNH's Track Team 

N.LT. NERD Invitational Tournament, STANDING (L-R): 'Tall Paul" 
Bourdon, Paul "Mountain ' Zampier, Ed "Super Jock" Roslon, Richard 
"Ickey Dicky " Veilleux, Kevin "Eyes " Meehan, Dennis "Mouth " Sowers, 
Tim "Freak" Cox, Tony "Crocked Croc" Crocamo, and Robert "Zinger " 
Zeig. KNEELING: A Nice Jewish Kid. 

We are proud to announce that THE NERDS have captured the title as 
the First Runners-Up in the Nerd Invitational Tournament. The Faculty 
were the Winners, and also were camera shy. 




Fall Cheerleading Squad, L-R: Susan Lucibelii, Cheryl McHugh, Carolyn Prato, ^ ^■■P' 

Barbara Quinn, Mary "Clancey" Walsh, Marie Magnoli, Glory George. Miss- - -. _ ^ ^^^ 

ing: "Mickey" Amore, Cindy Ormorod. Captain: Carolyn Prato. Advisor: Pa- ^^BL^ 
tricia Lyons. ^K^st 


Spring Cheerleading Squad, FRONT ROW: Glory George, Susan Lucibelii, 
Cindy Ormorod. BACK ROW: Mary "Clancey" Walsh, Cheryl McHugh, Car- 
olyn Prato, Barbara Quinn. 

m i 


Girls, you don t have to sit together ALL the time! 



1. French, Bruce — English; 2. Cole, Carroll P. — 
English, Coordinator of Arts Department; 3. 
Woodworth, Robert W. — English; 4. Beeken, 
Ramona (Mrs.) — English; 5. Effros, Charlotte 
(Mrs.) — English. 

^^^m^ ^m 






1. Robillard, Douglas — English (Chairman), Reading Lab; 2. Rethis, 
Michael — English and Humanities; 3. Marx, Paul — English; 4. Smith, 
Donald M. — English; 5. Kaplan, Nathaniel — English; 6. Ellison, Jer- 
ome— English; 7 Howling, Robert T. — English. 



1. Goluboff, Sydney — English-Journalism; 2. Ol- 
gin, Philip — Teacher Education, Psychology; 3. 
Brown, David — Psychology (Chairman); 4. Gar- 
cia-Abrines, Luis — English (Lauguages). 

1. Reams, Dinwiddle — Science & Biology; 2. Wright, H. Fessenden — 
Science & Biology (Chairman); 3, Lemaire, Henry — Chemistry; 4. De- 
sio, Peter J. — Chemistry; 5. Nyce, William H. — Chemistry (Chairman); 
6. Puglia, Salvatore — Chemistry. 



1. Kee W. Chun — Physics; 2. Gage, Duncan — Physics; 3. Tscholl, Ekkehard 
Physics; 4. Hofmann, Ernest — Physics, Chairman Faculty Senate. 

1. SchoU, William F. Jr. — Humanities-Philosophy; 1. Tyndall, Bruce — 
Mathematics; 3. Naccarato, David — Mathematics; 4. Ross, Bertram — 
Mathematics; 5. Gangler, Joseph M. — Mathematics (Acting Chairman) 



1. Maffeo, Edward J. — Humanities — Art; 2. Moffitt, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 
— Humanities — Art; 3. Carriuolo, Ralf — Humanities — Music. 

1. Sarosi, Oliver — Economics; 2. Ball, R. Bruce — Economics; 3. Emer- 
son, Hugh — Economics; 4. Petersen, Willard — Economics; 5. Plotnick, 
Allan — Economics. 




1. Silbert, Louis — Business Administration; 2. Wiener, Bernard — Busi- 
ness Administration; 3. Flaumenhaft, Frank — Business Administra- 
tion; 4. Nordlund, Kai K. — Business Administration; 5. Roble, Ahmed 
— Business Administration; o. Yanover, Ruth — Business Administra- 
tion; 7. Sawhney, Shiv L. — Business Administration. 

1. Mosko, Raymond — Law Enforcement; 2. Holman, William G. — 
Accounting (Chairman); 3. Sherif, Ahmed — Law Enforcement; 4. Rei- 
mer, Richard — Accounting; 5. Maillard, Charles A. Jr. — Law Enforce- 
ment; 6. Conway, John R. — Law Enforcement (Chmn). 

Law Enforcement 


1. Surti, Kantilal K. — Electrical Engineering; 2. Sommers, Alexis — 
Assoc. Dean of Graduate School, Ind. Engr.; 3. Saleeby, Buddy B. - 
Mechanical Engineering; 4. Steinhauser, Harry — Mechanical Engineer- 
ing (Chairman); 5. Lyon, Dean — Electrical Engineering; 6. Lobay, Ivan 
— Mechanical Engineering; 7. Lambrakis, Constantine C. — Mechanical 
Engr.; 8. DriscoU, John — Electrical Engineering (Chairman); 9. Arnold, 
Joseph J. — Industrial Engineering. 

1. Jensen, Gwendolyn (Mrs. Gordon) — History; 2. Chepaitis, Joseph — 
History; 3. Katsaros, Thomas — History (Chairman); 4. Strother, Hora- 
tio T. — History; 5. Kennedy, George W. — History and PoUtical 
Science; 6. Vieira, Frank — Physical Education; 7. Wynschenk, Donald 
— Physical Education; 8. Machnik, Joseph — Physical Education. 

Physical Education 


1. Parker, Virginia (Mrs. Lawrence C.) — Dir. Special Studies; 2. Hamel, 
Earl O. — Dir. Scheduling; 3. Shattuck, James H. — Dir. Personnel; 4. 
Wilson, David — Asst. Dir. Continuing Education; 5. Wesolowsky, 
Charles L. — Dir. Management Center Sch. of Manager Dev.; 6. Parker, 
Lawrence C. — Dir. Development and Alumni Relations; 7. Elliott, 
Frank A. S. — Dir. Data Processing; 8. Woehlk, Heinz D. — Asst. Dir. 
Public Relations, PT English. 


1. Helen Rothfuss — Sec. Buildings & Grounds Procurement; 2. Mrs. 
Erba Day — Government Sec. 3. Griffeth, Olga C. (Mrs. Francis) — Sec. 
to University; 4. Buck, Margaret (Mrs. Carl H.) — Receptionist (Day), 
5. Levitsky, Dorothy I. — Sec. to Dean of Students; 6. Schusky, Violet 
(Mrs. Gustave) — Switchboard Operator. 



Marvin K. Peterson 
President of University 
of New Haven 






M,^ 1 

Allen C Hutchinson, 

John W. Ghoreyeb, 
Dean of Students 

Nicholas Brunetti, 
Director of Placement 

Peter A. Rogers, 
Admissions Counselor 

Richard M. Lipp, 

Director of Evening Divisior 

George Scharfer, 

Associate Dean for Administration 

Graduate School 

Cushman Robertson, 
Director of Admissions 

Joseph Macionus, 
Director of Financial Aid 

Willie C. Bonds, 
Director of Black Student 


Samuel M. Baker, Jr., 
Head Librarian 

Donald R. Ormorod, 
Director of Athletics 

James J. Fanning, 

Director of Student Services 

Ralph D. Byard, 

Director of Procurement and 

Buildings and Grounds 

David DuBusion 
Director of Financial Aid 

John Collinson, 

Dean of Arts & Sciences Humanities 



John Dennis Abbott 

21 West View Street 
Hamden, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Timothy Abbott 

John Carmine Abraitis 
East Waterbury Road 
Naugatuck, Connecticut 
B.S., Business 

Robert Joseph Albert 

10 Hihon Drive 

West Haven, Connecticut 


Kenneth Edward Allen 

34 Avon Street 

New Haven, Connecticut 


Gary C. Babcock 

999 Forest Road 

New Haven, Connecticut 

B.S., Engineering 

Robert Gene Bailey 
9 Cross Street 
Danbury, Connecticut 

Walter Warren Bailey 
33 Locust Street 
West Haven, Connecticut 
Social Administration 

Richard C.Ballard 
2 Oakdale Road 
Branford, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 

John Joseph Baronowski, 

86 Smith Avenue 
Norwich, Connecticut 
Administration Marketine 

Richard H. Barr 
449 Oliver Road 
Sewickley, Pennsylvania 

Joseph F. Barraco 
1224 Dean Street 
New Haven, Connecticut 

Christine Diane Barrere 
Cheshire Road 
Prospect, Connecticut 
Social Service 

Barry Joel Beitmean 
15 Greenleigh Road 
Fairfield, Connecticut 
Business Administration 
B.S. General Management 

Bruce Allan Bennett 
8 Berkley Avenue 
Southington, Connecticut 

David M. Berchem 
198 Gulf Street 
Milford, Connecticut 

Sherman E. Bercowetz 
66 Mohegan Drive 
West Hartford, 
B.S. General Marketing 
Business Administration 

William George Berthold 
40 Alexander Drive 
Bridgeport, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 



DaveT. Bharat 

19 Westwood Road 

New Haven, Connecticut 


Gary A. Bianchi 
72 Lincoln Avenue 
Amsterdam, New York 
B.A., Law Enforcement 

Carl Clifton Blake, Jr. 
429 Thompson Avenue 
East Haven, Connecticut 

Raymond Kenneth 

23 North Prospect Street 

Ansonia, Connecticut 

George Thomas Brady 
26 Pine River Road 
North Haven, Connecticut 

Stetson Allen Bray, Jr. 
249 Lombard Street 
New Haven, Connecticut 
Business Administration 
General Management 

Harry N. Breeden 
Clintonville Road 
Northford, Connecticut 
Business Administration 
General Management 

Norman Brelsford, Jr. 
409 East Avenue 
Bridgeport, Connecticut 

Robert Patrick Brennan 
201 Washington Avenue 
West Haven, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Allan Jeffrey Brown 
19 Easy Rudder Lane 
West Haven, Connecticut 
Business Administration, 

Jerry McKinley 
St. Anthony Browne 
73 Whitney Avenue 
New Haven, Connecticut 


Richard Bruno 

14 Tuthill Street West 
New Haven, Connecticut 

Morris H. Buck III 
1739 Marion Road 
Cheshire, Connecticut 
B.5. Civil Engineering 

Richard Joseph Bukowy 
143 Karen Lee Road 
Glastonbury, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Terence Thomas Burton 
R.F.D* 2 Kearney Road 
Pomf ret Center, 


Jean Byrnes James Anthony John W. Carpenter 

Calderwood, Jr. Cobbs Mill Road 

668 Derby-Milford Road, Weston, Connecticut 

Orange, Connecticut 
B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Andrew Matthew Carrano 
295 Prospect Avenue 
New Haven, Connecticut 
Business Administration, 

Michael Lloyd Cavanaugh 
14 Jerome Avenue 
Uncasville, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

John J.Cawley 
710 River Street 
Hamden, Connecticut 

Krikor Chaghatzbanian 

Paul J. Charbonneau 

59 Hervey Street 

New Haven, Connecticut 

Kenneth A. Chrusz 
Box 408 

Johnsonburg, New Jersey 

Joseph John Cieplak 
27 State Street 
Ansonia, Connecticut 

Donald William Clark 
47 Whalley Avenue 
Milford, Connecticut 

James Andrew Colella 
75 Phyllis Drive 
Waterbury, Connecticut 
B.S. Business Administra- 
tion, Marketing 

John Fredrick Colella 
155 Spencer Drive 
Middletown, Connecticut 

John Collinson 
31 Harrison Avenue 
Branford, Connecticut 
B.A. Political Science 


Stephen Theodore Conti 
12 Glen wood Drive, 
Trumbull, Connecticut 
B.S. Business Administra- 
tion, Marketing 

Nicholas Joseph Crismale 
398 First Avenue 
Secauces, New Jersey 
Law Enforcement 

Gregory J. Crook 
3 Davis Avenue 
Pompton Place, New Jersey 
B.S., Engineering 

Andrew D'Agostino 

22 River Street 

New Haven, Connecticut 

William K. Daley 

263 Brewer Street 

East Hartford, Connecticut 

Business Administration 

James David Daly 
78 Milbrook Drive 
East Hartford, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

James E Daniel 

883 South 18th Street 

Newark, New Jersey 

Robert G. Danner 

Route o 

Bethel, Connecticut 

Robert M. Davis, Jr. 
30 Academy Street 
Barre, Vermont 

Michael Jerome DeAngelo 
41 Du Bois Street 
Stamford, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

John D. DeFelice 

17 Carmen Street 

East Haven, Connecticut 

B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Gerald Andrew DeForge 
26 Twin Oaks Terrace 
Milford, Connecticut 

Harvey Bruce DeRosa 
25 Orfora Road 
West Haven, Connecticut 
B.5. Business 

Administration, General 


Kenneth R. DeRosa 
46 Springside Avenue 
New Haven, Connecticut 
B.S. Civil Engineering 

Willaim Thomas Derrico 
14 Arrowhead Road 
Convent, New Jersey 
Business Administration 

Ronald J. Deschenes 
34 Edge Road 
Watertown, Connecticut 

Stuart Dickman 
297 Harrison Street 
Passaic, New Jersey 
Business Administration 

Fred Diggle 

25 Fort Putnam Street 

Highland Falls, New York 

John William Dockendorff 
144 Old Hickory Road 
Orange, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 


Operations Management 

Stephen Marshall Dodge 
57 Vernon Street 
Manchester, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Russell J. Domareck 
9 Hemlock Drive 
Ansonia, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 


Operations Management 


Shari L. Domareck 
18 Rimmon Street 
Seymour, Connecticut 
Business Adminstration 

George William Dorr 
825 Savage Street 
Southington, Connecticut 
B.S., Mechanical 

Richard John Drew 
3731 Main Street 
Stratford, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Myra Dudley 
Hilltop Road 
Bethany, Connecticut 
B. A., English 

Gillette Scott Durkee 
2149 North 5th Street 
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 
Business Administration 

Frank W. Dworak, Jr. 
329 Pleasant Valley Road 
Rocky Hill, Connecticut 

Ben Dziensklewski 

Eric Eklof 
227 South Street 
Auburn, Massachusetts 
Civil Engineering 

Henry ]. Ellenbast, Jr. 
17 Balance Rock Road 
Seymour, Connecticut 

Eric L. Ellison, Jr. 
92 Summer Street 
Manchester, Connecticut 

Robert L. "Footsie" Farrell 
39 Dudley Street 
Haverhill, Massachusetts 

John Greg Farrington 
173 Jourmire Road 
Bridgeport, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Daniel M. Fleming 
480 Main Street 
West Haven, Connecticut 
Business Administration, 
Operations Management 

John K. Fleming 
19 Old Farm Road 
Madison, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 

Administration, General 



Joan Fontana Austin T. Ford, Jr. 

Roseview Lane 
Woodbridge, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 

Administration, Public 
and Social Administration 

John Joseph Fornal 

123 Canner Street 

New Haven, Connecticut 

Michael Stanley Fornal, Jr. 
325 Fairview Avenue 
Hamden, Connecticut 
Business Administration, 
General Management 

Thomas Edward Fortune 
9 Rice Road 

Woodbridge, Connecticut 
General Management 

James Fripp, Jr. 

14 Read Street 

New Haven, Connecticut 

AS. General Studies 

B.A. Sociology 

Lawrence Froberg 



Richard Mario Fuesy 
711 Amsterdam Avenue 
New York, New York 
Business Administration 

Michael Earle Fuller 
1 Washington Avenue 
Stamford, Connecticut 

Arthur Gagnon 

Michael A. Gallego 
50-17 94th Street 
Elmhurst, New York 
B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Chris J. Garrabrant 
124 Garner Avenue 
Bloomfield, New Jersey 
B.S. General Management 

Thelda Garrett 
55 Braman Road 
Waterford, Connecticut 
B.A., A & S, Mathematics 

John Charles Geddes 
481 West River Street 
Milford, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Lee Sandra Gerrish 
Hawley Drive 
Ansonia, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Dennis George Giacobbe 
7 Harold Avenue 
Somerset, Massachusetts 
Business Administration 

William C.Gibson, Jr. 
400 McKinley Avenue 
Stratford, Connecticut 
AS. General Studies 

Samuel Leon Giles 
11 South West Drive 
New Haven, Connecticut 
Social Science 

Steven Elliot Glickman 
471 Grace Trail 
Orange, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 



. m 

IraE. Goldsmith 

476 Zadig Street 
Oceanside, New York 
Business Administration 

Michael F. Granutti 
140 Hillcrest Terrace 
Meriden, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 


Operations Management 

Garrett Owen Grant 
398 Whalley Avenue 
New Haven, Connecticut 
Arts & Sciences 

Robert Anthony Gugliotti 
260 Wall Street 
Waterbury, Connecticut 
B.S. Civil Engineering 

David Wallace Gunn 
185 Wood Avenue 
Bridgeport, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 




Betty Gurciullo 

Thomas Joseph Gydus 

Carl John Hade 

Thomas Haley 

Alan Marius Hansen 

10 Birch Hill Road 

19 Ridgefield Road 

38 Chestnut Drive 


Salem, New Hampshire 

Shelton, Connecticut 

Windsor, Connecticut 

Killingworth, Connecticut 

Business Administration 

Business Administration 



Albert J. B. Heck 

69 Edgemere Boulevard 

Shrews, Massachusetts 


Herbert Heise 
18 Ownly Avenue 
West Haven, Connecticut 
B.S. Mechanical 

Jean Hermanowski 


Roger Allen Herold 
Route One 

Guilford, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Samuel Z. Hiller 

62 Shelter Cove Drive 

Milford, Connecticut 

Robert Hodge 
156 Elm Street 
West Haven, Connecticut 

Robert E. Hoebel 
2250 North Main Street 
Waterbury, Connecticut 
B.S. Mechanical 

Robert Lee Horwitz 
15 Country Court 
Woodbridge, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 



Paula Beth Hubelbank 
36 Kaye Road 
West Haven, Connecticut 
Social Service 

Fred Jay Hymowitz 
175 Ocean Parkvi^ay 
Brooklyn, New York 

Michael Joseph Ignatowski 
Great Hill Road 
North Branford, 


David Joseph loime 
27 Paramount Avenue 
Hamden, Connecticut 
B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Larry R. Johnson 
1-B Malcolm Court 
New Haven, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 

Administration, General 


Edward J. Kamas 
180 Louisiana Avenue 
Bridgeport, Connecticut 
Business Administration 



Asbjorn A. Karlsvik 
35 Hillcrest Avenue 
Stamford, Connecticut 
B.S. Economics 

Richard A. Keane 
101 Dixie Avenue 
Waterbury Connecticut 

Thomas Andrew Kelleher Frederick W. Kingsley, Jr. 

18 Gordon Street 
Hamden, Connecticut 
Business Administration, 
Social Administration 

Box 173 
Yantic Lane 
Yantic, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Timothy K. Klevecz 
11 Fox Hill Road 
Old Saybrook, 
B.A., English 

Robert A. Knarr 
100-A Linden Street 
New Haven, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Richard Stanton Kogan 
156 Osborn Avenue 
New Haven, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Ronalds. Krauss 
108 Prospect Avenue 
West Haven, Connecticut 
B.A. English 


Robert Lawrence Kreig 
198 Davis Street 
Hamden, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Paul Joseph "Cuban 

344 Humphrey Street 
New Haven, Connecticut 

John Lapomardo 
57 Wheelock Street 
Oxford, Massachusetts 

Daniel Harold LaRocque 

33 Ridge Court 

East Apt. 10 

West Haven, Connecticut 

Business Administration 

Michael Edward Leahy 
6 Adam Street 
Ansonia, Connecticut 

Robert N. LeBlanc 
611 Meriden Road 
Waterbury, Connecticut 

Gerald W. Lee 

215 West Rock Avenue 

Nev\f Haven, Connecticut 


Sarah L. Lehmann 

George Michael Lesko 

Laurence M. Levine 

Jeffrey F.Lewis 

Michael Steven Lewis 

The Atrium 

681 Shehon Street 

23 Cynthia Drive 

12 Grandview Drive 

23 Ridge Court East 

Meriden, Connecticut 

Bridgeport, Connecticut 

Milford, Connecticut 

South Yarmouth, 

West Haven, Connecticut 

B.A. EngHsh 

Business Administration 



Robert Lichtenstein 

lo Wade Street 

West Haven, Connecticut 

B.A., English 

Edna Evonya Lindsey 
200 Goffe Street 
New Haven, Connecticut 
Police Administration, Law 

Donald Thomas Lineen 
14 McKenzie Avenue 
Meriden, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Fernando Couto Lopes 
111 Tracy Avenue 
Waterbury, Connecticut 

Charles A. LoPresto 
233 W. Broad Street 
Pawcatuck, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 

Administration, Law 



Donald LoPresto 

Gregory Thomas Losee 
4 Crestwood Road 
Danbury, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Robert Edward Loss 

10 Erwin Place 

New Britain, Connecticut 


Douglas Edward Losty 
50 Perkins Street 
New Haven, Connecticut 

Joseph Loyd, Jr. 

453 South Main Street 

Wallingford, Connecticut 


Susan Anne "Sunan" 

89 Rangely Street 
West Haven, Connecticut 
B.A. English 

Richard Edward 

19 Peck Lane 
Cheshire, Connecticut 

Paul Franics Maciejak 
812 Taft Road 
Orange, Connecticut 

Nanak Madan 

Paul Thomas Mahoney 
23 Green Hill Street 
Manchester, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

William Jesus Mahoney 
189 Drake Avenue 
New Rochelle, New York 

Arthur George Mantlik 
10 Auburn Street 
South Norwalk, 



Daniel William Marconi 
243 Jane Street 
Bridgeport, Connecticut 
Industrial Engineering 

Raymond Charles Marko 
457 South oth Street 
Lindenhurst, Long Island, 

New York 
Business Administration 

Ronald Marohn 

Josephine Marotta 

Vincent Joseph Martinotti 
46 East Albert Street 
Torrington, Connecticut 
Industrial Engineering 

Emile Michael Massad 

229 Broad Street 

New London, Connecticut 


Ardenus Fred McBride 

Randall P Raoul 


Robert Alexander 

Madeline Mezzanotte 

36 Richland Road 


816 Valley Street 


26 Mathews Street 

Byram, Connecticut 

21 Orchard Road 

Vaux Hall, New Jersey 

116 East Avenue 

Waterbury, Connecticut 


Milford, Connecticut 
B.A., Business 

Business Administration 

Norwalk, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

B.A., English 

Mary Ann Mikosky 
511 Quintard Lane 
Orange, Connecticut 
A.S. Business 

David Miller 
141 Park Avenue 
East Orange, New Jersey 
B.S. Business 


Operations Management 

Arthur Mitchell, Jr 
140 Grove Street 
Stamford, Connecticut 
B.S. Business 



Louis Edward Moalli 
28 Arden Street 
New Haven, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

Bruce W. Mochan 
494 Carriage Drive 
Orange, Connecticut 
B.A., Histoey 


Ronald John Montagna 
ol Aircraft Road 
West Haven, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

George "Of The Jungle" 

Anthony Montano 
60 Clark Street 
New Haven, Connecticut 
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John Lennon 

As soon as you're born they make you feel small 

By giving you no time instead of it all 

Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all 

A Working Class Hero is something to be 

A Working Class Hero is something to be 
hey hurt you at home and they hit you at school 
I'hey hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool 
Till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules 

A Working Class Hero is something to be 

A Working Class Hero is something to be 
When they've tortured and scared you for 20 odd years 
Then they expect you to pick a career 
When you can't really function you're so full of fear 

A Working Class Hero is something to be 

A Working Class Hero is something to be 
Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV 
And you think you're so clever and classless and free 
But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see 

A Working Class Hero is something to be 

A Working Class Hero is something to be 
There's room at the top they are telling you still 
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill 
If you want to be like the folks on the hill 

A Working Class Hero is something to be 

Yes, a Working Class Hero is something to be 
If you want to be a Hero well just follow me 
If you want to be a Hero well just follow me 

Copyright (c) 1971 Northern Songs Ltd. 
Used by Permission, All Rights Reserved 

Pages, 'Song ForThe Asking ": 
c. 1970 Paul Simon 

Used with the permission of the publisher. 
Page 15, "Across The Universe". 

Copyright (c) 1971 Northern Songs Ltd. 
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Page 26, "Friends": 

Copyright (c) 1970 Dick James Music Limited 

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