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•»■ ^'^ 





- I 






eSRLlZ H»S. 


Sounds as 
ee in eA 

e t 

A a 

6 e 
O o 
UJra 00 


Sounds as 
in til 

I i t 

.ale E e « .. ^11 

. alms Ana., am 

all O .. olive 

, ope U u « .. «p 

, food XJ u 00 .. foot 


^ IS ow'm oto] 
Q U M .. m»le 


y y in yea (Www in tt?ay 


i j « in isle 
CT er ot .. otl 

Sounds as 
P p /) in rope 
Bb b 

Tt t 
Dd ^ 

e q ch. 
J j j . 


Sounds as 
F f / in sa/e 
V V » .. satTC 

th ..wrea/Ae 
B M .. lii«f 
^ .. lii« 

' ••neajure 



.. yeer 

.. <;ame 
.. yame 


in for I L 1 /in f&ll 


JJ TQ Tip in Biuff 

1 t 



Z z 


M m m in seem 
N n » .. seen 

H h A in hay 

The sign (') is prefixed to /, m, «, to shew' when they form syllables 
by themselves ; as, dud^l, dublip ; riPm, rifmic ; ev'ti, evnip ; and the 
compound symbols, 7, '«t, *«, are then called " vocals." For farther 
information, see Phonetic Journal for Jannary 1848. 

New Orthographical S^ns: — (?) query, placed at the commence- 
ment of interrogative clauses; ({) si^h; (!) smile; { ) obsolescent 
parentheses, used to inclose words which are not spelt phonetically ; 
( ' ) elision, shewing that & letter has been dropped, as, i'l for i ml. 
See Joumaly as above, p. 24, 25. 

"Rwlz fer fptdir) ieplas ov is Acsent hwen not mqrct. 

Hwen IflgliJ wurdz cpr fermd bj adi^ silab'lz tra nder I^gliJ wurdz, 
de pozijnn ov de dcsent iz not Qanjd. Hwen de dcsent iz not mcprct in 
nder wnrdz, it iz tm be red — 

\, On is Lqst Silab*l ov el wnrdz ov t\h. silaVlz begini;} wid e; e, 
e, a, o ; per, pre, pro ; be, de, se, re ; U'ans ; di ; com, con, co) su; 
— Ecsept — e) Wnrdz endiig in er, ur, 7, *«, a, i, ic; and — a) Proper 
namz and dar ajectivz : 

2, Onie Lqst silab*l bid Wun — e) ov el nder wurdz ov tifi silab'lz ; 
— ^a) ov el wurdz hwotever havii) eni loig v^rel but o, er eni diftoig bat 
^, in dat silab'l ; — a) ov el wurdz in hwig /, 5, er y, presedz de Iq^ 
v^el ; — e) ov el wurdz endi]} in ic, ics, ental, er antal, hweder derjvd 
from uder wurdz er not ; — o) ov el foren wurdz, Frenq ecsepted : 

%. Onie Lqst silab'l but Tm, ov el uder wmrdz, — Ecsept — ^Wurdz 
ov mor ian Irs silab'lz, endi^ in eri, uri, er iz^m, hwiq hav &t dcsent 
on ie Lqst silab*l but Ire. 









Pflj 36, lq:<t Ijn but «iiu, Iqat Kurd, fer "de" rtd "de." 
„ 88, Ijii 1 3, f.)r ■■ but «," m\ " but it iz." 
Sum uFiiFat marcs hav ben ac&idcnlali omiled huai da at tui bar 1 
I plBst ill m'ardaiis wid dc rtnlz liwiq wii be hai opoiiit dc Ijl'l pig. I 


PART 1. ae VIZIT. 

§ !■ 

H Lit'l Ba. Mamq, 'iliwen q,r v/£ tiu go 
and se de nu h^s. 

3e Berz Mamq,. If u Ijc, ii ma cmn wi.l 
me and se it tui-da. 

B(T. O, i Jud lie it veri mu^. "iCan \\ 
tel me hwi^ iz de wa tm de nu hiss. 

Moiuq- U hav ferst tm turn tiu At left uz 
smn QZ u go st ov dis hss, and den u go dsii 
de Ian ; hwen u hav got a gud wa dsn dc 
Ian, Ti wil SE a njs, nu, tel h^s, just in fnmt o\' 
n,. 3dt iz sr mi hss. 

Bcr, clapir) hiz handz. O, j Jal Ijc it so 
mu() ! i no i Jol. 

Mamq. "i Hs dm ii no u wil. 


(lu be 


■ and , 

amd ; „ ' "'• Olid J,„ 



»« bonet 

""'"lit far , 



on yet. S am not cwjt so cwic 
j |al not cEp u log. 

"'"' He lit'I ba and hiz mamq wect st 
f** hss intui de Ian. 

Bcf. O h3 njs it iz tin go st wecii) wid u, 
maraq,. Hwot a priti Ian dia iz. J hav of'n 
wect dsn dis Ian, mamq,. It iz so njs tm get 
st ov de stret intui de cwjet Ian, A ! mamq, 
"! did u se dot. 

Mamq. ^- Hwot, mj der. 

Bff. Sat be, mamq,. '^- Ma j run and car, 
it, mamq. 

Mamq. No, no, mj der. U must tac car 
and not tuq it, er it ma hurt u veri muq. 

Ber, S Ht con it hurt me, mamq. 3e br 
iz not hqf so big az j am. And den q no. 
if it trjz tm hiu^ me, \ can eziU giv it a noc, 
and den it wU tac car not tm hurt me agen. 

Mamq. Mj der be-, j tot u nq dat u ot 
not tm giv eni-tiq a noc. Supoz a grat big 
man wer tm cum and giv n a noc, '•. Jud y, 
lie it. 



Bcr. O no, mama ; he wud be Jxir tm hurt 
me veri mug, and j diu not Ijc tiu be hiirt. 

Mamq. Veri wel, and a be duz not I^c tm 
hz hurt eni mor dan n, so n, must not tuq it. 
U ty so muq biger don a bs dat n mjt hurt 
it, if u tuqt it, Ev'n widst meuii) tm dm so. 

B(T. O but i wud tac sug car, moniq,. * 
wud tu^ it so jentU. i wud not scwez it, j 
wud hold it cwjt stil and scarsH prea it. * 
wud not hurt de be at el, mamq,. 

Mamq. U mjt not men tm hurt it, but de 
Iil' wud not no ddt, and oz sran az it felt q, 
tuQ it, it wud fer u wer goiq tm hurt it, and ' 
den it wud hurt ii, tm mac u let it go. 

Bef. ': But h:f can i^e be hurt me, mamq. 
It haz no haadz tm giv mc a noc, and its 
myt iz so veri srael i can hcirdh se it, so j 
dont tujc its tet can be Icirj enuf, er strog 
enuf tm bjt me, and if it wer tm cic me wid 
its fet, i dm not tiqc j jud fcl it mor dan j 
fel a flj hwen it wees over mj handz, and dot 
onli tic'lz me, and duz not hm"t me at el. 

Mamq. No, mj der, h qr c\vit rjt. If a 
be bad onli its mst and fet tm bmt u wid, n 




Bff. O hwot a u^s lit'l tig, just Ijc a V( 

lit'l har. S Ma j tuq it. 

Mamq,. No no, mj der, dot iz de stig 
j told u abgt. 3is stiq iz Jqrper dan a pin 
er a ned'l, and if u tuq it, it wil rim intm u. 
0]d6 dis stig iz 80 veri fjn, it iz bolo, Ijc a 
lit'l, lit'l pjp. So hwen de Jqrp end haz mad 
a hoi in nr scin, sum bad stuf iz sent st from 
ds bodi ov de be trm dis lit'l pjp intm ds 
hoi in iir scin. Sis bad stuf iz cold pcrz'n, 
mid it macs de plas veri sor. Sumtimz a Iqij 
bump i|zez up in de plas hwar de stit) haz 
goii in, and it remanz veri bad fer meni daz. 

B(J. O der \ 't wil tac grat car not tui 
tuq a be, ms j no ixs it can hurt me so veri 
muq. But, mamq, supoz a be wer tm tug 
me, tm flj on tm mj fas or mj hand, '•. hwot 
must i dm. 'i Wont it stig me. 

Mamq, Not if n, cep cwjt stil, and dm not 
fijet abst, or bred upon it, er dm eni-tiq tui 
mac it afrad. 3en it wil onli wee over ur fas 
or hand az it wees over a pes ov stic er de 
stec ov a flser, and it wil not put at its stig. 
Let a be olon, and it wil fl| awa widat hurtig 



U, and tac itself of tm its hjv ; dat iz de nam 
ov a bez hss, u no. And lier we qr cum 
tm TST OQ nil hss, so op'n de gat and wee in. 

Bff. ^ ccLUt req de laq, mama ; j am not 
tel ennf. S Wil u op'n it fer me. 

Momq, lifts de gat-lag fer de lit'l bcr. 3ar, 
mj der, ns de gat iz op'n, and i\ can go intm 
de gcird'n, and run abst and amuz urself hwjl 
j atend tm mj biznes in de hss. 

Ber. Yes, mamq. laqc u, mamq,. 

§ 3 

Hwen liiz mam^ bad dun de biznes bwig |e 
had tui dm in ds nii Ivss, |e celd tui de lit'l 
ber, and he cam in and luct at de bss. 

Bcr. O mamq, hwot a ujs rmm dis iz ! It 
iz so big and Ijt ; so muq biger and Ijter dan 
OT old sitiq rumi at hom, mamq.. And den 
dar qr suq njs tigz in it. 3arz a cloc, mamq. 
O, i dm Ijc a cloc so muq. It goz tic tae, 
tic tac, and den it sti-jcs tig tai) ! tig tag ! 
tig tag ! "n Hwot o-cloc iz it n3. 

Mamq. It iz twelv o-cloc, 

Btf. 1 Hif can u tel dat it iz twelv o-cloc. 




Mamq. ^ se Ae tui handz cwjt clos ' 
geder at ds top. 

Ber. *! Handz, inaiiid- 'i Hwar q,r ds 
liandz. ii se do liondz. 

Mamq. 4 Dm u sc doz log uciro pesez i 
brq^ wid |cirp endz, dat or fcis'nd tiu a pin i 
de rnid'l ov ds cloc. 

Bo. Yes. 

Moiiiq, We col dem " handz," and we 
eel dis nsnd hwjt tig hwiq de handz mmv 
over, and hwig haz dez blac rnqrcs upon it, 
"de fas." U se a cloc ceps its handz befor 
its fas. 

Ber So it duz. i am jiy it iz veri wet 
dat de handz or so smol, er els we Jud not se 
de fas at ol. And S hwots de us ov doz bloc 

Manicj. 3oz mqrcs cyr tm help tui tel niE 
hwot o-cloc it iz. U se dat dar ar tiu roz ov 
dem, wun goz rgnd de sts^d, and wan goz 
rsnd de ins^d ov de rim ov ds cloc-fas. He 
stsjd mq^'cs qr muq Iqrjer and strater dan de 
ins^d wunz, and da qr cold Roman Nunierolz ; 
de lit'l cruccd wunz ins^d qr celd Arabic 


Figurz. Sum does hav onli wun set ov 
mq^ca, but srz liaz bot. Ns sq ov dez mqrcs 
haz a nam, hwiq iz de sam az de nam ov de 
■gr, i' wil tel dem tm u. 

































' aics.' 






' sev'n 






' at." 


















' Elev'n 






' twelv 


Bcr. *: Hs con dez mcycs help tiu tel ii 
hwot o-cloc it iz. 

Momq. 'i Dm u se dat wun ov de " hondz" 
iz Jerter dan de uder. 

Bff. Yes. 

Mamq. £Ien j luc tm se hwar de Jort hand 


iz. If it iz pq,st wun ov dez marcs, sa pcist 
VJ, i no dat it iz post sics o-cloc, and if it iz 
not yet up tui VII, j no dot it iz not yet sev'n 
o-cloc. 3en i luc tm se hwar de Iqrj hand 
iz, and i CTsnt dez lit'l strocs hwit; u se on ilc 
rim betwen de Iqrj bkc mqrcs [ told q, ov. 
U SE dar qj fjv ov dem bctwcn even tui Iqrj 
marcs, i cHiit lis meni dar cy betwen de 
nicirc Xn, and de end ov de log hand. Sis 
telz niE lis meni minuts it iz post VI, and so 
i fjnd st hwot o-cloc it iz. "^Hav it under- 
stud' ol dat I huv told n. 

Bcr. Yes, mamti, i tiqc so. 3ar is de fort 
hand, and den dar iz de log hand, and dar cir 
de blac mqrcs and de lit'l mcircs, and u csnt 
— no, mamq,, I dont tigc I no it cwjt yet. 

Mamii. Perhaps j hav told n tm muq at 
wuns. Hwen we cum tui liv in dis hss, i wil 
teq H tm C5nt de miniits, and den n, wU be 
ab'l tiu tel me hwot o-cloc it iz, hwenever j 
q.8C u. 

Bff. Hs njs ddt wil be. 

Mamq,, And ns, m^ der, i hav sumtii) els 
tiu dm, so go and tac anudcr run. 


It woz 9um-t|iii befor de lit'l berz mamq, 
woz redi tui se him agen, and hwen je did 
cum bac, he had ben ruiiii) ahst so muq dat 
he woz veri t^rd iuded. 

Btr. O mamq, j am so so tjid. i hav 
ben up starz and dan starz. S hav ben in 
everi ruim in &e hss. 4 hav ben runii) abst 
el de tjm u wer bizi, and ns j am so tjrd and 
hot, i dont no hwot tm diu. 

Mamq,. if can tel n, hwot tm dm. Sit stil 
and rest urself. Dont jump of ur ^ar directli 
U sit dsn upon it. U wil never rest if u dm so. 

Bcr. O mamq, it iz so hqrd tm sit cwjt 
stil and dm nutig but rest. If u cud tel me 
sumtig, j tii)c j cud be az stil oz a mss. O, 
pra tel me sum-tiq, mamq, and den j Jal rest, 
and be ab'l tm wee hom wid u cwjt wel. 

Mamq. Wel, az i hav plenti ov tjm ns, 
and no mor biznes tm dm, j wil trj and tel u 
aumtig. 'i Dm u reeolect Tom Gren, hm ust 
tm wee wid a cruq Iqst sprig. 

Bff. O yes, pmr felo. i* of'n felt veri son 

Jiwenis(,himweci,wi4acni5. «Hwot woz 
It tat lim-t him, and mad him nz n crac; 

Mamq. He H d™ i„ & stret wn da 
and sprand Liz leg, 

Bjj. SHwot dm u mtn bj "sprand hiz 
l<^g, mamq. 

Mamii. He gav it a twist, and dat hurt 
himvenmug. He cud not uz it at el Ht 
cud not Evn stand or wee for n veri loii tim 
And hwen hiz leg got beter, he woz obljjd tiu 
us a cru5, for it woz so stif and wec dot he 
cud not get on widst wun. 

Bo. « Hi did he spran hiz leg ; dm tel 
nie, mmnq. 

Mama. Tom Gren ust tm go tm scml at 
* botmn ov dis Ian. H no hwar de scml hss 
iz ? 

Ber. O yes, mami Luc ! j can se tc 
top ov de 5imni st ov dis windo. 

Mama. Tom Gren Uvd at dc uder end ov 
48 tim i so he had tm go el trm ds tin befor 
he cud get tm scml. Ni, wun da, hwen it 
woz yen cold, and de sno woz Ijig tic on 
de grand, and had ben froz'n tU it woz cwjt 




^M ^ 

hcird ond sliperi, dar wer sum btrz hui tet da 

^Hu M 

wud Ijc tm hav a sl^d. 

^^K~~ m 

Ber. O mamq, [ Ijc tui hav a sljd so inuq. 

^^H ~l ^^^^1 

It iz suq fun, and macs me so werm and 

^Bies ^^^^K 

meri. O mamq, 'i liwen ma j liav a sljd necst. 

Momq. U must wat til de winter cumz 

rsnd, and it iz frosti. Hwen de weter er sno 

^^^■^^^^ / ^^^^^^1 

iz froz'n over, den u can sljd over de js. But 

^^H / ^^^^^H 

XI must tac car not tm dm az dez befz did. 

^^B ^M 

Bcr. 'i Hwot did da dm, mamq. 

^^m~ 1 ^M 

Mamq. Sa mad a sljd upon de sno dat 

^^M 1 . ^^B 

la on de fut-pctt. Ns, n no, it iz veri dificult 

^^H / ^1 

tm WGC upon a sljd. 

^^H ^1 

Bct. adt it iz, mamq. i trjd tm wee 

^^H ^M 

upon a slid Iqst Crismas, on de lit'l pond at 

^^H ^M 

de hoc ov ar old hss, mama, and j slipt ahst 

^^H ^1 

dis wa and ddt wa ; mj fet semd tm be ranig 

^^H ^1 

awa from me. 4 cud scarsli wee at el. i 

^^B ^H 

am Jqr j Jud hav tumb'ld on mj noz, if papq 

^^B ^1 

had not cot me in tim. 

^^^B ^^1 

Mamq. Pmr Tom Gren fel on de sljd, and 

^B ^^1 

he had no papq, ner him tm ca^ him az u 

^H ^^1 

had. Hwen de boz dot j told u ov, had had 

^^v B 1 

enuf slidiq, da went of tm scud. Puir Tom 

L / mj 


By^ fl 



alo5 02 f(,si 

'iter lat dis 

™"™tage.'.:,t,t .;:-/;*»"' 

'" «™5. fort ™ *'™"*' ""i "-^ kz 

'-'idt^;?.: dr.crf"™" 

k-.. pu. Tom told h™ Li ,* ™ ?'• "»'' 
™». not lioi, ta s. de puiXt • ^^ *» 


"■■/ ! nil dot 1 




Mamq. i am sori \ cqut tel u hiz nam, iiij 
der, fer Tom did not no him, and liwen dc nicm 
had bret him tm At docterz, he went awa, and 
Tom never se him agen. Wei, de docter f-5nd 
dat dc leg W02 not broc'n, but onli sprand er 
twisted. U no ns hwot [ men bj sprand ? 

Btr. Yes, momq, veri wel, Hs it miist 
hav hurt him. 

Mamq. Yes, it hurt him so muq Aat he 
woz in bed fer tiii or tre wees, and hwen he 
woz at Iqst ab'I tui lev de hss, he hmpt abst 
on a cmq, piur felo. 

Bflf. But mamq, i tiqc j se Tom Greti cum 
from scud wuii da Iqst wee, and he woz runiq 
aioi) Qz fcLst and oz wel j con. 

Mamq,. Yes, he iz us cwjt wel and brisc 
agen, but it woz suin tjm befor he ciid kv of 
hiz crut;. 

Ber. Taijc u, mamq, for hwot u hav told 
ab^t piur Tom Gren. i Jol tiijc ov it 
iwenever [ se him, and j wil tac car not tui 
mac eni sljdz upon de fut-pqdz, fer fer [ Jud 
mac sum wun fel and hurt himself, er spran 
hiz leg Ijc piur Toln Gren. 


Mamq. And ms, mj iit'l felo, '•qj u cwjt 
rested, and ab'l tiu woe hom wid me, fer it iz 
nerli wun o-cloc, j se, and just diner-tjin. 

Hef. O yes, momq, j am cwjt frej and 
wel, and ab'l tiu wee ms. 4l can run ogen. 

Moinq. Yea, but u must not nui tiu mug, 
er u wi! tjr urself ogen. lac mj hand, and 
wep ctt^etli bes^d ms. 

3e Iit'l btr den tuc liiz maraqz hand, and 
wect hom. And ns, if u wont tm no eni-tig 
uior ov djs Iit'l bff and hiz mamq,, u must 
turn tm de secuud pq^-t ov dis stori, in hwig 
U wU find a grat del mor ub3t dem. 

PART 2. ae MttJV. 



§ 1- 



* dont tiiic i told u &z nam ov ds lit'I bcr 



hui went tm se hiz nu hss. Hiz nam woz 


Gqrlz, but doz hm nii him wel, and Ijct him. 


ust tm eel him Gcirh. N3, qz we fal no him 

7 1 

veri wel, and j hop Ijc him vcri muq tm, we 

— m 

wU eel him ©CLrli, and not ©orlz. He Ijct 


best tm be celd Gqrli, becez it ssnded az if 

"~" m 

pep'l Ijct him, and he woz elwaz plezd tm 


fjud pEp'l Ijc him. 


Hiz mamq woz cehl Misis Bnu, and hiz 

papq, woz Mister Brsn, de groser. Hiz papq 


and mamq livd in a smel cuntri t^n. Mister 

Brsn had ben a groser for a grat meni yerz. 


and ns he ment tm giv up beii) a groser, and 

tm let hiz eldest sun be a groser insted. 3at 


woz hwot pEp'l ment hwen da sed, "Mister 


Brsn iz goiq tm rEtjr from bizues, and giv it 

up tm hiz eldest sun." 



fc„ ^ 

. ■ 


Mister Brrn had bet a nu h^s, az he woz 
kviij hiz old wun. Hiz nu hss woz not veri 
fqr of &E old wiiii, but it woz cwjt st ov de 
tsn, and stud iu a veri priti gqrd'n. It woz 
not a veri big hss, Ao ©orb tet it big, but it 
woz a veri n^s ciunfurtab'l hss tm liv in. 

Hwen u left &z groserz Jop, u had tm turn 
tm de left, and qfter wecii) a fu steps, u cam 
tm a Ian, hwiq led ii cwjt 5t ov de tsn, jUter 
11 had wect abst a cwerter ov a mjl dsn dis 
Ian, It, SQ a lit'l turnig tm At rjt. At de botum 
ov dis woz a gat, mad ov ralz, panted gren, 
trm hwiq u cud se de gord'n. In de gqrd'n 
dar wcr njs grave! wees and flyer bedz. 3en 
H so de hss, hwit; woz bilt ov yclo brics. It 
had a dor in de mid'l wid tre ston steps goirj 
up tm it. In frunt ov de dor dar wer sum 
tin lq,4z, twisted in and 3t Ijc bctscet wurc. 
3is we eel a trelis. 3is trelis cam up on bot 
sjdz de dor, and woz bent over de top ov it, 
macir| a lit'l pasej standiq 3t from de hss. 
Lit'l posejez Ijc dez in frunt ov a hss we eel 
porqez. Muntli rozez wer trand up de trelis 
on eq sjd ov de porq. 



3ar wer tiu windoz on eg s^d ov de dor, 
and f^v windoz abuv. And behjnd Ac hss 
dar woz a jqrd, wid a pump, and a pes ov 
grsnd, fer cabejez, and potatoz, and beuz, 
and uder tigz ov dis sert, hwiq ws eel 
vejetab'lz. And ol rsnd Ae gqrd'n dar woz 
a wgI, 

So u se it woz a veri nja cumfurtab'l hss 
hwiq Mister Bnm woz goig tiu liv in wid 
Misis Brsn and ©q,rli. 


■f told u dat Mister Brsn woz goiq tui let 
biz eldest sun be a groser insted ov hinisell'. 
It se den dat ©qi-li hud sura bruderz. But 
I wer veri mug older dan he woz, and so [ 
Jul not huv tm tel u mug abst dem ; fer j dar 
sa u wil Ijc most tm her ab^t lit'l ©qrli him- 
self. Yet u et tm no dat de eldest bmder 
woz cold Jamz, and woz twenti-tre yerz old. 
He had ben helpig hiz fq.der for a log tim, 

I and understud' ol abst de groseri biznes veri 
wel. He woz a veri gud cind-hq^'ted yui) 
man, and luvd hiz brnder Gqrli veri derli. 

And ° hwj, dui ii tlge, woz Mister Bran goig 
till giv up de groserz Jop tm liim. Jamz woz 
siuii tui be morid, and hwen be woz niarid he 
wud wont a h5s tux liv in. Mister Brsn woz 
veri fond ov Jamz, and tet dat if he gav him 
up Ae old Jop, he wud be ab'l tin cm muni 
for himself and hiz wjf tm liv on. Mister 
Brsn himself had ernd a giid del ov muni bj 
heir) a groser, or els be wud not hav ben ab'l 
tiu bj suq a njs hss az &z hss [ told n abst. 
So he tot he wud ns Hv cwjctli in hiz on hss, 
and not wurc at a biznes eni loi)ger. And 
Jamz woz tm hav ds old hss in &e tsn, and 
cep de jop. 

ae Jop woz in de fmnt ov de hss, and dar 
woz a porlur at de bac ov it, and a best sitig 
ruim over it, and a gud mem bed rmmz in 
diferent ports, but el rctder smel, and not so 
gud az in de nii liss. 

&arli had anuder bruder, cold Tomas. He 
woz twcnti yerz old. He woz aprentis tm a 

sadler and hcimea macer. 



Hwen a bo- wonts tm lern a trad, hiz fcider 
tacs Iii]ii tm a tradzmaii, and aez hiz sun 
wonts tm lern A^ trad. Hen if &z traclzman 
haz rmra ennf, and iz ab'l tm teg de ut, he 
tacs him intm hiz on h^s, and teqez him hiz 
trad. But it ivud not dm fer him tm teq hiz 
trad fer nutir). Se bcrz fqder den givz dt 
tradzman sum muni, and promisez dat hiz 
sun Jul stop sev'n yerz wid liim. At ferst dc 
ber duz not no veri mug, and de tradzman hoz 
tm spend mnq t^m, and giv himself a grat del 
ov trub'l tm tcq him, but at Iqst de bcr noz ciz 
muq obst de trad az hiz mqster duz. But he 
must not lev him : he must stop tm de end ov 
Az sev'n yerz, becez he promist it, and becoz 
hwot he can dm fer hiz mqster ditrir) de Iqst 
yer er tiu, helps tm pa de tradzman a lit'l mor 
for de trub'l ov teqiij him. Hwen a ba iz staiq 
wid a tradzman tm lern hiz trad in dis wa, he 
iz celd an aprentis. 

GclfU had a sister, tiu, hmz nam woz 
Jan. T.& woz ten yerz old, and woz veri 
fond ov Sqrli. Jle went tm acml even da, 
and |e Ijct goig tm scud veri muq, becez Je 

< lES 

^ V 

- <i004 



lernt so mug Aat pkzd her, and dot |s wonted 

tiu no. 

Lit'l Cqrli himself woz onli fjv yerz old. 
He woz a njs rozi-tjEct ber, and veri cwic. He 
understud' elmost el dot woz sed tm him, but 
he woz never ajamd ov not noig enitii) 4at he 
had not lernt. He woz elwaz veri hapi tin be 
told hwot it ment, yet he did not qsc cwesqunz 
hwen hE se dat pep'l wer bizi and cud not 
lis'n tm him. But he woz so cjnd und gud- 
umiird, and Ijct so muq tui dm tigz for pep'l 
himself, dat 6r wild of'n stop in Ae mid'l ov 
dar WTirc, tm tel him dz menigz ov tiqz hwiq 
he did not understand, and wijt tm no, onli 
did not Ijc qscit) abst, for fer ov trublii) dem. 


And ns j hav told n hm Gqrli woz, and hiii 
hiz fqder and muder wer, and lis meni bruderz 
liE had, and ha old hiz sister woz. $ hop ^ 
hav Ijct hwot i hav sed, and hav understud' 
it el. $ tot u et tm no hm dE pep'l wer 
dat wud be spEcii) wid Eqrli in dis buc ; and 
ns j hav sed hwot | ivonted abst dcni, [ Jol 

Cotej, and dot woz \ns it cam dot Gqrli fsnd 
suq njs tiijz in de hss hweu he went dar. 

"Wei, ©qrli her," sed Mister Bi-sn, '"ziz 
mam<i redi. S Hwot did je sa." 

"Mamq, sed, Je wud be dsn in a minut." 

Mister Brsn puld 3t hiz big silver woq, and 
sed : " N3, Sqrli, •: htf log hav u bm cumig 
dim Htarz." 

" O papii ! " sed ©orli, " j dont no. 3i hav 
not ben mor dan a minut, j am Jur. S can 
cum disn veii cwic ns. Moniq, tot me hs tiu 
hold bj de ral, and [ let mj bond sljd dsn so 
fqst, so fast!" 

" Hw|, Mister Hop-o-mi-tmn," sed Jamz, 
" '•n dont men tui sa u can rcQ de ral ns." 

"Yes, i can," sed ©orli; "luc her! j can 
put mj band flat dsn on de csnter, and ddt iz 
mug hjer dan de ral. But, Ihwot dm u men 
hi Hop-o-mi-tum. It iz a veri fmii nam." 

"Hqrc!" sed Jamz, "I ber momq celig u- 
U Jal her ab^t Hop-o-mi-tum anuder tjm." 

"eorli! ©qrli!" crjd Misis Bnin. 

"Her i am, mamq! i am cumig direetb." 
And be ran ^t ov de |op, and scramb'ld up 


i! dont no bs muq mor Mr. Bnrn mit hav 
sed, for he Ijct pcp'l tui sa cgzdctii hwot da 
meut ; (and it iz muq beter dat da jud dm so, 
becoz den da wil be elwaz understud';) but be 
woz stopt bj de till men hiu cam tmi Ae fop 
wid a veri Iqtj bocs hwiq da corid betwen dem, 
und den he went tm se it put propcrii upon de 

At legt el de tigz wer put on tiu hwel-baroz. 
Sa wer onli a fii ov de Iqst tirja dat had tiu be 
corid tiu de rm hss; el de uder tigz had ben 
fac'n sum daz ago. And den de tm men put 
itiir Jalder-straps on, and lifted up de baroz 
\cn Ezili, Of da set tui get tm de nu h^s. 
Xecst cam Mister and Misis Brsn, ond ©cyli. 
-lamz woz obljjd tm reman in de fop, tm serv 
«ui wun hm m^t cmn in tm bj ; Tomos woz 
stil wid liiz master, and Jan woz in scud. 

Lit'l ©qrii woz hjli deljted; he hopt on 
ferst, and clapt hiz handz, and sed -. " Ns we 
qr reali, reali goig tm liv in de mi has I o, ha 
glad i am i " 



" Stop a moment, ©qrli," sed hiz papq ; 
" '^hwot macs u so glad tuigo tm de nn, hys." 

" O, it iz so veri ujs. ^ remember hwen j 
ferst went tm se it wid mamq, j tot everi tii) 
so njs, and net, and clea, and priti, and cum- 
fuitab'l. And den dar iz a gqrd'n, and o! it 
iz so muq pritier dan dis hgs." 

" We], wel, i no it iz a cozi plas enuf," sed 
Mister Brsn, "and yet, hwen j recolect el 
tiijz dat ; hav sen, and sed, and dun, in de 
old hsa, i dont haf Ije levig it." 

€(trli did not sem tui understand hwot hiz 
papq ment. 

" Mj der," sed hiz muder, " hwen u hav Uvd 
a loq, log hwjl in de nn, hss, and it haz becuni 
on old hss, 'i dont u tiqc u wil Ijc it stO, er, 
'•wud q, Ijc tui go mtm eni nu hiss, just becez 
it woz nu." 

" O, mam^! j am |ur [ fal luv sr Cozi 
Cotej elwaz, for ever, az log az j liv." 

'And 'ihwj." 

' O, I lal he so liapi dar wid u, and papti, 
and Jan." 

And '■hav ^x not ben hapi in de old hss." 



" And yr papq and j hav ben hapi in de 
old Ins a grat, grat meni yerz, and so, Ao we 
Ijc de nu hzs dot we cu" goii) tm, and do «-£ 
]al eiwaz be ner de old hss, and ur bruder and 
Iiiz n-jf wil be dar ; yet we M a lit'l son tm \tv 
a plas liwar everi ruim, hwai- Ev'n de qarz and 
tal)'lz rEinjnd us ov smntii) dat we Ijc tm tiijc 
ov. ■? Dm u underatdiid ns hwot papq ment." 

" Yes, mamq. Icigc u, raamci. 4 no j Jed 
luv sr nti h33 muq beter, but j wil luv de old 
liss for UT sac. O, j fal of 'n tigc ab^t it hwen 
i cum tm SE bruder Jamz." 

" iz rjt, bef," sed hiz papd; "ns, i^t 
abyt fas ! Luc at de old hsa, tac of ur hat, 
and sa wid me : ' Gud bj, der old h^s ! j hop 
el dat liv in n wil bE az hapi az ws wer.' " 

" O, gild h}, An- old hss ! " sed Gcirli, 
hqxtili, " i hop dat Jamz wil bE veri, veri hapi 
in u, az hapi az papq, and mamq." 

Mister and Miais Bran, and ©cirli, den wect 
awa, and tumd intm de Ian. He Ian woz cwjt 






strat until \i cam tui de turnii) liwiq led up tui 
Cozi Cotej, but da hod ben so loi) tocii) at dc 
dor, dat de men wid de hwd-bctroz had nerli 
got up tui de turnii). 

"O, papq!" aed ©orli, "liwot a n^s tiq a 
hwel-baro iz! " 

" S Hwot macs u tiqc ov ddt," qsct hiz 

" Hwj, i; no, dar wer raeni ov de 
hwig doz till men cud onli just cari tmgader, 
and US, u se, i.vuii ov de men can hwel awa tui 
ov dem on a hwel-boro, and woe nerli az fcist 
az we dm. il canot mac it st." 

'"".Hwot canot u mac st, ber," sed Mister 

"Hwj, u s£, papq, dc man cud not cari de 
bocs bj himself, and ns he hwelz awa tiu bocs- 
ez, and de boro tui, and ddt iz mug hevier." 

"3dt iz trm. But, 'iduz he cari dem ns." 

'"■Duz'nt he." 

" Luc agen, mj der," sed hiz mamq, " hwen 
U cari a tig, ii lift it cwjt of de grsnd. ': Iz 
de hwel-baro cwjt of de grsnd." 

" O no, o no ! j no 113 ! 3e hwel rolz 
de grand, and cariz el de tigz wid it." 


"U qr not cwjt rjt yet, Cqj-li," sed Mister 
Rnm, '"iif it hwel ran on and carid everi tirt 
Vf'id it, hwot wud be de qs ov de man." 

"O, papq! Sdui u tiqc j dont no dot. i 
|ud Ijc tin SE de hwel run on bj itself, inded ! 
No, de man pujez it on." 

'":Iz dot el." 

" No, no ! he lifts up wun end ov de boro, 
and den givz a juv. Ns, j tiqc j hav fsud it 
St. Luc her. i^ recolect tqig tm lift wun ov 
de bocsez from de gr5nd yestGrda, in mamqz 
rmm. ^ cud not lift it cwjt up, but j cud lift 
up wun end veri Ezili, ddt i cud ; and j cud 
puj it, tiu, Ijc &E man pujez de baro. But it 
wud not mmv ezili olog de flor. If j had had 
a hwel, it wud hav mmvd veri wel, j dar sa." 

" i^ dar sa it ivud," sed Mister Brsn ; " j am 
glad H hav fsnd it st el for ttrself so wel. M 
wil olwaz recoluct tigz best, hwen it hav tr^d 
tiu fjnd dem zrt for njself, ev'n if ii hav tm be 
told ov dem qfterwerdz. Ns den, left Jolderz 
fenverd! turn of tm de r^t; her we cir at de 

Mister Brsn tmi it wjd op'n az he sed dis, 



and den aded : " Cimi in Gqrli, cum in Febe," 
(Febs woz Misis Brisuz Cristyon nam,) "hefz 
de nil hsa, and ma u be oz hapi io it oz ii wer 
in At old wim ; cum iu ! " 


" But, ^. hwnr q,r dc men wid de hwcl-baroz," 
osct ©orli. 

" 3a hav onii gon rrsad tm de bac ov de has, 
mj der. In de old hss we wer obl^jd tm cori 
everi tig trm dc |op, but her we hav a bac-dor, 
U no, az wcl az a fnint-dor, and so j told 
dem tm cari de tigz in bj de bac dor, and den 
directli up de starz. 3is wil sav dar wecii) 
over de nis mi erl-clot in de hoi, ivid dar derti 
Juiz, and j_ hav had de starcas cqrpet tac'ii up 
on purpus." 

Lit'l Gcirli cud not cep stil at ol. Sins de 
da dot hiz mamq, ferst tuc him tm se de hss, 
he had ben twjs tm se it; wuns wid Jamz, 
hwen Jamz went dar tm giv sum erderz tm de 
wuremen, and wuns agen wid hiz mama, hwen 
I Ae linen woz tac'n tm de hss. But he had 
never had a gud luc over dc rmmz den, for 








^^ -600,1 









|)Ep'l wer (ibirt, and tii)z had tui be dun, cuid 
lie so he woz in At wa, and so he cept crrjt stil, 
do he wonted veri, veri mug tiu hav a gud luc 
over it agen, But ns he woz cum tui liv in 
it, he tot he wud hav a gud luc abyt him. Az 
hiz papq, and maiiiq wer bot veri bizi unpaciij 
and putii) dar tigz intiu de drerz, Gqrli sum 
fsnd hs woz stil getir) intm even bodiz wa, 
1 Hwot did he dui den ; '; did he not mjnd it ; 
'■did he cep on pepii) abst, and not carir) for 
uder pep'l. No, ©cirli woz tiii gud-naturd tiu 
dm dut; bEs^dz, he nn it woz roi), and he re- 
memberd dat he did not Ijc pep'l tm get in hiz 
wa, hwen he wonted tm dm sumtiq. " '■l Hwj 
am i getig in everi botliz wa," sed he tm him- 
self, and den he tot it must be becez he had 
nutig tm dm himself, besjdz seig de rmmz. 
3en he rememberd dot he had not luct wel 
over de gqrd'n yet. 

So 3t he ran, st ov de hss intm de gcird'n. 
3ar woz rmm enuf for him dar, and no wun 
tm be disturbd. Of he set, runig ferst d3n 
wim prit, and den dsu onuder, and den at de 
bac ov de hss, amui) de potatoz and cabejez, 

_» L. 

and uiiep vejetab'lz in ds gcird'n. And den he 
cam tui de pump. He tr^d tui miuv de liand'l, 
but it woz tui stif far hira, and he woz so Jort, 
he cud hurdli req it. He woz just goig awa, 
hwen de mad-servant, Beti, cam 5t wid a Iqjj 
bot'l tui fil wid weter. Ee mmvd de hand'I 
ezili up and dsn, and de weter cam ^t ov 
sp^t in a Iqjj strem, o so lorj ! fer it woz a 
veri gud pump. After de bot'l woz ful, de 
weter fcl dsn upon de stonz, and sperted abst 
in el direcjunz, Lit'l ©q,rli woz standii) veri 
ner at de tjm, and dc woter sperted up intm 
hiz fas, and mad it cwjt wet. But he did not 
n^nd it, he tot it woz funi. " Der me j" scd 
Beti, "hwj, hwot a mes it haz mad ov n, 
Mqster GcltH, tm be fur. Just cum intiu dc 
ciqen, and j wil wjp ur fas drj." 

So Sq^U went intm dc ciqen, and dar lie 

lirad a log tsel, wid hot endz sod tmgeder, 

K . hwig went over a rolcr dat woz faa'nd tm wun 

r ovde ciqen wolz. Sis iz cold a jac-tsel. Beti, 

de mad, tuc hold ov a bit ov it, and began tm 

mb Gorliz fas. But ©qrli aum crjd zt: " O, 

I Beti, Beti, dm stop, n, hurt me so!" for dc 

w^ * 



tsel woz veri nif, and Beti woz not cai-ful 


enuf, but rubd Gqrliz fas az if |e had ben 


scsriij a pot. and wonted tui mac it clen. 


Beti stopt hwen ©orli ci|d st. ©qrliz fas luct 


cwjt red liwen As tsel woz tac'n from it. "O, 


Mq.ster Gqrli," sed Bcti, "i am jiir j am veri 

^^K[ J^^^^^^^^* 

sori, ddt i om, ns. " Never mjnd, Beti," sed 


©cltU, " q4 fss iz dq ns, and so j wil go st 

H^^i^^^A r 

ngen." Beti woz not qst tm woj and clen 

^^^^^^H \ 

t'arii, fer Misis Brsn had elwaz dun it herself. 

^^^^^^^^B \ 

and |e list tm dui it jenth, and tac car not 

^^^^^^^K \ //^ 

tui hurt Gcirh at ol, for lit'l ^Udrenz scinz qr 

^^^^^^B \ 

mug softer dan menz, and dar faaez must not 

he rubd tui hard. 


^^^^^^B \ 

Bj de tjm Misis Brsn had dun putii) b^ 

^^^^^^^^H \ 

ds linen, and el de uder tigz, it woz Sqrliz 

^^^^^^^^^^B \ 

te-tim. Jan had cum from lier scml, and woz 

^^^^^^^^^K ' — nl 

elso redi fer te, and Mister and Misis Bnm, 


hm ust tui djn veri erU, wer elso glad tm tac 


a cup ov te. It woz onli sics o-cloc, but den 

^^ it ^^^^^H 

Mister and Misis Brsn ust tm tac super ofter- 


werdz, and dis njt, Jamz and Tomas wer bot 


rtm cum tm super, becez it woz &z ferst tjm in 
6z mi li3a. So Jan went tm &z dor tm eel 
©cyli in. 
" €qrli ! ©cylt ! " but no wun cam, and no 
wun q,nserd. 

Of set Jan abst &z gqrd'n tm fjnd Gqrli, 
but |e luct fer a log tjm widst ssii) him, so Je 
cam in tm her muder, and sed; "Momq, j 
canot fjnd ©(irli eni hwar. '; Wil q, help mz 
tm luc for him." 

3en Mister Brsn, hm woz in de num tm, 
and had just sat dsn tm rest himself, and 
enjff hiz te, sed; "Hwj, &z bo- haz ben runii) 
abst el At cifternmn, and j no he wud not go 
beyond de gcyd'n. Brig me mj cap, Jan, j 
wil go qftcr him miself. 

So Jan and her papa set of tmgeder ; wun 
went tm de rjt, and &z uder tm de left, and da 
cept celig st, "©qrli! ©orli!" but no Cq.rli 
qnserd. At Icist Jan tot fc herd a fant " Her, 
^Jini! " but Je cud not mac st hwar it cam 

"Dont hid, ©qrh," sed |e; ' 
Fapq iz lucig everi hwar fer n.' 

4 Hwar qr u. 




" O, Jini, Jini!" sed ©qrli, but Iiiz vers woz 
so fant, Jini cud scarsli mac it st ; " j am in 
de hwd-boro." 

But Jini cud not se a hwel-boro eni hwar. 
"Papq,! papq,!" crjd Je, "cum her. Gcirli iz 
not fqr of." 

So Mister Brsn cam over tm ^t sjd ov de 
gqrd'n. " Papq," sed Jini, hwen he had cum 
nerer, " 6cirli telz me he iz in 4c hwel-boro. 
But I canot sc a hwel-boro eni hwar. S Dm 
U no hwar it iz." 

Mister Brsn tet a moment, and Aen sed : 
" H'm ! j canot tel, i am Jur, unles it iz in de 
tuil-h3s ;" hwig woz a lit'l fed, in a cemer ov 
6z gord'n, ner hwar da wer stondig. It woz 
taqt, and bilt ov brie, wid a dor panted gren, 
but ds dor woz |ut cwjt tjt. " S wil hav a 
luc, at eni rat," sed he, and so he ti^d tm 
op'n de dor, but it atuc so tjt, dat hs cud 
scarsli mrav it, becez it had ben nvUi panted, 
and de mih panted ej ov de dor stuc t^t tm 
As dor-posts. At Iqst he gav a gud |uv, and 
op'n it cam. 

And dar woz lit'l ©qrh Ijig insid de hwel- 

boro, hwig woz cliferent from At Iiwel-boroz 
in hwiq de porterz corid awa de tnigcs. He 
porterz boroz had uo sidz, but liad loij 
hondlz, so dat a trur|c or bocs cud be ezili 
put on dera ; but de gqrd'n hwel-baro had lij 
sjdz and endz, and luct l^c a dep bocs widst 
a lid, but wid tm legz and a hwel. 'Insjd dis 
dep bocs woz ©qrli, rold up, and crjiq. 

Az suin oz he se hiz fcider, " O papq, !" scd 
he, " j ara so glad tui se u, i did not no hs \ 
Jud get st ov dis plas. O, j hav ben crjiij so." 

" Wei, mj der felo, dont m^nd it us. Cum 
in wid niE, and hav sum te, and tel ua ab^t it 
ttfterwerdz. N3 den, jump up." 

" O, papq ; i oju so tjrd, and so stif, j can 
hctrdli muiv. 5 cauot jump." 

3en Mister Br^sn lifted him st ; but Gq.rli 
woz so tjrd, he cud not wee intm de hss, so 
hiz papq, tuc him upon hiz bac, and corid 
him in. 

"Her, mamq," aed Mister Brsn, "j hav 
bret bac de lost |ep. Just tac him up-star/., 
woj hiz fas, and bru| hiz clodz, and den brig 
him dsn tm te. Hwen he hoz et'n and drur|e 


*' O, hwen de weter from de pump Bperted 
over me, and wet ni^ fas. Beti tuc mc in tm 
drj it, but Je scrubd it verl hctrd, mamq,; Je 
did not dui it hqf so njs az u diu it. Sen 3t 
i went Qgen, and j ran abat til mj fet felt so 
he\'i, i did not no hwot tm dui. So j tot j_ 
wud sit dsn. But j did not Ijc tm sit upon 
de grsnd, it woz so derti, and de grcts woz veri 
wet. So I did not no hwot tm dm, for i felt 
so tjrd, i cud not wee intm ds hss. t woz 
just den clos bj a njs lit'l hys in de gqrd'n. 
3e dor woz op'n," 

" IHwot, ".wjd op'n," qsct Jini. 

"No, Jini," sed ©cirb, "not cwjt." 

"Mi der," sed hiz muder, "j se u qr veri 
•tird. ib am afrad u wil not slep wel, if u 
tel us el just ns. IDont u tii)C u had beter 

"O, mamq,, i hav just dun." 

"Wel, stop f^v minu,ts, den. Papq Jul pul 
■st hiz woq, and tel u. hwen da qr over, and u, 
j no dat papq, iz elwaz cwjt pmjctual." 
" SPugctual, mamq,, Ihwots dat. 


lie sez liE wil dm dem, and iz never a logger 
tjiu dun he promist." 

" O, yes, mamq,, j recolcct dis meniig, 
liwen " 

" Ns, huf mj dtr ha," sed Mister Brm, 
" her iz de woq upon de tab'l. tt cir tiu hold 
lU' tuq for fiv minuts, and not tm spec a wurd 
tui eni bodi, but tm rest entirli. Jast finij 
dat pes ov bred, and den Ij dsn on de sofa til 
i sa fjv minuts qr up. But m^nd, if u go tui 
slep, i Jul not wac ii." 

Cqi'li sed nutiq mor, but finijt hiz bred 
and buter, and den la dsn on de sofa. He 
wonted veri mu^ tm CEp awac, but he woz so 
tjrd wid runir) abst, dat hE had hqrdli ben a 
miniit dar, befor he woz ssnd oslep. Miater 
Brsu luct at hiz W09. "So," sed hE, "it iz 
oiih for minuts, and he iz fast oskp. Let him 
slep for haf an "st, and den cari him up-starz, 
and put him tm bed, hE wont wac up, j no; 
but ii he duz, sa he Jul tel mE dE rest ctfter 
brecfast tm-moro." And hE put hiz woq in 
hiz fob agen. 

In hqf an ar, Misis Brsn, and Jini tmgeder. 

»- V 

carid lit'! 6cirli tux bed, and undrest him. 
He onli hqf op'nd hiz jz, and sed, "it am not 

askp, 'ity de fjv minuts " and befor he 

got tm de end ov hwot he woz goig tui sa, he 
fcl askp agen cwjt fq,st. Gud njt, Sqrli ! 

3.E necst da, ot brecfast, lit'l ©qrli woz cwjt 
brisc agen. He had wonted tui tel hiz mainq 
hs it liap'nd, but |e sed : " No, mj der ; u 
bcgon tm tel nr papq, and he must her dc end 
ov it. Wat til he ascs q,." 

©qrli tet hiz papq, wild never cmn in tm 
brecfast dis mernii). Mister Brsn woz tacii) 
a strol up and dsn de gqrd'n, and enjeig dc 
memir) ar. It woz a veri fjn JiUj da. At Iqat 
Misis Brsn sed : " Jini, m| liiv, go and eel iii- 
papq, in tm brecfast ; de te wil get cwjt cold, 
i am afrad." 3en Jini went and celd Mister 
Brsn in, and den Mister Brsn sat dsn tm 
brecfast ; but he had so muq tm sa tm hiz vqt 
abst de hs's and gqrd'n, dat he woz a veri loi] 
tim over hiz brecfast. Gqrh had dun etig a 
log hwjl, and he wud hav lict tm go 3t intm 

&z gqrd'n wid Jini, but he tet he ot tm tel hiz 
papq, obst hiz getii] intui dc hwcl-baro; arid, 
bcsjdz, he wonted tui tel him veri muq, and 
tiu let hiz mamq and Jini no hs it hap'nd. 
U ma tigc dat he got veri tjrd wid watig, yet 
hz did not Ijc tui sa " Papq,, i wont tui tel u 
ab3t hs i got intui de hwel-boro," becoz hiz 
pap4 semd tm hav a gud del tui sa tui hiz 
mama, and he tet he et not tui interrupt him. 
At Iq^t hiz mama luct at him and smjld, 
and den sed : " Brsn, mj der, [ tigc j no sum 
wun hm wonts a wurd wid n, hwen u can fjnd 
tjm tm Us'n tm him." 
'"iHm can it be." 

" 1 Conot u ges. S Ar de f jv minuts up yet." 

" S, i understand. Hwj, ©qrli bcr, { told 

U I wud not wac u if u fel aslep ; it woz a far 

wemii), I woz it not. Ns, "ihwot cud hav 

mad II go tm slep." 

" O, papa, i woz so, so, so tird." 
"Wei, Shut u or not t^rd dis memii), i 

" O no, papa, i am cwjt wel and frej, ns." 
" Wel and freJ ; veri wel ; n3, mjnd u cep 


so. No niniij ab^st in dc gq,rd'ii tiu-cla, 

"O uo, papq; { wil tac car tm-da, j 
8uq a fr[t yesterda." 

"IFrit. SHs." 

" Hwen I woz in At lit'l hss in de gq.rd 
U no." 

"A! bj de b^, ^lis did u raanej tui 
intui 4e liss ; u went tui slep Iqst n^t btfor 

told U9." 

" Sat iz just liwot I wonted tm tel u ns." 

" Tel awa, den, mj b<T, j can lis'n tui ii 
wel ns, hwen I no u, wil not be tm t^rd 
finij w stori. 'i Hs woz it." 

" U no, papd, dat { told u dat i woz so i 
in de gctfd'n, mi fet felt cw^t hevi, and [ 
not Ijc tm sit dsn on de grq,s, and j cud 
cum intm 6s hss, it woz so fqr. Si woz 
bj de lit'l hsa in de gqrd'n." 

"Yes, de tuil-hss, u men; bwar de gtyd' 
tuilz, ddt iz, de spadz, and hoz, and sjdz, 
Jerz, and rolerz, and baroz, and so on, 

" Yes, papq,; dar woz a spad dar, [ no, 



ii baro, Qud meni uder tigz dot j did not no At 
iiamz ov. ^ fud Ijc u tm tel me abst dem." 

" So i wil, mj ha, az smn az de gqrdner 
cumz. tL wQ understuud dem best hwen q 
sE dem uzd." 

" ^aqc u, papq,. Wei, papq,, u no j told u 
Az dor woz a lit'l op'u, and [ se de baro clos 
bj it, and j tet it wud be suq a veri nja plas 
tm Ij in ; so i went intm he li3s, and trjd tui 
dim intm de baro. But j woz veri t^rd, and 
it woz so hj, j cud not manej it at ferst. At 
Iqst, i woz just putiri mi fet over de ej. Wen 
I tumb'ld dsn, and fel wid mi bac agenst de 
dor, sug a tump. Sis gav dc dor a swii), and 
it jut wid a bag. i woz so frjt'nd, i did not 
i!0 hwot tin dm, or hwar j woz, at ferst. At 
icist, i got up on mi legz agen, but it woz veri 
dqrc in de hss, and j did not lie dat. 4 
wonted tm bav sum mor Ijt, mor dan cam in 
at de botum ov de dor, so j trjd tm op'n de 
dor, and j piiild, and j puld, but i woz veri 
tird, and de dor woz so ftist dat j cud npt 
op'n it." 

" Yes, it duz go veri stif," sed Mister Brsn, 


Idt iz becez ov de uii pant. It iz liqrdli drj 

' yet, and so it sties veri tjt. i< dont 'WTinder 

I Tt cud not op'n de dor bj pulii} in de insjd; 

i had tm puj veri liqj'd tm get it op'n, and j 

am mug stroqger dan u, and woz Htsjd." 



hwen i felt j cud not op'n de 


dor, i did not no hwot tm dm. 5l sat dsn 
besjd it, and cqd veri muq, for [ tet ii wud 
not be ab'l tm fjnd me iu dis lit'l hss, and dat 
i unit hav tm slep dar ei njt, and den [ tet 
maniti wud be luciij for me cveri-lnvar biit her, 
and wud crj becez i woz lost. And j felt so 
sori i had trjd tm clamber intm de baro, and 
den I mi j et not tm hav rmi abst so mug, 
ond tjrd miself. O, momq, his j wijt j had 
ben sitig bj u, and n had ben telig me a stori, 
az u did hwen j ferst cam tm se de nu hss, 
el abst pmr Tom Grcn." 

" Yes, mi der," sed hiz mamq, ; " and } am 
sori dat j woz so bizi, i did not luc qfter u 
properli. But ns n, or not muq de wiira for 
it, and il wd, j hop, recolect, anuder tjm, dot 
if u nm abst tm muq, u wU get tm tjrd, and 
dat ddt iz bad for ii. If u had not ben so 





tjrd, but had felt wel and brisc, u wud not 
hav ben so sad hwen ii f^snd urself Jut up in 
de tuil-hs3, u ■wud hav tet ov sum wa ov getig 
st. U no, mj der, [ canot elwaz tel u storiz 
tui prevent u from runiq abst. U qr getiri a 
big ber n^, and no hwot iz ijt, and hwot iz 
roq. And ns, u no, dat if u run abst veri 
mug, u wil be veri muq tjrd, and so, runii) 
abst tm mug iz ror|. S U understand mc." 

" O yea, Mamq; j wil elwaz ti^ tm cep veri 

" Not tm stil, ©cirli," sed Mister Brsn ; " it 
iz not at el gud for bcrz tm sit stil el da, 
and never pla abut. If u war tm dm so, n 
wud dm rog, just az muq az if u wer tm pla 
abst tm muq. U wil f^nd it hcird at ferst, not 
tm pla abst tm mug, er sit tm mug, and q, 
must trj tm f jnd 3t for urself hwen u et tiu 
kv of sitii) stil, and hwen n et tm lev of plaig 
ab3t. But I wont tm her 4e rest ov nx stori. 
'iHs did u get intm dc baro agen." 

"Hwi, papq,, qfter i had ci^d a gud del 
be^d 6z dor, j tet [ wud ti^ tm op'n it agen, 
and i sat on de grsnd, and put mj handz 



under &z dor, and puld it oz hqrd oz ever j 
cud. But it wud not op'n. And j cept getii) 
mor and mor tjrd. 3en i holod ist oz lad oz 
j cud, several tjraz. But no wun cam. It 
woz so fcir froua de has, no wun cud her me. 
But i cqd at mor and mor, far j hopt Bcti, or 
sum wim, mjt be cumir) tui de gat, and wud 
her me. After i had scremd at, veri, veri Isd, 
I fand mj trot getig sor, and mj vers sanded 
fer el de wurld Ijc de par ov old belus dat 
Beti list tui bio de ci^en fjr wid, lq;st mnter. 
O, i woz so frjt'nd, den," 

" U Jud not hav ben frjt'nd at not beiij ab'l 
tm spec ladh, Gqrli," aed hiz papq,, "qfter u 
had ben Jatii) at for so loij. U, had onli got 
a lit'l hors. Sum pep'l can fat, and red, and 
tec, fer a log t^m, widat getii) veri hors, but 
eni wun wud becum hors, if he onli ccpt on 
■nzii) hiz vtfs log enuf." 

" Yes, papq, and j woz not so veri frit'nd 
at beig hors, oz u col it, fer [ tot j Jud be ab'l 
tm spec wel agen sum tjm or udcr, but j did 
not no hwen ; but den, u se, liwcn j cud not 
jHt, i did not no \ns tui mac eni-bodi her me, 


aed Mister Brsn ; " i am glad I cam up in t^m 
tui op'n it fer u, mj bef. We wer el veri hapi 
tui fjnd u at Iqst. And ns, we no ol At rest, 
so ddt wil dm, ©orli. Go and tac a run wid 
Jini in At gqrd'n, but mjnd and emu in befor 
U qr tjrd, >b dEclar," continud hE, "pulii) st 
hiz big silver woq, " it iz hql-post at o-cloc, 
and Jini must be of tm scml at nja. Scamper 
of, jou) man, u hav no tjm tm Imz." 

§ 10. 

In Ae Evnig, az ©qrli woz sitiri at te, he sed : 
" Mamq, Jamz celd ms Mister Hop-o-rai-tum, 
•ihwot duz ddt men." 

It wil tac niE a loi) tjm tm tel u el ab^it it 
az i Jud Ijc, CcLrIi," qnserd hiz mamq, so just 
let us finij te ferst, and den hwen tte tiT|z hav 
bEu tac'n awa, and j bav got mj wurc 5t, u 
|al sit on mj futstml, and j wil tel u, el abat 

" O toijc u, togc u, mamq,. 3dt wil be so 
njs," sed Gqrli, and i|t glad he woz hwen te 
wciz over, and Beti had tac'n dE tigz awa. 
3en he pu|t a qar ner de windo, clos b| hiz 



mam^z wurc-tab'l, so dat Je cud luc 3t intm 
Ae gdrd'n, and se Ar biitiful clsdz hwen 
sun began tra set. He bret a futstml ner her, 
and sed: "N3, Jiui, 'iwont u cum tm, and 
her abst Hop-o-mi-tum." 

"Yes, Jini," sed her muder, "brii) nr wurc, 
I tigc u had beter hs'n tiu. "iHwot hav n 
got tiu dm." 

" Hwj, maraq,, i finift mqicii) de stoeigz 6z 
da bcfor yesterda, and last ujt i did not dm 
enitii], we wer so bizi putii) de hss in order. 
'■Hwot Jal I dm." 

" Go np-starz intm nij nmn, and feq dsn a 
bmid'l u wU se on de drerz." Jan did so. 
In dis bund'l wer a number ov pesez ov linen 
el cut 5t; Miais Bran qoz at sum ov dem, 
and gav dem tm Jan tm so tmgeder, tm mac 
a Jert for Ctirli. 

"Wei, ©cyli," qsct Misis Brsn, "and hav 
li nutiq tm dm." 

" No, mamq,, j wij [ had." 

"Wei, tm-nit, qz [ hav tm tel u sumtii], { 
canot teq u tm net, but tm-moro u |q1 lern tm 
net, and ddt wil be sumtiq for n tm dm hwen 

i am spEcir) tm u, and hwen u get biger, u 
wil be ab'l tm mac uets fer de qeri trez," 

"O, niaiuq,, hx iijs dot wil be," sed Gqrli, 
clupii) hiz hcuidz. " Ns, mamq,, we qr ©1 
tozi, Qz papq sez, and u wil tel us 6z stori ov 

"Wei, nij der, q, must no dat pep'l qr veri 
fond ov bekviq meui tiqz dat never hap'nd !" 

"O, momq ! 'ilia con pep'l lie tm belsv 
hwot iz not tnu." 

"3a dui not elwaz uo dat it iz not trm, or 
cud not be tnu. But da qr fond ov hErir) 
abst wundeiful tiqz, and den da begin tui 
belev deni, eldo da canot tel hweder da qr trm 
or not. Ns if dez pep'l onli nii hwot woz tnu 
and hwot woz not, \v5 rauq beter it wud be 
for dem. Mj der ©qrli, hwot iz tmi iz of n 
mor wunderfiil dan hwot pep'l mac belev tm 
be tnu, and tel storiz abst. Ns, Hop-o-mi- 
tum woz wun ov doz tiqz hwiq pep'l tel storiz 
abst ; it iz not trm." 

"O, mamq," sed Gqrli, disaptmted, "if it 
iz not trm, j dm not wij tm her ab^t it." 

"But i promist tm tel u ab?t it, becoz 

tet u Di^t her ov suq tiqz from udor pep'l, and 
den u vnid not be ab'l tui no if da wer tnu or 
not, and [ cud tel u befor-hand hwot c^nd ov 
tigz ar sertcnli not tnu. Storiz l^c Hop-o-mi- 
tiim cy hwot pep'l eel Fari Talz, and da qr 
never trm." 

"Fari, fari! 'ihwot iz de menir) ov fari." 
" 3ar q,r a grat meni wunderful tigz in dis 
wurld, and wc dui not no hwj el ov deni 
hap'n, er ha tm mac dem hap'n ; but ds mor 
WE studi and lem, and de wjzer we gro, de 
mor we lem abst hwj tiqz qr qz da cir, and 
ws no dat everi-tir| iz at Iqst brot abst hj dat 
grat God hm mad us and el tiijz. Ns a lorj 
l^m ago, pep'l did not no so mu^, and da did 
not el fel Jur dat God did everi-tir| ; da tet 
dat a grat nicni tiqz wer dun b^ lit'l cr8tiirz 
hwiq wer not men and wimen, but wer ^c 
dem, onli veri smol, and livd in forests, and 
on m^raten sjdz, and bj riverz. J am sori tm 
sa dar q,r sum pep'l luu stil belev dat dar qr 
su^ tigz. Ns meni pep'l tet da cud rjt ciuius 
atoriz abst dez lit'l tigz, and hwot sili men 
and wimen tet dez lit'l cretiirz cud dm. 


piur ignorant psp'l tet dat dez lit'l beii)z, h\Fi 
da celd fariz, cud mac demselvz Iqrj er suit 
QZ da Ijct; cud mac a lit'l man intm a jjont, 
(dtit mcnz a veri, veri lorj, big, tel man indetl,) 
er a big man intui a weni, wcni, lit'! we tig, 
no biger dan iir figger." J 

" O, mamq, hs funi ! fansi a luan bcii) no 
bigcr dan mj fiijger." 

"But Hiz it not veri gud dat men qr nau^, 
muq biger dan ur fiijger. Onli tiqc if we wer 
el no biger, we Jud get lost amni) de grqs, er 
in de com feldz, and |ud be afrad ov cats and 
rajs, and el maner ov lit'l animalz. Perhaps 
a turci-coc mjt ev'n cum and gob'l us up." 

"O, mama; i am glad [ am mug biger. 
And i Jul be biger stil, Sjol not j." 

"^ hop so, mj der; but j no dar hav ben 
persunz hui hav stopt groig hwen veri yug. 
Not lor) ago dar woz a veri ht'l ^jld, mor dan 
ten yerz old, jon in Limdun. He woz an 
American; j ferget hwot hiz real nam woz, 
but he woz non az ' Jeneral Tom lum.' 3is 
veri funi nam woz giv'n him becoz he woz 
so veri lit'l. In America dar cir not Lerdz er 



Dues, er els da mjt hav celd him Lerd er Dn,c 
Tom 7um. But dar (iv Jenerolz dar, and so 
&a tet da wud eel dis lit'l ba a Jeneral, az if 
he wer big enuf tui order a number ov 

" 'iHs big woz he, mamq,." 
"He woz twent-fjv in^ez h|." 
"i dont no ks mug twenti-fjv inijez qr." 
" Tac dis pes ov tap ; ns megur lis log ml 
qjTn iz from de elbo tm de tip ov de niid'l 
fir}ger. Dub'l As tap. 3ar ns, [ wil put a 
pin in hsr. From dis pin tm de end, den, wil 
be hof de legt ov m| qrm from de elbo tm 6s 
tip ov de mid'I figger. N^ f^nd st hs muq 
tre tjmz dis legt iz." 

"SHs am i tui dm ddt." 
"Luc her, GcltU," sed Jini, and |e dub 'Id 
de tap hwar de pin woz, and den dub'ld it 
wun8 mor, and put in a pin at de end ov eq 
dub'l. " Ns n se," sed Jini, " up tm de ferst 
pin iz wuns, up tm de sccund pin iz twjs, and 
up tm de terd piu iz tre tjmz de leqt ov hcif 
de ler)t ov raaraqz qnu, from her elbo hu de 
tip ov her mid'I fiqger." 


"Yes," sed Misis Brsn, "and Mt iz veri, 
veri iicrli twenti-fiv inqez, mj der. If q had 
mejurd ur papqz qna insted, i dar sa it wud 
hav ben twenti-sev'n in^ez. Ns, ©qrli, stand 
Qgenst dc wel, ond let Jiiii mqrc hs hj H qr. 
aar, stand strat, and Jini ! put a buc flat on 
hiz hod, and hold it stedi. Ns, ScurU, cum 
awa, and Jmi wil CEp de buc hwar it iz. Ns, 
tac dis tap b^ de terd pin, and hold it up tux 
de buc, and let it hoi) dsn. U se it dnz not 
TtCj &e grsnd bj a gud del, so ii qr el ddt teler 
dan Jenerol Tom lum." 

" O mamLi, hs veri, veri ht'l hs must be. 
lAnd he woz az old az Jini." 

" Yes, cwjt az old. He cud toe IqgliJ and 
Frenq, and aii) and dttna, and red and rjt veri 
wel. He woz not a dul bcr at el, but hs never 
gnu ctfter he woz tre miuita old. N^ dis iz 
cwjt tnu, and diirfor veri wunderful ; but hwot 
i am goig tm tel u abst Hop-o-mi-tum, iz not 
tnu, and so it iz reoli not wunderful ; onli 
hwot iz tnu iz reoh wunderful." 

" O, niomq, ! j dm not tiqc everi-tii) hwiq iz 
tnu, iz wunderful." 

"Tel me sumtiq dat iz tnu, and iz not 
wunderful, mj der." 

"Hwj, moniq, it iz civjt tnu dat j et bred 
and buter at te tm-nit, aiid j am Jiy ddt woz 
not wunderful at el." 

"SHwj not." 

" O, mainti, 'i hs can u qsc. "G no j elwaz 
et bred and buter at te, and so it iz not at ol 

" U men dot it iz not wunderfid, becoz u 
dui it elwaz." 

"Yes, manici." 

" 3dt iz of'n de cas, ©cLi-li; we diu not tiqc 
tigz wonderful liwi^ we se and diu even da, 
but if a persun wer tiu cum dot had never 
sen bred and buter, he wud tiijc it veri wun- 

"O, mamq, Iqr dar eni su^ pep'l." 

"Yes, mj der, a veri, veri grat meni. In 

" 1 Hwot. "i Hwar Jeneral Tom lum cam 

" He cam from America, mj der, az j told 
But America iz a veri, veri Itxq plas. lu 



\iim pcirt liv pep'l hui tec Ii|gli|, ond JeneraJ 
Tom Tuni cam from dis pqrt. But a log "w-a 
furder of liv pep'l dot cff celd Nert Americcui 
Indianz. 3ez pcp'I never pl3 or so, and never 
8t vejetab'lz er bred. Ha dui not mile C3Z, &r 
mac qEZ er buter. But da ijd on cmc horsez, 
and hunt wild ocs'n, and cil Aem, and et dar 
flej, and never et eni-tii) but met el dar Ijvz. 
Wim ov dcz Indianz wud tiijc it veri wunder- 
f ul tm se u tt bred and buter, hwiq da had 
never sen befor, and did not no hs tm mac. 
And da wud tiijc it mor wunderful, j dar sa, 
hwen da fsnd st lis it woz mad. 'iDiu u no 
hz tm mac bred and buter, ©qrli." 

" No, mamq,. "i Wil u tel mc." 

"SHwiq Jud u Ijc best; 'idat j Jud tel u 
ns, er go on wid m| stori abst Hop-o-mi-tum, 
and tac U sum da tui se bred and buter mad 
anuder tim." 

" O, mamq, i Jud so muq Ijc tm se bred 
and buter mad." 

"Wei den, j wil tac n sum da smn tm se 
it: and nz j must mac hast and finij abst 
Hop-o-mi-tom, er j jal not get it dun bj bed 


numiuii l^m 

tjm. Ssz lit'I fariz — ^ii no hwot [ men bj 

" Yes, mainii; lit'I crctiirz dot can dm el- 
most everi-tii), and mac demselvz intui eni-tij|. 
But dar qr no suq tiT)Z, onli pcp'l sa so." 

"Yes, ©q^Ii, and mjnd u remember dis. 
Sum pep'l rcoli belcv dat dar 4r fariz, and tiijz 
da eel spirits, hwiq cir sed tin be Ijc fariz, onli 
Iqrjer ; and gosts, liwiq da sa cir men and 
wimen qfter da qr (led, dat wee abst, and 
hurt pep'I. But nun ov dez tiqz tir tnu; dar 
qr no fariz, no spirits, and no gosts. Never. 
be afrad ov eni ov dez tiriz, ©fyli, becez dar 
q;r nun ov dem tm be afrad ov. Smutimz 
bffz trj tm fi^t'n wnn anuder bj prctendiq tm 
be gosts er spirits, and mac ugli figiirz, wid 
Ijts fer jz, and flain from de mst, and so on. 
But if u qr not frjt'nd at dem, u wil fjnd, 
perhaps, dat da Iiav onli cut at a turnip, mad 
a hoi for de noz and tm holz fer de jz, and 
anuder hoi fer de m^t, and put a Ijted cand'i 
msjd de turnip, wid a pes ov Ijted paper in de 
nrat hoi, and stuc it on dc top ov a stic, wid 
an old Jet rapt rsnd it. Sis iz nutig tui be 


afrad ov. But it iz rog tm mac suq a tii) tiu 
fi^t'n uderz. U Jud rqder tel dem dot dar iz 
nutiij tui be frjt'nd at, becoz dar qr no gosts, 
no spirits, no fariz, and dat it iz el a stori 
hwiq iz not tnu." 

"$ wO remember, momq. '^Momq,," q^t 
Gcvrii, <uid deu stopt jert. 

" *! Hwot, mj der." 

"if dont no, mam4 Hwen j woz in de 
tml-hTS, I woz ofrad ov el maner ov tigz. 4" 
tet dat tii)z hwiq { cud not se m^t cum and 
hurt mc," 

" 1 Hui told u dat dar wer tiqz dat u cud 
not 98, dat wud cum and hurt u." 

" O, I recolect Niu^ qst tm tec ov Old 
Bogi, dat wud cum and tac awa neti bcrz." 

" 3dt woz veri rog ov Nurs. "iDid Jc ever 
sa hwot Old Bogi woz." 

"No, never. But Nurs elwaz sed. Old 
Bogi 1 wid 8UQ a terib'l vers dat j woz cw^t Jqr 
it must be sumtiri dredful." 

" If Ntu^ wer stil livii) wid us, j wud tec 
hu her ab^t it seriusli; but Je iz gon, and j 
hop Je wil not sa suq rog tigz tm uder qildren. 


i) wif VI had told me befor. Mj der, 4ar iz no 
sug til) az Old Bogi; onli hwen Niiraez dem- 
selvz ctr reti, bccez da wil not dm dar proper 
wmrc, ner ti^ tui mac lit'l qildren luv tiu diu 
Iiwot iz rjt, .instcd ov scoldig dem for b£ii) 
neti, da of n trj tm fi'jt'n ds qiklren intui diuig 
twot da or told. So da sa dat dar qx bud 
men, er spirits, or sum suq terib'l tiqz, hwiq 
wil tac awa bad buz dat wont diii oz da or 
bid. No, Ccirii; dar iz Wun BeIj) dat we 
canot SE, and dat olwaz sez us, but he iz God, 
dat mad us, and dat tacs car ov us. He iz 
qnd and jent'l tui us, and duz not punij us 
for el dat we diu rog, so mnq az we hav de- 
zervd, fer he iz gud and mersiful. If u qr 
alon in de dcirc aiiuder tjm, ®arli, tigc ov dis. 
God iz wid n, u cir not reali alon ; God iz wid 
U, lis wil be UJ frend and protecter, so dot u 
jild not be afrad. 'i U recolect hwen we went 
ap-starz wun evnig lost wiuter, tm luc fer a 
pes ov paper in mj desc, in de best rmra dot 
woz over de |op ; just az we op'nd ds dor, a 
cold wind cam and blm st de cond'l, and dar 
wer we bot in de dare" 

^ S^«/fs 

5^ ^; 



card abst, or trjd not tm car abst Old Hwip- 
stiq, hwiq iz nutig but a uam hwiq ii never 
herd ov befor, so u |ud not car er ti| not tui 
car abst Old Bogi, hvnq iz olso nutiij but a 
nam, hwig u hap'n tm hav herd. U never tet 
obst Old Hwipstiq, so n jud never tiqc abst 
Old Bogi. SDui u understand me." 

" Cwjt wel, momq,. S Jud so Ijc tui sc 
Nurs, and tel her dat dar iz no Old Bogi, and 
dot |e Jud not tel lit'l btrz dat dar iz, becez it 
iz not rjt tm tel dem hwot iz not trm." 

" If ever j se her agen, j wd spec wid her 
abst it miself. But ns [ must reoli mac bast 
ivid mj stori. Let me se hwot o-cloc it iz. 
llqf-past sev'n ! Se, de sun iz elredi clos tm 
de Ml ; it wil smn be beyond it, and den ^ no 
it h bed tim." 

" O, mamq,, plsz go on til de sun sets." 

" Wel, mj der, i bav not muq stori tm tel 
U ; onli dat pep'l hm tel obst Hop-o-mi-tuni, 
sa dot dar woz wuns on old man and an old 
wuman hm had hud no qildren, and wonted 
tui hav sum veri inuq, and wun da de old man 
" Ji |iid Ijc tm hav a smi, ev'n if he wcr 



no biger dannij turn;" and a fari dat hap'nd 
tiu her him, promist IiE |ud hav wun, And 
he had a sun hwiq woz no biger dan hiz tam, 
and so he celd him ilop-o-mi-tum, er Tom 


"3dt iz hwj Jeneral Tom Tum woz celd 
Tom lura ! but he woz biger dau a manz 
turn, o, a grat del biger." 

" Yes, but i dai- sa he woz les dan eni bar 
ov ten yerz old befor, and so da celd him 
Tom ^um, for dar never woz eni wun els so 
ner de sjz ov a turn." 

"And ns [ no hwj Jamz cold me Hop-o- 
nii-tum ; it woz becez j am stil so lit'l. But 
j am biger dan popqz turn, and biger dcm 
Jenerol Tom ^um tui." 

"Wei, mj der, j hav nerh told u el, for dc 
rest ov de stori iz onli ful ov dc scraps intm 
hwiq Ilop-o-mi-tmn, or Tom T^um, got from 
beii) so veri smel, but j wil not tel dera tm m, 
for da q.r not trm. i Jud not hav told ii az 
Tnuq nz i hav dun, but j wonted u tm no dot 
dar qr no suq tigz oz pEp'l no biger dan iir 
tum, and no su^ tirjz az fariz. t tigc, peis 


haps, dat &z stori ma hav bEn ferst rit'n bj 
smn wun hm wonted tm teq us not tui wij veri 
muq fer tigz Aat we hav not got ; for &\s old 
man wijt veri muq for a qjld, aud hwen he got 
wun, it woz so smel, he woz elwaz in fer lest 
dc ha fud get hurt, and he woz never so hapi 
Qz befor." 

'"Iqtic u, mamq. 3ar iz de aim setig ; d 
Ira butiful ! " 

"Yes, mj der bor, it iz veri butiful Ha 
muq beter tm luc at sug a butiful sjt, and tm 
tigc ov d£ cjnd and grat God hm mad it, dan 
tui red abat fariz and Hop-o-mi-tumz, hwi^ 
never livd. And ny, cum alorj tm bed, ©qrli." 

"Yes, mamq,; but [ Jud hav Ijct tm se 
Jeneral Tom lum. It must hav ben so funi 
ttu se a t^ni tig dot iz les dan a babi, wscig 
obst and tocig." 

"Yes; and yet j fud M sori far de puir bo 
dat wil never becuru a proper man. Pep'l dat 
leman veri, veri bt'l ol dar Ijvz qr cold dwerfs. 
3a qr muq tui be pitid." 




! 11. 

3e necst da Gqrli wi]t tm luc &z 
over, oz he had ben oblyd tui rest a gud 
As da cifter he had tjrd himself so mu^ bj 
runii) abst in de gord'n. He had sen sum ov 
de ruunz veri wel, ov cors. Wun ov de ruunz 
he nu best woz ddt on de left qz he enterd Ae 
frunt-dor ov de hss. Sis woz de djiiii) ruim, 
hwar Mister and Misis Brsn hod dar melz, 
and jenerali hvd. On de rjt-liond sjd woz dc 
dreii) rmm, hwiq woz de best rmm in de h; 
(ind woz onli uzd hwen da had viziterz. 
hjud de djnir) ruim woz de ciqeii, and beh^i 
de dreiq num woz Mister Brynz on lit' 
snugeri, oz he celd it, hwar he uat tiu sit 
red hiz niizpaperz, er rjt hiz leterz, widst bea 
disturbd bj de qildren, GqiU and Jini, ei 
servants, or viziterz cumir) intm de num. 

3en dar woz de star-cas. Sar woz a 
cqrpet lad dan g1 de wa up-starz, and de b( 
usterz wer panted blm, and held a mahogam 
ral. Hwen he cam up dc starz, he so a lit'I 
pasej tm de i^t, and anuder tm de loft, and 



strat befor him woz a dor. His dor led intui 
a lit'l ruim just over At hel or entrans posej, 
and had a windo just over de fruiit-dor. It 
woz a veri njs Ut'l num, and had a clen, lit'l, 
hw|t bed in it. Sis woz 6qrhz num. fl dor 
led st ov de rmm intui Mister and Misis Ersnz 
on ruim, hwiq woz just over de dinir) num, 
and hniq had tre dorz in it, wirn intiu 6q,rHz 
rmm, wun intm Jiniz num, hwit; woz over 
pqrt ov de ciqen, and wmi intui de posej hwiq 
woz on ur rjt az u cam up de starz. Jiniz 
num did not tac up ol de spas over de ci^en, 
dar woz stil a lit'l num bes^d it, hwi^ Tomas 
had hwen he slept at hom. Over de dreig num 
woz de best bed rmm, and over de snugeri wer 
tiu numz, in wun ov hwiq de madz lieti and 
SqU slept, and de udcr woz emti. 

U se it woz a veri njs hss dat Mister Brsn 
had. And lit'l ©qjli ran abst from wun num 
tm anuder, and luct at de n^s nn, curtenz and 
csnterpanz, and de qests ov di'orz, and de garz 
and wofirj-standz, and el. And he woz so 
plczd wid everi-tir), he wud hav q.sct a grat 
meni cwesgunz abst dem ol, but he nq, hiz 


muder woz bizi, and cud not atend tm him. 
So he did not cisc eni-tiij. Per do Gcyli Ijct 
tui be told tiijz hi liiz momq, and qsct a grat 
meni cwes^uuz, he never Ijct specig hwen he 
so pep'I wer bizi, and had uder tigz tm dm. 

After he had wect abst a gud del, he began 
tm I'el tird, and den he rememberd hs he had 
tjrd himself tiu mu^ befor, so he sat d^n on a 
fut-stml tui rest. But he cud not cep stil, fer 
hiz muder woz not dar tm tel him a stori, and 
he did not no hwot tm dm. At Iqst he jumpt 
of hiz stml, and went intm de dinii) num tm 
luc for hiz mamq, but je woz not dar. So he 
went intm de ci^en, and dar he fsnd her, Joig 
Sali h^ tm mac an ap'l pj fer diner. 

" O, mamq," sed ©orli, " j am so t^rd." 

" 3en sit dan and rest, m| der." 

"Ji, but mamq, i dont no hwot tm dm 
hwen i sit ditn. 'iHdv u eni pictur buc u 
cud let me luc at." 

"t am goig tm mac sum pj-crust, mi der 
just ms, but i wil get u, wun az smn oz { hav 
finijt, and wojt m; handz." 

" "i Ma i sit dsn her, den, and luc at hwot 


a qr diuig, til u qr redi. * wont run abat 
at el." 

"Yes, u ma, Giirli. Soli! tac de tii)z of 
ddt qar, and den Sqrli can sit dim upon it." 

So ©cirli got on 6s qar, and rested biz fet 
upon de ralz, nnd luet at biz muder maeii) 
pj-crust, Xe ferst wad st sum flar, and put 
it intra a bas'n. 3en je tiic a lit'l salt, and 
sprirjc'ld it over dc flsr, and sterd dc flsr and 
dE solt tmgeder wid a spuin, til da wer wel 
niicst. GcLTb wunderd liwj da Jud put selt 
intra de p^-crust, for hE had never tasted it : 
p[-cnist woz elwaa swet, he tet. Sen Misis 
Brsn tuc sum tin sljsez ov buter, hwig Sali 
had bsn cutig up for her, ond pwt dem intm 
dc bas'n, and sterd dem up wid de flsr. £e 
necst pord in a bt'I weter, and niicst dc flsr 
and dc water and de buter trageder, wid a 
^uin, til da bscani cwjt tic and stici, and rajt 
be cold past. Hwcn Misis Brsn tot de past 
woz tic enuf, \c tuc it st of de baa'n, and 
spred it on a njs cIeu bord, and tuc a rolii] 
pin, and rold de past st tin on de bord. 3en 
fe put sum mor buter, in veri lit'l tin pesez, 


over &e past, and tuc a lit'l tin bocs, fiol ov 
flsr and wid a grat meni lit'l holz at &z botum, 
hwiq |c celd a drej-bocs, and spriT)c'ld flsr el 
over At biiter "Ijc a cuver ov sno," az ©qjli 
sed. After |fe had dun dis, fe dub'ld it up, 
so dat €ar]i cud not sc de buter or " de sno," 
az he celd it, and tuc de rolii) pin agen, and 
raid it el at flat and tin. 3is Je did twjs, 
end den Js cut de past tui At s^z ov de pj-dij. 
Soli had pard a grat meni ap'lz, and cut dem 
up intm hcif-cwerterz, and sum ov dem intui 
stil smeler pesez, and cut st dar corz veri 
carfuli. 3ez wer el redi on de dreser, Misis 
Brsn told her tui put dem in ds di|, wid sum 
Juger, and den put on de crust. Misis Brsn 
elwaz Ijct tm mac dc pastri herself, becez Sali 
cud not mac it wel ; but ns Je had got el Az 
top-crust redi, Je wojt her handz, hwiq wer el 
over buter and flsr, and sed: "Ns, ©qrli, j 
hav dun her; Sah can dm de rest veri wel- 
Cum alog, and i wil let u hav de pictiir buc." 

©tirli jumpt of de qar, (md folod hiz muder 
intui ds djuiri rmm, and den Misis Brsn tuc 
M her bunq ov cez, and op'nd de dor ov de 


buc-CBfl, and tuc st a voliim. 3ar wer severnl 
udera Ijc it in & buc-cas. 

"O, moiuq," sed Gqrli, " hwot veri priti 
bacs Aoz hues hdv." 

" Yes, mj der, da (\r veri pritili bsnd. Sis 
later cuver wid priti gold emameuts upon it^ 
iz celd de bj^ndii). Luc at de buc carfuli. It 
iz celd a buc on Natural Histori, dot iz, el 
abat animolz, or berdz bests and fijez, and 
boa a grat meui priti pictui'Z in it." 

3en Misis Brsn gav de buc intm ©ctrliz 
hand, and left de num. Gcyrli tuc de buc, 
and tumd over de Icvz veri carfuli, for he nu 
dot if he did not tac car, he nijt spcrl de buc, 
and den hiz mamq wud not bnd him anuder, 
fer fer he Jud sptrl ddt tw. So he sat Aim on 
hiz fut-stiul, and crost wim leg over dc uder, 
putiii de ogc'l ov hiz rjt leg on de left ne, and 
BO macir) a ht'l tab'l ov hiz leg, tin suport de 
buc. 3en he turnd over de pajez, and luct at 
fie pictiirz. He woz veri muQ surprjzd tui f^nd 
Aat dar wer so raeni diferent animolz in de 
wurld, sum ov hwiq luct so savej, and uderz 
it'l. But pmr ©qjli cud not red, and he 



jent 1, 

t pmr ti 


cud not find 3t At namz ov A^ onimalz, ner 
understand muq abst dem. Puir €tirU den 
Bum gnu tjrd ov hiz buc, and hwen hiz muder 
cam intm de num agen, Jc fsnd him lucig veri 
alepi and tjrd over it. 

" S Hwots Ae mater, mj ha" qsct Misis 

" O, mam4, i cun — { dont no hwot. O — " 
and her he gav sn^ a yen. 

" O — dc buc haz tjrd q, j tiijc." 
Z^ ; * " Yes, momq,. U se, mamq, da qr veri priti 

5^ ;' picturz, but i dm not understand dem. S 

canot red hwots rit'n hsr. O, momq, j fiid 
sf} ]jc tm luc over dem vnA u; n tci rac abst 
tigz so njsli." 

"Yes, mi der, but u no j never hav eni t^m 
befor diner. 3ar iz so muq tm se qfter in At 
hxs, and if j did not se qfter it, u. mjt go 
widst MX diner. } dm not tiqc n wud Ijc ddt." 

"No, momq, i am jur j Jud not." 

"Wei, ns giv me de buc. Ws wil put it 
dsn on mj wurc tab'l, and luc at it qfter 
diner. Ns tac a run in de gurd'n. U must 
hav sat log enuf, and i dar sa Jini wil be 


cumii) in from scuil prezentli, and den n, can 
hav a run tmgcder." 

So Gorli went intm de gcyd'n and enjerd de 
ar agen, and Ijct hiz run. Hwen it struc 
twelv, Jini cam in from scml. Sen Gcirli woz 
cwjt hapi, becoz Jini ust tm pla wid him veri 
njsli, and t9c tm him abst diferent tir)z, and 
tel him hwot he wonted tm no, az fqr az fe 
nq, herself. And so ScirU Ijct plaii) wid Jini 
veri muq. Jini woz veri fond ov flserz. 
Hwen da Uvd in de tsn, da had no gqrd'n, 
but Jini list tm hav flserz in pots in her rmm, 
and weter dem everi da, and tac gi-at car ov 
dem. Ze woz veri glad hwen fc so ferst de 
ht'l swehii on de brq,ng, and den dc bud, and 
den de flser az de bud op'nd st. Ee ust of'n 
tui eel ©cirh tm cum and luc at dem, and so 
€Iqj:h began tm Ijc flserz tin. And ns dot da 
had a grat big gqrd'n, wid a grat weni njs nu 
flserz in it, da wer veri pkzd inded. Jini cept 
celii) tui ©qrii tm luc at de diferent flserz, but 
Je did not no de namz ov dem el, becez |e had 
never sen meni ov dem befor, nor ben told dar 
namz. So ]e determind tm cisc de gordner 

ab'st dem hwen he cam, and qsc her popq, tiu 
lend her a buc abst fl^erz, if he had wun. 

At Itjst it woz diner tjm, and qfter diner 
Mister Brsn went intm hiz snageri, tui tac a 
lit'l nap, az be qst tui dm even da. 3en 
6qrli aed : 

" Mama, 'ican u tel ms abst de pictiirz n^." 

" Yes, mj der," sed hiz mamq,. " * Jal be 
veri glad ns tm tel u hwot j no abst dem ; 
but u must not luc at meni at a t^m. Sar iz 
not mug us in lucii) at de picturz, unles we 
lem el abst de animalz. So j giv u wemig, 
i canot hav eni-tiij tm dm wid it if ii galup 
on from wun pictuj" tm onuder." 

" O, mamq, j wil luc dem over az sloli az 
U lie." 

" Veri wel, 6qrli, and mind j Jal stop hwen 
i tujc H hav had cnuf." 

Sen €kirU put de buc ov Natural Histori 
on de tab'l, and stud opozit hiz muder. He 
tumd tm de ferat pictqr. 

"Mamq, } tii)c j no dis animal; it iz d£ 
I^un, *; iz it not." 

"Yes, mj dcr; but hs did u no ddt." 

'"iDont H rEmember, mamq, u gav lis sum 
picturz wuns, tiu luc at and bag np in dc 
nuiseri. And &sx \voz de pictur ov a Ijun 
amiii| dem." 

"Yes, I remuniber ddt veri wel," sed liiz 
mamq, ; " but hwot j wonted tui no woz, hs u 
nil dis tui be a pictivr ov 6e sam animal." 

Gqrli semd a Ut'l puz'ld wid de cwesgun ; 
at Iqst he sed : " U se, niamq, dis iz a cjnd ov 
brsni yelo luciq animaJ, and its bodi iz smiud, 
and it baz a grat del ov tic Jagi bar abst its 
uec, hwiq \i told me woz cold its man ; and its 
fet luc iq^j and Jqrp; and den its poz qj veri 
big and strog, wid log clez, and it baz a log 
smmd tal, wid a tuft ov bar at dc end ov it; 
and onli luc hwot ciirius lit'l erz it haz. But, 
mamq,, j no de Ijun veri wel." 

" 't tigc most pcrsunz wud no de Ijun agen 
veri wel from ur descripfim, ©clfH. Ljunz l^c 
dis or fsnd in Africa, SDui ^^ no hwar 
Africa iz." 

" 'h tigc, mamq, u told me wun da, dot if j 
wer tm wee on and on, tordz de sun at twelv 
o-cloc, j Jud at Iqst cum tm Africa." 


" Yes, mj der, but u cud not wee el de wa, 
bEcez u wud liav tin go over de water, and 
6qX u must dm in a hot or Jip; and den u 
wud hav tui go over a cuntri celd Frqns, and 
den get intui a bot er |ip agen, and so get tui 
Africa at Iqst." 

" 'iiir dar meni Ijunz in Africa, momq." 

" A grat meni, m^ der, and da giv pep'l a 
grat del ov trub'l." 


" I4imz fed upon uder animalz, ^i upon 
Jep and ocs'n." 

" S Hwot, mamq,, dm da tac dera awa and 
et dem." 

"Yes, mj der, if da qf not prevented; but 
pep'l hm liv hwar Ijunz qr, tac grat panz tui 
tm cep dem of." 

"3ar qr no Ijunz in Iggland, Sqr dar, 

" No Ijunz dat run ab^t wjld, but dar qr 
jenerali sum l^unz cept in strog cajez, fer pep'l 
tui luc at, and se hwot da eg- Ijc." 

" ':Dm da ever get st ov dar cajez." 

"4 never herd ov eni havii) dun so. 3.e 

cajez QT veri strog ond tic, wid inid'n sjdz, 
and jurn bcLrz in fmnt ; and men tac grat car 
ov de Ijunz, and giv dcm el da wont tin et, and 
tret deni c^ndli, so dot da dui not trj tm get 
st. i hav sen a man pla wid a Ijun in hiz 
caj ; he woz de ceper, hmm de ijun nu veri wel, 
and it woz az jent'l wid bim az a big cat wud 
hav ben. And j wuns se a wuman diu so tm." 
©qjli woz tumir) over tm anuder pictur, az 
hiz mamq, woz specig. 

" O, momq," crjd he, " [ tot de Ijun smntig 
Ijc a cat, but dis iz muq mor Ijc a cat dan de 
^un iz. It iz ol sti|pt, and lues just Ijc sum 
cats i hav SEU." 

" Yes, mj der, it iz a Tjger ; bot Ijiina and 
tjgerz or ciudz ov cats, onli veri inuq biger 
and strogger dan sr comun h^s-cats. U liav 
of'n plad wid pus, j no. "iHaz Je ever wect 
over ur handz widest scraqig U-" 

" Veri of'n inded. But snmtimz, hwen Je 
woz felig, her cloz wud stic st, and den Je 
wud cag in m^ froc; and wuns Je clod mj 

" U SE, den. Is con streq st her cloz, er cep 




**■' * 


Acm pultl iu, az |e Ijcs. Liunz oiid tjgerz caii| 
dm de saiii, and el animalz dat qr ab'l tui du 
dis, qr celd Cats." 

"O, inamq, ':wil u tel me hwot dis iz; itf 
lues lie mi ugli old man el cuverd wid har.' 

"It iz an flp, Gqj-U. "iCan u tel me hwotsj 
dt diftrens betwen dis ap and a man." 

" IHwot dm u men, mamq." ' 

" U no dot dis iz not de pictqr ov a man, 
'idout u." 

" Yes, do its veri Ijc a moii." 

'"■lis dm u no it iz not a man." 

" Hvq, it haz got bar et over it, and its 
q.rmz or veri log, and its mat sties st a veri 
loi) wa. It lues mor Ijc a bul dogz mst dan 
a monz." 

"Ilz ddt el." 

"if tiqc so, mamq." 

"Luc at its let; Sqr da Ije ur fet," 

" No, ns i liic at dem, j ae de big to iz veri 
diferent. Its mor Ijc a tiini, mamq. 3ez fet 
liac just Ijc handz." 

"3.a qr handz, Sqrli. He ap haz for hondz, 
and a man haz onli tiu handz and tiu fet. 


H mem wees upr^t on hiz tiii fet, mi ap sum- 
tjmz wees uprjt, but it Ijce cljimi) trem best. 
It can la hold ov dc brq,nqez wid el its for 
handz, and dot macs cljniii) veri ezi. Hwen 
ds ap wees, it uzez its log ctrniz oz cru^ez, and 
if U se wim at a distans, rnuxvig aloq de grsnd, 
U mjt fonsi it woz a puu' lani man trjirj tin 
hob'l alog. But hwen it haz wuns got amiiij 
6s trez, it mmvz veri ftist indcd, t recoiect 
redir) dat sum men wer runir] qjter an ap hwi^ 
woz a grat del teler dan ur papq, and hwi^ 
ran from tre tm tre alog de brqnqez, az fqst 
oz a hers cud galup alog de gi^rad ! " 

" S Hh ciirius it must be, mamci, tm se su(j 
Iqjj tigz swigiij aniui) ds trcz. ^ rtmember 
hwen i went intui de pq,rc at de uder end ov 
de tisn, a Ut'l hwjl ago, [ se sum lit'l tiqz 
jumpii) abut de trez. 3.3, had Iqjj talz, and 
went so cwic j cud htydli se deni. SWer da 


" No, mj dsr, we hav no aps in Iggland, 
ecsept doz cept in cajez Ijc Ijunz, for pep'l tiu 
lue at. aez must hav ben Scwelz, hwiq qi' 
veri priti lit'l animalz, wid brjt jz and Icirj 



buji tale. U se dls ap hoz no tai. Ilwcn dez 
animuiz dot liav for hondz, hav no talz, we 
eel dem flps, hwen da hoA' onli a smel tal we 
cgI deni Babiunz, and liwen da litiv log talz 
WE eel dem Mui)ciz. Mui|ciz cy de lest and de 
most misc;ivus; de aps qx most, Ijc men ; and 
de babiunz qr mor l^c comun cwodruipedz. 

" ': Cwodmpedz ! Hhwot qr da." 

" 3a qr onimalz wid for fet. '•. Can ii 
me de namz ov eni cwodrmpedz." 

"Yes, mamq, darz de hers, and de dogc^" 
Olid de C3, and de cat. and dc m3s, and — O, 
so meni." 

"Yes; and 'idui u no eni onimalz wid tiu 

©qrii tet a lit'l, but did not scm ab'l tui 

" IHs meni fet hav u, ©qrh." 

" Onli tin, mamq ; but j am not on animal, 
= am l" 

" Yes, mj der, q, qr, el tigz dat liv, and can 
muiv abst ov demselvz, qr celd onimalz. Ns 
^!can q recoleet hwot onimalz besjdz man, hav 
onli tm fet." 



3 ■ 


Stil ©orli cud not qjiser. 

"'tHwot qr berdz." 

" O, mamq,, h^ sili ov me iiat j never tot 
ov berdz. 4 woz onli ttgcir) ov coniun ani- 

" '•Sr not berdz comun animalz enuf." 

"Yes, mamq, but [ ment animalz dat cep 
on de grsnd." 

" 3ar qr sum animalz vd&st fet at el ; 'i dm 
q no ov eni." 

" No, no, I canot tir|C." 

" 1 H3 meni fet haz an ap." 

"For fet, mamq." 

"Luc at dem agcn, Gqrli. SDid vfs not 
col dem handz. Se, da hav timiz Ijc a manz 
hand, flps, babiunz, and mugciz, hav for 
handz onli, and qr darfor cold Cwodnumanz ; 
ddt menz animalz md for handz : harsez, 
ocs'n, pigz, and so on, hav for fet, and qr 
darfor cold Cwodnupedz ; ddt mtnz animalz 
wid for fet : men, wimen, and berdz, hav onli 
tin fet, and qr darfor celd Bjpedz ; ddt menz 
animalz wid tm fet: and smn tir)z, Ijc wnrmz 
and Bnacs, hav neder fet nor handz, but crol 

1 ^^-6004 

Ht 1 


oloq de gnrad, ami qr cold Reptjlz; ddt menz 
animalz dot crel. ':Diu u no ov eni uder 
animalz dat hav ueder fet iier handz, and Aat 
muiv abst veri cwicli, but dm not crel." 

"Fijez! fijez! ! 't hav fsiid Aat zt, at eni 

" Cwjt rjt, Gqrii; and ns j tii)c we hav had 
enuf for tui-da." So Misis Bnm Jut dc buc. 
On uder daz Je told €)oLrU a ^d del mor abst 
de diferent animalz in de buc, but j canot tel 
U el Je sed abst dem her, fer j hav not rmm, 
but sum da er uder j hop u wil be ab'i tm se 
sum picturz ov diferent animalz, and hav dem 
ecspland tm u, and hav storiz told tm n abst 
dem, er red storiz abst dem in a buc. G wil 
fjnd dat dar qx b, grat meni priti tigz tm foe 
lernt abst dem. 

§ 12. 
©orh and Jini enjed demselvz veri muq in 
dar mi hss and gqjrd'n. ©qrli had a lit'l pes 
ov grsnd mcirct of from de rest ov de gqrd'n 
fer himself. It woz celd "6cLrhz gqrd'n," 
and hiz papq gav him a spad, and a ho, and 


a rac, and a smel hwel-boro. O, hs pkzd he 
woz wid de Lwel-boro, hwiq he cud lift cmd 
hwel, and cori tigz in, el bj himself, Suintjuiz 
he ust tia let Jini hwel him abst in it, aud 
wmia he trjd tui hwel Jini herself, but he fsnd 
her muq tiii hevi. "h am sori it wud mac luj 
huR till big, till tel n everi-tiq Gcyli did, so 
j must pic Tit liwot i tir)c u wU I^c de best. 
^Diu u recolect dat Ccyli had qsct hiz papti, 
tui tel him hs it woz dat he se beter qfter he 
Imd ben fer sumtjiu in de tiiil-hss, eldo nu 
iiior Ijt cam iu, and hiz paptt sed dat he must 
wat til Beti bret in de cand'lz befor at o-cloc, 
and den hs wud tel him. 'iYes. Wei, den, 
U must supoz Jyjj iz pctst, and el Ggust, and 
dat it iz de begjnir) ov September. 3e sun 
woz ns setig befor sev'u o-cloc, de cond'iz wer 
bret in at hcif-pqst sev'n, a ful hqf-sr befor 
Ciirli went tm bed. &q^'h did not forget hwot 
hiz papa had sed, but he did not l^c tm re- 
mind him ov it. At Itist, wun Evniq, Mister 
Brsn hap'nd tm be sitii) in de djnir) ruim, in- 
sted ov de snugeri, becez de snugeri woz el in 
jpnfugim, az de ccirpenterz wer putiij in a 


cuburd, hwig had ben fergot'n at terst. Mis 
ter Brsn sat at de windo rediri til it woz geti 
ruder dq^. 

" Wei, i caiiot se eni mor," sed he, " Bjj 
At bi, ddt remiiidz niE, Gqrh, ov hwot ^ had 
tui tel u obst sdri beter after u had ben sum- 
tim in de tml-hss. Cum her n?, jump up on 
inj nez. 3ar. Ns luc wel intm mj jz." 

Sqrli luct intm hiz papqz jz, but hz did not 
SE eni-tii) mor dan ujual, 

'"■Dm u se a ht'l blue serc'l in de mid'l 
ov de i-" 

" O yes, papq, but iz veri big in qr i" 

"*'Hs big iz it." 

" Hwj, it semz uErU tiu fil up el de dare 
port ov ur i" 

"Veri wel. adt wil dui at prezeut. Ns 
jump dsn and rir) de bel fer cand'lz." 

€qrli roq de bel, and Beti bret in de Ijted 
cand'lz. And den Je clozd de |uterz, and 
drui de curtenz, and de rmm luct brjt and 
qerful. Mister Bran sat dsn b^ de tab'l, and 
went on rediq til Iie had fini|t hiz nuzpaper. 
Gqrli wunderd hwj he had mad him luc ot 


hiz jz, but hiz papa went ou redig oz if he 
had not sed eni-tig abst hiz [z, so GtyH wud 
not disturb him. In abst a cwerter ov on 3r, 
Mister Brsn put dsn de paper, and sed : " Ny 
Gqrli, cum her, and luc at nij [z agen." 

Gqrli got upon hiz fqderz nez, and luct 
intui hiz jz. 

"Wei, mj ba, Idui u se eni diferens." 
"Yes, papa, As blac spec semz muq sraeler." 
"3dt iz just hwot j wonted u tm se. Hwen 
I woz triii) tm red v/ii a Ht'l Ijt, At blac spec 
woz veri Ictrj. Ns j hav ben redii) wid a gud 
del ov Ijt, it iz amel agen. If n cum st ov a 
dQrc plas iutui de ful da-l^t, n, wil f^nd dat dc 
Ijt iz panful tui u, and n, must jut ly {z. ^ 
wil tel n, hwj. Sis blac spec hwiq q, se, iz de 
hoi tnu hwiq de Ijt cumz intm de j; ns, hwen 
dis hoi iz mad Icirjer, a gtad del mor ijt cumz 
in, oz mor Ijt cumz in at de windo hwen we 
op'n de Juterz wjder. If we had tm op'n 
and Jut d^ ht'l spec, hwiij iz celd de pupil, 
ov ^rselvz, we |ud veri of n forget tm dm it 
properh, [ dar sa, and 3r {z wud hav tm muq 
l^t. But de i iz fermd so butifuli dat de 


pupil macs itself Iqijer and smoler, just az it 

iz wonted, if we onli giv it tim. Hiveii dar tz 

nmq Ijt, it Juts up veri clos, and hwen dar iz 

^^m 'Ai H 

lit'l Ijt, it op'nz veri n-jd. But if u emu veri 

^^ SH 

Cfticli from a dq^ci| plas, hwar it liaz ben op'n 

He - XI ■ 

veri w|d, intm de ful da-ljt, it duz not Jut 

cwicli enuf, and u fcl ur ),z hurt q, so muq, 

dot u qj- glad tui Jut lidz and ol. So hwen u 

wer in de tml-hss tu'i munts ago, it luct dq^ 

at ferst, becez dc piipil ov ur i bad not op'nd 

%vjd enuf; but qfter u bud ben dar smntjm, it 

bad op'nd so wjd dat a grat del mor Ijt got 

! tm de % and u ae muQ beter. *: Ns dm u 


1 "Yes, papa, \ BE veri wel. Se Ht'l pupil 

gets biger er smeler tm sut de Ijt dat we hav 

tm 8E bj. Hwot a butiful tii) ! But, papq, if 

^^^^^^^^^^^^H \ h^^^H 

dis bloc spec iz onli a hoi, 'ibs dm we be bj it." 

"It iz cwjt tnu dat it iz oub a bol, az a 

windo iz onli a hoi ; and de rez'n dat it lues 

blac, iz dat dar iz suintig bloc bEbjnd it. 

But just bEbjnd de hoi, and betweu u and de 

bloc tig, dar iz snmtir) l^c dis." 

^^ t^^l 

! And Mister Brsn tuc a smel magnifjii) gins 


from hiz pocet. It woz rsnd on hot sjdz. 
Gcirli nil it veri wel, fer he had of'ii luct triu 
it tm ss tigz Iqrjer, but he did not no hwj he 
se dem Iqjjer, and he woz tm yui) tm be told 
yet, and so qr u, i dar sa. i wil not trj tin 
tel u de rez'n ns, den ; n must wat til u, gro 
older, and clt ab'l tm red wel, and den u ivil 
red el it abst in a buc. 

After Mister Brsn had tac'n st de glqs, 
and rubd it ckn, he sed : " Giv me a cup'l ov 
hues," and he put de bucs on de tab'l, wid 
dar frunt ejez dsn, and dar bacs upermost; 
den he borod Misis Brsnz blac jel, and put it 
over de bucs, and so mad a dcirc hoi. And 
at iqst he held de magnifiiri glcis at de end 
necst de cand'l, and a pes oy hwjt paper at dc 
uder end. "Ns, 6(yh," sed he, "luchsr, and 
tel me hwot u se." 

" O, it iz so priti, papq,. 4i ss su() a priti, 
priti ht't pictur ov de cand'l turnd upsid dsn." 
■'3dt iz qt," sed hiz papq, "and ddt iz hs 
picturz OT tix)z u se, qc mad insjd nr {z. But 
U must not qsc ine eni mor cwes^unz abst 
dem, for j cud not mac u understand de qn- 

■ : ; 92 

1, ' j ; serz. Wat, mj ber, til ii qr older, and den j 

,1 ■ , ' hop H wil Icrn ol abst it, and understand it 
i] / 1 ; properli, tiii." 

t*" ; ; ©qrli taqct hiz papq veri muq fer hwot he 

tt- 1, i had told him, and he woz glad dat he had 
.! [; wated til dar wer cond'iz, els he wud not hav 

; i j; ben ab'l tui se de sjz ov de pupilz ov hiz fqjierz 

': i( [z, nor de priti lit'l pictur ov de cand'l tumd 

.Mvlj ■ ups^d dsB. 

''^- ■ Sorliz mamq„ tm, had not fergot'n rfc 

promiB Je mad, tm tac him tm a hacerz tm se 
sum bred mad, and qfterwerdz tra a dari tm 
se sum buter mad. But i am ofrad if j wer 
tm tel u her, u wud not understand el j sed. 
U must se de tii)z dun, and den n wil under- 
stand ezili enuf. 4 can onh tel u her, dot de 
bacerz man micsez flsr and weter and selt 
tuigeder, and so macs do. And qfter dis do 
haz stud in a worm plas a Ut'l hvql, it swelz 
veri mug, and den de bacer tacs it, and bets 
it, and micsez it up wid sum frej fl^r and 
weter and selt, az wel az he can. 8!is iz veri 
hqrd wTirc, and iz celd nediq. 5fter dia iz 
dun, and de do haz stud a lit'l loi)ger, he 



puts it in Az uv'n, and bacs it, and hwen it 
cumz Tit, it iz bred, and iz nsrli twja az big az 
4e do dat woz put in, so muq duz de het ov 
de uv'n mac it swel. 3e bred iz den ful ov 
njs lit'l holz, and iz gud tin ct. 

3e bnter iz mad from crem, hwiq iz de tic 
pqrt ov mile dat cumz tin de top hwen mile iz 
left tm stand. Sis crem iz put intm a wiid'n 
tub, biger at de botum dan at de top, and 
cuverd wid a lid dat haz a rsnd hoi at de top, 
tnu. hwiq sljdz a rsnd stic Ijc de hand'l ov a 
li3S bnum ; and at de uder end ov dis hand'l, 
el amui) de crem, insjd de tub, iz a flat pes ov 
wud, not so big az de botmii and biger dan 
jU top ov de tub, wid several holz in it. 3is 
tub wid de hand'l and bord, iz cold a ©urn. 
3en sum wun mmvz de hand'l up and dsn 
for a log tjm. Sis iz veri hqrd wurc, and 
wiad tjr u veri rauq if u wer tm trj and dm 
it log enuf tm mac buter. After sum tjm, de 
cuver iz tae'n of de qurn, and u se dot part 
ov de crem iz qumd intm buter, and piyt 
intm tin mile celd butermUc, hwi^ iz jenerah 
giv'n tm de pigz. 

^qtii vox ven pkzd at sciq 6a tiqz, and 
so wud n if 11 cud 8£ jkm, and j hop n wil se 
item sum da er uder, and den u wQ tujc ciz 
€qrli did, qfter be had sen dem, dat Ev'n bred 
and buter ma be wonderful tigz. 

§ 13. 

And dus dc etum post awa, and de winter 
cam on, and in &£ laq winter evnigz, €qrU 
began tta lem tin red. He fsnd it veh difi- 
cult, az a grat meni mor lit't haz hav fsnd it, 
but he nu hz mu^ he fud be ab'l tm lem, if 
he onli ferst lemt tm red. So he wurct veri 
hard, ond b^ de t^m de sprii) cam agen he woz 
ab'l tm red lit'l ezi bucs priti wel. Sins ddt 
t^m pq)'l hav fsnd st a wa tm mac redii) veri 
czi, and u, j dar aa, hav not fsnd it veri dificult 
tm lem tm red dis buc, abst ©qfli and hwot 
he did, and hwot hiz papq and mama told 
him. Sfterwerdz, a log tjm ofterwerdz, hwen 
Gqrli gmi biger, he ust tm be veri fond ov 
redii) inded, and he red a grat number ov 
bucs, cmd lemt a grat meni tigz. 



DiLrii} dc winter dat ©arli ferst lernt tin 
red, it woz ofn veri cold, and sumt^mz dar 
woz sno on de grsnd. Een de Jit'l berdz ust 
tm flj ner &z windo, htcez da cud not get find 
enuf tin et on de grsnd. ©qr!i tuc car tm 
tro sum cromz ov bred on de lej ov de windo 
everi merniq qlter brecfast, and de lit'l berdz 
cam and et it up. 3ar woz wun Robin Red- 
brest dat he woz veri fond ov. It ust tin ho|j 
abst tind luc so noig, Gqrli of'ii sat wo^ii) it 
for a log tjm tuigtJder. And ©qrii never for-' 
got tm stnu sum cruraz for dc lit'l berdz, az 
log az de sno woz on de grsnd; and ev'n 
liwen dar woz no sno, he put sum bred 3t 
hwji dar woz mug frost, becez de grsnd woz 
den so hcyd dat ds lit'l berdz cud not Ezili 
jjec up dar fmd st ov it, and da wer so ust tui 
cum tm de windo, it wud hav ben a grat dis- 
aptrntment tm dem tm fjnd nutiq dar. 

Hwjl it woz so cold, lit'l Ccirli went sljdir) 
several t^mz. 3ar woz a corner ov de gqrd'n 
hwar pep'l did not wee, and dar he mad a sljd 
on de sno. He tuc car not tm mac it on dc 
pat, for he rememberd h3 pmr Tom Gren 



' Ite lit'l qildren on dc js, 

61 on a sumerz da, 
Az it fel 3t, da el fel in, 

3s rest da ran awa. 
' Ns had dez qildren ben at honi, 

9r sljdir) on dr^ gi'snd, 
3a broe'n bonz mjt hav had, but da 

Wud not hav el ben drsnd.' " 

" O, teq me dot, Beti," sed Gqili; and Beti 
sed it over several tjmz, til he nil it bj hctrt. 
Az smn az GorH cam intui de hss, and had 
tac'n of hiz werm tigz, he sed it over tui hiz 

" 'iHm tet u ddt, 6qrh," sed Je. 

" It woz Beti, mamq. £e se me sljdii] on 
drj grsnd, and |e sed it woz veri gud, becez 
den i Jud not be drmd." 

" And if u tac car, y, wil not hav broe'n 
bonz eder, nij der. IBut dont u se u hav 
ben lemii) a pes ov nonsens. ':Did u ever se 
is on a sumerz da ; and yet u sa, 
' Itz Ut'l qildren on de js, 
Gl on a sumerz da.' " 





"O, mamq, i did not tigc ov ddt. O, j 
am sori i lemt it ns." 

"SHwj (ff u sori." 

"Becez Aai cud not be js on a sumerz da. 
So it woz not trm." 

" Yes, and if u go on u wil fjnd smntii) els 
dat iz not trm, 

' Az it fel st, da el fel in, 
3e rest da ran awa.' 

If da el fel in, '■lis cud de rest run Qwa. If 
da wer el in de woter, dar cud hav ben nun 
left tui run awa. 

" O, mamq, mamq, I hwj dm pep'l mac suq 

" 3dts a veri hard cwes^in tui qnser, ©orli. 
But perhaps it woz bgcez'sum tjni ago, pep'l 
tet dat litl qildren, sins da wer lit'l and darfor 
cud not understand a veri grat del, cud not 
understand eni-tig at el dot woz sensib'I, and 
so da rot a cwontiti ov nonsens for dem ; and 
dis woz wan ov de nonsensical tigz hwig da 
rot, and hwiq Beti lernt j supoz hwen Je woz a 
lit'l gerl, and becez |e tet it funi, told it tui u." 

" O, maraq,, canot pep'l qt fuiii tigz dat qr 

"Yes, mj der, dat qr tnu, er mit hav ben 
tnu. U no hwot it wer told abst d8 berz on 
At js on a sumerz da, cud not hav ben trui, 
becez dar iz no js her in Iggland on a sumerz 

'"t Iz dar js eni-hwar, den, racimq, on a 
sumerz da," 

" Yes, mj der, if u wer tm turn qr bac tui 
de sun at twelv o-cloc, and tm go on and on 
til u wer obl^jd tui get intui a |ip, and den 
mad de |ip go on and on in de sani wa, u 
wud at Iqst cum tm a grat del ov [s, so tic 
and so wjd dat de Jip cud not go on eni 
fqrder ; dis iz cold de Froz'n OJan. 'i Dm u 
no hwot an oJan iz." 

" No, mamq." 

" lU no hwot a pond iz." 

" O yes ; darz a pond at de bac ov isr old 
li3s, hwar j slid Iqst winter, hwcn papq cot me 
and savd me from felig." 

" Wei, mj der, den q, no dat a pond iz a big 
hoi ful ov weter ; ns, if de hoi wer a grat. 

grat del biger and wjder and dqier, and wejr 
stU fild wilt water, and wer so wjd iat u cud 
□ot se acroe it, so wjd Aat n wnd hav tm sal 
in a Jip, a grat meni daz, wax, » er'n mnnte, 
brfor q. cud get atrce it, it wud be celd on 
OJoD ; and if it wer not cw^t so big, it wud 
celd a Sc. *! U no nz hwot j meo b^ on ojan." 
" Yes, momq, tagc n, cwjt wel." 
"Wei, nq dcr, hwot u wud Qnd hwen q, 
had said az [ hav just told ^, cqm) nr bac 
elwaz tordz ite son at twelv o-doc, iz de Proz'n 
OJQD, ddt iz, so mu^ froz'o weter ^t if it wer 
tm melt it wud mac a lorj oJan. Bat it iz 
froz'n so hqxA dat it never duz melt, er to. 
3c is wud melt if u wer tui cut a bit of, and 
put it in Az fp, er in a pot over de f|r, er hold 
it in nx handz ^ and sam ov 6z [s elwaz duz 
melt in sumer t^m, but Az sun givz st so lit'l 
hct in doz plasez, and de js iz so veri tic, dat 
it never gets melted entjrU trm, and so u mjt 
f jnd JB, and veri tic js tm, ' el on a sumerz 
da,* in Az Froz'n OJan." 

" O, mamq, hs cold it must be dar. ( Jud 
not I^c tm liv wid js ab^t mc elwaz. It iz el 




veri wel tui hav a gud slid-ns and den; it 
wermz wun so njsli in winter.' Fel m; hand, 
mamq, se hs njs and werm'it iz, and j hav 
not ben ner 4e fjr sins j cam iJi. But u no, 
mamq, i cud not sljd el da, iffld if j had sat 
dsn and rested on de ^s, j Jad hav ben veri, 
veri cold inded; [ Jud hav jiverd so." 

"Yes, n wud inded, ©qrli. No men liv in 
dcz plasez ; A&r iz veri Ut'l loiiddar, and hwot 
lit'l dar iz, iz elmost el cuverd-Wid sno and js. 
But sum persunz hav gon over in Jips tm sc 
hwot Aar woz in doz pqrts Ov de wurld, and 
da hav told us a grat meni curius storiz abat 
dem." . ■ 

" I Can ij, tel me eni ov dcraVmamq,-" 
" Amider tjm, mj der, \ Kop j ma be ab'l 
tm Jo n, a buc wid pictiijz oV'de grat pEsez ov 
^s hwig qr pjld up wun upon anuder until da 
qr biger don de Iqrjest hss ; and ov de Jips Jut 
up betwen mqsez ov js, hwiq da eel feldz ov js, 
becez da qr so big and wjd; and elso ov de 
Iqrj hwjt barz dot liv dar. Hwen dez barz qr 
bret tm Iggland, da f^nd it so wenn, dat da 
dm not no hwot tm dm wid demsiilvz, pmr 


tu)z ! but ctp wojq demselrz wid cold voter. 
3ez sez qr ceM'poler stz." 

" S Hvot doE 'dot mm." 

"U hav seQ'oii orenj, Gqrfi." 

" O yes, m(ix(M> and Et'n wnn tiu, and veii 
njs it iz." :'':',": 

"SDm 11 ££iDeinber befor pdii) it dot dar 
wer tin bloc 8{J^'on Az aan stsid, just opozit 
wun onuder.".'*-. 

" Yes, mam4,' ' 

" U mjt stic. A.pe8 ov wjr trm ds orenj, just 
tnu dez specs,' dod twist de oreuj rsud, 'icud 

not n." ;■..■ 

"4 tigc i ajtO'-moma." 

" aen if n v'er'tai dm bo, 6sl speca wud he 
Ai: poll! ov &z orurij. J' ccmot tel u 1)5, but it 
huz bcii fsiid -st dat de w-urld h rsnd, Ijc cui 
Dfonj, and tumz ubst just az if a pes ov wjr 
wcr run trm it ; so de pqrts ov de wurld hwar 
At t)lat! specs wud be, if de wurld wer an 
orenj, qr cold de jjoln. But u no, dar iz no 
wjr reoli run trm de ert, it onli tumz oz if it 
tumd on a wjr." 

" O! \vs funi! I'ousi de ^vurld beii) Ijc an 

orenj ! But j conot cwjt i 

; it 3t, mamq. 
d-E vrana Uuz not sem tiu mc tm muiv." 

" U q,r not old eniif yet tin understand lis 
it liQZ ben fsnd «t dot it duz muiv. i no dot 
it cud muiv widr5t mj feliq it. U must wat, 
©qrli, til u qr older." 

"Mama, 11 sed dez cold poler ojanz wer 
celd Poler Sez ; I (lt dar mor dan wan ov 

" Yes, mj der ; dar iz a froz'n ojon ab^t eq 
pol. If u, wer tm go tordz de sun at twelv 
o-cloc, u, wud cum tm sum hot plnsez. '^. Dm 
H recolect dc nam ov wim." 

" O yes. Africa, hwar de Ijunz cum from." 

"R^t. And qfter n, had pq,st dis hot plas 

a loi) tjm, u wud at Iqst cum tm onudcr cold 

rfroz'n ofan l^c dot j hav ben telig u abst. 

I Ns ddts muf for tm-da, mj der; tac iir buc 

r and red. $ hav sumtiq tm dm in de ciqen." 

3e winter went bj at Icist, and de sno woz 

' ted, and de grsnd becam soft agen. U no it 

had ben mad veri bcyd bj de frost in dc winter 


tjiQ. And ns 6z lit'I berdz soi) ^erfuli, and 
did not cum eni mor tin de windo fer crumz 
ov bred, but semd tm be veri bizi bildii) dar 
nests. Hen de trez began tm bud, and ds 
budz gnu Icirjer and IcLijer; at Iqst lit'I levz 
pept ^, and bit bj bit unfolded demselvz. 
6qrli had elredi sen Bnodrops and crocusez in 
hiz gord'n, and he and Jini wer beginir) tm 
so 8cdz for sumer flserz. Hwen de sedz ov a 
Slzer hav tui be son even yer, it iz celd an 
Anqol. Aniialz qr ofn veri priti flsera inded, 
and sum pep'l tac car tm hav plenti ov dem in 
dar gord'nz. Uder plants qj: left in de grsnd 
el itz yer rsnd ; dar levz wider awa in de 
winter, and de gvdner cuts awa el de u^es 
brQii(;cz. In dc spriij At plqiits sprst agen, 
(ind bar frej flserz. tlcz (y celd Ferenyalz. 
(Ic roz iz a pcrenyal. 

Ss kvz ov sum plants turn yclo and red in 
ds etum, and den fol of and befura hrsn on 
dc grsnd, but uderz reman gren ol tnu de 
ivinter. Soz dat reman gren ol de winter qr 
celd Evergrcnz, and da luc veri priti in dc 
gord'n hwen de uder plcpts cy bar. 3e Lorel 


and &E Fer, and de tl, and &z Sjpres, and de 
Holi, (hwiq hoz suq pricli kvz and barz biiti- 
fiol red beriz, dat u ma hav sen in Jop windoz 
and at ^urgea, at Crismas tjm,} and de Seder, 
and uder plqnts, qr evergrenz. Mister Brsn 
had a grat meni evergrenz in hiz gqrd'n, and 
agenst de wel he had plqnted a gud del ov 
4vi (hwiq iz elso an evergren) ; it crept up de 
wel, and mad it luc gren and ^erfiil, and hid 
ds glarig red brics. 

Lit'l ©Qirli woz veri fond ov cumii) tm se de 
gcydner at ^vurc cropiq of de brqnqez ov de 
trez, and digig up de gnrnd, and moir| de grqs, 
rolig de pqdz, and soig de sedz, and piolii) up 
de wedz. €cLrli list tm help him tm pul up de 
wedz, fer be cud dm it veri wel. He stmpt 
dsn on de grsnd, and gav de wed a pul, and 
5t it cam, nut and el ■ den he put it on a pes 
ov bord dat de gq,rdner gav him, and hwen he 
had got a gud meni tiugeder, he carid dem up 
tm de hwel-baro, and de gcydner hweld dem 
awa. Hwen he did dis, ©cirh felt himself 
veri hopi, becez he woz macii) himself reali 

Xs dc Qner weder hod cam abut, Stirli cud 
be mor 7t ov de h^s doa lis ust tui be in de 
winter, but he did not feiget hiz rsdi;). He 
ust tui red sum^ even da tm hiz mamq. 
He woz veri fond ov redii) de storiz ab^t ani- 
inok in de biac ov natqrol histori in hwig he 
had sen de picturz ov 6z I4im and Tjger and 
Hp. 3.e wurdz wer sumtjmz so log dot he 
did not nnderstdnd dem, but deo he elwaz tuc 
car tui asc hiz mamq abst dem, and never let 
a wurd go bj hwig he did not understand, 
unles hiz mamq told him he woz tui yxoj az 
yet tm no hwot it ment. 3ar iz no us in redig 
a grat meni wurdz unles ii no de menii) ov 
dem. If u dui not no de mtniri ov eni wurd 
in dis buc, u must nx mamq, er ur teqer 
tm tel II, and q, -wil of n f^nd dot u lem a grat 
del bj havig de menii) ov wun wurd told tut u. 

Hwen de flserz gnu and op'nd st dar kvz, 
and luet priti, ©qj-li and Jini ust tm go intui 
Ac gqrd'n everi memiq befor brecfast, and pic 
ii iijs nozga for dar mauiq, and put it in a 
glqa upon de brccfaat tab'l, far dar mamq woz 
vcri fond ov flserz, and Ijct tm hav sum ov 

dem in her ruim. U hav not fergot'n, j hop, 
dat Gcyli had a gord'n ov hiz on. U ma be 
Jqj dat he did not neglect it. He dug it el 
carfiali up, and den he ract it over wid hiz rac, 
and tuc awa g1 de wedz and stonz, and put 
dem in hiz hwel-baro, and tnu dem upon At 
hep hwar he se de gcydner tro el de rubij. 
He sod hiz sedz, and tuc car hwen it had not 
ben a rani da, tm feg sum weter, and por 
over dem and mac dem gro. Beti ust tm 
pump de weter for him intui hiz weterii) pot, 
and Sqrli never stud so ner n3 dot de weter 
cud spert over him. O, hs hapi Gorh woz 
de da dot he ferst se tm tjni ht'l levz cumii) 
up abuv de grand. Everi da hwen he had 
dun wurcir|, he put el liiz tmlz bj intm dc tml 
hss. He dor ov de tml hss did not stic ns az 
it did wuns, for Mister Brsn had had de pant 
smmdd of de ejez, so dat it Jut and op'nd cwjt 
ezili, and lit'l ©qrli cud ns go in widst danjer 
ov beii) Jut up in it, az he woz de ferst da he 
cam tm hiz nu hss. 

Wim da dar woz sumtig de mater wid de 
pump, and Gorli cud not get eni weter fer 

° ^-6004 


hiz flserz. Mister Brsn sent for de plumer 
directli, tui mend de pump, and ©qrii luct on 
tui sE him dui it. Fcrst de plumer lifted up 
de Ictrj lid behind de pump, and ®qrli se dat 
dar woz a grat dep hoi, but he cud not se dsn 
tui de botum ov it, oz he woz ofrad dat if he 
cam tm ner, he mjt fel in. So hiz papq, tuc 
hold ov him bj de dres, and held him tjt hwjl 
he lent over and luct in. He se it woz veri 
dep inded, but dar woz de weter at de botum, 
and a log pip went from de pump intm de 
woter. Sis pip had burst, and de plumer 
woz cum tm mend it. He had sum dun hiz 
wurc, and den hwen Beti mmvd de hand'l up 
and dsn, de weter cam at agen in a stroi) 
strem, az befor. ©orli woz veri muq surprizd 
at seig de weter sug a grat wa belo de piunp, 
he cud not mac st hwj de weter cam up hwen 
de hand'l woz muivd. 

" Papa," sed he, qfter te, " i hav ben tigcii) 
veri muq obTit hwot brii]z de weter up 3t ov 
de pump. i> canot mac it st. 'i Iz dar nutii| 
hwiq goz from de hand'l dan intux de weter." 

"aarz de pip hwig u se, fiorh." 


"Yes, papq, { no ddt, but "ican de pjp briq 
iz weter up b^ itself, i dont tiqc it can, 
papd, beCDZ den dc weter wud cum up widst 
i[r havii) tui raiuv de hand'l." 

" No, Gorli, 11 q^ cw^t i|t dar ; dc pjp cud 
not dm it bj itself, but we cud not get up dc 
weter widst de pjp. 4i wil trj and Jo ii sumtiij 
abst it." 

Mister Brsn went intui hiz snugeri, and 
bret st a glqs tub, just abst big enuf tm slip 
a led pensil intm. Sen he rai| de bel, and 
had sum frej woter and a tumbler bret in. 
" N3, Gcirli," sed he, "put dia pjp intm de 
weter, and giv a sue." 

©OPli did so, and de weter sum cam intui 
hiz mst. 

" So Carli, 1 no 11 hav sent nutig dsn intm 
de weter but dis glqs pip, and yet de weter 
cumz up intui ur mst. 'i Hs iz ddt." 

" Hwi, papq, it elwaz duz hwen j sue." 

" Trw enuf ; but 1 hwot dui u dm hwen u 


"°. Hwot dm i dm; 
dont no ov eni-tig els." 

hwj, i sue, papq; j 


" Giv a sue widst putii) ur mst tm &z tub. I 
aar, ddt wil diu. '■ Did ii fel eni-tii]." 

"Onli a lit'l cold ar on mj lips." 

" "i Hwot mad ur lips cold." 

"4! siipQz it must bav ben At wind cumii|i 
in tnu mj m^." 

"Wei, den, u se hwen n sue it macs 
wind cum intui ur mst." 

"So it duz, papq,; l never tet ov ddt." 

" '^. Hwar duz de wind cum from." 

Gcyli cud not tel. 

" 'i Iz dar eni wind in dc num." 

"No, pupct, i dont fel eni." 

" Just flac ur hoijcerqef and tel me." 

" O, papq,, ddt olwaz macs a wind, j no.'' 

" Yes, just in de sam wa dot hwen u splan 
ur hondz in wetcr, u mac wavz. He ruim \ 
iz ful ov sumtii) cold ar, and hwen u mac dis 
ar muiv, u mac a wind. Ns, hwen u suet, 
dnu ar intui ur mst, and az de ar had tui 
ramv intiu ur mst, it mad a wind, and ddt 
eiuld ur hp3- 'i Hwar woz dis ar dat u dnu 
intm ur mst." 

" In de ruim, [ supoz, papq." 


" Yes, de ruim iz ful ov ar, and so q;r el de 
cups and seserz in it, and so iz dis tub. If u 
sue trui dis tub widrt putir) it intui de weter, 
U sue in ar from de ruim; and if u put wun 
end in de weter, no mor ar can cum intm de 
tub, and so u sue up el de ar 3t ov de tub, and 
den hwen dar iz no mor ar tm cep de weter 
3t, de ar hwiq iz on de uder sjd ov de weter 
piijez it up, and it jumps up intm ur m^t." 
" But nobodi sues de pump, papq,." 
"Not wid hiz m^, but at de end ov da 
hand'l dar iz a contr^vans celd a Sucer, becez' 
it sues de ar 3t ov de leden pjp hwig u se, and 
so de ar ^tsjd pujez up de weter." 
"O, Sli3 duz de ar puj it up." 
"f canot unser ddt cwesgun n^, ©urli. * 
hay told u clz mug az j tiqc u can wel imder- 
stdnd, and j must n^ sa wuns mor, dat if u 
wont tm no de rest, u must wat til u ur older." 
" A ! papu," sed ©urli, wid a sj, " u hciv tm 
tel me ddt so of n." 

" Yes, mj der, but u Ji^d not be disapcmted 
at mj saig so. XI canot understand dis, merli 
becez u bav not yet lernt enuf ov uder tigz." 


"O, papa, '!li5 Jul I ever lern el i hav tm 

"XI wil lern el u can, Sqrli- Az u gro 
older, u wil fjnd dat hsever old u gro u wil 
elwaz hav sumtirj curius tiu lern, and sumtiij 
dat wil mac n, w^zer and beter, and darfor 
hapier. 4 hop, €arK bw, u wil never lev of 
lemir), er wijii) tui lern, and den de mor u no 
de mor u wil wunder at and acnolej dc pwer 
and gudnes ov God, hui mad el dez tii)z fit 
intui and serv wun onuder, wid snq perfect 
buti and erder." 

"iDid ©qrli lern wel az he gnu older, and 
understand -de tigz he wonted tm no. 

Anuder tjm, perhaps, { ma be abl tm tel ij. 
But den u must be older urself, er u wil not 
understand hwot €cirU woz told. So ns j wil 
end dis log buc, and bid u 

"GUD B*." 

Printed bj A. J. Elis, B. IL, Fonetic Printig OfiMi, B<tt. 




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