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Full text of "C. Hart Merriam papers : including correspondence, papers relating to career with the United States Biological Survey, 1798-1972 (bulk 1871-1942)"

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The Bancroft library 

lu-vlo Lnke 

P> c? 

:: lied by Beckvd^' , 1654. 

. ,r.^III , (p^ . ?) Ar^ . 5a, 51 , 52, 1B55. 
Uarill lake a Lout 30 lailoslfiV/ of Honey Lnke. 
Beckwith,E.G. , in Pac.Rr.Rep.,II,Art.II, 

See m»^ f^c'.rr, P' i*r. Zo^,,.i l,h^.,/Ho. Or, tk9renrj h^^Jei 

^n£io Valloy 


son Vrllcys, 

Cal if .i;nr:. , II , 537, Juno, inS'^ . 
Lctworn Prid<-^-iort a.^d Car- 

East Branch of Fft athar River 


• Kaat Branch of Fftat her RivQr ..-}hitfthing.q Calif 

Mag,, p. 449, April 1858. 

R. eau claire 


Tributary to Trou, which flows S 
into Sacramento R. , E side. 

De Mofras, Ctrte de I'Oregon, des Calif or 

nies, u:c. Gen*l map. 1844 . 

See Sacramento R. 

Eden Landing 

Place at head of navigation on IJ branch 
Alameda Creek, 

Polit.Code of California, San Francisco 
p. 463, 1897. 

Eel River 

[Eel River] 

• Statutes of California, 1852, 154, 1802. 

/^GibLeis Lap of California, 1^050^ 
/ 'Cxibbs, in Schoolcraft, IIl','l'35^;i853. 

El Cajon __ Calif. 

Name on map of San Diego district, 1800-30, N 
of San Diego River, & not far E of San Diego 
Mission, So, Calif. —Bancroft, Hist. Calif .II, 

El Cajon (or Santa Monica). According to 

Sanchez (1821), 5 leagues E of the mission. 
-Ibid, 442. 

El Cajon de ios ^^egros 

Pass said to be nearly parallel 
Cajon Pass, :5 miles to the westward. - 
W,P,, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,88,1857. 


Elbow Creek if^n^^r Creek] 

CribljcCs^ Llap of California, IBbZ. 
Creek little :: of Visalia, 
Y/illir,rn^,on,R.S., hinp, in Ex. Doc. 129, 33d. 


BlakG,¥.P., in Pac.Hr.Rep.,V,pt.II,;^.6,ie57. 

San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. 
El Cant 11 (or Arroyo de San Nicolas) 

Name given "by Portola Expd. in 1759 to canyon 
4 leagues NNW of Estero Bay, near a steep cliff 

at the edge of the sea. -- Costanso, Diary Por- 
tola Expd, , Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., 
vol. 2, no. 4, 225,1911. 

Crespi says that he named this site El Arroyo 
de S an Nicolas , but among the soldiers it was 

known as El Cantil . — Crespi, Diary Portolft 
Expd. in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 

2, 153, Mexico, 1874. 

SI Chocolate Monterey Co., Calif. 

in^Chocolate, Real del Chocolate. .- Uame 
given by Portola Expd. in 1769 tp camp on 
plain at junction of Arroyo Seco and Salinas 
River. — Costanso. Diary Portola Expd.,Pub8. 

Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2. no. 4. 235. 
295, 1911, 

Elder Creek 

HutchinfT. Calif .;.Ia^-. ,1,495, 1857. 

Creek [in what is now northern Tahm.ia 
emptyinr; into Sacir.onto River from tlie YJ 
fibove present tom Tehana. 


El Dorado Dry Di^e-inpis? ^, 

Hangtown • ^ SS^"6«j= Placerville, Calif. 

g^Karrv L. Wells. Hist.of Nevada Co., Calif., 

El Dorado 

Place on K side Rio d. 1. Plumac [Feather 

River], 5 miles S of i.arysville. 
of California, 1852. 

--Cribbes, Map 

Kl Dorado Canyon 



IIutchinf;s Calif .Ma^;. ,111,490,1059.' 

^Canyon of El Dorado Creok near the source 
oan Andreas i ; ; 




."/N • > * 


*i^^\KS>Jy '^ , 

El Dorado 

CEl Dorado] 
•Incorporated as a tov/n April 16, 18^^\ 

•Statutes of California, 1850,116,1855. 
'Town in El Dorado County, SW of Placer- 

ville.r^^*— ■ *:-*^'-f^ts4^_'hvt^JLs»J,t\>^os;i 

El Dorado Cafion 


About 3 miles from Bird's Store, on Middle Fork. 
About 7 miles in length*— Sacreun^nto Daily ^ 
Transcript. April 6, 1851. 

El Dorado County 

'Established Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. 
* Statutes of Caliiornia, 18C0, 61-62, 1050 

•Boundaries amended; portion of county 
attached to Araador Co., April 16, 1855. 

•Statutes of California, 1855,113,1855. 

El Bstero jjgtero Bay, Calif, 

Name given by Portola Kxpd. in 1769 to camp 

about 3 miles E of Pt. Estero. - Coetanso, 

Diary Portola Expd.,Pub8. Acad. Pacific Coast 

Hist., vol. 2, no, 4, 223, 1911. 
Real de Bat^rn .. n^^^j^ ^^-^^ 

gl Bstero de Santa 3i.r.-rs^o .. Cre^pi, Diaiy 
Portola Expd. in Palou's IToticia de la Hueva 
Calif .,2,161, Mexico, 1874. 


Place on 

Ca 11 f . 

■ ■ ciuG of Fdo d. 1. Flw..i r 
CFeathor River] 3 miles ?> of I.Iarysville.- 
Cribbes, Hap of California, 1052.' 

Post Office discontinued , May 1851,— Sacra- 
mento Daily Transcript, May 16, 1851. 

Elizabeth, Lake 

(Illustration) .--Wiiiiar/ison,R.S., in Pac. 


riac(3 Letwncn Yankeo Jiuo and Iowa Hill, 
riacer County.-lStat. of Calif .,1854, 223,1 8f)4. 

Elk Camp 


on thf^n^cf °^ ^^}^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^« Trinidad 
nL« -^v^?®^^ ?1^ Orleans on Klamath River. 

biography as under constniction at the time 

the earlTf m?' ^^ the region, apparently in 
tne e 2 rly fifties. —Autobiography of Isaac 
Jones Wistar. Vol. 1, p.l80,^Ph?l^delphia! 

T^lk Creek 

Creek in IJ San Joaquin County between 
Mokelurnne and Calaveras Rivers.— Gibces i^an 




Elkhom Hills <?an Luis Obispo Oo. Calif 

Elkhorn Hills, extendii^ M across Town- 
ship 11 North. Range 25 West, S.B.M.. San Luis 
Obispo Co.. Calif. U.S. Geog. Board. Apr.7 


R.S.Wiliiainson, in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.I,12,1853 
Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,10,1657. 

Elkhorn Scarp San Luis Obispo Oo. Oalif, 

filkhom Scarp, terrace-like escarpatdnt 
extending from SE corner of Township 11 N, 
Range 25 ¥, NW across Township 12 N, Range 
Z6 W, S.B.M., Township 32 S, Range 22 ^, M.D.M, 
and Township 32 S, Range 21 E, Into SW quarter 
of Township 31 South, Range 21 E, San Luis 
Obispo Co., Calif, U.S.Geog. Board, Apr. 7,1909 

Elkhorn Slou£;h 

Sloufd:! emptyin^r into Salinas River near 
its mouth (near Monterey Bay) . 

Folit. Code of California, San Francisco 
p. 463, 1897. 

Elk River or Ka-cha-reh 

[Elk River] 

* River emptying- into Hwnboldt Bay a 
rnilc or 2 II of town of ItoiLoldt.-l Gibus, i 



choolcraft , III , 131 , 13::, 1853 

Elk Station 
See Point 


Ft. Slliott 

Contra Costa Co. 


On south side of Orrouinez Itrcits, oppo- 
site Southampton Bav* — Hing^^old, Map of Straits 
of Carquines and Vallejo Bay, 1850. 

Ft. Ellis 


On Sacramento River at northwest end of 
Brannan Id. — Ringgold, Chart of oacramento 
niver, loou. 

HI v.onte] 

PIpco 4 rnile!^ SE of Snn Orbriel. 
lliTiipple,A.W. , in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,111 ,Art.I, 

El 030 del cochc 

Spanish name for hills (probably includin, 
Llorfcan Hill) between Santa Clara Valley and 
Qilroy plain. 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,379,1831. 

El Toro 

^//ilkes Exped. llarrative, V, u^aj) (dated 
1841) facinrr p. 150, 1045. 

Place E of Llontorey (betv;een 
Salinas River. ) . 

Monterey and 

mn>>fly.-*aHAyrt I» Pn-^y arrAnfo] 



Early ^paniEh naire for Sacrament 

Men'orial and Biol. Hist, of Northern Calif. 

LewiB Pub. Co., 199, 1891. 

Called 'Etribarcadero* by Lieut. Buffi^m in 

1850. — Buffuffi, E. Gould', Six Months in the. 

Gold Mines, 32, 1850. 

^barcadero on San Antcnio C'l^ek 
[* East Oakland] 
^. Heath Davis, ?5ixty Years in Calif 

1831-69, 254, San rxtmcis©. 1689. 


Kern Co. 


finigrant Hill 

finigrant Hill, isolated point in Sec- 
tion 24, Township 25 S, Rar^e 18 E, Kern Co., 

Calif. U.S.Geog.Bcard, Apr. 7, 1909 

Pt. Emmet 


^On west end of Gwin Id. fnow Browns Id.) 
at junction of New York Slough and ouisun Bay. 
langgold.^Map of Anchorage off New York of 
the Pacific, 1850. 

Exploration & Travel 


Pinory, W. H. 

932 Emory (W. H.) Report on the Survey of 
the boundary between the United States and 
Mexico, Part l.Peraonal Account and Description, 
268 pp., with 2 fdding maps, 12' coloured plates of 
Indian chiefs, etc., and numerous other steel plates, 
tcoodcuts, etc., 4to, ISs 6d 1856 

Ropt. on the U.Si&Mexican Boundary Survey, 

Vol. I, 34th Cong.lst Sees. H.R. Ei.Doc.l35, 

,^ ^^/ 4to. WashiiKton 1857 


isr?^ / 


C ¥^\x 

Fjnory's Crossing 

Cross in/^ on Middle 
of Nevada City..:stat. of 

[Emory Ford] 
Fork Yuba River, :m 

Calif., 1854, 222,1854. 


Place on S side Tuolumne Fdver, a little 
E of mouth of Dry Creek. -Gib be:::s l.:ap of Cal- 
ifornia, 1852, 

Empire Ranch 

/fiL.^ IFjTipire Ranch] 
•Place ^S of Smartsville] in Yuba County. 
•Stat, of Calif., 1854, 223, 1854 

mme on map of Los Aiigel^ 

Ola if. 

district 1800-30, 

located a little NW of Los Angeles 
Hist. Calif. II, 352. 1885, 

station on r>outhern Pacific in the south- 
central part of San Fernando Valley. 

In 1769. - CresDl ^fJ ^"5*°^* ^P<»- 

Mexico, 1874. 

valley (6 X 8 leagues) N of Santa Monica 
Mountains. -- Costa^so. Diary Portola Erpd. . 
Rj^bs.W Pacific Coast Hist.. vol. 2!^o.i. 

Ml^dejanta CataJina^e.Bononia de loa 

l2£inos- Lat 34 37'. - Pr«or^rT^ HS-ios 

fnT^ p^j • ^ ; l-respi, Diary Por- 

tola fepd. in Palou-s Noticia de la Nueva 
Calif., 2. 127. 1874. 

^0 del Encino. - Portola. Diai^. Por- 

vol! K;:3!^^!>9'!loo?-i^^° ^0-^ Hist.. 

Lofw!; ^®°°-20. located a little NW of 
Loe Angeles. — Bancroft Hi=,(- PoU*- tt 
352, 1805. 'i-iuji., nist., Calif., II, 


R R^^™^?v,^ '*f^'?" °^ Southern Pacific 
R-R. in aouth-oentral part of Fernando Valley 


l>1i- ^ 9LcJt ^^3. 

Llano del Encinot^^T^tvo..viLoVVU^"\ Calif. 

Name given by Portola in 1769 to San 
Fernando Valley. — Gaspar de Portola, 
Dia.r,r Calif. &cpd. 1769-70. Pubs. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 1, no. 3, p. 79, 

« « , , , „ X^Encinitas CreekJ 

Canada de los Encinos gan Diego Co.. Calif. 

Name given by Grespi. Portola Expd. . 1769, 

to little canyon 9 -leag,ue8 NW of San Diego. — 

Crespi, Dian^ Portola Expd. in Palou*s Notici 

de la Nueva Calif.. II, 104, Mexico. 1874. 




Encinal de Temescal 

Alameda Co* , Calif. 

Site on estuary of San Antonio due E of 
San Francisco^ SnowJl in TOrly times as 
Encinal de Temescal; now present city of 
Oakland. - ;;m. Heath Davis, Sixty Years in 
Calif., 1831-89, 534-5, San Francisco, 1889. 


•Place in Yolo County, betwoon Putah and 
Cache Creeks. -IStat. of Calif . ,1854,222,1054. 

Ensenada del Camelita [ ^ Richardsons Bay] 
Lieut. Ayala*s First Survey and Map of 

the Bay of San Francisco, 1770* 

Ayala named Bichardsons Bay, Ensena da 
Carmelita . because of a rock in it which 

resembled a friar of that order. — Zoeth 

Eldredge. Beginnings of" San Francisco, I, 

50, 1912. 



Lieut. Ayala *s First Survey &nd Map of the 
Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 

Name given by Ayala to little bay between 
Tiburon and Point Quentin, San Francisco 
Bay. — Zoeth Eldredge, Beginnings of San 
Francisco, I, 50, 1912. 


Ilutchings Calif.Uo^^., Ill, 490, 1859. 


<0^ 1u:ju^ Xfi-dt ,^i4iLwxH 

Eopion, Ft. 

Proniinont point about 32 miles I. of 

Fort Ross [possiuly Point Arena] .--G-ib 
Jap of California, 1852. 





-Bancroft, Hist, Calif. II, 51 map, 1885, 




Sstero Americano 

LTomales Bay] 


flnni^ol'f^"^-^^ the nameJSstero Ame r i ca no ' ms 
applied to^ narrow pAeipMt entrance to 

I^^ITa ^J',}^^ l^ i^inggSld^l850) and others 
t^f.l i ^ whole Bay; De Mofras uses the namff 

So'qonS'^^"^"? ^^" ?^^!^"^ Sstero Americano 
^H^oi2>.^^? Igiiacio ou Avatcha' 1844). [See 
AStero Am ericano I ' l^^^ 

frrre&ion?'lai^^' San ^rancisco Bay 
btatutes of CaTI^rnia, 1850.60,IS§fi. 

H^ .- Hc«r^ iU. «..„«_X 

E^tero Aniericano [Estcro AmericcW " 

-a flovdng into Bodega Day on bound- 
ary betv/cen i.:arin and Sonor.a 
Calif. , 18f)b, 151 ir.55. WU UfcM.u.MJU^.Uui^^vuM* lUt; 

•Also TJoant Survey Charts, leri-lQQ'^ 



Ksteros Bay 


r.Mr^le,A.W. , map ]!o.,^( dated lPr)7>.4) ^ i 


». Doc. 1-9,. 3-d. Con^.,l,t.SesB.,IVIII(pt.4), 1855. 

Eetero Seco [=Islais Creek] Calif • 

Lieut, Ayala's First Survey and Map of the 
Bay of San Francisco, 1775 • 

Islais Creek, San Francisco Bay, was named 
Estero Seco by Ayales or Canizares. — Zoeth 
Eldredge, Beginnings of San Fr^cisco, I, 50, 


Estoros Point 

[Point ER-'.eros] 

roint little !• of Entcros ^ayCH^MJ. W. 

J^ancouver, Voyage of Discovery. 1790-95 
Lend II 446,1798 (Ponto del Ksteros) , , Atll's 
.onto & Ponta dol Entoros). 

Gibbers, Map of California, 1802 (Point 




Costanso, Diary Portola Eipd., 1769-70, 
Pubs* Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., Vol. 2. no. 
4, pp.113 k others, 1911. 

Pedro Pages, Diary of Expd. to San Fran- 
cisco Bay, 1770, Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hist., vol. 2, no. 3, 151, 1911. 

Lieut Ayala's First Map and Survey of 
the Bay of San Francisco, 1776. 

Estero of San Juan Francisco Calif. 

Moraga^s Diario de su Eipedicion al Puerto de 
Bodega, 1810, }JSS, mentions, on the way north, Ihi 
"Estero of San Juan Francisc o* on which was a 
rancheria under Captain ^.__, __ _ „^^ .^^^,, 
the "Punta del Plan de San Francisco Solano* is 
named* —Bancroft: Hi stiagsflf- Calif. 11,57 ft. 
note, 1885* 


o r\ \M. doroyxTLAo ^^?lcL 


Estracho de Karquines ■ ■ 

Carquinez Straits. -^secliey: Voyage of Blossoi 
II, 4,1831, /A^/^^v/ S'^ J^.^^ 



Name I'lrst given to settloiant on site of 
present town of Meadow Lake. It v/as also 
called Sumndt City for a short time.— 
W.F^Edwards .Tourists' Guide & Directory 
of the Truckee Basin. p,39, 1883* 




ov/n on HumLoldt Bay. 

♦Statutes of California, ir,53, 50 7,1853 
GiVoors Llap of California, 1852. 

Excelsior ^Meadow Leke township, Calif. 

"The township of Meadow Lake, or as it is more 

out.-.E.G.Waite m [Edwin F.] Benin's History 
and Directory of Nevada Co., Calif., 305, 1657. 


■fici- P 



Palaises blenches (white clitfs) 


Cliffs on Pacific shore, San Francisco 
Peninsula, vicinity of Mussel Kock. 

De Mofres, Uorte de 1 * Oregon et des 

Californies, Map 16. 1844 . 

FrlJ. Rivor 

Pd^'f^r flowing: ir^^ upper Pit lUver f^rom 

HunWi^-'^y^-.^.A.A.a V/--r-n,rr.r. , in ^x. Doc. 129, 

». -* vy \ . 

Gunnison, J. W.& Beckwith,E.G. ,map( dated 185:5- 
1854), in Ex. Doc. 129, .3.3d. Cong. ,1st. Sess., XVIII 

Humphreys, A, A. & Warren,G,K., in Pac.Rr.Rep. 





Emory, Military Roconn. Ft. Ler-em-orth 
to San Diogo in 1846-47, 113,1048. 


Falsa Bay 

— EraoryrMilitary Reconnoissance, 1846-7, 113, 184i 

False Bay San Diego Co. 
See Mission Bay 


False Lape Liendocino 

False Cape Uendpcino "with its terraced 
sides", near tlie mouth of Eel River. --Gibls, in 

Schoolcraft, III, L?9, 1853. 

Farallon, South 


Beechey, Voyage of Blosr.or.i, 11,651,1831. 
One of ihe Farallon rocks off Golden 


La P^coLL^e, Voyage, Ai\as nl.33,nm. 

'^^••ncouver, Voyaf:e of Liscovcry, 1790-95, 

Lond.,I,4.''0,1798.(Farellones) , & Atlas (Far- 
allones) . 




[ Far al 1 o n e s ] 
couvcr, Voyn,f:c of Discovery, 1790-95 

Lond.,I,430,179n, £c Atlan (F.vrallones) 


Los Falleroncs 

[Fa rail ones] 

Langsdorff, Voyages L Travols (10C5-1807) 
London, pt. II, 146. 1814. 

Farallones de San Francisco Calif, 

Name glwen on Ayala's Map to both N ard 
S groups of small islands w of Golden Gate. 
— Lieut. Ayala»s First survey and Mop of the 
Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 

The Portola Expd. sighted the Farallones 
Nov. 1, 1769. -- Costanso, Diarj^ Portola Expd., 

Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vcl. 2. no. 
4, 267, \nu. 

Font says, "some s'lX or eight leagues out 
to sea mc;y be seen some rather lar;e farallones 

Pedro Font. Diary Anza Expd. .1775-76.Pub8 
Acad, Pacific Coast Hist., vol, 3. no.l. 
67, 1913, 


G-ulf of the Farallones ' Calif. 

Gulf in Pacific fomed by Point Reyes and 
Montara Pointy called by Coatanso on Portcla 
Expd, 1769, the Bah ia or P uerto de San Fran- 
-feisco . — Costanso, Diarj^ Portola E)q)d. , 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, fto. 
4, 265, 1911. 

Bay which is called the Farallones. — 
Palou, Vida de Padre Junipero Serra, 203 
Mexico, 1767. 

Faralloner, do los Fraytes 



ap of California, 1852. 

S Fnrallon 

CS Fr rail on] 

Sou'lierniiost of the Fnrallonos. 

GibLes, i.:ap of Galifornia, 1 

S Fork Eel River 

CS Fork Eel Rivor] 

• Oibbs, in Schoolcraft, III, 124, 1853. 

Farallones Recks 


Rept^Lt. P. F. Smith in Sen. Doc.47 , 31st 
Cong. 1st Sess. 103,1850. 


Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,542,1831. 


•Huinboldt, Kssai Polit.lIouv.Ksp. , 1,-lxxxix 
1011 . 



Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 11,651,1031. 

GibLe's IJap of California, 185.? (Far- 
allonoG do los Fraytcs) . 

Parlonfl rnn^rf\ 


garloDfi rnnlffl.-^Pflf.oy Cornev, .^.^^ 

Northern Pacific, 1813-1818, LonJon 

Gazette 1821; Reprinted in Honolulu (book 8*) 
p* Attjf 1896. 

a terarv 

Pausse Pte. du ITouvel An 

Second Point ncr th of ILonterey Bay 

La Perouse, Voyage, Atlas, pi. 31, 1797 

Faux Port 

Now False Bay, just north of San Diego 
Bay, from which it is separated by Point Loma 


•Map 35, Atlas du Voyage de La Perouse, 

;De Mofras, Carte de POrop-on dpc, PpI 
ifornies, &c. , IS44. ^^^b>on, aes tal- 

=r Ta-\se^ 


Feather River 

•Kelly, Excursion to Calif ., London, II 

'^^ilkes Exped. llarrative, V, map (dated 
1841) facing: p. 1^)0, 1845. 

Felipe, Point 

Point at IJ end Santa Barbara r^av. nonoA 
by Vancouver in 1795 after the commandant at 
Snnta Barbara., Senor Don Felipe Ooycochca. 

Vancouver, Voyar:e of Dir.covery, 1790-95, 
bond., II, 4r37, 1798., & Atlas (3hov;n on mp as 
point just SW of Ganta Barbara). 

Felix __^ 

Name on map of Lob Angeles district 
located a little M of Los Angeles. 
Hist. Calif. 11,352,1885. 
Felix. Mentioned as rancho in 1836. 
Hist. Calif. 111,634, 1885. 


— Bancr oft :l 

— Bancr aft] 


FerGno River [Fresno River] 

Typographical error for Fresno River. -- 
Senate Ex. Doc.l, 32d.Con6., 1st r>esG.,pt.3. 
484,1851. ' 

Fermin, Ptc. [Point Ferrriin] 

e ^'^o^^as Carte de POregon, des Cal- 

-S, t:c, , 1844. « -p 5 -D ' J 

Point at j; end of Can Pedro Bay. 

, ,^uj,i^^o li^omt Ferr/iin; ncmed bv ^'an- 
can orcr) , .^ At lap. 

Fointe J^'ermm 

LPoint i^'erminj 


Point on San Pedro Bay, Los Angeles Co. 

Vancouver named N barrier to present harbor 
of Los Angeies Point ferminin honor of Padre 
i^emfn Ji'rancisco Lasuen. -U.j^'. Saunders & 

sions^^ll'^.^ieis?™^^ ^^^^""^ ^"^ '^'^''^^ *'^^- 

De Mofras. ^^rte do I'Oregon des Calif cmies 

&c. Ben a map. I844 . cu.^ i'^ 

Ferrina, Point 

|So.^oint Fermin] 
Gibbers, Llap of California, 185'^. 

Fiddle town 


• Villa,ge in II Aruador County.— Stnt. Calif . 

^jJJlicfcw>^ .^i^> 

-i2li — 2ieek Shasta Co. Calif. 

Pit River Indians of Pall Siver tribe 
(Ajumahwe) tell me that a short Creek only 
about half a mile in length enters Pit River 
from the south a mile or mile and a half 
east of Bumey Creek. It is in Section 1, 
Township 36 North, Range 3 E._it was early" 

called Salmon Creek because of the vast 

number of salmon that came there to spawn. 
Up to about 1860 there was a large - 


Indian village of the Ilmahwe tribe at the 
mouth of Salmon Creek. The place is now 
under water of the Resevoir called take Brit 
tan. The re of this village was Mah-pel 
dahzdS. It^. last chief is said to have 
been named Riley O'Neill. The name of the 

Creek has been changed from Salmon Creek to 
Fish v>reeK.^ciHA^ 

V v.SV\^ TxA/vj—v..^ 


Flat Crock 


from the E.- 

[Fln.t Crock or Door Cr.] 

flnvin^; into S 
GibLe^. Llat) of 

en a Tulare Lake 
Californin, 1852. 


Cal if, 

Mi III MiMiliM nil ■■■-■- ■ ^ 

See Las Flores 


"BiclVe. ^©. 


&-4^lS5:451if California, 185:), 313, 1053. 
^Si^^S of S Fork Feather River, F of 
Sunset Hill, S Butte County. 



rifice II of Lorced River, Uariposn 

CoWiu^ . 

Cibbc^.^::a.p of Californiri, 1852. 

Forest City 


at junction of II & S Torks of 


Destroyed by fire in 1858. 
Hutcldne^s Calif.i;^.^-^^^^^^ 

Stat, of Calif., 1854, 223,1654. 

I^'crks of 



^^oreet City, Calif 

J-Qyl. (Lewis Pub^g Co,) ^aiii., yo, 

Fonnan's Ranch 

riace in Calaveras County between 
n.nd Gan Andreas. 

•r.tat. of Calif., 1354, 222, 1854. 

An^^el s 

d.iyric CJl-' -pJui o^T. 







' '^ 


Foster's ^nr [Fostor Tar] 

Bar on 1! Fork YuLa P.iver about b luiles 
from 1.10 utli, 

•r)tn+.. of Cr.lif., 1054, 22r:, 1854. 

"ritton Cut Eye Foster's Bar in Stat, of Calif. 
105::, 250, 1852. 

Gibbc;>^Map of California, 1852. 

H* des 3 Fourches 


Tributary of Sgcramento t^. , flowing 1^ 

Be Mofras, Carte d/ l»cVegon, des Ualifomies 

(5:0. Gen'i map. 1844 . 

^Ge 3acramento R . 



Tributary, Sacramento H. , flowing SE.; 

i/ent side. 

De Mofras, Carte de l»Orogon, des Calif crn 

ies (S:c. Gen»l map. 1844 . 

See SacramQjnt o R. 

Pourche /imericaine Umerican H. 1 


Tributary, Sacramento R. ; E side. 

De Wofras, Carte de l;Ore^on, des Calif 

omios occ. Gen 'I map. 1844 . 

Four Creek Country 

Senate V.x. Doc.l, 32d Cong., 1st Sess., 
pt. Ill, 494, 1851. 

Four Creeks or I.'a-wee-ah Creek 


Gibbets Llap of California, 18f32. 

Willicmison,R.S., map, in Fx. Doc. 129, 33d. 
Conn;.,lst.Sess.,AVIII(r)t.4) ,1855(ri-pi-yuina or 
Four Crenks) . 

Blake, W. P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. , V,pt.II,27, 
i857(Four Creeks), 

Four Gables Peat Inyci 

Four Gables; Peak, Inyo County, Cali- 
fornia, latitude 37° 18'. longitude 118° U 




Wear's Cauodvervs du OuaWaxnet e^vGiiv^OTn^e 


Francesca ^Benicia, Calif. 

--Solano Go. in Memorial and Biog'l Hist, of 
North'n Calih, Lev/is Pub'g Co., §47, 189i. 

Franci8ca«=Benicia... Annals of San Francisco^ 
1^55 ' J.H.Crihon, and Jas.Nisbet, ite, 

'Francisca* [^Benecia] 


in a book published in 1646;, Edwimi 
Bryant states: "Subsequently to this my firs 
\fi8it here[l^i46], a towB of extensive di- 

Biensions has been laid off % Gen.Vallejo 
and Mr.Sempls the proprietors;, imder- the 
name of *5¥anc:i8ca* . it fronts for two or 
three miles on the 'Soeson*, the upper divi 

siom of the Bay of Sara Franciscx), and the 
Btrait#> of Garquinez.*- Bryant: What 1 Saw 
in Calif,542, 1846. rr..r^^i 

T^S^n ^r}5^"^ "«"• of Benioia was I'ranois 

Ron^S;?f T??^^ Leaves from my Logbook, U8» 
Sanoroft Library, no date* •' ^ • '-^» 

Franciscan Ordek 

U.S.Geog, Board, Apr 




creek, flowing northeast- 
southeast quarter of 

erly across 

Township 26 South, Range 17 East^ 
Kern county, California. 

Prase r Shoal 


In 3an Joaquin Hiver,*"S«r^its mouth.— 


Frays inouB [* Fresno] River 


Spelling by Thorae Allsop in Calif, end 
its Crold ?:ines, p, 50, 1853. 

Fra^er Valley Kam Co 



Frazer; valley, partly enclosed in 
hills south of Frazer springs, and 
lying mostly in Sections 2 and 3, 
Township 30 South, Range 21 East, 
Kern county, California. 

i^Yo. .-^>» I ^ ** n 

Lako -ibout 2 .ailes V of Black Butf.n Creek. 


Beckwith.E.G., inPac.Rr.Rep.,II,Art.Il, 

Frcdonyer's Pass 

Pass in Sierra llevada ("lat. 40° 47' • alt 
5,667 ft.") . * ^■^^• 

TTT i°^ ^* '^'^^'^^' Hatchings Calif. Mag., 
1 11, 357, Feb., 1859. ^' ' 

Freeman Id* 


On Suisun Bav, off southeast end of Sim- 
mens Id. Called Holbrook Id. on Rirr^sold's 
Chart of Suisun and Vallejo Bays, 1850. 

Freeze-out [«Idne] 


See Bedbug 


Typographical error 
written 51 ve|no).— House 
Sens., pt. 1,472,1053. 


for Frosno (doubtles 
Doc.l, 33d Cong., 1st 


yolo Co., Calif, 

Qo.J ^^ aflourishins city on SW side 
Sacramento River nearly opposite mouth of 

wf^ w®^?i^P®^n "" *^- ^^y Sherwood, Calif., 
uf^ Resources, p. 31, 1848. 

f,,+ ^^iSn"?^.x.°^^?^ of Yolo Co.-- Sta- 
Gibbes ?«Jap of California, 1852. 

Fremonts Peak 

Peak 20 lailos i!E of Dov/nin/r/ille 

[Dovmioville].--aibV.on, of California, 1052. 

Fresliv/ater Bay 

C=Suisun Bay] See card for Wha7ers Harb^." 


Frccno Crook 

the F. 

[Fresno River] 
Creek flowing into San Joaquin Hiver 




CriLbdts, I.:ap of California, 105C. 
V/illiciiuson,P.S., map, in T^x.Doc.129, -^Id. 

orvj.,lst.Ses-'..,XVIII(r)f..4),1855(Fre3no R.). 
Blake,V/.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep..V,pt.II 16 
1857(Fre8no R.) ^ ' »V^^^^,^o, 

Wtendi Corral Calif. 

AJDout 50 mileaLNK] from MaryBville,^ 
Bates: Pour Year ar, on Pacif.Cbast, 
t5th Ed. 169, 1856.1 


French Corral 

[Fronch Corral] 

•Place betweon Llicldle & S Forks Yuba 
River, im of I.^evada City.-' Stat, of Calif. 
1854,222,1854. ' 

French Creek 

Small branch of Clear Creek, about 3 miles 
above the upper crossings, and some 18 
or 20 miles northwest or town of Shasta,— 
Sacramento Daily Transcriot. IJIav 31. 1851. 

Frcnc- n Rtanch] 

Flacc about D miles I'X! ^''alkers Pass.— 
Gibbes, Map of California, 1852. 

Fresno County 

County seat Fresno. 

ti o 

statutes of California, 1856, 183, 1856; 

1861,235,1861; 1866,144,355,1866; 1870,20,421, 
449 , 1870 ; 1874, 913, 1874; 1876, 397, 1876.'» 

"^Uujl^ Unnioj - C^citJ 


Crab i Ian Ridr.:o 

355, 1859. 

nan^o between Pajaro and 
^^- ^- Hittcll, Hutchincs 

Salinas Rivers. 

Santa Barbara Co., Calif. 
La Gabiota (or San Luis Rey) rancheria 

Indian rancheria on Santa Barbara Channel. 54 
leagues E of Pt. Concepcion, visited by Portola 

Expd. in 1769 and named San Luis, rev de 
P?^ncia. The soldiests called it La Gabiota 

in canyon into v/hich estuary of salt water 
entered (Gaviota Canyon). — Creepi, Diary 
Portola Expd, in Palou'e Noticia de la Nueva 
Calif.. ft)U7,23,6, Kepcico,, 1874. 


S fl p ^Ip ^ ^ ex* — Coetanso, Diary Portola 
fixpd.,Pub8. Aoad. Pacific CoaeliHiet.. vol.2 
no.4,207,311. 1911. * voi.^, 

Gable Oreek ._ ^ 

U.S.Geog. Board, June 

^, Oal if. 

ble; Creek. Inyo County. California. 

Inyo C(^ 

' t -'■^1 i right-hand branch of Pine Creek. an"d 

tributary to Round Valley, heading in 
Four Gables Peak. 

Gollinas ^^i^^ 

Place ame 2 lea^ies fVom miesion San Rafael, 
Marin Co, mentioned by Payeras In 1818. 
-Bancroft :Hi8t. Calif. 11,331 ftnote, 1885. 
Gallinas Creek. Ibid 597 ftnote. 

G-allinas Creek 

Marin Co. 

Above San Pedro, flowing into 
fgg^^y^blo.-.Rin^old. Chart ^f San 


Bav of 
Pablo Bay, 



Point near junction of Nicasid and 
La^nitas Creeks, Marin Co. 

^e Mofras, Carte de l»Oregon, des 

Californies, &c. Gen»l Map. 1844 


Place on E side Caclie Creek 22 miles 
from mouth.— GiLbes, Map of California, 1852. 

Gamett Id. [Now Lone Tree Id*] 



Sacramento Kiver, off nortb shore Sherman 
Hir^old. Chart of Suisun h Vallejo Bays. 

Garza CreA Fresno & King Ooa. Califs 

TT Q fort^i n/Nav*«« 1lf»w 4: lOnO Gar«ft; creek, flowing easterly Into 
U.l^ .LTOqg. DCiara^MSy O^IVUD Kcttleman plain. croBBing boundary 

between Fresno and Kings counties, 
California. (Not Las Garzas.) 

Gates Canyon Solanc Oo* falif 

Gates; canyon in Vaca Mountains, rr n r, -aiil. 

...... n..,„.„ .„,... . U.S. Geog.Board,Mar,4, 1908 

Solano County, California. 

Roche LHockJ Gavan Oukritia Saida 


Small island in Pacific 3 (Sf'pt.Koss, 
Sonoma Go. 

De Mofras, Carte de I'Oregon. les Cal- 

ifornies,etc. Map 17. 1644 


Oali f. 

Name on map of Monterey district 1801-10. SE of 

~Bl'.'rL^'^u-\'*''r ^^J^° ^ Salinas r vers 
-Bar^croft. Hist. Calif. 11,145,1885. 

Oavilan or Salinas Range 


--'"^"ern end of Santa Cruz Mts. -Blake 
W.P., xn,i3q 1857. ' 

la Gav i ta ^^ . sot..£..JU-3 Cal i t\ 

Seaiport on coast^iroB which rancheros 
shipped hides and tallow. -- Wm. Heath 
Davis, Sixty Tears in Calif. ^1851-89,, 
54a, San I'^Rancis®, 1869» 

Gaviota Pass 

Pass HSf of Canada de la? Uvas Pass alt. 
600 ft.. -Blake, W.P,. in Fac Rr -'or. ir /tt 

La P«>,^If l^"" Portola Expd, gave the name • 
La^ajnota to r. cdnyon /.here there was an 
Indian rancheria e leagues E of P^ Con- 
cepclon because they killed a seagull there 
(They also called the^«tek''%an Tnif i^ 5 
Fx|ncia). . Crespi, B^v^i^^SSf^^ 
In Palou^s Uoticia de la Nuiva Calif.; If -147. 


Ft. Gels ton 


South end of Sutter Id. [now Ryer Id.] at 
junction of present Cache and Steamhoat Slouphs 
Kinggold, Chart of Sacramento "River, 1850. 



Tovrn m western Carson Vallev IJevada 
described in in^lP no «i.^++ \^-^-^^y» ^J^vaaa, 

^u m itJjL as bettor known as the 

Mormon Station". 

Hutchin^^s (^^ifMc^.,n,^7>7,JmeAB5B. 

Creor getown 


Village in Eldorado Co. about 12 rciles 
north of Placerville.betv/een Middle and 
South ForkB American River, 

In 1849 located by Lieut. Buffuff in a 
deep canyon between Coloma and Middle Fork 
Arrerican River, 11 miles from Cijlom.a and 6 
from Middle Fork. A thriving Coirmunity of 
about 2000, all digging for gold, which wae 
abundant and unusually fine; discovered by 
a man named Hudson. — Buffum, E. Gould, ' 
Six Months in the Gold Mines, 127, 1850. 

Place in 1^1 Dorado County S of Liddle 
Fork /x'lcrican River, about in niilon !I of 

•Stat, of Calif.,18fyi;t3-,1854. 
Oibbes, i, an of California, Lnnn. 


Gibsonville CGibsonville] 

'Village just m Table Rock. mi%. 
ville, Sierra Countv. . ,^ , 

;H:tcinngs Calif .i:i^n, 245, Dec. , 1857. 
^ntat. of Calif., 1854, 22.?, 1854. 

Gilbert Mountain Fresno Oo. Calif, 

U.S.aeog. Board. July 19 191 1^ r^'^'r* ' ^°7'^'"- ^'^""° county. 

^3 w»*»%»|i/ vxij^ A^jXyXA California, altitude 13,232 feet. 


Plcco about 15 miles V of ::ariT^of^ca.— 

Gibbes, "-p of California 



Gillespie Id. LNow Tood Id.] 

P In Sacramonto Hiver bof'vftAn 
cfc^i? ^ista! and B?Lnanld?. 
^nart of Sacramento Hiver, 1850. 


rt • 

ouisun City 

- Ringf^old, 

^^l^oy Calif. 

^Mission of San Juan Bautista was situated 
halfway between Castroville and Gjlroy . — 
Wm, Heath Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 1631- 
225, San Francis©, 1869. 

to^ ^A^U <c«: ^.^.^ ,_k ^ i,.^Jb.^,i^^ 

Glaucophano Ridge San Benito Co^ Califs 

Glaucophanc; Ridge, separating Big TT ^ p^pop* "Rox^rrl M-r <^ 1 Ql P 
and Little Panoche Valleys, extending U • O • UC Og* DOaVd ^hl^T. O , li^l^ 


from foot of main range at Vasquez 

Creek to southwest corner Panoche 
Hills, San Benito County, California. 

Goat Islajid Pal -if 

-' In. 1842 or'4;^Spear [Nathan] ^nd Fuller 
placed 5 or f goats on Yerba Buena Island. 
They multiplied rapidly and in 16^ and '49 
amounted to several hundred. From this cir- 
cumstance the place derived its name of Goat 

Island. Wm. Heath Davis, Sixty Years in 
Calif., 1631-69, 266, San Francisco, 1689. 

Island rjferba Buena Islajid'. - - 

Kelly, Excursion bo Calif., London, II, 241 , 

•^^Sl^^AIH?!,! s named I.slaJe_Jlpabrace6 
on Lieut. Ayala's First Survey and U^f 
the Bay of San Francisco. 1775. \ . • 


.,,' f 



^^ ^. 

"— ^Cjo 



De Ilofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, £:c., 1844. Chart Ho. 14. 

Place (probably the Governor's ranch) 
K of Monterey Bay, midway between Pajaro and 
Salinas Rivers. 

Godoys Ferry 

Place on San Joaquin River 
of Fresno Creek. 

G-ibbeZ:^ Llap of California, 1852. 

S of mouth 

Godwins Peak 

In Geyser Range, E 

What I saw on West 
457, 1865. 


side of Russian R. — Baxlev: 
Coast of S. & N, Ajiierica, 

eckapc =aold Bluff 
In ffiyot 

Wiyot"oririD^^;,iSf ^f *° ^^'°^ °*her than 
of Calif I nf 9^ IV ®''« languages of tha Coaa' 

Yurok ecpeu.-.Ibid. 

Cold Bluff 

Gold CaHon 


■m^i'ii «^|»hi'i#ii»'«» 

Blake, 'iVm.P. , Notes on Geology & Mines of Nevada 
Territory (Y/ashoe Silver P.egion) , "uarterly Journ 
Geol.3oc.London,pp*317-328.Xpril 13,1864. 

Hold Creek 

Crook in northwestorn Calif 

ently in ^ he Upper Trinity Rivor region, 
S or SE of the Upper Trinity. 

ornic'i, appar- 



V I 

MO, 157, 1351. 


Exciarsion to Calif ., London, 11, 

^Iden Gate 

"^To this gate I gave the name of 
?^m2£llae, or Golden Gate.''^ Fremont- 
-emoira, 1,612, 1687. [2d Exped. 1845.1646.] 

"^J^ ^^"n of the entrance into the Bay 
of Sail: Francisco arxi itu advantages for 

^iL^'^^i:' inclusive, snr^ested t. me 
the name which I put upon the map that ac 

eompanied a geographical Memoir addressed 
to the Senate of fVia n q ,• t ""7^°*»»®^ 

Ibid Ft,not« 612, 

Cfolclon Gato 


ibbowSj Ha.p 

[Golden Gate] 
of Caliromia, 1852. 

in Pac. Rr .Rep. ,V,pt. II, 4,1857. 

Oolden Hills =San Francisco, Calif. 

Chinese name for i t.-.Colville's San Franci^iro i 

Directory for year conmsncing Oct. IfaSS^JJf iseJ 

""''"i;' ^A^^ [Gold Hill] 

llacG a-lityH2 W of Auburn, Placer Co.— 

C + „4- 

tat. of Calif., 1854, 22), 1854. 

Gold Lake 

Sierra ISley!''"^ "'""" Bowniovillo L t^ 

Hutchin/:s Calif.Lia^.^.,11,5.,5^ J 



Santa Baitara Co., Calif* 

Place near Santa Barbara, so-called beca 
a schooner was buiit there in 1829. Early 
name for it was Malcasquetan .-^ Michael C. 
White. California all the Way Back to 1828 
AiS, Bancroft Library, p. 11, 1877, 


ifornies, &c,, 1844. Chart No. 14. 

Place (probably ranch) E of Monterey 
-ay, just II of Salinas Rivor. 


De Uofras, Carte de POregon, des Cal- 
if omies, c'-c, 1844. 

Place in Salinas Valley, shovm on De 
Ilofras' map as S of Soledad Llission. Present 
toiwi Gonzales is II of Soledad. 

Goodhues Bar 

Bar on IJ Fork Yuba River, little 
S of Rich Bar.-GiLbeg, Tap of California, 1852. 

Coodyear's Ear [Goodvears Bar] 

Bar on i; Fork Yuba Rivor*,'tJYfl,f Dovmio- 
ville. --Stat, of Calif., 1854, 222, lOM. 

Ooone Lake rn 

LGoose Lalce] 

rvvJ^^' ^f'"" ''' ^' ^°^^^-0^ of California. 

— ia.:bG5 Liap of California ' f]r,^- 


Beckv;if;;i,T^.G,, i,, Ev.Doc^l.^gV^^d. 
■^. ,r;ill, (p+.":) Ar+,.5a;/17;le.':^- 

Beckwith,E.G., inPac.Rr.Rep.,II .Art II 
42,1855. ' 

'Goose Crftf>k ^flprfi 


V F^m®' */?• ^« I Notes on Geology & Mines of 
f^evada Territory (Washoe Silver Region), Quarte 
iV?aa2' ^°^* London, pp. 317-328, April 







^^ On Cache Creek, northv/est of Sacrajnento City. 
^Williamson's Sketch of Houte of Capt.'.Varner's 
party. Kept, in Sen.Doc. 47,31st Con^.lst Sgss 

Cxrand Island Dw^'po.oYvo.lJl-] 

XanOsland : 

Shuck r in^'^'^'l >Snr^ipKook by Oscar T. 
onucK, p, la, San Francisco, 1869. 

^P— ^^ ^,S, 

IjVvvtiVV ^^^V ^^^ 

Grand Island 


Island of the Sacramanto River Iving be- 
I'Wsen Sycamore Slou,?;h and the river. 

: » I r# 

n 1991 5 business points on Gri 
Island: Sycamore, Grimes, tuid Eddy's 
lianiins,— J.H.Rogers'. Colusa County, 
Its Histor}^ & Resources, p, 288, 1891. 

Grand Island 

Colusa & Yolo Cos. .Calif. 

Lar^e Island in Sacramento River north of 
Knights Landing. 

Hutchings Calif. Magazine, I, 494. 1857. 

Nair.e for land JJiiipr b etween Sycaaiare Slough 
and bacraijiento River, about 2/3 in Colusa 
County. Includes Sycair.ore, (at head of isL 
txrimes^ and Eddys Landing (1 mile below 
Grimesj.— J.H.Rogers, Colusa County. Its 
History and Resources, p. 288, 1891. 

Granite ToA . t /, ^ , . 

**^ Inyo Co. Oalif. 

U.S.Gecg.Board.June 7.1911 ^?"n** ^"^' ^''■*^"' ^"^ Hanging 

-o t ^iw I fXVXX Valley, Inyo County. California. lati- 

tudes;" 21'. longitude 118-45'. 

Gracs Valley 

Nevada Co. , Calif, 

Town in Nevada County. SW of Nevada City,- 
at, of Calif.. 1854. T3.222. la'vi. 


editor, Diary of a foruy-niner, p. 30, 1906 

Orasr. --Hoy CLittlo Hraan "nlloy] 

•ntatutco of California, 1^53,313,1053. 
"''alloy on uppor watorc of S Fork Foathor 

River, r of Cribconvillo. ^l^ i*^ U ^iv-Um^Js. 

Gibbon, :-'i- of Cal-*"orni;, 1852. 

Centerville =Grass Valley, Calif, 

>vada G 

Centerville C=Crrasc Valley] Nevada Co., %lif. 

Present Grass Valley was first named Center- 
ville because midway between rrining tOuHB of 
Rouptt and Ready ejid Nevada City.— C. L. Car- 
field, editor, Difjry of a Forty-niner, p. 30, 
1906. J ^ t » 

Centreville =Grass Valley, Calif 

if^lUo:' '''"'• Hist.of Nevada'co., Calif.. 



B.S. Williamson, in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.1, 12, 


Grayson City [Grayson] 

'^own on V side Tan Joaquin River, a 
little S of mouth of Tuolumne Hiver. --Gibbet 
i:ai:. of California, 18[j;.. 

» « 



-.ui.i^.ii.,^ .,, ,_ •/arieu,u.K, , m !'.x.joc.l29, 


Till, (p^.l)Intro., -5^^1855. 

V/illinr;son,R.S. , m^r), in Kx.Doc.l"':', "■^^■' 

.'.Xl . 


^o-v:.,}-^:'^--^., XVIII(pt.4),18r)[3(Grayson). 
Humphreys, A.A.& Warren, G,K., in Pac.Rr 
Rep., I, Art. II, 89, 1855. 

Grayson* s Ferry 


Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,Y,pt.II,10,185 

(of leather River) 


., -v:^^r-'' (^ ?^^®3 ^^^^ Begins about 8 
miles below junction of North and East 

Branches of Feather River.— Hutchings» Calif, 
Mag., pp. 449-452, April 1858. 

Great California Valley 

lansford W. Hastings, Emigrants Guide to 
Oregon cc California, p. 75, 1845. 


Great Cftnf-. ral YrI^ p j of Cf=i^\fnrm f\ Qnlif 

[Sacramento-San Joaquin Talley] 

N. R. Taylor, Rivers & Floods of the Sacramento 

& oan Joaquin V/atersheds. V/eather 
Bureau Bull. 43, p. 9, 1913. 

Walter C. 

Mendenhall, Preliminary Rept. on 

Ground Waters of San Joaauin /al- 
ley Calif., U.S. Geol. Surv. Wa- 
ter-Supply Faper 222, p. 3, 1908. 

Gre_at Central Valleyl CTreat Valley of Calif. 

Brittanica. 9 ed. ^inbui^Vl875: irnerT 
reprint, Phila. 1875. 

G.K.Gilbert in Hegt. on California Earthquake 
of April 18, 1906. Washir^ton, 1908. 

&x»^xW Vo-Uch »4 tU\; 


[The Sacramento -San Joaquin Valley] 

W« L» Je 

pson, iUva oX^alif ornoa, p. 10* 1909. 

Great Y 


'J. S 


[Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley] 
. Diller. IhjSLSali 

The Relief of our Pacific Coasi; 
Science, p. 50, Jan. 8, 1915, 

Cxreenly's Valley [Round V.-lloy on 

upper Owens 


Ezil'nerrt'S^ •:,!? r-^ °' '"^°' ^''' '''''' ^"'°'' 

O-recn Springs 

Kutchin(;;;s Crlif.lla^. ,1,397,1857. • 

o QTrr 
o 0«.' 

Place in Tuolmne County 5 mile 
Janect.^"rn,--GibLGD, La.v of Cclifornia. 


J- ^.^%Ji\j • 

Green Springs ^^^if. 

26 miles fromSutter's Port, directly 
on ths road gOflg to Weaver\Creek. — Buffiim, 
E. Gould; Six Months in the Gold Mines, 56^* 


Ft. Green 

Now Preston 
gold's Chart of 

oolano CJo. 


Point on ^oe Island.— Bing- 
ouisun cc Talleio Bavs. Lq50 

Greens Island 

Solano 'Jo» 


Now Dutton Island, ouisun Bay.— l^ingr^old's 
Chart of Suisun cic Vallejo Bays, 1850. 

Green Valley 


in Placer Co. 


Calif., 1854, 225, 16i>l. 


Greenwood's Camp =Jeffer80n, Calif. 

A.A.Sargent. Sketch of Nevada Co., in Brown & 
Dallison's Nevada, Grass Valley, £tnd Rougli and 
Ready riirectory for 1656, 9, Ihbb. 


Als9 ^?,^'s Hist.& Directory of Nevada C 
Mwin F.Bean, 11, 1667. (Hisfl sketch i 
iii.G.Waite. ) 



.Calif J 

Pt. Grimes 


vurA« junction of American and Sacramento 

Aichorprr^^??''^^ side.-- Hinffcold, Sr^ of 
Anciiorage off Sacramento City, 18^0. 

Grisv;old Canyon and Creek San Benito Co. ' 

Griswold Canyon and Creek, connecting 
western end of the Yallecitos ^ith the Panoche 
Valley, San Benito Co., Calif. U.S.Geog. 
Board, Mar.6, 1912. 

Griswold Hills San Benito Co. Calif. 
Griswold Hills, separating the Yalleciatos 
and Big Panoche Valley, extending from Gris- 
wold Canyon eastward to Canyon of Silver Creek, 
San Benito Co., Calif.— U.S.Geog. Board, 
March 6, 1912. 

Grizzly Flat [Grizzly Flat] 

Place between :i b. Uiddle Forks Cos^mes 

Rivor, ^E of Placerville.-:Stat. of Calif. IC54 
223,1854. ^i-.i-^i, 


Orossmont was named for Win. B. Gross bv his 

d«v«?onf^'^'"*^r Col.Ed.Pletoher and was 
developed by them Into an artists' colonv 

Sch^L^n^HMnr'^'" ?'%°-«<i here Sy'Sa^m 
acnumann-Heink , Carrie Jacobs Bond, John Van^o 

Cheney, Owen Wster, Havrah Hubbard, G^3k???hi 


Wm.B. Gross IO/22/23 

Grounc Creek 

'Creek flowirig into S Fork Trinity Pdv( 
ft1i.E boi;ndary of Huiiiboldt County. 

•Statutes of Cnlifornir:., 185:^,161 1853 
KiverK'""''^' '*''^ '' California, 1852 (Grovl 


■ ? 

Gal if. 

uroye Lake.-- David W. Cartwright. Natural 
History of Western Wild i^ninaTs. 219; 1876. 

Canaxia Guadalupe, y Visitation, y Rodeo Calif .i 

Grant of 2 leagues of land obtained by Ja- 
cob P. Leese prior to 1841. Boundaries; E, San 
Francisco Bay; S. San Bruno Mts.; W , Rancho 
San Miguel; N. Rancho of Dona Carmel Cibrian. 

In 1841 Leese deeded it to Robert Ridley in 
exchange for land in Sonoma Co..- Wm. Heath 
Davis, Sixty Years in Calif,, 1831-89,491 

San Francisco, 1869. * ' 

GuadaluTie River 

[Santa Llaria River] 

p. 150, 1845. 

OS ExT)od. (iviap dated ir41),V,faci 



Hiver emptying- into Pacifi 

Luis Obispo Vcy and 11 

c " Oi ban 

0" roint Sal. 



De Uofras, Carte do 1* Oregon, des Cal- 
if ornies, &c., 1844. 

Place S of Santa Llaria River, i^ of 
Point Sal. 

Ntra. Sra. de Guadalupe 

Moraaa's expedition of 1806 discovered and 
najTied a river located about 8i lea-iaes N of the 
Dolores [Tuolumne] Ntra. Sra .de. G uadalu pe.— 
P. Pedro Munoz, Diary. 1806. /rch.Sta. Barbara, 
Vo_L 4.P 14. 1806-18ai,„. _ 

Priestl}^ identifies this river as the Stanis- 



:s,I.Iap of California, 18r-)2. 
SW of Uaripofsa, in mountains 
Gundeloupe Valley, l.iariposa County. 




Guadal up o ^-' i v c r 

omall rivci^cmAying into S nxtrcmity 
of Tan Francinco Bay from the soutli. 

Statutes of California, .1850, 124, 1850. 

Gruadalupe, Rio de 

[Guiidrilupe River] 

De laofras, Carte de l*Oregon, des Cal 
ifomies, &,c. (niap no. 16) 1844. 

Creek emptying into S end of San Fran< 
ciDco Day from the S and traversing present 
city of San Jose. 

Rio de Gri.Tadalupe Calif, 

River envgtjrng into lov7er end of San Prancisco| 
Bay. -Pedro Font:Dian/,Aiiza Erpd. 1775-1776: 
Pubs.Acad.Pacif.Ooast Hist. Vol. 3, No. 1, p. 77, 
March 1913. 

Guadolupe, Pancho ^^^^ Barbara ^Co. ,Calif 

"anch on the coast at \m corner of Santa 
Barbara County and reaching easterly to Santa 
i-iaria or Arenal Creek. 

Statutes of California, 1051, 173, 1851. 
Ranch near Santa Maria, awned about 1540 
by Don Teodoro Arrelanes. — Wm. Heath Davis, 
Sixty Years in Calif-. 1831-89. 176, 1589. 

Guichica Creek [Huichica Creek] 

♦Statutes of Califomia, 1855,77,1855. 
Creek joining Llapa Slough from the II on 
\V boundary of hapa County. 

Guichica Valley 

CHuichica Valley] 

Valley drained by Guichica CHuichica] 
Creek, SV/ Kapa Coimty. 

•Statutes of California, 1055,77,1855. 


U . S . Ge og. Board , May 

Presnd Co, 


15 1908 G^y^^^^'j group of low hills south of 

Los Gatos Creek (between Anticline 
Ridge and Kettleman Hills), Fresno 
County, California. 

Los Gruillicos Valley Calif, 

N of Sonoma Valley. - Baxley:Wliat I saw on ¥es 
Coast of S. & N, America, 444, 1865* 

Guiranos, Ponta dc 

Point at r entrance to 

Enow Ballast Point] 


Diego Bay. 

Vancouver, Voyaf;e of Discovery, 1790-95, 
Lend., 11,469,1798., & Atl 

do ♦ 

Sea of Cortes 
Red Sea 
Vermilion Sea 

= Gulf of California 

Tpfn^y L.Wells, Hist.of Nevada Co,, Calif., 27, 


^ffijoM" of Cklijromiia or Vengiliom Sea*;--P«xic»Bn: 

BiflCGvery of areatWest, . ,186&. [ttia- Ed. 
64, 1874. J 

Oull Hock 
iM^c^^'-l^l-Reef at Crescent City,Mw ^ti^M, 

^Statutcs of California, 1853,201,1853. 

Humboldt Bay, 
Ounther Island [=Indian Island] Calif. _ 

Nam eyJScfikii (incorrectly) used for Indian Island^ 

becaupe a man named Gunther settled there after 
the Indian massacre of 1860. 

Gutierez Ranch 


Grant of 5 leagues on north side Bear River, 
settled by Pable Gutierez in 1844, Afterwards^ 

purchased by William Johnson and Sebastian 

Kyser and known as Johnson's ranch.— Gilbert, 
Wei Is k Chambers, History of Butte Co. , . p. 111_, 

(r.'dn Island 



^ Now Browns Island southeastern i^s^ of 
buisun Bay.— Hmggold's Map of Anchora^ off 
New York of the Pacific, 1850. 


imek, where &he city of Su 
out, was an old stopping place on the Sacra- 
wento. ^;;;Hala-^^^^ to eat) Hi^U. 

7 hunter Who ^ 
a party of hunters attacked by 

Ind iansV^iej: after the onl 

escaped f^'om 

them, and the snot h 

ae since borne that 

narre.-Buffun?: Six Months in the Gold Mines 30 


Halo-Chemuck =Rio Vista, Calif. 

Solano Co., in Memorial and Biog'l Hist. of 
North'n Calif., Lewis Pub'g Co., 248, 1891. 

Half Moon Bay [Half l.Ioon Bay] 

' Bay on Pacific coast a little S of San 

•Statutes of California, 1055,277,1355. 
In 1829 Hi 


was called Corral 
Charles Brown, Statement of 
Recollection of Early Events in Calif., MS, 
Bancroft Library, p. 4. 1878. 


Placo on ^. side 
Hiver] 20 uiiles II of :nouth 
Cibtes, Llap of California, 

d. 1. riuraas [Fcathe 
of Hnncut Creok.-- 

X O V ^ « 

Hamilton Cit 


County Scat, Butte Co. in 1851. 
Statutes of California, 1851, 177, 1851. 

Hammond Id. 


Name given on Rir^sold's Chart to island 
now known as Kimball 13., near muth San Joa^ 
quin River, off southwest end of Sherman Id.— 
Rin^old, Chart of Suisun & Vallejo Bays, 1850 

[TIhe nama Hamnond Id. has since been trans 
ferred to the much larger island in Suisun Ba 
known on Rii^gold's Chart as- WarriiKton Id., 
which includes part of present Wheeler Id.] 

;ang"town toaao* vin el j ^alif 

.On Weaver CreeJc. Forrr'erlv called 'Dry 
DiggingB', but m 1849 kno^m as 'Hanff-towM'. 

fhA^/fJ^J^- ^^' ^^^^.^ive^ir.en were l^rf.ched 
there for robbery. -- Buffuin. E.Gould. Six 
MonthB mthe Gold Mines, 83-65,93,1856. 

Hangtown =Placerville 



— J.D. Borthwick, Three Years in California, 102 
112, 1857. 

\\^VLa(J;ovNrL I^TloucevNxlW^ ^M;:^. 


CJUL<.o^u.:J^ , 

Ft. Hansen 


Point at extreme east end of Jones Id. 
Enow Yan oickle Id.] on east arm of Suisxin Bay 
Ringgold, Map of Anchorage off New York ofthe 
Pacific, 1850, 



Batea^ — Four Year» on: Pacific Cbast, 
, 1867. [5tb Ed. 144 & elsewhere,l©66] 
Om Honcut. Oeek, northeasii' of Maryeville. 

Happy Camp 

Lliniiig town on I! side of Klainath River 
M Siskiyou CountyC^'^^^^'^t^Vs Skj^v) 

Statutes of California, 1852,233, 1852. 
•CribTjs, in Schoolcraft, 111,155,1^53. 

Happy Valley 


"Situated at. that time [1851] at- the 
extreme end of the towrolSan Francisco], 

towards Rincon Point.."— Fates: Four Tear a 
on Pacif. Coast, , 1857. Il5th Ed. 102, 


"The little hamlet of Happy Valley". 
Ibid ,[106.] Mentioned elsewhere. 

Happy Vnllcy 

Hutchings Calif. Tla^..jn^4no,lQ59^. 

Place in 1^1 Dorado Couiiiy between Cfjiup 
Creek and II Fork Cosunines River. (5 rniles in 
air line E oi" Pleasant Valley). 



Name of stock fann established by Sutter at 
mouth of Fe..ther Kiver in 1641.— Cai)!:,. E. 
cchmolaer, Neuer pruktischer Wegweis'er, p. 73, 

Hat Crcok 

iiutchin(;s Calif. Lag., I, 540, Juno, 1857. 

Lar(-e stream rising; on 11 side Iuvaiqu Teak 
.nd flovdnr: iJ^**o Pit Pdver. 

.13eckwith,E.a. , in 1^^. Doc. l';9,3M.Conf-. ,1st. 

Beckwitn,E,G., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,n,Art.II, 

Hawk Farm =Hock Farm, of Sutter, Calif. 

.-Memorial and Biog'l Hist, of Nortii'n Calif 
Lewis Puo'g Co., 20, 1891. 

Hawk in 's Bar 

Bar on 
of Don Pedro s 

upper Tuolmme River 
Bar.— Oiijljes, Map of 


little 5 

Hawkin'a bar 

On the Tuoluirine river 

Gill if. 


WesteiTi Journal' 1649-1650, 217, Glevo- 
land, 1906* 

%wfcs Peak p^j.f^ 

Early name for Fremont Peak; about 
30 railss from Monterey. -Frederic Hall, 
History ot San Jose, 142, 1871. 


Heath & Brovais 

Place on II side Stanislaus River about 
25 miles from mouth. --Gibbes, I.:ap of California 

P^d'd Hedicnda San Diego Oo.. Oaiif. 
Stream flowing wastjrly to a lagoon on 
the coast just south of Oarlsbad (about 4 miles 
SE of Oceanside) San Diero <?ounty. Mentioned 
by Anza in 1776 as about 13 leagues m of the 
Presidio of San Diego.— Pedro Pont: Diary Anza 

Exped. 1775-1776:Pubs.Acad.Pac:f. Coast Hist. 
Vol.3,no.l,p.51,March 1913. 

SjeA. o^ ne^'ionda. Creek 


Placer Co 

Name of Hell's Delist, Placer Co.. charged 
Grooseberry Flat.— San ii'rancisco Weekly 
Herald, July 12, 1860. 


Henpeck City 

Place half a mile up Nelson Creek, (K^^CX^dtkj^ 
Hutchings Calif.LIag. ,1,196, 1856. "15:^11.^ 

Hensley Id. [}Iow Randall Id.] 

In Sacramento Kiver, above junction 7/ith 
Sutter Slough. 

Ringgold's General Chart of San Francisco 
Bay. . .^Sacramento River, 1850. 

Ringgold, Chart of Sacramento River, 1850. 

Hensley Slough [Uow Sevenraile Slough] 


On Rir^old*s General Chart 
Bay Region to Sacramento, 1850 
East of Brannon Id. 

San Francis 

Herba Luena Harbor 

Kotzobue, New Voyage round the l?Torld, II, 
136, 1830. 

arue as Yerba Buena. Harbor, now -rart of 
San Francisco Harbor. 


Calaveras Co, , Calif 

lall mining camp about 1 mile from town of 
Sutter Creek on Sutter Creek in northern part 
of Cala^veras Co,— Sacramento Daily Temocratii 
State Journal. Dec. 2. 1853. 

Hernandez Spring Calif. 

Spring on 'Spanish Trail', easteni Mohave 
Desert. — Fremont :Expl.Expd. to Oregoh & Calif. 

(1844), 265^1845. 


Place on II side 'Dry Creek, 15 miles 
W of Jackson. -GibLos, ..ap of California, 1852. 

Hill' s ranclio 

Flace on Bntf.le Creek, i:: miles -7 or Lassen's 
P^^^k.-Beckv/iV:.^-.a., in Ex. Doc .11:^^ 33d. Cong., 

Beckwith,E.G. , in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,II,Art.II. 


Haekfann: Sjjelling in idenhard . Cal^fornien. 
unrnittelbar yor und naoh (ier Enbdeckunr dds 
^-Idea, : . 1:6,159, Ipno, Zurich. 

Hock RCanch] 

Place on V side Rio d. 1. Plumas 
[Feather River] 5 miles H of Yuba City. 
CriblDes, Map of California, 1852, 

Wo Ac^Ave^V 




Holbrook Id. [Now Freeman Id.] 


Tj -^n Suisun Bay off southeast end of Simmons 
^g- ---Ringgold, Chart of Suisun k Vallejo Baya, 

Honcut Creek 

Clloncut Creok] 

Creek eLiptyin($ into Feather River J^ok Mr 
o^little K of Llarysville. 

Statutes of California, 1850, 62, 1G50. 
GiLbels^Lap of ftal'fornia, 1852. 

..^ney Lake 

C* auU^. 

1 'T+ '^ 

Beckv.'itli, E.G., in Ex.rinc.l29,'^''>.^.Conr. . 

OC« c; 


Lake in HE Cnl ifornia, ^ffn^ra ynlloy. 
Stevens, 1. 1., chart of riS^ Tn/Kx.I)oc.l29, 


Beckwith,E.a. , in Pac.Rr.Pep. ,II,Art.II, 

Blake. V/m.f., Notes on Geology & Mines of Nevada 
territory Washoe Silver ^^nirn^ .nn>.f^v.i t 
Geol. Joc/ix)ndon,pp.317.3k:A|m iS^fseir^^ ^"^^ 

Ilonoy Lake Valley 

l-U.j4Lake in^lJE Cal 'fornia,.-!! K bano of northern 
oicrra Kcvada, a for miles SE of Susanville. 

eckwit.h, E.G., in ^v.Doc.l'"!9,3'5ci .Conr. , 1st. 
Bec'kwitn,E.G., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,II,Art.II, 




^^. V,J^^o^,)4l,a^.l<^;^^ 

v-*^^AJl.>v.W^ - V*t.<^ 

Hoopa Valloy 

Valley on Trinity Piver, IW California. 

Report of 11. P. Heintzclman, Hougo Toe. 2, 
35t.h. Cong., 1st. Sess., 1857. 

Hoopah River 

' Giblos, in Schoolcraft, 111,139,1853. 



\\ . S. (aie op.'Soard ,Teb. 


TVesrio Co. 

5 1^15* Hooper; Creek, tributary from the 
• east to South Fork San Joaquin 

River, at Latitude 37** 28' 30", 
Fresno County, California. 

Hooper Peajk 
UtS.Geog* Boards June 

Fresno 2o. Qalif. 

7 IQll ^^^^^^* ^^^^' Fresno County, Cali- 
( fX^XX fornia, latitude 37^ 17', longitude 118° 

53'. Altitude 12,322 feet. 

Hope Valley- 

Valley in Alpine County SSE of Uike ' aho 
Hutchings Calif .La-., II, 537, June, 1858. 


Hopkins Creek 

U. S .Geog* Board, Juna 

Fresno Co. Califs 

7 101 1 ^^P''^^^*; Creek, Fresno County, Cali- 
• ^ fornia, headwaters branch of Mono 


Hopkfns Paak , presno 

opkins; Peak, Fresno County, Cali- TT Q ri 

fornia, latitude 37" 28', longitude 118" 'J • ^ •LT60g< 
49'. Altitude 12,300 feet. 


Board , June 

7. 1911 

Howard's Ferry 

Ferry on l^erced River. --Blake, W. P. , in 


Topm fi^HlHifiboldt Bay. --Gibbers 'Lap of 
California, 1852. 

•Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, 111,126,128, engrav 
ing facin(^ p.130; Ibid,131 (Humboldt City). 

Stevens, 1. 1., chart of inap( dated 1853/4) , in 
Ex.Doc. 129, 35d. Cong., 1st. Sess.,XYIII(pt.4), 1855. 

Humboldt Bay [Humboldt Bay] 

Statutes of California, 1852, 154, ie52.-M 

•Ibid, 1854, 223, 1854; 
^ibbn^f, rap of CaliforyAJLi., 1852 (Hum - 
bolut liar' 

' Oibbs, in Schoolcraft, III, 129, 132, 134, 


Humboldt County 

* Established May 12, 1855 
Fomed of the v/estem portion of 

Stat, of Calif., 1853, 161. 

• c 

and defined. 
Trinity Co. 


Huinboldt ilorbor 

Entrance to present Huriboldt Bay. 
Gibbes, IJap of California, 1852. 

HmLoldt Point 

Point on E side of Humboldt Bay, opposite 
entrance ;t^ iCl©^. 

Polit. Code of California, San Francisco 
p. 463, 1897. 

Hiornbcldi Llountain ' Nevada 

Named hj Fremcnt during Third Exped. 
1845-1846. -• Fremont: Memoirs, 1,454,1887. 
On map at end of same volume. CkL NK, Nevada, 
probably East Humboldt Range.] 

Humboldt Mountains . —Blake. Wm.P> .Notes on Geology 
6c Mines of Nevada Territory (^/ashoe silver 
Region) Quarterly Journ.Geol.3oc.London,pp«S17- 
3E8. April 13,1864. 

Humboldt river 

Me V ad a 

Named Tby Fremanifc in Nov •1845. — 

Freraont:MemoirB, L,^i34, 

1887. 1 2d Exped. 

F remon t 8 tate s in a latter dated March 8, 1861 
that he named Humboldt River in the v/ inter jour- 
ney of 1843-44. — Thompson &West, Historj^ of 
Nevada, p. Z6» 168L 

See also Marry*' s river,Mar7*'8 river 

Sink of Humboldt River 


Marcj: Prairie Traveler, 275, N.Y.1859 

"The SinkTof Humboldt river] .— FremontrMemoi 

i,434, 1887. [3d Erped. 1845-1846..] 

HunLug Creek 

[Humbug Croek] 

Creek flowing into upper vrterc I; Fk. 

ilrjerican River from the Is, K Placer Co. 

Gibbe^ Map of California, 1852*. 


Place betv/een Llokelurmie Hill and ilurphys, 
alaveras County. --Stat . of Calif . ,1854, 223, 1'354. 


Humbug =North Bloomfield, Calif. 

--E.G.Waite in [Edwin F.] Bean's Histor 
Directory of Nevada Co., Calif., 395, 16 


Hum-pa-ya-mup Creek 


{ M 

Winiainson,R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep, J,pt. 1, 18,1853. 

Hum-pa-ya-mup Pass 


Pass in Sierra llevada ("lat. 35° 35*- alt 
5,356 ft.") 



Hittoll, Hutchings Calif.Llag 


III, 357, Fob., 1859 


• I 

illin: ison.? 


• • 

niap, in K--.O0C.I 

r-ry ^7*7^ 


Williamson, R, S., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.I 


(lat. 35' 33 38 ; alt. 5,351 ft.) .-Blake W P 

• A • 

in Pac.Rr.Rep.,?,pt.II,135,l857 

Ft. Humphreys 

Contra Costa Co. 


On south side of Carquinez Straits near 
place called Crockett. — Ringgold, Map of 3t 
cf Carquines and Vallejo my, 1850 • 

HuntiiTgton PdaJc 

.Mono Co. 


Huntington; Peak, Mono County, Call- n Q r»a«^ U^.^^^a T.- ry iz-vii 

fornia, latitude 37° 28'. longitude 118' ^ . S.GOOg. BOard, JUHO 7,1911 

47'- Altitude 12,393 feet. 

ted li lea/gies E from San Juan 

Huzayfras / 


P. Pedro Munoz, Diary, 1806, Arch. Sta. Barbara 

Vol. 4, p 2. 1806-1821. __ 

rrovo loci 
sta crossed by Mora^^a Sept. 21, 18^6. — 

This would place the Huzaymas on eastern 

edge of San JuaJi plain or its outskirts 
probably in low range of Jaills just E 
Juan Yalley & W of Hollister.— __ 

Ida's Isle 


In Sacramento T^iver between Taylor Id. 
^ Cnow Grand Id. J and Brannan Id. ^ * 


Place in Placer Co. 

Stat, of ^Calif., 1854,. '223, 1854. 

Place on 11 Fork Rio d. 1. i\rnericanos 
[Feather River] 8 miles KNE of mouth of 
Humbug Creek.. -Gibbes, Liap of California, 1852. 


Illinois town 



Mining town , settled by minen? from Illinoia 

in 1851, on north side American River about 
25 miles above Auburn. — Sacramento Daily- 
Transcript, April 19, 1851. 

k^ i-S^^UY^rlf*^^ '^'^ roO:J Santa Barbara Co., Calif. 
Las Imed^ciones de las Rancher las de ICescaltitan 

In i776 the Anza Expd. "halted at a place 
called Las Ixnediaciones de las Rancheriae 
de Mescaltitan *. 15 leagues Wff of Rio de la 

Asumpta (Ventura River). — Pont, Diary Anza 
Expd.jPubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 3, 

no.l, 55, 1913. 

See also Mescaltitan, Isla, Santa Margarita de 

Caflada del Incendio [pr La Quemada (La Quema) or 

Santa Karia Kasdalen^ 

by Porto la Expd. ir3Clv69 and named Santa Maria 
Hagdalena or C ailada del Incendio . -• Costanso, 
Diary Porto la Expd, , Pub B.Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 173, 321, 1911. 


La Canada de Santa Maria Magdaletaa . alias 
la ftuemada . Lat. 3^14». — Crespi, Diary 
Portola Expd. in Palou's IToticia de la Nueva 
Calif.. 2, 114, 242, Mexico, 1874. (over) 

In 1776 the Anza Expd. halted halfway between 
the Santa Ana and San Luis Key rivers in the 
Arroyo de S anta Mar ia Magdalena, otherwise 
called the A rr oyo de la Quema. — Pont, Diary 
Anza 35xpd. ,T775-?B7^"Pub3''Xcad. Pacific Coast 
Hist., vol. 3, no,l, 45, 1913. 

Pont also says that they had "begun to esta- 
blish the mission of San Juan Capistrano at 
liSL Q.ueaia . — Ibid,46. 




"^^^ ^flLWi**^ 




HutchiriGS Calif .Hag. ,111, 490, 1859.- 
Mine on upper v/aters Lliddle Fork Cos- 

umnes River between Grizzly Flat and Indian 



Inconctant River [Mohave River] 

VJilkcs Expcd.^ map (dated 1841) facing 

p. 150,1845. , ^ 

River flovdng north- easterly^ thro l^^ 
the Mohave Denert. 

Indian Croek 

Creek in Siskiyou Llountains emptvinr 

into Klaiiiath River from the N 

, in IIW Siskiyou 

Statutes of California, 1852, 233, 1852. 



Place about 15 miles :! of Lariposa. 
Gibbcs, l.:ap of California, 1852. 

Indian Diggings 


Mining town IB miles south of Placerville, 10 
miles north of Volcano, and 15 miles east 
of Fiddletown.— Sacramento Daily Democratic 
State Journal, Oct. 25, 1853. 

Indian I)iggin£;s 

[Indian Digpjiw^n] 

'Statutes of Californic.,1854,n2;,,ia54. 

•Old mining camp on headwaters of T Fork 
Cosvimnes River, 10 miles "^ of Oleta. 

Indian Fort 

Placo in mountainn 40 miles V/SW of Llari- 
Toona.-.Gibbcs, I.Inio of California, 1G52. 

Indian Island 

Hunboldt Bay. Calif 

Island in Humboldt Bay locally (incorrectly) 
called 'Tunther Island. Site of Indian 
massacre of 1860. 

Indian Territory 

Area adjoining Indian Creek, III Siskiyou 

County (probably a contemplated Indian Reser- 
vation) . 

Statutes of California, 185,?, 233,1852. 

Indian Valley 

Hutchings Calif .Llag. ,1,529, June, 1857. 

rndicn Valley 

Plr.CG P^ of 1! Fork Yuba River, 20 miles 

of Downin^^ville [Dov:nieville] .--Gibbes, Llap 
California, 1852. 



Indiana Camp =Washington, Calif. 

--Bean'fl Hist. and Directory of Nevada Co., Gal if 
Edwin F. Bean, 11, 1867. Hist'l sketch is by 

Inskip Hill 

Shasta Co., ^^ii^< 

On Payne Creek, Evidently named after Dr. 
Inskeep, who returned to Red Bluff in 
June 1869 "from a trapper's expedition 
beyond Lassen Butte." — Marysville Weekly 
Express, July 2, 1859. 

Invincible Rock 

[Invincible Rock] 

Rock at S entrance to Straits of San 
Pablo, SW of Point San Pa.blo. 

• Statutes of California, lOfxl, 121, 1854. 

Inyo Counter 

County seat 

" Statutes of 



Cal ifornia, 1866, 355, 1866; 



^Stat. of Calif., 1854, 222, 1354 
Valley in SW A^nador C-unty. 


Iov;a Hill 

[Iowa :iill] CU.U|. 
•Statutes of California,1854,22o,in54. 
^ Small settlement on S rim of canyon of 
N Fork American Piver, E of Colfax. 

Rio Isabel 


— Emory :Military Reconnoissance, 1846-7, lOV.l&iJ 

Isabnl, Rio, or San Issbol River [S.Ysabcl Cr;] 

Eniory, Military Ecconn. Ft. Leavenworth 

to San Diego in 1846-47, 107,108, 184B. 

River flowing tlirourh Santa Yn^bnl Yalle-| 

Isla de Alcatraces [^Goat Island] 
Name given to i'^smh^ ' 


Francisco Bay on Lieut. Ayala'e First Survey 
and Wap of the Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 

Isla Plana [= Mare Island Island No. 1 J 

Island on E side of San Pablo Bay N of 
entrance to Karquines Strait. Lieut. Ayala's 
First Survey and Map of the Bay of San Fran- 
cisco, 1775. 

^ , Calif. 

Islais Creek San Francisco Co., 

Creek flowing into San Francisco Bay 
S of the city of San Francisco. — 

Ayala named it Estero Seco. — Lieut. 
Ayala' 8 First Survey and Map of the Bay of 

San Francisco, 1775. 


Place on S 
miles from moul.h. 


side Stanislaus River 25 
-Gibbes, Llap of California, 

Jacalitos Oreek Ft'esno ^)(>. 


U.S.Gaog.Board.May 15.190S '^^^::::^l ,;Z:^^, 

California. L^f 

JacalitoB Foothills 

Fresno Oo, 


Jacalitos; foothills south of Coalinga 

.b,LT8pg.l30arQ,May 15,1906 (between Waltham and Jacalitos 

creeks), Fresno County, California. 



Hu+.chings Calif .Maf^, 1 1 1, 488, 1859.. 
County seat of present Mador County, 
"tat. of Calif. ,1354, 222,1854. 
Qibbe^^ Map of California, 1852. 



Town on Y/ood Crook near junction with 
Tuolumne River, S of Sonora, and a,bout 5 miles 
SE of Chinese Camp.— Gibbcs, IJap of California, 





u Jl^^^r settlement at bond of Reese River 
ahdixt 5 miles K^ of present uLU uf /ustin. 

W*Sm!^1879^^ Calif.. Nevada ,W Utah & 

/.S.Taylor Calif, Fanner, June 26, 1863 
ter Eve Bulletin, May 1863). 

Keeler. W.J. Map of the I.. S. Territories. 
io67 Jacobville) 




— aibbers, l^ap of Californi 


Tuolumne County, SW of Honora. 




On Wood;^ Creek. 

Audubon: Western: 

Jcurrml J649-1850, 215, Cleveland, 1906. 
[Eaet of StocJttom] 



Massacre at Jamul rancho.near San Diego, 183 
Foe pursued into the sierra. —Bancroft, 
Hist. Calif. lY, 68,69.1886. 

A "reported rising of the Indians of the 

Sierra de Jamur on the frontier", San Die 
1841. -Ibid 619. 


Nan] 9 






on map of San Diego district, 1800-30, 
distance E of lower part of San Diego 
— Bancroft, Hist. Calif. II, 105, 1885. 

of rarcho in San Diego district in 1831- 
-^id III. 611. 1885. 





J n ru"nra 

Place on Scnta Anna River, about IC miles 

S\7 of Snn Bernardino, --V/liipple, A. W. , map no. 2 
(dated 1853-4), in Ex. Doc .129, 33d. Cone. ,l3t. 

Se8s.,XVIII(pt.4),1855. (Jurupa, on Y/iliiamson' s 

map) , 

Whipple, A,W., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,III,Art.II. 

'Ra.o Tjt-a^LK.%, Xn SjmlTcvvAV 

ox«.X ^ 



\via_Jv JLj (!v:5baM ^^'^ \H^~<^^---^."H^.^2a&D^ 

1, \H'^v\«SH 




1$ H V)-^*i^j«^v^ €#uc*<Ai^^L,JU 

Rio Jesus Maria [-Sacramsntd R.] Calif* 
(Arguello 1821) Bancroft, Hist, Oalif. II, 
446,447 ftnote, 1885. 



Jesus liaria River.- Enip ties into Suision Bay.Sc 
"taJces a northerly direct! on, passes at the back 

ega, eitai^ciQ beyond Qape Mendocino/ 


— Beech ey: Toy age of the Blossom, 
[Narrative entry, No v. 1826] 


Beechey mentiona 3 rivers which flov7 into 
Suisun Bay: "Jesus Maria, El Sacranento,& Sstn 
Joachin," -Ibid ,4. 

Jesus Maria Piver : In 1824 Lieut. Moraga gave 
the name Jesus lictria to the river of the 
Cerritos Cuates (Twin Buttes) [« Sacramento 
River].--J.M.>jnador , Wemorias sobre Il'storia 
CalifDrnia, MS, 5.-incroft Library, u. 18,1677. 

Jesus "'aria River 

Mentioned as flowing into v;hat is now 

knovna as Suisun Bay. 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,346,1831. 

Jesun Llnria 

Hutchings Calif .Mag, ,111,490,1859. . 

Place on Jesus Llaria Creek just \7 of 
junction with U Fork Calaveras River^^LS^^-^^-X^ 

Jesus Meria River L*Petaluma Creek] Calif. 

Name for Petaluma Creek given on T. J. / 
ham's *Map of the Galifornias ' , 1845. 


Jesus L'aria 

^ Given as tributary to the Pescadores 
*•" San roaquin Pdver], 

II 141^'^18^0^^' ^^"^ "^oyt^r^ round the Torld, 

Jesus Maria =Sacraniento R, 


Moraga gave the main river the na/ne of Jesus 
Maria. aM the principal branch he called Sac- 
ra/nento. Afterwards the great river came to be 
known as the Sacramento, and the branch Feather 
River. "--Hairry L.Wells, Hist. of Nevada Co., Calif 
27, 1680. 

Rancho Jesus Maffa 

Ranch in San Diego Go 
hj Don Jose Lopez. -- Win. 
Years in Calif., 1651-89, 

, ocapied in 1857 

Heath Davis, Sixty 
226, Sen Francisco, 

Joaquin RidgS 

Joaquin; ridge or spur of Diablo Tt Q p Tj /^ liT 

Range (between Cantua and Los U • ^ #1x9 Og% DOarCL^May 

Galos creeks), California. 

•^al i f • 

Joaquin Rocks Fresno Co, Calif 

Joaquin Rocks, three prominent ones of 
massive sandstone, crest of Joaquin Ridge 
Diablo Range, Fresno County, Calif. (Not 
Tres Piedras.) U.S.Geog.Board.Iar,6 1912 

Johnson's Diggings =Birchville, Calif. 

--E.O. Waits, in [Edwin F.] Bean's History and 
Directory of Nevada Co., Calif., 543, 1867. 

Johnson's Creek 

Creek emptying;; 
Polit. Code of 
p. 465, 1897. 

into San Francisco Bay. 
California, San Franc icco. 

Johnnon' s Pass 

Pass in Sierra llevada ("lat. 38^ 50'; alt. 
6752 ft."). 

John S. Hittell, Hutchings Calif. Lla^., 

Ill, 357, Feb., 1859. 

(alt. 6, 752 ft.)... Blake, T.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. J 

V,pt. II, 135,1857. 

Johnson's Ranch 

Place between Uarysvillc and Virginia 

(W of Auhurn), Plnccr County..: Stat, of Calif., 
•IGfyl,, '323, 18(34. ' 

Johnson's Ranch Yuba Co. . Calif. 

"Now Gillespie* 8, on Bear Creek". On Bear 

Creek, above its junction with the Feather. 
Lt. Geo. H.Derby: Topographical Memoir of Sacra. 
mento Valley. Sen. Doc. 47, 31st Cong. 1st Sess. 
Part II, 6. 1850. r<^^- 
Johnson' s on map. 

Johnson's ranchor^^rs Bryant: What L Saw in Calif. 


5,41 ^ 24^J:, 1646 


On north side Bear Piver opposite grant 
of Theodore Sicard,— Crilbert. Wells & 
Chambers, Histor}^ of Butte Co., p« lll,18e2. 


Jnh>i<',on' s Ri^^'^^ 


Creek flowing S in the mountains W of 
Cajon Pass. --Williamson, R.S. , map, in Ex. Doc. 


Williainson, R. S. , in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.I, 
30,1853 (IlamecL by Wiliiamson, 1853). 


Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,65, 



Name on map ^f Monterey district 1801-10, hat J<v.^ 

>5J!*?an Antonio Mission ^ ''-'' "^^ 

Bancroft, Hi St. Calif. 11,145,1885. 

Jones Hill 

Hill 4 miles north of Geors^town, 
Middle Fork of American Biver.- 
Daily Democratic State Journal, 

Eldorado County 

Jan. 20,1855. 

Jones Id. 


Now Yan Sickle Id 
Bay. — Ringf^old. Map 
of the Pacific, 1850. 

,A.east«« end of 
of Anchorage off 


New York 

Ta.-sKoT^^ o'd.>v rT'a-nci^>c^> Q.\\yj 


Ce liofras, Carte de I'Oref^^on, dos CaL 
ifornics, &c. (map no. 16) 1844. 

Ranch on Han Francisco Peninsula V/ of 
San Hat GO Point and probably either present 
Ldlbrce or Purlingarne. 

Jiian Fra.ncisco, Port 

" S opening- of Port Bodega." 
Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 

les Mesas de Juan Gomez LCtay Mosa] Odlif. 


De Mofras, 


De Mofras, 


San Diego County, near Mexican 

xiixploration de l*0ref^on,&c,I,236, 
. "Sivision between Upper and Lower 
t'ornia seems to be marked bv two 

mountains at the foot of v/nich are 
zontal planes named plateaus or 
s of Juan Gomez." (t;rs.) 

Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Califomies 
Gen»l map, 1844 . 

Juba river [Yuba] Calif. 

Bryant: What I Saw in Calif .472, 184a, 

«i w- Vol lt)oouk>s- . — 

See also Uber, Yubah 


Junction Tar 


Bfir on upper waters of '^ Braiich Feather 

• Ilutchin^^s Calif. La^r. , 11,449, Anr 11,1858. 

Juniper Ridgs 

* * 

uniper; ridge of Diablo Range (be-jj 
tween Los Gatos and Waltham 
creeks), California. 

S.Geqg.Board.May 15,1908 

Junta de los Quatro Evangelistos £= Suisun Bayj 

iven by Ayala to Suisun Bay. — Meut 

Ayala*s First Survey and Map of the Bay 

San Francisco, 1775. 





Rapt. Lt.E.O.COrd in Sen.Doc.47, 31st Cong. 
1st Sess. 119,1850. L^^ *t 5..::3^Kv.«_'^^<— . 

Rfinch on site of present Riverside , pur- 
chased in 1843 by Benj . D. Wilson. — Benj. % 
Wilson, Obser/ations on Early Days in Calif., 
23, MS. Bancroft Library, 1877. 


Place on Santa Anna River, -bout 10 railcs 

^SW of S-n Eornardino..-^^illiaii]son, E.S., map 
m Sx.Doc.U:9,33d.Cong.,lst.Sess.,XniI(pt.4)) 
1855. (Jarupa, on \niipple' s map) . 

Jurupa Ranclio Los Angel ob Co. 

Ranch in Los Angeles Co., owned in 1646 
by Don Bandini. -- Ij.. Heath Davis, Sixty 
Years in Calif., 1631-89^, 4l8,San Brancisoo, 


l/Tendocino Co. * 


Native Indian name for Long Valley. 
gignifd-M ^valley of many people.'*— L. 
PalmeH History of Mendocino Co., 167. 
Alley. Bowen & Co., San Francisco. 1880. 

Ko.naka Creek 

Creek in mountains of southern Sierra Co. 

flovdng ^rSW into Middle Fork Yuba Hivcr. 
Hutchincn Calif .Hag. ,I,19G (& fig. p. 197), 


Karquines, Plstrecho de [Strait of KarciuiriGs] 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,346,1831. 

Karquines Strait 

Strait between San Pablo and Suicun Bays. 

Klotzebue, writing in 1824, speaks of 
Karquines Strait as "the common embouchure of 
its two principal rivers" - meaning the Sacra- 
mento and San Joaquin. - Kotzebue, Hew Voyage 
round the World, II, 113, 1830. 

Gibbets, Liap of California, 1652. 

Estrecho de Karq uin? [Strait of Karquines] Saiii. 

Hap of San Francisco Bay Region, from Records 
of Mission San Jose, 1824. 

t ' 



Hr^. E^. 



^zjt^_. UAi-^£v)s.V. ^.^..-^dbc^ >3vJ^ 



fHjQ V) 

Karquines Straiis 9alif. 

Rept.Gren. P. F.Smith in Sen.Doc.47,3l8t Cong- 
1st Sess, 82, 1850, 

See also Can^uines^Chupcanes. 

Karquinez, Strait _ 

r.cjor D. H. Vinton, -Senate Ex. Doc. 1, 
31st. Cone;., 2d. Sess., 248,^''1850. 

Ka-sha-reh or Elk River [Elk River] 

♦Oibbs, in Schoolcraft, 111,131,132,1853. 

Kassima River [Cosumnes] 

"KassimaCCoaurahes) River, 
(after Hale.U.S.Expl.Expd.vol6, 

1646) Linguistic families, 92, 


' — Powell: 
p. 650, 633, 




See Goscairnnes, Coscumne 

Kaweah Creek 

toro e t c empty in^5 into Tulare Lake from the 
llE, Tulare County, 

Statutes of California, 1852, 240, 1852. 

G-ibbeis, Liar) of California, 1852 (Ka-v:ee-ah 
or Four Creeks) . 

Ka-wee-ah Creek or Four Creeks [Kaweah Creek] 
GibbOs, Map of California, 1852. 

Kah-wee-ya Greek [« Kaweah River; one Calif. 

of the Pour GreeksJ 
■ San Joaquin Valley, So. Calif. — Pacif. 

R'.R.Repts. Gen.Map of Expl. & Surv. Calif. 

Kah-wee^j^ River.-- Marcy: Prairie Traveler,316, 

Kah-wee-ya River=Four Creeks [Kaweah Cr.] 

R.S.Wiliiainson, in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.I,pi,4, 

R.S.WilliaiTison, in Ex.Doc.l29, 33d. Cong. , 
1st. Sees. ,XVIII<pt.4), 1855. - 


Jl ■,,„tm=»»0,. mkn Wfci. n . M ii|i , i. . ' i«<e»- 

ToY/n on Bear River at J^^t of navi£;ation 
Statutes of California, 1850, 101, 1850. 

If Miles ^^^^"^^ 0^^ ^^ s^^^ 0^ ^G^^ Creek [Bear River] 
^SE of I[arysville.--Qibbe^s/.:ap of ^alifornin, 


Place N side Stanislaue River, little 

S\V of Knir-hts 
nia, 1852. 

[Ferry], -.Gibb(Cs,UaT) of Califor- 


Jelly's Ferry Tehama Co 

Notice of application for renewal of license 
to operate ferry across Sacramento River, 
4 miles oelow Battle Creek, Tehama Co,— 
Red Bluff Independent, March 27, 1863. 

Kekewaka Creek 


Creek flowing into main Eel River from the NE, 

(4^UJdC 'V-v«*fe_ .|j-"K-»->i-<He,C-^~V- — (UftjB«--C*.-W*-4! — g} 

p, 194, 1897. 

Hpex. in War of 


Pt, 1, 

Kelsey's River =S Fork Eel River 

--Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, Indian Tribes, III, 
122, 1855. 

Kenness' Pass 

Pass in Sierra llevada ("lat. 39° 30*"). 

John S. Hittell, Hutchings Calif.Ma^., 
Ill, 357, Feb. ,1859. 


Place on U side 11 Fork Rio d. 1. ^^^ler 
icanos [i\:norican R.] 10 miles HE of Auburn.-. 
Gibbes, llap of California, 1852. 

Kentucky House 

Andreas and 

008,0 • 

in Calaveras County between 

Fo man's Ranch. 

of Gal if., 1054, 222,1054. 


Kern County 

County seat Havilah. 

c< O 

statutes of California, 1066, 796, 1866? 
County seat changed to Bakcrsfield. 

Polit.Code of California, San Francisco, 
p. 045, 1897. 

Kern river 

Gal if. 

. Named toy Fremonik during Third Exped. 

1845-1846, after Ms topographer Edward 

M.Kerri! of Philadelphia.— FremontiMemoirs"-, 
i,455, 1687. 

Kern River 


[Kern River] 

Williamson, R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.I, 


Named by Fremont in 1845; native Caiifor- 

nian name Po-_ayn-CO-ia.— WilliajTison,R.S.^V, 
pt. 1, 17,1853. . ^ 

Kerns Pass 

Place about 40 miles \i^ of Y/alkers Pass. 
--Gibbes, Map of California, 1852. 


Kern Lake 

lutchings Cal i f .l.'a^^;. , III , 353, 1859 . 

Small lake at Z end San Joaquin Vr.lley, 
'fomerly [and still at times of unusuall^- 
hi/ii rater] reccivinc vjaters of Kern River. 

ibbe^,Map of California, 1852. 

Kern Piivcr 

utchings Cal if .Hag. , III , 354, 1859 . 
Largo river rising in southern part of 
Hifii Sierra and disappearing in S end Zrm Joa- 
quin Valley near Bakcrsfield. At times of high 
^■o.tor reaching Kern and Buona Vista Lakes and 
fonuerly ovc;rriov7ing into Tulare Loke. 

.OibLets,Hap of California, 1852. 
Davis, in Pac. Rr. Rep. ,I# Art. l,p.28, 1855. 

Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K,, in Pac.Rr. 
Rep., I, Art. II, 89, 1855. 

Kearn River 

[Kern River] 

G. W. Barbour, Senate Ex. Doc.l, 32d 
Cong., 1st Sess., pt.3,493. 

Kettleman Plain and Hills 
U.S.Geog.Board.May 6,1908 


Kettieman; plain, and hills between 
Kettleman plain and Tulare Lake, 
Fresno and Kings counties, Califor* 
nta. (Not Kittleman.) 

Keys Creek, or Arroyo de San Antonio [S.Ant.Cr.] 

Creek flowing into Tomales Bay from the 


Pol it. Code of California, San Francisco, 
p. 463, 1897. 

Keystone Ranch 

Place "between Llarysville and Foster's 
Bar, Yu"ba County. 

•Stat, of Calif., 1854, 222, 1854. 


W coast Mendocino Go. 


native Indian name gai~be~sil-lah ; sig- 
nifies head of the valley and is applied to 
that point where the moimtain spurs project 

into the ocean, and the mesa lands, or valley, 

Histo y of Mendooino Co* 168 San 
Francisco 1880, Alley, Bowen Sc Jo. Puhrs. 

Kimball Id 

Near mouth San Joaquin River, off 
•f Sherman Id. Called Hammond Id* 
8 Chart of Suisun & Valleio Bava. 

- Calif, 


on RirK- 

Kings Island, 


Solano Co. 

Cal i f 

Now ^er Island, ouisun Bay.-- "Ringgold's 
Chart of juisun ^ tallejo Bays, 1350. 

King's Rivor 

[Kings Rivor] 

Senate Ex. Doc.l, 32d Cong., 1st Sess., 
pt. Ill, 494, 1851. 

Gibbed^^ I.:ap of California, 1652 (Rio de 
los Reyes or Kin/.^s River). 

R. S. Willia.son, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.I, 
13,1853. (King's River =Lake Fork). 

Kings River 

Statutes of Cal ifornia, 240, 1852. 

HutchinGS Cal if .Llag. , III , 354, 1859 . 

Large river rising in southern Sierra and 
emptying into 11 end of Tulare Lake, in S San 
Joaquin Vrlley. 

King's River =Genterville, Calif. 

Fresno Co., in Memorial & Bior'l Hist. of countie 
of Fresno, Tulare, and Kern, Calif., Lewis Pub'sr 
Co., 51,1892 (?). ^ 

Klttleman Plain and Hills 
See Kettleman 




ȣjbw^ <iJi:K-(ji^ai^A-^ 



ifear^^::*=ia_JVws*^ Ki^=--^^ 

TtOvlAj*-^ «-jL_ t^ Mr-5jfc.o*;fiJL. 

Kl mnath 


Place on E side Klai.iath River, near 
mouth. --Gibbes, Llap of California, 1852. 

Klaiiiath County 


stablishod April 25, 1851. (county 
seat not fixed.) 

^atutes of California,1851, 180, 1851. 
County seat later fixed at Orleans Lar.- 

• 7;^' hey " 

statutes of California. «f 

County divided and annexed to Humboldt -^ 
and Siskiyou Counties. 

See also "Statutes of California, 1856, 32, 
1856; Ibid. 1857,35,1857; Ibid.1876, 603, 1876 * I 
V^B oundar i es emended . Apr. 30, 1855^-5^^?* 

of Calif., 1855,200,1855. 

H. des Indians Klamaka LKlamath 1^.] Calif. 

De Mofras, Exploration de I'Oregon, Tome 11,^ 

p. 38, 1841: "Explored with care in 

1836 bv the schooner Cadborou^, 
Capt. Brotchie,.for la Compagnie 
d 'Hudson" (trs.) 

Klainath River CKLaniath River] 

Stat. Calif., 1853, 307, 1G53. 
Gibbes, Map of California, 1852, 

Tribbs, in Schoolcraft, III, 134, 135,136, 

Klamath river h lake 
See Tlamath 


ikti'n, hikti*n, or kti'n =Klainath River. 

In Wiyot larg;uage; these words "appear to be of 
other tlian Wiyot origin. "--Kroeber, Languages 
of the Coast of Gal if. N of San Francisco, Univ. 
Calif .Publ. Am. Arch.Ethn., IX,3,p.366, Apr. 29, 

Pllajiieth County 

[See: Kir .ith Co.] 

CibbcwS^L'aT^ of California, 1852. 

IflkflB & BjjLar 


Spelling oh Wilkes' Map of The Oregon Territory, 
U. S. Expl. Expd. 1841. *^' 

>4 . ^^ ^x N t I 

\<^/\ ^^^ XoJUpo^WijdbtA>^ 0^ 






KV(X>we^- \QLwq Q- 


Klarant River 

[Klainath River] 

*Y.^ilkes Exped. narrative, V, map (dated 
1S41) facing p . l5Q,ie4r).-^ 

^' Called Too too tut na or Klaruet River 
and represented as flowing M across Calif .- 

Oregon boundary, having been confouiided witPi 
present Rogue River. 

Statutes of California, 1853,307,1853 

(Klai'ioth^River) . 

Klebnikoff ou Vasiii 


Large Hussian ranch, vicinity of 
i?'ort Hoss. 

De Mofras, Exploration de 1 'Oregon S:c. 

Tome II. p. 5. 1844 

L;:Owens Creek] 

Tehama Co. Calif. 

Name ap 
Owens Gree' 

lied by Nom-lak-ke of Peskenta to 
► (Creek that passes Paskenta store). 

Kniglit's Feri7 [Kni.-hts Ferrv] 

Ferry on Stanislaus River, near E 

boundary Stanislaus River. 

Statutes of California, 1850, 63, 1850. 
GibbejB Liap of California, 1852. (Kniglrits] 

V>V ^sJL!l 


L.v-3^3C5ui( 5^ 


Kni gilts 

[Knightn Ferry] 
Gibbe'sLIap of California, 1852. 

Knights Rancho 

'Knights Rancho! On Or near 
River, near Big Meadows. - 
Mag., p. 449, April 1858. 

North Pork 



Knif;;^'r, Landing 

lutchings California Ma£^.,I,494,1857. 

^Stat. of Calif. ,1854, 222,1054. 
Place on W side Sacramento River little S 
of mouth of PlumaG.— Gibbc^ Lari of California 


Knox Id. [Now Chipps Id.-J :_-___ 

On north side east arm of Suisun Bay, at 
east end Honker Bay. — Binggold, Map of Anchor- 
age off New York of the Pacific, ISSO. 

Kostrornitinoff, R. [Now Walalla River] 

^ River on IIW coast of California between 
Russian River and Point Arena, 

De llofras, Carte de 1' Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c., 18'44. 


Jferme de Kostroraitinolf 


nntt InmoHt on south bonk of mouth of 
Hussian River, Sonoma Co, 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, les Cal- 
if omies, etc. Map 17. 1844 . 

LSee Kostrornitinoff R.] 

De Mofras, Exploration de l»0regon,II,12Ji? 

1844 . 

Kreyenhagen Fddthills 


Kreyenhagen; foothills on west side 
of Kettleman plain in western Fresno 
and Kings counties, California. 

U.S.Geog.Board.May 15,1908 

)s^ X 

La Carpinterfa [-Site of city oP^enfuraf * '^^^^^• 

Name used by Pont fdr the Indian town called 
Asumpt a by Crespi and Costanso of the Portola 
Expd. 1769, and by Palou, Pont says in 1776 
the Anza Bxpd. Passed the •'first village of the 
Canal de Santa Barbara called La Car-pinteria . 
Situated near the Rio de la Asumpta** (Ventura 
River). — Pedro Pont, Diary Anza Expd., Pubs. 

Acad.^cific CjOg^st Hist. , vol.3, no. 1, 53,1913. 
(Jhe name Carpinteria mmm given by the 


portola Expd. to an Indian 
miles IIV of Ventura River, 
still in use ^jt^sBm.,) 

rgjicheria 12 
•11^ the name 


Lachryira Montis 


General M,Gr, Vallejo's small homestead near 
old town of Sonom. — C.H.Shinn, Pioneer 
Spanish Fajnilies in Calif . , Century. Vol,41, 
p. 386, Jan, 1891 • 

La Cuesta de los G-atos 

Paa in Santa Cruz Mountains, 
largs numbers of wild'^ata were 




there* - 

Iri. Heath Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 339, 
San Francisco, 1B&9. 

Laddsville [=^Liverraore] Contra Costa Co, . Calif. 

Name in 1870 for present town of Livermore in 
Contra Costa Co., Calif. — Joseph LeConte, 
RamblirKs throu^ the High Sierras (Reprinted 
from a Journal of Rainblings, 1875h in 
Sierra Club Bull. , Vol. 3, p. 2, Jan. 1900. 

^ovvWo^^i^cK ^ 

^^*^- ^^- 1 2.o<l, VUr> AKO 


To Cy^^^A^ f r, ., Santa Barbara Co 
La Graciosa (or Baile de las Indias or 

Ramon Nonata) [^r^ Antonio 



lov. r^® §-^^" ^y Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
lake [now disappeared] about S miles N of 
banta Inez River. Given name Baile de laa 
de las Indias because first pl'ace where they 
saw Indian wonen dance; Others called it La- 
araciosaj Crespi named it San Ramon NQna.tA— 
— Crespi Dian^ Portola Ejcpd. m Palou's"" 
Noticiade la }Jueva Calif . , 2, 154, Mexico. 1874. 

•D + ^Q-^le 4^ k^^ Indi as. «- Costanso. Diarv 
Port oTa Kxpd . , Pub s . AcaT. Pacific Coast Hi ^t. 


vol. ?, no.4. pp. 213,307, 1911. 


In 1776 the Anza Expd. halted at Lacuna 
Gr aciosa 4 lea^'^ues N or Santa Inez River. — 
Font,' Diary Anza Expd. , Pubs. Acad. Pacific 
Coast Hist. , vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 55, 115, 1913. 

El dredge says "the map of Greol. Surv. does 
not show any lake in this vicinity and it has 
)robably disappeared. It may have been fonned 
iv the San Antonio Creek which here flows into 

tne sea. The name is perpetuated by the Can- 
ada de la Graci osa throa^ which the Pacific 
Coast F.F.rans, and by tne Grac i o sa station at 

the mouth of -iie canyon. l* -- Eldredge, Begin- 
nings of San Francisco, 124, 1912. 


2 miles from Santa Isabel.- Marcy: 

Prairie Traveler, 293, N.Y.1869. 

P ^ Calif. 

La Laguna L- Santa BarbargJ , Santa Barljara Co. 

Large Indian town ony^Banta Barbara Channel, 

near large 
freshwater pond. Visited by Portola Sxpd. in 
1769 and named 1 ?ueblQude la Laguna . -- Costanso, 
Diary Portola Expd.jP^abs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hi 
Hist,, vol.2, no. 4, 199, 1911. 

Laguna d e la Concepcion . — Crespi, Diary 
Portola Expd.,in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva 
Calif. ,2,140, Mexico, 1874 

Bancroft says Santa Barbara was founded at 
8» J oaquin de la Laguna. -- Bancroft, Hist, 
Calif., 1,143,1884 

La Laguna de la Concepcion * — **Site of the 
future presidio and mission of Santa Barbara.* 
Z.S.Eldredge, March of Porto la, 33, 1909. 

^'^es. yy^t 

Lagmm [Clear Lake] UaJlo.^. Calif. 

L()L ^^.noL %*Some 50 or 60 miles in length . . .about 
60 or 70 miles north of the Bay of Sao! Fran 
Cisco."— Eryant: What I Saw in California, 
554, 1848. [Entry of Nov. 18416.] 

Ld^tma Creak 

U.S.Gq eg. Board Mar. 3,1909 


Laguna; stream, Amador and Sacra- 
mento counties, California. (Not 
The Laguna nor Willow Greek.) 

Laguna Medano San Luis Obispo Co., Calif 
See Lamina Redonda 

Laguna del Macho Monterey Co., Calif 

Naxiie given by Porto la Expd. in 1769 to pond 
1 league R of Pajiaro River, near coast. — 
Costanso, piary Porto la Expd., vol. 2, no. 4, 
279, 1911. 

Laguna del Kagano 

See L aguna Redonda 

San Luis ObispoCo. , Calif • 



Laguna d.§l. Presidio^. \^j^ 

Santa Barbara Co., Call 
La Laguna Grande de San Daniel ^Guadalupe Lake] 

Lai^e freshwater lake at E base of 
Casmalia Hills, between the Santa Maria and 
Santa Inez Rivers. Passed by Portola Expd. 
in 1769 and named by Crespi La Lacun a Gr ande 
de Spji Daniel . — Crespi, Diary Porto 1 
in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva Calif., 2, 
Mexico, 1874. 

Expd. , 
no. 4, pp. 

LaJT2;a. — Costanso, Diary Portola 

.cad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, 
215, 305, 1911. 


:una Honda 

^ ^ut ch ings Cal i f . Llag . , I II , 534 , 1 859 . ^ 

^ • . 


Santa Barbara Co., Calif* 
Laguna Laiga [^Guadalupe Lake] -- 

Large freshwater laJte between Santa Maria 
and Santa Inez Kivers.- Passed by Portcla Expd» 
in 1869 and name Lacuna Largca siven to lake and 
valley in which it v/as situate a. — Costanso 
Diary Porto la Expd. , Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hist., vol. 2, no.4. 215, 305, 1911. 

La Lacuna Gran de de S an Daniel.-- Crespi, 
Diary Portcla lEScp^ in PaTbu's l^ticia de la 
Mueva Calif.. 2, 156, Mexico, 1874. 



San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. 
Laguna Redonda (or Laguna del Megano 

or l^ledano) [-Oso Flaco Lake] 

Large, almost circular lake, near the coast 
about 4 miles N of Santa Maria Riv®r. Visited 
by Portola Expd. in 1769 and named Ly:una 
Redonda . — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd. , Pubs. 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no.4. 215-6, 

Lacu na del Meg; an o . — Costanso gives the same 
ke this name on return journey 3 months later. 

—Ibid, 305. 

Crespi on the same Esqjd. says this lake 
was called by the soldiers Heal de los 


Vivoras ; by others El Oso Fla co because 
they found bears there. — CreVpi, Diary 
Portola Expd. in PaIou*s Noticiade la 
Nueva Calif., 2, 157, Mexico, 1874. 

On the return ioumey Crespi speaks of thi 
lake as Laguna del Medano or Redond o. Ibid. 


Laguna San Antonio Calif ♦ 

In 1644 the insurgents retreated frcni 
Monterey to La guna San An ton io. -- Wm. Heath 
Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., 1831-69^ 179, 
Saji Francis®, 1889. 

Laf^ana 3eca Creek 

Laguna Seca; Creek, Merced County, 
California, draining foothills between 
Ortigalito and Little Panoche Creeks, 
heading in center of Township 12 S., 
Range 10 E., and emptying into the 
San Joaquin Valley. (Not Salt nor 

Merced Co. Calif. 

Santa Barbaiu Co. , Calif] 
Vail 6 de la Laguna Larga [*Santa liaria Valleyj 

Large valley in which is a large fresh- 
water lake betweem Santa IJaria and Santa 
Inez Bivers. Passed by Portola Expd. in 
1769 and the name LagunaLama given to the 
lake and the valley in which it v/as situated* 
— Costanro, Diarv Portola Expd. > Pubs. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist. , vol.2, no.4, pp. 215,305,1911. 

La j una Ternacala, Rancho 

Ranch on II boundary of San Diego Co. 
Statutes of California, 1851, 172, 1851. 

Lake City 

To'NYi site laid oui at Arnold's Ranch about 
11 miles rrom San Juan up the middle Yiiba 
ridge, t'noim Humbug Caflon. — San Francisco 
Weekly Bulletin, May 12, I860, 

Lake County 

County seat, Lakeport. 

11 o 

statutes of California, 1861, 560, 1861; 
1864,97,111,1864; 1868,269,1868; 1870,44-2,1870': 

Lake Fork=King*3 River 

R.S. "Williamson, in Pac.Hr.Hep. ,V,pt.I,13, 




This townsite was platted and surveyed in 
June 1886 and here a hotel was built and aamed 
Lakeside from the fact that it was built on the 
shore of Lindo Lake. 

Named by the El Cajon Valley Company which 
laid out the town. 

San Diego Union Jan.l 1891 p. 15 

L.'^ke Slbur'h 

[San ion de Sa.n Jose] 

Slough between San Joaquin River and 
Lake d. 1. Tularcs.--Gil)"bes, Kap of California, 


Laka Vallay 

Lincoln 06. 


U.S.Geog. Board, Oct, 7. 1914 ^'''' ™"''' "^"' °' ^"''"'' ''"""'" 

and Ely Ranges, extending north- 
ward from Pioche to Geyser, Lin- 
coln County, Nevada. (Not Duck 
nor Patterson Wash.) 

Lakeville & Lakevllle School Calif 

On east side Petaluipa Creek, Sonoma Co. , 
Calif. Lakeville mentioned by Robert A, 
Thonrpson; Historical k Descriptive Sketch 
of Sonoiaa Co* 52, Phila. 1877. 

Lake's Store 

Place in 

Doulile Sprin/^s 
» Stat, of 

Calaveras bounty, betv/een 

and San Andreas. 
Calif., 1854,222, 1854. 

Lakisima River [-Stanislaus River] 

Cal if. 

Name for Stanislaus River given on T, J. Parn- 
ham's 'Map of the Califomias*. 1845. =Indian name for Stanislaus River 

--Frank T. Gilbert, 
Hist .of Butte Co., 
p. 27, 1882. (Two 

His t.of 
vols. in 

Calif., Vol.1 of 
by Harry L.Wells, 

Lamarck Oradk ^yo Go. Calif. 

heading in Bishop Mountain. 


Inyo Go. 


U.S.GeOg. Board, June 7 1911 ^^'""'''''^"""^^'"•^"y^ county, Cali- 

fornia, latitude 37° 12', longitude 118' 


Hutchings Calif .Hag. , I , 199, 1856. 
llining camp on Loknlix:inc River. 



GU^yh^ ^IcJ-^^ /f^ ^^ ' ^^^? A^-^/ /^- ''J 

Punta de Langosta [~San Pedro Point] Calif 

Lieut. Ayala*s First Survey and Map of the 
Bay of San Francisco, 1775. 

Punta de Lanp;osta (Lo _cu^st_Point) , name 
given by Ayala or Caiiizares to Point San 
Pedro, San Pablo Bay.' — Zoeth Eldredge, Be- 
ginnings of Sanfrancisco, I, 50, 1912. 


Place ■" of Sacrcuaento, just S of mouth 

of Red Bluff Creek [Red hank Creek], 
i .a^- f Cal : f ornin , 1 852 . 



Laquisimes [== Stanislaus River] 

Laquisimes : Indi?in name for Stanislaus River. -< 
J. E. (ialindo. Apuntes para la Historia Calif 
p. 22. 1877- 

La Lar^ra 


Part of Ranclio Guadalupe (the other 
being Oso Flaco) , Sonta Barbara County. 
"tatutes of C:lifomia,18 ::,'^.18,1052. 

La Parissima 

■':illiaiuSon,R.S. , map, in Kx.Doc.l29,53d. 

Conj-. ,lst.5ess. ,XVIII(r^f ,.1) J855. 

\ JxU^Oyii>|ci.iK' 

^MjlM ^ 

^ I' Su. B 

Aa/M^OA > » ;6U 


Lapolitana Calif 

On Santa Ana River, near San 'Bernardino. 

Rept. Lt.E.O.O.Ord in S9n.Doc.47, 31st Cong. 
1st Sess. 119, 1850, 


> ^. V 


? (V 

La Puente 


Name on map of Los Angeles district, 1800-30, 
located SE of San Gabriel River^ - Bancroft, 
Hist. Calif. 11,352,1885. 

Mentioned in 18 34, apparently in vicinity of San 
Bernardino. - Ibid, 111,630,1885. 


La Purissima [Mission] 

V^ilkes Exped.^feap (dated 1B41) ^facing 


^:.'illiai;.son,P.'')., map, in ^.x.Doc .1^.9, ?5d. 

Conr. ,l^t.Ses'^.,XYIII(pt.4) ,185o(La Fari^sima) . 

Ft» Larkin 

On Sacramento Piver at 
Taylor Id. [now Grand Id.] 
Chart of Sacramento Eiver, 


southwest end of 

— Ringgold, 

Las Graces Calif. 

Travelinp: "down "^^^ Sacranento,Fray "arciso 
Duran "left the principal streajn of the Sacra- 
■nento, which nins to the S¥,& took a stream to 
the left which rims to the SE.t After goii:g 6 

1* he stopped at a place called Las Oruces* 
—Diary of Fray llarciso Duran :Expd. on Sacranento 

I San Joaquin rivers,1817:Pubs. Acad, Pacif. Coast 
Hist. Vol.2,IIo.5,p.'l7, Dec,1911. 


«^ 0*^ ^^^- coast, a few miles north of San Luis 

RqYn —Kept, of Lt.E.O.G.Ord in Sen.Doc-47,31stJ 
Cong. 1st gess. 123,1850. 

Floras, "a deserted mission", N of San Luis ReyJ 

Emory: Military Reconnoissance, 1846-7, 117, 1848 J 
De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Califom- 

ies, &c, Ben»l map, 1844 . 

laB Flores 


De Mofras, Carte de I'Dre^^on, des Cal- 
ifornies, &C., IB' ' 

Place mi of San Luis Rey, L^^TX^sjNjLi. 


iacntioned as*'c dcscrtea mission by Emory, 
5ft Military Reconn. 

Ft. Leavenworth to ijan 

Diego in 1946-47, 117,lc]4B. 

Las Grarzas Creek Fresno 5c King 
See Garza Creek 



Arroyo las Gatos 



See Los Gatos Creek 

Las Gatas Creek 

Fresno Co 


See Los Gatos Creek 

'rfftX II • 

Las Positas 

Between Mission of Sail Jose & San Joaquin R. 
— Bsechey: Voyage of Blossom [1826], 11,27,1831 

las Fozas (YvjlVv^^vo\£,?,J 

De Mofras, Carte de 
ifomies, ^.c, 1844. 

Place on Santa Barbara 
ant a Barbara. /" 


1* Oregon, des Cal- 
Channol, W of 


Lae Pulgae 


Name on map of San Francisco District in 1800- 
30, on the peninsula some distance S of San 
Francisco* -• Bancroft, Hist. Calif, 11,376, 1865 

Las Pulgas^ a farm house about i way between 

San Francisco & Sdnta Olaral' -Beechey: Voyage of 

Blossom [1825],II,44,ia2i.?''.^,J^^---^<-<r». 

De Mofras, Carte de I'Orerron et des Calif ornies 

Map 16. 1844 . ' 

Las Salinas 


Marshy plain south of San "Rruno range. 
— BeechevrVcvage of Blossom [1826], 11,43,1831 

-^^ . &<^&i^^^.JL4n\y 

Lassen* s Butte 


Hutchings Calif .lua^. , 1 , 534, 1857;^III , 350 , 1859 


Lassen's Big Leadows 

j^on upper waters of Feather River. 
Hutchings Calif.lJag., Ill, 350, 1859. 

Lassen County 

Original coxmiy scat, Susanville. 

"Statutes of Cal ifornia, 1864. 264, 1864- 

Lassen* s cut-off. 

Pass into CaLifornia^ nortliern Sierra. 
Hutchines Cal if .Ma^. , II , 515,L:ay, 1658. 


Lassen's Meadows 

Hutchin-r, Calif .Mag. , 1 , 535, June, 1857. 

Lassen's Pass 

Pass in Sierra ilevada ("Lat. 41° 50»; alt. 

John S. Hittell, Hutchings Calif. Mag, , 
III, 357, Feb., 1859. 

Lassen Peak 

Shasta Qq^ 


l/.S.Geog.Board June 2. 1915''IT"' ^^''^' «o"thenstern ,„., 

, X^XJ Shasta County. California. (Not 
. Mt. Lassen.) 


Lassen's Ranchd Calif* 

On Deer Oreek. -Rept.Lt.R.S. Williamson in 
Sen.Doc.47,3l8t Cong- 1st f^es^TlT^issO* 


Las Tiendas 

See Tent Hills 

Kings Co. 


Las Vegas 

Southern Nevada. -Fremont rErpl.Expd 



Oregon & Calif, (1844), 266, l845* 



Place, possibly rancheria/iip the &alinas]river" 
In 1828.Chupines, Tularcitos, h Corral de 

Padilla also mentioned. —Bancroft: Hist. Calif 
11,618 ft note, 188 5, 

Randio of Monterey District, 1841 -5. Ibid lY, 
655 ftnote, 1886. 

[Corral de Padilla & Tularcitos also were 
ranchos. Ibid 111,677 ftnote.] 

Lawson* s Meadows t^^ar Winnemucca] 


Northwestern Nevada, on Humboldt River.| 
Marcy, Prairie Traveler, 275, N.Y.1859. 


Tehaina Co .Calif 

Name given to a paper town short distance 
above Red Bluff.— Red Bluff Independent, 
Nov. 12. 1861. 


CSan leandro] 

Settlement's of Oakland. 


De Mofras, Carte de 1 ^Oregon, des Cali- 

fomies, 5;c., Gen»l map. 1844. 

Leconte Dividd 

U, S .Greog. Board, June 

Fresno— Co « 


7 101 1 ^^^^"^^> Divide, Fresno County, Cali- 
• fornia, separating upper waters of 

San Joaquin River from King River. 

Leconte Oanydn - 

U,!^ .Ge og. Board, June 

Fresno Co. Calif. 

rt 1Q11 Leconte; Canyon, Fresno County, Cali- 
• fornia, on upper waters of Palisade 


Lejon, Rancho 

r t-Tejon] 

Place in mountains S of San Joaquin 

valley^ ^^^'Wy)^Jj K l>-«^^-li^ i^ Uos KKj<tl<2^ (i^. 

Statutes of California, 1851, 172, 1851. 

Lemon's Ranch 

Ranch on E boundary of San Joaquin Co., 
N of Knight's Ferry. 

Statutes of California, 1050, 63, 1850. 

Lenrow's Ranch 

Hanch on ?. boundary of Joaquin Co. 
Statutes of California, 1051, 175, 1851. 


Flfice ]] Ox Lerced River, I'ariposa Co. 
CiblDe^s^ i..c*.]> of California, 1852. 

LevdBon's Panc^- = Lomon's Ranche 

Ranch on ^ boundar; of San Joaquin County. 
Strtuten of California, 1852,179,1852. 
"The words 'Levdson's Ranch'... shall be 

construed to mean 'Lemon's Ranche."!- Ibid. 

Lexington House 

Place on dividing ridge betv/een Feather 
end Yuba Rivers, W of Foster Bar. 

Statutes of California, 1852, 231, 1852. 

R» aux liards 

Calif. . 

Tributary, Sacramento B. ; flowing E., W side 

De Mofras, Carte de I'Orcfjon, des Cali- 

fornies &c. GenTl map. 1844 . 

See Sacramento^. 

LVarJls . \\. olujg 

^ ColTon>fVooci CreeKj 


j)eTrotmS, GxrtL de llOreg)Ti,(^t &(ar(i^^CT'n(€sfc l?1j (general Tiiap) 

Liraantour Bay 

Limantour Bay, on S side of Point Reyes, 

was nmaed from Jose Y. Limnntour, a great ras- 
cal ?/ho to California in 1841 rnd by ol 

fraudulent grant attempted to confiscate the 
land novi occupied by the city of San Francisco 

Overland Monthly, II, 154-160, Feb., 1869 

Lime Point 

[over] Pq.^+^ ^^ y^ ^.^^ ^^ Golden Gate. 

Hutchings Calif .I.:ag. , III , 536, 1859. 

Ayala gave the name Puntade San Carl< 
to the point at the NE of (ioiden llate. — " 
Ayala* s First Survey and Map of the Bay of 
San Francisco, 1775. 


Place between Ilarysville and Empire 

Ranch (S of Smartsville) , YuLa County. --Stat, 
of Calif., 1854,2g3,13[34. ^^^^^^ 

Place on S side Yuba River, ^HE of Llarj^s 

ville. — Cibbo^ i-ap of California, 1852. 

Linda Oreek Sacranentc 06. 

Linda; creek, in Rancho dol Faso, Sacrf.-ffento co-jnty, 


(Not Dry.) 

11.5. Gt eog.BoaT4, ^e b. I . ni I 


'.,t. Linn 

Gibbes, Ilap of California, 1B52. 

Lippcncotts FCann] 

Place on ^ side San 
1 i t.hl e SF. of G-rayson City.- 

California, 1852, 

Joaquin City a 
G-ibbes, l-Iap of 

.Lakfi. * [Little Klamath Lake] G 

Lake on N boundary of California. 

Wilkes Expl. Expd. map dated 1841 in Atlas; 
also Vol. y, facing p. 150, 1845. 

Little Lagoon 

Lagoon in Colorado Desert between Cariso 

Creek and Colorado River.— Blake, W, P. , in 

Little Lacuna Gal if > 

On Colorado Desert, 16i miles from 
Alamo Rancho.— Marcy: Prairie Traveler, 

292, N,Y.1859. 

Little lake Valley Mendocino Go. Calif. 

Native Indian name Lla-tom-kai , which sig- 
nifies big valley. 

History of Mendocino Go. 167, San J^'rancisco 
1880. Alley, Bowefn & Co. Pubrs. 

Little Lake Valley 

J. RoGS Browne, L^ar-pcr's l.ionthly Lag., 
p. 13, 1B61. 

Little Lakes Valley Inyc Co. Calif. 

U.^.Geog. Board June 7 J911^r"' ^*.^? .^!l''^\^"^° ^r^;: 

" »-»»** California, drained northward by Rock 


Little Mariposa 


Blake, ?/,P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,16, 

tiittle Panoche Creek S: ?allev Fresno d- S Btnit* 

U.S.GeO/^.BOard Mer.6 1912 ^^"'« .P^"°^»>«; Creek and Valley, 

{^•x/vwj.u.,iuc.i •u,J.:7XO draining east ftank Diablo Range 

north of Panoche Valley, Fresno and 
San Benito Counties, California. (Not 

Li^.tle Kivor 

[Little River] 

River cnptying into Trinidad Bay from 
the SE.— Gibbers Lap of California, 1852, 

Littles Pt. 

oolano '!Jo. 


In W part of Benicia, on Straits of Car- 
quinez. — ?iin/^?^ld, Map or Strs, of Carquinez 
and Yallejo Bay, 1850. 

Little Tahunga Oanyon san rornando Co Oalif . 

Little Tahunga; Canyon, northeastern 
U,S.Ge0g.B0ardtFeD.5,1913 partSan Fernando Valley. California. 

Little Tahunga 

U.S.Qeog. Board, Feb. 5, 1913 


Liver Creek 




Creek flowing into Sacramento from E, between 

mouths of Cotfonv/ood and Red Bluff Creeks. 
Gunnison, J.?/. a^ Eeck\vith,E.G. ,map(dated 

lB53/4),in Ex.Doc. 129, 33d. Cong., 1st. Sess. , XVIII 

Livermore [Liveraore] 

Gibbdt:s,l.Ia]) of California, 1852. 
Place in LivcmorG Valley, Alarneda Co. 
•nilli;L..?^on,R.3., map, in ^".woc.L':9,33d. 

LivftrmoTfl Valley 

(Alameda County) 


Livftrmorft Valley: Extensive valley in Alameda 
County, containing present towns of Fleasanton 
and Livermore. 

Liverrnore's Pass 

Pass in Diablo Ridge ("lat. 37° 46»"). 

John S. Hittell, Ilutchings Calif.Ma/^- * 

III, 357, Feb., 1859. ^*' 

R.S. Williamson, in Pac. Rr, Rep. ,V,pt. I, 11,1853 

Liverrnore's Ranch Calif, 

Situated in a valley in the Coast Range. 

TysoniGreology of Calif, Sen,Doc.47,31st Cong 
1st Sess. 15,1850. 

Livermore*s valley 

R.S. Williamson, in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,Dt.I,10 1853 
BlaJccW.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,Y,pt. 11,6, 1857. 

Plain of Las Lla^-as.-Beechey: Voyage of Blossom 
[1826], 11,48,1831. f^^. 

Llagas, Llano de las 

[Gilroy Valley] 

Spanish for Oilroy Valley, a flat 
plain just ?• of Santa Clara Valley, enclosed 
between Scnta Cruz Llountains on the X: and the 
Liable "Range on the K. 

llaLied from an early battle between the 
Spaniards and Indians. 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,379,1851. 

(^^ I- t^o<xj<jt^^ 



P-a — ^A-^^ 


Arroyo de las Lla^-as . —Pedro Fort :Diar\r,Anza 
Expd. 1775-1776 :Pubs. Acad. Pacif. Coast Hist. Vol. 
3,No.l,p.6D,^^arch 1913. 

LXocTftOL^ ^lY>g.<.k .~ VilJv, V*..\.4Li^'bsJt/»^*-l*<v-'1v 


TaJwc^-^^cu- .^oux^JL^K^t. 



Llano de las Ani :as Oalif. 

Beechey speaks of passing over Llano da 
las Aninas before reachirg ?an Juan plain on 
his way from Santa Olara to San Juan Mission, -- 

BeeclBy: Voyage of Blossom l1^26], London, 
II, 49, 8vo ed, 1831. 


Ensenada de los Llorones t Mission Bay] 

Lieut. Ayala's First Survey and Map of 
the Bay of Son Francisco , 1775 

Ayala named Mission Bay, Ensenada de 
l os Ll oro nes (Bay of the We epers ) , because 
the sailors saw some Indians weepirg oa- 
the beax5h. — Zoeth Eldredge, Beginnings 

of San Francisco, I, 50. 1912. 

"Ensenada which sailors called the 
Llorones ". -- Palou. Noticias de la Nueva 
Calif., IV, 143, Mexico, 1874. 

Lobos (loB farallones de) 

Galiano, Via^e Sutil y Llexicana (1792), 
Lladrid, p. 173, 1802. 


Lobos, Point 


rcechey, Voyage of, 11,652,654, 

oint on S side of entranco to Golden 

Tato, clone to Heal Rocks. 

Gibbers, i-ap of California, 1B52 (Pt. 

de Ion Lobos) . 

J31ake,W.P., in ^ac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.n,map 

facing p. 145, 1857. 

Lobos, Pt, de los 

[Pt. LoboG] 

Point S of Crolden Gate.— Gibbes, i.ap 
California, 1852. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon et des 

Californies, etc. Map 16. 1844 


Ayala gave the rmrB Pu nta del Ar^el de 

la Guarda to the point S of the entrance 
to Golden Gate. — Lieut. Ayala* s First 
Survey and Map of the Bay of San Francisco, 

De Mofras, Carte de l»Oregon, des Cali- 

fcmies, &o. , Map 16. 1844 . 

"Ayala gav e the name Punta del Ar¥2;el de 

la (ruarda to the point S of the entrance 
to Golden Gate. — Lieut. Ayala' s First 
Survey and Map of the Bay of San Francisco, 

De Mofras, Carte de l»Oregon, des Cali- 

fcmies, (fcc. , Map 16. 1844 . 

Point Lob OS 

'>SfX^ !• 

On S side of Golden Gat e,S.. F.Bay. - Beech ey, 
Voyage of Blossom, 11,424, 1831. ^''.-^j- ' 


H ^^ifVv^Ou^ 

PlRce';r^ of El Dorado, El Dorado County. 
Stat, of Calif., 1854,. -222, 1854. 


Place in Eldorado County, already es- 
taLlishod in 1852. 

Hutchings Calif.Ua^--.,ll,63, Aug., 1857. 

Lone Tree Id, 


On Sacramento River, off north shore Sher- 
man Id. Called G-arnett Id. on Rir^croid's Chart 
of Suisun k Vallejo Bays, 1850. 

Loma Alta. t-^Telegraph Hill] :, Calif. 

In 1853, the bark •Volunteer* anchored in 
cove known as Yerba Buena or Loma Alta Cove. 
Loma Alta now Telegraph Hill. — ffe. H. Davis, 
Sixty Years in Calif,, 1831-69, 4, Zaji Francis- 
co. 1889. 

Loma At raves ado 

Fresno Co. 


Loma Atravesado; Crest of the mas- 
sive sandstone ridge between Arroyo 
Leona and Horsethief Canyon, Diablo 
Range, Fresno County, California. 
(Not Three Sisters.) i 

U.S. Geog.Boaft[,Mcr.6, 1912 

Lotnas de los Otupinss Calif. 

[Montezuiiia Hills] -Diary of Fray Ilarciso 
Duran:Sxpd. on Sacranento & San Joaquin rivers, 
1817 ;Pubs. Acad. Pacif, Coast Hist.Vol.2,Mo.5,p.9, 
Dec. 1911. 

Lorna, or Point Loma) , & Atlas (Pta do Loma k 
Pta de la Lorna) . 

Loma Point 


Point V of 

CPt, Loma] 


Ox entrance to 

eine southern Californi 

n Diego Pa^, 




'"ilkes Pxped. (nap dated 1841), V^ 



Loma) . 

Gibbls,Lap of California, 1852 (Point 

Vicente Villa named this Point Vallado in 

1769, because the outline of the hill pro- 
tecting the port su^ested a stockade. — 
Vicente Villa, Diaiy Portola Expd. . 1769-70, 
Pubs- Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no.l, 

VI , L\)f , lVil« 

Loma Prieta 

Peak in the Coast Range 
»^ohn S. Hittell, Hutchi 
III, 357, Feb., 1859. 

(lat. 370 10'"). 
hings Calif .Hag., 

LamaB Lagrimas (Santa Clata Co.) Calif. 

Small hills, about 4 mi . S of c-an Jose. 

--Frederic Hall, History of San Jose, 9,1871 

Long Bar 

butte Uo. . Calif. 

Bar on Feather River 15 miles 

.. of 

Bidv:ells Bar.— Oibbos, Llap of California, 1852. 
Mining cajip 2 miles above present site of 

Oroville.— Gilbert, Wells h Chajmbers. Histojy 
of Butte County, p. 232, 1682. 

Long Valley Mendocino Co. Calif. 

Native Indian name gai»neh»moo , v^ich sig- 
nifies the valley of many people. 

A History of Mendocino Go« 167, 'oan i<'rancisco 
1880. Alley, iJowefn & uo. Pubrs. 

Lookout Peak 

See Povil Peak 

lark Co 





^V<La.Y Vixk<L UJki^. ^. 


De Lofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, 

ifornies, ^c.,^ 1B44^^ 

■ lace E of San Dieg 




e£^o Bay. 

Los Algodcnes 

10 miles from Yuma. ""On the 
Marcy: Prairie Traveler, 292, 


Algodones.- Pacif .R.R.Repts. Gen.Map of Expl. & 

Surv. Calif. 1855. 

Ids AngGlos Island LK^v^^l Urj Calif. 

Island in S.F. Bay. Rapt. Gen. P. P. Smith in 
Sen.Doc.47,3l8t Cong.lst Sess. 92.1850. 

!.o 3 Arii^^el e s , vb 1 1 ey 

Davis, in 



c . 1 "^' , .'5'^Hi . Conr. , 1 Tt . Sess . , 

- * »•■ J- -^ J- J \ ^ • -L > 1 * 1 U 1 ' ' . J . ^ I . J X w w • 

Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K 
Rep., I, Art. II, 75, 1855. 


in Pac.Rr. 

City of the An^rnls 

CLof! .An/" ^"' pn] 


...x-ry, i.ilitary Rcconn. Ft. Leavenworth 

to ?:tn\ Diopp in 1846-47, 121,1840. 

Los Angeles County 

•Established Feb. 16, 1850 and defined. 

•Statutes of California, 1850, 59, 1850. 
County boundaries eJteredf^ounty divided 
into San Bernardino and Los Arji^clcs Count ics.^aM 

X^(^ , \%B'3 

Statutes of California. in53, 119, 1853 

Los Angeles, Pueblo 

Los Angeles Co.,Calid 

Town founded in 178X on Porciuncula River, 
(Los Aiigeles R. ) 4 leagues NW of the Mission 
of San Gabriel, under the name Mrk Senora 
de los Angeles de Porciuncula . •«. Palou, Vida 
de Junipero Serra, 243, Mexico, 1787, 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 

Lend. II, 465, 1798 (Pueblo de Los Angelop, 
founded 1781), 

DeMofras, Carte de 1 ♦Oregon, des Calif ornies, 

etc., 1844. , 


Pueblo or Cuidad de los Angeles. - 
Military Reconn, Ft. Leavenv/orth to 
in 1846-47, 114, 1848. 

San Diego 

"Formerly the capital of California*. — 
Williamson, R.8.,in Pao. Rr. Rep. ,V,pt. 1,35, 1853. 



" / ■ -^^-^ver [Los Angolos River] 
'OiDbc^s^: ap of California, 1852. 
Pi^^er Gu-ptyinf: into San Pedro Bay W 
of mouth of San aabriel River. 

Hurnphrovc^ A.A.^.. '""rrrm,^-.]:. , in " 

"''-:.. Conr.,l--^^'=^.,::VIII(>.+ .l)Ari.l! 68; IBf^'i. 



Humphreys, A. A. &Warren,G.K.,Pac.Rr.ReT3,, 
I, Art. II, 88, 1855. 

In 1769: the Portola llbcpd. crossed a river 
43 leagues Wff of San Diego to which they 
gave the name Bio, deques tra^enorade lo» 
Angeles d^e^PorciupiJul a, because" they ^rosled 
it on the date of the Indulgence of PorciiTn- 
cula. — Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in 

ioa°^,l° I^oticia de la Nueva California, 2, 
123, Mexico, 1784. 

See also Pio deka Porciu'ncula 

Los Cazadores Monterey Co., q^lif. 

Los Cazadcres. Real de los Cazadores. — 


Hame given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to cajnp 
4i leagues from mouth of Salinas River. So- 

named because they surprised some natives hunt- 
ing. — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd., Pubs. 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist,, vol. 2, no. 4, 237, 

295, 1911, 

El Real de los Cazadcres . «» Crespi, Diary 
Portola Expd. in Palou«8 Foticia de la Nueva 

Calif,, 2, 173, Mexico, 1874. 

Loa CiervoB 


On; May 15,161?, after ascending the 
Sacrairiento about "8 leagues". Fray Narcis^o 
Duran "reached the en-d of tiie Lomas d© los 
OmpinesLnow called Montezuma hills]. This 
place is called Los Giervos." —Diary of 
PVay Narcis(^o Duran rExped. on Sacramento & 
San Joaquin rivers, 1817: Pubs. Acad.Pacif. 
Coast Hist. Vol.2, No.6<, p. 9, Doc.1911. 

Los Correcs 

03*X J. 1 • 

Place reached by Anza Exrd. in 1776 between 

Los Ositos and Monterey, a about 10 lea/rues 

!^E of Monterey. —Pedro ?o-nt:Diary,Anza Sxpd. 

1775-1776 rPubs. Acad.Pacif. Coast Hist. Vol. 3, No. 1 
p. 59, March 1913. 

Los Cristianoe for San ApolfgSrfl'f? SlfliSl^^*"' 

del BautismcJ . 
Canyon 3 leagues SB of\*San Juan Capistrano, 
visited by Portola Bxpd, in 1769, where they 
baptised two Indian children. For this reason 
the soldiers called the place L os Cr i stianoa. 
Crespi Named it S an Apolinario : and others 
called it La Cailada de l08_Ba^ntj_^mma, .. Crespi, 
Diary Portola Expd. in Palou's IToticia de la 
Nueva Calif..?, 113, Mexico, 1S74. 

Caflada del Bant.i«mn .. postanso. Diary , I 

Portola l?xpd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., 
vol, 2, no. 4, 173, 1911. 

los Esteros, Fte. &. Eaie de 

De IZofras, Carte de l*Ore^;on, des 
ifornies, &,c., 1844. 

Now'Ft. Esteros andTstcros Bay. 


Rancho Los Florea Calif. 

Ranch in San Diego Co., owned in 1830 h^ 
Pio Pico and Andres Pico. -<* In. H. Davis, 

Sixty Years in Calif., 1831-69„593, San' Fran 
Cisco, 1889. 

[On coast N of S&Ji Luis Rey River] 

Los Gat 08 Creek 

Los Gatos; creek, Diablo Range, 
western Fresno County, California. 
(Not Arroyo las Gatos, Las Gatas, 
nor Polvodero.) 

Prssnc Oo. Calif. 
U.S.Geog.Board.May 15,1908 

IjOs M^anos Calif, 

Place reached by Fray Harciso Dujran on San 
Joaquin River at 8 a»ra. By 6 in the evening h 

reached the strait of the fTnupcanes [Carquinez]. 
—Diary of Fray Harciso DuranrExpd.on Sacramenfco 
^■: San Joaquin rivers, 1817 :Pubs. Acad. Pacif. Coast. 
Hist. ?ol.2,iIo.5,p.l9, Dec. 1911, 

los Ortegas 

,De liofras. Carte de 
ifomies, &,c., 1844. 

l*Orogon, des Cal- 

Place SE of Mission Santa Clara. 

Los Ositoe Monterey Co,, Calif. 

In 1776 the Anza Expd. halted at the place 
called Los Osltoa. 9 leagues IT of San Antonio 
Mission, on Rio de Monterey (Salinas R. ) -- 
Pedro Pont, Diary Anza Expd., Pubs. Acad, Paci- 
fic Coast Hist, vol. 3, no. 1,59, 1913. 

Eldredge says site where later was es- 
tablished Mission of Nuestra Senora de la 
Soledad. — Z. S. Eldred;;e, Beginnings of 
Son rrancisco, I, 93, 127, 1912, 

Los Oscs 




on map of Monterey District in 1801-10, 
N of San Luis Obispo Mission* 
Calif, II, 145, 1885. 

— Bancr ft , 

Los Plumas =Peather Rivsr 1652 

--Schoolcraft, Indian Tribss, I, 155, 1851. 

Rio de los Plumas.- Bryant: '^at I Saw in Calif 

241. 1848. TEntrv Hflf.ftfl Ano- ."^n ia/ia i 

los Pueblos 

Ca li f , 

Anparently on or near site of present 
Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara County? 

Be Mofras Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cali- 

lornies, etc. Gen»l Map. 1844. 

Los Pyramidos 

See Pyramid Hills 


Los Robles 

Monterey Co., Calif. 

Large canyon 25 leagues SE ofMonterey in 
the Sierra de Santa Lucia, in Mfliich San Antonio 
Mission was founded. -• Palou, Vida de Padre 
Junipero Serra, 122, Mexico 1767, 

Lost i.;t. 

Mountain just S of Kings Rivor at W 
base of mountains.--Gil)bes, Hap of California, 

Jm O kJ i-J • 

Lost Valley Inyo Go. 
See Death Valley 


Los Tres Picos [Man^sville Buttes] Sutter Co. 

Name sometimes applied to I/arysville Buttes.— 
ijrilbert, Wella k Chambers, History of Butte 
County, p. 104, 1882. 

Los Yeguas San Luis Obispo Co 
See Yeguas Creek 




• Place in El Dorado Count3r, II of S Fork 
American. River, e.Lout 6 miles 1] of Placerville 
4 'Stat, of Calif., 1854, 222, 1854. 

Gibbes, La.n of California, 1052. 


Cap Louro Vospiotchnoi 


Cape on coast S of Pt.Ross, Sonoma Co. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 ^Oregon, les Cal- 

ifomies, etc. Bap 17. 1844 . 

Lower Ford 


Ford cat heal of navigation on i\rneri 
CA^nerican Piver]rK;uM^tv^;^Mv^lBuq\\-tou. 


* Statutes of California, IGfyl, 82, 1354. 


*L. ^lwL>t \s<lW«. ,'^oci. 


^^^vlVu^ «-5-*-**r <k 'VJJU, ^.^..i^j^ 




Lowe r Mines or Mo rmon Diggings 

25 iTiiles up the American Fork from Sutter's 
Fort.— Letter of Col. R.B.Mason to Gen. R. 
^ones, dated Monterey, Aug •17,1848, pub. by 
J. Ely Sherwood in California, Her Wealth and 
Resources, p. 14, 1848. 

Lower Raiicheria 

Place uetwoen Drytown and Arnador [Ai:iado 
Co'anty].-'Stat. of Calif .,1854,222,1054. 

Lutner*s Pass 

Pass in Sierra Nevada (ait, 7185 ft.).- 
Blalce,W,P., in Pac. Rr. Rep. ,V,pt. II, 135,1857 


Butte County 

Settlement started 1854- b5 1 mile southeast of 

Oroville.— Crilbert, Wells h Chambers, History 
of Butte County, p. 238, 1882, 

...cCloud River 

[kc Cloud River] 

Becln"it.h,E.r. , in F> >:. r.o c. 1^9,. '53d .Vonr. ,1st. 

McCloud Fork of Pitt River [LlcCloud River] 
• 0. Li. Wozencraft, Senate Rx. Doc.l, 32d 

Cong., Ist Sess., pt. 5, 508, 1851. 

Bec].:-i+.h,r.^., in Rx.Doc.r/^, -^^(UCong. , 
A VI 1 1 ( r t . 2) , Art . bf^ ; 62 ; 1655 . 

l^t .Ser^Ti. 

Beckwith,E.G., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,11, Art.II, 


McC lures Valley King 
See McLure Valley 

s Co 


McCossamy River [s^Cosumnes River] Calif. 

Premont in letter dated New Helvetia, 

June 30, 1848, published in his book en- 
titled » Oregon and California*, Buffalo, 
IT.Y. (2d Ed. ,451 & 452, 1850). Same letter 

also published unsigned W^- Sherwood Ely,l^ 
California, Her V/ealth and Resources, pp»30, 
31, 1848. 

McCoasajTiy River [^ Cosumnes] 


Spelling in J. i^ly Sher^vood, Calif.; her Wealth 
k Resources, p. 30, 1848. 


See Cosumne 

McCrOvem Gap 

U, S .Geog* Board, Apr 

Kern Co. Oalif. 

ft ^r\f\f\ McGovern Gap; natural gateway in 
t f 1909 the hills in Section 4, Township 26 

South, Range 17 East, Kern county, 


Li^ow Lt. /p.onokti] 

•GilDbs, in Schoolcraft, 111,110,111,117, 
185.3. ' 

'l5olr;ted mountain on V side of Clear 
Lrke in anglo fomod by Lower Lake. 


Town in Colusa County on Sacramento 
its highest point of navigation.- 
Daily Transcript*, May 30, 1851* 


River at 

kcK limey's 

Place bctv/ecn Mokelumne Hill and l.lurphys, 

Calaveras County. 

•Stat, of Calif., 1854,222, 1854. 

McKitirick Sumnit Kern Oo. Calif. 

McKittrick Summit; point, 4,323 feet high, 
in north half of Section 30, Township 30 8, 
Range 21 East, Kern Oo., Calif. U.S.Geog. 
Board, Apr. 7, 1909 

McKittrick Valley Kern Co. Calif. 

McKittrick Valley, extending northwesterly 
through Township 30 S, Range 22 E, in which 
is located the town of McKittrick, Kern Co., 

LIcLane ' s Ferry 

Ferry on Stanislaus River. 
Ilutchin^^s Calif .Lag. , J ,488, 1857 


UcLean i; any on 

Kern Oo, 
See Carneros Canyon 


lie Leans 

riaee on 1; side Stanislaus River just 
^ of forks. --Gibbcs, Map of California, 1852. 

'. (T 

cLean- 3 River L£xfcVjj\\Ai'^U6'^»^^^'^H('1^Ulj^«i 

cLea.n*3 River: Suptiea into north side Mono 
Lake. — J.R.V. in the California Scrapbook 
by Oscar T. Shuck, c. 173, San Franci3Co, 

^-M^j^^^ff.->^^«^>..1>:5^ ^-t-— '«►— ^ 

ViKvotv ifVoM. l<^^t , 

McLure Valley Kings 06. 

McLure; valley in southwest corner 
Kings County, California. (Not U#S#GeOg 
McClures, McLures, nor Sunflower.) 

Oal if. 
Board. May 15,1908 

McLures Valley Kings Oo. 

See McLure Valley 


Macas oray 

Cosuranes River also callad Macasomy. 
Hist. Calif. V, 106 ftnote, 1886. 

Bancr oft J 

Mad Cafion Lig^dngs 


Canon about Similes long, 25 miles northeast 
of Oeorgetown and close to the Middle Fork 
of American River. — Sacrajnento Daily Trans 
cript, March 15, 1851. 

nli ■; pnss 


as? m 


lerrn llovndn 


7 1 

> " r I 

orn oT Mud Lnke 




»' - 


-r — » •» 

A. ■ ^ 


1 o> 


r> o r« 

>:VIII,(r.+..i) I,,tro.,17, 1855. 
iiuurjl ireys , A. A. £. 'V, rr^r; . r; . i 

<» « 


1 • 

'7'7 -» 


in Ex. Doc. 129 
:>.Vt.CoMe.,l •.Ses3.,XVIII,(p^.I> ArM-33;lc355. 

StGYGns,I.I.,chart of map(dated 1G53-4) , in 

Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K., in Pac.Rr.^eP- 


ladelin Pass 


Pass in Sierra Nevada (1 at. 40* 44^ 12-^ alt 
5667)...Blake,W.P., in Pac.Rr.Pep. , Y,pt.n,135. 


Mad Ox Canyon 

Caryon on Fniskey Creek about 12 n-.iles from 
Shasta.-- Shasta Courier, May 29,1852. 

Uad River 

[Mad River] 


• Statutes of California, 1851, 179, 1851. 

• River flowing inf.- and emptying into Fac- 
II of pr r sm i t Humboldt Lay.^^ 

CibboCr-. , ap of California, 2852. 


• Cxibb's, in Schoolcraft, III, 125, 153, 1853. 

flffarir i t L la T ii '^ art * 


• Mak-ki-a . — Modok name ot Siskiyon Mts« along 
Calif, -Oregon boundary. »»The range of the Siski- 
vou mountains, known in their language as the 
Mac-ki-a, terms the northern limits of the 
country of most of these tribes.'' ('Jteele, 
Kept. Oommr. Ind. Affrs.. Vdl, 1864j. 


alaga Ranch 

See: ^ala/^o Ranch 

Gibbes, Llan of California, 1852. 

Malabo, Rancho 

Ranch on coast W of Point Duma, at SV/ corner 
of Los Anf^oles County. 

Statutes of California, 1851, 172, 1851. 
Gib]jes,L:ap of California, 1852. 

Malapai Ilesa 

See Ma^-pais Mesa 

Esm-ralda Co. 



Santa Barbara Co. .Calif. 

Early name for the place near Santa Barbara 
later called La Goleta . because a schooner waa 
built there in 1829. — Michael C. White, 

California. all the Way Back to 1828;. MS. 
Bancroft Library, p. 11, 1877 

Malek-ad-el Ft. [Now Dillon Pt.J 3olano"^Co! 

On Carquinez 3 trait, at 17 entrance of 
oouthampton Bay.— Pinggold. Map of 3 traits of 
Carqumes and Vallejo Bay, 1850. 

R. de Malheur 


. Tributary to H. de Trou, which flows E 
into oacramento R. , E side. 

De Mo fras. Carte de I'Orogon, des Calif or- 

nies &c. Gen»l map. 1844 . 

See Sacramento_2- 

'3)eT\c)^T0LS. Carte de\Ooegn cA€6i\liWie5jtc,\K44,C^eYieral -nioLJ)). 


Angeles district. 1800-30. 

located near & E of Pt. Duma. -^Bancroft 
Calif. 11,352, 1885. 

lifedjals Mesa Bsmoraida Co. Nevada 

TT o n -n 1 n I- T "in/V^ Malpais: mesa, Goldfield quadrangle, 

U.S.Ge0g.B0ard,l'eD.5,iyUV EsmeraWa county, Nevada. (Not 


- - Calif. 

u 've of Mflr1pnflfl^-,-J q, Hittell. 
Hutchmgs' Calif. Magazine, p. 262, Sec. 1858. 

March (Error for Marsh) 

Residence of DrJJarsh, one of the earliest 
Merican settlers in California. In Harsh Val- 
ley, about 4 luiles SW of present tov.Ti of Brent- 
wood, at'^east base of Mount Diablo. 

•De Llofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, les Calif- 
ornies, S:c., 1844. 

.iAs i.A5>Xl ^iW^ "^ • 16 xx JU> ^i^J^^ — ^ Idbttk, 

joUl^^ ^ "X^*--*^ 

6UCA,A.-»ljk. -" «rr ^ ■Vq..— 


Mare Island 

San Pablo Bay, 

Island on E side of San Pablo Bay, N of 
entrance to Karkines Strait k separated from 
mainland by Napa Sloigh. 

Ayala gives the name Isla Plana to Mare 

Island includir^ the adjacent flat island on 

the N , now known as Island 1 of San Pablo 

Bay. — Lieut. Ayala* 8 First Survey and M.-p 
of the T^ay of San Francisco, 1775. 

Maricopa Valley San Luis Obispo Co, 
See Sunset Valley 


Marie Lake 

IVdflno 06. 


Un n^^ "n^ -^-a t rt i r^T i Marie; Lake, Fresno County, California, 

.S.Geog. Board June 7,1911 latuide 3/ isMonguude 118^52'. 

Marin County 

T:stablished Fob. 18, 1850 and defined. 
•Statutes of California, 1850, 60, 1850. 

Coimty boundaries aracnded, I.Iay 15, 1854 
'S+atutes of California, 1854,121,1854. 

Marin Islands 

Statutes of California, 1850, 60, 1350*^ 
Two small islands in Marin Co. on W ^ 

side of 11 end of San Francisco Bay, between 

San Quentin and San Pedro Point. 

Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.ReT). ,V,ptrjT7H97 
1857 (Mar in Island) . 

Named for Marin, chief of tne Licatiut tribe 

because he hid there when pursued by Spanish in 

1824.- M. J. Vallejo. MS Hist, of Calif.. I, 149 


Bancroft Library, 1^7b 

Maripoosa River 

Tyson: Geology 
Cor^. 1st Sess. 29, 

of Calif 


MairipoBas River.- Fremont.: Memoirs, 1,444, 1667. 

[3d Bxped. 1645-1646.] 


Hutchings Calif .Mag. ,111,488,1859. 


Town in Liariposa County, 


nibccCSj^-^ap of California, 1852. 






John S. 
Vol. 2, 


_granl: "The famous Il!ariposa grant of 

IS for ten square leagues — 44,386 
equivalent to a tract about 9 miles 
-m the district "bounded by the San 

river on the west, the Sierra Nevada 
ns on the east, the Merced river on the 
and the Chowchillas on the south; which 
t includes nearly 100 square leagues."- 

Hittell, Hutchings* Calif. Magazine, 

No. 10. p. 443. April 1858. 

Llariposa County 

'Established Feb. IB, 1650 and defined. 
•Statutes of California, 1850, 63, 1850. 

' Coxtiiy divided^into Mariposa and Llerced 
Counties, April 19, 1855. 

' Statutes of California, 1855,125;T855. 

Mariposa Grove 


Hutchings Calif .liag., 111,480,1859 

Maimroth, Grov e of Mar iposa. -J. 3. Hit tell , Hutch 
Calif. Magazine, p. E6S7 Dec. 1858. 


Llariposa River 

[Llariposa River] 

River flowing into San Joaquin from the 

E.-- Gihldti!,, 

i^-ap of California. 185 

* « 




Conp. ,1st. Sess., XVIII (pt. 4), 1855 

lap, in P:x.Doc.l29,33d 

The I-lariposas 

"Colonel Fremont's location in the valley 
is called The Llariposas, heing situated on a 
small creek of that name, between the Sierra 
iievada and the San Joaquin; it comprises ten 
si ties, or leases square, purcliascd from a 
Spanish grantee."— Williaiii Kellv, Excursion 
to Calif., London, II, 273, 1851. 



las Mar i rosas 

i\rrcyo on E side of San Joaquin River. 
Named by Mora^o in 1606. "It is very muddy 
wherever one looks. There are about 60 oaka 
in this place and a few willows in the arrcyo. 
—P.Pedro Munoz, 1806, Arch. Sta. Barbara. Vol. 
4,p 8, 1806-1821. 

Priestley identifies this locality as 
probably Mariposa Creek. 

Marl Hill 

Whipple, A.W., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,ni,Art.III, 


. . ^1 ri 

PlocR nlDout •^O miles E of ^oda Lake. . , XVI 1 1 (pt . :.0 Art . ,:■; ::9 , 50 ; 1P55, and ^Lvkl] 
A/"., map no.2(dated 1853-4) , (pt. 4) of same. 

Whipple, A. W,, in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,111, Art.!, 

Marons. R. dcs 

EUattolo Rivor] 

•River roaching the IM coast 5 of Cape 
Mendocino just II of Punta Gorda. 


De luofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Calif- 

1 'Oregon 

Marry' s R. =Humboldt R. 


^^g^iison, in Schoolcraft, Ind. Tribes, VI, 697, 

^^''^' ^. ol'T/ '' ^''•^'^''- ^^^ ^ ^^^ ^ California 
iy&,196, 212 and elsewhere, IdlS.Ifintries 
^2iade in! 1646.] 

St..Mary*'s M?tr*^ 


ntct^: Life^ Travels & Ms 



St. Mary's River.— Named fo# « Ooir IM'iani 

womaMinifQ of \<2£Lapineau a Glanadi^n imtar- 
preter \iitn Lewifl> & Clark) who gave hirtb. 
to a son on this rivsr.-— Beakwourth: 
Life h Adventures, 528-529, 1656. 



Marsh's Landirg 

On south shore San Joaauin 
Hammond Id. [now Kimball Id*]- 
of Suisun k Valleio Bava. 1850 


River, south of 
Rir^old, Chart 

Marshy Lake 

32 miles from Goose Lake. - 
Prairie Traveler, 2M, N.Y.1859. 


Martli2^ Lake. 

Martha; Lake, Latitude 37° 06', Lou- 
gitude 118° 44'. Fresno County, Cali 


W.S. Creoo.'Boarcl. "Feb. 3, iRlS 

R. Martine 


Tributary Sacramento H. , flowing E.,V/ sid 

De Mofras: Carte de l»Oregon, des Cali- 

formes &c, Gen»l map. 1844 . 
See Sacramento P. 



County Seat, Contra Costa County. 

Statutes of California, 1850, 60, 1850 

•Ibid, 1854,222,1054. 

Gibbeisjiap of California, 1852. 
R.S.Williamson, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.I, 


Calif . 

'Martingyi>-;"omall village opposite Benicia.— 
Major D. H. Vinton, Senate Ex, Doc, 1, 31st 
2d Sess. pt. II. 245. 1850. 





3 jJJj^ 

on^ti»r||t,raitd of 
Carquinez, nearly opposite Benicia (about 
35 miles frorr San Francisco). Vi4r. M. Sirdth 
of San Francisco, proprietor.— Buff um, E. 
Oould: Six Months in the Gold Mines, 150, 


•r+.inez, Str-^it?^ 

W entrance to Sui-^un Bny. 

XVI II , ( -.t .1) Intro . , 3:?, 18r;5. 

iliuriplir ^y s , A . A . a "'-: r r en , . T . , i r: T: -.- . . .0 c . 1 29 , 
^•^>\':nn-.,l^^..^.<--,c,.^vYni,(pf:.l) Ar+..1,71,185^\ 

Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.E., in Pac.Rr. 
Rep., I, Art. II, 90, 1855. 

Rio de los Martires 6r 


Mo j ave Kiver 

Rept. Lt.E.O.O.Ord in Sen. Doc. 47, 31st Cong. 1st 
Sess. 121,1850. 

Rio d. 1. Martires [San Luis Rey River] 

River flowing just :; of San Luis Roy 
into Pacific, S of Santa Uarmriia River.— 

Uiuoers^LIap of Col ifornia, 1852. 

Mar^'-sville ^ . 

County "Seat, YubST County 

. ., . [IJarysville] 

•statutes of California, 1850, 62, 1850. 
Incorporated as a city ilarch 5, 1855. 
Statutes of California, 1855,23,1855. 
'Laid out in Dec. 1849 (whore a 
nai.ied Cordua had in 1342 established a trading 
post under the naoe Hew Lecklenhurg) .-- Tuthill, 
-ist. Calif., 387,1866. 

•Stat, of Calif., 1854, 222, 1854. 
Gihleb, llap of Californir., 1852. lOvt-V 

• > 

»»■• - « 


W^ ^..--^^ *^:^;^ a. V^*^,.^ ^'^---^ V*^ ,>»aai*4:-^t^i--.wl*-*-U.>/ 

...arysville Duttes 

Hutchings Calif. Lia^-., Ill, 485 (& illus 
trati on), 1850. 

The Butte s 
Los Tres Picos 
Sutter Buttes 

ille Buttes, Calif. 

of Butti 


T.Gilbert Hist. of Calif., vuj 
Co., Calif., by Harry L.Wells, 
fwo vols.m one.) 

I of Hist 

Masque, Lac 

De Liofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, los Cal- 
ifomies, Lc., 1844. 

Lake in northern California, Sierra 
Kevada, K of lat.4r, said to be source of 

Sacramento River, and represented as close 
to SE slope of lit. Shasta. 



Mat he ny 8 Creek 

El Dorado Co.Qalif. 

Tributary of the Miacosumnes in El Dorado County, 
50 Tiiles from Sacramento, li5'' miles from Placer-I 
ville and 8 miles from Mud Springs*— Sacramen-| 
to Daily Transcript, March 1, 18ol, 

Matonika Valley 


, Jalley in Lenaocmo County, 
itule Vnlley. tc*^iLa>3L Ve-Uvw'-W. L, 

now called 

Hutchings Cal if .Hag. , I II , 150 , 1858 . 
Also cp oiled Llotompka Valley. 

V^: 1 1 ey 

Npy^Little ^Val 1 ey . ] 

i^li-^L^X.^f^i'^^'^^^^^^o County, now called 
Lii.tleyy Valley. 

ilutchinrs Cn"^ if.Mag., III,16C),1858. 
Also spoiled i.-atornka Valle-. 

Mayacmas fountains [Miyakma Uountains] Co-U? 

High mountain ridge pushing northward 
from lit St. Helena and culminatii^ in Cobb 
:-t. (on boundary between Lake and Sono:.:a Count- 
ies) . Described as covering the so.urccs of 
Russian P.iver aiid Puta CrnoV rrfr^^^^^^^^^'^*-'^^*^ 

U^U.s ^ji^ut^os of ^C^aHforjia, te^ 

_ hmea lor ^Me lliyakmBh (or Ui-vak-a-rna ) 
Inaians whose village of sm.e na^ae was at head 
OjL^apa \ al 1 ey near present town of Cali'stnr-i 

u^j 'Aa^mo-T?.„., /wap .5 co.1.1 issx, 

HLo/vJLMk^^ (A)^^L,<^KjJ^^^^ /Vr^ ^ ^i^, VuXjla,.^ 

0^ ^^w\ 


fc^SOJC^ ^-Ok^Oo^ 




Mayacamas mountains 

Sepamte into two branches in Sonoma county, one 
of #iich^fonns the boundary between Napa and 
iionoma, the other bounds the valley of Nam 
on the east. -« C.A. Menefee, Sketch Book 
o^^apa, ^ionoma, Lake and Mendocino, p. 33. 

Myakina Mts. 


A, higji mountainous rid^e foming the lofty 
boundary between Napa ana oonorna Valleys cul- 
rainatmg in IJt. 3t. Helena, and continuing 
nortnwara on the east aide of Russian River to 
the Cold Lreek - Blue Lakes i^ass which leads 
from Ukiah and Calpella on the west to Upper 
Lake and Clear Lake on the east. --ci^i<v^ 

According to Llenefee: "The Mavacoraas mountains 
separate into t>«o branches in the countiV of 
bonoma one of which forns the boundary between 
Napa and oonorna .. The other branch bounds the 
valley of Nipa on the east".— MenefeB, Histori- 
cal k Descr. Sketch of Napa, Sonoma. Lake & 
Mendocino, p. 33, 1873. 

.y'^^^?. ^^?^ ^?, "^^ accented for the reason , 
that Lfemefee thus appliSs the saine nane oo the 

tv/o mountain ranges that enclose Napa Valley — 

one (the Miyakraas) that bound it on the weat; 

the other, the lofty range bounding it on the 

east. This range has been naned the Napa Range 

by Jepson. 

Miycikma Rang- 


Hign mountain range rannirK nearly N & S be- 
tween Russian River valley & the valley of 
Clear Lake a extending from Mt. St. Helena nor- 
therly to Canyon of Cold Creek or Blue Lakes. 
Hignest peak Cobb Mountain. 

Na/ned for T.Iiyakrna Indians, whose village of 
S£'jrie ncime was at S base of Mt. St. Helena al 
place now occupied by Calistoga. 

See also Mayacmas Mountains. 

Mentioned in Statutes of Calif, in 1850,185l| 

Qw'^ ^•^^0''^ Thompson's Historical & Desrc. ^^ 
Sketcn of Sonoma Co. .C^Uif . ,p.5, 1877. 

Mdda Pass 

U,S.Greof!:«Board.Feb. 3 IQOQ ^^***' ^^^^' ^^^^fi^'d quadrangle. 

" • ♦ .V.' Esmeralda county, Nevada. 


Media Agua Creek 
U.S.Geog^ Board, Apr, 

Kern Co* 


7 1909 ^^^^^ Agua; creek, flowing approxi- 
♦ mately north through central part of 

Township 28 South, Range 19 East, 
Kern county, California. 

Medo, Arroyo del 

^Creek in Santa Clara 
as far as Uew Kaven. 

County, navi£:able 


of California, 1852, 223,1052 

Melaikshi Mount Shasta] 

Klajmath (of Southwestern Oregon) ^nazne for 
Mounl^ Shasta. Also called Lemaikshi and 
Shasthenini Yaina, — A. S.Gatschet, Klamath 
Indians, Contr.N.Amer. Eth. ,Vol.2,Pt.2,pT)« 
214 & 291 . 1690. 

Llendocino, Cabo 

Galiano, Viage 
Madrid, p. 158, 1002. 


[Cape Llendocino] 
y 1.1 ex ic ana (1792) , 

nndocina, C'-ne L^^^^Vev^jodwol 


TraA^elC) of Ca^^t-s. Lev; is L Clark j^, Lc, 
London, IHC^. {' on Map.) 

Cape Mendocino 


De Mofras, Exploration de l»Oregon, Tome II, 

p. 35, 1844 : "Discovered by Perrelo 
in 1543; mentioned by Van Couver." 
(trs.) ^ 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Californies, 

&c, Gen»l map. 1844 . Marked"(Cabrillo 
1542 ". 

0* Mendocin 

[Cape Mendocino] Calif 

Map 31 (1786). published in Atlas du 
Yoyage de la Perouse, 1797 . 
Ibid, Map 1 & Map~37" 

Cape Mendocino 




r, voyage of Discovery 

1.197; 1798, & Atlas. 

1790-95, Lond., 

Humboldt. Essai Pdlit.Nouv.Bsp. .I.lxxxix.iaH. 
Langsdorff, Voyages & Travels (1803-18075, 

London, pt. 11.147, 1814 . 
Beech ey. Voyage of Blossom 11326), II, 5, 8vo 

ed. London. 183! 
Wilkes Exped.(map deted 1841) ,V, facing p. 150, 

Mendocino County 

Establiched Feb. 18, 1850 and defined. 
Statutes of California, 1850, 61, 1850. 

Cap Mendocino 


Discovered by Bartolome Perrelo, 1543, 
and named later by Gen. Vizcaino in honor 
of Vice-roi Mendoza. 

De IviOfras, Explorrition do l^Orep^on occ. 

Tome I. p. 96-97. 1844. Ibid. II. 35. 


Laguna de la Merced 

Uo.k'i. W ^ >r c «L L .-^^/v^T. 



Uo^'Y^\ov^'^\Wm<l, K\Wi )pL 5^,]7*IT. 

Llerced, Lake 

Hutchin^^R Cal if .Ma^. , III , 534, 1859.- 

Small lake on San Francisco Peninsula 
near coast "^V; of San Francir-xo (and one of the 
sources of v/ater supply to the city.) . 

Rio de la Merced Calif. 

— Oregon & Calif . (1844) , 
250, 1845. 

lucre od City 


Place on E side San Joaquin Pdver 
of mouth of ]:orccd River. 

Gibbe^^n Ilap of California, 1852. 


Llerccd River 

[Merced River] 

Oibbe:;^s,i:ap of California, 18 

V^JX 1 



i i' 

1-^ + 

J m ^ 



• • - - ^ 


Blake, W,P., in Pac.Rr.Rep»,Y,pt. II, 12^857 

Merccdn River 

[Merced River] 

Admn Johnston, Senate ^^x. Doc.l, .^Sd 


2a Sess., pt.3,512,18;51 

Ntra.Sr a. d e la Merced 

Moraga*3 expedition of 1806 traveled 3 
leagues, NE of Marippsaa and came to the river 

discovered the ; receding day. ^^We called this 
river la Merced . It has fine 
meadows and is well peopled with gentiles aa attested by the very jmny broad and 

traveled foot-paths.. .We found two rancherias, 
but all the people withdrew to the mountains." 

—P.Pedro Munoz, Diary, 1806^ /rch. Sta. 

Barbara, Vol. 4, p 11,12, 1806-1821. 

Herced County 

'Estallishcd April 19, 1855, and defined. 
^^ -Statutes of California, 1855,125,1855. . 

Lac de la Merci 

Bay south of 8an Francisco Bay 
La Perouse, Voyage, Atlas, pi. 
(Etang de la Ilerci, pi. 3I) 

16, 1797 

Merritb's Cainp Calif. 

On; Sacrairiento Jtiver not far from the 
mouth. — Bryanu: What I Saw in Calif. 358, 
1848.[Entrj^ dated No¥.10, 1846.] 

Merritt*s Slough 

Statutes of California, 1850, 61, 1850. 

Slough [probably same as present Elk- 
horn Slough] tributary to Sacramento River and 
fondling part of ori^unal boundary of Sacramento 

Gibbe's i-ap of California, 1852. 

Narrow ateamboat -slough in 1848 called Merritt « 
Slough.— W .R .GrimshaB? , Narrative of Life & 
Events in Calif.. MS, Bancroft Library. 21, 1872 

ier Vermeille de Cortes = Gulf of California 

Golfe de Califomie ou Her Yenneille de 


De Mofras, Carte de 1' Oregon, des Cal- 

ifornies, Sec, 1844. 


Ci<_ ('S-tA-'V'"^^ 





Vka, ^ 'U-IU.Q, 



Ca {i^lco Cc 





^l^^'-L-*— d or 



Laj^£X -i^JLa^^-^A-^ 

<^ "^oletokT^lvvi^ 

Santa Barbara Co^, Calif 

Mescaltitan (Mescalitlan.Jfescaltitlan) or'lsla 

or Santa Margarita de Cortona 
Three or more Indian rancherias on and near an 
island li leagues wide, formed by the branching 
of an estuary 3 leagues M' of Santa Barbara on 
Santa Barbara Channel, Visited by Portola Sxpd. 
in 1769 and called by the soldi -re Mescalitlan . 
by others the pueblos of the Isla, and by crespi 
Santa Mar garita de Corto na. -. Creopi, Diary 

Port Ola Expd. in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva 

( ove 

Calif., 2, 144, Mexico, 1874. 

Las Imedaciones de las Rancher ias de Mesc al 
titan. — In 1776 the Anza Expd. halted here 
15 leagues NW of Rio de la Asumpta (Ventura 
River). —Pont, Diary Anza "Rxpd. , Pubs. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist. , vol.5, no;l, 55, 1913. 

Sta. Margarita de Cortona, or Isla, or Mes- 
caltitlan pueblos^ — Bancroft, Hist. Calif, 
1,143, 267, 1884. 

note: Bancroft uses spelling Mescaltitlan 
in text, but Mescaltitan on reproduction of 
Font's map. Ibid, p, 263. 





T "^ 

Mescalitlan Santa Barbara Co., Calif. 

Spelling used by Crespi for group of Indian 
rancherias 3 leagues IT of Santa Barbara, 
passed by Portola Expd. in 1769. -- Crespi, 

Diary Portola Expd. , in Palou's Noticia de la 
Nueva Calif., 2, 177, Mexico, 1874. 

Santa Margarita de Cortona 
See also Mescaltitan, Mescaltitlan, Isla 

Mescaltitlan, Mescaltitan Santa BarlDara Co., 

Spellings used by Bancroft for group of 
Indian rancherias 6 miles . W of Santa Barbara 
passed by Portola Expd. in 1769 and named by 
them, Sp=;lled Mescaltitlan in fiext pp.143, 263. 
Spelled Mescaltitan in reproduction of Font's 

map, p. 263. — Bancroft, Hist, of Calif., 

I. 143, 263. 267, 1884. 

See also Mescaltitap, Isla, Santa Margarita 

de Cortona 

i^achigan Bluffs 

[Michigan Bluff] 

ilutchiiigs Calif. Hag., 1, 151, 1856.* 
Place about 2^ milesEl!:^ of Auburn, Placer 
ountyi^H'/^/w-A^ 1 lT-^i.;o^ VOl) 

^ - >Stat. of Calif., 1854, 223, 1854. 

Mickelmes river [Mokelumne R.] 

Bryant: What I Saw in Calif. 
[Entry dated Sep. 14, 1646.] 
''■ichelemes river : Spelir^ p. 559, do 

500, 1848 

See also Mokelamy, Mukelioranes. 

i.-iddlo ^iar 

llutchings Gal i f .Har; . , I II , 490 , 1859 . • 

Bar on Ilokeluixine Rivor^^^Sfe^ X! of 
Liokclurnne Hill. 

Middle Creek 

Creek emptying into Sacrarnonto River 
at head of navi^ution. 

Polit. Code of California, San Francisco, 
p .462, 1897. 

Middle Creek 

One of three creeks emptying into unner 
oacrainento^frorn the W within half a mile of 
each other, the o^.^-^-or two Leing Calt Creek 
and Hock Creek. 


Excursion to Calif., London, II, 

Middle Fork oacranento rJiver 


Now Steamboat Slough.— I^ingrrold, Chart of 
oacramento River, 1850. 

Midway Peak K&m Cc. Calif. 

Uo r»^^ n^ -.J fl^«. rj "I Or\0 Midway; peak, 3,651 feet high, in Sec- 

• S.GeOg. Board, Apr./,iyUy uon 4, Township 32 Somh. Range 22 

East, Kern county, California. 

Midway Valley 

Kern Oo. 

U.S.CJeog. Board, Apr. 7,1909 


Midway; valley, between Buena Vista 
hills and the main Temblor Range, 
extending from south central part of 
Township 32 South, Range 24 East, 
northwesterly into north half of 
Township 31 South, Range 22 East, 
Kern county, California. 

Mill Creek 

[Mill Crock] 


Gibbes ::ap of California, 1852. 
Creek flowing into Sacrnj.iento River 
the E about 15 miles S of Red ^luff . 

I.:ill Darn 

Dam at head of navigation on knerican 
Ri ver , i-^^^ i^e4i: .pv^ a .5U:^^^ ^ ^ ^.^^ 

Statutes of California, 1850, 101, 1850. 

Liiiier. Fort 



^^3Ai^ o-^^— ♦-^^ c^ \v/CJU^ aX^-t-wvj^ 

JooooNot^ 4-trS3bU>lSliijL 

.tXOj-^ a VVvlUtltoW 

S. Williamson, in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.I,12 



X-*^— ^xT^^-''^^ 

r.i Her t-ovm 

Ty<ls,vxo do. 


Stat, of Calif. ,1854, 225,1^54. 


?resno County 



Village about 1 mile below old Port Miller, 
on S.side San Joaquin River, Fresno County, 
in Sierra foothills. 

lllerstown ,— Stat, of Calif.. 1854,223, 1854 

.—Blake, W.P. ,in Pac.RR.Rep. ,T. 
pt. II, 24, 1857. 

Millerton ,— Hutchings Calif. Mag., 11,442,1858. 

Miller Flats 
U.S.Geog.Board, Apr. 7,1909 

San Luis Obispo Oo. Oalif. 

Miller Flats; rolling uplands lying 
mostly within northeast quarter of 
Township 27 South, Range 17 East, 
San Luis Obispo county, California. 

Miller Canyon 

Solano Co^ 

Miller; canyon in Vaca Mountains, ^j 
Solano County, California. (Not U 


S .Geog. Board,Mar*4,1908 

Mills Creek 

Fresnd Oo. 

ills; Creek, Fresno County, Califor- tt o n^^^ IS^^**^ Ti<««^/^ 
nia. headwater tributary to Mono P.S .GeOg. BOard JVIIQ 

Creek, through second recess. 


Mills Peak Fresno Oo« 

Mills; Peak, Fresno County, Calfornia, 

latitude 37° 24', longitude 118° 47'. U#8#Gr90g< 

Altitude 13,352 feet. 

Board June 7,1911 

Milsap's Ranch [wU5i^f>s=eWv6tv.«- JColusa Co, .Calif. 

Near North Stcny Creek!— J.H.Rogers, Colusa 
County, Its History and Resources, p. 92, ie91. 


Track farm started by Sutter on the Yuba 
"River, a tributary of the Sacramento, two 
miles from Haekfarm [Kock Farm]. — Lienhard, 
Calif ornien, unmittelbar vor und nach "der 
Entdeckur^ des Goldes, pp. 155, 159, 1898. 

Mineral Hill 

Tlvcc just S of . crcco River, Laripo 
County.— CiLbers^:.a.p of Cn.lifornia, 185r:. 



Place just II of Hiddlo Fork Yuba River, 
S of Do\vnieville.--Stat. of Calif . ,1854,222,1854 

Minor Great Basin 


U.S.Geol. SurveyrWater Supply Paper No. 231, 

p 34, 1907. 

Minor Great Basin includeB the Mohave Desert 

t r • 

j.ara'nontes Ranch 

'Ranch at Half i.iOon Day, 
'Statutes of California, 


Pacific coast. 


Mira Mountain 


Mira; mountain, Goldfield ^-^ran-g g ^^^ g^^^^ y^^^ 3 2909 

gle, Esmeralda county, Nevada. ^^ ^ ^ 

Mission Bav 

ission; Bay, about 10 miles north- 
west San. Diego, San Diego County, U# S #G"60g 
California. (Not False.) 

Board June 2, 1915 

llicBion Creek 

Creek in ^ San Francisco County. - 

Fom\ Coo^ ^ f Cal i i'orn'i a , San Franc i r,c o , 
p. 462, 1097. 

Mission Bay, San Francisco Bay, Calif • 

Former bay (now covered by the city of San 
Francisco) opposite Mission Islajid axid between 

Steamboat Point and old Point San Quentin 

(now gone, which was just N of Potrero Point. 

Chart San Francisco Bay, U.S. Coast Survey, 
1859 . 

Ayala gave the name Ense nada de los 
Llorones to Mission Bay in 1775. — Lieut. 
Ayala 's First Survey and Map of the Bay of 
San Francisco, 1775. 

Mission de St. Charles 

Camel Mission on Carael River. 

Map 34, Atlas du Voyage de la Perouse, 


^ llision de S;m Carlos. Founded 1770 .-Gal- 

iojio, Viage Sutil y Llezdcana (1792), Lladrid, 
p. 160,163, 1802. 

A^l5\cm.£ie S. Cla-t*\os.— Cijo^QoLViO^ n)owo.<^€^c. AlU^.^TOa. 

Missouri Flat 

Plrxo in Eldonido County, alreoxly es- 

tablished in 1852. 

Hutchin/;:s Cclif .L!a.g. ,II,c3,Aug. , 1857. 

^ vuatnois 


Locke <ic 

HO"V<^0L. ort "V\^-•^v^^CL<v^.^>'V>..J•»vvAv^JC*-c 


Sew^ Vu- uolWI^.- *Vw a. 



Mining town about limile southwest of Iowa 
Hill on opposite side of Indian Cafion.— 
Sacr&JTiento Daily Democratic State Journal 
(from Grass Valley Telegraph), June 10,1854. 

IJocaluinne River • 

[Mokelumne River] 

0. LI. TJozencraft, Senate "x. Doc.l, 
Cong., 1st Sess., pt. 3, 489, 1651. 


Mocho Creek 


SUtutcs of Cnlifoniia, 1852, ]78., 1852. 
Creek traverGin^- Livemore Valley and flow- 
in to Alameda Creek from the feiX«t. 

Ex* Doc. 

I- VVlo V-Q,VvL\vv.v\v< Kv vei 



Biz£X.--Major !)• H. Vinton: Senate 
, 31st Cong, ^d Sess. pt. II, 245, 


1 .0 CO 5 in Cr. 

Civioccasin Creek] 

Creek flo\7ing into Tuolumne River from 
tlie S, near Jacksonville.— Gibbes, Lia-o of 

California, 1052. 

I.logncles REiver] 

[Mokelur.ine River ] 

■^ilkes Expeci. I.'arrative, V, nap (dated 
1841^ fpcinp- p. 150, 1845. 

Mohaveh River See Mohave River Calif. 

Spelling used "by Heap in narrative af 

Sealers expedition of 1853. — O^dnn Harris 

Heap: goitral Route to the Pacific, 91,95, 103,-^- 

iuohnhve R. 

[Liojrvo River] 

Cxibbes, :ia-'-~ of California, 1852, 
River flov/in,^; through present count3r of 
Han Bernardino into Lo? An^reles County. 

Mohahve River 


"Called by Spaniards Rio de las Animas". 

— Fremont rExpl^Exp'd. to Oregon & Calif. (1844) , 

260, 326,507, 1845* 

Mohave Lake 

Whipple, A. W. , in Pac.Rr.Rep.,III,Art.II, 



X*X.\J i Jl' 


i i X 


Dnvis. in 



^ • 



ng. jlsi.Hess 

iii.iTolirnvs . A. :, . t ' .'. rr en . O-J 


O ju 

<. . I 


•» • 


i. O 

J 03? 


• • -•< 


• A^ • 

1 \ 

in ^-. Doc. 129 




T? q 

• k/ • 

n^T). m ; ^' I'O 


• .M. 





Cavis, in Pac. Rr, Rep., I, j>. ^0,1855 

Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K., in Pac.Rr 
Rep., I, Art. II, 75, 1855. 

va Valle\ 

"1 n 

""T T T 

.1- X 


1 ^-'^ Pj rj 


^ ^ 


r> .'' 






» <3 


r^ t 

■» -v* 


« u . • 



i« -^r 







^ \ 



1 ^i 


GSs.,XVriI.(TAJ) Art.l'5:')!ldf3i3 

1/ Davis, in Pac.Rr .Rep 


i'oiave Creek 

Ivlor^' -'^ River 

1 ' .Cos3.,XVIII(r,t.::).Ar+.. 6 4B,18&5. 

o-inve Pdvor 


.'^ « » TT -> \/ 

lst...Ces3.,XVIII(i.^2),Ar^.. 6.-7;185f3. 

\'TiipT:l e , A. U. , map no . ?{ dated 1 ' '; ^)-4; , in 
Ex.Doc.l29,o:3d.Conc.,lst.Ser.3.,XVIII(pt.4) ,1655. 

Humphreys, A. A. &, Warren, G.K. , in Pac.Rr. 
Rep., I,Art.n,75,1855. 

MojavG River, orRle de los Mortires Calif, 

— Rept. of Lt^E.O.C.Ord, dated Dec. 30,1849, in 
Sen.Ex.Doc.47, 31st Oong.lst Sess.121, 1850. 

Mojave Valley 

Humphreys, A. A. & Warren, G.K. , in Pac.Rr. 

Rep., I, Art. II, 75,1655. 

Mokelernnes, Rio d. 1. 

[Mokelumno River] 

Gibbes, Lap of California, 1852. 

Mokelemy Riv^t* 

Tyson: Geology of Calif. 
Oong.lst Sess. 7,13,21, 1850. 


Sen, Doc.47, 31st 
Also on ma^. 

IviOkGlurnne Hill 

[Mokelunine Hill] 


utchings Calif. Mcag., Ill, 488, 1859. 

Tovm in extreme northern Calaveras 
little S of Liokclurnne Biver. 


Given as county saat of Calaveras County 
in 1859. 

^Stat. of Calif., 1854, 222, 1854. 
Gibl:eCis, Hap of California, 1852. 

Mokeluinne River CMokelurnne Piver] 

Kelly, Excursion to Cal if ., London, II 


Gibloes, Uap of California, 1852 (Rio d.l. 

!'okelenines) . 

Mokesumne R, Sacramento Uo. 
See CoGTimne River 


Mokosiimne River 
See Gosumnes Kiver 

Sacramento 06 


Molate Id. 

SfK*it island apparently in north end 
Fraiicisco Bay, — Beech ey: Voyage of 
[1826].IlJl26,1631. r^, c?5>J^, 

f^lal if . 
of San 

Llolate, Island 


i-;eecney, Voyage of Blossom, 11,653,1831 



llolate, I, 

[IJow Red Rock] 

De Mofras, Carte de I'Orefjon, des Cal- 
ifomics, &,c. (laap no. 16), 1044. 

Isla.nd in II part Gan Francisco Bay off 
Castro Point of Potrero San Pablo. 

On Ringgold's General Chart of San Fran 
Cisco Bay Region, 1850. 

Mo late Island 

Now Red Rock, San 
pld's General Chart 


Francisco Bay. — Ring- 
San Francisco Bay Region 


Proposed to CcJif. Legislature in Feb. 1864 
as mme for coujity to be ere -ted south of 
Mono County.— W. A. Chalfant. Story of Inyo, 


Santa Barbara Co. .Calif 

In 1847 a small Bettlement 2 or 3 miles 
from Santa Barbara.- Hon. Walter Murray 

Monocline Hidge 

Fresno Co. Calif. 

/. imo Monocline Ridge; Hills, forming east- 
U.S.GeOg. Board, Mar. D,iyi<S em front of higher portion Ciervo 

Hills, Diablo Range, between Arroyo 
Hondo and Tumey Gulch, Fresno 
County, California. 

ILono County 

County seat 

''Statutes of 



Cal if ornia, 1861 , 255, 1861 ; 
1866,144,335,1866; 1870, 

\t\ owe ToLSS (^ HvQk S> vtxx^oC) 'i.oLXl^. 

"Vjjft w..«-r ^vs^fluvl^ Vyyo^xo'?'"^ o.^:fe\-*x^ VilJJv,v^ a 

Glenn Co. • »^^^^^^ 
Mon ro evi lie (or Monroe's Ranch ) 

At iunction of Stony Creek and Sacramento 

RivarC south of Stony Creek> a^*^:t:^'^-K-«^ff^ 

<i-o^*-^^ ^. -tr w i^iM-^iyr^. — J.H.Hocers, Colusa 

County, Its Hiiory Si Resources, pp.56, 86-70, 



rince 4 miles SE of Mission San Gabriel. 

--Stat, of Calif., 1854,223, 1854. 

^•An-nTilft,A.^7., in ^-.Doc.l'^^, 33d.Conr., 

Whipple,A.V/,, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,III,Art,I, 

Ilonte Diablo 

Korn Co 


Dial)lo Mountains 

Monte Rey 


"Monte Rev, the Capitol of the Province, is 
situated at tne termination of one of these 
valleys, near the mouth of a small river, and on 
the bay of ILonte Rey." — Overton Johnson Cc %. 

H. Winter, Route Across the Rocky Mountains with 
a Description of Oregon & California in 1843, p. 
81, 1846. ^ 

Monterey LTva.^W^'^ 

• Humboldt, Essai 

polit.Nouv.Esp., I,.xxxiii, 

Langsdorff, Vo^a^-es L Travels (18C3-1807), 
London, pt . 11 , 151 , 18l4. 

Finory, Lilitary Roconn. Ft. Lcavenv/orth to Dior:o in 1046-47, 105,1848. 

Incoi7)orated as "City of Llontcrey" Lay 11, 
1853.- Stat, of Calif. ,1853,159,1855. 

Lond.,II,3,4e8,1798 (Monterrey, p. 3, Pueblc 
of Lionterny, establiched 1791, p. 408). 

Stat, of Calif.. IG 




Liontcrey Bay 

Wilkes E:}q)ed. 
p. 150, 1845. 

(map dated 1841) ,V, facing 

Monterey County 

EstalDlished Feb. in, 1850 and defined, 
tatutes of California, IPf^O, 59, 1850. 

Llonteroy^ [District] 

Y'ilkes ?.xped. (map dated 1841) ,V, facing; 
D. 1:0, 1-345. 

Monterey, Port & Bale de 

Monterey Bay 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
^s, &c., 1844. Chart IIo.l4. 
[Vancouver, Voya^-e of Discovery, 1790-95, 

Lond.,II,.':r),30,1798 (Port & Bay of Monterrey), 
& Atlas. 

De Mofras, iixplorr tion de l^Ore^on 5:c. 
Torae II, p. 45. 1844. MonteBev . 


^ T> 



(X/\^ Coi 


ITonterey Co., Calif. 
Rio de Monterey L'Salinas Riveii 

In 1776 the Anza Expd. halted at the Rio de 
Monterey 9 leagues IT of San Antonio Mission, 
and followed it through the Santa Lucia Mountains 

KW for 10 leagues. — Pont, Diary Anza Expd. , 
Puts. Acad .Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 3, no.l, 

59, 1913. 


Monterey, Rio de [Salinas River ] 

e Llofras, Carte de l*Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies^ &c., 1644. 

Emptying into Llontcrey Bay, 5 of Tajaro 

/ancouvor, Voyare of rjincoven:, 1790-95, 
^ond., 11,42,1798 (Idontorrey RiverN 



Yw Wc-ajr 

\ vjL^\ L-a. (X«_ ^ "a^vvta- 


Llontcrcy, Presidio 

Presidio at IJontcrey. 

Vancouver, Voyar'e of Eiscoverv. 1790-9'=> 
Lond., II, 488,1798, & Atlas. 

,. , ., ' f ^1 i^'^^'^o , yis.^^e yL'exicana (1792). 
Maarid, 16: ,1802. (^AUc ^ilu5) 

*?® ''*?£r'}^'^ ^^"^^^^ ^® l'Oref:on, des Calif- 
ornies, £x., 1844 (Chart i:o. 14). 

Montezuma City 


Town laid out in 154B at mouth of Sacra- 
mento River. — David N. Rawley, Statecient, 
MS, Bancroft Library, no date. 

Montezuma Hills' 

See Los Ciervos. 


** Lomas de los Orapinas. 

Uonteziuna Hills 

Isolated group of lov/ hills just E of 

Suisim l;ay and 11 of mouth of Sacra^acnto River . 
Hutchin^j;s Cal if jaag. , TI , 597, i.larch, 1858 . 

Montezuma Range (Now Montezuma Hills) Solano Co. 

On Ringgold* 8 Chart of Suisun h Vallejo 
Bays, 1850. 

Ft. Ivaontgomery 

3an ?rancisco 


ON 3an Francisco rcninsula NH!. "between 
North Pt. and "Rincon Ft.— Pinprp:ola,Map of 

Anchorage off San Francisco 





Tovm 1-1 of Santa Barlara. 

Statutes of California, 1850, 172, 1850. 

Mooney's Ferry 

Ferry on Trinity River on trail leading 

from Uer^verville into Sncnu.iento Valley. 
Statutes of California, 1G52, 239,1052. 

oore's Crook 

Creek flo^:'n£ into Tulare Lake from the E. 

■"il]]- .ion, R.S,, i.u.y, in ^.x.Doc .1 r^Q, 
33d.Con ,.,lH.Se?5?.,XVni(pt.4) ,1855. 

Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.II,28,1857. 

-loore's Flat 

[Moores Flat] 

Place "between LI i dale k S Forks Yuba 

River, HE of llevada City.—* Stat, of Calif., 1854 



i-ocated at the junction of Moosa Can- 
yon with South Pork Moosa Canyon. 

For the origin and meaning of the name 





For what person, place, thing or event was this place named? 

Who first applied the name? 

If known, give date when first applied 

If the name first appeared on a map or In a book give the author, title and date 

Are there any other explanations of the source of this name? 

Name and address of person supplying this information 


i' ■< : 



Information on sources of California Place Names 


Mr. Cave J. Gouts Jr. says that the 
name of this canyon was "Ganada de Paniusa". 




For what person, place, thing or event was this place named? 


Who first applied the nanne? 

It known, give date when first applied 

If the name first appeared on a map or In a book give the author, title and date 

Are there any other explanations of the source of this name? 

Name and address of person supplying this Information 



Information on sources of California Place Names 

Morena Ricfee 

■ • 



orena; ridge, Goldfield quadrangle. ^ g ^ g^ Feb.S, 1909 

Esmeralda county, Nevada. w«^^#n-v^ t ^ 


Place on S side Uerced Piver, 11 lulariinosa 
County. --rribl-es, Lap of California, 1852. 

Mormon Creek 

Stanislaus River. 

Creekj^f lowing into 

of uOI 

liutchings Calif.LIa^., II,r/i8,Dec.,1857. 

Mormon Diggings 


Lower Mines or Mormon Diggir^s. — 25 miles 
up the American Fork from Sutter's Fort.— 
Letter of Col. B.B. Mason to Gen. R. Jones, datei 
Montere3^ Aqcust 17, 1848, pub. by J.Ely Sher- 
wood in California, Her Wealth and Resources, 
p. 14, 1848. 

liormon G-ulcL 


About three miles from the S^tanislaud 

Audubon: Western Journal 
Cleveland, 1906. 

1849-1850, 214, 

iJormon Gulch 

riace little IW of Sonora.— CribLes, Kap 

of California, IBT". 

Llomon Slough [Moraon Slou/:h] 

♦Statutes of California, 1854, 139, IBM. 

•Slough in San Joaquin County, leaving 
Calaveras River at Bellota and flov;ir^ tlirou^-h 
citv of Stockton to tules. 

n\ox'Vvvo\v o:7^>^Av-^ \\Sjuui.>j)^ 


NMJLIU^ NNljv^^ft^-^XTjUOcJ^.il vl- SkZjf jU.v^aL/v.yL,^0,\%K 

luormon Station [now Crenoa] 

Town in western Carson Valley, Nevada, des 

cribes in 1858 as Genoa, "better known as Uor- 
nion Station". 

Hutchin^^s Calif .:ia^. ,11, 557, June, looS. 



Name on map of Monterey District in 1830, at 

site of present place of same name in San Lu 
Obispo Co. — Bancroft,Hist.Calif.II,145,617, 


MORRO KILL (Sp. roimd topped) 

A prominent high hill (elev. 940 ft.) 
on the southeast corner of the Santa Mar- 
garita Ranch. Completely isolated and is 
about 250 to 300 feet higher than anything 
in the vicinity. 

Name has been variously but incorrectly 

The Luiseno Indians have an interesting 
deluge legend in connection with this Mt. 
for which see 

Du Bois: C Religion of the Luiseno Ind- 
ians. ^ 



For what person, place, thing or'event was this place named? 



Who first applied the name? 

If known, give date when first applied 

If the name first appeared on a map or in a book give the author, title and date 

Are there any other explanations of the source of this name? 

Name and address of person supplying this information 



Information on sources of California Place Names 

Morts, Ptc. des 

•Voya£:e do la Perouse, Atlas, map 35,1797 


Vancouver, Voyage of Dincovrry, 1790-95, 
Lond., Atlas,! 798 (Pta. de los Lluertos) . 

• De Llofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Calif- 
ornies, Lc. (chart lio.ll),ie44 (Ptc. de los 
uertos) . 

Point on E side San Diego Bay at present 
site of San Diego. 

.lO scow 

Place between Forest City and IIin[n]esota 
Sierra Co'onty.-^Stat. of Calif . ,1854, 22.'^., 1854. 

Mountain House . Alberta 

= Rocky Mt. House, or Jasper House, on 

Burnt (Brule) Lake. — FranchererYoirages to M 

Coast, 1811 -1814, note p. 357, Cleveland, 19 04, 
Thwaites ed. 

Louiitain Inn 

riace in Tuoluinno County about 10 miles 
V of Chinese [Caiap].— Gibbes, llap of California, 

Mountain Lake [-Lake Talioe] 

— Fremont :Erpl.Expd. to Oregon 
map opp.p.246, 1845, 

k Calif. (16'i4), 

Mountain Lake 

Blake, Y/. P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.II,l48 


-ountam Snri 

c ;> 

Place in Flaccr Coun":.]/-. 
Str:t. of Calif., 1854. C23. 1854 

Mountain . View. 

Bu tte Co. .Calif. 

Early nanie of Klagalia or Dogtown.— ailbert^ 

Wells h Chaff JD^ers.JIis^tor^^ of Eutte Countx*_ 
p. 252. 1682^ 



Blake, Ifm. P. , Notes on Geology & Mines of Nevada 
Territory (V/ashoe Silver He/^ion) ,' uarterly Journ. 
Geol.Soc. London, pp. 317-328, /.pril 13,1864. 

Mount Davidson Pdak 


Un rt Tt JT1 -ir\ irk-iiMount Davidson; Peak, San Miguel| 

. b. Ore Og« Board July ly,iyij HUIs. San Frandsco, California. 

lllouni DiaBlo" 


A peak of the 


Francisco Bay* -- Bryant: What I Saw in 
Calif. 305, 1848,[ Entry dated Sep.lG 


Monte Diabolo.— Bates: Four Years on Pacif.Coast, 

, 1857. [5th Ed. 36.9T, 16"58.] 

Mount Diavolo.— Fremcnt.: Memoirs, I, 512,1667 

[5d Exped. 1645-1646.] 

Mount Diablo 

See Devil Peak 

Clark Co 


Mount Diablo 

Kern Go 

See Diablo Mountains 



Mt. Diablo Rat)ge 

Mt. Diablo Range; main inner coast y-r « ^ •• 

range reaching south-southeasterly U • O .GeOg* BOaTd^May 6,1908 
from the strait of Karquines to Ante- 
lope Valley, or, more exactly, to the 
divide between Antelope and McLure 
valleys, where it ends ratherabruptly 
in about latitude 35° 40', California. 

Mt. Hamilton Ran^e Calif. 

Parts of the Range east or northeast 
of San Jose were called Las Buellos, Pala, 
San pelipe, Las Animas, Aguages de las 
Llagas. —Frederic Hall, History of San Jose 
131, 1871. 

Mt. 'HitchcCck 
U.S.Geog. Board, 

Tulare Co. Oalif. 

/% I /• lOAn^^* Hitchcock; mountain, two miles 
UCL*0|iyUy southwest of Mt. Whitney, Tulare 

county, California. 

Mt .Jackson =Mt. Shasta 

"It is this mountain [Shasta], and not Mt.Piit, 
as was supposed by Mr.Cxreanhow, which was desig' 
nated as ml .Jackson by the sponsors of ths 
•President's Range* ."--Gibbs. in Schoolcraft, 
Indian Tribes, III, 165, 1855. 

Mt. Konocti =Uncle Sam Mt. , Calif. 

"Mt.Konocti [Lake GoJ--Tliis mountain is now 
gsnerally knov/n by the name of Uncle Sam. " 
--L.L. Palmer, in Hist. of Napa and Lake Gountits, 
1881 Slocum,Bowen k Co., p. 190 (of Lake Co.), 

* • 1 

The Hoolanapo called it Sha-hul-gu-narda-noo, ., 
big mountain. .^Ibid 57 of Lake Oo. (Aureus tine^l^.'^'^F 

Indian narae is Dun- oh-bo- ten, --Writer in Napa 
Reporter in 1860, Ibid 68. (great stone). 

The Indians call it Konoctikanu. --Sketch in 
S.:^rancisco Post, July 1677, Ibid 92. (big 
i;iountain) . 

-t. Lassen 

See Lasson Peak 

hasta Co. 


Mount Liiim 

N^amed ly Fremonii-, April 
Fremont: Memoirs, 1^475, 




vv>.oo^ v^JU-~>^*'&- ^'''^^♦~ 



^0^ (Cv^ SU^si^^^^^^-J*^ Ja«-;*j^cfev^^ 

Mount St. Helens [St. Helena] Calif, 

-BaxleyrVhat I saw on West Coast of N. & S, 
ibnerica, 457, 1865* 

Mt.Mayacamas =Mt. St. Helena, Calif. 

--L.L.Palmer, in Hist. of Napa and 
Calif., Slocum, Bowen & Co., p. 98 

Lake Counties, 
(of N pa Co.), 

Mt. Simps on?] =Mt.Pitt 

Mt.Madison J - OxeQcw 

"Pitt mountain is the same as Mt.Madison, and 
apparently as Mt. Simpson of other ge o^-raphs rs . " 
165 18^3^^ Schoolcraft, Indian Tribes, III, 


• In horthern California 
Oregon Territory, U. S 

-Wilkes* Map of The 
Expl* Expd. 1841. 

I-e-ka =Mt. Shasta 
Indian nan 

Mt. Shastv 


Probably first use on any map: J. Arrowsmith 
Lond9n /tlas. Sheet entitled British North * 
Arerioa. Published London, Feb. 15.1P34. 

Vlt. Shaatx: Samuel Parker. Journal of an Exulor 
ir^ Tour beyod the Rocky Mcunti.:ns, 1835-? 
Tiap, 1838. 

M* «i_ J^^^Ji Settlers on the Oregon, map, J 849; 
}jt. Shasty: Alex Rosa ,^ Fur Hunters of the Far 
West, map, 1855. ^ 

M, Sastise & TJft. Shasta] 


Named "frjin the tribes of Indians* .—Peter Skene 
Ckden Journal . Feb. 14, 1827., Quart. Oregon 
lUot. Soc, Vol. 11. No. 2, p. 214. 1910. 

Mt. TSASHTL — ''t. Shasta 

Mt. TSASKTL: Fremont '3 
[in "'ess. and Docs. J 
House Doc. 17, Slst 

Map of Upper Calif .1848 
California and Newlfexico 
Cong. , Ist Sess. 1850. 

Mount Tsashtl =JJount Shasta 

--Schoolcraft (after Fremont, 1646), Indian 
Tribes, I, 153, 1651. 


Mount Yaca 


SclanC 06. Calif* 

A IQAQ ^'**""'*' Vaca; peak, the^liighest 
4^J.yUo point, in Vaca Mountnins, opposite 

head of Gates Canyon, Solano 
County, California. (Not Blue 
Mountain nor Vaca.) 

Mt. Yo\)m Tulare Oo. ' 

Mt. Young; mountain, two miles west r 

of Mt. Whitney, Tulare county, Cali. U • S •GQ Og* Board| Oct 


ountornv, V^^r 

[Lontoroy P" 7] 

T^ <"t 

., 'inn, in 7-.-noc.l''^,"'3d. 
Corv=:.,l'^+.Sess.,XVIII(nt.4) IH^' 

Llud Sprinqs^ [now Eldorado] 

nutchinc:s Cal if .Hag. , 1 , 106, Sept . , 1856. 

Spoken of in this article as "now 
Idorado" - showing tliat the change of name 
was made not later than 1856. 

Statutes of California, 1855,116,1855. 

•Stat, of Calif., 1854, 222, 1854. 

Huertos, Pta-. de los 

Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95, 
Lend., Atlas, 1798. 

•De Ilofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Calif, 
ornics, &c. (chart Ko. 11), 1844 (Pte. de los 
LIuertos) . 

Point on E side San Diego Bay at pro 
site of San Diego. 

SEE: Morts, Pte. des 


Muir Pass FrasnC* 06* 

Muir; Pass, Fresno County, California. 

Oal i f • 

U.S.Gecg.Board July 19.1911 


Mukelumnes K. =Mokelunme R. ^ 

On map hy J.H.Golton, 1652. frontispipce in 
Mventures of Capt.BJnneville, 'irvi^grfbi. 
Revised edition. ^" 

Rio de los Muk el einnes . - Fremont : Exp l.Expd. to 
Oregon ':: Oalif. (1844), ^8. 1845, 

MokeiumnQ River.- Fremont: Kemoirs, I, 446, 

[3d Erped. 1645-1646.] 

Mokolumn©.-- Audubon .-Western Journal J849-1650 

208, Cleveland, 1906, Also [over] 

Mokiilumne, Ibid 230. 


De Hofras, Carto de !» Oregon, des Cal 
ifornies, &c., 1844. 

Place shovm as little S of Gonzales, 
and IIV/ of Llissi on San Antonio. 

Point Munroe 

Marin Co. 


Now California Point on Tiburon Penin.— 

Ringgold's General Chart of 3an Francisco Bay 
•Region, 1850. ^ 

i..:rderGrs F; 

* iar on Elajiiath River, at Happy Cajnp 
•Gibls, in Schoolcraft, III, 155,1653. 

MuiTie r^r'a Bar 

"Lies on the 
AmericajT River. "- 

Mventures, 609, 

— Cal if, 

middle fork of the 

- Beekwourth: Life and 

• ~ " "-]■■■ i-"iiii- iBii''''ii ■ii«imiii.^„ 


Punta de Murg^j.ia 

*—-"--' . ,-1-,— ^w.— ,««.-ii. , iiw«i \ rn, am m t » m \ m wiiiiiMi 

Point on coast spoken of by Pont in 1776 as 
lying 1 leafcue '^ of er^trance to Puerto de 
Bodega, F-ich he places in lat.38° 18». -Pedro 
Font : Di ary , Anza Exr^d . 1770-1776 : Pubs . Acad. Pac if. 
Coast Kist.yol.3,IIo.l,p.69,'Iarch 1-13. 

Muriel Lake Frssnd ^16. Calif. 

Muriel; Lake, Fresno County, Califor- 
nia, latitude 37° I4, longitudej^8° 42. U, S .G-eOg. BoaPd June 7,1911 


De LiOfras, Carte de I'OreKon, des Cal- 

''°"^'!M^]S1) ('-P no. 16) 

riacfe ropresentotl as just R of San Rafael 


Place on I: side Cos'ornnes River 10 miles 
from no uth.-Gibbes, Lnm of California, 185.?. 


VUcQ little 5^. of iierced Pdvnr, IJari. 
posa County.-aibbes, Mar. of California, 1852 

Murphy s 


Town in Calaveras County, SY/ of Big Trees. 
lutchings Calif. Mac., II, 537, June, 1850. 
tat. of Calif., 1854, 222, 1854. 

Murphy's Diggings 

Mining CaiTip i mile 
vbonora).-- Alta 

south of Mississiooi 
California, May lb\ 1S51, 


Lurphy^d Digpiin^crs' [luurphys] 

Audubon: Western Journal 
204, Cleveland 1906. 


Muscle Rock [Mussel Fiock] 

Hutch in^-s Calif .Lla^-^. , III , 555, in59. 

Rock on coast of San Francisco Peninsula 
about 7 miles SV; of San Francisco. 

llaciiiliento River 

Rivor in Coast Raiige, tributary to IJont- 

erey River [now Salinas River], and forming 
part of II "boundary of San Luis Obispo Co. as 
originally defined. Statutes of California, 185C| 

59, 18fX). 

Rises in Santa Lucia hits. IIW of San Ant- 
onio L-ission; flows SSE in W Monterey Co., E in 
northern San Luis Obispo Co.; then HE, recross- 
ing the boundary into Monterey Co. and joins 
Salinas River near tov;n of Bradley. 

Ilacisniento River [^^\>6^xo.^Vw tAM^LvWo^^\\Yi\e^\o 

River forming nart of II boundary of 
San Luin Obispo Coimty. 

statutes of California, 1G51, 173, 1851. 
Called Kacimiento River in Statutes of 
California, 1^50, 60, 1850. 

liacimionto River [llacinionto River] 

Cxibbets, ..ap of California, 1C52. 

llapa County 

'Established Feb. IH, 1850 and defined. 
'Statutes of California, 1050, 61, 1850. 

' BoundaricG mnended AT)ril 4, 1855. 

• Statutes of California, 1055, 77, 1855. 

llapa City 


County Seat, Ilapa County. 

Statutes of California, 1850, 61, 1850. 

Giblets/ :r-^ of California, lOf).?. 

llapa Creek, First [Napa Slou^:Ji] 

Large slouch in tule marsh IJ of San 

PaLlo Bay, emptying into Sonoma Creek near 


Pol it. Code of California, San Francisco, 
p. 464, 1097. 

[Second Napa Slouch] 

Hapa Creek, Second 

■ Creek ^I! of First !;apa Creek, IJ of Son 
Pablo Bay, between llapa River and Sonoma Creek. 
Pol it. Code of California, San Francisco 

liapa Creek, Third [Third Ilapa Sloi;igh] 

Creek ,^i: of Second ::apa Crock, :: of San 
Pablo Bay, bet\7cen iiapa Kiver and Sonoi.ia Creek. 

Poli^. Code of California, San Francises, 

llapa Creek 

^ ^ Creek traversing llapa Valley and emr^ty. 
ii:ig inuo Paver of same name. 

Statutes of California, 1050, 61, 1850. 

llapa, La^^una Grande do 

[Nov; Clear Lake] 

Ilutchin^^s Calif .l,:af;. , III,14'i,l''^o8. 

uA^^vXm ^-iXjLvok^oJk. 

Ivs^ CX^Ajjj^w U#XkA^ UflJLk^^i^ 

riapa Rraige of mountains [Vaca Ilountains] 
Uountainr, described as extending alomr W 

side of Vaca Valley. 

Ilutchings Calif. La-., II, 3^'-,-arch, 1850. 
VoYi Goiaotimes called Vaca fountains. 

Napa River 

Napa Co. Calif. 

1 1 Ol P; ^*P*5 River, rising in northern part 
-*" I -*-*^-^*-' Napa Valley, Napa County, Cal- 
ifornia, and flowing into Carqulnez 
Strait. (Not Napa Creek.) 

jia,pa River 

River draining?; llaDa 
in'o San Pablo Bay from the 
to Straits of Carcuinez. 

11 at'^'en trance 

Statutes of California, 1650, 60,61, 1850 

Gibbers, Llap of California, 1052. 

K^apa Valley 


Valley in llapa County^ drained by liapa 
Statutes of California, 1850, 61, 1850. 

> T 


Redick Licp:ec, Senate Ex. 

1st Sess., pt. Ill, 500, 1851. 

[ .' '. apa ] 
Doc.l, 5;M Conr. 

Nflppa Valley C^-^ Koiyx- V lU^ 1 Sali£< 

' Nappa Valley . -—Major D. H. Vinton: Senate Ex. 
Doc; 1, 31st Cong, 2d Sess. pt, II, 252, S5*. 
Hy^^o^Affi|_u^ . ^ ^V^^ U^^p.iff 1850. 

Napp a Valley Suo^t^^cx^ck 

TysonrGeoloQr of Calif. 

Oong.lst Sess. 17,1850. 
Nappa Creek, on map. 

Sen. Doc.47, 31st 

Mappa valley.— Bryant: V/hat I Saw in Calif. 
348 and elsewhere, l&iB. 

Kapfc Valley, 


Napper Valley 

opelled*Napper Valley'V J.Tyrwhitt Brocks, M.D., 
in his bock entitled Pcnr Ixnth s Amonfr the 
Gold-Finders in Alta California , pp. £1 & 23 » 
Lcndcn 1849. 

Narbaez (^astin) Ranchp 

• "Under the hills of San Juan Bautista*— 
Weeks, James W« , Reminiscences of a Fioneer 
of ib5i. MS. Bancroft Library, 76, ittYY. 


Plncc on V. Fork Comrines River near junc- 

tion with S 



'"1 Dorado Coiint3''. 
of Calif., 1854, 22::, 1854. 


Place between Larysville and For"bestov;n. 
•Statutes of California, 135o, 315, 1853. 

La NatlvidadfNatividad] Hallf. 

Diary of Pedro Font,Anza Exped. ' 
1775-1776: Pubs. Acad. Pac if .Coast Kist., 
Ydl^s; N;o,l, 65/ March, I9I5.[ JE of 


San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. 
Halividad de ITuestra Senora (misprint for 

^ Natividad) ^Canada de Los Osoel 

•aasjPBib in San Luis Obispo Co. opening into 

Mcrro Bay. Visited by Porto la Expd. in 1769. 

Crespi says it was najiBd for the troops of 

bsars \ihich they found, but that he named it 

Navilidad (Natividad) de ITuestra Senora. — 

Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. . in Palou';3 Koticia 

de la Kueva Calif., 2, 160, Mexico, XS74. 

See Los Osos 

Natividad Calif. 

Name on map of Monterey district, 1801 -10, a 

little S of mission San Juan Bautista, 
-Bancroft, Hist, Oal if. II, 145, 1885, 

Natividad or Alisal. Rancho in Monterey dis- 
trict in 1839. -Ibid. Ill, 675, 1885. 

In 1776 the Anza Expd. halt-^d in the place 
called La Nativida d. 8 leagues 1^ of the pre- 
sidio of Monterey at the entrance of a canyon. 

•• Pont, Diary Anza Expd., Puhs. Acad. Pacific 
Coast Hist., vol. 3, no.l, 65, 1913. 


r Place (probribly ranch) 

on G side Rio de 
shore of Monterey 

Llonterey^ about. 3 miles E of 


De Llofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, he, 1844. Chart ilo. 14. 

How small settle:nent on E side of lower 
Salinas Valley at V base of Fremont or Cabilan 

iMonnon Inland 

f f ^ L^'ty' 


•Island in S Fork ^Merican River abou 
a mile above j^Jiictioii with 11 fork. 

Statutes of California, 1B50, 61, 1850. 

ftorra,'" more corrjnonly called llormon Island.— 
F. P. Wierzbicki, California as it is and as 
it may be. p. 41, ir49, ' .. , .. 

T^i '■if'-r^ 


'I ¥ ^' 



1.A . 


nibl.:o^ i!ar of California, '^8:"^". 

Place SY/ of Folnom, S of Araericnn River. 
^'^v.'n on OTjues' as S of Z Fork 
1 . Aiiior i cano s , v. t mouth . 

Kavv Point 

•point on Strait^ of Cprouines. 

T.tatutos of California, 1857), Bo, 185.-;. 
Blake, Vf.P.,^in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.II,4^b5YJ 

K"avy Feint 

oolano Co. 

novi /-my Point on 3uisun Bay, east o 
Benicia. --Ringgold's Chart of 3uisun o, 7 
Bays, 1850. 


f ' 




See Chaces or Neills. 

Heedle Rock 

High column near base of Lime Point — 
Blake, W.P,, in Pac. Hr. Rep. ,V,pt. II, 155,1857. 

^^^*^^^®s ^^ [Needles] 

Davis, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,I,^'.20,i855. 

Humphreys, A. A. & V/arren,G.K., in Pac Rr 
Rep., I, Art. II, 75, 1855. * ' * 

^. * ^ 


i- .- , in ,,' VI. Pn •. ,^'^^.^ 

-•- •*• «~ J ^ •> - 1- y idir J - 

t -» • 

P *^-, ^ - 

• I 

r^ 7 r 

^i LL 


-/ I ! O P ■ ' ^ 

^ * % 

./ ■^" - /"lll,(pt,.l) Ar^..l,53,:n!35. 
I Icc" on V ^ido Colorado River, nnout Ir.t. 

. (■■» ^ 


■^:inpple,A.W, ,map no,2{dc.ied 1855-4), in,9,33d.Conr4st.SeRs.,XVIII(pt.4),1855. 

Negro Bar 

Miniag village of 50o or 600 iiiliabitants 

at mouth of big cafion on American River 
3i miles belov/ Beale*3 Bar. — Sacramento 
Daily Transcript, June 3, 1851, 





'lininr camp en Sou tii irork Ai:erica..n 

above junction v.dth I'orth I'ork.- 
Union, Feb. 14, 1852. 


River a rile 

- Sacr£i/i;ento 

Kegros, P!l Puerto de los 

^;iiipple,A.W,, in Fac.Rr.Rep.,III,Art.II, 

11 el son Creek 

[Kelson Creek] 


Hutchi2\^^G Calif .Ma{^. ,1,195,1656.' 

Tributary- to riddle Fork Feather River, 
alelsonpoint, about 7 ;-iiles5SF: of Quincy. 

Gibbe* a>- of ''rilf-rnia, IHSr.. (llelsons 

Creek) . 

Nelson Point, Nelson Creek 


On Feather River. — Wm. Armstrong, *4y 
Irperiences, MS, Bancroft Library, 12. 1877 

lleuces Creek 

Creek emptying 
Folit. Code of 

into Suisun Bay. 
California, ?.an Francisco, 

p. 465, 1897. 

Nevada City Calif. 

*Aug.31,185 0. I was told that the 
people living around Caldwell's Btore(3)eerGT«*v)| 
held a meeting and called the place 
•Nevada City.* Nevada is the Spanish for 
snow. • Diary of a Forty-niner ( Jackson) 
Ed. By. G.L.Canfield,21. 1850. 

llevada, City of [Iie^"i,ua Cit- 

•Statutes of Uilifornia, IGL'l, 339, 16 
'Ibid, 18C4, 


llevada City 
OyI^vxi^I County Seat, llevada County. 

Statutes of California, IT:!, 177, 1851. 

CriLbe>, Laii of California, 1852 ( Nevada) . 

Nevada Couiity 

Established April 25, 1851. 

Statutes of California, 1851, 177, 1851. 

Ilevada Han^^e C=Sierra Ilevada] 
0. LI. V/ozencraft, Cenate Ex. Loci, 
Cong., IrA. Sess., pt.3^ .310,1851 . 


Hew Albion 

IJajne eivon California h of San Fran- 
cisco in 1 by Sir Francis Drake. 

Kotnebue, writing in 1824, remarked: "The 
Y/hole of the northern part of tlie [San Francisco; 
bay, which does not properly belong to Calif- 
ornia, but is assif^ned by geographers to IJew 
Albion, has hitherto remained unvisitcd by voy- 
agers, and little knovTi even to the Spaniards 
residing in 'he country. 'L>\,v,\io^..^^.Loaov,:iS..Ux.l^3o 

Hew .^^ion 

ingRciorff, Vovrgos T. Trrveln (1805-1807) J 

London, pt. 1 1, 136, 1814. ^^ 

-Va cou^A:r, Voyarx of 

Lirxovor •, ly^'O-'^'f), 

Hew Ali;iaden 

Quicksilver mine 65 miles S of San Fran- 
cisco, (illustrated). 

•Ilutchings Cal if .Llag., 1, 97-105, Sept., in56. 

Plnco 10 miles TSV.^ of Prn Jose.--Oiijl;es, 
..ap of California, l:..5;i. 


Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.II,145, 

Neyy Alrnaden 

Rept.Lt. P. F.Smith in 
Oong.lst S8S3. 88, 1850, 


Sen. Doc. 47, 31 8t 

New Almoder [New Almaden] Calif 

Bryant: What I Saw in Calif. 463, 16'i8. 
New Almadin.- Ibid 479. 

Hew Ikven 

Settlement at head of navimtion on 

Arroyo del Medp, Srnta Clara County. 

♦Statutes of California, 1852, 223, 18r;2. 

Hade county seat of Alarnnda Coutiiy when 

that county war; es'ahlished, 25, 1853. 

'Statutes of California, 1853,50,1853. 


lew Helvetia 

T/ilkes \:xped. (nap dated 1841) ,V, facing 
n. 150, 1845. 

Sutter's 'ort, at junction of ^'^jiierican 
anri Sr-cra-iento Riv;"rs, 

New Hope 


Mon/icni ssttlement near the m^uth of 

Stanislaus river.— Bryant: What I Saw in 
Calif. 277. 1648. 

II ev Llecklenbiorg 

•Trading post on site of present 
city of Liarysville, established by a Qeman 
ncuned Cordua in 1542, .>^^^.:;,v.^U^ ^.VW^Tj^ 

-Tuthill, Hist. Calif., 387,1366. 
Trading post and stock farL. established by 
Th^eodore Cordua on site of I^/Iarysville in 1642.- 
H.L.Wells in ailbert,. Wells b C xjrbers , Historj^ 
of Eutte County,. p. 109. 1682. 

New Mecklenburg =Marysville, Calif. 

--Article from Themis, a Sacramento 
in Mem*l and Biog*l Hist, of North* n 
1691. (Lewis Pub^g Co J 

(?) weekly. 
Calif., 92, 

New Pass 

Named by VJiliiamson, 1855.— Williamson,?. S. 
in Pac,Rr.Rep.,V,pt.I,:50,1853. 



C! C! 

1 r 

'vj 111 biorrp iiOv?-)un 

D hlllR 

i\ ) 

. « ^k 


.r» o 

». / 

11 r 


^7 "^ r^ 



I -^ " 

in.(r,f.i) I-, 



-?•-»•> <•■%, 

1 "N 


r' ( 

1 c 

■» ' r 

1 1 

.-. ^ 


■ •• ^ » • 

V^k « ^ 



p r* -^ 

' rf *. 

*'-•■» -i- • .''. 



• •i - • 




1 o/^ 

^i Q C! 

• • -/ 

V/illi '-.ason. K 

• k-* 

mar), in Et.Doc.129. ^'"^^l 

Davis, m Pac.Rr.Rep., I,;^7,.L855. 
Humphreys, A. A. & Warren,G.K,, in Pac.Rr 
Ren.. I. Art. II. 88. 1855. 

rew River 

River formed by overflow of Colorado.-- 
^liiiamson,R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.I,40,1853. 

New River 

Foraed by overtlow of Colorado River in 

1849.-Elake,W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep., V,pt.IT 
109,1857. -^ » »i I 

New River 


On Colorado Desert, 58i miles from 
Yuma.— Marcy: Prairie Traveler, 293, N.Y, 

• • 

New River.-- Pacif .R.R.Repts. Gen.Map of Expl.& 

Surv. Calif. 1853. 

Newtown Dig^^ings 

Dit^ings located 
from Nevada. — 
April 21. 1851. 


on Deer Greek , a short distance 
Sacramento Daily Transcript, 


* Place 


SE of riacerYillG,l^^%>^c5^ 

'Stat, of Calif. ,1854, :.23, 1854. 

New Year Lake Calif. 

Small lake in extreme Northern California im- 
mediately east of Little Klamath Lake. en Wilkes 
Map of The Oregon Territory, U. S. Ex. Bx. 1841 
Probably Tule Lake. 

II. Years Lake 

[TuIg Lake] 
Suall lake in HE California ^ of S end 
Little KL;;aot [=KlaLiath] Lake. 

T^ilkes E-qocd. .Narrative, V, uar) (dated 
1841) faciric,1845. 

Hew York 

A nev; town started in 1849 on SE shore of 
Suisim Bay, near mouth of San Joaquin River. 

Kelly, Excursion to Calif ., London, II, 

C!ibbo^^i..ap of ..alifornia, 1052. 

vo^l^^aX'T/^^ VoJ^MXa^ 

Hew York Pt. 


Point at junction of New York Slough with 
ouisun Bay, north of site of New York of the 
Pacific (present settlement of Black Diamond). 
Ring-gold, Map of Anchorage off New York of the 
Pacific, 1850. 

Nicholas Alte jar's ranch 

Ranch ^on Feather River. 



Statutes of Cal:"fomia, 1850, 101, 
Now town called llicolaus, about 18 
of Llarysvillo. 


Nicholas Rancho Calif. 



tetr^ always called 
.,.>^^x^^co -ivcux^^iiu . no nlinself being knovm as 

•Nicholas* only. — Lt.Geo.H.Dsrby: Topog 
cal Memoir of Sacranento Valley. Sen.Doc.47, 
31st Cong.lst SessTs^lSoO. 
Nicholas A lleger on map. 



'On Feather Hiver where Nicolaus 
sprung into existence. '—A. Delano: 
on the Plains and anions the DifTmnfrs 
Auburn, 1854, ^ ^^ ^ 




oilv,>1.Xj. A^. 3 3,3*1, l?u. 


, u 

<7 O 



Oibbc* ]:a-n of California, 1852. 


County scat 
Statutes of 

^iA,.'U»il^ .UjtMLjuw.-i^; 

of Tutter Counter in 1052. 
Cal if omia, 1852, 250, 1652. 

Nietos Calif, 

Name on map of Los Angeles distract, 1800-30, 

located a little north of OerritoB, near San 
Pedro Bay. -Bancroft, Hist.Calif. 11,352,1885 

Nicto [or Nieto l- De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon 

des Califcmies ^5:0., Gen»l map. 1844 . 

idne L-ile Decor 

lutchin^-s Calif 

/ ■> ■ » 

• * 




Apparently between Erick-enort and Car- 

son Vallevs 



t sho Cft 


!■ jpoma :. Vill.?-^-e • nd toA'nahi 


■» "^ 

■uiUXO V 



of fomer Ind. vill 


T r. 

a 1 J 



ecordo of Lr "^'uris 




L . xQ V 

^' frcn- 

1 ^i^X 

I *, ^ 

.0 1822; Al 



7 /lex .„vlor m 1^60, _...d 

I / V 

r''-er and otners as vilj -e 


_r.:ve3 rr -..rials m San L^is Obioi 


ocln Pass 


r^ r« r- 



« ^ 

lac 1. 

yj • 

Lassen (botveen 

.m] Crater Pealcs) . leadinr from 

upper Sacra- 

mento Valley to Honey Lal:c rrrion. ProiJc;bly 

Lassen's cut-off. Mentioned in Hutchings 

Calif-.liar. , 1 . 5::.9. 537-558. 18 

r- r-t 

s .•■■) 

Davis, J., in Ex.r;oc.l29.,3"d.Co):G. ,lst.Sess 
XVIIK Intro.), 17, iS55. ' 

Beckwith,^.G., in Pac.Hr.Pep.,n,Art.n. 
47.1855,(lJoble's Pass). 

Noble* s Pass 


''llobie Pass] 

(alt. 6074).--Eloke,W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep., 

Noche Buena 


Randi own^d in 1830 by Jose Abrigo. Site 
near Hotel Del Monte. -• Wm. H. Davis, Sixty- 
Years in Calif., 1831 -89, 593, San Francisco, 


Norris Ranch Calif. 

In 1841 ar 1842 Capt. Eliab Grrimes obtained 

from Gov. Alvarado a grant of 11 leafrues of 

land near Sacramento Ciity, which afterward 
eairie into the possession of Sani Norris and 
was known as ohe Norris Ranch. -- Wn% Heath 
Davis, Sixty Years in Calif., I&51-d9', 221, 
3a.n Fcancisoo , 1869. 

I: Farallon 

..orthorriinost of the 
-^lobos, i,ap of California 

r< 4 M 

[11 F,- rail on] 
Far al 1 on G s. -- 

UoxWvToxV, Kwv.^,>c'vc-o^vv"Kw«-t 

Vcu^V^Wlw^' cLa.\l4.>vv0^0LjA'Vv<L, !»"'i-5"S. v<3^'\%S^. 


North gork P, 

' North Fork Feathfir Rivpr.— Hufp.lninpq 
Mag., p. 449, April 1858. 


N Fork Trinity River 

' Tribbs, in Schoolcraft, III, IT^C, 1853. 

North Point 

Blake, W.P., 
Point WfJ 01 


in Pac .Rr. Rep., V,pt. II, 4^657. 
San Francinco, due W of Goat 

north Yolla Bolly Mountain 

North Yolla Bolly; mountain^ in 
northern Coast Ranges, Trinity 
County, California. (Not North 
Yallo Bally, South Yallo Bally, 


Koto R. 

River nho\Mi rs ontcriiig tLe Tan 


'^ • 

V/ilkcn ^.:voed, l.arrative, V, ..cip (dgted 
1841) facing p. 150, 1845. 

Notorna [-Mormon Island] 


Island at junction of North and South Forks 
American River, more commonly called Monnon 
Island.— F.P.Wierzbicki, California, p, 41, 



Kvwo^ foLX4.(" *i*siaA. 




Place near San Rafael Mission, He. Calif, in 
1828. —Bancroft.Hist.Calif. 11,597 ftnote,1885. 

llovato Creek 

Creek in Liar in County 
San Pablo Day fron the W, a 
luouth Ox PctalUiia Creek. 

Polit. Code of California, San Francisco, 
p. 463, 1897. 

emptying into 
little S of 

ioye<'iu Piver 

[lloYo Piver] 

H. L. Ford in House Doc. 2., 35th. Con^-. 
Sess., 685, 1857. 

X o \j 


Hoyo Hiver W coast nendocino Co. Calif, 

Native name Chim^ne-be-dah . -.-iiich signifies 
brush creek. 

History of Mendocino ;o. 168 , San 
Francisco 1800 Alley, Bowen 3c Co. Pubrs. 

i:oyo River 

I -utchings Cm 1 i . , 11 1 , 1 57 , 1 ,,-:>" . 

Piver in I.enelocino Coimty empV^in/^ 
Pacific junt f. of Fort LrtiQ^. 


Owens Lake 


bf Fi^mont during Third Exped. 
- Fremont: Memo ire, 1,455,1887. 

Ov:cnf3 Crcok 


1 « f ^ \ > \ '^ 

1 <^:z'' 



CilLc's i-rr ofUJifornia, ■■; . 
Crock r\^T:unr^^to up>ior : nrinor,f; F.iver, 
iwir^.c^.p. UiA l.'.orcnd Counties. 

•^ Pointe ciu Nouvel An 

Now Santa Cruz Point, at north end of 
Monterey Bay 

do La PQroucc ,bly^, 

near Santa Cruz.UTwovLssVo^oLat,MUs 





Name given to California by Drake, 1579, to 
mark it as discovered by the iilnglish. 

De Mofras, Explor. tion do 1» Oregon S:0, 

Tocie I, p.98, ViHH. 

llouvelle Helvetic de Capitaine Sutter 

De Kofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, les Califor- 
nies, ^.c., 1844. 

ou^V^VVe- ou^ 

Ha^uXe- v^al»^0YWift 


Ci\er a. 

I M 




C^i . f 

o r 14 V a. 

HOXQU <.tQ.«k 


Nueva HelvetiaE New Helvetia] Calif. 

"Laid out by Captain Sutter . .about 
a mile and a half from the Sacra/nent>o." 
Bryant: What I Saw in California, 272, & 
elsewhere, 1848. [Entry of Sep. 1846.] 

Nueva Helvetia. Ore{^:on t 
Calif. (1844). 247. mi5. 

See also Sutter's Fort. 

Nye's Landing =Marysville, Calif. - 

--E.G.Waite in[Edwin FjBean's History and Di- 
rectory of Nevada Co., Calif., 76, 360, 1667. 

Nye's ''Near the mouth of the Yuba, where llarys 
villa now stands". — A. iJelano^j^ije on the 

Plains and among the Diggings, p. 245, Auburn 

place fui fiu^ 

OaJc Grrove 


Place 15 miles west of Warner's Ranch, southern 
California. Military post of Carrp Wright es- 
tablished there in 1862.— R.H.Orton, Cali- 
fornia Men in the War of the Rebellion,. pn. 325. 
672, 1890. » 1. » 



•Tovm on T. side ?>v.n Francisco Bay, oppos- 

ite San Francisco. 

Incon-jorated os a ioxm Lay 4. 1852 

O 4. 

at. of Calif. ,1852,180,185 

Incorporated as a city Llarch 25. 1854.— 

Ibid. 1854.183.1854 


rDid,1854, 223, 1854. 

Blake, W. P., in Pac. Rr. Rep., V,pt. 11,140; 


Site of present city of Oakland was 
in early times as gncin al de T emesc^l 
'Jm. Heath Davis, Sixty Years in Calif 


1831-89. 534-5 

San Francisco 


t LMe. S\\asfel^( vef) LqX I -p-. 

%vtr TiS,'^ onslo^ c[ \SW si^^r o^T^t.^ksTa. ilow\nq:^\{, ml, 

3)eT^-fms .Carte deWre^on .dies Call-f ornies.^rc 1^4^. 


De Mofras, Carte de 1 •Oregon, les Cal 
ifomies, &c., 1844. 

Point on coast immediately S of Point 

Keys Peninsula and E of Drake Bay. No such 
place now knoi^Ti. 

Ocoya Craa^ • Peso (Pcss^orPosey) Or., Kern Co* 

1 name of creek In SB part of San Joa- 
quin Valley comipfe frcxn adjacent foothillB k 
running NE past Famosa, SB of Tulare Lake & R of 

Bakersfield. Balled Oceya & 0-co-ya on early maps 
& rep orbs • 

- O-co-ya or Pose Oreek. — Paclf . R.R.Repts. 
C-en. Map of Expl. & Surv. Calif ,1853. 

' O-co-ya or Pose Creek. — Williamson, P.R.R,, p.l4, 1856. 


• Ocoya Ci*d5k* -• Wm* P. Blake, Geological 

rept.. Pacific R.R.R^Vb 
164-5, 1856. 

• T.A.Oonrad, Pacif . R.R.Rj^V. Appendix U, 

Description of Fossil Sliells, 328-9, 1857. 

• 0-co-ya or Pose Oreek. -• Marcy: Prairie 
Traveler, 316. N.Y.. 1859. 







•. Mat; 


0-co-ya = Pose Cr, 

Creek 7 miles IJ of Kern R. 
in Pac .Rr .Rep . , V, pt . 1 , 14, 1353. 

— Williamson, R.S 


Ogdens or Unknown Biver = Huniboldt Piver. Qs^if. 

Shovm on Wilkes* Map of The Oregon Territory . 

U. S. £z. Ex. 1841, as emptying in a considera- 
ble ^ake called Unknown Lake, now known 

HumboldtTer the' Sink of the Humboldt.' 

LHumboldt ilj Nev. 

R. Ogdens ou inconnuo . 
Hiver in N Nevada. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, dos 
Californies^c, Gen'l map. 1644 . 

Oil Canyon Frasno Co. Oalif, 

Oil Oanyon; csjiyon leading southerly 
from Oil City about ten miles due north of 
Ooalinga, Fresno «::o. . Oalif. U.S.GQOg. Board, 
May 15, 1908, 

Los OJitos br Santa Marta) Orange Co., Calif. 

Name given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
narrow canyon in mountains 2 leagues iToIJ Santa 
Ana River. — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd., 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist. , Vol. 2, No. 4, 179, 

Santa Mart^. — Crespi. Diary Portola Expd. 
in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva California. 2, 121, 

Mexico, 1B74. 

Ranch© de los Ojito« 

Ranch 3 leagues fnan Sa 
Mauricio Gonzalez. Memorias 
Bancroft Library, 11, 1877i 



^. , . ^ , ^ Los Armeies Co.. Calif 

-Ujo de Jgua del Berrendo ( or San Gregorio) 

Name given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
watering place 5 or 6 leagues W of Los Angeles 
River, apparently near mouth of Sepulveda 
Canyon. — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd.. 
vol. 2, no. 4. p. 183, 1911. ^ ' 

"This site was named San Gregorio . and the 
soldiers called it Los Oios de fcua d el Ber- 
rendo."— Crespi. Diary Fortola Said, in 

alou's Noticiade la Nueva Calif. ,2. 126.1874 

Ojo de Agua de los Alisos . Los Angeles Co. 

Name given by Portola Expd. in 12B9 to 
watering place 3 or 3-1/2 leagues W of Los 
Argeles Kiver near site of present Sherman 
Station. 7- Costanso, Diary Portola Expd. .Pubs 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no.4. 183, 

M U^o d e mia. de los Alisos de San Estevan. - 
Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Pal^u's Noticia 
de la Nueva Calif.. 2. 125. Mexico. 1874. 

Ojo del Coche 

Cal if . 

0.1 del Coche : "Remarkable hills near coast" 
8 leagues S of Santa Clara, a fe^ miles be- 
fore reaching plain of Las Llagas.— Cax)t.W.F. 
Beechey, Narrative of a Voyase to the Pacific, 
vol. IT, p. 48, 1831. 

del Coche on the road 
ho La Laguna. — Juan 
MS, Bancroft Library, p. 

from T,!onberey to 
Bernal , Memoria, 
11, 1877. 

San Diego Co,, Calif. 
Bancheria de los Ojitos de Kinconada de 

San Diego 
Hame given by Portola Expd. in 1769 to an 

Indian rancheria 2 leagues IIW of San Diego 

'In a r i n c onada (corner) that makes a second 

port (Palse Bay) and has some freshwater poolsT 

— cesspit Diary Portola Expd,, 
Noticia de la Uueva California, 

in Palou's 
2, 101, 1874. 



Old Dry Di^irm's? T^, 

KcLngtown_ ^ j=Placerville, Calif. 

.-Mem'l and Biog'l Hist. of North* n Calif 
Pub'g Co., 134, 1691. 


Same in Directory of the county of Placer [Calif] 
for the year 1861, by R.J.Steele ani others. 26, 


NW Calif. 

On the coast, NW Calif. Suggested as N 
boundary Klamath Indian Reservation in 18i)8.- 

Heintzlernan in Rept. Comrn. Ind. Affrs. fdfr 
1858, p. 639, 1858. Mess. a. Docs. H.R. 35th 
Cong. 2d Sess. Ex. Doc. 2, 1858. 

^^^^'-zJxj^ 4>H^«^ . 

One Llile Rock 


Rock at S entrance to San Frr.ncisco Bay. 
Eeechey, Voyage of Blossom, 11,652,654, 

Onion ^reck 

Creek flov/ing into Scotts Fork [South 

ForklTrinity River from the E.--Qil;Les, 
of Californir, 1052. 

Onion Vallej 


Reference to a bouse "on the trail 
leading from Marysville to Onion Valley/, 

on Slate CSreek'*. — Bates: Four Years on 
Pacif .Coast, ,1857. lifetb Ed.2S-9, 1856.] 

Slate Cr« is NE of Marysville, emptiai; into 
N! Fk.Yuba ri?er. 

Onion Valley 

[Onion Valley] 


^Jutchings Cali f .Mag. , 1 , 194, 1856. 
^"?ia&ejn extreme S part present Plurna 
County, just IIW of Pilot PeakC^^^ o^^^^^^^n ^>^*'^^-). 
X^tatutes of California, 1853,313,1855. 


County Seat, Sutter Co., 1850. 
•Statutes of California, 1S50, 62, 
Gibbe^ Uap of California, 1652. 




Place on ?. side Hio d. 1. Plunias [Feather 

s of California, 1651, 423. 1851 

River] 25 miles ^ mouth of lloncut Creek.- 

n A 1 ^v 

loues, ...ap of California, 1652. 

Ojo rTrrnde 

Sprinr nt head of Car i so Creek, a-^, '^ 

ba-e of mouiitcdns ':■ of Colorado Desert. 

Enion:, Llilitary Eeconn. F^ , Leavenv;orth 
to San riogo in ir46-47, 10:6, 1848. 

Ophir City C^ Orov ill« j Butte Co . , _ 

Name Ophir City was chaiTgea to Oroviiie 
auring latter part oi 1856. — Brock. J.M. , 
Recoliections of '49, MS. Bancroft Library. 

Original mme of town of Oroviiie.— Gilbert 
Wells & Charribers, History of Butte County, 
p. 233. 1882. 



•^mall settlement 2 V2 miles ^' of 
Auburn, Placer County.-lStat.Calif . ,1854, ::23, 

Orchard Peak Kew Co. 

Orchard Peak, in Section 
Range 17 E, Kern Co.» Calif* 
Board, kpr. 7, 1909* 

22, Township 26 S. , 


Orleans Bar 


riginal county seat of Klainath County, 

which county no longer exists, having been an- 
nexed to Humboldt and Siskiyou Counties. 

Folit. Code of California, San Francisco, 
p. 825, 1897. 

'Mining caiip on Klaiiiath River betv/een 
raouthsof "rinity and Salmon Rivers. 

-^Statutes of California, 1855,307,1855. 
^Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, III, 14?, 1853. 



Canada de los Osos San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. 

faiiey in San Luis Obispo Co, opening into 
Morro Bay. Visited by Portola Expd. in 1769 and 
named Los Osos because of the troops of bear* 
i^ich they found. — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 
221, 303, 1911, 

gal i V i dad (misprint for Natividad) de Nuestra 
Senora . This canyon was named for the bear*; 
Crespi named it Halividad de Huestra Senora . -- 

crespi. Diary Portola Expdj;. in Palou's Uoticia 


Part of Rancho Guadalupe (the other 
pc-irt being La Lar^a) , Santa Barbara Cou3:ty. 

• Statutes of Crilifomia, 1852, 218,1852'. 

• Statutes of California, 13f>., 148, 1854 
(Oso Placo) . 

Canada de los Osoe San Luis OlDispo Co., Calif. 

Vailoy in San Luis Obispo Co. opening into 
Morro Bay. "^ieited hy Portola Expd. in 1769 and 
named Los Osoe because of the troops of bears 
which they found. — Costanso, Diary Portola Expd 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 
221, 303, 1911, 

!Talividad (misprint for Uatividad) de Nues tra 
Senora. This canyon was named for the bears; 
Crespi named it Halividad de Nuestra Senora , -- 

Creapi, Diary Portola Expdi, 

rciXL' J. 9 TJfl f" ^ 


de la Nueva Calif . ,2,160, Ifexico, 1874. 


Flaco (tx C>SoTU;*Q*) 

P^-^rt of Rancho Guadalupe (the oth 


r-rt beine La Lar/:a) , Santa Barbara Count 



tatutes of C-^ilifo 

mia, 1852, 218. 1852. 

(Oso Place) 

Statutes of California, 185^. ,148 1854 

Oso Flaco Lake San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. 

Large almost circular leke near coast, about 

r .^? ^ °^ ^^^^ Maria River. The Portola 
hxt'd. halted here in 1769 and hunted bears. 
ihe soldiers called this place Real de los 
Vivoras; others called it £1 Oso I'la co (tliJn 
?®frT:— Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palou's 
Koticia de la Nueva Calif., 2. l67. Mexico 

\'^hen the Expd. returned by 
Crespi speaks of the sane laJce 
del Medano or Redondo. 

this road, 
as Lacuna 

La Lap:una Redond^ . — Costanso, Diary 

Portola Expd. , Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., 
vol. 2, no.4» 1911. 

Laguna del Meg:anQ . — Ibid, 305. 

Ostion Panch 

an Luis Obispo Co 

''Sonetines ct-Iled Randi it^. — Paul Schumacher, 
Smithsonian Inst. Rept. for 1874. p. 343, 1875. 


See La Poza de Osuna 


De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, d 
ifomies, &c., 1644. ' 

des Cal- 

noar coast, II of Rio San Diego 


De Mofrao, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
if oniies, kc, 1844. 

Wood camp on northern part of Monterey 
Bay about midway betv^een mouths of Pajaro 
River and Santa Cruz River [now San Lorenzo 

(J V as ( Loupe Av~^o'\s) 


■\t.^ \ 

ivv ov Y\e-5.>f V^i^Wtv of ^pTo 



Name on map of san Diego district, 18 00-30, a 
little E of southern extremity of San Diego 
Bay. — Bancroft, Hist* Calif. 11,105,1885. 
Name of rancho in San Diego district in 1829. 
Ibid 111,612,1885. 

Otche-poh or Bluff Creek 

• Gibbs, in Schoolcrat, 111,147 1853 

Otter Fdver 

''dikes Exped. liarrative, V, map (anted 
1841) facing p. 150, 1845. 

Biver shown as emptying into the San Joa 
quin from the E south of the 'Appelaminy. ' 

Oumouhum =Mt.Bache, Calif. I 

Speaks of peaks near Almaden Mines. One tenned 
by the Indians Choual; "the other, Oumouhum, 
since named Mt. Bache. "--Frederic Hall, Hist. of 
San Jose and surround in^-s, 9, 1871. 


I >^ -^J^yr^^ ^ 






ria.ce 5 miles HE of Auhurn. — Gibbes, 

..ap of California, 1852. 

Owens Lake 


[Owens Lake] 
^^^H^ii^SL^^N^ftli^o^is., 1052. 
LaKe^MB=i;t Imo County, eastern Cal ifornia. 
Blake, W.P., in Fac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,141, 



The comprehensiveness ot the work and tne mass ot uitormauo.. presenter 
make inevitable the frequency of minor errors, which will undoubtedly be cor- 
rected in future editions. One of the most curious mistakes is the statement 
that Owens Lake was named for "Prof. Richard Owen." How old Di£k.| 
Owens, the haridy companion of Kit Carson, would have handled the writer for 
that designation! 

Is it not enough praise to be able to say that Rider's Guide will be just as 
useful and welcome to stay-at-home Califomians as to travelers and new- 
^^^^^s"* . . Charles L. Camp 

Dwen^s Mountains Calif 

Nama applied by Rev. J. W. Brier to the 
several ranges east of Owens River Cestimated 
to have a breadth collectively of about 50 mi 
— Gfwrimi Harris Heap: Central Route to the 
Pacifie, 135, 1854. 


Ov/ens River 

-^)^j,-*xAj^»4^ OvM^.wiMoLVl-tij^t- 
Hiver^flowing into Owens Lake from the 

[Owens River] 


ifornia, 1852. 

Fremont states in a letter dated March 8, 1881 
that he najned Owens River on the winter journey 
of 1843-44.— Thompson & West. History' of 
Nevada, p. 26, 1889. 

Placd TUi^itu^ - CcJa^L 


Plaza de los Cavallos 

Be Llofras, Carte de 1' Oregon, des Cal- 

ifomies, cic. (chart no. 16) 1844. 

Foothills at S end of Sausalito Pcnm 


Paljlo Bay 

[San Pablo Bay] 

Wilkes ExTDed. (map dated 1841) ,V, facing 

p. 150,1845. 

Pachaca Spring 

San Bernardino Co. 


See Paohalka Spring 

Pachalka J^prfng San Bdi*nardinO '16* 


TT <^ f^flftO- V(nnrA Dsr fi IQll ^•'=''*'''*J ^P""^:. San Bernardino 
U.^.ljrQOg.DOara^UQC.D^ArXA County, California. (Not Pachaca, 

Pachanca, Pachapa, Pachauca, Pe- 
chaca, nor Pechapa.) 

Pachanca Spring San Bernardino Go. 
See Paohalka Spring 


Pachauca Spring San Bernardino Co 
See Pachallca Spring 


Paclieco Valley 

Valley 4 miles S of I 

Kuf-diinz-G Cal if JJag. , III ,483 . 1359 


P ache CO 

To\ni in Pacheco Valley about 4 miles 


f f 


1 ne z 

lutchiiigs Calif .Ma^-. , 111,483,1859 

Pacheco's Pealc 

Peak in Coast Range ("lat, 36° 57*"), 
John S. Hittell, Ilutchings Calif. nar! 
Ill, 357,Feb. ,1859. ' 

Elake,f.P., in Pac.Rr.Pep.,V,pt.II,l40,1857. 


Place in mountains 15 miles IJW of San 

Jua.n [Bautista].— Gibbes, Lap of California, 


V;*llin:ri?^on,R.S., map, in ^x.Doc.}.?9,33d. 
Con^.,lst.3e5S.,AYIII(pt.4) ,1855. 

Pacheco' s Pass 

Wiliiairison,R.S. , in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.I, 


Pacheco Pass 

Pass throu{-h Diablo Ridge (lat. 37° 05'"). 

Jolin S. Hittell, Hutchings Calif .Llag., 
Ill, '557, Feb., 1059. 

Pachico's Ranch 6 <5i* 

Rajicho of Mont© Diablo. 

Williamson in Sen,Doc.47,31st 



Packwood '^redk 

Kern Co. 

Cal i f , 

Packwood Oreek, in Townahip 27 S, Range 
1® E, Kam Co., Calif. 

Paddy Clark's 

On Cache Creek, northwest of Sacramento City. 
T^illiamson's Sketch of Route of Capt. Warner's 
Party. Rept. in Sen.Doc.47,31st Cong. 1st Sess. 
Pt.II. pp. 17-33. 1850. 

Pa^aro River 

Statutes of 

CPajaro River] 

California, 1851, 173, 1851. 

•^^^^■^^vdXx^ -&i?W. 

Paicines Bancho 


an Benito Co, 


Spanish rancho Cienega de los Paicines . 
San Bonito Co.^ named for Indians of that^ 
locality. — Hist. Monterey Co. ,146,1881. 


Painter's CfidTon. 

"Painter was shot by a party of Pah)- 
utes, who were in ainbush at the head of 
Surprise Valley[Galif.] . . . Having then ; 
buried' the body, we named the valley Pain- 
ter' s GaHon. It holds this name to the pres 

ent day."— luckskin MoseCCJeorge f.Perrie] 
Life from Lakes to Pacific, 99, 1875. 

f^^^f- ^^^-n^ yf^t^-af . '^^ W«/i>g . 

Painte Mt. 

Mountain between Mohave Valley and Colo- 

rado Valley.. .Whipple, A.W., in Pac.Rr.Rep.,111 
Art.III,39,1856. Pm^i^, 

Pai-ute Cr, 

Whipple, A.W,, in Pac.Rr.Rep.,III, Art.II, 

Paiute Mts 

Whipple, A. W., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,III,ArtJn 



Paiute Ridge 

Whipple, A. W,, in Pac.P.r.Rep. ,111, Art.III 


Elake,W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.II,141,[bby 

(Pad Ute Range) 

Lo del Pajaro (EMif. 

River emptying into Monterey Bay. ITamed 
by Porto la Expd. in 1769 "because they found 

a large bird which the nativen had killed and 
stuffed. -- Costaneo, Diary Portola Expd., Pubs 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 247, 
279, 1911. 

Crespi says the soldiers called it Rio del 
Pajaro, hut he named it Senora Santa Ana, — 
Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in Palou»s Noticia 

de la ITueva Calif., 2, 182, Mexico, 1874. 


del^ vJilln *^ ^^ ^^- crossed the 
aei i^axaro. — Pedro Pont, Diary Anza 

Sxpd. .Pubs, Acad. Pacific Coast Hist vni 
no. 1,65, 1913, "^sii'ivol. 


Rio del Pajaro.- Diary of Pedro FontrAnza 

Siped.l775-1776:PiibB.Acad.Pacif. Coast His 
Vol.3, No.l, 109, March, 1913. 

Name on niap of Monterey district 1801-10, 
located (1) Between Pajaro River & mission San 
Juan Bautista; (2) On or near Salinas River, a 

^!f ^^1 -5 ?T^^'c^^^ ^^^uel, - Bancroft. 
Hist. Calif, 11,145,1885. 

Pajaro River rPninv^o d- 

Lrajaro River] 

River emptying into Llonterey Bay. 
tatutes of California, IGfX), 59, 1850 
bibbers, Llap of California, 1852. 


Pajaro Valley 

Tyson: Geology of 
Cong. 1st Sess. 51, 


Sen. Doc.47, 31st 


-^ - -* | .| ^ ^ i 

CPola] . 

Place about 23 miles UIE-of San Luis Rey. 
1/^illiainson, R.G., map, in Ex. Doc. 129 33d:. Cong-. 
1st. Sesn.,XVIII(pt.4), 1855. 

Father Doyle says *Pale* was local Indiai 
word for water and was name of Indian vill^e 
where mission outj.ost was established in 1816. 
—C.F.Saunders ci J.S.Chase. California Padres 
and Their Missions. 49. 1916. 


Frank Stephens In More om, "Notes on the 
birds of southern California and south- 
western Arizona" (Rldgway Orn. Club, Bull. 
No. 2, April, 1887 : 36) says that a townslte 
by this name was laid out at the "Agua 
Callente" In the Coli8^11a Valley of (the 
then ) San Diego County. 

H •W.Q- • 

Palm Springs 

Springs in 
Colorado Desert,-' 


valley of Car i so Creek, 
Blake, W. P., in PacRr.Rep., 

Palo into Id. [Now Snag Id.] . 


In Suisun Bay, south of Greens Id. [now 
Button Id.] — Rin^old, Chart of Suisun k 
Vallejo Bays, 1860. 

Palo Alto Pt. 


Point at east end of Palo Alto Id.[now 
Snag Id.] on Suisun Bay.— Rir^gold, Chart 
Suisun £l Vallejo Bays'; 1850. 


Rancheria del Palo Caido Monterey Co., Calif. 
Name given "by Portola Expd. in 1769 to 
small band of wandering Indians who lived in 
the open in the canyon of the Aeroyo Seco, 
near its junction with Salinas River. (Spelled 
Caydo and Cahido in Spanish text on opposite 
page) -- Costanso, Diary Portola Bxpd, , Pubs. 

Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 235, 
296, 1911, 

Palo Prieto San Luis Obispo Co. 

Palo Pneto; pass, extending from 

middle of Township 27 South, Range ll# S •GeQg^ BOOrd^ ApP* 7 1 1909 
17 East, northwesterly into Town- 
ship 26 South, Range 16 East, Kern 
and San Luis Obispo counties, Cali- 


Palos Colorados 


^ ^'^^^^^^^ PSlJ ^^° °^>it5^ surnrait of Berk"aley 
hills, eaiied by Be echey^ "Sierra de los 

Bolbones". — Beech ey: Voyage of Blossom [1326] 
11,42,426, 8vo ed. 1831- 


PAMOOSA (Indian, Pamusa - water and under- 
n ^ growth) 

fhA nLI^r^'^'^P^ ^""^ during past decades 
name has been corrupted to Moosa, 
-there is a record that "Agapito," the 

youngest child of Vincente Amamix, k native 

was Daptized on July 23. IftOPi. 

and says it means 

July 23, 1805. 

n«mo "T.« "^^J^® "^^ National City spells the 
name Pamosa" "---^ •• "^ .. -^ 

bearded man". 

a long. 

San Diego Daily Union 


Fanoche Hills 

Fresno Co, 


U. S.GeOg.Board Mar. 6 1912 Pa^o^he; group of high hiUs northeast 

^ • ♦ Panoche Valley, Diablo Range, Fresno 

County, California. 

Fanoche Creek Fresno & San Benito Cos. Calif. 
U.S.Geog.Board Mar.6 1912 P"^^'^^' ^'•"''•^^""^^"^sanBenito 

Counties, California, draining higher 
part of Diablo Range west of Llanada, 
running easterly through Panoche 
Valley, and emptying into San Joaquin 
Valley at Hayes Station. (Not Silver.) 

Fanoche Yalley San Benito Talley Califs 

U^S*Ge0e:eB0ard.Mar^6 1912 ^^^^^^^^ Valley^lying ea^DIablo 

^ ^ f Range, chiefly in Township 15 S., 

Ranges 10 and 11 E., Mount Diablo 
Meridian, San Benito County, Cali- 

Panochita Creek & Valley Fresno & San Benito Co 
See Little Panoche Creek . 

Panorama Hills 

San Luis Obispo Oo. Calif* 

U.S. Creog. Board, Apr. 7, 1909 

Panorama; hills, low range extending 
from northeast corner of Township 
32 South, Range 21 East, northwest- 
erly to Section 7, Township 31 South, 
Range 21 East, San Luis Obispo 
county, California. 

Panorama Pofnt 

San Luis Obispo 06« Calif. 


Panorama Point; hill, in Section 34, 
Township 31 South, Range 21 East, 
San Luis Obispo county, California. 

^ Pan-tfi-pi3Tn [=Table Mt . ] 

Tehama Co. Calif. 

Name applied "by N5^m-lak-ke of Paskenta to 
Table Mountain. - 

Parks' Bar 

Bar on Yuba Biver, "between L'arysville, 

Yuba CounVy, and Rough and Ready, L^evada Co". 
•Stat, of Calif. ,1854, 222,1854. 

'Park's Bar 


On Yuba river, about 20 miles from 

Marysville.— Bates: Four Years on Pacif. 
Coast, , 1857. L 5th Ed. 192, 1658J 

Parks Peak Solano Co. 
Seo Dunns Peak 


Parrage de los Berrendcs[Place of'.the Calif. 
Antelopes.] — Traveling NE from Monterey 

about 12 leagues Pedro Fages saw many herd 
of antelope. "Going up a very difficult, hill 
From the top of it was seem an infinite nuru 
ber of mcun tains.. .This place was named Pari 
age de los Berrendos."- Diary Pedro Fages: 

Eiped.San Francisco Bay in 1770: Pubs. Acad. 
Pacif Coast Hist., Vol. 2, No. 3, p. 9, July, 


Parrasquitas tPenasquitos] 

19 miles from San 

Pasqual. - Marcy: 

Prairie Traveler, 293, N.Y.1659 

^ela Pasidn 

Moraga' 3 ^expedition ^^ 1^06 traveled about 

15 leagiaes IW of Tuo 

from Arroyo San Fmcnsico we Ri Tier; about^Q leagues 

cajne to a very full 

river, already djscovered man expedition that 
was made to Bodega by land... It is called de la 
Pasion."— P.Pedro Munoz^ Diary ,_18C6. Arch. Sta 

Barbara, Xol. 4,p 18,-4806-1821. ^ 

Priestley says: 

^^6 Cal^eias." 


The Pa si on 

fflust have been 

Pass Creek 

Crcek^omptyin^' into Kern Lake from the 

S...G'ibbe:r\3^i:ap of California, 1852. 

NainecL Dy Fremont. --Williamson, R.S,, in 



De laofras, Carte de 1' Oregon, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c., 1844. (map no. 14) 

Plade^E of Lionterey Bay, S. IdUUk N d ^Uj,^ 

Pattorson ^ash 

See Lake Val ley- 

Lino oln Go 


Pattewott River [fJlad River] Humboldt Co^, Calif. 
Steamer Calif. Express. Marysville. May 1, 1865. 

Pautah, County 

"County of Pautah: Commencing at 'he 1]E cor- 
ner of ^ Sierra Co., thence in a southeantcrly 
direction to the NE extremity of Pyramid Lake; 
thence in a SE line to the IJW boundary of Carson 
Lake; thnnce running S to the E border of Walker 
Lake, following said border to the S limit of 
said Lake; thence in a south-westerly direction 
to tlie SE comer of Calaveras Co.; thence fol- 
lowin(^ he E boundary of Calaveras, El Lorado, 
Plo,cer, Nevada and Sierra Counties to the Dlac^ 

of beginning. The Seat of Justice shall be at 


This Act shall take effect when the Congress 

of the United T.tates shall cede to the State 
of California the territory described in the 
first section of this Act!yiw'^^2e52 
Statutes of California, 1852, 193, 1852. 

Rio del Paxaro [jPajaro Rive3 

In 1776 the Anza Expd. crossed the Rio 
Paxaro . — Pedro Font, Diary. Ansa Expd.,Pub8 
Acad. Pacific Coast Hist.,, vol. ?, no.l, 65, 



See Pajaro 

Paxaros, Rio de los 

[Pajaro River] 

llanied from abundance of ducks. 
Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,579,1831. 

Rio d3 los Pdkarcs 


[Pajaro River] — Beech ey: Voyage of Blossom 
[1826], 11,49, 1831- g^^W^, ^C>.^^<r,. . 

Rio del Paxaro. — Pedro Font : Diary, Aiiza EttA. 

1775-1776 :Pubs. Acad. Pacif. Coast Hist.Tol.3,IIo. 
1, p. 65, March 1913. 

Pechaca Spring 

San Bernardino Go 


See Paohalka Spring 


[now Payne Creek] 

Ilutchings Calif. La^;., 1, 5^10, 1857. 

Pochapa Spring San BernardinD Co 
See Paohalka Spring 

Pedro Blanco 

Pocks in i; part of San Francisco Pay. 
Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 11.654 1831 

1 ^^4 CkiLrt 


Svte ftf GVy of- S'zi-n uc\to 

Shi8'tSk^'""^]=%^«^^ ("rivulet"), Calif. 

"The r-ivulet known as the Aguaf^e but erroneousl 
called by some La Penetencia, and narned by the 
Indians Shistuk. "--Frederic Hall, Hist.of San 
Jose and surroundings, 12, 1871, 

(La Penetencia i 

I Penetencia is a^nother creek, 
ailed by the Indians Yukisma.' 

Ibid 12-15.) 

Penetencia River Calif. 

Small stream rising in mts. B of Santa 
Clara Valley, flowing through Alum Rock Canon 
and north by Milpitas into San Francisco Bay. 

Called by Indians Yukisina. 
--Frederic Hall, History of San Jose, 12-13, 

_ 1871. „ 

Santa Barbara Co.,Calif| 
Punta de l08 Pedernales (Los Pedernale8)t?llt)t^'?i"^ 

Point of land extending to the sea,^^ leagues 
FW of Pt. Concepcion. Named by Portola Expd, in 

VI69 becanse they found many flints there. — 
Costanso, Diary Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no.4, 211,307, 1911. 
In sight of another point nearby from which 
Pt. Concepcion bears SB 8*E. — Crespi, Diary 
Portola Expd.,in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva 
Calif., 2, 152, Mexico, 1874. 

Name still in use for a point a few miles N. 

Pedregosa, Creek 

Creek running through city of Sa,nta 
Barbara from the i:W and emptying into Pacific 
F. of Punta del Castillo. 

Statutes of California, 1850, 172, 1850. 

Pelican Bay 

Bay just LI 
x^ap of "-alifornia, 

[Pelican Bay] 

of Pt. St. George.— Gibbe::^ 


Pelican Island LM^«-^t<^xl 


In San Prancisco Bay, •covered with. 
large birds.'*— Barnes: From Atlantic; to 
Pacific, Overland, 104, 1866, 

Penasquiids Calif. 

Name on map of San Diego district 1800-30, just 
south of 33° lab. & W of 117° long- -Bancroft 
Hist, Calif. 11,105,1885. 

Penasquitos. Name of rancho (rancheria'^1 in 
1823. -Ibid, III, 612, 1885, 



^^^*-^ f*-J^ 'Vn;^*^ lUCfe^ fcoufcis. £,^T. 

Pescadero or lower cronsing 

Crossing on San Joaquin River at !IE 
corner of Contra Costa County. 

Statutes of California, 1850, 60, 1850. 



[now San Joaauin River] 



to have two large tributaries, 
oaquim and the Jesus. i.aria. 


Kotzebue, Hew Yoya^:e round the Uorld, 
II, 141, 1830. 



'Redick IIcKee, Senate "Rx. Doc.l, 32d 

Cong,, 1st Sens., pt. Ill, 500, 1851. 

'Statutes of California, 1853,182,1053 

(Petal una) . 

Petaloma Talley W.TftA:<v.WvxM3^ Calif. 

Tyson: Geology of Calif. Sen. Doc. 47, 31st 
Cong. 1st Sess. 19,20, 1850. 

Pelatoraa =Petaluma 

R.M'Kee in Schoolcraft, Ind-Tribes, VI, 711,1857 

Petal uma 


* Statutes of California, 1853, 182, 1853. 
•Ibid, 1854, 223, 1854. 

Petal unia Creek 

the liW, 

Creek emptying into San Fablo Bay from 

Statutes of California, 1850, 60,61, 1850 
Gibbers, Ilap of California, 1852. 


'Place 20 miles from Bestville, in what 

wan then Klamath County. 

^Statutes of California, 1855,307,1855. 

Pete's Ranch 



n South Fork American "River a little east of 
Brockliss' Bridge.— ^an F luncisco Weekly 
Bulletin. April 28,18eO;» 

Pewter Creek [=Putah Creek] 


Lt. H. L. Abbot, Pacific R, R. Repts.. 
Yla. 67, 1867. 

Pt« Phelps 

Contra Costa Co, 


South side Carquinez Straits 
Costa.— Hing^ld, Ltap of "traits 
quinea and Vallejo Bay, 1850. 

Now Fort 
of Car- 

Phillips' Upper Ferry 

*Ferry on Merced River .^^Wu^JI-lm it Vtvcejl^. 
'Statutes of California, 1855,125,1855. 

Picachos [Marysville Buttes] Sutter Co. , Calif, 

Name given to present Tlarysville Butte* by 
Luis Arguello in 1820,— Gilbert. Wells & 
Chambers, History of Butte County, p. 104, 


Crossing on San Joaquin River at IJE 
corner of Contra Costh Count 


Statutes of California, 1851, 
(Called Pescadero in Statutes 
ifornia, 1850 p. ^l^*5"o.) 

174, 1851. 
of Cal- 

Pt« Picket 


Point on south shore Suisun Bay, south- 
west of Knox Id. [now Chipps Id.] — RirK^old. 
Chart of Suisun k Vallejo 6ays, 1850. 

Piodras Blancas 


Island off Pacific coast, S of Punta Gorda 

, map, in Ti:v.Doc.l29,.3;5d, 
Con{^, ,l-^t.Sess.,XVIIiipt.4),lG55. 

Mount Pierce 

In Huiriboldt County. 

:Jutchingn Calif JJag., Ill, 462, 1859. 


Name on map of San Francisco District in 
30, on the peninsula some distance south 
-Bancroft.Hist, Calif. 11,376.1886. 


of S.R 


De Mofras, Carte de I'Oret^pn, des Cal- 

fornics, &c., 1844. 

Place KE of Uonterey, 


Cal i f. 

Name on map of Monterey district, 1801 -10, about 
midway between missions San Juan Bautista & 
Soledad. — Bancroft, Hist. Calif. 11,145, 1885, 

Sane spelling in Ibid, 111,674,715,1885. 

rilot Hill 

Mountain 12 miles I;U of Colorna.— Gibbes 
Zap of California. 1852. 

Pilot. Knob 

P--k a,bou+. 1^' r.ilen V of Fort Yw-.-.R 
Willi aias , rnnr) in "Fly . Do c . 1 29 , '^r^)d , Con^T. , 1 ?"^. . 



> - i # 


Blake, W. P., in Pac.Rr.P.ep. ,V,pt,II,110,l857 

Pilot Knob 

Place on II boundary of Siskiyou County. 
•Statutes of California, 1854,31,1854/ 

Pilot Peak 


Peak in northern Sierra ("lat. 39° 50'"; 

alt. 7300 ft.")^Ju^'\v.;JJdKT.^)JL'tL^^ 

John S, Hittell, Ilutchings Calif. IJag., 

I II, 357, Feb., 1859. 

Pimental San Benito Co. Calif 

Pimental; small structural valley forming 
westward continuation of the Yallecitos, and 
Creek, draining Pimental Valley, flowing 
southeasterly, joining Griswold Greek, San 
Benito Co. Calif.— U.S. Geog. Board, Mar.6,1912. 

El Pinar Monterey Co. , Calif. 

Name given by Porto la Expd. in 1769 to 
cawp on Monterey Bay neat? Point Pines. — 
Costanso, Diary Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, p. 293, 


Pinos, Point 

[Point Pinos] 


Point at n end Monterey Bay. 

Wilkes Exped. Narrative, V, L.ap (dated 
facing p. 150, 1845. 

Pine Creek 

Creek flowin/- into San Joaquin Piver 

from the K 5 miles ?. of Ft. Liller.-Gib 
...ap of California, 1852. 


Pine Creek * . 

futchings Cal i f ...:a^. , 1 , 540 , June , 1857 . 

Creek in Lassen Counter, HE California, 

emptying into Eagle Lake from the V, 

Beckv/it^-,E.rr.", in T^-'.Doc.lP.9,5:^d.Conr. ,1-=^+ . 


Beckwith,E.G. , in Pac.Rr,Rep.,II,Art.II, 


Pine Crossing 


Place S of 
from mouth. 

S Fork Stanislaus River 5 
--Gibhes, i^ap of California, 

Pine Grove 

Sierra County. 

...entioned as village near Table Rock 

u u 


Pine Grove =Seba6topol, Calif. 

I^^^^f^M® ^PS.^^??i?, a Sacrranento 

i^J^KKf^'^n^^^^J Hist .of North'n 
Lewis Pub'g Co., 92, 1691« 

(?) weekly, 
Calif., "' 



Near Monterey, - Rapt. Lt. P. F.Smith in 
Sen.Doc.47, 31st Cong. 1st Sess.103. 1850. 

runo dA Puerto cit\TlcnTe'Rtvi . \*?C2j 


Name on map, between Point 
Strait, San Francisco Bay. 
Calif. II, 376, 593, 1885, 


San Pablo & CarquinesI 
-Bancroft, Hist. 

^ancho Pinole Alameda Co., Calif. 

Eancho on S side of Carquinez Strait, near 
Martinez, owned in 1838 "by Teniente Ygnacio 

Martinez. Named from the parched corn, pinol^ , 

used everywhere as food. — Wm. Heath Davis ^ 
Sixty Years in Calif., 1831-89, San F^cisco, 

Pinole Rfi.inn . \] n 

Contra Costa Co 

■ ^Q'^c hk : Named by Wm. ^eath Daviq"''qo>. 
^rom hftr fof' :^^ ^^""^ ^^® ^^ inherited 

?ei'/f?°ho I 3i,.,ly added San to he"®Joa!uin 
p.??f * beoaxne tlie na;ne of a Saint Th^'' ' 

S^°7ipf "^^^i'^- *he habit seLally of 
namin^ their ranches after Sain?-' « vi 
Heath Davis, Sixtv Ye^r, fn o ?-^' "**"■• 

Pinos, Punta de 

[Point Finos] 

oint at S entrance to Llonterey Bay. 
raliano, Viage Sutil y Mexicana (1792), 
Ladrid, p. 160, 1802. 

De i:ofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
f>>.^;c.. 1844. Ibid ExdIo rat ion. Tome II. 


_ancouver, Voyage of Tiscoven/, 1790-95, 
Loirid.,11,41,1798 (Point ^inos) , & Atlas (Pto. 
h Pta. de Pinos) . 

V/illiaLi?,nn,R.S., mar), in Ex, Doc I'^Q 3^;. J 
Cong. ,lst.Se3S.,XVIII(pt.4),1855.(Ptn*.drios f^ifi^ 

bale des Pins 

Konterey Bay] 


De Mofras, Exploration de I'Oregon 8cc. 

Tome I 

. .Kno 

Port de Monte Rey." 


. p>96. 1844 . Visited by 

llo xn 15427 and 

wn since under the name 

Pins rouges (Red Pines) 


Forest op oottlomont in mountains 
E of San iintonio, 

De Mofras, Carte de I'Oreg-on et des 

Californies, etc. Map 16. 1844^ 

/x.kZo- S^^. - Santa Cruz Co. , Calif. 

Lagunilla ^Laguna) del Corral 0=.Pinto Lake] 

Name given by Portola Expd. in 176?f^o 
pond among low hills 1 league N of Rio.J*ajaro, 
a little in from coast. So-named because a 
fence foF animals was made between lake and 
low hill. — Costanso, Diary Portola Ejcpd. , 
Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 

4, 249, 279, 1911. 

Crespi gave the name Las Lag;unas y Av e llanos 
de N uest ra SeRo ra to this site. — Crespi, 

Diary Portola 'Expd. in Palou's Noticia der -, 

over J 

la Nueva Calif., II, p. 184, Mexico, 1874 

iHo!?f®^?^^^K°|y^*^'^" lake is probably 
Identical with Pinto Lake. ~ EneelhSdt 

Missions and Missionaries of Calif .II ' 
Ft. 1, 47, 1908. "^ttixi., 11, 

Punta de Pino stPt. Pino slvvovAex^nicvjl Ga];if. 

~~"~ — "•■' — I -iir iiii iMm iiiii H iiiiiii .. wl j iiiiiin r' liiii ■ iw^-iri ir ii — ^ -■■i-i — — . r-j— mnm—pw.—i^. i _■-.„,. -,i ■■■■ - _ ^A €M *• 

Miguel C'ostanso.-- Narrative Portola 

Exped.l769-1770:PubB..Acaxi,Pacif. Coast Hit 
Vol.1, No. 4, 63, March, 1910. 

Punt Pino s. — Beacliey 
84, ISSl,-^^^. cA^Xw 


Pinos, Point 

Beechey, Voyaf^e of Blossom, 1,385.1831- 
11,408,1831. » > , 

Gibbets^LIap of California, 1852. 
Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.II,3, 


Pioneer Basin Fresno Co, 

U.S.G-eog* Board June 


xj 1 QT 1 Pioneer Basin; high mountain valley 
f nXVXX on headwaters of Mono Creek, Fresno 

County, California, latitude 37° 28', 

longitude 118° 48'.. 

Pi-pii-yana or Four Creeks fOne of Calif. 

the Four Creeks above Visalia] 

San Joaquin Valley, So. Calif. — 
Pacif. R.R.Rept6.CTen.Map of Expl. & Surv. 
Calif. 1853. 

Pi-pi- ja-na.— Marcy: Prairie Traveler, 316, 
N.T. 1859. 

ri-pi-yurna or Four Crooks 

[Kawonh River] 

v/iliicun3on,R.S., map, in Ex. Doc. 129, 33d. 

Williamson, R. S., in Pac.Rr,Rep.,V,pt.I, 

13, i853(Pi-pi-yu-na=Kah-wee-ya=Four Creeks) 

Pi-pi-yu-na = Kah-^ee-ya R. 

[Kaweah R. ] 

f illiain3on,R,S. , in Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.I,13, 

Pitch Springs Calif. 

$Yest of Los Angeles.— Ord's Sketch of Los 
Angeles Plains, Rept. Sen. Doc. 47, 31st Cong.lst 
Sess. ii8-i»^1850. 

East of Los Angeles.— Ord's Sketch as ahove. 


IJ. S. 





on Wilkes* Map of The Oregon Territory, 
y:. Sz. 1841, as risii^ in lake of same 
low Goose Laike) on Gal if ornia^. Oregon 
y and flowir^g southwesterly into Sacra* 
River. K^ lower coursflC labeled Sacra- 
while the northern part of Sacramento 

OS now known "iJl!^:^ called Destruction 



Name on map of Los Angeles district 1800-30, 
located a ^little north of Santa Clara R, & E 
of Secpei."tftancroft, Hist. Calif. 11.352, 
1885. Ibid, 566. 

Piro, farm 

Farm on Santa Clara Creek in IJV/ corner 
of Los An^^eles Couiity as originalljr defined. 

Statutes of California, 1^50, 59, 1850. 

The present Piru is doubtless on this 

^^\ ^^v®^ Calif. 

"This river ,which is the main fork of the 

Sacramento, is said to have taken its name from 
the numerous pits on its banks.which are some- 
times 20 ft. deep, and which have been dug by 
the Indians as traps for deer, bear, &c. " 
•fiept.Lt. R.S.Williamson in Ren. Doc. 47, 31st Clong. 
1st ciess.Pt.II, 19,1850, 

Pitt River 

[Pit River] 

Hutchings Calif. Llag., Ill, 354,1859. 
^ Largest river in I'E California. Rises in 
Goose Lcke on California-Oregon boundary and 
"lows SY: into Sacramento River above Redding. 
Often misspelt Pitt. Ilamed Pit from the deep* 
pits t].e Indians used to dig to entrap deer. 

Beck- ith,-^.G., in ^x. Boc. 1.^.9, '.^'5d.Conr. ,1st. 
:es3.,XVIII(T)t.2), Art. 5a; 48,62;1855. 

Beckwith,E.G,, inPac.Rr.Rep.,11 Art II 
43,1855. ^ 1^^, Art. II, 

Pitts Lake (Now Goose Lake) 

Lake on Call fo mi a -Oregon boundary.— Wilkes ' 
Map of The Oregon Territory. U. 3. Exp 1. lip d. 

Pitts Lake rr- r , 

L Goose Lake] 

Large lake in extreno HE Califov^nia 
source of Pitts [Pit] River. . 

Wilkes Kxped. Narrative, 
1841) facing p. 150 jQ45^ 

V> map (dated 

Pit River Calif. 

Rept.Lt.R.S.Williajnson in S6n,Doc.47, 31st 
Cong.lst Sess, Pt. 11,18,19,20 ++,1850* 

The correct spelling (Pit, not Pitt) used 
consistently throughout this rept, & also In 

letter by Major P.F.Smith, Sen.Doc.47,31stCong. 
1st Sess. Pt. 11,16,1850. 

Pitts Eiver tPit River] 

Wilkes T.xj)ed, Narrative, V, map (dated 
1841) facing p. 150, 1845. 

River risiiip; in Goose Lake [called Pitts 
lake on Wilkes' map] and flowing into Sacrrxicnto 



Fl:.ce about. H miles 1^ of mouth of McCloud R. 
Beckv/iV:.,^.C., in ^-.Doc.in9,33d.Cnvi(r.,l3t. 

Se-3.,XVIII(^^':) ,Art.5a;6?/,10'-^5. 

Eeckv/ith,E.G. , in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,11 ,Art .II, 


Placer County 

Established April 25, ISSl.CiuA^Xwfc^uWTYiJ 
Statutes of California, 1851, 176, 1851. 



County Seat, El Dorado County. 
St.atutes of California, 1850, 62, 1850. 

NUJsXDX ^j><jJ(h 

•Incorporated as a ti\li ::ay 13, 1054. 
•Statutes of California, 1854, 140, 1854. 

Ibid, 1854, 222, 1854. 

Placerville = Ilangtov/n 

ToY/n on branch oO/eber 
S Fork i\iiierican Fdver) , county 

County, on Carson Valley road. (In 1853 pop- 
ulation tcf 3000) . 

Creek (tributary 
seat El Dorado 


IIutchinf:s Calif .::ag. , II , 248-249, 271 , Dec . , 

Placer City 

30 miles II of 

on . side 
Colusa. -- 

[Placer City] 
Sacrauento River about 
Oibbe^ IJaT) of California, 

San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. 
de Ids Berros San Luis Canyon 

In 1769 the Portola Expd. passed through^ 

r\-d:[hir].g the canyon and 
and a rancheria and its chief, Bl Buchon . be- 
cause the chief had a tumor on his neck. — 

Costanso, Diary Portola Expd, , Pubs.Acad, 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no. 4, 217, 1911. 

On the return Journey a fsw »9ii<ihs la^sr, 
Costanso speaks of this locality as the Pj,an 
de los Berros or Rancheria del Buohon . Ibid. 303 
See also Buchon, San Ladislao. 

Pleasants Canyon 

See Miller Canyon 

Solano Co 


Pleasant Creek 

Solano Co 

See Pleasants Creek 


Pleasants Oreek Solano 'Id. Calif. 

U.S.CTeog.Board.Mar.4.1908'''#,rar vX "so"Z ^r„tj 

California. (Not Pleasant Valley ) 

Pleasant Vallay 

Pleasant; valley in western Fresno 
County (valley or basin in which 
Coalinga is situated), California. 

PP5sn6 00^ 


U.S.Geog.Board.May 15.1908 

Pleasant Valley 

Original county seat of Calaveras 
Statutes of California, 1850, 63, 


Pleasant Valley • Calif. 

Valley about 10 miles east of Placenrilla, bor- 
dering on the immigrant road on the Carson 
River route, — Sacramento Daily TrsLnscript, 
Feb. 27. 1851, 

Pleasants Valley Sdlanc Oo. 


TT o r« Ti • J If At nriCS^^^^^^^^^' valley west of Putnam 

U.O ♦GeOg. D0arQ,Mar«4jiyUO peak. SoIano County, California. 



Name on map of Monterey district, itJ^u, ;:> oi 
San Antonio Mission & between San Antonio & 
Salinas rivers. - Bauer oft, Hist. Calif. II. 

145,617, 1885. 


Place 10 nilGs S of Llarysville.— 

Cribbos, llcxi of California, 1852. 

Plumas City 


Plunias County 

Established iJarch 18, 1854, and defined. 
Statutes of California, 185^1, 129, 1854. 


Pluinas, Rio de los 

[Feather River] 

•Kelly, Excursion to Calif ., London, II. 

GibbG^ ::ap of California, 1852. 

R. de la Plume Li?'eather mverj Calif. 
Tributary of Sacramento H., E side/ 

De Mofras, Carte de l»Oregon, des 

fornies, d-c, Gen'l map. 

See SacraTnonfro 




"An islajid of Poapui is named- in Prov^St.Pap.MS 
m connection with proposed expedition to ranch 
erias of Tulare Valley in 1818. —Bancroft, Hist 
Calif. 11,332 ftnote,1885. 

Poinsett River 

River in :;R Shasta County flowing into 
Fall River [litt^ River] from the S^^.-Gibbe 
Map of California, ^052. ' 

Pointe des Pins qu des Cypres 

Hifhat is now known as Cypress Point, the 
two points apparently having been confused by 

La Perouse. 


Map 34, Atlas du Voyage de La Perouse, 

[= Ballast Point] San Diaao Bav 
Pointe auizarros (Guijarro. Guijarroe) Calif. 

— Now Ballast Point, on river side of Point 
Loma Peninsula, at entrance to San Diego Bay. 

Ma p 55, Atlas du Voya ge de La Perouse, 
1797k (Pointe Guizarros) 

Punt a de G i 
Portola Expd, . 1769-70, Pubs. Acad. Pacific" 
Coast Hist., vol. 2, no.l, 90, 1911. 

__ jPonta Guiiarro. — Pantola, Plan of the/ 

J (.over 

Port 9f San Diego, 4a.^GaJeanoJoYas© Sutil 
y Mexicana, Atlas. 180?: 

Poison Gulch 

Hutchings Calif .i.Iag., 111,490,1850, 


^"-^T- ^ 

Polonio Pass 

|Polonio; pass, head of Antelope val- 
ley, lying mostly within Township 25 
South, Range 17 East, Kern county, 

Kern Co* 


U.S.Geog. Board, Apr. 7,1909 

Polvadero Gap 

J^esno 'Jo. Oalif. 

1 C I A(Vj Polvadero; gap between Guijarral 
X^,Xi»UO Hills and Kettleman Hills, south- 
west Fresno County, California. 

Polvodero Creek 

Fresno Co 


See Los Oatos Creek 

Poole's Ferry 

Ferry on King*s River.— Blake, Yf. P. , in 

Poor Han' s Creek 

[Poonnane Creok] 

•Statutes of California, 1853,313,1353. 
•Creek flowing tlarough Onion Valley into 
Hopkins Creok, Plumas County. 

Poor ironia.ns Creek 

Creek flowing into i:clsons Creek from 
the SE.--Gibbes, Lap of California, 1852. 

Porcincula River * ^ Calif» 

Misspelling for Porciuncula, the ear- 
liest name of Los Angeles Ri#er, which was 

so-named by Porto la Expd. in July 1769.— 

In Ferderic Hall's Hist.. San Jose, 19-20, 1971 

^io <is la Porciuncula ULos Angeles Rive^ Calif 

In^69 the Portola Expd. cross 

o— aJU^ 


to which they gave 
the name La Porciiincula . -« Costanso, Tiary 

Portola Expd., Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist., 
vol.2, no. 4, 181, 1911, 

.Named this river Rio de Uuestra SeTiora_ de 
los Ange l >g» de Porciun cula. as we crossed it 
on the date of the Indulgence of Porciuncula. — 
Crespi, Diary Portola Expd, in Palou's Koticia 
de la iTueva California, 2, 123, Mexico, 1874./ | 

1^ \ \* V C? 

In yeb. 1776 the Anza Expd. crossed the 
Slo_de_la Porcluircula^. — Pedro Pont. Diary 
Anza ISxpd., Pubs.Aead, Pacific Coast Hist. 
vol.3, no.l, 53, 115, 1913. 

In 1781 the town of 5lie8tra_SeKorade 

Iflj^ An p iel ge de Porcli^inr^ip«, »-..o f^^iTFJi^d 

on the Rio de Porcii3ncula, — Palou. Vida 
de Padre Junipero Serra, 243. Kexico,1787. 

Porsiuncula. fJCern River 


/.^Pinart in a MS, note on^TuIareflGs Indians . 

Mverf- %' l?''''i^"S^^? iormri—r Current 
iUver; .— ,..S Pinart Collection, Bancroft 
Library^ no No. or date. 

Port Harf 6i*d 


San Luis Obispo Co. 

fort Harford; small settlement, twelve mi. 

from San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo Oounty, 
Calif. (Not Port San Luis.) 

U. S. Geog. Board, Oct. 7, 1908 

Port of Pines [Monterey Bay] 

La Perouse, Voyage, English ed., 
map facing p. 67, 1798. 


(Pte. des Pins. Atlas, 1797, pi. 15 & 16) 

Port San Luia L^*— \€v«:^wv^k.i Calif. 
U.S.Geog. Board. Jan. 6. 1909 ^^"-^ ^an ^f ' ^"'^V^'oT"'" 

«^ w %r^« ^vwuA iA| wMAi«vy| j.«fv«r jvvelve miles from San Luis Obispo, 

San Luis Obispo county, Califor- 
nia. (Not Port Harford.) 

Las Posa© Hancho Calif 

Ranch about half-^ay between Santa Barbara 

and Los Angelea o'^med by Jose de la Guerra j 

Noriega in 1842, who also owned the Simi Rancho 
which adjoined^Las Posaa. -- ^. Heath Davis, 

Sixty Years in Calif., 1831-69, M7\ San Fran»i# 
CO, 1889. 

Pose Creek 

[Posey Creek] 

Williamson, R.S., map, in Ex. Doc. 129, 33d. 

Con/T. ,l?t.Sess. ,XYIII(pt.4) ,1855. 

Creek flowing into S end of Tulare Lake 
from the SE. 

Wiliiainson,R.S. , in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.I, 
14,1853 (O-co-ya = Pose Cr.) . 

Los Positas. Positas Creek 

Alameda Co.> 

Stream draining E end of Liverrcore Valley 
arid errptyirg into Tassajara Creek between 
the towns of Livemore & Dublin.— ^hn. P. 
Bartlett, editor. Livermore Val39>', p. 6,1878 


Ranch just Y/ of city of Santa Barbara. 
Statutes of California, 1850, 172, 1850. 

PoBO OrU^ San Luis Obispc Cc. 

PosoOrtega;pond,centerof Section I, tt « n^^ T> J » 

Township 28 South,, Range 17 East. ^ • '^ •^©Og^ DOaTa, Apr 
San Luis Obispo county, California." 


Pte. Lasuen 

Llasuen TointJ Calif. 

Point just N of mouth of Santa Ana R 

Los Angeles County. 

Named Point ^Lasuen "by 
of Padre Permin Francis 
Saunders and J.S.Chase, 
and their Missions, 297, 

Vancouver, Voyage of 
Lond.,II, 466,1798 (Poi 
Vancouver in 1793 ) , & A 
and Pta. la Suen ) . 

De Mof ras , Certe de 1 
fomies, &c, Gen'l map. 

Vancou'^er in honor 
CO Lasuen. -C.P. 

California Padres 

Dli^^ery, 1790-95, 
nt Lasuen, named by 
tlas (Point Lasuen 

'Oregon, des Cali- 


?t. Post 

At southern end 
(now Sutter Id. ) — 
mento Biver, 1850. 

- .--:_ Calif. 

of Schoolcraft Id. 
Ringgold, Chart of Sacra 

Posuncula Lake 

[Kern Lake] 

Blake, W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.II,44,1657 

Po-suni-co-la.or Kern River - CJalif, 

Pacif .R.R.Repts. Gen. Map of Eipl. & 
Surv. Calif. 18155. 

^^ ^)^S^^lC^4«^Taii 

[Kern R. ] 

Po-sun-co-la = Kern River 

Wiliia:nson,R.S., in Pac.Rr.Rep. , V,T)t .1, 

B.iake,W,P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt. II, 33^8^7 
(Posuncula R.) . 




Name on mp of San Diego district 1800-30 
between the forks of Tia Juana River and oh or 
near the bonier of So, Calif. - 

Calif. 11.105,1885. 


Bancroft, Hist. 

Point Potrero Contra Ccsta Co. 
See Shoal Point. 


Potrero de San Jose 

LAlameda Cr.] 


Marsh lands west of San Jose Mission 
on S shore of San Francisco Bay. 

De Mofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon et des 
Californies, etc. Map 16. 

See San Jose'. Potrero ^ 

Potrero, Pto. 

De Llofras, Carte de I'Orc^^on, des Cal- 
ifornies, &c., 1844. (map no. 16) 

Point on E side of^San Francisco Bay, 
^ of San Jose. 

Point Potrero Contra Costa Co. 
See Shoal Point 


Potter^s w^*-^ dkt^o __ 

p. ^®'"r U^U^ ^^^S ^regk and the Sacramento 
ijiver. --Williamson,!^. 3. Sketch of T^oute of 

V jLI "lfi?0^ Exploring Party in Sacramento 

^&IMr!he-D?ifg^.}:2j^f^au^: E 

ins and 

Potter's Bar 

Butte Co . .Calif, 

Mining camp 2 mile3_^ove Ejdw ell'a Bay , on 
Middle_Fork Feather_River.— Gilbert . Wells & 
Chambers, History of Butte County, p. _254, 
1882, ' "~ ~ 

Potter's Bar 

Bar at head of navigation on Feather River. 
Statutes of California, 1850, 101, 1850. 

Potter Valley N3 Ukiah Mendocino Co. Calif. 

Native Indian name Be-loh-kai . which sig- 
nifies leafy valley, or the valley of shade. 

History of Llendooino Co. 167, San J^'rancisco 
1880. Alley, Bowen ^x Co. Pubrs. 


J^^^^€a1«U^ , OL^CfeiUU^ AiL^wv fcujl 

ih 1> »> J>. 

T-*.:««^\V3LR^ .«»_^ VI f K 


Powell Mou ntain Inyo Oo. 

Oal i f . 

Powell; Mountain Inyo County Cali- U.g .(>QOg, BOaTd JUHS 7,1911 

forma, latitude 37 09 , longitude 118 ^ C5 w 

38'. Altitude 13,361 feet. 

La Poza de Osuna ( or San Jacome de la llaroa) 

Canyon 6 leagues W9 of San Diego, passed ^y 
Portola Expd. in 1769. Called La Poza de 

Q£una ^y soldiers and San Jafinm^ ^^ In F°-^fft 
by the Fathers. -* Costonso, Diary Portola 2ixpd. 
1769-70. Pubs. Aoad, Pacific Coast Hist, vol.2, 
no. 4, 167, Aug. 1911. 

^resoi. Diary Portola Expd. in Palou's 
Uoticias de la Uueva California, 2, 103, 1874. 

San Diegaito or Osuna . — Duflot de Mofras 

Pozo 'Canyon 

Esmeralda Co. 


U.S.GeoK. Board. Feb. 3.1909 ^°^°' '^"^°"' ^°^'^^^^'^ quadrangle, 

^-^ • • Esmeralda county, Nevada. 

l:-s..i.Uc^v.vVoM.lU;j^ Calif, 

La Poza de Oeuna ( or San Jacome de la Maroa) 

Canyon 6 leagues M of San Diego, passed ^y 
Portola Expd. in 1769. Called Ia Poza de 
laaa ^y soldiers and San Jaftninft i^a in y[Q,r6B, 

by the Fathers. -^ Costanso. Diary Portola Expd. 
1769-70. Pubs. Aoad. Pacific Coast Hist, vol.2, 
no. 4» 167, Aug. 1911. 

Cresoi. Diary Portola Expd. in Palou's 
Ifoticias de la Nueva California. 2, 103, 1874. 
Sail Disffliito or Osuna . — Duflot de Mofrfis 


De Mofras Certe de l^Ore^on .des Californies 

&c, Gen'i map, 1844 . 

Pozc 'Canyon 
U.S.Geog. Board, 

Esmeralda Co. 


T?aVi % 1 OOQ P®^^> canyon, Goldfield quadrangle, 
^ • Esmeralda county, Nevada. 

Pozo Hondo or Deep Well 

lu t!i^^^ in Colorado Desert, near San Gorp-oni, 
Mt.-.Blake,W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ,V,pt.II,96^li?/. 

Tx aXt ve^'Buiies W^v€s>i\\V<l.3«j^^^ 




""^on S shore, Golden Gate Akw f^ 

De Mofras, Oarte de 1 'Oregon et des 

Californies, etc. Map 16. 1 


•Monterey. Humboldt, Essai Polit.IIouv.Esp., 
I,lxx:dx, 1811. 

San Diego. La Perouse, Voya^^e Atlas, pi. 33, 

San Francisco. La Perouse, Voyage Atlas, 
map 35,1797. 

•Santa Barbara. Humboldt, Essai Pol it. llouv. 
Esp., I,lxxxix, 1811. 

Preston Island 

Solano Co, 


Now Roe Island, ouisun Bay. — "Ringgold's 
Chart of Suisun & vallejo Bays, 1850. 

Priest Id. 

Solano Co. 


On Eir^old*s General Chart of San Francisco 
Bay. ..and Sacramento River, 1850. 
Now part of Ryer Island. 

Primer Vado 

Uonterey Co., Calif. 

In 1776 the Anza Expd. Halted at the place 
called Primer Vado on the San Antonio River 
10 miles SE of San Antonio Iffission. — Pont, 
niary Anza Expd., Puha, Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hist,, vol. 3, no.l, 57, 1913. 

Protraric Hills 

[Potroro Hills] 

Isolated ^roup of low hills II of Sui 
Bay and SP] of tovm of Suisun. 


Hutchings Calif .Mag. ,11, 397,LIarch, 1850. 

Pudding Creek IT IToyo Hiver Mendocino Co. Calili 

Native Indian name loyo. Name given it 
"because of sand dunes near its mouth. 

History of Mendocino Co. 168 


Francisco 1880 Alley, Bowen & Jo. Pubrs 

Pueblo valley 


•About fifteen miles south of the . ^ 
southern shore of the Bay of San Francisco." 
Bryant: What I Saw in California, S15, 

dated Sep. 19, 1646.] 

EUuuu Loji^a «y, K »| ^o4ct^ ?»vv>tl Santa Barbara Co., Calif. 
Pueblos de la Isla or Uescaltltan or Santa 

Margarita de Cortona 
Three or more Indian rancherias on and close 

to aa island^lf miles wide,^forined by the 
branching of an estuary 3 leagues .W of Santa 
Barbara on the Santa Barbara Channel. Visited 
by Portola Expd. in 1769 and called by the 
soldiers, Mescalitlan , by others the pueblos 
of the Isla, and by Crespi, Santa Margarita da 

Cortona . -- Crespi, Diary Portola Expd. in 


See also Mescalti tan, Santa Margarita de Cortona 

Palou'8 ITotlola de la Kueya Calif.. 2,144.1874, 

Sant?^I^^!~^^^^Sla. - 3 leagues BW of 

two L^?h- r^ *" ««*""y reported to have 
ton^rof i *?'' surrounding a email hill and 

vilSL oi ?^.°" :^^°^ "" * populous Indian 
Iwo „?s:« ? ^® estuary towards the east were 

de la isia T'cirr ^"P"'?"" ^'^*" "^« fueblo 
^S-ift -LSia. — Costanso. Diary Portola SxDi. 

Pube.Aoad.Paciflc Coast Hist. .vol. S.noXioHs. 


Llano de la Puente 


Name given by Portola in 1769 to plain 
S of Santa Monica Mountains and W of Los Ang 
les, — Gaspar de Portola, Dian^ of Calif, 
Ex-pd, 1769-70, Pubs. Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hist., vol. 1, no. 3, p. 79, 1909. 

El Puertezuelo \=.Cahuenga Pas 



Angeles Co. 

In 1776 the Anza ISxpd. ^halted at El Puerte- 
zuelo 6 leagues YUVff of the Mission of San 
Gabriel and 4 leagues ^VUW of Los Angeles River. 

— Pont, Anza Expd. , Pubs .Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hint, vol..^,no.l, 53, 1913. 

Puerto de Bodega Calif. 

Moraga's Diario de su Expadicion al Puerto 

de Bodega, 1810,MS, 


jliui ' la utidi 

Bancroft: Hist 
note, 1885. 

• •/ 



186»& Solano* ins 
if- II, 57 ft. 

Puerto ralso 


ancouver, Yo-afce of 
Lend. ,11,467,1798, & Atlas. 

[Fc-lse Lay] 
Discovery, 1790- 





Hancho, San Francisco Peninsula. 

De Mofras, Carte de l»Oregon, dcs Cali- 

formes dec. Gen^l map. 1 844 . 


•De Uofras, Carte de 1 'Oregon, des Cal- 
ifomies, &c. (chart no. 16) 1844. fMsc on General f^^P 

•Creek and probably ranch on San Francisco 
Peninsula a little K of present town Redwood. 

•Statutes of California, 1854,196,1854 

(Pulgas Rancho) . 

Pulgas, Las (flear,) q^^^.^^ 

Fan:-ihouse halfway betv;een San Francisco 
and Santa Clara. 

Beechey, Voyage of Blossom, 1,376,1831. 
Bancho las Pul^;as. — M of Saiita 

-™«,. v^xiou XII looy oy neirs of Gov. Ar^ue^^mm^ 
Present site of towns of Belmont, Redwood City, 
and Menlo Park. - ^fe. Heath Davis. Sixty Years 
m Calif., 1831-89, 32-33, San Francisco, 1869. 

Rancheria de las Pulgas 

San Mateo Co» » 

Expd« in 1769 to abar 
I a small stream near 

coast 7 leagues NNW of Point Ano Nuevo. — 
Costanso, Diary Portola Expd. , 'Pubs. 
Pacific Coast Hist., vol. 2, no.4, p. 

19 ' 1 

Jiiiaredge sscys this site was on Purisima 

Creek. — Z. S. Eldredge. March of Portola, 
p. 38, 1909. 

[Not to be ccnfused vvith Rancho ^^^ Pulgas 
on opposite side San Francisco Peninsula NW, 

of Santa Clara Mission] 

Pulo Creek, 

[See: Puta Creek] 
Cribbes, Lap of California, 1852. 

Pulpunes Mountain tMt. Diablo] Calif 

fill iam Wiggins. Peminiscences, MS, Ban- 
croft Library. 1877 

ibuXVoK^S A-< 


Fort PointI 


u\ looo; j<ort Fomt was garrisoned and 
known as Punta de Castillo or Castle Point. 
-- Wm. H. Davis, Sixty Years in Calif, 1831- 
89, 6, San Francisco, 1889* 

Punta de Gi orese^a [Ft. Cypress.] Calif. 

Diary of Pedro Font,Anza Exped. 
1775-1776; Pubs. Acad. Pac if. Coast Hist. 

'Jol\2>, lfe.i;Sl, March 1913. 
Ak'nterey Bay.] 

[ South of 

Punta da la Goncepcion' ' Gal i f . 

[Point Goncepcion] Miguel Gostanso.- 

Narrative Portola Exped, 17691 7 70: Pubs. Acad. 

Pacif.Goast Hist.,, Vol.1, No.4, p. 61, Mardij 
1910. [ At NW end of Santa Barbara 


Punta de la Goncepc3on[Pt. Conception ] Galif 

Miguel Gx)stanso.- Diary: Porto la 
Exped. 1769-1770 :PubB. Acad. Pacif. Coast 

Hist., Vol. 2, No.4, 49, August, 1911. 
[ At NW end of Santa Barbara Channel.] 

Punta de los Reyes 

Promontory N of S.F.Bay, 

Smith inSen.Doc.47, 
P. Heyes on map. 


31st Cong. 1st gess. 10i^l85 

Punta de los Reyes. -Beechey: Voyage of Blossom 
C1826].II,42.1831.5'''^. ^ ■ 

Punta del Han de Sa^i Francisco Solano Calif 

Moraga's Diario de su Expedicion al Puerto da 
Bodega, IBIO.MS. mentions, on the way north, the 
"Ester of San Juan Francisco" on w?iich was a 
rancheria under Captain Yolo; and on the return 
^^^ "Punta del Pl an de San Francisco Solann * is 
named. ^Bancroft: Histw^sof Calif. II. 57 ft. 
note, 1885. 


Pimta de Ole^aricf 

After comiiig out of Oarquinez Strait frcm 
the east, Fray Marciso Duran arrived at a 
place dalled Punta de Olegario near the Isla 
de los Aiigeles, -Diary of Fray Uarciso Dura 
JJrpd.on Sacramento k San Joaquin rivers, 1817: 
Puhs, Acad. Pacif. Coast Hist. Vol. 2, No, -5, p. 21, 
Dec. 1911, 

Punta de Quintin [=San Quentin Pt.] Calif 

Named for Indian chief conquered there by 
Spanish in 1824. Later erroneously called 
Punta de San Quintin by AmericanB.— M. J. 
yallejo, MS Hist, of Califs, I, 148, Bancroft 
Library, 1876. 

Punt a G-orda 


(^ north of Cape Mendocino, but really south of 
this cape. Possibly the two names are trans- 
posed on la Perouse*s chart. 







•^ %*- .. - tC^ CjJ\jt ''^^-<^V\jL4.<jl^y^ 


Punta Loma 


Emory rMilitary Reconnoi usance, 1846-7, 114, 1848 

Punt a Pi no 8 


Ranch owned in l&SQ: by Jo se Abrigo ; now ' 

the present site of Pacific Grove^f"'-- Wm. H. 
Davis, Sixty Years in Calif.,ie31-89, 593, 

San Franci sco , 1889, 

Ae ( 





5^rn/ c>\Te-miv 

>^ of S-aivV "PiC^o^cLV. 

La Purissima Concepcion (Mission) 


On 3anta Ynez Biver, Santa Barbara County. 
Pounded 1787. 

Humboldt, Essai Polit.Nouv.Espr, 1,326,1811; 

11,841 (Statistics), 1811. ^^~^ 
T». nr^x.,..^ Carte de l»Oregon, des Cflifomfes 

&c,Gen*l map, 1844 . 

Purisima Concepcion, Mi si on de 

'^Caliano, Viage Sutil y Mexicana, (1792), 
Madrid, table facing p. 166, 1802. 


Vancouver, Voyage of Discovery, 1790-95 
onu., Atlas, 1798(La Purissirna) . 

Putnam Peak SdanO Oo* Calif, 

Un n -n j ir a , ^/^-, I*utnam; peak located east of Pleas- 

.O«b0C^.BOara,Mar.4,19O8 ants Creek, opposite end of Miller 

Canyon, Solano County, California. 
(Not Putnanis.) 

Pyutt Desert 

..^^JgtcM^ 1 , 55 6, 1 858 . 

Probably j&telope Valley on bounda 

betv:cen CaMfornia and Kevada. 



' v.> 

Py-we-ah Creek 


[now Teniya] 

err i. 


Creek rising in Tenaiya Laice, floTvinp 
.hrough Tenriya Canyon and entering head of 

Yosemite Valley at Mirror Lake. 

L. H. Bunnell in Hutchings Calif.I'ar III I 
502,1859. -^-i-L^-L,! 

Put a Creek 

[Puta Creek] 

^ -Large Creek rising in Cobb Lt. on ?/ bo^andarv 
0. Lake Co. and uraining into the nmrshes of 
Yolo Basin SW of Sacrm.iento. 

'Statutes of California,1851, 17^,1851. 

,._.^^!;^^''^ ^^^'° ^^^^^'^ i^^ Stctutcs of California, 

•Ibid, 18&4, 222, 18M (Putah Creek) . 

-Cribbs, in Schoolcraft, ni, 109,1853 (Putos Cr. 
or Pio Dolores) . 

Puta Creek ^ 

Iiiap Jamer's Route 
Sen.Ex.Doc.47, Slsrt Coni 
son's Hept. ap.l7^^3a. ] 

in Sacrainnto 
. 1st 3ess Pt 


11, Mlliam- 

Putali Creek 

[Put a Creek] 

»r-tat. of Calif. ,1854, 22n,18i:^4. 

^^^^'^If^^^^^ [Putah Creek] 

Statutes of California, 1852, 236, 1652. 


Puto Creek 

[Futah Creek] 

Statutes of California, 1850, 61 1850 

f ,- ^,™'^"''"^^ '" ^^^^ ^^- ^'^ °^^'°^ parts 
of LiyaJ^a Ridge on W boundary of Lake Co', a^d 
flov-ing r,E to Davi^sville; formerly reachir^ 
^3-Cra:nento River, 

Putos Creek or Rio Dolores [Puta Creek] 

^Gibbs, in Sclioolcj;;*rft, III, 109,1853 
Putos Creek : Called Ri(^^'e los Putos from 

tribe of Inditms on its banks knoA'n to the 

Spaniards as Patos Ind ians* Generally 
Puta Creek and sometimes Pewter Creek. 
L. Abbot. Pacific P.R.Repts.. Via, 57. 

- Lt. H 


Putu Ore dk LTuA:ol ^t (. ^W 1 

04 if 

[Putah Crsek]. Tyson;Geology of Calif. Sen, 
Doc,47. 31st Cong. 1st Sess* 21,1850. 

Puta Creek. -^orbyrTopographical Msnoir of Sacra 
mento Yalley. Sen.Doc.47,3l8t SesOf.lQSO. 

Puta creak.- Bryant: What I Saw in Calif. 348 

1648. fEntrv nf n/>+ 7n ig.i^ i 

Pyramid Hills 

Ksfn Co. 

Pyramid; hills, including ridges which 

extend southeasterly from Section 2,U # ? •G*60|^« BO&lTd* ApiT^ 

Township 25 South, Range 18 East, 
to and including Emigrant hill, Kern 
county, California. 


Pyramid Hille 
U.S.Geog.Board.May 15,1908 


Pyramid Hills; a long row or line of 
conical hills between McLure Valley 
and souihern end of Kettleman 
plain, California. (Not Los Pira- 
midos, nor the Pyramids.) 

Pyramid Lake 


J. C. Fremont states in a latter dated 
March 8, 1881 that he named Pyramid Lake on the 
winter journey of 1843-44.— Thompson & West, 
History of Nevada, p. 26, 18<8L 

PyraTiiid lit. 

M ouiitain*^^7«&V;' of Shasta City. Gibbe's 
Map of California, 1852. 

Pyramid Ft. 


on.tra Oosta Co. 


On south side of Carquinez Straits, near 
ii entrance. ~i^iii(jgo Id, Map of 3trs. of Car- 
quinez and Yallejo Bay, 1850. 


See Pyramid Hills 


Quart z'bur.'T 

Place S of L'erced River, IlariDosa Co.-- 
Giblje^s, of California, 1^52. 

•Stat, of Calif.,18J>l,:.2o,1^54. 

Place 15 miles '::*" of ::ariT)or.a. 
Bialce,V/.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. ;Y,pt.I,13,l857. 

Quema Calif. 

Anza's route from San Qabriel to San Diego 

in 1776 crossed the "Arroyo de Santa Maria 
Magdalena, or La Qu«na". —Bancroft: Hist^ai^ 
Calif. I, 265 ft.note, 1884. 

Arroyo de la Quema.— Leaving Santa Anna river 
AAza*'8 party "halted in the Arroyo de 
Santa Maria Magdalena, othen/ise called 

Arroyo de la Quema, having traveled some 

14 leagues!" about 5 ESE,4 SE, "all this 

stretch, as far as El Trabuco, winding on ac- 
count of the hills;'* the remainder SE hj S. 

Diary of Pedro Font,Anza Exped. 1775- 1776 ; 

Bubs. Ac^.Pacif .Coast Hist., Vol. 3, No.l, 45- 
March, 1915. 

La Quemada (La Queira) (or Canada del Incendio 



Santa Maria Magdalena) 

QjJ" Till 

passed by 

Portola Expd. inr^l76© and najned S anta Maria 
Magdalena or Canada del Incendio w . — Costanso 
Diary Portola Expd. ,Pub8, Acad. Pacific Coast 
Hist,, vol. 2, no. 4, 173, 321, 1911. 

La Canada de Santa Mar^a Magdalena , alias 
la Quemada . Lat. 33 14*. — Creapi, Diary 

Portola Expd. in Palou's Noticia de la Nueva 
Calif., 2, 114, 242, Mexico, 1874. 

(ft ver 

In 1776 the Anza lilxpd. halted halfway be- 
tween the Sa.nta Ana and San Luis Rey rivers in 
the Arroy o de Santa Maria Magdalena . otherwise 
called the Arroyo de la Quema . — Font, Diary 
Anza Bxpd. 1776-76, Puhs. Acad. Pacific Coast Hist 
vol.3, no.l, 45, 1913. 

Font also says that they had begun 
blish the mission of San Juan Capist 
La Qu ema. — Ibid, 45, 

to esta 
no at 

Tsla de los Qu6^e':ieias Oalif. 

Island injvSacranento River. —Diary of Fray 
llarciso DuraniExpd.on Sacranento t San. Joaquin 
rivers, 1817 :Pubs.Acad,Pac if. Coast Hist,Yol.2,l-Io 
5, p.9,Dec. 1911. Also p. 15. 


Place WSV/ of San Jose, Santa Clara Co. 
-^Gibbe*s Uap of California. 

Two places on map called Quicksr'lver; 
one a little S of San Jose and the other due 
W of first Quicksilver. 


Place little S of San Jose, Santa 

Clara County. --Gibbe's Llap of California, 1852. 

Tv/o places of name on map; one little 

S of Tan Jose a.nd the other due V of first 

Rancho Quien Sabe Calif. 

Ranch in San Juan Bautista Valley owned 
in 1830 by Juan Miguel Anzar and Manuel 
Larios. -• Wm* H. Davis, Sixty Years in Calif 

1831-89, 600, San Francisco, 1889. 


*Quiiiault; Indian Reservation, Lake, 
Kiver, and Town, Cbehalis County, 
Washington. (Not Queniult, Quin- 
aielt, nor Quiniault.) 

Qui-quai-mungo Rancho 

Biake,W.P., in Pac.Rr.Rep. J,pt.II,B0,ie57. 
Rancho 1^ or Cajon Pass, 

Qin - ua 1 - mo nir^o lit ?, . 

Mount- ins l^ir of Cajon Pass.— Will iainson 

R.S., map, in Ex.Doc.i::9,3'^)d.Co 
XVIII (pt. 4), 1855. 

. ,1st .Sess» , 

Local name for part of San Bernardino Mts. 
near Qui-quai-mungo,?.P. , in 
Pac.Rr.Rep.,V,pt.II,60,;857(Qui.quai.mungo MtsJ 

Qiai-qual-mun-go Ranch rCuca;aonga] 

« % 


Marcjr: Prairie Traveler, 516, N.T.1859. 

Qual-Mungo.— Pacif .R.R.Repts. Gen.Map c 
Expl. & Surv. Calif. 1853. 

See also Coco Mongo^du^o^o 



Quito Arroyo 

Former naine 
10 miles west of 

of Cainpbell Creek, about 
San Jose. 

--Frederic Hall, History of San Jose, 189,1871 

Quoratem, or Salmon River 

[Salmon River] 

♦Gibbs, in Schoolcraft, III, 1C€, 1853.