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Full text of "The Chatfield family : principally from records in the Naugatuck Valley, Conn."

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2009 with funding from 

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Compiled bt WILLIAM C. SHARPE, 

Setmoub, Coxn. 





Some years ago the writer published in the "Seymour Record" a 
genealogical article on the Chatfield family, and has since from time 
to time, collected further data in relation to the family, for which 
there has been considerable inquiry. Being nearly in the center of 
several towns in which members of the family have been located for 
more than two hundred years, and having given considerable time to 
genealogical research, many memoranda have accumulated which 
seemed worth preservation. For the purpose of putting the particu- 
lars so collected in convenient form for reference by those interested, 
this modest pamphlet is published. 

The original records from which particulars have been taken are 
pnncipally those of the towns and churches of Derby, Seymour and 
Oxford. Other data have been received from members of the family, 
orally and by means of blanks prepared for the purpose and filled out 
and returned for use in thi.'? pamphlet, while earlier publications have 
also been consulted. In the hope that this publication may prove in- 
teresting to those for whom it is intended, and may be of some as- 
sistance to any who may attempt a more comprehensive work, it is 
respectfully submitted. 




The arms of the ChatGeld family were granterl io the year 1564. 
They were recorded in the Herald's College, at London, England, and 
are thus described: 
Argent, a griffin sable, on a chief purple, 3 Escallop shells argent. 

An heraldic antelope's head erased argent, ducally gorged or. 

^'■Fidus ad extreinum," — Faithful to the end. 


Three brothers, Francis, George and Thomas Chatfield, came 
from England in 1639, in Eev. Henry Whitfield's company, to Guil- 
ford, Conn., where Francis died unmarried in 1647. 

Thomas Chatfield, of Guilford, removed to New Haven, 
there married Ann, daughter of Rev. Francis Higginson, and re- 
moved to Easthampton, Long Island, where he was long a magistrate 
of the Connecticut jurisdiction. 

George Chatfield married first Sarah Bishop, who died 
Sept. 30, 1657, leaving no children. He married next Isabel, daughter 
of Samuel Nettleton. In 1663 he removed to Killingworth, Conn., 
where he died June 9th, 1671, leaving three children: 

John, born April 8, 1661. -^ 

George, born Aug. 18, 1668. -^ 

Mercy, born April 26, 1671. 

George Chatfield, Jr., m. at Killingworth, Feb. 10, 1602, 
Esther Hall, who died iu 1716. He was evidently one of the most 
prorainpnt men of Killingworth, holding the office of constable, as 
mentioned in the Colonial Records, vol. 2, page 525, under date of 

1669, when he made return of the freemen of the town, the constables 
being at that time the advisers of the gorernor in the aifairs of their 
respective towns and the local representatives of his authority. He 
died in 1720. Children: 

Esther, b. Nov. 10th, 1092, d. in infancy. 
• George, b. Dec. 15th, 1093, m. Oct. SOth, 1710, Silena Wilcox. 

John, b. March 5th, 1695, m. Nov. Ith, 1720, Abigail Arnold. 

Abigail, b, Aug. 9th, 1098, m. Oct. 11, 1714, Charles Ilazletou. 
-r Josiah, b. Jan. 7th, 1700, ra. first. May 1st, 1724, Mary Hull: 
second, July 1st, 1740, Hannah Nichols. 

Esther, b. Oct. 23d, 1703, m. Jan. 14th, 1725, Daniel Stevens, Jr. 

Cornelius, b. June 3d, 1706, ra. Oct. 31st, 1735, ^Martha KeLsey. 

Naomi, b. July 2Sth, 1709, m. March 3d, 1734, Thomas Conkling. 

Philip, b. Oct. Sth, 1711, m. Aug. 19th, 1730, Mary Baldwii. 
Rem. about 1742, to Salisbury, Conn., where he d. about 1775. 

Mary, b. Jan. 14th, 171g, m. June 23d, 1735, Eichard Iledfield. 

John Chatfield, 1st, son of George and Isabel Chatfield, 
came to Derby and married Anna, daughter of Jabez Harger, Feb. 
5, 1684. In October of that year he received a grant of land. 

Sarah, b. Deu. 5, 1680; m. John Davis, Jr. July 15, 1706. 

Mary, b. Apr. 29, 1689. 

Abigajl, b. Sept. 16, 1093; m. Gideon Johnson. 

Hannah, m. John Coe. 

John (Lieat.), b. Feb. 21, 1697. +■ 

Samuel, b. Aug. 28, 1099, d. 1797. 

Ebenezer, b. July 4, 1703; ra. Abigail Prindle in 1728. 

Soloinon, b. Aug. 13, 1708; m. Hannah Pierson. -f 

LiEUT. John Chatfield, of Quaker Farms, son of John and 
Anna Chatfield, was appointed ensign of the company or traiaband in 
the parish of Oxford, in October, 1743, aod in October, 1750, he was 
appointed lieutenant of the Second company in the town of Derby. 
He married Elizabeth Johnson, Dec, 12, 1721. She died June >!, 

1751, and he married second Obedience . He died Oct. 30. 

1793, aged 97. Children: 

Sarah, b. Nov. 4, 1722. 

John, b. June 5, 1724. -f^ 

Elizabeth, b. Mar. 9, 1723. 
Oliver, b. July 23, 1730. -f 
Anua, b. Apr. 10, 1732. 
Esther, b. Aug. 21, 173-. 

John Chatfield, Jr., of Oxford, son of Lieut. John Chatfield, 
m. 1st, Elizabeth Johnson, March, 1751; 2d, Sarah Chatfield. 
He was one of those who naarched "for the relief of Boston in the 
Lexington alarm," April, 1775. A little later he enlisted in the 7th 
comnanv, the Gth regiment, and served until Dec. 19th, wheu the 
company was disbanded. Children: 

John, bap. Feb. 7, 1756. 

Sarah, bap. Dec. 22, 1758. 

Solomon Chatfield, of Derby, son of John and Anna, m. 
Anna, daughter of Abraham Pierson, June 12, 1731. Children: 
Joseph, b. Apr. 4, 1735. 
Mary, b. Oct. 11, 1736. .-i 

Eunice, b. Feb. 6, 1743. c, t' \ 

Oliver Chatfield, son of fjkaf'. John and Anna Chatfield 
from the town of Derby, was one of those who niarched to the relief ot 
Boston in the Lexington alarm in April, 1777. He married first, 
Abiah ; second, Zerviah . Children: 

Oliver, 2d, b. Oct. 16, 1758. 

Daniel, b. Jan. 16, 1761. 

Patience, b. Mar. 2, 1765. 

Abijah, b. Oct. 5, 1767. 

Elizabeth, b. Nov. 22, 1769. 

Joseph, b. June 30, 1772. 

Ebenezer Chatfield, Jr., son of Ebenezer and Abigail, m. 
first, Eachel Umberfield; 2d, Susan Clark Watrous. Children: 

Caleb, killed at the battle of Brandy wine. 

Abigail, m. Daniel Woodward. 

Armenia, m. Abel Lines. 

Capt. Lemuel, who built the sloop Champion at Derby. He m. 
first, Miss Hubbell; second, Miss Lake. 

Eunice, m. Abijah Smith, who was the pioneer in the use of an- 
thracite coal, lived in Plymouth or Kingston, Pa. 

Abuah Chatfield, son of Oliver Chatfield, 1st, lived on 
Chestnot-tree Hill, Oxford, where E. Wales Chatfield now lives. He 
married Jan. 12, 1792, Hannah Ball, who died Nov. 28, 1826, aged 
73. Children: 

Lewis, bap. Jan. 3, 1793. 

Chester, bap. Sept. 14, 1794, lived on Jack's Hill, Oxford. 

Enos, bap. Apr. 23, 1797. 

Hannah, bap. Feb. 16, 1800, m. Roswell Cable. 

Mary Ann. 

Lewis Chatfield, son of Abijah and Hannah, ra. Patty Bald- 
win of Woodbridge, moved to New Haven, d. there. Children: 

Martha, Nelson, Hannah, John. 

Chester Chatfield, son of Abijah and Hannah Chatfield. 
He m. 1st, Clarissa Buckingham. Children : 

Philo, b. Sept. 21, 1816} d. in New Haven Mar. 9, 1890. 

Harvey W., b. May 14, 1819; m. Esther Buckingham, daughter 
of Deacon Aurelius Buckingham. He represented the town of 
Oxford in the General assembly in 1878. 

Henry, b. May 14, 1819, m. 1st, Laura Buckingham; 2d 

Buckingham, daughters of James Buckingham; removed to 
New Haven, 

David, b. Apr. 18, 1822. 

Martha, b. May 22, 1824. 

Lucretia M., b. Feb. 23, 1831. 

Frances Mary, b. Feb. 23, 1831. 

Benjamin Franklin, b. Apr. 17, 1838.^ 
He m. 2d Cynthia Buckingham, who died Mar. 3, 1890. Children: 

Eugene, Frances, Wilbur. 

Enos Chatfield, son of Abijah and Hannah, m. Roxy Sperry. 
He lived on Chestnut-tree Hill, where E. Wales Chatfield now lives. 

Mary Almena, m. Harpin Davis. 

Enos Beecher, m. Elizabeth Seymour, was a volunteer in the 
last war, died in Iowa in 1893, aged 63. 

Harriet Crittenton, ra. Egbert L. Warner. 

Emily, b. Apr. 23, 1823, m. Lucius Perkins Sperry. 

Charles, d. when 19 years of age. 


Alfred Peunett, m. Cornelia Smith. .^■ 

Edward Wales, in. Jennie Clark. 
Heber, m. Jennie Wooster. 
Julia, m. William W. Thomas. 

Emily Chatfield, daughter of Enos and Roxy, m. Jan. 29, 
ISoG, Lucius Perkins Sperry of Woodbridge. Cliildren: 

Delia Frances, b. in Florence, Neb., June 13, 1S5S; d. in New 

Haven, Ct., May 7, 1SG4. 
Frederick Alfred, b. in New Haven, Oct, 16, 1SG3. 
Julia Evaliua, b. in New Haven, Aug. 22, 1869. 
Lucius Burton, b. in New Haven, Sept. 30, 1871. 

PniLO Chatfield, son of Chester and Clarissa, ra. 

Lines, in New Haven. In his youth he had learned the wagonmak- 
er's trade, but afterward followed farming in Oxford until ISll, when 
he removed to New Haven and engaged in sash and blind manufac- 
turing' with Ira Atwater, on Water street. He was afterward en- 
gaged in house building. For many years he was one of the leading 
builders of the city, and some of the finest buildings erected in his 
time are examples of his skill. Later he entered the office of his son 
Philo, of the firm of Chatfield & Grant, mason builders. He was a 
member of the College street church, and was an upright and honored 

Hannah Chatfield, daughter of Abijah and Hannah, m. 
Roswell Cable, of Oxford. Children: 

Mary Ann, Agur, Lavinia, Julia, Frederick, Betsey, Horace, 
Roswell, Hanford, Hannah, Jewett, Glover, Wheeler. 

Mary Almira Chatfield, daughter of Enos and Roxy, 
ra. in Seymour, Mar. 31, 1850, Harpin Davis. They live in Denver, 
Col. Children: 

Charles, Ella Martha, Harriet Chatfield, Arthur Lucius. 

Enos Beecher Chatfield, son of Enos and Roxy, m. in 
Oxford in 1852, Elizabeth Seymour. Children: 

Frederick Seymour, b. in Seymour Dec. 24, 1853. 
Lucy Ariel, b. in Wilton, Iowa, July 27, 1850. 
Anna Augusta, b. Mar. 18, 1858. 


Sarali Henrietta, b. June 18, 1S62. 
Edward Beecher, b. Jan. 8, 1866. 
Charles Stanley Ross, b. July 17, 1868. 
Nellie Gertrude, b. Apr. 18, 1872. 

They settled in Dubuque, Iowa, where the widow now lives with 
part of her children. 

Lieut. DA^*IEL Chatfield and Prudence, his wife, was ad- 
mitted to fellowship in the Oxford Congregational church April 24, 
1768. Their son James was baptized there March 19, 1780. Their 
daughter Esther died Oct. 21, 1776, aged 7 years. Daniel Chatfield 
was appointed 2d lieutenant of the 3d company in Mar,, 1701, and 
was lieutenant of a company raised in Derby in January, 1777, ht 
join the Continental army. In May, 1778, he was cornmissinufd 
captain of the 13th company in the Second regiment. (State Rec- 
ords, Vols. 1 and 2.) On the 10th of June, 1781, the church voted 
they be dismissed from the Oxford church and recommended to the 
church in Waterbury. 

Daniel Chatfield, 2d, of Oxford, son of Oliver, m. Elizabeih 
Whitmore Feb. 12, 1786. Children: 
Kachel, b. Jan. 21, 1781. 
Sarah, b. Aug. 28, 1789. 
Abia, b. May 20, 1790*. 
Elias, b. July 11, 1794. 
Nancy, b. Aug. — , 1796, bap. Dec. 31, 1796. 
Elizabeth Ann, b. Jan. 12, 1799. 
Daniel, bap. July 9, 1801. 

Isaac Chatfield, of Oxford, m. Sarah Whitmore May 29, 
1779. Children: • 

fluldah, bap. Apr. 12, 1780. 
Cartiss, b. Nov. 3, 1782. 

Isaac, b. Oct. 15, 1786, m. Sabria Beebe Nov. 1, 1806. 
Oliver, b. July 17, 1788. 
Lois, b. Oct. 28, 1790. 
John, b. May 30, 1793. 
Truman, b, June 16, 179':i. 
Zera, b. Dec. — , 1798. 



Gideon Chatfield, of Oxford, m. Elizabeth Jones Sept. 28, 

1779. He died Apr. 23, 1817, in his 62d year. His wife died Mar. 
2, 1827, aged 64. Children: • • 

William, m, Sarah -; . 

Bennet, died Sept. 27, 1801, aged 3y., 7m. . . 

Lucinda, ra. Silas Sperry. 

Isaiah, b. July 14, 1810, lived on Rockers Hill, d. May 31, 1880. 
Betsey, m. Wooster, went west. 

Samuel Chatfield, son of John and Anna ChatBeld, m. first 
Ann ; second Joanna G>inn. On the ISth of July, 1765, Sam- 
uel Chatfield and Joanna, his wife, were dismissed from the Oxford 
Congregational church and recommended to the church at "Waterbury. 
Joanna died Aug. 20, 17S3, and he m. the widow Lydia Peck. Ch : 

Mary, b. Jan. 18, 1750; d. Sept. 8, 1751. 

Abraham, b. Dec. 29, 1761. 

Joanna, b. May 21, 1766; m. Abel G-uun. 

Sarah, b. Apr. 21, 1768; m. Andrew Osborn. 

Joseph, b. June 18, 1770; ra. Polly Payne. 

Josiah, b. Dec. 10, 1775; m. Olive Tucker. 

Eachel, b. Dec. 8, 1778; m. Stephen Tucker. 

One Samuel Chatfield, presumably the same, enlisted July 9, 

1780, in the Seventh regiment, and served till Dec. 8th. 

Joseph Chatfield, of Waterbury, son of Samnel and Joanna, 
m. Polly Payne. Children: 

Joseph Edward, d. Oct. 20, 1830. 

Fanny, b. May 27, 1803; m. Ed. Russell. 

Rebecca, m. R. M. Wheeler in 1828. 4 

Mitty, b. July 13, 1806; m. Albert Wooster. 

Burritt, b. Feb. 27, 1808. 

Mary, d. unmarried. 

Dennis, b, July 3, 1812. 

Henry, b. Sept. 10, 1816. 


Jane, bap. Oct. 14, 1821. 

Joseph Edward Chatfield, son of Josoph and Polly, m. 
Nancy Scoville, "N^ov. 24, 1823. Children: 


George, } »"?■ J"'^ «• ^^^S. 

Kancy, d. Dec. 26, 182S, and he m. 2d Phehe Irena Ilotcbkiss 
Dec. 1, 1829. Ch.: 

Emma, b. Nov. 15, 1830. 

BuRRiTT Chatfield, of Waterbury, son of Joseph, m. June 
29, 1S32, Lucinda Burk from Sheffield, Mass., b. Apr. 15, 1810. 

Harriet, b. Au^'. 27, 1833. 

Laura Elizabeth, b. ^Mar. 1-i, 1835. 

Rachel Ann, b. June 14, 1837. 

Fanny Maria, b. Jan. 13, 1839. 

P^mogene, b. .Jan. 29, 1841. 

Joseph Edward, b. Apr. 14, 1843. 

Henry Delison, b. Feb. 28, 1845. 

Dennis Chatfielp, of Waterbury, son of Joseph and Polly, 
m. Mary Jane Matthews Dec. 18, 1835. Children: 

Charles D., b. May 29, 1840. 

Frances Jane, b. July 2, 1842. 

Lyman B., b. Jan. 28, 1845. 

Henry Chatfield, of Waterbury, son of Joseph and Polly, 
m. Aug. 29, 1836, Eebecca Merriman, b. Sept. 14, 1813. Children: 

Ellen, b. Oct. 3, 1838. 

Emma, b. Aug, 1, 1840. 

John Henry, b. Sept. 15, 1843. 

James Madison, b. Oct. 28, 1845. 

Daniel Chatfield, of Waterbury, son of William, m. Pru- 
dence Baldwin. He d. July 11, 181 8, aged 83. She died in March, 
1828, aged 92. Children: 



James, bap. Mar. 19, 1780. 

Daniel Chatfield, of Waterbury, son of Daniel and Pru- 
dence, m. Esther Lounsbury. She d. May G, 1348, age 76. Children: 
David, b. Sept. 9, 1794. 
Leonard, Eno.s, Esther. 
Polly, m. J N. Morris. 
Anna Maria, m. Zenas Bronson. 


David CHx\.tfield, of Waterbury, son of Daniel and Esther, 
m. June 5, 1820, Polly Hitchcock, b. June 10, 1795. Children: 
Jane E., b. Aug. 22, 1822; m. M. E. Judd. 
Polly Ann, b. Sept. 5, 1824. 
Cyrus, b. May IG, 182G. 
Fidelia, b. Feb. 16, 1828. 
Eineline, b. Mar. 3, 1833. 

James Chatfield, of Waterbury, son of Daniel and Prudence, 
m. Tamer Nichols Mar. 4, 1812. She d. Apr. 30, 1S22. He ra. 2d. 
Huldah Hickcox June 16, 1824. Children: 

A son, b. and d. May 2, 1825. 

Charles Ti-notby, b. June 21, 1826. 

Charles T. Chatfield, of Waterbury, son of James, m. 
Mary E. Andrews Oct. 15, 1850. Children: 

Cyrus, m. Philena INIartin of Prospect, Apr. 2, 1848. 

Pulaski Chatfield, m. Amanda Tibbals Chatfield, widow of 
Henry Chatfield Dec. 9, 1813. Ch: 

John Lyman, b. Sept. 13, 1826. ' 

Benjamin, of Waterbury. 


Charles, of Derby Neck, 

Mrs. Sherwood, of Ansonia. 

Col. John Ly:han Chatfield, son of Pulaski and Amanda, 
of Oxford ; removed to "Waterbury in 1851. He m. 1st, Mary 
Riggs, May 1, 1848, who died in 1852; 2d, Sylvia Ainsworth. He 
was among the first to offer his services when after the attack 
on Fort Sumpter the President issued his call for 75,000 men. 
He left Waterbury April 20, with his company, previously the 
Waterbury City Guard, of which he had been captain for some 
years. While in Washin^^-ton in June he was promoted to be Col- 
onel of the Third Regiment. Three months later he returned and 
was appointed Colonel of the Sixth Regiment. At Fort Wagner 
he led his regiment over the parapets of the enemy but fell mortally 
wounded. Beside him tell the color bearer, shot dead, when Col. 
Chatfield, with one leg shattered below the kne«, yet helped to hold 
up the colors. Later he was borne from the field and brought to his 


home, but died Auiz. Otii. At hi.^ funeral business was suspended in 
the city and militar7 men and others throughout the state assembled 
to honor his memory. A mdnument in his honor was unveiled at 
Riverside cemetery, with impressive ceremonies, Sept. 13, 1SS7. 

Henry Chatfield, of Oxford, sou of Pulaski, b, 1701, mason. 
m. Amanda Tibbals Dec. 9, 1813; d. Mar. 21, 1822. He died in 
South Carolina Mar. 21, 1S22. Children: 

Frederick H., b. Oct. ID, 18ir»; m. Priscilla Williams Nov. 29. 

1840; d. July, 1S8-. 
Charles Riley, 1). July 15, 1817; m. Rhoda Gerard Jan. 3, 1841: 

d. Sept. 21, 1803. " 
Amanda Ilenrietta, b. Jan. 20, 1822; m. Clark Smith. 

Charles Riley Chatfield, of Derby, Conn., son of Henrv 
and Amanda, was by occupation a blacksmith and farmer. He m 
Rhoda Frances Gerard. Ch: 

William Franklin Chatfield, b. in Derby, Feb. 7, 1842: 
residence Waterbury, occupation contractor and l)uilder; m. 1st Jennie 
W. Chatfield, daughrer of Frederick H. Chatfield, Ocr. 28, 1874. Stir 
died Feb. 9, 1884; 2d, IMary Fulton Cairns, Mar. 20, 1890. Cb: 

Charles Hugh, b. Sept. 8. 1892. 

Ebenezer Chatfield, of Derby, son of John and Anna, m. 
Abigail, daughter of John Priudle, Nov. 20, 1728. Children: 

Ebenezer, b. Sept. 8, 1729. 

Abigail, b. Jan. , 

Elnathan, b. , 1733. 

Mindweli, b. Sept. 9, 173o. 

Lemuel, b. ; d. Sept. 30, 1758. 

Levi, b. Jan. 0, 1738; d. Oct. 15, 1758. 

Lemuel and Levi enlisted to fight against the French on the 
northern border. Lemuel was killed at Lake George, and Levi died 
at hii. home in Derby from injuries received in service. 

Elnathan Chatfield, son of Ebenezer and Abigail, lived 
just east of wbat is now the Seymour line, on the north side of 
Bladens Brook. This was within the limits of the town of Milf.rd 
until January, 1784, when the town of Woodbridg^ was incorporated. 
When the town of Bethany was incorporated in 1832, and Blattens 


Brook was made a part of tlie boundary, the site of tlie bouse was in 
Bethany. Tbe house was a few rods north of the bouse after.ward 
occupied by Oliver S. Chattield and now owned bj his daui^hter, !Mrs. 
F. (J. Ford, which is crossed by tlie Seymour and Woodbridge town 

He bouj^ht land of Lieut. Jolm ChatQeld 1750-GO, et seq. In 
October, 1760, be settled tbe estate of Levi ChatGeld 1st, "late of 
Derby," who lired on the bill about a quarter of a roile south of Elua- 
than Chatfield's house. (Colonial Records, Vol. 11, p. -104.) 

He married Hannah Northrop, and bad three children: 

Joel, b. 175(!. 

Sarah, m. Stephen Sanford of Litchfield. 

Kebecca, m. Capt. Raymond Sanford. 

Joel Chatfield, sou of Eluathan and Hannah, built the bouse 
a few hundred feet west of bis fathers house, on the south bank of 
the stream, the bouse which was after owned and occupied by his S(m 
Leman. He was one of the first society's committee of tbe Episcopal 
church, now Trinity church, in 1707. There was in his tinie a grist- 
mill a few rods northeast of the house, with two run of stone. One 
pair were Frt^nch burr stones for which he sent to France, nothing of 
tbe kind having been found in this country at that time. He ground 
wheat extensively, large quantities of it being grown in this vicinity, 
and for years he supplied Yale College with all the wheat tiour used 
there. He married Ruth Stoddard, of Woodbury, Nov. 13, 17S.J, and 
d. June 11, 1836, aged 79 years. His wife died Xov. 21, 1S31, aged 
02 years and C months. Children: 

Isaac, b. Jan. 15, 1787, m. Lucy Tomlinson, daughter of Levi. 

Leman, b. Feb. IS, 1789; d. Nov. 5, 1873. 

Almira, b. June 23, 1791; m. John T. Wheeler, of Seymour, 
Mar. 25, 1S21. 

Oliver Stoddard, b. Nov. 19, 1793; m. Abigail Tuttle, of Mid- 

Charlotte, b. Dec. 15, 1795; m. John Clark Wheeler, d. Oct. 
27, 1.S28. 

Thirza, b. Fei). 8, 179-; d. unmarried Dec. 23, 1872. 

Joel Raymon.l, b. Feb. 10, 1804; d. Feb. 4, 1894. 

Joel Chatfield served in the war of 1812, under Col. Sill, in the 
latter part of 1813. 


Joel R. Chatfield, son of Joel and Rutb. lived on Skokorat, 
in a fine homestead of the olden style, with a broad lawn shaded with 
rows of maples. He married 1st, Lucinda Hitchcock, daughter of 
Timothy Hitchcock, who d. Xov. IS, IS'AG, aged 31 years; 2d, Mary 
Wooster Tomlicson. b. Jao. IG, ISIO. He died Feb 4, 1S04. At 
the funeral his six sons were the pallbearers. The burial was in Trin * 
ity cemetery, Seymour. Children: 

Clark, b. Nov. 1, 1S26, residence Sevniour. 

Lucinda, b. Xov. 5. 1S36, m. S. Tuttle. 

John, b. Apr. 4, 1S3S; res. New York city. 

Edwin, b. Apr. 19, ISIO, m. Kate Toraiioson. 

Ransom, b. June 0, 1S42, m. Sarah Gilyard. 

Hiram, b. Sept. 9, 1S44. 

Mary T., b. Sept. 14, 1846. 

Joel, b. June 17. 1S49, m. Maria Keast. 

Charlotte, b. Oct. 24, 1S51, m. JerreJ Kimberly. 

Hattie Minerva, b. Nov. 27, 1S54. 

John CHA.TFrELD, of Oxford, m. Mary Kins, of Soutbbiiry, 
Feb. 20, 1777. Cb: 

Sarah Ann, b. May 8, 1780. 

Isaac Chatfield, enlisted from Derby, in Capt. Leaven- 
worth's company. Oct. 1, 1777, for three years, and was discharged 
Mar. 20, 1780. 

JoNATHA^v Chatfield was one of those who volunteered in 
Capt. Bristol's company in thf call to Kast Haven, .July 7, 1779. On 
the 10th he enlisted in the Seventh Regiment, and served until Oct. 
1, when he was honorably discharged. 

Caleb Chatfield enlisted May 19, 1775, in the company 
from Derby, and was discharged Dec. 20. He again enlisted in 
June, 1776, in Col. Douglas' regiment, to re-enforce Washington's 
army at New Yoik. His term expired Dec. 25, 177rf. He afterward 
served in the company with Lieut. Jsbez Pritchard. 

JOSIAH Chatfield is mentioned in the Connecticut list of rev- 
olutionary soldier3 as having served in the Second Regiment, Con- 
necticut Line, from Jan. 1. 1781, to Dec. 31 of the same _\ ear, 'and is 
also mentioned as a revolutionary pensioner in 1S18. It appears that 

there were two of the name who served in the patriot army as one 
Josiah Chatfield served in Gol. Swift's regiment from Dec. 25, 1780, 
until the expiration of his term in December, 1783. 

Oliver Chatfield, son of eTohn and Anna (instead of Lieut. 
John, as on p. 7), enlisted May 19, 1775, and was discharged Dec. 
20. In June, 1770, he enlisted in Col. Douglas' regiment and served 
until Dec. 25th. He afterward served in the company with Lieut- 
Jabez Pritchard. 

John Chatfield, of Derby, which then included Quaker 
Farms, died — and his will is dated — April 12th, 1737. His sons, 
John and Samuel, had their share of his estate by previous deeds, 
and Ebenezer most of his share. Solomon had his house, barn and 
land where John then lived.. His daughters mentioned in the will 
were Mary, Sarah Davis and Abigail Johnson; the widow, Ann 
Chatfield. See page 6. 

John Chatfield in 1711 had his division in the Quaker Farms 
Purchase "in the swamp upon the Five Mile Brook and the land ad- 
jacent, on the northward side of the path that goeth to Woodbury," 

Obedience, wife of Lieut. John Chatfield (see page 7) was "re- 
ceived to communion from .v*" Ch^ of Christ in West Haven, hairing 
Date July 17th, 1753." 

John, Sarah and Oliver Chatfield were taxable inhabitants of 
Quaker Farms in 1772, and Benajah in 1782 to 1789. 

A John Chatfield, whose residence is given as New London, en- 
listed Jan. 1, 1877, "for the war." One John Chatfield also enlisted 
Jan. 1, 1781, in the Fifth Regiment, and one of the same name 
served in the war of 1812, under Capt. Daniel Hamilton. 

Enos, Chester, Anson, Levi and William Chatfield, of Oxford, 
were members of the 6th company of the 2d Regiment, Conn. ]\Iilitia, 
in September, 1819. 

Levi Chatfield, m. Abigail Harger Jan, 30, 1755; lived on 
Skokorat, south of the Joel Chatfield house, had a son — 

Levi Chatfield, 2d, b. Aug. 26, 175G; enlisted from Derby 
Jan. IG, 1778, in Capt. Leavenworth's company, for three years; was 
discharged Dec. 31, 1780. He m. Sarah Beard May 27, 1781, had 
five children. 


Walter H. Chatfield, b. in Conn.; enlisted in Company G, 
5th U. S. infantry, and was quartermaster agent 7th cavalry from 
Oct. 4, ]878, to Oct. 16, '80. He was then commissioned 2d Lieut. 
5th infantry, was promoted 1st Lieut. ISth infantry Nov. 20, '90, and 
on the 20th of July, '91, he was transferred to the 5th infantry. 

SA^iTUEL Chatfield and his wife Anne were "received to cora- 
monion" in Oxford Congregational Church, from the church in Red- 
ding, Oct. 20, 1745. She died July 17, 1777. Ch: 

Samuel Chatfield, Jr., and his wife Joanna, were admitted to' 
church fellowship Dec. 2, 1764. Ch: 

Mary, bap. Mar. 16, 1760. 

SA.3IUEL Chatfield 4th, of Oxford, and Eunice Perkins, of 
Derby, were married June 4, 1778, 

Oliver Chatfield, of Oxford, and Zerviah, his wife (see p. 
7), "owned" y'' Covenant" in the Oxford Congregational Church June 
2, 1755. He died June 30, 1778. Children: 

Ely, bap. June 2, 1754. 

Oliver, bap. Dec. 19, 1758, 

Mary, d. Oct. 30, 1776, aged 2 years. 

Benajah Chatfield, of Oxferd, son of and Zeruiah, 

had a daughter — 

Agnes, bap. Dec. 13, 1791, d. Dec. 18, 1791. 

Eli Chatfield, of Oxford, m. Lois Mallory, of Southbury, 
Aug. 5, 1778. They "owned the Covenant" Apr. 1, 178L Ch: 

Lewis, bap. Oct. 30, 1794. 

David Chatfield, son of John, of Five Mile Hill, m. Polly 
Chapman, of Oxford. Ch: 

Wales, m. Warner. 

Eliza, m. Charles Tomlinson. 

Maria, ra. Sanford, of Bethany. 

Anson Chatfield, m. Betsey Kinney, of Humphreysville, b. 
Sept. 10, 1785; d. June 28, 1863. Children: 
Divine, of Quaker Farms. 
Marietta, m. Eliphalet Baldwin, of Derby. 
Susan, m. Larkins, Derby. 


Divine Chatfield, of Oxford, son of Anson and Betsey, was 
captain of the bill company, 2d regiment, Conn. Militia, in Septem- 
ber, 1819. He became a member of Christ Church, Quaker Farms, 

in 1853. He married Mamora , also recorded as Mamie, who 

died Jan. 28, 1855, aged 67 years. He died Mar. 24, ISGO, aged 73 
years. Children: 

George, b. Dec. 13, 1810. 

Jennette, d. Oct. 1, 1831, aged 11 years. 

Divine Chatfield, 2d, and Laura Perry, both of Oxford, were 
married Dec. 19, 1855. 

Heber C. Chatfield, of Oxford, and Jennie G. Wooster, of 
Seymour, were married iu Seymour, Jan. 24, 18G8. Ch: 

Edward Russell, bap. in vSt. Peter's Church, Oxford, June 4, 1871. 

Carrie Julia. 

Beecher Chatfield, ©f Oxford, and May E. Seymour, of Dubuque, 
were married in Oxford Sept. 14, 1851. 

Emily Chatfield, of Oxford, and Lucius P. Sperry, of Davenport, 
Iowa, were married in Oxford, June 29, 1856. 

Julia Chatfield, of Oxford, and VYm. W. Thomas, of Hunting- 
ton, were married Aug. 18, 1867. 

Grace D. Chatfield, of Oxford, and Henry D. Baldwin, of South - 
bury, were married in Oxford, Sept. 29, 1851. 

In the list of members of Christ Church, Quaker Farms, are the 
following names, with the notes appended: 

Thirza Chatfield, m. Feb. 8, 1823. 

Mary Chatfield, m. July 15, 1822. 

Wales Chatfield, b. Dec. 5, 1837. 

Isaiah Chatfield, joined in 1852. 

Divine Chatfield, died Sept. 15, 1853. 

David King Chatfield, died Sept. 15, 1853, aged 70. 

In the cemetery at Great Hill, Seymour, are buried"' the fol- 

Isaiah Chatfield, d. May 29, 1880, aged 79. 
Sheldon Chatfield, d. Apr. 1, 1877, aged 64. 
Grace Chatfield, d. Xov. 14, 1881, aged 81. 
Wm. Chatfield's child, d. Sept., 1803. 


John F. Chatfield, son of Frederick A. and Priscilla, died at 
Quaker Farms, Oct. 3, 1S51, aged 4 months. 

Anne Chatfield, m. David Hitchcock May 4, 1774. 

Patience Chatfield, of Oxford, m. Joel Gilbert, of Ripton, May 
28, 1785. 

Sarah Chatfield, of Oxford, ra, Joseph French, of Ripton, April 
17, 1783. 

Hannah Chatfield, of Oxford, m. Abial Fairchild, Jr., Feb. 
23, 1757. 

Hannah Chatfield, of Oxford, m. John 0. Hull Jan. 24, 1803. 

Mary Chatfield, m. Jacob Van Alstyne Sharpe, of Greenbush, 
N. Y. 

Jennette Chatfield, of Oxford, died in 1831, aged 11 years. 

Mary Chatfield, died in Oxford in 1831, aged 3 years. 

Lewis Chatfield, ot Oxford, ra. Thirza . Ch: 

Mary, d. Xov. 4, 1831, aged 2 y. 9 mo. 

Curtis Chatfield and Laura Johnson were married in Southbury 
Jan. 10, 1805. 

John Chatfield and Eunice Perry were married in Southbury 
Jan. 15, 1821. 

Oliver Chatfield and Lucretia Strong were married in South- 
bury Aug. 8, 1782. The name of Oliver Chatfield appears in the 
rate bill of the Congregational Society of South Britain for 1804. 


Russell Chatfield, of Bethany, d. in July, 187G, aged 90 
years. He was said to have been the oldest Mason in the state. He 
was made a Mason in South CaR)lina, it is thought in 1809, making 
him sixty-nine years a Mason. He was a mason by trade as woll as 
a member of the order, having assisted in building the prison at 
Wethersfield and many other public buildings. In his younger days 
he worked at his trade in Connecticut in the summer and went south 
in the winter. He was blind the last four j ears of his life, but his mem- 
ory was good. His wife died about a year before, the pair having lived 
together over sixty-five years. The funeral was attended by the 
members of Shepherd Lodge of Naugatuck. 


John F. Chatfield, of Five Mill Hill, Oxford, son of John, 
Jr., (page 7), ra. Mary King, of Southburj. Feb. 20, 1777. Children: 
Hannah, rn. John C. Hull, of Oxford. 
Polly, m. .John French, of Oxford. 
Sarah Ann, b. May 8, 17S0, m. Ira Hyde, of Oxford. 
Paraelia, m. Marshall Perry, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
David K., m. Mary Chapman, of Oxford. 
Russell, m. Sarah Terrell, of Bethany. 
Henry H., ra, Amanda Tibbals, of Oxford. 

Sheldon. . . 

Pulaski, see page 13. 

David King Chatfield, of Five Mile Hill, Oxford, son of 
John F. and Mary Chatfield, married Mary Chapman. He died Sept. 
15, 1853, aged 70 years. Children : 

Wales, b. Dec. 15, 1837. 

Eliza, m. Charles A. Tomlinson, of Oxford. 

Maria, m. Edward A. Sanford, of Plymouth. Chatfield, of Five Mile Hill, Oxford, son of David 
K. and Mary Chatfield, owns and occupies the homestead which be- 
longed to his father, his grandfather and his greatgrandfather. He is 
one of the most respected citizens of the town which has been the 
home of his ancestors from IGSi or a little earlier. He married Sarah 
A. Warner, Feb. 25, 18G0, and has one daughter, Mary J. Chatfield. 

Edward Wales Chatfield, of Oxford, son of Enos and 
Eoxy, lives on Chestnut tree Hill, at the angle of the road leading to 
the center, the house being the same that was built by his grandfather 
120 years ago. He married Jennie Eunice, daughter of Ira and 
Marinda Clark, of Orange, Dec. 22, 1874. Children: 

William Everett, b. Feb. 15, 1876. 

Clark, b. July 5, 1879, d. in infancy. 

Mary Clark, b. Jan. 6, 1881. 

Josephine Harriet, b. Oct. 28, 1885. 

Edith Lilliau, b. July 31, 1889. 

Oliter Stoddard Chatfield, son of Joel and Ruth, mar- 
ried in 1822, Abigail Tuttle, dauo^hter of Amasa and Sybil (Wooster) 
Tuttle, who lived near Qaassapaug Lake, in Middlebury. She was 
born March 28, 1802 5 died April 11, 1887 ; and was the oldest mem- 
ber of the Seymour BL E. church. They lived in a house which 
stands on the south side of the road from Seymour to New Haten 
and is crossed by the boundary line between Seymour and Wood- 
bridge. He died Mar. 16, 1877, aged 83 years. Children: 

Mary Jane, now of Westville, m. Fred Cook Ford, who died Feb. 
13, 1890, aged 63. 

George W., of New Haven. 

Howard G., of Seymour, b. July 11, 1833. 

Martha, ra. 1st, Samuel Kissam ; 2d, Tidball, of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Henry G., m. Adeline Blackman. 

Ruth, m. J. J. Young, of Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Charles C. 

John J., d. Mar. 30, 1838, aged 2 raos. 

Howard Chatfield, son of Oliver S. and Abigail Chatfield, 
is a resident of Seymour. From the present appearance of his pleas- 
ant home on the southerly slope of Skokorat, one would not suspect 
that it was built 118 years ago, though enlarged and improved by the 
present owner. He is a member of Morning Star Lodge, F. and A. 
M., and of Nonnawauk Tribe, L O R. M. He married Aug. 30, 
3857, Emily Carrington, daughter of Daniel Carrington, b. Feb. 17, 
1838. Children:. 

Alice Josfphine, b. Sept. 3, 1859, m. Harley D. Hotchkiss Dec. 
17, 1881. She died Oct. 23, 1883; leaving a son, Howard Ed- 
ward, b. Oct. 7, 1883, who has been adopted by his grandparents. 

Charles Converse Chatfield, son of Oliver S. and Abi- 
gail Chatfield, was a graduate of Yale College, and after his gradua- 
tion resided in New Haven, conducting the College Courant, ef which 
he was both editor and proprietor, until he became the editor of the 
New England School Journal, which position he continued to fill 
worthily until his death. He was married Dec. 21, 1807, to Miss 
Frances Coralin Watson, at Middleburgh, N. Y. He died Aug. 22, 

.••.^— 'C:'<•^*J^ 



1876, aged 35 years, leaving one son, Arthur Woolsey Chatfield, tbe 
college "Class Boy," born at Xo. 13 Peck street, New Haven, Dec. 
18, 1868. 

Lemajs' CnATFTELD, of Seymour, son of Joel and Ruth Chat- 
field, married 1st Mary H. Sweetland, of Hartford, who died Feb. 7, 

1849, aged 56 years ; 2d, Mrs. Dibble. He was S selectmaan 

of the town of Derby in 1S3S and 1810, and in 1811 he represented 
the town of Derby in the legislature. He was one of the most active 
in the movement for the incorporation of the town of Seymour in 

1850, his name was the first on the petition presented to the legisla- 
ture, and in the act of incorporation he is named as the moderator of 
tbe first town meeting. At this meeting he was elected first select- 
man and he was reelected to that office for several years. In 1852 he 
was elected justice of the peace and in 1854 he was re-elected for two 
years. He is mentioned in the History of King Hiram Lodge as one 
of its members and as one who had the courage to affix his name to 
the memorable Masonic declaration of principles in 1832. He died 
Nov. 14, 1873, aged 84 years. 

Hebe±i C. Chatfield, son of Enos and Roxy Chatfield, m. 
Jennie C. Wooster, of Squantuck, in Seymour, Jan. 24, 1868. He 
died in Beacon Falls Jan. 15, 1893, aged 50 years. Children: 

Edward Russell. 

Carrie Julia, b. Oct. 6, 1875; d. Feb., '76. 

William, b. Feb. 15, 1877. 

Ruth Wooster and Charles Heber, twins, b. Sept. 6, 1878. 


LuciNDA Chatfield, daughter of Gideon and Elizabeth Chat- 
field, of Oxford (see p. 13), ru. Silas Sperry, of Oxford, son of Eleazer 
and Dorcas (Holbrook) Sperry, who died Sept. 6, 1849, aged 62. He 
died July 26, 1850. He was a charter member of Morniug Star 
Lodge, F. and A. M., of Seymour. Children: 

Augusta, ra. Austin Holbrook, of Quaker Farms. 

Jane E.. m. Everett Hubbell; d. Jan. 13, 1877, aged 6G. 

Charles Jones, of Ashland, Oregon. 

John, m. Bright, of Griggsville, III., removed to White 

Cloud, Kansas. 

Laura, ra. Wrn. Griffin, of Five Mile Hill. 

Emmeline E., ra. Geo. Perry, of Governor's Hill, Oxford. 

Lucinda, ra. Bennett Scoville, of New Haven. 

Thomas A., of Washington Territory, left a son who lived on 

Vancouvers Island. 
Bennett, of Falls City, Neb., m. Bright, of Griggs- 

ville, 111. 
George C, m. Elizabeth O. Tyler, of Griggsville, 111., whose 

grandfather was first cousin to President Tyler. 
Abigail Chatfield, ra. Samuel Hazelton, of Derby, Sept. IG, 
1755. Ch: 

Lydia, b. Mar. 22, 175G. 

David, b. May 17, 1757. 

Esther Chatfield, of Oxford, ra. Benjamin Fox Apr. 10, 
1754. They were '-admitted to full comraunion" in the Oxford Con- 
gregational church, July 21, 1751. Ch: 

Comfort, bap. July 21, 1751; ra. Noah Russell Lyman, Feb. 13,'71. 
Amos, bap. Dec. 10, 1758 ; m. 1st, Betty Perry, Dec. 7, 1785. 
She died May 16, 1788, and he m. 2d, Jemima Flin, Oct. 
17, 1790. 

Co^VEFOET Fox, daughter of Benjamin and Esther Chatfield Fox, 
married Noah Russell Lyroan, son of Rev. Mr. Lyman of Oxford, 
Feb. 13, 1771. They were admitted to fellowship in the Oxford Con- 
gregational church. Mar. 21, 1773, She died Feb. 20, 1792. Ch: 
Koah Russell, bap. April 18, 1786 ; d. Nov. 6, 1790. 
Mary, bap. Sept. 14, 1777 ; m. John Fairchild, Jan. 31, 1796. 
Comfort, bap. Feb. 27, 1 780. 
Sarah, d. Oct. 20, 179L 

Fannie Chatfield, wife of Preston Lewis, died Feb. ^4, 1861, aged 
34; buried in the north Woodbridgo cemetery. 

Sarah Chatfield and John Durand were married in Oxford, June 
2C, 1747. 

Sarah Anne Chatfield and Andrew Hik were married in Oxford, 
Aug. 27, 1800. 

,. 1555829 


Hannah Chatfield, daughter of Abijah and Hannah, m. 
Eoswell Cable, of Oxford. Children: 

Mary Ann, m. George Sperry, lived on Chestnut-tree Hill, in the 

house now owned by Frank Curtiss. 
Agur, died at Owego, X. Y. 
Frederick, m. Sarah, dau, of Burritt Davis. 
Julia, m. Wilson Clark, lawyer, of Woodbridge. 
Bessie, m. Nathan Johnson, then of Ansonia, now of New Haven. 
Hanford, res. Goshen, IS". Y. , 

Horace, d. unmarried, aged 23. 
Lavinia, in. 1st, Alonzo Leek, who d. in Oxford Jan. 8, 1S53; 

aged 34 years. 2d, Albert A. Baker, of Huntsville, Ala. 

Hauuah, lu. Writer. 

Glover, nj. Elizabeth Hatch. 

Children: Bessie, Fred, Heury, Julia, Nelson, Emma, Hor- 
ace, Lillian. 


Charlotte Chatfield, daughter of Joel and Ruth, m. 
John Clark Wheeler, of Seymour, merchant and manufacturer of 
augers, bits and paper. Children: 

Henry, b. Nov. 29, 1815; ra. Nancv Hotchkiss. 

Frances, b. Nov. 9, 1817; m. O. C, Putnam. 

Howard, b. Nov. 25, 1820; d. Sept. 23, 1828. 

John, b. Feb. 11, 1822; m. Alice Stanbury of New York City. 

Sarah, b. Feb. 5, 1824; m. Charles E. Converse. 

Charlotte, b. ; d. Nov. — , 1827. 

Oliver Stoddard Chatfield thought when young he would like to 
follow the sea, but after one vovage to the West Indies he was content 
to remain at home. He was Captain of a military company in Beth- 
any. He ran his father's mill, furaishing the timber for the older 
Y'ale College buildings, for the first 'M. E. church that used to stand 
on the cnrtier of the New Haven Green, and for other prominent 
buildings of that period. He was a member of Morning Star Lodge, F. 



& A. M., of Seymour, and a Moyal Arch ^Nlason, a,ad at his death was 
one of the oldest in the state. He purchased April 6, 1826, from Stiles 
Johnson and others, several bracts of land bordering on land of Joel 
Chatfield and others, and on the 5th of April, 1S32, he purchased 
from A^ur and Polly Tomlimeon a smaller tract on the north side of 
the highway "about one mihs eastwardly of Humphreysville," (now 
Seymour,) "with a dwelling Ihouse and barn thereon standing,'- the 
land being bounded westerf^y, northerly and easterly on land of said 
O, S. Chatfield. A memoranidom on the deed designates the dwell- 
ing house as the "Dick house.'" He owned five farms and worked 
them for a number of years. He was a hospitable and genial host, a 
lover of his family and always glad to have his children and his grand 
children about him. His faarher was one of the wealthy men of his 
time. He had a set of china made for his wife with the initials of her 
name, R. C, on each piece, aind some of the pieces are still preserved 
by the grandchildren. Mrs. Abigail Chatfield, wife of Oliver S. 
Chatfield, had been a Diember of the Methodist Episcopal churcii in 
Seymour for 67 years, from t/wo years previous to her marriage. 

Charles Converse Chatfield, son of Oliver S. and Abigail Chat- 
field, of Seymour, graduated nt Yale in 'G(J. Id his senior year he 
began the publication of the Yale Conrant, the first college paper in 
the country. He was the class poet and was a leading member of the 
West Chapel street church, bow merged in Trinity, having with his 
brother George been in it since his college days, when they with 
others started the Sunday school which was the nucleus of the church. 
He published Barker's Cberaistry, Bogg's Four Years at Yale, Day's 
Logical Tracts, Half Hoars with Modern Scientists, Sermons by 
President Woolsey, etc. Etc also kept the College Bookstore. He 
was married in 1866 and left four children : 

Arthur Woolsey, b. University Place, New Haven, m. Alida 
Wheeler, who d. Oct. 1394, leaving two children, Oliver Stod- 
dard, b. Dec. 1601: and Harold Wheeler, b. Dec. 31, 1893. 

Walter Stoddard, b. in ^ew Haven in June, 1871 ; ra. in N. Y. 
May 11, 1892, Phet« McGee: has one child, Mildred Caroline, 
b. Dec. 12, 1873. 

Cornelia Caroline, b. Dec. 12, 1873. 

Charles Converse, b. in Middleburgh, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1876. 

Russell Chatfield, son of John F. Cbatfield of Oxford, 
(pp. 20, 21), m. Sarah Terrell of Bethany and made his home in the 
north part of that town. She died Aug. 24, 1877, aged S3. One 
record gives his death as Jnly 8, 1878, aged 90. Children : 

Mary M., b. 1815, m. Beri E. Beecher. 

Ruth Ann, b. 1818, m. Alonzo Warner of Hamden Dec. IS, 18o6. 

Sarah Ann, b. 1823, ra. Guy Beecher. She died Aog. 14, 1857, 
aged 33 years. A son, Otis, lives in Waterbury. 

Permelia, b. 1828, in. Samuel Todd of Isorth Haven Xov 7. 1847, 

Eunice Amanda, b. 1833, m. Eli Wakelee of Ansonia Jan. 10, o3. 

Beri E. Beecher, of Berhany, b. Jan. 21, 1810: ra. Mary M. 
Chatfield, daughter of Russell Chatfield, of Bethany. He died ^lay 
29, 18G6. Children: 

^>lson X.. b. Oct. 20, 1842; private Co. G, 27th Regt. Conn- 
Vol. Inf.. d. at Annapolis June 24, 1SG3. 

Frederick B., b. Nov. 1, 184G; d. June 23, 1850. 

Herbert S., b. Mar. 25, 1349; d. Apr. 21, 1S55. 


Divine Chatfield of Oxford became a member of Morning Star 
Lodge, F. & A. M , June 28, 1S09. 

Benjamin 1. Chatfield and Sarah E. Judd of Bethany were mar- 
ried Dec. 11, 1848. — (Christ Church Records.) 

Dolly Chatfield, aged oG, was buried in Episcopal churchyard, 
Bethany, Nov. 10, 1840. 

Frederick N. Chatfield enlisted from Seymour, Sept. 2, 18G1, in 
Co. E, 7th C. v., and he was one of the 333 original members of the 
regiment who re-enlisted as veterans in December, 1863. He con- 
tinued in the service until the close of the war and was noustered out 
July 20, 18G5. 

Geo. A. Chatfield enlisted in Co. D, 2d Regt.; April 23, 18G1, 
for three months, and was mustered out Aug. 7th. He re enlisted 
from Seymour, Sept. 2, ISGl, in Co. E, 7th C. Y., re-enlisted as a 
veteran Dec. 22, 18G3; was promoted corporal June 22, 1SG4; mus- 
tered out July 20, 18G5. 




Martha A. CnAXFliELD, daughter of Oliver S. aud Abigail 
Chatfield, b. July 31, 1S31L, m. 1st, Jau. C, 1850, Saiuuel Marshal 
Kissam, son of Dr. Benjamxin Kissaru, Surgeon in U. S. Xavy. He 
died Jfov. 20, 1858, leaving two daughters, Fannr Jarvis and Marie. 
Fanny Jarvis Kissam m, Juilly 2, 1879, Charles O. Lemont, who died 
Jan. 29, 1894. Marie Kiss^am ra. Apr. 8, 1880, Charles J, Hinds, 
who died Jau. 20, 1888. Mjrs. Marie Hinds m. Sept. 1, 1892, Henry 
Clay Copeland. Mrs. Martliia A. Kissam m. 2d, Dec. 25, 1801, 

Who was born near Pittshuirg, Pa., Dec. 15, 1S20. When he was 
ahout sis years of age his farther removed to Eichland countv, Ohio, 
where at an early age he butcame an editorial writer for The Shield 
and Banner, a paper then pi5-.blished by his father, aud in 1841 he was 
editor of The Morning Penmant, a campaign sheet which advocated 
the election of James K. Pthlk. 

In 1846, after the battifcs of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma, 
when a call was made for volunteers, he enlisted in the Third Ohio 
Yolunieers, and served undier Col. Samuel R. Curtis. Soon after 
reaching Mexico Mr. Tidbalii was elected a subaltern of his company 
and commissioned by Gov. IBartley, of Ohio. At Matamoras he was 
detailed to act as adjutant ten the commander of the post, a place he 
served in for several months,, first under Gen. Clarke, and subsequently 
under that officer's successotis, Col. Curtis and Col. Drake, of the First 
Indiana Yoluuteers. Just (before the battle of Buena Vista, when 
communication was cut oft' loetween Gen. Tavlor and the sea, he was 
bearer of dispatches from this commander of the forces in Tamaulipas 
to Gen. Scotr, then at Lobojts Island. He accompanied the troops to 
Vera Cruz and participated iin the siege, bombardment and surrender 
of that city and its strongholld, the Castle of San Juan de Ulloa. On 
returning from Mexico, Mr. Tidball entered the office of Hon. Jacob 
Brinkerhoff", at Mansfield, Oihio, under whose instruction he was quali- 
fied for admission to the Uiar, and in 1848 he was licensed by the 
supreme court to practice ia call the courts of the state. Removing to 
Cincinnati he became eogag^ed in the editorial management of The 
Columbian, a literary paper of wide circulation and great popularity 
in the west. Returning tet Mansfield Mr. Tidball engaged in the 
practice of law as partner of the late Thomas H. Ford, Esq. 


• 29 

In the fall of 1853 Mr. Tidball came to New York city, where he 
was associated with Hon. Ogden Hoffman, Peter Y. Cutler, esq., and 
Judge Flanders, and later removed to Nassau street, where he contin- 
ued to practice until ISGO. 

He organized a regiment of volunteers in the spring of 1861, 
afterward known as the Fiftyninth Eegiment, N. Y. S. V., to the 
command of whi«;h he was commissioned by Gov. Morgan. On his 
arrival at Washington Col, Tidball was placed m command of the 
Second Brigade of Casey's Division at Good Hope, and afterwards of 
\ the northern defences of the city at Tenallytown. When the news of 
the seven days fights reached the federal capital, he was despatched, 
with a brigade, to the support of Gen. McClellan, and reported to that 
officer at Turkey Bend, with the first reinforcements. He served in 
the subsequent campaigns in command of his regiment and the brigade 
to which it was attached, and took part in several engagements, the 
most conspicuous of which were Chantilly, South Mountain, Antietam 
"and Fredericksburgh. 

His health becoming impaired he was transferred to the Veteran 
Reserve Corps and performed duty in the freedmen's bureau, under 
Gen. Howard, for two years, and was judge advocate on the staff of 
Gen. Gillem, at Vicksburg, when mustered out of service in 1808. 

On leaving the array Col. Tidball returned to New York city and 
resumed the practice of law at No. 5 Wall street. Before the war he 
was an occasional contributor to the columns of The Mercury, The 
Dispatch, The Leader, The Sunday Times, Putnam's Monthly and 
other publications. After his return he occasionally wrote short stories 
for The Chimney Corner and contributions for The Yonkers Gazette. 
He was a mason of high degree and a Past Master. He was an active 
member of Charity Lodge, F. A. M., at the time of his death, and 
also of the Masonic Veterans, Mexican Veterans, Society of G. A. R., 
Ohio Society, and John A. Rollins Post, G. A. R. Col. Tidball was 
a genial, finely educated, well read and a complete gentleman in 
every sense of the term. He died at his residence, 302 West Fifty- 
sixth street. New York city, on Sunday, Jan. 29, 1893. 

Writing to us, from. Washington, D. C, Col. Juan Lewis said of 
him, " I had known Col. Tidball by reputation long before we met, 
which was about a quarter of a century ago, and we had many points 

30 • 

in common. He was a tborouglily good, broad, wholesome, big- 
hearted man, an exceptionally competent literary critic, a keen edi- 
torial, and a practical citizen wbo made the world better for 
having lived in it; 

Claek CHATFrELD, of Seyinour, son of Joel R. and Lucinda 
Hitchcock Chatfield, m. 1st, Josephine, dau. of Willis Hotchkiss, of 
Ansonia; 2d, Susan Mariette, dau. of Samuel Smith, of Rondout, iST. 
Y. He has been a member of Solomon Chapter, No. 3, II. A. M., of 
Derby, since Feb. 21, 1861; of Union Council, No. 27, R. & S. M., 
of Derby, from 1S61; and is a member of New Haven Commandery, 
Knights Templar. He is also a past warden of Trinity church, Sev' 
mour. Children: . 

Lillle, married Frank E. Steele, formerly of Seymour, now of 

Mary Caroline, b. in Kingston, N. Y.; d. in Seymour June 5, 
1895, aged 33 years. 


Edward S., b. in Kingston, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1857, died in Pitts- 
burg, Pa., May 30, 1SS2, leaving a wife and one child. 

John Chatfield, son of Joel E. and Mary Tomlinson Chat- 
field, for a number of years after attaining his majority was a resident 
of Seymour and was a justice of the peace from 18G1 to 1868, and 
one of the school visitors from 1863 to 1866. Since then he has been 
the proprietor of several large hotels in this state, in Philadelphia, at 
Brighton, Shelter Island and New London, and for four years was 
manager of Fenwick Hall. He is now proprietor of the Hotel Jeifer- 
son. New York City. He became a member of Morning Star Lodge, 
F. & A. M., Feb. 27, 1861. He married 1st, Anna J. Leigh, daugh- 
ter of Lewis and Isabelle Leigh, o*" Willington, Conn., b. 1815. 

Adelaide Isabelle, b. Dec. 19, 1865. 

Mary Almira, b. Nov. 17, 1867. 

Annie Leigh, b. Mar. 6, 1870; d. Mar. 6, 1876. 
He m. 2d, Adelia E. Edwards, of Boston. Ch: 

John, b. Feb. 25, 1873. 


1 Mary Ann Cable, mentioned on page 25, m. 1st George 

I Sperry, who died Dec, 1866 ; 2d Lewis Doolittle, who died July 8, 

Agtjr E. Cable, son of Roswell and Hannah Cable, ra. 
Sarah Kimball, of Brooklyn, X. Y., who died in Owego, X. Y., 
Apr. 12, 18C7. 

HiijNFORi) E. Cable m. Iluldah Whittaker, of Deposit, N. Y., 
now living in Chester, y. Y. 

"The Book of Family Crests," Vol. II, describes the Chatfield 
crests as follows: 

Chatfield, a demi-raoor, with a quiver on 1ms back, shooting 
an arrow from a bow, all ppr. 

Chatfield, an heraldic antelope's head erased, ar., ducally 
gorged, or. 

Suss., an antelope's head erased, ar,, horned and ducally 

gorged, go. - 

"Patronymica Brittanica" says of the origin of the name Chat- 
field, "A locality which is not identified, but apparently near Lewes, 

Genealogical compilations of the families of this name in Sus- 
sex county, Eng., may be found in Berry's Sussex Genealogies, 5; 
Visitation of Sussex, 1570, 3 ; Dallaway's Susses, I, 69. 




Abijah, 8. 
jAnson, 17, 18. 

Boecher, 19. 
Benajah, IS. 
BuiTitt, 12. 

Caleb, 16. 

Chester, S, 17. 
Charles C.,2i, -21',. 
Charles R., 1 1. 
Charles T., 13. 
Clark. 30. 
Curtis, 20. 

Daniel, 10, 12. 
Daniel, Lieut., 10. 
David, IS. 
David K., 19, 21. 
Dennis, 12. 
Divine, 19, 27, 

Ebenezer, 7, 14. 
Elnathan, 14. 

Edward W., 21. 
Eii. IS. 
Enos, 8, 17. 
Enos B., 9. 

Frederick N., 27. 

George, 5. 
George A., 27. 
Gideon, 11. 

Hel-er C., 10, 23. 
Henry, 12, 14. 

Isaac, 10, 16. 
Isaiah. 19. 

James, 13. 

Joe), 15. 

Joel R., 16. 

John, 6. 7, 10, 17, 30. 

John, Lieut., 6, 17. 

John F.. 21. 

John L., Col., 13. 

Jonathan, IC. 
Joseph, 11. 
Joseph E., 11. 
Josiah, IG. ^ 

Leman, 23. 
Lewi3, 7, 20. 
Levi, 17. 

Oliver 7, 17. IS, 20. 
Oliver S., 22, 2:,, OC. 

Philo, 9. 
Pulaski, 13. 

RusaeU, 20, 27. . 

Samuel. 11, l^ 
Sheldon, 19. 
Solomon, 7. 

"Wales, 21. 
Walter H.. 1^. 
William. 17. 
WUliam F., 14. 


Baldwin, 19. 
Beecher, 27. 

Cable, 9, 2.'), 31. 
CarringtoD, 22. 

Clark, 21, 25. 


Davis, 9, 25. 
Doolittle, 30. 
Durand, 24. 

Fairchild, SC-Z-H" 
Fox, 24. 
French, 20, 21. 

Gilbert,- 20. 
Gilyard, 16. 
Griflin, 24. 

natch, 25. 
Hazelton, 24, - tJ * 

Hitchcock, 20. 
Holbroob, 23. 
Hotchkiss, 22, 30. 
Hubbell, 23. 
Hull, 20, 21.' 
Hyde. 21. 
.Johnson, 20, 25. 
Judd, 27. 
Kimberly, 16. 
King, 16, 21. 
Kissam, 2-i. 

Leek, 25. 

Leigh, .30. 
Lewis, 24. 
Lyman, 24. 

Peny, 20, 31, 24. 

San ford, 21. 

Sharpe, 20, 
Smith. 30. 
Sperry, 9, 19, 23, 2.1 
Steele, 30. 
Stoddard, 1-J. 
Strong, 20. 

Terrell, 21,27. 
Thomas, 19. 
Tidball, 28. 29. 
Todd, 27. 
Tomlinson, 16. 
Tuttle, 16, 22. 
Tyler, -24. 

Wakclee, 27. 
Warner, 21, 27. 
Watson, 22. 
Wheeler, 25. 
Writer, 25.