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Full text of "Chaucer's translations of Boethius's "De consolatione philosophiae""

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When maBter hands like those of Gibbon and Hallam have 
sketched the life of Boethme, it is well that no meaner man should 
attempt to mar their picturea. They diew, perhaps, the most 
touching scene in Middle-age literary history, — the just man in prison, 
awaiting death, consoled by the Philosophy that had been his light 
in life, and handing down to posterity for their comfort and strength 
the presence of her whose silver rays had been his guide as well 
under the stora of Fortone as the milk of Fate. With Milton in his 
dark days, Boece in prison could say, — 

' I argue not 
Against Heavea'a hand or will, nor bate a jot 
Of beart or hope ; bnt still bear np and st«er 
Right onward. What supports me, dost thou oak ? 
The conecience, friend, to have lost them overplied 
In liberty's defence, my noble task, 
or which all Europe rings from aide to aide.' 

For, indeed, the echoes of Boethius, Boethius, rang out loud fiom 
every comet of European Iit«ratuie. An Al&ed awoke tJiem in 
England, a Chaucer, a Caxton would not let them die ; an Elizabeth 
revived them amoi^ the glorious music of her reign.^ To us, though 
far of^ they come with a sweet sound. ' The angelic ' Thomas 
Aquinas commented on him, and many others followed the saint's 
steps. Dante read him, though, strange to say, he speaka of the 

1 OUier tranalatioDs are b^ John Walton of OsDey, in verae, in 1410 (Beg. 
U3. IB, A 18), first printed at Tavlatook in 1S26, and to be edited some dme 
or oUiOT for the B. E. T. B. An uioajmouB prose Terdon in the Bodleian. 
George Coluile, aliaa Coldewel, 1G66 ; J. T. 1609 ; H. ConningeBbye, 1661 -. Lord 
rre8t«n, 1696, 1712; W. Coustoa, 1780; Bedpatb, 1735; B. Dunoan, 178»i 
anon. 1T92 (Lowndes). 

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Coiisolation as 'a liook not known by many.'' Belgium had hei 
translationa — both FlenuBb^ and French*; Germany hers,* France 
heis,' Italy hera.^ The Latin editora are too nnmerouB to be 
catalogued here, and manoBcripte abound in all our great libraries. 

No philosopher waa bo bone of the bone and fleah of the flesh 
of Middlo-age writera as Boethius. Take up what writer you will, 
and you find not only the sentimente, but the very words of the dis- 
tinguished old Soman. And surely we who read him in Ghaucer'a 
tongue, wlU not refuse to say that his fall-circling meed of glory vas 
other than deserved. If or can we marvel that at the end of our 
great poet's life, he waa glad that he had swelled the chorus of 
Boethius' praiae ; and ' of the translacioun of Boece de Consolacioun,' 
thanked ' onre Lord Iheau Crist and his moder, and alle the seintea 
in heuen.' 

The impieBsion made by Boethius on Chaucer was evidently 
very deep. 14'ot only did he translate him directly, as in the preaent 
work, but he read his beloved original over and over again, as 
witness the following list, incomplete of course, of passages iiom 
Chaucer's poems translated more or less literally from the De Con- 

Wost thou nat wel the olde clerkes sawe, 
That who schal yeve a lover eny lawe. 
Love is a grettere lawe, by my pao, 
Then may be yeve to {of} eny erthly man ? 

{Knighta TaU, AJdiae Seriti, vol. iJ. p. 36, 37.) 
Dbt what is he ^at may jeue a lawe to loueres. loue is a gretter 
lawe and a strengere to hym self Jiaa any lawe |)at men may jeuen. 

{ChMKBr't Prose Tramlation, p. 108,) 

QitU legem del omontifiu* T 

Mc^or lee amor e»t rifit. — (Boeth., lib. iii. met. 12.) 

' Dante, in hU Omvito, aa^a, " Miainii a le^er quelle mm foneseiiUa da 
melti libro di Boezio, Qel quale captivo e diacacciato coasolato b' avea." 

' Printed at Ghent, 1486, 

' By Reynier de Beinot Trudon, printed at Bruges, 1*77, 

' An old veraioD of \iie Iltli cent, printed by QraO, and a modem one 
printed at Nuremberg, 1473. 

' By Jean de Meuog, printed at I^ris, 1494. 

' By Varehl, printed at Florence, 1661 ) Parma, 1738. 

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A dronke man wot wel be bath an hoiu^ 
But ha not* which the righte wey is thider. 

{KrdgUti Tale, toL iL p. 39.) 
Ry^t a* a dronke man not nat^ by wMehepape hs mag retoume home 
to hy* haoK. — (Chancer'B Trona., p. 67.) 

Bed veUtt ebriae, domv/m qvo trwmte reeerUitutr, ignorat^ 

(Bo«th., lib. ill pr. 2.) 


The firate moevere of the cause above, 
Whan he first made tbe fajre oheytie of love, 
Gret waa tbefiect, and heigh waa his entente ; 
Wal wist he why, and what therof he mente j 
For with that fain i^ayne of Itme he bond 
The/j/r, the teatir, the eyr, and eek the lond 
In eerteyn boundee, that they may not flee. 

{Knightet Tale, p. 92.) 
That fw world with stable feith / varieth acordable chaQngyngea // ])at 
the contraryoB qnalite of element^ holden amonge hem self aliannce per- 
dnrable / ^at phebus the sonne with his goldene chariat / bryngeth forth 
the rosene day / ])at the moae hath commanndenient ouer the nyhtea // 
whiche nyhtes heBperas the ene eterre hat[h] browt //bat po se gredy 
to flowen constreyneth with a certeyn ande hise floodes / so ^t it is 
nat l[a]ueful to atrechohe hise brode tormea or bowndes vpi-on the erthes 
// fiat ia to seyn to couere alle the erthe // Al thia a-cordannce of thinges 
ia bowDdan with Ioouq / ^at gouemeth arthe and aee / and [he] hath ^so 
comtDanndemeDtj to the henenes / and yif tbia looue slakede the brydelis 
/ alle thingea |)at now louen hem to-gederea / wolden makan a batayle 
contynnely and atryuen to fordoon tbe (aaoun of this worlda / the which 
they now leden in acordabla feith by fayre moeuyngeB // thia loona halt 
to-gideres poeples / ioygned with an hooly bond / and knytteth sacre- 
ment of maryages of chaste looues // And loue enditeth lawea to trewe 
falawes // wdefnl weere mankynde / yif thilke loue bat gouemeth 
henene gouamed yowre coragea /. — (Chaucer's Boethiue, bk, li. met. 8.) 
Qnod manduB atabili fide 
Concordes variat vices, 
Qnod pagnantia semina 
Feed us perpetuum tenent, 
Quod Phoebus rOBenm diem 
Curru provehit aoreo, 
Ut quas dnxerit Hespems 

ib. Google 


Plusbe noctibas imperct, 

Ut fluctoa avidum mare 

Certo fiae coerceat, 

Ne terriB liceat vagis 

LatOB tundere tenninoB ; 

HaiK remm seriem ligat, 

Terras ac pelague reg^iA, 

El ctelo imperilant amor. 

Bic si freeaa n 

QDicqnid nunc 

Bellnm continno geret : 

£t qusm nunc Bocia fide 

Fnlcris motibue incitaot, 

Gertent solvere inachiDam. 

Hie sancto populos quoqne 

JnnotoB fcedere continet, 

Hie et conjugii sacrum 

Gastis neetit amoribtiB, 

Hie fidiB etiam sua 

Dictat jura eodalibae. 

felix homiDtim gonna, 

Bi vestros animoa amor, 

Quo owlum regitur, regat. — {Boeth,, lib. ii. met. 8.) 

Love, that of erth and ee hath goTomaunce I 
Love, that his heetes hath in heveno hye ! 
Love, that with an holsom alliaunce 
Halt peples joyned, as hym liste hem gyo 1 
Love, that knetteth law and compaignye, 
And couples dotb in vertu for to dweCe I 

(Tn^lus & Cryseyde, st. 243, Tol. iv. p. 296.) 

That, that the world with faith, which that is siable 

Dyvereeth so, his stoundes concordynge ; — 

That elementz, that ben so discordable, 

Holden a bond, perpetualy dnrynge ; — 

That Phebue mot his rosy carte forth brynge, 

And that the mone hath lordschip overe the nyghte ; — 

Al this doth Love, ay heryod be bis myght I 

That, that the se, that gredy is to floweo, 
Conatreyneth to a certeyn ende so 
Else flodes, that so fiersly they ae growen 
To drenchen erth and alle for everemo ; 
And if that Love aught lets hia brydel go, 
Al that now loveth aaonder aholde lepe. 
And lost were al that Love halt now to kepe. 

{Ibid. St. 244, 24B.) 

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That same prynce and moevere eek, qnod he, 
Hath stabled, in this wrecched vorld adoun, 
Certeyn dayee and duracioun 
To alle that er ^ngendrid in this place, 
Over the whiohe day they may nat pace, 
Al mowe they yit wel here dayes abregge ; 

And tlieifcre of his wyse purreaimce ■ 
He bath 8C wal bigot his ordenaunce. 
That apicea cf thingea and progressiouns 
Scbnllen endure by aucoeBaiouDs 
And nat eterae be, withonle any lye. 

{KmgMtt Tale, vol. ii. p. 92, 93.) 

)» engendrynge of alle fiingea quod ahe and alle ))e prograaaioDna 
of mnuable nature, and alle ])at moeue^ in aoy mancre tahif) hya oaDsea. 
hya ordre. and bys formes, of ^e atablenesse of ])e donyne }ioajt [and 
tbilke denyne thowht] ^at ia yact and put in pe toure. fiat ia ta ssyne 
in )ie heyjt of Jie simplicite of god. Btabliaiji many maaere gyses to 
JiingCB fat ben to don.— (CAoumt'* Boethiut, bk, iv, pr. 6, p. 134.) 

Wei may men knowe, bat it he a fool, 
^at every partye dyryveth from bia hool. 
For nature hath nat take his bygynnyng 
Of no partye ne cantel of a thing, 
But of a thing that parfyt is and atable, 
Descendyag ao, til it be corumpabte. 

(Knightet Tale, vol. ii. p. 92.) 

For al fling Jiat ia cleped inpsrfit . is proned inperfit by |ie 
amenusynge of peifeooioun . ot of |>ing )iat is per6t . and her-of come]) 
it , Jiat in enery fling general . yif [>at . fiat men sssn any fiing ])at is 
inperfit . certya in pilke general )ier mot ben somme fiing Jiat ia perfit. 
For yif so be fat perfeccioun ia don awey . men may nat fiinke nor aeye 
fro whennea fnlke fing is pat is cleped inperfit . For fie natnre of ^ingea 
ne token nat her bygynnyng of finges amennsed and inperfit . but it 
procedif) of {lingua fat ben al hool . and abaolut . and descendef so 
doune in-to ootoreat f inges and in-to fingiis empty and wif-oute fruyt . 


■ri INTBODnCTlOir. 

but as I baue shewed a litel her byforae . y&t yit fier be a blififtilnesee 
^at be frele and Tein and inperfit . ^er may do man doute . |iat |)er nys 
Bom bliefalnesBe pat is ead stedfaat and perGt.' — (bk. iii. pr. 10, p. 89.) 

Omne eoim quod imperfectum esBe dicitur, id deminutione perfect! 
imperfectnm esse perhibetur. Qno fit at si in quolibet genere imper- 
fectum quid ease videatur, in eo perfectum quoque aliqaod esHe Decesae 
ait. Etenim perfectione aublata, unde illud, quod imperfectum perhibe- 
tur, extiterit, ne fingi quidem potest. Neque enim ab diminutii incon- 
saramatisqae rtalura reram eepit exordium, aed ab integrit ahsolutitque 
procedeits in Jute extrema atque effceta dilabUur. Quod si, uti paulo aute 
monstravimuB, est qutedam boni fragilie imperfecta felicitaa, esse aJiquam 
Bolidam perfectamque non potest dubitari. — (Boelh., lib. iii. pr. 10.) 


For geotilnesse nya but reuomS 

Of thin auncestres, for hei heigh bounty 

Which is a straunge thing to thy persone. 

(_The ffV 0/ Bathea Tale, vol. ii. p. 241.) 
For if fe name of gentilesse be referred to renouu and clemosse of 
linage, fian is gentil name but a foreiue |)ing. 

(Chaucer's Boetkius, p. 78.) ■ 
QttCB [nobilitas], at ad ciaritudCjaern refertaT, aliena est. 

{Bwthius, lib. iii. pr. 6.) 

No teer out of his oyeu for that sighte 
Ne cam ; but sayde, a fair wommaa was sche. 
Oret wonder is how that he couthe or mighte 
Be domesman on hir dede beaute. 

{The Monkes Tale, vol. iit. p. 217.) 
Ke no tere ne wette hie face, bnt be was so hard-herted fiat he 
myjte boa domesman or iuge of hire dede beauty. 

(_Chauixi'i Boethiui, p. 55.) 
Ora non tinxit lacrymis, sed esse 
Censor estincti potuit decoris. 

(BoeiWus, lib. ii. met. 6.) 


I In 'TroyluB and Cryaeyde' we find the following long passage 
taken from Boethius, book v. prose 2, 3. 

Book IT. Bt. 134, vol iv. p. 339. 
(1) 8yn God seth every thynge, out of dontannce, 
And hem disponoth, thorugh his ordinaunce, 

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In hire uierites sotbely for to be, 
As tbey sbnl cornea by predesteyne 

(2) For som men seyn if Qod Beth al bjfoTno, 
Ne Qod may not deserved ben pard£ I 

Than moot it fallen, theigh men hadde it eworua, 
That purveyauDce hath seyn bofor to bo , 
Wherfor I eeye, that, from eterne, if he 
Hathe wiate byfom our thought ek as onre dede, 
We have no fre cboys, as tbise clerkea rede. 


(3) For other thoughte, nor other dede also, 
Myghte nevere ben, but swicb as purveyaunce, 
Which may nat ben deceyved nevere moo, 
Hatb feled byfome, withoutfln ignoraanee ; 
For if ther myghte ben avariaunce. 

To wrythen out fro Goddes purveyinge, 
Ther nere no prescience of thynge comyngo ; 

(4) But it were rather an opiuyon 

Uncertein, and no stedfsat forseynge ; 

And certes that were an abusyon 

That Qod shold han no parfit clere wotynge. 

More than we laen, that han douteous wenynge, 

But swich an erroure upon God to gesae 

Were fals, and foule, and wikked corsednesse. 

(5) They eeyn right tbus, that thynge is nat to come 
For that the prescience hath aeyne byfore 

That it shal come ; but they seyn that therforo 
That it shal come, therfor the purveyaunce 
Woot it bifore, withouten ignorance. 


(6) And in this manere this neceeaite 
Retonmeth in his part contrarye agayn ; 

■ For nodftally byhoveth it not to be. 
That thiike thynges fallen in corteyn 
That ben purveyed ; but nedly, as they seyne, 
Biboveth it that thynges, which that fallo. 
That thci in certein ben purvoied alle. 

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(7) I mene as thoagh I labourede me in this, 

To enqueTen which thynge canae of whiche thynge b 

(8) As, whether that the preacience of God ia 
The certein canse of the DeceBait6 

Of thynges that to comen ben, parde I 
Or, if neceeail^ of thynge comynge 
Be cause certein of the purreyingo. 


(9) Bnt now'nenforce I me nat in shewynge 
How the ordre of causes stant ; bnt wel woot I 
^Hiat it bihoveth that the bifallynge 

Of thynges, wiste bifor certeinly, 
Be necessarie, at seme it nat therby 
That preecieuce put fallynge necessaire 
To thynge to come, al falle it faule or faire. 


(10) For, if ther sit a man yonde on a see, [seat] 
Than by neceesit^ biboveth it, 

That certes thyn opinioun soth be, 

That weneet or conjectest that he sit ; 

And, further over, now ayeinwarde yit, 

Lo right 80 is it on the part oontrarie. 

As thna, — nowe herkene, for I wol nat tnrie : — 


(11) I eey, that if the opinion of the 

Be soth for that be sit, than seye I this, 

That he moot sitten by necessity ; 

And thus necessity in either is, 

For in hym nede of eittynge is, y wis. 

And in the, nede of soth ; and thns forsotli 

Ther mot necessity hen in yow bothe. 

(12) But thow must seyne, the man eit nat therfore, 
Tiiat thyn opinioun of his eittynge sothe is ; 
But rather, for the man sat there hyfore, 
Therfor is thyn opinioun soth, ywya ; 
And I seye, though the cause of soth of this 
Cometh of his sittynge, yet necessity 
Is intcrchaunged both in hym and the. 

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{13) Thaa in the eame wyae, out of dootaunce, 
I may wel maken, as it seinetli m«, 
My reaODynge of Goddes pnireiannce. 
And of the thyngee that to comen be ; . . . 


(14) For althoDgh that for thynge shal come, ywya, 
TherfoT it is purveyed certeynly, 

Nat that it cometh for it pnrveied is ; 
Yet, natheles, bihoveth it oedfoUy, 
That tbynge to come be paireied trewly ; 
Or ellea Uiynges tliat parveied be. 
That they bidden by necessite. 


(15) And this snfficeth right ynongfa, oerteyn, 
For to distmye oure fre cboya everydele. 

(1) Quie tamen ille ab iBtemo cnncta prospiciene providentite ceniit 
intnitna, et suis qaeque meritja prtadeetiuata diaponit .... (^BoeHuta, 
lib. V. pr. 2.) 

(2) Nam si oancta prospicit Deas neqne jtdli ullo mode potest, 
evenire neceaae eat, qnod providentia futunim esse prnviderit. Quare 
St ab letemo nan facta bominum modo, aed etiam conailia Tolnntateaqne 
prenoBcit, nulla erit arbitrii libertae ; 

(3) Neqne enim vel factum alind ullum vel quielibet exiatere poterit 
Toluutaa, niai quam nescia falli provideDtia divioa pnescDaerit. Nam 
si res alioraum, qnam provieie snot detorqneri Talent, non jam erit 
faturi firma pmscientia ; 

(4) Bed opinio potius iocerta ; quod de Deo nefas credere jndico. 

(5) Ainnt enim Don ideo quid esse' eventurnm qaoniam id provi- 
dentia futurum esse proapexerit ; aed e contrario potius, qnoniam qnid 
futnram est, id divinam providentian) latere non poesit 

(6) EJoqne modo neceaaarium eat hoc in contrariam rolabi partem ; 
neqite enim Decease est contingere qute providentur, sed Decease est 
qa«B futura smit provider!. 

(7) Quasi vero qute cojuaque rei causa sit, 

(8) PrnscieDtiane fnturortim necessitatis an tuturoTum neoessitas 
proTidentise, laboretnr. 

(9) At DOB illud demonatrare Ditamur, qaoqno modo aeae haheat 
ordo cansanim, necessarinm eaae eventum pnescitarum rerum, etiam ai 
prgeecientia faturis rebus eveniendi necessitatcm Don videatur inferre. 

(10) Etenim si quispiam sedeat, opinionem qute eum sedere coDJectat 
Terara esse neceaae eat ; at e coDTcrao rurena, 

dbv Google 


(11) Si de qiiopiam vera eit opiaio quoniom Bodet cam sedere neceeee 
est. In ntroque igitur neceMitas ineet : in boc qaidem eedendi,at vero 
io altoro veritatiB. 

(12) Bed non idcirco quiaqne sedet, quoniam vera eat opinio : Bed 
hiec potias vera eat, qnoniam qaempiam Bedere praeceesit. Ita com 
causa veritatis ex altera parte procedat, ioest tamen commnnis in 
ntraque ueceBHitas. 

(13) Sirailia de providentia futurisque rebns ratiocinari patet 

(14) Nam etiam ai idcirto, quoniam fotura aunt, providentur : Don 
vero ideo, quoniam providon-tur, eveniunt: nihilo minus tameu a Deo vet 
Ventura provideri, vel provisa evenire necesee eat : 

(15) Quod ad perimendam arbitrii libertatem solum satis eat. 

(lib. V. pr. 3.) 
See Chaucer's Boetkim, pp. 154-6. 

I For, of fartnneB scbarp adversitS, 
I Tbe woiBte kjnde of infortnne ia this, 
A man to ban ben in prosperity, 
And it remembren, wben it passed is. 

(Truyliit and Oryt^de, bk. iii. st. 226, vol. iv. p. 291.) 

Sed hoc est, quod recolentem me vebementios coquit. Nam in omni 
adversitate fortune infelicissimam genos est infortunii, fuiase feticem.^ — 
(Boelhiui, lib. ii. pr. 4.) 


Syeiphus in Helle, 

Whoa stom^ fowl^ tyren everemo, 
That hyghten voltnria. 

{Trot/ltu and Oryteyde, book i. at. 113, p. 140.) 

J>e fowel fat hyjt voltor fat etij) fe stomak or Jie giaer of ticius. 

(Chaucer't Boelhint, ^. 107.) 


{Troylus and Crya^de, bk. i. at 122, p. 142.) 

If fortune bygan to dwelle stable, she ceBed[e] fan to ben fortune. 

{Chawxr'i BoetMut, p. 32.) 

' Ct, Dante, 7»yVDW, V. 121. 

NesBun ma^or dolore 
Che rioordarM del tempo felice 
Nella miaeria ; e cid bb '1 tuo Dottore. 

dbv Google 


(Compare stanzas 120, 121, p. 142, aad stanza 136, p. 146, of 
'Troylus and Ciyseyde' with pp. 31, 33, 35, and p. 34 of Cliaucor'a 

At omniam moTtaliam stolid iaeime, ai maDere incipit, fors esse 
dssiBtit — (Boethittt, lib. ii. prose 1.) 


Imedled is with many a bittemense. 

Fnl angwyshotiB than ie, Ood woote, qnod abe, 

Condicion of veyn prosperity t 

For oyther joiea comen nongbt yfeere, 

Or ellea no wight hath bem alwey here. 

{Troylm and Oryaeyde, bk. iii. at. 110, p. 258.) 
)^ swetneese of mannes wolefoluesse is yspranid wij) maDy[e] bitter- 
nesseo. — (Ohauicer't BoeOwia, p. 42.) 

— fnl anguissons |)ing is Jw coadiciouo of mans goodea. For 
eyjjer it comef al to-gidre to a wyjt. or ellys it lasteji not perpotuely. 

{lb. p. 41.) 
Quam mnltiB amaritudioibus bunians felicitatis dulcedo reapcrsa 
eat I — (Boethiiu, lib. ii. proae 4.) 

Aoiia enim rea eat humanornm conditio bonomm, et que vel oun- 
qaam tota proveniat, vel nnnqnam perpetna anbaiatat. — (/6.) 

0, brotel wele of mannes joie nnstable I 

With what wight bo thow be, or how thow pleye, 

Oither he woot that thow joie art muable. 

Or woot it Dought, it mot ben on of tweyen : 

Now if he woot it not, how may he aeyen 

That he hath veray joie and selynesse, 

That is of ignorannce ay in dietreeae ? 

Now if he woote that joie ia tranaitorie, 
Ab every joie of worldly thynge mot flo, 
Tbanne every tyme be that bath in memorie, 
The drede of lesyng maketh hym that he 
Hay in no parfyte selynesse be : 
And if to leee his joie, he eette not a myte. 
Than semeth it, that joie ia worth ful lite. 

{Troglm md Qryteyde, bk. iii. Bt. Ill, 112, vol. iv. p. 258.) 

(1) What man )iat ^ia toumblyng welefulnesse leedi)), eifier he woot 
])at fit] is chaungeable. or ellia he woot it naL And yif he woot it 
DOt. what blisfol fortune may ])er be in |)e blyndenesse of ignorannce. 

(2) And yif he woot )iat it is chaangaable. he mot alwey ben adrad 
^at he ne lese ^at {ting. ])at he ne donteji nat but |)at he may lecsen it. 

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For whiche |)e contiuael drode )iat he ha|) ne safiri^ hym 

nat to ben waleful. Or ellye yif he leeee it he wene[()] to bo diepi»ed and 
forIet«D hit. Certis eke fiat ie a fal lytel goode (lat is born wif euene 
hertfe] whan it is loost. — (Chaucer'g Boelhttis, pp. 43, 44.) 

(1) Qaem caduca iata felicitaa vehit, vet scit cam, vel nescit csae 
mutabilem. Si nescit, qusnam beata sore esse potest ignorantise 
in ciecitate? 

(2) Si Bcit, metuat necesse eet, ne amittat, qnod amitti posse non 
dnbitat ; quare continuui tiraor non einit ease felicem. An vel si 
amiaorit, negHgendum putat? Sic qaoqae perexile bonum est, quod 
89quo animo ferstur amissum. — {Boethiw, lib. ii. prose 4.) 

XIII, Tosmise. 

I Fortune 

That seineth trewest when she wol bigyle. 

And, when a wight is from hire whiel ithrowe. 
Than laugheth she, and maketh bym the mowe. 

{Troylas and Oyteyde, bk. iii. st. 264, vol. iv. p. 299.) 

She (Fortune) vaeji fnl flatryng familaritf wif hem fat she enforcej) 
to bygyle. — (Chaucer'g Boethias, p. 30.) 

She lau^efi and ecome)i )ie wepyng of hem ))e 

whicbe she haji maked wepe wiji hir free wille .... Ylf fat a 
wyjt is »eyn weleftd and ouetjirowe in an hoare. — (J6. p. 33.) 

In book T., stanza 260, vol t, p. 75, Chaucer describes how the 
soul of Hector, after his death, ascended ' up to the holughnesse of the 
sevenths spare.' In so doing he seems to have had before him met 
1, book i, of Boethius, where the 'soul' ia described as passing into 
the heaven's utmost sphere, and looking down on the world below. 
See Chaueer'a BoetHits, p. 110, 111. 

.^tas Prima is of eouise a metrical version of lib. ii. met. 5. 

Hampole speaks of the wonderful sight of the Lynx ; perhaps he 
was indebted to Boethius for the hint, — (See Boeihiua, book 3, pr. 8, 
p. 81.) 

I have seen the following elsewhere : 

(1) Valne not beauty, for it may be destroyed by a three days' fever. 

(See ChaiKer't Boethiut, p. 81.) 

(2) There is no greater plague than the enmity of thy familiar friend. 

(See Chaac^'t translatioD, p. 77.) 

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isTROimonoK. xui 

Chancer did not English Boethios second-hand, through any 
early French veidon, aa some have supposed, but made his trans- 
lation with the lAtin original before him. 

Jean de Huong's veision, the only early French tianalation, per- 
hape, accessible to Chancer, ia not always literal, while the present 
translation is seldom free or periphrastic, bat conforms closely to the 
I^tin, and is at times awkwardly literaL A few passages, taken 
haphazard, will make this sufficiently clear. 

Et dolor atalem jutrit ineste taojn. And Boroa hafi comannded his 
age to be in me (p. 4), 

Et ma donlenr conunanda a vieilleaHe 
Entrer en moy j ains qnen (ast bora ietinesse. 

Mors hominum felix, qaai »e nee duleibitt aiait 
Intent, et matUt tape vocaia venit 
}}ilke deefi of men is welful ^at no come]) iiot in jeres ^t ben swete 
(i. mifv). bat come[' t« wrecches often yclepid. (p. 4.) 
On dit la mort des homes estre eareuse 
Qui ne vient pas en saieon plantareuse 
Mais des ttietee moult sonuent appellee 
Elle y afiuit Due / secbe et pelee. 

Quenmonuun laofymabUem. Wepli compl^nte (p. 6). Fr. ma 
complainte moy esmouuant a plenrs. 

iS^fi offieio. Wi|> office of ^oynUA (p. 5). Fr. (que ie redoisse) par 

Iitedtaiutue. Swiche . . . |)at it ne my)t[e] not be emptid (p. 5). 
Fr. inconsumptible. 

Scemeat meretriculat. Comnne etrumpetis of sicbe a place Jiat men 
clepen fie theatre (p. 6). Fr. ces ribaadeUes fardees. 

Frae^riti profitndo. In oner-frowyng depnesse (p. 7). 

[L]Ae que la penaee de lomme 

Est troublee et plongie coiome 

En abigme precipilee 

Sa propre Inmiere gastee. 
Nee pervetuita nee mcelebria. Neyjier oner-oolde ne vnsolempne (p. 
11). Fr. deaquelz la memoire nest pas trop ancienne ou non recitee. 

Inter lecrela otia. Among my secre restyng whiles (p. 14). Fr. 
entre mee secrettes et oysenBes estudes. 

\t. )}e hoandys of ^e palays (p. 15). Fr. les cbiens da 

dbv Google 

MoBcula prolii. Of Jti masoulyn children (p. 37). Pr. de ta lignie 

Ad tingitlarem felicilatii tua cumulttm venire delecUU. It delitej) me to 
comen now to f e Binguler vphepyng of fi welefnlnesee (p. 37). Fr, II 
me plait venir au aingiilier moDceaa de ta felicite. 

Conattlare imperiwn. Emperie of consnlers (p. 51). Fr, lempire con- 
foe tjwum 6ret^ hahitaeuli. Of )>ilke liteV babitacle (p. 57). Fr. 
de cost trespetit habitacle. 

LaU paierUe$plat/aa. )>e brode ebewjng contreTS (p. 60). 
QViconquea tend a gloira vaine 
Et le croit eatre Bonneraine 
Vof e kt regions pateuUi 

Du ciel 

Lvden* hoimimiim cura. )]e pleijng beeioeB of raen (p. 68). 
Si quil toltiat par douiz eetnde 
Dee hommea la solicitude . . 
Mav«i aelum. I took heaene (p. 10). Fr. ie . . . reganJaj- lo ciel. 
Certamea ctdvereum prc^eclam pralorii eommunig commodi raUone 
tuscepi. I took atrif a^eioB Jje prouoat of |)e pratorie for comane profit 
(p. 15). Fr. ie eotrepris lestrif a lenoontre du prefect du parlement royal 
a cause de la commune vtilite. 

At ctgut cnminit or^uunur tummom qvariti But axest ^n in 
aomme of what gilt I am accused 7 (p. 17). Fr. Mais demandea tu la 
Bomme da pechie duquel pecbie nous aommea arguez? 

By fortauouso fortune (p. 26). Fr. par fortnite 

Qw>» premtmt tQitem geUtU ttitmet. Alle pe peoples ])at ben vndir 
be oolde aterres fat b^ten pe senene trionea (p. 55). Fr. cenlx de 

Ita ego quoque tibi velttli eoroUariwn dabo. Byjt so wil I jene pe 
Iiere aa a corolarie or a mede of coroune (p. 91). Fr. aemblablemeot 
ie te donueraj ainsi que vmg correlaire. 

7n tUuSo. In pe stadie or in ])e forlonge (p. 119). Fr. on (for aa) 

Coi^eeb). I eoniecte fp. 154). Fr. ie coniectnre. 

Nimium . , . adverscri ae rqmgnare videbir. It semejt . . . to ro- 
pngnen and to contrarien gretly. Fr. Co semble cbose trop oontrure et 
rep ngn ante, 

UnieertUatit ambilum. GnTirODnynge of |)e vnluersito (p. 165). Fr. 
lanirooncmont de luuiuorsalite. 

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de BaisoD. 


iuersite of resoun (p. 165). Fr. laniueraalite 

Scitrttiam nunquatn d^tdenHi itulantue reefnw mitimahit. )>oa shalt 
demen [it] more ly^tfully peA it is science of presence or of inetaunce 
^at oener ne fajle]) (p. 174). Fr. mais tn la diras plus droittemeat ct 
mieulx science de instante preseDtialite non Jamais defaitlant maia 


Miiiiy of the above examples are very bald lenderingB of the 
oi^^nat, and are only quoted here to show that Ghancet did not 
make his translation from the French. 

Chaucer is not always felicitous in his tianslationfi . — ^thos he 
translates davui alque gubemactilum by heye and a stieie {p. 103), 
and eompendiwm (gain, acqnisition) b; ahreggynge (abrid^g, cnit^- 
ment), p. 151. Many tenna make their appearance in English for 
the first time, — and most of them have become naturalized, and are 
such as we could ill spare. Some few are lather uncommon, as 
ffouematle (gubemacnlnm), p. 27 ; arbitre (arbitrium), p. 154. As 
Chaucer takes the trouble to explain inestimable (inieetimabilis), p. 
158, it coold not have been a very familiar term. 

Our translator evidently took note of varions readings, for on p. 
31 he notes a variation of the original On p. 61 he nses armuTov 
( ^ armuiee) to render orma, thoi^h most copies i^ree in reading 

There are numerous glosses and explanations of parttcular paa- 
sages, which seem to be interpolated by Chaucer himself. Thua he 
explains what is meant by the heritage of Socratet (p. 10, 11); he 
gives the meaning of eoempHon (p. 16) ; of Euriput (p. 33) ; of t^e 
porch (p. 166).' Some of his definitions are very quaint; as, for 
. instance, that of Trt^edy — ' a diU of a prospenti for a tyvte Jwi 
aidip in wrechedneeee ' (p. 35). One wonld think that the following 
definition of Tt^edian wonld bo rather superfluous after this, — 'a 
maker of dite» \at hy^ten (are called) tregedies ' (p. 77). 

Mell^ui . . . orie Hornvnie 
is thus quaintly Englished ; Homer wt'Ji Jie hony nwufe, \at is to 
»eyn. homer wif Jw «we(e dites (p. 153). 

■ See pages 39, SO, 61, M, 111, 133, 149, 153, 1S9. 

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The piesent translation of the IM Consahdione is taten from 
Additional MS. 10,340, irhicli is supposed to be tlie oldest manu- 
script that exists in onr public libraries. After it was all copied oat 
and leady for press, Mr Biadshaw was kind enough to procure me, 
for the pnipoee of collation, the loan of the Camb. TTniTeieiiy MB. li. 
3. 21, from which the Tarious readings at the foot of the p^es 
ate taken. 

Had I had an opportunity of examining the Cambridge MS. caie- 
fdUy throughout before the work was so far advanced, I should cei^ 
tainly have selected it in preference to the text now given to the 
reader. Though not bo ancient as the British Museum MS., it la 
far more coirect in its grammatical inflexions, and is no doubt a copy 
of an older and very accurate tezL 

The Additional MS. is written by a scribe who was unacquainted 
with the force of the final -e. Thus he adds it to the preterites of 
strong verbs, which do not require it ; he omits it in the preterites 
of weak verbs where it is wanted, and attaches it to passive pariiciples 
{of weak verbs), where it is superfluous. The scribe of the Cam- 
bridge MS. is careful to preserve the final -e where it is a sign (1) of 
the definite declension of the a^ective; (2) of the plural adjective j 
(3) of the infinitive mood ; (4) of the preterite of weak verba ; (S) of 
present participles ;' (6) of the 2nd pers. pret. indie of strong verbs ; 
(7) of adverbs ; (8) of an older vowel ending. 

The Addit. MS. has frequently ikiUe (singular and plnral], and 
■nes (in vrrechednei, &d.), when the Camb. MS. has fhilke^ and -nesse. 

For further difi'erences the reader may consult tho numerous 
collations at the foot of the page. 

If the Chaucer Society obtains that amount of patronage from the 
literary public which it deserves, but unforiiunately has yet not suc- 
ceeded in getting, so that it may be enabled to go on with the great 
work which has been so successfully commenced, then the time may 
come when I shall have the opportunity of editing the Camb. MS. 
of Chaucer's Boethius for that Society, and lovers of Eaily English 
literature will have two texts instead of one. 

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Tbb last, of the ancionts, and one who forma a link between the clam- 
ical period of Itteratore and that of the middle agee, iu which he was a 
favourite author, is Boethius, a man of fine genius, and interesting both 
from his character and hie death. It is well known that after filling the 
dignitiea of Consul and Senator in the conrt of Tbeodoric, he fell a victim 
to the jealousy of a sovereign, from whose memory, in many respeota 
glorioaa, the atain of that blood has never been effaced. The Consolation 
of Philosophy, the chief work of BoethiuB, was written in his prison. 
Few hooka are more striking from the circumstances of their production. 
Last of the classic writers, in style not impure, though displaying too 
lavishly that poetic exuberance which had distinguished the two or three 
preceding centuries, in elevation of sentiment equal to any of the philo- i 
sophers, and mingling a Christian sanctity with their lessons, he speaks 
from his prison in the swan-like tones of dying eloquence. The philoso- 
phy that coDBoled him in bonds, was soon required in the sufferings of a 
cruel death. Quenched in his blood, the lamp he had trimmed witli a 
skilful hand gave no more light ; the language of Tully and Virgil soon 
ceased to he spoken ; and many ages were to pass away, before learned 
diligence restored its purity, and the tmiou of genius with imitation 
taught a few modem writers to surpass in eloquence the Latinity of 
Boethius. — (Hallam's Literature of Europe, i. 2, 4th ed. 1864.) 

The Senator Boethius is the last of the Komans whom Cato or Tully 
could have acknowledged for their countryman. As a wealthy orphan, 
he inherited the patrimony and honours of the Anician family, a name 
amhitionsly assumed by the kings and emperors of the age ; and the 
appellation of Manlins asserted his genuine or fahaloos descent from 
a race of consuls and dictators, who had repulsed the Gauls from the 
Capitol, and sacrificed their sons to the discipline of the Republic. In the 
youth of Boethius the studies of Borne were not totally abandoned ; a 
Virgil is now extant, corrected by the hand of a consul ; and the pro- 
fessors of grammar, rhetoric, and jurisprudence, were maintained in their 
privileges and pensions by the liberality of the Goths. But the erudition 
of the Latin language was insufficient to satiate his ardent curiosity ; and 



Boethius is said to have employed eighteen laborious yearp in the schools 
of Athens, which were supported by the zeal, the learning', and the dili- 
gence of Proclus and his disciples. The reason and piety of tlieir Roman 
pupil were fortunately saved from the contagion of mystery and magic, 
which polluted the groves of the Academy, but he imbibed the spirit, and 
imitated the method, of his dead and living masters, who attempted to 
reconcile the strong and eubtio sense of Aristotle with the devout con- 
templation and sublimo fancy of Plato. After his return to Bome, and 
his marriage with the daughter of his friend, the patrician Symmacbus, 
Boethius still continued, in a palace of ivory and [glass] to prosecute the 
same etudies. The Chnrch was edified by his profound defence of the 
orthodox creed against the Ariau, the Eutychian, and the Nestorian 
heresies ; and the Catholic uoity was explained or exposed in & formal 
treatiseby the ttuJi^er^ncf of three dieti net though consubstantial persons. 
For the beneBt of his Latin readers, his genius submitted to teach the 
lirst elements of the arts and sciences of Greece, The geometry of 
Euclid, the music of Pythagoras, the arithmetic of Nicomachus, the 
mechanics of Archimedes, the astronomy of Ptolemy, the theology of 
Plato, and the logic of Aristotle, with tlie commentary of Porphyry, were 
translated and illustrated by the indefatigable pen of the Roman senator. 
And he alone was esteemed capable of describing the wonders of art, a 
sun-dial, a. water-clock, or a sphere which represeuted the motions of the 
planets. From these abstruse speculations, Boethius stooped, or, to speak 
more truly, he rose to the social duties of public and private life : the in- 
digent were relieved by his liberality ; and his eloquence, which flattery 
might compare to the voice of Demosthenes or Cicero, was uniformly ex- 
erted in the cause of innocence and humanity. Such conspicuous merit 
was felt and rewarded by a discerning prince : the dignity of Boethius was 
adorned with the titles of consul aod patrician, and his talents were use- 
fully employed in the important station of master of the ofBces. Not- 
withstanding the equal claims of the East and West, his two sods were 
created, in their tender youth, the consuls of the same year. On the 
memorable day of their inaaguration, they proceeded in solemn pomp 
from their palace to the fcrum amidst the applause of the senate and 
people ; and their joyful father, the true Consul of Rome, after pronounc- 
ing an oration in the praise of hie royal benefactor, distributed a tri- 
iiinphal largees in the games of the circue. Prosperous in his fame and 
fortunes, in hie public honours and private alliances, in the cultivation, 
of science and the cwnscioosneea of virtue, Boethius might have been 
styled bappy, if that precarious epithet conld be safely applied before the 
last term of the life of man. 

A philosopher, liberal of his wealth and parsimonious of his time, 
might be insensible to the common allurements of ambition, the thirst of 
gold and employment. And some credit may be due to the asseveration 
of Boethius, that he had reluctantly obeyed the divine Plato, who enjoins 
every virtuous citizen to rescue the state from the usurpation of vice and 
ignorance. For the integrity of his public condnct he appeals te the 



memory of his country. His autbority had restrained the pride and op- 
pressioD of the royat ofBcers, and his eloqoence had delivered PaaliauoH 
from the doga of the palace. He bad always pitied, and often relierad, 
the distress of the provincials, whose fortuaes were ezhaasted by public 
and private rapine ; and Boethius alone had courage to oppose the ty- 
raony of the Barbarians, elated by conquest, excited by avarice, and, as 
he complains, encouraged by impanity. In these honourable contests hia 
spirit soared above the consideration of danger, and perhaps of prndence; 
and we uiay learn from the example of Cato, that a character of pure 
and inflexible virtue is the moat apt to be misled by prejudice, to bo 
heated by enthusiasm, and to confound private enmities with public 
justice. The disciple of Plato might exaggerate the infirmities of nature, 
and the imperfections of society ; and the mildest form of a Qothic king- 
dom, even the weight of allegiance and gratitude, must be insupportable 
to the free spirit of a Roman patriot. But the favour and fidelity of 
Boethius declined in just proportion with the public happiness ; and an 
unworthy colleague was imposed to divide and control the power of 
the master of the offices. In the lost gloomy season of Theodoric, he 
indignantly felt that he was a slave ; but as his master had only power 
over his life, he stood without arras and without fear against the face of 
an angry Barbarian, who had been provolced to believe that the safety of 
the senate was incompatible with his own. The Senator Atbinus was 
accused and already convicted on the presnmption of hoping, as it was 
said, the liberty of Home. 

" If AlbinuB be criminal," exclaimed the orator, " the senate and my- 
self are all guilty of the same crime. If we are innocent, Albinus is 
equally entitled to the protection of the laws." These laws might not 
have punished the simple and barren wish of an unattainable blessing ; 
bat they would have shown less indulgence to the rash confession of 
Boethius, that, had he known of a conspiracy, the tyrant never shonld. 
The advocate of Albinns was soon involved in the danger and perhaps 
the guilt of his client ; their signature (which they denied as a forgery) 
was affixed to the original address, inviting the emperor to deliver Italy 
from tlie Glotbs ; and three witnesses of honourable rank, perhaps of in- 
fomoos reputation, attested the treasonable designs of the Boman patri- 
cian. Yet hia innocence must be presumed, since be was deprived by 
Theodoric of the means of justification, and rigorously confined in the 
towerofPavia, while the senate, at the distance of five hundred miles, pro- 
nounced a sentence of confiscation and death against the most illustrious 
of its members. At the command of the Barbarians, the occult science 
of a philosopher was stigmatized with the names of sacrilege and magic. 
A devout and dutiful attachment to the senate was condemned as criminal 
by the trembling voices of the senators themselves ; and their ingratitude 
deserved the wish or prediction of Boethius, that, after him, none should 
be found guilty of the same ofTence. 

While Boethius, oppressed with fetters, expected each moment the 
sentence or the stroke of death, he composed in the tower of Pavia the 

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ConsoUUion of Philosophy ; a golden volumn not unworthy of the leisure 
of Plato or Tullj, but which claims incomparable merit from the barbar- 
ism of the times and the situation of the author. The celestial gnide, 
whom ho hod so long invoked at Rome and Atheoe, now condescended 
to illnmiue his dungeon, to revive his courage, and to pour into hie 
wonnde her salutary balm. She taught him to compare his long pros- 
perity and his recent distress, and to conceive new hopes from the incon- 
\ ' Btanoy of fortune. Reason had informed him of the precarious condition 
of her gifts ; experience had satisfied him of their real value ; he had en- 
Joyed them without guilt ; he might resign them without a sigh, and 
calmly disdain the impotent malice of his enemies, who had left him 
happiness, since they had left him virtne. From the earth, Boethius 
ascended to heaven in search of the Supbekb Qood ; explored the meta- 
physical labyrinth of chance and destinj, of prescience and free-will, of 
time and eternity ; and generously attempted to reconcile the perfect 
attributes of the Deity with the apparent disorders of his moral and phy- 
sical government. 8nch topics of consolation, so obvious, so vagne, or 
BO abstruse, ore ineffectual to subdue the feelings of human nature. Yet 
the sense of misfortune may be diverted by the labour of thought ; and 
the sage who conid artfully combine in the same work the various riches 
of philosophy, poetiy, and eloquence, must already have possessed the 
intrepid calmness which he affected to seek. Suspense, the worst of evils, 
was at length determined by the ministers of death, who executed, and 
perhaps exceeded, the inhuman mandate of Theodoric A strong cord 
was fastened round the head of Boethius, and forcibly tightened till his 
eyes almost started &om their sockets ; and some mercy may be die-' 
oovered in the milder torture of beating him with clubs till ho expired. 
Buthisgeninssurvived to diffuse a ray of knowledge over the darkest ages 
of the Latin world ; the writings of the philosopher were translated by 
the most glorious of the English kings, and the third emperor of the name 
of Otho removed to a more honourable tomb the bones ol a Catholic 
saint, who, from his Arian persecutors, had acquired the honours of mar- 
tyrdom and the fame of miracles. In the lost hours of Boethins, he 
derived some comfort from the safety of his two sons, of his ivife, and of 
his father-in-law, the venerable Symmachos. But the grief of Symma- 
chuB was indiscreet, and perhaps disrespectful ; be had presumed to la- 
ment, he might dare to revenge, the death of an injured friend. He was 
dragged in chains from Rome to the palace of Ravenna; and the suspi- 
cions of Theodoric could only bo appeased by the blood of an innocent 
and aged senator. — Gibbon's Decline and Fall, 1838, vol, vii. p. 45— ;52 
(without the notes). ~~ " 

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(Giving the first line of each Metre, the first words of each Prose, 
awl the eorreyaonding page of the translation). 

II — Carmma qui quondam Btndio fltn^nte pei^ ... i 

„ — 1 Hfec dum mecom tacitus ipse reputarem ... 6 

„ 2 — Heu, quaat pnecipiti merea profundo ... .,, 7 

„ — 2 Sed mediciuffi, inqnit, potius tempua eat ... 8 

„ 3 — Ttmc me diacussa liquerunt nocte tenebna ... 9 

„ — 3 Haud aliter tristitiie nebnlia diaaolutia, hausi 

coelum. ... ... ... ... ,,. 10 

„ i — Qvtisquis composito aeienna ffivo ... ... 12 

„ — 4 Sentiane, inqoit, luec, atqoe auimo illabuHtui 

tuo) 13 

„ 5 — stellif eri conditor orbia 21 

„ ■ — 5 Hsec ubi continuato dolore delatiaTi 23 

„ 6 — Cum Pboebi radiis grave 25 

„ — 6 PrimumigiturpateriflnemepauculiBH^tionibiiB 26 

„ 7 — Kubibus atris 29 

n — 1 Postbtec pauliaper obtiouit 29 

„ 1 — H»c cum asperba verterit vicea dextra ... 33 

„ — 2 Vellem autem pauca tecum fortmwe ipaiua . ... 33 

„ 2 — Si quantas rapidis flatibua incitua ... ... 35 

„ — 3 His igitui ai pro ae tecum fortuna loqueretui ... 36 

„ 3 — Cum polo Phcebus roseia quadrigia ... ... 39 

„ — 4 Turn ego, Vera, inquam, eommemotas ... 39 

„ 4 — Quisquis volet perennem 44 

dbv Google 

n — 5 Sed quoniam rationom jam in te mearum fo- 

menta , 

„ 5 — Felix niminm prior ffitaa 

„ — 6 Quid aiitem de dignitatibus, poteatiaque d 

„ 6 — KoTimus quantas dederit roinaa 

„ — 7 Turn ego, Scia, inquam, ipsa 

„ 7 — Quicumque aolam mente prfecipiti petit 

„ — 8 Sed ne me inexorabile contra fortimam 

„ 8 — Quod mundos etabili fide 

XII — 1 Jam cantam iUa finierat 

„ 1 — Qui serere ingeatmm Tolet agmm 

— % Tum defixo paulnlum vian 

„ 2 — Quantas lertun flectat habenae 

„ — 3 Toe qnoque, terrena animalia 

„ 3 — QuamviB flueute dives auri guigite 

„ — i Sed dignitates honorabilem reverendumque 

„ i — Quamvia ae Tyrio superbuB oetro 

„ — 5 An T6T0 regna regumque familiaritaa efficere 

potentem valent I ... 

,,6 — Qui SB Tolet esse potentem 

„ — 6 Gloria veio quam fallax sepe, quam turpis est ! 

,,6 — Onme hominum genua in terria 

„ — 7 Quid aatem de corporis ToluptatiboBloquarl 

„ 7 — Habet omnis hoc voluptoa 

„ — 8 ^ihil igitur dubium est, quin ... 

„ 8 — Eheu, quam misetos tramite devio 

„ - 9 HactenuB mendade formam felicitatiB ostendiBsa 

„ 9 — qui perpetna mundum rations gubemaa 

„ — 10 Quoniam ^tur quse ait impeifecti 

„ 10 — Due omnes pariter venite capti 

„ — 11 AsaentioT, inquam 

„ 11 — Quiaquia profunda mente veatigat verum 

„ — 12 Turn ego, Platoni, inquam, vehementer assoutior 101 

„ 12 — Felix qui potuit boni 

rv — 1 Heoc cum PhiloBophia, dignitate 


. 108 

dbv Google 

— Sunt etenim pennss volucres ini>ii ... ... HO 

2 Torn 6gfi, Fapfe, inquam, ut magna promittU ! 112 

— Quos videe Bcdere celso 118 

3 Videsne igitur quanto in cceno probra volvantur 119 

— Vela Keritii ducis 132 

4 Turn ego, Fateor, inquam, nee injuria did video 123 

— Quid tantoa jiwat excitare motiia ... ... 130 

5 Hie ego, Video, inquam, quie ait velfelicitas ... 131 

— Si qiiis Arcturi aidera nescit ... ... ... 132 

6 Ita eat, inqnam. 133 

— Si Tis celei juia tonantis 143 

7 Jamne igitur videe, quid hxc omnia qute diximus, 

conseqnaturl 144 

— Bella liis quinis operatus annis ... ... 147 

1 Dixerat, oiationisque curaum ad alia qiuedam 149 

— Eupie Acluemeniae aeopulie, ubi versa aequentum 151 

2 Animadverto, inquam, idque uti tu dieie, ita esse 

eonsentio. ... ... ... ... ... 152 

— Fuio elatum lumine PhcBbum 153 

3 Tum ego. En, inquam, difficiliori rursus am- 

biguitate confiindoi. ... ... ... 164 

— Qofenam discois foedera lemm ... ... 159 

4 Tum ilia, Vetus, inquit, haec est de Providentia 

querela 161 

— Quondam porticuB attulit 166 

6 Quod si in cotporibuB sentiendis, quamvia ... 168 

— Quam variis teirae animalift permeant figurie ! 170 
6 Quoniam igitur, uti paulo ante monatratum est 171 

Appendix, — ^tas Prima 

„ Balades de Vilage eanz Peinture 

dbv Google 

ib. Google 



[Additional MS. 10,340, /rf. 3.] 


1 Gaimma qoi quondam atudio florente pereff. 

2 Gic diim mecum tacitns. 

3 Heu quam precipitL 

4 Set medidne inquit tempua. 

5 Tunc me ducnssa. 

6 Haat ' aliter triaticie. ' na- huo. 

7 QuiBqnifl compoBito. 

8 Sentie ne inquit 

9 etelliferi conditor orbis. 

10 Hie abi continaato dolore. 

11 Gum pbebi rad^s. 

12 Primum igitur pateria logocionibiM. 

13 NnbibiM atris condita. 

EXPLiorr UBSB rmMna. 


1 Postea pauliaper' conticuit. iMs.mptr. 

2 Hec cum Fnipeiba. 

3 Uellem autem pauea. 
i Si quantas rapidis. 

5 Hia igitur si et pro ae. 

dbv Google 


6 Cum primo polo. 

7 Tunc ego uera mqaam. 

8 Contmque. 

9 Quisquis ualet perheDnem cantuB. 

10 Set cnm lacionum iam in te. 

1 1 Felix in rnirum iam prior etae. 

12 Quid an^em do digmtatibu^. 

13 14'oiiiiutM qoantos dederat. 

14 Turn ego acia inqwam. 

15 Qtiicunqu^ aolam mente. 

16 Set ne me inexorabile. 

17 Quod mimdiiB stabile fid& 



1 lam tautnm ilia. 

2 Qui sereiR ingeniam. 

3 Tunc defixo panlulum. 

4 Quantas rerum flectat. 

6 Uos quoqiw terrena amima1i&. 

6 Qnamnia fluenter diuee. 

7 Set dignitatibiM. 

8 Quamuis se tirio. 

9 An uero legna. 

10 Qui se ualet esse potentem. 

11 Gloria uero qwam iallas. 

12 Omne horainum genua in tenia. 

13 Quid aaiem de corporibzw. 

14 Habethoc uoluptas. 

15 Nichil ijptur dubium est. 
10 Heu que miaeros tramite. 

17 HactentM mcTidacio foimain. 

18 qui perputua. 

19 Q^fORiam igitur qui Bcit 

20 Nunc omnes pariter. 

21 ABsenciot inquam cuncta. 

dbv Google 


22 Qaiaque profunda. 

23 Tone ego platoni mquam. 

24 Felix qui poterit. 



1 Hec cum philoBopbia. 

2 Sunt etenim penne. 

3 Tunc ^ pape inquom. 

4 Quos nides sedere celsoe. 

5 TJidee ne i^tur quanto. 

6 U[e]la naric^ ducis. 

7 Tunc 6go lateor inqtMun. 

5 Quid tontoB iuuat. 

9 Hiiic ego nideo inquam, 

10 Si quifl arctnii ' aydera. ' 

11 Ita eet inquam. 

12 SI ois celai iura. 

13 lam ne igitur uidee. 

14 Bella bis qninis. 



1 Dixerat oracionk que curenm. 

2 Bnpis achemenie. 

3 Animaduerto inquam. 

4 Puro clarum lumine. 

6 Tamen ^o en inquam. 
G Que nam discois. 

7 Tamen ilia aetua. 

5 Quondsim porticus attulit. 
9 Quod d in corponbu*. 

10 Qnant narijs figoris. 

11 Qooniam igitwr uti paulo ante. 


dbv Google 





Carmina qui quondam studio florente peregi. 

w«iiiH**to«» 4 Has I -wepyng am constreined to bygynne vera of 

ithmKS? soroufiil matete. T )jat wbilom in floryscbing 

studie made delitable ditees. For loo rendyng muses 

4 of poetea enditen to me fiinges to be writen. and dreiy 

vera of wrecchednes weten my face wi|> verray teers. 

Tf At fe leest no diede ne myjt[e] oner-come fo muses. 

7 fat fei ne weren felawes and folweden my ■wey, fat is 

wian to Boyne when I was exiled, fei fat weren glorie of 

my youjtb whilom weleful and grene conforten now fe 

unAiis hi> aoTonful werdes of me olde man. for elde is comen vn- 

!»- warly vpon me hasted by fe liarmes fat I haue. and 

12 sorou haf comaunded hia age to be in me. ^ Heerea 

hore ben achad onertymelyche vpon myne heued. and 

f e 8lalc[e] skyn tremblef vpon myn emty body. J>ilk[e] 

HitTi ciimii n dc«f of men is welful fat ne comef not in jerea fat 

raidied. ten swete {.i mine.) but comef to wrecehes often 

17 yclepid. 

% Alias alias wif how deef an eeie deef cruel 

towmef awey fro wrecehea and naief to closen wep- 

■hfn Pwtone yng eyen. ^ While fortune vnfeifful iauored[e] me 

^MntenoBT wif lyjte goodes (.a. temporels.) fe sorouful houre fat 

22 is to seyne fe deef had[do] almost dreynt myne heued. 

It rn hig IT But now for fortune dowdy hafr channged hir di»- 

ipLeaauiUj ceyuftble chero to me warde. myn vnpitouse lijf drawef 

a long vni^reable dwellynges in me. IT ^e my 

1 «■— MS. of of. I 

a ^rj|i«e/iiiiff— florysaJiiBB I 
3 rBni/jmi7— rondjuftB 

6 Krecchahiet — wrocched- 

Mjule] Diwr-eome— myhle 

8 lenne uAwi— Beyn whan 
fi ww^f A— MS . ]>o ;t,C.yawtlie 
lit aorot^ul vjerdea — Borful 
wierdeB fi. &*«] 

2 fta)>— MS. ha>e 

1* »laiCe]-8lako 

t^wn — of 


|.ii*(s]— thilke 
16 KTei/ui— wBleful 

comeh Hot-comth nat 
le .i. iBtriB-omitted 
19 (€Wrjw(»"tonicth 

«icp*iV— iepynge 

,*. temporels — omittpd 
KToufKl /wiirB — BOrwful 
2a SBma— seyn 
ka<S[((<i]— hBdde 

2s'4n|>— MsThsbe 
eAamissd Jtir dUeeyu- 

oA^ff— chaungyd hjr« d^ 

21 tmpilaiuatiir—yKsAeUaa 


frendes what or wherto auauiited[e] je me to be wel*^- whj m ws 
ful : for he Jat hajt fallen stood not in st«dfaet d^^ee., H°»SFnoi 


TN" fo Dicne while fat I stille recorded[e] fiiae fiingea [xheiinta 

■*■ wif my Belt and markede my wepli comploynte wij) 29 

office of poynteL I saw stondyng ahoue fe heyjfc of my phiuwoptiy 

heued a woman of ful greet renerence by Bemblaimt Bwuiioi, 

Mr eyen brennyng and clere aeing ouer fe comane uko . bonoufui 

myjt of men. wif a lijfly colour and wiJ) swiche vigoure 33 

and stienkef fat it ne myjt[e] not be emptid. % Ai 

were it bo fat sche was ful of so greet age. fat men ne ud or gmt tge. 

woldt) not trowe in no manete fat sche were of oure 36 

elde. f e stature of hir was of a doutous iugement. for h«- 

aumtyme sche eoiistreyned[e] aiid schronk hir seluen 

lyche to fe comune meaure of men. and sumtyme it 

8emed[e] fat Bche touched[e] fe heuene wif fe heyjte 40 

of bir heued, and when sche hef hir heued heyer acbe (Miii«e"ar. 

pe»Ted[e] f e eelue heuene. so fat f e syjt of men lokyng 1^^^ ^jj^ 

was in ydeL Tf Hir clof es weren maked of lyjt delye ''°"'™^ 

f redes and subtil erafte of perdurable matere. f e wyche H 

clofes sche hadde wouen wif hir owen hondea : as I iiercioUi«wen 

knew wel afiir by hir selfe. declaryi^ and schewyng «inindiB««!iuwe, 

to me f e beaute. _ f e wiche clofes a derkenes of a for- 47 

leten and dispiaed elde had[de] duskid and dbkid aa dMkj u "oid 

it is wont to dirken by-emoked yni^es. ^ In fe ne- 

26 aHinnited[a]— Muuntede 
i7 hat—liB. ba)>e 

is Intni meiu — moKMll 
ncardadle] — njcordedB 
SO nw— MS. wwe. C. aawh 
tiitAdynff above — M3. §tu- 
dijng Hboue, C. ilond. 
tn)re abouen 

31 imsat— giBt 

sa iivwHnv— brennrnge 

ehrt winj— oleer stiyiige 
89 Mwieht — Bwych 

St aat^tiii it mvlit^ 

nat ben emted 
M ^{-alle 

37 inpffmgttt—lamKmeat 

38 Minfirnr-HtmtyiDe 
ooaid-Bjnwdte] — con- 

Khnmk — JSS. schronke. 

M ijicA*— lyk 
10 temed^ — semede 
(DscAaate]— towoheds 

A^r-MsThmed. C. h«r 
heper — hyere 

tpyt — §yhte 

(oiBwjne— ihfiwyngo 
V7 derkenig — dlrknesse 

Jbrhien — foriet^n 
L3 disjtired — doBpiscd 

hadida] dttttut — hadde 

dirfcid— derked 
10 bv'Bmok^ — llic smokcdo 

ib. Google 

OatiHknnrlMni ^eTest[e] hem or bordnie of ^eBe clo^ men redden 

™ f" wtw n ywouen in Bwiche a gregkyBche .P. ]iat signified J» lyf 

"""* actif. And abouen fat iettte in fe lie^est[e] bordura 

53 a giekysclie T. pet signi£e}* fa l^f contemplatLf. 

g^jroft* IT And by-fwene Jieae two leftres Jrere veren aeien do- 

JiJg^l^* • greea nobly wroujt in manere of laddies. By Tryche 

96 degrees men niyjt[en] clymbe iro fe nBfienuBt[e] le^tre 

PMiomiij'i to fe ouennaflt[e]. % Najieles hondes of sum men 

Em'ttdpfo™ ^^^^ korue Jiot cIoJ« by vyolence and by Btrenkejj. 

vi3^J3t^°* II And eueryche man of hem hadde bom away sjche 

60 pecea as he myjte geet[e]. If And foraojie fia forsaide 

inhmriBht iitDd womon boT bookos in hir ryjt honde. and in hir lefte 

wi Vl^i* "^ honde scho bar a eeptre. % And when sche san; Jiese 

poetical musea aprmhen aboute my bedde. aiid endyt- 

64 yng wordea to my ^ropynges. ache was a lytel ameued 

rakmpiijwdt and glowod[e] wifi cruel eyen. If T^o qswd ache haj 

"""""• sof&ed Bprychen to f is 8eek[e] man Jiae comnne Btrnm- 

t* foL *■] petis of aiche a place fat • men clepen J» theatre. 

68 ^ fio wyche only ne asavagen not his soiowes. wif no 

■itberonir remedies, but fei wolde fede and norysche hem wif 

toKm irtth uieir Hwete venjm. If I'orsoJjD Jiiee ben fto pat wiji jiomes 

and prykkyngea of talent^ or aSecciouns viche fat 

72 ben no fing fiiiteiiyng nor profitable destioyen fe 

Tinjmiy comee plentenouse of frutee of reson. If ^™ ("^ 

S* tafJSnoi liol'ien fe hertea of men in naage. but fei ne delyuere 

^^^ '" not folk fro maladye. but if je muses hadde wifdiawen 

la cfofw-cloth 
ttrtnkei — ■trailEthe 

-MS. bonie.C. bora 
WBj iwiohe 

m HntrA^— omitted 

i4 ia-AMtH 

57 otiennojiKI— vppereste 

i Maddt korue — ^■^'^i'" 



far-^MS. bere. C. bar 

booJUa — saaiv bookea 

ioixiB— hand 

l*ftg fuinde-ltn hl»d 
88 Ser-MS. bfte, C. b«K 

iauijrae~s»J thtse 

mrijrjinw— mdLtTngo 
64 ani^HMf— VDOUod 
66 Dtoir«Jr«l— itlowodo 

ta|>--MS. h«>0, C. hath 



pe ana lur— loth oiiiitt«d 

^jB— MS.if>fl,C.yirjo 

dbv Google 


fro me wi^ jottre flateriea. any mkoimyiig and mprofit^ phOoHiih; n 
able man as men ben wont to l^de comimely amonges ^^^^' 
J» peple. I wolde vme auffre fe laaao grenoualy. <'"»i™*^ 
^ For-why in syclie an vnprofitable man myne ententes 
weren no Jiing endamaged, ^ But je wifdrawen me 80 
pia man Jiat haf ben noryscbed in atudies or scolea of bat one who hu 
Eleaticia and of achademicia in grece. ^ But gof now ^jfj^S S^ 
is)iei awey je meremaydenes wyche ben awete til it 
be at ^ laste. and eaf&eji f ia man to be cured and 84 . 
heled by myne moaee. fat ia to say by notfol sciences, la,, um uu 
IT And faa )iis compaygnie of muses I-blamed costen 
wrojraly f>e chere adoanward to ^e eijre and achewyng 87 
by ledenesse hii schame )«! paaseden aoTOwfoly ^e biuUdcCb 
^reechefolde. f And I of wbom Je s^t plonged in "» thnJwWL 
tores was derked so }>at I ne my}t[e] not knowe wbat 
^t woman was of so imperial anctorite. % I wex al 91 
a-besid and astoned. and casta my ey^t adoone in to ^ BorUdu b 
erf e. arid bygan atille forto abide wbat ache wolde Joif ^""^^5^^ 
ofterwarde. T Jw come sehe nere and sette bir doun 
Tpon fe vterrestfe] comer of my beddo. and sche by- 96 
holdyng my chere ])at was cast to ^e er]ie beuy and pnuonpHY 
greuous of wepyng. compleinede wiji fise woidee fat I ^^ '"' 
Bchal sey )re p^rturbacioun of my foujt. 98 



I lias how f e foujt of man dreint in ouer frowyng [Tbn !di mmbt.j 
"■ depnesae didlefi and forlotif hya propre clere- nrowMdin 
nesse. myntynge to gone in to foreyne derkneaaes as ^ 
ofte as hys anoioua bisinea wexif wi^uten i 

Uw depth of 

n nkbnMriw— mkomif uge 

si'a^^HS. ha>e, 0. bath 

(Ptfla— •chooles 
SI fr0>— HS. Koh«, C Koth 
88 »!«*»— whlohe >M 

(xJoiiiHiunt— downwud 

toroteflU w nrwt a Uy 
SS fiwA^fGUf-tlmuhfiild 

mat— afbtie 
BD dsrlwl-dyrked 

03 i>-&«t(^abi^si4hcd 


97 compi^nade — CO 


09 wj(— eeyen 
101 ffOHg — f^oon 
109 binntt—bstfome 

ib. Google 


Biimin htt J>at is dryuen to and fro wijj worldly wyndeS. % fia 

SoiS**™ "^ "itm fat Bumtymo was fre to whom Jie beuene was open 

106 and knowon and waa woiit to gone in heueneljfche. 

pajiea. and sauj pe ly^tnesse of pe ledo simnje. aTtd eauj 

fe stoires of fe colds mooBo. and wyclie ateiie in 

ttie motiaii of heaeno veef wandryng risorses yflit by dyueise eperes. 

™j™"o If Jjis man oner coinere hadde eomprehendid al ]ns by 

aauitoitiana, noumbrc of accoimfyng in aatroEomye. ^ And ouer 

pia be wae wont to seche pe causes wbetmes pe aoun- 

112 yng wyjidea moeuen and bisien Jjo amojje water of fe 

Bee. and wliat spirit tumef fe stable beuene. and' 

whi Jie sterre ijeeji oute of Jm reede eest. to falle 

tbenMimand in be westren wawes. and what attemprib be lusty 

•"•oai, houres of Jie fyrste somer aesoura fat bijteji and ap- 

117 parailef fe erfo wip rosene floures. % And who 

makef fat plenteuouse autompne in fullo jeies fletif 

wif beuy grapea. If And eke fia man was wont to 

jj^^^^Mw^ telle fe dyuerses causes of nature fat weren yhid. 

121 fl" Alias now lief he emptid of lyjt of hys foujt. and 

S^ta'^strSsd ^y^ nekke is preasid wif heuy cheynea and beref hia 

lotoegmi^ chere enelined adoone for fe greet[e] weyjt, and is 

124 ooDstreyned to loke on foule erfe. 


[Tho u* proie.] "p vt tyme is now quod ache of medicine more fen of 
Honntedor "^ compleynte. ^ Forsofe fen sche entendyng to 
oompWnt. me warde wif al fe lokyng of hir eyen soide. ^ ^^ 

128 not fou he qwod sche fat aumtyme I-noracbid wif my 
puioMphj mylke and fo8tro[d] wif my meetea were ascaped and 

E'*"^'^ comen to corage of a perfit man. ^ Certys I jaf f e 

oirf»-«ryaeth owt 

llfl fyrai^ — tyrat 
130 dvverfea—Ainens 
IW Msb— nth 

lU loke — i/buts— lookeu an 
the fool 

ib. Google 



Byche armures ^at jif Jwu pi self &e haddeat first caeto 
hem avay. |)ei schnlden haue defendid }ie In sykeinesse 1 
)iat may not be oueivcomen, ^ Enowest }iou me not. 
*'Why art froa stille. is it for schame or for astonynge. 
It were me leuer ^t it were for schame, but It semej» jj 
me fat astonynge haf oppressed p&. ^ And whan J| 
ache say me not oonly etille. but wijt-onten office of 1 
toDge and al doumhe. sche leide hii honde softely vpon ai 
my breat and seide. ^ Here nis no peril qwoii scha ^' 
^ He is fallen in to a litai^o. whiche patt is a comune ^ 
sekeuea to hertes Jiat hen desceiued. ^ He ha)) a litel 1 
foijeten hym self, hut certis he echal lyjtly rememhren t 
hym self. ^ Jif so bs [lat he haf knowew me or now. p; 
and fiat he may so done I wil wipe a litel hys eyen. JJ 
Jtat hett derked by Je cloude of mortel finges % Jjise " 
wordes ecide sche. and wi(i Jie lappe of hir garment 1 
yplitid in a frounce sche driod[e] mya eyen fat were « 
ful of ]>e WBwes of my wepyngea. 


"l^UBwhen J«t nyjt was discussed and chased awey. CThee*MM.n-.i 
J derkneases forleften me. oTtd to myn eyen repeyre [h"daAM»^' 
E^eyne her firsto streuke)). and ryjt by ensample aa 151 
|>e aontie is hid when fe aterres hen clustred. pat is to jratuthehnTr 
eey wheri ateii'es hen eoaered wiji cloudea by a swifte duken ibe akieg 
wynde pat hyjt ehorua. mid fat fe firmament stent ^^"^'^If',,^ 
derked by wete plout^ cloudea. and fat fie aterrea not "" """^ "'""• 
apperen vpon heuene. If So fat fe nyjt aemef sprad 156 
vpon erfe. % Tif fan fe wynde fat hyjt borias 

131 ' nK^e— swiche 


haut — sholdeu 


1S4 art bou—mifm 
138 Aa)>— HS. hat^ 

doumOfl— dowml 
hon de iLauil 

leU vnpe — wDl vypen 
14S pameBi—pu-nemeut 
1*7 drisdlB] — drjede 

IIS yu— Tulle 

ISO Tfpeffre — ropoyrede 

herflrate — hir fViat 
163 hU—WS. hidcle. 0. hid 

ujftBB— whsn 
1S3 np — seya 

«*B»— wtum 
lU hi/it— h^ite 

c/iort*— MB. thonu 

ttoHl—KB. atonilei C stout 
167 >iiit— tluuma 

ib. Google 


158 sent out of J» kaues of fic contre of Trace lacti)) f is 
(thannm nytt. bat is to soya chaaib it away aiid descoueieb be 
heiun closed day, \ Jjan Bcbineji phelwa yshaken wij» 
i&^u^l' sodeyne lyjt and smyteji wi)) hys bemee in meroelyBg 

tTii»a*p™».] TJyj'i so and Done ojwr wyae Jie cloudes of sorowe 
Know Mae mk- ** dissolued (tfiif don awej. ^ I took beuena and 

poUod, Boethiiu , , , ^ „ j. . ■ 

iwoiiecta tin receyaede mynde to knowe Jib lace ol my qfciscieiL 

Phjttdmi, ^ go jjat I gettg myne eyen on hir and fe8tned[e] my 

vhomhedii- lokyng. I byholde my norice philosophic, in vhos 

piiiioiophj. houses I hadde conuersed ajid haunted &o my joujw, 

169 and I aeide ^s. ^ Jiou moistieeae of alls uertaea 

Bsuddraseg h«T. desceridld £to ^e soueieyne sete. Whi art ])ou cornea 

in to fis Bolitarie place of myn eiiL ^ Art f on comen 

172 for poa art mad coupable wi{> me of fak[e] blames. 

She eipiwei hsr ^ <]uod Bcbe mj noiTy Bcbolde I forsake |)e now. and 

scholde I not parte wij» )te by comune trauaille Jw chai^ 

(lat f ou hast suifred for envie of my name. % Certis 

176 it nar[e] not leuefiil ne sittyng to pHlosophie to leten 

•nd uot tain that wi^uten compaignie fe wey of hym f>at is innocent 

rimrehtamisiM- ^ Scholde I fan redoute my blame and agrisen as Jmnj 

179 [ler were byfallen a newe (ling. q. d. non. If ^^^ 

sbetenrtLiit any troTcst }>ou ))at philosopM be now alj^erfiist assailed 

" in perils by folk of wicked[e] maneres. ^ Haue I not 

leage stryuen wijt ful greet strife in olde tyme bjfore fw 

"i 1^9 of my plato ajeins fe foolhardinea of foly and 

184 eke ))e same plato lyuyng. bys maistre socratea 

toCTSei'iri-'*''' deserued[e] victorie of vnryjtfid deef in my presence. 

S^STt'dsI^" IT i^ heritage of wyche socratea. fe herit^e b to seyne 

t amU — ffient 
I Ihiii — tluuuie 

172 mvi— HS.iiisde,0. ms):. | 
Jiilt[e)—biae '-» 

171 poWfl— parten 

178 aar[e}—tieie 
(iWinw— aittinge 

17S ban— thanne 

179 Ung—thmff 

183 atettm-tseiM 
/OtManUuet — fooltardi- 


186 <iew»«I[el — fleBsernede 
ise ioititAs— the vhich 

ib. Google 




pe doctrine of pe whiche Bocrates in hya oppinioiut of w tt«MMrtttn« 
felicite Jiat I depe welfulaeeae ^ "Whan fat fe people SS'swSwSS 
of epicuriena attd etoyciena and many ofer eufoicoden *' ^' ' •*"■ 
Lemto go rauiBche eueiTche man for his part fat ia 190 
to soyne. J>at to eueiyche of hem wolde drawen to f e puioKiphy wiu.- 
defence of his oppinioun fe wordee of Hocratea. If Jjei ^^If^^ 
aa in partie of hir preye todrowen me criynge and ^^^^^St, 
debatyng per ^eina. and toinen and totettte/i my clofea 1 94 
pat I badde vouen wip myn handea. and ydp pe 
cloutea pat poi haddea aiaaed oate of my elopes, pel im>ginediiiit 
wemten awey wenyng pat I liadde gon wip hem euery pi»»««im rfter. 
dele. In vhiche epicturyens and stoyciens. for as 198 
myche as per semed[e] somme traces and steppes of ThaiLdaihsd 
myne habit, pe folye of men wenyng po epicuryens f^*™'""* 
and stoyciens my *familer8 peniortede (.s. peraequendo) [• foL t.] 
somme poruj pe erronr of pe wikkod[e] or Tnkunn- 202 
yijg[e] multitude of hem, 1[ Jjis is to seyne for pai phiiowphy 
semeden philosophres : pci weren pwraued to pe deep ^'^^„'^" 
and alayn. ^ So yif fou hast not knowen pe exilynge '*'*™"^ '"^' 
of anaxogore. ne pe empoysenyng of socrates. ne pe 206 
tourmentj of jeno for pei [weren] straungera. •[[ Jit difBcoia™ on 
myjtest pou hane knowen pe senectiens and pe Canyoa •>« <ii»ctpi«. 
and pe eorancia of wyche folk pe renouw is neyper ouer 
oolde ne vnsolempne. ^ Jje whiche men no ping ellya 210 
ne hroi^t[e] hem to pe deep but oonly for pei weren 
enfourmed of my manores. and semedew moste vnlyko 
to pe studies of wicked folk. ^ And forpl pen au^test 
not to wondie poU} pat I in pe bitter see of pis lijf he 21i 

mTbtcntov hiui 

^ w 

BIO oii*i— MS. oolde, C, old 
211- 6rMiifl:e}^broirhte 
aia m/pxriHd - Ma vn- 

- --, -- --^- ,-- „-„.. fburmod.C. «iFbnayd 

18G mnieA— US. wonnen, C. !0* >emedmt-aetm^ ny— myne 

woueii pBr»ii«I — H8, pursuede, iml»*«— ™ljli 

B oTMBd— nrrared C. pursued 213 toicteii fiXk — wikkcde 

IW ffmt— H8. i«.no, C. gon »» jrfotfii — MB. slsyno, C. „. ?"}'«'t~°''J}'?[ [B>ulk» 
IW mfokf— mM;li« 

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ittitiwihDof fordrvue 
mioKiiihTia '' 

if tempestea Uowyng aboute. in (le whiche 

Jl^^" ^ tempesto fia is my moat purpos fat ia to aejn to dia- 

217 pleae to Trikked[e] men. ^ Of whicliB schrows al be 

wbo m more lo Jie ooat neaei 80 grete it is to diapyee, for it nis gouemed 

S«no JMiM*' TriJ» no leder of reaoTine. but it ia rauyached only by 

220 fiityng errour folyly and ly^tly. If And if Jiei somtyme 

makyng an ost ajeyneat va asaaile va aa etrei^ere. oure 

ifphiiMitpiiTta ledei draweb to gedir bya lycchoase in to hvB tonre. 

■Uaeke4 t^ tlw 

wi^^^«- and fei ben ententif aboute aarpuleia or sachela vn- 
canroK, profitable forto taken, but we fat ben heyj abouen ayker 

225 fro al fciimulte and wodo noise, ben stored and enclosed 
luTiDgetieeMiny in syche a palays. wbider as bat cbateryng or anoying 
mftKhEw' y^ "^ "^y ^°^ attayno. ^f We ficome swicne 
V v_.. . ^^ hontera of foalost[e] f inges. 

' ' of lyuy] 


t bo fat is clere of vertue aad and wel ordinat 

r lyuyng. fat haf put vnderfote fe prowed[e] 

^mSwTiTihB* wierdes ami lokif vpryjt vpon eyfer fortune, be may 

232 holde bys chiere vndiECorafited, IT P^ K^e ne fe manace 

tnne, Bhiu DQt be of fo commofluyng or cbaayi^ vpwardo hete &o fe 

rfVMn'i*^" ' ^'''■"'^ '^° scbal not moeue fat man. ne fe vnatable 

ttunSartoitt™' mountaigne fat hyjt veseuus, fat wircbef oute foruj 

236 bys bToken[e] chemineys smokyi^ fires. \ Ne fe wey 

of fonder lyjt fat is wont to smyte heyje toures ne 

Fnrniitiiis scbal not moutine fat man. % Wheito fen wreccbes 

drede je tyrauntes fat ben wodo aitd felownes wif -oaten 

fem BOTh^ ony strenkef . Tf Hope after no f ing ne drede nat, and 

216 dtni[«e— displ«Mii 
B17 •oittBdUaJ— wikkedo 

tdrmot — ajirewee 
21S oo$t — fiTosBed itffieg in 

aie, 223 1aI«^1ederB| 
820 /liiyflD— fleelynga 

820 /liiyflp— fleely 
223 M— - — tyccAente, t 

ttorsd— wuneatored 

ib. Google 


ao achalt (ton desarmen |)e ire of f illte vnmyjtj tyraunt. for aythine dis- 
fl But who 80 fat quakyng dredef or deaireji fing fat Kb »ho« hsm 
nis not steMn of his rrit bat man bat so dob hab cast >>'• '"™, 

■" ' ' ' • udforgMhli 

awey hyfl Bchelde and is remoeued fro hys place, and ™'' '*"«^ 
enlacef hym in pa cheyne wif 'n'hiche he may be 245 


"pElest |)0u quod eche pise finges and entren f ei oi^t [Th* vwihe 

■*- in J>i coK^e. ^ Art Jwu like an asse to fe harpe. MiHoMphj unk* 

Whi wepeat fou wM epUlest Jwu teres, ^f Yif fou g^^"' 

abideat after helpe of Jii leche. Jie 'byhoueji diacouere Jji 250 

Vfounde, ^ Jjo .1. pat hadde gaderod atrenkep in my Boeihias mm- 

cor^o anBW6red[e] and aeide. and nedep it jitte quod J™i«'»un"i™ting 

.1. of rehersyi^ or of amonicioUfi. and scbawop it not 253 

ynoi^ by hym self po scharpnes of fortune fat \rexep u not sh« mmni, 

woode ^oynes me. ^ Ne moeuep it nat fe to seen pe JJJ^j"^ 

face or pe manere of pis place (.i, prisonn.), •[[ la pis 

pe librarie wyche pat pon haddest choaen for a ryjt 257 

certeyne s^e to pe Ik myne houae. % Jjere as pou HUiibrMTiMi 

deaputeat of[te] wip me of pe sciences of pingea touch- 2i'"h^? "* 

ing diuinitee and touchyng mankynde. % "Waa pan 

myn habit awiche as it is now. was pan my face or 261 

my chero awiche as now. f Whan I soujt[e] wip pe 

aecretys of nature, whan pou enfownnedeat my manera 

and pe reaoun of al my lyf. to pe ensaumple of pe ordre 26i 

of heuene. ^ Is nat pis pe geidoun pat I refere to pe it thii, he uin. 

to whom T haue be obeisaunt. IT Certis pon enfour^ fidsutyp 

medist by pe moupe of plato pis sentenca pat is to piats (de Rsp. v.) 

Heyne pat commune pingea or comunabletes weren ConunmwaiiUu 

so. tchdlt (WU (jMIBTBBn — 

haj—KS. hsbe, C. hntli 
n«(— MB. caste, C, — • 

18 art \>oa — artow 
le teatat \fi»t — wapii 

bone th< 
2ee detpuieat n/[f«]— des- 

ZeO >an-tluune 

2fll ft Hid ton— both oToitted 
HI, MS ti(^]l«— swich 
2«» imjirey-aowhie 
163 ieereht~»ecteti 
fHip— MS. me, C. mj 

ae5 gerdova—BeTiomf 
20Q enfoumuditt — couform- 

ib. Google 

:tj phll»nph4TS> 


uiMh*aHirta 1 

put In pncUn 

■Sun) vW^ 

284 fe 


blyaful yif fei |»at haden studied al fully to wisdom 
gouemeden Jilke finges. or ellys yil' it 8o by-felle fat 
(le gouemoura "of contmunalites atudieden in grete wis- 
domee. ^ ))oa Baldest eke by Jie mou)>e of ])e same 
plato Jiat it was a necessarie cause wyse men to tAken 
and desire fe gouemauKce of comime fingee. for Jiat )»e 
gouemementes of conmne citfles j-left in |)e hondes of 
felonouB toarmeutowrs Cit^enia ne scholde not biynge 
iune pestileTiCO and destruccioun to goode folk. \ And 
feifore I folowynge Jilk auctoritee (.b. platonis). desiryng 
to put[le] furfe in execusioun and in acte of comune 
administracKinn {>o |)inges Jiat .L badde lemed of ))e 
among my secre restyng whiles. K Jjou and god fat 
put[te] Jiee in f e foi^tis of wise folk ben knowen wif 
fat no fing broi^t[e] me to maistiie or dignite : but 
comune studie of al goodenes. ^ And fer-of comef 
it fat by-twisen wikked folk and me ban ben gieuonse 
discordes. fat ne myjten not be relesed by prayeres. 
\ For f is libertee haf fredom of conscience fat fe wraf fe 
of more my^ty folk haf alwey ben despised of me for 
saluacioun of ryjt. % How ofte haue .1. resisted and 
wifstonde filk man fat hy)t[e] conigaste fat mada 
alwey assautes ajeins f e propre fortunes of poure feble 
folke. T How ofte haue .L jitte put of or cast out 
hym trigwiUe pj'onost of fe kynges bous bojie of fe 
wronges fat he badde bygon[ne] to done and eke ftally 
performed. % How ofte haue I couered and defended 
by fe auctorite of me put ajeina penis, fat is to seine pnt 
myne auctorite in peril for f e wrecbed pore folke. fat 

B7B sHHtiM— omitted 
•-bffi— Hg.jleru, C. jloTt 

«a (^}«i*i*-cit«eeti«i 
brynffe tww — birugea in 

t»U— thilke 
detiriing — cli#1r¥d 
»9 puHteiJuT^ — ViAten 


ISO bo— (hUke 

•at t«ff(»|--pmte 

IS3 frr[>iiiq;B>-iie browhte 
!S4 he-omitted 
al OQodamea — >IIe good- 

£00 caniga^ — HB. coni 

3M 4/TB-iifte ek 
B9i 5llOon[M]— bjpmnB 

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Jm couetise of straongeres TnpiinyschedtoannBiitiJ alwey ihoritji in i»rii 

wif myBeaea and greuaunceB oute of noumbre. ^ Neuer p™' ">'"■ 

man drow me jitte fro lyjt to wrowg. When I say fe L°""'^'"1?' 

fortuneA and fe rycheeee of Jw people of fe prouinceB p^mJmum. 

ben harmed eyfer by priue rauynee oi by comime 302 

tiibutis ot caiiages. as Bory was I as )>ei )iat eul{red[e] ibuforthoH 

pe hanna Glosa. If Whan ^t theodoric [le kyng of f^'^ oppreuBii. 

gotbee in a dere ;ere hadde hys gemers ful of come 

and comauudede ^at bo man ne Bchold[e] bie no come 306 

til im come vere Bolde and ])at at a dere gieuouB pria. 

IT But I witftstod I»t ordinaunce and oner-com it 

kaowyng al )>is ^ kjng hym self. % Coempcioun f&t 

ia to seyn commie achat or bying to^dere (mt were 310 

eetabliBsed ypon poeple by ewiche a manere imposicioufl 

as irbo so bou^t[e] a boashel com he most[e] jeue )» 

kyng pa fifte part Textui. % Whan it was in po 313 

sonre hangty tyme fere was establissed or criod greuous L'H''^ tim*"- 

and inplitable coempcioun Jat men aeyn wel it schulde '" t*"!™!*. 

greetly towrmentyn and endamagen al Jw prouince of 316 ' 

compaigne I took strif a;eins Jie prouost of f e pretorie 

for comune profit. ^ And Jm tyng knowyng of it I i™«dp.niiiins 

oueicom it so ^t fe coempcioujt ne was not axed ne rfthehonnri.of 

took effect If Paulyn a couneeiller of Home (le rychesae ^pom*^ ««■;. 

of pe whyche paolyn )ie houudys of p6 palays. pat is to 321 

aeyn pe ofQceres wolde ban deuouied by hope and 

couetise. . ^ Jit drow I hym out of |)e lowes .s. faucibtu 

of hem ^t gapeden. % And for as myche as pe peyne 324 

of p9 accusacioun aiuged byfom ne schoMe not sodojniy i dehnded 

henten ne puniscben wrongfuly Albyn a counseiller of cjtiriuL 



He n|wM(— aiy>eyaai 
SCO drovi — XA, drove, 
WBth drawh 

•enmff— wrongB 

301 rvch a tt n chcaaea 

be rai-ainitMd 

m to 

S03 trOutit—tribut} 


a liarmtd tttti—iarmji 
or uneniMM owther 
S03 tribulii-iribuf. 

SOU *j»— hise 

306, 306. 307 coriM— c 

ao« teholili,Bi tie — 

Sll ««w!ia--»w]oh 
312 bouitlty-bowhU 

II moittel II 
IE ituMtiiil 

len*— mwtojfue 

120 coumeiHer—conmAer 

rychate — rychG*iBe« 
ai •oftocAe—whifili 
VS UEHa#— voldvn 
i23 ((roip— MS. drowa, C. 

ib. Google 


BoTue. I put[t«3 me f^nk ))e liates and indignaciouTes 

328 of |» accumw Ciprian. ^ Is it not fan ynought yseyn 

FortiieiovBof Jtat I haue pwrcliased greet[e] diBCordes tqeins my self. 

^avonrnt imt I aughte be more asseured 836x118 alle ofer folk Jiat 

for Jie lone of lyjtwisnesae .1. ne re8erued[e] nener no 

332 fing to my self to hem ward of Je kynges hallo ,s. officers. 

by f e whiohe I were I>e more syker. % But Jioruj Jie 

Br»aiii> n»k« game accusours accosyng I am condempned. % Of 

(h^TSw^n-'' J* ttoumbre of whiche accuaoMre one basilius pat som- 

"■^ tyme was chaaed ont of pe kynges seruice. is now com- 

337 pelled in aoeusyng of my name for nede of foreina 

moneye. ^ Also opilion and GaudencijM ban accused 

me. al be it so pat pe Instice regal hadde smntyme demed 

340 hem hope to go in to exiL for her treccheries and fraudea 

wip-outen noumbre. ^ To wMehe iugement pei wolde 

not obeye. but defended[e] hem by sykemesee of holy 

[• M. e.] housea. *pat is to seyne Seddeu in to seyntuaries. and 

Se"i ™Si™idci ^ha^ pis ^*3 aperceiued to pe kj-ng. he comaimded[e] 

mbwomiIm"' fcut pat pei voided[e] fe citee of Eauenne by certeyns 

criiPH™' day assigned pat men scbolde merken hem on pe for- 

347 heued wip an hoke of iren and cbasen hem out of toune. 

Bqt, on the day % Now what ping semep pe myjt[e] be lykned to fia 

to be «BcnteA, CFuelte. FoF certys pilk same day was reeeyued pe ae- 

'Si^^^^' cueyng of my name by pilk^e] same accuaours. % What 

himwuuoepud. ^^^ ^^ ^^jj herto. hap my studia and my konnyng 

353 desemed pus, or ellys fie forseide dampnacioun of me, 

made pat hem rj3tful accuaowrs or no {q.d. non), 

Tortrnw-ifnot f[ "Waa not fortune asshamed of tia. fCertes alle hadde 

wJSh fct the" ^^* fortune ben asshamyd] pat innocence waa accused. 

taseneMof thi ^jj. ^^{,[6] sche hauo had schame of pe filpe of myn ac- 

M7 IwkeofiTm — hootjren 

337 rr»i[i6\ — Tiutto 3*1 wih-<mim — withowte 
323 Bjeun— MS. jaejiiB toodfe no(~noldon nat 

330 aaghie Ae— owhto be tho 6b— by tb« 

oJ>er — oothrfl _ 5^ seyne — aeyn 

horM\ bfl — thorw tho ^* too* — omitted 

<*S btit— thiike 
(60 biit[e]— thilke 

(Sill— MS. Bride. C. KTd 
fts)>— MB. hft)>e 
(51. 366 {Certes OMAd- 

tW Biii«fe)-owte' 
haiie Kad^-baa had, UB. 

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cUsMtrs. ^ But Bxeet ))0U in somme of wliat gilt .1. 357 
am accused, men seyne fat I wolde sauen fe com- uoetbi 
paignie of fie senatowrs. % And desirest f on to liere ^^^ _ 
in wliat Tnanere J. am accused (lat I echolde han dis- iS^™^ 
tourbed ])e accueour to beren le/^rea. by whiche lie the eemS^ 
soholde han maked (le seTiatours gilty ajeins ^ tyngea 362 
Real maieste. % meistiease what demeat ))oa of 
f is. Bchal .1. forsake fiis blame fiat I ne be no schame to 
J>e {q. d. now). % Certia X haue wold it, fat ia to 365 
Beyne fe sauuacioun of fe Benat. ne I schal neuer listen it la Roe tint h 
to wilne it. and J)at I confesse aitd am a-knowe. but ^j'i^^J'j'',5; 
(le entent of fe accuaour to be deatourbed schal cese. SSl^^Thmn, 
% For scbal I clepe it a felonie fan or a aynne fat I 369 
hane deaired fe saunacioun of fe oidre of fe senat. 
and certya jit liadde filk same senat don by me foru) 
her decretj and hire iugeroentys as fouj it were a synne 
or a felonie fat is to eeyne to wilne fe sanuacioun of 373 
hem (.a aenatM*). If But folye fat lieth alwey to hym iPoUyoinnot 
flelf may not chaunge fe merit of finges. ^ Ke .1. otuung". 
trowe not by fe iugement of soerates fat it were leue- 376 
fill to me to hide fe eofe. ne asBent[e] to lesynges. Ae 
% But certye how so euer it be of f is I put[te] it to geasen ™ 
or preisere to f e iugement of f e and of wise folk. If Of £" 
whiche fii^ al fe oidinaunce and fe sofe for aa moche 380 
as folk fat ben to comen aftir oure dayes achollen 
knowen it. ^ I haue put it in Bcriptuie and remem- Bartum . 
hraunce. for touching fe htties falsly maked. by «n»«™n 
whiche letoes I am accused to han hooped f e fredom of p««rtw. 
Rome. What appertenef me to speken fer-o£ Of 385 
whiche lettns f e ftaude hadde ben achewed apertly if 


SOS wtwa B o yn 

S99 dtiirat |io(i— dealrM 

_ _.. J. maken, C. 

E3 demeat bou — demeatow 
IG Botd-KS. wolde, C. 

SBO atrnt — sern 
9S7 )v«— omitted 

368 £ff— ben 
Ses il-it thsnna 



sra |h>k>— thogh 

«•■«— »ejn 
m IMh-HB. lie|>«, C. liclh 
377 <UHRt[<>-a£e«nto 
881 tehoUai—aheUea 
3S3 and— and in 
38fi (jwimt— spell B 

of (e«i™— C. omiU 


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Bogthiiu HTi I liadde had libertee forto ban vsed and bes at be 

jumaj^jjeajhii eowfeasiouw of myn accusoitrs. Tf i's whiclie ^ing in 

STrfti^oS? aUe nedys haf grete Blrenkef. ^ Foe what ofer ftedom 

may men hopen. Certys I wolde (lat some ojwr fredom 

391 i'iy^t[e] be hoped. IT I wolde Jian haue answered by 

])e wordes of a man ^t h.yjt[e] Caniua. foi whan he was 

But UHm la now occnsed by Gayus Cesar Gerraeius eon Jiat he (caniua) 

hmKTfo*'" ^^ knowyng and oonaentyng of a coniuiacionre maked 

a^ems hym (.s. Gaius). ^ )}ie Canius aiiaweiod[e] 

396 )<m ^ Tif I had[de] wist it |)on haddest not wist 

It la not rtrangs it. In whlche binz Borwe hab not so dulled my witte 

Si'iiit"iiSe" f*** ^ pleyne oonly Jat Bchrewi3d[e] folk appaiwlen 

foliea ajeins vertuea. ^ But I wondre gretly how Jat 

400 pei may perfbrme Jinges |iat Jiei had[de] hoped forto 

done. For why. to wylne Bchrewednease Jiat comeji 

TiMiriiitodom parauentuie of oure defaute. ^ But it is lyke to a 

arfs^ofhaniMi monstre and a meruaille. % How fat in fie present 

404 sy?t of god may hen acheued and performed swiche 

finges. as euery felonous man ha]i conceyued in hye 

itiaimirv*) lioujt ajeius innocent. ^ For whlche fing oon of )>i 

*ct> cu be done familers not vnskilfully axed bu& H ?if cod is. whennea 

^omniKient comen wikk6d[e] pingi^ and yif god ne is whennes 

409 comen goode finges. but al hadde it ben leuefnl ^at 

If thenbsaood, felonous folk fat now desiren fe hloode and pe deef of 

edip utbareia alle goode men. and eke of al fe senat han wilned to 

ariaaa gooa p go^g dcstroien ma whom f ei han seyn alwey batailen 

413 and defenden goode men and eke al fe senat. Jit 

hadde I not desseraed of |>e fadres. )iat is to seyne of 

Jje senatoura fat Jiei scholde wilne my destrucctouw. 

IT had-lt6. hade, C. had 

Ci hsitiel—hyhte 
» hadtdel—hidde 

3» wA<ctt>-whioh 

ba>— MS. b&t^ 

808 «cAr«iMdrB}— ahrewode 
3Se /oltM— rolonles 

400 AadC'le]— trail 

M2 Iglu to a— lyk a 
■MM sirji— ajrble 

WB haV-lii. h>tw 

li teiftw — Bflyn 

IS icAafdff— all olden 

ib. Google 


? nis FALSE acodbbhs. 


I cceae bat v/haa I wolde Boethiu •tetmii 

° ' tlie lnt*g-i^ of 

•seyn any (liog. fou (li self alwey present r - 

If J)ou- temembrest wele 

don or •seyn any (jiog. fou (li sell' alwey present re- j-fo 

veledest me. ^ At )ie citee of veione whan fat fe He dciend«i ihe 

kyng gredy of comune alat^ter. caste hym to trana- 

poiten vpon al )ie otdie of f>e senat. ^e gilt of hie real 420 

miueste of ^e vMche gilt ^at albyn was accused, -wi)) 

how grete sykemesse of peril to me defendodfe] I al 422 

lie senat % boa woet wel bat I seide eobe. ne I Haai>i«oijT 

• "^ ' the tiatli, ma dli 

anaimted[e] me neuer in preysyng of my self. ^T I"**^ notiwMi. 
alwey when any wyjt resceineb preciouae renoun in [Bouunginuu 

the plwsore ot i 

auaimtyng hym self of hys werkes; he amenuBif Jie mk approving 
secre of hye conscience. ^ But now ^u mayst wel 427 
seen to what ende I am comen foi myne innocence. 
I receiue peyne of Ms felonie in gerdoun of veiray ont u the rewsn 
vertua IT Aitd what open confessioun of felonie he la made to 
had[de] euer iugis so accordaunt im cruelte. ^t is to S^^(^„*' 
seyne as myne accusyng ha)). ^T l^*- "f^ enour of 4!)2 
maoBwitte oi ellyscondicioun of fortune }»at is Tnceiteyue 
to al mortal folk ne aubmytted[e] eumme of hem. fat is 
to seyne fat it ne cheyned[e] summe iuge to ban pitee 435 
01 compassioun. % For al fouj I had[de] ben accused Had he b«n 
fat I wolde brenne holy houses, and strangle prestys aign j^J""™ 
wif wicked swerde. % or fat .1. had[de] grayfed deef ^^"J^^ 
to alle goode men algatis fe sentence scholde ban fr<^MauSwi 
punyached me present confessed or conuict. ^f But 440 
now I am remewed fro fe Citee of rome almost fy«&- But now thu le 
hundref f ousand pas. I am wif outen defence dampned he ii prouriiMd 
to proscri'pcioun atid to fe deef, for fe studio and ^ death, 
bonntees fat I haue done to fe senat. ^ But o wel ben 444 
f ei worf i of mereye (as who seif nay.) f er myjt[e] neuer 

U7 iloK—MB. done, C. il» 

feim — seyea 
us )w [11-omitted 
Ue i(iHij<«r— slawhtre 

tnmepor ip 


430 uertue— verta 

431 hadidei—badio 

133 aitU—wit 
mtcBrtevjM— vncertejn 

ib. Google 

he hu filwftTH 
follnwed IJis 

OP aOROEHT. ["hose «. 

446 jit nbn of hem ben conuicte. Of ewkhe a blame as 
ti^i^ "^t ™y^ ^ °^ awiche trespas myn accoaoura seyen fnl wel 
•wu^^him of [te dignitee, Jie wiche dignite for fei wolde derken it 
wij) medeljng of some feloEje. f ei beren me on honde 
450 and lieden. fat I hadde polute and defouled my con- 
science wif sacrelege. for couetise of dignite. % And 
certys Jiou {li self fat art plaunted in me ehacedest oute 
fe sege of my comge al couetise of mortal Jiinges. ne 
454 sacrilege ne had[de] no leue to han a place in me byfome 
fine eyen. ^ For f on dronppedest euery day in myn 
eeres and in my f oujt filk eomaundement of pictt^oraa. 
Jiat is to seyue men ecbal semen to god. artd not to 
458 goddes. ^f Ne it waa no conenaunt ne no node to 
taken helpe of fw foulest spirites. ^ I fat f on hast 
ordeyned or set in sycho excellence fat tfou] makedest 
461 me lyke to god. and oucr fis fo ryjt clcne secre 
ig fiuniij and chaumbre of myn house, fat is to seye my wijf and f e 
SoB^Uio '™' cojnpaignie of myn honeste frendia. and my wyues 
itoBotiorcerr. £^j, ^ ^^j j^^^^ ^ worfi to ben reuerenced fonij 
465 bys owen dedis. defenden me of al suspeccioun of syche 
blame. % But o malice. ^ For fei fat accnaen me 
wnueiie iiaa taken of f e philosophic feife of so grete blame. % For 
imeSMMTMs J*' trowen fat .1. haue had affinite to malyfiee or en- 
■MuM?*™" chauntementj by cause fat I am replenissed and ful- 
470 filled wif fi teehynges. and enformed of fi manera. 
% And f ua it suiEcef not only fat f i reuerence ne auayle 
me not. but jif fat f on of f i fee wille raf er be blemiased 
wif myne offensioun. ^ But certya to f e harmea fat I 
474 liane fere bytydef jit fis enctece of harme. fat fe 

461 had(dBy-hadde 

bsfome — bjftnTi 
*B6 drowppMeti—drovpei- 

17 Bijrji (io^ih-myne 

■n ioaiU—Bn himd 

•3 aT-alle 

flod— godde 
£9 helpe — help 

eo ael—KB. sette, 

™rfl*— Hwicho 

[pofJ— thow 

462 iaws-howi 

o/oJ— fromaUi 
Vff^ilogophie — 

468 iad-^ias. hadde, C, hod 
*74 Jwe— ther 

ib. Google 


geaainge and ^e iugement of myche folk ne loken no 475 
fit^ to pe[de]sertya of fingea but only to J« aueratwre M»t people 
of fortune. ^ And iogen [lat only awiche Jtinges bea j^M'S"^^ 
parueied of god. whiche Jiat temporel welefulnesse ^JIId^™toJJJigi 
commendiji. Olo»a, If As fuB . fat yif a wyjt haue Irtih*'s^5iS12!'"° 
prosperite. he Lt a good man and worjii. to haue pat 480 
proaperite. and who so ha)i aduersite he ia. a wikked 
man. and god ha]) forsake hym. a«d he ia worfi to Theunronanaui 
haiie ))at aduersite. ^ t>ia is fe opmioun of sommo opinioaofuie 
folko. *and fer of come)' fat good gessyng. ^f Fyrete of [■ Teit b^iui 
al fing forsake]) wrecwhea certya it greuef me to Jjinl([e] 485 
ry^t now fe dyuerse sentences fat fe poeple seif of 
me. % And fua moehe I aeye fat fe laate charge of 487 
contrarious fortnne is fis. f fat whan fat ony blame ii it m. ij 
laid vpon a caytif. men wenen fat he haf deserued fat Boettine luuent 
he suffrep. 5f ^^^ I ?**• "^ P"' awey from goods men ^^y^™'* 
and despoiled &om dignitees and defoulid of my name 
■ by gesayng haue snffred tonuent for my goode dedia, 492 
% Certys me aemef fat I se fe felonua couinea of 
wikked men abounden in ioie and in gladnes. If And The wicked, he 

° " nay., elu wdth 

I ae fat euery lorel shapif hym to fynde oute newe <oip»B"r. 

fraudea forto accuaen goode folke. and I se fat goode 496 

men ben onerf rowen fox diede of my pejil. ^ and 

euery luxurious towrmentour dar dou alle felonie vn- 

punisaed and ben excited ferto by jiftes. and innocent^ 499 

ne ben not oonly despoiled of aykemease but of de- wwie UibIj™. 

fence and f erfbre me list to crien to god in fis manete. JJ^^'Ss''^ 


f ou maker of f e whele f at beref f 6 aterres. whiche rruofifthemeUH-.i 
fat art festned to fi perdurable chayerc. atid- g i Sp^'Thou. 

hare— him 
ISl (0— omitted in ( 
481. 4St Adb^US. h 

*S* Furtta — tjnt 

HiOte]— tUuks 
48S eav—na 
4Sg lotd— HS. laide, C. 1«Td 

hah-Wi. h»>e 
W9 put— MS. putta, C. put 

1M aioHIuJen— habowudcn 

1M eladnet—flaiuaaB 

a fattnad—yftiaeH 

ib. Google 




Adue fortDDebe 
tUoKSd lo worii 




tamest ^e honene -wip & raujaayng snenghe and eon- 
Btreinest Je steirea to Buffren Jii lawe. ^ So pat pe 
mone somtymo schynjng wif hii M homes metyng 
wi^ alle pB hemes of ^ soime. % Mix biopta hide|) fie 
steirea ^t ben lasea ontZ somtyme whan pt mone 
pale wij> hir derke homes approche^ pe aoime. leesith 
hii lyjtofl. IT And ^t |)e euesterre espeme trhiche 
|)at in ^ first[e] tyme of pe nyjt brynge|i fur^ hii 
colde atysynges comejr eit E^eynes hii vaed coma, and 
is pale by pe morwe at pe rysynge of pe sonne. and ia 
{>an cleped Incifei. ^ ])ou lestielnest pe day by echoitoi 
dwellyng in ^e tyme of colde wyntei )iat mokefi p& 
leues to falle. ^ ))oa diuidest Jw swifte tides of pe 
nyjt when pe bote Bomei is comao. ^ J]i myjt at- 
temprelj)] ])o Taiiaunt^ sesons of fie jeie. so ftat 
]epheras pe dobonoire wyude bringe|i t^ein in ^e fiist[e] 
eomei sesoun pe leues ]iat pe wynde [lat byjt[e] boieas 
ba)> reit awey in autumpne. pat is to seyne in pe lasta 
eende of aomer. and pe sedes )iat pe sterre Jiatliyjt arc- 
turiM saw ben waxen bey[e] comes whan fie sterre 
airiua e8cbaufe|) hym, % Jjere nis no Jiing vnbouade 
from hys olde lawe ne forlete)) hym of bys propre eatat 
TT fou gouemowr gouemyng alle Jiinges by certeyne 
eade, why refiiaest pou oonly to goueme pe werkce of 
men by dewe manere. ^ Whi aufCrest fou (lat slid- 
yi^ fortune tumef to grote vtter chaungynges of (jingea. 
ao ))at anoious peyne pat seholde duelly pnnisabe fel- 
ouns puniesitj innocentj. T And folk of wikked[e]^ 
maneres sitten in hei;e chaiers. and anoienge folk 

an ncaighe—swejti 

treniat, G. «0iuCTRJili»t 

609 latte—Uxm) 
ElO aper 

whiclu — hem- 

11 flrtHay-r/n 

Civ toj/ndt 6rinffe^ — wyad 

6S0 tcinrfe— wyna 

621 ri^t—Ua. reftB. C. reft 

123 »au;-M8. wwoji, C. 

AM*]— byyo 

SU h|Fn— bem 

/orMeii htm qT— fiirloet- 
hcth )mj werke of 
fiS7 rqftuuf Ixw — nlBwa- 

sa» la — - [ti«flfl(— so grete 

II pBnisnij— punjaal 

ib. Google 


treden and |»t vnryjtfully in |is nekkes of holy men. 033 

^ And vertue clere and scliynyng naturely is hid in tim wunaa ■» 

dirfee dirkeneaees. aitd pe ryjtful man beri)» pe blame ^^^J^ ■" 

and pe pejne of Jie felowne. % Ne pe forsweryng ne 536 

fe feiude couered attd kemhd wip a fala colour nS 

a-noyep not to schiewes. ^ \)e whiche Bchrewes vhan 

hem lyst to vsen her atrengjie |>ei reioisen hem to 

putten Tndir hem pe souerayne kyngea. wMche fat 540 

poeple wip[onten] nomnbre dreden. T f on what so o Uun Oat Und- 

eoer boa be bat knytteeftl alle bondea of bjnires loke iBgiSBnint>,i<iaii 

on piae wrecched[e] erpes. we men fai ben nat a »«>^ 

fonle party but a fiure party of so grete a werke we 644 

ben tuimentid in {te see of fortune. ^ J)ou gouemowr 

wifidiaw and restreyne fe rauyeeinge flodes and &etne uid, u thon dwt 

and forme pise erpee stable wip pilke [bonde] wip •pj^,'X''"TE'"' 

whiche fou gonemeat pe heuene pat is so lai^ •" ^™^ ^™'°^- 


il/han I hadde nip a continnel sorwe sobbed or [tiwmiim 
' ' broken out pise pinges sche wip hii chere peieible PbiioMpi^na- 
antl no ping amoeued, wip my compleyntes seide ^. 561 
whan I say pe quod sche aorweful and wepyng I wist[o] 
on-one fat pou were a wrecche and exiled, but I 
wist[e] neuOT how fer pine exile was : ;if pi tale ns 
hadde achewed it to ma but certys al be pou fer fio pi 555 
contre. pon nart 'nat put out of it but pou hast [•(bLTt.] 
fayled of pi weye atid gon amys. f and yif pou hast 
leuer forto wene pan bon be put out of bi centre, pan sbaipenkitoiii;! 

, , ofhlsconnuj, 

bast pon pat onte pi self laper pen ony opor wy^ hap. 

^ For no wy^t but pi self ne iny}t[e] neuer haue don 560 

C31 awi— omitted 


Ml wiKotUmy-vithiiovt- 

»3 i^vnaiCtn—knytteet 
MS Kneekidtei—vroachaiB 
Hi a tn-aadWxi 

6 l>«_thlg 

e intxlrau — HB. wi) 
drawe, C, withdniwh 

[6oikW— from C. 

iSO orwimt— borten 
isa init[a}— vysCe 

i7 mm— MS. gone, C. gon 

«, U8 txU—MS. pntte, C. 

iS ha)>~-HB. )»)« 
10 ««([«>- mybw 
Jtaue — hUL 
dot-as. done, C. don 


24 rniLosuFHY consoles doethius, RSmb'(. 

E61 Jjat to fe. % For jif fou remembre of what centre fwu 

^8 Mojndi him art born, it nis not goueraed by emperourea. ne by 

™em«™S'tjB gouemement of multitude, as weren fe eontrea of hem 

^tfe^^Trf of athenes. fl" But o lorde and o kyng and Jjat is god 

A^^i/jt, J'.vUs lorde of fi contree. whiohe fat reioiaeji hym of 

666 fe dwellyng of bya Citejcnia. and not forto putte hem . 

in exile. Of fe whicbe loide it ib a souerayne fredom 

to be goaemed by fe biidel of bym and obeie to hia 

iufltice. If Hast |)0U for^eten filke tyjt olde lawe of fi 

570 Citee. in f e whiche Citee it ia ordeyned OTid establissed 

Thsc™.^ ])at what wyjt Jat haf leuer founden fer inne hya sete 

*''''* or hys houBS. fen ellys where : lie may not be exiled 

573 by no ryjt feo fat place, f For who so fat is contened 

in-wif fe paleis [and the clos] of filke Citee. fer nia 

po dredo fat he may deserue to ben exiled. ^ But ' 

who fat lettof fe wijle forto enhabit[e] fore, he foi- 

577 letef also to deaerue to ben Citejein of filke Citee. 

ffifSf^'' T So fat I eeye fat f e face of f is place ne amoeuef me 

rf^rtSiS'ih^ Jiat eo myche as fine owon face. He .1, ne axe not 

priion, raf er f e wallea of fi hbrarie apparailled aitd wroujt 

wif yvory and wif glas fan after f e aete of f i foujt, 

582 Ii^ whiche I putte nat aomtyme hookes. but .1. putte 

:^^»reio bt fat fat makef hookes worfi of pris or precious fat is 

ui^e^KJ" **• ^^ i^ aentence of my books. T ^^ certeinly of 

685 fi decertea by-stowed in commune good, fou bast seid 

sof e but after fe multitude of f i goode dedya, fou hast 

seid fewe. aiid of f e .vnhonestee or falanesae of f ingea 

588 fat ben opposed ajeina f e. fou hast rememhred finges 

EoBtuaa hu ,bat bera knowe to alle folk. . and of f e felonies and 

rtghltaJlj ina ■• • 

tho^od^M^ fraudea of fine accusoura. it semef fe haue I-touched 
*™™'- it forsofe ryjtfully and schortly. T Al myjten fo 

sea ioTB— MB. borne, C. 

S66 W-hiie 

purte— put , - . - 

6M i»— beii 679 myche— mocbel 687 i«d— MS. BeiOB, u. 

671 So(>— MS. hahe omen—otinu 6S8 oppoisd— apoayd 

K7a ijKM— hnws Ha (!1— oniitled 58B inoHW— knowju 

ffl pvlie (4(«A)— put 

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same fingea bettere aW more plentiuouBoly be couth 592 

in )» inoufte of fe poeple pat knowef al Jjia. ^ Jjou 

liast eko blamed gretly attil compleyned of fe wrongfiil 

dedo of be senat, V And bou haat sorwed for my Thou hut, «aia 

blaine. arid fou hast wepen for fe damage of fi re- ^^^^^ 

noane pnA is nppaired. and )ji laate eorwe eschaufed 697 

ajeins fortune and corapleinest bat cerdoujis ne ben not thoo hMt wm- 

' r I o . BlaLDBd .glinBt 

euenliohe jolde to fe dcaortes of folk, and in (le laHre ™|"^°!j?"* 
ende of fi woode muse fou priedcst fat filke pees pat S^Jfi^at" 
gouemefi pe heuene echolde goueme Jie erpe If But "" *"" 
fot pat many tribulaciouT^ of affeccioufis lian assailed 602 
pe, and sorwe and Ire and wepyng todrawen pee 
dyuersely If As fou art now feble of pou^t, myjtyer stmog msdicinM 
remedies nc achullon not jit tonchen pe for whiche Ei^rfu'^^ef 
we wil[e] vsen somedel lyjter medicines. So pat pilt[e] {UK^"* 
passiouns pat ben woxeu harde in swellyng by per- 607 
turbaci'ouji folowyng in to pi poujt mowen woxe eay Lieht nitdirfiiM 
and softe to receyuera pe etrenkop of a more myjty and Uim for atarpet 
more egre medicine by an eaier touchyng. 610 


lA/han fat pe heuy sterre of pe cancre eachaufep by [ThaBiits 
'' pe beme of phebaa. pat is to seyne wban fat pbebfis HswhoKHniii 
pe Sonne is in pe signe of pe Cancre. "Who so jeuep S'JJL'j!^''" ^ 
pan largely hys sedes to pe feldes fat refuse to re- ?^u(^'^"°° 
ceiuen hem. lete hym gon bygyled of trust pat be 616 
badde to hys corn, to acoms or okes. yif pou wilt Think not to in- 
gadre violettj. ne go pou not to pe purper wode whan ^pJi'''','^,^ 
pe felde chirkynge t^iaep of colde by pe felnesse of 
pe,ivynde pat hyjt aquilon If Yif pan deaiieat or 619 

4 r^fltsB — reflucu 

,s after hem C. Kdda [s. 

letc hym gon {M8. gone)-~ 

£02 &aD0t(fA-MS.tH 

Bii(— omitted 

"ffj'Kei-— in.yhlyen 

60e wlitej-wol 

60? harde— 'bati 
608 foloayrig — Fiowjng 

geune — aejn 


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ify™ "i"h for wolt vsen grapes ne seke fou nat wiji a glotonua hande 
uu'rtMte'ftw "^ ^ streine and prease |)e stalkea of fe vine in Jib fiist 
b tha ipring. aonier seeoun. for bachus Jw god of wyne haf ra^ 
623 jeuen his jiftea to autumpne )» latter ende of eosiei. 
[• M. ».] ^ God tokeni|i and eesignefi *}« tymee. ablyng hem 
gmh^bh to herpropre offices. ^ ISe he ne su£Ere)i not stouudes 
™?*""^ whiche fat hym self haf deuided and consttelued to 
sZ^dMoot ^ medeled to gidra t And forfi he J«t forletof 
d^HTta tnin um cBiteyne ordinannce of doynge by ouerftowyng wey. 
oFthingi. iiQ ne ha[> no glade issae oi ende of hya werkes. 


rnw^nepren.] "pirat wolt fou suf&e me to touche and asaaie fe stat 
pwiowphrnn- -^ of bi toiwt by a fewe demanndes. so bat I may 
Bottuot. Tnderstonde what be fe manere of fi curaciouw. ^ Axa 

633 me qvod .1. atte ]» wille what )>ou wilt, tnnj I scbal 
F. la tiw world answers. % ^ saide sche fus. vrhefet wenest foil quod 
f^ii"**^ Bche fat fis worlde be gouemed by foolisahe happes 

636 arid fortouea. ot elles wenest fon fat f er be in it any 

B. bt no nxaiTB. gouBmement of resoum. Cartes quod .1. ne trowe not 

niiM^BThii in' no manere fat bo certeyne finges scholde be moeued 

by fortunonse fortone. but I wot wel fat god maker 

6iO avd mayster is gonemoiw of fis werk. Se neuer uas 
Tthaiinaiei jit day fat myjt[e] putle me oute of fe sofenesse of 
opinion. ^at sentenca ^ So is it quod sche. for fe same fing 

643 songe fou a lytel here byfome and bywoyledest taid 
dMl«wii«mmii bywBptesL fat only men weren put oute of fe cure of 
d^dmMn"" god. % For of alle ofer finges fou ne doutest nat 
dnuuiaot fat fei nere gouemed by Teson. but how (.i. pape.). 

to'K^mroikSr' ^ wondre gretly certes whi fat fou art seek, eifen fou 
in^^^i^u«L ^'^ put in to ao holeaom a sentence, but lat vs seken 

ex A.i)>— MB. hl)>« 
0^ trtfr^dinw— oortejD 

S *ob— 1 


eaa /ureuna— tortim 

est imt—KS. woto, C. wont 
Ml mt)lie]fmllt—mfb.tB put 

64t doHtoX— (bwtedeat 

aie hote—owii 

6*7 »»8jmb«t— syks STQ 

ine mt— MS. putte, a put 



deppei. I coniecte faX pete hikkep I not irliat. but 649 
sey me )iie. mptn {>at ^u ue doutest nat ^t |)is vorlde Tdi me boir the 
be gouetned by god ^ wip Bwycche goaemailes takest eonaeo. 
fioa Lede ])at it is goaeraed. % vnnep quod .1. knowe 662 
X })e sentence of fi qaeatiouit. so yat I ne may nat & i da not 
jit anaweren to ])i demaondea. ^ I naa nat deceiued v^^joar 
quod ache |iat ]»re ne &Ue|) sumwhat. by whiche fe £J(JS'??' 
maladie of pertnrbactoun is crept in to fi [loujt. so Swn™'ioiM 
as po Blieagpe of Jie paleyB schjnyng ia open. % But •aiuuuntT' 
aeyeme |>is lemembrest ^u ou;t what ia fe ende of thunhkrandof 
J)i Jiingee. whider fat ]» entencioan of al kynde tendeft. J^f^^^jJ^ 
^ T bane betd told it somtyme qiwd .X but dieiy- 660 
neaao baf dulled my memorie. % Ceitys quod ache 
[tou wost wel vliennea (»at alle f inges ben comen and 662 
proceded. I wot wel quod .1. and an8BweTed[e] fai s. oda n tiw 
god is fe bygynnyng of aL ^ And bow may }ia be i^t»- 
quod Bcbe fat sifen f ou knoweat fe bygynnyng of p. How, lum, ut 
fingea. fat fou ne knoweet not what is Jie endyng of »eirnidi' 
finges. but awicbe ben fe cuetomes of perturbaci'ouTia. 667 
and fia power fei ban. fat fei may moeue a ma» fro SS^'Sf'SlliM 
hya place, fat is to eeyne from fe stablenea anti per- fSS^'uS' 
fecctoon of hya knowyi^. but certys fei may not al ^^ mau'i °^ 
aracehym ne alyene hym in aL ^ But I wolde fat 671 
foa woldeat answere to fia, % Remembrest fon fat M^™hrt \ 
fou art a man ^ Boicf. % Whi acholde I nat remem- a osrwinij i ao. 
bre fat quod .1. Philogophie. *\ Maiste fou not telle ^| ir^Mkm.' 
me fan qwod sche what fing lb a man. If Axeat not nttorS^mS" ' 
ma quod I. whefir fat be a reaonable beat mortel, I itucwundooii- 
wot wel and I confease wel fat I am it K Wistest f^ tiJiS^Siu'" 
fou nener )it fat fou were trny ofer fing quod abe. S™ ffl""" 

840 iJ0ptwr— dappeM MO lierCt totd — TtS. herde 069 tetrufnot—tesD fro 

■0( uAo/— not nere what Colde ATS Bemmhreit bMi— He- 

efiOnlxni— 8fu AfntCotiK-herdyttoald inenbr«illi<iv 

kutMb— world Ml Aiii>— Ha, hitie mi Mmttt Ixw— Hayithow 

6S1 toiaf ton— takortoir 883 jmawdarf— prooEdeth 875 [mii— J>Biine 

ess tew—aej oiMei™r«i[8]— anaweredB l>iiM»— thinee 

rmenArest >«« — re- 66* («— omitlod ' — ■ ' — *~ 
menbns thow o^^b 

OH}*— omitted 666 tiheni—ayn 

eu ol— ftlle 663 fivoviat 

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s. Ho. No quod .1. now wot I quod she ojwr cause of pi 

680 maladie and fat ryjt greto ^ J)ou hast left forto 
r. Now r know knowe bi self what bou art. borui whiche I haue plev- 
MDMofthydif nelycho knowen fe cause of Jii maladie. or eUis Jw 
683 entre of recoueryng of Jjin hele. If Forwhy for fott 
ThnuhiitiMi art confounded wif forjetyng of J)i self, forjii aorweat 
Uijmu. j,ou [lat pou art exiled of fi pmpre goodea. 1[ And 

isou knomit not foi fiou ne wost what is Jw ende of pinges. for[j!i] demest 
j!otw'irhl>Sun [J"^"] fat felonoiw and wikked menben myjtyajKi weleful 
governed. fof poi liast forjeten by whiche gonemementj pe worlde 

689 is gonemed. ^ Forpi wenest pou fat pise mutac/ouns 
oi!'irl?Ju'!S™- '^^ fortune fleten wif outere goucmoar. pise ben grete 
but alto oM^oT causes not oonly to maladie. but certes grete causes to 
I thank ooi that ileef ^ But I fanke fe auctour and fe makere of 
wiioiiy dssBTUd heele fat natwre hap not al forleten pe. and I haue 
694 g[r]ete norissinges of fi hele. and pat is pe sope sen- 
tence of gonejTiaunce of fe worlde. fat Jiou byleuest 
fat fe gouerayi^e of it nis nat subgit ne vnderput 
to pe folie "of pise happea auenterouses. but to pe 
resoKM of god ^ And fer foie doute f e nofing. For 
of f is litel spark fine heet of lijf echal shine. If But 
700 for as muche as it is not tyme ^itte of faatere remedies 
' ^ And fe nature of f oujtee diseeined is f is fat as ofte 
as pei caat«n aweye sope opyniouna; pei clopeu hem in 
fals[e]opiniou7w. [ofwhichefelBeopyniounaJfederkneasa 
of peHrurbacioun wexef vp. fat comfoundef fe verray 
insyjt, and fat derkenes achal .L say somwhat to 
li'^ikentiha makeu fiTine and wayk by lyjt and meenelyche re- 
I iiLaii endeavour mcdies. SO fat after fat fe derknes of desseyuynge 
nipourt wUiat tlesyrynges is don awey, fou niow[e] knowe J>e schyn- 
C^^tSST"' yng of verray lyjt 



wf l«t-H 

fl* »^( b™-8orwiBtow 

ae/o-tW '''"*"« it")"] - 

Forthy ilcmcathow 
187 wiiked-MS. vtilked, C, 



— - tparkpine ftfc. _r 

JWmuclu—mecbie [thin hele 
T02 owete—fiia 

705 lof iyptrniount] — from 

706 iiM|r}(— insjbta [C. 

708 d<m-as. rioiw 

ib. Google 



XyE sterres couered wi|> blakfe] eloades ne mowen .mieBBnenae 
■• geten a doun no ly;t. Jif fe trouble wymde fat BiMk cion<ii 
hyjt anster stonnynge and walwyng Je see medlef [le ofihe.tara. 
heete )iat is to seyne fe boylyng vp from Jie botme 713 
^ p0 wawes fat aomfjme weren clere as glas and if the south wind 
lyke to fe iair[e] bryjt[e] dayes wifstant anon fe tempeKuo^ths 
syjtes of men. by f e filf e arid ordure fat is resolued. [^'uJS^gl^, 
and fe fletyng stroma fat roylef douw dyuersely fro ''™''™'- 
heyje tnountaignes is areatid and resisted ofte tyme 
by fe encountrynge of a stoon fat is departid and 719 
fallen from some roche. % And forfi yif fou wilt ifthouwonMti 
loken and demen sobe wib clere lyit. and holde be ci™r»i iirjiIi ^ 

• • •'' • puraue the path 

weye wif a ryjt pafe. T Weyue fou ioie. drif fro fe iJ*"|thj,.y, 
dtede. fleme fou hope, ne lat no sorwe aprocbe. fat is s^rw"^""* 
to sein lat noon of fise foni paasiou/is ouer uome fe. J^"™rf™4"° 
or blynde fe. for cloudy and dirlte ia filk foujt and whereUiew 
bonnde -with bridles, where as fise binges regnen. 726 'he khi i> i-in'na 

fcj Blrong (elle™. 



A fter fie she stynte a litel. and after fat she hadde [The fynt pro«.| 
■^ gadred by atempre atillenesae myn attcnciouw she 728 
seide fus. If As who so my3t[e] aeye fua. After fise PhiioioiA»M- 
finges she atyiit[e] a lyteL and whanne she aper- [[ff^J^f^"' 
ceiued[e] by atempre stillenesse fat I was ententif to tJ^"^'"'' 
herkene hire, she bygan to epete in fis wyse. % Tif 732 

no AlaJbCs]— btake 

718 rtonnwws— tarnrng 

713 from—rro 

715 Iplie—bb 

fairffi mf--""' 

wi>Btuit«)— I 

IB wjfw— sjliteB 

720 from tome—tnaa som 
i«W— wolt 

721 oolw— soth 

723 iMfw— pwrth 
729 Usincte— blende 

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733 I quad she haue vnderstondeK arul knowe vttetly fe 
ThoQ»rt,.iia causes attd fe habit of pi muladie. pou languieeed and 
fMffl^bn?™ ^ deffeted for talent and desijr of pi rajier fortune. 

736 1 3he pat iike fortune only pat is chaunged as pou 
II hath perrnud foinost to ps ward, hap peruert«d jie clerenesse and pe 
imwdiK- astat of pi coraao, T I vnderatonde be felefolde 

gu^nUd with tU r "a t r 

Pn^(i!^^^- *^1'""' ^"^ deceites of pilke merueiUoas monatte for- 

Fortniw). tone, and how she vsep ful flatryng familaiite wip hem 

741 pat flhe enforcep to bygyle, so longe til fat she con- 
fonnde wip TDSuf&eable sorwe hem pat she hap lefl 

743 in despeir vnpuruejed. ^ and if pou romembrest wel 

Though the hu pe kyndo pe mauiHs and pe desert of pilko fortune, pow 

tM* "of bMot^* *^"^' ™*' knowe as in hir pou neuer no haddest ne 

717 gretly trauaile to doB pe remembien of pise pinges. 
Ttioowenonte V FoT pou were wont to hurtlen [and despysenl hir 

proof wtainit her " ' L fj i 

lUutemenu. vrfp manly wordes whan she was blaundissinge and 
presente and pwrsewedest hir wip sentences pat were 
751 drawen oute of myne entre. pat is to seyne out of 
Batsnddm Hiyn irifomiactoun ^ But no smdeyns mutacioun ne 

KTH^tariiUaii bytldef nat wip outen a maner chaungyi^ of curves. 
KiiSil'^ ut ^^'^ so is it byfallen pat pou art departed a litel fro 
S^^^ pe pees of. pi poujt. hot now is tyme pat pou diynke 
Birtilitii mow and atast[e] some softe and deUtable pii^es. so pat whan 
Pihaii pnum pel beu entred wip inne pe. it mow make weye to 

Uira (Or MitmBm ' ' ' 

strenger drynkes of medyeynea. % Com nowe furpe 
perfore pe suasioun of swetnesse Eethoryen. whiche 
pat gop oonly pe lyjt wey whil she foisakep not myne 
Qstatut^. ^ And wip Bethorice com forpe musice a 
762 damoisel of oiire house pat ayi^ep now lyjtei moedes 

nniF [H8. ay] — im; 
tratiaile — trSf^len 

■nd ttienwttfa l( 

,-„ja{— langufBseat 

737 lia^—SB. h>|)« 

738 atiat—ralai 
VriCWAi— teeletold 

7M coloBi^-coloa™ 

deoeUet MS. decritra) — 

ffintMiUoiM— mPrOBjlos 
7*B An>— MS. haj* 
7-a if— 3^ 

id ctetpnteni— 

_ — furU- 

Gome \ C Com now forlh 
eo flot>— MS. (rolw 

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or prokctonne now heuyer. "what aylef J)e man, what t* w-*.] 

ia it paA, ha]) cast Jie in to mum3>iig and in to wepyng. 764 

I trow[e3 Jiat fou hast sen some newe fii^ and un- 5iat"fSi'aim^ 

cou)«. % J)ou wenest pat fortune be chaunged ajeins ^^h-jwed lewwto 

Jw ^ But fou wenest wrong, yif fou [|)at] wene. i^thman 

Alwey |io ben hire maneia. she ha]) ra^r [kept] as to 768 

)w ward hiie propre atablenea in J»e chaimgyng of hyre in tim miiuj- i 

self. IT ^Ji^ ewyche was she whan she flatered[e] ^^^[Ja^™, 

Jie. and desseiued[e] fe wif vnleueful Ijkyngea of SS^^S- 1 

fiilse welefnlneaae. ^n hast now knowen and ataynt 772 

|ie doutous or double visage of (liike hljnde goddesee ^^S "JL 

fortune. ^ She fat jit coueref Mr and wympleji Mr jj^iy,"^ 

to ofier folk, haf shewed Mi eoeiydel to fi& ^ 3if 

^u approuBst Mi and ^nkest ^t she is good. Tse 77& 

hir maneis tmd pleyne Jie nat ^ And if |ion t^iisest iftboado>t 

Mr ia]8[e] trecherie. diapise and cast aweye hir Jtat EJS'^" 

pleyej so harmefully. for ehe fat is now cause of so *''«™""- 

myche sorwe to fe. sholde be to fie cause of pees and 780 

[of] ioie. 7 she ha)> fotsaken pe fotsojie. fe wUche 

f>at ueuei man may be syker Jiat ehe ne shal forsake 

bym. Glose. ^ But najreles some bookes ban )ie text 

Jins. For sojie she ha|i forsaken fe ne ))er nis no man 781 

syker )iat she ne ha|i not forsaken. T HoMest )iou itthBtnippiDiiu 

pan )>ilke welefulnesse precionse to pa |)at shal passen. tnniumiT 

and is present fortune derwoibi to be. whiche bat nis i> the atundmu 

■^ ' ' r of Fortune Md™ 

not feifful forto dwella and whan she gof aweye J»at ™ t^^l^^- 
she bryngej) a wyjt in sorwe % For syn she may nat S^^i^ST 
be wifholden at a mans wilie. she makej) hym a wrecche ''^ 
when, she depart©]) fro hym. ^ AVhat ofer Jiing is 791 

7SS fifraakat — farsake 
Boldttl boH— holdestov 

79« |hi»— tlunne 
preeitnite — prfflyee 

7S? denoorbi— derawortha 
wfticAd— which 


Boli—its. eo\M 

^ protacuHOH — prvbuj- 

oylH))— OTlelh 
76* (rowTej— trowe 
«>»~HS. sene, C, n 

tmcoBlw— vnkowth 

7W iwB*s<— woeoes 

[baiy-C. that 
768 fto>— MS. hjjKi 

'0 flfwrA#^vrlDh 
'I vmviteflU — nilo 
't Itaf—iSB. lud, I 

780 nyefie — mochel 

781 [o/i— fromO. 
*at-MS. hit« 

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What it the flitting forttme but a manere shewyng of wrycchednesse 
^^e of future j,at ia to comen. ue it ne auffrij) nat oo[ii]ly to loken 

794 of Jjing Jiat ia present byforne fe eyan. of man. but 
wisdom lokef and mesureji fe eade of finges. and ye 

796 same cb&ungyitg from one to an ofier. pAt is to seyne 

Her miiiaWiitT fro aduBTsite to proaperite makef> fat {te manaces of 

uuMijMriwdre fo^une ne ben not forto dreden, na fe flatrynges of 

liar tav«iM. j^jj. ^^ ^^ desired. If i>^ ^^^ P^ l^^t it byhouef )» 

to snfiren vif euene wille in pacience al ^at is don 

801 inwif |)e floor of fortune, fat is to seyne in f is worlde. 

ifjfoomibmiito ^ Syjwn [lou hast oonea put fi nekke vndcr fe jokke 

"^i^fjP'j™"' of hir. for if fon wilt write a lawe of wendyng and of 

dwollyng to fortune whiulie fat fou hast chosen frely 

805 to be fi lady ^ Art fou nat wrongful in fat and 
impittnicB will makest fortune wiofe and aspere hy fin inpacience. 
joutiMj. „^ jit jio^ mayst not chaungen hir, ^ Tif fou cow- 

You aiiinot mittest [anrf] bitakest f i sayles to f e wynde, fou shalt 

T^eitt)'*/™' ^ shonen not fider fat fou woldeat{:) but whider fat 
n«rcj-otiiie j^g wywde shouef fe ^ Yif fou caateat fi seedes in fa 

811 feldea fou sholdest haue in mynde fat fe jeres ben 
Too have giian ofer wliile plenteiious and ofer while bareyne. If J)ou 
FortiuwjTtiM. liaat bytaken fiself to fe gouemaunce of fortune, 
Jj^^^^*^ i™ and forf i it byhouef f e to ben obeiaaunt to fe manere 
wooidTomiop of f i lady, and enforcest fou fe to aresten or wif* 
whMip atonden fe swyftnesae and fe aweyea of hir towmyng 

onSi'becHM'""' whelc. ^ fou fool of alle mortel foolea if fortune 
wM^Mi'Miit'^ tygan to dwelle staWe. she ce8ed[6] fan to ben fortune. 

TO3 n(^|>— lafflseth 
79* ofbing—on thynae 
6(/o™b— MS. bjfomB I 

W from one — fnuu ooo 

VJ fro — ftvm 

W oMd >(IiMt— a( the luM 

^okki — yok# 

34 toAicAs— wLlch 
D6 iorfj— lad.v6 

Art ^on — Artow 
08 torob*— wroth 


17 cAoHiwHt — chaunge 
e [Olid]— fmm C. 
19 J>id« — thedjr 

ib. Google 



TTThan foitune wip a proude lyjt hando ha^ tamid 
' ^ hii chauwgyng stoundes she fareji Ijke fe manerB 
of ])G boillyng eurippe, Gloae. Eurippe is an anne of 
fe Bee pat ebbith ami flowiji. and somtyme fe streme 
is on one syde and somtyme on fat ofer. Tecde ^ She 
cruel foitime kastefi adoune kynges )>at aomtyme weren 
ydred. and she deceiuable enhaunseth vp pe humble 
chere of hym [lat is discomfited. oTid she ney)>er here]) 
ne recchep of wiecched[e] wepyngea. and she is so harde 
pdt she lauje)) and scomefi ])e wepyng of hem [>e whiche 
she hap maked wepe wif hir fre« wille. fl" . Jjua she 
pleyep atul fas she p-euep hit strengpe and ahewep a 
grete wondre to alle Mr seruauntj. H Yif fat a wyjt 
is seyn welefol and ouerfrowe in an houre. 832 


/"lErtia I wolde plete wif pee a fewe pinges vsynge 
^ pe wordes of fortune talc heedo now pi self, yif pat 
she axep ryjt. *V pou man wher fore makeat pou 
me gilty by pine euerydayes pleynynges, what wronges 
haiie I don pe. what goodea haue I byreft pe pat weren 
pine, stryf or plete wip me by fore what iuge pat pou 
wilt of pe poBsessioun of ryechesse or of dignites f And 
yif pon maist ahewe me pat euer any mortal 'man hap 
receyued any of pese pinges to ben hia in propre. pan 
wol I grauiit[e] frely pat [alle] pilke pinges weren pine 
whiche pat pou axest, % Whan pat nature broujt[e] pe 
forfe oat of pi moder wombe. I reoeyued[e] pe naked 




she hurli kliigi 
fTDiD their 

hurled riom 

[The iBCDnde 

oefltnloui wllh 
[• M. » 6.] 

Aab— HS.) 

SZi adtmno — mdown 

tomtmna—w hllom 
Bis idnd (US. vdrfdde) - 

AnnUf— vmble |jdnd 
BW ranjfcjii— rekkofp 

*OKb— h»rd 
saa JaH3B|i^]}wheth 

830 (fTWHtrlw— «tr»igtliea 

^ taakeat )>ou — Di&k«fl thov 
*38 vrrt/Hgea — wroMga 
a7 a™— MS. done, C. dnn 
6trrtf1 — HS. byreTle, 0. 

838 ttrgf—KS. sttjae.C.Bti 
pleit — plflten 
oufbm—hj fom 

rjfscluaae — rychesnea 
MO eiBBw— shewyn 

S4I iae—tho 

843 arataUtey-rnaata 


dbv Google 



iidimtahed and nedyof al Jimg. and I noryashedre] fe wif my 

rychease. and was redy and ententif forwj my fouowr to 

847 suatene Jie. 1[ And fat make)) Jie now inpacient ajeine 

LonwmpuMd ma and' I euviiounde pe wi|i al fo habundaunce and 

"™"' shinyng of al goodes fat ben in my ryjt. IF Now it 

'w'ny^hmin'V 'j^^J' "^^ '^ ^P diawe myne bande. fou hast bad grace 

•EoSiim^ ae be fat haf vsed of foreyne goodes. fou haat no ryjt to 

pleyne fe. as fouj foa haddest vtteily lom alls fi 

853 f ingee. wbi pleynest fou fan. I baue don fe no wrong. 

hwind Eicches honowrea and swyehe ofer finges ben of my 

I lom*. ry^t. ^ My seruauntea knowen me for bir lady, fei 

wS^KOwitti "omen wif me (otd departen wban I wende. I dar wel 

affermen bardyly. fat yif fo finges of whicbe fou 

858 pleynest fat fou bast foilom hoddo ben fine, fou ne 

itiidintba haddest not lom hem. H shal I fan only be defended 

ownrtgMf to Tgfl my lyjt. ^ Certis it is leuefol to fe beuene to 

■ uHuuiT make clere dares, and after bat to keuete be same dayee 

tu^htap'' ^'l" derko ny^tes. IT fca erfe haf eke leue to apparaile 

w^'A""'' f^ visage of fe erfe now witA flouiea and now wif 

hSwen" fniyt. (Hid to confounde bem somtyme wif raynea and 

865 wif coldes. 1[ )je see haf eke hya ryjt to be som- - 

iHippean tyme calme and blaundyehing wif emofo water, and 

«rtiinH Bomtyme to be borriblo wib wawes and wib tempestes. 

T But f e conetyse of men fat may not be staunched 

M^bT* shal it bynde me to be stedfast. eyn fat stedfastnease 

J"™""" is vnkouf to my maneres, IT Swycbe is my strengfe. 

871 anrffiapley. I pley[e] cowtinuely. I toume f e whirlywg 

nSsmuJ whole will fe toutnyng cercle H I am glede to cbaunge 

:what fe lowest to fe beyeste. and fe heyest to fe loweste. 

850 «>t)i hands — with' 

harf^MB. hul'de, C. had 

loT* — MB, lorue, 0. fi3r 

ess don— MB. done, C. don 
SM Ricchw — Rvch<»<5e« 
BM ftriom— llB. forlorne, 

C. forlorn 
sea Jorn— MB. lome, C. lom 

901 kmtere bfl — coeuffrrn tho 

sea device— din 

Se7 (Indl «p<)>— omitted 
see (fA{/'iu<— etidefiut 
iteil/attHesu — gtldefUt- 

S70 vnkoup — MS. mkou)>ef 

iSwyrA*— Swyrh 
Sn pIej[s]-pl,yo 

plade— Klad 

ib. Google 



worfe vp yif Jiou wilt, so it !» by fis lawe. fiat fmu ™iow.inii 
ne holde not Jtat I do fe wronge J)ouj fou descends wii»t™htgii. 
doun whanne resoun of my pleye axef it. Woat Jjou J,'!Jn'Sben'niy 
not how Cresua kyi^ of Ijndens of whiche kyng Cirw« ""^ "vint it 
was fiU sore agast a litel byfome )iat ^is rewlyche 878 
Greene was caujt of Cinia and lad to Jte fijr to be [^"^^"^ 
brent but fiat a reyne deacended[e] doun &om heueue pniiu JEmUiuP 
|)at rescow8d[e] hym T And is it out of Jii mynde how 
^t Faulus couEul of Rome whau be hadde take fa 
kyng of pCT-cieue weep pjtou[8]ly for fie captiuitee of fe 883 
self^e] kyng. What ojier Jiinges bywaylen fe criinges of whu elm d«> 
Tragedies, but only fie dedes of fortune, fat wif) an "°"„^"^ 
vnwar stroke ouertajnefi fie realmes of grete nobley EJ^^^'^Sj 
H Gloae. Tr^edie is to eeyne a dite of a. proBperite for »ta .troteJ'i^'"' 
a tyme fat endij) in wrechednesae. Lernedest nat fiou Did jon not letm 
in grek whan fou were jonge fat in Jie entre or in fe ihat at i4 gata 
seler of luppitet fer ben couched two tunnes. fat on ■^J,Si"^\S*S'' 
13 ful of good fat ofer is ful of harms. IT What ryjt twti««h«of 
bast fjou to pleyne. yif f ou hast taken more plentououaly wh« ir j™ iutb 
of fe goode syde fat is to seyne of my rycehesee and u»flrat'»wi' 
prosp«ritea, and what eke. yif I be nat departed &o f e. 89i 
"What eka yif my matabilitce ^ioef J>e r3'5tful cause of mj mutability 
hope to han jit better fingea. IT Nafeles desmaie fe of happior diii«. 
nat in fi fou^t aud fon fat art put in comune realme u«iir« Dot to be 
of alle : ne desijr[e] nat to lyue by fine oonly pmprO ryjt. th^frtMituSot 


IaOuj plentee fat ia goddesae of rycchea hiolde adoun [J 
■* wif ful bom, and wif drawef nat hir hand, f Aa j[ 
many recchea as fe see turnef vpwardca aandcs whan it 5 

87* Hwrlw— worth 


Woii l>01t— wislCTthOW 

877 ktfng (Ih-tbe kyng 

tynden* — lydyens 
378 bjifome — l^fbrn 

BSOfrom — fro 
681 retcov/edie^ 
882 taJce--taiijn 

Tvccheae — ryithcBUS 
88* J Jb >w(-( iw lie tiBt 
8»a i«M«r-bete»< 

999 n"»'i«»— iToheaaes 

ojHMrdat— Ypwimi 

ib. Google 


wM^uoTm "^ moeuod wij Tauyaehing blaatea. or ellya as many 
m-tho™.™"" lycchea as fer ahynen bryjt[e] steneB on lieuene oe fe 
iDHiiidDii woola starry nyjt. 3it for al fat mankynde nolde not cesce to 
piJ^'^"''' wope wiecchedfe] pleyntea. IT And al be it eo "Jjat 

906 god receynef gladly her prayers and joneji hem as ful 
™™bJj^«"™ lai^e muche golds a/nd apparaile]) coueytous folk wiji 
»u^iSr^'fiir°^ noble or clers honours, jit seme)> hem haue I-gete no- 
°""'' Jting. but alwey her cruel ravyne deuourynge al fat Jiei 

910 han geton shewif o|>er gapinges. fat is to seye gapen 
whu refn am and desiien jit after moo rycchease. IT What bridelea 
BdBYiriwi' myjten wifholde to any certeyne ende fe desordene 
He who (Mnki ooueitiso of msu K Whan euere )>e rajter fat it fletif in 
iJSII'do^ntiij ^^^ jiftis: fe more ay brennef in hem fe fteet of 
WKrar^uBdM hauyng. IT Certia he fat quakyng and dredeful wenef 

916 hym scluen nedy. he ne lyuef neuere mo lyche. 

[The thrydde 

Fdde Vj erfoi 

•y erfoie yif fat fortune apake wif f e for hir self in 

For sof e f ou ne haddest [nat] what 

™iii nr* riJfenii jio,| niyjtest answere. and if f ou hast any f ing wher- 

wif. fou niayist ryjtfuUy tellen fi complejnt IT It 

921 byhouef fe to shewen it. arid ,1. tpoI jeue fe space to 

B. whitroQ tellen it. If Cerfeyncly quorf I fan fise ben (aire 

i|»dou>,bni finges and enoyntid wif hony Bwetnesse of rethorike 

•"i™i'tw£Ske <""^ muflike. and only while fei ben herd fei ben de- 

rherMnnot liciousB. H But to wracches ia a deppere felyng of 

'D^resiimnEM harme. f is is to seyn fat wrecches felen fe hannee fat 

a uie'hMrt' ' fei suflren more gteuoualy fan f e remedies or fe delites 

928 of fise wordes mowe gladen or comforten hem. so fat 

003 lyecha — lyohefttea 
bruise}— 'bryhlo 

9M nj/^ — nyhtca 

BOS uwpe imw«i*e(i[fi]— wepe 

BOS ferae— hniien 

H )j™»(— thurst 
15 rfrerffftil— dnfljflll 
Ifl iyuBb-leu^lh 
IM [no(}—froHl C. 


PB^'s.] D0BTHIU8 18 NOT UNHAPPY. 31 

whan fiise ^ioges atynten forto aoun[e] in ores, pe Borwo 929 
^at is ineet giene)i fe )iou}t. Eyjt eo is it quod she. /^Ho h n lu- 
IT Foi fise ue ben jit none remedies of Jii maladie. bat J^aJ^^J^J^ 
fei t»eu a manera norisaii^es of ^i sonre jit rebel ™a'!ttwSy" 
ajeyne f i euracibun. H For whan Jiat tyme ia. I shal ierv^'i™ii 
moue sviche ^iuges ^at psrcen hem self depe. IT Bat thinn ihu ihiii 
najieles fot fou shalt not wiln© to leten J)i self a j^'*''***'l„ 
wrecche. IT Haat fou foTjeten fe noumbre and J>e ™,5^'rfu„ 
manere of |n welefulneBse. I holde me etille how fiat , .^^ ^^ .p,,^ 
^e aouerayn men of pe Citee token pe in cm% and "nE^gproii^ 
kepyuge whan J«iu were orphelyn of &dir and modir. JJ^^sy ^ 
and were chosen in afEnite of princes of fe Citee. u*""*! 
H And foil bygunne rafer to ben leef and deere Jian 941 
forto hen a neyjbowr. f e whiche Jiing is pa most pre- ^^^^^^^' 
cionee kynde of any prqiinqnitee or ahaonce |»at may gjS^tii 
ben, IT Who ie it fat ne seide Jiou nere ryjt weleful 944 
wib so KTBte a nobley of bi fadres in lawe. IT And wib ner Dtjoor 

' °^ ' ' ' vlrtBoin wife, 

Jie chaetite of fi wijf. and wif fe oportnnite and •=* n"""!/ »"•■ 
noblesse of Jii masculyn children, fat is to seyne fi 
sones and ouer al fis me lyst to passe of comune f inges. 946 
T How fon haddeet in fi foujt d^itees fat weren 
warned to olde men. but it delitef me to comen now to 
fe singuler -vphepyng of fi welefulneesa K Yif any 
ftnyt of mortal f inges may ban any weyjte or price of 952 
welefolnesse. IT Myjteet fou euere foi^eten for any cm mm ever rur- 
charge of barme fat iny3t[e] byfallen. f e remembraunco ^",'^0^"'" 
of fUke day fat fou 8ey[e] fi two sonea maked con- '"[^aw^n?"* ""■ 
seillera. and ylad to gidre from fin house vndir so gret 
assemble of senatonra. and vndir fe blyfenesse of poeple. 957 
and whan fon Bay[e] hem aette in fe court in her 

9S9 »niw[<] ■an n a 

830 <HVt— BIS. Uuette, C. 

833 wruw-wnrea 

8S4 Mo ut tteielu — moene 
MS iH|i]iMir— nejulieboHr 

MS aotbi*— noblere 

/m(™»— (ftdyr-to 
fw uyfu — mtja 

pasu q^— piMaen tho 
»a l«iij(— vowthe 
SM viamed—weTtiei 

86ajVii»(— fhite 


b^fiUlett — m jhto 

BM «ite]— "TB 
&Mfrom — fro 

aret— MS. (trcto, C. grot 
BSe miirte]— myo 

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f diguitee. IF )}ou retiioiien or pronouncere 

p^t^^iii. "^ kji^es preyBingee, deeemedeet glorie of wit and of 

irtanpiS' eloquence. whaE fou aittjng bytwix fi two Bonee con- 

*" eeiUere in f& place )tat tyjt Circo. and fulfildeet Jie 

963 abydyng of multitode of poeple f&t was sprad about J>e 

wi)> large praysynge and laiide aa men ayngen in ric- 

Bjjoiueii)™*. tories. po jaue fou wordes of fortane as I trowe. fat 

JlJ^^^^^"™- is to seyne. |to feffedeat fou fortune wif gloaynge 

H^^Mnrtt wordes and deeaeiuedeet hir. whan alie accoied[e] fe 

iidviiM penoD. and norB8b.od[e] fe aa hii owen dolicea. if )}ou bast 

969 had of fortune a ^ifte fat ia to seyn swiche gerdoun 

mil jonibme- fat sbe neu[er]e )af to pi-eue man It Wilt fou ferfore 

toMMiiinip leye a rekenyng wif fortune, she haf now twynkeled 

nnkS^'"* ^"^^ vpon fe wif a wykked eye. S Tif fou conaidere 

I iSbr'^iiimbw J* noumbre and f e manere of f i blysaes. and of f i 

^fciiotj'^ Borwea, 'fou maiat nat forsake fat fou nart jit blyatul. 

tiiiiiJonuB°.Si For if fou ferfore wenest fi self nat weteful for fingea 

f 976 fat fo Bemeden ioyful ben passed. H per nis nat ^]n 

{ Tiu»eiiiBtbu fou sholdeat wene fi aelf a wrecche, for finges fat now 

I tfinMiory. aemen soory paesen also. IT Ait fou now comen firste 

979 a sodeyne gest in to fe shadows or tabernacle of fia 

Cm than be ut lijf. oi troweBt f ou fat any stedfastnesse be in mannis 

innun^ip. finges. IT Whan ofte a ewifte houre diaaoluef fe same 

SJSpiutioii«r8fj' nifii- (•** is to aeyne whan fe aoule departif fro fe 

™^ body. For al f ouj fat yelde is f er any feif fat for- 

TiieiutdBf or tunous fingee wiUen dwelle. )it nafeles fe last[e] day 

lo PrMperiij. of a mannis lijf is a manere deef to fortune, and also 

to filka fat haf dwelt and ferfore what wenist fou 

far recche yif fou forlete hir in deyjige or ellys fat she 

fortune forlete fe in fleenge awey. 

flight dotii i«< 

tm hat— us. hadde 

jmfflla— Bwich 
070 pretty — pryuo 
on (e»»-lja 

hall— MS. ba]ie 
973 vfj/kked — wyckede 
973 biystes — blyeae 
f74 forsake — fors^ya 


979 aAodowif— Btisdwe 

m\ nMlt-awja TiictBH 

983 ai iioui pat — al J^ 

-JtordraJnH— fortune 
9S* wiUm daeOe — vAen 
iD*e[(i]-liiste [d«ellyii 
9S6 fta>— MS. bs)>e 




'TXTlun pheboB ^ eonne bygynne)i to spreden his cUro- ['n» -uj- Maur.i 
"' neeae wttft roseae chariettes, ban be stene ydimmyd Ttmurai-ieije- 

' ' J J (On Uw Unlit Qt 

pale^ hir vhite cheres. by fe flama8 of fe sonne fat »i« tWne mh 
ouer comef Jje stene Ij^t. IT J)ia is to aeyn whan >e 
Bonne is risen fie day eteire wexi) pale and lesifi bir 993 
lytt for be erete bryitnesse of be sonne. IT Whan be wenerij wind. 

"'' dotk Uie Hood 

wode -wexejp redy of roaene floures in fe first somer JjJJJ^j'wlnSf 

sesoun poruj fe brefe of f e wynde Zephirus Jat wexef J^^ wMa. 

warme. IT Yif Jie cloudy wynde auster blowe felliche. 997 

)ian go]) awey ))e fayrnesse of (lomee. Ofte fie see is no» the «■ la 

clere a«d calme wifoute moeuyng floodea. And ofte " ^ iwnpMniouB, 

fe horrible wynde aqtdlon moeuef) boylyng tempestes 1000 

and ouer whelwef fe see. IT Yif Jie forme of fie worlde ifiii ihiom um* 

is so [jeelde] stable, anr? yif it towraiji by bo many Jj^'^'™™"*^ 

entrechaungynges. wilt fou Jian trasteK in fe trublynge 

fortunes of mew. wilt fou trowon in flittyng goodos. 1004 

It is ceri^yne and estoblissed by lawe pei-durable bat no ali he™ ueiow i> 

'' J r r nnstwlfMl mil 

Jii^ Jwt is engendi'ed nys stedfast no stable. oMutia. 


"KAnne aeide I ))iiB. nonce of aUe nertues {ion iTfaaftrU»pnn.) 
* eeist ful sope. IT Ne I may nat forsake Jie Tyjt[e] B.iHuiiH*a«iy 
ewifte conis of my prosperitee. Jiat is to seina Jat "^ pnnperitj. 
prosperitee ne be comen to me wondir swiftly and 1010 
eoona but (lis is a fing pat gretly smertiji roe whan it JJj^""J'^X' 
remembre|J me. IT For in alle adueraitees of fortiune fie ^JJ'^'J^" 
most Tnsely kynde of contrarionso fortune is to han ■""'"'^'""i- 
ben welefuL ^, But f>at fion quod ehe abaist f<UB f)e p. SeodiMUitt 
toM/roent of fi falB[e] opinioun fat maiat fiou not ryjt- nmchifflimi™. 

mil*— lUmtaa 

W8 poji— M8. goK C. Koth 

fOtrneoB — l^rcaoiM 
am cler«— claer 

mHKl>— wynd 
wlaliiieb— irelueeth 
lOM [j«WeJ-from C, 
"XB.lOMieiW >«H— wolthoTf 

fruo^fMff — towmblynge 
KM rt mi%-»g — o«- npl- 
f»ItU-\»\\. tt>iige 

1 alails — cfltublfi 

lOOe iotw-«ath 

Nt I majf — Nn 1 ne mmy 
1009 ggitu — BCyil 

Br«(i»— gretelj 
1013 adutrtiieoi — oduiTiniyte 

1011 aioijt— abyoat 
lOlB (oBrweBf— ttrinpiitj 

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fully blamen ne aretten to fingea. as who aeif for {k)u 

haat jitte many habimdaunces of fii^ea, IT Textue. 

1018 For al be it BO f at Jie ydel name of auenterouse welo- 

I 2S£ld' ort fulneaae moeue|> fe now. it is leuefol Jiat fou rekene 

E^^diVy™ ^'"^ ™* of -how many[e] fingee fou haat jit plent«e. 

I •^"'^ IT And ferfore yif >at filke fing >at Jtou haddest for 

most precious in alio fi rycchesae of fortune be kept 

1023 to ^ by |ie grace of god Tnwemmed and vndefouled. 

ud cmghi UiwB. Mayst |)Oii Jjare pleyne ryjtfiilly vpon f e myschief of for- 

piiin. tune, eyn f ou bast jit fi be6t[e] ^ii^es. T Certys jit 

1026 lyue)> in goode poynt ^ilke precious honour of man- 

SrininBobnii,dBir kynde. H SymacuB pi wyues fadir whicho fat is a 

man maked al of eapience and of vortue. ^e whicbe 

1029 man |)0u woldest b[i]en redely wij) fe pris of fin owen 

^aradta lyf, he byweylef fe wronges Jiatmen don to fee. and 

not for hym self, for he liuef in sykemeese of any 

Tonrwift Sentence put lyeins hym. IT And jit lyuef fi wif fat 

*""■ ia attempre of witte and passyng of er women in clennes 

1034 of chaatitee. and for I wol olosen shortly her bountea 

«id b»wm. hm she is lyke to Mr fadir. I telle fe welle fat she lyuef 

T™- loof of Mr life, and kepif to fee oonly hir goosL and 

ia al maat and ouer-comen by wepyi^ and eorwe for 

1038 deaiie of f e IF In fe whiche fing only I mot graimten 

wfa; lued I iDen- fat f i welefulncsso is amenused. IT What ahal I seyn 

goniL In nthom w eke of f i two sonea conaeilioure of whiche as of chil- 

mnchorthvwlt ' 

[• (OL 11.] dren of hir age f er ahinef "f e lyknesse of f e witte of 

2re5oih*thin1i'f '"' ^^^ "^"^ *'^ ^ eldefadii. and eifen fe souereyn 

f^e^ohiefewsof '^^^^ ^^ *^ mortel folke is to sauen hir owen lyuee. 

K '^rowtl^ ' how weleful art fou f ouj f ou knowe f i goodes. 

lOlS (rib— HS. seiK C.ieyh 

1DI9 tetufJ-AeiXCvi 
ICOO MoayM Hapet— in>ui;e 

3 tMir-(ttey)tl)j 
\t fliiiwM^— mesolicf 


\WO ojnenuKed — funonyHscd 
tej/f* — ^MS. Heyiie} m^-" 

itMWo— t li(jne»Be 

•t ^on >Dii]— artbov 

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V But }itte ben per prng^a dwellyng to }>e waidea fiat no moat hippj m 
man douteji fat Jiei ne ben mote derworjte to Jie fe,n ^I^TyiSue* 
Jtine owen lyfc IT And forJ>i drie pi teres for ;itte nys S^np'thr'"'' 
uat euBricbe fortune al hateful to J)o warde. ne ouer l^i5^,Sieni''™- 
greet tempeat hafi nat jit fallen vpon pe. whan Jvat ^in tatan, feUaEy. 
aacTes cliue fast[B] |iat nei)>er wole sufPre ^e comfort of ])ia 1050 
tyme present, ne f e hope of tyme comynge to paaeen 
ne to falleit IT And I preie quod I fat feat[e] mot[en] b.i hope thMe 
Jwi holden. IT For whiles fat Jiei halden. how so euere 
fat finges ben. I shal wel fleten furfe and eschapen. 1054 
T But fou mayst wel seen how greet[e] appaiailes and BqtdoTOD not 
amy fat me lakkef fat ben passed awey fro me. IT I "^'^"^ 
haue sTwnwhat auaunced atid forfered f e quod she. if [JJJijI^rTIJ^ 
fat fon anoie nat or forfenke nat of al fi fortune. As « joS^T" 
■who self. IT I haae eomwhat comforted fe so fat fou itgrfe™n»to 
tempest nat fe fas wif al fi fortune, syn fon haat S^JJI^',^", 
jit fi he8t[e] finges. S But I may nat auffro fin 
delices. fat pleinst so wepyng. and anguissous for fat 1062 
ofei lakkef somwhat to f i welefiilnesse. H Fot what i 
man is so sad or of so perfit welefulnesse. fat he 
strynef or pleynef on some half ajeine fe qualitee of 1065 
hia eatat. % For Tchi ful anguissous f ing ia fe eon- nacmuuon or 
dicioun of mans goodes. IT For eyfer it comef al to S^'^'wu" 
gidre to a wyit. or ellya it laatef not perpetuely, maCo'iBikMno 
- f For Bom man baf grete lyccbesse, but be is as- a do» cams, 
shamed of hys vngentil lynage. and som man is re- weiiihj.bathii 
Domed of nohlessft of kynrode. hut he is enclosed in so Anotheriiain' ' 
grete angre for node of f ingea. fat hym were leuer fat °'''||l"Lfij'' 
he were vntnowe. and som maw habundef bofe in "51^°^"^ 
rychesse and nobleaae, hut jit he hywailof hys chast[e] iiS't^ib ^' 

dartoorite — dorevortbe 
)wn [™s— than thin 

IMS Aal— MS, ha>e 

M» — thyne 
low cJiM /affe] — clcuan 

leoh ftUTre— wolen suttmn 

lOeS holdsa—bBMea 

was Jbrpeiite— forthinke 
1061 ^«fi:B}-baitB 

mSiv biH— enSren tU 
1063 ot^— ther 

comeh of— flimth naC iJ 
1088 /l«(«^^— last 

[<m rjccAeMB— BycheaaBB 
1070 ranmiwd— rcnownrd 
1072 anjfW.ftii'— AngwjBshe 

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Zmm^i™"' ^■'*'' ^**' ^^ '^"f' °° '''■'*'■ ' "■'^'^ *'*"^ '"'"* ^ ^^ '^'"^ 

h""™"a"wife, s^'ilyJ^'S'i*! l>it he haf) no children, owd noriflsheji his 

^'iie th!iu*o!hSr ricehease to fe heires of straunge folk, f And som 

^nliJiJr^i'ta man is gladded wif children, but he wepif ful sory for 

e^Tiwiji. |ie treapas of his son or of his doujtir. IT and foT Jiis 

no man cBii agna fer accordej) HO wyjt lyjtly to jte condictoun of his for- 

^wfc"" tune, for alwey to euery man Jiere is in meet somiphat 

1083 ))at vnasaaie)) he ne wot not or ellys he drcdiji |)at he 

"rdiuri ^^J" "^f'i^- ^ ^'^ "^"^ P^ ^^ P^^ eaery weleful 

man haf a wel delicat felyng. ST So fat hut yif alle 

);iuges iallen at hjrs owen wille for he inpacient or is 

nat Tsed to han none aduersitee. an-oone he is {irowe 

f adoune for eueiy lytel fing. IT And ful lytel fiinges 

ben [10 fat ■wijidiawen fe somme or fe perfeccsoun of 

1089 hlisfulnesse fro hem J>at hen moat fortunat. IT How 

1 Uiihk iiietMeivM many men trowest fou wolde demen hem self to hen 

!lfiiiTteinnai?of ^"lOBt in heuene yif fei my^ten atteyne to fe leest{e] 

i T^'^Si^^el partia of fe remenaunt of Jii fortune. IT ))is same place 

^ ■;iihElS*t«i'a"S™ fat fon clepist exil is contre to hem Jtat enhabiten 

Every lot may be here, and foTft Nofing wrecched. but whan fou 

"hotKiriiifi wenest it IT As who self, fouj fi self ne no wyjt 

coarait"' "^ *'^^^ °y^ ^° ■wrecche hut whan he wenef hym self a 

1097 wrecche by reputaei'ouii of his corage. 


1098 A nd ^einewarde al fortune is blisful to a man by ]:b 

■^ agreablete or by f e egalite of hym fat suffref it. 

iienpitieiiMia IT What man IS fat. f at is so weleful fat nolde chanf^en 

i^oTaUteiB his estat whan he haf lorn paeience, fe awetnesae of 

1102 mannGBwelefulnesseisyspranidwifmany[e]bittemessea. 

<JS, l(r7« Ant— US. lu)>e 

7 riccluitf—Bijcbeiaea 



Adb— Hi 

an-oone— Arum 
0B7 adoune— »3onn 


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be whiche welefiilnesae al booi it seme swete and SovDnidiii 

r" J" "J hum™ fclidlj 

ioyefalto hyro p&t Tsef it jit may it not be wi^holden ""*<>«* ' 
pai it nego|» away whan it vol. IT Jjan is it wel sen itwinnotrt^ 
liow wrecdied is |>e blisfolneese of mortal |iiiiges. |«t I^^^i„'Sl^ 
aeiper it dwelli^ perpetuel wi)i hem pst enery fortone ^m J^^ 
receynen agreablely or eg^y. ^ Ne it ne delite^ not in 
al to hem Jiat ben angaissona. ^ O ye mortal folkea 1 109 
what seke 'je fan blisfnlziesee oute of joure self, whiche ^^ tA. ii nj 
fat is put in jotiie Belt Errour and folie confoundef ^(t^J^*^ 
jow T I shal shewe |>e ahortly. fe poynt of sonereyne J^nJ wiuSS* 
bligfulnesBe. Is J»«r any fing to fe more preciouso fan fiMhi^"'nioni 
f i self IT J)ou wilt answere nay. IT J^n if it so be fat Si^™ 
foa art my^ty oner f i self fat is to seyn by tTanqiiiUitea muid oi« thj- 
nf fi soulo. fan haat fon fing i« fi power fat fou Mi|d«prtnih» 
noldeet nener lesen. ne fortune may nat by-nyme it fe. 1117 
and fat fou inayst knowe fat blisfulnesse [ne] may iiippiim noa 
nat standen in finges fat ben fortunous and tem- ti>ing> >nui>«T. 
perel. K Now Tndirstonde and gadir it to gidir f ua 
yif blisfulnesse be fe souereyne goode of nature fat 1121 
huef by resouw f Ne filke fing nis nat souereyne ifhappiMHiM 
goode fat may be taken awey in any wyse. for more otnatumpOien 
worfl fing and moredigneis filke fing fat may nat be CtSta'-^ttdjimi 
taken awey. IT (Jan shewif it wele fat f e vnstable- J^^^ij^ or 
nesse of fortune may nat attayne to receyne venay SSS^^^tnw 
bUafulnes. f And jit more oner, f What man fat ^S^^i^br 
fig toumblyng welefulnesse leedif. eifer he woot fat ^tStaiSS'' 
[it] is channgeable. or ellis he woot it naL IT And yif jbis or a«i not 
he woot it not. what bUsful fortune may fer be in f e ifseknowaii 
blyndenesse of ignoraunce. and yif he woot fat it is ™^Ut''of hii"° 
chaungeable. he mot alwey ben adrad fat he ne leac J^d^'^^, h i, 
fat fing. fat he ne doutef nat but fat he may leeaon iiTi^a oriMiiiK 

IIM h«tii— hem 
l1(i6£ol.-M8. get« 

ihffrilv— aborteW 

.--- wiU-US.wUte,C , -— ... 

(/"-jif IIM iff. 

rll7 bp-nyme — be-neme ii— i^j 

'■'= bl^lnetat [ne: ' ""• '- 

1120 (0 aidir-ta ^^Aete 

— ,\m aoutrevae goo. 

souensyn goijd 

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tt,vi4tbiihiii it. IT As whoo aei]) he mot ben alwey agaat lest Le 

himtabaiiappT. loBBO (ist he wot wel he may leeae. IT Tor whiche fe 

1136 contiiinel drede |>at he ha^ ne su&i]) hjra nat to ben 

welefuL IT Or ellys yif he leeee it lie wene to be 

diepifled and foileten hit. IT Gortia eke ^at is a ful 

lytel goode ^t is bom wi^ enene hoit[e] whan it is 

1140 loost. if }]at is to seyne |)at meQ don no more force. 

Sinn uioQ irt of Jie lost ^an of ))q haaynge. IT And for as myche as 

mwil]^' tiwn ^^ ^' ^^ ^^ ^^ ** whom it haf ben shewid and proned 

Sut^r'dHth'i^ by fill many[e] demonetraciouna. ae I woot wel ]iat (w 

fekcitT.'tiu!™ soules of men ne moven nat dien in no wise, and eke 

Ot, m pinngiid ayn it is cleie. and certeyne ^at fortunons welefulnesse 

aiitrj. endi^ by )>e dee)) of )»e body, ^ It may nat ben doated 

1147 Jvat yif Jiat deeji may take awey blyafulnesse pat al fe 

Batwtimmiba kynde of mortal ]iingu» ne deecendi^ in to wiecched- 

by p6 ende of fe deeji. II And syn we knowen 

wel pat many a man hap sonjt pe &uit of blisfulnesse 

nat only wip enfftyng of deep, bnt eke wip saf&yng of 

peynes and tourmeutea how m^t[e] pan pie present 

lijf make men blisfiil. ayn pat whanne pilke Belf[e] 

lyf is endid. it ne makep folk no wrecchee. 


[Dh snrtfa* 'TIThat maner man stable and war pat wil founden hyni 

HBwbowMid ''a perdurable aete and no wil not be cast doune 
il^^ijS^"' wip po loude blaateb of pe wynde Euros, and wil dispise 
roSoiJ^iSS, pe see manassynge wip floodes % Lat hym eschewe to 
til* rtotedot^* hilde on pe cop of pe mountayngne. or in pe moyste 
1160 sandea, If For pe fel[le] wynde auster toarmentep pe cop 
of pe mountayngne wip alle his strei^pea, IT and pe 

,,~ -v-- - — muffeJ-mjhW 

Aju— M8. done, C. *) 11B3 maie^iiftken 
Jbne—ton te(fM—i 

1142 fcjjj— M8. haf-e IIM. 1158, 1„. — 

mongCe]— manyo IM^a^ co<i~M8. be cmw, 


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lowe see sandes refuse to beren fe heuy weyjte. and 1162 
forbi yif boa wolt flee be perilous auentuie bat is to ifuimwiitiic 
seine of fo Tvorlde IT Haue mynde eerteynly to ficehyn 1^'SjcSi'h^ 
^i house of a myrie site in a lowe stoone. IT For al ^^ 
fouj Jte wynde troublyng fe see Jiondre wif ouere- 
fvowyngee ^ J>on Jiat art put i» quiete atiA welful by 
strengfe of pi palys shall leden a deer age. scoroyng 
pG wodenossea and Jie Ires of pe eir. 



"Dut for as moche as pe noiyssingeB of my resouns iTbeQrfljwpniK.] 
" descenden now in to be. I trowe it were tyme to n is no* time m 

OH itronnrme- 

vsen a Utel stronger medicynes. % Now Tndiratonde ^"hS^fJilSi 
here al were it so ])at )« jiftis of fortune nar[e] nat S^«^^,^^' 
brutel ne tranaitorie. what is f er in hem fat may he Sne^iSi't d'm 
fiine *in any tyme. or ellis pat it nys foole if pat it be [* fi>L lii 
considetod and lokid perfitely. IT Eichease ben fei 1176 
precionse hy pe nature of hem sel£ or ellys by pe predmu m ih™- 
nature of pe. "What ie most worpi of ryccbesee. is it wnmiUonP 
nat golde or myjt of moneye assembled. % Certie S^fi?t™'^'°' 


Ide and pilko moneye ahinep and ^e^ep better 

renouK to hem pat disponden it pen to pilke folie pat ^"^J^^'n^ 
mokeien it. Eor auaiice makep alwey mokores to be Anrim ii >)Lra 
hated, and largesse makep folko clere of renoun IJ^J^jj,^ 
1 For syn pat awiche pi«g ae is trnnsfered from o 
man to an opet ne may nat dwellea wip no man. 1185 
Certis pan is pilke moneye precious, whan it is trans- iioi»^ mnnot t 
lated in to oper folk, and styntep to ben had hy ^ "^h'^J; 
Tsage of large jeuyng of hym pat hap ;enen it, anrf *"* '" '*''™- 
also yif al p6 moneye pat is ouer-al in fe world were ^S M^naf^ 


rmdirttDnda — vjidyrstoa 
"" he hine — bfln llijn 
JticAeiH— Itvchessis 
r3lcc**Me— r.vchMSW 
— , 1180 doMB-^Old 
1180 better— '\ifi^tK 

1180 iRirU— wtnlde 

ib. Google 

46 OLORT WOT IN riches; L^^El. 

the money In tiie gadered towat[d] man. it eholde makea eiI ofer men 

™t'S'it ** '^'^ '^^y ^ °^ )"''■ If ^^^ certye a vojb al bool 

1192 |)at ia to seyn wiji-oute amenusynge fuifillejt to gyder 

lUchM aamot bt J)e heijng of myche folke. but Certya joure rycchesBe 

dinunuiioB. ng mowes nat pasaen vnto myche folk wijj-oute amen- 

1195 ussyng ^f And whan fei ben apassod. nedys J>ei maken 

o^wMty of hem pore J»at foi^n fe rycchesses. H streite and 

i^S^ute^M nedy clepe I fiae lycchessea. syn fat many folke [ne] 

J^^Sii!!^ ^oH may nat ban it aL ne al may it nat comen to on man 

tahingothen '"^ wijj-ottte pouerte of al oJ^e^ folke. IT And (le ahynynge 

1200 of gemmea fat I clepe pj'ecionse stones, drawejt it nat 

(le eyen of folk in to hem warde. Jiat ia to seyne for fe 

beaute. V For certye yif fer were beaute or'bounte 

in sbynyng of stones. |)ilke clerenesse is of Jw stones 

hem Belf. and nat of men. H For wbiche I wondre 

ii rDoflonieu, gTStly fat men metueilen on awicbe finges. IT For 

UoanL -whi what fing is it fat yif it wawtef moeuyng and 

1207 ioynture of soule and body fat by ryjt myjt[e] semen 

a faire creature to bym fat baf a soule of resonn, 

Prwioio aicinei ^ For al be it so fat geinmes drawen to hem aelf a 

uiTSmIot'^"' litel of fe laste beaute of fe worlde. poraj fe entent 

lll^JiJrtt^fbJ^ of hJJ" creatowr and foru; fe dietineciouji of bem self. 

am^ii^m.'" jit for as mycbe as fei ben pnt vndir 5oure excellence. 

1213 fei ban not deaserued by no weye fat je sbullen 

i>oUi the btaaiT memevlen on hem. V And f e beaute of feeldes deliteti 

of Oiaflsld delight "^ ' 

thee' it nat mycbel TOto aow. Boyee. V Whi sholde it nat 

B. Why shoald ft 

t^ufti'^rfi deliten vs. syn fat It is a ryjt fayr porciouw of fe ryjt 
be-ntiM whole, f^^j^ ^gjj^^ jp^t 18 to seyn of fia worlde. IT And ryjt 
Hence, we admin so ben WO oladed somtyme of f e face of be see whan 

the Ikca af the ^ ^ i i 

w>, the huveni, y, jg elere. And also merueylen we on fe heuene and 

IIM al-»lle 

UBl oi flooJ—omltted 

1193 myclis Jtilkt — moche 

HM forgo-a — M8. forgone 
1107 ^isd — this 

mocidMei— rydieasa 

[>M]-froin C. 

)3 beaute (1)— b«autes 

For— hat 
120S itt-m the 
ISM uAicfte— which 
1307 ii>|in*«re— lojnKtura 
laoa /ai™— faj-r 

I20a Ant^HS. h&|>e 

ahvll^n — aholtipn 
121 S mjoA^i— nii«hel 
lS17/otr nwr*— fajre w 

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I^b'*.] they 4DD NOTHINO TO VIRTUE. 47 

on Jw stenee. and on Jie sonne, aiid on pe mone, nsweUaiihotuu,- 
PhUo^phie. % Apperteuieft qwod she any of filte p. Do ih™ thing, 
f inges to f & 'whi darst fon glorifie |ie in ))e shynynge l^jf^'j"' ^'""^ 
of any swiehe fingea. Art jjoa diatingwed and em- 1223 
belised by Jie spryngyng floures of jie fiist Bomer luiom yon with 
sesonre. or ewelliji \\ plente in fruytea of aomer. whi wv ™bni«it 
art ftou rauyshed wij» ydel ioies. why enbracest |n)u ^°^S™S"p''*" 
straunge goodea aa fei weren fine. Fortune ahal neuer ^"^VhSuiT'" 
maken fat awiche fii^ea ben fine fat nature of fingea of'thi'nS'fmbi^ 
maked foreyne fro fe. % Syche ia fat wif-outere Tiis°frnit» of Uie 
doute Jte fruytes of fo erjje owen to ben on fe brthamp^ 

~ norssinge of bestea. V And if fou wilt folfille ])i ifjoqmkonir 
node after fat it anfBaef to nature fan is it no nede n*tur*. tin mBu- 
fat fou Beke after fe superfluite of fortune. IT For ^ tn"" "("'"'tent 
wif fnl fewe finges and wt'tft ful lytel fing nature JJjMtSJtwwiu'' 
halt hire appaied. and yif fou wilt achoken fe ful- abisuidhn^r 
KUyng of nature wif auperfluitea IT Certya filke 1236 
fingea fat fou wilt freaten or pouren in to nature 
shidlen ben vnioyeful to f e or ellia anoies. IT Wenest in™ ti «aa w • 
fou eke fat it be a fair finge to shine wif dyuerse '^''^^''^Sf' p 
clofii^ of whicbe clofing yif fe beaute be agreable ^'t^rrt'It« 
to loken vpon. I wol memeylen on fe nature of fe mnir?"i£e''wSk- 
matere of filke clofes, or ellys on fe werkeman fat oottia great' 
wroujt[e] hem. but al bo a longe route of meyne. makif if'ff^Jj^^,,!^ 
fat a bliafiil 'man. fe whicbe aeruaimtea yif fei ben "'^["."for 'ia^iY* 
vicious of condiciouna it is a greet chaige and a de- ihf ""«, aM '" 
atmcciouw to f 6 house, and a greet enmye to f e lorde mtm w the msa- 
bym self IT And yif fei ben goode mea how ahal Jfj.y^^ifJJfl" 
etraung[e] or foreyne goodenes ben put in fe noumhte ETpiS'coulj"' 

. of f i lycchease. bo fat by aUe f ise forseide f ingea. it is u^^iluM whoi^ 
elerly shewed fat neuer none of filke f ingea fat fou *''|!?l"j)°'^'* 
aocoumptedeat for fin goodea naa nat fi goode.. f In J^^'^"^ 
fe whicbe f ingea yif f er be no beaute to ben desired. O^* '*'°'"' 

ooden&a — goodness 

lias ii-in the" 
1228 Svcht—SoOx 

iO iAeipBj— I.ahewjd 

nan — werkman 

HI, 1235, 1237 teUl—valt I iordc-lord 

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dlii'iStB^Jhj ^''' sholdeet fou be soty ylf fou leese hem, or wbi 

S^^'rtSJiiM aholdeat Jiou reioyaen Jie to holden tem. IT For if J*i 

itHiejareWr ben fair of hire owen kynde. what appej-tenep ]>at to 

TiiV*L?ui"'ta' f'®' ^**^ ^^ ^^ sholde Jiei ban ben faiie by hem self. 

X^er'ffi^OT fouj pfA weren departid from alio Jtio lycchesse. IT For- 

Th^Msnntio why faire ne precious ne weren fei nat. for fat pel 

jmnUnt i»«n>» comen amonges fi rycchease. but for Jtei semeden fair 

g^fbot'^ ""^^ P^'^cious. Jterfbre fou haddest lener rekene hem 

»'Sb™^hon°°* amonges Jti rycchesse, but what deaiiest Jpou of fortune 

HiHMithem. wif 80 greet a noyae and wif so greet a fare IT I 

de'iM.^'of""'^' trowB fou eeke to dryue awey nede wif habundaunce 

fg''[J™'flri78 "^ finges. % But certya it tumej) to jow al in l^ 

bjUundSiMP coutrarie. for whi certya it neiip of ful many[e] help- 

r»v6rae '^™.'L^ ynges to kepen ]«s dyuersite of preeiouse ostelment^. 

heWo°Jjr? ^nil sofe it is Jiat of many[e] finges ban fei nede Jiat 

^ol?" "jggg many[e] fii^ea han, and ajeyneward of litel nediji 

They want most hem fat mesiiTen hir fille after f e nede of kynde a7id 

Th "".'it u» ^^* ^^^ f^ outi^e of couetyse IT Is it fan ao fat ye 

meMurert^r '"^^''^ ^^ ^"^ '^° propie goode. I-set in jow. For 

^raMiun of whiche je moten aekea oiitwardea ^oure goodes in 
bt [hs'imprtiutij foreine and subgit f ingea. fl So is fan f e condicjoun 

I pirnlrfiKirS^ "^ finges turned Tpso doun. fat a man fat ia a de- 

1 Ino^mitam V^® beest by merit of hya reaoun. finkef fat hyia 

'xnUitowtK self nya neyfer fair ne noble, but if it be foruj 

mua. Hut goi- poBsesaioun of ostelmentes. fat ne han no soules. 
nortiw^orth " ^ ^^ eertya al ofer f ingea ben appaied of hire owen 

iS'n*n™iu»°" beautes. bnt je men fat ben aemblablo to god by joure 

•idnutaob|HuP resonable foujt deairen to appaiaille joure excellent 
ti»ir'own°end™. ^y'is "^ P^ lowest[e] finges. ne je ne vndiistonde nat 
fti^mutti'rf"'" 'low gret a wrong je don to joure creatowr, for he 

■don'^ auan wolde fat man kynde were moost worf i and noble of 

ISn greet IS)— grete 
iaas,li67 mantle}— aaaje 

IS72 outtoardei — owtvivd 

lS!i fait — hjnt 

1278 hire (Hoen — hir owdb 
IMl ne (ai-omilted 
endirstonde — vnd^rstoiid- 

lass grei—KS, grete, C. gret 

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any ofer erjiely })inge& and ^e ]>resten adonn ^oure 
digniteea by-nefen Jie laweat[e] fiinges. ^ For if )mt al 
])e good of eneiy ping be more preciouse fian ie ))ilk 
fling whoB |iat |)e good ia. qoi je demon }>at ))e 
foiilest[e] ^ii^es ben ^onre goodes. Jianne eummytten 
je and pntten jouie self vndir po fonle8t[e] pingee by 
jonie estimactouTi. V And certis |>iB bitidi)> nat wi|i 
ont jonre desert. For certys swicbe is pe condioionn 
of al man kynde p&t oonly whan it ha)) knovyng of it 
Bel£ paa passe^ it in noblesse alle ofiei {lingee. and 
whan it forletif Jie knowyng of it soli fian it is 
biou]t byne^n alle beestes. IT For-why alle ojter 
[leuynge] beeetea ban of kynde to knowe not hem 
Belf. bnt whan ^t men leten pa knowyng of hem self, 
it comef hem of vice, bat how bi-ode shewej) pe eirour 
and )ie folie of jow men fiat weiien (tat ony piag may 
ben appaiailled wlji atraunge apparaillementj f but 
for-eojie p&t may nat be don. for yif a wyjt shyne)' wi|) 
Jii^^ea fat ben pnt to hym. as fus. yif filke {lingea 
ehynen wif whiche a man is apparailled. H Certis 
{lilke [lingee ben conunendid and prdsed wij) irhiche 
he is apparailled. IT Bnt nafeles fe fing ))at is 
couered atid wrapped vndir fat dwellef in hia fi])«. 
and I denye )iat filke fing be good fat anoyef hym 
fat baf it. V Gabbe I of fis. fon wolt seye nay. 
IT Certya rycchesae han anoyed ful ofte hem fat ban fe 
ryccheaae, IT Syn fat euery wicked shrew and for 
hys wickodnesse f e more gredy aftir of er folkea rycch- 
eaae wher ao euer it be in any place, be it golde or 

Jhlnp fn- 

jour diRnllj ana 

BrerDgfltlve Mov 

>UU HHidnuei in 
I den; fhu to be 
hnnftd lo lU 

1W4 otvr «-M* - 

preeiouae — prfinyofl 
yii HK0-tbUke tbinge 

11S8 wmmtiHAt— Bubmibten 
1389 aeif-mlnna 

ISOS vhfcAff-vhich 

b»— tho 
ISlO r*er;*M»— BychCK-i 

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50 THE OOLDBK AOB. [§^t 

I* foL 1).] pr«cioiie stonoe. and weni|) hjrm *ouly most woi))i )iat 
iiDdeiruulu uni jjaji hem IT J»ou fiiui J»at ao besy dredeat now Jw swerde 
ijinj^MBiffli ^j^^ j^ epete. yif Jiou haddest enta«d in f e paf e of fis 
wkoBovMrnuft l^f a Toide wayfaiyiig man. \&a woldest ])oii sjn^e] 
■udn- by-fore |)e ))oef. T As who sei)i a poore man Jiat bereji 
™^PJ" no lyccheBse on hym by fe weya may boldly Byng[6] 
_,^ ,_X*~ ^yfome f euea. for he haf nat wher-of to ben robbed. 
hw^ralibBn.* IT preciouse and r^t clere is fe blysfulnesse of 
ant feUd^ of mortal rycchesae. fat whan foa hast geten it, fan hast 
"S^^'i^ f om lorn fi Byie[r]nesae. 
Uvi Jon oue to 


[Tbeiyfth* T)lysfal was fe first e^ of men. fei helden hem 

H™y™tbe ■" apaied wif fe metes fat fe trewe erfes broujten 
to^^^ Biu* 'I'I's- ' fsi °^ destroyed[e] ne desceyiied[e] not hem 
prodMedL"' *""'' self wif outerage. IT fei weren wont lyjtly to slaken 

with Monii UWT , . . .. r 1 .r 1 ■ 

utiBiied ihgir her hiingei at euene wif acomes of okos II fei ne 
Tii«rkn«root coufe nat medle fe lift of bacua to be clere bony. 

Hipooai nor ' ' ■" ' 

Hyanmui. j,at ia to seyn. fei coufe make no piment of clarre. 

TlL*l^tan''B5Jl^ ^^ f^' coufe nat medle fe bri3t[e] flies of fe contro 
In Tjriao pu^8. of airiens wif fe venym of tirie, fis ia to eejTie. fei 
1332 coufo nat dien white flies of airien centre wif fe 
rtsDt blode of a manar shelfysabe. fat men fynden in tyrie. 

SiS^oS wif whiche blode men deien purper. IT fei alepen 
uS'r^Md'"' holesom alepea vpon fe gras, and dronken of fe ryn- 
or tha t^ piH, nyng watres, and lalen vndir fe ahadowe of fe heyje 
Sw'lutoe™?' Py^ tJ*ea. % Ne no geat ne no straunger [ne] karf 
SSgo'^™!"'' jil^ I* lieye see wif oores or wif shippes. ne fei ne 

lab— UH. 

1S17 6Wn«-bv-toni 

MTj t—oerth 
1318 boldh lyn^e}— boldel; 

t (om— Ma. Inmo, C. Inm 
I er^at — fW-Ldea 
— S yWrlw— forth 

1331 «>riaiw— Seryens 

1331 Mf t u w g n 
133J ooHba— oowdB 

dim — aeyeu 

JH«— flejeii 
\SS» btodt-\iyaai 

ISM fi^ds-Mood 
I33t *.)ie»Mi— holBOm 

riPimnv uatrei — renn 


IBSTmtm— nyn 
twH)— omftted 
riH]— from 0. 

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hailden seyne jitto none nawe strondes to leden mer- 
chaondyse in to dyneise conties. IT |k) weies )ie cruel 
clanouns fal whist and ful Btille. ne blode yahed by 
egre hate ne hadde nat deied jit urmureis. for wherto 
or whiche voodeneese of enmys wolde first moenen 
armes. whan ))ei seien cruol woimdea ne none medeB 
ben of blood yshad ^ I wolde pat cure tymee sholde 
tume ^eyne to Jie oolde manorea. V But fe angiuseous 
lone of hanyng brcone]) in folko moore cruely {lan pe 
i\jr of pe Mountaigne of Ethna )iat enei bienne}). 
V Allaa what was ho )iat first dalf Tp {» gobeta or 
|)e wey^tyB of gold couered vndit er])e. and fie precioua 
stones f>al wolden ban ben hid. be dalf vp precious 
perils. ])at is to seyne )>at he ^t hem first vp dalf. he 
datf vp a precioofi peiiL for-whL for fe preciousnesse 
of Bwyche hap many Tnnn ben in peril. 

Uk onla nuadi. 

•wiUb bumiaiti 
MUoTt dm. 


T)ut what shal I seyne of d^nitees avd of poT 
" pe whiche [ye] men fat neijier bnowen verray 
nitee ne venay power aieysen hem as heye as 
heuene. f»e whiche digniteea attd powers yif Jiei c 
to any wicked man fei don [as] greet[e] dam^es ami wtm ."■"j,"^ 
distruccjourt as dof )ie flamme of jie Mountaigne S^J^'SSlm''' 
Ethna whan fe flamme wit walwif vp ne no deluge SSmSi'™ 
ne doj) so cruel harmes. IT Certys ye reraembriji wel M'Semonim. 
as I trowe fat Jiilke dignitee fat men clepif fe em- Ymmnumbm 
perie of consolers fe whiche fat somtyme was by- ^U^cmv" 
gynnyng of fredom. IT Joure eldrea coueiteden to han (JS^JSUSS?" 
don a-wey fat dignitee for fe pride of fe coneeilers. Emmbbmtj), 

use AwUm mm jitu— 

hadde »eTn jrit 
ia4I vUX-huat 
blode fihed-vmd I->had 

IMS tMclu woodtatua — 

I wi>>. 

Ml Ud— ura. bidde, C. hydd 
363 HWiM— gefn 

he »f-4niitUd 
354 Mnril*— swvch thinne 

Ad)>— US. h&tie 

Ai)^>e, 0. doth 

jIiiiiiiH— Sanmbe 
1361 AiMiu— flawmhe 

wif— omitted 
1982 di>]>—KS. dots, G. doth 
1383 ciepih — elepyn 
I3tU fcJkicAd— whyrh 

13M far^m. ot°C. Tot 


52 HONonna not intrinsic ally good, [?2^'«. 

beoinMofUie IT And rjjt for Jte aame pndo ^oure eldres byfome fat 
an ™wri Sfwe" ^7"^^ haddsii don awey out of Jte Citee of rome (w 
uiiiidenum ^yng^^ naiiic. {lat is to seien. pet golden liaue no 
ihfS?S^. lenger no kyug IT But now yif bo be Jiat dignitees 
1371 and powers bon jeuen to goode men. fie whicbe ^iag 
embd!i>tudbr ^ ^ ^eHe. what sgreable pingea iBp&tinpo dignitees. 
di«DitiH darin oT poweis. but onlj Jte goodenee of folk bat vsen hem. 

hoiHHrfrom - • w , 

BoUftut ii mil ^ ^^^ ferfore it is Jius Jat honour ne comef nat to 

JS^iISmd" vertao for cause of dignite. hut ^einward. honour 

muuveUHT comeji to dignite by cause of vertue. hut whiche is 

eurciH ku- joure deiworjre power )iat is so clere and bo requerable 

1378 ^ je erfelyche heates conaideie je nat oner whiche 

itUuniHwatm t*^ I**! 't" semef fat ja han power. IT Kow yif fou 

""pMtTiB*.] say[e] a mouse amowgu* *o])er myse ftat chaleugod[e] to 

SSImSob,""^ hymself ward ryit and power ouer alle ober myse. how 

wouliM thm not '' J? r r ^ 

iJnwrtiMiitiriUi rrret scome woldest bou han of hit, II Qlosa. IT 80 

UoghUrF ° ' 

13S3 f^^i it hy men. fe body baf power ouer fe body. 
What ii mors ^or yif ])ow loke wel vpon J?e body of a wyjt what 
MwhonuJ'wte f iug shalt fou fynde moore frele fan is mannes kynde. 
ihe™u»erf fe whiuhe bon fol ofle slayn wip bytyi^e of amale 

jggy flies, or ellys wif fe entryng of crepyng wormes in to 
But how ciD anr be piiueteoB of monnea bodyes. V But wber ehal 

nun oblaln do. ' , 

™in|on«ver men fyndeu any mun fat may ezercen or haunten any 

JJ^™^,, ryjt vpon an ofer mare but oonly vpon hys body, or 

bo<ij,^er'hn ellys vpoK fingea fat ben lower fen f body, whiche 

■HtiorForUup I clepe fottuaouB possessionRS IT Mayst f ou euer haue 

eo™™d^»ft»- any comaundement ouer a fro corage If Mayst fou 

^^^°^,^^^, remuen fro f e eatat of hya propte teste, a f oujt fat is 

knii Mgscfier b} cleuyug to gider in hym self by stedfast resoun. V As 

msKup somtyme a tiraunt wende to confounde a &eeman of 

13B8 doit— us. done, C. don 1 1377 dermnr^a—ierewoTlbB 

130R leitit—myn clere-^cloer 

1370 (eiw»r— leuger* 13?8 icftic*B-^>h!(* 


U73 Jbtt—too\tyii 

1S7* w«*>-oomth 

137S, 13T« vertus-Yerl 

lS7fl BMMb— oomth 



B Aan — HS. Juuiue, ( 

whicht—tha wbtch 
13se ileitfaal—tadetlM 
13W fosttviiw— wbylom 

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corage f And wondo to cojistreyne hym by tounnent 1397 
to maken byui dyscoueien mtd acosen folk |)at wiitten 
of a cooiuraccouTi. vrhicho I clepe a confederacie [lat; 
was cast a^eins fia tytaont IT But {lis &ee nian boot Have ; m not 
of hya owen tunge. and caat it in [» visage of filke J^^^^^Im' 
woode tyiaunte, V So )>at |)e toarmentj fat fis iSuJJ^^''^ 
tyramit wende to ban maked matere of cmelt«. fiis 1403 
wyae man makBd[e it] matero of vortues. H But wbat whu is ii thmt 
Jiing is it fat a man may don to an ofer man. fat be (^^^"JjIJ „, 
ne may receyue fe same fing of ofer fDlke in hym "'*"""'"'' 
sel£ or fns. H Wbat may a man don to folk, fat folk 1407 
ne may don bym be same. IT I baue beid told of Baaim wid m 
buairidea fat was wont to eleen hya gestes fat her- JlSf"^*^!^'^' 
hurghden in bys houa. and he was alayn hym self of ^ut"™'"" ""* 
ereules fat was bys gest IT Eegulua had[de] taken in Raennu put hit 
bataile many men of affrike. and caat hem in to fet- p^™«" i>> 

J ch»in«, but wu 

teres, but aone after he moat[e] jiue hys handea to SSiP^imbinii 
ben bounden mih f e cbeynea of hem fat he bad[de] iSi'maSi^ °' 
Bomtyme onercomen. % Weneat fou fan fat he be i> ne miBhty itii 
myjty, fat may nat don a fing. fat ofef ne may don J>J ^o'C' fbr 
bym. fat he dof to ofer. and jit more ouer yif it so ^iJ^™'^a'^^ [ 
were fat f ise d^nites or poweres hadden any pmpie inufnikJ!^^, I 
or natnrel goodnesse in hem self neuer nolden fei ^"'Yk^'''' | 
comen to sbrewee, IT For contrarious finges ne ben iJiurUoDof 1 
not wont to ben yfelawshiped togidies. IT Nature re- I'^ISJ*""' " 
fusef fat contra[r]ion8 fingea ben yioigned. If And so 1432 
as I am in certeyne fat ryjt wikked folk ban digniteea hbii^oIiMijh 
ofte lymea. fan abewef it wel fat dignitees and powera hoDDun, it )• 
ne ben not goode of hir owen kynde. syn fat fei suf- »™ "M 1°"*" 
fren hem self to eleuen or ioynen bem to sbrewes. J^IJlJ^iT'ltlFi 
U And certya f e same fing may most dignelicbe lugen JSiwg^iSj"' "" 

139a kUcA*— which 

lUl boundan — bovnde 
sAflnn — MS. freaefc O 

AodCde}— hadde 

1416 Jpot [.iajf-thithath 

obPT"— oothre 
1417 hym — ill hym 
dot— as. do^ IJ. doth 

1411 ^i^r«— ta-eiden 
14*3 certeprtB—cerMa 
liOi ttMsi—tyme 


give &]» ulmn 
io thln^ Yoa 

hoDDora, with 
BOUUeM. " 


Id wld^ hOthin] 

DotblDgof lutuni 
good in Uum. 


m^ tbnn good 


' and seyen of alle fie jiftis of fortune pat most plen- 
teuoualy comen to ahrewea. If Of Jie whiche jiftys I 
trowe fat it au}t[e] ben coDBidered fat no man doutif 
fat hti niB strong, in whom he eeep etreugfe. artd in 
whom fat swiftnesse ia ^ 8of e it is fat ho is svyfte. 
Also musyk makef mnsiciene. and fysik makef phi- 
eiciens. and lethorik rethoiiens. % For whl fe na- 
ture of euery fing makif bis propretee. ne it is nat 
ent«nnedled wif fe effect^a of conttarioua fii^es. 
H And as of wil it chaeef onto fingea fat to it ben 
contrarie V But certys rycchesse may nat restreyne 
auarice vnstaunehed H Ne power [ne] makef nat a 
man myjty oner hym self. wMche fat vicious lustis 
holden deetreined wif cheins fat ne mo'tren nat hen 
vnbounden. and dignitees fat ben jeuen to shtewed[e] 
folk nat oonly ne makif hem nat digne. but it ehewef 
rafer al openly fat fei ben ynworfi and vndigne. 
IT And whi is it fws. IT Certia for je han loye to 
clepeu f inges wif fal8[e] names, fat beren hem al in 
fe contrarie. fe whiche names ben ful ofte reproued 
by fe effect of fe same finges. eo fat "f iee ilke rycch- 
eese ne ai^ten nat by ry^t to ben eloped lycchee&e. 
ne whiche power ne au}t[e] not ben deped power, ne 
whiche dignitee ne aujt[e] nat ben cleped dignitee. 
IT And at f e laete I may conclude f e same f inge of 
al fe jiftea of fortune in whiche fer nis no fing to 
ben desired, ne fat haf in hym self naturel bounte. 
IT aa it ia ful wel aeue, for neyfet fei ne ioygnen 
hem nat alwey to goode men. ne maken hem alwey 
goode to whom fei ben y-ioigned. 

1120 uA<0A«— which 
1430 oBi/ril—owhle 
1131 Bofe-aotb 

1W4 ha^aa. hft)>a 

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Ilf E han vel knowen how many greet[e] honneB ami 
' ' deatrucciouws weren dofl by fe EmperoTire Kero. 
^ He letee brenne fo cites of Rome and made Bleu ])e 
senatours. and he cruel somtyme sloi^ hya brojrei. and 
he waa maked moyet wij> Jie blood of hys modir. fat is 
to seyn he let Bleen and slitten fe body of his modir to 
seen where he waa conceiued. and he loked[e] on euery 
half vpon hir colde dede body, ne no tore ne wette 
hie &ce. but he was no hatd berted ^t hd m;^t[e] ben 
domesman or luge of hire dede beaute. % And jitte 
neuer^eleB gonenied[e] fis Xero by Ceptre al }>e peoples 
f>B( phebne fe eomie may aeon comyng from his onterest 
aiysyng til he hidde his hemes vndir Jie wawes. T fat 
is to seyne. he gou6med[e] alle fe peoples by Ceptre im- 
perial fat f e Sonne gof aboute from eat to west IT And 
eke fis Nero goneyrende by Ceptre. alio fe peoples fat 
ben vndir fe colde sterres fat h^teu>fe eeuene triones. 
f is is to seyn he gou^iied{e] alle f e poeples fat ben vndir 
fe parties of fe noife. H And eke Nero goaemed[e] 
alle f e poeples fat fe violent wynde Nothus ecorcbif 
and bakif fe biennynge sandes by hia drie bete, fat 
is to seyne. alle fe poeples in fe soafe. [bat yit ne 
myhte nat al his heye power tome the woodnesse of 
this wykkyd nero / Atlaa it ia gi'euoua fortune it is], aa 
ofbe as wicked swerde is ioygned to cruel venym. fat is 
to sein. venimons cruelte to lordshipe. 

inlLt ^l< motbei'i 

He Inked ub- 

■od pamd juilg- 
DUfltdpon ur 


TM tbla pWTidd* 


vnna wuld not 
tiiM Till ffrodooH 

It U i> grieTou 


t«3 M— lette 

IS) iMwrbsIn— Diitheles 
gauenudle] — goumnBde 

1489 Aw»— frsm 

ontsrsff— mrtareiM 
l*ro \idd»-biAt. 
1471 Kwu — BflTQ 
l«a ((0>-M8. RO))!!, 0. noth 

1473 goneyrende — iroudriiyd 

1474 irioHf— t.njuucg 

1475 yEHwniAfCeJ— f^oiurnade 
1478 parlief-oariy 

1*78 aoMnwdte] — emera- 

:|>— wnrUlth 
1479 wyiw-aeyn 

iJSbi [*Bfr — a fa]-M8. 

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[Thateuanda ™* ^"^f* ^°^ INQfTAM. 

kAime seide I Jiua. Jton woat wel ^iself |)at fx) 

irauitoiT udnra. couetise of mortal fingea ne Iiadden neuer lord- 

lo^ wiatatd to Bhip6 of me. but I hane wel deelred matere of {tinges 

MMntlSt'it *" ^°^^- *■ ^^° ^^'l'- ^ deBired[e] to han matere of 

gonentaunce oner comunalitea. IT Tor vertue Bidlle ne 

sholde not elden. fiat is to eeja. {lat list pat or he wex 

1490 olde IT His uertue fat lay now ful stille. ne sholde 

nat perisshe vnexcercised in gouernaunce of comime. 

IT For vliiclte men myjten apeke or writen. of his 

p. Aiowof goode gouomement. ^ PhUosophie. IT For sobe qaod 

"mSrata"' ""'^ f** ^^ ^ f^S J"^* ™*y drawen to gouernaunce 

S2?^*S'*' 8wiche liertes as ben worfii and noble of hir nature. 

Su ^fecu^ at but nafieles it may nat drawen or tollcn swicbe bertee as 

ben y-broujt to fe fiilpe] perfeocioure of vertne. |«t is 

Bntoonaidn bow to sevn couetvse of elorie and renoun to ban wel 

muJl wid voia of •' •' ° 

Wright ki that adminiBtred [le comune Jiiuges. or doon goode decettes 

1500 ^ pTOfit of f e comune, for ae now and considere how 
AitronomT litel and bow voide of al prise is [lillce gloiie. IT Cer- 

ihta bIoIb of earth teine f ii^ is as [k)u hast lemed by demonatracioun of 
^Biifflm"m8 astronomye fat al fe envyronynge of fe erfe aboute 
ana'iTu nouiing ne bait but f e resoun of a piykke at regard of f e gret- 
'fihe^"i^ iiesse of heuene, fat is to aeye. fat yif fat fer were 
spbMs. maked comparisouw of fe erfe to fe gretnesae of 

1507 heuene. men wolde lugen in alle fat erfe [ne] belde 
FMtam> >bowi no space IT Of f e wbicbe litel rt^ioun of f is worlde 
^ti. inM^iMd ^^ ^^^P^ partie is enbabitid wif lyuyng beestes fat 
iui«''"*°™' ^^ knowen. as fou hast fi self lemed by tholome fat 
DviiictfromtUH pronitli it. IT yif bou baddest wib drawen and abated 

tlM ipsuooainlei] -^ i i 

^•jMjmm^ in f 1 f ou^te fro f dke ferf e partie as myche space as f e 
tart •m^^Sfr" ^^ ^^ [the] mareys contenen and oueigon and as 
•tudJotmn. "" mycbe apace as f e regiomi of droi^bte ouei'Strecchef. 

11B7 dttirtdXe]-&ise,i-re 1 1407 /iiZ[f«]— fill te I IMO JernAi— ^lemed 

14m dWjT iMe-'wa.-L old IfiOl al priw— alio pr^B 1S13 txiHjte— Chowht 

1«! wStcA^—wlilcU IfiOS gfljifl— seyu I niHcAe— inoche 

rpela — tipekyn 1607 vioide — woldyn IBtd llhei — twnt C. 

IIMI (oiI««— MS. tdk'ii, C, o!((— al 1011 myche ipaca — motlie 

tollen I [w]— rroin G I biuten 

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]tat is to aeye e&ndea and deeertes wel vuaep sholde 1516 
•Jier dweUen a ryjt Btreite place to fe habitacioun of [•w.Mfc] 
men, and ya ^an fat hen environed atul closed wl]) AoddoToiLwiio 
i«ne ]i6 leest[e] prikke of Jiilk pritke fenke je to S^'^,'^h"J,j' 
manifesten joare lenoun and don jonre name to ben tJuiag^uid'' 
bom for])B. bnt joniti gloiie f&t is so narwe atid ao udnnautionp 
streyt yjirongen in to so litel bonndes. how myche JJ'.SJ^^IrtHdp 
costeinpe it in largeme and in greet doynge. And also 1532 
SQtle ])is ^er to |iat many a nacioun dyuerse of tonge Enn u t)i<> 
and of maneres. and eke of reaouw of hir lyaynK hen ""tfli'Jl'*™?' 
flnbabitid in pe cloos of Jiilke litel Labitacle. f To |)e 
whicbe nact'oans what for difficolte of woVea. and what »; whom not mif 

^ th0lhm0arpAr- 

for diuoraite of langages. and what for defaute of ^m'^'^St''"' 
vnusage entercomunynge.of marchaniidise. nat only Jie eneniL*™" 
names of aingler men ne may [nat] streoohen. but eke 1529 
|>e fame of Citeee ne may nat etrecchen. IT At ))e tnihttimeor 
Iaat[e] Certia in fe tyme of Marcus tulyua as hym ^1^^?^,^°™ 
self writef in liis book fat fe renoun of \>e comune of ^°^'""" 
Home ne hadde nat 3itte passed no claumben ouer fie 
moumlaigne ^at hyjt Caacaaus, and jitte was filk 
tyme rome wel wexen and gretly redoiited of fe parthes. 1535 
and eke of ober folk enbabityng abonte, IT Sest Sou ho» Mmm, 
nat fan how stieit and how compressed is filke glorie gjJ^'JS''^™ 
p&t je trauailen aboute to shew and to multiplie. May KSuongiM? of 
pan fie glorie of a sing]ere Romeyne strecchen fider i^u^^C^ 
as Jie fame of ^ name of Rome may nat clymben ne e°eoofBom«wu 
paasen. IT And eke Best poa nat fat fe maners of Cmiomimod 
diuerse folk owd eke hir lawos ben diacordaunt amonge '" "'J^' 
hem self, so fat filke fing fat aommen iugen worfi of y 

IT and fer of comef fat pouf a man delite hym in 1645 

1B33 hadde-laddea 

lli* kfit—hshCe 

1B17 ban — thune 
1S18 tlHM— tn 

ta«t[«}— leate 


beate le— Ihlnken 

Idi.l born/lrrt-e-m 

a bora, forth 

. «(r<irt— «trayte 

conteiitbg — couayf 
kaiUacU — KS. I 
• Chabjl* ■ 

llSl wriUt'—wTit 

MS. hsbil- 

sahe, C. hab;laoule 
IBM [turf]— from (■ 
""■ IhIM ' ■ 

153H linglere—aingV 

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r»t ofBfij 
I •rho ^Idng 


Dot wrldngi do 

m'mllly It f oar 
iDitten to taian 

oleCeraitf joil 
Udi aubpwltion. 

ihan, Ihooali ■ 
TUT BmiJl OH. 
Baf IU> ninnber 

preyayi^ of his renoun, he ne may nat in no wise 
biyi^en fiir^ ne spreden his name to many nianero 
peoples. IT And f erfore eueiy maner man aujte to ben 
paied of hya glorie ]iat is puplissed among hys owen 
neyjborea. IT And Jiilke noble lenoun ehal be re- 
Btreyned wif-inne fe boundes of o maner folk bnt how 
Loany a man (tat was ful noble in hia tyme. ha^ ^e 
nedy artd wrecched foi^etynge of viitera put oute of 
mynde and don awey. V Al be it bo ]iat cerl^B ^ilke 
writynges profiten liteL f e wMche writynges longe and 
ilerke elde do]) aweye hofo hem attd eke hei antoun. bat 
;e men eemen to geten )ow a perdvitablete whan je 
fenke fiat in t^me comyng )om« &me shal lasten. IT Bnt 
nafteles yif )iou wilt maken comjiariBoun to )ie enddes 
apace of etemite what ^ii^ bast )k)u by whiche )>ou 
niaist reioyaen fe of long lastjng of )>i name. IT For 
if [ter were maked comparysoun of ^ abidjng of a 
moment to ten [lonaand wyntei. for as myche as bo|)o 
)io spaces ben endid. IT For jit ha^ pe moment some 
porcionn of bit al fiot^ it a litd be. % But na)ieles 
))ilke self noumbro of jeiee. and eke ae many jeres as 
per to may be multiplied, ne may nat certyB be com- 
pariaound to Jie perduiablet« ))at is een[de]les. ^ For of 
))inges pBt ban eade may be mad compaiisoun [but of 
thinges that ben wit7M>wtyn enda to thinges pat ban ende 
may be maked no compaiyaoun]. fl And for )ii is it al 
foi^ renouH of as longe tyme as ener Jie lyat to finken 
were Jmujt by fe regard of eteraite. fat is vnataunche- 
able and infinit. it ne aholde nat oonly semen litel. bnt 
pleinliche ty;t nonjt. V Bat je men certys ne konno 

her atitourt—hir aatonnK 


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don no Jiing aiyjt, but )if it be for fe audience of poeple. ^"/J*!™ *• 
and for ydel rumoitrs. owf je foisaken f e grete worjri- "^^^^Sir 
nesse of conscience and of vertae. and ^e seten ^oure JJjX^n^^'ng 
gerdonne of )« amale wordea of strange folke. IT Haue mJJ'co^enM * 
now here and vndirstonde i« be IjitnesBe of whiche the intfgniflnmi 

' * J pralAW of other 

pride and vejne glorie. how a man Bcomed[e] feetiualy (^'^ ,an)u 
and inyrily swiche vanite. somtyme fere was a man fat iIiJ^,Smiij mi 
had[de] aasfued wiji atriuyng wordea an oJ»er ma«, IT Jm i^™^™^^ 
whiche nat for VBage of ven'ey vertue. but for proude SSioS* ' 
veyne glorie had[de] taken vpoa hym falsly ]« name „- "^ ''"'° 

of a philoBOpher. V fis lafei man fat I spebe of mtm 
))oi^t[e] he wolde aaeay[e] where he f illce were a philo- KSliJ' ™J 
Bopher or no. fat is to seyne yif ho wolde ban euifred ^,Jfi,S»"" 
lyjtly in pacience f e wrowges 'fat weren don vnto [• tou ib.j 
hym. % fis feined[e] philosophre took pacience a 1690 
Utel while, and whan he badde receiued wordea of Art««Mnterft 

iw psueiue ro 

outerage he as in stryuynge ^eine and roioysynge of JJ^^^^ 
hym self aeide at fe last[e] lyjt f ua. f vndirstondest MfeMttii'i' 
fou nat fat I am a philosophens. fat ofer man an- ''' ™°P"'- 
Bwered[e] ajein ful bityngly ant2 seide. ^ I had[do] 'imbiiittuTo 

atille. IT But what is it to fiae noble worfi men, wi5t*iTMii«g« 

Tor certys of ewyche folk speke .L fat seken gloiio wif ionty mm mu 

vertue. what is it quod she. what atteinif fame to <iuuip 

ewiche folk whan fe body ie resolued by fe deef. atte 1600 

fe laat[e]. IT For yif so be fat men dien in al. fat is if bod; ud kui 

to aeyne body and aonie. f o whiche f ing onie resoun "^ ^ ''Z?''"IJ 

defendif vs to byleuen f anne is fere no glorie in no Jlb^K !" 

wyae. For what sholde f ilke glorie ben. for he of noi «iit. "" 

whom fia glorie ia seid to be nia ryjt noujt in no wise. 1605 
and jlf f d bouIo whiche fat haf in it self science of 

88 MRU — sejn 

83 iMt[«]— iMte 

1581 «ciinM4<]— Momede 

lesa AwiCite}— hadite 
1681 tinkK'Ae— vlilch 

proude — prowd 
1188 iptrlw— epftk 
1687 fmijtM— tbowhte 

88 [rfl— from C. 

101 iMlM-lMM 

loa iretme-scyn 

t— MS. aside. C. wyd 
itint^t — nnwht 
lOM) ^|i— MS. hato 

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Butiruie toui gooJe werkee Tnbounden fro ^e prieoun of ^e mfa 
uisl^no''™''' ^^'I'i^J' f"'!? ^ K t'euene. dispise]) it nou^t fan alle 
j^'Sth'«'*' er{iuly occupaci'ouns. and beynge in heuene reiolee]) Jiat 
*" it is exempt from alle erjielj )>ingee [as wo seith / 

1611 thanne lekketh the sowle of no glorye of tenoun of this 


iMiCJb^"^^ W**" ^ >** *'!' o»«r>rowyng Jioujt only eekej) glorie 
1^ II to ba itn" ' ' ' of lame, and weni)i }iat it be souereyno good 
■"""s IT Lete hym loke vpon J>e brode sliewyng contreyB of 
}ie heaen. and vpon pe atreite sete of fia erjie. and 
t he ehal be ashamed of fG encres of his name. )iat may 
nat ful£lle pe litel compas of fe tipe. IT what 
IG19 coueiten pronde folke to liften vpon hire nekkes iu 
win ipitndid ydel and dedely jok of |)ie worlda IT For al fouj 
^reiDng a mu.-. [pat] renoune y-epiadde pasaynge to feme poeples goj) 
by dyuerse tonges. and al fonj grete houaes and kyn- 
1623 redes ahyne wif clere titles of honoars. jit najteles 
inih8([ deeji dispisej) al heye glorie of fame, and deep wrappef 
wrt'matSm"" to gidre fe heye beuedes and pe lowe and makefi egal 
whm i. iheKODd aTid eaene pe heyest[e] to pe lowest[e]. IT where 
Where tbo iHibi* wone/i now be bones of trewe febricius. what is 

BnitDHj or itoni ' 

^'"' now brutas or stiem Caton pe ))iniie fame jit laatynge 

1639 of hir ydel names is maikid vip a fewe lettres. but 

Their eiDD^ al )>ouj WO haQ knowen pe faire woides of fie fames of 

buioftheir^^ hem. it is nat jeuen to knowe hem pat ben dede atui 

°°"''^' eonsumpt, Liggif fanne stille al vtterly vnknowable 

F»miimiiio4 ne fame ne makef jow nat knowe. and yif je wane 

to lyuen pe lenger for wynde of joare mortal name. 

1635 whan o crael day shal laayshe jow. pan is fie secunde 

deef dwellyng in jow. Glosa. pe first deep he clcpiji 

18 noit^t ^jt — nat thuine 

KStiandiUiMji — In thadedly 
tSl P'tjtradae — yHprad 

[baft— fmm C, 
/enui—K8. ecrue, C. femo 

dO|>— MS. gnlw, C. Kotli 

M *«rBi(|;«T— heyorte 

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LeM f e departynge of fe body and fe soule. IT and k "ffl f«eB^"i 
fe secunde deef he clepef as here, fe atyntynge of f^'^uJ^ 

Uw Cuali. UU. 

[set nb he inexorabilb oontba. 
"nVt for-as-mochel as thow ahalt nat weneu quod she [tib tiu pnm.] 
-^ fat I here vntretable batayle ayenJB fortune // jit J^^;^*.(iu„ 
Bom-tyme it by-felleth fat she desseyiiable desseiueth piI^ltSeeMnr 
to ban ryht good thank of men // Aiid fat is whan she tw. fn^smni 
hire self opneth / and whan she deacouereth hir frownt / dsMrrea weu of 
and flheweth hir maneres par-auenture yit vndir- [^^h^'^***™" 
stondesthow nat fot .1. ahal seye // it is a wondyr fnt .1. SJllS'^Jiat i •>; 
Aesjte to telle / ond forthi vnnethe may I. vnpleyten my jw ™^Si. 
sentenae witA wordes for L deme bat contiaiyos fortune »dv«M'tomii» 
profiteth more to men than fortune debonayre // For gSUT***™" 
al-wey whan fortune semeth debonayre than she lyeth 1G50 
falaly in by-hetynge the hope of welefulnesse // but for- The utiar ii« 
Bothe ctmtraryoB fortune is alwey eothfaat / whan she ^^^^"^^^ 
eheweth hir aelf vnatable thorw hyr chaungynge // the '™""™'- 
amyable fortune deaaeyueth folk / the contrarye fortune ^i^^™Jf'. 
techeth // the amyable fortune byndeth witft the beaute ud^thow'of 
of felse goodys the hertea of folk fat vaen hem / the ft^toi; '" 
contrarye fortune vnbyndeth hem by f knowynge of iiii™i«iireofiier 
freele welefulneaee // the amyable fortune majsthow aeu j!^ ■'■oi™ 
alwey wyndynge atid flowynge / and euere mysknowynge ^^"a JH^mb 
of hir aelf // the contrarye fortune is a-tempre and ro- Dtber is >uid mi 
Btreynyd and wys thorw exceiayse of hir aduersyte // at 2?^^*° "^ 
the laste amyable fortune wj'tA hir flaterynges draweth ™^nJ,^^^^ 
mya wandrynge men fro the aouereyne good // the eon- jTUarafw^Mcho. 
traryos fortune ledith ofte folk ayein to sotbfaet goodea / thiI taappinm 
and haleth hem ayein as witA an hooke / weenesthow fJ^^JJXa'" 
thaune fat thow owhtest to leten this a lytel thing / fat J^Si'Li^li. to 
this aspre and horible fortune hath discoueryd to the / the tfS^^T 
thowhtea of thy trewe frendes // For-why this ilke for- 1668 

16S7 Ih (1)— omitted 

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1669 tune hath depftrtyd aitd vncoueryd to the bothe the 

certeyn vyaages and ek the dowtos visages of thy 

felawee // whan she depurtyd awey fro the / she took 

1672 awey hyr frendea and Ufte the thyne frendea // now 

iwhst prioe whan thow were ryche and weleful as the Bemede / wttA 

iowi!iS>'to"' ^°^ mochel woldesthow han bowht the fulle know- 

■nrrmp^Qf ynge of this // fat is to seyn the knowynge of thy 

mpinin not verray freendes // now plejne the nat thanne of Eycbease 

nuiji. ^m .L-Iom syn thow hast fowndyn the moste presyos kynde 

'hwhTj™*" **' Eychesses Jtat is to seyn thy verray frendee. 



IHat y world wttA stable feith / varieth acordable 
chaungynges // fat the contraryos qualite of element) 
eISSi'u, that by 'lo'^'on amongfl hem self aliauMce pCTdnrable / Jwt phebu« 
mfwrnSSn^ *'^^ aonne witA his goldene chariet / bryngeth forth the 
"^— "_ roaene day / pat the mone hath commaundement ouer the 

1684 nyhtesZ/whichenyhtesheaperuatheeuesterrehatbrowt// 
ThemiaUiiB fiat |)'segiedytoflowenconstreyneth wit% a ceiteyn elide 
pminE tounai. hise floodes / ao Jiat it ia nat l[e]ueful to atrochche hise 
1687 brode termesorbowndesvp-on theerthea// Jiatistoaeyn 

IThii eonmrd <• to confire alle the erthe // Al thia a-cordaitnce of thiueea 
prodiiced Dt love, " 

"rth* "5™™°* is bownden witft looue / fat goueraoth erthe and see /and 

!nOiiM«'ui'tS ^^^ "^ commauwlementj to the heiienea / and yif 

h»?eM. ^jjg loone slakede the brydelia / alle thlnges Jtat now 

[ If o^iaMBrf louen hem to gederes / wolden maken a batayle contyn- 

J'^^ta iSwtnij* "^y '""* strynen to fordoon the fasoun of this worlde / 

SiSS IJ^^ the which they now leden in acordable feith by fayre 

l!>« uadi moeaynges // thia looue halt to gideres poeples loygned 

k^^ aJES™ ^**^ "^ hooly bond / and knytteth aacrement of mar- 

(Hefeiip!*"° yog^ •'f chaste loones // And loue enditeth lawes to 

Men wars miij taewe felawea // welefvd weere mantynde / yif thilke 

bl«t Kgovirnad " J I J 

^i'!" «i™i^ loue fat gouemeth heueno gouemed[e] yowre corages / 

1«M hath—E. bt h*th 

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"D y this she hadde endid hire aoi^e / whan the awetnosse ^^^^^j^'^ 
-'-' of hire ditee hadde thorw perced me fat was desirous J^ ^Jl^^rf 
of herkniuge / and .1. astoned hadde jit streyhte myn i£SiUi^ « 
Erea / fat is to seyn to berkne the bet / what she wolde ipeiiiiiiK. 
seye // so f ot a litel here after .1. eeyde thus // thow ^^ ,^ , ^^ 
fat art Booei'eyn comfort of Angwissoe coiages // So thow (Hi«af ^eS^ 
hast leiaounted ant! uorysshed me w?'tA the weyhte of thy hJTthoo n- 
sentenaea and wi'tA delit of thy syngynge //so fnt.I. trowe ^^i^' ""^ 
natnowfat .1. be vnparyga] to the strokes of fortune /as Jhi^tSoVw™ 
who aeyth. I. dar wel now suffren al the aesautea of for- nmu^ ^ f'o^ 
tune and wel defCende me fro bjr // and the remedies ™«i« het wonn. 
whychefat tbowstydest hire byfomweren lyhteharpe SS'^iafJ^Hii. 
Nat oonly fat .L am nat agrysen of hem now // but ,1. do- ^^^^„, 
airoa of berynge axe gretely to beeren tbo remedyes // 1713 
than seyde she thus // fat feelede ,1. fal wel auod she // p- wi™ 1 1»> 
whan fat thow ententyf aTid stylle rauyssbedest my J^'^^J^'™ 
vordea/ /and .1. ahood til fat thow haddeet swych bahyte J,"^ i,"^'**' 
of thy thowght as thow hast now // or elles tyl fat .L JonTOTS^er,"i 
my self had[de] maked to the the same habyt / which •jj^" ™*-^ ^ 
fat is a moore venay tbii^e // And certes the remenanret J'nSl^ihu "* 
of tbinges fat ben yit to aeye / ben swyche // fat fyrat SwJau ta*"* 
wban men tasten hem they ben bytynge / but whan l^euuic^ui'"" 
they ben reeseyuyd witA-inne a whyht than ben they '^JJtJ'iSr' 
swete // but for thow seyst fat thow art so desirous to SJJ^*""" 
berkne hem // wit[h] bow gret brennynge woldestbow mj jwi «™^ 
glowen / yif thow wyatest whyder ,1, wol leden the // ■l^."'"'^* 
whydyre ia fat quod .1. //to thilke veiray welefulnesse liJJrtnT^itJiw 
fjuod she // of whycbe tbynge herte dtemeth // but te^™"*" 
for as moche as thy syhte ia ocupied and distoibed / by tt»t, i p^f 
Imt^ynasyon of hertbely tbynges / thow mayafc nat yit -"^^^'i^S. 
sen thiLke selue welefulnesse // do quod .1. and shewe ^.'^''"*^ 

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P. I wia gild); 

fli«t uidribA tba 


me / what is thilke veiray weleftilnesae / .L preye the 
wj'tA-howte tarynge // pat wole .1. gladly don qwod Bhe./ 
for the cftuse of the // bat .1, wol fyrst marken the hy 
wordes / and I wcl enforccn mo to enformeu the // 
thilke false cause of hlyefulnease fiat thow more know- 
est / BO Jjat whan thow hast f iilly by-holden thilke fiilae 
goodes and tomed thyne eyeu to pat oothei syde / thow 
mowe knowe the clemesse of verray blysfulnessB //] 

Ms'SeliuMiB *<iOl BBRBEIE I 

H> l^-^d "" ^ "Wlio ao wil aowe a felde plentiuoua. lat hym first 

""undrfmliMi delyuer it of Jiomes and kerue asondie wijj hia hooke 

w*»^ m" *" K bushes and )>e feme so fat f e corae may comere heny 

H^° J iMtenSi'' of eres ami of greina. hony is fe mote swete yif mou)>ea 

piuedisguMid han firste taatid sauoures fat ben wikke. IT f e eterrea 

**™'"l j. shynen more agreably whan f e wynde Nothua letij) hia 

wb^thewTnum ploungy blaatfis, and aftir fat lucifer fe day sterre haj) 

Ktue^bw. chaaod awey fe deike nyjt. fe day fe feirer ledif fe 

hu chsucd Mu rosene horse of f e sonne. % Hyjt bo f ou byholdyng 

niounu'h^'^H ^^^ f® fals[e] goodes. bygynue to wifdrawe fi nek[ke] 

^"ou.' beholding fro fo ?ok of erfely affoccibuna. and aA«rwarde fe 

Md withdra^ii Terrey goodea ehoUew entre in to f i corage. 1750 

;S!i5SiZ£* "^^^ ^^^^ PACLULn*. 

AuoHpt^fwui "kO &Btned[e] she a lytel f e sj^t of hir eyen and wif- 

ggjjtagujw- Jr (]jow hir ryjt as it were in to f e atreite sete of hir 

(Utu^bnluia foujt. and bygau to apeke lyjt fug. Alle fe cnrea 

Aui^arHsiid ittod ahe of mortal folk whiche fat trauaylen hem in 

•Hkanetno— many manere stndiea gon certya by diuerae weies. 

[• ibLuh] ^ But nafelea fei enforced hem *to comeu oonly to on 


743 mltluh-wji^vi 
74A wnde — wrnd 

kji— hiae 
7U &at>— UB. Iut« 
.746 ftinrr^-tsmm 
747 feorae— hon 

fi»}i— And foht 
174S /oi*[B]— Si 


'16 tutfli*}— nekfce 

SI /«(Md[«}— fwtnede 

tcAdrovi — US. wl)» 
drowen.C. witAdrowli 

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ende of blisfulnease [And blysfulnease] is swiche a goode Tnieimppfwa i> | 
fat who so haf geten it he ne may ouer fat no Jtii^ more fbui^l^y™ i 
desiire, and fia Jiing for sof e is fe souereyne good fat cou- b» a^Jf^."* 
teittif in hym self al manere goodes. to fe whiche goode g<»^, "i'' ™o- 
yif Jwre failed[6] any Jiing. it myjt[e] nat ben Houereyna ^^ini!, miIm?' 
goode. IT^orJxinwereJiereBomgoodeontof fiailkeeoue- i2«,oiraE^*i™* 
reyne goode bat myttrel ben desired. Ifow is it clere and ^%eHt^, ™ 

' , , . „ , peifecl nut, In 

certeyne fan fat blisfulnesBe is a pisrfit estat by f e con- "Wrh bii other 
gr^pictouH of alle goodes. f fe whiche blisfulnesse as ™jj^^jlich 2i' 
I haue seid alle mortal folke enforcen hem to geten by AdlSrT^'K'' 
dyiierae weyes. IT For-whi fe couetise of verray goode L»iu»i lu.'inct, 
is naturely y-plaunted in fe bertys of men. f But fe jh™ to prnmu 
myswandryng errour mysledif hem in to fals[e] goodes. 1769 
^ of fe wMche men some of hem venen fat aoae- tbe iDpreine°ii^ 
reygne goode is to lyue wif outen nede of any f ing. ^^Xrinllbi.'iid- 
and traueilon hem to ben habundaunt of ryecheese. M^^i^^int 
and some ofer men demen. fat sonereiu goode be forto in'uie ^cnrnU" 
be ryjt digne of reuerences. and enforcen hem to ben Uiait feiinw men, 
reusrenced amoi^ hir neyjbowrB. by f e bonowrs fat fei '""^^J^ 
ban ygetea V and some folk f er ben fat halden fat ^^^ "ho'pi™ 
ryjt beyje power to be sonereyn goode. and enforcen poi^f^'i^it 
hem forto regnen or ellya to io^en hem to hem fat fmoaiid by tin 
regnen. IT And it semef to some ofer folk fat noblesse Jh*'ft,nCT'j{,'iJ|J 
of renoun bo fe Bouerein goode. and hasten hem to l^hlf^'nwftDd 
geten glorious name by fe artes of werra or of pees, orwarorpaaeaio 
and many folke mesuren and gesseu fat souerein goode ''uJ^hSf"'" 
be ioye and gladnesse and wenen fat it be ryjt blisful uH^jUSja*"" 
[thynge] to ploui^n hem in uoluptnoua delit. IT And fu^^u^'i^iiUni 
f er ben folk fat enterchaungen f e canses and f e endes imui;. 

i(V4/WlMlM] - 

hatt-UB. lwt« 

ITM xmtTtiir- " 
17eOal— alle 

oooii*— good 
1781 W»-ther 


1761! iRHHb— good 

1789 gBode—focA 
»(f)([b]— myhte 

17M 'H^''—^. Mide, C. 
jW*8— foolk [sejd 

1767 ffoodt — frond 

1770 mnwmunu gaode it — 
Bouet^^ l^ood he 

1771 IvM loih oulert—lratn 

177S nriMAwM— RyehewM 

oooda i*— good ben 
.7» i«-ben 

.776 tMjjftMirj— newhehors 
.778 Aolden— holden 

178S jWie-rolk 

aoods — good 
1783 i«~by 
178* [t**iH7B]-froin C, 

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of ))ise foTseide goodes as Jwi ]iat deaiien ryccheese to 
han power and delices. Or ellia fei deeiren power forto 
han moneye or for cause of renoun. ^ In fiiae Jiii^es 
and in swyche ofer f inges ia towmed al fe entencf'oun 
of deairyngeB and [of) werkes of men. IT As Jjub. 
li^iwSmil^ ^ Noblesse and fauour of poeple whiehe fat jiuef as it 
{J^^*^ semef a manere clemesse of lenoun. If and wijf and 
mwrngiatSit children })at men desiren for cause of dellt atu2 miri- 
(obHomebmaaii. nesse. If But foreobe frendea ne shoUen nat ben rek- 

B7 othert, iriiei ' 

mf/dHdrtS™ kened among ]» goodea of fortune but of vertue, for it 
'^^^ is a ful holy manere ])ing. alle ])ise o^ (ingee forsojie 

inoi ta noEimta ben taken for cause of power, or eUis for cause of 
offcmoM, E£" delit. V Certis now am I redy to referen fa goodes of 
™S«md iMng. f^ ^^ft^y to l^ise foreeide fingea abouen. ^ For it semef 
Slld'"™r^^ fat etrengfe a^id gretneeae of body jeoen power and 
pi^I^'ihv worfinesao. ^ and fat beaute mid swiftenesse ^enen 
1803 noblesse ajid glorie of renoun. and bele of body aemof 
bodjuinndH jiuen delit, IT In aUe fiae fingMS it semef oonly fat 
luwBh'uiaB blisfdnessa is desired. II For-whi filke fing fat euery 
^^i?^^««rud ID^>^ desiref moost oner alle finges. be demif fat be f e 
Bsaoqr uid nrifi- Houereyne goode. IT But I baue diffined fat bliafal- 
ESihaiveT"* nesae is fe aouereyne goode, for whiobe euery wyjt 
K^Punw h^ demif fat filke estat fat he deairef ouer alle f ingea fat 
£imght. it be fe blisfulneese. IT Now hast fou fan byfome 

wi.hM for, thtt [thy eyen] almost al f e pwrpoeed forme of fe welful- 
wffi™« ws^i ^6^8 "^ mankynde. fat ia to aeyne rycchesae. honowrs. 
^SJ^'*""^ power, glorie. and delitj. fe whiche delit oonly con- 
bett^ ttaUII'^ni sidered Epiunros luged aiid eatabliased. fat delit is fe 
(MMI7 lo c^iid), souereyne gooda for aa myche as alle ofer finges ae 
sK'ttfae."' ^y* f»"J*'[«] by-refte awey ioie and myrfe from fe 
^jCwhiAiMt i,erte. K But I retowrae ajeyne to be studiea of meen. 

17et nFCc'uvM— iTchMi 
1^7 disMflat— deljtei 
178» obsr— ooth™ 

d/— slla 
IJW iifi-from C. 
17»* iSnBm— sholden 

1799 -■— — 


-MB. ; 

soufreyn ifbod 
.807 wfticAs— whjch 
.am )w— omitted [torn 

^111 i](/l»nM— thsnno by- 
rtAv <v<n] — rrom C. 1 
Ms. k<u }«ui>n aiBvne 
atmjtst — nJT 

ajeyne to J»e 


rBTn good 
myr?Ad — iDOChe 
1816 ^oH-^6l—a«m 

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KJSb'v] ■»"■ 98EK THE OBIBP QOOD. 67 

of wHche men fe corage alwey rehersif aHd Beekef fe' ™|Jf**j^* 
souereyne goode of alle be it eo )iat it be wi|> a derke oS^SiMii™ 
memorie [but he not by whicbe paath]. f Ey^t as a Dwi^id. 
dronke man not nat by wbiche pa^e he may retoume 1820 
home to hya hoitee. If Semeji it |ianne fat folk folyen Snt n^n^e™ 
oTid enen fat enforcen hem to haue nede of no f ing m e>er saaking 
IT Certya fcr nys non ojier fing fat may so weel per- ^u™,''™"™'' 
foamy blisfulnesse as ah estat plenteuoiw "of alio *™"[i°foLwIi 
goodes fat ne haf nede of none ofet fing. but fat it ia hii^v^omi. 
aufSsant of hym self, vnto hym self, and foleyen j'"'"?'"!*™'' 
swyche folk fanne. fat wenen fat filk fing fat is ^^/ni»ni. 
ryjt goode. fat it be eke ly^t worfi of honour and of piar'SSi'ti^'tn , 
reuerence. ^ Certds nay. for fat fing nys neyber fonle 7\n'tiim!'tni 

IndBpeiident of 

ne worfi to ben dispised fat al fe entencioun of mortel =»»"■ ^^ 
folks tranaille forto geten it. T And power aujt[e] ^Kl^d^w- 
naf fat eke to be rekened amoi^es goodes what ellis. N™ioriii»ii 
for it nya nat to wene fat f ilke fing fat is most for which afi tun 
worf i of alls f inges be feble and wif out strengf e and J^^oneflamonaK 
clemesse of renoim anjte fat to ben dispised. IT Certys ini'"nmp"*FM 
fer may ao man forsake fat a) f ii^ fat is i^t excellent initmiscant gaud 
and noble, fat it ne semef to bo ryjt clere and re- [l^'j^,^"^^ 
nomed. IT For certis it nedif nat to seie. fat bliafiil- b?5Sw5«ufer 
nesse be anguiasous ne dreri ne subgit to greuaitces ne °^i7>^»i>un£g 
to Borwes. syn fat in ry^t litel fingiM folk seken to Wthnrdijiuwi 
haue and to vsen fat may deliten hem. IT Certya fise nM"i«no««o 
ben fe finges fat men wolen and desyreu to geten. ^'S'Se'miJSut 
and for f is cause desiren fei rycches. dignites. legnes. muu» mm mk 
glorie and delices IT For ferby wenen fei to ban suffi- Hsncsii u"S«t 
saunce honour power, renoun and gladnesse. IT fanne ''"'"'V*?!'* 
is it goode. fat men seken fus by so many dyueree £S^,J°„«" 
studies. In whiche deeijr it may lyjtly be shewed. H^M^med 

1818 toiunyiu miod»— •oue. 1883 per/bumn—oertonaa 
reyngood IBM Aal>— MS. Iift>e 

HC-omftted «flM-nou 

a»«— Hi 1817 HU—Ihllke 

dtria—diiiji 1828 ^ood«-good 

1819 VHO-paathy-tmrn C. IBSB fimie-foiil 
laao rfrosie— drunken ISSO oi— welnejh alle 

1831 (nwoiKe— tmuajlen 
OH )([«]— owhte 

IBU a«]<«— awhte 
1837 A«-ben 

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how grete is Jie atrengfe of nature. IT For ho^r so (lat 
Howe^w TwioH men htm dynorae aentencea and discordyng algetes men 
""jMpwUnjt accordyn alio in lynyi^e fe ende of goode. 1850 

^JTMllon. Kid (JI7.<STA8 RERITir FLECTAT. 

I ^H noy ^mt TT like]) me to Bhew[e] by subtil songe wif alakke and 
mi^vrKiM'* delitable soun of atrenges how |iat nature mj^ty en- 

gnnnwd. clinej and flilte^ gouemementj of fingea IT atid by 

whiche lawBB she pwrneiable tepif Jie grete worlde. and 

1865 how she bindyi^ Testreine^ alle )iingu« by a bonde ^at 

il'taSi/SI"'"'™ ™*y °*'' ^ vnbounden. IT Al be it so fat fe liouna of 

Klfiy^fcy ]» contree of pene beren Jie fair[e] cbeinee, and taken 

metea of Jw handea of folk fat jeuen it hem. and 

1869 dreden her stnidy mayebes of whiche J»ei ben wont to 
iSis'NMitL" flutfren [betii^ps]. yif fat hii horrible moufies ben bi- 

bled. fat is to aein of bestea devoured. V Bix corage 
of tyme passef fat haf ben ydel and rested. lepairef 
I^t'ncirre.i"" ^3^ii» f^* fei roren greuously. and remembren on hir 
1864 nature, and slaken hir nekkes &om hir cheina vn- 
Bndhi>tHiw bounden. and hir m^tie first to-teren wif blody tofe 
hit forj. assaief fe woode wraff es of hem. IT f is is to aein foi 

iVthtcMKiiKrd iireten hir maiater. ^ And be laneland brid bat sjninb 

though AilotlLj '^ ° " J ft f 

S^hTpiiMuii' *"* J* "'^y^ braunchea. fis ia to sein in J»e wode and 
wuTtmit'toiii^, after is inclosed in a atreit cage. IT al fouj [fot] fe 

1870 pleiyng besines of men jeuef hem honied[e] drinkea 
and large metes, wif swete studie. ^ jit nafeles yif 
filke brid skippynge oute of hir streite cage aeef fe 
agreable sbadewes of fe wodes. she defoulef wif hir 
fete hir metes yabad and aekef moumyi^ oonty fe 
wode and twitrif desirynge fe wode wif hir swete 

"fi^'i'migh'T voys. IT f e jerde of a tree fat is haled adoun by myjty 

(80 [*«(iiwsg}— from ( 
•Ri patiep—venarA 

ijnbounden — vnbown 


1S48 tirete—^yet 
ISM ii^at««— Alienates 
I860 ooodi — ffood 
ISfil jAtftf[fl}— Hhnwa 

/an^iaiK*— TanRelynge 

.870 jjMini?— MB. pleinjnR. 

oeniHf— byByneeee 
A<m(Bd[B]— hoiijeda 

■6 (w«rt)>— twitrritli 

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atrengtie bowif redely f e croppe sdon?i. but yif Jiat f e iS°^,;^S™ 
hande of hym fat it bente lat it gon a^ein. ^ An oon S^^tJXiiJ 
fe crop lokejt vp ryjt to heuene. IT fe Bonne phebaa m^ "™"" 
fiat faillefi at euene in }e westtene wawea retomi|) ajein ™^'S'»r"a 
eftsones hia cart by a priue pape fere as it is wont pJtb1»ilAMhu 
aryse. IF AUe bingea seken aiein in to hir prapre uwHtdiWun. 

, „ ,. . . , .,, AlUhtagS pUrtOB t 

cours. and alle fingea reioisen hem of hir rbtonmynge u«tr p™g" I 

ajein to hir nature ne noon ordinaimce nie bytaken to ^^ '™™ " ^ 
(lingeB bnt fat fat haf ioignynge fe endynge to fe S^ewll^''" 
bygjnnynge, avd hab makid f e conra of it self stable feond, !ot m ^ 

. thiiVH, having 

fat it cnaungef nafc from hys propre kynde. 1887 ftiiBneditainp- 


[The S^ prDU.] 

•pErtis ako je men fat ben erfeliche bestes dremew oi^y^y 

^ alwey [yowre bygyniiynge] al fouj it be wif a SitXid^V 
finne ym^inac/oun. ajid by a manei foujt al be it begmni^.^^d 
nat clerly ne periitly 'je looken from a fer til filk bMBiidofwidty 
verray fyn of hlisfulnesae. and ferfore fe naturel en- IIJ^'^,)„^[Sdbj 
tenciouM ledef jow to filk verray good V But "g'gs"''"^ 
many manere ercours mistoumif jow fer fro. IT Con- cm map oboun 
sidere now yif fat be filke f ingee by whicbe a man ^^^ou^' 
wenif togete hym blysfiilnesse. yif fat he may comen l?%«pn°n£tCr 
to filke ende fat he wenef to come by nature IT For ifrShe.»nd 
yif fatmoneye or honoars or fise ofer forseide fii^;ea iIJj|p^^™u 
bryi^n to men awiche a fing fat no goode ne faille fo^noihiiiicTtheii 
hem, ne semef faille. IT Certys fan wil I graunt[e] be procared bj 
fat fei ben maked blisfuL by filke finges fat fei han 1901 
geton. T hut yif bo be fat filke finges ne mowe nat fhln^'numot 
perfownaen fat fei by-heton and fat fer be defaute of tbey pr™f«,'k( 
many goodes. II Shewef it nat fan clerely fat fals iomeihing u> be 
beaute of hloBfuInesse is knowe and a-teint in filke fp'J,'^^ the 
finges. ^ First and forward f ou f i self fat haddest u a'SStSfel'i, 

.877 croppe— a™ 
.878 hande— tana 
bente — hent 

a — omitted 

M3 ^^^. of of 

(83 fiat>-M8. hHjw 

Wi iownjraw— loyned 1. „_._ „ 

W Aat— MS. ha(ie [fromO. 1889 »«itiri»— swych 
19 [fowre i»m"'»»'W«]— srwrfe— good 
a-VB. as. C. Si IMO wii-wolB 

til hUk-to IbTlkB 
18M Im— omittod 
IW3 >«U— tUylke 

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70 NONE 4HB FKEB FROM CARE. [wi^b'j. 

^"if™-™^™ t*''<"""i'"iiees of lyccheaaea nat long agon. IT I axe 
bJ'.Mu'e'wi^ or 3^^ t^' "> ^ haboundauiice of alle filk[e] rycchesses 
*™^"™' j,ou were nener anguiasoiifl or soiy in Jii corage of any 

1910 wiong OTT greuauiwe fat by-tidde fe on any eyde. 
ai mut nnreu If Certys qwod I it remembreji me nat Jwt euere I waa 
mST-^u!^ so free of my Jtoujt. Jtat I no waa al-wey in anguyshe of 
S'ShS"'™"** eomwiiat Jwt was )>at Jiou lakkedest fat Jiou noldeet 
-' "■'— hau lakked. or ellys fou haddeBt fat fou noldest 

br Mmetiitng '""' ^^ ^* ^"^ ^ '*" 'V"^ ^ I*"' desiredest foa 
E^»oi3dluii f« presence of fat oon and f o abBence of fat of er. I 
A^'bufiquita gTaTint[e] wd qiW .1. for Hofe quod she fan nedif fer 
^ijm Ton aw eomwhat fat eueiy man desiief . ^e fer nedif qiwd I. 
tl^ai^SlS^ IF Certia qtwrf she and he fat haf lakke or nede of a 
s.?«inhHi did. wyjt nis nat in eueiy way auffisannt to hym self no 
inneedof viuit qw>d .1. and foa quod she in alle fe plente of fi 
?*if^^nil^l'' lyccheeae haddest filie lak of Boffisaimoe. If what 
^•o^vD^ ellis qvod .1. % fanne may nat lyccheose maken fat a 

B. ito. man nis nedy. ne bat he be snfQaaunt to hym sel£ and 

p. Wd j™ not J * J 

MiMWMtfo?' f** ^^ '' f°'' J*^' byhy^tea as it semef. ^ and eke 
B^iKi^Oionif certys I trowe fat fiis be gretly to conaydete fat moneye 
pfii fellow. th«t no haf nat in hya owen kynde fat it ne may hen by- 
s nun beyond nomcu of hem bat han it mauKre hem. V I hy-knowe 

allw)iDl»H]thoii^h ' ^ B J 

otev^a^tilo ^* ^^ 1"*'*^ ^ ^ "''' sholdost fou nat by-knowai it 

fi^Jmmj p«rt luod she. whan enery day fe stronger folko by-nymen 

!l^^o?e«r it &am f e febler maugie hem. ^ Fro whennes cornea 

H^JSfiM ^^J* ^^ I''*® foreine compleintes ot querelee of 

p!'i'Slttoi» pletyt^aa. If But for fat men axen ajeine her moneye 

™rjd»jw8»« fat haf be hy-nomen hem by force or by gyle, and 

i>i*rr£u. alwey maugre hem. 51 Hy^t so it is qiiod L fan qiwd 

KiMtT^ta^'* "''^ ^f * '''*" nede to seken hjTn foreyne helpe by 

™il'M^'io^ whiche he may defende hya moneye. who may say nay 

IMS l>iU[a}-th;lke 

IMS tKit laBudett-Ai 

ma nat bat quod she t 

)>at the bokd aom-wb, 

> (Mii— «wh 
11 alie-il 

leS3 rywJ toii B Brehwei 
1SZ7 k<>t>— MS. hi>l>e 


n fmM—tn 

MM hair-UB. ha|>e 
IMS Aat^US. b*)>e 

dbv Google 


quod .1. IT Ceotia qaod she and hjm nedijt no helpe J7™!!,'h*!i,'"™ 
yif he ne hadde no moneyefat he iny^t[e] leeae. Tf f"* jotuj^rirtdf 
is doutlBB quod .L [lanne is ])is ping tamed in to ^e con- 1940 
troiie quod she IT For lycchesse fat men wenen sholde mm not. 
moke suiHaaonce. )>ei maken a man rajier han nede of |^„f'°^"'[" 
foieine helpe. U" whiche is fe maneie or pe gise qatwi ?SwB,'"ifi5tad 
she fat ryoches may diyuen awey nede. % Eiche folk H wo™^iIm'°" 
may [lei neifer han hungra ne {irest. fise ryche men thishriii; 
may (loi feele no colde on hir lymes in wynter. IT But ^ fe"'*'!!, 
|iou ■wilt anawere fat ryche men han y-nouj wher wif ™^^^^Jd" 
(lei may etaunchen her hunger, and. slakon her f rest uk„ ^^p' ^or 
and don away colde. It In fia wise may nede be con- mai.'i i>«eniiL«. 
forted by rycchessea. hut certja nede ne may nat al ^^J^^o''^''^ 
outerly bo don awey. for fouj fis nede fat is alwey to'h'^"™!.')™!!' 
gapyng and gredy be fulfilled wif lycchesses. and axe ISii « tnw™ 
any fing jit dwellef fanne a nede fat m;^t[e] ben ful- "hnmuhiito 
filled. IT I holde me stille aTtd telle nat how fat litel [JidSnm mKbe 
fing eofBeef to nature, but ceitys to auarice ynouj ne ^^^^otn- 
suffisef no f Inge. *1[ For eyn fat rychesee ne may nat [• foL 17.] 
al don awey node, but ryehesae maken nede. what may "^f^S^j^ 
it famte be fat je wenen fat rychesaes mowen jenen S-ari^^Ef?^ 

JOW snffisaunce. ' 1959 lofllcnfnrnunn, 


1 1 were it so fat a lyche couetous man hadde rinet an mppiy ajT 
■^ fletynge aUe of golde ^itte sholde it neuer staunche rrhe s* Hetw.] 
hys couetiae. f And Jnmj he hadde his nekke I-cha^ed ^Jjl*"'^!"'' 
wif preciouse stones of fe rede see. and fouj he do ^J^'hE'nMk 
eiye his feldes plentiuotta wif an hundref oxen neuere JJ^™'^i™k 
ne shal his hytjng byaynease forleten hym while he oo»«wi wiih in- 



ulUcAff— wh^ 
ISM nmehM~^RjciMtK 
drj/vtit — drrUQ 


>4e bfli— tho 


1M6 colde-vooii 
19Sn oat-omitted 

1»K murjfti] 6«— m 

IMl att»-tX 

■f<miKA«— statu 

ib. Google 

OP DiGNmas. 

JS^SPil^ lyue>. ne J» l^t[e] lycheeseB Be ahal nat beren hym 
h^r^^ituf* compaagnie whaune he is dede. 1967 

AnMbe^f* "R^ digniteea to whom fei ben co 
amfwhonour on honorable and reoeretit. ban bei 

1 make ^ hym 
„ „ — bei nat eo eret« strengbe 

their pM»Mora, ' " ^" 

JSi^to'^™ f«t ^ may putte vertues iu fe hertis of folk. Jiat veen 

rin^^i'^^e"' f ^ lordahipea of hem. or ellys may fei don awey f e 

sitbcihmiei- vices. Certya ])ei [ne] ben nat wont to don awey wik- 

Cbia^aajrontjr kodnesses. but bei ben wont raber to abewFenl wikked- 

isnaerlhsminoi* ' ' 

g^^^J^ ,^ nesees. and jwr of comef it Jwt I bane ryjt grete de»- 
" deyne. fiat dignites ben jeuen ofto to wicked men, 
IT For whiche Jiing catullue clepid a consul of Rome fat 
liyjt noniua postum, or boch. as who eeijf he clepiji 
hym a congregactoan of iiices in bis biest -as a poatum 
is fill of corrupcioan. al were ])is noniits set in a 
1 980 chayere of dignitee. Sest f ou nat fan how gret vylen ye 
The deformiiLM dignitees don to wikked men. If Certys Tnworfinea of 
woBidboiwj wikked men sholde ben be lasse ysen yif bei uere re- 
K^riioSkMr 10™*^ of none honowrs. T[ Cortys Jwn J>i self ne 
j^miS'Snm my^test nat ben brou^t wib as many penis as fuu 

peri] bT uuaptlng 

~~-"«j«!r_ myjtest eufiren fat fou woldeat here ^i magistrat wif 

' decorat. fat is to eeyn. fat for no peril fat myjt[e] bi- 

1987 fallen fe by fe offence of fe kyng theodorik fou noldest 

nat ben felawe in gouemaunce vith decorat, whanno 

fou 8ay[e] fat he had[de] wikkid cor^fe of a hketous 

Honoum do nnt shrewe and of an acusor, 1[ Ne I ne may nat for swiche 

Jj)«j""*™^ honours lugen hem worf i of reuerence fat I deme and 

ifjoutinritioul holde Tuworfi to han filke earae honowrs. If Now yif 

■iKiomyou jjou sale a man fat were fulfilled of wistlom. certys fou 


1M6 fej^JBj-ljhtfl 


1S73, IW3 oilkedtHaael — 

Wn fo— omitted 
■isBteliT— shewen 

1974 gTet» d«Jei™» — gret 

1977 *»r5(-hyhl« 

BOlriM — MS. ¥OIIlM«, C. 

fttwA^IB. bobe, C. boch 
clepiY — 
1S78 Jionni*— MS uonniii, C. 

tel^Vla. afltte, C. set 
1980 Sett Jhw— Sosthow 

mFimiw— WonjB [ynuHe 
1981 iii«B(»-{>inB»— iimrorth- 

ib. Google 




ne niyjtest nat demen bat he were vnworbi to 6e a*wn him worthy 
■ honowr. or ellya to Jie wisdom of whiche he is fulfilled. hJ'^J^^"** 
No quo<2 .L \ Certys dignitees (^uad she appertieaen s^iemiii not ao 
properly to vertua and, nertue tianaporteji dignite anon ^^"J;""™ 
to )>ilke man to whiche she hir self ie couioigned. ^[^^'Jiua 
^ And for as moche as honourB of poeple ne may oat hoiuh^ eaatef 
.maken folk digne of honour, it is wel seyn cleily )iat n 
fei ne han no propre beaute of dignite. Tf And jit men ^^^J^ 
ai^ten take more hede in ])is. \ Poi if it so be ^t he nietdUHwit"' 
is most out cast |)at most folk dispiaen. or as dignite ne •hnn onij 
may nat raaken shrewes worfi of no reiiBrencea. Jian ^i;^^'™' 
makef dignites shrewea moie dispised ^an preised, Je uSMiSKwia 
whiche shrewea dignit[e] achewe^ to moche folk % and ^ n«tui»nuD 
for sobe nat vnpimisEed. bat is forto sein. bat shrewes npon th>m, and 
reaengen hem ajeiuward vpon dignites. for fei jelden SiSmiS'**'™* 
f^ein to dignites ae gret gerdoun whan fei byapotten 2009 
OTid defoulen dignites wif hire ■vylenie. V And for as ThweiiiiaowT 
moche as f on niow[e] knowe Jtat [lilke veiray reuerence nothing Id their 
ne may nat comen by fe shadowy tmnsitorie dignitees. ^^ivS^"' 
vndirstonde now bis. yif bat a man hadde vsed and of tba ranniitf, 
hadde many manere digmtea of consules and were [j^*!''"" ^S"* 
comen perauenture amonges straunge naciouns. eholde i'J=iU»«ir "•»«*? 
fiike honoMr maken hym worshipful a>id redonted of 2016 
straunge folk % Certys yif Jiat honour of poeple were if mpKt wm u 
a naturel jifte to dignites. it ne myjte neuer cesen ^^^^^^ 
nowher amonges no manor folke to done hys office. J^JJ^/"!^ 
^ Kyjt as fire in euery centre ne atinteji nat to en- iiuibate of An. 
chaufen and 'to hen hote. hut for as myche as forto [■ M.17W 
be holdon honorable or reaeront ue come]) nat to folk of ^^"IhT bi» 

iwt cast tut be ia de- SOlO hint 

mkUth dl^ete atiiwred 
ntber so mocbe moitf 
dflapiied than proyaed 
aitd toraothe 

lOlZ t» thadauv — 

bi«— thiu [i 

lol* haddt-lad 
8018 tiflt—jin 
lOlfl Jblie—tooii 




c^iioiwornuB, hir propre Btxengjie of aa-ture. but only of ])e fals[e] 
SntabDlioDo? op'i*i<»"* °^ ^^^ f^* ^ *•> ^^^ J*** wenen fat dignites ■ 
JJ^^^HS;^ makeo folk digne of honour. An on Jierfore whan fat 
yei comen fer as folk ne knowen nat pake dignites. 
2027 lier honours vanisaen awe; and fat on oon. hut fat is 
Do Uwr ainji a--inong etraui^ folk, maist fou sein. but amongtu 
EtS'iothmV ^^^ f** f®' weren bom dnren f ilk[e] dignites alwey. 
TbaPrahinia ^ CertjB fe dignite of fe prouostrie of Borne w&a eom- 
tyme a grete power, now is it no fing but an ydel 
liame. arid fe rente of f e eenatorie a gret charge, aitd 
yif a whijt somtyme hadde f e office to taken he[de] to 
f e vitailea of f e poeple as of come and what of er f iuges 
ofprovtaioM P ]jg ^fig holdeu Bmongos grete. hut what fing is mora 
Thrt wMehhuth nowe out cast fanne f ilke prouoatrie IT And as I haue 
""IniouOT ^'*^ * ^^^ iuiK byfoijie. fat filke fing fat haf no 
I?J^[JISS?*'* propre beaute of hym soK resceyuef somtyme pris and 
nnnniiiigit. shinynge and somtyme lesif it by fe opinioun of 
'ot'^''ft°"S' ■^''^T*^'^** IT ^"w yif fat dignitee fanne ne mowen 
vu'i'Kmt^h"' ^^^ maken folk digno of rouerence. and yif fat dignites 
tiHT^ioMoSr wexen foule of hir wille by fe filf e of sbrewes. IT and 
yif fat dignites lesen hir ahynynge by chatmgyng of 
tymee. and yif fei wexon foolo by eatimacuinn of 
°i»S^ poeple. what is it fat fei han in hem self of beaute 
maka fat aa)te ben deaiied. as who self none, fanne ne 
'* ^'^^ mowen fei ^iuen no beaute of dignite to none ofer. 2047 


i 1 be it 80 fat f e proude nero wif al hie woode luxuiie 

■'*■ kembeiJ hym and appaiailed hym wif faiie purpars 

' of Tirie and wif white perles. Algates jitte throf he 


[The 4"» Met 
Nero, thowh I 

VSa bat— ther 

durm HI<t«] — oedun 
£030 lonfirnc— whf lam 

*B1 ifrrt*— Bret 
xm >a (Sl-omitted 
aoss foR^initf — whylom 

b»-HB. be be 
WM conH-fwrn 

ffilaf— omitted 

iOSe nut— HB. cute, C. (»t 
2037 («(I_MS. seide, 0. ae; d 

hare lnifl>me—heT by-forn 

ia)>— UB. hatw 

8047 )wi— H8. je, C. they 

H>t8 at |1)— alls 
low fcflRAAJ— kimibde 
a|))ianiil«(— MS, sppwsil 
en, C. ■-paiwlede 
iOGO iitte-yit 

dbv Google 


hateful to alle folk IT (lia is to eeyn fat al was he by- 2051 
hated of alle folk. IT 3itte fia wicked Nero hadde gret Twinimdiord- 
lordahip and jaf eomtyme to fe dredeful senatours fe Jl';^!,^^ 2»u 
vnworshipfiil setes of diguites. IT vuworaliipfiil aetes whJ^!iJJ'„n 
he clepib here fore bat Nero bat was eo wikked >af bo n^m nonoiin 
dignites. who woldo^aime tesouably wonen )>atblyEiful- ihtewip 
nesse were in swiche honours as ben jeuen by vicious 2067 

AN DBBO BEOKA. [Tba V>> proH.] 

T)Tt regnee and Cvmilarites of kyngea may f ei maken a ^jl^falnii'iMliy 
■" man to ben myjty. how ellys. ^ whanne hir ^'ke.iSui' 
hlysfulneBse durn^ perpetuely but certye )ie olde age of AVAriiioaid 
tyme pasaeji. and eke of present tyme now ia ful of en- ^^^^^ 
saumplea how fat kynges fat han chaunged in to Mnt,"^i£iu 
wrechedneese out of hir welefiilneaBe. IT a noble fing mpiSofpJinwi 
an^ a cler fing is power fat is nat founden myjty to wimjiHmi™- 
kepe it ael£ T And yif fat power of realmes be auctour JJ,^"",^^^"'"^ j 
and maker of blisfulnesse. yif f ilke power lakkef on *lili'i(Sw«k 
any side, amenusif it nat f ilke blisfulnesse a»(j biyngef [rln^r^n"'*'" 
in wiechedneaso. but yif al be it so fat realmea of man- iti«i miMit' <^u 
kynde sttetchen broode. jit mot fer nede ben myche ^S'hniDuinii. 
folk ouer whiche fat enery kyng ne haf no lordshipe [^"^[15^ 
ne comaundement % and cortya vpon filke syde fat aiUeiZ^MpSt' 
power &illef whiche fat makif folk blisfuL ryjt on fat ini»ry iiong ' 
same sido nounpowei entrif vndimef fat makef hem 2074 
wreches. 5f In fis manere fanne moten kynges han ^JfJJJl^JJ"'* 
more porcioun of wrechedneese fan of welefulneaae. 1^'^^'^^. 
^ A tyraunt fat was kyng of sisilo fat had[de] assaied tHcnTiiuaof 
f e peril of his estat shewid[e] by similitude fe dredes '''i{'i't^"(?,''™' 
of realmes by gastnesae of a swerde fat heng ouei f e ^'1"^™* "^ 
heued of his fanulier. what fing is fan f ia power fat ^'^ b^girR 

aofiS ionbUp-lonhippe 

diwlflftii— reuereno) 
aoM/ore— for; xaf-jtl 
aoeo myity—TSS. TnioyiCy, 
C. myhlj 

kyiwefl be 
1087 moiai— 1__ 

raofiiM*— tlw B«auiiiea 

20n h,|>— US. balw 

3073 (oUeA*— whych 

3074 BudirMb— tndyr-netl 
3077 Kadiiei-Ya.''-'- 
am ihewidlii-e 

JImv-'HB. henge, C. htiie 

dbv Google 


K^'frielldwV ^^y '•"'' *^*'°- "■"^'y J'B bytynges of beBUiea ne escliewe 
ciwT'^atthen f^ prikkes of drede. and certys jit wolden fei lyuen 
[• was.] ' •in Bykemesee, but jjei may nat. and jit Jiei glorifien 
im^'^aSit ^®™ "" ^^ power % HoMest fou fan fat |)ilk[e] man 
JerariwfcBinui" ^ '"Jj'-y I'** (""^ ^^^* P** ^^ woldo doD pat be may 
giorjinSeit nat don. ^ And boldest J>on fan bym a mj^ty man 
powerfoiirto™- fat haf environed hise aydes wif men of armea or 
Si*n'iiiln''whl. seraauntes and dredef more [hem] fat be makef agast. 
iiich ■Bu^'^ J'cn f ei dreden hym. and fat is put in f e bandes of hiss 
SStwbomit seruaunt^. for be eholdo seme myity bat of familiera 

hhBHlIbui, uia^, ' „, »,, ,. 

wboM poKW de- [or I seniaunti of kynces. IT what sbolde I telle f e 

pandi n-lely upon l j j J o r 

ntLn™r*w]iT *"y P™S' ^y^ i"** ^ ^y ®^ ^'^^ shewed f e fat realmes 
il^n'™ h^u- bem self ben ful of gret feblenesae. f e vbiche familiera 
iimvinjih™!.- certia fe real power of kyi^es in hool estat and in eatat 
ThX^ro^i "bated ful [oftej frowef adoun. IT Nero con8treiiied[e] 
!i^ rfSeir * ^^ familier and Ma maiatre aeneca to cheaen on what 
Hnnu^ob" doef be wolde deien. fT Antonina coniaundid[e] fat 
2098 kny^tis elowen wif bei swerdis Papinian his familier 
NsromiyBUoted '"biche Papinian had[de] ben loi^ tyme ful myjty 
to'c^rt^tiiero™ a-mongea hem of f e courte. and jit certis f ei wolde bofe 
S^uoiiu (^' ban renounced her power, of wbiche [two] aenek en- 


Pupiiiiui to be forcedrel hym to tiucn to ^eio hia rychesses. and also 

■luDbfUiaawiirdi i. j j / v 

ilL'S'iSS ta?r to I'Mi S.°^ ^ t" solitarie exa T But whan f e grete 
^wwd. a«[w> weyjt. fat is to sein of lordes power or of fortune 
uSnKii&%ciEre- draweb bem bat sholden falle. neybei of hem na 
iTAmtS^SiS^ i^yjtM ^° P^t ^« wolde. what fing is fanne filke 
them'iThiM"" power fat fouj men ban it fat fei ben ^;aat. ^ and 
t[i«n la Power, ' wbau fou woldest han it fon nart nat siker. V And 
poiaaesora, uid yif f ou woldeat forleten it fou mayst nat eacbewen it. 
SJ^uraE*No«4- ^ ^'^* 'wlisfi' awiche men ben frendea at nede as hen 
ItibiXhJ friwii- consoiled by fortune and nat by vertue. Certya swiche 

2i>si beaitu* — byaynowe 

w [Ac«]— from C. 
11 loX^tnH, 

109S febleneiK—KbJeBia 

tm comaandidiel — com- 
asa har—brt [sundede 

hadOiei bat long— tut 

haddebeo longe 

■HftfcwiC*]— entoreede 

2106 aAu^Im— 3iol«n 
8106 H»j<[B>-nijhW 

dbv Google 

folk as weleful fortune makef> frendea. contrarioua for- jljjEt^^ ™ 
tune make^ hern enmyse. f Aad what pestilence is Adivniiy vtii' 
more my^ty forto anoye a wijt fan a familier enemy. rri«idihipiiito 

aVl SB DdLEI* ESaX FOTBNTKH. I'BsuKwM] L^uiljie 
mmlV of i]>j 

TITho SO wolde ben my^ty he mot dauwten hys cruel fTb« S«M8t»r.] 
' ' corage. no piit[te] nat liifl nekke onercomen vndir obuin •ov«r»im 
pe foule reineB of lecherie. for al be it so fat fi lord- S?e" wm«nt'»iid 
ship[e] Btrecche so fer f at ^e centre Inde quakif at Jii ^iiS'ThoBKh 
comaundement. or at fi lawes. and fat )ie leest isle in Iradedframindia 
|>e see fat h^t tile be fral to fe 1[ )it yif f on mayst ^j^b*"™™ 
nat puten awey fi foule deTk[e] deBijrea and dryuejf ^"J^™"*^ 
oute fro Jie wreched compleyntes, Certia it nis no 
power fat fou hast. 2123 


T) vt glorie how deceinable and how foule ia it oflo. for ^^^^\ 
" whiche fing nat vnsldlfully a tregedien fat is to,.5SJift^MS'~--J 
Bcin a maker of ditea fat hyjten tregedies cried[e] ana~,itUa-^.- -'. 
seide. IT glorie glorie quod he. fou nart no fing g°^"*i',^ 
ellys to fouaandes of folkes. but a gret sweller of eres. ^^!^'J'^J^^„ 
for many[e] han had fui gret renouw by fe fab[e] op teriinihii^e^iMcn 
piniouw of poeple. and what fing may ben f oujt fouler El°3iJutor1Sd™ 
fen Bwiche preisynge for I>ilk[e] folk fat hew preiaed wiut-m'tl'"'' 
falsly. f ei moten nedea han shame of hir preisynges. iii«n renimn 
and yif fat folk han getei* hem fank or preyayng by S^iJlJ'™ ''"'* 
her desertes. what fing haf filk pria echid or en- "^^^n^"' 
cresed to fe conscience of wise folk fat mesuien hire Efuah tm'^ime. 
good, not by f e rumoMr of fe poeple. but by f e Bofe- ««• "eu-ioBrii«ii 
faatnesae of conscience, and yif it aeme a fair fing a Mtofjl''' 
man to han encresid and sprad hia name, fan folwef i'lnjlo'^™* 

■bUiii}— bise 
/oB&r— (bwlara 
pel* — thuine 

211G tcnl^ 

21 1 « mtfCtej— piiTO 

ail7 t>r(iB*tp[«]— lordihype 

Him comanivlineyU — oo- 

iMtt ufs-laac lie 


uiii,.*.— whjch , .... 

loSeM I . biii[Bl-thylli( 

cri&^ei] — cryde ] 3133 or — Df 

il27 fte— she """ '-■- ' 

Aod— MB, WdE, C. 

dbv Google 


khnad onei it, pat it is demed to ben a foule fingo yif it ne be 
tJ'd^^™'^" ""* yaprad ne encresed, but aa I seide a litel her byfome. 
MuinMM^^™ ji^t syn Jjer mot nedea ben many folk to whiche folk pe 
Ui^noitll^iu^ renoun of a man ne may nat comen. it byfalle)) ^at he 
mnuiNiiniLnoHn Jiat ]h>u wenBst be gloriooa and renomed. semi]) in p6 
p»ftofti»worU. nexte parties of fe erjje to ben wif out ^orie. and viy 
hI'/wobS'ii' ""'' '*!'<">'*- ^ ^^^ certifl amonges Jiiee jiinges I ne trowe 
"li u wddora* nat fat pe pris and grace of Jw poeple nis neif er worfi 
I* roL iH b-j *to ben remembrid ne comeji of wise iogement. ne is 
Hoir eDii»7uiii ferm perduiably, IT But liow of pis name of gentilesse. 
tuiaafnoSiii;! what man is it |)at ne may wel seen how veyne and 
2150 how flittyng a Jiing it ia. ^ For if pe name of gentil- 
whSljXriigii lo 8*86 be referred to renonw and clemeaee of linage, fan 
ihoKvimticuc is gentil name but a for[e]ine fiing. ))at ia to eein to 
Nobuity i> laae hem ]iat gloriflen hem of hir linage. IT For it seme}> 
meriu of Diw* jiat gentilesae be a maner preysynge Jat come|> of decert 
If pniH cui giie of auncestreS. V And yif preysynge make]) gentileese 
Sobiii^iio^ra*" Jian moten pel nedes be gentil fat ben preysed. For 
Then ifihonhMt whiche Jting it folwep. fat yif fou ne haue no gentilesee 
mt'd^ri^M^ of Jtiaelf. fat is to eein pris pat comef of fi deaerte 
t^e^Rie^ of*" foreine gentilesse ne makef f e nat gontiL ^ But certia 
inhere btenr yif fer be any goode in gentilesse, I trowe it be in al 
«tau^£olitaihi>, "^^y J*"^ J"** '' semef as fat a maner necessitee be im- 
' posed to gentil men. for fat fei ne sholden nat outraien 
•t forliuen fro fe uertues of hire noble kynrede, 2163 


1 1 f e linage of men fat faen in erf e ben of semblahle 
' butfe. Oh al one is fadir of fingea. On alone 
minyst[r]e]i alle fiinges. IT He ^af to fe aonne hya 
"'' "^SoS ""* ^™*^ ^^ J^f *" f^ moone hir homes, he jaf f e men to 
at^^amoL f 6 etf e. he jaf f e sterres to f e heuene. IT he enclosef 


1139 foaU ]>iae&-tawl tUng 

SIM porttM— pmrtjB 

180 gooclB— good 

ib. Google 

Ibtoe'v] sesshal ri.EAsnBBa pcll of ahxiety. 79 

wijj membres Jie Boulea ]»t comen fro h.ja hoyo aete. Bid uiomBUhB 
V fanne comen alle mortal folk of noble seed, whi iJtil'ih^bJtuh'or 
noysen je or iMsten of joure eldris IT For yif [)on AjfmemprLnit . 
l(K)k[e] jouie bygynnyng. and god jouie auctour and dm KDm. 
joiire makera |>aii is Jier no forlyued wy^t but jif he fJJ^^^j"^*"™' 
norisse his con^ vnto vices and forlete hia p-cpre ^u'']J^"^ 
bur^e. 2175 iSgto! "'"' 


But what sbal I seie of delices of body, of 'wliic[h]e Bm wbut iiuui i 
deUcee fie desiringea ben ful of angiiisae. and pe totainisinl«» 
fiilfillingBB of hem ben ful of penaunce. IT How grete ^^iu^«t^ 
fiekenesse and how grete sorwes Tnsnf&ablo lyjt as a ^i oVtti^'fiiu 
mauere fruit of wickednesae ben fiilke delices wont to wh2mnu» 
bryngen to fe bo[d}iea of folk fat vsen hem. % Of g^ljS'^l^)'*^ 
whiche delices I not what ioye may ben had of hir S?™ J'^KS 
moenyng. ^ But pie woot I wel fat who bo euere wil Sl^S^r"" 
lemembieu hym of hys luxuries, he shal wel vniMr- ua»huioyii» 
atonde. fat fe iaauea of delices ben sorowful and sory. p»u(i«nonor 
ir And yif f ilke delices mowen make folk bhsfiil. fan S!|i-iS?™^I!^ 
by fe same cause moten fise bestes ben clepid blisful. wt^Mmr^ 
IT Of whiche bestea al f e entencioun hastef to fulfiUe "J^"" ^ 
hire bodyly iolyta and fe gladnease of wyf [unrf] ^"^ 
children were [an] honeet f ing. but it haf ben seid. la^ tL 
)iat it is ouei myche a^ius kynde fat children han ben j^r uM^'i^ 
foonden tormentouis to hir fadrea I not how many. *,"„'4o'no('''"" 
IT Of whiche children how bitynge is enery condicioun. JinM«I^»™^ 
It nedef nat to tellen it fe fat haat or f ia tyme assaied q.miMi°n their 
it. and art jit now anguyasoiM. In fie approue I fe i approve or this 
sentence of my disciple Euridippus, fat seide fat he ^^,'5S5™ 
fat haf no children is weleful by infortnne, 2197 Kmiilt'''* 


JIM JoniC"}— lokB 

31 7S MkenmB—tstLeao 
arete lorvita—grettoi 
Zim fruii-~Tmt 

ilea Jiad-us. hadd 

SI S3 vrO—woU 

siee loroiiySU—aomliil 

enrt — Knye 
Siee malu-~taalkyn 

SIM foB>-from C 
*a>— MB. ha)>e 

I Euridippus — Euiy- 

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i"bew'iS"i" ' 1?'"'*y ^^^^ ^P P^- f^* i*' aiigmeae|) hem v'lp priltkea 
2199 -^ pat Taen it IT It resetnblijt to fise flying flyca fat 

we ulepen been, fat aftre fat f e bee baf shed bye agre- 

able bonies he fleef awey and atyngef [le hertes of bej» 

'bS^'" fat ben ysmyte wif bytynge ouer longe holdynge. 2302 


[The tP*» prflw.l '.-p 
It ■ppam Uwn \ O^ 
Miithipplnntit l\ 





' nia it uo doute fan fat fise weyes ne ben a 
maner myaledyng to bliefulnesse. ne fat fei ne 
mowe nat leden folke fidcr as fei byheten to leden 
hem, V Hilt wif how grete barmes fiae •forseide weyea 
ben enlaced, IT I ebal sbewe f e shortly. IT For wbi 
. yif foil enforcest f e to asaemble moneye. f on most by- 
reuen bym bis moneye fat haf it and yif fou wilt 
' sbynen wif dignitee. fou moat byee«ben uTtd supplien 
I hem fat 3iuen fo dignitees. IT And yif fou eoueitest 
by honowr to gon hy-fore ofer folk fou abalt defoule f i 
self by humblease of asing. yif fou desiryat power, 
fou ahalt by awaitea of fi auhgitj anoyoualy he cast 
" Tndlr many periles. axest fou glorie fou sbalt ben so 
DojonMKtor destrat by aspre finges fat fou ahalt forgone ayker- 
timtui^to']"' ^^^^ ^ ^^ y^ P°^ ^^* leden fi lijf in delicee. 
Do ronpnhr ■ eueij' wbijt sbal dispiaen fe and forleten fe aa fou fat 
Th^^iuut art fral to fii^ fat is ry}t foule and brutel. fat ia [to] 
Jij»fcto*jj>'« eein acruauwt to fi body. IT Now ia it fan wel yeeen 
iT^'bniwnpiiii how lytel anti how brutel poasesaioure fei coueiten fat 
tiuii^L»M°**''°° putten fe goodea of fe body abouen hire owere reeouM. 
■bon tueir ami ^ Fot mayst fou aourmounten f ise oliiuntj in gretnease 
oin .Too^nin*™ or woyjt of body. Or mayat fou ben atrenger fan f e 
tntirtj«ih p*™" I'ole. Mayst fou ben awifter fan fe tigra. bibolde f e 

10 wUfr— wolt 

.3 pun— MS. gone, I 

Ilea. 2io6 Aa)>— MS. haN 
mtd hft— itMl bj»B 

22M mgO^dnHg — myded- 

1200 Aa|H-MB. ha)>e 

ffllS by—Vaor 

2Sie daftMt— MS. destralle. 

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spaces and Jie stableiiesse and pe awyfte coara of fa *,^f^™tlj^[^ 

Leuene. and Btyote somtyme to wondren on foule SinM''elJBn'tot 

fiinges. Jm whiclie heuene cartys nis nat rafier for Jrise cHuMndmin 

Jjinges to ben wondred vpon. fan for fe reaoura by Jj"^ ^ . i, 

whiche it ia gouemod. but Jie ahynynge of f i forme fat llbi'i,'t*e*(™Sim- 

ia to seien f e beauto of fi body, how swiftly paaayng ia «i«m. ihe™. 

it and how tranaitorie. T Certia it is more flittyi^ i*h^' 

fan fe mntabilite of flouree of fe eomer eesoun. For so ^^""^ 

as ariatotil tellef fat yif fat men hadden eyen of a ii^'^ffi^JJ^ 

beest fat h^t lynx, bo fat fe lokyi^ of folk myjt[e] ud couid i»k 

percen f onij fe f ingea f ot wif stonden it. who so lokid ^^f|^i" 

fan in fe entiailes of fe Ixidy of alcibiades fat was fcorMd'ioiiii^' 

fill fayr in fe superfice wif oate. it ahulde seme ryjt 2238 

foule. and for fi yif fou eemeat faire, fi nature ne Thjnstared™ 

makif nat fat, but f e desceiuauTice of f e fiebleaae of fe JS'th^miUriii* 

eyen fat loken. ^ But preiae fe goodea of fi body as ^^"''^"'' 

moche as euer fe liat. so fat fou .know[e] algates pat peil^niu 

what so it be. fat is to aeyn of fe goodes of fi body f**^^'^!"''' 

whiche fat fou wondrest vpon may ben deetroied or ""^ ""^ 
desBolued by f e bete of a feuere of f re dayes. IT Of 

alle wMche foiseide fingea I may reducen f ia ahortly in 2246 

a somme. IT fat fiae worldly goodes whiche fat ne Woridij goodi do 

mowen nat jiuen fat f ei byheten. ne ben nat perfit by po^J^'Jf^' ^^ 

f e congregaoiouM of alle goodes. fat fei ne ben nat JJ.i'M'^Vio 

weyes ne pafea fat bryngen men to blysfulneaae ne Sttfem^w" 

maken men to ben blysful. 2251 tuppj. 


Alias whiche folic and whiche ignoraunce myaledif aiui how 
wandryng wrecches ico fe pafe of verrey good. ^^^Si'n»^ 
If Certis ^e ne seken no golde in giene ti«ea. ne je ne £^1^^' 

a!43 bt-omltted 
)n Mv witicht — the body 


n*) daaiiuauiKa of tw 

jl<Ai«M— iicoeyuable or 



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l^doiwtMtk gadren [nat] precious stoaea in Jw vines, ne ^e ne 
S™ rt» "no hiden nat jonre gynnea in heyje mountaignes to kachen 
JrtiwoMitXh fisshe of whiche je may maken lycho festea. and yif 
hlul! ° ;ow lyke|i to bunte to roos. je ne gon nat to ^e fooides 

"h™ ™7^w "^ f® water Jiat h^t tyrene. and ouer Jiia men knowen 
Sien"S'.?^hm ^^^ f® cTikes (wwi J« causHies of Jte aee yhidd in Jw 
Mi^ud^tne floodes. amf knowen eke whiche water is most plentinotM 
porpia ^11. of white peiles. and knowen whiche water habundep 
2263 moat of rede purpre. Jiat is to, eejen of a maner shel- 
Thuj know whera fisflho v/tth whiche men dien purpre. and knowen 


whiche atrondea haboimden most of tendie flashes < 

of sharpe fiashes Jiat hy^ten echjnnys. but folk suffren 
SiitSSm otud 1*6™ self to ben ao blynde fat hem ne recehi)i nat to 
nuruiiunr knowe where bilkfel goodes ben yhidd whiche tat tiei 
boi" mT"*!! fbr ™'*^'*®° "^^ plonngen hem in erjie and aeken )wre 
d'.^iSB^''ih'a"' f'^^ goode fat sourmoujitej) Jie heuene fat beref Jie 
"^l^foi. i»M stertes, IT what "preyere may I make pat be digne to 

- VnutdoondothB -'«.'#>■ iit .i«- -a 

•mrtMsiiMtrvsf pe nice ponjtis oi men. but I preye pat pei coueiten 

i^iwrtBa^^ rycchea and honours bo fat whan Jrei han geten fo 

huftidou'aT ^*^® goodes wijj greet trauayle fat ferby foi mowe 

nintDftbeinu. knowen fe venay goodes. 2275 


i[ih»«w^ TT anffisif fat I hane shewed hider to fe fonne of 

I lonDofowirwr- -■- falso wUfulnease. bo fat yif fon Iook[e] now clerely 

iiiredt"™' I* ordre of myn entencibun requerif from hennea forf© 

p™fta*ioKi'i'e' to ahewew fe Terray wilfulnesse. ^ For qiiod. I. (b) [L] 

Jf ti^ wue." ' se wel now fat suflisaujwe may nat comen by richesae. ne 

thsra \i no Boffl. poweT by realmcB. ne reuerence by dignitees. ne gentil- 

no^iMirin""'' ^^^ ^y glorie. ne ioye by delices. and (p) hast fou wel 

^ii^Ci knowen quod she Jte cause whi it is. Certis me seme) 

« A«ia— the hyye 8893 ilulfis»lie~-the\]e tjsb 2873 rjrecJte*— EjchesM 

------ ■---'-'-- 82*4, 3865 ii*ic**—iThyoh 21T} i«{/Wmm« — welefiil- 

8M4 di™ — deyea hphhb 



roo»— Booes 
Kse jkvit-^hjrbte 
S3m erUB»-br7kes 

-'■■•'-' "" -hidde, C. I 

8866 BcJintBuw — MS. Bth. cfarrfi— olerly [nesM 

ynnys, C. Bohyniiya 827B tBd/Wnase — velBful- 

8868 y/iuld—US. Thidiie, C fbt^For-Botbo 

I-hjdd r/.]-froni C. 

8270 flootto— good 8880 rifl*«je— Ejchejsea 

8871 mote— msken 8881 raoime*— Reamos 

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quod .1. fat .L se hem rj^t as fouj it were fonij a litel ^^ fZ^m. 
elifte. but me were leuer tnowen hem more openly of giiii"|^ofiiie 
■fe. Certys quod she fa reaoun is al redy V For ta™n.ouid iiLa , 
(lilk Jiing J-at symply is on fing wif outen ony ''^''- J'gJ!" 
diuisiouB. Jte erroar and foUe of mantynde departeji b"J!?i™oMaSd 
and diuidif it. arid mialedi^ it and transported from fSSn^aT^^ 
yenay and perfit goode. to goodes fiat ben false and undrwrnsmth? 
inperfit. IT But seye me fis. wenest fou Jiat he Jiat haj> ^*J;i,K^Sdi 
nede of power fat hym no lakkef no fing. Nay qaod S^'^,!Sl^J" 
J IT Certis qaod she f on seist aijjt. For yif so be ?^' p!^4htT 
|)at ^ is a |iing fiat in any partie be fieble of power. wwerneaH ». 
Certis as in fat it most[e] nedes be nedy of foraine Jj^^J^^- ^^' 
helpe. IT Eijt ao it is qaod .1. Suffisannoe and power Sie'^^r^jf it 
ben fan of on kynde IT So semef it quod I. IT And ^^'°'°*"^ 
demyet fou qwod she fat a fing fat is of fie manere. ^a^^^^^'^ 
fat is to seine suffisannt aiid myjty aujt[e] to ben dis- S^y'H^Ai*^ 
pised. or elljs fat it be ry^t digne of reuerenees ahonen nmi ™^'? 
alle Jingoa. ^ Certya quod I it nya no doute fat it doubtiM>wghii 
nis ryjt worfi to ben reueienced. ^ Lat vs qTwd she fan '^^^^^, 1 
adden reuerence to suffisaunce and to power IT So fat Jh^^'onoMd i 
we demon fat fise fre finges ben alle o fing. ^ Certis jS-'i^m^ooMli!- 
q!wd I lat va adden it. yif we willen eraunten be sobe. P-Batramhuii 

. ■' a ft obeain anil Ig- 

wtiat deraest fou fan qaod she is fat a dirke fing and ^^7^™^^ 
nat noble fat is suffisauKt leuerent and myjty. or eUya Jl5«B^»nd'' 
fat ifl ryjt clere and ryjt noble of oelebrete of reuouii. i^repntation? 
IT Considere fan quod she as we ban erauntid her by- pwarwi ind 

" ' ^ ° •' worthy of renown 

forno. fat he fat ne haf ne[de] of no fing and is most ^'ch'he'^Sm 
myjty and most digne of honowr yif hjm nedif any ^ 
clemease of renoura whiche clemesae he myjtfe] nat 
graunten of hym self. ^ So fat for lakke of filke 
cleienesae he my3t[e] seme febler on any syde or fe " 

olentlf miiehCy 

K87 Hit-ilwllie 

hah— as. hsbe 
22H* Jleble—tebiere 
2MS nHMrtrt— 1 ■ " 

iSaSdmiiirfttwu— dematbow 2308 iff eeUAr*U— 


2308 cfn-s— clsr 

■wolen 1 mH)([sj— mjhte 

jMier— the tebeler 

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more oiitcaste. Glosa. f is ie to seyne nay. V For who 
BO fat is Bufiisaant my^ty and reuerent. cleraesse of 
lonoun folwef of fe forseide fingea. he hap it aliedy of 
hye eufOsaunca boice. I may nat qitud I denye it^ 
V But I mot graunten as it is. ^t fts Jiing be lyjt 
celebrable by clemesao of renoun arid noblesse. IT fan 
folwef it quod ahe fat we adden elemesse of renoun to 
f e fre foraeide f ingea. ao fat fer ne be amongea hem 
no difference, and f is is a consequente quod ,1. fia 
fing fan qu«d ahe fat no haf no node of no foreine 
fing, and fat may don die fingea by bia atrengfes. 
and fat ia noble and honourable, nia nat fat a myrie 
f ing and a ioyfiiL boice. but weneat quod I fnt any 
eotow myjt[6] comen to f is f ing fat is Bwiche. IT Certys 
I may nat flake. P. IT f anne moten we giaunt[e] qwod 
she fat f is fing be ful of gladnesae yif fe forseide fir^es 
be sofe. ^ And also certys mote we graunten. fat 
suihsaunce power noblesae reuerence and gladnesae ben 
only dyuerse bynames, but hir substaunce haf no 
diutiraite. Boiee. It mot nedely be BO qttod .L P. f ilke 
f inge fan qiMd ahe fat is 6on and simple in bis nature. 
fe wikkednesse of men departif it 'diuidif it, and 
whan fei enforcen hem to gete partie of a fing fat ne 
haf no part, fei no goten hem neifer f ilk[e] partie fat 
nia none, ne fe fing al bole fat fei ne desire nat. .b. 
In whicbe manere qwod .1. p. filke man quod she fat 
sekef rychesse to fleen pouerte. he ne trauaylef hym 
nat to for to gete power for he baf leuer ben dirk and 
vile, and eke wif drawef from hym Belfe many naturel 
delit} for he nolde lesen fe moneye fat he haf aa- 

16 n im e M Tn 
L7 ftaV- H8. hnbe 
H ilat— US. 1»(« 

(9 mrow mmfliej — (onre 

!fl onwin(M— gnmnl* 
II ie— ben 

iSSS ifl>— MB! hulia 
a33t nedely — nedly 
2336 Hwe— Ihins 
3337 geffl— »tea 
SS3B \a\>-m. ha)>e 
bi7*M— thilke 


83*8 oiis— vjl 

laHH— IMS 

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flembled. but cortis in Jiis maneie he ne yetiji hym nat !^^° J^^ri 
Buffisaunce fat power fotletiji. and J»t inoleate prekeji. re^S«™i'm'«* 
-atui )iat filf e make^ outcaste. and ^ai derknesse hide^. by hii tortu 
and certis lio |iat desirefi only power ha waatif and ^f"'"^' 
Bcatriji rychease and dispke]) dellcee and eke honortr SliSEJl,"^*" 
P&i is wif out power, ne he ne preisejj glorie no fing. dml^^JSiiBhn 
V Certys Jius eeeeii )ion wel )ist many ])inguc fallen to minpuiitd tiy 
hym. for he ha|i Bomtyme fiiute of many noceasitea. °™,^ '"''I"'.. 
and many anguyssee biten hym T and whan he may ^*g«rid^°ihSlf 
nat don bo defautes awey. he forleteb to ben myity. hi.'.huhe^Mt 

. detlre*— power. 

and {lat IB fe )>mg fat he moat deBire|>. and ry^t Jina in the imm wmj 
may I make semblable resouwa of honowra and of glorie SliS^^leTJe 
and of deliceB. IT For so as eiiery of bise forseide Sth^ui^har 

wUl fail to obUIn 

Jimgea la.fe same fat fiae ofer fingea ben. fat la to widBi™^ 
eein. al oon fing. who bo fat euer eekef to geten fat 3iii'r^1^''iio 
oon of f ise and nat fat ofer. he ne gettf nat fat he p°He'wiii™" ' 
desiref. Boice. IT what seist fou fan yif fat a man 335 J 
eoaeitef to geten alle fise fiugee to gider. P. Certya ftUSw?!^™ 
qwKl she J. wolde seie fat he wolde geten hjm soue- ■Sdit^i"£rH? 
reyne blisfulnes. but fat shal he nat fynde in fo f inges mmUDiud, whiuh 
fat X haue shewed fat ne mowe nat }oaeii fat fei by- ^j!^!^^ 
heten. iotce. Certys no qiwd .L T fan quod she ne p_ T&^K^pl. 
sholden men nat by no weye eeken blysfulnesse in ^^inthe» 
Bwiche finges as men wonen fat fei ne mowe ^^"fJS!^ 
^euen but fii^ aenglely of alle fat men aoken. I Jff'i^'^Tt'' 
gTannt[e] wel qicod .L ne no eofer fing ne may nat SnToie'imi"" 
ben said. P. IT Now hast fou fan quod she f e forme TafTyiiur miud'e 
and fe causes of &lse welefulnesee. ^ Uow tume and "vbt™ o' "Ii Oiie 
flitte fe eyen of fi fonjt. for ferfi ehalt fou Been an oon SroS™Hto'irw 
filk verray blysfulnesse fat I haue byhyjt fee. b. ^^u^rjafr. 
Certys q«od .1. it is cler and opyn. fouj fat it were to J'^"*^'^,*. 
a blynde man. and fat shewedest fou me [ful wel] a ^[^"^Jl^t^^^ 

2348 preiof— prrkketh 

2317 d»r*Mi»»— dyrkenerae 

aiSO wif ovt—vith owtB 

23IIS y!wt«— de&uts 

S3M dos— HS. done, C. doD 

e)56 nuAff-maksii 

K57 ,/W»Bide— MS. Borselile 

2370 gmuniley-enmitK 

*o bar — Both urfl 
SS71 »o*d-MS.K.idf,C,saj 
2376 [fyl weiy-tnta C. 

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Km ta" iS*™' ^y**' ^^^ hytome. v/haa Jwn enforcedest Jie to shewe me 

™^"^j "^ Jje causes of fe Mae blyafulnesae IT For but yif I be by- 

uofftihtoiiB giled. ^an is f>ilke ^ verray perfit blisfulneese Jiat per- 

nnrdirinbia fitly makib a man suffiaaunt. mnty. honourable noble. 

SmMi^n^^ aw(? fill of gladnease. and for (lou shall wel knowe Jiat I 

W^Hidnim-'' haue vel vndiratouden ^ise ^inges wi^ inne myne berte. 

S%itj^oiu I knotre vel ^ilke blisfulnesse Jtat may veriayly jeuen 

w ffiS™""*' "^ °^ f® foraeide (linges eyn fei ben al oon .1," inowe 

2385 doutelee ])at [tilke ))ii^; is |)e MIe of blyefoluesse. P. 

vkauin,nroyid«d my nnny q««i she by ftia oppinioun quod she I 

l^wSTuthup *'y[^] f** f"*^ "^ l^li^"! yif foil PT*'''* ^i^ I»' •» 1"''' I 

S'.t'SytS.^^ Bhal seine, what ia fat qwod .1 IT Troweat Jiou fat 

liaftrtfaiih^ fer be any (ling in fis erfely mortal toumblyng JiingeB 

wtai j^). Jat may bryngen f is estot, Certys qwod I trowe it nat, 

J^jgJ^WJ^IJ* and f ou hast shewed me wel fat oner filte goode f er 

SS^JhSS'"' is no fing more to ben desired. P. fiae finges fan 

* bst itaingi (E^a qwod sha fat is to aeyne erfely suffisaunce and power. 

. »^tti»ii»*m and Bwiche finges eyfer fei semen likenesae of verray 

on^m top«^ goode. or ellys it semef fat fei jeuen to mortal folk a 

^S^SrtoS^ manet of goodes fat ne ben nat perfit. IT But filke 

luppinHs. goode fat is verray aitd pertit. fat may fei nat ^enen. 

"it*!™- Ixiice. L accorde me wel q«od .1. fan quod she for as 

bJ!i™u irSr«ns moche as foif haet knowen whiche is filke verray blia- 

miui[^>'£u^ fulneaae. and eke whiche fQke finges ben fat lien 

2401 falsly blisfulnesse. fat ia to aeyne. fat by desceit 

Surt"rr°' semen verray goodes. K Now byhouef f e to knowen 

■^ ■[•M.wii.] .. •whennea and where fou mowe Beek[e] filke verray 

ihewJiMMte? I>li8fulneasei IT Certya qziod I fat desijr I gretly and 

gS^JJI^^J' haue abiden longe tyme to herkene it IT But for as 

niSdtru nifliT moche quod she as it likef to my diaciple plato in his 

lUnmrutiw book of in thimeo. fat in ryjt lytel finges men sholde 

JSj^^^f"" byseohen fe helpe of god. % what iugeat fou fat be 

S377 butont—tntoia I W§8 wi i w acy n 

137B ^tMfWiKMe - H8. 2389 H^thisa 

blynawwgje, C. bljsftU- i390 mrf— n«wht 

nasse —" — 

S3M fly— omlttad 

aasfl iKtmr— norjo I 

»87 «air[aJ-Beje I 

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[now] to done ao ^at we may deserue to fynde (» sete of fl i«t m in-ovt 
Jiilke souereyne goode. B. IT Certya q?*od .1. I. deme rt^'^iail'puK- 
)rat we Bhulle clepen to fe fadir of alio goodee. IT Tor JS'S^.^""" 
wij) outeu hym uib ])eT oo J>mg founden aryjt. fo\i seiat HnVfrcTrtTuvBD 
a-ryjt quod she. and bygan on-ooe to ^ngen ryjt Jius. "h™ a"™»i 


A Jwu fadir creatour of teneue and of erfes Jiat S^frndlStsS 
'^ gouemeat fia worlde by perdurable reaoun Jiat com- Su^n^^Sw" I 
aundist Jte tymes for to gon from tyme fiat ^e had[dB] mga win b iiou- 
bygynnyng, fou )iat dwellest fi aelf ay atedfeat and [SnSiMbynoet 
stable and jiueat alle ofer finges to ben moened. ne ^ftBM^it'iL 
forein causes neceeaeden pe neuer to compoune werke |^'^ ^ ^ 
of floterynge mater, but only Jjo forme of eouereyne ^mS^^o^ 
goode y-aet wi|i inne Qiq] wif) outou envie ^at nioeued[e] b«rfiw hh 
fe frely. fou Jiat art alferfairest beryng fe fairs worlde *ithoB3it,iib™ 
in >i jioujt. formedest fia worlde to fe likkeneaae '^^^ 
sembiable of ))at Mre worlde ill )!i Jioujt. ))ou drawest ^Sl^'tomUia 
alle ))ingea of |ri aouereyne enaampler. and comaundedist BopnDitLuddnt 
fat Jiia worlde perfitlycbe ymaked haua frely and f* ^JZy^"*™^* 
absolut hyse perfit parties. ^ fou byndeat f e element} ^J^SrSa™' 
by noumbrea proporeionablea. fat fe colde fingea Siai ul >o k w* 
inowen accorde wif fe hote fingea. and f e diyo f inges mniMM ^jww Mi 
wif f e moyat finges. fat f e fire fat ia pureat ne fleye i^i> ".'^"^a,g 
nat oner heye. ne fat f e heuynesse ne drawe nat adoun f^ ^I'Si'tJ^™ 
oner lowe fe erfes fat ben ploonged in fe vatres. |i!Sgiitmiynot 
^ fou knytteet to-gidre fe mene sonle of treble kynde b^iut io»er 
moeuyng alle fingea. and diuideat it by membres ac- pj.'^' 'JiiJM'ii'''' 
cordynge, Tf And whan it is f ua diuided it haf as- ^' J,^^^^. 

W[<£«]— h«lil€ 

l§ olwr— ootlire 
19 Jorein—Toreynn 

to Mouaretns goodg — loutf- 

1421 oltierfaireH — ■Ider- 

Itf 9^ia vFOrlda— world 
na» ltikmeM&-iykaetaii 
1426 and abtolui—C. omits 

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M™f" whm'' ^rfn to hym owea eelf. ami eiiTiroue|> a fulle deep 
in'u nFD"i^°it ^a}t aTid tourni]) ^e heuene by Mmblable ymage. }kiu 
tdrningto iii^ by enenlyk cauBea enhmuteeab J)e eoulee and |ie laase 
^oBdmM ^™* '""' ablynge hem heye by ly^t[e] cartea. fon 
SSS^"* BBwesi hem in to henene awl in to erjw. and whan fei 
tarngh sum beQ coiiuertid to J)e by ^i benigne lawe. % fan makest 
nditavUfai, hom retome ^eine to J» by a^ein ledyng lijt. ^ O 
^^^^i^ijij iiidir yif f ou to fi Jtonjt to stien vp in to fi atreite sete. 
hwm^^MMii, <""^ graunte [hym] to enTironne fe welle of good, and 
Is t£>^uv ^ lyjte yfounde graunte hym to ficchen ]» clere syjtes 
neoiUiicauu. of hvs coiage in be. % And scatie bon and to-breke 
SmbS^ttj fio^] I* wey^tea omi fe clondes of er|i«ly heaynesae. 
gf^^j and shyne foa by \\ biyjtnes. for |k>u art ckmeBse Jion 
good. Ds^i uu art peieible to debonaire folke. ^ [wu )ii self art by- 
mon tha migiiu gynnynge. beteie. ledere. paj> and terme to loke on )ie 
Simli^^ [fat] is ouie ende. Glose. 2452 


^'iS^'^^] QDONUH laiTUR QUI BCIT.' [< Bad quilt.] 

S^^ttobfr* T?^ ** moche Jian as J»u hast seyn. whiche is Jw 
™J^|JS^ ■*■ forme of goods Jiat nys nat perflt at^ whiche is ]« 
wiMdkII^ foime of goode ])at is perfit. now trowe I fiat it were 
hMt hid * hMb- goods to shewe in what bia perfecci'ouM of blisfiilnesse is 

nil npnMBtulni ° r f 

JJJJg^^J!^ set, and in fis fing I trowe fat we sholden first enquere 
■Siidwr'^iii forto witen yif ])at any swiche manere goode as filke 
(km of UaniiiHH goode fat fou hast difflniaaed a lytel her byfome. fat 
Stops'" "*" is *•> seine souereyne goode may be founden in f e nature 
taBStmSmJ^ of finges. For fat veyne ymaginacioun of fon^t ne 
fS^' desceiue vs nat. atul putte vs cute of fe eofefastnesse 
Oh Tuoiij o( of f ilte finge fat is summyttid to va. fia is to seyne, 
i!h 'wmS'cS^^T* ''^^ '^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ denoyed fat f ilte goode ne is. 
iT™ iJlSS?^ ^ and fat it nis ryjt as a welle of alle goodea. f For 

IMS n*™]— from C. 
~"" anfitrtu — bryhtr 

bi (tTAfo— the atreJM 
MU rAtrm]— rrum 0. 
2MB lyjla— lyht 

po|>— MS 

whicfit — whFch 
wt-M8. Mtle, C. »et 

bd/uund^H — ben [bvade 

iva \>ii it In legite—C. om\t» 
tte* dmopad— us. deiiuyd' 

gjjtde—irnad ' 
SlDj of— as. of oT 

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al )<mg ))at is cleped inper&t. is proued uiper£t by Jie 
amenusynge of peHecoeoujt. or of Jiing fat is perflt. aitd I 
hsr of come)) it. ))at in euery Jiiiig generaL yif fiat. |)at > 
men seen any f>li^ Jiat is inperfit * certys in )<ilke general ^ 
])er mot ben somme ))ing |)at ia perfit. ^ For yif a 
be liat perfecci'oure is don awey. : 

nor seye fro irhennes filke Jiii^ ia Jiat is eleped inpeifit. ^^,;jiiii — 
TT JPo' fe nature of })ii^eB ne token nat her bygynnyng SS°iibMinuinib. 
of Jiingea amenused and iwperfit but it procedif of Stotte^sSo^t 
pingue ))at ben ol hool. and abaolut. and descended so thing*, if uun 
doune in to outerest finges and in to pingun empty and ^''^^'S^'^^ 
urif oute fniyt. but ae I haue shewed a litel her byfome. JJ^^'^'S^^ 
bat yif ber be a blisfulnease bat be frele and vein and. thtifeiuMiit-" 

: „ ' , ,,, .idsi. ThiiGoai. '") 

mperfit Jier may no man doute. ^t fer nys som blis- tt«g»fmnorof»ii ' 
fulnesse fat ia sad stedfast and perfit. b. f ia is conclndid ^(^"JS^'^ 
quod I fermely and sofefeatly, P. But considero SSngm«7™ 
also quod ahe in wham fis blisfulnease enhabitef. pe 2433 
commune acordaunce and conceite of pe iioragea of men H^hJ^'^n" 
prouej) and graunteji pat god pTince of alle Jtingwa is SuMiielool""' 
good. 1[ For so aa no ping ne may ben fou^t bettre pan inoi«t»tMiiHiiii 
god. it may nat ben douted pan pat [he pat] no ping is '^]^^^ 
bettre. fat he nys good. ^ Certys reaoun shewep fat ^n'^Jiif, 
god is so goode Jtat it prouep by vertay force pat perfit Kuiwotidiiiiim, 
goode is in hym. fl For yif god ne b awiche. he ne JJi^^JJ^' 
may nat ben prince of alle pinges. for certis som pu^ ihfm^STgwS 
posaesayng in hym self perfit goode sholde ben mor6 ^ys'U?^^ 
t>an god. and [it] aholde seme fat pilke pii^ were first "^^'^jSo*' '" 

and elder pan god. IT For we ban shewed apertly fat IbjI^MSmf [ 
alle pinges pat ben perfit. ben first or pingea pat ben in- JlS-™^]!^' 
perfit If And for pi for as mocha as [that] my reaoun wiU man^ ™ 

womml codIMb 

or my pnjces ne go nat awey wipoute an ende. we gJJt^liruSriwL 
oujt[e] to graunten pat pe souereyne god is ryjt ful of ^tego^'™' 

Mas at HiW— *lle tUns 
M68 her iff oomtli — losr of 

M73 toksn—torA 

ain tBi[i note fnvt—vMt 

2180 ttalfatt-tiyiKlKA 
MSI Jinjislj'— M8. /eimely, 
0, (ormelj 

(0 bi/Wtlv— withfutlr 

H wttn—oii bcttrv 

ffooife— good 

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And u ve hme souerejne perfit goode. and we ban establiased fat f o 
h.pp^S^''it'Sf- souereyne goode is verrey blisfalnease. fan mot it nedes 
mMjniiix™ ben [fat verray blysfiiLneese is] yset vt souereyne god. 
Tin^ Bntieiiia B. fia take I Tel quod .1. ne fis ne may nat be wif seid 
J^jMfl^ in no manere. ^ But I preie }>e quod ahe see now how 
M^^iS"" Jwi majst proaen holily and wif-outen corrnpciouM fis 
ttortwai arp«<- fat I haae Beid. fat f e souereyne god is lyjt ful of 
iToBtSithu ^"^s'^y^s goode. [In whych manere q«od I.] wenest 
UillSoo^fr™^ ^^ *^'*'* 1'*'^ ^^ J"** ^'* p»™<* of alle fingeahane 
muat"iSie>etfa" ytake filke souereyne good any wbere fan of bym self. 

2508 H of wbicbe souereyne goode men prouef fat be is fill 
oSiiit ihM*dS' "yjt as f ou mutest finken. fat god fat haf blisfdnesse 
Vutwahnnccn- in bym self, and fat ilke blisfulnesse fat is in bym 
JjnjiWn^m™ wcTC diuers in snbstaunce. If For yif f ou wene fat 
^BD^iiid'tJ'' S°^ htM^ receyued filke good oute of bym self, fou 
udi> w«nw^ mayat wene fat he fat jaf filke good to god. be more 
goode fan ia god. ^ But I am byknowen and confesse 
and fat ryjt dignely fat god ia ryjt worf i abouen alle 
\ f inges. ^ And yif so be fat f is good be in hym by 
dUbringoufriHn natui*. but fat it is diuers from [hym] by wenyng 
Mwll^w'^feil rcsoun. syn we speke of god prince of alle finges feyne 
MttaulrSiS"' '''^° ^ feyne may. who was be fat [hath] conioigned 
'wUch It ii sup. fise diuers f inges to-gidre. and eke at fe la8t[e] ee 
^p^atnur," wel fat o fii^ fat ia dluera from any f ing. fat filka 

2522 fing nis nat fat same fing. fro whicbe it is vndir- 
ehitTgood uanot stonden to ben diu^rs. fan folwef it. fat filke fing fat 
S^d ta? '^ ^^ ^y* nature ia dyuera from aouereyne good, fat fat 

td pnrftauA uiDB 

fing nys nat souereyne good, but eertya fat i 
felonous coisednesae to finken fat of bym. fat no fing 
3tf e. Tor alwey of alle f ingea. fe nature 


ib. Google 


of hem ne may nat ben l>etter fan Mb bygyjinyng. Ji.'^t'^how 
^ For wHche I may concladen by ryjt aeiraj tesoun, ES^^'ort^ 
fat filke fat is bygynnyng of alle finges. filke eamp wnd^ timttiis 
fing is good in his Hnbstamice. B. fou haat eeid J^^^XUbrtlSSi* 
fully quod .1, P, But we han graimted qwod she fat ^SSti^uj ' 
Bonereyne good is blyafulnes. fat is sofo quod .1. fan p. BotTmiiaTe 
■ quod she mote we nedes giaunten and confesaen fat ^"^'J^f^^ 
filke same soaereyne goode be god. % Certys 'qMod '™[.°".'^.] 
.L I ne may nat denye ne wif stonde f e resouna pur- Kt™. wi(%! 
posed, and I see wel fat it folwef by strengf e of fe "i™ ft^jfram 
premisses. ^ Loke nowe quod she yif f is be proued .b^Jj" f^. 
[yit] more fennely foe. ^ I'^'' I"^ ^^ mowen nat ben SmconrtiMniiy 
two aouereyne goodea fat ben diuerse amo[n]ges hem inthiiTieir/Siu 
self, fat on is nat fat fat ofer is. fan [ne] mowen ^SLr 
neif ei of hem ben perfit. so as oyfer of hem lakkif to Fi^utopSta thut 
ofir. but fat fat nia nat pemt men may seen apertly dubr one aumoi 
fat it nis nat aouereyne. fe finges fan fat ben ^j(jr'"n'^^ 
Bouereynely goode ne mowen by no wey ben diuerse. 2545 
% But I hane wel conclude fat hhafulnease and god ben whsn ddb nuta 
[the] Bouereyne goode. For wMche it mot nedes be fat ^^J'^i^,°5,J^ 
souereyne blisfolnesse b souerey[ne] dyuynite. ^ No SS^^JSuL 
fing q«od I nis more sof efaat fan f is ne more fenne by «aBii§^ dubr- 
reaoun. ne a more worfi bing fan god may nat ben beemhowntiuc 

• • " • " •' QoiaDititfisi- 

conclnded. P. vpon fiBe fix^es fan q«od she. ryjt as ^i^^^ 
f ise geometrieus whan f ei han shewed het praposiciouns » 
ben wont to bryngeii in finges fat fei clepen porismes ■ 

fe here as a corolarie or a mede of o 
for as moche as by fe geijnge of blisfolnesse men ben JiSS^l'lKude- 
maked blysfoL and blisfulnesse is dioinite. % fan is i^^iuiig iixa a 
it manifest and open fat by fe getyrag of diuinite men ^^^^^T J? 
ben makid blisfuL ryjt as by f e getynge of iustice . . . ^^'i^, ^a 

isis e<a«^bettre 

MMr^n-rromO. --. .--.. 

2MlS(l)-iiis /«n»-U8. forme, G- l3iU <c 

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93 THE HAPPY HAN 18 A OOD. [fumeV 

jJU^J^^MSy in<i by [wgetyng of sapience Jiei ben maked wise. ITI^Ht 
ivtbtiOMinmrnA 80 nedes by ^e eemblable reBoiui whan ^ei ban getyn 
■nmidiWiir. diuinite ]>ei ben maked goddye. ^an is eueiy blid'nl 
gjjj^^^jyjj- man god. ^ But certis by natoie. )ier nys but oon god. 
S^J^J'JJ'JJ^ but by pe participaciouRS of diuinite fere ne lettej) ne 
^mutn(l» disturbe)) no fing fat fer ne ben many goddes. V ]>is 
^WrfMwn, is quod .L a faire fing and a precious, fl" Clepe it as 
SHn]LV£3.iw ^^ ''**^'' ^ '^ ""M^lt^ie or porisme or mede of coroone 
.^fo?: bS'ta^ or declarynges f Certys qwod she no fing nis ikirer. 
~*t^^^^u*ri fan is fe fii^ fat by resoon sbolde ben added to fiee 
•HBH^Euw- foraeide fingea. what fing quod .L f So qtwd she as 
(Mwi^n^tw*'^ it semef fat blisfulnesse oontenif many f ingoe. it were 
vtuthtrtiiaH forto witen whefir [fat] alle fise fii^es maken or 
joSSrSlbo&of ""^"ioignen as a maner body of blysfiilnesse hy diuersite 
2574 of parties or [of] membria. Or ellys yif any of alle 
f like f ingtM be swyche fat it acomplise by bynt self f e 
substaunce of blisfulnesse. bo fat alle fise ofet finges 
ben referred and btoi^t to bliefiilneeee. fat is to seyne 
iutiunMiar»a as to f chief of hem. ^ I wolde quod I fat fou 
"- '!^^^ makedeat me clerly to Tndiistonde what fou seiat. and 
'^^?^?!- fat fou recordest me f e forseide finges. ^ Eaue I nat 
ed quod she. fat blisfulnesse is goode. jis foisofe 
— „ — , ._ qwod .1. and fat soueieyne goode. ^f Adde fan qwod 
^^"UimS ^^^ ^^^ goode fat is maked blisfulnes to alle fe for- 
»<r«!'EiiwliH ^^^ finges. f For filke same bliafiilnesse fat is 
tmi^i^^^ domed to ben souereyne suffisaunce. filke self is 
tdtum*. Wbat soueieyno power, souereyne reuerence. souereyne cler- 
«jiwmi?»mr ^^^^ °^ noblessB and souereyne delit. what seist fou 
uuSmdu" *" t^^ '^^ ^^ I'i^ finges, fat is to seyne. sufBsanoe power 
of Mioivp or •» and fise ofei finges. ben bei fan as membiie of blisful- 
»ae "SS?*" nesse. or ben f ei referred and broojt to souereyne good. 
J^diS"? IT Kj}'' "s *11^ finges fat ben broujt t-o f e chief of hem. 

KM (eUs)>— let 

wai jnrittHe—IIS. pouams. 

M74 [q/T— Inm a 
Kn o)wi — oothri 

Q goode — good 

ib. Google 

ambVI oood, the bule and hquahh of thisob desirable. 93 
b. I Tndiistonde wel quod .1. what bou purposeat to s. imwhat 

iJ^jT jonara almiiiK it, 

eeke. bat I desiji[e] to herkene fat pou ehewe it me. "J ' "" i^nirou* 
p. Take now fuB fe discregaiouK of Jiis quealiouw quoi p^iSfulae 
ahft yif al fise Jtinges qwod she weren membris to aSmS 
felicite. pen weren jiei diuerse f>at oon fio fat ofer. wo^imerHte 
TT And Bwiche ia fe natwro of porties or of membria. JJjivJ^mESio 
put dyaerae membria compcmnen a body, ^f Certia SKtaa*™''' 
quod I it haf wel ben shewed her byfome. fat alle fiee au t^BHtuagi 
{tinges ben alle on fing. fan ben fei none membris quod ^ctsrim'ow »» 
8he. for eLys it abolde eeme fat bliBfiilnease were ^'^, w^i. 
Gonioigned *al of one membre alone, but fnt ia a fing neJ^hi'w 
bat may nat ben doon, bia fing quod .1. nye nat msmber— wwch 

' I t ° ^ ■'Ij ahturd and 

doutoue. but I abide to heikene fe remenannt of fe ^xui'l'donM 
queetioun. fis ia open and clere quod she. fat alle ofei Mhu^tw^^^i. 
finges ben referred and bron^t to goode. ^ For fer- ibors-nientiDncd 
foM is BoffiBaunce requered. For it is demed to ben 2607 
good, and forf i ia power requered. for men trowen also SaMolr^ "'' 
fat it be goode. and f ia same fing mowe we finken atid S^iS^C"' 
coueiten of reoerence and of noblesse and of delit. ban "* fn^, '.v i 

' good. OODdLlUW 

is .sonereyne good f e soume and pe cause of alle fat SSg^^'iSliLrod. | 
aujt[e] be desired, forwhi f ilke fing fat wif-holdef no <«^i» m, Rind, / 
good in it self ne semblaunce of goode it ne may nat '^'v^^^ "^ i 
wel in no manere be desired ne requeied. aiid fe con- S,^^S?iSSI;. 
trarie. For fouj fat finges by hir nature ne ben nat da^Kibuuue 
goode algatee yif men wene fat fei ben goode ;it ben nS^oS^ 
fei desired as f ouj [fat] fei were verrayly goode. and S^°^j" 5^ 
ferfore is it fat men au)ten to wene by ryjt fat bounte ^'^^"^ 
be Bouereyne fyn and fe cause of aUe bingee fat ben to oMmofonrdB- 
requeren. ^ But certia filke fat is cause for whiche j^Sj'^'f "f, 
men requeren any fing. ^ it aemef fat filke same ^^^^^^^m 
fing bo most desired, as fua yif fat a wy;t wolde lyde thsridehewuH. 
for cause of bele. he ne deairef nat so mycbel f e uiutary aHHu. 


SMS fim dMM— be don 

wot eltrt— Bier 

obeT-— oothre 

2006 goodt—ftood 



ib. Google 

9* GOD A HAVEH OP REST. [Sct"io:. 

an»«uo^w moeuyi^ to lyden as ^ ofFect of his heele. Now yon, 
oindTihS'c^uuii ^y° )*** "^^ finges ben requeted for f e grace of good. 
tbrn^SrS* liei ne ben [nat] desired of alle folk more fan fe same 
•hcwnuiusui^ good Y But we ban graunted fat bljafulnesse is fat 
^oiiir^reMd f ing for whicbe fat alle fiee ofer finges ben desired. 
2629 fan is it f us fat certis only blisfulnease ia requeied avd- 

Iuiidsurthur" desired If ^y wbiche fing it ahewef clerely fat good 
nmireeHBn- and blisfulnesse is al oone and fe same sabstaunce. 
tUiUy Uia nine. ' 

Siifctffom^ Tf leenat quod I wber fore fat men myjt[en] diaeorden 
^oredS^od in Jiis- P- aiid we ban shewed fat god and veirey blys- 
identinfiHid fulnesse IB al oon fing ^ fat is sofe <^od .1. fan 
TJi^f' ''iK'°b- •"^"'"'S ^^ conclude siterly fat f e subataunce of god ia 
SmOiommm ^^* •n filke same good and in noon ofer place. 263C 

SupTflDe Good. 


pBufntm '' "" A Comef alle to-gidre now je fat ben ycaujt and 

■ndfatiiMd '-' jbounde wif wieked[e] cheinee by fe deceiuable 

S^™^ delit of erf ely f ingea inhabytynge in joure f oujt. here 

^^mTwhm shal ben fe reste of joure laboures, here is fe hauene 

^ weuritj. stable in peisible quieto. f is al oone ia f e open refut to 

[Chaocsr'KriMi r i » j i 

2642 wreches. Gloea. f is is to aeyn. fat je fat ben com- 
?^iL gold of bred and deceyued wif worldly affecciouws comef now 
""i^i'dV *^ f"^ souereyne good fat is god. fat is refut to hem fat 
™ntlj^iStftom ■wolen come to hym. Texlvs. t Alle fe f ingea fat fe 
bn"™thS""^ ryuere Tt^us jiuef ?ow wif his golden[e] grauele, or 
snQbZm^oT ellys aUe fe fyi^ea fat fe ryuere hermu«. ^iuef wif his 
''^■s'°^iiy ^^^ brynke. or fat yndus jiuef fat ia nexte fe bote 
tatXWit partie of fe worlde. fat medelef fe g^ene stones 
UuhMTfflS''" (smaragde) wif fe white (margarits). ue sholde nat 
BiHiifibaKDL cleren fe lokynge of ^oure fo^t. but hiden rafer ^oure 
^^t'gjl'M blynde corages wif irane hire dirkenesae IT Alle fat 
^J^JiiSSSto. likef jow here and excitif and moouef joiire fou^tes. 

2B3* inYe—soth 

^idRne Kn>iiii;li4 
17 bjffliTM— MS. ryngea, 0. 

thinges . 

k^miiM— M8. hennM, C 

jf bljsfulnew 

M^ uDrI<%— worldcly 

dbv Google 


fe erbe hab noryB^Bd it in hys lowe caues. but be a. i u«nt, and 
ahynyng ny fe whiehe fe heuene ib gouemed and »•«'" — ' — 

wliennea J«t it haf hys strengfe fat chasef fe derke 5"»^4''JSi^iu 
"ouerfrowyng of |)q aoule. T And who so euer may i^„^*^S'ffi 
knowen bilke lytt of blisfulnease. he ehal wel seine bat b. i ahmM >siae 
fe white bemea of Jie eonne ne ben nat deer. 2659 {"j^J^.l^ ^ 


&8SEK010R IN4I7^U OUNOTA. Boioe. mrarTlgngiH^ 


T aaBeiit[e] me qwod ,L Por alle Jiise finges ben ^i^eiaci- 
■'■ Btron^y bonndea wif ryjt ferme resoans. how {^"^SS^y^ 
mychel wilt fou preisen it qi*od she. yif Jat fou Se^h^'^S^ 
knowe what Jiilke goode ia, I wol prdse it qt«?d I by bofuw laid down 
price wif outen ende. ^ yif it shal bytyde me to Aiei™iuio"ii 
knows alao to-gidr© god fat is good. ^ certye qjiod she ^own *u't?e 
fat shall do fe by verray resoun. yif fat fo fiugesfat nutiortvofman' 
I hane coiiclude[d] a litel her by •fome dweUen oonly [• m. iat!] 
in hir fiist[e] graimtyBg. Boiee. fei dweUen graunted gggS 
to fe qafld J. f ia is to eeyne ae who eeif .1. graunt fi |iSd?to?ih^ 
foiseide concluaioun^ ^ Hane I nat shewed fe quod anaUiui >nd 
she fat fe finges fat ben requeted of many folke. ne '^L^jJ'^"^ 
ben nat vorray goodcs ne perfit. for fei ben diueree fat ^"Jfh^toM" 
oon fro fat ofer. and so as eche of hem is lakkyng to S°J«Sfowii,2^' 
ofer. fei ne ban no power to bryngen a good fat is ful ihiafuMdummn 
and absolute. ^ But fan atte arst ben fei vertay good J^^^i^ 
whan fei ben gadred to^dte al in to a forme and in SScylfMSSi- 
to OOQ wirchyng. so fat filke fing fat is BufBsannee. umnnotH!* 
filk same be power and reuerence. and noblesse and 2678 
mirfa ^ And forsof e bat alle f ise finges ben alle o El'tf to^,™*^ 
same fing fei no ban nat whet by fat fei mowen ben ^™why a^id 
put in fe nomnbre of finges. fat ai^ten ben requered mmg dairaWB 
or desired, b. ^ It is shewed q»«)d .1. ne her of may S^'i^f,.™ 
fer no man douten. p. fe finges fan qiwd she fat ne mM^^^ 

WM cKae\> fe darha — e> 
cbueth toe dyrke 

10 o*mitfr#]— I 

wai jm(— MS. piiti*. c. r 

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iii'^'teoDDM ^^ ^"^^^ goodee whan fei ben diueraa and whan pei 
a>Mik£n!if^ bygynnen to ben al o Jiiug. pan ben )<ei goodes. ne 
tiiiirbdi«i»i comi^ it hem nat f>an by )ie getynge of anite Jiat pm ben 
r ito" ^mSii '"^'^^ goodea, 6. so it seme]) qwrxl ,L but alle fing Jat ' 
StttalSSbfr ^^ S*""^ q»od Bho grauntert Jou Jtat it be good by par- 
t^IiS^wfon ticipacKinn of good or no. % I grannt[e] it quod .1. 
gaodiiTiw? ^ Jjan mayet fou graniit[en] it qaod ahe by Hembleable 
mtKt'iSS^ resoTin fat oon and good ben o same f ing. fl" ^"r of 
mm(^H»nSi- fiDges [o(] whiche fat Jie, effect nis nat naturely diueise 
itain^nmuu nedys pe eubstaunc« mot ben o same fbige. I ne may 
SStoduSii 'ai ^^^ "ieiye it <iftod I. % East Jiou nat knowen wel qwod 
^^™nSp»: ^^^' f** ^ f'^S )'*'' i^ 'i*!' ^° longe hia dwellyng (M«i 
Si!l-htA^' his Bubstaunca as longe is it oone, If ^^^ wha»» it 
•oiuKHUm- forletif to ben oone it mot nedis dien and corrumpe to- 
£i."t*™"di.- ^^^ ^ ^ whiche manero qwod .1. 1" Eyjt as in 
KuttBiil^ °™'' hcestes q:^ she. whan [re soule and fe body ben 
2700 conioigned in oon and dwellen to-gidre it is cleped a 
aiiSmLtoS" ^^^^ ""*^ whan hire vnite is destroied by dissenerannce 
iIS/^miS° ^ft oon fram pat ojiir. fan shewef it wel fat it is a 
onMUi brine dede fing. and fat it is no lenger no besto. ami fe 
°h**^mioo ^^7 °^ arwyjt while it dwellef in oon fonne by con- 
ie^^mof"'" innecioure of membris it is wel seyn fat it is a figure of 
i^!!^iDdia mankynde. aud yif fe partyes of fe body ben [so] 
ThtHurnvbe diuide[d] and disseuered fat oon fro fat ofit fat fei 
g'j'**™^^ desttoien vnite. f e body forletif to ben fat It was by- 
bu»>mii!tbM forne- ^ And who so wolde renne in f e same manere 
ui£n^imHiTH by allefinges he aholde seen fat wif outen doute euery 
«wm&^ fiuge is in his substannce as longe as it is oon. gtuI 
SJiaSoFToue. ^^^^^ •* forietif to ben oon it dief and perissif. boice. 
oiiw ^Si^ whan I oonsidce qu<>d I many f ii^s I see noon ofer. 
~a> tiiii dad^ IT Is fer any fing f anne qttod she fat m aa moche aa 
it lyuef naturely. fat forletif fe appetit or talent of 

dede — ded 

Z7I3 auMy— muije 

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hye b^nge. and desire)! to come to deef and to cor- f;J^^^. 

rupcioiM, IT yif I considere quod I fe beeetes pat ban j|^^y!.'h, 'Sll 

any manere nature of willynge or of nillynge I ne cotutr^nt. n- 

fynde no ping, but yif it be constreyned &o wip out "''™'''^^*^' 

foipe. pat fotletip or diepieep to lyue and to duren a'^^Ji^^ 

01 pat wole hie pankea hasten hynt to dien. % For b^Litmi.'i 

, , , , , , , m ioobWUl whe. 

euery beeat trauaylep hym to defende and kepe pe 2722 

saauacioun of lijf. ojnf eachewep deep and destrucctoun. S™'iho«nw' 

6, but certya I douto me of herbea and of trees, pat is lor itw in™ no 

to seyn pat I am in a doute of swiche pinges as herbes KJ^JJ^j^JJ^ 

or trees pat ne ban no felyng aoule. ne no naturel S™forao5«in 

■wircbynges seruyj^ to appetite as boestes ban wheper iStfmd'i™ 

pei ban appetite to dweUen and to duren. ^ Certie ™iieni pi«« o, 

quod she ne per of par pe nat doute. IT Now look f^J^" """ 

vpon piae herbes and piae treee. pei waxen firste in llS»ttruS™,md 

swicbe place as ben couenable to hem. in whiche place TpwtaUngi tor 

pei ne mowen nat sone dien ne dryen as longe as hire ^"^'"i^™^ 

nature may defenden hens. ^ For some of hem waxen JJ^^JSm? 

in feldes and some in monwtaignea, and ofir waxen in SSu iS^"^' 

mareis. [A l&tflogt here, and supplied from C] 2735 unngii*"^*- 

[and oothre cleuyn on Eoches / and soiune waxen plenty- foJji^'JniS^^ 

uos in sondes / and yif pat any wyht enforce hym to ^,^1^5;^ 

beryn hem in to oother placea/they wexen drye // For theirHma. Nand 

nature yeueth to euery thing pat / pat is connenient to piuiu «n aata- 

hym and trauaylitb pat they ne dye nat as longe as they j^ '"'S'Soths 

ban power to dwellyn and to lyuen // what woltow seyn ^^^^™*'''* 
of this / pat they drawen alle hyr noiysshynges by hyr J^tS^ST*''' 

rootes / ryht as they haddyn hyr Mowtbes I.-plounged tiuir 'marrow ? 

wi'tA in the erthes / and ahedyn by hyr maryea (i. me- S^^^'SJ.' 

dullo^} hyr wode and hyr hart / and wliat woltow seyn uSJn™ 

of this pat thilke thing / pat is ryht softe as the marye (i. t 

aapp) is / pat is alwey hidd in the feete al w*tA inne and wi wiui »ani >nd 
pat it is defendid fro witA owte by the etidefastnesse of ^^^™^i^^ 

wode // and J>at the vttereate bark ia put ayenia the des- iJLltoe'!'"™' '^^ 

!fl Jfwi— loka 

uii(,fijrt>«--o»ie forth I Wl aMW(i(a-- *ppeHte« I aTSi ojrir— oothre 

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^ni^^ ■ tempnuince of the heuene / as a defendowr myhty to suf- 

2751 fren harm / ami thus certes maystow wel sen / how gret is 

manapdafir the dUJgeiice of nature / For alle tfainges lesoaelea and 

"*^ta^ pupUisenhemwitftseed.L-tiniltiplyed/iietherniBnomaii 

SfcoS'to ™Sn P'*'' ^^ ^°^ ""^ l^* ^^ ^^ ^^^ ■^^^ ^ * foundement artd 

Snnftr ««" odyficefor to duren / nat only for a tyme / bat lyht aa forto 

hute a to wiut b duren psrdniablely by geoeiacyoun // taid the thingea ek 

^AbitaK*"^ Jiatmenwenennehaueu none aowles/ne desire they natech 

^^^^ of hem by 8em[b]lable resoun to kepynfat that is hire /Jwt 

wSSi to'StS^ ^ ** ^y^ P"'' is acordynge to hyr natm-e in conseraadoiin 

tend tawHd. ibi of hyr beynge and endurynge // For wher for elles berith 

2761 lythnesae the fiaumbes vp / and the weyhte presseth the 

Sw^ttdM erthe a-doun // but For aa moche as thilke places and 

^^wy»^« thilke moeuynges ben couenable to enerich of hem // 

tnUMwEm^s '^"'^ foreothe euery thing kepith thilke Jwit is acordynge 

S(l%i«!iioon^ '^^ propie to hym // rybt aa thinges ^t ben contiaiyes 

•hHtnvtit Doue and esomys coiompen hem // and yit the haide thinges 

•««>^j»wjg™ as stoones clyuen and holden hyr partyes to gydere 

gJ'^jJSI^ rybt faste and harde / and deffenden hem in withstond- 

ttli«i.'niAu>iT enge fat they ne departe nat lyhtly a twyne // and the 

«ij>^^»««nii thinges fat ben softs and fletyr^ as is water and Eyr 

2771 they departyn lyhtly // ami yenen place to hem fat 

niterijreftueiiiiH biokyn or deuyden hem // but natheles they retorneM' 

- sone ayein m to the same thinges fro whennee they ben 

mbUib md In- ' ne L ne trete nat heere now of weleful moeiiyi^es of the 
hnrooTDHiaimh- eowle bat is knowynge // but of the natorel entencioun 

OOttMnkillgorit, ' J o II 

Sil'inriMD™ "^ thii^es // As thus lybt as we Bwolwe the mete fat we 

SiSl™TKto£o( resseyuen and ne thinks nat on it / and as we dtawen 

not Srt™d fnxo owre breth in slepynge fat we wite it nat whil we slepyt // 

irtu, but tnm Fop ccrtes in the beestya the lone of hyr lynynges ne of 

278 1 hyr beeinges ne comth nat of the wilnynges of the sowle// 

thS^'roJ'ihe but of the bygynnyngis of nature // For certee thorw 

ptHTBrfui rwoiu, constreynynge causes / wil desireth and embraceth ful 

WW piip«i»nt-H. publii- I WW atyme—'B. oou'trme I t77i lfltet\}—rroio H. 

ih^ii) 275S that— H. omits U7TS khI^/U— H. viirull* 

UK edt/fim—liS. eflyflte 1 Aire H. bi» 1 3T7S lU^tt—B. alepea 

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p2wb^i.] the will 13 anpBraOB to ikstinct. 99 

ofte tyme / the deth fat nature dredith // that is to seyn SSS^^a ^^. 
aa thus that a maa may ben conatreynyd so by som th^u'^M^"" 
cause that his wil desireth and taketh the deth which it. And, on tbe 
Jat nature hateth and dredeth ful sore // And som. tyme ^'^ °°?S^^hicb 
we seeth the contrarye / as thus that the wil of a wight / S«%'penSBi£ 
destorbeth and conetreyneth ^at pat nature deeireth / and >tnuL<i ty tbe 
lequereth al-wey//that is to sein the werkof generacioum/ ^SmtaaoTiS 
by the whiche genwacbun only / dwelleth and is eas- 2791 
tenyd the longe durablete of mortal thinges // And thus t 
this charito and this Lous pat euery thing hath to hym \ 
self ne comth nat of the moeuynge of the eowle / bat of ^ 
the entenciouM of nature // Por the purujance o 
hat yeuen to thinges fat ben creat of hym / this fat is ^JS'aw'tiSrB 
a ful gret cauBe / to lyuen ami to duien / for which they MSwttfu^wi 
desiren natmelly hyr lyf as longe as euer they mowen // thsn*™, m-m 
Fop w[h]ych thou maist nat drede by no manere / that 2799 
alle the thinges / that ben anywhere / that they ne re- l^'^uidar^i 
i^ueren naturelly / ^e fenne stablenesse of penlurable £. voubBvenuda 
dwellynge / and ek tbe eschuynge of destruccyoun // B // £|[S^^SS£l 
now confesse L wel quod I. that L see wel now certeynly/ ^ SybiSST" 
wi'tA owte dowtes / the thinges that whylom semeden ^^uf rawm** 
vncerteyn to me / P.// but quod she thiike thyng fat pewi™u unity ' 
desirctfi to be and to dwellyn peniurabloly / he desireth '"^'* "IS^t 
to ben oon // For yif fat that oon weete dcstroied // cettes 2807 
beince ne shulde ther non dwellyn to no wiht // that t™ : 
is sotfi qv'id I. // Thanne quod she desiiin alio thinges ^^j" "^ i''"*- 
oon // .L asaente quod .1. jj and I haue shewyd quod she p_ un^^m le 
that thiike same oon is thiike that is good // B // ye for- S°y^ " '°°*' 
sothe quod I. // Alle thinges thanne i^uod she requyren thin«( aesire gnw! 
good // And thiike good thanne [fow] maist descryuon 2813 
ijht thus // Good is thitke thing fat euery wyht dc- iMt lu mSurw 
sireth // Ther ne may be thowbt quod .1. no moore b. ndtntnjt ti 
verray thing / for cither alle thinges ben referred and m^iS\S^ 

browht to nowht / and 9oteryn wi'tA owte gouemour Mve'noteUlJon 

STss Ke<A~H. leenl [ ZTM Ao^H.haae I durably 

mi— H.willB 380C>tt«— H. t>o 2807 d«(roi**-H. deatraed 

»798 A)uh-a. ta I 2SM perdarabltlt-B.. per- I 2811 OiiUu (1)-H. ilka 

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100 THE END OF ALL THINGS. [Sb?i'i. 

'"dTdMtitaBrf' despoiled of oon / as of hir propre heucd / or ellea yif 

with'offi^ilmior tliw b® ^ny thinge / to which fat alle thingea tenden 

Unrt^b) and hyen / that thii^ mo8t« ben the souereju good of 

g4ttirtra*ta alle goodea / P /. thanne seyde she thus // my nony 

£- ^5^ 'J^ qwod ate I haue gret gladnessB of the // For thow 

SimbffliTttl?"' haat fichched in thin herte the myddel sothtfastnease // 

tSjiiiinowyoQ that is to seyn the prykke // but thia thing hath ben 

2825 descouered to the / in that thow seydyat fat thow 

i(.whittw«ui»tp wyateat nat a lytel her by-fom // what wae that qwai 

p.TtaBnd >aaa I. // That thow ne wyateet nat quod ahe whych was 

^™j_^j>^™ the ende of thinges // and Certes that is the thing fot 

SSMta'S'tw^g euiwy wiht deaireth // and for as mochel as we han 

ttmccm oooa ii gadeiid / and comprehendyd that good Is thUke thing 

I***!"- that is desited of alle / thanne moten we nedee con- 

2832 feeeun / that good is the fyn of alle thinges. 


^■i^««J» "nrHo ao that sekith aotB by a deep tht^ht And 
li^Smlig'ioTO coueyteth nat to ben deseyuyd by no mys-weyes // 

^3k<»'Ms™u1n- lat hym rollen and trenden witfe Inne hym self/ the Lyht 
Mdtaniiiukiiier of hia inward syhte // And lat hym gadere ayein en- 
•ooiitHic clynynge in to a eompas the longe moenyngee of hys 

Tha knoiTitdga thowhteB / And lat hym techen hia coi^e that he hath 
i^irniijuriuit sncloaed and hyd / in his treeors / al fat he compaaeth or 
the'mhST* ** aetith fto witA owte // And thanne thilke thing that the 

2841 blake cloude of errour whilom hadde y-couered /ahal 
iheU^ofTniih lyhten more cterly thanne phebtM hym self neshyneth// 
do^'widUiiu ^^°^ II "''o ^ ^"^'^ aeken the dep[e] grounde / of aoth 
ih2J5!?Kin! "• ^i^ thowht / and wol nat be deceyuyd by falae pro- 

' poeiciouna / that goon amya fro the trouthe // lat hym wel 
examine / and rolle witA inne hym aelf the natxire and 

2847 the propretea of the thing // and lat hym yit eft aonea 
e and rollen hia thowhtes by good deliberacioun 

381S ftnud or tiUa—tL hede \ 1SS8 M*—B. bta I 

or eti tha(~H. and [lot I 

asSO^M— H. h^anlto £S41 AroJlB— H. blak : 

moata—a. muat I AoiMa y-covertd—B^ hnd I : 

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or that he deme // and lat hym techen his eowie that it 2840 

hat by natuiel pryncyplia kyndeliche y-hyd with in 

it self alle the tiowtbe the whiche he ymagynmi to ben [chuc«[-> dm ] 

in thii^ea vith owte // And thanne alle the dyrknease of 

his myBknowynge Bhal seen more euydently to [)>e] 

syhte of his VEdyrstondynge thanne the aonne ne semy th 2854 

to [fe] ayhte with cmte forth / For certee the body PMwhHithstiodr 

biyngyi^ the weyhte of foryetynge / ne hath nat chasyd JP^ ST™!^^"" 

owtof jowrethowhtealtheelemeseoofyo-wreknowyng// tamtrStt^a*" 

For certeynly the seed of sooth haldith and clynoth Ths'mrmioftimui 

vfitA in yowre corage / and it is a-waked and excited by SiJ^intoocuon 

the wynde and by the blastea of doctryne // For where Mh^ESSmi^. 

for elles demen ye of yowre owne wyl the ryhtes whan 2861 

ye ben axed // bnt yif so were ))at the noiysayngea of Wtn not tnith 

Msoun ne lyuede .I.-plowngyd in the depthe of yowrc ^'jjiu'il^jlh 

herte // this [ia] to seyn how eholden men demen fe "^"f^"™!!? 

aooth of any thing Jwt weere axed / yif ther neere a 

Boote of sothfastncaae pat weere yplowngyd and hyd in 2866 

the nature[l] pryncyplis / the whiclie aothfastnesse 

lyued witft in the depnesse of the thowght // and yif ^f what piuo 

eo be Jtttt the Muse and the doctryne of plato syngyth ^]^j^^°^ 

Booth // al Jiat eaery whyht lemeth / he ne doth no S^iSbS""^ 

thing ellea thanne bnt recordeth as men recordyn thinges 

Jwt ben foryetyn. 2872 


fTHanne aeide I thns // 1 aooide me gretly to plato / for piuoTopl^!^ 
-*- thow remenbrist and recordist me thise thincea yitl > ^^^ t'in« "- 

* ■' J called thBM things 

'pe secondo ^me. fat ia to seyn. firat whan I lost[e] my ,^-^^0^*^] 
memorie by fo contagioue coniuncciou?* of ]je body wiji i^^™ph'hrf 
fe Bonle. and eftsones afterward whan I lost[e] it con- nmtl^ con- 
founded by fe charge and by fe burden of my sorwe. •^^'^^' ^ 
% And fan sayde she fus. IT If Jwu Iook[e] quod she ^^SJf*'*"'' 
fiiBte J>e finges fat fou hast graimted it ne shal nat aed'aj^if^^ 

saas depthe— I iss; natereCI}— H.nsturells I SS7» InokLe^-JoaiB 

*8M [«>-froni H. 387S, 2877 loafLeh-toate 28*0 firatt—fsrsi 

iholtlm—a. shuldc iWe Aurdm— liurduiia 

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3!!2?SSi5J^ ben ry^t feer Jiat J)ou ne ahalt remembren filke ^ii^ fat 
■dad^ttonifa, )>oa seideat ^t |)oii niatest nat. wliat ^ing quod L 
iToonftiMdjonr IT by wtuche gouerment qiJ<Hl she )iat pis voTlde is 
p'tt™,"!™"' gOTiemed. Me remembriji it wel quod L and I con- 
^J^J^;;^ feaae wel Jwt I ne wiBt[e] it nat ^ Bnt al be it so >at 
th«t.i<i»iii«m- I se now from ofer what fou pwrposeat IT Algatea I 
ibSt'SSwI^'' *^^™* J'* *** herkene it of )ie more pleynely. IT fou ne 
"«fi wbiitor ^'^"'Isat nat qiwd ahe a litel here byfome ^at men 
omtm^^ sholden doute |)at ]fia worlde is gonemed by god. 
Mndiuui* ' IT Certya qutxl I ne litte doate I it nanit. ne I nil 

irtflBlgoOlBtUlil J 1 J- -J 

•dtoOodf™"' ^^"^ wane fat it were to doutc aB who seijj. but I 
oil o^^hS ""o' '^^ J*^* gixi gouemejt Jiis worlde. IT And I ahal 
MKBi'ifttds' sboTtly answere be by what resoune I am brouit to Ina. 
Sftii tom"" ^ f ^ world© quod I of ao many dyuerae and contrariona 
2895 partiea ne myjten neuer ban ben aasembled in o forme. 
MTOinediinir but yif fere ne were oon fat conjoigned so iaany[e 
^'•'iiMi'n- diuerae] finges. If ^^^ P^ **nie diuersite of hire 
' natures )iat so discoideden fat oon &o fat ofer moBt[e] 
' departen and vnioignen fe f ingea fat ben conioigned. 
yif fere ne were oon fat contened[e] fat he haf co«- 
racS^ta^la ioJg"^ (^^ yboimde. ne fe certein oidie of nature ne 
Sbte^lk^ sholde. nat brynge fnrfe so ordinee moeuynge. by 
TiHBrtiriiiM places, by tymee. by doyngee. by spacea. hyqualitea. 
MWi^^^rt^ yif fere ne were oon fat were ay sted&st dwellynge. 
StfOinng' 1'*'' ordeyned[e] and di8posed[e] fise diueraites of 
5£J^S*^ moeuyi^ea. % and fUke finge what so euer it be. by 
Biid^«i» whiche fat alle finges ben maked and ylad, I clepe 
MT^w. ■&* hym god fat is a woide fat is vsed to alle folke. fan 

Swf.Sii'oo*. ^^^ «''«■ «y" ^'"^ ^«^* i"^ y^ ^™8«« i«^ ^^ i 

m«^m'(La»' trowe fat I haue lytel more to done, fat fou myjty of 

3en,»MtmirId»-wor1d MM Arlw-lbrth 
" " oere — uiswereii araineemoeitjftmi 

— „int— myW 

WW (.m-B-ther 

aaa? [*B«rw3— from C, 


gouermsnt — gou 

)88 here b^Jin™ — her bj- 

^ft> jitts doute — yit He 

m iRi(~MB. vote, C. wot 

ISM hmi— ther 

2907 isA«<r&r-wbtch 

vtotl-HB.yladcta, C.I-ladd 
aula Kordg—vord 

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PSSbb'u] <5di> is all-sufficient. 103 

■wilfulnease hool and sounde ne ae eftsones fi contre. fhSi^tatm^"'' 

If Bat lat T8 loken fe fingea Jiat ive han purposed her- SST^^w t? 

byfonu 5f Haue I nat noumbred and seidqwxi she ■^revmi™''' 

^t Buffifiaiince ia in bliaAilneese, and we ban accoTded j^t a> nflea a 

Jiat god is and Jiilke same blisfulneflse. IT yia forsof e qitod STwHot S™ 

L am^ ^at to goueme ])ia vorlde qu(»2 she. ne shal be ^^e^^u!?^ '' 

neuer bwi nede of none heipe &o wifoute. for ellja yif *n<i b"» "« "ot 

he had[de] node of any helpe. be ne sbolde not bane ^tSHe''Si 

[no] fill HofflsanTJco. jia fua it mot nedes bequod I. mr'S'sm^'mw? 

% |)an ordeyne]) be by bym self al oon aUe ))iiige8 qtiod he nonid not w' 

she. bat may nat hen denied quod I. % And I haue *'^ ^ airecia au 

' '' -1 <i thloifi liy hlmHir 

shewed |)at god is Jie same good. IT It remembieji me s™tLnnqtbe 
Tol r^uoA. I, % fan ordeinef he alle fingea by filke pI'nSi*e shown 
goode quod she, Syn he wbicbe we ban accorded to cUef K.«d; Ood 
ben good goaetne)) alle )iiMga* by hym self, and he is a ««» "g '^^'^' 
keye and a atiere by whiche Jiat fe edifice of Jiis worlde J^tJ^SawlJ, 
IB ykept stable and wif onte corampyi^ ^ I accorde jS^ » be uia 
me gretJy i^uod L and I aperoduede a litel here byfom gfas* 
fat fon woldeat seyne fua. Al be it ao fat it were by l^im^^Mar. 
a finne auspecionn. I trowe it wel qi/od she. IT For as c£taeDfti»-^1I 

' l> .I«uiUyBiid»e- 

I trowe fon leedest nowe nLoie ententifly fine eyen to ""ly SgJ?"''**- 
loken f e verray goodes IT but naf eles fe finges fat I iS^LSf^'' 
sbal telle fe jit ne ahewef nat lasse to loken. what is toUmBitiforjDnr 
fat qtwd I. T 80 as men trowen quod she and fat SSS'tJES""" 
ryjtfally fat god gouemef alle finges by fe keye of his ^3&"b^ii»t 
gooHjnease. IT And alle fise same finges as I [bane] noTiw ai«'n*u" 
tanjt fe. hasten hem by nature! entewctouM to comen ^* V'^'^'iite?' 
to goode fer may no man doute;i. fat fei ne ben STitS^IS^hG^ 
gouemed uoluntariely. and fat fei ne conuerten [hem] SftwIS"™!!" 
nat of her owen wiUe to f e wille of hire ordenowr. as towinu "w^™t 
fei fat ben accordyng and enclinynge to her gouemoar J°i„^SX^ui>^ 

1911 wiifWIiMM - veleM- 

M12 Aa»->ia 

3813 itid—ltS. add«,0.wrd 

mi a uorlde— world 

M17 BOSS AbJjw— non help 

mis liadldeh-iaAie 

h«tea— help 
aniB fm.3-from C. 
:i9:lO al oon— AUonu 

seal &««iIm(iM{— bedenofed 

MM [Aa«]— rnnn C. 
3938 poodff— good 
3RS9 Vumy-ttaatC. 

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[• Pol. » 6,] attd her kyne. IT It mot nedva be so qwoi I. *V For 

rnKtothiwili ^ " J 1 II 

rfaieTnSrP ^ realme ne sholde not aeme blieM jif Jiere wexe a 30k 
^Jfirtrt^^'nlere °^ mysdrawyngeB in diuerie parties ne f e sanyi^e of 
ftiuuiuHba^''' obedient jnnges ne sbolde nat be. Jian is Jiere no ])isg 
«(*p(grtioBw«r» qiitid ehe ])at kepij) hysnatuief ^at enforce]) hym to 
aSftSmiSa ^^^ a^eyne god. ^ No q«od. L IT And if pat any Jiing 

2948 enforoed[e] hym to wijwtonde god. niy3t[9] it auayle at 
thUHBkaiD ]ie laste ajeyns hym ]>at ire han graonted to ben al 
J "ifihere^iiimiw ^J^^y ^7 J'^ ^3* "'^ blisfulnesBe. Tf Certis qwod I al 
^^«M^ outerly it ne myjt[e] nat anaylen hym. Jian is Jmre no 
uw,*^d1> m- )>ing qt^od ahe ))at ey)wi wol or may wi])stonde to Jiie 
and M^qneBtiy soueMyns good. % I trowo nat quod. I T Jian is 
SSSirSu^' f'^^ P^ aouereyne good quod she fat alio Jiingiw 
wShMmduu™ goueme)) strongly and ordeynejj hem softly, fare seide I 
S'^thina fus. I delite me q«od I nat oonly in Jie endea or in fe 
sommes of [the] lesonna j^at Jvoii hast concludid <md 

2958 proaed, *II But ]iilke 'wordes ^at f<m Tseet deliten me 

iniuBgii moche more. H So at ])e last[e] foolea }iat so;»t3rme 

a ^SdsiKthKid '*^'i®^ greet[e] finges aujten ben asshamed of hem 
«5™,'SS^^ 8^- IT P*t is to seyne fat we fooles Jiat reprehenden 
u^ast: iDiixt wdckedly )ie yingua ]iat toachen goddes gonemaunce we 
SSe^^io'ita '^'^J*'^ '^^^ asshamed of onre sel£ As I Jat seide god 
^vtaBgo?«n- refusef oonly fe werkes of men. and ne entremetif nat 
K^Y^bavl ™i of hem. p. Jk)u hast wel herd qwod she Jw fables of fe 

2966 poetee. how J» geanntes asaailden Jw heuene wij Jie 

JSn^ h^?n- goddes. but for sojje Jie d»bonaiie force of god diflposed[e] 

poSedmd'"™' hem so as it was worJiL fat is to seyne diatroied[e] Jie 

dSm«'^^niw gs^^i^t^s- ^ it ^™3 worfi. ^ But wilt Jwu fat we 

™r?SLS!?K^ ioygnen tc^edre f ilke same resouns. for perauenture of 

Saiu Bi™e ci^ awiche coniuncctoun may sterten vp some &iie sperkele 

■bine fcrtt? of 9ofe f Do qwod I as f e list wenest fou qwod she 

C. auiijlen laeo, S8S3 iwjtm-owhteu 

hym — lii^m 3061 oi/hb — aeyn 

8966 (U**™— of it 
itrd—XS. herde C. herd 

8967 di«po<«i[H]— ae-poseda 
£0OS u^ne digiroUdie] — seju 

SB71 »ioicSs— Bwych 

tin hiioiHlB— wit*- Btondyn 

1965 softly— ff>riM.3 [reyn 
IB«7 tor,imes-f.i,iDmo 

ltM}-fnm C. 
IBSB ;ai([ei— liale 
!Seo imffli[ej — gruto 

ft)btf— Both 

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[rat god ne ia almj^ty. no man ia in donto of it Certys s. a™ piew. 
quod I no wyjt db defendi]) it if he be in liyB mynde. ^y^ ^^^^ j^^^^^^^ 
but he quod she ]iat is al my^ty Jiere nis no |iiiig ])at ho p, ,f ^, „ ^ 
ne may do. fat is aoptt qztod I. May god done ynel un^"' 
qaod she. nay for so)* qaod. L % fan is yuel no fing R^^aaSaM- 
qtwd she. IT Syn fat he ne may not done yuel fat ^^"2°iit! 
may done alle f inges, ecomeet fou me qwod. I. or ellya ^n™ ^"^s^lf' 
pleyest Iwn or deceiueat fou me. fat haet so ironen me do it i ^' """^ 

. . ' , ' ' S.Do«thcrani(ick 

wif f 1 resouwB. be hoase of didalus so entrelaced. bat it ma or piay wiit 

_ ' ' ' ' mi. l6«dlng aw 

is Tnable to bon vnlaced. fou fat ofer while entreat J^u''^S^"i„. 
fere fou isaeet and, ofer while iasest fere fou entreat SuTS^dtS^i* 
ne fooldest fou nat to gidre by replicacioun of wordes a i^Mrfrcieffl™- 
maner wondirfiil cercle or environnynge of aymplicite IJiS^'''^ 
deuyne. % For certys a litel her byfome whan fou by- Ju^JJ'iSf u 
gunne atte blisfulnesae fou Beidest ])at it is aouereyne ^od.'uduwrtf 
good. an<2 aeidest fat it is aet in aoueieyne god. a/ul fat thaii.uiBtoiidns 
god is f e fiil[ie] bliafulnesse. for whiche fou 3af[e] me 2989 
as a couenable ^ifte. fat is to eeyne fat no wyjt nia £iw^«i nd, 
blieful. but yif he be good al so fer wif ani seideat infiTUiUnobodT 
eke fat f e forme of goode is fe sobstaunce of god. and SS^.ooi* 
of blisfulnesee. and seideat fat f ilke same oone is f ilke ^Kf^"^ 
aame goode bat ia roqueted and desired of al fa kynde mSSiMwhereor 

, r J Qodtiidh»pplM~ 

of finges. and fou proeuedeat in disputynge fat god "^jwiF"***' 
gouemef alls [the] finges of f e worlde by f e goueme- SSiSS'^SSnf- 
mentya of bountee. at^ seydeet fat alle finges wolen di^^f^e tiut 
ybeyen to hym. and seideat fat fe nature of yuel nis iroridb/niKiooa. 

I • - THH, and tint 111 

no fing. and fiae finges ne shewedest fon nat wif no {j^U^f^a 
reeouna ytake &o wifonte but by proues in cerclea and i^K^^^'naw 
homelyche knowen. IT fe whiche proeuea draweu to hem uiiudti; tmahit 
selfhirfeibanrfhiraccordeeuericheroflhemofofer. fan nunu, ma by no 
seide she fus. I ne aoorue fe nat ne pleye ne deaaeyue w^iiwi™*™"- 

W71 dffauli] 

il— dow 

3M0<RHWi>— U8.W 

MM, »U foods— good 

Sam [«ha}— from C. 
iS9B tbtgn—obtjen 

30011 ffaJce—\-ttktm 

3001 hoai^eht — hoomllch 

3002 nwricts— suerich 

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Uu 1Mb, Hid m 
hmie HKOiDiilish- 

imnHiil prowrtj 

Uie D«l7^M 


to nvpiT9t bat li 

tint innrriHycni 
Is, mPliitoluH 

]>e. but I bane Bbew^d to fe )iinge ^t la gretteet oner 
alle fmges by Jie jifte of god [wt we some tyme piaydea 
IT For fis is (ps forme of [tbe] deuyne Bubataunce. Jiat 
is swicbe }Hit it ue slyde^ nat in to outotost foreine 
Jiinges. ne ne iec[e]yiie)> no strange Jnnges in hym. but 
ryjt BB parmaynwe seide in grek of filke deuyne Bub- 
ataunce. be aeide )iua ^t )>ilke deuyne substaunce 
torue^i ]>e worlds and ^ilke cercle moeueable of Jiinges 
wbile filke dyuyne aubataunce kepif it self wif outen 
moeuynge. |iat • is to seyne fat it ne moeuij) neuere mo. 
and jitte it moeuej) alle ojier Jiingea. but na-]>eles yif I 
[haue] steied Ksoune Jiat ne ben nat taken fro wij) oute 
Jje eompas of Jie J>inge of wMche we treten. but reaouns 
fat ben bystowed wif inne Jiat eompas [lere nis nat whi 
fat fou sholdeQst] merueylen. eeu fou bast lemed by 
fe sentence of plato fat nedes fe woides moten ben 
cosynes to fo f inges of wbiche f ei speken. 3020 


HiiopT la ha'thst "Dlisful is fat man fat may seen fe clete welle of good. 

8™*?""" blisful is he fat may vubyude hym fro fe boude of 

g^l^^jjf^ heuy erf e, IT f e poete of trace [otpheus] fat somtymo 

SfrhSSn' hadderyjt greet aorowe for fedeef of byswyf. aftir fat 

(rittKTiaf ibr he hadde maked by hys wepely songes fe wodes meue- 


sn^T^ffrcm able to renneu, o»«i hadde ymaked fe ryueres to stondcn 
^^o*^?! still®- ""<^ maked fe hertya and hyndea to io^en 
rinn'o^MiM"' diedles bir sides to cruel lyouns to herkene his soi^a 
tni£abgian> and had[de] maked fat fe hare waa nat agast of fe 
Kre'iTMror'* hounde whiche fat was plesed by hys aonge. eo fat 
iioS"Buiih8 whane fe moat[e] ardaunt loue of hya wijf brende fe 

30M ^jFfflfW—thotbfl thing 
nine fiPSM pragnlm — 

3013 Hyw-Bevn 
soil iitu—!it 
90IG ihave}—tmia C. 

SCOOcajvHw— MS.oonceyuod, 

uiJ^A^ — which 

a d™MM— dredeles 
to herkffne — forto herki 
OT liadLdal—biuide 

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comen alle Jriuges ue my^ten nat assuage hii lorde ^ 
orpheos. IT He pleyned[e] hjm of Jw godes )«t wereB S^^ 

]ieie he tempre(l[e] hys blatmdissyiig BongeB by re- 3036 
Bounyng of hya Btienges. 1[ And spak and eong in iiiere hiiitrutk 
wepynge alle fat euer he hadde reeceyued and laaed h^iSJJJ'.Hihs 
oute of Jie noble welles of hya modir calliope Jw god- impuied u hiJn 
dease. and he Bong wiji as mychel as he my3t[e] of cdnope. 
wepynge. and wij as myche as lone («t doubIed[e] his ^^'' ^ j^^,,;^' 
sorwe my5t[6] jeuen hym omi teohe hym in hia aeke i^„j^'J^ttTii 
herte. ^ And he conunoeuede ^ helle and requered[e] Enrjdi™, " 
(Kid aoi^te by swete preiere fe lordea of aoulea in helle 3014 
of relesynge, pat ia to aeyne to jelden hym hya "wif. 
IT Cerberus J>b porter of helle wif his J)re heuedes waa StsfrhS^"'" 
cai^t and al abaiat for )>e nev[e] aonge. and )ie pre god- ^^J 
desaea ftirijs and vengerisae of felonies fiat tourmentera nHiton ot^iit^ 
and agaaten [>e soules by anoye wexeu sorweful and aory 3049 
and wepen teres for pitee, }hui waa nat fie heued of tiion. lormenM 
Isione ytoarmented by fe ouerJirowiMg whele. ^ And J^Ell''"S''if^'' 
tantalua jiat waa deatroied by fe woodneese of longe IJS n^nS iWnt, 
))ni8t diapiseji fre flodea to drynke. Jie fowel |)at hyjt MKnif 
Toltor J)at etij) Jie atomak or |ie giaer of ticins ia ao fill- nUioro auaem 
filled of his songe fa,t it nil etyn ne tyren no more. SSot^l'tieiunti 
V Atte Jie laste [le lorde and luge of eoules was moeaed ElUS^I^irig"" 
to miaericordee and criedQe] we ben ouer comen quod ™.n™^r"Lot 
he, yif[e] we to orpheua his wyf to here hym com- Wi wife, ha haih 
paignye he hap welle I-boujt hir by hla faire aonge and '""•™«' 


Sn!S hadde— biMat 
S0S3 ouxap^-BH'neen 

lords — lord 
sca4 |>J«^ii«J[e]— pleytiedo 

godea — heueiiB vooda 
SOU mote— US. wentea, C 

ttae tempndlt] &]r»— lem. 

S0S7 ofhff—C. omita 
■pot— US. ipakke, G. gpak 
nnw— BIS. aoiiEe, C. •noiige 


I, C. 

goddeaae — iroddeH 
9MI •>■? — Uii. « 


(neAa— Ehechen 

in bertt — omltl«d 

■ -MS.onn- 

■Mi toHtU-bv-mwhle 

KMC iiJdm—jMea 


1047 tHHi]^H8. caujte. C. 

nof* tonn^l - 

V mnen >arufu] 

Ikvif— hlhl« 

lordB— lord 
»S7 crtsilM— crydo 
WW «ff«]-jiiie 
MM ha^HS. Iiftlio 

ihU«— w«] 

/aira— C. omits 

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Bnnrawuih/ hia dit«e. but we wil puttew a lawe in iia. and couen- 

tlili InJniKtloii ' 

hJ^Som ihtto- ^™'-^ "• P® ?"**■ J^* ^ ** ^7°^- ]>** til ^S '^ t"^* of 

JhSnotoS'i" ^^Us yif he loke byhynden hym [Jjot] hys wyf elial 
Biii,wiuiihMU comen ^eine to V3 f but vhat is he pat may jene a 
mmr te« ^ lawe to lonoree. loue is a gretter lawe aTtd a atrei^ere to 
jyjj^jf^^. hym self ^n any lawe fat men may jeuen. V AIIm 
oTn^iiof whan Oipheas cmd hia vijf were al moat at be termes of 
«Mtiii*Atahina fre nyjt. )at ia to Boyne at fe la8t[e] boundes of hello. 
So?'tiS^' f'T'lieis bk6d[e] ahakwarde on Enidico his wyf and 
S^i^i^H*™" lost[e] hir and was deed. V fia fable apptn-teinej) to 
Sorereicnaaod. jow aDe who BO ener desire^ oi BekiJ) to lede his )ioi^te 

3071 in to fe aouereyne day, fat is to aeyne to derenes^Be] 

hta ftoBgh^'i^ of souereyne goode, IT For who bo fat enere be so ouer 

iS^^ikSaJ comen pat he fycehe hya eyen in to fe pnt[te] of helle. 

imparMd ooml fat is to seyne who so settef his folates in etfely 

finges. al )>at euer he haf drawen of fe nohle good 

3076 celestial he lesif it whan he lokef fe hellee. (lat is to 
eeyne to lowe fingea of )» erjie. 




When P. with 'nrhanne philosoptue hadde songen softly a7»i delita- 

h^ imroi Kit 1 1 i^iy ^ foisoide finges kepynge f e dignitee of hir 

^0^^^ choere in Jw wej^te of hir wordea. I fan fat ne hadde 

rtTwCoonHm- nat al oatwly foi^eten fe wepyng and moumyng 

3082 fat was set in myne herte for-brek fe entencioun of hii 

AiiToiudi*- fat entended[e] jitto to seyne ofer fingea. IT Se qwod 

nwduotnutotha J, [mu fat art gideresse of verray lyjte f e fingea fat fon 

soeo toU jnttlgH—wol putl« lookede sbaoward 3078 tofOt—aottelj 
Soaa bvhvndm—)is-byade S099 ioi<[B]— liwte 9080 cAobm i»— oheore and 
IbaQ—tmaC. 3070 >oiii<it— thowht SOBS Ht—MS. Htte.C. set 
SOW to— ta-ta 9071 £*«■«•«[«]— ciemeMO mtrm—Kfn 
■ »(jiwninM sDode-BOua- /)r-6r«*— MS.[br-broke,C. 

SOW wert al fUDrt— weren rejn cod 

S067 laliny-Jatte 307* «rte|)— sette W»4 imte-Jytit 

BOSS ItttiSe] of-" '- ■*"■ •■-•■ "" '■-'- 

M7fi Aa|>~HS. hl^o 

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hast seid [me] Mdei to ben to me so clete aiid so sliew- 
yng by Jie deuyne lokyng of hem aTid by fi resouns |)at 
^i n.e move nat ben ouercomen, if And fiilke ))mguj 
{lat ))0U toldest me. al be it so ))at I hadde eom tyme 
fo[r]}etBa hem fot [the] sorwe of pB wtonge {rat ha)) ben 
don to me. jit na)ieles )iei no were nat aloutetly vn- 
knowen to ma but pia same is namly a gret cause of 
my aonre. fat so as pe gouemome of finges is goode. 
yif fat yuelys mowen ben by any weyes. or ellys yif 
fat yuelys passen vif outen punyssheinge. f e whiuhe 
f inge oonly how woif i it is to ben wondred vpon. f ou 
considerest it weel fi Bolf certeynly, but jitte to fis 
f ing fere is an of er f ii^ y-ioigned more to ben ywon- 
dred vpon. ^ For felonie is emperisee and ilowref ful of 
rycchesae. and Tertues nis nat al oonly wif outen medes. 
but it is cast vndir and fortroden vndir fe feet of fe- 
lonous folk. aTid- it abief fe tourmentea in sted of 
wicked felouns ^ Of 8l[lo] whiche ping f er nis no wyjt 
fat [may] meraeyllen ynoi^ ne compleyne fat swiche 
fingea ben don in fe regno of god fat alle fingea woot. 
and alle finges may cmd ne wool nat but only goode 
fingea. ^ fan aeide she f us. certys quod she fat were 
a grete meruayle and an enhaisaynge wifouten ende. 
and wel more horrible fan alle monatres yif it were as 
foil weneat. fat is to aein. fat in fe ry^t ordeyne houae 
of ao mochel a fader and an ordenour of meyne. fat f e 
vesseles fat ben foule and vyle aholde ben honowred 
and heried. and fe pr-ecious aesseles sholde ben de- 
fouled and vyle. but it nis nat so. For yif f e finges 

both hj Ui0 lUvliH 

Iw thy IrrefrBir- 
prunton of grief 

I hud roTKDtKTI 

ftll thlngBiflifD 

Mnnovtr nhll 
via Boariahea 

lmpi«j. 1 


fMnily oT so gruAl 

30SS aeid—US. Mide, C. goid 
[»M>-[Imn C. 

S080 Aw— Ma. done, C 

17 Jwre— t 


'cohejue — Ejchoiacs 

3102 uirisd— wikkede 

^M8. clone, C. doon 

TiiaiJiffnos— enbsaahinco 

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^at I haae concluded a litel here byfome ben kept hoole 
cmd vuraced. ])ou ehalt wel kuowe b; Jie auctorite of 
god. of f6 vhos legne I speke pat certys fe good[e] 
folk ben alwey myjty. attd shrewes ben alwey yuel arid 
, feble. ne fe vices ben neuere mo wif outen peyne f no 
e vertaes ne ben nat vi^ outen mede. and }iat blisfol- 
le comen alwey to goode folke. and inforttme come]) 
alvey to wicked folke. V And ^u ehalt wel knowe 
inany[e] Jjingea of f is kynde ]ki% sholle ceesen )ii pleyntea 
at Jie vip Btediast eaddeneese. ^ And for jion 
hast aeyn Jie fonne of fe vertay blisfulneBse by me fat 
•j3J^''2,^™- [bane] somtyme I-ahewed it Jia And Jiou hast knowen 
!^hf^^^ in whom blysfuluesse is set. alle Jiingee I tasted pai I 
■hown yaa »i*> trowe ben nessessarie to put[te] furjie V I shal shewe 
nMiAwj^lidiMif P^ ^ weye fat shal bryi^e f e t^eyne vnto fi house 
ShSJw'iuiiia'' '""^ I abal ficche fefieres in fi Jioajt by whiche it may 
mW^aroQi ' aryeen in hey;te. so ])at ol tribulacioun don avey. Jiou 
■ tritBt£«^' ^^ ^^ gidyng & by my pa(ie and by my sledcs shalt 
™;j^™3^- mowen retoume hool and sounde in to (li centre. 3132 

wllh DjwiGle. 


maiM?"" T Haue for sofe swifte feferes fat surmouHten J« h^t 

"inwiiann^ J- of Jie heuene whan fo awifte fonjt haji clofed it self. 
JM^vTu'tav* ^ J"" f^l'S'^s i* dispisejj fe liat[e]fiil erfes. and Bur- 
S'^rib»'?K monntej) fe heyjenesse of Jie greet[e] eyir. and it seif >e 
MiS^oiwb the cloudea by-hynde hii bak and passef fe hey^t of fe 
i™™nne eiiiwr Ki^oure of Jie fire fat eschanfif by f e swifte moenyng of 
3139 fe firmament, til fat she arreisif hir in til fe houses fat 

kept— US. kepM, C. ker 
SI IS pomfliB]— pjoda 
Wir alioevW fiH* — 

125 ciuHs}— Trom 0. 

128 Mt— HS. Htte, C. I-aet 
127 ini([(«] Jiirjw — putlen 


33 hejfit of ^ AfiHAVtf — 

berlite of heuene 
3* ^)>— MB, halw 

liar At>— hia 

1139 Jl™— ¥jr 



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beren Je sterrea. and ioygnej Mr weyea wif fo Bonno 
phebus. and felawehipeji J« weye of Jie olde coWe ^^^^.^jog, 
aatumufl, and she ymaked a knyjt of Jw clere stene. 3H2 
>at is to seyne fat Jie Boule ia maked godiiys knyjt by m^^.^ [(.;i.ii^ 
J)e sekyng of treufe to comen to Jw verray knowlege of ^^^^7^" 
god. and Jjilte soule reune[^] by fe cetcle * of Jib sterrea ^^'^^'^Y^ 
in alle >e places |)ere aa fe ahynyng n^t is depeynted. JSJ^Sf.^r' 
fat ia to seyne fe nyjt fat is cloudeles. for on nyjtes fat Smn >hl'™hS?' 
ben cloudelea it aemeb aa be heuene were peynted wib wm«it .pti«w- 
dyueree ymages of sterres. and whan fo aoide haf gon J^^^^'Et 
ynoTU she shal forleten f e lastFel poynt of f e henene. LUht whm tiie 

LjrJ I mM Kind of 

and slie shal pressen and wenden on Jje bak of fe swifte "'["i\J"" '"'* 
firmament, and she shal ben maked perfit of f e drede- S?«''?(uP 
fnlle clerenesee of god. ^ fere haldef f e lotde of kynges thrmu jq^, 
f e ceptre of his myjt and attemperef fe gouemementes ;'''''j''*|3J(f!', i^ 
of fia worlde. and f e ehynynge iuge of f inges staHe in JJ^JS'^^^'^ 
hym seM gouemef f e swifte carte, fat is to seyne f e " uIJw™<l"^" 
eiiculer moeuyng of [the] sonne. and yif fi weye ledef it yon « imxth 
fe ajeyne so fat f ou be broi:yt f ider. fan wilt f ou seye thi> 8i«<it j™ 
now fat fat is f e contre fat f ou requeredeat of whiche f ou "J^tom'-^a" 
ne haddeet no mynde. but now it remenbref me wel *"" "*" ' '^''^• 
here waa I bom. here wil I fastne my degree, here wii 3161 
I dwella but yif fe lyke fan to loken on fie derkenesse aha shnaMnn 
of f e erf e fat fou haat for-leten. fan shalt f ou aeen fat "^..^'^^hSi"^ 
f iae felonous tyrauntea fat f e wrecchedfe] poeple dredef g™^iJli; '^l 
now shule ben exiled from f Uke faire contre. 

InnUhed from 

3143 tmlf— ttaosfcht 
SlU trM)>«-<,niwtlie 
tnowfAW— knolecbe 
SlU tottb— thoKbt 
31 4S rfspotneod— pointed 
IIMWWowI tchas theinol 

sua A<i>— HS. hat>e 
3160 >» latttty^hmim*— 
the lute Wiume 

SIB2-S ofb<t vfaod-or the 

aronhipttil isat of sod 
31B3 bm haldth—aier bait 
31S5 yUu-" 

aiBr l(he}—Trom C. 
31S9 loiici*— which 
3181 htrt a. i, 3)— h«r 

born— MS. borne, C. bnra 

wU 111— WQl 

wii (S)— wole 
3iaa ^t(— llketh 

dertins»ie—6 vrlnie>s*a 
»1W «r*v*i)d[Bj — wrecch- 

3135 iktif#~>ba11eii 

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J) Ah! tiiou pro- 'KAjme Beide I Jms. [owh] I wondre me (lat fou by- 
Su^Stiw^Ajiw, tetesfc me so grete Jjinges. ne I ne doute nat fat foa 
iXJ^i™ ne mayst wel pe/forme >at Jjou 'by-hetest. but I preie Jie 
p. Younnutiini ooolv bls. bat bou ne tarie nat to telle me bOke binges 

Iw conrlnMd Uut ■' i i • I m cj 

Uugoodiniii- bat bou hast meoaed. first quod she bou most nedes 
i«™J^^j*J knowen. pat good[e] folk ben al wey Btrong[6] and 
^^SSJSS'aT^ myjty- and >e skrewee ben feble and desert and naked 

3173 of alle atrengpes. and of Jiiae pinges certys euerycbe of 
•tnu »<:h Dthar, hem is declared and shewed by o\er. \ For so as good 
tnm'tfMdbT ^^ y^^ ^^ '^^ contraries, yif so be fat goods be 
mltbili^wtmit. Btedfast. fa?* shewef Jie fieblesee of yuel al openly, and 
of'Aii'ittal^' yif )»<! knowe clerely Jie freelnesae of yuel. pe etedfast- 
luwiMj of pod nesse of goode is kuowen. but for as moche as f e fey of 
BnctoomidM ^^ Sentence shal be fe more ferme and habouwdaiont. I 
e«i M prevett '™^ goon by fat oon wey and by fat of er and I wil con- 
prind^ea, en^ feime f e finges fat ben purposed now on fis side and 
truihs by irgn- now on fat syde, IT Two finges fer ben in whiche f e 
fr™> "^^fj?*" effect of alle fe dedes of man kynde standif , fat is to 
T^uSU*^' seyn. wil and power, and yif fat oon of fise two faylsf 
mIw^iw wiiP fere uis no fiug fat may be don. for yif fat wil lakkef 
KeUhBrJwwiiot- fere nys no wyjt fat vrdirtakef to done fat he wol not 
bfei^ted^Amu doE. and yif power faylef f e wiUe nis but in ydel and 
mnwMfl/hir' ^'^^^i' ^""^ nau^t, and for of comef it fat yif fou se a 
ftiiMhitui^? wy)t fat wolde geten fat he may nat geten. fou mayst 
Hance, ifroo tea nat douten fat power ne faylef hym to bauew fat be 

3191 wolde. IT f is is open and clere qwod T. ne it may nat 
fagruiniitpnwan, ben donyed in no manere. and yif foa se a wy^t quod 
Sat f" " ^^^ ^^^ ^f *^'"' P^' ^® ^'•^d* *!''" ]""• ^t ''"t douten 
uTotho/jo^at ]"''* ^'^ "^^ ^^ ^'^ power to done it. no qwod. I. and in 
d!l,'™J^'S^ fat. fat euery wyjt may. in fat fat men may holden 

3189 vayit — 

t [™i]— from C. 
ffood[ii]— BOodB 

173 euench* — eudrlch 
L7B goode— taxA 

I ^D«I«— good 

'"n-6 \tere — ther 
i linn— MS. done, 0. don 

I coBiii)'— oomht 

Sim lienytd^eaojrA 
S1B3.4 Aa|>— H8. hsb« 
3183 dtm ibotky-m. d( 

:ibv Google 

ISSrai.] 'HE mroTCScr op the wicked. 113 

hym my^ty. as who sei^ in as mocho as a man is my^ty ibsttiefandtiia 
to done a (ling. in bo moche men halden hywi myjty. f ^%^'°^^- 
and in ])at fat he ne may. in |iat men demen hym to ^^llf^ rs- 
boa f ebls. I confesae it wel qwd L Remembriji ])e quod Smu lo do, uid 
she Jiat L haae gadied and abewed by forseide resoone towhube^m- 
(lat al Jre entenoionre of pe wil of mantynde whiche fat ^- ^ ,JJ,^J|°" 
is lad by diueiBe stadies hast!]) to comeu to blisfulsesse. ^^Ihu'uui 
^ It remembreb me wel quod I bat it bath ben shewed. fbUowtngdiffennt 

mirmilta, Hiki 

and lecorde)) pe nat ])an quoi she. pai blisftilnesee is upptneH onirF 
pilke same goode fat men reqneren. so fat whan fat KutSm'Sioin 
bliflfulnesae is requered 'of alle. fat goode [also] is re- [• iS^'^'i 
quered and desired of al. It reeordef me wel qiwd I. ofm^S^^.ii y' 
for haue it gretly alwey ficclie[d] in my memorie, alle fj™,;^ '^"' 
folk fan qaod she goode and eke badde enforoen hem J^,nj,3!iwev 
wif oate difference of entencioun to comen to goode. An?L^<riruia 
fat is a aerray consequence quod I. and certeyne is quod 9^n r™! oity 
she fat by fe getyng of goode ben men ymaked goodfr. 3212 
f is is certeyne quod. I. H fan geten goode men fat f el mrt.iii! ™ 
desiren. so semef it quod L but wicked[e] folk quod then, jm uhu 
she yif fei geten fe goode fat fei desiren (tei [ne] f- W^^^^^ 
mowen nat ben wicked, so is it quod .1. IT fan so as Ih^'^r'S^'o 
fat oon and fat ofer [quod she] desiren g6od. and fe a^ftn k. 
coode folk geten good and nat f e wiuked folk H fan t«»ii p«j>" , 
nis it no doute fat fe goode folk ne ben my^ty and fe rtnSoMSitaln, 
wicked folk ben feble. ^ who so pat euer quod I "Bt^sS^i'™^*™ 
doutef of bis. he ne may nat eonsidre be nature of ih"tn*eii «™ 
f ingos. ne f e conseqnence of resonn. and ouer f is (jwid f^S'"^,^,, 
she. IT yif fat f er ben two finges fat ban o salne J^iSJ,^^" 
pwrpos by kynde. and fat one of hem pursuef and per- offiiiifn, o?^™" 
fonnef f like same f inge by naturel offiee. and fat of e'T rmhenflinR ttw 
ne may nat done filk naturel ofBce. but foiwof by ^^tiJbdng, 
ofer manere fan is eoaenable to nature ^ Hym fat ^eud''kL''Htw— 

l« o* imwJkfl— so mocho 

83"! leAieftd— which 

sua iad^lS^. ladde. C. lad 

aZ03 t< Aatt 6«»— MS. 1 henle 

be, O. It hath ben 
SSOM oomie— good 
3»CW [oMo]— from 0. 
Ztm af— alle 

It /— i t ner«ord*th i 

nib&qttA/ I 
S2l»-l2(lVl6 gnoae-ffxA 


wid om of ftrni acompliaij) bye pwrpoe kyndely. and ^it he ne acom- 
JUJ^fJ^^' pHsiJr nat hys owen purpOB. whej^er of Jiiae two detnest 
Simnotoidi«* Jx^H for moK myjty. IT yif fat 1 coniecte quod .1. Jiat 
dDHHitituiiiitaii 'boa. vilt seye aleates. lit 1 deraie to berkene it mora 
So*'""MrliiP plfiynoly 01 J*- Jjoo iiilt iiat Jjan denye qwod ahe fat fe 
nJSSeaan^ mo6uemeiitj of goynge nk in men by kynde. no for Bofe 
p?^ inMion qwod I. ne foa ne doutest nat qwod ahe fot filke na- 
na^ 10 mui f turel oiEcc of goynge ne be tie office of feet I ne doute 

And Od. moHon a J"e r 

rfUn'^filifeet? ^* ™'* <l"t>d .1. Jian qwod she yif fat a wy3t be myjty to 
S^^'Sf™'"'^' moeiio and gof vpon hya feet, and anofei to whom 
wild h^ii to uH f ilke natniel of&ce of feet lakkef . enforcef hym to gone 
wiiiuiiiiDUHr crepynge vpon hys handes. U whiche of fise two aujte 
SmCiim^in *° ^*®'^ holden more my^ty by ryjL knyt fmfe fe re- 
n^^iMm^ menaunt quod I. If For ^^ ^J* °^ doutef fat he fat 
monpowmfai' may gono by natwrel office of feet ne be more my^ty 
3243 fan he fat ne may nat ^ but fe Boueieyne good q»od 
piniesoodiwt Bhe fat is eueulyche purposed to fe good folk and to 
■npnmanod; badde. be sood folke seken it by natnrel oSLce of 

itHKood^lba r o j 

^^^^""^ nertues. anti f e shrewes enforcen hem to geten it by 

S*^^™ dynerae couetifie of erfely fingea. whiche fat nia no 

(wiiidibiMttha natuiel office to geten filke same Bonereyne goode. 

Wninsit). »o troweet fon fat it be anyofer wyse. nay qwod .L for fe 

S*?^B oon- consequence ia open and ahewynge of fingee fat I haue 

mlthutoi£«"' graunted. f fat nedea goode folk moten ben myjty. 

been miiie*^ and shrewes feble and vmny^ty. ^ fon lennest aiyjt 

g"j^j»nii« byfore me quod she. and f is is fe iugement fat is to 

pfvon rtghiij seyn. IT 1 inge of fe ry^t as f iae leches ben wont forto 

SltEflT^ hopen of aeke folk whan f ei aperceynen fat nature is 

weutnow^wiiH ledrcssed arid wibatondef to fe maladie. IT But for I 

ihfl mdito^t. ^^ f® *"** ^ ^^y ^ ^ -yndiistandynge I shal shewe 

!nSioS?Bm- f^ more filke and continuel reeouns. It For loke now 

3231 vMt—woM 

3338 plsjuwic—pleynly I wSicAe— whffh 

<iff»«B— denOffl 3210 mor: 

3333 moeiie^ienti — TSoea^ ArJ>*- 

mciit / saa eom 

32*8 Bonds^-eood 
3263 hiifiyn-hy-tora 
SJM/orio— (o 

ib. Google 

KESe'i] ariobt the btjpbeme good. 115 

how gretly ahewij) fe febleaae and infirmite of wicked ^Jj^j^,"'' 

folke, fat ne mowen nat come to fat hire natiirel en- [^^ ?hj^k"- 

tencioun ledef hem. and jitte almost filk natorel u'^^i^^-^ 

entenct'oun constreineb hem. ^ and what were to demo thseniitiiwhiob 

' their nMnraldl"- 

f an of shrewea. yif f ilke naturel helpe hadde forleten J^'J^^J^JS? 
hem, IT fe wHche natniel helpe of entenciban gof al- E^dtaoome^ 
wey byfome hem. antf ia so grete fat vimep it may be nataniiin^* 
onercomen. IT Considre ban how aret defiiute of power uSii™i«im«p 
and how gret feblesae fere ia in grete felonouB folk aa •J2™ SttS" 
who eeif f e grettei f ingea fat ben coaeited and f e desire ^r^^ttutUngi 
nat accompliBsed of fe lasse myjt is he fat coueitef it «camjlf*^" 
and may nat acompliese. If And forf i philoeophie aeif gw«r ofwinuuit 
fas by Bonereyne good. V Sherewes ne requere nat hrmif^ffi" 
Iy}t[e] medes ne veyne gainea whiche foi ne may nat Minviiithinsn 
folwen ne holden. but f oi faylen of filke some of f e to'obuin ■, tmi 
heyjte of f inges fat is to seyne soaereyne good, ne fise 3275 
wrecchea ne comen nat to fe effect of aoneteyue good, ni^n e<»<), whidi 
* f e whiche f ei enforeen hem oonly to geten by nj^tes [■ loi. m.i 
and by dayea. T In fe getyn[g] of whiche goode fe ?^^„u|j' 
strei^fe of good-folk is fill wel ysen. For tyjt so aa Sj-fM^i^in 
fou myjtest demen hym myjty of goynge fat gof on ^'^u^ Pm- 
hys feet til he niyjt[e] come to filke place fro fe whiche auoodw^ert'iat 
place fere ne lay no wcy forf er to be gon. Kyjt so ^Jj^J^'J^ ™ 
most fon nodes demon hym for ryjt my^ty fat getif rtSutifJJ'hi. 
and atteinif to fe ende of alle finges fat ben to desire. whioTtim™ 
hy-jonde fe whiche ende fat fer nia no fing to desire. wfciudmBn. 
% Of whiche power of good folk men may conclude fat ^^iXo^^o^m, 
wicked men semen to ben bareyne and naked of alle trh^n^asdotbtr 
strengbe. For whi forleten bei vertues and folwen rniirnrvinplf^it 

°' ' bg«uHt1iw>r« 

vicea. nis it nat for fat fei ne knowen nat fe goodea. ignonuitofgood? 

33Se toioifced— wlkkede ffmb^-wOkfde 3179 ^|>— US. i^be 

SMO offnw— oomjn 3288 biiw**— thtng 328U m»iffa}— miliW 

"""J dmw— demen 3271 Shanvxt M reqaare— la^]a^(, 

3-4 htlpt — help no Bhrewea ne requereD foriter — fbrthere 

__.:t imHeSff-whldi M7S J»)fi:e>-Uhte V— ben 

ffo>— MS,goJ<o M»J»-TByn 3383 deri™— desired 

""" — '- — ■ ■■-■• — — -■■ IBM birf— omitlad 

ttSS wAu h«— the which 
bfl(— t«t the 

iaaea«— be 

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JwiMdw ^ ^* what Jiing is more feble and more caitif pan is )»e 
U^iJSnS™?^ blyndenease of ignoraunce. or ellya f ei knowen ful wd 
nrttwoai^tio whiche pingfiB ^t fei ai^tea to folven % but lecherye 
■rtn»Vjojn™i (tnd coTietise ooerfroweli hem myatumed. If ^^d certds 
mA^^^dni'm *"* ^°^ distempe«iunce to feble men. fat ne mowen nat 
?i!itnl!f^l^ -WTaatle a^einfl Jw vices % Ne knowen fai nat Jian wel 
iHtat vMoiu fat fei foreleten fe good wilfnlly. arid tumen hem vil- 
»v 'jMhwb ii»- fully to vices, % And in fis wise fd ne forletea nat 
ggJJ^i'JI " oonly to ben myjty. bnt fei forleten al outerly in any 
batnwfSfbnt wise forto ben ^ For Jioi fat forleten fe comune fyn of 
uin. EoT thoH alle finges fat ben. fei for-Ieten also f erwif al forto 
SfSS" *amu, ^"^ ^^^ perauenture it sholdo semen to aom folk fat 
J^^rt^J j" fia were a merueile to seyne fat ahrewes whiche fat 
!JISod,ti« contienen fe more partie of men ne ben nat ne ban no 

hucnin r«i»,^v8 beyngo. 1[ but nafelea it is so. and f us stant fia f ing 
3304 for fd f at'ben shrewea I denye nat fat fei ben ahrewes. 
evar. man tme. but I denye ami eey[e] symplety and pleyuly fat fei 
dwi'^biu d"* ^^^^ ^^ °*'^ °^ ^'^^ °° beynge. for ry^t as fou myjtest 
liiey^h^enl!? seyn of fe careyno of a man fat it were a ded man. 
™u")J'^ub % hut fou ne myjtest nat symplely callen it a man. 
mnmbiuyoiiaLii- IT So graunt[e] I wel for sofe fat vicious folk ben 
mm^Bothe' wicked. but I ne may nat grauntcn absolutely and 
ffl^nElCi symplely fat fei ben. ^ For filk fing fat wif 
uht itwLeiT holdef ordie and kepif nature, filk fing is and haf 
«irt«thj*pre- beynge. but fat fing fat failef of fat. fat is to seyne 
»SiuHoii!tai™" ^^ f^ forletif naturel ordre he for-letif filk beyng 
th^ eMn^t It f ^t is set in hya nature, but fou wolt sein fat shrewes 
SS^^yuMthM mowen. % Certys fat ne denye I nat. IT but certys 
S°T3'"^Kit ^^^ power ne descendef nat of strengfe but of feblesse. 
S£*ofw»iii^™ ^'*'' f^' mowen don wickednesses, fe whiche fei no 
KihtaUif^wuki myften nat don yif fei myjtew dweUe in fe forme and 

SSfli auiUn to /oJiwn - 

32M m(/i.H,-wil*fully 
SS97 ouierij— owtrely 
S301 gejne— scyen 
330t-EI iJim^— denoj'S 

aS06 MiiM «iBp(8l» — a 

3308 [iw5— fnini C. 
3307 KBS— aejcm 

3309 (waBiifM— CTBunte 
asil-ia biU-tliiVlio 

3312 hai—ita. hnhe 

3313 |Ht (1|— wbat 

13 t» l l i> t MV ll 

116 »<— MS. setle. C. mt 

118 dtnye — dtnoye 

as dim— 118. done. C. d< 

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avil tliey nui 

in Je doyi^ of goode folke. % And f ilte power n«t do, if ihcj »• 
ahewej) ful euydently ^at fei ne mowen ryjt naujt. Thf''"'"'''°oie 
If For ao as I haue. gadered and proued a lytel her by- u^'fnJlSMlics. 
fom Jiat yiiel is nai^t. attd bo as ehrewes mowen oonly thhi"u'ii deu~ 
but shrewedneeae. fia concluBioiin is al clere. Jtat 
sbrewes ne mowen ryjt nat to han power, and for aa 
moclie as )>ou Tndiistonde whlche is pe streng^e ^t is 
power of shreves. I bane difOnised a lytel beie byfom lung i< more"' 

' '' powerful tlmi tho 

])at no f ing ma so myjty as souereyne good Ti ^at is 'S'S^J™^ 
so^ quod .1. [ajid thilke same souereyn good may don f'*^^^^^ „„, 
non yuel // Certes no quod I] IT Is Jiet any wyjt fan s" SmSn^j mn. 
quod she fat wenif )tat men mowen don alle (lingee, oiia Hho'thinks 
So man quod .1. but yif he be out of hys witte. f but ^i 'J^k^'^ ^^^ 
certys sherewes mowen doil yuel qwod she. IT ^e wolde "°Bn{"^^n,Bj. 
god quod I fat fei ne myjten don none, fat quod she b° "w^idtoOod 
BO as he fat is myjty to done oonly but good[e] f inges p. sinn he thu 
may don alle finges. and fei fat ben myjty to done 3336 
yiiel[e] finges ne mowen nat alle finges, fan is f ia open ^ ^.t^^^'sr 
fing aJtd manifest fat fei fat mowen don yuel ben of do iii thinn. 
laiase power, and jitte to proue fis conclusioun fere ii™r»«™ieM 
helpef me fis fat I haue shewed here byfome, fat al Sj^wta'oM or 
power ia to be noumbred amonge finges fat men aujten dMLmCmituw . 
reqnere. arid haue shewed fat aUe f ingea fat au^ten ben to be reitma u> 
deaired ben referred to good ryjt as to a manere heyjte Ji,'',|r^j''/'J^',""],';f, 
of byr nature. '^ But for to mowen don yuel and Ji^i'C''noHi»"'' 
felonye ne may nat ben referred to good, fan nis nat ^?re"n'"i^°n^ 
yuel of f e noumbre of finges fat aujten. • be desired, but (• foL 'm t.) 
al power au3t[e] ben desired and requered. ^ fan ia SStSliU'ift^io 
it open and cler fat f e power ne f e moeuyi^ of ahrewes ^^" ''itSearty 
nis no poweie. and of alle f ise finges it shewef wel fat rsw^iDg,™ ' " 

129, 3330 [and itiiOii - 
iMdoB— its. doiie,"C.di 

S336 (ion— Ma. doiie, ( 

done — don 
3337 jMj[e}— yuele 

8339 iUte—yH 

3310 iluaed here b) 

laheweA her by- 

oi— alle 

33U a/monge—arorflii 

33U <Jo»— H8. donn 

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^pSnStaMruS I* 8**°*^^ ^"^^ ^^^ certeynly mj^ty. owd J« shrewes ben 

£S*!!*Sd" douteles vmnyjty IT And it is cUre and open Jiat )tilke 

tsntonriSHi Sentence of plato is iienay and so|w. fat seyf fat oonly 

Ew£t£Jde° wiaemeB may [doon] fat fei desiren. and shiewes 

wMo?^ mowen haunten fat hem lykef. but fat fei desiien fat 

iaMi,birtttui[ is to seyne \o comen to soaere3iie good f ei ne ban no 

Sn^i & urn- powei to ocomplissen fat. ^ For shrewes don fat hem 

Mwj*!^ Th* list whan by f o f inges in whiche fel deliten fei wenen 

gj^^^£^ to atteyno to filke good fat fei deeireu. bnt fei ne geten 

SSi(S^^idi no atteynen nat f er to. IT for vices ne comen nat to 

ttl?^:^* bliBfohieBae. 3360 

tun III i^ to¥ tD- 

wltThSp^Mj*^ '^^'^ triDEH BEDERB CELS08. 

wiiau«« mWit lil/^° SO fat fe couertuies of bet veyn appaiailee 
pai|i« loverinn, ' ' m^t[e] Btrepen of f iso proude kyngea fat f ou 
■omund^bj- Beest Bitten on beyje in her chayeres glyterynge in 
3364 ahynynge purpre envyxoned wif sorwefiil annwres 
uimiH.uia manasyng wif cruel monfe. blowyng by voodnesee of 
*«uBemthr«t- herte. It He sholde se ban fat ilte lordes beren wif 

MilBp, md boU- ' ' ' 

J«^^J^ J inne hir eorages M streyte cheynea for leccherye tor- 
nSihViwSl'it mentif hem on fat oon eyde wif gredy venyms and 
udtwm^MV troublable Ire fat aiaieef in hem fe floodos of tionblynges 
griaf^deiutive tourmentif vpon fat of cr side hir foujt. or aorwe halt 
3371 hem wery or ycaujt. or slidyi^ atid diaseyuyng hope 
mt^tyra^u' touTmentif hem. And ferfoie eyn fou eeest on heed. 
meiiMd-jh" f ftt is to Beyns oon tyraunt beie so many[e] tyrauntie. 
^^J^^j fan ne dof filk tyraunt nat pat he desirif, syn be 
23(aiW<r»Siin is cast doone wif bo many[6] wicked lordes, fat is to 
otiedimtioiiii seyu wif BO man7[e] TicoB. fat ban so wicked lordshipos 
ouer hym. 3377 

SS61 c(«r»-der 3S89 Htna—hejnh 

S3GS «dIw— »th 338* «orio«/W— sonrfui 

)>a<«vt>— US.but>iKC. sses m<m><i-Mo*th 
bat nyth 
SStS [ilmMtH-tnim C. 
t3U •wiw— sBjn 
SU7 KiiucA*— wbicb 
8881-03 An^hlr 
33«S iiW]f[e}— myhte 

33ee A««-— hym 

3»3 tyrauntit—lynasLt 
SS74 Aj1>— MB. dgjia 

bili— thil'-- 
837fi doune- 

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C^Jost |)ou nat {lan in how giet Glpe piee 
'^ ywiapped. and wiji wMche cleemease )(iee good 
folk shjnen. In ))J8 eliewe^ it wel ))at to good folk ne 
lakke]) neuer mo hii medes. ne shiewes ue lakkea 
neuer mo tourmentle. fot of alle ])iiigee ))at ben ydoa 
])ilke {ling for wHclie any }itng ia doon, it semefi as by 
ryjt J»at filke fing be Jie mede of fat, as )raa. IT yif a 
man lennef in ])e stadie or in )« forlosge for ]>e corone. 
fan lieji fe mede in fe corone for -whiche he rennefi. 
f And I hane shewed fat blisfiilnesse is filke same 
good for whiche fat alle fiT^t» ben don. fan is filke 
same good purposed to fe werkea of mankynde ryjt as 
e, comune mede. wMclie mede ne may ben disseuered 
fro good folk, for no wyjt as by ryjt &o f ennes forf e 
fat bym lakkif goodnesae ne sbal ben cleped good. 
For whiche fing folk of good[e] manerea her medes ne 
forsaken hem neuer ma For al be it ao fat sherewes 
waxen as wood as hem liat ^eynea good[e] folk, ^itte 
neuet fe les fe corone of wise men ne shal nat fallen 
ne faden. IT For foreine shiewednesse ne bynymef 
nat fro fe conges of good[e] folk hire propre honoure. 
but yif fat any wyjt reioisef hem of goodnesse fat fei 
had[de] taken &o wifoute. as who aeif yif [fat] any 
wyjt had[de] hya goodnesse of any ofer man fan of 
hym aelf. certys he fat jaf hym filke goodnesse or 
ellys eom of er wyjt my}t[e] bynym[e] it hym. but for 
aa moche as to euery wyjt hys owen propre bounte 
jeuef hym hys mede. fan at orst shal he faylen of 
mede whan he forletif to ben good, and at f e laete so 
as alle medes ben requered for men wenen fat fei ben 

339S utood—woode 
ooodia]— goods 

3^ let—lems 
»w— omttttd 

33M 0OMf|:<]-goode 

hem — hjm 


But HappineH !■ 
lr1ll<£ all ttainKI 

tfbnhapplnw It 

inotbn^ he mis 
Hiyflt or lif othwi. 


3380 ffOOd-tOOds 
sasi « (»— omitted 
83S3 uUcV-wbicb 
SaSi Jbrlonea-^toiitmg 

33B1 Jbrfw— forth 

3«W Juto— lut 

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120 THE REWARD OF THE QOOD. [pj|^*'s. 

UJ^'h^SS™? 80*"iM- ■w^'* '3 ^6 fat wolde deme f&t he fat ia ry^ 
''"^"^^i myjty of goode were parties of mede. *and of what 
rfiJir™|t mede ahal he be geidoued. certys of ry^t faite mede 
J^J^J"^*"! and tyjt greet abouen alls medea. IT BamenLbre Jie of 
Sl2.'&'^ >ilk noble corolarie fat I jaf f e a lytel here byfome. 
pxXtokmM^ and gadre it to gidie in fis manere. bo as god bym eelf 
s^j™ "^^ is bliafolneeae. fan is it clere and certeyn. fat alle good 
-^ttfJi^r^?*' ^'^'^ ^*^ makid bliaful for fei ben good[e]. and filke 
touma'u'uwm fblk fat bott bliaful it accordif and is conenable to ben 
™ift«.*tiii- godde[s]. fan ia fe mede of goode folk Bwiche, fat no 
™tim»mhn'- ^^^ t"*^! ^^ enpeyren it. ne no wickednease shal en- 
m i&SSir ^^"^ ^t- ^^ power of no wyjt ne shal nat amenusen it 
lri^!£woi>- fat ia to aeyn to ben maked goddee. If and ayn it ia 
M«ig<ioEwd f'"^ ^^^ goode men ne faylen neuer mo of hire medea. 
inm^^P^mmi ^ certya no wise man ne may doute of fe vndepartable 
— — — °* peyne of shiewes. IT fat is to aeyn fat fe peyoe of 
i shiewea ne departif nat from hem eelf ueuer mo. 
V For so aa goode and yuel and peyne and medee ben 
contrarie it mot nedes ben fat ryjt aa we seen by-tiden 
' in gerdoun of goode. fat also mot fe peyne of yuel 
• answers by fe contraiio partye to ahrewea. now fan so 
aiaHtiiMat, as bonnte and prowosse ben fe modes to goode folk. 
voniijinBeiitoT also is shrewednesse it self tonnent to ahrewea IT fan 
-i^'pi!"iS^ who BO fat ener ia enteccbed and defouled wif yuel, 
Sst^S'iOMsl yif shrewes wolen fan preiaen hem self may it aemen 
thm^UMwi^sd to hem fat fei ben wif outen paHye of tourment. syn 
t^i^^mant fei ben swicbe fat f e [vtteriate wikkednesse / fat is to 
kHMBMo^^ seyn wikkede tbewee / which fat is the] outereate and 
eina'Xfc a« '' fe w[or]8te kynde of shrewednesse ne defoulif nat no 
Tontkinaorarii, eotecehif nat hem oonly but infectif and enuenemyf 
SSm^iiiy*"'' ^^"* g"***^? ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^'^^^ °^ shrewes fat ben fe 

3«M aoodHel-f^ooiie S414 cfan— oleer 

Mulaa— nolde S*16 ^orf[e!l— goods 

3409 (loot's—Rood M17 poddeCt}— Bodder 

Sm. areel—gceie 3U' - ' ' "- 

3413 here oiforM—iiet 

3 US trorf— good 
3U1 H (1]— hla 

MIS [ne]— rn>n 
m^irken — dorhcii 

vndepartable— tiB_, vudlr 

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{^b'}.] virtue exalts haneind. 121 

contrarie partye of goode men. ho'w grete peyne felaw- ^uut tj™ 

ahipe{» and folwef hem. V For fou haat lemed a litel S*,JJ/^'(''™' 

here byfom fat al ]n?ig pat is and haj) beyoge is oon. uuM ibu* 

and fiilke same oon ia good, fian is |iia consequence pat u. )Hii«^ud i> 

it seme)) weL ^at al )>at is and h&f beyr^e is good. ))is 3443 

iB to seyne. as vho eeif> fiat beynge and vnito attd ^i^^-^^ 

goodnesse is al ooa. aTtd in |ii8 manere it foIwef> ^an. iob«piod«M« 

Jiat al f ing fat foilejt to ben good, it styntifi forto bo. J^^^^,^ 

and forto haue any beynge. wher fore it is fat shiewes S^™?"^.* 

stynten forto ben fat fei weren. but filke ofer forme mStnToni™! 

of mankynde. fat is to seyne fe forme of fe body wif whidi muiih- 

oute. shewif jit fat fise shrewes were Bomtyme men. ^J^h'eniS?*" 

U wher fore whan fei ben pemerted and tomed in to iri!k!3£2i'tt^ 

malice, certys fan han fei forlorn fe nature of man- 3452 

kynde. but bo as oonly bonnte and prowesse may en- nMu™. sm » 

hawnse enery man ouer ofer men. fan mot it nedes bo ^^,™^^,n 

fat shrewes whiohe fat ahrewednesae haf cast out of f e "^'JmS' "*' 

condicioun of mankynde ben put vndir fe merite and hia oMonlm'nt 

link him Mo* 
fe deserte of men. fan bitidif it fat yif fou seest a humuii^roii 

wyjt fat be transformed in to vices, fou ne mayst nat J^JJ?^J|^™ 

wene fat he be a man. IT For jif be [be] ardaimt in feS^i^uJ" 

auarice. and fat he be a muynour by violence of nXr. fm^^iir 

foreine rycbesse. fou shalt seyn fat he is lyke to a 3461 

wolf, and yif he be felonous and wif out reste and JJJt'whS'Sii"? 

exe>-ci8e hys tonge to chidyngaa. fou shalt lykene hym ^^w s"*!!^ 

to fe hounde. arid yif he be a pr^ie awaitoar yhid and Kslna »" irijk. 

reioysef hym to rauyssbe by wyles. foa shalt seyne it^ jotmr jUu. 

hym lyke to fe fox whelpes. ^ And yif he be dis- lh«'n''iiSlfJfiii 

tempre and qnakif for ire men shal wene fat he beref J^n«H«'"nhe 

fe coiage of a lyoun. and yif he be dredefiil and fleynge 3468 

and diedef finges fat ne aujten nat ben dred. men nmbeUkeiwdM 

343B grete— gnt 

IB atfnleH—liS. atjutent 


SB [ Je]— from C. 
■* shid—y ■■'• 

346* HAt<j— MS. yhidde, O. 

<a iJrHl«fWt— dredftil 

n bnt— to ben 

ind — UB- diedds, C. 

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^B^Sa" ^^ holde hym lyke to fe herte. and yif lie be bIowo 

in HI. !• ba "^ astoned aiid laclie. he lyue^ as an asse. aad yif he 

^^5 '" ^ ^7i^ "■"^ vnstedfast of corag* and cliaui^[i ay Ms 

JjJ^ studies, he ia lickened to briddea. IT arid yif he be 

Sih'"" plounged in foule ai«i vnclene luiurioB. he ia wifholdeU 

t icbUov^ in be foule delices of be fonle soowe. IT ban folweb it 

rmhWheiriiq , . r r 

'oMMio'ie'i I'"' J"^' forletiji boimtee mid prowesae. he forletif to 

Ji^i^i^l^ ben a man. syn he ne may nat paaee iu to ^ condictbnn 

iHd^toa' of god. he ia toumed in to a beeet. S478 


JXith ha wdhx 
la lUUiT Inu ? 
Tluadnh he roll 

Ems E"^ 

•v[b]i:.a NAiucn ddcis. 

e wynde aryueji fe Bayles of vUxes due of fe 
' contre of narica OTid hys wandryng ahippes by Jre 
Sm^wbIi! who, ^^^ in to Jie isle fero as Circe fe fayro goddesso doujter 
•Tbwwuwiai of {w eoune dwelled fiat medly)) to hir newe gestes 
tniHiMwauiim drvnkee bat ben touched and maked wib enchaunt- 

MndtToiihipei ' f f 

jl^^tatojboH, mentj. and after fat hir hande m^ty of fe herbes 
""' had[de] chaunged hir gestea in to dyueraa maneres, fat 

8486 oon of hem is couered his face vi)i forme of a boor, fat 
ofer ia chfliiwged in to a lyouw of fe contre of mar- 
morike. and his nayles and his tefe wexen. % fat 
HKiH into howl- ofer of hem ia newliche channged in to a wolf, and 
KaiM'S™.'" howelif whan he wolde wepo. fat ofer gof debonairly 
But >'««^. til* in f e house aa a tigre of Inde. but al be it eo fat f e 
fr™S«a™ 8°'^^^ of mereurie fat is cleped f e bride of arcadie haf 
^I^JS^htrtiw 1^ meroie of f e due vlixes byseged wif diuerae ynelea 
fcctodd'rinki.were ai^ haf vnbounden hym fro fe pestilence of hys 
udfHiwiainii. oosteresse abates fe rowers and fe marynets hadden by 

3496 f is ydiawen in to hir moufes and dionkon fe wicked[e] 

XA-to— herl 

8473 (tnslAffaiJ— mstldefUt 
3*7E |iait— MB. jiBt, 0. than- 



hit It^t—bim l«th 
3489 aawIicAa— newellche 
3400 oot—iiS. got-e 
8W1 haiitr—bowa 
Siei bride— bryd 

ha)>—«S. hsba 
SW3 nwcM— US. mennirie, 

34M Aa)>— As. iaf-e 

3We ideibid[B]— wikkcde 

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^S^'-l] OBABBfi TO BE A HAN. 123 

drynkes fei fat were woxen swyne hadden by fis 
chaunged hire mete of biede forto ete ocoms of ookes. 3498 
□on of liii lymee ne dwelli)i wi)) hern hoole. but Aiitrueioruie 
fei han lost J»e voya and J)e body. Oonly hire ])OUjt ™"^^ 
dweUeJt wif hem stable fat wepif and bywailijf fe IKS^iinSujlgBd, 
monatruous chaungynge fat fei suffren. IT oner li^t iir^^SS.' 
hand, as who self. IT feble and lyjt is fe hand of Om»t irak, ua 
Circes f e enchaimteresse fat chaungef f e bodies of folk ^p^ ""JJ 
in to bestes to r^rde and to oontparisoun of mutaci'oun ^8^1™!^^?! 
bat ia makid by vices, ne be herbea of circes ne ben nat cir«'»herii«in>y 

' J I Changs the body, 

myjty, for al be it so fat fei may chaungen fe lymes ^,'^^,J^i^ 

of fe body. It algates jit fei may nat chaunge fe ^^"™>«'"<'' 

hertea. for wif inne is yhid fe strengfo and f e vigour 3509 

of men in f e secre toure of hire hertys. fat is to seyn 

fe strengfe of reaoun. but f ilke uenyma of vices to- Bnt tI« ia 

drawen a man to hem more myjtily fan f e venym of S^J^'"'""™" 

circes. IT For vices ben ao cruel fat fei percen and 

f oru; pa@aen f e corage wif innc and f ouj fei ne anoye Thomh 

nat fe body, ^itto vices wooden to distroien men by winja it pionss 

wounde of f oujt 3516 ^^'£"4™'!! 



l-tan aeide I fus I coufesse and am aknowe qwxl L ne £. i i»iiDih ihu 
J I ne se nat fat men may seyn as by ryjt. fat J^ll'"^!?' 
ahrewes ne ben nat chaunged in to beeates by fe SlS.'rfJ^^bSt 
qnalite of bir soules. IT A! be it so fat fei kepen jitte m^t^u^s 
fe forme of f e body of mankynda but I nolde nat of i wi.h, howevs r, ' 

' , thatthswlclied 

ehrewes of whiche fe foujt cruel woodef alwey m to "«" wwhmii ih« 

destrueeiouM of good[e] men. fat it were leueful to hem ^^n?""*™* 

to done fat. % Certya qwod she ne it nis nat leuefiil p- The^hi.s n« 

to hem as I Bhal wel shewen fe in couenable place, ptwouj iiiow 

TT But nafeles yif so vrere fat filke fat men wenen ben 3526 

3408 cAaHHffAl— Iclll 

WM *ooio-lrool 

—MS. kepLf., C. 

3504 arcM— US. Clrtea 

ftil*— folkvB [l-bjdd 

SUM |F&j<f~US. ybiddc, C. 

SGlSwwdn — M8. woldun, 

3933 (ro«i[i}— Kooda 
36M6ffl«— be 

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u! ""* whhA ^^""^"^ ^™ shrewee were hjnomon hem. bo |)at fei no 
tim^utlS m. niyjten nat anoyen or don hanne to goode men. K Certya 
fK^iooid'S^ * P*'' party of fe peyne to shrewes shulde ben alleged 
irniiunpwiot and leleued. IT For al be it bo pat jjia ne seme nat 
'"'* ""hm?* credil>le fing perauentitre to somme folk jit mot it 
imooi5Si«a** "^^ ^ f"*' flhrewBB ben more wracohea atid vnsely, 
tw rhl^un" wban {lei may don and p^Hbrme pai j>ei cooeiten [than 
ii ii u ininnUe yif they myhte nat complyaaen )»at Uiey coueyteu]. ^ Foe 
tt n B DTMur nn- jif SO be bat it be wrecehedneBSe to wihie to don yueli 

InpplnaH to luin ' ' ' 

rutuHwMmi' P^^ ^ '' ""*'* wrecchedneese to mowen don yuel. 
widwii*MM'" vri]) oate whiche moeuyng {« wrecched wille sholde 
wttiimitlXlZ languiashe wi]) oute effecte. IT )ian eyn ))at eueryche of , 
njf ihwe^tu™^ f jae ^inges haf liys wiecchednease. J)at is to aeyne wil 
1!'^}aamm-' *" "^"^^ 7"^ "^ moenynge to done yuel, it mot nodes 
l^uTmiH^,' be. Jmt ^ (ehreweB) ben constreyned by )rre vnsely- 
ftiiii wntciwdMu neaees bat wolen and moiren and perfoimen febnyes 
J*|'jj^JJJjj^|™i and shrewedneBses. T I aecorde me qaod I. but I 
3644 desire gretely fat shiewes loaten aone Jiiike vnselyneasea. 
still fwitb tha pai is to seyne fiat ahrewes vera deepoyled of moeuyng 
muihi.mi*- to don yuel. H so ahullett Jiei quod ahe. sonnere 
p ^m^^iH P*'^''^'!*"'* 1*^ t"" woldeet *or aonnere fen Jiei hem 
mSnihuiloo self wenen to lakken mowynge to done yuel. If ^o' 
thu tii^^uim' feie nis no f>ing m late In so short boiindes of fls lijf 
In tTeniTtinr' fat IB loBge to abide, namelyche to a cor^e inmorteL 
noHrti^ howsm^ Of whiche ahrewes fe grete hope and fe heye com- 
i^wtSn^io passynga* of shrewedneeae ia often destroyed by a 
flmUwif^Tta* sodeyne ende or fei ben war. and fat fii^ establif to 
SwBiXmitJit. ehiewes be ende of hir shrewednesse. IT For yif fat 
"'SS'^'IL^IS shrewednesse makifo wreccbea. fan mot lie nodes be 
md'Spmto'" ^"■'^^ wrecched fat lengeat is a shrewe. fe whicbs 
Srti»'wS«lf»™' wicked shrewea wolde ydemen aldirmost vnsely and 

SSSr f>>r— to SSS7 toUU—vl] 3MS mownu^'iiiawyiuts 

•"W «»i(*i.-nijhte 8H9 fto>-Ma hat« SMS lomm-weene 

tcm— MS. doiui, C. doon ^ Hrii«— sefn ^ to laUa* vmI— omlt- 

8639 ha>-HS. hat« 

asm doiK(l)— doon 
moeuttoffa to dona—TSow 

iS $hmp«dtte9fe — ihi^w* 

B)— the 
ftwpe— lon(t 



caytife yif fat hir ehrewednea ne were yfinissed. at fe J"™;,""*''^ 
loBte weye by ]» outereat(e] deejf. for [yif] I haue con- [^^ ^Jlit'th^ 
clu(Iedso))eof tievnselynesseofsIuewediieBae. fianeliewe]] Ib^'J^^'i/f,^ 
it clerely fat filte sirewednesae is wif outen ende |i6 ifd»ftid)iiii« 
wMchc ia certeyne to ben peMmable. K Certya qiwi I ^Siw'^h'i* 
Jiis [conclusion] is hardcowdwoaderfnl to graunte. IT But SaTMsniiu""* 
I knowe wel Jiat it accorde]) mocbe to [tbe] fi^^ee fat I b, tSm ^du^ 
hane grannted ber byfome. V fiou bast qwod sbe fe ry^t ^"W •«" '''"- 
efltimactoun of fis. but who so enore wene )iat it be an rtihi™j'biil'if 
barde fing to acorde bym to a concloaioan. it is ryjt j^c^^^ciu^ 
bat be sbewe bat somme of be prsmiBses ben fals. or ulu ihs pmniMa 


ellys be mot ahewe fat fe colasioan of preposictouTis "" ""^"'ilPf" 
nis nat apedful to a neceesorie conelusiouTt. ^ and yif it SS&Tbe'"" 
be nat so. but fat pe premisses ben ygranted fer nls El^Se* tS ™' 
nat wM he sliolde blame fe argument, for f is f ing fat tiMn. wiw i 
I ehal telle f e nowe ne shal not aeme lasee wondirful, ^[^ TJifciT' 
but of fe fingea fat ben taken al so it is necessarie aa 3574 
who so seif it folwef of fat whiche fat is purposed ti««MDep«- 
byfom. what ia fat qwod L IT certya quod she fat ia f JJU'^.^i?*^ 
fat fat f ise wicked sbrewes ben more blysful or ellya JJiJIIII'bS t" '"^ 
laase wreccbes. fat byen fe tourmentes fat fei ban bmin-Ui^Tr' 
deserued. fan yif no peyne of lustice ne chaetied[e] •! Uun lo ga 
hem. ne f is ne seye I nat now for fat any man my)t[e] ™^^. 
fenk[e] fat fe manerea of sbrewes ben coriged and j|^iSm«««.> 
diastieed by veniaunce. and fat fei ben broujt to fe thXiro^'hu- 
r^t wey by fe drede of fe tounnent. ne for fat fei ti^iiouk.Uie 
^euen to ofer folk ensample to fleyen from yices. IT But J^" 5^^5^ 
I vndiiBtonde jitte [in] an ofer manere fat sbrewes J ■-— --— 
hen more vnaely whan fei ne ben nat punlaaod al be it u 
80 fat fere ne hen had no resoun or lawe of correccioun. ™h»pp7 in 
ne none ensample of lokynge. ^ And what manere 3588 

SMS }iariit-~hnd 1 aim iii«ifC']~>°;l't» 

3664 [tA«>-fmin C 3«al >^«3— tlunka 

3fifl7 haram — hard SfiSl joueit — MB, jeuenc, C. 

3M8 falt—talm ; euen 

K7S oho 10 «tb— lio spylb 39Se title— jit 
whichB — which I pnl— from 0. 

MJS bfot—n-hyen Stta nau—nmi 

SB79 e&M(>*i[e]— chttMysede I 



[iifi-tmm C. 
SSOO »)»-Hjoth 
S601 olerdt — ck-erl* 
3503 lamclMiani-ttom C, 

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B. In whMt ™ Blial fat ben qiiod L oujier fan haf ben told here 
p. Are not Kood bjfom IT HauB we nafc graunted fan quod she fat 
lulip''''"''"'^ good[B] folk ben blyaful. and shrewea ben wreoohes. 
B- ^"i^ jis quod L [thanne quod slie] jif fat any good were 

wrttth'^MBof* **'i^ to f6 wrecchenease of any wyjt nis he nat more 
tThiil^iu than blisfiil fan he fat ne haf no medelyng of goode in hys 
misery ii« no solitarie Trrecchednesae. bo semef it qwod I. and what 
B 'It Msm" to seyat f ou fan quod she of f ilte wiooche fat lakkef alle 
nmim^ti gcwdea. Bo fat no goode nis medeled in hya wrecched- 
niSr*«ui- nesae. and jitte ouer alle hya wickednesae for whiche 
iHiisconunion he 13 a wrecche bat fer be jitte anober yuel anexid and 
MKii^hj'^ tnjt to hynL shal not men demen hym more Tnaeiy 
i-nidwu™ of ^^^ y^^ wrecche of whiche fe vnBelynesse is rePe]ued 
3602 by fe participacKnm of aom goode. whi aholde he nat 
p. whmirti qjjod I. IT f*^ certya qwod she han ahrewea whan fei 
SwrfgMdm- ^° punissed somwhat of good anoxid to hir wrecchod- 
wntdi^MKto nease. fat is to seyne fe aame peyne fat fei suffren 
nuntitHifiwbieii whiche bat is good hv be resoun of luatice. And whan 
A^SaSttt f*^^ ™™* shrewes ascapen wif outeu tooiment fan 
pmlSnmt*^ han fei aomwhat more of yuel jit oaer f o wickednesae 
c^Ki^m^ fat fei han don. fat is to seye de&ate of peyne. 
"ratjta^^to whiche defaute of peyne fou haat graunted ia yueL 
g. imnnatdidi; ^ Jq^ [,g ,jegert of felonye I ne may nat denye it qwod 
mh^pwrnthe I- ^ Moche more fan qaod she ben shrewea vnaely 
ei^ B^ramiA whan fei ben wrongfully delyoered bo peyne. fan 
"tawM^i^jL ^^^''^ t"^ ^f puniaaed by ryjtful vengeaunce. but fia is 
S^SiJimi^ open fing and clere fat it is ryjt fat ahrewea ben 
tSt^^^M puniaaed. and it is wickednesae and wrong fat fei 
[MOLMt.] eacapin vnpnniased. f who myjtje] denye 'fat qwod L 
A Nohodj dcniH ][mt qwod she may any maw denye. fat al fat ia r^t nis 
w^^hiS''iifiit good, and also fe contrarie, fat alio fat ia wroi^ nia 


36ra Itiianne the]- 

3594 ^Ju/bl— weleful 

X»M7 foode—good 

aSSB aOe-a 

ahiehe — which 
3*09 t?irf~knrtts 
3601 nOa]u«l— reteu 

19 don— TAB. doTie 

3610 wAtcAa— which 
3011 dfttrt — d«aerte 
3614 bei—liS. be^, C. ben 
361B elsrs— olar 

3617 »ici([8]— myhle 

3618 u rj/it Hi*— MS. nil 

3619 JlJ^tl 

■ - - - wyUio 

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cricked, certja quod I ])ise [liugea ben oleie 7110113. and n good! and, on 

fat we ban concludid a litel here byfome. but I preye J^Jf^^'i' '' ™" 

f e Jat pou telle me yif Jiou accordeat to leten no tour- Mm^^Sm' 

ment to f e eonlee aftii pa.t fe body is dedid by f e de{m. S^J^^^'buiT 

fis [is] to seyn. Tudirstondeafc fou ou)t [lat soules ban ment^ttwHud 

any toitrment after J)e dej» of fe body, ^ Certia quod ^f |, „,j _,„ 

ehs je and fat ryjt grete. of wbiche Boules quod ebo I ^^hSmu^ 

trove fat sEmtme ben tourmentid by asprenesae of BUmii, othm 

peyne. and Bomme aonlee I trowe be excerciaed by a ^"^jj^f^ 

puj^ging mekenesse. but my conseil nys nat to deter- Boitifj'il'lS 

myne of fis peyne. but I haue trauayled and told it *" '^ rmpo™. 

Mder to. T For f on eholdest knowe fat f e movynge i nni jaa to ■« 

[.i. mygbt] of abrewes whiclie mowynge pe sonief to ^^"'■^J,' *" 

ben. vnworfi nis no mowynge, and eke of Bhrowea of ^('^^jji?™ 

wbiche fon pleynedest fat fei ne were nat punisaed. £St'u«ace"ao 

fat f ou woldeat seen fat fei ne weren neuer mo wif dunUiS^ ud "* 

outen f e torment of hire wickednesae. and of f e licence ^^^ '""it-e™ 

of mowynge to done ynel. fat fou preidest fat it liSEI^i"™^!,,! 

myjt[e] sone ben endid. and fat fou woldest fayne unJ'tor ever. ' 

leme. fat it ne sbolde nat longe endure, imd fat 3639 

ebrewea ben more vnsely yif fei were of lengcr duryng. 

and most Tnsely yif fei weren perdurable, and after Afimihiai 

fis I haue shewed fe fat more vnsely bon slirewes Ji," '"hSKr'"'' 

whan fei eacapen wif oute lyjtful peyne, fan whan f oi ^^t^S*^ 

ben punissed by ryjtfnl nengeannce. and of fis sentence Wh^fon i>ihii 

folwef it fat fan ben shrewes constreyned atte laste wif }J/'^^J'""'t" 

most greaous tounnent. whan men wehe fat fei ne ben grf"™"!/- 

nat ypuniaaed. whan I considre fi reaouna quod I. I, b. vout nmn- 

ne trowe nat fat men seyn any fing more verrely. and ^^^*^^^ 

yif I toume ajeyn to fe studies of men. who is [he] to ^JSdwJS^ 

whom it sholde Berne fat [be] ne sholde nat only lenen udwonid kvdij 

fiae fitiges. but eke gladly herkene hem. Certya qwod oreteii»h«riiii[. 

3«M nu }([«}— mjhto 
peiFiw^-peynes fiiirna larie—tajB le- 

„I3— IM. tolde S^ tndvrv—dxm 

SKSa [.(. mmhti—tfim C. 
SS33-M BAloIitf— which 

ae23 dsdU— endyd 

delw— deth 
S9M [(«>-frOTl C. 

Sfl25 d«(«-deth 

laste— MS. t>»t. C. laate 
36«-W [Ab}— from C. 

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£uw> uenjuiaed ^^^ ^^ '* '^- ^^^ mtsa may nat for fei han hire igyen so 
^ntJ^MS"' wont to derkeneese of eijiely jjinges. ^at ^ei may nat 
KiU of puipin- liften hem vp to ])e lyjt of c]ere aojiefastnes. V But 
vMdiBn^iiiM f^' '**^ 'y^^ *** ^"*''i^ '^^ Tloiclie Jd nyjt lyjtnej) hyre 
^Tlb^l!^ lookyng. and Jw day blyndef hem. for whan men loken 
Sn^Ui^iMr nat be ordre of binges but hire laatea and talenti. bei 
kappiMH Id th* wene bat obu be leue oi be mowyuse to done wicked- 
mwimfrm 1^*6 or ellys j« escaping wi)) oute peyne be weleful. 
jmlMi to iM '"*'' oofiaidere Jte ingement of fe perdurable lawe. for if 
Isf^'T^ywn^n' t'°*^ couffirme fi con^ to fie beste }>inges. {)0U ue hast 

jour mind lo HO nede to no iuge to «uen be pris or meede. for bou 
what t. m-jd, MHi , 6 J- r r r 

DOBwd 5f * *" loigned fi self to Jie most excellent fiing. and yif 

wwuda^n^ J>ou haue enelined fi studies to fe wicked [linges. ne 
^^i^m- seek no foreyn wr^ere out of pi seli for Jiou ])i self 
W of ttainm «j. hast ^rest ^ in to wicked ]iinges. ry}t as ^ou myjtcst 
' Qi'[2ii"nDoSur ^^^ ^J dyucrse tymes fe foule erjie and fe heuene. 
3G68 and ^at alle o^ [lii.ges stynteu fro wip oute. so |iat 
yaahmniBgadei fou [nere neyther in heuene ne in erthe] ne say[e] no 
i«r""1S™i- I'"'^ more, fan aholde it semen to fe as by only resouw 
™^^?2)J°* of lokynge. Jiat fou were in fe sterrea. mtd now in ^ 
w« take tbam M erjie. but fe poeple ne lokeji nat on fise finges. what 
irr"*" ""hohii t"^" ^^^ ^^ f*" appnwhen vs to hem Jiat I haue 
SSiS^™l!w. shewed fat fei ben lyke to fe bestes. (q. d. no») 
SSSJihoiiM d«- IT And what wilt Jiou seyne of fia Tf yi^ f »•> * man 
fcc^^ mre bu haddo al forlorn hys ayjt and had[de] for^eten fat he 
unaU^ttaoH ^^^' ^^ ""^ wendo fat no fing ne feyled[e] hym of 
Sht^KuW perfecctomi of mankynde. now we fat myjten sen fe 
notuHiiii^irhiit Bams fing wolde ve nat wene fat he were biynde (q. d. 
tbanKb nH»ciail gic). ne also ne acoordef nat fe poeple to fat I shal 
Irttrtu PBTwni ^syne. fe whiche fii^ is snsteyned by a stronge founde- 
Sud?^.^'^ nient of lesouns. fat is to aeyn fat more vnsely ben fei 

C fDr-lom 
wit— gyhte 
9077 AMD— MS.nire.C.savh 
/a»ied[eT— fii.ylflds 

367H Hnit— thtmre* 

seai ( 

iB MCopiBjf— schwjTW 

12 lo (IV- of 

IB foreyn — fAreimo 

iat[e}-p. wye 

set « wilt tKw nv»— voltow 
3670 ybrt<7r»— HH. fbrlome. 

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JPJJSbV] the wickeh need pitt. 129 

fat don wrong to ofer folk pen fei pat )>e wrong ounthoMBiia 
sulTren. IT I wolde heren Jiilke 'same leBouns qtwd I ^ f^^^idwliu 
IT Deniest J)ou quod she fiat alle ahrewes ne ben worfi I^SJJ^™'™' 
to hau tourment. nay quod I. but quod ebe I am cei- u^teve™«icT«d 
t«yne by many reaonna Jiat ahrewes ben vnsely. it ac- ponisiimeiitp 
cotde)) qwod L fan [ne] dowteat ]>ou nat quod aba (lafc ^■J(^n|,(™l'S!^ 
Jiilie folk fat ben worfi of tounnent fat feine ben ^^iX^"'^"' 
■wrecchea. It accordef wd qaod I. yif foa were fan p. nlno^au' 
qjwd she yaet a luge or a knower of f ingea. whcf er puniajimBPi «™ 
troweat foo fat men sholde toMrment[e] hym fat haf f- \f^'^\^^„^ 
don fe wronge. or hym fat haf suflred fe wronge. I w^jSTinmci" 
ne donte nat quod L fat I aolde don suffissannt satis- npon tiT^nmir- 
facctourc to hym fat liad[de] au&ed fe wrong by fe '^•^^' ,. ^ 
eoTwe of bym fat had[de] don fe wronge. IT fan Jl^'S^n^J^ai'' 
semef it quod she fat fe doar of wroi^ ia more wrecche ,uffe4r'°" "" 
fan he fat haf suffred f e wrong, fat f olwef wel quod -ouw je™ the 
[I], fan quod ahe by fise causes and by ofer eanees JJ^hs'^^J'jIjj 
fat ben enforced by fe same roate fat filf e or aynne by ^tJ3°fo^i^ 
fe propre nature of it makefi men wrecches. arid it p. From*thi« 
ahewef wel fat fe wrong fat men. don nia nat fe nu^aaruhs 
wrecchenesae of hym fat receyuef fe wrong, but fe 3703 
wrecchednease of hym fat dof fe wronge T but certys m^Ldteraw^ 
quod ahe fi/)e oratours or aduocat} doa al fe contrarie dmHiouiymau 
for fei enforcen hem to commooue fe ingea to ban pite JJ*u^'Jli£Sr'™ 
of heTO fat ban suffred and resceyued f e finges fat ben Hi"J,™diflira1lL"' 
greuoua aiid oepre. and jitte men aholden more ryjt- uin pity ror thaw 
fully ban pitee on hem fat don f e greuaunces ajid f e ""'[^"^^iha 
wrongea, fe whiche shrewts it were a more couenable ^{^^Vioiiie 
fing fat fe accuBoa*^ or aduocatj not wrofe but pitoua oSgULttwe^. 
and debonaire ladden bo shrewea bat ban don wtowr to m«it««th8tiS 
fe lugement. ryjt as men leden seke folk to fe leche. ^^"^JV 
for fat fei aholden seken out fe maladies of aynne by ^iS^nt » ^"tl" 

a. done. C. don I 

H tpronae 13)— s 
IS /uuHdiy-badi 

- JS In*]— from 0. 
sen vtet—HB. yui 

u&«b«r— omitted { SWa Aab— HS. halx 

SetM imrmmiuy-tonaeat- S«»» [/J— from a 
SSM-3 ha)>—liS.iM)» [en I 3700 Im- ben ot 

1 teroira—vxottt 

doa— HS. done, C. don 

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totbapiuifaKif tourmciitj. and by Jris couenaunt ey)»er ^e entent of ftt 
ih^BU)|btmrea defendouz-a or aduocatj Bholde fayle and ceaen in aL or 
v^^p!* ellya yif fe office of aduocatj woldo bottre profiten to 
miioaxS Tbair men. it sholde be toumed in to ]>e habit of accnsacioun. 
•ni not M dciiH bat ia ftol arelyn tei sholden accuse ehiewes. and nat 

dOUiden. Were ' l j i jj r 

3720 excuse bem. and eke ))e abrewes hem sell jit it were 

IJ^JSmS^'I' leneful to hem to seen at any clifte fe vertue fat Jwi 

lin^ibHsv. ban forleten. arid aamen bat bei ehclde putteu adoun 

fenUuavwd |m filjieg of hiie viceB by [the] tourmentj of peynes. ^ei 

ro^^^^uri- jig au^ten nat tyjt for jte lecompensacionn forto geten 

iM^S^nnij ^^"1 boimte OMd prowesse whiehe J)at f ei han lost demen 

Mtt pnni^nit HO holden ])at )»illte peynes weieu tourmentea to bem. 

3727 and eke fei wolden refuse fie attendaunce of hir aduo- 

^ui«udv» '^^ ""^ taken hem self to hire tugee and to hir ac- 

nttaH ttudabnu cusouTs. for whiche it bytidefi [)iat] as to )>e wiee folk 

rntiwiMiiiM )iei nis no place ylete to bate, fiat ia to seyn. ])at hate 

mm'^tMiii "^ ^^f ""^ place amoi^^ wise men. If For iio wyjt 

i!«ww«d'''nMi wolde haten gode men. but yif he were ouer mocbe a 

ih^HmUuiV fo]e. % and forto haten shrewee it nis no reaoun. 

3734 ^ I'or ryjt so aa langoissii^ is maladie of body, ryjt 

Durk^^^ ™ l)en vices and aynne maladies of cor^e. f and so aa 

•Ml an man we ne deme nat bat bei bat ben seek of hire body ben 

daiilontila thin tit ■/ 

Si™ wemm*'' ^*>'I'i *<> '*•' hated, but rajier worf i of pite. wel more 
^^'i^"" worfii nat to ben bated, but forto ben had in pite ben 

fiei of whiche Jie fion^tes ben constroinod by felonoua 
3740 wickednesse. fiat is more cmel fiare any laQgoissinge of 


(Th»B«be QI'O TANT08 lUUAT. 

wiuifrew^ TTThat deliteji it jow to exciten so grete moewynges of 

llS'S,'ii/''w^' hatredes and to hasten and bisien [the] fatal dis- 

i> 'liiKi lie ac posicioun of joure deef wif joure propre haudes, fat is 

3745 to seyn by batailes or [by] eontek, for yif je axen Jie 

S tonraimfj— tonoent 

Jm (Ih-omttted 
am [to] »[8]v»— to sajti 

t7SG-l» iDJUi!;k«— which 
«n Midub— UB. Imideb, 
C. bytidlth 
1730 Bia(e~M8ten 
)731 hat— HB. >>»>» 
[73» woUle—nyl 

3732 nwAs— mocbd 
373« t«i— Bjk« 
S74S rMB)-Hfrotil C, 
3745 [Av]— ^m C. 

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ileof it hastisiji hym of liya owen mile, ne deej) ne ^a noe w oome. 
tarief flat hys swifte hora. and [the] men fat fe ser- ''*'"i™^|^''* 
pentj and fe lyouBS, (md pe tigre. and fie beere and J>o JJJ^^oJS reptum 
hooK Bcken to sleen wif her tefe. jit Jjilte same men Mber^rffuie 
eeken to elocn eneryche of hem ojier wif Bwerde. loo for nunnm ■nd 
her maners ben* diuerse and discordaunt IT bei £*foi-N».i 

' iMOrd. wherefore 

moenen vnryjtful oostea and cruel bataileB, and wilne ^5^^*^ ';„a 
to perisae by enterchaungynge of dartes. bnt fe resoiuj t^aS^S^- 
of cnielte nis nat ynouj ryjfcfid. wilt foo )ian jelden a no^net rea«n Cw 
couonable gerdoure to fe desertes of men IT Loue ryjt- J^^^J''™^*' 
fully goode folkf and haae pite on shreweB. 3756 i^™l„^^ 

HIKO BGO UIDEO INQtr^M, £T OBIKfU. thawidied. 


l^us see I wel qwod I. eyfer what blisfolnesse or ellys a i«8pi^ 
* what vnselinesse ia est«b[l]iaBed in Jie desertys of ^Ji^i'^^rttii!™ 
goode men and of ahrewea, H" but in Jiia ilke fortune themSoi^irM"^ 
of poeple I Bee somwhat of goode. and somwhat of iSe wtdisi"™ t' 
yuel. for no wise man haji nat leuer ben exiled pore minture of b«S 
and nedy and nameles. Jian forto dwellen in hys Citee Sj^J^ii'^'"" 
and flouten of rycheases. and be redoutahle by honoure. 3763 
and etronge of power for in fia wise more clerely and S^S'appein. 
more witnesfully is fe office of wise men y tretid whan when wim men 
J)e bliafulnea atid [the] pouste of gouemoMrs is as it ^(^^SlLtr 
were yshad amonges poeples fat ben neyjbonres and !,°£toi'pJ5^, 
sul^it^, syn fat namely prisoun. lawe and fiae oJier are inDictod only' 
tourmentj of lawful peynes ben rajier owed to felonoua 
Citejeins. for fie whicho felonouB Citejeine Jio peynes 3770 
ben establissed. ban for coode folk, IT ban I menieile whj, ihon, 

• ° ' ehould thing! 

me greUy quoA L whi [fiat] fe Jiingea ben so mys en- Ztl^^cSg^} 
trechaunged, fat iounaentj of felounea pressen and why >tionid the 
confounden goode folk, and shrewea rauysaen medea of tii= 'irft™ t»- 

3748 kt(fw]>— hasteth 
ouwn »£Zia— oime wjl 

J7*7 «*«]— frem U 

37W ftuprs— boor 
(efw— teth 

3761 *«--hli- 

3753 ffnierchaunffyuga — 


13 |.ai.-MS.>»t,C,tl 

S7«8 fou/W— lawBh 
3771 jrood*— good 
3773 [J^— from C. 

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vertuo and ben in honowiu and in grele estatia. and I 
desire eke to witen of fe. what Bemef Jw to ben Je 
resoun of Jiis so wrongful a confusioiHi IT Foi I wolde 
wondre wel ]>e lasse yif I trowed[e] ^at alle ]iise (linges 
were medeled by fortuouse hap. IT But now hepe)i 
ami encreaef myne astonyenge god gouemowr of fingea. 
J)at so as god jeuej) ofte tymee to good[e] mea goodes 
cmd myrfies. and to shrewes yuel and aepie ^ges. 
and jeue{i ajeynewaide to goode folk hardneaee. and to 
shrewes [he] graunte]) h^u her wills and ^at ^ei d&- 
what difTerescs paa may ]ier be bitwixen ^ai ]iat 
god dofi. and fe hap of fortune, yif men ne knows nat 
^e cause whi ^at [it] is. it nis no merueile quod she )>ou3 
])at men wenen fiat Jjet be eomwhat folysche and confus 
whan Jie reaoun of J>e order is vuknowe. If But alle 
Jiouj fou ne know nat pe cause of so gret a disposicjouw. 
najieles for oa moche as god ^ good[e] gonemoui at- 
tempiefi av/1 gouemej) J>e world, ne doute |ie nat ^t 
alle )iuiges no ben doon aryjt. 3793 


Ill/ ho SO Jrat ne knowe nat fio sterrea of arctonr 

nl nMr"iSe " ' ' ytoMrned neye to Jie souereyne contre or point, 

"Tiedtta path fiat is to seyne ytotM-ned noyo to Jio aouereyne pool of fa 

"^^jiJ'"'' firmament and woot nat whi fe sterre boetes passej) or 

3798 gaderij) hia wey[n]es. and drenchej hia late flaumbes in 

Jie see. and whi |)at hoetes fe stene vnfoldij) hia ouer 

ewifte arisynges, fan ahal he wowdren of Jie lawe of fe 

heye eyre, artd eke if fat he ne knowe nat why J>at fe 

— -:,„-^-,"7^g- homes of fe ful[le] moene waxen pale and infect by fe 

ptaj^ "* boundes of f e derke nyjt % and how f e moene dirk 

am orfte—iart 3784 thty-trom 0. 3799 «»--omtltod 

S778 totdle •- 

8779 (rowed 

fftttoirtua — forii 
3781 (Mod[«>- inxK 
3783^- -" 

37ea Ais (1)— biTC 

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aTiid coufuBo discouere^ [le sterrea. ^t she had[dc] Thinking 
ycouered by hir clere visage. Jw commune errour moeueji ""'tofenfiiQiit- 
folk and makif wery hir bacinee of bras by {rikke Jh^^™VMic 
ettookes. fat is to seyne fat Jwr is a maner poeple fat T«»ei> w ™ 
hy)t[e] coribaadea fat wenon fatwltan fe moone ie in ronsmaV-inhco 
fe eolips fat it be encbauntid. and feribre forto rescowe wtnd rendera the 
fe moone fei betyn hire basines wif fikke etrokee. EapiSf^^M 
^ Ke no man ne wondref whan fe blastes of fe wynde K'uie'I^ra^B 
chorus betyn be strondea of be see by quakynse fioodes. ™qMUwBuscj 
ne no man ne wondief whan fe weyjte of fe snowe 3813 
yhardid by fe colde. ie resolued by fe brennynge bete cuJ^anmf- 
of pbebua fe sonne. IT For here seen men redyly f e "« human mind, 
causes, bat f e * causes yhid fat is to seyo in heuene [• mi. so.j 
trouble f e brestes of men. IF f e moeueable poeple is Tbe nckia mob 
a-atoned of alle f inges fat comen selde and sodeynely in <""7 ™™ <" 
cure ^e, but yif fe troubly etroui of oure ignorance i™a„^o™*er 
departid[e] from vs. bo fat we wiaten f e causes whi fat ^^^S^ts 
Bwiche f inges bitiden. certys fei Bholden ceBse to seme Enoti^. 


l^ys ia it qwod I. but so as f ou hast jeuen or byhyjt ^ftj'iu^"' 
■* me to vnwrappen f e Hdde causes of f ir^es Tf and miMd to uni 
to diseoueren me f e reaouna couered wit/t dirknesses I J^^^' "^ 
pj-eye f o fat f ou diuise and luge me of f is matere. ajid i^^^'i"^ 
fat f ou do me to vudrestondew it. IT For f is miracle IliSiri'iiS 
or fis wondre troublef me ryjt gretely. and fan she a thBrajMerj- 
btel [what] amylyng seide. ^ fou clepest me qwod fj™^' 
ehe to telle f ing. fat is grettest of alle f inges fat mowen rti™'™if™i 
ben axed. ^ And to fe whiche questioun vnnef[o]3 is ^I'torwb^ 
fere ai^t ynow to lauen it. aa who seif . vnuefes is f er 
BufBaauntly any f ing to anawere perfltly to f i questioun. 3833 

3SM £aci»i*-MB. baMiies 

bti&t— UB. |>[lhe, C. thilko 
8*17 winte— «eyn 

9*19 Bclijn — eclypH 

aaia Ovnva—JiS. Ihonis, C. 

3813 anoHW— sonwh=auowli 

.8 MAid— MS. ybidde, 

7 (rouSfe— trnwblen 
!3 bykyit—bi-bybie 

w jir<n(»— preey 

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J^^JjJttJa, IT For f e matere of it ie swicbe pat whan oon doute is 
doobtiinmmd. determined and knt awey }et wexen o)wr doatea -wi^ 
•ttm,ufc>a« outen nonmbre. lyjt aa fe heuedee waxen of ydro )ie 
^'*^^jjj^|»fr serpent ^t hercnlea elouj. IT Ne fere ne were no 
SldS^''^ manere ne noon ende. but jif fat a wyjt cow8treined[e] 
qsu ud %^ f o doutee. by a r^t lyuely atu2 a quik fire of f oi^. fat 
mini. TuqaH- Ib to Beyn by vigoitr and etrengf e of witte. T ^o' '" 

ISSiiittSflTt ^^ niatcre men weren wont to maken queatiouiw of fe 
■ ?"S^I^ or' eimplicite of Jie puraeaunce of god atid of fe ordre of 
^ ■nc^i.TiHordv destine, and of sodejne hap. and of )ie knowyug and 
n«^^ Bud- predestinactonn deuine and of fe lyberte of £re wille. 
Jli^J^^^ }ie whiche f ing fou (li self aperceiust Tel of what wejgt 
J^^!£^™i fei ben. but for as mochel aa pe knowynge of fise 
tbng^tdn^ |iinge8 IB & manoTe porcwnn to fe medicine to fe. al be it 
m™^^™ » BO fat I haue lytel tyme to don it. jit naf eles I wolo 
3849 enibrcen me to ehewe somwbat of it. II but al fou; 
^'w^inn!^' fe noriaainges of dite of muaike delitef fe fow most 
ia^^m!rnri Buf&eu. and forberen a litel of f ilk delite while fat I 
^^^^ to _ weue (contexo) to fe resouns yknyt by ordie ^ As it likef 
Sfei™S; ,o fe qtwd I BO do. V f spak she ryjt a[s] by an of er 
iSsiitgnt^ l>yg7nnyn[gB] and seide fua. ^ fe engcndrynge of olle 
ik*dMiMiiiid«- fingea quod ahe (wd alle fe progreaaiouns of munable 
jggl^'J"^*'' nature, ami alle fot moeuef in any manere takif hys 
tSSTtobS*^' canaes. hys ordre. and hya formea. of f e etablenease of f e 
"-■■•inSiu- denyne foujt [and thllke deayne thowht] fat ia yaet ami 
" " ^ P"* •" J* toure. fat is to aeyne in fe heyjt of fe sim- 
«SiSi plici** ^^ g"^- stialjlisif many manere gysea to f inges fat 
SJblf^ ben to don. If )* whiche manere whan fat men loken 
. Baflco- it in f ilke pure clereneaae of f e deuyne intelligence, it 
uudihe 3a ycleped parueaunce IT but whan fUke manere ia re- 

3813 bap— bmpTie 
3845 t»«;f— irvbt 
3848 wolff-irol 
33SO tow— M8. now. C. ^H^a 
most »nflV™i— MS. mMle 

3831 ^It— thilke 
jpo*— MS, apake, C, afok 

MS [oiHt ttowiO— "n" 

»«B(— MB. Tsette, C. y»el 

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ferrod by mat to ^itiges Jrat it moeae)) and diBpone]) ))an cwih m to •« 

of olde men. it waa cleped destine, IT fe whiche S^ne^l^S^"" 

Jjinges jif fat any wyjt loke)* wel in his Jioujt. f e S^SS^i^ 

etiensbe of bat oon and of Irat ober he shal lyttly moven Daunv or fiu ia 

seen fat pise two pmges ben diners. 1l For pwrueannce t "^Ji"™ "' 

is pilke denyne reeoure fat is estahlisaed in )» aouereyne ^f "™d8"Sew- 

prince of f ingea. fe whiche pwrueaimoe dieponif alle I,^ hfwiaJh'" 

Jiinges. bat destine is fe dispoaictonn and ordenaunce Uiam. iiorid. 

clenynge to moeuable finges. by fe whiche dispoaicionn JJingi, ^o^h 

fe pMrueaunce knytef alle [linges in hire oidree. IT For JlvamSumw* 

' purueaunce enbiacef alle f ingee to hepe. al f ou; fat thS'^, ud in uw 

fei ben dyuerse and al fon^ fei hen wif onten fyn. but 'ho form "epro- 

deatynie departef and ordeynef alle finges sii^erly u^Jf'^'J'JJ^;, 

and diuidef. in moeuynges. in places, in formes, in ^'iniSldh£ 

tymes. departif [as] f us, so fat fe vnfoldyng of tem- p^>v]denl^e; ud 

poi-el ordenannce assembled and ooned in fe lokyng of ^^^^Ij""" 

fe denyne foujt H Is pameannce and filke same 3880 

assemblynge. and oonyng diuided and vnfolden by Mired^i«^ 
tymes. lat fat ben called destine, and al be " it so fat [• foi. so t.j 

fiae fingea ben dyuerse. jitte nafeles hai^ef fat oon ^^^-/"^^ 

on fat ofer. forwhi fe ordre deatinal procedif of fe Sd^^Vw^ 

simplicite of pumeaunce. for ry^t as a werkntan fat nniij atPiwid. 

aperceiuef in tiya f oujt fe forme of fe f ing fat he wil wp'^^'j^^,, 

make moenef f e effect of fe werke. and ledif fat he J^^ wSS £« 

had[de] loked byfome in hys foujt symply and pre- linfr^eiwiiraB u 

eently by tempOT^ foujt. IT Certya ryjt bo god die- F'^"^j!^u£-. 

ponif in hys pttrueaunce ainglerly and atahly fe finges J^^^^tkh'se 

fat hen to done, bnt he amynistref in many maneres ft^^TthB'^Bi.rf 

and in dyuerse tymes by destyne. filke same finges diipoaei eiacj- 

fat he haf disponed fan whef ir fat destine be excer- ^"""^^^ '" 

ciaed. eyfer by somme dyuyne spirites seruauntej to fim8"iKiur- 

f e deuyne pumeaunce. or ellys by sontme soule (areima I^iimiTofFTO, 

8972 cleBiiiiffs— cljnjnire 
BS7B tt!i)r allien J\in—1a.ts 

SflTB tinglerlv--ayniai\sAs 
3SJ7 lit (3)— MS. and, C. m 
S878 d^rlii — omittad 
taa]-rrom C. 

I 3890 itablv—Aa!aM3 
3393 hab—TliS. hs|>e 
3SM flv^in^-awlher 

ffl [louvf— ordiHimnce 
W risjSoWi;— sj'nBulorlj 

ib. Google 


wiShlffi'" mnndi). or ellys by al nature eernynge to god, or ellys 
StKuiku oidn by )w celestial moeuyng of Bterres. ot ellys by ^e vertae 
|h".^<™M^ of aungeifl. or ellys by Jie dyueree Bubtilite of deueles. 
ShffSji^ or ellys by any of hem. or ellys by hem alle Jw deetynol 
ffi^JS"^*" opdynauiwe is ywouen or accomplissed.' certys it ia open 

*■ "—— , j)iiig fat Jie pumeaunce is an vmnoeiieable and symplo 

• fotme of ^ingee to done, and )» moeueable bonde and 
iu>?^«nk- J*^ temporel ordynaimce of Jiinges whiche J»at fe deuyne 
S DfrinurW- simplicite of pumeaiince ba^ otdoyned to done. Jtat is 
gsmiBmnii of destine. For whiche it is fat alle finges Jtat ben put 
J^^^5^ vndir destine ben certys snbgitj to pumeanmce. to - 
J^J;!^4^ whiche pumeaunce destine it self is snbgit and vndir, 

which La tbher- 

mortiKjMdM ^ But somme fmges ben put Tndir pnrueaimce Jiat 
JJ^gU^iJJI^ sourmounten J)e ordinaunce of destine, and fo ben 
ewtTs.'romS ' fiUte fat stably bcu jficched ney to fe firat godhed )*» 
-trdonMre- aowrmounten fe ordre of destinal moeuabiite. IT Kot 
3912 ryjt as cercles fat towTTien aboute a same Centre or 
about a poynt. filke cercle fat is iniest oi moost ivif- 
ynne ioinef to |)e aymplease of fe myddel aiid is as it 
m^^min^ were a Centre or a poynt to fat ofer cercles fat toumem 
thing eiH ta ™'' abouten hym, f and bilke fat is outerest compased by 
mid^ipDmti itta lai^r envyronDynge is vntolden by larger spaces m so 
{^gl'J^,^ mochel aa it is forfeat fro fe mydel sympUcite of fe 
£lfb^£l^ poynt and yif fer be any fing fat knyttef and felaw- 
Mitaic^M shippef bym selfe to filko mydel poynt it ia constreyned 
*°^"^^™- in to symplicite. fat ia to seyn in to [vnjiaoeueablete, 
^£2b5^ ""'' ^* ceseth to hen shad and to fletin dyueraly. IT Eyjt 
Et^ !nii».a» 80 by aemblable resoun. f illce finge fat depnrtif firfest 
iwrni, thenm fro f s fiist f oujt of god. it is vnfoldeB and aummittid 
™d«it^** to grettere bondes of destine, and in so moche is fe 
"™^'- fing more free and Iots fro destyne as it axef and 

t§B6ai— «11e 


3SI3 afta<i«->-bowtii 

Sm CMeth-US. fleKC 


3917™rn^"|iK-a luTW 


8»18 ™«:Aai-n.oche 

39Maf-MS. to.C-of 
3»M Ki«-lttiu 

3*8 tonrfe— bond 


3920 K^fe—ye^r 

3MJ ici^u'Ae— »liich 

3831 [™]mo«™Wrf8~vn. 

,, Google 

holdeb hym ner to bilte Centre of binfres. bat is to Andifw. 

■" ' 111 miiipoM llmt 

seyne god. H and if ^ ^inge eleuef to Jte atedfaatnease y^'^*,'"^'!^ 
of ^e fioujt of god. and be tfI)) oute moeuyng certys it [he lupiwia 
BoarmouiiteJ* fe necesaite of destyne. fan ryjt awiche mme. unnKiy. 
compariaoun as [it] is of skilynge to vndiretondyng a'nd X^Z'^^^J^'^ 
of Jiing fat ia engendred to J>ing Jiat ia. and of tyme to ^i|,7i, 5*11^ 
eternite. and oi be cercle to be Centre, rv^t so is be thitwhicuiBpro- 
ordre of moeuealile destine to Jw stable sjmplicite of iji'rt'""!j" "L 
purueaunce. IT filte ordinaiiiiee moenef Jw heuene ^JU'uII,^' 
and be sterres and att«nipreb be elymenti to gider ^[^'iromn^of 

FiU to (lu ttatilg 

amoi^ea hem self, and transformeji bem by enter- Ji™p[^"^ 
channgable mutactoun, f and Jtilke same ordre newef ^J^ 7t^ 
^ein alle Jjingea growyng and fallyng a-doune by aem- cirnieiiV>nh]' 
bleables progressiouws of seedes and of sexes, fat is i)foiB»«,>na 
to sein. male and female, and fis ilke ordre conatreynef 3941 
-|i6 fortnnea and fe dedea of men by a bonde of causes IwH'^tSS,"" 
nat able to ben vnbounden (indissolubili). be whiche thfngi wsu n>n. 

» ' ' . aucied. rinca Hurt 

destinal canses wkanne fei paaaen oute fro fe by- SBniMhu^' 
gynnynges of (to vnmoeueable puraeaunce it mot nedes 'liV^^'of'Sfe 
be bat bei ne be nat mutable, and bus ben be bistres ful v lu inherent 

' '^ r r r a inmmubUivr ei- 

■wel ygouemed, yif fat fe aymplicite dwellynge* in )»e [■ M-si.] 
deuyne fou^t sbewef furfe f e ordre of causes, vnable to upon mnubie 
be I-bowed, and f is ordre eonstreynejt by hya propre KE^SiSh 'r" 
etablete Jw moeueable fingee. or ellya fei aholde fleten SSSnot'tH^" 
folily for whiehe it ia fat alio fingea aemen to be confus ipiwainltaHd— 
and trouble to va men. for we ne mowe nat coHsidere [JTI^^'"™ 
filke ordinaunce. IT Nafelea fe propre manere of SSS'iuou^r 
euery fing dreasynge hem to goodo dispoait hem alle, ih^re^°notwn« 
for beie nis no binge don for cause of yuel, ne bilko ot«vii,iuite.e 

' ' '' J r by »e wicked, 

fing fat is don by wicked[e] folk nia nat don for yuel ^r'fjj'„™'jj^'' 
f 6 whiche shrewca aa I haue shewed [ful] plentiuously croob^'mr. 

iringf cteB*^ — thing 
39M mpicllB— »*J0h 

8837 wrtmrioutiifailB— MS. 
eiilerchiuiNnnKHble, C. 

3»43 tm mUmuHiim—lK vi 

48 ftirbp — forth 
■" "«Md— MP - 

S94fi J-4«M(i— MS. vnbo 

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Put the otjm eeken goode. but wkked errour mystoiiniib hem. ITNe 

liojceeiUng (nun '^ J r 

su^rMBBowi- f^ ordre comynge fro J>e poynt of aouereyne goode ne 
m™a«flDy!* Eat declinof nat fro liya byg3Tmynge. but ftou mayst sein 
what greawr' oaa- what vnieste may ben a wore confusioun fan fat goode 
^^i^^J^i^"^ ""^n Jt*" somme tyme aduersite. and sorotyme pn>- 
•honiTu'timM sperite. IT and ahrewes alao ban hot Jtinges fat Jiei 
n!^^d thUOTfl desiten. and now fiwges fat fei baten IT whefer men 
™i?S«i™'' lyuen now in awicbe boolnesse of f oujt as who aeif, 
K uS^mtodby ^^ ^^^ ^'^^ so wise. fat awicbe folk aa f ei demen to 
An nwn 1^ ben goode folk or ahrewes fat It mot nedes ben fat folk 
mvBr, wheiber ben swiche aa pei ■weaen. but in bia manere be domes 

Ihosc whom Ui^ ' r r 

^tTumitor^ '^^ ^^^ discorden. fat f ilke men f trt sowane folk demen 
t^^^p''o^™lm^ worf i of meJe. of er folk demen hem worf i of toiwinent, 
iDuier. Some but lat Ts grauntrel I pose bat eom man may wel demen 

■tlHi ue deemed " u j . j 

tBOMpmSr*™ "' knowen fe goode folk and fo badde. May he fan 
£wK^r»S[ knowen and seen f ilke inrest attemperaunee of corages. 
^^bieibroiie aa it hab ben wont to be said of bodyes. as who saib 

10 diMlDffnJth •'I 

39T5 may a man speken and determine of attemperannce in 
taiween Uie pod corftgeB. OS men were wont to demen or speken of com- 
plexiouns and attemperaunces of bodies (q' non). ne 
it [ne] ia nat an vulyke miracle to hem fat ne knowen 
it nat. IT Aa who aeif. but is lyke a merueil or a 
miracle to hem fat ue knowen it nat. wbi fat swete 
finges [ben] couenable to some bodies fat benhool and 
!^^ ^!^ to some bodies bittre f ii^es ben couenable. and alao 
knidvHiiid whi fat some seke folk ben holpen -mtk lyat medicines 

oUien by ilurjBT ' r J J 

SJI^^ljto'ihi ['*'"' some folk ben holpen witA sharppe medicynes] but 
iiSbmIw i5°"*" naf eles f e leche fat knowef fe manere and fe attemper- 
earm. whucoii' aunce of heele and of maladie ne merueileb of it no 

nitoua ItaB bamUb 

emdM*?*'^ fing. but what ofer fing semef hele of corages but 
jJiJjiJj'^ hoQnte and proweaae. and what ofer fing seinef maladie 
PHMrvJl^rf'^ of corages but vicea. who ia eUys kepere of good or 

S8B8-9 eixxU—good 
C. deolyiiylh 

asm nrwio-swTch 
88*7 (oiKie— good 

3971 growit[e}-'tr\unte 
Xm tHruf—Inner^ate 
3974 Aa>— HB. hm£« 

«td-HS. naide, a seyd 
397G determine — deUnDiaei 
3979 [BB]-(TOn C. 

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dryuero awey of yuel but god gqnwnour and leecher of 
[toujtes. Jie whiche god whan he haji by-holden from ]>e 
heye toure of hys puraeftimce he knowef what is 
couenable to euery wyjt and lene^ hem Jiat he wot 
[^at] is couenable to hem. Loo here of come}) and 
here of is don )>iB noble miracle of |)e ordre destiuai. 
whan god |)at alle knowe]) doti awiche ^ing. of whicho 
|)ing [fat] vuknowyng folk ben aetoned but forto con- 
streine as who seiji T But forto eomprehende and telle 
a fewe finges of f c deuyne depnesse J)e whiche fat mans 
resouw may vnderatonde. 1[ filk man fat fou weneat 
to ben ryjt luste and ryjt kepyng of eqaite. f e contrarie 
of fat semef to fe deuyne pwi-ueaunee fat al woot. 
Tf And lucan my familier tellef fat fe victories cause 
liked[e] to fe goddes arid causes ouercomen liked[e] to 
catoun. fan what so euer fou mayst seen fat is don in 
f is [world] vnhoped or vnwened. certys it is f e ry;t[e] 
ordre of fingea. but aa to f i wicked[e] oppinioure it ia a 
corefusioun. but I suppose fat som man be ao wel yfewed. 
fat f e deuyne lugement and fe lugemejtt of mankynde 
accorden hem to gidre of bym. but he is so vaatedfast 
of corage [fat] yif any aduetsite come to hym he wolde 
for-leten perauenture to continue innocence by fe 
whiche he ne may nat wifholden fortune. *\ fan fe 
wise dispensact'oun of god spaief hym fe whiche 
manere aduersite • myjt[e] enpeyren. ^ For fat god 
wil nat sufiren hym to trauaile. to whom fat traoayl 
nis nat couenable. % An offr man is peHit in alle 
uertues. ajid is an holy man and neye to god so fat fe 
pumeaance of god wolde demen fat it were a felony 
fat he were touched wif any adueieites. ao fat he ne 

■a r^^ciiiD ot 

themF EVhd IhU 
that i?Teat DiBml 
by tike wiHdom oT 
ed ftt by ignomiit 

nniini Uis dspth 
deem Junt, nuv 

3I)«1 Aa|>— MB. hmbe 
3»93 ieo(— MS. wole, C. wot 
SM* [hot]— from G. 
wm don— H8. done, C. dor 
miracle — MS. mirachti. C 

onj™— MS. ordre of 

dufi—aa. dol'o 

4000 biJIr-'thiUie 
«M fc**d[»] (6o(AHlykede 
woe it .loo— MS. IB to don 
WOe-^wurWJ-from C. 

*«? wicto/[rf— wykk.^de 

from mm tbrnt 

liiwetore BiranptB 

4010 vnaigt^fiui—vjatj^t^ 

4011 [bofl— from C 

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1 be moened wif any 

^r» tha dbw- manere maladie. ^ But so as aeide a philoaophre [tho 

•aw™^^ moore excellent by me], fe aduereitea cornea nat (be 

ttle^ia^Uw ^'^^ "* g™o!) Jiere Jiat neitues ban edified fe bodie 

KSSi. '■!£"" of fe holy man. and ofle tyme it bitide|( J»at fe 

udHi^word- Bomrae of ^inges )>at bea to dou is taken to good folk 

no^n^ditota to goaeme. for f>at )» malice babundannt c 

ofibeirmindiL sholde ben abatid. and god jeu 


and departif to ofer 
J^ folk prosp[er]ites arid aduersites ymedeled to bepe aftir 
^e qualite of bire coi^es and remordi^ som folk by 
aduersites. for pei ae ebolden nat wexen proude by 
longe weleMneese. and oper folk he auffref to ben 
(^twSSSS^ trauayled wif barde Jringee, V For fat pei sholden con- 
liMKita»mii>t*d ferme J>e vertues of oor^e by fe vaage and exercitacioim 
So^'d'^Si'^"'*' °^ paciewce, and ofer folke dreden more («n fei aujten 
4036 fe wiobe fei mj3t[en] wel beren. and Jtilke folk god 
um.bieMitiewi ledif in to eaperience of bcm eelf by aspre atui aorwe- 
Lti*"ro™S'™' *'^ fingea. V And many oper folk ban bonjt honor- 
able renoune of fia woride by fe pris of glorious deef. 


laca — , — 

t1i«y mx proud bj 

ffnnt MdT«Talti» 

and s 

I ^t ne mowen nat ben ouer-comen by 

™<i^^"am tourment ban jeuen ensample to ofer folk ^lat vertue n 
JJUJ^I^J^^Jg^gj may nat be ouer-comen by adueraitea. IT and of alle 
«mabyii*™iiy. f>ise fiinges Jier nis no doute fat Jiei ne ben don ryjt- 
rtonejuiiLy. atid fully aoil ordeinly to f e profit of bem to whom we 
fh'nS^S^ma ^®*^ I''^® finges bitide. IT For certys fat aduersite 
f1™ iSsiMni comef some tyme to shrewes. and some tyme Jtat (tei 
S«»ii»BnM^ deairen it comef of )iise forseide causes and of sorweful 
h™?'* pinges fat bytyden to shrewes. Certys no man ne 
I wondref. For alle men wenen fat fei ban wel dc- 
t seraed it. and fei ben of wicked merite of wbiche 


itm o^tr—ooOtia 


o^or — oth» 
i coibbI)— coxnth 
«w [both] — som 

twt that they 

1047 eomeb-^mt 
s*>rwfm — soTwt 
iOGO vfieked — wyk 

ib. Google 


ehrewes fe towrment Bom tyme agaatef ofer to done whaiuiojiiaiervs. 
folies. mid som tyme it amende)) hem J>at suffren fe ^^^^' 
toM^-mentia. V And )ie prttspmte fat ie jeuen to Jl^JiSJ^^'iuia 
ehrewes aheweji a grete atguroent to good[e] folk what wA.^k;a»iijny 
fii^ Jwi sholde demea of filk wilfulnesse fe whiohe Jj^^ui'^im^ 
prosperite men seen ofte seme to shrewea. in ^ whiche ^b^^^^*" 
(ling rtrowe fat god diapenaij), for perauenturefe nature Ih^iM'^hE^ " 
of HOm man U ao ouerbiowyng to yuel and so vncouen- AnothM rmimti 

' u □ u for dlipansing 

able (tat J>e nedy pouerte of hya house-hold niyjt[e] SS^^^u," 
lajier egren hym to done feloniea. and to Jw maladie ™w°™™pt 
of hym god puttif remedie to jiuen hym rychesse. and »nd npidHi. 
som ofer man hyholdi)) hya conscience defouled wiji J^^^to? Their 
aynnes and maki)) compariaoun of his fortune arid of ^^'i^cKT" 
hym self ^ and dredij) perauenture fat hys hlisfulnesae iDan^^'csaBe 
of whiche fe vsage is ioyful to hym fat fe leaynge of ^!"i^!"'f 
filke hlisfulnesae ue he nat sorweful to hym. and fer- 4066 
fore he wol ehannge hya manerea. and for he dredif ^^^'uton 
to leee hye fortune, he forletif hya wickedneaae, to happin™ i. eon- 
ofer folk ia weleftilnesse yjeuen vnworfily fe whiche i»»tprMipiiaie> 
ouerfrowef hem in to deatniccioun fat fei han de- "m°*To'aMne 
aeiued. and to som ofer folk is ^euen powet to ^^t'c/fInum^ 
poniaaew. for bat it ahal be cause of continuaciouw ODd »™h to eiBrdw 

^ • (he vWuH o( tin 

exercisinge to good[e] folk. aTid cause of towiroent to |S5^,||ui^ 
shrewea. IT For ao as fer nis none alyaunce hytwixe Smfano^aHi" 
good[e] folke and ehrewes. ne shrewes ne mowen nat goodanA'E^.H 
aceorden amonges hem aelf and whi nat for Bhrewea ShJr°*Tnii 
discorden of hem self by her vices f e whiche vices al to ri"\r'i°«tm^e 
renden her coneciencea. and don oft[e] tyme finges fe SitS'themMivM, 
whiche finges whan fei ban don hem. fei demen fat inj[iheir™n- 
fo fingee ne sholde nat ban ben don. for whiche finge j'^^Jj^wd 
filke aouereyne pwrueaunce haf maked oft[e] tyme wordi'HU'd^P- 

4001 olw^-ootlini ll>, G. diapraulth 4074 hom— non 

lioao— don 4069 moitd— myhte 407B eoo(i[B"t— pwde 

4052 ^iM— l^lonies 40eo dotu— don 4076 occonjan— acordy 

40S4 grett—gtei 4061 r»«*a»»— Ejohease* 4078 do»— MB. done, C. don 

IfnndEel— goodB 4066 wSfcfto— wbich qflle]—one 

4086 »4oid«-aho!den 4068 US. wroiiBly innerts 4076 dun— M8. done. 0. don 

btU— thilke ae^^^aette after wick- tOW j>A«r.lii— sholdrn 

.DiicA*— which 4069-71 obBi—oothre 4081 /.aj.— MS.hii|.e 

40S7 liwjwMiJj— M8. diapii- 4078 BiJ«J[e}— good* <irt[s]— ol»fl 

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sriM«ii^aii!mi'"* [f^i*] miiacle 80 Jwt shrewea lian maked oftyme 
atwui by"?"^^- shrcwes to ben good[6] men. for whan Jiat Bom shrewes 
[■ (dl. 3!.] • seen fat f ei suffren wrongfully felonies of ojier shrewes 
TT^wKkeimea ^q{ wBXcn eschaufed in to hat[e] of hem fat anoien 
i!iviE5:™(r^ ^*'™- <"'*^ retournen to fe fruit of uertue, when Jwi 
f^!raer?h»v« studien to ben vnlyke to hem fat fei han hated. 
4088 If Certys fia only ie fe deuyne myjt to fe whiche myjt 
ihMthe^^^SgUt yueles ben fan good, whan it vsef fo yueles couenably 
tboHwhoiDUiv ami diawef out fe effect of any good, as who seif fat 
Dili^''' "" iiuit y^^^ '^ 8°*"^ oonly by f e myjt of god. for f e myjt of 
god ocdeynef filk yuel to good. For oon ordre en- 
brasif alle fingea. so fat what wyjt [fat] departif fro 
f e reaoun of fe ordre whiche fat is aEsigned to hym. 
algates jit he elidef in to an of er ordre, so fat nof ing 
nia leueful to folye in f e realme of fe deuyne pume- 
ftunce. as who seif no f ing nis wif out«n ordinaunce in 
f 6 realme of fe deuyne purueaunce, % Syn fat f e ryjt 
e!i^^itta'° strong[e] god gouemif alle fingea in fia worlde for it 
niiSs to^w nis nat leueful to no man to comprehenden by witte ne 
sLi thingt ibr ih« vnfolden by worde alle be subtil ordinaunces and dis- 
4102 posiciouiis of fe deuyne entent. for oonly it aujt[e] 
reuiiTs lUngs suffice to hau loked fat god hym self makere of alle 
ownitkenffls oon- natures ordeynif and dreaaif alle finges to good, while 
bmi^wi' br I'^'' ^^ J^stif to wif halden f e fingea fat he haf maked 
dM ™oof«f Wi ill *o ^y^ semblaunce. fat is to seyn forto wifholden 
™Gi^'[hD»*vai fiuges in to good, for he hym aetf ia good he chasef 
lo K8 are oidy oute al yuol of be boundes of hya communalite by bo 

iinaglnny. j i - i i 

ailfnuoMS^d ordre of necessite destinable. For whiche it folwef fat 

pi^Si™ofT^ yif f ou loke fepwnieaunce ordeynynge fe finges fat 

luok tor niier men wenen ben haboundaunt in erfea. fou ne shalt not 

ofmrvBiw, gggjj in pQ place no flng of yuol. % but I se now fat 

»93 [Aire]— from C. 40M [(af)— frnm 0. iioa obj^C"]— owhW 

^fiTf^^^i^iit^A il»a K. (91_-t.hiliB *1M good io*iie— (Biode wjl 

410B io(^MS. ha>e 


prebend thflwbo 

iDhu^M — which 
K10« rBflime—KaUBB 
40»S ilTongiey-aiToiie 

1109 «;/iie*«-whioh 
nil hen habawtdavfAt—^vi 
outroious / or hsbowiid- 

le oKd— word ol 

ib. Google 


jjou art chained wif» Jie weyjte of fe questiou[n] and t«i™, men. ihit 
wery wiji lengfiQ of my resoure. and pat ))ou abidost som J^^*' o" ',^ 
awetnessQ of aonge. tak faw fk draujt and whan |)ou ^SJtS™i5Sier 
art wel lefreashed and leftst ])ou ehalt ben more stedfast 
to stye in to heyere questiouns. 4117 

81 UI8 CEL8I lURA. fThetnte 

TT'if ^u wolt demen in ])i pure ^oajt ])e ry^tea or |)e iftbtninonidM 

-^ lawes of fe beye J)imd[ero]re. fat b to Bcyiie of god. «f *= ^iPih"' 

loka Jwa and bihold |ie beyjtes of sottereyne heuene, JJ^we^Sby 

^ Jtere kepen fe sterres by rj^tful aDiaunco of finges ^k^'toeir 

bir olde pees. Jie sonne ymoeued by hya rody fire, no 5K?t^e™y 

deatourbif nat pe colde cercle of pe moone. IT So Jie ^iJ*"^"'" 

atarre yclepid fe bere, Jtat enclini^ hya rauyssynge B«r'!lt^'from 

courses abouten pe aouereyne beyjt of Jie worlde. ne ^e bmS., tS quencn 

aame sterre vrsa nis neuer mo wasshen in |ie depe wMtemroiun. 

weateme aee. ne coaeiti]> nat to dyjen hya flanmbes in JJJ^JJ^*^",^ 

pe aee of [the] occian. al ftoi^ he aee o])ei sterres j- 4126 

plounged in to J» aee. f And hesperas (le aterre ihemoni. so 

bodi{i atid tellip alwey pe late nyjtea. And lucifei f e "'I.''?'" 'hings, 

sterre biyi^Ji ajeyne pe clere day. IT And fus maki|i fil^iJlSuirifs 

loue enterchaungeable pe perdurable couraes. awd Jiua 2J»i'SmrM 

is discoidable bataile yput oute of pe contre of ^e sterres. n^i^w t* u ihe 

pis accordaunce attemprep by euene-lyke manere[s] pe J""^]^"" 

elementos. pat fe moyste pinges striuon nat wip pe J^S^flJl.uhi. 

drye finges. but jiuen place by stoundes. and pat J>e Sii?^ft.'whiia 

colde pingea ioynen hem by feip to pe bote piugea. and nrth dMcsnda, 

pat p6 iyjt[e] fyre arist in to heyjto. and fe heuy erpea ^^^ti^^' 

aualen by her wey^tes. H by pise same cause pe floury rt!^^!^''l]iJE,a. 

yere jeldef swote amellys in pe fyrste aomer seaotin IHmLitr ri^na 

waimynge. and pe bote somer dtyep pe comes, and umu crowned 

4lllt toi-MB. take, 0. Mk 
Uia r«U— rebit 


aw ^ tooU-hm wy* wilt 
4U9 )wM:««jn — thon- 
tayne—vera [darBre 

41W AiAoU— US.bUioldi^,C. 
byhold [rody 

an Tudf — US. red;, a 

d»i«i— deem 
4128 [theJ—Troia C. 
?te (iM-HS. It aoire, C. he 

16 itriiunt-itijayogii 
Ifl dut — omitl«d 
(yr Hiyiiith 

ib. Google 

114 ALL FORTUNE IS DKNBPICIAL. [puosET. autumpne coineji ajeyne heay of apples, and fe fletyng 

thmtM'"' reyae bydeweft fe wynter. pia atteniperaunce norysBiJi 

Biv™fo1Ild" ond brynggej) fuij)8 al Jjinge fat bredi|) lyfe in fis 

breaiiie; and u woridc. V and fiilk Bams attemperaunce lauyaayng hide^ 

1^^ "iiBtevor and bynymeji and dienchefi vndir J»e ia8t[e] dejie alle 

[• M. 3*w •JiingiiS yborn. ^ Amonges Jise jiinges sitteji Jw beye 

41 i8 makere kyng attd lorde, welte aad bygynnynge. la we 

(lie soSto of »il ojul Triae luge, to don equite and gouemij) and enclinij) 

wiMjuiL^altt j)6 bridles of Jiingea. and J» fingee fiat he stire]) to don 

fhhiCT°'^hcm ^y moeuynge he ■wij»drawe[» and arestif and affenni)) fe 

iiiv?S™'Sin niooueable or wandryng finges. f For jif Jiat ho ne 

■noiuXdui clepijj nat ajein feryjt goyngeof Jiingea. attd ^'d pAt he 

movt In u and- no constroyncdrel hem nat eftesones in to rouudoueBse 

^rwnrSl'ind cnclined f finges fiat hen now continued hy stable 

beomn diBoUo. gpiinaunce. |)Bi sholda deperten from hir wello. ]bat is 

4157 to Bein from hir bygynnynge and fallen, fat is to aein 

TiiuioTtto towmen in to naujt f Jiia is J» commune loue of alle 

ihinga. nnd ou binL^es. and aUe bitiges axen to he bolden by be fyn of 

'^^I^Z'm S^oil- For ellya ne rayjten fei nat laaten yif fei ne 

"irttcmiMMirf come nat eftesones ajeine by lone retourned to fe cause 

gavs UiBin taing. j^^^ j^^j^ jeuen horn beynge. fat is to seyn to god. 4162 

[Tlie Muenita lAM NB IGITUR UIDES. 

what cluan' Qest fou nat fan what f ii^ folwef alle f e finges fat 1 
msni.i' 'J bane seid. what fing qaad L fl Certya qirod she 

wiJ^ma'^ outerly fat al fortune is good, and how may fat be 
^HowCTtfiUat ^j^^^ J ^ jj^^ vndirstand quoA she so as [alle 
taiie.w"eth«r " fortune wheyther so it he loyeful fortune / or aspre] 
th'™'' ii rf^ihe foi^ins is jiuen eifer by cause of gerdonynge or ellya of 
Bo^thowii* of cxeJ-cisynge of goo Je folk or ellya by cause to puniaaen. 

H furha at '^ane—ttirth 
Vi uwrtfe— *nrld 

414a JorAt— lord 

1160 itirti^ttsritb 

4161 tw— omitteil 
4153 ctepip — klepedn 
415* dxuiretmedie] — oon- 
rovndeaein — Bownd- 

41 sa hai>—ilB. ha)>e 

41 a^ H<V— ')>i"Ke 

4169 ovterly—ti owtraly 

41W goods— ^aoA 

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$g^*',.] PUHISBltBHT IS B&KBPIOIAL. 145 

or ellys to chtistysen ahi«wee. If fan is alle fortune the tad. in ibr- 

good. Jie whiche fortune is certeyne fat it be eifer ryjt- 7^'^^^^^ 

fill or profitable. IT For sofe f is is a ful verray resoun tiiulSnu.r" 

quod I. and yif I eonaidere fe pameaunce and fe p«it^iu wntph 

destine fat fou taujtest me a litel here byforne f is aen- not ommooLy 

tence is eusteyned by stedfest reaouns. but yif it like K^SiiyioP 
vnto fe lat vs noumbie bem amongea filk[e] finges of ^mantipni^* 

wbicbe fon Beidest a litel bere byforne fat fei ne were nmcyiwA a au 

nat able to ben ywened to fe poeple. IT whi bo quod ^^™fmm' 

sha for fat fe comune worde of men mysusif qaod I. !^^;^'ttu«° 

fis manere specbe of fortune, and aein ofte tymes [fat] KmUbmiiiU) 

fe fortune of somwyjtis wicked, wilt bou ban qwod from tbe popular 
-' ' r r 1 moda of eipraa- 

ahe fat I proctie a litel to f e wordea of fa poeple so it ^""^ ^^ j,,,^ 
seme nat to hem fat I be oner mocbe departid as fro fe p^t^'^u 
-va&gfi of man kynde, as f ou wolt qtwd I. IT Demest b. tm. aruMj. 
fou nat qiwd Bbe fat al fing fat prafitif is good, jis ^^J^JJ^p 
qitod L certifl filk fing fat exeroisif or corigif pro- 4186 
fitif . I confease it wel quod I. fan is it good qwid she. f. ThenRin it i> 
wM nat qiwd L but fia is fe fortune [quod she] of f^,^^^,ir. 
hem fat eifer ben put in vertue and bataUen ^eins STHiSiive™- 
aspre fii^es. oi ellys of bem fat escbewen and declinen i^i^unqniita- 
iro vices and taken fe weye of vertue. IT fis ne may ^"^uiofvittnep 
nat I denye qwod I f But what seist fon of f e myrye ^^'uS^™- 
fortune fat ia jeuen to good folk in gerdouM deuinif Swini'ut' 
oi^t f e poeplea fat it is wicked, nay forsof e quod I. but good lo u bant- 
fei demen as it sofe is fat it is lyjt good. IT And what ^"fuLT 
aeiat fou of fat of er fortune qwod she. fat al f ouj it jS^n^ied mT* 
be aspre and reatreinif fe shrewea by ryjtful tourment. Sbis'th^toai 
wenif oujt f e poeple fat it be good, nay quod I. fl But But in BjiLowing 
fe poeple demif fat it be most wrecched of alle fingea SK^blh^tSr 
fat may ben fou^t. war now and loke wel quod ahe ^ iind*iT^ntii- 
lest fat we in folwyng fe opynioun of poeple bane con- 

'* here bt/bme—her by- 

'S ateiifase — abyderaat 

'H nmonirs— nawmbren 


r7 b^ra bjtforti* — her bj- 

« [|)a(l-fn>oi ,. 
\\ ttricked — wykkede 
■* — -ocfu — aprocbv 

18 [qaodtKeJ—fnimO. 

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146 THB voKTinn or thk nKTcous is goodl I^So£b*> 

a. whrt n aig? Ceeaed ami concloded fiaig fat is nuble to be wenod to 
IrS^^u^ ^ poeple. what ia paX qiutd I H Cei^ qwd she it 
■I^T'ii^Tm/'mi folve^ or come^ of ^inges ^ot ben gnnnted ^t alle 
bMifeM C^ fortnne what so euer it be. of hon ^ ej)iei ben in 
fc"*—****^ pomeesioas of Tcrtoe. [or in tbeencresof Teitn] oiellfs 
^2^^^^ ^ ^ pnichasfnge of T^toe. |»t fdike fortune is good, 
ji^ii^^'*' Y And Jot alle fortnne is lyjt wicked to hem ^ 
••(i^Miata dwellen in sbiewednesse. as who sei^ mid ^os wene^ 
tl^Su^C-. "^ f* poeple. 1 )^ is 90^ quod L T Al be it so 
TTiiU'Jii^ '^ ^ nanuN dar confeasen it ne bjknowca). it. Y whi so 
Hv*d«taviii« quod she. For ty^ as no sbong man ne seme^ nat to 
T* u. n.1 abaasen or diadaignex as *ofte tjme as be bere^ pe noise 
^S^™a, of ^8 bataile. ne also it ne seme^ nat to |ie wyse man to 
Sir «???- beren it greaoasly as oft{e] as he is lad in to ]w strif of 
ntkriUMsta fortune, tar bo^ to fai, on man owl eke to ^ ojper 
4217 ^Uke difficolte is ^ mateie to |»t oon man of encreee 
CtaTiirtnlrfa^ of ^ glorious renoofi. and to fat ofa man to conferme 
tioo, '**j^'^ hj3 sapience. Jmt is to aeine fe aspicnesse of hys estat. 
S'j^lilSS'*' ^ ^"^ ^erfoie ia it called nertne. for ^at it sosteni^ and 
■iTi'i'iilTiiiSr'Mi ofotcef by bys streng^ fat it nia nat oner-comen by 
^S^utSS adiieiate& 1 fie cer^ ^on fat ait pnt in f» encrese 
hf^B^uaiS or in |w he^ of oettoe ne bast nat comen to fleten wi^ 
' aSatSS^ delicee and forte welken in bodyly Inst T fon sowest 
VS^m^, or planntest a fnl ^le bataile in )n coiage i^ns eueij 
m^wWi pnc fortnna for ^ fa sonrefol foiinne ne confounde fn uat. 
nptr». Bd» ne fat ^ myrye foitnne ne cormmpe fe nat. % Occupy 
' iMi^^ t^ roene "by eted&st strangles, for al ^t euer is vndir 
i£uB>ta7ai>- J» mene. or ellya al Jat ooer-passe^ fa meue deepisej) 
OBUMUkiir. welefnlnesses. Y As who aeib. it is vicious and ne bab 

TlHdH** of It*- , L . . , , 

XM uhJb ^ no mede of bye traoado. V For it is set in jouie hand. 
^a^S^mif ^ ^Iio ^J" ^^ ^^f "* joure power what fortune jow is 
^SiSnS^ leuesL ^ is to seyne good or yueL It For alle fortime 

IBM enK)>— ooratii 

««e [or tertKi from C. 

4ni) mR^th 

42II lu •erwT— the itnioee 

rooBdcd^ C- confowndu 
KIT Oeeti)>|i--OcupTe 

» bi>— US. lu^ 

II Jt«— If 8. Htte, C. Mt 

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fai semefi ahaipe or aepre jdf it ns exercise nat fe good Tirtam et Ui* 
folk, ne chaatiaif [« wicked folk, it punisaefi. 4236 SSJIumsni" ' 


1«E wrekere attildes fi )iat is to seyne ^tuneooii fat 
J wrou3t[e] and con(djiued[e] fe batailea by ten jere 
recouerod[e] awd pw/^[6d[e] in wiekyng by fe deettuc- 
cioan of troie fe loste chambres of manage of bys btofer 
^is ia to seyn Jiat [he] agameaon 'wan a^ein !Eleine ]>at 
was Menelaus wif his brofiei. .In ^e mene while ^at 
^ilke agameuou de3ired[e] to ^euen sailes to )» grek- 
ysshe nauye and boujt[e] ajein Jie wyndea by blode, he 
TncloJied[e] hym of pite as fader, arid fe aory pj^eat 
^iuejj in liacrifiynge Jw wreched knyttyng of Jtrote of Jie 
doubter. IT ])at is to sein ))at agamenon lete kuytten )>e 
])rote of hya doi^ter by Jie prest. to nmken alliaunce wi)) 
hya goddea. arid for to haue wynde wif whiche he 
my5t[e] wende to trois. IT Itakus Jtat ia to aein vlixies 
byw6pt[e] hya felawes ylorn fe whiche felawes fe 
fier8[e] pholifemua ligginge in his grete Caue had[do] 
freten and dreint in hya empty wombe. hut najiclea 
polifemu:* wood for his blinde visage jeld to vliiies ioye 
by hye aorowful teres, f ia ia to aeyn ])at vlixes amot 
oute f e eye of poliphemw* fat atod in hya forhede. for 
whiche vlixea hadde ioie whan he eaw poliphemtw 
wepyng and biynde. T Hercules is celebrable for hya 
hard[e] trauaile he dawntede fe proude Centauris half 
hors half man. and he rafte fe despoylynge fro fe 


he pordiiued 

QrecisD a««,by 
CUlLDEOtf all 
bbhoriy pity, aai 

4S34 iharpe—fhup 
4236 tttma—aejn 
«J7 wro»}ffaJ— wrowl 

4Z1S ii>)i3q:4-ba«bte 

1346 bw^nw-HS. knjt- 

tyiu(, 0. kuttjrnge 
iutAnt— MS. ka;tl«», ( 

^B "VllW tuetuJa myhte 

»iom— MS. ylume, C. y- 

ass ieU-j-" 

Mtod—KB. iboda, C. stood 

itod—lSS. atode,l 
forhede— ronHiM 

4BB3 liard^e] trauaiU—budt 

dmontoiia— M8. itawnded, 

4am ialf—MS. halt 
rnfi« — byn^te 

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Mil tilled tha 

thn*fb]d Aftln 1 
ha give the body 
of prond Diomeae 

^liuiCe hoTHB} 

be ileirlhe Hf 


Ljfilsn she 


then, je no 


cruel lyouw ]>at ia to sejne he sloi^ fe lyoun and 
rafte faym hys skyn, he smot ]>e bride |)at hyjten 
arp^js [is ^ palude of lyrae] vip certeyns arwes. 
lie rauy8so(l[e] applie &o fo wakyng diagoun. and 
hys hand was Jw more heuy for Jie golde[ne] 
metal He diou) Ceibeiua fo hound of helle by 
hya treble cheyne. he ouer-comei as it is seid haji 
put an vnmeke loide fodro to hys cruel hors ^ {lia is 
to sein. fat hercules bIouj diomedes and made hia hors 
to etyn hym. and he hercules slovy Idta fe serpent and 
breiid[e] Jw venym. and achelaus Jie flode defouled[e] in 
his forhede dremt[e] his shamefast visage in his 
stiondes. ])is is to sein ))at achelaus coujie traneilguro 
hym self ia to dyueise lykenesse. and aa he faujt wif 
OTCules at fe laste he twmid[e] hym in to a bole, and 
hercules biak of oon of hys homes, and achelaus for 
shame hidde hym in hya lyuer. T And [he] hercules 
*ca3t[e] adoun Antheiis ])B geaunt in ^e strondes of 
lihye. and kacns apaised[e] pe wiaf ))eB of euander. ^ia 
is to sein ))at hercules slou; )« MoDstre kacus and 
apaised[e} wi^ ^t dee]) }ie 'WTa))]>e of euander. if And 
fre briatled[e] hooi marked[e] wi)) scomea ]» sholdres of 
hercules. |)e whiche sholdiea fie heye ceicle of henene 
aholde ^ste. and ^ laste of his labours "was ^at he 
8ostened[e] fe heuene vpon his nekke vnbowed, and he 
de8erued[e] efteonea fe henene to ben f e pria of his 
laate trauayle If Go^ now pan je atronge men Jiete as 
Jw heye weye of fe grete ensample ledef jon. V nice 
men whi tiake je joure bakkoa. as who aeif, H je 


4208 a^ — U8. eeido. C. 
*2+r7 lorde — lord 4 

de/i™i*J[e]— flood 

vm farlutde dnialie]—ror- 

hed dnynte 
4273 Ivke7i0a96 — 1ykn««« 
42J4 (BmidCsT— Wmede 
1276 Aroit— MS. brakd, C. 

m Go J— MS. 

1286 Oa>— MS. Gate 

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slowe and delicat men whi fley je adueisites. and ne o ;e ttotbM 
fyjten nat ^ins hem by Tertue to wynnen fe mede of ^ ^ '■^ •*' ' 
Jie heuene. for ^e er)re oner-comen ^eue^ fe sterres. 4291 
V ^18 is to eeyne fiat whan ^at ei]iely luat ia ouet-comen. ha *ho unqneni 
a man is maked worfi to fe heuene. *' hsuYwi.. 




She hadde seid and tottmedrel be conia of hir resoun to wn^n Phiio- 
"■ J ' Hph]> hadllms 

eojnme ofer ^inges to ben tretid and to ben yaped. JE^J^'alicii" 
])an Beide I. Certys ryjtful ia fiin amonestyi^ and ful Cmwru^td^er. 
digne by auctoiite. but ^at ])ou seideat aom tyme ]iat uimiBjitiiuid 
f e quostiouw of fe deuyne pu/neaunce ia enlaced wif Jh^^{J;t'^ 
many ojrer queetiouns. I vndir-etonde wel and proue it of*i&''™X'e 
by pe aame ])inge. bnt I axe yif Jnt Jiou weneet fiat hap wfwid«iM It 
be any fing in any weya. mid if [wu weneat |iat hap be many ruiie™- 
any [thii^] what ia it fan qzwd she. I hasto me to So™,^,?*^!^, 
jelden and asaoilen pe to fe dette of my byheate and ihS™ te^ocn ■ 
to ahewen and opnen fe wey by whicho wey Jjou maist Ld wbi^aH^' 
come ^ein to fi centre, f but al be it aofat fe (tinges f*.,','™'™'*'. 
whiche Jiat fou axest ben ryjt profitable to knowe. JSi'toJ^roUn 
jitte ben f ei diueia aomwhat fro fe pafe of my purpoa, thMg?uieM' "" 
And it ia to douten bat bou ne be maked weery by uoSm* iMm 
myaweys ao fat (lou ne mayst nat suitise to mesoiere jw j^^^^j^^t 
ryjt weye. V Se doute fe fer-of no fing qiwd L for ^■S^Tiftii^ 
forto knowen filke finges to-gidre in f e whiche f ingea utSb^^S 
I delite me gretly. fat shal ben to me in stede of reete. nghcrud. 
Syn it nie nat to douten of fe f ingea folwynge whan •'iaw of that, fur 
euery side of fi disputiaonn ahal be atedfaat to me by "™^Jh^ 
vndoutous feif, fan aeide ahe. fat manere wol I don ™"SjigiiiMS' ^ 

4Wi m iiM wy n 
tHH ieid—MA.aeiii,C 

aOO hings—VMnf; 
L902 iihxngy-ltom C. 
^303 ^aMm— vilden 

oMoibw— Ua. sasdlcD. C. 

bthsno — bjhi?at 

jfeiViM*— atj'dtbil 

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p'nliuui.n ^' ^^ l^yg^w tf* apeken ryjt f ua IT Cartya qaod ahe 
™S«»!^'if W8^ y^ ^^7 ^'Jl* difSniaae hap in fia manere. ^at ia to aeyn. 
imnn™t^ fat hap is bytidynge y-broujt foipo by foelyshe 
iniauigHit^i^' moenyiige. and by no knyttyiu of cauaea. IT I con- 
™Soo'ore™» ""^^ !■** "*P '"^ 'yj' n*'^jt' iii 110 ■"ise. and I deme al 
■^m^cbuus oTiterly fat bap nis ne dweliifi but a voya. V Afi who 
mJ^iouS " aeiji. but an ydel worde wif outen any signifieaMOun of 
SlS^'ffi^ ping aununittid to (lat vois, for what place inyjt[e] ben 
itSSid^'Siim '^'^ "' dwellynge to folie and to disordinatince. syn |)at 
SrtS^SiirfOodt god ledift and atreyni)) alle fii^ea by ordro. V For Jiis 
troih thttDD- aentence is venay and so|)e pat no pinge ne hap bis 
"tof*™n«- beynge of noujf. to [the] whicbe aentenoe none of fise 
>riM<rttbMt(& oi(jg fpjjj QQ wipseide neuere al be it ao pat pel ne 
Tndiistoden ne moeueden it naujt by god prince and 
gynner of wirkyng. but pei casten aa a maueie foimde^ 
4331 ment of Bubgit material pat is to aeyn of [the] nature 
I we of alle reaoan. and ^if pat ony pinge is woxeu or comen 
of no cauaee. pan shsl it seme pat pilke pinge is comen 
or woxen of noujt. but yif pis ne may nat ben don. 
■atuwoiid'from pan ia it nat poaaible pat peie hap ben any swiche ping 
vbich^H as I haue diffinissid a Utel here byfome. % How shal 
it pan ben qjwd I, nia per pan no ping pat by ry^t may 
bo cleped eyper hap^ or ellia auenture of fortune, or ia 
per oujt al *be it ao pat it ia hidd fro pe poeple to 
whicbe pise wordes ben conenable. Myn aristotol quod 
ahe. in pe book of hia phisik diflinissep pis ping b; 
fuuK •bOih- short reaoun and neyje to pe sope. IT In whiche manere 
vtauhainuiidni q!tod I, H As ofte quod she aa men don any ping for 

to do If prodiiMd ^ .. < = 

oSSiif "S If. ping pat men enteuten to doon bytidep by Bom[e] cauaea 
gmaa tor tubge it ia ycleped hap^. V Kyjt as a man dalf pe erpe by 



tidnv for the 1 
ofiuiT other 

9i "wrde— Moru 

Bvni> — canstnynfth 
WW mt/be — Both 
liaf—ai. ba)ie 

M J^— Is 

4327 lOei—tram C 
4830 mmiwr— b)~ 
4381 t«w]-fronL - 

43S5 M-— ie^—Mhspb 

hak-as. habe 

1333 happs—haji 

433B htdd—TSa. bldde, C. 

13 don— IIS. done, C. don 
I* Hbqb— thinK 
13 happe — bAp 

ib. Google 


cause of tylienge of fe felde. and fond fere a gobet of "iii Nnd noia, 
golde by-doluen, f au wenen folk fat it is fallen by for- j,y''^l^''X™ 
tunous bytydyi^. but for sofe it nia nat for nai^t for f^\ " 

foraeyn and vnwar semifi to han maked happe. V For iii^not nmotsiad 
yif (>e tilier in fe eifm ne delne nat in f e felde. and yif ^^l^""^ 
jie hider of fe golde ne liadde hidd fe golde in filke thtaa^o'" 
place, fe golde ne had[de] nat ben founde. fise ben ^im whi^pnJ. 
fan Jie causes of fe abreggynge of fortune hap. fe whiehe ji" "f enwunier. 
abre^ynge of fortune hap oomef of causes encountrynge l^^'^the"' 
and flowyng to-gidre to hem selfe. and nat by J>e en- theMOa^ih" 
tencioun of be doer, IT For neiber be hider of be gold, KodidMiniend- 
ne J)e deluer of fie felde ne vndiratanden nat Jiat fe Smfabsfolnd. 
golde aholde ban be founde. but as I seide. it bytidde b^'th^SS^'^ 
and ran to-gidre fat he dalf fere as fat ofer badde hidd ™^ thMlhe"" 
fe golde. Now may I fus diffinisaen happe. IT HapjJB rteoih^Kaii 
is an vnwar hytydyng of causes assembled in fingea fat "™^; an'im'ei- I 
ben don for som ofer finge, but filke ordre pracedynge "^^i^^^^lt \ 
by an vneschewable byndynge to-gidre. whiehe fat ™^ltm a™ 
descendef fro fe wel of purueaunce fat ordeiuef alle "cuimpbipow. 
finges \n hire places and in hire tymes makef f»E f e "fi^^^^^^ 
causes tennen and aaaemblen to-gidre, *368 ihe'ibQntttoSr"' 

diipoHB bU things 
BUPIa AOEBMBNIB. tSna."'^"^ 

rpigria [ttfKi] eufrates reaoluen and spryngen of a welle in l^ttJ^'** 
■*■ f e kraggea of f e roche of f e contre of achemenye fere flytng Pitthtan 
aa f e fleenge [batayle] ficchif hire dartee retoumid in inir«ao« oithhii 
fe breates of hem fat folwen hem. If And aone aftre feLht?flo"'h^ 
fe same ryueres t^s and eufratos vnioygnew and de- SSii"taf«Bn 

4318 DoMB-gDld 
/afl™— bjrSllB 
4S« /or (Zh-of 
tifiO AkK-HB, h>>e 

43Sl AopiM— hap 
43E3 mer—X.^\jae 

dalus— dolue 
U63 Atdn^-hjderd 

\iildr-J&'&. hiddo 

i3-4 aalde — ffOld 

A A<Hjfiie}-4i»lde 

* /ort.iM~fortuit 

jAi'i-As— whifih 

etttKe^ — oomth 
tWT *j«v«j— MS. fblwjng, 

C. floWTIBB 

*S91 Kidd "" 

MS. hldde. C. 
avpt (*o(ft)— hap 

43«e deicmde^—tK B. dofcnd- 
eb, <;. (lesL-endith 

4366 [aiufj— from C. 

4371 raoA.pto]-from C. 
4373 {>a— tlio 

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102 ON FREE WILL. [KroB^. 

»j}jjj«™^ porten hire watres. and yif Jiei comen togidre and ben 

SiSiSSI^Biit assembled and clepid to^dre in to o coura. jian moten 

iigtii]i,iii(iiaim- Jiilie finges flotyn to-gidre wliiche Jiat fe water of p» 

^wwaUb^ entrecbaungyiig flode bryt^e}) )« ahippee and fe etokkea 

Jjij^jjg^j. aiaced wi|» fo flood moten assemble, and fm watres 

I^SS^^IS" ymedlyd wrappi|) or implieji many fortunel happes or 

BwiH. But Dm maneies. {le wbiche wandiyng happes najieles ])ilke en- 

"" '"uIm'*'^ clinyng lowenes of po erjie. and fe flowjnge ordre of 

. ^ElSiS^ ^ alidyng water gouemiji. V Ryjt so fortune fat 

J^^^™,*!^ semef aa [fiat] it fietif vip slaked or Yngouemed[e] 

inrbeii ind »- bridles. It snf&iti bridles fiat is to seyn to ben gouemed 
and paasefi by f ilke lawa Jtat is to sein by fie deuyue 

, ordinaunce. 4386 


I dHMHrnHbain \Y^ Tndirstonde I wel quod L and accorde wel ))at it 
ttthmoHiB^r -■ is r^t as fou seist. but I aie yif J»er be any liberte 
frMaorai«(ii> or fre vil in bis ordre of causes bat clinen bus to-[ndre 

wfll rmmud by "^ J™ i" fe 

C^'i'Suoiua ^ ^^^ ^^- ^ **' ^^y ^ wolde witen yif fat fe 

mS tojwS^ot destinal cheine eoTwtreiniJi fe moeueuynge of fe corages 

ttiT^*(^m»tlf of men, yis qwod she Jier is liberie of fre wille. ne fer 

ii tfl ivfdd « to ne was neuer no nature of resoun fat it ne hadde liberte 

de^ii'^'ii* "^ ^ wille. IT For euery f ing fat may naturely TSen 

d«d^i^id'b» resoun. it haf doom by wbiche it discemif and demif 

imUimii bMng euery f ing. IT fan knowef it by it self f inges fat ben 

Uu utKTtT of to fleen. and finges fat ben to deeiren. and f ilk f ing 

J^S-j, JJJ* fat any wyjt demef to ben desired fat axef or desiref 

bSgJr In he and fleef [thilke] f ing fat he trouef ben to fleen. 

^H^riu. V wher-fore in alle finges fat resoun is. in hem also is 

™-, «id the libertee of willyng and of nillyi^e, IT But I ne ordeyne 

Mdy^^MflV '^^ *" ^'^o ^l"- ^ 1^ graunte nat fat f is libertee be 

^^M^ euene like in alle finges. forwhi ih f e souereyns deuynes 

[•fbi. sit.] Bubstaunces. fat is to 'seyn in spiritj H lugoment is 

1 4301 vjt— HS. yif, C. ill 
i. 43M.M wMt-vii 

ta7i to-fidre-to^dent I USJ O'oti—rna- _. 

lB7fl nfticft*— which I m«ffi»i«n«d[*!l— vngouem- ... 

«3?7 jloda— flod ede 4396 <B!Uehe—vh 

437S oMemile-aaKmblyn OSi be— thilke VIS7 Wtt-thilke 

iSaa mclinynB—dec]s<iyiigt *Ste or-af 43Bft ilhUM-bom G. 

43ai 2oiwn«— lownoase I 43M Aam—bym I 

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more elere and wU nat be corumped, and hat myH Thmonisofman 
redy to apeden ^ii^ea {lat beu desiied. IT But f e eoules ^^^^ ^^^ 
of men moten nedes ben more free whan ])ei loken bem th^o'^jlf h?!!^ 
in [>e speculacioon oi lokynge of ])e deuyne pottjL and am eatw into ■ 
lasse free vban ^i aliden in to ^e bodies, and jit lasse '^l^ ^'™ °°' 
free vban Jwi ben gadied to^dro and comprebendid in S^brnMrai' 
erfely membris, but J« laat[e] seruage ia wban fat |»ei MMwdsiJSS 
ben ^euen to vices, and ban yfalle fro J» posaeseioun of oy>r™Yf«mi 
hire propre resoun IT For after fat fei ban cast aweye ^^^^."^ 
bir eyen fro fe lyjt of Jie eouereyn 8o|iefastue8fie to lowe S^'ttB°ci™?ot 
fiii^es and dirke ^ Anon fiei diiken by fw cloude of 5SaS^i"pe> ' 
ignorannce and ben troubled by felonous talent}, to Jte usiieidinKto' 
wMcho talentj wban fei app/whea and assenten. fei S^^^™^** 
hepen and enereeen f e seruage whicbe f ei ban ioigned n^ nlSiSvBn 
to bem self, and in fis manere ])ei ben caitifs fro biie amier ihe sbeoy 
propie libertee. f e whicbe finges najielee fe lokynge of Biojrenudil 
Jje deuyne purueaunce seef fat aUe fingea byholdef SJof^'^u"'*' 
and Beep fri) eterne. and ordeyne^ bem euerycbe i» ber H«r^^^iu 
merites. as bei beu prodestinat. and it is seid in grek. uxording » their 

meril bU Ihingt 

fat aUe f inges be Beef and alle f inges be heref . 4424 3iSg[>J p™- 


HOmer wib be bony moube. bat ia to seyn. bomer Thasaesi- 

wif fe Bwete dites ayngef fat fe sonne is cleer by pS^ijJht'' Yei' 

pure Ijjt, naf eles jit ne may it nat by f e inferme lyjt SUliIX^i™™ o 
of hys hemes brekew or pere&i be inwaide entraOes of orihe otrth, nor 

, Into Un dopllu 

feerfe. or ellys of f e see. IT so ne seef nat god makere ofthsM.. sui 

of fe grete wotlde to hym fat lokef alle f inges from on KI^°oi,'Li!i'KS 

heye ne wif atandif nat no finges by heuynesaea of erf e. ^e'fl'iS^tiM h/ 

ne fe n^t ne wifstondef nat to hym by fe blake Ati^ZnTe 

cloudes. IT filke god aeef in o strook of foujt alle jreMni, p».i, Lnd 
finges fat beu or weren or scbuUen come. H and pilke 

4WS ;^)>-M8. Iiftbe I MS3 ntit-lIS. selde, 0. aeyd i MSO worlile— world 

Mil Jo«(Cs}-lasto 4136 HHWlie-Mowth on i(*e— »n hegli 

«iajVo— from U2S fHro™ — MS. pwten, 4481 not— omitted 
tilfi eloitde — 4?lowdc^ C. p#n:#1i UM echvJijm ci^mff — sbullcn 

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dfllfflU Bid Wilts 

154 ood's FORBENOWLKDOK [^Swe's 

■ S^,"^^ god for lie lokeji and eeeji alle |iiiige8 al oon. f cm maiet 
c^% allJiuw Boyn ])at he is }ie verray BOime. 4436 


B. irndbiniit- I^Aii Boldo I now am I confounded by a more harde 

«d Ty t more 1/ '^ 

thrnmr™" douto (iMi I was. what doate is fat qwod ehe. 

1 iedg»^™»" ^ ^or certys I cooiecte now by whiche finges Jwu art 
! ^th mui'i ^ troubled. It semefi quod I to lepagnen and to con- 

mTomSibi'*^ trarien gretly fat god knowef byfom alle finges. aud 
'■uwtrtUX. fat I«" iB ™y fcedom of liberte. for yif eo be fat god 

■Mil raiut nHX" lokef alle fmges byfonL ne god ue may nat ben 

frM stiraLiy desseinid in no manere. ban mot it nedee ben bat alle 

doCb fonknoir ' ' 

wmSl'tMUi* finges bytydeu fe whiche fat f e punieaiince of god haf 
Bein byfom to comen. IT For whiche yif fat god 
therctu oitM '^owef by-fom nat oonly fe werkea of mon, but also 
Jta^oS which* ^ conseils and hir willes. fan ne ehal fer bo no 
uubl^^^it liboTte of arbitre. ne certys fer ne may ben noon ofei 
»»n- Fortf dedene no wille but filke whiche fo deuyne pumeaunce 
4451 fat ne may nat ben deaseiued haf Med byfom IT For 
fcn»Ming, uid yif fat f ei myjten wryfen awey in of er manere fan fioi 
STon'm^'G^KT ^^ purueyed. fan ne aholde fer ben no ^tedfast pre- 
™Sdnwu°TO™ science of finge to comen but rafer an Tncerteyn 
woniTbt s^iDs oppinioun. f e whiche finge to tiowen on god I deme it 
giiuionofiheioi felonio and vnleuefuL ^ Ife I ne proeue nat filk 
Ei'ftiUo^tev'e B*™"^ MsouTi. as who seif I ne allowe nat or I ne preise 
aDi»ri^e.rf" I**! filke same resoun by whiche fat aom men wenen 
id^^H of Sy fat f ei mowen assoilen and ynknytteu f e knot of f is 
MjriiiiiKihing questiouw, IT For certys fei seyn fat fing nis nat to 
olid'huh fll^sn come foT fat fe purueaunce of god haf seyn it byfome. 
mum'ius'"'*' fat is to comen but rafer fe contrarie. IT And fat 
b» hj^''ftom th« IB pis fat for fat fe fing is to comen fat ferfore 
•not, ne may it nat ben hyd fro fe purueannce of god. 

4135 Hi [WH— alone I MCI A.tI>— MS. babe I 4469 tttof— knatte 

44S7 harde— \aai 4463 Weiyturt-fltydetirt *4ei comt—eomsa 

UW Aab— MS. habe MU-5e hingt—mai Aat>— HS. bsbe 

4416 wAicAf-whicli 4Mt im—if 44M hvd — HB. bydde, C. 

4460 viUg-wU 44Ge HU— thiike bidde 

<ehw/ie-viluc]i |>at I U6S wAicftc— whicb I 

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J22»B%.] A3n) man's pkbe will. 155 

•ami in fis manere fiis necesdte alydi]) tycin in to f>e r foi- m.] 
contrarie partde. ne it ne l^honeji [nat] aedea fat fingea ^^° """^^ 
liytiden Jjat ben ypurneid. [but it by-hcueth tiedes / p^Xi'Mt'iw- 
Jiizt thiuges fat ben to comyn ben yporaeyid] bat as it tb^g7which tn 
were ytmuailed. as who aeib. bat bilke answere jyro- Wpm, bniin. 

•^ r ' r r DeeatuD' thill tli» 

cedif ryjt aa fonj men tranailden or weren bjsy to S'EKgWdta 
enqneien (w whiche fmg is cause of whicbe finges. aa A^Tfiho qnM- 
wliejier )»e p^-estience ia cause of fe neceaaite of finges to "m tho ™"i« of 
comen. or ellya fat f e neceaaite of f ingea to comen is ^^^^i^^' 
cause of fe purueaunce. IT But I ne enforce me nat now SJ^h, ortiw'"" 
to shewen it fat fe bytidyug of fingos y-wiat byfom is ofiiiep?osci"™ 
necesaarie. how so or in what manere bat be- ordre of bm i win provi 

' ' that, howBier lb* 

causes haf it self, al f ouj fat it ne seme nat fat f e "^',2^™ 
prescience brynge in neceaaite of bytydynge of fingea toSiUBtan«». 
to comen. IT Tor certys yif fat any wyjt sittef it by- prwcitiMe doth 
honef by necesaite fat f e oppinionn he sof e of hym rot »i»M«ity 
fat coniectif fat ho sittoji. and ajeinwani, al so is it of iiSl 
fe contrarie. yif fe oppinionw bo eofe of any wy5t for Forffsin»oiit- 
fat he aittef it byhouef by necessite fat he aitte IT fan ^■* "t^^Lr 
is here neceaaite in fat oon and in fat of er. for in fat [^s ttu^of'fi"' 
oon 18 necessite of sittynge. and certys in fat of er is £^^'|[!*id h«tb 
necessite of sofe but f erfore ne aittef nat a wyjt for fat rj^'ISrS **" 
(« oppinionn of sittyng is sofe, but fe oppinionw ia [E^^'^'J'u^ 
rafer aofe for fat a wyjt sittef by-fom. and fua al ISTSSgU^^w 
fouj fat fe cause of sofe comef of [fe] syttyi^. and mu niw i.ot nt 
nat of fe trewe oppinionn. Algatea jitte is f er comune JJ'l^KiSSh* 
necessite in fat oon arid in fat ofer. IT fns shewef it ^llSt'sMiion 
fat I may make semhlable akils of f e purueaunce of god wu aDUol^t 
and of fingea to come. ^ For al f ouj for fat fat fingea ■ithoonh um 
ben to comen, f erfore ben Jwi purueid. nat certys for JiJ,w'olSr?ta» 
fei ben purueid- fer-fore ne bytide fei nat. jit nafelea fSb^^i^M'' 
byhouef it by necesaite fat eifei f e f inges to comen concerning Pin- 
beo ypurueied of god. or ellya fat fe fingea fat ben f"''™ svcna. 


M99 «>b*-«»lh 

««-a [b-U—yponetid}- 


C. comunB 

frnm C. 
S77 S«^-M8. ii^e 


*m eoBW-comni 

tmM purp^id-m. v»t 

*1S0-M «>^-.Kilh 



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156 mBBDOH 0? [ra^B""!. 

oS^'SStwo. PW^ifii^ of god bitiden [.a.] 1:^ neceasite. IF And fis 
lS°toh^!,^ P'^S oonly aufflsej) I-noi^ to diatioien Jie fredome of 
ml iwbu bMUH oure arbitre. )>at is to seyn of oure &e wille ^ But now 
J«^™"»fy [certea] alieweji it wel how fer fro fe aofre and howTp 
MmSGo^it ^° doatt is |)iH Jting fat we seyn fat fe bytidinge of 
rt^hli™^ temporel fingea U fe cause of fe eteme prescience. 
niiidnit lo ite- IT But forto wenea fat god pwrueif [the] finges to comen. 
■jJ™^i^^Brt^it for fei ben to comen. what ofer fing is it but forto 
ESS^ofil,^ ■wene fat filke f ingea fat bitiden som tymo ben causes 
c^eieraii pnui- 01 filke Boueieyne pumeaunce fat la m god. li And 
*| ta^jrtiiiig her-to I adde jitte fis fii^ fat ryjt as whan fat I woot 
SmtotJ'mw P** ** f*^ is i* byhouef by necessJte fat filke self fing 
mSSmw'^!^ I ^ '^^ B^^ P^ whan I hane knowe fat any f inge ghal 
oii^eiiM^'ii bitiden so byhouef it by neceesite fat Iiilk[e] same 
Jg'j'J^" fing bytide. so folwef it fan fat fe bytydyuge of fe 
4513 finge Iwiat by-fom ne may nat ben eachewed. V And 
thSiBwinit"" ** }^ last[e] yif fat any wyjt wene a fing to ben ofer 
iMLUnmBt weyes fan it is. it nys nat oonly vnscience. but it is de- 
Tbs erwitj oime- ceiuable oppinionn ful diueree attd fer fio f e sof o of 
S5ui"KSfr If science. IT wher-fore yif any fing be ao to comen ao fat 
fh^^toS'^fftr- P^ bytydynge of it ne be nat certeyne ne neceaearie. 
i°i» is noTiuioI^ f who may weten [byfom] fat filke fing is to come, 
opininn of ii, and IT Foi rvst as scienc* ne may nat be medeljd wif fala- 
tii'crefnre^BihSut n^^*'- *^ "^^^ ^^'f 1"^* y^^ ^ woot a fii^. it ne may nat 
th«rt»''.?.rt"of be fala fat I ne woot it. f Eyjt ao filk fing fat 
Mccaaarvnor IB concejuert Dy Bciencc ne may [natj ben noon 
*"if»i"°w™" "P*'' *^y^^ l"*^ L"^] '* '^ conceiued. For fat is fe canee 
SJSTknmS^ wM fat science wantif lesynge. as who seif . whi fat 
II oMwi^'3, » witjoige ne leceyuef nat lesynge of fat it woot. IT For 
it byhouef by neceseite fat euery f iwge [be] rj^t as science 

not be DlherwiB« 

comprehendif it to be. what ehal 1 fan seiu. IT In 

Ei^^tau" whiehe manere knowef god bjfom fe finges to 

B [.».]— from C. 

» ./VBdtmw— freedom 

isoi icgrttny-tmm C. 
WMpuniiril>— M8.puniel)>e 

[**«]— froiD C. 
UOa bUiden—byyyMea 

ilO !»''*=— 'Wng 
111 H'^Cb}— tbi&e 
nIS Jntvtf — thing 

«19 fbyfor^i—tnsraV. 

U23 i-aafy-trom C. 

i«t— NB, bv, C. ben 
4BHbaH la>2 k it— US. t 

46Br [585— from C, 
U2» »A(cA«-wlucb 

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. BatirOoddls- 

^ge'!.! '™*1 HUMAN WILL. 157 

^ yif Jei ne be nat certeyne. IT For jif (rat he deme l;JI.''5JS!S^™"^i 
fat fei ben to comen vneachewably, and so may be fat JKSyto°-bK*' 
it is poasible bat bei ne Bhullera 'nat eomen, god U t-fot'sii^ 

pm«l<f > it lo he. 

desseiued, bnt nat only to trowen fat god ia desseined. S'J'.'i'"™'' 

bat for to speke it yiip tnoufe it is a felonous syniie. 4531 

IT But yif fat god woot fat ryjt bo as finges ben to n^in^ihima 

comen. so shulle fei comen. eo fat he mt[e] ^ly. as tiDEendw? 

who Beif indifferently fat finges mowen ben don or l^yjjlj'f "'" 

ellys nat don. what is filke prescience fat ne compre- SSj'mwiuSri'" 

hendif no certeyne finga ne stable, or ellya what differ- ihins'diMTbiji*- 

enee is fer bytwixe f e prescience, and filke iape-worf i 454O 

dyuynynge of Tiiesie fe dininour fat seide. % Al fat „ 

I seie quod he eyf er it shal be. or ellys it ne shal nat oometfi^ siuai 

be. Or ellis how moche is worf e f e diuyne prescience '™*' »•"' ^ 

more fan f e oppinioun of mankynde yif so be fat it "^SSdmiT 

deroef f e finges Tncerteyne as men don. of f e whiche JJSl^di^SwiXiB 

domes of men f e bytydynge nis nat certeyne. ^ But im-arwiia t 

yif eo be fat noon vncerteyne finge may ben in hym Sfi%^'?""* 

fat is ryjt certeyne wella of alle finges. fa« is fe {|iih^'„n2rt»in 

bytydynge certeyne of filke finges whiche be haf wist ihJ^Ifih^f 

byfom fermely to comem. For whiche it folwef fat fe certain ui un- 

fredom of fe conseils and of f e werkes of mankynde nis 4551 

non syn fat fe f oujt of god seef alle finges y/ith outen te^no nnoer- 

errowr of ialsnesse byndef aTid cowstreinif hem to a knowindge, who 

bitidynge by necessite. and yif [this] fiwg be on-is ^'.'^'I'of^ii 

grauntid aiid roceyued. fat is to seyn. fat fer nis no ^tei^otsmnw 

fre wille. fan shewef it wel how gret distruccj'ouw and eviiaiiiB. 

how grete dam^os fer folwen of finges of mankynde. }""'""^°^" 

■ IT For in ydel ben fer fan pwrposed and byh^t medea j^gl," 'i^'S''^ 

of goode folk, and peynes to badde folk syn fat no Eh^iri,it?Mfn a, 

moeuynge of free corage uoluntarie ne haf nat desenied inMiiWe fore- 
hem, fat is to eeyn neifer mede nor peyne, U And it J^j^^'^"'„j 

sholde seme fan fat filke fir^o ia alfer worste whiche 4562 

1634 «Hm|>«— Movth I 1H3 wnrlw— north | 465S nied<i of— Meedea to 

4630 sftK«*-Bhullvil 464* Aob-MS. hate *S«0 hab—iiS. hafw 

ujiiM— irilfl 4660 wAinfte— ahlnh IMS al^er tooritt wfticfte— 

1538 Am— MS. done, C. j. 4681 manl-sniis— man-kjnd aldcrwoist ubiclv 

douu 41164 [tAMj-rmm C. 

4G43 nocAff— mochel I 4666 irriimicf— ygraunled I 

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159 FATE UNDER THE [pB^fflJ. 

^^fma^? fat is nove demed. for alfer moste iuste and moBte 
MdMlSubii"* ryjtfuL Jiat is to eeyn fat shrewes ben pimysaed, or 
rarmnnjmi, ellys fat good[e] folk ben ygerdoned. fe whiche folk 
siiowcd, ui»t Bjm fat fe propre wille [ne] sent hem nat to fat oon ne 
^uiMha^^ to fat ofer. fat is to seyn, nefer to good[e] ae to 
Sm'hnirilif" liamie. but conetreinef hem cetteyne necesaite of f inges 
impaiM by a to comeiL IT faune ue ehollen f er neuei ben ne neuer 
4570 weren vice ne TertUB. but it sholde raf er ben confiisiouji 
Sl^nch thins^u of alio desertea medlid -wifout* diacresionn. f And 
but ••KbtmMnj jitte fer folwef an ofer iwconuenient of fe whiche fer 
"ouw'ta "o- ^^ ™'^^ ''*^ f oujt ne more felonous ne more wikke. and 
™KB'^fi»- f** i^ fi3 fat so ae fe ordre of finges is yledd and 
th^ !*2ni'fo3ow comef of f e purueaunee of god, ne fat no f ing nia 
order coma of leueful to fo consells of nmnkynde. as wlio seif fat 
™™"no(™- "^^^ ^^^ ^"^ power to done no fing, ne wilne no fing. 
iii3't!lM»i''MSS f**^ folwef it fat oureTices ben refferred to fe mak[er]e 
ntandtotha of aJle good. as who seif fan folwef it. fat god ai^t[e] 

■olhw of in gml , . ,, , , ..... 

-"-"• 1 han fe blame of oure vices, syn he coBstremtf by 

iaSoMOr^m^ neceasite to don vices, fan nia fer no resoaw to ban 
S!t?TOiSh&L hopen in god. ne forto pmen to god. IT For what 
nuSi'o eiihm, sholde any wyjt hopen to god. or whi sholde he preien 
^«i™f^mii»- to god. syn fat fe oidenaunce of destine whiche fat ne 
H^Ld prayer "^7 ^"'^ ^^^ cnclined. knyttef artd streinif alle fingea 
<!iftcfuta,°lu''in. fat men may desirere. f" fan sholde fere be don awey 
otTbotweeoflod filke oonly alliaunce bytwiien god and men. fat is to 
4688 Boien to hopen and to preien. but by fe pr«is of ryjt- 
r^Ribie npi^- fulneeae and of veray mekeuesae we deserue fe geidoun 
«i.insB™«,» of fe deuyne grace whiche fat ia inestimable, fat is to 

moat ioeiHoiable r J o i i 

ShiX'SmSta ^^ l"^' it i* 80 grete fat it ne may nat ben ful ypreiaed. 
an?iounMB oor- and f is is oonly f e manere. fat is to aeyen hope avd 
sueiubiii ueUL prayeres. for whiche it semef fat [men] mowen speken 

4Sfl5-«7 ooodCeT— goode 
45Se taaie—viA 
[jw]-from C. 

467S |iaii]<— thOEht 

40S9 d^ffnta — deflseruyn 
4Eao Ammw— MS. deuvues, 

O. djUJTlB 

«ei orafB— net 
4693 fnm}— from C. 
jipxiteit— spcke 



Triji god. and by resonn of supplicacjoun be 
to J>ilk clemeaae fat nis natt, approelied no rajier or ^i^^^^al«oi 
fat men byeekeu it atid emprenten it. And yif men tJ.^^-Jl,, sj 
no wene [nat] fat [hope] ne preieis ne baa no etiengfes. can ne be nnjied, 
by Jie necessite of finges to comen y-rescoiued. wbat plSj^ffimrap 
fing is fer fan by whiehe we moweu be conioygned 4599 
an/J clyuen to filke souereyne piince of fingee. IT For vSsmuw S'lits- 
whicbe it byhouef by necessite fat f e lynage of man- uniud cnna Die ' 
kynde a^ 'fou songe a litel here byfome ben departed j.^^^'^^' 
and vnioyned from bys welle and faylen of bya hygyn- fj^l^^ "* 
nynge. fat b to seien god. 4604 

111/ bat diBCordablo cause baf to-rent and Tnioigned fe ejiywiiatdisc»rt- 
' ' byndyi^ or f e alliaunee of f jnges. fat is to seyne tua bcmni <* 
fe coniunccioum of god and of man. H wbicbe god 4607 
baf eatablissed ao grete batoile bitwixen fiae two sofe- maiEetheHiivo 
fast or Terray fiingea. fat ia to sein bytwixen fe pwrae- 1^^?' '"* 
annce of god and fee will& fat fei ben aynguler and '^^■^S^''^ 
diuided. ne fat fei ne wolen nat ben modeled ne Mii«Upp«r 
coupled to^dre. bnt fer nia no discorde to [tbo] verray vXaaii 
fingea. but fei cleuen certeyne al wey to bem aelf, but 4613 
fe foT^t of man confounded and onerf rowen by fe dirke fh™Shi°*b^ 
membris of fe body ne may nat by fir of bis dirk[ed] £S3™&rigiii, 
lokynge. fat ia to aeyn by f e vigowr of hys insyjt while mbwe ma pi<»e 
fe Boule ia in f 6 body knowen fe finne aubtil tnyt- 4617 
tyi^ea of f inges. If But wherfore eschaniif it bo by ao HM^buni with 
grete louetofyndenfilkenote[8]ofBofey-couered. {glosa) the hidden noia 
fat ia to aein wherfore eschauiif fe fonjt of man by ao ^'^^lii'™'"',), 
grete deair to knowen filko notificaciouns fat ben ybidd 5™* »m1( » 
Tndir fe couertours of sofe. woot it oujt filke fingee ta^Z 

«og l>tU— thfike 

41(80 tmpranten — Impetrent 
4607 [noO— from 0. 

[AoTw] — from 0, 
4MI wftwAa-nhich 
4603 byfome-A-,y-tain 
4n05 Aaf— MS. )ia)>e 

4307 ui^k£— which 

ie08 *alf-MS. hfljie 

la beTajt— aoothfut 
IfllO vnUe—va 
161 3 discorde — discord 

[(id]— from C. 
1813 cIbb™— clyuen 
1816 tiir^ed]— derkyd 
1618 Hiftiie-whil 

4B17 fotOMBB— IinowB 
4819.21 ffrete — (iret 

iMl tAiSrf^Wa. jhldde, 

4622 SOjw— «0<lth 

ib. Google 


irhe knon ^t it anguissous deaire]) to knowe. as who sei]) nay. 
dui iM » bundiy ^ Jqj j^q jjjan n6 trauaileji forto witen fiinges fat he woot, 

4625 and Jierfoie Jie texte aeifi )nis. If [Glvm] Si eniiw anima 
ihinmbihitfi ignorat istas euhtilos connexioues. legponde. vade eat 
wirtrelhS^ quod desiderat scire cum nil ignotuTt poseit desiderara. 
oMfSjtod, bM ' Eut wlio traua[i]le[i to wyten fii^es y-knowe. and jif 
(hit h* bM fiwid f>at he ne knowe]) hem nai what sekifi Jiilke blynde 
S"' Ttapum foi^t. what ifl he fat desireji any fringe of whiche he 
knoSi^the^ woot ryjt nat, as who seif who eo deeiri]) any fing 
lidiigi. nedia aom what he knoweji of it. oi ellys he ne conjie 

4633 nat desire it, or who may folwen Jiinges (at ne ben nat 
■ ; iiidSeB In It*"" ywist IT and J>oi^ [pat] he aeke f o finges where shal 
H '"^^'^^^ he fynden hem. what wyjt Jiat is al Toknowyi^e and 
ui^^n^'dT ignoniunt may knowe ]» forme |)ftt is yfotmde. V But 
I^^^Ii£"^5-" whan Jio aoule hyholdejt and amf fe heye {mujt, fat is 
•wks tmUi i> iwt to seyn god. pan knowep it to-gidre pe somme and pe 
iT'^ttMile singuiarites. pat ie to a&ya pe principles and eueryohe 
nM™«"™o* ^y ''y^ ^^'^ ^ ^^^ ""^ while pe soule is hidd in po 
^ hiih'i^ clonde and in be derknesse of pe membris of pe body. 
»u. it ne hap nat al foi^eten it selfe. but it wifholdep f e 

4643 Bomme of pinges and lesip po singularites. pan who bo 

pat sekep sopenesse. he nis in neiper noiipii habit, for 

Rutbesonden he not nat alle ne be ne hap nat alle for-jeten. IT But 

mI^a'i"oM 3^*^ ''y™ remembrip pe somme of pingea pat he wip- 

hath''n^on«nio holdep arid axep counseil and tretip depelyche pinges 

^^fuiL yaein byfome. [Glosa] pat is to aein pe grete somme in 

hys myndo. [textue] ao pat ho mowe adden pe parties 

pat he hap for^eten. to pilke pat he hap wipholden. 

ilta ICOctal-tr 
4830 till^w-thtl 


lOiat—MR. t>mt, C. wbkt I i^ftt-ieU 

tiwwiriuw-Tiikunnynge *Mi nmlrir habU — nafber 

euervohe — euffrvch tubite 

wiifr-whil 4aU alle lbaa)-al 

b«|>e Aat>— US.babe 

hiM-VS. hidde, 0. hidde *MB iGlotay-hrtm C. 

Ml derkneuB-derlctaeua me [txxhH]— rrem 0. 

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. (Tlie4>i"p™».) 

seide she. bis is quod she be olde queatioun of p- Thutsins 
)»e panieaunce of god. aitd marcus tulius whan he JJJ^^JJJ'''" 
deuided[e] ^e deiiiiiaciou?iS. J^at is to Bein in h;a booke {^^ 
^at he wioot of deuinaciouTis. he nioeued[e] gretly ^is 
questioun. and pou pi Belf haat soujt it mochel and 46G5 
outeily an/j long[e]. but jit ne ha)> it nat ben determined ^Sitherofyog 
ne yapedd fennely and diligently of any of yow. >.iii>6u*>rx kJu- 
V And Jte cause of fis derkenesse and [of this] difficulte Theaww of ihia 
is for ^at Jre moeuynge of fe resouw of mankynde ne EK'itSuST' 
maynat moeuere to. bat is to sein applion or ioyimen to notajnneiv^the' 

.... . , . « ,. ilmnlMly <Jf Um 

fo Bimphcite of fe denyne prescienca 11 Jje whiche iiiTri»pra«ienfe, 
eymplieite of ))e denyne prescience jif jtat men [rayhten helld tti™J^ 
thinkenitinanymanere/jtatistoseyn/fatyifmenjmy^te 21™%!^^. 
^inken and comp/'ehenden ))e Jiinges as god see]) hem. irrtoaniiuaud 
Jian ne sholde fer dwellen outerly no doute. Jw whiche 4665 
resouit aij<i cause of difficulte I shal assaie at fe laate SJSv^)- ^o"do 
to shewen and to speden. IT whan I haue •firate " [•^Tmm 
[yapendyd / atid] ansewered to f o resoune by whiche jiou RJSS^^^ 
art ymoeued. V For I axe whi fou weneat Jiat Jink[e] ubt^Jfl^ertii. 
reaouns of hem Jiat assoilen Jiia questioun ne ben nat ihf^ll^^i'Mis I 
spedeful ynou) ne sufficient Jte whiche aolncioun or Jw tvmui Dojou ' 
whiche resoure for p&t it demiji fiat fte prescience nis nat ™"iy!it'(5t^ 
cause of necessite to finges to comen, (lan ne weneji it MhSJupkuSS' 
nat )iat fredom of wille be distoiubed or yiett by pre- ihi^ which™ 
science, for ne drawest ]iou nat ai^nmentes from ellys 4C75 
where of fe neceasite of finges to comeu. As who seiji hl^^^'Hf 
any o^er wey fan Jnis. hut fat filke Jiinge[8] fat Jie pre- inTpS^nrnl^ / 
science woot byforn fnel mowen nat vnbitide. bat is to 'h&ur^ mmt nw ' 
aeyn [tat pei moten bitide. % But fan yif fat prescience ^J.^l^ju'^''* 
ne puttef no neceasite to fingea to comen. as f ou f i self JJlilSap'' 

Mia dtaidtdTty-dmsaeia 

4654 tiuwHAire]— moeuede 
405fi tmi^t — l40vht 

Ao|j— MS- h«>B 
US7 w>pedd—US. yspedde, 
C. Isped 
ftrmelt — US. feruently. 

0. fermely 
uses derkenem — dirkiKHge 

[o^ (Ail)— from C. 
MSlri Cmshtm ««] - 

4663 mttte—mshtea 
4*97 firtle—tyTM 
4aeH [ntpeadtid awf]— fran 

W8 bo-tho 
tphwhi — which 
4aw are-US. trie 

48?* icille—irjl 

4977 [liiifleCjj-thingM 

4871 jjMdeftt^gpeilfUl 
4673 tobui#— which 

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162 NBCBSfllTT AND PRESCIESCB. [pkobe*'*. 

Sa^'iIIT^ *»^ confeeaed it catd lyknowenalitel herbyfome. IT what 
—■^^^J^ cause [or what] is it as who seiji fere may no cause be. 
by whiche fiat })e endes (exitus) uolautario of Jiii^es 
myjten be constreyned to certeyne bitydyng. f For 
by grace of possesedoun. so (lat yyv. jnowe Je better vn- 
,_ diistonde fia Jiat folwep. IF I pose (inpossibile) [tat 
r )Kr ne be no prescience, fian axe I qtcod she in as 
moche as app«rteni^ to Jiat. aholde fiui finges ]>at 
comen of jrewille ben constreined to bytiden by 
necessite. Soicias. nay quod L Jian ajeinwaid quod 
she. I suppose Jiat f)ere be prescience, but fiat ne pnttef 
no neceseite to Jiinges. fan trowe I fat Jiilk self fredom 
of wille shal dwellen al hool ajid absolut and vn- 
bounden. bat fou wolt sein Jnit al be it so pat prescience 
a sat cause of fie necessite of bitidynge to fiinges to 
imen. ^ Algatea jitte it ia a s^ne Jiat Jie fiingee ben 
bemtomiuwe'" to bytiden by neceesite. by fiis manere fan al fot^ fe 
gj'"^^* prescience ne hadde neuer yben. jit algate or at Jie 
iSbSSSkii"* lest[e] wey. it is certeyne fing Jtat fe endya and fe 
^b«%tadV bitydynges of fiinges to comen aholde ben necesaarie. 

-jtb»iiHt IT For euery aygne shewef and signifief oonly what f e 
M&fT'iiiffri ^^ ^ ' '"'*' '* "* niakif nat fe fing fat it signifief . 
V For whiche it byhouof firste to ahewen fat no fing 
ne bitidif [fat it ne bytydith] by necessite. so fat it 
may apere fat fe prescience is signs of fis necessite 
IT or ellys yif fere nere no necessite. cortys filke pre- 
science ne myjt[e] nat ben eigne of f inge fat nis nat. 
IT But c^rtys it ia nowe certeyne fat fe preue of fia 
austenif by stedfast resoun ne abal nat ben ladd ne 
id ktSlm*** P»^i6d by aignea ne by argumentys ytaken fro wif oute, 
ceSijInTm* hut by causes couenable and necessarie H But fon 
forei^i^nHa. mayst sein how may it be fat f e f inges ne bitiden nat 

4681 w*«**-whfch 
WW bettm^-beteie 
4e8§ ii«jc*«— niochel 
«fli9 frmciile—rree wyl 
Mftl hat w— hnt is ne 
torn bat— US. km 
^ itff-tmkv selue 

«(M ItiU bytfdUKi - 

nfla]— rojhte 

4709 nufsnit — niulcnyd 
laJd-a&. )»lde, C. lad 

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Jat ben ypnrueyed to comen. bnt certys lyjt as we ^nST^Si'urey 
trowen fat (lo Jtingee whiche fat fe parueaunce woot by- J^r ej«;'w'cir u 
fom to comen. ne beii nat to bitiden. but [batl ne aholdo imr hu duriot, 

"^ -* sa othtr Iblngt 

we nat d^nen. but rafer al foi^ [^at] Jiei schal bitiden. of uiw niouB. 
jit ne haue fei no neceseite of hire kynde to bitiden. ^^'[J^"* 
ami fis maiat Jmu ly^tly apenwyuen by fia fat I ahal b,"[K. Fnr??lu 
seyn. but we seen many fingee whan fei ben don by- moved by oom- 
fom oura eyen ryjt as men aeen fe karter worken in fe Jl^bJJSiim* 
towmyiige and in attempryng or in adressy*^ of hya pj^^ihiiw^ 
kartea or chaiiottes. f and by fis manere as who seif a^mmiK 
mayst fon vnderstonde ef alle manere ofir werkemen. ibaT>>wniabe 
T Is fere f anne any neceaaite as who aeif in onre lok- 5^u™ ,^ 
ynge [f ot] constreiaef or compellif any of filke fingea ^'S^u, 
to ban don bo. b. nay quod I f For in ydel and in £!^'£'^|fh^ 
TByne were alle fe effect of crafte yif fat alle finges ^htamKon. 
weren moened by constreynynge. fat ia to seyn by con- l^jj^'tiiiiim 
stoeynynge of ouie eyen or of oure syjt. P. fise f ingiM fjllhnigb'foiv- 
fan qnod she fat whan men don hem ne han non evaDtilforu 
neceesite fat men don hem. eke fo same f jnges first or 4731 
f^ be don. fei ben to comen wif oat necesaita. for whi ^.^^^^^^ 
far ben sontme finges to bytide of whiche fe eudyn tMn^^^m 
and f e bitidynges of hem ben absolut "and quit of alle ^ t" '^ " J^ 
neceseite, fiawrtys I ne trowe nat fat any man wolde seyn ^SK'^^S^. 
fis. fat fo f ii^es fat men don now fat fei ne weren ^u^tA'^'* 
to bitiden. first or fei were ydon V and filk same maj*donM ^°° 
fingee al fouj fat men hadden ywyst hem by-fom. S'^^SJl^' t 
)itte fei han Ire bitidynges. for ry^t as science of SiXiS'talloi'' 
fii^es present ne bryngef in no necessito to fingea h^^^t?^^ 
[fat men doon // £yht so the preacience of thinges to cotundkiuin. ir 
comen ne bryngeth in no necessite to thingea] to bytiden '^""^j^ "^ 
but fon mayat seyn fat of filke aame it is ydonted. as "apprnT^ tf^ 
whofer fat of filke f ingea fat ne han non endea and Mflaulu^',' ""' 

1714 uAic&s— which 
*71B a«<]— from C. 

ina dKnen—WB. deniBH 

(baO-rn>m 0. 
4717 naeeaiie — H8. dgocbbI- 
4721 Ayt— hlBS [tea 

4716 [l>aiy-ttom C. 

4727 OBffw— leyo 
crafte — craft 

4728 >iM— H8. I<i9e l> 
47S2 vib oirf— iril*-o« 
1733 bviidt-bytjOen 

4733 «iJak«— which 

•dmi — HS. ydono, C 

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£iiiiiSmiiii»iiii ^ytitlyTgeB neoeaaaryes yif Jier-of may ben any pre- 

anTi^^nii Bcience ^ For certys fei eeme to discorde. for bou 
■otMumt ahit 

laik^iiuiy wenest f>at yii paX ])mgea ben yseyn byiorn pat necessite 

in'SSrwHS'" folwejthem. andyif (e^putas) necessite faile^ hem ]>ei ne 
SJtSS^" myjten nat ben wist byfom. and Jiat no Jinge ne may 
BUMnamsn ben comprehendid by science but certeyne. and yif po 
optoion. For ft pingfis Jiat ne ban no certeyne bytidynges ben yporaeied 
k^SjiS^oi as certeyn. it sholde ben dirkeneese of oppinioum nat 
iiimSiwffm''r soJwfaatDesse of science [and ftm weenyat pat it be dinerse 
onuiimrig fro the hoobiesse of science / ^at any man sholde deme 
a thing to ben oother weya thanne it is it aelf], and fe 
cause of fis erroui is. fat of alle pe finges fat euery 
w^o t?f«^ wyjt hup yknowe. f ei wenen fat po finges ben y-knowe 
iii<i«a u* not al oonly by f e atrengf e atid by pe nature of pe pingBB 
WnmrtMMT- ynt hen ywyat or yknowe. and it is al pe contrarie. for 
*Bi^i»<rfihe ^g ^j euere is yknowe. it ia rajjet Cv.mprehendid atid 
4761 yknowen nat after his stiengefi and hys nature, but after 
K tao£^!n^ "' pe faculte fat is to seyn fe power and [the] nature of 
mr.nuiiiH™ hem bat knowen. and for bat bis shal mowe sbewen by 
gj^jft™ a short ensample fe same roundenes of a body .0. ofer 
JSJJJP^^^ weyes fe syjt of fe eye knowef it, and ojier weyes f© 
w^^iiSfonn. touching, fe lokynge by castynge of his hemes waitef 
not duii«idiii«i and seef fro afer alle fe body to-gider wif oute mouynge 
HmBinSmjirt ^^ ^* ^^' ^^ f® touehinge cliuif and conioignef to fe 
u^^ami''^' tounde body (orbi) ami mouef abouten fe enviionynge, 
^iJ^Hb " and comprehendip by porties fe roundenesse. IT and 
"""iSIVibi fe man hym self o)>er weies wyt byholdif hym. and 
"' " oferweyes ymaginacioun and ofer weyes resoun. and 
SI.'Si.M^e f>P^^ weyes intelligence. IT For J» wit comprebendif 
nuurtui Bgnre- fro wij) outen fur]w Jto figuie of J» body of fe man. fat 
HHddenibatonn is establissed in fe matore aubiect. But fe ymaginacioun 
Uu mautr. [eomprehendith only the figure W(tA owte the matere / 

diflconJe-diiicordfll 47M roujHtoiws ~ Bownd- 4774 fro toiji outen ./Wriw— 
4748 M— Jif nease „"•'* '"*'" '""*' 

4753.B (awt wjn— ftflm *7«S »»i(— rfhle 4778-7 [cmnpreheitdtlh —~ 

0. 4787 oi£J-M vntaginaciimni—Stom 0. 

4787 Aab— MS, babe 4769 abotiteti—t.'bimtit 

4780 oUe— al 1770 roundentue — Rowai- 1 

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Keeoun BurmouMteth ymaginaciouw] and comprehendef ^JJ^^j^ 
by an vniuersel lokynge [w cowmune spece (spefiiem) eTuaSSge! 
fiat U in ^ sii^nleF peces. % But ))e eye of mtelligence diianani uk 
IB he^er for it sowcniouwtef ^ enTiroimji^e of fe !^S,^??f 

]>ilk same symple forme of man |)at is perdurably in fie pnnm\,H rarv«y> 
deujme foujt. in whiche fis ftii3t[e]gretely to ben con- uwnnwiva. bj^ 
sidered fat Jie heyest strengfe to comprehenden fiii^es fJ^h'tSittSu 
enbracef and conteynejj (le lower[e] 8treng)>e [but the ndflTddtti.atai' 
lowere atrengthe ne aryeith nat in no manere to heyere" E^JfJ'^J™' 
strengthe]. for wit no may no )>inge comprehende oule of ^^^^'u, 
matere. ne (le ymagynactbnn ne lokej) nat Jie vninBrseleB SlpwLw!^fc?ii^ 
Bpeces. ne resonn ne takef nat fe sjinple forme, so as KjMd'uw'pn^ 
intelligence takeji it. but J»e intelligence Jiat loke^ al tua insenuUDn ' 
abonen whan it ha]* comprehendid J>e forme it knowefi SSS^Iliik cm" 
mtd demef alle )ie fiinges )iat ben vndlr ))at forme, but ^'g^^b^dm^'a 
she knoweb hem Tndir bilke manere in be wbiche it iiiuiiiitanu look- 

Im down (« from 

comprehendi]) ))ilko same symple forme ])at ne may 4794 
neuer be knowen to non of bat ober, bat is to aeyn to tug ™i.'SivBi''ihe 

fom, dlKSnu til 

non of Jw fre forseide atrengfoB of fe soule, for it &}J5!'i?l|3rt^„, 
knowef J>e vniuersite of resoun and |>e figure of fe yma- SMmAfcirSoi- 
ginactoun. and ^ Benaible material coneeined. amd fou Ua other OcoIUh 
wenest ^t it be dinerse fio )ie hoolnesse of science. |iat wiaxnt cba aid 
any man sholde deme a fing to ben of ecweyee fan it is '""tB^"^^" 
it self and fe caose of fia enowr eta', vt^rpm. by wit. ■^SSSgtiw^ 
ne it ne vsef nat nor of reeoun ne of ymaginacroun ne on.^itof 
of wit wif oute forfe but it byholdef alle f inges so aa I rJ^'SJ'S" "^J' 
shal Beye. by a etrok of foajt formely wif oute dieeowra fiX^aaSiia in 
or collacioun IT Cortys resoun whan it lokep any Jjiag E^Sd^™"!^- 
vniuereel it ne vaeb nat of vmaainacjoure nor of wit and- Uiinga. Fm \a- 

' ' ^ itan™, reawn de- 

aries jit [it] coinprendif fe finges ymaginable and ^JJiJI'^'™' 
senBible, for resotin is she fat •diffinissof fe Tniuersel "'"•'M.Mi.f 

^77 coiKprehatde^ ^ 

'78 an— omittHi 
"80 hevier—YteWTt 
rs3 wMBi«~wlitch 

'84 *«]«»(— hejirte 

*7S7 (oM— wittfl 

*1»l hah— as. liaN 
4703 ipAicAa-whiob 

ilW «(rBBif(w»— thinuM 

•oUacimtn — MS. i 

ib. Google 


Mn tamntioiui of hir conseite t^t Jms. S Man ia a ixsonaUe t[w]i> 
gj^ J^JJ*- footid beest. and how so ))at |iis knowjnge [ia] TniBerseL 
S!^^% )it nys ]kt no wyjt fat ne woot wel Jiat a man is [a thing] 
uhm dribMd n ymaginable mid sensible V and bis same coneidereb wel 
**.*??■'!????" reeoon. but Jiat ma nat by ymaginacibim. nor by witte. 
bat it loki)) it by [a] reeonable concepcunin. V Also yma- 
• ginacioun al be it so. ^t it take|i of wit pe bygynyngMs 
f to seen and to funnen ^ figures, algates al ]Nra^ ^t wit 
gjffjg^ JJ* ne ware not present, jit it enviionnif and comprehendijt 
^w^^wm of "^ ]>uigee eensible. nat by reeonn sensible of demynge. 
^OfimfrDni bat by resoon ymaginati£ ^ sest ^u nat fan ^t aUe 
Jjj^^e™ ^ jw fingea in knowynge vaen more of hir faculte or of hir 
BDddmud" power, fan J»i don of [the] Sumlte or of power of Jiingea 
■ali^'^nbT F*"^ l^ien yknowen. ue ^t nis no wronge. for bo as eueiy 
■unpova. Do iugement is ^ dede or )>e doynge of hym ^t demef . It 
4824 bybonef fat euery w^t peTforme fo wetke and hys en- 

kiunrMga of teuctoan nat of forein power f bat of hya propre power. 


niH.ti>* Hater.] I^E poiehe fiat ia to eein a gate of fe toune of athenia 

g™™^ b. ■' I*' "8 philosophres hadde hir coDgregacioun to dia- 

K^ta^Boi <• poyten, and Jrilke porche broi^t[e] somtyme olde men ful 

rmmsa^fi^s derke in hire sentences, fiat ia to eein philosopher fat 

mSi'Stbu (T-D hy^tenatoiciens. fatwenden ))atymagea [and] sensibilites 

"fJl^l™?^^' fat is to sein sensible yruaginacioajis. or ellya ymagin- 

uc^aMortDre^ii g^fQfj^ pf sensible (lii^es weren iwp/raitid in to sooles 

siiKonirutiH fro bodies wip oute forjie. V As who aeif fiat Jrilke 

wboUBfiitihit atoiciens wenden bat be aoule hadde ben naked of it 

lnm>ofUilT«a ' ' 

<*™"'o'^ self, as a miroar or a clene parchcmyn. so fat alle 
55dii''SSS«] lygnresmoBten[fyist]comenfroJiingeafrowifoateinto'Snii soules. and ben inprentid in to aoulee. Textus. Eyjt 
clean parehnmii, as we ben wout Some tyme by a swift poyutel to ficehen 
and Mim. lettres emprentid in fa amojienesse or in fe plainesse of 

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jie table of wex. or in paniliemjii fiat ne baf no figure Boiifihtinin*i. 

[ne] note in it. Gloaa. But now atgui}i boece ajeins fat ^^JS'or'^wd 

oppioioun and seijj fua, but yif fe }iriuyag eoule ne SSS/iST" 

vaplitif no fing. fat is to sein ne do> no fing by hya whwi offiLi 

propro moeupiges. but suSrif and lief sul^t to fe uinviP 

figures and to fe notes of bodyes wif oute forfe. aiid 4845 

jeldef ymages ydel and veyne in fe manere of a tocoSSi-eiii™ 

mixour. whennes briueb ban or whennea comeb ban toHpuusuiou 

' > I ' ' things when 

filke knowyng in oure Boiile. fat diBcemif and by- SlSSSSinSS^ 

holdef alle finges. and whennes is filke strengfe fat chuiBe'ttapuh, 

byholdef f e Byagulere finges. or whennes is Jie strengfe hiKhcM ma d»- 

fat dyuydef finges yknowe. and filke etrengfe fat [S;3'^|^"K:^ 

gaderef to-gidre f 6 finges deuided, and fe strengfe fat w^thji^^'* 
ehesef hys entiechaunged wey. for som tyme it heuef 

vp fe heued. fat is to sein fat it heuef Tp fe enten- 485 4 

ct'oiin to lyjt heye finges. and som tyme it discendif in n 

trewe finges. % Certys fis strengfe is cause more [u^,^" 
efficient and mochel more myjty to seen and to knowe 
finges. fan filke cause fat sufTrif imd resceyuef fe 4860 
notes and fe %UTes inpresaed in manere of matere al- u»u?iii«t«dr 
gates fe passioun fat is to seyn fe suffraunoe or fe wit U" mmw ^^^^ 
in fe quik[e] body gof byfome exoitynge and moeu- i^e'j^*;^"* 
ja^ fe strengfes of fe foujte. ly^t so as wban fat thl'votoa'ndi'in" 
cleienesee smytef f e eyeu and moeuif hem to seen, or cii» bunng. 
lyjt 80 as voys or soune hurtlif to fe eres and com- 4866 
moeuif hem to herkne, fan is f e strengfe of f e f oujt JfuJ^gSt'tt" 
ymoeuid and excitid and elopep furfe fe semblablo ftiSihetal^i 
moeuynges fo speces fat it halt wif inne it self, and widiiDtiiBiiiih. 
addif fo specea to fe notes and to fe finges wif out f^^ii"'^^' 
forf e. and medelef f e ymagea of finges wif out forfo Sed 'itStSn.'™ 
to fe forme[s] yhid wif inne hym self. 4872 

1S40 to)>— us. hatMi t 4SS3 0a|>~US. nbe I — 

4843 ntplUi^vaflmeOi 48U bdwita-ChoKbt 1871 Btitfnr\>ii—ovi\B Tnrth 

d<>|>— 118. dD|« 4MS ctsrmnw— fileenHsH 4873 /an>uEx:F-ronn» 

""■ ■-- "-- ' ■- »ftSj— I-^iihln 

I law Artw-rorth 

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AUiioDthttn T)<it wliat Ijif) |)at in bodies to ben feelid ^t is 

"gjj" q^"!" *** ^^ '^ f^ tttkynge of knowelechinge of bodyly 

^fS^aSS^"" finges. and al be it so ^t fie qualites of bodies fftt ben 

taTuOMi ii- obiect fro wi^ oute for)>e moeuen and entaleaten ^ in- 

SwKn-fin Btnunentes of ))e wittes. and al be it so ])at ^e passioun 

gJJ^fj*j» of ^ body fiat ia to seyn |ie iintie [or the] suffiaujice 

tawnoMi oa [g<^b to-fom the stiengthe of the workynge corage / the 

yNUinibapv- wMch passioiu ot BU&aonce] clepi^ fnrjie fie dedo of 

J^^*!"!^ Jie ^)^t in liym self, and moeuefi and exite)) in fis 

KSSShfff" mene while fie formes fat resten wi[i in forfe. and yif 

ihmttiiiv,int ^Bit in sensible bodies as I hane s^d onre corage uis nat 

Jn^«tt«*^« ytau)t or enpt^ntid by passioun to knowe f ise finges. 

4885 but demif and knowef of hys owen streng^ fe passioun 

mors iCu^tM or Bofiraunce sublect to be body. Moche more ban boo 

pnn aplritnal • - j j 

S^Si'df *^ " finges fat ben abaolut and quit fiam alle talent^ or 
^SdrmS^ affecciouns of bodies, as god or hys anngels ne folwea 
nfuw^ef ^^^ UL discemynge finges obiect from wif oute forfe. 
' but J>ei accompliaaen twd speden ye dedo of hir foti^t 
by f is resouM. IT }»an [»ere comen many manete tnow- 
ynges to dyuerse and diSeryng subetaunces. for fe wit 
of fe body fe whiche witte is naked and deepoyled of 

alle ofer knowynges. filke vitte comefi to bestes |)at n 

j kiwwltdw ia 

' oMm^* mo'^en nat moeuen hem self here ne Jwrs. _ .^ 

.' llTrtirt^j^l'^i attd muscles and ofier swiche shelle fysshe of ]» see. 
gro w m^ Jjot cliuere and ben norissed to roches. but pe ymi^na- 
Si^^^eteiw '^^^^ comef to remuable bestea fat semen to han talent 
^^wlrfL^ t<* fleen or to desiren any f inge. but resouw is al only to 
t. the utri^T'' J>e lynt^e of nwuikynde ryjt as intelligence is oonly fe 
Jnwiug™* i« deuyne nature, of whiche it folwef fat f ilkc knowyng 
i903 is more worfe fan [th]is[e] ofer. syn itknowef by hys 

mry-TromC. I 4SB3 >ei({— US. seide.C.aeyd I 4im-M leilU—wit 

or llui—bt>m G. 4SS7 ouit—auite 489G momt—mawe 

'hxHca — MB. auffl- I 4S88 hgt—maa litre se Iwn— hpriu 

uiiKe. C. anSruince UtMB ditcem^iigii—MS. dli.\ IBOl ahit\«-<llM6b 
M [gath mtfframKe] crjuyiw, C. ducenijiiEe MOS [eA]u[<] et>er — 

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pbosbM i^k pow&na of sense and imagination. 1G9 

propre nature nat only hys autiocL as who seifi It ne ^," £|J^1^ 
knowe{> nat al oonly [lat apperteiui|) propiely to hys ahuRimpn- 
knowynge. but it knowe]) )ie eubgit^ of alle ojier know- whktb«k>ng>w 
ynges, but how shal it fan he yif fat wit and ymagiaa- ^jJSf^'b,°2r' 
Gi'oun strynen ajeins reaonyi^ and sein fat of f iDce bSViw^SShT' 
vninersel fingea. fat reBoun wenef to seen fat it nis uid il^ll^^ 
tyjt naujt for wit and ymaginaci'oun seyn fat fat fat ■^^njrtheui* 
is sensible or ymaginable it ne may nat ben vniueraeL ^ISS^tbl'^it 
fan ia eifer fe iugement of resoure [soth]. ne fat "u'^^'p"^ 
fer nifl no finge seneibl& or ellys for fat resoun woot mt«r the mpj- 
wel fat many f inges ben aubiect to wit and to yma^n- •J™ "^ '"Sh, 
acibun. fan is f e comaepcioun of resoun Teyn and Mb ^.Sturatan 
whiche fat lookef arid comprehendif, fat fat is lKJh!nn"m 
sensible and eynguler as uniuersela and lif fat resonn ««>en]*iM 
wolde anaweten ajem to fise two fat la to sein to wit ■^^Jj;^'^ i^^ 
arid to ymagiuatnoun. and sein fat sofely she hii sel£ ^ uuUiua and 
fat is to seyn fat resonn lokef and comprehendif by ^^^^^'u^ 
lesoun of vniaersalite. bof e fat fat is sensible and fat iriut i> s™^^ 
fat is ymaginable. ajid fat filke two fat is to seyn wit 4921 

, - . , , \ lad«lioDn1lirtdto 

and ymaginactoun ne mowen nat stiecchen ne en- maieruiaKsrnt 
hannsen hem self to knowynge of vniueraalite for fat f" "i,*™"" 
fe knowywg of hem ne may excoden nor sownnounten SI^|l"%2ltt to 
fe bodyly figure[s] IT Certys of fe knowyng of f inges hmi^™ IS^ 
men au^ten raf er jeue credence to f e more stedfast <md jud^nait i^ 
to f e more p»'fit iugement In f is manere stryuynge g^S'SSaMnot 
fan we fat han strengfe of resonynge and of ymagin- S;,iuSEf™" 
ynge and of wit fat is to seyn by reaoun and by ymi^in- SdeClth™™! 
actoun and by wit. [and] we sholde rafer preise fe cause ™i™f~Tbs eug 
«f resoun. as who eeif fan fe cause of wit or ymagina- ;ii^''tbi^, u„ 
ciouw, Bemhlable finge ia it fat f e resoun of mankynde JJnJS™™i't'be- 
ne wenef nat fat fe deuyne intelligence byholdef or inuijotiiwwu 
inowef f inges to comen. but ryjt aa fe roaoure of man- J^^J^'^'^'*^ 
kynde knowef hem, for fou ai^uist and aeist fus. fat E^"''™ 

ie07 ayma-valn I 4017 uJt— wltt« I «M (t«t/!uf-sHdofM 

tfoa ntiiwrMi-— vniivnela I 4918 lotwl)'— wothly 4030 [and]— torn C 

4011 tiotK}—tromC, 4839 ilnouiiuff— knnwr I <"■ ~~-«— 1»> 

«U/ib>nU(A«-blKwhlch I f™* - — 

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170 REASotr snonLD budmit to intelligbncb. [S^j.'- 

B«^ ''*^J™ yif it ne seme nat to men Jrat Bomme pinges ban certcyne 
SSr'Si'uSraRm *"'*' necesaarie bytidyngea. jiei ne mowen nat ben wist 
pwhonoi byfom certeynely to bytiden. J>an nia [ther] no pre- 
ittbanmrg, ' sciesco of ^ilke Jimges. and yif we trowen ^at pi-e- 
■b^ota H«- s''i^°<!s ben in f ise Jjingee. fan is fet no )>inge Jiat it ne 
pSinii'tn^^ bJtidif by necosaite. but cartye yif we myjten ban fie 
ii"foL Sij iugemeKt of Je deuyne foujt aa we "ben poraonera of 
riiouLd Sin damn resoun, ryjt so aa we ban demed. It byhonef fat yma- 
i914 ginacionn and wit ben bynefe resoun. ryjt bo wolde 
itToD !hoaid^''a we demen fat it were r^tful fing fat raana reaoun 
xiwju^iit ai:^t[o] to summitten it self aftd to ben byne)>e fe de- 
riw^iDto^ » "y® f oi^t for whiche fat yif we mowen, aa who aeif . 
Miff m ^ fat yif fat we mowen I coDaen[e] fat we enbanse va in 
Mrin Is aimtB to fo bey^ of f like souereyne intelligence, foi pere Bhal 
biWttc^^ lesoun wel seen fat fat it ne mfty nat by-bolden in it 
MUBawwbu" ^'f- '^^ certys fat ia f ia in wbat manere f e prescience 
asnriBtecHUj of god seef alle fingea certeina atid difinissed al fon^ fei 
*iMiaMMrai» ne ban no certein issues or by-tydynges. ne fis ia non 
|[™^jjj^^*«* oppinioun but it is rafer fo simplicito of fo aoucreyn 
^;^g!i^f^i^" science fat nis nat cncloaed nor ysbet wif inne no boundee. 

■apl^tllH, *lu] UD- 

tadtodtaiow- XjE beates paasen by fe erpea by ful dyneiae figures 
rriw B»» Metw.] J for somme of hem ban hir bodies strai^t and 
toSS^'^fcS** crepen in fe dust and diawen after bem a. trais or s 
SSSiKdoJ™ forghe contynued. fat is to sein as addres or anates. 
flmowiutiKT and ober beatea by [the] wandryng lyjtnesse of bir 
SS'ttnSS'iin wnges beten f e wyndea and ouer-awymme» fe spaces 
thBirfcTtrnp™ of P^ loT^e eyec by moist flee[y]nge. and o^ beatea 
iraul^uyo'er gladen hem to di^on her tiaaa or her atappea in fe 
seek uie Bhiuiy erfe wif hir goyi^e or wif her feet, or to gone eyf e[r] 
4903 by fe grene feldes or [ellea] to walken vnder fo wodea. 

4Ma parnmeri—pnaaaaea 

«M au-ifM-owte 
4M7 ukiclie—thicb 
IMS lioC gif— yif M 

i(— heihte 

•a (mil)— MS. J«iu)t 

1980 F(A«>- from V. 

1963 Am— hem ae\t 

1964 or to go»e—aud to 
wJietr}— Bjther 

1885 Coifert-trom C. 

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and at be it eo (wt poo eeeet pat fei alle diacorden by ^"^'"'" 
dyuerae fonnea. algate hire [faces] encliiii[n]gheuief hire J^'Sfare^SSll?- 
dnlle wittee. Onlyche Jie lynage of man heuep lieye§t bys ^u,eirio^ 
he^e heued emd etondeji lyjt wip hys vpryjt body and )i«v1iihi otiheir 
byboldef peerJiBvndirbyin. [andjbutrjif fouerfely njan JJ'^h""' J?'** 
wBxeatyuel onteof fi witte, Jiis figure amoneBtef )jo fat mtJii^Su™' 
axest fe heuene wif fi ry3t[e] visage, and Last areised in ^JoiJiea* 
pi forhede to beren vp on heyo pi cort^e so pat pi poujt "ion. ™i«»^ 
ne be nat yheuied ne put lowe Tudir foot. Ben pat pi ^''^^''I'^Jf^^gJJ 
body is bo heye areised. 4975 S^nSS'L'iBto. 

PROSA VLTIJTA. lU proper l»y«L 

dCONIdJf IGITOB OTI FaOLO AHTB. 8lniS?i";!rUiiii» 

T^Er-fore pan as I haue shewed a litel her byforne Jmt [^^ f^vti 
* al pinge fiat is y wist nia nat knowen by hys nature tioront prgpeniw, 
propre. but by pe nature of hem pat comprehenden it. '^'hfn^'^'twr 
fl Lat Ts loke now in as moohe as it is leuefnl to vs. as ^^g^" '"* 
who seip lat va loken now as we mowen whiche pat pe wne n^™."* 
estat is of be deuyne substannce so bat we mowen fekl tun* i^an bT" . 

. , . . , , „ nfflnnlngUut 

knowen wbat his science is. pe comnne ingement of alle ood i> ewnai. 

•^ ^ And etarnllj i. 

creatures resonablea fan is pis pat god is eteme. lat vs J^^'^S^^^oo 
oonaidere pare what is et«niite. For cettys pat shal ^Si'i^sC^'Sd. 
shewen ts to-gidie pe deuyne nature and pe deuyne mon cinrir from 
science IT Etemite pan is perfit possessiouw and al S?'f""i'^S*'' 
togidre of lijf interminable and pat ahewop more clerely fr^^J.^'^SiJio 
by pe comparisoun or collacioure of temporel piDges. for theiJ^i^Sie 
al ping pat lyuep in tyme it is present and procedip fro )• noiiinj ondM 
preterilg in to futares. pat is to aein. fro tyme passed ' " ' 

, whofcl^rf 


in to tyme comynge. ne per nia no ping establisaed in , 

tyme pat may enbracen to-gidre al pe space of hys Iij£ h^ob. ax^iS 
for certys jit ne hap it nat taken pe tyme of pe morwe. "Jlj^SiSli^fii 
and it hap lost pat of ^iateisday. and certys in p3 I\jf ■iu^^^^u!'' 

«W. [faeeiT-rtom 0. 

«M Oii/joSfl— Oonly 

heuB^t — heveatQ 
1970 «■(>*— ertha 

«7* Jbot wn—foole sy: 
4077 oJ H>W« — oils ll 
1B79 moche — mochel 

WS7 cI«retv--oleerl; 

4e»3-4 ^>— HB. hate 
1B93 be laj-tn 
40M tooths tyme 

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wbiunc, dun- of (lifl day je ne lyuen no more hnt ryjt as in f is moene- 
mnii^^ able and tronaitorie moment fan Jiilke Jiinge put Buffnf 
ilE'wwwr*'" tempore] condicioujj. apjjjougli!! fat [it] hygan neuer 
t«^uii«w^ to be. ne fonghe it nenere ceee forto be. as ariBtotle 
■lUunghiudnn- demde of be woilda and al boui bat be Uf of it be 

UMimj-Btaod ' r T r r 

[• M.*,] Btrecchid wifi innnile of tyme. jit al^ates me it no 
S«tii£tr'ff" "wiclie Jiing fat mea myjlen trowea by ryjt fat it is 
(br^dotTlpM eteme. for &1 fouj fat it comprebende and embrace fe 
ai« thi wiMia space of life infinite. ;it algates ne [em]bracef it nat fe 
Eh? ^Botamr- ^P^"* ^^ ^ ^^ alto^die. foF it ne haf nat fe futures 
ftSmthicKm f"* "B ben nat jit. ne it ne haf no lenger fo preterit^ 
Fw^Sati* fat ben ydon or ypassed. but filke fing fan fat haf 
uSS* B™»tw and cotnpTebendif to-gidre alle f e plente of fe lif in- 
^wlJra^JShtt*™ terminable, to whom fere ne fidlif nat of fe futztre. 
SUm'onSe! and to whom fer nia nat of fe preterit eacapid nor 
rhiitBopben, who ypassed. f i]k[e] same is ywitnessed or yproned by r^t 
soil to ben eteme, and it byhouef by necessite fat filke 
uiM UiIb mH-Jd f inge be alwey present to hym self and compotent. as 
.ginning not «nd. who self altfey present to hym self aixl so myjty fat al 
J*" t"**™""!! by ryjt at hys plesaunce. and fat he haae al present 
ShE^ SlTtt" f e infinit of fe moeuable tyme. wherfore som men 
co^uMed* trowen wrongefully fat whan f ei heren fat it Bemid[e] 
monii* dnraujj to plato fat fie worlde ne had[de] neuer bygynnynga 
^"(TindM- of tyme. ne fat it neuere shal haue faylynge. f ei wenen 
om^reh^^t in fis manure fat f is woilde ben maked coeteme wif 
.nertofuids his makere. as who seif. fei wenen fat fis worlde and 
raani7'" ™'i)^ ^°^ ^° maked to-gidre eteme. and it is a wrongful 
Dtvinsmind wenynge. for ofer fing is it to ben yladd by lif in- 
iMm^wutrtiM terminable as plato graiuited[e] to fe worlde. and ofer 
anrt more Bucient fing is it to cmbracen to-gidre alle f e presence to fe lif 
bjtiLe<ps«of interminable, fe whiche fing it is clere and manifest 

Atim BMrUe— world 
6(101 «ipic*e— swych 
60(a eternt^ trtm O., Ua 

B093 lift—Ut 
BOM-B-B Aa>— MB. hil)>e 
eone tdon^Ue. yiouc, G. I- 

NXI7 alle-»l 

BOW |>«*fe>-thilko 

fiOlS jloiw— him 
BOlS-ai wortdv-'world 
S0S3 vUuld-StS. ylHlde, a 

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fgSlB'i.] GOD IS ITTERHAL. 173 

|Nit it is pmpre to ])e deuine Jwujt. ne it ne sholde iiat uma,bdtnuur 

eemen to vs fat god is elder J»an finges fat ben ymaked Slntairofh^i*' 

by qimntite of tjme. but rafer by fe proprete of hys aSu^roSlii^ 

symple nature. (orfjiaiikemfinit[e]iiioeuyngof temporel th^imiuta 

finges folwif {lia presentarie eatat of fe lijf inmoeue- nmdiuonofin 

able, and so aa it ne may nat contrefeten it ne foynen ^^f^l^ 

it ne ben euene lyke to it, for fe inmoeueablete. fat is JS^JiSa u.™ 

to seyn |iat is in f e et-emite of god. S it iailef and nu^^i^^SIi 

fallef in to moeuynge fro fo simplicite of [the] pre- intom- - ■ 

sence of god, <a>d disencresif to fe infinite quantite of J 

fiiture and of preterit, and so as it ne may nat ban to- [I^^STTiiSg 
gidre al f e plente of f e li£ algatea jitte for as mocbe as Uou, tm. u a 
it ne cesif neuere fotto ben in som manere it semef "S"?! •» *&•* 
Bomde[l] to ve fat it fblwif and reaemblif f ilke fing feSuJJfiTJoTr^ 
bat it ne may nat attayne to. ne fiilfiUe. and byndef it «pt«i. nj at-"™ 
self to som manere presence of fia lite! and swifte 6041 
moment. J»e whiche presence of pis lytele and swifte tSim'SSra^"''* 
moment for fat it beref a manere ymage or lykenosae rweuiMM uie 
of fe ay dwellynge presence of god. it grauntef to "flJI^'thSiS'ihu 
swicbe manere fii^es as it bitidif to fat it semef hem ^Ji^jJl,™"" 
fat f ise f ii^ea han ben and ben and for [fat] fe pre- " it i^ot nop 
sence of swiche litel moment ne may nat dwelle ber-for ™" «• «"« 
[it] rauyBsid[e] aiuL took fe infinit[e] wey of tyme. fat g|^^ng"rtmgit 
is to seyn by succeaaionn. and hy fis manere it is ydon, S^^^ufe 
for fat it sholde continue fe lif in goyngo of fo whiche whfdi''ii«)oid 
lif it ne my)t[e] nat embrace fe plente in dwellynge. ijT«bwii«in» " 
mid for fi yif we willen putte worfi name[9] to finges ^pj^SSfc- 
and folwen plato. !at vs seyn fan sofely fat god is {^"ilSSww 
eteme. and fat fe worldo is perpetuel. fan syn fat i«<!ie™ai»nd thn 
ouery iugement knowof and comprehendif by hys owen His knowiajm, 
nature finges fat ben subiect vnto hym. fero is sofely ^'J|^™r"Jfe, 
al-wey to god an eteme and presentarie estat. and fe KsuSu "j.^ 

SOM (»«^f-lvk BMfl hen (1)— jt»ii 
B031 [lAeJ— iVom 0. [bo(}— from C. 

BOW nomdefn— BnradBl 601? gioic**— swfch 

OMO/uirlUB— ruU&lli^n »04a [tt]— rrom 6. 

KMl Ii>!8l— fr'.irC.HS.lj'kly U61 npifM-myhle 

SOU MAi<:&*- -nhicli 50oZ tctUnt i>tlM«~wol 
/«t<f(— rrom C„ US. Ij'kly piittea 

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174 OBPINinON OF PBE8CIEKCK. |^cSb'«. 

sfiMtniMiin science of hym ])at oneF-paase) alle temporel iiioe[ue]- 
^™j5"jj, ment dweUiJi in jie eymplicite of hys presence and em- 
■H?Km^? bracefi and conaidere)) alle {le infiait spaces of tymes 
1 ioo ^ Uwi. ■ ^retentj and futures and loke^ in ^is E^mple kuowynge 
epuft^^ow* alle {ringes of pretwit ryjt as fd weren ydoon prcBently 
■wjbi^ WW 'yj* ""^ ^ yi^ t"'^ ^''"' f*"* )>enke twid Vivisen fe 
[•«iLM»j prescience by wbicbe it knoweji al[le] |ntzges *^u ne 
uimawniiiv^ sfaalt nst demen it as prescience of {ringes to comtin. 
uSiX^tZ '*"'' J"*"* shalt d^nen [it] inoie tyjttuJly Jrat it is science 
S^v^aui!^ of presence or of instannce ^t uener ne fayleji. for 
dm iv<" ^ whiche it nis nat ycleped protddence bat it ebolde lajur 
nmitofcba '\fe cleped poraeannce fat is establissed fol fer fro lyjb 
^l^^iS^ lowe Jiingea. and byholdeji from a-fec alle Jilnges ry^t as 
fr^ubwOni? it were fro )ie heye lieyjte of fingee. vM azeat ])aa fan 
hsiun iflUn. OF yihy dispatest ^a fan fat f like {linges ben don bj 
6073 necessite whiche fat ben yseyen and yknowen by fe 
unrnBcwSttr" deuyne syjt, syn fat for sofe men ne maken nat filke 
^^^jrtwo^ fi^tgea necessarie. whiche fat fe[i] seen be ydoon in t 
^J^^J'JjJi|^ hire ayjt for addif f i byholdynge any necesaite to filke 
cdSnBbOod f inges fat [«u byholdest present % Kay quod L p. 
MTam-HMHi Certys fan yif men myjte maken any digne comparisoun 
pia^M^n- or collaci'onn of fe presence diuine. and of fe presence 
5^^^;g™ of mankynde. ryjt so a» 30 seen aomme f inges in fis 
tuw>B v-^t tempt>rel presente. ryjt so seef god alle f inges by hys 
■hiiniBi4nwbg eteme present IT wherfore f is. dynyue prescience ne 
™J»j|«ta« cfaanngef nat f e nature ne, fe prtiprete of finges but 
MBnarteww™ byholdof swychc fingea present to hym ward, as fd 
md'w^wiu'ndt shoUeo bytiden to jow ward in tyme to come, ne it ne 
£!m^. cowfoundef nat f e lugementj of finges but by of syjt 

He?i?>u uiiivi. of hys foujt he knowef fe )iinges to cornea as wel 
[™i«"^^f _ necessarie as nat necessarie. ryjt so as whan le seen to- 
w'hSiI,"£™gE* giiii* a man walke on fe erfe ca.d fe sonne aryseu in 
mntlDl^n. [the] henena al be it so fat 36 seen and byholden fat 

toss otts— si I BO86 tAoIf— shnl I coee >x>iu— comyn 

noeficelrtfli*— moeuemojit fO— fmm C. BOSS <i^.»j(— O xylite 

E0S3 |>«nib— think en £063 wUcA«— vhich SOt! htt»oiBei>—XS.rt)pi»Xt 

orinrii— auysi- 6074-76 arit—Kfhle toea [Oe]— (ram C. 

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oon (Old bat ober to-eidre. lit nabeles 36 demen and Whenaod knmn 

' ' ° ' ' ' Ibatanylhtnglalo 

disceme fat pat cton U uoluretarie and Jiat o|)er is neces- J^^J'^Jhlu'* 
sarie. IT Eyjt so fan [the] deuyne lokyngo byholdynge l^^iJ^?niS| 
alle finges viidir hym ne trouble Ji nat fe qualite of comnctun, i»c 
f mges }wit ben ceiteynely present to hym ward, but aa J^Sf**!?^*" 
to fe condieionm of tyme for so(ie f ei ben futwra. for ^^^'^ 
whiche it folwif fat f is nia non oppinioun. . but rafer a oim »t^'o™»( 
stedfast knowyng yetrengefed by sofenea. J>at whan i^^JH^Si 
fat god knowef any f inge to be he ne vnwoot nat fat uimua ii»mit}^ 
filke fmge vanteji necessite to be. Jiis is to seyn fat thuu^m 
whan fat god knowef any fii^ to bitida he woot wel "{J^'J^t^'' 
fat it ne haf no necesaite to bitide. <md yif fou seiat f^h^id!^^Ca 
]iete fat f ilke f inge fat god seef to bytide it ne may with theiiLviiie 
nat vnbytide. as who aeif it mot bitide. IT and filke jj" "jtf'.'u'™ 
finge fat fat ne may nat vnbytide it mot bitide by 5105 
necessite. and fat fou streine me to f is name of neces- bimiTblniuim 
site, certys I wol wel confesaen and bykuowe a finge of kinwiedge i> ' 

fill aadde trouf e. but vnnef shal fere any wyjt [mowe] ™''^^J^''' '" 
Been it or comen f er-to. but yif fat ho be byholder of fe S^Sf" There 
deayne f ot^te. IT for I wol answers fe fus. fat filke oKmHy-ait 
finge fat is fiituie whan it is lefeired to f e deuyne ™""t nlmsMiriiy 
knowyrig fan is it necessarie. but certys whan it is vn- ^o^^oITb "»" 
dirstonden in hye owen kynde mew sen it [is] vtterly fre n«)Bi«rii™«ik 
and absolut from alle necessite. for certys fer ben two iiimown cannot 
manerea of necessites. fat oon necessite is symple as wnuuia.pp™- 

' J r hended to ba. Bui 

fus. fat it byhouef by necessite fat alle men be mortal JJ^J^'",'"^ u,„ 
ordedely, an of «r necessite ia condicionel as fus. yif ^q?'""?,^ 
fou wost fat a man walkif . it byhouef by necessite fat iMiTri^rdKi 
he walke. filke fii^e fan fat any wyjt haf yknowo to [omuisii«-«>iv, 
be. it ne may hen non ofer weyes fan he knowef it to J^fl^n^nu'f' 
be. fl but fis condicioun ne drawef nat wif hir filke Ko^lISmJtrj"' 
necessite aymple. For certys fis necessite condicionel. wSll1rhodM» 

(113 M— from 0. 
61ir d»d«i(r— dwUy 

am Aat— Ma t^ 

6131 condicioun — from 0., 

ib. Google 


wiiungij.iHUt fepn)prenatureofitnemakBjiitiianjt. but ^ adiecotoan 

IStL'^ha'd'* of fecoudiciounujakijiit. fornoneceaaitonecoiiBtrejiiep 

fto?^"^ * ™™ to [go" / J"**] goof ty ^^ propre wille. al be it 

th^eje'^r^"' BO fat whan he goof fwt it is necessarie fat he gooji. 

■Hunidir be, al- ^ Ily}t OH f IB Bame maneie |)an. yif fat, pe pitnieaunce 

notf I "iiirtt "^ ^"^ ^^1* ""^ f "'^ p)-(«ent. fan mot filke •finge be 

aauuTuuiiut ^r necesBite. al fouj Jiat it ne haue no neceseite of hjs 

' G«iba£id>^^ owen nature, but certys fe futures fat bjtyden by fre~ 

«HUnRi^K» dom of arbitre god seef hem alle to-gidre present^, fiae 

anSuh^tSuioii I'^^S^ J""" [y^ P^ ^*^" referred to fe deuyne syjt. 

in'uMOM^ f"* ^^^'^ t^^ maked neceesarie to fe condic/onn of fo 

i tSmMK^UMj" deuyne knowynge. but certys yif f ilke finges ben con.- 

' n^ AifthEigi sidled by hem self fei ben absolut of necessite. at>d ne 

I f"™™;!"'! forleten nat ne ceaen nat of fe liberie of hire owen 

(SSiw^M^ nature, fan certys wif outen doute alle Jw fingus 

; SiitThidi ■!■ shollen be doou whiche fat god voot by-fom fat fei 

5139 ben to comen. but Bomme of hem comen and bitiden of 

; I^^dwg* [free] arbitre or of fre wille. fat al be it so fat fei by- 

I !|*|^^^^ tiden. jit algates ne lese fei nat hire propre nature ne 

[ E^mT^boT l^yoge- ^J fe whiche first or fat fei were doon fei 

^■^^^no ijgjjgQ power nat to han bitidd. Boece. what is fia 

wtaiCbar thli«i , ^ . , . ' 

■n OMHWT In to s^n fan quod I. fat f mges ne ben nat necessane by 
hire propre nature, so as fei comen in alle i 

f^l^ttj? wT" f e lykenesse of neceesite by fe condici'oun of f e deuyne 
n™*iui^'"" science. PAilosopWe, f is is fe difference quod she. fat 
Saw'iSMUM* f" J'ii'K^ I"** I parposed[e] f e a litel here byfom, fat 
SfuSmSI'^Sr- ^ *" s^y f® eonne arysynge and f e man walkyngo fat 
mnioruw ferwhiles fat filke fiuges ben ydon. fei ne myjten nat 
ST 'hSSi'uut ^^^ vndon. naf eles fat oon of hem or it was ydon it 
sftwolMftM" byhoued[e] by necessite fat it was ydon. but nat fat 
Botgoftmnihi ofw. ryjt so it ia here fat fe fingea fat god haf present. 
vAnt— M8. jdone, O, 

Bias {am ^o(]— (Kan C. 

toiitis — wi! 
6128 fnirf— MS. mote, C. 
5131 wewnli — prvwent 
6132 tcin-lwm C. 

613? »>)> ff^en-witJUr 
6138 nAicia— which 

6161 vndon— mM- TTidoTie.C. 
G161-a ydo»-~1SS. yd(m«, O. 
Bisa ftj(i<>BwJrj]— houyd 

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wif outen doute fei ahullo ben. but sonime of hem de- {[^".J^l^'ii^ 
Bceadi^ of Je nature of fii^ea as fe sonne aryeynge. ufJinrkKwitige 
arid somme deacendijt of fa power of fe doers as Je man Il^iKIJSSSi™! 
^ralkynge. H fan eeide L no wronge fat yif fat Jjise iheymnotunaer 
f ingee ben referred to f« deuyne knowynge fan ben fei ^w- 'JL^,"™* 
necessarie. and yif fei ben considered by hem selfe fan ^^^"^1^ 
ben fei abaolnt &om fe bonde of neceasite, lyjt so [aa] S^Skkhiio™' 
alle finges fat appieref or shewef to J»e wittea yif f ou tinii*r whm™- 
referre it to resoan it is Tniuerael. and yif fou referro f3'(^,S„"j;Kj'S 
it or Iook[e] it to it self, fan is it syjiguler. but now ^.S'^.b 
'' yif fou seist f us fat yif it be in my power to chauuge SJlnrtoBthu 
my purpose, fan ahal I voide fe pwrneaunce of god. fo™esn i wDnM 
whan fat pei^uenture I shal han channged fo fiuges ^^^"'Sr 
fat he knowef byfom. fan shal I anawere fe fus ESt « ""^itoice 
IT Certys fou maist wel chaungen fi purpoe but for as 5168 ™ 
mochel aa f e present sof enesee of fe deuyne pwnieannce JlSidMl™ 
byholdef fat fou mayst chaungen fi pui'poae. and DotUmil^'*"' 
whefir fou wolt chaunge it or no. and whider-ward ihongh joo h«*a 
fat fou tourno it fou maist nat eschewen fe denyne Slt^^liS^ 
prescience ryjt as fou ne mayst nat fleen fe ayjt of fe SfSl? aST 
present eye. al fouj fat fou toume fi self by fi fre ISliUwaKM 
wille in to dyuerse accioure. IT But fou mayst seyn ^ng^wMra- 
ajeyne how shal it fan be. shal nat fe dyuyne science ^[j^lUd'tt* 
ben channged by my diaposiet'oure whan fat I wol o iffiMna^n- 
fing now arid now an ofer. and filke prescience ne obBngiiigpsr- 
semef it nat to enterchauwge atoundea of knowyngee. ^^ju^t'to* I 
as who seif. ne shal it nat seme to vs fat fe deuyne ™Jt,^fcrtSS ) 
prescience enterchaungef hys dyners stoundea of know- preHncgufhii / 
ynge. sofatitknoweaommetymeofingamiisojwmetynie which doe* noi 
fe contrarie. IT lHo for sofe. [quod I] for f e deuyne syjt ^"^i"a^°™ 
rennef to-fome and seef alle futures and clepef hem ajein alJtCSmM* 

61H doen—doava 
61 S7 «mi«ff*— wrong 
61M isfft— seif 

Sonde— bond 
[m]— horn C. 

9Q^en69se — HothneHQ 

5178 wflis— Wjfl 
5178 aUerchatntg' 

terdmuRgyng, C. entre- 

ib. Google 


^HJJJJ^™* and retoumi^ horn to J>e presence of hya propre know- 

£S^^cDiii- yngo- ne he OB entrechauoge)) nat [so] as ])0U wenest )« 

•Mi(l«iiuihin|p stoundes of forknowyng [as] oow ])is now ^at. but lie 

jjj^™'™^" ay dwellynge cowip byfom and eubiace^ at o strook 

S^flS^^t- ^^ (li mutacionns. and ^is presence to comprelienden 

Sm Her? OTtd to SOU alle pinges. god ne haji nat taken it of fa 

^J""|J™' bitydjnge of ^ges forto come, but of hys prwpro sym- 

^^)^^^ plicite. S and her by ia aasoiled >ilke J»ing J)at ).ou 

«™u»™M?of* pattest a litel her byfome. pat is to aeyne Jiat it is vn- 

ood. Fortha worfii [linge to seyn pat onre futures jeuen cause of fe 

[• w. *i ».] science of god IT Por certja *J)i8 streagjie of )» denyne 

^to&Dg lU science wHche pat enbracep alle pinge by his present- 

JJ^™^5^ arie knowynge eatabliseep maneie to alle pingws and it 

nM^wBdart'* DB awip nat to lattere pii^es. and syn pat pise pinges 

i ^MDontoi- ben bos. fat is to seyn syn bat neceasite nis nat in 

i lilj It ImpiiMd ' ' , 1^1 

5200 ptnges by pe deuyne prescience, pan is per fredom ol 

I tbs^^^i^ arbitre. pat dwellep hool aiid Tnvemmed to mortal men. 

I nuiiu a iDRi in ne pe lawes ne purpose nat wikkedly meedcs <aid peynee 

SSotawSu^ *** f* wiUyngea of men pat ben vnbounde atui quit of 

Sl^'^5'^*' aUe neeessite. It And god byholder and forwiter of 

SmpSZZHSn^ alle pinges dwellip aboue and pe present etemite of hys 

oTBT, ood, who B^t rennep alwey wip pe dyuerse qualite of oure dedes 

SSThTei™?*' dispenayng and ordeynynge medea to good[e] men. atcd 

EJ^UJS^^. tourmentj to wicked men. ne in ydel ne in veyn ne ben 

mMquShM per nat put in god hope and prayeres. pat ne mowen 

v^^ rm«Tii nat ben vnspedful ne wip oute effect whan pei ben ry^t- 

•SimSl'" ^"^ ^ wipstond pan and eschewe pou vices, worshippe 

mdS!^!?" ""'^ 1*^"^ ^°^ vertus. areise pi cor^e to ry^tful hoopes. 

SwUoaodin jelde pou humble pj-eiers an heyje. grete neeessite of 

^Tm«inM« prowesse and vertue is encharged and comaunded to 

H«MtDt!'MA y^ y^ i^ ^ '^^ dissimulen. V Syn pat je worchen 

I!w5loiwM'iind a^ doon. pat is to seyn joure dedes atuI joure workee 
J r»}-ft™n c. am bal it to — - 

7 (■«1— from C. • «™nce— omitlBil 

---3 comib — comth G203 vnbotinde — vnbawi 

Sien hab—JSS. habe guit-aaiU 

.,„■, S2rt« ^5?-»iht« 

eSO? 0aoc{[e]— iCDode 

Bill inHnfond — lie. 

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by-fore pe eyen of Je Inga fat aeeji ami demeli alle iwa >^rtq8, w»it 
finges, [To whom he goyo and worahipe hi Infynyt ^r'™'^ur'^'' 
tymes / AMEN.] 5219 i;S™).""'ir,™ 


■7 Sbj/o«— by-fOra I ends with the tollowtng I 

gloria Chriato 
Corpore RcribentiH ti' 
grofia cnnctipatentLB 

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[Camb. Univ. MS. li. 3. 21, fot. 62 I.] 

Ciawcer vp-on this fy fte metur of the second book 

A Bljrsfiil lyf a paysy ble tmd a swete 
-'^ Ledden the poeples in the former age 
They helde hem paied of the &uctes pat fay eto 
Whiche fat the feldes yaae hem by vsoge 4 

They ne weera nat forpampied v/itk owtr^o 
Onknoryn was ^ qayeme and ek the melle 
They eten mast hawea and awych pownage 
And dronken water of the colde welle 8 

IT Yit naa the grownd nat wownded wt'tft {■* plowh 

But com vp-aprong vnsoire of maimes bond 

po which they gnodded and eet« nat half .L-nowh 

So man yit knewe the forwes of his lond 12 

So man the ^ owt of the flynt yit fonde 

Vn-konien and vn-grobbod lay the vyne 

So man yit in the moiter spices giond 

To clane ne to aawse of galonljne 16 

T No Madyr welde or wod no litostere 

Ne knewh / the fles was of is former bewe 

No flessh ne wyste offence of €^ge or spere 

No coyn ne knewh man which is fala or trewe 20 

No ship yit tarf the wawes grene and blewe 

No Uarchauflt yit ne fette owUandissh ware 

No hataib trompes for the werres folk ne knewe 

Ne towraa hoye ami walles rownde or square 24 

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IT What aholde it han ayayled to werreyo 
Ther lay no profyt ther was no rycheaae 
But coised was the tyme .1. das' wel aeye 
Jwt men fyrat dede hir swety bysynease 
To grobbe rp metal lurkynge in dirkenease 
And in fe Ryuerys fyret gemmys sowhte 
Alias than sprong" vp al the cuisydnesse 
Of coneytyse fat fyrst owt sorwe browhta 

T Thyae tyiaunt^ put hem gladly uat in pres 
No places wyldnesae ne no busshes for to wynne 
Ther pouerte is as seith diogenes 
Ther as Titayle ek is so skars and thinne 
^ot nat but mast or apples is ther Inne 
Bat fer as bagges ben and fat vitaile 
Ther wol they gon and spare for no eynne 
Wttft al hir oat the Cyte forto a-aayle 

IT Tit was no paleis chaumbree ne non hallefi 
In kaues and wodos softe and swete 
Sleptin this blyssed folk? wit%-onte wallea 
On gras or leues in parfyt loye reste and quiete 
lHo down of fetheres ne no bleched shete 
Was kyd to hem but in suite they slepto 
TTir hertes weeie al on mtA-owte galles 
£uerych of hem his foith to oother kepte 

1 Vnfoiged was the hawberke and the plato 

J)" lambysah poeple voyded of alle vyse 

Hadden no fantesye to debate 

But eche of hem wolde oother wel cheryce 

ISo pride non ennye non Anaiyce 

Ifo lord no laylage by no tyranye ' 

VmUeese and pee good feith the emperice 

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IT Tit was nut luppiter the lykerous 

iMt {jnst was &dyr of delicasie 

Come in this world ne neiiibrDUi desyrouB 

To r^ne had nat maad his towres hye 6C 

Alias alias now may [men] wepe And crye 

For in owre dayea nis but couetyse 

DowblenesBe attd treeoun and onoye 

Foyson and manslawhtre and mordie in sondry wyao 

CAmxB I Baladbs db tu^ob sahz vsoiivbs 

f This wiecched worlde-is transniatacioun 

As wele / or wo / now poeere and now bouonf 

Wf'tft-owten ordyi or wis descresyeun 

Gouemed is by fortunes emnir i 

But nathelea the lakke of hyi iauowif 

Ne may nat don me syngen thowh L deye 

lay tout perdu moun temps et moun labour 

For ^^naly fortune .L the deffye i 

IT Tit is me left the lyht of my lesonn 

To knowen £«nd &o foo in thi metowi' 

So mochel hath yit thy whirlynge vp and down 

I-tawht me for to knowe in an howr V. 

But trawoly no foia of thi reddowi' 

To bym (wt oner hym self hath the maystrye 

My Buffyeaunce shal be my socouf 

For ^maly fortune I. thee deffye 1( 

IT Bociates ^u stidfast cbaumpyoun 

She neaer myht[e] be thi tormentowr 

Thow neuer dreddeet hyx oppresayoun 

Jfe in hyr chere fownde thow no sauour" 2( 

Thow knewe wel the deseyte of hyr colom' 

And fat hii' mo9t[e] worabipe is to lye 

I knew hir ek a fals dissimulooi' 

For fynaly fortune X the defiye 2J 

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T STo man ya wrechchyd but hym self yt wene 

And tie fat, hath hym self hat Bu&aonce 

Whi seyathow thanne y am [to] the so kene 

pat hast thy self owt of my goueraauMce 2l 

Sey thuB graunt mercy of thyn haboundaunce 

That thow hast lent or this why wolt fwu atryue 

What woost thow yit how y the wol auaunce 

And ek thow hast thy bests frende a-lyue 3 

IT I hane the tawht deolsyoun by-twene 

Fiend of effecf and &ende of cowntenaunoe 

The nedeth nat the galle of no hyene 

Pat cnreth eyen derkyd for penaunoe 3 

Now Be[at] thow cleer fat weere in ignorauwce 
Yit halt thin ancre and yit thow mayst aryue 
Ther bownte berth the keye of my substaunce 
And ek fo\i hast thy beste frende alyue 4 

IT How manye hane .1. refused to augtigne 

Syn .1. the fostred haue in thy pleeaunco 

Wolthow thanne make a statute on )iy quyene 

)]at J. ahal ben ay at thy ordynaunce 4 

Thow bom art in my regne of varyauJice 

Abowte the wheel wttA oother most thow dryue 

My loore is bet than wikke ia thi greuaunce 

And ek fiou haat thy beete irendo a-ljue 4 


IT Thy loore y dempne / it is aduersyte 
My fcend mayathow nat reuen blynde goddeeae 
Pat .1. thy frendee knowe .1. thanke to the 
Tak hem agayn / lat hem go lye on presse 
The n^rdye in kepynge hyr lychease 
Frenoatik is thow wolt hif towt' aaayle 

37 Hft}— partly eraaed uid i 

ib. Google 


Wikke appetft comUt ay before sykeneese 

In general this lewle may nat fayle 56 

Ls REapon^rcB db pootvur ooh'Trk le flkuitif 

IT Thow pyncheet at my mutabylyte 

For .L the lente a drope of my rychesse 

And now me lykyth to wVt^-diawe me 

Whi sholdyethow my realte apresse 60 

The flee may ebhe and flowen mooie or leseo 

The welknB hath myht to ahyne leyne or hayle. 

Byht so mot -L kythen my bruteloesse 

In geueial this rewle may nat fayle 64 

Lk pleditip 

T Lo excussyonn of the maieste 

f)ak al pnruoyeth of his ryhtwysnosse 

That same thinge fortune clepyn ye 

Ye blynde heeetya ful of lewedneeae 68 

The heaene hath propiete of sykymeese 

Thifl world hath ener TOcfceles tranayle 

Thy laete day is ende of myn intei[e]8se 

In genend this lewele may nat iayle 72 


H Prynees .1. prey yow of yowre gentileseea 

Lat nat this man on me thns crye and plcyne 

And X shal quyte yow yowre bysynesse 

At my requeate aa thte of yow or tweyne 76 

pat but yow lest releae hym of hys poyne 

Pieyeth hys best irend of his noblesse 

That to Bom betere ent^t he nay aitayne 

dbv Google 


Abaist = ABTB8T, soffeiest, en- 

dniest, 39/1014 
Abaibt, abaslied, 107/3047 
Ababsxn, to be abashed, dieniayed, 

Abebid (= Abatbshbd), abashed, 

Abide, to await, 7/93. 'Abide 

after '^ look after, expect, 13/ 

350 ; p.p. Abides, wuted, 86/2406 
Abief, suffers, 109/3101 
ABLYNas, enablmg, fitting (ap- 

tatu), 36/634, SS/S440 
Abood, abode, 63/1716 
Aboven, above, 6/52 
Abr^^ynge, curtailing ; bence 

govt obtuned bj cnrtailment (tfOM- 

pendiim), iei/43E5 
Accoie, to soothe, quiet Idemul- 

eert), 38/967 
Accordaimce, ^p^eement, 143/ 

Accoidannt, agreeing, onamntous, 

Accorde, to agree, 42/1080 
Accoumpte, actxiunt, 47/1251 
Acconutyiig, calculation, 8/110 
Achat, purchase, 15/310 
Achove, to achieve, accomplish, 

Achoken, to choke, 47/1235 

Acompliee, Acomplisse, to accom- 
pli^ 83/2E75, 118/3356 
Acordable, agreeing, 62/1694 
Acusor, informer, 72/1990 
Addre (Nadre), adder, 170/4959 
Adoune, down, downward, 7/92 
Adounwaid, downwards, 7/87 
AdiBd, in fear, afraid, 43/1 132 
Adresse, to direct, control, 163/ 

Afer, afar, 164/4767 
Agast, aghast, frightened, 76/ 

Agaste, to teiriiy, fiighteo, 141/ 

Agon, ago, 70/1907 
AgTeablet4, goodwill, 42/1099 
Agrisen, to be a&aid, dread, 10/ 

178, 31/777 
Ajuge, to adjudge, 15/325 
Aknowe, acknowledged, 17/367 
Aldirmost, most of all, 124/3557 
Algates, Algate, yet, noverthelcfis, 
19/439, 68/1849. 81/3342, 162/ 

alleviate, 124/3529 
Alouterly, utterly, entirely, 109/ 

Alberfaireat, fairest of all, 87/ 

dbv Google 


Al>eifiTst, aret of aU, 10/180 
Al)>eimoBte,moBtofall, 156/4563 
f all 157/ 

Alyene, to alienate, 27/671 
AmenuBB, to lessen, diminish, 1 9/ 

436, 40/1039 
AmenuBynge, dimination, 46/ 

Ameve, Amoere, Amove, to move, 

6/64, 83/551 
Amoiieste,toadmoiiisli, 171/4971 
Amonestyng, admonition, exhort- 
ation, 149/4396 
Amoi^oB, amongst, 62/1380 
Amooicionn, admonition, 13/253 
Amynistre, to adminiBter, 135/ 

Ancre, anehot, 41/1050 
Angre, grief, misery, 41/1072 
Anguisae, Angysse, anguish, 79/ 

3177; to torment, 80/3198 
AngaisBOUS, anxious, sonowful, 

41/1063, 160« 
Anoie, to be grieved, be soiiy, 

Anoiei^, 22/632 
Anoiea, hurtful, 47/1238 
AuoioQS, annoying, hurtful, 7/ 

An-oone, anon, 42/1086 
Anoyously, dangerously, hurt- 

fullj, 80/2214 
Apaise, to appease, 148/4378 
Apasse, to pass away, go, 46/1195 
Apereeive, to perceive, 16/344, 

Apertly, plainly, 17/386, 91/2543 
Appaie, to please, satisfy, 47/1235 
Appaire, to impair, 25/597 
Apparaile, to clothe, adorn, 8/116 
Apparaillement, clothing, oma- 

meat, 49/1300 

Appertione, to appertidn, 73/1996 
Applien, bend to, join, 161/4600 
Apresse, to oppress, 184/60 
Aprochen, to approach, 6/63, 66 
Aiace, Arase, Anace, to tear, tear 
from, separate, 11/196, 37/671, 
98/377^ 163/4378 
Araise, Aieise, Areyse, to raise, 

51/1357, 118/3369, 178/6213 
Aibitre, will, free will, 166/4600 
Ardannt, ardent, 106/3031 
Areaten, to stop, arrest, 32/816 
Arett«n, to ascribe to, impute to, 

Arist, arises, 143/4138 
Armuieia, armours, arms, 5 1/1 342 
Armures, armour, 9/131 
Arst, first, 95/2675 
Arwe, arrow, 148/4262 
Aiyayi^e, risii^, 23/612 
Aryve, to bring to shore, 122/ 

Asayle, to assail, 181/40 
Ascape, to escape, 8/129 
Afiondre, asunder, 64/1740 
Aspre, sharp, rough, 32/806, 

Asprenesse, eharpnese, 127/3627 
Assaie, to essay, 42/1083 
AsBemble, to gather together, 

amass (money), 80/3303 
Asseure, to assure, 16/330 
Assoilen, to absolve, pay, unloose, 

dissolve, 149/4303, 154/4459 
Astat, estate, state, 30/738 
Astoned, astonished, 7/92, 63/ 

1703 ; ilupidm, 133/3471 
Astonynge, Astonyenge, astonish- 
ment, 9/134, 133/3780 
Atasto, to taste, 30/756 
Ataynt, Atoint, attained, know- 
ing, experienced, 31/772, 69/1905 

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Attayne, to reach, 12/227 
Atte, at the, 95/2675 
Attompeiuuiice, tempering, tem- 
perament, 138/3973, It4/il45 
Attempre, to temper, modeiato, 

8/116, 111/3154; control, 163/ 

4721; (.adj.) modest, 39/728, 40/ 

Atteyne, to attain, 118/3358 
Atwyne, in two, 98/2769 
Avalen, to feU down, 143/4139 
> Avatmce, to advance, further, 41/ 

Arannte, to boast, 5/26, 19/426 
Anctorite, authority, 7/91 
Aventerouse, fortuitous, 28/697, 

Aventuie, event, 21/476 
Aatoor, author, 58/1556 
Allele, ought, 11/213 
Arisen, to couaider, 174/6063 
Awtdto, snare, 80/2214 
Awaitour, one who lies in wait, 

Awib = aweb, oweth (debet), 1 78/ 

Ay, ever, 184/55 

Ayenifl, against, 97/2749 
Axe, to ask, 17/357, 24/579 
Ajeins, Aieynes, A^eynost, 

igMMt, 10/183, 11/194, ia/221, 

Ajeinewarde, on the contrary, on 

the other hand. 48/1098 

Bacine, basin, 133/3806 
Batailen, to 'wai on, do battle 

against^ 18/413 
Been, bees, 80/2200 
Ber, did bear, 6/61 
Bere, Boar, 143/4124 

Bet, better, 63/1703 

Bibled, covered over with blood, 

Bisien, to trouble, 8/112 
Bitake. See Bytake. 
Bitidd, happened, 176/5143 
Bitwixen. See Bytwixen. 
Blaundiseinge, flattering, 30/749 
Blaondyshii^, flattery, blandish- 
ment, 34/866 
Bleehed, bleached, 181/45 
Blemisse, to blemish, abuse 

(iw«T)>, 80/472 
Blyssed, blessed, 181/43 
Blyfenesse, joyftilness, 37/957 
Boch, botch, bhdn, Bore, 72/1977 
Bode, to foretell, 143/4130 
Bole, bull, 148/4274 
Boot, did bite, 63/1400 
Boidure, border, hem, 6/50 
Bosten, to boaat, 79/2171 
Botme, bottom, 12/234 
Bounty, BowntS, goodness, kind- 
ness, 19/444, 46/1308, 183/39 
Brenne (pret. Brende), to bum, 

19/437, 106/3031 
Brid, bird, 68/1867 
Bristlede, bristly, 148/4281 
Biwie, broadly, plainly, 49/1298 
Brutel, brittle, fr^ile, 46/1174 
Bmtelnesse, brittleneas, fcailty, 
., 184/63 

Bur)te, birth, 78/3165 
BuBshel (com), 15/312 
Bydolven (p.p.), buried, 151/ 

Byen (for abven), suffer, 125/ 

Byforen, Byfokn, Btfobhb, be- 
fore, 20/454 

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Bygmine, didst begin, 37/941 
Bygyle, to beguile, 2S/615 
i^hate, to hate, 75/2051 
i^heste, promise, 149/4303 

Byhynde, Byhynden, behind, 

108/3062, 110/3137 
Byhyjt, promised, 70/1925, 85/ 

2374, 157/4558 
Byknowen, Byknowe, to acknow- 
ledge, 146/4311, 175/6107; p.p. 

BjkDOwen, 90/3514 
Byleve, believe, 28/695 
Byname, an additional name, 84/ 

Eynefen, beneath, 49/1295 
Byaomen (j>.p.), taken &om, 124/ 

Eynyme, to deprive of, take away, 

43/1117, 70/1930 
Byreft, bereft, 33/837 
Eyseche, to beseech, 86/2408 
Bysmoked, besmoked, 5/49 
Byapotte, to defile, 73/2009 
Bystowe, to bestow, 24/585 
Bysynesse, toil, 184/75 
Bytake, to entrust, 32/808 
Bytide (jnret. Bytiddh, p.p. Bt- 

tid), to befall, happen, 80/474, 

161/4360, 156/4467 
Eytwene, between, 6/64 
Eytwiien, betwixt, 132/3785 
Bytynge, biting, sharp, 63/1721 
Bywepe, to weep for, 26/644 
Byweyle, to bewsdl, 26/643 

Caitif, Caytif, wretched, 21/489, 

Careyne, carcase, corpse, 116/ 

Cariagee, taxes (vecHgalia), 15/ 

Celebrable, commendable, noted, 

84/2320, 147/4257 
Certein, certain, 170/4952 
Cese, to cease, 36/904, 130/3716 
Gesse, to cease, 133/3821 
Chalenge, to claim, 52/1380 
Chaatie, Chastysen, to chastise, 

125/3579, 146/4170 
Chayere, chair, seat, 21/503 
Cheminer, furnace (eaminKs), 12/ 

CherycB, to cherish, 181/52 
Chesen, to chooae, 76/2096 
Cheyn, chain, 8/123 
Chiere, Chbrb, Choerb, face, 

oonnteiianoe. 8/123, 12/232, 108/ 

Chirkynge, groaning (stridens), 

Chirr^ a kind of wine, 50/1329 
Cleer, serene, 46/1168 
Clepe, to caU, 4/17, 11/188, 17/ 

CUfle, fissure, cleft, 130/3721 
Cliven, Clive, to stick, cling, ad- 
here to, 41/1060, 101/2858, 159/ 

Cloumben = Clomben, climbed, 

ascended, 57/1533 
Coempcioun, coemption, 16/309 
Coeteme, coetemal, 173/5019 
Colasioun, collation, 135/3569 
Collacioun, comparison, 165/4805 
Combred, troubled, 94/2642 
Conunoeve, to move, 107/3043 
Commoevyi^ moving (ex^taiis), 

CommunalitS, commonwealth, 14/ 

271, 142/4108 
Comparisoune, to compare, 58/ 


dbv Google 


Compotont, having the mastery 

(i;o»V«). "L7S/501S 
CompoTine, to compOBe, form, 87/ 

8419, 93/2698 
Coraprende, comprehend, 166/ 

Comunablet^, commonwealth, 13/ 

Comune, common, 9/140, 15/310 
Coufederacie, conspiracy, 53/1399 
Confua, confused, 132/3788 
Conjecte, to conjecture, 27/649, 

Coiyoignen, to join, 92/2573 
Conjuiacionn, conspiracy, 18/394, 


Constreyne, to constrain, con- 
tract, 5/38 

Consoler (CoNSEiLEit), oonenl, 51/ 
1364, 1366 

Consumpt (conaumptm), con- 
sumed, 60/1632 

Contek, contest, strife, 130/3745 

Contene, Conticnon, to contain, 
comprehend, 34/573, 116/3302 

Contrarien, to bo opposed to, ad- 
verse to, 154/4440 

Contrarious, adyeiBe, opposite, 
21/488, 53/1420 

Coutrefeten, to counterfeit, 173/ 

Convenably, fitly, conveniently, 

Convict, convicted, 19/440 

Cop, top, summit, 44/1159 

Corage, mind, spirit, 118/3367, 

Corige, to correct, 125/3581 

Coronipe, Corrumpe, to Twcome 
corrupt, 98/S760, 96/3097 

Corone, Coroune, a crown, 119/ 
338S. 01/2555 

Corsed, cursed, 181/37 
CoTsednesse, cursedness. 

Cosyne, cousin, 106/3020 
Couche, to lay, set, 35/890 
Coupable, guilty, 10/172 
Couth, known, 25/592 
Coveite, to covet, 51/1365 

Covertour, Coverture, covering, 

118/3361, 159/4623 
Covetiae, Coveytyse, covetous- 

ness, 30/451, 131/32 
Covine, deceit, collusion, 21/493 
Coyn, money, 180/20 
Great, created, 99/2796 
Crike, creek, 82/2260 
Croppe, top, 69/1877 
Curacioun, cure (curaHo), 26/ 

Curage^ 30/753. See Corage. 
Cine, care, 64/1753 

Dalf (^pret. of delven), dug, delved, 

Damoisel, damsel, 30/762 
Dampnacionn, condemnation, 16/ 

Daunten, Dawnte, to subdue, 

daunt, 77/3115. 147/4258 
Debonairly, mildly, 123/3490 
Deboneire, gentle (mftis), 32/519; 

Deceivable, deceptive, 77/2124 

Dede, did, 181/28 

Dedid, made dead, 127/3623 

Deef, deaf, 4/18 

Deere, deal, 37/941 

Dee)), death, 4/15 



Defaute, fault, defect, 18/402 
Defends, to forbid, 34/859 
DefTeted, enfeebled, weakened 

Defoule, to defile, 21/491, 68/ 

D^rees, stepa, 6/54 
Delieea, delight, delights (deli- 

n«), 38/968, il/1063, 66/1787 
Delitahlo, delectable, 30/756 
Delitably, dehghtfully, 108/3078 
Delve, should dig, 151/4362 
Delver, a di^er, 151/4359 
Dcly4, tliin, fine, 5/43. Fr. delie. 
Dempne, to condemn, 183/49 
Denoye, to deny, 88/2464 
Departe, to separate, 29/719 
Depelyche, deeply, 160/4647 
Depeynte, to depict, 111/3146 
Depper, deeper, 27/649 
Derke, Derken, to darken, 7/90, 

Derwor)ie,Derworbi, precious, 31/ 

787, 41/1046 
Desarmen, disarm, 13/241 
Deaceivaimce, deception, 81/2240 
Deaceive, Deaseive, to deceive, 

9/141, 38/967 
Descryven, to describe, 99/2813 
Deamaie, to dismay, 35/896 
Desordene, inordinate, 36/912 
Despoylynge, spoil, prey, 147/ 

Destempraunce, severity, 97/ 

Deatinal, fatal, 135/3884 
Destourbe, disturb, 143/4123 
Destrat, distracted, 80/2216 
Destreine, to constrain, bind, 54/ 

DifGnisse, to define, 


Digne, worthy, just, 43/1124, 

Digneliche, worthily, 53/1427 
Dirke, dark, 83/2306 
Dirke, Dirken, to make dark, 

darken, S/4S, 49 
Dirkenease, darkness, 33/535 
Disceyvable, deceptive, 4/33 
Discotde, to ■ 

Discordyng, disagreeing, discord- 
ant, 68/1849 
Discours, jui^pnent, reason, 165/ 

Diaeressioun, discretion, 93/2594 
Discussed, dispersed, scattered, 9/ 

Diadaignen, to disd^ (mdig^ 

nati), 146/4213 
Diseucrese, to decrease, 173/5035 
Diaordinaunce, disorder, 150/4324 
Dispenden, to spend, expend, 45/ 

Dispone, to dispose, 135/3864 
Disputisoun, diajtatation, 149/ 

Disseveraunce, separation, 96/ 

Dissimulen, to dissemble, 178/ 

Distempre, intemperate, 121/3466 

Dit^, ditty, 134/3850 
Divinour, diviner, 157/4541 
Domesman, judge, 55/1467 
Doom, judgment, 152/4396 
Doumbe, dumb, 9/138 
Doutous, DowtoB, doubtful, 5/37 
Dowblenesse, duplicity, 182/63 
Drede, dread, 21/497 

dbv Google 


Dredeftd, timid, 121/3468 
Drodlea, fearless, 106/3028 
Dreint, Dreynt, drowned, 

drenched, 4/23, 7/99, 143/4271 
Dresae, to direct, order, 137/3954, 

Dronppe, to drop, 20/455 
Drow, drew, 16/300 
Doelly, duly, 22/530 
Dnlle, to become doll, 7/100 
Dure, Duren, to last, 98/2755 
Dnske, to make dusk or dim, 6/ 

Dyvetsea (pL), divers, 8/120 
Dyvynyngo, divination, 157/4541 

Echid, increased, 77/3134 
Ecbynmys, aea-urcliins, 82/2266 
Egalite, equality, evenness (of 

mind), 42/1099 
Egaly, equally, evenly, 43/1108, 

Egge, edge, 180/19 
Egre, sharp, 25/610 
Egren, to urge, excite, 141/4060 
Eir, air, 46/1169 
Ek, Eke, also, 40/1040, 181/36 
Elde, old age, 5/48 
Eldefadir, grMidfather, 40/1042 
Elder, older, 89/2493 
Embelise, to embellish, 47/1223 
Emperie, government, 51/1363 
Emperisse, empress, 109/3098 
Empoysenyng, poisoning, 11/206 

Empitnte, to imprint, 166/4839 
Emprenten, obtain (translates tbe 

Latin, impelrenl), 1S9/4596. Per- 

baps a mistake for eapelren. 
Emptid, exhausted, 6/34 
Enbaissynge,adebaaing, 109/3107 
Enbrase, embrace, 142)4092 

Enchaitfen, to niake hot, diafe, 

Encbarge, to impose, 178/5214 
Encbaunteresse, enchantress, 123/ 

Endamagen, to damage, 15/316 
Endirken, to obscure, 120/3418 
Enditen, to indite, 4/4 
Enfourme, to inform, instruct, 11/ 

313, 13/363 
Enbaunse, Enbawnse, to raise, 

exalt (,€7ihaHee), 33/S25 
Enlace, to bind, entangle, enter- 
twine, perplex, 13/245, 30/3307, 

Enoynte, to anoint, 36/923 
Enpeyren, to impair, 120/3418, 

Ensample, example, 9/151 
Entalenten, to excite, 168/4876 
Entecche, defile, pollute, 120/ 

Entcndyng, intent, looking eted- 

fastly CD, 8/126 
Entente, to intend, 150/4345 
Ententes, endeavours, laboura, 7/ 

Ententif, attentive, intent, 12/ 

223, 39/731 
Ententifly, attentively, 103/2931 
Ejitercbaunge, to interchange, 65/ 

178B, 131/3753 
Entercomunynge, commerce, com- 

mnnicatioi], 57/1538 
Eatermedle, to intermix, 54/1436 
Entre (adytma), 30/751 
Entrechaunge, to interchange, 39/ 

Rntrelaced, intermingled, en- 

tai^d, 105/2981 
Entremete, intermeddle, 104/ 

Enveneme, to poison, infect, 120/ 

dbv Google 


Envixoune, to aurroimd, 34/848, 

Environynge, circmnference, 164/ 

Erbeliche, Erbelyche, earthly, 52/ 

Eiye, to plough, ear, 71/1964 
Eschapen, to escape, 41/1064 
Eschaufe, to become hot, to bum, 

Eacbewen, to avoid, escape, 177/ 

Eschuynge, eache-wing, 99/2802 
Eatablisse, to establish, 15/311 
Eteme, eternal; fro eteme = from 

etemit;, 153/4433 
Eternity, eternity, 171/4986 
Evenliche, evenly, 26/699 
Everyche, every, 11/190; each, 

Eveeterre, evening star, 22/510 
Excusayoun, eKecution, 184/66 
Exercen, to exercise, practise, 52/ 

Esercitaciouu, exercise, 140/4034 
Exilynge, banishment, 11/305 
Exite, to excite, 168/4881 
Eyen, oyes, 183/36 
Eyer, air, 170/4962 

Fader, father, 18/414 
Eamilarit6, famiHarity, 30/740 
FamUera, familiara, 18/407 
Fantesye, fancy, inclination, 181/ 

Fasoun, fashion, 62/1693 
Feffe, (1) 38/966 
Fel, felle, fierce 
FelawBchipe, to accompany, 111/ 

Felefold, manifold, 30/738 
Felliche. fiercely, 39/997 

Felnesse, fierconosa, 25/618 
Felonous, wicked, depraved, 18/ 

Felonye, crime, 124/3542 
Far, far, 23/554 
Ferm, firm, 78/2148 
Fermely, firmly, 157/4660 
Feme, fern, 64/1741 
Feme, distant, 60/1621 
Fer>e, fourth, 56/1509 
Festivaly, gaily, 69/1581 
Festne, to fasten, fix, 10/166 
Fette, fetched, 180/22 
Fey, faith, trath, 112/3178 
Ficchen, to fix, fasten, 45/1164, 


FiUe, abundance, 48/1269 

Flaumbe, flame, 98/2761 
Fleme, to banish, 29/723 
Fles, fleece, 180/18 
Flete, Fleten, to float, flow, pass 

away, abound, 8/118, 38/690, 146/ 

4333, 152/4376 
Fletynge, flowing, 71/1961 
Fley, floe, 149/4289 
Fleyen, to flee, 126/3584 
Flies, fleece, 50/1330 
FUtte, to remc 

Flityng, flitting, 12/220 
Flotore, to float, 99/2817 
Floterynge, floating, 87/2420 
Flouren, to flonriBh, 131/3763 
Fodie, fodder, 148/4267 
Foleyen, Folyen, to act foolishly, 

67/1821, 1836 
Folyly, foolishly, 12/220 
Fooldest, foldest, 106/2984 

dbv Google 


Torhrek, broke, intcrrapted, 108/ 

Fordoon, to undo, destroy, 62/ 

Foidryven, driven about, 12/215 
Foreyne, foreign, 34/851 
Foighe, furrow, 170/4959 
Forheved, forehead, 16/346 
Forknowyng, foreknowledge, 178 

Forleflen, left (pret. of forleve, 

linqao), 9/150 
Forlete, to cease, 96/2697 ; leave, 

forsake, S2/53& 
Forleten {p.p.), ne^ected, for- 
saken, 5/47 
Forliven, degenerate from {de- 

genero), 78/3163 
Forlorn, lost, 34/858, 121/3452 
Forme, an error toiferme, to make 

firm, 33/647 
Forpampred,over pampered, 180/5 
Fore, force ; ' no fors,' no taatter, 

Forsweryng, perjury, 23/536 
Forbenke, to be fwrry, grieved, 

Forbere, to further, promote, 41/ 

For)iest, farthest, 136/3918 
Forjii, therefore, 28/689 
Fortroden, trodden upon, 

trampled, 109/3100 
Fortunel, fortuitous, 152/4379 
Fortnnouse, Fortuouse, fortuitous, 

26/639, 38/983, 132/3779 
Forwes, fmrowa, 180/12 
Forwiter, foreknower, 178/8204 
Foryetyn, forgotten, 101/2872 
Foundement, foundation, 98/2754 
Fowel, bird, 107/3053 
Fram, from, 70/1931 
Freele, fraU, 61/1658 


Frete, to eat, devour, 147/4252 
Frounce, flounce, 9/147 
Fructe, fruit, 180/3 
Frutefiyng, fructifying, fruitful, 

Fulfilling, satisfying, 79/2178 
Fycohe, fix, 108/3073. See 

Fyn, end, 69/1892 

Gabbe, ' gabbe II' am I deceived t 

Galentyne, a dish in ancient 

cookery made of sopped bread and 

spices IHaUtwelly. 180/16 
GaUes, galls, 181/47 
Gapen, to desire, bo greedy for, 

15/324. 36/910 
Gapinge, desire, 36/910 
Gastneese, terror, fear, 75/2079 
Geaunt, giant, 104/2966 
Gentilesse, nobility, 78/2154 
Goometrien, geometrician, 91/ 

Gerdoned, rewarded, 120/3410 
Gerdoun, reward, 13/265 
Gemer, gamer, 15/305 
GeaSB, Gessen, to deem, suppose, 

estimate, 17/378, 19/416, 65/1783 
Gessinge, opinion, 21/475 
Gest, guest, 38/979 
Gideresse, a female guide, 108/ 

Gise, guise, mode, 71/1943 
Giser, gizzard, 107/3054 
Glotonus, greedy, 26/620 
Gttodded, pounded, 180/11 
Gobet, ft bit (of gold), 51/1349 
Godhed, divinity, 122/3492 
Goost, spirit, ghost, 40/1036 
Govemaile, govemmcEt (guber- 

naenlum), 27/651 

dbv Google 



GoTemaunce, control, 32/813 
Goyejoy, 179/5218 
Gt&yp6, to devise, prepare, 19/438 
Giobbe up, to grub up, 181/29 
Grond, did grind, 180/lS 
Gynne, Bnare, trap, 82/2256 
Gyuner, beginner, 150/4330 
Gyse, guise, mode, 134/3860 

Habitacle, habitation, 57/1525 
Habunde, to abound, 41/1073 
Halden, to hold, 41/1053 
Hale, to draw, drag, 61/1665 
Halt, holda, 66/1504 
Hardnosee, hardship, 132/3783 
Hardyly, boldly, 34/867 
Hastise, to hasten, 131/3746 
Haimten,to frequent, 10/168; to 

practise, eieroiae, 52/1369 
Heeres, hairs, 4/12 
Heet, heat, 28/699 
Hef, raised, heaved,. 5/41 
Hele, health, 93/2623 
Henten, to seize, 15/326 
Hepen, to heap up, increase, 153/ 

Herbui^hden, harboured, lodged, 

Herie, to piaise, 109/3112 
Hert, hart, 106/3027 
Herted, hearted, 55/1466 
Heve, to raise, heave, 171/4968 
Heved, head, 4/13 
Hevenelyche, heavenly, 8/105 
Hevie, to make heavy, 171/4967 
Hey, high, 22/523 
Heyere, higher, 143/4117 
Heyje, high, 171/4969 
Hielde, pour, 35/899 
Hijte, to adorn, 8/116 

Hoke, hook, 16/347 
Holily, wholly, entirely, 90/2503 
Homelyche, homely, 105/3001 
Hond, hand, 20/449 
Honter, a hunter, 12/228 
Hool, whole, 46/1191 
Hoolnesae, wholeness, 164/4754 
Hoope, to hope, 17/384 
Hore, hoary, 4/1 3 
Humhlesse, humility, 80/2213 
Hungry tyme, time of famine, 15/ 

Hnrtlen, to rush E^ainst, to 

oppose, 30/748, 167/4866 
Hyene, hysena, 185/35 
Hyjt, is caUed, 9/154, 25/619 
Hyjten, are called, 77/2126 

Iboi^t, bought, 157/4540 

Ibowed, bent, turned, 137/3949 

Icharged, loaded, 71/1962 

Igete, gotten, 36/908 

Horn, lost, 62/1677 

Imperial, august (imperiomts), 7/ 

Implie, to fold, enclose, 152/4379 
Infortune, misfortune, 79/2197 
Inmoeveable, immovable, 173/ 

Inorschid, nourished, nurtured, 8 

I-nowh, enough, 180/11 
Inperfit, imperfect, 83/2291 
Inplitable (inexplieabilU), 15/315 
Inprente, to imprint, 166/4832 
Inpiessed, impressed, 167/4861 
Inreat, innermost, 136/3913 
Inataunce {inslanlia), presence, 


dbv Google 



lutU, into, 110/3139 
Inwiji, withm, 32/801 
Isaest, issuest, 105/2983 
IwiBt, known, 156/4513 

Jangland, ehatterii^ 68/1867 
Jape-worthi, ridiculons, 157/4540 
Jolyte, pleasure, 79/2189 
Jowes, jaws, 16/333 
Joygnen, to join, 54/1455 
Joynture, juncture, joining, 46/ 

Juge, a ju(^e, 19/431 ; to judge, 

Jugement, judgment, 114/3253 

Zembd, Kbmbed, combed, 23/ 

Kerve, to cut, 64/1740 
Kevere, cover, obscure, 34/861 
Keye, helm (clavus), 103/2926 
Knowelechiuge, knowledge, 168/ 

Knyjt, soldier, 111/3142 
Konnyi^, knowledge, 16/351 
Korue (p.p.), cut, rent, 6/58 
Kuytten, to cut, 147/4246 
Kyd, known, 181/46 
Kyndeliche, Kyndely, naturally, 

101/9850, 114/3228 
Kythen, to make known, show, 


Lache, alow, lazy, 122/3471 
Lad (p.p.), led, 35/879 
Laddre, ladder, 6/55 
Lambyssh, lamb-like, 181/50 
Languisae, to langiiish, 30/734, 

Lappe, flap, 9/146 

liberality, 45/1183 
Laaae, less, 22/508 
Leche, Leecher, physician, 13/ 

350, 114/3254, 139/3990 
Leef, dear, 37/941 
Le«8en, Leese, to loaf, 22/509, 

Lene, to give, 139/3993 
Lenger, longer, 52/1370 
Leaynge, loss, 141/4066 
Lesynge, leasing, lie, 156/4525 
Leten, to leave, 10/176 ; to es- 
teem, 61/1666 
Leve, permiiBsion, leave, 128/3658 
Leveful, allowable, lawful, 10/ 

Ligge, to Ue, 60/1632, 147/4261 
Liifly, lively, lifelike, 5/33 
Likerous, lecherous, 72/1989 
litai^e, lethal^, 9/140 
litestere, a dyer, 180/17 
Lokyng, sight, 10/167 
Loos, praise 
LooJ., loath, 40/1036 
Lorel, a wretch, 21/495 
Lom, lost, 34/859 
Lous, loose, free, 136/3926 
Lykyi^e, pleasure, 31/771 
Lymes, limbs, 71/1946 
Lynage, lineage, 41/1070 
Lythnesse, lightness, 98/2761 
Lyste goodea, temporal goods, 4/ 

Lyjtiy, easily, 12/220 
L^tne, to enlighten, 128/365S 
Lyjtnesse, light, brigblBees, 8/ 

Maat, weary, dejected, 40/1037 
M^jstrat, magistiacyi 72/1985 
Maistresse, mlsticaa, 10/169 

dbv Google 


Malice, ne/as, wickedneaa, 20/466 
Maljfice, maleficium, 20/468 
Mauaoe, menace, 12/232 
Maoase, to menace, 118/3365 
ManaasTnge, threatening, 44/1158 
Mareia, Mareys, marah, 56/1513, 

Ma^arits, pearls, 94/2650 
Marye, pith, marrow, 97/2744 
Maugrt, in spite of, 70/1928 
Mede, meed, reward, 91/2555 
Medle, to mix, Medelyng, miiring , 

mistnre, 30/449, 133/3483, 136/ 

Heenelyche, moderate, 28/706 
MelBtieeBe, mistress, 17/363 
MeUe, mill, 180/6 
Mene, the mean or middle path, 

Meremaydenes, mermaids, 7/83 
M^ken, to mark, 16/346 
Mervaille, Merveile, marvel, 18/ 

Merveilen, to marvel, 46/1205 
Mervelyng, wondering, 10/161 
Mest, most, 42/1081 
Mesuren, to measure, 65/1782 
MeynS, servants, domestics, 47/ 

Mirie, pleasant, sweet, 4/16 
Mirinesse, pleasure, 66/1793 
Misericorde, mercy, pity, 107/ 

Mistovime, to mistvim, mislead, 

Mochel, great, 62/1674, 109/3110 
Moeveable, mobile, fickle, 133/ 

Mokere, to hoard up, 45/1182 
Mokere, miser, 45/1182. A mis- 
take for mokerere. 
Moleate, trouble, grief, 85/2346 
Monstre, prodigy, 18/403 
More, greater, 129/3697 
Morwe, morning, 22/513 
Mosten {pL), must, 166/4836 
Mot, must, 40/1038 
Mowen, be able, 25/608 
Mowyi^, ability, power, 124/ 

Myche, much, 21/475 
Mychel, much, 46/1215 
Myntyuge, purposing, endeavour- 

mg. 7/101 
Myrie, pleasant, 45/1165 
Myrily, pleasantly, 59/1682 
Myrfes, pleasures, 132/3782 
Mys, badly, wrongly, 131/3772 . 
Myaese, grievance, trouble, 15/ 

Mysknowynge, ignorant, 61/1659 
Mysweys, wrong paths, 149/4309 

Naie, to refuae, 4/19 
Kake, to make naked, 143/4288 
Nameles, unrenowned, 131/3762 
ITamelyche, Namly, especially, 

Nare, were not, 10/176 
Nart, art not, 23/556 
Harwe, narrow, 57/1520 
Has, waa not, 180/9 
Hajieles, nevertheless, 6/57 
Nat, not, 23/556 
Necesseden,neceaaitated, 87/2419 
Nedely, of necessity, 84/2334 
N^tdye, (s6.) misers, 183/63 
Nere, were not, 26/646 

dbv Google 


^ojtcmaste, lowest, uctheTmoBt, 

Ne)>ere8te, lowest, 6/50 
Newe, to renew, 137/3938 
NewKche, recently, 122/3489 
Nice, foolish, 148/4287 
KU, will not, 107/3055 
Nillynge, being imwilling, 97/ 

Nilt, wUt not, 112/3193 
Nis, is not, 12/218 
- Niste, knew not, 102/2882 
Noblesse, nobleness, 37/947 
Nobley, nobility, nobleness, 37/ 

Nolden, would not, 52/1369 
Norice, nurse, 10/167 
Norisse, to noariBh, 79/2174 
NoTiy, nuTslii^, pupil, 10/173 
Norssinge, nourisbment, support, 

47/1231 ; nutriment, 37/93S 
Not, know not (lut pers.), 37/ 

Notftil, useful, 7/85 
Nounpower, impotence, 75/2074 
Noufir, neitbei, 160/4644 
Noyse, to make a noise (about a 

thing), to brag, 79/2171 
Nurry {*ee Norry), 86/2386 
Nysjianot, 45/1175 

0, one, 24/564 

ObeiBaunt, obedient, 13/266, 32/ 

Object, presented, 168/4889 
Occupye, to seize, 146/4227 
Offence, hurt, damage, 180/19 
Offensioun, offence, 20/473 
Olifuntj, elephants, 80/2223 
Onknowyn, unknown, 180/6 
Onlycbe, only, 171/4968 


Onone, Onoon, at once, anon, 

33/5S3, 74/2027 
Ony, any, 21/488 
Ooned, united, 136/3879 
Cor, oar, 50/1338 
OosteresBC, hostess, 122/3495 
Or, ere, before, 9/143 
Ordeinly, orderly, 140/4044 
Ordeuour, ordainer, 109/3110 
Ordeyne, orderly, 109/3109 
Ordinat, ordered, settled, 12/229 
Ordinee, orderly, 102/2902 
Orduie, atb, 29/716 
Oatelmentj, fiimiture, goods, 48/ 

Oberweyes, otberwise (aliter), 

Onterage, excess, 50/1 326 
Outerest, extremeat, remotest, 55/ 

1469, 89/3476 
Outerly, utterly, 108/3081 
Outraien, do harm (1), 78/2162 
Over-comere, conqueror, 8/109 
Overmaste, highest, uppermost, 

Oveimyche, overmuch, very much, 

Overoolde, very old, 11/209 
Overjirowen, prostrate, 21/497 
Overbrowyng, forward, head- 

strone, 7/99, 141/4058 
Overtymelyche, untimely, 4/13 
Owh, an exclamation (papm), 

Owtrage, excess, 180/5 

Paied, satisfied, 58/1649 
Paleis, pale, 24/574 
Palude, maish, 148/4262 
Paraventnre, peradventure, 1 8/ 

Parcbemyn, parchment, 166/4835 



FaiBoneis, sharers, partakers, 

Parties, without a share, 120/ 

Fas, paces, 19/442 
Payayble, peaceable, peaceful, 

Peisible, quiet, placid, 23/550, 

Percen, to pierce, 81/2236 
Perdurable, lasting, perpetual, 

6/44. 21/603 
Perdurablet^, immortality, 58/ 

Peifitlyche, Perjitly, perfectly, 

87/3436, 133/3833 
Perfoumy, to afford, fiimish, 67/ 

Perisse, to perish, 96/2712 
Perturbacioun, perturbation, 7/98 
Perverte, to destroy, 11/201 
Peyne, punishment, 121/3439 
Piment, a kind of drink, 50/1329 
Plenty fulness, 173/5037 
Plentevous, affluent, 67/1824 
PlentiTOUS, yielding ahundantly, 

fertile, 64/1739 
Plentivously, abundantly, 25/592 
Plete, argue, plead, 33/833 
Pletyi^ufl, pleadings, debates 

(at law), 70/1933 
Pleyne, to complain, 31/777 
Pleynelyche, plainly, 28/681 
Pleynt, complaint, 110/3122 
Plonge, Ploungen, to plunge, 7/ 

89, 65/1784 
Ploungy, wet, rainy {imhnfer), 

Polute, polluted, 20/450 
Pose, to put a case, cf. put a 

poter, 162/4686 
Poust^, power, 131/3785 

Pownage, pasturt^e, 180/7 
Poyntel, style, 166/4838 
Preiere, prayer, 107/3044 
Freisen, to estimate, judge, 7/379 
Preisynge, praising, 77/2131 
Prete, to prick, 85/2346 
Prenoetik, pn^noatic, 183/54 
Presentarie, present, 178/5196 
Preterit, preterite, past, 171/4990 
Pretorie, the imperial body-guardj 

Prev^, secret, 121/3464 
Preven, to proTe, 90/2503 
Prie, to pray, 25/600 
Pris, value ; 'worfi of pris,' pre- 
cious, 34/683 
Proche, to approach, 145/4182 
Proeve, to approve, 154/4456 
Punisse, to punish, 22/531 
Pupliaae, to publish, spread, pro- 
pagate, 68/1649, 98/2753 
Purper, purple, 25/617 
Purpose, to propose, 176/5148 
Purveaunce, providence, 134/ 

Purveiahle, provident, foreseeing, 

Purveie, to ordain, order, 21/478 
Purvyance, providence, 99/2795 

Querelea, complaints, 70/1932 
Quik, Uving, 134/3839 
Quyene, qneen, 183/43 
Quyeme, a mill, 180/6 

Rafte, bereft, 147/4259 
Rajier, earlier, former, 30/735 
Eaviner, a plunderer, 12/228 
Eaviaohe, to anat«h, 11/190 
Ravyne, plunder, rapine. 15/302, 



EaTynour, plunderer, 121/3460 
Eavysse, to carry off, 131/3774 
Real, royal, 19/420 
Eecche, to care, reck, 33/827, 38 

Recompensacioun, recompenBe, 

Becorde, to recount, recaU, 92/ 

8580, 101/2871 
Eeddowr, aererity, rigour, 182/13 
Badenesse, redness, flushing, 7/8S 
Eedouteble, venerable, 131/3763 
Eedoute, to fear, 10/178, 67/1535 
Bedy = rody, red, ruddy, 39/995 
Eefet, refreshed, 143/4116 
Eeft (away), carried off, 22/521 
Eefut, refiige, 94/2644 
Eegne, kingdom, 67/1843 
Eegnen, to reign, rule, 29/726 
Eemewe, to remove, 19/441 
Eemorde, to vex, trouble, 140/ 

Eemnable, able to remove from 

one place to another, 163/489S 
Eemuen, to remove, 52/1394 
Eenomed, lenowned, 41/1070, 

Eenovele, to renew, 98/2752 
Eeplenisse, to replenish, 20/469 
Eepreve, to reprove, 167/4857 
Eepugnen, to be repugnant to, 

Eeqnerable, desirable, 52/1377 
Eequere, to require, 99/2790 
ReBcowe, to recover, 133/3809 
Eeacowe, to rescue, 35/881 
Eeaolve, to bosen, melt, 1 33/381 4 
Eeeoune, to resound, 107/3036 
Bethoryen, rhetorical, 30/769 
Eewlychc, pitiable, sorrowful, 


Bisorae ^ r 

courae, 8/108 
Body, ruddy, 143/4122 
Booh, roes, 82/2258 
Eosene, reseat, 8/117 
Eoute, company, 47/1243 
Boyle, to run, roll, 29/717 
Eynnyng, running, 50/1335 
By^twisnesse, righteousnees, 

equity, 16/331 

Sachel, satchel, sack, 12/223 
Sad, stable, 41/1064 
Saddenesse, eUbility, 110/3123 
Saipuler, a sack made of coaiee 

cloth {Sareimla), 13/833 
Sanuacioun, safety, salvation, 

Sauj, Say, saw, 8/106, 9/137 
Saye, saweat, 37/958 
Schad, shed, 4/13 
Schrew, a wicked person, a 

wretch, 12/217 
Sehrewed, wicked, 18/398 
Schiewednesse, wickedness, 18/ 

401, 117/3324 
Schronk, shruni, 5/38 
Schulden (pi), should, 9/132 
SchuUen (jjrf.), shall, 25/605 
Scom, foam, froth, 148/4281 
Scripture, writing, 17/382 
Sege, seat, 13/258 
Seien (pi), saw, 61/1344 
Seien (p.p.), seen, 6/54 
Selde, seldom, 133/3818 
Seler, celiac, 35/890 
Selily, happily, hlisafnlly, 42/1 076 
Solve, very, 5/42 
Semblable, like, 48/1279 
Semhlaunce, Ukeness, 143/4106 
Semblaxint, appearance, counten- 
ance, 5/31 

dbv Google 



bgly, 85/2369 
Sensibilites, sensations, 166/4830 

Servage, servitude, 163/4411 
Sewe, to foUow, 88/2441 
Seye, aawest, 37/965 
Seyntuaries, sanctuaries, 16/343 
Slmd, divided, spread, 136/3932 
Sholdrea, ahoulders, 148/4281 
Sich, such, 6/67 
Siterly, certainly, 94/2635 
Singler, individual, single, 57/ 

Singleriy, mngly, 135/3890 
Sittyng, fitting, becoming, 10/1 76 
Skilynge, reason, 137/3931 
Slaken, to slake (hunger), 50/ 

Slede, sledge, 110/3131 
Sleen, Slen, to slay, 53/1409, 

Slouj, slew, 56/1461 
Smaragdo, emerald, 94/2650 
Smerte, to smart, pain, 39/1011 
Smot, smote, 147/4254 
Smojje, smooth, 8/112 
Sodeyn,' sudden, 10/161 
Somedel, somewhat, 25/606 
Somer, summer, 22/517 
Songen (p.p.), sung, 108/3078 
Soory, Borry, grievous, 38/978 
SoJ.e,t™e, 17/377, 118/3352 
Sofefastly, truly, 89/2481 
Sofely, truly, 169/4918 
Sofieuesee, truth, 26/641 
Sothfaat, true, 61/1652 
Soun, sound, 68/1862 
Soune, to sound, 37/929 
Sounyng, sounding, roaring, 8/ 

Soveroyne, supreme, 90/3508 

r.), 106/ 

Sovereynely, supremely, 91/2645 
Sourmounte, to surpass, ) 
Specs, species, 165/4789 
Speculacionn, looking, contem- 
plation, 153/4408 
Spedefol, Spedfiil, efficacious, 

conducive, 135/3670, 161/4671 
Speden, to make clear, expliun, 

Spere, sphere, 8/108 
Sperkele, spark, 104/2971 
Sprad, spread (p.p.), 9/166 
Stabiet^ stability, 137/3950 
Stabliae, to establish, 134/3860 
Stably, firmly, 136/3890 
Stappe, step, 170/4963 
Staunche, to satisfy, 71/1948, 

Stere, to moi 


Sterre, star, 36/903 
Stenj, stany, 36/904 
Sterten, to start, 104/2971 
Stideiastnesae, stability, Btrengtb, 

Stidfast, steadfast, 182/17 
Stien, to ascend, 88/2444 
Stiere, steer, rudder {gubemaeii- 

hm), 103/2926 
Sticm, stem, 60/1628 
Stoon, stone, 45/1166 
Stormynge, making stormy, 29/ 

Stont, stands, 9/154 
Stoundes, times, 178/6187 
Strau^t, stretched, eitended, 170/ 

Strengere, stronger, 12/221 
Strenkeji, strength, 12/240 
Streyhte, stretched, 63/1702 
to restrain, 150/4325 

dbv Google 



Strond, atrand, 51/1339 
Strook, Btroke, 153/4i33 
Strmnpet, 6/66 
Stye, to ascend, 143/4117 
Stynte, to atop, 37/929 
Styntynge, stopping, ceasing, €1/ 

Suaslonn, p^reuaBion (suadela), 

30/769 * 
Subgit, subject, 48/1273 
Siibmytte, to compel, force {sum- 

aiiio), 19/434 
Sudeyn, sudden, 30/752 
SuffisauBce, sufficiency, 70/1922 
Suffisaunt, sufficient, 70/1924 
Suffiaauntly, sufficiently, 1 33/ 

Summitt^, Summytte, to submit, 

49/1388, 136/3934 
Snperfiee, surface, 81/2238 
Supplien, to supplicate, 80/2210 
Surtk, security, 181/46 
Suetigue, to sustain, 183/41 
Sweighe, -whirl, circular motion 

(.turbo), 23/504 
Swerd, sword, 19/438 
Swety, sweaty, 181/28 
Sweyes, -whirlings, 32/816 
Swich, such, 20/446 
Swolwe, to swallow, 98/2777 
Syker, secure, safe, 12/224, 16/ 

^ykomeese, security, safety, 9/ 

Symplesse, simplicity, 136/3914 
Syn, since, 31/789 

Talent, affection, desire, will, 

71, 168/4887 
Taylago, tollage, 181/524 
Jjar, need, 38/987 

J>ei-whiles, whilst, 176/5150 
Jjilke, the same, that, 99/2814 
Jjondre, thunder, 45/1166 
J)on^, through, 11/202 
Jaeschefolde, threshold, 7/89 
Jjrest, thirst, 36/914, 71/1945 
Jjreate, |)resten, thrust, 47/1237, 

Thiof, throve, flourished, 74/2050 
Jjnist, thirst, 107/3053 
Til, to, 69/1891 
Tilier, a tiller, 151/4352 
To-breke, break in pieces, 88/2447 
Todrowen (pi.), drew asunder, 

Toforae, before, 177/5184 
Togidres, together, 53/1421 
To hepe, together, 140/4029 
Tokene, to token, 26/624 
Tollen, to draw, 66/1496 
Torenten (pi.), rent asunder, 11/ 

To-tereu, tear in pieces, 68/1865 
Traas, Trais, trace, track, 170/ 

4958, 4963 
Transporten, thro-w on (tratM- 

ferre), 19/419 
Travaille, labour, toil, 10/174 
Travayle, to toil, labour, 64/1764 
Travayle, labour, 148/4286 
Tregedie, tragedy, 77/2126 
Tregedien, tragedian, 77/2125 
Trenden, to roll, turn, 100/3835 
Troublable, troublesome, 118/ 

Trouble, turbid, stormy, 29/711 
Troubly, troubled, cloudy (nuhv- 

Im), 133/3819 
Tiowen, to trow, believe, 20/468, 




Twttre, to twitter, 68/1875 
Twynkel, to vink, 38/971 
Tyiienge, tilluig, 151/i3i7 
Tyien, to t«ar, 107/3055 

Umblesae, hainili^, 181/55 
TTnagreabla, unpleaBaot, disagree- 

TJnasaaie|), untried, 42/1082 
Tlnbitide, not to happen, 161/ 

Unbowed, tmbent, 148/4284 
Uncovenable, unmeet, importa- 

DBte (imporlunn), 141/4058 
Undefouled, nndefiled, 40/1023 
TJndepartaUe, ioBeparable, 120/ 

TTnderput, put nnder, rabject, 

Understonde, to nndeistand, 30/ 

733, 43/llSO 
TJndigne, unworthy, 64/1444 
Undimefr, undemeBth, 75/2074 
Undiscomfited, not discomfited 

itMvietMi), 18/238 
Undontons, indubitable, 149/ 


tJiigentil, ignoble, 41/1070 
Ungrobbed, ungrubbed, 180/14 
Unbonestee, diereputablencss, 24/ 

TJnhoped, unexpected, 139/4006 
University, whole, 165/4797 
Unjoynen, Unjoygnen, to separ- 
ate, 151/4373 
Unknowyng, ignorant, 139/3997 

Unkonnyng, Unkunnyi^o, un- 
knowing, ignorant, 7/76, 11/208 
Unkorvcn, uncut, 180/14 


Unboup, unknown, foreign, 34/ 

UnlAce, to disentangle, 106/2982 
Unlerefiil, illicit, onlawfiil, 154/ 

Unmeke, fierce, cmel, 148/4267 
Uumoeveable, inunovable, 136/ 

Unmoeveablet^ immobility, 136/ 

Unm^ty, weak. Impotent, 13/ 

Unnef, scarcely, 27/652 
Unpaiygal, unequal, 63/1708 
Unpitonae, cmel, 4/24 
Unpleyten, to explain, 61/1647 

Unpunissed, unpunished, 21/498 
Unpurveyod, unforeseen, 30/743 
Uniaced, unbroken, whole, 110/ 

Umyjtful, unjust, 10/185 
Unmtfnlly, unrightfully, un- 
justly, 23/533 
Unscience, unreal knowledge, no 

knowledge, 156/4516 
Unsely, wretched, 39/1013 
Unselyneeae, wretchedness, 124/ 

Unskilfaly, unwisely, improperly, 

Unsolempne, not fiuuous, not 

celebrated, 11/210 
Unsowe, unsown, 180/10 
Unspedful, unsuccessful, 178/ 

UuBtauncheable, unlimited, in- 
finite, 58/1573 
Unstaunehed, uncurbed, unre- 

Btraiiied, 54/1439 
Unsuflrable, intolerable, 79/2179 
Unue^e, unfrequency, 57/1528 

dbv Google 


tTntretable, inexorable, impla- 
cable, 61/1641 
XJnwai, unexpected, 35/886 
Unwarly, unaware, unexpectedly, 

Unwemmed, inviolate, 40/1023, 

ITnwened, unexpected, 139/4006 
Unwoot, knowB not, 17B/5099 
tTaworahipful, disbonouied, 75/ 

TJphepyi^ beapiug up, 37/951 
TJpaodoun, upside down, 48/1274, 

TTpsprong, upaprung, 180/10 
Used, accuBtomed, wonted, 22/ 

Uterreete, extremeat, ontermofit, 


Vaniase, to Taniah, 74/2027 
Variauut, varying, 22/518 
Vengerisse, a she-avenger, 107/ 

Verray, VBrrey, true, 19/429 
VUfully (Wilafully), wilfully, 

Voide, having an empty purse 

(mkwm), 50/1316 
Voyded (of), emptied of, free 

from, 181/50 

Wakyng, watchful, 148/4263 
Walwe, to toss, 51/1361 
Walwyng, tossing, 29/712 
Wan, did win, 147/4240 
War, bo aware, take care, 145/ 


Wame, to refuse, deny, 37/950 
Wawe, a wave, 8/115 
Wayk, weak, 28/706 
Weep (jpret.), wept, 35/883 
Welde, wild, 180/17. It may 


mean boiled, since another copy 
reada wellyd. 
Weleful, Wolful, prosperous, joy- 
ful, 4/15 
Welefiilneaae, Welfolnesae, pros- 
perity, felicity, 11A88, 21/178 
Welken, to wither, fade, 146/ 

Welkne, welMn, 184/62 
Welle, well, aource, 157/4548 
Wende, weened, thought, 53/ 

Wenge, wing, 170/4961 
Wenyngo, opinion, 172/5022 
Wepen (p.p.), wepi, 25/596 
Wepli, tearful, 5/29 
Werdes, fates, destinies, 4/10 
Werreye, to make war, 181/25 
Weten, to know, 156/4519 
Wex, wax, 167/4840 
Weyvo, to waive, forsake, 29/722 
Wham, whom, 89/2482 
Whelwe, to toss, roll, 39/1001 
Whiderward, whither, 177/5171 
Whist, hushed, 51/1341 
Wieides, fates, destinies, 12/231 
Wikke, wicked, bad, 64/1743 
WiUynge, desire, 178/5203 
Wilne, to desire, 17/367 
Wilnynge, desire, 98/2781 
Wirche, to work, 12/235 
Wirchyng, working, operation, 

Wist, known, 170/4937 
Witen, to knpw, learn, 88/2458, 

132/3776, 160/4634 
Wijidrow, withdrew, 64/1751 
Wibhalden, to withhold, 142/ 

Wiboute forbe, outwardly, 165/ 

WijBeid, denied, 90/2501 

dbv Google 


Wijtstant, withstand, 29/715 
Wibetonde {p.p.), withstood, 14/ 

WitnesfuUy, atteatedly, publicly, 

Witynge, knowledge, 156/4526 
Wod, woad, 180/17 
Wod, Wode, mad, raging, 12/225 
Wode, wood, 39/995 
Wodenesse, rage, madneas, 45/ 

1169, 107/3052 
Wolen (pi.), wiU, 94/2645 
Woltow, wilt thou, 97/2741 
Wone, to dwell, 60/1627 
Woode, Wode, furious, road, 25/ 

Woode, to rage, 123/3515 

Woot, knows, 43/1128 
Wope, to weep, 36/905 
Worchen, to work, 178/5215 
Wost, knoweBt, 19/423 
Woxe, to increase, wax, grow, 

Woxen {p.p.), grown, 26/607 
Wrekere, avenger, 128/3665 
Wrekyng, vengeance, 147/4238 
Wiofely, grieved, sad, 7/87 

Wymple, to cover with a veil or 

wimple, 31/774 
Wyt, sense, 164/4771 
Wyjt, wight, person, 19/425 

Tave (pi.), gave, 180/4 
Yben, been, 162/4698 
Ybeyen, to obey, 105/2998 
Ycaujt, eau^t, captured, 118/ 

Tcleped, called, 150/4346 ' 

Ydel, '!» ydd; in vain, 5/43 
Ydred, feared, 33/825 
Yfelawshiped, associated, united, 

Yficched, fixed, 136/3910 
Yfiniased, finished, 125/3558 
Tflit, flitted, removed, 8/108 
Ygeten, gotten, 65/1776 
Yhardid, hardened, 133/3814 
Yheuied, made heavy, 171/4974 
Ylad, led, 37/956, 172/5022 
Ylete, permitted, 130/3730 
Ylett, hindered, 161/4674 
Ylom, lost, 147/4250 
Ymaginable, possessing imagina- 
tion, 166/4813 
Ymaked, made, 87/2426 
Ymedeled, mixed, 140/4029 
Ynoi^, enough, 71/1947 
Yplitid, pleated, folded, 9/147 
Yporvetid, Ypueveid, foreseen, 

155/4467, 4468 
Ysen, seen, 72/1982 
Yshad, shed, scattered, 68/1874 
Yshet, shut, 170/4955 
Ysmyte, smitten, 80/2202 
Yspedd, made clear, determined, 

1C1/46S7 ; despatched, 149/4395 
Yspendyd, examined (expediero), 

Ysprad, spread, 78/2140 
Yspranid, sprinkled, mixed, 42/ 

1102. Bead japraind. 
Tstrengebed, strengthened, 176/ 

Yfewed, behaved, 139/4008 

Ytravailed, laboured, 165/4469 
Ytrefcid, handled, performed, 131/ 

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Yvel, evil, 105/2976 
Ywened, beHeved, 145/4178 
Ywist, known, 155/4475 
Ywoven, woven, 6/51 
TwyBt, known, 164/4759 
Yjeven, given, 141/4069 

Jaf, gave, 8/130 

Jeelde, JeHe, seldom, 39/1002, 

Jeld, yielded, 147/4253 

Jelden, to yield, 149/4303 

3eve, to give, 149/4291 

Jevyng, giving, 45/1188 

Jif, if, 9/131 

Jis, yes, 103/2919 

Jistsrday, yesterday, 171/4994 

Jitte, yet, 156/4508 


Jolde (p.p.), yielded, 25/599 

Jonge, young, 35/889 

5ouJ«, youth, 10/168 

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